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,, 4 ,A fi? 1.1 ,I P MM f ' X I , , f AW , A " r I ,,, V Q K , u , 1' IQ X Q " , . x . , J I Q . L f - fm , 4 , ' A , , Y w ,, , .M , 1 . . . tv ' . 1 4 W V. A , ' 1 ,ff ' 1 , ! b A ,- S "Q, ' ' N I v J X ' I- :T ' 4231 ' 1 fy . Q ' , p fs N, . ' 4, " V, I fx-l J jf-Lx ' " lv " W Q . mv, Y 1 ix 1 'W An' Y .' A A . ,., H V 'rn "' I ' ye f 1 ' h' jijai "'-A. Q: xv' '-. rd' 1 K . if , 3 , , , -fu' , . 1 I 5 , 1 1 I w 1 , 1 IT . .' ' P- ' A . ,Z Ln' A r. A , I - . V A, .K W , - ,y 1 -s L + P3 1 ' 1' Y N X - ' .N ,gk WL A- , 1 .' i ,qi ' ix' ,-Q V Ji." V if I -IF?-t' Y! ' ' 'fi ' " ' ' A'4:Ai1f , , l - s 1 " Qff- f , 4 I 2 "fix" , ,Q t H A X 1 ' sl 1, . - , l . ' -' 'AJ ' - ., , .,' if Q z A N . , , . , - . , . ' , l A . V, , I I 3.9. ' L A .1 ,AJ . 1-M 4 - X 1 ' W ' , L 1 x , V , x , V j,a4l,,Hfiv'? '.f vfaf 1,1 H1'sf+'g'Ttff - . ji' - f ', i v N 1 , .r ,Mg lM?ig',',. x , ,L " ,Q gf' f-11' - w-wif + Q - ' mm ,,x'C-."Zf"g :nn :',,,.: L cg - 2 . ' f-vb 2" " W -gl '. ' M4 -.1 .1 1 ,. ., 'h.'39-Sa-vi K ?V.'r . , . ,. 1 fs- ,. , -- MP' Y 1 1 . V .f 1 . X a , J A ' - ,.. 2 ILA-. .-sfunm M ' 1" 'Q " ,f,,g,. . ,..-31: -f' .'v,u.:.A.,.2w"'v.Q' . 1, V- Ln ,-vmi,-1.5. n.uw'b.w1f., what A infra v 'Q L 1 X , 1 r It J , t 1 l r L , 1 1 U X., 1 'i . X -5... 1 sv 1 X ' ? L I 1 , Q : ' . ll ., X .,,. J .,.,.z', ' . ' AM., 1 A 1 , I , ' .LQ ,1 Zbf ' ' R N f ' XX 1 1 Qr dd inf, ev J 'K . 1 ' - I f N I ,, 1 XM' bw' ' ,. 'I r ' , ,V x Y., - A.' . r 4 f.-v . . . -, . u. 2532" ' ,J o ,V . , 0 2 ' 2 J x ,I V v y X, J ' " ' . ." '. -?g', " 3 Ls 4 ,J Q 3 2 41 . J 'a fl? ,gt Y 'I .FP ' a rw 3 V, 4 5 f 4 " A iv . 9' :ES 2 G ii 'fm' fl 9: f S WN: v. E H ' 1 0 x 5 , .. k x i 3 nw' v- 1 I' "FL 4 I FQ "'f"..f4'5f ' 233- 4'7?4fff"' ' ' I Q - qv is .6 s , F , , WI, , .I - l 5, ,tt f , ' 1 rl" 'Y K A' . is ww. I- ' " ' 33? , 4 U I 3 D Q, X. n, ' 'Z .f -P 'F y 0 o 0 Q H ' -. Q. 9'-.2 li A ' , t ' 1 '.-I 4 I .,:,?vjl,L,, . 4.jL.g?3a va kv I I -.'-1 g .. 'Qs'.,, 'I Y'-' - Q .I I .,,., - 'pq .-I 5. 'rp 1 1 . F C TI-IE GALATION. I I 1945 O s"f,'.. - ., Y- .4 ,. I., 'I I. F I .spd P " v 55" I O n ,ws , I. 1 5 .1 A 'BU - 'fi--V7 , . I 'fag 'Q ' Presen ted By A, I I , f. 1 Q 4:1 GALATIA COMMUNITY SCHOOL A Q , Y' GALAIIA, ILLINOIS I 4 ', Q V i' " .If , Q 4 Of 'i,, , ' ' ' V . s 1 I .51 ba.. A".f'i- In V A .. I Y-'jf1' II ' f' - Il' X . 5: f I -gag x-nf. , Q . .Ian Q . Q , ,. 'M . ' j - , . i K ut H , 1 1- .sill - I gn' ' ' K if . 'E' , - TI 5, ' .N O 4' ' '11 I ' Q! . . ,, in -' , ,Q . as 1 ' " bah- , ' .. I '- Qi- ' . A rt' q, I 'b . 't V.-' ,fig . 4' uv I K", , Q if 4' 2 . , 01 TES -" M304 ' , Zvi gg: ' ,gy 9 Q: - .-a ., an ' 1 1 ,f , :af .5 . -I. 'P , Qi - W nf' . MI +,' Y ' ,DI ..,. 9. .5 Q 0 I W . ffm'-I?" Hz? is J, 'egg - an W 4 - .. ,. 1.31 - -- fwjrf, A-5 V- .img ,sg 4 ' " - if .WL . gflfj ,. V 4, V5 'T,2:gg'fE'cK49 s it . , V ' 3- i fgv. . -,"',, , O., 1 ' Fifties- f LCHGHQI1 H -'QA .1 "1.'f?f5'm'af5f?f:r5t", A ' -55,4 'L .IJ "r1.-fn ' :V , .55 lkit , 4 ' , n' To Mr. Moodif. who has endeavored to raise our f NL A Q 5 Y J 1 -A :V .V , VVV fi? 'L v v, r, , . ,, is 4, ,-'iff-' xg f . , - I Q is standdrds and has put forth every effort to f Q , , is in fig! school in .all e respects, we of the Senior afx fi Class, dedicate Vthis "Gi1Iatian." . V. ,F o ' w,Q9.tpldV V Burnetteafznody, principal for the past A 'A ii f was born in Eldorado. Illinois. on October ' -fHe attended State Teachers , . fha .receiyed his iisin 1934. From ' ' f iff '-l" ' me g,,i of' Illinois, he 5 iieived his M. A. ' 'V fi degree.inQge ., i "tfqght in Elkiorado eight years before C f T i f .affairs ,V ' ' i e,-r ,,. x ' , i vxvl I V5 ' ' 9 T i ,5 e- V ' s 7 Piifesstisgv 5' D 1 s . , l .3-r ,S-MF' f. 1 , ' . Y 'fir V?-. V - 1 ' ' , 1' Uzl. 4 1 , .bin -, I ' ' ,,3.W,:- '.- 4 gg 4 ef' , . . r' ,J ' A'-' I :5 :N V 1 hx XM -4 ' ,-Vi 0-ii" 6 4 ,, ., 7 ,I r 1: 'Y ' - u' I ' ' iff . x. ' ' . .. 1 4' I ,V f 5 . . , iii. for , A. - I - 1. ' 'W' fi , ' .' Qi. ' ' " ' ,O 533 A ,NV Z L sc Ji., n f , I 'g as '.,, ' ,. i I . O . 1 ' "1 0 .- 7 ' ' 9 'VJ ' . .. FQ Q V gfffify Q ,, r ' , ' Q ' - 1 . t . V ' V fu' 1. 2-7+ . J :tif '-415' ' A ': '93 . 5- .v . 4 Q 'A O' . .V - " l -va ' 'Iii '. ' 'Y ' ' ' ing 'la r- , ' ' A V "' ff V: 1 ' '5' -in ' 1" if . ., ' p A - . . . VV ,V V . .V,,,,,, ,V, ,, V . M 1 ., ,,1'is'n:13s'f,u Javier .. u V. W. .MQ ui. ,J .,.L -'f 'gf George Crawford .. . Ruth Fave Bond . Loudean Vinson . . . Perry D. Maple . .. Dale Bond ...... ,Io Ann Moser ...... Betty Ruth Harris Mary M. Small ..... Betty Hoover . . . james Golliher .... Genevieve Barton .... Edna Devine ........ Marv Edna Moore Billy Tate ........ LaVerne Rigsby Harold Tate ...... Raymond Jordon . .. Don Lawrence .... Waymon Gamer ANNUAL STAFF Editor Associate Editor . . Q .. Associate Editor . . . .. Business Manager . . .. Advertising Manager Art Editor , , .... Assistant Art Editor . . . . . . . Literary Editor . . . Literary Editor .. . Sports Editor . . .. Feature Editor Feature Editor Feature Editor . . . . Feature Editor .sae -. ...- . . . . Circulation . . . Circulation . . Circulation . . . . Circulation . . Circulation .. i' 0 , , F V , I fe- , ' - .5 L" , 4itE-..i:, .A ' A-Asisluiif I Q- . aw -Y--9 sid I K 9 ' 4 ,4 N' ' 1 .. ' 1 X - .p Q Y' -L, -H -ew! in ,. 'y :TT Lim' 'gy , is , .. Y ch lg' Q M 5 I. A w 5 1 s B . - N sz:-,fq R ' '- ,. I ,f ra. , I' 1 W Q - sw- L . A 1 ' -- ,, . ' '-I: ' 1'- si. n V 2 4 '4 N. if x' sf N v ff 4 ' Q W -f 3 . Max' t I , . 1 4 r 1 1 , . , , . , . I , 5' E r. Q ,' 1 ,R ,I D' - 1 I I , l . . A Q h . . I . x . 1 L 1 .,,' 4 V , i . 1 E A II. . . Q " I r . im w i , I . ' 1 ' 1 .Y 271' ' ' L.. ,' .x 1 fig f .Q U ' 'eufaw .nz-wb-1 fr L X 1 my b 1 f mf J-Pm. 55::fw.,wzr 73, A K I' . ,mV F. f uw 4-1, Mk, ,, Q-fav: wyAg:w2,,M?52f2u 2211 - e 1 - E .. ,, .i, . I . 5 "2 '.j1f,aQ,i-g 1:41-.-,-fl ,f 5 - Qi . , N f if 1ffm:-zgg:.1Q'f".fQA5:9e3x iffiiw-M'1E1i?vV..Q-1 - g ' ff 1 A W Sfiwlu -K W -- -' 1 K- ff: Sx." ?m"2':1'fvW?Q if fs - . -, . Q ffmf-pr-w,i5r'vw ' Mcntsszs-,sfwzsr ---wk", 1 H J-wt ,Q5.f21?f1,iw"'2YE SUZM , x 1 'ft' .'?7rsigi31.'ffV'flXfi- 'V 12 fff5f.fl'f ' 5Tf'CA? " 'A V1 'JN I- '75 ' . l I ' ' ' , , rw lm 5 is -we, ll. L,,'Z.dN1 Y t- fu, 2 , , , . , , A 1 Xp If-'.qff7 " , QKQJQ A. 4 .. ,VL. - ., M:-1'-H -. .fx-.' 4c,','ij1 gw51M,,- ', 1, + fi 1 t b . 4 Q x ,, g.I x'I ,. gy, v '1' BOARD OF EDUCATION GALATIA COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Earl Miner. President Clyde Mosby Roy Mings VVilliam T, Karnes Charles Maple N. R. Gullic, Secretarv Faculty JAMES BOND B. Ed VVYVONE SKIBNISKI B. Ed. Southern Illinois Teacher's College Southern Illinois Normal Univ. University of Illinois Colorado State College Agriculture I, II, III, IV HAROLD MOODY B.S., M.A. Murray State Teachers College University of Illinois Biology Health Business Law MONROE TATE A.B.. M.A. Oklahoma City University University of Oklahoma Southern Illinois Normal Univ. Geometry Algebra I, II Practical Mathematics General Science LURA GROVES A.B. University of Illinois University of Wyoming English I, II, III, IV EDITH THROGMORTON B. Ed. Southem Illinois Normal Univ. Geography World History American History Civics Economics Latin American History Algebra I Geometry Typing I SUE HILL Illinois College McKendree College Typing I, II Shorthand I Bookkeeping Business Training Business Arithmetic BONNIE BUTLER Otiice Secretary MARY JARVIS B. Ed Southern Illinois Normal Univ. Sherwood Music School, Chicago fAHiliated teacher of piano and theoryj Chorus Music Appreciation Orchestra f f - 1 TVVO' CAMM aj , f'-' QA! pl ff' , was AG- 90 .E 4 f fff5f2MQ fgdfwf-4fs . 154-i'Z'AJ SENIORS AVERGAGING 90 OR ABOVE FOR YEARS ' Billy Tate ' Laverne Rigsby 'MarvEdna'Mo6ri 5 1 l I .t- ., Senior Class History The summer of '41 had slipped bv when 36 green and frightened Freshmen enrolled in the Galatia Community High School. Mr. Echols. the Principal, went to work making them feel at home, so much at home, in fact, that others expressed it as "thinking they owned the place." In their first class meeting they elected Perry Maple. President: Albert Trusgnaick, Vice-President: Betty Hoover, Secretary and Treasurer. Mrs. Sullivan was chosen as Sponsor. All but six registered the next year. They elected Edna Devine, Presidentg Dale Bond, Vice-President, Loudean Vinson, Secretary: and Raymond jordan, Treasurer. Miss Greshman was chosen as Sponsor. That year Mr. Echols was replaced by Mr. Moody. the present Principal. There were Z2 who enrolled for their third year of school. They elected Perry Maple. President: Loudean Vinson. . Vice-President: Ruth Bond Secretary: and Billy Tate, treasurer. Miss Skibinski was chosen as Sponsor. The most memorable night of the year was the evening of the formal banquet called "The Old Fashioned Garden" given for the graduating Seniors of '44. Eighteen of the class decided to stick to school for one more year, the most important of all. They re-elected Perry Maple. a third termer, presidentg Edna Devine, Vice-President: Loudean Vinson, Secretary: and Dale Bond, Treasurer. Mrs. Groves was asked to help as Sponsor. The Senior girls initiated a Senior-Freshman tea party sponsored by the Senior Class to welcome all Freshmen girls to Galatia Community High School. From a beautifully appointed table at which Loudean Vinson and Betty Hoover presided, tea and homie-made cakes were served to fifty girls and to the faculty. Un leaving the guests thanked their Senior hostesses and Mrs. Groves sincerely. The class was honored when 'Edna Devine, who had received the D.A.R. Medal, was elected Queen of the Carnival, and Raymond Jordan was elected King. Of the original group entering school together, Jesse Higgins, Eugene Tate, Valjean Woolard, Vliillie Tate, Albert Trusgnaick, Timmy Williams, Tommy Wfillianis. Clarence Choate, Lealan Vllilliams, and -lames Duffee have been called for military service. - One of the highest highlights this year was the dinner and dance with which the juniors entertained the classy another just slightly less bright was Senior Day spent at the Mt. Vernon park. -. L. -.A -s--f-- - SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Perry Maple .... ..... P resident Edna Devine .... .. Vice-President Loudean Vinson . . . . . . Secretary Dale Bond ..... . . . Treasurer JAMES GOLLIHER Basketball 3, 4 Softball 4 Volley ball 1, 2, 4 Intramural Basketb Safety Club 1 Manual Tralnlng I I-Il-Y 4 Annual Stat 4 Science Club 1 EDN A DEVINE Volley ball 2, 4 Science Club 1 Class Otllcer 2, 4 "Hi-s First Date" 3 Pougplarity Queen 4 Cheer Leader 4 D.A.R. Medal 4 Annual Stat 4 'Coming Round the Mountain" 4 Pep Club President 4 Basketball 2, 3 BETTY HOOVER Casey Eldorado Class Othcer 1 Queen Attendant 1, Annual Stat 4 May Festival 4 Christmas Play 4 Cheerleader 4 BILLIE TATE Annual Stat 4 Hi-Y 4 Class Omcer 3 Seniors PERRY MAPLE Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 4 Volley ball 1, 2, 4 Annual Stat 4 Manual Training 1 Hi-Y 4 Queen Attendant 4 Class Ofdcers 1, 3, "Betsy Ross" 4 "Now that April's Here" 3 "Buddy Buys an Orchid" 3 LOUDEAN VINSON Science Club 1 Pep Club 4 'Buddy Buys an Orchid" 3 Annual Stat 4 Queen Attendant 4 Class Otlcer 2, 3, 4 Manager, Magazine Cam- paign 4 JO ANN 'MOSER Arkansas Kansas Annual Stat 4 Christmas Play 3, 4 May Festival 3, 4 "His First Date" 3 "Coming Round Mo1mtain" 4 RAYMOND JORDAN Volley ball 1, 2, 3 Class Ofhcer 2 Intramural Basketball 4 Popularity King 4 Annual Stat 4 4 DALE BOND Softball 4 Class Omcer 2, 4 Intramural Basketball 2 French Club 1 "Buddy Buys an Orchid" Queen Attendant 3, 4 A.nnua1 Stat 4 Volley ball 3 Craft Club 1 MARY MOORE Pep Club 4 Annual Stat 4 RUTH BOND French Club 1 "Buddy Buys an Orchid' Class Otlcer 3 Pep Club Omcer 4 Queen Attendant 4 Annual Stat 4 GEORGE CRAWFORD Editor of Annual 4 LAVERNE RIGSBY Broughton Class Omcer 2 BE'I'I'Y HARRIS Herrin Pep Club 4 Annual Stat 4 GENEVIEVE BARTON "His First Date" 3 Science Club 1 Pep Club 4 Annual Stat 4 HAROLD TATE F. F. A. 3, 4 Annual Stat 4 I O f 1 I -5 lr in lunior Class History Saturday, August 31, 1942 marked the official entrance of the largest Freshman Class ever to register for a high school career. Great effort was put forth to seat the large class. The first meeting was called and oliicers electel as follows: Billv Campbell. President: William Griffin, Vice-Presidentg Dorothy Baker. Secretaryg Reggie Norris. Treasurer: and Mrs. Groves. Sponsor. After a few weeks of hard study there was great talk of the coming Freshman party, which was held in the library. After the party the students returned to school very much enthused. A picnic was held in the Durham Woods in the spring. William Griffin, Presidentg Gene Sloan, Vice-Presidentg Mary Lou Perdue Secretary: Stella Jones, Treasurerg and Mrs. Hill, Sponsor were class leaders the second year. At a "Dogpatch Party", which was a great success, Ruby Wilson took the prize as "Daisy May", and Billy ,Tones as "Lil Abner." In the spring of the year the Sophomores again picnicked in the Durham Woods. In the fall of 1944 the class returned with a decrease of twenty-four in membership many joining the armed services and others leaving to attend other schools. The officers are . lames Sullivan. President: Robert Pevton. Vice- President: Wava Davis. Treasurer: Pauline McFarland, who dropped out of school. was replaced bv Mary Lou Perdue as Secretary. Miss Skibniski was elected Sponsor. Proof of their industrvis seen in the Ice Cream Social held in the library on the night of October 25th, the lunch served on November 5th to accommodate the voters' of the community, the three five-pound boxes of candy raffled off, the sale of candy and popcorn at all of the basketball games. The Junior Play went off with a bang. Playing important roles in the little theater production, "Who killed Ann Gage" were Wilma Edwards. Gertrude Simmons, Gene Sloan, Edna Eatherly, Ed Darnell, Dorothy Baker, Billy Campbell. and loe Bozarth. The result of the year's hard work was highly successful Junior-Senior Banquet. The Snow Carnival with its dinner, music. soft lights, beautiful decorations and dancing. the fulfillment of their labors. L " " ' " ' ' ?q 'nf I-.532 MAE ' s' S" Juniors FIRST ROVV Pauline Peebles, Thomas Robinson, Frances Mitchell, Ralph Adkisson, Stella Tones SECOND Billy jones Annabelle Moore Ed Darnell, Mary Lou Perdue Argel Edwards THIRD VVava Davis, Maurice Hall, Mildred Flanders, Aaron Riddle, Edna Eatherlv FOURTH Gene Sloan. Opal Holloda. Toe Bozarth. Ruby Brown. Dewey Brown FIFTH Marion Kent, Mabel Gulley, Il. Fred Thompson, Ruth Libby Virginia Paris, Louise Chandler SIXTH Mary Lou Libby, Earl Peyton, Dorothy Baker, Dale Ellis, Dorothy Griffin, Dean Guve 6 4. it , 1: 1 in Q -QA ga fp ' .Q V."-'Q Ls L , I N . ""' " 1 , U U 'O 4 5 37 ' Vx i . li , j .lg ., Juniors , FIRST ROW Clovd Pingletofn, Ora Furlong, joe Small, Velma Young, Thelma Lukancic SECOND Leona Tare. Maxine Williams, Wilma Edwards, Betty Wilson, Charles Shelton THIRD Georgia Mosby, Earl Sullivan, Gladys Peebles, Wallace Bryant, Pauline McFarland FGURTH Bill Campbell. Gordon Hayes. Edwarda Phillips. Leda Ellis, Jim Knight FIFTH Norma Moulton, Margaret Small. Alan Davis. Eloise Deering, Winifred McConnell, Ruby Wilson SIXTH Norma Collins, Doris Paris, James Tate, Margaret Brown, Maxine Estes, Gertrude Simmons I. R. Hill Charles Clark. Bob Peyton 1 . ,...... Q- J1' W I V -Q W Sophomore Class History Last year when school started there were 28 "Green Freshmen." They clidn't think that it took them very long to get adjusted altho' the upper classmen still have their doubts. Soon after they had crossed the uthresh-hold of higher learning," Bobby Griggs was elected their Presidentg Sherdel Harper, Vice- President: Charles Mainer, Ir., Treasurer: ,Iohnny Kopah, Secretary: and Miss Ruth Iones, Sponsor. The class had its first real school party at Christmas time. With snow on the ground on a truly beautiful night, they held their Christmas party around a huge Christmas tree loaded with presents. In the early spring the class decided on a Valentine Party to which guests of other classes were invited. There were "stacks" of good sandwiches and plates of cookies and all the candy the class and their friends could eat. By this time this green class were no longer "green" and when they were forced by "politeness" into asking the Sophomore Class to accompany them on a picnic they really felt resentful but after hiking to Durham's Woods with these Sophomores and the class' special guests, it was found that the class could have a grand time every time they chose to have a get-to-gether. At the close of the school year several were honored for their high grades and at one of the Lion's Dinners, Imogene Allen was a guest of honor. Now in 1944-45 the class are Sophomores and number 23. Jacob Milstead was elected President with Vernon Vinson, Vice-Presidentg Norma Reynolds, Secretary, Dale Wigart, Treasurerg and Mrs. Sue Hill, Sponsor. The class gave to the softball ten an excllent player, "Shinguard" Milstead and the prettiest attendant, Wilma Williams, in the coronation ceremony. The class gave to the Galatia Basketball Squad, the best player they had Cat least so the class thinksj the famous "Tody" Vinson. Since so many of the class were members of the First Five team and the second string, they planned a formal basketball party. To this party' the class invited guests and the entire basketball squad, their coach and manager with their guests. There was circle dancing and just a wee bit of "jitterbuggin", along with the singing of old songs and new ones. Again the class had grand food, the best sandwiches, hot dough- nuts, candy and all the the crowd could drink. At the close of the first semester Wilma Williams and Norma Reynolds held the high honors for grades. Climaxing the year the Sophomores in a home basketball tournament held to raise money for the Red Cross won over the Seniors in the finals by a score of 24-23. The starting line up was Vinson and Milstead, forwards, Manier, centerg Adams and Wigart, guards. When Vinson fouled out Perkins came in as substitute and played a "remarkable" game! J Lf,.5 11'-1 Sophomores FIRST ROW Phyllis Briclewell, jack Aclanls, Dean Phillips, jaunita Farris SECOND Marvin Allen. Norma Revnolcls, Lee Perkins. Mary Sue Gasawav THIRD lacoli Milsteacl. Dale VVigart, Imogene Allen, Vernon Vinson FOURTH loe Takacs, VVilnia NVillian1s, lames lfclwarcls, lackve lacolns FIFTH .lohn Edwards, .lo Ann Miner, Bob Griggs, Charles Mainer -lackie Rurchell, loan Lawrence, Glenn Patterson, Sherclel Harper, Muriel Karnes Q' A 4 1 1 w 'IP' Freshman Class History On September Sth of this year seventy-eight students enrolled in High School. They started the year cheerfully with May Fern Smith as Class President and Mr. Moody as Class Sponsor. Their first social activity was a "Dog Patch Party" where the best dressed "Lil Abner" and "Daisy Mae" won recognition. They were Patsy Jackson, Don Raley, jim Smith and Betty Perdue. The Freshman Class presented the school with Boston Ivy plants which were planted with the highest hope on the south side of the building by Jackie Carter, Wendell Bradley, Bob Upchurch and Grant Mings. Several Freshman boys went out for basketball. Carl Griihths, Gratton Karnes, Amos Kent, and Don Raley made the squad. The girls not to be out-done formed several good volleyball teams. "fmhirllE " 'ibn' 'L-MLA" ,M5F',vi.AuJ I f'!1f3!11-Z,'IPll.HYs'ff ' ' ,'LL"1z " ' -,:'.,w . , I. A, t 3 . .. i Freshmen FIRST ROW Iohn Wright. Dale Upchurch, Wendell Bradley. Betty Maple, Bob Upchurch, Patsy Jackson SECOND Genevieve McGill. Marianne Hampton, Eugene Hefner, Emojean Patterson, Betty Perdue. Delmond Weir THIRD Bob Killman, ,lean Jones, Bob Rice, Bill Jordon, Mary Riddle Arthur Curtis FOURTH Phyllis Weaver, Geneva Fisher, Norma Green, Grafton Karnes Charles Gulley, Mary Cowgur - FIFTH Helen Johnson, Margie VVilliams, Evelyn johnson, Bill VVilliams. Erma Moulton Amos Kent SIXTH Bertis Harris. Ralph Brown. Bernadine Allen, Gleudal French. Lorene Beers, Leo Feaze.l Wanda Smith Frances Blackburn. Mary Ewell, Bill Fletcher, Iames Thompson . 4-5 gs -1 f - . Q G I Y A 2 V f X D I K A V M W- ' J 6 qyx 31 fl 1 lx V, , ,11 NRM 1 :l1.,--l i I N, ',k f MX-f,l m' 1 Freshmen FIRST ROW Betty Golliher, Mary Fern Smith Pauline Brown, Doris Talkington Grant Mings. Mary Green SECOND Virginia Rice, Betty Devine, Mary Pingleton, Mary Eatherly, Jean Gibbs Logan Libby THIRD Bill Dixon, James Pittman, James Smith, Betty Abney, Viola Bryant Richard Wigart FOURTH Doris Sharpe, Ellen Jones, Clyde Smith, Kathryn Jones, Phyllis Naugle Bill Griffin FIFTH Ellen Ray, Charline Mitchell, Don Dunning, Jane Brown, Jackie Carter Hazl Hedges, Carl Griffith SIXTH Fred Hefner, Charles Malone, Rosemary Triplett, jim Ritchey Bob Adkisson, Don Raley, Bernadine Brown ,ia S HA ,, qt, t.. -? 1 .. ,xx , V AAAI: W -','.. 8 -x I Lx . I gl .ixl .. I James Sullivan . . Robert Peyton .... Mary Lou Perdue Wava Davis .... Jacob Milstead . . Dale Wigart ...... Nomma Reynolds Vernon Vinson . . . Mary Fern Smith Jean Jones ....... Don Raley . . . Billie Jordan . . . Class Officers JUNIOR na-...ann no ou.: ..- SOPHOMORE FRESHMEN . . . . . . President Vice-President . . . . . Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . . . . President Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . . President Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer H nu rP r r, P P m fs,s, ,r m e .-5 I Carnival The annual carnival of the Galatia Community High School was held Thursday night, October 26, 1944. The concessions such as dart throwing, penny throws, bingo, eating and drinking stands, etc. were managed by the Sth hour classes. A one act play, "Comin' Round the Mountain," was given in the gym just before the close of the evening. CAST ' Maw judkins CElviryj a typical mountain woman ...... Mildred Flanders Pap Judkins, her husband ....................... ..... L ogan Libby Daisy Judkins, their daughter ................... .... D orothy Baker Zeke Bemis, who tries to propose to Daisy ...... ..... Ge ne Sloan Dynamite Ann, the Sheriff of Fishook County .... .... Ed na Devine Mrs. Hortense Belmont-Cliff, a society Matron .... .... J o Ann Moser Millicent Lovell, her niece ................... . . . Wilma Williams Cary Newbold, a young Northerner ................... Edward Darnell The scene in which one of Zekes' friends stands behind a sofa and blows a horn while Zeke proposes to Daisy will long be remembered by those who witnessed it. , Following the Dlay a five pound box of home-made candy was given away to the luckv winner. Two weeks before the Carnival, nominations for a King and Queen are made by the students oi the High School. The most popular boy and girl are elected by votes costing one cent each. Attendants are chosen from among those who were nominated. The Queen, Edna Devine, was escorted by the King to her throne on the north side of the gym, where she was crowned and presented a bouquet of Yellow Roses by the King, Raymond Jordan. After thanking those present for the honor bestowed upon them they ascended the throne accompanied by their attendants: Loudean Vinson, Dale Bondg Ruth Faye Bond, James Ixnightg Dorothy Baker, Albert T rusgnaickg Ruby Wilson, Edward Damellg Betty Hoover. Charles Manierg and Wilma Williams, Perry Maple. Little Ernest Dean Wallace carried the roses and Sue Bush carried Miss Devine's train. All proceeds go into a General Fund for the High School. 2 ,airl- Hi-Y The Galatia Hi-Y Club was organized during the present school year. The work, which thus far has been somewhat hampered by lack of needed literature, has consdsted largely of Bible study. Other activities which are contcmplated are discussions on live topics, handicrafts, and drama. The purpose as stated in the constitution is, "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian Character." In keeping with this purpose are the four planks of the Hi-Y program, often referred to as the four C's. These are: Clean Speech Clean Living Clean Sportsmanship Clean Scholarship An induction ceremony built about these ideals is now in the making. First Aid Gal-atia students were awarded Federal and State Certiflcates for First Aid Work after a half-day examination by Mr. Taylor, State' Examiner: and Mr. Capps, Mine Examiner. The Health Class devotes six weeks of its time to First Aid starting with book work. Later they learn how to dress wounds. From dressing wounds they go on to learn about broken bones and splints They had a pretty hard time learning to tie an L splint but finally succeeded. When they started transportation Mr. Moody chose three captains out of the class, Jackie Jacobs. Imogene' Allen and Billy Dixon. They soon learned their commands. Then each chose four people for their groups. They learned to cross obstacles and transport a patient carefully. Future Farmers of Hmerica The local F. F. A. chapter was organized in 1939. It has been maintained every year s'nce with the aid of the Agriculture Classes from which membership is drawn. This means that lt is a group of farm boys. This chapter mefts once at night and once during the day every month to transact regular business. Some of the activities of the F. F. A. are selling seeds, making rope, selling chances on a turkey at Thanksgiving, going on field trips, and crow killing contests. The purpose of these activities 1 to raise money for the annual vacation trip. This trip usually includes the Dixon Spring 'iexperiment station, and staying over night at nearby Lake Glendale. The chapter attended the oillcers training school at Carbondale. The chapter also sponsored a Wild Life 4-H Club. The names of the students taking agriculture during the school year are as follows: Charles- Clark, Argel Edwards, Dale Ellis, Harold Guye, Gordon I-Ilays, Marion Kent, Cloyd Pingleton, Joe Small, Harold Tate, James Tompson, Ralph Adklsson, Bobby Griggs, Maurice Hall, Charles Manier, Dean Phillips, Laverne Rlgsby, Joe Takacs, Vernon Vinson, Bob Adkisson, Wendell Bradley, Jackie Carter, James Edwards, John Edwia-rds, Glendal French, Eugene Hefner, Fred Hefner, Logan Libby, Jacob Milstead, Grant Mings, James Ritchey, James Smith, Jimmie Thompson, Bobby Upchurch, Tommy Upchurch and Dale Wigart. is , my Pep Club The Pep Club of Galatia Community High School under Mrs. Hil1's supervision was re-organized this year for the first time since 1939. It is an organization to which all of the girls of our school belong. Every girl was automatically a member, but after this year Freshmen will be initiated. At the first meeting the club elected ofiicers for the year. They are as follows: President. Edna Devine: Vice-President, Mary Lou Perdue: Secretary, Ruth Bond, Treasurer, Dorothy Baker. Also in this meeting, red skirts and white sweaters bearing a winged emblem were chosen as uniforms. A party honoring all softball players were given November 10. Games were played and delicious refreshments served. Music The vocal organizations, chorus and sextette, under the leadership of Mrs. Mary Jarvis helped out in all school programs. This year the sextette sang two num-bers at the camival, "Little Sir Eco", and "Smilin' Through." The chorus had an important part in the annual Christmas pageant, "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Ma and Pa in the play tuned in on the radio station just in time to hear Ed Darnell telling everyone to buy more war bonds. Io Ann Moser played the part of an "Angel" who read verses from the Bible. Under the direction of Mrs. Jarvis, "VVhen Betsy Ross Made 'Old Glory'," a musical playlet of three acts was given April 27. In the cast, Ed Darnell played the part of General' George Washington, Billy Dixon of Colonel Ross, Gene Sloan of Robert Morris, Perry Maple of Captain Anderson,'Betty Maple of Betsy Ross, Mary Fern Smith of Patience, Rose Mary Triplett of Rebecca, Betty Perdue of jane, and Phyllis Naugle of Penelope. The chorus usually assists in the baccalureate and graduation exercises. ,,. 2 4 1 17' 1k Q3 :V -, -My fi' v K1 va 3 43. 294 ..,L. J, c mm .fx , 'Qi I F1 gi -2515? I A 4 f f " :fi2',, v, , M ' .wahg w K Qf fg sfi L 1 f 15 1 ., an M '55, ,M .sv F' LMT. , gli 5 2 . ' ' :ww ? 21 B if . V A X . K 'Y 1 ,WEE 4 I 34+ 5,52 ' 44 1:83156 L 'IWQ 'Uv 1 W 4 W 10 'QM-"1 ff , . .Y ff "Si ,. , dk,m:,..,,,,,.df4M,1Qq, 1, , ,ml Klf QL' , x 4 S . E V: t VL 135, S 'la fur. . 15, UA- ' iv , 'M ,vb .jig . ' X 7 Q' 1' ,cm-L-g'f1f:'v,. M1 .-M, , ' 1:11 S H.3'j'3,'15: V , fd T kxiffjf j , 'X 2 3 , Qllvli- 'iw fiff' 5 ' , , .g,k ,V ' -'ws --XJf.,,,,f. 4 I 7 .vm , af H ,Q EWQMWVWE , KJ, ,Mx H+, . High Lights of Sport 1944-45 ' Basketball The call for basketball practice on October 5th was answered by 26 boys. Most of them new to high school basketball. After one month of practice they ionrneyed to Shawneetown for their first scheduled game. This was a good game and Galatia came out on top by a 33-24 score. In the second game the Bearcats were hosts to Broughton. This game proved an easy victory for the Bearcats as the Final score was 50-21. The third game of the season was between Galatia and Equality. The taller boys of Equality proved difficult for the Bearcats, but the Cats fought and won out by a 28-24 score. Following the Equality game the Bearcats were in ,lohnston City for a game against a strong Johnston City team. Although they fought hard, they lost this one by a 52-16 score. The next game the Bearcats were hosts to a strong Zeigler live and again came out losers 30-15. The sixth game Carrier Mills came to town to hand Galatia their third straight defeat by a 53-22 score. Galatia was still the loser as Thompsonville defeated them 40-24. The Bearcats couldn't hit their stride when they journeyed to McLeansboro and came home losers by a 38-26 score. The next game Galatia entertained Shawneetown and broke back into the win column by a' 55-26 score. The tenth game found the Bearcats in Crab Orchard. The small Crab Orchard gym proved a handicap and the Bearcats lost a close one 22-25. The Bearcats accepted an invitation to the Holiday tournament and were scheduled to play McLeansboro. The Cats lost this game 35-19 and were eliminated from further play. In their next scheduled game they were hosts to Eldorado. This proved a good game although the Bearcats lost by 42-27 score. Galatia then traveled to Zeigler to avenge an earlier defeat but found a much improved Zeigler team and lost this one 63-29. The fourteenth game found the Bearcats in Carrier Mills losing byalop- sided 73-30 score. CContinued on next page? ls f-- - gluing. . ' , ' I Q ' 'P 4 5 Basketball -Continued The Bearcats again clicked and defeated Thompsonville in a very close, rough, and exciting game on the home Hoor by a 37-35 score. When Goreville came to Galatia, Coach Moody used all the boys to try to even the count but Galatia won 52-8. Crab Orchard then came to town and the Bearcats clawed deep and won 48-25. The Bearcats traveled to Eldorado for revenge of an. earlier defeat but lost a very hard fought game by a 32-29 score. In their next game Galatia went to Equality and came home victorious by a 47-28 score. The Bearcats were waiting for McLeansboro and had their revenge in an exciting thriller and won 39-37. 5 The last scheduled game of the season was an easy victory for the boys as they beat Broughton by a 64-31 score. ln the Regional Tournament the team drew Eldorado. The game proved an exciting one, but when three First team men fouled out early in the fourth quarter, things looked dark, and the boys lost by a 41-26. The Bearcats finished the season with 10 wins and 12 loses but the boys gained a lot of experience. Vinson a Sophomore, led the scoring with 193 points, Golliher 166, Knight 158, and Sullivan 146. The squad had no first five as seven or eight of the boys were pretty well matched. Our coach, Mr. Moody has done a hue job in his first year as a coach in teaching the boys the fundamentals of basketball. VVe want to remember our manager, Lee Perkins. VVith a mop he could really make the team-room shine. The Bearcats promise to have a good team next year as they lose only four men. Golliher, Garner, and Maple graduate' Mainer, a Sophomore, will be lost to the service of Uncle Sam. fContinued on next pagej 1 vu November November November November November December December December December December January January January January January January January January February February December 10 18 22 25 28 1 8 15 16 19 5 6 12 19 26 27 30 31 9 16 Basketball Shawneetown Broughton . . Equality ...... .... Johnson City Zeigler ....... . . Carrier Mills Thompsonville McLeansboro Shawneetown Crab Orchard Eldorado . . . Zeigler ....... .... Carrier Mills Thompsonville Goreville . .. Grab Orchard Eldo-rado ....... .... Equality . . McLeansboro Broughton .... .... INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT 28 . . McLeansboro ..... Eldorado REGIONAL TOURNAMENT .. ...- ..........-- February 27 ..Eldorado .... .... E ldorado ---A 4---A-M .-.M---e- e,--' ,.,u,-,A Q ,-3.....-..,... ... ,M 1 an -.-,-,,....,- They 24 21 24 52 30 53 40 38 26 25 42 63 73 35 8 25 32 28 37 31 35 41 -1 .4 M D ,y ju I Softball The Galatia Bearcats heard their first call for softball on September 18. Fourteen boys reported for practice and took part in infield as well as outfield practice. As practice progressed the squad increased to 20 boys. After three weeks work the boys were hosts to Broughton for their first game and defeated them 14 to 2. Sullivan was the winning pitcher. The Bearcats then traveled to T hompsonville and were defeated by a 13-8 score. The Thompsonville pitcher was verv effective but had poor defense. Sullivan was the loser in this one. The Cats were back on the go again when they beat an independent team from Harco by a 5-3 score. Upton pitched for Harco and Golliher for Galatia, both going all the way. The next game found the Cats against a strong McLeansboro team. This one they lost bv a score of 17-0. Davis the McLeansboro pitcher had Galatia under his wing all the way. Sullivan was the losing pitcher. A return game found the cats beaten bv Thompsonville by an 18-2 score. The Bearcats seemed to be all thumbs. Sullivan was credited with the loss. The next game found Crab Orchard in town for a 14-inning thriller. The Bearcats finally won by a 1-0 score. This game was a pitcher's duel between Riddle and Hastings. Riddle gave Crab Orchard only three hits. The Bearcats again beat Broughton by a 17-1 score. Golliher held Broughton in check in this one while the Cats gave a good hitting exhibition. Next week found the Cats in McLeansboro for revenge of an earlier defeat, but they again lost to McLeansboro 3-2 in 12 innings. Riddle was the losing pitcher. In their last game the Bearcats beat Crab Orchard 4-3 for a season's record of 5 wins and 4 losses. For batting averages based on 5 games or more, honors went to Perry "Red" Maple with a .533. lames "Three-Lap" Golliher was second with a .519. James "Ears" Sullivan and Dale "Handsome" Bond tied for third with an average nf .488. Volley Ball An intra-mural volley ball tournament was arranged for the noon hour The competition was furnished bv four boy's teams captained by Jim Knight, Jim Golliher. Vernon Vinson, and Dean Guve. There were also four girls' teams under Edna Devine, Winifred McConnell, Mary Gann and Marjorie Williams. James Golliher's team was the boys' winner with 11 victories and 2 losses: while the girls' title went to the team captained by Marjorie Williams with 7 victories and 4 losses. Each member of the winning teams received ribbons as awards. ......4.......4..,.-.-. . M . ., , Hx.. .nth ...,...,i...n. ....,-H., -.....-... -..M 1, ' 11.11 4 'Vi '- Annan.. Calendar September : 1. Registration 4. Labor Day first holiday of the school year. 5. Classes begin 15. Everyone glad to see Friday. 20. Everyone is hoping we'11 win our first softball game. 21. Softball game with Broughton here. We won. 22. 'Softball-Thompsonville. There. 25 Senior-Freshmen tea party. 27. Softball-Broughton. There. 28. Sotfball-Crab Orchard. There. 29. Softball-Thompsonville. Here. October: 2. Mr. Chittenden speaks to the faculty at 12:40, speaks to the pupils at 3 5. 6. 9. 11. 1:00, and the magazine campaign is on! Softball game with Harco here. Softball with McLeansboro here. Call for basketball men. Softball with Crab Orchard. Here. Cripple Creek musicians in the Gym 8:00 p. m. Seniors order rings from Herff Jones after a compromise between the boys and girls on which rings were the prettiest. 13. Softball- Crab Orchard. There. 14. Election held to raise the community taxes. 16. Voting for popularity queen and king begins. 17. Group pictures taken. 19. Mr. Spieth back for more. 20. Grain fair at Vienna. 23. Some of the F. F. A. boys are wearing ribbons. 26. Hobo day. One-half holiday carnival. Mrs. Groves and Mr. Tate win again. 27. Holiday. Teachers meeting. ' November: 1. The Seniors didn't yell more than the Freshmen when they were vaccinated either, Smallpox prevented. 10. Basketball season opens. First game with Shawneetown. 12. Bonnie VVallace becomes Bonnie Butler. 14. 18. 22. 23. 24. 25. 27. 28. 29. 30. Sophomores held class meeting. Broughton here. Droit Store bus is late as usual. Thanksgiving Day. Friday holiday after Thanksgiving C everyone needed onel Johnston City. There. Back to school again after a nice holiday. Zeigler here. Lincoln Lyceum Program. Seniors Hold Class meeting in Room I. ...l..- . .. 1.....,..:is2aL.g.- Amina.. we -gait' ri. Ks N iv- v 0 1 .it i, 'T ps- ,4 3' 'r' 'Ni I 5 W gg Ji , rv in I l i Calendar December: 1. Carrier Mills. Here. 3. Seniors hear class rings are on their way. , 7. Who said, "Seniors are too dignified to throw snowballs ?" ' 8. Thompsonville. There. 14. Seen: A Senior getting his lesson. Suprise! P1 15. McLeansboro. There. 16. Shawneetown. Here. - 19. Crab Orchard. There. gi' 20. Christmas Music Program. QQ 21. Vacation begins at noon. Seniors spent whole morning writing last minute letters to Santa. E7 26. Bus inspection. , . McLeansboro. January : 151 .5 Eldorado. Here. T 6. Zeigler. There. if 7. Jackie Burchell enters school. fe 27. Christmas Tournament. ' 28 l it ' 8. Jimmy Golliher is having girl trouble. . 10. We wonder if Teacher Ruth Bond really did make Maurice Hall step ll? , around in Economics. 11. Boy, Tooter sure make a Hne office girl. 12. Carrier Mills. There. El 18. Some reviewing for semeste exams. Underclassmen might need to. El 19. Semester exams. 22 Everyone determined to do better this semester. 23 What do you know 3 new students, .Ioann and Don Lawrence and Wayman Garner. 26. Goreville. Here. 27. Crab Orchard. Here. 30 31 . Eldorado. There. Equality. There. February: 1. A new love affair has started- P. N. and V. V. 2. Magic Show in Gym. Quite a trick to tell John from James. ' Miss Skibinski seriously ill. Everyone worried. 6. Eva Grace Sprague visits school. 7. bus doesn't make Droit Store route today. 5. W it El Tj 9. McLeansboro. Here. 2' 12. Vacation. Some Freshmen wonders whv Lincoln's birthday can't come QQ' twice a year. ' 1' 14. He did it again-Mr. Bond makes Dean Phillips stand in the corner. if 16. Brougton. There. gf 22. "Who Killed Ann Gage ?" 1 23. Teachers' Meeting. 'i 26. Annual pictures taken. Lovely day. P P 27. A new love affair----Information see lames Sullivan. fk 28. Everyone looking forward to beating Eldorado in Regional tournament. - lr D M i "mn.1......... ..,, ' -1-va. .l,...n .A . .,nmr..-A ... Qfiifvb, Qui, 'I' f fx .V ff - 1'f1f-,Nil ':.1,4f, f',,,f ,..f,,4 Kr 2 . fqf X, k CI Q Fr f JM 'R 'X V 6 f --1 f o vL,L1,f I Xixxt YV E T? 'M v x ,,sJ .. .L R March : 1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 15. 16. 21. 25. 27. . 30. April : 6. 12. 24. 25. 26. 27. May : 3. 4 8 9 10 15 16. 18. 20. 24. 25. 28 29 .. Calendar Reverend Tucker makes talk in gym. Postpone six-week's exams because of bus. Rain. Droit Store Bus fell through a bridge. Some people wonder why it doesn't do it more often. ' Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. First Aid Exams. State Tournament. Frances Blackburn enters school. State Tournament. Spring fever. Teachers' meeting. Bill Fletcher started school. taking over off when he enlisted in the Navy. Good Friday holiday. where his brother, Gene, left Why is Thomas Robinson always eating peanuts in English Class. They're not brain food. Six-weeks' exams. Senior Day. Seniors seemed to have had a swell time at Mt. Vernon. Still recuperating. Music Festival. Operetta. Gosh, the juniors are busy decorating the gym. Junior and Senior Banquet. lust 3 more weeks till school is out. Everyone working hard to get speed in typing. jimmy Golliher is having girl trouble again. Some Seniors wondering how they got this far in school. Everyone else is wondering the same thing. George Crawford says he is through with women for life. Honor Day. Baccalaureate Service. . Seniors studying hard for exams. HMMMMMMMMMM Senior exams. Other exams. Commencement exercises. . . .av ....i.:.,jm..a....a . ...uma nc...-..xx.i....q.',..r fb ' ' ,-"YE W: " mi' X1 3: 'ti '?fF5" 1, I i ' 1 u '3 if E if O I 'C CLARK-HAWKINS SETEN HARDWARE CO. HARDWARE CQMPANY Keen Cutter Hardware 113 N. Main street Fe2i2'fgalf,QaQf,ire Harrisburg, Illinois Red Spot Paints Phone 671-R Virginia Soy Beans KELVINATOR ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Compliments of BESS ADAMS r R- C- COLA FLOWERS BOFTLNG COMPANY Eldorado, Illinois Harrisburg, Illinois Best Wishes PETER'S c. CLYDE WEBER CUNFECTIONERY your Friendly Galatia, Illinois Hardware Dealer The Galatia, Illinois "H1'ig1zest Spot in Town" 1 x VVALTER COURTNEY FUNERAL DIRECTOR . . M E Complzmeuts of odern 'quipment For , AMBULANCE 81 FUNERAL OGLESBYS GARAGE SERVICE Galatia, Illinois 4 Phone 86-R-2, Gaiam, 111. 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CLASSES 1944 to SENIORS G. C. H. S. -3 5 Q Q HW! I . -2-V LA' ' La L4 T? 'ilfiw , , V -N A l 1 . . , V .-gs, , 1 v , ,Q-521, K, t . ,,,.,',. ,, ,.,, Y , . b N .- ,, . L.: ' , ', , , . , Qi: A I . . . , f- M- -- V-----V - -- frnz? -' ............. - y P ' THIS' 3' I 'T' f'l.""' ,.,-,......"f1....g-.-.....-....-..,..,-. ,, , ...-..-.,... .....,.. --.., .v .- .. ' . ' M' , '+A' 5' x 1 1 , 1 iw ' ' Tiffiq . . I. 'L 315 L J I " .uw I JE ' I ' 'V " My ,. - M Q! K' 'fv v - '. Q A ' 1 f, ' A H'?!g,LC-f if - ' 13:-1? s7'2fF . .A - . 5 K ,,,w.,l..A ' - . 'Lf 4 l P , I 'Zi-f ' . r ' T1-ns PHOTO ANNUAL ' X " ' - ' . A up Made ,BN V A V Q 1 . 1 V X , . .f J:Ig:,sP1E1'1-1 srumo W -' . i ' ' :.. , , V 51 14,"?'E ' . Eli fffie 1-Lifivf VS, ' - ' f f ' Sig? , . ,A ' I 'f' us' V 5,-Z.3i:.'1, Ah ' L -i gg b A 4 EQ Q ,.11:v K a ' J K V wg. "1 . . fre" W 1.5 ' ...Lil iffy- ' Q H. 544' ' ' f 5' ' I " ', N , 1, ., 1. gg. .4 A 1:,r.:y,gt,f1, . Z1 ,g+-gfk5Q,,'ffx.2,, 1 , , -aw 'Q 5 Q-9: 1, N' .1 .VW , . Li. C -'g rail 4 ' arg. 1 4- 1, ? M El uf- , , 7-,bv .2 . 1 5, Q ., . ,. gf "Q , 1- . , ..-, lk f ' V, Q ' x if 1 gc' 5, 4' , if V 4 X : Hi , N rn, 5 ftl ., ,gy if K-,,,V.',k:. 'Q ,ygyl .K . 1 JL. , , . ,NA Lua. if-, .Q " -svab.-aL.::,5.1LLfL.v 1j,Qh-F " -'2f'un'l' M "' '4'f"1- 'Vw F Q3 N f-'K KX I 'fa fe .la -8 k. -5 Bullcf X 1 .BMJ nff X C Class Prophecy 1 n In the summer of 1970 the class of 1945 of Galatia High School decided to have a reunion, thinking it would be very interesting to see how far the class members had scattered in 25 years. Some fame from almost around the globe to attend. At the air port who should step out of the plane but the former class president, "Red" Maple, with thinning locks and a streak or two of grey but gay as ever. He, after an honorable discharge from the Navy at the close of the war, had gone into Air Express business in Central America and it was rumored that he, still interested in athletics, owned a' large interest in a ball club there. Hardly had that greeting been given till a helicopter settled and out came Major Dale Bond who had continued in the air service all these many years. He was accompanied by his Spanish looking wife. Their home 'was in Texas. Someone overheard Dr. George Crawford say to them, "Hello, Bond!! Sure glad you could come." Then turning to the others. Dr. Crawford explained. "When Major and Mrs. Bond dropped in on us last week end, they feared they couldn't come. Major Bond brought some mosquitoes for my research work." Dr. Crawford has a huge research laboratory in South America. He has helped to make Central Brazil more livable for the white man. A stunning woman walked up and we rubbed our eyes and looked again. Such Parisian clothes and hair dress!! It was Edna Devine-now the wife of a French importer. She had for many years been internationally known for her interior decorations and maintained her studios in New York. We finally closed our gaping mouths, when she called out-"Well kids, say something! ! !" We all laughed at the familiar phrase and expected an introduction to the two men following, but on closer view we recognizd Billy Ray Tate, who had piloted the plane in which they came. and Raymond lordan, who was the mechanic. ' Tate and lordan owned a commerical hangar with 25 planes in which they taxied passengers anywhere in the states. They lived in Brooklyn. Wayman Garner, an engineer, in Yukon. told how they had brought his gold out on dog sleds. He had traveled by train, auto, boat. and finally by plane to attend the reunion. The spectacled Professor, Dr. James Lester Golliher, L.D.D., Ph. D. with a small goatee and cane. strolled up. He was still able to talk. CContinued on next pagej rfiifjiiirif f. fl-.. 'M L: '24'f-.I'.:1.i"7'-asf-fgfiiila-. , ,ng , am. . .jaiwx - .:. Q c--. . 4 54514 F-1 A '!""2'!'j'Wf2'i.f ' iw' 1 if s -S L. . assi I ff? A It . I . -1 Q . .f I-M N,- 1 8' 'c ' is' ' I' I ' 3 at Qs 4 I '12 s u 5: JEL 'J yy. his Class Prophecy Uiiggiegfhar 'L 'E -s' Q.-:Si l 5:3-1' if - . ' fu? "Such scoundrels as are sent to college now!!! Would you believe it! They write on walls. cut up the desks, and scratch Hoors. I never heard of such injhiylglay. But I taught them something. Ha, Ha. Each desk had to be refimshed by the rascal who marred it. XVas not that so, Miss Harris F" he asked liis private secretary, a pert red head, who was none other than Betty Harris. Betty had been his able assistant for many years. A charming woman, meticulously groomed, walked toward us and set us guessing again: but when she laughed, we knew it was Loudean Vinson, for many years a wife a11d mother. She said she had 3 children, and each one was really making his mark in the world. Marv lidna Moore. also wife and mother, said, her oldest son had received a quarter million dollars for his invention in flying family vehicles. A second son had iust published a new novel. jo Ann Moser had married a movie producer and done minor parts in several pictures. She had also written some plays. VVhen someone asked Harold Tate what he had been doing for the past 25 years, he said "Raising Peanuts." Then the boys who in 1945 were in Mrs. Groves English class rushed him, for they were still hungry for peanuts. Harold showed them the jumbo variety which were being used so extensively for plastics. Don Lawrence was also farming, but he was specialing in Show Stock. His cattle had won many national honors and a few international prizes. He said that he had iust imported a Short Horn Bull that had cost 310.000, Just then Laverne Rigsbv, related his dairy experience in Wisconsin. He had 'invented" a new cheese, which was being exported to many other countries. He had also put on the market a new homogenized milk. His dairy herd was composed of 75 fine Holsteins. The pretty, sparkling red head, Ruth Faye Bond, spoke up. "I wish you would send me some milk to Chicago. l'm using sour milk, casein, and cream in my Beauty Salon there. VVe have found milk treatments very beneficial to the skin." Here comes dear old Betty Hoover- ---1-1-. But she will have to tell you the rest of her nam.e. VVe had heard that she and her husband had been in the Orient as missionaries, but Betty said not. She said that they had traveled there, but they were doing Social Service work and also taught v. music . 1. - ,. to the natives. ' " Genevieve Barton- had been in India for several years doing research work among the Indian women. She had helped them to gain some freedom, but she admitted that she had never found out whv the Indian women didn't marry American men. Mary Margaret Small had specialized in raising Collie Sheep Dogs. The Govrnment of Australia had given her dogs great recognition for they were considered the best possible for the great sheep ranchers. Argentina bought dozens of clogs from her every year. Few sheep countries had not imported dogs from the "Small Hill Farm" kennels. 1 4 0 ' l I , N 7-. 4 ',,. .' 5 'i ' .. .,. ., MI..-,. . +4 4gA.,3, Y, .yr 4 if .ir " Last Will and Testament " . ' sri' , - I al' We, the graduating elass, of the Galatia Community High School, county oi - Saline, and state of Illinois, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby makef- publish, and declare this to- be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills heretofore made by ns. . , :ff 5 I, Perry Maple. give, devise, and bequeath my weakness for 'sweet 'and pretty girls to Earl VVilliams. " - - V ' I, Mary Moore, leave my ability to study to Thomas'Robinsqn. ' Q' ' I, Jo Ann Moser, leave with very little of anything. ' i4"g-ff I. Ruth Fave Bond, leave my girlish figure to NOfI1IH,'wIlUS, " ' I I, Betty Ruth Harris, leave my quiet retiring nature to Dorothy"fSri'iiHl1. A S I, Betty Hoover, leave my sweet disposition to Ellen Grace7'ffbneS.i ' ' ' I, Edna Devine, leave hastily in search of NVayman Garner. A rf' ii I. Genevieve Barton, bequeath the best vears,of mvlife to G,Ctl'IiS5'it3ga:' them anyway. ' , ' ' usp " I, Loudean Vinson, leave my love for sailors to gnyoiie Yvith ,svyeetlleartjg 4, in the navv. ' , ' A ' ' 2 I. Iames Golliher, leave my gentle voice to Donald Dunniiliff .V A ' i I H 3 I, Laverne Rigsby, leave my ability to cut afternoon classes to gl , although he doesn't need it. 75 1 9 ' L I I, Billy Tate, leave my excess tonnage to little Qlfob Griggs. ' ,fi I, Harold Tate, leave my love for courgy' ' 3,11 I, XVavman Garner, leave my ability fiiilgfiiiiilelmcmd U . I Weir- 7734- I -f. 5-Q l. Don Lawrence. leave mv sister, loann, t'o'iAarQE, 4 '. I, George Crawford, leave "My Lady Kllligf-teghgigtomp l., ,vf,3'? A' ' 5, -K Jw., uni. I . Q 1, 1 I, Raymond Iordan, leave mv Ford to anvonezivllifwillf- ' .Ii ...AQ . Tc.. A or I.: 1. 8. ,,.. Q.-,:',, U' ., ..,..- 5 l. Dale Bond, leavei--I Hope I Hope! izgp-85,5-,!,' 91"-fYL .3,',,-"-.,,2?' , 1' , Jp if 'ga . L eg ::ei+.'fP'- , I, Albert Trusgnaick, leave the care and lmrotection-'fiE?I'5I5argB..1o I' ,JBmQQ... 3 gg , etcetera. il L' . ,, Q ' ' ' hy - - 1 1 'il' AIC ii 41' if- v WITNlLbSl'.b: '- -'L efgfttsaisfix. .1-' , " Perry Maple "Y figs. -'fi ' I I Edna Devine ' L .I I Loudean Vinson Loudean Vinson ' ji-' t 1 Dale Bond Ruth Faye Bond ' 'imlfff Class Officers Associate .. , . . ,. , . .,: "z 's Q' ' 5 ff" 6 A s .,',.+ + w 2-Z X ' ' 1 ' . Jef I Kg WWW! ff X?fWW'f N fs J V" I Q xX 'b QQ' M X L' ' 6! 'V u U J 5.32 VVV . . -V t- b 'W A ' 0' 'l 1 x W fy! f w if 4, N N 4 .Jay A 1- A ti' ., V. 'Iwi " ' if f . as " 1 ,g.-4 ,..:""' Y In K ' 421' 554 ' . 3' f ,,. ,, , or ' 1 ' Y ' ' A , 1 N . fi: , '-T . , f' , gg .QA 4 b Q ' Q f-" U' 5 K , 5:3 Q' , x 1 . y 1 Q - 1 I Civ.-gf f ' yi V 'X fl ' ' ' "'-f ' Y , ' ' . 4 '55 '15, . ' . f ' ,yy s .V -5- - wr 'P 4 .W ,:, 55. V 'L o if 'X rzfirfzf ik. .4 q gg .. I ,1'..Q 'KS-3' l' A A h my ' 4 Eff ' ,r , Q -V,-" ff? xx 3: - .. gm .. 1 x ,S , 5 I A ,iff 'frm ' ff' HV," ' '1 w , 1- 4, A fm ' 1- ' L, - gg, 1 -HN -mf - ' -.. , 1 ,-4.1 T , . yn 1 "'ff4-5w "- - , ' W X . , VJ , . . 1 -, A 4 V- 1 , -fff 5-,5 , - ' kv ,Q-Q f . X H P Vx tltwiixh - , . X . . x X' , I f' , I , BQ- 1 , ' . , 1 V 1' , , 1 , 1 Xij- , " . .f-i f,-'f .L17 gy 1 .f fTi1'f A 1"Qf5.Lf ' g -'iff' Y . 1 ' f, Us 5, - N ,Q 3 3-.1 X 1 ,. K . ., , ,' ss' . V , 1'- 11P,gf'? 2 , Q ' '- " 'Jai 'i ma -, "4 ' f.2f' f- . 1- " A 5- ' ' v . - ., 'ir ' we p V - X Y. f w' .' . fffxf' ' 15 ' '-1 ' L.. ' iw ' 4 - 1-" lid N . w -A 'I f X ,s:..,grq, - 'yu fi , ' T it f ' X , '- V A L.. , -5,352.4 ,, f , - ' fgyWfw3fffE'??f?EfL , ,451 1 1' ag h , A . 1 f f :, - Y "L ' ' ykx-' ' rw? wg ' ., , f , . 9 . . . - V 'Nj - 'qfaif . if 5,1-43 -'fa .5 - '- I I L" 5, 4 -.Hn 1 W. "-mf. A ,. s a ' 'W' 3n,.Ww 43 lr. ,Y-f vm-. Y 4 Vp, ,Q 1f-. .-a-.... -.. Q. .-L,-Qu-fm ,:f,:sq.skir.3l' I ' "1 - ' ' , i 9- 5

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