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 - Class of 1953

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TH E Blll nd ITE Galena High School Galena, Kunsus Acimini stration Faculty Classes I Activities Athletics Special Events Boar 0 Education EARL NEELEY, President DR. GRANT POWELL JAMES HUNTER HOWARD MILLER ALMON WILLIS ROY MADDEN HELEN TURNER Treasurer 2 MARTHA REED Clerk uperintenclent of 0110015 CLARENCE L. WANTLAND lt has been pleasant to have had the privilege of being your Superintendent of Schools here the past four years. To see you Seniors now and to look back to the beginning of your Galena High School days, one notes that you have made a considerable change. Each is now a mature adult and I believe, is a well adjusted individual. You will now be able to fit well into our Democracy and do a good job regardless of what your future position may be. l want to thank the Board of Education, the teachers, the pa- trons and students for the splendid co-operation you have given me these four years. Progress is possible only when we have co- operation. ln future years, l know you students will look back upon your school life as a wonderful and valuable experience. l shall miss you Seniors next year but l want you to know that if in the future, I may be of help to you, please feel free to call upon me. Your friend, Clarence L. Wantland 3 ,Clvaculty ELVER H. SWART Principal The way to gain a good reputation, is, to endeavor to be what you desire to appear. Sincerely yours, , Elver H. Swart OPAL ROBERTS LOUISE ROPER Librarian Superintendenfs Secretary Senior Sponsor 4 FAY FRUITT ETHEL BOND Home Economics History, English junior Sponsor Sophomore Sponsor 'M-7: N.:-J,tI"0.:I' 3 - I - Ai vs ,,.,, Q ,, 1,, , . , s I PAUL FERGUSON PATRICIA MILLER Commerce Girls Physical Ed. Annual Advisor History Semof SPOUSOV Freshman Sponsor MAX WILSON, Coach JAMES HE'-MERT Boys Physical Ed. Mall"emallC5 Freshman Sponsor 5Cle"1Ce junior Sponsor 5 BERNICE IOHNSON English Scribbler Advisor Sophomore Sponsor KENNETH BEAN Industrial Arts Science Student Council Advisor WILLIAM STUBBLEFIELD Music DEDICATION BRUCE HASENPLAUGH Custodian Dear Bruce: We the students and faculty of Galena High School wish to dedicate t-his i953 edition of the Blue and White to you for your i8 years of faithful service. When we needed help you were al- ways there. Your friendship has made our life at school much brighter. Galena High School wouldn't be the same without you. Many, many thanks. 6 eniofz Class The Seniors of l953, finding Galena High School a proper place for the exercise of their talents, have made the most of their opportunities. As Freshmen, these students entered enthusiastically into high school lite-joining various organizations, taking part in dramatic productions, musical activities, athletics, and working diligently at their studies. True to the senior tradition in the high school, these students took the lead in many of the activities of the school. This year's officers are pictured below. Reading from left to right are: President, Norman Co- merg Treasurer, Lalunta lacksong Vice-President, Della Kinkadeg Secretary, Ronnie Stewart. '7 WILEY BAKER WAYNE BRADSHAW MARGARET BADGEROW WANDA ADAMS ,.-.,- 1 f-412.2 rf:4:::3r,',':'. 1:21-',:4..1'1fr.,:.'v,1V:: 1. ,-,-,. .,....,,, -,-, - ,.,., , .,.,, ,,,, , v ..,. fax-1:1zffkiffstfsfi:f'ai21112iQfsis1a1si::S,sii.f-' ' 'f i3iie1121ftI1E1'- l'f555555"f-15 "N' ' 5E5E5:1.1:5?5,5I3:1E555EQ'qZEg'::5qE5E5Ei" V - 49242-21555 141515 f' 11':41f'f 5 Fil, XE!-1 1' SQ! :CIE , ""' - 3223? .'::-nm:--::,,. .,.. . fwxfa, 'Q-w--2 ,.W .,,.. ,,,,,,,:,,e 4 ,....., . W ...,. .M ,A X 'Q 5 6 5 rg f Ng, 212 x Q, .1 W? yy Q Q39 1 wwf M 9x wg wi? l 4 Q A A, bb 0 Sym ,mf Q3 A QA Qing 4 'QS 3' S '1- 1 ew' asf 2 3+ 4 Q22 , am f-ww 1,---,-Q:-:QA -Xu:-:ea-. -2,51-fzzzvfif-exzmrrl fb: - ff.rris::g '-r-1f- As:s:::. :mr , 4?-:Q .v i bf :..-:..:5s-::::1-.:- 2145 . 2 an Z::fE:'1':3f:"z5i5f55:: 5 11 - .- J ?-S Q 'f':,. ws . a m, 5 2-:faggage-sei:a:1:w-a:4fa:e:::2:-:1:sf'1:a:a:a:,1:::aK. ,gm-, 'f b Q W, ,L .,::.,::.g,y" ' f : W2 -sf-A . - 'Eggs ' L. -2I:I'I:.:5::: .:- m"'f1 '19 ' ws ' .1I'5f555fE:f" "CI ' 5: uszkq ,1ag1,41:gag:g:g:f15:5:g:-:mfg . - ' :sf :1-1:1 24 2:1-, :bf .::s:2:s:1f' :z:a:sis:fis 1: -9 ' ---he-1V:-1-1:-:.a::asf:2y:::z?Q2 f::s:2e:f ::ge311:s:::s:2:1:1e:e:s:s:s:f:a::ias:?::s:z:s:f:z:s: NORMAN COMER JAMES CRAM 8 HOM ER MYERS MAXINE SMITH-BAILEY MARGARET BEAN f RICHARD DAKE MARY CAW CLAUDIE EVANS PATRICIA BREWER JOHN DH-l-ON 22 BILL DUCAN CHARLES DUDLEY PAUL HOLLINCSWORTH C. A. HOPKINS 9 SHIRLEY HOLMES JACK IOHNSON ELQISE jACKSON LARRY PATTERSON DELPHA IONES-KEENER CHARLES LONG ' -V 511521. - S ' is .. . :- -1- ,. 1'-1-5:53-1 -.5.a:: ' ::::::.5:5:sf::.-g':1 -, -5,5:5- - -'-:-:+I-f 2 --:f:-nf-111 ' -22215 .5 .-.fzlw tff I-2.-...:,f' E-,Isl 565232, ' ' "IW '3f'Ei, .. .,:,E1E--'H , g:gg?5"j - , -V' .a-:,:25.,. ':"-Eva'-1: 'f'EI:1, IN?" :- - -jig . '-:4 'f-QSIL, j'j'5fQ3f.5:5I5E5:jI-gf" ' . .- ff " X - . .9 , w - ,lgzgzgi-2 ':.:L1 "' -2-11 ,911 kg! 'f':, , 'Ii-E' -E? :1" if35553E55225555E15-EESIECEIZETZIEF1E3:2i5EEs' P2 MORRIS LYSTER DEL'-A KINKADE KENNETH MESSER 1 3 ? ff 4 f I X Y' , A 5, M X vw! , M ,. 2 .V-E-Er.-:-gr H - PL 12 6' F? 1 -,-2242-1-ew , N f 'fav gk? , f W N' 9' , :Q ,P F v f N 0 Q fx X Q A , 2' E, ' ' ' 2': "Q A4' 'CHN MCKAY IOYCE MALLATT KENNETH MOLLOY CAROLYN MILLER DON MONTEE N HMMY BOYE5 EUGENE NEFF 1 1 LajUNTA JACKSON I E 2 JERRY QUALLS E ' E - :iv 11 1 1 , J? I ' A E 5, . i fi lfif Q V .1 -1- , ' -:,3E'11 . ,.,:giE3EE3:gE4' ff:E:!9::E. ' Y ' .1'.1 l' 3 I .-.::1:E:ff.2-2-2,52:5?::fF . Y-S::E:I.5:5:s:2:2:5s2? EE2:::1q1g:-5!EZi.5:ifi5Z15E2E2Ii5afisiiii' Wars 5 2255523:sgsg1.:gsg2:fE5?5 .:-Ei1:r5rE:i:5:2Es:f:3:2:.:5:1:':5:151.I - .fix M555 2'. S5525123E:E:5SvE2E1EriZ3I3N : V. EVE:-15:6 1,-1Egg,:5:::g:1-:::-:-. Q r- , IOE WILLIAMS CHARLES SHEETS EDRIC WILDER BEVERLY SHAMBLIN CARROLL SMITH RONNIE TENER .. ,f - 353-2.2, V 1225 2 3-2.-L f .. ,.., : 45.1-:L11:-1-P:,:311.1-12:,:--:::,1,1,f,2:,1,, .wi .W-:.-2,1-:.:.: ERNIE WATSON BARBARA VVHEELEN RONNIE STEWART I2 IOY PLILER-PUCKETT MELBA WEBSTER DON WILLIAMS PAT TITUS N HARVEY WATSON DARLENE RICHEY DOROTHY TACKETT I 3 uniofz ass Members of the junior Class have contributed to every activity of the High School, taking a prominent part in music, dramatics, athletics and re- ceiving high scholastic honors. The traditions of the Senior Class and of the High School are certainly left in competent hands. Officers elected at the beginning of the year, rea ding left to right are: Ierry Martin, Treasurer: Frankie Martin, President, loyce Keyser, Secretary, Paul Tipton, Vice-President. 14 IERRY SHEETS NANCY NAVE IOHN NEFF CLADYS DILLON YVONNE RILEY IACKIE DUNN SHIRLEY CHARLES GERALD WILKERSON BERNARD BAKER - SARA POWELL EUGENE WELCH PHYLLIS VOCEL JOAN LaTURNER MARCEL HUDSON LOIS ANDERSON LESTER MCCRACKEN PAUL TIPTON CLARA HAWK HOMER FELKNER WANDA LEWELLYN CAROLINE DOUFFET IAMES GARDNER JOYCE KEYSER NORMAN HAYES DORO,THY PRICE FRANKIE MARTIN CLIFFORD C-IDDENS BILLY MOREY LESTER WATSON RAYMOND MADDEN THOMAS ROGERS PEGGY ALEXANDER MARLYS STURGIS BILL DUGGER RICHARD COMER MELVIN HAYWARD IERRY MARTIN WALTER GAW RICHARD NETHERTON DONNA BRIGGS ETTA MCDONALD HAROLD GILSTRAP COLEN YOUNGER DONALD HAWLEY CARRY KITCH CAROLYN QUALLS Lgopliomofze 6 ass it The Sophomore Class of. 1953 has earned the reputation of being live- wires, as indeed they are. Their contributions to the band, athletics and other school activities have aided in bringing honors to Galena High School. Officers elected at the beginning of the year, reading from left to right are: janice Scott, Treasurer Shirley Edson, Secretaryg lim Montee, Presidentg and Charles Wade, Vice-President. I7 Carol Kitch Gaylon Rindt Shirley Edson Allen Felkner Dean Keyser Gaylen Ryan james Swager Shirley Adams Genevieve Rice jerry Brown luanita Atkinson Ronnie McDaniel Eugene Long Ginger Geisler Bill Hall Beverly Cagle Mary Mallatt jim Montee Geraldine Bradshaw jerry Anderson Richard Phipps lanice Scott Mike Lamb Norma Banning Larry Secrist Ethel Lewis john Crawford lean Boyd Marilyn Link jim Moore Dorothy Combs Cale Messer Vernon lordon Barbara Feagan Neil Mallatt Dorothy Williams Leabeth Baker Charles Wade l Peggy Little Alvin Fichtner Lawrence Tacketl' Mildred Sweet Kenneth lnman Ruby Standley Patty Lockhart Gregg Thompson Barbara Bailey Carry Faulkner Frances Bruce john Barker janet Netherton Warren Duley Bill Lewman Barbara Barker Pat Bullard Jeanie Willis Karlene Vogel Carroll Webster Patsy McCorkle Kenneth Norvell john Candy loan Brock Bobby Hams Delores Moreland Mary Watkins jeannie Cottongin janice Booe Tony Bankson gves man C GSS The current idea of the "Green Freshmen" has been disproved by our class. Contrary to fact we have contributed much to our Alma Mater. The Freshman Class of l953 have made themselves felt innthe student life of Galena High School. Many high school activities and organizations have among their most enthusiastic members, Freshmen, who have done 'much toward making these organizations a success. This year's officers are pictured below. Reading from left to right are: limmie Roy, President, Karen Jones, Vice-President, Pat Edwards, Secretaryg and Larry Dugan, Treasurer. 21 Larry Shaw Shirley Armer Albert Melton Phyllis Robinson Lucy Swaney Calvin Robinson Nancy Hulvey Doyle Powell jerry Henderson Marilyn Shaw Charles Dake Iris Luton Mary DeCraff Richard Martin Phyllis Sweet lay Sturgis David Phipps Lois Schriieders lack Murray Erma Angel Charlotte Pfetcher Larry Morey Barbara Mooney Perry Standeford George Smith Marsha McKnight Ioe Smith Karen jones Carol Canstine Helen Dean Lois Dillon Bill Frazier Larry Herrelson Alice Bullard Beverly Reynolds Lucille Wade Jewel Leckner Patricia Edwards Raylene Chew ' Arthur Bailey Royce Dean Price Rayma Morton loanne Chavez Carolyn Luton Peggy Largent Helen Ford Kay Comer Donald Martin Larry Dugan Alice Russell Sandra Woodard 'Martha Horton Carol Rae Elder Peggy Courley Sharon Nausley Roy Frazier john Thornberry Ethel Foss Ianice Elder Barbara Roosa Carolyn Kinyon Betty Wilson Helen Shryock jerry Feagan Wayne Gibson Rebecca Wilson Evelyn Morrison Virginia Charles Ruth Tipton Barbara Sheets Dixie McC.orkIe Bill Zerr jimmie Roy Delbert Foss Dale Cure loyce Vader 1953 BL IEand.VVHITE rTAFF Third Row: Left to Right-Kenneth Messer, Melvin Hayward, Larry Patterson, Bill Hall, jim Montee Second Row: Peggy Alexander, jeanie Willis, Edric Wilder, Ginger Geisler, Karlene Vogel, Eloise jackson First Row: Melba Webster, joy Pliler-Puckett, Carolyn Miller, Della Kinkade, Marilyn Link, Delpha jones Keener, Lajunta jackson, Margaret Badgerow. ANNUAL STAFF Co-editors ........... .....,...............a..,............ C arolyn Miller, Lajunta jackson Assistant Editors .... Ronnie Stewart, Kenneth Messer Business Manager ..... ,,.,.............................. L arry Patterson Assistants ..........,. ....... D elpha jones-Keener, Della Kinkade Sports Editors .,,........... ..... B ill Hall, Melvin Hayward, jim Montee Advertising Manager ..... ...........,................................................. M arilyn Link Assistants ................. ...,.,.,.,,.,,, C inger Geisler, Karlene Vogel, Margaret Badgerow Reporters ...,. .. Snapshots ....... ..................... ,,,,.,,, Proof Reader Assistant ..............,.,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Eloise jackson, Peggy Alexander, jeanie Willis, Larry Shaw Edric Wilder, Pat Titus, Margaret Bean, Melba Webster and Makeup Advisor .,..........,....,,..,,................................... joy Pliler-Puckeff Wanda Adams 25 C . LLSLC GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Back Row: Left to Right-leanie Willis, Mary DeGraff, Nancy Nave, Ruth Tipton, Gladys Dillon, Pat Brewer, janet Netherton, Lois Schnieders, Evelyn Morrison, Lois Dillon, Carolyn Miller, Patsy M:Corkle, Margaret Bean, Leabeth Baker, Phyllis Robinson. Middle Row: Mr. Stubblefield, Bargara Feagan, Carolyn Kinyon, Phyllis Sweet, Lucy Swaney, Barbara Mooney, Dixie MCCorkle, Nancy Hulvey, Frances Bruce, Peggy Largent, Barbara Bailey, luanita Atkinson, Bar- bara Roosa, loyce Vader, Carol Ganstine, Alice Russell. Front Row: Phyllis Vogel, Helent Shryock, Marilyn Shaw, Beverly Cagle, Carolyn Luton, Karlene Vogel, Shir- ley Edson, Helen Dean, Dorothy Price, Rebecca Wilson, Carol Rae Elder, lris Luton. BOYS' GLEE CLUB l First Row: Left to Right-Mr, Stubbletield, Walter, Gaw, Tony Bankson, Dean Keyser, Richard Phipps, Ron- nie MoDaniels, jerry Feagan, Bill Hall, lack Murray, Marcel Hudson, jerry Anderson. Second Row: Charles Long, Lester McCracken, Eugene Long, Kenny Norvell, jerry Brown, joe Williams, Don Montee, Larry Secrist, Kenneth Molloy, Larry He rrelson. 26 Galena High School Concert Band Clarinets: Carolyn Miller, Marilyn Shaw, jerry Feagan, Larry Grufford, Sharon Carlisle, jeanie Willis, Rena Norvell, Rosemary Vaughn, Freddy Stewart. Cornets and Trumpets: Marilyn Link, jerry Anderson, Nancy Wantland, Billy Neeley, David Swaney, joan Blick, Sonny Ransome, jerry LaTurner, Danny Walkenshaw, Danny Shears, Danny Williamsf Percussion: Kenneth Norvell, janet Netherton, Iris Luton, Helen Dean. Basses: Charles Long, Eugene Long, Norman Comer. Euphoniums: Larry Herrelson, Larry Secrist, Paul Moon- ey. French Horns: Peggy Largent, Don Williams, jerry Brown, David Edwards. Piccolo and Flute: Barbara Feagan. Flutes: Karlene Vogel, Lucy Swaney, Linda Herrelson, Sandra Stortz, Rebecca Hunter. Oboe: Bar- bara Mooney. Alto Clarinet: Frances Bruce. Bass Clarinet: Helen Shryock. Alto Saxophones: Barbara Roosa, Carol Means. Tenor Saxophone: Sharon Candy. Baritone Saxophone: Phyllis Sweet. Trombones: Lester Mc- Cracken, Bill Hall, john Davis, jim Lamb, james Hunter. Bass Trombone: Mike Lamb. Timpani: Carolyn Luton. 27 MARCHI G BAN - DRUM CGRP ' - uf U Qifffi 'I 1: "PH 5 , . H A .Yzila-,-, .. ,325-311: X , sf 3 - , -, - - q.f.:f'-:- - . ..... . .S J2"af.2iS2f5113.-L'-1if' ' 'f .-1 1'-2-22222.M--Z-.i'.g2fs11' Y :,:.:,ss:.5.:.: .1 1 .pf11:-1-:.,.1.:21.e3'??:s.::.f.- - i 52 - I'-N, ':k:?W:::S 4,,':on.-.- 'f- , L- 4. P ' F- " 'fr ,:H'g,u, .Q , :iz -- ,.:.g ' " -: :::5:E:EEg., :if '--rf:-,-:sz:A:.:-'-:cl-4:3-:-:-'-5-.-:-:- 'F:-'- .Q - 3 ., 2'-.rl .- v 3 1 .a 5' siege' j -' - -gg,--P ' .f- -:Ja '-3 - 11--Q' -,jf'12',.Q. . ' 3 . . Q2 'M' N " ' , :Q , :I -' b -'-I-W'-W-1:2:::::fr:v4,g'gPQ22 - A ..?22'mX'S?'M mm-a 9 -331Rv-- '95, , .,, .mi-f:wx.:4:g:-Q::s:..-:,:::f:-:-:-:Wg:-:.-.:-4:-1+2.:.:.:.L.:.:::r:::I-::::::a.:::.::::1 " .:.:-:1R:z2z21ss:w' V ,::'.:,::,zg5:z:2..:,ag: "" 5 v'i' f 'i' i E1f-2- V ,,. . ,,,,, ,gbtvn --g-:mi-5 ,A -, vm- f - - ,,... - . " -. H 4 , . . 4. .. .... , , v- 229. A Rap... Wy' ,. . fx, a , ,. ...,,.,,,. ., . ..., .,.. .... , " L 2 1:-H 2 ' 1' Qivfiw- "?wQ1:2:1:2.-:.:2-: +- -: X y '.15s1g:iSgi5:5:5gs1g.5:5i5255552523552::g53:g5y:::::::::gQ:gq::5a::fEg5125frf:5:a:2'ag...:.,15,,:::.:::1g:Qqf4:..... :'5:::5.1:. .EFRE-E?:'i:E:5.... '2.,I""::":'v?'1- '- ,.3,F6., Q - -'18 ,Q 4-951-J3ZgQ,,Y,.4g M '- f. , ' " Fir" , '-'5?E?212i'55E1EE5Ef5555555QilEIEEEZIZEIEEEIZEIEZQEEC:QEZIE5?E5Ef5?EZE2E2172E15'5k552452'i5f55i5E255EIE:5f35-5 F2-225211 "H'7f5f:55?555E ., ,.. H H ' -'a f - " b a- .. .fg.g: ...,... f ':',g:'."1' .4:. ::.:4.. .. ..... ,.-. ::1 :.:. ,sS!Fe5,,.::....,+... .: ..: was . zf.::,...f....: : ::f.1. ..:.:,.f-'.' .12225222522253sisizizaiz.' :2:ZE.s2:':.1-:'II"'SSW' 1. ' '1 .' -' , 5-1 ' 3222555 . " '2iEk1E51E2E2E' ,, .,:f"' VIH'-'-I-E3-l-' . . . ':' -fl: f5,fE:35:11E1 , -4 ':'5': ':5i5'2:1?f "z 3 4217- 2 f :E .wa . -"-5.3-I'IfI-.53555:53555-:E-EL J . ., ,- ' ff m.. K ' 11' Q ,. ,,.-mv :::.'w:4s,.' .,.0,wk,25::Z" f . Ay W- ' - - .f2bw1::2.. ,. . . ,x. -:ig M -P-.w2f.15-'xv-?.:.. -fc .+ 1.1 1-.v.:"f'Rs ..,. Y - .. " - , -. M43 2' I- wr'-K " .- ., . . V 2 " ' 1 - "" - - ' X . .. - fp ,,, ,, .. . M. 3-gg.,-ease.-'f,j is- - ::. " -Q 9322 .: ' -.Q f ' ' ,. . " -' " 2 51 . . . ' L T - '--X - Mf g. , -ij TWIRLER 28 Qffice tag Lois Anderson Eloise jackson Delpha Keener Larry Patterson Lajunta jackson Mr. Swart Carolyn Miller Dorothy Price Lgcfziblnlefz Siaff Harvey Watson Morris Lyster Claudie Evans Eloise jackson Delpha Keener Pat Brewer Shirley Holmes I4i1Jrary tag Karen jones Delpha jones-Keener joyce Vader Mrs. Roberts joanne .Chavez tuclent Counci Officers reading from left to right are as follows: Marilyn Shaw, Secretaryg Carolyn Miller, President Larry Patterson, Vice-Presidentg and Rayma Morton, Treasurer As members of the STUDENT COUNCIL our goals have been to make Galena High School a more democratic institution, to promote active par- ticipation of all student affairs, and to assume responsibilities for the execu- tion of activities that come under the council's jurisdiction. Our member- ship is composed of seventeen studentsg alternates for these students, and four officers who aretelected by the student body. 30 Members of the .tuclent Counci This year we sponsored the opening dance of the season, operated the concessions during football and basketball seasons, made a number of changes in the Student-Body Constitution, and sold insignia pins. We also had charge of the flag raising ceremony at football games, sponsored the Coke machine, purchased a "luke box" for the school, and had charge of opening of all school assemblies. Officers of the STUDENT COUNCIL must have at least a C average or above. Sponsor of our organization is Mr. Kenneth E. Bean. ' Third Row: Left to Right-Nancy Hulvey, Charles Wade, lim Montee, Larry Herrelson, jimmie Roy Second Row: Barbara Bailey, Bill Dugan, Norman Comer, Wanda Lewellyn, Frankie Martin. First Row: Caroline Douffet, Larry Patterson, Carolyn Miller, Marilyn Shaw, Rayma Morton. 31 .qooiloau Lleell La1UNTA 1ACKSoN Qqifenclanfs Senior WANDA LEWELLYN BARBARA BAILEY BEVERLY REYNOLDS junior Sophomore Freshman 32 "A" FOOTBALL TEAM Line-Left To Right: Paul Hollingsworth, john Dillon, john McKay, Melvin Hayward, Norman Comer, joe Williams, Bill Dugan. Backfield-Left To Right: Don Montee, Thomas Rogers, Ernie Watson, Morris Lyster. "B" FOOTBALL TEAM Line-Left To Right: Lester McCracken, Gene Welch, Frankie Martin, Mike Lamb, john Candy, joe Smith. Backfield-Left To Right: Charles Wade, jim Montee, Bill Hall, jeff Martin. Galena finished in second place with a league record of four wins and two losses and an overall record of six wins and four losses. The Bulldogs made 113 first downs and a total of 2,S7l yards rushing against their opponents. They Ecciiigd 207 points while holding the opponents to ll5. This was an average of 20.7 points per game for the u ogs, We They We They Sept. I9-Mineral ....... .... 6 I9 Oct. 23-Riverton .... .... 3 3 6 Sept. 26-St. Mary's ...... ,.,. O 7 Oct, 31--McCune ...... ..... 3 3 7 OCT. 2-Carrey ......,.,...... ..... 7 20 Nov. 5-Oswego 3l 6 OCF. 10-Weir .......... .... 2 4 l3 Nov. l4-Edna .,..... ..... 3 5 O Oct. 17-Chetopa .. .... 32 O Nov. 2l-Baxter . 6 37 33 "A" BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row-Left To Right: Coach Wilson, jim Montee, Thomas Rogers, Lester McCracken, Bill Hall, jeff Martin. Front Row-Left To Right: john McKay, Bill Dugan, Melvin Hayward, Don Montee, Ernie Watson. "B" BASKETBALL TEAM j Back Row-Left To Right: jim Roy, Managerg Albert Melton, Calvin Robinson, Coach Bean, Larry Herrel- son, Donnie Martin, Richard Netherton, Manager. Front Row-Left To Right: Alvin Fichtner, Colen Younger, joe Smith, Gregg Thompson, Larry Dugan, Wayne Gibson. 34 TRACK TEAM Back Row-Left To Right: George Smith, john Candy, jimmie Roy, Manager. Front Row-Left To Right: Arthur Bailey, Larry Shaw, Albert Melton, Richard Martin, Harvey Watson, jeff Martin, Bill Morey, Larry Morey. Other members of the team are: Melvin Hayward, Colen Younger, Harvey Watson, john McKay, Thomas Rogers, jimmie Boyes. Coach Kenneth Bean's track team in its second year of active participation was well represented in both the Pittsburg, Relays and the N. V. L. Track Meet. At the Pittsburg Relays, jeff Martin tied for first place in the pole-vault and won second place honors in the mile run. Team mate Melvin Hayward placed fifth in the half-mile run. Galena's Bulldog track team entered the N. V. L. Track Meet at Pittsburg on April 30, l953. jeff Martin scored I3 points in this meet by placing first in the pole-vault, first in the mile run and a close second in the low hurdles. He also ran on the medley relay team which placed fourth. Other boys placing were: Colen Younger, first in the shot put and fourth in the discus. Harvey Watson placed second in the discus and fourth in the javelin, He also ran on the 880 relay team. Bill Morey placed fourth in the pole-vault and fourth in the mile run. john McKay placed fourth in the 440 yardldashf Thomas Rogers placed fourth in the high hurdles, third in the javelin and ran on the mile relay team. Melvin Hayward placed third in the 880 yard run and also ran on the 880 yard relay team. Vg "T all if ff , .-,vi ri?5,,,4 lf' Ju I BULLDOGS BASKETBALL nsconn The Galena Bulldogs ended their basketball season with B,COfT1m9l'ld3lJle l'9C0f'd Of ll wigs, and V7 l0ieFg and placing third in the Neosho Valley League. The Bulldogs high SCOFG game WHS Wlfl'l C ef0P-3, In W 'C Galena racked up 85 points while the Chetopa quintet tallled Sl- In the Neosho Valley League Tournament they defeated Riverton 66 to 56 but lOSt to The Oswego ln' dians by the small margin of 4l to 39. At the District Tournament in Baxter the Bulldogs were defeated in an over-time thriller 54 to 49 by Girard. 35 BA' EBALL TE Back Row-Left To Right: Wayne Gibson, jerry Qualls, Paul Tipton, 'Gene Welch, loe Smith, jim Montee, Neil Mallatt, Coach Wilson. I Front Row-Left To Right: Ernie Watson,,Bill Dugan, Thomas Rogers,' john Barker, Melvin Hayward, john McKay, Norman Comer, Paul Hollingsworth. The Baseball team of 1953 is trying for the Ieag uexchampionship for the fourth straight year. The Bulldogs started the season off with four str aight wins, but lost to Edna 5 to 4 in their fifth game. This was the first loss for the Bulldogs in two years as they were undefeated in their i952 season. The Bulldogs were beaten byARiverton ll to 9 in the N. V. L. tournament consolation game. Bad weather has postponed the remaining two games, one with Riverton and the other with Edna. As we go to press these games have not been played. BASEBALL SCHEDULE b We They March 25-St. Peter's .... .. 8 4 March 27-Miller, Mo. ..... .. 5 2 March 31-Chetopa ,...........,.,,., ll O April 10-Mound Valley ............ Zl 4 N. V. L. Tournament At Chetopa April l5-Edna .......,....,..,,,,,,,.. 4 5 April I7-Riverton .... .. 9 l l 36 C eefz Q-5261616915 Shirley Edson Helen Dean Miss Miller Carolyn Miller Lajunta jackson Peggy Largent Phyllis Vogel SP6 Club Back Row-Left To Right: Miss Miller, Barbara Roosa, Phyllis Robinson, Ruth Tipton, Phyllis Sweet, janet Netherton, janice Scott, Beverly Cagle, Rebecca Wilson, Nancy Hulvey, Peggy Little, Barbara Bailey, Carolyn Luton, Barbara Mooney, Wanda Lewellyn, Carolyn Qualls. Middle Row: lris Luton, Dorothy Price, Lois Dillon, Nancy Nave, Sara Powell, Pat Brewer, Gladys Dillon, jean Boyd, Evelyn Morrison, Lois Schnieders, Patsy McCorkle, Rayma Morton, Mary Gaw, Karlene Vogel, Shirley Armer. Front Row: joanne Chavez, Karen jones, Carolyn Kinyon, Marcia McKnight, Lucy Swaney, Delpha jones- Keener, Margaret Bean, Eloise jackson, Leabeth Baker, Ginger Geisler, Marilyn Shaw, Helen Shryock, Carol Elder. Cheer Leaders: Shirley Edson, Lajunta jackson, Carolyn Miller, Peggy Largent, Helen Dean, Phyllis Vogel. 37 ueen Q Uqttenalants IOYCE KEYSER junior MARGARET BEAN Senior KARLENE VOC-EL Sophomore Q BLUE and WHITE QUEEN PHYLLIS ROBINSON Freshman 3 enior Play y CAST Standing-Left To Right: Eloise jackson, Delpha jones-Keener, Pat Titus, Harvey Watson, Carroll Smith, joe Williams, Pat Brewer, Mary Claw, Wanda Adams, Maxine Bailey, Margaret Badgerow. Front-Left To Right: Wiley Baker, jimmie Boyes, Margaret Bean, Kenneth Messer, Norman Comer, Paul Hollingsworth. ' ,A-11EUD1N' AND FIGHTIN' OVER YONDER 40 unior Play w l CAST Standing-Left To Right: Yvonne Riley, Gene Welch, Mrs. Fruitr, Front Row-Left To Right: Nancy Nave, Harold Gilstrap, Raymond Madden, john Neff, Melvin Hayward, Peggy Alexander, Sara Powell, Phyllis Vogel, Mr. Helmert, Dorothy Price. THE MONKEYS UNCLE 4l P sr, GPQPQHO H. M. 5. DINAFQIQE A ' Presented by G I Cl Hiqlw Selwool Music Depuf f 43 VF Qu, 9 P ,Lf - N H., ' I K ai ' :Qui x R- X Behind Every Electric Switch ..... Ready to Leap at Your Command! Reddy Kilowatt is always on hand, right behind your electric switch waiting to leap into action and do whatever job you have for him H l b h I d h h cl h l h g p d p h L R ddy d ll l kh y h THE ElllPlllE DISTRICT ELECTRIC CUITIPIIIW Sweetheart and Escort A-Feudin' and Fightin' Team Managers weeflzeafzf ueen Freshman SWE ETH EART Marilyn Shaw jimmie Roy Richard Netherton Zimmerman Insurance Agency Insure Today - Be Sure Tomorrow 507 Main Street Phone 179 C-alena, Kansas Best of Luck Class of '53 Thomas Appliance fri T. V. Center 311 Main St. joplin, Mo. jim Thomas Ted Bormaster Congratulations To The Class Of '53 Qofzmastefzs Qept. Stoves Carthage, Mo. joplin, Mo. Galena, Kansas 151.11221 7 urwrzrl 215101112 William E. Poteet OXYC-EN-EQU I PPED AMBUL ANCES 24-Hour Service Phone 217 - 6th and Main St. C-alena, Kansas 46 SENIGR PICNIC SHADOW LAKE Noel Missouri 47 BANK JOPLIN 4 24-Hour Service Prompt Courfeous ' ' om Reliable EPSIOI CALENA CAB Pittsburg, Kansas Phone 1088 107 E. 4th Phone H jwifchell glowev Shop "SATISFACTION IS YOURS" Tri-State Delivery We Wire Flowers Phone CALENA 32-616 RIVERTON, KANSAS Roy Wheelen, bus driver, and Galena School Bus 48 Herrelson ff! Son Service Station Mo.-Kan. State Line U. S. Highway 66 lNorth Sidel Phone 1080 24-HOUR SERVICE 24-HOUR EATING R S1 S MOTOR SALES YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER SINCE 1919 4th-G Penn. joplin, Mo. Swaney Insurance Agency Telephone 88 NELLIE SWANEY IMOGENE PARKES Galena, Kansas CONGRATULATIONS TO GALENA STUDENTS May the opportunities offered by your American -heritage be multiplied many times 'by your future contributions to the American Way of Life. The An1erican Gas Company "Service and comfort through Natural Gas" 49 li. Dr. Paul G1-uhh Most sincerely congratulates the Class of l953 upon the completion of four strenu- ous, but profitable and interesting years in preparation for a useful and happy life ahead. Earl Neeley Motor Co. DeSOTO PLYMOUTH 8265 Main street Phone 50 l j. 0. Derfelt Roy Derfelt Derfelt Funeral Home Telephone 370 Never Sleeps 24-Hour Ambulance or 'Funeral Service i l lll6 Main Street Galena, Kansas Success and Happiness to the Seniors of '53 M and Frozen Foocl Locljzers ummmlmmmmmmImmunumnmulmumumIlumulmlmlnmlumummlIIIIIIIIIImminIIHnIIIIIH.mlmmlivmunii l Seventh and Main Street Phone 82 50' JUNIQR-SENIQR PRGM 'SI Res. Phone 5780-M 20l4 Main St. ALLEN ELECTRIC SHOP ELECTRIC LIGHT e POWER WIRING "You Phone For Us" "We'Il Wire For You" Bill Allen Ioplin, Mo. CONGRATULATIONS to the T953 GRADUATING CLASS OWENS SPORTING GOODS joplin, Mo. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO. 622 Main Sf. joplin, Mo. Phone 7200 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK 'listemark DAIRY PRODUCTS "C MEEK for LUMBER" Complete Line Building Material CHAS. C. MEEK COMPANY At the stockyards joplin, Mo. TO THE CLASS OF I953 CONGRATULATIONS THE KANSAS STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY BEST WISHES CLASS OF '53 ZAH N APARTM ENTS , Furnished Apartments 320 wan sf. Phone 1464 1oPLiN Bowlus School Supply Co. ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT AND SPORTING GOODS IOI5 N. Broadway Phone I77 Pittsburg, Kansas FRESHMAN INITIATION 53 Q ilnplin Elnhv JoPuN News HERALD Mardick Tire Cr Appliance Co PHILCO Television - Radios - Refrigerators - Ranges These two daily newspapers have been Sold and Serviced for Ove' 25 Years serving the people of this great district for half a century 3rd 5 Virginia loplln M0 Congratulations, Seniors - QA 4 laanhecuge 2608 Main joplin, Mo. WINGO'S "YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT STORE IN jOPLlN" 405 Main Street joplin, Mo. Cushman's Tire Service , "YOUR GOODYEAR DEALER" Seventh C1 Wall St. Phone 716 joplin, Missouri COMPLIMENTS TO SENIORS OF '53 loplin janitor Supply l2l Main St. jopli ARL " W' e - Q3 o Q: ' ,r . " 1' . , ,, It . gig Pgtli.KA nor lae-N' BREAD! TO THE CLASS OF 1953 CONGRATULATIONS HOME ECUNOMICS 55 Congratulations to the Class of '53 SHAW GROCERY 1018 Euclid Ave. Phone 145 Cialena Kansas M. Robeson Lumber Co. "EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER" Phone 125 DR. C. S. DAVIS Best of Luck to the Seniors of 1953 lt Pays to Trade at The Golden Rule Store 405 Main St. Galena, Kansas The Galena Sentinel-Times FRED L. HEDGES, Editor Printing and Publishing - Office Supplies The best equipped weekly newspaper in the Four-State District 706 Main St. Phone 25 Compliments from the DIPLOMAT CRAVEL CO. CCNCRATULATIONS SENIORS DR. GRANT POWELL FEEZELL'S MARKET 'k 610 Main St. Phone 74 INDUSTRIAL ARTS 57 Senter Dry Goods Store 606 Main St. C-alena, Kansas Compliments of RUSH jewsuzv 5l7 Main Street Galena, Kansas Congratulations, Seniors Paddoc Package Store State Line "You'll Taste the Difference" FlTmlllH'il IIIIIIW PRUDUUS ZINN'S IEWELRY 618 Main Joplin, Mo. WATCHES, DIAMONDS, SI LVERWARE The Southwestern "The Four-State Area's Leading Weekly Newspaper" Editor 6' Publisher-Frank Bruce CHRlSTMAN'S 'Ir jOPLlN'S LARGEST AND FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE Largest new and used automobile and truck dealers in the middle-west If the automobile or truck you are looking for is in the district you'll be more apt to find it at the Burtrum Bros. Motor Co. Burtrum Bros. Motor Co. Phone 4600 loplin, Mo. joe Burtrum, Owner G Manager 58 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 59 couursn-Mccume " U -G FOR MEN'S ATTIRE ml S eio Main sr. loplin, Mo. Oallngvu I mu WARD'S CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY B. F. GOODRICH 727 Main Street Telephone 177 713 Main St. Phone 1080 loplin, Mo. Joplin, Mo. RUTH'S COFFEE SHOP ERNIE WILLIAMSON MUSIC HOUSE "HOME OF BETTER FOODS" 'AEVERYTHING IN MUSIC" 639 Main St. loplin, Mo. 611 Main loplin Phone 157 I. E. FINLEY SPURCEON'S YOUR SKELLY AGENT Books - Stationery 2115 W. 7th joplin, Mo. 613 Main St. loplin, Mo. STRIECEL IOPLIN PIANO co. Largest Piano Company in the 4-State District Phone 6030 Equipment Manufacturing Co. Trailer Rebuilding Custom Made Trailers loplin' Mo' 200 W, 7th St. Galena, Kan. ' ,'6kR'9 Qi? - qgoz MAI N MAC K'S lst and Main Street CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS RICE'S CAFE Seventh and Wood Streets CQNGRATULATIONS, SENIORS PARKS-WADE POST 246 American Legion Phone 368 HOME MADE ICE CREAM AND CANDY You Will Be Pleased at the ANTHONY CHOCOLATE SHOP Come on in Welcome TIRES "Best Deal ln District" Nationally Guaranteed C-K RUBBER WELDERS 503 Main Sf- Phone 61 117 Main St. Galena, Kansas Phone 54 Pl-:Irvs AUTO suPPLY rr GARAGE FOR EATWG 'OY5 'TS THE BEELER BOYS . STEAKS -- FRIED CHICKEN 100 North Mann Street Phone 210 W. 7th Joplin, M3 60 SADIE HAWKINS DAY 61 WHEELEN'S A-G MARKET 923 E. 7th St. Phone 149 MESSER CLEANERS FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY 408 Main St. Phone 300 COMPLIMENTS OF THE HORN FURNITURE STORE 515 Main St. Phone 20 MARTIN SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Accessories Phone 89 24-Hour Wrecker Service LITTLE'S SERVICE STATION CALENA, KANSAS Front and Main St. Phone 33 BEST WISHES SENIORS OF '53 EARL'S MARKET Zlst and Main STEWART'S GROCERY MYERS USED CARS I82I Main St. Phone 576 I7th Cr Main Phone 529-M CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS Galena, Kansas LINK'S STATE LINE CAFE PHILLIPS 55 IIWE SERVE T0 PLEASED Kansas and Missouri State Line Missouri and Kansas Stare Line Highway 66 Phone 202 HARRY RUSSELL sci-iwARTz nnuc s'roRE G S' G BEAUTY SHOP GERTRUDE PEEK - CLADYS CHERRY 7"' ff Main Phone '5' 605 Main sf. Phone 4I RUPP'S CAFE Breakfast, Dinner WIMER TIRE SERVICE and Short Orders loplin' MO. Phone H5 Galena Kansas MO-KAN CAFE MATLOCK'S Baxter Springs Picher, Okla. EIheI G Iean Bauenger' Props' Galena 24 Hour Service CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS GALENA COAL 5. IRON PRICE Cr FARINGER CHARLES F. ROGERS Caiena, Kansas Galena, Kansas 306 Main St. Phone IOO 208 W. 7th St. Phone 327 62 Lajunta jackson Mr. Swart Margaret Bean Wanda Lewellyn N. V. L. Trophy Rayma Morton Marilyn Shaw Larry Patterson Carolyn Miller CONGRATULATIONS HOWARD LITCH GARAGE pAvlE5 'QA STORE SEVENTH AND wooo STREETS 313 E. 7th Sf. Phone 57 Telephone I7 Wrecker Service COMPLIMENTS OF HARRELD STUDIO THE GALENA KIST BOTTLING CO. 807 E, 7th St. Phone 285 COMPLIMENTS OF COMP'-'MENT5 OF FEAGAN CROCERY WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 806 E. 7th sf. Phone 345 MO Main Sf- Phone '75 BEST WISHES HARDWICK CROCERY PORT DRIVE-IN Fresh Meats 6' Groceries Giant Heap-A-Burger "Be6I'l-Here-Always" West Seventh Street 1700 Main ST. PI'lOne I98 CONGRATULATIONS CONCRATU'-AT'0N5 MOORFS HARDWARE MARY KAY DRESS SHOP 7th G' Main Sf. Quality Feeds 702 Main St' DAVIS DRUG STORE COMP'-'MENTS OF COSMETICS - WALLPAPER LAUNDRA-MMD5 Fountain Service BENDIX MAY-TAG 320 Main sr. Phone 196 "9 Main Sf- Phone 18 TRYON GROCERY SPECK SALES fr MFC. CO. PHONES - Office 3, Residence 575 206 Main Street F. W. Speck, Prop. Galena, Kansas CONGRATULATIONS PARKER'S 5-I0-SI.00 404 Main Sf. Phone DR' FRANK 'AMES CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS S 6 S APPLIANCE BUCK'S RECREATION FISHING TACKLE AND BAIT PM 66 602 Mem S" 212 Main Street Galena' Kansas Willy Hornhonker in the Senior play, "A-Feudin' Over Yonder." ' Ernie Watson has just walked away with another loving cup at the current "Leg Follies" in New York City. He's shooting for Mr. America next year. lt was believed that no one could fill the shoes of the memorable Hank Williams, but it looks as though C. A. Hopkins has stepped in. He finally gott off KFSB. We remember how well Carolyn Miller enjoyed singing so we weren't surprised when we read she is starring in HMS Pinafore operetta with johnnie Ray, appearing nightly at the Shangri-la Night Club. Gene Neff, wealthy southern tobacco planter, has just turned out a new type of long burning cigarette. His fag-bummin' days are over. The P. C1 T. beauty parlor has moved to a new location, 609 Main St. The proprietors are joy Puckett and Dorothy Tackett. john McKay, brutal warden of Alcatraz, seems to pay special partiality to one of the lifers, Ronnie Stew- art, in old classmate who is in for stealing turkeys from jim Boyes, wealthy owner of the Banazie Turkey anc . Eloise "Bubbles" jackson has just opened on Broadway as star chorus girl in the Ziegfield Follies. The Mayo Clinic has recently been changed to the Molloy Clinic, after the famous doctor, Kenneth Mol- loy, because of his outstanding ability in tending to iron lung cases. Pat Brewer and Delpha Keener, world-renowned big game hunters, have just returned from the African jungle. After a 2-year conquest they have found the object of the big hunt, a white mouse. Della Kinkade has just given birth to her third set of triplets. Her aim is to fulfill her motto, "Cheaper by the Dozen," or "Always Room for One More." ass by LARRY PATTERSON My friends, I have called you to assemble here as a solemn duty, that you, the heirs and assigns of my respected client, the Class of l953, may hear her last will and testament, which, as her legal advisor, l drew, as directed by her, immediately prior to her passing from our presence. lt was her intention and would have been her great pleasure to present you personally with these tokens of her esteem, but, finding her possessions were even more extensive and valuable than she had thought, it was impossible, particularly as her last days were so occupied with social engagements and other dates not so social, but of great importance to the future, which she was obliged to keep with various members of the faculty. On these occasions, such weird and unexpected questions were addressed to her, an immediate an- swer in writing being required, that the strain left her too weary for additional effort. Because of this, if any slight discrepancies or apparent injustice or partiality should appear to you in the distribution of her effects, we trust you will pardon it and realize it is caused not by exhaustion of her brain, never over-robust. May l, as well as my lamented client, entreat that you receive your respective legacies in the spirit of unselfish friendship with which they were given? I shall appreciate your courteous attention while l read this duly attested will. We, the Class of l953, in the town of Galena, the county of Cherokee, and the state of Kansas, being in as good mental condition as usual, and in much better tamper than usual, do hereby make this, our last will and testament, rendering void and of no avail any former will or wills that may have been previously made by us during a period of temporary optimism. Although, being as psychologically complex as befits a Senior class, we consist of 49 separate and dis- tinct entities, or what have you, we are in such complete accord, thinking alike, and seldom, that the edi- torial-now, alas, funeral-"we" will be used to denote our collective entity throughout this document. We have no specific directions to leave concerning our funeral, but we do hope you will come pre- pared to praise as well as bury us, forgetting the trifling faults that may have been ours and remembering only our manifold and remarkable virtues. We feel that our brilliant record and our unusual achievements will live after us, but, not wishing to take any chances, we suggest that a tablet, on which shall be inscribed our several names and a few of our most astounding deeds, be purchased and placed in the auditorium of the school in a position where it will strike the eye of all who enter. And in this manner do we dispose of our possessions: Wiley Baker wills his ability to swoon the girls to Larry Herrelson. Wayne Bradshaw wills his ability to find someone and somewhere to park to Richard Netherton. jim Boyes wills his gum to Sandra Woodard so that she will have something to do in study hall. Wanda Adams wills her loneliness for a certain boy who is out of state to Dorothy Price. james Cram wills his likeness to work to jim Gardner. Cram says that he can sit down and watch work being done all day without it fazing him. Margaret Badgerow wills her flirtatious ways to Yvonne Riley. Norman Comer wills his studiousness to Lester Watson. Maxine Bailey wills her perfect attendance record to Beverly Reynolds. 67 Richard Dake wills his job as janitor's helper to Bill Dugger so he will have an excuse to get out of study hall. Margaret Bean wills her gun and axe from the Senior play to Lois Anderson to help her keep the wolves from her door. john Dillon wills his ability to think up excuses for getting out of school to Perry Standeford, for Perry surely is running out by now. Pat Brewer wills her grades and ability to write poems to Caroline Douffet. Bill Dugan wills his ability not to talk in study hall to Dale Cure. Mary Gaw wills her ambition to stay in class and Claudie Evans wills his ability in boxing to jack Shirley Holmes wills her interest in one man and Paul Hollingsworth wills his knowledge of drafting drafting next year. Eloise jackson wills her job at the Sentinel office C. A. Hopkins leaves his way of singing western take to get a perfect attendance record to Clara Mae Hawk. Thornberry. her ability to get out of school to Donna Briggs. to Ginger Geisler in hopes that the girls will get to to Peggy Alexander. songs to jackie Dunn to go with his cowboy boots. Lajunta jackson wills her ability to get engaged and to stay engaged to Gladys Dillon. Larry Patterson wills his job as manager of the Dairy Dream, but not his interest in a certain junior girl, to Gregg Thompson. Delpha Keener'wills her ability to run through the Charles Long wills his ability to get through high Della Kinkade wills her cute night cap to Karlene Kenneth Messer wills his looks and his way with halls without a corridor pass to Carolyn Qualls. school in three years to Donald Hawley. Vogel. the women to Norman Hayes. joy Puckett wills her ability to get her man to janet Netherton. john McKay wills his ambition to get up early and come to school to Dave Phipps. Darlene Richey wills her ability to skate to Shirley Charles. Kenneth Molloy wills his wrecking, that is wrecking of cars, to Larry Shaw. joyce Mallatt wills her height to Marlys Sturgis. Don Montee wills his ability to argue to Paul Tip ton. Carolyn Miller wills her ability to write her own Homer Myers wills his knowledge of the ways of excuses to Nancy Nave. the world to Raymond Madden. Beverly Shamblin wills her secretarial ability to joyce Keyser. Eugene Neff wills his ability to stay sober on all occasions to Harold Gilstrap. Dorothy Tackett wills her collection of True Ron' ance magazines to Ruby Standley. jerry Qualls wills his ability to draw to Marcell Hudson. Charles Sheets wills his height to Walter Gaw, graduates. Carroll Smith wills the ambition to get his reports so that Walter will be of normal size by the time he in on time to Rebecca Wilson. Pat Titus wills her fashion of walking to Sara Powell. Ronnie Stewart wills his ambition to work in a grocery store to Colen Younger. Melba Webster wills her quietness to Phyllis Vogel. Ronnie Tener wills his interest in the black head ed waitress at Rockaway Beach to that he will see her next year. john Neff in hopes Edric Wilder wills her ability to ride horses to Frances Bruce. Ernie Watson wills his handsome physique and blushing cheeks to Richard Martin. Barbara Wheelen wills her yearning for certain unattainable men to Marilyn Link. Harvey Watson wills his quietness to Gene Welch. Don Williams wills his driving and ability to handle a car at all speeds and under all conditions to Ver- non jordon. joe Williams wills his way of celebrating birthdays to jeffey Martin. We give and bequeath to the junior class our well- known nerve, which they will need next year, and all the examination questions we have been given during the past year. We believe that an examination, like history, often repeats itself, The answers, never own ed in entirety, have long since been mislaid by us and are not included in this legacy. To our dear old school building itself, we leave the peaceful quiet caused by our absence and any ap- ple cores, wads of gum, or crumpled notes we may ha ve left about. To our principal we give and bequeath a sense of memories of our four years together, and a feeling of pride in any great deeds or that our future may contain, realizing that such glories-if any- will owe much to To our teachers we bequeath our valuable sense of humor, without which we life painful indeed and which will do much to make it Besides these bequests, we leave our best wishes Any property or personal possessions of ours that been graduated, pleasant noteworthy achievements his example and counsel. should have found school relief that we have at last endurable for them. to any and all who may desire them. may remain in addition to the items specified we give and bequeath to the Board of Education to use as it sees fit. We can think of nothing that we. have for- gotten except our old books, and we suggest that they be given to the Freshman class, thus saving money which may be applied to the teachers' salaries or tow ard the purchase of mouth organs. Of course, this is entirely a matter for the discretion of the school board. Finally, we do hereby name and appoint as the sole executors of this, our last will and testament, our class advisors, Mrs. Roberts and Mr. Ferguson. In witness whereof we, the Class of l953, the te stator, have set our hand and seal on this l9th day of May in the year of l953. 68 S-N BURN Sc BLAKE WESTON FLOWER SHOP F .k II' 7- 627 Ohio 4959? 6'?'?4c,,V 90 Q 69 uh C9959 7'5,rW4yS Oswego, Kansas Phone - 795-2117 cLEARnNG, BACK:-nos ' TRENCHER DIGGING FIRST NATIONAL BANK A FULL VICE SEIANIC Phone 795 -hm 1 OSWSSO Kansas RUSSELL LOCKER PLANT X I Oswego " Kansas ff 'Y COLUMBUS SHOE SHOP as-3' Columbus Kansas Pho, 1179-6111 Scammon, Kansa HOME LUMBER and SUPPLY Oswego Kansas TAYLOR-FROGLEY FORD INC . FO R D 051,-1eg0 Kansas STRICKLAND BROS- "Wayne 8: Albert" ALLIS CHALXERS FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 795-M732 Q Oswego Kansa-S H r-f THE COLUMBUS STATE BANK 137 WEST MAPLE STREET COLUMBUS, KANSAS 66725 Phone L29-2515 LARGE ENOUGH FOR YOUR NEEDS AND SMALL ENOUGH TO APPRECIATE YOU S JORDEN'FUNE outh Kansas 1 RAL HOME Columbus Kansas COMPLIMENTS OF CHARLIE'S I G A THE VALUE LEADER I .1 Phone 1429-3177 Columbus Kansas Telephone L29-3073 JUDY'S GLAMOUR PUFF OPERATOR--JUDY REYNOLDS ASCANIO GROCERX G Phone LL79 2771 Shampoo Kc Sets Pe I'Ul3-fleflts Pherokee Kansas Styling Scammon Kansas digs all ' 'ii E I O U A l u O ' i 507. , 1 jo W .Ms z miie, .'. 'V ,.,E5a512uEi1:i5: I-2552225 x i S' ww O view? Eff .K , . mil- Nag! 'fe gg ' Hwy' N-N. N C2.Ja Member of Mechanical Contractors Assn. of Kansas Member of: National Association Plumbing - Heating - Cooling Contract0rS P PHCC 6 Phone 316-82?-3161 Scammon, Kansas 6 773 Roe Parsons, Jr. - President MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS JONES MOTEL 81 RESTAURANT 915 West Fourfbh Pittsburg, Kansas 66762 Phone 316-231-2250 Owners: Leo 8: Ann Jones ' A 70113. 62122411 F M ? 1 ROADWAY 'um B om: m-caumv our 231-90180 n CHARLES W. Yosr BROKER . - ITTSBURG. 1-' , A Yost Realty B Sz L SHEET METAL Heating SL Air Conditioning Business Phone 316-231-1830 west 3,.d Pittsburg, Ka 66762 Qafmdfmwd 19 Air Conditioning Compliments of Dr. 8: Mrs. Glenn L. Hough 910 s. Bdwy. Phone 316-231- Pittsburg , Kansas 6676? 701 O BRC5WNIE'S GARAGE Sn BODY SHOP ZLL Hour Wrecker SerViCe Phone 316-231-3793 Propane Bottles Langdon Lane Pittsburg , Kansas Filled HOUSER BUILDING Q SUPPLY Columbus Kansas 1 NEWBERRY'S FLOOR COVERING Columbus, Kansas Phone PIIOHS EBIEJNI F:FllXI4l4l.lPl LOGALLYOWNED umouumcuowu Glrard, Kansas COLUMBUS, KANSAS POLAR PANTRY CUSTOM BUTCHLHING Q PROCESSING 317 E Maple Street Phone M29 2382 olumbus Kansas WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Columbus Kansas es U1 1 Phone M29 2328 QH0me OwnedD Peggy A Pepper Martln MONTGOMERY WARD Catalog Sales Agency Phone M29 3030 Davld Houser Agent Locally Owned A Operated Q WARD Columbus Kansas PENNEY' ALWAYS FIRST QUAL!TY Uwe Know What You're Looklng Forn Retall M29 3h81 Catalog h29 3317 120 E Maple EAGLESON'S CARDS Q ULFTS and MARLA'S TWIRLING STUDIO North Slde Columbus Kansas Phone M29-207D MATTOX BODY Q GLASS SHOP 80h E Oak Columbus Kansas .' . te uto ,lhe flmily :lore QEWTEEF it ' A" " 2' 7 i ' Y V VW Y K , ca - -- Q , Y T3-A.. 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