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Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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! I 1 k x P V i 3 :w ? E 2 ! Q E E Ei sf Z 5 a u E Q Q L i , Q N I 1 5 r E H' s i 1 I a E . l ! 1 THE GZILATIAN . 1947- 48 gl 75, v I Presented By GALATIA HIGH SCHOOL GALATIA, ILLINOIS ,TVX -1 mi- , 1 x 1 X ll' ,, ,, X N x 1., ,M . 4' 5' i. ,. x. ,A M-1 'X 4-.1 A , if-fc' 'f' , ,nf F FXR?" X 1 vx -al P 1 l wr X u , x '-fI', X -A 45 X K 1- I:Q,,s, ., X, 4 s ., HK - x X X . x . i - ,Xf , . 11' " f 1 ,ef'. x In ff ' v lim X x X X X 1 v 4 x 'H-4 qt, w I ' I 1 x So ever5L spirif, as it is most purefff ' , Q , eAnd hath in it"the more of heavgnly light, L ' So itithe fairer body doth pnocure 1 V To habit in, and itfmore fairly dight' b e ,, With cheerful grace and amiable Vsightuj ' For, df .thelsdul the body foim doth takeg Fpr ugopl is form, and doth the' body, make. X X Q V . - , f-f' g" x ' ' - X Q . Q 5 , ., - , . q . W' 'U ' I , , , y, . , 4 .. ,Q ., 1 1 xiii! -. - gt We-I. u - A -X ' ., x ' q ' X ., qv , , p , - L ' , A A ,f -I x -Mqrfzf ' . f' - ' 'x I ' Q -V . , o f- I X x fkfff. Q J' X' Q ' r .x ' . ." l ' 0 ' W wg'-,,' X ' X hcl, 'X 1 1' Mr, , r , , . 1' b : .'z,.rf,Q, -vf X S v A W A, 6 1 K 'l ,. 3 . x x '. ' f ' ' A 1 u 5 'A ' f 1 ef I ' . .' 1 - .ze X X L. 75 v .N . xv K - r 1, X , w Q . .N 'W X' Y' X , . , .x-, . ,Q , -r,W", 'RY - , . 1 , n , A , , ,, , A, Q h. . 1 .1 ". K . ,, I. 1 Mx: .. ..,,. Xu l' L. I ,I- ,if A w -S . x, bf I A , XX It ' X ., I, . 'vt ,w 1, i Ay. . Vi, 5 , Q. il x ,- W . f ., 4 .,,, 5 b A. , ,BML ' ?s4,,,2 g - fm 'N PM ,, KI.. L' Cm LVIH if K 'rs r l ...........-x g,.....i..2:-1 L......... -x L............2 if-1 '..........-x g.........:f -m F., u......-N L.,,,,..,....f'l v.......-x i 'G -iig V P S 3 A Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1948, dedicate this "Galatian" to Mrs. Edith Throginorton, who has taught at the Galatia Community High Schoo-1 for the past four years. Mrs. Throgmorton was chosen sponsor of the Senior class, and we highly appreciate her efforts in helping to make this annual 'a success. Other than her work on the Galatian, Mrs. Throg- morton has this year sponsored our school newspaper, the Bearcat Journal, and has had supervision of the library and sixteen student librarians. Mrs. Throgmorton was born at Creal Springs, Illinois on January 16, 1907. She attended S. I. U. and has done extension work with the University of Illinois. She re- ceived her B. E. Degree in 1938. - W, , ,, . I gf Z ... lik 2 f ' m I ,X llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI lllllllllllllll ' r fQCULfy Mr. S. N. Atkinson Principal Mathematics B. S. and M. S. Mrs. Edith Throgmorton Social Science B. Ed. Mr. James Bond Agricul'ture B. Ed. Miss Pearl DeWeese Music A. B. Mr. Lester Gill Science B. S. Mrs. Fern Harbison Commerce B. Ed. Mr. Wendell Phillips Coach B. A. Mrs. Lura Groves English A. B. Mr. William Bfaker Science and Art B. Ed. Mrs. Mary Lou Maple Office Secretary ,s ,Aww QF .9- .0 T 5' 1:- School History The history of education began with primitive man. From the first times of which we know anything, considerable attention was given by primitive man to self-adornment. As man progressed from his extreme simplicity, and great industrial changes took place, new things, for which education was to be given, arose. Education is the means by which complex problems of civilization are solved. Among the first American institution was the system of schools and as an institution it easily acquired a position in the first rank of our democratic life. Probably no other institution has contributed more to the building, the understandings of the principles of demcoracy than this system of schools. The Galatia High School was only a three year school from 1916 to 1931 with the exception of 1919, 1920, and 1921. Then from 1931 up to the present time it has continued the fourth year classs. The principals from 1916 up to now are as follows: Stierwalt, Hood, Echols, Massey, Turnbaugh, Carter, Buford, Knibbs, Black, Elliott, Patrick, Echols, Moody, and Mr. Atkinson who has been at Galatia for the past three years. BTUARD DF EDU CAT! UN 11 5' 1711,-uf, fessfnmz """"' Hyde Fluffy 155 k I Howard E Zyafoue 1. Gallia , .mwfmrr 'llilliam Karnes ii, L ' ' " frgiiw nt? 111'-" 1.i.. ,,,,.,:i::.. ,-,7,-, gg-,..,,7v7..iifT::L-?,. flx 713 Harker, Miley Insurance flgency All Kinds Cf Insurance Rooms 9-11--13--15 Midkiff Building Telephone 707 Harrisburg, Illinois Federal Wholesale Eldorado, Illinois Support Your High School By Trading With Your Independent Retailer XIX Z' 44. 441-4. 4.gx4 1 K Q KQT 1 Q C S 6 X KU 5 if S cf unch'-H-rf A--' - 4' rl LJ 1.1.1. 'F -f ,' ',',-.,,-- w-fluff-: 53.5, ' kv' -. .gg , . ...gif 1. 1, ,,, . . N I u . I N i ' E ' " Q 5 3 1 E K Al N " ' ,s , Q A 'Q 4 f-f I -.,5 55 a .Wg 3 . .lafmugw-..... Class Voyage It was the fourth day of September, 1944, a calm, peaceful, Autumnal day, radiant with the sunshine of hope, cheer, and joyous promise, that the good ship, Galatia Community High School, stood at anchor at the wharf of a new school year. It was the samei old ship that had carried many passengers to the safe harbor in the Land of Great Wisdom, but this day was a gala day in its history. Many people gazed upon it in wonder as they watchedi the forty-two beautiful and charming young ladies and the thirty-six bold and dashing young gentlemen as they so happily stepped aboard, for it was rumored that they were about to set sail over new- and untried waters in a quest for "The Fountain of Perfect Understanding". When we were all aboard we began to set the ship in order. We were informed by older passengers that our journey was not to be one over one big sea. In reality it was over four smaller seas, each growing in size as We passed from one to the other. Our course over the first and smallest of the seas was charted for us by Mary Fern Smith. During this year, 1944-45, Mr. Harold Moody held the position of helmsman. We veered from the main course of our journey and stopped at "Dog Patch Island". Here we had a happy time. Those from our group to win recognition at the "Dog Patch" party were Pat Jackson and Don Raley, Jim Smith and Betty Perdue. Farther on, into the depth of this sea, we were attracted by some beautiful Boston ivy plants. We purchased some of these to add to the beauty of our ship, G. C. H. S. Some of our boys became interested in basketball. We encouraged Carl Griffiths, Gratton Karnes, Amos Kent, and Don Raley, for we all enjoyed their pastime. A few of our passengers became sea sick. A number were tempted to throw up algebra and other disagreeable dishes. Some even wanted to toss their best belongings overboard in times of rough sea. But we were assured by our stowardess, Jean Jones, and first-aid workers, Dcn Raiey and Billy Jordon, that it would be necessary to digest these "indigestibles" over and over again until they were perfectly assimilated. And thus we came to the cmd -of the Freshman Sea. With careful steering we soon found our course upon the second sea. The crew of officers was changed. To pilot our ship over this sea, we chose Billy Jordon, Amos Kent, Phyllis Weaver, and Bernadine Brown. Storms were not so frequent upon this Sophomore Sea. Neither did so many cases of seasickness develop. Yet, at the Island of Indifference, a number of our passengers got off the ship and did not continue the journey with us. As Sophomores there were fifty-two who finished that journey. Our helmsman was Mr. S. N. Atkinson. fContinued on next pagel Class Voyage Peering into space and gazing over the waters, we were able to catch glances of a seemingly beautiful body of water, known as the Junior Sea. We eagerly anticipated entrance upon it. As we prepared for the ordeal, reorganization was necessary. Mr. Lester Gill was made our pilot. Apprentice seamen were selected to do the bidding of the passengers and Mr. Gill. After careful consideration, the responsibilities of this voyage were entrusted to Delmond Weir, Carl Griffiths, Phyllis Weaver, and Amos Kent. Our voyage was successful and time passed quickly. But again some of our number had been attracted by sights seen along the way. Islands of Leisure: had attracted them. Not all the passengers stayed with us until we were ready to enter the last and largest of these bodies of water, the Senior Sea. The remaining forty of the original sevemty-eight were willing to embark upon this sea. One, having seen the folly of the unfinished, came to travel with us. We were happy to wel-come her as we sailed the Senior Sea. To steer our ship through a safe journey, we chose Mrs. Edith Throgmorton. She was to have-the help of such able officers as Delmond Weir, Amos Kent, Hazel Hedges, and Betty Perdue. VVe have kept our friends 'informed of our dfoings through the Bearcat Journal. Our time has been well filled. First there was the Tea Party. Raising funds for the "Galatian", a complete log of our dear old ship, G. C. H. S., was a long, drawn-out piece of business. Billy Griffin and Ralph Brownimanaged this for us. Athletics required the attention of many of our young men, as well as some of the young ladies. The best and most vital history of anything is never given t world. So it must be with the class of 1948! 'W It has been a most wonderful voyage. We have not faced any gale which we have not been able to withstand. The tides of our averages have continued to rise and fall. The billows of examinations have some times tried to overwhelm us, but none of them succeeded. We have been able to pay the price in good hard work for every part of this passage. Therefore, let us say with Byron: "Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll! Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee 'in vain!" But not in vain the class of 1948! We will go on writing new logs of greater adventure, for while the Voyage of High School Life is at an end, the Voyage of Real Life is just now and here at its triumphant commencement! Hazel Hedges Historian L L' Y '...i.1.... ,. Seniors MARY FERN SMITH PATSY SUE JACKSON ROSEMARY TRIPLETT MA EATHERLY "When You Were Sweet"The Man I Love" Sixteen" Chorus-1, 2, 4 Sextette-1, 2, 4 ,Orchestra-1 Pep Club!-1, 2 Play-1, 2, 4 Class Oflicer-1 Volleyball-1, 2 P. E.-2 Queen Attendant-4 Tea Party-4 DELMOND WEIR "I Want A Girl" Class Officer-2, 3, 4 P. E.-3, 4 Annual Staff-4 Newspaper-4 RALPH BROWN "Always" F. F. A. . F. F. A. 'es.-2, 3, 4 4-H-1 4-H Pres.-2, 3, 4 Chorus-1 Volleyball-1 Setitetfce-1, 2, 4 Pep Club-1, 2 P. E.-2 Plays-1, 2, 4 Glee Club-4 Queen-4 Jr. Queen Attendant Tea Party-4 RICHARD WIGART "Open The Door Richard" Hi-Y-1 Basketball-4 4-H-4 First Aid-2 BETTY MAPLE 'Tm Going To That Guy" Sextette-1, 2, 4 Chorus-1, 2, 4 Pep Club-2 Conservation C. Pres.-4 Orchestra-1 Hi-Y-1 ' P. E.-3 Annual Staff-4 Newspaper-4 BILLY JOE GRIFFIN "Peg O' My Heart" First Aid-2 Play-2 P. E.-3 King Attendant-4 Annual Staff-4 ,Newspaper-4 BETTY JANE DEVINE "Don't You Love Me Any More?" Plays-1, 2 P E.-3, 4 Pep Club-1, 2 Tea Party-4 Plays-1, 2, 4 Cheerleader-3 Ijibrarian-3 Tea Party-4 3 Love Jr. Queen Attendant-3 1 BETTY GOLLIHER "Tragic Romance" Chorus-1, 2 Plays-1, 2, 3, 4 Sextette-2 Glee Club-1 Tea Party--4 P. E.-3 DALE UPCHURCH "Too Fat Polka" P. E.-3 F. F. A.-1 4-H-2, 3 'Workshop-4 "Heartaches" Annual Staff-4 Newspaper-4 Plays-1, 4 Chorus-1 lOrchestra-1 Librarian-3 Pep Club-1 Music-4 Tea Party-4 VIOLA BRYANT "Troubled Over You" Plays-1, 2, 4 P. E.-3 Tea Party--4 Glee Club-4 JAMES RICHEY "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" Librarian-1 P. E.-3 F. F. A.-1, 2, 3 4-H-2, 3 Play-4 Annual Staff-4. Newspaper-4 Music-4 PAULINE BROWN "Ballerina" ' Chorus-1 Play-1 Orchestra-2 P. E.-3, 4 , Annual Staff-4 Tea Party-4 GRATTON KARNES "Sugar, Blues" Basketball--1, 2, 3, 4 'Volleyballr-1, 2 Softball-3, 4 Hi-Y-1 Track-3 Q "I'm - king Believe" Sextette-1 Plays-1, 2, 4 Pep Club-1, 2 Glee C'1ub-4 P. E.-2 Tea Party-4 EUGENE MOTT "I Love No One But You" Kentucky-1, 2, 3 P. E.--3 Annual Staff-4 Newspaper-4 GENEVA FISHER "Now Is The Hour" Annual Staff-4 Chorus-1 Plays-1, 2 Volleyball-1 P E.--2 First Aid-2 Newspaper-4 ELLEN RAY "Begin The Beguine" Tea Party-4 Newspaper-4 Annual Staff-4 P. E.-3 G. A. A.-4 Volleyball-1 Pep Club-1 CHARLINE' MITCHELL "Sioux City Sue" P E.-3, 4 f Tea Party-4 First Aid-3 Glee Club-4 I Y Y i i W? Seniors AMOS KENT MARGIE WILLIAMS "Some Sunday Morning""Stardust" Basketball-1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus-1 Softball-3, 4 Volleyball-1 Class Officer-2, 3, 4 Pep Club-1, 2 Hi-Y-4 Cheerleader-2, 3 Volleyball-1, 2 P. E.-2 Newspaper-4 - Librarian-2, 4 First Aid-1 Newspaper-4 Track-3 First Aid--2 Play-1 Tea Party-4 FRANCES BLACKBURN JAMES W. THOMPSON "How Soon?" "Never, Never Trust Harrisburg-1 A Woman" Play-2 Stonefort-1 Librarian-2, 3 Basketball+2, 3, 4 Annual Staff-4 Softball-3, 4 Newspaper-4 Volleyball-1, 2 Tea. Party-4 JEAN JONES "I'll Hold You Heart Chorus-i1 Sextette-1, 2 First Aid-1 Track-3 BETTY PERDUE In My "I'1l See You In My 77 Pl Dreams Pep Club-1 Volleyball-1 Sextette-2 Volleyball-1 Plays-1, 2 Orchestra.-1 P. E.-2, 3 Pep Club-1 G. A. A.-4 Class Officer'-1 Annual Staff-4 Newspaper-4 Newspaper-4 P. E.-2 Cheerleader-4 Play-1 Class Officer-4 Tea Party-4 Junior Queen-3 Tea. Party-4 DONALD DUNNING BOB UPCHURCH "I Wonder" "Roley Po1ey" P. E.-3, 4 P. E.-3 Annual Staff-4 F. F. A.-1 Newspaper-4 4-H-2, 3 Workshop-4 MARY PINGLETON HAROLD KIELHORN "Give Me The Simple "Rumors Are Flying" Life" First Aid-2 Tea Party-4 P. E.-3 G. A. A.-4 Harrisburg--1, 2 Basketball-3, 4 Newspaper-4 HAZEL HEDGES "Near You" Pep Club--1 Librarian-2 P. E.-2 First Aid-2 Annual Staff-4 Newspaper--4 Class Oiiicer-4 Tea Party-4 MARY LOU COWGUR "That's My Desire" Pep Cub-1 P. E.-1 Queen Attendant-4 Annual Staff-4 'Newspaper-4 Music-4 Play-4 Tea Party-4 PHYLLIS ANN WEAVER "Night and Day" Volleyball--1 Pep Club-1 Class Officer-2, 3 Annual Staff-4 Newspaper-4 P E.-3 Tea. Party-4 G. A. A.-4 DORIS TALKINGTON "Crazy Cause I Love You" Tea. Party-4 First Aid-4 P E.-3 BILL FLETCHER "Sentimental Journey" P E.--1, 2 Boy's Health-3 Workshop-4 CARL GRIFFITI-IS "Mickey" Basketball-1, 2, 3 ,4 Softball-1, 2, 8, 4 Volleyball-1, 2 Class Officer-3 Newspaper-4 -Bling-4 Track-3 LOGAN LIBBY "Give Me Eive Minutes More" Chorus-1 First Aid-4 Plays-1, 2, 3, 4 F. F. A.-1, 2, 3 BETTY ABNEY "Dream" Newspaper-4 Annual Staff-4 P. E.-3,4 Pep Club-1 Tea Partyi-1 VIRGINIA RICE "Woodchopper's Ball" First Aid-2 Newspaper-4 Tea. Party-4 JANE ROSE BROWN "Someday" P. E.-3 Tea Party-4 wha- ,l " ix A xx X. 1 fflnnual Staff The annual staff of 1947-8 had its usual year of work. The first part of the year was given to the organizing of the "Galatian". Raising the money to finance the book was no little piece of work. Through the help and cooperation of teachers and students, the staff gathered the material found herein. Be-tty Perdue was elected staff editor with Frances Blackburn as assistant. These, with fifteen other students from the Senior Class, made up the annual staff. Every student had a special assignment. All students and work were directed by Mrs. Throgmorton. Complete staff membership-Perdue, Blackburn, R. Brown, Griffin, Weir, Ray, Abney, Triplett, Mott, Richey, Fisher, Hedges, Cowgur, Dunning, and Weaver. Newspaper Staff The newspaper was sponsored by the Senior Class with Mrs. Throg- morton as director. The newspaper staff edited a paper, The Bearcat Journal, every six weeks. Ther editor of the paper was Jean Jones, assisted by Hazel Hedges. The papers were run off on the mimeograph machine and put together and stapled by the staff. The news was gathered from all the different activities by the reporters of the staff. The complete membership of the staff is as follows: Jones, Hedges, Mott, Blackburn, Griffin, Cowgur, Richey, Weaver, Rice, Perdue, Kent, Griffiths, R. Brown, Williams, Fisher, Weir, Abney, Kielhorn, Ray, Dunning. annual Sfa fewsyafner ffaff Tea Party The Senior Class sponsored a Tea Party for the Freshmen girls to welcome them to the school and help them to get acquainted. It was on October 3, 1947. Tea and home-made cookies were served by the Senior hostesses. Entertainment was furnished by Betty Maple and Jean Jones. ooo Librarians The librarian's duty is to help students to find the books they wish to read, the reference books needed and to take care of checking out and checking books in when due. The librarians also have to see that the books are in their correct places and that the right cards are in the books. The first hour librarian adjusts the stamp, sorts magazines and newspapers. Five minutes before the class period ends, the magazines are collected and placed in the magazine rack in their correct groups. At the end of each hour all encycliopedias are checked to see that they are all in order, also the dictionaries. The librarians for the year 1947-48 are as follows: Dorothy Devine, Peggy Ross, Delores Thomas, Mary Lou Fletcher, Betty Thomas, Betty Higgins, Mildred Braden, Marie Burlison, Betty Holt, Virginia Ross, Anna Mae Tate, Joan Heflin, Margie Williams, Delores Irvin, Frances Webber, and Charles Hankins. fi51'a1-ians' ll! X IX 6 HENRY'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE Royal Typewriters 106 North Vine Street Harrisburg, Illinois 'Telephone 12919 PARKS CAFE To Please You Pleases Us" Galatia, Illinois C0lfIlf7li1ll611fS of COCKRUM'S 5c to S1 STORE Galatia, Illinois GILL'S FURNITURE STORE Home Freezers, Stoves Refrigerators Washers, Radios Phonographs Authorized Dealer In Maytag Washers Galatia, Illinois 314 fix Z' Z' 14.1.4 Officine' Pr'e.6': Uelzrmna' Wen' 540: Hgzgl ffgafgey Vfffesf A211145 Kzuf' 3244: lfdff Anime ii Junior- Class dffzkzers ffdfr Jffhnnie ,Braden .Yea lduald Spears 14 fffes, fhilyf Weaver Zfeas. Jack adams Xl! Xl! 71? "T "C ""' - O. S. YOUNG HARDWARE COMPANY General Hardware Auto Supply Wholesale Retail Eldorado, Illinois A 7K HAUSSER'S FOOD STORE "We Pay Cash and Sell for Cash, That's Why We Sell Cheaper'v Eldorado, Illinois HURTIK STUDIO "Everyth5ngg in Photography" Copying and Enlargement Fiaining, Kodak Finishing Eldorado, Illinois MATH'S SERVICE STATION Tires, Batteries, Accessories Standard Oil Products Telephone 23 A Eldorado, Illinois RUSSELL'S CAFE "The Home of Good Food" Galatia, Illinois "We Wish Each Senior Success and Happiness" THE CRAWFORDS Galatia, Illinois 6 CASEY'S CAFE Galatia, Illinois Virginia Casey, Proprietor B 8: C TRUCK SERVICE Insured Hauling Galatia, Illinois Z9 Su cL', P x :Wg :F X Jbpfm mare fla .fs Offztef.-' fftfr Mary Ina .Watdur 544, Jamey Bmakn Y Pas: lfanas Webber .hams betty fam 277wma.+' Zlffhmm Class officers Pres, Uelmaf Cox' Ku, Jiffy Cook V, Iffes: Kizlfh Deal Jifeaxf Wanda Braden Xl! ,W H nvnw, Yi ,,,,---l-h..,,,,,,--.--,,.-.-, XI! 7K J or We"'xH"'4' " 7K Lloyd L. 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E, 1 U 4 1 Xl! fzliziiji K 'W 1 ' 7 - Naugles Department Store "We Strive To Please Each and Every Customer" We Also Solic'it Your Credit and Cash Business Good Credit Will Pay Dividends Telephone 59-R2 Harco, Illinois , 5 ,.:: ,I . fy ,N Hills Food Market 'P Q "The Home Of Monarch Finer Foods' We Deliver Phone Orders Galatia, Illinois Y , V' 07 A gvvgl- rn- -v - V. ----w -.v ,-vw..-.. , luniors Johnnie Braden Helen Johnson Betty Holt R' h d G Mildred, Braden Wilma Edwards ic ar ray D Phillip Weaver David Gann Delores Powell Marie Burlison Ronnie Karnes James Harris Arah Merritt Lovie Mitchell Rose Mary Sirach I James Eatherly Bob Cain Joel Downey ,Avondale Tate v . ,.L.,-....- . ,N h ,MVA -u-nnnminnlr-fe Esther Burchell 1 I I Y 1 1 X u K Q, l P 1 w I I luniors Jack Adams Betty Adams l Virginia Ross Merrilee Tate Velma Keelin Ronald Spears Billy Holt . I Ivan Willis Jimmie Kaytor Connie Feazel D . EmoJean Curtis J. W. Pulliam Verna Keelin Patricia Takacs Beulah Phelps Vivert Joy Adkisson Bob Baker Donald Golliher Frank Williams Sue Jane Golliher Betty Pallks lg 'PQ QS' S'- s 5- Q 11 Z I ,Ja 'vfk , lunior Class History It was in September of 1945 that 52 Freshmen enrolled in the Galatia Community High School. After learning that they really had nothing to fear and that Freshmen were a necessary part of the high school, they met and elected officers as follows: President ........ . .. Jackie Adams Vice President .... .. .. . Richard Gray Secretary ........................... Betty Peyton Treasurer ........................ Wilma Edwards Mrs. Lura Groves was chosen as sponsor. As Freshmen, the class holds pleasant memories of a Tea Party given by the Seniors, an annual Dog Patch party where Betty Adams and Ronnie Karnes were given honors, and picnics. Other events could be mentioned. Coming back as Sophomores in September of '46, the enrollment had dropped slightly. This time there were only 46 in the class. This year the pilots for the class were selected as follows: President .......................... Ronnie Karnes Vice President ...................... J. W. Pulliam Secretary ........................... Betty Peyton Treasurer ........................ Evelyn Johnson Mrs. Edith Throgmorton was selected sponsor. The School Carnival was a big event for the Sophomores. From this group was elected both King and Queen, namely, J. W. Pulliam and Wilma Edwards. As 1947 rolled around and the class enrolled as "Jolly Juniors", the number had dropped slighty again. This time there were 41 in the class. Soon after they got their bearings, they met and elected the following class officers: President .................... Johnnie Braden Vice President .... .. . Philip Weaver Secretary ....... Ronald Spears Treasurer ............................ Jack Adams Bookkeeper .......................... Betty Parks Mr. Wendell Phillips was chosen as sponsor. This year the Juniors were a very busy lot, selling soft drinks, hot dogs, candy, and popcorn at all home basketball games. They did this in preparation for the Junior and Senior Prom and Banquet given for the Senior Class by the Junior Class near the end of the school year. The contributions to the athletic department made by the class is not to be forgotten either. On the basketball squad they have placed David Gann, Donald Golliher, Richard Gray, Ronnie Karnes and J. W. Pulliam. Juniors who played on the softball tearm were David Gann, Jimmy Kaytor, J. W. Pulliam and Donald Golliher. M -. .,. H,--7, .,,,, que.-,W ,-My V1 1 vw,.:.7,:.,.-:,-,.,,,5,,,,,,:,r,-A-.,,:.-yvqCy ,l I 514 - - XIX Reddy Kilowatt Says: A 0 . 13 The More Jobs I Do T.he More Electricity A Penny Will Buy For You For A CENTRAL ILLINOIS ffpriendly pausev PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Drink COCA-COLA Welcome to the Registered Patent GALATIA CUMBERLAND ' PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. W. A. Cowgur, Pastor L. L. Riegel, Superintendent Galatia, Illinois C. B. PULLIAM LUMBER COMPANY Contractor and Dealer Building Materials of all kinds Telephone 31 Galatia, Illinois I SMITH'S GARAGE "Let us service your car" Call On Us Soon Galatia., Illinois C09 Compliments of DEAN HILL Hudson-Packard Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of 0GLESBY'S GARAGE Galatia, Illinois 314 Ax OO'-P u x w 4 1 1 . I N I M1 pd i A it sm1vvgrvrn-r-i-f-c-ww.-- 5 r'-, yy'-vi-rv --X, -WT--vw -F-fy ff--A-H ,VY --w-'- fn- , X ' l' ' 4 . T 1, . 4 4 1 ' l ' -1. 'R X Junior - Senior Banquet The Junior Class of 1946-47, with Mr. Gill as the sponsor, grave a banquet and prom in honor of the Senior Class. The theme of the occasion was "Holland", The Gymnasium was beautifully decorated. The dinner, prepared by the Rebecca Lodge, was enjoyed very much by the Seniors, teachers, and board members. The Band furnished the evening's entertainment and everyone had a splendid time. Betty Perdue was chosen Junior Queen. Hear attendants were Patsy Jackson and Betty Maple. The prom of '46-'47 will be long remembered by everyone. O x . , n 'f 1 f', I ---- L------zg,,.--A ...nn 4-.. ,,,. .n ..1..o - ,M i... A, .., MM ,Y Q JUNIOR QUEEN UF 19417 lfeffy .flaple ' lfeffy fkfdue f'QueenQ'fbf.6'y Ljkcfkfd Sophomores Betty Allen Fred Allen Delbert Berrong David Blackburn James Braden Harold Bradley Arthur Burlison Anna L. Bledig Charles Carpenter James Childs Eva Combs Huey Cravens Nancy Carter Arthur I Davis Leon Dunning Isabel Dunning John Durfee Mary Lou Fletcher Maxine Gericke Forrest Hall Dorothy Devine James Estes Irene Estes Leon Hall Charles Hankins Charles Hamilton .A xl I 1 by fl -si A 4 1 tk' w ' fax if 1 4 , 1 .. ,, W., l . l4 A Mf g . . , Mftxf- V4 -JX4 X " A 31 fi-w .1 ' f yy 1 1 gf' 3 G , , ' fx lk' if ' " x ' .1 L' df xt , ,! N v 7 E. M X j.- 1! I 'f ,fx l if f S ,lr ' , swf , f cgi, - 4? Charles Harris Sophomores rl ubert Heflin Frances King Wilma Hefner Deloris Irvin Bill Killman Patricia Martin Betty Kittinger Jean Lawrence Vernon Milligan Anna Mae Tate Bill Perkins Robert Ray Betty Thomas Frances Webber Betty Thompson Paul Thompson Barbara Williams Frances Wilson Joan Zumbaum Louis Bozarth Bob Rogers Joe Webb fNo picture of last twoj John Iwasko Jack Massey Tony Russel Dale Watson Joan Heflin , 0' -' 1 W- f. ' 1 ' ' -x -ki -, fu N YET, 4 "' ' .ff ,s"'fT' v X " ,V Y V 6 x ,Q If -.A . In ,Nm M 8 , L f . S. I' 5 f N u 5 1 . Qi' M3 E4 I g 1 X I1 ,X f 'J F' 'O . x Q f 45 v 'L . f 01" f Q , n r i ' 4 Sophomore History In the fall of '46, seventy-two Freshmen enterd G. C. H. S. to begin their struggle for an education. They met in the gymnasium and elected the following class officers for the year. President ........ ....... L eon Hall Vice President . . . .... Nancy Cartezr Secretary ...... ...... F orrest Hall Treasurer .... . . . Barbana Williams Sponsor ............................. Mrs. Groves The Senior girls welcomed the Freshmen girls with a Tea Party which was enjoyed by all. The basketball squad for the second team games consisted of the following Freshmen: Paul Thompson, Dale Watson, Bill Killman, Neal Cantrell, Tony Russell, and James Braden. Wlzen they came back as Sophomores this year, there were only fifty-two remaining students of the original seventy-two. The new students registered later. They were Eva Combs from Harrisburg and Sammy Ewell from Eldorado. They met in Room C and elected the following class officers for the year of 1947-1948: President . . .r ................... Mary Lou Flcrtcher Vice President . . . . . . Frances Webber Secretary ...... .... .I ames Braden Treasurer ...................... Betty Lou Thomas Mrs. Harbison is the sponsor of the Sophomore Class The Sophomores contributed Paul Thompson, Dale Watson, Tony Russell, and James Braden to play basketball on the second team. About the middle of October the class had a hayride. They went to the country and had a Weiner roast at which everyone had a delightful time. The class was represented at the carnival by Frances Webber as Queen attendant. 'I lacksods Transfer Service Insured, General Hauling Galatia, Illinois Telephone 41R2 Freshmen Betty Lee Allen Jerry Barnes Dawna Beers Donald Basham Norma Boczkiewiez Jimmy Boatright Marlene Braden Albert Bledig Mary Carter Wanda Braden Eugene Braden Lina Gann Luther Carter Bob Bond Carrol Lee Clark Jerry Cook Anna Belle Gann Glendal Cooper Joy Gaither Donna Lou Garrison Keith Deal Wilma Gobin Samuel Edwards Stanley Hall Barbara Harris Robert Karnes Delmar Lee Cox Lela Faye Hall - Lina Ann Hastings Mona Hedger Betty Higgins Lilbern Kent I E3 Freshmen Barbara Keown Herbert Krausz Felecia Menkosky Philip Pittman Mable Mott Pat Murphy Bob Poole Joan Ryan Roy Lee Pyle Betty Orto Peggy Ross Fredrick Slavens Barbara Smith Esther Takacs Billy Wallace James Russell Barbara Mosby David Pyle Doris Schwartz William Thompson Lois Sullivan Deloris Thomas Harold Woolard Ruth Williams Arthur Watson George Zinn Eugene Brown Bob Wallace Leona Wright Joseph E. Alecci "H N 13-145 f'xA W1 N ' V x-gwX g 8 . P 3, in ju film QNX. W 9 " V' ,,hlia 1u.l " ri N xl x 3 r no W- Freshman Class History When the Freshmen started to school last fall there was an enrollment of sixty-six doubtful, nervous and excited boys and girls. Since those September days, four Freshmen dropped out of school. Mrs. Groves, the class sponsor, helped the class choose officers at a meeting in the gymnasium, on Friday, Sptember 19. Delmar Cox was elected as presidentg Keith Deal became Vice President, Jerry Cook was selected as secretaryg and Wanda Braden was elected for class treasurer. Several boys made the Freshman Basketball team. They were Jerry Cook, Keith Deal, Lilbern Kent, Herbert Krausz, Albert Bledig, Bob Bond., Pat Murphy, Jimmy Boatright, Robert Karnes and James Russell. Those of the class who were exempted from all the mid-ye-ar examinations were Albert Bledig, Betty Orto, Barbara Mosby, Anna Belle Gann, Deloris Thomas and Mary Carter. Highest grades for the Freshmen go to Anna Belle and Albert Bledig. These two had the same average. In the "Galatian" Hall of Fame, the Freshmen have seven repre- sentativcs: Sammy Edwards and Ruth Williams had the nicest smiley Joan Ryan was the best dressed, Mona Hedger was chosen as the cutest girl of the classy James Russell was the cutest boyg Betty Higgins was the most popular and Arthur Watson the most talkative. The Freshmen close the year, anticipating the ventures of "Sopho- mores of 19493' I mfff' I I 1' W annul' f 'Jil Uv 1 yu" A s 0, 3 W XS. 'W x C 3 93 52, -. . .. . f 'sv '- N4Q9t4695"' SWQW iff wiggle' 1 ggfqudilf ff ,l,n'p 'I ,fl 1 nanisiiggg I II v,:.:?v.Q3?, vrrff P' X' v ' f O ' Q V K 'gujngl W""im' Ep, 1 16223: H , ' ,rf 4 4 ' ' g 44 I' A In .,.,- ,-f-" 1 1 , , "":-2-,,,,'2 'T ,, - 4' 1 5 vf ' 952 ienioz' .,.,wv"'-"""" 5eniof5 Of 1959 Saint Anne Music The Glee Club and sextette were under the leadership of Miss DeWeese this year. The sextette sang "Peg O' My Heart" for the vcoronation at the Halloween Carnival. The Glee Club sang in the background for the Christmas tableau, "Oh Wonderous Star". Under the direction of Miss DeWeese, the musical tableau consisted of one act. This was given on the Tuesday night of December 22, at 7:30. In the cast, the Glee Club constituted the seen choir. The Angel and Spirits were the unseen choir. The characters of the tableau Were: Joseph .......................... ..... Jim Richey Mary Lou Cowgur Rosemary Triplett Mary ....... Shepherds . . . Kings . . . Spirit of Old Testament .... Spirit of New Testament . . . Spirit of Calvary ........ Angels ........... Pilgrim .... Readers . . . Sammy Edwards Bobby Wallace .. Philip Weaver Philip Pittman Logan Libby . . . Freddy Slavens . . . . Verna Keelin Velma Keelin .. Merrilee Tate Lovie Mitchell Bob Cain . . Betty Maple Jack Adams Compliments of COURTNEY FUNERAL HOME Galatia, Illinois CO71lf7li17Z61'lfS of APOSTOLIC CHURCH Ilev. Louie Durfee, Pastor Galatia, Illinois axial' riftmas Play .fcizval fluff Basketball The Bearcats won the championship of the "Little Egyptian Conference". This is the first year for the new conference and it is composed of the following schools: Carrier Mills, Cave-In-Rock, Galatia, Golconda, Brockport, Rosiclare and Vienna. Galatia won ten conference games, while they lost two to win a clear title to the championship. The schedule for the 1947-48 team follows: Alumni ..... -.-..-....... We Thw 28 29 Oalvc-In-Rock' .... 38 Rosiclaref . . . . . . .51 Golconda' . . . . . . . 47 McLeansboro .... 40 Thompsonville . . . . . . .40 Vienna' .... .... 5 4 Eldorado .... . . . 45 Carrier Mills"' . . . . . . . 64 Cave-In-Rock' . . .... 36 Thompsonville 45 G-elcondaf' ..... .... 5 0 Brockport . . .... 51 Rosiclarei' .. Crab Orchard Carrier Millsii Eldorado .... ....6i2 ....59 ....38 50 Vienna" ........ . . . . Crab Orchard Brockport? . 39 35 35 46 33 37 23 31 35 . . . . . . . 30 49 34 49 34 37 44 54 54 50 49 53 "' Conference Games SEASON Field Goals 26 GAMES Free Throws Fouls Games Total M A KZ, M A fn Played Pts. G. Karnes 88 254 35 63 145 43 58 26 239 C. Griffiths 111 336 33 66 112 59 66 26 288 J. Pulliam 115 262 43 43 98 44 66 26 273 J. Thompson 24 76 33 42 78 53 42 26 90 D. Golliher 74 188 39 26 63 41 84 26 174 A. Kent 15 28 54 18 29 62 17 19 48 D Gann 30 90 33 20 35 57 17 26 80 Pts. Scored 173 F. T. fk F. Goals P. Fouls F. Goal By Us Made Made By Us Attempts it 38 4876 ' 2596 14 55 Galatia 47 5012 37921 14 48 if National Tournament Average The Bearcats enjoyed a good season. They won 20 games, losing only 6. Their worst defeat was by six points, while they lost three games by only one point. We will lose Karnes, Griffiths, Thompson and Kent because of their graduation. 35 -ii 'N Udrtald Gaflihef sq I il H - Pd f 3 :X Warm' 6mm 6'nzI'l'm farms A A0 1 X 'lui -Ci f x 3 , Q U k Jhmes 7h0Q1f1f0I1 ficbard Gray fini mamfasan i , ' ' x l ,S R afruvs' Aimf 5 H aj ,ff K A - 5 far! 6'rzff'z'flz.s' J Z1 f'ulI1hrr1 ,v fdflflllf Karnes . C3 'E I-,L f i A . Q 1 Vienna Conference Tournament On January 28, the Galatia Bearcats met the Carrier Mills Cats on the Vienna floor for the third time this year. The game was in Carrier Mills' favor in the first two quarters, 29 to 28. Galatia came though with a driving finish to win over Carrier Mills 38 to 36. On the second night of the tournament, Galatia met Golconda whom they had previously beaten twice in a row. Galatia pulled into the lead at the third quarter again, after the first tied, 17 to 17. The Bearcats won by a seven point margin, 43 to 36. On the last night of the tournament, the Galatia Bearcats met the Vienna five for the championship game. Galatia jumped off at the first quarter with a 12 to 8 lead, and were ahead at half-time, 22 to 20. Both teams kept up their pace and the Bearcats led at the third quarter, 36 to 34. In the fourth quarter the Bearcats played heads-up ball, but Vienna hit from all spots of the floor and won a thrilling contest which beat Coach Phillip's crew for the championship 46 to 45. The Bearcats are leading the conference with 8 wins and one loss with three more games to be played. Equality Invitational Tournament In the second game of the Equality Invitational Tournament, the Bearcats defeated Cra-b Orchard 63 to 39. This victory gave the Cats a chance to play in the semi-finals against Ridgeway who defeated Enfield in the first game. The Bearcats had a tough time getting by Ridgeway with the score of 30 to 28 in a double over-time. It was a low scoring game because the Ridgeway five wore trying to stop the Galat'a fast break, by holding the ball. With this victory added to their string, they entered the. finals against Carrier Mills, who defeated Cave-In-Rock. ' The Galatia five experienced a different brand of ball in the game against Carrier Mills, whom they had defeated earlier in the season by 33 points. It was also a low scoring game with the score at the half being 2 to 2 and the final score 20 to 17, with Carrier Mills being the victor. Carrier Mills stalled the ball most of the first quarter and all of the second quarter with their objective being to break up the zone defense of the Bearcats. first Jin Basketball Hays and Mach ffzeer fenders fhilzys Ydaaverflfifeify kfdue -Beige Uffd -James gdfkdfy Eafkafiall Bays , lmuk, J?1azuzgef.s',.9 Cleef .L'eaa'er.s' Softball Softball practice began on the first day of school with infield and outfield drills. The rest of the week featured inter-squad games. Galatia's starting line-up for 1947-48 was as follows: Gratton Karnes catcher Carl Griffiths, .. short stop David Gann ....... pitcher J. W. Pulliam .... 3rd base James Thompson .. lst base Harold Kielhorn .... l. field Donald Golliher .. 2nd base Jimmy Kaytor .... c. field Amos Kent ........ r. field Other members of the squad were Paul Thompson, Ronnie Karnes, James Braden, Ronald Spears, Tony Russell, Jackie Adams, Bob Baker, Buddy Gray, Dale Watson, Richard Wigart, and Fred Allen, manager. The softball team lost five men this year but went on to win half of their games. The first game was played September 9 against Equality on the home diamond. Gann was the starting pitcher but Griffiths took over in the second inning, and held them in check for the remaining six innings, while his team-matcs scored seven runs. The final outcome was Equality 8, Galatia 7. The winning pitcher Williams, the losing, Griffiths. The following Friday, the Bearcats journeyed to Carrier Mills for their second gz me which proved to be very close. Galatia won, 2 to 1. Carrier Mills collected four hits, while Galatia got seven. Gann, the winning pitcher, Pearson the losing. The Bearcats played their only night game on September 16, against Ridgeway. A bus load of students went along to see them go down in defeat, 22 to 7. Ridgeway got nine hits and Galatia got six. Pulliam, who had gone hitless in the other two games, got to the Ridge- way fireball artist for a trfple and a home run. Pritchett, the winning pitcher, Gann the losing. The fourth game of the season was a return game with Equality in which the Bearcats won, 8 to 6. Both teams got six hits each. Coach Phillips used three pitchers and two substitutes to win the game. Karnes was the winning pitcher and Williams was the losing. The Bearcats played their second game aginst Ridgeway September 26. It turned out to be a real ballgame, Galatia losing, 4 to 3. Pulliam started on the mound for Galatia'but was relieved by Gann before the first inning was over. The Galatia sluggers kept pace with the opposition all the way, having seven hits to Ridgcway's eight. Galatia had the bases leaded several times during the game but there was no one who could come through with the hit that could win the game. Willis went all the way for Ridgeway. The Bearcats made their last game the best, defeating Carrier Mills 11 to 1. Tho opposition got five scattered hits, while Galatia rapped out twelve. most of which went for extra bases, with Pulliam getting a home run and Karnes, Gann, and Kavtor gett'ng a triple each. The Galatia pitcher had a shut-out up until the sixth inning, when Durfee, the Carrier Mills second socker, connected for a home run. Gann the winning pitcher and Pearson the losing. Individual lsatting honors went to Kaytor and Karnes with .400 and .363 averages respectively. The batting average of the team as a whole was .261, with 44 hits out of 169 times at bat. The team scored a total of 37 runs. . L , Lmey .7110 mfvson 56' 1, A .. X, 4' U 'z ,jay ,X , A, S- Da vid Gam: Harold' lzklharu sffffnj Xdyfvl' 1 1 Hrs! Zn Saffball Boys 3, foaclz E-1 . :Q , iff, XY ' x Donald 501 I iher ,U ly Nl Graffon ffarnes' Q ' x Fil N 5 0 far! .6f1ff1'f5.s' sX lima: Ken! J Z! Pulfiam Kannie Karnes G. A. A. This year the P. E. girls joined the G. A. A. fGirls Athletic Associa- tionl. This association helps to promote interest and aids in the development of girls. On Saturday, October 11, a play day was held at Norris City. The girls participated in cage ball, volley ball, softball, basketball, peteka, and deck tennis. The ten girls attending from Galatia were Betty Higgins, Betty Abney, Phyllis Weaver, Frances Webber, Lou Ellen Ray, Betty Perdue, Patricia Takacs, Esther Burchell, Wilma Edwards, Betty Devine, and Mrs. Lura Groves, sponsor. Prizes were given to those winning the most games. Representatives from Cairo, Sesser, Eldorado, Galatia, Olney, Marion, Mt. Carmel, Zeiglcr, Johnston City, and Norris City were present. Boys P. E. The boys P. E. class instructor was Mr. Phillips, the coach. During the early fall and spring days, classes were held on the playground every Monday and Wednesday. They played such games as volleyball, softball, and basketball. Although there were many other games and exercises, these were the three major ones for outdoor activity. During the winter months the boys played in the gymnasium. In class periods, the instructor tried to improve the playing of games, as well as sportsmanship. The boys chose teams and played a few basket- ball games. The coach divided the boys into four groups and chose a team from each group to play against the other group. This furnished activity in which all the class was interested. Girls Kofi dal! Klan' and Teacher 51,245 'Wiley Ball fic!! aaa' 272acbzz' Hay! ff 5, Ula!! Future Farmers oi America The Galatia F. F. A. chapter Was organized in 1939. It has been maintained every year since with the aid of the agriculture classes, f rom which place membership is drawn. This chapter meets once at night and once during the day of each month to transact regular business. Some of the activities of the F. F. A. are crow-killing contests, rifle club, field trips, moving pictures, setting trees and rosa-malta flora, speaking contests at Carbondale, judging contest? and F. F. A. training school, also an annual vacation trip to Lake Glenda e. The chapter also sponsors a Conservation Club. The local chapter has eighteen members, who are Ralph Brown, Presidentg Jimmy Kaytor, Vice President, Charles Hankins, Secretaryg Vernon Milligan, Treasurer, Avondale Tate, reporter, Tony Russell, Harold Woolard, B-ob Bond, James Estes, Robert Ray, Roy Lee Pyle, Jimlmy Childs, Leon Hall, Charles Harris, Vivert Adkisson, Leon Dunning, Huey Cravens, and Fred Allen. First Aid First Aid is the treatment given to an injured person before the doctor arrives. The aim of First Aid is not to cure but to prevent the injury from becoming worse. First Aid is given as an addition to the health class and approxi- mately six weeks are spent in the study and practice of First Aid. First Aid is not a subject to be lightly passed over, but should be required of every person graduating from school. It is not known how many lives could be saved or how many permanent injuries could be prevented if every person had a working knowledge of First Aid. The class this year has studied the first steps in caring for fractures, common ailments and conditions due to accidents. We feel we have accomplished much by taking this course. FEA. flax ??r5f did Class The Carnival The annual carnival of G. C. H. S. was held October 30, 1947. The part that everyone always 1-ooks forward to is the selection of the most popular boy and girl, who are chosen from several nominees, to be crowned as King and Queen. This year, Queen Patsy Sue Jackson, a Senior, was escorted to the throne by the elected King, Carl Griffiths, also a Senior. At the throne our last year's King and Queen, J. W. Pulliam and Wilma Edwards, were there to crown them. The Queen's attendants were, Mary Lou Cowgur, Mary Fern Smith and Frances Webber. The King's attendants were Billy Griffin, Amos Kent and James Russell. Little Nelda Ross and Gary Bruce Hill carried the crown and train for the Queen. During the previous years the following Queens have been: 1937 Juanita Watson 1938 Letha Mae Miner 1939 Izabella Brothers 1940 Virginia Davis 1941 Leota Droit 1942 Barbara Robinson 1943 Betty Fowler 1944 Edna Devine 1945 Mary Lou Perdue 1946 Wilma Lo-u Edwards 1947 Patsy Sue Jackson KING -v fdfl Gfifpfff urns' 607' f Gazy Bfllve Quesfv - Puffy Jackfon urns sm. ' Jyalafa fob' Hhs , Queen, and Lltfendanfs ' Umas Kerri, Lune: Kassell Hilgf Grnffm, Karl Grwfifgi' ihtsy Jacksvm Fiery ,Cpu fav-guzj 3?d1l62.9' Zlebbnf Mary 5 fmifh Honor Students Special attention is being given to the students of the Galatia Community High School who have made the highest grades throughout their attendance in High School. Students making the highest grade are: Senior Class-Delmond Weir Junior Class-David Gann Sophomore Class-Charles Hankins Freshman Class-Anna Belle Gann, Albert Bledig The students having second highest grades who received honorable mention are: Senior-Ralph Brown A Junior-Velma Keelin Sophomore-Mary Lou Fletcher Freshman-Barbara Mosby WN T QQ vavlid Gdnfl fUNlOR. 5 Delnwnd Hair .SIN fog S r zfogwf 3, f5arl4f y Zatlffdfd 7710581 FRE-' yMAN drma Hella 6'annmEMMM afblff Bledig FRESHMAN 5el4r-fy ygvnlar FRE S dfzti 'z6'.5'OP,y M Calendar SEPTEMBER: 1. Labor day, no school. 2. Miss DeWeese and Mr. Baker entered our school as teachers. 3. Everybody happy. 4. Annual staff selected. 5. First assembly meeting called. 8. Physical Examinations. 9. School is Well under way. 10. Jackie Adams was taken from P. E. class to the hospital. 11. Mr. Phillips had a car wreck. 12. Softball game with Carrier Mills, Galatia Won. 15. Nancy Carter and Joan Zumbaum reported missing. 16. Softball game with Ridgewayg we didn't win. 17. Juniors and Seniors took University tests. 18. Freshmen are finding that school is not a playhouse. 19. Pictures taken. Galatia beat Equality in softball game. 22. Another "blue" Monday. 23. Doris Jones quit school. 24. Plans made for Senior tea party to welcome the Freshmen girls. 25. What happened? 26. Class Officers elected. 29. Senior Class meeting. OCTOBER : 1. New love affair of Arah and Kielhorn started. 2. Snapshots taken for the Annual. 3. Galatia beat Carrier Mills. Senior tea party given. 6. Sale of Annual ads started. 7. Assembly meeting. 8. Tests are in the air. 9. First six weeks exams. 10. No school, teachers meeting. 13. Margie Williams and her fortune-telling are the center of attraction. 14. Magazine campaign off to a good start. 15. Bob Cain believes that it is better to walk down the stairs. 16. Everyone enjoying October's "bright blue" weather. 17. Senior pictures are made. 20. Mr. Bond proves himself a poet. 21. Seniors chose announcements and name cardsg Juniors chose their class rings. 22. Report cards distributed. 23. Centennial of Saline County began. 24. Pupils excused to go on Centennial tour. 27. Magazine campaign ended. 28. Assembly meeting the third hour. 29. King and Queen ballots circulating. 30. fine looking group of "Hoboes" came to school. The carnival 1S a success. VX PS -nf' v V " Xx l K nz-,LK x' ' A W K Lx ,. MDM N' ' ,QLJSSQL jrlgh .7A"iS canst UW" KLX4 551145 X X -s. 557 Nfxx GANN 170 dw! DAWD 44051 V fwxsx D ' , Q. " I Q' gyhrl ,JH - Jo A B 4 C I A179745 JACK Yugi 0 3 ' x ' 1 J fw'1"'T -,, AMN 'N gm W enmw 156350 6 a af nf' . H ' Ku Q .vsix 6141, H, R X HY vivid: Q x 53554 5: 11' ' ' f5 i, W BRITHIJA LPG rwd 15129 .,E' . C. yQ I Cmu :SRM-F1143 MARY Lou towfvf Hes! Dancers 1170! MINT NAIZGM wu.UANC Uz'fh'uf 9 Q, r DEI-Mafia Will Pnrnus' WEN via 'Will 3' 16 faced J x vi, RALPM ekawfv Barry Rfkpui' 7141! .5'clxalaft:'l S' I I 4 xf iff' Nlwow Wil-Haan Vfkswfn tara' flu! ffudfbus . G 1 'X .q 1 1 6 K I -THMIS BKIIPFN 55777 NAME 121.714 Falzkhers .raw V I 1 4e,4W' lv -QQ, 1 ,ba qv . If eg., J' ofcw 421644, ii, cvebs 04 Q ' Q 'wfrqv 5 , , 69.90.121 4449? 6 F!!! 'iff 66, '4' K I , I I .r-vw, F jf H, lqkf bf I -1 '!!f J' , :Y "QQ 4944, 45,0 0 ,. 12 ' 4'4- I 11,-I 'V-v,,.r ' 094 " 'wt . 04,4067 . ' Je 'If K, 44,441 Q I ' Y .r Q yi e QQ vu v7 ? 4. 4- A, " , Ifirlvefqr Qeypytf 2 - Calendar NOVEMBER : 3. Patsy Sue Jackson and Carl Griffiths are the newly crowned Queen and King. 4. Mr. Atkinson makes school motto, "Keep Busy". 5. Prizes for magazine salesmen arrive. 6. Cheerleaders selected. 7. We are defeated in basketball by the Alumni. 10. Everyone looking forward to a holiday. 11. Armistice Day. 12. Seniors getting ready to issue the Bearcat Journal. 13. Why is it that Jack Adams never gets to typing class on time? 14. Magician performed at school. 17. Mrs. Throgmorton doesn't know why girls wear engagement rings. 18. Say, did you know that Jimmy Childs was a basketball player? He was substitute for a second team at Harco. 19. Seniors at work on the newspaper. 20. Seniors are making their class wills. 21. Second six weeks exams. 24. Senior name cards arrive! 25. James Harris reported to bex in the hospital. 26. Report cards distributed. I smell turkey! 27. Thanksg'iving vacation. DECEMBER: 1. Students are lazy after their vacation. 2. Seniors start work on another issue of the newspaper. 3. Assembly and pep meeting held. 4. Home room meeting third hour. 5. Mrs. Groves absent from school. 8. Christmas is coming, better be good, Joe! 9. Mr. Allen here to speak to the students on Education. 10. Senior pictures arrive. 11. Mr. Bond gets bell for Agriculture work shop. 12. Assembly called the 5th hour. 15. Wonder why Billy Holt won't have anything to do with Barbara Smith. Invitational tournament at Equaltiy began. 16. Everyone seems to be dreaming of a "White Christmas". 17 . "Winkie" Curtis believes it is better to get to school early. 18. New typewriters arrive. 19. Bearcats get trophy and second place in tournament. 22. Wonder wh-o it is that pushes typewriters off on the floor? 23. Last day of school until next year. Christmas play given by grade school and high school. l I :N 4 'L nl- ' f 1"x ff N in ll' - I . . X R --'-:-:-zgfig., ' , , , I. ul, 'g J 4,1 !!--Efln f 1152 ' I E-Q: , 4532 9 " ' fs K , Fei P-4,1 fw n , 2 , 'fi ' Y, . ,x - ' 1' , fx , ,. ,jf , . ' F QQ Q' .. f ', -I If - I ' g M. ff3'f1: Ef an "N 4 m , , A, M W L - -A M ' ' i:,, 49 If 11-1, 2.--Q " . " "1--f' - .X , bw 1'--'.,- 3 L-,nn I x aff'-.3 , SQ ml QQ- -it ll iif 1 F1 U li ii Calendar JANUARY: , 5. Mr. Phillips is driving a new car. 6. Ivan Willis doesn't like to throw paper wads. 7. Mr. Gill is carrying a can of gold fish with him. 9. Annual pictures completed. 13. Basketball game with Thompsonvilleg we won! 15. First Semester Exams. 16. Still more exams! 17. We beat Brookport. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Throgmorton. 19. Two boys from Raleigh start in school. 23. Hamburg bus broke down We beat Rosiclair. 28. Vienna Tournament. 29. James Harris is back in school. FEBRUARY: 2. Did Mr. Groundhog see himself today? 6. Basketball game with Carrier Mills. 10. Basketball game with Eldorado. 13. Bearcat Journal is circulating again. 17. Basketball game with Crab Orchard. 20. Basketball-boys journey to Brookport. 22. Washington had a birthday. 27. End of fourth six weeks exams. 29. Did you know this is Leap Year? Look out boys! MARCH: 1. The beginning of a windy month, hear the students blowing? 2. Wonder where Gratton Karnes got all his jokes? Could it have been from Frankie? 9. Pupils looking for their announcements. 10. When it becomes quiet in the 7th h-our library, you know that Mr. Atkinson has just walked in. 11. A nice sunny day. 20. Did you know that all the teachers have had hobbies this year? It's giving tests. 23. Joe Allecci has a new plan. He is going to put on weight. 257. Why is it that the English I Class is so bright? APRIL: 1. April Fool! 9. End of fifth six weeks period. 14. A bad disease is spreading in school-Spring Fever. 21. Did you hear about Mr. Atkinson going to bed with two animals? His two calves. 28. Nice weather. 30. Believe- it or not, but those Freshmen sure are improving! MAY: 1. Everyone seems happy because school will soon be out. 10. Decorating the gym for the Junior-Senior Banquet. 14. Some Seniors wonder if it is really true that they will soon be graduating. 15. Typing classes are working hard to get their speed. 20. The teachers aren't forgetfulg we have another six weeks exam. 21. End of six weeks period. 24. Examinations for three days. 23. Baccalaureate service. 28. Commencement exercises. 'We i -5-5 ,K 1 Ill Ill Ill' Ill Ill, III - L ,A 'ls' -uv in-v -f' "f- If we - Q' ' ff, -5.3 azz: " 'f'f.fx' :"f ' '-2: . .. -it QL 4. If -Q .Nr - i4'5afz'f.is1:?T ' x. 1, - i ? - 'gf N V Pf ilu-A. . f Q mg - . .- ? S , A gif., f ' .1 " , e ' z 0 - - , f '41 UQ. I .im ?5Q 3? 1 Centennial The year of 1947 marked the one hundredth year of the creation of Saline County. The Centennial was held October 23, 24, 25. On the first day there was a tour. The parade of floats, which was about three miles long, depicted Saline County's history of the past one hundred years. The second day, which was October 24, all the contests were held at the Saline County fair ground. Some of the G. C. H. S. teachers were participants of the bearded contest. On Saturday, the last day, there was a parade of the floats. The parade started in Galatia at the old tobacco barn and,went to all the high points of interest in Saline County, then back to the fair ground in Harris- burg about one o'clock that afternoon. The Peabody Miners had a float which had the title of "Peg O' My Heart". There were three girls from Galatia High School who rode this float, namely, Frances Blackburn, Betty Perdue, and Betty Devine. The float from Galatia Community High School won second place. This float was made by Mr. J. B. Bond's agricultural class and was of a colonial agriculture scene. Ten girls from the high school were in the Pageant. They were Mary Smith, Margie Williams, Phyllis Weaver, Mary Lou Cowgur, Pat Jackson, Hazel Hedges, Betty Perdue, Jean Jones, Betty Maple, and Mary Eatherly. ' 2' Gaiam: Kvuuuuizy 1516 .fadwl .7Iaa!' 9 -' ' b '. s tx v V - Psa- ,V B ,Wu 9 5' ,az-I 'JW' YH UM- 0A.35 if'Li'Q?'4L f- Q., ' J T' fm! 77mm :mat and ami Girls fig 0' 71111 fleari ,Qngana Hays' ' ,, 1 Class Prophecy Alpena, Michigan May 20, 1958 Dear Jim, I can scarcely realize that so many years have passed! Though it has been ten years, it seems only yesterday that we sat together in Annual Staff conference with other Seniors and Mrs. Throgmorton. When you have finished your spring shearing of those Wyoming sheep, I am happily anticipating your visit to my Michigan Duck Farm. You know, Jim, I received a very interesting copy of the Bearcat Journal the other day. I'm sure you remember Betty Abney who sent it to me. She is teaching in G. C. H. S. and sponsorfng the Senior class this year. Several pages of the Journal were given over to the "Where- Abouts of Seniors of 1948". Pauline Brown is employed as a traveling sales lady for a large New York Clothing House. She is really "vacationing" as she earns. After leaving high school Jane Rose Brown took up the study of medicine. She has a new medicine which is recommended for anything from an eye disease to Athlete's Foot. Ralph Brown has a Hudson garage in Galatia. You know he spent a lot of time in the Work Shop with Mr. Bond. I always thought Ralph would be a farmer. Frances Blackburn has gone to Switzerland. After making a study of the Swiss art of wood carving, she expects to return to the Ozark region of Missouri. There she and her husband will operate a Novelty Shop, specializing in novelties of hand carved wood. Viola Bryant and her husband have a karakul ranch in California. I'd cgrtainly like to have a Persian lamb coat made from a lamb on that ranc I One of our group has gone into the movies. Guess? It is Mary Lou Cowgur. Her first picture is to be released next month. Mary Fern Smith and Betty Maple are opera singers. They are touring the states together. Betty Devine and husband have taken up a home-stcad in Alaska. Donald Dunning married Eva Combs, the girl of his high school days. They live in Galatia and are the proprietors of a corner grocery. M Mary Eatherly went to Florida. She will probably become a Spanish frs. Geneva Fisher is teaching in a Business Scho-Cl in St. Louis, Mo. Bill Fletcher is owner and manager of the Fletcher Wholesale Company in Kansas City. Betty Golliher is a nurse, Working with D-octor Delmond Weir. They are also scientists and are experimenting with a particular vitamin, which when perfected, is supposed to cause one to retain youth for as much as one hundred fifty years. And would you believe it? Billy Griffin is a lawyer. I always knew though, that he had several approaches to the truth. CContinued on next pagel .. . vdwup- -.X--A 4' - we- f--..-n ..-1-5-.. 3 Fila, ' Class Prophecy Carl Griffiths has retained his love for sports. He is a coach in one of the eastern colleges. Hazel Hedges lives with her husband on a farm near Thompsonville. They have two lovely children. And, what is more, they have two productive oil wells on their farm! Pat Jackson is the society editor of a new magazine. I believe the name of it is "Spring Breezes". The children of Mexico City are fortunate to have Jean Jones among them as a social worker. She is employed by the Mexican government. Gratton Karns, Amos Kent, and James Thompson have formed the Triple Corporation. They manufacture men's ties, using soybeans and sour milk. ' The minister in our class is Harold Kielhcrn. He has charge of a large church in Atlanta, Georgia. Logan Libby and Richard Wigart have taken up magic. Logan is president of the Magicians Union, and Richard is his secretary. I wonder how many rabbits they have found in their hats! Charlene Mitchell and Doris Talkington own and operate a bakery. Their specialty is apple pie. Soon after graduation, Eugene Mott went to Texas. He is a senator in that state and also editor of one of Houston's large newspapers. Betty Perdue certainly took advantage of her training on the "Galatian" staff. She is becoming a well known writer. Her latest book is "Sunshine and Shadows". Mary Pingleton is employed as a dietician by the American Medical Society. She is now stationed at Costa Rica studying the rights and wrongs in the diets of the natives. Ellen Ray is quite well known for her comic strip, now carried by the leading newspaper of Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Rice and her husband own a skating rink in Galatia. It is a favorite place for the G. C. H. S. students to spend their leisure time. I Bob and Dale Upchurch are outstanding horticulturists. By experimentation and scientific methods, the deserts will now become "garden spots" of the world. The new plant foods, resulting from their experimental workjwill improve the w-orld's food supply. A And who is the "skiing star" of Sun Valley, Idaho? None other than Phyllis Weaver. Although Phyllis entered journalism, she has time for her favorite sport. Margie Williams travels for Look Magazine. Recently she returned from South America where she had gone to get some picture material on Indian life in the Andes. But I must not make this letter too long. And anyway, I expect to see you soon. f ' ' Lovingiy, Rose-mary Triplett ., a f D. A. H. Award Betty June Perdue was chosen by the faculty members and the student body for the honor of receiving the D. A. R. Good Citizenship award. The award is given annually by the Daughters of the American Revolution to Senior girls who have been found to excel in the qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. The project's aim is to build youthful character and to call attention to those qualities which are desirable in good citizenship. Phyllis Ann Weaver, Betty Abney, Lou Ellen Ray, Hazel Hedges, Virginia Rice and Rosemary Triplett were also candidates for the award. Girls selected as Good Citizens were this year entertained at the state conference of D. A. R. which met in Peoria in March. From this group on girl was chosen Illinois Pilgrim. The winning Pilgrims from the 48 states, as guests of the National Society, shared a pilgrimage of inspiration, education and pleasure to the Continental Congress at Washington, D. C., with all expenses paid by D .A. R. ,XQ Tg-, -X.. A .1 11" L 1 u ,. 5, 1 L- ! , Q fat , iaiiyft tn f' -3 , Zfawa fd 7l!1'f5a11 775. .Wilma Xxlgbai - r 4 - . 1. x.. if, '4' 3 I 'vi . N. .3 .f .. Uillzkzms .Ufffan 97.61 LZ' ' J.1J151 j?"7G'r "bf: - Q 4' .Q .. 1443+ Q. 1 ,V .9 gli 155137 ' ffigff 'fl l ., -' K f Qi ff" V . ' N l feudal! 744.49011 and 1- N 771101 Zfzkzihfed 715 611111111 Ylfilfun "X 4 G 11 1 1 f 4 6502314 ragga and ffl! Lf fl! H71 ffffi, fivfma fieyrzofdff' 121-gan 2146 Jaan lkalrenfe snffffllff Last Will and Testament Ladies and Gentlemen, Board of Education, Superintendent, Teachers, and Friends: p Upon behalf of my client, the class of 1948, of Galatia Community High School, of the city of Galatia, State of Illinois, United States of America, we have called you together upon this solemn, serious occasion, to listen to her last will and testament, and to receive from her dying hand the few gifts she has to bestow in her last moments. Cutting so rapidly loose from life, and finding so many things of such gigantic proportions to be attended to before the end should come upon her, realizing at the same time that she had no longer any time left to spend in the cultivating of her own virtues, she did, collectively and individually deem it best to distribute these virtues with her own hands to those friends whose needs require them. Owing to the flighty condition of her brain, and the unusual dis- turbance in its gray matter, she begs us to state for her that she may quite possibly have been mistaken in her inventory, but such things as she thinks she has, sfhe hereby gives into your possession, praying that you will accept them as a sacred trust from one who has gone before. Listen, then, one and all, while we read the document, as duly drawn up and sworn to. I, Margie. Williams, will my gum to anyone Who can chew it and get by With it. CI can'tJ I, Richard Wigart, will my dignity to Dale Watson. I, Delmond Weir, will my high grades to James Bozarth. I, Phyllis Weaver, will my excess weight to Marie Burlison. I, Dale Upchurch, will my good grades in Senior Civics to Joel Downey. I, Bob Upchurch, will my good behavior in Mrs. Groves' class to Vivert Atkisson. I, Rosemary Triplett, will my ability to catch a man at a Dogpatch party to any girl wh-0 needs one. S I, James Thompson, will my secret of playing baseball to Ronald pears. H 1 I, Doris Talkington, will my love for out-of-school boys to Betty A o t. I, Ma.ry Fern Smith, will my curly ha'ir to Patty Martin. dl, Jim Richey, will my excess height to Tony Russell who really nee s it. I, Ellen Ray, will my gift of gab to Betty Thomas. I, Mary Pingleton, will my love for men to Anna Mae Tate. I, Betty Perdue, will my love for driving a car to Wilma Edwards. I, Eugene Mott, will my lady-killing technique to David Gann. I, Charline Mitchell, will my gray eyes to J. W. Pulliam, who can't ever find his lesson assignments. I, Betty Maple, leave my abiltiy to sing, to anyone who doesn't get stage fright. I, Logan Libby, will my love for Freshmen girls to Don Golliher, n CCont'inued on next page? lm Last Will and Testament I, Harold Kielhorn, will my shorthand speed to Merrilee Tate. I, Amos 'Kent, will my athletic ability to Jimmy Kaytor. I, Gratton Karnes, will my good behavior to Bob Baker, although he doesn't need it. I, Jean Jones, will my ability to play a piano to Dorothy Devine. I, Pat Jackson, will my brother to Betty Ann Parks, but keep V. V. for sentimental reasons. I, Hazel Hedges, will my "stick-to-it" ability to anyone who is,true.- I, Carl Griffiths, will my popularity to Buddy Gray. I, Billy Griffin, will my position at the Roxy theatre to anyone who would have it. I, Betty Golliher, will my giggles to anyone who is sad at heart. I, Bill Fletcher, will my quietness to Ronnie Karnes. I, Geneva Fisher, will my ability to have points taken off my English grade to Jackie Adams. I, Mary Eatherly, will my height to Rosemary Sirach. I, Donald Dunning, will my perseverance to Forrest Hall. I, Betty Devine, leave my ability to apple-polish all the teachers to anyone who can get by with it. I, Mary Lou Cowgur, will my love for Harco boys to Arah Merritt. I, Viola Bryant, will my love for Mona Hedger's brother to anyone without a boy friend. I, Ralph Brown, will my ability in Math to anyone in that class. E I, Pauline Brown, will my ability to graduate at sixteen to Irene stes. I, Jane Rose Brown, will my pen-pal technique to anyone who likes to write. I, Frances Blackburn, will my industriousness to Paul Thompson. I, Betty Abney, will my artistic ability to Patricia Takacs. To the Junior class, we leave our fourth year in school. To the Sophomore class, we leave faith in paper and short pencils. To the Freshmen class, we leave our used gum under the desks and banisters. To our class sponsor, we will the profound admiration and ever enduring friendship of the class of 1948. In witness thereof, We, the class of 1948, have to this, our will, set our hand and seal this 28th day of May, Anno Domini, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Forty-Eight. WITNESSES: Delmond Weir CSignedJ Amos Kent Hazel Hedges Sen'ior Class of 1948 Betty Perdue Class Officers X LX 4,3 99 XZ J X in ,f Y vi., 42 is A' ' 3 ' Q-3 gi ufzmagww ,l r . , . . , .' ,. v J. I.: -. W",-, -11" - , . . A .- qw J n 1 in ' 1 -- 'a,.,WYw.wU'1 , ' I Ili ni' v,5."ESL5' "l!'j'7' ",'1?m":- ia NX" 'H' A " V , ., , .V , J' W , I, , , , '-1 v ff '-41 1.11-4f'l1l' , ,,, 'fx 1 r A , ,, -, Q. nf- Yi -" , f ' -nan, f,1,p'f' I Ml- fi -. M . . .Q .-1 'gm 3-N .,. 'fm . wmv il N 0 A 3 N .wc 4hsr1 ,flmf:rri . Y A 1:91 MQ: . wif abs! Q..---LX 5. N . U-lynx. a 54.-1. ,-,., , , - .- V .1 '- -4. A ,. - A, Af. hm Min. jg ., -a 1,- 4 , M., .4 ,. ew... -.Wy -+-- -- -R, ,.-. v 1 , . ., ..,,Y,,. ff al, .-.F A-gg.. xg, il, 53 .0 IF. 9,1 Air. 4,l,A.9 -,AM tv, , J' I A , I, , ,ying ir i ,.1 X -3, 15 4 1 Q,-:wf?Sw,f'. f - -1:--.J fe mov- , ' 4 I u be -' .wo 'QL Q x I 1' f-'P W: L. L, 'f ' ': V fo -A K, ' ' I A f' A -r ' Q' F 'Unff bf J! I " 7 1 I I A l 'l'.:.S."-X, 'mm-.i' jiri, ,L -V rw . X. .XY ,-I A! ,-I 3,., Qi ,X ,Q X A' 9 A3175 F ,Q I x ' ' . 1 f - " - ' .Tw ,v X ' 4 " 1 ',, , Q 1' ' I , V N fy L Iw,X, D.x X I4, , i ,I Hqx ,,,. ', I x 1 1 - , 1 . 1 . ' " ' N x L , .X ' f I ' 1, 'x , f f m f V, ' '. N x X . 1 , I l ' 1 f ' .THE ' WEBST.ER PHARMKCY B. W. Moore, Registered Ph. f Telephone' 71 I Harrisburg, Illinois , .I 1 . Compliments of I THE HARRISBURG NATIONAL BANK Harrisburg, nlinois A l -+ N I1 .N 'H .l . , I X 5 , THE' DAILY REGISTER ' Harrisburg, Illinois L K ' N ewsx of Selline 'and Adjoining , - .Counties ' , K News of Illinois News of the World 1 0 - I X , X I l x I ' Y O w 4 . I V, ' ,a I, Q." n x x .Complimgntsf of THE ' I in SALINE Moron COMPANY 'Harrisburg, Illiriois N I . A x X x , W" om f x 1 I 7 ,ll . 1 Q X-i 1, A 'f In fmt ' ' -, , , I . w . - . -.frf fif v 4 Q -4, - , - 4- 2-TN: 3 Qi ' .1 'I j - , , - ,.x . V .gf 1 1 F f V 1, 1, ,' .' -. ,,-,vw 1M uf-v 5 L14 f 54 96 f I r x if 'nfl mfg-SQ ' f 4 1 M ii-. .., . .,l,.,.fQ,,- g....y, flu? -..,.,,5-awww, gs,M,msig .4-ki-fi ,B J QT,r .'y,J ., x, , ag? at L ,1 .-1 ' f- .,.g,-. 1.-fir: -fn' . ' -. o .' . ,- v'-p j-.,- , 1 -il 1' . h , ,154 - 4- W Qs- , in H ,. ,- I s- - 1' - n, w,,-VQJV, Y a n J .N ll K ,iz A1 0 f' 53 " H 'B ' 5 1. 4, .- v+'Z?47:-lik-e.g,.f ,, , r e b-1:1-,,A g, 'l,m.,' 3 , gn vfseii-'1'5f 1:31--.m 931 ,ns EEA Wnwjv-'yy' fy A,fTvyIf1q- 5-- A, 1, V, If , 1 l I FT E , X , l . rf E I r 7 F s P!! I r n 1 I , W, r ..., ,.,. .. . ,,,., .I ., 511 XV XIX XX O09 .A....n.....,..............1L......S-a..a..4..L. ,...i...x,g,,, ., . Compliments of 'EPEEJVEEEOSQSS CURTIS AND SON DX Service Station Jack and Ethel Cook Eldorado, nlinois Galatiaf Illinois Herff-Jones Company Manufacturers of Class Rings Commencement Announcements Medals and Trophies Official Jewelers and Stationers of SE. T. H. S. Represented By R, L. Jacobs Jacksonville, Illinois GALATIA MILLING COMPANY Flour Meal Feeds Fencing Sz Building Material Galatia, Illinois Compliments of LIMERICK SHELL SERVICE STATION Galatia, Illinois .514 XIX tg We 1- -. pfrf . 5 ' Q fr f f H-t"ff"' , XV ELDQRADO DEPARTMENT STORE Eldorado, Illinois 5 1 '- 7K I' WEST SIDE GROCERY 2200 Locust Street Eldorado, Illinois FASHION SHOPPE Ladies Clothing and 'Quality Merchandise Within Your Budget Eldorado, and Carmi, Illinois PUTMAN'S JEWELRY STORE Diamonds and Silverware ' Watches and Glassware Eldorado, Illinois P1cK's CAFE Choice Steaks and Chops Gene and Bea Shanks Eldorado, Illinois SUTTON 'S PLUMBING Plumbing and Heating Pumps and Stokers What We Do We DoiWe1I" Eldorado, Illinois CARAWAY,S Painting and Wallpaper Sporting Goods Telep-hone 492R Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of PALACE CLOTHING HOUSE Harrisburg, Illinois ' W' A' -' we ' , . ..Q...... ,f ,.. ...f..- - ..,. L.- ' Qc.. 514 XIX CDW' .- A...--.-,-.,,-,-,wmv-w1,-,,,., YY.--W - Coznpliments of HART'S DEPARTMENT STORE L03-105-107 North Main Harrisburg, Illinois ARENSMAN'S Distinctive Footwear Harrisburg, Illinois "Good Luck Seniors" FASHION PALACE Harrisburg, Illinois POLK'S For Fine Shoes X-Ray Fit Harrisburg, Illinois SEE CLARK HAWKINS HARDWARE COMPANY 28 West Poplar Street Harrisburg, Illinois Oil and Coal Furnaces Furnace Blowers Kelvinator Refrigerators Deep Freeze Home Freeze Home Water Supply C ongratulations and Best Wishes To The Senior Class of 1947-48 SETEN FURNITURE STORE Luxury For Your Home at X Economy Prices Ove-r Woolwbrth Harrisburg, Illinois V N Compliments of BROWNIE,S CLEANERS Harrisburg, Illinois Covmpliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Harrisburg, Illinois .f 1 514 Ax I, 000 X .. , ,. .,,.,- -..,, 514 - xv Ax I X 009 Compliments of ARTIE RITTER GROCERY Galatia, Illinois Compliments of JACKSON 'S HARDWARE Galatia, Illinois "Best Wishes GALATIA LUMBER COMPANY Galatia, Illinois MARTIN AND McGILL Eldorado, Illinois C om pllmeuts of NUWAY DEPARTMENT STORE Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of KROGERQ STORE 18 Eldorado, Illinois "Best Wishes" HILL'S STORE Eldorado, Illinois Compliments of ELDORADO DAILY JOURNAL Eldorado, Illinois -sf -,w-7,1,,... ,. ,, ,t ,,,,,,,,,?,,,,,, ,. V l , - nfv 314 AX - Compliments of Complimenfs of W. P.. GRIFFIN KROGER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Complete Food Market "More Than Sixty Years" High Quality Everything to Eat and Wear Groceries and Meats Galatia, Illinois Galatia,iH1iY10iS GODARD'S FARM MARKET C0,M,mm,ms of Prolduce, Feeds, XV. H. Telephone 582 Merchant Harrisburg, Illinois Galatia, Illinois Comiiliments of MISSIONARY Compliments of BAPTIST CHURCH METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Charles Holland, Pastor Rev- Tumockf Pastor Galatia, Illinois Galatla' 111111018 SPIETH STUDIO 222 North Poplar Street "Where Most Schools of Southernf ILlino,is Have Their Photographic Work Done" H Centralia, Illinois Z3 - I .,.d35'1.. Lf .. ,.. .:,,Q ,iJ1.....:.i I XL. .,, L.. ,QQA ., - X ., .,,4W,,5 LL' .W-- . ww., .,.Y.-r,......-v.-,.,.,..,-av Y. .. l 511 -, M bl! XIX XIX W. A. GRANT JLWELRY COMPANY Compliments of Diamonds, Wed-ding Rings, , Silver, China, Crystal, JOE BQRPEN Watches, Feed and M11l1ng Store Grinding Dairy Feed Rings of Many Kinds Leather Billfolds Harrisburg, Illinois Hlarco, Illinois SALINE COUNTY TIN SHOP C. R. Harbison, Registered Engineer Sheet Metal Furnaces Guttering Eldorado, Illinois ELMUS KENT Qual-ity Feeds and Seeds Purina Chows o Skell Gas Equipment Custom G4riino'inlg', Mixing Telephone 85, Galatia, Illinois CARNEY'S GROCERY Fresh Home Killed Meats Thompsonville, Illinois WIILMA?S BEAUTY SHOIP "Beauty Is Our Goal" Galatia, Illinois KATHERYN'S BEAUTY SHOP Telephone 34 "Our Aim Is To Please You" Galatia, Illinois FRIEDMAN'S Exclusive Ready-To-Wear "Our 49th Year in Southern Illinois" Harrisburg, Illinois ,I 1700 '- ' W0 ""'f'f"S1f'i I' ' fl ""'v'i5"'T'. """' 'I' ' "!"f""" "' ""' """'I """""'1"q1f'yj"'r1?'r'fr'rgfv1r--f--v- V1 . I 1 , li I . I Ill. L, is i l L f T XV 5 I 71? I I Y l'. E.. i , i I , r l ' f B r-, 1 I r. 1 1 F' rt. l. I P sw E I W2 , 4 bl! XIX HAL CHOISSER COWLf7lf1W1,B1'lt.S' of Men's and Wornen's , Tailored suits 'FATE S l . SERVICE STATION Putman Bulldmg Raleigh, Illinois Eldorado, Illinois DODD BROTHERS . 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Elmo Karnes, Agent Galatia, Illinois we --- - --we XI! 514 - - -.- XIX XIX , Congratulations and Best Wishes PLEDGER S To The Senior Class of 1947-48 BOWLING ALLEY , EVERYBODTS 11M West Poplar DRUG STORE Harrisburg, Illinois Harrisburg, Illinois I , , BOB BURN ETT C0mN"'wm OT The M ' Ta'1or Hatter ai 1 , JACKSON DRUG STORE H, B u I i u Main Street Harrisburg, Illinois Harrisburg, Illinois SALIN E JQHN MOLINARALQ IMPLEIMENT Sz LOCKER G . COMPANY roiceries and Meats 1 M I M. . - . Muddy, Illinois i1'2rif3pi3iiihin?rQne Route 45 Frozen Food Lockers Eldorado, Illinois OTTIE REEDER ' Harness, Paints, Bllinds UCOQIFILJER BRQHQQHEIZS 1032 Organ Street Se ars an , ffm OTS Eldorado, Illinois Eldorado' mmols WG' - - wo ,., 4 : A X L.-14,1 .. x14 - 514 'ZX XIX MINOR U 748sr Good Luck Class of TRUCKING SERVICE MONNIE'S BEAUTY SHOP Insured Hauling Galatia, Illinois Galatia, Illinois WILLIAM'S JONES DRUG STORE BARBER SHOP Drugs and Medicines Ross Willl3mS, PI'OpI'iE'lZ01' Schgol Supplies Galatia, Illinois Galatia, Illinois Compliments of AMERICAN LEGION Congratulations Seniors POST 882 BONNIE 8: BOB HOLMAN Galatia, Illinois Eldorado, Illinois C0mPli"4e"'5 of WIDES o1L COMPANY DR. PEPPER E. W. Th M BOTTLING co. Omas' . aflager Eldorado, Illinois Eldorado, Illinois 000 " Z9 v"W""f' " r 514 , XIX THE ATHLETIC HOUSE Sporting Goods and Athletic Supplies Harrisburg, Illinois Compliments of PICKFORD FLOWER SHOP "Beautiful Flowers For All Occasions" Phone 629 We Deliver Harrisburg, Illinois I L bil. XIX ABNEY AND GRAM F. G. Hendrix, Proprietor Paint Wallpaper Venetian Blinds Telephone '78 Harrisburg, Illinois Desoto Plymouth HART'S MOTORS "The Seal of Satisfalctionn Sales and Service Telephone ' 285 Church and Main Street Harrisburg, Illinois "Best Wishes To The Graduating Class" BURN ETT'S MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet V Eldorado, Illinois v KINCAID'S BARBECUE "Home of Hickory Smoked Barbecues" Eldorado, Illinois TURN ER'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Willard Batteries Goodrich Tires Mobil Products Fourth and Locust Eldorado, Illinois SMITH'S STANDARD SERVICE Telephone 138W 1500 Locust Street Eldorado, Illinois 6 Q ,l ,f C u 'V

Suggestions in the Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) collection:

Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 99

1948, pg 99

Galatia High School - Galatian Yearbook (Galatia, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 15

1948, pg 15

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