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I 557 N, ,,,. wwf ff' WV .N.'g.,,qge2fi1Hi'if?ii,?iflfwwf f V-fe ,N pg 2 ax' f W , n w X , ,, x x , r . 9-. 5.1, Pi'-hiv 1 E 5 2 3 9 5 22 5? w K 12 if Z 2 is SE 5 5 56 ri K 31 5 5 ek Wi ii S 5 'i 33 5 5 if 5 E i 25 ff as bi g, za V3 is Nz r .. by . ... Av' a- f -1, , rfb .W VFW? 5 Aa of x x'22.d5 " 'Vt .1 Jfbiwgi fx ,. Q,-fR"gE::,: Q fdff mf" E33 'Y' N 'u Ffh L .hu v . ,U ,, Q. fa Y 'K'Ylf" 5,35 X , ' 35-,5'h'w.,5-::'?"i'L 'J' 1 ff wt"l'T"-lf' 'F .q K. .. Jw'Tw-N5 -0.-,,t,,?, ..., -qgifgfsi Ev.- N N f " Q K, ' Wgmw , Q 4. A A ,X 1 5 N f At g3'f'LL ,ggi my x Q.-1.Q:::2md?y'1 4 it 'fi X- ., -Pr. f r- v Q, .,,3g+,-3...-g,gsf,gg, 7, f" 'flN K x l' a?"" Wr' 1941.--r ' :3'fi151',-1" Aww?-' I Q 7, f xxx nqyql 14 ' fi' Wa. A + -f M M5422 1 'kv ri-msgs "' , 4 lb 5 7 4. ll ,. IJQTMQ' lv' ,Sta .WM :N rskxj :WN D. , rx-hX.u,, Af O1 41 lgvfv 1 , '31 js 'Fx' A -. ,X 4 .0?.f4.-f- 'W' .P-1 g I!-irsk f fin? ..., "- n'7 x 'S QZPQ fvv -4- -1. fs .,.,., . 551k -nv 4. ff 0327 I M lla Y, W x FV THE 1959 GA LA TIAN GA LATIA HIGH SCHOOL Galaua, I111no1s ,' U51 fl 'A 'P I 1. yy - .. ' w. '., ' 7,145 D 11.6 . -1 r 'kv ,x'x1 ' - " -T' ' H .-.V Vi iyx-h . '.. N, 11,5 15, :ggi 95.855 ' f. . 43'-f Q 'L-'f , f L,-1 ,-,,.-vm 1, -,"" ' ,,-,fl -. Q , 21: " , A. -, wfziffp . ,- - if 1 r' aAaGef'-if-'M , . - Q 43'-fl-,.,g:1'. fmt, Q, ' ff b- .--I . N". , f 3,1,g.5:',5::' . -jf..:f::fgs,L-- 4.51 , - . ' ,. -..u' Lf.-tv,-div' -gg.,-.:'w .xv - , 34.4 - '- ::,q'1ag,"g Y- , :Q - fi-I " ' ' H ' ' .H li 3,55 ah' ' ' , N3 -4e-:-g1-g:f- H ,--an --,..,- f , 1 . ., . si 15' '-pg.. L- . . " - ' . 1 .I h r NJ w . 1'i'i':,-f'.?j.-2-'ff A ' Q '- .r: ' W ' . 5 ,w "4-fl.'lJ "f T542-' -' ., - 12:2 3' '- 1' x if ., v ., 'txt , .v - '.- V , 7: f-r: t .k,,,q- , ja- gggfkifqbffg 4, A I X fi.. 3 - 1-Q , .-,.-f.: .wud Leu"-a'v.-Ku.. I Y f' . - ' N -- 3 ,L-'.:.,:'-ig-551.-.:' - f"f'i"-f f 9 ,ff WI f f" x My . Q' Qqv--.Q ':'r'L"5. .jrv U 5 ' - fig... SV-"'i'x V A I 5 5 0. W 9765 ' j:'f,3,,f,,.giq.--' ,Cb . ' 11 - ff 5 . ig ' - . 1 .fkfivfif -Q ,. f :M W ' . - 1f'fZPi:-12--"'..i-P1 -' - 0 ' ' 'f S . I ff.. M. Q,,,,,.- ,. A itif-Lfff-S1 -A-X ' ' P .aalrgfa-wi 'age I 14 X , f T 1 5? 14.112-:2Js?'T gg f .JW .ff 'X ' w.':::553q2?-:f...,,4- Q -lF5'1'rl K '-,gfqv H.,-avi'-,'-Lg ' ,hav ff ' zwilif 5 fei,'i?f2+-, if f1'if+'9' W iff x'rl"'13?. 53932 'fs' ' 'ffm fi' -3."Ii:" ' 42,22 '53 gl xi' L ter ' :a x'-Fa: v' 151' FOREWORD The Galatian Staff has assembled the material contained in these pages with the 1dea of perpetuating the activities of G.C.H.S. during the school year 1958-1959 so that time will not erase the fond memories of our pleasant associations together Qgrand and glorious to some of usy during the past four years. We hope that our efforts will not be in vain, but that they will bring some emoyment Editor -------- Subscription Editor Advertising Editors Copy Editors - - Sports Editor - - Photo Editor - - - Art Editor ---- - Business Manager - - Treasurer -' ---- Junior Editor - - Sponsor ---- ANNUAL STAFF THELMA MA LONE - - - - - - BRENDA MALONE - - - RUBY KNIGHT IA MES GOGUE - ALICE MAURER .TOHN WILLIAMS - - LARRY JONES - - FLOYD HALL - KEITH MARTIN IA MES COURTNEY PEGGY MITCHELL " ' JOAN MARTIN DONNA WILLIAMS DEDICA TION To Mrs. Jane Wickham we dedicate this 1959 edition of the GALATIAN. We are quite aware that this is only a small way of showing our sincere appreciation forthe time she has spent with us in our plays and classes inour four years here at G.C.H.S. We hope that this will help to show our love for her. 72 fw Cfeefff7 ffm!! I WWQLM, j DEDfc,4fE 77,05 Bank QW BOARD OF EDUCATION JACK LARGE, Superintendent DR. T. H. WEIGHT, President PAUL DROIT, Vice President JOE SMALL, Secretary JOHN BOYETT JESSE HIGGINS LLOYD OGLESBY TERRY FOWLER To these men, who have so freely given their time and efforts to help make it possible for us to enjoy the many activities which are presented in this book, we dedicate this page of the 1959 Galatian. 5 I 4 N x + x l A W r K i I l l 1 w .TACK LARGE Principal PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE In my opinion security, a primary concern of all people, is best attained through a lifetime of study. Whether this study bein college, trade school, or on-the-job it is essential in order that the services of an individual will be always in demand. A high school diploma may help a person obtain a position in the world of work but it will not aid in his keeping that position. He continually must study the details of his job so that he becomes so skilled that a firm can make a profit from his knowledge. My advice to high school students is this: Learn all you can in high school and college, if you go, and continue to learn after you are employed so that in later years you will not have to worry about employment - there will be a place for you. LOMA ALLEN Secretary FACULTY CHARLES E. ARNETT Science, Chemistry .TA MES BOND Agriculture MILLARD DAVIS Coach, Boys' P. E. IA MES GIBSON Mathematics LESTER S. GILL Biology, Assistant Principal MARY HARPER Homemaking FACULTY TIM MILLER Band, Chorus LW. PULLIAM Drivers Training, Industrial Arts EDITH THROGMORTON English, History NA DIA SERIGHT UPCHURCH English, French JANE WICKHAM English, Librarian, Girls' P.E. DONNA WILLIAMS Commercial SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President - - - Vice President Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Sponsors - - - - - LARRY JONES - - - - - FLOYD HALL ' ' ' ' JAMES COURTNEY - - - - - - - JOHN WILLIAMS NADIA SERIGHT UPCHURCH CHARLES E. ARNETT SENIORS PHILLIP ADAMS IA MES COURTNEY I ERRY DAVIS KAY EDWARDS SENIORS LILY FOWLER RALPH GANN IA MES GOGUE NOEL HANKINS SENIORS GARY HILL LARRY JONES CHARLES KARNES RUBY KNIGHT SENIORS A LBERT LANGLEY LARRY LEWIS BILLIE Bos MALONE BRENDA MALONE SENIORS THELMA MA LONE KEITH MARTIN A LICE MA URER LINDA MCVA Y SENIORS PEGGY MITCHELL BRUCE NEVICUS CONNIE ORTO HERSCHEL PARIS SENIORS LEROY PARMLEY JOHN PEARSON JIM PEYTON BRENDA PULLIAM WILMA SISNEY I ERRY STANLEY JERRY SUTTON PATRICIA THOMPSON SENIORS SENIORS BRENDA WEAVER EDDIE WHISTLE JOHN A . WILLIAMS Q P CLASS WILL l, Phillip Adams, will my ability to be manager for three years to anyone who doesn't have any better way to spend their time. I, James Courtney, will my shotgun to Tom Dooley. I, Jerry Davis, will to the school, the hope that they can survive without me. I, Kay Edwards, will my slow Sunday afternoon driving to Garry Hawkins who really needs lt. I, Lily Fowler, will one of my four boyfriends to Brenda Cluck who just can't seem to keep up with hers. I, Ralph Gann, will my ability to loaf, but yet pass, to anyone who can get by with it. I, James Gogue, will my ability to pass chemistry to Jerry Malone. L Noel Hankins, will my dislike for Fords to any unlucky person who owns one. I, Gary Hill, will my red and white basketball to Micky Martin. I, Larry Jones, will my position as center on the Basketball team to Freddy Mitchell. I, Charles Karnes, will my ability to flirt with all the girls to Jack Sutter. I, Ruby Knight, will my four happy years at G. C.H.S. to my sister Jo Ella. I, Albert Langley, will my ability to get American History to Billy Oglesby. I, Larry Lewis, will my laziness and slow turtle motion to Sharon Pritchett in hopes that it will slow her down. I, Bill Malone, will my brains to my brother Jerry who really needs them. I, Brenda Malone, will my four years of cheerleading to Carol Gardner. I, Thelma Malone, will my four happy years at G.C.H.S. to Judy Malone. I, Keith Martin, will my ability as a genius in mathematics to Mr. Gibson. I, Alice Maurer, will my straight A's in History to my sister Barbara. I. Linda McVay, will my attraction to 55 Chevys to Donna Anthony. I, Peggy Mitchell, will my desire to go to Equality to Karen Eubanks. I, Bruce Nevious, will my love for American History to my brother Richard. I, Connie Orto, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Brian Gardner. l, Herschel Paris, will my high school education to Carolyn Courtney. I, Leroy Parmley, will my soap to Don Phelps who needs lt. L John Pearson, will my ability to get along with teachers to me. I, Jim Peyton, will my engineer boots to anyone who wants to make a lot of noise. I, Brenda Pulliam, will my four years of twirling to Doris Webber. I, Wilma Sisney, will my quietness to Janet Wickham who needs it. I, Jerry Stanley, will my good looks and charm to the Junior Class. I, Jerry Sutton, will my like for cars to Wesley Heflin. I, Pat Thompson, will my inability to write my class will to someone else. I, Brenda Weaver, will my desire to get married to Carolyn Zinn. I, John Williams, will my ability to play an ukulele to anyone who has one. l, Eddie Whistle, will be lucky to get out of this place. CLASS PROPHEC Y When the members of the class of 1959 received their diplomas, they went out into the world to seek a profession. The day for our first reunion came, June 1, 1969. We were all to meet in our old home town at dear old Galatia High School. I had just seated myself in the cafeteria to review the plans for the night when Lily Fowler, the owner of the "Powder-Puff" cosmetic firm came. The next person to arrive was James Courtney, the manager of a large print- ing firm in St. Louis. While Lily and James were talking, lwalked over to the window and saw Charles Karnes drive up in his new Karnesbird. Charles has been working on a design that would revolutionize the automotive industry. With Charles was Albert Langley, the owner of the Dew Motor Company. Albert is backing Jerry Sutton and Herschel Paris in the race at Annapolis. They will not be able to attend tonight. After a while in walked Sal Mineo. No, it's Gary Hill and his producer Peggy Mitchell! With them was Gary's private secretary Wilma Sisney, and his three beauticians, Brenda Malone, Brenda Pulliam, and Brenda Weaver. Linda McVay was also in the group. She manages the Posy Shop that Gary bought to supply Sue with her favorite roses. Next to arrive was Eddie Whistle, Principal of the Galatia High School, and the two agriculture teachers, Ralph Gann and Bruce Nevious. Everyone was having a wonderful time laughing and talking with old friends, when the tune of the school song echoed from the gym. We hurried to the gym, and much to our surprise there was Bill Malone and his Tuny Tootets. Ruby Knight is the soloist. Leroy Parmley, a radio announcer, greeted us at the door. After a while we heard a loud noise. All ran outside in time to see a hugh plane land on the ball field. Connie Otto, a world famous debator, and James Gogue, the Italian playboy, were passengers on the plane. Keith Martin had piloted the plane to safety and Alice Mauer, the stewardess, had done much to settle the nerves of the passengers when they flew through Hurricane Hazel. After everyone had said hello, we went back into the building and found that five more of our classmates had arrived. They were Larry Jones, the basketball coach at S.I.U,, Larry Lewis and Jerry Stanley, the Daredevils in Barnman and Bailey's Circus, ,Tim Peyton, "Liz" Taylor's psychiatrist, and John Williams, the tester of a new space suit designed by Phillip Adams, the world famous scientist. A silent hush fell over the crowd as Kay Edwards and Pat Thompson tripped in. Theywere dressed in the latest Paris styles. They had married millionaries from South America. When John Pearson arrived in his private helicopter, we learned that he is President of the Looney Bubble Gum Company and Jerry Davis, who accompanied him on the trip, draws the cartoons for the gum wrappers. Phillip Adams, the scientist, and Noel Hankins, a reporter of the New York Times arrived last. Noel was interviewing Phillip about his discoveries in the field of air travel. They had missed their plane and had to charter a private flight from New York to be with us. We all had a grand time talking about our families, homes, friends, and careers. Q Signedy THELMA JEAN MALONE 1 www 1 ,, ...,.. . ---- f V' k W W .... ' i:.M,Wy- 1 y JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ----- ----- D ON PHELPS Vice President - - ------ JOAN MARTIN Secretary - - - ---- GLORIA ANDERSON Treasurer - - - - - - MICKEY MARTIN Sponsors - - ----- MARY HARPER JAMES GIBSON I. W. PULLIAM GLORIA ANDERSON JUNIORS DONNA ANTHONY KENNETH BARGER CARLA BARTER SHIRLEY BIRD SHIRLEY BRADEN WANDA BRADEN BILLIE CARTER GLENDLE CARTER LEROY CASPER EVA CLARK MYRON COOPER JOHN COWGUR ANNETTE GALLEHER BRIAN GARDNER BARBARA HALL MONNIE HARRIS ROBERT HARRIS GARRY HAWKINS WESLEY HAFLIN CHARLES HOLTZCLAW IO ELLA KNIGHT BOB LACH SHIRLEY MAIJONE JOAN MARTIN JUNIORS MICKEY MARTIN EMOGENE MEE ROXANNA MILDREN IOSEPH MORTEN YVONNE OGLESBY KAREN ORR IEAN PERRIN DON I-'HELPS SHARON PRITCHETT PAULETTA RIEVLEY BOB RODGERS DAVID ROBERTS LONA ROSE LINDA SPRINGS EUGENE STEVENS IUDY SUTTER MARTHA SWAFFORD LAVERNE THOMAS ELBERT THOMPSON MIKE TRIPLETT DAVID WHITLOCK RICHARD WIGGINS PHYLLIS WILLIAMS CAROLYN ZINN s s E - , SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presldent IANET WICKHAM V1ce Presldent ROBERT BOYETT Treasurer TERRY BOND Sponsors EDITH THROGMORTON JAMES BOND Secretary --------------------- KAREN EUBANKS SOPHOM ORES Jeanette Alecci Sandra Bird Judi Bona Terry Bond Robert Boyett Donna Bush Brenda Cluck Fred Crayne Jim Cselosky Betty Dowdy Douglas Edwards Karen Eubanks Anita Flannell Margaret Gann Cheryl Garrett Ralph Gee Charles Gogue Jerry Griffin Darlene Hale Overton Hall Calvin Heflin Connie Higgins Loveta Jackson David Karnes SOPHOM ORES Kenneth Koker Karl Leitch Sharon Lewis Shirley Metz Richard Nevious Billy Oglesby Gaylord Paris Buenita Patterson loy Patterson Wanda Patterson Kenneth Pemberton Mary Rodgers Kathryn Schwartz Julia Staffey James Tate Hazel Thompson Jesse Tuttle Tommy Tuttle Doris Wallace Janice Weight Karen Whistle Janet Wickham Frances Wiggins Hubert Williams FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President -------- -------- R OBERT BOCZKIEWICZ Vice President - - - - - CAROLYN COURTNEY Secretary ---- ------ C AROL GARDNER Treasurer - - - ------ JIM DURHAM Sponsors - - - - - - MILLARD DAVIS JANE WICKHAM FRESHMEN Kenneth Adams Bill Arnold Larry Bell Eunice Berrong Robert Boczkiewicz Larry Clarida Gary Cooper Carolyn Courtney James Durham Carol Gardner Brenda Gogue Carole Hall Dayton Hankins Connie Howard Loretta Jackson Jo Koczorowski John Koker Mary Lach Jerry Malone Judy Malone Gloria Martin Barbara Maurer Wilma McGowen Dwight Mlldren WEE , , if? E FRESHMEN Joe Miles Freddie Mitchell William Mitchell Linda Morris Denny Murphy Bobby Oglesby Floyd Partain Judy Pemberton Roy Pritchett Roger Rice Fern Richey Robert Riddle Carolyn Rievley Lewis Rose Gary Smith Linda Stevens Jack Sutter Kenneth Thomas Christine Tuttle Doris Webber JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM 1957-58 Prom Queen - PEGGY MITCHELL l Class President - GARY HILL On the night of May 17, 1958, the Junior Class entertained the Seniors, teachers, and board members to an evening in Paris. The Eiffel Tower with its blinking lights, the striped awning, and the starry sky made you feel as though you were actually dining at a side walk cafe. Following the banquet everyone danced to dreamy music which flowed gently from the jukebox. The highlight of the prom was the Queen coronation. Queen Peggy reigned from her throne beneath the scenic Arc of Triumph. PROM COURT ATTENDANTS N ALICE MAURER JAMES COURT NEY BRENDA WEAVER CONNIE ORTO ATTENDANTS R BRENDA PULLIAM LARRY JONES BRENDA MALONE THORNTON DAVIS PROM SCENE E I CARNIVAL COURT King Queen CHARLES KARNES BRENDA MALONE Little Boy Little Girl TEDDY WALLACE CATHY JONES Attendants Attendants ALICE MAURER PEGGY MITCHELL JAMES COURTNEY JOHN WILLIAMS BRENDA PULLIAM BRENDA WEAVER LARRY JONES GARY HILL ATTENDANTS ALICE MAURER JAMES COURTNEY BRENDA PULLIAM LARRY JONES PEGGY MITCHELL JOHN WILLIAMS BRENDA WEAVER GARY HILL CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN CHARLES KARNES BRENDA MALONE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA F. H.A. OFFICERS President ---------------- PEGGY MITCHELL Vice President - - " ' ' 'JOAN MARTIN Secretary ---- ---- I ONA ROSE Treasurer - - - - - - RUBY KNIGHT Reporter - - - - - - THELMA MALONE Sponsor ----- - - - MRS. HARPER Chapter Mother --------------- MRS. SUTTER FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA 4 ,- GA A CLUB Presldent BRENDA PULLIAM Treasurer KAREN EUBANKS VICE Presldent JANET WICKHAM Reporter JUDY BONA Secretary KAY EDWARDS Sponsor MRS WICKHAM PEP CLUB Secretary JUDY SUTTER Sponsor MRS. WICKHAM President --------------- ------ C HARLES KARNES SCIENCE CLUB President ----------------------- LARRY LEWIS Vice President -------- ------------ L ARRY JONES Secretary ----- ----- G ARY HILL Reporter - - - - PHILLIP ADAMS Bouncers - - - EDDIE WHISTLE CONNIE ORTO Sponsors ---- MR. GILL MR. ARNETT INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB President ------------- - - - - LOY PATTERSON Secretary - - - - - - KENNY PEMBERTON Rgpgrtefg - -'-" JACK SUTTER BOBBIE OGLESBY Spgngof - - MR. PULLIAM LITERARY CLUB Presrdent BILL MALONE Vrce Presrdent HUBERT WILLIAMS Secretary LEROY PARMLEY FRENCH CLUB Presrdent ROBERT BOYETT Treasurer SHARON PRITCHETT Secretary JOAN MARTIN Reporter RICHARD NEVIOUS Sponsor MRS UPCHURCH Sponsor -------- ----------- MR s. THROGMORTON COMMERCIAL CLUB President ---- - - - KAY EDWARDS Treasurer ------- THELMA MALONE Vice President ------ CARLA BARTER Reporter ------- GLORIA ANDERSON Secretary ------- BRENDA PULLIAM Sponsor - - - - - MISS WILLIAMS OFFICE GIRLS Sharon Pritchett, Shirley Bird, Alice Maurer, Linda McVay, Pauletta Rievley, Karen Orr, Kay Edwards. Secretary: Mrs. Allen. CLASS REPORTERS BEARCAT JOURNAL STAFF Alice Maurer, Thelma Malone, Lily Fowler, Brenda Malone, Peggy Mitchell, Pat Thompson, Ruby Knight, Editor. Sponsor: Miss Williams. LIBRARIANS STUDENT COUNCIL Lovetta Jackson, Wesley Heflin, Bobbie Oglesby, Peggy Mitchell, Loretta Jackson Annette Galleher, Tom Tuttle. D A R AWARD Mlss Thelma Jean Malone was awarded the Daughters of Amerlcan Revolutron A ward Wh1Ch IS presented annually to an outstandmg SCHIOI gul who mamtams the qua11t1es of dependabllrty servrce leadershrp and patrxotlsm Thrs award was grven for the purpose of callmg to attentlon those qua11t1es whrch are desuable rn good cm zenshlp Durmg her past four years she has partrcrpated rn the followmg act1v1t1es band plays Bearcat Journal Staff edltor of Annual Staff and on varrous commlttees A long wrth these many 3CI1V1I1CS she has mamtamed a hlgh grade average JUNIOR PLAY "WHO'S EXClTED" 0 0 0 Y 1 I I I . . .. . . .. .. . r I , 9 1 J u ' . v - W Apple Polishers Most Studious Most Talkative SHIRLEY MALONE IOAN MARTIN JUDY SUTTER BILLY B. MALONE JIM DURHAM LARRY P. LEWIS Most Athletic Best Dressed Most Popular BRENDA PULLIAM ALICE MAURER PEGGY MITCHELL LARRY JONES JERRY STANLEY CHARLES KARNE5 Wittiest Best Personality Nicest Smile CAROLYN ZINN YVONNE OGLESBY SHIRLEY BRADEN EDDIE WHISTLE JERRY BILL DAVIS JIM PEYTON Cutest Couple Friendliest Best School SDiIit MARTY SWAFFORD MARTY SWAFFORD IOAN MARTIN KEITH MARTIN MICKEY MARTIN ELBERT THOMPSON PEGGY and HM GLORIA and DON JANET Most Likely to Succeed d JACK RUBY KNIGHT LARRY I ON ES N V l l Cave-in-Rock Viemia Ridgwav Sesser Carrier Mills Equality Rosiclare Eldorado Pope County Shawneetown Cave-in-Rock Carrier Mills Shawneetown Pope County Harrisburg Eldorado Ridgway Christopher Equality Eldorado Rosiclare BEARCAT SCHEDULE '58 - '59 WE THEY HIGH SCORERS 46 47 Jones 92 44 Hill 67 87 Jones 54 53 Jones 46 76 Hill 64 72 Jones 59 47 Hill 54 55 Jones 47 43 Hill 67 69 Hill 76 54 Hill 26 53 79 Boyett G.4E. C. TOURNAMENT 57 61 Hill 17 93 47 Jones 39 SALINE COUNTY TOURNAMENT 29 68 Hill 68 70 Hill 28 45 89 Hill 75 73 Boyett 20 67 55 Jones 18 59 58 Jones 17 68 60 Hill 24 BASKETBALL VARSITY TEAM BRIAN GARDNER RICHARD NEVIOUS TERRY BOND GAYLORD PARIS IACK SUTTER PHILLIP A DA MS Mana ge: MILLARD DAVIS Coach KEITH MARTIN ROBERT BOYETT LARRY JONES MICKEY MARTIN GARY MILL FRED MITCHELL Manager LARRY JONES MICKEY MARTIN ROBERT BOYETT Coach MILLARD DA VIS GARY HILL KEITH MARTIN TERRY BOND BRIAN GARDNER JACK SUTTER RIC HARD NEVIOUS Mana gers FRED MITCHELL GAYLORD PARIS PHILLIP ADAMS ACTION SHOTS FRESH-SOPH SQUAD ROBERT RIDDLE DAVID KARNES LARRY BELL TOMMY TUTTLE ROY PRITCHETT FRED MITCHELL MILLARD DA VIS Coach DENNY MURPHY .TERRY GRIFFEN KENNETH KOKER BILLY OGLESBY BOBBY OGLESBY PHILLIP ADAMS L,.,..w.,wX 1 w 1 0 CROSS COUNTRY BASEBALL ,I "G" CLUB TWIRLERS BRENDA PULLIAM CAROL GARDNER KAREN WHISTLE BASKETBALL QUEEN 1958-59 PEGGY MITCHELL Queen BASKETBALL COURT BASKETBALL QUEEN CANDIDATES ALICE MAURER PEGGY MITCHELL SHIRLEY MALONE KAREN EUBANKS CAROL GARDNER Sahne County P0110 Queen Attendant Escorted by CHARLES KARNES MISS DORIS ANN WALLACE 5 1 I L J 1 I A BAND BAND OFFICERS MAJORETTE Brenda Weaver CHORUS TRIO STAFF BUS DRIVERS Reg Patterson Carl Harris Laymon Jones Harold Tate Lloyd Sprague Lawrence Karnes COOK CUSTODIAN Edith Webber Alfred Gann August September October November 2'7- December January 13- 23- February March April May 25- REMEMBER WHEN? School opened CFreshmen were lostlj Labor Day fFirst vacationj Seniors sold ads Had pictures taken fLook at the birdiej Musical comedy fFiddles, bells and sawsb Juniors took test Junior Class Play fWho's Excited?D Band practiced marching fOhl My feetlj Fall Carnival G. A. A. play day Segregation debate Basketball season began Seniors,took Scholarship test Thanksgiving vacation Mock trial in Government fWho's guilty?J Juniors received classrings Seniors received pictures Science Club had a Christmas party Commercial and F. H. A. girls went caroling Christmas concert Christmas vacation Cwhat a relief IJ Back to school fThe same old grindj G. E. C. Tournament at Ridgway Polio drive Saline County Tournament at Eldorado Basketball Queen Coronation New Drivers Education car fwhat a beautylj Home Ec. girls made Easter outfits College Day at Harrisburg Teachers meeting QAnother vacationly T. B. test COuch!J F. H. A. Freshman Initiation Easter Vacation CA much needed breakj Senior class play Spring concert Senior Day Junior-Senior Prom fwho could forget this?j Baccalaureate Final exams Commencement QEnd of 12 years workj Got up and got ready for school CForce of habitj SNAPSHOTS 5 4 LLOYD L. PARKER FURNITURE STORE Profit Small Volume Great, That's the Way We Operate East Side of Square Harrisburg, IlliI'1OlS HERRMANN'S TIN SHOP BERTIS HERRMANN, Owner Hot Roof Work Heating - Sheet Metal Work Air Conditioning - Insulation Z4 Hour Service Phone BRidge 3-8106 Eldorado, Illinois "Prices Are Right" Shop at STATE STREET MARKET Eldorado , Illinois Compliments of RAY DURHAM LUMBER COMPANY Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of DR. BOB PULLIAM Harrisburg, Illinois GRANT'S JEWELRY JOHN HILL and TOMMY FOSTER Harrisburg, Illinois Home of Compliments of WEBQ .lol-IN ELDER cl-lolsssn AM and FM MD, Harrisburg National Bank Harrisburg, Illinois Congratulations C las s of '5 9 KATHERYN'S BEAUTY SHOP Galatia, Illinois Compliments of WILMA'S BEAU TY SHOP Cralatia, Illinois WOOLARD'S GALATIA CLEANERS Galatia, Illinois Compliments of DAVIS'S T EXICO SERVIC E Galatia, Illinois C ompliments of HILL'S GROCERY Galatia, Illinois SUTTER'S FEED AND GROCERY We Buy Eggs and Poultry Custom Grinding and Mixing Phone 67 Galatia, Illinois C ompliments of JOHN GILL INSURANC E AG ENC Y See Us for Your Insurance Needs Galatia, Illinois Compliments of TAYLOR'S CAFE Sandwiches or Plate Lunches Galatia, Illinois The Friendly Spot FAY S CAFE QWHENINTHE ' MUDIJ FDR FINE FUIJD .Algi- , A Fountain Service Galatia, Illinois Compliments of C. B. PULLIAM LU MBER COMPANY Building Materials of All Kinds Phone 31 Galatia, Illinois C ompliments of J. H. JACKSON HARDWARE Bottle Gas Bulk Service Galatia, Illinois Compliments of WALLACE GROCERY Galatia, Illinois Compliments of JONES DRUG STORE Phone 3R2. Galatia, Illinois Compliments of OGLESBY'S GARAGE Galatia, Illinois DOWDY'S D, X, SERVICE Groceries, Eggs Cream and Poultry Galatia, Illinois Compliments of STEVEN'S PLUMBING Galatia, Illinois Day and Night COURTNEY'S Air Conditioned Funeral Home Oxygen Equip. Ambulance Service Phone 86R2. Galatia, Illinois 1 BORDON s JONES FEED MILL FEED AND FARM SUPPLY A Complete Line of Custom Grinding and Mixing Purina ,f """7l2 Feeds Honegger Feeds n7+PYfl:ura3'3 -Rii-arvi' Phgne Galatia "Everything for the Farmer" Qicuowsfr 75W 12 "Nsl.u.u,'ul' Illinois Phone 85 Galatia, Ill Nl..-.,fl POTTER'S RECREATION C ENTER For Entertainment From 6 to 60 Galatia, Illinois Better Groceries at COCKRUM'S GROCERY Galatia, Illinois Compliments of E AND J CLEANERS Galatia, Illinois Compliments of GARRETT'S SERVIC E STATION "One Stop, Stops All Your Worries" Galatia, Illinois 1 Compliments of DAVENPORT'S POSY SHOP When You Think of Flowers, Think of Ours Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of NICK'S 45 CAFE Route 45 South Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of RAINBOW'S REXALL DRUG Harrisburg, Illinois S. S. 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LIGHTFOOT ATTORNE Y-AT-LAW Galatia, Illinois Compliments of THE BENTON COMMUNITY BANK B enton , Illinoi s Compliments of THE EGYPTIAN STATE BANK Car rie r Mills , Illinoi s Compliments of Compliments of PEARCE STRICKLIN'S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION STUDIO INCORPORATED Eldorado, Illinois Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of WEST END GENERAL STORE West End, Illinois PASCHEDAG MUSIC HOUSE "The Spirit of Music" 1100 East Main Street West Frankfort, Illinois Bghggjfty Compliments of MUCKLEY THE BAND BOX BEN FRANKLIN Fourth Street Eldorado, Illinois A. D. HALL, Owner Benton, Illinois BROWN'S .0 F4 ARMY S T ORE ,-v' ' i" W1 Shoes, Sporting Goods Clothing and Hardware "Best for Less" Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of PUTNAM'S JEWELRY Eldorado , Illinois Compliments of STRICKLIN MEN'S WEAR Harrisburg, Illinois BOOSTERS CITY CAB COMPANY -Harrisburg, Illinois GODARD'S FARM MARKET - Harrisburg, Illinois TURNER'S FUNERAL HOME - Harrisburg, Illinois MAE'S DRESS SHOP - Eldorado, Illinois HONEY KRUST - Eldorado, Il.linois RODGER'S FUNERAL HOME - Eldorado, Illinois GOLDEN RULE DRUG STORE - Eldorado, Illinois FASHION SHOP - Eldorado, Illinois HOBB'S JEWELRY - Eldorado, Illinois FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY - Harrisburg, Illinois FLANAGAN'S TEXACO - Thompsonville, Illinois FINAZZO PONTIAC - West Frankfort, Illinois BECK'S DRUG STORE - Eldorado, Illinois REYNOLD'S GROCERY - Harco, Illinois J. BONA 8: SONS 4 Harco, Illinois GIBSON'S CAFE - Carrier Mills, Illinois TASTEE FREEZE - Carrier Mills, Illinois DR. FUNKHOUSER - Harrisburg, Illinois BRADDOCK'S SERVICE - Harrisburg, Illinois SCOODY'S FISH MARKET - Harrisburg, Illinois STAIN'S HEATING - Harrisburg, Illinois SUTTON'S REPAIR - Harrisburg, Illinois PYRAMID LAUNDRY - Harrisburg, Illinois GUSSIE'S BEAUTY SHOP - Harrisburg, Illinois GOODM.AN'S FORD - Harrisburg, Illinois WILLIAM'S BARBER SHOP - Galatia, Illinois I-IUMM 8: REYNOLD'S - Harrisburg, Illinois BOWMAN'S JEWELRY - Benton, Illinois NEAL'S MOTEL - Eldorado, Illinois TURNER'S FURNITURE STORE - Harrisburg, Illinois CARROLL'S JEWELRY REPAIR - Harrisburg, Illinois HART'S DEPARTMENT STORE - Harrisburg, Illinois SOUTHWESTERN ILLINOIS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC Eldorado , Illinois A TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" N, X7 Q GAA 7 lj JMZWW I i 1 1 1 I 1 I i 4 I 4 Q 1 I 1 i l I 1 ? 1 J 1 1 l wgwmwx wmmWMmWmm w.: ,n,WMvwm, .ww-,W-

Suggestions in the Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) collection:

Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 9

1959, pg 9

Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 92

1959, pg 92

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