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 - Class of 1958

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J' ...L 'L K F Q 'if' ' x xv? X X 132' 933933 "In CD ML THE LEOPARD 1958 GAINESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL GAINESVILLE TEXAS Qfff! JL?" 4+ .2413 'A-33? 6 0 jr ,bf QQ A fig-fJe9 nam, J' viqvydgk xX -as ft ff! 005 Y satekjzifo 'P ll N-f'N 1514 Fixx J s 34589 ll Mo I ff, X: flYffr' K F'--' "M, Lrd, A. 715. 1' '- ll 5 Nh. xxx 1 f Q Mfyfnc N 5 I ff E M 'Xgk ,M ,, ., Q ffyff I Q X sf 2 H -f 3 - Mfg -Q Q Q wi' Nrrf -A X I , ' 1 x . V " i M. H " , I4 4 lu I 9 . : ' 4 -QQ A N fbwd f Q . 2 fi , -' f . 'J ' "' 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS IDITOR S PAC F AIDNIINIST R X I IOXI SI Nlolas jUNIORS SUPHUNIORIS I AVURIT I S IND G H S PI RSON XI I III S SPORTS ACTIVITIES SNAPS ADS 4 ,w N 4 4 4 y I. ,4 ,4 I T f I 44 4 4 54 K 4 K 4 4, 4 I 4, 1 ff' V N 1 W 74WN 4 4 I 4 4 4x fl . .n. , . f . A - 4 K K 4 N K 4 L EDITOR MESSAGE 'UM Q1 '19 In presentlng you the students with your 1958 LEOPARD the staff has trred to capture some of your school life in G H S To you the seniors we hope that each car on thed1v1 s1on pages will be a symbol of your gorng far rn all things in your lives May your high school graduation be the begin educatlon a satlsfyrng business attachment or an enduring home May you yumors and sophomores choose the vehicle that will be most worthwhrle rn carrying you to your semor year As all of you the G H S student body steer your courses through life may you from time to time fmd pleasure in thumbing through this your 1958 LEOPARD Happy lookrngl Hazel Cunningham Editor rn Chlef 7 '1 ning road that will widen into a super highway of continued BO RD OF EDUCATIO M1 LEO E SWICK BOB CLAXTON Preszdent Vxce presxdem FRED GREENWOOD ' U wie 0 O US. a-411 HARVEY WOOLFOLK DR C I PACLIK ll' MRS IEAN MAXFIELD Secretary lv x 7 x 71' 'CS' ROBERT CBobj BROWN V I V fm' '. is. iw ' I 'S , , N, O. 3 ' U ' I V , Q. ! " 50 Q I We - sl ,Q 2 0 Ki. LQ- 291 197 Hiupy ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATION 'Y Y Y ADMINISTRATIGN Q52 Jr' E S it-x ADMINISTRATION lox had 'H-all Mr hm Campbell Ass1stant Prmcrpal Mr Ernest P Shelton usmess Manager rm. x Mrs Dorothy Proffer Secretary br' .-f""'g" Y' U- , .nm ws. Q V -' .,,, ,Jf "vs, DNH I'TRAT10 'PV if - R POWLEDGE Mechczmcczl Dmwmq Shop E U1 cn 3 Sim 9-2 G fi 37 C U U wx MRS MARY TIBBETTS Home Economzcs agx-Q3 ,vt 3'3"-1 e-H--' A W WELLS M cthematxcs ,U W GLENN WILSON Musxc Typmg DUB WOOTEN Safety Dnvmq Athletxcs " 3 ...--..':' MISS 1ZHlff,.JiOUNG Ewa N o PARK 1 NG DYE? V nw, an-vi S F 16 ho' L. . V I , b X ' , K V' i W 2 O .s I . :Vb Mg If 0 . 1 ' . f?"N 4 . F L, - 1 2T15?? - f I X' 7.2:-N 'ii - V., ' I If t Q71 . , ,, 1, ,E '7"1?', Q' 'f:f::'f"-. X I.: 3 f ' W' "" A ' ' ' W1S' . I . 'i5335fQ1iEiiiaa2sL. fl' S I' gp 1 . W in S W V ,x 5. Y Y , ,, . . f' Q - Q 1 I ' .. h ui- ' -An. E T11 SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 59' EV 980 Preszdent Ronnxe Horn Treasurer Gene Tupman Vrce Presldent Patsy Turner Reporter Carolyn Fox Secretary L1nda Bohls SPONSORS Mlss Roberta Floyd Chalrman M1ss Ruth Young Glenn W1lson V S P e Marcus Austxn Buddy Ryan Mrs Austm Leahy Q ayn M .PK 1 IRAN Al.l.EN , TrifHi-Y III, IV: Girls' .D Sports Club III, Secretary .-,,, ,,,N,.,, III. I +4 1 x ,I 4 X ' 'IA C I Q Mix WILLIAM BALDWIN f' . F. F, A. II, Ill, IV, vm- 5 , President II, Treasurer ' - Of is III. ,' A-J I M K 1 X .X N I v i s X 'E Q Pwr IOI-IN BARNETT I "' g fx Hi-Y II, III, IV: Latin Club II, III: Rifle Clu . , IOE BAYER Hi-Y II, III, IV: Rifle Club II, III: Archery IV. J 4 Y' i? gf? u I Q 4.- :ns 'P 'ian-v. Ai 1 47 f SENIOR IACKY BACON I-Ii-Y II, III, IV: Rifle CIIIIZ II, III, IV, Safety Marcher II. BOBBY BANDY I-Ii-Y III, IV: Choir II, IV: Car Club III, IV: Latin Club III, IV, President IV: "G" Club IV: Model Plane II: Golf Team II, III, IV. BETTIE BARNI-IART Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Pub- licity Chairman III, Treas- urer IVg Dramatics Club III: Choir IV: Recard Club IV: F. H. A, II. IOYCE BEASLEY f- SENIORS LOYCE BEASLEY BOB BECK F. F. A. IV: Rifle C 3 , g QW P US Z A Q 'I' 'I' t - V 2 lub . ' III, IV. 'T 3 fi MIKE BIFFLE Hi-Y II, III, IV, Latin Club II: Cheerleader Mane aqer IV: Model Plane Il: I9 , wx Archery III, IV. LINDA BOHLS Student Council IV: Na- tional Honor Scciety II, III, IV, Treasurer III: Latin Club II, III, Social Chairman III, Office Help- er III. IV: Senior Class Secretary: 'I'ri.Hi-Y II, III, IV, Worship Chairman III. KENNETH BEAVER National Honor Society III, IV: I-Ii-Y IV: Archery III. KENNETH BEELEH Choral Club II, III: Latin Club II: Choir II, III, IV: Trampoline Club IV. DONNA BINFOHD Student Council III, IV. Chaplain III: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Worship Chairman II, Vice-President III, President IV: Band III, IV, Reporter III, Majorette III, Secretary IV, Major- ette IV: Latin Club II, III, Vice4President II: Choir II, IV: Band Sweetheart III. CLYDE BOND Student Council IV: Hi-Y IV: "G" Club IV: Fcct- ball, A Team III, IV: Track IV. JOE BOWDEN HIY rr: Rifle Club rr, in Archery IV: Football B Team III. DON BRYANT Band II, III, IV: Archery III. IVIANLEY CLODFELTER Student Council II, III, IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV, President IV: Choral Club II, III: "G" Club III: Choir II, III: Rifle Club II: Rec- ord Club IV: Football, B Team II, III: A Team III: Golf II, III, IV: Iunior Class Reporter: Senate Secretary to Austin. PATRICIA COULTER Tri-Hi-Y III: F. H. A. II, III, IV. ff ., -.5 , F . -X .,.c . ...H .. L U 1 .. ' ' M 'ui A. - v...--P' .. . , 1, -I. "J S f. '19 'IN .3 , x 2" i I,-,fi ' 4 ' tl , 3 ,f:!:,!"'I l 'lvl , - Ill 1, X l -Q """""-, K' 'Fx I Qu- AA ',-vie ., if r 1 9 I ..,' Ev i -'Q-ax 7? x.-at 1398 ,L EOR JERRY BOYTER HiY II III IV V1cePres1 dent IV: Cheerleader IV: Record Club IV. CAROL CASH Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: The Leopard Tale IV: Girls' Sports Club II, III, Vice- President II, President III: Choir III. IV: National Honor Society IV. TOMMY COLWELL Student Ccuncil II, IV: F. F. A. II, III, IV, President III, Secretary IV: Dramat- ics Club II. MILDRED CRAVENS Tri-Hi'Y IV: F. H. A. IV' Dramatics Club III. SENIORS PAT CUMMINS Hi-Y II, III, IV: Band II III, IV, Drum Major II, III, IV: Choral Club III: Iazz Club III: Choir II, III IV: Sophomore Favorite. IEAN CUNNINGHAM Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Band II, III, IV: F. H. A. II, Treasurer II. DAN DAVIS Student Council IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Chess Club II, III: Latin Club Ill: Choir IV. GLORIA DAY National Honor Society III, IV: 'I'riAHi.Y II, Ill, IV: F. H. A. II: Band II, III. IV. ,ff ff -rf - Q! 1 H, 1 .5 f' . --"' , W Z ,f V5 , J L 'Y ri vp. wr ill-5 "fm xx,-'I A I .af I' I , vy I X 'il 1 ' if Y'- 1 I W", 1-f-TY X HAZEL CUNNINCHAM National Honor Society III, IV: 'I'ri'Hi-Y ll: The Leopard II, Ill, IV: Editor- in-Chief IV: Latin Club III, IV, Reporter IV: Future Nurses II. BETTY DAVIS Tri-Hi-Y II, III: Future Nurses III, BARBARA DAY Student Council IV: Tri- Hi-Y II, IV: Girls' Sports Club III. BILL DROZD National Honor Society III, IV: F. F. A. II, Re- porter II: Office Helper III, IV. BARBARA EVANS National Honor Society nt, tvg Tri-I-IiAY tt, tit, tv: Secretary of Christian I-'fiends III: Band II, III, IV: I. H. A. II. ARMITIIA FLEETWOOD Pep Squad III Record Club IV CAROLYN FOX Student Council III N tional Honor Society Il III IV The Leopard Il III IV Latin Club III IV Senior Class Reporter Tri Il III LESLIE FRANKLIN 1 III IV G Club II III IV Football A Team II III IV Captain IV Bas ketball B Team II A Team III IV Track Il III G,I YN ,-Q ff" ,Z -s J I -I s 117' 0 'wr rf? 5 'NL E IOR Student Council III IV: Hi- Y II, III, IV, Vice-Presi- dent II: Choral Club II, III: "G" Club Il, III, IV7 Choir II, III, IV: Archery ll: Iunior Class President: Iunior Favorite: Twirp King II: Football A Team III, IV: Captain IV, B Team II: Basketball II, III. IV: Golf Team II, III, IV. NANCY FLOWERS Student Council IV TriHi A IV Dramatics Club III ORVILLE FOX National Honor Society III F Il III ball A Team II III Best All Around Boy at Callis burg ,. DENNIS FULLER N' 'NN F F A tu rv The Leap ard Tale IV Car Club IV E IORS IIMMY GARRETT Rille Club II, III. BONNIE GILBREATH Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Pep Squad III: Future Nurses II, III, IV. SHIRLEY GLENN Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Girls' Sports Club II. III. IMOGENE GROTTE Tri-Hi-Y II: Pep Squcxcl III. CD- -sux ff! Q 1 fl. RI' 'xx ,Q fl? . ,-xxx '93 I 1 ' a ,, L., 71' 1'-A ff!! - A 4'-up s -03 11 ,4"' 4?- I CAROLE GIBSON Tri-Hi-Y II, III: Bond III, IV: F. H. A. II: Girls' Sports Club III: Rifle Club II: Mojorette III, IV, IDA LOU GLENN F. H. A. II. LINDA GODWIN Tri4l'Ii-Y II, III, IV: Girls' Sports Club II: Future Nurses III, Social Chair- mcxn III: F. H. A. IV, Re- porter IV. PATSY GRUNDY Tri-Hi-Y III: F. H. A. II. IV: Girls' Sports Club III: Pep Squad III. ERRY HARP - , H+, Ifootball B Team III, A ' f' I V'-3' . Team IV: Basketball A v Team IV, Manager III: - -3 , Baseball III, IV: "G" Club IV. ,.' T .ff v 71' , 4 3 I I CHARLES IONES Hi-Y II, III, IV: Band II. III: Car Club II: Model Plane II, NORMA KAMMERDIENER National Honor Society III: Tri-Hi-Y III, IV: F. H. A. III: Pep Squad III: Choir II, III, IV. HAROLD LARK Hi-Y II, III IV, Chaplain IV: Band II, III. IV, Presie dent IV: Iazz Club III: Rifle Club II. ' f . .Lx .43 'ew ,....-gb. --ai?-If 1, V 1 XM xt ft 1 -1'9" TL ff X1- -01 fs.. '77 'N fi.. fl Q J Q-rfb 51,5 fifiw 5-s SENIOR RONNY HORN Student Council IV: Club III: Rifle Club II: Football B Team II, A Team III: Senior Class President: Hi-Y II, III, IV, Vice-President of the Chris- tian Creators III. DANNIE JONES Tri-Hi-Y II. III, IV: F. H. A. II: Girls' Sports Club III, IV. GLEN KEEN F. F. A. IV. MARY ANN LARK Tri-Hi-Y III, IV: F. H. A. III: Dramatics Club IV: Spanish Club' III, IV, Sec- retary III. SENI ORS . ,.-vs. ' ,-. JERRY LEMONS K 4, -rx Hi-Y III, IV: Band II. III, IV: F. F. A. II, IV: Model -D Plane II: Archery III. - ri - 1 BOBBY LIEDTKI-I Rttl Club III, IV. tf' "' 'Q his "mr le rr , N "Ar X -as . ,, ,. ' 'J Cf' 4 JD 4 'I ,A f T Ai r , IAX I I X .2 1x,MNN f in . X QI. ,F X L Q ,. I I I1 I I i I f ,. . , 5 IE, fwfr? K7ffff ' , 1 f FRANCES LOERWALD Trl-Hi-Y II: Dramatics Club III, IV: The Leopard IV. IOI-INNY LYNCH I-Ii-Y IV: Football B Team III. ,.f" '-1, f"' '01 fwfr 'Wfm X lk f!!- .-...,av , il, I IUNE LEONARD National Honor Society III: Tri'I'Ii-Y II, III, IV: Pep Squad III: Girls' Sports Club II, III, IV. BILL LOCKE Student Council III: I-Ii-Y II, III, IV, President of the Newsome Dauqherty II, Secretary-Treasurer of the Christian Creators III, Sec- retary-Treasurer IV: "G" Club II, III, IV, President IV: Choir III, IV: Football A Team II, III, IV, Cap- tain IV: Iunior Class Vice- President: Basketball B Team II, III. BARBARA LOVELL F. I-I. A. IV: Pep Squad III. SANDY MCDANIEI. Student Council III, IVg Tri- I'Ii-Y II, III, IV, Vice-Presi- dent of the Christian Friends: The Leopard II. III, IV: Dramatics Club IV: Archery II, III: Sophomore Favorite, IAMES IVICDONNELL Hi-Y Il, Car Club Ill. IV: Rifle Club III. MARY MATTHEWS F. 1-1. A. 11, III, IV: Pep squad ll, III. EUGENE MEYER F. F. A. Ill, IV. IUDI MILLER National Honor Society III. IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Dramatics Club Il: Pep Squad III: Latin Club III, IV. fx. -A 1? .91 4 ,O - 4 li fi! "S I J A.. fm al lisa., I ! 'YK 'V 6 fix 1 1 fy: qv-if 'CT-P "US Q 41 .J f' I E IDRS DELANO MAGES Student Council III, IV: Model Plane II: Rifle Club III, IV. LAURA MERCER Tri-Hi-Y II, III. IV: F. I-I. A. II: Girls' Sports Club III: Latin Club II. SUE MEYER Student Council III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Archery II, III. MARY MITCHELL Tr:-I-I:Y I1 III IX' ft:- mstzts Cl' " 7"-'s1:e" I" 'sun I.. .... .... L SENIOR ADA MORGAN Student Council IV: Na- tional Honor Society II, III, IV, Secretary III: Draf matics Club IV: Latin Club III, IV: Cheerleader IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Social Secretary IH, Secretary IV. DOROTHY NEHIB National Honor Society III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y II: F. H. A. II: Latin Club III. PATRICIA OOSTERVEEN National Honor Society III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y II: Choral Club II: F. H. A, II, III: Spanish Club III, IV, Vice- President III, Treasurer IV. NANCY PATTERSON Tri-Hi-Y IV: The Leopard Tale IV: Dxamatics Club IV. -- 9 T: I l'U N fl .Qux Qi sl A Us .0 ' --Q- if If wmkms ..-if w-1. .5-:ti 1 ik I QQ.: J , F EDDIE MORRIS Student Council IV: HIY II, Ill, IV: "C" Club III IV: Football B Team II III, A Team IV. RICHARD NEU . F. A. II if N IIMMY OWNBEY I 4 x IX .gi xv, .... F I ,r-'Q 'V 'hui F. F. A. IV. IERRY PAYNE National Honor Society III. IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Band II, III, IV: F. F. A. II, III, IV: Car Club III: Model Plane II. ERNEST PERKINS Hi-Y II, III, IV: Band II, III, IV: Dramatics Club III? Iazz Club III: Car Club IV: Chess Club II: Latin Club III, IV: Model Plane II. MARY ALICE POTTS Student Council II: Nation- al Honor Society II, III. IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, IV: F, H. A. III, Reporter III: Pep Squad III: Spanish Club III, IV, Reporter IV: Choir II, IV. PRISCILLA PRIDDY Student Council III, IV: National Honor Society III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Choral Club II, III: Dra- matics Club Il: Latin Club III, IV: Choir II, III, IV. IUANITA REITER F. H. A. II. SENIORS 1 4" 0+ - ,., "' FLOYD PETTIGREW f-If ' 'R F. F. A. iv. Rifle Club III. ' IV. .1 Q. I x I AX!! I IJ' ll' iq O V 2 N LLOYD PRESCHER . , F. F. A. II, Iv. .Q 'Nb ' ' Q A , 5 'S ,- Qs- , Mt I rg 'V' -I ' -Q, 'Fx 49" 1-ui 1 '54, 1 pl v PATRICIA HASURE F. H. A. II: National Hon- or Society IV. IUNE REITER Tri-Hi-Y II: F. H. A. IV: Girls' Sports Club III. SE IORS STEVE RIGLER Hi-Y III, IV: Band II, III. IV: Car Club III, Model Plane II. RUBY ROBINSON Pep Squad III: F. H. A. II: Girls' Sports Club III. NIKI RUCKTASI-IEL National Honor Society III, IV: Tri-I-Ii-Y II, III, IV, President of the Christian Friends III, Publicity Chair- man IV: Choral Club II: Dramatics Club II: Latin Club III, IV, President Ill: Choir II, III, IV. BRENDA SCI-IIVIITZ Student Council II, III, IV: President IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Song Leader III, IV: Choral Club II: Future Nurses II: Choir II, III, IV: Student Body President IV. " 'I Af 5, f' ,h X ,I ,V an 1 'r . l x .4 1. .X ,i - 1 lv' lx -N , -S137 mmf' if , 3' ,,..::.., If '!'I'lt'f. -fwf- f' ,QD Q Ar 1515 f-I 1-.1 w., n 'fl 15 -Q 'raw I' ' rf' 10' RITA ROBERSON Tri-Hi-Y II, IV: Choral Club III. ADEN ROMINE Choral Club II: The Leop- ard Tale III, IV: Dramat' ics Club II, III, IV: Span- ish Club III, IV. RETHA SANDERS Student Council III: Tri-Hi- Y II, III, IV, Publicity Chairman IV: Choral Club II, III: Cartoonist lor The Leopard Tale IV: Dramat- ics Club II, III: Latin Club III: Choir II, III, IV. PATSY SCHNEIDER Student Council IV, Chap, lain IV: Tri-Hi-Y II. IV: The Leopard Tale IV: Rec- ord Club IV. I!XIvIlIS SCIIIBNEIII Student Coxiiiczl III: Hi-Y ll 111 IV as nuns II Ill IV: I":'1tb1:ll A IIICIITTT Ill, IV, B 'I'cm::11 Il: vl'l'11','l-I IL Bqsehgu II IULIA STANLEY F, H. A. II, Ill, IV. BONNIE STRENCTI-I Tri-Hi-Y II, IV: F. H. A, II, IV: Dramatics Club III. GENE TUPIVIAN Student Council IV: Hi-Y II, III. IV: Band II. III, IV, Vice-President IIII Iazz Club III. President III: Moclel Plane II. President II: Senior Class Treasure er: Golf Club II, III, IV. .ilk 119 ,Ng- ' OP - lil I .-. I YQ s 4-1 fl sa' X - ',17 17' . 413 P -.ali A. 1 f ' ,-9 un, . 4- U I ffl 4-vrks. 'Vx QI X ,Y if If ft? RJ ri E IORS KAREN SIMPSON Tri-Hi-Y IV: Choir III, IV. ED STRADER Student Council IV: Na- tional Honor Society II, III. IV: Hi-Y II. III. IV: Car Club III: Latin Club III, IV: Tennis III, IV. MIKE SWINDLE Hi-Y II, IV: Latin Club II. IV: Cheerleader II. III: Archery II. PATSY TURNER Tri-I-'Ii-Y II, III, IV, Vice- President of the Christian Friends III. Welfare Chair- man IV: F. H. A. II: Fu- ture Nurses III, Reporter III: Iunior Class Secretary, Senior Class Vice-Presi' dent. SENI ORS SANDY WADE Student Council III, IV: fx Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Presi- dent of lhe Christian Build- ers III, Social Chairman IV: Spanish Club III, Re' porter III: Cheerleader II: Archery II, III. 5 . . If . . 1? .45 IERENE WARD Tri-Hi-Y II: F. H. A, II: Pep Squad II. 4' ff' 1 'A BOBBY WEST " ' In HI-Y II, III, IV: The Leap ard II, III, IV: Model - .J Plane II: Rifle Club III. Q , 4 BILLY WILLIAMS -gn," , r, P. A, II. III, IV, sem- r ,I I X tary III: Rifle cmb II. III. ,A IV. ' " JY - I -ff X, f ll I X Ali r"- i ...max V'- ,-I 1 'J ,, - , . KARLA WALLACE Triel-Ii-Y II, III, IV: F. H. A. II, III, IV: Girls' Sports Club III. BOB WEST Hi-Y II, III, IV: Car Club IV: Latin Club II, III: Mod- el Plane III: Rifle Club II. MARY WHEELER Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Band III, IV, Majorette III, IV: Dramatics Club III. CARL WILSON F. F. A. III: Art Award III. LINDA WILSON Tri-Hi-Y ll, Ill, IV: F. H. A. II, III, IV: Pep Squad III, Latin Club II. BEVERLY YOUNG Student Council II, IV: Tri- Hi-Y II, IV, President of the Christian Friends IV: The Leopard Tale II: Dra- matics Club II: Record Club IV, Secretary IV. NANCY ZUNK Tri-Hi-Y II, IV: F.H.A. II: Pep Squad III: Future Nurses II, III, IV, Presi- dent IV. J I-,Q 'Wx , . va-an-f FN' fn. ,,4f'5'i Sli ,riser-I I' If 'K- IT' A05 -A If SENIOR VIRGINIA WILSON National Honor Society II: F. H. A. IV: Spanish Club III: Future Nurses IIl,IV. IRMA YOUNG Q' - ,jf "9 . 1, 1 , ,I l'l1' ll l 1 4-' 4 : I Isnt he a little dear? What a way to study! 'lvl 'Q K .ml Riff IL!! H ,, 'S 0 5' I lx I ,Aw lg? an ,kV,A ?w,M 3 1 .V k 3' s 'Yi A: P5 5 mf4f" i' '-i JUNIQRS UNIOR CLASS CFFICERS fi XX X Presldent Bob Brazlle Treasurer Mary lane Enderby V1ce Pres1dent Mabel Cason Reporter Helen Beatt1e Secretary Kelly Cunnmgham 'lu SPONSORS Mrs. Audra Moore Chairman Tim McPherson Dale Dennis Mrs. Amy Porter Mrs. Billie Buckley M . l D' rs oy 1e Mrs. Ioan Cook ,A ' -,. lk ' Iean Baker Wayliar Ballard Iohnny Barnett Barbara Barron JUNIORS Sandra Allen Buck Andrews Glenn Armstrong Diana Atchison 3' 17 r fi Hazel Beeler Mickey Bond Marijo Borden Flora Mae Bowen 'F gf! -0-Q? Melinda Baugh Helen Beattie Dennis Beaver Emmy Lou Beavers 4-A' JUNIORS Beverly Bragg Boy Bragg Bob Brazile Lynda Brewer N12 .P . ,Wg Dale Burden Iimmy Bush Bill Cannon Kenneth Carpenter fi gp , L,,,"l 0 ix . 6' Q x -G? fi 'I 11.1 Ill- 'VX X U rm Q'Ti of -if k , f 1 n ,Q I I H. ,Q 7 I' f 2 1-5 ' -f .r ' f'- i uf Y' .. . X I l 1 I Wanda Cunningham Richard Davenport Kaye Dever Billy Dishrnan Lujuana Dutton Kenneth Edington MUTY lane Enderby Gloria Estes Q25:2f!:' " 'J -At., 1 f ' - Qi. xv, ' 11, 92 'il 'ef Q X fs YU' "Pu, -'J w+f.,,2 ln 1. ,wr fvx n ,-Y 'N , A -1 'N,4'4" 4 ji so nil 1' 1. ' ' 4 Q ,1 Imp' ' . 1 lfifl . ' - ' , ,1-fl 6.' .. 'I 5 f' Ze fu-, "Pt ,.a I. ,---' Ig 33 . 3' UNIORS Wilma Cravens Tornmy Crawford Bengie Crowsey Kelly Cunningham ,Q vt' J 1 A i Af' H AN.:..'1 , av - N :H-f"5 - ' . , .. in fy 5' fl, 53 -.f?S,,,' ' A " WST" 't....f', 1.4.44 Clark Dishman Clyde Dotson Joyce Downing Antha Lee Dulock .fs Q,-.x ,lu X 7. 'V P Ierry Garrett Icy Gentry Chczrles Gibson Dwayne Gibson Virginia Glenn " 'P 0 'K a Q -ww ,f -4 it A f Mike Hcrrt Melton Heffley Iere Helm Curtis Hill Carroll Iohns Larry lohrrson Nancy Keil Carroll Kincy 447' NI JUNIORS Mary lo Howard Pat Hurley Carmine Iackson Sondra Ieffreys C. L. King Richard Klement Iames Krahl Patsy Krahl Y J C 2 -Qi "' fr 7,9 ' y V I - 5 V M .A Q' ' ' ' ,W ' L W 1 xx I ,px 1 ,.., Q L J my -J 1 r X f' A yy af. Watt LaRue Mary Lee Lawson Kenny Leach Charlene Liedtke K . 51r N. g , . 9' ..- Q v Q Q E 'I-N. 1: ? ff :Q .- -an ,W , f:..:2.sQ. .. Y-+4-' 25547 ' .,.-.5-,fi , 3f:5S'wS,' ff ..., HQ 1.-. -4- 4 Q Q 3' NW ---w , 0 0 1 4- P .Wg .NV zf .L N. 1, ., is M. W ,,,,. yy, 4, V- Q. R , ,HW Iii. f' XM" M .,- s,- ft- Q , . A , My , gm ,Q Qm - 'ke v Lu , . c N.-. Q? 224- -, . JY A " f-'ff-' ,CMH W' 23 4 . ...M J., 4, um ,. " M..-,.-. A..,4 ,V , Y, -1.: . N. : K 1 J Hen' lv 'N , - An 4 52. -L Z 5 ' 4. r , U L 1 flip: 'K K ' - gf ,, .. AL f .y it 'qi up 2, ' cf-' Riff 1-fff ,ffiffl - ' , ., ,. , 233353 as JF.. ' V' 'Y - , an fgx-gjfifmf' -3 if 'P' .ix cg. . '- Y' .7 .-.X I . ,. V .1 5.54 gf 9: 'fgkix aw' 5 .rf-wf 5, '- wav f ,1-Y il' - " pm: .', ft., V A-N .L 1.5.04 . V1 1 E732 ' 1, -71 :f',,' 1 ' .mfaa-' gi':.4,v? yy: ' Ji" A K ,' .'-', -5 - .3f5C'f' 7. L ' A Agni. P V w '2?ei4' ' 2- -,5'f5r11, - 1' --'V gg., , , Y., W., 3 ,,,.., rf.. J., av- was I J. TJ, . ,. ,. 4 JUNIORS Novella Mobley Ovella Mobley Peggy Moore Steve Moore ' """!' ,f 'ri 3 .. P N L to M . P1 'R f f f Royce Morris , ', A f' f y 7 ,F . Billy Moss if A, un Q A A Q - AD ' ' ' as Ierry Mote ni ' 'J Carolyn Myers Y 1 f ' "' ,1 "' X ,fl f "' 'x ?Q,- , 7-1, fr' ft ,Q ff.',t"' f Q1 f'l'F 1 Barbara Neal " " Iackie Neal J 4 gm. 7 7 5 B. I. Nichols ' "V T 1" ' " .V A7 Robert Nichols -a , :Q-1. ff?-fi?" f " .,r.N, , 4..r,:.+e Q. 4 api.. I 5 ,ts K t , pr . ylx' A ,-tri' V, 'Q Earl Nunn sf- ' ,tr-vw 27,4 A 15? I Charles Orsburn - pf P .J D . , , . Putsre Pace Q lf - y -'M' Stella Perkins Y .2 -. y Y AI' fx! f 1-J 4.-or 'lv Us IJPJICDIKES Ianice Perry Alfred Peterson Dickie Powell Tommy Powell QTY! ..-- limmy Ramsey Dorothy Reiter Iohn Richards Deanna Richey '- MJ Xlrk. '- J ,J H t43v52ffQ??? Harley Price Sue Pruitt Bill Pulte Earlene Ralston 11" 4-4? il ""'Y .J XJ 'Y WJ uf Clarice Roberg Iune Rose Marie Rosson Floyd Sawyer ..k 1 fi " 5 47 'N r 'A if , l it f ,J by A' , T M ,A 'XX . X, , ii , 4 ii .l A eg? 1 W T' 3 4 ' 5 2 S -V fi I 7J if f Don Stacy 4 fr- F I " Larry Sullivant fa 5 A fn, Betty Sutton fi Dorma Taylor ' r M , f xt TX 7. xx' ,, 4. 1- f '19 TS 1 ,A -- A ini . . ' Y ' M Q 3 .X H .4 ' T I tx lerry Traughber Tommy Vestal Donald West Glenda Wham og , , t'5'l? , -Q5 f--0 - 'J W Q , af ip J V I... V ' I , - .2 . A Y KV IN tw 'il ,- t Y Terry Springs Iudy Sproles .IUNIORS David Schniederjan Iohnny Simpson 'f 'R .4 .L I' J Tom Taylor ,rr z Carolyn Thomas F, Ion Thompson A I Iames Truitt I "'l'x .J 'Q ...I .IUNIQRS V 'lt 'V -'Us Annu: Marie Vfiesmcfn " Bobby VViHic1ms - Mfr Ioan Wilsorm ' Q Phfebcz VVinters MW ,,rWlx.x ff N1 , -iii , . ' W . ' snr' ,V at Ioorn Wolf ' . ,A Q Alvie York N Af' x. 14 Q1 A Bobby Young ' Y Bobby Youngblood x f X f f X sis. ' -' b A- g X -We, n ' A"' A - l' -Q. - ,' , . 1 H ' - 6- . ' 3, 'L 'Z fr E ' , - 1 ,MD I 4 A The Cool One Profxrirm, Sn? , lu 1' 5. xr' 1 f. ' fg! 75,1 Modernoiselles de Paris Th1S IS the Chotlypso, qlrls. XX XT X f MM, SOPHOMCRES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 'Mil in sms: is-mm 1' .I President Dennis Murphy Secretary Treasurer Patricl Vice President George Nichols fi: 1 -f'x fx SPONSORS L. R. Powledge Chairman Miss Dorothy Rudd Bob Mason Mrs. Naomi Austin Miss Martha Liddell Dub Wooten Mrs. Caroline Cunningham For SUPHS Harry Adams Leon Akins Iohnny Aldridge Wayne Anderson Ronnie Autry Ierry Bacon Iane Baker Ian Bandy Shirley Barnes Bob Barrett Marie Beaver Barbara Beck Iohnny Beeler Larry Bengfort Paul Bentley Charles Beverly Bud Biggar Coy Lynn Blagg Wayne Blagg Charles Boaz 15 4? gm 'Nr l .C - W fr PM 11" X I l 'B is ,, 1 1- .J af g,,, ,eff ' "" V 5 r --5 Q . I J Ji. l all I E Q f0' 'Pi rfb! if if E N .,f' 'Q A? 1 1 4 R il. l , lj' a su it SUPHS Elaine Boone Arlene Borden Virginia Ann Boston lohn Boulvvare Troy Bryant Ioe Buck Howard Burchfield Ronnie Burden Martha Butts Marquita Carter Peggy Case Milton Chapman Norris Chapman Charles Clark Dennie Clark Tommy Clark Charles Colvvell Sue Crawford Danny Crockett Charles Dennis SOPHS Delwyn Dishman Iudith Donohoe Ieanie Dougherty Tony Dougherty Pat Drozd Bill Dunlap Ierry Dunnavent David Epley Freddie Eustace Glenda Evans Rita Evans luanita Ferguson Patricia Ford Sandra Fore Barbara Forester Patricia Forester Iames Foster Sue Franks Lou Ann Frederick Elaine Friske SOPHS Bobby Fuller Shirley Gallagher lack Garner Bill Gaston Pollie Gilbreath Patsy Goodnight Cris Gootas Belinda Gore Iimrny Greer Billye Grundy I. D. Grundy Virginia Guinn Troy Hanes Ann Hardy Church Hay Sandra Hazel Margie Henley Sandra Kay Henry David Hickman Grady Hickman SOPHS Dale Hill Larry Hill Mary Lou Hiser Phyllis Holley Clinton Honeycutt Kaye Hood Charles Hunter Iarnes Hurst Ronnie Ietton Dan Iones Gary Iones Lucy Iones Robert Kaylor Iimrny Keil Wayne Kidd Rex Kile Virginia Kirk Leon Kruger Sandy La Hue Cloyce Latham 4? RAYN if 25" CT " K" :fx .rr I ? 'X F43 I 4 05 'V5 "W p, if . Z r J K J J M . 5 f..- ,- 'WX If x F' -.wsg '71 9 ,J 1, x x ,xy ...xi f we ev 1" ,li 34"- ,f-' A . -rp ..:'- y A -v. ,,- f .-eff' " a o f' y-N ig n :I -:ar , ' ' , ' in . 3 - My f n v Y, ' C r X X' ' rv ' N 7. 5 H ' A r,',,. '. X L I 'f is 2 . J -32 fvf-n J5- 4.. ., SOPHS Ianie Lemons Lynda Lemons Dorothy Lewter lanis Lile Douglas Lillard ludy Lipsey Barbara Lloyd Helen Loerwald Iames Long Saundra Maqers Mack Martin Sue May Tommy McCollum Clifton McDonnell Ronald McKnight Richard Michael Ianice Milburn Charles Miller Trixie Miller Ierry Montgomery SOPHS Glenn Moore Troy Moore Tunky Murphy Ronnie Murray Della Nehib Iames Neu Stella Neu George Nichols Melvin Nichols Sammy Nichols Pat Noon Yvonne Owens Iimmie Patrick Bill Pearcy Bob Pearcy Ronnie Peery Ann Perry Nelda Phillips Kay Prestage Kermit Presiage ,.:W fx: fx lg f s -vii' 4-Sk .540-:Y , 45,1 A Qu 'Y .r ,Q -l-- S ef X ,E gf X- .1141 Q5 3 'C :la " 'fi - ui s li' 'rv x ,--, 15 'wh f"s f ,qs '7 1..- -'gg hm- ' . SA 1 5 . f .V - A 3 V :ka '11 . , f SWL, ,. gui: 1, 5,5 . '- GRE' B. x ' F' 5 1 T 'fftiliw z ,, " 594.4 . . gif: Pg . .iq ' ,cg 1 , ,j, . Y TQ W f . Q i xxy- my ' as .i',.k,- my .5. I, ffm- 1 " fx' .W 'rv Y. wr' 4 in - 4 N.. , . ,E gf w 4. .- RHF -1 M-g 1 SOPHS Kay Stanley Carolyn Stilwell Carolyn Stogdill Martha Stogdill lay Dene Stone Ann Sullivant Clella Sutton Sue Swick Boyd Tatum Terrell Taylor Reba Terry Kenneth Thurman Danny Tiller Patsy Trammell Donald Turley Sandra Turnbull David Turner Sherry Van Duker Norquist Wade Larry Walrath 6 SOPHS ' r'-1 nr 4 . " -. ' A .N . , t , vr. , , - - 2 Pat Ward ' lanette Watson ,,,, l , Lee Westbrook X ' Q Sonny Wheeler I l - , , I' J it! f s Ioyce Williams f Linda Williams J Loretta Williams Woody Williams ffx 9-05 N A JK . Reba Wilson .i Warren Womack , Hx A M ff j XM A ,,T"v f, ' , fxifmf, gligzi A l , 19 !",. 'Vx ld. A fl VII J ' :J So that's the way they do it? lf Q Lost in the crowd Sophomores Galore! "H, ,Q4 Q X mg 0 PERSCNALITIES il 4 5 Q5 f Wy M VX X ,R , 1515 , .WL f"PX J x Maisy E fws.-. gvv o Q '1 Av, ' In fm, .ff az- if . ., 0' 4 Q- 35' ix. A -ik 1 :Iliff 4: fx CAMPUS FAVO RITES DICIHCI AfCh1SOH Icrmes Evans vm .JM Y Iames Evans was born in Gainesville Diana Atchison formerly lived in Austin, Texas. She moved to Gainesville last summer, and she has rapidly become a favorite around G. H. S. Diana is active in Tri-Hi-Y, Choral Club, and the National Honor Society. She is secretary of her homeroom and reporter in the French Club. and is a senior this year. He is an active member of Hi-Y, the Student Council, and the "G" Club. He played center for the Leopards this season and was chosen to be one of the Tri-Captains. Iames also participates in basketball and golf. He was president of the junior class last year and Iunior Favorite. He was elected Top Teener this year. Iames Diana Diana and Iames J- 4 'VW ans. ,r ig' 4 .ff -NNN K .fs .x . , gf. SENIOR FAVORITES Sandy Wade Ronny Horn 5 'w A .4 'OJ ""f""f'7"' ?',5Q?? X 4?"R'N-. 4 JUNIOR FAVORITES i Ioe ichols Sv, XN""""f p""""' op 'N.L.,-J' SOPHOMGRF FAVORITES Xx Sandra and B111y Ioe Sue and George Sandy and Ronny SJ Billy Joe Nichols Sue Swick 1 Locke Nancy Patterson Ada Morgan Ian Bandy and Wayne Anderson Iudy F1scher Larry Cotten STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Brenda Schrrutz Besldes hold1ng the Off1Ce of presmdent of the student body Brenda IS song leader of the Tr1 H1 Y soc1a1 chalrman of the Record Club and a Top she presrdes over the Student Councll and many school assemblles She mtroduces guest speakers and IS off1c1a1 greeter of vlsxtors At all txmes Brenda represents Gamesvllle Hlgh School Teener. She is also very active in her church. As student body president. FOOTBALL OUEEN D1ana Atchxson S F F A SWEETHEART Patsy Turner BAND SWEETHEART Ian Bandy N F H A SWEETHEART D A R AWARD GIRL Charles Colwell Nancy Patterson O' III ZQI0-at flfffflf CN QYIAI LEOPARDS SPORTS LEDPARDS DPEN TITLE DEFENSE BY SMEARING WILDCATS 25-13 Three minutes and 5l seconds before the end of the first quarter, Dick Davenport whipped a bull'S -eye pass to Billy Ioe Nichols who scoot- ed all the way for a TD on a pass-and-run that carried for 81 sparkling yards. In- furiated Sulphur Springs stormed back at the beginning of the second half to march 57 yards for a tie score. Iames Scribner took a Wildcat punt and zig-zagged his way 83 yards for a second Gainesville tally. Again in the second quarter, runs by Davenport and Iim Bush put the ball on the Wildcat one where Davenport made one lunge to sneak it over. The Leopards shone again in the third quarter when they took the kickoff to open the second half and marched 69 yards for their final score. Too late the Wildcats recovered a fumble and ten plays later made the last TD. V ,sn-Q ,hi "'f.t. -.4.:x' -,.:, y eg 1 5 , - . "" Aj , E -7- WAYNE ANDERSON BUCK ANDREWS CHARLES BOAZ CLYDE BOND FB-32 G-64 HB-31 E-87 All District 0 vs. 'W it i aa-N 9 'ix 4 WTF: 'iw PARIS AND GAIN E SVILLE TIE 13-13 Burdened with six costly fumbles, the Leopards scrambled from the brink of disaster when they moved 99 l!2 yards in the final four minutes of play to tie the Wildcats. After being round- ly outplayed for two full quarters by the blue and white clad eleven, the Leopards rallied in the second half showing the Big Red fighting spirit that has brought them three district cham- pionships in four years. The Leopards battled off a scoring bid, holding their hosts for downs on the three foot line. Only four minutes remained and the enemy goal post looked a mile away. The Leopards covered the "mile" with twenty seconds to spare on just thirteen plays. Dick Davenport hit B. I. Nichols in the scoring drive with overland heaves claiming 5, 22, and 30 yards. The 30 yard toss pushed the ball to the Paris 25, and the Leopards still needed 3 yards for first down when Davenport found a glimpse of daylight and streaked 17 yards to the one yard line then plunged over for the tying score. B. I. Nichols tried for the all-important extra point, but a bad pass-back from center ruffled the holder and the hurried boot was weak and off to the left. -95121 CARROLL KINCY DAVID MAGNENAT HB-24 'Q-1.1 f- If FB-34 JC' 5 c S EDDIE MORRIS BILLY MOSS IERRY MOTE BILLY IOE NICHOLS E-86 E-88 HB-25 HB-26 All District LEOPARDS WIN OVER LIONS 13-7 After a 15 yard penalty for a personal foul against the Leopards, the Lions marched 64 yards in eight plays for the first T D of the game. The extra point was good, and Greenville led 7-0 in the first quarter. Quarterback Iames Scribner came back to spearhead an overland attack that stopped on the Lions'20. The Leopards went with Dick Davenport whose first T D aerial attempt went astray. However Ierry Mote, the receiver, was knocked to the ground in the end zone, and interference was called. The ball was placed on the one yard line. David Magnenat was the man who went the last yard to pay dirt. B. I. Nichols' extra point was low and to the left, thus Greenville's eleven held on to a slim one point margin as the game went into half time. In the last half Davenport hit Mote with a I6 yard pass and he carried the ball 14 yards more before he was stopped. Mote then carried it over right guard for the T D. Nichols' point try was good, and the Leopards won 13-7 with the BAAA crown just one game away. ,Qt .ly in f fr s, ,sh 'X W .if GEORGE NICHOLS ROBERT NICHOLS ALFRED PETERSON DICKIE POWELL E-85 C-67 T-71 HB-21 All District LEOPARDS SLIDE PAST MCKIN N EY History repeated it- self when the Leop- ards downed the Lions 7-8 to win the SAAA crown for the third year in a row. The first quarter was definitely the Leop- ards' as they held Mc- Kinney to a gain of 2 yards on three plays. The ball was punted and the Leopards took it on the Lion 45. David Magnenat and Ierry Mote hus- tled for l3 yards,but penalties sent the Leopards in the wrong direction killing the early drive. The Leopard line tightened up after McKinney received the ball on the Lions' 9 yard line forcing them to kick three plays later. The Leopards went down the field with popping blocks by Leslie Franklin, Bill Locke, Robert Nichols, and Buck Andrews. Richard Davenport took the ball and went over the goal from the one yard line on the second play in the second quarter. B. I. Nichols booted the extra point with the Leop- ards ahead 7-0. At the beginning of the fourth, the favored Lions were on their 14 and began to move forward. With a 38 yard run the Lions went over for their only touchdown. Iarnes McEntire, star Lion halfback, had the job that Don Warton did a year before--that of kicking the extra point that would decide who would be district champion. His kick was low and to the right, giving the game and the championship to the Leopards. 'ZZ 1-""'S -t-euuqr JOHN RICHARDS MIKE RIGLER JAMES SCRIBNER LARRY SULLIVANT T 74 G-83 QB 19 G-65 5'-H-N' 1 . f 1 "' 94 Y f W e J I Hof S-r ufrff 4,1 5 X 1 x 5' ki 19 'Vfif .gi ff B 77 TEAM Iames Long Tommy McCollum Sammy Nxchols Pat Noon B111 Pecxrcy Bob Pecrrcy AEN., K ' -1. ". ,,' 'bf3,'f- '. , 1 f WWW? 196 ggfx 'Qu :,wf9?5b AN 'I . ,ar .gill Tommy Powell C E Sanford B111 Slms Doyle Sm1th Terrell Taylor Kenneth Thurman E ' . 5, xr W ' 1 . . r., 7-A X Ly e..' L rg V 5 1 N M f 'iq .1 rx . 5 Y' 1 ! . ,, 3' B2 A K 1- ,. , y Q . W f-r :X V4 ' . 1' n' ' ' I M 5 P n-fi' . e' rg . 1 5 : :G ., 5 .,,,, 4 7 .Q 'vw QM . N," , .,, ,,.. ' ,f :iv .J - ,- " 5?-157' , ,,-A. -wi. , . 1 :AJ Q, ,- v 'f 5 ..i BASKETBALL lackie Gallagher Dickie Powell, Billy Moss, lackxe Steve Moore, Leslie Franklin, Carroll Kincy, Dickie Davenport. ' ,..-..- Billy Ioe Nichols not shown Leslie Franklin Bob West Charles Gibson Dickie Powell if, 'Z ' y -K, 5 'fl v P i -ui r ? K x Qi 8. 8' rss: an 2' Q. ,Q Q K 1:-za X , Q 7' 7 It 5 'I ' ww 1' ff' - A I 5 15 .' . , 55 V, . 3, , , mf! 34 "init, 5 1 X if ,mf ,. 2 ff 1. 53. . ,.,. VH - -Q, G lv N ,. 'TX r Z , , 4.4-1, I BASKE TB ALL B TEAM Top Row Wayne Anderson Freddle Eustace George Nlchols Bob Barnett Larry Cotten Wayne K1dd Bottom Row Davxd Epley C E Sanford Sonny Wheeler Cloys Latham IIIDIIIY Ramsey Iarnes Foster 19' .aff 'il .wt . ,.-dz? Vw 99, --Am .4- 1 R X N 4 1. Pr '335' -' AQ .wif , nu.-in .fr I ax '-Ar lm 'f f"'2,,V i - 'Li 4:2345 LE, an-. ,Q K:-A K . f'- bgqcif Qa,,if,a' gwf . v. 4 Aa , f - ', ,K ,,' 'l -0 4 " -. c 4,,' 'ya V I . V . - --4 . 4' Tn" , . we 4 fi' fif L Nfl .ax E' 'lpn' QQ" X ..?,, Q, GOLF if 1. . 1. The golf team consists of Mike Hart, Dennis Murphy, Iames Evans, Manley Clodfelter, Gene Tupman, Bobby West, Bobby Bandy, and Richard French. Their coach is Dub Wooten and their advisor is Frank Stagner. 'S',.. -P -.iQ,'T.- ,ll iiii 11: 2 -- 1 TENNIS Fxrst row Marqulta Carter Iudy Frscher Beverly Young Ruta Roberson and Beverly Bragg Second row Coy Lynn Blagg Glenda Wham Alma Lou Locke Iackle Neal Shlrley Glenn Arlene Borden and Iune Leonard Th1rd row Ierry Bob Bacon Ilmmy McEnt1re Mrke Swmdle, Iohn Barnett Bob West and sponsor Mrs Ioan Cook Fourth row Ronny Horn Pat Hammonds Mlke Brffle Ierry Garrett Steve Moore and Ed Strader ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I Q N f W U N M, ACTIVITIES W f Q N X 0 FU R f fl, H I I 7 . CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIE S October 25 1 October 26 November 8 November November 1 November 28 29 December December 1215 December December December 19 Ianuary 2 February February 7 4 February February February March 20 22 Apnl Apnl 10 Apnl May May GY May May May 30 1957-1958 1 .....,, 1 ...... .....,. Tri.Hi-Y Slumber Party Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Pre-legislative Meeting at T. C. U Tn H1 Y L1tt1e Gtrl L1tt1e Boy Dance T11 H1 Y Ch111 Supper and Bazaar F F A and F H A Hayrxde Thanksgwmg Holldays Texas H1qh School Press Assoc1at1on 1n Denton Tn H1 Y and H1 Y Youth and Government m Austln Sen1or Carollng Tn H1 Y Chr1stmas Dance Chrlstmas Hohdays Chrlstmas Hohdays Close Sad1e I-Iawkln s Day Tw1rp Week Exchange Assembly 1n Sherman Tw1rp Dance Exchange Assembly from Sherman Student Counctl m Ab11ene Easter Hol1days Band Banquet Iumor Sen1or Banquet Tr1 H1 Y Sweetheart Banquet Splash Day Class Day Prom Baccalaureate Commencement 18 ,.... .t.,....,.,,...t 1 1 '- '- ' ' 9 1 1 ,,,. 1 1 ,... ,....... 1 1 ....,. 1 1 . . 1 . . 1 ' 5, 6, 7 1 1111 1 11 ............ ' ' ' ' 18 ..r,, 1 ,............ 1 11 1 ' ' 18 1111 1 11111 ,111 1 1 '- '- ' 7 ,,11111 1 1 1111 11 11111111,1 1111111111111 ,111111 1 111111,111 11111111111111 1 1 1 ' ' ' -1 11 1 11 1 1111 111111 1 11 1 ' I 10 11 1111 11 111111111,11111 11 11111111111 1 111111111111111 11111 1 1 ' 14 111111 11 1111111111 1 11 ' 26 1111 1111111111 11 1111 11 March 27 and 28 1 1 111111111111111111111111 111111 111111111 1 1 Senior Play ' 4-7 111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111 ' 161 11111 1111111111111111111111111 1 11,1,1 11111111111111 1 11 11 M 23 1111 1 1 11 11111 11111111 1 11111 1111.111111111111111111 1 11111111 1 1 23 1111111 11 1 1111 111111111111111111111 1111111111111111 1 1 25 11 11111111111111111 1 1111111111111 11 1111111 111111111 1 11 1111111 1111111 1 13111 1,111,111 1141144113 WFP iff 1 11111111111 51 2111151111113 JJ J 1515111151 EEN 1 51151153411 U bb M i I1 1 1 b i b 1 b ' V 1 591 e 1131133115 . b b I? 71 1 ' .111 L1 11, Qf 1 'IAA A 11 ' 1l?1111g1 gg 1 1 1 1 11 i i i --11q11 -1 1 1 1 1 figi O 1 1 11151 515 1 E1 3 Hail to our Alma Mater, her virtues so true Keep our hearts filled with love ever new, For her knowledge, her guidance, united we stand Gainesville High, hail to thee, hail all hail. r L , ' , ' wi-. , '2 r I v 4 , 4 A Officers are president, Brenda Schmitz: vice-president, Ronny Horng secretary, Dennis Murphy: parlia- mentarian, Bob Brazileg chaplains, Patsy Schneider and Ioan Wilson: business manager, Larry Cotteng and publicity chairmen, Beverly Young and Nancy Keil. use .ut-'awe , THE G IDI G LIGHT The purpose of the Student Council is to do anything that is re- quested for the good of the school. lt tries to uphold such ideals as good sportsmanship, good student- faculty relations, high academic standards, and student participation. During football season the Council sponsored buses to out-of-town games, provided coffee at home games, and obtained ministers to give the invocation. It presents chapel services to the school once a month. Other activities were ex- change assemblies with other schools, a formal Valentine dance, and participation in the state con- vention at Abilene in March. Spon- sors are Mrs. Amy Porter and Mr. lim Campbell. EINSTEIN UNION To be a member of the National Honor Society 1S quite an honor since sophomores must have a 95 average to belong and juniors and seniors must maintain Q 90 average. The club tries to promote scholarship, leadership, dependability, J and service. 1 Officers are president, Ronny Meeks: vice president, Mabel Cason: secretary, Bar bara Neal: and treasurer, Mary lane End erby. Sponsors are first semester, Mrs Billie Buckley and second semester, Mrs Dale Durham. The Austln delegates conslst of Sue SW1Ck Iackle Neal loan Wllson Peggy Case Pr1ssy Prtddy Bettle Barn hart and Donna Blnford Fr1ends Beverly Young Bullders Prlssy Pnddy Thmkers Ian Bancly STRICTLY F EMIN IN E The Tr1H1Y IS a Chnstxan organ1zat1on for hlgh school g1rls The large group IS d1v1ded 1nto three separate clubs Chr1st1an Bu1lders Chr1st1an Frzends and Chr1st1an Thlnkers Club act1v1t1es mcluded a slumber party a ch1l1 supper and bazaar a Llttle Boy Llttle G1rl Dance a joint Chrlstmas dance Wllh the H1 Y and the annual Sweetheart Banquet Members pro v1ded food for a needy family at Thanksglvxng and at Chrlstmas In December seven delegates attended the Youth and Government Program 1n AUSl1H There they learned more about our state government through actual partlclpatlon ln a mock legxs Moore and M1ss Dorothy Rudd CABINET Presrdent Donna Blnford Vlce Presrdent Nancy Kell Secretary Ada Morgan Treasurer Bettle Barnhart Chaplam Mary lane Enderby Soclal Cha1rmen Ioan W1lSOD and Sandy Wade Membershlp Chalrman Nancy Flowers Welfare Chalrman Patsy Turner Publ1c1ty Cha1rmen Retha Sanders and N1k1 Rucktashel Scrapbook Chalrman Sandra Allen P1CfI'11Sl Kay Dever Song Leader Brenda Schmltz lature. Sponsors are Mrs. Audrd 1958 ChI1Sf1GH Bullders .git Lu-+424-....,.... Christian Thinkers QL! Chnstmn Frlends -1-:afield DEFINITELY MA S CULINE BIG Y pres1dent Bobby West VlC9p1'6S1deI1l Iames Evans secretary treasurer Gene Tupman and chap1a1n Pat Cummms CHRISTIAN CBEATORS pres1dent B111 Moss v1cepres1dent Larry Cotten secretary Drckey Powell treasurer Iohn Ed R1chards and chaplatn Larry Sull1var1t NEWSOME DOUGHERTY pres1dent George N1chols v1cepres1dent Ilmmy Ke1l secretary treasurer Mlke R1gler and chap1a1n Ierry Bob Bacon CABINET Presldent Manley Clodfelter V1ce pres1dent Ierry Boyter Secretary B111 Moss Reporter Ierry Bob Bacon Sergeant at arms Paul Bentley Treasurer Steve Moore The purpose of the H1Y 1S to create rnalntam and extend throughout the school and commun 1ty h1gh standards of Chr1st1an 11v mg H1Y act1v1t1es 1nc1uded a 1o1nt Chrrstmas dance Wlth the Trl H1Y he1p1ng a needy famny at Chr1st mas v1s1t1ng churches of var1ous denom1nat1ons and part1c1pat1on 1n the Youth and Government at Austm 1n December and the Spr1ng Con ference at Lonavlevv IH March Spon sors are Mr Glen Wllson Mr Tlm McPherson and Mr Dale Denn1s -C i RIGLER'S RECRUITS President, Nancy Zunkg viceepresident, Helen McCoy: secretary, Stella Neu: treasurer, Virginia Wilsong reporter, Arlene Borden: and chaplain, Bonnie Gilbreath. The Future Nurses Club wishes to present a way to interest students in personal and com- munity health, to help and en- courage them in finding out what medical professions require, and to help students decide on a career. Activities included field trips to various hospitals, films, a conven- tion trip to Fort Worth, and Future Nurses' Day at Wichita Falls General Hospital. The sponsor is Mrs. Leah Rigler. 1 lllll 0174 ,,:' I G 14 C, S 1 .,. 'QW Q Q F. E. A. FEATURES LEADERSHIP Ralph Bullard is a past president of the Gainesville chapter and received his American Farmer Degree at the national conven- tion in Kansas City last October. It is the highest degree a mem- ber can receive in the F. F. A. Association. David Schniederjan is only a second year boy but he exhibit- ed the Reserve Champion Pen Broiler at the local F. F. A. and 4-H contest. He later exhibited two Pen Broilers at the Dallas Fair and was the only Exhibitor from Cooke County to receive blue ribbons on both pens ex- hibited. William Woody was high in- dividual and the team he par- ticipated in was third in the dairy products state judging contest held at A. and M. They competed with 232 other boys. He received his Lone Star Farm- er Degree from the state associa- tion and is now working toward his American Farmer Degree. He was president of the local chapter and district reporter last year. He had been a member of the grass judging team for three The Senior F. F. A. Conducting Team placed second in the Denton District. lt consists of C. L. King, Watt La Rue, Earl Nunn, Iimmy Bush, Ierry Lemons, Bengie Crowsey, lames McDonnell, Eu- gene Meyer, Clifton McDonnell, and Charles Colwell. years. He also attended the national convention in Kansas City last October. Senior officers are David Schnieder- jan, Eugene Meyer, Iimmy Bush, Ierry Lemons, Ierry Bob Payne, Tommy Colwell, Ierry Traughber, C. L. King, and Bengie Crowsey. Senior grass judging team competed in the Upper Elm, Ft. Worth, Dallas, and Houston contests. It consists of Jimmy Patrick, Tommy Colwell, Eugene Meyer, Ierry Bob Payne, and Charles Gibson, not shown. 3-75' pi' Senior farm radio team won first in the Denton Dis- trict contest held in Decatur and third in Area judging held in Denton. It consists of Eugene Meyer, Bobby Youngblood, Tommy Colwell, and Ierry Bob Payne. -ig. ' .au-li. --,.r-- tru- -xv .w,. . ru" Iunior grass judging team judged in the Upper Elm and some of the members are now in the senior grass judging team. It consists of Iames McDonnell, Jimmy Patrick, Clifton McDonnell, and Charles Colwell. First year officers are Iames McDonnell, Jimmy Patrick, Ronald McDonald, Clifton McDonnell, Bobby Young, Charles Colwell, and Church Hay. The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. The specific purposes for which the organization was formed are as follows: 1. To develop competent, aggressive, rural, and agricultural leadership. 2. To create and nurture a love of coun- try life. 3. To strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work. 4. To create more interest in the intel- ligent choice of farming occupations. 5. To encourage members in the de- velopment of individual farming programs and establishment in farm- ing. 6. To encourage members to improve the farm home and its surroundings. 7. To participate in worthy undertak- ings for the improvement of agricul- ture. 8. To develop character, train for use- ful citizenship, and foster patriotism. . To participate in cooperative effort. 9 10. To encourage and practice thrift. ll . To encourage improvement in scholarship. 12. To rovide and encourage the de p - velopment of organized rural recrea- tional activities. Their motto consists of only four lines, but these lines are filled with practical philosophy, reflecting a spirit and sincerity that shows the true view- point of farm youth, the "backbone of a nation." The motto is: LEARNING TO DO DOING TO LEARN EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE They have also adopted an unof- ficial slogan, "A Future Farmer is always a gentleman." 2 .uf 'Q , , Q - wl'x+o' at .jc-5 4. T f-was - x I X si '1 eil? ,dcql J Q5 Cul-'I J fivww ' Q, 1 ' COGKIE CGOKERS INC CHAPTER I OFFICERS Presldent Iune Relter Vrce Presrdent Pat Coulter Secretary Iean Baker Treasurer Danme Iones Reporter Iackle Shaver Parlramerrtarran Karla Wallace I-Irstorran Barbara Lloyd Song Leader Carole Glbson P1an1st Emmy Lou Beavers The purposes of the Future Homemakers of Amenca are to promote a growmg apprecxatxon of the joys and satrsfactrons of homemakmg to emphasxze the rmportance of worthy home member ship to encourage democracy m home and communrty lrfe and to promote mternatmonal good w1ll They also wrsh to develop creahve leadershxp rn home and commumty lrfe to provlde wholesome lndxvldual and group recreatxon and to further mterest mn home economlcs The1r act1v1t1es rncluded helpmg a needy fam1ly at Chrxstmas several partres for the members a style show and demon stratxons from guest speakers Sponsor 1S Mrs Naomx Austm l A CHAPTER II OFFICERS Presldent Laura Mercer V1ce Presxdent Glorxa Estes Secretary Llnda Wllson Treasurer Stella Perk1ns Reporter Lmda Godw1n Parhamentanan Iudy L1psey HISIOIIGH Ioan Wolf Song Leader Iune Rose P1an1st Charlene Lledtke , O ' . .- ., I fhrvlrli --r- ' , I , 4 fr! . I . Z V 1 1 - Chapter I Chapter I A 1 I3 f 1 or ,Wx 9 G Chapter II Llri w a 3 -TC Chapter II .C ' W Vail? Qs AND THE BAND PLAYED ON 3, v . 917545 9 W 'I if 3 U i F I ,E Band Roster Mr Marcus Austln Dlrector Bobby Bandy Ian Bandy Emmy Lou Beavers Donna B1nford Roy Bragg Don Bryant Dale Burden Martha Butts M1ltOH Chapman NOIIIS Chapman Pat Cummlns lean Cunnlngham Glorla Day Bar bara Evans Lou Ann Fredrrck Iack Garner Patsy Goodmght V1rg1n1a Gumn Mlke Hart Sandra Hazel Sandra Kay Henry Mary Io Howard Larry Iohnson Sandy La Hue Harold Lark Ianle Lemons Ierry Lemons Charles Lynch Iamce Mllburn Tr1x1e Mlller Mary Lynn Mitchell Mlckey M1tchell Glenn Moore Royce Morrrs B111 Morrtson Carolyn Myers Putsle Pace Ierry Bob Payne Ernest Perklns Mxke Blgler Steve H1g1er Mary lo Saunders Ilmmy Spencer Larry Sulllvant Gene Tupman Davrd Turner Tommy Vestal Ianette Watson Lee Westbrook ' I v W . ' u V I , .1 ' J x - -- -V 1 N.. r A ' .. V , ug. 9 Is ' ', , 'K - c- - ' , ' f xi A E , 5 - 4. , - , 1 K . I 1 . , x 1.. . L v. X i . . - 1 x X N ' X -. , . I 3 L , ' A t ,gif I f ' ,., r,r",:' f , I .....r 1- ' 'E jgfw' ' Bti. . .fx H ff ' 4!! ., I ' - 5 3 " , , -. , ' . ,.,. 1 . 'ings- ,. W1 1 A .. - 4. - ' ' 'A ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I I I I ' The Gamesvrlle High School band plays for all pep assembl1es and performs at half trme durmg football games Actlvx tres 1ncluded a concert rn March part1c1 patron m the annual Band Festlval at Emd Oklahoma 1n May and a formal banquet for band members and therr dates ai the end of the year 'xx 37 x f N I H A-KX OFFICERS Presrdent Harold Lark Vxce presl dent Larry Sulhvant and Secretary Donna Bmford Drum major' Pat Cumnnns Majorettes . Donna Bmford, Putsre Pace, Carole Gxbson I . I 1 I .'.., 1 Q u .f 1 ,'::':l ' xx- xl? 'I."'Rx- -Q-"ra X mn--Q'- . A I "' L lk f lx 1 , : I : - - ' . I I I . HISTORIANS OF G. H. S. Editorial staff 1S composed ot Hazel Cunningham Patsy Goodnight Nancy Keil and Sandra Hazel MQ! L... Business staff is composed of Sandy McDan1el The l958 Leopard staff is divided into two groups-- the business staff with Miss Martha Liddell as spon- sor, and the editorial staff with Mrs. Caroline Cun- ningham as sponsor. The business staff is composed of three seniors Carolyn fox Sandy McDaniel and Frances Loerwald and two sophomores Sandra Henry and lay Dene Stone These girls handle the ad section of the book arrange for sales of the annuals and class pictures and take care of all flnances The editorial staff is composed of a senior editor in chief Hazel Cunningham a Junior editor Nancy Keil and two sophomore editors Patsy Goodnight and Sandra Hazel Melinda Baugh is staff artist and Bobby West Bob Brazile and Dennis Murphy are photographers who not only take the bulk of pictures but also do Members of the staff make at least two trips during the year to the publishing company to proofread material They also attend the annual Texas High School Press Association in Denton in December Artist is Melinda Baugh some darkroom work Frances Loerwald Carolyn Fox lay Dene Stone Photographers we Bob Bfcfzlle Denms Sandra Henry and sponsor Miss Martha Liddell MufPhY and B0bbY West . , . . . , . , ' I , . . . . . . -. - . I I , I , I 1 I I I I l ' ' ' I . V 1 A A V ft ' ' - Q . . V 0 ' . J .ji . . . , . I H- , 1 , S. ' f . , V ,V V., 1 ' l :- : l X""w -- r ". r ..3 ' f I T I I ' 'l . . f X srik 'X' ' ' 55:1 'QL-'ll A- F v-7-O-M t , A ' 1 J 1 L i C r 'lb i .- ,V . , I - . I I I I I I 1 I ' The Leopard Tale staff under the supervision of Mrs. Frankie Leahy prepares a four page issue approximately every two weeks. The editorship rotates among the staff composed of twelve members the first semester and ten the second. Therefore, each issue has a different editor and caeditor. The paper is a member of the Texas High School Press Associa- tion, Interscholastic League Press Conference, and Columbia Scholas- tic Press Association. The paper has its own photo- graphic, typing, and mailing equip- ment, and the staff members make up and print the paper at the Muenster Enterprise. Pete Peterson, Ronald Meeks, Marijo Borden, and Kenny Leach. Not pictured, Nancy Patterson and Iudi Miller and Ioan Bcmic. ffffti. fl-' -3' rj? "1 R it is" fi "7 Lx-: PARD " -av . , REQ' V- pg 5.4 5 irfre 'j7i 56, - .135-'f. 1 3, 11f?,.--g?,,5f"?:g,-.13 ' "i:5,k.'ffE,.' f. .. '7"r-- 4521, .1 ! Margie Henley, Mrs. Leahy Warren Womack and Dennis Fuller, Carol Cash, Patsy Arlene Borden Schneider, and Aden Romine LET THERE BE MUSIC .,-f""" 'Mn N24 N.. lr "g5.h f 93 E .H Rixiauvr' 'ji SEPTET Margaret Mltchell, Retha Sanders, Mary Iane Enderby, accompanrst, Brenda Schmltz, Pheba Wmters, Glenda Wham, Kaye Dever, and Ioan W11son, not prctured 442- The Galnesvrlle Hlgh School chorr gave several assembly programs for both hrgh school and 1un1or hrgh They attended the annual Choral Fes trval 1n Durant, Oklahoma, November 11 and 12 Chnstmas programs were a candle hghtmg ceremony and the opera "Amahl and the Night V1s1tors" Other GCl1V1l19S included an operetta tn the sprmg and the Spring Concert ...-pw-'- PARTEN 'S PARTNERS A11 office workers must have an average of 85 or above. They are chosen for their reliability, neatness, manner- liness, and ability. There are office work- ers from each class and each period. Two of their most important duties are post- ing absentees and getting out the an- nouncement sheets. They also do some typing and filing and answer the phone. . 'W-3' BUEN OS DIOS! lT.S, The purpose of the French Club is to develop better under- standing between the United States and France. Club mem- bers correspond with pen-pals in France and Belgium. Officers are president, Nancy Keilg vice- president, Gloria Estes: secre- tary-treasurer, Kaye Dever, parliamentarian, Mary Iane En- derbyp reporter, Diana Atchison: and song leader, Ioan Wilson. First semester sponsor, Mrs. Billie Buckley and second semester sponsor, Mrs. H. B. Baskette. BON JOUR! Los Amigos is the Gainesville chapter of the Pan-American Spanish Forum. The club provided for a needy family at Christmas and pub- lished a student directory. Chapter I officers are president, Larry Bing- fort: vice-president, Wayne Ander- son: secretary Helen McCoy: treasurer, Wayne Kidd, reporter, Arlene Borden, program chairman, Beverly Bragg: and song leader, Mike Higler. Chapter II officers are president, Loveta Bryant, vice- president, Mary Ann Lark: secre- tary, Mary Alice Potts: treasurer, Patricia Oosterveen: reporter, Pat Hurley: and song leader, Johnny Simpson. First semester sponsor, Mrs. Billie Buckley and second semester sponsor, Mrs. Dale Dur- ham. ' s AVE ET VALE! Amici Latini have spent a pleasant year of study, planning, and six- party fun. Their leaders have been Bobby Bandy, Ada Morgan, Linda Bohls, Carolyn Fox, Iudi Miller, and Mike Swindle. These twenty students have found with their teacher that nine months can be fun because they found it among the thoughts and words of cr people who were much like them- selves in yesteryears. Sponsor is Miss Layuna Hicks. PUT ANOTHER NICKEL IN f The Record Club pro- vides interesting listen- ing for those students who enjoy music of various types by dif- ferent composers, musi- cians, and vocal artists. Officers are Retha Sanders, president: Ioan Wilson, vice-presi- dent: Beverly Young. secretary - treasurer? and Brenda Schmitz, social chairman. Sponsor is Mrs. loy Die. xt-- ...1.-'zf,g!'f V-. MUSIC, MUSIC , MUSIC The members of the Exalted Jukebox So- ciety listen to recorded music and learn ball- room dancing. The in- structor at the local dance studio donates her services to the club twice a month. Officers are Fred Harold Mit- chell, president: Gene Tupman, vice-presi- dent, Ien'y Boyter, sec- retary-treasurerg Ernest Perkins, reporter: and Ronnie Horn, sergeant- at-arms. Sponsor is Miss Martha Liddell. THE UPS AND DGWNS GF IT .FN E SHUTTER BUGS The Photography Club is composed of those students who have a genuine in- terest in the wonders of photography and wish to learn the techniques of good picture production. Officers are presi- dent, Grady Hicke man: vice-president. Freddie Eustace: secretary - treasurer, Richard Michael. Sponsor is Mr. Tim McPherson. The Amobema Trampoline Club is made up of students who are interested in performance on the trampoline. They have given several exhibi- tions during the year. Officers are president, Bobby Youngg vice- president, David Turn- er, secretary, Sandy Wade: treasurer, Sandy LaHuey and reporter, Sue Meyer. Sponsor is Mr. Buddy Ryan. K BATON BABE S The purpose of the "G" Club is to pro- mote better athletics and sportsmanship. Members are letter- men in various sports. Officers are president, James Evans: vice- president, Bill Locke: secretary - treasurer, Leslie Franklin: and sergeant-at-arms, Pete Peterson. Sponsor is Mr. W. C. Wooten. WEARERS OF THE "G" 5 The Twirlers Club was formed to aid stu- dents interested in twirling batons. The majorettes in the high school band serve as instructors. Officers are president, Ian Bandy: vice-president, Pollie Gilbreathg secretary, Mary Io Saunders: and reporter, Lynda Lern- ons. Sponsor is Miss Dorothy Rudd. i fx nh -. ROBIN Hoons , INC. .fs-T'.,r' ' - .w"s1,.:.- '1"-' , f!'.'37,,. ' 1' -'ff Q- as 'ite .. ."'.,dr- Q. . The purpose of the Rifle Club is to in- still better safety habits in the mem- bers and to improve their marksmanship. Officers are presi- dent, Bob Bandy: vice-president, Bill Gaston, secretary- treasurer, Larry Brown: and ser- geant - at - arms, Charles Iones. Spon- sor is Mr. Bob Mason. A THE BULL'S- EYE BOYS The Archery Club provides instruction and practice in the use of the bow and arrow. Officers are president, Ierry Springs, vice-presi dent, Iirnrny McEn- tirey and reporter, Warren Womack. Sponsor is Mrs. Ioan Cook. t gl.. THE SPIRIT OF '58 D r M ww "Au" 'W' -a.guhf:-.:+2?1fvaa- 'QQ taxi -i liliili if iiiilliii fl4:siit.3 11 ijil ff'-YRSY1 1 xiii Q - l mlllllll 111113511 QC 1 .nv SENIORS Ada Morgan Ierry Boyter IUNIORS Sandra Allen Iimmy McEntire SOPHOMOHES Sandy LaHue Harry Adams SPONSOR: Mrs. Ioan Cook MANAGER: Mike Biffle 231211557 N0L.owLfs u.LoufD I - V fs! I Uuwz Drains 2rnc HIRE Exchange Assembly for Sherman -ff A11 we want IS the facts. Doqpatch Dreamboats The Val P3 S N A Ps f xv How s about seconds? Iust what the doctor ordered! ' ,3, t YUDCNTTOQIKIL - I , , I x 4 gig? 'Ax fx I t We've been very good this year. sf, L Th 'S' v4 -1761-eJ'L'5'v-'uw E -, . f f I I! Pretty but cold Mr. Leach and his peach ,J f Xxfxl if f' ' W, THE PLAYER VIJYINIAI III HIV! 41410 lYll7J'ldf7H'IWf0"l'9YI4f If IW! 0150079658 KIM! I K' I7 7 I7 1 DYI' 5' DVMIIIS' All M1 HIDE? WWIB' 7071! HAH THE SPECTATOR hfllflfl JMS I HIV!! 0? Mdffhll lIAOFPIf40d'!4 IOMHIYMMIUTI MOU HIIIYIT. lE'IIVY.f7'41I7'lVJ'2l00l 6273 7dfMH'N 'EPll1-9417 FIAVIMWZHHI IH? fd! IIN SMYYMIII, ,- ous. 9-4.fa' 1' . - , p.,...:ef , ,...-f.,.V . , Remember you're in training, Bill. fa A M The Proclamcxtlon 1 xff M r gy Mx r F Ya got me! After the pep rally is over G. H. S. ROYQHY aaa A mfnnrr :mam 74 .w-urmuurzxmvs' 71 lnirfxulalazu -55? 11. P 41. 41 . f 2 S- 3 4 .. 'Y '11 v s Q , Q ms. ,-5' ,,4. . S-' 53 LES? ,W he wg. 4 wg,-a "wf,fwa1'f S Uruwn Li in 'N-I--i-u ..-.fu-A... .uf 43' 5: J I We Eff f 5 'iff R- I 0, ,S- ,K 5, , ' V 4-P' , if? 2 1 pimms, Th- 'K 4' ,. ' HQ. Q . F P SGC ,NN ' Q ' v 'W' A 5' I Q M 5' I ' w P We X W , i Y . V ' miw.. ' . Q, f , 1 l X "Qi if- . A.,-', , ' ' I Q .- ,U aj fi' V EQ? ' :Aix i lggfkjfe 3- .. A 4 iff is ft'?rH . Q ,il 4. 'D 35 " ' 'ms I v I ta'-133' "-"'f f . E-S. A- 1 K a 6 - if 1 'K P x . Y:, I' in A F 5 ll? s -r 'H' ' , . I U V. ' ' fr ,-+'w1-A gif ff G" ---'Lf 'K x ', K 5' ' , - 9,7 4 Y "A K E if Win.. 5 , Y I r Sob,sob!Sob,sob,sob! - , , +' ' Q . A f f'j!, Q ' ,of . " ii fy f ! w as 2 5 , ' Y 5? 'SEN - 2: M -S'3q., ' " nf- K Q X ' i "' Ij , X ff 4? l'1', 1 ,' Q fi A ' ggi I -an if - Q 4" f A 1 N .' lun 192 . W i Q, 2 ,x 1 "1 . 1-lv' " . 4. ,- X C -feqgxf K , - 3' 'V' 'H' , - AvL- X , ' -'SJ 1, 'X fill' ni ' Fifa 1 X ? 5 . r 5' ' x ' Q -L 'Q E 'JS ,Sf . V 'mx ' .1 A xv X isis If ' -13 .1 , . 1. 4-Jfi' : '- 3 ig Qi Y Q 8 f .-at 92. 1 NW DIAL FA 2 C5035 ADS LD PEST EX TERMWA TORS THE FIRST STATE BANK We Herve Grown Beecruse We Have Helped Others to Grow ' We Apprecrcrte tHe Opportumty to Serve You Of Gcrirresville, Texas 4. A . Standard Reserve Insurance Company g l t d THE FASHION CENTER GAINESVILLE TEXAS Harmon s Beauty Sho Helpy Selfy Stores SCSHG EB HO 53242 L th Te cklp Kream cm Ku Woodruff Pharmacy Gainesville, Texas 7 W F aturin Al Na ionally A vertised Brands" OF 7 P Congratulations From "We Offer a Complete Beauty Service Save reen Stamps l22O . roadway Phone - Penton Q Q Q O h n. z OP 93 is ' 44' 9 Xe ainesvi e, exas Aughtry's Flowers 802 South Clements phone H0527-31 Waplcs Pamtcr Company Lumber and Bu1ld1ng Materlal Wallpaper Pamt Hardware 301 W CGl1fOID1G Street H05 3491 Brown Pon fl ac C om p any Dollar for Dollar You Can t Beat a Pontlac The Fashlon Shop Tyke Town Complete Lme of Infants and Ch1lclrens Ladres HeadytoWear Clothing and Gms 113 E Cahtorma H055771 I . J 214 E. California Street PHONE I-105-5591 Swindle Pharmacy Wa1green Agency 115 E. California PHONE H05-5521 GAINESVILLE, TEXAS TCM THUMB SUPER MARKET A Gilliland Food Store DAIRY 84 E C If Ph Hos 3581 1110 ast alifornia St. .Io O Congratulations, Seniors 2 . aiornia one - . K G A F Wherever You Go There 5 Ramiro Moore S Seed Store Headquarters for Freld ana Garden Seed Fertlhyers Seed Cleanrng an 1 Treannc, Fu1O Pep feed Sun G10 Pged Phone HO5 40 1 Gamesvrlle Texas Plt Barbecue Our Speelalty We Cater to Partres 400 N Commerce Phone HO5 5381 Merry Go Round Crrc us Town Mr and Mrs C M Howard Hamburgers Malts Ice Cream .45 N Cofnmerfe Gamesvrlle Texas FrenCh'S Delicatessen Corrrphments Complrments of Your Ga1nc,sv11le Wh1te Store Newland Furmture E C KINNE 5 JEXVELERS 1889 t dTt1 W W Howcth Co H Street Pharmacy LE VINE S WAPP Wo sa G GAINESVILLE TEXAS P of I J J I 300 ost olifornior 9 School Iewelry Since Abs rorcts cm 1 es Compliments of Form Locms L ll A I. D. oweth 9 e recicxte Your Trade e ive H teen Storm s F ARRAR S Good Shoes Coxrectlx Fnted TYLER 81 SIMPSON COMPANY Wholesale GIOLQIIGS Servnxg he Independent Iletaller S GAINESVII I E TEXAS Branch Houses AHDMORE OKLAHOMA NORMAN OKLAHOMA lnce l879 East S1dc Cleaners B111 Blanton GllbLff DELYC SfLldl0 PHONE Hoa 2424 833 E Callforma s . t 1 4 ' Principal Office O A 1 O TURNER HOTEL 81 RESTAURANT ' S Conqmrulcmonsf Pmery Sandcrs cwelcrs ond Offrce Supphes 112 N Commerce Street School Supphes Stcmonery Typewnters HQ5 9781 Walter Sanders Owner W D HURLEY MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmoblle and Ccchllcxc Authorlzed Soles cmd Servrce Mom C11 Commerce Gcunesv111e Texas Phone HO5 5271 - A J J 302 E. cam. . , J C Wcmoldrldge Lumber Company 1894 1958 Galnesvrlle Ice Company EIU Cr Stal Darry CytlMk GH1HCSV1llC Ice 1958 Texas Power and Lrght Company Parker Eleetnc S H05 2721 Gainesville Texas o A 0 X r s a il Nature's Best Food at lts Best Congratulations Seniors, Compliments of ' outh Rusk Phone - Curtis Restaurant C URTXVOUD C OI ONIAL C 1 RTXWUUD JR Greenwood 81 Co Horace Hickerson Sy t Appl y t E HO 5 6221 HO 5 2864 HO 5 2939 Ken Blanton, Agent N R HO55524 Bohls R D Clack d Appl Chevrolet 117 N C Ph HO 59342 G 11 T , - . N T 1 J J I I , 5 Gainesville, Texas 1 A 1 ' Electric TV s ems and Fuel iances Propane-S sems and Fuel 309 ast California Phone - 733 E. California Residence: 1105 N. Howeth Phone - Phone - A Complete lnsuranc Service 108 . usk Street Phone - Furniture an iances . ommerce . - ainesvi e, exas Wins Bros Pharm icy 105 S C Commerce Strut Store Endcrby Butane Gas d Ph HO 54712 THE MANHATTAN CL OTHIERS LEO M KUEHN G 11 T f Y L 0 C . ommerce St. J .X I j Southsi e Square . - R. V. "Pete" Briscoe Gainesville, Texas cxinesvi e, exus D uly Register Frank Dustin o '- sh is pl' Browmng s CWL lry W H Kress Simpson s Sporting Goods dDl1qW Gary Necs Lumber Company eyth g d G 1lTa i 1 r - Sfiiioia ffige and SQ oo up ies 1 . . 1 c Gainesville, Texas Yoai Hometown Paper . 9 J , Diamonds, atches, Silver, China 210 E. California I Compliments ' 9 of O . mmerce 51 COIHPGUY Gainesville Keep Building an ri in ith Ev r in in Buil ing Material ainesvi e, ex s Stanley Chadwcll 884 Kaden The Flomst C t Fl HO 55221 THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY A , Comphment' f 'P . ommerce Gainesville, Texas A Smce l lt's Choice u owers Flowers Phone - Vernie Keel Funeral Home Amb ulance S GIVICG HO 54341 1204 E Calf Linda Shoe Company Tuggles Used Car ot By Te H L TUGGLE Wld tT Noth'I' Pho e HO 53762 lle T NthG Korioth P Pho e HO 53815 E t El St Kay S House F ashlon Phone - . i, jo Gainesville, Texas Gainesville, Texas ' L We u 'Sell- rad The i es rader in r exas n - 626 or rand Gainesvi , exas ' 9 Office Equi ment Company of D . l15 as m . GAINESVIL LE NATIONAL BANK Tappan S Wt H05 N Robran 5 Dnve In Cleanrrs And Laundry CIIIIQSVI e, one HO 5 55l7 Geo. . 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Suggestions in the Gainesville High School - Leopard Yearbook (Gainesville, TX) collection:

Gainesville High School - Leopard Yearbook (Gainesville, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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