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-r.-CU: .. Y A ' -ff?-Q11 '. S , ,zv '1:,:-qu:-'grtrf-F1.c-f is 4557" 7 'i '1 ' . . Y - ' . -5 l -, Y Y . .25 x.,.:,..-..1,,:.- 2,2--., .-. , ..... -,.,, , I ,, .K ,Z Q . V .Ar 1 . .is n . tj AM. X ,JW I fff .4 . 1, X Wg! w M WV. QM ,fi J J- W lA Pl L fx! . LV ' x - '5 J ffl 1 ,vcyx-"lb ,X-X X Lg fi . A inn L ' ' Q- '9 353352 333' 'Q .6353 if M 'ik Q35 J'i5'Xf3?yf ff V 'Q 1 'V 'Z r Y w M .9 ff? 255 ' 1 Qwi W'q,,iZiw w:'JMJf Dkwfvb mffwp QWZJMW MKWQEKSM Y' ilfiffw-f-fwf E ,ii-SQZSEQQ5 Njgffgw Q.,-6 X UL Nm x . 33 SX' W Qmmlllfwwwx K9 DWXQ44, 0 J wzffmwt , with All I , cfytjg ,My fwlf V 'V' W ,gf,.9""'U W5 5 A7fW"M..7" MQWM .+ wwf QKW MMM! ' P.-l'+-v WW RAL Qd .p,1,.. J,-J. N33-""' yi vs,-JJ Lai uri" - L X' if 'MI V VV, nf Lrg .sf f .F -x gd' M W N ' -I ff ,M W 576, ei 1956 GHITHEHSBURG HIEH SIILIUUL GHITHERSHUHG, VIIIIWUIHD J 5 'P ,, ff rd i 1 3.:3vg'w! ff-3 l Bill Signor Arr Edmu- :1'ffl' Zyl? .F . flzflilrf Itliflfffllfii3f:1f.i.iI..?i l . H , c J... f 'ii 'Hi '9 ' iiffiiiiizl. he .aw Carroll Earp, Editor-in-Chief Prelude Second! tick away. . . Minuter barren on. , . Hours flee before one'J eyes .... Days too Joon become weeks. . . Weekr roll relentlerxly on .... Month! rteadily rumble part. . . Another year illruirfely leave! the fcene. As time turns backward, as time gives us a second look, 1955-1956 at Gaithersburg High School becomes in retrospect no uneventful year. September brought more faces, new faces at the high school. Expanded facilities came into use. New officers filled posts. Clubs bowed for the first time, activities opened for the student body. The curriculum of studies provided greater variety than we had previously known. The Sail On turns the months of the calendar back for you. High- lighting each month, the staff presents the portraits of each class in one of the six sections of the annual. TX -x jfxl riff' li X In the Sail On In Days of Early Autumn ......... .. ..... -. f. .. .page seven '1'his section features activities of September and October, The grid squad and the seventh grade takes the spotlight. The Festive Times Arrived ttttttttttt.tttt.. ttttet . .te.tett page seventeen November and December highlights girls' indoor sports and the basketball team. Concerts by the band and the glee clubs, as well as portraits of eighth graders receive prominence here. The Long Expunse of Winter ........ . .................. page twenty-seven Freshmen come to the fore in january and February. This divi- sion heralds the Student Council, the Senate, the shop and the patrols. In Days of Wind und Ruin ..... . . . . -page thirty-seven March and April ushers in the sophomores. G.H.S. Follies, the Sail On, softball, and baseball receive attention here. ! P: s' ' X And the Sunny Days Came ....r...r..... .r.................... p age forty-seven Our Blue una5fGold staff, the F.F.A., and the Key Club appear v in the May-june segment of the yearbook. Juniors take the limelight. The Graduates ................... . .,........................ ..... p age fifty-seven June 11 highlights the ninety-five members of the Class of 1956. f 6 S E' 5 L A p V . t .s f . sll. ln? fiifWf"d'lf'i'g s in S, at H,,p gt. iffsfj . s tsinsfefv' fa-fi sw-is? . ' sei We . ' N-'YB' B' W wil. Q 1 KK ,' Ak' I 1 I s sn.: lx fx up ax if J 3 L:-YY' 1 Fazczwlzljy and Smff Robert A. Gibson Ethel Jacobs Principal Administrative Secretary l ynx jean Ahearn B.A. Edward Baum, Laura Beacraft Thomas Bilek, Eleanor Boland. Englixb, Latin B.S. Cafeteria Manager B.S., M.A. B.A. lmiuftrial Am' Alegbra. Playricr Englirb X' 3 ga i B be . glib - rf JFWTJQ. 9' 1 - lb'l A Willianx Brennan Wayne Busbice, Julia Ceranton, Betty Culotta. Marian Curling, B.S., M.A. B.S. B.A. A,B. A.B., M.A. Senior High Vomtiomzl Librarian Englirb, Hmm-q' Englirh Counfelor Agriculture nfs-,re.gm3gfz,w3n1A,, ,ry 4 .f 1 "" J V i f fr. ,fi g 1, y - 3 ...,, 1 ,e KL ,. ." lA -. r ,Z Ek' I H .,vs g It ,,L Lik ,,, M, i - W. wx 4 jj, ,- . W ,X K, ,,,,, ' , X: k m rl Ea, ,Q V. Ruth Darby, Oscar DuBois William Earl, William Edwards, B.A. B.S. B.A., M.A. B.A., M. Ed. Ellgiifh, Hiimry Indfgyzrigl Bookkeeping, Banking Am Murir -Qu. .L N Fisher B.A., M,A. Junior High Counreior Harry Foskey, John Freeman, B.S., M.A. Problem: of B.A. H istory, English, Hirmry Democracy John Hagyard, Geography John Harvill B.S., M. Ed. Physical Education Helen Honsberger, B.A. Civicr, Spanish John Joyce, B.S., M.S. Industrial Arts .r:l" I p lx X Q W Carroll Kearns, John Lambert, joseph McCarthy, Clark Claudine joan Morgan, B.S., B.A. B.S. McCutcheon, Morgan, B.S. U.S. Hzrtory, Engiixh, Hirtorg Phyrieal B.S., M.A. B.S. Home Art: Problem: of Education Math, Home Arty Democracy Driver, Training .r 'll E f at arf 'L " :W f x .zz it, A QQ Howard Edward Porter, Frieda Price, 'l'-,Norman Oscar Schneider, james Schweitzer, Patterson, M. Ed. B.A. Sfthneider, B.A., M.A. B.S. Math Band B.S., M.A. Vice-Principal Science Czwcx, Englirb World H irtory A ff, Jane Short, Education rg 1 ,r,' L " Pbyriwl Mathematic: '-f7v7 . Swyter. James Toquinto. B.S., Typing, t General Bfmnesr B.A., M. A. Wilma Ulmer, B.A., M.A. Vice-Principal Dorothy Walker Secretary f New '--- '.:, 1 -,wwf Q- ef:. ,sf:, K ' ',.' J "' I I: . if-l: , N ' I g fiffj zh li , I A lynniiif 'MWSEW iifggl N it 4 -E ,kkk,, I fv W W rw 1 owe .frmgkwwfwiix W " - N Mary Walthall, Frances Ward, Roland Ward B.S. B.S. .B. Englixh, History Typing Dwenrzflerl Stenograpby Occupatmuy rr n K u ' . , 7 V W l.-l A f 6? ,Ql ' "r '- 4 f I , .lrr ' l t,1r ll I W x I' NWN . ' J' Donald Watkins, Raymond Whipp Edgy Wiggins, Anson Wilcox, Catharine Work. joseph Zett B.S., M.S. Head Cuttodinn B.S., M.A. B.S. B.S. B.A., M.A. Vocational x'XShyJioal C bemist ry Mathematicr Art Agriculture ucatzon QL-?.,T"' M T J I' gf an fg . 'Aww w gig, YlB!lllllln ElB lg1Q,E,E:,3 x f U 615109 QWQG' 0 9 I un uw a 1 ' l . e f f I , ma l X Q90 In trays of Early is a record of passing events. The of any year pass quickly when there so many things to do. September, so ago passed quickly. September 12, 1955-a significant date. School opened after a long, sweltering summer. As usual registration seemed interminableg actual classes that day were but brief previews of things to come. Long lines of students entered Gaithersburg for the first time and registered with Mr. William Brennan and Mrs. Betty Fisher. Seventh graders filled the corridorsg upperclass- men appeared outnumbered. Most acclimated easily to the routines of Gaithersburg. MWLJWYZFYZ The fall brought a full Trojan grid schedule. Practices for some were part of the normal autumn day. Friday evening games were a- waited anxiously by many. Publications department sponsored the first dance of the year. Many others followed in, what now seems, quick succession. Schedules brought new classes. We saw, for the first time, new faculty members. Day after Day fell from the calendar, and by the end of October, we felt as if a summer vacation had not intervenedg we had always been here. September and October introduced us to the more than two hundred seventh graders whom we meet in this section of the Sail 012. Focal Points In September, we found the gym taking shape. The focal points for any days work, however, continued to involve that a.m. meeting in the cafeteria or at the main entrance and a hurried trip to the main office. Beforfe Classes Be an Before classes began, the stars and stripes rose on its mastg Gordon Wigle and Don Howard had another urgent an- nouncement to call to our attentiong and absentees of the previous day waited in lines for that necessary admit slip at quarter of nine. in , ts i Alley Asbury Atwell Auvil 1 s it i :Ma li tile B if t .,," - - 1-5: me ,,' ,, Blalock Blankenship Blood Blum It t ,- - , Baker if VLVV A' Bohrer ,il lg ', 2 sg? if k Barron Beall , s fggfjg t Hu' -,' 1 lk an-5 A, in Y ni Briggs H. Brinegar ii' X I if i 1 Beatty Biddinger Bladen s ,,,, if 3259 VmxA' A R. Brinegar Butcher Butler L.. ifhs flaafaammva flctivity In October the girls took to the soccer field with Miss Wiggins and Miss Short as coaches joan Edwards and Mr. Wilcox daily sold the new activity cards to long lines of students in the cafeteria. Ag. classes gathered in the corn harvest and sold their crops under Mr. Busbice's direction. Seventh Grade -W-J f e.r S sr fri flag. eresc.7+r 2,2 .... l ..c tra r+l its X fx X. at f ' ..-. V .a .. . t i in LA Callan Came Catlin Catron Chamberlain Cheeks Christie Christman B. Clark Darby. e s C c - t swf ' . fa,,gg.- s ' l 'e rcrrt 4. My K "file A Q5 I iiiif i in v , 1. D. Clarke T. Clark Cole Coleman B. Collins T. Collins Cook Cope S. Cox M. Darby Th ma Eyes . .. .Ears Two important organizations strove to make learning easier for us. In the library, student librarians and Mrs. julia Ceranton helped us find the books we wanted. To help us understand through sources other than books, A.V. specialists showed films and played recordings for our classes. Upper Left: At the charging desk, Kessell, Harding, S . . . - King, andison. Lower Left. Finegan, Palmer, Caul field, Stanifer study. Upper Right: Burke, j. Gilliam, M. Gilliam, Young, Signor play back a tape record- ing. Lower Right: Silinsh, Mr. Swyter, Monaco, Callan, .K Irvin watch a projector being threaded. Seventh Grade . A'-S.. , ' '.:, A I , I 'V ' ii,,.: 4 xiii I "Wig r J , p p,,,y,,,f ,A G Q L, pr , - ' i ,,.. .331 A . 1 ,.,sii ,V 'Q - ,X 'ff 'V s p , , fsuer 1 ' if 4 M1 a- 4'-54. fr . ,f-.wif '-ti as f 1 - - T. Darby K. Davis L. Davis Dean DeHart Demory Doane Donivan Downs Eader ...rr - . aass r , is sler i 1 r r -. It f 1 iii Q i . l u 'ir l s r.u,. 1. -f .aa 1 r ' " . f i,.i s 1 i - i . wif .. rfsti ' . - Earp Eldridge Embrey Estgs Fisher Fitzwater B. Fraley D. Fraley, C. Frazier S. Frazier Seventh Grade if.. . A RW. Fin! Row: Frye, Gadd, B. Gartner, T. Gartner, Gary Geisbert, Second Row: German Gilliam Gl Graham Gr b' , , over, Goroum: , ay ill. Third Row' Griffith G ' Haddock H . , rrffith, Grogan, , argert, Helz. Fourth Row: Hershey, J. Hottin-- ger, L. I-Lorringer, Hough, C. Howard, D. Howard. Fiflb Row: Howes Hundley, Hungersford, james, Jarvis, Jenkins. eiivizly 0 Seven times a days the halls filled as we passed to classes. In the fall and winter, we rushed to the cafe- teria for the bus to take us to gym Alw ays on hand were senior high girls patrolling the hall for our safety. x 'ir i gf-Q - . , Ai . WI: ir, W V Alk' V 1 . - W , .f f ,V , ,1,, , C - as ' , Q ' . ' 52, V . 1 :Q ' . , , . 4 Al1 ' C . K ax L. 1 -. lb ' 'W ' if 'f - ' n uf . 7 L s - ..ia . . - - iiii l 1 ' K . y it S s 1 Q . ' l 5? it ' L ,h " f Q J "f', ' f shin' iw V . ., M y J I4 Nyirti :lx 1 I 1 J M . A ,, . as L if Q. w g V. f .. ,,,: 1 V. V 57,... ,,. ,,. . I I I -i'L 4 ' , - - - " -' . , 1' V ' I ' jx fl ,- 'f'-- 1 .14 ,ja I . . H, A l' ii i - -1 , :K i f K: K 5 lull W"' .,, ,. , , ,, l, ,," "2 ' L 5-ga' ,Q sai. , I , .1 at ' . s, ... , , if r wi k kA,r N 2 K , A., . .. .J,,, - . .. . . ,.,,, i L L 'af if A Z' ., N. . A' . sf- L 'A'V' 'L' Lfff, i" - fi' my . , , v Y A , .,,Vk I ,TVVA I is K .,,,. , I ggi: 2' . L . s , a y i ,aww 'ff 'S W L L L Y f ,1 is sa ' . + Q K 1 ' at ' bf . . iss. yy . . V fm, L L 7 ,, ' . . . mL" L 5 3 L i . L s L L ' it - , .I ' 3,4 , ,f .. L L - 4 H 2, I L 1 . . . LL f . . 3" . .. - :fax 'Li L1 P Pint Row: Jewell, Johnson, Keplinger, Kile, j.E. King, J.L. King, J. King, D. Kirby, R. Kirby, Kirk. Second Row Kisner, Kitts, Lamb, Lawhorne, Leaman, Leer, Leimanis Lewis, H. Long, L. Long. T bird Row: Lowery, Lucas Mann, Marcum, Marshall, McBride, McCutcheon, McGrew In the junior high, we had four majors. Classes in English to study the correct use of language , . . Classes in history and science to study human nature and our physi- cal world . . . Classes in geography to give us knowledge of our world . . . Classes in mathematics to re- veal the mystery of numbers. x McGowan, McLain. Fourth Row: McMillion, Mead, Miller N. Mills, P. Mills, J. Mobley, T. Mobley, Morrison, Mossi burg, Mowel. Fifth Row: Muir, C. Musser, S. Musser, Neal, Nichols, Nicholson, Norwood, Osterwise, Otte, Parham. S Q 3 3 QQ T GEO F Upper Left: Foster downed one of Sherwood's eleven Upper Right: Earp, Hottinger, Ayton moved into position as Myers hit the grid in the Sherwood contest. Lou-er Huerta dived for De Matha's ball carrier. Talking o The Eight successive weekends saw the spirited Trojan eleven take to the Held. Not spectacular in wins, the season provided individual players and fans out- standing contests of excitement, For the first time in Eve seasons G.H.S. overpowered archrival R.M.H.S. Outstanding play by Bob Costello attracted much comment in the Rockville game. Bob made a hfty yard run in the Trojans march downfield. Unpre- dictable Warren Schwab made several spectacular plays in the course of the grid season, Ronnie Clark, Carroll Earp, Bump Kephart, Don Howard, Richard Myers, jim Reed, jim Thompson, Guy Briggs, Delmas Foster, Jehu Cover, Russell Rotruck, Sonny Sandison, Roberto Huerta, Gordon Wigle, and jay Watson hit the line as Trojans for their final time. Ronnie Clark, through injury, ended his football career early in the season. Because of county age limit, junior Arthur Huerta played his last game this year. From the Jamboree at Blair to the final game, G.H.S. turned out in droves to support our team. Coming in on activity cards for home games, many students looked forward to the games as an exciting end to the school week. Other students purchased tickets at the gate. Parents and alumni supported the Tro- jans with unusual enthusiasm. Many greeted the games as reunions with former buddies, To add interest to the half-time, our band performed intricate routines and played stirring marching music. Most of all, we remember "Davy Crockett". The pom-pom girls and majorettes went through their inimitable acrobatics at each home game. Upper: Coaches John Harvill and Pat McCarthy flank head coach Carroll Kearns. Lower: Coaches l-larvill and Kearns demonstrate line technique for the squad. Gridiron Sept. 23 Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov .30 7 14 21 28 .5 ,ll Schedule Landon 7-24 Wheaton 7-26 Laurel 0-15 De Matha 0-13 Sherwood 6-6 La Plata 14-7 Rockville 26-25 Georgetown 7- 12 . "':f' X Perry Pine S H ' Price Repass I gg Seaton Selby W r A Q , 9 QE . ja' Shumaker Simms 9 ' Sutphin Swecket W ig if Vandersys Viault S 2 li ' S -lf ' S , r Whetzel Whitley .wi K ft-Laker si Poole Jn Powers Pratt H V' 1 A all 'Qi' JR. f , K ' i K fr ,X D ,..k 1. VV Rinehart Rogers D. Savage J. Savage Q. S f it Q, 1 oooo S ' " t "iw I 'L' '- V' ' r-'r :fx P-1 'f- if 1 A,-Q, i Sexton Shawver Shifflet Shirley - Qs: , l',ir'i1m Emi- X 1 I 4 Smithson Stanifer Stokes Stream .Q - vf A I 2 A , fs S is T Thompson Tibbs J. Tolbert J. Tolbert 3 -- 1 3 f-.' .sl tm .. ,:,, N Waits Williams Waldrop Walker Walsh at T f I 'ttt 7 X as Trigger rv? 5 M 'rw 'A fr, Z., Trout ,s ww" , w e r i" ' i wi , i. r S l rW,, , . Q E' ,. rf ' .ist S -' t 4 1 ,, I K 1 -Hgh i if 'fl , l ' sig 21452, S Ctr, 1553-1 455, W W 9 ,yi W V i r Q if g - ' ZA Q 5 , it Vail 'ff 1 -X -. Qi? g 1 . J, 3 Walters Warfield Watkins Welch gm K kk at Q 55 A . is ,, , . . ,,,, W f , f S S ,. , we ' :eg fmt Q: '-"' S. aj. mf K4 ,- ,, Williamson C. Wilson R. Wilson Wood W oodard Zieger Zimmerman Q E Novamb R H 1 B9 90 nvilielw 6 Drums n ess Qlllllnnll nflum' raw W9 The Festive the sun set earlier in the November the days of the months marched in an implacable procession. sports, the girls ended their hockey and soccer competitions and began indoor intra- murals. Sounds reverberating from the gym indicated keen rivalries in volleyball and bas- ketball, November saw the final games of the Trojans on the gridiron. Eight weeks of high-spirited excitement became history. The art department, in its meaningful window and bulletin board displays announced Thanks- giving. Songs of prayerful gratitude came from the music rooms. We heard a short, impressive p.a. system program on the harvest festival: a holiday had come. R - E -:le ag Ao .vi ug, , Times rriyetzl After its outstanding successes at grid half-time performances and at the Labor Day and Beth- esda parades, the band now turned its energies to its concert. Early in December the full band and its soloists gave us a concert of lively music. Throughout November and December, the glee clubs sang their "Glory in the Highest" directed toward their Christmas festival of carols. To re-tell the real message of Christ- mas, the glee clubs chanted sacred music. The annual concert of carols brought a large audi- ence to the old gym. And then, 'Christmas had come. Eighth graders are s otli ht i ' ' of Sail On. Stamizng Left to Rzgbl Hardrnz Coach Pat McCarthy Kephart LeCompte Hoyle Seated McGraw Costello Andrews Thomp :on Trurtt zum Hoopsiers Early rn December basketball pracrrces made the gym rock wrth 1ct1v1ty Coach Pat McCarthy selected hrs varsrty squad whrch provrded us wrth enghteen thrrllmg contests of actron and excrtement Games, usually two rn 1 srngle week rolled on through january and February On two occasrons we were excused at two thrrty to see the Trojans on the court Pre schedule game wrth the faculty gave us the unusual chance of seelng our profs rn chfferent th Comm roles Later we attended the contest wrth Poolesvrlle to see our team make IIS first wm Thxs year our team had the dlstrnctlon of boast mg, members of the sophomores as well as the yunnor and senror classes Playmg on the varsrty squad were Bob Costello Jrm Thompson hm Brrgcs lxm LcCcmDte Warren Schwab Bob Trurrt Erlc Hurlebaus Perry Andrews john McGraw Bump Kephart Allen Steele and Bucky Hoyle R M H S and Sherwood arch rlvals of the Trojans mstrtuted post game dances to which GHS student supporters were rnvxted , 1 E X, ' w X Z , - , , , , I Brrggs, Hurlebaus, Steele. Schwab, Fraley. 3 n y . ' V I , . . . . Y ' 5 1 . 1 . I .77 I . I - . 3 ! 3 ' X- v I il . ' A , . . . . , L n, K 9 -V I Upper Right: Alumnus Collier recovers as Le Compte, Briggs, and Hoyle guard. Above: Truitr and I-lovle hold alumnus Steele. Lower Right: Hurlebaus gets re- bound as Le Com t and Thom on C S await ball. D D Jan Damascus Jan St. Stephens jan Sherwood Jan Poolesville jan Rockville xr jan. 24 De Matha Feb Jan. 27 Wheaton Feb Jan. 51 Anne Arundel Feb Feb. 3 Damascus Feb Feb. 7 Wheaton Feb Feb 10 Sherwood Nha' sw .21 Priory Rockville Poolesville Anne Arundel Landon Eighth Grade Q ' 'K ,jr .L vb ! , I 'AAK ez., on 1 V? i , A be 'xg 'M .ssel 1'-we be +--. ' 'V I l 6 'uv an Allen Ambrose Arnold Barber Beglin Bennetts Bladen Blankenship Bowman D. Burdette arf im Al Display Al Design To commemorate the seasonal festivals of Thanks- giving and Christmas, the art classes appropriately decorated the hall show windows. They provided bulletin board displays to announce the holidays and reveal their significance. ca. E we-Q sa if 4 To p pp it as t i nga X it 1 A s llas wr t so K. BurdetteW, Burdette Burkett Ciarrocchi Clagett Cole Coleman Cornelius Cox Crockett Trojmvzewes In late fall and early winter our Trojanettes turned their talents to volleyball and tum- Um bling, Intramural playoffs ended two months of vigorous competitions before eyes turned to basketball. Eighth Grade N54 , M " W 5' i W af , 5' li W K . . -Y - : I J Q 'Q gk U , -jr, 3 K - :. H A at l in i' rrss ii A . Crown Cullop Dahler Darby Davidson Davis Demory Delaughter Diamond Dillehay Eighth Grade 1 fsrin' G 'g,QFf L "'n V i, x . ' L Zh - A . B+ t , t we it M it B or t K E itr . Y V- ff , hh Q' if ark W . ar r V l 4. i -',k ,l ' i .il i "T f ' B l . .. . B ks- 7 if t .iff . r ' is l First Row: Donivan, Dove, B. Downs, M. Downs, Duley, Dunnavant. Second Row: Earp, A. Edwards, P. Edwards, Eldridge. Estes, Fink, Thin! Rozwi Fowler, Foster, Fox Frazier, Frye, Fulks. Fourth Row: Gartner, B. Geisbert, G Geisbert, N. Gill, V. Gill, L, Gloyd. Fifth Row: S. Glovd, Golliday, Gordon, Gravley, H. Griffith, J. Griffith. 1 Little Trojans Before school each morning, fifteen ei hth d ' g an ninth grade boys prac- ticed basketball. Mr. James Schweit- zer coached the junior high squad. In the inter-county league our squad gave us some exciting moments at h t e contests most of which were played on Thursday. Members of the squad were Briggs, Brinegar, Bowman, Donivan, Earp, Green 3 Griffin, Huerta, Magers, Morris N . . . orris, Shipley, Torreyson, Viaultz Cecil Walsh, Welsh, and Gilliam. 8. i. W.-W5 sv' A 'Zi - j, is X, Y E A , ,L , is i 1 FIT? i .. W ,.... .F Qfw l " a c - nn 5 . n :rf . si 1 ks A Inf . A . .. .N i . Q a J . 'W A " " i i ' .I ..g,,, V r . L .. , . V, ,,,4 F , 1 'F 7 F ' if 7' M , ' ,h 'e N F , ,V 5,5 3 ri V' , . T,b A , If 'X " F .fy , viii wi. Xl 1 I I VA Viiir K A Ah. K' x all - 1 . H 1 H N , 4 K:--P - 5 ii 3-, A f'A 1 . 3 . . L Qi r F . , ' "Ji A 'E t ri ' F ' . n Wf 3 K ss F. ., " K Y ,l fc L f ' ' F if . , .,: . f A wif ' A ' f' Q . as M AL ' he c l L K , 1 Y' J D V if .,.. v H A Q 1,1 b Fin! Rauf: Grimes, Gruver, Hanger, Hardeman, Harding, Hargett, Hayes, Haynes, Helz, Hessie. Second Row: Hill Hines, Hitaffer, Hogan, Holston, Hood, Horton, Howard Jordan. Keener. Third Rozrz Kephart, King, Kirk, D Kitts, F. Kitts, Koplf, Krise, E. Larman, N. Larman Law u a Fourth Row: Layman, Lechlider, Leonard, Long, Lowery, Malone, K. Marshall, L. Marshall, Martin, Miller. Fiflh Row: McClain, McGraw, McNaughton, McVey, Mills, Mobley, Moore, Mowel, Nicely, Nicholson. Mighty Warriors Schedule Poolesville ' Damascus Richard Montgomery Sherwood Poolesville Damascus Richard Montgomery Sherwood Dec, 15 Jan. 5 jan. 12 jan. 19 Jan. 26 Feb. 9 Feb. 16 Feb. 23 -ls! , I Y ,g y 'J . 3 Q. prix 5 Upper: Brass Quartet featured, Bryan Kile, Guy Briggs, Bob Hawkins, and David Woodneld. Right: Bill Signor played the baritone as Mr. Earl accom- panied. ozwsimzg Martial Music On December ll, 1955, our band performed as a concert group. Although ir had performed in the parades and at half-time on the gridiron in Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Rockville, it showed its adept- ness at a concert-type program. Miss Frieda Price conducted the band before ri capacity audience. A ...sq fx: 9 5 u ,ar , ' 5 : ' D if , "z r ' iii 'ff '12-14 l Y' .- ,.q1f1,:as:f Q , , If r t 'gurl' wa wr L -fir 3 E M .A mil Sztzmzimzs Our Glee Clubs provided our evening of traditional carols, sacred songs, and popular holiday music on December 18, 1955. Under directors William Earl and Miss Frieda Price, over two hundred students sang. For the second year, the piano and Hammond organ ac- companied the groups. A girls' sextet and soprano Zaidee Tennery added contrast to large chorus numbers, a l . . , Q? T 0- . 1 A 9 if A I . .4 ' f '92 at f- f y fb, vt W' fs , ...Y - K jf' il '- s t . f .. .. ran. ff Norris Norwood Patterson Payne K K x l 'hA . S fi L. Price V. Price Purkey Rainwater iri,r S Ricketts Riggs Robbins Sangrey l ga. 5' 'ff K S Wx V . KWWLLV A. , , ,lj 1. Shifflett Seal Sheets Sheppard S YA iffjelff ' t ,, kit: Snouffer A. Snyder J. Snyder Spring t - J. Thompson L. Thompson Torreyson Trent Poole t Reck Pratt -1, ,.. J M , ., nov? u' Nl' t A Q it-1 J I Repass ill" J. I 254345 zz? 'sl' ts, as L Schwab Schwartzbeck It li. . Alliftleliifii T L Th" t L i L Sirk H. Smith 1. Smith L. Smith 51 5 if S' . A '. if . K "': Q l Q. iw'f 7 ' .. "' I Y r t .. ,ff ttii ?'.gs iifv 1, , hi H T .. Staley Stine Suddath Taylor C. ThompsonE. Thompson i f t ,.s. VV,kbp S R4 Trout Wachte- Walker Walters Whipp Whittington f syy trg . 7 , l'.i fig A , - - sy I .. . S Y 4 1 .A we ,iw Whittaker Wightman Williams Willis Windsor Wolfson Woodfield Wright Wyatt Zetts r"T"-T-'Al 'l"',,Q The Long Exjprzmzse the grains of sand falling in the hour the days fell from the 1955 agenda of classes and activities. Almost unaware, we found 1956 on our calendars. With the arrival of january 3, we realized Christmas was behind us and more holidays would wait until spring. Daily we anticipated the fall of snow, instead, one morning, we found ice so slick that january 9 became an unexpected vacation. Studies became intensined. After several false alarms, exams were taken by some on january 23, 24, and 25. College bound seniors went to B. C. C. one Saturday for the national Col- lege Board tests which some universities re- quire for admittance. of Winter Basketball rolled into high gear, contest after contest fell from the record to become history. The Trojanettes held their interclass competi- tions which culminated in the basketball sports day. By Washington's birthday, we felt the tired- ness of winter with its bleakness must soon be relieved. Several unseasonal warm days were good antidotes to the winter lag. In these long winter months, we still expected the services from members of the Student Council, the bank, and the school store. We expected them to carry on their service without fanfare. They were our leaders. This January-February section features the stu- dents of the freshman class. I' If ji wet , X L X . . , , 5 ewzziierfis 1ofWOzums , GJUCZLPZWZZCAQII ..- ...-- --.-. ,V We elected the Student Council last May. jackie'Laltec,o1ged ' 'W the presidents post. She and the Council brought us through a difficult budgetary year. Time and again, they-held bake sales and dances. They helped with the tremendous" magazine campaign in November. Activ- ity cards and payments were kept before our eyes. Our officers were Patsy Messer, vice-president, Kay Nofff' singer, secretary, Joan Edwards, treasurer, Roberto Huefta, administrator of activities, john Ayton, administrator of health and" safety, Bob Farmer, administrator ,oi?'music and drama, jafhet Hayes, administrator of publications, John Mc Graw, adininistrator of sports, and Lolly Beatty, junior high representative. . -' Mr. Anson Wilc.ox.sponsored the Student Council in its activ- ities this year. f' HMM ZZLCOTS Our hard-working Senate assisted the Student Council, As president of the Senate, Patsy Messer helped organize the one charity driye for the school. Senators aided materially the council's campaign to keep students well informed on the government's business. Senior privileges and council budgetary affairs rated high on the Senate's time schedule. To mete out merit awards ,Senators compiled the data of points for each person when May rolled around. Much of the Senators' hard work remained in the background of the schoo1's Klieg lights. Ag? . ,,. ,.,. - , - wa , 3 ., i Zi , , . Q -if 1 ' , I . A x L 5 I Q agp- 'fi gi f iv ,I N? if Q-IK L X J' H+ I 1 1, QPF C Allnutt R Allnutt C. Ayton J. Ayton C. Baker P. Baker S. Baker Bartee Barton Beach Upper Left: F.N.A. Diane Demory, Joan McGowan, Kay Nolfsinger, Miss Bowen, Alice Lagerson, Wilma Barnes, Ina Ziemelis, Neula Bartee. Lower Left: Nurse Bowen meets a patientg Upper: F.T.A. Standing: Pat Messer, Mary Glover, Beverly Mullican, Linda Ed- wards, Jeanne Price, Larry McLean, Emilie Gallaher, Joy Green, Barbara Embrey. Seated: Beverly Culrley, Spon- sor Miss Curling, Martha Osterwise, jackie Stresau. For the Future Organized for students interested in nursing and teaching as careers, two groups found sponsors in Miss Katherine Bowen and Miss Marian Curling. The nursing group assisted in the health suite. They studied simple first aid and visited hospi- tals preparatory to post-high school education. Miss Curling's group studied problems of the field, found time to assist teachers at school, and did some substitute teaching. y , , O a ,a l s i, .n l .V I t ,V i' i , I . ,TV , ,I A : HQ QE I t i f T, H A- Q, a n gp7,r t , pf 7 ,fp , r e r A 4 at - erl' ' A j V W ' tti' X . ' -' V 'au as . V ., Beall Beagy Benson Biddinger Bladen Blalock Breeden C. Briggs J. Briggs Brinegar by Upper Right: Reporting for duty on Frederick Avenue after school. Lower Right: Patrolling the bus boarding station in the afternoon. Above: Pay- ing Mrs. Griflith and student helpers at the cafeteria. For the resent For our health and welfare, both adults and students gave generously of their time. Parents and paid workers, as well as - wi? students, assisted Mrs. Laura Becraft in the cafeteria. Under My this expert management we were able to enjoy line lunches i throughout the year. . With Mr. joseph Zetts as sponsor, the patrols weathered many inconveniences so that we might walk or ride to school 11, in safety. 49' f if U ifkg x x 4 'J f x . y . . t If I K W X 4 , ,. 1 .Viv. ,. I . 6 x X Brown rdetre Burdette Burdette Buttry Callan Calloway A. Carter B Carter Caror C uri J M .v lyflql ly V71 'e.K . 'Q , 'QQ X, NA vt XXX. 1 1 fl if t tvwi' fjwlf N f X , K KM ,L K , l 5 ,XF 1 as lv y - K K , ' ly A 5-ff. A C C0 1 A A a i t t K l s ,,,, f X , XX I W K KE , ,QE K V Km, K 5 wif , , . . K1 W a it ll' r 3'-A . , C I A I xrig ,L, f K,,. ,,. , ? xx. Q 3 . KK v K . f A Z',L ' I ' gg-- :fy C .. ,, - ' L ' A .1 I. 4. K K , 31 AAWVV ' ,- 2 . :'k V. . Q f'. K ll K, i , iizik, Vkr f .k.., ,K.V K in . K, First Row: Cissel, Clagett, Clinedinst, Collins, Cook, Cor- dell. Second. Row: Cover, Cuffley, Dale, Davies, Dean, Demory. Tbzrd Row: Deppa, Dodson, Donivan, Dorsey, Dove, Drew. Fourth Row: Duley, Duvall, L. Earp, R. Earp, Ecklolf, Farmer. Fifth Row: Foster, Fowler, Fox, Frye, Gallaher, Gauck. Salute Mr. james Toquinto supervised the activities of our freshman class. Sue Farmer, president, Stanley Wil- banks, vice president, Elene Sheets, secretary, Roberta Weller, treas- urer, won the election as class leaders. Mr. jim Schweitzer instructed the junior high basketball squad. I . JW? . , - Q is .a Q 1 E 5 5 ',,, fe, ' 'trek' AAA' 5 - .. . E ,A fi dvr? ii i iiit t . .2 tii as t ' ":f :J N I fz. It i. ' h he .. . " t A i " Ar it ! digg' xx , K y fzswjll m i A ,Wi gh 5.,' 'A I A t . . ka, mf N55 L f ' Q im G 52 LQQA Qi, xl , as E' ' . Ag fa., "if , ' 4 f . " f rg ' .lin 1, .X g 1 lift , , if 1 a l Q, V-A. it ,k iff gkjy ytt S vs- - G y 4h l' . P H ii 4 i i' y ,Q y gf g . .Q N 1 V H g. 1 s at, M ' , at 0 ,.. X 'I l e. I I Lhiz S K 5 5 A V Z I .1 , ' , N ,' A i Q 1 1 tvs 45? . H . M-. G71 vs i 1 1 , - . an Q J i -"i ' W I ' -af' i K if-K K - asf' M A: ' . Ib . ff' AN' , . IX ii - .f t . Pint Row: Geiger, Gilliam, Gordon, Graham, Graybill, JOFIHSOU, Keener. A- King, 0. King. Fourth Row: R. King. Green, Gritlin, Grogan, Haddock, C. Harding. Seaond Row: K. Harding, Harper, E. Hawkins, M. Hawkins, Hayes, Hays, Hege, Hbrron, Hostler, Hottinger. Third Row: Hough, Huerta, Hundley, Hurst, Jackson, Jeliries, ' to the Ninth S. King, W. King, Kirk, Lamb, Lambert, Lancaster, Lane, Leaman, Leimanis. Fifth Row: Lewis, Magers, Marini, Mark, Martens, McVey, Mead, Messer, D. Miller, R. Miller. Grwdteff . As early as January, the ninth grad- ers were anticipating their dance in June and graduation. In their first year in high school they were com- pleting an initial round of credits toward their high school diplomas. 33 Upper Left: Using crayons as the Medium in Art Class. Lower Left: Handling an account at the school bank. Above: Purchasing supplies at the school store. In our my In the normal course of the day, many of us regularly bought our supplies at the school store, By arrangement with the First National Bank, we saved our money at the school bank and drew bank interest on our savings. Apart from the bus- ness interests of the world, some of us were initiated into the aesthetic realms through the art classes. f s' ftl J y tttt N p Y l t' lll 1 it pp ffllyy ry so t 5 y l as 1, it-Ep Q g1t..g l -f t lly , t A 12 al,tt rg efee t ,, l Mgbley Monaco Moran Morris Morton Moxley Musser Newman J. Nichols W. Nichols Upper Right: Following a plan in our work. Lower Right: Hammering anoth- er strip in place. Above: Using the power tools. In the Shop Although one might develop his skills for some vocation, many boys found interest in working with wood and metal and in setting type in our shop. In addition, Mr. Oscar du Bois, Mr. Jack Joyce, and Mr. Ed Baum helped us develop skills so that we might do simple repair jobs and home improvements. Ornamental crafts and more involved carpentry took hold of our imagination and fancy. A P y ' W ssye P g pp 3 o t it X if f 41 M its x O'Dell Osterwise Ostwald Pace Palmer Payne H. Phelps S. Phelps Pickrell 'S lsr .gf I . LZ, A 'U 'ii , S 22.x ,Ll,1L,L , I 5 I, .. K ,. J., J. ., ., ' ,-1. Price Purkey Ray Reid I Repass Ringley I I - 'N S . .M , I II' 4 XJ. IA 'V - mI 2 si I ' Tj ., 6, in mf, I LYVL W g, L q i ix QJ.rfifl.s.rUL, 0-if Jil- i 5' . .4 E. f f ,,,f ', -I " .I 3 . ' we r x. ,Q ' I wf X B I . x I , .Ili I -. IF Q NHL Q I I 2 ,IIIII 'I Riggs Rotruck Sandison C. Savage D. Savage C. Schwartzbeck 1,4 lb . -'-f W S W S S eile 'Wal Schwartzbeck Sheets Shifflet Shipe Shipley Shoemaker V 'ii Xglj I i hhhhh V 1 - r 0 f . ' I I i I gg. 'I II. Ial'wzf", x Xp V ,JJJX illmcaj 4 WAN .is 1 H 5 Q- . , Yi id i W I f S .hhl sf WQAIIV f M "11W .. 7 J" "X, 'Mx MJ . 5 2 --AL I I If 1551, 1,, ,.,, 5 Q. pi My I J ' ,U . f -f Slack Smith Snyder Spalding We Srorrlemyer ,Jn Z! X, 1 KU! A l N Mig . S h S f ,VSV fl' L'-S1 i ' 4 L ,. SS I QIQT I E ,. : Ii I fl- . Q II WVVV I I 2' II Vkkr ,I 1 -g. 4 ,A 1 I I ,,,.. flh Y we , ' I , Q . Stresau Suddueth Tate Thompson Trigger Truirr Tull Viaulr Voight Walker I1 7 K 1 N M 'X 34 MEOXJW .l U0 U il , .Xi W N lv I I II . , I III , , I - I Iii . :SE 4'-E' V. 4 - 7' ' W ':,. W4 5- ' . 3: 5' II , II,, I I ,449 - Q e 4 i l" if ' l Walsh Ward Warfield Waters Wear Webb Weller Wells Wel B. Wetherell ' 4 A . WW'A ,, S .l W 'A . S . W A l 5' S . - . els .. S. -- -S Lp. ,... 1 iff ' i is .... , L . im l - ' Wetherell Wheeler Wilbanks Williams Williams Willis Wilson Wright Yokley Young Manoa is s 'I' -,aaa H y , .A,., A A S M ,W Qllllllllllnu aaaaaaa Wig In rays of e sped quickly as a sudden gust of Match ind rips the sheaves of ordered days from a desk calendar pad. Photographic records of some activities of 1955 remind us of events which have so recently occurred. The annual follies brought parents and friends to hear us in our song and dance review. Our vocal and instrumental music de- partments focused their attention toward their spring concerts. Practicing during most of March and April, they presented their pro- grams of light music in May. Balmy days gave us out first slight attacks of spring fever. Because we had so much work to do, we could not give in to this beckoning laxness. Wind and wzziznz Vocational agriculture boys turned their atten- tion to spring planting. Machinery, repaired during the long winter, was ready to turn the earth. Spring vacation coincided with Easter. We were dismissed from March 29 through April 7 - and what a welcome breather this seemed then. In gym, we turned to the new athletic field. Softball, baseball, archery, and track consumed the time of the athletically bent. The athletic field was the focus of our attention as it seethed with activity each clear day. Sophomores dominate the Sail On in its diary of the months of March and April. 38 Curtain time for the big show. Top: Bob Farmer adds witty commentary as Gloria Sirk and Ronnie Clark "Make Themselves Comfortable." Right: jim Reed in the Sullivan manner emcees the TV proceedings. Lower: Jim Clagett taps in front of the chorus line, Betty Anderson, Janet Hayes, Nancy Howard. Czwrmiznz Up on Follies Weeks in advance of the March 16 and 17 dates, scriptwriters began the job of organiz- ing ideas for the Follies. ln previous years, the juniors held the reins for the big variety show. This year, talent and ability from all grades were directed to an all-school review. Spending long afternoons, the follies com- mittees sifted numbers and rehearsed. Hour on end sped by as the pianos and recordings issued from rehearsal rooms. Polishing each act for public showing entailed many many hours, many days of many students and teachers. Far into the night, students, parents, and teachers spent hours in planning and sewing costumes, in securing necessary props, and in assembly sets and painting backdrops. Crowds swarmed into the gymg laughter and applause ushered forth-the Follies was a success. Q ,. f ' 5 X ,N Upper Left: Typists, Duley and Wood. Upper R-ight High ad salesmeng Murphy, Holsinger, Demory, Howard, Huerta, Darby, Anderson, Edwards. Center: Writers Murphy and Hoyle, Editor Earp, artist Signor, Business Manager, Demory. eazdlzimzfe Mei i s ' V trs ' 5 yy iff Adams Andrews Atwell Bamhard Sail On workers tried hard to bring us a different but complete record of 1955-1956. Though most of the responsibility was taken by a few, our yearbook is the result of hours of effort. Deadline, january 25, was rnet. . .1 i 1 ri' f y il T Q .. 5 so 5 t W t 23" lx ' X I 'iijsiyk W4 I H. W ffhli. n '21 1 ' 6' Benson Bent Bernatz Blankenship Standing: Angela Marcuccio, Carroll Earp, Kay Dee Schumacher. Seated: Margaret Murphy, Joan Edwards, Jackie Lake, Betty Anderson. Honor Students From the upper third of the class, juniors were selected for our Gaithersburg chapter of the National Honor Society. Last Febru- ary, 1955, present seniors Angela Marcuccio, Margaret Murphy, Joan Edwards, Jackie Lake, Carroll Earp, Betty Anderson, and Kay Dee Schumacher became members after the faculty cast secret ballots. Their scholarship, leadership, service, and character placed their names in the annals of the national organization. For this honor at graduation these members will receive the oflicial pin of the National Honor Society. . ,, "lf ' 'L ' 'N .. Ar . 1 ., h - 5. - fr. f ' -1 ' l 2' 5- . V- . 7 ' ff, A ' .-ft ff 'ini -' 1: - . ' f' - ' . V K f' r H :.- -' :g ,' Q - - w . 2- ' . I I ' I ,fs I - . to - .A K l MQ . ' I ' at i -3- ' .. '- ' is 'ii f -' .X-iff K I Q bv, ri e af, he , 392 w , 'if f' q " NN A ,Q ,634 ff 'W 5 Bohfef Boxall Bfiflegaf B1-Own Burke Burkett Catton Crarrocchi Upper Left: Huerta comes in. Upper Right: Clark goes overg Center: Smnd ing - Snyder, Steele, Clark, Kinsey, Graham, Dove, Kephart. Kneeling Moxley, Wigle, Huerta, Swann, Nich- olson. Om the Track we . W.. ' 'li vig U As April came to an end, practice began for the county track events held in May. To set new timing records, G.H.S.'ers competed in the dash. To hurl the shot put and discus, our track team had entries. To mark new distances and heights, the squad entered in the broad jump and high jump events. f . 'l i sicst i , C l' LV 1 J VV,Vr p l., r,VVbV . A. L f t x is N- as t is ssf n it . C l J it i' f' 'ltl I X A n V C Clark Clayborne R. Clements Cole R. Clements Costello Cullop Davj5 'fi i 'Q im 3 ,- :Wi . ' K AX .... il' .X ' A ' is if in , we as -t , E f l 5 as 3. A so . Q ',L, ,QQ . fk.1 It ,.2, ffl " "'5 -::' f'Y"'fW ,, .V . Wg: T i -f " ' My i. A Q Q . E ' . ,. 9 H Egg! , k 1 A . , If mow.. W xl L " A H " f Fin! Row: Demory Dob , son, D Edwards, L. Edwards, Elgin. Second Row: Embrey, Esworthy, Foster, Fowler, D. Fraley. Third Row: E. Fraley, Frazier, Gill, Glover, Gol- liday ozmzoimzg and Top Photo: Our sophomore class chose its leaders in December. To head the class for the year, joe Dobson became class president. Joy Green, vice-presi- dentg Jean Osterwise, secretaryg Betsy Adams, treasurer came into office. Lower Photo: At Roberto Huerta's di- 'V rection, dance clubs organized in No- vember. Sonny Sandison and Peggy V Miller continued teaching ballroom hopefuls throughout the year. J . . t E 1 'f3'f ' av . V 1 ' i 1 . , J md Q9 S A ff I t H A y is f QT , . H , ai . A aw?-abit K as T y ' ' 4' t ' K ' if . ' f . , if L'L'- . Ms 5 . W K. A- r 1 M. "2 K m " is it 'i A " '- . K f t K 1 1 i . h . 7 ' 'K ,, , 'kiV ,,...,, , if 1 f' .X as ff ' .. .. W Q Q fi L if s 5, L :kb W it I , W ,fr ...K A S Y, Ivy - i n 3 :L Q A 'K W . . xl. QAQW l l . fl 5 ' r l .W - is in ' Q a - . 1' e ' i 3 r. 7 , fa e i f f - 2 it s i. tt . f l ,K K f ' A - I l .. Q 'm .. 2 f . ' 'gf-My , , t" I tt 'turf . ' , 1 3 1h h w N A at wfh'b 1 ' K ' ,fa "A. . 1 M K K h Q IU X - ' a X. E 'A'l Y 'Q K t ' 1 1 L . Firrt Row: Green, Greer, Groshon, Guaclagn, Harding, R. Harding, Hatton. Second Row: Cheerimg Cheerleaders . . . Throughout the year, our pert cheerleaders had roused us to support the Trojans in their contests. Here at an early basketball game, they were poised, ready to take the floor for another spirited cheer. Hours of practice, under Miss Jane Short's direction, preceded each public appearance. Left to Right: Joy Green, Nancv How- ard, Dottie Perry, Captain Betty Ander- N son, Linda Lagerson, janet Hayes, Pat Hayward, Margaret Lee. Haney, B. Heck, Heisler, Howard, Hubble, Hurlebaus, Johnson, Kel- Hawkins, ler. Third Row: Kemp, Kilby, Kimble, King, Lagerson j. Larman, S. Larman, J. Lawhorne. dd Ztesi ,, ,gi i . i EA: at f ?, ka if R. Lawhorne LeCompte 5 .. P-Wim ' K - ..," fi , Y-,..w f f , ,. tw- f 6 s , . ., ,J . i We Taz lee to When spring approached, girls took to the diamond for softballg boys Went out for the All American game. Upper photo, Kay Noffsinger struck one. KD. Schumacher pitched for the senior squad C right phoroj. Principal Gibson readied his stance at the regular faculty-boys' varsity opener. 'i 1 ' L .- ' Q ., K' 'i A I I lf! P ,, +. , ..e.. at - , ' Q ' r , ege Q, M A -. I P ii To ,ef A W 1 1 p .: J 5 ' ai? A V ,,p p 2"ffiL. , I , ff' " , ' .va Leimanis Lenz Lippart Lynch Mann Lee The ziwzmomzd For a full schedule, the Trojans, under Coach john Harvill, proved a commanding rival as they met both local and distant opposition. Upper Right: Walters, Ward, Henderson, Thomp- son, Truitt, Foster, Steele. Lower Right: An opponent makes the bag in the Landon game. Upper: Thompson at bat. . . 'rll jp t Q ,T sea-s 1 e he . T :H y j If w vi ,',k Ik, -jj K VW , I xv VL W, A .lb an ,ki kk . .1 l , Martin McConnell McGowan McGraw McLean I 9 K f s wg, Melvin J Miller Mills if ' qi I Moone 3 , w Norris t , H 5 4 Price 'll .E if x wr' 'F X Storm is ' l S L . X N,,A K ww, .gag ail X Mowel ,al ., ., - Q. QR . S x Munday M, .-3 X' 5 S 6 . S L, ,,, o you ,V f , -f ,E .xnsnn A -mi K I SX, I Offutt Porterfield Osterwise in p Q 1 ,J L n f ' fi- ' i fi- S Q,. f S P l . 1-nw, '.i " ' ' , f If N 'N f nk ' '-All fi " P1'ifChH1'd Rawn Reid Rich Ricketts A , X l h ii ' my F ,Vs 'VJ l ,,if f .fb , 3 W' N at 5, WL L , Vi,ii if K lj " has 1 N Rines Robbins Rggerg Rohrback C. Royer W, Royer li r M' it 'S only whiff . l I S.. Savage Schwab Sexton Shoemaker Snouffer Stagg Snyder M-Qi' ' i'ii W S ' , o hu x 5 EQ, H pt I ll! kN" -EET ,Q X , , Stottlemyet Stlclclueth 2 ffg tw f- Q-vv ,K , WT Q, Watkins Whitaker Swank G. 12:2- 1 Sylvester y i J 4 M it A. Williams D. Williams NJ. Thompson N.I. Thompson Trigger N A 1 L ti li X flsl S i . L ,V I Willis Wolfe Wyatt rx 6 . was ,' A , s 4 ik, liggwlgp Egg' 5 ZA 4 aaaaaaa gkgaagv ea-W9 md the Sammy rays Came an orderly progression the sun continued seemingly perpetual movement across skyg and in a relentless manner one new day followed another. May cameg and the activity-packed days passed more quickly than ever. End of the year's activities crowded our daily schedules. The festivals by the band and choral groups gave evidence of a hard year's work. To assist in the national celebrations, the band marched in both the Apple Blossom parade and the Cherry Blossom festival. Senior high glee club groups made their annual appearance in the state choral festival at College Park. Juniors sponsored their gala prom in honor of the seniors at the Manor Club on May iS: This dance highlight of the year climaxed the jun- ior's year of activities. Baseball and softball rounded out the competi- tive athletic program, School year '55-'56 was fast drawing to a close. We Students elected our new Council officers. Old staff members set up their last issues of the Blue and Gold before the new staff was named. Yearbooks were distriburedg we made our rounds as we plagued one another for auto- graphs. For our best friends we, of course, wrote eulogies on any white area we found in the annuals. The May-june section spotlights the members of the junior class. The gym, in a rear view photo, nears completion. Center: Leading Gaithersburg's F.F.A. group this year are: Vail, C. Foster, Adviser Mr. Wayne Busbice, President John Graham, D. Foster, Staley, Hoover. Left: Mr. Donald Watkins super- vises repair of farm equipment at the school lab. Right: Senior high agriculture boys at work repairing equipment Above: Oficerr: Carroll Earp, Bryan Kile, John- McGraw, Ronnie Clark. Upper Right: Clark presides over meet- ing as Adviser Mr. john Freeman and members listen. Lower Right: Kev Club members show interest in speaker. Al Key for Ser-vice From its bow to Gaithersburg in October the Key Club made its quiet, though indeli- ble mark on the school. This local organiza- tion in the tradition of Kiwanis raised money to help others. Their sale of Christ- Adams Ayers all M L t Ayton mas trees in December, yielded part of their bounty. Mr. john Freeman guided the group throughout the school year. Ronnie Clark became the club's first president. is 5 ,W Ji ,I il ,121 . ., , 'E 3 If 'ji' , ,Q 24 ,qi , 51'-it av.. . . f ifligdi Baker BIV Burke Juniors Bussard 5... In Mwjo Choral music department provided its biggest program in May. Meeting in several glee club groups, students took choral music in their regular, daily schedule. Under the direction of Mr. William Earl, the groups sang music from Bach to popular show tunes. Small ensembles formed late in the year to add variety and interest, For civic functions in the community these groups added entertainment. The Glee Club's big events of May were the concert and Choral Day at the University of Maryland. A 2 ' , Z ' ff ,M -my I ,, ..., 25, , iq agp .4 'K - fl-fd?-Wzfqt .gfseitg . g J J ,. T 1 , ' . , 5, 55513 K TW gfll. 2 I' ' " , 'Q rf, f' 1 .- X HP , -at t M 3, 3 1 1, I Cator Corey Darby Drew 11:55 - , .L my 5 M I ' 5" , 'k2.:si1iQ .swf ,L Farmer Ur Minor For their march festival in May, our Gaithersburg band spent many sixth periods practicing. Brass ensembles and solos added variety to the program of marches. To tone down the brasses, to get the squeaks out of the clarinetsf Band Director Frieda Price' worked tirelessly with band members. The band in its many performances during the year did itself proud and made Gaithersburg? band enviable among other schools. From the seventh and eighth grade, a beginners' band continued to provide feeder material for the advanced band. Iumors if -2? 4 will x ,"L .ty .Z :Q he In ' In Fender Finegan Fitzwater Foster Fraley Geishert Fmt Row: Gilliam, Graybill, Grithth. Second Row: Harding, Harper, Hege. znz Dec Our junior class decided that Allen Steele would lead them through their year of activities. Allen was assisted by Jim Krise, Donna XVhet- zel, and Arthur Huerra. Biggest event was their prom at the Manor Club. As each day ended, we, to enjoy that last gab session, congregated around the lockers. Right: Nancy Ciarrocchi, Jeanne Price, and Karlene Miller. , fwfr x.r.-f -W f 1 5. J y f 4 . . . f X ' 4 i v M j 1' X A. f i 2 X x IL will QL i ! g o , ' , iiif if ,I . L """ 'i A " g 1 M Hessie Holston Hoover Hottinger A. Huerta O Huerta Irvin Jarvis Kilby King Krise Lambert in the Senior High High stepping majorettes added spritely interest at the grid con- tests and at marching events. They' hlled a memorable niche in the fol- lies too. Baton twirling acrobatics delighted the crowds everywhere our majorettes appeared. In their brilliant gold and white costumes the group led the band at Win- chester. Left to Right: Karlene Miller, Suzanne Griffith, Janet Miller, Pat Kilby, Jeanne Price. L " ' "' .L i cf f' A 1 , 1 . s, .,. A K M M J lx Upper Left: Reporters on the staff with Associate Editor Sandison. Upper Right: Sportswriters Bent and Hoyle with Sports Editor Wear. Above: Editor-in- chief Reed. Lower Cenler: Associate Editor Sandison. Lower Right: Adver- tising Manager Wigle Fifteen issues, an enlarged Blue and Gold, gave us the news and featured events this year. Supervised by James Reed, Sonny Sandison, and Betty .lo Wear, reporters sought news in all areas of the school, Reporters pictured are Glover, Osterwise, Whitaker, West- fall, Lenz, Thompson, Heisler, Edwards, and Sylvester. , W it V .,.. , , A mW L ', .s , r1f.r x W' t'li Lgaman Melia Mercer :- ,- 15-my -. Q A l .Q ali jf, """i' y1 6233? W to l iq esf yy ri x F ff ,i A - X ie., , 1 B. Miller .,., ,L Q v :J ' fb' 4, W L. N X it - Hr 1 -.5 , , fr rf. J st r ,ii ty, sq J. Miner Mills fm' ., Qgx, Upper Left: The planners - Edwards, Wfiizle. Reed, Sandi- son, Osterwise, Wear. Upper Riglal: The feature staff - Sandison, Farmer, Collins, Seaton, Osterwise, Cover. Sealed: Stanifer, Anderson, Lake. Above: Circulation Manager, Kessell, assisted by Edwards and Murphy. Many sources made the news. Magazine campaign, gym construction, glee club events, band participa- tion, athletics, and students hit the news pages. Vie 0 read serious editorials on people and the school and ll lively feature articles. Most of all we read about people-students and their accomplishments, their hobbies, their foibles. Iuniors r -, M, . , d Q , . W m V i,, ,, is A , .ILM M r . , Mullican Nicholson Norris Perry Price Schwartzbeck vi Q- -2, . , Seaton ,., , f,.,. ,---, W' ' , .,. . .V 3.59, , Nyrzixi, ff'fefi?fE A 71 ',.. . 5- .i H R ' D. Selby 3 , t tv J. .ms 115 Lew 'MWF - 'ZH' :Qt M7 . Selby Qllll . S f ri r X t S Signer Silinsh Sirk +1 at S fri v illl l m it W 1 ier l 1-. ' ' : ' lie ZF' . 5 m A1f Sloan Stonham G' Watkins Small "l 5 D l A Storm ' SSS SKU!! Wear Stanifer Steele I 'x"A W 4 , S l' it Mg, ' A L Sweadner Trigger ' Qt. " 1 1. Westfall Whetzel W , at f 5 V X 'Him Juni!! al an f. 4' Ward . jf Williams 3 "' -fu 'WB we 4? Windsor XX si 'XQXN X NX mb Q ICT' The Gfddwd tes Senior Officers: Standing: Betty An- derson, vice prexidentg Shirley Wood, treuurer. Sealed: Diane Demory, :ec- retaryg Ronnie Clark, president. AW" K Je i X993 Grate A1111-9l'5'm t h . , bggf iD f C .on To comP9'? With riihbining pet- R0b61't Afmstj gs into the held of griend 'enthusiasm . 4 - fy his shreWdnE:1ixini1, hu' Sevelancli Sonor Society - ' ' Tolclmol cornmfarce, . . new i0 Nationa he . ohm-:CY ' D.O leader ith S - DePPY Chee' mo' W - I ' ' GHS, this Yea Pfggfam Hazel Atleim Io Anne Auzfil Robert Baker To add her usual contribution To permeate her future surround- To make his mark on the work- of cheer to all future activities ings with her usual wry humor ing scene with the same quiet . . . four years in the Glee Club . . . loyal member of the Glee sincerity as he has at G.H.S. . . . Hall Patrol Club . . . Shirley Brown, her . . . D.O. program side-kick H7 ' T llbzq 841' 0 726,f rerinSr'7L On and SL1 - F e t Cafgrlcal nufgedicaf ggfdup' en and C , - apable- . as as 3 Slwa Vs -vial.. Carlton Bobrer To take his place among those who defend our country . . . seriousness of purpose . . . genial member of the D. O. program lull.- K 5-.V iofzmee Beglin O bECOm 3 e the . afmihgteXOgEfPher Slgsrediiir fYPist r - ' - - . l . 6Xecs, oiiisc Ve ' - - diligeri thin' but ar- . r, bu, humo f. Guy Briggs To be a pharmacist, sucessful enough to buy that Cadillac . . . blowing that trumpet in G.H.S. band . . . generous and sincere . . , driving the gang around "'l!""? Mary jane Britton To be as fine to her fellow work- ers in the business world as she has to her friends at G.H.S ..,. energetic Hall Patrol 'Hunle- Rutb Britton To do everything in life with the calm and even temper that has characterized her life at G.H.S .... Glee Club Shirley Brown To put efficiency and good hu- mor into a saleslady's job . . . verbose with her friends . . . hall patrol . . . Glee Club for four years YIM? Mildred Catron To become a "Jill" of all the business trades, running the of- fice with her unusual efficiency . . . I. a comely lass . . . an en- Helen Caulfield during friend To add that special artistic touch - to everything she does . . . just for the personal stamp of individ- uality . . . as fine as they come Ronald Clark . . . refined beauty To enter the Held of medicine . . . varsity football . . . presi- dent of Class of '56 . . . con- tributed to success of Key Club . . . to study at the University of Virginia Eva Clayborne To type well, to file expertly and to enjoy both . . . sparking her ofhce with quiet. good humor and warm manner 1 Tinurf' james Cooper To do well anything he tackles in the world of work . . . a friend indeed . . . hard working and sincere 4nu.wn-- wr y Robert Darby NZ. Jehu Cover To blaze a trail in science for our future . . . individualist of no uncertain talent . . . art stu- dent . . . witty addition to the physics class Mary I0 Darby To make her mark in the scien- tific World, performing her duties with proficiency and skill . . . typist for Sai! On . . . terrific personality To attack each new Job with the earnestness that he has carried out his duties as patrol lieutenant . . . Future Farmers of America ' Dewlofy ts , ne ee, Dm m an whom She ni? her 'ww . , Esta Dom . a m T9 lfhlier Quia' Smcenw member M lil cl a train for 'big vgestl it t . - ' et oat . - er W- - Y nce fo My valuable GSS To V "California, - an dim-C Ying mmf! f Glee Club . . . Smit H fast beco teadfast . - e - - '. . s io publications Egg!!! beautician - - ' and loyal I 1' I , 1 J X, u ' i A '- f ' 'J L 1 f 1 NUM br i tt in M l A911 ,JWM . V , 1 , X V, K, , - iff 4 f- . - ' 'ww , jfs -.ff .11 V, A.1' I ' ' f A ref- ., -'cf , , , ZMVJ Z , iv fi'-' 4 'fi f X "'!""""" ""QL"'5" Nfary Dorsey james Dove Florence Duley To seek employment at N.I.l-I. T o learn the ropes as a mainte- To wield an' accurate pencil as before she becomes a vivacious nance man at P. J. Nee . . . avid she takes notes from a business air line hostess . . . active in camera fan . . . developing his entrepreneur . . . alto in State 4H . . . personality girl own stills . . quiet, though Chorus . . . studious . . . capable energetic office assistant vw... fog T 72 Edwards O take her 531135 World 51306 in the . degscffnrious trs 3 secrerarywlme' - . tlgoflflcil geasufef Of rheiS . auonal Hang quiet Chart: I Socie W nf? """ il, i """T"" gn.--gpg: Frances Edwmds Wjillfflffl Eifel To make her world the stage, re- To enter the service of Unclve alizing her desire to be individ- Sam . . . workin! HI Walkef-S ualistic and independent . . . Mafkfif - - - PC'fS0fl3b19 but P051' Associate Editor of the Blue and UV6 In maflflcf Gold 5 Carroll T Earp 0 Climb by h' the Iadd releniieunswefvinglcf5fa1?f Success rhroughss Capacity ro sez and his sfaif on .G , . IiiIir0f.f,,,Chignf? o ' - a' 'ciety . , . footbazonal Honor Delmas Foster To expand Musser's florist and to build his own branch nursery . . . displaying the same spirit shown on the gridiron for three years Helen Fraley To display the same finesse in post graduate years as on patrol at G.H.S .... fun to be around 44.-we Alice Gallaher To reach a star in the radio and television world and to shine over the land . . . determined and steadfast . . . Glee Club for four years "P'sZ.'::9' William Garrett To build an empire of fresh fruit and vegetable stands, after colege that is . . . friendly in manner and quiet good humor Gary Glvyd To go places with his quiet man- ner and kexceptional loya.lty,to all who now him . . . playing in the band . . . going to Win- -'Ulm Gyabam chester and U. of Md. To contribute as much to his chosen Held as he did for G.H.S. as president of FFA. . . . friendly and courteous 'QM-A Nancy Graybill To plunge into studies at Monr- gomery Junior College . . . a smile from ear-to-ear . . . charg- ing out books at the library 'ini Barbara Green To put her talents to work as a secretary . . . singing with the Glee Club . . . deceivingly quiet . . . pert red head Wesley Graham To learn the rigors of life on land and sea with the men from the Halls of Montezuma . . . grease monkey for Reed Brothers . . . varsity foot all Elsie Griggs To work in a plush office on Pennsylvania Avenue . . . polite to all she sees . . . assistant in the main oflice . . . shy, but friendly Y 7, 7 WLY, W'arren Griggs To attend college or join the Navy to see the World . . . only one extra-curricular activity . . . recent arrival to the halls of G.H.S. 66 ,pw Clom'le5 Hauling - ns fof 5 sact Uegotmgllall Street n , - To 'Las fum from duties with busm ducting hls artist, ,Con --ence--' .efhdencv argiecgilig d3nCCfy ba all 'Vw Q"'f janet Hayes To specialize in medical steno- graphy, channeling her capabili- ties and organization toward an eflicient office . . . Administrator of Publications for S.C .... Fol- lies director X I l C., it is X 05 Vflj Q33tQLxI!lfJ l. tx All .N tilt f y 1 f lr- ., Ig rs f L X W5 Piiltliii f V xi . li! X J , x lf' ll X will ii f xl yi! f , i ki 5 . R0 19844 Hawl WbQPotiunll:ls ffl To have xlfofnd I gaatwf pigg- maki 'll-Z, band ml: Mable m han th ' I Xgatiffgilegllis Ol 56 el Patricia H ay ward To emerge as one of Washing- ton's outstanding secretaries . . . undertaking her duties with vi- vacity and competency . . . pert Cheerleader . , . follows the teams Roy Henderson To be the baseball king of kings . . . always helpful . . . working in the D.O. program . . . what's his batting average? 3efzi 9 fe To pl an Heffie - Y he!- Illqfeas- Sfenogr Ofiice bfiefhe ,,,eig2V Dad , 6 . h t - reg! Pleasing unusual gapagi, her Y smile manner, ancillzes, er we f Terome Holbrook 0 n'1iX ple evincin . aSure an good nitgis usual genirobgslness, Personable te f0 evefyOnj'fY and from D-C' - , . Dalamar fun. ,. . JA Ma1'j01'ie Holsinger To attain her goals in life with her friendliness and loyalty which has typified her G.H.S. career . . . Mrs. Jacolsfs assistant Donald H owarrl To learn the rudiments of busi- ness administration at the Uni- versity of Maryland . . . con- scientious . . . playing clarinet in band . . . projectionist in AV club 'fi Nancy Houfarn' To prepare for teaching at state Teachers' College, Towson . . . athlete of repute . . . pretty cheerleader . . . on hand as Mrs. Jacob's chief clerk ni- Juditla Hoyle Roberto I-Iuerta To teach in the primary grades, To sell himself as effectively to retaining that infectious laugh the World as he has sold G.H.S. and those buoyant Southern man- to the community . . . super- nerisms . . . publications en- salseman.. . . Administration of thusiast for two years Activities genuine . . . invalu- able to publications . . . football EV Fenton Kephart To study at the University . . . 'wry humor and sincerity . . . Faye Kes-fell playing in band . . . those trips to Winchester . . . terrific on TO Sal'-IIC her IUHHY fflCUflS f1'0fI1 the gridiron and basketball court H SWiICl1l3O21fCl Wllkefe She will transact business in her calm, efiicient manner . , . Blue and Gold SIZE Byyan To become a bachelor of fine arts . . . with mellow sounds is- suing from his trusty trumpet . . . band . . . Administrator of Public Property Alice Lagerson To reassure the sick, attending to their every want with com- passionate understanding . . . snappy in her dress . . . person- able in manner . . . nurse's assistant wa' To establish a reputation for sin- cerity and friendliness Wherever he oes ' t he ha d t Donald Landon G'I.ES. '-jus as S one a To create oil paintings of unusual Spirited value . . . sitting at his easel for hours on end . . . sets on Follies . . . amiable William Long Elizabeth Lake To practice law in the highest courts in the land, utilizing her ability to win an issue . . . Stu- dent'Council President . . . on S.C. for four years -Quill? Angela Marcuccio To handle capably the affairs of a business man as secretary . . . may take a fling at college . . . dependable . . . excellent student . . clarinetist . . . National Honor Society 69 I9 ' -aw-"I" ' 'ller' Peggw Ml he clouds with SUN. - ' l alnt all-C et Cheerlu Eliiiriye, drawing iixoril . . . afgu' e . ' ness ed pi?CPl?O.D. dlswssloiigr John MOOW A mefixtanilgr art, an enthusiasm he business worl - - - a 316 . - . r h'nE To me miie commlmlfv at Canisi- eVCfY' x Serving t A congenial.. - ' Marke' qwet mits helgla-ZY"' Clin AWNN Km... ,,,ff g Robert Moxley Margaret Murphy Richard Myers To own a bright new Ford, each To continue to be as diligent in To pursue an education for a year a blue one . . . driving the college as she has been to the trade . . . the innocent driver gang around town . . . member publications and her friends at in Washington . . . his days in of the D.O. program G.H.S .... Sail On staff the -band . . . fun-loving . . . a trip ro the auto-show K , T WJ! Noyyingeln - O coflfillue In the W, to ser . ld ve . , Ploymg he Held of nu . - now and comerst sincere 21178, em. SCC!-etary fO1' others afnlgess ' ' ' .C James Reed To don a white gown and surg- ical mask . . . bringing his in- telligence and sympathy to help those who need . . . Editor-in- chief of Blue and Gold his fa. Ruby Robinson To continue to be the smart housewife, employing all her home arts "know how" and keep- ing her pleasant disposition and perpetual smile flI,,,,l.6q Pqlnz To Hatomi er new Ar -Zen aCCo FadiaringE,ichEHergyug-if fo? :he Ing in usefl' Usiasm andnlfgllsgjon Mt, Zen, Ulne-55 I - Ound- S attisnc aids . ne of ff f f all Elf Claude Rogers To study for the ministry at Randolph Macon . . . outstand- ing tenor in the Glee Club . . . in the D.O. program . . . valu- able addition to G.H.S. in '55 Ioan Runion To become an assistant in a nursery school . .. enjoys bowl- ing . . . always on Patrol duty , . . serving at the Dairy Queen . . . athletic Carroll Rose To confine his boundless energy in the expanding Pepco utilities . . . eager sports enthusiast . . . always ready with a jest to re- lieve the tensions Ernest Samlison To Write his way to fame, as expert on history . . . to be witty, worldly, and to live in Rome . . . Editor on Blue and Gold rar? Russell Rotruck To make a home for Geraldine and his son . . . beating out the drums in dance bands . . . G.H.S. band . . . mighty on the gridiron an C, J' Betty S cbumaclaer To establish a nursery school, ex- hibiting her qualities of patience and understanding . . . member of Glee Club . . . eifusive per- sonality . . . neat dresser Kathryn Schumacher To master the hne arts, main- taining her usual high standards . . . athlete of exceptional skill . . . Student Council in junior year . . . member of National Honor Society Lois Stung To culminate her education in nurse's training, using her de- termination in attaining that goal . . . clarinetist in band for six years . . . 4-H member ia. cvs-ww Q Donald Staley To enlist in the service . . . atending his father's farm . . . efficient secretary of the F. F. A. . . . a friend indeed . assuming person I Ernest Swann To sail the seven seas, bolster- ing the U.S. navy morale with his happy-go-lucky attitude . . . intelligent, personable . . . lazy, too . . . tenor in Glee Club . .lll'l- K.,.,,,.-A 'K Harold Sylvester To travel the road to the U. of M .... high-spirited . . . "I love grammar in the springtime" . . . to spend more time on over- night camp-outs uv-W"' - , Talbott ' . ,' 5011 MH13' . ue her business :KISS James Tlfomll he Country in To Cgxaiftixontgfhffletllietyueiisgerience To clrive aroufi t . . careerfrg ing - on ' Mr. A nCW .' n in drawing H3156 - a bran gsity ma e, - o , . , . V21 il . - lj? assiSfam.lrl lhiiriclav' declded ' ll and baseba Brefmanys gn b kefba t 1 e Efiglerssche ba' and g OV Robert Truitt John Vander Sys Constance Wfallser To excel in the world of busi- To set up his own mechanics To make her home a career . . . ness, retaining his honesty and shop after putting in a stretch Kim.. .counting change at the dynamic personality . . . on base- as a fly boy . . . returned to First National . . . personality ball, football, and basketball var- G.H.S. this year for D.O. " ' " ' sit s u d . . . Old Faithful to her friends Y q 3 5 fo6,, T0 Wqllefr f0nt' mon seligeuefo uriljz . gelfhprs A In Whates 1715 Com Snr ' ' sin Ct ' fr' as fhe fflfff and he at fend l Y Come unem ..WOtkin...a . g F631 ar Safeway jack Wfatsovz To attend college in the fall . . . hold that line . . . amiable . . keen analyzer in English lit . . State Chorus in Baltimore . . smooth dancer 'Nuo Gordon lVigle To sail the ocean blue in his father's footsteps? that is the question . . . procrasrinator of the first degree , . . sincere . . . hard-working . . . first-rate acl .salesman for Blue and Gold 1' ferry W-Wd T o work for the fel Dany eph - ' - - Play one com. ifljgjfwfthr . mlfknlffll efecffff Cin Glee Club I ' - 8 h , . . ' r e ledger In bankitigbalan. C 355 ci. Yemen-ff Keith lVilliam5 To become a reforestation ex- pert with the U.S. Government . . . an outtloorsman , . . re- member rhe Mohawk haircut . . . idea man in history . . . D.O. pragram -il Ioan Uyillozzgbby To work for awhile, then to at- tend college . . . artistic . . . wields a mean brush on canvas . . . makes friends quickly . . . skillful writer . . , new to G.H.S. in '55 get 'QW Shirley Wfoorl To hit her zenith as a secretary plying with perseverance and de- pendability the' tools of the trade . . . valuable contributions to publications and art departments David Woodfield To pursue seriously his avoca- tion, photography, at Ohio State University . . . hoarding his store of geniality . , . playing trombone in the band for six years Patricia Z etts To manipulate her typewriter keyboard . . . bringing her cheerfulness and pep to her as- sociates . . . art student extra ordinaire . . . keeping accounts in banking class Ina Z iemelis To minister to the needs of the stricken with her gentleness and compassion as a twentieth cen- tury Florence Nightingale . . . Glee Club Mr. 8: Mrs. George McBain Francis Moyers The Mode Beauty Salon Rockville Shoe Hospital Ralph E. Allen 8: Shirley M. Brown Mr. 8: Mrs. James Downs M. 8: Mrs. A. H. Myers Mr 8: Mrs. Ernest E. Hall Mr 8: Mrs. Charles W. Demory Postal Bookkeeping 8: Tax Service Dr. 8: Mrs. William Garten, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Cheerles Hagar Tyler's Jewelry Store Virginia L. Darby and Mary Jo The Leather Shob Mr. 8: Mrs. A. J. Ziemelis Mr. 8: Mrs. L. E. Lagerson Mr. 8: Mrs. Elmer Duley Donald Lee Duley Dr. 8: Mrs. Jack Schumacher Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert W. Ward, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. R. L. Schumacher Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. Beglin Jim Reed Mr. 6: Mrs. Worden W. Reed Jim Hoffman Mr. 8: Mrs. David N. Holsinger Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Sterling Bowman Mary W. Bourdeaux Sam Mesi J. E. Erdlitz Fenton Kephart, Jay Watson W. L. Edwards Mr. 8: Mrs. W. M. Swyter C. O. Bourdeaux Parke A. Arnold Mrs. Frances W. Ramsdell Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph J. McNally Mr. 8: Mrs. J. W. Garrett Mr. 8: Mrs Hebb Freeman Lt. Col. 8: Mrs. O. B. Griggs The Sandra Shop Rockville Laundermat Mr. 8: Mrs. John T. Federline Mr. Donald Howard Mr. 8: Mrs. Upton Magers Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry E. McGrew Mr. 8: Mrs. Milton Walker Mr. 8: Mrs. John Griflith Mr. 8: Mrs. Lee Gartner Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanley Mullineaux Mr. 8: Mrs. William Reber Mr. 8: Mrs. Lanier Floyd Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry H. Wells Mr. 8: Mrs. Irvin Ward Pnl zlfro ms Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. Schneider Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Newton Ward Rev. 8: Mrs. Henry J. Muller Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry C. Riley Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard V. Cover Mr. 8: Mrs. I. Wolfson Mr. 8: Mrs. Huge Walker Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack M. Watson Mrs. H. W. Becraft H. W. Becraft Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard Hoyle Mr. 8: Mrs. Rex Fender L. D. Bell Mr. 8: Mrs. Plano Stringer Mr. 8: Mrs. Daryl L. Wigle Fred F. Kohls Mr. 8: Mrs. George C. Swann Mrs. Evelyn M. Selby E. H. Caulfield Mr. 8: Mrs. Bobby L. Cornwell Norma Jean Hayward William Haenszel Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Pollock Mrs. Wm. O. Young, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman E. Belt Mr. 8: Mrs. G. M. Rotruck Mr. 8: Mrs. J. B. Floyd Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Rorruck Mr. 8: Mrs. Dean W. Price Harold W. Ward Mr. 8: Mrs. John Harding Mr. 8: Mrs. Earle H. Harding Lois F. Howard Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice A. Spaulding Mr. 8: Mrs. Emory Edwards Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur W. Stang Dr. 8: Mrs. John W. Hornibrook Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph J. Hayward Richard Myers I Dr. 8: Mrs. James M. Hundley Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip K. Edwards Joan, Diane, Jo Mr. 8: Mrs. T. J. Nofisinger Faye Kessell 8: Wilmer Mathias Mr. 8: Mrs. D. C. Plummer Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Bohrer Laura C. Becraft Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy Robinson Mr. 8: Mrs. F. H. Sandison Alverta Linthicum Boyer 8: Cranes Reuben Riggs Mr. 8: Mrs. Bryan Z. Kile, and Elizabeth C. Kile Mr. zmtl Mrs, bl. l'. Caulfieltl janet Mills Gaithersburg Charter Future Farmers of America A Dynamic Organization Motto - Learning to do - doing to learn - earning to live - living to serve OLiver 4-6400 C. M. WHALEN ALLEN 8: WHALEN, IUC. Electrical Contmctor: and Engineer: 7911 WOODMONT AVE. BETHESDA 14, Md. Phone 740 BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON "Keep Him Saying You're Beautiful" 9 A.M.-6 P.M. - Fridays 9 A.M.-9 P.M. 214 DIAMOND AVE. GAITHERSBURG, Md Compliments of . . . ROY W. BARBER 8: FRANCIS H. BARBER LAYTONSVILLE, Md. OLympic 9-9100 LANGOHR WOOD PRODUCTS "Factory To You" CONGRESSIONAL AIRPORT Rockville, Md. You Can't Match Our Service MIDWAY MOBILE HOME PARK Diner and Cabin: Compliments of . . . MARVIN SIMMONS CO. REALTOR ROUTE 240 706 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. 3 Miles North of Gaithersburg, Maryland POPIU 2-4500 Rockville, Md- P0P1a1- 2-6116 CL 3-2374 Free Delivery ROCKVILLE STATIONERY, IHC. Books, Pafpen, Pencilt, Pent BELLISON 81 BURDETTE Choice Meat: - Groceries - Light Lunch Phone 419 jim Spring, Mgr. GAITHERSBURG PAINT 8: HARDWARE CO. Radio and T.V. Sales und Service Appliances 84 Housewares Gift Items - Toys, Hunting 84 Fishing Supplies FREDERICK AVE., at Chestnut St. WARTHEN 8: WARD Building Contructorf We Congratulate you on your attainment and wish you every success in life GAITHERSBURG LOCKER SERVICE Sluughtering - Wholetule Meats Freezer Supplier - Locker! 18 SUMMIT AVENUE Phone: 190 Gaithersburg, Md. Call: Gaithersburg 385 jACK'S BARBER SHOP Hair-Cutting hy Appointment Compliments of Count's Restaurant and Hotel A ruend Western and Square Dance Wear Damascus, Md. Fire Wood for Sale - Board Fences Erected WILLIAM MOSSBURG - Sawmill Work Bulldozer Grading, Clearing, and Filling Sodding - Landscaping - Grading - Repairing Gaithersburg 2 51-J-12 Germantown, Md. CLearwater 3-2127 John W. Hood, Prop HOOD'S GARAGE 'General Repairing - Burning and Welding Lawn Mower Sharpening - Radiator Repairing Damascus, Maryland Compliments of . . . jAYE'S BOOTERY Your Family Shoe Store ROCKVILLE, MD. VISIT THE CHILDRENS CENTER YOUNG COLONY SHOP For Suh-teen Clothing - Boyr Clothing to Size 20 Over Fifty Years of Dependable Service GRIFFITH - CONSUMERS CO. 1413 NEW YORK AVE. MEtropo1itan 8-4840 Washington 5, D.C. Fuel Oil - Coal - Oil Burnerr - Buihiing Materialf 24 Hour Oil Burner Service EM 2-9100 BAKER'S PHOTO SUPPLY, Inc. Complete Photo Supply Headquarterf 4611 WISCONSIN AVE., N.W. Washington 16, D.C. Phone: Gaithersburg 620 JAMES A. FEDERLINE, Inc. Plumbing and Heating Contractor 7 CHESTNUT STREET Gaithersburg, Md. Gaithersburg SSIJ4 J. P. CAULFIELD Farm Land for Rem GAITHER THEATER Alwayr A Good Show Patronize Your Home Theater P. H. MAGEE 8: SON 235 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. Phone: PO. 2-2781 Rockvi CLearwater 3-2 311 JERRY cook, Inc. REALTOR - INSURANCE llc, Md. COOK-WATKINS BUILDING Compliments of . . . MILLER CHEMICAL 8: FERTILIZER CORP. Gaithersburg 704 Compliments of . . . CHARLES K. DAVIES, JR. Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS DR. 8: MRS. STUART SEATON BLOO'D'S FOUNTAIN 81 GRILL 202 DIAMOND AVENUE Observe Bowling Etiquette D A L A M A R BOWLING LANES Bert Quality Bowling Balls, Bagr and Shoe: Twelve Lanes for your entertainment Dalaburgers - Mannls Potatoe Chips Sealtesr Ice Cream at our fountain Rent Sealand "Silver Streak" Roller Skates at our rink Weekend Matinees 2 to 5 Evening Sessions 7 to 11 Ter and Chipping - Blue Stone Hauled R. M. BURDETTE Paving Black Top Drivewayr Road: V Parking: and Landingr Gaithersburg 785 -J-2 1 Germantown, Compliments of . . KENNETH LYDDAN E ROCKVILLE, MD. Phone: 393 WARD'S ESSO' DICK EVANS and LANIER FLOYD Lubrication, Oil Gut, Tire! and Acceuorie: Vlnewood 5-2011 MR. FARMER-How about your lime needs? LeGORE LIME CO. I.eGore, Frederick County, Maryland Compliments of . . . MIR. 8: MRS. J. W. DEPPA COUNTRY GARDENS HIGHWAY 240 GAITHERSBURG CLearWater 3-21 16 DAMASCUS INSURANCE Sz REAL ESTATE AGENCY JERRY T. WILLIAMS 8: HERBERT S. HYATT Compliments of . . . LANMEN ENGRAVING CO. 612 L STREET N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. GAITHERSBURG HIGH SCHOOL STORE Show your school spirit buy G.H.S. loose leaf binders G.H.S. Stationery - G.H.S. Book Covers - Auto Emhlernr - B. N. G. Beanie: - Mittenr Pennant: and Ditci Congratulations to . . . S E N I O R S OLiver 2-2291 THE MONTGOMERY FARM WOMAN'S COOPERATIVE MARKET, InC. Open Wednesday and Saturday 7155 WISCONSIN AVE. BETHESDA, MD Assure Yourself of a Secure Future Prepare for Business At THE GARDNER SCHOOL of BUSINESS, Inc. 8641 COLESVILLE ROAD JUniper 7-9052 Silver Spring, Md. Air Conditioned - Modern Equipment CLearwater 3-2141 GLADHILL BROTHERS Agricultural lrnplernentf and Tractor: Dealers in LIVESTOCK John Deere - DeI.aval Milkers DAMASCUS, MD. REED BROTHERS, Inc. Dodge - Plymouth - Dodge "Joh-rated" Truck! SALES and SERVICE Paint und Body Shop - Auto Gltm Shop 600 EAST MONTGOMERY AVE. POplar 2-2151-52 Rockville, Md. NORMAN A. MILLS Plumbing und Heating Contractor GAITHERSBURG, MD. A . li 1 L ll 5 .rv Alrozumzd Guitar ensemble-L. Snyder, Windsor, Foster, R. Snyder, Dove, Norris, Vail Stamp enthusiasts show their accumulations from near and far. Sportsman Bucky Hoyle on vacation Sophomores in G.H.S. home arts kitchen Talking over a new menu G.H.S. contingent to Mary- land high school choral festi- val of U. of M. Briggs and Clark in a sus- penseful interlude in the Fol- lies. Ready to take off for a track event in May's track events M. ,, kwa 'N Q--al 1: -s . 'A tw. ,. . A' Q . ,. Jill Wt. ff In gk 14 ' ,I av Q ,.., A . ar m 3 sw ,fi dar lk 5- - ' at B.C.C. DONALD D. BLOOD Watch - Ieweler Upper Montgomery Counry's Most Complete Jewerly and Gift Store COMPLIMENTS Gaithersburg, Maryland -- of -- Gaithersburg 374 Congratulations to THE GRADUATES GAITHERSB URG LUMBER 8: SUPPLY CO. Near the Bridge THE LIBERTY MILLING CO GLENN E. GILLIAM Building Contractor GERMANTOWN, MD. Phone: Gaithersburg 560 1888 - 1956 Bowman Brothers, Incorporated Quality Feeds for Over Sixty-five Years GAITHERSBURG, MD. Phone: 24 or 25 "Drink milky iff good for both of nf!" Sealer - Ford - Service ROCKVILLE MOTOR CO., Inc. Automobile! - Truck: - Tractorr POplar 2-2188 Rockville, Md. AM BEE GAS CO. Pynofax 419 NORTH FREDERICK AVE. Gaithersburg 327 Gaithersburg, Md Compliments of . . . REBER'S 101 FREDERICK AVE. Phone: 123 MERRELLS, Inc. Clarksburg, W. Va. Clan Ringr, Annonncementr and Cardr Stationers to the Class of '56 Phone: 779 R E X , I n c . Dirtribntorr Delvale and Duncan Hines Ice Cream Fountain and Grill WASHINGTON GROVE, MD. Clary Ringr - Fraternity Pinr MEDALS Cupr - Trophier - Service Awardr L. G. BALFOUR CO. 711 14 STREET, N. W., Room 419 Washington, D.C. SUMMIT HALL The firrz Turf Farm of America GAITHERSBURG, MD. The Pioneer Producer of PREMIUM LAWN SOD and SUPERIOR TURF GRASSES 4 ADRIANS Dreuer, Coatf, Millinery, Skirts, Blouse: Opposite Courthouse juniors - Misses - Women 24 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. ROCKVILLE, MD. Phone: 282 CENTER MARKET D. G. S. Phone: Gaithersburg 44 or 45 THOMAS HARDWARE 8: SUPPLY CO. Hardware - Homeware! - Appliance! - Seed, Etc. 221 E. DIAMOND AVE. Gaithersburg, Md. fx ., Compliments of . . l IQ QxL0'w'1L Compliments of . . . A FRIEND GOOD HOPE CHURCH COMPLIMENTS When visitors come and space is short --of-- HIGGINS OIL CO. Fuel' Oil and Keroxerze Complete 24 Hour Burner Service Phone: Gaithersburg 523-M or 950 R. DAVIS, Jr., Proprietor There are comfortable rooms at the PARK PLEASANT MOTOR COURT To Make your guests' stay for a week or a clay As pleasant as home, although they're away. Phone Gaithersburg 527 for rates and reservations PARK PLEASANT MOTOR COURT On ROUTE 240 BOWLING'S MARKET Fancy Mean - Grocerie: Washington Grove, Md. MO 2-2892 P A R S O N S DRY GOODS - NOTIONS Apparel for Women - Men'r Furnishing: 205-207 N. MARKET ST. FREDERICK, MD "Exclusive, But Not Expenriven THE NEW YORK SAMPLE SHOPPE Women? Wearing Apparel 20 N. MARKET ST. FREDERICK, MD. Phone: 594 WOLFSON'S DEPARTMENT STORE Outfitters for the Entire Family Dry Cleaning - Prefring and Minor Tailoring Gaithersburg, Maryland Congratulations 1956 GRADUATES from CLINE'S FURNITURE STORE FREDERICK, MD. POplar 2-4576 J. L. KING FLOOR COMPANY Linoleum - Arpbalt ana' R ubber Tile 124 COMMERCE LANE ROCKVILLE, Md Phone: 393 or 597 WARD'S CABS Gaithersburg, Maryland LELAND L. FISHER, Inc. Lumber - Millwork - Pain! Bnilclerr Hardware 200 HUNGERFOLD DRIVE POplar 2-6125 Rockville, Md. CLearwater 3-2286 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Everything for the Home and Auto Electrical Appliancex, Radio, Telefuirion I Refrigerazorr, Gal' and Electric Ranger, Batterief, Tiret Full Line of Parts and Accessories Power and Speed Equipment BETHESDA TYPEWRITER CO., Inc. 4704 BETHESDA AVE. OL 4-0953 Bethesda, Md. New and Ufecl Portables New R. C. ALLEN Typewriterf Compliments of . . . THE GERMANTOWN BANK GERMANTOWN, MD. Member F.D.I.C. HENDRICKSON'S Frederick, Maryland Noted for Fine Suit: - Coatr - Drerrer For Women and Children POplar 2-4787 ACE SIGNS Rockville, Maryland Compliments of . . . TOMMY 8: BOB BOURDEAUX I BISHOP'S JEWELERS Watcher, Clockr, jewelry, Optical Sales and Repairs 255 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. POplar 2-2062 Rockville, Md Compliments of . . . BARR'S GROCERY Clarksburg, Maryland FEEDS - GROCERIES "Something for Everyone-Even the Dog" Compliments of . . . ROCKVILLE FUEL 8: FEED Rockville, Maryland To Complete Your Beautiful Home Visit J A C M A R , S ll NORTH WASHINGTON ST. Rockville, Md. Fine Furniture - Home Furuithingr jewelry - Watcher - Gift: Rockville Largest and Newest Home Decorators HELEN BECRAFT Interiors Craft Shop Gaithersburg - Opposite G.H.S. Graduate of G.H.S. and Parsons School of Derign - New York, France, Italy Fresh C orra get and Bouquet: for All Occasions by SPEEDY DELIVERY A. GUDE SONS CO. Phone: POplar 2-6141 WORTH'S DEPARTMENT STORE Featuring SUITS for MEN "Botany No. Soo" SUITS for WOMEN "I-landmarher" and "GlerLhaueu" EAST MONTGOMERY 8: FAYETTE RIPLEY at ROMER, Inc. REALTORS 436 FREDERICK AVE. POplar 2-3474 Rockville, Md. Gaithersburg - 299 Gaithersburg, Md ELKIN'S JEWELERS Diamonrlf, Watcher, jewelry and Silverware 9 SOUTH MARKET ST. FREDERICK, MD Agent for STIEFF SILVER ROCKMONT MOTOR CO. Phone: 132 "0ldefz Chewolel Dealer in Montgomery County" K1N5EY,5 ESSO SERVICE Gai, Oil, Tire: 24 Hour Wrecker Service Sales and Service Gaithersburg 18 Metal Work and Refinishing for ALL STATES INN 81 MOTOR COURT All Makes of Cars Montgomery County's Only One Stop Tourist Service Nationally Known Reftauraml Located on U. S. Route 240, Gaithersburg, Md. 110 N. WASHINGTON ST. A THE FINIGANS - Operators POplar 2-2166 Rockville, Md. MONTEREY MOTOR COURT Automatic Hot Water Heat Private Rooms with Private Bath Gaithersburg, Maryland 14 miles from District of Columbia Line On Route 240 Phone: 748-1 Milk it the finent food . . . and the cbeapeft food . . . DRINK MORE MILK IHVINETUN FARMS RUTH'S BEAUTY SALON Three Sisters-Emma - Ruth - Margaret "Remember your Hair" and think of Rutk",f HaVe a good fime ...Have a Coke Phone: 303 Gaithersburg, Md. Compliments of . . . DONALD E. MAGRUDER Compliments of . . . POPE'S RESTAURANT Damascus, Maryland SHOPAT KEMP,S 'on the .fquareu 7 I KWIID LNDII l P4 ll 1 1 VF! COCA COLA COMPANY Frederick, Maryland If pf l I 1891 - 1956 The First atinual Hank nf Gaithersburg GAITHERSBURG, MD, Over Sixty Years of Safety and Service Member Federal Depofit Insurance Corpomtion GAITHERSBURG BARBER SHOP 4 N. SUMMIT AVE. A pleased customer is our best advertisernentl It's Sugar and Spice Burgers "Wingding" Millestleakes at SUGAR 8: SPICE DRIVE IN 736 ROCKVILLE PIKE Ph 3 1139 Q E 1 -Cl L Olivetti Printing Calculator OLiver 4-7802 one , Pen ary O56 ate Clary Cash Registers OI-IVCI 4-1281 HERSHEY S STORE SMITH-CORONA 8: DRYCLEANERS Fresh Vegetables and Fruit - General Merchandise Nicodemus Ice Cream WASHINGTON GROVE NATIONAL TYPEWRITER 81 ADDING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service -- Rentals and Supplies 8106 WISCONSIN AVE. BETHESDA, MD. POplar 2-2584 THE SACH'S STORE Outfitters for the Entire Family 218 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. Congratulations to . . . SENIORS MIZELL LUMBER COMPANY Phone: 351 - J W. J. CLEMENTS General Merchandise and Appliances Germantown, Maryland GRETA STEVENS Women? Wearing Apparel 8 N. WASHINGTON ST. ROCKVILLE, MD. Phone: 12 GARTNER'S FUNERAL HOME ERNEST C. GARTNER and FORTE H. SANDISON Private Ambulance Service 316 E. DIAMOND AVE. Gaithersburg, Md. G. D. ARMSTRONG CO., Inc. LAYTONSVILLE, MD. Phones-Gaithersburg 94 CLearwater 3-2378 - SPring 4-7878 Fuel Oil or Complete Heating Service Gootlyear Tires and Tubes W. K. BRIGGS W. I.. RAY, JR. BRIGGS SERVICE STATION Texaco Petroleum Product: Neelsville, Maryland Route 240 Gaithersburg 478W Tires, Tubes, Batterier and Lub. Compliments of . . . GAITHERSBURG MARKET Phone: Gaithersburg 142 Gaithersburg 1091 RANDOM KENNELS MR. 8z MRS. ROBERT S. KENDRICK Washington Grove, Maryland All Form: of Insurance A. GWINN KIRKMAN Phone: Gaithersburg 737 A PICKETT'S GARAGE General Auto Repairing - Road Service Ga: - Oil - Lubrication - Accessories Laytonsville, Maryland Phone: Gaithersburg 1172 GAITHERSBURG HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. 419 N. FREDERICK AVENUE Aluminum Storm Window: and Door: Aluminum Awning: - Chain Link Fencing Phqnez Gaithersburg 7 ,. ERNEST D. GLOYD Real Ertate and Imurance DIAMOND AVE. GAITHERSBURG, MD. Compliments of . . X If , my A R I E N D BEN FRANKLIN Sc Store 10C 306 - 308 E. DIAMOND AVE. Gaithersburg, Md. New Modern Self Service Yard Goods and Advanced Pattern! All Kinds of Sewing Notions Phone: 210 MERLE BARBOUR, Owner DEMORY BROTHERS Builderx and Contraciorr Commercial and Residential GAITHERSBURG, MD. Gaithersburg 1066 Compliments of . . . CLUB 240 RESTAURANT ROCKVILLE AMOCO Chopr - Sleaky - Chicken 410 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. Rockville Maryland MR. 84 MRS. J. J. Royal, Owners PO 2-9885 James M. Gribble, Jr. One Mile - North Rockville, Route No. 240 Compliments of . . . ALBEE SHOES MASSER'S MOTEL 81 RESTAURANT 13 N' WASHINGTON ST' ROCKVILLE, MD' Two Miles West of Frederick, Md. on U. S. 40 Subllggijnigarlliilnils Igzme of COpposite Braddock Drive-In Theatrej y nz ur 0e.r QPS THE CONSIGNMENT SHOP Q 5 Aiwa I Bu Milk! from New and Urea! Article: Bring in : - y y Your Conrignrnent: and Shop Here for Bargains if T Gaithersburg, Maryland - 2 Doors from Safeway : P' THOMPSON'S DAIRY Q S Phone: 51 10 R SOUTHERN STATES PETROLEUM DECf1fuf 2-1400 COOPERATIVE, Inc. Gai - Fuel Oil - Motor Oil Gaithersburg, Maryland Day Phone: Gaith. 525 Night Service: Gaith. 528-J WOODLAWN FUEL CO. Fuel Oil Burner Sale: and Service 425 N. FREDERICK AVE. Gaithersburg, Md. Fire call -- 512-513 Fire Call -- 512-513 WOODLAWN RETINNING CO. Heating - Oil, Gas and Coal Roofing and Gattering 425 N. FREDERICK AVE. Gaithersburg, Md. Phone: Gaithersburg 525 Fire call -- 512-513 GAITHERSBURG APPLIANCE CO. Day Phone: 552M Night Phone: 552R General Electric Appliance: Ample Free Parking 425 N. FREDERICK AVE Gaithersburg, Md. Ha zrmomy jane Leaman plays for quar- tet Clark Armstron Kile, .- v gy Wigle Ninth grade harmony-T011 Row: Rotruck, Deppa, Clark, Green. Setovzfl Rout Beatty, Leaman, Wetherell, Gilliam. From Row: Sheets, Trigger, Waters, Pickrell Mixed quartet-Clark, Perry, Sirk, Wigle Nelson Bzillenger, lzltc sen- ior to arrive :nt G.H.S. G.H.S, band in formation High school bands perform at U. of M. Leaman plays for double trio -Sirk, Stang, Perry, Heisler, Osterwise, Lenz At the Fifth Regiment in Baltimore, our State Chorus representatives - Duley, Clark, Moone, Swann, Wat- son f Q kt"?i f THOMPSON'S MARKET 318 E. DIAMOND AVE. CLearwater 3-2151 DAMASCUS MOTOR CO. Chevrolet Sale! and Service Rodney M. Thompson Gaithersburg, Md. Damascus, Maryland Compliments of . . DUKE'S RESTAURANT POplar 2-9801 Free Parking SMITTY'S BARBER SHOP Rear of Woolworth Building ROUTE 40 FREDERICK, MD. 16 PARK LANE ROCKVILLE, MD Watch - jewelry - Silver - Repair: ROCKVILLE JEWELERS 225 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. Carl Ettare Rockville, Md. Compliments of . . . CLARK'S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone: Gaithersburg 517W SOUTHERN STATES GAITHERSBURG COOPERATIVE, Inc. Feed - Seed Fertilizer - Farm Supplies Gaithersburg, Maryland Compliments of . . TEXACO GAS STATION Phone: 10 or 545 SUNSHINE FEED STORE WAYNE and R. F. Feedr - Grain - Seeds Gaithersburg, Md. Compliments of . . . DR. THEODORE LEIZMAN Dentirtry and Orthodonticr Phone: 115 STUP 8: COSTELLO, Inc. Authorized Distributor Atlantic Producti BOX 98 GAITHERSBURG, MD W. J. CBillJ MCCAUSLAND Life Infurnnce und Erttzte Planning Represents ACACIA MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. WASHINGTON, D. C. NA. 8-4506 - OL. 2-7464 Phone: SPring 4-6164 GEORGE E. GREGG Lnndfcape Contractor DERWOOD, MD. Phone: Gaithersburg 699R CIDER BARREL TRAILER PARK 8: INN Specializing: in Sweet Cider and Apple: Located on U.S. 240 Alt. 4 miles N.W. of Gaithersburg COMPLETE LAYETTE DEPARTMENT Z E M S Where "lay i: king for young men of dininclilon and Girl: teen: bald :way." CLearwater 3-2484 Damascus, Md. POplar 2-47 7 7 TEXTILE TOWN Fabric: for the Whole Family Acro:: from the clock 16 MONTGOMERY AVE. ROCKVILLE, MD. Phone Gaitherburg 624 Your logical choice for the unexpected guert - irupeclion inzriled. HOLIDAY MOTEL U.S. 240 GAITHERSBURG, MD. ALL NEW IN 'ss FARMERS SUPPLY lnternazional Harue:ter - Frigidaire Gaithersburg, Maryland Hardware - Paint - Machinery Compliments of . . . STEINBURG'S Phone: Gaithersburg 4051 M. M. WALKER 8: SONS Fruit: - Vegetable: - Frozen Food: Meat: - Grocerie: GARRETT'S FARM MARKET ROUTE 240 - Near Airport Farm Produce Picked Daily Compliments of . . . MIKE 8: MOM'S GROCERY Open Week Day: - Sunday: - Holiday: WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORES Home owned by N. W. BRADSHAW POplar 2-9812 Rockville, Md. C It f 300 E. MONTGOMERY AVE. amp mm 0 ' ' ' J. P. Rinehart, Mgr. Rockville, Md. DAMASCUS ELECTRIC CO. 302 E, DIAMOND AVE, G. A. Gloyd, Mgr. Gaithersburg, Md. HERBERT BRYANT, Inc. Feed - Seed A Fertilizer Phone: Gaithersburg 151 or 444 Gaithersburg, Maryland RADFORD'S BAKERIES 8: RESTAURANT Special Dinrount: to Sclaoolr, Churcbe: and Organization: Rockville, Md. - POplar 2-9847 Wheaton, Md. -- LO 5-9888 Alzuzzfogmzplzzs MA 4 A5133 if 4446! ff MQ Awww M Q! ,ff f Q77 A ff!! any if . f' , 6 JP gh 9' X J ,gf ,Eg ! d65 f U?v'J?xf'yiFPj.g' ,.,wf f , fy? wir ffffiyvf U ,iw JT, Likv if If M If H! RA F, Wm KVM gf Compgmenfa of like 4' Ll A . -. . ,, x"' 'I' Tlfbl ""t4"'- "t....'Alvh"f' 1 A PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION of Gaithersburg High School yfwfeffffilwfg-1'Q QEXMWMLIYWW x Aj WZQWWJW - I .MW A-EMM A-WM! zfm' Jafmu WU' MK 'M Jovi if WM ef 1517 9W'f,3WJH f f . xy "MC i ,W 'V 1 Qgyfw fm 'f Q QE NE 35 X Egfm kgs? X J' 9' Mx Poses. Are Qel' , Vfoltft gpg Blue 'S .,'.....,..' nA. ' wilt h pfn:4'+'y""'7 aj ' Co,fg!?7ji.Q4nI:n Pgbonns DQAN Qyour pm., ,YD iff of my ff , iff sf My W pf I 1 EFX" QW fl' ff TD' Q 5 " iff' Tv 1 V' 'J 1 ,X V, ggxyb SX an . .144 I9 . L 15 All A C. dl 2 if X 4 ,Q if yu fy, 4. J, MQQQ WWWWWWJ 1 lf- fxu iw 7' NJASWM jgiffwf my gt , Vg,7f,',ff .J if DM A 'LVL 5 1 sg, .D Bpgjx MN NQQQEQSF . G' if 322 fa 4, Q , QQ 'li-.-i 1 , 1 gl A f' :L bf f -1 K7 ,ul 5, Jtlvwy ,JA V? MTV TWP, ' U si "h3,,z7"i'f?atvv 'Q I! ' . --9 ff O A 1 'Jn w ' 1 ' ,--

Suggestions in the Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) collection:

Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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1956, pg 24

Gaithersburg High School - Sail On Yearbook (Gaithersburg, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 56

1956, pg 56

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