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M5 1 wi 61,1 fp X! LLHJJM fjwzaf ff Z, QQIW 1 fp DQ. +1 ff? 'Nl 40 ' f,ov!5 ,M , fig, I . -1 cv fa A Q K UL, M0 15 , ' JW ' YQ 5 4 f , .N ,JM My l N Y 'x 'A ,M J ' 3 ' 'H w x , Q 1 Q X K . 3 ' M fb V " y, 1 A A X 6 Dj L- lyk! X x N i Q f ,U A I, :D 1 a L 4 Ly V Xb: . i J f-31' 'N fx!! xx X". X Q YR V fx XS, , W, fx ' , ,M 3' - X. X XJ , xl -. 1-f Qaxxff P, , I L' X X Q - N Y A w L IJ Y X W. 1 V' X fX - X' X N' 'A 1 ff f' - f'? K ! Uxxrx NY! -Kfb x ,V Y Lv X' ,- l "IJ X ",' ' kfjx Uxx wx I 1 fy X. X, ., ,XII ,ww X- sd X N X .IJ N5 V QV X3 X21 QJ fx RJ , 'BK , 'Xi Dv ' X mv' x' U x -I JN 'J Q .9, R N 17' 'lx 1 EX X. Y 3, . JV 'N X lx.: 'X V X7 Elf 1 J 1 t JI ,Ni ". J --K ix .,-' V ' ,, ' R Q-gf ,Y UT pf C VK - xi , '2 X34 I-X' - Q? A ' 1 N' ' '3 V YL' Ky! J ' X sg J xgvxf' X X V 5. I, x X A1-' .J 1 .1 X ,JI-X J , vxj V D x 1 vi' . XXX! ' D' wx! ' AX X A uf., 1 Nix J VX r xl' X- 'X tm X X - ff -N X X XX A 1-ws T, i .LV f 'L f, 5 HI' K lg: it-T7 'Qxhx Q 'P 'II x XL Q if FP b . -Ak ,lx If xxx jx wx x 4 Xlqg N- X35 V KV, 'xvj A A ,X ' ff A 'Kg' QL ' Dx f X . jay xt F 1 '- V' x wx X-J F J 9 Q-I Q WY - 5 I 'IXJ 5 X Wx a gn x, ' 5 ,f Nj" X K I lx, ' X, X" PX " Mg V G xx c J I -in :xl Z ax, 1 54Lw' 'rn aI1,,,' tl. 'fri 56 :'f3 :ir I 'Y wil I ff, N s 5. N as THE I967 LEOPARD Gainesville High School Gainesville, Texas 1 I 1 BO in 8 D i 2 fl I f I V, vh I H l y , ,M ,t,iggg,,.,,.iu. fi 4 W - lrfn-ff-Gi! ini' r :ng ' " CL?-Q ut lable of Contents I CHALLENCED T0 BE l l 4 e Challenged to Teach e Q C ltaculty, ...... .. at 1 , in ,ppgrrenge o llchieve 'i . -v c gg personalities ..g ...... Z Challenged to Belong so classes ......... ..... 4 7 r Challenged to Participate g 1 sports. ........... gll7 Challenged to Contribute , organizations ....... l6l Challenged to Laugh s '. ' activities ...... ...... Z Ol U ' 'V ' A lf, waz Y lii'r -qiCP"f' "" 4, fr fi' it Q W use - es 2, pg.,-A ms, xr, Y W '14, 'Y xv' if , 'ru- .44 - . ? Q. Y., ' ' 5? ff x z ff 4 . T' ' 5? Ll J 1 ,f KA I ,'- , 1 .5 ! , ' v 1 - I' L A , ,Z I '1 ' Z , J ,J-C"' , -fan , gif' 'M' '-- M x... wb ,- NN 9 'f ,f,.:f,, f-fern--Q 3- 5:44 , - -- 5 Y -5,..1n zfpggun- ,, I b, r v,...,:-25-wtf ,. A5 ' 5 A 'ST' """f-wrt W -X V ivy- - Q--.R - .. ' Tri' ' -f-52.-f .T "+ve: J, ' A. , .- . ,,- 1-L fL-- -- ' . -.---' - Q-f f' V K' ' . ..r' 1' ' ' '- ".!"' . - . ,f'w' " ' .. L J 4 - ,I ,r-.- pm:,gf .ii -H ff-1--41:'f ,N - .1--"' - Q , .,... f - -.---f,,..,---, 1 - H M 5' L 7 -vena, , - "' -,,,, , -j 5 ,F .1---L-, ,Q- . ' x, X T-0' " --14,221-3 , ,-f --ieift . ' Q '77-' '1'-ig ,..- ,,. V--"ri ' ""' -' " " , 1."- 1 , g, -if ,Qu ...- . r ' "" "F" 4. -.-ILL' ' " 11. -ag. ' '2."...?'-.-'1-,L -,MQLQ - , - - . -- .--L ,..: ...--Af A v ' . -- ' , Y .1 ' . - 5 W 2' W un." . ,.,,- ,.gj:."",.-":-12, Q - WM, , . A , K . M- , J ,....guaan- ,, ' ,TTLN , 2-,gf---- !1j',' - - ' w - L ..- 15:-f-,u-1 If - A, " ,jf-'F rfmiigfrvx in ' , - " h ' 2-TL A-,..r' , . ""' A ,. Y--,- 1..'L4,ff-' , HL' rr-. U . 1 '--ac' - - , "Q ---- ' fEf.mL-.--:z-vL -.rap ...f-f. .4-5,1:"fL.I':r" y R " .. .-..-:cf I - --'1,,i'1 i ,.- 4 Q.. jf- lr. 3.1.5, 'fm , .:-5.2.4 . - , f, , , -T, n - -L.-7.j1-.,:,m1,, Q -1 1:1 an Tr., .,4l.,l'l1QN V A :ugggni Exif? .T:1M...-f---- r,f"'4 A ' ru N:f..- J-. - --...T -as J v , S - M- . pf --- ,K ,,,-R,.fT,:,7ff5,fi I-. i.t..i.. - l - 1: 1,...-:,1,..z.-r"f,- Q-,,,f?fhPl-'-5' wif Q 4 ,L fvlr:-,.,g3,.:,,, V ' ., - l -1 -' "- A.. ,.-f33,..g,r -s g---4.4 :-599---H-Q,-x af, -1 fi2"il'a, " .4 'Iwi--,',,." Q- ...-el' " -- --21 - A ,. ff ' ' 4 - ' ' 7, - A M' fr-Ei.-ff , ., ..-K-1. 1- , Q -QL.. -4 4 I nggwff' Q' i1fAA.j:-?,j 1 ' , rsh. , .5vv9?inlSi5B3ia- -ww. -Q mfg ,--" "" 2' 15-SL'173.:f17 , 1 'K , .I , ' 2-5 ' A., ' " Azffvu' W . ' 'TESJ' I ' if' h Sufi? ' - x' W' ' P' "" .:14ff3:.:L 'c'T"' - .4.:'2 ' , ::'fSz, ,M T' - " "' " ' " - ..L,::-31,' -'f'-" ' ' -L ' .4 " ---an R-f3"L . 4 .J-"Ii-' ' - --f ' -H I K--an M--:. P ff- ' , ,5:.. 5: as-i--,:,Nf' .. 1. f V -- ..-' . f.:2-44" -Lv ff ? -14-"'fV - ,. --- gamgs W 9 lah , "" Jw- viz: f 'v . - 41- . - - ' 'H' , ' - A - 4- ' --' . -.... :'::-4-1'-Q., l" f 'fig ,,, - .- l--fi--f Q - - - ..--554' ,fn -1 .5 . V . 1: Q-A it dz.-Jggg-,Q 4 5 Y- - , ff -..--' . ,A -Q ,,, ... ,f,,,., if . -A - ag 0 gg 1.51.-' l3f:'f'lf"' , ,.-- -' . -' l .- X ,, W, ,. iff' ,,.- ' f' - . . iff - ' -lqggf ' , . Yi , a a 'A is-,PIQ3-5'f ' ' . ,Af ' ' V- ' f I . .. 'di --Y. 'f 1 ,.,.,f4 1,,1 1- Q, 77 ' 4 - 7 ' ii Y ' 'Q' ' , - J . 45 4 X-fx' -. - V' ' m Q ,- ..1,,:E- , ,J : -' H- 5-Lf:-f-g,g.?,-f-343.5-ff, S' 1' -K D' -3,21 V NA -- , .V K ff - Wgf- , Q V--,V if-I , ,gigisgl-f , Edi'ror's Message 7 'Q 'I L,,1 I f stl A Dear Student Body, We, the '67 LEOPARD Staff, hope you have made some great memories for yourselves at high school. For some, this book will con- tain the memories of their first year at G.H,S. For others the '67 LEOPARD will be the last memento of high school life. In this book, We have tried to aid all in retracing their activities through a year at high school, The "Challenge To Be" is the challenge to exist. Each of us is con- fronted with these challenges each day which are presented to you on the following pages of this yearbook. I-Iere, then, is the '67 LEOPARD--the story of one year at Gainesville High School. SENIOR EDIT ORS, Vickie Tiller Carolyn Fultz P Q .914 "" w 9',f Challenged to Teach e Administration and I Faculty .Lkf 5 lv M.-?,.,, I . 5 , ,, ,, , K . Q x gi A I E if ii 2 'iigkqlq ' . ,Q is xr ,Q ga- 'Lvf 1 'ifi ,, g,,. --. .Nu -'r. Q.. 9 HH, Q . Ii 'A' v f 1 3. wiv, 'Q uk 1 f .1 1 . J' . rx.: . K. . rs n . e e f , " , , 4 133- ef' ' if e Q 532,133 H in ,- kefillg Q .1 ,-y . . ' .ff-.Egg Wilburn 0. Echols Superintendent fa 3 5? 5 Av i E. ' L My dear students, It is your duty to seek an early mission in life. People are sickg people are hungryg people are groping in darkness. Many of your neighbors need service and leadership. You were sent into this world to do something worthwhile. The surest Way to find your mission is to start serving at every opportunity. A person who lives by God's laws and does his very best each day will find his happiness now and forever. Your friend, James V. Campbell Principal Mr. Ray Die Assistant Principal ,Mig . M , xl- F' 5 ,.. W , ..':T 9 ,,, -.- ' V n 'im , 335, 2 ig 5 W'-L F a R img j3!Q?'Q5.,- 'H yn.: f X' f f n si -f - Q 7 ' H i MRS, LINA GRACE WILSON xi " .i'. Tw! xi ii l,,,.,-4.- A L -4 lv bwgk MRS. LILLIAN HAYS Registrar Secretary Lvuxu, uvuugn. uunlux 4. 4. Secretary to Superintendent MR, VERNON AUSTIN Business Manager 'x,A '11--1' MRS, IVA MAE STRICKLAND MRS, SELMA MCCARTER Bookkeeper Secretary to Business Mgr. MR. REX WAGGNER Counselor Q Y Y l r x Q 1 li nl if if +1 MRS. .TUNE MCCAIN Counselor fx MISS RUTH YOUNG A Librarian A R V. A K. f . ig: U V .,,,- L W...-ni MRS, MARY HARDY School Nurse V 1 3 MR, GUY BEASLEY Algebra II, Plane Geometry Trigonometry MRS, NAOMI AUSTIN Homemaking MR THOMAS BATES MR, BOB BOGUE 14 Athletics, Biology Athletics, World History MR, KERMIT BROWN Distributive Education MR, GEORGE BURROW General Science, Athletics MR, HOWARD CANAFAX English I MR CLAUDE BURTON Biology, Athletics HXNSN. MRS, PATRICIA BOWDEN French, English II 15 MRS. CAROLYN DUKE Journalism, Englishl ..,, J' 'A ' MRS, CAROLINE CUNNINGHAM English III E MRS, JOY DIE Algebra I MRS, MARGARET DICKSON English III English IV X if il WWF r E . . MRS, MARGARET ENDERBY Spanish I MR. HENRY DUKE World History World Geography Athletics MR BERTIE GIBBS Athleucs Physrcal Educauou l Liii t, Mg. rf .QD- J 'al i 3 , t ..,, , f . u MRS, MARGIE GREEN Physical Education Drill Team '44-.CS fi R 1 MR, HENRY FRASHER Plane Geometry, Algebra II Related Math I 17 MRS, EDNA HENLEY American History Civics 18 .h Cl 51 i Q1 EC it 5 Aww.. MR, WILLIAM PULTE Spanish II, German I MRS, KATE PEARSON English II, English III MRS. IUANITA HARD Chemistry, Physics MRS, AUDRA MOORE Bookkeeping, Typing II Commercial Law MR, HORACE McCAIN Wood Shop MRS. HELEN HUCHTONS MR, DEAN PATTERSON Related Math, Algebra I Algebra II English IV ,D -IJ" r fi 1 I MR. V. S. PAYNE Vocational Agriculture 19 Y i 1 MR. BOBBY HURLEY Annual, English I, Art MR, DARYL MOODY Metal Shop MRS, AMY PORTER American History MR, KIRBY PRICE Athletics, World History Q i I L MR, BO REID MRS, WANDA THOMPSON American History, Texas History Typing I Athletics N414- :Lena MRS MILDRED WAGONER Homemaking I 85 II MR. TOM TRIETSCH MRS, SUE RELD Mechanical Drawing Speech I 85 II, English II 21 MR, CLYDE YEATTS Related Math I Sc II MRS, CHARLYNE YOUNG Homemaking I X x MR, DA VID WILSON Band MR, GLENN WILSON Choral Challenged to Achieve Personalities Mike Rosenberg Cheryl Lehnertz Student Body Elects Campus Favorites The ability to lead, as well as follow, led the students to elect Mike their Student Body President. I-Iis love of sports was demonstrated many times by participating in football all four years. In his junior and senior years he lettered in football. As a result of four years of co- operation, support, and participation, his fellow students elected him Campus Fa- vorite. An abundance of school spirit and an outgoing personality are good descriptions of Cheryl Lehnertz.. Cheryl served on the Student Council and held the office of secretary. For the Red and White, her class elected her cheerleader her sophomore, junior, and senior years. Cheryl's high school years have been filled with activities and responsibilities which she accepted joyously. This paved the way for her nomination for Home- coming Queen. Her outstanding quality to give to the students and school, inspired the student body to elect her Campus Favorite. Buddy Egholg Cheryl Lehnertz Senior Class Favorites High standards of sports- manship, a spirited ability to lead, an easy-going person- ality, and a fun-loving manner describe Buddy Echols. Buddy has participated in sports all four years. I-Ie led the Leopards in football, bas- ketball, and track. I-lis fellow students elected him president of the Senior Class, as he proved himself a true leader. I-le also served as vice-president of the Stu- dent Council. I-lis many honorable char- acteristics gained him the respect of his teachers and friends and prompted the Sen- ior Class to elect him class favorite, Because of her participa- tion and Willingness to work, Cheryl Lehnertz was elected vice-president of her class this year. She was also secretary of the Student Council. I-ler Warm smile led her to the task of Senior cheerleader with her enthusiasm leading the Leopards in spirit. Her charming personality won her the honor of Senior Class favorite. Buddy as Li'1 Abner Seniors and Juniors Eleci Favoriies Rick May has been very active during his years at G.l-LS. I-le has served his class as President and has proved himself a capable leader. He was a member of the Student Council serving on the Scrapbook Committee and also acted as a member of the Credentials Committee during election time, Rick has participated in football three years and track one year. I-le was also a member of the Key Club. The Warm personality of Chris Simpson led her classmates to name her the most popular girl. She has been a cheerleader for three years serving two years as varsity spirit booster. Chris has been active in school affairs serving on the school-spirit committee of the Student Council and belonging to Tfii,:I-li-Y. She is an honor student. Q chris and Rick i yrryr ju-r Sophs and Frosh Name Most Popular Students Plenty of school spirit and get-up-and-go are admired traits of Frosh favorites Linda Richardson and Johnny Roberts, Linda was a Cub cheerleader and served her class as treasurer. Her abilities in the class- room are evident also, as she was a member of the National Junior Honor Society, Johnny is as out- standing athlete partici- pating in football, bas- ketball, and golf. l-lis good humor and fun- loving manner make him a must for the honor of Freshman favorite. Sophomore Favorite John Sanditer John Sanditer Sophomore Linda Richardson Johnny Roberts Freshman Class Favorites Frosh 'R 'Y qv" X x , Robin Morris Class Favorites Sophomore favorite Robin Morris' two years at C-.I-I.S. have been filled with excitement. She was a Cub Cheerleader her freshman year and served her sophomore class as varsity cheerleader. She was a member of the student council where she served as a member of the school spirit committee. A talented actress and singer, she played the part of Appassionata von Climax in the choral department production of Li'l Abner. John's pleasing personality and leadership ability are qualities which have gained for him the respect of his fellow class members. I-Ie is serving his class as Sophomore Vice-President and representative to the Student Council for the past two years. John participated in sports and was a varsity letterman this year. Sophomore Favorite Robin Morris Richardson 'nw-'f-a.1' ,V N' 'S . -, Frosh Favorite J' ohnny Roberts 2 9 ,Pi Students Pick Oueen From Four Nominees Nancy George Cheryl Lehneriz Madeleine Szieiier GHS Organizations Elect Twelve Sweethearts n lli-Y and VIC Sweetheart 32 Vickie Tiller V Kg Football Sweetheart leigh Wilson Miss FTA Susan Strader U.E. and Key Club Sweetheart Vivian Holbm Madeleine Szteiter 33 Track Sweetheart White Wave Sweetheart Charley Henderson Baseball Sweetheart 34 Amber Hudgins Band Sweetheart Beverly Magee F' High Sweetheart F. F.A. Sweetheart 0 Y enn'S Jan Van Hoorebeke Tri-Hi-Y Sweetheart Mr. F.T.A. Chuck Gandihon Alhson Kerr Marlene Baker Heads the List as Valedictorian A glowing personality and outstanding abilities are characteristics of Marlene Baker, valedicto- rian for the Class of 1967. Marlene, a member of both Junior and Senior Honor Society, has a total grade average of 96.7. Her interests are also centered around many club activities. She is chaplain of Tri-Hi-Y, a member of Drill Team, and a member of All-Region and All -State Choir. Marlene received the Choral Award and won the WhO,S Who Among Student Leaders Award. Robbie McCoy is Honored as Salutatorian 'Q K0 5 sau,- While maintaining a 95.4 av- erage, Robbie has participated in various club activities. She is a member of Junior and Senior Honor Society. Robbie served as editor of the Leopard Tale. She is a member of Tri-Hi-Y and the Spanish Club. Robbie also won the journalism award. 57 Awards Highlight Class Night Activities Scholastic Achievement AWa'dSi'e"md Young llomemakers' 0" SU 4"a""eS1 Little Sister of the Year Scholarship Ann Mom Creativity Attitude Cooperation Q -I Participation Contribution Band Randy Birge English Linda Trammel Q -. -Hel Industrial Arts Agriculture Kenny McCain Social Studies Mollie Brown 4-1' M gf 7 2- , A , ,. i ' , ,oyif , fi' , I A o ,,,..,, ARMCO Joe Ingram yr F,' 1 , - , Q n Science Symposium Bob Shelion yell :if Journalism Connie Coiien Homemaking AnciHa Kneupper Athletics Buddy Echok Mathematics Bob Mcleroy 'r: Qzx-f' if 1 , . W , , ,K Fi 4 4 Q as , Q ting ,lk I 4 Q ,Q . .WY X N U, 4. English Paum Shaw Commercial Subjects Jean McGowan Key Club David Tanner Distributive Education Steve Schmitz V QL nity ff ' tttt zi p s 3 Y- rf c ' Science ft: Gary Brammer ' S AX-v- fiat gl,,. llri Madeleine Szieitei N ' 5 eeme, Vickie Tiller Challenged to Belong Classes X J Y ' m e Student Body President Mike Rosenberg . Je, V'."a.:Y . jg I ' 4 4-V ,aff 5 ' Q X-. 'Q.Q' J 1- wgmuin I QS' fs' W f"'5" A - JQFQ .-,: ef . 'kg f- .",.. 5' - 7 I ?71':!,.Qs4,,-:ll x 'I ' L ,L 5,151 -N,g.,..'-Up. . E,S"4'r.'3'JEf, ii, - f . -- -'-.fw-Ar 1 z g ff-Q 'A - , -5 , ' 1 1 --. ,N-Q -X. ,- . gf. . . X 1 ,,, ' . .1-,,. , 4' ffl --' l vs.,- 1:1 f ,--ju-H "s 'ff .-, - 1 -ou:-M ---. '..1StT's5'9stKfxiE,gf-3. sf:--'W' -l fl'-4 . . il Senior Class Officers Bill Turner, Secretaryg Buddy' Echols, Presidentg John Winters, Reporterg Cheryl Lehnertz, Vice-Presidentg David Tanner, Treasurer. 49 Gary Abbe Bill Adams Terry Adkins Marlene Baker Elaine Allbritton David Allen Judy Allgood Philip Allison inni ' z awash G,H,S,'s Super Snooper . Baker 50 Marlene Ernest Ball Robert Ball ard Donna Beasley Nancy Belsher Randy Birge Stephanie Blanton Gerald Blessing Gary Brammer J ill Belz Carol Berend David Berres n-Q ,qw John Branyan Q - .M-av W9 ,AQ Q Dale Brown Mollie Brown Mike Brune Harold Bryant Seniors -, Paul Enderby, .Toe Wallace, and Bill Turner display their varied knowl- edge of life in the woods. 51 Larry Burgess James Burton Marlene Calhoun Danny Carney Linda Carriker "It wasn't dropping the baron, it was falling down on the football field that really hurt," cries Beverly Magee. Eugene Cason Matt Chalmers J anet Clark Sharon Cloer Charles Conyers Connie Cotten C .MJF I Elson Cox Dianna Croucher Alex Cummings Bobby Dennis HC? Tommy Covington ,-Z Pinky Dillard James Dougherty Jimmy Drozd Buddy Echols Sharon Emerson Paul Enderby Larry Estes Donald Eugster Lana Evans Shirley Evans J im Farquhar Paul Faulkner Brenda Felker Dr. Tanner and Dr. Russell knew Mrs. Huch- tons had a lot of fight in her. 54 ,Terry Fischer Becky Fox Pat Freeman Mike Frost Sarah Felton fl! 4 Larry Garrett Vicki Garrett Vickie Geisel Nancy George 403 V'P v--7 -- --as Carolyn Fulrz Susan Galbraith Chuck Gandillon pan 4,.,...,r x., 1-.719 TTI' C1 ara Gieb ,l 3 f,...,,, Seniors Kenny Gilbreath Larry Gillihan Jimmy Glenn Mary Ann Godwin buf '91 Mrs. McCain gives David Swick a big hand for his performance as Brutus. 55 10" ,Terry Headrick Bobby Graham ,T ames Greer Eddie I-Iarris David Hatcher 56 Monica I-Iellinger Charley Henderson Mike Henderson Billy Hendricks Barbara I-Iennesy Hal Hickerson Is that a UFO hovering over Cheryl i Lehnertz? No, it's Senior Spirit! i ff Seniors f F James Greer and Bonnie Ho1ley's answer to for dessert?" .... a balloon, L f I Gloria H111 Rudy Hlawic zka Vivian Holbert Gerry Holden l X What' s , 1- gg L Bonnie Holley Sandra Hott Sue Hott Larry Hubbard Walter Hughes .Toe Ingram Cecile Jackson .- ,i n" ' 'lp I 5 1 PL T47 E35 5' 5 an , j"5i5 5352532 fa iff -'r f A f if 1 Harold Bryant listens attentively while ,Taylene Mays explains the disadvantages of Texas Tech. 58 Danny Knight Marlin Knight Dean Kyle Cheryl Lehnertz Shawwna Johnson Gary Jones Nancy Kellar Allan Keller Allan King Gary King James King Ancilla Kneupper ,on Kenny McCain Ken McClellan Robbie McCoy Danny McCrory Johnny Lemons Mark Leonard C athy Luttm er 5. 'Q-11 Nell McE1reath Seniors fa? Jim Carolyn McGi1vary Jean McGowan Bob McLeroy Cheryl Mc Pherson w e 59 ! W wei' Beverly Magee Ralph Manlss Mimi Marler Fredese Meadows Charles Medley 60 Richard Merrick Linda Miller Judy Montry Ann Moore Susan Moore Candy Morrison Janet Williams and Mimi Marler take part in one of many birthday parries celebrated in Physics. .Z--1 I fn 1 f . 'IL , 1. qv ,. 4, . ,f iN 1. .Ax li: ' 1 fc 'fe my 'fs A, M James Sweatt represents the majority of active Seniors. Seniors ,Tudy Neely Richard Nelson Donna Neu Danny Nichols l ,pf fi ft- Q ...E f ...B 'V Kathy Morrison fx fa Gary Norwood Jackie Nunley Mike Orsburn Ronald Orsburn Shirley Paclik .Tudy Parkhill ..J If" nw I r Is it snowing in the gym? No, it's the Seniors spreading Splut' Rory Reinarz J im Richardson J oe Roberts Mike Rosenberg 62 Philip Partin Raydene Patterson Pete Payne 1 39 Terrie Pickle Mickey Pierce Stanley Potts Dick Powell Billy Ramsey di'-I Paula Shaw Beth Shea Bob Shelton Laura Shinpoch .Q 42 4? Bill Russell Randy Russell Stephen Schmitz Clinton Smith .l 47' -ff? 1 Seniors Jim my Smith Kenny Smith Mike Srnith Paula Smith Batman's assistant Vicki Garrett 63 Donna Southerland Susan Strader Jesse Swearingin David Swick Madeleine Szreiter David Tanner Larry Tatum Vickie Tiller Linda Trammel Randy Turbeville Bill Turner Gerald Blessing has returned to his second I childhood. "This little piggy went to 1 market, this little piggy stayed home, y 14 2 lt t fs Mark Tyler J an Van Hoorebeke Shirley Van Hoo zen f ', 'ra' True love never runs smooth. Right, Carl Young and Laura Shinpoch? ,Jug f ,1- f'Q Ars., fi' 5- Paula Van Note Seniors QC Don Vaughan David Vineyard ,T oe Wallace Judy West Karen Westfall .T udy White Jane Wilford John Winters Ronnie Wolfe Danny Wyatt Carl Young Glenda Young Roland Zachary Don Williams ,Taner Williams Leigh Wilson Mary Sue Wilson "Come our, come our, wherever you are says Mike Orsburn to Gerry Holden. li y if Ufli0fS Junior Class Officers Reporter, Craig Davenportg Secretary, Dianne C1ackgVice-President, Kathy Barnesg President, Rick Mayg Treasurer, Mitzie Young. 68 Pat Albrecht Nancy Arendt Carlton Armstrong Charles Baker Rebecca Baldwin .i ,QL Kathy Barnes Sharon Bauer Darlene Baulch Alan Beane Bobby Beeler few r This must be Genie Bingham in one of her most dramatic poses. .44 523 T7 i' 3 Juniors Jacob Bezner ,Q.QniesBingham Peggy Black Danny Blagg Alex Blaine Fredda Blamire J an Bland Vickie Boaz B1 R17 1 fr Mx 'OK 4 tlfajr ,' I If lr ' E' " if 1 r-'-r rr-s B r N.-gf 'S Larry Bowman Jack Boyter .T ill Bragg Larry Brammer James Braswell Greg Brewer L, A, Bridges Barry Britton Kenny Phelps thinks that the senior girls really know how to make amass! 70 Paula Buck David Burden J ana Cagle ,Timmy Don Campbell Mike Carter Dianne Clack Tom my Clark Chip Claxton f if Lai 'if Il .Tudy Cleary Ginger Clements Anna Cochran Larry Collings Bill Colwell Stephanie Coursey - n , u , K - ' - f f Ronny Covington Peggy Crow Juniors JUNIOR bonfire -builders are the best bonfire-builder s. -"" ' C 35 .J XX. ,X R .v.,..r y x X 3 1' . ' ffs. Q a ' We K sf C . 1. VL' - ir, if .-Q. r "AT-ff 35' - f ' . ' Jil W5 , E'alr:U ' I 'ps -K' I A N . K , . If .N , . . R ,Q f-if-.A -k xi 1 .L ' 5' 5 if A fr, 55.1-'2": L. . 1- A- ,Ji W ' T, 1 A .V ll - y . rf- Q 1, . .-la'-nfl , H 'fit iliiizffzii ' 'Z - 1.4 C A 5 A "' 5 A-1 3 Q ...f fy ggi' Frank Crump Bill Culp Craig Davenport Larry Davenport Karen Dever Patsy Dietz Benelle Dishm an Rhonda Donaldson Tim Dudenhoeffer Dorothy Elliot George Ellis Kay Ferguson David Finch Rodney Fleenor Sparky Flinr Barbara Flowers The clowning of Mitzi Young fails to keep some people awake. Perry Foster Larry Fowler Wayne Gann .Terry Garland Sherron Gibbs Diane Gosline Diana Goudy Gilda Green U v WH G v -5 'ZZ , Q.-A J X 4 ,I oryo 3 mv' 1, Nd L Q f , X W I igfjfilfy A Elizabeth Gwyn 1' Mike Haliburton ' HQ s fx,- C, Mike Hamer Guy Harrell ,-47W .4- O I Cynthia Harrison Tommy Hellinger , ,Terry Henderson ' JV fi I ' if A" Leslie Helton QS I' 1 l A Juniors Juniors Alex Blaine, Sparky Flint and Randy Rob inette demonstrate a new method of studying for exams. 17 K, i ii 39 Q ' fi rm . ref i 1 -. f Vicki Henley Steve I-Ierbold Joe Hill Pixie Hill Lanny Hillis David H weth a e unter Jean I i s I Don Hunter Glenn ldell Carl lngle Cindy Insel Bobby J erton J hh V Brenda Johnson h A Y Gregory Johnson M Monte Johnson Sterling Johnson Terrance Johnson Laura Jones Perry Jones Byron Kelley Charles Kennedy Allison Kerr Harvey King One of the amazing feats of Charlotte Rigler. 91 41- V If Nancy Jane Arendt doesn'r tell someone that secret she's keeping she's going to explode! " FAH Shirley King Dorothy Knabe Eugenia Lamb John Langley -Q Sharon Laughlin ,Terry Lawson Carlos Leach J an Ledford - Q- Juniors - .Sw 5 Kitty Leonard Harold Levine Billy Lewis Melissa Lewis V ,, ,Terry Linn David Lloyd J, xv ig. Don Locke ' ' 'f Lawrence Lorne Q . 6 Faye McAfee Kenny McCain Kyle McCain Pat McCann Doug McConnell LeeAnn McCool Carolyn Manuel Homer Manuel Juniors Kathy Barnes gives pointers from her latest book, How To Look Charming at All Times. -1 Q lwavassws: ' fx ,J ' x Buff Marlin Helen Marshall Cheryl Martin Susan Massey Ron Mathews Rick May Bill Medley Rickey Mercer i 1 fy! -H E .J 9 'G li c i 'fe' 1 K Paula Meyer Wilma Meyer Diane Miller Linda Miller Cynthia Mitchell Libby Mitchell Linda Moore Lau jauna Morrow Donna Spires is showing her astounding ability at build ing bonfires. Jack Motsenbocker Connie Mozingo Pam Murrell Linda Murray Gary Muzny Ruben Neal Sue Nichols Chuck Nieman John Noah Russell Nunley Reba Owens Jeanie Pace Diane Paclik Albert Parkhill Stormy Parkhill Jann Patterson David Perrin Kenneth Phelps Becky Phillips Tim Plumlee Ann Potts Judy Preimesberger Steve Price John Priest ,sn QE, 3 I Don Locke is so pleased that Dlana Goudy is finally going to give him a 11Ck from her lollipop U SR5. Q I QM WN Sammie Proffer Joe Pulte Pat Putnam Paula Reeves Charlotte Rigler Anna Roach Bobby Robeson Randy Robinette ' Q . . , l ,Tumor ACIIVIIY R quasi' Y . Stewart Rogers - -" Kenny Rucker ,4 N 4 y Y E ' " Raymond Sampert F , - .S Donald Sasser 4 S - 1X ' 1 N Dora Savage Betty Schnieder , K ,ff Q55 LA' G ,f y L., if I L r 6 r o 4 e f S mv a t 3 n I - R4 U F ' J' odie Schully Dana Scott N. . in 9, Juniors, rejoice! The famine has ended, Juniors GY Mitzie Young begs Charlotte not toreport her to her Blanket-Hating Grandmother. 81 Jimmy Scott Verna Secrest Chris Sim pso Roflqger Sherrer Jimm Sim son ,Tohn Sloan Randy Sluder Carol Smith 'X 21124 1 Linda Smith Margie Smith Neda Smith Tony Schneider Pat Snow Donna Spires in ff ,O ,Terry Stansb av tewart I L.. Isn't Mike Haliburton adorable in his knee socks? Juniors Peggy Crow finds pleasure in sol- itary typing, Larry Taylor Margaret Taylor Belinda Titch Judy Tooley Sus an ,Touch stone Ricky T utt Danny Vaughan Archie Walker Leon Stewart Jackie Stockwell Beth Stogner Alan Stone JoAnn Street Mike Sutratt James Sweatt Sharon Tate K, W9 ' 41 + "sf pm .mf ,nm 5 1- 42 Jessie Walker Johnny Welch Betty West Carolyn Whetstone Galen Whisnand Don Wilborn Kenneth Wilde Linda Williams JoAnn Street believes Spanish to be an exhausting language. Jerry Wilson Laurie Wilson Vicki Wilson Cheryl Wood ,Terry Woods Lonny Woods Ardena Wyatt Mitzie Young Sophomores g:.,o'-- V If --gp Sophomores Glenda Bennett Charles Bergquist Vohn Beuar Sammy Blake Joey Bickle Donna Bomar Robert Boone Thelma Bowles Wanda Brackeen Johnny Abbe Mary Adams Vickie Adams Rocky Amoroso Arlene Arendt Dana Armstrong Johnny Baker Rita Balentine Robert Beck "I remember," says Lynne Wheeler, "when I'm lost I just count to ten and take out my compass." This is just one of Lynne Wheeler's little habits. An example of one of Amber Hudgins' "far off looks." 88 Vella Branch Tommy Briggs Niki Brock David Brown Ian Brown Mike Brown David Bryant George Bryant Stephen Burr Penny Butler Pam Cantrell Travis Cantrell Patricia Carlile Randy Carr 16? il 17 , ff -5, vi' Ronnie Cash Donnie Cauthorn Juandene Chafin Martha Clack John Clark Janet Cole Ray Compton Reba Collins Allen Comer Cynthia Cooley George Cox Bobby Cravens Cindy Culp Danny Dennington Vicki Denningron Vince Dooley .Terre Dowden M ark Dozier Dean Eikm an Rickey Enderby Toni Evans A ix s.-'gf dxf. . '51-if-'13 eb- Ji "Now ler's see," says David Brown "in order to march do I step back one or forward one? Af Mary Farrell Russell Faulkner Winston Felton Ritta Fields Billy Flow ers Max Flow ers Susie Flynn Ann Franks Dan Frost Sharon Fugett Larry Fuhrman Mike Galusha Cathy Garrett Connie Garrett Johnny Glenn Jerry Don Gibbs Weldon Graham Sandra Griffith Carla Haines Bill Hair Philip Hale "'fm-Yr'ws1,:ei..i-m t l 1 r 1'- It looks like Van Knight might have a little trouble Cee Cee Haliburton Billy Hardesty Stephen Harlow Linda Harris Paula Hatcher James Hayes Mark Hays Bobby Hendricks Dave Henry Eddy Henry Don Hillis Linda Hillis Kathy Hoedebeck Glenda Hott Jimmy Howser 91 Mollie Moseley, Reida Reigh, and Lynne Wheeler, Sophomore "Kat" cheerleaders. This whole thing is disgusting," says Mollie Moseley, "simply dis- gustingll' 92 Rita Hubbard Amber Hudgins Carolyn Hunter Kay Hunter Terry Hutchison Bill Ingram Linda lnsel David James Charles Jamison Stephen Jeffries Carey Jenkins Dianne Jeter Kenny Jones Toby Jones Kenny Keeler Pam Keller Billie Kelley Kent Keltner Debbie Kennedy Freddie Kish Mona Knabe Greg Kneupper Van Knight Melvin Kuhnly Vickie Kuhnly Don Lawson Mickey LaRue Gary Leach Eddie Lee Joe Lee Patricia Levell Ronnie Loving Linda Lucas Susan Luther Debbie Magee ophomores Deborah Maniss Donald Manuel Dreaka Manuel Becky Marshall Ernie Martin Floyd Massey Joy Mauldin Mike Mauldin Jayleane Mays Debbie Mecca Mike Melton Stephen Merrick Chris Milburn Danny Miller Steve Miller Jeannie Millican . ,W SSQQ,-QQ" iii , l.. -. M.,-L "He1p! Help!" screams Robin Morris lm stuck -l f' gi' l wg. 11 Q. - yrfffl To Donna Bomar, happiness is winning Daisey May in the spring musical. ,. .,-V, figz is as ' ., ...A a , .-. - - :V Philip Mitchell 0 Q ge - ' , Shirley Mncheii A ' - . S 4 A' i iii T ' P Rebecca Molsbee " T- I ' i. , i il Jackie Morgan K 'rj 3 W4 . Johnny Morgan N' 'ai' , E3 r fs. If , Connie Morris .wpak ' . , '17, N Robin Morris Y A ' , Allen Morrison .-.Q Q -'dj Larry Morrison -M 5 I Paul Morrison f ll V mi 4 'I . 1 1 1 'Y Mollie Moseley Gary Mozingo Bobby Murrell - Bill Murray Gayle McCully S 'Irv fw- Q 4- 'F --7.1 . -,N X x ix Ronnie McElreath A Bill McPherson Diana Nelson Philip Newton Karen Oake 95 ' L' I , N - Q 49 i if rim 1' It looks like the "stick out your tongue club" just got a new member. CName1y, Dianne Jeterj ww. X . "Oh no," says Paula Hatcher, "If Ihave to wash those dishes, F11 get dishpan hands!" 96 Rodney Overholt James Owen Charles Parkhill Janice Parten Marcia Patterson Richard Patterson Linda Payne G ary Pe pper Johnny Perdue Alan Perrin Curtis Perrin Sherry Plumlee David Prescher Jon Price Larry Puckett Rickey Puckett Roy Purcell Bonnie Putman Margaret Pybas Patty Pybas Karen Ramsey Peggy Rasure Belinda Reed Hal Reece Reida Reigh Jerry Rhodes Bobby Richey Gayle Roberson Bobbie Rolston Frankie Rolston Beverly Sadler R, L, Sain Danny Salsman John Sandifer Tricia Schroeder MU.. If za gl ' rw it it ff sf 'ggi Q 5 SS Sophomores Larry Schumacher Joyce Scott Mike Scott Pat Scott Brenda Shaw Fay Shotwell Larry Simmons Jennifer Smith Russell Smith Dennis Southerland Judy Stewart Jean Stobaugh Steve Stroud Sharon Swadley Debbie Talley Marilyn Thompson It looks like Rebecca Molsbee, J an Brown an Jennifer Smith are whooping it up again. f X 1 , 'Si' . , I ... X sm ff I ,, JJ, is re Q 2 51" E N. T Q ff 10 .1 , is K . ' , W A ra., I I r rar T . - 55, ,rl , -x .. . f .. :expr 2 e 'T I ,, I .,vV an :ag f z sl, 'K -J ui' f' 5 4- Q . 12' xx Q. .- Qrgf.. mf ' , , .Y U 1 a f' , L ' .. . A -xx! 5 . MX wg, J., Amber Hudgins is counting those calories, not eatin I 3 K f '36 l W y f-Q .415 ' n ll A fo i ,L X-"H+ N A n lilly.. I il Xa' 'Si A- rmin ca n W 1' . , '45 ' g, just counting, Brenda Trammell Ronnie Trammell Debbie Turbeville Mike Turbeville Carol Van I-Ioozen Barbara Vineyard Diane Voth Gary Warden Charlotte Ware Morgan Ware Ty Watts Faunza Way David Welch Franklin West Lynne Wheeler Floyd White Jerry Wicker Diane Wiese Mark Wiesrnann Gary Wilhite 99 cl r M "Ouch," says Linda Woodruff, "My pigtails are so right, lcan't keep my eyes opeH." 100 sgfssxsms 50Ph0m0f0S Three beauties of G, H, S., Jayleane Mays, Belinda Reed, and Rebecca Molsbee. Gary Williams Stanley Willis Connie Winchester Don W olfe Lind a W oodru ff Janeth Worton Gary Young Shelly Young Terry Zunk Freshmen if 3. L., 5 ,. , , L M V , , . , "nfl NX '1 'qv Freshman Class Officers Patricia Yeargan, secretaryg Craig Mask, vice-presidentg Darrell Bingham presidentg John Paclik, reporterg Linda Richardson, treasurer, 102 X fix If fid' A L ia 1 Y -ffsiar A 'AlNc... -115 C l ' '47 'g' 1 S ,f I I .S "v 'N Mike Abbe Mildred Adams Lola Armstrong Mike Atteberry Starlene Bailey Bobby Bauer Mike Beavers Bob Beck Larry Beck Debbie Beckner Sarah Belsher Diane Bentley Liz Bergquist Donna Beyer Janet Bice Freshmen "Is the sky falling?" asks Carla Pate. Nancy Flint and Leslie Wilson explain, "It's only the curtain I" 103 VI, , - 2- ' .2 1 , ,. , QQ '1 I VV,k X ....., J Q rf ' 'M 1 ,T w f in E is What's so interesting, Angela Mays? Karen McMichael and Phyllis don't seem to notice anything so spectacular. .,., -r-M.. , , ,.f, -- .M , 1 a r, "Ni wwf ,,.. -1-Ia, . ,,..f,, 3 at kf..., -p b- ow 1-or ,, 31:2 err . zy. ,fwxa W:1,-W-- -- r ,. 3511, Tl' I, If V 95: 1 6 ff' ff 3 J f 1 6 r or to ,y ccli,c yyctti ra 2 W 5 r 1 5 i l WY ii'. 2 A , i Q? 5 T 6 f Q 4-L QAM Q fr K N sw 9 QQ! X X --.f , .rt r. r xv oO' 'K 'Q my , if A FJ 232 gl f H I 5 'H ' Darrell Bingham Gary Bloodworth Gary Boaz Jackie Borden Paul Booker Lawana Boyd Steve Brammer I on Braswell Linda Briley Earl Brinkley Archie Britton Don Brown Gerald Brown Mike Burkhart Kaye Carter Richard Cashion Roddy Clack Mary Clark David Claunch Larry Claxton Judy Clements Susan Clinkenbeard Susan Colwell Jane Cotton Joan Cotton Lynne Coulter Chuck Cox Sandra Cozart Roy Croucher Glenn Crutsinger Rusty Cullum Donna Culp Duana Daniel Dana Davenport Charles Davis if Freshmen 105 em 41' 2' E fill? Tommy Davis Sandra Dennington Linda Dietz Darrell Donaldson Tim Dougherty Billy Dozier Bill Dulock Barbara Eddowes Gloria Elkins Lester Ellis Marilyn Emerson Bradley Enderby Susan Faulkner Lynn Felderhoff Bobbie Felton ffm This is just the calm before the storm for Becky Wallace. 106 Storm! Nancy Flint Larry Fox Laura Freeland James Germany Debbie Gilbert Dana Gordon Ann Gore Debra Goudy Brenda Graham Carolyn Gray O 'Neal Gray Bobby Green Dee Anne Greenwood Jackie Guinn Phyllis Hall Fresh m an Aren t you a lrttle young for her Bradley Enderby? 10 ,SQ wir "Don Brown, do you take Sarah Belsher for your lawful wedded wife?" asks Susan Clinkenbeard. ,.-. ,rl P Billy Hamilton Cheryl Hart Jimmy Hatcher Pam Hatcher Paul Hassell Vicky Havercamp Cindy Hayes Clegg Hazel Rita Hellinger Shirley Hellinger Shirley Hellums Gary Hendricks Lonnie Hillis Wallace Holt Kimberly Hosea Ben Howard Donna Hubbard Don Hudgins Kenny Huffman Barbara Hughes Dorothy Huneycutt Ronnie Huneycutt Jeri Hutchison Peggy Interwicz Bridgie Johnson John Johnson Michael Jolmson Carolyn Jones Danny Jones Jerry Kennedy Donna Kerr Shiela Kidd Dennis King Joyce King Martin Knabe Pam Knight Harry Kneupper Robert Knox Ronnie Krebs Glenn Kyle 109 L,-I Blane Lane Greg Laster Jimmy Lawson Lilton Lawson Sharon Lawrence Dale Leach Jimmy Lehnertz Beverly Lemons Ronald Lewis Joanne Lindsay Mike Luther Becky Luttmer Lou McAder1 Donna McAffee Karla McCain Pick up those feet, girls! "We're pickin', we're pickin'," says Vickie Tolleson. Carrol McConne1 Gloria McCrory Dwayne Mclfatridge Charlie McGehee Najel McMahon up .X "Q , I, , M ' 1 Q If Q' ANU U 4 t 2 nf- , ,l A 1 '55 .- K 4 , 4 x iff ff f , 'Iv ,., Y n .Q f"' 1 .Q-f t 21 1' 1 , 1 ,Y-il - 11 1. 5' ' Karen McMichael Weldon Martin Eddy Martindale Craig Mask Monta Mask Angela Mays Jackie Mercer Jeff Miller Joe Mondon Harla Moore Mary Moore Kathy Morgan Latricia Morrow Gary Mosman Nicky Mosman Freshmen Don Brown sulks while Leslie Wilson tells him, "1 wear the pants in this classroom." Qt tx l.,:,. . 'ii fini' i Harold Mower Vickie Murphey Ronny Murrell Mary Ann Newberry Jerry Nicholson 1 1 1 fa? xl' Mik- ff ...Are David Nieman Bruce Normon Nicky Otts John Paclik Virgil Parkhill Carla Pate Wallace Perrin George Peyrot Ronnie Pettitt Judy Phillips Mike Phillips Tony Plumlee Deborah Pope Anthony Price Finley Proffer I s Q N Freshmen Vickie Tolleson and Karen McMichael wonder if 2+2:5, i . . ,J l,,,.- W ,W . A M f' 'xfiiw - N 1 'tb i fx N., A , as Fi f R H .si " 1 frm P a ' F' ' "', ' I 'K .QQ-L5 , I U 'ii Monty Pruitt Randy Pruitt Mike Pulte Jane Purvis Connie Putman GL ' ' 'F' , 'J f f X f 5 K 1 ' Fi a 1 , ' Xl 4 , Q25 X 0:, 'Q f' " A 'X sd? I af, o 'f ,Q , , b': 'Q 552 ! l 7, ' J f f Ji 2 5: 1' 3 X JE xi Just an ordinary picture of Michael Johnson and Bill Kaler and an extraordinary caption, 71' Richard Putnam Paula Rains Jacky Ramsey David Reed Robbi Reed Freshmen 4 VVA . A .X 1- . 1 51 .24 1.1: i fi as .1 J mile i' It 46' 7 lx - A - -1 K UU U -R, "I ' ,z js . J fi,.,.a,i , , di s-fin xr f 'J g s -r ' . A J 4 4, ,4 l . ,. H 'L' 5-rg x 4 an J - - f I L' " I3 u Janet Reeves Don Richards Linda Richardson Johnny Roberts Les Robertson Kathy Robinette William Robinson Rodney Robison Vera Rolstan Jimmie Rowland Melinda Runyon Bryan Russell David Russell Glenda Savage Mike Schmitz 1 in.. Don Brown The Thinker? Liz Bergquisr is finally growing up. David Scott Barbara Schumacher Dale Scivally Doug Secrest Gary Shahan Marilyn Shahan Brenda Shaw Sheila Shotwell Patricia Schwadlen Michele Skaggs Bobbie Smith Cleta Smith Barbara Smith Dean Smith Mark Smith Sharon Smoot Gary Sorrell Janie Spires Mike Stanley Kathy Street 1 lc! . Y J .kill , ' .53 A' x , an - , A as I r . I 46 "If Mr. Hurley doesn't let me go get a drink of water, 1'm gonna die of thirst!" says Sharon Smoot. 'U' Pun-s. lf , ., f- 1 'if l llii rt! J lbs ,429 W0 M' Q Vs Wf g 1 LJ 1 'T ,fl W qi Mas.: ' ' K xy ' .T W g 1 HB1 fxk 1 fl Q T5 Dewaine Stewart Paula Stewart Brenda Tamplin Ronnie Taylor Melody Thomas Freshmen Vicki Threaclgill Vicki Tippie Vickie Tolleson Nancy Touchstone Thomas Tubb Mark Van Note Becky Wallace Cynthia Ward Wayne Ward Ferman Wardell Tim Ware Kenneth Waren Steve Welch Jim West Dana Whisnand 1 15 Don Wiese Joyce White Ann Wilford Keith Williams Debbie Williams Joyce Williamson Joe Wilson Karen Wilson Kenneth Wilson Lenda Wilson Leslie Wilson Barbara Winters Claudia Woodruff Dolly Woods Kathy Woods Ed Wright Jackie Yates Patricia Yeargan Pat Young Phillip Young Randy Zachary Challenged to Participate Sports ,if fff' at i QI L N s Q 4 ' I 1 t lt X-he mtg 7' 'ft 'P' ",':'4 I Q, x.t't , stty.5't', 5 9 I 1 6 1 0 ' 0. 4' fn.-no 10' 5 as' '- 'T 3 , , '11 .e, Football ,W h"'S!" mls " T f-',',a' ,,,..... t, V . 4'f-14-021 ' ' maxi, ,I 1 9 A1 g ,VII 'N H 4 if ','fi - If " .M ' .px on V, .M , if -e '13 I F' Wh :M QQL, 9 fn. xi, RL' Q, rsgyw . fs AJ 1 "Ja A .. . M, S ,S , , . . . A .ii fa- Aff.-, 'Q w , Y 1-ff, , - , , f , , nn . , , ', .Q -1: - 6-'-f-H, -.J-,S 'Qj.t,.':3'XL. X5 --. - ,. , p - -. Q, -Q-. -iv.. if ki mf . , V, , r , ' . - A -1' f " .. , -1 2 . X A ,. , Wa, +w...x.:- 0:"'-1 au.. f' ',.- -,-5 'H 1 hw.,-',T":Qf',?, ' - N "H f - 5 iffnf '- K 4 1, ' .., Q" " 3'g."l""--xtg-iff! -' "NB 4- .--- '1 . - 'BMA "5 - - . . .. - lf. x.-1 c- f ' -'SWK ' 'X Y"-'f3'iLI'.1"IZi'5 f.'t"!'.f....'4 1966 LEOPARD VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM 1 First Row: Manager John Sparky Flint, David Hatcher, Larry Fowler, James Greer, Kenny Phelps, Paul Enderby, Harvey King, Gerald Blessing, Mike Surratt, Manager John P1eenor, Second Row: Manager C , Don Locke, Alex Blaine, t Harold Bryant, Stanley Potts, Jerry Henderson, Randy Robinette, Larry Hubbard, erry Sta y, Chuck Gandillon, Kenny McCain, Coach Kirby Price. Third Row: Coaches Thomas Bates and Henry Duke, att almers, Clinton Smith, Kenny Smith, Larry Collings, Mike Rosenberg, Joe Ingram, Buddy Echols, David Swick, Mike Smit , John Sandifer. ,J W4 1966 HDOTBALL SCHEDULE WE THEY CX, 19 14 Sherman L 19 0 Mineral Wells 17 O Brewer l 26 0 Mt. Pleasant y 30 14 Bonham l 0 26 McKinney T 28 7 Sulphur Springs O 9 Greenville 1 21 O Lewisville 0 6 Lake Highlands COACHES Henry Duke, Kirby Price, Thomas Bates y to calm pre-game jitters. Leopards Capture Three Non- District Games Leopards I9 Sherman I4 Leopards I9 Mineral Wells O Leopards I7 Brewer 0 xrv'r:2atwwANn'4z1aw ..s....k eau.. .Ns wzzsfw , 4 .'y- - an Buddy Echols Co-Captain Senior K , his-n.,..,-A , A . k L " , . I!! ., , ,asv-H' Y PM -f A . ' -X rf 6'--:sf -' A... N 'f Jr . . 1 ny, . ,V Wg Q. . . . . - -. -sf., .W . -'ug-I 4- 1 4 -. vm .' 'F . . .,, V . Y . , iff ."1.Qf"g '- Harold Bryant Co-Captain Senior 'Iliff' 'K I 3 ' W- ' S1 -,ff ,W rr .1'v'1f..5 ' 1 'j awww - Ki' I-A 'S-M .Q- . I ,. I :.1 4""g. ,Y .G 'fr ..,..' .3 R nl Kenny McCain grabs a Matt Chalmers AERIAL for a TD against the Tigers. 1' ' 3' T f -- '. gg M2 W-gd gg rgq e Mf'4gf"f,'-K Lg!-1, , dai: 'inf 1 , W? ii, -4. :V gm, - .A 4-I , Q 5 V X... .m u :pam ksljsv i M -2- A -fizgegfi pa -R,-S-, ' -fy ' ' ms-1, ' w as 1 -V ' i n ,wa ,, .M an T 1- r',,r , 4 . Waf er r 'ff W 5,1 W' 'g l ll H gr K 7 'UP V V 5' H b I, M L 2fZ"?:f"b LVVV .A , I Y 1 ' Vlad? U , 122 STANLEY POTTS Senior t. Pleasant Z6-0 J AMES GREER Senior .TERRY STANSBURY Junior -E ALEX BLAINE MIKE SMITH J um or Semor hs.. I f ,, : Q . Q12 1' Y' 5 . ,m.,.......7.....,, ,-, A . H ,Q w w A 'Q ., :jk A , .. r.-. 51335554 V 2, ri yd ,f 51 ffafgi x m V- Tw ? 4' JOHN SANDIFER Sophomore x ,Xl xx X RANDY ROBINETTE 123 I uni or Leopards Bomb Bonham in Homecoming Clas 30-I4 i Tri-Captains Kenny Smith, David Swick, and Mart Chalmers meet Warrior chiefs for toss-up. Back James Greer swings wide for several yards. Mike Surratt Junior fo- I 5 Jack Boyter Junior bww-0-1-- C 's NIA! ni- . FJ I 4 I i N ' 1: J r X 31,5 Vi . I '- f .a. ' . rx' " 1 . L. . .4 Jerry Henderson X., Larry F ow ler Junior Junior xii! E' Surratt struggles through the line for small gain. - . w?3l-1 Quarterback Chalmers attempts a pass in the face of a harrowing Lion rush The half-time score clearly shows in the Leopard dress- ing room. McKinney 7, Leop- ards 0. r PQ X I gi: 1g,"'f,4:.'2' Mike Rosenberg Senior It was a short game for fullback Jack Boyter. His 126 loss severely damaged the Leopard attack. G enior xl' 4' rf" Q' L: . 'Q r-fx ,A D I 5 lf , 7 Vs .-J' , . ix ig h X X X x X X ,XXX F McKinney Dashes V' " 1. L-..- P D S .' ' ,. .S-' 1.531 dHth Leopard s Title Hopes Z6-0 12 8 Sulphur Springs Bows to Leopards Z7-7 Harvey King Clinton Smith Junior Senior Mike Surratt dodges Wildcats. 1- Fil? siwxzzfrwrzgsmzxsemsf e. fi . Ne Ar"'?1'.f l'r' A1 Gerald Blessing Senior Lion and Leopard clash head on Greenville Shocks Leopards Si' ,QF H 9-0 05 Q -7, Q Q , . Larry Fowler Kenny Smith Junior Senior 129 Hubbard fights off Farmer for extra yardage Mike Smith Senior Larry Collings Joe Ingram Junior Senior Cats Stop Lewisville Z6-7 Sparky Flint Kenny Phelps Paul Enderby 30 Junior Junior Senior i-....1..,..f , cj X Yi -X s ' WN ifag , '- 1966 KATS B-TEAM FOOTBALL First Row: Bill Hardesty, Chuck Neiman, David Brown, Bill Medley, David Finch, Alan Perrin, Second Row: Gary Williams, Rick May, Tommy Briggs, Mike Carter, Danny Salsman, John Priest, George Bryant, Buff Marlin, Phillip Newton. Third Row: Bobby Ray Hendricks, Kenny Keeler, Steve Stroud, Monte Johnson, Larry Morrison, Kenny McCain, Don Wilburn Ricky Mercer, James Braswell. Fourth Row: Mike Scott, Mike Turbeville, Kyle McCain, Chris Milburn, Eddie Henry Jerry Wicker, Ruben Neal, David Bryant. Fifth Row: Steve Miller, Max Flowers, Don Hillis, Mike Hamer, Lawrence Lorne Jon Price, Mike Melton, Stephen J effreys, SixthRow: Bill Ingram, Bill Culp, Gary Mozingo, Terence Johnston, Danny Miller, Gary Warden. Seventh Row: Coach Bob Bogue, Managers Melvin Kuhnly, Gary Pepper, and Russell Smith, Coach Bo Reid. '66 Kats Roar to Successful Season Under Coaches Reid And Bogue 131 Monte Johnson, Rick May and Alan Perrin pull down a Bonham Brave. Two players from Sulphur Springs attempt to stop Gary William S. 132 Coach Bogue gives some sideline advice. Mike Scott tries to avoid Mt. Pleasant in a little game of tag. A strong attempt is made to pull down a fighting Kat, 1 33 'I 'Q sn 1966 CUB FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Najel McMahan, Monty Pruitt, Gary Shahan, Roddy Clack, Jim West, Ray Croucher, Don Richards, Michael Johnson, Wallace Perrin, Jimmy Lehnertz, Harold Mower, Manager, Virgil Parkhill. Second Row: Bruce Norman, Nicky Mosman, Richard Cashion, Ronnie Huneycutt, Darrell Bingham, Gary Boaz, Keith Williams, Kenneth Wilson, Anthony Price, Craig Mask, Mike Luther, Johnny Roberts, Ed Wright, Third Row: Coach Claude Burton, Lilton Lawson, Bradley Enderby, Eddie Martindale, Glen Crutsinger, Paul Hassell, Larry Beck, Tommy Davis, Randy Sadler, David Neiman, John Paclik, David Claunch, Lanny Hillis, Don Brown, Johnny Garrett, Coach George Burrow, Cubs Finish Season Wiih 5-4 Record 134 .ff . f-- vt Q .Q .-f ll x ,, . I N. ' 1.4 , if" ' xv '- P , 5 ? 1 K., .- I - ' ' ' '- ' 5 lux , .x x ' Win I , 4' ,K V A , ,,,.. s..,:Y,N:ime!f.1-wr, QTd:g.A 2 Q -I . Q N qu 5"-ai .4 5 W ' 'QKV' - A- X x s - Ma ' . -f ,m 5, A ' ' - .. 1 3 . .., , Q N Q gm-4 4, ' .. nw 1 - q.g.X0 f -Q - V f- "VF,-'Q' ' . Mflr 'N Hx, -'r -AK-vnu M- ,. 'qw f- . ' ' ., . .' vAu,gp.,gr6 v- 'W n ' A' L A 71,4 V, , as , V ff- a X, V, ' L'L 1 1 K . A 'f B. V' . ,V w ' J.. ,M .wr - M pam X V , . ' 1 .,,.A' -. V Q 3 4 . 1 HQ.. -Qs.. ""-7" x AX, M K LA ' ' .'., X 3 ., 4 ' 'W K A we I E j-- Y' tg-La l -1 N. - 4' Q, r H? Q 9 v -,tx 1 ,1 N. ,P r wget, awgmv . as , Q-.E ' Axim- M 11.1 un- . Wy- Craig Mask attempts to capture a lost ball. f up Gary Shahan struggles for extra yardage. Don Brown rushes in to help Johnny Garrett face his opponent. 135 Basketball Chalmers is alone for two points. Henderson goes high for a rebound The Leopard Basketball Team First row: Lawrence Lorne, Bill Adams, Larry Hubbard, Matt Chalmers, J' ames Sweatt. Second row: ,T ack Motsenbocker, Buddy Echols, Leslie Helton, Jerry Henderson, Mgr. Paul Faulkner, Third row: Roger Sherrer, Randy Russell, Billy Don Hendricks, Coach Reed. 35 YF? 633 x field K7 Zee 'ferr' Nm?l2'.f-'7f"?' Egg is , af If are ma-V 5 5 Russell makes a game effort for the rebound The Leopard basketball team honored Mmes, Chalmers, Adams, and Echols for their faithful support. 140 Randy Russell gets the tip as the Leopards battle the Lions J Iii' ,ir iff' I f' Y' gf 5 71 Y 4 , First Row: Danny Miller, Max Flowers, Second Row: Dreaka Manuel, Bo Williams, Bobby Roberson, David Finch. Third Row: Coach Bogue, Carey Jenkins, Bobby Ray Hendricks, Mike Mauldin, Alan Perrin, Russell Smith, manager. B-Team Kats ii - M1 at V . . ' -, Jenkins controls the tip for the Kats. Williams eyes the basket for a two- pointer. I U. , glug Q First row: Coach Burrow, John Johnson, Steve Brammer, Johnny Roberts, William Robinson. Second row Virgil Parkhill, mgr.g Craig Mask, Dean Smith, Tommy Davis, Darrell Bingham, Gary Hendrics. Third row: Michael Johnson, Gary Bowles, Lilton Lawson, Wallace Perrin, David Nieman. Robinson receives some advice from Mr. Die. Robinson follows the advice. I 145 Spring Sports 'Q gh' x N Kenny McCain strains mightily as he clears a hurdle in the district meet. 'A Leopard Coach Bob Bogue shows concern as he watches the discus fl " event in the district meet. E ,fig , . ix 1' I km ,iw . ks.z2Q::l3B5 K -' - S ' e X hwy ., , Ma-Pj Larry Collings heaves the shot, but fails to place in the district meet. Brown leaps from the starting blocks in the 147 Assistant Principal Ray Die was the district meet director. ,Terry Stansbury competed for the Leopards in the long jump. Joe Hill gains a spot in the regional meet with this vault in the district meet. ' 148 Kyle McCain gz E Z David Finch showed great promise in the 440 yard dash. ps in the 440 relay. f fun ..., Darrell Bingham reaches out for more distance in the long jump. 149 ,J or - o so QV, . . l Mike Carter negotiates a hurdle Darrell Bingham, freshman, competed for the l varsity track team and showed great promise. 1 i Mike Surratt competed in the Sprints for the Alan Perrin shows the form which placed him high in many meets. The Leopards. hurdler is a sophomore. 150 district meet, - 4 l -V K... 1 U N Eddie Henry clears the bar in the high jump. 'Ffa -1, 44, l r 'iii no rfeiw ff ' W i i W n r.l.,x5 4 ,. we Wo Senior Bill Adams heaves the discus. Senior Gary Brammer heads for home in the mile run. 151 "'P"039" Larry Fowler strains mightily for more distance in the long jump. u J' ames Greer prepares to throw the discus in Alex Blaine turns on the steam to overtake a McKinney arch-rival. Buddy Echols displays district- winning form in the discus. The senior placed second in the regional meet and third in the state meet in Austin. 152 the district meet. -s-- F115 T. Ai f W gf.2,p?,?.4,,Q-:,- B ' A , 1 John Noah Ian Ellis Greg Brew er l' Joan Cotton Tennis Team Swings Becky Luttm er n f 'FH ......L i Buddy Echols Larry Brammer 15 3 r fl' up 9 Randy Sluder Varsity ,A .. YW! r W Mark Hays, Don Cauthorn, ,T on Pr farm N Steve Stroud W Varsity Freshman Golfe F K -45 . eree t e J "Ia44's' . , ,. lr,-S t. . -.QU rr' Q A-, - f E 4,,.frmul Q 4 U gi . ff ' ' ' if . 5' A v i ' V 71. 7 . ' " I ,,-X J' x .,. new Q 'ye , Y , 3,135+-','.V'. 5 I-I, - 1 he , , I f-ws, r .LM-. 5 . Hr- wk, ,. .. . .-gg . a L "-575:33 r' ' ze i hh ' 3, 75539 N ' we r , -+- ey J x ,f 1 3 .. i 'F 4-lg, get ,Q F MQ' me g 5' QM 2 K .1 x Fax Q ' "f '- , ,e "L aw 7' - - EA 5 R- Q 'Mba if 4 W I "' " r fx 4 , 1- , ' zo- ,Q- V .,, : bs -1 .M f-. Q4 ' 1' ni. , 4 A ,r , - 1, , If Ak - V' . , ,vt in Q F TMA: r yrs A 4 Steve Merrick David Swick Vafsifb' Varsity T Hard Practice Develops Strong Team eam Golfers Robert Beck Mask, Tommy Davis, Johnny Roberts, Bradley Enderby Varsity 155 156 myrf 1967 Leopard Varsity Baseball Team First row: Rodney Fleenor, Larry Fowler, Tommy Briggs, Carl Young, Mike Turbeville, Russell Nunley, Harvey King, Billy Dozier, Mgr.g Second row: Coach Burton, Harold Bryant, Carey Jenkins, Tommy Covington, Stanley Potts, Randy Russell, J' im Farquhar. ' ,,,,..,..,,..,,---w--qq.- ' Leopard Baseballers Show Promise for the Future B I In B, - K ,Ag Y . ' .Q ' 0.1 5- 'ff.":'v?"Z-" K airy fr Y ' 'Q' ' q.'x'ow A, 4-1-- :vga Off 44 X 1 ' V fs' I ! ii. Ca. ,T im Farquhar, Leopard first baseman stretches for ball in a pickoff attempt. Bryant finishes his high school career as catcher and captain for Leopards. -se" E :U . F2 1-f -A ,, e was lv aff! 7 Another leopard hit as Mike 'Iurbeville lets fly. Russell Nunley slaps one through the infield. - V. yi -, 3 I . 4 W: I we -' if swsnw W1 f ,,.. ,. , . ,. kyyk y ll an - ll .l lll iiisilei l l s v i. I ff W 1 I M ,ga m e lf V,, If N ljsil' K ' In -W l - ll ,gy 5 ,a n .41 ,I " l'. 5 " sieee,, - a A' innn . ' 4 W 'E' ,',, W l u, f..,'5'-"'?re'4mxm-. . - L - J isa- ufw- fm. - 1 ' -af :aasfs W mf-If Soph Carey Jenkins displays pitching form that makes Coach Burto s mile. ,. - .wi qwid 5 , W .5 H1 aww f , wi uf dems Eifiiiia neil ii iii 'fi iiinn fakiaa sls l l l e Rodney Fleenor, Leopard outfielder, bangs outahit, ,l.l: 111 l plp, lnyy, A 158 llls ' ' W' '- ' W .Q 'Fw iJ..w.,1Q5?T1,' ,Q-qw... . ...,, 4 V V ,- ,. STANDING: left to right: Phil Newton, Lonnie Hillis, Larry Morrison, Alan Perrin, and Danny Miller. KNEELING: left to right: J' ackie Guinn, Robert Boone, Rickey Puckett, and J' im West. la-UWMOS' .F 1 . L Jr. Varsity Kats Play Abbreviated Schedule .-'vf-e,Qh, ' 9 A 'w"'Q .LB 159 i' 1 i 'nuv""'wz .,L. . , , ,, , vv H1 A, f ', h ' Ha f 1 . - . , ,XJ Q4 , f up A . .Lfiiw Qi, VW M in ...Y U : , F , V , -A , , VV Q, JI., .L-1. is. ,.r N. V-Ai WV. in 'K ' -' ' 1.9 xXr'i3'f1 f,JiTi': . 'V' P?-f,1m'?" 'Q 112,.',",1-,-.. . , ,IV 7' '. wif, ,F V. . - A Q-Q ,f 1-qc' y,-Lx . I A ., "' ' "r O 1 I X X 1 - 'JY - ,-L-'.f1vrXJ"'-,-4i.fI"4': f A -V' 3-YJ .. ..- s.- - . .'N,9,e.- . 4. . ' --ff- .,-,Uv . -- ,-qw A . - 3- ,',,.,:v,y f. .,.,.yg-':,g4:-,fr L ff.: ,' A p if: - W-yy-,4 'R-1,:'1,' , Q' . A g, i 'sang - I: V.ff.'.,,-DL., is , A ,,:7, .A V, A, 6 Q 1 , ' -, n 5,7 "KZ , I , 4 - . . -mf.--.,:,f i .ff-,1 t Aj- ..f- I ' , ,,"q'-, .'11 .- 'W . ' p,f,,?'p'E35.g.4azi"7f' .ff .-fu?,5vff mg xf T I g ' V ii- . I -.Jf..:'.-,-A, fn. , N. Y,vLi'T: ' 1' ,L ,ff ML? 'gyvrl - , . I -f .yn I A, yy' su x, is a " NWI' ,I 'Lx' - Q , lf' 51,4 f I., fgjff ' Aw. ' Z' 4-1Ef"L,- -5- A' fi .uv ,sf ,px rg -- - . ' 43Ng'f-Q' - X f 1 pffzwa "5 . - . ' -Q. 4 '-:X-fb iw f A PM 5-fe . .,-, .Q '- .' 'wx 'N . o 'G--I '. ' ' ' ,f 4, ,2'f.-.'-- A 'Mfr '::::QLei.?2:eiv,' ,im ,y 1:71, wx "' X '. -. . J - - -r--f. - ,-f ,fn -uf '1 w-11 MY- , 5 N S' ,L .. - . . T.-P:M6,:,f.j.5x, .I .. xl.9L41,,'?n,-1.54-,., -... Y., . Iwly, ,V I mv v , W , , X A ... O V -A . nf , ' xi m L -A ' -.,g,f g , L11 -4- 3:1 wv, ,ff L wr -J fiyf, wk ., -L - ,g, ..,. -M A :fu X .:'P?a., ':- ""Ya-W.-fa: '--tw'--'J' , , N "4-,' it '. 'f x i -' .,'-- '- f , ., ,I . ., , ,A,.,, . ,,f 91,1 X gf Q. , 1 . N, . Sid. LP' ,A N VA ': :.Hg1'.l 'X ff, 'ff' f :W '- ,tg . , L Ilia.-.1 Q' 'Aq,,f'1-.qf,'Q:g:fj-.7',,'f"Q,f.,,4zf' - jgjqf """ gi., ' ,gp-P-4, X ' M- 'W V 'A fur . 1 ' 'Vi' "' .1 '--'f-"L'1'fT .4- if X" MX' " f fl' 1 . ' - - A . A.-+1 ,,f:f,f-x,4L..,w- .A 1.3m M - ' A 1 ' 'lf' H f 4 , - v 1- -L , - 2-I f' '-.4 N, V ,g,,'j'.. , - g-js-I". . .Kr ' - f Q. -X 'gf4'a:fr n m -, . W ' '. L1 .- Z,-. ,. 5 X ' ' ..... ' ". ' -'., .A. v H , -Eff: ' ' - is fijifvf 'f 'fa ' 1 A , , A ,fi .. Q , - ' V- .. Pu: r-.sp N , Q 'if-av' . ' ' 3' .-gf:, .. ., V' iffi- Sf. A V I Ir 4 I f1-f- 4 . Q- 'Ou W n , 1 ,H . 4, I f HOMEMAKING I Many liciiviiies for F.H.A. -'67 HOMEMAKING 162 ' i - 1 , f " Q-'W 1- - HOMEMAKING IV The 1966 Future Homemakers of Gainesville High completed several projects. Some of these were a trip to the State Fair in Dallasg serving the faculty Christmas coffeeg and helping in the concession stands at the home football games. They attended the Area F,H,A, meeting at Texas Women's Uni- versity in Denton and the State meeting in Dallas. At Christmas, they sent cards to the State Hospital in Wichita Falls, and in the spring they sent Easter eggs to the State Hospital in Denton. F, H, A, OFFICERS Dana Scott - Secretary Nancy Kellar - 5th Vice-President Glenda Bennett - 3rd Vice-President Cheryl McPherson - 1st Vice-President Shirley Paclik - President .Tudy Tooley - Historian Lajuana Boyd - 2nd Vice-President Marilyn Thomason - Sergeant-at-Arms Tricia Schroeder - 4th Vice-President Mary Clark - Parliamentarian 4 OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Nancy Kellar, parliamentarian: Paula Hatcher, publicity chairman: Vicki Garrett, reporter Leeann McCoo1, secretaryg SECOND ROW: Sharon Baur, treasurer: Clara Gieb, chaplain, Mrs. Hardy, sponsor Patricia Freeman, presidentg Donna Beasley, vice president. The Future Nurses Club was the winner of the Annual Report contest. Patricia Freeman, Donna Beasley, and Clara Gieb admire the trophy that they brought home from the Amarillo convention. There Patricia Freeman was elected State Chaplain. Future Nurses Have Busy Year stiff, , s lei' y, ssss, A a X - K 4 4' " I I . iiii J , SEATED: FIRST ROW: Glenda Bennett, Vickie Talley, Paula Hatcher, Vicki Garrett, Nicki Brock, Barbara Winters, Laura Jones, Rita Hubbard. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Harrison, Jill Bragg, Marilyn Thompson, Susie Flynn, Barbara Eddows, Susan Massey, Sharon Laughlin, Carolyn Jones, Carolyn McGilvery, Cecile Jackson. THIRD ROW: Cathy Woods, Sammie Proffer, Sue Nichols, Bobbie Felton, Mary Adams, Dorothy Honeycutt, Mildred Adams, Linda Briley, Susan Luther, Carolyn Whetstone, Jann Patterson, STANDING: Dorma Beasley, Carol Berend, Margie Smith, Nancy Kellar, Kay Hunter, Diane Meyers, Dora Savage, Betty Schneider, Rhonda Donaldson, Brigie Johnson, Sharon Bauer, Pat Freeman, Clara Gieb, Leeann McCool, Starlene Bailey, Linda Bailey, Donna McAfee, Michelle Skaggs, Cleta Smith, Jane Purvis, Martha Clack, Linda I-Iillis, Lola Armstrong, Rita Fields, Terrie Pickle. The Future Nurses Club is an organization in which young people Who wish to enter the field of medicine may participate. Mrs. Hardy is the club's sponsor. Besides Working in the hospital during the week, the Future Nurses engage in many other activities. They tour hospitals throughout the state. Some of these places offer different vocations to the girls. The club also helps stuff TB envelopes and conduct other special weeks during the year. ri' V G.H.S. Choir Reaches New High in Musical Achievement exe, , .1 -- , , 2 MIXED SELECT C HOIR Beth Shea, Nancy Kellar, Donna Spires, Lana Evans, Sherron Gibbs, Charlotte Ware, Donna Bomar, Pam Keller, Dianne Jeter, Stephanie Blanton, Lynne Wheeler, Paula Shaw, Helen Marshall, Linda Miller, Cheryl McPherson Mollie Brovm, Marlene Baker, Molly Moseley Cynthia Harrison, Becky Fox, Deborah Maniss, Ed Wright, Glenn Idell, Chip Claxton, avid Scott, Tony Plumlee, Nickey Orts, mdney Robison, Ferman Wardell, James eer, Dick Powell, Jimmy Simpson, cLeroy, Kenny McCain, Bobby Dennis, oweth, Bradley Enderby, David Swick, zhols, David Tanner, John Winters, rge. Bobby David Buddy Randy SIXTH PERIOD CHOIR Margaret Pybas, Cee Cee Haliburton, Sharon Swadley, Cheryl Hart, Janice Croucher, Monica Hellinger, Susie Flynn, Harla Moore, Mary Farrell, Carla Pate, Linda Woodruff, Sharon Lawence, Pixie Hill, Joey Bickle, Jill Blagg, Bonnie Putman, Susan Strader, Debbie Kennedy, Mimi Marler, Faunza Way, Diane Voth. 167 SECOND PERIOD CHOIR First row: Vickie Wilson, Laura Shinpoch, Mary Ann Godwin, Jennifer Smith, Janet Cole, Leigh Wilson, Penny Butler, Robin Morris, Vickie Henley, Shelly Young, Sherry Plumlee. Second row: .T an Brown, Reida Reigh, Becky Philips, Diana Croucher, Judy Montry, Kay Ferguson, Glenda Young, Jesse Walker, Marilyn Thompson, Belinda Reed. Third row: Mike Smith, Joe Monden, Danny Blagg, Don Williams, Charles Baker, Jimmy Lawson, Jimmy Rowland, John Baker, Billy Dozier, Allen King, Mike Brune, James Braswell, Jimmy Hatcher, Bruce Norman. l SEVENTH PERIOD CHOIR First row: Vickie Tolleson, Linda Richardson, Nancy Flint, Debbie Williams, Liz Bergquist, Karla McCain, Becky Wallace, Second row: Claudia Woodruff, Marilyn Emerson, Paula Ross, Diane Bentley, Kathy Robinette. Third row: Susan Colwell, Janet Bice, Janet Reeves, Lynn Felderhoff. Fourth row: Duana Daniels, Linda Dietz, Dana 168 Whisnard, Joyce Williamson, Leslie Wilson. G.H.S. Places Four in All- State Choir Four members of the Mixed Select Choir were chosen to perform with the 1966-67 All- State Choir in concert at Houston. David Swick, Dick Powell, Marlene Baker, and Cheryl McPherson formed part ofa sixteen- member group chosen from more than two hundred singers in regional auditions at Gaines- ville High. GIRLS SELEC T CHOIR First Row: Becky Marshall, Gerry Holden, Kathy Barnes, Dianne Clack, JoAnn Street, Linda Miller, Jeannie Milligan, Second Row: Paula Hatcher, Eugenia Lamb, Sammie Proffer, Pat Freeman, Carla Haines, Karen Dever, Mitzie Young, Dana Scott, Third Row: Kay Huntensugan Galbraith, Gayle Roberson, Arlene Arendt, Paula Van Note, Robin Morris, Melissa Lewis, Paula Buck, Parrica Leveil, White Wave E S l 5 3 s 3 2 5 K e FIRST ROW: Lieutenants Pam Murrell, Melissa Lewis, Captain Kathy Barnes, Lieutenants Gilda Green, Paula Buck. SECOND ROW: Judy Clements, Monta Mask, Pam Cantrell, Tricia Yeargan, Phyllis Hall, Vickie Tolleson, Brenda Trammell, Vicky Haverkamp. THIRD ROW: Sponsor Mrs. Pat Bowden, Angela Mays, Linda Woodruff, Charlotte Rigler, Robbi Reed, S andra Cozort, Lynn Felderhoff, Claudia Woodruff, Linda Lucas, Sponsor Mrs. Margie Green. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Maniss, Mary Moore, Nancy Flint, Jennifer Smith, Sharon Smoot, Jayleane Mays, Karen McMichael. FIFTH ROW: Rebecca Molsbee, Belinda Reed, Becky Marshall, Janet Reeves, Connie Putman, Bonnie Putman, J' an Brown, Lou McAden. 170 D 5 ' ',. HH Team H51 f .L ,.a...L OFFICERS Lieutenants Pam Murrell, Melissa Lewis, Captain Kathy Barnes, Lieutenants Gilda Green, Paula Buck Q? Managers Nancy and Arlene Arendt Captain Kathy Barnes 2 OFFICERS Business Manager .... .......... Parliamentarian ..... David Tanner Mike Rosenberg Buddy Echols Cheryl Lehnertz . . . . . Bill Turner President Vice-President . . . . . . SSCICIHIY Student Council is Voice ot Student Body The G,l-LS, Student Council is an organization made up of repre- sentatives from each homeroom, the class officers, and those who have earned permanent membership. This year, the Student Council sponsored the Leopard Follies, the Valentine Dance and Howdy Party, They elected nine citizens of the month. The various committees were in charge of the Chapel Services, Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, Christmas gifts for the boys in Viet Nam, the bulletin board, sports signs, and two new Mr. G's. The 1967 Student Council Scrapbook was dedicated to Mr. Guy Beasley, sponsor of the organization. Other sponsors were Mrs. Edna Henley, Mr. V.S. Payne, and Miss Ruth Young. PROJECTS Randy Turbeville, Charley Henderson, Kenneth Wilson, Ruben Neal, Jim Richardson, 1 ,Chris Simpson, Randy Birge, Judy Tooley, Darrell Binghain. Q PUBLIC IT Y Bill Ingram, Weldon Graham, Pinky Dillard, Clinton Smith Libby Mitchell, Jackie Borden, Jeanie Pace, Kathy Barnes I 4? -- 4: ':. 5 it , LL, J Aj: -1. .., I '- 5 J 2 .r h A ENTERTAINMENT Rhonda Donaldson, Judy Montry, Laura Shinpoch, Carolyn Gray, Mike Scott, Steve Miller, Carl Young, John Sandifer. , 1 ' RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS Chris Milburn, Karla McCain, Buff Marlin, Jo Ann Street Bobby Dennis, David Brown, David Howerh, Dick Powell John Noah, N 2 1 1 4 175 r - . z fi- I 1 , ,Q,,.L,-,, ,,.,1:Q, , '- C ,,.: Q ' SEX , ,, ,ar ,4 I ,, , , W kyair I ., l Eih , , ce i " f' ,., 5 " ,W f af r V E ,,,11fg1 -.f' K Vxlx , ir A , , , G N" r i r M o y a v SCHOOL SPIRIT Candy Morrison, Dia Goudy, Duana Daniel, Cal Pate, Amber I-Iudgins, Ha old Bryant, Robin Morri Ann Moore, Carolyn Fulr Paula Shaw, Beverly Mage SCRAPBOOK CITIZENSHIP Bradley Enderby, Chip Claxton, Madeleine Szreirer, Rick Kenny Rucker, Paul Enderby, David Burden, Sparky Flint, May, Dianne Clack, Stanley Potts, Mitzie Young, Paula .Toe W2l1aCe. Buck. 1 74 . . , Distributive Education is atrain- ing program for Workers in retail, wholesale, and service selling occu- . pations in the field of distribution. students in the Disrriburive Edu- cation program are employed by various businesses to further their knowledge by experience. i 'i Members of the Distributive Education are, Charles Conyers, Dever Sherrie, Donald Eugster, Nancy George, Mike Henderson, Byron Kelley, Pat Kidwell, Ronald Mathews, Mike Orsburn, Ronny Ortowski, Albert Parkhill, Bill Turner, Linda Williams, Roland Zachary, Mollie Brown, Larry Burgess, Tommy Covington, Ronald Orsburn, Brenda Talley, Steve Shmitz, Joe Wallace, I an Bland, John Branyan, Mike Frost, Kenny Gilbreath, Vivan Holbert, Sandra Hott, Dale Hunter, Pat McCann, Ken McClellan, Doug McConnell, Ann Moore, Phil Parten, I oe Pulte, Rory Reinarz, Patrica Snow, Madeliene, Szteiter, Rudy Hlawiczka, .Timmy Burton, Jimmy Campbell 175 Key Club The Key Club is ajunior serv- ice organization. The club is spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club. It is a part of an international organization, The club members are generally thought of as the key boys of the stu- dent body. The Key Club participates 1n many social and service activities during the year, Junior members: Ken Phelps, Harold Levine, James Bras- well, Ruben Neal, Buff Marlin, Craig Davenport, Rickey Tutt, David Howeth, Kyle McCain, Don Wilborn, and Sparky Flint. Sophomore members: David James, George Bryant, Mike Scott, Mike Turbeville, Van Knight, John Sandifer, Jimmy Howser, Steve Miller, and Philip Newton. 176 Senior members: Charley Henderson, Gerald Blessing, Jerry Fischer, David Swick, Randy Turbeville, Tommy Covington, Paul Enderby, Buddy Echols, Kenny McCain, Harold Bryant, Bob Shelton, Bob McLeroy, John Winters, and Jim Farquhar. Officers: Bobby Dennis, Rick May, David Brovm, Jim Richardson, Carlos Leach, Chuck Gandillon, David Tanner, Bill Turner, Mike Haliburton. X Hi-Y Enlisis Young Men In Christian Organization -Officers: Bill Turner, presidentg Tommy Covington, vice-president, Bob Shelton, secretary-treasurer, Ricky Mercer, second vice-president,BillMedley, chaplain. Aff. Members: .T im Richardson, Gary Brammer, Gerald Blessing, ,Timmy Don Campbell, Larry Brammer, Stanley Potts, I oe Roberts, and Paul Enderby. Members: Harvey King, Craig Davenport, Allison Kerr, Russell Nunley, Gaylen Whisnand, Philip Newton, Kenny McCain, and Mike Surratt. Tri-Hi- For Danr This year the Tri-Hi-Y sent a check for fifty dollars to the Danny Crow Fund. The club raised the money bys ell- ing cokes on Fun Day. The fund was set up to aid the son of a local resident, Danny Crow, who is a hernophiliac. Officers: Gerry Holden, parliamentariang Madeleine Szteiter,secreta1yg Vickie Tiller, president, Cynthia Harrison, treasurerg Marlene Baker, chaplaing Paula Buck, vice-president. 178 Committee chairmen: Linda Miller, Diane Paclik, Carolyn Fultz Kathy Barnes, Helen Marshall, Mollie Brovm, Lynne Wheeler, am Donna Spires. Senior members: Beverly Magee, Bonnie Holley, Paula Shaw, Karen Westfall, Vickie Geisel, Mary Ann Godwin, Vicki Garrett, Becky Fox, Mimi Marler, ,Tanet Williams, Linda Trammel, Susan Galbraith, and Cheryl Lehnertz. aises Money row Fund hun ... . Junior members: Paula Reeves, Carolyn Whetstone, Karen Dever, Jean , Hobbs, Paula Meyers, Christine Simpsonf Ann Potts, Betty West, Libby Mitchell, Becky Philips, Melissa Lewis, Gilda Green, Jo Ann Street, Elizabeth Gwynn, Eugenia Lamb, Darlene Baulch, Charlotte Rigler, Dana Scott, Pat Putman, Linda Moore, Sherron Gibbs, Pam Murrell, Dianne Clack, J and Jana Ca le. gif 8 Sophomore members: Lynne Wheeler, Diane Voth, Diane Wiese Dianne Jeter, Brenda Trammell, Charlotte Ware, Donna Bomar Deborah Maniss, Rebecca Molsbee, Pam Keller, Pat Levell, ,Belinda Reed, Janis Ellis, Mollie Moseley, and Bonnie Putnam. K 6 Tri- Hi-Y sold cokes on Fun Day to raise money for the Danny Crow Fund. l 179 P Varsity Six Soar Leopard Spirit The six varsity cheerleaders in- clude two members from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. To create spirit and enthusiasm in support of the Leopards, they spend long hours in practicing, making signs, and selling ribbons. They start off each season by attending a cheer- leaders' Workshop atSMU, where they received honors this past summer. 180 Robin Morris Sophomore heryl Lehneriz Senior 'Chris Simpson S Junior i o ilgpyjiiichelle . Junior Amber Hudgins S Sophomore landy Morrison S Senior N ,Q-gf' vi Q A,,L . A .F I A --V, ' 'fj461,1.f-'a'-xl? f' A H '- -' ' 'X i Miro' , -. fn. , ' 1 ' -' is .' ' If . N' 1 B ' -Q 1, Q f "SX ' "xx -'s J S K' .1 wzff '7gf,i'if' ffl s wfif 'N. ' J 'Q ' . - L ' of 5 ,i , rf, iefgif-f'fi, A f, , "'fr i 'S r p f 'Vw r Mi'-QQQ' 1' rr-- H11-ff F- f - ' U -. 1 . eve- Y 7 'I' ' S or S i s - 1 if ws, - fr S- . - . S 'il , S Q e .1 , if S ' - :ff own ,- :JL f 1. .if - , 'il' ,L lit, ms- s Q ' vgmiigfj' fuss! I I ' ,, xvfk ' , . p Kr V4.-,q,x.1 :Rh ! gswv LA A s ig? ' 245. . 3 ,pi ,gk ,fa'i.:y't S 4 ng, ., 441. 'Yury ixlwfg'-'1 'f' i i,,I' 2f so f,.oV.f1f for ' 'X 4 . --'A X T ' an 'A . i -. " 4' W-Q X ' ' x - . s ye I . s ' ,.,.' -,W - I 'I ' " Q' . f.2iif5f: offfv! R99 H ir, gh X .e S 5'-ix-W iveflzl .ew , f . 'E f i Qi.'ojf.?x15w-'QB'N"P'1'' N r"'Qf5'5'l" 3' 4:'23'44f7 jx 1, ey 4 X p '. l 1.19 1'.,,'3't.g? ig-2 r 2,f5Li"ix 4',' Q72 - H! 1?'f1"4l-. 'r iffrw , ,-1 'it7969'e5:"4aE'Qy"'f3'sff f N +f'f121i6fK"i.' ,f ., 51,7 gfy ' ' - A se. , ss! 7 iq pid .-,j..i:i Qgthrgl-A1-.,,.1QL 4, ,. .f,lui1.v4,, TL- ii V", :z - ,vi 5, 4'..Alk-Af! .. s. , fafffi 4,2 ey.-f 1 rfibfiefeg . ,,,.'f:A,1V-v. '4 .,.J,, ,gm .V ,,. 'n 5'f',' 4'-,GF v -.Qakiwif 3ef,'Z'ff, V. - ,.- 55,-v,,'.4.f7, y low. it' 'Y-M 237' -'-rw 181 Kat Cheerleaders Boost Jr. Varsity Spirit For the first time, the B-team cheerleader spots were filled by both juniors and sophomores. The sophomores were represent- ed by Mollie Moseley, Reida Reigh, and Lynne Wheeler. The juniors were represented by Darlene Baulch, Dianne Clack, and Mitzie Young. They provided spirit at all Junior Varsity activ- itiesg football, basketball, and baseball. Mollie Mosely, Darlene Baulch, Lynne Wheeler, Reida Reigh D1anne Clack and Mitzre Young 182 Linda Richardson, Debbie Williams, Becky Wallace, Debbie Pope, Liz Bergquist, and Karla McCain. The six freshmen cheer- leaders sent the Cub enthu- siasm soaring during games and pep rallies. Throughout the year, they helped in selling ribbons and decorating the goal posts for football games. They, like the B-team and the Varsity cheerleaders, were sponsored by Mrs. Horace McCain, Cub Cheerleaders Lead Frosh Enthusiasm 18 Leopard Band Shows Marked Improvement in '67 Contest Stage Band Left to Right: Carolyn Whetstone, Tim Ware, Nicky Otts, Bob McLeroy, Mike Surratt, Danny Blagg, Randy Birge, Larry Davenport, Mike Brown, Craig Williams, Terry Johnson, David Howeth, and David Tanner. 4 GHS Leopard Band Drum Major, Dick Powell Majorettes Beverly Magee, Belinda Titch Jan Ledford, Shelly Young Mascot, Bridget Armstrong Senior Members: Linda Trammel, ,Tean McGowan, ,Tanet Williams, Gerry Holden, Marlene Baker, Ancilla Kneuper, Pat Freeman, Dick Powell, Bob McLeroy, Buddy Echols, Gary Brarnmer, Bobby Dennis, Paula Shaw, l Officers: James Braswell, Vice-President: Buddy Echols, Presidentg Paula Shaw, Secretaly-Treasurer 186 National Honor Socioly Loads School in Scholarship The National Honor Society of Gainesville High School, sponsored by' Mrs. Juanita Hardy and Mrs. Caroline Cunningham, inducts new members from the junior class each spring. These are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, citizenship, character, and service. Junior Members: ,Tudy Preimsburger, Sherron Gibbs, .ToAnn Street, Kathy Barnes, Nancy Arendt, Diane Paclik, Pat Putnam, Margie Smith, Vickie Wilson, Karen Dever, Becky Philli s rie Wilson, Linda Miller, Samrnie Proffer, Cynthia Harrison, Helen Marshall, Paula Meyers, James Braswell, avid Howet ,Tohn Noah, Kyle McCain, Harold Levine, Craig Davenport 187 OFFICERS Donna Bomar, treasurer David Brown, president Diane Wiese, secretary Steve Bramrner, vice-president Reba Collins, reporter National Junior Honor Society Holds Installation F RESHMAN MEMBERS Vickie Tolleson, David Nieman, Sha- ron Smoot, Leslie Wilson, George Peyrot, Claudia Woodruff, Kaye Car- ter, Tricia Yeargan, Ed Wright, Lynne Felderholf, Janet Bice, Beverly Le- mons, Linda Briley, Steve Brammer, Melinda Runyon, Karen McMichael, Susan Colwell, Vicki Havercamp, Debbie Goudy, Susan Clinkenbeard, Joan Cotten, Patricia Shwadlenak, Linda Richardson. SOPHOMORE MEMBERS Kathy Hoedebeck, Margaret Pybas, Diane Wiese, Diana Nelson, Russell Faulkner, Steven Burr, David Brown, Belinda Reed, Carla Haines, Linda Insel, Reba Collins, Jeannie Millican, Rebecca Molsbee, Pam Keller, Donna Bomar, Dianne Jeter, Charlotte Ware, Arlene Arendt, 188 Patricia Levell, Pam Cantrell, Deborah Maniss, Paula Hatcher. Future Teachers Participate in District Meeting The Future Teacher Club reached an all-time record high for members this year. Members from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes traveled to Arlington to participate in a district meeting. The Future Teachers also sent representatives to a Teens Aid the Retarded Meeting in Dallas. W OFFICERS Kitty Leonard, vice-presidentg Mike Hali- ' burton, president, BethShea, sergeant-ab armsg Kyle McCain, secretary, Jimmy Simpson, reporterg Becky Phillips, treas- urerg Helen Marshall, parliamentarian. SENIOR MEMBERS First row: Elaine Allbritton, Mary Sue Wilson, Laura Shinpoch, Beth Shea, Stephanie Blanton, Janet Williams. Second row: Becky Fox, Ann Moore, CarolynFultz, Ancilla Kneuper, Beverly Magee, Susan Strader, Mollie Brown, Leigh Wilson, Fredese Meadows. Third row: Bill Turner, Stanley Potts, ,Tim F arquhar, Bill Adams, Paul Enderby. Fourth row: Charley Henderson, John Winters, Matt Chalmers, Philip Allison, Danny Nichols, Mike Brune, Bob Shelton. 189 Future Farmers Plan for Feeding llmericak Millions CHAPTER OFFICERS KGHHY MCCHU1 Parliamentarian, Tommy Hellingerg Reporter, Larry Schumacherg Sentinel, Danny Knightg Secretary, .Toe Roberts, President, Johnny Lemons: Vice-Pres.,.Toe Ingramg Treasurer, Kenny McCain, Chaplain, Roy Purcell. Ill GREEN HAND OFFICERS Van Knight 190 Chapter Conducting Roy Purcell, Craig Wil- liams, Johnny Lemons, .Toe Ingram, Kenny McCain, Larry Tatum, ,Terry Wilson. DAIRY PRODUCTS ,Tohnny lemons, ,Toe Roberts, Danny Knight, ,Terry Wilson, Joe Ingram, Kenny McCain, Danny Nichols. 10, To encourage and practice thrift, 11. 12. "Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve" AIMS . To develop competent, aggressive, rural, and agri- cultural leadership, . To create and nurture a love of country life. . To encourage members in the development of indi- vidual farming programs and establishment in farm- ing, . To strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and in their work. 5. To create more interest in the intelligent choice of farming occupations. 6. To encourage members to improve the farm home and its surroundings. 7. To participate in cooperative effort, 8. To develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism. 9. To participate in worthy undertakings for the im- provement of agriculture, To encourage improvement in scholarship. To provide and encourage the development of organized rural recreational activities. I up W RANGE MANAGEMENT raig Williams, Kenny McCain, ,Toe Ingram, arry Schumacher, Roy Purcell, Van Knight, .A. Bridges. GREEN HAND QUIZ oe Wilson, L.A. Bridges, Bobby Cravens. . ....,a. , -.1 - '-:qs GRASS AND LAND .TUDGING Craig Williams, Larry Schumacher, Kenny McCain, ,Toe Ingram .5 I I RADIO TEAM Van Knight, Johnny Lemons, Danny Knight. 191 V. LC. Club Learns by Experience ArchyWa1ker Toby J' ones FIRST ROW: Dale Brovm, Terry Adkins, Larry Gillihan, Ray Swearingin. SECOND ROW: Toby .T ones, ,T ames Sweatt, Ronny Covington, Danny Denningron, Daryl Moody, ,Terry Hendricks, Richard Nelson, Danny White, Archy Walker, Dean Kyle, James Dougherty, Mike Frost. Wi wr L r J y v, 1, C, CLUB OFFICERS ames Dougherty, parliamentarians .Terry Hendricks, secretary: Daryl Moody, advisor: Gillihan, president: Terry Adkins, vice-president: Ray Swearingin, treasurer: Mike SCl'g68I'1I'aI'8IlTIS. xl: James Dougherty H if Larry Gillihan .46 ff I, Speech Club: Entertainment for Assemblies The Speech Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Sue Reid, has entered two tournaments and also the interscholastic League. In addition they have given assemblies at the high school and junior high. I 's. , . X. President .... Vice President Treasurer . . . . . , Reporter . . ,. Secretary 4 +1 I. lsr PERIOD OFFICERS . . . David Swick . . . . David Tanner . . . Mike I-Iaiiburton . . Susan Galbraith . . . Linda 'Hammel Q Us . 7th PERIOD OFFICERS Secretary ..,, Treasurer . . . Publicity ..... . . . . . Janet Williams Susan Touchstone . . . Pat Freeman President ................. Becky Fox Vice President , , . , . . . Ancill a Kneupper Parliamentarian . . . . . . Tricia Yeargan x.. 6th PERIOD OFFICERS Treasurer . . . . Secretary . . . . President Beth Shea Lynne Wheeler Chris Simpson Vice President ......... Mike Brune Reporter . . . . . . Parliamentarian 194 . . . . . . Steve Miller Mike Turbeville 1 y 'V -" Q, : ' ' , , f E ,. - ' Lt Jil in ru-Aug,-4-,A J ' ' A . 5 ! ff , if .4 7 5 ' ll-AJ, .swf .: Wly, 1 gm , iff! 1.4, F ' 1:m,fy ' Q . ll 'v, if K Xa ff jf H Y E. Q NX 5 Yr 5 ' fs' en Susan Galbraith and David er get carried away, they ally get carried away! H w fl E X 1 Xml PERIOD SPEECH I lst PERIOD SPEECH 6th PERIOD SPEECH EDITORS Charley Henderson-Sportsg Harold Bryant-Associate Sportsg Beverly Magee-Fgghigng Diane Wiese-Business Manager: Robbie McCoy-Editor in Chief: Connie Cotten-Associate Editor: Paula Hatcher-Associate Business Manager. :H 'Q li CLUB OFFICERS President-Charlie Hendersong Vice President-Brenda Felkerg Work Committee- Bill Adams and David Hatcherg Secretary-Harold Bryantg Social Chairman-J' an Van Hoorebeke. 196 School Mouthpiece Keeps Leopards Informed LEOPARD TALE Staff SPONSOR: Mrs, Carolyn Duke, Jeannie Millican, Vicki Dennington, Debbie Mecca, Jan Van Hoorebeke, Brenda Felker, Judy Montry, Vicki Adams, Jackie Nunley, Charley Henderson, Randy Robinette, David Hatcher, Robbie McCoy, Nancy Belsher, Paula Hatcher, Donna Neu, Connie Cotten, Diane Wiese, Candy Morrison, Beverly Magee, Carlos Leach, David Vineyard, Harold Bryant, Bill Adams, Janet Williams, Susan Touchstone, Jerry Garland, Reba Collins, Linda Insel. PHOTOGRAPHER I Bobby Dennis Wm. M ' I - ,.1.:5oL,, ff .1- SENIOR EDITORS Carolyn Fultz Vickie Tiller M2 N JUNIOR EDITOR Laurie Wilson 'i k"A JUNIOR EDITOR 198 Diane Paclik ' Preserves Memories '67 Leopard Staff For the Future so The Leopard Annual Staff is composed of two editors from each class. These members plan the layouts and write-ups for each page. All picture making and processing is done by the staff photographers. This year a secretary and two art editors X were added to the staff. The Leop- ard is under the sponsorship of FRESHMAN EDITORS Mr. Bobby Hurley. Iiesliegllilslond aufa fee an was Q SO PHOMORE EDITOR Patricia Levell SOPHO MORE EDITOR Dianne Jeter 1 ART EDITOR 5 5 ,. SECRETARY Diana Goudy Charlotte Ware Q 200 ART EDITOR PHOTOGRA PHER Gary Brammer PHOTOGRA PHER David Brown Madeleine Szteiter 5, 'x qw- 4 Q .P , if W ' ' Q 3' ,- 4fP e 'n d,f0 Laugh A tlvm' 'WI Donna Culp studies the slowly rising bonfire with determination. lv' "I think I'11 just crawl in here and hide!" says 202 Harla Moore. if . ,gqv n,...- . ,- ,qi fl, 1L. I f,'. V N -f " . -V '. :Q - wx! ., Y., ' ,W o 'f Ji -- L Les Robertson suggests, "Leis ride the boxes and burn the motorcycles," McKinney Bonfire Igniies Spirit i Q i Q ',,. ii 7 " " ZTW' k ' . ', ' H KLA? vez. 6 3 X 20 Senior girls lead spirit in Homecoming parade Parade Starts Homecoming Activities EVE nh:-in de 1n burymg a Bonham Warrlor. Homecoming nominees for 1966 were, top, Candy Morrison, Nancy George, bottom, Cheryl Lehnertz, and Madeleine Szteiter. 206 Candy Morrison was crowned Homecoming Queen 1966 Homecoming I966 Highlights Season! Activities 'TO Homecoming Week activities began with the nomination of four Senior girls for Homecoming Queen. The nominees were Nancy George, Cheryl Lehnertz, Madeleine Szteiter, and Candy Mor- rison. The parade and pep rally boosted Leopard spirit and each nominee was presented with a mum by her escort. During the halftime of the game, the candidates were escorted onto the field by members of the Key Club. Candy Morrison was crowned Home- coming Queen I966. She later reigned at the Homecoming Dance held at the Community Center after the game, ,I What's the matter, haven't you ever seen a teacher dance before? 207 I don't care who your Dad is, my tie is prettier than your IIC . We realized that you were surprised Candy, You had better hold tighter Sparky: you See what happened the last time you let go, but this is ridiculous. I thought you said you lost all of your baby teeth, 2 O 8 Mike. J Cast and Crew of Swltch at the Crossroads Mike Smith, Liz Gwyn, David Swick Jiufisf as 'F-4"f1.f 4 if "Out of this house," shouts David Tanner. Speech Department Presents Assemblies lu Susan Galbraith seems so innocent to JoAnn Street and Linda Trammel, 209 In Memoriam Reba Owens Cmdy Cuw Donna Southedand Larry Garrett Leopard Follies is Student Council Money Raiser The Leopard Follies, under the direction of the student- council, was a successful attempt to unite the performing bodies of the Gainesville Public Schools. Both the choirs and bands from high school and junior high performed along with the choirs from the various elementary schools. The White Waves provided the dance routines. The theme of this vear's Follies was centered around television, and members of the student council provided commercials. QA Beverly Magee reminds everyone to help keel America beautiful by portraying"Susan Spotles s.' l l Officers of the White Waves givea dance routine. The girls are from left to right: Pam Murrell, Melissa Lewis, Kathy Eames, Gilda Green, and Paula Buck. 212 l l l i":?":., Nix: Molsbee jumps for joy at the chance to show her dancing Bobby Dennis tells his reasons for using a new mouthwash. Met any new friends lately, Bobby? Belinda Reed waits her turn to perform with the White Waves. David Howeth behind the scenes. R N 213 Sounds ofthe Hrlls Kung llnew as Choral Department Presents: "Li'l Abner" The Gainesville High Cho- ral Department presented the musical "Li'l Abner" on March 16-17, 1967. It is the story of a backwoods com- munity, Dogpatch, and its struggle to survive. It has love in the form of Daisy Mae, excitement in the form of General Bullmoose, deter- mination in the form of Mam- my Yokum, and courage in the form of Abner Yokum. The efforts of Mr. Wilson and the Choral Department made this production a success. Dick Powell, as Marryin Sam and Cheryl McPherson a Daisy Mae, bid farewell to the wives l l 1: I ,Ei 1 Q Wf X05 WM .K V is ,V QI.. ,J X x ! .-P4 'Wt Ev N , , N Q .J . held "Li'I Abner" Lonesome Polecat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ferman Wardell Hairless .Toe ...... . . . Buddy Echols, David Swick Romeo Scragg .. ........... Mike Smith Clem Scragg ...... .......... A HHH King Alf Scragg .......... ......... I immy Hatcher Moonbeam McSwir1e .... .... H elen Marshall, Mollie Moseley Marryin' Sam .................... .... . . Dick Powell Earthquake McGoon ................... David Tanner Daisy Mae ....... Donna Bomar, Cheryl McPherson Pappy Yokum .. .................... Tony Plumlee Mammy Yokum ....... Marlene Baker, Gerry Holden Li'1 Abner ..... ..... ...... B u ddy Echols, David Swick Cronies ...... Nicky Otts, Billy Dozier, Chip Claxton, Kenny McCain, Bradley Enderby Mayor Dogmeat .. .... Winters Sentor Jack S. Phogbound . . . . . . . . James Braswell Dr. Rasmuss in T. Finsdale . . . . . . . David Howeth Government Man .... ..... .............. C h arles Baker Available .Tones ..... ................ Bo bby Dennis Stupefyin' ,T ones . . . . .. Lana Evans, Belinda Reed Colonel .......................... .... B radley Enderby Radio Commentators . .... Bobby Dennis, David Tanner, Buddy Echols, David Swick, David Howeth General Bullmoose ..................... Bob McLeroy Secretaries ..... Lynne Wheeler, Laura Shinpoch, Dianne Jeter, Paula Hatcher, Charlotte Ware Appassionata Von Climax .. Kathy Bames, Robin Morris Evil Eye Fleagle Becky Fox, Mitzie Young Dr. Smithborn . ...... Randy Birge Dr. Krogmeyer .. ..... Mike Smith Dr. Schleifitz Ed Wright State Department Man ................ .Timmy Simpson Wives ..... Beth Shea, Susan Galbraith, Arlene Arendt, Rhonda Donaldson, Paula Buck, Deborah Maniss Butler ..... ............................. G len Idell Husbands ....... Rodney Robison, Glen Idell, BillyDozier, ,Timmy Lawson, Jimmy Rowland, Nicky Otts, MattChal- mers, James Greer, ,Toe Ingram, Harold Bryant, Chuck Gandillon, David Brown S carlett ....... . . .............. Susan Moore F ather ............ . . . Bruce Norman Speedy McRabbit . . . . . .. David Scott Waiter ......... ..... C arla Haines Chad . . . . . Rodney Robison Buddy Echols and Donna Bomar 217 Sixty-Four Receive Ceramic Awards In Annual Awards Assembly Seniors: Robbie McCoy, Paula Shaw, Marlene Baker, Linda Trarnrnel, Dick Powell, Buddy Echols, Bob McLeroy, Vickie Tiller, Janet Williams, and Gerry Holden. Juniors: Karen Dever, Sammie Proffer, Helen Marshall, Paula Meyer, Cynthia Harrison, Kathy Barnes, Diane Paclik, Pat Putman, Nancy Arendt, 218 Harold Levine, Craig Davenport, and James Braswell. Sophomores: Diana Nelson, Carla Haines, ,Tanice Parten,,TeannieMilicar1, Diane Wiese, Belinda Reed, Patty Pybas, Connie Morris, Stephen Burr, David Brown, Rebecca Molsbee, Pat Levell, Reba Collins, Charlotte Ware, Deborah M21f1iSS, DOFIHH Bomar, Pam Cantrell, Paula Hatcher, Pam Keller, Arlene Arendt, and Margaret Pybas. Freshmen: Sharon Smoot, Leslie Wilson, Vickie Tolleson, Kaye Carter, Claudia Woodruff, Tricia Yeargan, Lynn Felderhoff, Karen McMichael, Susan Colwell, Ioan Cotten, Vickie Havercamp, Melinda Runyon, Debbie Goudy, Linda Richardson, Steve Brammer, David Nieman, and George Peyrot. 219 220 I Oh, Ifee1good!" sings James Sweatt. Mike Rosenberg says to Paul Enderby "The next blind man that goes by.. grab him!" "Surprise, Marsha fGenie Binghamj !" says John fDavid Swickj. Administration Declares April ZI Funday Could David Howeth and David Tanner be brothers since their first names are both David? "He time face, asks S Zi ':J'?54f-fi - l E fy ' g Q ' i . ' 1 f ky . r ' must really like me to take the Could this be ,Tohn begging for forgiveness? to put shaving cream on my or was that whipped cream?" Marsha. 22 I think you'll find the food is a little better, Robbie. Jrs. and Srs. Are "Where The Action Is" A group of junior boys take time from their eating to smile for the photographer Mr. Lewis Freeman, the surprise guest speaker, provided an evening of laughter for all Ricky May, the junior represen- A bevy of junior girls add spice to the banquet. Uifive, welcomes the seniors to 222 the banquet. IS YOUR LIFE hosted by Marlene Baker Paula Shaw. lI'he last will and testament is read by some of our favorite ieachers. TV Programs Explore Sr. Class In Sr. Assembly The magic mirror reveals the senior's future to Kathy Luttmer. Buddy Echols and David Tanner draw another Buddy Echols presents Mrs. Hutchtons name for the Big G Give- away. with a gift. 22 224 "Good morning, Shir!" mumbies David Swick. "To Sergeant King! The best danged Sergeant in the whole danged Air Force!" exclaims David Tanner. "Watch your step young man. W psychiatrists call this attitude c yours 'resistance'," says Dic Powell. X Srs.Present'No'Tnne For Sergeantsu Preacher . . .... . . Will Stockdale . . Pa Stockdale .... Draft Man .... Bus Driver . . .. . . . Irvin Blanchard Ros abelle . . . . CAST ..................Charleyl-Ienderson . t"David Tannerin" Dick Powell MikeSmith John Winters Joe Ingram . ........................ BobMcLeroy i' Beth Shea """,T aner Williams Inducrees . . .. Kenny Gilbreath, Mike Frost, Ben Whitledge Sergeant King . . . A Captain Nurses Corporal lst Classification Officer 2nd Classification Officer .. Wac .... ................. A Psychiatrist Waitress ............. An Infantryman .......... Air Force Policeman A Colonel ...... Lt. Bridges Lt. Gardella ,. Lt. Kendall .. Lt. Cover . .... . General Bush General Pollard .......... Senator ....... .. ..... Girls in Night Club Scene . . Bill Turner, . . . . . . 4' Gerald Blessing 'H' Bobby Dennis Mark Tyler, Alex Cummings, .Toe Dillard .......................DavidSwick ..... Mike Smith .. Mary Sue Wilson, Patricia Freeman Charlie Henderson Tommy Covington .Toe Dillard . . . . . . . "' Linda Trammel N' Becky Fox . . . ..... 'li Dick Powell 'H' David Tanner . . . "' Bonnie Holley H' Ancilla Kneupper . . ............... Alex Cummings .Toe Ingram . . . Kenny McCain Mike Frost . . Chuck Gandillon . .... Bob Shelton . . . . Paul Enderby . . . . . Harold Bryant . . . ................ Mike Rosenberg John Winters . . . . Beverly Magee, Mimi Marler, Vicki Garrett, Susan Galbraith February I6 6i I7 fi K patty i I ll Q 3 . "You know what they call us? Airmen! Like something out of a danged funny-book," says G erald Bles sing. I "We're over the Gulf of Mexico you idiot!" yells Paul Enderby. if rr 225 Cheryl McPherson looks like Miss Seaweed 1967. Is this Chiquita Banan or Mr. Die. 226 3 J' im Richardson and Charley Henderson are amazed that David Tanner can drink ten Cokes at one time. Temperature Rises for Sr. Splash Day N1 David Swick has an usual way of doing a handstand. - as It must be someone important to take Mollie Brown and Made- leine Szteiter away from their food. -. , - -Q X .... ....'T'..,m.f: ft s. l - -sl -- if mf' '--i"+'w vu 1 .Q N 'Rf' 'WL 'N "-Q g A HW" K , .. l ,V it , - t ' ' A ff fic' " f,i,, W at ,El ng f 5' N g . W ,, l W 4 . 3.-,Q-. Tarzan, alias Buddy Echols, is about to climb upon the diving board since there wasn't a U66 xlirnb available. ' 'Arr Well if Carla Pate, one of those scheming little freshmen, isn't about to get thrown in. 5' j Q Hi lin Dick Powell has the fastest hand in the South. 44 Thinking it was a masquerade party, Linda Miller came dressed as a tiger, 22 K athy Morrison, Ken McClellan, Candy Morrison, and Kenny McCain await their entrance into the auditorium. Miss Liddell presents the DAR Award to Vickie Tiller during Class Night. 228 s 4 , C. i Seniors stand to sing the Alma Mat for the last time. Cheryl Lehnertz and Buddy Echols rehearse their speeches for Class Night. I i I i Stephanie Blanton's tears are only one of many emotions displayed at Class Night. Class N'ghi Activities Siir Emoiion The key chain links the solemn-faced Seniors together as they file m for Class Night. X? ii i 1, Mimi Mailer and ,Toe Ingram seem to be lost among the parents after Class Night. 22 For all of those who didn't believe that there was an eye on the north wall, well, here it is. 5 It looks like the music seems to be getting to some of our moony- eyed friends. A toast to Graphlc 67 Nancy Belcher and escort are engaged in dancing, or is it fighting? Nancy George, along with other members of Sr. class, 0 spent long hours of hard work decorating for the prom. Everyone seems to enjoy the music furnished by the Bedbugs. 67 Prom Goes Graphic Diana Goudy's formal was appropriate for the prom Gary Brammer and Patty Pybas were among many guests at the prom. d ecor at ions . Gerald Blessing seems to be having difficulty keeping up with the music or Mollie Moseley, 2 X raaa so Q'-S I -il' 1 -' fi! W 'fzffif . .vi.,,f'f. aff. ff' fr 1- Q ' 5 ,axfszjy K M .. , .1 . ,gf-f 'Y"'N?-,rv 'Y' ii" f .W 1, r V .. , x ,N I K ,flu 7 "1 ,..r r "T ' ' -f r lf . rr: pdf- 4 i ,yy ' "'L '--. ,, 1 X' 'i' 1 . I V, 1 i.?573g.:e-L ' Paula Shaw finds that waiting is the worst part of Marlene Baker leads the procession for Con C o mmencement. m encement. ,ya W! 5? Ronald Orsburn makes a last minute check before leaving for the I auditorium, .T 11'IlI1'ly Glenn seems fascinated by Mary Ann's face- 232 m aking ability, 5+ . f 1-' V i i i i i i i Commencement Signals End and Beginning for '67 Seniors Marlene Baker, Valedictorian, receives her diploma. ja J'' 1:12 tariff-- Salutatorian, Robbie McCoy, delivers the welcoming speech. Now that Commencement is over the robes will be packed away, but Bonnie Holley seems a little reluctant. 233 234 T he Spirit of GHS Saiifiazfssiison Advertisements R- C- Timmis WAPLES-PAINTER Insurance Agency Gainesville, Texas 301 Lindsay Street P. O. Box 550 1-IO 5-4722 E90 CQ, Peggy Sue's 331 Lindsay Lumber and Building Material h G . ll Wallpaper-Paint-Hardware ainesvi e, Texas S 301 W. California HO 5-4172 Music At Its Best CLOTHIERS In St e r e o "The Store for Men and Young Men" KGAF-FM f. ,Qiiii - 1 'ffl ,, as 00 30 ttti 94. 5 mc. i'i, s-.s, , Gainesville, Texas 103 W. California 1-IO 5-3972 203 E. California HO 5-6351 236 -I-he Fair Store Miller's Cleaners 329 N. Commerce 215 N. Commerce HO 53201 I D r y Cl e ani n g . WOODRUFF Mademoiselle PHARMACY Fashions "Nothing But The Finestll The Store of Distinction h ff' - IlNIext to t e Post O ice HO 5 2876 Corner of Dixon and Elm HO 5-5251 207 North Dixon HO 5-5505 General COI1t1'aCfO1'S Sales and Service for North Texas The Metal and Masonry Buildingsusteel Fab- and Southern Oklahoma , ricators and Distributors an co. 1 Complete Commercial Planning and Building Service Gainesville, Texas N. Interstate 35 HO 5-4100 B.J. McCutchen North Hwy. 77 P. O. Box 651 Gainesville, Tex. HO 5-4122 P. O. Box 651 237 TEMPLE PHARMACY Prescriptions Druggist I1 n Free Delivery Masonic Building lll West California I-I0 5-337 HO 5-2851 Gainesville, Texas A 1 Duke and Ayres Downtown Gainesville Satisfaction Guaranteed on Every Purchase 1 I Moore's Seed Chadwell s Jewelers All Watch and Clock Repairing Electrically Timed 1 514 west Broadway Ho 5-4071 317 North commerce Ho 5-4003 1 NEWLAND FURNITURE COMPANY "Everything for the home" 2.01 North Dixon HO 5-2461 Gainesville, Texas 238 F IR5T! BANK fir 573 W, :LITEIED in Member of F. D. I. C "We Have Grown Because We Have Helped Others To Grow We Welcome The Opportunity To Serve You 2 JOHNSON MOTOR CO. New and Used Cars David Johnson, Owner 113 North Dixon HO 5-5361 300 N. Interstate 35 HO 5-3462 I Chapman s Shoes 111 N. Dixon St. Jacqueline-Connie-Paris Fashion ! ,QQ Names You Know, 4- --9 I X-xg 7 + N Styles You Love I X DI'-LY DIP Commerce Street DRIVE IN 5'0'e Home of Genuine Levi's and Justin Boots 501 West California I-IO 5-9089 R. W. "Pete" Brisco Street Pharmacy DH' THEQWXCIIISTORE 109 West California HQ 5-2873 Wilson Plumbing Company 501 Summit Avenue 1-IO 5-2921 Golightly Electric HFEDDERSH Air Conditioning Fixtures and Electrical Contracting 801 Summit Ave. Phone HO 5-9471 Enderby Butane Gas West Highway 82 HO 5-3457 Gainesville Ken E eg a t Life Insurance And Annuities 206 E. California Gainesville, Texas 'FYLE Ma ' -i s Q , A A.,i w o L E S A,-sg MGP? ' 5 ng TYLER - SIMPSON COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERIES Principal Office: Branch Houses: Norman, Oklahoma Ardmore, Oklahoma Gainesville, Texas 2 Greenwood F G d C t S I CALL We 'ng upp y Boyd Ware 731 E. California At I-IO 5-2864 G i11e 8: Whitesboro Texas Gainesvill , T 1-IO 5-2858 564-3710 Texaco Gainesville Iron Jh Calhoun Distrib r and Metal Co' Dink Wilhoit 1206 N. Grand I-IO 5-2471 Gainesville, Texas 130 N. D I-IO 5-2572 Hudgins p Sewing Circle G L 30 . a ' .. QE C If H05 2542 Sears, Roebuck and Company G 11 T 315 E. California Don Randolph Photographer 205 E C lf ia I-IO 8-8222 3 WUI! IISTIIIY Gainesville, Texas 'H MIIB! 4 f A if If ' 1,-'rf"" WR GAINESVILLE NATIONAL BANK "Money Is Our Business, Your Satisfaction Is Our Pleasure 101 West California I-I0 5-3441 243 DALE'S CREDIT JEWELERS I 116 North Commerce HQ 5-5712 1 JOE WALTER C 1 HUNTER TRUCK STDP LUMBER C0., INC. AND CAFE "Let us help you Open Z4 Hours with your Building Problems" 24 hour Wrecker serv ce wash-lubrication-tire repair truck ice dock-Phillips tires and 705 Summit Ave. I-IO 5-5577 b tt ' 244 a eries fx F0nuMAnr "The home of extra good meats" 741 North Grand I-IO 5-2971 Automotive Parts and Supplies Coy Claiborne, Manager Faye's Flowers 81 Gifts Home of Permanent Flowers 305 Grand Village 1-IO 5-4189 Osborne and Hill - Realtors Sales - - -Management- - -Appraisals lnve stment Properties HO 5-5332 Gainesville, Texas 301 Grand Village Ho 5-3494 427 North Grand Q "" Gainesville, Texas Fora W 11 "REST" V' li Sport's Men's 8: Boys' Wear The Name That Stands For National Brands 104 South Dixon I-IO 5-2061 OF 1 1 If iflffwv it 1' x , 1 l i YOUR 11 Q lj United 81 Holland Mattress Co. 324 N. Commerce Gainesville, Texas B. J. Jeter I-IO 5-3882 Owner 245 ARMCO l l NATIONAL SUPPLY 1 Grand Sweet Shop Gainesville Daily HSPECIALIZING IN" Wedding cakes Eliotggrdigkiaskes Your Favorite Newspaper with A11 Bread-Rolls the News "s'i'jlEs"'5" Pastry-Cookies Sweet rolls Now in its 77th year Jewell Agee, Owner Publlshlng 406 N. Grand 1-IO 5-4871 306 E. California HO 5-5511 Watts Prescription Kinne's Jewelers Since 1899 Drive In Window Service COLLEGE JEWELRY "Prescription is our middle name" 210 E. California 1-IO 5-3931 302 N. Grand 1-IO 5-3438 246 iscount Fabric Shop Quality Fabric at Discount Prices 314 E. California 1-IO 8-8201 Tom Thumb We give S8z1-I Green Stamps Double Stamps on Wednesday 1110 East California R. D. Clack Parker Electric I--1 Contracting Supplies L f: "You call us - We'1l wire You" 414 E, California HO 5-2844 112. S. Rusk HO 5-2721 Brown Motor T gl L Shoes Company , 202 N. Dixon Pontiac Rambler Bulck I-IO 5-6081 2.14 E. California I-IO 5-5591 FARRAR'S SHOE STORE Good Shoes Cor rectly Fitted 107 W. California HO 5-5361 247 H. L. Massey Vernie Keel Insurance Agency Funeral Home Ambulance Service General Insurance Gainesville, Texas Gainesville, Texas 812 E. California St. I-IO 5-4216 1204 E. California I-IO 5-4341 CCUNTRY INN MOTEL AND RESTAURANT E. Highway 82 at Magnolia St. Elizabeth 8: Joe Schully, Owners A' C d 1- , Jack II' on I IOI1 I I1 i'i - g M S Y Y I Ck Refrigeration and Air Qffz "-i'. w... ,fh,l .ifi 2 A Ho 5 -42 81 . Sales and Service 'I Lloyd Koebelen 706 E. California 1 if J' L. Hargesheimer HO 5-4451 802 East California 248 BROWNING'S JEWELERS Diamonds, Watches, Gifts Bridal Center of Gainesville 201 East California I-IO 5-2262 RALPH NEELY SINCLAIR SERVICE I-IO 5-5301 East Highway 82 Gainesville, Texas KEN BLANTON Complete Insurance Protection Aetna - The Travelers 216 West Pecan HO 5-5524 Good luck in your future years Seniors '67 249 Ranton's Pharmacy Across St t f m State Th t r ll5E tC1f 55521 Temple Barber Shop See Us For Your Barber Needs" Robert Voth Bennie Milburn Arville Bro G. C. Weatherly Paul Buck Lumber Company Per s onality Home s East Highway 82. I-IO 5-5802 The Fashion Shop CURTIS RESTAURANTS X'x'n 0 C twood C loni 1 ' X C twood, Jr. S g The Finest F d Gainesvill 133 12 c lf 5 5771 Hesperian It P Y 1 d t Building and Savings The Association Leopard Real Estate Loans and Savings Account 111 E California Ho 5-3486 Annual 250 Gainesville Butane Company P. O. Box 416 HO 5-6541 Gainesville, Texas Tom Wheeler East Highway 82 HO 5-5462 Gainesville, Texas Sam's Holliday Restaurant OPEN 24 HOURS Our Specialities Southern Fried Chicken Steaks and Seafood East Highway 82 HO 5-9511 15 WEL ING W. B. Ballew Machine Shop East Highway 82 Martin and White Strong's Welding . Service fully insured ' 4 Oil field service 1 GSX N Service Station 5. ix, HO 5-6141 2002 E. Hwy. 82 5 'brig-4 Til li-lwy. 82 East Gainesville, Texas HO 8-8161 Jack Howard Jimmy Lehnertz Insurance Distributor 1 Stop at the sign of the G U I Orange Disc S? 305 East California HO 5-4711 508 Jeffe S HO 5-4562 I'O1'l 2 51 Cl E.M. Robeson Used Bob Smith Insurance Car Lot "The Best Insurance At A Savings" New and Used Cars 304 West California HO 5-3475 303 Grand Village I-IO 5-3541 ff if the Q58 Q, fx midi aw PH 1 i I nl ,,v..., G, is kg. ,Q . ,, 5 n , ' '13 J 3i',f'2':'3'aQs5ZfZ .fPif'Q3.l "t'W'QS'e"Ew 'S ' .' i s5'?geclefgsf gggzggggtgqagqaia 'S 3 c 25 Cahells CABELL'S FINER DAIRY FOODS N 718 East Scott Gainesville, Texas Live a little Dairy Queen Drive In Service Station Mercer's Fina One of life's little pleasures , n . East Highway 82 We Specialize in Ice Cream and Fine Hamburgers" 323 N01-th Grand I-IO 5-3871 I-IO 5-9048 252 Great ...wasne HATCHER'S Drink ff DRIVE IN 5 cocA- COLA A A WZQM BOTTLING COMPANY I Q . 527 North commerce GEO. J. CARROLL 8: SON SOUTHLAND PAINT 1 PAINTS KSSEQ W 4 Owfwj f , YQ Sanders Jewelry Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry Watch and Jewelry Repairs Jewelry and Ring Engraving 107 South Commerce 1-IO 5-2242 Gary - Nees Lumber Company 517 E. Broadway I-IO 5-5536 Big State Barber Shop i Behind First State Bank F l Plumlee Dalry y "The Finest Milk in Town" osifcgimmgt L ff 215' 4 o L my LQMEE y 0 V 'p4DfAY9N P i Route 1, Burns City Road I-IO 5-4405 Leo E. Swick Geologist 411 East California I-IO 5-5331 Fred 8: Ralph Snuggs OIL PRODUCERS Gaine sville, T exas 254 1 Hamburgers, Shakes, and Malts Bag and Wag Service We bagiem, you wag'em , 718 N. Grand Avenue 1-IO 5-9097 I ff vx G NX f Reta la d Wholesale 1 SPORTING Goons kb 8 L 4 "',.,.- K i H Glenn Links HO 5-9541 109 S. Commerce Gainesville, Texas It pays to advertise in THE LEOPARD ANNUAL 1 14 Main Street Phone I-IO 5-4981 BABCOCK BROTHER'S AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Home of Brunswick Tires and Long Life Batterie s Joe Wilkinson, Manager 255 TEXAS POWER 8a LIGHT COMPANY .I V y C-,il Q09 Q is ' 1 6 An invest vvned ta p y' g t 1 ty N 109 S, Rusk HO 5-4371 pfwf,.':'::..:'.12".:,." Linda-Jo Shoe Watts Brothers Co., Inc. Pharmacy NEXT DOOR TO FIRST STATE BANK I-IO 5-4335 MANUFACTURERS OF Gain 11 Q , The Sewing It p y t d t Center CENT ER OF FASHION FABRICS Masonic Temple Building 205 west Elm Ho 5-4571 Annual 56 JOHN R. MORGAN OIL WELL SERVICING COMPANY 402R dl IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE LEOPARD ANNUAL mf Q , C4 Autographs W, fpdxgiggvlgggfw wi 3 Qgfjljffv OGZYWQSSQ QQ16 . WW 52932900223 Q iiwygiw QW? X X50 YM BMA W V Q Ev A if , Q QW? QSM S5 Xin NM mms mms NS La WX Q? SJ Sw v Egpkkmksxx X UN X! 2142659245 Q Z5 C5 Q 3?4Q1giXAZdQQe9,qq 6 FN Q xfggxff, QQ, -E fgiiylf QQ! 6 PQ .J C xp 258 Mfciggxa? I Sl Zoo, gf: if Ngx f G 0 P fb K ff . 5 QL ex SMH Autographs gf? if xii 4 O 4-SQL Q ' gh., gs A-pc V50 C QX EL-f W 4 Cpvwf XXX' -:S gf. Gm JXAK 9 -JT- . 1 ad' Z G! 6 ,, ,- www WW523 'Q' 'yf bww' 26 SQL? J Olizfvvfy 'U -L PK ,W-2 ,Q ug 75QfMnV?w?,f2?WfVfff Aff Qi 1 1,2 vm SSMMWXXQ W M' Jw fn X S 0 G4i5Q',QiK,l1,Q 5 N Ei if Eff, MMS L'3 ,'7'2Q' ? ge? X' mr ' N xgjva f C127 N ex W Jigyigmwgjf Wgwwbwwfgb CP ,QL My JIM 2' SJW M Ngdkfijw if 7,0 My Wm? DfYw3bfZQ'Mw 77 Fm , HQ Q of if ff if ffiff' is gy Ay A 7YNL,Ks.. jg!! tplhxgvam, Qigiqgs Qwinw EQ:sWf1lgflw'?W:,. M wswtfikm KQMTSXMWMML 34.199, Aufogfaphs Wi,E,,M 553 W kifiiigf AQASQQQ Autographs X ik V N LT! 0,4 a5 E 1 YM WU, X QYQXXOX QPR Op 2 XO 44' '61 L Q, Jw fmwge-312 QUMMWQQYOJG-P 1 ff f 'W' QW wx' M4 view W '5fZ'43Ql5K f 55595 Qgtoefaphs Qi wi S igfisgiliyisfifi Qyigwgggw Q3 XV Sy gffgf Qfwfy fgliliyff MW +05 f My K' wx Autographs 264 Autographs 1 M4496-1, .sw-was JN.. , , Q' rumsmms cowmv ww. mi' m WF9 A ii, 5E4i'h?'2'-'Zin Y 757465.

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