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l i 4 n 4 4 ' r i r l six I Q Sigwiz 22. I I NNW, N-:wavy -X X gan! xi S 2 annowbea l97 GALE-ETTRICK-TREMPEALEA HIGH SCHOOL xx .. gg- :i x I W SX QS I in YW Q N X I Q I XX X Qx Si N X If gi: Q X 2' XY NN .'.I:i.. -X -.Q . I - X ,IX ' NE XX X xy -N WSQQSwSE I ..,, I X RQQMXQS? NST XX? . I va . Q -X I Q X QNQ X : , . NN . I W. S L XX xiii: I , 3:3-:QICVNEI X XXX Q . :,:,.. . xx- .x X. 'VNS -:YN X . , Y EN. Q-Q :sf X X 3E:,:,5"i"" I SSR g We 2 4 3:5 Im, , gim -QI.: If Igxgxgxxkx X S523 ig XS EX gp Q,2:,5Q::35i I xx. ., I ' L Ibm? Q g g iw Y,,, my ' -:L ' S. N H QS Q 'Xtx Q Ska QQES GALESVILLE WISCONSIN :fwS?N2'N2:.1. gf s I wmv I :Sf I I E- If E5 E31 Q ,gxgsrs -X aria, 'law .N gg mea SEI , gs :I .5155 Is:-:af 5 A NX: The Time ls Now The school year of 1972- 73 was filled with major national events: new world and olympic records were set during the 20th Olympiad, President Nixon was challenged by Democrat George McGovern in the Presidential Elections, Archie Bunker was a popular candidate for the Presidency, but didn't get many votes. Major events were also plentiful at G. E. T. throughout the year: Homecoming events kept every- one busy for about a week, the Redmen football team made the headlines by winning over Arcadia to become conference champions for the fifth year in a row, and by holding the longest winning streak in the state at 41 games, the annual Christmas Ball and Junior Prom provided a type of formal entertainment, and informal entertainment was provided by a Christmas program sponsored by the Student Council, the music depart- ment gave concerts. Youth Serving Youth was again in full swing with sen- iors transferring to the grade school during study halls. Each student who participated in the program felt that they had accomplished a lot in the areas in which they had worked. Students found time for sports through the year. Base- ball, football, and basketball were most prominent throughout the school year. Wrestling, track and curling were also important, and the girls who lettered in gymnastics became members of the Lettermen's Club. Girls Athletic Association was an ever-present after school activity. Most certainly, the Pep Club served a very important purpose--to promote school spirit by making signs and cheering at pep rallies and games. With their special effort, the spirit of G. E. T. was very high throughout the year, and, hopefully will continue to be in the coming years. g !f"'s.... ,M NX iv' Sf J' , ' qi , f w,.k.vy ,. K -.- f. fvfv - we is ' A X - ,xr .5 , .. . .X f xxx Q M ' Sf' X Q., af" ' -xxl-. Q1 6555- ,X '92 N 'Nl x , nf' Gal ffzf wfyf .ff aff S :Q 4 X People.. Table of Contents Student Life Administration and Faculty Sports Activities and Organizations Seniors Underclassmen Senior Directory Faculty Directory 132 ' 2 . . . 15 29 . .. . . 51 ' 95 107 128 Excitement ,Ng J XX 1 'fx ' fvcfwx . we iisg,X.N. Y G Q 5 f'E:'w 1 my ' xm 1958 xg Y W ..,. we Q 3. 5,5 N N, ws , if mv, Ati 1 . . i..... 'P Awww, '3xs'f in 3 M x .. xx, Q , N Q -fn X QS M59 1 -S C ' 1 X ivy 5. S - ,. X m X wig. iA-Wwifixlf' Q . ..-X.. , SCM? ' KA:-SN-EN -. Q 2. M - . P. 2 N ., . ""' V LR W-0 A NNE. ar.9:'f:-:f . , ,. ...,. , ...., , , :. , , F S as Q 2 E 1 1 w lm f Mx Q . . -Q 'sump K om We 'M Sharing 1 Q E fx 2 5, Q 2 is 1 2 I - r 1 3 Follow me take my hand and follow me in the dust and ruins of other people 's minds listen. . . hear the echoes of unforgotten words and thoughts that were never spoken or brought out Follow me Robert Brenengen's future in the field of agriculture was rich and exciting. He was an active member of 4-H for six years, of F. F. A. and WJDA for two years, and in swine production at home. He participated in both track and football. Robert Brenengen was on his way. In Memor of though the darkness may frighten you take my hand. . . follow me yet if the light may blind YOU, remember, once you enter nothing can bind you. . . follow me. . . April Andow He who can experience. . . sees. . . Kahil Gibran. We have had many occasions to remember the experi- ences we shared with Larry Drew. With generosity and knowledge, he tried to be our friend. As a teacher, he brought forth the value of a good education to his stu- dents. He said, "never give up, look forward, and keep going on to better yourself. " Rochelle Landers '72 UPPER RIGHT: April Andow FAR RIGHT: Nlr. L. Drew RIGHT: Bob Brenengen I4 paculty Tiommistnafion WW Q K New Video-Tape Aids in Teaching ABOVE: Mr. Howard, Superintendent I would like to take this opportunity to thank the stu- dents, staff members, and parents for their efforts and cooperation during our second year of operation as Gale-Ettrick- Trempealeau Senior High School. The curriculum revisions that were made in the content and length of courses for this year were successful. Further revisions are being planned by the staff for the coming year in our constant appraisal, evaluation and updating of the curriculum for the benefit of our students. Through the efforts of the students and staff members, ABOVE: Mr. Valiska, Principal our extracurricular and intramural programs were satisfying and successful. To our seniors in particular, I would like to say, "Good luck in all your future endeavors, and thank you for the contributions you made to the legacy and fame that has been, is now, and will be Gale- Ettrick- Trempealeau Senior High School. Mr. Valiska ABOVE: SCHOOL BOARD, H. Lyon, R. DeLaney, J. Sacia, J. Beadle, R. Bibby, V. Erickson, B. Evenson. W li F.B.L.A. Being rganized The business department offers the following courses to students: Typing I and II, Shorthand I and II, Book- keeping and a two-hour block Office Education Class. The Office Education class is designed to train students to enter the office labor market immediately upon graduation or to obtain additional secretarial or cler- ical training at a technical institute. The organization of a Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica group is being planned. The department strives to develop workable skills for a student's personal and future use. LEFT: Mrs. Hanson BELOW LEFT: Mr. Birch BELOW: Mrs. Nerby 17 French Is Driving Us . The French department offers four years of French be- ginning at the junior high level with French I and con- tinuing to French III at the senior high level. Students inaylbegin French I at either the junior or senior high eve . On the high school level, the entire curriculum is in- dividualized, allowing each student to work indepen- dently at his own pace. At the end of a four-year program, students will be competent in each of the four language skills, listen- ing, speaking, reading, and writing. Below: Miss M. Tevis X as Q Above: Mr. R. Solberg The driver's education course was once again offered to all sophomores and to juniors who had not yet had drivers training. With new textbooks called LET'S DRIVE RIGHT for the classroom course, and a new standard transmission car for the behind-the-wheel training, the students had a better opportunity to learn- and experience the right driving procedures for high- way safety. Music Makers Mr. Rowlands has a variety of musically connected jobs that keep him busy at all times. I-Ie plans and directs concerts for both the stage and pep bands. Each student in band is given lessons once a week by Mr. Rowlands. The students come in during their study halls and after school for lessons, and with approximately 85 students in band, they keep Mr. Rowlands on the move. Mr. Rowlands also takes care of the solo- ensemble select- ions for the spring contest. A big day for Mr. Rowlands and his band was the day measurements were taken for their new uniforms, and an even bigger day will be the day when the uniforms actually arrive. Mr. Swenson is also kept busy. Besides directing the Girls Glee Club and the Mixed Chorus at the high school school, Mr. Swenson gives beginner band lessons at the Galesville and Ettrick elementary schools to fifth and sixth graders. Mr. Swenson gives individual voice lessons to several students, and helps students practice their solo- ensemble selections. LEFT: Mr. D. Rowlands BELOW: Mr. R. Swenson L P.E. Goes Co-Ed. The physical education department developed a well- rounded program incorporating more co- educational activities with emphasis on lifetime sports. Some of the new programs offered were social and folk dances, co- educational golf and archery, co- educational gym- nastic activities, and bowling. Among those continued and expanded were co- ed curling, co-ed volleyball, co-ed recreational sports fbadminton, shuffleboard, ping-pongj, broom hockey and ice skating. Extensive units were introduced to the boys in the areas of tum- bling, gymnastics and wrestling. Health was offered this year for freshmen and juniors during the second and third quarters. Student teachers in the girl's department were a great help in offering a more- individualized and diversified program. These student teachers came from the Uni- versity of Wisconsin-La Crosse and remained here for one quarter at a time. UPPER LEFT: MR. D. SKWIERAWSKI ABOVE: Mrs. A. Warriner Chemistry Il Gffered for Seniors 3 . 2 1 v l UPPER LEFT: Mr. R. Parnpuch ABOVE: Mr. D. Fitzpatrick LOWER LEFT: Mr. V. Cecil Who needs a good science background? Students plan- ning on going into nursing, advanced technical work, or college. The science department of G. E. T. gives that background. Introductory Physical Science continued to attract stu- dents, for almost all students take I.P. S. as freshmen. This course gave students the fundamentals of science and prepared them for future courses. Chemistry II was offered for the first time this year. The course taught semi-micro skills and exactness. With some changes in the biology courses, students may now choose courses more exacting to their needs. . With the new courses and the addition of the laboratory t in Room 10, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Pampuch and Mr. Cecil feel they can offer every student a good basic science education. 21 New Course m Appl led Math The Mathematics department expanded its curri- culum this year to include Applied Mathematics. This course focuses on the practical a lication PP of algebraic and geometric principles to the solu- tion of problems arising in carpentry, auto- mechanics, and other trades. The Hewlett-Packard computer terminal was retained for another year. An effort was made to encourage other departnnents to utilize the services of the time-shared system. The soft- ware that accompanies the terminal service continually improves, and more is being de- veloped for use in secondary schools. G. E. T. is one of the only 17 schools in Wisconsin to subscribe to this service. The new video-tape equipment was used this year to produce a television program illustrating the ways in which our school has intergrated computer operation and programming into its curricultun. The computer center, located in LaCrosse, has expressed an interest in showing the tape to its other subscribers and potential customers. RIGHT: Mr. Gautsch RIGHT: Mr. Worra BELOW: Students utilize computer Semester Classes New and Exciting ABOVE: Mrs. E. Nelson The English department instituted one semester elec- tives in Modern American Fiction, Fiction of Western Civilization, and Reading for College for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Other semesters electives include courses in speech, composition and literature. Many field trips were scheduled around the course curricu- BELOW: Miss M. Meyers ABOVE: Mr. L. Costanzo and Mrs. K. Twesme lums. After studying the novel OF MICE AND MEN, over 200 students saw the production by the Guthrie Theatre Company. The Vocational Communication class had field trips to W. W. T. I. and to Northern Flexible Products, and the Mass Media class visited the LaCrosse Tribune and WKBT. BELOW: Mrs. M. Runnestrand G.E.T. Specialists The primary duty of the school counselor is counseling, the one to one relationship which facilitates the pro- cess of a student's understanding and acceptance of himself, and to use this self-knowledge in developing his potential as a fully functioning person. Some of the specific duties are 5 interviewing students, maintaining cumulative records, coordinating test- ing programs, providing an information service relating to colleges, financial aids, vocational and occupa- tional data, working closely with teachers on student problems, assisting the principal with student registra- tion, assisting students with schedule changes, compil- ing honor role and class rank, assisting when possible in securing part time or summer jobs for students, as- sisting students with college or technical school appli- cations and making recommendations to these schools regarding individual students. Mr. R. Lund Speech and language therapy is a new edition to the G. E. T. scene. The speech therapy program offers as- sistance to anyone with a speech, language, or hear- ing difficulty. It is a remedial program offered to any- one from kindergarten through high school. Students are seen twice a week, if possible, for specific drill work and explanations of speech and language therapy. Speech and language therapy, on the high school level is geared towards individual guidance by the therapist. High school students achieve their goals through much individual practice. Speech and language work is vol- untary for these students. In this way, any progress is more of a personal accomplishment for the student involved. Miss M. Henke The purpose of this special education department is to provide a curriculum for students who benefit most from more individualized instruction. The courses of- fered are designed to provide practical information which is relevant to the students. Career Education is an integral part of each subject, this being a means to eventual successful employment. Students may select classes in physical education, home economics, art, agriculture, industrial educa- tion, and drivers' education. Those students who are at the junior or senior level are eligible to participate in the Work- Study Program. This program is designed to provide on-the- job training for the students. It is hoped that their work experience will provide them with specific jobs and money management skills in ad- dition to the ability to accept employment responsibilities. Miss M. Hayes Semester Classes Add Spark T The social studies department implemented a change in the senior social studies requirement by dropping the social problems course and offering four semester courses in its place. All students are required to take two of the followingg Introducation to Behavioral Sci- ence, Sociology, Consumer Economics, or American Political Behavior Current Affairs. These courses are taught by Mr. David Lund and Mr. Ed Scheller. LEFT: Mr. R. Christianson LOWER LEFT: Mr. E. Scheller BELOW: Mr. D. Lund I 25 Boys Enjoy Home Ec With 45 girls enrolled in Home Economics I, the walls of Room 16 fairly bulged this year. Besides these fresh- man classes, boys and girls chose semester courses in Foods, Home Planning and Furnishing, Home Manage- ment, and Clothing. During the fall quarter Miss Lynnette McKitlrick, a student teacher from University Wisconsin, Stout helped 9th grade gals plan and construct a fashion wise smock. Also started during this phase was a patch- work quilt, a class-FHA project. Foods classes during the fall semester were in charge of refreshments for NHS induction. On a dark November morning, five sleepy girls arrived at school at 6:30 a.rn. to start the turkey for their simulated "Thanks- giving Dinner". House plans, color schemes, mobile homes, home nursing, budgets, children's toys, textile fashions and food buying were all a part of the year in the Home Economics department. RIGHT: G. E. T. hosts fall rally. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs. Jacobson BELOW: Mrs. Anderson 26 Students Learn Basics of Printing r x 5 x N 3 QNX Nsx N? Today's course recognizes the need for training in all areas of agriculture. The freshman course concentrates on opportunities, feeds and judging, soil building, crop morphology and shop safety. The sophomores cover dairy cattle, physiology of reproduction, shop, sheep, swine, and beef. All junior and senior courses are on the semester basis. The juniors the first semester take agri-mechanics, and the second semester is Agri-busi- ness. The senior year consists of Agricultural Business Management I the first semester. The second semester is Agricultural Business Management II. A conservation class of two semesters is taught and an eight week summer ecology and environmental course is offered to all interested students. The Industrial Arts Department started the year with many new semester classes. These included: Machine, Metal, and Foundary, Graphic Arts, Power Technology, Electronics, and Cabinet Making. A change was made in the freshman class curriculum to include plastics and basic electronics. The department had the priviledge of having a Graphic Arts trailer from the Western Wisconsin Technical Institute in LaCrosse. LEFT: Mr. Hendrickson LEFT: Mr. Prussing BELOW: Mr. Duellmen New Ways for New Ideas The art department made "charisma" second best this year. They trod strange paths from clay sculpture, to cardboard environments, deviating this way and that via tie-dye, candle-making, painting, and raku. The silkscreen of Diane Daffinson, the jewelry of Wendy Herman, the macrame of John Biesen, and the pottery of Mike Wunsch were but facets of a many-sided discipline. Two completely new areas of concentration were jew- elry and raku. Sculptural jewelry as well as traditional jewelry was offered. Raku, the Korean art of making ceremonial tea ware, was introduced during the spring quarter for all art students and interested spectators. Raku ware is characterized by its spontaneous nature and its lustrous glazes. Educational philosophy today recognizes an educated individual as one who has learned how to learn, as op- posed to one who has memorized facts. To meet this need is the goal of the G, E, T, Library. It is here that the student should find the facilities and atmosphere needed for individual learning and independent study. During the past several years efforts have been made to introduce various media to the basic library collec- tion. Non-print materials such as cassette tapes, disc recordings, filmstrips and eight millimeter film loops have this year for the first time been inter-shelved by the Dewey Decimal System with books on the regular shelves. In this way, all materials on a given subject are shelved together for the convenience of the students Our microfilm library has grown to include Newsweek magazine as far back as 1941. Student librarians have improved the size and quality of the vertical file hold- ings by adding current clippings, pictures and pamphlets. Student-librarians working toward a minor in library science at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, worked with Mrs. Twesme in the library both semesters this school year. Mrs. Twesme, librarian, attended summer school at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, where she is enrolled in the audio-visual education graduate pro- gram. Now that the library is no longer just books, a wide knowledge of all types of media is essential to good librarianship. ABOVE: Mr. F. Green ABOVE: Mrs. D. Twesme sponts MW W W A fem wacky What e Season! 3 The 1972 Redrnen dented but seldom broke. Pat Scheller and Guy Leavitt faced a great deal of adversity in the P1'0Vided svod dePth in the 5eC01lda1'Y- form of injuries and some very strong Opposition' Three 1j.n1e5 during the Season this team Twenty-0116 S6I1iOI'S up their school foot had to show its character by baaiing from behind. ball this Year but hopefully the return Of 13 leftefmen They met every challenge in the manner of true in 1973 will provide a good nucleus for another strong champions. The G. E. T. winning streak has been Redman team- extended to 41 games thanks to another 8 Wins and 0 losses season. . Fran Peterson directed a balanced attack that outscored the opposition 200 to 53. Ken Casey and Bob Harris SCORECARD provided good blocking and receiving at the end posi- tions. Tom Hunter, Pat Scheller, Dan Docken, Dan G' E' T' Desoto Baer, Mark Olson, and Terry Smith provided speed, G' E' T' Bangor strength and depth at the running back positions. Darcy G' E' T' 26 Holman Remus, Tim and Jeff Hauser, Todd Johnson, and Paul G' E' T' 16 Onalaska I-Ialderson tore some gapping holes in the defense for G' E' T' oo West Salem our backs. G.E.T. 12 C-FC. G. E. T. 16 Arcadia The defense was featured by a big strong line with G' E' T' 32 Mo1'Mm Bart Near, Paul Halderson, Tim Bailey, Lonnie Krack- ow, and Todd johnson usually starting and Tony Eich- man, Gary Nicolai, and Darcy Remus seeing action in reserve roles. , Tim I-Iauser and Irv Diamond provided strong line- 1 backing for the Redmen. Tom Hunter, Mark Olson, Dave Salsman, and Terry Smith provided a pass defense that was sometimes I can see clearly now! D D do 30 Another fantastic gain. LEFT: The seniors final warm up be- fore the game. VARSITY TEAM: ROW 1: T. Smith, T. Hauser, B. Near, G. Mickleson, T. Bailey, J. Hauser, P. Scheller, D. Baer, G. Thill, K White. ROW 2: B. Neiderkorn, G.. Leavitt, I. Cantlon, C. Beighly, T. Johnson, I. Diamond, D. Remus, I. Elstad, G. Nicholai, M. Olson. ROW 3: T. I-Immter, D. Salsman, J. Richason, T. Collins, T. Eichrnan, P. Halderson, F. Peterson, K. Casey, B. Harris, L. Krackow, J. Olson. ROW 4: R. Grant, D. Lund, R. Lund, D. Spencer. 31 7 5.1 n ' ABOVE: Poster Contest was a big success this year. TOP CENTER: The Red Machine strikes again. RIGHT: Like father, like son. FAR RIGHT: Marinuka Redmen, FIGHT! I 'V E K This years Junior Varsity basketball team has progressed well. Their desire to win l and their aggressiveness has more than made up for some inadequacies in skills. This 1 years team has thirteen members, 2 juniors, 10 sophomores and 1 freshman. With one game to go G.E.T. is sporting a twelve and five record and is an- ticipating a victory in their final meeting with Mel- rose- Mindoro . The freshman basketball team concentrated on learning fundamentals and a man-to-man defense while com- piling a 5-4 season log. This year's squad exhibited depth, height, and fair quickness, promising a strong nucleus for a competitive varsity unit in 3 years. ln- dividual scoring was well balanced with Bob jazsewski, Rich Weyant, Ryan Solberg, Bob Baer, Mike Kieder- owski, Mike Nichols, and Ken Sahlstrom all contribut- ing steadily on offense. Defensively, Jick, Solberg, Weyant, Sahlstrom, Nichols, and Iessessky displayed the most improvement adjusting to the man-to-man defense . Although playing before few fans, the spirit and hustle of the young Redmen was impressive throughout the season. This was a very successful year for the J.V. football team. They won five out of seven games, winning the last four in a row. The team consisted of a large num- ber of talented and strong sophomores along with quite a few promising freshmen. This group of young men will assure our high school of having more great var- sity football teams in the coming seasons. RIGHT: J. V. players watch and learn from video tape. ROW 1: W. Craig, M. Updike, D. Osborn, T. Toppen, M. Kiedrowski, J. Trowbridge, B. Baer, M. Nichols, M. Martin. ROW 2: R. Solberg, B. Enghagen, B. Docken, D. Cantlon, T. Halderson, E. Trim, J. Collins, T. Cook, T. Smith, T. Anderson. ROW 3: I. Worra, J. Christiansen, S. Smith, J. Mulac, R. Jick, A. Ofsdahl, D. Heff- ner, C. Dahl, D. Allen, G. Jacobs, T. Braatz. ROW 4: R. Sacia, R. Sacia, G. Krackow, C. Harris, D. Row- lands, T. Iessessky, J. Bemis, T. Daffinson, N. Bell, D. Ryder. ROW 5: T. Spencer, G. Smith, D. Biesen, R. Niederkorn, P. Trim, R. Weyant, D. Wagner, D. Uhl, B. Swensen, T. jessessky, T. Stellpflug. ROW 1: R. Truax, B. Baer, M. Johnson, D. Elliott, A. Ofsdahl, M. Kiedrowski, R. Solberg, M. Nichols, ROW 2: T. Stellplug, C. Gautsch, R. Jick, J. Beseler, T. Jessessky, R. Weyent, T. Jessessky, K. Sallstrom, J. Walters, R. Jaszewski, T. Spencer. ROW 1: R. Grant, J. Christianson, D. Severson, R. Sacia, S. Smith,'J. Collins, G. Jacobs, D. Spencer. ROW 2: D. Fitzpatrick, P. Scheller, P. Trim, J. Richason, D. Wagner, D. Rowlands, C. Dahl. 35 Redmen Varsity Basketball 1972- 73 The Redmen began the 1972-73 season as defending champions. Although we failed to defend our champi- onship, this year's team fashioned a very respectable record. This year's team featured a superb defense and out- standing rebounding ability. We allowed 45. 5 points per game while scoring at 58. 8 average. Ken Casey, Randy Larson, Fran Peterson, Lee Schu- bert and Paul Williamson comprise our starting unit and are capably supported by front line reserves Nick Bell, Dennis Reincke and Bill Stephen. Keith Back, Kevin Back, Bob Harris, Steve Hovell, John Olson, Larry Stuhr, and Kurt Wood rounded out the squad. ROW 1: R. Aasland, R. Tranberg, R. Aasland, Mr. Lund. ROW 2: L. Stuhr, S. Hovell, N. Bell, B. Stephan, K. Wood, P. Williamson, L. Schubert, J. Olson, D. Reincke, K. Casey, R. Larson, K. Back. Not Pictured: F. Peter son, K. Back, R. Harris. 36 ABOVE: Up and in. BELOW: Jump ball, jump ball, get it, get it! Basketball Scoreboard Varsity GET 50 Bangor " 48 Holmen " 68 Onalaska " 65 West S alem " 76 C- FC " 94 Almabk " 54 Whiteh allalf " 62 Arcadia " 61 Me 1- Min " 55 Bangor ' " 44 Holmen " 45 Blairbk " 65 Onalaska " 38 West S alem " 54 C- FC " 62 Lewiston? PFNon- conference games 37 The 1972-73 Redmen Wrestling team had what could be called a good, "building for the future" season. The wrestlers worked very hard and grew to be a very proud and close-knit group. The accomplishments of this very young team were very good considering that six out of the starting twelve wrestlers were first year wrestlers with little or no experience. The Redmen wrestlers were more of a tournament team than a dual match team finishing second in the Red- men Invitational, sixth in the Melrose- Mindoro Invi- tational and seventh in the Regional tournament. In dual match competition the wrestlers won four matches, lost nine and tied one. Some of the matches that the Redmen lost were much closer than the final team scores indicated. Team Captain Tim Hauser and senior teammates Gary Mickelson and Paul Halderson posted the best individual won-loss records. Other individuals with .500 or better records were juniors Craig Ouellette, Jeff Hauser, Bob Niederkorn and sophomore Dan Uhl. Outstanding accomplishments were put in by Tim Hauser, taking second at the regionals and third in the sectionals and Gary Mickelson being named first team all-Coulee Conference 138 pound wrestler, and Paul Halderson being named second team all-Coulee Conference. J Although there were not enough wrestlers out in order to field a Junior Varsity team, there were some J.V. wrestlers that worked hard all year and gained a lot of valuable experience. Included among J.V. wrest- lers were Dave Ryder, Wayne Baird and Paul Baird. With the sport of wrestling gaining much interest in our school, we are looking forward to a large turn-out of boys in 73-74. 33 Alma-Center 33 42 Eleva- Strum 30 54 Gilmanton 7 9 Nielsville 42 12 Augusta 5 1 19 Black River 33 17 Arcadia 35 24 West Salem 36 30 Whitehall 33 19 C-FC 3 5 34 Onalaska 24 15 Mel- Min 34 30 Holmen 28 ROW 1: R. Osborn, W. Baird, R. Neiderkorn, D. Ryder, J. Kopp, M. Updike. ROW 2: P. Baird, D. Dutton, D. Uhl, T. Hauser, D. Osborn. ROW 3: D. Dietch, J. Hauser, P. Halderson, T. Collins, C. Ouellette, G. Mickel- son, Mr. D. Skierawski. ABOVE: Our boys enjoy wrestling RIGHT: Trying for an escape. BELOW: Show 'em the lights. A Young Team Shows ABOVE: Golf is my game anytime of the year. " ABOVE: Varsity golfers set out to conquer. ROW 1: S. Smith, T. Cook, M. MacDonald, S. Kopp. ROW 2: R. Williamson, J. Elstad, J. Wagner, D. Sever- son, D. Osborn. 41 The 1972 Redmen got off to a slow start losing three of their first eight ball games but came on strong to play their way into the state tournament. This is the first time a G. E. T. baseball team has ever played in the state baseball tournament. The team finished third in the Coulee Conference with a 10-4 record and wound up the sea-' son with an Rover- all record of 15-5. Wayne Meunier, Kevin Hunter, and Ed Przytarski were the only seniors on the ball team. Meunier pitched and played right field, Hunter caught, and Przytarski played center field. Ken Casey, Dave Salsman, jeff Wagner, and Larry Stuhr were the mainstays in the infield with Fran Peterson and Wayne Henderson completing the out- field. Steve Hovell did an excellent job behind the plate for several ball games when Hunter was injured. The Redmen again featured a strong pitching staff headed by Clayton Dahl, Bill Stephans, Wayne Meu- nier, and Fran Peterson. john Elstad, Lonnie Wagner, Nick Bell, and Todd Johnson rounded out the squad. The 1972 ball team was not characterized by a lot of outstanding individuals but rather was a dedicated group of athletes that had a fantastic ability for get- ting the big hit or making the big play in the field. We are all very proud of the 1972 Redmen baseball team and wish them continued success in 1973. The junior varsity baseball team had a fine season winning nine games and losing four. The young Red- men will be challenging the upperclassmen for posi- tions next year. BELOW: Casey at the bat. x Q 4 nwsN X X N z. -w sw .1 , , ABCVE: Rounding Third For Another Big Score. VARSITY BASEBALL: ROW 1: N. Bell, L. Stuhr, S. Hovell, W Hen derson, C. Dahl, J. Wagner. ROW 2: R Lund, K. Casey, I. Elstad, B. Stephans, T. johnson, D. Salsman, F. Peterson. SCOREBOARD G. E. T. 5 Blair 6 Whitehall 0 Bangor 6 Holm en 4 Onalaska 8 West Salem 7 Blair O Arcadia 2 C-FC 15 Mel. -Min. 8 Bangor 8 I-lolmen 4 Onalaska 3 West Salem 4 C- FC 14 Mel. - Min . Regional Tournament 11 I-Iolm en 6 Whitehall Sectional Play-Off 3 Onalaska State Tournament 2 Plymouth rac eam Exce 5 . TRACK The G. E. T. Track Team had another good season competing in 4 triangular meets and two dual meets. The Redmen came in second place in the Trempealeau County Meet, 8th in the Knights of Co- lumbus Relays, 2nd in the Holmen Relays, and 6th in the Red .Raider Relays. The freshmen 'and sophomores showed their strength by G. E. T. -84 West Salem-58 Bangor- 28 taking 2nd place in both -the G, E. T. Double Invitat- G. E. T. -83 'Onalaska-67 C . F. C- 20 ional and the Coulee Conference Meets, while the ju- G. E. T.-71 1X2 Arcadia-.67 Mel. niors and seniors placed .3rd and 6th respectively. Min. -31 1! 2 G. E. T. -68 1X2 Holmen-52 112 Ona. Winning 4th in total number of points at the Regionals, Luther-46 and Sth in the Sectionals, the Redmen showed they G. E. T. -93 Mel. -42 were still willing to fight. Two relay -teams were en- G. E. T. -76 West Salem-60 tered in the state meet. They were: Bob Harris, Dan Baer, Kurt Wood, and John .Byom running the 880 yd. relay and the same team ran the mile also. - With the juniors and seniors pushing hard, and the freshmen-and sophomores right beside them, our thin clads showed their determination, and strength and carried away a successful season. V .nf -. B . X . .EXE .. . ,.......wfw ROW 1: R. Pampuch, D. Spencer, J. Byom, J. Richason, R. Niederkorn, D. Baer, T. Hunter, J. Christianson, K White, G. Thill, P. Scheller, N. Bell, D. Uhl, W. McCutchen, J. Smith, P. Halderson, W. .Meunier, D. Lilla, ROW 2:'R. Johnson, G. Ouellette, T. Smith, R. Aasland, C. Dahl, R. Anderson, S. Hovell, T. Smith, D. Wag- ner, D. Rowlands, B. Breneggen, J. Collins, D. Allen, G. Leavitt, K. Wood, J. Hogden, T. Bailey, ROW 3: G. Mickelson, D. Bieson, T. Collins, D. Salsman, S. Scheller, D. Reincke, D. Brueggan, J. Olson, J. Cantlon, T. Hauser, D. Hanson, J. Heath, G. Jacobs, R. Tranberg, M. Olson, B. Harris, D. Folkedahl, T. Eichman, K. Wason. 44 l v ROW 1 C Ouellette, J Beseler, T Burt, E Stull, S Hovell. ROW 2: G. Ouellette, J. Wagner, K. LEFT: On your mark, get set, go. A new fall sport, cross country, was added to the G. E. T. extra curricular activities program. It consists of a 2 112 mile, up and down hill, distance run. Four seniors, two juniors, and four fresh- men rounded out the squad of ten boys who tried it for the first time. A team of seven boys ran for the five best efforts to count for the school score. The team was coached by Richard Pampuch. The team ran in 11 meets, including the Logan Invitational, Brookwood Invitational, Coulee Conference and Regionals. Little success was achieved by team effort, but individuals improved a great deal. The best performances were turned in by Paul Wil- liamson Q13:43j, Kurt Wood l14:07J, Greg Ouellette, and Ed Stull f15:O2y, Jeff Wag- ner f15:3OJ, and Keith Ouellette Q15:53j. Due to heavy rains, meets were run in French's field, instead of the golf course. G. E. T. hosted the first Coulee Conference meet. The results were: First--Onalaska 1331, Second--West Salem Q34j, Third-- Holmen 1631, and Fourth--G.E. T. f98J. 1 Coach Duellman held the first curling prac- tice December 13 with nine seniors and eleven underclassmen reporting. The first curling match was held January 6. The team participated in the Mid-Wisconsin Curling Conference. Their confer- ence record was three wins and five losses. The team also participated in the Wausua Invitational, the conference bonspiel, and the sectionals at Medford. LOWER RIGHT: Sam shoots the out turn in a draw shot. BELOW: A good delivery is the key to curling. G. E. T. H H H ll ll ll Il 8 Medford 4 Nekoosa 7 Port Edwards 6 Eau Claire 7 Wausua East 4 Wausua West 9 Clintonville 8 Waupaca as -s s C s ,s XM N-Yswtiiwst Q: , X r 1 N is " 'XQ.,. ,, -N2-' it X X X sg X f sux X ss K Ns X Q XM k X XX is isis .wr X X x xmzxss WM .sw sn . sw mv. NAX N9 'X . ss WS . 'WON . .,,, ' A ROW 1: D. Brown, J. Knepper, R. Hovell, S. Ekern, ROW 2: G. Goetzman, M. Delaney, T. Halderson, E. Trim G. Eichman, L. Hovell. ROW 3: Mr. Duellman, M. Winters, T. Johnson, R. Severson, D. Lilla, S. Kopp, G. Leavitt, T. Hovre. ABOVE: Don't let that rock out of sight. efkfs Q 47 The gymnastics team numbers 22 members with representation from all classes. This year's team worked with a corp of seven returning lettermen, including Captain Katy Twesme. The team participated in seven interscholastic meets plus the regionals, two of these being home. These meets include competition on the balance beam, un- even parallel bars, side horse vaulting, and floor exercise in both the beginning and intermediate lev- els. The girls must participate in all but one meet and earn points fdetermined by placementj to earn their letter and patch. New leotards and warm up suits added color to the team appearance. Gymnastics is a sport of tremendous grace and beauty. Jane Trim, Delaine Hoff, and Cathy Guthrie display this beauty as they perform floor exercise. GYMNASTICS TEAM: ROW 1: P. Trim, B. Johnson, C. Guthrie, C. McBride, K. Mesaro. ROW 2: C. Glowche- ski, L. Stegemeyer, B. Williamson, L. Grov- er, I-I. Folkedahl. ROW 3: D. Anderson, J. Hilton, J. Hansen, M. McKeeth, I. Trim. ROW 4: D. Hoff, K. Twesme. ROW 5: L. Nelson, S. Ofsdahl. SQ it 1 3 Gymnastics Competition X X QNX til' w ' .K K .:. 'X- . R K -A f X: tx X N X :":. .,--:- K i A SN X 5 , E X, S ts :g Q. LETTERWOMEN Last year's gymnastic team presented our school with its first girl lettermen. The gymnastics team is an interscholastic athletic team governed by the same body QW. I. A. A. ,that rules the boys interscholastic sports. These girls must be in top physical condition as at- tested to by a physician before they can report to practice. These girls must maintain passing grades in all subjects or be suspended from participation. The girls on the team must read, know and follow the same athletic code as set by the athletic board for the boys sports. High standards are set by all coaches in order to earn the letter in their particular sport. We feel the girls who earned their letter have achieved and maintain- ed the high standards of the athletic program. LETTERMEN Our membership is about fifty boys. We express thanks to the adults and students who help support our organization. As in past years the Lettermen's Club is selling re- freshments at the basketball games. The money that is earned is used for buying letters and emblems for V the athletes of G. E. T. It is also hped that we can 'TP T buy some video tapes for our athletic department. D. Hoff, K, Twesme, C, Guthrie, B, Jghn- One of our long range plans is to raise enough money Son, J, Trim, L, Nelson, P, Douglas. to purchase a portable gym which could be utilized by both girls and boys. ROW 1: S. Krug, I. Diamond, D. Osborn, T. Smith. ROW 2: R. Aasland, P. William- son, J. Elstad, J. Wagner, G. Leavitt. ROW 3: J. Hauser, L. Krackow, D. Lilla, J. Ol- son, M. Winters, K. Larson. ROW 4: P. Scheller, D. Uhl, F. Peterson, K. Casey, B. Harris, P. Halderson, D. Salsman, T. Bailey, T. Johnson, B. Stephan. ROW 5: D. Sev erson, C. Dahl, J. Cantlon, L. Stuhr, C. Beighley, S. Hovell, G. Mickelson, T. Hauser, B. Near. ROW 6: D. Brown, G. Ouellette, K. Wood, D. Baer. 50 activities OlQGCJDiZGiZiODS fwgywwmwhhcy Centered around the theme "Wonderland by Night" the Class of '73 transformed the gymnasium into a roman- tic setting where couples danced and enjoyed the music of the Frank Rollins Band. Kurt Wood and Penny Nich- ols reigned as King and Queen and were attended by Irv Diamond and Carla Emerson, Bob Harris and Katy Twesme, Tim Hauser and Kathy Rand, Mark Olson and Peg Wojciechowski, Darcy Remus and Pam Sacia, and Mark Severson and Carol Wilber. With only two days to decorate the gym the juniors worked and decorated for Prom Friday Night and put on the finishing touches Saturday. A river ri bboned in moonlight muraled one wall, and glittering stars glanced off the floors, walls, and ceiling from a sus- pended light creating the romantic atmosphere for "Wonderland by Night. " RIGHT: Penny Nichols and Kurt Wood reign over the Junior- Senior Prom. UPPER RIGHT: Prom court. LOWER RIGHT: Wonderland by Night. BELOW: Students dance to the Music of Frank Rollins. Prom Court Wonderland by Night will become a memory shortly Being a charter member of the Wisconsin Industrial Education Association, the In- dustrial Arts Club was alive and doing very well again this year. The club's main purpose is to give members a chance to further their education in industrial arts by building projects during open shop after school and in the eve- nings. The club also performs a service to the school. This year the members made the nativity scene that decorated the roof of the school during the Christmas season. The club is not all work and no play, however. The members built a float for the Homecoming parade with the theme "Sink the Pirates". They plan to have another roller skating party, and to go to the Indianap- olis 500 again this year. All the members of the Industrial Arts Club received a patch this year. The patch designated their member- ship in the club. Officers of the Industrial Arts Club for the 1972- 73 school year were: Paul Halderson, Presidentg Terry Smith, Vice Presidentg Todd Johnson, Treasurerg and Ken Casey, Secretary. Pictured Below. Mr. Prussing helps the students in using the I.A. equipment. In ustrial rts Mr. Duellman ex- plains how to use the engine per- formance tester. ROW 1: J. McDonah, P. Gille, T. Mosier, J. Knepper, K. Casey, B. Stephan, G. Smith. ROW 2: D. Baardseth, R. Neiderkorn, N. Bell, P. Williamson. ROW 3: M. Mlsna, R. Bucholz, W. Johnson, I. Kopp, M. Nichols. ROW 4: S. Prussing, B. Tranberg, R. Severson, T. Smith, D. Hanson, J. Douglas, R. Anderson, T. I-lalderson, J. Stegemeyer, D. Osborn, M. Delaney, L. Dahl, R. MacPhetridge, R. Nastvold, R. Duellman, M. Clark, Ed Trim, J. Bettesworth, T. Anderson. ROW 5: R. Larson, P. I-Ialderson, T. Johnson, G. Nicolai, L. Krackow, C. Ryder, T. Collins, D. Baer, L. Sahl strom, J. Paulus. 55 '. The Ecology Club is a new organization this year. The club's adopted name, Wood's Men, is in honor of Bernard Wood, who worked for the preservation of the soil and water of the Galesville and Ettrick area. The club planned to start a campaign to restore the Beaver-French Creek watersheds and Lake Marinuka. This would be done by fencing the streams and event- ually dredging and restoring the lake with help from the community. Plans were also made to plant shrubs in the school forest to feed the Wild animals. For the enjoyment of the members, plans are being made for a canoe trip to the Minnesota Boundary Wa- ters, and also to have a natural foods smorgasbord. The club's main objective is to develop and spread good ecological ethics by example and information. RIGHT: Shawn Ofsdahl and Marita Johnson prepare for a bit of mouse trapping. ROW 1: P. Scheller, Mr. Cecil. ROW 2: R. Neiderkorn T Collins ROW3 M Olson B Johnson I Diamond P. Sacia. 5 Swv.-V. as X .ws is . f X XXX x XX :N LEFT: Mr. Cecil exhibits one of the many bird speci mens given to the school. ABOVE: There's something "fishy" going on here. With seven staff members the yearbook can get to be a big job--too big when the dead- lines start closing in on you. Each year the staff strives to improve the quality of the book and also to increase the numbers of pages portraying the student life at G. E. T. This year held three "first's" for the staff. The Board of Education approved the selling of advertising, a photography club was organized which saved our dead- lines many times, and last but certainly not least, Mr. Green became our assistant advisor. A special thank you to Miss Henke who gave so willingly of her time to help the staff. It was fun and lots of long hours of work preparing the '73 yearbook. We hope it will give you remembered times of happiness and work well done in the years to come. FAR UPPER RIGHT: I like the first picture, the second one is better, the third one is perfect so let's use the fourth. FAR LOWER RIGHT: You've got to be kidding--the deadline can't be on Monday. CENTER: We tried but only HE could do it. UPPER RIGHT: David Brown, Co- Editor ABOVE: Debbie Lund, Co- Editor sssssa Q :-..:w. ..... X ...,, forthe Bigf, UAW d ar , X - NX. x X x Wi Xfe-Nh , N , N X ' x X www W X ww 5 N X2 Q x The Student Council is an organization of student representatives designed to benefit the students of our school. C Our major projects this year were cen- tered around the Christmas season. The second annual Sno Ball was sponsored by the student council on December 16. Captain Starfish provided the music. King Kurt Wood and Queen Mary Dolle reigned over the dance. The last day before Christmas was celebrated with the staging of a talent contest, playing a junior-senior bas- ketball game, and eating lunch. The senior girls placed first, the Polka Band second, and a singing quar- tgest took third. The, senior boys beat the jtmior boys 68- Another big event was homecoming, The sockhop, "Ben", was held Thursday night, after the bonfire and y program. Projected plans for this year includes the purchase of an p activity board to be placed in front of the school. Offi- l cers will be elected to replace present officers. They are: Katy Twesme, president, Loren Klein, vice presi- dent, Jane Erickson, treasurer, Carol Wilber, secretary, and Laurie Sacia, correspondence secretary. ABOVE: President, Katy Twesme, conducts council ABOVE: Dave Lund, Advisor. meetmg- 60 Behind the Scenes my Zi .12 SN. X X mi' XXX Q - H N EN S55 . 3 XNWMQWK x "EQ '1'1 Q: ,,...x xx X1 SQ XX X Pm N SMW SN X X Www N X X , .xx x XR .. a , A x x x K A E ..,.-. . 0.-,,: Q X ljfi' ' . t if um, Q ' .- s- x i 5: Y Q5 X MP4 Q sk X XR It was a time for excitement. The bon- fire was blazing, the band was playing, the cheerleaders were chanting furiously. Katy Twesme and Darcy Remus were crowned queen and king, and homecoming was underway. Throughout the week, students participated in activi- ties to promote their spirit. Students came to school Wearing unusual clothing, coinciding with Hat Day, Clash Day, Class Colors Day, Indian Day, and School Colors Day. A new addition to the homecoming activi ties was a poster contest sponsored by the Student Council. A wall area was given to each class to dec- orate with spirit-filled posters. The freshmen won first place, with juniors and sophomores taking second and third. On Friday, many students, and even some teachers, were too excited to go to many classes. Putting the finishing touches on the floats, getting ready for the dance to be held that evening, or helping with the parade activities seemed to be the main excuses for not attending class. But the extra excitement was all worthwhile, for the parade was a success. Leading the march was Queen Katy, seated in her chauffered car, followed by the Pom Pon Girls, the band, the queens attendants, and finally the floats. A short pepfest was held and the placement of the floats was announced-- the sophomores won first place, the freshmen took sec- ond, and the juniors place third. With the national anthem and the school songs played by the G. E. T. band at about 7:25, and the kickoff at 7:30, the Redmen were on their way to defeat the Cochrane- Fountain City Pirates. The final score was 12-8. Dancing to the theme "Friends" with music by Storm, students completed an exciting and victorious home- coming week. ABOVE: Fran throws another touchdown pass. ROW 1: P. Trim, T. Filkowski, P. Nichols, D. Re- mus, K. Twesme, C. Emerson, D. Anderson, P. Wojciechowski. ROW 2: P. Halderson, K. Casey, T Jensen, T. Johnson, T. Hauser, M. Olson. ueen Katy and King Darc ROW 1: R. Waldera, L. Parkhurst, P. Jacobs. ROW 2: D. Twesme, R. Grant, R. Tranberg, R. Aasland, R. Aasland, J. Bettesworth. The Library Club is a service organization whose members give freely of their time to help their fellow students in using library resources for instruction or pleasure. The group also seeks to stimulate interest in li- brarianship as a profession. Each January at the beginning of the second semester, new members are accepted. The club is affiliated with the state organiza- tion, Student Library Assistants of Wiscon- sin, and with a similar regional group, Stu- dent Library Association of Western Wiscon- sin. Representatives of the G. E. T. club at- tend a convention of at least one of these groups each year. Dixie Bell was the G. E. T. delegate to the summer workshop for stu- dent librarians at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in July of 1972. Club members operate a paperback book- store for the convenience of the students. Committee members keep the display case and bulletin board attractively arranged. A well-received innovation this year was a film fest night. On Saturday, April 21, the Library Club played host to the West Central section of the Wisconsin Library Association. Other spring activities included presentation of service awards and the annual senior dinner. ABOVE: Becky Smith, president, Phyllis Stellflug, vice president Norma Kohnle, secretary, Kurt Wood, treasurer, and Shelly Han- son, News Correspondant. Bell, B. Bahnub, S. Hanson, N. Leavitt, D. Spen cer. ROW 2:'j. Douglas, A. E1- liott, L. Nelson, C. Stage. ABOVE: ROW 1: V. Harris, J2. Brown, W. Herman, E. Oanes, A. Lettner, P. Hovell, B. Johnson. ROW 2: N. Kohnle, E. Lettner. ROW 3: K. Wood, K. Twesme, P. Williamson, B. Smith. 65 LEFT: ROW 1: D. National Honor Society members are chosen by the faculty each year on the basis of outstanding character, scholarship, leadership, and service. They are induct- ed into the organization in the fall of the school year. Several sophomores are elected as provisional members in january, but are not inducted until the next school year with other new members. This year the National Honor Society tried something new, a slave sale. After the student body congregated in the gym, the auction began. The highest bidder bought the slave and that slave had to do whatever his buyer Wanted for one day. The auction paid off well, and the club had funds for the rest of the year. A mixer helped out financially as well. Fulfilling their service to the school, the N. H. S. members served as guides at parent-teacher confer- ences and ushered at several school functions. RIGHT: Jill commands her slave to walk her to her next class. BELOW: N.H.S. Induction Ceremony NATIONA J Fifa Chen- i- ..f?"Y"r E32 1 V' L , . V ., .,.y,,- 3:4 1 1, 1-1' .-L .QQ-ggi:-. .1 '- . . Z 'Q' . 1 P . - D- .Q ' , Q ' , fi , I 5 ij. Character Scholarship Leadership Service New - Slave Sale French Club enables students to have fun while they learn about the French language and culture . At French Club meetings, members play French games, sing songs in French, and just generally have fun. Many students have pen pals in France, and often their letters are V shared. At several meetings, French pasteries were served. To finance these foods, the club sponsored bake sales. Any student who is studying the language now, or who has previously had two years of French may join the club. Each member who wished could buy a pin, showing his membership . Again this year, the club went Christmas caroling. At each stop, they sang songs in French. Plans were made to attend the annual French dinner held at Eau Claire University. This dinner consists of dishes prepared in the authentic French style. Offi'cers this year Were: Shelly Hanson, president, john Olson, vice president, Sharon Englelein, secretary, and Rick Grant, treasurer. The club's advisor was Miss Tevis. BELOW: Miss Tevis doesn't do all the talking. RIGHT: David Spencer seems to have picked his site for his French dreamhouse. ROW 1: M. Updike, D. Casey, 1. Onsrud, C. Glowcheski, R. Grant, R. Sander, H. Truax, S. Ekern, I. Wen- burg. ROW 2: K. Williamson, C. Guthrie, S. Ofsdahl, D. Klomsten, K. Ouelette, D. Spencer, B. Knepper, J. Erickson, L. Sander, K. Kopp. ROW 3: T. Spencer, B. Enghagen, T. Cook, G. Jacobs, T. Stage, T. Toppen, J. Collins, R. Solberg, B. Sacher, M. Tevis. ROW 4: M. Sacia, V. Henderson, S. Hanson, C. Stage, C. Con- rad, S. Engelien, K. Olson, L. Nelson, J. Hanson, C. Kopp. ROW 5: R. Aasland, D. Wier, B. Bahnub, L. An- derson, J. Olson, C. Wier, J. Larson, M. Conrad, R. Aasland. LEFT: France's landscape also interests French students BELOW: Sharon, Shelly, John, and Rick agree French magazines are quite interesting. 69 1 ROW 1: B. Iohnson, B. Sacia, B Williamson, B Sacher, D Hlesand, E Lettner, B Knopper, J Erickson, A. Kribs. ROW 2: K. Twesme, B Hovell, C Guthrie, W Hilton, S Becker, D Fischer, L Lebakken, L. Nelsesstuen, B. Hovre, J. Vosseteg, T Stage, M McKeeth, C Kopp, K Hovell, R Solberg, L Anderson, I. Carhart. ROW3 C Stage, P Nichols, P Sacia, K Kopp, A Olsen, P Deeren, K Krum holz, I. Larson, L. Severson, D Gooden, T Spencer, D Allen, D Klimek, M Updlke, I Parkhurst, The G.E.T. Band worked toward Class A competition this year, hoping to improve on last years second in concert and repeat a first in sight reading. A stage band has been organized again and will be used in concert and competition. New uniforms were the big, new addition to our band this year along with additional percussion equipment. The concert uniforms have a formal, tux- edo appearance. A high collar overlay changes them into a West Point style parade uniforms. The high fur shako makes them extremely impressive . The concert presentations for 1972-73 were the Christmas concert, a pop concert, spring concert and an exchange concert with Arcadia. FAR RIGHT: The marching band played it's part in the homecoming parade. RIGHT: The trombone section helps make G.E.T's band a "groovy situation." Honors in State Compeitition 5 Q' S S S X X X X. S 55 .- Q 1 Y . A N A XX x N Q X ,. mg W If R 1 Qwgkx . X Nw s x X x X X S Q X E Q 5 R -.S S 3 SX K .A Q Y Q S X X ik N if S X S -S +" S 5 X ,S if -f 5 .nf . f, A 1 ' -pf ,K X m q,....... XRS Ns. x vis fs Q if Xxx X Q' 4.4 - - .Hs s s I N iv sf x ,- x aw A , N Q X i ! x 9 V5 Q 1 xt' '5 .6 4, Lsxsxt ml P o d, v ef Vf Q1 vL'5'm , Rx Lsffyk, , k X l s 5 5 J ' A 3 w A . Sk xx Ni The G. E.T . Chorus was particularly busy this year. A Christmas concert was given on December 12, featuring special select- ions of "Do You Hear What I Hear", "Three Wisemen Wisemen Three", "Christmas Wish", and "Blessed Mary". The students went Christmas caroling throughout the area and ended with a pizza party. In February the vocal department presented a pop con- cert with music by Simon and Garfunkel and the Car- penters. The final concert was a spring and festival concert. The solos and group selections entered in the festival contest were presented and enjoyed by a huge crowd, RIGHT: MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS: B. Near, T. Hauser, C. Wilber, K. Rand, P. Trim. ABOVE: ROW 1: D. Daffinson, C. Blankenhorn, C. Bishop, N. Salzwedahl, K. Williamson, R. Beirne, L. Brueg- en, C. Moppin. gow 2: C. Solberg, L. Quall, S. Konkel, T. Muller, E. Howe, B. Harnisch, J. Jacobs, L. Moppin. ROW 3: J. Mason, N. Gibbons, S. Manchuk, T. Berg, L. Schien, S. Beirne, D. Smikrud, B. Konkel. ROW 4: S. Bishop, K. Grover, P. Hovell, D. Gamoke, S. Patton, M. Dolle, P. Malesytcki, L. Mickleson. 72 ABOVE: ROW 1: J. Robertson, H. Baye, G. Baardseth, C. Dutton, L. Corcoran, D. Dietch, D. Redsten, R. Winters, E. Howe, C. Wilber, L. Hanson, K. New- mann, R. Truax, L. Hammond, P. Dahl. ROW 2: S. Klettenberg, R. Dettinger, D. Grover, D. Henderson, S. Manchuk, B. Truax, D. Truax, J. Folkedahl, H. Folkedahl, E. Oanes, M. Leavitt, J. Mlsna, R. Dolle, N. Back, J. Moller, L. Johnson, R. Swenson. ROW 3: D. Aasland, D. Pederson, P. Trim, S. Galewski, C. Tschabold, C. Trim, J. Tranberg, J. Campbell, D. Bishop, C. Johnson, L. Steffes, M. Oedsma, K. Rand, M. Sacia, A. Elliott. ROW 4: T. Filkowski, J. Mulac, M. Clark, R. Hanson, L. Nelsestuen, J. Wason, B. Near, L. Mickelson, J. Poss, T. jessessky, T. Hauser, P. Hilt, M. Dolle, K. Johnson, M. john- son, D. Bettesworth. LEFT: Sing along with Swens! ABOVE: The Pom Pon Girls performed at half time of both football and basketball games, adding something special" to the half time session The eighteen girls who make up the Pom Pon squad provided half-time entertaiment at many home foot- ball games, basketball games, and wrestling matches again this year. The entire squad attended a pom pon clinic at La- Crosse State University this fall. At the clinic the girls performed one of their own routines, heard new ideas on different styles of uniforms and shakers, and learned many new moves. The night of the last home basketball game provided extra excitement. Since it was the senior girls last night to perform, the squad went out to eat before the game. After the halftime performance, roses were pre- sented to the senior girls and to Mrs. Anderson, the girls advisor. This years captain was Kathy Rand. Donna Bowman was selected by the squad as co-captain. She will be cap- tian next year. Shelly Hanson was secretary-treasurer. RIGHT: Come on Mrs. A. , hit the spot. RIGHT: Captain K. Rand and Co-captain D. Bowman. BELOW: ROW 1: L. Lebakken, L. Nelson, B. Bahunb, P. Sacia, T. Filkowski, S. Hanson. ROW 2: R. Lakey, K Rand, B. Williamson, S. Ofsdahl, C. Scheller. ROW 3: C. Emerson, M. Iohason, C. Guthrie, D. Bowman, W. Herman. 75 The second annual Sno Ball was sponsored by the G. E. T. Student Council again this year. Cen- tered around the theme "Jingle Bell Rock, " Cap- tain Starfish provided the music. The student body voted on the queen and her court, choosing one girl from each class. These girls then chose their own escorts. Katy Twesme, president of the Student Council, crowned Kurt Wood as king, and Kurt then crowned Mary Dolle as queen. Their attendants were: Jane Erickson and Bill Stephan, Lynn Stegemeyer and Dave Hanson, Rhonda Sander and Mike Nichols. Fol- lowing the coronation, Queen Mary received one dozen long-stemmed red roses, and with King Kurt led the grand march. The decorations added much to the holiday at- mosphere. Christmas trees decorated gaily, ma- gically transformed the gymnasium into a festive setting, and a love seat lent a romantic air to the scene. Delicious refreshments, served by the Student Council topped off the gala affair. SEATED: K. Wood, M. Dolle. STANDING: M. Nichols, D Hanson, B Stephen, J Erickson, L Stegemeyer, R Sanders. of 1972 Sno Ball fa R z S R K . N. ,MW 1 ,wg 32 . i f 2 5 A , Q . QS x . 2 . N . X X k 5 . Q l 5 K' ' ' -0 s . ' S if ' A X , SST 1 0 - 5 r N 2 - S if f ? S S v S. S A-wuwwwfww 11 2 s is - A 439 X X ,. 3 3 R Q Xxx. The three cheerleading squads, varsity, junior var- sity, and Wrestling, have Worked with the pep club especially hard this year to inform the students of athletic contests and to generate enthusiasm and spirit for all sports. In addition to the sign making and pep skits, the cheerleaders sold shakers and pen- nants to Redmen backers. Each squad has a separate team to le ad to victory during the winter, but during the fall work together to lead the football team to a new and more out- standing record. The junior varsity squad is com- posed of Jill Carhart-captain, Lois Hammond, Kristi Olson, Barb McCormick, and Sharon Engelien. The varsity squad includes Delaine Hoff-captain, Katy Twesme, Carol Wilber, Vicki Harris, and jane Trim. The varsity wrestling squad cheers with Karn Johnson-captain, Cindy Trim, jane Erickson, Brenda Knepper, Sheryl Becker and Mary Sacia. Tryouts for all of these squads are held in the spring of each year, with college cheerleaders acting as judges. J.V.: L. Hammond, S. Engelien, C. Olson, B. McCor mick, J. Carhart fcaptainj. WRESTLING: ABOVE: M. Sacia, B. Knepper, J. Erickson, K. johnson fcaptainj, S. Becker, C. Trim. 78 Power to the Red men PD' Qiwg S E 5? W 'RQ L Q? , . Y Y' K, 'fi Z if: g Q SS A 35: Xe F ,.,., X - ig N 2 wg .1 -'Km Q -.... 'N-NN S S X 1 ...... I N ":':52Ss:.:-," X ', .,,. gg ' RQX 1sM Q wgw xx? -xxx? k N HA Z. V . K A I-2-,sf.: .::,.. Na '1'5'5 . ., wx 3 . F f SQEQEN :sr - 5 x fis- i X ' .wwfwz X M 9 X 5 X .grgrgz x Q S S ' w Q X X Q X X4 X S X W is Q +1 A X Q 5 A1 K X x K . X 4 XX ,. , . .if W X X xl S X Q X x w X x X Q. S N R R x six X ' x 53 xg iv 'X X QW X :Ex N g X x N SEQ 51 X? x X S u f his f R Wx X f -QW . -.DN X X Q ,S QS W WN Kas Q N Qi? ix 1 X G 5 1, X x X X 'Wk A 3342- ff 5 Q Q A -Q y i 2, XA gxagk RQSQQSS SQ v 33 I , 5 Y The Pep Club completed its second year of existance. The purpose of the club is to create and promote school spirit, loyalty to the school and good sportsmanship. The members are pledged to support our athletic teams in victory or defeat. All students in the senior high are eligible for membership in the club. This year the Pep Club decided to lend its support to all senior high ac- tivities that represent our school. This included such competitive teams as forensics, the High Quiz Bowl team and music contests. The following students were officers this year: Laurie Sacia, president, Sharyn Becker, vice-president, Debbie Fischer, secretary- treasurerg Betsy johnson and Pam Sacia, senior repre- sentatives, Mare Hare and Norma Kohnle, junior representatives, Mary Wilber and Mary McKeeth, soph- omore representatives, Lynn Anderson and Kim Will- iamson, freshmen representatives. A new G. E. T. and Redmen mascot was made by Pep Club members for the gymnasium. Many signs were made, creating student support for our victorious foot- ball team. These included slogans on signs to instill school spirit in our students and show the football team that they had student backing. Pep Club members also helped the cheerleaders at pep rallies and worked very hard for Dad's Day, a special night for the fathers of our football players. Club activity during the winter sports season was mini- mal at the beginning, but picked up later in the season. All materials used by the Pep Club were purchased by them with money earned in selling items, with the ex- ception of some materials donated by understanding faculty members. Advisors to the club are Mr. Valiska and Mrs. Warriner. 8 ABOVE: Lift your hands up to the sky. LEFT: Mr. Rowlands and band give Pep rally added beat. E ,, ...... . v I ABOVE: ROW 1: B. Near, M. Johnson, P. Williamson, P. Trim, B. Johnson, D. Brown, K. Wood., P. Sacia, L. Sacia, K. Rand, S. Dahl, D. Hoff, M. Waller. ROW 2: C. Emerson, I. Diamond, Y. Bell, J. Vossetieg, C. Olson, L. Grover, D. Kleppen, S. Bue, P. Malesytcki, C. Johnson, C. Tschabold, K. Twesme, M. Sacia. ROW 3: N. Bell, S. Kopp, S. Engelien, L. Anderson, K. Williamson, P. Trim, Williamson, M. Leavitt, C. Scheller, M. McKeeth, C. Emerson, C. Wilber, D. Truax. ROW 4: R. Wood, A. Olsen, B. Hovre, C. Glowcheski, T. Fry, L. Quall, D. Henderson, L. Mickelson, H. Baye, L. Corcoren, D. Redsten, S. Becker, B. Knepper, L. Steggemeyer, ROW 5: K. Kopp, J. Olson, E. Danes, C. Guthrie, J. Trim, A. Elliot, B. Harnish, C. Moppin, S. Konkel, D. Daffinson, D. Fischer, C. Becker, J. Erickson. ROW 6: J. Carhart, C. Glowcheski, D. Casey, B. Truax, S. Ofsdahl, V. Henderson, L. Lebakken, D. Harris, R. Sander, I. Folkedahl, H. Truax, D. Lund, Z. Bierne. ROW 7: B. McCormick, R. Hovell, L. Parkhurst, P. Hilt, E. Lettner, N. Leavitt, L. Nelson, L. Severson, N. Kohnle, S. Manchuk, I. Hanson, M. Hare. ROW 8: J. Scherr, L. Hammond, J. Moller, D. Wilber, R. Dolle, K. Newman, J. Tranberg, V. Rindahl, I. Mlsna, K. johnson, M. Wilber, I. Stenberg, BELOW: The cheerleaders lead the Pep Club in boosting spirit for G.E.T. 's Redmen. The Girls Athletic Association QG. A. A. J again claims over 120 in its membership. These girls participate in numerous organized activities throughout the year, earning points and credits toward the awards of letter, pin, and bar or charm, Among the sports offered are basketball, volleyball, softball, bowling, curling, and archery, with each activity lasting about six Weeks. To earn a letter, the girls must participate in four activi- ties over a two-year period. Each following year, two points or credits entitles them to first the pin and then the bar or charm. It is hoped that personal enjoyment ranks as high as the awards. Besides these organized activities, the club also en- joyed a roller skating party, a bowling party, a swim- ming party, a winter party, and a closing picnic. The sale of red or blue Gale-Ettrick- Tremplo T-shirts and several bake sales helped finance the purchase of the awards. ABOVE: On the count of 3 "Squash' LEFT: G.A.A. is a cooperative club, even on the basketball court. ABOVE: G.A.A. is always trying to play an old game a new way. 83 The Gale- Ettrick-Trempealeau Future Homemakers of America chapter is af- filiated with the state and national or- ganization whose goal is to help individ- uals improve personal, family and community living. Wanting to become involved in the "To Dare is to Care' national project and to help those less fortunate, the members conducted the annual UNICEF drive in Gales- ville, Trempealeau and Ettrick. They also adopted a foster child and made a trip to the Trempealeau County Hospital to help with an evening of entertainment for patients there. For several years, F. H. A. ers have brought Christmas gifts to be sent to the Sparta Childrens Center. Letters of appreciation were received from those recent grad- uates in the armed forces who received homemade cookies from the F.H.A. 's cookie bakery project. The biggest F.H.A. event of the fall was acting as hostess at one of the district rallies. The theme was "The Wonderful World of F.H.A. " The national project, "Preparedness--the Key to Op- portunity" and state project "S and dz" received atten- tion during the year. Officers for the 72-73 school year were: Carol Wilber, president, Doris Wilber, vice president, Wendy Her- man, treasurerg Becky Williamson, secretaryg Becky Smith, parliamentariang Sandy Smith, historian, Donna Aasland, degree officer, Jane Beirne, recreation director. UPPER RIGHT: The membership is being finalized. BELOW: A good ol' sewing bee. LOWER RIGHT: Comparing different materials. LEFT: looking at the latest fashions. ABOVE: Hey you guys there's a F.H.A. meeting today. RIGHT: The popcorn stand once again is a big success. The Future Farmers of America is a lo- cal state, and national organization. Its main objectives are leadership, partici- pation, companionship, and entertain- ment. The F.F.A. competes in creed contests, speech con- tests, parliamentary procedure contests, and numerous judging contests. This chapter finances its yearly activ- ities by a yearly magazine sale. It also sells "Slow Moving Vehicle" sign at cost. The G. E. T. chapter has received a superior rating for the past six years. It has been awarded a special plaque for the work in the "Building Our American Communi- ty" program the past two years. Our members are re- warded with pheasants, trees and corn for their projects. Each year one or more seniors have received their Wis- consin Farmer Degree at the state F, F,A. Convention at Green Lake Wisconsin. Many members receive awards on a special awards night each spring that is given for parts and members alike. The Wisconsin junior Dairyman's Association is a pro- gram to promote dairy herd testing and dairy herd improvement. The W.J.D.A, is open to all students in high school who has milk testing records on his dairy herd. We participate in the sectional meeting and two day convention. The members compete in speech contests, demonstration contests, dairy cow classification, and dairy cow exposition. The W,j, D.A. is incorporated in our F.F.A, and op- erates as a total part of the vocation agriculture program. Our members also enjoy many activities of entertain- ment. County Fairs, State Fairs, North West Livestock Exposition, senior fishing trip, and spring class basket- ball tournaments round out a complete F,F .A. yearly program. ABOVE: Only two girl members in W .I .D .A. , Linda and Becky along with President, I. Sahlstrom, and Secretary J. Kopp. LEFT: ROW1: W. Craig, P. Baird, M. Nichols, B. Kopp. ROW 2: R. Hovell, J. Richer, K. Sahlstrom, D. Evenson, S. Ahrendt. ROW 1: D. Anderson, D. Bettesworth, E. Trim, I. Kopp, D. Biesen, B. Swenson. ROW 2: D. Anderson, D. Hanson, R. Severson, T. Haulderson, R. Byom, R. Anderson, C. Conrad, I. Paulus, L. Sahlstrom. ROW 1: D. Lilla, G. Schuh, L. Hovell, D. Evenson, J. Bettesworth. ROW 2: W. Johnson, M. Delaney, R. Nastvold, M. Johnson, L. Stuhr, L. Dahl, J. Sahlstrom, E. Moller . RCW 1: T. johnson, Treasurer, P. Haulderson, President, L. Krackow, Sentinel. ROW 2: L. Klein, Vice President, T. Hovre Reporter, Mr. Henderson, Advisor. The Drama Club's main objective is to promote dramatic activities among stu- dents. The club's plays make them self- supporting, and teach theatrical adver- tisement, stage scenery., technical lighting, and make- up application. , The club hosted several instructional meetings and workshops which were open to the school. At one Work- shop, Dr. Louis H. Campbell, Chairman of the Ameri- can Theatre Association Stage Movement and Dance Proj ect and a leading authority on time and movement, was a guest speaker. The workshop was entitled Move- ment and Physical Expression. The workshop bettered the understanding of movement and the reduction of personal inhibitions. Another instructional meeting included learning the correct way to apply make-up. The club presented a one-act play, "Curse you, jack Dalton, " to the school and public. Plans were made for a three-act play. The club attended several plays at the Viterbo Fine Arts Center in La Crosse. These plays included, "A Doll's House, " "The Boyfriend, " which is a musical, and "Faust. " They also planned to see the presenta- tion of "Cyrano" at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Officers this year were: Yvonne Bell, president, Darlene Kleppen, vice president, Corrine Becker, secretary, and Bart Near, treasurer. RIGHT: Egbert is persuing Bertha from "Curse you Jack Dalton." BELOW: Yvonne, Corrine and Steve are planning a trip to Vertibo College to see a play. S ESV We 3 Nllnlllllnnnnqnqw guns mi In Kgs 5 We 'Y' AN XX N ABO , fx - LEFT: Dixie shows Steve how to gesture properly. Q L L is ir: . . Q sir: Q , Ak Wig as X QQ VE: A script rehearsal by Lynn and Chuck in "Curse you, Jack Dalton. " 89 Forensics was once again a popular ac- tivity for students to take part in, with about forty students participating in the local contest. Each student competed in the category of his choice, play acting, poetry reading, or speech writing. ln order to reach the state level, participants must achieve an "A" rating in each of the lower levels. This year the sub- district contest was hosted by Gale- Ettrick-Trempealeau in March. The district contest was held in LaCrosse in March, and the state contest in April at Madison. Congratulations to all G. E.T. students who reached the state level. RIGHT: Debbie Lund addresses her audience on "The proper role of prisons. " BELOW: M. Severson, R. Aasland, P. Jacobs, P. Scheller and E. Diamond represented G.E.T. on the "I-Iigh Quiz Bowl" program on Channel 8. Mr. R. Chirstian is their advisor. the lntrospectiv LEFT: I think I'll go into poetry reading". LOWER LEFT: Katy Twesme orates on the topic "Are col- leges the answer?" BELOW: At the La Crosse workshop the forensic's season begins for G. E.T. The Photo Club performs a service to both the Gale- Ettrick-Trempealeau High School and to the surround- ing community. Any teacher wishing a series of slides to aid in teaching a class may ask the club to take the pictures. Also, any photographs needed for newspapers about school connected activities are taken. The Photo Club takes, processes, and prints all their own photos with equipment owned by the school. Besides performing a service to the school and com- munity, the club tries to promote quality photography among students and teachers. Several photo clinics were open to anybody wishing to attend. The chief photographer for this year was Steve Kopp. After Mr. Costanzo, the club's advisor, approved the jobs, all Work went through Steve. Dave Hanson was the yearbook photographer. He was in charge of taking many of the pictures that were needed for the annual this year. Phyllis Trim, as the club's secretary, took care of all correspondence and filed negatives. The Photo Club had only about ten active members this year, but is hoping for more as the club matures. ROW 1: S. Kopp, S. Kopp. ROW 2: I.Diamond, I Cantlon. ROW 3: P. Trim, E. Stull ., BELOW: My, what a photogenic group! 1 K Sv Rx N XX x it Skis ABOVE Camera ace, Steve Kopp becomes a student teacher for DOI'1S W11ber, Ed Stull, and Scott Kopp LEFT Here are a couple more pictures to be developed. The Audio- Visual organization slowly got to its feet this year. Student oper- ators were trained by Mrs. Gautsch, Worra and Green to operate AV equip- ment for faculty members during in-class situations. Members of AV Club sponsored teacher training ses- sions held during school days, seven periods a day. Club members generously gave up their time to video tape sports events and other extra-curricular activities. Operators were encouraged to utilize the equipment in production of their own programs or projects. RIGHT: "Clayton Harris here with the play by play action. BELOW: D. Spencer, C. I-Iarris, F. Green, R. Wey- ant, P. Gille, E. Stull, T. Jessessky, I. Beseler. I , 1 we .- , ,gif :- SQDKJRS ....1...lX With their last year of high school life behind them, the Class of '73, realizing the time is now, are planning their futures now. The seniors were busy during their last year. Stu- dents participated in the Youth Serving Youth program, others had on-the-job training, and still others worked to help finance their post- high school education. Debbie Lund, Shelley Hanson, and Beth Bahnub went to Europe for their summer vacation while others enjoyed them- selves, even though they weren't as fortunate. The Seniors always managed to pull through any situation put before them. With homecoming ac- tivities keeping them busy, the seniors managed to put a float together for the parade. Funds for "Friends" were scarce, but inexpensive yet im- pressionable decorations were obtained to give the effect the class wanted. Yes, the time is now, but these memories, even though they may fade, will never be forgotton. R . 5 X ai Q YS xi 3 NE N xii E LE .gsag 1 5-A SETS s yxs :ye 15, z B Y 1 . .X X X ., X S-X if Wbxxx DALE ANDERSON DESIREE ANDERSON SHERRY ANDOW DAVID BAARDSETH KEITH BACK BETH BAHNUB TIM BAILEY CORINE BECKER CHARLES BEIGHLEY DIXIE BELL YVONNE BELL SHARON BISHOP DAVID BROWN 99 RANDY BUCHOLZ KEN CASEY VERNON CONRAD CAROL CRITZMAN RICHARD CRIVITZ SHARON DAHL PAMELA DEEREN MARK DELANEY IRVIN DIAMOND DANIEL DOCKEN MARY DOLLE PATRICIA DOUGLAS TONY EICHMAN 100 I TERRY FILKOWSKI LINDA FLADHAMMER PATRICK FLAHERTY GORDY GOETZMAN CARLA EMERSON CARMEN EMERSON CATHY GUTHRIE PAUL HAULDERSON SHELLY HANSON ROBERT HARRIS VICKI HARRIS TIMOTHY HAUSER WAYNE HENDERSON 101 WENDY HERMAN JANET HILTON WINDY HILTON DELAINE HOFF BETTY HOVELL PAM HOVELL TARI HOVELL LARRY HOWE ' TOM HUNTER JOHN HUSIE PATRICIA JACOBS TONY JENSEN BETSY JOHNSON 102 TODD JOHNSON WAYNE JOHNSON KEIVIN LARSON RANDY LAR SON BRUCE LEHMAN DANIEL LILLA GA RY MICKLESON TERESA MEULLER 103 STEVEN KOPP GUY LEAVITT DEBRA LUND BART NEAR LONNIE KRAKOW PENNY NICHOLS GARY NICOLAI EILEEN OANES MARK OLSON JUDY OSBORN FRAN PETERSON JAMES POSS KATHY RAND DARCY REMU S DENNIS REINKE CLAUS RYDER PAM SACIA LAURIE SACIA 104 NANCY SALZWEDEL LAURIE SANDER LEE SCHUBERT CARLA SEVERSON L. MARK SEVERSON RICK SEVERSON H JON SMITH , lx 'i REBECCA SMITH TOM SONSALLA PHYLLIS STELLPFLUG ELIZABETH STENSVEN CARY THILL PHYLLIS TRIM 105 MARIE TRUAX KATY TWESME JEFF WAGNER LONNIE WAGNER MARY WALLER DAVE WASON KELLY WHITE I CAROL WILBER PAUL WILLIAMSON MIKE WINTERS PEG WOJCIECHOWSKI KURT WOOD MIKE WUNSCH 106 UDUGRCIGSSYDGD W WW Wm WM aazziwzavzi The junior year is always a big one, and this year was no exception. Starting with the handing out of class rings, and ending with the Junior Prom, the Class of 1974 enjoyed itself in everything it did. With the burden of financing the prom, the juniors met and successfully tackled the problem by having the first mixer of the year with the theme "Black and White. " Winning third place on their float, "We Came, We Saw, We Conquered, " also helped ease the burden, and placing second on the wall contest boosted the moral of the class. With another exciting year behind them, but not for- gotten, the juniors look forward to being top men in the high school next year. x wi X Q A We Q SP 'A - V 5 s mi,- . vile ,C is Q .N x X X11 X is ,8 SR ,. it Q4 egg wluvwvsxw-nf""" -X R S 5K X -ww K xv '- X9 X xx XXX Q- X x Ax SN 1--5 fgf Q: S' X X X -5 was if W ' N 'V-QQ9 , f . ' f . ' -3' 1-' ' ' M 47 fat, K X ' ff, 4' Q K -f --K 1 ig ' 'i i XJ-an I Af" LT-Y P5 S.:...v"::. Kxgigk S- , gsm: KK ,K ,A QS X KKK, Y , ggi W ,ag K N "f :fr WK AQ .M wk X - - , K K .. '- ', K xg? .-rg , j ,::N.Q. K N xx, V ,K K Qi ' A ' k x R, 2.3-5-Q11 'fl ' '-fb' ' il' Z, -efifffi -1 K' N-',5i'e -, ' ' -' -lx -ff K ,-Qjzl-1321? - " ' i A - 555. Q j - K V ,ifixx " .K X " - ff f -X 'K 4:K511sQlI?Sf,pf--5 wg .5 ---K" ' ' " 1 K -.7 .,,5 .I ' ,SX ,sb ' X x pw 5 f 1 A 5. 1' T 'rfxmz-N KK Xi if-fxfxhkxfixfx ' x . gf, weva -'zfwriwiiff-P - X- - - ZW Q KW KK X -- K . . 'if Wa, X .gf fj - .K :1 N.--- -K M . , K . , KK -- A W K ' X R .ml m y-:K-,15 ' f - " W - W- Aw- Ng Zi? , - K,-X-,.K. 5 wg. Q . MQ:-0 . k wif A -A 'X ,gg 1NQgwxNai-gKK.- A ,Q f 4 'ix Jw wmv M, ff? " s- -if E X iM'+- 'Y S 1- ' X , .Kf -ff ik? E 'A SQ '-fc- - 'E fame, ' , - K- 3 3,-:S W,-fix 5 H K K Q - f' 2216" 5-Y.. ' we X' 2: 5 K ' x. .K - Qi'Sli:f-gswf, , X " ' SK-K K mf x' All of K.-Ng 1? V- K K, K - K -2- :im I '-fwff Mifwxnvwf-' , 1 ff, 1 '-1 1:3 -K 2 f ,K K X Q K f K Nm - sw 'N Nw' ' m-.KK I --- N m K , ,..:. X - . A ' -X 1 2- f W t ff 'Z , .a-Ki -153,5 S M pf 1- .- 1 QAQQK me N'-i -N 1 1 YX 2' .Nb Lg " I X g K ' X i ifif ,S-fi? :Q - K f. f' " Y " ' fx .Q ' ' K. ii V Q.-QQ., 3?'fSQQf?4'Q, Q" Sf fx' C' 1 -Q ' A -- 1 ff? ex d+4WyfQ4-gf1'S4.1'f2sl-539. , ,I 'f' " K W-fm, 'if '- w , 'f ,A sf -s' A' gbsg of' we? W A S X K5 xx xl -X: J A X X Q X xx K- Wav, -.,... .- - KK K , "iff fx K. il X' -QNSKX .- , X M 1' xx T K X -Q tx SQ Ex . ,... AA--AA -L ,f -Y, s M.: FXR X as S1 XXV ,. Sis. - 45.135 . ,,,x t . A A ,,.. 1, 93. - . in 2-is..-f"'2:1r::33 s . 'h 5 5 A .-wywgs -X , R. Aasland R. Aasland K. Back D. Baer S. Becker S. Becker J. Beirne J. Bettesworth C. Bishop D. Bishop C. Black R. Black D. Bowman P. Brady J. Campbell J. Cantlon M. Clark T. Collins M. Conrad S. Cook D. Daffinson V Dahl L. Dahl R Dahl E. Diamond R. Dolle J. Douglas D. Dutton A. Elliot J. Elstad I. Erickson D. Evenson D. Fischer R. Fraust S. Galewski G. Klomsten D. Gooden D. Grover J. Hanson M. Hare B. Harnisch D. Harris G. Harvey I. Hauser V. Henderson P. Hilt L. Hovell S. Hovell T. Hovre L. Jacobson C. Johnson K. johnson M. Johnson M. Johnson S. Klettenberg D. Kleppen L . Klein B. Knepper N. Kohnle S. Konkel A. Kribs S. Krug L. Lakey N. Leavitt L. Lebakken E. Lettner E. Mahlum P. Malesytcki S. Manchuk R. McCutchen J. McKeeth L. Mickelson J. Mlsna E. Moller C. Moppen M. Moppen T. Mosier B. Mulac R. Nastvold L. Nelson K. Newmann R. Niederkorn S. Ofsdalal J. Olson M. Olson S. Olson C. Ouellette G. Ouellette L. Parkhurst M. Paulson D. Pederson T. Reimer S. Renning D. Reincke J. Richason V. Rindahl J. Sahlstrom D. Salsman P. Scheller G. Schuh J. Severson I. Smith T. Smith D. Smikrud C. Stage D. Stage J. Stegemeyer I. Stellflue W, Stephan T. Strong L. Stuhr BELOW: Another one of Mr. Ceci1's great punishments--cleaning the fish tank. nw f-xx X55 X E- .: . . ..,,. X X SX X QWAX X X X .. .ezli Isis X Ni ' XX NX . . - 1 Eff .sf .A . .X -, T 5 -X: . yfsow Xe-e , Xl X X51 E53 S' "" . 2 : 'fr 5 XX l'1'2 D. Teska R. Tisthammer J. Tranberg R . Tranberg C. Trim J. Trim T. Trowbridge D. Truax J. Truax C. Tschabold D. Uhl R. Waldera C. Wier K. Wier D. Wilber R. Winters J. Wojciechowski Being a little more experienced in the ways of the life of students at G.E.T., the sophomores could now serve as guides to the freshmen. Setting a good example by winning first prize with their float "Play It Again" and sponsoring a successful mixer with the double theme of "Brandy" and "Simple Man", the sophomores proved they had learned the secret to successful high school life--class spirit. This year the J.V. baseball team consisted of all Sophomores. Sophomore officers for this year were: President, Gordon jacobsg Vice- President, Becky Williamsong Treasurer, Carol Glowcheskig Secretary, Debra Henderson. 4 Q E as l 115 -- X N X N n "" Mgisniqi X3 iii Wili:.f?MrQ Sw 1 ' A -' ' T3 f - my-sw fr kis- - k 'Sf : ,1'Xf5N'5xf' 2 f ' T' .1-5 ' K x 5 .W isfiif-.I , U X N gs New Aasland Allen Anderson Baird Baye Beirne Beirne Bell Benrud Bettesworth Bieson Blank Blankenhorn Brady Brueggen Byom C antlon Carhart Christainson Collins Conrad Corcoran Daffinson Dahl Docken Enghagen Erickson Folkedahl Fonst a d Gamoke Gibbons G illme ist er Glowcheski Grant Grover . Halderson Hammond . Hanson Harris Heath Henderson Ho vell R. Hovell E Howe Jacobs Jacobs . Johnson D . Jostad B King Konkel Kopp KOPP Kopp KOPP Knepp er Krackow R. Lakey M. Leavitt A. Lettner L. Literski B. Lorenz M. MacDonald K. Marso C, McBride M. McKeeth C. McPhetridge L. Mickleson J. Moller J. Mulac L. Nelsestuen R. Niederkorn A. Olsen S. Olsen D. Osborn J. Parkhurst J. Paulus R. Poss L. Quall D. Redstein J. Richer D. Rowlands D. Ryder B. Sacher M. Sacia R. Sacia L. Sahlstrom S. Scheffer L. Schein C. Scheller J. Scherr B. Scott P. Scott C. Seago D. Severson R. Severson G. Smith T. Smith S. Smith S. Smith R. Solberg D. Spencer L. Stegemeyer L. Stellplug J. Stenberg B."'Swenson E. Trim P. Trim j. Vasquez D. Wagner I. Wason S. West C. Wier .swiss-eg.5e -. xr. . 1. ,Aye Swim Q L. -X --swf Fu: . sf . -F - , xx, Q 3 s . . s sas. r -- . - .1 as ..-::: X s"!kyQ .. wg K - - ... E. Q - Qi. F : . X Qi ., . Y 4- - sea.. 1 '41 s siis. :: '- 2 12.15 .- 5. ' Q . .. ' wg... , gf T Q sfs f w '-, i Simi Q 3 119 D. Wier M. Wilber R. Williamson R. Wood As all the classes before them, the freshmen survived their first ye ar of high school life--and with flying colors at that. Winning first prize in the poster contest and placing second on their float with the theme, "Make Pirates Our 39th Victim, " proved the freshmen can easily live up to the high standards set by the pre- ceding classes. Being lovv men on the high school totempole didn't seem to bother the freshmen, but most of them are probably looking forward to being sophomores this fall. THE FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS ARE: President Ryan Solberg Vice President Mike Nicholes Secretary Teri Dahl ' Treasurer Kim Williamson P WVTES Q O XXX if SQ E. x zwkwmxa .rg X X 5 x Qi lik X M YS wg ,,9. ..:.:. X :az ,. 3:5 ::::5.:, X Xwx - .4 xii Y fb WN15xTxQTTfx5 S fi 1 NNY A s .. ,,.,., ., N .Q S ' - M . ""' f .,,,, . J. Ekern S. Ekern D. Elliot L. Emerson S. Engelien D. Evenson J. Folkedahl R. Fraust T. Fry P. Gille C Glowcheski L. Grover 123 ' iifkils- . sw A . N . .1 5, 'em W. x x SN X 1 ,yi A v Q X Q12 -if .':1asaaz?i K f X 4 N X X A Y X X X N xx Q w S x Nx Q 4 Q E if X E 3 N ,q o i A. ,.., as N " ' ilfciffisx ff l.: Y :Si .n " i ,. .,.. Xi , .. . ..., is X . ,X . ,. 1 N fff.,Xe'f: . s Q SX if X ir S X as X? ,Y X xx Ahrndt Anderson Anderson Anderson Baardseth Back Baer . Baird A . Becker Beigley R. Beirne Bemis Berg Beseler Brady Bue Burt Casey Cook Corcoran . Craig Cory Dahl Dahl Dietch Dettenger Dutton Eichman 1 L. Hanson D. Heffner D. Hjelsand B. Hovre T. Iessessky T. Jessessky R. Jaszewsl-ci R. Jick L. Johnson M. johnson M. Kiedowski D. Klimek D. Klomsten M. Knepper B. Kopp E. Kopprud K. Krumholz C. Larson J. Larson G. Lowner S. Manchuk M. Martin B. McCormick I. McDonah L. Moppin P. Mulac F. Muller M. Nichols M. Oedsma A. Ofsdahl J. Onsrud j. Olson K. Olson S. Olson R. Osborn K. Ouellette M. Parker S. Patten R. Paulus P. Quall B. Remus M. Remus K . Renning J. Robertson B. Sacher R. Sacia K. Salstrom S. Salzwedal R. Sander A. Schuh ' R. Solberg T. Spencer T. Stage 1. Steele L. Steffes D . Stark X X X X X X X X W XSS XX X.. -XTX N S X 1 Sit - X.. , ,,.., , , '- XXF' A X- 1 x'..- 21 .13 'Q 5 77 X A - 5 5 qv--:ws "" N H L Ay K ' X ' 'V'-as . f 125 I. Strong E. Stull T. Stellflug B. Stephan J. Szerba T. Toppen L. Tranberg P. Trim I. Trowbridge B. Truax B. Truax H. Truax M. Updike R. Vaughn J. Vosseteig D. Wall 1. Walters K. Wason I. Wenburg R. Weyant K . Williamson Centerville Wisconsin dard 50114 S25 DONATIONS Citizens State Bank Ettrick State Bank Brunkow Hardwood Corporation Gale Packing Company Future Homemakers of America Photo Club Library Club Student Council Lettermen Club Industrial Arts Club S15 DONATIONS Ed's Texaco Ken's Quality Built Homes Walter Hanson Ed Sullivan's Pleasant Knoll Motel Checker Grocery Sacia Orchard, Incorporated Bank Of Galesville .Iohn's Motor Sales Gale Products Company Galesville Manufacturing Corporation Wason s Supper Club Northern Flexible Products Company Winter s Store Emil s Menswear Junior Class Druggan s Supper Club Flamburger Cafe S10 DONATIONS Trempealeau, Wisconsin Ettrick, Wisconsin Trempealeau, Wisconsin Galesville, Wisconsin Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High Trempealeau, Trempealeau, Trempealeau, Trempealeau, Trempealeau, Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Ettrick, Wisconsin Galesville, Galesville, Galesville, Galesville, Galesville Galesville Galesville Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Winona Minnesota Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High Holmen Holmen Rowley s Office Equipment Company H0lm6n State Bank of LaCrosse H0lmCI1 Sandy s Haraldson Shoes Holmen Ford Holley Mobile Homes Papa .I ohn s Peter Nelson Clothing LaCrosse Wisconsin LaCrosse Wisconsin LaCrosse Wisconsin LaCrosse Wisconsin Holmen Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin LaCrosse Wisconsin Bob s Beauty Bar Rich s Truck Service Tremplo Tool Company Trempealeau Deep Rock Jackson s Sportsman s Bar Hayter s IGA Bennie Erickson Rural Insurance Runnestrand Bros Incorporated S10 DONATIONS E K Industries Incorporated Patten Insurance Agency Etco Industries Ray s Salvage 8L Repair Incorporated Bob s Drive In Lloyd s Landing Tremplo Bakery Midwest Livestock Producers Ben s Shell Service Bob Johnson Oil Company H 8: R Electric Store Edwin s Jewelers Nash s Smith Furniture Company Galesville Co op Credit Union Tommy Thompson George s Fairway Trempealeau Wisconsin Trempealeau Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Trempealeau Trempealeau Trempealeau Trempealeau Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Ettrick Wisconsin Winona Minnesota Winona Mmnesota Longwell Drug Store Hanson Rexall Drugs Gale IGA Galesville Republican Gale Lanes J oe s Standard Oil Station Beaver Builder s Midland Co-op United Farm Agency Barenthin Oil Company Graham 8a McGu1re Choates Doerflinger's Danny's House of Music Newburg's Menswear Future Farmers of America Drama Club Valley Home 8a Farm Supply The Thimble-Authorized Skogen's IGA Foodliner Community Camera Peter Pan Dry Cleaners Trempealeaii, Trempealeau Trempealeau, Trempealeau, Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Singer Dealers CSVI CSVI CSVI ,esvil esvi, y sesviQQ. Qesvill gesvig Qesvi' Q Qesvil, esvifl Qesvi Q, Qesvii - i L esvifs Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Winona, Minnesota Winona, Minnesota LaCrosse, Wisconsin LaCrosse, Wisconsin LaCrosse, Wisconsin Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High LaCrosse, LaCrosse, Onalaska, LaCrosse, Onalaska 7 Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin IIIUSII Senior Directory ANDERSON, DALE: F.F.A. 9,10,11,125 W.j. D.A. 9,10,115 Band 9,1O, 11,125 Solo and Ensembles 9,1O, 11,125 State Solo and Ensemble 115 Industrial Arts Club 11. ANDERSON, DESIREE: Band 9, 10, 115 Cheerleading 105 Gymnastics 11, 12, Pom Pon 11, 125 Homecoming Court 125 Solo and Ensembles 10, 11. ANDOW, SI-IERRY: Band 9, 105 G.A.A. 95 F. H.A 95 Transferred junior year. BAI-INUB, BETH: Class Secretary 105 F.H.A. 9,125 F.H.A. Degree Chairman 105 F.H.A. -Historian 115 Drama Club Treasurer 95 Library Club 10, 11,125 G.A.A. 9,10, 11, 125 G.A.A. Vice-President 125 Pom Pon 11,125 French Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Mixed Curling 9, 105 High School Bonspiel 9, 10. BEIGHLEY, CHARLES: Football 11,125 Intramurals 125 Lettermens Club 11,125 Drama Club 125 Transferred Junior year. BELL, DDUE: Drama Club 11, 125 Cheerleading 9, 105 G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 9, 10, 115 Student Council 10, 11,125 Library Club 11,125 Intramurals 125 N.H. S. 125 Class Representative 105 Transferred junior year. BELL, YVONNE: Student Council 9, 105 N.H. S. 11, 125 Wrestling Cheerleader 9, 10, 115 Drama Club 11, 125 Health Careers 105 Class Representative 9, 10, Chorus 115 Transferred Junior year. BISHOP, sHARoN, F.H.A. 9,105 Pep Club 12. BROWN, DAVID: Football Manager 95 Yearbook Staff 9, 10, 11, 125 Co-Editor of Yearbook 11, 125 Curling 10, 11, 12, Golf 95 Class Treasurer 95 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 125 Library Club 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 12. CANTLON, JAMES: Science Club 10, 11,125 Photo Club 11,125 Forensics 10, 12. CASEY, KEN: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9,1O, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Industrial Arts Club 11, 125 Indus- trial Arts Club Secretary 125 Class Vice-President 105 Homecoming Court 125 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 125 Letter- men Club 11,12. CRITZMAN, CAROL: G.A.A. 9, 10, 115 Library Club 95 F.H.A. 95 Intramurals 9, 10, 125 Bear Tracks Staff.9, 105 Pom Pon 9, 105 Chorus 9, 105 Pep Club 115 N. H. S. 12. CRIVITS, RICHARD: Football 105 Lettermen Club 11. DAHL, SHARON: G.A.A. 95 Band 9, 10, 115 Solo and Ensembles 10,115 Pep Club 11, 125 Intramurals 12. DELANEY, MARK, FPA. 9, 10, 11,125 FPA. Officer 10, Curling 10, 11, 12, w.1.D.A. 9,105 Industrial Arts ciub 11,12. DIAMOND, IRVIN: Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 125 Football 125 Intramurals 9, 10, 125 Class President 11, 125 Lettermen Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Club Vice-President 11, 125 Prom Court 115 Pep Club 11, 125 Band 9, 105 District Solo and Ensembles 9,105 State Solo and Ensembles 105 Photo Club 125 Science Club 11,125 Science Club President 12, Chess Club 125 High Quiz Bowl Team 125 All Conference Football 12. DocKEN, DAN: Peeibeii 9, 10, 12, Berirerbeii' 9, Wrestling 105 Track 9, 11,125 P.r.A. 12. Doiui, MARY, G.A.A. 9, 1o,11, 12, F.H.A. 9, Band 10, Chorus 9, 1O,11, 12, Glee ciub 12, ciee ciub President 12, Mixed curling 9, 1O,11, 12, Pep ciub 115 Y. s. Y. 12. DOUGLAS, PATRICIA: G A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Cheerleading 115 Pom Pon 105 Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club 9, 105 Drama Club 95 Pep Club 115 Solo and Ensembles 9, 1O,,11, 125 Forensics 9, 10, 11, 125 Iniramurals 125 Mixed Curling 9,1O, 11, 125 Lettermen Club 11, 12. EICHMAN, ANTHONY: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 115 Track 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 12. EMERSON, CARLA: G.A.A. 10, 11, 125 French Club 95 Drama Club 9, 105 Pep Club 11, 125 Curling 95 Prom Court 11. EMERSON, CARMEN: G.A.A. 95 French Club 95 Drama Club 9, 105 Band 9, 105 Solo and Ensembles 9, 105 Class Treasurer 105 Homecoming Court 125 Pep Club 11,125 Girls Intramurals 125 Pom Pon 11,12. 128 FILKOWSKI, TERRY: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11,125 F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Girls Glee Club 9,115 Mixed Chorus 9, 125 Annual Staff 95 Intramurals 125 Solo and Ensembles 11, 125 Pom Pon 125 Homecoming Court 12. FLADHAMMER, LINDA: Work Study Program. GOETZMAN, GORDON: Class President 95 Curling 9, 10, 125 Drama Club 115 F.F.A. 11. GUTHRIE, CATHERINE: Class Vice-President 95 G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Pom Pon 11, 125 Gymnastics 10, 11, 125 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 125 French Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Drama Club 95 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Club 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 12. HALDERSON, PAUL: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Track 11, 125 F.F. A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Industrial Arts Club 11, 125 F.F.A. President 125 Industrial Arts Vice-President 115 Industrial Arts President 125 Lettermen Club 10, 11,12. HANSON, SHELLEY: Pep Club 11, 125 F. H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club President 125 Drama Club 9, 105 Pom Pon 11,125 Pom Pon Secretary 125 N.H. S. 10,11, 125 N.H. S. Secretary 125 G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. Secretary 125 Badger Girl State Alternate 125 Library Club 9, 10,11, 125 Library Club Reporter 125 Annual Staff 10. HARRIS, ROBERT: Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Football 9, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Industrial Arts Club 115 Prom Court 11. HARRIS, VICKI: G.A.A, 9, 10, 11, 125 F.H,A. 9, 105 Class Vice-President 95 Class President 105 Forensics 9, 105 Pom Pon 9, 105 Cheerleading 10, 11, 125 Library Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Intramurals 9, 105 Chorus 9, 10 115 Student Council 95 Bear Tracks Staff 105 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 12. HAUSER, TIMOTHY: Football 9, 10, 11,125 Wrestling 9, 1o,11, 12, Track 11,125 Loeormon curb 10,11,12. HERMAN, WENDY: G.A.A. 9, 11,125 F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 F.H.A. Green Lake 105 F.H.A. Treasurer 125 Drama Club 115 Drama Club Secretary 115 Intramurals 95 Pom Pon 9, 125 Library Club 11,125 Mixed Curling 11, 12. HILTON, JANET: Band 9, 10, 115 Drum Majorette 10, 115 Swing Band 9, 10, 115 French Club 95 Science Club 105 Drama Club 95 N.H. S. 11, 125 Gymnastics 105 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11. HILTON, WENDY, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, F.H.A. 9, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9,105 Solo and Ensembles 9,10,11, 12. HOFF, DELAINE: Forensics 9, 105 Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 125 Cheerleading Captain 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11, 125 State Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 115 Drama Club 9, 105 Gymnastics 11, 125 Lettermen Club 11, 12. ' HOVELL, BETTY: G.A.A. 9,125 F.H A. 9, Bond 9,10,11, 12, Chrous 9,105 solo and Ensembles 10,11, 12. HOVELL, PAMELA: Forensics 9, 105 Band 9, 105 Chorus 9, 105 F.H.A. 95 G.A.A. 9, 10, 125 Intramurals 9, 10, 125 Li- brary Club 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 125 Glee Vice-President 125 Drama Club 115 Wrestling Cheerleader 10. HOVELL, TARI: G.A.A. 9,10, 11,125 F.H.A. 9, 10, Intramurals 9,105 Forensics 9,10, 11,125 Pep curb 11,125 Library curb 9,105 Bond 9,1O, 11, Chorus 10. HUNTER, THOMAS: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 105 Track 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9, 10, 125 Curling 115 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 115 All-Conference Defensive Back 12. JACOBS, PATRICLA: G.A.A. 9,1O,11, 125 G.A.A. President 125 Class Secretary 95 Badger Girl State 115 Spoon Recipient 115 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Stage Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 115 Mixed Curling 115 Library Club 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 125 N.H. S. 11, 125 High Quiz Bowl Team 125 French Club 10, 115 State Solo and Ensembles 10, 11, 12. JENSEN, ANTHONY: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 95 Wrestling 10, 115 Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 105 Letter- men Club 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Club President 11, 125 Intramurals 12. JOHNSON, BETSY: G.A.A. 9, 10,11,125 F H.A. 9, 10,11, 125 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11, 125 Gymnastics 10, 11,125 Cheerleading 105 Intramurals 125 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 125 Drama Club 95 Pep Club 11,125 Pep Club Sen- ior Representative 125 Lettermen Club 125 Library Club 9, 10, 11,12, JOHNSON, TODD: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Curling 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9, 11, 125 Indus1:ria1 Arts Club Treasurer 11, 125 Industrial Arts Club 11, 125 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 125 F.F.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 F.F.A. Treasurer 11, 125 W.J. D.A. 10, 115 Homecoming Court 125 Agricultural Judging Team 115 State Judging Team 115 All Con- ference Football 11, 125 All Regional Second Team. 129 JOHNSON, WAYNE: Football 105 Track 10, F.F.A. 9,1O,11,125 w.J. D A. 9,10. KRAcKow, LONNIE: F.F.A. 9,10, 11,125 F.F.A Officer 11, 12, Band 9,1O,115 Solo end Ensembles 9, 10, 115 Football 9, 10, 11,12, Lettermen Club 11,125 N.H. s. 125 W.J.D.A. 9,105 Industrial Arts ciub. LARSON, KEVIN: French Club 9, 105 Lettermen Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Historian 125 Track 95 Wrestling 9, 10, 11. LARSON, RANDALL: Basketball 9, 10, 125 Industrial Arts Club 11, 12. LEAVITT, GUY: Class Vice-President 105 Football 9, 10, 125 Basketball 9, 105 Curling 125 Track 9, 10, 11, 125 N. H. S. 12. LEHMAN, BRUCE: Football Manager 95 Football 105 Wrestling 95 Track 9, 105 Basketball 10, 115 Basketball Manager 125 Intramurals 125 Band 9, 105 Stage Band 105 Brass Choir 95 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10. LILLA, DANIEL: curirrrg 9, 1O,11,125 Track 10,11, 12, F.F.A. 11,125 Lerrermerr curb 10, 11,125 Industrial A1-rr Club 115 Intramurals 10. LUND, DEBRA: G.A.A. 9, 10,11, 125 Annual Staff 10, 11, 125 Co-Editor of Annual 11, 125 Forensics 9, 10, 11, 125 F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Drama Club 9, 10, 115 French Club 9, 105 State Forensics 115 Band 95 Solo and Ensembles 95 Intramurals 125 N.H. S. 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Badger Girl Alternate 11. MICKELSON, GARY: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 9, 10,11,125 Track 9, 10,11, 125 F. F,A. 9, 105 Industrial Arts Club 11, 12. NEAR, BART: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 125 F.F.A. 95 W.J.D.A. 95 Wrestling 95 Basketball 105 Track 9, 105 District Solo and Ensembles 10, 11, 125 State Solo and Ensembles 105 Pep Club 125 Drama Club 9, 125 Drama Club Treasurer 125 Science Club 10, 115 Forensics 10, 125 Intramurals 125 Chess Club 10, 12. NICOLAI, GARY: Wrestling 9, 105 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 10, 125 Lettermen Club 9, 10, 11, 12. NICHOLS, PENNY: French Club 95 Drama Club 9, 105 G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11, 125 State Solo and Ensembles 115 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 125 Pep Club 115 Student Coun- cil 9, 10, 11, 125 Christmas Ball Court 115 Prom Queen 115 Homecoming Court 12. OANES, EILEEN: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Library Club 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Glee Club 9, 115 Mixed Chorus 125 Annual Staff 10, 125 Intramurals 125 Solo and Ensembles 11, 12. OLSON, MARK L. : Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 105 Track 9, 10, 115 Baseball 9, 105 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 125 Lettermen Club Treasurer 11, 125 Homecoming Court 125 Prom Court 115 Band 9, 10, 115 Intramurals 125 Curling Bonspiel 10, 11, 125 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11. osBoRN, JUDITH: Drama ciub 9, G.A.A. 10, 11,125 Pep Club 11, 12. PETERSON, FRANCIS: Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 125 Lettennen Club 10, 11, 125 Track 9, 10. RAND, KATHERINE: F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Class Treasurer 9,1O, 11, 125 Mixed Curling 11, 125 All High School Curling 10, 11, 125 Prom Court 115 Christmas Ball Court 105 Intramurals 9, 10, 125 Forensics 95 Pom Pon 9,10, 11, 125 Pom Pon Co-Captain 115 Pom Pon Captain 125 Bear Tracks Staff 105 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 125 Chorus Secretary 125 Solo and Ensembles 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Y. S.Y. 12. REINCKE, DENNIS: Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Basketball 9, 10, 125 Band 95 Chorus 95 Lettermen Club 9, 10, 11, 12. REMUS, DARCY: Class Vice-President 11, 125 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 125 Homecoming King 125 Prom Court 115 F.F.A. 9, 105 Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Football 9, 10, 11, 125 Mixed Curling 10, 11, 125 All Conference Football 11, 12. SACIA, LAURIE: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 125 Class President 95 Student Council 125 F. H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 F.H.A. Officer 105 Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 11, 125 Pep Club lresidenc 125 N.H. S. 10, 11, 125 For- ensics 9, 10, 11, 125 Pom Pon 105 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 125 Annual Staff 9, 105 French Club 9. SACIA, PAMELA: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 Drama Club 95 Pep Club 11, 125 Prom Court 115 Pep Club Senior Representative 125 Intramurals 125 Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11, 125 Pom Pon 125 Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 12. SALZWEDEL, NANCY: c1ee Club 11,12. 130 SANDER, LAURIE, G.A.A. 9,1O, 11,125 F.H.A. 9,1O,11,125 French Club 9,1O,11, 12, Drama cinb 9, 10, Pep Club 11, 12. SCHUBERT, LEE: Basketball 9,1O, 12, Christmas Ball Court 11. SEVERSON, CARLA: Forensics 9,10, 11,123 G.A.A. 10,125 r.H A. 9, Drama cinb 11, cnerne 9, N.H. s. 12. SEVERSON, MARK: Basketball 9, 10, Class President 115 Class Vice-President 105 Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, N. H. S. 10, 11, 125 Intramurals 123 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 12. SEVERSON, RICHARD: Curling 9, 10, 11, 123 F. F.A. 10, 11. SMITH, REBECCA: Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 12, High School Bonspiel 9, 10, 11, 12, Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Li- brary Club Vice-President 11, Library Club President 123 French Club 9, N. H. S. 11, 12, F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, F.H.A. I-listorian 10, F.H.A. Secretary 113 F.H.A Parliamentarian 12. SMITH, JON: Track 10, 11,12. SONSALLA, THOMAS: Intramurals 10. STELLPFLUG, PHYLLIS: French Club 9, F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 9,1O, 11, 125 Library Club 10, 11, 12, Library Club Vice-President 125 Pep Club 11, 12, Intramurals 125 Y. S. Y. 12. STENSVEN, ELIZABETH: G.A.A. 9, 10, 11,125 F.H.A. 9,10, 11, 123 Glee Club 10. THILL, GARY: Track 9, 10,115 Football 9, 10, 113 Wrestling 9, 10, 11, F.F.A. 103 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 12. TRIM, PHYLLIS: French Club 9, 103 G.A.A. 9, 10, 125 Intramurals 12, Cheerleading 9, 10, Band 95 Chorus Vice- President 12, Solo and Ensembles 9, 12, Gymnastics 125 Homecoming Court 125 Photo Club Secretary 123 High School Mixed Curling 9, 10, 12, Adult High School Curling 9, 10, 12. TWESME, KATHERINE: Gymnastics 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 105 Forensics 9, 10, 11, 12, State Forensics 115 Solo and Ensembles 115 Cheerleading 11, 12, Pom Pon 105 N.H. S. 10, 11, 123 Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council President 125 Student Council Treasurer 103 Secretary of N.H. S. 11, French Club Treasurer 10, French Club Secretary 93 Lettermen Club 11, 12, Gymnastics Captain 11, 125 Homecoming Queen 125 Prom Court 11, Sweetheart Court 105 Badger Girl State 113 D.A. R. Recipient 12, Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Library Club Secretary 11. WAGNER, LONNIE: Baseball 11, F.F.A. 11, All High School Curling 9, 10, 11, 12, Curling 10, 115 Industrial Arts Club 11, Intramurals 10, Adult High School Curling 9, 10, 11, 12. WALLER, MARY: G.A.A. 95 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Pep Club 11, 12, Stage Band 10, 11, 12, Solo and Ensembles 9, 10, 11,125 Y. S.Y. 125 French Club 9, 10. wAsoN, DAVID: Basketball 9, Golf 9,105 Bend 9,10,11, Mixed Curling 10, 11,125 cnerne 11. WILBER, CAROL: Class Vice-President 9, Student Council 10, 11, 123 Student Council Treasurer 115 Student Coun- cil Secretary 125 G.A.A.9, 10, 115 G.A.A. Secretary-Treasurer 11, F.H.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 F.H.A. Vice-President 11, F.H.A. President 125 Green Lake Delegate 105 Band 9, 103 Chorus 9, 10, 125 Chorus Treasurer 12, Mixed Curling 9, 10, 11, 12, Cheerleading 9, 10, 125 Solo and Ensembles 10, N.H. S 11, 125 Prom Court 115 Christmas Ball Court 9, Forensics 9, 103 Bear Tracks Staff 10, Pep Club 11, 12. WILLIAMSON, PAUL: Basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, Cross-Country 12, Mixed Curling 11, 12, Pep Club 11, 12, Pep Club Officer 115 Industrial Arts Club 11, 125 Library Club 10, 11, 12, Lettermen Club 9, 10, 11, 12. w1NTERs, MICHAEL: Curling 9, 10, 11, 12, Golf 10, Leftennen Club 10, 11, 12. WOICIECHOWSKI, PEGGY: Class Secretary 9, 10, 11,125 Bear Tracks Staff 105 Intramurals 10, 12, G A.A. 9, 105 F.H.A. 9, 105 Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 125 Pep Club 11, 12, Forensics 9, 105 Pom Pons 9, 115 Cheerleading 10, Chorus 9, 10, Mixed Curling 10, 11, 12. WOOD, KURT: Prom King 115 Christmas Ball Court 105 Library Club 11, 12, Library Club Treasurer 123 Pep Club 11, 123 Chorus 9, 10, N. H. S. 10, 11, 123 N. H. S. President 125 Student Council 9, 10, 11, 125 Cross-Country 12, Bas- ketball 9, 1O, 11, 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Lettennen Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Mixed Curling 10, 11, 125 State Track Meet 11, 12, Christmas Ball King 12. 131 Faculty Directory NAME DEPARTMENT ANDERSON, LORNA- - Home Economics, Junior- Senior High F. H. A. Advisor Pom Pon Advisor CECIL, VERDUN--Science Science Club Advisor Freshman Class Advisor CHRISTIANSON, ROBERT--Social Science Senior Class Advisor COSTANZO, LOUIS--English Speech Dramatics Drama Club Advisor Photography Club Advisor DUELLMAN, ROBERT- - Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Advisor Head Curling Coach Lettermen's Club Advisor Junior Class Advisor FITZPATRICK, DONALD--Science Assistant Principal Assistant Basketball Coach Lettermen's Club Chairman GAUTCH, LARRY--Mathematics Freshman Basketball Coach Lettermen's Club Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor GREEN, FRANCIS--Art Audio Visual Director Assistant Yearbook Advisor HANSON, ED--Assistant Football Coach HANS ON, GWEN--Busine ss Education Yearbook Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor HAYES, MELISSA--General Education HENDRICKSON, DONALD--Agriculture F. F. A. Advisor HENKE, MARLA--Speech Correction JACOBSON, JULIE--Home Economics, Senior High F.H,A. Advisor LUND, DAVID--Social Science Student Council Advisor Lettermen's Club Advisor Assistant Football Coach Head Golf Coach LUND, RUSSELL--Guidance Counselor Head Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Head Baseball Coach Lettermen's Club Advisor MEYERS, MARILYN--English Forensics NELSON, ELAINE--English Forensics National Honor Society Advisor NERBY, AUDREY--Business Education Senior Class Advisor PAMPUCH, RICHARD--Science Intramurals Director Head Track Coach Head Cross- Country Coach Lettermen's Club Advisor Freshman Class Advisor PRUSSING, STEVE--Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Adivosr Senior Class Advisor ROWLANDS, DON--Instrumental Music-Senior High RUNNESTRAND, MARY ESTHER--English Forensics Dramatics Drama Club Advisor SCI-IELLER, ED--Social Science Sophomore Class Advisor SKWIERAWSKI, DON--Physical Education Head Wrestling Coach Lettermen' s Club Advisor Freshman Class Advisor SOLBERG, RONALD--Drivers Education SWENSON, RANDY--Vocal Music- Senior High Elementary Music TEV IS, MARY--French-Junior- Senior High French Club Advisor TWESME, DOROTHY--Librarian Library Club Advisor TWESME, KIM--English Forensics Junior Class Advisor WARRINER, AURORA--Physical Education Gymnastics Coach Cheerleading Advisor Pep Club Advisor G. A. A. Advisor WORRA, JOEL--Mathematics Junior-Varsity Football Coach Junior Class Advisor Autograph Page Autograph Page Autograph Page Autograph Page 11 1.1 11. . '1 .1 ' . 11' ' - 2,1 rg- 1 523' V . , Li . 'ik A rf ' ' ,Rf 5. 1 -1 1 R r' :L 134 ' I M ny. V . as.. .1 lgfk' 1 . K, f . ' if "' 1 '11 ...V 'IQ T 'T' 1:1 ' . .7. - V 'jr 1' ' f . . -' '1 " ' , wri , , ':.- V- '21 1-4 u: "' - ' ' 1 . ' ' 41'- zq, A, A. . .An ,.L. . . . 1 ' in . .ef ' 14, ETH ' EZ r ,- Ax. M9 1 . . 1. 15. . 1g 1. .X 5. +' ' . '7- x Q.. 1 .xp . ' ,..' 1 -r, . ' 1 1 2 ' ' .Q Q.. -2' li 7' ., gw ,W-I3 .,- P,.- . Q , X 1 - 77.1, . " 1 3. . 1- - ' - .-'gg 1. 11. . gi . Vg. V ii: .11 1 4 .. V. . ,1. , -FE' JC" . V., . 1 . A , 1. gg. , , , 11- k " 'zqlzl .. g as V 11' . 1 gp. V I1 1' 1 4 'ih 1 ' 1 .1 1 1 L. -V .4 ' .,, ,11 1 fl 1 dl, . 1 1. 4 Q1 . . , 1 JJ. I V , 41. 3. fi' . '. 7' ' - . 55 ' 1 1 1 f -' A, .1s,3.f'2,:-1. '1 X ip V v ,., 17? 1 V 1 A 1 X - 1. , 1. is 3-M, . . af 1 4 'Di' . m ,r A-1 J ,,1 . .1 QV I-111. ' 'Q , .'F5t,.', M .1 ,. ..,,,. lv 1 11:11. -' -. -1 -. ,,1 V - ' V,..1, gm-V 1 '1 ii . ,4. , ,.. f' rt na. . 11- '- "T if f V F, ff, 4. . - .HSM "' 5 V' 1 V 51, . Q 11, 35-1 ,1 V. 1. P. .H,L."1'. ,I . 1 I EA .w--1. . - 11,1 . . .. '1 . p -. XL. JI" ' T ..: I W. VF. 'T 11 1 ' - - V. .-11 'Q' '-Q. " ,--- . ,511 A 4, 9,11 . ,J 1 1 ' , ,lui all gg. 1 61-11: 13'-.f .. - , 11. ., - ' 1 1 4. . . 'ig' -N ' -1-1.,1:Ef:ff.' f-- -. 1 11 . . ' .1 -f ,.. V.. W. .15-g . - -gl V J .- ' :a'1.:.51i! 4154 4135... .5 .rl . . ' HN- 1 -1 1 f"'317 '- IQ-1:35 ' "M . ' 119:11 '1 5 rg., ' A W ' 'E ' -1-'V11'.E1.. 'IVV -n PW 1. 11. ,IA -.5 5 .f1'. rl' . .A,.'- 1.1 "mln 'L . -s.-. . - " " V ' 1:-Ur . , 'QV -1' -V ' :1 ' 1 .1 11..- 1, ,, ' ' ' . g 1: '-.'. .5 5.1 N .. V. 1 '4 ' 1, .Q V, - -n 1 . 1 H.. 1 . .V ,EVVX fu, V A- ,Lyi . . 1 . - . .4 421-1 t 1 Q 1 1 21. "frm .Jf . 5 , ..g1'1- ' ' 'S 111'-,115 2. -H .V I Pr". , 1 N . . .. V . 14 if I V -1141 .52 -1 1 . V ..,xA, 11..J A. Mah .1.-1, , -1. 1..- . V' 1... 1 '- V 'f - .w:f.ff'- -44.-'M f ' --A ff- Q -1 .'. 3. ' 11. 1 .. 'f ,.1. , ,. th... ' . ,jf . Rf Y in' fum U IL' -1. ' ' y Q 'f.1L.1. . , . 4' ' . . 1 ffk ' ' W ' VV, .1 'Vi K K -1 1 -f.. -.. 11 '- 41. .- mf - mzrfr , V , 111-1 f ,1.,: .. M - 7 1-.gin ,A ,V:A1,. 1V 5 , J q . A V . A! -A! .v. L ' -"J: J ' . I. Q 1 , ' fix ' :tw . I ., '. ,. . ' 1 1 i . -.11 5 . e . .1 1 , A. . 5:4 4 .' p ' . ..4. 7, 1. . 4 1 'I- 'V1 . ' A ' - ' ' . 1 -1 V V. 1. . il". - . TF V 1' 'N' F , V-. IN" 'N M . . 1 .1 4 1 ',- 11 . 'H 1 1 rin' " 'A ' X.: u .VV V..- f 1-1'-. X 1.x . x . 1 . :. N' " ' .V- .' 11 -, ' ' . f ir Y 1 .A . . .3 AV.. 1 , - . , . A f ' -1 .- Q- C ,. . gun ' f-f1 ' A 9' il"-V". , ' IV. : 1' ' :L In A , ? ' ,143 3. V . i ' ,, ' ' - V VL'-V A' .. : .1 -1 . 11 .1 1 V-I X V ah. - 2515. -A I. 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