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L. . 'LJ .im-.fb ,:' . UAQ 1960 9051512 .QPQSQUXQJQ cgenzbf GQJJ 19594 0 QQQAU cscfoof QQQIQG, gfizolly OFQ CUOI' In bringing this '60 Galatian to you, we, the Annual staff, hope that we can relive with you by word and picture some of the important and exciting events of this school year. 1212116 XJ K' f Q5 Editor ------ ------ I OAN MARTIN Business Manager - - - - - ROBERT HARRIS Copy Editors ---- - SHIRLEY MALONE .TO ELLA KNIGHT Art Editor - - - - SHARON PRITCHETT Photo Editor ---- ----- JU DY SUTTER Advertising Editor - - - - PI-IYLLIS WILLIAMS Sports Editor ------ - - BRIAN GARDNER Organizational Editor - - - - - SHIRLEY BIRD Junior Editor ------ - - - ANN WALLACE Sponsor -------- - - - DONNA WILLIAMS Zeofoafzbn We of the Semor class w1sh to dedlcate th1s 60 Galanan to Mrs Ed1th Webber our school cook Thxs IS only a small way of showmg her our deep .SPPICCIHIIOD for all that she has done to help make our four years at G C H S happy and memorable IJ Oar gf Crjafzcebbn JACK LARGE, Superintendent PAUL DROIT, President JESSE HIGGINS, Vice President JOE SMALL, Secretary LLOYD OGLESBY JOHN BOYETT H. G. TRIPLETT DR. T. H. WEIGHT It is with great pleasure that we present these gentle- men in our yearbook. We are indeed grateful for the educational opportunities that they provide through their time and efforts. I n I wi H x + i I I I X X I , i I llllllllflllllfiliiiiunll5:illlillliillli'lIlJl1Il!!fiZIl IInhllli4ll'lllIlZllllHI!lIIZI lJllUIl'ZlQ!llH!iu51u'1ifllflxhlI'?llQlIIEIIIIBHHIIDILHUI'Y'IQ1lIllY.Ill!llllll!1illlilllll IHNILIli1ll.ilI11I"lIIllfI 1lll!1ulEN NHIIFP Il W! MR. JACK LARGE Principal jjrzh Czyocz 7.9 jZaQ.5'SdyQ As the immortal Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances and one man in his time plays many parts. " This quotation can very well be applied to the situation in which our seniors find themselves today. They made their entrances into public school about twelve years ago and now they are making their exits. They have already played two of the parts the poet described and soon will be ready to play the adult role. Although the world IS a stage, the setting is constantly changing and our seniors must prepare themselves to play more difficult roles than their fathers have played. ln order to give a good performance they must continue their studies in some way. This study may not be in a formal institution but nevertheless it must be pursued. The scene is shifting to one in which we find competition for the better positions and in which the old biological law of"survival of the fittest" is as true today as it was ten thousand years ago, although it has been adapted to modern times. To our seniors I would give this word of advice: play your role well even though you will get no encore. The play will be better for your having had a part in it. MR. LESTER GILL Assistant Principal Biology GCUA!y MRS. LOMA ALLEN Secretary MR. I AMES BOND Agriculture MRS. MARY HARPER Homemaking MRS. ANN JOHNSON Science, Chemistry 2 in , . . A L ,A x s ,x MR. JAMES EATHERLY Assistant Coach, P. E. MR. JAMES GIBSON Mathematics dCUHy MR. TIM MILLER Band, Chorus' MR. J. W. PULLIAM Industrial Arts, Drivers Training, Coach MRS. JANE WICKHAM English, P. E. , Librarian MISS DONNA WILLIAMS Commercial MRS. EDITH THROGMORTON English, History MRS. NAIDA UPCHURCH English, French r k N 1 . I 'I i I u H Ni Z I i I u a n n L a E ll!:!IIlll!lTfnlIH!l'.l!IWL:ll'Jll'f!lHl!lTll!illIKFIIXEII!lll'!lIIQKIYIIIIVZIIIIIPIIQZIllIlkll1'ZlQlll1U!C-E1InQRFIITIIEIII2Il'lllEllinlhFIUl'pil.lllIllllllilllIIIIIIIZVHWIlnll1ll!I-IIIIIIIFIIIIIi'IlHVll1llUWulnlhllfllllllllflif! enzof' CEQJNJ W 1Ce11s' President ---- ------ D ON PHELPS Vice President - - ' ' ' ' ' JOAN MARTIN Secretary - - - - - -CHARLES HOLTZCLAW Treasurer - - ----- MICKEY MARTIN Sponsors MRS, WICKHAM MR. BOND gjgjbf GQJJ Qff960 CARLA B ARTER Cheerleader 2-3-4 Prom Queen 3 Carnival Queen 4 Commercial Club 3-4 Basketball Queen Attendant 2 BARBARA BERRONG Student Council 2 FHA 1-2-3-4 Librarian 4 Officer of Literary Arts Club 2 Class Officer 1 GLORIA ANDERSON Commercial Club 3-4 Librarian 3-4 Class Secretary 3 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Commercial Club Officer 4 DONNA ANTHONY Pep Club 3-4 FHA 1-2 Student Council 1 Librarian 3 Commercial Club 3-4 enzbz' SHIRLEY BIRD FHA 1-2-3-4 French Club 3 Pep Club 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Office Girl 3 SHIRLEY BRADEN FHA 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1 Bearcat Journal Staff 4 Librarian 3-4 Hall of Fame 3 Ghra- WANDA BRADEN FHA 2 Literary Club 2 Junior Play 3 French Club 3-4 BILL IE CARTER FFA l-2-3-4 Music Appreciation 4 MYRON COOPER FFA 1-2 Science Club 2-3-4 Pep Club 3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 Music Appreciation Officer 4 ANNETTE GALLEHER GAA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 3-4 FHA 1-2 Commercial Club 2-4 Student Council 3 GLENDELL CARTER FFA 1-2-3-4 Music Appreciation 4 EVA CLARK FHA 1-2-3 French Club 3-4 Chorus 1 Bearcat Journal Staff 4 9121013 BRIAN GARDNER Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Track 3-4 Science Club 3-4 Annual Staff 4 BARBARA HALL FHA 1-2-3 GAA 1-2 Pep Club 1-4 Commercial Club 4 Class Officer 2 GJQ319 ROBERT HARRIS Shop Club 1 Literary Club 2-3 Annual staff 4 Music Appreciation 4 MONNIE HARRIS FHA 1 GAA 3-4 Pep Club 1 French Club 3-4 CHARLES HOLTZCLAW Class Officer 4 Science Club 1-2-3 Science Club Officer FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Officer 3-4 JO ELLA KNIGHT Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 FHA Officer 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Trio 1 GARRY HAWKINS Shop Club 1-2-4 French Club 3 Pep Club 4 WESLEY HEFLIN FFA 1-2-3-4 Science Club 1-2-3 Prom ESCOII 3 ezzzbr SHIRLEY MALONE Cheerleader l-2-3-4 Annual Staff 4 Prom Court 3 Basketball Court 3 Carnival Court 4 JOAN MARTIN FHA President 4 Class Officer 1-2-3-4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Pep Club l-2-3-4 Junior Play 3 GSS MICKEY MARTIN Basketball 1-2-3-4 "G" Club 2-3-4 FFA 1-2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Carnival King 4 EMOGENE MEE FHA 3-4 GAA 4 FHA Officer 4 KAREN ORR FHA 1-2-3-4 French Club 3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 JEAN PERRIN Chorus 3 J OE MORTE N FFA 1-2-3-4 Track 2-3-4 "G" Club 2-3-4 Music Appreciation 4 YVONNE OGLESBY FHA 1-2-3-4 FHA Officer 3-4 French Club 3-4 Pep Club 2-3-4 Junior Play 3 ezizzor DON PHELPS Class President 2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Basketball 2-3 Science Club 3-4 FFA Officer 3-4 SHARON PRITCHETT FHA 1-2-3 Commercial Club 3-4 Carnival Court 4 Annual Staff 4 French Club Officer 3 GSS PA ULET TA RIEVLEY FHA 1-2-3-4 FHA Officer 4 Chorus 1-2 Librarian 4 DAVID ROBERTS Shop Club 1-2-3-4 Science Club 3-4 JUDY SUTTER FHA 1-2-3-4 FHA Officer 2-4 Junior Play 3 Band 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 MARTY SWAFFORD French Club 4 Pep Club 3-4 LINDA SPRINGS FHA 1-2-3-4 ' Bearcat Journal Staff 4 GAA 1 EUGENE STEVENS Science Club 1-2-3-4 Shop Club 1-2 Class Officer 2-3 Science Reporter 4 Prom Escort 3 enzbr IONA ROSE SIRACH FHA 1-2-3 Junior Play 8 GAA 1-2 Commercial Club 4 French Club 3-4 LAVERNE THOMAS Pep Club 2-3-4 GAA 3-4 FHA 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-3 Shim ELBERT THOMPSON FFA Officer 4 FFA 1-2-3-4 Junior Play Pep Club 3 Music Appreciation 4 MIKE TRIPLETT Shop Club 1 Science Club 1-2-3 Science Club Officer 4 enzors CAROLYN ZINN Pep Club 3-4 Chorus 1-2 FHA 1-2 Commercial Club 3-4 Prom Queen Attendant 3 RICHARD WIGGINS Junior Play 3 FFA 1-2-4 Pep Club 1-2 PHYLLIS WILLIAMS Librarian 3 Bearcat Journal Staff 4 Chorus 1 Annual Staff 4 French Club 3-4 Gkss f SUSIE ANDERSON, will my seat on the bus to my brother, Ronnie. DONNA ANTHONY, will my habit of breaking in the lunch line without getting caught to Linda Hall. CARLA BARTER, will "yams" back to the vegetable garden in my back yard. BARBARA BERRONG, will my ability to stay single to my sister, Eunice. SHIRLEY BIRD, will my short hair to Marilyn Holtzclaw. SHIRLEY BRADEN, will my smile to Rita Ryan who doesn't need it. WANDA BRADEN, will my gift of gab to Doris Webber. BILLIE CARTER, will my good behavior to Ronnie Allen. GLENDLE CARTER, will my four years of agriculture to anyone who doesn't like it. EVA CLARK, will my shyness to Janice Weight who really needs it. MYRON COOPER, will my curly hair to my little brother who can use it. ANNETTE GALLEHER, will my love for basketball games to anyone who likes them more than I. BRIAN GARDNER, will my will to will wills, to Larry "bop-bi-dit, " Bell. BARBARA HALL, will my soft Voice to my sister, Linda. ROBERT HARRIS, will my quietness to Janet Wickham. MONNIE HARRIS, will my like for talking and laughing in study hall to anyone who can get by with it. GARRY HAWKINS, will my gum to anyone who can chew it and get by with it. fl can'tj WESLEY HEFLIN, will my dislikes for teachers to anyone who likes them. CHARLES HOLTZCLAW, will my four happy years at G. C. H. S. to Barbara. JO ELLA KNIGHT, will my four happy years of high school to my brother. SHIRLEY MALONE, will the boys at G. C. H. S. to the girls, but keep D. B. for senti- mental reasons. MICKEY MARTIN, will my rebounding ability to Harl Cockrum. IOAN MARTIN, will keep my memories of G. C. H. S. in my heart forever. EMOGENE MEE, will the best years of my life to G. C. H. S. - it got them anyway. JOE MORTEN, will leave. lhope! YVONNE OGLESBY, will my ability to understand chemistry to Mrs. Johnson. KAREN ORR, will my "stick -to-it" ability to anyone who is true. JEAN PERRIN, will my ability to talk all the time to Betty Dowdy. DON PHELPS, will my ability to stay out of trouble to John Winters. SHARON PRITCHETT, will my glassy blue eyes to Sandra Hawkins who needs them. PAULETTA RIEVLEY, will my love for homework to my sister, Kay. DAVID ROBERTS, will my ability to pass English to Fred Crayne. LINDA SPRINGS, will my memories of G. C. H. S. to anyone who wants them. EUGENE STEVENS, will everything Ihave to anyone who wants nothing. JUDY SUTTER, will my talkative mood to Lester Williams. MARTY SWAFFORD, will my giggles to anyone who is sad at heart. IONA ROSE SIRACH, will my map to Mississippi to Donna Bush. LAVERNE THOMAS, will my skill at basketball to Francis Wiggins. ELBERT THOMPSON, will my delightful personality to any sourpuss. MIKE TRIPLETT, will my new "kickers" to Ronnie Anderson. RICHARD WIGGINS, will my "lady killin" technique to John Winters. PHYLLIS WILLIAMS, will my lonely seat in library to anyone who is fool enough to take it. CAROLYN ZINN, will my "sweet grin" to Wanda Patterson. CELLSXS' Q-jZ"O!05QCy In past years each class prophecy has taken us into the future, often into the world of space, satellites, and other planets. I wonder what the future of 100 years ago would have been like. Suppose we were the graduating class of G. C. H. S. in the year 1860, instead of 1960. What could our future have held? Let's enter the world of imagi- nation and look in on the class reunion at Galatia High in the year 1870. . . Don Phelps, our class president, was supposed to arrive early and help greet every- one else, but he was delayed when the star attraction of his Wild West Show fell off her horse and broke her arm. And just who is his star attraction? Why, none other than that expert horsewoman, Wanda Braden. Emogene Mee and I were having quite a discussion in the gym when Don came. She began telling him about her latest invention, shoes with wheels on them. She calls them roller skates. Who should come next but the two Carter boys, Billie and Glendle. They were very successful cattle ranchers--until Glendle discovered that people actually kill and eat little calves. Marty and Von, who were both married to wealthy riverboat captains and lived in New Orleans, came in together. Having mastered the French language, Marty greeted everyone with "Bonjour, Doc. " When someone said, "Hello, Congressman Martin." I turned and saw Mickey. I should have known that he would become a politician. I learned while talking to Reverend Charles Holtzclaw that he had recently married Gloria Anderson to a colonel in the U. S. Army. They were living in Wyoming Territory. Sir Robert Dale Harris, who inherited a fortune from a relative in the East, came to the school immediately after having returned from a voyage to England, where he had married a duchess. Iona Sirach and Barbara Berrong left their husbands to care for their children while they attended the reunion. Their husbands jointly own and operate the Modern Mercan- tile Store in Vandalia and sell everything from bolts of cotton cloth to the most dashing of all carriage harnesses. Miss Shirley Malone, who gave up men because she learned that they are hopeless creatures, had become an old maid school teacher in Pennsylvania. Mike Triplett, Garry Hawkins, and Richard Wiggins, who were her "star" pupils, were her escorts for the night. Some people never give up. Wesley Heflin came a little late: because, as he explained to some of the fellows, he had been fined for reckless riding on his Kentucky thoroughbred, Mary Lou. The wealthiest stock, bond and Land speculator in the country arrived next. That could be no one but Brian Gardner. There were rumors that he was planning to buy a little piece of land southwest of here called Arizona. Shirley Braden surprised us with her accented " You all." She married a plantation owner in Georgia. Gkss yjrop QC? Barbara Hall and Donna Anthony weren't on speaking terms. Barbara was managing a little dress shop in Jefferson, Missouri, and was doing quite well until Donna opened a similar shop next to it. Elbert Thompson had gone prospecting for gold in Colorado right after graduation. He became the owner of the richest vein of gold in Pike's Peak. And, girls, he isn't married! Joe Morten operated a barber shop in Boston. It is said though that his prices were outrageous. CTwo bits per haircut and shavelj Shirley Bird, author of that famous GONE TO THE WIND, was surrounded by eager admirers all evening. Linda Springs and Phyllis Williams gave us a demonstration of the most popular steps taught at their dancing school in New York. Carolyn Zinn came in from Baton Rouge where she owns a French hat shop. She said she utterly adores Frenchmen. David Roberts spent most of the evening discussing the speech classes that he teaches at Harvard University. Who was that? Oh, it was Eugene. He is a professional gambler you know--a very successful one and honest, too! Mrs. Pauletta Pankey and Eva Clark, the governess of her four children, were with us from Charleston, South Carolina. Laverne Thomas had married a homesteader in the Dakotas. She and Jo Ella came on the same train. JO has become another Jenny Lynn. Myron Cooper was wagon boss of a freight line from St. Louis to Oregon Territory. Karen Orr married and has five-year-old twin boys. They delighted everyone with their clever antics. Grrrrr! Sharon Pritchett had gone East and married the editor of the New York Times. She was his star reporter. Carla came with her husband, who had been a gallant Union leader in the Civil War and was now a politician. Monnie left her husband in charge of their hotel in Chicago while she and Annette Galleher, Miss Chicago of 1870, came to the reunion. Last but not least to arrive was our dear Judy. She had just finished her last per- formance on the stage as the star of the operatic production of GONE TO THE WIND. We had a long and exciting evening renewing many old friendships with classmates we 'hadn't seen in years. Don't you wish you could have been there? Joan Martin enzbf' cgnapsf 015 w 4 1 1 1 1 I I u I 1 I lIrAlSll!'Ili!lZxl'lu!wlllJiI'I!4IIllJllilli!llnllllll!lnHal1!'llilYllZllX'4lllifIlIl'll!llirIIHlLnlPIlIlnl.l'l'JlluIll llvilhflll'lIN'lII'lKlllll!I1Hlll12X'llilIlJ1lIIl1l4:iIZ2H:'l'IINIVIIEIIIhl!ulllh5'0SlKIHlNllfnliilxl Knfllll ufzzbr Gfzss Qfzbers President ---- - - Vice President Secretary ---- - - Treasurer - - Sponsors MR. PULLIAM MRS. HARPER MR. GIBSON RICHARD NEVIOUS LOVETA JACKSON JANET WICKHAM - - DONNA BUSH g 1 unzbrs JEANETTE ALECCI SANDRA BIRD JUDY BONA TERRY BOND ROBERT BOYETT DONNA BUSH BRENDA CLUCK FRED CRAYNE I IM CSELOSKY BETTY DOWDY DOUGLAS ED WARDS ANITA FLANNELL MARGARET GANN CHERYL GARRETT CALVIN HEFLIN CONNIE HIGGINS LOVETA JACKSON RONALD IERDON DAVID KARNES SHARON KINSER unzbrs SHIRLEY METZ RICHARD NEVIOUS BILLY OGLESBY GAYLORD PARIS BUENITA PATTERSON LOY PATTERSON WANDA PATTERSON KENNY PEMBERTON KATHRYN SCHWARTZ JULIA STAFFEY JAMES TATE HAZEL THOMPSON TOM TUTTLE ANN WALLACE IANICE WEIGHT KAREN WHISTLE JANET WICKHAM FRANCES WIGGINS HUBERI' WILLIAMS JOHN WINTERS Cgopfomore GQJJ zbers President ---------------------- JAMES DURHAM Vice President - - ------ JACK SUTTER Secretary - - - - - - CAROLYN COURTNEY Treasurer - - ----- JERRY MALONE Sponsors MRS. JOHNSON MRS. THROGMORTON C 0,0 YOIIQOFQJ Kenneth Adams Bill Arnold Larry Bell Eunice Berrong Robert Boczkiewicz Larry Clarida Gary Cooper Carolyn Courtney James Durham Carol Gardner Brenda Gogue Connie Howard Loretta Jackson Mary Lach Jerry Malone Judy Malone Gloria Martin Barbara Maurer Wilma McGowen Joe Miles CS Q05 0122 0108 S Bobby Oglesby Floyd Partain Judy Pemberton Roy Pritchett Rodger Rice Robert Riddle Carolyn Rievley Lewis Rose Charles Smith Linda Stevens Jack Sutter Kenneth Thomas Christine Tuttle Doris Webber f I 1 I I 1 marltznilllnr-lln,u'l.lll:.u-lu'Ll '.l.ul1u nuuirn:-ull:l.r::rgcu1':L'n1ll'1n:n.n1nuun:n':1l.lsulullgzxnzllvllllvxs-u:.uln!l' r'lnlnv.u::lxll'In1! mu: 'rn nun-nn' uuulnwl fesgman Gkss zbezis Sponsors MR. EATHERLY MR. GILL President - - - - - FRANK KNIGHT Vice President - - - - - -RITA RYAN Secretary ---- - - - FERN ADAMS Treasurer - - - - -LESTER WILLIAMS PGS H2912 Fem Adams Mike Alecci Ronnie Allen Ronnie Anderson James Bond Janice Bridewell Jeannettia Boyett Harl Cockrum Carleen Crayne Melvin Fowler Truman Gee Mike Girot Bruce Hale Deon Hale Linda Hall Kenneth Hankins Carla Harris Sandra Hawkins Stanley Hill Marilyn Holtzclaw Katheryn Karnes Glen Kimmel Frank Knight George Knight fesfm Linda Lanham David Leitch Virginia Mann Roger Marvel Linda Morris Ronald Orr James Patterson Billy Perrin Jimmy Perrin Florence Rodgers Rita Ryan Carolyn Smith David Smith Phillip Staffey Phyllis Staffey Lou Sturman Harold Thomas Larry Wallace Rickey Weaver Charles Williams Jerry Williams Lester Williams Q12 K r N 1 yTDZ"OI22 G0 111211 60912 es V v unzor- enzor yj1"OI22 1958-59 Prom Queen - CARLA BARTER Class President - DON PHELPS With A Song In My Heart was the theme used by the Juniors on the night of May 16, 1959, to entertain the guests at the Junior-Senior Prom. provid Pink hearts, streamers, and small musical instruments decorated the gym and ed a beautiful background for the dance and banquet. The highlight and climax ofthe Prom was the crowning of Miss Carla Barter as Queen. SHARON PRITCHETT BRIAN GARDNER MICKEY MARTIN SHIRLEY MALONE Tram jgby GDJQUQQD WZZXQJQUQJQXS SUSIE ANDERSON WESLEY HEFLIN CAROLYN ZINN EUGENE STEVENS Tr 0122 Garnzbafjafwbg dI2OfQUQQI2 MICKEY MARTIN and CARLA BARTER N ff Allen anfs L GLORIA ANDERSON DON PHELPS SHARON PRITCHETT CHARLES HOLTZCLAW SHIRLEY MALONE ELBERT THOMPSON CAROLYN ZINN BRIAN GARDNER arnfbaf G0 arf King MICKEY MARTIN Little Boy Little Girl JOHNNIE PITTMAN DEBBIE UPTON ATTENDANTS GLORIA ANDERSON and DON PHELPS SHIRLEY MALONE and ELBERT THOMPSON SHARON PRITCHETT and CHARLES HOLTZCLAV' CAROLYN ZINN and BRIAN GARDNER Queen CARLA BARTER CD. Qi W U7wanf Miss Yvonne Oglesby was awarded the Daughters of American Revolution Award which is presented annually to an outstanding Senior girl who maintains the quali- ties of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. This award was given for the purpose of calling to attention those qualities which are desirable in good citizenship. z2121'0r jjky MJIQX gCQ 'J jjofo Q zz Q Q12 Sqffezz OQZI2 fs Yvonne Oglesby Sharon Pritchett Loveta Jackson Loretta Jackson Wilma McGowen Jeannettia Boyett Carolyn Smith Janet Wickham MISS JANET WICKHAM Saline County Polio Queen Attendant I : I ! I I - I I I I I I I I . 4 I 1 I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PRESIDENT - - - VICE-PRESIDENT - SECRETARY - - - TREASURER - - HISTORIAN - - PROJECTS ----- RECREATION - - - PARLIAMENTARIAN SONG LEADER - - - REPORTER - - - DEGREES ------ - PUBLIC RELATIONS ADVISOR ----- CHAPTER MOTHER ------ ---JoanMartin - - - Loveta Jackson -Barbara Maurer - - Jo Ella Knight - - Chris Tuttle - Carol Gardner - Emogene Mee Pauletta Rievley - - -Judy Sutter - -Judy Malone ' ' Sandra Bird -Loretta Jackson ---Mrs. Harper -----------------------Mrs.Gardner 559771 PRESIDENT ---- ----------- ---- D o I1 Phelps VICE-PRESIDENT - - - - Elbert Thompson SECRETARY ---- - - Charles Holtzclaw TREASURER - - - - - - Wesley Heflin REPORTER - - - - - Roger Rice SENTINEL - - - - Mickey Martin ADVISOR - ' "-- Mr. Bond Comm erczdf PRESIDENT - - ---------------------- Susie Anderson SECRETARY - - - - Sharon Pritchett TREASURER - - - - - Carla Barter SPONSOR - - - - -Miss Williams Wuszo gppreczdfzon PRESIDENT -'-----'----------------- Elbert Thompson VICE-PRESIDENT ----- - - Myron Cooper SECRETARY-TREASURER - - - - Shirley Malone SPONSOR --------- - - - Mr. Miller Csczcnce PRESIDENT - - - ---------------- - - Don Phelps VICE-PRESIDENT - - - - - Mickey Martin SECRETARY - - - - - Charles Holtzclaw TREASURER - - ---- Mike Triplett REPORTER - - - Eugene Stevens SPONSOR - - ------ ---- M r. Gill gran cf C116 PRESIDENT ---- ---------------- - - Richard Nevious VICE-PRESIDENT ---- - - Sharon Pritchett SECRETARY-REPORTER - - - - Ann Wallace SPONSOR --------- - - Mrs. Upchurch 9171 77 PRESIDENT - - - ----------- - -Francis Wiggins VICE -PRESIDENT - - - Gloria Martin SECRETARY - - - - - Karen Whistle SPONSOR - - - - - Mrs. Wickham ynofzsfrzdftfjqrfv A PRESIDENT - - - ----------------------- Jack Sutter VICE-PRESIDENT - - - - Kenneth Pemberton SECRETARY - - - - - - Charles Smith TREASURER - - - - - Bill Arnold SPONSOR - - - - Mr. Pullium ggfuognf Gounczf Bobby Oglesby, Elbert Thompson, Loy Patterson, Wanda Patterson, Carol Gardner, Carla Barter, Katherine Karnes and Harl Cockrurn. SPONSORS: Mr. Gibson and Mrs. Johnson Zearcaf , Pozzrzizafcgfw Jeannettia Boyett, Judy Sutter, Robert Boczkiewicz, Shirley Braden, Sharon Kinser, Linda Springs, Barbara Hall, Eva Clark, Phyllis Williams, and Don- na Anthony. SPONSOR: Miss Williams We Shirley Braden, Eva Clark, Shirley Malone, Pauletta Rievley, Sandra Bird, Betty Dowdy, and Margaret Gann. SECRETARY: Mrs. Allen Ezgrarzdns Barbara Berrong, Carla Harris, Jo Ella Knight, Karen Whistle, Connie Higgins Donna Bush, Francis Wiggins, Shirley Braden, Judy Sutter, Judy Bona, Janet Wickham, Gloria Anderson, Pauletta Rievley, Sandra Hawkins, and Marilyn Holtzclaw. SPONSOR: Mrs. Wickham .nun-M I .nn-rnunmunu -1-U-Ju-nu...IInnrunnn.-nn-u-4nuullnlmuv-u-nunnnnununrun-u.uu.n U1-nun-nnn--nu up-nuuuuuunnnnu I.-ulnnnunp-nnmuu-rn nu..-nnnn.nu1 English Class American History Class Bookkeeping Class Biology Class French II Chemistry Class Family Living Class W , gfiiigf Agriculture Class Algebra II Class Boys' Physical Education Class Drivers Training Class Girls' Physical Education Class QQQXIC cscfoofyganof 5' Q'k.i -f K . if 3 l ffii J -5 Q K , QM 7 C5312 sem gk IIIJI1 HIIIHKDIIIIII llal LRIIPIKHDJHIUIIHH nlllIY1I1HDll11flflJ1lGll1Ifl1'lIlIl'lll"lHl PLM H1 LMIHll-lfllIIDIDYIHIILIIOIMI1HnllHHl1?l1ITl-LIITUIIIIIIIULRIIIUNHllln l'll1llJ"llTUllHlllYHDNl1Ll1lilILI CASS SENIOR Mickey Martin Carla Barter SOPHOMORE Wilma McGowan Bobby Oglesby PRES HMAN Rita Ryan Frank Knight JUNIOR Loveta Jackson Richard Nevious aoorzfes MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST ATHLETIC A W Joan Martin Robert Harris X ii BEST PERSONALITY Don Phelps Marty Swafford BEST DRESSED Sharon Kinser Mickey Martin MOST TALKATIVE Judy Sutter Wesley Heflin FRIENDLIEST Larry Bell Marty Swafford Brian Gardner Annette Galleher NICEST SMILE MOST STUDIOUS Loy Patterson Lester Williams Shirley Braden Yvonne Oglesby BEST ALL-ROUND MOST DEPENDABLE Elbert Thompson Myron Cooper Shirley Braden Loretta Jackson APPLE POLISHERS MOST TALENTED Hubert Williams Ronnie Jerdon Janet Wickham Ann Wallace 1 KH1 DIJUUIQFIAIKIII Llllillii HH1IIlllU1ULfLNHH11ljlf.H1U'H'I?lOl'I1.YlI'I1l IYURITI LKIJLIIDPUHTI UHYKIHIIHHI IHLKUIHIYHIUTHHHDIITI IIIHGUYLHIHIIII IHIIIXILPG ITMIIU 'I l.Ilil'!lIll1l'lDl1!ll ll1!lH'I1!l 140.35 OCII2 fry Billy Oglesby Jack Sutter Tom Tuttle Joe Morten Richard Nevious jasfefgaf - arszf yeam Melvin Fowler Terry Bond Bobby Oglesby Ronnie Ierdon Gaylord Paris Brian Gardner Larry Bell Jack Sutter COACHES: J. W. Pulliam, Iarnes Eatherly MANAGERS: David Karnes, Billy Oglesby C ave-in -Rock Ridgway Sesser Equality Rosiclare Pope County Carrier Mills Shawneetown C ave -in -Rock Eldorado Rosiclare Carrier Mills Eldorado Rosiclare Rid gway Equality Carrier Mills BEARC AT SCHEDULE '59- '60 WE THEY HIGH SCORERS 44 58 Boyett 36 55 Boyett 56 51 Boyett 62 40 Martin 52 58 Boyett 59 60 Sutter 52 50 Boyett 48 87 Gardner 43 84 Boyett 30 39 Gardner G.E.C. TGURNAMENT 46 64 Bovett N SALINE COUNTY TOURNAMENT 47 '74 Boyett 51 41 Paris 63 69 Sutter 61 52 Gardner 56 59 Boyett 44 66 Boyett Coach I. W. PULLIAM BRIAN GARDNER ROBERT BOYETT MICKEY MARTIN JACK SUTTER RIC HARD NEVIOUS GAYLORD PARIS Coach JAMES EATHERLY TERRY BOND BOBBY OGLESBY LARRY BELL MELVIN FOWLER RONNIE JERDON Managers: E DAVID KARNES ' BILLY OGLESBY Y HARL COCKRUM Y 3 J 3, A QffQS5.50,,A 5 UG Ronnie Orr Kenneth Hankins Jerry Williams George Knight Harl Cockrum COACHES: I. W. Pulliam, James E atherly David Smith Frank Knight Stanley Hill Glen Kimmel Truman Gee Uafsffy GgQQl'kdOQFS CARLA BARTER JANET WICKHAM SHIRLEY MALONE CAROL GARDNER 7Z"QSg'6O!0,6 G,5QQI4!gd0QZ'1S' BARBARA MAURER FERN ADAMS KATHERYN KARNES Zasegaf i76d12? 0 1959 Coach: MILLARD DAVIS Robert Boyett Jim Peyton Don Phelps John Williams Bobby Gglesby Brian Gardner Albert Langley Terry Bond Freddie Mitchell Charles Karnes Leroy Casper Gary Hill H97 CEA16 7w12'Qrs CAROL GARDNER KAY RIEVLEY TQ C116 PRES IDENT: Judy S utter MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Judy Bona, Donna Bush, Myron Cooper, and Charles Holtzclaw. LZdSAQf6dH-KQUQQI? Ga120Q0Qfes CARLA BARTER CAROL GARDNER SHARON PRITCHETT GLORIA ANDERSON SHIRLEY MALONE G0 arf f6afQuee12 MISS GLORIA ANDERSON CSI? apsfo fs Cgfdfy Cook Custodian EDITH WEBBER ALFRED GANN Bus Drivers REG PATTERSON HAROLD TATE LAYMON JONES LLOYD SPRAGUE LAWERENCE KARNES CARL HARRIS AARON WOODIEL September October November December January February April May I une Wememger en .? 1 First clay of school fas usual Freshmen were lostlj 7 Labor Day qGood! No schoollj 11 Class officers were elected 17 Cheerleaders were elected 18 Seniors sold ads 21-22 Seniors had pictures taken Qsay cheeselj 24 Organized clubs 30 Annual staff chose the yearbook cover 16 Junior Class Play 21 Band practiced marching QOh! My sore feetlj 23 Fall Carnival 24 F. H.A. Fall Rally 6 Basketball Season began 7 G.A.A. Play Day 11 Typewriters were stolen fwho has them?J 26-27 Thanksgiving vacation 3 Mock trial in government Qwho did it?l 9 Chemistry class took a trip 18 Christmas Vacation fThank goodnessll 4 School reopened QUgh! Back to schoollj 12-15 G.E.C. Tournament 22-23 Saline County Tournament 29 Program in the gym on "The American Observer" 11 Teachers Meeting QNO schooly 12 Lincoln's Birthday QNO school againj 17 College Day at H. T. H. S. 20 Basketball queen coronation 22 Senior Class Play 13 Spring Music Concert 20 Senior Day 21 Junior-Senior Prom QThis will never be forgottenj 29 Baccalaureate 30 Memorial Day QNO schoolj 1 Last day of school 2 Commencement Qlfinallylj V r 1 r I I 1 , I I n L W , , 1 N I 1 A I L 5 v I w 1 , wmrnluulllluuv-nun.-n nunn-nnnn-n.nuu-nlnnn ur- lun,-unnnlnu un- un. 1-nun -nr-vnlnu-un.-nun.. nn u1n-nu-p.n.-I-.Nunn-un..-.nlnnl rnnuuuu vu..-u ,u nun-'Nunn-14.nu1n Compliments of E AND J CLEANERS Galatia , Illinois Compliments of GARRETT'S SERVICE STATION "One Stop, Stops All Your Worries" Galatia, Illinois JONES FEED AND FARM SUPPLY Custom Grinding and Mixing Honegger Feeds "Everything for the Farmer' BORDON'S FEED MILL A Complete Line of Purina o Feeds V .' H.. oi if f' .3 17' Phone L 'sr' " ' ' Galatia Pumnb Ph 85 1 ' Ill one Ga wa' 75W1Z Illinois so-.:,',vr Day and Night Umq MBEB.lUf.,,2e- "5 'n -'A-I COURTNEY'S Air Conditioned Fune ral Hom e Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Service , il Compliments of C. B. PULLIAM Building Materials Phone 86R2 of All Kinds Phone 31 1 . , . . Ga am M018 oalaria, Illinois POTTER'S RECREATION CENTER For Entertainment From 6 to 60 Gala tia , Illinois Compliments of OGLESBY'S GARAGE Galatia , Illinois Congratulations Compliments of Class of '60 KATHERYN'S WlLMA'S BEAUTY SHOP BEAU T Y SHOP Galatia, , Illinois Gala tia , Illinois WOOLARD'S GALA TIA C LEANERS Galatia , Illinois SUTTER'S FEED AND GROCERY We Buy Eggs and Poultry Custom Grinding and Mixing Phone 67 Galatia., Illinois Compliments of HILL'S GROCERY Galatia , Illinois GOOD SHEPHERD NURSING HOME Competent and Sympathetic Care for the Elderly and Convalescent Phone ll Galatia, Illinois Compliments of WALLACE GROCERY Galatia , Illinois Better Groceries at COCKRUM'S GROCERY Galatia, Illinois BRIDEWELL'S GARAGE ,' Ex p .qs L I AUTE nspmns ,"Qx Xi 2 af' 5 'fv- Galatia , Illinois Compliments of JONES DRUG STORE Phone 3 R2 Galatia, Illinois Compliments of GUNTER'S GARAGE Gas and Oil Galatia, Illinois DOWDY'S D . X . SERVICE Groceries, Eggs Cream and Poultry Galatia , Illinois HARRY L. McCABE AT TORNEY-AT- LAW 407 Harrisburg National Bank Building Phone Clearbrook 3-7239 Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of ROBERT B. HARGAN Special Agent IAA INSURANCE SERVICE 21 West Robinson Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of JOHN GILL INSURANCE AGENCY See Us for Your Insurance Needs Galatia , Illinois Compliments of HUCK AND BUD'S BARBER SHOP Your Appearance Is Our Business Harrisburg , Illinois THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HARRISBURG X 4' :P Q, Maximum 3 510,000 2 Z Ins ance O ,A For Each f Q, Depofter Q, V P .AY . Emgtg Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of NEWKIRK'S Exclusive Millinery 16 West Poplar Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of STRICKLIN MEN'S WEAR Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of FASHION PALACE For Women North Side of Square Harrisburg, Illinois LESTER R. LIGHTFOOT ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Harrisburg, Illinois RIEGEL FARM EQUIPMENT FLLIS CHIILMERS I VIACYOI DIVISION ' NILWAUKII l, U.5.A. "The Best for Less" Harrisburg, Illinois POOL PONTIAC SALES Dollar for Dollar You Can't Beat a Pontiac p Harrisburg, Ill. U. S. 45 C ompliments of JOHN ELDER CHOISSER M. D. Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of 50 QLYE DAvENPoRT's 2 POSEY SHOP When You Think of Flowers, Think of Ours Harrisburg, Illinois 15 HENRY'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE ILIIWW Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of NICK'S 45 CAFE Route 45 South Harrisburg, Illinois S. S. KRESGE CO. Most Modern Dime Store in Southern Illinois Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of RAI NBOW'S REXALL DRUG Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of GREEN'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER 109 North Main Street Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of L. M. HANCOCK ATTORNEY-AT- LAW Rose Building Harrisburg , Illinois JACKSON'S DRUG STORE Managers CHARLES WRIGHT HARVEY DEVAR Harrisburg, Illinois GRANT'S JEWELRY X' JOHN HILL AND TOMMY FOSTER Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of DR. A. O. STEINBORN OP TOME TRIST Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of DR. BOB PULLIAM Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of WEST END GENERAL STORE West End, Illinois Compliments of SALINE COUNTY FARM BUREAU Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of THE EGYPTIAN STATE BANK Carrier Mills, Illinois Compliments of PEARCE HOSPITAL FOUNDATION INC ORPORA TED Eldorado , Illinois Compliments of JIM'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where you get the best style and fit." Velvet Step - Trios City Club - Wesboro Weatherbirds Harrisburg, Illinois BAKER FURNITURE CO. Southern Illinois' Most Modern Exclusive Furniture Store 1346 Locust Street Telephone BRidge 3-4866 Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of MUCKLEY'S Eldorado , Illinoi s Complim ents of RAY DURHAM cW9. ..G M4 '59 ' Q1 IHHIIIIIIIIIIUI 5 4' ' -iiiii' xv' Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of OTTIE REEDER Eldorado, Illinois IF IT'S GOOD FOOD Www I YOU WANT . . . 1? BARRETTS B 8: M CAFE Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of SUTTONS PLUMBING Compliments of ACORD 8. CONNAWAY MOTORS "What We Do, We Do Wel1" Gunn Your Friendly Ford Dealers :" """ "5 SALES - SERVICE Eldorado, Illinois Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of BILL GHENT, INC.- Insurance and Bonds Rose Building - lll N. Main Phone - CLearbrook 3-7124 Harrisburg , Illinois INTERNATIONAL wx W AMMON 8. BLACKMAN International Truck Sale s and Service U Compliments of A I-,xg U.S. 45 North Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of SMITH PACKING CO. Banner Brand Meats TO SUIT YOUR TASTE Har ri sburg , Illinoi s Congratulations, Seniors Compliments of SOUTHSIDE BARBER SHOP Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of MAYNARD CANNON COUNTY CLERK Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of THE COUNTY TREASURER WILLIAM BARRETT Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of JAMES R. BURROUGHS CIRCUIT CLERK 8: RECORDER Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of HARRISBURG NATIONAL BANK Home of WEBQ Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of OHNSON AND RAGSDALE SERVICE CENTER Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of WSIL-TV Channel 3 l Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of PARKER'S MIDWAY Harrisburg , Illinois CARL HARRIS DRUG STORE Prescriptions Pharmacists Phone Pr. 9-2001 Carrier Mills, Illinois Compliments of DON SCOTT ABSTRACT AND TITLE COMPANY Local Agent Chicago Title and Trust Co. Title Guarantee Policies Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of HARRY L. FIFE INSURANCE AGENCY Carrier Mills, Illinois The Home of E Good Lumber-- O'KEEFE LUMBER CO. Frigidaire - RCA - Maytag Appliances Furniture Best Prices - Best Trades Carrier Mills, Illinois Shop and Save at CLIFFORD REYNOLDS GROCERY Hare o , Illinois 607 622772 will Q Cana i ilj j ' i:, N NuwAY s . d 54" 91?-A9 'Ci' Lgvch 'Q X- Y X 2-'i'f17:'--1 I - ' You n el x in b- 3 I ' A W if Furniture ' ' . .f 5 ' C,,M,:I-.. 1 in Eldora o, Ill. f I ' v ELECTRICAL '41 n I 7' " APPLIANCES -.. I-ll.. -.-.- z :I E n--,H - - I- 1 2 J QE lj: 'I M ' TF1 as I N I I UZZLE'S Eldorado , Illinois I v ' 1. iq, I, J i ll . ' DAIRY PRODUCTS :hi I x X-V Q X From I ---Lv , J' A DAIRY BRAND Harrisburg, Illinois offs? our SKAGGS PHARMACY I5 N D A B I I5 gg DR UGGIST Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of ELECTRICITY L f 1 Better Service Through Electricity is your biggest bargain. What else gives you SO MUCH... 6,6 I Q costs S0 LITTLE? Eldorado, Illinois I CENTRAL ILUNUIS PUBLIC SERVICE CUMPAN Y THE DAILY REGISTER Published Evenings Except Sunday, at 34 South Vine Street, Harrisburg, Illinois by CURTIS G. SMALL Editor and Manager MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT President Published Continuously Since 1915 Harrisburg, Illinois fxrRA.1e,,,f,,, I W LAST MINUTE ELDORADO DAILY JOURNAL FNEWS K. R. TRIGG gai xffi Editor and Publisher Eldorado, Illinois QQ I BREAD LLMNHJ PASTRIES f PANKEY'S BAKERY Harrisburg , Illinois HARRISBURG ELKS CLUB Harrisburg, Illinois Congratulations to You Seniors HARKER MILEY INSURANCE AGENCY Harrisburg , Illinois Compliments of BECK DRUG STORE Eldorado , Illinoi s Compliments of JEAN'S KITCHEN Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of HARPER'S TEXACO SERVICE Z4 HOUR TRUCK STOP Routes 45 and 142 Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of ELDORADO DEPARTMENT STORE Eldorado, Illinois Congratulations Seniors Congratulations Seniors DR. JOHN D. SLIGHTOM DAVIS SERVICE STATION Harrisburg , Illinois Galatia , Illinois Compliments of C. P. STRICKLIN STUDIO Eldorado, Illinois BANKERS Your Partners in Building a Better Community Eldorado, Illinois g' Z sf fad! 7004.7 n at FAY'S CAFE Galatia , Illinois 5 , Qs 99 X , l I Q 63- Q H J We, the Senior Class of Galatia High School, wish to express our thanks to everyone who made possible the publishing of this yearbook, THE GALATIAN 'Si E ' Compliments of TRAFTEN DENNIS JUDGE Harrisburg , Illinois 1' BoosTERs CAPE FIRESTONE - Harrisburg, Illinois HUMN 8: REYNOLDS - Harrisburg, Illinois WILLIAM KINDALE - Carrier Mills, Illinois RAYMOND ALLEN BARBER SHOP - Carrier Mills, Illinois PYRAMID LAUNDRY - Harrisburg, Illinois HARRISBURG COLLECTION AGENCY - Harrisburg, Illinois PALLISTER MILLS - Harrisburg, Illinois GODDARD'S FARM MARKET - Harrisburg, Illinois WHITE'S FLOWERS - Harrisburg, Illinois WALKER JEWELRY - Carrier Mills, Illinois GUSSIE'S BEAUTY SHOP - Harrisburg, Illinois HARRISBURG MOTOR HOTEL - Harrisburg, Illinois WESTERN AUTO - Harrisburg, Illinois HARRISBURG MILL AND ELEVATOR - Harrisburg, Illinois SCOODY'S FISH MARKET - Harrisburg, Illinois J. B. BONA 8: SON - Harco, Illinois PARKER OIL COMPANY - Harrisburg, Illinois FASHION SHOPPE - Eldorado, Illinois FASHION SHOP - Carrier Mills, Illinois DR. JOHN L. HODGE - Eldorado, Illinois DR. A. B. BULLOCK - Eldorado, Illinois GUY CHICON 8: COMPANY - Marion, Illinois CARROLL'S JEWELRY REPAIR - Harrisburg, Illinois TURNER'S FURNITURE - Harrisburg, Illinois WILLIAM INSURANCE AGENCY - Harrisburg, Illinois CURRY FORD - Harrisburg, Illinois DR. B. G. FUNKHOUSER - Harrisburg, Illinois TOWNES CHEVROLET - Harrisburg, Illinois FRANK P. SKAGGS, M.D. - Harrisburg, Illinois DR. W. F. JOHNSON - Eldorado, Illinois ELDORADO WATER CO. - Eldorado, Illinois OPAL'S BEAUTY SHOP - Harrisburg, Illinois NEAL MOTEL - Eldorado, Illinois jufoyrczpfs , 1 WTAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 9 "The WorId's Bes1 Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" M3 1 1 1 I 1 1 . . 1 X X . 1 l M1 , , " " ' ' 1 li - '11 I . ' .' "H ' W' L 1 Y X M '4 1 .' 'cn I "L J ' "'1'. PM 11 an-, , 'fx' X I 1'. il ' Y 5 ' ,-. .' .,Xrr J, X 1XX1 1 . 1 1 1 . PM X XXX. XX 1l.X, -, -. 1 ugh. X 1 1:14 :' n ' ,l1.-, , - I Q f' . J X 1 In EX XJ XXX ' X XXX 1 X 11 1 1Xl X ' J' XX4 1, ' ' X X X 1 11 n 1 '

Suggestions in the Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) collection:

Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 48

1960, pg 48

Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 92

1960, pg 92

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