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BLUE! WHITE V- n She B LU E AND WHITE Presen ted by The Senior Class Of 1952 glinsllol K Boar 0 Education EARL NEELEY President DR. GRANT POWELL IAMES HUNTER HOWARJD MILLER ALMON WILLIS MARTHA REED 1 Clerk 2 ROY MADDEN HELEN TURNER Treasurer SUPERIIXITENDENT CLARENCE L WANTLAND The members of the Board of Education the patrons teach ers and students deserve an expression of appreciation for the part each had un malung thus an excellent school year 'lo close a year with the feeling that the job was well done rs very gratl fynng l want to personally thank each of you I wvsh to congratulate the seniors and want to say I have en joyed working wlth you That your future IS a successful and happy one IS my wlsh Sincerely yours Clarence L Wantland 3 -fl 5 . ' r C-s X 1 x , I 1 Annual tag Top Row: Waymoth Stratton, Carolyn Miller, jack Ransom, Duane Hopkins, Carol Thornberry, Kay Rogers Middle Row: Delores Feezell, Larry Patterson, Austin Wright, Melvin Hall, Marilyn Link, Sara Powell. Front Row: Karlene Vogel, Peggy Little, lean Ann len kins, Willa june Willis, Beverly Ledbetter, Peggy Al exander, Ginger C-iesler. ANNUAL STAFF Editor .......,.......... ............................... W illa june Willis Assistant Editors .... ................. I ean Ann jenkins, Beverly Ledbetter Business Manager .... ..................................................... D uane Hopkins Sports Editors ..,......... ..... W aymoth Stratton, Larry Patterson, Melvin Hall Advertising Manager .. ......................,...........................,.... Marilyn Link Assistants .........,........ .,.. N ancy Goodman, Ginger C-iesler, Karlene Vogel Reporters .... ......,....,,s.,,,, D elores Feezell, Carol Thornberry, Kay Rogers, Peggy Little, Sara Powell Snapshots ............... ....,. ........,, C a rolyn Miller, lack RBFWSOFTI, Peggy Alexander, Austin Wright Proof Reader and Makeup Advisor ...... .....................,.......... C heSTer Myers 4 4 rzhrnzxhun Wnthln the pages of this book we hope you will fund plc tures and Informatlon whlch wall remand you ot pleasant frrend shlps enjoyabl actlvltles and other cherrshed memornes We have sincerely appreciated the cooperatlon of Galena Hugh School students teachers admmlstrators and members of the Board ot Educatnon We are very grateful to the business people cltuzens of Ga lena and others who have so graciously assisted us In publishing thus edition of our yearbook To these loyal friends we dedicate thus l952 Blue and Whnte The Annual Staff 5 4 4 ' - , ... , . 'Y ! , - l , Princes and Princesses JOAN LaTURNER JUANITA SCOTT BEVERLY LEDBETTER FRANKIE MARTIN RONNIE STEWART PAUL CURE Sophomores juniors Seniors Q 6 B ue and Whlte Queen and K111 MARILYN LINK MELVIN HALL Freshmen 7 ? gacuffy HOWARD BAKER Principal School is a proving ground where each student demonstrates his ability to 'rake his part in the social and business world. The record you have made will be your own for years to come. l hope that each of you can always be proud of your high school achieve- ments. Sincerely yours, Howard Baker L ROBERTS Librariaipfx BERNICE JOHNSON h 5 Superintendenfs Secretary Fres man ponsor Bookkeeping, English IV Scribbler Advisor Annual Advisor 8 FAYE FRUITT PEARL AKINS Home Economics ETl'lEl- BOND Englfsh, Dramatics junior Sponsor History, English Senior Sponsor Senior Sponsor 9 W ROBERT B. CLARK LESLIE LEONARD KENNETH BEAN Commerce Girls Physical Ecl. Industrial Arts junior Sponsor History Science Sophomore Sponsor Student Council Advisor MAX WILSON, Coach IAMES HELMERT ROBERT TRIMBLE Boys Physical Ed. Mathematics Music Sophomore Sponsor Science Freshman Sponsor 9 tudenl: Counci First Row: Wanda Levvellyn, Beverly Ledbetter, Vice-Presidentg Chester Myers, Presidentg Della Kinkade, Treasurer, Willa june Willis, Secretary, Larry Patterson. Second Row: Marilyn Link, Mary Campbell, Carol Shaw, Paul Cure, lefty Martin, Charles Wade, Beverly Ferneau-Shamblin. STUDENT COUNCIL ln the spring of l95l, officers of the Student Council were elected as follows: Chester Myers, president, Beverly Ledbetter, vice-presidentg Willa june Willis, secretary, Della Kinkade, treasurer. Under the leadership of Kenneth Bean, the Student Council of l95l-52 sponsored flag raising cere- monies for football games, gate and patrol duty for "B" football games, hamburger fry for football boysg spon- sored all-school party in fall, care of popcorn machine and sales, put Coke machine in hallg assisted at bas- ketball games and other school affairsg conducted opening exercises for assembly programsg assisted in out- side and inside Christmas decorations for the High School. The council officers and sponsor enjoyed a trip to Chanute during Student Council Week to discuss various types of councils and their problems. lO eniors Class 0161952 President DUANE HOPKINS Clee Club 3 years Band 2 years Student Council President Freshman Basketball Manager l year 1 E 3 i f I Vice-President MERVIN CROOK Glee Club 4 years Band 4 years Football 2 years Vice President Senior President junior Secretary IEAN ANN IENKINS Band 2 years Pep Club 2 years Freshman Play Secretary Senior Assistant Editor Annual i952 Fifty-six eager seniors entered the halls of C.H.S., as students, for the ln our first class meeting of the term, we selected the following class Treasurer ANN NORVELL Glee Club 4 years Pep Club 2 years Treasurer Freshman Drum Corps 2 years last time in the fall of 'Sl officers: Duane Hopkins, pres: dent, Mervin Crook, vice-president, Pat Hilton, secretary, Ann Norvell, treasurer. Ethel Bond and Pearl Akins took over the duties of sponsors. Chester Myers was elected student council president, while Delores Feezell and Carol Shaw were senior student council representatives. Mary Campbell was elected reporter and Paul Cure alternate. Early in September, our class rings were most welcomely received. Miss Delores Feezell was crowned football queen by Co-captains Carol Shaw and Ralph Anderson at the annual Homecoming game. Our seniors were very outstanding in the athletic department all four years of high. The senior play, "The Little Dog Laughed," was successfully presented on April lO and ll. The juniors entertained us with a very delightful formal prom on the night of April 25. ln May we went on a very enjoyable and exciting trip-as was agreed by those who went. Our baccalaureate exercises were on the llth of May, with class night on the l3th. We reached the top rung of our ladder on May l5th, when we received those most desired diplomas This climaxed our career in high schoolg but through these four wonderful years, we think that we have achieved the best of everything. l l EDITH BANKSON Clee Club 3 years Drum Corps 4 years Operetta 2 years Cheer Leader Pep Club 4 years BARBARA HOPKINS Drum Corps 3 years C-lee Club l year Pep Club 2 years Operetta l year '- -" - - 1 ' . ' V ' 1 gj2'Zq ',1,QfflEi,fi 2' ' f ' ' ' ' . , E35-E3:fI2I2:2Eff2?Er. :r : '-:emi-f'z' 2" .qcsszzzrf:::::::::s:::1s:,. -- ' i'lE1:V:"l:", W.. W -1153" vi' CHARLES SHRYOCK Band 3 years C-lee. Club 2 years DELORES BYNUM BEVERLY KAY ROGERS Glee Club 3 years Drum Corps 2 years Drum Corps 4 years Band 2 YEGTS Drum Corps lvlajorette PGP Clllb 4 YSBVS Operetta l year Glee Club 2 YGBVS Pep Club 4 years Scribbler Staff l year IACKIE RANSOM MAVIS TIPTON-WILLIAMS Clee Club 2 years Glee Club l year Operetta l year Secretary Sophomore Scribbler Staff l year Pep Club 4 years Stage Manager junior Play IDELLA MORELAND DONALD BRYANT Drum Corps 2 years Glee Club 2 years Pep Club 3 years Football 2 years l2 RALPH ANDERSON BILLIE GIBSON IOHN DAVIS Football 3 Years Pep Club 4 years Basketball 3 years Track I year Student Council Track 4 years NANCY LEE GOODMAN VIRGIL DULEY SHIRLEY WILKERSON-WATSON Glee Club I year yunior play Clee Club I Year junior Play ' Pep Club 2 years Pep Club 4 years Operetta I year IOHN M. DAKE JACK ROBINSON LEROY BRUMBAUGH I3 jANlE THOMPSON CLARENCE WANTLAND FRANCES KINKADE Band 4 years Clee Club 3 years Glee Club 3 years Clee Club 4 years Band 3 years Drum Corps 4 years Pep Club 4 years Operetta l year Operetta l year junior Play Student Council l year Cheerleader Operetta l year Dramatic Plays l year PED Club 4 YGBFS CAROL SHAW Vtfll-l-A IUNE WILLIS CARY GIBSON Clee Club l year Student Council Operetta l year Basketball 2 years Football 4 years junior Play Band 4 years RILDA RUTH STILLSON C-lee Club 4 years Band 4 years Pep Club 4 years Student Council junior Play Scribbler 2 years, Editor, Editor of Annual Operetta l year ::,:,::.:.:,:,r.,,.,.,,.: ,,., .,.,,,1,...,., , . ,,,.M..,,:,9., '.j- .V ' ' 5.-A-,:.-'gfvgii' -:::r:::23?35E3Eii."' 05-GV , ,.,.., af., a I-2 , Senior Football l year Basketball 2 years Dramatic Plays Secretary Freshman Treasurer Sophomore Vice President junior junior Play GI Club 4 ears CHESTER MYERS MARY CAMPBELL Baeried 4 yearsy Glee Club l year Clee Club'-l Yea' pep Club 2 years President Sophomore Student K-OUf'1C'l President Student Council Editor of Scribbler l Veal' Operetta l year l4 Q fe' ARNOLD SCHNIEDERS ALINE FRY IOHN JOSEPH junior Play Clee Club 3 years junior Play Operefta I year MARY LEE GIBSON MONTY PHIPPS WAYMOTH STRATTON Pep Club 4 years PEP Club 3 Years junior play Scribbler Staff I year EXCELL BULLARD CAROL THORNBERRY JERRY WATKINS Scribbler Staff . Pep Club l year 15 'vi' BEVERLY LEDBETTER AUSTIN WRIGHT DELORES FEEZELL Glee Club 4 years Football 2 years Cllee Club 3 years Drum Corps 2 years Basketball 2 years Pep Club 3 years Operetta l year Student Council 2 years Student Council Student Council Vice President junior Play Scribbler Staff Scribbler Staff Blue Triangle iAlgebra Clubl Football Queen Senior Pep Club 2 years First Choir lGlee Clubl Operetta l year Assistant Editor Annual 1952 Dramatic Plays Annual Staff l 952 FRED KETNER ELLOISE SEARS MELVIN HUFFMAN Baseball l year Glee Club 4 years Football 4 years Operetta l year EDWINA HAYWARD GENE PAUL PATRICIA HI'-TON Cllee Club 4 years Cla? Ch-lb 3 Years Band 4 years junior Play Pep Club 4 years Student Council Operetta I year B-and 4 Years I6 PAUL CACLE HOWARD SHOEMAKER THOMAS BAILEY Football l year Baseball 3 years '-', jESS CHARLES PAUL CURE lOl'lN LINK Student Council 2 years Football 3 years Glee Club 4 Y3af5 Basketball 3 years Baseball 3 years l LEONA LAKE I7 unio ass LARRY PATTERSON President l0Y STINNETT IOYCE MALLATT jUANlTA SCOTT Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Sluclenl Council Mel11bePs RUBY BANNING-COX DON MONTEE DELLA KINKADE This, the next to the last year of their journey, we find there are 6l active juniors enrolled with Larry Patterson as president to lead them. joy Stinnett, vice-presidentg Juanita Scott, secretary: loyce Mallatt, geasurerg Student Council representatives, Della Kinkade and Don Monteeg Student Council alternate, Ruby ox. 'luanita Scott and Ronnie Stewart were nominated as our candidates for queen and king of the Blue and White. loyce Mallatt was our candidate in the Football Queen contest. The class worked hard in both the sale of annuals and football season tickets. The class play, "The Darling Brats," was presented with success on November 30, and was well re- ceived by the audience. Lajunta jackson was crowned Sweetheart Queen at the annual Valentine dance in an all school contest sponsored by the junior class. The juniors have the outstanding record of having had three successive Sweet- heart Queens for the Valentine dance. One of the year's outstanding events, the lunior- Senior Prom, was held April 25, sponsored by the junior class. Both students and guests enjoyed this gala affair. Money for the prom was earned through paper drives, candy sales and the class play. The class enjoyed several parties and was well represented in the extra-curricular activities throughout the school year. Sponsors of the class this year were Mrs. Faye Fruitt and Mr. Robert B. Clark. 18 EDRIC WILDER KENNETH MOLLOY SHIRLEY HOLMES ARLENE ROGERS JOE WILLIAMS CLADYS PUCH JOHN McKAY EUGENE NEFF BEVERLY SHAMBLIN RONNIE TENER MAXINE SMITH PAT HARLAN NORMAN COMER KATHRYN MCARTHUR JACK JOHNSON RONNIE STEWART CAROLYN MILLER ERNIE WATSON LaJUNTA JACKSON BARBARA WHEELEN KENNETH MESSER MARY C-AW BILL DUGAN CHARLES SHEETS JOY PLILER C. A. HOPKINS DOROTHY HOPKINS DON WILLIAMS HARVEY WATSON MELBA WEBSTER WILEY BAKER DOROTHY TACKETT BETTY STANDLEY WAYNE BRADSHAW ELOISE IACKSON CLAUDIE EVANS CHARLES DUDLEY DARLENE RICHEY RICHARD DAKE BARBARA HUDSON DELPHA IONES IIMMY BOYES PAT TITUS PAUL HOLLINCSWORTH IAMES CRAM ROSALEE PRICE MORRIS LYSTER MARGARET BAIDGEROW SALLY ROY-HUGHES DELORES FREEMAN-IENKINS WANDA ADAMS IACKIE MITCHELL JERRY QUALLS DIANE DQCRAFFENREIDBRAND weei eafzi ueen SWEETH EART LajUNTA IACKSON ESCORT CAROL SHAW S lz Juniop oplzom f i A is " l ffI:.'.a ll: "" .f:. --: V ""' F A,...,., X., I .,,g. eg FRANKIE MARTIN President .,... .... .. J wif Xi L V "':- : , 2 X w i if 5 s A QV As, f ,QA . 1 ,A gg i x 3'5" 4 X fb X f ...V e NORMAN HAYES PHYLLIS VOGEL CHARLES LONG YVONNE RILEY Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sludenl Council Men'1bePs 1 ' r 1 f ans,-im' -"ef ' U M 1,,, . 1 if il . ,:,L: ,.,.:: . .. A--.:., 'E Lf LA,. f ,.,,.. 1 A:-1 T "," " "',.,.,- :" ' ' , iw" "-vN A1" E f" Al'A if .... , 'ir, "r' 5f...i?ij,,.w.V.i -I - ,. I ,f ::a5:: 1 -, L,.:A WANDA LEWELLYN lERRY MARTIN LESTA SECRIST On September 4, l95l, fifty-tive boys and girls were enrolled in the sophomore class. On meeting for organization of the class, the following officers were elected: Frankie Martin, presidentg Norman Hayes, vice-president: Phyllis Vogel, secretaryg Charles Long, treasurerg Yvonne Riley, reporter, lerry Martin and Wanda Lewellyn, student council representatives, and Lesta Secrist, alternate. Coach Max Wilson and Mrs. Leslie Leonard were class sponsors. Wanda Lewellyn was chosen by the Pep Club as cheer leader for the sophomore class, and loan La- Turner was the sophomore candidate for Football Queen and the class was honored by having joan as a representative in the "Blue and White" queen Contest. The class held a Wiener roast at the Max Shaw home in Spring Grove on October lO. The class spon- sored an all school dance in the high school gym on lanuary l6. All the members in the class took part in the colorful "Old Wild West Shown which was presented in the high school auditorium on February 29 and again at Liberty grade school on March 7. One ot the last activities of the year was a hamburger fry held in the Boy Scout cabin at Schermerhorn Park on March I3. 22 SHIRLEY DULEY FRANK LINK NANCY NAVE IERRY SHEETS IACKIE DUNN DOROTHY PRICE MARCEL HUDSON ETTA DEAN MCDONALD MARLYS STURGIS MELVIN HAYWARD PEGGY ALEXANDER HOMER FELKER LESTER WATSON DONALD HAWLEY WAYNE SMITH BILLY MOREY LESTER MCCRACKEN EVERETT SHALLENBARGER CHARLES LONG BERNARD BAKER WALTER GAW DONNA BRIGGS CLIFFORD GIDDENS CLARA HAWK LOIS ANDERSON PAUL TIPTON SHIRLEY CHARLES COLEN YOUNGER Im , ag g Iv ' K. 4 , , . 19 1 'wt' X ,MS 1 2 Y 5 I 5, A ww f 42 N :Wk K , I... , I 1141 .sf 'N IB R 3, I. kiw i' . M Q3 .QQ .... ,Y 3 :X 23 .ut Q K ...,,,. .I ' ..,. Q . .fx 'fi , -2-fxx'f:sss::f?is-:Iss-:.. - 'Q' Q - ff? Y X, 7 df: I ,.,,.,.,. . is swag ' , ,Jim -f . .,..- 3 - - Vg-j:4 5Q55'g?Tieg! y, 9 X. iii? ,Q "" I 'fjl' ..... Q. -as ., . .. 'Sri elf' A ny'-r . Mal N' 1 'Q I 1 N I Mffy, 53,9 . I . H ,,,, ,,q,,.W.m ,,., I.: ' 'X ' 'fffffi 9- f Egw I , fl I if if f JIM GARDNER SARA POWELL BILL DUGGER WILMA QUALLS IOAN LaTURNER WAYNE BOOE CAROLINE DOUFFET THOMAS ROGERS RAYMOND MPQDDEN MARY WENZEL EUGENE WELCH GLADYS DILLON RICHARD COMER GARY KITCH HAROLD GILSTRAP RICHARD NETHERTON CAROLYN QUALLS CARLOS WATKIN MARGARET BE V65 l'l'l6U'l GSS SHIRLEY EDSON Secretary 4 :Sk-...'-rv avi.. CHARLES WADE e 4 N www 5 Mt Q 6 JIM MONTEE Presldent ea LARRY SECRIST Vlce President Treasurer KARLENE VOGEL lu enl Councl em werrs MARILYN LINK JOHNNY BARKER On Sept 5 l95l elghty fnve scared green but hopeful Freshmen entered the portals of Galena Hugh School They knew that at would be a hard rugged road that they must travel but little dld they realize that ten of these would stumble and fall by the waysxde before the flrst lap of their journey was ended Mrs Roberts and Mr Helmert were theur offrclal gurdes Many mterestlng sude traps were taken by the boys as they became members of the varlous athletsc squads Shlrley Edson was the Freshman member of the cheerlead ng group Nune who were more mu slcal'y inclined found regular places In the hugh school band and a large number participated In the boys and gxrls glee club work Marrlyn Lmk played a cornet solo and Frances Bruce Norma Banning and janxce Booe were members of the tnple trno all participated an the sprung music festivals This band of young travellers found themselves nn the place of the tortolse In the legendary Hare and the Tortos when on lan 25 they found themselves far In the lead un the Annual sales campalgn Repre sentsng the group were Marllyn Lrnk and Melvin Hall who now relgn as queen and kung of tl-ns yearbook Queenly qualities were also shown by Mary Mallatt who represented thus class un the football queen contest and janlce Scott as Freshman candidate for sweetheart queen at the annual sprung Valentine dance During the opening days of the journey, the class stopped for a but of recreatlon In the form of a skat :ng party On March l4th, they sponsored a St Patruck's all school party And now, as they pass over the hull that marks the close of thus furst part of thelr lourney IH hugh school, they wsll be remembered as a hard workmg, co operatung class that one needs to watch closely, for from thus class wull come many good thsngs un the future 25 V, 'ft 2 5 . ef , 56,25 51: :, 1 5,551 'ij gg , ' W 1 e :ifEII1IitE2::.-- e f -2- is:I:I- I-515:45 5s.,5517'l.I:l'7'f'E- .Ti :IES Q -"' 5' ip I , S- J' ....,. .e 2 t to lf t .,.. ' . ' g I . -' ' -fi. " ' . S xii- ie ,g we A i:t'f'3's":' . ' ZZ". ' Xi .. ' lg . .- + G is ..,5g551fs5:s1sga:a a- ,5 .ff ' D I - 1 . , , . l. . . . I . , - - 1 I . , , . , , , . . - , Q . . . . . .4 , - Q.. . . - . - 4 - 1 1 - ' 1 I ' MIKE LAMB IANICE BOOE ALVIN FITCHNER LEABETH BAKER PHYLLIS BULLARTD GALE MESSER CAROL SUE KITCH IIMMY MOORE GARY FAULKNER MILDRED SWEET RICHARD PHIPPS BETTY LECKNER BARBARA BAILEY FRED SHALLENBARGER IUANITA ATKINSON KENNETH NORVELL TONY BANKSON IANET NETHERTON VERNON IORDON MARY YOUNG IOAN BROCK IOHN CRAWFORD JANICE SCOTT OREOO THOMPSON IIM TURLEY DOROTHY WILLIAMS BILL LEWMAN DELORES MORELAND EDWINA MOORE BILL HALL NORMA BANNING NEIL MALLATT EUGENE LONG GINGER GEISLER IERRY BROWN GAYLEN RYAN CERALIDINE BRADSHAW GAYLON RINDT IEANIE WILLIS RONNIE IVICDANIEL WARREN OULEY BEVERLY CAGLE JAMES SWAGER MARY WATKINS BARBARA FEAGAN CHARLES HOPKINS BARBARA BARKER JOHN CANDY LAWRENCE TACKETT RUBY STANOLEY SAMMIE AGEE IEAN BOYD -CENEVIEVE RICE BOBBY HARNES GLADYS FRAZIER ALLEN FELKER ELLA IEAN SHIRA PAT BULLARD IEANINE COTTONGIM IERRY ANDERSON KENNETH INMAN DOROTHY COMBS IERRY FREEMAN ETHEL LEWIS PEGGY LITTLE PATSY MCCORKLE MARY MALLATI' FRANCES BRUCE CARROLL WEBSTER SHIRLEY AIDAMS 1 .gjoofloall ueen gjqttenclants DELORE3nEfOliEZELL MARY MALLATT IOYCE MALLATT IOAN LaTURNER Freshman junior Sophomore 30 FOOTBALL "A" If i , , ,QVA .1..,,,, . V Q. , . First Row: joe Williams, Paul Hollingsworth, Ralph Anderson, Norman Comer, Carol Shaw, Donald Bryant, Paul Cure, Bill Dugan and Melvin Huffman. Second Row: jackie johnson, Morris Lyster, john McKay, Ernie Watson, Melvin Hayward, Don Montee, Mer- vin Crook, Cary Gibson, Claude Evans, Coach Wilson. FOOTBALL A Reading from left to right-First Row: joe Williams, Ralph Anderson, Norman Comer, Donald Bryant, Carol Shaw, Paul Cure, Bill Dugan. Center: Ernie Watson. Back Row: jack johnson, Morris Lyster and Mervin Crook, 31 Coach Bean and Coach Wilson "B" FOOTBALL FOOTBALL B First Row: jimmy Swager, Mike Lamb, Lawrence Tacketf, Thomas Rogers, jim Moore, Bill Hall, Gregg Thomp son, Warren Duley. Second Row: leffy Martin, Neil Mallatt, Bill Lewman, Charles Wade, john Candy, jim Montee, Carroll Web ster, Coach Bean. 32 ? . I A Cheer? ECI QPS First Row: Frances Kinkade, Carolyn Miller and Della Kinkade. Second Row: Edith Bankson, Wanda Lewellyn and Shirley Ed- son. Qep Club Cheer Leaders: Wanda Lewellyn, Shirley Edson, Carolyn Miller, Edith Bankson. First Row, sitting: Rilda Stillson, Waymoth Stratton, Kay Rogers lReporterl, Willa june Willis lTreasurerl, Mary Gibson lPresidentl, jane Thompson lSecretaryl, Lajunta jackson lVice-Presidentl, Ann Norvell, Barbara Bailey. Second Row, standing: Norma Banning, Edwina Hayward, janet Netherton, Delores Feezell, Lesta Secrist, Gladys Dillon, Frances Bruce, Sara Powell, lanice Scott, Frances Kinkade lCheer leaderl. 'Third Row: lean Boyd, Clara Hawk, Marilyn Link, Barbara Feagan, Nancy Nave, Margaret Bean, Delores By- num, Mary Gaw, Billie lo Gibson, Della Kinkade lCheer leaderl, Mavis Tipton, Mrs. Leonard lSponsorl. Fourth Row: Leabeth Baker, Phyllis Vogel, Ginger Geisler, Pat Titus, Dorothy Price, Beverly Ledbetter, Peggy Little. Fifth Row: lanice Booe, Karlene Vogel, loan LaTurner, Lois Anderson. 35 M SCRIBBLER STAFF Seated: Beverly Ledbetter lCo-editorl, Willa Willis lEdZtorl, Waymoth Stratton and Kay Neeley Rogers. Standing: jackie Ransom, jean Ann jenkins, Carol Thornberry and Mrs. johnson, lnstrucfor. DRAMATICS CLASS First Row: Miss Akins, Carol Thornberry, Delores Feezell, Phyllis Vogel, Frances Kinkade, Barbara Feagan, Marilyn Link, Willa june Willis. Second Row: Duane Hopkins, Mervin Crook, Cary Gibson, johnny joseph, Charles Shryock, Clarence Want- land, jr., Paul Cure, Carol Shaw, Gene Paul, jerry Watkins. 36 Back Row: Frances Bruce, Geral- :line Bradshaw, Gaylen Ryan, lanice Scott, Marilyn Link, Norma Banning, Carol Kitch and Mrs. Leonard. Front Row: Beverly Cagle, Patsy McCorkle, Phyllis Bullard, Barbara Feagan, loyce Keyser, Karlene Vogel, Barbara Barker, Mary Mallaft, Caro- lyn Qualls. M ci.Ass RY CLASS usic DELORES BYNUM Drum Corps Majorette 38 IANE THOMPSON Band Majorette BAND Top Row: R. Banning, Hopkins, Secrist, McCracken, Neff, Williams, Wantland, Messer, C. Shaw, Crook jones Second Row: Mooney, K. Vogel, W. Willis, Miller, Lamb, Hall, Largent, Link, Netherton, D. Williams, Still- son Bottom Row: Mr. Trimble, Grufford, Roosa, j. Feagan, B, Feagan, M. Shaw, Norvell, Thompson, Anderson L, Secrist, Herrelson, N. Wantland, Shoemake, Moore, Twirlers: Hayward, Wheelen, G, Williams DRUM CORPS Top Row: Lewis, Gaw, Rogers, Dillon, P. McCorkle, Bailey, j. Scott. Second Row: Powell, P, Sweet, jackson, N. Banning, Nave, Swaney, K, jones, j. Willis. Bottom Row: M. Sweet, Cagle, Edson, Titus, Bynum, Atkinson, Angel, I, Booe, Twirlers: Holmes, Wilder, Dean, Bankson 39 1 , ,, BOYS' GLEE CLUB Bottom Row: Duane Hopkins, Mervin Crook, Charles Long, Clarence Wantland, lr., john Link, Richard Comer, Eugene Long. Second Row: Mary Gaw, Gaylon Rindt, Sammy Agee, Everett Shallenbarger, Gerald Wilkerson, Wayne Booe, Larry Secrist, Mr. Trimble. Third Row: Raymond Madden, Gale Messer, Gary Faulkner, jerry Anderson, Walter Gaw, Tony Bankson. y GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row: Maxine Smith, Beverly Ledbetter, Shirley Edson, luanita Atkinson, Phyllis Vogel, Beverly Cagle, leanie Willis, Karlene Vogel, Carol Kitch, Rosalee Price, lanice Booe, Mildred Sweet. Second Row: Etta McDonald, Dorothy Price, Patsy McCorkle, Ruby Stanley, Barbara Hudson, Barbara Feagan, Phyllis Bullard, Aline Fry, Sara Powell, Margaret Bean, Ethel Lewis. Third Row: Willa Willis, Rilda Stillson, Yvonne Riley, Ann Norvell, Carolyn Miller, Edwina Hayward, Frances Bruce, Marilyn Link, lanice Scott, lean Boyd, Norma Banning, Ruby Banning, Gladys Williams. Bottom Row: Delores Feezell, lane Thompson, iDella Kinkade, Barbara Bailey, Lesta Secrist, Edwina Moore, Darlene Richey, Gladys Dillon, lanet Netherton, Nancy Nave, Mary Campbell. 40' , , ii CNE-ACT PLAY CAST Mervin Crook, Willa june Willis, Miss Akins, Sponsor, jane Thompson, Carol Shaw ii W wooinwomc DEPARTMENT Ralph Anderson, john Davis, jack Ransom, Paul Cure, Monty Phipps. Cheer Leaders Reading from No. 2 on right: Wanda Lewellyn, Edith Bankson, Frances Kinkade, Carolyn Miller, Della Kinkade, Shirley Edson. 41 enior Play SENIOR PLAY CAST Front Row: Beverly Ledbetter, Delores Bynum, ldella Moreland. Second Row: Miss Akins, Willa Willis, Ann Norvell, Billie Gibson, jane Thompson, Mary Gibson, Mary Campbell, Nancy Goodman. Third Row: Duane Hopkins, Mervin Crook, jesse Charles, Clarence Wantland, Carol Shaw, johnny joseph, Gary Gibson, jerry Watkins. "THE LITTLE DOC LAUGHED' The senior play, "The Little Dog Laughed," was presented in the high school gymnasium April lO-l l. Laurie Huntington, an attractive sophomore home from college, finds that her family is a bunch of psy- chological knots. Her father, Sfd Huntington, isn't quite his normal jolly self because he fears his hated rival, "Dead Wood" Ted Wood, in the used car business is about to snatch away a much coveted dealership. Martha, his wife, is also touchy because she is overanxious, overworked and much too nervous about a tea to which she has invited several important and prominent ladies. Wally Huntington, Laurie's brother, is in the family "doghouse" because he insists on going with joan Wood, "Dead Wood's" daughter. Laurie, confident that her college courses in psychology fully qualify her to straighten out her family's tangled lives, goes zealously to work. Energy Peak's word association and intelligence tests soon follow. Laurie's interference soon finishes off Wally's romance, sends the maid off to college, and infuriates her mother's guests by giving them the Zombroski ink blot test. When the family finds Laurie's "notes" in which she has relentlessly "psycholo- gized" them all in terms of "assets" and "liabilities" they declare this is too much. They conspire to teach her a lesson. When Laurie returns home from a date with handsome Mark Bradford they put on a "show," carrying to rib-tickling extremes the characteristics that Laurie has attributed to them. Mark leaves and Laurie, hu- miliated beyond endurance, soon follows. Wally, using Laurie's "psychology," patches up the differences between his father and "Dead Wood.," which solves his and joan's problems, and the returning Laurie finds forgiveness and love from her family and Mark. 42 -1 unior Play Flrst Row Lalunta lackson Don Montee Della Kankade Carolyn MIller Pat Tltus Beverly Ferneau Sham blln Mrs FruItt Second Row Mr Clark Larry Patterson Norman Comer Kenneth Molloy joe Wullnams Mary CIaw THE DARLING BRATS by lay Tobnas Cynthna Darllng who supports her young orphan srsters and brother IS greatly perturbed because Aunt Agatha a comely young wndow lavnshes expensnve gufts upon them and IS sponlmg them rotten Cynthua de termunes to get Agatha s Influence away from the Dar lung chnldren lwho by the way are far from darllng they are perfect luttle helhonsll by marrynng her oft to Cynthla s boss Appleton Crabb an Irascuble old bach elor Agatha IS romantlcally Interested In john Henry Iudd an Impovernshed cowboy rancher wlth whom she corresponds but hasn t seen ssnce cheldhood Tess also IS determmed her aunt shall marry the wealthy Crabb and she Invelgles Spske her boy frvend to masquerade as ludd and cut such wIld western capers that Agathas Intatuatlon for ludd IS Instantly squashed' But young Hank and Babs are equally determmed Aunt Agatha shall marry the cowboy because they are crazy to lIve on hns Arnzona ranch The trucks these two brats play upon Crabb and Agatha In order to make them hate each other keep the audlence screamIng wnth mIrth They glve Crabb a synthetlc case of B O by hndlng Llmberger cheese upon hIs person They touch Agatha up wIth Fun Fest Itchmg LIquId and make Crabb belleve she has the seven year Itch How Agatha wnth the assnstance of handsome lack the gardner turns the tables on Tess Hank and Babs provIdes the audlence wnth a testlval of laughter 43 - I I I I I ' ' , . . - I I I I I I - II II I I I , . - - I . . . . I I 'Q' . . . . I . . - I I ' - I ' I I . . . . I I I I . . . . . , . . I . . I. ,, . . . . - II . . . ,, . - I I I I Cass CW!! The senior play cast wills the house in the senior play to Mr. Trimble and his wife. Edith Bankson wills her happy days out of school lon school timel to joyce Mallatt. Ralph Anderson wills his manly physique to Charles Sheets. Thomas Bailey wills his ears to joy Stinett. Leroy Brumbaugh wills his high grades to juanita Scott. Don Bryant wills his little head to Bill Dugan. Excell Bullard wills his meanness in class to Charles Dudley. Kay Rogers and Delores Bynum will their long and true friendship to Mary Gaw and Pat Anthony Harlan. Paul cagle wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Fruitt to Kenneth Molloy. Mary Campbell wills her speaking ability to Wayne Bradshaw. jesse Charles wills his musical ability and his ap- pearance on the Silver Sage Round-up to C. A. Hop- kins. Mervin Crook wills his dancing ability to james Cram. john Dake wills his seat on the bus to Barbara Wheelen. Paul Cure wills his good grades and behavior and his almost perfect attendance to Larry Patterson. Virgil Duley wills his job in a grocery store to Ron- nie Stewart. Delores Feezell wills her ability to get to school on time to Harvey Watson. Carol Thornberry wills her red corduroy dress to Lajunta jackson. Clarence Wantland wills his height to Blackie Evans. jerry Watkins wills Barbara Bailey to Norman Comer. Willa june Willis wills her ability to control men? -man? well, one man, anyway-to Ruby Banning. Howard Shoemaker wills his curves to Gladys Williams. Eugene Paul and Charles Shryock will their shape- ly legs to Sylvia Millard. Rilda Stillson wills her musical ability to Rosalee Price. Waymoth Stratton wills her parents' Mercury to Dorothy Tackett. jane Thompson wills her college boy friends to Melba Webster. john Davis wills his high scholastic ability to Eloise jackson. Austin Wright wills his ability to get along with Mrs. johnson to Delpha jones. Frances Kinkade wills her laugh to Ronnie Tener and jim Boyes. School wouldn't sound the same without it. Aline Fry wills her shape to Ernie Watson. Mary Lee and Billie jo Gibson will their loud mouth and boisterous ways to Mary Gaw. Nancy Goodman wills herself to Riverton. Edwina Hayward wills her skating ability to Dar- lene Richey. Pat Hilton wills her late hours to john Dillon. Beverly Ledbetter wills her likeness for long en- gagements to Della Kinkade. Melvin Huffman wills his romances to john Mc- Kay. Duane Hopkins wills his presidency to joyce Pliler. jean Ann jenkins wills her studiousness to Edric Wilder. john joseph wills his ability to stay in class to joe Williams. Fred Ketner wills his curly hair to Richard Dake. Leona Lake wills her ability to make friends to Pat Titus. john Link wills his overalls to Kenneth Messer. ldella Moreland wills her many engagements to Betty Stanley. Chester Myers wills his crew cut to Wanda Adams. Ann Norvell wills her voice to Don Williams. Monty Phipps wills his walk to Margaret Badge- row. jack Robinson wills his pocket reading books to Wiley Baker. Arnold Schnieders wills his figure to Carolyn Miller. Elloise Sears wills her attendance in church to Barbara Hudson. Carol Shaw wills his ability to stay out of class to Paul Hollingsworth. Gary Gibson wills his broken foot to Don Montee. jack Ransom wills his ability to work on hot-rods to Homer Myers. Shirley Wilkerson Watkins, Barbara jenkins Hop- kins, and Mavis Tipton Williams will their ability to hook a man to Shirley Holmes. OFFICE MACHINES CLASS Front Row: Nancy Goodman, Mervin Crook, Duane Hopkins. Back Row: Standing, Robert Clark, instructor. Seated: Barbara Hopkins, Larry Patterson, Chester Myers, Waymoth Stratton, Virgil Duley. FEEZELL S MARKET 6I O Main Phone HOME MADE ICE CREAM AND CANDY You Will Be Pleased at the TRYON CROCERY ANTHONY CHOCOLATE SHOP Come on n Welcome 603 Main Street Phone 6I BEST WISHES DAD S CAFE SENIORS OF 52 gpm, P,,,,e EARL s MARKET 2Ist and Mann CONGRATULATIONS DR FRANK IAM ES III EWFCCDINI S5 CI1wu.Qvu 41... l9l4 Corner Sth C1 Main Ioplun Mo DAVIS DRUG STORE COSMETICS WALLPAPER 320 Man S HARDWICK CROCERY Cf MARKET PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE Phone 6 I 700 Ma Phone I98 STEWART S CROCERY I82I Man Phone 576 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS DAIRY DREAM Ist and Main Sf eet Connor Hotel joplin Missouri FINE FOODS FACILITIES FOR PARTIES Phone SIOO 5 1 I ' n 1 i Fountain Service Your Business Appreciated i f. I9 in ! i ' r 4 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '52 TIIOIHHS Appliance ff! T 311 Main . , V Center joplin CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52 BORMASTERS DEPT. STORES Carthage, Mo. Galena, Karas as joplin, Mo. R 64 S MOTOR SALES YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER SINCE 1919 4th Cv Penn. joplin, Mo DR. PAUL GRUBB Most sincerely congratulates the Class of 1952 upon the completion of four strenuous but proflfable and lnferesf ng years In preparat on of a useful and happy I fe ahead 46 Class ,qbfzoplzecy On thus day May I5 l952 Imaglne that I arn a fortune teller Let us gaze Into the magc crystal ball and focus our attentron to thIs graduatxng clas on May IS I96Z The fIrst thIng I see IS Rllda Stlllson Ann Nor vell and Edwlna Hayward better known as the Hotchn Slsters are now appearlng In a slde show of Snaps Greater Attractlon wIth no str ngs at tached Next IS Beverly Ledbetter starrlng In another slde show of the Snaps Greater Attractlon as the Fat Lady Her favorlte song IS Theres Been a Change In Me Ralph Anderson stull a confurmed od bachelor has no one to carry on the great name And rson H was soured on fIckle women whIle In hgh school He IS a detectIve In a shoe factory and tracks down heels After trylng theIr luck at several buslnesses Thom as Balley and jerry Watklns have now establlshed the WBIKIUS C1 Ba ley Undertakmg Establshm nt TheIr motto IS Use our layaway plan EdIth Bankson De ores Bynum and Kay Rogers are now modellng the famous foundanon garment down The Cash and Carry Cab Stand now has two new owners They are Donald Bryant and Vlfgll Duley Excell Bullard and Shlrley WIIkerson WatkIns are gIVIng temperance talks over the radIo It seems Paul Cagle enjoyed school so mu h he IS now a professor of psychlatry at K S T C Mary Campbell and jesse Charles are now Cele bratmg theIr honeymoon on the seventh annlversary In Europe They have just now saved enough rnonef to make the trIp MervIn Crook Clarence Wantland jr and Duane HOPKINS have taken over the I I5 COOKIE and Ollle show Thus show IS made possIbIe by Barbara Hop klns famous Blscult MIX We see In the SOCIETY column of the Galena Blab bermouth that Arnold SchnIeders and ElloIse Sears have been marrIed The vows were read by the Rev john DavIs Because of her athletnc abIlIty Delores Feezell IS now playIng basketball wlth the Redhead All Stars The only trouble was gettlng her haIr the rlght shade We see where PatrIcIa Hllton the queen Of Las Vegas has just lost another fortune lncIdentaIly that fortune belonged to Howard Shoemaker the fan-ous baseball star Carol Thornberry has just become the new Worlds TypIng ChampIon wlth a speed of ZOO words per mlnute By the way Charles Shryock was leer prnvate Instructor MavIs WIllIams IS stlll In Galena Helghts keepnng house for her husband and two pet monkeys Fred Ketner because of hIs lIke resemblance has taken Georgeous Georges place In the wrestlIng world now that George I5 runnnng for Presldent We see Chester Myers the edntor of the Galena Blabbermouth golng for an evenlng druve IH hns new 1962 Buuck From the looks of the kIds It could be the school bus Nancy Goodman I5 now appearlng at the concert hall wlth her famous rendItIon of Chop Stlcks The new owner of the Klnky Curl beauty par lor IS now jack Ransom better known as Blondle HIs motto IS Old blondes never fade they just dye away jack Robxnson and Allne Fry can be heard gIvIng book revlews over statlon PUG IH Del RIo Texas Leona Lake and Leroy Brumbaugh of the famous Ice skatmg team of the Ice Follues have just fmnshed an engagement In Rnverton Eugene Paul IS now In partnershlp wlth Arthur Murray the famous dancer john joseph has just been crowned Mr Amerlca We hear he IS engaged to ldella Moreland Sur J Carol Shaw s ambutnon to be Mayor of Galena has falled However he dId get the job as dog catcher We just read In the Llfe magazlne about Gary Gbson wInnIng top honors on the IndIanapolIs Mo torcycle Speedway Hes Wheatle Champlon The new owner of Duncans RIversIde Druve Inn BIlIIe joe Glbson has added a specIal attractIon the famous blues sInger MISS Wnlla june WIIIIS Frances Klnkade has just dIvorced her Seventh husband Paul Cure We wonder who she has her eye on now Waymoth Stratton and john IDake have just an nounced the burth of trlplets whIch makes theIr to tal eleven john always dld say there IS room for one more jane Thompson IS now teachmg musIc to chnm panzees In the Barnum and BaIley Clrcus Her sal ary by the way IS peanuts The new DIck Tracy Austm Wnght has just em ployed jean Ann jenkIns as hrs prnvate eye MelvIn Huffman who IS stIIl courtIng In RIverton has decIded to move there It seems as though hIs gas bIII was terrjfnc Mary Cnbson has just set saIl for HBWBII She must have Interests there john Lunk and Monty Phlpps have returned from a huntlng expedItIon In Afrlca Among theIr prIzed possessnons were two pet skunks Roy Wheelen bus druver, and Galena School Bus - . . , . . . . S ' , ' A l ' I ' ' 1 . 1 , . ' v ' . . - . ' . I - . , . - . . .. . .. . ' It ' ll ' - Il I - , ' H - II - II ' I ' ' . . ,, ' . ' ' ' ' II j e . e - l V I - A . . ' ' ' ' ' , ' ' I ' 2 e . ' ' ' ' . . .I .. ' I ' ' . ' . I 1 I I ' ' Sagmore. They say it is guaranteed to never let you Dffsed- , , , - I an - II - - I . a . . F , . . . .. . I V .... I . A I D U -T' - , , S ' I .. . . . . I . - : . - . 1 ' I I I ' I , I I - , . l ' - ' I ' Q j D U I , . ' I 1 I ' . . I V . 47 48 1301221 7 urwral 4 ume WILLIAM E. POTEET and HAVEN LEWIVIAN Oxygen-Equipped Ambulances 24-Hour Service I Phone ZI7 ' 6th and Main St. Galena, Kansas MitC11e11 Flower Shop Flowers the Way You Want Them When You Want Them Satisfaction Is Yours WE WIRE FLOWERS Tri-State Delivery Phone Galena 32-6I6 IT PAYS TO TRADE at The Golden Rule Store 405 Main St. Galena, Kansas SWANEY INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone 88 NELLIE SWANEY IMOCENE PARKES Galena, Kansas 49 I HOWARD LITCH GARAGE SEVENTH AND WOOD STREETS Telephone I7 Wrecker Service SOUTHWESTERN OFFICE OIUTFITTERS Telephone 268-944-945 ONE STOP SERVICE 265 Main Ioplin 211 IIMMIE Donn YOUR SKELLY AGENT 5 W. 7th joplin, Mo. WARD'S CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 727 Main Street Telephone I77 oplin, Mo. ERNIE WILLIAMSON MUSIC HOUSE 611 "EVERYTHING IN MUSIC" Main loplin Phone 157 COMPLIMENTS OF IOPLIN FURNITURE CO. 7th and Main Ioplin, Mo. WE SPECIALIZE IN HOME COOKED FOOD AMERICAN CAFE 724 Main Ioplin FOR EATING IOYS IT'S THE BEELER BOYS STEAKS - FRIED CHICKEN 210 W. 71h Ioplin, Mo. Phone 3408 TICK 0-TIME IEWELRY AUTHORIZED CLOCK GE SERVICE 710 Main joplin, Mo. GALENA MOTOR COMPANY Sth and Main Phone 60 COMPLIIVIENTS OF WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 410 Main Phone 175 PARKER'S 5-I0-SI.O0 STORE 404 Main Phone 92 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS BUCK'S RECREATION FISHING TACKLE AND BAIT 212 Main PHILLIPS 66 Kansas and Missouri State Line HARRY RUSSELL 406 306 CAB PROMPT AND COURTEOUS SERVICE Main Phone 306 BISHOIP"S BOWLING LEAGUE AND OPEN BOWLING 303 Main Phone 303 MESSER CLEANERS FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY 408 Main Phone 300 FARE GROCERY 720 Main Phone 35 4 52 G Cr G BEAUTY SHOP GERTRUDE PEEK CLADYS CHERRY 605 Main Phone 41 HARRELD STUDIO GALENA MEAT MARKET CROCERIES AND MEATS 782 Main Phone 182 COMPLIIVIENTS OF THE HORN FURNITURE STORE 515 Main Phone 20 COMPLIMENTS OF FEAGAN GROCERY BEST WISHES Rusn iewsuzv 517 Main COMPLIMENTS OF LAUNDRA-MAIDS BENDIX MAYTAC 119 Main Phone I8 SCHWARTZ DRUG STORE 806 E. vm sf, Phone 345 M C' Main phone '51 CONGRATULATIONS WHE'ELEN'S A-G MARKET DAVIES IGA STORE 923 E. 7th St. Phone 149 818 E. 7th Phone 57 BEST wlsi-iss MAT'-9CK'5 H Cr H CAFE HOME MADE plE Q FRIED CHICKEN Baxter Springs Galena Picher, Okla. 101 Main Galena, Kansas CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS PARKS-WADE POST 246 AMERICAN LEGION Phone 368 SPECK SALES G' MANUFACTURING CO. F. W. SPECK, Prop. Phones - Office 3, Res. 575 206 Main Street Galena, Kansas OK RUBBER WELDERS 117 N. Main St. Phone 54 Galena, Kansas PHIPPS AUTO SUPPLY Cr GARAGE IOO North Main Street Phone 22 EMPIRE LUNCH Bob 6' Lavone Link S 8' S APPLIANCE Phone 66 602 Main Galena, Kansas 53 Herrelson ff! Son Service Station Mo.-Kan. State Line U. S. Highway 66 INorth SideI Phone I080 2.4-HOUR SERVICE EATING G' SLEEPING I. O. DERFELT ROY DERFELT DERFELT FUNERAL HOME Telephone Never Sleeps 24 I-Iour Ambulance or Funeral Servlce II I6 Mann Galena Kansas IEARIL NIEIEILIEY MOTOR CO DeSOTO PLYMOUTH 820 Main Phone 50 ZI MM EIQMAN INSURANCE AGENCY INSURE TODAY BE SURE TOMORROW 507 Mann Street Phone I79 Galena Kansas '55 Christman's jOPLlN'S LARGEST AND FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE Mardick Tire Cr Appliance Co. PHILCO Television - Radios - Refrigerators - Ranges Sold and serviced for over 25 years 3rd 5' Virginia joplin, MO, WINGO'S "YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT ' A STORE IN jOPLIN" '- 'H BARBECUE 405 Main Street joplin, Mo. ' 'Qi 0 5 niewnv I fine. , UIIIIW PBUUUU5 p N-'F ' dll' ' "YOU'LL TASTE THE DIFFERENCE" :M BREAD! Bowlus School Supply Co. ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT AND SPORTING GOODS IOI5 N. Broadway Phone I77 Pittsburg, Kansas CONGRATULATIONS. GRADS A. 1. CRIPE TOWN TALK BREAD M. Robeson Lumber Co. "EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER" Phone l 25 COMPLIMENTS OF The Galena Kist Bottling Co. 807 E. 7th Phone 285 Compliments of Maytag Sales G' Service Co. WE SERVICE MAYTAC-S 208 W. 4th loplin Phone 6609 BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '52 Shaw Grocery l0l8 Euclid Ave. Phone l45 BEST WISHES CLASS OF '52 Zahn Apartments Furnished Apartments 320 Wall loplin Phone l464 COMPLI MENTS OF Pennel G Lesse DX Service 7th Cr joplin St. joplin Phone 9603 Compliments of BURKE'S Conoco Service Station 7Ol Pearl jgplin' NIO. ilnplin CE1uhe Ioplin News Herald These two daily newspapers have been serving the people of this great district for half a century COMPLIMENTS TO SEE FIRST NATIONAL FIRST for SENIORS OF '52 ONE-STOP BANKING SERVICE Checking Accounts Loans IOPIII1 lanltor supply Savings Accounts Trusts First National Bank of joplin IZI Main joplin, Mo. Member F. D. I. C. Sears Roebuck and Co. 622 Main Joplin. Phone 7200 Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Mo. The Home O and The loplin jopIin's Only COMPLETE 3l2 Main St. f Lester Betsy Ross Spinets the Lester Grand Piano Company, Inc Home Owned Music Store RECORD DEPARTMENT Phone 6030 loplin, Mo. joplin National Bank and Trust Company joplin, Mo. Established 1890 Capital, Surplus and Profits 5630000.00 The Galena Sentinel-Times FRED Printing and Publishing - Office L. HEDCES, Editor Supplies The best equipped weekly newspaper in the Four-State District Res. Phone 5780-M 2014 Main Allen Electric Shop ELECTRIC LIGHT if POWER WIRING Phone 3121 Bill Allen loplin, Mo. The Southwestern "The Four-State Area's Leading Weekly Newspaper" Editor C1 Publisher - Frank Bruce 58 mov miowm P rowzn - .9 5 6 35' K 'I Sr x- 'I li' 6 . Q U jjRedcly for Am now ive chown: X 3' YI C f ,I A " l I l X 1 4 sc Reddy Kilowatt Congratulates the Anytllin l Yes, Reddy Kilowatt is always at your command, eager to serve you. He's getting bigger every day and he's strong as thousands of hor-ses. For all the work he does in your home his wages are very small. 1952 Graduates! I TIIE DISTRICT ELECTRIC CUIIIPIIIW Success and Happiness TO THE Seniors of '52 Wjlli Mapkgt and Frozen Food Lockers lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!lllllllllllllllllllllllrllllillllrlllllllwlllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll lllll llllll llllllllllll llllll ll Ill I L llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIII ll lll lllllll llllllllllllllllll l lllllll llllll l l Seventh and Main Street Phone 82 59 CONGRATULATIONS Pittsburg School Supply Co. , , ' T -TF: 20 ' Fein 1 11 SEN IORS T M W SCHOOL SUPPLIES SFLQRHIDE 2SUNg5i,0f 'won Emuwfl Hvusiwuwf and f SPORTING GOODS , Price 5' Faringer ' '- ' GI , K II4 W, Fourth Pittsburg, Kansas 306 Main a ena ansas Phone loo 24-HOUR SERVICE TO THE CLASS OF I952 Prompt Reliable Courteous CONGRATULATIONS Galena Cab THE KANSAS STATE ,O7 E. 4th Phone H TELEPHONE COMPANY CLASS OF I952 SENIORS 'lr GALENA CLEANERS , DR. GRANT POWELL TO THE CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1952 to the 1952 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATING Cl-ASS I Owens Sporting Goods joplin, MO. 60 Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Czt. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov Nov. Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. lan. I2 I5 21 24 27 28 29 2 5 8 IO I8 I9 ZO 26 29 30 31 I-2 9 I4 I6 20 22 24 29 30 I 4 II I2 I3 I4 I7 I8 22 4 8 II I5 I6 I8 611611616171 0 U Band to Baxter. Drum Corps to Weir. Football Came at Mineral. junior Class Hay Ride and Wiener Roast. Football, St. Mary's ltherel. Senior Dance. Band and Drum Corps to Cherokee. Football Boys to K.S.T.C. B Football Came, Baxter lherel. Football Carnival. B Football, Chetopa, ltherel. Student Council to Chanute. B Football, Riverton lherel. Sophomore Picnic. Freshman Initiation. Homecoming, Chetopa lherel. Homecoming Dance. K.S.T.C. Homecoming, Band and Corps. Football, Riverton lherei. Hammond Organ Concert. Freshman Class Party. Football Game, Mound Valley itherel. Teachers' Meeting. Football Game, Oswego itherel. School Dance, Pep Club. Football Came, Edna lherel. Lyceum-Concert. Football Game, Baxter lherel. Thanksgiving Vacation. Drum Corps to joplin. junior Class Play Matinee. junior Play. Drum Corps and Band to Baxter. johnny Cress. Basketball Game, Seneca lherel. Christmas formal, sponsored by Faculty. Dramatics Plays. Edna Basketball Game ltherel. Amateur Program. Basketball Game, Oswego ltherel. Christmas Assembly-Vacations. Basketball Game, Baxter ltherel. Terry C-olden. Altamont Basketball Game iherel. Basketball Came, Riverton ltherel. Semester Ends. Basketball Game, Mound Valley lherel. School Dance sponsored by Sophomores. Basketball Came, Chetopa ttherei. Drum jan. jan. jan. jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr, Apr. Apr. May May May May May May 26 27 29 22 25 29 30 I 4 5 7 8 I2 I4 I8 I9 22 25 vents Basketball Game, Edna lherel. Basketball Game, Oswego ltherel. Basketball Game, Baxter lherel. Polio Program. Basketball Came, Caney ltherel Freshman Basketball Came, Oswego lherei Basketball Game, Riverton lherel. Basketball Game, Riverton lherel. Formal Valentine iDance sponsored by junior Class. -IS A Tourney. Ben Hammond. -20-2I B Tourney iherel. Basketball Came, Chetopa iherel. Basketball Game, Seneca ltherel. Banquet sponsored by Lions Club for Football and Basketball Boys. Basketball Game, Caney lherel. -28-29 junior High Tourney. Sophomore Assembly. 4-5-6 Sub-Regional Tourney at Baxter, IO Il I2 I4 I 9 20 27 I 4 8 One Act Plays iherei. Baxter Music Festival. Basketball Boys to Kansas City, N.A.l.B. .Auto Show. St. Patrick's Dance sponsored by Fresh- men. Oswego Music Festival. K.S.T.C. Senior Day ljr. G Sr.I. Baseball Game, St. Peter's lherel. Concert. Chetopa ltherel. jasper itherel. Edna ltherel. Spring Music Baseball Game, Baseball Game, Baseball Game, IO-II Senior Play. Baseball Game, Mound Valley ltherel. junior Class ordered rings. I5-I8 Baseball Tournament, Chetopa itherel. I 5 I8 25 29 2 IO II I3 I5 I6 Student Council Hamburger Fry. Freshman Chapel-Negro Minstrel. junior-Senior Prom. Baseball Game, Riverton lherel. Senior Trip. Pittsburg Relays-Track and Field. Baccalaureate. Class Night. Commencement. Award Chapel. Uqufographs n l K X l N

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