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 - Class of 1950

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I I i 5 D . ' . . ., . . -1 .qlze Senior Ufass of Qalena tgfiglz Presents 'PH - - l s A - s K 1 7 A X X LV finds. . 4 lv N X sw ff X ,Q7 f ff f f qw: QT 1 H W . 'X 1 ' BLUEA I1 WHITE Galena High School Galena, Kansas Table of Gonfenfs Dedkahon School Board Supenntendent Student Councd Faculty Seniors juniors Sophonuxes Freshmen Snapshom Annum Queen Attendants Annualand Scdbbkr Swff Snapshots Pep Club and Football Queen Sports Snapshots Senior Play junior Play hAu9c junior High Teachers Grade Teachers Patrons Page l 2 3 4 '5 7 I2 l 5 I7 l 9 20 Zl Z2 23 24 25 29 3 3l 32 35 39 40 golden ear jessie Ditson Dedicolecl To Miss jessie Ditson, who through patience and lov- ing care, put most of us through our first stages of education. She has made a remarkable record of teach- ing 50 consecutive years in the Galena School System. This is her golden year. oafz of Education Left to Right: Clarence L. Wantland, Superintendent of Schools: David Liv- ingston, Presidentg james Copeland, Vice Presidentg Ralph Bakerg Dr. Grant Powell, Earl Kohl: john Simon. CLERK TREASURER CAROLYN CLARK HELEN TURNER SUIDEIQINTE DE T CLAIQENCE L. WA TLA ln Memory of l949-l95O Many pleasant memories come to my mind as l look back upon this school year. The enthusiasm, school spirit, and co- operation of you students, have been splendid. Seldom has it been necessary to criticize adversely and many times I have praised you. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Edu! cation, the teachers, the students and the patrons, for the fine co-operation and support l have had this school year, In closing, may l say to the seniors, I offer congratulations. To all of you students, I hope that each of you will succeed in every attempt, and you will, if you keep in mind to be honest, pleasant, courteous, and do your best. Sincerely yours, CLARENCE l.. WANTLAND 3 Student ounci Our present Student Council has proved to be one of the best in the history of Galena High School. lts reign was highlighted by the writing of a constitution which went into ef- fect the following year. The Student Council presented the school with a beautiful 8' by IZ' American Flag at assembly in October. It also held a Thanks- giving party for the school and contributed to the fund for a new refreshment stand at Ab- bey Field. The council bought material for new Pep Club skirts and presented the school with a new bulletin board. The council enjoyed a trip to Chanute dur- ing Student Council Week to discuss various types of councils and their problems. BILL HUDDLESTON President First row-Norma' jenkins, Secretary, Mary Atkinson, Senior, Billie jo Gibson, Sophomore, Claudie Evans, Freshman. Second row-Bill Huddleston, President, Richard Williams, Senior, joe Dugan, junior, Ronald Rice junior, Earl Candy, Senior. Third row-Ralph Dellinger, Sponsor, jesse Charles, Sophomore, Ronnie Tener, Freshman, Chester My ers, Sophomore. 4 igll School .qaculty 1 , WW, FRANK BRUCE Principal, journalism 6' Psychology MRS. ETHEL BOND RALPH A. DELLINC-ER KARL GIESSMANN History and English Commerce, Annual Sponsor Phys. Ed, 5 Gen, Business Sophomore Sponsor Student Council Sponsor Senior Sponsor 5 MRS. BERNICE IOHNSON English, Sophomore Sponsor R. M. TOLLMAN Social Studies, Commerce Freshman Sponsor L. D. HOLMES Biology, Science G Chemistry Senior Sponsor MRS. OPAL ROBERTS Home Ec. Er Library junior Sponsor MRS. IANE WILLIAMSON Typing, Girls' Phys. Ed. Pep Club, Freshman Sponsor 6 FRANK L. SLANE Math Er Physics junior Sponsor VERNON L. WADE Music enior ass 0f1Q5O President Vice-President Secretary Treasure,- RICHARD WILLIAMS DONALD E. CARRIGER WILMA IEAN STURGIS LOLA LEE BULLARD . Age I7 Age I7 Age I7 Age I7 Glee Club 3 YSBYS Editor of Annual Glee Club 4 years Clee Club 4 years Student Council Editor of Scribbler W year Pep Club 2 years Camera Club Annual Sfalf- IUVUOV AFIHUBI Sfaff 2 YBHVS Senior class officer Senior Benefit Play ODBFGYTH Camera Club EARL CANDY Age I8 Basketball 4 years Student Council Senior Play Senior Benefit Play MARY ATKINSON Age I7 Cheer Leader 3 years Clee Club 2 years Drum Corps Student Council As our Freshman year was spent at Liberty junior High, sixty-seven "Sophies" entered the halls of C-.H.S. for the first time to begin a three year journey of learning in September, I947. Our sponsors were Misses Myra Louise and Mary Lucile Baker. At our first class meeting we elected Dixie Gibson, Presidentg Lester Barnes, Vice President: Georgia Cantrell, Secretaryg and Bob Edwards, Treasurer. Student Council representa- tives from our group were Mary Ellen Chase and lack Shryock. Peggy McMillan was our Football Queen candidate and jeanene LaTurner represented the sophomores in the "Blue and White" Queen contest. The class of 52 returned as juniors the following September and elected Ronald Clifford, President, Geor- gia May Cantrell, Vice Presidentg and Dixie Gibson, Secretary and Treasurer. Ronald Clifford, Colleen Hulvey, and Bob Evans were our Student Council representatives. Dixie Gibson was our candidate for Football Queen and Kathryn Carter was our yearbook queen candidate. During our first semester we enjoyed a combination hayride and wiener roast at Schermerhorn Park. On .December 3, our class play, "Bound To Marry," set a new record with receipts totaling 520230. We entertained the Seniors at the annual junior-Senior banquet May 6. Our theme was a Dutch garden. Our class numbered only 4I when we returned in '49, But when we met on September 8 to choose our senior rings, we had gained two members. Our rings consisted of a large "G" and "l95O" set on a base of pink, white, and yellow gold. We placed our candidate, Pauline Stratton, on the throne as queen of the "Blue and White." We also placed Colleen Hulvey in the position of Football Queen of i949 and '50, We were delightfully entertained by the juniors at the junior-Senior banquet held April 28. We traveled to Lake Taneycomo for a very enjoy- able and final picnic of the year. During our final week at G.H.S. we attended our Baccalaureate services and Class Night. On Thursday, May I9, we finished our years here with graduation. Our class motto is "We have not finished, we have just begun." 7 --- glass 0 IQ 0 FRANK FREEMAN Age I7 Clee Club Senior Play Operetta Senior Benefit Plays DANA ARCHER Age 18 Senior Play junior Play Pep Club 3 years e COLLEEN HULVEY Age I7 junior Play Band 2 years Drum Corps 2 years Art Editor of Annual ':::'- + w -'- ,. - -,ifw -z.,gz3 ,'f:,fsg1Q.:L- , V ? 1-,Z, w54-xl 1-' . , , -: 5.5 - 1. :':.Ix,:j5"' 45:22-Q'-rzew-f,'i:,'-Lv - 'V-'f.:rkri.1kv:':v-:V Kg.,-' -1 sm. ,::.-,g.'e,. ,:f::.,vfe-S.: H 11: ':i'I. SE?- H efm. .,.., .I ...ps11.,..,4,:,1.-.,.+.,, .1.,,,:.,.:- Az- sf. W ,... Q. V 11 .,., ,.: 41 :fw- - ' - 'Ks-.:-wt-1"-f an 2I .,...,2a:: .1l',E"' ' f- 6:52:65-'I:i.2 iii? , ' QI -5. f1.1:,.-Awe 1- V. 5 53S 3 , , my , i ag y FQ A X S. C, We W 4 43' if V," 'Q . , . n . ., ' ..,. 2 ' ' PAW' iw- see'eEf,::-.1-.:ssw-'--- . ., , ,:..,:., 2 4 .L . v :-'f:' 1- 'kifkyl-z.:-4" 1'-'41Il.:':,:-:. , y if QR Q . .,., Z! .X . f as 9 S , y,,:,y: ,. ,.., , HAROLD CURE Age 20 Football Co-captain H9493 N f it-: -, fggafgggsgg V I te ,:5g1V,.,.::..,- 11 ti. 5.14 .gi--:sr-mf mzsgef-3' '-,ff-3.1'::: 5:1- , ,. .,.x,'6s55,x,R,.3 ,. . "-i.2s'.v'..-Y:1:1'1 . rfuw-.124-t1,gs.1'sb,:, ,. ..... 1 , .+:w.yq: N-w..fWf-QPR: 'gets:gs::gs,1s':,:2,a.:g:q V: -2-11... .1-.W-Q..5239--:-,:,.A..w,,,,,. 3 ',:::.,:: -I--'y5':..4p. .-Q:1.ix,,,q,,,,.,., . :aj H . ' Y" 2 , gi Band Majorette sa- . S s 1252565 xi EIf2:2E1.--2f:1i1- -i4E:l'f.f.'z':',-iii?-' H 6134,fl"IEC-E-.'.'g:.5E.sESi::-:'E'v-lei? -V,,1, M.-1:-11-.Q V- -,:. .wx-ze:-, .: 5Va.,.1,::sf-.-,Q.f- 1:-.., :f-:-:- -- vm:-5 .- "1-k1:1:13EI'fr' 5: .- JH. ' 'mil 'f:'i -1' "5:53-11:5j.,1J",j-,4-:sp vggg.-.5::.j: , ,-..:.E'.?':'i.'.2:54-zlybk.-fQi'If-.? '-1 as,-1 gf: ee: is-is zmirgfi las..- -4 - a: I-1:-.f - we " .. .:.: -:1,:':.- .-f'::1r3:fi.3:,: 312. 49222. Zqw-5+ - E f:Xr2'f5.Y.f 2423 2kNE:53?I.2'2'2':sf.I:if2' 'H+ i iff"Sheri:'.':':Y.1':.v2'.' 2555525Ewa-,,-:a:,-, , ,. '555151,,,,,ga1'--451-1.':a.' ,, - ,-egrlrrz-.zgr ,'.g4:?y:.Q.,:: ..1,-Q:+- 13,:Q-av,::5,:,,, :Q-:,: , ,::g.4,i ,,3.,:.::,,::.fy:-,:355:-,q:i,1, 25:15 iE5:1-V252-'eelf -.Qu e,s3:::g::g1':3.E:g51E3i3f?a:i: jACK BOYES Age l8 Clee Club 2 years Baseball 4 years Stage Manager junior Play Operetta PAULI NE STRATTON Age l7 Operetta 2 years Clee Club 3 years Pep Club 4 years Senior Play jACK SHRYOCK PEGGY MCMILLAN Age l7 Age I7 Clee Club 4 years RICHARD NEELEY Salufaforian Band 4 years Age 17 Band 4 years Student Council Glee Club 3 years Annual Staff 2 years 5e"'0" Pl-SY Senior Play Staff Clee Club 3 years Operetta junior Play 8 b " R Q A as g ff Q V 4 Se 353 5 an . r, '-'-"fra-1, ,ami 5 Ee' f :W x . I jEAN MANES Age I7 Cheer Leader Glee Club 4 years Operetta 2 years Senior Play ROGER THOMPSON Age I6 Band 4 years Glee Club 4 years junior Play Senior Play DIXIE GIBSON Age I7 Valedictorian Pep Club 3 years Glee Club 3 years junior Play Annual Staff 3 years -is 5 v,'i Wil -. '-.i' I .,,., Q. ...-Q .i', xi l'i mfr T12 ' " KENNETH Boof Age I7 Glee Club One Act Play Contest Senior Play Basketball l year , 2 GEORGIA CANTRELL Age I7 junior Play Glee Club 3 years Drum Corps 2 years Band 2 years KATHRYN CARTER Age I7 Glee Club 4 years Band 2 years Cheer Leader Pep Club 2 years 5, 32 it Q Wil R5 I'9'5iI" l3 I in fa I 2 I I el? I - gif? M' 2 bees me EMT? llama IQIE :av-ali' .4 ssgisgff Q 'Q13 fig? . ' i:,f" 0.2 1g.M.,:r.:?y :aiu gilgnjssg, K A- iii 1 'firflrwsiaisf Qing 1 vial-I iz af 1. iff? I 5 fii f Y f f -:zv-: .::.. -- x,.2.f.ff:fA I . .fgfglfm " if A EARL VAUGHN Age I7 Senior Benefit Play NADINE ABBOTT Q :-1 Age I 7 I EARL F. MORRISON Age I8 Glee Club I year Baseball 9 Glee Club 3 years Pep Club 3 years Band 256 years Drum Corps 2 years BOB EDWARDS A l7 , LEWIS RICE Clegee Club Age l9 Senior Benefit Play Cl-INTA Glee Club 4 years HOLLINGSWORTH Band 4 years Age I7 Editor of Scribbler lUHi0f Plav ., ,... , , Band 4 years . Clee Club 4 years SEHIOI' Play Pep Club 4 years , ::,,: . . .,. ., I :': -:: '15 r Operetta 2 years r RONALD CLIFFORD Age l8 Band l year Clee Club Student Council junior Play CLAUDINE ROSENBERRY Age I7 Band 4 years Pep Club 3 years Glee Club 4 years Operetta 2 years " 1 Iv., at it QW? 4 were s W' Y 5 get 1 wig .. l 'X , . lfeff. tj, L ,.,, at ---- ,...... fsaw- Q., .5-.1 .. -:.:t. gy , t Q 11--H955 0 3423 72 :Si if mx- .gs-5 ..... . fill 545 S? 1 , Y ' 5532:-1' f' """3'i" 3" wa. 'f l EEE: ,,,, ,,,., 1 , .V 1 at X WA . . , ..,. .. W 3 ries, 565 Q ff 'Z 3 g f Za , , , Q fuk ,S eg . 3 ,i A . .Q ' ki i WARREN STONEY Age I8 Camera Club lPresidentl BARBARA WILKERSON SC,-ibbler Staff Age 18 Senior Benefit Play Clee Club 3 years Operetta Pep Club 2 years ' ..,. an .,., tl 5' '., uf? 4 l:'-: 4- R .f ' .551 v,,,,, 'llll - Q , ::- .bll y, - ,F '::'. ' K ADA MESSER 'F My-4-H' Aiv'f N Age 19 'C V Clee Club 3 years EARL NEFF Pep Club 2 years Age 16 Senior Play glee Club Freshman Play Senior Play Senior Benefit Play IO -VX .A Age I9 DORIS ROSENBERRY Age I7 Clee Club 4 years s VIRGINIA MESSER GEORGE ABRAHAM Age 17 Pep Club 3 years Glee Club 4 years Drum Corps Pep Club A ,gfffsf if ,. Y E IOHN FERGUSON Age l8 Bland 2 years MAUDINE YOACHUM Age I6 Drum Corps IOSEPHINE SPIVA Opererta 2 years Age I8 Clee Club glee Club 3 years Sensor Benefnr Play Drum Corps 2 years Pep Club 2 years Senior Play ' SHERMAN W. WOOLRIDCE CHARLENE HAYWARD Age I8 Age 16 Football ELIZABETH BANKSON Band 3 years T'-ack Age I7 Drum Corps 2 years Clee Club 2 years Clee Club 4 YGBVS Drum Corps 4 years PEP 'Club 4 Years Pep Club 3 years Senior Play ll' unior ass IOE DUC-AN LOIS MARTIN GARY PATTERSON NORMA IENKINS RONALD RICE President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Student Council Student Council Representative Representative In the fall of '48 fifty-five students entered the halls of G.H.S, for the first time to proudly claim the title of Sophomores. At their first class meeting the following officers were elected, Reggie King, presidentg Louise Ford, vice-presidentg Eula Mae Turley, secretaryg and Bill Huddleston, treas- urer. Ronald Rice and Dimple Pittman were student council representatives. Sponsors were Frank Slane and Leslie Leonard. Betty Lyster was elected as candidate for Blue and White queen, and jean Ann Williams was nominee for football queen candidate. Louise Ford presided as class president the last semester in Reggie King's absence. The class was well represented in both music and athletics. Several parties were enjoyed throughout the year. In l949 forty-six of the fifty-five returned as juniors to take another step up "the ladder of learning." At the first class meeting the following class officers were elected, joe Dugan, presidentg Lois Martin, vice-presidentg and Gary Patterson, secretary and treasurer. Frank Slane and Opal Roberts were the class sponsors. They succeeded in getting Bill Huddleston elected president of the student council, Kathryn Owens was the candidate for both the Blue and White and football queen. Student council representa- tives were Ronald Rice and Norma jenkins. On December 3 the junior class presented its class play, "The Wild Oats Boy," in the auditorium. And on April 28 the juniors delightfully entertained the seniors at the annual junior-senior banquet. The class also enjoyed several parties and they were well represented in all other extra-curricular activities throughout the year. I2 BILL PHIPPS DIMPLE PITTMAN VICTOR TACKETT KATHRYN OWENS BOB EVANS BILL KENT WILMA MESSER NORMA RICE GAYLE EDWARDS WILLIAM BRYANT MARION MURRAY RAYMA KINKADE CLIFFORD IOHNSON COLLEEN DOUFFET BOB DAVIS JAMES BRYANT COLLEEN SWAIN GEORGE ROBINSON ELIZABETH HEDGES REX GANDY I3 BOB TURNER SHIRLEY FOX SAM BEETS ALYENE COX BERNARD SCHNIEDERS BOB IENKINS KIATHRYN FRY BETTY LYSTER BONNIE SWAIN CAROL SHONK RICHARD RICE EULA TURLEY BILL HUDDLESTON ANNIE WATSON BILL BARNES DONALD MOORE RALPH WOOLRIDGE ROBERT SMITH I4 SOPHCDMQIQE CLASS l sc Chester Myers Nancy Goodman Mervin Crook Gary Gibson Billie jo Gibson jesse Charles ln l948 seventy-three green "Freshies" entered the halls of G.H.S. on a four year journey. At the first class meeting they elected Duane Hopkins, presidentg Beulah Vanderpool, vice-president, and Mavis Tipton, secretary and treasurer. Patricia Hilton and Chester Myers were student council representatives. The class enjoyed a skating party at the Galena roller rink during the first semester. A picnic was planned in April, but due to inclement weather it was held in the gymnasium. Arlene Rogers was elected class candidate for the Blue and White queen, and jane Thompson was elected nominee for football queen. The class was well represented in various other events throughout the year. Ethel Bond and Bernice johnson were the class sponsors. lt was the last Freshman class to hold exercises at the close of the year. On this, the second year of their journey, sixty-four resumed the trip as Sophomores. Class offi- cers were elected at the first class meeting as follows: Chester Myers, presidentg Nancy Goodman, vice-presidentp Mervin Crook, secretary: and Gary Gibson, treasurer. Student council representatives were Billie jo Gibson and jesse Charles. Bernice johnson and Ethel Bond were class sponsors. They enjoyed several parties throughout the year. Deloris Feezell was chosen as candidate for football queen and Delores Bynum was nominated as Blue and White queen candidate, ' I ' , .... , ..,,,. V E, 'Q m V ...I ...a..a....:.::q -V --.- V ' 'ft ' gc " "M ' W 1 'W "" " "" T' VI' fi' A , Q it -- ' ' ' ""' 2 t W ,. ,. 1 - i - V . .. ,. 2 ..,. A v f .- I1 1 . XX I . .. , I ,. , 1 I . 3 ,F , Q . 3:2 1- ' ,Q -e 5 W H 1? K Top row: joyce Hawley, Donald Bryant, Elloise Sears, Monty Phipps, Waymoth Stratton, Virgil Du- ley, Mavis Tipton, Carol Shaw, Edith Bankson. Bottom row: Paul Cure, joan Messer, Thomas Bailey, Ann Norvell, jerry Watkins, Barbara jenkins, Paul Cagle, Willa Willis, Robert Hill. I5 Row l: Excell Bullard, Frances Kinkade, Aline Fry, Howard Shoemaker, jane Thompson, Mary Gibson jack Ransom. Row 2: Shirley Wilkerson, Carl Brumbaugh, Leona Lake, Duane Hopkins, Patricia Hilton, Eu- gene Paul, joan Shonk. my , ,xnijsg ' .,.,. fri? ar 1,-f l C Q JD ,QVT5 - ,. if ,ff-,Q 'W i-' ., - i is :L 25. x gi i Q 1 if Qi? ,A ii.. ai, af M A 3 wx- wi , 4 fx. Q si, - ' V 26:1 w:::s.:5:a:1:::.::- :.a::s::-.a2:2:2-'-'"'-1--1rI:a5s:2s4:s::.z:z:m2:?I- F NE ' Wififi? rx "-'1 L' r' :"" X X R? ,Eu ,..... , if K1 sr . U' we . jfl, - 4 'il-l:".I'I-lg ul Qi., 'S Row l: Mary Campbell, Arnold Schnieders, Kay Neeley, Ronnie Baldwin, Rilda Stillson, john Davis, Ed- wina Hayward. Row 2: jack Robinson, Beulah Vanderpool, john Link, Delores Bynum, Melvin Huffman, Bev- erly Ledbetter, Charles Shryock. I. .I E ..,. . , f gi f ..., .. K .... ggi 1 V---' f ri A ---" 3 -:g5a5s:',ez3a:5i?iQ5i:1,:a2:5g15gif-' -:aw,535:4251,:jsy::'i-j' - 1 W 92 f Row l: Robert Martin, Margaret Frazier, ldella Moreland, Delores Feezell, Mabel Morey, Dianne De- Craffenreid. Row 2: Ralph Anderson, Emma Pfetcher, john joseph, Lucille Gibson, john Dake. 16 FIQESHMPN CLASS Ronnie Tener Bill Dugan Norman Comer jackie johnson Dorothy Tackett Claudie Evans The Freshman class consisting of eighty members entered high school on September 6, I949, to be- gin its first year of higher learning. Mr. Robert Tollman and Mrs. jane Williamson were sponsors. Officers were elected at a meeting soon after they began their school term. They were: Ronnie Tener, Presidentg Billie Dugan, Vice-Presi- dentg jackie johnson, Secretary: and Norman Comer, Treasurer. The student council representatives were Claudie Evans and Dorothy Tackett. Carolyn Miller was football queen candidate and joy Lewman was the annual queen attendant. Class activities included a weiner roast at Schermerhorn Park and sponsoring some school dances. Q 'A -li 'E' , .Z V , , . T E2 ir' il' : f' -. wa as. ' -,-1: 6531 R-f fre- 'f l tif? .. .. . as - I, .Q ' 5 ..,. .. .I 33, 5 ' 4, 5 l . 51, 5 1' " 'fi -' i -' Vi" I'5'l' .I.5:' .,'.W 'ii d '2'+' .. ""fI:5::5"' '-"A : ' ff' '::f'I3rE-:2:Erf1f'f'1:i"l ff '555I' :1'-7541 -222' 'I:'1Z:53 '- 1' s fi X' ff.-152:53-2'2":"'f ' fix . . , 3 T 1 .,,. , . ' - ' ' R 5' z if I- ' an ' " ' 15228.17 -:Swim 22 5 55 . ' V i X-2" M I " ' '--- .PW , +:'g:g51agg1g,:::::.,:''if' U ,N ,if Axb:,, ... .:., ,,,v E . f C 4 -1.: 1 A at , C . i we . r .3 . :-t:: i . -t., ,L - 'H' A 44,5 3,1 , ' K . 'gi ., ,M--v lf A A if " L. 'XX ' '-fy 1 R M fi' 1- Iii ' f - ' X if.. f M W . fi' 5' 34 , 1 .., if Q g e 35 if Q , , Q Q F Q r, W 5 Q " QQ 1 .. . tai , ' ...,. I . N4 ' .. ., ' Ajifgzsggg A si 1 Top row: Eloise jackson, Larry Patterson, Darlene Webb, james Mangold, Patricia Titus, jimmy Qualls, joyce Mallatt, Harvey Watson, joyce Pliler. jimmy Boyes, Barbara Wheelen, Charles Dudley, Gladys Williams, Donald Albertson, Della Kinkade, jerry Qualls, Carolyn Miller, Leon Edwards. I7 x 29?l..5f" 5 K " ' 'iiii ef X W 'ef 'X' 2 -yi liiilei- 1-: .,,. s 1 1 1' , , Er , , 2 Q2 iz :as- V wwf .. ,, Q95 5 . , Q an .fav Q .,.1.. "L, .,,iE 3 M , i i Row l: Barbara Hudson, jacqua Wenzel, Charles McArthur, Patricia DeGraffenreid, Roy Miller, Lajunta jackson, Maxine Smith, Kenneth Messer, joy Lewman. Row 2: Kathryn Mallatt, john McKay, Delores Freeman, Morris Lyster, Ruby Banning, james Cram, Ernest Watson, Anna johnson, Wiley Baker. I B if ll in ta Row l: Melba Webster, Bill Charles, Sally Roy, Beverly Ferneau, Margaret Badgerow, Edric Wilder. Row 2: Rosalee Price, jack Spurlock, Richard Dake, Paul Hollingsworth, Kenneth Molloy, Clyde Stansberry. ,653 Us Ml, if? 3 ' f Qi W' l I ,V N Row lc james Dellinger, LaVon Shira, jack Mitchell, Vera Vance, jimmy Williams, joe Williams, Delpha jones, john Dillon, Donald Montee. Row 2: Clarence Wantland, jr., Donald Williams, Wayne Bradshaw, Patsy Hall, Dorothy Hopkins, C. A. Hopkins, 'Darlene Richey, Eugene Neff, Ronnie Stewart. I8 Left to right: l, The point that counted. 2. On Parade. 3. Waiting for the governor. 4. Se- norita. 5. The two chumps. 6. Will you or won't you? 7. Holding up the world. 8. You do it like this, Defla. 9. l95O Style. IO. A guy named joe. ll. A space filler. l2. Cleaning up a mess-er. 13. Beat Baxter, 14. The Pied Pipers. l5. Bulldog. l6. Lap-land. I7. ls it true what they say about Dixie? l8. On the Air. l9. Three dignified Seniors? I9 66l'Z!J00k ueen Pauline Stratton Queen 2 Uqffenclants KATH RYN OWENS junior QW fd!" lov LEWMAN Freshman DELORES BYNUIVI Sophomore rmual ana! Lgcrilololer Sfaffs Annual Staff Left to Right: Sponsor, Ralph Dellingerg members, Dimple Pittman and Vic Tackettg Business Manager, Dixie Lee Gibson, Art Editor, Colleen Hulveyg Editor, Don Carrigerg Assistant Editor, Peggy McMillan, Sponsor, Frank Bruce. Scribbler Staff Left to Right-Standing: Vic Tackettg Don Ca rriger, Editor first semester, Richard Williams, Sam Beetsg Chester Myers, Ronald Clifford, Richard Rice, Frank Bruce, instructor, Seated: Lewis Rice, Editor second semester, Betty Lysterg Mary Catherine Campbell, Mary Cath- ryn Atkinsong Kathryn Owens. 22 MUSIC BOYS' GLEE CLUB Reading from left to right: lst row-Vernon Wade, Director, Kenneth Malloy, Mervin Crook, Roger Thompson, Larry Patterson, james Mangold, Frank Freeman, jack Shryock, Lewis Rice. 2nd rowhjackie Ransom, Bob Turner, Carroll Shonk, Clarence Wantland, jr., Earl Neff, Dick Williams, Kenneth Messer, james Dellinger, james Qualls. 3rd row-Leon Edwards, Gene Neff, Donald Montee, Ronnie Tener, Norman Comer, Bill Charles, Paul Hol- lingsworth, john Link and jimmy Boyes. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Reading from left to right: lst row-Vernon Wade, Director, joyce Mallatt, Edith Bankson, Beverly Ledbetter, Elizabeth Hedges, Willa Willis, Carolyn Miller, Della Kinkade, Alyene Cox, Gayle Edwards, Charlene Hayward, Edwina Hayward, Lucille Gibson, Patricia Hilton and joy Lewman. Znd row-jean Sturgis, jean Maries, Lola Bullard, Maudine Yoachum, Claudine Rosenberry, Shirley Fox, Darlene Richey, Dixie Gibson, jane Thompson, Colleen Hufvey, Norma jenkins, Clinta Hollingsworth, Ruby Banning, Dorothy Tackett and Doris Rosenberry. 3rd row-Dorothy Hopkins, Maxine Smith, Barbara Hudson, Rayma Kin- kade, Nan:y Goodman, Kathryn Mallatt, Edric Wilder, Pauline Stratton, josephine Spiva, Bonnie Swain, Kathryn Carter, Mavis Tipton, Mary Atkinson and Gladys Williams. Last row-Vera Vance, Barbara Wheelen, Virginia Messer, Eloise Sears, Beverly Ferneau, Carol Hamlin, Eula Mae Turley, Delores Bynum, Lois Martin, Ann Norvell, Rilda Stillson, Delpha jones, Kathryn Fry, jean jones and Patsy Hall. S - 23 i949 goofball ueen CCQLLEEN l'lULVlfV Seniov DEI? CLUB Left to Right-Top Row: Anna johnson, Lucille Gibson, Carolyn Miller, Nancy Goodman, Delores Bynum. Gladys Williams, Delpha jones, Colleen Douffet. Second Row: Barbara Wheelen, Bonnie Swain, Shirley Fox, Darlene Richey, lane Thompson, Dimple Pittman, Delores Feezell, Claudine Rosenberry, Charlene Hayward, Edwina Hayward. Third Row: Shirley Wilkerson, Maxine Smith, Dorothy Tackett, Gayle Edwards, Della Kinkade, Waymoth Stratton, Clinta Hollingsworth, Virginia Messer. - Fourth Row: Dorothy Hopkins, Mary Atkinson, Eula Mae Turley, lean Manes, Lois Martin, Edith Bankson. 24 First Squad-Back Row: Coach Giessrnann, Ernest Watson, Marion Murray, Ralph Woolridge, Rex Can- dy, Harold Cure, jack johnson, Bob Evans, Student Manager. Front Row: Roger Thompson, Paul Cure, Ron- ald Rice, james Bryant, William Bryant, Carol Shaw, Norman Comer, Bill Dugan, Sherman Woolridge. Second Squad--Back Row: Melvin Huffman, Howard Shoemaker, Duane Hopkins, Morris Lyster, Donald Moore. Front Row: joe Williams, john Dillon. Paul Cagle, Ralph Anderson, Donald Bryant, Ronnie Stew- art, Charles Dudley, john McKay. The l949 football season was not one beset with wfns, but was one ot which the team and school can be proud, for very few could have such a season and still display the fight and school spirit that was displayed. They We They We They We Sept. 23-West Mineral 6 O Oct. l4-St. Mary's 40 6 Nov. ll-Oswego 37 6 Sept. 30-Quapaw 2O 6 Oct. 2l-Chetopa iii l4 O Nov. I8-Edna iii 28 O Oct. 7-Seneca 23 O Oct. 28-Riverton 'ii 20 O Nov. 24-Baxter :if 32 O Nov. 2-Altamont 45 O 25 wg, BASKETB Lil.. "A" Team Back Row: Coach Giessmann, Ernest Watson, james Bryant, Ronald Rice, Bill Dugan, Bob Evans, Mana- ger. Front Row: Bill Huddleston, Ralph Woolridge, Robert Smith, Rex Candy, Marion Murray. Cialena's Bulldog "A" squad ended their basketball season with a commendable record of i3 wins, 8 losses, and l tie. This team won first place in the Neosho Valley League tournament after some close, hard fought games. Under the supervision of Coach Karl Ciiessmann, the quintet edged Edna's Pirates 39-37 in an over-time thrill- er with Rex Candy sinking the winning shot. The Bulldog team held Coach Zuzzio's Pirates scoreless in the last seven minutes of action while they tallied 7 points. Galena beat Chetopa 23-22 in its second outing. Thus, the clash with Baxter's Lions in the N.V.L. tournament finals left the Bulldogs with first place title, 35-32. Coach Ciessmann's team also took second place in the N.V.L. One of its more important games took place as the Bulldogs clashed with Baxter's first-place Lions. After some thrilling, final minutes of the game, it ended with Galena supposedly the winner, 42-4l, but a last-minute checkup found that a free throw had not been counted for Baxter, therefore the play-off game was scheduled for February. ln Calena's second january league tilt, Baxter won by a slim margin of 39-38. The Lions also won the play-off, 39-25. The Bulldogs' high score game was with Oswego, in which C-alena racked up 54 points while the Indians quintet tallied 4l. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. jan. Schedule 9-Cialena 4l, Carl junction l9, here l3-Cialena 24, Alba 30, here i6-C-alena 44, Mound Valley 23, here 20-Galena 30, Oswego 25, here 4-Galena 36, Carl junction 29, there jan. 3l-Galena 38, Baxter Springs 39, there Feb. 7-Galena 45, Riverton 37, there Feb. 9-Galena 25, Altamont 48, there ii: Feb. i5--Galena 39, Edna 37 iii Feb. i6-Galena 23, Chetopa 22 iff Feb. I7-Galena 35, Baxter Springs 32 Feb. 2l-Galena 27, Chetopa 3O, there Feb. 24-Galena 46, Edna 36, here Feb. 28-Galena 25, Baxter Springs 39, here Mar. 8-Galena 3l, Fredonia 42, here iii N.V.L. Tournament, Baxter Springs jan. 6-Galena 42, Baxter Springs 42, here jan. lO-Galena 26, Altamont 34, here jan. I3-Galena 33, Riverton 32, here jan. l7--Cialena 29, Mound Valley 30, there jan. 20-Galena 45, Chetopa 4l, here jan. 24-Galena 44, Edna 4l, there jan, 27-Galena 54, Oswego 4l, there T ll ii B Team Back Row: jackie johnson, Morris Lyster, William Bryant, Larry Patterson, Carol Shaw, Charles Dudley. Front Row: Paul Cure, Bob jenkins, john McKay, john Davis, Clifford johnson. Coach Karl Ciessmann's Pups won a second place trophy in the Neosho Valley League after besting Edna, 58-I6, and Riverton, 42-34. The Puppies were beat in the tournament by Chetopa, 3l-2l. Galena's Pups ended their 1949-'50 season with 9 wins and ll losses. The Bulldog quintet tallied the highest score of the year as it beat Mound Valley 6l-34. Edna's Pirates were downed, 34-29, after a close game. Paul Cure, sophomore center, racked up more counters than any other single player on the A or B team, with 2l5 points. Galena lost to Baxter 28-i5 in the initial clash, but won 3l-28 in the second bout. The Bulldog-Rambler game proved to be very close as Galena edged Riverton, 45-44. Dec Dec. Dec. Dec. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. jan. Schedule 9-Galena iO, Carl junction 22, here I3-Cialena 24, Alba 33, here l6-Galena 6l, Mound Valley 34, here 20-Galena 30, Oswego 2l, here 4-Galena l4, Carl junction l8, there 6-Cialena l5, Baxter Springs 28, here IO--Galena l5, Altamont 34, here l3-Galena l8, Riverton 4l, here I7-Galena 48, Mound Valley 33, there 20-Galena 26, Chetopa 42, here 24-Galena 34, Edna 29, there jan. 27-Galena 33, Oswego 48, there jan. 3l-Calena 3l, Baxter Springs 28, there Feb. 7-Galena 45, Riverton 44, there Feb. 9-Galena 2l, Altamont 36, there iii Feb. 20-Galena 58, Edna l6 Feb. 2l-Galena 34, Chetopa 35, there it Feb. 22-Galena 42, Riverton 34 fi Feb. 23-Galena 2l, Chetopa 3l, there Feb. 24-Galena 40, Edna 5l, here iii N.V.L. Tournament, Chetopa TRACK AND BASEBALL T AMS Dick Williams, Bob jenkins, jackie johnson, Clifford johnson, Ralph Woolridge, james Bryant, Donald Moore, Sherman Woolridge Top row: Leon Edwards, james Mangold, Bill Bryant, Robert Smith, Ralph Woolridge, Roger Thompson, Ronald Rice, Bob Evans, john McKay, Clifford johnson. Bottom row: Duane Hopkins, Paul Hollingsworth, Cary Gibson, Howard Shoemaker, Fred Morrison, Bill Dugan, jack Boyes, Paul Cure, Bill Huddleston. ,Calena's Bulldog track team entered the Tri-State track meet at Pittsburg April I5 and took second in the pole vault and fourth place in the shot. The remaining schedule follows: April 28, triangular meet lOs- wego, Baxter, Calenalg May l2, regional meet: May I9-20, state meet. The Bulldogs' baseball team won first place in the Neosho Valley League after beating Riverton, 7-3. A grand slam home run, a triple play, and a two hit game by the Bulldogs made this game outstanding. Galena followed close with a second place trophy in the NVL tournament as the Ramblers took the finals 8-O. Galena tied Seneca 6-6, and defeated the following teams for the first place trophy: Chetopa 7-3, Ed- na 22-2g Mound Valley l5-35 and Riverton 7-3. The Bulldogs will go to the state regionals at El Dorado May 3, 4, 5, and 6. Baseball Schedule Track Schedule March Zl-Seneca April l5--Pittsburg Relays March 31-Chetopa, there April 22-KU Relays April 7-Edna, there April 28-Oswego, Baxter April ll-Mound Valley, there May I2-Regional April I4-Riverton, here May l9-20-State April l7, l8, l9-NVL and District, Oswego 28 Left to right: l. Stepping high. 2. Football Sweetheart. 3. The leader of the Band. 4, The Mills Brothers. 5. Working. 6. At the mike. 7, Frank Not-so-hotra. 8. Music, Music, Music. 9, The starting lineup lanyway startingl. lO. Best dressed?? ll. "Where's my wandering boy tonight"? 29 "Desperate Ambrose" Top row-jack Shryock, Ronald Clifford, Frank Freeman, Earl Gandy, Kenneth Booe, Richard Neeley, Lewis Rice. Second row-Karl Giessmann, Sponsor, Roger Thompson, Colleen Hulvey, Elizabeth Bankson, Dana Archer, Dixie Gibson, Earl Neff, L. D. Holmes, Sponsor. Front row-Ada Messer, losephine Spiva, lean Maries, Pauline Stratton. Cast: vDan'l, the colored watchman of the hotel, Roger Thompson, Ambrose Groves, a meek and mild- mannered young feller from the East, Frankie Freeman, Bert Miller, .Ambrose's "podner," Earl Gandy, Sheriff Crandel, the sheriff of Dead Man's Gulch, Kenneth Booe, Hoot Owl Pete, an old-time grizzly hombre, Lewis Rice, Stinkweed, Hoot Owl's hireling, jack Shryock, Nancy Martin, pretty, twenty-one years of age, the heroine, Dana Archer, Anne Martin, Nancy's sister, jean Manes, Posie, the colored maid, Ada Messer, Beth, matronly, about forty-five, a Western type, Josephine Spiva, Mrs. Sprool, a middle-aged, gossipy gadabout, Pauline Stratton, Lena, Mrs. Sprool's daughter, Elizabeth Bankson, judge, Earl Neff. This was the rootin'est, tootin'est, funniest satire of the old West to ever gallop across a stage. Now it all started when Ambrose Groves and Bert Miller, a Couple of "would-be" vaudeville comedians, were cross- ing the desert, headin' Californy way. But right out in the middle of the desert, they were booted off of the train and onto their own, 'cause someone had picked their pockets-the pockets containing their tickets and all of their money. Finally, after trudging across what seemed miles, they blew into Dead Man's Gulch, the wildest, wooliest, and roughest spot in the whole West, where everybody fights everybody else, and blood flows like "Old Faith- ful". When Ambrose and Bert hobbled in, they were mistaken for the West's most fearless cowpunchers, "Homer the Kid" and "Gun Smoke Carter". And from there on out, it was a knockdown on the stage, and a dragout of laughs from the audience. "Branded the best yet." Directors: L. D. Holmes and Karl Giessmann. Committees: Stage Manager, Ronald Clifford, Property Manager, Richard Neeley, Art Director, Colleen Hulvey, Business Managers, Colleen Hulvey and Dixie Gibson. 30 "Wild Oats Boy" Standing: Opal Roberts, Vic Tackett, Gary Patterson, Donald Moore, joe Dugan, Rex Gandy, Ronald Rice, Frank Slane. Seated, Norma jenkins, Bonnie Swain, Dimple Pittman, Bill Huddleston, Colleen Douffet, Lois Martin, Kathryn Owens. "Wild Oats Boy", the junior Class play, was presented December 2, l949, at the high school auditorium. The characters were as follows: Aunt Anne, the housekeeper in Uncle George's home, Colleen Douffet, Della, the maid, Kathryn Owens, judy, Uncle George's adopted daughter, Dimple Pittman, Danny Murphy, the cook-maybe, Ronald Rice, Patricia Gilden, judy's friend, Bonnie Swain, Eve Martin, another friend, more or less, Norma jenkins, Eddie, the wild oats boy, Bill Huddleston, jake Peters, the cousin from New York, Vic Tackett, Prue, the country cousin, Lois Martin, Charley Benton lChuckl, the ex-prize fighter cousin, Gary Patterson, Trout, Prue's pestiferous son, Rex Gandy, Seth, the uncle from Maine, joe Dugan, Mose, Uncle George's darky servant, Donald Moore. Synopsis Uncle George supposedly died in a hotel fire and his bones were never recovered. His will stated that each relative would receive two thousand dollars each, and to his adopted children, judy and Eddie, would go 550,000 if judy would marry Eddie, and if Eddie was home and in bed at 8:00 o'clock every night for three months. If Eddie failed to meet the requirements the money would go to Cousin jake and judy if she would marry him. jake, a crook, tried to keep Eddie from his bed but failed. jake is caught by Nora, the cook, who was actuallly Danny Murphy, a member of the detective bureau. judy, who was engaged to Eddie and broke her engagement because of the way that Eddie had been drinking and going on, reaccepted the ring again after Eddie finally settled down. Uncle George, disguised as Uncle Seth from Maine, disposed of his artificial beard and let the family know that he had perpetrated his deception to get better acquainted with his relatives, and accomplished his object although he had to be a ghost to do it. Directors: Frank Slane and Opal Roberts. Committees: Advertising, Kathryn Fry, Shirley Fox, Elizabeth Hedges, Bernard Schnieders, Bill Kent, sales, Bob Evans, Dimple Pittman, Colleen Swain, stage managers, Marion Murray, james Bryant, Richard Rice. prompter, Shirley Fox, properties, Annie Watson, Wilma Messer, ushers, Alyene Cox, Kathryn Fry, Annie Wat- son, Wilma Messer, Rayma Kinkade, Gayle Edwards, Betty Lyster, Norma Rice. 31 MSIE y UEPAHTIU Vernon Wade Band Major Director Drum Major Charlene Hayward Lois Martin Band Twirlers Drum Corps Twirlers 32 BAND Reading from left to right: lst row-Vernon Wade, Director, Ruby Banning, Larry Shaw, jerry Feagan, Marilyn Shaw, Patricia Hilton, Barbara Wheelen, Gladys Williams, Charlene Hayward, Edwina Hayward, Eula Mae Turley, Beverly Ferneau, jerry Anderson, Barbara Feagan, Carlene Vogel, Billye Thatcher. 2nd row- Larry Herrelson, Melvin Hall, joy Lewman, john Howell, Carolyn Miller, Lesta Secrist, jane Thompson, Clar- ence Wantland, jr., Kenneth Messer, Frances Bruce, Phyllis Vogel, Willa Willis, Larry Secrist, Gregg Thomp- son. 3rd row-Lewis Rice, Pauline Stratton, jack Shryock, Carol Shaw, Colleen Hulvey, Claudine Rosenberry, Larry Patterson, Charles Shryock, Miervin Crook, Roger Thompson, james Dellinger, joe Williams. Last row- Frank Link, Donald Moore, Elizabeth Hedges, Rilda Stillson, Clinta Hollingsworth, Gayle Edwards, Peggy Mc- Millan, Eugene Neff, Kenny Norvell. DRUM CGIQPS Reading from left to right: lst row-Colleen Douttet, Norma Rice, Norma jenkins, Barbara jenkins, Elizabeth Bankson, Lois Martin, Delores Bynum, Beulah Vanderpool, joyce Hawley, Edith Bankson, Dimple Pitt- man. 2nd row-Mary Watkins, Patsy Hall, Beverly Cagle, Norma Banning, joyce Keyser, Delores Freeman, Lajunta jackson, Margaret Frazier, Emily Ptetcher, Lucile Gibson. 3rd row-Sally Roy, Vera Vance, janet Netherton, Barbara Bailey, joan Shonk, Gladys Williams, Delores Feezell, Ann Norvell, Dorothy Tackett, Nancy Knave, Bonnie Swain, and Vernon Wade, Director. 33 Row Row Row Row Row Row l: One Green Freshman, Three Cute Little Girls? Smile darn you, Me and My Shadow. 2: To the Rear, A MAN??? 3: Annual Editor, Student Council President. 4: Carol, The Keeper of the Keys, Sissy, Waymoth and Pauline. 5: The Scribbler Editor, Another Green Freshman, One Hit and a Miss, jimmy Dorsey, Pepsodent, that is Perry Como. 6: Vic, The Andrew Sisters? Astonished, Georgeous George, What say? lean, Kate. 34 JUNIGI2 l-HGH SG-ICDQI. MRS. ESTHER SOWDER Social Studies, Writing and Spelling MRS. IRENE WALTMAN Girls' Physical Ed. and Social Studies FACULTY Principal BILL M. STEPHENS Health, Science BILL C. IARRETT Math IACK D. ROCKEFELLER Physical Ed., Health and Science 35 MRS. NORMA THOMPSON Music MRS. IOSEPHINE IONES English Eighth Grade b .1 .3,.f , Watson, Secrist. Reading Down: lst Row: Hawley, Riley, Morey, Baker, 2nd 3rd 4th Sth 6th 7th 8th 9th Row : Row: Row 1 Row : Row: Row : Row 1 Row : Neff. C-iddens, Howell, Dugger. Keyser, Corner, Younger, C., Spiva, Hollis, Netherton, Hayward, Martin, j., Watkins, Smith, W., Hudson, Martin, B., Alexander, Smith, j., Dillon, Stoney, D Spurlock, Faulkner, Felker, Douffet, Qualls, Duley, Vogel, P. Dunn, Price, Shallenburger, Wenzel, Hawk, Charles, Wilkerson. Cilstrap, Gardner, Kitch, Link, Moore, Rogers, Madden. Hayes, Merrill, Brock, Anderson, Beaty, Martin, F. Nave, Courley, Abbott, LaTurner, Rathburn, Younger, B. 36 Seventh Grade 'X F E el? l l Q52 V if W we Pi 2.45, i is Ag 'Q ' .:....:::..:.:.:,.-: if '-sewzsia-sg we ,,., 1 ?' 1 ' f x rj-:'js:: . 'EX JL . H I - v 2, like " ' .' + WW - ' i Q V I t - . .,,.. . - . ::?i55:"' "li i .- fl' 'G-"Jai f?'Z:'iS5fi'x" iEsx.:s:.::::r:ea+1'S5f . ' A ...- . Reading down, Row iz Webster, Anderson, I., Gibson, Wade, Brock, Atkinson, Montee. Row 2: Bullard, P., Rice, Swager, Lewis, Messer, Holland, Young. Row 3: Geisler, Kitch, Barker, McCorkle, Bradshaw, Cot- tongim, Leckner, Watkins, Thatcher. Row 4: Crawford, Beets, Lamb, Long, Bullard, G., McCumber, Link, Faulkner, Thompson. Row 5: Edson, Rolland, LaFollette, Phipps, Candy, Elder, Ryan, Hall, Secrist. Row 6: Keyser, Williams, Moore, Turley, Cagie, Booe, Felker, Luman, C., Wilson. Row 7: Bailey, jordon, Hamlin, Netherton, Sweet, Barker, Shallenburger, Little, Bruce. Row 8: Brown, Vogel, K., Lewman, Frazier, Hopkins, Cooper, Fitchner, Tackett, Willis, Row 9: Shira, McDanieIs, Feagan, Karr, Mallatt, Norvell, Freeman. Row IO: Moreland, Brumbaugh, Huffman, Duley, Boyd, Bankson, Banning. 37 Juniov l-l Cluoir Band pep Club Basketball iq GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS Bessie McGuire Roosevelt Mary Stortz Spring Grove Mary Sampica Liberty Thelma Shryock Liberty Cecile Largent Delores Smith Mildred Parkes Thelma Pennock Roosevelt Roosevelt Spring Grove Liberty La Tressa Vanderpool Wilma Ruth Goodman Mariam joseph Leslie Leonard Spring Grove Spring Grove Spring Grove Spring Grove Faye Wantland Anna Glades Maxine Treadway Lorene Kirk Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty Lucile Netherton Ena Brown Nina Sawyer josephine Lloyd Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty 39 late Flashes Annual Queen Coronation Pauline Stratton, a senior, was crowned queen of the l95O Blue and White Annual May lOth in the high school auditorium. Her attendants were Kath- ryn Owens, junior, Delores Bynum, sophomore, and joy Lewman, freshman. These were the other classes' candidates for queen. Pauline and her attendants were escorted by mem- bers of their own classes. Their escorts were as fol- lows: Harold Cure, senior, Marion Murray, juniorg Mervin Crook, sophomore, and Larry Patterson, fresh- man. The senior class presented the queen with an arm bouquet of beautiful white mums with a silver rib- bon. The attendants had identical corsages of red and white roses presented by their respective classes. They were also presented with gifts from the annual staff, who were in charge of the Coronation cere- monies. Donald Carriger, editor of the annual staff, crown- ed the queen and presented the gifts. The crown bearer was Claudie Evans and the flower girls were Dorothy Hopkins and loyce Mallatt. The ushers were as follows: Lola Bullard, Norma jenkins, Beverly Led- better and Lajunta jackson. Student Council The Student Council held a primary election under the new constitution this spring for the first time in the history of the school to elect officers for the fol- lowing year. As there were several candidates for each office, a final election was to take place later. Ronald Rice was elected to the office of vice-president as there were only two nominees for the position. Election returns left the following candidates for various offices: president--Cary Patterson, Vic Tack- ettg secretary-Patricia Hilton, Norma jenkins, and treasurer-Larry Patterson, joe Dugan. Band The climaxing activity for the high school band for this year took place when members made the trip to Kansas City, Missouri Friday, May 5, accompanied by instructor Vernon L. Wade. Upon arriving at Kansas City the group had lunch at Swope Park. Other points of interest throughout the day were the Nelson Art Gallery and the Mu- nicipal airport. Teachers Mr. Dee Holmes and Mrs. jane Williamson, sci- ence and physical education instructors respectively, have announced that they will not teach here next year. Mr. Holmes has accepted a position in the Colum- bus school system and Mrs. Williamson plans to re- turn to her home in Texas. journalism Class The Galena high school "Scribbler" tied for first place with the joplin high school "Spyglass" in the sweepstake honors in the first annual Tri-State High School Press association clinic sponsored by the Northeastern Oklahoma A G M college journalism department April 2l. The Scribbler was rated meri- torious at the Tulsa University clinic and Mary Campbell received an honorable mention for her fea- ture article, being one of six chosen from lO5 en- tries. At the Kansas University press clinic, Lewis Rice's editorial was one of six chosen out of 80 en- tries and was given an honorable mention. This year, the Scribbler received its highest awards. Cold seal certificates were awarded to each winning school and also to the individual winners. The Galena individual winners were judged from l24 entries. They follow: Lewis Rice, superior in sports story, superior in news story, superior in editorial and good in headline writingg Mary Campbell, su- perior in news article, excellent in human interest story and good in suspended interest story: Kathryn Owens, superior in column, and Vic Tackett, ex- cellent in biographic sketches. Thirteen members of the journalism class wrote all the school news for the Scribbler. ln addition, the reporters had stories published in the joplin Globe, News Herald, Parsons Sun and Coffeyville journal. Donald Carriger was editor the first semester, Lewis Rice was editor the second semester and Mary Campbell was assistant editor. Four newspapers, the Parsons Sun, Coffeyville journal, Pittsburg Headlight and The New York Times, were subscribed to by the class. A three deck tray was purchased for the reporters to put stories in to be copyread. A Neosho Valley league journalism workshop was held at Galena .December l5. Sixty-two journalists and annual workers attended from four of the seven schools in the league. To make money the class sold subscriptions to The Galena Sentinel-Times, and covered the NVL basket- ball tournament at Baxter Springs for the joplin Globe. Harry Abbey Harold Abram C. C. Adams Mrs. Louisa Atkinson Dorothy Bailey Mrs. Edith Bankson Mrs. Ethel Bond Mrs. Charley Boyes August Bradshaw Lou Bramble Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Browne Frank Bruce Burtrum Bros. Motor Co. Butterfields jewelry Mrs. Ray Bynum C Er A Barbecue Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carriger Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cherry Sybil Clifford Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cockrum Mrs. Charles Comer ABC Community Dairy Products Mrs. james Copeland Coulter-McGuire A. j. Cripe Dr. D. L. Crockett May E. Davis Buck's Modern Recreation Ralph Dellinger Derfelt-Booe Funeral Home Roy Derfelt Mrs. Perry Dunn Eagle-Picher Co. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Edwards Empire Lunch Ernie Williamson Music House Feagan Grocery Mrs. Clifford Ferneau Mrs. Harold French Franklin's Dress Shop Frisco Pharmacy Four State Auto Supply Mrs. George Fulcher Galena Cab Mr. and Mrs. Howard Geisler Karl Giessmann Roy Gilpin Roberta Hall Herrelson C1 Son Service Station HartzelI's Sporting Goods Store Mr. Clyde Hayes L. -D. Holmes DAT IQO f Dr. Walter Howard Rav Howerton Industrial Paper Cr Stock Co. Dr. Frank james jamison Drug Co. Mrs. Bernice johnson joplin Optical Co. junge's Baking Company Mrs. Herman Keyser Miss Lorene Kirk Mr. and Mrs. jess Kitch Wanda Kitch Mrs. W. j. Kitch Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Kohl Lerner Bros. Betty Link Marie Livingston Mack's Drive Inn Norma jean Madden Mrs. L. A. Mann Mardick Tire Cr Appliance Co. Markwardt's Polka Dot Bread Co. Peggy Martin joe Maurizzi Maywood Theatre Meeker Company George Messer Mrs. Howard H. Miller Dr. T. D. Miller Mills' jewelry Modern Recreation Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Murray Mrs, Sarah Nausley Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nausley Neeley Motor Co. Newton's jewelry NuWay Store Oklahoma Tire C1 Supply Loretta Owens Page Milk Company Earl Parker Mrs. Gertrude Peek j. C. Penney's H. M. Plaster, D. S. C. Mrs. Roy Porter Mr. Bill Poteet Dr. Grant Powell Louis Price Reed Produce Reeves jewelry Rice's Malt Shop 41 Mrs. john Riker Riverton Lumber Co. Mrs. Opal Roberts Charles Robinson Mrs. Claude Rosenberry Mrs. Louise Roy R C1 S Chevrolet Sales 6' Mrs. Mildred Russell- Sater Grocery Miss Mary Sampica Mrs. Max Sawyer Hugo Schmuck Dorotha Senter Sears Roebuck 6' Co. Shank Fruit CO. Bob Shears Dixie Shears Mrs. Della Shindler Frank Slane Southern Garage Mr. and Mrs. Lee Summers State Line Oil Co. Mrs. Paul Stratton G. j. Swan Mrs. E. Tennis Thomas Fruit Co. Logan Thompson Robert M. Tollman Haskell Trusty Mrs. Roy F. Turley Mrs. Letta Turner Martin Turner Mrs. Dan Vader G. E. Vincent Mrs. Roy Wade Mrs. T. R. Wade Vernon Wade Clarence L. Wantland Mrs. Clarence Wantland Mr. and Mrs. Paul Watkins Buddy Watson Watson Grocery Mrs. Frank Wheelen Wheelen's A. G. Market Mrs. jane Williamson Willis Market Wimer Tire Service Wimpy's Zimmerman Insurance Agency Service PRINTED BY RED L. HEDGES

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