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,S -. . vlgqw-ir1 mg? G1tgg,,15gQg55:Q ,,pfj1gg,, Q ' 'I X i , , H ex X 1 I. : X 1 V 1 W W, k w m A I " w J : 1 4 ' gfm25.j ' ,, 'I 54?-'W ' 1 f X! -' . 1 , U 4 ,M - ' V' 0 , N X ' W .- 'X 5 - 1 ,V ,, . I p W 1 ,AF 1 ,Q J , 5 f, E J v Q sv 5 JAX 1 1 w, i w ., .,, .,. . -N . .ff 5 NW -1. 1. 3' 'I f . f . fs w 1, H .1 2 q, 'fff 4, ' H" ' lui j A V1 I Hg ' . . ,. . , 1 - if -f '11,-. V , Q - 2. .PX1 ' I +16 L 1, :-5. ,- A643- .affbf 'F . 3 , A . 7, . 3 A 'af ' 2 'H . J- '.', ' , ,fn ip .. ie, -l ,' iii 'Ir' 4' A 4' Lf: S' ' bg. . 4 T ' PBT WV.: S 1 , 1 3. 1 'ij .' :-,fr 9 Q 'Sf' mi 51 'fi r Q 5 ...ip ' S. , . r ,1 Er ' 71. 1, ' L 'Nix' Q a+- 4. 1 H. , - n an if is 'S' -5 . ,, Q- Y' i iiifji .E E is 25,55 1 1 M -5 f h f Nw-...Q 1 I, 0 .. Hz .- X, 4 i' 23? 3? Q X f K Q s i . x i 3 i 1 A Z Q i L Q W s Ak r-is-"lQ5'm., 3 ARRCWHEAD '71 Gale-Ettrick High School Galesville, Wisconsin Co-editors: Renee Berg Linda Enghagen Advisor: Mrs. C. Hanson Reflections Uf Gale-Ettrick High School Educational systems in America are continually changing, and Gale-Ettrick High School is no exception. New techniques and ideas in learning are being applied and old methods are being improved and up-dated. At Gale-Ettrick a vocational coordination program has been put into effect. In its final stages, it will enable a high school student who has completed the program, to go directly from high school graduation into industry. In an effort to further world relations and promote communications among different countries of the world, the American Field Service is being re- organized at Gale-Ettrick, thus bringing a foreign exchange student to Gale Ettrick in 1972. The world situations such as the Mid-east conflicts and Southeast Asian war as well as the elections held in the 1970- 1971 school year, involved Gale- Ettrick students and gave them the chance to exercise their citizenship. Reflections on 1971 are as many and as varied as the nu.mber of students at Gale- Ettrick. Reflect a moment, wont'you. . . . . ? I Tabletof as Contents 2 3 Testing Our A bilities 3 L He has a right to criticize who has a heart to help ...... Abraham Lincoln .ff fixrpq .M. . F 2, - ..- .K .. , 'iii PW .K Q fww ,, xx, ,rig Q li 43 .1.s. . . .. ., ...yi ,N :2.'...'51T K A sf' A YSH X Ni- . f ar' W , ,,Q'...,,, . . - Q N k S' - , A A K - . ,I , . K. . , f K5 .1m.avw 1- l X- -' 3 Q, , . , K . , 9' x Ex V Q i I 'Q-, X Kumi-flSs+,,?? M N.. N52 X. THAN A ' 7 Dedication Mrs. Elaine Nelson, gra . - f Galesville High School with a Bache - 4 cien - degree from Wis- consin State Unive '. 1 --L . r e s presently work- ing on her Maste deg . lish Mrs. Nelson, with previous te chin ex rie ce of 1 ine years, is completing he eyxfigfyaqale- ttrick. She was selected - se on state dvis committee for curriculu a lanning and developm t in the field of English. S is currently serving o committee of eight secon ry teach of Englis who are work- ing on a new tr 'nin program r s dent teachers in English with Wisc - in State Un' 1-sity--La Crosse. In addition to her sup . i ork in English and Speechg she does an ff c l - t - v with forensics, her students having on many co erence titles. I-Ier students say t, if it wer po ible to describe Mrs. Nelson in j 1 - - . ord would have forensics Na ' ll . ' n . 0 le-Ettrick Red- men and Char 1 Bro - - - ion reaches her students when s of their ability and rarely is the es med if - To Mrs. Nelso lc and interest to be "dedicat X sroom teaching, ' Q can in young peopl , H 1 - ica . ' 1 Arrowhead. PEANUTS drawing by staff artist with apologies to Charles M. Schulz and Courtesy of the Minneapolis Star and Tribune -- QUnited Feature Syndicate, Inc. 1950. 8 ACTIVITIES 81 ORGANIZATIUN - A Time For Us "A Time For Us" expressed the feelings of X TOP: ju1ie's at it again! ABOVE: A time for uS?? RIGHT: London bridge is falling down. 10 prom couples who danced and dreamed to the music of the Buddy Frank orchestra while simulated columns, stained glass windows, real trees and a pond stocked with live trout provided all the romance and beauty of the days of Romeo and Juliet. King Mike Baer and Queen Lanie Mryland led the Grand March followed by their court, Mark Alvarez and Karen Olson, Orie Elstad and Anita Dick, Bob Oines and Rhonda Truax, Paul Sacia and Maria Alvarez and Tim Twesme and julie Truax. v QF, Www r I Yearbook Staff Sets Pace The 1971 yearbook staff has presented to the school a plaque with the names of the co- editors or editor of the yearbook engraved on separate plates in memory of our 1968 yearbook editor, Vernon Jacobs. . Striving to meet the high standard of editing that Vernon jacobs achieved is, and will be, a constant challenge to every yearbook editor who follows him. The task is great but the rewards are many. Congratulations and thank you to Renee Berg and Linda Enghagen for a job well-done in '71, Mrs. Hanson, advisor RIGHT: Co- editors Renee Berg and Linda Enghagen display the Vernon Jacobs Memorial plaque. ABOVE: L. TO R.: L. Sander, B. Bahnub, S. Hanson discuss layouts. RIGHT: L. TO R,: K. Twesme, P. Douglas, B. johnson, M. McBride, and D. Brown prepare copy. I ,ROW 1: Mrs. Nelson, Advisor, C. Hoff, B. Aasland, C. Anderson, K. Collins, L. Enghagen. ROW 2: K. Butman B. Aasland, J. Kaste, S. Halderson, R. Docken, J. Hogden. BACK ROW: K. Cantlon, W. Meunier, B. Oines, J. I Byom, G. Hansen, D. Spencer. I Belonging Is An Honor For S Students The members of the National Honor Society continually """""" strive to uphold their high principles of character, schol- arship, leadership and service. Through this constant striving, they function as food citizens in their communi- ty, responsible members in their families, and intelligent, mature students in their school. -v Acting as guides during Parent-Teacher Conferences and ushers during graduation week, the members were of service to their school. The 1970-71 National Honor Society officers were Linda Enghagen, president, Bob Oines, vice president, Kim Cantlon, secretary, and john Byom, treasurer. RIGHT: jan Kaste speaks out on leadership at the NHS induction service. I J. johnson, J. Erickson, C. Tschabold, D. Baer, E. Clark, A. Bishop, T. Twesme, Mr. Lund, S. Schreiner, S. Schel ler, P. Nichols, K. Twesme, K. Back. Student Council An affiliate of the Wisconsin Association of Student Councils, the Gale-Ettrick Student Council strives for organized government and understanding between students and administration. Such things as dress guidelines and other student grievances are brought to the attention of the Council, discussed and then car- ried to the administration. The 1970-71 school year was filled with planned activities and school services. Besides maintaining the pop machine, the Cotuicil kept the Student Directory up to date. They also took part in school candy sales and began plans for an out- door athletic scoreboard. Homecoming week was planned by the Student Council, with a parade, bonfire and sock hop. Jim Johnson coordinated the activities and kept things running smoothly. At Chrisunas time, a movie, "With Six You Get Eggroll", was shown, and re- freshments were served to the student body. Throughout the 1970-71 school year, the Student Council was under the leadership of Tim Twesme, president, Steve Schell- er, vice-president, Anita Bishop, secre- tary, and Steve Schreiner, treasurer. RIGHT: Student Council officers fill pop machine. Council Upen New Doors - ' Ranting And Raving For Fun LEFT: G.A.A. Officers: K. Olson, E. Clark, S. Baer, R. Docken, Miss Nyseth. LOWER LEFT: Were putting it all together. BELOW: Don't get caught defenseless. J l 'Throughout the year, girls can be seen partici- pating in after-school games of basketball, vol- leyball, softball, tumbling, bowling and bad- minton. These activities are sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association, whose purpose is the planning of individual and group recreation for its members. Always keeping in mind that exercise and sports are essential parts of education, the GAA plans activities to support this purpose, but at the same time they have fun. S. Baer, L. Sacia, B. Bahnub, M. Smith, K. Collins, K. Butman, B. Aasland, B. Smith "Stable Home Starting off their year, the Gale-Ettrick Future Home- makers of America again sponsored a food stand at the home football games. Hundreds of enthusiastic, but chilled-to-the-bone football fans frequented the stand. Ten freshmen girls were initiated into the chapter on October 26, with a tea held afterward for the mothers of the members. On November 4, Gale-Ettrick was host to the annual Fall District Rally in their area. Girls from five schools attended the meeting, at which the guest speaker was Mrs. Carl Nordhagen from the Trempealeau County Hospital. Her speech was based on the ra1ly's theme of "Happiness Is. . . " Other activities sponsored throughout the year by the Fl-lA chapter were trick- or- treating for UNICEF, packing cookies for Gale-Ettrick servicemen, sending Christmas presents to the Sparta Children's Home, entertaining the patients at the Trempealeau County Hospital, and awarding prizes in the conservation speech contest, at the junior High level. - Stable Life" The 1970-71 chapter was under the guidance of its advisor, Mr. I. Jacobson and its officers Kathy Collins, president, Kathy Butman, vice president, Mary Smith, secretary, Barbara Aasland, treasurer, Sue Baer,parlia- mentariang Beth Bahnub, degree chairman, Becky Smith, Historian and Laurie Sacia, recreation leader. Using their state projects of "Environmental Pollution-- Our Challenge" and "Stable Home--Stable Life" as guides for their activities, the FHA provided constructive group projects as well as recreation. They held business meetings and ceremonies, but there were popcorn parties and a Christnnas pizza party, too. Through their Future Homemaker activities, the members are well on their way to becoming responsible members of families, communities, and of America. ROW 1: A. Dick, K. Cantlon, C. Farley, D. Nehring, R. Docken. ROW 2: L. Sander, L. Stensven, B. Bahnub, S. Hanson, M. Smith, B. Johnson, D. Lund, K. Corcoran, K. Richason, D. Swenson, B. Leisgang. ROW 3: K. Olson, E. Myrland, S. Twesme, R. Truax, M. Alvarez, D. Vosseteig, P. Rogers, C. Anderson, S. Halderson. 1 Auxli G 5 3 2 rx a -...,...--..., ann...- -1 3 jf 3 A 1 f Sirf . .X X 'f .g igdikkx A V 'ls D WM H ,MX5s ,, I My W Q l'w S N? '-Qs SK sg'Q V2 xxkxlm ,vi Qffigwigf 1' Qigwggsi N41 4-X 95' ' X R X 1 1 M Qiggf izfw., W g r ' Qi? 3 rg, ,giizi 11-"' - ' A' n . -Q. r My .- RNA ! 2 vi, Q J 1 4 6'- r. fukin fs 'TSW 'fx ' wr ., 1 g ? Q5 FFA S trives To Improve Agriculture The Future Farmers of America is a national organiza- tion in public schools and is part of the vocational agriculture program. As an intra-curricular activity, the purposes of the FFA are to develop leadership, character, sportsmanship, cooperation, service, thrift, scholarship, improved agriculture, organized recreation, citizenship, and patriotism. The Gale-Ettrick chapter of FFA participates in several state and national activities, one of which is judging contests. Each year FFA members take part in these contests which are held at the Wisconsin State Univer- sities at Madison and River Falls and at the Northwest Livestock lbcposition at Eau Claire. They include judg- ing of crops and livestock and other items related to agriculture. The State Fair at West Allis, the Tremp- ealeau County Fair at Galesville, and the Northwest Livestock Exposition at Eau Claire are also entered by many FFA members. Delegates from the Gale- Ettrick FFA are sent to the State FFA Convention at Green Lake, the District Leadership meeting, and the Speech and Creed Contests. Other FFA activities include the maintenance of the school forest, basketball and soft- ball tournaments, a radio program during FFA week, senior fishing trip and the presentation of awards to individual members. The FFA is a non-profit organization self-supported largely through the annual sale of magazines. The FFA officers for 70-71 are Gary Molid, president, jim Johnson, vice president, Mark Delaney, sentinel, Steve Bryhn, treasurer, johnny Seago, secretary, Gene Hansen, reporter. X r Now t.hat's what I call putting things together! K s ROW 1: R. Tisthammer, D. Evenson, M. Clark, L. Stuhr, T. Smith, T. Hovre, R. Nastvold, J. Sahlstrom, S. Renning, I. Bettesworth, C. Wier, L. Dahl. ROW 2: D. Anderson, W. Johnson, G. Mickelson, L. Krackow, M. Delaney, R. Severson, W. Henderson, D. Mosier, D.Baardseth, W. Ziegler, M. Johnson, E. Moller. ROW 3: G. Hansen, M. Bolterman, R. Brenengen, F. Berg, D. Bolterman, G. Severson, P. Pederson, C. Swenson, D. Stuhr, R. Byrne, S. Ravnum. ROW 4: J, Seago, G. Mahlum, B. Stuhr, T.Walton, j. Emmons, S. Quall, S. Heath, G. Molid, J. Johnson, J. Berg, S. Bryhn, Mr. Hendrickson, Advisor. f ROW 1: R. Tisthammer, D. Evenson, J. Bettesworth, M Clark L Stuhr, T Hovre, R Nastvold j Sahlstrom ROW 2: C. Wier, T. Smith, D. Anderson, L. Krackow, M Delaney S Renmng, W Henderson E Moller, L. Dahl. BACK ROW: Mr. Hendrickson, advisor, F. Berg, B Stuhr, T Walton, S Bryhn, D Stuhr, C Swenson, S. Ravnum, R. Severson, M. Johnson. 7"8"! The Wisconsin junior Dairymen's Association is also supported by the Gale-Ettrick FFA. The aim of WJDA is to encourage herd analysis and the keeping of good herd records. The organization also has speech and demonstration contests in which members can partici- pate, and schools and individual members may apply for various awards throughout the year. As part of WJDA, Gale-Ettrick is represented at the Sectional Meeting and at the State Convention and Dairy Show where livestock is exhibited. Chorus Swings With Sound December 15 marked the first of three concerts by the Gale-Ettrick Mixed Chorus and Girls' Glee Club. Traditional Christmas carols were sung along with songs by Benjamin Britten. In the spring, two more concerts were given, one of them being a pop con- cert, featuring selections written by Simon and Garfunkel. The 1971 District music contest was held at Gale- Ettrick. Seven schools participated with those receiving A-ratings continuing on to State competition. In the summer of 1970, Sonja Twesme and Kathy Buttman attended the Stevens Point Music Camp. Here they received individual and group training in techniques and approaches to singing. The Chorus Department provides its members with valuable experience in group work, as well as giving them satisfaction in participating as a soloist. Through Chorus, many Gale-Ettrick students gain knowledge of music and have fun as well. RIGHT: Singing with Spirit? ?? ? ? ? ROW 1: C. Solberg, C. Johnson, C. Trim, M McBride, C Tschabold D Vosseteig D Stith, C Moulton, A. Bishop. ROW 2: R. Brandtner, L Howe, K Richason, W Nelsestuen, P Howard, M Bay, L. Powell, M. Erickson, B. Leisgang ROW 3 B Aasland M Meunier, M Mlsna, R Truax, G Van Riper, L. Mickleson, R. Docken, K. Butman ROW4 D Teska, j McKeeth R Schermerhorn S Williamson, A. Paulson, J. Poss, B. Near. . 1 N X Ai gg'-f 23391533338 i 1, , 1,53 , . A K ' 1 ig , i . X I QLL 3 .. , A , hi Clim bing Musical Ladders p The versatile Gale-Ettrick High School band plays music ranging from well- known tunes to old time favorites and from rock to pop. Seventy-two mem- bers with volume and pitch, combine to make a great sound. At Christmas time the band presented a concert of traditional Christmas songs, ending with a narrated version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas. " They pre- sented a spring pops concert and took part in an exchange concert with the Arcadia High School band. In the fall of 1970, the Gale-Ettrick band was invited to march in the La- Crosse.State Homecoming Parade, and in the spring of '71, Gale-Ettrick was host to the district festival. Those re- ceiving "A" ratings participated in the state festival. No more do band students have to crane their necks to see their director. New band risers were purchased this past year, making it possible for even the shortest people to sit in the back row. Officers for the 1970-71 year were Ian Kaste, president, Connie Hoff, vice- president, Julie Truax, secretary, and Maria Alvarez, treasurer. ROW 1: D. Geske, J. Truax, V. Henderson, I. Beime, D. Anderson. ROW 2: P. Nichols, B. Schwanhoff, P. Sacia, P. Deeren, C. Emerson, M. Johnson. ROW 3: R. Berg, D. Swenson, M. johnson, C. Guthrie, K. Twesme, L. Krack ow, K. Hunter, 1. Brenengen, T. Hunter, K. Krackow. ROW 4: C. Hoff, J. Truax, M. Anderson, C. Hanson, B. Johnson, C. Grover, L. Severson. ROW S: S. Dahl, R. Hoff, B. Knepper. X 4 is ,g S ABOVE: Look who's out of step. RIGHT: We can make music. mk,iv, gf .1 an fi: xx A - X. -1, .Z Q xg Q3 ,ss-A S . 4 i X is 24 K , 1 3 32 Eli W' x . an gli: nan, FM Q if- 2 Q if ip 5 X Q REQ Q xx af gk Q an i 'W' if 1, K NL Q x W ef 0' ' -ax :-,sn .., My kiln F, iff, ,f i Y 'I ,gp 1 if A,?w Girls' Gymnastics Team Organized ROW 3: P. Douglas, M. Meunier, R. Docken, D. Anderson, J. Hilton, K. Krackow, R. Hoff. ROW 2: M. johnson, P. Dee- ren, L. Pa.:-khurst, K. Twesme, M. Bay, J. Trim, A. Elliot, Miss Nyseth, Advisor. ROW 1-S Dett' er K. Guth- . . mg , rie, L. Docken, D. Stith, K. Collins, D. Boeman. ABOVE: Look at the Birdie! Cercle Francais LEFT: French Club officers: E. Clark, A. Paulson and K. Twesme BELOW: j'aime beaucoup le francais. ROW 1: K. Ekern, M. Waller, L. Sander, M. Alvarez, R. Docken, B. Aasland, R. Berg, C. Anderson, C. Guthrie, C. . ' - M. Hanson, ROW 2: R Christiansen, advisor, Conrad, J. Hauser, J. Olson, D. Spenser, A. Paulson, M. Anderson, B. Bahnub, E. Clark, P. Douglas, K. Twesme, S. Hanson, ROW 3: I. Erickson, B. Knepper, S. Dettinger, L. Docken, M. Zoeller, R. Aasland, R. Aasland, C. Stage, K. Richason, K. Corcoran. French Club is designed to enable the students in French I, II, and III to meet together and socialize. A number of activities are planned for each meeting. Several language games are played and students listen to albums recorded by popular French artists, such as Francoise Hardy. Correspondence with French pen pals is encouraged. Many .letters are' shared with the group and those most recently received are posted on the bulletin board along with snap- shots. The foreign correspondent's city or town is indicat- ed on a map. Lunch consists of typical French foods, bddhe de Ndel fChrist:mas yule logj, petits fours fSmal1 cakesj, and eclairs all chocolat, and a boisson fcoke, pepsi, etc. J have been served this year. Planned activities for the year include participation ,in the annual National French Contest, the Poetry Contest spon- sored by the Association of Teachers of French in Wiscon- sin, and a trip to WSU--Eau Claire to attend the Grand Gala Diner, un bon diner--each dish having been pre- pared using authentic French recipes. 'The 1970 speaker for the dinner was the cultural attache of Chicago, who presented an interesting talk recalling the visit of General De Gaulle to his city. To keep a library running smoothly and efficiently, requires time, patience and ability. The Gale-Ettrick Library Club members possess all of these traits, and it is through their efforts that the high school library is kept so well organized. It makes no difference whether one is seeking articles on Ralph Nader, Shetland ponies, or automobile motors, thirty- five eager and interested members always seem to be on hand to help. Besides helping with library duties, the student librarians purchased famous art reprints for the library, operated a paperback book store and organized a coat check for home basketball games. Serving as the 1970-71 officers were Rita Docken, president, Kim Cantlon, vice president, Debbie Swenson, secretary, and Linda Enghagen, treasurer. To learn more about library duties and the proper techniques for special servicies, various workshops were attended through- out the year. During the summer of 1970, Linda Enghagen attended the Student Librarian Workshop at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. A Student Librarians of Western Wisconsin Convention was held at Bangor in September, with twelve Gale-Ettrick students attending. Hats off to om' fine Library Club. Students Seek New - J E F ROW 1: J. Truax, R. Docken, D.Schwar2hoff, D. Swenson, D.Cory, I. Berg, K. Collins, K. Cantlon, C. Anderson, S. Douglas, C. Grover. ROW 2: D. Spencer, D. Stellpflug, J. Kaste, L. Enghagen, B. Leisgang, K. Twesme, B. Smith, S. Hanson, M. Baye, M. Anderson, B. Johnson. 5 Bridge Uuer Troubled Water Homecoming was officially opened at the bonfire and pep fest on Thursday evening, October 1, with Mike Baer and Maria Alvarez beginning their reign as King and Queen. Named to their court were: Mark Alvarez and Connie Hoff, Paul Sacia and Lanie Myrland, Orie Elstad and Sue Baer, Tim Twesme and julie Truax, and Bob Oines and Karen Olson. Cleverly designed and constructed floats, marching pom pon girls and a briskly playing band marked the parade on Friday afternoon. "A Time For Victory" by the Seniors, "Give'em A Bum Steer" by the Freshmen, and "Take Salem Out Of The Country by the Future Farmers of America claimed the first three places. That night with a 31-6 victory over the West Salem Panthers brightening their sky, couples danced to the music of Nassau. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was the theme making Home- coming 1970 a very warm and happy occasion to be remembered. Queen Maria - King Mike ABOVE: Homecoming Royalty leads parade ABOVE: We 've got the whole school on our side. BELOW: Nassau group provided music for Homecoming Dance HOMECOMING COURT Tim Twesmeg King, Mike Baerg Queen, Maria Alvarezg Lanie Myrland, Sue Baer, julie Truax, Karen Olson, Connie Hoff, Orie Elstad, Paul Sacia, Bob Oines, Mark Alvarez. ROW 1: S. Twesme, P. Nichols, P. Rogers, D. Bishop, L. Daffinson, K. Twesme, S. Douglas, D. Vosseteig, M. A1 varez, J. Trim, R. Berg, C. Hoff. ROW 2: J. McKeeth, S. Cook, D. Stith, M. Meunier, C. Emerson, C. Grover, L Parkhurst, D. Bowman, K. Collins, K. Corcoran, M. Baye, C. Anderson, S. Halderson, K. Cantlon, R. Docken, Mr K. Twesme, Mrs. M. Runnestrand. The Happening Happens In the fall of 1970, the Drama Club presented, "Along Came Harriet", a one-act play and "With- out Strings", a humorous skit. Performing in these were: Rita Docken, Jan Kaste, Katy Twesme, La1u'ie Sacia, Marilyn Meunier, Debbie Stith and Debbie Vosseteig. Behind the scenes, the rest of the club members created scenery, prepared costumes, applied make-up and sold tickew. The Drama Club has one major purpose in mind when it presents plays and other entertainment. That purpose is to promote drama and further its appre- ciation. Each year the club plans activities and pro- grams to further that purpose. 1 l LEFT: "It's Curtains for the Cats" at the Homecoming football against West Salem. R N x x H , M ' I . K - f" I mx W' GJ sg , wfsgkgx fwfzgi' x -. r W-3 if ,. H X A V K M , -if - . ' ' YQ , AX" X ,T .-W,, .,..k ,W ,,-.Qg M.. Q -'fx r WLS , ,, . .3 M:NfAfy,. , ,mf .Q . , .. . ,.., Kyh' V m N, , . . L,,,, , , , At each home football game, the Gale- Ettrick Pom Pon squad, with bright smiles and precise steps, performed under the lights and in cool temperatures. The sight of their red and white uniforms raised the chilled spirits of the spec- tators and made the cold weather less noticeable. Home basketball games brought inside the Pom Pon girls and their routines of kicks and dance steps to popular music. In the fall of '70 the squad attended a clinic at LaCrosse to learn new routines. The officers for the 1970-71 squad were Rita Docken, captaing Lynita Docken, co-captaing and Shauna Dettinger, secretary-treasurer. ABOVE: And the grass won't pay no mind. RIGHT: Baye made a mistake? Dancing - Creating ABOVE: ROW 1: D. Vosseteig, D. Nehring, K. Twesme, C. Moulton, M. johnson, S. Dettinger, E. Clark, L, Docken, R. Brandtner, L. Sacia. ROW 2: R. Docken, J. Truax, M. Baye, P. Douglas, M. Smith, S. Twesme, M. Anderson, K Bebakken, D. Swenson, K. Krackow. 32 1 I I -,, I , r " SENIORS Seniors Up And Unward Reflecting back on their high school days, the Class of '71 will have many memories. There were basketball games, wrestling matches, proms, mixers, organizational meetings and exams. There were sad moments and happy moments, embarrassing moments and proud moments. There were times when it seemed nothing would ever be right again, and then just a smile from a fellow student would change everything. Even though the Senior Class is looking forward to graduation, a job, vocational school, or college, their high school years will always be something special--to be remembered with smiles and tears and always with a bit of longing. 'sk 34 as ., 3 is gy- -Q sem ive: a - , Q 5 1 , mg X Q XX f , V, 7 Q 4 XR X5 EX. V K, sxxg' ws as KN X . . x. ..,, Q X , . Nb., Q X ig x 3 X E KX Q W X K 7 ., X x A X Q X X 1 X JAMES BEIRNE E. JAMES BERG RENEE BERG BONNIE BETTESWORTH GREGORY BIESEN w I U LORRAINE BISHOP MY RON BOLTERMAN RIGHT: Mystery date. . 36 15 av , if inf , 5 ' i ' 'yy xy, A. ,Af was f' 2 3 if 3 if if 5 5 "' 3 ,. I In Q .B+ X r if sf: , X we f Eg Q , 2 QQ 'W 22, gf' .ts- iy is Mi A V N,,.g,W,. I .. L 7 N N l I l ORIE ELSTAD JOHN EMMONS LINDA ENGHAGEN BELOW: Waiting for Karen? MICHAEL ERICKSON CHERYL FARLEY DAVID GESKE 39 , 4 K1 E ,-'EM . y ,, QA. Q' X? W if Q X Q55 Aw 'F ,fbi af CONNIE HOFF PAMELA HOWARD VINCENT HOWE SUSAN HURD LARRY JACOBS 1 1- - - - A -- A fl , 'igghilyzf X 2, ' fi Six 2kpx1 Y4 JAMES JOHNSON JOYCE JOHNSON JAN KASTE KATHLEEN KRACKOW KATHLEEN LEBAKKEN ,-is 'f Q BELOW: Globe Trotter? BARBARA LEISGANG RICHARD LONGWELL Wim. W , REBECCA MASON DONALD MCKEETH MARILYN MEUNIER 42 LES TER MICKELSON GARY MOLID ELAINE MYRLAND DEN ISE NEHRING ROBERT onsnss KAREN oLsoN RIGHT: pick, pick 43 RIGHT: A stitch in time. . TERRY PATTEN TIMOTHY PERVISKY 51 Z . xi 5. .W , ,A 5 MICHAEL POSS KATHY RICHASON PAULA ROGERS PAUL SACIA RIGHT: Sock it to 'em Cooch! 44 REX SCHERNIERHORN D STEPHEN SCHREINER DONALD SCHWARZHOF F GARY SEVER SON 45 BELOW: ConVince me he doesn't have hard teeth! ! DANIEL SKAAR MARY SMITH DENNIS STELLPFLUG BRUCE STUHR DEBRA SWENSON DONALD TESKA JULIE TRUAX RHONDA TRUAX ROBERT TRUAX 46 s TIMOTHY TWESME DEBORAH VOSSETEIG LEFT: I've got it! I TIMOTHY WALTON LELAND WIER T 47 STEVEN WILLIAMSON KATHY WUNSCH MICHAEL ZOELLER RIGHT: Try these on for size! X7 v fi PORT f f , 1 i g :fav ROW 1: T. Twesme, B. Stuhr, D. Stuhr, O. Elstad, M. Baer, R. Truax, E. Przytarski. ROW 2: N. Valiska, R. Schermerhorn, P. Sacia, D. Skaar, F. Peterson, J. Byom, G. Biesen. nderclassmen Show Promise The 1970 Gale-Ettrick baseball team showed determination and perserverence despite a record of more losses than wins. The 1970 season also marked the end of a twelve-year coach- ing career for Mr. Norman Valiska. He has seen many games in which, though they did not win in runs, the Redmen show- ed great athletic ability and team work. Redmen Bruce Stuhr and Mike Baer chosen for their hitting and fielding ability were elected to the 1970 All-Coulee Conference Baseball Team. The prospects of the 1971 baseball season are good. Although six lettermen graduated, the underclassmen show some promising ability and enthusiasm which should go toward RI GHT: Well- uh-um-uh. the making of a strong team. E The Swing Is The BELOW: Look behind you Orie- Thing The final 1970 Coulee Conference standings found the Gale-Ettrick Golf team in second place. They had a good season, finishing first in the regional tournament held at the Galesville Golf Club and placing third in the sectional tournament at Viroqua. With four lettermen returning, Coach Fitzpatrick is looking forward to a successful 1971 season, with strong possibilities of a number one Coulee Conference placing B. Guthrie, D. Wason, P. Flarhety, O. Elstad, M. Severson, R. Anderson, D. Fitzpatrick, Coachg P. Williamson. ABOVE: What a pro or pose! ROW 1: D. Grieve, B. Near, T. johnson, M. Olson, I. Hogden, E. Przytarski, V. Conrad, G. Mickelson, B. Lehman, T. Pervysky, M. Baer. ROW 2: D. Stellpflug, T. Jensen, F. Peterson, J. Byom, B. johnson, B. Oines, L. Mickelson, M. Daffinson, D. Spencer, Manager. Trackmen Are Regional Champs With the power of strong athletes and the willingness to win, Gale- Ettrick took the regional track championship in 1970. They placed second in the Coulee Conference and placed three Redmen in the State Meet. They were: Bob Oines in the 880, Mike Baer in the 100 and the long jump, and Mike Daffinson in the 440. Outstanding rack team members who helped carry Gale- Ettrick to the winners circle in 1970 were: Dave Grieve in pole vaulting, Mike Daffinson in the 440, Bob Oines in the 880 and pole vaulting and Mike Baer in the low hurdles, long jump and the 100. With two 1970 state meet entries returning to the track team, 1971 promises to be a successful and exciting year. ,DUEL , E- GAL 63 7 RIGHT: Hey Bob .... your slippin' UPPER LEFT: And this is only for practice. ABOVE: Another try at breaking the record BELOW: Grieve 's record breaking style. Hustling Toward Success Mike Baer, Dick Longwell and Paul Sacia were the only returning lettermen on the 1970-71 Redmen basketball squad. Other players seeing a lot of action were john Byom, Orie Elstad, Wayne Meunier, Mike Stellflue and Bruce Stuhr. The Redmen boasted a very balanced attack, with seven players scoring in double figures during the season. With experienced varsity players still remaining and up-and-coming "B" team players, the Gale-Ettrick Redmen can look forward to another year of strong basketball competition. ROW 4: P. Flarhety, J. Olson, R. Larson, K. Back, F. Peterson, K. Casey, B. Near. ROW 3: D. Fitz- patrick, Coach, B. Lehman, T. Hunter, M. Sever- son, M. Olson, P. Williamson, W. Henderson, R. Aasland, Manager. ROW 2: L. Gautsch, Coach, J. Cantlon, J. Richason, K. Back, D. Salsman, D. Baer, R. Aasland, Manager. ROW 1: V. Conrad, J. Truax, J. Elstad, D. Teska, L. Stuhr. D. Stellpflug, Manager, M. Baer, O. Elstad, B. Stuhr, J Byom, M Stellilue, R Longwell, P Sacla, S Scheller, T Twesme, W. Meunier, S. Ravnum, D. Spencer, Manager E." ll ...iff i uf 'f sf, 'F' . 2 'RB . fl ass ess Q, A flgj 5 as ll it eg aan 71 A 322 ROW 1: K. Hunter, D. Folkedahl, T. Hunter, E. Przytarski, D. Docken, L. Mickelson, D. Geske, B. Near, G. son. ROW 2: D. Skaar, M. Stellflue, P. Sacia, E. Kopp, J. Byom, P. I-Ialderson, F. Peterson, S. Scheller, S. son, T. Patten. ROW 3: R. Schermerhorn, G. Beisen, T. Twesme, M. Zoeller, R. Oines, M. Alvarez, T. Jensen, B. Stuhr, O. Elstad, S. Bryhn. ROW 4: D. Teska, D. Remus, G. Molid, D. Remus, R. Truax, W. Meunier, R. New ' . T. Pervisky, M. Baer, T. johnson. Redmen Repeat As No. 1 The 1970 Redmen football team faced a big challenge. From as Coulee Conference Champions and retain our number one rating amoung Wisconsin's small high schools? The challenge was met head on by a determined group of young men, and at the end of the season the Redmen had extended their winning streak to 25 games, were Coulee Conference Champions and were again number one in the Little Ten. The Redmen featured a balanced offensive attack with Orie Elstad, Mike Baer, and Bob Oines sharing the ball carrying duties. Paul Sacia led a potent passing game, throwing to such capable receivers as Orie Elstad, Mike Baer, Bob Oines, Tim Twesme and John Byom. The outstanding offensive play of the 1970 Redmen was made possible by a very dedicated, con- stantly improving group of linemen. Bruce Stuhr, Bob Truax, Mark Alvarez, Terry Patten, and Reed Niederkorn developed from an inexperienced group of individuals into an explosive, well- polished unit that played football in the Redmen tradition. Defensively the Redmen showed the same improvement. As 4 the season progressed, the opposition found the Redman goal line tougher and tougher to cross. Depth was the outstanding feature of the defensive line. Steve Scheller, Tim Twesme, Terry Patten, Steve Williamson, Ed Kopp, Tim Perviskey, Dan Skaar, Tony Jensen and Paul Halderson all saw a lot of action, Mark Alvarez, Greg Biesen and Don Teska provided the team with some excellent linebacking. Mike Baer, Les Mickelson, Orie Elstad and Bob Oines provided the Redmen with an outstanding pass defense. Bob Oines, Paul Sacia, Mike Baer, Tim Twesme, Mark Al- varez, Ed Kopp and Steve Scheller were elected to the All Conference Team. For the second time Mike Baer made the All State Team as a defensive player. Bob Oines and Paul . Sacia received honorable mention on the All State Team. Although many of the team members received individual hon- ors, it should be remembered that it takes team work to make these honors possible. It is through this team work that the ABOVE: Sock it to 'ern Redmen remained on top during the 1970 season and hope to retain this position in 1971. the opening day of practice, the question was, can we repeat . P. 'df W 6 QX Q is 1, -1542 l A Q, az' .i' gf e H 1, 2 af ' ig. 'MQ 3 Q 4' In g A if Qld X! i v...-' 5 WJ- My 5 X ' .f lf J V's Grind Out Yardage , J , A 2 ,, , , . ii W i "J ,., . J J 3, n 1Q X A ' f J KX l s. ' M 1 ' . iz. P J E f l I s I ROW 1: J. Elstad, R. Neilderkorn, W. Johnson, T. Hauser, J. Truax, R. Tranberg, T. Smith, L. Jacobson, L. Sturhr. ROW 2: B. Lehman, J. Hauser, M. Olson, R. Aasland, M. Johnson, D. Teska, T. Collins, S. Cook, M. Paulson. ROW 3: D. Baer, T. Hunter, F. Berg, D. Docken, B. Near, D. Salsman, J. Cantlon, R. Aasland, P. Scheller, J. Carroll, coach. ROW 4: T. Johnson, K. Casey, J. Richason, T. Jensen, P. Halderson, F. Peterson, L. Graham, D. Remus, L. Krackow, G. Mickelson. In 1970 the Junior Varsity enjoyed one of its J BELOW: Hey Man---Move fast! most successful seasons being undefeated in ' conference play. The only loss of the season came in their last game when they played a strong Cotter "B" team from Winona. This year the unusually heavy line was es- pecially effective, both on defense and offense. Prospects for the 1971 season are promising, for with this strong Junior Varsity, Gale- Ettrick can look forward to another season of Varsity victories. 5 E The Gale- Ettrick Curling team belongs to the Mid-Wisconsin Conference, West- ern Division. They play four conference and two non-conference games each season. Twenty-one boys are involved in curling, so there is no lack of team members. The The 1970-71 Varsity team consisted of Dan Skaar, skip, James Bierne, third rock, Steve Williamson, second rock, and Tim Twesme, first rock. The Junior Varsity team members were Dave Brown, Mark Delaney, John Emmons and Ron Severson. With the cold area winters, curling is fast becoming a popular Redmen sport, and the Gale-Ettrick Curling team is starting to make a name for themselves in the Western Division. ROW 2: J. Carroll, Coach, D. Spencer, M. Poss, R. Severson, R. Severson, D. Skaar, S. Williamson, J. Emmons, S. Kopp. ROW 1: G. Goetzman, D. Brown, D. McKeeth, J. Beirne, T. Johnson, S. Schreiner, M. Delaney, J. Hogden. Good Season For Curlmg Team LEFT: If at first you don't succeed. ABOVE: How's the ice??????? Young Wrestlers Gam Experzence ABOVE: Warm up on Tex - RIGHT: Watch the birdie Faced with using young and somewhat inexperi- enced athletes, the Gale-Ettrick wrestling team ended their season in the debit column with more losses than wins. Although they did have individual wins, their team score was less than that of their opponents. Even though the 1970- 71 season was anything but bright, Coach Cecil has one thing to say about the '71- '72 season, "Watch Out! " The young wrestlers will have another year of experience and maturity under their belts. Add this to their desire to win and the Redman Wrestlers will be on top in '72. N 5 f 5 WW ,,,, , ---' 'L I' m. A,:. " .ff-""""-,ezidw V .W x 1 fa, - is We X-ov Q ,,:1 N23 .A x -'Pix . 5 Eggs? wx x.,q, 3 n 1 f A 1 Juniors The members of the class of 1972 have one more year left of their high school careers. Then comes vocational training, a job, or college. But in the meantime, they will be occupied with proms, mixers, games and studies. It is with anticipation and some apprehension that the class of '72 looks to its junior year. Financial worries are predom- inant and ways to make money for their prom and class are uppermost in their minds. With their spirit and their deter- mination, the juniors are sure to succeed. Class officers, as shown at left are A. Paulson, M. Anderson, M. Stellflue, J. Byom. . - V-.?.:?.?ff4 'T C .. ia 5 - fiiek.. EVE 5 ' 'Sm A . A if 1 W H ff K5 " -'S .-Y. ?! . , if ' C V A 4. 14 , 5 2 Nr' . A 4 ei: - - . I A M LN ik- A . . .- hk' fre f- is i P - P . . X 4 fg ..... ' . - 1,. W ' ia. , A Q? .i-1 'Y E Q.. ' Qs cj 1. V . . ' 5 ef.. V S1 K' . ?k 4- 'W Be' 1 ' 1 W X . -, af. 4 ' 1- . -QF .7 5 'L :m ir ffl ' pn. .. in , . .1 QR 'Y' --:S -- TUE A-'S in . V .ff 1 - A - n. . . , W? X 4 f' - .-1 za . x,KL Q mW,, L V, , . . ' . H . Qi 1 S R f 1 L-L f., k V?fFE.tif""".,-""--E .- N . -f . -fe. - :se Q .g S. R E, f R A R 5 f '-'W' R- ,mgg Qi. . f .5 'R C 1 ' h wg s EE 2 gif? ' ' . - 1. . . Q2 if R f . Ll' RJR r. .sf . ' ' ii? - . .31 ' t. .als ' ' w. - ' i f 2 so ' Xfimg .Tim 5 1- in f ' L .1 ' .. . ' i fi. "1--Q - - Q .. 1 ..., Y.. ,, x f I -Qgvzw' I - - X . . . ' 53:2 ,S f 3, 1 .. A - J - s h' - . - A 4 2 - -. .-:fi of ii. J . - ,., xx ff v 0223 J. R W R. B. A. P. D L. E. S. S. D. S. S. B. R. McBride Meuni er McC1anahan Moulton Muller Neiderkorn Nelsestuen Onsrud Osborn P aulson P ede rson Ross P ow ell Przytarski Quall Raynum Remus Rich ason Scheller Schwarzhoff Severson C. Solberg D. M D. D. C. C. R. M Spencer Stellflue Stith Stuhr Swenson Swenson Truax Walsky ABOVE: The Spirit of '72 67 Soghomores Leaving behind those green, green freshmen years, the class of 1973 has moved into third place at Gale-Ettrick. With this higher rating come new responsibilities and new experiences. Many of the members of the class have become key players or managers on athletic teams or officers and leaders in classes and organizations. The future Gale-Ettrick upperclassmen have the urge, the ability, and the know-how to succeed in high school and in later life. With these characteristics, they are sure to become valuable assets to their school and their community. Class officers shown at right are B. Bahnub, secretaryg C. Emerson, treasurerg M. Severson, presidentg K. Casey, vice president. BELOW: Still Hangin In There. , 1 n , :P -s' ggi ge ' r x fi ,E s fs if 1, 5. Y Es ? Z. ' N Q 5? X T in X xi., 5 N , , l. ., .. .nge L .,,, - - 1:2-mf is fs lu 4 , .x, Q.,-X-'n ' x K A f . . ' 1' --x- X, , S. , its if exe 5, 1 S Sw: la ' '. A.. . , J ' - Q 2 5 ' 5 -- qirwirif 4 I lk- , 3 is Q, , 5, ll X Q 'T el is ,A s X ss- S 1 A-, .. ,mv-..', . .fl 'Q X3 AX Kg 5 ' kwi n ls Q aw ,MM ask if x :ily 5, -,,- 3535 f if if' -- 3515 Q, 53 1 WN A XXX fi so if R, 'K Q' is Q- N X X , 2 ls- I ,. ,Q l. , .aff 'f 11 we Q- NWN sig Q X un , . -N, 35 4-F' 135' D' Zag if X 5.5225 X55 . ,ff "J "GS . ' A 'S r .. - Qi? " fi r' D' QP 2 K , .fb i ., JY' gi?-ez S1 .4 ef, , 17152. l - Anderson Anderson Andow Baardseth Back Bahnub Berg Biesen Bishop Brown Cantlon C as ey Conrad Coudrey Dahl Deeren Delaney Docken Douglas Emerson Emerson Filkowski Fladhammer Flaherty S sn.: 1. ,, ..:.,- , 'g,5E.yfg 3 f W J 32. ,.1s:3-'35 K WMXQW, .5 X iv 1 F A li 5 FW. if fn, as , dh TQ was Q, ,k,,N,.,, .Q iw ff a Q2 f Qu I f is-en ' 'i' K . v . K A' - , '4i2 Li"- - "1 T3 , S"'. ff? fig 5 ' Q 'fig 1 - 'sg 22' an-rg W, 3. . A Q QE' X We 'ein- -s..N,i.i Q ' rf: Q -r 1 4- .lflv imi pggzreg ,Z ,.-- s :rs ,W ... T 'ffx S. , .3 3 , x N 0' Q B: . fx 35 ' ga ' it - . ...T .5 Q . is 4, , .f .- , , f .ff X 1. E 5 . -- O K O 1 Q r 1-giggasf. . - . ...ex -E 3 . 4.532 .. , C . X, . ik ...- , .sw . L Y T is, . li vsf' ' K X sq ..- . 5 2 Q. 1 X' SX 's N 'up y I 3 L yrs Q' , Lf W W iq , ,, , X., . , , .. A r 1 f i i . . .sa-1' , H. , 2 -- , ' . 1.11. 4 rf - fs . , .515 lggz - -.-- , wi f -' - s r. ' S -' - my --' -Q V - X ' , ' FE .V gk. K K . " fr " - . K - . .YTD J, 'fn Ng.: . , ,fx if V A,. g . Q. w .'j3.g.E ,.. .4 ' 51,1 . 3 vvyk 2 'I ' - L . JK 4.1g.,..,- K. Mrnw Jann: . HEL' ' Q f . :S Larson Larson B. Lehman K. R. Lund D. J. Mason J. McKeeth E. Mahlum Mickelson G. J. Mlsna Mosier Muller . Near D. T. B P. Nichols E. Oanes M. Olson J. Osborn F. Peterson J. Poss Remus Sacia Sacia D. L. P. Salzwedel Sander J. Seago N. L. TOP CENTER: Mike---Here today, gone tomorrow. LEFT: "Enviromental Pollution--Our Challenge. " M. Severson J. Smith R. Smith P . Stellpflug E. Stensven P. Trim ' M. Truax K. Twesme M. Waller D . Wason 5 if Q .X 5 3 .. s Q.. .5 i . i -. e " iggzifigzii: 4051. 4- 'WX . . iii y ' 3' , Q X ue f v -f' RIGHT: The epitome of ambition! P. Williamson M. Wunsch W. Ziegler 72 few A 1 45 Vik ' N. . L. ' ffl.. ,, is 12.12. . , gf-g rg, ,5 Freshmen year a senior class graduates and a freshmen class high school but the spirit and ideas of the former not lost. Instead, new strength is brought in with ninth grade. The class of 1974 is no exception. with dreams, the freshmen class entered Ettrick in the fall of 1970. The schedules and may have been similar to those of junior high but the atmosphere was entirely different. top rung of the grade school ladder, the ninth dropped to its place of the lowly high school matter how many tears were shed or how many ssments were experienced, the class of '74 through with smiling faces and a sense of humor. took second place with their Homecoming float, 'Em A Bum Steer." the members of this class will come success and rewards, for they have what it take--determina- and a bright outlook on life. Officers as shown at are M. johnson, vice presidentg R. Aasland, S. Ofsdahl, treasurerg V. Henderson, M H "in-ff' 'ww is' X. 5. mx, .+ xx k ff' Q ywvi - M E y WML' W ' Brit! x NSS ., Sk Ska? 75 is swf. z- -5 -- -:wa 'ai - Q x 119' ff 5 1 'x Q X 5 ,iL,, , QE' ABOVE: Girls, I lost my pet toad! 4. Fi . nz D 'axe . 231, .wgwf ,f 3-T.. -V K . Q-if w of .1 A l A . ' I 51? ' ,L 4 I X5 H -use I , :.- K 'L L' L Y .- LW .2 L' . ' -, .. -L . Q gr in, -. . -r . "Q is i f L Y . , gs . b, MI' ' ' LQ? 3 ' P H , G L .1 .s L LLLL Q L ee ' f fx' H ,.f. ... ' 1 E L L . ig! EKU ! z . 1 ., wg ers efsf gQg+r ,, -.-- X- 'i f L I 1 E L .V E k.f, .xi sf? if h fi il., fn... 7.74, , L 5 'El . "Ll L L- L . . . I Li yi L 4?EfiEg 'iii I ki. . f K F . J ' ' 9 -543935 5 A. L. Dahl J. Erickson J. Douglas D. Evenson A. Elliot R. Fraust J. Elstad D. Grover 3' Q D. Gooden V. Henderson B . Harnisch P. Hilt R C. Harvey . Hoff . T. Hauser T, Hovre .. 'R . 'ME L 5 M lg i er 1. se 4. . .. . is if .... .3 W Q Sl' 3 4 J. I -s, f 5.1, 275' 97' X , afar' M lu' . ' " 11 22, rw QL! Q . Rf". L S2 ,gin '. . f x . 5. , 2 if 4 Kill x iwfr A , 555 V1-. T. Mosier L. Jacobson C. Johnson K. Johnson LEFT: You call this conduct? ??? ABOVE: Would you believe our Student Lounge! 75 RIGHT: The Monday morning blahs. amy----N.-.mqf , Q 5-V N- ,Z M5951 irrrrf . I . - ' . as- sig 3 sg- grwxf. - 1 2.-v.::,,,,s-f K- Z I 1 I f. . " -. so n 1 Q , fs. 'Ky 41 1 go .V X wx .A Q- i f . ' '-"H L ' ' " ' . ' I Q2.i...x,,..,,...., . V "u .:-,,,',.: QQ gziziffgt : 'xk' ff 5 ,- .xg . W: E I. , wa. qw... -. .gg J, ' X.. TQ zz. .' . , XRQQ' :J .Q ,,,, if 's.'.'.WfT. bf '- " ww.. 0,355-':12S4"'X, owffk 4 , A. i - - . X ., .. - ' QMK Q E. . M Q. s.'.1ff , . -51, 1 W WW, " ' 3 so A XM? 6 39? 2 1' 3 A M. M. K. johnson Johnson Klepp en r x? YQ!-N 'is- . 'A 1- H .- M 95 S ' ' "" h ,S ' 'Y Qi A. P52 B. Knepper B. Malchaski J. McKeeth E. Moller L. Nelson J. Olson S. Krug P. Malestyck L. Mickelson R. Nastvold R. Northern M. Olson L. Lebakken S. Manchuk J. Mlsna R. Neiderkorn S. Ofsdahl L. Parkhurst 76 gig L 1 we -Qbu X.: f evwhwac 4 W A ages, , v' Q ,., ,. 1 , - 'wg .pw ' ' X ix .. V 4. ",f?'1fr 25.3 i f? we -. ,. , - ff' if , S5 S Q' N, g..,..g- --QQQWQIXS ,RX x 5-mg Sf.. 'Q ? P l . Qs v,'1"J"?.?.,-S+: 922. 'Tv!:':::5'..,--1 , x Y. e f'-'L-11-bmp. V Ai5fYZf2W':P.fa'i .PZ 'P -. A - -: .5 e fl 'V-we V - M V Q 5' 'H 1 Q. ef . we + , s A X A N X 1 Q me W 1 W AK? X 1 A w ,E RX Q .E v Q .Sa . L ewee. if ':2iA.-5-W' f - fiiQ21iE2lTI Q Q x B .1 'F . 'SW ,Rfb Q 5 N RJ 6, M Q X 'M' s . fi D x X Q . 1- - X V Q.,N,-S' ,. ,. ..,. 2 aegis W.. A , k9!'rQr:,9 .wl ri, : 'K Q9 ' 4 F2 Q . ,3..,:I. Us 8 Y,-. ,Q 7 111, 5 N.: . N, f .-f .- "' R . - ki, I F ' N.. 1 Q, , X K . A -Q 'Q egg, safe KQV ? . 5 77 is-fe . i t -. . ' ' fig- 7?'.Z',,.....f mf 'JSF af- A . nm . 'h,c.... g- , . .. if me if Q 3 3 K ef ifyiifw' X in X T X sv- Q NE Tx.: X 'gx if ' "Lk T 5 Z Q. - vw' -f ' .."- . fi , - -WS. ' 'K ' ' ,:.fI-:ive .' . mm! ' 1 LEFT: Redmen Fan Club. M. Paulson D. Pederson S. Renning J. Richason T. Reimer V. Rindahl I. Sahlstrom D. Salsman P . Scheller D. Schmitt- L. .Severson P . Severson D. Smil-crud J. Smith T. Smith C. Stage D. Stage J. Stegemeyer J. Stellflug T. Strong RIGHT: Take it for what its worth BEIDW: Tell it like it is ..... -- ff 'If' ff 'J' 1 1- " ' f.I2'Ef.5s1:. K . 2, - .H ,, fe- . K .E Mx,.,e m,L 1 SX. if ...R Q Sei -Z r 13, QE 3 . A A. .2 33 5 T 7 -'S ei? as Q ggi ,, ,Q AV , . , if A, , . 4' -. - .-, V -. . -. T. Z' f'5' kff" ' .V ' T 33913 -L , d x ' L 1 x - 5 . H' X 7 :.h, . . :,. ' T2 - X V -f 2 .. ' . , RJ- 9 , L. Stuhr R. Tisthammer R. Tramberg D. Teska 1. Tranberg C. Trim , Q. 1 1 , e - P. - "" ' - VY v I I 1 5: ,IV -- " V 5 - ifiiff " -3 af-it ' .Q w..-f 521111 "QQ f v-T:-::,:I:'r'5 .JLHNKJHI-J A' ' ' R' Wm' , .2 , -1 ek b .L , , . . - --,1 Q, - Y- .... 5 ,. -4 ,gwzig I :Tig g v I " Q 3 A Wier J. Trim J. Truax C. Wier D. Truax C. Tschabold K. 78 Striving To Improve Education ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY COPY "To improve education" is the primary goal and main inter- est of the Gale-Ettrick Administration and faculty. New techniques in high school scheduling and study programs are constantly being reviewed by board members and teachers, as well as by the superintendent and principal. More indi- vidualized study has been incorporated into classes, and studies have been made of tri-semester and modular scheduling. The vocational coordination system has been enlarged. When fully expanded, it will enable a student while in high school classes to learn a skill in retail sales and distribution, machines and building trades. More extensive office prac- tice would be offered to interested students. Some of these courses would be taught at schools other than Gale-Ettrick so students who wish to take classes may travel to another area school for their studies. During the 1970-71 school year, the biology department was provided with lab equipment, making it possible to conduct a variety of tests, experiments and laboratory work. The teachers and administrators have a deep interest in Gale-Ettrick students, and they devote their energies and time to giving all students a better and more useful education. TOP: Counselor R. Lund ABOVE: Local Vocational Education Coordinator D LEFT: Superintendent R. Howard LEFT: Principal N. Valiska. LOWER LEFT: Maintenance E. Gardner, R. Hauser. BELOW: Secretaries I. Fitzpatrick, I. Ekern, C. Sime. LOWER RIGHT: School Board Members: R. Bibby, j. Sacia, A. Nelsesturn, V. Erickson, J. Beadle. J C arroll Cecil Christianson Christiansen Duellman Fitzp atrick Green Gautsch Hanson Hendrickson fy - :si 575152 24: sa El X f 5 Q a y N sf Q' M -1, 2 C 'f Lg ig, 5 ' . wi. v,:,. K x 'Q Q X NN is W 'N is x X X gg s, . , .,.ia 1 -42 5 swf i ABOVE I know the gym is cold, but this is ridiculous! ! ! RIGHT "V" stnkes again. 82 ,Q t .,1 4 R 3 1 if ' 05. f'6 .xxi UK, , I ,1- 'lm h . Q- w . f' , ,, ff " -m-. ' ' fig! 351 ,.,QV s F K ji' 1 'avi-srfffnqlwefw, . 4, 1 , . 5 f?'rf2 F? 3? 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Q, ,uw , QL fzlwwfiw fx 3 2 ,aa V A Q il 5 gf-of 22- Solberg Twesme Swenson Twesme Student Directory ALVAREZ, MARIA Cheerleading 10-11- 12, Forensics 9- 10-11-12, State Forensics 11, G.A. A. 9- 10-11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Sec. of Drama Club 12, Plays 9, Band 9- 10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11-12, French Club 11- 12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Queen 12, Band Treasurer 12. ALVAREZ, MARK Class President 12, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 12, Football 9- 10-11-12, Wrestling 9, Bas- ketball 10, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Lettermen's Club 0-10-11-12, Intramural Sports 12, Curling 12, All Conference. ANDERSEN, ROGER Class President 9-10, Football, 9- 10, Golf 9- 10-11-12, Band 9-10-11, Basketball 9-10, Prom Court 11, Wrestling 12. ' ANDERSON, CHERYL French Club 11-12, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, F.H.A. 9- 10-11-12, N.H.S. 12, Cheerleading 9- 10- 11-12, Science Club 12, Drama Club 11-12, Band 9- 10, Student Council 10-11, Library Club 11-12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Forensics 9- 10-11- 12, Plays 9- 10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble 9- 10, O. T.A. 12, Who's Who In American High Schools 11. BAER, MICHAEL Basketball 9-10-11-12, Football 9-10-11-12, Track 9-10-11-12, Baseball 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Curl- ing 10-11-12, Prom King 11, Homecoming King 12, Lettermen's Club 9- 10-11- 12, Lettermen's Club Pres. 12, Student Council 9- 10, All-State Football Team 11-12, All- Conference Offense 11-12, All- Conference Defense 10-11-12. BAER, SUE G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, G.A.A. V. Pres. 10, G.A.A. Sec.-Treas. 11, G.A.A. Pres. 12, F.H.A. 9-10-11- 12, F.H.A. Parlimentarian 12, French Club 11, Homecoming Court 12. BAYE, MELODY Pom Pon 10-11-12, Plays 9, French Club 11, Drama Club 12, Library Club 10-11-12, F.H.A. 9, Mixed Chorus 9- 10-11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-11-12, Chorus Sec. 11, State Solo-Ensemble Contest 10, Solo-En- semble Contest 9- 10-11- 12, Cheerleading 9, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, Forensics 10-11-12, State Forensics 11. BEIRNE, JAMES F.F.A. 9-10, Curling 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Baseball 9- 10. BERG, E. JAMES F.F.A. 9-10-11-12, Wrestling 9. BERG, RENEE F.H.A. 9-10, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, Drama Club 12, French Club 11-12, Band 9-10-11-12, Solo-En- semble Contest 9- 10-11-12, Annual Staff 10-11-12, Co-Editor 12, Forensics 9- 10-11-12,'Qtate Forensics 11, Alt. Bad- ger Girl's State 11, Mixed Curling 9- 10-12, Clarinet Choir 10-11-12, Plays 9, Mixed Chorus 12, Girl's Glee Club 12. BETTESWORTH, BONNIE Mixed Chorus 11, Girl's Glee Club 11-12. BIESEN, GREGORY Transferred here 12, Football 12, Basketball 12, Track 12, Intramural Sports 12, Lettermen's Club 12, Mixed Curling 12. ' BISHOP, LORRAINE Mixed Chorus 11, G.A.A. 9, Girl's Glee Club 11-12, F.H.A. 9. BOLTERMAN, MYRON Transferred here 11, F.F.A. 11-12. BRENENGEN, SANDRA Mixed Chorus 11-12, Girl's Glee Club 11-12, G.A.A. 9- 10, F. H. A. 9, Solo-Ensemble Con- test 11-12, Chorus Sec. 11, Chorus Treas. 12. BRYI-IN, STEVEN Football 9-12, Wrestling 10-11-12, F.F.A. 9- 10-11-12, F.F.A. Treas. 12, Baseball 9, Lettermen's Club 10-11-12, W.I.D.A. 9-10-11-12. BYRNE, ANN Mixed Chorus 9- 10, F.H.A. 9-10-11, G.A.A. 10-11-12. A, BYRNE, RICHARD Mixed Chorus 10, F.F.A. 9- 10-11-12. CANTLON, KIMBERLY F.H.A. 9-10-11-12, F.H.A. Officer 10-11, Green Lake Delegate 10, Forensics 10, Drama Club 11-12, Drama Club V. Pres. 12, French Club 11, French Club Treas. 11, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10, Mixed Chorus 10, library Club 10-11-12, Library Club V. Pres. 12, N.H.S. 11-12, N.H.S. Sec. 11-12, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, Mad- ison Library Club Delegate 10, Annual Staff 11. COLLINS, KATHY Plays 9-11, N.H.S. 10-11-12, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, Forensics 9-10-11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Library Club 11-12, Science Club 12, Girl's Glee Club 9, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9, F.H.A. 9-10-11-12, F.H.A. Treas. 10, F.H.A. V. Pres. 11, F.H.A. Pres. 12, Green Lake Delegate 10, Badger Girls, State 11. CORCORAN, KATI-IRYN F.H.A. 9- 10-11-12, F.H.A. Parliamentarian 10, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Chorus 11, Girl's Glee Club 9-11, Annual Staff 11, Plays 11-12, Forensics 10-11-12, Drama Club 11-12, French Club 11-12, French Club Sec. 11, Mixed Curling 10-11-12, State Forensics 11. DEEREN, RICK F.F.A. 9-11. DICK, ANITA F.H.A. 9-'10-11-12, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, French Club 11, French Club V. Pres. 11, Mixed Chorus 9- 10, Mixed Curling 11, Prom Court 11, Annual Staff 11. DOCKEN, RITA F.H.A. 9- 10-12, F.H.A. music director 10, Green Lake Delegate 10, Plays 9-12, Forensics 10, French Club 11-12, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, G.A.A. V. Pres. 12, Class V. Pres. 9-10-11, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10- 11-12, Library Club 11-12, Library Club Pres. 12, N. H. S. 11-12, Pom Pon 10-11-12, Pom Pon Co-Captain 11, Pom Pon Captain 12, Mixed Chorus 10-11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-11-12, French Club Pres. 11, Badger Girls' State Alternate 11. DOUGLAS, SUSAN Library Club 9- 10-11-12, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9-11, Mixed Chorus 11, Solo- Ensemble Contest 9, Forensics 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, French Club 11, Science Club 12, Drama Club 11-12, Plays 9- 10-11, Library Club Officer 11. ELSEN, CHRIS Transferred here 11, G.A.A. 11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 12, Band 11-12, Stage Band 11-12. ELSTAD, ORIE Football 9- 10-11-12, Basketball 9- 10-11- 12, Golf 9- 10-11- 12, Baseball 9- 10-11-12, Lettermen's Club 9- 10-11- 12, Class Pres 11, Class Treas. 10, Intramurals 12, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 12. EMMONS, JOHN Transferred 11, Mixed Curling 11-12. ENGHAGEN, LINDA N.H.S. 10-11-12, N.H. S. Pres. 12, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, Library Club 11-12, Library Club Treas. 12, Band 9- 10, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9, Forensics 10-11-12, Plays 10, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, French Club 11, Annual Staff 10-11-12, Co-Editor 12. ERICKSON, MICHAEL Mixed Chorus 9- 10-11-12, Stage Hand 12. FARLEY, CHERYL F.H.A. 11-12, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, Band 9- 10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9-10, Clarinet Choir 9, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12. . GESKE, DAVE Football 9- 10-11-12, Baseball 9, Track 9-10, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Band 9- 10-11-12, Class Treas. 10-11-12, Wrestling 9- 10-12, Lettermen's Club 11-12, Plays 9-10. GRIEVE, SUSAN Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-11- 12, Mixed Chorus 11, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, F.H.A. 9- 10-11, Forensics 9- 10, Mixed Curling 9. GROVER, CHARLES Mixed Curling 9, Forensics 10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11-12, Library Club 11-12, Annual Staff 11, Drama Club 9- 10-11- 12. GUTHRIE, BRIAN Football 9- 10- 11, Basketball 9- 10, Golf 9- 10- 11-12, Lettermen's Club 10- 11-12, Band 9-1O- 11-12. I-LALDERSON, SHIRLEY N.H.S. 11-12, G.A.A. 9-10-11, F.H.A. 9- 10-11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Science Club 12, Mixed Chorus 9, Girl's Glee Club 9, Plays 9- 10-11, Forensics 12. I-IANSEN, GENE Track 9-10, N.H.S. 11-12, Forensics 10, Spade Recipient 11, F.F.A. 9- 10-12, F.F.A. Officer 12, W.J.D.A. 9- 10, State Crop Judging Team 11. HENDERSON, RANDY Wrestling 9- 10. HOFF, CONNIE Cheerleading 9- 10-11-12, Cheerleading Capt. 12, Band 9- 10-11- 12, Band V. Pres. 12, Forensics 9- 10- 11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Drama Club Pres. 12, Solo- Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11-12, Homecoming Court 12, Prom Court 11, N.H. S. 10-11-12, Spoon Recipient 11, Badger Girls' State 11, State Solo-Ensemble Contest 11, State Foren- sics 10, Plays 9- 10-11-12, G. A.A. 9- 10- 11- 12. HOWARD, PAMELA Transferred here 11. Mixed Chorus 11-12, F. H.A. 12, Girl's Glee Club 11-12, Chorus Librarian 12. HOWE, VINCENT Football 9. HURD, SUSAN Girl's Glee Club 12, Work Study Program. JACOBS, LARRY -F.F.A. 11. JOHNSON, JAMES Basketball 9-10, F.F.A. 10-12, F.F.A. V. Pres. 12, W.J.D.A. 10-11, Student Council 11-12. JOHNSON, JOYCE G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, Stage Band 11-12, Swing Band 9- 10, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11-12, State Music Contest 11, Band 9- 10-11-12. KASTE, JAN N.H. S. 10-11-12, Plays 10-12, Library Club 10-11-12, Forensics 9- 10-11-12, State Forensics 11, Solo- Ensemble Contest 9-11-12, State Solo- Ensemble Contest 11, Band President 12, Color Guard 10, Band 9- 10-11-12. KRACKOW, KATHLEEN G.A.A. 10-11-12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Pom Pon 12, Forensics 9- 10, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9-10-11-12, Band 9- 10-11-12. LEBAKKEN, KATHLEEN Pom Pon 10-11-12, F.H.A. 9-10, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, Band 9-10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Curling 9-10-11-12, Forensics 9- 10-11-12, Plays 9- 10- 12. LEISGANG, BARBARA F.H.A. 9- 10-11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Chorus 11-12, Chorus Secretary 12, Library Club 11-12. LONGWELL, RICHARD Basketball 9- 10-11-12, Football 9- 10, Golf 9- 10, Lettermen's Club 11-12, Plays 9, Forensics 10, Intramurals 12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12. LORENZ, BELINDA Girl's Glee Club 9-12, F.H.A. 9. MASON, REBECCA Band 9-10-11-12, G.A.A. 9-11-12, F.H.A. 9-10-11, Girl's Glee Club 9. MCKEETH, DONALD Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Curling 12, Science Club 12, Stage Hand 9- 10. MEUNIER, MARILYN Transferred here 12, Drama Club 12, G.A.A. 12, Mixed Chorus 12, Girl's Glee Club 12. MICKELSON, LESTER JR. Transferred here 11, Football 11-12, Wrestling 11, Track 11-12, Lettermen's Club 11-12, Mixed Chorus 12, F.F.A. 11, Intramural Sports 12. MOLID, GARY Weightlifting 9, Track 10-12, F.F.A. 9-10-11-12, F.F.A. Pres. 12, Forensics 11, Football 10-12. MYRLAND, ELAINE G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, F.H.A. 9-10-11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10, Mixed Chorus 10, Cheerleading 10-11-12, Homecoming Court 12, Prom Queen 11, Mixed Curling 11-12, Annual Staff 11, Color Guard 10. NEHPJNG, DENISE Pom Pon 10-11-12, Mixed curung 9, F.H.A. 9- 10-11-12, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, French ciub 11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Chorus 9- 10-11-12, State Music Contest 10, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11- 12. OINES, ROBERT Student Council 9- 10, Lettermen's Club 10- 11-12, Track 9- 10- 11-12, Football 9- 10-11-12, N. H. S. 10-11-12, Badger Boys State 11, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 12, Intramurals 12, French Club 10-11, Who's Who of American High School Students, N.H. S. V. Pres. 12. OLSOM, KAREN Student Council 9, Forensics 10, Cheerleading 10-11-12, F.H.A. 9- 10-11-12, G.A.A. 9- 10-11- 12, French Club 11-12, G.A.A. Officer 12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-11- 12, Mixed Chorus 9- 10-11-12, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11- 12, State Music Contest 10, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Color Guard 10, Plays 9. PATTEN, TERRY Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Football 9- 10-12, Curling 12, Lettermen's Club 12, Mixed Chorus 9- 10, Badger Boy's State 11. . PERVISKY, TIMOTHY Football 9- 10- 11-12, Lettermen's Club 11-12, Track 9- 10-11- 12, Wrestling 9. POSS, MICHAEL Basketball 10, Class Sec. 11. RICHASON, KATHY Transferred here 10, G.A.A. 11-12, French Club 11-12, F.H.A. 10-11-12, Mixed Chorus 12, Girl's Glee Club 12. ROGERS, PAULA G.A. A. 9- 10-11-12, F.H.A. 9- 10-11- 12, Science Club 12, Drama Club 11-12, Stage Band 12, Band 9- 10-11- 12, Forensics 9, Plays 11, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9, Color Guard 10- 11. SACIA, PAUL Football 9- 10-11- 12, Basketball 9- 10-11-12, Baseball 9- 10-11-12, Golf 9- 10, Track 11-12, Band 9- 10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 11-12, Lettermen's Club 10-11-12, State Music Contest 11, Mixed Curling 10, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 12. SCHERMERHORN, REX Transferred here 10, Chorus 10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 11, Football 12, Baseball 11- 12, Basketball 10, Lettermen's Club 12. SCHREINER, STEPHEN Football 9, Wrestling 9, Golf 10-11-12, Curling 12, Student Council 12, Student Council Treas. 12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Band 9, Science Club 12, Stage Hand 9- 10, Intramural Sports 12. SCHWARZHOFF, DONALD Plays 10, I..ibrary Club 10-11-12, Annual Staff 10-11, Wrestling 9, Band 9- 10-11-12, In- tramural Sports 12. SBAGO, JOHNNY F.F.A. 10-12. SEVERSON, GARY Track 9- 10, Wrestling 9- 10, Mixed Curling 9- 10, F. F. A. 9- 10-11-12. SKAAR, DANIEL Football 11-12, Curling 9- 10- 11-12, Baseball 9- 10- 11- 12, Mixed Curling 9- 10- 11-12, Lettermen's Club 11-12, Mixed Chorus 11, Intramural Sports 12, Plays 9. SMITH, MARY F.H.A. 9- 10-11-12, F.H.A. Sec. 12, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, Porn Pon 10-11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-12, Mixed Chorus 10. STELLPFLUG, DENNIS Library Club 10-11-12, Football Student Trainer 11-12, Basketball Student Trainer 10-11-12, Track Student Trainer 10-11-12, Mixed Curling 10-11-12, Plays 10. STU!-IR, BRUCE Football 9- 10-11- 12, Basketball 9- 10- 11- 12, Track 12, Baseball 9- 10- 11- 12, F. F. A. 9- 10- 11- 12, W.J.D.A, 9- 10-11-12, Class V. Pres. 12, Lettermen's Club 12. SWENSON, DEBRA F. H. A. 9- 10- 11-12, G. A. A. 10- 11- 12, Band 9- 10-11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10- 11- 12, Library Club 11-12, Library Club Sec. 12, Pom Pon 12, Clarinet Choir 11-12. 86 1 TESKA, DONALD Football 9- 10-11-12, Wrestling 10, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11, Lettermen's Club 11-12, Mixed Chorus 11-12, Intramural Sports 12. TRUAX, JULIE Pom Pon 10-11-12, Mixed Curling 9-10-11-12, F.H.A. 9- 10, G.A.A. 9- 10-11-12, Library Club 10- 11-12, Band 9- 10-11-12, Forensics 11-12, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9- 10-11-12, Band Sec. 12, O.T.A. 12. TRUAX, ROBERT Football 9- 10- 12, Baseball 9- 10-11-12, Lettermen's Club 10-11-12, Wrestling 12, Mixed Chorus 10-11-12. TRUAX, RI-IONDA F.H.A. 9- 10-11- 12, G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, Girl's Glee Club 9- 10-11, Mixed Chorus 11, Mixed Curling 10-11-12, Annual Staff 11, Drama Club 11 , Prom Court 11, Solo-Ensemble Contest 11. TWESME, SONJA G.A.A. 9-10-11-12, F.H.A. 9-10-11-12, Mixed Curling 11-12, F.H.A. Treas. 11, Gir1's Glee Club 9- 10-11, Mixed Chorus 11, Solo-Ensemble Contest 11-12, Pom Pon 11-12, Drama Club 11-12, Forensics 10-11- 12, Plays 12. TWESME, TIMOTHY Football 9- 10-11-12, Basketball 9- 10-11-12, Baseball 9- 10-11-12, Golf 9- 10, Track 12, Letter- men's Club 9- 10-11-12, Lettermen's V. Pres. 12, Mixed Curling 9- 10-11-12, Intramural Sports 12, Plays 9, Forensics 10-11-12, Student Council 11-12, Student Council V. Pres. 11, Student Council Pres. 12, Class Sec. 10, Prom Court 11, Homecoming Court 12. VAZQUEZ, DAVID Track 9- 10-12, Wrestling 9- 10-12, Le1:termen's Club 9- 10-12, F.F.A. 9, Baseball 12. VOSSETEIG, DEBORAH G.A.A. 9- 10-11- 12, French Club 11, F.H. A. 9-10, Band 9-10, Mixed Chorus 12, Forensics 9- 10-11-12, State Forensics 11, Cheerleader 10, Pom Pon 12, Science Club 12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9-10, Mixed Curling 9- 10- 11-12, Girl's Glee Club 12, Plays 9- 10-12. WALTON, TIMOTHY F.F.A. 9- 10-11-12, W.I.D.A. 9- 10-11-12, Track 9-10, Badger Boy's State Alternate 11. WEIR, LELAND F.F.A. 11-12. WILLIAMSON, STEVE Football 9- 10-11-12, Basketball 9, Wrestling 10, Track 10, Golf 9, Curling 11-12, Mixed Curl- ing 9- 10-11-12, Plays 9, Lettermen's Club 10-11-12, Chorus Pres. 12, Band 9- 10-11-12, Pep Band 9- 10-11-12, Mixed Chorus 11-12, Solo-Ensemble Contest 9-11-12, Brass Choir 11-12. WUNSCH, KATHERINE Transferred here 11. ZOELLER, MICHAEL Wrestling 9, Class Sec. 12, French Club 12, Science Club 12, Football 12, Track 11. 87 FACULTY BIRCH, DAVID CARROLL, JOSEPH CECIL, VERDUN CHRISTIANSON, ROBERT CHRISTIANSON, RUTH DUELLMAN, ROBERT F ITZPATRICK, DONALD GREEN, FRANCIS GAUTSCI-I, LARRY HANSON, OWEN I-IENDRICKSON, DONALD JACOBSON, JULIE LUND, DAVID LUND , RUSSELL MELIN, HELEN NYSETH, ANNETTE NELSON, ELAINE PRONDZINSKI, DAVID ROWLANDS, DONALD Faculty Director DEPARTMENT Vocational Coordinator Physical Education Biology History French Industrial Arts Science Art Math Business Education Agriculture Home Economics History Counselor Special Education Physic al Educ ation English Math Instrumental Music RUNNESTRAND , MARY ESTHER English SCHIRRA, RICHARD SOLBERG, RONALD SWENSON, RANDY TWESME, DOROTHY TWESME, KIM Industrial Arts Drivers Education Vocal Music Librarian English , French 88 ADVISOR J. V. Football, Curling, Lettermen's Club Science Club, Wrestling, Lettermen's Club National Honor Society French Club J, V. Basketball, Golf, Lettermen's Club, National Honor Society Freslunen Basketball, Lettermen's Club Yearbook Future Farmers of America Future Homernakers of America Asst. Football, Student Council, Letterrnen's Club Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Lettermen's Club Cheerleaders, Pom Pon, Girls Athletic Association Forensics, National Honor Society Drama Club, Forensics Library Club Drama Club, French Club, Forensics A UTO GRA PHS A UTO GRA PHS A UTO GRA PHS 7 A UTO GRA PHS A UTO GRA PHS A UTO GRA PHS 545545 VF xl? i Q V 1 'I , , 14 WJOQ' 1 yn W 3 1 1,4 ' N Pj, V 'J ,nf Y' X ,i 4 ,XL M N r. T 'N uv ilk ll i A a .W I' 1 ,P 1 I J ! . 1 1 0 ,I ,fg"iffffA H I, , 7, .K , yf I

Suggestions in the Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Galesville, WI) collection:

Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Galesville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Galesville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Galesville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Galesville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 93

1971, pg 93

Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Galesville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 30

1971, pg 30

Gale Ettrick Trempealeau High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Galesville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 39

1971, pg 39

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