Gainesville High School - Leopard Yearbook (Gainesville, TX)

 - Class of 1960

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P55927 Qivvf- ' " .l' , , '- '.. ,'li41,,4 '- - - an'-"Cl :J-,gf - , , .4 . 'A Aff.: -Ld.. v vu' J , , .4 ,,,,,l-F: A' - if ,Ur If . il 'vi f. ' ' - ', +0 f ' , I + rid YI. 5 WN K 5,4-4 Grefck LECDPARD 1960 GAINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GAINESVILLE TEXAS vs QMZQQQ 4 .... 4 W W 5 Ng-AK, Q ' J -eb ,si 9 0 Gre?'OLCYL I ' Y ' ff x , x A J Q 1 an . fm NJ w ' x . -. ."-'Y X R X J. ,,J lt?ef?i:L ' ' l ' x . n f . I . if ' ' - --v 1 A . I x 1 "pf 'H 1 , 2 'D t ' ' ' 'FN v. ,Ng ' J , j1L5'x'f' 'U ' K 4 " f' 'J X.. Al an- oth' -f I -. lr? W., vyazlni V I i x 4 ., 4 + - H ..ff-Rc-fw fffjiiff 42 15.-J .ff:t,..K,,,Lb "H ' - . f 1 -ig:-NX 5 7-. -M f- 'il 1-4-"FA " Y ' ' ' W' ,- Titb X K.. ff" ,f""w' ,- --f" TABLE CDF CONTENTS J IT 5 1 1 -'-F1749-1 0,11- ff 11111011 5 111111 ADMIN 15 1 11 KTION S1 5110115 155110115 soP11m1o1115 1111 Sl 1111 '51 PLRbONIALITIhS 51101115 AQT1v11 Il 5 IN 1111 1s1o1z1u1 ADS H' '," X pT GYe2'cj1e,.nf lfifi 'T X ,AT 1 " XX ' N I ' I T 1 - 1 'T T D X r 419 ' il .E x, , S X ' if 1 ' X , 1 Q '55 1 gd X, ff X ' I 1, 1 n 1 ' Q , 4 ' 55 K ,X ! ' U I 1 ff 1 fi 1 - E ' -1' K F, V K' f 2? Y B' 1 I. Z A ,111 . f t X . ' K , 9 M- 1' ..f . 11 , A "' - ,X I1 11 r , IN MEMCDRIAM r 5111 11 H 11, 111 11111xp11t111 1111 1 1 A 111 1 tu 11115 111 N 1 1 1 mx 111111 1111 Mr 1 11 111 sux 1 111 11 111111 1 1111 1r1s 1 1 1 1 1 1 s11c111 1 1 1 1 1t11r 9 101121111111 111111 1 1 111ms Qclfmhly C 911111 111 111 si111 ' im 1119 1r1t1rCst ID 1110 2 1111 1 1 s1 111 111 hm prceencc CJLI ' ll 1.11111111111111111-111'C1.1i1111511l111s111A1'cr1'11.1yr1.11 1 .s 111 1 ' 1 ' 111. 11' N111 1511 1. He 111-1' 1111 51,1111 114. 1960, S 11' '. '.1111r.. .1111 111111-11s111'111:r 21111, .111111'11.111g V11 111 1i 'L 1 111xc . 11 1111-1'1111111113'111'11111t1'111 1'c.11'N 111 1, 1 . ' C as 11111 'All L19 .1 pc? 11 '11 A1 111 c11111.1t111,Q 111115 .11111 ALI' f .11 11011111111-11 111 111'ttCri114g 1111- 111111111-1 .11111 11111z:1111111113 111' w,1s 1'.11r 31111 just V111 Q11 with 11111111 111g 111111. ,1 1111111 111 1111111 '111' Q .111 Staff. 1 1111'i114g 1111911.11111 14.l11lC.'I'. .11111 4Qr.111111'.1t111'r, Ax .111 1-11111. he wa, 1 . 1 I' A 1 Qing 115s 11111'ix1111, 11111 111' g.1x'11 111' ' 'c1f1:r1- XV , . . 'y1g11111.11111111:s.1111-11111111 1011s .1e 111111vi1111.11Q 1 1 ', ' ' "" .11 1 1 wyftc-1111 13111 11111Q1 111 a11 wc' '1, 1QS xg 4 4 X -v fp uf x,:,.t1n. . 1 1 I i L V 4 r. 'A -.L.:vs..9' "'f' aqua- 3:'f'f' EDITOR S MESSAGE XX'-L the stxtf Ill presentmy, to you the student body your 1960 Ll OPARD sm Cerely hope vue haye made permanent some ot your most enjoy lble memorles at G H 9 All of us began thxs year mth a new buxldmg Z1 new atmosphere and the orryennatxn of new tradrtxons lor thus reason your annual Carnes the blllldllly., theme The lf semors are the X1f'lgl,1lI'Ll ol 1 long, procession to vsalk through these portals m gradua tnon exerelses We mnght say they are the super strueture of that burldmy, xyhrth rep resents our eelueatxon Thus bulldlilg stage was made possrble by the earelul planmng and eonserentrous VLOl'lxI1llI15l1IP ot 1 tour ye rr proeess The lreshmen mrght easuly represent the' foundatron ot thls bulldxng the sophomores the sueeeedrng framework wxhleh 15 bullt upon thrs found mon the yumors the mortar md brlelc Iaeh step ns lntlrspenstble to ward the completed strueture XY e hope that thrs book vull reeord not only the tmgrble stages 1n the deyelopment ol our new sehool but also the lntangxble tr xdxtnons mem orres and experxenees of you the student body Qfwzwifyf Sandra Hazel Edrtor rn ehlef 3' fe fa il llll , 'HMB . , K Z 7' Grefchen 1 ' 1 A - 1 I -A 4 r - a ' ' T V . , , . , . 1 , A, .4 1 -4 , , I y , -V , v ' - , , - ke 7 A A V yi - g . V ' -. I - . 5- - , f ak- , . .. . 260 4 A r ','4'. A I ' Y A ' I ' t ' A Y ' . A . . . , ' , V 1 - A AL ' ,vu ' - , ' ,, -' , ., ' 2 Q ' ' ' Q ' . 1 ' ' . ' 'z - 11 A 4 'V A A 1 I' r 'I 4 ' Y 4 1 . r . Q . 'I - V . . t , . Q, D E! T V 3 I E j ' H 5 '39 ' . 1 'TEE' . 11 f ,rw , ,, , 4 '+, Z E-. Q 1 '. f K" .x-3.-' f. , lll X A., ,X 15 A - I' ,--- f -Li rm Lu 'rr-aj ' ' e , 1- - wx- - be E " ,- I-W K V,,Y,.- IFF f'mN. FQ +-:..:::r 3i 'f Tn? 0 2, 1 ROBERT QBOBJ BROWN BOB cLAX1ON FRED OREUWOOD Pres dent Vxce Pres dent Secretary 5 ai! fx i'::"'Q RJ XY GwePeM4m DON WOODRL FI .-45 4 BOARD OF EDUCATION . Q U . wr ,L A v , -REQ , JAEQR F 5 K M 3 ,A I lkyv . E X H il -, . 1 i ' . .i 4 X - O iz gn E R x- If XZ! fy I' 4' "" I 'M x CX ,jd D' I X 'O A x f zfff lg! ,,x M If W Ham ' A II J X ff Y Z Grehhgh, ADMINISTRATION 3. I av - "f . I Q 1" 1' ' X . ,, ,I . 1' - . fit ' ,TQ . 1 , . 'F , gil' ., ,, Mehr H V y .' .f - ,lf . Q- I , -A N. ,f V. -., A ' rp? , , fzajifn .l. V . J ' -,rf ' ,'-IPI 4 , lf".-' 'Q I W. -V I . f I ,- ,,,4-pf , ' 5, f ' Inj! Q 7 , -4 , "K l 1 11. . ln . . - , I f W. , . I ' ,Af ' ' V ' ' ',. -,N ,- ,R , Is X . ' I ' I .4 -III", Z.. ' . ' VV I Q.. 4' v -.. - s-lu 1 I -':'--1' . --1 f 1 1 I 3 7 1 'U . X, 7 ?3Z" -1 .. -, Xl" 1 .44"' ,i f , -Q - + ,V Z- f' 'T X, -Q f Z- H S DR JAMES KPARNS Supermtcndcnt MRS CAROLYN IYACH Secretary ADMINISTRATION -v' 'CY Sfx MR BLIN P HEXDLIIX Prmcnpal MRS LETA FAH XWARDHI Secretary ADMINISTRATION MR. ERNEST P. SHIELTON Business Manager IINIKKXIII ssl I HI pr' 1"""' MRS. DOROTHY PROITITER Secretary to Business Manager MRS. VIRGINIA RIVOIRIZ Business Assistant AIN' Xxx -yr XIARKI N Al N 'N 'El MRS I IQBI IH BANRI I"II lurugn Ixnguagu fi vi NIR' NAONII AISIIX I rm Imnmmxu VERINON AL SI IN Dmtrzbutu L ffducatnon R' nl N IRAVIS BOCLF JACK CLAX Snxul SYLILIILX INI1them,1t1C5 Athlctlcb MRS C AROI IXL CI XWINCI-IAN IQDLIISII DLAXE cook MRS lox D113 DISIFIITUCINC I' Im mon N'1thE1u.1tlu 3 vw 'A so? 13. si Af! RUSS ROBERTA FLOYD JVANITA HARDY Er1RliSh Mathematics BEN HARDY Science, Art MRS. EDNA HENLEY MRS. NINA KIRKSEY Social Science BEN JACKSON Typing Science, Athletics 'D if I i X,..,. MISS MARTHA l.lDDl?Ll. Foreign Language MRS. FRANKIE LEAHY Mathematics MRS. JUNE MCCAIN English. Speech Physical Education I0 TOM McGEE Counselor V. S. PAYNE Agriculture ...E iw 4--.. . A flu UDV G' , uA 3, , MRS. AUDRA MOORE A"'L , i - i i A Social Science Business 'I'IM MCPHERSON Science, Athletics . WR 'Q'-'Q' MRS. KATE PEARSON MRS. AMY PORTER English Social Science , fm ' .. fy . , ,.,.. 'S si'. .-, ' " MRS LEAH RIGLER School Nurse L- R' POWLEDUE HARVEY ROMANS Industrial Arts Physical Education Athletics 11 '?"'P jAMEb BL DDE RX AX Drnera Imrnml, Athletics BROXX N I. SMI I H bocml Summa Nhtlmcmltxrs Athlctru if l TOMMY THOMPSON MRS MILDRI:D WAGONER English Homemakmg joumalxsm FELIX VICARI GLENN WIISOIN Trade and Industries Musxc "XS-S MRS DORUI HX IILALI I Englrah REX WAGONER Mathem xtrcs MISS RLTH YOUNG Lrbrarnan I R x fix v 3, .X i ,. , r i ' ,J X X . fi ' li ! A A F . A - h , ,nm RX WNW E ,Ak ir , , I I ,-,xjffxxxf N f 5 fb - fx: MQ wxfjf Mix, g1?fff,f2,',Zy,g,T SENICJRS I s i Q G l Q ' 1 ' ,--. ' . ' A - ,3,n. 'li"' . -3 . 1 3 - Latin Club Ilg Future Nurses Student Council IIQ Band 46 PW' 3, 3- fe? ' "' ' . 65 ' if . ,gg i ' - 3' ' 3 'I Q I ,- li ' A 'j - 5' vi? i 'f. gi . I X I 'at if HARRY ADAMS "Some are wise and some an otherwise" Cheerleader Ilg Student Coun- cil Ilg Archery Club II, Hi-X IIg Key Club III. IV, Presi- dent IV, Latin Club III, IV. President IV. 's 'A .nr -N 5 .Di "Yo LEON AKINS u never can tell about these quiet fellows" Rifle Club IIIg Vocational Metal Works IV, XVAYNE ANDERSON "It's a great plague to be too handsome a man" G Club II. III. IVg Spanish Club II, III, Vice President IIQ Hi-Y II, Student Coun- cil Ilg Football II. III, IV, Basketball II, IV, Track II. IV, Homeroom President II. SENIGRS C? JANE BAKER "She isn't as quiet as she I 'T-X -r 2 l f JERRY BOB BACON "His only fault was loving ladies" seems" Hi-Y Club II, III, Reporter II, III, Treasurer III, Austin and Spring Delegate II, IIIQ Football Manager IIg Cheer- leader III, IVg Student Coun- cil III, IVQ I-Iomeroom Presi- dent IIIQ Tennis III, IVQ Dra- matics IVQ junior Favorite. Student Council II. III, IVQ Twirler's Club IIQ Tri-Hi-Y III, IVQ F.H.A. III, IVQ FF. A. Sweetheart IIIg junior class treasurer. f at 233' ! WAYLIAR BALLARD "Talks little, but is sincere" II, IV. RONNIE AL'TRY "Give me today: you can have tomorrow" Rifle Club II: Hi-Y Ilg Foot- ball II, III, IVQ Track II, III, IV, FFA Club III, IV. Secretary IVg G Club III, IV: Homeroom President IV. -E' .IANICE BANDY "Small in stature. but big in heart" Sweetheart IIQ Tri-Hi-Y II, III. IV, Secretary IVQ Nation- al Honor Society IIIQ Cheer- leader IIIQ French Club III. IV, Secretary-treasurer III, IVQ F.H.A, III, IV, Vice- President III. 15 Ame! JOAN BANIC "A woman s mind and winter change often" Twirling Club II, Illg Vine President IIIQ Band II, III. Reporter III, IV, Majorette III, IVg Key Club Sweetheart IIIQ F.I-I.A. IVQ DIS. Club IV. 'ur-1 GENE BEAVER "Late in the night when the lights are out" Trampoline Club IIQ Inclus- trial Arts Club IV. 16 My if 2-141 -Je, Y SHIRLEY BARNES "A maiden fair and wise xii she." g ' .34 BOB BARRETT' "I love Mc" Spanish Club II, IIIQ Song Leader lllg Golf II. III. IVQ Tennis ll, IV: Basketball ll. III, IVg G Club IVQ Nitionixl Honor Society IV. SENIORS Y en, 1-.Qi f BARBARA BECK "Only listen to her tailkg you'll know the rest" D.E. Club III, IVQ Niitiiinzil Honor Society IV. I.: c-civil fy Oi if . 5 .g ' . N Hx' A I -I .fi:5::. .grkiav ' -...VN A J .,,...g5.. .- .-.... ..,.. .,'...'. "l!gS'lffflgFf.f-I-:Zig -,.,.',-fix. :gy-fi+Y'7' Fl' l 1 lx if l:m::'!5r' 33i:"l'-'-'- if'--'Sf' JOHNNY BEELER "Still Waters run deep" Key Club III. IVQ D,E. Club IV. INIARIIQ IIITAVIZR "Her quiet ways npeiik loutlly for her" F.H.A. IVQ D.I?. Club IV. 'Andi LARRY BENGFORT "It all depends on me" Spanish Club II. III, Presi- dent Ilg Photographif Club IIQ Football II. III. IV. Tri- Captain IVQ G Club III. IV: Track IVQ Baseball II. . - lv V I 4' f 'A 1 I f is I 'l ' A C 5 'L f' ."" ef -Ii! l I A I- I Z, gww- , PAUL BENTLEY "A little man who can see more looking up than a big man looking down," Rifle Club Ilg I-Ii-Y II, III, IV, Sergeant-at-arms IIQ Stu- dent Council IIIQ Lmpafd Tale III. IV. "1 x A" 4,0- -vi-'hr 9 Q .. Y A. . ., I+ 4' , nv If KYAYNE BLAGG REBA .IOYCE BOAZ JOHN BOIfI.W'ARE "Easy going and likeable." "A friend to all." "I've never dared to be as funny as I can be!" Rifle Club II1 Photography Twirler's Club IIQ FI-I.A. III. Club IIIQ Annual Photog- IV, Vice President IIIQ D, E. Rifle Club II, IIIQ D. E. Club rapher IV. Club IV. III, IV. SENICJRS TROY BRYANT HOWARD BURCHFIELD "A careful student, careful "When I'm big like papa." not to answer." Hi-Y IIQ .luke Box Society IIg Football II, III, IVQ Junior Varsity Clubg III: G Club IV. Photographers Club II. W .4 fs' +9 Q .P rr, I K -'Mi A A RONNIE BKRDEN "Normally quiet when a- sleep." Rifle Club IIg junior Varsity IIIQ Vice President junior Classy G Club IVg Football II, III, IVg Vice President Student Council IVQ Presi- dent Senior Class. PEGGY CASE "No wonder I'm happy." Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IVQ Parlia mentarian III, Membershi IVg F.H.A. IIIg German Clug IIIg IV, 17 Q .41 MILTON CHAPMAN "Always in hot water." Hi-Y IIs Band II, III, IV? Band II, III. IVg Stage Band Archery Club IIQ Key Club II' IV: Hj.Y II! Rifle Qlub Science Club IIg Hi-Y Ilg D. IIIg Homeroom Secretary III. II, IH, E. Club IV. 'Y 7? I S Aff 1 SUE CRAWFORD "Oh lady be good." Archery Club'IIg Choir II III, IVg Tri-Hi-Y III, IV 18 A Uh. NORRIS CHAPMAN TOMMY CLARK CHARLES COLXVELL "The answer to LI maidens prayer." Agriculture. President Green- lmntle II: Student, Coun- cil III: Choir Ill. IVg Rifle Club III, President IIIQ Home Room President IVg D. E, Club IV. w -it 1 Qf '73 fir CHARLES DENNIS DELWYN DISHINIAN "Alas' I have my education." "Few words are best , Vocational Metal Works IVQ Indugmai Arts Club IV ' "7 f , l7'Ns 3 -Il'DY IJONOHOIS NA good personality and LI friendly mir." TriAHi-Y Il, III. IV: National Honor Sofiety II. III. IV: Ref cord Club II, Fremb Club II, III. Vim' Ffesiclent III, Hozvr-i'ou:u Vice President lllL llomeroom President IV. 5 11, Q nf.. "Q Aff' ,IITANII2 DOl'GlIl?R'l'Y "I'll be loxing you always." Student f.UllIILIl ll. IV. lf.lI.A. II. III. IV. llianist IIIQ 'liri- Hi-Y IIQ IV1 Football queen IV. ,-.i I5II.I.Y DVNLAP "I mint ll sweetheart." Archery Club II, Rifle Club III, IV: ID. F. Club IV. SENIORS 4,94- ' ,J ,N . wi- ' I9 KU L v ' " y J . ii --.5 4 if .f P- 1 gf,-N , ..12.. l.. Wx . .'r: X Ti '--f"' ln ' " 4 . 4 LARRY FOGLESONG "Oh the fickleness of these men." F.F.A. II, III, IV, Dairy judging team II, IIIQ Dairy products team III, IV, Rifle Club IV. BARBARA FORRESTFR "Quiet and demuref' Tri-Hi-Y Il, IV, Future Nur- ses II. III, IV. JAMES FOSTER 'Somebody and I." Trampoline Club IIg Basket- ball II, III. IVQ Hi-Y III, Treasurer III: D. E. Club III, German Club III. IVg Base- ball IV. DAVID EPLFY "Such men are the salt of the earth." G Club II, III. IV, I-Ii-Y II, Football II, III, IVg Golf II, III, IV. Basketball II. III, IV, Secretary Sophomore Classg President homeroom III: Ger- man Club III, IVg Treasurer Senior Class. Q all-4 I K SUE FRANKS "Wandering spirit." F.I-I.A. Ilg Future Nurses IVg Tri-Hi-Y IV. 19 If LOL' ANN FREDERICK "Ain't love grand ?" Tri-Hi-Y II, III. IV- Band II ELAINE FRISKE "Unassuming but always at her business," III, Iv. Flag-fwifieflrlg F.Hi Spanish Club II, IIIQ FHA. A, II, III, IV- Ilg Tri-Hi-Y III, tv. --g, ,W ,F X if ff, . ,usd 2 I I . A SHIRLEY GALLAGHER "Small, but so shy." 1' I I 'N JACK cs uwfho will it b F.H,A.'lI,A IV, viwpmidcnr Blind ll-lllllf IVgTr1-I-I1-YIII. IV, SENIGRS '? German Ill, I Archery ll, u Ad 0 , . - 4233, rv X ,,..-u f ,f L POLLIE GILBREATH JIMMIE GREER GEORGE GROUNDS H D "Two starry eyes living in 1 "A man of few words." "Jolly'and well worth know- I-Cf me Sl depth of thought." Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IVg F.H.A. III, IV, Song director III Twirlers Club II, Vice-Presi- dent II. 20 Photography Club IIg D. E. Club II, Illg National Honor Society IV. ingot Transferred from DeVilfiss High School, Toledo, Ohio: Key Club II, III, Treasurer Illg Football IIg Quill and Dagger Literary Society II, IIIg Student Council IIIQ Pres- ident, Home-room IIg Foot ball Manager IV. . 'R -1 .. -1- .. VIRGINIA GUINN "Rosy cheeks." 'l'r.impoline Club II, Tri-Hi' Y II, III, IV, Band II, French Club III, IV, Vice President III, IV. Bn. fl, ANN HARDY "just like a butterfly." Tri-Hi-Y II.III,IV, French Club II, III. Refreshment chairman II, Reporter IIIQ Record Club II, Student Council III, IV. Religious Af- fairs IV, F.H,A. III. IV, Dra- matics IV, National Honor Society IV.: Y! ,un 11' I I ,4 H -if-' -3. 'L Q' 0 I - .os..',- is fc .. "11'-r- IX X 4 A . ...-. 0 - I CHVRCH HAY "Ain't he sweet." FFA. II.III, Secretary II Industrial Arts Club IV. SENIORS MARGIE HENLEY "Life is certainly worth liv- ing." Tri-Hi-Y III, Future Nurses II,III,IV. at 17 ' 1 f"""J SANDRA HENRY "She's a g-0-0-d little old kid." Band II, III, IVg Stage band III, IVQ Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Annual II, III, IV, Latin Club III, IVg National Honor Society II. .1"? DAVID HICKMAN "Theres mischief in his eye." Photography Club II: Chess Club IV. -SANDRA HAZEL "She that mischief hatcheth. mischief catchethf' Band II,III,IV, Majorette III, IVg Future Nurses II, III State delegate II, Scrapbook II, Latin Club III.IV, Reports er III, National Honor Society III, IV, Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Historian IIIQ Annual II, III, IV, Editor IV. "Ar-F5'i'.v N. -0' -. .4 - Q 1 ,: i 11 F' L. 5 . pfffqz li' s 4 ' 'ii " 5 . ..fg,4, 1 A -.' 4 I ct. , - . . , ,,'l U. ' 'A . . I-rl ' ,' 4 I' DALE HILL "Our ladies man." Rifle Club IIg Archery Club II, Key Club III, IV, Secre- tary IV, German Club III,IV. 21 "Y 15 li K? -1, Q1 .rv-5 'su-ff PHYLLIS HOLLEY "Gentlemen prefer blonds." Tri-Hi-Y II.III.IVg Twirlers Club IIg Homeroom Secre- tary IIQ F.H,A. III, President IIIQ I-Iomeroom Vice Presi- dent III1 Student Council IV: D. E. Club IV. I L e . .viii A S. JAMES HURST "I hear. but say little." Spanish Club II, IIIg Rifle Club II: Science Club III, IVQ National Honor Society III, IVg Photography Club III. IVQ D, E. Club IVQ Annual photographer IV. 22 CLINTON HONEYCUTT "Dreamers never die." D. E. Club IV. KAY HOOD "Silence is more eloquent than words." Twirlers Club Ilg Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: National Honor Society II.III.IVg Dramatic Arts Club III, IVg German Club III, IV. SENIORS ,ep t a' RONNIE JETTON "A small coin in a large jar makes a great noise." Rifle Club Ilg D. E. Club III, lVg Key Club IVg Student Council IV. . '53 ...Q TONY JOHNSON "Of such is the kingdom of Heaven." Transferred from Bowieg Key Club IVQ Track IV. , ff' '-Tv . ILS: .- JOHNNY HOUGHTON "Strong in will." F.F.A. II: Rifle Club III Chess Club IV. I' , .L Q -:Q 'FS DAN JONES "Business before pleasure sometimes!" Trampoline Club Ilg Student Council Il, III, IV, Secretary III, Treasurer IVQ Key Club III, IV, Vice-President IIIQ Citizen of Month IIIQ Choir III, IVQ D. E. Club III, IV. .. v- 'Z W 5 q,,,. .. -s ,, J f GARY JONES Second thoughts are best." Rifle Club II, Football II, Hi-Y III, IV, D E. Club III. IV. as f ly' . A, Q ,iff ae CLOYS LATI-IAM Always cheerful." Trampoline Club II, Basket- ball II, III, IV, Junior Var- sity III, German Club III, IV G Club IV, President I-Iomei room IV. -f:!'?-"iff t . .n Y JIMINIY KEII.. "Enthusiasm makes the world go round." I-Ii-Y II, III, IV, Vice Presi- dent III, IV, Spanish Club II, III, President III, Photog- rapher Club II, Basketball Manager Il, III, IV, Football Manager II, III, IV, Tennis III, IV, Student Council II. IV, Projects Committee Chairman IV, Senior Class President IV. .s P WAYNE KIDD "He takes the world as it is, not as it ought to be." jukebox Society II, Spanish Club II, III, Treasurer II, III, Football II, III, IV, Baseball II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, IV, Student Council II, III, I-Iomeroom President III: G Club III, IV. SENIORS av lah. -ef if JANIE LEMONS BUCHNER "We all like her." Trampoline Club II, Tri-H. Y II, III, IV, Band II, Home- room Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter IV, D. E. Club IV. 1-Q 'I' Q., LYNDA LEMONS "Lovin' you always Twirler's Club II, D. E. Club III, IV, Tri-Hi-Y III, IV Lp . J ., f-" REX KILE "No one is wise at all times." Rifle Club II, Key Club III IV. Q5 fd! ft V7 DOROTHY LEWTER Dancing spirits I-I A II TriI-I1Y 23 'S ang? JANIS LILE "Oh. lady, stop rolling your eyes," Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IVQ F.H.A. II, IIIQ Pianist IIIQ National Honor Society IIIQ Home- room Secretary IIIg Home- room Vice President IV. fi 'rf A? I BARBARA LLOYD "Remember me !" F.H.A. II, III, IVg Historian Ilg Twirlers Club IIIQ Tri- Hi-Y IV. 24 .IVY " 'A ,,, .l at I -4 - DOUGLAS LILLARD "Red lips kiss my blues away." G Club II. III, IVg Football II, III, IV, Tri Captain IVg Homeroom Reporter IIIQ Student Council IVQ Senior class Reporter. .-7 if " V CLAUDENE LIPPINCOTT "Innocence personified." Basketball Ilg Volleyball II Gold-Bu School Stonebur 53 V K- Texasg Basketball III. Cap- Bome High Schoolg Tri-Hi Y IV. SENIORS fi . .5 r' "rn l HELEN LOERWALD "I'll be lovin' you always." Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IVQ Record Club IIg I-Iomeroom Presi- dent IVQ junior Favoriteg F. H.A. III, IVQ Student Coun- cil III. ul 3' N" 4- I ix Q . uf - JAMES LONG "He who has no head wants no hat." Record Club IIg German Club IIIQ Key Club IVQ Track IVQ Football IIQ junior Varsity Club III. JUDY LIPSEY "Theres just one you." Tri-Hi-Y II,IlI, IV1 Publicity Chairman IVg F.H.A. II. IV, Parliamentarian Ilg Student Council III, IV. t V SAUNDRA MAGERS "Better to take time," F.I-I,A., II, IV. h 4? 'a . if , A T7 3: ge- - 11 K SUE INIAY "We learn to be wise by the folly of errors." FHA. II, Vice President Hofheroom II, III, Tri-I-Ii-Y III, IV, D. E. Club III, IV, Reporter IIIQ Student Coun- cil IV. v lo -gat X NWILLIAM MERCER "Who is wise is more than rich." Archery Club IIQ Trampoline Club III, D. E. Club III, IV. TOMMY MCCOLLUM C. E. MCGEI-IEE RONALD MCKNIGH' "Give me a ukelelef' "Always smiling." "Am I wasting my ti Photography Club II, Foot- Rifle Club IIg Science Club Vocational ' ball II, Key Club III, IV, Treasurer IV, D. E. Club III. Secretary IV. IIIg Rifle Club II. IV, Parliamentarian III. SENIORS 87, U 'Z' RICHARD MICHAEL CHARLES MILLER TRIXIF MILLER "Cock-a-doodle, I'm off my "Beliold! A dignified senior." "God loves us .til. Whv noodle." I love 1 tlo'c'i"' F.F.A. ii. iii, iv. inmpuiinf ' ' ' Chess Club IV. Club Ill. Triflii-Y II. III1 Band ll. IV, Ma-orettr IVL Twin Club Ill IV Agriculture III, Industrial Arts Club IV, III. Historian II. TIC' 1. N fl 14' . i GLENN MOORE "A man of the world." Rifle Club II: Choir II, III, IV, Boys quartet II, III, IV, Football II, III, IV, Band II, Hi-Y II, IV, junior Varsity Club III, G Club IV, Track IV. rv fit ii TUNKY MURPHY "He is not only of words, but of action." Sophomore Class President, Photography Club II, Annual Photographer II, III, IV, Hi- Y II, Golf II, III, IV, Nat- ional Honor Society II, III, IV, Key Club III. IV, Secre- tary III, Vice President IV, International Convention III: Choir III, IV, German Club III, IV, Student Council II. III, IV, Secretary II, Citizen of Month III, Student Body President IV. -If .' Y , "iv I I ' x DELLA NEI-IIB JAMES NEU "Patience is a flower that "W'orry little study less, my grows not in everyones gar- den." Future Nurses II. III, IV, Tri-Hi-Y III, F IIA. III. SENIORS GEORGE NICHOLS "If he will, he will and you may depend on him." Football II, III, IV, G Club II, III, IV, Sophomore Class President, Student Council II, Track II, III, Hi-Y II, Sophomore Favorite, Basket- ball II, III. 26 - SAMMY NICHOLS "Always where you want him, it's just his way." Football II, III, IV, Baseball II, III, IV, jukebox Society II, G Club II, III, IV. 41- 'Ik . I -Y 4 I A1 f x . PAT NOON "When joy and duty clash. let duty go to smash." Trampoline Club II, Football II, Homeroom President II, Hi-Y II, Baseball Manager II, G Club III, IV, Athletics Manager III, IV. idea of happiness." Rifle Club IV, Record At- tendance III. YVONNE OWENS "Always happy, never blue F.H.A. II' Twirler Club III Band III, IV, Majorette IV f-41 JIMMIE PATRICK "We all like him." F.H.A. II, III. IV. Secretary Ilg Chapter Vice President III, President IV, District Vice President III, President IVgRifle Club III, , fl 1..-1 RONNIE PEERY "He may not know what it's all about, but just give him time." Rifle Club Ilg Hi-Y III, IV, Secretary IVQ Latin Club III, IV, Secretary IVg Key Club IV, Secretary IVg Cheerleader Manager IVQ Homeroom President IV. f-. iff' . if Q1 ,Ag "He never worries." "O . . . wt .ll ended." G b DEAN PATTERSON BILL PEARCY BOB PEARC ur cires 'ire nt 1 one uf not C Transferred from Lindsay. Hi'Y ii: Rifle Club II: Foot- oklahormz Band IV. ball ii, III, IV1 Track II. iii, Football U III IV IV? G Club IH, IV- III IV G Club IV SENICRS 'ra 'fr KAY PRESTAGE "Infinite riches in a little room." Latin Club II, Secretary II: Twirler's Club IIQ Tri-I-Ii-Y II, III, IVQ Homeroom Re- porter IIg Choir IIIQ Home- room Vice President IVQ D. E. Club IV. ' J I . A 1 , - f , . I t GLEN PRICE "Not a care has he." F.H.A. III, Treasurer IIIg D. ei BARBARA, PRUITT "I may change my initials. but never my name." E. Club IVQ Rifle Club IV, FI-IA. IIQ Twirlers Club ft. ,ov- 'W-Y MIKE RIGLER "He has a why for every wherefore." G Club II, III, IVQ Football II, III, IVg Band IIQ I-Ii-Y IIg junior Class Secretary, Stu- dent Council III, IVQ Senior Class Vice President. 28 IIIQ D. E, Club IVQ Student Council IV. li ...mi TOMMY RAXWLS "It is not good that man should live alone." Key Club III, IVg D. E. Cluh IV. SENIORS ' I JEANNIE ROBERTS "To say no and mean yes comes natural to Jeannie." Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IVg Student Council II, IIIQ F.H.A. II, III, IV, President II, Dramatics Club IV. MARY JEAN REDDY "No padlocks has her tongue." Tri-I-Ii-Y III, IVQ Band II. III, IV, Flag twirler III, Major- ette IVg Band Sweetheart III, F.l-I.A. III, IV. RITA ROBINSON "There's everything nice a- bout you." Future Nurses II, IIIQ Tri-HL Y II, IVQ Homeroom Presi- dent IIg Latin Club III, IV. Y I' C. E. SANFORD "Oh the fickleness of these men." Hi-Y IIQ Juke Box Society II, Student Council II, Football II, III, IVQ Basketball II, Homeroom President Ilg Jun- ior Varsity III, President IIIQ G Club IV. MARY ,IO SAUNDERS "If silence were golden, I'd be a pauper, but I clon't care." Band II, III, IV, Secretary II, Majorette III, IV, Trivl-Ii-Y II, III, Twirler's Club II, IV, Secretary II, Record Club II, Annual II, Latin Club III, Vice President III. WAYNE SI-IASTEEN "Another who finds good in everything." Hi-Y II, III, Photography Club II, Dramatics Club III, Key Club IV, Student Coun- cil IV. LORRALEE SIMS CAROLYIN. SREANS "Love me little, but love me Because is a womans lODglU SWCI' Tri-Hi-Y II. III, IV, Record FHA II m 1V W Club II, French Club II, Club III Junior Book Club III, D. E, Club IV, I-Iomeroom Presi- dent IV. SENIORS IVIARGARET SMITHEY "Her industry is a light to guide us." Future Nurses II, III, Year- book chairman III, French Club II, III, Tri-Hi-Y, II, III, IV, Homeroom President II, National Honor Society II, III, IV, Homeroom Reporter III, Tennis IV, I-Iomeroom Secretary, Treasurer, Report- er IV. 'D GINGER SPRINGFIELD 'One man is enough for me!" Record Club II, Tri-I-Ii-Y II, III, IV. gf JACKIE SPRINGS "She's got a Mrs. for her de- gree." F,H.A. II, Reporter II, D. E Club IV. " Q 'rf 41 I WILSON STINNETT "Friendly to all." Transferred from Lubbock, Texas, Hi-Y III, IV, T.N.T. III, Science Club IV. "ff-T Yi? ANN SULLIVANT "Active, stirring, full of fire, cannot rest and cannot tire!" National Honor Society II, III, French Club II, Twirler's Club II, Record Club II, Tri- Hi-Y II, III, Iv, vice Presi- dent III, President IV, Choir IV. 30 fi, 'UV CAROLYN STOGDILL "Her bright smile haunts me Still." Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Spring Conference delegate III, Song Leader IV, Choir II, III, IV. MARTHA STOGDILL "A friend on whom you can depend." Future Nurses II, Social chairman II, Tri-I-Ii-Y II, III, IV, Chaplain III, Austin dele- gate III, Homeroom Vice President IV. SENIGRS f" 1, af-rr 6. ' 7 1 lr - ' CLELLA SUTTON "Quiet, but always loveable." F.H.A, II, III, Secretary III, D. E. Club IV, Tri-Hi-Y IV, I-Iomeroom Vice President IV. P A 'K A fit gy tv K fx .QL . W' ' - .Y 1 JAY DENE STONE "A dainty miss." National Honor Society II, Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Annual II, III, IV, F.I-I.A. II, French Club II, III, Choir IV. . -5 SUE SWICK "jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers!" Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Social chairman III, IV, Twirler's Club II, So homore Class Favorite, Baslletball Queen II, Latin Club III, IV, Cam- pus Favorite III, National Honor Society III, IV, Cheer- leader IV, Student Council II, IV, Spirit Chairman IV. ,.Q , .1 fi N ,Z BOYD TATUM "To all obliging, yet reserved to all." Vocational Agriculture III, Rifle Club III, D. E. Club IV, Hi-Y IV. W lm KIINNIETH 'I IILRNIAN A 1 an of fur uorrls Rrfle Club II IV Homeroom Vrce Presrdcnt II Footbrll III unlor Vrrsmty u Track III IV D I' Club IV DANNY TII LTR Vs ho mll1tbe9 A Club II Stu ent Councrl II H1 Y II German Club III Rtporter III W DAVID TURNII R Hall thc conquerlng, hero comes' Ban II III IV Presxdent IV Trampoline Club II Vlce Germ in Club III IV SENIORS fi ff! 'r I EAIXAI TOINIMY VESTAL Sincere and smllmng Band II III IV Scxence Club III IV NORQUIST WADE Unassummg but always hrs busmess Scxence Club III IV Pres: dent photography class III, D E Club IV, Homeroom Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter GRETCI-IFN! WAGONER Shes qunet but when sou know her well thats .lxffer en Tr1H1Y II IV I-Irstorran IV, Annual II IV, Art Edltot IV, Student Councnl IV, jun lor chairman publxcrty com mnttee IV, Natronal Honor Socxetv IV "l' ., 'R SHTRRY VAN DUKER Dont we wish thcrc were mnrc pcor lc luke Sherry' Choir II Trl I-In Y II III Chaplam IV Latxn Club 2 ...V BEVERLY WALDRUM He loves me he loses me rot? Transferred from Wrchxta Falls, D E Club IV 31 7' ff lf" ' -,, 4 I s ' I' .4 , .LII V. I ' I I -, ,I . - " 'A I 4 lll' I' -4 L Q ' I I 1 ' 1 -Q 'W' l l I I 5 " ' 1 -' I V 1 -Y. 4 Y' A ' 2 ' - , - 1 F, F. . Q fl l , I I ' I 7 .' 3 , ' I ' 1 '- 1 ' d r ,- 1 - , ' 3 '- 4- , , IV, II, Q1 rwcnh no A sl- . ' 1 ' ' III. IIIQ Ilorncroom Reporter III1 Presldent II: Key Club III. IV: IV: D E' Club IV. v 1 , ll , lc I I ,, I r' ' . - I J . Q ' 1 ' R - 'Q ' ' 7 1. A , I I W I I I ' 'I' I , Ivil- Y I A ff f 1 1 i :-'1-Ef:25f2:5:- I I I I U ' Y." I . I ' I Il . 1 3 I-"L" -1 5 LARRY XVALRATI-I 'A quiet and earnest stu- dent." F.F.A. III. IV, Reporter IVQ Student Council IV. ri INIS WAREN "With a light heart, gay and free." Transferred from Riverside, Californiag Future Nurses IV, 4' 4 Us C7 JANETTE WATSON "Sweeter than sweetheart." Band II, III, IV, Secretary Treasurer III, Vice President IVg Spanish Club Ilg Twirlefs Club IIQ Choir Illg Tri-I-Ii-Y III, IV, F.H.A. IV. 1' Qi' ,es 4: .J r s dl" DONALD WES'I' "Napoleon didn't hxe .1 thing on Don," D, Club IV. J' Z Q-.ann .XA f . U 4 x SONNY NWI-IEELER LINDA VVILLIAMS WOODY WILLIAMS REBA WILSON 'A man of determination." "Modesty personified." "I-Ie likes the girls an awful "Sweet Someone A lot some like him some do Trampoline Club HL HONG' Tri-Hi-Y II, III. IV: Parlia- not." F.H.A. II, III, IVQ Fu ure room Re orter II' Basketball mentarian IV- F.H.A. II. Nurses Club IV P , II, IIIg D. E, Club IV. 'Vi 'Q' 'w GENE W'I'I'HERSPOON 32 There isnt enough room in the whole book to tell about Gene." Transferred from Valley View High Schoolg Sopho- more Class Reporterg Foot- ball II, III. G Club II IV Football Man 1g,er II III IV I ,x -2'-'fy 4. 1--rr+"'L-u-- ' X JUNICDR Gfefclzen, A--lx" ,T "+- Q , E K5 ,N 6 fs W , ,, y O . XR L 'Q .N ' s in t, - ,M , ' 1. . - 'f ' 1.77 f Bud B1 ar I Dorothy Anderson John Arn Donna Bass Sharon Baulch Ronnie Beall or ,H Roger Cannon Lee Capps, jr Robert Carlile Carol Clark Charles Clark lH'll .lL 'Sb nl XX Cynthia Cotten . 'Y 'E af y rl F Q f!! 1 9 ,QL 'no-. p , fa ff 'fa fe an J ' 5 .5 il -21 ... Q yy Q y il . gs ,, ' in X Q X :if F1 0' "Q f ,Y li 3- - we janace Clark Y 4 F Nell Reta Clark Wayne Clark L., ff ya-Q 5142 J Melvin Copeland 539 . .,, 1 . fs- f! Xiu' gs Vi! lbs.: aria Q . 1- srl, Aviv iw 1 r JUNIORS 'Z X' it . X if X yw Rita Cowen ' a 45. Ralph Cradclock J A J'4"' 'A Sharon Crowsey I X4 if" ' ' 'Lj- B 1 R 1 Q' X. , P-R f' ,,- Gary Cunningham Janet Davis Patricia Davis Buddy Dishman Alden Dove 4. 'UW .As K fig" 3 . 9 I 117, ,fl Maurice Gilchrist Judy Gillihan Gordon Goss Jimmie Gray Joe Grotte '. 1, vs f n v--'rf 1-.1 If rj, ft ev- frv, 1, . fs Tommy Faulkner Q Joan Fischer Sharon Fischer ,i Dorothy Fleming "if" 1 ,N 3 ,1 1 j o JUNICDRS Anthony Dresser Helen Dunnavent Jerry Dunnavent Myrna Ellis Joyce Elrod Janice Flowers ' or ' '22 Joe Fox n K 1 Bobby Fuller , ,.-7, fi x we Mike Gentry x fi Q F-I I ' ' ix' 1' Q 4 si? 1 - X 5 1 X Q F?" , .-'fi i u 17 1 43 ff: Paula Grovert Ronald Harrell Jimmy Hatcher Linda Hatcher Joyce Hays P? get 4. r. ,wi ,I as ti T? I Gary Hiuis ff' Susie Heaclrick 1' it jack Henley 5 4 I' - ' Bill Hewlett -" 3 fo .- " .yi -rg- gg. .!a, H' X l -3, , 1 JUNIORS Danny Hoedebeck Hubert Holder Karen Houghten .4 f' .f" YS? fr ' 1, x . - W If Wayne Hill wlf Gary Howser jimmy Hudspeth Charles Hunter William Hunter Phyllis Hurst fu? ,gl JUNIORS Ruetta Lambert Patsy Lawson Richard Lemons ? Glenda Jarrett Bill johns Brenda johnson Dale johnson june Jones aaa .gnf Gloria McCoy Kent McKee Gerry McKenzie Glenn McLerran james McI.erran CQ ,49- 'A , 1 . l . Q , -.10 --4? fx -as . "Rl Kenneth Mitchell 4' -F 'Q' It P 5 1 "' 'Xl IU' f 'H 1,3 . ..., 1 '37 fx f I Carroll Miller Judy Miller Richard hfiller ' AP G' . Niqhjili . 51 if S7 JUNIORS A ,avg 'N ' fr Pat Moore Sherry Moore Eurshlee Moser Harlett Mitchell 'fm nnxk P1 3 jimmy Moss Stacy Moss Edwina Moseley Byron Murray Margaret Nichols 'E i if v , 'RQ R :mfs I I - ' ' ." N q,f .ps X uv- . , '--nv , If alfbl H! ff 'Da' l. fd ca.. 4 ' 4 Sf., .x '17 ff 1 4, Ricky Rigler Bill Richter Vernon Roberson Mary Ann Robinson 54' ' Nicky Rosson 'xl JUNIORS Derrell Powell June Prestage Gloria Raines 'F'-Q ' nl' , jimmy O'Brien Carroll Otts jackie Pace Charles Parker Pattie Patterson ik A of 11 Jane Routh joan Routh Dan Schafer Patti Schafer Terry Schneider Elaine Shaw .,, 1. lb jimmy Smithey Bill Smoot Ann Solesbee Sidney Stagner Tom Suddath wil ii 1- vi l-1 ft f li W, i fm or 1 'x N . Nancy Watson Shirley Watson Abner Welch Pat West Wanda West 1- ry r" Wayne Turner ,as v,-7, i Av- K .151 N 'R -if fp ',. --Q-. , , 9- Skippy Truitt jerry Tucker Don Turley JUNICDRS Helen Vaughan Patricia Vineyard Carolyn Walker i l 17 . ,C an' J! .rf ' J id, 3 Weldon Turner Charles Tate Betty Tatum Faye Thompson Suzanne Tiffin jimmy Trammel 10 f - KY 0477 'J sq in-I CT-I 15 1 ,9 Juanita W'estbrook X fx .nr-ik" aww figs Vicki Wfhaley Betty Wilde .TXJ I Bill Williams jenn wilson ' 7 fe! "Wake-up, Ronnieg it's mornin time!" jerry Wommack Warren Wommack Judy Woolfolk 43' CJ A- I M . ,lj gg XX X - is ff' , V' r X X ,uh xxx 1 YY rfb Carolyn Wyrick f k 11 13' -if Nora Young A . N '-' i if ' r 1 "O.K., OK, I'll call her!" 44 "Oh, those jolly, junior jewels !" 1 ,., . 1 . ' I 'K 2 SCDPHOMCDRES . 4' 1 u J' Q 'Wi I U in s - ' , 1 in 1 U ,An ' n s ,L, of , , . ,,., Q4 'gi g Q W' uun----- if V i iz . 4 U ' h'1'K'eo'3s ' 5 I A N, aibgmll f M 5 S ps L'i:xM . is ' b 55 fgg,Q1 Q my ffi Q 4 0- . 0. .Q Q M 2 gf- -264 . fsk Tommy Akins Fran Allen jonnie Sue Allen Cathey Allgood Turner Almon Angus Anderson SGP Robby Autry Beverly Baker Ella Baker K. Ray Baker Barbara Barnes Bob Barnett Tommy Bartlett Jack Batis Dwayne Beaver jim Beck Lynda Bewley Gary Blagg HS Robert Blessing Harold Bond Sharon Bond Billy Booher Linda Borden Kevin Brewer Ann Brown Phil Clegg Rena jo Brown Donald Cloer George Bryant Virginia Cole joe Bugg Connie Sue Cooke Larry Bugg Mike Cotten jeirl Burkhart Freda Cowan SO PHS Carolyn Bush Frances Crow Butch Campbell Bob Cunningham Gloria Carriker Tom Cunningham Truman Case Helen Curtis Dan Chalmers Ronnie Davenport Judy Champion I. C. Davis wks I ? fe" 1: In 3 . '27 X eff? 'D' r is 41- kt - .4 . R h is X. 5'fQQ 'VQS' ,, J 9 P 'iff-7. A11 H 1163: ' ii -' "i5f?"gi ' ' "4 fi y wg ' ff ,". A 40- :3 A S 4 lif. 9 .Qu 915 X 1 .In V 4 , X , H -Q 1 I H. 1 x .Lf Q .at ' E 1 , .. 7 ' 'm ' 0 2 X Tim Day Phyllis Depoyster Claudia Dishman Eva Bell Dougherty Jackie Eaton Dickie Elliott Robert Fielder Eddie French Billy Fulmer Kenneth Fultz Glynda Garrett 1. B. Gilbreath SOPHS David Estes Gene Evans David Evans Larky Evans Robert Fenley Mike Ferguson Donna Gilliland Ed Graham Larry Grammer Barbara Gronow Curtis Haire Linda Hamiliton l '9- ff V3 PF- --47 .' ' "" l "3 ,z .ff V 'ji il I E I 4 A ' l V ' .aa ' Q if va., ,,. 'Ol aw nrvrq a A F f 2 KA 'E 4-in Ronnie Harmon Sharon Kaden Gene Harrell Pat Keil Bill y Harrison Pat Kennedy Ben Hatcher Ronnie Kilpatrick Charlotte Hayes Earlyne Kline Ruie Hazelrigs Jack Kuehn SOPHS Barbara Heitzman Edith Kuhnly Ronnie Henley Jerry Lambert Dwight Holley Dale Latha.rn Sherri Holley Jack Lawson Doug Hurley jerry Lawson Wayne jackson Kay Lemons gs. 5 Q fl 1' ,.,, A ev- yu' 4 -A er I f A-is lf L 5 -riff' fl joe Leonard Harold Magers jerry Lewis Dwayne Marion jo Ann Liedtke Butch McAden Donald Loerwald Pat Mc Crary Bobby Locke Merinell MrCully Jane Locke Keleen McCutchen SO PH Wayne Locke Steve McElreath Mary Lohbauer Donnie McGehee David Long Marilynn McKinzie Donnie Long Cassandra McMahon Ronnie Long Jean McW7hirter Freddy Lusk James Meador Q? 'TY I ful? wed? X X f Lynn Mecca Jim Neely Nancy Melton Sandra Nehib Frances Meyer Geneva Nichols Marshia Meyer joye Jayne Nichols Ronnie Mitchell Richard Norris Ronnie Montgomery James D. Orwell SOPHS Patsy Moody Nancy Oosterveen Butch Moore Shirley Parsons Wanda Moore Barbara Patrick Boyce Morgan George Pendleton Gail Mote Betty Perry Linda Neal Alvin Peterson ' K i . 'N fn 'B 51 , ' 'S 2, ' or f f" ' 5 i' I Kwan f 3 'cf 15.- X I , . fa' if A ' .gf f p, i ' I 1 JL. H ,ui fa .8 It , fu funk, .-L -1 x L., 5? 'ff .t ' 'V . A W . x x o v 5 ,-4 'no :..x'!r.. gf ,V vi gf A yo: I A -35 , I K ' ' 'wif ,1, ' 'H ' I ,f fr l as " .07 'iv an vi' 1 y', Ar X vif, ---r gamut, Jinx ,fin i gif,-4'5fP, ' e Karl Pettigrew Marie Phillips Kenneth Porter Susan Powell Lou Pruitt Mike Quinett Camilla Richardson Robbie Lynn Roberts Wendol Ross Monty Rucktashel Bobby Schneider Robert Schriever SOPHS Linda Raines Malcolm Rasure Geneva Reed johnny Reeves Nancy Reiter Mike Rigby Don Scott Corky Scribner Dennis Scruggs Linda Shaw Sammy Schultz jerry Simpson vi Yi 1 . lf5'li 1 f' -a P.. 32" r ,F 4 .4 ,f N1 S s T. 3,5 .1 f ,'kf,i-!,3.::f1 cg -- i. 5 , -fir .'r,.J9"'?', x -F, 3, I , ,17- ' ,J get ,4-v ,Y Q' ' ilc.' Q Y' 5 it-i .ES A r gf 'gg X S WN 'Tv 'Sq i YF 1-:sf i r " .7 V3 jim Sims Lou Sutton Dollie Skaggs Vicky Sutton Mildred Smith Nancy Swick W'ilma Smith Brenda Taylor Barbara Stanley George Taylor Rosa Strickland Glenda Taylor SOPHS Jeanie Spears Linda Taylor Trisha Sperry Thomas Taylor Leon Stewart Linda Tepfer Kay Sullivant jerry Theobald Louise Stevens Iohn Theobald jimmy Sutton Mike Theobald Keith Thompson Judy Wardell Rodney Townsley Betty Warren Lucille Trail Linda Watson Roy Trammell Georgine West jane Truitt Mac White Judy Turley Sharon White SGPHS Gale Turner Donald Wiesman Sharon Utley Benny Williams joe Vicari Nancy Williams Kay Vaughan jean Wilson james Ward Sandra Wilson Lillie Ward Sammy Winters x ' mx johnny Wolf 3 Don Womack Carolyn Young FF '1 Cv ' 1' VN ' I, at ' . ' X: A Q 'E V "I want my mommy." C H E L P UV' 'What dxd we mterupt ??? f -I 1 f I f X14 1Q,.,a.l'3g . ' 3233, , - . 1 Q' fl 'A' I if ,P idn-uf' ' .gf 2 1 sf-. if S X X . b X 5 I i c!-I n X FRESHMEN If FRESHMAN CLASS GFFICERS f - ,,.. i ',,f ff -211 ' ' -'l I r ' V 4 K f K .ffifvf ' M Lf! ,, v,!r,,,, X .. A X , ,H x X X 9 Xi X, 5 an, g. - ' iv ' . 4 .+ it HS. . iii - 9 is , ,J ,s i 1- President, Richard Stevens: Vice-President, Garvin Claunchg Secretary, Corky Criswell: Treasurer. R0bCl'f Lemons SPONSORS Joy Die, Chairman Juanita Hardy V. S. Payne TommY Th0mPS0U Mildred Wagoner, Vice-Chairman Rex Wagoner Brown L, Smith Harvev Romans 58 f Ronnie Albert 2 fm , rw in - Herbert Alston -1 f - - 0 -gn' "" Sharon Amend " I ' 7 . Q -9 Janice Anderson - i s gf ii l Vi A A Larry Anderson Chip Atchison Glencla Baker FRESHMEN " A. ff 'f.k"'e A A' ..,, - .7 si'-. 45 is IL rx, .x fx so rf- r tv?- '59 David Bass Keith Beasley Truman Bennett Nancy Bernauer Buster Bezner john Biggar Billy Biggs jackie Blagg Martha Blagg Gayle Blanton Kay Bond Sandra Bond Sandra Bostwick Peggy Boydstun Catherine Boyter Sharon Bramhall Neal Brewer Sue Browning Charles Bryant Garth Budlong 59 3 , 4' ' , , . 'C Linda Clark Ronnie Clark Garvin Claunch Bobby Conyers Mickey Cook Cheryl Coomer Pat Coomer Ricky Cooper Barbara Craddoclc Corky Criswell Patsy Crutsinger Tim Davenport Linda Day joybell Die Mike Dougherty Bill Dozier Diane Duclenhotter Eddie Dulock Sue Dunnavent Wayne Eaton fu.. Us ' Ar h -xf-gp if , , v 4 f I 1: sf ' 1,61 ' xox gi rx FRESHMEN 1: ,J- T4 lx I lxix lf til 1-eq Judy Bullard Karen Burch Glenda Burgess Jimmy Burrows George Cannon Carol Ann Carter Judy Chalmers Carolyn Clark X IQ Q . ' iv -M-..,p .- H l Z' hx '-iz I Ta ff- 0' ""' ' l AY 'vii' 4r"5 'Q Mike Ethula Kenneth Ifmincrwn Lindsey linderby Sherrie lfngcl Mary EHteS Sandra Iixans VC"ilfretl Favors Milindii Fcnnell ,X -vu , A - J ' :I 1 2221-. i t i 5' at 9- at if ' . Q 4.5 C, it ifmgm . A ag Q , vi- 5,10 - J '17 --ni' 3 K gr 1' , 'Y l Q7 I QQQAQ, i '-7 s A K' jan Fleming Lewis Fletcher Penny Foster Linda Fox Rhoda Fox ,ludy Funderburg Nolan Gardener Mary Gieb Bob Gilbert Janice Gillihan Gary Glenn -lay Gordan ,lcrry Gore ,ludy Griffin Gerald Griffith Charles Hackler Brenda Hair Louis Hames Kenneth Hart Dale Hassell V. J 1: iw NW TS -.'i-K 'C Jf 'rf 4 Q F 'Q " 1: 'A f-if .1 ,Lg u i 4 3 i ri' fi X . 764 . x . fxlh, g. X X. 3 .2 x i . 3. 0 1435? d I I M...-if J I' 1- I , , M X fl iff! f 'ff " David Hobbs Johnny Holbert Mike Holcombe Alice Holt Linda Hott Lana Hutson Billy Idell Bill johnson Douglas johnson Phillip johnson Peggy Jones Athlee jurecka janet Ketchum Carolyn Kidd Gary Kilpatrick Steve Krahl Sandra Lane Robert Leahy Joyce Lemon Linda Lemons FRESHMEN li! 4' 'V' H 1' Carolyn Hazlerigs Barbara Heard Patsy Hellinger Tommy Henderson Bobby Henley Larry Henry jane Hickerson Jeannette Hill 91' if W, 1 ,el lg- , , 4315 ,L-. W N, B N it.. A ' x lvwi X, , A f ei 'V' . Robert Lemons Lila-ml.i Lcwtcr Suzanne Lindsay liunh Links Glen Links S.inilr.1 Livingston Diek Locke lfctty Jo Loerwnld gan' , e-Ei ..s ,mi Y I ,ah-AXX I 'l fs fQ K ,ol N4 'N . Us I ,, ..fQ.5 1, ,5." ' . 0- .Q Wfllbhlf FRESHMEN Lx-l....--'A 'H 1 ,gf 'Q .1 ,-'Q if A 9 1 .., , ., - 5.- 5, 15, L , 'W 4 x Q ,i,,,,,,k .. I X iT YQ -1 PQ Sara Long Linda Loving Billy Lubbers Bonnie Lynch Robert McAden john McCracken jim McCoy Janice McElreath Sheila Malionowsky Billy Maniss Mickie Marlin Terry Marsili Shirley Marshall Sue Massey Elaine Meyer Ronnie Miller Sandy Miller Wanda Mitchell Linda Moore Wayne Moore 63 ,Riff Sue Murphy Linda Murrax Malsern Murray Don Neal Danny Ixewton mie Nichols Lawana Nichols Deloris Nolan Cheryl Norton Tommy lNorvsood johnny Olson Phyllis Orsburn Gayle Paclick Larry Partain jimmy Patterson jimmy Payne Larry Payne Patty Peterson Mary Perdue Glenda Phillips Q T3 ,fa .. "5 ' ., S" is - P S 5 , P P 4 J Isla-"E V l Q .si i l 1:4 'La ut ' I 'st a ' ' ' 1 J A 4 " V - F1 A. ,Y NNW a I L 1 'i if P 45 , L A I K 4 - 4 . 11 JL . .- . , A I '-6 . A 'Y , X JR .K Q fy 1 2 4 ZH 1 I 5 ' , ,- YB" johnny Morgan Alice Morris Virginia Morriss Joyce Morrow Dareld Moss Judy Moss Buster Murphy Marita Murphy P if ,1 Lui Z... Q. ,,f... gas .1 LL ps, ,ws Rein Powell Lou Pruitt Bobby Ramsey Shirley Rantlolf' Randy Reetl Gary Reitl Beverly Rex Eddie Ritchereon 3... -1,1 J , 1 1 0 ffief " riff: ri"K al - ' eb- R 'i lhffl V L., sn' ivy' ,, 519- ,A- 177 .W : Sharon Rivoire ldalee Roach Robert Roberts Grace Robinson Kay Robinson joe Routh Carolyn Salsman Pam Sellick Doris Sewell Danny Shaw Sue Shell Mary Shulty Carylene Smith .lo Nell Smith Nancy Smith Thurman Smith Nelson Spires Carolyn Stanley Richard Stevens jimmy Stogdill -1 :gc ,.,. V , M ez? ,Q 1 D' X.- 1 ' "P fl . 2 .ffl " I 4 J i K W-o Fifi? 2 Q ig, Ti b 32311: 4 3 1 . 'rf fo l . 1,5 ., .Q ,N .3 'jj g I cs!" ' -r - ' -.'-xii? LJ? ' .1 A. ' ' -' . fl FRESHMEN Shirley Turnham james Turner Tommie Lou Vincyuru Mary Wallace D, D. Xvaril Linda W'ard Raymom W'h1tc Ginny Young L-55 ,sw ' 0 ' ' fv- U vu. 'Q ':-" I X KX "X 'V l "F james Strength Bob Tanner Barham Thomason Betty Pl-l'llll'Il1ilI'l Glenn 'Tomlinson Eddie Truitt Rosa Ire Truitt Romona Tupman 1' F? RKYK Il 4-Ofg '7 ri , It makes you wonder! Plug nickle won't work Neal. fx xjs 1 'J 5-ai' PERSONALITES YEL 5 'I A ff. K QQ'S'.WQf It 96211 5 ' . I awww is 4-'J' , CAMPUS FAVQRITE Nic SENIOR FAVORITES .IUNICDR FAVCDRITES SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Pr FRESHMAN FAVORITES STUDENT BCJDY PRESIDENT Tunky ns a popular sensor who devotes much of hrs trme to the students of GHS of the Key Club a member of the Natxonal Honor Socxety and the reglonal choxr He rs a photographer for the Leopard and a member of the German II Club We the student body can truly say Were proud of you Tunky' through the Student Council. Besides holding this esteemed honor, he ls the Viee-presldelnt Janette Watson BAND SVUEETHEART .Rt Dartha Lynch F.F.A. SWEETHEART Sue Swick Jeanie Dougherty BASKETBALL QUEEN FOOTBALL QUEEN 75 lb -nllvvlflq Carolyn Stilwell Vicki Whaley D. A. R. AWARD GIRL KEY CLUB SWEETHEART Sue May Ronnie Autry D. E. QUEEN F.H.A. SWEETHEART 76 ,f . -' J . A-' 14' ff' , 'X J A Mag-A f, "' wifi, ..' . ,-7J5qf5"'lA " x NX' EAU x f X- !f 1 A fl, ff 'Q A N , X- 2.1.1 -.f'f' " " , Yi-Y ,W ,gzf K Sl Xfff, 6 1 noon ,mga M . . I ,, Eb ff? ff , X x , .-1 X '- ""f2j,-gntgtrei. . fa SPORTS f , Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville 19 25 19 O 32 26 23 56 15 5 gh' , I?- JAXIES "BUDDY" RYAN HARVEY ROMANS Head coach and athletic director Line Coach and baseball Sherman Mesquite Denison North Side Cleburne Sulphur Springs Mt. Pleasant Paris Greenville McKinney 26 0 0 7 52 6 15 6 18 26 h ' A , '33, JIU? ,. A 141. -frg, .- . "f "-N' 13. i ii? 'i -. i i 4 Q N- 14... ,.. h I X l TIM MCPHERSON BROWN L. SMITH jr Varsity coach Cub coach DERRELL POWELL COMES UP TO ASSIST SAMMY NICHOLS TROY BRYANT AND C E SANFORD MAKE THE TACKLE WHILE DON WEISMAN LOOKS ON rim -5 A 'Q 1 , V' vw 1, 'ff ' ' , . Twig, A R "',.Q4+7- ' , A :Hg .ff ' 1, - i R nunnxe burden Gary Blagg 80 BILL WILLIAMS GETS SNAGGED AT SULPHUR SPRINGS THATS C E SANFORD LOOKING AT THE ACTION l f' jx RONNIE AUTRY GIVES THE FIELD A ONCE OVER DURING THE SULPHUR SPRINGS GAME ,AQ ANDY ANDERSON SLIPS AND SLIDES THROUGH THE MUD OF THE PARIS ENCOUNTER r l, I . 5. ' ' . l Glenn Moore jimmy IN "T "---:ar Sammy Nichols js 1 'V' BGB PEARCY AND GEORGE "W NICHOLS CORRAL A STEER DURING THE NGRTHSIDE f GAME Bnll Penny fi? N ff ri M M y if '- 1 1? Bob PearCy Derrell Powell C E Sanford 84 l l - X . 1' ' .'f " Al., ff.-.. V 'a". '.'f '-'.K- " 0 V 1 ' V ff: ,. , Q" ', . '. , f Q Q . , I V' 1 I V Q L 0 K , . a A s, W f -"fun 3? C. -, ' ' 7 f , f ! 4 ,- K ' P.-I-1 in ' f -I '.'.'.:v , 'Q 4 - V 11' ,-' , , I . ,V t J 4 X ,,,-,ffxfxf -A, Fi. V3-V. ,Q-' dl . t -4. Qi? . ,-.A " ' ' - ' lllitf, , ,jvgfdil ,:.-"'- 'Jn '.1:Q:'j-34.1-,.' .j-21' . .xt 1: ,wr-. -,-,, , uv-'-f ' ' '11, 3. 'if'-'-'f "I7?'T3?- 1- , T . '. ' 1 ' ' ' -' -' I A """:'-4' '. Q'Ifl'fA '-1 4, -T 613 4 , 34.1.x1.- "' f ,.. , .q,-. . 'vi-'Aff 44" ,-f ,. 'if gjguggf .351 ,721 lfffir' ' .A .,.. ,, N N .: xlgij: -nm ,WN nfl. Q 1 Ma, -:N fisq -s Vu nrt' ii lun bnhmndcr Q 1 .sw F -4 vu u tl if 5.9 A th", -in "' RONNIE AUTRY BREAKS LOOSE TO RACK UP YARDAGE HIYFX Quart J- -.-pq. B111 Smoot Thomas Twlor John Theobald P . - 5 -1 , . , 3? . fx 'A ' S x ..- I -. . . "1-.1 'Q k in 4 YJ A ,- fi ' . '-A"'f"'f' ' ' Q,-, -, I--'J-4 X A 'n ' - -J":"" ig-G '- , ' '-g " Au, Q if 1-, Q 5, , N hiv . ' Q.: : MQ-. -.K-.Q,-.-1 'fig .,,."" ,, ' 4 1 'M-,p, ' .. 'W' , f' ', 1' H ,Y r,y+..w .l.,,,':. Q Mfg hx.: , ,H 4 , A , . '-Q WC, .F ' ' .lx ,,-N, N .-..,,.g-55' L ' ' . L B- .- '. . 'H 4 ' stint 1 ,V , 7 .1.-'B H f 55, . , ,, , F . if - . , - v ' X . D ., Q H. - M ' - , ,. - I -. Q ' ax. Q. ' W - A , w ,. , x:.- fu- , . A -w .. A -, f -' - ' . , ! H' K 1 . ' " , 5' ' 1, , jf, . VP. H , ' -J f-we - 7 Q, ..4.'x4'.f ' . ' ' , 15' 1 A .4 Q..-P X, Ar . 5 1 4- a' x . :- , . ,.v'-- , A -.- ,-, '. . vi' . -' px. I 1 Q x . 2. - . foam' 5 . 3' ' - . . . 9 it 4? ' ' .14 r 4 . ' A 1' ' . 'w','v ff ,., fl- K - In . :H I. V .K . v ,D 'Wa-. 5' 1 - ki Q ,il V . . f -. -,, , -- - ,A ky- .V ' ' -lffluif' i.. - A ' , .QM-..ji'. , . 4? , , l ' f ' '4.ia2". ' , ' I .K-,gs--'-' ' .' . ,- 'A - . . ' 9 ," L , ' '-1 ' ' ',-r,', ' ' jf, ..L 4. Y V 1 mt' Q i 19 5 I S' uqis. I 9.5 Q A-:I 1 ,I W RONNIE AUTRY ROMPS PAST WGULD BE DEFENDER aSf,.,. 0' I 'V' ' .1 1 - , X L "'-. ' z, i l ,, X li , -4' s f . I -My K ' 'I , , I I I .I , 1 Aa, - f 'Y - A In 4 ' '. -.4 , 4. "N l , l x Ns- .4 3 V v- f : b - D K K I ' l Jack Kuchn Pali NOUD Jlmml' Mgr, Bfgr. Mg! St. jo Bonham Denison Sherman XVicl1it.1 lixlls Billy Harrison jimmy Kennedy joe Leonard Wayne Locke Donnie Long Ronnie Long Harold Magers Butch McAden 88 Visitors ll 42 53 w b 20 Mike Ferguson Robert Fielder Eddie French Home JUNIOR Ronnie Davenport David Estes Robby Autry E 4-1 -0-Q Q5 'U' -gy 41' 11 Q. Fit :Q 4? ..,-:Q 541 "BY R..f Ol 'J- VARSITY Boyce Morgan Gail Mote 415 Ardmore SAL rccl He Mnliinncy Grccm illc Paris Carroll Way ne Otts Mike Qumett Bobby Schnelder ,ab ff? 1 f-s. 1, .UQ fo , .5 li f . If Bob Tanner Garvin Claunch Thurman Smith ln.. if J X S' Q.. 'Ang .,fvf" J! ff" A " Gaincxx iIlC 6 Gninesxillc 10 C3,1iIlCNXillL' 5 Gmucaxillc IH Cixincsx illc 3 c3.1illCxXIHL' 12 Gginux :llc 6 Gglincsvillc ll Gnilmcsxillc 12 xx g HN Butch Links 90 Phillip johnson Ganh Budlong .xl N52 ag -2'i3::?' S1 W , wx S Tim Davenport L Q, CUBS XYitl1it.1 llllls Ardmore lrm.1 Marsh Denton Sherman Den ison MtKi1mcy Mcliinncy Dumnt ?.,nv-, L.f': F -,fY Z,, . ,lf gs-"H .4" Eddie Ritcherson -w 1 U- Y' 6 6 38 6 26 211 42 42 42 f r XP! Occ G' Q 7 f 4 ,g Herbert Alston Mike Echols 6 Kenneth Hart Chip Atchison l l Gary Reed gf Criswell Ronnie Miller ? Dick Locke 4-Q Laffy Partain D. D. Ward J 1m MCCoy 91 Cn.-orgc Nmhul: Dcrrcll Poxull Wayne Kidd Cloys Latham joe Fox BASKETBALL Richard Miller Bob Barrett Nicky Rosson David Epley o i" it I I p 7 ,ai .ff ' D 1 X Dan Chalmers james Foster 23 H H TEAM Cniiiiesxilln 57 Ardmore 61 Gainesville 51 Decatur 62 Gainesville 48 Denison 59 Gainesville 36 Bellaire 61 Gainesville 46 Wootlroxx' Wilson 64 Gainesville 41 Wichita Falls 56 ,ig a O -ff" J K. -ll cl,it Gainesville 54 Greenville 51 Gainesville 56 Sulphur Springs 49 Gainesville 49 Mt. Pleasant 61 Gainesville 40 McKinney 52 Gainesville 47 Paris 67 Herr- comes Darrell! is 'J .G Q SH F3 Ar. a. 1 1 ...J Q lg. YI Q -21225 E .Z JUNIOR VARSITY Frrst row Ph1lClcg.,g., B1llW1ll1ame G11l Mote Dale Latham Dm Ch'1lmcrs Second row Boyce Morgan Roger Frrst row Nolan Gardner manager Mlke Aycock Chrp Atchxson Don Neal Gary Glenn Larry Partarn Butch Llnks john Brggar Second row Coach Brown L Smith Tim Dfuenport Llndsey Fnderby Herbert Alston Billy Man ms Corky Crrsxxc-ll john Mullms Bob Tanner l Perm, Par Mfcmy, john TheobaldllBob Blessing, Bobby sllnlcmaf and tcmlfrrm mfr-Phmbn. Q GOLF 'ffl fa. pd. not plcturecl Bob Barrett .1ntl Butth Lrnks Mr Frank Stagner pro at the locxl golf course ri coachrng the boys and Mr Rex Wagoner I9 the te tther sponsor These boya entered Into tlrstrrtt competrtron Ronme Davenport Davrd Evans Robert Leahy Tunky Murphy David Epley Brll Hewlett 98 ah' - J '45 f l ., ' , 'I l JI. Af The golf team consists of Bill Hewlett, David Evans, Ronnie Davenport, Rohert Leahy, David - Epley, Tunky Murphy, and , U -1 4-1 .E qi X V 1 l l Z' Ii' "::, COMSTE-uCI7iZ KEEP Our ' - Grefchen ACTIVITIES H. S. SCHCLARS BURN 4232, i E Officers: Margaret Smithey, secretary, Bob Barrett, presi- dent Janice Flowers. vice-president: Terry Schreider. tI'C'21SUI'Cl'. u 4 , l James Hurst, Ann Sullivant, Pat Davis, Pat West, Vicki Whaley, Patricia Vineyard, Suzanne Tiffin. Jimmy Keil, Tunky Murphy. Sue Swick. Elaine Shaw, Harry Scott. Sandra Beall, Carroll. Miller, Barbara Magnenat, Dorothy Flemming, Weldon Turner, 100 C5 cw x The object of the Mary Gwyn Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate .1 desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students of Gainesville High School. The sponsor is Miss Roberta lfloyd. NAUONAL Howon socim' X t in- QW Z if 4 S Aly 5 Terry Schneider, Kaye Hood. Dorothy Ander- son, Margaret Srnithey, Edwina Moseley, Janice Flowers, Dartha Lynch, Glen Mcler- ran, Jimmy Smithey, Gretchen Wagoner, Judith Donohoe, Ann Cotten, Larry Bengfort, Jimmie Greer, Bob Barrett, Joe Grotte, Bill Hewlett. THE MIDNIGHT OIL The National junior Honor Society was established by the National Association of Secondary School Principals eight years after the establishment of the National Honor Society, when it became evident to these administrators that there was a need for such an organization lor younger students in the ninth and tenth grades of the four year high school. lts qual- ifications of students lor membership was patterned after the National Honor Society with the addition of Citizenship to the other four educational qualifications lor membership: Scholarship, Leadership, Service. and Character, XVith the advent ol' the four year plan in our own school system. the need lor the junior group was recognized here, and the Newsome Dougherty of the National junior Honor Society was chartered by the National Association, with the members pictured on this page as charter members. The aim of this chapter is to give suitable recognition to those ninth and tenth grade students who attain and possess to an outstanding degree, good scholarship, worthy citizenship, devoted service, intelligent leadership and e emplary character, Sponsors are Mrs. joy Die, Mrs. Juanita Hardy, and Mrs. Kate Pearson. Freshmen: Sandra Lane. joybell Die, Micki Marlin. Peggy Jones, Pam Sellick. Bob Tanner. Richard Stevens. Karen Burch, Shirley Marshall. .Ty- X. 1 Officers: Douglas Hurley, president, Helen Curtis, sec re-tary1 Mac White. treasurer: Marilynn McKinzie: re porter, Richard Stevens, viceapresident. WWC M -, f fig. il 'lim Sophomores: Pat Keil, Judy Wardell, Nancy Oosterveen, Sharon Kaden. Charlotte Hayes. ,Ierrv Simpson. Mac White, Helen Curtis, Marilynn McKinzie. 101 THE ANNUAL PRESERVES MEMGRIES FDR THE FUTURE Photographers Norquist Wade. james Hurst. Mike Gentry, Ronald Harrell, Tunky Murphy, Wayne Blagg, and Bill Hewlett. CTerry Schneider not picturedl Financial Staff jay Dene Stone and Pat Davis. bookkeepers, Sandra Henry and Janice Flowers, sales managers, Doug Hurley and Sammy Shultz fnot picturedj, advertising managers, Martha Liddell, sponsor. Editorial Staff Sandra Hazel, editor-in-chief, Gretchen Wagoner, art editor, Edwina Moseley, jun- ior editor, Marilynn McKenzie and Sharon Utley, sophomore editors. Mary Estes and Romona White, freshman editors, Caroline Cunningham, sponsor. The editorial staff, sponsored by Mrs. Cunningham, compiles the annual, meeting certain deadlines. The photog- raphers work hand in hand with this staff by taking club, school activity, and sports pictures. The business staff, di- rected by Miss Liddell, takes care of all financial matters, such as selling the an- nuals, school pictures, and ads for the annual. The staff makes a trip to the publishing company to proofread the annual, and they attend the T.H.S.P.A. convention, a state wide affair, in Den- ton each year, where they learn new ideas to improve the annual. LECDPARD TALE STAFF KEEPS G. H. S. INFORMED OF CAMPUS EVENTS ff The I.v'fl!n1wf Tale is published every two weeks by the direttion ol' Mr, Thompson. Erich staff member is responsible for two editorials and two feriture story ideas, The p.iper is printed by the Muenster Enterprise rind several students usually accompany Mr. Thompson to Muenster to le.irn more about 11 page nuke-up and the actual printing protess. Subscriptions .ire sold to the student body and local business firms purchase ads to make such .1 paper possible to G.H.S. Suzane Tiffin, Dartha Lynch-C0-Editors, Wel- don Turner-Sports Edi- tor, jimmy O'Brien-Pho- tographer. Mary Ann Lorenz, Wanda West, Ann Solesbee, Paul Bentley, and Dorothy Flemming Club Editor. Joyce Hayes, Karen jo Smith, Sandra Beall-Exchange Editor, Maurice Gilcrest-Society Editor and Rick Rigler. STUDENT COUNCIL IS THE le- -HIP? --6 Offrcers im .H jf' S nm Kennedy sccretarx Ann Hardx thqlam 'Iunky Murthy presxdent Dan jonu treasurer Ronnxe Burden ucc presrdent Sophomores and Freshmen The Student Councrl IS the one organrzatron rn our school whrch rep resents all of us It rs made up of standmg commxttees pubhcnty cxtrzen hgrous affaxrs and frnances The council has come through as usual w1th many of tts projects Some of thesc are Howdy Party Chrlstrnas party Teachers Breakfast Moms Nrght for the football boys Hobo Day and a newly added one thxs year grfts for the teachers on thelr brrth a s Also durmg the year they have stressed the Leopardvrlle Crtxzenshxp Code and the Sportsmans Creed a long wlth electmg a Crtlzen of the Month each month Delegates have attended conxcntrons nn Greenvllle Corpus Chrnstl and Amarnllo Thls year Gamesvxlle was host to the dxs trxct convent1on rn the sprmg The capable sponsors are Mrs Amy Port er Mrs Kate Pearson and Mrs Edna Henley Seniors and jumors 3: Us -gan, 1 ,g l 'gan D ' 'H TE ' . A '39 5 '12 rx sh1P, COHCCSSIOHS, school spxrxt, re- w l - ' ' .A , ' 4 7 T Y 3 7 l - : d y . I 5' -i fi ,' ' r. -A Q f . .. . ll TX - ' VA l . ' , 'l , . , . V ,M O 4 VCDICE OF THE STUDENT BODY Our busy, buay 'lil' spunsorf "Hey, theyre not free!!! Get your cokes, hotdogs, and coffee right here i i i Howdy Party above and below. K ' . "Twirp King candidates and dates" 105 RIFLE CLUB LEARNS THE ART OF SHOOTING This year the Rifle Club lelrned safety rules for handling rxtles and learned to shoot IH rompetrtron Thexr speakers have mrluded the local game vurden md members ot the ollre force Tue Llub IS du de xnto our teams xxhrrh rompete agarnst one another on the range Prlzes were awarded to wmners OFFICERS Presrdent Byron Murray Vxce Pres Alvm Peterson Secretary Don Kung Treasurer jimmy Patrick' Sponsors Rex Wagoner and jack Clay. 106 Ne B pw FUTURE NURSES DISPLAY INTEREST IN PERSONAL AND CCMMUNITY HEALTH ' r xiii-J I The purpose of this club is to pre- sent a way to interest students in personal and community health, to help and en- courage them in finding out what medical professions require, and what they offer, to help students decide on their careers. Among activities were parties, field tri s, convention trips to Austin, films and ta s by graduate nurses. Sponsors are Cooke County Medical Auxiliary. School sponsors are Mrs. Audra Moore and Mrs. Leah Rigler. Della Nehib, president: jane Routh, vice-president, joan Routh, secretaryg Diane Dudenhoeffer, treasurerg Sherry Moore, chaplaing Rita Cowen, parliamentarian, Catherinc Members are Barbara Stanley, Diane Dudenhocf- fer, Cheryl Coomer. Janet Ket- chum, Catherine Boyter, Sharon Amend, Janice Anderson, Rena jo Brown, Sherry Moore, Rim Cowen, Carolyn Stanely, Sheila Malinowsky, Ruie Hazelrigs. DeII.i Nehib, Joyce Morrow, Linda Hott, joan Routh. Sandra Lane, Linda Neal, Carolyn I-laaelrigs, Reba Powell, Linda Shaw, Vlay- lair Ballard, jane Routh. Future Nurses Assembly 107 F.F.A. FEATURES Larry Foglesong was one of the 15 boys in the nation to receive the Gold Emblem individual rat- ing in the National Dairy Pro- ducts judging Contest. Senior Officers: Tommy Crawford, jerry McAden, Ronnie Autry, jimmy Patrick, Byron Mur ray, Danny Newton, V.S. Payne, Sponsor. F.F.A. MOTTO: "Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve" Members of Dairy Products judging Team, Waterloo, Iowa: jerry Glenn, Larry Foglesong, William Woody, V.S. Payne, Charles Gibson, jimmy Patrick. This year is the third time the G.H.S. chapter has boasted participants in Waterloo. Earl Nunn, original member of the team was re laced b jimmy Patrick. The Waterloo team received the silver emblem , P Y , rating of second place in the nation. 108 Jimmy Patrick chapter pres: dent presents a jacket to Dartha Lynch chapter sweetheart and a necklace to jane Baker e tiring sweetheart LEADERSHIP AND PARTICIPATION District Officers: Jimmy Patrick. locgil president is also president of the Denton Dis- tricti Anthony Dresser, local vic'e-prcsiclent is treasurer of the Denton District. The lotal club also received the Gold Emblem rating this year, 1, 'E 5 fl .,.....i Williani XY'ontly is the state vice-president of the Texas Association of Future Farm ers of America. I Creenhancl uiv Contest XY'inners Wfayne Eaton. Roy Trammell, Bob Gilbert. ,lack Eaton. These boys also rc-presented thc' area :it the state contest in Huntsville in December. Mr. V.S. Payne is notifying Mr. Clauclc,l0f1C4 of being selected to receive the Honorarv Lone Star Farmer degree for outstanding work and interest in FFA. activities by the Denton district. This award is given each year to some man in the Denton distirct in recognition for work and interest in F.F.A. First year F.F.A. members with officers seated in front. 109 -.--...... MAROON BAND MARCHES IN ,. -.Q E Q r ,,..-w---, 1 c 1 . ...AQ r .. ,,4, W .n.,,.... af,-,-, , -I ' -1-.-. 1'-r l 'N BAND ROSTER Ioan Banic, john Biggar, Sharon Bramhall, Larry Bugg, Lee Capps, Carol Carter, Truman Case, Milton Chapman, Norris Chapman, Corky Criswell, Tim Davenport,,Linda Day, Anthony Dresser, Mike Echols, Lindsey Enderby, Tommy Faulkner, Melinda Fennel, Linda Fox, Rhoda Fox, Lou Ann Frederick, Kenneth Fultz, jack Garner, Sandra Hazel, Bobby Henley, Larry Henry, Sandra Henry, Mike Holcombe, Dwight Holley, Billy johnson, jack Lawson, jerry Lawson, Suzanne Lindsey, Fred Lusk, Eldorf Lynch, Terry Marsili, jim McCoy, Donnie McGehee, Judy Miller, Ronnie Miller, Trixie Miller, Brenda Mosher, Nancy Osterveen, Yvonne Owens, jackie Pace, Charles Parker, Dean Patterson, Bud Pawless. Bobby Ramsey, Mary jean Reddy, Eddie Ritcherson, Vernon Roberson, Kay Robinson, Mary jo Saunders, Don Scott, Richard Stevens, Bob Tanner, Skippy Truitt, David Turner, Tommy Vestal, D. D. Ward, Janette Watson, Linda Watson, Nancy Watson, and Abner Welch. Marcus Austin - Director COTTON BOWL PARADE The Galnesulle High Maroon Band under the dxrettxon of Marcus Austrn performed at all halfttmes for the Leopard football games and some of the basketball games They gave several musxcal assemblles for the stu dent body durmg the year and part1c1 pated IU the ded1c1t1on of our new audrtorrum The band marched ln all local parades and m the Cotton Bowl Exe They attended festnx als 1n acks boro and Castleberry and the regron ten contest rn Denton Presrdent David Turner Vrce presxdent Janette Wfatson Secretary treasurer Mary jean Reddy Reporter joan Bamc Drum Mayor john fSknppyj Truntt, Mayorettes Sharon Bramhall, Mary jo Saunders Mary jean Reddy Trrxxe Muller Yvonne Owens Sandra Hazel, Carol Ann Carter, and joan Bamc Pageant Parade in Dallas New Years I WHITE WAVES ADD COLOR TO HALFTIME 3? -A ,fi Fran Allen. Ella Baker. Barbara Blanton. Peggy Boydston. Diane Donna Gilliand, jane Hickerson, Ann Liedtke. Mary Ann Lorenz. McCutchen, Marilynn McKinzie, Marita Murphy. Sharon Riviore. 112 lf m'l Barnes. Lynda Bewley. Martha Blagg. Gale Dudenhoeffer. Sue Dunavant. Sharon Fisher, Sharon Kaden, Pat Keil, Linda Lemons, jo- Shirley Marshall. Merinell McCully. Keleen ,lean McXY'hirter. Alice Morris. Judy Moss, Pam Sellick. Nancy Smith. Rosa Strickland. Lou Sutton, Sharon Utley. Kay Vaughan, Judy Warclell. Sandy Wilson, Miss Christine Kitchens Sponsor G.H.S. is proud of the newest organization on the campus, the Gainesville "White XVaves" They were honored by being asked to march in the Cotton Bowl Parade with the Maroon Band. This Or- ganization is indeed a credit to G.H.S.. Q Captain - -Ioybell Die, Co-Captains Swick, Georgine West, Lieutenants - ay u livant, Charlotte Hayes. Helen Curtis, Karen Burch, Barbara Gronow, jonnie Sue Allen Nancy K S l ., , , 1 fl .wah C Y Q 4 3-" 13: Q 4 44 F :IGN QR. Aims Q r -,,. 31 55,1 Q w .4 6 'Q .gl 1 4' wa fx y 4 V 5 1, ,7 ' , EEE if f-2,2 J K' gm' .,. . - L , . lr ln -sf' -X ,T Left to right: Charles Colwell Peggy Case Ann Hardy Martha Stogdill Linda Williams J .,-XX BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Zan . L.: "XLT 'gyya 1. ,, of . 92 1 ,, W .iq X L. xg' J - X . ffzd, ln Kay Hood Srdney Stagner Cynthia Cotten Polly Grlbrcath Left to right Della Nehib Lou Pruitt Sue Crawford Mrs. Wardell Wayne Anderson james Foster Pat Noon -2 J 2 s W S-1 'Y 'X' . M41 'Y AT G. H. S. Left to right Vicki Whaley Janice Clark Sharon Fisher joan Fischer Danny Tiller Janice Elrocl Jim Campbell Larry Bengfort jimmy Hatcher N wi Left to right Ben Jackson Gispy Bradstaw Gretchen Wagoner Jeannie Roberts Sandra Hazel STUDENTS ASSIST IN COUNSELOR'S .xx A "' L . Left to right: 'l'Iioni.i5 'lX1ylor, Sheila lN1.1lionow:ky, Rena jo brown, ,Icmnic Roberts. I X X I OFFICE AND SUPERIN- TENDENTIS OFFICE Left Lois Left to right: Elaine Shaw, Helen l.ocrwuIrl, Mrs. Dortliy Proffcr, Beck. to right: Ginger Springfield, Carroll Miller, Shirley Turham, Sue Browning, Left to right: Virginia Liuinn, Lora Lee Sims Tommy jolinbon, jerry Bob Bacon. 116 KEY CLUB UNLCJCKS THE DOOR T0 SERVICE The Key Club is .1 junior wrvicc club working in Connection with thc Kiwanis Club of our city Thu tlub lim twenty- scvui members. Tho officers are Harry Adams. prcsidcntz ' Tunky Murphy. vice-president: Dale X Hill, secretary: Tummy McCollum. I treasurcri XY'ayne Shastecn. Sgt.-at'arms The Key Club has helped with various community projects and school activi- ties. The sponsors ure Mr. Tom McGee, Mr. Ed Moselev. Mr. D. nl. Murphy. and Mr. Dun Woodruff, it f5 3 X -,N o. Ng X Q2 R J' . fn. gr a. ik FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS OOST THE CUBS Freshman Cheerleaders Carolyn Sue Brownmg Gmny Young Sara Long Bonnxe Lynch Mnckre Marlm judy Chalmers Sponsor and manager Mrs june McCann Ronme Peery The sponsor for the Leopard and Cub cheerleaders IS Mrs june McCa1n This 15 her second year to sponsor thc Leopard spmt rompters and her flrst year mth educatxon teacher and rs enjoyed ln all her classes as well as by the cheerleaders Ronn1e Peery lS the manager for G H S pep boosters He ns an actne fnendly senlor who takes a bxg part ID helpxng wuth the many respons1b1l1tnes nhrch occur 119 the yell leaders. She is girl's physical 120 JR. VARSITY WILL BECOME 1960 LEOPARDS I n ' 0.415356 Top row-Coach Travis Bc1gue,Wayne Locke, Carroll Wayne Otts, Gail Mote. Bobby Schneider, Ronnie Long, Donnie Long, jimmy Sutton. Middle Row-Boyce Morgan. Sammy Winters, Eddie French, Robby Autry, joe Leonard, Robert Fielder. Butch McAdon. Bottom Row-John Theobald, Dan Chalmers, johnny Wolfe, Mac White, Harry Scott, Corky Scribner, Billy Harrison. Coach Tim McPherson. OFFICERS President .........,,... .................... ...... B 0 bby Autry Vice-President ..... ....... -I oe Leonard Secretary ............... ...... M ac White Social Chairman ..... ,....., G ail Mote FRESHMAN ATHLETIC CLUB IS COMPOSED OF FUTURE LEOPARDS OFFICERS President Garxm Claunch V1cePrei Johnny Morgan Reporter Lmdsew Enderbx Sec Treas D D Ward The Freshmrn Athletlc Club rs an organ rzatnon of boys who at some trme durrng the year haxe partltnpated m some fleld of sports They dxscuss and carry out the rules of good sportmanshrp -f,-fvrvgv -L EF'-1' 'mfg Bottom row Left to rrght Drck Locke Nolan Gardener Mrke Doughtery jnmmy Stogdnll Thurman Smrth Gary Rexd Larry Partam Don Neal Charles Bryant Kenneth Hart john Bxggar Middle Row Left to rrght Danny Newton Ronme Mrller Phxllrp johnson Mnke Cook Larry Anderson Lindsey Enderby Garvm Claunch Butch Lmks Mullms Tommy Norwood Third row left to nght Ronme Aclkms D D Ward Eddle RlfCllCI'SOfl Chip Atchison Herbert Alston Garth Budlong Corky Crlswell Tlm Davenport Johnny Morgan Sponsor Broxxn L Smlth . l I - n ' V V ie- A X .M C 4 I - . , . V Y V . . V V . -. . . K 4 K 1 V 'r '. 1'-,-.a T f'f'?'fTr-132' it?-" ' ' . .V ,--- , v.'- QF, 1 l I J' Vg 5 ' I . vw,"Q'. va -- s-fre.-.1 v-,-.-wr. . -...,,.,.,,..,.,-.V.. A . an ' . 1 V . .u, 'I - T ,I 5 In .- v .' 5, if . ,. . , . , T' r t. A l ti , . Q. , I , A ' . 1 I ' . ln I , ' Q , M . . T . , V 1 XI 1 r . --1 y . 5 A f , 6 - V- 1, -....... ' -A .. A T7 .1 . . . "" 'if "' -' l"!. , 1.f.4f's'- -,. 1- va. 3 I . v , , ' y T 1 1 Y Y Y ' : : s v y ' w 1 H V Y U V ' : 2 , . . , , . . 1 - v . . , 1 . . . . SCIENCE CLUB LAUNCHES ENTHUSIASM FDR SCIENCE The purpose of the Science Club is to get students interested in scientific areas and to provide further investigation and experiments. The club presented programs for interested groups during the year. Officers are Gary Bush, presidentg Glen McLerran, vice-presidentg Juanita Westbrotxk, secretary: and the sponsor is Tim McPherson. Mat tliil it again' ART CLUB STUDIES THE ARTS OF THE WORLD ,si U Wim I This year the Art Club made props for the Camp Fire Girl style show and assisted Mr. Vernon Austin with scenery in the D.E. style show. The officers are Carolyn Skeans, presidentg Wanda Headrick, secretaryg Judy Turley, treasurerg and the sponsor is Mr, Ben Hardy. DRAMA CLUB LEARNS ART OF SELF EXPRESSION if ..,..........- :Q-,' " "" l A"'15-1 'z 1 .- vw A V - ,. '- - In The Dramrmc Club IS new fhlS wear to Gqmesulle Hrgh Sahool A d1fferent group lb IH charge of the program each meetmg and an attemp! IS made to hclp students ful more POlS6d 1n from of a group The club has made a const1tut1on and has selected pms OFFICERS Danny Trller Vrce Pres Lora Lee Srms Sec Reporter Beverly Baker Treasurer I Inga: Lf 3 ' .V -1 V, , 4 ,' " lc A . jerry Bob Bacon ...,............................ P-resident A 1 if TRY HI Y STRIVES TO MAINTAIN HIGH The Trl hly IS an organrzatron for hrgh school glrls to romote Chrlstlanlty IU the home school and communlty lt IS dm ed mto three groups Chrrstran Frrends Chrrstun Buxlders and Chrrstnan Thmkers Some actmtres clurrng the year were a slumber party Chrlst mas dance ch1l1 supper Sweetheart Banquet and Lrttle Boy Lrttle Gxrl dance Baskets of food and clothmg were proynded by the club at Thanksgmng and Chrrstmas for needy funllles In February represent atrves attended Youth and Goxernment In Austm Thrs IS a mock legxslature whlch teaches one by partrcnpatlon about our state goyern ment Several members also attended Sprmg Conference Sponsors are Mrs Dorothy Teague and Mrs Nrna Krrksey CABINET Presldent Ann bulllyant Vlce Pres Dartha Lynch en jan Bantly lrca can Wrlsorm boclal Chart bue byxnck Assxst sondra Bell Publltxty Llldlf Pat Dux: Judy Llpscy Hlstorlan Lxretchen Xwagonu Welfare Clldll' joan Flsnher Membershlp Chair Peggy Case Pramst Alma Holllmln CLLB PREQIDPNTS Scmor Kay Pre-stast Junlof XV1I1LI3 West Sophomore NIUCS SWILI4 Austm delegates Dartha Lynch Lou button and Sandra Hazel 'lhc slumber party Included wrcst Img matches? - - , . W , ,, S 1 .................,,,.................... ' ' . . . , 5 ' ' . Song Leader .,,,. . ...,,, Carolyn Stogdill X A A 1 ' f 7 4 I I I 'IA''L'LfQffffffffffI I 'A 1 I F I - U V . . K . . . , , . . ' - 1 A v I I . , V ' U V V 5 L V - f I I . r . Y' ' r . . . v t . ' K . l . L L V ' - V S 1 I-14 Y I W, STANDARDS OF CHRISTIAN CHARACTER SENIORS CHRISTIAN FRIENDS JUNIORS CHRISTIAN BUILDERS SOPHOMORES CHRISTIAN THINKERS 3'-313 'hr- HD ' ' ' " , " R . , . , Q' ' -. . . l A n rx ' Z , . ,1 .. - , , 0-.AN . I A EII r I - , E , tv . F Z' . QI - - Q L I ' 4- If J L- ' Y 3 U ' a ITIIS-will T , , f C T 'L ' - . ,. V f . -. Sw -wa.-L 4 I T .V I ' 'T' 'Q-po-me '7'.'T?5. 9. .. C... ., HI-Y LEARNS ABOUT STATE GOVERNMENT L A-1 - Officers Anthony Dresser, presidentz Jin Keil, vice-president: Ronnie Peery fnot Picturedj, secretary-treasurerg Pat Noon fnot picturedj, Chaplainz Turner Almon, Sgt.-at-arms. Austin delegates Larky Evans, jim Keil, Anthony Dresser. -. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to cre- ate, maintain, and extend a high standard of Christian character. The Big-Y Club of G.H.S. has been represented at two district conferences and one state conference during the past year. On the local scene, the club has sponsored a hay ride and a dance for its members. An interesting variety program presented for the student body was also a part of this club's activity. Q V,-. 4 ,."' ,, . . v ia - al VGCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUB PREPARES TODAY FOR LEADERSHIP Pictured left to right are Delwyn Dishman, Sonny Wheeler, Richard Lemons, Bill johns, james Neu, Leon Aiken, Bobby Mc- Gehee, Dick Shultz, and Kent McKee. Pictured at the right are Richard Lemons, club president, Camel- lia Pyburn, club sweetheart, and Mr. Vicari, club sponsor. -I O Z 0 70 70 0 2 'AL TV I ff x ga SKILL X' ev 'Avo 9 o lx A U5 55 5 'Sa o 'lf ' 3 if Qt X CLUB The Vocational Industrial Club is com- posed of students enrolled in metal shop work in G. H. S. In their emblem above the axle represents Divine Force around which all things revolve. The hub represents the individualg the star represents the home, the school, industry, the community, and the state of Texas where we work in the pro- duction of goods for the service of our people. The triangle represents knowledge, experience, and skill. The gear represents the binding circumference of the whole of our state life and the gear teeth all in- dividuals bound together in their effort for more efficient work. CHCRAL HITS A NEW iltclyecil CHOIR ROSTER First rowz Raymona VC'hite, janet Ketcham, Judy Lipsey, Grace Robinson, Tommie Lou Vineyard, Sue Crawford, C. B, Sanford, Melvyn Copeland, Pat Keil, Dicy Biggar, Betty Thurman, Peggy Case, Cheryl Coomer, Sue Shell. Second row: Rita Stewart, Sue Dunnavent, Carolyn Stogdill, Sue Swick, Sara Long, Mary Estes, Peggy Boydstun, Sammy Schulz, Boyce Morgan, Sammy Nichols, Keleen McCutcheon, Gayle Blanton, jane Hickerson, Sharon Rivoire, Ginny Young, Lois Beck, Sherrie Engle. Third row: Carolyn Bush, jean McWhirter, Betty Tatum, Penny Foster, Linda Ward, Sandra Bostwick, Ronnie Henley, Ben Hatcher, Glenn Moore, Sammy Winters, Romona Tupman, Linda Moore, jaydene Stone, joy Jayne Nichols, Alice Morris. Fourth row: Bonnie Lynch, Sue Browning, joybell Die, Karen Burch. Nancy Smith, Harold Magers, Robert Fielder, Wayne Shasteen, Larry Hill, Bobby Barnett, Nancy Swick, Dartha Lynch, Alma jean Potts, Martha Blagg, Nell Rita Clark. Fifth row: Georgine West, james Long, Ronnie jetton, Richard Michael, Pat Kennedy, Alvin Peterson, George Nichols, Curtis Haire, Tommy McCullum, Karl Pettigrew, Charlotte Hayes. 128 HIGH IN MUSIC -t The members of the select choir are left to right Grace Robinson. Sue Crawford. joye Jayne Nichols. Ron- nie Henley. Sue Swick. Carolyn Stogdill. Pat Keil. Martha Blagg. Karl Pettigrew, Alma Jean Potts. joy- bell Die. Sammy W'inters. Dartha Lynch, Glenn Moore. Nancy Smith, Georgene West. Pat Kennedy. Charlotte Hayes. Nancy Swiclc. Ben Hatcher. Amahl and the Night Visitors, December 15, 1959. Leopard Follies, january 25, 1960 w 'I 45 All F. H. A. PREPARES FOR A3 OFFICERS PrC51d6nt ..... - ..................................... Jane Baker Program ........ . Projects ......... Reporter ........... Parliamentarian Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary ........... Janice Flowers Beverly Baker Karen Jo Smith Sandra Peterson Mary Reddy Lana Hutson Kay Bond Pianist ...... ...... N ancy Smit Treasurer .......... 'r i h. Frances Crow QUAKER +0 awww, . uf u., il? f A 2 ' X -.2 3. tm-N . Q N514 YV HCJMES OF TOMGRROW The Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of pupils studying home- making in junior and senior high schools of the United States and Territories. As an integral part of the program of home economics in the schools of America, it offers opportunity for the further development of pupil initiative in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. During the school year the Gainesville High School F. H. A. took a food basket to a needy family at Thanksgiving, sent cards to patients in Wichita Falls, made Valentine favors for trays at the local hospitals, put on an Easter style show, and gave a Mother-Daughter tea. The club also sent four delegates to the Area V F. H. A. House of Delegates meeting. GAINS EXPERIENC The Distributive Education club has seventy-eight mem- bers with two able sponsors, Mrs. Doyle Taliaferro and Mr. Vernon Austin. The main purpose of this club is to help career minded students to make their choice of a vocation and gain business experience. Gainesville High School can boast being the only school in Texas with a dual D. E. program. The club has taken many field trips during the year to Dallas and Ft. XVorth. Other activities were the style show in Feb- ruary ,and employer-employee banquet in April, and a club sponsored career day. The club sweetheart is Sue May, who with six other delegates went to the state convention in San Antonio. There they participated in numerous contests with D. E. students from all over the state. The D. E. club this year played an important role in the activities of our school. D. E. II Charles Colwell, vice-presidentg Sue May presidentg Lynda Lemons, secretary-treasurer Phyllis Holley, reporterg Dale Hill, parliamen tariang Mr. Austin. sponsor. IN WORLD OF BUSINESS 5' D. E. II - X 4 I. V . A. ki, '., V In Q ' V . ". - If v D. E. II D.E.I D. E.I LATIN CLUBS STUDY LI HABITS OF ANCIENT FE AND ROME The Latin II Club learned about Roman culture, their every day habits and their customs, re- ligions, and sports. The students enjoyed singing songs in Latin and adapted many American games to Latin usage. They also helped with the purchase of the foreign lan- guage department record player. A Roman banquet complete with costumes and eating while reclin- ing on pillows was enjoyed by the students. The officers are president ffirst semesterj Harry Adams, fsecond semesterj Carroll Miller, vice pres., Janice Flowers, secre- tary-treasurer, Ronnie Perry, and their sponsors are Cfirst semesterj Mrs Baskette and fsecond semes terj Mrs West The Latin I Club this year is a member of the junior Classical League They enjoyed making signs for the Latin bulletin board and had a Roman banquet The club also furnished slaves for the Latin II banquet Their officers are resident jimmy Kell vice presi ent Doug Hurley secre tary treasurer jane Locke report er Gordon Goss and their spon sor is Miss Martha Liddell Miss Liddell and Mrs Baskette dont seem to be used to eating while lying on the floor on pillows' if ,Q - a K I- i ' x . 1 . . 5 . 'A . . , . . S . Q i ' . , . w , ' 1' . ' . at.. 'kbgt ' ' 1: :Q U ll ' Q l FRENCH CLUBS DISCOVER HOW ROMANTIC FRENCHMEN LIVE A at I we fag- OFFICERS OF FRENCH I President ........ ....,........ I' Ielen Curtis Vice Pres. ...., ......,.... R ichard Stevens Sec, Treas. ...,, ...,,.. 1 ohnnie Sue Allen Members of the French I Club took turns presenting a program at each weekly meeting. These programs included songs, games, French history and a Christmas party. They con- tributed toward the foreign language department's record player. OFFICERS OF FRENCH II President .,,.... ..... J immy Smithey Vice Pres. .. ....... Gingi Guinn Sec.-Treas. ., ........ Pat Davis Among the activities of the French II Club was their assistance in financing the new record player. Some of the club periods have been devoted to decorating the French section of the bulletin board. Club Motto: Chacum Pour Soi GERMAN CLUBS LEARN OF GERMANY'S CUSTCMS AND CULTURE Hi THE GERMAN II CLUB Students of the German ll club carry on business meeting, play German games, and sing German songs. The club motto is Zwei Deutsch Klasse ueber Alles. The officers of the German II club are president-Helen Loerwald, vice-president Mary jean Reddy, and secretary-treasurer-Dorothy Anderson. The members of the German II club are left to right Mary jean Reddy, jimmy Kennedy, David Turner, Helen Loerwald, jack Garner, Mrs. Jardine, the second semester teacher, james Foster, David Epley. Patricia Vineyard, Terry Schneider, Kaye Hood, and Tunky Murphy. Der Deutsch Verein '59, among varied activities has presented their programs pertaining to the history, the cu ture, the arts of Germany. Each member has con- tributed to the knowledge of his fellow students and has enjoyed listening to German records on the record player which he helped to buy. The officers of the German I club are Dan Chalmers, president: Lindsey Enderby, vice-president, Charles Tate, secretary-treasurer. The members of the German I club are left to right Mrs. Baskette, first semester teacher, Bill Smoot, Rodney Townsley, Ronald Harrell, Marilynn McKinzie, Kay Robinson, joe Grotte, Angus Anderson, Linda Neal, joe Bugg, Ray Baker, Fran Allen, Keith Thompson, jan Fleming, D. D. Ward, Tim Davenport, David'Bass, Charles Tate, Herbert Alston, Dan Chalmers, Charles Parker, and Lindsey Enderby. 136 v- SPANISH CLUB STUDIES CUSTOMS SOUTH OF THE BORDER The students taltlng Spamsh I are members of the Los Amrgos Club and IH turn thexr club IS a member of thc Pan Amerrcan Student lorum of Texas The members enloyed a Spanlsh supper rn December and partrcl atc dally rn oral readrng an study of Spanrsh newspapers ably assrsted by thelr sponsor Mrss Martha Lrdell The club plans to send delegates to the Pan American Student Forum Conxentron IH San An tomo thls sprmg Los Amrgos Barabra Stanley Drane Dudenhoeffer Cathy Boyter janxce Anderson Donna Grllrland Neal Brewer Marsha Meyer Wanda Moore Pat Moody Claudra Drshman Tom Cunnrngham Ronnre Davenport Brll Hewlett Ann Cotten Barbara Bullard jack Batrs Bud Pawless Robert Shultz Offrcers Turner Almon presrdent Karen Houghton vrcepresrdent Edwma Moseley secretary treasurer Davrd Estes reporter STAGE BAND PROVIDES NEW ENTERTAINMENT Stage Band Members Front row Bob 'lanner steele gurtar Charles Parker Sandra Henry Lou Ann Freclerrck Judy Mrller Sknppy Trurtt Abner Welch saxophones jack Lawson prano Second row Bud Pawless drums Daud Truner jack Garner Trm Daxenport coronets Dwrght Holley Lee Capps Norms Chapman Dean Patterson trombones 137 .. 1 t 7 1 : , I , I , , . , , , , , , , , , , , ' l 1 l D 1 Y , 3 , 3 I ' Z , ' 3 , - - Q. '. , , A 1 6 ' . Vi . 5 L p 1, - I 1 S . 4 - 5 1 . 2 ' i Q I ' -T' A A f , t 1 r X, - gg Y Y I 4 .' .' , A I , - - - . s A ' 2 , v j A U - . . 5 , . , . 5, - f - . .L- - . .f - 1 J 1 L - .- - 'Q I 3 . ' 5- ' Q r 4 .' . ' 1 ' 1 V. . ' ' ,V t 1 , I , , Q g lv 1. Q , l- Y .e F- - . 4 I 1 i ft . - 1 . .35 i , . A p , 1 1 . A, V V ' N ' A . 5 .,. j 5 t .- A . A .. , , 5 ' . r . " A , ,." V' . - M, ' L - 1 . - ' '. .V , - lo it 9 V Y , ' I .I A t A e . J . T I ' I 1 - - '. gtxfs g',7v . . z : , Z . , , r , , 9 , - 3 , 5 , y ' 1 Z 7 l Y Y ' THESE ARE NEW FACES AT G. H. S. ON 5 Q0 Left to rrght Duck bchultzioledo Ohio lNorman Abu: Olclahoma Llty Iommy Mul lms Lubbock Larry Rlke fort Wklffh Robert Srhultz lolcdo Ohm '-rl f. Q-'gl 5 L. iv Left to rlght Lmda Gandaroff Ardmore Oklahoma Shrrley Latham Monahans Texas Brenda Kay Mosher Toledo Ohro Rrta Stewart Callrsburg Texas Mary Foster Maryland Mary Bradshaw Chnckasha Oklahoma 138 GIRLS ATHLETIC CLUB ENJCJYS GYMNASIUM ACTIVITIES Q 'Qt ' ffffy- iEL,",'..Z, .U 'r T 1. -3 I ,M ' ., 0 , Y' 5-Qu,-.r.j-,, . - I 3-A - A ff' if 1 1--1-1' ' ' ' 'V 'fs ,,, '-.'i-12,5 1 '1 X-pc 24- Jfziwas- ... . . , .' s'-.,-'.-wf-.- ..- - , 5 - . , asf . f wfg htf W. 1 ..' ,. 1. "fx ' 'N Iwi, , ,L-Q The members of the Girls Athletic Club are Deloris Nolan. Mary Lobarcl. Mildretl Smith, Robbie Rob- erts, Mary Bradshaw, Gayle Paclilc, Nancy Melton, Carolyn Young. Kay Bond, Janice Mclilreath. judy Chalmers, joybell Die. Betty jo Loerwalcl, Mary Gieh, Sharon Bramhall, Patsy Crutsinger, Harley Mit' chell, Glenda Garret, Leta Faye Beeler, and Getty Perry. Their sponsor is Mrs. june McCain. -.2 ,4-:Ki J "Mr, Austin and children "You'lI get fat" "Alah, alah! 139 ALMA MATER Hall To Cur Alma Mater Her Vlrtues So True Keep Our Hearts Filled With Love Ever New Unlted We Stand Galnesvulle Hugh Hall To Thee Hall All Hall. For Her Knowledge, Her Guidance l ' " 'I Y i A MKII . - U u ,, , J J - ,B-1 ' 1 1 Z. 1 L. 'f fa- Lf v . k ,, .nog X... W V Alu A sl: V fm! fn at 51 HES-.hid Q 1 . 1 , .ll lr 4 ' ' x I : N? 55,532 8 l, Q if jf if' 'J 1 Y " ag 1' A BW-' i Y r +fr- ' aligned J' 2 A. 4, , A OK pnrdner the jug IS up' Famous balloon blowers of GHS. Walt for me, Daddy Q4 144 "Charise is learning how." "Our U'335Y'S0lU' teacher. "It's only a gavel, Dartha!" "So what.'s the matter with the photographer??? U J .f 'U Wyl K ,T " - wflw 171 Slit' . ' ' 3 ,x w-a x 'Q 'in A 3 I i ga. Q' wifi- u 5:1212 ugh' 4 iff i ,iw 15 ,,. You put your foot in it again, Richard!" vw' 1' ' '- isgfil . . ,Y . a qv- : Q ..i"fi-,' 1' ' 6 ' f" ,. I . gf-' ,xl ' ,try Pali? si fl ,-gi Nga' fs , , I ' if ' ' ghn 1 4 f 3 92 "Voices in fashions." Why so mad Ronnie? I it E55 , 'mm I '-4 ff ua' , ,-3 's L' .1 ' ks ii", ,-.. .'-fivff, 5'U'Q'Q'-.rf-' A Y V, wr,-. -gg to V y f' "Yes, I voted for Tom !" "I heard that too!" "Out dcbonair Charlie I x 3' That should beeen ugh, Sammy!" I i if 5 Mmm V , V,-,A ,K , "Congratulations Sharon and Lindsey," 147 V, 'L "Grit your teeth!" H ., 0- wk Y J 1 if . 5.111 'A . V " Aa. f , A, wa , . , , , -.1 Q 'un' 'f' 4 ' v 'Y -v' ,.--N 1: 1 ' EETTM' wr - .. . ,mf gnu - -rm-" .0-ra, -.--Q MTI. M lm- 1 ff ,raw "Yea Leopards" W I H Edwina, in love?" "Look Maw, no hands!" X "It must have been interesting." W.. "Honoring our Moms!" 149 N I af' , " .n4"" ..-f""' 7 I Q 1 l fl it ME? Q x 4 fo xvs I 1 vc-ne- -JOM-W v. 1-, N ' K ! Q ' . 4, In X ' "FQ . "Aw, shucks, I'm c-mburlxxscd. fc-IlersF" I u ., -y 2, ' 'He-y, they've got the beat!!!" ,. 4. Q - 1 , 'S 17. vm 1' dir ,J :xii just too scandulous, I hear ' ' X2 - I v. .- V x, - d !" I Q 1 , , , f 2 1 I ' C "Dancing in my dreams ----- !' , .lm ,I fir: qv-Q 0, ,.. 1 1 ,, "Show 'em how, Sandy!" x 4 n 1 2 IN MEMORIAM 'ii' Those of us who knew and loved Mnss unc Adeonk mnss her m the halls ot C H thxs year I ? 5-1- . Y , J I A W . A. . hem- 1" "7" Q I I ' W Q ..- Q' Ag B-4. ,W-M 1 V 0-'fcM out for Fmllin A8503 C'-f,--,,:I-. --:,. "1 Gr G-it-31 5 A 155 BUCKINGHAM S Prmtxng an Off1ce Supphes School Supphes Statlonery Fashions for Women G1ft5 vuth men ln mind ROY DAVIS BARBER SHOP C AND F BARGAIN FURNITURE STORE Complete Lme of Home Furmshmg 111 N Rusk HO 5 9183 for the Young at Heart SWINDLE PHARMACY Walgreen Agency Phone H0 5 5521 Gamesvllle Texas 115 E Cahfornla C W Lee Ray Phelps LEE-PHELPS LUMBER COMPANY Bu1ld1ng Materlal of All Kmcis Phone HO 5 6191 P O Box 675 E Hnghway 82 Gamesvllle, Texas d . "We appreciate your patronage" The Manhattan Clothiers Leo M. Kuehn Gainesville Texas Wherev K G A F er you go there s radio CABELLS MINIT MKT 205 N Grand Open 7 10 7 Days a Week Phone 5 6571 HOLLOWELL FORD DILLY DIP DRIVE IN Hamburgers Sandwiches Malts 8a Shakes 507 W California HO 5 9431 Congratulations SANDERS IEWELRY Watches Diamonds and Repairs of all kinds 112 N Commerce Street Mr 8: Mrs Walter Sanders Owners AM FM 700 W. California TOMMIE LOU S FINE SHOES Aughtry s Flowers 8 SothCles H5221 TH E NATIONAL SU PPLY COMPANY GAINESVILLE, TEXAS C g tulations Seniors 202 North Dix Ph HO 5-6081 G ' s '11 T s 9 02 f Ph O - . TYLER S SIMPSON COMPANY Wholesale GIOCGIIGS Servmg the Independent Retaller Smce 1879 Pr1nc1pal Ofhce Gamesvrlle Texas Ardmore Oklahoma Norman Oklahoma VERNIE KEEL FUNERAL HOME Amb lance Ser 1ce Phone HO 5 4341 1204 E Cal forma Turner Hotel S Restaurant 1 Branch Houses u V' - . i ' THE MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE The Chr1sta1n falth 1S not an electlve course 1n the school of l1fe but IS a requ1red study 1n the develop1ng of a well bal anced l1fe have a place for the church 1n your schedule? The churches of Ga1nesv1lle 1I'1V1l9 you to fmd your place and become an act1ve partlclpant 1n the program of Chr1st1an SGIVICS GAINESVILLE TEXAS The church has a place for you in its schedule. Do you Since 1884 S KADEN THE FLORIST Chorce cur F10 ers Phone HO 5 5221 Compl ments of STREET PHARMACY BELL INSURANCE AGENCY Congratulations Dependable Insurance of All Krnds DAILY REGISTER 5 4212 West Srde Sq are Gamesv lle Texas Your Hometown Paper LOCKER FOOD STORE AND MARKET Congrat lat ons Sen1ors From Oscar N621 Melvm Wrlson It' . W i , G. D. Seniors - D u . i , u i ' LEVINE S Dal ry We Apprecrate Your Trade We Grve S 8. H Green Stamps Q u e e n Garnesvrlle Texas FRENCH S DELICATESSEN Prt Barbecue COur Specraltyj We Cater to Partres Phone HO 5 5381 400 N fommerce S.. Come In Today Free Demonstratron 5393, if 'XI 'So THE WORLD S FINEST 314 E Cahfornra St HO 5 6591 PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Beauty rs not a grft It s 1 hrrbnt S FASHIONETTE BEAUTY SALON Dorothy Mrtchell QOwnerj 303 S Chestnut Phone HO 5 9402 Garnesvxlle Texas ,N NY' 'nxt A T o 'fff J - l " T f' 4,1 k DOYLE TALIAFERRO OFC. EQP. . . v', . . Q . K . I 1 A ! Keep Building and Drilling With Gary-Nees lumber Company j A F - Everything in Building Material Phone HO 5 5536 ' " ' ' ' fl-.i...-1..z.!"'- ' Y-. " ,.- .... Gainesville Texas H L MASSEY INSURANCE AGENCY General Ins rance F re A to Liabil ty Phone HO 5 4216 929 N Grand H L Massel' lf Ga nes lle Texas LINDSAY SHEET 6. METAL 407 N Comme ce HO 5 5062 R D CLACK PARKER ELECTRIC 112 South Rusk HO 5 2721 1 ' , N . . 1'3" " 'gl 1 9 O O LI i , u , ' 'i 1 - , - i vi , . I' Gainesville, Texas I Q I ..- L..... ..-...- f . V , ,,,v-..'- ' l L. ...-.i- THE FASHION SHOP TYKE TOWN Infants and Chrldren s Complete Lme of Cloth g and G fts Ladres Ready to Wear 113 E Cal forma HO 5 5771 GAINESVILLE LIVESTOCK AUCTION Sale Every Fndcry North Texas Leadmg Auctron 1920 Befmery Road Cec11 Ward HO 5 3167 Off1C9 Phone HO 5 3511 Irm Perdue HO 5 2255 WAPLES PAINTER COMPANY Lumber and Buxld ng Materxal Wallpaper Pa nt Hardware 301 W Calrfornra Street Phone HO 5 4172 G in i . i ' - , . . . i . - - Q p E N MCINTOSH LAUNDRY, INC. NN 'n ' I Complete Laundry Service ,f TEIASH, ff .-if CAFE ff I X Ll 1905 Refinery Road HO 5-6161 Ch ysle Dodge Plymo th Rambler F E SCHMITZ MOTOR COMPANY 301 N Commerce HO 5 3476 R C Tlmmlslnsurance L ndsay HO 5 4722 HO 5 4003 STANLEY CHADWELL All Watch and Clock Repa r ng Electron calls T med d Ultrason c Clean ng 317 N Commerce Gamesvlle Texas 'l I.KEns MOBIL OIL CO P O Box 490 Ga nes Ile Texas I' , I' Ll O O O O 301 i - . . va Jeweler Consignee ' ii i ' i an ' i i ' i , i vi , I C WOOLDRIDGE LUMBER COMPANY 1 894 1 960 Gamesvrlle Texas Dnxon at Broadwav THE DRESS SHOPPE 109 N Drxon Street Complete Lme Ladres Ready to Wear Mrllmery 8: Accessorxes IIMMY LEHNERTZ DIST For Fme Gulf Products Phone HO 5 4562 Gamesvrlle Texas Congratulatrons and Best Wrshes TAPPAN S Your Credxt jewelers 116 N Commerce Abstracts and Trtles Farm Loans W W HOWETH CO I D Howeth and Don M Howeth CLIFF MCMAHON Applxances 8: Record Shop 400 E Callforma 0 0 , . . - u 7 I u - up 0 0 0 I A GILLILAND F001 Store C or1s,r1tul1t1ons Semors 84' E Calxforma Phone HO 5 3581 Complmments of MARIE S BEAUTY BAR 111 N Rusk BROWN MOTOR CO Pontlac Buick G M C 214 E Callforma Street Phone HO 5 5541 CLYDE BOHLS Q Furmture and Apphances C150 WOODRUFF PHARMACY 1000 E Calxforma HO 5 9342 Next to the Post Offnce Gamesv1Ile Texas Ga1nesv1lle Texas LINDA I O SHOE COMPANY Gamesx 1lle Texas ' c s""'r Q I Q 0 0 ,,, . . fs at .oc 5 GAINESVILLE NATICDNAL BANK GAINESVILLE TEXAS F D I C M b f A G d Bank to Be With OTTS REED INSURANCE Humble Products Service Station 110W S, Dixon HO 5-3478 1003 N. Grand Gainesville, Texas Gainesville, Texas HOLLYWOOD SHOP Exclusive but not expensive 107 E California HO 5 4172 TOM THUMB 1110 East California St estern Anywhere Anytime You Trust its Quality 212 W California Gainesville Texas 708 E Scott HO 5 3262 uto MILLER LYNCH WHISNAND GRANDSTAND 7 11 Where BUlef5 Get Bafgams Your Service Food Store and Sellers Get Results 110 E California HO 5 3942 TEMPLE PHARMACY Telephone HO 5 2851 Pfegcflptlons Masonic Building Dmgglst Gainesville Texas Free Delivery IAMES GIBBS 1205 E California ROBRAN CLEANERS NEWLAND FURNITURE COMPANY Everything for the Home 201 N Dixon HO 5 2461 Gainesville Texas GREENW OOD 6. CO Oxygen Acetslene Welding Supplies 733 E California St Phone HO 5 2864 Premier Service Station Y 2 K - - BROWNING S IEW ELERS Dramonds Watches Sllver Chma 201 E Calrforma HO 5 2262 REDDY S Men s 8: Boys Wear 104 S Dxxon Gamesvxlle Texas Phone HO 5 2061 LEONARD ODOM DRY GOODS 205 West Elm Prece Goods Clothmg Nocona Boots Shoes GOLIGHTLY ELECTRIC CO Hotpomt Applrances Frxtures and Electrrcal Contractrng 801 Summit Avenue STEPHENSON TIRE 6. BATTERY CO 200 N Commerce nina W?-www Gamesvrlle Texas Gnonhtut TIRES Starter Generator Voltage Regulator Brake Wheel Allgnrng Vulcanrzxng Carburetor and Battery Servrce SIMPSON S SPORTING Goons IDM Garnesvrlle Texas 109 S Commerce St wxth KEN BLANTON Phone HO 5-9471 . LEO E SWICK IR FRANK DUSTIN Geologxst O11 Operator Offlce and S hool Supplres G5lV1CSUllC Tews Garnesx xlle Tewas IOHNSON MOTOR CO Oldsmobrle 6. Cadxllac Authorxzed Sales 8. Seruce Maxn at Commer ce Gamesw nlle Texas HO 5 3461 STANDARD RESERVE INSURANCE COMPANY Gaxnesvnlle Texas 77 BOWL 502 Freld Street G3lUCSXlllC, Texas 16 Lanes for Your Bowllng Pleasure Congratulations From HELPY-SELFY STORES Save S 8a H Green Stamps Penton Latham n s 1 . 1. s. - Y 7 . V. . .L Y . 1 e . ,V . v y y r COMMERCE STREET STORE HORP CE HICKERSON TV Sales Servxce Home of Gen ne In The House of Tele IS on ItnBotS 21212 Calffn1St HO 5 4374 R XV Pete Brxscoe CURTWOOD COLONIAL CURTXVOOD JR Ga1nesv1lle Texas ELITE BEAUTY CLINIC A 5.14 M91 fx X 1117 N Commerce phone HO 5 3571 ENDERBY BUTANE GAS Souths1de Square HO 5 3457 Gamesvxlle, Texas Gamesvxlle, Texas 1 N V' i CURTIS RESTAURANTS Irwin' I n W' ii ' f as '3- 11' GOOD DEALS EASY TERMS KUBIS 6. SONS MOTOR CO New 8a Used Cars 8. Trucks We Buy 8: Sell XVholesale 8. Retall DEPARTMENT STORE Phone HO 5 9711 302 W Calrf Gamesvxlle Tex A I Kubna G1lbertKub1s WATTS BROS PHARMACY Next Door Fxrst State Bank Ph0f1C H0 5 4535 Gamesvxlle Texas Farrar s Good Shoes Correctly Fntted Comphments of WOODS FURNITURE F 316 W Broadway HO 5 4291 UUIIMART "The Home of Extra Good Meats" 741 N Grand, HO 5 2971 9 Gainesville, Texas ' ' ' ' D . . , f I OE WALTER LUMBER COMPANY INC 705 Slmmxt A enue Phone HO 5 5577 Let Us Heli Yo Wilt! Yom r Bulldmg Problems Ga nesv1lle Texas -f G'!'5A"L"1""'l gy .nil Jil Mltchell Alr Conditioning 305 S Chestnut HO 55101 BOYD WARE CONTRACTOR Ready M1X6d COl'1C1'CfC Sand and Gravel 518 E Scott Sf Gamesvnlle Texas HO 5 5252 HO 5 4961 Box 453 I I 1 ' v - .. - - - ,, u u 1 1 1 v f T ,...m1n- urn I f Q u,Lgg4,ss14i--Q , ,, A - fn- , ... ll,, -' I ' , I ,: 4" . 11. ' I A' Y----..J - ,, -H' ... - ' -.o-"W", T 1 0 0 O O O , . I 1 ' , I THE FIRST STATE BANK Gcunesvllle Texas We Have Grown Because We Have Helped Others Grow We Welcome the Opportumty to Serve You of Member F. D. I. C. FRED SN UGGS Phone HO 5 5132 COCHRAN S DRIVE INN RALPH H SNUGGS F ne Steaks Cha coal Bro led Box 700 s llc Te as Spec al Meals for Ch ldren North Hlgh ay 77 Ga nes Ile GEO I CARROLL 6. SON Phone HO 5 3455 KINNE S IEWELERS School Jewelry Famo sfo Fne Je el y S ce 1889 LOUISE S BEAUTY IT PAYS NOOK TO ADVERTISE 319 Ritchey HO 5 5784 IN THE ANNUAL I I i ' r i . i 1 Gamevi , x ' w i vi I I I u r i W r in I GEO M GRICE General Ins 205 E Calxf HO 5 4313 BAND BOX 6. KIDDIES KORNER I fants Ch ldren 5 8. Lad es Ready to Wear PAUL BUCK LUMBER CO Custom M 11 Work and B Iders S ppl es -8Pwl""" L S McCOOL Cleanest Cars 1 To 304 W Callforma HO 5 2471 HO 5 3475 1206 N G a d Ga es xlle Texas JOE S DRIVE INN 6. CAFE Mexxcan Foods Steak Chxcken We Speflallze 10 Sea Foods Sandwxches Burgers HO 5 6815 i ' AF E ' 'El TE E. M. ROBESON USED CARS EAST SIDE CLEANERS TEAGUE S CLOTHIERS Hy de Pa lc S ts B1ll Bla ton Stctso H ts HO 52424 833 E Cal forma 111 'NI D o Street PHILLIPS 66 PRODUCTS COOKE COUNTY ABSTRACT AND TITLE COMPANY MCKINZIE OIL CO IOBBER Complete Abst act cl T tle I s ra ce to All 802 E Cal fo n 3 Lands and Lots ln Cooke Co n HO 5 5112 Gamesvxlle Texas Kansas Texas Oklahoma CHILDREN S PROFESSIONAL ARTS Wmch Tr cks O l F eld Ha l ng SCHOOL OF DANCING BALLEW TRUCKING CO Mxss Joyce Hmsley E Hwy 82 Ga nes lle Texas Ballet Toe Tap jazz Modern 8: Adult and Teenage Ballroom Classes Telephone Post Offxce HO 5 3401 Box 403W E Cal f HO 5 6222 IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE ANNUAL ' r ui ' n A n a - . i ' 1 . ix I1 -1 r an i n u n . , i r i I u ty E, L. Moseley, Mgr-. HO 5-3942 ' u - i i u i ' ' i f I 3 7 5 D - 457 . i . - MERRY - GO - ROUND CIRCUS TOWN Mr. 8: Mrs. C. M. Howard jumbo Hamburgers, Malts, Ice Cream IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE ANNUAL WE RE PROUD OF YOU WE WANT YOU TO BE PROUD OF US YOUR STORE MANAGER Raymond Muller bAA Q ffm MM Q Super Markets M H Q If? Q e Q -2 11' A 3 G I I 9 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTCDGRAPHS 1 ' 9 mums xxxx X X X 1 'EQ -5. J 15' 1 fb -I ..g-' J. fi s ' 5' fi' - -. V 2 4. 4 All 31 .4-A 'P , 4 4 A K ' 4 , -1 1 223 F1 45' f .421 261 L9 I ,.-Q .J .Q1 fn is 'f-J 'iff' its ini , , L 4. 1,1 295, P35 592 . bl tj: .tg 1 ,w eg ah-E Q, '-.11 ft, 53, gn lv M L-Q P 9 C51 Q2 1' r , Q gf! J Qi QL ,. M. 2. . IP: lil? 'Sw Vi

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