Galax High School - Knowledge Knoll Yearbook (Galax, VA)

 - Class of 1960

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Galax High School - Knowledge Knoll Yearbook (Galax, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 118 of the 1960 volume:

'Y !,!,,f' ff ff!! 'Zag f lrf, ff, 'ZZ ff ff ZX ZZ ff! 'ff ff 'XZ Zz' ZZ K,ff' riff' K! X -4 fffz' ff!! I i ff" 1 . I . W-"'m"' WM,,.,, My ,,,-.N wx N. , MM V N.-' W . ,, ,.,...,h w"""'f, ,,,.,, .,..w--" ' ,., ,. s X Mv,,,, -,,,,,,,,..--M" .,. . 1. 2 If f,f l' M, ,......,,-" ,nguvahliilfnf in-vi ARMA. Q- .An -an A ' NX im M 1 U N , 3 - ' ' ,fr N Q 'X"1'S?4f ' X X ' ' - ,-- ,."'F' ., .- A V XL".-'Z Ark YAYYYYV 5 K Al x X V H5 9 if A K 1 V el gl ,, i 1 X1 in 'sb M HIGH Knowleclge iw 0 Knoll ZA 2 ,X 0 S2 'Tp UpxN X, 79 W S0 9 el I us X l Q 1960 Through the lens of the comerci we hove wotched this yeor spreod itself be- fore us, like o visto-changing, teem- ing with life ond activity. The comero shutter hos clicked, and we hove cop- tured oll thot hos mode this yeor simi- lor to-ond yet so different from-ony other yeor ot Golox High School. i-cow. WN Z fy 1 'w If I If fa, ff i f I .2 we was i X XX Knowledge 5His is Snviro X00 New vs QQ Sefixoia - eh' I 8 ' 1 Nay 6 to-T is Wm , - X 1' ,iq ,A X CONTENTS , A ij, - j L. Faculty 7' 1 s is Classes 41' 'A 1521 '.,- . A AHWIEHCS w "' if 3 gr.. I Organizations A :fi'W' R Features AdVel'fiS6l'l'1er1fS The Tide starts a new season with long rugged practices X Mrs. Conner keeping everyone straight in the office fi V mr s, li 'Hs lllmlil 51555 fl 'eww wg Q7 Qin, , we N La fix ,. X fa X U' Knoll Our nm ent AR I A onicicrice with Coach GH 1 X iq! Published by Students of GALAX HIGH SCHOOL Golox, Virginia The Q UCCH IS CFOW W3 i he Criulf iucmk 5X C xi Swim vi HV W' 11 1 f 'Megs H ! , it 3 Teacher Coach To o teacher with whom the most ordinary subiect becomes an adventure, o friend whose warm sincerity and gen- uine interest help solve many a stu- dent's problem, and a coach whose love of sports inspires in his students the highest ideals of sportsmanship, WILLIAM A, BROWN the student body and faculty with respect and sincere attectian dedicate this valurne. Friend 1 G--rs- ."A 1 df, I 1. 5,-1 Q1 1-if mi" . ntl' Lf -VY - SQ , Gai? X I f ,151 Q Mxe H . ,NAA ' i. , X 3 2 V. fp .ex ' ' 43:5 , J ., T 51-1- . 5:5 3 1. gl 'S 513 .. .V ., .N FACULTY is Wy, swf NSN 's"'W' X' www N x ifwiifw F35 if 'K" EH X f' Q Mr, Marvin C. Sutphin Superintendent of Galax City Schools Coaching Staff Mr William Brown Mr. Kermit Adkins Mr. Joe Lindsay Vocational Staff Mr, John Byrd Mrs. Kate Dickens Miss Morgoret Jones Mr Jomes Perry 21. Principal Mr, R. S Hager Science Staff Mr. O. H. Peters Mrs. Johnny L. Lemmons Mr, Arch Schooley Language Staff Mrs. John Stonsel Mrs. Howard Reovis Mrs. Kelly Hash Miss Lenonnoh Todd Mrs, Joseph T. Moore Haculiy so F' Physical Education Instructor Mrs. R. S. Hager fu.. ET? gacuhy Mathematics Stuff Mrs. L. W. Hillman Mr. Ralph Morris Miss Celene Phipps Vocational Staff Mr. l-loword Reavis Mr. Rex Phipps , 3 E A ...n L l . A s Y i Home Economics Staff Band Director MVS. gruce Goiyen Mr William Biddle Mrs Omor Cox , School Board Mrs Don Dickenson Mr. l.. A. Kyle, Choirmon Mr. Lloyd Parsons . Y Ei as QW: 3 kk' rc 1' " Q ,Ms I t 1, sr'- Sociol Studies Staff Mrs Dino Jennings Mr, W A. Butterworth Mrs. Lina Jones Mr. Buford Crockett Sec retory4Not Pictured , S , fy 9, , 1 v. WW, M4 i .L Vw ,z 1 wg, f WL' I f a 'f' 514 VH i 5 K 2 X f 1' rd 1, l, l, Q 1 , Q. ff, Billy Cooper Austin Harry Blaine Banks sfaid Lmrnring, restrained nonchalont, Imaginative, unshoken ' Q I Audrey Ann Anders xvdalv, lanivblal-ec, scrupulaus Rebecca Joyce Anderson lnquacu-me, sprightlv, gov 1.-5. Ns. 105 Gs- YT B., Betty Jean Barrett mwalwlo, unowuvwnd lwnuvolvnl Gladys Beatrice Bartlett mtvllngcnf, QOV, IHLlLl5ffVULl5 N Betty Jean Bedsaul Vlvosmg, unxelfwh, genial silt... Qcniors 'F' K l Sandra Lee Blair Elizabeth Anne Bowie ocrommodafmg, reserved, ambitious, friendly, candid agreeable Helen Margo Boyer Marilyn Rosa Boyer petite, blithe, neat serene, pleasant, poised 4" 1- 'R Shirley Ann Branscome Nancy Lee Brewer likeable, pretty, graceful flirtatious, athletic, confident Class of ,6O 5 ' , 2 7' iln,Xii..f- A Patsy Vann Carr Rebecca Sue Cassell carefree, agreeable, merry studious, sincere, courteous Ann Edwards Cheek naive, composed, zealous - 'Nai- Mac Nelson Burnett stalwart, popular, loyal William Dean Cole coy, tolerant, ambitious a in Carroll Wayne Coleman A A ik Lowell Dale Cooper cnrcfruu, unxhakcn, original, voluhle, musical rcwpwvwxivv Q. K a l Q y ' lk 5 ,, '- l James Edgar Crinner impulsive, phlogmotic, unyioldinq Brenda Lcc Cullop Ootlvc, iluxtcruus, Colm Carroll Edward Dillon ioculor, smooth, keen fr? Yew ,ww W Carlos Lee Cox Nancy Blair Cox energetic, urbone, quiet-spoken friendly, omubing, meticulous ,NNN W il -gif E wi Ai .JYf 5 di. wrf. P' , NNN Robert Franklin Dillon Mary Ellen Duncan comparative, gentle-manly, dependable, frank, pcreisfcnf unhurried Walter Royden Franke, Jr, WCM mfr vnwpdy Um Pamela Jeanette Galyean wwfrcrcnt pcrmsrvc, feminine, DlOCIj Class of '60 Qty' W 'J v ima-4 .lama Davis Goodson Marvin Conley Hale lvlitlw iivwuvuwvwtwiix Ohlignng, tranquil, cgonvivnol mvttlc--1 fwmm- ali'--. Roger Ray Galyean nw- -rfil fx 4, . if Wiley Alan Gentry UUCPWOUQIWQ, lurid, OQLJIYCJIJL' si Pwr, Cwuxulcrofv, suuwc James Marvin Hall Polite, good-matured, drcll 1 1 ll!!! 11v"1 N James Stanley Gillaspie iirijunm-simian' uimmil, mmf' luv-vknim Bonnie Joyce Hanks blond, poised, dermirc -QQ 45, sm., Patricia lrene Harrell Conley Cooper Harris soft-spoken, thoughtful, mischievous, taciturn, tractablc handsome arvey Gray Henms neat, garrulous, conforming Patsy Carolyn Hodge Mary Louise Jones bcneticient, capricious, attentive, ingenuous, adroit venturesorne :l"""' Samual Jackson Harris Alton Eugene Hawks friendly, benevolent, outspoken, capable, genteel constant fcniors Mary Lucinda Jones Joe Garnett Kirby, lll Ioquacious, sedate, intellectual, affable, immaculate assiduous Montie Larry Largin Norma Ree Leonard Iilvcrol, mild-mannered, serious, willing, pleasant Class of '60 iii' .l Stephen Blake McMillan Mary Augusta Messer whimsical, even-tempered, competent, pertinocious, chivolrous winsome 7-"? Wesley Leonard Lineberry Robert Andy Lowe urbane, deliberate, candid, learned, solemn irnperturboble S ,4""'x 'N Stanley Alan Maiden Jeanne Carol Marion spruce, camplaisent, intelligent, eloquent, adroit reserved Jacquelyn Hanks Morris Jefferson William Morris vivacious, popular, cornely athletic, trustworthy, ternperamental Jcssic Sue Morris trillxutixfv, compatalwlc, industrious 'fb LQ. .--.Q Edna Faye Patton luniqn, rctrcciit, Cliary Delmar Lee Poe submissive, prompt, unfeigncd 1 Carol Joan Nail charming, understanding, adept 1 w N ' new-N Nancy Delores Osborne Ronnie Ray Overby pleasing, felicitous, well-rnannered, cordial, optimistic resolute Cha- -- Seniors Loretta Jean Patton self-possessed, equable, modest Charlotte Christian Price animated, thoughtful, ardent A ,Q ,-4' s. 'I Sarah Hayes Price Judy Ann Rector versatile, imaginative, benignant, affable, buoyant fervid Janice Lee Reeves dignified, diligent, congenial ' 11557 if SCIUOFS it .- L , A f- 1-sz, Q Elsie Elaine Rosenbaum sportive, consistent, jocund dbh K pm.. - can--H-o' NU' Arless J unior Sawyers .vw- Geraldine Schuyler realistic, impartial, courteous, demonstrative, self-reliant Mary Anne Spinks attractive, independent, reliable Eleanor Ann Sizemore Carroll Phillip Sutherland magnanirnaus, unrutfled, retiring, prudent, compliant decorous i rx fi xi aggressive fav C. is - Bonna Ruth Sikes thorough, unselfish, sympathetic Charles Roger Sumner debonair, ingenius, tactful is "fc: A 4 "CI - '-sw. .MNRAS Ann Pope Taylor Nancy Cooper Taylor inquiring, observant, pert, beaming, impulsive inflexible Anita Joyce Weatherman discreet, staunch, gracious Darryl Wayne Triplett quiet, dutiful, unprejudiced Qt, - fill, ti Sharon Ann Wienberry light-hearted, dramatic, witty Carol Jean Whitaker Yvetta Wilson White gentle, unassuming, settled, determined, sedulous self-possessed Class of '60 'Um Q'?""""' Glenda Arlee Wiseman Frank Reed Wright kind, meditative, dependable, kind-hearted conservative obliging .5 1' ll RQ C7 33 , N ,...... 5 Q A X.. ,Y ,4-f 75- C i mimi .,.-K- -- L unior Class Officcrs Frances Guyrm Jerry Crawford Peggy Show Jerry Johnson 7... C, L, Bartlett Nancy Bortlctt Lorry Bartlett MclvL1s Bcli President Vice-president Secretory Treosurer 2 Q5 'Q 1' i ia. YY QZN. my in tl . .....,, Ns... 'lim-,"' sl. an N-M QV' Ina Boyer Joan Bayer Betty Bowers Doris Brendle Lana Burclwam June Burnette Jane Burris Judy Carson Ronald Catron Earl Caudill Frances Cline Herbert Cooley AFll1UT'COX Milo Cox Roy Lee Cox Jerry Crawford Hilda Culloo lza Dalton Judy Davis Wanda Diamond Sandra Dickens John Dickenson Bobby Dixon Jimmy Dolinger Larry Dotson Luther Galyean Rodney Gillespie Frances Guynn Carol Hale Randy Hale -fs- fs. in-N.. 7 U sk i. . Edna Gene Mary Smuth Hall Faye Hammock Charlotte Hanlfley Dale Higgins, Ella ,lane l"'llQQIV1S Hlgains Jimmy l-ligglr1S Bobby Jwhnsan Jerry Jrvlvnsan Llmyd lanes Ellen Kyle Linda Leonard Phullrp l.Cf'l'1GfLl Ronald Lewis James Llneberry Margaret Lana Roger Marilyn Lundy Vrrgrl Lyons Donny Martin Jimmy Martin Martin Ranalcl McGrady Robert MCMlllOn Lrrrctta Melton Teddy Moore Vnrglnua Morton Gene Muwcr Bernard Nester Judy Nuckles Catlwerme Padgett ant- in V. 4- 4, 'vis x -eg., Ox Q..- is A L D f-9 K' t UN .35 'Vs -ov., Ns... J' S C' Qs gin NN is Q NN. G--Q, by QP'-A nw. Edward Parks Phil Patton Bobby Poe Allison Pollard Dole Porter Freddie Proffitt Patsy Pugh Delores Richardson Shirley Robinson Zollie Robinson Bobby Sells Peggy Shaw Lavon Shumate Betty Smith Lewis Smith Carolyn Sparks Helen Sparks Kenneth Spencer Margaret Spurlin Paulo Stoneman Tommy Sutherland James Tiller Margo ret Thompson Brenda Utt Cecil Waugh Richard Williams Roger Wilson Shirley Wilson Bonnie Wright Dixie Young D ,-Q-gg' 'F K4 . in... xp, 'yi N., Q. iv. . -J:-v. Q5 2? ,fggzuif if -at .A , SQ , f., f WM?-2 ,,.. Wx -,rev L . q. , ,-44,4 . g 5 . gf .3-6 - in. mg, 1 'V lin: v 5 ., if CE is 53' x 5' Q x ss ' Q I gf!! . 25 Q4 f f sg!" -ff ,. isis YW Carolyn Leonard--Secretary-treasurerg Tom Morris-Vice-presidentg Pot Patton---Prcsidcntg Mrs. Stanscl-Sponsor. James Edwards Lindo Edwards Virginia Edwards 'S--M J Jo Ann Evans Nicky Felts Helen Fenneman g 'NX Johnny Fielder Larry Frost Jack Funk Larry Funk Norma Funk Ralph Gafchel Jimette Gentry Marlene Glasco Pat Hackler Donnie Hampton wg WW! Freida Harris Larry Hinshaw Tommy Jaryis David Johnson John Janes Carolyn Leonard Maggie Leonard Larry Liddle i Mary Liddle J Bernard Lindsey xx i ' Richard Lineberry ' J. C. Lowe Sandra Lundy Cheryl Marian f 5 -'ff' J 2 1: fi J. Brewer+Presidentg 10 Q-' Q ai R ,K , ,, -.-A - A J ,, 4- Joyce Martin Tommy Mayberry Agnes McKenzie Joyce McKenzie Loyce McKenzie Melva McKenzie James McMillan Billie Melton Jae Miller Maynard Moretz Tom Morris I David Moxley Q x i V Nora Musser ,wx W Elaine Nichols av. as . , 1, , ,W sl Glenn Osborne " ' ga Q X ,R Michael Overby - 'A K Peggy Parrish A X N Barbara Patton K mm, ' A X Janet Patton -J , R M Lavie Patton ,, g- -. 4 Y c - do Pat Pattor - ,V ,i Bobby Petty X in ..- fx J. C, Phillips A Ruth Ann Poe X S, i X 5 ,155 Ronald Porter Sandra Reavis Phyllis Reeves Bobby Rhudy Agnes Ring Glenda Robinson Sutherland- Mr. Arch Schooley-Sponsorg Barbara Ballard-Secre- Helen WhittingtonfPresidentg Mr, Bill Brown-Spaw tary-Treosurerg Janie Boyer - Vice-presidentg Claude sorg Kenneth Tamlinsane--Vice-preside-ntg Mary Ann Secretaryg Henry Snow-Treasurer, 'ev-we XX X 'S-. in 5'1'- v Y?- 'Qo- Wg. sm. 'ite 5, x Q'- Y K Q fs Qs X 5- l 4. L V, Joan Duncan f Secretary, Johnny Fielder---Vice-presv Presidentg Joe Miller'-Treasurer John Jones Vice dentg Mr, Ralph Morris--Sponsorg Jimette Gentry W- president, Mrs. Kate Dickens Sponsor Jean Duncan Presidentg Sandra Lundy--Secretary ,kt P Linda Robinson 'W ' 1: 'i 1 1' M Elaine Schaffer 1 , Helen Schuyler ' r g ,S Bobbie smith 4 I X GL' X so Lois smith X Q Johnny Smyrhers I N ni ' Q- ! I X 'x 'K ' N' X We x X 1 S X E i Henry Snow Joyce Spencer Edwin Stomper Johnny Stansel Mary Ann Sutherland Robert Thomas Larry Thompson Kenneth Tomlinson Roger Triplett Bill Vaughan Tammy Vaughan Ronald Vaught Rebecca Watson Vickie Warf Thelma Weatherman Christian Whitaker Helen Whittington Joe Edd Wilson Roger Wilson Leslie Winesett Sharon Wingold Gayle Wright Mary Vfright Pat Wright VAR , 731-X Wulsun Jorvls Arm Lowe Tommie Hunks Sandro Halo Wczrrcrw Lconcud Prcsldcnt Vice-president Secretory Trvosurcr Prfzxndcni Goylc- Jowncs Vwcc prcsudont v in., . Ni .f Judy Gentry Vwcc Drosuicnf Judy And:-rsorw Duomo WiIsOn Svcroiory trcosurcr Prcsvdcrlf ETB" ' .wr . W1 Class '63 an-as. Shurlcy Crouse Vxcc-president Bill Nuckolls Vicv prcsndcnt Mmm Suv Lolwvx Pvcwlout W. Q 5 'T r JC Sharon Arwfhcmy Prcsucivni Jimmy Worr! Austin Smsth Socrctory Trvnsurcr 1-.rf -179 In-v 'CT gf? i"'1 ' Rs i X' 55 if - Q ,S s 1 S Randy Crouw gy? "S" K ogy -. 1 Eslcllcne Akers J. C. Asbury Dickie Bartlett Sammy Blair Vickie Batlamlcy Jimmy Boyer Kathlccn Brower Linda Brown Tony Burgess Dickie Burnett Danny Burris Mary Ann Busic Charles Carico Ima Carpenter Georgce Converse Bobby Coamcs Jo Cox Patsy Cox Louise Cuslcr Benny Davis Eddie Ray Davis Judy Davis Melinda Dclp Dale Diamond Joan Diamond Loretta Diamond Carolyn Douglas Royce Easier Patsy Eastridge Barbara Edwards Sandra Evans Richard Farmer Belly Fnrtncr Darlcen Fortner Bcity Funk Naomi Funk ll .hx 'gt I Q. ,-N. '9- mf h. evra' fb.-I Tcx Jones v....W 'FPL' Hresllznen -r r is w-- lax'-vs L. 1-Q.. g fx K ma SNR l Gr ,ix is it if L C. Q... -cf f CNF Gcwrqc Glllcsplr Sarvfirrx llrn lclr-r lvv ltclmplrwn Dayttl llankx Rtta llvrlrlrk Jnrnmy llmlqt-m Jerry llrmrlruu Omfl llurlson Lmrla twrn Betty ,lcnnnnqx Bolwluy Jvrmqan Barbara lruhnwn Johnny Johnson Lllluc May Jrmhrtxmw Tony Johnson Drucrlla Jonrw Freda Jones Jody lones Pcqqy Kemp Earlcc-n Knrtuy Gary Lcogon Carol Lcrmarrl Paul Luddlc .lrmmy Lutz Johnny Marshall Norma Malthvws Judy McGee Llnda IKACKCUIIC Hazel Molton Jam-t Mnnk Betty Lou Morris Nelson Moxloy Frances Mundy Ray Nicholls Bertha Owens Cannu- Padgett .E we Q- -vt, 'x Yi. ,N r ti, , i ..k, .Qs Mghgjwff 5 .1 V is Q, A Y Q 1 1 'xg f K I .V A 'V , c,,, ,S 'mi K W, R 6. 5 fi- L xr- g 'Q-3, ri Q R ff- ,v-- A ' "2 D- "7 0- -PR c 4. , Q X95 f ' K 'T A New K Freshmen QR NJ: x S s. ,Org 'US up - s.. 0-P ,,,As Gene Patton Mary Lee Phillips Priscilla Phipps Mary Pollard Betsy Rector W. R, Rector Jo Anne Reedy Larry Roberts Phyllis Robinson Joyce Rosenbaum Patsy Rutherford Judy Parrish Celene Patton Loreen Schaffer Linda Shaw Qs fi. Q-Q -... . X 43. -4- 'qw' Sue Siceleff Barbara Smith Charles Smith Patricia South Sue Spencer Charlotte Stansel Peggy Stoneman Diane Talley Lillie May Thomason Lettie Mae Tucker Brenda Vaughan Bill Welch Linda Whitaker Cheryl Wilson Julia Wood Franklin Worrell Betty Wright Mary Wright Stl? QFALJ C CUTS Qw- qw- is' ' 'ki -an 1 JUN! 'Y Ca-- ,..- 'Nfl' -A Jean Marrun, President, Barbara Matthews, Vuce- aresldent, Larry Leanard, Secretary-Treasurer. H, B Jane Ward, Vvcc-president T h 0 rn a 5, Presrdent, Elizabeth Wnlson, Secretary, Judy Osborne, Treasur er Pat Newman, President, John Dickens, Vlcc Us I' president, Beverly Hrgglna, Sccretary, Don Dicken san, Truaiurcr Jann'-. Pzrl-ctr Prcwuiovwf, P 0 f C Rarnvy, V160 prrwndent, Jlmrnv Cornlv., Sermtary lcrr Jrv!f1C'S,TfCG5LHCT V ii 'Os 1 1 X gil aync Amit-vs, Ralph Bvune, J B Bedsaul, Shvrley Doug Bryant, Dennis Bunn, Ralph Burcharn, Betty Bvnlsaul, Bully Beltun, lctterwn Bnllrngs, Wayne Brown, Burnette, Lsncla Butler, Charlene Clark, Connle Cochran Class af '64 Jeanne Dans, Judy Dams, Harry Delp, Edna Jane Duamand, Pat Duncan, Barbara East- rudge, Dayud Edwards, Ellzabcth Edwards, Ray Edwards, Hattle Bob Felts, Loulse Good, Kaye Green, Juanuta Hale Donnell Hall, Jlmmy Harrell, John Hartsack, Kerry Higgins, Carolyn Harlan, Rnclwaul Hudwn, Rttnnio Jacnlw, Lnncla Jcnnung5, Tammy Jenrette, Gail Joines L v .,. ,, -0 Qx Q " M , 4 . 4, ws 'Ox US -3,- ,Q x Q. vs 'P 11' f ,ix ,,. A nr-Nt: . - f 7-. Q1 T- i 'W as fs 'Q lo , 4... 1 Us ' fr -vs ,gs 1. llonny Kemp, Ruth Ann Lewis, Gay Lowe, Rebecca Lid- Susan Peck, Loretto Petty, John Phlpps, Ann Purdue, lllu Genexo MCClonnhon, Doyul Mnrrns, Sammy Morton, Dowd Roberts, Shelby Robinson, Cheryl Rose l l 'N 'U' n1"NUs s-. -- A 5. s'! Class Cf '64 Qorol Rosenbaum, Susan Richardson, Patrucno Sowyers, Carol Smlth, Dons Srnlth, James SV11lTl1, Myra Smnth, Stuart Sparks, Peqqy Spnfer, Jornes Sfockner, Chrnsfnne Stump, Roger fulurmw, Wclyrlg' Stump, lnwqcrwe 'l hornas, Womlo Thomason, Jolene Tiller, Judy Walls, Roger Whltfr, Judy Wnllmnws, Annlyn Wlnqcwlrl, Betty Wrnght, Lando Sue Vaughan, Pat Young .5 'Asn- Qu' g 'SQ QL. GW If xi- ig. '1Ngs -'VN Q... dis -fl! I 4 V 5 ' 5g.,.. vw' G fi L Q Rx if is Az. Swv K- . KR 44455. ., . ' OJ A1 x 5 L32 Ng fi -..A1..-f 1 f Q 'iff S f'.-I-.5-:EE .na-ff-. - :Q::1f9? 1.x r.r'?'v'7 1, " X ESF --1? ' Q "'.. ffxxl' X53 i ' zfzlwf .-, '5 . il ' 45,14 A . -HM A QQ., 2.125-'1:'f:C., , ,X .5J..,::n.::A,: g s il 5 . me - ta- :rob --" in -my Galax Galax Galax Galax Galax Lewis Smith I-lalfback tm, 1 ZHQ Maroon Zicle Blacksburg Roanoke Catholic Bassett Narrows Drewy Mason Topper Franke End 30 Galax O Galax 6 Galax 27 Galax 7 Galax Jerry Crawford Fullbcck I . - I O Hillsville I9 Fries 7 Independence 7 Franklin County 7 Wytheville Gene Higgins Tackle f'N'Y . 1 , ' , ? ,- O.: 'X mf 13 O 6 20 25 Dickie Williams Center 1,1 0 S 1 l SVMM f. e ,X ,Q 'i vs, i Kermit Adkins Head Coach Larry Dotson Quarterback T3 l 3 ,Swv-gen., . Q .l Victor Joines Pinky Burnette Jeff Morris Guard Tackle Halfback QQ 1, Y ' of Joe Lindsey Assistant Coach Claude Brewer Larry Bartlett Roger Wilson Center End End Wes, in fe ' fi ff 'HE .Q , ...L-v .x..' f"N. Stanley Gillespie Quarterback x 'su .W fi-T' C ,Q W. , Y- , .y"f., " Lovon Shumate Halfback I 5, x .. V 4: ' M A Maroon Gale -Y xx! , 15 fy .,, k. X, Q fi, 5 k X, , n Jeff Morris f Z C A Kermit Adkins Coach K X I M f Bill Nuckolls ZA Tom Morris THE 1959-eo BASKETBALL TEAM C""de Wwe' . N 7 ig I, . P , , 1 1 'kg' - xxk ,Q 5 X , QA qw , E X 1 x p 4, ' , A v' f' 4. wr, 4. 1 Q, N , , , ' , swf? b , P ' 5 vm A , 5. A 'Q H A A , A A 4 A A A- 2 f A y A 4 f A Hghgfis .Y I , . if . . I K A x X A we f X ' ' ll! Q Y . AJ , . ' -A 131 W- X I 3 Y l .. xr I K as , , j i ' A L A1323-1: x ,X "5 N 4 I I A fi Lovon Shumate Jack Harris Captain A A 1 i E 1 I X Ronnvo McGrady John Dickenson s u F r A . an x The Tide at game time 1 , ,- -- 1960 , 5 Q 3 Konnnh Tomlinson ancger Jimmy Word S j Z Manager 2 x Q . K: :y K 5 K' ff 1 5 James Lawson 39 fm dl , YZF 'L TLT? 2 if Mary Spinks sw ' y Frances Guynn Sarah Price Captain J hi? Jackie Morris cv .rg X4 3. if Vx gui new ffm Joan Nail '35 G v G GG Aug usta Messer ' vt we 1 Shirley Branscome fr iw? uh Sandra Heckler S Berfy Lou Morris Joan Duncan Priscilla Q, 41 .- N X .,,e. .K . v II y B u r etr Sandra Dickens H. B Thomas IJ' D'ck'e 5 Ch UUIOI' Sandra Carolyn Lundy , Leonard Uarsxty CHeerleac1ers owen mu 1,1- 2 'W' Pete Smith GPH K Benny James K L L' L 5. Davis W 17 ' Rand e . - ,Aix ' K., , Buster b 4 e ,523-'iT2g,. is O mer 4 f v - 5225+ ,-sffrfei B CieoI'9? Bill I ',fg:3Qff ' S Doug GlIleSPl6 x Brown 7 A Q Bryant Coach 3 ' 5- , L, I George Cox . Lee G' D H ,Lg s- amlnon V .ern Mike - V- Coomes "D " ' S Q ,Q Bin B , """"Y ' Nuckolls f "j" Morton B ' v ' 6 ll f' N ' unzor arslty goof a Oeam ! 5 -1 M2 ff 'r new f F52 QQ Left to right-Buddy Bartlett, Leo Hampton, George Gillcspue, Moynord fvtarctz, James Hawks, Dwnnlc Hampton, Turnrny Maylmcrry, Edwin Stamp- vr, Larry Funk, Auatvn Srnlth, Tarnmv Battarnlvy unior 5 X lfarsdg I Nu F-Z Coach Bilt Brown BasQct5aH 2' su.. g-4 .Y5 if CJRGANIZATIGNS -Q . x . f.,x . 3'- m ag". ,I :Q ,-pf , if 5.5 f . 343. 'E 1 -s x JPM - -Fr: ,.,,, 'if-W9 mr - f , R ieqkxkl? M -"'! sl'aM d t Sfudvnf Cooperative Association ,,..alfl ,.,,.,.f.-1 -awfvwxq-v YW Q1 wi .ke Y lv 4 5 he-W SCA. Council SCA. VV e I f a r e Committee packing Thanksgiving baskets. 7.9 SCA. Bulletin Board C 0 rn- mittee decorating bulletin board f it 'A R ...A .- . 4 . X., K' -1' Sk N mg-:He ww f ,wr -1 W. ,K , I x Q 'rf 9 L. 1':r ""' ' A is , ,F - 'QA FVXXX m z L vw ' ' ""!, "X 3 1 x. fc B ' ' 2- X ff Q '7' Xxx fl! 5:1 ki. 1 L" N 2 Y f' 5 ri- ' JJ QT V' Roy Franke Mrs. L. W. President Hillman Advuscr Beatrice Bartlett Vice-president if A Earl Coudill Secretory e .af 0- , e N 'X 7,1 ii Xi xi as ...- Bonna Sikes Treasurer T, , t 'V . .ii g z X I 1 -" ,, r.. X fs' Q. ,L af V' C pd l L if S,- ww. ,. Q x W . S Ll 6- wt, M K A A ' N '33 Q' Miss Joan Duncan Sweetheart Key C1115 Qnternational G1 - SL Y? Q! . T 1 S WS M . Mr. Joe Lindsey Adviser Stanley Gillespie President Conley Harris Secretory Treasure Harvey Hennis Vice president I' Jackie Morris Edntor un Chief , my , eoxe 05061 P0 xfs +60 eyxo Yxovgofy- sk YXXXJXO f 0 'X'-ne' KO W0 -Il R Ko ?x6i!OXeixQXGlY' to ve xg. xl 51 90" 0' X C,- 0 40 toibodx '96 fc ,Q 0 Business Staff 4 Noncy Brewer, Mrs. Kelly Hash, Adviserg Joyce Anderson, Lewis Smith, Pot Hock- Ier. we 59900 X xc? oo 0 ffl Gi YO e,o'Of9XO5QQ' We K0 40 O! 4 C, 8' Q0 Q0 Xxx gi Qov-4 XOGXJXCX w Q, K O w Mary Anne Spinks Editor-in-Chief X 44 .9006 0 ' YQ SZYXYXQQ 1 QQ CDC KK K 5 XO R60 so ive VOX so t vip' X0 Q ., cg' Koo' 0 X in Business Staff - Joan Noil, Miss Celene Phipps, Adviserg Eleanor S i z e - more, Shirley W i I 5 o n, Kenneth Tomlinson. 04 XD + 205 Cifkcsi Q 0 O0 Xef Occ Q ge 4. WX QC Mr. Biddle D. t Johnny Srnythers irec or Drum Major A lr 7.53 ' . v XA f Galax High Horns: Wanda Diamond, Connie Trombones: Winkie Jarvis, Donald Lone, Saxaphones: Larry Frost, Jane Cochran, Loretta Petty, M a r y Bobby Jernigan, Edwin Stomper. Ward, George Gillespie, Helen Fen- Liddle. nernan, K A A Clcrinetsz Peggy Parrish, Carol Rosenbaum, Judy Davis, Charlotte Stansel, Robert LeFever, Vickie Bottomley, Carolyn Douglas, Lettie Mae Tucker. jr X k crrcc .N , 'x"' 1 , S - . -1. S 1 . ' f X Q Q V J .1 X Malorettes Sandra Reavis Pat Duncan Betsy Rector Juanita Hale Pat Hackler. 9 I Coronets: Larry Hinshaw, Richard Lineberry, Joe Miller, Bob McMil- lan, Kerry Higgins, Joyce Rosen- baurn, Q Drums James Stockner David Morris John Stansel Roger Coldwell Jean Duncan, Freddie N ,.,' 3 f xx X Xi sk Way, xx T i -...,..1QE.h-1'-"""?,i.45Q-' Q F' L.. .-..-.. fx lgin. 2 X n 5 L 1 ' W 1 351 Mr'w Lum Jrnwa Advisor, H1-umlr S114-:www Vrvsrdvnt 14 "-..., 1 S-I ' . ,.- his f5ri-Hi- i qs' Huldo Cullop -Chczploing Mary Jones-f -Vice-president, Becky Cosscll Sccrctoryg Betty Bowers- -Treasurer, Q .-.- aw X x., . 1 f . . Q , ? , N . Q1 s Y Q EWFWWEE .f-Fa. f?g.f',j' fxs f U I is -ve, ses ' - 5, Q. .xv H1 fx is Af ,jxfg 2 ' W f-6,13 'fi Q. yr f' gg Q . bi " w 1 ' f f xg: E 55 MSF' LX R .-'Dui Officers 8 .1 9,54 Q7 2' 1?.H.A Carol Hole Porliomcntoruon, Bnnnnc Wrnght Secretory, Edna Holi-WVnfo-prefsrdcnt, Mory Jones-President, Peggy Show' Rcpurtcrg Brenda Kay Voughon --Choplcun, Huldo Culiop H Hislornon, Nancy Cox--Song Icodcrg Mrs Golyen Advisor, Mrs, Cox--Adviser. 1.2! kr by Q5 X 1 D L wt Q 'im if 1 Officers Johr1nyJonLx M Howard Rcovw Adviser Phrlnp Leonard Prwndent Jimmy Hrggins+ Vrcgprrsnrinnt Lloyd Jungs Srcrgtory Herbert Qowlgy Trvosurcr Srwoky Cox-V--Reporter, r Q ,v Lx V if-'ilm pc OHL' Qalax Student Music C1116 IZ.. Mary Ellen Duncan President Sharon Wingold Secretary Mrs. Joseph T, Moore Sponsor Martha Ward Vice-president Joan Duncan Treasurer X svwei 500 dex NXQN Wo 006 Gge Cfioral group Mrs. Jomes Corico Director Speecli Clug Betty Bowie President Lowell Cooper Vice-president Sondra Dickens Secretary Mr. John Byrd Adviser ,-...., ...o......4--.--v-w..... iv- , . ,w,,i.,.o Wg l A . S ..... r i ff 4,0 Science Cluli Joe Kirby President Lewis Smith Vice-president Sue Morris Secretory Jerrie Schuyler Treosurer Mr. O. H. Peters Mr Arch Schooley Advisers ll MUQ Ciufi Mrb. Howard Rcavi: Advisor Rviwwa Watson Sccrctary-Trcaburer Wanda Diamond Vice-prcbidcnt Bcity Bowers President Future 0 America Miss Margaret Jones AdviSCr Betty Bowie Prmidcnt Mary Ellen Duncan Vice-president Dixie Young Secretary-Treasurer OCACFICT Disfri5ufiv Sducaiion Mr James Perry Adviser Harvey Hermis Vice-president Jerry Bartlett President Pat Harrell Secretary Bonnie Hanks Treasurer Q L 5 1 , , Q J WL kg 1 i it L .L .Maj -qw Divcrsifii Uccupation Bill Cole President Bobby Dixon Vice-president Lana Burchom Secretary Delmar Poe Treasurer Mr. Rex Phipps Adviser Qiris' Athletic Association Barbara Ballard President Sue Spencer Vice-president Janie Boyer Sec rotary-Treasurer Mrs, R. S. Hager Adviser r. Zri-Hi S iris' Charlotte Stansel President Jean Martin Vice-president Brenda Kay Vaughan Secretary Susan Richardson Treasurer Miss Leannah Todd Sponsor Mu l,':'z.. .M K I 1- was' grencg Clu6 Nancy Taylor President Edna Potion Vice-president Janice Reeves Secretory Delores Osborne Treasurer Mr, Bill Brown Adviser M ,,,,,.e,s, We-gf --- " 4 1 i 'YH f' : Y , 5 . r. .1 J I -i A I lfarsity Cflug Pinky Burnett President Jock l-lorris Vice-president Mory Ellen Kyle Secretory Jeff Morris Treasurer Kermit Adkins Adviser ,N- Ema 1 X3 in FEATURES ' 1 MARY AUGUSTA MESSER Solutotorion JEANNE CAROL MARION Voledictorion MARY AUGUSTA MESSER "I Dore You" Award WALTER ROYDEN FRANKE, JR "I Dore You" Award Most School Spirit Clworlcuttft PHC? Stanley Gillespie 2' Most Intellectual lecmnc MOTION me Kl'bV Most Versatile Most Polite Sarah Prucv Stove McMillan lrrlv SCl1uylCf l M l-lnll -1u1""'W Best Loolung Slwnrlcy Bronscmumc Conlvy Horns ...d l Most Athletic Mary Anna' Spmks Jeff Mmmrrls Scnio Most Dependable Mary Ellgn Duncan Frank Wright Popular Jackie Morris Pinky Burnett Supcrlativcs of-1"fT Neutest Morgo Boyer Harvey Hennis Best Personality Joan Nail Roger Sumner XXTM ix N" mx. "N-wha --.,..., Most Likely To Succeed Wittiesf Sharon Wienberry Montie Lorgin Augusta Messer Topper Franke Most Original Brenda Cullop Lowell Cooper Friendliest Nancy Cox Jack Harris I M 7? Homecbming 1i 59 And King Jackie Morris , ' ' ' ' ,Jeff Morris 'Pi Margo Boyer Victor Joines gk t fig X gi. A, A Joan Nail Conley Harris Sarah Price Pinky Burnett Homemmnng Court Betty Bowie Jack Harris Joyce Anderson Robert Lowe Nancy Brewer Montie Lcrgin 0. Vwlcc of DL'V'7YHCfC1CYVV1HV1CV Jcormc Moruon lfx ls., Uirgmza BOYS AND GIRLS' STATE Mm! Voluolvlc Football Pfoynr Award 'Q Funky Burncttf '91, Qs. 4. f Q Hs. I think we can take them" S ww K bf N00 ,QQ x ' xo N5 Ove Senior ALIDREY ANN ANDERS Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 F.H.A, I,25 DE Club 4 tueasuurcr 3 REBECCA JOYCE ANDERSON Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I5 Spanish Club 2 3, Glee Club 2, Tru-Hu-Y 35 Music Club 45 Varsity basketball l,2,35 Homecoming Court 45 Galax Leaf stall 3,45 Knowledge Knoll staff 45 Varsity Club 3,4 HARRY BLAINE BANKS Galax Hugh School l,2,3,4. BETTY JEAN BARRETT Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,2 GLADYS BEATRICE BARTLETT Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 Beta Club secretary 3, wuce-president 45 F HA. I,25 Book Club 2,3 JERRY RANDOLPH BARTLETT Galax Hugh School l,2,3,4. BETTY JEANE BEDSALJL Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 Spanish Club 3, Speech Club 45 FTA 45 Homeroom treasurer 4. SANDRA LEE BLAIR Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 Homeroom treasurer 25 Book Club vice-president I5 Jr, Tri-Hi-Y I. ELIZABETH ANNE BOWIE Galax Hugh School I,2,45 Homeroom president 2, treasurer 4, Tru.Hu-Y l,2,4, Music Club I,2,45 Speech Club president 45 Science Club secretary 45 F.T.A. l,2, president 45 S.C.A. Council 2,45 FHA. 25 Homecoming Court 4. HELEN MARGO BOYER Galax Hugh School I,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 French Club 45 Homecoming Court 45 Senior Superlative "Neatest " MARILYN ROSA BOYER Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,25 Tri4Hi-Y 2,3,45 DE. Club 4. SHIRLEY ANN BRANSCOME George Wythe Jr Hugh I5 Galax High School 253,45 Music Club 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Beta Club 3, State Convention 35 J.V Cheerleader captain 35 Varsity Cheerleader 4, Homeroom president 2,35 Senior Class Treasurer5 Choral Group 45 S,C.A. 2,35 Snow Oueen 4 NANCY LEE BREWER Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 F.H.A I, reporter 25 Glee Club 2, Beta Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Galax Leaf staff 2,3, business manager 45 Directory Music Club 3,45 Varsity basketball l,2, co-captain 35 Va, Girls' State 35 Homecoming Court 45 Pless Award 35 Homeroom secretary 3, president 45 S.C.A. Council 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Literary Contest 2,3. MAC NELSON BURNETT Galax High School I,2,3,45 Varsity football l,2,3, co-captain 45 Most Valuable Player Award 35 Varsity Club 2, 3, president 45 D. O, Club 4. PATSY VANN CARR Galax High School I,2,3,45 FHA l,2, secretary 35 Book Club 25 Homeroom pri-surlent 3, S C A Council 35 Literary Contest 2. REBECCA SUE CASSELL Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 Horneroom treasurer I5 vice-president 2,3, secretary 45 Jr Tri-Hi-Y I, Tru- Hi-Y 2, vice-president 3, secretary 45 Beta Club 3,45 E.l'l.A 4, ANN EDWARDS CHEEK Galax Hugh School l,2,3,45 FH.A l,2, Book Club l,2, D. E Club secretory 3. WILLIAM DEAN COLE Galax Hugh School I,2,3,4, JV. basketball I5 F.F.A. 35 DO Club president 4. CARROLL WAYNE COLEMAN Galax Hugh School l,2,3,4. BILLY AUSTIN COOPER Galax High School l,2,3,45 FFA. l,2,3,4 LOWELL DALE COOPER Galax High School l,2,3,45 Band I,2,3,45 All-State Workshop band 3, Literary Contest I, 2nd place Poetry Wruting 2, 2nd place Public Speaking 2, De- bate team Ist place 3,45 Talent Show 3,45 Ist place I, honorable mention 25 Glee Club l,25 Science Club 2,3,45 Speech Club 3, vuce-president 45 SC.A. Council l,2, State Convention 25 Music Monogram Club l,2, secretary 35 Boys' State 35 Homeroom president l, treasurer 25 Senior Superlative "Most Original". CARLOS LEE COX Galax Hugh School I,2,3,45 D.E. Club 3,4. NANCY BLAIR COX Galax Hugh School I,2,3,45 Jr. Tru-Hi-Y I, Tru-Hi-Y 2,35 FHA. 3, song leader 45 Glee Club treasurer 35 Music Club 3,45 Choral Group 45 Galax Leaf staff 2,35 Knowledge Knoll staff 45 Senior Superlatuve "Friendliest". JAMES EDGAR CRINER Galax Hugh School I,2,3,45 EFA. l,25 D.O Club 4. Senior BRENDA LEE CULLOP Galax High School l,2,3,4, Homeroom secretary l, vice-president 4, Jr, Tri-Hi-Y l, Glee Club l,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, F.H A. l,2,3, parliamentarian 3, Beta Club 3, S.C.A 4, Music Club 4, Knowledge Knoll staff 3,4, art editor 4, Senior Superlative "Most Original", CARROLL EDWARD DILLON Galax High School l,2,3,4, F.F.A. l,2,3, Speech Club 3, D.O. Club 4. ROBERT FRANKLIN DILLON Galax High School l,2,3,4, F,F.A, l, J.V. football l,2, Varsity football manager 3,4, Speech Club 4. MARY ELLEN DUNCAN Galax High School l,2,3,4, Music Club 3, president 4, Choral Group 4, TrieHifY 2,3, Beta Club 3,4, S.C.A. Council 2, reporter 3, parliamentarian 4, Glee Club l,2, F.H.A. l, treasurer 2, F.T.A. vice-president 4, Homeroom president 2,3, treasurer 4, Junior Class vice-president, Va. Girls' State 3, Galax Leaf business staff l,2,3, editorial staff 4, Varsity basket- ball manager l,2,3, Senior Superlative "Most De- penclableu. WALTER ROYDEN FRANKE, JR. Galax High School l,2,3,4, Homeroom secretary l, vice-president 2, Junior Class president, S.C.A. 2,3,4, Teen Time announcer 3,4, Beta Club 3, president 4, Spanish Club 2,3, Science Club 3,4, Galax Leaf staff 2,3, Varsity football 2,3,4, Varsity basketball 2,3, Track 3, Va Boys' State 3, Senior Superlative "Most Likely to Succeed". PAMELA JEANETTE GALYEAN Galax High School l,2,3,4, Honweroom chaplain l, vice-president 2, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y l, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, S.C,A Council 2, Glee Club l,2, Music Club 4. ROGER RAY GALYEAN Galax High School l,2,3,4, FFA. l,2,3, DE. Club parliamentarian 4, WlLEY ALLEN GENTRY Galax High School l,2,3,4, JAMES STANLEY GILLASPIE Galax High School l,2,3,4, Homeroom treasuruer 2, Key Club 2, vice-presdient 3, president 4, District Convention 3,4, International Convention 4, Hi-Y 2, vice-president 3, Varsity Club 2,3,4, S.C.A. Council 3,4, Galax Leaf staff 2, circulation man- ager 3,4, Varsity football 2,4, Track 3,4, Senior Superlative "Most School Spirit" JAMA LEE GOODSON Galax High School l,2,3,4, Glee Club 2, F.H.A, l, Tri-Hi-Y 2. CONLEY HALE Galax High School l,2,3,4. Directory JloXfVll1b lVll'Xt'sVIIN lirtuu Galax High School l,2,3,4, Homeroom vice-presi- dent l, Hi-Y 3,4, D.E, Club 3, D.O. Club 4, Key Club 3,4, J.V, football l,2, Senior Superlative "Most Polite". BONNIE JOYCE HANKS Galax High School l,2,3,4, F.H.A. l,2, Book Club l,2, D.E. Club reporter 3, secretary 4. PATRICIA IRENE HARRELL Galax High School l,2,3,4, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y l, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, F.H.A. l,2, D.E. Club treasurer 4, CONLEY COOPER HARRIS Galax High School l,2,3,4, Varsity basketball 2,3, S.C.A. Council 3, Key Club 3, secretary 4, Hi-Y 3,42 Varsity Club 3, Galax Leaf staff 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, Homecoming Court 4, D.O. Club 4, Senior Superlative "Best Looking". SAMUAL JACKSON HARRIS Galax High School l,2,3,4, Homeroom president 4, Varsity Club president 3, vice-president 4, Varsity basketball 2,3,4, Varsity football manager 2,3, Va. Boys' State 3, Galax Leaf staff 4, Homecoming Court 4, Senior Superlative "Friendliest". ALTON EUGENE HAWKS Galax High School l,2,3,4. BETTY JO HAWKS Galax High School l,2,3,4, F.H.A. l. HARVEY GREY HENNIS, JR. Galax High School l,2,3,4, Hi-Y l,2,3, J.V. foot- ball l,2, J.V. basketball l,2, Key Club 2,3, vice- president 4, Hameroom vice-president l, Senior Su- perlative "Neatest" PATSY CA ROLYN HODGE Woodlawn High School l,2, Galax High School 3,4, F.H.A. l. MARY LUCINDA JONES Galax High School l,2,3,4, FH A. l,2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,4, Music Club 2,3, Band 3, D.E Club 4, MARY LOUISE JONES Galax High School l,2,3,4, Band l,2, Glee Club l,2, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y l, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, vice-president 4, Music Monogram Club l,2,3, FH.A. l, secretory 2, Blue Ridge Federation historian 3, president 4, Galax Leaf staff 2,3, Knowledge Knoll staff 3,4, Music Club 4, Speech Club secretary-treasurer 3,4, Beta Club 3,4, S.C.A. chaplain 4, Voice of Democracy Contest Win- ner first 2, second 3, second 4, Literary Contest 2,3,4, Freedom's Foundation Public Address Contest, honorable-mention 3, State Sewing Contest, first 3 Senior JOE GARNETT KIRBY5 Ill Galax High School I5253545 Homeroom president I5 Band l52,35 J.V. basketball 25 Beta Club 3,45 Science Club president 45 Music Monogram Club 35 Book Club I5 Senior Superlative "Most InteIlectual". MONTIE LARRY LARGIN Galax High School l,2,3,45 Varsity football l,2,3,45 D.E. Club 3,45 Homecoming Court 45 Varsity Club 253545 Senior Superlative "Wittiest", NORMA REE LEONARD Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.H.A, l,2,3. WESLEY LEONARD LINEBERRY Galax High School l,2,3,45 Key Club 3545 Science Club 253,45 Spanish Club 2535 Hi-Y 4. ROBERT ANDY LOWE Coal Creek High School I5 Galax High School 253,45 Key Club 3,45 Science Club 253545 Spanish Club 2,35 J.V. football 25 J.V. basketball 25 Homecoming Court 45 Track 3,4. STANLEY ALAN MAIDEN Galax High School l,2,3,45 Spanish Club 3. JEANNE CAROL MARION Galax High School l,2,3,45 Homeroom secretary 45 Beta Club 253,45 Speech Club 3545 Va. Girls' State 35 Literary Contest Ist place short story I, Ist place poetry, 3rd place poetry reading 2, lst place poetry reading 2, 2nd place District 3. Voice of Democracy Winner 2nd place 2, Ist place 3, Ist place 45 Knowledge Knoll staff 35 Senior Superlative "Most Intellectual". STEPHEN BLAKE MCMILLAN Galax High School I52,3,45 Homeroom vice-presi- dent I, president 45 S,C.A. Council I,45 Hi-Y 3, president 4, Model General Assembly 35 Beta Club 35 Varsity football 45 Spanish Club 35 Senior Superla- tive "Most Versatile". MARY AUGUSTA MESSER Galax High School l,2,3,45 S.C.A. secretary 2, vice- president 3, president 45 Beta Club 2,3545 Jr. Tri- Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 253545 Music Club 253,45 Choral Group 45 French Club 254, vice-president 35 Galax Leof staff 3,45 J.V. Cheerleader 35 Varsity Cheer- leader 45 Literary Contest 3rd place I,3, Ist place 25 Va. Girls' State 35 S.C.A. Convention 2,35 S.C.A. Workshop 3,45 Senior Superlative "Most Likely to Succeed". Directory JACQUELYN HAN KS MORRIS Galax High School l,2,3,45 Varsity basketball 2,35 J.V. Cheerleader I5 Varsity Cheerleader 2, captain 3, co-captain 45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y president I5 Music Club 2,45 treasurer 35 Choral Group 45 Tri-Hi-Y 253,45 French Club 3,45 Glee Club I525 S.C.A. Council reporter 45 Knowledge Knoll staff 3545 Golox Leof staff 2, assistant editor 3, editor 45 Varsity Club 3545 Beta Club 35 Miss Teen Time 35 F.H.A. 45 Homecom- ing Queen 45 Cheerleader's Trophy 35 Literary Con- test 4, 2nd place short story 25 Senior Superlative "Mast Popular". JEFFERSON WILLIAM MORRIS Galax High School I,253545 Varsity football l,2,3, co-captain 45 Varsity basketball l,2,3, co-captain 45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Varsity Club l,25 treasurer 35 Homecoming King 45 Senior Superlative "Mast Ath- Ietic". JESSIE SUE MORRIS Galax High School I,253545 Homeroom treasurer l, Chaplain 25 Jr, Tri-Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 2535 F.H.A. parliamentarian I, vice-president 25 Glee Club l52,35 Band 3545 Music Club 253545 Choral Group 45 Music Monogram Club 2,35 Varsity basketball 2,35 Varsity Club 3545 French Club 253545 Science Club secretary 45 Va. Girls' State5 Commonwealth Attorney, State Band, Glee Club 3. CAROL JOAN NAIL Woodlawn High School I5 Galax High School 2,3545 Homeroom treasurer 25 Junior Class treasurer 25 J.V. cheerleader 35 Varsity cheerleader 45 Knowledge Knoll business staff 35 manager 45 Music Club 2,3545 Choral Group 45 Tri-Hi-Y 254, secretary 35 Beta Club 354, State Convention 35 Senior Class president 45 S.C.A. Council 45 Literary Contest Winner, 2nd place prose 35 Glee Club 25 Homecoming Court 45 Senior Superlative "Best Personality". NANCY DELORES OSBORNE Galax High School l,2,3,45 Music Club l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I5 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 253,45 French Club 2535 Speech Club treasurer 45 Speech Club Play 4. RONN I E RAY OVERBY Woodlawn High School I,2,35 Science Club I5 Base- ball 25 Varsity basketball 2535 Junior Play Cost 35 Beta Club 3545 Paper staff business manager 35 Annual assistant editor 35 Glee Club 35 Galax High School 45 D.E. Club 4. EDNA FAYE PATTON Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,25 French Club 2,3, vice-president 4. LORETTA JEAN PATTON Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I52,3. DELMAR LEE POE Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.F.A. I525354, Federa- tion President 45 D. O. Club treasurer 4. Senior Directory CHARLOTTE CHRISTIAN PRICE Galax High School l,2,3,45 Book Club I, F.H.A. l,25 Glee Club I,2, librarian 35 Beta Club 45 Tri-Hi- Y 2,3,4, Model General Assembly 35 Varsity basket- ball 2,35 J.V. cheerleader I, captain 25 Miss Maroon .Tide 3,45 Miss Teen Time 45 Knowledge Knoll staff 4, business staff 35 Galax Leaf staff 2, girls' sports editor 3,45 Music Club l,2,45 Choral Group 45 French Club 3,45 S.C.A. Council 45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y secretary I5 Senior Class secretary 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Liter- sry Contest 25 Senior Superlative "Most School pirit". SARAH HAYES PRICE Galax High School l,2,3,45 Varsity basketball 2,35 J.V. cheerleader 2, captain I5 Varsity cheerleader 3, captain 45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Music Club I,2,45 Glee Club l,2,35 French Club 3,45 S.C.A. Council l,2,35 Choral Group 45 Galax Leaf staff l,2,3,45 Knowledge Knoll staff 3,45 F.H.A. I,2, president 35 Beta Club 45 Homeroom president I, vice-president 4, secretary 2,35 Homecoming Court 45 Literary Contest 2nd place public speak- ing 2, Ist place public speaking 35 Senior Super- lative "Most Versatile". JUDY ANN RECTOR Galax High School l,2,3,45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 F.H.A. I,25 Book Club 45 D.E. Club 4. JANICE LEE REEVES Galax High School l,2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 F.H.A. 25 French Club 253, secretary 45 Junior Class secre- tary 35 Homeroom secretary-treasurer 3, secretary 4. ELSIE ELAINE ROSENBAUM Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,2,45 Glee Club l,25 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Ground Observer Corps l,25 Spanish Club 25 Music Club 45 Varsity basketball manager 25 Snow princess 4. ARLESS JUNIOR SAWYERS Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.F.A. 2,3,4. GEARLDINE SCHUYLER Galax High School l,2,3,45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,4, chaplain 35 Book Club I,35 Science Club 3, treasurer 45 Knowledge Knoll staff 45 Galax Leaf staff 35 Homeroom treasurer 3,45 Speech Club 45 Music Club 3,45 Glee Club l,25 Literary Contest, Ist place short stories 25 Senior Superlative "Most Polite". BONNA RUTH SIKES Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I, parliamentarian 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Beta Club 3, treasurer 45 Galax Leaf staff 45 Glee Club 3. ELEANOR ANN SIZEMORE Galax High School l,2,3,45 Homeroom vice-president I5 Glee Club I,25 Spanish Club secretary-treasurer 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, treasurer 3, president 45 Varsity Club 4, secretary 35 Varsity basketball l,2,35 Knowledge Knoll business staff 3,45 Galax Leaf staff 2,3,45 F.H.A. I5 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 S,C.A. Council I,45 Beta Club Talent Show l,2,35 Model General Assembly 4. MARY ANNE SPINKS Galax High School l,2,3,45 Varsity basketball l,2,35 J.V. cheerleader I, co-captain 25 Varsity cheerleader 3,45 Knowledge Knoll 2, assistant editor 3, editor 45 Galax Leaf staff I,4, business staff 2, business man- ager 35 Music Club I,3,4, reporter 25 Choral Group 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 French Club 4, secretary 2, treasurer 35 S.C.A. Council treasurer 45 Glee Club l,2,35 F.H.A. 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Home- room secretary-treasurer 25 Literary Contest 2,3,45 Senior Superlative "Most Athletic". CARROLL PHILLIP SUTHERLAND Galax High School I,2,3,4. CHARLES ROGER SUMNER Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.F.A. 2, parliamentarian 35 Senior Class vice-presidentf Senior Superlative "Best Personality". ANN POPE TAYLOR Galax I-ligh School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. 25 French Club 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Music Club 3,45 Beta Club 4. NANCY COOPER TAYLOR Galax High School l,2,3,45 Homeroom chaplain I, F.H.A. I5 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Glee Club l,2,35 Band l,2,3,45 Music Monogram Club l,2,35 Music Club l,2,35 French Club 2, reporter 3, president 4. DARRYL WAYNE TRIPLETT Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.F.A. I,2,3,4. 'ANITA JOYCE WEATHERMAN Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,2,3. SHARON ANN WIENBERRY Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy I5 High Point High School 25 Galax High School 3,45 Music Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 F.H.A. 4. CAROL JEAN WHITAKER Fries High School I5 Galax High School 2,3,45 F.H.A. 253. YVETTA WILSON WHITE Galax High School l,2,3,45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y I5 Book Club I. GLENDA ARLEE WISEMAN Galax High School l,2,3,45 F.H.A. I,2. FRANK REED WRIGHT Galax High School l,2,3,45 Homeroom president I5 Hi-Y 3,4, Model General Assembly 3, secretary-treas- urer 45 S.C.A. Council I, S.C.A. State Convention 25 Spanish Club 35 Varsity football 45 Key Club 4: Senior Superlative "Most Dependable." MESSER GALAX MIRROR CO., INC. WEBB FURN FULL COOPERATION INDUSTRIES GALAX FURNITURE CO., INC TURE CDRP. BETWEEN INDUST VAUGHAN-BASSETT FURNITURE CGMPANY Manufacturers of 78 X' ai- 5' Yr l The true discovery of Americo is before us."-Thomas Wolfe GALAX WEAVING CO. 0 unit of B rll gion INDUS'1'2lES, INC. Executive Offices: Greensboro, N. C. 9 VAUGHAN FURNITURE COMPANY "Furniture of Merit" QQQYYIGYKA 'lllfY QIIAIJYY Ill YI WELCOME GIRLS WELCOME WELCOME BOYS MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT PORTER'S RECORD COUNTER PORTER FURNITURE S bfi . m 1 COMPANY For the Best Buys Anywhere on FURNITURE OR ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES EASY TERMS . . . FREE DELIVERY 8 R.E.JONES Q SON FURNITURE Can Buy If For Less At J V G SC OO C ASS NGS Supplied by. W.U.SAUNDERS CUMPANY 3110 West Brood Stree P. O 75 V HERFF-JUNES CUMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATION ERS 1407-1419 North Capitol Avenue Indianapolis Indiono PLESS FURNITURE STURES Golox-Fries-Wythevi I le-Pulaski Complete Home Furnishings Electrical, Heating and Plumbing Contractors Radio and Television Service Phone BE 6-2951 Gnlox Virginio 83 When You Th k f P D I BEI 62671 Excelsior Printing Company TIIE FIRST NATIUNAL BANK MT. Alai, N. C. ESTABLISHED 1893 Member F. D. I. C. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 1960 Senior Class WINESETT FURNITURE MART "Trade Your Old For New" 1 Mile South of Galax-Rt. No. 89 WINESETT FURNITURE EXCHANGE 121 West Grayson St. THE DAIRY BAR "Where Food Is King" THE HUB DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT "Home of Good Foods" Galax Virginia GALAX CHAIR CIIMPANY, INC. Manufacturers of Living Room Chairs Expertly Tailored For Lasting Beauty Galax Virginia S FELTS TRANSPORT CORPORATION Dial BE 6-5151 Golox Virgi GALAX GAZETTE MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS All the News of the Twin Counties SAM B. GRIGGS 0. HARVEY GRIGGS Distributors FIRESTON E TI RES-TEXACO PRODUCTS I Golox Virgi o BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF '60 GLOBMAN'S y the present and future be kind to all fyou G I V g Compliments of R. 8. H. HOSIERY MILL G I V HARRIS-MARSHALL HIISIEIIY MILLS, IIIIU. GI Vgo BERRY 8 RUBERTS CUNTRACTURS EXCAVATING-ROAD BUILDING DRAINAGE AND LAND CLEARANCE Telephone: BE 6-2792 or BE 6-3746 Golox Virginia BOLEN DRUG PARSONS COMPANY AUCTION "The Rexall Store" "SeIIers of the Earth Golox lndepe d Virginio Virg V9 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF GALAX Congratulations T THE SEN IORS OF 1960 ax Virg Congratulations and Best Wishes to The 1960 Senior Class LINDEMAN WOOD FINISH COMPANY, INC Indianapolis, Indiana Galax, Virginia Phone BE 6-4514 Congratul t Seniors THE REMNANT SHOP G lax Virginia VAUGHAN-GUYNN AMBULANCE SERVICE Day or Night Hillsville Galax Virginia Virginia Success to the Grods of '60 MILLER 81 FROST GALAX PLUMBING 84 PHOTOGRAPHY "Quality and Service in Two Locations for Convenience" DIAL GOIQX Virginig BE 6-4424 Woodlown, VO. BE 6-2770 Golox, VCI. Compliments of Compliments of GALAX FLORIST For the finest in flowers, for the most reliable ond courteous service see or coll them Dial BE 6-2954-122 West Groyson Street Golox Virginio Compliments of BLUEMIINT KNITTING NIILLS, INC. 90 DIXON LUMBER COMPANY, INC. "When It's Lumber Call Our Number" BE 6-2941 Glx Vg CLOVER CREAMERY CO., INC. Phone BE 6-4132 Galax, V g TWIN COUNTY MOTOR CO., INC. FORD, FALCON, MERCURY, AND EDSEL "Business Goes Where It Is Invited and Stays Where It Is Well Treated" Va D I BE 6-2966 HIGGINS LP GAS COMPANY, INC. Distributors of SHELLANE LP GAS. G I x ' Virginia BLUE RIDGE TRANSFER Ell. Telephone BE 6-2944 East Webster Street Galax Virginia DIXIE WINGOLD STUDIO TRUlTT'S Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Telephone BE 6-2821 Galax Virginia STOP INN RAYMOND AND CORN ELIA "You Toot" "We'Il Tote" Phone 9831 U. S. Route 58 Hillsville Virginia Congratulations and Best Wishes to the 1960 Senior Class WHITE UHEVIIULET SALES, INC. CH EVROLET-OLDSMOBILE--CADILLAC Genuine Parts and Accessories-Complete Servicing and Maintenance WRECKER SERVICE-DAY OR NIGHT Phone BE 6-2978 Day or 3263-3264-4266 Night 302 S. Main St, Galax Virginia VASS-KAPP HARDWARE AND FURNITURE CO. Phone BE 6-4121 Corner of Main and Grayson Streets Galax Virginia ROS E'S 5-10-25c STORE Headquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES Compliments of HILLSVI LLE DRY CLEANERS Hillsville Virginia Compliments of LESSE'S GROCERY 84 SERVICE STATION Phone BE 6-3791 Galax Virginia AMERICA'S FAVORITE--SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Homogenized Skim Milk Vitamin "D" Pasteurized Cream Chocolate Q Line Milk Flake Buttermilk Cottage Cheese Butter Sour Cream Margarine Frozen Orange Whipping Cream -lUlCe Coffee Cream Kraft QVUVIQG Juice GET THE BEST-GET SEALTEST VAUGIIN DISTRIBUTING Cll. Dial BE 6-4269 Galax Virginia Compliments of RADIO STATION F. AND F. MOTORS New AND uszo cARs pac.: BE 6-2230-S. Main sf. Galax, Virginia I t . Freeman M. Vaughan Res. BE 6-3656 G0l0X V'V9""'0 Fred W. Catron Res. BE 6-4003 BOWIE Compliments of CHIROPRACTIC OFFICES 403 N. Main Street Phone BE 6-2861 Golox Virginia SOUTHERN STATES GALAX COOPERATIVE, INC. Oldtown Street Phone BE 6-2181 Galax Virginia Compliments of ODELL'S SANDWICH SHOP Phone BE 6-3ll3 Galax Virginia MARTIN'S FLOWERS 81 GREENHOUSES "Your Leading Florist" Flowers by Wire Member of F.T.D. Phone BE 6-3l4l Galax Virginia WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Graham Parks, Owner U. S. Royal Recapping Philco-G. E. T. V. Auto Parts-Retail Wholesale Sporting Goods-Toys Bicycles BIG CHIEF MARKET NEWTON'S STORES Va. N. C. "Ready to Wear" Galax Boone Hillsville Sparta Stuart W. Jefferson The Best In MEATS AND GROCERIES Galax Virginia HANKLEY'S AUTO FOUNTAIN C. E. Hankley, Owner Ben C. Hankley, Manager Phone BE 6-263i Galax Virginia JEWEL BOX Galax Virginia GOODSON'S CAFE "Home of Good Eats" Galax Virg inia ,rw '65 W3 15 fmzfwz x X JA T., gg ,Qn1,14fafc'01Z 'l " ' 'Hr ri-rl Cimyfwlh-41222w To visit GRADUATES REX, STAR CARNATION COMPANY and MIDWAY DRIVE-IN THEATERS Galax Virginia Galax Virginia Compliments of HARRIS DEPARTMENT STORE Phone BE 6-232l Galax Virginia PEOPLES DRUG COMPANY E. A. Wingold, Owner "THE FRIENDLY STORE" Galax Virginia BOYER BROTHERS We Buy 8- Sell Hams Herbs 8- Hides Galax Virginia 'Bf,U.o3 Men's 81 Boys' Clothing Galax Virginia TED'S MARKET, INC. STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES MEATS AND PRODUCE ll7 South Main Street Galax Virginia RHODES DRY CLEANERS PICK-uP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Dial BE 6-255l Galax Virginia Compliments of Frigidaire Dealer Y' Sporting Goods ' ' Dial BE 6-3555 Galax Vifgmio Galax Virginia GALAX OFFICE SUPPLY C. H. HENDERSON Jeweler "Anything For Any Office" . . . Phone BE 6-3551 Galax Virginia Galax Virginia REX'S SUPPLIES GALAX AUTO 8. ELECTRIC SUPPLY Compliments of NEW RIVER MOTOR Rex M. Sage COMPANY ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AUTO 'ARTS Phone RI 4-6411 Dial BE 6-2926 Fries Virginia Galax Virginia Best Wishes to THE SENIORS OF '60 N 8: H GROCERY Galax Virginia THE MERCHANTS AND FARMERS BANK "For All Your Banking Needs" 209 S, Main St. Galax, Va. KYLE 8. WILLIAMS, INC. INSURANCE-REAL ESTATE l2O E. Grayson St. Phone BE 6-24ll and BE 6-4545 Galax Virginia HOME CREDIT COMPANY CONSUMER LOANS l23 W. Grayson St. Galax, V O THE PENRY MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Manufacturers of KNIT WEAR and ALLIED PRODUCTS 206 Carroll Street Galax Virginia ST. LO MOTOR COMPANY, INC. GMC TRUCKS Sales and Service Phone BE 6-2632 Galax Virginia BARR TOPHAM CO. 5c to SI Store Headquarters for BLUE HORSE SCHOOL SUPPLIES Galax Virginia Compliments of STAN DARD AUTO PARTS Phones BE 6-2221 and BE 6-3287 3l3 South Main Street Galax Virginia Compliments of WILLIAMS DRY CLEANERS unovso SERVICE BLUEMONT HOTEL Mooeim corrse suor North Main Street Phone BE 6-2971 Galax Virginia A 8- Z STORE We Have Everything from A to Z Phone BE 6-3242 Galax Virginia LINEBERRY'S JEWELRY STORE RICHARD M. VAUGHT IO6 South Main Street Galax Virginia DICK KING MOTOR Best Wishes to CO., INC. THE SENIORS OF '60 BUICK-PONTIAC-OPEL I 510 South Main Street BE 6-5121 Galax Virginia Galax Virginia P . . DAN B. WA-UGH co., I , """"'9 Et , INC. nl-error x error Men's and Women's Styles REX Quality Ready-to-Wear Phone BE 6-4938 Reasonable Prices Route-2 Galax Virginia GGIOX Virginia Well drilling . . . pumps and supplies . . . sales and service CLAUDE S. BREWER WELL DRILLING CO. Work Guaranteed Dial BE 6-4186 Low Gap Highway 89 Galax, Va. HILLCREST COURT 81 RESTAURANT Breakfast 8:00-10:00 Dinner 5:00-9:00 Galax Virginia Home Phone BE 6-2420 Billfold Pictures-or 8x10 Photos ASK WINKIE Your Schoalmate Shutterbug PHIPPS-PUGH GROCERY Groceries-Meats Fruits-Vegetables 500 East Oldtown St. Galax, Va. Dial BE 6-2566 IOO ,mf 1 Q gh Tw

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