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AFS Sponsors Pledge Drive io Finance Exchange Sludenl Taking some lime +o enjoy lhe fruirs of lasl' year's labors, ihe AFS worked wilh an eye on 'rhe fulure. The AFS sponsored an assembly a+ which Keirh Beck, who, Through 'rhe AFS, spenl' lasl summer in Belgium, shared some of his experiences wiih lhe srudenl' body by speaking aboui' his 'frip and showing slides. A+ a second assembly Yara de Carvalho, our GHS ex- change siudenl' from Brazil, spoke aboul' her home- land. Donned in a carnival coslume, Yara relaled some of 'lhe 'rhings which Teenagers in Brazil enjoy, fhe mosi' popular aclivily being 'rhe annual carnival. Looking ahead, lhe club sponsored fund-raising ac- rivilies lo bring a foreign exchange sludenl' lo Gailhersburg nex'l year. In 'rhe fall, members held ihe lradilional bake sale al' home foorball games. Nexi on fheir lisl of fall aclivilies was a successful dance fealuring fhe "Banned." Spring came and so did a pledge drive during which +hey asked srudenls io pledge a dollar or more in order 'lo perpeluale The AFS program. Yara de Carvalho is presenfed a GHS class ring by Mrs. Ward BOTTOM ROW: Brenda Hawkins. Calriona Crawford. Presidenh Jenny Smiih. Vice-Presidenfg Alice Roqers. Secrefary: Becky Befz. Treasurer Marfha Kolsfead. Hisforian: Yara de Carvalho, AFS Siudeni from Brazil. SECOND ROW: Belsy Cavanaugh, Tracy Lee, Liz Panico, Joan Roberl' son, Pauline Olsen, Bonnie Zebuhr. Signe Gales, Sharon'S'raiger, Karen Reinhard. THIRD ROW: Mary Saunders, Kafhy Salladay. Donna Brooks Doug Roof, Keiih Beck, Ross Newman, Dawn Boyer, Vicki Brinkman, Jessie Smirh. TOP ROW: Meredith Horan. Jan Wes'l', Janel Wells Donna Gibson, Barbara Walker. Mariy Hayihorn. Mary Will, Jenna Troulman. Cafhy McTodd, Sally HaskeH'. SGA Rewriies Siudeni Handbook. Helps Improve Cafeieria wwwwynu BOTTOM ROW: Joan Gouqh, Adminislralor of Sporfs and Recreafion: Chris Holmes. Presidenh Marly Hayihorn. Vice Presidenf: Linda Wil son. Adminisfraror of Publicafions. SECOND ROW: Gladys DuVall, Aclivifies Co-ordinarorz Mary Saunders. Secrefary: Polly Olsen, Treas urer. TOP "OW: Joyce Reehling, Adminisfralor of Music and Drama: David Elseroad, Adminisfrafor of Public Properly. As an imporlanl linlc wilh lhe adminislralion, fhe Sludenl Council, occupying new quarlers, conlinued 'ro serve fha sludenl body. They assisfed in preparing for fhe school's evalualion. Under 'rhe leadership of Chris Holmes. several commirrees were sel' up fo deal wilh various problems. One commi'Hee worked wilh 'rhe facully on rhe cafeieria commirlee, which helped +o improve l'he qualify of 'rhe lunches and raised money for cafeleria curlains. A major proiecl was lhe rewriling of 'rhe sludenl' handbook: obsolele passages were delered and new informalion which was perlineni To lhe srudeni body was added. Once again rhe council held many of lheir annual aclivilies. For lhe second year lhey sponsored 'rhe "Gills- for-Giving" proiecr, in which 300 gills were collecfed for menlal pafienis lo give 'rheir families al Chrislmas. They honored rhe parenls of our alhleles by holding a "Dad's Day" during foolloall season and a "Mom's Nigh+" during baskelball and wresfling seasons. Mary Saunders hurriedly finishes copying her SGA minufes. 1 fx 3 I ll 3 l Hey! Fans. l'm here." says Joyce Reelmling s . X S RX s .. ?f Q 5. ,R s se Q A Q s X :wwe Lui . T: 1' Q Linda Wilson seems disfrocfed. buf by whaf? Chris Holmes fakes lime io read conlruband maferial. a Roclcef yearbook. Karen Reehling is 'frying fo convince Amy Noble 'thai' if really was fhis big! Larger Qenale Earnesllg Allacks Increased Qludenl Problems BOTTOM ROW: Diane PaH'on, Chrisiine Windsor, Dianne Lalleur, Marly Hayfhorn, Presidenl: Mike Frank, Vice-Presidenf: Belsy Jacobs, Secrefary-Treasurer: Joan Gloyd. Vicki Toquinlo, John Pofocko. SECOND ROW: Liz Panico, Corliss Prime-vera, Susie Schlaqer, Sharon Roberfs, Kendra Hall, Val Leer, Kalhy Boland, Paula Fink, Connie Rippeon, Sue Alcox. THIRD ROW: Roberf McMullen, Jenny Smilh, Pam Neel, Sue Brodf, Missy Mead, Karen Faunfleroy, Calriona Crawford, Shelley Spaulding, Terry Grimes, Priscilla Cram, Jackie McDonough, Kalhy Salladay, Pam Toquinfo. TOP ROW: Greg Nichols, Sam Fang, Tommy Burdefle, Jim Hensel, Siu Wrenn, Waller Hurley, Keilh Beck, Allen Winfer, Paul Lefebure, Skeel Savage. Spencer Ward, Jim Wilkerson. Secrefary Belsy Jacobs is busy keeping up wilh 'ther business al hand. ff Vw, A . 5 A ?iQs ,, xi K x wgsii 2 QQ' T 75- i P-lk sv s fy if. 3 s. X Shelley Spaulding finds Senafe business amusing. sf . Ns F 'S , 4 Sophomore Senafors Sam Fang and Spencer Ward lisien inTenTly. l Senafe meeiings enable sophomore. iunior, and senior senaTors To e TogeTher and express Their opinions. NoT only was The Senare larger This year, buT iT was also more acTive. The 46-member sTudenT organizaTion goT Things done. They sTarTed The year by planning a week's homecoming acTiviTies which included class-spirii' days. a bonfire, a parade. and a dance. NOT conTenT wiTh iusT one success, They 'forged ahead and helped The sTudenT council revise The sTudenT handbook. When ChrisTmas rolled around, They swepT inTo acTion again and helped The sTudenT council in Their GiTTs-for-Giving proiecT. ln The spring They Took To The greaT ouT-of-doors and had The school sTudenT parking loT repaired. Minor problems concerned The locaTion of The Trojan plaque and The new Trophy case. The Troian plaque was placed on The wall in N Corridor: The Trophy case will be locaTed in The gym area. As a minoriTy speaking Tor a maioriTy, Through homeroom elecTions, They aired sTudenT problems and compIainTs and formed an imporTanT link beTween The sTudenTs and adminisTraTion. i ff if if 0 g s 'kg QR.-vvwi T1 Senafe members reqisTer differenT reaciions To The Topic being discussed. BOTTOM ROW: Liz Panico. David Snyder. Coordinalor: Sleve Davis. Joan Wallcins. SECOND ROW' K W 'flu' J S 1-h Phl Wilkerson, Sleve Murad. THIRD ROW: Mark McCalhran. Paul While. Milne Brevard, Gary Linlon. John CZlIarlhcka.aTOrl:'R5ix1?I BobnHydorh Tommy Linlhicum. Marshall Smill1, Marshall Mason. James Moore. AV Iniliales Girls info lhe World ol' Film Projeclion For lhe lirsl lime, lhe AV Club added girls lo ils roslrum. Under lhe supervision ol Miss Culolla. lhe Audio Visual Club was busy assisling leachers by selling up proieclors, making minor service repairs on lhe AV equipmenl, and showing lilms. ln Oclober. along wilh lhe Library Club, lhe club sponsored a dance al which Genlleman Jim Madison ol Radio slalion WPGC was lhe masler ol ceremonies. To earn enough money lor new equipmenl, lhe club also sold Trojan pens and pencils. The AV club members proved invaluable nol only by aiding leachers, bul also by coordinaling sound and lighling al school assemblies. al dances. and al lhe Follies. AV Club members work wilh various lypes of equipmenl. DECA Members Pui Classroom Training fo Use on Jobs Whal is DECA? ll is lhe Dislribulive Educalion Clubs of America. a nalion-wide youih organizalion operaled ihrough public schools. DECKS aim is io 'rrain luiure leaders for careers in dislribuling, managing, and markel- ing. The lwenfy-seven DECA members sludied a half day and mainlained parf-lime iobs lhal' complemenled 'lheir academic lraining. Through lhese jobs, sruclenls gained experience in lheir occupalions by applying aclual skills and concepls learned in DE classes. Selling adverlising space in lhe fooiball program provided lhe club wiih enough funds lo send lheir members +o a conlesl in Ballimore 'lo compeie wilh olher DE sludenis from across The counlry in a public speaking conleslz The DECA mem- bers were also aclive during DECA week in November and pui up a display lo explain 'lheir organizaiion lo l'he resi of ihe siudenl body. '53-if? I Mr. Ouelel' lisls ihe qualifies of a good salesman 1? BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Ouelel, Advisor:,Jeff Harlwick, Presidenl: Julia Moore, Wanda Lawlhorne. Vice Presiclenlg Bill Rufledge. Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Margarel Howard. Barbara Rilchie. Susan Deadwily. Secrefaryg Berlha Poole THIRD ROW: Larry Burdelfe. Frank Nickens, Harry Turner. Wilberl Morris. TOP ROW: Jim Beniamin. Wesley Brown Roscoe Cullop. Frank Tucker. Jack Cole. Acfive Keg Club Rides Donkegs. Dances al Ball, Selecls Sweelheari BOTTOM ROW: Keifh Beck, Terry Germon. Dick Cissel, Don Will, Allen Winrer. SECOND ROW: Paul Lefebure, Bill Kearns, Philip Winler, Charles Bond, Brian Lowry. John Taylor. THIRD ROW: Greg Spaulding. Ed Beckman, Brian Knode, Jeff Noble. Jim Bleadingheizer, Gary Burner. TOP ROW: Na+ Hicks, Ken Rollins, Mark Jordan, Danny Ward, Marly Hayihorn, Fred Averill. By funclioning ihrough several commiilees wiihin ihe club. lhe Kiwanis-sponsored Key Club combined service fo lhe school and communify, fund raising, and social highlighis for an aclive and profilable year. The proieci commillee devised means of raising money. such as selling peanul brillle, selling soil drinks ai home baskeiball games, and sponsor- ing a donkey baskeiball game belween 'lhe facully and club members. These money-making eflorls culminaled in ihe presenlalion of a scholarship 'ro a gradualing senior. The social commiiiee also planned evenis for ihe enioymeni of ihe club, one of which was lhe annual hayride. ln adclifion 'rhey planned lhe Key Club Ball in cooperalion wilh The Keyeiles, which 'rhis year was held in March insfead of on ihe iradiiional mid-semesler dale. A new even? on lhe club social calendar was ihe seleclion of lhe Key Club Sweefhearl. Brenda l-logsion rep- resenled ihis chapler and weni on 'lo be chosen Dislricf Sweelhea r+. BOTTOM ROW: Officers: Don Will, Presidenlg Brenda Hogslon, Sweeihearl: Dick Cissel, Secreiary. SECOND ROW: Terry Germon. Sergeanf af Arms: Allen Winier, Treasurer. TOP ROW: Phil Winler. Senior Represeniafiveg Bill Kearns. Junior Represenlafive: Jeff Noble. Sophomore Represenfafive. Key Clubbers show unusual form. Terry Germon flwinks, "Oh, wha+ I could do wilh all fha? money!" K 5 gm 1 b we Xu ,Q M kn , 535.639 ' K Y . ' xf - .u ex - "i,.mw1S ' - , , i A - A A l A KS - E, 5 Sffw 3 A.-Q in Mark Jordan, Ed Baclcman, Allen Winier, Marfy Haylhorn, and Brian Knocle raid The colces. Boy! Our visifors sure are messy people! . BOTTOM ROW: Belly Alvord, Carolyn Duvall, Margaref Gray, Mary Carier, Greichin Phillips. SECOND ROW: Todd Siewari, Brenda Prather Elsie Howard. Beiiy Nolan. Noel Marshall. Carolyn Taylor. THIRD ROW: Linda Gassaway. Debbie Wafers. Louis Greene. Buich Curhs Gloria Talley. Billie Poole. Norma Young. TOP ROW: Roy Davis. Gladys Duvall. Gene Dyson, John Claqqeff. Doris Joppy. Sandra Demar Rhoda Frazier. Pafrols Aid Movemeni oi' Siudenis Through Halls, on Buses X. . .. - 'eeeiu-.A X s ' a -,....,.W...eW-K 3 'W on 2 l B Confusion in ihe halls during The year was lcepi ro a minimum by 'ihe Pairols. On The iob beiween every class, ihey eliminafed numerous iraffic iams Making sure siudenis boarded buses and rode To school in an orderly manner lcepl The bus pairols busy. Pairols' clu'l'ies also included +he raising of ihe flags before school. Sponsored by Mr. Charles Brady, fhe organizaiion proved +o be a greai assel' 'ro The school. As a re ward for rheir many services. ihey were given 'Free admission io an Oriole-Senaior baseball game and were honored a+ ihe Pairol Chrisimas Pariy and 'rhe Palrol Picnic. Profiis made from lhe December dance were used for needed equipmenl' and for iransporia lion lo 'lheir aciiviiies. "Gene Dyson, whaf's fhe big idea making me walk all ihe way around?" fhinks Michelle Camp. Humorous Poelrg Enirg Places Flrsi ai Speech Tournamenl "Resolved: Thar lhe Foreign Aid Program of lhe Uniled Slales Should Be Limiled 'lo Non-Mililary Assislancen was lhe Topic debaled al ihe lhree counly speech lournamenls. Under lhe direclion of Mrs. Mary Wallhall. sludenls deloaled bofh lhe aflirma+ive and lhe negalive aspecls of The subiecl. During public speaking classes. 'rhe opposing sides debaled each olher for praclice and lhen wenl on lo 'rhe lournamenfs for inlerscholaslic compelifion. Through research. logic, and hard worlc. l'he parlici- panrs in loofh junior varsily and varsily debaling won many rounds of lheir debales. Nor only did sludenls debale, bul' many enlered individual evenls, from exlemporaneous speaking 'lo dramalic inlerprelalion. Joyce Reehlinq caplured for Gailhersburg lhe 'firsl-place award in humorous poelry. Parlicipanls who received lwenly-five poin'l's or more in lhe lhree lournamenrs were inducred in'l'o 'lhe Nalional Forensics League. Cafhy Jones quesfions Mary Saunders during a pracfice debafe. as Hallie Lemonl looks on. BOTTOM ROW Sue Brodl' Sherry Rogers Valerie Leer Susie Schlager Liz Pamco. SECOND ROW: Allen Winler, Jody Creaser, Calhy Jones. Cindy Hayward Karen Reinhard Ross Newman THIRD ROW Joyce Reehling Anna Gary. Mary Saunders. Louis Mitchell. Valerie Terrell. TOP ROW Cafruona Crawford Hallie Lemonf Marly Haylhorn Marlha Kolsfad Charlie Bond. Monihlg Ediiions of Blue and Gold Keep Qiudenis Informed Working hard To meeT monThly deadlines, The Blue and Gold sTaTT provided an accuraTe record of school acTiviTies. Through The combined eTTorTs of The sTaTT and The iournalism class, The sTudenTs were presenTed wiTh The deTails oT all school projecTs. FeaTures and humorous arTicles brighTened The sTu- denTs' days, while ediTorials and leTTers To The ediTor inspired Them To beTTer Their school. PhoTographers, hoping To Tind a scoop. were oTTen seen snapping candid picTures of sTudenTs in Their daily acTiviTies or aT special evenTs. The reTurn To The newsprinT sTyle of paper TaciliTaTed The publicaTion of The paper and added To iTs aTTracTiveness. ProTiTs from The dance held in SepTember aided in financing The paper. N-S,,'i Under The guidance of Mrs. Molly Chris+ie, The sTaTf made The sale of The Blue and Gold an evenT looked forward To by all. While CaThy Jones and Mrs. Chrisfie are examining The Blue and Gold, CaThy is disTracTed by The Sail On phoTographer. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Cole, Signe GaTes, EdiTor in Chief: Kay Walker. AdverTising Edi+org Chris Holmes. SporTs EdiTor: Valerie Terrell, Copy Edilorg Joan Gloyd. SECOND ROW: HeaTher Reid. Susie Schlager, Janie Nicholson. Kendra Hall, Chris Clauser, MarTha Cofer, KaThy Sales. THIRD ROW: NeTTie Heffner, Ed Beckman, Margie Field, Joyce Reehling, Louis Mifchell, Janice Beranek. PaT Gorman. TOP ROW: Becky Belrz. Barbara Walker, Mike Frank, Rodney Driver, CirculaTion Manager: David Snyder, Hallie LemonT,CaThy Jones. Enrich School Life wilh Precise News. Enlighiening Fealures Si ne Gales Edilor in Chief. decides headline sizes for arlicles fo be Janice Beranek finally persuacles Diane Cooley lo buy The Blue and Gold. Karen Reehling searches 'lhrough her papers for her missing sfory. Q i in lhe nexl- issue. Before sfarling 'their sales campaigns, Louis Milchell and Calhy Jones check The paper for lheir slories. I37 Librarg Club Assisis Librarians. Sell Trojan Boosier Pins i i While learning basic library skills, lhe Library Club members assisled lhe librarians in doing daily lasks. Managing 'rhe charge desk. shelving books. filing, and puHing up bullelin board displays were some of 'lheir many services +o lhe school. By aiding 'lhe li- brarians 'lhey helped lhe lnsiruclional Ma'l'erials Cen- l'er +o operale eflicienily. Under lhe sponsorship of Miss Belly Culo+'ra. Jrhe club par'ricipa'red in regional and sl'a+e library club organizalions. Giving a 'faculfy +ea during Naiional Library Week in April was one ol lheir many ac- 'rivil'ies. Along wilh +he Audio-Visual Club lhey held a dance and sold pens. pencils, and Troian boosler pins. Al' The end ol 'rhe year. +he club gave each gradualing member a book of his or her own choice. Library assislanls Jody Creaser and Jeanne Dillard help sludenfs check our books. i XJ BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Simms. Karen Grigg. Sara King. l38 Belrly Hebron . TOP ROW: Jody Creaser, Josephine Franklin. Jeanne Dillard BOTTOM ROW: Jenna Troufman, Chaplain-HisTorian: Jane Worlnnger SecreTary Brenda Hogsfon Presldenf Margie Field Vice Presidenl' Marie Thompson. Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Susan Phair. Brenda Hawkins THIRD ROW Linda ZarnsTroTT Donna SToTIer Julie RecTor Susan TiTringTon. FOURTH ROW: Anne Wheeler, JaneT Wells, Nancy GarreTT Brenda Nicholson Ann English FTA Speakers Elaboraie on Various Types of Educahon MeeTing every oTher Wednesday was a lively group of sTudenTs, all sharing a common inTeresT in The qualiTicaTions oT a successful Teacher. Members of The Maxwell E. BurdeHe chapfer of The FuTure Teachers oT America, named Tor a Tormer principal, heard a graduaTe oT GaiThersburg and a guesT spealc- er Trom Rock Terrace School elaboraTe on special and high school educaTion. The club planned To visiT The Maryland STaTe School Tor The Deaf in Frederick in The spring, To observe Teachers and The special meThods employed in Teaching deaf sTudenTs. On April l5, several club represenTaTives-aTTended The convenTion in Maryland Tor TuTure Teachers. The proTiTs Trom Their dance held in The Tall were used To Tinance The club's acTiviTies. This year one of The club members, Karen Reehling, served as secreTary oT MCAFTA. Brenda HogsTon. presidenT, lisfens as Karen Reehling explains The deTails of The MCAFTA BanqueT. BOTTOM ROW: Amy Noble. Joyce Reehling. Presidenlg Terry Fanlone, Chuck Smilh. Mike Frank. Bob Hydorn. Charlie Bond. Mary Saunders. Secrefary-Treasurer: Liz Panico. Vice Presidenf. SECOND ROW: Cafhy Soles, Valerie Leef. Kaye King. Mary Lynn Magee, Margo Linihicum, Beisy Capps. Ruih Ann Burdefle. Libby Bizzell. Sally O'Neil. THIRD ROW: Chris Clauser. Jane? Wesf, Fred Neei. Gerry Linlon. Pam Neff. Mike Brevard. Greg Spalding. Shelley Spaulding. Kiffy Bradley. Martha Cofer. FOURTH ROW: Wendy Troufman. Paul While. Tom Linihicum. Ken Rollins. Brad Speare. David Snyder. Jenna Troufman. Sally Haskeil. Missy Mead. Sharon Richardson. Chris Van Scolf. TOP ROW: Susie Schlager. Susan Kemp. Gloria King. Linda Phillips. Charlene Reed. Susan Pifman. Healher Reid. Joan Gloyd. Caihy Smilh. Sharon Hanvey. Diane PaHon. Trojan Plagers Successfullg Produce Firsi Drama, 'Laura' "Who killed Laura Hunl'?" This quesiion kepl' everyone on l'he edge of his sea+ as lhe Troian Players. for 'rhe firsl lime. by-slepped comedy and presenied ihe murder mys'l'ery Laura 'For iheir annual fall produciion. An exlensive use of sound effecis added suspense and realism 'lo lhe producfion. E ln addilion +0 Laura. 'rhe Drama Club for ihe fiffh consecu+ive year presenled 'rhe Junior-Senior One-ACT Play Feslival. The Thespian irophies were awarded af 'rhe conclusion of lhe nighl's performance. A Trophy was also given 'lo lhe senior who had conlribuled ihe mosl 'lo dramaiics. Troian Players and drama siudenls. Jrhrough work in 'rhe drama class, gained bofh knowledge and experience in all phases of ihe +hea+er. Linda Slanifer liffs a fwo-'lon weighl in a panlomime for ihe drama class. Yara de Carvalho slrepfically awaifs finished proclucf 'sm J li"s your line," whispers Charlie Bond as he nudges Terry Fanfone. N-sv if Members of fhe casf of Laura lisfen inlenlly for 'rlweir cues, "Thaf's all righf. dear. Tell me who fool: your lollipop." Tournamenls. Inlramurals Afford 'Praohoe for Chess Fans Tripling i+s membership over l'he pasl year and emerging wilh a hosl of skilled and seasoned players, rhe Chess Club had a mosl' prolilable year. Under +he direcrion of Mr. Arlhur Marlin. bolh novice, and advanced players had lhe opporrunily lo enioy 'rhe merils of rhe age-old sporl of playing chess. New parficipanls learned and slored away valuable srralegies and approaches lo lhe game wilh every win and loss. For 'rhe "old pros." a chance fo malch wils and 'rechniques wilh one anolher provided a fascinaling paslime. Fealure allraclions for The lhirly members were a meer wirh lhe laculry, marches among lhemselves. and regular inlramurals wilh olher schools. kn....., ....., ITL""-'S'-'T-4 f as John Rose conlemplafes whal' sirelegy lo use agamsl' his experienced opponenf. Pele Livnngsfon BOTTOM ROW: Don Hargreaves. Treasurer: Marie Thompson. Presidenl: Sam Fang Vice Pre idenl' Joan Walluns Secrelary SECOND AROW: Nancy Simms. Bonnie Ulmer. Viclci Brinlcman. Bruce McConoughey, Krislie Hargreaves John Rose Anne Brooks THIRD ROW Gorden Beglin. Scofl' Palmer. Kevin Marshall. Ed Beckman. Philip Winter. Susan Worlunger Sleve Davis TOP ROW Dicl: Evans Jenna Trouf man. Waller Haxfon. Pefe Livingsfon. Ed Blunf, Darryl Toms. Wendy Troufman. Scoll Campbell BOTTOM ROW: Susan Rifchie. Treasurer: Siu Wrenn. Presidenl Jack Cofer Vice Presndenf Roger Sears Secrefary SECOND ROW Anne Brooks. Sieve Murad. Jeff Marks. Ed Beckman. Danny Weddle Brian Petrie John Rose THIRD ROW Nancy Simms Greg Spalding Bernard Popperf, Sieve Newhouse. Paul While, Pele Menis. Sieve Davis Scoff Palmer TOP ROW Sam Fang Tum Bowling John LeCompte Brad Speare. Wally Hurley. John Hrasar. Pele Livingsfon. Fufure Qcieniisi Sponsor Previews of Progress Assemblg Nor only of in'l'eresi' To fulure scienlisis, buf also io 'the enlire sludenr body was The General Molors Assembly. "Previews of Progress." sponsored by 'lhe Fulure Scieniisis of America Chapler. Mr. Sieve Gain, fhe narra+or of the assembly. exhiloiled 'lhe designs for an air-cushioned vehicle and presenied lhe wonders of a gyroscope and lhe powers of a iel engine. Members of +he club were encouraged +o parlici- pale in i'he counly Science Fair held in lhe spring. Sfudenfs' proiecfs fhai won an award a+ +he 'fair were enrered in fhe s+a+e compeliiion. Under +he leader- ship of Siu Wrenn and fhe direclion of Mr. James Schweiizer. ihe club explored all phases of science Thai inleresfed Them bul' were mosl impressed by a leclure from an areo-physicisl' from lhe Naiional Aeronaulics and Space Adminisirafion. "Gee, l didn'+ know 'rhai'!" exclaims Wally Hurly fo Jack Cofer BOTTOM ROW: Ken Shoemalcer, ParliamenTarian: Charles Gregory. SenTinel: Sam King. PresidenT: Ronnie Embrey. Vice Presidenh Joe Kavanagh, SecreTary: Danny Kessell. Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Mr. James Pope. Advisor: JoAnn Dorsey. STanley SuTphin. Jessie Doody. Kendra Hall, Mr. David Miller. Advisor. THIRD ROW: Donald Gosnell. Harry Gregory, RoberT Bradshaw, Larry Bradshaw. Michael MaTThews, Fred Walker. Earl HarringTon. TOP ROW: Ronnie Hoover, Roy Miller. Richard Floolc. Ronnie Price. Tom AllnuTT. Nick Higgins. Fred Lechlider. FFA Receives Gold Emblem for 0uTsTanding AchievemenT For The TirsT Time, girls parTicipaTed in FFA ac- TiviTies on The local level. These girls were members of eiTher The horTiculTure or agriculTure classes. ln OcTober, FFA presidenT Sam King represenTed The group aT The NaTional ConvenTion in Kansas CiTy, Missouri. where The chapTer received The cov- eTed Gold Emblem Award. The chapTer parTicipaTed in The Frederick LivesTock Judging ConTesT. held iTs annual baslceTball TournamenT, landscaped areas on The school grounds. and conducTed a saTeTy cam- paign. Throughoui- iTs acTiviTies, The FFA kepT iTs purposes in mind: To develop leadership, good ciTizen- ship, and agriculfural skills. s a n .Q X3 5 1525 , B. l Mr. James Pope and Sam King. president display momenToes from The NaTional FFA ConvenTion. The FFA's many acTiviTies are represenTed in The show case during FFA Week. A A. Members of the Horficullure class. supervised by Mr. David Miller, help prepare 'rhe oufside of fhe school for evcluaiion by lending 'rhe lawn. "Maybe I oughf fo sandblasi if." fhinlzs Ken Shoemaker. The FFA, aciive in all phases of school life, enlered a floal in lhe Homecoming parade. Fred Lechlider helps af homecoming by driving a fraclor. "Gee, one more hit oughl' io do if." thinks Nicl: Higgins. Newly Formed Kegeiles Help Keg Club Preseni March Ball The Keyelle Club. which is sponsored by 'rhe Ki-Wives of Gailhersburg and direcled by Mrs. Mary Ann Davis. was eslablished lhis year as a service organizalion +o bofh 'fhe school and lhe communily. Proving 'rhe worlhiness of fheir group. The Keyelles assisled The Key Club in presenfing 'lhe March Ball. a+ which Belsy Jacobs was crowned l'he reigning queen. The girls showed 'lheir enlhusiasm lhrough +he money-raising proiecl of collecling 1'he deposils on Coca Cola bollles. While lhe sale of baskelball pro- grams made a profil for fhe club. Jrhe programs also assisled l'he baslcelball fans. The seriousness of 'lhe ' Keyelles was evidenl lhrough lheir efforfs 'ro care for " Q 'rhe special educalion sludenls who wailed a+ our school for buses. Ofher services lo 'rhe school in- 5 cluded beaulifyinq many bullelin boards and aiding MB ' 'g leachers in 'lheir afler-school dulies. ' - e iiii ' 553. 3 f Madeline Knoebel. Kalhy Salladay. and Bonnie Zebuhr lisfen lo decoralion plans for +he March Ball. l....J .J BOTTOM ROW: Linda Hershey. Paula Fink. Sally Broschari. Dawn Boyer, Pam Silliman. Mary Cox. Judy Boqley. Sue Cole. Healher Reid. SECOND ROW: Debbie Garrison. Jackie McDonough. Sandy Wilson. Debbie Lasko. Kafhy Salladay. Donna Brooks. Jan Superlra. Bonnie Zebuhr, Calhy Soles. THIRD ROW: Micky Mead. Norma Young. Brenda Nicholson. Diana Poole. Palsy Healy. Wendy Troufman. Anne Wheeler. Marcia Speck. Jane Anne Griffith. Joan Walker. FOURTH ROW: Linda Doyle. Michelle Camp. Diane Densock. Carol Davis. Barbara Walker. Mary Will. Janel Wesf. Valery Widener. Cindy Young, Kay Walker. Sally O'Niel. TOP ROW: Susan Pifman. Charlene Linnell. Lynn Prafher. Linda Tomlinson. Kalhy Lancasler. Rulh Player, Kaye King. Madeline Knoebel. Martha Coler. Priscilla Cram. Donna Magruder. Amy Noble. l Befsy Jacobs. Queen of fhe March Boll. dances wifh her escorf. David Rippeon. f ,gf KeyeH'e members decorafe flue cafeferia fables before fhe dance. QQ? OFFICERS. BOTTOM ROW: Dawn Boyer. Presideni: Pam Silli- man, Vice Presidenh Sally Broscharf, Secreiaryg Mary Cox. Treas- urer. SECOND ROW: Joan Walker, Sophomore Represenlaiivez Jackie McDonough. Junior Represenlaiiveg Connie Wood. Senior Represenfaiive: Debbie Laslco. Freshman Represenhative: Amy Noble, Acfivifies Represenfafiveg l-lee+l1er Rei-d, Blue and Gold Represenfalive. Sandy Wilson mops lhe floor affer fha overflow of flue founfain. Medical Careers Club Believe Experience Is Besl Teacher Aided by 'lhe addilion of lhe ninlh graders, lhe Medical Careers Club expanded iis aclivilies. Under l'he clireclion of Mrs. Palricia Grani, members learned basic skills involved in The field of medicine. For 'Firsl' hand iniormalion 'lhey visiled hospiials. They also viewed films and had guesi speakers al' some of lheir meelings. Besides helping The nurse, The girls also found 'lime for ol'h'er school aclivilies. They eniered a floal in The Homecoming compelifion. They raised funds by holding bake sales lhroughour l'he year. Club members who were gradualing received bandage scissors as a sign of achievemenr on 'rhe road io a medical career. c v r -Seisssw . ads MCC members work diligenily on 'lheir Homecoming float 'J 1 "l 'lhoughl you said 'lhis wouldn'l hurl!" exclaims Janice Beranek. .. f BOTTOM ROW: Mary Lou Sell. Secrelary: Linda Bleadingheiser, Presidenl: Diana Umberger. Vice Presidenf: Lois Keibler. Treasurer SECOND ROW: Wanda Collins. Peggy Sims. Peggy Jones, Sharon Hanvey. Linda Lowe. Julia Warlhen. THIRD ROW: Jean Small Linda Phillips, Bonnie Zebuhr. Suzelfe Modzell. Linda Musse. Sherry Pleasanfs. TOP ROW: Susan Worlringer. Barbara Musser. Kafhy Salladay Dawn Boyer. Rila Keibler. Nancy Painler. Janice Beranek. Marilouise Penn. F? BOTTOM ROW: Don Hargreaves. Jenna Troulman, John Rose. Don Will. TOP ROW: Eric Brandenburg. Siu Wrenn. Scott Wallon. Jacl: Cofer. Maih Club Solves Equaiions ai Counlg lnlerscholaslic Meels "lf I0'y:25: lhen I0-y:?" This was one of lhe easier problems lhe Malh Club encouniered al lhe inlerscholaslic meels. Seniors. having lhe ad- vaniage of insiruclion in lnlroduclory Analysis. were leading parficipanlsg however, oulslanding malhe- malicians from +he iunior and sophomore classes made valuable conlribulions. Along wilh The guidance of Mr. Sieve Checlcon, lhe leam also had anoiher 'facior working for Them lhis yearg several girls from lhe malh classes were "cheerleaders," helping ihe club by always being presenf wi'lh "food for l'houghl." ln several ioinl meelings wilh 'lhe Science Club, 'lhe Malh Club also had lhe pleasure of lislening 'ro guesl' speakers. Dave Elseroad lakes ouf his fruslralion on his lhumb. R .1-Q-wmma,.,,. Baci: lo back. Eric Brandenburg and Jack Cofer wish fhey could confer on a problem during a malh meer. Cheerleaders Change io New Uniforms. Cheers. Sponsors VARSITY CHEERLEADERS KNEELING Lois Fisher Capfam TOP ROW Frannie Bowman, Sally Broscharf. Brenda Hogslon. Margie Field Cheerleading af GHS fool: on a new look fhis year. Fashion-conscious as ever.. 'lhe varsify squad olofained new winfer uniforms wifh The help of 'lhe Pep Club. However, new uniforms were no+ fhe only difference. Under fheir new sponsor. Miss Jean Pence. lhe girls experimenfed wifh new sfyles of cheers and rearranged old favorifes fo accommo- dafe eighf girls insfead of fhe fradifional nine. The wresfling cheerleaders slarled fheir second year wilh changes foo. Under 'rhe leadership of a new sponsor, Mrs. Caferina Beim, fhey increased fheir squad fo seven girls and added a mascof. The JV cheerleaders were composed of six girls. Under fheir new sponsor. Mrs. Sharon Freyfag, fhey helped fo publicize JV foolball games and added a mascof fo cheer wilh fhem during baslcefball season. Through all of fhese changes. fhe girls refained fheir spirif and helped arouse enfhusiasm for many phases of 'lhe Troians' exfra- curricular aclivifies. They found fime no'l' only fo work for ofhers. loul' also managed a few fund-raising acfivifies for fhemselves. ln +he fall 'lhey sponsored 'rhe firsl' band dance of fhe year and sold Trojan beanies and pens. JV CHEERLEADERS TOP TO BOTTOM: Michele Camp. Alice Rogers, Capfain: Duane Poole. Pam Silliman. Liz Panico, Penny Calloway. Ye' if W, SVR w if fat' 'Q N X a 3 I ti 5 XX! 1, xl .sig W 1 . ,Lv stef: :g-.Lm1,n:xL I L01 Q fs U f N x J I N gm eg fi gg, f Aix? Q Q KK 5- x ' Kwxf Qi 'xp ,M 2 if -,N - Q v xx xy 5 'A f N MN Nm M X Eiy 6 X 1, si I x 'YG' 'FE 5 3 G, ,R H K Q gm 0 7.x a 6 .Q . FG S Q G' S N. BOTTOM ROW: Frannie Bowman. Mary Grace Broscharl. Jackie McDonough. Lois Fisher. Linda Wilson. Presidenf: Louis Milchell. Vice Presidenl: Sue Brodl. Secrelary: Margie Field. Belsy Jacobs. Brenda Hogsfon. Sally Broscharl. SECOND ROW: Janie Nicholson. Kalhy Smilh. Carolyn Taylor, Julia Warlhen. Belsy Cavanaugh. Pal' Gorman. Carolyn Duvall. Sherry Pleasanls, Sue Phillips, Pam Toquinfo. Belinda Deeds. Libby Bizzell. THIRD ROW: Debbie Walers, Bonnie Zebuhr. Debbie Garrison. Joyce Hargell. Linda Frazier. Suzanne Schullz. Janice Beranek. Jan Bishop. Dawn Boyer. Nila O'Brien. Jody Creaser. Connie Milsilias. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Lasko. Cindy Young, Linda Doyle. Mary Will. Phyllis Weed. Doug Roof. Angelo Orelli. Eric Brandenburg. Calhy Camp. Barbara Walker, Andrea Gibbs. Pal Learnan. Marlha Tapscoll. TOP ROW: Brenda Hawkins. Suzanne Rose. Suzanne Limparis. Noel Marshall. Pal' Lowe. Ellen Monfgomery. Suzanne Lowe. Linda Measell, Lynda Bizzell, Loreffa Bizzell, Carol Brown. Linda Brown. Pep Club Places Firsl in Homecoming Floal Compelilion Homecoming's 'Firsl' place floar lrophy was award- X ed 'ro rhe Pep Club for 'lheir floal depicling a Trojan warrior and his chariol. Al every foolball game volunreers from lhe club sold programs con- ii raining our players' piclures. The prolils from lhe sale of lhese programs were given lo The alhlelic lundp The club also donaled money lo lhe cheer- leaders for ihe purchase of new uniforms. ln lhe L'il Abner lradirion. The Pep Club sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Dance. The lucky lickel' holder al lhe dance received as a door prize an "oulhouse door." Some of The club's olher acliviries included arousing Troian Backers and selling Bolnlles of School Spiril. Advised by Mr. Hans Gaussman and presided over by Linda Wilson, The club mel' every Thursday lo devise new melhods ol boosling school palriolism. The Pep Club's prize winning lloal' passes before lhe sfands. D X C X x - Q 5 QRS 51 Niwmqmmwdk ' or Dianne Bradbury and Belsy Cavanaugh prepare refreshmenfs for weary Pep Clubbers. o , g Q A Q .. Pep Club members cheer 'rhe Troians fo a viclory over Waller Johnson. Louis Mifchell. vice president lislens enfhusiaslically fo suggesfions concerning flue forfhcoming progecir. 9 Presidenf Linda Wilson and Louis Mifcluell check role before slarling flue meeling. J ,a -t. . .359 , 5 ia D ff. J' iv l X f, 'T 3-M e M 5:2 S G N .3 I be E DRILL TEAM BOTTOM: Bren- da Lifka, Capfain. SECOND ROW: Linda Sfanifer. Kafhy Boland. TOP ROW: Judy O'Neil. Wanda Hein. MAJORETTES BOTTOM ROW: Linda Walker. Capfcin. SECOND ROW: Mary Cox. BeH'y Lou Schaeffer. TOP ROW: Linda Leonard. Karen Fcunfleroy. Majoreiies and Drill Team Perform ai Bonfire Pep Rallies Performing regularly af half-fime during foofball games were fhe Maioreffes and Drill Team. The Maioreffes also performed af baskefball games. Their presenfafions added spark fo fhe Homecoming bon- fire and spirif fo fhe school pep rallies. Under fhe guidance of fheir adviser. Miss Barbara Hill, fhe club sponsored a "Friday Nighf Maioreffe Dance." Proceeds from fhis dance were used fo buy uniforms for all fhe girls, including fhe alfernafes who were added fo fhe regular squad lafer. Anofher parf of fhe half-fime performance was provided by fhe Drill Team. Wearing blue and whife uniforms. fhey carried fhe sfafe. counfry, and school flags af fhe foofball pre-game ceremonies. Sponsored by Miss Frieda Price, 'l'he six girls on fhe squad marched in The Gaifhersburg Labor Day Parade and fhe Befhesda Chrisfmas Parade. They also feafured fhe Sfardusfers af a dance in April for fheir year's money-making proiecf. BOTTOM ROW: Jeanne Garfner. Bob Newhouse. Bill Kearns, Clyde Sfup. SECOND ROW: Marlc Ellis. Fred Barneffe. Tony Ahalf. Ma rl: Jordan. Claudeffe Owens. THIRD ROW: Eric Berry. Toni Marshall. Larry Heifmuller. Tom Winkler. Sfeve Newhouse. TOP ROW: Sfeve Hayes. Sfu Wrenn. Siardusiers Add Sparkle io Assemblies. School Producfions Spreading fheir falenfs far and wide, fhe Sfar- clusfers performed af numerous evenfs during fhe school year. They provided a jazzy beginning and end fo fhe Homecoming Talenf Show and many assemblies. During fhe few franfic weelcs before Follies, fhey pracficed nearly every morning, memo- rizing numerous scores for fhe producfion. ln fhe midsf of preparing for Follies, fhe Sfardusfers were honored by being asked 'lo perform af fhe Sunday dinner for fhe evaluafors. Somewhere in befween en- gagemenfs, fhey found fime fo prepare and polish selecfed numbers for fheir winfer and spring concerfs. For fhe firsf fime. 'lhree female members were added fo fhe group. They were Toni Marshall. frombonisf: Jeanne Garfner, saxophonisfg and Claudeffe Owens. flufisf. The Sfardusfers' unique and diverse manner of performing helped fo enliven many school acfivifies cluring fhe year. Sfeve Hayes and Sfu Wrenn provide a lively beaf for sfudenfs leaving fhe assembly. S J... Enfhusiasiic Pom Pom Girls Spark Pep Rallies Track Meeis Brighi' gold slcirrs. navy-lolue sweafers, fluffy yellow pom poms. and brighi' smiles 'lypified +he energefic Pom Pom Squad. Throughoul' +he year, fhis group of girls was advised by Mrs. Gail Phillips. Cafhy Jones. capfain. supervised +he squad in rewriiing Jrheir consfiiuiion. Besides performing ai' baslceiball games and pep rallies, The girls 'turned our +o suppori' lhe 'rrack Jream. All of 'rhe 'roufines +hey performed were original, wi'rh an emphasis on iazz. In March 1'he squad held a dance 'ro honor 'rhe baslcelball players. Their ofher adrivifies included planning some fype of en'rer+ainmen+ 'For 'rhe +raclc feam and making a donafion +o +he American Field Service. The girls ended fheir acfive and successful year wifh +he selecfion of nexf year's members. Pom Pom Girls perform one of fheir iazz roufines af a home baskeiball game. BOTTOMEROW: Cafhy Jones. Capfain. SECOND ROW: Paula Fink Sharon Hanvey TOP ROW Bonnie Zebuhr Frances Reidy Kafhy Smifh, Par Magers. I BOTTOM ROW: Jeanne GarTner. Bill Kearns. Terry Germon. Vice PresidenT: Tom Winkler. Treasurer: Diane PaTTon. Presidenh John Jenkins, Toni Marshall. SecreTary: JaneT WesT. Carl Holland. SECOND ROW: David Thorne. Bob Newhouse, Fred NeeT, Wendy TrouTman, Jimmy BurdeTTe. Fred Priebe. Gary MarTin. Mike Delaware. Douglas Oland. Gail SmiTh. THIRD ROW: Eric Berry. Jimmy Wilkerson. STeve Newhouse. Robbie Wilhelm. Mike Reber. Tom BurdeTTe, Chuck Appel. John Gruver. Mark Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Clyde STup. Fred BarneTTe. Mark Jordan. STu Wrenn. Richard Durant Ted Ray. Jim Mayer. Clarence Jackson. Greg Young. Larry HeiTmuller. TOP ROW: Tony AhalT. Barbara Hagen. Lynn Hall. John PoTocko. Lois Keibler. Diane Cooley. Linda Johnson. Jean GriTTiTh. Susan PiTman. STephen Murad. Karen Lake. Charlene Linnell. High-9Tepping Insirumenialisis Perform During Half-Time As boTh a marching and a concerT uniT. The band, under The direcTion oT Miss Freda Price. performed aT many TuncTions in The school and The communiTy. Lecl by drum maioreTTe Barbara Hagen and TeaTuring Twirler John PoTocko. The band marched aT home TooTball games as well as in The Labor Day and The BeThescla ChrisTmas Parades. ATTer TooTball sea- son. These versa+iIe insTrumenTalisTs direcTed Their eTTorTs Toward preparing Tor Their winTer and spring concerTs, in which They presenTed a varieTy oT pop. semi-classical. and novelTy numbers. The band also performed service To The communiTy by playing aT The opening of GaiThersburg Square and aT The dedi- caTion of The new Fairchilcl-Hiller Corpc,raTion. -as P x N. are T Band members combine eTTorTs To play a Spanish overTure. Half-fime ceremonies ended. fhe band marches fo Hs secfion in fhe bleachers. i l5 Jeanne Garfner and Nancy Freeman perform a saxophone piano duef. The frombone irio of Larry Heifmuller. Tom Winkler. and Sieve Newhouse is feafured in "Slippery' Genflemenf' Thanksgiving Trip io New York Highlighis Choral Aoiiviiies Al' 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning, forly exciled choral srudenis siepped aboard a charrered Grey- hound Bus on iheir way io a fun-filled, four-day holiday in New York. Arriving in 'lhe hearl' of 'rhe cily al' lO:30 a.m.. ihe siudenis were iusi' in rime fo see Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. On a 'four of 'the iown. ihe choral siudenis visiied such places as lhe Empire Siaie Building, Radio Ciiy Music Hall. and China Town. The highlighl' of iheir weekend was l'he evening performance of l'he Broadway show "Hello Dolly." The Girls' Chorus, an addilion 'lo 'lhe Robed Choir. made 'lwo 'television appearances during l'he Chrisi- mas season. The eniire chorus. numbering l90, speni much lime preparing for 'rheir Chrisimas and spring conceris and singing ai various schools and organiza- 'rions in 'lhe couniy. "We wish you a Merry Chris'rmas." sings 'rhe Girls' Chorus ai' 'ihe annual Chrisimas concerl. BOTTOM ROW: Vicki Milliron. Joyce Marlin. Janef Wells, Jim Olsen. Doug Border. Bill Nesbiif, Jerry Slavey, Dave Champalgne. Gegg Dyson, Buddy Weiger. Larry Hammann. Larry Brown. Mr. Bill Earl. Direclorg Allen Federllne. Gary Floyd. Chris Holmes. Sieve owrey. Beckman. John Eubank. Cornell Young. Sieve Demory. Ricky Hebron, Paisy Healy. Dora Shaulis. Vivian Payne. SECOND ROW: Mary Lefebure. Carol Young. Irene Powers. Mary Will. Jan Bishop. Nancy Painler. Peggy Swan. Elizabefh Higgins. Lana McElyea. Phyllis Weed. Donna Gibson. Linda Hayden. Linda Slanifer. Janei Paulsgrove. Cyndi Perryman, Linda Pickerf, Suzanne Schullz. Susie Sigler, Linda Wilson. h R b rl' K W lker Brenda Clemenl' Marilyn Corridean Nancy Garrefl THIRD ROW: Wilhelmina Green. Bernadine Sue Brodf. S aron o e s. ay a . . . - u Nickens, Charlene Reed. Joan Roberison. Brenda Hawkins. Linda Horsl. Mary Saunders, Jackie McDonough. Brenda Hogsfon. Linda Shannon. 9 ,5 . gf my Q Q gg Q 6 ' xv' W iff Q-in 63. 1 W is WS bf 3 W 6+ 3 5 3 fs gf ,Qs 'ia , ., 6' 'ff . , V X f E 'ff QE' 'Qi QT E ff if " 3 'U M f ' Q! R 5 3 W ff I x - x 1 I ' 3 Q 352 S : i ' 1 R f x A , Q S f T Y! i 4 5 1 ,g gggxw M QV, vi i f Nl 'fix' . T Q E 5' ' N, . W- ' f 5 x ,si . 1 b N f Q V 2, ' Qporis . . . "On fhe beafen road 'rhere is folerable +raveling: bu+ if is sore work, and many have fo perish. fashioning a pa+h 'rhrough Hue impassablef' C arlyle BOTTOM ROW: Larry Heiimuller. Pai' Fih. David Rippeon. Mike Mc- Clanen. Anfhony Greene. Ted Day. Dave Mariens. Jim Mayer. Monfy Noifen. Bill Sliger, Paul Lefebure. SECOND ROW: Mike Sfevanson. Pai' Thornburgh. Timmy Kelly. Peie McNally. Terry Germon. Clarence Jackson. RMHS. Nine Oiher Teams Fall io Trojan Eleven. Pai Fifz and Charley Frazier provide profecfion for Anihony Greene againsr Richard Mon+gomery. In securing +he Monfgomery Couniy AA cham- pionship, +he '66-'67 fooiball ream showed greaf form in all deparimenis. This year's I0-O record, under rhe coun'Iy's newly adopied poinf sysiem, broughi' ihe firsl fooiball championship frophy +o GaH'hersburg's 'trophy case. The Trojan offensive aiiack, scoring 2l4 poinfs, was one of +he mosf poieni' in fhe league. Nor +o be ouidone. 'ihe defense yielded only 56 poinis To +he opposirion and 'lurnecl ihe fide of loaiile many Hmes wiih bone-crushing iackles. Each Safurday fhe feam showed why 'ihey were desiined 'fo be champs. For 'rhe 'Firs'r +ime in seven years fhe iradiiional opening game wi+h Richard Monigomery was won by fhe Trojans wiih a score of I4-7. On 'ihe firsl' play from scrimmage Calvin Fifz swepi leH end and raced 63 yards 'io give fhe Trojans a 6-0 lead. Charley Frazier kicked +he exira poin+ +o make ir 7-0. La+er, Anfhony Greene, rookie quarierback. iniercepied a pass and ser up his own Two yard scamper ro make 'rhe score I3-0. Richard Monigomery scored in ihe ihird quarfer and was fhreaiening on 'lhe fifieen yard line laie in The fourfh quarrer un+iI Mike Sievenson iniercepied a pass. The Trojans ran our fhe clock and as pandemonium swepl 'rhe bleachers. +he 'ieam leff 'rhe field-viciors. Tom SolysT. Jim Tessier. Jimmy Roberfson, George Howes. Danny Ward, Gary Burner. TOP ROW: Tom Winlcler. Calvin FiTz. Charley Frazier. Mike Morris. Kenny FosTer. Kris Haier. Lonny Purkey. George LeCompT. Eddy BlunT. George Richardson. Gary Waflrins. Francis Johnson. G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg ...... G'burg ...... I966-'67 SCHEDULE I4 Richard MonTgomery 47 Kennedy ........... .6 WalT WhiTman ...... 34 Churchill ..... . l9 WheaTon .......... I3 Blair .............. I4 Be+hesda Chevy-Chase 20 AlberT EinsTein ..... 25 WalTer Johnson . . 27 Sherwood ...... Earning Trojans Tifle of Monigomerg Counig AA Champs The paTh To vicTory was noT an easy one: There were some anxious momenTs. During The Home- coming game wiTh BCC. The Barons drove Trom Their 40 To The Troian's I7. where The defense held for Three downs. WiTh The score I4-I3 in The Troian's Tavor. The Barons broughl' in Their Tield goal lciclcer. The lciclc missed by a mere TooT. giving The Troians vicTory number seven. The EinsTein TiTans gave The Troians The ToughesT TighT. The TiTans led I9-I3 wiTh Three and one-half minuTes remaining in The TourTh quarTer. AnThony Greene began The drive wiTh an end sweep and didn'T sToo calling signals unTil The Team had marched sixTy yards To Tie The score I9-all. All-MeTropoliTan Calvin Fiiz crashed over Trom The Two Tor The exTra poinT. giving GaiThersburg a narrow 20-I9 vicTory. WalTer Johnson and Sherwood Tell easily To The Trojans, giving The Team a Tlawless IO-0 record and The AA Championship. Bill Sliger geTs off a good punT in The WalTer Johnson game All Mefropolifan Calvin Fifz displays fhe form fhaf won him fhe All Mefropolifan rookie quarferback Anfhony Greene gives a body . . l nominafion. fake fo an Einsfein defender. All Mefropolifan Sfars Grace Backfield All Monfgomery Counfy Mike McClanen sweeps leff end againsf Churchill. Seniors Anfhony Greene and Calvin Fifz bofh won places on lwo area All Mefropolifan feams. I66 l Anfhony was named fo a defensive backfield posifion parfly on fhe merif of his eighf infercepfions. Calvin. gaining l,60O yards fhis season. was named as an offensive back. Mr. John Harvill. who has given of himself firelessly over fhe lasf sixfeen years. was named Maryland Coach of fhe Year in aclclifion fo being recognized as oufsfanding coach of Monfgom- ery Counfy. Coach John l-larvill proudly, yef humbly, receives his award as oufsfanding coach of Monfgomery Counfy for I966. Offensive back David Rippeon gains yardage againsf Kennedy. Blair, who had only one vicfory under fheir belfs. decided G'burg was fo be fheir nexf vicfim. buf fhe Trojans fell' ofherwise. Blair iumped ouf in fronf fo a 7-6 lead in fhe firsf quarfer and held fhis lead unfil Calvin Fifz gof by fhe linebaclcers and oufran fhe secondary fo pu'r G'burg ahead. I3-6. The de- fensive feam held four opponenfs scoreless and four ofhers fo one score apiece. BCC and Einsfein were fhe only feams fo score more fhan one fouchdown on fhe Troians. The sfrengfh of fhe defense enabled fhe Troians fo play a wide-open sfyle of foofball. Fullbaclc Pai' Fifz sees daylight in fhe Richard Monfgomery game. Affer lasf year's 26-I3 loss fo fhe Rockefs, fhe Troians were deferrnined fo pull fhe rug ouf from under Richard Monfgomery. Pal' Fifz, who fraveled incognifo in iersey 99527 half fhe game. ground ouf imporfanf yardage. Nofed mainly for his blocking abilifies ancl defensive end posifion, Paf was a mainsfay in fhe Trojan affaclc all year. The Troians downed fhe Cavaliers 47-0 in a run-away vicfory. The second sfring, playing mosf of The game, scored half fhe fouchdowns. proving G'burg could depend on fhe enfire feam, nof iusf a few sfars. End Milne Morris fakes a Blair Blazer for a ride. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Budd. Dwighf Sfuarf. Danny Howes. Regie Frazier, Marvin Knighf, Bill Fosfer, Louis Greene, Dave Michaud, Larry Terry, James Hensel, Norman Morris, Greg Neal. SECOND ROW: Benny Prafher. Jeff Randolph, Carl Holland, Corky Kyle, Tom Burdeffe, Mike Young, Bobby Kidwell. Larry Gough, Harry Gregory, Eric Zumwalf, James Magruder, Milne Rafliff. TOP ROW: Mr. Dofflemyer. coach? Sieve Neal, Bull French, Larry Talley, Phil Franlc, Cliff Lee, Mike Campbell, Marcellus Jackson. John Kaszuba. Richard Barfolomei. Bruce Mc- Conaughey, David Doye, Danny True, Bill Prafher. 'QW67 SCHEDULE JV Undefeaied. Unscored G'burg ....... 6 Wall' Whifman . . . . . . .O . ca-'burg ...... ua Churchill ....... .... o Upon Ih 6-O-Q Season G'burg ....... 0 Wheafon ............. O G'burg ....... 0 Blair .................. O The fough Troian defense halls fheir opposifion. G'burg ...... I5 Walfer Johnson . . . . . . .0 G'burg ...... I9 Kennedy ........ .... O John Kaszuba, a fine punler and place kicker. lciclcs off. BOTTOM ROW! VBS PSYl0I'l. DOH Will. Allen Wlnfef- SECOND ROW: Brian Lowry. Keifh Sfurgill. Gary Floyd. Gerry Linfon, Mel Peyfon.THIRD ROW: Chris Lowry. Sfeve Ludwig. Tom Thrasher. Joe Sirk. Ross Newman TOP ROW: Mr. Hanlon. Coach: John Hifchcoclr. John Wilson. Trojan Cross Counirg Has Disappoiniing Season I966 SCHEDULE G'burg vs Waller Johnson. Peary ............ Firsl' Co-Capmn Allen Winfer prepares ,ro make his move' G'burg vs Good Counsel .................. Second Wi G'bucg vs Wall Whilman, Waller Johnson . . . Second G'burg vs Fredrick. High Point Damascus, Wall Whilman ............................ Fifrh G'burg vs Wall Whilman. Belhesda Chevy Chase, Cardoza ......................... Third Monrgomery AA Meel' .... Tenfh Slafe AA Meer ........ .. Tenlh Hard-running Vas Peyfon gains ground in 'ihe Disfricl' meef. lvan Gray does his besl 'lo slare down +he Churchill de- fender. Earnesf Clipper makes a fulile alfempl' fo prevenf fwo poinls J' .. JMC Orelli and Super-ka Help Spark Team io Viclorg Mike Slevenson sels up The offense in lhe Wall' Whilman game. Junior Milce Saclfler pulls down a rebound against Einslein. BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Cross. Pal Thornburgh. Joe Superka, Greg Young. Mike Slevenson. SECOND ROW: Harry Branning, Earnesf Clipper. Angelo Orelli. Barry Ryan. Mike Morris. Mr. Dofflemeyer. Coach. TOP ROW: Ken Rollins, manager: Mike Sadfler. Mike Cassidy, Jim Tessier. manager: Larry Heifmuller. manager. Trojan Cagers Experience Firsi AA Compeiiiion I966-'67 SCHEDULE G'burg ........ 74 Poolsville ...... .... 7 9 G'burg ........ 69 Roberf E. Peary . . . . . . .52 G'burg ........ 59 Wheafon ...... .... 6 7 G'burg ........ 6I Churchill ....... .... 4 9 G'burg ........ 47 Waller Johnson ......... 60 G'burg ........ 73 Alumni ................ 57 G'burg .76 Richard Monigomery . . . lOl G'burg ........ 58 Springbrook ............ 82 G'burg ........ 6l Einsiein ................ 72 G'burg ........ 62 Wall Whilman ......... 92 G'burg ........ 70 Befhesda Chevy-Chase . . . 77 G'burg ........ 79 Poolsville ............... 89 G'burg ........ 64 Churchill ............... 57 G'burg .53 Waller Johnson ......... 57 G'burg .68 Richard Monlgomery .... 97 G'burg ........ 70 Blair .................. 63 G'burg ........ 77 Wali Whirman ......... 99 C-5'burg .66 Befhesda Chevy-Chase . . .6l G'burg .68 Damascus .............. 3 I G'burg ........ 75 Einslein . .. . . . . .6l Angelo Orelli drives pasf a sfarfled Whifmanife. During Their iirsf year of AA compefiiion rhe Trojan hoops+ers fared well againsf formidable oppo- siiion. Afier winning 'Four our of iheir lasi five games. The Trojans finished ihe season wiih eighl' wins and fwelve losses. There were many individuals who Turned in nofable performances. Senior Angelo Orelli did mos? of 'The rebounding for The 'ream besides being a fine scorer. Anoiher senior, Joe Superka. capiialized ofien on his abiliiy To hi+ from rhe ouiside and helped ihe Trojans fo viciory many limes. The seniors were noi ihe only ones who proved Talenied on fhe couris. Juniors Earnes+ Clipper, Mike Sadfler. and Pal' Thornbur h. were equally imporfanl' in +he Trojans' quesl iaor viciory. Boih Earnesi Clipper and Mike Sadiler as- sisfed in clearing The backboards and were consislem' scorers. Pai Thornburg was a fine defensive player and also showed rhe Trojan roofers some excellem' shooiing. f m'1 BOTTOM ROW: Tim Bowling. Mike Kilgore. Larry Tallerico. Chuck Kellerman. John Hill. Charles Gregory. TOP ROW: Mr. Haralcal. Coach: Gary Jones. Larry Campbell, Greg Wims. Jaclc Sfolz. Richard Barfolomei. Rufus Thompson. John Hrasar. Manager. JV Finishes Season 8- I 2 G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg I966-'67 SCHEDULE Poolsville ....... Roberf E. Peary Whealon ....... Churchill ............ Waller Johnson ...... Richard Monfgomery Springbrook ......... Einsiein ............ Wal'r Whilman ..... Slrifch Barfolomei scores fwo poinfs. Jack Sfoll-L clears lhe board during a JV game. G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg Berhesda Chevy-Chase Norrhwood .......... Poolsville ..... Churchill ....... Waller Johnson ...... Richard Monlgomery . Blair Wall Whilman ...... Belhesda Chevy-Chase Damascus ........... Einslein .... . . ,N fi' 535 - ,f f Y, ivvg .-. X. 'fi .., 'X 0 K . K in -3 N Q Q X 9 Q N Vx W? A , 'S xx Q X 4 X ' Doug Lashmil subdues fhe l38 lb. counfy champ wi+h a figure four. Undefeafed Marvin Knighf successfully counfers a double-leg fackle in his JV mafch. Momenfs before anofher JV pin, Allen Winfer execufes a reverse cradle. Ron Denf muscles his opponenf in an affempf fo slam him fo fhe maf. Wresllers Tie For Firsi Place Honors wiih BCC. Norfhwood Wilh all 'rhe raw maferial of a championship 'leam from lhe siarl. and wilh nineleen experienced malmen relurning, Coach Andrew Haba whipped fha leam info championship form lhrough numerous inlense praciices. Going info lheir las+ ma+ch un- defealed, lhe grapplers were overcome by BCC lo wind up iheir schedule wil'h a ihree-way lie for firsl' in 'rhe dual-meer season wilh BCC and Norlhwood. A+ 'rhe couniy 'lournamenl' Milne Bilely pinned all his opponenrs 'ro end up firsl in The l27 pound weighl class. and upon conclusion of 'lhe lourney was given 'rhe ouislanding wresller award. Olher C-5'burg wres- Hers who placed in lhe counly and were given lhe privilege of wreslling in 'rhe Bi-counly were Keiih Beck ll20l. Sieve Ludwig l95l, Marly Haylhorn ll8Ol. Doug Lashmil ll38l, and Ron Dem' ll4-51, all of whom placed second in Their respeclive weighl classes, and Tom Thrasher ll03l, who placed lhird. However. Beck and Thrasher were unable To wresile in fhe Bi-counfy because of injuries. ln Dislricl ll lBi-counfyl. Ludwig came in first Haylhorn, second: Lashmil, fourlh: and Dent second. 'lo place lhe 'ream second in lhe disiricl. Milne Bifely shools for a fake-down. Keith Beclc drives his men fo fhe mel. Coach Haba bellows direcfions during 'lhe BCC mulch X MX gi ,fQ,T: I Q QQ NWN in N LR xi X X QS x mix x 'P-sf 4 M K ye W ,W W 5 w W Q S YS SK E Ei. . E T 1 5 G . S E 4' Q n Qff- N 1. n eel 5 Wfffj, vw ll BOTTOM ROW: Marvin Knight Spencer Ward, Sieve Ludwig. Tom Thrasher. Terry Germon. Dave Michaud. Mike Bifely. Larry Curfis, Doug Lashmif, Tom Bendorf. Dan Budd. SECOND ROW: Allen Winfer. Ron Denf, Pal' Bifely. Marfy Hayfhorn. John Jones. Mark Jordan. Jim Wilkerson. TOP ROW: Keilh Beck. Gerry Linfon. Bill Bond. Don Will, Dick Cissel. Jim Hensel. Dan Hayfhorn. Marcellus Jackson. Pele Menis. Burge Burlceffe. Eric Moe. Mascof Tom Haylhorn. G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg- ...... . . G'burg G'burg. G'burg G'burg .... .. . I966-67 SCHEDULE Springbrook . . . Norlhwood . . . Wall Whllman Waller Johnson Wheafon ..... Sherwood . . Kennedy . . . RMHS . . . Peary . . . BCC . . . Pal' Biiely, apparenlly wrapped up. has his man in a pinning combina- Hon. Lashmit in fhe firsf slage of his escape. affempfs fo break lhe hold of his opponent Harriers Claim Counig. DisTrioT. STaTe Class A Championships The '66 Track Team was The mosT successful To daTe. They began Their championship kick by Taking The counTy class A-B-C championship for The TiTTh sTraighT year. For The Third Time sTraighT The Team Took The DisTricT ll Class A championship. They Topped oTT Their sTring oT vicTories by bringing home The sTaTe Class A Trophy Trom The 32-school sTaTe meeT. In doing so, The cindermen seT. broke, and Tied TwenTy- one diTTerenT sTaTe. counTy. disTricT, and school rec- ords. Under The direcTorship of Coach Hanlon, who has been coaching The Team Tor Two years, individuals excelled in Their perTormances. Calvin Fiiz, a double winner, Turned in a 9.7 sec. l0O-yard dash To seT a sTaTe record. The relay Team ran The 440 in 43.5 seconds To give Them The STaTe Class A record. so we C s ss - C T c Q - Vas PeyTon clears The high-lump bar: as he rolls over. Mr. Eberly scores his iump. Ken FiT'zwaTer passes The baTon To Maury Ward aT The end oT The second leg of The Two-mile relay. Marcellus Jackson develops momenTum before Throwing The discus. Tim Kelly sTrains To clear The crossbar as PaT Thornburgh waiTs To caTch The pole. Mike Erdahl. followed closely by Joe Addison. leads Larry Cross leads Mike Gray as fhey clear fhe low hurdles. fhe 440. G'burg vs. I966 SCHEDULE Springbrook. Peary. Good ggfefw K aww Counsel Second G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg VS. VS. VS. VS. VS. VS VS VS . . . Second Firsl Northwood. Waller Johnson Poolesville. Linganore ........... Wall Whifman, Blair ............ Firsl' Wheafon .................... Second Sherwood. Richard Monfgomery .. Firsl' Dis'rric'r ll Class A 'reams ....... Firsf Counly Class A-B-C leams ...... Firsl' Siele Class A Teams ..... . . Firsf Carl Hebron and Millon Clipper res? +heir feel as They wafch fhe con clusion of a meei. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Hebron. Jim Whisman. Jeff Elseroad. John Smilh, Ken Ricks. Pai Filz. Greg Wims. Mike Johnson. Brian Lowry. Carl Hebron. Vas Pey+on. SECOND ROW: Ross Newman. Ed Beckman. Sieve Clipper. Maurice Ward. Dave Shawver. Willard Talley. Rodney Driver. Roland Driver. Larry Cross. Pal Thornburgh. Roy Geiser. Mike Quinn. TOP ROW: Coach Hanlon. Tom Burke. Louis Mifchell. Sieve Lowry. Monfe Nolfon. Marcellus Jackson. Tom Winkler. Mark Swope, Tim Kelly. Jim Bowling. Don Will. Mike Erdahl. BOTTOM ROW: Bob McCa'fhran. Phil Winler. Allen Winfer. Tecl Solo. TOP ROW: Mr. Weinberger. Coach: Bill Sywler. Bob Slrickler. Jack Sfolh, Danny Zarnsiorf. Mr. Gough. Coach. Tennis Team Gels Firsi Tasie of Inier-school Compeiiiion I966 SCHEDULE Bob Sfriclcler smashes a shoi' across court Allen Winfer concenfrafes on his serve. G'burg ...... G'burg G'burg. G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg ...... Richard Monfgomery Blair....... .... Roberl' E. Peary ..... Whealon ........ . Walfer Johnson ..... Norrhwood .......... Befhescla Chevy-Chase Einsfein ............ Wall' Whirman . . . . Springbrook . . . . To The agenda of spring sporls. 'rennis was added in I966. Under +he walchful eye of Messrs. Pefer Gough and Donald Weinberger. fhe leam spenl' many hours in pracfice preparing for lrheir firsf year of compefifion. Counfy opposilion proved difliiculi. Alrhough 'rhere were many consislenl' individual winners, among whom were Philip Winler and Allen Winler. Ted Solo. and Bob McCa'rhran, 'rhe 'leam managed only one viclory-over Springbroolc. 5-4. The feam is looking forward lo anolher chance ar 'Tough counfy compelilion. I+ should have an ex- cellenl season wifh 'ihe help of refurnees Phil Win- fer, Allen Winler. Bob McCalhran. Ted Solo. Jack Sfollz and +he addilion of new members. Bill Sywler seems 'ro wall: on air as he rerurns a shof. Jack Sfolfz refurns a volley during praclice. Phil Winfer displays 'rhe fine form +ha+ helped fo make him a consisfenf winner. ??'!'??'!'YYn vw rv-NM X X W . S . . gc- c SX X svxxr - Cefcher Sieve Gray piclrs up a bunr. keeping his eyes on The runners already on base. G'burg G-'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'burg G'lourg G'burg G'burg G'burg I966 SCHEDULE Sherwood . Springbrook Poolesville Einslein . . . Damascus Peary ..... . . . Sherwood . Peary ..... Einslein . . :. Poolesville Springbrook Damascus Hank Knighl rounds firsf. wafching his recenf hif to righl' field Anofher run is chalked up +o 'rhe Troians' score as Milne Sfevenson crosses home. Alrhough lasf year's ream was no+ a championship one, il' displayed +he characlerisrics of one. Sporls- manship as well as greal' individual efforl' were in evidence in all fheir games. From frhe nineiy-five boys who originally fried our for +he ieam, Coach Haralcal. lhrough his process of elimina+ion and infer-squad games, was able fo limif rhe 'leam lo 'rhirfeen mem- bers. Wirh six experienced diamondmen +o build on, 'this year's leam should have a record as good as. if nor superior fo, las'r year's record of five wins, seven losses. BOTTOM ROW: Coach Harakal, Sieve Gray. Ted Day, Ivan Gray. David Rippeon. Mike Sievenson, Dick Cissel. TOP ROW: Rick Perry. Ed Perry. Hank Knight Gerald Childs. Dick Fisher. Richard Kellerman. Greg Kahrs. Sporismanship, Team Effori Rafe High as Team's Traiis 8... "9lfS738m'Silf8a' ...," muffers Dave Rippeon as he sfrikes af +he ball. "Where'd fha? one go?" quesfions Coach Harakal as he pufs lhe infielders ihrough pracfice. Pifcher Hank Knighl' has lime for a momenf of fhoughfful considerafion as he waifs for his furn ai' baf. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Reiser. Jim McCu'rch- eon, Fred Averill. TOP ROW: Coach He+rick, Bill Kearns, Richard Barileifi, Bill Sliger. Pefe Mifchell. Greg Young. Coach Brady. X Golfers Swing Info New Season wiih High Hopes. Confidence I966 SCHEDULE G'burg Lvs.B.C.C. ....... G'burg . . . . . . L vs. Richard Monigomery . . W G'burg . . . . . . L vs. Wheaion ...... . . . . . . W G'burg . . . . . . L vs. Einsiein .... .. . . . . W G'burg . . . . . . L vs. Springbrook . . . . . . . . W G'burg Lvs. Whi+man W G'burg Lvs.Peary.... G'burg . . . . . . L vs. Churchill . . . . . . . W G'burg .... . . . W vs. Kennedy . . . . . L G'burg Lvs. Sherwood W Bill Kearns 'ialces a prauciice swing before geiiing down lo business. l Lasf year. for ihe firsf iime in 'rheir four-year his- Tory, ihe linlcsmen won 'their firsl' maich. This year wifh five of 'the viciorious members reiurning and wiih some new addiiions. 'lhe golfers will undoubiedly have anoiher fine season. Each season. 'iwo praciices are held 'ro deiermine a six-man Team, and from ihen on 'the chosen mem- bers are responsible for praciicing on rheir own. The fen-maich schedule is arranged by ihe couniy. each maich involving fhree ieams. Afrer complicaied eliminafion procedures, ihe ioral poinis for each feam deiermine ihe winner of 'lhe march. Being fhe firsf io drive, Jim McCufcheon wafches his ball sail down the fairway. GSA Schedules. Compeliiion Prove Toughesl Ever Gailhersburg's Girls' Sporls Associarion offered 'rhe Troianelles fhe opporlunily 'ro parlicipale in volleyball, baslcelloall. field hockey. and soflball. Traveling lo diflerenl counly schools, as lhey do an- nually lo play oul lheir schedules, +he girls mel 'lheir loughesl' compeliiion ever. All lhe 'reams made genuine efforls 'lo prove 'lhal' lhe GSA has nof only lalenled sporlswomen, buf also able sponsors-Misses Wiggins. Work. and Knobloch. Each girl receives poinls for lhe number of prac- lices allended and l'he number of games parlicipaled in. A+ lhe end of 'lhe season 'rhose girls who have ac- cumulaled l5O poinfs or more receive a diamoncl: 350 poinls or more. a shield: and 450 poinls or more. a leHer. Jean Doye and feammale wail' for 'lhe oulcome ofa baslxeiball shof. Cindy Hayward lhinlcs fhai' her kick will help Cindy Young pul' lhe ball over lhe nel. alfhough Jeanne Garfner is douhfful. Adveriisemenis . . . "Le+ us, +hen, be up and doing Wifln a head for any fa+e: Sfill achieving, sfill pursuing, Learn 'ro labor and 'ro wait" Emerson AP'ff'57','i'QQ :S 'ixflffgyj , -ml C . 'L' Am g.:,-Qyffl' an -ziw-X BW W vw --QRSQSQQQJYQ3 7 ' ,Q:AiS5l5- N tifegff qs? Simi Tkag . ff iss? sl -wh , Ev wmv - ,, nm QQ. P02-3500 Im- SUCER-WARD ROCKVILLE GLASS service, INC Auto Glass Furniiure Tops Insurance-Real Esiaie 2I4 E. Diamond Avenue Gaiihersburg. Md. Mirrors-Insurance Replacemeni 804 N. Washingfon Sfreef MUSSER BROS. FLORISTS JOHN B'5l"cER WA M700 Fresh Flowers for Any Occasion CHARLES LWARD wi M490 Florisi' Telegraph Delivery Service WI 8-5595 WA 6-3556 WESTERN AUTO DEALER Your Home Owner Family S'I'ore BUDDY PAUL. Mgr. 2I2 E. Diamond Avenue Gaifharsburg. Maryland ANNlE'S BEAUTY SALON WAverly 6-I469 Across from The Fire House Gaifhersburg, Maryland PERRY'S RESTAURANT The Place of The Besl' of +he 51 Drink Sandwiches Ice Cream Perryburger Brealfasi' Lunch Dinner 202 E. Diamond Ave. Gaithersburg, Md. G.H.S. SCHOOL STORE 'nwsp IIEEIEIEEIEIECEIE K N 4:11211r:1f2f:151::1:r:r:z1:I:1:r+-r-2-IQIEMI-zz " .133:5:1:EE1EIE1F?EIEbi"" f ' - 5-:1:::afar:r:::2:2-" , X -. - I ee- .:.4.f.:. , ff -f is v , . 5:::,:::::yb f',ib:wi.. ,,,. f E 2f2afa2zfzfafafz2a12:f:. i -ii 2922z:s:s:f:s:s:siz2s2s2:., w r-1" V 4551 ,,,, il? -Izaiiifizfsi Q ' Full Banking Service Tl1a+'s Jus? Around The Corner ai 36 Convenieni Banking Offices Throughoui Prince Georges and Monigomery Couniies SUBURBAN TRUST COMPANY Resources Over 340 Million Dollars Telephone 588-5000 Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporalion THE LIBERTY MILLING COMPANY lncorpora+ed I 9 I 8 A Liberfy ggi Producfs gf-W' nfl' x Germanfown, Md. RODNEY THOMPSON AuI'o4Fire--Life-Insu rance I0 N. Summif Ave., Gaifhersburg. Md. WA 6-3700 926-3434 GAITHERSBURG BARBER SHOP 4 Summit Avenue Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-6 Sa'I'. 8-5:00 Phone WAverIy 6-9832 ROMER 8: COMPANY. INC. REAL ESTATE 44I N. Frederick, Gaifhersburg, Md. WA 6-2233 WI 8-9092 KEN MCGREW JOHN MANUEL HERSHEY'S LITTLE STORE AND CARRY OUT Washingion Grove Clriclren 8: Shrimp Boxes TREASURE CHEST JEWELERS Aufhorized Agenis for Sferling Silver by: Kirk Sfieff Towle Heirloom Gorham Reed 8: Barlon Infernafional S'I'erIing "Gif'rs for All Occasions" I09 N. Washingfon SI.,-Rockville P0 2-2336 ROGER H. SPENCER CCMPANY, INC "RealI'ors" Sales Agen'I's for: Mill Creek Towne As Well as Numerous Individual Houses in Gaifhersburg and Rockville Managing Agen+s for: Monigomery House Diamond Couri Ap'I's. Summil' Apis. Halpine Hamlei' MulI'ipIe Lisfing Available 6II Rockville Pike Rockville, Maryland 424-5 I 5 I Congrafulefions, Seniors May Your Fufure Life Be Filled Wiih Good Heel+h, Happiness, and Success Your BALFOUR Represenfaiive LEE COLLINSON L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Box l07 C Enierprise Road Mifclmellville, Md. Official Jeweler for Gaiilwersburg High School J .LY , , BECRAFT 8: BEAN MOTOR CO Rambler Sales and 'Service l26 N. Fredericlr Ave. Gaiihersburg. Md. Phone WA 6-I540 I -. c-Qveq . GARTNER'S FUNERAL HOME ERNEST C. GARTNER end FORTE H. SANDISON 3l6 E. Diamond Ave. Gaiihersburg. Md. 926-IOOO 948-3488 9 Complimenfs of ROBERTS BROTHERS CO. Washingfon Belfimore The Personal Salon for Personal Service GAITHERSBURG HAIRSTYLIST 44I N. Frederick Ave. Gaithersburg, Md. 9264345 9-6 Mon.-Wed. and Sat.: 9-9 Thurs.. Fri. TRANSCOLOR PHOTO CENTER Camera Equipment and Supplies PO 2-2145 22I N. Washington Sf. Rockville, Maryland avril FRANCIS H. BARBER FUNERAL HOME Layfonsville. Md. 30l-926-0675 fed ., ' 1531, in Mess-':'-f W ' aa.. ' 1 at A-, ,,.. ' N r . L W ,, .. WASHINGTUNIAN COUNTRY CLUB 81 MOTEL Gaithersburg, Md. .- - we at lu -fs Edgy? 4- f A 'M we A 1 ,ir , ,Us jf! i Q L Ag' it mtl ji' x 5 Phone: 948-2200 - ' 948-3900 Excellent meeting facilities for up to 500 guests, fine food, golf course privileges, swimming pool, and motel accommodations are provided at this exclusive, but informal, Country Club resort serving the Nation's Capital. Superbly located on Interstate Route 70-S at the intersection of Shady Grove Road-only minutes north of the Capital Beltway. TYSON WHEELER FUNERAL HOME I33l Rockville Pike Roclrville. Maryland Licensed Funeral Direcfors Besl' Wishes lo The Class of I967 From +I-me CLASS OF I 968 Congraiulaiions fo ihe Seniors From l'l1e SOPHOMORES Besl' Wishes fo +l1e Class of '67 From +l1e SAIL ON STAFF Good Luck Seniors From +l1e CLASS OF I970 DRUID THEATRE Damascus. Maryland 'X C limenis of ILLC EK OWNE . x I I 1 B il+ by H iage Builders, HAROLD M IS, P sid Goithersburgs Address o is ' C ' rm X J KNOEBEL'S RADIO 81 TV 'I' : ex.-7? J 5 ROCKMONT CHEVROLET I Chevrolef Chevelle Corvair G .D"""'E"d AU""'T d Chevy II CorveH'e Truclrs 'uhm mg' 'ry an Service-Paris-Body Shop-Pain+ing m"m N. wuhzngfon S+., Rockville, Me. .fR-R,- iefo nee ,wS- A 0 is ...ic X-.W .K Rep I R, NRRQQA y A M eo. 8"fi.p'RlNSe ai? I Complimenfs of 5 2 MARK MOTORS Q I I Mercury-Comer N I I, 1 I20 Roclrville Pilre , I V2 Mile Norih of Cong. Plaza "jf 5, ' foie '5 HERSHEY'S CLEANERS, INC. o.e,.e C. .,,,,we A mW""i f TRES CHIC R Roclrville Pile Rockville. Maryland I I6 N. Fredericl Avenue Shoe Repair I-Hour Dry Cleaning Phone WA 6-I2l4 Complimenfs of DOUBLE B IOI N. Frederick Avenue A Variefy Sfore Greyhound Bus Depof WA 6-II3I STUP 81 COSTELLO, INC Gaifhersburg, Md. Box 98 926-UI I5 Au'I'I'IorizecI Disiribuior Pefroleum ATLANTIC Producis Radio Dispaiched Burner Service NORWAY RESURVEY FARM Regisiered Holsfeins Germaniown, Maryland MRS. DOROTHY P. CRAWFORD In SON Congrafulaiions and Besi' Wishes- 'I'o 'Ihe Class of I967 from "" 'HGAZETTE N . Doug 8: Bo 805 SouI'I1 Frederick Ave. Moi 8016 Spf-5004, Gaiihersburg, Md.20760 s ,, e 6 f X60 8.0106 G' I MIL If 7 5 'Sol 5 GAITHERSBURG SPEEDOMETER For Home D,II,,,,y 1, J Jmmml, AND IGNITION SERVICE, INC. can 948-mo 4, ef..- 470 "ix ON sew' pgmlynb S IJ 3 PHARMACY E 3 X-" . 5 M PRESCRIPTIONS IH 3 D 1 1' f , +I 0' 'm ffgwunfef KJ-jgidwzaazf R.Ph. IRVINGTON FARMS Drink Milk w. L. KING .na soN +P ' RF LTOR KAY BOWLING REALTOR Horpes, Farms 3 'ffl , 8 j..:.:. 5 f 551,12 WA 6-2500 WI 8-5450 Cuslom Building Inveslmenl' Properlies WI 8-9250 WI 8-9488 HELEN BECRAFT A.I.D. CRAFT SHOP Inferior Designer Gracluafe of G.H.S., Parsons School of Design and New York Universily New York-France-I'l'aly Gaithersburg-Opposife G.H.S. Fashion Headquarlers for High School Wear LARRY ALAN 225 N. Washingion Sf.. Rockville, Md. HENRY W. BECRAFT Real Eslale Insurance Rockville I I0 Commerce Lane CLARK S. COOPER, Mgr. 424-3000 762-2636 Gaifhersburg 405 So. Frederick Ave. E. L. "BUD" O'NEIL. Mgr. 926-3000 948-9292 AVENUE BARBERS Complimenis of MARK DANIELS Disfincfive Feminine Fashions GAITHERSBURG ICE SERVICE Cube-Block-Crushed Ice 948-2083 Sofi' DrinI:s by Case or Cold You'II Find More News Aboui' G.H.S. and Monigomery Couniy Gaifhersburg Square In Complefe Barbering-Coniour Cu+s, Crew Cu'I's. Business Cufs. FIaI' Tops, Razor Cufs-Coloring and Dyeing Than Any Oiiher Newspape' CHILDREN ALWAYS WELCOME JOE GODLEWSKI. Prop. KING PDNTIAC, INC. WI s-9: 1 I Gaifhersburg, Maryland HEN RY W. BECRAFT f Y' Real Es'I'a're Insurance Rockville I I0 Commerce Lane CLARK S. COOPER. Mgr. 424-3000 762-2636 Gaiihersburg 400 So. Frederick Ave. E. L. "BUD" 0'NEIL. Mgr. 926-3000 948-9292 MILLER BUICK 300 N. Wasluingfon S+. Rockville, Md. 424-6363 L COLLINS BROTHERS RUTH'S BEAUTY SALON I I5020 Shady Grove Road 8 Summa Annu' Rockville, Maryland For The New Look in Beaufy Building Remodeling Seven Operaiors ai AII Times WI 8-92l9 Ruth, Emma. and Margaret-Owners Free Delivery Prescriprions-Drugs BEN FRANKLIN 5 8: I0 Geifhersburg, Maryland WOLFSON'S DEPT. STORE OuH'iHers for 'Ihe Enfire Family Dry Cleaning-Laundry-Tailoring Renial of Formal Wear WA 6-0394 Gaifhersburg. Md. Fresh Cu+ Corsages and Bouqueis for AII Occasions by Speedy Delivery A. GUDE SONS CO. www ' mf PHONE PO 2-6I4I I DIAMOND DRUGS, INC. Cosmefics-Foun+ain if 1 Q' WA 5-:eos ""'f.f,,lL.f, ' JAMES A. FEDERLINE INC. Plumbing and Hearing 26 W. Diamond Ave. Gaifhersburg, Maryland PHONE WI 8-9200 Complimenis of ROCKVILLE FUEL AND FEED Rockville. Maryland coLoNY sHoP Rockville. Maryland For Fashionable Juniors 'STAYZ' I AUTO AND TRUCK PARTS TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT Free Delivery I5 N. Frederick Avenue Gaiihersburg, Md. WI 8-5700 BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON Always a Friendly Aimospheren Open 9-6 Tues. Thru Sa'I'., Thurs. 9-8 Gaifhersburg, Md. WA 6-0740 W. T. GRANT "Known for Values" 30I N. Washingion Sf. Rockville. Md. PO 2-2249 Besi' Wishes +o 'rhe Class of From JAMES S. KING REAL ESTATE WALKER'S COIN LAUNDRY Coin Operafed One-Srop Professional Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning PHON E WA 6-0990 Ample Service Laundry 7 Days and 24 Hours Dry Cleaning I22 E. Diamond Ave. Gaiihersburg. Md. Parking a+ The Door WI 8-2425 A. G. WATKINS INC. Complimenfs Since l92I Maior Appliances Sales f Service Rou'I'e 355 Rockville, Md. of a FRIEND Besi' Wishes From STANLEY'S BARBER SHOP 20 Easf Diamond Ave. Gaifhersburg, Maryland LELAND L. FISHER Lumber-Millwork-Painl 20I Hungerford Drive GArden 4-6500 SWEADNER REALTY, INC. 436 N. Frederick Ave., Gairhersburg, Md. 948-50 I 9 925-3544 32 W. Parriclr S+., Frederick, Md. MO 2-8I23 Complefe Real Esiafe Services Homes, Farm. 8: Invesrmeni' Properfy Monfgomery and Frederick Counries .g,,,,-,N COOK'S MOVING 81 STORAGE Rockville, Md. Gfsrden 4-5I58 Complimenis of WARTHEN BUILDERS General Coniracfors Gairhersburg, Maryland THE JAMES U. SPRING AGENCY 207 E. Diamond Avenue Gaifhersburg, Maryland 948-3939 All Lines of Insurance We invire yourhful inquiries Jill Allison Becky and Jack Beeps Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Bendorf Eric Berry The Big Four Ricl: Blanken Pafiy Blood Judy Bogley Dawn Boyer Dianne Brandbury Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Bradley Sally Broscharf Milne Broughfon Carolyn and Richard Brown "George" Brown Rufh Ann Burde'H'e Tom Burlre Jean Burlrey Burge Burlxeff Cafhey Camp Befsy Capps Marfha Cofer Sue Cole Connie and Chris Mr. and Mrs. Clark S. Cooper and Kiffy Esfil Lee Cope Rufh Cover Shirley Cox Pris Cram Jamie Crouch The Rev. and Mrs. H. B. Dalzell and Diz Carolyn Davis Sharon Dean Paffy EHer Margie Field Paffy Fisher Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Fisher Fizz and Jaqeous Nancy Garref'l' The Girls from A.U.N.T. Joan Gloyd Mr. and Mrs. Roberf S. Grogg Kendra Hall Sally Haskeff lime Hain-:lr h a a orne Mnrlznd Mlrs. Frenis Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Horn Sfeve Howard George Howes Barbara Hudson Jaclrie and "Rock" Roy Jensen Joan and Neal Joe and Carolyn Linda Johnson Mari: Jordan and Judy Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kendall and Paffi Mr. and Mrs. James S. King Kaye King Mr. and Mrs. William L. King Doug Lashmii-Wresfler I38 J. Lecompfe Sharon Lee Mary Lefebure Suzi Limparis Linda Linda and Glenn Margo Linfhicum Arfhur Marfin Mary and "D" Mike McClanen The Mob Monfye and Glenna Mr. and Mrs. Linden F. Neff Paca '69 Paffy and Jeffs Rufhie Player Edward F. Porler E. E. "Gene" Purlzey People's Life Insurance Rebecca Riclzy and Kafhy Alice Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rouse Sandy Wayne Savage Jim Scanlan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warren S Susie Schlager School Sfore Sfaff Suzanne Schuliz Sharon and Vernon Cpl. and Mrs. Ray A. Siever John Smifh and Joyce McGaha Kafhy Soles Fred Solomon Mr. and Mrs. Arfhur Spaulding Shelley Spaulding Paul Sfiles Tad Time and Terry T'N'T' Tommy and Lois The Trifones Jenna Troufman Val and Tom A Varsify Cheerleader-M.G.B. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wade Mrs. Dorofhy Wallrer and Joan Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weld Janef Wesf Paul Whife Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Willard Gregory Wims Paula Wrenn A. Ze'Hs Family chlager Al1al+.Tony-55. I56. I58 Allen. Sfanley-55 Allnuli. Tommy-55. I44 Alvord. Belly--55. I34 Andrews. Sandra--55 Auvil, Frances-55 Ballenger. Glen-55 Beck. Keifh-I9. 54. 55. 82. 86. 90. l24. I25. I28. I32. I75. I76. I77 Beckman, Ed-4l. 55. 86. 9I. I32. I33. I36. l42. I4-3. I60. I79 Beclrwilh. Gary-55 Beniamin. James-55. l3I Beranek. Janice-55. I36. I37. I48. I52 Bergslrallw. Mark--56 Bisl'1op.Jan-I52. I60. 56, l5l Bilely, Mike-56. I75. I76. I77 Bizzell. LoreH'a-56. I52 Bizzell. Lynda-56. I52 Blair. William-56 Blankenship.Jol1n-56 Bleadingheiser. Jim-56. I22. I32 Bluni. Ed-56. l42. l65 Bogley. Jim-56 Bond. Charles-56. I7. 27. I24. I32. I35. I40. I4-I Bowman. Frannie-I3. 56, I5O. I52. Ibl Bradley. Danny-57 Bradley. KiHy-4I. 57. I22. l24. 140 Bradshaw. Larry-57. I44 Brice. Wayne-57. 82 Briggs. Violei-57 Brigham. George-57 Brinlcman. Viclci-57. I25. I42 Brooks. Ann-57. I42. I43 Broschari. Mary-57. 90. l50. I52. I6O Broscharf. Sally-54. 57. B7. I46. I47. ISO. I52 Broughion. Mik?57 Brown. Carol-57. I52 Brown. Carolyn-58 Brown. Larry-58. I60 Brown. Linda-58. I52 Brown. Wesley-58. I3I Bulman. Mary-58 Burcleffe. Larry-58. l3I Burdeffe. Becky-58 Burlre. Tom-58. I79 Burke+I'. Burge-58. I77 Burlrey. Jean-58 Seniors Byrd. Alice-58 Camp. Cafhy-58. I52 Carroll. John-82 Carroll. Violef-59 Carfer. Pafricia-59 Carfer. Peggy-59 Carvalho. Yara-I6, I8. 59. 84. 85, I25, I4I Cheney. Dana-59 Claggeii. John-59. I34 Clauser. Chrisrine-59. I36. I4O Cole, Jack-59. I3I Cooper. Linda-59 Cope. Esfil-59 Cornwell. Ron-59 Cram. Carolyn-I4. 59.90. I22. ISI Crawford. Tim-60 Creaser. Jody-60. I35. I38. I52 Crogl'1an.Jol'm-60 Cross. Larry-60. I7I. I79 Cuffley. Shelley-60 Cullop. Roscoe-60. I3I Davies. Calverf-60 Davis. Joyce-60 Davis. Sieve-60. 86. I3O. I42. I43 Day. Ted-60. aa. 164. l83 Deadwiley. Susan-60. I3I Deicherr. Mary-60 Demar. Columbus-6I Demar. Sandra-6I. I34 Densoclc. Linda-6I Denf. Howard-6I Denf, Ronnie-bl. I74. I76, I77 Dorsey. Barbara-bl Dorsey. JoAnn-61. I44 Dove. Joyce-6I Driver. Rodney-6l. I36. I79 Driver. Roland-6l. 54. 87. I22. I79 Duvall. Carolyn-6I. I4. 85. I34. I52 Eisenberg. Bob-6I Eldridge, Janice-62 Embrey. Slcip-62 Emler. Derry-62 English. Ann-62. I39 Effer. Pal-62 Fanlone. Terry-Ib. 62. I40. l4l Faunileroy. Karen-62. I28. l54 Federline. Allen-62. I6O Field. Margie-62. 84. I36. I39. l50. ISI I52. I6I 0 Filsinger. Buddy-62 Fink. James-62 Fisher. Lois--62. 88. I22. l24. ISO. I5I. I52 Fii"z. Calvin-63. 88. I65. I66 Fifzwafer. Charles-63 Fiizwaler. Willard-63 Fosier. Doris-63 . Fosfer. Gayle-63 Fosier. Joan-63 Fosfer. Kenny-63. l65 Fraley, Henry-63 Franck, Jonafhan-63 Franlt. Milcwlb. l7, 63. I22. l28. I36. I4O Frazier. Charles-63. I64. I65 Frazier. Janice-63 Frazier. Rhoda-b4. I34 Freeman. Theda-64 Gaehler. Sfecle-64. 85 Gary. Anna-64. I35 Gassaway. Linda-64. l34 Gales. Signe-I4. 64, 90. I24. I25. I36. I37 Gibson. Donna-64. I24. I25. l60 i Gleason. John-64 Gougl'1.Joan-64. 88. I26 Gray. Carolyn-64 Gray.S'I'epl'1en-64. l82. I83 Green. Joe-64 Green. Phil-65 Green. Wilhelmina-65. l60 I Greene. Anfhony-65. I64. I66 X efigg, Karen-39. 65. I22. I23. 124. :ssl Grogan. Amelia-65 Guynn. Floyd-50. 65 Haier. Kriss-65. l65 Hagen. Barbara-65. ISI. I58 Hall. Kendra-65. I28. I36. I4-4 Hall, Lynne-65. I58 Hammann. Larry--65. I60 Hamme. Bonnie-65 Hanvey.Sl1aron-66. I40. I4B. I57. l6l Hardeman. Sandra-66 Harding, Jackie-66 Hardy. Thomas-66 Hargreaves. Don-66. I42. I49 Hariwiclt. Jeff-66. I3I Hayden. Linda-66. l6O Hayes. Sieve-66. l56 Hayfhorn. Mariy-I3. 66. 83. I25. I26. I28. I32. I33. I35. I7b. I77 Hebron, Dinia-66 Heffner, Nellie-66. I36. Ibl Hein. Wanda-I4. 66. I54. I6I Heindl. Pam-67. I24 Henry. Marsha-67 Hicolc. David-67 Higgins. Belly-67. l60 Hinlrle. Phyllis-67 Hipl:ins.Tl'1omas-67 Hoes. William-67 Hogslon. Brenda-57. 84. I22. l23. I32. ' I39. l50. I52. l6O Holmes. Chris-67. 84. 86. 90. I26. I27. I36. I60 Holser. David-67 Holsfon. Charloffe-67 Hoflinger. Edward-67 Howard. Elsie-68. I34 Howard, Margaref-68. l3I Howard. Sfeven-68 Howard. Yolanda-68 Howes. George-68. I65 Hudson. Barbara-68 Hufching. Barbara-68 Jaclrson. Anfhony-8. 68 Jackson. Clarence--68. 85. I58. I Jackson. Helen-68 65 Jacobs. Betsy-23, 68. 89. l22, I23. I28. I47. I5O. I52 Jerboe. Roberi-68 Jarvis. Jerry-69 Jensen. Roy-69 Johnson. Linda-69. I58 Johnson. Roberf-69 Johnson. Yvonne-69 Jones. Ca'l'l1y-I4. 69. I35! I36. I37, I57 Jones, John--69. I77 Jordan, Marla-69, I32. I33. I56. I58. I77 Kelly. Danny-69 Kessell. Danny-69, I44 Maioviclw. Lyn n-72 I53. I79 Mobley. Linda-73 Moler. Ronald-73 Montgomery. Ellen-7 Moore. Julia-73. I3I Moore. Melvina-73 Moore. Sharon-73 Morris. Mike-73. I65. I67. I7I Morris. Wilberf-73. I3I Munday. Kenny-74 Musgrove. John-74 3. 84. I52 King. Peggy-69 King. Samuel--69. I44 King. Sara--70. 86. 9I. I23. I24. I38 King. Sarah-70 Klepp. Joh n-70 Kniedler. Armella-70 Knode. Brian-70. I22. I23. I32. I33 Kolb. Linda-70, I24 Kover. James-70 Kulilowslri. Dolly-70 Lamberf. Darryl-70, 82 Lashmif. Doug-70. I74. I76. I77 Lawhorne. Mary-70. I6I Lawhorne, Wanda47O. l3l LeCompIe. John-7I. I22. I43 Lee, Esfher-7I . I28. I35. Leef. Valerie-26. 40. 7I. 82. I22 I40 Lefebure. Mary-7I. I60 Lemonf. Hallie-38. 7I. I35. I36 Leonard. Linda-7I. 87, I54 Liflra. Brenda-7I. 87. I54. I6I Lowe. Paf-7I. I52 Lowrey. Sreve-7I. 86. I60. I79 Lyles. James-7I Mace. James-7l Magee. Tricia-I4. 7I Mangus. Ben-72 Marsh. Gloria-72 Marfens. David-72. I64 Mayer. Jim-72. 85. 88. I58. I64 McCaIl'1ran, Bob-72, I80 McCIanen. Milre-72. I64. I66 McEIyea. Lana-72. I60. 22 MCG-alma. Joyce-72 McLain. Judy-72 McNally. Pere-72. I64 Measell. Linda-72. I24. I52 Neel. Melvin-74 Nelson. Gail-74 Nicholson. Jane-I4. 74. I36. I52. I6I Niclcens. Franklin-74. I3I Noble, Amy-26. 4I. 74. I24. I27. I40. I46. I47 Nolan. Beffy-74. I34 Nolan. Gloria-74 O'NeiI. Sieve-74 Orelli. Angelo-74. I52. I7I Owens. Claudeffe-74. I56 Reid. Heelher-76. I36. I40. I46. I47 Reynolds. Senefa-76 Richardson. George-76. I65 Richie. Phillip-76 Ricks. Angela-77 Righler. Mary-77 Rippeon. David-77. 89, I47. I64. I67. I83 RiI'cI1ie. Barbara-77. I3I Roberts. Sharon-I4. 77. 9I. I28. I60 Roberfson. James-77. I65 Rogers. Sherry-77. I35 Rollins. Kenneth-I6. I7. 77. 83. I32. I40. I7I Rose. John-26. 77. I42. I43. I49 Rufledge. Larry-77 Rufledge. William-77. I3I Ryan. Barry-45. 77. 89. I7I Schaeffer. Beffy-78. I54. I6I Schlager. Susan-I7. 20. 78, 86. I22. I28. I35. I36. I40 Schulfz. Suzanne-78. I52. I60 Serrano. Alfonso-78 Painfer. Nancy-75. I48, I60 Pa'Hon. Diane-38. 75. I28. I40. ISI. I Paulsgrove. Janei--75. I60 Payne. Roberf-75 Perryman. Cyndi-75. 83. ISI. I60 PiclceH'. Linda-75. I60 Plummer. Vernon--75 Poole. Berfha-75. I,3I Praiher, Barbara-75 Pra'rI'1er. Gloria-75 Pra'II'1er. Joaneffe-75 Prafher. Roberr-75 Prafher. Sharon-76 Prince, Linda-76 Pu rlcey. Lonnie-76. I65 Rable. Philip-76 Reber, Mike-76. I58 58 Shannon. Linda- Sheffer. Raymond-78 Shaffer. Richard--78 I4. 78. 89. I60 Sigler. Virginia-22. 78. I60 Sliger. William-78. I64. I65. I84 Smifh. Charles-78, I40 Smifln. Glenna-78 Smilh. John-78. I79 Smifh. Richard-79 Michaud. Bob-73 Miller, Mary-73 Miller. Nancy-73 Mifclwell. Louis-73. 90. I35. I36. I37. I52. Reece. La rry-76 ReeI1Iing.Joyce-I6. 76. 88. I26. 127. I35. I36 , Reehling. Karen-I6. 76. 38. I27. I37. l39 Snowden. Dorofhy--79 Solysr. Thomas-79. I65 Sprowls, Krisfen-79 Sfanifsr. Linda-79. I4O. I54. I60 Sfevenson. Michael-79. I64. I70. I7I. l82 I83 SuperIca.JosepI'1-79. I7I Swan. Margaref-79. I60 Sylvesfer. Charles-79 Tallerico. Linda--79 Tale. Glen-79 Taylor. Terry-79 Terrell. Valerie-26. 80. l24. l35. I36 Teuvfon. Susan-80 Thompson, Berry-80 Thornburgh, Guy-80 Tibbs. Barbara-80 Troufrnan. Jenna-30, l24. I25. I39, I4O, l42. I49 Tuclrer. Franlc-80. I3I Turner, Harry-80. l3l Ulmer. Bonnie-80. I4-2. l6I Umberger. Diana-80, 84. I48. l60 Wallrer. Kafherine-80. 122. I36. I46. I6O Walker, Linda-80. l54. l6l Walfers. Roberf-8I Walfon. Scoff-8l, I24. I4-9 Warren. Alvin-81 Waslmingfon. Berry-BI Waflrins, Gary-BI, l65 Walkins. Joan-Bl. l24. I3O. I42 weed. Phyllis-al. l52. Iso West Frank-8l Whipp. Donna-54. 8I. l24 Will. Donald-8I. 91. I24. l32. l33. I49. I69. I77. I79 Williams, Ella-SI Williams, Sharon-BI Willis, Larry-82 Wilson. Linda-82. l26. l27, l52, l53. l60 Winkler. Thomas-20, 25, 82. I24. I56. I59. 158. l65. I79 Winfer. Philip-82, l32. l42. IBO. l8l Wood. Consfance-82. I4. I47 Wrenn. Sfuarf-82. l24. l28. I43. I49. I56. I58 Young. Carol-82. l6O Young. Cornell-82. l60 Young,Cyn+l1ia-82. I46. l52, I85 Young, Gregory-82. l58, l7I, l84 Juniors Adams. Marvin-94 Addison. Joseph-94 Adelman. Linda-94, I6l Alvorcl. Linda-94 Ausfin. Kaflwleen-94 Averill, Fred-94, l32, I84 Ayfon. Joanne-94 Ball. Sandra-94. I6I Bancroft Ki'r+y-94 Barneif. Frederick-94. l56. l58 Beach. Richard-94 Beach, Veronica-94 Beall. Kafhleen-94 Bendorf, Thomas-94. l22. I77 Befz. Rebecca-94. I22. I25. I36 Bifely. Pafriclc-94, I77 Bleadingheiser, Linda-94. I03. I48 Blood, Paffy-95 Bloomer. L.D.-95 Bogley. Judiiln-95. I46 Boland. Kafhryn-95. l28. l54. I6O Bond. Craig-95 Bova. Timorhy-95 Bowles. John Bowman. Lana-95 Boyer. Dawn-95. I25. I46. I47. l4B. I6I Bradbury. Dianne-95. I53. l6l Bradshaw, Roberi--95, I44 Brandenburg. Eric-95. l49. l52 Branning, Harry-95. 99. I7I Brevard. Mike-95. l22. l3O. I4O Briggs. Terry-95 Brigham. Sharon-95 Brodf, Susan-95. l28. l35. l52. l6O Brooks. Donna-95. I25. I46 Brown, Brenda-95 Bryan. Barry-95 Budd. Daniel-95. I68, I77 Burde'H'e. James-95, ISB Burner. Gary-95. 132. lb5 Bush. Michael-95 Bufler. Carl-95 Calloway. Penny-95. I50 Camp. Michele-I50, I46. I34 Carfer. Judy-95 Carrwrighf. Eileen-95 Cassidy. Michael-95. I7I Cavanaugh, Elizabefh-95. I25. l52. Chesfer. Sharon-95 Cissel. Lawrence-95 Cissel, Richard-95. l32. I77. l83 Clipper. Sfeven-95. I79 Cofer. John-95. I22, I43, l49 Collins. Wanda-95. I4B Combs, Mary--46. 95 Conners. Sandra-95 Cooper, Naomi-95 Cox. Sfeven-95 Crawford. Cafriona-94. 95. l25 I2 Croghan. Joseph-96 Darby. Scoff-96 Davis. Roy-96. I34 Dawson. Charles-96 Deadwiley. Lauren-96 Dean. Mary-96 Deeds. Belinda-96, I52. I6l Demar. Dwighl-96 Denl. Roberfa-96 Diggs. Barbara-96 Dillard, Jeanne-96, l38 Dodson. Doris-96 Doody. Jesse-96, I44 Dove. Gary-96 Doye. Jean-96. IBS Driver. Frank-96 Duvall. Gladys-96. l26. I34 Dyson, Delifhea-96 Dyson. Howard-96. I34, I6O Earp. Donald-96 Earp. Roy-96 Easton. Lennie-96 Easfon.-Diane-96 Eichelberger. Ronnie-96 Elseroad. David-96. IZ6, l49 Embrey. Ronald-96. I44 Eubanlc, John-96. I60 Faulconer. Debbie-96 Faulconer. Donna-96 Ferrell. Terry-96 Finlt. Paula-94. 96. l28. I46. l57. lbl Fifz. Pal-96. I64. I67. I79 Fosfer. Doris-96 Fowler. Harry-96 Fox. Bernard-96 Fraley. James-96 Frazier. Larry-96 Frazier, Linda-96. I52 Frazier. Marshall-96 Frye. Don-96 Fulmer, Scoff-96 Garis. Sheila-97 GarreH, Nancy-97. I39. l6O Garrison. Debbie-97, 42. I46, l52 Garfner. Jeanne-97. I56. ISB. l59. l35 Germon. Terry-97, 94. l32. I33, l58. I64 I77 Gibbs. Andrea-97, I22. l23. l52 Gibson. Conniw97. 43 Gibson, Sharon-97 Gorman. Pal'-97. I36. l52 Granf. Joe-97 Gray. Cyndi-97 Gray. 1van-97. 170. 183 Gray, Joyce-97 Gray. Margaref-97. 134 Green. Arfhur-97 Green. Audrey-97 Gregory.Char1es-97, 144. 17 Grimes. Bonnie-97 Gussio. James-97 Hall, Eiieen-97 Hargeff. Joyce-97. 152 2 Hawkins. Brenda-97. 125. 139. 152 Hawkins. Mary-97 Hayward. Cyndi-97. 185 Hebron. Yvonne-97 Hedden. Kafrina-97 Hei'fmu11er. Larry-97. 156. 158. 159. 164. 171 Herring. B111-97 Higgins, Nick-97. 144. 145 1'1i11, John-97. 172. 173 Holser. Lee-97 Hood. Rufh-97 Hopkins, Margaref-97, 161 Hopkins. Mary-97. 161 Howard. Brenda-97, 161 1'1oward.Janice-97 Howard. Marvin-97 Hrasar. John-97. 143. 172 Huff. Kenny-97 Hurley. Walker-97. 128. 143 Hydorn. Bob-97. 130. 140 Jackson. Marcellus-97. 176. I 168 Jenkins. John-98. 122. 158 Johnson, Francis-98, 165 Johnson. Luke-98 Johnson. Wiley-98 Jones. Mary-98 Jordan. James--98 Kahl. Sfeven-98 Kafoski. Claire-98. 122 Kaiz. Sidney-98 Kavanagh. Joe-98. 144 Kearns. B111-98, 156. 158. 184 Keib1er,Lois-98. 148. 158 Keifh. Richard-98 Kellerman. Charles-98. 172 Ke11y. Thomas Ke11y, Tim-98. 164. 178. 179 King, James-98 King. Lawrence-98 Kniedler, Nadine-98 1Cni11. George-98 77. 178. 179 Knoebei. Madeline-98. 146 Koisfad. Marfha-98. 125. 135. 161 Koppe. Sfeven-98 Kuchinskas. Phil-98 Lamb. Charies-98 Laycock. Joe-98 Leaman. Danny-98 1.eCompie. George-98. 165 Lefebure. Paul-94. 98. 128. 132. 164 Leforf. James-98 Liqhf. Herberi'-98 Lindsey. Edward-98 Lin1on.Gerhard-98, 130. 140. 169. 177 Lowery. Francis-98 Lowrey. Cynfhia-98. 161 Lowry,Ar1hur-98. 132. 169. 179 Ludwig. Skephen-99. 176. 177. 169 Luhn. Donald-99 Ly1es. Linda-99 Magaha. Ray-99 Magers. Pai'-99. 157 Magruc1er.James-99. 168 Mainharf. Sonia-99 Manis. Wanda-99 Manson. Adah-99. 161 Manson. Ru1h-99. 161 Marshail. Deneen-99 Marsha11. Denise-99 Marsha11.Toni-99. 156. 158 Mariin. Gary-99. 158 Mason. Mars11a11-99. 130 Mayor. David-99 McCa111ran, Mark-99 McConaughey. Paul-99 McDonough. Jackie-99. 128. 146, 147. 151. 152. 160 McGuire. Paddy-99, Menis. Pefer-99. 143. 177 Michaud. David-26. 99. 168. 177 Miles. Julie-99 Miller. Roy-99. 144 Mi11er. William-99 Mi11iron, Vicki-99. 160 Mills. Juanifa-99 Minion. Sherry--99 Mifchell. Joyce-99 Mi1che11. Peker--41. 99. 184 Moore. James-99. 130 Moore. Pau1-99 Morion. Jerry-99 Muir. Roberf-99 Murray. Janis-99 Musgrove. Emiiy-99 Neal. Cecil-100. 168 Nesbifh Florence-100 Nesbiff, Wi11iam--100. 160 Panico, Liz-IOO, 125, 128. 130. 135. 140 150 Painode. Charienc-P-100 Paffon. Richard-100 Payne. Vivian-100. 160 Pearre. Donna-100, 151 Perry. Gerald-100 Pey1on.Vas-100. 169. 178. 179 Phair. Susan-100. 139 Player. Rufh-100. 146 P1easan1's,Sherry--100. 148. 152 Plummer. Debbie--100 Plummer. George-100 Plummer. Karen-100. 161 170016, Billie-100. 134. 161 Poole. Diana-100. 146. 150 Prafher. Diane-100. 161 Pu11iam.Wayne-101 Quick. Susan-IO1 Ragan. Mike--101 Rau,Fay-101.161 Reece. Roger-101 Newhouse. Sieve-100. 143. 156. 158. 159 Newmann. Ross-100, 125. 169. 179 Nic11o1s. Edifh-45. 100 Nicholson. Brenda-100. 139. 146 Noifon. Mon'1'e-41. 100. 164. 179 O'Brien. Mary-100. 152 O'Conne11. Janice-100 Oland. Doug-100. 158 Olsen. Pauiine--100. 125. 126 O1son,James-100. 106 O'Nei1. Judy-100. 154 Reidy. Frances-101. 157 Reinhard. Karen-101. 12 Rhoades. Diane-101 Righier, Wayne-101 Rifchie. Donna-101 Roberis. Cecilia-101 Roberis. Howard-101 Roberfs. Thomas-101 Robinson, James-101 5.161 Rogers. Alice-101. 125. 150. 151 Roof, Doug-101. 125. 152 Sadfier. Mike-101. 170. 171 Sa11aday. Kafhy-101, 125. 128. 146. 148 Saunders. Mary-14. 101. 125. 126. 135. 140. 151. 160 Savage. Harry-101 Schwarhbeck. Lloyd-101 Scokf. Suzanne-101 Sears. Rodger--101. 143 Seelr. Roger-101 Sell. Mary-101. 148 Sellman. Deidre-101 Shaulis. Dora-101. 160 Shawver. David-101. 179 Silliman. Pam-101. 146. 147. 150 Simmons. Jack-101 Simms. Pal--102 Sims. Nancy-102. 138. 142. 143 Sir1c.Joe-102. 169 Sirli. Mary--102. 161 Smifh. Jenny-102. 125. 128. 130 Smiih. Kalhy-102. 152. 157 Srnilh. Marshall-102. 130 Smilh. Ofis-102 Snools. Ron-102 Snouifer. Ted-102 Snyder. David-IO2. 130. 136. 140 Solo. Ted-102, 180 Spalding. Greg-102. 132. 140. 143 Speare. Brad-102. 140. 143 Springirlh. Larry--102 Sfeers. Paula-I02 Slewarl. Dwighl'-102. 168 Sfewarl. Mary--102 Sliles. Paul-102 Slream. Bonnie-102 Sfream, Charles-102 Slurgill. Keifh--102. 169 Super1ca.Janine-102. 146 Sulphi n. Slanley-1 02. 144 Talley. Gloria-IO2. 134 Talley. Janice-102 Talley. Jo Ann-102 Talley. Ray--102 Tal1ey.Willard-102. 179 Taylor,Caro1yn-102. 134. 152 Taylor. James-102 Taylor. John-IO2. 132 Tessier. James-IO2. 165. 171 Thompson. Marie-26. 102. 139. 142 Thompson. William-102. 161 Thornburgh, Pal-44. 102. 164. 179. 178 171 Thrasher. Tom-25. 102. 169. 176. 177 Tiiringfon, Susan-102. 139. 161 Toquinlo. Pam--99. 102. 128. 152. 161 Trent Sam-102 Trenlon. Linda-102 Umberger. Paul--102 Walker. Fred-102. 144 Walfers. Carolyn-103 Ward. Danny-103. 132. 165 Ware. Linda-103 Warfield. Caroline-103 War1hen.Julia-103. 148. 152 Walers, Debbie-103. 134. 152 Wailcins. Kenny--103. 130 Wesffall. Marlene-103 While. Paul-103. 130. I40. 143 Widener. Valery-25. 103. 146. 161 Wilkerson. Phil-103. 128. 130 Wi11iamson.Joan-103 Wilson, Eudora-103 Wilson, James-103 Wilson. John-103. 169 Wims. Greg-103. 172. 179 Windsor. Sharon-103 ' Winslead. Bob-103 Win'rer.Al1en-103. 128. 132, 133. 135. 169. 174. 177. 180 Wor1cinger.Jane-103. 139 Wrighl. Sieve-103 Young. Rurh-103 Zarnsforff. Linda-103. 139 Zebuhr. Bonnie-103. 125. 146. 148. 152, 157 Sophomores Adams. Edgar-104 Addison. Angelia-104 Alcox. Pai-104 Alcox. Susan-104. 128 Alexander. Jack-104 Anderson. Judifh-104 Anderson. Larry-104 Andrews. Chrisline-104 lAppel, Charles-104. 158 Armsirong. Carol-104 Asbury. Greg-104 Bailey. Margarel'-104 Balmer. Dennis-104 Bariolomei. Richard-104. 168. 172. 173 Bauer, Roger--104. 43 Beglin. Gordon--IO4. 142 Berry. Eric-104. 156. 158 Blaloclc. Richard-104 Blanlcen. Richard-104 Blankenship, Roberl-104 Blood. Jane-104 Blylhe. Nancy-104 Bond. Bill--I04. 177 Bonney. Raymond-104 Border. Doug-105. 160 Bova. Diane-105 Bowles. Barbara-105 Bowling. Tim-105. 143. 172 Boyd. Chanefa-105 Boyd. Jarmila-105 Boyle. John-105 Brinkman. Bonnie-105 Bryanl. Lawrence-105 Budd. Raymond--105 Burbank. Paul-105 Burdelie. Doug-105 Burdeffe. Rulh-105. 140 Burress. Roberl'-105 Bush. Sfephen-105 Calloway. Edward-105 Campbell. Larry-105. 172 Campbell. Michael-105. 168 Campbell. Scofl'-105. 142 Campbe11.WiIIiam-105 Capps. Beisy-105. 122. 140 Carr. Sam-105 Carr. Theresa-105 Carler. Helen-105 Carler. James-105 Carfer. Mary-105. 134 Carier. Morris-105 Champagne. David-105. 160 Chappell. Roberla-105 Chase. Charles--105. 48 Chesier. Cynfhia-105. 161 Clemenf. Brenda-105. 160 Clipper. Mary--105 Clipper. Maxine-105 Coales. Julius-105 , Coler. Mariha-105. 112. 136. 140. 146 Cola1uca.John-105. 130 Cole. Susan-105. 136. 146 Cole, Tom-105 Cooley. Diane-103. 137. 158 Cooper. Kilfy-105. 104. 161 Cope. Myron-105 Cordell. Belly--105 Corriclean. Lowell-105 Corridean. Marilyn-105. 160 Covell. Roberi-105 Covell. Sandra-105 Cover. Rulh-105 S Cox, Mary-I05. I46. I47. I54 Cox, Shirley-IOS Cram. Priscilla-47. IOS. I28. I4-6 Criggar. Alma-I05 Crockett Pai-IO5 Crouch, Jamie-IO5 Crown. David-IOS Crumpler. Gail-IO5 Curran. Francis-IOS Curfis. Larry-I04. IO5. I34. I77 DaIzeII. Marfha-I05 Danfe, Phil-IO5 Davis. Caroiyn-23. IO5. II2.I46. I6l Dawson. Barbara-I05 Day. Linda-IO5 Dean. Sharyn-IO5. I6l DeHart Ronald-IO5 Delaware. Mike-lO5. I58 Demar. Mary-I05 I Demory. Sfephen-l05. I6O Dennison. Shane-IO5 Densock. Diana-IO5. I46 Dimsdaie. John-l0b Dorsey. JeryII-IO6 Dove. Dennis4IO6 Dove. Ronald-IO6 Dove. Roy-I0b Doye. Nafhan-IO6. I68 Doyle. Linda-I06. I46. I52 Durant Richard--I06l I58 Dyson. Gloria--I06 Eader. Barbara-I06 Eader, Brenda-I06 Eisenberg. Trudy-IO6 EIIiS. Mike-I06. I58 Ernst Kafhy-IO6 Esposifo. Mike-IO6 Effer. Geraldine-I06 Evans, Richard-IO6. l42 Fang. Sam-IO6, I28. l29. I42. l43 Ferrell. Dana-I06 Ferrell, Roberf-IO6 Fife. Roberf-IO6 Fink. Gary-I06 Fih. Linda-I06 Fihwaier. Debbie-IO6 Flanagan, Pai'-IO6 Fleming. Marcia-lOb Flefcher, James-IO6 Flook. Richard-IO6. I4-4 Floyd. Gary-IO6. I60. I69 Fosfer. Billy-I06. I68 Fosier. Julie-I06 Foxwell. Roberi'-IO6 Fraley. Debbie-IO6 Frank. Philip-I06. I68 Franklin. Josephine-I06. I38 Frazier. Greg-IO6 Freeman. Charles-IO6, IO9 French, William-IO6. II3. I68 Frifz. Paf-IO6 Frifz. Shirley-IO6 Frye. Ellen-IO7 Garrison. Roberf-I07 Gibson. Par-I07 Gilmore. Vic--I07 GIoyd.Joan-107. I28. I36, I4O Goad. Dianne-IO7 Gochenour. Joyce-IO7 Gordon. Sharon--I07 Gough. Lawrence-IO7. I68 Gourley. Orianda-IO7 Grant Darrell-IO7 Gray. Dory-IO7 Green. Marian-IO7 Greene. James-I07 Greene. Louis-I07. I34. I68 Greer. Sherry-IO7 Gregory. Harry-IO7, I4-4. I68 Griffifh. Jean-IO7. I58 Griffifh. Jane-I07. I46 Grimes. Theresa-IO7. I28 Grogg, Judiih-I07 Grooms. Par-I07 Gruver. William-I07. I58 Hackey. Larry-IO7 Hall. Mike-IO7 Hammann. Brenda-I07 Hanson. Dale-I07 Hare. Ray-IO7 Hargreaves. Kristine-I07. l02. I6l Harner. Charles-IO7 Harfley. Tom-I07 Harringfon, Earl-I07. I44 Haskeit Sarah-I07. I25. l4O Hawkins. Pai-I07 Haxfon. Walfer-IO7, l42 Hayfhorn. Dan-I07. I77 Hayihorn. David-IO7. 40 Healy. Paf-IO7. 146. leo Hebron. Berry--I07. I38 Hebron. Ricky-IO7. I6O Hendricks. Hazel-I07 Hensei. James-IO7. I28. I77. I68 Hershey. Linda-IO7. I46, Ibl Hicks. Nafhaniei-IO7. I32 Hillyard. Sonia-IO7 Hifchcock. John-IO7. I69 Hoes, James-I07 Hoes. Marshali-l-I07 HoIIand. Carl-I07, I58. I68 HoIs'ron. Brake--I07 Hoover. Ronald-I07. I44 Hopkins. Jane?-IO7 Horan. Meredifh-IO7. l25 Horst Linda-I07. l60 Hoffinger. Donald-IO7 Howes, Charles-IO7. I68 Huss. Greg-IO7 Jackson. Charloife-IO7 Jackson, Chris-I07 Jackson. Elizabefh-I07 Jackson. Jane-I07 Jackson. Susan-IO7 James. Carolyn-IO7 Jarboe. Sfephen-IO7 Jarboe, Tom-IO7 Jarvis. Ruih-IO7 Jenkins. Willingfon-IO7 Jeft William-I07 Johnson. Caroiyn-IO7. II3. I6I Johnson. Joyce-IO7 Jones. Gary-43. I07. I72 Jones. Peggy-IO7. l48 Joppey. Doris-IO8, I34 Jordan. James-IO8 Kaszuba. Ray-I08. I68 Keibier. Rifa-IO8. I48 Kemp. Susan-108. I40. I6l Kendali. PaHi-IO8. I6I KidweII. Roberi'-IO4. I08. I68 Kilgore. Mike-IOS. I72 King. Gloria-I08. l4O King. JoAnn-lO8 King. Kaihryn-IOB, I22, I40. I46, l6I King. William-I08 Knight Marvin-lO8. I74. I77. I68 Koppe. Kimberiy-IO8. lbl Kryder. Theodore-l08 ' Kyle. Corky-I04. I08. III. I68 Praihe r. Poiocluo. Powe rs. John-IIO. I28. I58 Irene-I IO. I60 Pralher. Brenda-I IO. I34 Prafher. Diane-I I0 Prather, Glenn-I I0 Prafher, Ronald-I IO. I68 Praiher. Sylvia-I IO William-I IO. l68 Lancasier, Kuihleen-IO8. I46 Langley. Alva- I 08 Langley. Leroy- I O8 Law. Roberl--I08 Lee, Clifford-IO8. l68 Lee. Kenny-IO8 Lee. Sharon-IO8 Lee. Tracy-IOS. I25 Leyda. William-I08 Limparis. Suzanne-I08. I52 Linlhicum. Margo-IO8. I40 Linihicum. Tom-IOS. I3O. I40 Lippari. John-I08 Lyles. Howard-I08 Mugaha. Churloiie-IOB Magee. Mary-I08. I40 Marcum. Linda-I08 Marshall. Kevin-IO8. l42 Marsiiller. David-IO8 Marlin. Ann-I08 Marlin. Joyce-I08. l60 MaH'hews, Mike-I08, I44 McCIeary. Gary-IO8 McConoughey, Bruce-IO8. I42. I58 McDonald, Iris-IO8 McSparron. Janice-IO8 Mead. Debra-I08. I28. I40 Mead. Michelle-IO8. I46 Meadows, John-I08 Merringion. Angela-I08 Miller. Brenda-IO8 Miller, Gail-IO8. 49 Miner. Phyllis-IO9 Mobley. Lois-I09 Moe. Eric-IO9. I77 Moeller. Gary-IO9 Moody. Pai-I09 Moore. David-IO9 Moore. Gloria-IO9 Morris. Norman-I09. I68 Morris. Viclii-I09. I I2 Mossburg. Sally-IO9 Mullis. Roberi-I09 Mulvihill. Cynihia-IO9 Munday. Lawrence--IO9 Murad, Siephen-IO9. I43. I58 Musgrove. Annie-IO9 Musser. Caiherine-I09 Muih. Debbie-I09 Myers. Gaye-I5. I09. I6I Neal, Sieve-IO9. l68 Neef. Fred-I09. I40. I58 Neef. Howard-IO9 Neff. Pam-IO9. I28. I40. I6I Neuhardf. Kaihy-I09. Ibl Newlon. Cynlhia-IO9 Nicholson. Lorna--IO9. lbl Nicol. Bernard-I09 Noble. Jeff-I09. I32 Offuff, Cecil-IO9 Offuii. Loreila-I09 O'Neil. Selly-I09. I40. I46 Pannell. Elifa-I09 Payne. Diane-IO9. I6I Peclr. Mike-I09 Penn. Mary-IO9. l48 Perry. Aaron-IO9 Perry. Siephen-IO9 Peylon, Mel--IO9. I69 Phillips. Greichen-IO9. I34 Phillips. Linda-IO9.. I IO. I40 Phillips. Regina-I09. I52 Piiman. Susan-IO9. I40. I46. I58 Pifiinger. Judy---I09 Plummer. Mike-I09 Plummer. Paul-IO9 Poole. Mary-I09 Polenl. Vicfor-I IO Price. Ronald-I IO. I44 Priebe. Fred-I IO. I58 Prince. Jaclcie-I I0 Pryce, Cafhy-I IO Purlrs. George-I IO Racer. Roy-I I0 Regan. JoAnn-I IO Randolph. Jeff-I IO. l68 Rafliff. Milne-I IO. I68 Ray. Roland-I IO Ray. Theodore-I IO. I58 Reed, Charlene-I IO. I40 Reed. Upion-I IO Reffif. Mary-I IO. Ibl Remsburg. Fred-I IO Richardson. John-I I0 Richardson, Sharron-I IO. I40, I6 Riclceifs. Harry-I I0 Riley. Annelle-I I0 Rines. Linda--I IO Rippeon. Connie-I IO. I28 Roberison. Joan-I IO. I25. I6O Robineiie. Winnie-I I0 Roseby. Reginald-I IO Ross. Amy-I IO. I6I Roysier. Charles-I I0 Roysfer. Pai-I IO Rush. Leah-I IO Russell. James-I IO Rufledge. Earlene-I I0 Savage. Marshall-I IO. I28 Schmid. Monica-I IO Schmidf. Frank-I IO Schneider. Bob-I IO Selby. Bonnie-I I0 Shaw. Cynihia-I I0 Sherwood. Charles-I IO Simms. David-I IO Simms. Peggy-I IO. I48 Sinclair, Debbie-I IO Sisson. Leon-I I0 Six. Pam-I IO Slavey. Jerry-I I I. I6O Smifh. Calherine E.-I I I Smifh. Cafherine L.-27. I I I. I40 Smiih. Cecilia-I I I Smilh. Gail-I I I. I58 Smiih. Janice--I I I Smilh. Jessie-I I I. I25 Smifh. Mergnrel-I II Snider. Elaine-I I I Soles. Kafhy-I I0, I36. I40. I46 Spaulding, Shelly-I I I. I28. I40 Speclx. Marcia-III. IIO. I46 Spring. Mike-I II Springman. Diane-I I I Sfafford. Paul--I I I Sfaiger. Sharon-I I I. I25 Sfarkey. Brooks--I I I Sfeeger. Ronna - I I I Sfroufh. John - ll I Sfrunk. Richard -I II Sfup. Clyde-Ill. I56. use Sullivan. Sharon-I I I Sufherland. Rey-I I I Swyfer. Tim-I I I Tallerico. Larry-I I I. I72 Talley. Larry-I I I Teufon. Charles-I I I Teulon. James-I I I Teuion. Judifh-I I I Thomas. Clarence-I II Thompson. Elaine-I I I Thompson. Rufus-I I I. I72. I73 Thorne. David-I I I. I58 Thrasher. Debbie-I Il Thriff. Jane-I I I Tolpa. Linda-I I I Tomlinson. Lincla-I I I Toms. Darryl--I I I. I42 Toomey. John-I I I Toih. Gloria-I I I True. Dan--I I2. I68 Turner. Gwendolyn-I I2 Umberger. Larry-I I2 VanScoH. Chris--I I2. I4O Vida. Klara-I I2 Walker. Barbara-II2. I25. I36. I46, I6I Walker. Joan-l I2. I22. I46. I47 Walker. Roger-I I2 Waller. Elizabelh-I I2 Ward. Gerald-I I2 Ward. Spencer-II2. I28. I29, I77 Ware. Monefla-I I2 Wassharl. Kafhy-I I2 Watkins. Linda-l I2 Wafson. John-I I2 Wayne. Randolph-I I2 Webb. Dan-I I2 Weber. Jena-I I2 Weiger. William--I I2. I6O Wells. Janel'-I I2. I25, I39. I6O Welsh. Mary-I I2 Welsh. Mike-I I3 West Janel'--I I3. 23. IIO. l25. i40- l5B Wesferman. Margaref-I I3 Wesiley. Mary-I I3 Wheeler. Dorolhy-I I3. I39. I46 While. Linda-I I3 Wilhelm. Frank-I I3. I5B Wilkerson. James-I I3. I58. I77 Will. Mary--I I3. l22 .I46. I52. l60 Williams. Pal-I I3 Willis. Charles-I I3 Wilson, Melville-I I3 Wilson. Sandra-II3. I46. I47. I6I Wood. Roddrick-I I3 Worley. Roberi'-I I3 Wright David-I I3 Wright Jack-I I3 Yankey. Charles-I I3 Yosf. Cherryl-I I3 Young. Mike-I I3. l68 Zedler. Fred-I I3. IOB Zumwall. Eric-I I3. l68 Freshmen Cooper. Elle-I I4 Cooper. James-I I4 Fox. Joe-I I4 Freeman. Donna-I I4 Grimes. Wanda-I I4- Harfzell. Leigh-I I4. I6I Janes. Doug--I I4. I6I Kohlenburg. Brenda-I I4 Lafleur. Dianne-I I4. I28 Lake. Karen-I I4. I58 Langley. Annalee-I I4 Lasko. Debra--I I4. I46. I47. I5 Leaman. Pal'-II4. I52. I6I Lechlider. Fred-I I4. I44. I45 Lee. Michele-I I4 Leiih. Carol4I I4 Linnell. Charlene-I I4. I46. I58 Linfhicum. Sandra-I I4 Livingslon. Pefer--I I4. I4-2. I4-3 Lowe. Sue-I I4. I52 Lowery. Roberf-I I4 Lowry. Chris-I I4. I69 Luhn. Roland-I I4 Lynch. Pal-I I4 Lyon. Wendi-I I5 Lyons. James-I I5 Mack. Jeff-I I5 2. I6I Mack. Sfephen-I I5 ' Magee. Carol-I I5 Magruder, Donna-I I5. I46 Malinsky. Kafhy-I I5. I6I Merchone. Kafhleen-I I5 Marks. Jeff-I I5. I43 Marshall. Noel-I I5. I34. I52 Marshall. Ralph-I I5 Marlin. Barbara-I I5 Marlin. Carol-I I5. I6I Marlin. Irene-I I5 Marfin. Ninn-I I5 Maurer. Jack-I I5 Maxey. Carol-I I5 May. William-I I5 Mayor. Sheila-I I5 McBride. Mary-I I5 McCrorie, Gary-I I5 McCu'l'cheon. Roberl-I I5 McGrain. Bonnie-I I5 McMullen. Bob-I I5. I28 McPherson. Tom-I I5 McTigue. Kalhy-I I5 Medley. Nancy-I I5. I6I Melchiore. Bob-I I5 Melvin. John-I I5 Menis, Dan-I I5 Michaud. Ronald-I I5 Miller. Nellie-I I5 Mifchell. Susan-I I5 Milsilias. Connie-I I5. I52 Mobley. Posey-I I5 Modzel. Suzeffe-I I5. I48 Moler. Dan-I I5 Moore. Dan-I I5 Moore. Juanifa-I I5 Moore. Ray-I I5 Morningsiar. Glenn-I I5 Mossburg. Kathleen-I I5. I6I Moxley. Susan-I I5 Murray. Marilyn-I I5 Musgrove. Linda--I I5. l6l Musser. Barbara-I I5. I48 Musser. Linda-I I5. I48 Myers. Larry-I I5 Neal. Mike--I I5 Nelson. Gary-I I5 Newhouse. Bob-I I5. II9. I5 Nicol. Susan--I I5 Nicols. Greg-I I5 Nichols. John-I I5 Nichols. Mary-I I5 Nickens. Bernadine-I I5. I6O Nickeson. Nancy--I I5 Norris. Helen-I I5. I6I Norris. Lewis--I I5 Norfh. Cynlhia-I I5 Offull. William-I I5 Oland. Beverly-I I5 Olmslead. Gene-I I5 Owens. Mary-I I5. I6I Page. Carol-I I5. I6I Painler. Gary--I I5 Palmer. ScoH--I I5. I42. I43 Panico. David-I I5 PaH'on. Addison-I I5 Payne. Muriel-I I6. I6I Pence. Mike-I I6 Perry. Mona-I I6 Pefers. Kirk-I I6 Pelrie, Brian--I I6. I43 Peylon, Tocque-I I6 Peylon. Zee-I I6 Phillips. Doug-I I6. I6I Phillips. Gloria-I I6 Pilman. John-I I6 Plummer. Harold-I I6 Plummer. Roberi-I I6 Poling. Debbie-I I6. l6l Popperl. Bernard-I I6. I43 Popperl. Mary-I I6 Pralher. Diane--I I6. I6I Prafher. Lena-I I6 Praiher. Lynn-I I6. I46 6. l58 Primavera. Corliss--I I6. I28. I6I Prilchard. Margarel'-I I6 Prifchard. Vickie-I I6 Quinlan. Kafhleen-I I6 Rable, Terry-I I6 Rall. Denise-bl I6 Ramsey. Terry-I I6 Ray. Debbie-I I4. I I6 Reclor. Julia-I I6. I39 Reid. Donald--I I6 Reid. Laurel-I I6 Repass. Frances-I I6. I6I Richie. Susan-I I6. I43 Riggs. Larry-I I6 Rippeon. Diane-I I6. I6I Roberls. Randall-I I6 Roberis. Zella-I I6 Robinson. Kim-I I6 Rock. Karen-I I6 Rose. Suzanne-I I6. I52. I6I Rosie. James-I I6. I6I Rossi. Carmine-I I6 Sancomb. Cafherine-I I6. I6l Saunders. Roberl-I I7 Savage. Diane-I I7 Savage. Kenny-I I7 Savary. Lynn-I I7 Schneider. John-I I7 Sears. John-I I7 Selby. Charles-I I7 Selby. Mary-I I7 Sellman. Kevin-I I7 Seller. Suzanne-I I7 Sexfon. Nancy-I I7 Shank, James-I I7 Shaulis. Donna-I I7. I6I Shellon. Andrew--I I7 Sherwood. Theresa-I I7 Shiffleff. Barbara-I I7 Shoemaker. Lewis-I I7 Shor'r. Rufh-I I7 Shrader. Dean-I I7 Shrader. Jean-I I7 Shreffler. Roberl'-I I7 Shumaker. William-I I7 Simmons. Debbie-I I7 Simmons. Rifa-I I7 Simms. Mary-I I7 Simms. Rosie-I I7 Simpson. William-I I7 Sims. Granville-I I7 Sirk. Anna-I I7 Sisler. Stephen-I I7 Small. Debbie-I I7. I48 Smilh. Charles-I I7 Smilh. Greg-I I7 Smilh. James-I I7 Snyder, Sfeven-I I7. I6I Soles. Tom-I I7 Solysl. James-I I7 Sommerville. John-I I7 Speare. Tom-I I7 Slaub. Nancy-I I7 Sfeavers. Mary-I I7 Sfevenson. Richard-I I7 Sfevenson. Tom-I I8 Slewarf, Marva-I I8 Sfewarf. Todd-I IB. I34 S'roIIer. Donna-I I8. I39 Sfrohmeyer. Chrisline-I I8. I6I Superka. James-I I8 Talboff. Roberfa--I I8 Talley. Pai-I I8. I6I Tapscoff. Marlha-I IB. I52. I6 Tale. Linda-I I8 Taylor, Elizabelh-I I8 Taylor. Harold--I I8. I6I Taylor. Peylon-I I8 Taylor. Roberl-I I8 Taylor. Tyrone-I I8 Thomas. Linda-I I8. l6I Thompson. Vivian-I I8. I6I Tibbs. Dennis-I I8 Tifringlon, Rosemary-I IB Tolpa. Anita-I I8. I6I Toquinlo. Vicki-I I8. I28. I6l Trouf. Margarel'--I I8 Troulman. Wendy-IIS. I4O. I42 I46 I58 Troxlar. Frances-I IB Tucker. Mark-I I8. I6I Turner. Elizabefh-I I8. I6I Turner. Julee-fl I8. I6I Tyler. Linda-I I8 Uhlendorf. Anne--I I8 Vail. Janel-I I8. l6I Vanhoozer. Roger-I IB Vargo. Susan-I I8 Vida. Peler-I I8 'WachIer. Susan-I I8 Wailes. Dennis-I I8 Walker. Elizabelh-I I9 Walker. Thomas-I I9 Wallers. Phil-I I9 Ward. Judy-I I9 Warfield. Cheryl-I I9 Warner. Roy-I I9 Wafkins. Nancy-I I9 Weddle. Dan-I I9. I43 Weller. George-I I9 Werner. Rosann-I I9 Wesl. Pai-I I9 Weslfall. Nancy--I I9 Whalen. Tim-I I9 Whipp, Bryan-I I9 Whilcomb. WaI+er-I I9 While. Sandra-I I9. I6I Wiley. Eclwin-I I9 Williams. Gloria-I I9 Wills. David-I I9 Wilmof. Frank-I I9 Wilson. John-I I9 Windsor. Chrisiine-I I9. I28 Wise. Laura-I I9. I6I Wolfmeirer. Shari-I I9 Woodruff. Harrier-I I9 Worlcinger. Susan-I I9. I42, I48 Worley. Barbara-I I9. lbl Wrenn. Paula-I I9. I6l Wrighf. Claire-I I9. I6I Yarnick, David-I I9 Young. Cheryl-I I9 Young. Sue-I I9. I34. I46 Zeller. Sharon-I I9 Zenh. Rodney-I I9 Faculig Aldous. Gene-30 Balmer. Vaughn-30 Beim, Caierina-30. 47 BIaH. Calvin-8. 9. I2 Brady. Charles-30. I84 Broughfon. Mary-30 Bryan. Ed--30 Checlron. Sieve-30 Chrisfie. Mollie-30. 39. I36 Conn. Gilberf-30 Crawford. Mabel-30 Crawford. Richard-30. 42 Culoffa, Beffy-30 Curling. Marian-3I Davis. Mary Ann-3I Deragon. William-3l Dolflemyer. Roberi-3I. I68. l7I Drinlrwafer. Joanna-3 I. 40 Dubois. Oscars-3l Earl. William-3I. 43. l60 Eberly. David-26. 3I. I78 Erdlii-z. John-3I. 4I Fisher, Elizabeih-3l Floria. William-3I Freyiag. Sharon-3I. 39 Fuqua. Raleigh-32 Gaussman. Gerhard-30. 32 Grani. Pafricia-32 Grogg. Nellie-9. 32 Haba. Andrew--3I. 32. 5l, I75 Hall. William-8. 9. 86 Hanlon. Eugene-32. SI. I69. I79 Haralcal. Paul-32. I72. I83 Harvill, John-32. I66. Ha'Her. Joyce-32. 46 Heifmuller. Phyllis-32 Hehiclr. James-32. l84 Hill. Barbara-32 Hoffman. Mabel-9. 33 Honsberger. Helen-33 Horn. Louise-33. I23 HyaH'. Clara-33 Johnson. Roberl-33. 49 Joyce, Fred-33 Kayeum. Joan-33 Knighf. Raymond-33 Knobloclc. Diane-33. 44 Kopera. John-33. 47 Krzysialr. Fred-33 Levine. Ferne-33 Marlin, Arfhur-34 McCuI'cheon. Clarlr-34. 35 McKee. Elizabefh-34 McReynolds. Jacqueline-34 Miller. David-34. I44, I45 Morgan. Eleanor--34 Morin. Milliceni'-I2. 34 Pafferson. Howard-7. 34 Pence. Jean-34 Phillips. Gail-34. 50 Pope. James-34. I44 Porier. Edward--34. 45 Price. Frieda-35 Quelef. Thomas-35. 50. I3l Rouse. Paul-35 Scanlan. James-34. 35. I7 Schneider. Eleanor-35 Schweiher. James-6. 27. 35 Schugaris. Thomas-35. 44 Siemiaioslci. Janice-35 Solomon. Fred-35. 47 Thomas. Allen-35 Toquinio. James-8. 9, 23. 35. 87. I I I VermeHe. Joni-35 Wallrer. Doro'I'hy-35 Walihall. Mary-36 Ward. Frances-36 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Weinberger. Donald-I2. 36. I8O Weld. Pafricia-36. 42 Wesi. Alma-36 I Wiggins. Audrey-36 Willard. Marian-36 Work. Kale-36 Yanshalc. Nada-36 Zefls. Adam-34. 36 Zefis. Joeseph-36. 43 Aciiviiies American Field Service-I25 Audio-Visual Club-130 Band-l58-l59 BLUE and GOLD-I36-I37 Cheerleaders- I 50-I 5I Chess Club-I42 DECA-l3I Drill Team-I54-l55 Forensic-I35 Fuiure Farmers-I44-I45 Fufure Scieniisfs--I43 Fulure Teachers-I39 Key Club-I32-I33 Keyeffes- I 46- I 47 Library Club-I38 Maiorelfes-IS4-I55 Malh Club-I49 Medical Careers Club--I48 Nalional Honor Sociefy-I24 Pafrols-I34 Pep Club-l52-l53 Pom Pom Squad-I57 Robed Choir-I6O-I6I SAIL ON-l22-l23 Senafe-I28-I29 Sfardusfers-IS6 Siudenf Council-I26-I27 Thespians-I40-I4I The '67 SAIL ON Siaff would like +o express fheir appreciaiion +o Taylor Publishing Company. R. N. Rasbach Pho'ro Service. Zamslcy Siudios. Mr. Howard Bridges. Mr. Bill Maclniyre. Mr. Greg Henry. Mr. Russel Gloyd. and fhe GHS adminisirafion and facully. ? f Q ,S y K W eg , . " Q t ' 5 5 N X 9 1 . 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Suggestions in the Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) collection:

Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 37

1967, pg 37

Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 24

1967, pg 24

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