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, W2 3 , ., X 5 gi , 1 Q I v I , il ' . 5 x . ., 1 f . . x , k C . V .., P. , .AK V , i I fa.. f-fwe aff 4425A My 14,00 77 . Q ci THE RAD! T03 1941 D E s 1 G N E D B Y HEYWARD HAWKINS . . . Editor AND EDGAR B. DUNLAP . Business Manager Pnmswrlwu THE I94l Q35 If 3 'Z T 7 ?' PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS or G-AINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA :ffl V RAD! 'PUR CUNTIINTS FACULTY S ENICE S IU NIC E S SCPI-IOMCRES ERESI-IMEN ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES FEATURES A D S ir ir F0llllWOIlll To record accurately the tour years at Gainesville I-ligh would include many pleasant memo- ries, sweet triumphs, and bitter failures. Bearing these thoughts in mind, We have tried to portray vividly a concrete and pictorial record of these aspirations, joys, and sorrows in such a Way that this edition will become with advancing years a souvenir of the past. lllllllUA'I'ION To confirm our inexpressihle gratitude tor her everlasting loyalty and leader- ship We sincerely dedicate this l94l RADIATOR to our beloved teacher, MISS VENIA CI-IAMLEE THE ANNUAL STAFF. THE RADIATOR 1941 GAINESVILLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS , MU WFVX 0 'GY 4 H M1 AMW NESVKU- SUPERIN TEN DEN T BOARD OF EDUCATION C. T. CHEVES OFFICERS IUDGE A. C. WHEELER . . .... . . . . Chairman IAMES A. RUDOLPH . . Secretary and Treasurer C. R. FRIERSON . .... Vice-President MEMBERS EDGAR B. DUNLAP JEFF HULSEY W. G. MEALOR C. V. NALLEY IOHN T. MILLER EZRA PILGRIM I. H. REED F. G. KIMSEY el S -L fa. gg. K 'IR lfw NW""VV Wm! ,Q Z m er E L 6 FACULTY MR. GUY DRIVER, PRINCIPAL Hisiory MISS CLARA CAMPBELL Home Economics MISS VENIA CI-IAMLEE Mathematics MR. IOHN CRAFT Music MISS LUCY FINGER Latin 7 THE RADIATOR 1941 FACULTY 'f.-- Qian- f-Ta ffm ra -- - 'x , LW, I. - W f. -e ' HW' I " G NESVIU-" ,WK ' ? 4 i 4 Q H-I' Al Affxsft MR. OLIVER HUNNICUTT Athletics, Science, Civics, Vocations MRS. HAMMOND IOHNSON English MR, GEORGE KINZY Industrial- Arts MR. WILLIAM LAWRENCE Mathematics 8 MR. SAM HARRISON History, Economics, and Government MISS LAURA SUE HAWKINS History, Business, Science MISS KATHLEEN HORTON Librarian MISS KATHERINE HOSCH Bookkeeping, Shorthand, and Typing FACULTY MISS KATE LILY English Miss RUTH LOGAN Mathematics MISS GRACE SPEER French and Biology MISS BERTHA TURNER English t TO OUR FACULTY We, the Senior Class, wish that we could adequately express our appreciation to you, who have done So much for us. Al- though our homework has not always shown it, we realize that you have worked constantly lor our good. ln our four years at Gainesville High School you have never failed us as educators, counselors, friends, and good examples. Our association with you will remain with us always, not only as a pleasant memory, but as an inspiration. I We have been fortunate in having the very best of teachers. We hope that some day you may be as proud of us as we are of you. I 9 THE RADIATOR 194 1 OUR FACULTY l MQ X..- "R"xf Six b kW W'2,1 'ffwx 'WW 1l, N i, :iw V wxwwQ uMf M ' - ,X M W.- lgif-ff M 'XLIQQ gffskf 4-32' 0 L 4 1 L42 ,e,,x,. ,ESX Jrgff? gg Qjflfi X' if i 1 -Q3 TH Ei ge JSAINESVKU-'I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HEYWARD HAWKINS . . . . President EVELYN SMITH . . . Vice-President MARTHA FINGER . . . Secretary HOLLAND MANGUM . . Treasurer I2 MARY LEE BETTIS "LEE" "lf clothes grew on trees, she would have an , orchard." Science Club l5 Home Economics 2, 35 Dra- matics Club 4. MARY FRANCES BROGDON "srUMP" always Willing to do right everyone." Club l, Secretary 15 Latin Club 15 Class Treasurer 25 25 Class Treasurer 35 Tri- "A big heart, and to Freshman Science Club lg B Natural Photography Club Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 French Club 3, 4, Secretary 35 Music Club 4, Secretary 45 Band 3, 45 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Accornpanist 2, 3, 45 Assistant Society Editor, Radiator 45 "G" Club 45 Cheer Leader 4. VYANOUS Bu1cE 'tsAUsAGE" "A lion among ladies is a dangerous thing." MAXINE ELIZABETH BULLOCK "MAX" "Be yourself above all things." Photography Club l, 35 Home Economics Club 25 Dramatics Club 45 "G" Club 45 Iournalistic Club 45 Basketball 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. SARA FRANCES ALLEN "FRANCES" "A Witty Woman is a treasure." Secretary Freshman Science Club 15 Home Economics Club 2, 35 Glee Club Z, 3, 45 Writ- ers' Club 35 Drarnatics Club 45 Iunior Play 3. EVELYN BELL "EVELYNH "Never did the sun shine on such another." Home Economics Club 2, 35 French Club 3. E. C. BRANNON 'tsNAKE" "Teachers and classes are the only objection to an education." Band 3, 45 Photography Club l, 25 Biology Club 35 Edison Science Club 3, 4. K THE RADIATOR '3 1941 l " 1 GLADYS MARGARET BUSH "PEGGY" "There was a star dancing and I was born under that star." Entered from Commerce High School 35 Pho- tography Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4. MARY IEAN CASH HREDH "Flirtation, attention, Without intention." Debating Club l, 25 Latin Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, WILLKIE LEOPOLD COLLINS, IR. HPARSONH i'Never do today what you can put oft until tomorrow." Entered from Darlington Preparatory School 35 Edison Science Club 35 French Club 3, 45 Glee- Club 3, 45 Band 45 Forum, Club 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 ' President and Vice-President 4. GEORGIA ELIZABETH COOK "COOKIE" "The only way to have friends is to be one." Entered from Leslie High School 45 French Club 45 Writers' Club 4. ' BOBBIE FRANCES Cox HBOBBIE FRANCESH "Woe is me." Entered from Cartersville High School 45 French Club 4. IAMES ALLEN CULREPRER USHADRACK II" "Roll on old time5 I'm coming." MARY Lois CULPEPPER HMARY Lots" "The hand that makes her good, makes hex sweet." Science Club l5 Tri-Hi-Y 4. IAMES BENJAMIN DAVIDSON HBENH "Why should I worry? Things will happen anyway." Entered from Dahlonega 45 Edison Science Club 4. 1" .....4....... MARTHA ELIZABETH FINGER "MARTHA" "True to her Work, her word, her friends." Debating Club 1, 2, Latin Club l, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, President 4, French Club 3, 4, President 3, 4, Writers' Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, President 4, Iunior Play 3, Music Club 4, President 4, TRUMPETEER Staff 3, Editor 4, Class Secretary 4, Student Council 4, Vice-President 4, Literary Editor of '41 RADIATOR 4. EVELYN FLEMING t'EvELYN" "lt is the friendly heart that has many friends." Entered from Peabody High, Milledgeville, 4, Glee Club 4, Writers' Club 4. IAMES FULLER UDUSTYH "Disturb not my peaceful slumber." Photography Club l, 2, Biology Club 3, Band 4, Edison Science Club 4. EARL FORD GOWDER HIUGHAIDH "The World knows little of its greatest men." Biology Club 2, Edison Science Club 4. EDGAR BROWN DUNLAP, IR. "LITTLE EDN "Silence is golden, but l'm not a gold diggerf' Latin Club 1, 2, Debating Club 1, 2, Treasurer 1, French Club 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Treas- urer 4, Band 2, 3, Corporal 3, Forum Club 4, Vice-President 4, Business Manager of Tunior Play, Writers' Club 3, Cheer Leader 4, HG" Club 4, Track 3, 4, Business Manager of 41 RADIATOR, BETTY ANN EDMONDSON "BETTY" "l am oi that feathering to shake off my friends when they most need me." French Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. JACK HARRINGTDN ELROD, IR. "TACK" "The girls may come and they may go, but I get along without them." Debating Club 1, Biology Club 2, Craft Club 4. IAMES EVANS HIAMESH "Quietness is the indication of ability to think." Science Club l, Biology Club 2, French Club 3, 4, Secretary 4. THE RADIATOR 'S 1941 LAVONIA MONTINE HAMILTON HLOVANIAH "My heart is fixed." Home Economics Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2, 3, Dramatics Club 4. PIERCE IACKSON HANCOCK UIABRAHAMH "A little nonsense is relished by the wisest men... . Science Club 2, 3, Latin Club 3, Biology Club 3, Treasurer 3, Forum Club 5, Football 3, 4, 5, "G" Club 4, 5, School Boy Patrol 3, 4. LLOYD ELERY HATPIELD "SI-IADRACK I" "Must life forever be filled with labor?" Biology Club 2. HEYWARD ALLEN HAWKINS "HAWK" "God's gift to the Class of '41." Latin Club 1, 2, Photography Club 1, 2, Fresh- man Science Club l, Manager of Football Z, 3, "G" Club 2, 3, TRUMPETEER Staff 3, 4, Business Manager 4, School Boy Patrol 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Edison Science Club 3, 4, President 4, Football 4, Iunior Play 3, President of Iunior Class 3, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, President 4, Vice-Pres- ident 4, President of Senior Class 4, Editor-in- Chief of 1941 RADIATOR 4. Q A . K, 1314174 I marry BETTY Io HEARD HBETTY IO" "Of surpassing beauty and in the bloom of youth." Science Club l, Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary of Home Economics Club 5, French Club 3, 4. GLEN FOSTER HENRY HGLENH "Me thought I heard a butterfly." T. I. HENSON "T, I." "A faint heart never won fair lady." Entered from Lanett High School, Lanett, Alabama. EDWIN FENNELL HUGHES, IR. UMEAL TICKET" "Would that all had done as Well as I." Biology Club 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Track l, Z, 3, 4, Edison Science Club 3, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, "Cf" Club 3, Band 2, 3, 4, First Sergeant 4, Glee Club 4. H -v A S P4Z4?mvfl We 1 5 I 5 IACK CAVENDAR HULSEY HIACKH "For the life to come, l sleep without the thought of it." Freshman Science Club 15 Band 2, 35 Debating Forum 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Edison Science Club 4. MARTHA VASHTI HUNNICUTT "MoTrY" HAH things easy if done willingly." Writers' Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4. WILLIAM IOHNSON CHAMBERLAIN HDINNYH "A bad excuse is better than none at all.' Freshman Science Club l5 Latin Club 15 Pho- tography Club 25 Edison Science Club 3, 4, Band 3, 45 Glee Club 4. CONSTANCE LOUISE IUBIN 'tBEDE" "She is always cheerful, free, and gay, And she had rather Work than play." Freshman Science Club 15 Biology Club 2 French Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Glee Club 3, 4 I 1 IAMES HAROLD LATHAM HHAROLDH "Hurry kills more people than disease, so take your time." Freshrnan Science Club 15 Edison Science Club 4. Lots CHRISTINE LINDSEY "LoIs" "Satisfaction comes from worthwhile things' Biology Club 15 Home Economics Club 3, 45 Glee Club 4. I I, HORACE LUTHER MHORACEH "There were giants in those days." Biology Club Z5 Glee Club 2, 35 Edison Sci- ence Club 3. MARY Lucy LYNCH "Lou" "Her heart is not with her5 it is elsewhere. Girls Reserve 1, 25 Latin Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 55 Manager of Basketball 25 Tennis 2, 3, 4, 55 Glee Club 35 Diversified Occupation Club 45 Basketball 55 Dramatics Club 5. 11 THE H RADIATOR 1941 HOLLAND GOSNELL MANGUM HDOILYH "l've got to 'Hasten Iason'." Latin Club l, 25 Debating Club l, 2, 3, 55 Pres- ident of Forum Club 55 Football 2, 3, 4, 55 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Business Manager 55 Edi- son Science Club 45 Hi-Y 55 "G" Club 3, 55 Iunior Play 45 Track 55 Class Treasurer 55 Ad- vertising Manager ot RADIATOR 5, BETTY LUMSDEN MARSH HBETTYH "Letter-Writing, that most delightful way of Wasting time." Biology Club 15 Photography Club l, 25 Tri-Hi- Y 2, 3, 45 Drarnatics Club 4. WILLIAM SHARP MCCONNELL HBILLH "There is no love, but at first sight." Football l5 Biology Club 3, Vice-President 35 Basketball 45 French Club 4. SARA FRANCES MCCRACKIN "SARA" "A world of grace and charm are hers." Science Club ly Home Economics Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 4. I f dmv 5 I Uullly til I8 H J-Gvxfghm et S 2 I I A - A 4lNE SVIU- CHARLES ROLAND MCEVER "CORN" " 'Tis never Wise to be wiser than necessary." Band 2, 3, 45 Photography Club l, 2, 35 Music Club 4. TACK BINGI-IAM MCKIBBON 'tIAcK" "Tho' change this man against his will, He is of the same opinion still." Latin Club l5 Debating Club l5 Photography Club 25 Edison Science Club 3, 4, Secretary 45 Debating Club l5 Hi-Y 45 Glee Club 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 School Boy Patrol 3. MARVIN GIBBS MERCK "MARVIN" "God's gift to Women." Freshman Science Club l5 Biology Club 25 Forum Club 3, 4. PATRICIA IEAN MILLER HIEAN" "No sweeter girl, no better sport upon earth could God impart." Biology Club 15 Latin Club l5 Home Economics Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Photography Club 3, 4, Secretary 3. F LORETTA OWENS "1.oRETTA" "Quietly she assumes the duties of lite." Latin Club 1. ANNE OLIVIA PALMOUR HSMILEYH "Give me a little more time. l'll get there." Secretary Class 15 Biology Club 15 Latin Club 15 Vice-President oi Class 25 Tri-Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, President 45 Photography Club 2, Secretary Z5 TRUMPETEER Staff 3, 4, Assistant Editor 45 Writers' Club 35 French Club 3, 45 lunior Play 35 Dramatics Club 45 Class Historian 4. ALBERT ERWIN PEAROE "RRUTE" "Why hurry? I'll get there." Latin Club 1, 25 Debating Club l5 Photography Club 25 Basketball 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Edison Science Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Vice-President 45 "G" Club 35 Snapshot Editor ot RADIATOR 4. MARVIN POWELL POTTER "I. MARVIN" "He played the game square and got all that Was in it." Science Club l, 25 Track l, 2, 35 School Boy Patrol 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 "G" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President of "G" Club 45 Biology Club 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Sports Editor of 1941 RADIATOR. . . EVELYN LOUISE MITCI-IUM UNIITOI-I" "She has a Voice that sounds like the birds. Science Club 15 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Home Eco- nomics Club 2, 35 Music Club 4. If LOGAN NALLEV HSLOPH "He suffers from high Clowl blond pressure," Class treasurer 15 Photography Club 15 Latin Club l, 25 Glee Club Z, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Band Z, 3, 45 Sergeant 2, First Sergeant 3, Captain 45 Iunior Play 35 Edison Science Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Secretary 45 Football 45 Club 45 Assistant Editor of 1941 RADIATOR 4. ANNA MALIssA NORTON HMALH "A Witty Woman is a treasure." Latin Club 15 Glee Club 1, 25 Debating Club 25 Photography Club 35 Iunior Play 35 Dra- matics Club 4, President 45 Cheer Leader 4. MILDRED GRACE O'DELL "IvIILDRED" N11 1 am your friend, there's not enough 1 can do." School Boy Patrol 2, 35 Latin Club lj Biology Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Basketball 4. T1-IE I9 RADIATOR 1941 W. ARNOLD POWELL l'1UN1OR" "When in doubt, keep on talking." Biology Club lg Edison Science Club 3, 4. HELEN MARGARET POWELL UHELENH "A sweet is more valuable than gold. That's Why I Want One." Bioloqy Club lg Home Economics Club 2, President 25 French Club 3, 45 Photography Club 35 Writers' Club 35 Iunior Play 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Treasurer 45 Dramatics Club 45 Cheer Leader 45 "G" Club 45 Glee Club 4, Assistant of 1941 RADIATOR. QUENTIN QUATTLEBAUM NQUENTINH "Not too serious, not too gay, just a jolly good fellow." Forum Club 3, 4. K L "2 .5 5, 51633 s:"fe -:qw Q11 lun!!! 'ww N 2 We 5 Y ,gi g .0 wmv ALICE CHRISTINE ROBES "cHR1s" "Black as a pearl in a Womans eye." Science Club lg Home Economics 25 French Club 3, 45 Photography Club 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. EDGAR ROGERS "BuTcH" "Every man has a sane spot somewherep the only trouble is finding it." Science Club l, 25 Biology Club 2, Football 3, 4: "G" Club 4 JAMES RUDOLPH "ILM" "Keep a closed mouth and be thought a tool rather than Open it and remove all doubt." Latin Club l5 Science Club 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Photography 2, 35 "G" Club 3, 4. L. C. SLOAN "L, c." "He speaks not Often but speaks words of Wisdom." Biology Club 2. .f .K A , WINSTON LUKE TANT, IR. HSTUPORMANH "The Willing Worker is Well rewarded." Entered from Marshallville High School 45 Edison Science Club 4, Vice-President 4. ROBERT EMORY THOMAS UCYCLONEH "What he attempts he performs." Science Club l5 Biology Club 25 Debating Forum 3, 4. HELEN THRASHER 'tTHRAsH" "A little might ol neatness and sweetness." Science Club 15 Home Economics 2, 35 Dra- matics Club 4. MARTHA COLIE WAITE HCHUNKH "Live today5 tomorrow may never be." Latin Club 1, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Cheer Leader 45 HG" Club 45 Biology Club 25 Photography Club 25 Treasurer 25 Dramatics Club 4, Treas- urer 45 Writers' Club 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Libra- rian 45 Iunior Play 3. . K, K -,....,...........LL.1. Lucy EVELYN SMITH USEALEYH "ln youth and beauty Wisdom is but rare." Debating Club 15 B Natural Club 15 Class Vice- President l5 Class President 25 Photography Club 35 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 25 Li- brarian 3, Secretary 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 4, Vice-President 45 Class Secretary 35 Class Vice-President 45 Music Club 4, Presi- dent 45 Cheer Leader 45 "G" Club 45 Society Editor ot 1941 RADIATOR. CHARLES WINERED SMITI-I HWINTH ul-lis cares are now all ended." Debating Forum l, 3, 45 Biology Club 2, Treas- urer 2. RALPH SPAIN URALPHH "He does all that becomes man5 who does more is none " EDGAR CECIL ERWIN SURRATT "ED" "Lite, like hash, is what you make it." Science Club l5 Debating Club 25 Edison Sci- ence Club 3, 45 School Boy Patrol 45 Iunior Play 35 Basketball Manager 45 Glee Club 4 THE RADIATOR 2' 1941 MARTHA REATHEL WI-IELCHEL UREATHELH "Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever." Biology Club 25 Home Economics Club 3. HAROLD DANIEL WHITMIRE "WI-IIT" "Be yourself above all things." Biology Club 25 Football 3, 45 Edison Science Club 3. 45 President 45 Glee Club 4. HARRIET HOWARD WILLS UHARRIETH "Friendly, generous, and good naturedf' Writers' Club 4, 55 French Club 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Band Drum MajOrette'55 Home Economics Club 25 Debating Club 25 Photog- raphy Club 3. MILDRED FELOS "MII.DRED" Entered from Miami High School 4. IAMES EDWARD ADDING-TON "MUrr" "Every inch a man, but there aren't many inches." WILLIAM GEORGE RICH "BILLY" "He wore a bashful look." Entered from River Bend High School 25 Biol- ogy Club 25 Debating Forum 45 Art Editor of 1941 RADIATOR. CLASS POEM OF 1941 Oh, Class of ours, who now we leave- Stay with us even as we grieve. Recleanse our hearts with thine own vow: "Thy lite has but begun this hour." Make us to know the part we grasp ls born from Thee, is not a task, Begun, developed by thy aid To be tor us as God has made. Oh, Class ot ours, sti11 let us be To thine Own heart both bound and free, Youth strong and brave-forever more As now we open wide the door- WUW 'NVe'rO ready, life- Give us the keyl FQ: iii Harriett Howard twrffff 1 , H '1 Jf NE SV11. ten" W 1 Y 4 5 22 1234, lcd S .. i r CHRONICLE OF THE CLASS OF '41 19511 'VVHAT A MOMENTOUS YEARI History was no longer doubtful, and people could not speak privately-they could only think, for the Law of Conservation of Energy was conclusively proved by the perfection of the speech-return machine. No history class was Without one. I cared much more about hearing the clear, young voices of the class of '41 than Colum- bus' exclamations in ltalian as he sighted land in the Western Hemisphere. My ambition was realized, and my school days came back to me like a radio playlet. In September of 1930, some sobbing, others rejoicing, We entered grammar school, feeling much more important than we did on coming to G. H, S. Here We learned respect for that all-powerful personage, the teacher, and also that life requires a certain amount of Work. The biggest shock of these first seven school years was the tornado. This also resulted in the mingled blessing and sorrow of seventh period at high school. The catcalls and rivalry of Candler Streeters and Main Streeters gave Way in the fall of 1937 to a united front against the sophomore oppression and the jeering cries of "Freshiel" We had been rather dubious before going to the great unknown-high school. We dis- cussed the old days at grammar school like octogenarians. But hazing virtually did not exist, and everything was so much nicer than We had hoped. Changing classes was such fun, even if We did get lost at first. Although our plans for a freshman-sophomore prom were defeated, the year was happy and successful for most of us. lt transformed us into what were upper-classmen to the freshman, at least, and We could reply to their title of ''Slop-more-and-more-and-mores" with a taunting "Fresh meat!" Dream- ing of the junior-senior, We conceived the brilliant idea of having the freshmen give us a banquet. We were unable to sell them the idea. The basketball tournament, in which our girls' team reached the finals, was a boon to the junior store. The junior play, l'1Everybody's Crazy," made a record-breaking amount of money for the junior-senior banquet. When We juniors presented gifts to the seniors on class night, we realized that just when we were learning how to get the most out of school our own departure was not far off. When We were freshmen, we had thought that we should feel rnuch more grown-up than we did as seniors. Nevertheless, our senior year was one of the most enjoyable and memo,- rable of our lives, culminating in graduation, the biggest thrill we had ever experienced. A great many things took place during our sojourn at Gainesville High-the custom of taking baskets to needy families at Christmas instead of buying useless things for our- selves was begun: we cheered champion football and basketball teams: a first-class band and a school boy patrol Were organizedp the student council came into being, We saw the introduction of the commercial courses and industrial artsy We made Gainesville a much more Well-read community by our magazine salesp no longer could we flunk because of our extra-curricular activities-studies came firstg the school acquired, among other things, a motion picture projector and a public address system. We had many excellent chapel programs. No matter what may happen to succeeding senior classes, they cannot possibly have more fun than We have had. The faculty should be presented With medals, for they have not only endured us four years-they tried to improve us, Many thanks for their efforts. Let's do our best to be a credit to them and to G. H. S., an Alma Mater of which to be very proud. Anne Palmour, Ir. Historian THE RADIATOR 23 194-1 4 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT WE, THE SENIOR CLASS of Gainesville High School, being of sound and disposing minds and memory, hereby make and publish this, our last will and testament, revoking all others heretofore made. We, Christine Robbs and Harriett Howard, will to Betty Ann Richardson and Pat Baldwin the right to count the days Riverside is in town, and never to miss a parade. We, Malissa Norton and Helen Powell, will to Alley Rochester and Virginia Ballard our love for the opposite sex. CThere's enough to sharell I, Martha Finger, will to Frances Brown and Ioe Carter my many talents, and the ability to get along with the teachers. We, Logan Nalley and Martha Waite, will to Harold Terrell and Carolyn Porter the right to carry on the perfect romance of G. H. S. Clt's a great lifell I, lean Cash, will to Iames Martin the right to carry on our romance after l've gone. I, Maxine Bullock, will to Evelyn Bagwell, Catherine Rudolph, and Faustine Mathis my basketball ability which G. H. S, is going to miss. I, Ed Hughes, will to Billy Butler and Reginald Hancock my neatness and handsomeness. We, Vyanous Buice and lim Rudolph, will to Beusse Whitworth and Thomas Gailey our ability to fascinate the spectators with our long shots. I, Frances Allen, will to Shirley Smith my ability to entertain the crowd with my bright remarks. I, Anne Palmour, will to Dorothea Hosch, Frances Isbell, and Lucile Beaver the right to be called the genius of the Senior Class. I, Marvin Merck, will to Iim Ward and Fred Starr my brunette handsomeness, and the right to make the feminine hearts skip a beat. I, Heyward Hawkins, will to Ioe Terrell the right not only to be the teachers' pride and joy, but to hold all the important offices of the Senior Class. I, Peggy Bush, will to Iewell Hendrix and Eloise Trotter the right to keep my hair in perfect order. I, Ralph Spain, will to Harvey Newman and Benny Hatfield my red hair and all the teasing that goes with it. CYou'll get plenty of itll We, Helen Thrasher and lean Miller, will to Marie Forest and Katherine Luther our neatness. I, Leo Collins, will to Gregory Douglas my dry wit, and the right to keep everybody laughing. We, Evelyn Bell and Iames Culpepper, will to Mattie Conner and Pickney Whelchel our ability to blush. I, Betty Edmondson, will to Helen Wallace my ability not only to carry on my own love affair successfully, but also to play Cupid for others. We, Mary Lois Culpepper and Sara Frances McCrackin, will to Kathleen Barnes, Virginia Pickett, and Dorothy Mae Brownlow the right to be liked by everybody, I, L. C, Sloan, will to Lewis Dodd my beautiful blue eyes, my ability to memorize poetry and never to miss a word of it in class. I, Lucy Lynch, will to Penny Mciunkin and Nell Spainhour my love for brunettes of the opposite sex. fAnd that's plentylb I, Pierce Hancock, will to Esco Shaw my place as alternate captain of the football team, my love for hot dogs with "lots of catsup," and the right to carry on our eternal friendship, I, Betty Io Heard, will to Alice Anne Davis my beauty and the ability to apply make-up. I, Marvin Potter, will to I. T. Mitchum the right to be the football hero and the heart throb of every G. H, S. girl. We, Dinny Iohnson, lack Elrod, and Billy Rich will to Wallace Forest and Dennis Ladd the right to be polite and courteous to ladies, but not waste any time on them. I, Evelyn Fleming, will to Margie Burford my popularity with the students of G. H. S, I, E, C. Brannon, will to Hugh Hoodenpyle the right to change girl friends every two weeks. I, Lois Lindsey, will to Bessie Ruth Anderson the right to carry on our eternal friendship, - is t tn!!! ' N , 1 H 'Q If IZLIINE sviu-if 1 ,dba fi in Q a 24 S We, Bobbie Frances Cox and Louise lubin, will to Kathleen Marr and Lucy Fay Bolding, Mary Sue Mauney and Helen Youngblood, the right to be seen together at all times. I, Iames Addington, will to Pickens Butler and T. W. Moss the right to be the big "little" Senior of G. H. S. We, lim Fuller and Harold Lathem, will to Pierce Smith and Glendon Wall the right never to be in a hurry. We. W. L. Tant, T. I. Henson, and Horace Luther, will to Lester Savage and Ralph Howard the right to be dignified Seniors. I, Lavonia Hamilton, will to Peggy Newman the right to meditate on a certain boy during every period. We, Iames Evans and Earl Gowder, will to Ed F. Little, Harold Bowman, and Earl Whit- field the right to be called "Good Boy" by Miss Sue. I, Betty Marsh, will to Fralil Curtis the right to receive letters which leave the heart "full of song." I, Ed tButchl Rogers, will to Ray Whitfield the right to thrill every girl's heart. I, Charles McEver, will to I. D. Garner my blond hair and bashful ways. I, Georgia Elizabeth Cook, will my cheery smile and sweet disposition to Mary lane Carlise, Eunice Payne, and Betty Sue Stewart. I, Martha Hunnicutt, will to Evelyn Perry, Beatrice Louis, and Winifred Edwards my quiet and refined ways. - I, Arnold Powell, will to Robert Conner, Ernest Edwards, and Dan Fuller the right to talk about everything but chemistry in chemistry class. I, Winfred Smith, will to Victor Roberts my place in the drug store and the ability to make the best sodas in town. I, Raethel Whelchel, will to Irene Chester and Iuana Westmoreland my blond hair with my bottle of peroxide. I, Mildred O'Dell, will to Kitty Alford my ability to get along with everybody, and be one of the best all-round girls in school. I, Harold Whitmire, will to Martha Godfrey the right to carry on our romance after I've gone. I, Billie McConnell, will to Anne Gordan Welborn the right to bring a car to school every day. I, Louise Mitchum, will to Louise Thompson my good nature and the right to be every- body's friend. I, Glen Henry, will to Talmadge Cagle and Lawrence Brown my bottle ot hair tonic that keeps my hair always looking neat. I, Loretta Owens, will to Mary Dean West and Carolyn Hartley my desire to please everybody, and my love for G. H, S. I, Albert Pearce, will to Peyton Grigg the right to surprise the whole typing class by having a budget in on time. I, Edgar Surratt, will to Iames Young my place as manager of the basketball team. I, L. E. Hatfield, I, Holland Mangurn, will to Hilda Kimsey the right to carry on a romance with an under- classman. will to Tommy Garrison my desire never to be a bookkeeper. will to Frank Coile the right to keep up a continual chatter during home I, Ben Davidson, room chapel and spelling. We, lack McKibbon and Eugene Tolbert, will to anyone who has the desire the right to spend every penny on a T-Model. I, Quentin Quattlebaum, will to anyone who can take it the right to be the only boy in shorthand class. We, Ed Dunlap and Iack Hulsey, will to Lewis Porter the right to keep the teachers wondering what will happen next. I, Mary Lee Bettis, will to anyone who is fortunate enough the right to have as many and as cute clothes as I have, I, Robert Thomas, will to Maxine Cagle my ability to keep everybody continually laughing. We, the cheer leaders of l94U-'41, will to the cheer leaders of next year the right to attend all football games, basketball games, and football banquets. THE 25 RADIATOR 1941 1 fs WW DO YOU NEED ADVICE? WRITE YOUR TROUBLES AND ADDRESS THEM TO: MISSES MARTHA FINGER AND HELEN POWELL cfo "MORNING HERALD" ATLANTA. GEORGIA NEEDLESS TO SAY we had received many letters from far and near since this advertisement appeared in the MORNING HERALD. Editor Quentin Quattlebaum had kindly consented to do all he could in helping to promote such a column as this. One reason is that he was having trouble of his own, His reporters, including Evelyn Fleming and Ben Davidson, his cartoon- ist, E. C. Brannon, his fashion editor, Mary Lee Bettis, and Glennie Henry, gossip columnist, were all demanding higher pay. Louise Iubin, proofreader for the paper, was the one per- son who saw things as did the editor. As for our advice to him-we gave him the address of Piggly Wiggly, owned and operated so successfully f?J by lack McKibbon tlr.l. lack was able to help the editor so much that the latter gave us in appreciation of our deedha leave of two weeks' vacation. Go where? Do what? A brilliant idea struck us-we could round up our old classmates and see what Danie Fortune had so long held in store for them. Breathlessness and anxiety overtook us, and before we knew it, we had received our expense check and were on our way to the Federal National Bank to have it cashed. As we entered the bank, we saw an important looking gentleman rushing around, followed by his secretary. There seemed to both of us something quite familiar about their faces. Of course-that was T, I. Henson, president of the bank, and the secretary was none other than lean Miller. Since we wanted to look our best during our travels, We found it necessary to pay a visit to a clothing store. David-Hichison's was the natural solution, Ori arriving here we took the nearest elevator to the Old Atlantan Shop, where we found beautiful new styles brought back from New York by Betty Edmondson, Richison's shopper. It was so good to see this old friend that for a long time we chatted about "the good old days." Then, finding it necessary to hurry to a beauty salon, we stopped in at the nearest one, which was right next door to Richison's. On entering we were told we would find it necessary to wait our turn, because we had neglected to make an appointment. We picked up a magazine and began looking through it. Then, all of a sudden, a name flashed across the page. Quickly we looked again. Yes, here was a series of essays by the famous journalist, Anne Palmour. So absorbed were we that we didn't hear someone calling us, But at the second call, we looked up to see lean Cash standing there, beckoning to us. She explained that she owned the shop, and how we would be even more surprised and pleased to see two more schoolmates who were her assistant operators, Evelyn Bell and Reathel Whelchel. We were led into the booth where we were given a promise that we would come out looking our best. During the course of such an attainment, we idly picked up a brush bearing the name "Fuller." Laughingly we recalled our attempts to tease our old friend, lim Fuller, about being a brush salesman. But now the laugh was on us. lean told us that lim had become president of that thriving organization, Fuller Brush Company, and that Bobby Frances Cox was his efficient secretary. Our "damage" being repaired all too soon, we regretfully departed from these newfound old friends and made our way back to our home in Dreaded Hills. Immediately we called the airport for reservations, for we know that the Southern Airlines, Inc., under the presidency of lames Culpepper, would never have an empty airplane leave the home port, and we always found it necessary to have places reserved in advance. The remainder of the evening was spent in rushing about, throwing this and that into a suitcase -a process known as packing. After a sleepless night and one of great anticipation, we were thrilled to see daylight arrive at last. A hurried breakfast satisfied our immediate hunger, and, calling a taxi, we were off. We arrived at the airport earlier than we had expected, due to the expert driver, Eugene Tolbert. Soon a voice over a megaphone announced the plane leaving for Washington, and we were soon on our way. We settled back comfortably in our seats and began to regain some of the rest which we had lost the previous night. Suddenly, a fierce rocking of the plane startled us out of our reverie. Looking about us, we saw that the lights had been turned on because it had grown increasingly dark outside. 'Everyone was beginning to get nervous, when Hostess Betty Io Heard came in and told us that it was a slight storm and that everything was well in hand. A short time later we were told that we were approaching Washington, D. C. The pilot made a beautiful landing. When we were being helped out f S x 5-1? -as U -gen 'vin Il 2 f H Elflsffwceg 26 AINESVIL of the plane, we decided to find that pilot and congratulate him on his calrn management during the storm. We soon found him and discovered that our pilot was none other than jack Elrod. Then another surprise lay in store for us. We saw a plane being met by a secret service agent, lames Addington. Going over to see what all this was about, we saw stepping from the plane the presidential candidate, Heyward Hawkins. Heyward was wonderful to usp he offered to let us ride in his private car to the Congress. There we saw three more old friends, Senator Edgar B. Dunlap, Ir.. Congressman lames Evans, and Lieutenant Commander Billie McConnell, who were also visiting our nation's Congress. Lieutenant Commander McConnell told us he would show us through the Chemistry Laboratories, and there we found Ralph Spain, a leading chemist. All this was most enjoyable, but we found it necessary to catch our train to New York, a train on which Earl Gowder was engineer. While the wheels of the train hummed a tune, we were busy looking at Billy Rich's latest drawings in "See" magazine, Our stop- o-Ver between Washington and New York was Atlantic City, N, I. We arrived here at the right time, it seemed, for we learned that the selection of the girl to be "Miss America" was about to take place. We rushed in just in time to see judges Pierce Hancock and Arnold Powell place the "Miss America" crown on Evelyn Smith. But then it was time for our train to pull out for New York, so we left hurriedly. After pulling into Grand Central Station, we hailed a taxi and gave the driver the name of our hotel. On the way we saw a large signboard advertising 'iSloan's Liniment," the organization of which L. C. Sloan is the president. Arriving at our hotel, we were given a cordial welcome by Hostess Georgia Elizabeth Cook, after which we retired to our room. We turned on the radio and listened to the tennis matches at Forest Hills, N. Y. Maxine Bullock and Lucy Lynch were the contenders. After a few minutes of rest and repair, we got on the elevator, and as it came to a stop in the lobby, we made an effort to get out, but were almost sidewiped by a young man hur- rying into the elevator. After picking up our lost possessions, we began to make apologies, It was Holland Mangum. During our short chat with him, we discovered that he was a prominent lawyer, and Doily also told us where we could find many of our old friends and classmates. He told us that at Merci Hospital we would find Robert Thomas, the iminent surgeon, and nurses Helen Thrasher and Betty Marsh. We decided, after departing with Holland, to call it a day, saying that we would go to the hospital tomorrow. The next morning we arose at a rather late hour because our rest from all that had been happening seemed a luxury. After a breakfast, which we had in bed, we decided to go to Radio City and take in the sights. We stopped off at Merci Hospital to see those about whom Holland had told us, and found them all in good health and enjoying life. Then on to Radio City, winding through traffic and then through crowded sidewalks. Arriving at this city within a city, we were in time to get in on one of the tours. fn passing by a studio we saw Horace Luther, news commentator, just finishing a broadcast. We left our group with the hope that Horace would be our guide. Horace was very glad to see some- one from his home town, and gave us each a pass to one of the shows which would go on the air in half an hour. He told us we would like this famous program for more than one reason. Wondering what he could mean, we were taken by him into a small studio, where We were to have our first surprise. He "hushed" us into silence because a performer was stepping up to the microphone. We looked up to see Harriet Howard reading her poetry, with Winifred Smith and his violin furnishings the musical background. We listened in raptured silence until Horace motioned us to come with him. We made our way into a much larger studio, and were shown to our reserved seats. Here we awaited with much anxiety our surprise. A man came forth and announced the Allen-Collins Hour, sponsored by the Chewy Chewing Gum Company and starring those two famous comedians, Frances Allen and Leo Collins, with guest artist Louise Mitchum, famous opera star. Laugh? We thought we'd die! lt was a "killer" All too soon the program was over, and, thanking Horace for his kindness, we started to take leave in order to congratulate Leo and Frances on their wonderful entertainment, but Horace decided he would go with us to see Leo. When we finally got through the crowds, Leo was almost ready to leave, but he and Horace decided to take us to see the sights of New York. New York just would not be New York without its night clubs. The evening's festivities really just begin around ten or eleven o'clock, lt was somewhere around this hour when We arrived at the "Seven-'Leven" Club and we walked in with a somewhat familiar air, though the atmosphere around us was quite unfamiliar. Having been seated at our table, we gave our orders, and as we glanced up we saw a familiar figure coming toward us. We were heartily greeted by Charles McEver, "Seven-'Leven" manager. He seated himself at our table and told us we must wait for the floor show. ln'the meantime, while looking about, we had spotted a few celebrities. We had seen public deb No. 1, Martha Waite, arriving on the scene with playboy Harold Whitmire. We had also thrilled at the arrival of the handsome movie star, Marvin Merck, and his agent, lack Hulsey. We noticed standing over in one corner a broad-shouldered young man with a grin on his face. Upon asking THE RADIATOR 27 1941 Charley who he was, he exclaimed: "Why, don't you recognize him? He's Ed liogeiy better known here as 'Butch, the Bouncer' " We were having surprise on top of surprise, and this was not all which was to come, A fanfare and a roll of drums announced the floor show. into the spotligh' walked thc: bandleader, Logan Nalley, who also was serving as master of ceremonies. Loge-n raised his trumpet and began his familiar theme "Martha" ffrom the opera of the same namel. Fol- lowing this was a vocal number sung by Bandleader Nalley's singer of sweet swing, Ma- lissa Norton. The flash of a light almost blinded us, and we looked around to see photog- rapher W. L. Tant taking in all the pictures his camera would hold. This completing our "picture" for the evening, we told the boys it was time for us to be hittin' for home. Back in our hotel room the quietness was "deafening," but we soon were back down to earth and dropped off into a dreamless sleep, We cannot truthfully say that we arose with the sun the ,next morning, after being out so lateg as a matter of fact, we just got up in time to eat a late lunch. Romantic ideas of love affairs on boats prompted us to phone for reservations on the first ship leaving New York Harbor for Savannah. On finding that this ship would leave in the afternoon, we had a few hours to spend in seeing New York by daylight. After several hours of looking with wonder at the sights of New York, we noticed the time, and grabbed a taxi in order to get to the docks before our boat pulled out. Rushing at break-neck speed, we arrived just before the gangplank was removed. Safely aboard the boat, we looked back through the sunset for our last glimpse of New York, and then turned to go to our cabin, We saw a uniform, and, being unmarried old maids, we gave an "all clear on the deck" signal and skidded to a stop in front of Robert Parker, captain of the ship, After a long chat, we were shown to our stateroom. We were unpacking when a steward knocked on our door and handed us an envelope. Quickly we opened it and found an. invitation to be Captain Parker's guests at dinner. Thrilled at this gesture of friendliness, we dressed in our finest finery Cbought with the boss' moneyl and went to the dining hall, where we were escorted to our table. Captain Parker arose and greeted us, and introduced us to those at our table. There were two who needed no introduction. One was Harold Lathem, American Ambassador to Argentina, who after a business trip to New York was on his way home to Savannah, accompanied by his wife, Martha Hunnicutt. The other was the celebrated pianist, Mrs. Frances Brogdon Terry KAW "Shaw"J, who was vacationing after a strenuous concert tour. The dinner served was certainly a compliment to the ship dietitian, Sara Frances McCrackin. But for the next few days nothing seemed very wonderful to us, because we were seized with an illness which ship nurse Loretta Owens described as being just plain sea-sickness. We had begun to feel natural again when we arrived at Savannah. Saying good-bye to our friends, we left to go to the railroad station, where we were to catch the train for Gainesville, last stop before going back to work. We were soon in our home town, and the first place we wanted to visit was G. H. S., where all these friendships had started. Passing by the State Patrol house, we caught a glimpse of Patrolmen Dinny Iohnson and .Edgar Surratt. But then we hurried on into the school house. We were here greeted by lim Rudolph, president of the Bored of Education, who told us he would be glad to show us around. During our wanderings we ran across Marvin Potter, football coach, Mildred O'Dell, chemistry teacher and basketball coach, Mary Lois Culpepper and Lavonia Hamilton, teachers of Home Economics fit seems that the department has grown to such an extent that two teachers are neededl, and Lois Lindsey, teacher of history. After leaving the school, we started down the street and were hailed by Albert Pearce, Gainesville photographer, who was on his way to take pictures at Brenau College and Riverside. We accepted his invitation to come along, and upon arriving at Brenau we found Peggy Bush, teacher of dancing. We saw Ed Hughs, who, not being able to leave the girls, had secured the position of night watchman and caretaker there. When Albert had finished his picturesjwe went with him to Riverside, all the while telling him of our adven- turous trip. Among the pictures which our friend took at Riverside was one of Captain and Mrs. Brown fthe former Christine Robbsl, who were residing at this military school. Now Albert hurried us off, saying that we had to go. Driving back to town, we were talking about our old school days, and he said that he had just recently taken a picture of the Celtics, and that Vyanious Buice was captain of that team. That night we reviewed all the happenings of the past few weeks, realizing sadly that in the morning we would have' to go back to Atlanta and to our jobs, answering letters from people who wanted advice. Somehow, through it all, we dropped off to sleep. Martha Finger Helen Powell Class Prophets. when 'f-Q X 'HN facie-EfTxon,, Q Qi ' .v in Om' , umm? X N .19 if s sfvg H' fs 29 l?f?7E'E,'5'K.'ifl -. . fn- , .- f . W V - I., ,-:QI-, ' W-'H-".f1"' .. ' - -ff" - . , -1 ..m.,.--mA' .4-f-.5-1-'.--,'.wf-'5- f'- - .. ,qw :-. , --2 ," .' If: 3 ff. ' -- - .42 - I L. 1 . , .R,::.,v.-., , -,.. , 3. r ' -3, -X . In -3 '.'Q-231. Z -w 2-cl-2-J. . - . fly., . M- A J- ' A .in.f-.'.v.:g,z?5'.'-.- 1 E,-. J... . 1. ivy., N P S" f 1 K 'gf ,f 1. ,I L 5 n v ,ty I 5 1. gig, f.rJ. 1i ft 5,5 Mliiicu mfqfi . Q ...M lk., 5 f he 'QI' 'Lv J, xg, 17 nfs " L5-Hffd j-aff, ,Q qi? 43:-1 naw . 3.4: .1 ff-It so X xA Q-Y ." .. nu- 1 .mn-v ' -"f. y- '-4-nf-sM1,..: na, ' 'ft :- iff,-3 .' -"' ' ' " f . ,- .5 f. V.. '74 1. 1. ,IM 'I g,'-43.4 ,.x.,,,v,q: H: 2 -' I , gkgfasfayx .H F ,Ii ffm, f11 xi. J -T4 1,1 . . 1547" . -. .- ' . S gl". f-.Aif.,'9qEi-1f..,' "J 34'-.155 2fQ'L,ij"r-'f' F " ' 249 Q-if -.Y a-fn - .fy-:',rv., , s. . .... .-.. ,. A. tu 'T VV eww. . .,Qq..N,M. 0- .aff 5 Q , mf .N .. 3.59 0 DI - V, - 17. , fx , - -r ." "'.- . ' 11 " ' 'E - 1 '.' . 'I . , , -. 4- - in 1 VZ. -if -?' .' xv 5 ' . .2 1-r , f. rx ., r- ,, ve- . ,-. -. ,. .--. , ' -- w .W . -' "5 f 'Jn 5 ', "..1' L If' W. ff! PE- . J "' .. . -' - 4 15. ffl", ,f ' 1 ...,s-'QQ 5 -fi.. ?2-5j5,:f'- f ". 3 '45-. y' f, 0 K . I. M gl. ,AA,J5...,,rx I 1 -H K .A'3... , f,f,- L... - 1- . fn. . - .. . . .: ., . , 4 .v.,. .. Q Q, . ,.': . . 4 . . ,536 3 ...J ruz .1,1,.b.,'!,g.,5, A if '4 - ' 'uw A 4 E .. I ' - ? 1 1:48-d:".:'-.5 ' 3 4-, ,- .fr-xt - . . - .- -. .. '.- .gvigif 4-...bsgffff 955 . .I -H. y.,j,l,,. A ' ,. 52. qw E . , A A ,a .. ug.. 21 I- "' If .. I .ff 'ls .. ...fu . .rg . ,fp . x N ,.:. 5 A X, pl. I ,'f',y- - -'.-f-'f-131134 ' f ' 'T'-."f?f . :sl ,, ,,pf..,, .f Av f' , qi 1 . - " ,'-.i',,,. f L1 . A ., V .h Z, F, .M . ff . "Q ' 1 I 1 ff ' .- LM L LJ - ' ' - : i h,ii,,?.vgQ1fj? , P U - Z xv , . : gn!-Z-,K 5 . , ' A J J. 444- , fm.-fn - - . f WWIVWYQ 'gffffff A 'Q L' 'ff X' y SXix!f'r!fQ1eLf' " 2-fif: :Af " f' J ,zo if v-. K fy.. , 2 'SQQLQT V' ' " '5 35 .753 f QX 1 -XX 5 1 , Hg, 8 X A ,.,.3,.., Y W- . f-DN y f .?WNx5 . . W 4 Q ffiw f .w w ff ww 3 ENwf4ZZ,11ywwiy,ffNS-- YN I - ,, - f Q . ?2' if , X A Y ' 2 f4wM wNQZZW4A1gaaQfM. M X. -"Q ""' xx.. -' 'K k", .- E 9-fXQiJqf,jF'i ,TT7'M ' J A .S ,QM W ' H f f . . a X A -. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS l I i IoE CARTER . . . President lOE TERRELL . . Vice-President HAROLD TERRELL . . . Secretary IIM WARD . . ...,,,. . Treasurer HISTORY . As we blow the dust off the history of the Iunior Class and turn the yellowed pages back, we uncover many pleasant memories. We find that we were first launched upon the sea of learning, seeking that stuff called knowledge, way back in l932. It was in this year that we entered grammar school. During the following years we encountered a few small squalls but the greater part of the sailing was smooth. These seven years of work only prepared us for the storm that was to follow. We were told that to survive this storm we should prepare ourselves in grammar school. At last the dreaded day came. We were a frightened, timid, and shy bunch on our first day at G. H. S. We expected to receive a blow from every upper- classman we saw, however, we settled down and stuck through our first. year of high school. ' When we were advanced in rank to the position of "sophisticated sopho- mores," we felt that we were the backbone of school and community. At last we ,could say Boo! at the freshmen. Then, when we became proud luniors, we realized that we were important and had a definite job ahead of us. We began to expect some of the responsi- bilities of upperclassmen and we tried to do our job well. Now, as Iuniors, we are preparing ourselves for our Senior year at G. H. S. We only hope that in jvyu, ur Senior year Gainesville High can be as proud of us as we are of her. ff: ., :iii an: rkewaesii fulfil? will I xl 2 Z 0 moe so H' ,M ,,- s lbxzggxl-il PICKENS BUTLER MARCIE BUREORD MAXINE CAGLE TALMAGE CAGLE TOE CARTER IRENE CHESTER FRANK COILE ALICE ANNE DAVIS LOUIS DODD WINFRED EDWARDS MARIE FORREST DAN FULLER JUNIORS KITTY ALFORD BESSIE ANDERSON EVELYN BAGWELI. PAT BALDWIN VIRGINIA BALLARD KATHLEEN BARNES LUCY FAE BOLDING HAROLD BOWMAN FRANCES BROWN LAWRENCE BROWN DOROTHY MAE BROWNLOW BILLY BUTLER HILDA KIMSEY DENNIS LADD ED LITTLE BEATRICE LOUIS KATHRINE LUTHER KATHLEEN MARE IAMES MARTIN PAUSTINE MATHIS MARY SUE MAUNEY I. T. MITCHUM T, W. Moss IEANETTE MCIUNKIN ' 32 JUNZQGRS I. D. GARNER NORNIA GARNER TOMMIE GARRISON MARTHA GODFREY PEYTON GRIGG REGINALD HANDCOCK CAROLYNE HARTLEY BENNY HATFIELD IEWELL HENDRIX HUGH HOODENPYLE DOROTHEA HoscH RALPH HOWARD JUNEIORS HARVEY NLWMAN PEGGY NEWMAN EUNICE PAYNE EVELYN PERRY VIRGINIA PICKETT CAROLYN PORTER LEWIS PORTER BETTY RICHARDSON ALLEY ROCHESTER VICTOR ROBERTS CATHRINE RUDOLPH LESTER SAVAGE ESCO SI-IAW PIERCE SMITH SHIRLEY SMITH NELL SPAINHOUR FRED STARR BETTY SUE STEWART HAROLD TERRELL IOE TERRELL LOUISE THOMPSON ELOISE TROTTER HELEN WALLACE GLENDON WALL 33 - wifi' I 'lll M -40 1 S k41N5'5Wx.2l f,mm,y" 5 Q Ziff' ? I , 4 7 5 f 5 ! I No Pictures LUCILLE BEAVER RUSSELL BOLEMAN FRALIL CURTIS GREGORY DOUGLAS ERNEST EDWARDS FRANCES ISBELL MARY DEAN WEST THOMAS GAILEY 34 n ' JUNIORS IIM WARD ANNE WELLBORN IUANA WESTMORELAND PINCKNEY WHELCHEL EARL WHITFIELD RAY WHITFIELD BUESSE WI-IITWORTH IAMES YOUNG HELEN YOUNGBLOOD IUNIQR CLASS WHO'S WHO Most Beautiful Girl , Most Popular Girl . Wittiest Girl . Cutest Girl .... Most Dependable Girl Most Attractive Girl . Most lntellectual Girl Best All-Bound Girl . Best Dressed Girl . Most Athletic Girl . Most Studious Girl . Neatest Girl . . . Most Capable Girl . Most Handsome Boy . Most Popular Boy . Wittiest Boy . . Cutest Boy .... Most Dependable Boy Most Attractive Boy . Most lntellectual Boy Best All-Bound Boy . Best Dressed Boy . Most Athletic Boy . Most Studious Boy . Neatest Boy . . . Most Capable Boy . . . VIRGINIA BALLARD . VIRGINIA BALLARD . SHIRLEY SMITH . . PAT BALDWIN . . . CATHERINE RUDOLPH . . SHIRLEY SMITH . DOROTHEA HOSOH . HELEN WALLACE ALICE ANNE DAVIS TENETTE MCIUNKIN . DORTHEA HOSCH . PAT BALDWIN . KITTY ALFORD . . lOE TERRELL . , IOE TERRELL . . FRANK COILE GREGORY DOUGLAS IOE CARTER BEUSSE WHITWORTH IOE CARTER BEUSSE WHITWORTH . HAROLD TERRELL . I, T. MITCHUM . HARVEY NEWNIAN . BILLY BUTLER . HAROLD TERRELL THE RADIATOR 194-1 - I 9, .,4 I.. , ,, , , , ,. .- . , A ,L . A 4. -.Q- ' . " ' - b .V f 1 -E-M 1 ."f--Pt' ,,.- . ffl- 'f."5,7 ,.-.HM Ii,-1'-1 4- ,L-ffuf-1 ..-. -'-.v, " ,MC ,.:':' fi'-5 'fFT'fxgZf-,1'.'14? -' Q12 532, "-"u1f"?.f,"' ' 1 1-N 'Af' ',iL'l,f..f..:' fig. -,iv Q31--:.,, nF-inL.'iL,.'.f'1if.x - ,. H I ..ll'-.kt - 5-V ,- ,V ,. :',.q:u4--.V - V- n, 'z1"'f':1"qg11,L"',' ' " r,fg,,l I. - T ' ' . , V 3" "mft:f?1j.gx v 1' 'uf f-1,1--F ' ., '. .rl ' . L- A -..".'A 'flu' YL' Y , ' uf' -I: , ' ..: I. 1- ' . -' K H ' J -'Fc . - -:azz I J 1 1 5 5 L J l 4. V, Q- g. . v--..,'2- I 5 V 1 s 1 Q' I . I V- vj 4fd,xX! I ' - Hf ff I 'X . V - ' x f ' 1 N 27 ' h i ff?-A I 1 hp ,1- , I fkf- X 1 1 Q I Gm: ull ' 'E."i'-grif -W - .v 1 ' Y TX 4 3 I' X ' D ' X 4 I . KN i L4 p-y"'-1. -- ,, Y Q E , ,. x ' ' "w af , I Sai? F1 F. E' hifi L W JV 1 5: F--f"Ls-asQlf?iY?'i - ' lg- :iv ff: I--TM QF A 1 4 - U I vi, 1' 55 , 1 . X , 'X w '-A W I ,rv v 'X W' ' fI ,1ff-Jjll J' , I f' f ' 3 i I , f l 1 fl f mw 5 if . - k,,,x . ,, ln- . .-. x N1 ff? 41 - 4 HH' ' ' f . ' , fl 'HQ N ,I i'-' ' - " , M SOPHOMOYRES SUSIE ANDERSON CORENE BEACH WARREN BOWMAN HELEN COLEMAN FRANK CORN LOIS Cox A. I. DALE BILLY DAVIDSON CLYDE DOBES CHARLES GREENWAY BOBBY HENRY HUGH HUNNICUTT GERALDINE IARRETT LOUISE IOHNSON MARTHA IONES VIVIAN KING LUZANNE LEAGUE BUDDY MCKINNEY WILLIAM MCMURRAY DOUGLAS MORRISON MARY IO PENLAND HAZEL REESE IOE ED SLOAN HANSI-'ORD SMALL DAVID TWITTY ANNE WHEELER HENRIETTA WILLIAMS MARY NIX WILLIAMS DOROTHY SANDERS IMAGENE GLADDS CORNELIA BOWERS BETTY CAIN HENRY CHILDRESS EDNA CHILDRESS BILL CHEEK BEATRICE CONNER VIRGINIA FREEMAN MARTHA SUE FIELDS PEGGY FIROR IOE GARRISON EDMUND HAWKINS LILLIA IACOBS OFFICERS CLYDE ELROD President BILL FENNELL Vice 38 -President MILTON LATHEM FANNIE M. LAWSON EARNEST LUTHER STEDHAM MADDOX LENEAVE MATHIS CECIL MCGEHEE PATRICIA PRESTON BILLY ROPER CLARA SAVAGE DORIS SMITH FRANCES STEVENS LOUISE STRICKLAND IUNE SURRAT CHRISTINE VICKERS SGP!-IGMORES IAMES WRIGHT BILLY PICKETT BOBBY BLACK CARROLL BLANCHARD FREDERICK BLOODWORTH DOUGLAS CASTLEBERRY BETTY IO CHAPMAN CAMMIE LEE DOVERM JANE DOUGAS DOROTHEA EVANS DEMNAN FLOYD CHARLES FRIERSON THOMAS HODGE WALTER HOMEYER PAUL IOHNSON LUCILLE LINDERMAN HILDA LOGGINS SEWELL LOGGINS MARY MCKIBBON CHARLES MOORE VIRGINIA PATTERSON ONDEE RAVAN LAMAR REED NADINE SEALEY ERMA THOMPSON MILDRED TOLBERT WILDA WALLACE ANNIE LOU WEST MARTHA SUE WHITMIRE BILLY CANE 39 RUTHEL BENNETT DOROTHY BOWERS ED BOWERS IOE BRICE DONALD BROWN LOUISE CONNER RACHEL CONNER VIOLA COUZENS CLYDE ELROD BILL FENNEL MARAM GILLESPIE GLEN GILREATH CATHERINE GREENWOOD MARK HAM MELL HOGSED VIVIAN KING Secretary FRANCES STEVENS Treasurer CECIL IONES ERLAND LEVINE HARRY MCKINNEY EDWARD NIVENS SARA ANN REED LEE ROBERTS AL ROWE LILLIAN SEXTON VERA THRASHER RUDOLPH VISMORE HENRY WARD RICHARD WATERS DOROTHY WOODRUFF CORENE THOMAS THE RADIATOR 1941 HEYWARD HOSCH VIRGINIA HUGHES BOBBIE S. IULSEY WENDELL JACKSON MARION KINARD FRANCES LAWSON IIM MATHEWS PHILIP MCINTYRE IACK PHILIPS A. W. PRUITT CECIL RYLEE MAXIE SMITH MARTHA I. STEWART IULIUS STILL CHARLIE STRONG FRESI-IMEN LEWIS WHITEHEAD IOYCE WILLIS MILDRED WRIGHT LOUIE BROCK HAROLD BROOKS RUPERT COX IACK DAVIDSON DOUGLAS EDWARDS VALWORTH FARMER RUEUS GOOLSEY IOHN HEARD HOWARD HUGHES RAYMOND IONES MELLIE KEMP BILLY LATHEM OFFICERS PAT MYERS President A. W. PRUITT Vice-President SARAH LUTHER WILLIAM MASSEY KATHERYN MCMAHAN EVELYN PECK FRANCES POWELL LOIS RAY THELMA ROBERTSON I, H. STARGEL EDWARD STEWART DAN STOVALL RUTH SUTTON OPAN THOMPSON EDWARD WATERS HOYT WEBB ANNE MAE IONES CLARA ALLISON VIRGINIA ANDERSON CLYDIE MAE BLACKWELL BARBARA ALLEN CATHERINE BANKS SAM BOLT BEVERLY BURNS VIRGINIA BURNS IOANNE CHEVES LOUISE CONNER LILLIAN CRUMLEY NANCY CURTIS ALICE DORSEY BETTY GOFORTH RACHEL HANCOCK ,SVTQ A A- Tuufg A ,1 4 Q 40 H -MW S MINE svm-E1 59 35: 'SW A 'A NIH xl Y -9 5 FRESHMEN AMANDA HULSEY FELICIA IACKSON GEORGE IARRARD NORMA IULIAN BESSIE LANCASTER WANDA LINDSEY SUE MARSH HAZEL MCGEE MARILYN MERCK PATRICIA MEYERS DWIGHT MXTCHUM IUANITA PALMOUR BONNELL PEARCE ELIZABETH PENDERGRASS BETTY PILGRIM FRED POWELL IEAN PURVIS HARRIET ROBERTSON LUCILE THOMPSON OLLIE M. THOMPSON BETTY S. WALDRIP HARRIET WOODCOCK BARBARA AIKEN HASKELL BARRETT GLENN BOLDING MILFRED CANTRELL BARBARA COFFEE EDWARD COLEMAN LLOYD DAVIS HUBERT DEATON BOBBIE EBERI-IARDT CHARLES GOBER L4. - OFFICERS MILDRED WRIGHT Secretary CHARLES WEBB Treasurer BUDDY GRIMES LEON HENSON WANNAFA HOPE IANE BROWN VALWORTH BROWNLOW LEON CONE ANNETTE FLOYD SIBLE GRINDLE BILLY HENTON HENRY G. IARRARD LILLIAN IORDAN DUMAS LADD BERNICE LORD BILL MANGUM BETTY MCDONNELL HAROLD MCMAHAND IACK PETHEL VIOLET RAY FRED RYLEE Y. I. SEAY ALFRED SIMPSON DOROTHY SPAIN EVELYN SPAIN DELORES STEPHENS EULA STRICKLAND BRYANT THOMAS GUYNELL THOMAS DANIEL LEE WALL CHARLES WEBB IAMES WOODWARD MIRIAM WRIGHT DANNIE ALTMIRE THE RADIATOR 1941 SOPHOMORE WI-I0'S 'WHO Most Beautiful Girl . . . LOUISE IOHNSON Most Popular Girl . . . LOUISE IOHNSON Wittiest Girl .... ....... V IOLA COUZENS Cutest Girl ..... ......... M ARY' MCKIBBON Most Dependable Girl . . . MARY MCKIBBON, PATRICIA PRESTON Most Attractive Girl Most lntellectual Girl Best All-Bound Girl Best Dressed Girl . . Most Athletic Girl . . Most Capable Girl . Most Handsome Boy . Most Popular Boy . Wittiest Boy . . . Cutest Boy ..... Most Dependable Boy Most Attractive Boy , . Most lntellectual Boy Best All-Bound Boy . . . Best Dressed Boy . . . Most Capable Boy . FRESHMEN WHO'S WHO Most Beautiful Girl . Most Popular Girl . . Wittiest Girl .... Cutest Girl ..... . . Most Dependable Girl Most Attractive Girl . . Most lntellectual Girl Best All-Bound Girl . Best Dressed Girl . . Most Athletic Girl . . Most Studious Girl . Neatest Girl .... Most Capable Girl . Most Handsome Boy . Most Popular Boy . . Wittiest Boy .... Cutest Boy .... Most Dependable Boy Most Attractive Boy . Most lntellectual Boy . Best All-Bound Boy . Best Dressed Boy . . Most Athletic Boy . . Most Stuclious Boy . Neatest Boy .... Most Capable Boy . HI P tial I V Y W 7 , L Q Z 42 H S 5 Ngsviu . MARY NIX WILLIAMS . , . VIVIAN KING . . RACHEL CONNER . ANNE WHEELER . LOUISE CONNER . . . VIVIAN KING . CHARLES FRIERSON . DOUGLAS MORRISON . . EARNEST LUTHER . . . BILLY ROPER . . . CLYDE ELROD . CHARLES FRIERSON . . . CLYDE ELROD DOUGLAS CASTLEBERRY . . WALTER HOMEYER . . BILLY FENNELL . . , PAT MEYERS . . MILDRED WRIGHT . . . HAZLE McGEE . . MILDRED WRIGHT ELIZABETH PENDERGRASS . . . . IEAN PURVIS . . IOANNE CHEVES . . . SUE MARSH . . FELICIA lACKSON . . OLLIE THOMPSON . . . PAT MEYERS . FELICIA IACKSON . . BEVERLY BURNS . . GEORGE IARRARD . , CHARLEY STRONG . . CHARLEY STRONG . . DWIGHT MITCHUM . . HEYWARD HOSGH . . BILLY HENTON . . HEYWARD HOSCH . . . BILLY HENTON . . GEORGE lARRARD . . IAGK PHILLIPS . LLOYD DAVIS . FRED POWELL . SAM BOLT ' 3- 1 1 , y ., - -15,45 , -fm V.-,Z-5.5 - ', , V ,A , ,.., sf ff" , ' "f f" ff. 1 ,2 4--' ' ' ' . . . ."iF"" : .-fs.-Q-s?r f " ' FT?-395 1 4 'Q ,-Q-,q:'i,ffl---"fab-L,'w"ji J + ,H .4-' 3fL..L V 1555-.4?. : sv 7'-5'f'. -'fn 1 " ' '. 'viikf-2 ' ..!9FEt'?"-1'55,r.v1:.3hf,1:f 1-3-" Jr'-'I "1:i.'r-'f1",'A' xi.-1 - "': -75655 .hiv 2ff3,i'5?4?7" fgff-195 fi."5'iv',"".iZ-'!'1"".f-If.-5'HLf2"fn":'-"zQ'J?3'L'.1T .. ' -?'.T ' 'Q' 'Q 5-4' -.i kgq lgpqj-A-5 "1JZ3f2-IVY ig-'.j1.""'f'-.,'fQf""ji"f1ff,ffl" if 'iq ,.QS.1i5jLj,-4.,--,11,g-,.,, :'1f'1Lgf 1, 'Tiki ': F??'-1"Q1?'fii'--5-7'f'LTii'54i?T'2ffjf:3?'.fif'-i':'1-Q?-Q-QE2.'1A,a :wi-. . :lf " I ' . ".- 1. W. 334. vii,-QF-e': E.:-',',t:'gi-1H.,,5f: I. :..L4,.. - .. ,A V' A -f'- .".l'--,-ir: ': - ' .--J-'.'-TWG'---'ffe5,-".f:,J-s"1"5' H 3 ,-5' ' 1.-.::-' df" 1 5 ' L '...',J9.' , g.,':f-"--.Zf. 2.3 ,51,-,x..,3',.--,,,-'f- 3, ,gm , Q :,.- v - . . 51,2 ff ,.',.gg'..,- -.ig an -gtg ' A - - 1 1-. rv, ,15 fb-.-Q,-,,1, - ., Af ,t - J-ye Q :mag 5, .f,g,e If K f '-.M , , hz- ..: :g--My r Uma,-.-. -,.:. . ' Q -:.',g- " f -5 wf.,-.4?f"Q: M, jf . .. A".--11 , - A . 'i' .5 In ,-. 5'-I, . ,::, V. .W K 3,9 1 3:11 .f- 1 .4 ji - V. :-V1 I , , ,,5:w.! A , ' - J:--.. Q ' "1 'k"" 5 f.'-3-.'i'.'- Pa ' 'ifha' AJ: 'ff " V' .- -1 .f-L. 5.1, M- - 1- ..., gg 4 .11-N fn., ., S 'family 35 . A c . 5 Q 'f Yr, L. 'S'-3? " 7 ' U ,,1'fg !'f'1 ' ,. ' fl ' ' ,,. .,-,.. N . ...BELV .. A . . V. ffl.. . of-' l - 2'Q:.Ql.-"srl T' .A hw fb, ' K , ,191 1 A ggi. fi,-f'-,U N- 1 - 1- K ,. ' -. - -1'-: Q-w - 1 I ' ': 1 ' ', rf- ' 153 4: , wg-f 'J i4L f : . .,. N, --T. -- A kf' N, xxX K 6 , If X' fi -V - In - 1 " J fx w., f , Ig N - 5, 68-'13 F' xx Ei '. If N , X ff.. 4 , , - ,y x 'J 0 , f.,q'V K XX Kg, ,' , V J . X -. if fx 7 ,F ,I , ll W' ' X , , f qglg My 1 X , . , , Egg I f 5. l I sf! J Wfkr L A 2 E2 5 I ff J ff ff P1 J Eg f aj , A 1 ' X X . X K , 1 X W, .1 .X X, L f k, , l X K N-' - 1 , XX . x ,A Y X? -ff ,QM N1 - 'V ff ' Q. W ' :...... -bv ' pq, 1 Z -'-xg ... - Q 1. f v A ... . V I ' -if f ':'5.l . 'Nga ' 'an . 1 3 NO , Q E -, ' .lf 1 'E 'sf Fmr .: , , , 2' ' . . , X 1 x . Y Q I . . Eaqfp ESCO SHAW With a year of experience behind him, "Cowboy" proved to be one of the best backs on our squad. Esco, we're expecting great things from you next year as a ball player and as a leader. l. T. MITCHUM "Mitch" has built up a fine reputa- tion for his fine blocking. Under his leadership the team built up one of the best spirits ever to be had at G. H. S. I. T., we're looking forward to another great year under your leadership. DUB EVANS Dub, playing his last of four success- ful years at fullback for G. H. S. was a powerful runner and blocker. We'll really miss you, Dub. MARVIN POTTER Although many great football play- ers have emerged from the realm of G, H. S., Marvin Potter is believed by many to be the best. His natural ability, clean play, and hard work contributed to make him a triple- threat man who was known far and wide, and he was unanimously elected on the All-N. G. l. C. eleven. Great things are expected of him at college. Luck to you, "Pot" SEWELL LOGGINS Sewell, playing his first year as var- sity end, was great on both offense and defense. With a year of experi- ence he should be a great end. Keep up the good work, "Log," 44 HAROLD WHITMIRE boy who had the bulk and knew pw to use it. With a fine spirit and willingness to learn, Harold be- lrne an excellent tackle. UM WARD hick" proved his ability by shift- from the backfield to guard, ere he played many great games. th one more year you should make a real lineman, lim. HOLLAND MANGUM lland had a fine spirit and kept the fight. He stuck in there With m until the last whistle blew. You lly miss boys of this kind, We'll lly miss you, "Doily." EDGAR ROGERS hard blocker and tackler are the sentials of a good guard. Edgar s both. With another year great ngs are expected of you, "Butch." Q IOE ED SLOAN Playing his first year at tackle, Ioe proved to be one of the most valu- able men on the squad. Ioe has the ability and material to be a really great ball player. We Want to hear a lot from you in the future, "Rock," Don't let us down. PIERCE HANCOCK Pierce was a great blocker and de- fensive man. This boy has shown a fine spirit as alternate Captain of the team. You Will be missed, "Percy." 45 LOGAN NALLEY Logan is a ball player with plenty of light, pep, and vigor, He was one of the best defensive guards our school has seen in some years. We'll miss you, "Slop." HAROLD TERRELL Harold proved to be a good ball player his first year out. We need more of his kind out there. Show them what you've got next year, UTQX' u DOUGLAS MORRISON A sophomore with the size and will- ingness to learn, Doug played good ball this year. Let's see you play real ball next year, Doug. HARRY MCKINNEY Although he was the smallest mem- ber of the team, Harry had that old tight. He was a good sport and loved the game, Keep up the good Work, "Mac," IOE GARRISON Manager Ullzlllll Of all the coaches that have been at Gainesville High School during our high school days, there is one that is the most outstanding by far. This is our loyal friend and adviser, Coach Oliver Hunnicutt. He has taught our football squad a spirit of truthfulness, loyalty, and love for the game that has never before been witnessed by our high school. We are sure that the prin- ciples he has taught Will not be merely for the game but will continue through- out life. lt is our hope that in the future his teachings will be as beneficial as they have been in the past. CHEER LEADERS MALISSA NQRTON ED DUNLAP EVELYN SMITH HELEN PGWELL. MARTHA WAITE FRANCES BROGDON , , 'N BOYS' BASKETBALL MR. OLIVER HUNNICUTT Coach Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville SCHEDULE Clarkesville Buford Cleveland lefferson Oakwood Baldwin Lawrenceville Dahlonega Monroe lefferson Dahlonega Lyman Hall Cumming Cleveland 35 Lawrenceville Childress, Morrison, Whitworth, McConnell, Gailey, McKinney, Manager Surrati -,JX:Mfu,z,,, 'A-1 -I ,ww :ga E' d rill: Q11 Muffy gn? L Q 48 H 0 Amggviu-Y GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Gainesville 23 Ieiferson Gainesville 22 Oakwood Gainesville 24 Baldwin Gainesville 28 Lawrenceville Gainesville 38 Dahlonega Gainesville 13 Monroe Gainesville 38 Ieiierson Gainesville 27 Dahlonega Gainesville l4 Lyman Hall Gainesville 23 Cumming Gainesville l9 Cleveland Gainesville 32 Lawrenceville Miss LAURA SUE HAWKINS Coach First Bow: Bennett, Bolding, Thompson, Mathis L., Conner, Stevens. Second row: Stewart, Rudolph, Bagwell, Bullock, Lynch, Wallace. Third row: Mathis, larrett, O'Dell. i..... mimi i i THE RADIATOR 1941 Left yin aww G to Right: Dunlap, Mangum, Terrell, Hughes, Nalley, Mitchum, Potter, Shaw, Hancock Whitmire, McConnell, Pearce, Loggins, Sloan, Gailey, Rogers, Morrison, McKinney Q Q 9 9 U L Kg: ul! lllll 1 Z Z Y , W 6 M H -WW 5 kfaiwfgvxuf fl: J .I Wm 'fih , W' " UM! T X Lu , mu U1 H . , V 5 X . L, 1 , Y' ,X -YTWYI 1 L I Q l E 711' ' !ll ." X A U 4 l .. 1 ' 9 47 , , . W . K' I" I V f wa 1 f 'N , .-f Q '?' 4' x!"Lvm....ll x "' I -: .- 'Z -I . -E1 I ' . li . , - W x :X1 Y X S ... :T 'j - - ' X Q If 131 gm ff' Y l 4 Nl fill l 'QT U i' X X X , I ff HX N wif- S ' 'A l wwf K ww , ff ,1 '7 lfflff . X f X ,,k 1 . X. 1 f ' 4 bi ,- -, N k X 5:25 , A ,J it-if Nj 'J X , , 'fm' ck G - H232 K I x-'Z 1.1 gf! 1941 RADIATCDR X15 ,Elimf "1 , FN 'MTW mv' w '1?'SU quill? ED DUNLAP BUSINESS MANAGER HEYWARD HAWKINS EDITOR--IN-CHIEF MQW S 51 W W Y F? 52 fsfimfgvn The Staff LOGAN NALLEY HOLLAND MANGUM MARTHA FINGER HELEN POWELL Assistant Editor Advertising Manager Literary Editor Assistant Literary Editor EVELYN SMITH FRANCES BROGDON BILLY RICH HAROLD TERRELL Society Editor Assistant Society Editor Art Editor Assistant Art Editor ALBERT PEARCE MARVIN POTTER IOE TERRELL Snapshot Editor Athletic Editor Iunior Assistant 53 THE RADIATOR 1941 HI-Y CLUB ,f of-S 4 I Q4 1 T T BILLY BUTLER HEYWARD HAWKINS IIM RUDOLPH PICKENS BUTLER TACK HULSEY HAROLD TERRELL IOE CARTER ED HUGHES IOE TERRELL GREGORY DOUGLAS HOLLAND MANGUM IIM WARD LEO COLLINS IAMES MARTIN PICKNEY WHELOIIEL PEYTON GRIGG IACK MCKIBBON BEUSSE WI-IITWORTI-I REGINALD HANCOCK HARVEY NEWMAN DOUG CASTLEBERRY IOE GARRISON OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER HEYWARD HAWKINS . . . President LEO COLLINS . . . Vice-Presideni HAROLD TERRELL . . Secretary ED HUGHES . . Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER LEO COLLINS I , . , President HEYWARD HAWKINS I . Vice-President HAROLD TERRELL , Secretary TOE TERRELL . Treasurer MR. GUY DRIVER . Adviser AL ROWE CLYDE ELROD CHARLES FRIERSON WALTER HOMEYER LEWIS PORTER CECIL JONES FRED BLOODWORTI-I TRIBE-II-Y CLUB KITTY ALEORD PAT BALDWIN VIRGINIA BALLARD LUCILE BEAVER FRANCES BROGDON FRANCES BROWN MAXINE BULLOCIC MARGIE BURFORD OFFICERS FIRST TERM ANNE PALMOUR ..... MARTHA FINGER , . HELEN POWELL . EVELYN SMITH . SECOND SEMESTER MARTHA FINGER ,,.... EVELYN SMITH . . , FRANCES BROGDON HELEN POWELL . . MISS VENIA CHAMLEE G7 F lc II 2 TRl'fHI9f ig NEWS . W. vf I 5 'fr li ' fn J -:FZANII PEGGY BUSH LUCY LYNCH HELEN POWELL IEAN CASH BETTY MARSH BETTY RICHARDSON MARY LOIS CULPEPPER SARA MCCRACKIN CHRISTINE ROBBS FRALIL CURTIS IEAN MILLER CATHERINE RUDOLPH BETTY EDMONDSON MILDRED O'DELL EVELYN SMITH MARTHA FINGER ANNE PALMOUR NELL SPAINI-IOUR DOROTHEA HOSCH VIRGINIA PICKETT HELEN WALLACE FRANCES ISBELL CAROLYN PORTER ANNE GORDON WELBORN . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer . . President .Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer . Adviser LOUISE IUBIN 55 THE RADIATOR 1941 Le Ce-rcle Francais-II MARTHA FINGER . . . . President ANNE PALMOUR , . Vice-President IAMES EVANS , . . Secretary ED DUNLAP , . Treasurer FRANCES BROODON ED DUNLAP GEORGIA ELIZABETH COOK LEO COLLINS BOBBIE FRANCES COX BETTY EDMONDSON IAMES EVANS MILDRED FELOS ,fy ha' 'Mmm , IN K Rf' 3' , RK Nc 5 5 C I Yr- LOUISE IUBIN ANNE PALMOUR HELEN POWELL CHRISTINE ROEBS 4,933 U x'U'fW QR: 1 1 Q I 0 9 Y L99 I 56 mm W 'L IEAINESVR-Lex 54 Le Cercle Francais-I BESSIE ANDERSON FRANCES BROWN MARGIE BURPCRD BLANCH CARLILE IRENE CHESTER LEWIS DODD WINIPRED EDWARDS REGINALD HANCOCK NORMA GARNER CATHERINE RUDOLPH SHIRLEY SMITH NELL SPAINHOUR VIRGINIA TUMBLIN HELEN WALLACE HELEN YOUNGBLOOD OFFICERS LUCILLE BEAVER ,....... President 'HELEN WALLACE . . . Vice-President SHIRLEY SMITH . . . Secretary MARCIE BURFORD , . Treasurer 57 THE RADIATOR 1941 DEBATING FORUM HOLLAND MANGUM ED DUNLAP , . . LILLIAN IACOBS . TALMAI:-GE CAGLE LOUISE CONNER ED DUNLAP I. D. GARNER PEYTON GRIGG PIERCE HANCOCK . . . President . Vice-President . , Secretary HUGH HOODENPYLE HUGH HUNNICUTT LILLIAN IACOBS SEWELL LOGGINS DOUG MORRISON HOLLAND MANOUM MARVIN MERCK l I Nw gg M f Q f W2 'I if AI If fef I 'Q' , Q , WILLIAM MCMURRAY LEWIS PORTER QUENTIN QUATTLEBAUM IOE SLOAN WINIFRED SMITH ROBERT THOMAS Asif I giifiey I Zliiqf, N QR xwrffvf ' 0 I ' 4 Q 58 H my f S EAINESGK-YLEX 1 I 2 1 'WRITERS' CLUB S GEORGIA Cook IANE DUGAS EVELYN FLEMING NORNIA GARNER A - l-Z-51-IE, : Q 14 Y,-ff we .I ' 632. ii ..- L2 .F E I 'U E" wax W. ..,. , ,-,.:E:.... .Ir..:..A. HARRIETI' HOWARD FRANCES IsBEI.I. VIRGINIA HUGI-IES FRANCES LAWSON BOBBIE SUE HULSEY OLLXE THOMPSON MARTHA HUNNICUTT HARRIETT Wooncocx OFFICERS HARRIETI' HOWARD .,..... President NORMA GARNER . . . . Vice-President LOUISE THOMPSON . . . Secretary IANE DUGAS . . . . . Treasurer 59 THE RADIATCR 1941 GLEE CLUB MARTHA FINGER . IIM WARD . . EVELYN SMITH . . LOGAN NALLEY . MARTHA WAITE . . . PAT BALDWIN, VIRGINIA FRANCES BROGDON . . H5150 X lttlfff 0 4 P H ,N-mummy s Gamgsvxu-el f 'Www' 5' ,sqm W2 x Q Im? W xl Klip", IOHN W. CRAFT Director OFFICERS BALLARD . Juni. 60 'tw yfffu f 'Riff X' ' f +- 414 . . .President . . Vice-President . . Secretary . .Treasurer . . Librarian Assistant Librarians Accompanist GLEE CLUB I PAT BALDWIN PEGGY BUSH PEGGY NEWMAN MARY MCKIBBON SHIRLEY SMITH HELEN WALLACE MARTHA WAITE HELEN POWELL EVELYN FLEMING EVELYN SMITH CARGLYN PORTER HOLLAND MANGUM ALBERT PEARCE LEO COLLINS IOE CARTER MEMBERS SOPRANOS LOUISE IUBIN MARTHA FINGER FRANCES BROWN VIRGINIA BALLARD Amos HARRIETT HOWARD BESSIE ANDERSON BETTY RXCHARDSON TENORS HAROLD TERRELL RALPH HOWARD HENRY IARRARD BAssEs EDGAR SURRATT IULIUS STILL bl MARY NIX WILLIAMS LILLIAN IACOBS RUTHEL BENNETT GILDA KERNS RACHEL CONNER DOROTHEA HOSCH LOIS LINDSEY KATHERINE RUDOLPH GREGORY DOUGLAS THOMAS HODGE VICTOR ROBERTS REGINALD HANCOCK HORACE LUTHER LOGAN NALLEY ED HUGHS THE RADIATOR 1941 EDISON SCIENCE CLUB Ai 1 e E JQ' ,i ie V I .ff FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER IIM 'WARD . ........ President HAROLD WHITMIRE . ..... President LOGAN NALLEY .,.... Vice-President W. L. TANT ....... Vice-President TACK MCKIBBON . . . Secretary IIM WARD . . . . . Secretary ALBERT PEARCE . . . . Treasurer IAMES MARTIN , . Treasurer MEMBERS E. C. BRANNON LAWRENCE BROWN ROBERT CONNER BEN DAVIDSON IKM FULLER EARL GOWDER HEYWARD HAWKINS IACK HULSEY DINNY IOI-INSON TIM RUDOLPI-I HAROLD LATHEM PIERCE SMITH HORAGE LUTHER ED SURRATT IACK MCKIBBON W. L. TANT IAMES MARTAIN IIM WARD LOGAN NALLEY HAROLD WHITMIRE ALBERT PEARCE BEUSSE WHITWORTH ARNOLD POWELL IAMES YOUNG 62 FRESI-IMAN SCIENCE CLUB CLARA ALLISON HASKELL BARRETT CLIDIE BLACKWELL GLEN BOLDING SAM BOLT MARIE BROWN MILFORD CANTRELL BARBARA COFFEE EDWARD COLEMAN RUPERT COX IACK DAVIDSON HERBERT DEATON DOUGLAS EDWARDS VALWORTH FARMER ANNETTE FLOYD RURUS GOOLSEEY BUDDY GRIMES LEON HENSON IUANA FAB HOPE HEYWARD HOSOH MEMBERS WENDELL IACKSON GEORGE IARRARD AQNNIE MAE IONES BILLY LATHEM SARAH LUTHER WILLIAM MASSEY IIM MATTHEWS DWIGHT MITOHUM BETTY MGDONELL KATI-IRYN MOMAHAN LEWIS WHITEHEAD OFFICERS IIM MATTHEWS ,...,... Presidem OPAL THOMPSON , . . . . Vice-President SARAH LUTHER . . . . Secretary CHARLIE STRONG . . Treasurer I 5 BONNELL PEARCE FRED POWELL LOIS RAY CECIL RYLEE Y. T. SEAY MARTHA STEWART DAN STOVALL CHARLIE STRONG OPAL THOMPSON EDWARD WATERS O9 KN LH I1 lv- Z 2 A T I 7 f jf W I A I T '-E' ' is J A THE. 63 RADIATOR 1194- 1 MUSIC CLUB gif. 1 4? gL,Sf I I ,jr I it XR '-." Q ff I I , I!l 1m f X Lt Cf R I I 'W A OFFICERS I EVELYN SMITH , . President MARTHA FINGER .,.... Vice-President FRANCES BROGDON . Secretary and Treasurer FRANCES BROGDON FRED BLOODWORTH ED BOWERS BEVERLY BURNS IOANNE CHEVES LEO COLLINS GREGORY DOUGLAS MEMBERS MARTHA FINGER ED HUGHS FELICIA IACKSON CECIL IONES CHARLES MCEVER HARVEY NEWMAN CAROLYN PORTER LEWIS PORTER f 5 , 31 S ,YE E, ,EEE-fa 5,-5,11 ELIZABETH PENDERGRASS ALLEY ROCHESTER EVELYN SMITH HAROLD TERRELL IOE TERRELL EUGENE TOLBERT PICKNEY WHELCHEL - A X MW., xx N YW W 4011 4 9 'www S EAINESVIU-A Q i s 64 ww f'3ff'3 5351 w BIOLOGY CLUB DOUG CASTLEEERRY RACHEL CONNER CLYDE DOEES BILLY DAVIDSON CLYDE ELROD DENMAN FLOYD CHARLES FRIERSON BETTY GOFORTH IOE GARRISON .33 LA ax ,:: S-41""' ' S., ew.. I" -Siu! 4 HQ. Q I MMI! 7' II .,,X lx Lxgi.,-LL.. -L-., ., A. EL VIVIAN KING GILDA KERNS BOBBY HENRY EDMUND HAWKINS MARK HAM LOUISE JOHNSON MILTON LATHEM SUZANNE LEAGUE ERNEST LUTHER STEDHAM MADDOX MEMBERS HARRY MECHANY MARY V. MCKIBBON BILLY PICKETT PAT PRESTON LEE ROBERTS AL ROWE ANDY RAVAN BILL ROPER HANSEORD SMALL ERMA THOMPSON OFFICERS RUDOLPH VISMORE HENRY WARD NIOKEY WILLIAMS IOE WEBB RICHARD WATERS IAMES WRIGHT SUE WHITMIRE ANN WHEELER THOMAS HODGE CLYDE ELROD ......... President RICHARD WATERS ..... Vice-President LEE ROBERTS . . . . . Secretary CHARLES FRIERSON ....... Treasurer THE RADIATOR 1941 ICUBNALISTIC CLUB ,bfv I1,q,N A gnlki I f I Q 'ib N, f Rfilwf' I MMIII! lx V, sfxsgh Q lf, .-.1-.-:Hllw I a M, - 3 sf: 5 ., AE 'TV ggi '1'T W "f1TI5Ir COMPILERS OF THE TRUMPETEER STAFF MARTHA FINGER ,.,,,.... Editor ANNE PALNIOUR . , . . Assistant Editor HEYWARD HAWKINS , . . Business Manager REPORTERS PAT BALDWIN BILL FENNELL MAXINE BULLOCK FRANCES ISBELL DOUGLAS CASTLEBERRY Am' EDITOR HAROLD TERRELL CAROLYN PORTER, ASST. TYPISTS MARTHA HUNNICUTT ROBERT THOMAS ADVISERS MISS KATE LILLY MISS BERTHA TURNER L 66 f' PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB H 3' KIIE X +V? eh-? 0 jkjf LL MEMBERS A, W. PRUITT VICTOR ROBERTS DORIS SMITH JULIUS STEEL PEGGY BUSH WALTER HONIEYER RALPH HOWARD IEAN MILLER OFFICERS ANNE WELLBORN Presrdem CHRISTINE ROBBS VICE Presrdeni HELEN WALLACE Secretary and Treasurer 57 Z AX A I LR .' I Q S and AASE THE RADIATOR 194-1 THE GAINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND Io1-IN W. CRAFT Director LOGAN NALLEY . HAROLD TERRELL . Ior: CARTER . . CHARLES MCEVER . ED HUGHS . . . Frances Brogdon Fred Bloodworth Ed Bowers Dmny Iohnson 411 fm Ulflbfd J X H 'Wg 1 S fG41NWx.2l Y Y 4 9 'THE GAINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND LOGAN NALLEY LEE ROBERTS RICHARD MEEKS IEWELL HENDRIX WALTER HOMEYER HARVEY NEWMAN DOUG CASTLEBERRY BEVERELY BURNS ED HUGHS MEMBERS TRUMPETS CHARLES MCEVER IACK MCKIBBON FRED STARR TROMBONES HAROLD TERRELL PIERCE SMITH BARITONE BAssEs FREDERICK BLOODWORTH ED BOWERS, LEO COLLINS HORNS ALLEY ROCHESTER NELL SPAINHOUR LEWIS PORTER PERCUSSION CAROLYN PORTER HELEN WALLACE IAMES WRIGHT CLARINI-:Ts GREGORY DOUGLAS CHARLES FRIERSON DORIS SMITH CECIL IONES SAXOPHONES PINCKNEY WHELCHEL 69 IOAN CI-IEVES MILDRED TOLBERT TOE TERRELL DINNY IOHNSON THE RADIATOR 1941 LOIS LINDSEY HOME ECONOMICS CLUB i A SUSIE ANDERSON EVELYN BAGWELL CORENE BEASH KATHLEEN BARNES RUTHELL BENNETT LOIS COX HELEN COLEMAN EDNA CHILDRESS BETTY CHAPMAN LOUISE CONNER f '-xx mf S -'gym S Ib INESVIL OFFICERS IEANETTE MCIUNKIN , . . . President LOUISE THOMPSON . . Vice-President BETTY IO HEARD , . Secretary VIRGINIA PICKETT . . . Treasurer MISS CLARA CAMPBELL . . Adviser MEMBERS CAMMIE LEE DOLAN MARTHA SUE FIELDS CATHERINE GREENWOOD NELL HAGSED BETTY HEARD IERRY IARRET LUCILLE LINDERMAN FANNIE MAY LAWSON KATHERINE LUTHER MARY SUE MAUNEY IEANETTE MCIUNKIN EVELYN PERRY VIRGINIA PICKETT EUNICE PAYNE SARA ANN REED LOIS ROBINSON HAZEL REESE CLARA MAY SAVAGE IUNE SURRATT T N ix C, X! W F W, I, P' Y , Il? , NXEQQI, L SI IIN IN I I JS, 4 FRANCES STEVENS DAVIS SMITH LILLIAN SEXTON ELIZABETH SEXTON LOUISE THOMPSON MILDRED TOLBERT WILDA WALLACE ANNIE LOU WEST HELEN YOUNGBLOO D DOROTI-IY WOODRUPP fl 2 ffe-ig. AM" , KI -If? -1 I 'ale "Q ' A-imx NIM D R283 5 4 it '70 H ,CEI , If I DRAMATICS CLUB KITTY ALFORD FRANCES ALLEN PAT BALDWIN VIRGINIA BALLARD MARY LEE BETTIS FRANCES BROWN MAXINE BULLOCK MARGIE BURFORD IRENE CHESTER ALICE DORSEY ff? QFD Wm H' ' 1 , I 4 IN S EYLLLII N u?f1i'.ff 'W IANE DUGAS MARTHA GODFREY LAVONIA HAMILTON RACHEL HANCOCK IEWELL HENDRIX AMANDA HULSEY DOROTHEA HOSCH NORMA IULIAN HILDA KIMSEY LUCY LYNCH MEMBERS BEATRICE LOVIS BETTY MARSH SUE MARSH PAT MEYERS MARILYN MERCK HAZEL MCGHEE MALISSA NORTON ANNE PALMOUR FRANCES POWELL HELEN POSELL MILDRED WRIGHT OFFICERS MALISSA NORTON .....,. Presideni HILDA KIMSEY . . Vice-President PAT MEYERS . . . . Secretaril MARTHA WAITE . . - - TTGGSUTST JEAN PURVIS VIOLET RAY BETTY RICHARDSON HARRIETT ROBINSON CATHERINE RUDOLPH SHIRLEY SMITH NELL SPAINHOUR HELEN THRASHER MARTHA WAITE BETTY WALDRIP THE RADIATOR 1941 I SCHGCWL BITDY IF',,rfNi"X'?EOL I M I ML A I 5,-X ,I 'f I My ' ' x K N3 72 wi ,EcfIE-f-,f T-, gg, p ky ,S I It E I OFFICERS T J Ik 5 ELMER TWITTY ......., President 'sri fQe,Lff' - BENNIE HATEIELD ..... Vice-President CLYDE ELROD . . . Secretary and Treasurer , , ,QE 72 ' EE " MEMBERS CLYDE DOBBS 'I', W. Moss BENNIE HATFIELD AL ROWE IULIUS STEEL SAM BOLT ELMER TWITTY HARRY MCKIBBON LEWIS WI-IITEHEAD HUBERT DEATON CLYDE ELROD BUDDY MCKINNEY , 5 N 50 IW E 1 P3 Y Y 4 72 H S IEAINESVIL ,- f- -X ,R 1+ ff? ,dx .5 y,., Q, 11 1-2 9 ::, :r E X SQ -r ' :Z E 'icq-S Z-T at 55 Eg: it ' Sx ,Q sa K, 15- ss?-.N Q. 952 :: r Eg S5 gf Q-S S I rn-Q Uni ...f 1 ,- ,- I'-. K. I 'S X Hpku. w 2 EVELYN SMITH Most Beautiful Girl Most Popular Girl 1-ffm: MW 7--l, t, imwww 1. MW -vm S we'af'f:21fr,s1affw'wr-fzgqsflahxiewszsiiatrrgft W .- eggfsritgfwf1tg1wK.gza2fitrgggygxftfggilsfwgsgmts t , X tn -igg?ig!0gftffQgggfg2g5PigigfixfisgsggQPKQHQXPQLRZQPIQPW sr. H at 5, .Manttw-ruff?-M-tit , L ,, X MM -we'gn-rwrrxyawsxrrmgrxy wmcatea .: G K . 'rffwv12r,Ume.,inmewefsQeegwiewwfweffbltfiffwr 'S , ' K' " 1 HSi5Zffs?ri4bimv222?fQ?Z9srrssiQlt5E32Si3i!Eiif2S'f'5tQi3E3P55gWf QE? ss- - wma gifs-fr.t-.i ,, V fr Psyw - ?2sWw1QiYW1srfEMaf1ieg,,XFEM : Lu .4 :QH551 , E5 i . ' 51 ,. w,.w,uM.,m,Qi,t,r.s - . 1.., ,- '- . 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Most Studious Girl ED DUNLAP FRANCES BROGDON ' Witiiest Boy Neatest Girl Best All-Round Girl ED SURRATT Most Capable Boy IEAN MILLER ALBERT PEARCE Neatest Girl Neatest Boy ff' l .4 igggfyfexwrfmti , ED ROGERS MALISSA NORTON Cuiest Boy . H, CHRISTINE ROBBS Best Dressed Girl V R' i 1'155?i?7fifiSf9? ,, X .r f Y q.,'.S7,-fe , ., gf hx:-gi: 51,5 3 ' 511535 ffl 7 ' V ' EE I-2.312 5M5'fl, gggsi,'b v.fY,31-hgk ,K Egi r.. ",1g51:,2',,'Qs,f WU, . ., A:,L, , ,:,. ,.,A gX?gmgn5fzsff,gf5,gfgz,,y.w H ff, ,zrfk-f1s,w,-f,z fs, 'm:fe'uwffissf-::5T:fv,: 'K G' A: .L . ,'ff-aiiff, v1m,:s1-w- 3,110f.1,gwsws,gyf-15, ww: uff52S,gffff,'f-5 , . 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EAW DICK MATHEWS Preopralerorz MANAGER WHEN IN ASHEVILLE, N. C., STOP AT THE LANGREN HOTEL LEDFORD'S PHARMACY IACKSON FLORIST This Your Store . . . We Conduct It West Washington DRUG and FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 94 Phone 42 MRS. HAM . . . Manager Gainesville I Georgia "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Compliments of A. C. WHEELER E. D. KENYON "FRIENDS oif o. H. sf' 8I Wi- - 1- fr: -5' '-. - J' WRIGI-ITS ICE CREAM BIG CONES 5c Dixie-Hunt Barber Shop PIERCE CO. GAINESVILLES FINEST PLUMBING . . . HEATING open Tm 9:00 PIM- 45 Years a Gainesville Institution - . . . Operators . . . Phone 142 F. F. I-IOLMAN I. D. SI-IIELDS Gainesville Georgia IMPERIAL PHARMACY HGAINESVILLES BEST" The I-Iigh School Stuclent's Best Friend. Northern Freight Lines Compliments A F E of W I F T E R V1 C E Small and Estes Bakery Member A 'I' A Bakers of Aunt Betty's , I Phone 1073 BREAD and FINE CAKES Gainesville Georgia "Serving Gainesville, Ga., for IO Years" Phone 187 Gainesville, Ga. 82 I 'T ' T T T A AT , Compliments MAYNARD BROTHERS N of 24 East Washington Street W L WALKER GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES UA Friend of GI H' S71 Phone 141 Gainesvi1le.Ga. IOHNNY MAC'S PLACE Complimem of O A. W. BELL B I L L I A R D S SI-IERIFF . of "Where Friends Meet" ' Hall County RHODES-WOOD FURNITURE CO. To-ATNEsvTLLE's FASTEST oaowmo FURNITURE STORE" A Philco Radios - Lane Cedar Chests - Ieavons Draperies 130 North Bradiord Street Phone 222 Compliments I McLELLAN'S STORES CO of 5c to S1 H. H. MARTIN TAX COLLECTOR 'XA Friend of C. H. S." Ready to Serve G. H. S. 83 , I N Y 1 Y f---- , -221- COMPUMENTS Davis-Washi'ngton Co. OF BUILDING MATERIALS CRESCENT ICE CREAM Phone 196 TRY THE ..., PIEDMONT FIRST When You Need Anything That Comes from a Drug Store GAINESVILLES LEADING DRUG STORE Phones 50 and 51 Compliments of EDGAR B. DUNLAP, SR. W. H. SLACK, IR. AUTO PARTS . . . MACHINE WORK Phone 250 "A Member of Board of Education" Gainesville Georgia BYRON MITCHELL GEM IEWELRY CO. . . M E A T S "I-louse of Values" I Wholesale Retail "CREDIT AT CASH PRICES" PILGRIIVI ESTES FURNITURE CO. THE HOME OF GOOD FURNITURE AND LOW PRICES Furniture -- Rugs -- Draperies -- Ranges - Radios Pianos - Frigidaire "A Gainesville Institution for Thirty Years City Plumbing and Heating Geo. W. Moore and Son Phone 119 COAL and WOOD 14 N. Bradford Street Phone 525 FRANK WOOD I. D. IEWELL WHOLESALE and RETAIL QRDINARY FEEDS...SEEDS...POULTRY HATCHERS and EGGS "A Friend of G. H. S." Phone 471 6 144 Gainesvi11e,Ga GALLANT-BELK COMPANY "SHOPPING CENTER OF GAINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS" GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 85 , - - Vi--..,,,..-,,E S Pure refreshment ll Gainesville High School Thrifty 208 S' Main street S'L1lCl9I'1lS Will Eventually Buy Their Furniture TIRES, TUBES, AUTO ACCESSORIES From Complete Line ot Sporting Goods I NORRIS and WI-llTMAN'S CANDLES EASTMAN KODAKS CAMERAS and SUPPLIES WHATLEY'S PHARMACY PRESoR1PTioNS 'Reliable Drug Service" Phone 600 Gainesville, Georgia 86 ULUEH-USBURHE, llllf. L. F. QUINLAN Vice-President GAINESVILLE GEORGIA A FRIEND OF G I-I S 87 PHCULET IHPIIUFHCTURIHG C0 SERVING THE COMMUNITY GAINESVILLE CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION THE CITIZENS BANK GAINESVILLE NATIONAL BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK Members of Eederal Deposit Insurance Corporation 89 GAINESVIILE CCT IGN MILLS . i QHIPQHEE AWFACTURING CQMPANV I. C. PLATT Ag t The Modern Te t 1 V 11 ge of the World' A FRIEND OF G H S Gainesville Motors, Inc. THE SMART SHOP 1 Ladies' Ready-to-Wear FORD MERCURY STYLE 1 2 QUALITY LINCOLN ZEPHYR SERVE-E R. S G. USED CARS On the Squaw 1 Y Phone 1161 Phone 229 R. W. SMITH GEO. P. ESTES COMPANY , CLERK OF COURT I 1 "For G. H. S. Always" "The House With An Established Reputation" H. A. TERRELL 61 SON PEE GEE PAINTS and VARNISI-IES C 1 Gainesville Georgia Wholesale GROCERIES FEED STUFF F RIERSON-MCEVER CO. Clothing - Shoes - Furnishings - For Men and Young Men Gainesville Georgia 92 COMPLIMENTS OF CITY OF GAINESVILLE COMPLIMENTS b OF DOWNEY HOSPITAL K B Dr. C. D. Whelchel Dr. E. W. Gr MOTOR FINANCE CO. AUTO LOANS G 1lG g Ath G g 93 O Comphments f I THE TEXAS COMPANY T. O. IONES Consicjnee Phone 777 A H ,T I. M. PABWS ' GAINESVILLE STEAM LAUNDR PHONE 146 A HOME ENTERPRISE FOR 45 YEARS HOSCH BROTHERS CO. WHOLESALE PIGGLY WIGGLY SUPER MARKET D R Y G O O D S Save on Your Foods West Washington Street Gainesville-Owned By Tack Mcliibbo HULSEYS HARRISON 'S SERVICE STATION 090 THE HOME OF FINE CLOTHES SINCLAIR GAS and OIL GOODYEAR TIRES and TUBES Phone 795 50 W. Broad 94 H 'DT TMENTS STANDARD OIL CO. l l I -, ll .1 E. F. HUGHS Agent COMPUMENTS OF BRENAU COTJFGF GAINESVILLE o Qc GEORGIA Brenau is a College of Standard Grade on a Sixteen-Unit Basis Compliments W- R- of IEWELER . . . OPTOMETRIST llWhat We Say lt ls, lt ls" THE GAINESVILLE NEWS Phone 71 95 C. V. NALLEY DODGE - PLYMOUTH - PACKARD - DODGE TRUCKS "25 Years a Dodge Dealer" For Complete Flower Service Co 'npliments ot Phone 214 SINCLAIR REF INING CO THE A. E. ROPER . . . Agent GAINESVILLE FLORIST Compliments HOME OF PINE FLOWERS of ADDERHOLDT BROS. 111 South SYCBIIIOYG Street Certified Milk Products DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Phone 908 GULF REFIN IN G CORP. C. I. CARTER Distributor GOFORTH HARDWARE Hardware for Farm and Home BUILDERS SUPPLIES DAIRY SUPPLIES GARDEN SEEDS Gainesville Georgia 220 S. Bradford St. Phone 1010 BAY WAY LAUNDRY DeLong Auto Supply Co. DRY CLEANING I Dealers in O BUICK . . PONTIAC . . G.M.C. TRUCKS First Class Work Guaranteed - , 310 South Main Street I. T. HILL . . . Owner and Operator P11039 44 COMPLIMENTS OF NEWION 6 WARD CO. Gainesville Georgia fl lqw uf X , EDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GAINESVILLE Insure Your College Education by Sawing Your Money In An Insured Institution 470 PAID ON SAVINGS CJNINGS 4 QQJIUM5 -1- ll- 'III Q 'I INSURED as I I I Iv "ref naw 475 97 X 1.5! E,..l':""""?E' , . fl" 'H 1i2'L".E:L.L'TF IH ,, GAINESVILLE OIL CO. l SIDNEY O. Sllwfilflffzi Incorporated W O C O P E P 117112 N. Bradford street HoRAcE HAWKINS Phone 6 President INSURANCE SURETY BONDS Compliments from Col The Mayflower Restaurant General Finance Corp "The Place with a Reputation" AUTO FINANCING and LOANS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Corner Main and Broad Smith Building BARRON SHOE SHOP "FOR GOOD SHOE REPAIRINGH Phone 148 8 N. Bradford "We Call 'E or anol Deliver" MARTIN MOTOR CO. Walter F. Homeyer, Agency CHEVROLET Distributor PARTS : : ACCESSORIES AMERICAN OIL CO. S E R V I C ,E 312 S. Main Street Gainesville Georgia 98 ....-nm..-U., , L- Q-4.-. -.....:- Z - ff---.-...7 -A--, 1- V Y , -- -- ,, .... T in .,..-....,..,, ..-, ...... ki 'F Bce's'1Vfishes to the Class oi '41 B-ose'S 5, 10' 25C Store 0 , Princeton Barber Shop Hmends of G' H' S", Ioe Bailey Dewitt Erogdon 911 Washington Street br.ST MANUFACTURING COMPANY Gainesville Georgia THE LITTLE NEW YORKER WALTON IACKSON CO. '9' W H O L E S A L E THE LATEST IN FEEDS BUILDING MATERIALS PhOne8U3 Compliments .Aff if 1 Lwwzeza Of V Morrison Cab and Transfer Company Phone 166 Phone 1050 208 Grove Street Gainesville Georgia 99 NW SUCCESSFUL ANNU Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating-planning layout and design ' typesetting - printing lithographing and binding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing...0ur services include a special college annual sales and service organization. . . Abundant equipment-modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value als FUUTE 84 DAVIES PRINTING U LITHUGHAPHING ' ENGHAVING A T L A N T A IOO Thanks to the annual staff for the fine coop- eration ancl fellowship l have enjoyed While Working with them on this annual. May fortune anol success loe yours through the coming years. I. Milton l-laroly. 7 'CD is-if - f? ..+ pg'-'4, l J 1 I l ,

Suggestions in the Gainesville High School - Radiator Yearbook (Gainesville, GA) collection:

Gainesville High School - Radiator Yearbook (Gainesville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Gainesville High School - Radiator Yearbook (Gainesville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 27

1941, pg 27

Gainesville High School - Radiator Yearbook (Gainesville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 21

1941, pg 21

Gainesville High School - Radiator Yearbook (Gainesville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 88

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Gainesville High School - Radiator Yearbook (Gainesville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 38

1941, pg 38

Gainesville High School - Radiator Yearbook (Gainesville, GA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 88

1941, pg 88

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