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QH5 4 "Oh come with me you but will And feel the excitement which I hold. journey ,pon the path which trails through me, And see reality of lyfe, both warm and cold. Gaze on background built of classes three, A part of which youlll be throughout your lyfe. These were the beginnings of all tomorrows And basis for surpassing all lyfe's stryfe. Relive through me this year now past, A year whose lyfe you helped to mold. Remember all those joyous times, Which captured through the years will neler grow old Captured here in my confnes Is yesterday -its splendored glory. Events which came to build tomorrow, A record of past and future story. Excitement captured at its crest, Reality caught for all of time. Background shown to shape the rest, Summation to complete the rhyme. As you view the year within, F eel free to let your emotions go. For ,twas your year to lose or win Victlry - so let those feelings show." Y 39" ' WV' b rf'- P 3 1 ,gp J Yu Qkawdkgf N WS . 'x.-', .aQ, 1. K f r yt fp ,ure qgggv , 1, asv' SCHO OL 5 !e' lf t9H:'..""fI I' ' , A ' 4 fx-SL , ,, , :iii lg 7 'M3'f? emi! I t It ll HI , A f ,Ez 'fl , I f -. I 4.4 4 l .hi f. , 3 w ',4l4I,N . ii .I 1 A I -f V K, A .'.g71T.p' x , N -, ,I K , K I. - '.ga4 MM, 3351 f- -Lu. 1 "Q x-2.353 as 5, X i A alkjyf 'twf,.j!f Q af". x EE -. If K -if xr , ' .' I4. I 6 YZ, 5 1 me zffa W ,V fiiif,-F"'f sgng " ,g?,, ,-'N -L' ,W M ' 3, Y 4 ,3 0 pf, ,mmm , W 'Qu ,wg ,... . X, 'M -M. , 5 Q f , , 'L 1' I rf., Q Q Ama., pf,?E.,' 'f r "f1"v12-uf. 2 , ,. ., ,, ,V mf f ' M, ' 'W A A fi,,'s. ... -. .. V, , A-'V , :y .' f, 2 N' - - 1 - 4111 fr nf!-fn rpupfy' I ,,.,,,,4 1 .vu ,A -A f Q? M., ' 1 f 1 I -. fu . V14 Q 'K ' , , z .Qld ... 1 1 1 f r ,Q : ' Qt H . '2 W V' 1 z ,M- zf ff. 1 ,V . . gf ',1"3Q5",i8.' ,'.4P' '.'J.1":X,' '1 as f VX M, 4- ,, ., fl . - 1 1 1 4-M A . , . : W 2' . 0 , f 1, , 3 ,., v L -- L' A- . Vk . , W' if . 3 W . F Y A f -1 .V J, ,Q Si- 1 'f ' ' jf 'I Amir -Lmlh 'N .- , , , F5 ,.. 'wx , -lf. -4 .,, ,Q ,Q P ' u ll! Wllat IS GHS? 1 - 8 Introduction. . .Community. . . School Life. 'Excitement captured at its crestf, 9 - 88 Spirit. . . Homecoming. . .Ath- letics. . .Service. . .Plays. . . Dances . . . State Convention. rf. "Reality caught for all of timef, 89 - lc , Administration . . . Faculty . . . Curriculum. . . Interest Clubs . . . Honor Clubs. "Background shown to shape the restf' 169 - 296 Service Clubs . . . Sophomores . . . Juniors . . .Seniors. . .Advertise- ments. This is GHS. 297 - 317 Closing. . .Index. c HL u 1 L 4 l i l 1 l r T Y- , Community X i Encompassing GHS and the University of Florida, the community served as a background for all activities. It became the student's World. i 4 lvlllllf CllII'lSfH1llS shopping downtown on Housefnuntains. Mrs. Ted Kennedy, gI'llllClllllllQllfCl' fy' Mrs. Andasia Bennett, cisited the Uni- versity of Florida campus for Homecom- ing to speak at the Mortar Board dinner. Included in the University of Floridais Band Day salute at Florida Field, tlze GHS nuyorettes eagerly await tl1e coin- l ' l-zerorznance. 4 Jznecj f 4 I in e tlze square, Mrs. Matlzis and lzer daugh- ter Karen pause to gaze at tlze Court y Xltl f IUHQUI the lzuli cj'1lc'li1tilyfYll.s' H11 l111H.s' in flu' clay, H10 Cfourf Ilozzsff .s'l1i11z'.s' in ,S'fl1'llf,S'l!lf'l1l1Ol'fllfllllgflllllffill' night. 1'ff'1'.s' to ,S fo! , Tlzv I' Qf F sign lu'z'lmm i11fU1's'f r off and Sflllj azcfzilz' in fzff' frm' C1z1i11f',s'LiiHc', flzcfhl'11i15z'l1s'itg2 City Qf H11 Snuflzf' 4 1 A School Life X Attending Young Life activities, screaming at pep rallies, profiting from mistakes, appreciating "Senior Power," and the inevitable studying . . . this is living, the GHS way. 'lf' lVet or clry,foIlou:er.s' ff the Canes Jroc 5 that they c1reJQ1itlUfi1I in any weatlzer. ' , view-,, ra .4 , M .UM The Hurricane Herald PICIQIICS class'- rooms on Friclclys while student.s'rea1ci'. L Young Lyfe, o time of .singing and fel- Eueryonefs tlzouglzts rcjlect Rolnencl Iowslzip, oj'erSStuclentS an insight to lqfe. Ellg,-S' chant, KCones are DIf7'LfllllifC.'v if M ,Q Q L School Life X '67 - '68 Cane spirit bolstered by "real fine teams," enthusiastic followers of the mighty Canes, colorful band, and cheerleaders, reached its peak, never to fall. Betsy throws footballs sponsored by Burger Chef Citizerfs Bank and Couch's. 8 HN ' Mu , ,Z ff - n ,SF s A . Q., 5 rn' ' nf- With a big boom, Larry Bobrojjf color- fully leads the band onto thefield. X -Y v W r Q' : ,g il hifi J- Splrit bursts from the student side, all plea for the needed touchdown. "EXciteme11,t! E " zfim' ,559 J xcitement became the synonym for Gainesville High School. And that excite- ment became a part of each ofthe 2,215 stu- dents . . . through the events of the special days. School spirit, at an ecstatical peak . . . never equalled in years past . . . clearly evi- dent in Homecoming 1967, reigned from the first day until the last. The excitement of that all-important vic- tory or that final play at the last provided treasured memories for years to come. Club activities throughout the year gave each student a part in making this year, and this school-H is year, and His school . Pride was the outgrowth of excitement of the year. Individual pride in knowing that the efforts of 2,330 students and faculty meshed together to make 1967-1968, a year no one will ever forget, a year which saw the leaders of tomorrow's world cast in the succesqul role as the leaders of today at GHS, a year which will go down as the year excitement and pride knew no limitation - the year which was the greatest in the history of Gainesville High School! 5, ug , fy! 4.631 0 , if two. wr,t'0'g'1, 9 f 'RW Finding their way uronnfl GHS -S'l'I'lI1.S' to be the lzig 12l'Ol1lf'lllflH' fliese soplzo- n1m'e.s'. 3 Our Year Began ith Orientation 8a Computers Pig Pen and Clmrlie Browii are urgziing llllfllll ciiffing flCl'0S.S' flu' scliool lawn. Dun Fryer lL'l1fl'lII'.S' while the conipiifer - types' all fyftlze ,girulesjiir ClI1SiS'flIlll'llfiS'. ' Bewilclerecl ln' the newness ancl xiistness ol their school, sophomores welconiecl student conncills orientation progrinn. lt was organizecl ln' the Senate in pre-planning sessions through- out the snnnnei: The asseinhh' consisted ot' stu- clent Speakers. anal nn introchiction ot' the cleans. achninistration and gniclance eonnselors. The cheei'lenclers presented ti skit in which they inipersonzitecl the characters Ilroin the Pea- nnts comic strip to show the sophoniores the hasic rules ot' the school. They clicl three cheers including a ullellon cheer welcoming the soph- omores and lecl the class in the singing of the Alina Mater. The prograin cncletl with a tour ofthe school nncl rel'reshnients. The teachers also lvecanie oricntetl to a new facet of the school life. as th'e computer system was introthicecl in grade reporting. New tornis were dealt with and precision hecinne ii necessi- tv. Although at tiines it Proxcrl to he hectic hc- canse ot' progrinning and calculating, the faculty' tonncl it conx enicnt and accurate. ff L School Sgirit X Pep rallie.s became an asset to school l Ufe that aroused the students and teams. Vickie McMillari's smile is a part of the I . ,. ...,.,. showimmship zyf the hawtime preserita- """"" tio ni. , . S Humorous antics by cheerleaders at as- semblies encouraged and boosted school spirit. 10 School Spirit Became the "Twelfth Player" Followers supported GHS through now traflitions' and faitlwzl hacking. School spirit at CHS this vvztr iouml itst-It in thc miml and xoico ot' ox'oi'voiit-. lixcitiiig giunvs and ti victorious season tirccl up the stiiclcnts. Thev lwc-zililc Jroutl ol' hciii I Ll mrt ol' CHS uml , i I urovctl it hx' sumuortinff thoii' tt-mils. Stitch-nts . 5 ti'au't-lt-cl from one mul ol' thc stutt- to thc otha-r to follow tho "Nlighty limit-s." Cheerleaders spiced the pop rallies with stunts and skits which brought chants, replics auicl spirit from thc stitch-iit hocly. 'l'ht- pt-p htuitl vnlivcnccl pop rallies with MCIIS lioysw, iillixit-U uml the Alma Mater. Fams throughout thc stzttc rccognixccl tho toot- hull team as liuviiig it utweltth platter, on tho ticltl. That all important twelfth num was spirit. Spirit uiclvcl Canes iii rcucliing tht- sciiii-tiimls play-offs for thc statto t-htimpioiiship at Floricht Fit-ld. Ftuiic, victorics turd unity rcsultccl from the spirit and priclc that clitiiuic-tciiixc-cl CHS, A proud coach and o principal ffxpross tl great ejlirt for ll 1lc'.s'cf1'ui11g victory. 1 Varsity Football X Third - Rated Canes Proved Eddie McA.s'lmn rolls around and to Cana fl1ll1l'fUl'INlCli Ifdzlicf AII,','?.S'llflll tfzfyhs' SC,.U,,l1,jU down fm. U 81,11-ff,C,,1l,,4 gum. f Ill mg f IL ll Loell-clc.s'1f1'1:cfl brcfotlzcr ' P Mcfllnourmf contest. 12 llznvicrrlnc 11l!lIfUlIlHfC7'.S' 11010721100 ffllllfllffl book on lim: fyf ,S'Cl'fHLllLIIgf'. A. P. Polls Correct GAINESVILLE - llurricanes, rated No. 3 in preseason polls, took on lax Lee in a thrilling season opener. First half action saw Canes cross into General territo1'y twice, but an alert Lee defense would not allow GHS to score. GHS per- mitted Lee into Cane territory only once, leaving first - half play scoreless. Canes returned from the locker room to jump into the lead as Stipan- ovich took a pitchout from McAshan and carried the ball in to score., Canes took over on their own 12 yd. line and a pass to Outlaw chalked up another six points for GHS. Sanders received a punt and raced 57 yds. to place the Canes in scoring position. The TD came as Stipanovich tore through Leeis de- fenders to go for the score. Reeves converted for the extra point to complete the scoring for the evening. GHS 21-LHS 0. PENSACOLA - Gainesville Canes took on 14th rated Pensacola Tigers with a balanced attack of runner Stipanovich and passer McAshan. Dur- ing the first-half, the Canes moved into Tiger territory many times, however, they never reached paydirt. The final half, particularly the last quarter, proved to be the downfall of the Tigers as the stormed-up Canes put 27 points on the scoreboard. Headhunters held Pensacola's offense to 1-1 points. Stipanovich rushed for 150 yds. and added three T Dis. Boundtree plowed 20 yds. for the other score. As play ended, the scoreboard read 27-14, and Gainesville held their 'i3rd in statev prestige. GHS 27-PHS 14. GAINESVILLE - In front of an aisle-filled crowd GHS Hurricanes romped over last yearls state champs, Melbourne, 31-13. Led by the tandem effort of Stipanovich and Roundtree, the home team took an early lead in the first half. After setting up shop on their own 37 yd. line, the Canes were in scoring position as quarter- back BIcAshan galloped into the end zone. Car- rying the ball 26 times, Stipanovich urged the Hurricanes to victory as he scored three times. Although the Bulldogs managed to rack up 13 points, Gainesvilleys defense held them to only 82 yds. rushing. Buell and Smith were superb in containing the Melbourne offense as they broke through the line four times to throw the Bulldog quarterback for long losses. During the final minutes of the game, Round- tree rambled into the end zone for the final points ofthe game. GHS 31-MHS 13. Explosive Cane Movers pile up fir yclrcloge in the Cl'llL'illI-jbllffll - clown play. M ons-ter man Buddy Carrell coffers with Defensive Coach Dicks on game strategy. Varsity Football X Top-Seated Canes Romped Over A -S'C'l'I1lll1711I1,Qf fllllIl'1Cl'17l1C1C, 111111111111 c'.x'f'1'f.s 111111 extra effort to 01111 11 1'1i11. EDGEVVATER - The Purple Hurricanes put their perfect record on thc line at Orlando to take on the undefeated Edgewater Eagles ranked 16th in the state and came out with a rain-soaked 14-6 victory. When the Canes took the field, it was pouring rain and the Weather did not im- prove. Duc to the inclement weather the game became a punting bout as the pigskin changed hands many times during the first quarter. Early in the second quarter Quarterback Mc- Ashan gave fans something to cheer about. With third down and eight yds. to go, McAshan rolled out around end, saw daylight, and took off. Ten seconds and 56 yds. later he was in the end zone and gave GHS the lead. Edgewater fell victim to an instant replay as McAshan did it again, this time from 14 yds, out, to raise the Hurricane tally to 14. On defense, the light of glory shone on cor- nerback Phillips as he batted down three pro- spective touchdown passes. All in all, it was the defensive effort which far surpassed pre-game expectations and held the 16th team in Florida to one touchdown. GHS 14-EHS 6. "It'.s gnoflf' the Ref -S'1,QlllI1-S' 11f111c1.s up as 1111r1'it:f1110 Movers sc:o1'1' 11IlO11lCl' touclz- flown. 'I4 111111 T0llC11l10ll2H,,, Co1e1nf111 Stipfm- ouiclz, is Inrouglzt clown by f1Cfl?Hl1L'l'l1ffCl' 101111 gain. Tough Com petition CAINESVILLE - XVith four straight wins under their belts, a perfect record, and a Homecoming crowd cheering them on, the Hurricanes stunned the Sarasota Sailors with a 29-0 victory. ln the first quarter, the Canes took the lead as a high hike went from the Sailors, 10 yd. line, over their quarterbackis head and into the end zone for a safety. Sarasota then kicked off' from the 20 yd. line and gave the Gainesville offense a turn to score. NVith a third down and nine to go situation, quarterback McAshan spotted senior flanker Outlaw racing down field and hit him with a perfect pass for a touchdown. This marked the beginning of a superb offensive show. Although the determined offensive line of Sarasota fought gallantly, they were no match for the wall-like line put up by the Gainesville Headhunters. John Kidwell, replacing injured end Jim Niblack and on the starting line - up for the first time, hauled in six crucial passes from Mc- Ashan including two for first downs. In the third quarter, master blocker and runner, Roundtree waltzed seven yds. to bring the score to l6-0. Early in the last quarter Stipanovich tore through the Sailor line for his ninth touchdown ofthe Season. After Stipanovichis run, which put the Canes in front 22-0, Coach Niblack put in his second team and watched as quarterback Holland led the Canes 36 yds. for another touch- down on a quarterback carry. Monday moming brought good news for the Hurricanes as A.P. polls rated them number one after the stunning Homecoming victory. GHS 29- SHS 0. w 1 Charles Outlaw executes a fnniliar sideline pat tern and deftly oulwits u would - be tackler. Davis down, Reeves up! lt's good! He puts the hall directly between the upriglzts. H omecomiinig X Homecoming Traditions Culminated QDIIVCII Szzxrzn llz1:.c'11 rfwglzs our f tlilionul l'lZt'llf-S' GHS 1IOlIlI'I'OHliII,Qf-S'. Cfmzcrs' xlmzu c'11tl111si11.s'1'i1' lI1'f4'l'H1fllll firm for l'lI'1Ul'If Us ffzzfzf lurwzl' ffzmufffz ffm , . . X P-N fmoju. IIOXIIQCOJIIXG COURT: KScfc11'c1lj Alllfff PIIIIIIUIIIQ Quvmz Sus llfzzmz, and Holnrwtzl Ukfkzzzjfzg flstzzllrlilzgj lilly Kiwi, Bcfifz Ayc'11s', mul 1 13c'f.s'gf 13111019 .Y0tpin'2'111'r'zl.' Kfztlzy JIc'Cl1'z'. 4915. if ' ' i i i if if 'viiiifii M XT-' X P JN? X If fa, W I I K 1 foii W 'ix Wi ,xxx utumn Activities lVC'lll'lH?Q tllc flrc most original lmlx fir 'Hut Illllfm, 1'l1c,s'c NfIlflC'llf.S'lI.,'0Hj7l'l1U15'- .-Xiniclst the routinc of classroom lccturcs and tlircatcnccl tcacher rcsignation. lloincconiing was a time of cxubcrance and excitcincnt. From selecting the slogan "Sarasota Sailors Arc Xlutiin' Bound .Ks '67 llurricanes Blow Ein .Xgroiiiiclfl to thc final notcs ol' i'The Cfollcctionsfl llonie- coming was an unforgettable cxpericnce. Lull Week, the cluict before thc storm, fea- turcd Slogan Day, Ilat Day, Color and l.ctter Day, XVood Day and Team Appreciation Day. Radiant Susan Ilaxcn, crownccl Quccn at Storm NYarning, ruled with a court of six scnior girls. Chosen by thc Cane Varsity, the football sponsors were introduced at Storm XVarning, and wcre honored guests at all other lloinccoining cxcnts. Loyal Canes recognized special days by wear- ing purple and White, crazy hats and letters rep- resenting ineinbciship in school clubs. They came loaded down with wooden crates, logs, and the neighbors, fence boards to build a blazing fire to climax Storm Warning. Varsity players were the center ofattention on Team Appreciation Day. Kathy McGee, court memlzcr, nzissccl the Homecoming game because ryfan illness. Bill Ilurlfm, Pcggy Ifzlton, Iiiclmrrl Robe inson and Bcflz Gmiics' - '67 Cancjizof- lmll sponsors. 17 Homecomingf Spirited Student Produced ' Homecoming Storm YVarning. Gainesville High Selioolis gi- gantic pep rally, forecast tlie resounding 29-0 victory over tlie Sarasota Sailors. Competitive service eluli skits. talented performers, 'isoulu music. a dazzling 'Light Nly Fire" routine ln' the majorettes, and loud elieers from each squad were elimaxed liy a roaring lmonfire. Ant-lior Chili won first place lionors in skit '17 rivalrr, with its version of, MCHS Sends Sarasota On A Psycliadelie Trip." Second place went to Lionettes with "Nothing, Like A Canef and YVlieel Clulfs 'ilIniitley-Cruinpley lieportv took Q tliird. Tlie rlivtlim and lilnes sound ot' HC. L. 'v Ml ' and tlie Soulsi' captured lirst place in tlie enter- tainment category. Tlie Pep Parade Friday afternoon woke up downtown Gainesville and put all participants in a winning mood. Homecoming elimaxed tlie fall. and reminded all tliat uelierislied are tlie NVHI1 lnonzpoizs Ufrnft and ieifli .S'lIJil'ifCIl memories precious oftliee, Gainesville Highf, efzeers, fill' jV Clzeerierlflersjoin flze Pep Pzlrzifle. Bill Lineweauer and Mike Rowlrmcl entertain l with their arrangement Qfmslllllllf Dlllfdw Nczncie C:I'lllUfiIl'fl l1lll'I'llfL'-S' Anchor Cjlllbl-S' win- ning psychedelic skit at Storm YVrirning. 'cSo11I Brother" Sandy Xvilliflllki' oroons Pringle and Gallagher make their debut in to fznfilled Storm xvllfllfllg audience. Wheefs Sz1tire,"Huntley- Crumpley Reportv. Majorettes and band 5park hay-time show with lively numbers and routines. 5 Hi' iff il f ,af 'E .V N H! i 5, , ai fx 7 p s it ,. x 3 .w,,. f 1 vu r ' -.M wifi? 4 M XA Q , Q R . Q. f Q Q . fa 1- Ai, A , K A - ., ' A Q wg N5 kiwi J Q 9 Q i 5 L AQ - A X ,f .lv g.,.. , , qw Q ,f Q K . ' f X Q .sf E ,S flaw X gf Y Q . qw" . Q IJ ?'Mx Q K if i gm sg K 5 ' K 3 K ,ly - 5 2 ,i K p h e wav Av .Q , ,f if X ' n 4 Q . .1 -mag 1. . h 0 o Q M., x .Q -...ff Si 1 'W 4, M I N wt ' W g Q ff fllli 1 F5 .Q- ,, 4 -.qv .nf 'an ' f AJ if 'I , 41 YZ, W, 4 , -M, , ,,A. '1 1 T' 'fy f I wp 'f V Vp , , ' 'K , , ' V ' ,, 5 ' I , 1 V engeful Tornadoes PANAXIA CITY - T110 11111. 110W 115 1110 X11. 1 111111 1110 X11. 6 11211118 11101 111 1711111111111 C1111 111 2111 11110111111 111 111111 11110 1111110 gilllli' 111 1111111' 1101101-1 1'CL'Ol'C1S. I1 W115 il 1121111 111111111 111111 1111111 10111115 1111111111 1'11111111t1y. T110 f1211l1CSV1116 C111105 1111111011 1121112111111 C1tyB111'w1t11 21 51111111111g 11011111 011746. B211 111'0w 111111111 11151 111 1110 1111011111g 11112111614 with L1 46 yd. 11111, 11111 111155011 1110 01111x'01511111. A1101 1111 0115111 111111' l'1lS11 1111w111'i0111, 511-1-X5111111 011111101-1011 w1t11 11111111dt100, who 11111 1111 333 1115. 1111111 501110 0111110 115 M1-A5111111 11155011 11110 111 Out- 111w. YV1111 1110 0111w11 111111111111 115 111011111, 50111111 11111111 511001111151 1100105 17111 11110 1101w0011 1110 1111- 11g1115 11111110 11111111 501110 1111110 g111110. T110 500111111 112111111118 1L1l'gC1f' il 11G11tIlS1Yi' 11111110 115 1111111 10111115 11111g11011011 1111. T110 T1111111111105 W010 111111111011 to 011101 C11110 16l'1'11Ol'f' 111111 111100. T110 501110 XVZIS 110111, 1111W01'01g 111111 1110 61111165 0111110 11111 1111 to11 w1111 L1 11110 11111111 SC1llCL11QCl'. C1115 7-BHS 6. GAINESVILLE - 7111111 1967 0111111111 111' t110 C111l11ASX'111L' H111110111105 XVLIS 11111 111 1051 111211111151 1110 T1111111111105 111' P1111111111111 111111 0111110 11111 with t1lG1I' 50x'011t11 W111 111' 1110 501151111 W1111 ll 31-0 110- 1111v. I1 11111111110 C111105 11110 111111116110 Q01 11111111011 1111, 11111 1111111' tT111t P1111111111111 110101 111111111011 W1111 w115 111 C1l21l'g6. St111t111g 1111111 111011 111111 27, 1110 C111105 115011 13 1111115 11011110 S111111111111011 111111011 OYCI' 1111111 1110 two. T110 6111116 110101150 0111111111 110 11x'01'11111k011 21S 111631 116111 1110 T1111111d1105 to 111111' 501115. 11111011 10011v01011 21 1111111110 1111 1110 P1111111111111 11 111111 11110 111111 111101 St111111111x'1011 5w011t 01111 1111 11 yds. 111111 six 11o111t5. XV1111 55 5001111115 1011, 1110 110101150 QZZIYC 1110 111111 1111011 to 1110 NI11x'015 with 1111 111t010011t1o11 by NI1111s1011111111 Billy L11t5ko. M0As111111 guided 1110 11111105 to 1110 16 1111' 1115 1blll't11 TD 01' t110 15111111-. N11-A5111111 01111011 1110 111g11tWi111 221 yds. 111155111g. GHS S31-PHS 0. 1512111111111 1111111 zQflI1III'l' C.'11l01111111 51111111111- uiclz 1111111-S' ill ll M1'11.s-111111 111111111 TllI'l'C is 191.11 110111111 111 11'111l1'11f fCl'1'1l'17l'1f as :Yllf1IlIl11C1 1171111111111 11111105 1115- 101111, Q , . 4 .9 rf :wg ,fy X! w, 'ti Q y 5+ vm A 53' ll?" '41 W wgiQi5f" gf'-3"Q'3?Z'4aH 1,:aapwf,v'. I - XM, fnrgy f km, ,fy x lf' ' :Q ,4 4, wi. f VW, 1 x .f sg Q 6 Q '12 .5 Q: Y ist ,A 2 E A,,4,,N,A4LJ, f gi. T 55 . ' , 5 - A S4368 Q . wr ig L L fa Q, Q U .gg ,QP M wi M- X . .- .. K .,-k 13221-Q Ili- if V X- I L L ' L 3 K X . Q sm., Q M ., ' Q. 7 f 1 X ,QE Lmn. . ,Q x Hurricane Victories CAINESVILLE - The undefeated Hurricanes were held at bay for three quarters by the re- vengeful Ocala Wildcats. The Wildcat 7-0 lead was quickly diminished in the fourth quarter as the Canes came from behind to win 28-7. Action started in a flurry with an interception by an unsuspecting Ocala player. The Canes threatened several times during the first half, but were hampered by many untimely fumbles. The Hurricane defense fought well and held the 'Cats to only 27 yds. rushing. The Canes returned at half time with hopes of a big comeback, and comeback they did as they roared onto the field looking for blood. Re- venge came in the third quarter, after a sustained drive from the Cane 27, as Stipanovich drove over for the score. The second score was put up by tight end Roundtree on a 24 yd. pass from McAshan. Setting up the third touchdown was Barkley as he picked off a pass. Six more points were added after Stipanovich plowed over for the score and his 17th touchdown of the season. The final score was set up by a 59 yd. run by quarterback McAshan. On the following play McAshan threw a long pass to flanker Hall. He missed the ball but Pmoundtree finally pulled it to score his second TD ofthe night. Reeves con- verted and the final score was 28-7. GHS 28- OHS 7. TALLAHASSEE - The name ofthe game was football and Rn' 48 minutes Tallahassee Leon played it perfectly while handing the Canes their first loss of the season, 49-7. Playing at Doak Campbell stadium before 17,000 fans, half of them from Gainesville, the Hurricanes never managed to crank up their offensive machine and were forced to settle for one touchdown on an 11 yd. pass play from McAshan to Hall. Unfortunately Leon put on one of their better offensive shows of the season and had little trouble moving the ball. XVith the closing of the final quarter the hopes of an undefeated season were gone, but the many Cane fans left the field yelling, the Hurricanes and we couldnyt be prouderli' CHS 7-LHS 49. DAYTONA - The Purple and White Hurri- canes won the District III title with a 34-28 decision over Mainland. Taking advantage of Hurricane fumbles, Mainland scored two quick touchdowns. Not to be denied, the Cane offense put together a drive which ended with Stipano- vich scoring it from ten yds. out. Each team scored once more in the first half, Stipanovich again for the Canes. With a touchdown pass to Hall, McAshan tied the score at 21 all. Main- land tacked on another score with Gainesville following suit via a pass from McAshan to Dixon. With the Canes one point down, on their own 30 and with just two minutes left, McAshan started his last drive. Directing the drive to Mainland's 40 yd. line, McAshan swept around left end and jitterbuged 40 yds. for a touchdown and put the Canes into the State Tournament. CHS 34-MHS 28. Richard Kensler puts the finishing touch on a crucial tackle by end Tim Good. Yardage fn' cz Lion is kept short Broylcs and Billy Latsko close in. as Clqjf FRONT ROW: Kim Christiansen, Dale Good, Jay Lucius, Jimbo Niblack, Bob Vaughn, and John Fuller. LAST ROW: Varsity Football X Cane Coaches Put Team physician Doc Wagemaker and Coach Ed Poore assist injured Eddie McAshan. la I COACHES, FRONT ROW: Ed Poore, Wesley Dicks, Ward Scott, Gene Roberts, and Fritchie Smith. LAST ROW: Terry Stechmiller, George Rhone, Jim Niblack, Hurly Manning, and Jack Card. Davis, Woody James, John Dulaney, Dale Cannon, Carl Holland, Gary Zetrourer, Garron Patton, George Micheal, Mark Buel, Bill Lassiter, and Charlie King. SECOND ROW: Eugene Besset, Wayne Castell, Bob Weather- ington, Allen Reeves, Juddy Carter, Frank Smith, Clifford Broyles, Tim Moxley, Evans Smith, and Wayne Casey. THIRD ROW: Darrel Stewart, Jim Barkley, Gary Stanley, Steve Hall, Dick Cummings, James Anderson, Richard Kensler, Eddie McAshan, David Pal- mour, Mike Powell, Jim Roundtree, Jim Mccombs, Charles Outlaw, Mark Buell, Steve Jolley, John Kidwell, Lonnie Jim Painter, David Deas, Dennis Norton, Jim Madden, Phil Crosby, Larry Sanders, Ruddy Dixon, Nathaniel Wi- liams, Hemy Couch, Larry Smitl., Buddy Poole, Jack Phillips, Greg Benz, Buddy Carrell, Bert Crosby, Bill Latsko, and Coleman Stipanovich. Out Winning Team Early in the year the future of the 1968 Hurri- canes was a question mark. The team was smaller then usual and faced a season-schedule filled with top-ranked teams in the state. There were some doubts, but the team and coaches knew they could win, the students backed them all the way. September came, and the Canes presented an exciting 21-0 win over Robert E. Lee in a pre- view of their dynamic future. Next, GHS trav- eled 360 miles to play Pensacola, ranked fourth in the state. The Tigers were no match for the roused-up Hurricanes, and the latter left the Pan- handle city with a great victory and high hopes for the future. Every game from then on was labeled as "the most important." Melbourne Bulldogs, the reigning state champs fell victim to the mighty Hurricanes, and the entire city of Gainesville took an avid interest in its high school. Orlando Edgewater, Sarasota and Pompano Beach bat- tled the strong GHS team to no avail. The record read 6-0, and the state rating was number one. Ecstatic fans followed the Hurricanes in Pep Busses, cars, and trucks to Panama City to wit- ness the Canes defeat the Tornadoes, number six team in the state, in a thrilling "battle of the winds". Enthusiasm soared as Cane fans filled the stands and lined the field at Daytona to watch an exciting victory by the Hurricanes over the Buccaneers. Cane supporters toured the state football fields leaving with victories and screaming with great delight, "We're Number Oneln They yelled only louder at the power-packed GHS-Ocala game and came away with definite hopes for the state championship. The record stood 9-0. Then came the big one - Tallahassee Leon. GHS bowed to the Lions, but looked to a big comeback. The regular sea son ended with a 9-1 record, but the Canes de feated Satellite Beach in a "Bounce Back Bigv effort, and moved into state contention semi finals. In the most exciting game of Florida football in the year, over 15,000 fans witnessed the Cane- Wolfpack battle for a place in state finals. The game ended in a disappointing last minute TD by Wolfson and a loss for the Canes. The team that started out small ended with a striking record and championship titles. The hard-working, dedicated '67 Hurricanes racked up a 10-2 record, District Championship, Region Championship, and earned a place in State Semi- finals. They were the first GHS team in 44 years to win 10 games in a year. Dedication, superior coaching, talented play- ers and student enthusiasm brought a new sense of pride to the citizens of Gainesville and im- printed on the memory of all GHS'ers, 'We,1'e Number One in '68!', Team Managers: Eddie Burford, Lee Robie, Bill Sanford, Gregory Buchanan. Te im Truneis Tonnny Rogers md oe Anderson FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD GHS Oppon nt Robert E Lee Pensacola Melbourne Edgewater 29 Sarasota 0 7 Panama City 6 31 Pompano 0 34 Mainland 28 28 Ocala 7 7 Leon 49 7 Satellite 6 21 Wolfson 26 ,aw ,""" Varsity Football X Canes Hopes Crushed by No less than five tacklers close in to show Woyson "what Canes are made off, will ttiibwnuali Good gets ready to smash the ball car- rier as Wohfson goesfor no gain. 26 Last Second Score GAINESVILLE - thanks to the magnificent performance of the Purple Hurricanes defense, Gainesville held a 7-6 lead against Satellitte Beach to win. Gainesvilleis only touchdown was set up by a pass to Dixon that put the Canes on the Scor- pion's 4 yd. line. McAshan ran the ball around the left and with Stipanovich paving the way. The conversion was made by Reeves for the win- ning point. The Canes held their lead until the end of the third quarter when the Satellitte quarterback scored on a keeper. GHS 7-SIIS 6. CAINESVILLE - Although the final minute was disappointing, the first two were anything but that, in the state Semi-finals with WVolfson going up against Gainesville. The Hurricanes kicked off and Wolfson wasted no time in getting on the scoreboard by running the kickoff all the way back. The Hurricanes retaliated with Jack Phillips returning the Wolfpack kickoff 90 yds. with a brilliant display of broken field running. Reeves converted and the hometown team had a lead of 7-6. But not for long. Wolfson put to- gether a 77 yd. drive for another touchdown and minutes later ran a punt back to make it 19-7 at halftime. Storming back with a 60 yd. drive. McAshan scored on a keeper to put the Canes just five points away 19-14. Senior Stipanovich Scored the last touchdown of the year on a one yard plunge to put the Canes ahead 21-19. But with just one minute left, the Canes fell victim to a touchdown pass, to lose to VVolfson 26-21. GHS 21 - WVHS 26 Running around end, Stipanouiclz tears up the turf on his way to another seuen. 'Q Q m Iunior Varsity Football X Hard Fought Season Ended with Purple K v fi .kt E QQ A receiver of the White team catches the A Mitch McCallum tackles tlze opponent ball, but is stopped short ofthe TD. ill ll hardfougllt contest at IlarrisFicld. l'Ulll'l,l'f AIV, FRONT RUXV: Donald Miles, llieliurd NVilliunis, Preston Sullivan, llzunes Yonng, Tom Baron, Ted Anderson, Fred Nob- les, Tim lXlicl1uc-ls, Larry Collins, Bryant Cowurt, Don lNlorrison, Larry Fosser, Larry Bisliolm. SECOND RONV: Billy Keitli, Carl Register, lsaat- Mann, Randy Sanders, Alinnny Carpenter, George Linznieiger, Vince Ostruncl- 28 er, jerry Ustein, Lee Dover, Ned Sniitli, Scott Mcliinnely, Cliff jenkins. LAST HOXV: Buddy Dt'C1l'2lll john Lutson, Curtis U'Qninn, Greg, Supp, Cliip Grant, Tonnny NVood, llerlvie Horne, Loeky McGinnis, 'lolin Butler, Rolmluie Robertson, Dana Bennett, Lenztrd VVilliznns, Dun Slieliie, Ralph Croinpton. Team In First Place A year of upsets proved to be the 1967-68 Jun- ior Varsity football season. For the first time in the JV history, the Purple team, coached by Ward Scott, came in first place. Nipping at their heels, was the NVhite team, coached by former Cator great, Jack Card. The Gold team, with Coach Stecluniller at the helm, rounded out the standing but still managed to knock off Purple in the last action-packed game of the season. Out of town games provided tough opposition as the IV teams came up against Trenton, Santa Fe, Palatka, Hawthorne and Ocala. F ine teamwork is shown, as a whole host of Gold tacklers stop the running game. WHPTE -IV, FRONT RONV: John Anderson, Lair? Awbrey, Bob WVoltson, Ed VVood, Kenny Anc erson, Cary Land, Don Holder, Charlie jones, -lim Plnmbley, Don Strickland, Craig Cassett, Dicky Wiggley, Stanley White. SEC- OND ROW: -lohn Chaney, Et Means, Toby Turlington, Robert LeBois, Chris Malty, Chip Grabram, Randy Roberts, john Neal, Steve Roberts, Mark Leadon, Larry Cribbett, Larry Bolwear, Pat WVilloby, Jim Freman. LAST ROW: Jody Rogers, Steve Cruiupton, Phil Gar- rigus, Mitch McCallum, Ruddy johnson, Toy Bass, David Hipp, Pat Bovre, Arron Young, Gerald Gaines, John Clark, Darrell Cleveland, johnny Bohannon, COLD JV, FRONT ROW: Don McPherson, johnny Foreman, Robbie Parker, Elliot Shef- field, Charles Worthington, Chris Wilmot, .lim Pearson, Robert Daughtry, john Faiuis, Ricky Blasingame, Tim Dean. SECOND ROW: Bing Nobles, Steve Murphy, justo Corripio, Richard Martin, Dan Slaughter, Frank Coleman, Ed Womack, Scott Nlonroe, Jan Stanley, joe Teague, Hank NVeaver. LAST ROW: Tom Pep- in, Ronnie Stewart, Carl Esser, Brady Crom, Jerry Dulaney, james Allen, Billy Thames, Ray Young, Ezard Bryant, Mike Price, Steve jack- son, Wesly Millikan. 29 Pep Clubf Cane-Bus Fare Lowered I I f Entlzusiastic Pep Club memlners c'l1cL'ra.s' Canes gafor anatlzcr great touclzflawn. 30 W 3 Y , . V kfs ak If 'Jia' J Kia , M ,, WMMMW, Baby doll cheerleaders, honorary mem- , , ,, . bers, praise the great Candy-Canes Martha 'Mztcheil thmks ' .Canes zs approprzatefor Show Spmt szgn. b Magazme Sale Three hundred dollars was netted in a two- week magazine drive in the middle of' November. bIOIIll7Cl'S canvassed their neighbor- hoods selling subscriptions to LIFE, LOOK, Mc- CALHS, TINIE and other popular periodicals. The profit was used to lower individual fares to the Leon-Cl IS game on the Cane Bus. The 100-member Pep Club formed the "hard corev of' the school spirit raisers. Before each game, members put up signs to advertise the game and boost player morale. Cane-Busses went to Daytona, Orlando and Tallahassee for the big Mainland, Edgewater and Leon games. Sponsored by the Pep Club, these provided inexpensive and fun transporta- tion for Pep Clubbers and other students. President Ronnie YVard helped cheerleaders announce at Pep Rallies and whipped up student enthusiasm and spirit for football and basketball. X,f'X y NY? 4 Cornell Bardwell cheerfully sells another valuable subscription. 4+"'W"K'l O O I I !l"'h Q pn-sung f S - fimsssss susan X " ,p.,.. ,,Q.. x X if X use 'E X Ojqcers Ronnie Ward BLtl1AyLr5 unzs Keefe and Bctlz Clint load thc symbols ofsclzool spzrzt on the bus to Fullaluzssec ,,syr"n.m jimmy McLean and Doc Wagemaker make last mznute check be ore lecwmg Dances X , ,1,,V V 32 Susan Arnold finds herseq' lost in dreaming of the night and embrace of Bill Harlan. Informal Dances Offered Relaxation and Fun Upon entering the dance, Wade Mel- ton and Frances Smith show I.D. cards. Writing GHS for Ron O' Steen is some- thing he can do in his sleep. On September 8, the first school dance was held in the gym. This "Back to Schoolv dance was given by the cheerleaders and the profits helped finance all of their trips while following the Canes. Next, the majorettes sponsored a dance to make money for the corps competition in contest and at clinics. Then the Student Council continued the dances after each home game. The House and Senate worked together to take up money, sell Cokes, and check for shoes on the gym floor. Throughout the football sea- son, students attended these traditional victory dances. In the fall, radio station WUWU sponsored a school spirit contest for all schools in Alachua County. A "listening partyv was planned by the Pep Club for CHS students to hear the Gaines- ville-Pensacola game and fill in the blank index cards. After a flooding of 3x5 CHS cards and constant complaints of writerfs cramp from writ- ing 1'Cainesville High Schoolf, the votes were totaled with GHS coming out on top with more than two million votes. Winning a free dance, featuring uWe The Peoplef and a trophy sym- bolizing the spirit of the year brought a feeling of satisfaction. During the basketball season, service clubs sponsored after-game dances as money-making projects. On April 5, the Twirp Dance followed the Alpha-Keyette intramural game with all prof- its going to Scholarship. At the dance, following the Alpha victory, the majorettes cheered and the cheerleaders twirled during a band break. It was the last school dance of the year preced- ing the Sophomores' Frolics and the Iunior-Sen- ior Prom. :CF Swift Harriers Placed Seventh at State Sensing a victory, the Harriers pour on their ultimate speecl,for another win, Coach Ted Benz gives last minute in- structions and support to the Harriers. With the backing of a new coach, Ted Benz, of the University of Florida, and two returning lettermen, Emery Swearingen and Mike Codey, the 1967-68 Harriers put up a tough fight against unyielding opponents. Although the team had a difficult schedule, they came out on the track with determination and the will to win. Captain Emery Swearingen provided on-the-track leadership, while Coach Benz contributed knowledge to guide the Harriers to success. Even though the team was small they put up a painful, but rewarding battle for a deserving place in District III Cross-Country Championship The hard work and strenuous running paid off. In competition with seven other schools, GHS got 46 points which was good for first place in Dis- trict III. This rated them a position in State finals in Ft. Lauderdale. In this competition, with one hundred and fifty other schools, the Harriers came from behind to give CHS seventh place in Class AA meet. Emery Swearingen rounds the last turn ofa long, hard course for victory. :rw 1 wma! an Yu ,YC FRONT HOVV: john Cocekg Emely Swear- LAST Rovvf Milf? Hfildfff, mf-if-S Laffy Cobbg ingen, czlptg Mike Godeyg john Sullivan. H011B00kef:J0hHAfkiHSsTedBenz,wuch. om, .....- X Riffs-. ,v , Wg -1. xf To stay in top condition the Harriers go througlzfrequent, routine colistlzenics. Determined faces and conditioned bodies leave the mark as the Harriers take of Cheerleaders X Vivacious Cheerleaders Boosted '68 Spirit FRONT ROXV: Shirley Law, Cynthia Cillon, Susan llall, Susan Holloway, Gail Jolie, and Betty Herlong. SECOND HOVV: Eileen Silverman, Kathy Nesler, Laura Terrell, Delihie Phillips, and Beth Cline. LAST HOYV: Nlargaret Powell, Lorrie XVright, Frances Smith, -loyce Kuyltendall, Xlary May, Nancy Everett, and Katherine Lowry. Anxiety mounts as the Canes pause mo- mentarily hejbre the annual Purple and White scrimmage. Varsity Cheerleaders enthusiastically welcome Sopliomores to GH S at orien- tation pep rally. 36 Under the direction ol' a new sponsor, the GHS cheerleaders rated a superior at the Florida Cheerleading Clinic. At this clinic they also re- ceived the award for the inost Congenial Squad. Eight energetic girls boosted ,GS school spirit to unmatched heights. Carwashes, liakesales, and clinics headed a list of money-inalxing projects. XVith this capital, the girls liought new uniforms, poinpoins, warning flags and helped to provide transportation tees to out ottown gaines. Eighteen Iunior Varsity cheerleaders yelled for football and baslietlnall. They assisted varsity in all projects, including hosting a sunnner clinic at CHS. Reflecting the pride ot' Gainesville, the cheer- leading squads remained outstanding examples ot' I lurricane Spirit. Christie Oetter leads a fzothall rally in the traditional yell, 'SWlzat do you want H urricanesiy' Hurricane Spirit at its peekg Lynn Fagan proudly displays symbols ofthe Canes. fV Sponsor Susan Hazen and Mrs. Shirley Phillips, advisor, plan activities. v-2 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Robenu Eng, Kathy ML-Gee, Chris Shanks, Cllcrry jonvs, Lynn Fagan, Christy Oetter, co-cz1pt.g Betsy Black, and Beth Ayers, captain. rx V Nh E Q. - N i 1 -R " ' xi, Service Clubs X 1 V X H -iff? 3 , YL if ji i Lg. Q nga ,X yy R . ,- F11 ,Jr .1 i. slr fly ' W"'MMw,-My x By washing cars, Tommy Dulaney and Tony Tomlinson raise moneyfor Wheel. - rd .' , .. . IW, M ,fa i Q I .,,.-e--1. . f- Sigma Anchors, grassplot is improved by the industrious weed pulling of Melanie Hess. Sandra Ryals thinks becoming a Lion- ette is worth the embarrassment of a 38 mane and tail. Keyette prooisionals and olcl members have meeting on the olulfs grassplot. Diligent Provisionals Worked Hard to Get Points jackie and Cheryl Cook observe the First Methodist altar with reverence. Hard working provisionals washed cars, weeded grassplots, attended church and col- lected rummage to earn enough points to join the club of their choice. Because ofthe new forty member limit, more provisionals than ever before were admitted to service clubs. After Weeks of anxiously waiting, they were finally tapped. Students were seen around school with gold bricks, big red uA,s,v lion tails, Wheels and voo-doo dolls. After the excitement of provisional period and reverent formal initiations, clubs fell back into their normal routines. 39 Service Clubs X 40 Homecoming Events MX- "Well, Coach, ifs like tliisf declares Daryl Crow is all wrapped up in Alphafs Beverly Buckley in the Lionette,s skit. annual Homecoming bumper stickers. "Go Canesfv yell enthusiastic Gamma Fans while riding in the pep parade. Inspired Activities Homecoming was first on the agenda for new- ly formed clubs. Members performed in clever skits characterizing CHS and the Homecoming theme and entered elaborately decorated cars in the pep parade. Homecoming also provided service clubs with money-making projects such as selling traditional mums, ribbons and bump- erstickers. With the Christmas spirit in mind, clubs do- nated food baskets and gifts to needy families. Money-making projects such as selling fruitcakes and Working at alumni barbecues were also car- ried on. Service to the school included deco- rating a Christmas tree in the office, providing cookies and decorations for the faculty lounge and Sponsoring a mailbox to send cards. Many clubs ended the holiday season with alumnae teas. Wana wi 9N'l4-'i9f'i6!'-dv' UW FUSE! B75 Tl SUPNIT IOM INT!! PNXCIS sow Hin: 5 129 X XXX Cieinettes member, Sharon Butler, samples the fruit cake befire selling it. E Z 2 W W 5 K . . .--Lk Fi ... X? X Q2 'xx Beta member, Connie Young, sells' a traditional Homecoming mum to Ronnie Bergen. 33 .i ex Key members surround M rs. Olinger and try to talk her into buying a ribbon. x -gm - .rin 7 41 K and Civic Ballet Combining with the Gainesville Civic Ballet, the CHS choruses produced a delightful pro- gram entitled, "A Christmas F antasyv. The Boys Chorus started the evening on a solemn note with the "Carol of the Drumf' The words of the song against the rhythm of the drums told the story ofthe little drummer boy. An exciting arrangement of "The Twelve Days of Christmasl' followed with the Girls Chorus and the dancers acting the parts of the gifts. A Mexican flavor was added when the ballet and Concert Choir presented "Fiesta Novidenaf' in which they illustrated the custom of Posados. This ritual involves a procession through the streets and a celebration in songs, games and dancing. Tschaikovskyls "Nutcracker Suitev concluded the performance. The number included sugar plum fairies, a vivacious Russian trepak, three girls playing one huge flute, and a beautiful waltz of the flowers. Cooperation between the choruses and ballet, aided by directors Mrs. Walter Murphree and Mrs. Alexander Smith, produced a novel form of entertainment involving both song and dance in exciting arrangements. alll' A slow drum heat and cz sad song rhythm send a shy little drummer boy on his way. . ..,, Q, i. ff A Q A . Y i 2 i . I . .., ,I I v n W7 A I E f I ,.,, f re f ' Q , .rf V rf. - 4 . x , I , "r . .li g J fr ' . 'W,,l'," fu Lx w, ..,.f"' K ' K T . .. ,,,,',,- - , . N . A The finale of "A Christmas Fantasyv is a combination of comical and clas- sicalviews. F5 1 rl 'W' .W , . ,, , ,... U A c W ' K f . ,-.. " ' ' "tt' 43 Christmas H olidagis X Thirteenth street found itsehf decorated for the Season with ll "Merry Christrnasv greeting. 1 N N Christmas Holidays Brought Relief from A bugoloo line of seniors and dates formed at the Senior dance to the aSoul Twi.s'ter.S.v if l--1 chool Monoton After sixteen weeks of classes, students wel- comed the two Week Christmas vacation. Faculty as Well as students enjoyed the break and the leisure time spent with family and relatives. The community entered into the holiday spirit with the decorations on the main streets. After enjoying the Florida sunshine and a 4'Chamber of Commercev warm December, a cold snap swept through the town and chilled Gainesville to make the Winter holidays a reality. The basketball team went to Titusville to par- ticipate in the holiday tournaments December 22 and 23. Friday night the Canes battled with the best of Pensacola in the form ofthe Escambia Rebels earning a place in the semi-finals by top- ping the Rebels 70-63. Saturday night for the Canes fell to Titusville 71-61 in a hard-fought battle. The Hurricanes placed two cagers, Dean Bass and Eddie McAshan, on the All Tourney Team. Amid the long hours of pre-Christmas work and the hustle and bustle of shopping, students found time for the quiet and beauty of the old story, "unto you is born a sonf, The last days of freedom went by in a rush and soon - too soon - students faced the renewed monotony of school routine. Eddie M cAslzan and ferry Smith teamed ap to lzaal in another rebound. jamie Denmark and David Blake admire a decorated tree displayed in the KWCE. I anuary X Semester Exams if "Its Academicv team members meet at Mrs. Finlegfs to watch their contest. "just one more minute and two pages to copy over," heaves Pat Carr. ala... fn--we ,ff . 4, . ' ,,,-, .N-ann.. ww , k..Lkk ,, ..X., ,NY X,.. ,..:f.m,,Ww-If i sw: w1r5O""" Q 5 a .- M Ma, Q fx Qmwwwwmwwwwwwv ,Ai , 99 F515 4. ,, rf . 5,5 ,Q ?A Q Wi? 'f , H .-,' 2 7 ' ,gym Wa-awww , ,A ' 'F' K ii Ig f J 7' M2 J f ' f 21552 QW f' , 2 f X4 5' , f 'x f 9 1" di 2 Basketball Spirit X A salute to the flag, our national anthem and the pre-game ceremonies are com- pleted. Spirited Backing Encouraged Winning Teams With more enthusiasm than ever, Cane fans boosted the 1967-1968 basketball team to an overall record of 19-3. With a team as great as the Hurricanes, school spirit was easily shown, seen and heard. The American flag, the bleachers, and Canes jackets came to symbolize an outstanding team and dedicated fans. As the season progressed, staunch supporters became even more fired-up with pride as they witnessed the storming Canes end a great season. Staring at his life-size look alike in the gym, Larry Sanders admires his grinning twin. Beth Graves retrieves a quarter that she dropped during the excitement of the game. Tommy, Dean, Raymond and jim ,give Two of the truest fans of the team are encouragement in starting foe huddle. Mrs. Garnie Hatch and Mrs. Ed Poore. Cane warm-up jackets are tossed aside . on the stands daring pre-game shooting. B Varsity Basketball X Eleven Game inning Streak Sparked Managers Sandy Hale, Hague Bryan and Larry Martin prepare for game. BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD GHS Opponent G4 Palatka 48 Fletcher 57 Edgewater - I 56 Paxon 70 Escambia 61 Titusville 57 Pxilmault I 60 Forrest 73 Ocala 76 Foley fAla.Q 52 Escambia 63 Seabrceze 62 Wintel' Haven 60 Eau Callie 46 Wolfsoll 43 Cocoa 54 Eau Callie 75 Ocala 56 Wintel' Haven 50 Seabreeze 62 Lake City 72 Forrest 50 "Defense! Defensef' Basketball mentor Garnie Hatch coaches from sidelines. "Two pts. for No 3." Vince Gallagher and Charlie King keep team statistics. 19 - 3 Season Record 1967-68 -Year-round practice and six set goals brought the Cane cagers a fantastic season rec- ord of 19-3. Opening the season with a strong Win over class A rival Palatka, CHS Canes pre- pared for a areal fine yearf, A loss to jacksonville Fletcher brought fast retaliation from the Canes as CHS took three wins in a row. Traveling south to participate in the Titusville Holiday Invitational, the CHS five defeated Pensacola Escambia, ranked seventh in the state, but dropped the big one to Titusville to bring home the consolation trophy. 1968 brought victories for the Canes. Forrest and Ocala fell, next Coach Hatch,s five defeated out-of-state Foley, Alabama. The final loss of the year went to the avenging Escambia team. The fabulous five began their fantastic eleven game winning streak with big victories over Seabreeze, Winter Haven and Eau Callie. The powerful Cane quintet forced the Wolfson Wolfpack to drop one, Cocoa,s Tigers, ball freezing attempts were to no avail as CHS romped over them. Eau Callie Commodores fell again by eight points. Arch-rival Ocala dropped a big one to CHS. Winter Haven and Seabreeze wins pushed the record to 13-3. Excitement prevailed as staunch student fans packed the gym to watch the previously unde- feated Lake City Tigers succumb to the big five. CHS wrapped up the season with a win over Forrest. With an eleven game Winning streak and a 19-3 record the 1968 Canes anticipated a place in the State Championship Playoffs which were postponed because of the Teacher Walkout. - - W lk Co-captains jerry Smith and Eddie McAshan Q , FRONT ROW: Brian McAshan, jim Hart- Bass and Larry Sanders. LAST ROW: Smith llddy l lffllf lm STCCIG man, Tom Dulaney, George Raflerty, Dean Raymond Robbins, Eddie McAshan, Jerry Rllundtfei md PFIHZ Bfflfd t'!.,,, f Q, -.-'P - 0 .. Q K" r 518444. ,N . 9 ' LP 4. 25, , , s S 2 S S Q ' A' , xv' Jacksonville Teams PALATKA - Opening the season with a 64-50 victory over Palatka, GHS gave fans a preview of season play. Although one point down at the end of the first quaiter, CHS stormed back and at the-half led by 10 points. Canes were in control the entire second half as thev continued to dominate the boards While Smith 'consistently hit from the outside. The victorv ended with Smith, Dulaney, and Bass in double figures. C11 1S 64-ljl1S 50. CAINESVILLE - The lax Fletcher Senators came to the home of the Hurricanes and handed them their first defeat ofthe young season. Jump- ing off to a quick start, the Senators led 21-153 at the quaiter. Adding to the eflbrt was Dean Bass, leading the scoring With 19 pts. Co-captain Eddie N1eAshan added 11 pts. and hauled in 13 rebounds. CHS -18-FHS 57. CAINESVILLE - uOperation Bounce-Backn proved successful as the Canes trouneed the Eagles 57-24. The victory was never in doubt as CIIS led all the Way. The Canes changed many Eagle floor mistakes into baskets as the ball-hawking defense stole the basketball num- erous times. The offense, led by Bass, was just as successful. Robbins and NIcAslian proved tough on the boards, eaeli hauling in nine rebounds. GI IS 57 - EHS 24. JACKSONVILLE - The Gainesville quintet put their 2-1 record on the line as they traveled to ,lax to take on the Golden Eagles of Paxon lligli. From the opening tipoff to the final blast ofthe horn, the victory was never in doubt. The aggressive Canes played a tight inan-to-inan defense, and forced many floor mistakes from the opposing five. Dean Bass led all scorers with 26 pts., while Jim Steele chipped in nine more. CHS 56-PHS 43. TOURNAMENTS-Ateam effortvvas needed to defeat the Escambia team and that's exactly what the Canes did, as four scored in double figures. Top man was senior Raymond Robbins who made eight big baskets, followed by Ed- die McAshan with 15 pts., and an equal num- ber of rebounds. Smith added 14 pts., while Brian McAshan bombed in 10. The hot-shooting Canes came out and scored 23 pts. in the third quarter. GHS did not let up in the final period as they continued to pour it on and managed to take an upset victory to move into the Chainpionsliip game. GHS 70- EIIS 63. TOURNAMENTS-A hot shooting Cane five downed the highly rated Pensacola Escambia quintet in the opening game to the Titusville Invitational. A team effort tripped up the ta- vored Rebels 70-63. CHS 70 EHS 63. Although underdogs, the Titusville Terriers shocked the Canes 71-61 in the championship game. juniors Dean Bass and Eddie MeAshan were named to the All Tournament for their play. CHS 61-THS 71. junior jim Steele comes up with cinotlier big rebound covered by opponents. ,J The Kculin before the storm", Hurricanes suit up prepare to take the court. ' HW ! , fs, ' i r? , Q1 2 , . I UIWJ is fi - XX Xxx X mx XA XX xx xx 5 V X sg X NN Might Cane Five GAINESVILLE - The number one team of lax, Ribault, came to Gainesville to take on the Canes. Starting Slovvly, the Canes trailed by one point at the quarter, but with fine team effort, they managed to take a half-time lead of' 28-27. The third quarter vvas even as both teams matched ubucket for bucketf' Early in the final period, Eddie NIcAshan, Tom Dulaney and Dean Bass proved too much for the taller Trojans as they bombed in point after point to lead GHS to a victory. GHS 57-RHS 48. IACKSONVILLE - With a 7-2 record, the Hurricanes played next to jacksonville defeating Forrest 11igh. The first quarter both teams bat- tled for the lead with the Canes taking it, 14-13 as the quarter ended. Even ball was played in the second quarter with the Canes holding on to the one point lead. Playing consistent ball, the Gainesville quintet opened up a big lead in the third quarter and Went on to a 60-47 victory. jerry Smith and Eddie McAshan each pumped in 16 pts While Bass chipped in 13. GIIS 60 - FHS 47. OCALA - The Canes ran into trouble for three quarters but toughened up to pull out a big vic- tory over their arch-rivals, the WVildcats of Ocala. High point honors Went to Dean Bass with 24 pts. and Eddie McAshan with An exciting fourth quarter found Ganes in control ofthe ball, scoring 25 pts. and saving the Win. GAINESVILLE - Returning home, the Canes took on Foley, Alabama, one of the top teams of that area. The trio of' Smith, Dulaney and McAshan led the Canes to a 76-41 victory. lt took the Canes one quarter to Sew up the victory with the half' score reading 37-28. The second half' Coach Hatch relied on bench strength to take on the Foley regulars. He sent in Garter, Rafferty, Roundtree, Hartman and Sanders who held the Foley five and preserved the win. GHS 67 - FHS 41. GAINESVILLE - Trying to stretch their vvin- ning streak to five, the Ganes fell victim to a hot-shooting Pensacola Escambia team. The rebels, remembering the Titusville defeat, were out for revenge and turned many Cane floor mis- takes into baskets. They ran up a 41-25 half-time lead. The second half was much like the first as Pensacola played near-perfect ball and held off' many Gainesville attempts to score. Eddie McAshan, game high scorer With 22 points, kept the Canes in the game. GHS 52-EHS 69. Carle regulars, proucl of reserves, show- ing boost Rafferty ufter Foley contest. Reserves take control of the court as Sanders and Carter vie for the ball. ..-ha. 3 ta 4? X Q, K iam: Q! If ,Mm ff ff 'K Z! A ff! 1' 1 Q W Af X Qs ight S sim sg QNNMNW- 19 gk ings? EVWWQ . S as 5,,,,Y1. f A-ff? EM , 2 , 'f',. ..- , ,ffM,g?3f,A.3..,,,,5- . Af 2' - - , , Eb gummy Defensive Success CAINESVILLE - The dynamic duo of Bass and McAshan led the fired-up Canes to a victory over the powerful Seabreeze Sandcrabs. The first quarter found the Canes matched evenly with the Crabs, but CHS broke the scoring open in the second period as Dulaney, Bass and B. McAshan bombed in the points. The Hurricanes came on strong the entire second half to stun the Crabs and secure the victory, CHS 53-SHS 38. CAINESVILLE - Four Canes in double-fig- ures wrapped up the tenth win for CHS. After a close first quarter, victory was sure for thc Canes. It was Dulaney, Bass, E. McAshan and Steele leading the scoring for the Canes. XVinter Haven applied the pressure in a strong comeback at- tempt, but could not overcome the mighty Canes. CHS 62-YVHS 55. CAINESVILLE - A determined team of Commodores were no match for the electrihfing Canes as CHS coasted to a 60-48 win over Eau Callie. Three quarters of exciting basketball left the score nearly matched, but Hurricane control of boards defensively surged CHS to a win. E. McAshan led the scoring with 23 points while Smith followed with l3. CHS 60-ECHS 48. IACKSONVILLE - CHS cagers chalked up their twelfth win of the season as a balanced attack of Bass and E. XIcAshan romped over annual rival Jax XVolfson. Canes took an early lead as CHS went to the boards both offensively and defensively. The teams played even ball, but the Canes, superb defense refused to let the Wlolfpack take the lead. CHS 46-WHS 40. CAINESVILLE - An onslaught of Cane SCOl'- ing in the second half proved too much for the Cocoa Tigers, as Hurricanes staged an offensive attack to overcome the Tigers, ball-freezing at- tempts. At half the score showed Canes one point down, but a fantastic comeback in the third period found GHS leading by ll pts. Cocoa made a final bid Rn' victory in the fourth quarter to no avail as the Hurricanes held their winning margin sufficient for the big win. E. McAshan fired in ll pts.5 Dean Bass followed with 10. CHS 43-CHS 33. Brian McAshan puts the ball back up on the board to Score despite clefense. Senior Raymond Roblairzs leaps to pre- vent a lay-up bil a Eau Gallie player. Varsita Basketball if Electrifying Canes EAU GALLIE - Coming off a 62-55 victory, the Hurricane quintet traveled south to take on the Eau Callie Five. Outside shooting proved to be . the decisive factor as the Canes led 28-20 at 1 halftime. The third and fourth quarter axed any hopes of a Eau Callie comeback, as the Fabu- lous Five continued to rip the cords. High scorer for the Canes was Eddie McAshan with 22 pts., while Dean Bass had 10. GHS 54-ECHS 46. CAINESVILLE - Coach Hatch's Five put their 14-3 record on the line against archrival Ocala. Spearheading the Cane attack again was Eddie McAshan who turned in his best per- formance to date with 26 pts. and 25 rebounds. Tom Dulaney and Dean Bass also hit in double figures with 16 and 13 pts. respectively. The bench was cleared in the fourth period as Larry Sanders led the reserves to fight the Ocala reg- ulars. GHS 75-OHS 54. CAINESVILLE - Behind the tandem effort of co-captains Ed McAshan and Ierry Smith, the Canes coasted to a 56-49 victory over the Blue Devils of Winter Haven. Ed McAshan scored 19 pts. mostly from under the boards While jerry Smith dominated the outside shooting with 16 pts. The Canes led 25-18 at halftime but still had to fight off a futile comeback attempt to preserve the win. GHS 56-WHHS 49. , l 1 7 C0-Captain Eddie McAshan springs jimmy Rountree throws the ball up, de- high to soar above all others and score. spite being closely guarded by Ocala. 58 Took 11 in a Row SEABREEZE - The last away game of the season pitted the traveling Canes against the Sandcrabs of Daytona Beach? The Canes found themselves just two points ahead as they retired to the locker room at the end of the first halfi Led by the trio of Eddie McAshan, Tom Du- laney, and Dean Bass, the Canes held on to their slim lead and their 17th win of the year. GHS 50-SHS 48. GAINESVILLE - Labeled as the toughest game of the year for the Canes, the undefeated Tigers of Lake City with a record of 15-0, in- vaded the University City. The SRO crowd saw the Hurricane quintet take a 28-29 lead into the locker room. With the beginning of the sec- ond half, the Tigers built up a fourpoint lead, their last of the evening. From then on it was the Fabulous Five over the court playing their best game of the season. Dean Bass led all scorers with 21 while Ed McAshan and jerry Smith had 15 and 13 respectively. GHS 62-LCHS 54. CAINESVILLE - With their last home game of the season and a ten game winning streak, the Canes hosted the Rebels of Jacksonville For- rest. Dean Bass and Eddie McAshan picked up where they left off Friday night as they both hit in double figures. GHS 72-FHS 39, c'Sure-shoti' Tom Dulaney sneaks through the defense and racks up "two'i. Itis another rebound for Eddie McAshan as he crutmuscles and oatleaps the foe. Wrestling ball away from an oppo nent, Bass shows why he was All-Area Co-captain jerry Smith bombs in a 20 foot shot in exciting Mainland contest. Championship Hopes Crushed ,J I A sfss i E junior starter Eddie McAshan out re- bounds tough Mainland offensive play. Hustle is the key to Dean Bass, offensive drive as he weaves his way downcourt. A, fm by Only One Point TOURNAMENTS: Top-seated Hurricanes opened up their first game of District 5, Class AA tournament with a powerpacked victory over their rival, Mainland Buccanneels. In front of an enthusiastic standing room only crowd, the fantastic five took the floor and the early eight point lead. Dulaney came through with his best performance of the year as he lead CHS both offensively and defensively over the fired-up Bucs. The fabulous five retired to the locker room with a comfortable nine pt. lead. Second half found GHS hitting the boards to out-rebound Mainland. Also starring for the Canes were Brain McAshan, Ierry Smith, Dean Bass and Eddie McAshan. GHS 59-MHS 52. TOURNAMENTS - The 1967-68 edition of the Hurricane basketball team took the court at the Gainesville High Gym for the last time against the Wildcats of Winter Park, in the Dis- trict 5 championship game. Down by four at halftime, the Hurricane quintet came from the locker room and took a dynamic five point lead. But, five points Wasnit enough as Winter Park battled back and won 50-51, ending all hopes for the state champion- ship. GHS 50-WPHS 51. Tom Dulaney scores two of his ten points in the last minutes against WPH S. 2' fJg,f.575.s M g ...: Brian MCAShdn completes a drive and scores against Mainland team. junior Varsity Basketball Baby Canes Posted Victorious Season Under the coaching of Ed Poore, a former Gator, the junior Varsity team ended the season with an impressive 12-3 record, Despite losses sustained to Wolfson, Seabreeze and Eau Callie, two of which were able to cor- rect their mistakes and retaliate with 12 big wins. Skillful ball handling by the entire team was the key to success. The shooting combination of Ray McGhee and Charlie Iones accounted for numerous points while Darrell Tower and Charlie jones dominated the boards against all of their taller foes. Defensive play spurred many victories as I.V. cagers took control of the boards in thrilling games. BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD GHS Opponent 41 Fletcher 30 36 Paxon 33 50 Ribault 38 57 Forrest 34 49 Ocala 40 50 P. K. Yonge 39 49 Seabreeze 38 47 Winter Haven 42 42 Eau Callie 43 44 Wolfson 57 59 Eau Callie 42 52 Ocala 43 45 Seabreeze 46 62 Lake City 39 The battle for the rebound is on as Mo- 61 Forrest 42 Chee struggles to regain control of the loose ball. FRONT ROW: Mark Morgan, Mitch Hightower, Duane Lanberry, Ted Anderson. Arllet. Hall, Darrell TOWGY, Ken Sharp McCullum, Don Large, Ray McGhee, joe LAST ROW: Art Lee, johnny Foreman, Cl'l3Tl1eJ0fleS, WayHeCaSey- 62 LJ Forward Art Lee shows lzisjamping skill Darrell Tower deftly takes a rebound as' he obtains pos.s'ession ryltlze ball. from a player in a PKY-G11 S contest. Charlie jones outjumps all other players as l1efiglzt.s'jQ1r the rebounfl. Don Large demonstrates split second slzooti ng as he arlcls two points to tlze .s-core. Inz'ramziraf.9 f www 64 Di.s-appointed, cli.sl1ea1'tened jimmy Mc- Lean siglzs, indicating G1lllll?lllv.S'llUfL'!lf. Vince Gallalzer pitclies - out in time to awid being tlzrown for ll la.s'.s'. Thrilling Playoffs Excited Ace quarterback Richard Squires pre- pares to release 'ithe bombv on a down. I H 5 Intramural Fans Rivalry among service clubs and independent organizations brought excitement to intramurals as teams fought for first place honors. Eleven boys, football teams kept action at top speed at City Parkis football field. Mr. Lynwood Vin- son and jim McLean, vice-president of the stu- dent body, headed all intramural activites. The season ended with an action-packed, champion- ship payoff between Gamma and Wheel, which Wheel won 31-6. Both girls, and boys, teams began practice in mid-November for basketball play. More than twenty teams regularly participated in fun-filled b-ball games. Excitement at its peak prevailed in scholar- ship fund-raising intramurals for scholarship. Alpha Tri-Hi-Y met Keyettes in their spirited competition, and Gamma faced Wheel in another thrilling meet. Mr. Vinson, faculty advisor for intramu rals game referee, explains call. Lynn Fagan leaps for ajamp-ball as big Alpha members await tipoff and lo-ball. 6 Scholarship Drive X GHS Students Participated in Drive in Hope wine-'if Alphais Peggy Eaton serves the cokes at the Alpha-Keyette Twirp Dance. jan Burger, Kelly Wzltbank and David Pefduf' 60111 Scholarship funds at Frischis. i ii if of Attaining S2000 With a S2000 goal, GHS students set out to raise money for the Scholarship Drive. Contri- butions from the homerooms netted more than 8400, and the cheerleaders collected close to S100 from donations at the home basketball games. A Student-Teacher "Its Academic Programv was held in March. The student team consisting of Bill Lineweaver, Ian Maher, and Mack Tyner, competed against the teacher team, composed of Mrs. jean Boyd, Mrs. Norma Roberts and Mr. Al Strickland. Questions were submitted by members of NHS. On April 5, the annual Alpha-Keyette in- tramural game and twirp dance were held with more than S150 profit donated to the drive. Other projects included were holding an ICEE roadblock at 13th St. and University Ave. and working at Frisch's restaurant. Muscles tense, eyes fixed up, jane Powers and judy Coursey await the ball. Under the shower of coins, cheerleaders net funds for the Scholarship Drive. Representative Barbara Butler makes her container for collecting in A-5. C313 cs .3"' o iff' Educational Crisis ,f Teacher Walkout Caused rg A 6 X 6. 514250174 25 27 A or A dark day for education in Florida as the FEA walked out leaving empty classrooms. Educational Panic As the Special Legislative Session ended Fri- day, February 16, without significant legislation being enacted, the Florida Education As- sociation made a grave but firm decision. In an unprecedented move, more than 30,000 resignations were activated state-wide to become effective Monday morning. In Alachua County an attempt was made to keep the schools open but at 10:00 a.m. Mr. Hudson aclosed the doorsv of GHS and suspended all classes for the re- mainder ofthe week. Seniors only retumed to GHS Monday, Feb- ruary 26. For the next two weeks they kept reg- ular school hours with a revised curriculum of- fered by the approximately 50 unresigned faculty. A special open campus privilege became the most popular change of schedule. Monday, March ll, GHS was in full session again with juniors, sophomores and resigned teachers returning, claiming some advances for education and an awakened public concern. Books - the remains of students, disgust as they leave campus February 19. "The Angry Tweloev X ,limb Cast members discuss ways to pre- sent "The Angry Twelve". Spring Play, "The Angry Twelve," Presented john Kilby works out script problems with the other main characters. The annual spring play, "The Angry Twelvev, directed by Mrs. Mary Elliott, was performed March 28, 29 and 30 both for the student body and the general public. The cast was chosen by a committee consisting of Mrs. jane Fowler, Mrs. Marguerite Rhea and Mrs. Mary Elliott at tryouts held january 23-29. The entire play took place in the courtroom Where the jurors discuss- ed the fate of a nineteen-year-old boy who was tried for murder. Throughout the long rehearsing hours, the participants worked to make the fin- ished product one ofthe highlights of the year. 69 Track X Track Men P ushed Old Records More than thirty boys formed an inexperi- enced track team under the direction of a new coach, George Rhone. December practices en- couraged prospective athletes to join the team. Competition was tough in matches against Daytona Mainland, jacksonville Fletcher, Ocala, and other state high schools. Members also participated in the University of F loridais Spring Relays.. Hurdlers, broad jumpers, sprinters and shot putters through determined work and consistent drilling won many victories to better past years, records. 70 1 Broad jumper johnny Gocek strives for inches more during warrn-ups. "Put outg put out!" Coach Rhone times runners, and encourages Speed. ie David Bailey uses strength and skill to "On your mark . . . Gofv GHS track men clear the high hurdle in fine style. dash from starting hloek. FRONT ROW: David Bailey, Gary Neely, john Atkinson, Mike Godey, Emory Swer- liams, Phil Carrigus, Bob Smith, jim Shorts-1 Nathaniel Williams, Woody james, johnny engin, john Sullivan, Emery Swearingen, Luther Sutherland, Frank Coleman, Leon Cocek, Sonny Griffeth, jim Huckeba and Larry Cobb, Regie Williams, Richard VVil- ard Williams. john Huguley. LAST ROW: Stanley White, 71 Spring X Spring Days Brought Predicted Seniors take advantage of the teacher walkout as they "hit the courtsf, ,. MQ. -. . Ooercrowded conditions jbrce Wilson Gilette to take to the trees for study. Teacher Resignation February budding turned thoughts to nature and the intoxication of beauty interweaved a laziness to produce spring fever. Memories were mingled with the present for some, while others discovered a first love. With the coming of spring days, the FEA made its threatened Walkout all too true as mass resignations took place in all counties of the state. Education was at a standstill as CHS had to close its doors because of a lack of qualified teachers. Seniors had a short vacation as they returned to school the following Monday, While administrators continued to solve underclassmen problems. All activities, both sports and social, were cancelled. Resigned teachers talk over the school Sona ectionately gazes at Becky Keel crisis at a meeting at the State Theater. S eroice Clubs X 4 "Back the Canes all the Way to State Keyettes, "G-Dubv and Alpha's "julie,' Z N13 bath New Spring Projects Rick Roundtree works on Gamma plot to find the 'crootv ofthe problem. E be .5 1-jj i fx . x 5 74 "Is this any way to a Wheel De1'byP,' Bobby McPherson and Lynn DeBusk Mike and Scott say, "You bet it is!" find it morefun to share an Alpha 'pop I Initiated by Clubs With the approach of spring, clubs initiated new projects. Alpha sold lollipops and donated to YMCA World Service. Keyettes installed a sprinkler system, remodeled the main office and cleaned the trophy cases in the gym. Gamma planted shrubs on their grassplot. Wheel spon- sored a derby and Key held a Valentine Dance. Sigma Anchor sponsored a Valentine mailbox and together with Anchor, hosted the Anchor State Convention at the Holiday Inn. Lionettes put up a fence around their grassplot, and Civ- inettes participated in Arbor Day. Beta sold zip code directories, and Beacon held parties for the children at Sunland. 525 ann , Keyettes Karen McElwain, Lisa Jolley and Sandra Klein enjoy sprinklers. Dancing to the beat of the Certain Amount, students enjoy the Key Dance. .,. .i.,- -V H ti Y Swimming X Cane Tankers Set Striking Records FRONT ROW: Rhea Broyles, Nell Perkins, Judy Banks, Martha Parkinson, Tam Hope, Dixie Cox and Susan Cannon. LAST ROW: Charlie Parker, Greg Tate, Steve Lopez, Rocky Chitty, Ricky Plank, Mike Lopez, john Roberts,and Steed Rountree. Practice in near-freezing january weather conditioned Hurricane mermen for season competition against south-eastern teams. Robert Scott, Daryl Crow, Dixie Cox, Ricky Plank, Judy Banks, Nell Perkins, Tam Hope, Mike and Steve Lopez competed in the Southeastern High School Swimming Relays held in Atlanta, Ca. The girlis relay took third place and Robert Scott, three year letterman, placed Second in menis free style event. The team was headed by co-captains Bill Harlan and Nell Perkins. Coach Ted Roos and jim Fielding consistantly trained swimmers at the Gainesville Three Hundred Club Pool. Student support backed the tankers at home- meets. The schedule placed the Canes against Mainland, Seabreeze, Sarasota and Pensacola. 4 A V, J , ,,. an ,. Champion swimmer Cox comes of the starting block against Mainland. "On your mark . . sophomore judy Banks awaits referee's signal to begin. tz 1-m,4,, V ee , ,,y,,W, ' '?' if 5235 fp 'Jet-.ff bi If in Daryl Crow strokes out another victory, as she adds points to the Hurricane tally. , Al' v, ,, A . .ax 'P M' MX- 'i5Ks,"" M , ,mi 1 d Executing a perfect dive, Donna Ellenson demonstrates her backflipping ability. Award-winner Robert Scott takes a well- earnecl break after taking first place. 1 Teeing ojf Ralph Losey counts on hi.s lucky hat to shoot an under par. Conlon Harrison looks clejectecl fgftcr barely missing a putt. Cane Linksmen Posted Tom Merrill, Chuck Gainn, Ralph Losey, Gordon Harrison, Richard Wes- cott, Ted George. Perfect 8-0 Record. Cane golfers posted a perfect season record of 8-0 for the first time in four years. The Hurricanes played all the top teams in their district, defeating arch-rivals, the Ocala Wildcats twice during the regular spring Sched- ule. Four retuming lettermen, Ted Ceorge, Chuck Cuinn, Cordon Harrison and Ralph Losey paced prospective members as Hurricane golfers hit the course to determine the 1968 Colf Team. Tryouts were conducted by new golf advisor Mr. Ioe Lowe.M Twenty preliminary matches determined the six man team. Team members daily devoted the golf greens at the Gainesville Colf and Country Club. Con- sistent practice lowered those all important scores. Intra-squad matches pitted team mem- bers against eacb other to decide top-man for a week's meet. Aces, birdies and eagles were set as goals for the enthusiastic team. A rough season schedule included top ranked golf teams as Winter Park, Daytona Mainland, Ocala and Sarasota. i K c Only inches away from the hole, Merrill carefully prepares to putt the ball. - Blasting out of a sand trap, goy team captain Teddy George pars his score. Tennis ff Large Turnout Boosted Tennis Expectations X , . With a well placed, smashing serve, Robby Bethel aces another opponent. More than forty avid tennis team hopefuls be- gan conditioning practice in December for membership on the team. Stressing the impor- tance of good overall physical fitness, new tennis coach Gene Roberts added running and quick- ness drills to the dayis practice. Pitting players against each other in daily ladder matches de- termined top man position for competitive play- ing. An inexperienced team headed by Senior cap- tain Larry Sandefer sought excellence through constant practice. Determination spurred mem- bers and released a powerhouse of talent on the game courts. Arch rivals Ocala and Leon fell to the mighty Canes. Coach Gene Roberts anxiously watches his team pull out a victory against Ocala. T Colony Welsh, Patty Potter, Kitty Brad- Shaw, Jeanie Puckett, Jeanine Murphy and Kathy Mathews. 80 Sophomore Bobby Kuitert executes a Team captain Larry Sandefer exempli- perfect backhand to secure victory. fies determination in a skilyiilforehand. 'I' . J L it f 5 :mr -- gig S g , E: X L ,.. -- xx K 'Il ' 'tt-f - '-f L- 5 5 , K Q t ,--.. at ,-., . S 4' ., it ' it M W ttt if ,. t t i i FRONT ROW: Bing Nobles, Larry Sandefer, Fearney, Brian Adams, Mike Duncan, and Robby Bethel and Bobb Kuiten. LAST Bobo Cawflwn- ROW: john Dulaney, Ciip Grant, Mike , Baseball ,f Home Games Were Key to Successful Season Under new coach Terry Stechmiller, baseball practice began early in Ianuary. Over thirty turned out to vie for positions on the team along with eight returning lettermen. Leadership and experience from these players encouraged team out-put and spirit as members anticipated a fine year. "There's the pitchf and Lee prepares to Reeves keeps his eye on the ball as he deliver and hopefully hit a homerun. connects during batting practice. FRONT ROW: Bill Stechmiller, Dale Davis, ROW: Coach Terry Stechmiller, Art Lee, Wayne Casey, Mark Buell, Roger Webb, Reggie Pennin ton, Bob Wells, Kim Chris- john Foshee, David Mead, john Fuller, Allen Reeves and Robbie Parker. tiansen, Ken Ngbling and Tom Wood. LAST 82 i Stretching to beat the runner, jay Lucius shows his "All-American" firstbase form. With many practices behind him, David Mead takes his place at homeplate. Student Council State Convention X Nine Hundred Attended Gainesville High' 'if NW NYM X Q i X Ee g t.. SM AF' r X45 QQ 'ws s si X ls L . , 1 Delegates listen intently to one rg' the many lectures given at Convention. Personal notes, placed on Information Board, draw two delegates, attention, 84 jimmy McLean give his wishes for a good trip home to State representatives. Biggest Convention Nine lnindred students imd advisors from Flor- idii attended the Student Council Convention Nlay 2, S3 and 4. As the secretiuy school ol' the state, Gainesville High School was the host for the FASC Conxention, amd CIIS students opened their homes to house the delegates. Three juniors who were Student council oflicer prospects lor thc following year and one advisor from each participating school attended. Topics henefliting student government such us: llow to Promote Better School Spiritg Better Faculty-Student Helutionshipsg wvllllt Makes ii Good Leiiderg amd The Purpose ol' Inter-Clulm Council were presented during three discussion groups. District and state meetings were held to elect next yenrls ollicers. For visitors interested in the University oi Florida, tours were guided hy students ut the university. Friday night, Nluj' 3, tl lnmquet amd 11 dance were held at the XVuyne lleitz Student Union. Mike Bliziotes and Mary Palmour put up a poster stating the theme. David Boothby and President of Wohf- son student body make plans or State. f 1 x E s l Susan Hazen and Susan Cannon inspect a playhouse for accommodations. 7.7-- .-f -- ' P Hall of Fame X GHS, highest honor is a position in the traditional Hall of Fame. Nominated by fellow classmates and elected by a faculty committee, these seniors represent out-standing achievement in five categories. This year, for the first time, two areas were shared by two seniors and one senior was awarded the double honor of being chosen for two positions. J X, vm Jttt . MIKE BLIZCTES JACQUELIN E KARNS Leadership Fine Arts 86 MARY PALMCUR Citizenship 'Q ,Yu wif? gill Sf' I klggfiw I 4 NWI BILL HARLAN RICHARD KENSLER Citizenship Athletics Scholarship BILL HARLAN - SHARON BUTLER 87 Graduation X "And now the light of a way of We be- gins to ebb for one generationf' Twelve Years Ended Twelve years ended with the taking of that final step . . . graduation. Yet while their ending signifies the passing of a way of life, it also sheds light upon a bright new world never before fully disclosed to us. The preparation gained the past twelve years will assure that the challenge of the world will be met and its battles firmly won by the class of 1968. Twelve years ended so that a lifetime may begin. Twelve years so minute in the hands of Father Time yet so enormous in the minds of the 630 seniors who lived them. Onward toward tomorrow with wise reflections 'pon yesterday. "And now the light of a way of life begins to ebb for one generation. But the dawn of a new day shall rise for them, burning the shrouds of darkness to uncover new and challenging shoresf, "And forward into life now we march, as others oft have done in time before. Where in the past we trod hand in hand, we now must Walk alone our separate paths, to seek what life for us doth hold in storcf' "And as we start upon the road of life, we pause to re-embrace the trials and tribulations of our youth, through memories we will cherish throughout journey 'pon the winding road. Some good, some bad, some gay, some sad, but all have helped to mold us into that which we are or that which we are not." "Upon our taking the first step, we are assured that the path we leave behind shall by others soon be filledf, Carol Hanes looks back at the past twelve years through her senior year. Rcgality' A ,Qi - , -i5'Q1 A A - -Gm .2 B' 7 J 'V X Q,-wgihfeiszix-g.1'isis' , f' - + s-Qfw-wfwsi-.'M rw- -Ly Ns.-' FK M-ff?-5f9gi25f?'i1 1 ,. iws '-I' SMI. f3wq"'2-3kX'H:,Qs,:2.f rf- -EQSEK' i - wi-x t A V g.:3f14ffpf-:3 g,,. .., V " - Q .h ,. f'ffrkff-5-11.4-wigfzfazi ii, ff: i . ,I -15x- Y f fa' 'F , ' K 5 5 -- - ,, . : 'S ' 1 5,1,f. , ,-9 fl? A , , ,A V QQMQQ My """"' A X X ff fx., .AXA F ig - f '1-M.. Q ftff 9 . -2A' ' , . 'mb :'- 11' -AW ? if 1 Y gl 4214, 5, 3" five 25495 V" MB' eality of today formed from the dreams, desires, aspirations and stryfes which were yesterday. Reality was excitement tempered by the day-to-day routine of curriculum, and seU-in- volvement through language clubs, honor clubs and interest clubs. Reality of lyfe in a democracy was ex- emplwed in the bi-cameral system of the Senate and the House, and the newly estab- lished Honor Court which together made up the Student Government. Reality of the fact that lyfe contained much more than fun and games, was made starkly evident to everyone in term papers, theo- rems, outlines and many long, hard hours of candle burning. Reality of life, perhaps for the first time, made itseh' known to many this year, in the realization that success is possible and prob- able when a sincere effort, and plenty of good oldjashioned hard work are put forth. Reality of tomorrow was molded not only for our seniors of our community, but also for the nation and the world. Principal U Experienced Educator Led Growing School For the past five consecutive years, Mr. joseph T. Hudson has filled the position of principal of Gainesville High. ln spite of his many respon- sibilities, he can often be seen mixing with the students and seeking their opinions and ideas for school improvement. Mr. Hudson is almost always present at athletic events and other ex- tracurricular activities. When opposition arose between students and administration over the question of service club membership, Mr. Hudson served as a mediator and reached a fair decision which satisifed each faction. Seeking and trying to understand the students, problems has made him a highly re- spected administrator. Initiating new policies and okaying old ones, he led the way in making CHS one of the finest schools in Florida. Editor Teddy George checks with Mr. Hudson on administration news. T .? 3 his 2- Dedication and .service identqfied with one person, Mr. joseph T. Hudson. 89 'Assistant Principal and Deans! Q Capable Leaders Supervised Students Activities Mr. Tower left the dean of boyisjob well done to be assistant Prirwipal. Mr. Tower opens the door to new office responsibilities and duties Mr. Hudsonis job was made somewhat easier by the help of his competent assistant principal and deans. Mr. Roy Tower served his first year as assistant principal, moving up from his former job as dean of boys. He was responsible for registration and scheduling for some 2,200 students and the issuing of over 10,000 textbooks. Mr. Tower supervised the custodial staff, substitute teachers and stu- dents, lunch schedules. WVith the overcrowding of students and school organization problems, Mrs. Cela Hendrickson, dean of girls, was in constant demand. Again she served as faculty advisor for the two divisions of Student Council. She took an active part in all school extracurricu- lar activities from Homecoming to the class elections in the spring. VVith all these jobs she still found time to counsel and assist girls in their personal and academic problems. Arriving at school at 7:00 in the morning and remaining sometimes as late as 5:00 in the afternoon, she filled in at the odd jobs so necessary for the functioning of the school. She issued admits and helped keep track of sick or injured students. Mr. Garnie Hatch, varsity basketball coach, assumed the role of dean of boys. He was in charge of building and ground maintenance and equipment inventory. WVhen necessary, Mr. Hatch handled boys, disciplinary prob- lems. 90 Mr. Garnie Hatch combines a deanis job with coaching varsity basketball- Mrs. Cela Hendrickson gives advice and counsel to girls seeking her help. Guidance Department X New Building Accommodated Guidance Staff Because of the overcrowded conditions in the administrative suite, a temporary building was constructed outside the south entrance of the administrative building for the guidance depart- ment. Mrs. Kay Selle and Mrs. Ann Henderson be- came full - time vocational counselors. They su- pervised college registration and the various test- ing activities given throughout the year. juniors were given the Stanford Achievement Test while the seniors took the Florida senior placement exam. Grade counselors, Mr. Fred Hill flllthj, Mr. lake Feaster fllthl, and Mr. George Thomas Clithj, innovated computers into scheduling. Report cards were also computerized for greater efficiency. Added space, new techniques and methods enabled the guidance department to better serve the students, needs. A . an . ,il,,1r.lli Il I A 1 2 E - Z f 5 i al 1? , . 7""'fW'W'e-ww, 'uufilllfil' . , V- , I . l ,yi -,,,. t h e ff .ia -,,, . ,,.- ia' mmnm Mrs. Kay Selle and Mrs. Ann Henderson discuss vocational and college plans. 4 , . W e N 1 V, .Z , ,M if ff f 2,441 Q . f ,Z 4-dilif Mr. George Thomas checks test scores, college transcripts, and applications. Mr. Fred Hill prepares sophomores with guidance for high school achievement. Mr. jake Feaster gives advice to jun- iors on personal or academic problems. Office Staff X Efficient Staff Managed 'W ivz, ii 1 , i i WWW xN"i1',.a . Wu WW 4, A , Mrs. Surah Roliinxml, glliflfllldfl' secretary cmnpletes' college fI'llH.S'Cl'ijJl'-S' fn' seniors. 92 if 4 if ee 41' Ev? Wm Mr. Iludson talks over flugfs sclzeflule with Mrs. Millie Evers, his secretary. To student population Mrs. Anne Cros- by is syiioiiynwus with iryfornzntirm. ' A r chool Business XVorking elosely with administrators, these six people were vital in keeping the sehool running smoothly. Questions. meals. money - all played an intrieate part in the lives ol'CIIS students and all these were eo-ordinated by this eflieient statl. Nlr. lludson's added duties neeessitated the aecluisition of a private seeretary, and Nlrs. Nlillie Evers was employed. Keeping variety and appeal in inind, Nlrs. Bronna Godwin planned nieals for hungry students live days a week. Holding a tight rein on every expenditure and insuring an intact budget, Nlrs. Jean Delony was an exeellent bookkkeeper. Guidanee seeretary. Nlrs. Sarah Robinson sent out transcripts and supplied eollege applications and int'orniation for interested sen- iors, While deanss secretary, Mrs. Mildred Oliver, checked students in and out and maintained ae- eurate absentee lists. Head seeretary, Nlrs. Anne Crosby operated the Switchboard and made all announcements on the intercom, thus preserving order in the hub of school aetivitv, the adminis- tration suite. 1 Attendance cards are kept up-to-date by Mrs. Mildred Oliver, deanis secretary. t.t,., ' . ss- we Mrs. Brenna Godwin and Mrs. Marion Wakuzja planned nzealsjbr lzungry Canes. VW 5. t E. Mrs. jean Delony keeps records of club and department expenditures. NNN. Student Council X Elaborate Homecoming-and Twirp Dance FRONT ROVV: Beth Graves, Sec., David Boothby, Speaker, Betsy Nlaloney, Vice- Speaker. SECOND ROXV: Janis Keele, Debbie De-Cot, Susan johnson, Debbie Phillips, Pam Whitlow, Lynn Fagen, Bonita If Pagnozzi, Katie Hubener, Susan Hennessey, Nancy McLeod, Beth Ayers. THIRD ROXV: Linda Moore, Linda llaguewood, Sharon YValker, Betsy Smith, Ted Ramsey, Betsy Oakley, Larry VVilson, Robby Bethel, jim FRONT ROW: jimmy McLean, Vice-Pres., Mike Bliziotes, Pres., Mary Palmour, Sec. SECOND ROW: 'ln B'1r fer Chris Nadean It . 5, , , Jamie Denmark, Nancy Everett, David Boothby, Betsy Black, Bill Harlan, Kathy l 94 McGee, Mike Gardner, David Perdue, David Garrett. THIRD ROW: Diane Van Winkle, Christy Oetter, Brenda Gresham, Brenda Green, Susan Hazen, Susan Cannon, john Kidwell, Beth Cline, Ronnie Ward, McCombs, Robert Hardee. LAST ROW: Tracy Holladay, Rick Harrell, Mike Ander- son, Nlarino Diaz, Richard Robinson, Evans Smith, jay Lucius, Larry Bishop, Pat Carr, Lorrie Wright. Charlie Hart. LAST HOW: Wayne Casey, Paul Karabinis, Bob Weatherington, Frank Smith, Kelly Wiltbank, jimmy Roundtree, juddy Carter, Kim Christiansen, Dana Bennett. ade Successful b Active Student Council ,aus Perdue, Brenda Gresham, and Van Winkle ticket an illegally car. Industrious Student Council members headed by jimmy McLean, made Homecoming one of the most elaborate and successfinl events of the year. They also backed the School Spirit Contest in which GHS won a Twirp dance that was held january 20. Five victory dances were sponsored by Stu- dent Council after football games to celebrate our great Wins. The proceeds were contributed to the scholarship fund. Senate members sold Hurricane Warning flags to lower the price of the Pep Club buses to the Leon game. They also kept a close Watch on parking viola- tors and through their efforts parking problems Were kept to a minimum. Student Council's main project was hosting the Student Council Convention in May, and through the hard work of many it was a tremen- dous success. Bugaloo lines were frequently formed as Chris Nadeau convinces Dalton Kephart students rocked-out at Council dances. to buy a warning flag to show her spirit. 95 Student Court X Newly Formed Court Tried Disciplinary Cases Through the bars of his jail cell, Larry Sandefer expresses "crime doesnlt payf, "Guilty or not guiltyf' questions the judges before making the crucial decision. 96 Student body expanded in self-government with the newly established Student Court. Voted into the constitution at the end of last year, the j Student Court elected its members and began j to charter its duties and responsibilities to Student Body. Anyone violating the rules of the hand- book found himself faced with charges from the judges and a court hearing. The court consisted of five judges: repre- senting the senior class were Kim Love and Raymond Robbins, Chief justiceg from the junior class was Greg Tateg john Abbott and Darrell Tower served the sophomores. On the steps to the court room, a cleject- ed offender pauses before entering. Inter-Club Council X Club presidents, who also serve as ICC members, are presented at the assembly. Club Presidents Worked for Closer Harmony All service club presidents, a second repre- sentative of each club and the secretarv of the I I 1 'L l A oy-, 5 F! student body worked through Inter-Club Coun- ,X L I cil for harmony and coordination of all club activities. Qt Mrs. Ann Henderson, new to the Guidance Department this year, served as the Faculty Ad- viser. mi A significant new regulation was adopted early in the school year. Service club member- ship, previously held to 35, was raised to 40. Inter-Club members discussed the change, pre- sented it to Mrs. Henderson and Nlr. Hudson. The Council coordinated club work in Storm Warning, March of Dimes, Student Council Con- vention. They also promoted the junior Miss Pageant. V X g . . , mg., Mrs. Henderson helps jackie Cook decide on ci money-making projectfor her club. 97 National Honor Society X Fifty Seven New Members FRONT ROW: Marcia Morgan, Claudia Sanders, Christine Kurtz, Suzanne Lichter, jan Medler, Vana Christian, Lynn DeBusk, Ann Fearney, Dee Dee Esposito, Robena Eng, Elizabeth Medina, Grace Straun. SEC- OND ROW: Beth Ayers, Patty Noyes. Linda Spongberg, Kathy Bzoc , Linda Moore, Melanie Condo, Ellen Michael, Kathy Sherman, Barbara Butler, Billy Fish- er, Patty Potter, John Cross, Katie Hubener. THIRD ROW: jan Maher, Allan Choate, Dale Henderlie, Steve Smith, Mark Pettis, Beverly Buckley, Judy Weseman, Joy Kil- patrick, Honey Comps, Pat McCoy, Bobby McPherson, Scott Crawford, Mike Ryschke- witsch, Betsy Maloney. LAST ROW: Terry Rigsby, Ed Hegen, Phil Halperin, Ken Sharp, john Foshee, Mack Tyner, john Tay- lor, Al Cook, Tim Tucker, Tom Derrick, Mark Proctor, Frank Kokomoor, Steve Mar- tin, Beth Graves. FRONT ROW: Mike Bliziotes, Pres., Mary Palmour, Vice-Pres., Susan Hazen, Sec., Mandy Myers, Hist. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Anita Doyle, Advisor, Maggie McKean, jamie Denmark, Betsy Black, Sharon Butler, Carol Winkelhake, Terry Ann johnson, 98 Janis Keefe, Mrs. Mary Sharp, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Diane Primo, George Mitchell, Teddy George, Susan Farris, Peggy Eaton, Pam Whitlow, Susan Hennes- sey, Diane Boothby, jackie Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Roberts, Barbara Bowman, Karen Paige, Eileen Bird, Dee Ann Kuzma, Linda Petrucci, Lorraine Nero, Beck Buel, Kathy Meerman. LAST ROW: Nigel, Littlejohn, Fred Pirkle, Mac Cline, Don Morrison, Roger Sims, Rik Dilgren, Bill Harlan, Donna Catotti. Were Initiated at Formal Ceremony Mandy Myers pins the NHS emblem on Melanie Condo, who has been tapped. Mark Proctor lights the candle of know- edge at his induction into NHS. Formal initiation, held on November l, high- lighted National Honor Societies, activities. Vice President Robert Mautz, ofthe University of Florida, spoke before the 57 initiates. Tutoring, the major service project for the year, provided help for more than 150 students, and NHS members Set a new record by contrib- uting over 200 hours ofservice. A plaque was bought, from Hinds eamed in several money-making projects, to honor gradu- ating NHS seniors. These same seniors proudly Wore traditional gold tassels the night of grad- uation. Katie Hubener finds tutoring a student in French is not as easy as she thought. Y WY 7 , Arts ancl C rafts X New Kiln Added to Equipment Available Art students expeetantly observe a workman while he installs the kiln. Mrs. Inn jo McKenzie k Mark Ehrbar examines the raw materikzl and Ricky Elkins holds finished product. 100 For Student Use Arts and crafts department provided oppor- tunities to cultivate the artistic talents pos- sessed by GHS students. Beginning classes, under the direction of Mrs. Ina Io McKenzie, stressed practical training in techniques, proportion, and design. Throughout the course, new media and methods of three dimensional construction were used as basic training. Mrs. Helen Philpott guided advanced art students in work areas of their own choices and supervised the crafts classes. Design and creation of delicate jewelry, intricate wood carv- ings and etchings, and colorful ceramics occupied the time and interest of craft students. The addition of a new electric kiln to the de- partment's equipment was welcomed by the classes. The art department, in addition to its vital contributions to student development, collabor- ated with many other departments and organi- zations. Art students explored the wonderful worlds of chalk, charcoals, oils, sketching, seed mosaics, and putty painting. Their skill was de- veloped through application as they aided in the designing and construction of production sce- nery, library displays, and prom decorations. fs- if 4 abs? Q 4 s t ,R tl ,fail To Nancie Crawford Thanksgiving is paints, colors and Pilgrims. Talented Barbara Bickersta-ff surveys and arranges a display of her designs. Map, Mrs. Helen Philpott Business Education X Modern Machines Paced ational Trends "Now is 37,984,292 to be added or he .S'llI7tfflCfClI.'.pn wonders joan Crenshaw. 'Where is that form? Oh, here it is.-I jamie Caldwell isfiling papers. " " S.. r Mrs. Frances Anderson 102 l Mr. Dwight Allen Office Procedures was added to the business education department this year. Professional of- fice situations were set up to acquaint students with the business world and its proceedings. Work was done with invoices, sales tickets, var- ious business correspondences, statements, pur- chase and order requisitions and legal docu- ments. Students were also given a taste of med- ical and legal secretary work. The regular department curriculum, typing I and II, Oiiice Machines, Bookkeeping I and II, Shorthand I and II and Business Law were ap- proached in a new perspective. Emphasis was placed on providing worthwhile instruction that would be helpful in later vocations. Analyzed studies of community needs were made to de- cide where the focal point of instruction should be. From these studies, it was decided to add new modern machines and equipment to keep up with national trends. Voice dictation and duplicating and copying machines were added to the department to provide this instruction for students. The entire program was presented on a more realistic and worthwhile platform to best benefit the student in vocational and personal work. .-"""'f Carla foiner starts a warm up drill be- fore plugging in for speed exercise. in Q1 W Q A morning obligationfor Diane Heron is running fyftlze bulletin before HR. Mrs Irene Newton Cooperative Business Education X Active Members Sold Class Rings One ofthe largest services which Mis. Brownis CBE class contributed to the school this year was the selling of official CHS rings. Working during their lunch shift, the girls measured stu- dents, ring sizes and filled out order forms to insure arrival in the spring. The class worked prior to the,school year to earn money so that the price of rings would be lowered. Classes and meetings were made more inter- esting this year by the appearance of guest speakers. The girls enjoyed a Weiner roast, the annual Christmas party, picnics, and other out- ings during the course of the year. With Mrs. Brown, advisor, accompanying them the CBE club attended conventons in Lake City and West Palm Beach. Highlighting the year was the annual Em- ployer-Employee banquet which was given by the club to thank bosses for job training and 1N1rs.SamliB1-mvn Florida National employees are busy Af"'Sf"' learning skills and corrections. rewarding experiences. Z A W C dddd J 1, ' ' . ii i 1 x l "You dorft really want me to turn it 071, do you? asks Sue Beckham. 104 FRONT ROW: Brenda Sullivan, June Riddle, Glenda Yarborough, Pres., Ioan Crenshaw, Sec.-Treas.g Mrs. Sarah Brown, advisorg Elaine Rousch. SECOND ROW: Guery Lincoln, Brenda johnson, Frankie Osborne, Mary Ann Pringle, Sue Beckham, Charlotte Cain. THIRD ROW: Linda Harvey, Amanda Blake, janet Foerst, Pat Boles, Barbara Beville. LAST ROW: Linda jeanette Trcadway, Phillette Johnston, Mary Broadfoot, Katie Crowley, jackie Cooter. Cooperative Business Education X Xp W X...x.. ., .. I Mrs. Alice Esposito FRONT ROW: Karen Rash, jo Holland, V-Pres., Darlene Philman. LAST ROW: Mrs. Alice Advisor Nancy Coburn, Treas., Rita Wooten. SECOND Esposito, advisor, Sandy Waldrep, Robin ROW: Donna Daughtery, Barbara Smith, Sandi Keene, Cindy Forester, Dori McKinney, Judy Tillman, Gloria Garrett, Elizabeth Voodre, Hilliard, jane Parker, Grace Osteen. Ambitious Club Won First-Place in State Contest :ff Bejbre convention: preparing for con- tests. After convention: proud display. AW- l This year the spotlight fell upon District and State Contests of the Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida. In Lake City on November 4, three contestants from Mrs. Esposito's class, Jane Parker, Gloria Garrett, and Janis Parker won awards in job Interviews, Electric Typing, and Manual Typing Contests. State competition at Clearwater proved to be equally rewarding, as the club's display, 'iSeeing CBE,,' placed first in the Public Relations Contest. This the third consecutive year that this CBE Club has been awarded a first-place trophy. The Christmas season was highlighted by a hayride to the Gainesville Nursing Home where an individually wrapped gift was presented to each patient. The girls also provided toys and fmit for a cottage at Sunland Training Center. Other service projects included supporting scholarship drives by attending Lions Club Bar- B-Ques, distributing and collecting for class rings, and holding an appreciation banquet for employers. As a group, the class attended a fashion show, dined together often on cuisine varying from chop suey to steak, studied the art of self-de- fense, and traveled to interesting places such as Ocala, Jacksonville, and Palm Beach. 105 Future Farmers of America X Annual Auction Held May 11 May 4, the Future Farmers held their annual auction, the biggest money-making project for the year. Merchandise for the auction was do- nated by local businessmen and proceeds paid for trips to national, state and district conven- tions. Dan Wilson attended the National Convention in Kansas City, and other delegates represented their chapter by serving on judging teams in poultry, livestock and dairy divisions at state and district conventions. Other funds for conventions Were provided through car washes, scrap metal drives and holding a booth at the Halloween Carnival. Early in November a group of members, under the direction of Mr. Harry Lydiok, presented a skit demonstration on parliamentary procedure before the CHS student council. if , . X Q va. as FFA gives a parliamentary procedure demonstration for the House. l 106 of E X0 'i:---' J ii.. L olznny Goeek gets dunked into cold I water at F F A,s booth at the Carrival. FRONT ROW: Mr. Harr Lydick, advisor, Dan Wilson, Pres., Carl! Simmons, Vice- Pres.g Mike McLane, Sec., johnny Cocek, Rep., Stanley Breland, Sentinel, Randy Eddy, Parl., Larry Cobb, Chap. SECOND ROW: Larry Eddy, Allen Bryant, D. Walker, Bob Richardson, Cary McClelland, john Myrick, Buddy Rhoden, john jones. THIRD ROVV: jim Carpenter, Darrell Cleveland, Teriy Lindsey, Roger Howard, Harold Davis, John Mixson, Ronald Lee, Terry Kirby, Chris Blake, Lee Fullwood. LAST ROW: Don Sprow, William Mason, Ira Alexander, Randy jones, Bobby Mantlo, Alvin Price, Roger Morrison, Leonard Wil- liams, Dexter Martin, johnny Foreman. Future Teachers of America ff O0 Students Directories Sold for cholarship FRONT ROW: Kay Opdyke, Hist.g Ann McLean, Vice Pres., Mary Ann Trujillo, Pres.g Bonita Pagnozzi, Chap. SECOND ROW: Donna Car- ney, Gail Chisholm, Shelley Ander- son, Maggie McKean. THIRD ROW: Cheryl OiHara, Andrea Vernon, Gloria Garrett, Glenda Greene, Theresa Harrison. LAST ROW: Janis Kattke, Stephanie Mihlfeld, Marlene Marceau, Mario Balsamo, Pat Kitch- ens, Betsy Goddard. fx ws-swq.Nv.s..,.s . , .- at , X. 'ffl . XXXX A xgxlyyl -. swam-.-see-N--t.,-. - W ss -s -sfvmwwwwsseesswssmwss Kay Opdyke heaves a sigh of relief as she sells the last Student Directory. Seven hundred student directories, the total number printed by FTA, were sold this year. A new feature was the picture of GHS on the cover. The profits from this sale were contribu- ted to the scholarship fund. The traditional Thanksgiving Tea was held in November. This gave FTA members an oppor- tunity to talk individually with teachers about various fields of academic interests. Four members were selected to attend the state convention in Clearwater, where they par- ticipated in classes, discussions and banquets. Meetings were frequented by guest speakers from surrounding high schools and the Univer- sity of Florida. A panel of five teachers repre- sented GHSis academic departments by answer- ing questions from the floor in one informal meeting. Ann McLean and Mrs. Cline enjoy the punch and conversation at Faculty Tea. 107 , English X Mrs. Andasia Bennett Mrs. Anita Doyle Qs 108 Advance Placement Was Added to Mrs. Nancy Calhoun Mrs. Peggy Finley "Only 100 more to grade - why did I assign term papersf sighs Mrs. Doyle. wk Q mt A IHYI SUNY' . 6 glilf cum Page Elmore realizes that the only way to digest "Moby Dickv is with food. Regular Curriculum New at GHS this year, Advance Placement Senior English prepared selected students for college credit. Acceptable scores on the course examination, prepared by Princeton University, qualified these seniors for college credit. juniors had a choice of three levels of Ameri- can literature study: accelerated, regular, and basic. Parallel reading of many American classics complemented the text study. Sophomore English stressed the study and development of literary types. Outside reading, records and dramatic presentations enhanced the unit studies. Advanced Grammar enrolled seniors and jun- iors. Basic journalism, added to the department this year, stressed the fundamentals of news- paper writing and yearbook procedures. News- paper publication and yearbook production class completed the English curriculum. English teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Reaves, was honored by having her poem entitled 'The Palms Along the Avenuev accepted by the National Anthology for Poetry thus bringing creative dis- tinction to GHS. .E wh-Q' is At 7:30 Monday morning, Charlie Parker gives his opinion of Emerson. l Against an appropriate background, Mrs. Reaves reviews lier winnin 1 Joem. 6, I Faulkner and colleagues form back- ground for sophomores, novel study. st tri? , English X z 'z""""' -A V-- .MUMWMWWWWMQ ,,f, fr ' 2 ,.-...N M ,M Z To make textbook explanations mean- ingful class tours Starter Print Co, Mrs. june Fowler Mrs. Winifred Grand Mrs. Jo Holcombe MTS- Chvfyl LeCle-rc MTS. Sandy OHNQLCI' Miss Put Powers Mrs. Norma Roberts Mrs. Mary Sharp Mrs. Sandra Sharron Mrs. Jane Thrope "The last book I needfor my term paper, 909.8 must be heref says Larry Sanders. Brutus Bondourand decides to put an end to Emperor Caesar Clement. 5 41 , M. , 'H f 'W if 1 f 1 W Q 'Q' y 'ia ,sf jd , 4 J ,f of Mrs. Peg Westmoreland Mrs. Marion Wood Bzll Lzneaweauer delves throuffh Dick- ens, Shaw and Conradfor Englisz. , Hurricane X " hat is GHS" with New Format wry! .2 as N sy T so it x SECTION EDITORS: Kathy Roberts, Clubs, Beth Ayers, Sportsg Indy Coursey, Curriculum, Linda Moore, Classes, jackie Taylor, Advertisements. w i M W, I if 1 if V -. W -. 4 A im, -1 X1 f , Mrs. Peg Westmoreland, advisor, seems a tri e horriezl about z eorbook work. , fl J Business staff: Nancy McLeod, business man- agerg Linda Mauldin, assistant. 112 Became a Reality Planning on the 1967-68 book began in june at the Brevard Yearbook Workshop. Six dele- gates from the Hurricane staff, Beth Ayers, Beth Graves, Ed Hegen, Nancy McLeod, Kathy Roberts and Larry Sandefer attended. Along with gathering ideas for an even better yearbook, the group won the Workshop Talent Show. Mrs. Peg Westmoreland, advisor, was an instructor at the workshop. In early October, following the advice of Mr. Earl McDermott, Keys Printing Company rep- resentative, the book was revised using a new format for organization. Also the staff hosted the annual F SPA District Convention. The conven- tion consisted of classes in all phases of yearbook and newspaper work. New ideas in layout, pic- tures and copy were presented. The instructors were representatives from Taylor and Keys Printing Companies and the various yearbook and newspaper advisors from the district schools. Photography stag: Clark Thomas, Ed Hegen, head photographer, Dan Fryer, Bruce Brashear. junior staff members. Vince Gallagher, jane Powers, Tara Degenhardt, Dede Esposito, Pat McCoy and Woody Nesmith. Senior staif members: Marijane Bethel, Indy MacRostie, Larry San- defer, Janis Keefe, Susan Hennesey and Gail Winkopp. .-QS" Beth Craves, Editor-in-Chief Hurricane Herald X Accuracy is keynote as stcgjf reporters practice interviewing with an editor. alt was No. 5x explains Mike Rowland as Susan Brown covers basketball action. Met Pressure of Bi-Weekly Deadline Schedule f X' After clistribution: the issueis post-mor- tem, then routine begins once more. Deadline pressures of a 6-page bi-weekly newspaper kept the Hurricane Herald staff busy. Planning make-up, assigning stories and head- lines, interviewing, writing, typing, copyreading, pasting-up and distributing the 2,200 papers to all homerooms made for a heavy schedule. Then, after each issue a quick post-mortem to review mistakes and ways to improve, the routine began again. In addition, the selling and drawing up of ad- vertisements was a part of the staffs bi-weekly work. Advertising was a necessary part of the paperis financing as well as an integral part of the class's journalistic training. Special Christmas, April F ool's, Student Council Convention and Senior Editions added variety and color to the usual format of the paper. A unique Christmas party, at Betsy Maloney's home, featured a dinner of "foods of other lands" and an exchange of individualized gifts. Paste-ups were scheduled for early evenings on alternate Tuesdays. In spite of conflicts with club meetings, basketball games, intramurals, and exam-studying, staff members arranged to meet deadlines and students were greeted every- other-Friday with news and features of GHS. Tuesday nightis job: Fitting stories, pic- tures, headlines and advertisements. 115 Quill and Scroll X 13 Students Chosen Thirteen members of Quill and Scroll learned the 'hard way" that excellent publications don't 'just happen". Two years of outstanding contri- butions to the Hurricane Herald or the Hurri- cane preceeded selection to membership in Quill and Scroll, International Honorary journalistic Fraternity. GHS publications consistently rank high in student popularity and critical analysis. Credit for this goes to leadership and work of Quill and Scroll members. Invitations to join were issued at the end of the first semesterls work by advisor Mrs. Peg Westmoreland. An informal induction dinner was held at the Primrose Grill March 21. we 'Q W.. x. gg "It,s tomorroufs paperf protests Teddy as Beth proposes an exchange. 116 FRONT ROW: Susan Brown, jackie Taylor, Laurette Burnard, Iudy Coursey, Nancy McLeod, Kathy Roberts. SECOND ROW: Beth Ayers, Mandy Myers, Linda Moore. LAST ROW: Beth Graves, Ed Hegen, Teddy George, Mike Rowland. Amid publication turmoil, Susan Brown and Judy Coursey meet deadlines. S erihhlers X "Crazy Socks" Sale Netted S100 for Magazine FRONT HOW: Diane Primo, Ed., Suzanne Lichter Co-Ed. SECOND ROW: Edllegeu, Pres., Dee Dee Esposito, Vice-Pres., Andrea Vernon, Sec., Shelley Anderson, Treas. THIRD HOVV: Linda Barney, Glenda Greene, Susan Younger, Pattv Crawford, Terra Allen. LAST RONV: Dan Fryer, William Lynn, Caroline Moslt, Beverly Buckley, jan Maher, Susan Johnson. "ScribI9lers' Sketchesv is compiled by Shelley Anderson and Bill Lynn. Fuzzy lootwarmers, otherwise known as 'Kcrazy socksf, were enjoyed by many CHS students on chilly nights. This sale, netting in excess of 8100, was the main money-making project of Scrib- blers. Profits were used for the publication of "Scribblers, Sketchesf their ultimate goal. This literarv magazine contained articles, poems and short stories, written and submitted by members of the club. For the first time, i'Scribblersl Sketchesv contained art work and was printed. An informal initiation was held December 13, at the home of Dee Dee Esposito. A cookout enabled the members to become better ac- quainted with each other. At club meetings members enjoyed lectures on literary topics and on literature-related protes- sions. '1 For warm feet on a chilly night, Scrib- blers' advisor suggests "Crazy soeksfi 117 - Languages X Practice Lab Was Moved to a New Location, B-6 "Cover Your Booksv was featured as a de- partment project to protect new books. xiii S Mrs, Virginia Bartlett Mrs. Lucile Fain Mrs. Vera Ienkins sq ...,,....,, .- as .,.. . ---' f : Q I H N ,. ., ' ',5ggx . A X Q s EQ s as MM 3 pw Q .3 X as t . fr it A as 0 K I -,sas 4? 35 Y X Mrs. Marguerite Rhea Mrs. Beatrice Sweeney H8 Housed for the past few years in a temporary building, the language laboratory was moved to provide the demand for more space with the new advanced teaching facilities. Along with hearing oneis own voice speaking a foreign tongue, au- thentic tapes and records were supplied to im- prove dialects and pronunciation. To provide unity among all three languages, French, Latin and Spanish, the five teachers worked closely together in planning and teach- ing the respective languages. Projects such as the 'Cover Your Booksv campaign, plus verb trees and proverb posters kept fun in learning. Stress was placed on the cultural background ofthe countries as well as on written and oral participation. Students had the opportunity to identify with the customs, both ancient and modern, of the people they studied through songs, dances and discussion. Using more up-to- date textbooks brought language learning to a more contemporary level. In French and Span- ish, a new edition of workbooks was innovated while the new Latin textbook kept Latin from being considered a dead language. As a summer program the language depart- ment sponsored trips to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy through the Foreign Language League, thus making language learning continual. 'fo a . - is -5' ..,3. its rf ' K 'ki . .i I 4 4 ' N .. f Q s. L, N .. Ax .. gimp' ' ji?5EQf WW -Q f"?"f r - . 'W ,,,N,,,,,,,.a...s.s.ei. , QS Vg 5, sstfya ,... , ggff -1-"4.,' K ,V With the audio aids in the lab, students learned pronunciation and grammar. f My Spanish vowel sound causes varied facial With help from a friend, Pat McCoy expressions as beginners concentrate. practices correct French pronunciation. ""'K'm"'1-rw vncmm, et Lzre fnrfl X If' ill lftf,5,.r J X xv N"'sw-ws X..: so N-E 'L J New French workbooks and supple- mentary textbooks modernized languages. Languages ff i S ' J J 120 Q! 99 Fun Activities Highlighted Program www Qfg """'-Qwnnnqq-., , rx 'ig 'fgfkygz , ' sd-A I, Sf M ti Gary Croft and Linda Mauldin compare Singing sessions in Spanish gave stu- their verb trees with the real thing. dents an outlet for their Christmas spirit. I X, :.f.-- nzff- ,,,,.sg.iL.g,L..,x,,,:t:.,Q,-itsfL1fax'::s4,slm gf-imr x..,4, - - f-1 Discipuli Anfiquorum if FIRST ROW: Mrs. Beatrice Sweeney, Ad- visor, Carolyn Widmayer, Pres., Tom Der- rick, Vice Pres., Robena Eng, Sec., jim Conner, Treas.g John Foshee, Parl.g Claire Catotti, Hist. SECOND ROW: Ellen Bul- lock, Laura Taylor, Bonita Pagenozzi, Clara Shelton, Marsha Carlisle, Karen Paige, Diane Primo, Kay Nocks. jane Herndon, Marilyn Most, Sandra Robertson Deirdre Lukoski, Kathy Welch, Susan Arnold, Sen. FOURTH ROW: Mary , , Halsey, Barbara , Bonne Harrison. THIRD ROW: Rain, Caroline Cindy Mizell Prystowsky, Mark Proctor, John Hicks, Robert Button, Oler Crosby, Sen. LAST ROW: ERIK Swenson, Bob Wheeler, Richard Waters, Robert Daughtry, Charlie Parker, Carl Krezdorn, XVade Melton, Chuck Arnold Hanna, Damon Frank Kokomoor, jim Staflens. Hooten, Charlie King, Ray Wright, Mike Thermometer Sale Proved Successful Drive "But itis 80Oargues Bruce Brashear to clislaclicving Mrs. Sweeney. To find a product not already scheduled for CHS sale was difficult but the Latin Club members came up with a unique campaign: to sell indoor-outdoor thermometers. Energetic members sold 250 thermometers in a drive in the fall. Competition in the District Forum, held in Daytona Beach February 17, brought honors to the club. The traditional banquet - complete with on-the-floor dining and toga-dressed slaves - entertained members on March 1. A club project was the formation of a special group within the club, a Latin Honor Society ofstudents maintaining an A-average. HONOR GROUP: Karen Paige, Kay Nocks, Frank Ko- komoor, Marsha Carlisle, Mark Proctor, Charlie King, Carolyn Widmayer. Los Somhreros Altos X FIRST ROW: Mrs. Vera jenkins, advisor, BarBee Emmel, S t.-at-Arms, Ken Sharp, 3rd Vice Pres.: ETlen Michaels, lst Vice Pres., Beth Ayers, Pres., Janis Keete, 2nd Vice Pres., Betsy Black, Sec., Susan Farris, Treas., Mary Ann Trujillo, Hist. SECOND ROW: Betsy Goddard, jean Spence, Suz- anne Lichter, Bonita Pagnozzi, Comell Bardwell, Judy MacRostie, Maggie Mc- Kean, Cheryl Scott, Sandra Ryals, Dee Dee Esposito, Linda Boyd, Betsy Green, judy Banks, Lynne Russel. THIRD ROW: Ellen Owens, Karen Todd, Susan johnson, Susan Hennessey, Susan Hazen, Marijane Bethel, Martha Parkinson, Mary Palmour, Judy Anderson, Barbara Pagnozzi, Lynn Arnol , Melanie Condo, Betsy Maloney, Kathy Meerman, Roberta Berner, Rodney Estes, Sarah Williams, Lynn Fagen. FOURTH ROW: Rita Cohen, Yvonne Best, Maria Baro, Linda Breland, Vana Christian, Lynda Brown, Peggy Eaton, Sherry Griffin, Kay Opdyke, Becky Buel, Raqui Wiltbank, Beverly Buckley, jan Barger, jan Maher, Diane Kattke, Craven Smith, Susan Terry, Jim Wellborn, Phillip Hyden. LAST ROW: Joy Kilpatrick, Mary Talbot, Iunny Quin- tero, Leslie Banks, Honey Combs, Ken Mendenhall, Bill Hunt, Mike Anderson, Larry Sandefer, Vince Gallagher, Woody NeSmith, Kelley Wiltbank, Mike Boles, Steve Smith, Danny Mixson, Larry Wilson, Bill Fischer, Preston Gough, Lewis Deen, Buclldy Ward. PARK Chris Perez exhibits hor product, "Pat- adaf which isfor home washes. 122 uf ust one more,v decide the witches in the .skits shown at initiation. Tasting Party Highlighted L New initiates receive the traditional flower and candle from old members. Se rnuertos! john King gallantly rescues distressed Senoritas in a skit at initiation. A Club Activities More than one hundred members actively participated in Spanish club this year. Stressing the importance of culture in Spanish speaking countries, Los Sombreros Altos heard guest speakers from Mexico, Columbia, Spain and Panama. The climax ofthe yearis activities was a Span- ish-Mexican food party in late December. Festivities included tantilizing appetizers, rich dishes and delicious desserts. Spanish Christmas carols and stories completed the fun-filled meet- in . gliighty-five new members participated in initiation by presenting original skits and songs. The informality was shed as members solemnly received the hat, flower and candle symbolic of LSA at the formal ceremony. A reaction occurs when Lynn Fagen eats hot peppers thinking they are beans. 123 , . Y. Sociedad Honoraria H ispanica X Twenty Delegates Attended State Convention Twenty delegates attended the State Spanish Convention in Satellite Beach March 8-9. For the dramatic competition, the delegates pre- sented "El Sombrero de Tres Picosf, which was judged for organization, accent, scenery and in- dividual acting performance. Thirty new members were formally initiated on October 30 for the Manolete Chapter of the Sociedad Hispanica - the Spanish Honor Society of Gainesville High. A 3.8 average in Spanish is required for membership in the club. joint meetings were held with Los Sombreros Altos. The programs for these meetings were highlighted by guest speakers. Dr. Dick Dickin- son gave a lecture and showed slides on South America. Larry Fontana wonders how he'll ever be able to look like "el Corregidorf, "La Lazv, a new cultural Spanish maga- EXMLU zine, is read by students during class. XNDQQQSQ. Y FIRST HOW: Sherry Griflin, Sgt.-at-Arms, Honey Combs, Hist.g Mary Ann Trujillo, Vice Pres., Susan Farris, Pres., Susan Hazen, Sec., Beth Ayers, Treas.g Mrs. Vera Jenkins, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Jud Banks Roberta Berner, Cornell Bardwellj Vana Christian, Ellen Michaels, Bonita get LR UE X N3 Pagnozzi, Peggy Eaton, Betsy Black, Betsy Maloney, Mary Palmour, Iudy NVeseman, Suzanne Lichter, DeeDee Esposito, Linda Boyd, Ilcanis Keefe. THIRD ROW: Jeeni Womac , Patti Noyes, Lynda Brown, Kathy Meerman, Susan Hennessey, Martha Park- inson, Marijane Bethel, Kay Opdyke, joy Kilpatrick, jan Maher, junny Quintero, Pat- t Potter, Billy Fisher. LAST ROW: Kathy Clrockett, Rita Cohen, Kim Williams, Leslie Banks, Larry Sandefer, Woody NeSmith, Kelley Wiltbank, Mike Boles, Steve Smith, Becky Buel, Beverly Buckley, Ellen Owens, jane Powers, Larry Wilson. Los S ombreritos X FIRST ROW: Bruce DeLaney, Pres., Becky Keel, Sec., Burgess Richardson, Vice. Pres. SECOND ROW: Andrea Vernon, Carol Paulson, Judy Stone, Alix Gravenstein, Darlene McCloud, janet Register, Sylvia Morgan, Debbie Phillips, Beth Cline, Ligie Quintero. THIRD ROW: Kay DeLotte, Rosalyn Parkell, Rita Whitfield, Pam Fer - uson, Peggy Corom, Barbara Smith, jucfy Kite, Carla King, Gloria Vilaret, Sue Ste- wart. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Ethridge, Linda Barney, Barbara Phillips, Peggy Davis, Ann Ewell, Kitty Stanley, Tim Stringer, Tom Klement, Frances Newsome, Denise Cowart, Ricky Waldro . LAST ROW: Alberto Safille, jim Staff: , Scott Keefe, Ivo Rabell, Ion Stanley, Ec?Colvin, Bobb Kuitert, David Mead, Steve Ayers, David, Feather, Hugh Noe. Spanish Culture Was Emphasized at Meetings Spanish culture was emphasized at club meet- ings by guest speakers who had previously visited or lived in Spanish-speaking countries. Souvenirs from the various Spanish-Latin Amer- ican countries were also exhibited at the meet- ings. Miss Rosann Harris, Mrs. Fain's intern, gave a program on Cuba where she had lived. She also showed souvenirs from Cuba. Meetings were also highlighted by the appearance of folk singers. Students of first year Spanish participated in "los sombreritosf "the little hats." In the club they had their first taste of the Spanish language and customs and participated in the annual Pan American Day program. Somhreros, plates and other Spanish- Latin American souvenirs enliven club. 125 Les Bouffons X ef i N, ,,,., "I e 4 f 0 U i oie .sur la terref' sing club members caroling to French-speaking families. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Virginia Bartlett, ad- visor, John Sullivan, Pres., Katie Hubener, Vice Pres., Kathy Roberts, Sec., Mand Myers, Treas.g Eileen Byrd, Parl.g Jane! Norton, Chap., Mike Fearney, Sgt.-at-Arms. SECOND ROW: Ann Fearney, Debbie Prows, Judy- Waller, Floiy Antiga, Roberta Wakuya, Lynn DeBusk, Shirley Hines, Linda Mathis, Marcia Morgan, Susan Younger, 'Christine Kurti, Carolyn Most. THIRD ROW: Jeanie Puckett, Linda Franks, Frankie Osborne, Debra Neill, Sila Quintero, Linda Moore, Barvara Alvarez, Sharon Butler, Debbie Cook, Candy Kuhr, Deborah Norton, Sandy Garrett, Susan Brown, Kathy O,Dell, Jean Mull. LAST ROW: John Adkins, Marijane Bethel, Jackie Kilc0yne,4Cheryl O,Hara, Maureen Mixon, Phil Halperin, Fred Pirkle, Mack Tyner, Roger Sims, Jarrett Renshaw, Rene Machado, Robert Hyatt, Billy Winn, Nik Cravenstein, Bruce Benedictson, Dennis Sullivan, John Adams, Cesar Perez, Mac Cline. 250 Menus and Favors Created for Congress "lt,.s pa.s.s'al9le,,, thinks Virginia Wliite comparing her kiosqae to the original. "Allows enfant cle la patrief sing the new club members at the initiation. Two-hundred and fifty menus and favors were created by French Club for French Congress. Congress was held at the University of South Florida on March 21-23. The menus were decorated with white silhouettes of French landmarks on a black background. Kiosques were selected as favors. Club meetings were highlighted by French speakers and the traditional caroling party for French speaking families were held at Christ- mas. At the French Club Banquet on February 8, the new second semester members were initi- ated. For the program, two Frenchmen had a question and answer period on their lives in France. The meeting ended with the new mem- bers receiving French flags and all members singing "La Marseillaisef' Katie Hubener solemnly leads the sing- ing of "La Marseillaisev at the Banquet. 127 Library X Academic Team Won Chris Hunt checks in the vertical file for that "one more bitv for her research. Olga Krumm insists upon seeing George Mitchellis ID card before issuing book. Mrs. Lucile Combs Mrs. Eloise Haile Mrs. Miriam Mathis Librarian Secretary Librarian 128 Books for Library Merit Students, Encyclopedia, Collier's Encyclopedia, and a set of Harvard Classics, won by the "IFS Academicv team, were present- ed to the CHS library. During the Christmas holidays, the library was made all fresh and clean for the coming year with a new paint job and waxed floors. With some 3,500 new books added this year to swell the total to nearly 19,000, the library provided a wide variety of circulation books on topics ranging from historical novels to pure science. Information for research papers, books for required parallel reading and leisure time were readily available. The librarians, Mrs. Combs and Mrs. Mathis, were always ready to help any student who was confused about the location of material or the proce- dures of the library. Forty-three library aids were kept busy helping students. Aide Susan Arnold willingly climbs for information in the magazine room. Audio-visual X Visual Aids Supplemented Textbook Learning 3 Records helped the students understand Growth at CHS was paralleled hy additions to audiovisual equipment. This year the school boasted a new Cratler projector, dry mount press, a camera for close-up slides, and an Ozalid copier for color transparencies. More tape recorders, record players, and overhead projec- tors was ued hy the faculty in instructional programs. Teachers in need ot' equipment or repairs called upon Mr. VVhitley for help. Files of over 10,000 films were available for easy reference. Records and lectures were taped for later use in class, and materials were copied and dupli- cated for distribution. Educational media at CHS increased student understanding While adding excitement to classes and interest to learning. the history of American literature. Requisitions for audio-visual equipment are typed by assistant Linda Huckeba. Mr. Edward NVhitley Workings of the human eye are ex- plained easily with oisual materials. 129 , Mathematics X 'WV' V' xx Wayne Ca.sey ponders depths of trigo- nornetry, realizing somethings wrong. 130 Math students experimented with dice to learn fundamentals of probability. Mrs. Mary Bryan Mr. Reeves Byrd Mrs. Iulia Cosby Mr. Allen Frawley Mr. Frank Gallagher Mr. Stanley Lucas Expanded Offerings Attracted Large Enrollment Xllrs. Nlay Nlatthews Mr. Roger Palmer Nlr. Darnell Rhea Mrs. Norma Rogers Mrs. Elizabeth Travis Mrs. Ruth XVallace In me S et. VN K Ee 'E gg sl 'r,' is P ...P , Q,,1Q M .:,. t. lisa IDI 'll Ill Ill Donna Ellenson uses various points on her graph to derive the equation System. Nearly 9056 of' GHS,s 2,200 students were en- rolled in math classes although only one year of math is required for graduation. Twely e teachers, an increase ol' one in department per- sonnel ox er last year, each taught lliye classes. Courses ranged from inathematic essentials to college leyel work in algebra and calculus. This variety ot' oflerings permitted students to enroll in math classes designed to meet their indiyidual abilities and yocational interests. Business Nlath emphasized techniques useful in business-related vocations While General Nlath classes worked with budgets, income tax forms and other necessary daily computations. The sequence ot' Algebra l, ll and lll was taught. Fundamental Geometry stressed basic Work - theorems without the necessity of Proofs. Solid, Plane Geometry and Trigometry presented more advanced Work in geometric functions. Accelerated Xlath, following Algebra l, ll and Ill, Solid and Plane Geom. and Trig., presented advanced algebra and introductory calculus at a college leyel. 51, i 1 Q Mr. Rhea prepares to explain the prob- lem "once morev using the overhead. 131 Mu Alpha Theta X FRONT ROW: john Sullivan, Pres.: Caro- lyn Widmayer, Vice Pres., Kathy Roberts, Sec., Eileen Bird, Treas. SECOND ROW: Mary Palmour, Susan Hazen, Barbara But- ler, Jan Maher, Susan Hennessey, Terry Ann johnson, Pam Whitlow, Diane Primo, Claudia Souders, Barbara Bowman. THIRD ROW: Dale Henderly, Larry Sandefer, Larry Wilson, George Mitchell, Beth Graves, Betsy Black, Peggy Eaton, Dee Ann Kuzma, Kathy Meennan, Grace Strawn, Karen Paige. LAST ROW: Teddy George Marvin Rogers, Mac Cline, Nigel Littlejohn Terry Rigs y, Don Morrison, Robert Scott Roger Sims, Tom Derrick, Mack Tyner Steven Martin, Bill Harlan. Thirty-Six Deserving FRONT ROW: Jane Powers, Suzanne Lichter, jan Medler, Claire Catotti, Dee Dee Esposito, Robena Eng, Mr. Darnell Rhea, Advisor. SECOND ROW: Patty Noyes, Kathy Matthews, Marsha Carlisle, 132 9 L.. Q. s 1 june Partrich, Ellen Michaels, Jud Wese- man, Kathy Sherman. THIRD OW: Steve Pu, Judy Banks, Beth Ayers, Billy Fisher, Ann Fearney, Betsy Maloney, Scott Craw- ford, Mike Fearney, LAST ROW: Larry Sanders, Emory Swearingen, Rik Dilgren, Phil Halprin, Bill Queen, Mark Pettis, john Cross, Mike Ryschkewitch, Mark Proctor, Mike Heidingsfield. Qui' Q.. . 4 ,- T Q if Q avvi, . ws. M gf- i Bill Queen gets in the mood before ask- ing aidfor the Texas convention trip. Guest speaker, Mr. Lucas, lectures at a special Mu Alpha Theta meeting. Members Were Formally Initiated November 9 Ready to "dig in," Betsy Maloney and Ann Fearney unpack the picnic baskets. As a reward for outstanding achievement in mathematics, 36 students were inducted into Mu Alpha Theta in a candlelight ceremony held November 9. Featured guest speaker, Mrs. Mildred Wanninger, spoke on the importance of math and the need for math teachers. On january 4, Mr. Sung Won Son, instructor of economics and statistics at Wayne State Uni- versity, Detroit, Michigan, spoke to members on "Mathematics as an International Language." Originally from Korea, Mr. Son related his ex- periences in math and languages to computers. Plans were made to send two delegates to the first National Mu Alpha Theta Convention, August 11-14, in San Antonio, Texas. The pro- gram was designed to familiarize students with more mathematics. As an added attraction, stu- dents were able to attend the San Antoniols Hemis Fair Other activities included going on field trips, preparing for the Mathematics Exam and enjoy- ing an end-of-the-year picnic. 133 - Band X Talent Show Netted Funds to Bu 134 Mr. B radwell Donaldson Director FIRST ROVV: Billy Winn, Nancy Thayer, Leslie VViggins, Leslie Casey, Cathy Con- nors, Margaret Fiskell, Debbie DeBose, Donna Bnrnell, Peggy Keeney, Louise Van Popering, Alan Barger, jane Bradley, Scarlet Sublett, Kim Vickers, Morya VVillis, Librar- ian. SECOND ROW: Carol Thomas, Kay Vickers, Debbie Hicks, Paul Searles, Karen Todd, Cindy Mizell, Randy Coleman, Debbie Button, Brenda Norman, Gwen -lones, Kitty Bracewell, Terry Smith, Hebron Self, Kitty Stanley, Linda Franks, Debbie Prows, Phil Halperin, Allen Hill, Mark Putnam, David Mead. THIRD ROVV: Oler Crosby, Drum Major, Brent Bloemendahl, Marvin Rodgers, Craig Summerlin, Billy Steckmiller, Tom VVo0d, David Flowers. Mark Petis, Robbie Hyatt, Darlene McCloud, Gordon Harrison, VVanda Allen, Herby Brown, Bob Fant, David Samball, Bobby Kuitert, Bill Alexander, Steve Wiggins, Tim Keyes, jon Ainsworth, Danny Williams, jim Wellborn, David Boothby. FOURTH ROW: Steve Walker, David Perry, Richie Reddick, John Davis, Reggie Pennington, Larry Yates, Lewis Deen, Terry Horn. NOT PICTURED: Cheryl OlHara, Tom Manser, Cary Murrell, Bill VValler, Janeen Murphey. When music stands become obsolete, band mcmlufrs make c1fUustmcnts. New Instruments To raise money for new instruments the hand presented a talent show entitled "Sounds Unlim- ited" on February 2. Along with this project, they also sold chicken dinners to .raise more money. The marching Hurricane band displayed spectacular precision drills at halftime during home football games with recent Broadway hit songs such as 'KMame,' and 'SHello Dollyi' and Tiajuana Brass hits, "Spanish F lean and "A Taste of Honeyv. They also experimented With new beats and rhythms in Held performances at the Daytona and Sarasota games. The band also marched at the University of Floridals Home- coming Parade and in the city Christmas parade. Since Mr.Donaldson,s coming to GHS in 1946, the band has Won 105 superior ratings. This year was no exception as the band received straight superior ratings at the District Marching Contest at Santa Fe High School and Went on to superior ratings at State Contests in Tallahassee in May. 5 i An excited K'Charge!', or ci solemn an- them - the trumpets carry GHS spirit. Oler Crosby, Drum Major, keeps the band in perfect timing and rhythm. With complete concentration and total ejjfort Linda Franks hits high note. M aiorettes X Award - inning Majorettes Captivated FRONT ROW: Roberta Wakuya, Betsy Oakley, Susie Smith, Vicki McMillan, Becky Peek, Brenda Green. STANDING: Cindy Dodge, Kay McKinney, Diedre Lukoski, Susan Terry, Karen Mathis, Beth McAshun, Beverly Summerlin. First performance at the Lee game broughtjitters to the new majorettes. With a smiling face and high steps, Becky Peek leads hand onto the field. 136 Halftime Audiences All-Star Twirl-o-Rama, a mu-iorette camp held in Oxford, Florida, on june 25 and 26, was high- lighted by CHS,s corp winning the first trophy ever to he presented there. Two members ofthe corp, Vicki McMillan and Karen Mathis, won personal trophies for the Sen- ior Militaij' Ensemble and for strutting. Twirling ut the Illinois-Florida game, sponsor- ing the traditional hack to school dance. amd tra- veling to Orlando and Daytona were key' activi- ties. Fire lmtons were once again the center of attention at Storm Wlziiiiiiig and Homecoming. In the spring, the majorettes attended various marching and twirling contests held in Santa Fe. Tallaliassec, and Gainesville. it Co-head Susie Smith .S'llOlL'.S' the eo1'l'eet, perfect .s't11nee req11i1'ed :ja nzajorette. C0-head Vicki McMillan beams the smile .seen during all hahf-time .slz0w.s'. Karen Mathis is backed by the band as She goes through her baton routine. C horuses X Talented Choirs and Ensembles Presented FRONT ROW: Barbara Alvarez, Julie Larson, Karen Stack, Donna Polson, Billi Kidwell, Jean Reid, Mark VVright, Pres., A. Boles, V-Pres., Belinda Johnson, Sec., Bill Sanford, Bus. Manager, Debbie Griner, Treas.g Carolyn Tennev, Chris Kurtz, Leatha Lovette, Linda Manldiiu, SECOND ROVV: Mary Fagan, Mari- lvu Rain, Elaine Kahler, Emma Bryant, Elli- otte Haisley, Richard Riggs, Ronnie Burgiu, Herbert Close, James Hannah, Roger Mallard, Steve Lopez, Billy Underwood, Mindy Bevilllk Debby Anderson, Pat Smith, Sue Cann. THIRD ROW: Debby Walden, Cheryl Dodd, Audrey Harrell, Patricia Kitchens, Lena Pal- mer, Sylvia Fussell, Ken Murrell, Tommy Tis- dale, C-ary Nelson, David Price, Don Eliades, Sonny Bartley, Inez Butler, Janice Kattke, Jacqui Karnes, Shirley Hines. FOURTH ROW: Twana Mayfield, Barbara VVhitetord, Beth Dauphinee, Jean Mull, Nanette VVolpert, Bert Crosby, Howard Arnold, Mack Tyner, Larry Lipham, Larry YVilson, Jane Tillman, Ann Townsend, Orlynne Taylor, Jamie Caldwell, Honey Combs, Shirley ML-Donald. r Combined ensembles open wide - not for the doctor, but for faculty tea. Mrs. Catherine Murphree Director 138 1 ls . I J I 4 CHORDETTES: Beverly Stoney, Pres., Elli- otte Haisley, Librarian, Iris Duncan, Corless Carter, Sheila Nealy, Cynthia Cook, Lana Jackson, Shirley McDonald. Diverse Programs Cooperation with the two-year-old Gainesville Civic Bullet resulted in ll livelx' und enchzniting escupade entitled "A Cliristnms l"mitusx'f' Di- rectcd by Mrs. YValter Nlurphree and Mrs. Alex Smith, the progrzun was an experiment in coin- bining dancing and singing. Helictusnls, IIlllliC- up, costumes, scenery, props, and lighting - each was another flictor contributing to the final ex- citing progriun. In addition, the Concert Choir, composed of second year chorus students, sung ut churchesg Cirls Chorus made new jumpers with CIIS inonograinsg Boys Chorus bought blue blzizersg Blzidrigals held their annual gala dinner and performed for niunerous engugenientsg Xlelo- dettcs entertained at civic clubs and social tiinc- tionsg folk singers formed a new ensemble, i'l'he XVe Sevenvg und 21 group called the Chordettes was added as the fourth CHS ensemble. ln Iainiury, nine ineinbcrs participated in the All-State Clinic. Choruses, ensembles, and solo- ists competed in District Contests in March. llere they put to use the theory, urrungeinents, blending, balance and quality einphasizecl in class. Those whose standards were highest coin- peted in State Contests in May. QNX X, ,t The moving presentation of the Carol of the Dram impressed all participants. MELODETTES: SEATED: Debbie Criner, ulternuteg Karen Stuck, llist.g jaunie Caldwell, Pianist. SECOND ROVV: Carol Turner, Linda THIRD RONV: julie Larson, Shirley Hines, Xlnuldin, ulternnteg Laurie Ctissel, S4122 BRT- Genie Melton. FOURTH ROW: Put Smith, burn Alvarez, Pres.g Xunette VVolpe1't, Y-Pres. zilternateg Jacqui Karns. S C horuses X Combined Choruses Cooperated with Civic Ballet 140 MADRICALS: Svlvia Fnssel, Scott Kalstroni, Mindy Beville, Coy YVaters, Debbie Walden, Larry' W'ilson, ,lane Tillman, Mark NVright, -lan Maher, Mack Tyner, Debby Anderson, blames llannah, Carolyn Tenny. lf? BOYS CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Tim Walk- er, Larry Smith, Eddie McCall. SECOND ROVV: Seott Kallstroni, David Price, Mike Bonlware. THIRD ROW: Rodney Estes, Bobby Whitney, George Williams, Alonzo Lewis. FOURTH ROW: Coy Waters, jerry Crenshaw, Hayward Debois, Tom Hoitz, john Long. FIFTH ROW: Paul Smith, Rick Ronntree, Tim Crawford, Alan Browning, Allen Gannnel. """""'1 n 12 soloists explain 79 humorous toys representing gms in 12 Days of Christmas. xx, VVE SEVEN: FRONT ROW: Orlynne Taylor, Larry Liphain, Beth Dauphinee, Honey Combs. SECOND ROVV: Iris Sullixan, Bill Sanlortl, Kitty Cobis, Ken Nlnrrel, fllllllllli' Roberts, A Roles. GIRLS CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Carol Turner, Pianist, Genie Melton, Bus. Managerg Karen Starling, Pres., janet Register, See., -Iune Partrieh, V-Pres., Bonnie XIeI'eek, Pianist. SECOND RONV: Donna Zetrouer, Brenda Aclains, Suzanne Arnow, Gail Chisholm, Michelle johnson, Patricia Baker, -loy -Ieilt-oat, Ilene Silverman, Aludy Ball. THIRD ROW: Terry Doerr, Lynne Russell, Vana Christian, Diane Thigpin, Corless Carter, Gloria Vilaret, Patty Crawford, Cynthia Cook, Claudia Taylor, Debbie VVhite, Vera XVIIIIIIHISOII. FOURTH RONV: Mary Smith, Iris Sullivan, Karen Wash- ington, Helen Harris, Cainille Roberts, Debbie YValcIen, Karen Martin, -lan Maher, Cluirinaine Mathis, Fatt-lu-I Hobbs, Nlarilyn Crant. FIFTH ROVV: Carolyn Baker, Geri Riga, Susan john- son, Patsy Raper, Diane Stewart, Nlelocly Hess, Ann Marion, Shelley Fanus, Claudia Frening, Charlotte Yarbrough, Catteriue Holmes, Shirley Madison, Anita Con-ek, Alucly WVells. Orchestra X Fall Concert Dedicated to Gainesville Veterans 1 Mrs. Dorothy Reaves Director 142 foyce Moore, Nancy Thayer, and David Thorpe practice an arrangement. Under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Reaves, the 38-piece orchestra performed in numerous engagements and concerts. The highlight of these was the fall concert November 10 featuring a program dedicated to the Gainesville veterans of U.S. Wars. In February the orchestral was amplified to become the Gainesville Youth Orchestra, which presented local junior high and elementary school programs, a formal concert on February 23, and an out-of-town tour. The orchestra participated in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival on March 23, and entered the State Orchestra Contest on April 10. The formal spring concert and a reception honoring senior orchestra members was held April 30. On May 18 the string players participated in the annual "String Round-Upf, Each of these presentations was preceded by hours of drills and rehearsals. Coupled with the musicians' natural talent, a suberb quality of performance was attained. alt has to be heref' Robena Eng says to Ann Fearney as the number begins. V1-- W - Physical Education X 11.1 Daryl Crow conquers the challenge of the trampoline as Treva Daniel looks on. 144 Mrs. Lucille Lillclszlv Xlrs. Sllirls'yPl1illips aried Program Produced Timing and co-ordination are basic qualities needecl most for this balance. Up and overfor another important point as the challenging team battles it out. tudent Competition More than 700 students eagerly pursued the well - rounded program of Physical Education. They learned valuable lessons in student sports- manship, competition, stimulation, and just plain fun. Nlany of the usual sports were on this yearls agenda but new activities spiced the yearis Work. Mrs. Lucille Lindsay and Mrs. Shirley Phillips supervised the girls in free exercise, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, tumbling, gymnastics, archery, skating, bowling, and modern dance. Also a unit of Working on the trampoline was added. Boys' Physical Education directed by Coach Wesley Dicks and Coach Ed Poore, included units on soccer, gator ball, cage ball, basketball, volleyball, track and fieldsports, softball and wrestling. In addition to this wide variety, a co-educa- tional unit in volleyball, was offered, in which the boys matched wits with the girls. E Varsity Sports, enrolling more than 70 boys and girls, trained athletes for intra - school competition. From this course, GHS fielded teams in cross - country, football, basketball, ten- nis, golf, swimming, track and baseball. N, ,.. .g..,3k.kwgk l Displaying determination, Clark Smith reaches new heights in weight Wiring. - Mr. Wesley Dicks Nr- Ed POOFP Girls Athletic Association X An Interest in Athletics Was Stimulated FRONT ROW: Loraine Nero, Vice- Pres., Debra Neil, Pres.g Christine Hunt, Sec.-Treas.g SECOND ROW: jaye jelfcoat, Cindy Meadon, Sue Triest, Karen Starling, Cindy Feagle, Donna Carney. sf!! , F. Y Crowding out their opponents, GAA girls are poised and ready to grab. 146 In its fourth year of existence, CAA stimulated an interest in recreational and competitive sports. Members enjoyed hikes, swimming and playing miniature golf at Putt-Putt. In addition, there were softball games in City Park, bowling at Palm Lanes and volleyball games at school. The CAA intramural basketball team led by Sue Triesteis and Lorraine Nerois remarkable shooting ended the season in second place. As a result of participating in athletic events, weekly meetings, and special projects, members were eligible for coveted "C,s.,' 1 l i 1 4 "Hiking can be fun but it's very tiring toof sighs weary Susan Ransom. G-Club X Active G-Club Aroused School Spirit Active C-Cluh, sponsored hy Condi Hone, aroused sr-hool spirit and lmoostt-tl the popularity ol' utliletir-s. To he eligible lor im-inhcrsliip, hoys must liuve lltlllllllil u letter in either vzirsitv fool- tvnnis, liusclmull, or golf. C-Club hvlcl u clunce which was ll trcincnclous success ullcr one of the lmuskr-tlmll guincs uncl proceeds were clonutccl to the scholnrsliip tuncl. ' At this cliuicc they Starlecl L1 new tracliiion for their chili hy prc-svntiiig 21 sweetheart. livezuiso they could not participate in intru- inuruls, thcv servccl as cout-lies lor other tc-inns who lountl their Scrx'iceS imuluululv. Nia.: m FRONT HOW: Clifford Broyles, Sec., ROW: Ken Nibling, Dale Davis, Bill jack Phillips, Pres., Larry Sanders, Lutsko, Jiininy Roundtree, Chuci Vice-Pres.g Richard Kensler, Sgt.-ab Cuinn, johnny Coeelt, Frank Smith, Arms, Gary Zetrouer, Treus. Ken Cliukv. LAST ROVV: Buddy SECOND HOW: Cary Stanley, Mike Currell, Allen Reuves, jim Nibliiek, Godey, Mike Powell, jim McCombs, Mario Balsmno, jay Lucius, Dun Richard Squires, Bill Harlan. THIRD Rouncltree, Steve -lolley. 'W An injured Frank Smith finds it hard to be content watching from the sidelines. Letterman Dale Davis is just a little mixed up by participation in two sports. hull, lmiislxn-thull, truck, crosscounlry, swimming, , Science X Field Trips Broadened Science Program Even the big .slicle rule clidnit help Clark Thomas and Rusty Cannon. In August and September pre-planning, the science department teachers scheduled trips for chemistry, biology and physic students, to agu- ment textbooks and lab programs. The chemistry classes took a day oil' from school on Ianuary 29 to take a guided tour through Cape Kennedy. They toured the opera- tions plant and viewed the complex rocket equipment. These students also toured the re- search labs at the University ofAgriculture. Astronomy, added to the curriculum this year was received enthusiastically. The class visited the observatory at the University. The Advanced Placement Biology class went to Cedar Key to observe marine specimens. They also had various guest lecturers who talked on the subjects of genetics, the dangers of LSD, bacteria and heart research. Regular biology students disected earthworms, grasshoppers, crayfish, starfish, and observed live tadpoles. Also they enjoyed a lecture and display ofinsects given by the Etomology Research Lab from the State Department of Agriculture in Tallahassee. if Mrs. Catherine Bulger Mrs- Lucile Cline Mrs. Martha Green Mrs. Peg Green 148 Pr in into the ersonal lives 0 ro s H S P S gave students an insight into anatomy. Barbara Gray innocently watches Ted Anderson heat nitrogen and glycerin. Mr. joseph Hamilton Mrs. Margaret Hammond Mrs. Marcin Kallison Mrs. Ruth Solomon Mr. Al Strickland Mr- Lynwood ViI'1SOl1 149 Iumor Academy of Science X Field Trip to Crystal River Highlighted Year Members of IAS went on a field trip to Crystal River where they inspected the Indian mounds. They also toured the Crystal River museum. Afterwards they enjoyed a picnic lunch on the riverbank. Conducting tours at the Univ. of Florida Sci- ence Fair was a main project that IAS did this year. They also went to the Junior Academy of Science State Convention at Stetson University on April, 22 and 23. Meetings were frequented by guest speakers. A few of the topics discussed were the new Pan- ama Canal, nutrition and archaeology. Money-making projects included a doughnut john Taylor explores the mysteries of a hirdis nest for junior Academy. sale and a car wash which made 375. Dame Primo samples her doughtnuts as she helps hersey to two or three more. FRONT ROW: Bill Volk, Pres., Eileen Bird, Vice Pres., Marsha Carlyle, Sec., Claudia Sanders, Treas. SECOND ROW: Debra Neil, Katie Rumbugh, Suzanne Lichter, Dianne Primo, jan Maher, Kathie Fagan, Kathy Sherman. THIRD ROW: Bob Wheeler, Erik Swenson, Linton Floyd, Mark Loveland james Lehman, Billy Fisher, john Sullivan, john Cross. FOURTH ROW: Terry Rigsby, Larry Wilson, Larry Sandefer, Danny Mixon, Ed Hegan, Mac Cline, Don Rousoeau. LAST ROW: Mark Wright, john Taylor, Dale Strickland, Paul Smit , Mack Tyner. Para-M ed X FRONT ROW: Carolyn Tennuy, Treas.g Willene Rice, Sec., Terry Ann johnson, Pres., BarBee Emmel, lst Vice Pres., Leatha Lovett, 2nd Vice Pres. SECOND ROW: Elaine Kennan, Marolyn Clemons, Patti Hale, jill Clark, Kathy Halsey, Comell Bardwell, Gloria Vilaret, Sharon Davis, Debbie Metts, Lynn Barber. THIRD ROW: jane Cunningham, Chris Perez, Debra 'll hr 'ZW A L i . N.: r Ioiner, Jo Ann Hardee, Carolyn Kennan, Michelle johnson, Vi Beckham, Linda Loveday, Cathy Dauphinee, Charlene Francis, Beth Correll. LAST ROW: Barbara Whiteford, Terra Allen, Becky Buel, Cathy Williams, Anna Finley, Audrey Harrell, Jeri Holland, Katie Rumbaugh, Cindy Norden, Margaret jones. Health Careers Day Observed on February 17 On February 17, Para-Medical members ob- served Health Careers Day. A special dinner- meeting program was held with all Gainesville Para-Medical clubs attending. Para-Med members assisted the nursing staif at Alachua General Hospital each Saturday from 8:00 until noon. This volunteer service enabled them to receive on-the-job training from hospital personnel and auxiliary members. In addition to working at the hospital, mem- bers had bottle drives to earn money for the March of Dimes and the Heart Fund. A booth at the Halloween Carnival provided funds to send delegates to the State-Para-Medical Con- vention. BarBee Emmel wheels an outgoing patient to the elevator as her duty. Some patient will enjoy a glass of ice wa- ter because of Terry johnsorfs care. 'l5'l Social Studies X 152 Political Activity Highlighted M, W I Barbara Bowman pleads case for Rocke- feller. MTS' Alice Adams Mr. Robert Baker Mrs. Jean Boyd Mrs. Joan Carolan Mrs. Barbara Gallant Miss Lynn Hanner Mrs, judith Koru Mr, Ernie Litz Modern Program In a year of political activity at both the state and national level, Contemporary Issues classes observed first-hand, visiting city government, county court sessions and the state legislature. In addition, they simulated national presidential nomination conventions, making speeches and nominating candidates. Later, each class voted for president nominees with Wallace winning in one class and Rockefeller in the other. Humanities, expanded to two classes this year, scheduled in the afternoon to permit visitation to art galleries. The class visited the University Art Gallery and the Micanopy Art Center. The Social Studies department, mainly housed in the TA, had to abandon team teaching with the exception of World Cultures. To meet the demands of the rising school enrollment, Ameri- can History was scheduled through all seven periods. Americanism VS Communism was scheduled as a full semester course this year instead of the six weeks format of previous years. "I wonder john Wayne was really at the Alamofw laughs Patty Potter. Gary Williams tries the method of os- mosis to absorb his history assignment. Mr. Joe Lowe Mrs. Margaret Osborn Mrs. Hazel Yarbrough Not Pictured Mr. john Nolan Mr. Terry Stechmiller 153 Great Books ,X Mrs. Barbara Gallant, Lorraine Nero, Enid Smith, Lee Laesle, Kay Nocks, Willene Ehrbar, Barbara Bowman, Larry Brown, Rice, Mandy Myers, Kathy Roberts. Dee Ann Kuzma, Bruce Tinney, Steve 154 Interested Students l , Maureen Mixon expresses why Gocl was Debbie Clock describes the simple ele- unjustwecl in punishing job. rnents ofstate according to Aristotle. Mrs. Barbara Gallant intently listens to Steve Smith explains why Machioelli cliseussion, as members form opinions. wrote "The Princev to Bruce Tinney. Met to Discuss Issues Raised from Great Books "Both Lyeurgus and Solon had some strange irleasf says john Kilhy. In its second year of existence, Great Books has provided interested humanities and con- temporary issues students a chance to earn honor points and, to further their knowledge in the area of great literature. Under the supervision of Mrs Barbara Gallant, 30 students met bi-monthly in two groups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for an hour and a half to discuss and debate major issues found in their readings. Typical books discussed were: Plutarch's The Lives of Noble Greeks, Platois Apology and Crito, the book of job, Karl Marx's Communist Manqfesto and Milton's Areopagitica. 155 ,Y 1.. , Speech and Drama X Like father, like son - Darrell Tower asks sarcastically, 1'Wl1at's your prolJlemP,, 156 Extra Classes Added 0 an ll,, d rs r Two faces of drama - comedy, Wayne Greene and tragedy, Maureen Mixson. - To Meet Interest One more drama class Was added to this yearis curriculum. The program was expanded to in- clude four instructors for the second semster as Mrs. Paula Pendergrass joined the faculty. Various types of speeches, pantomimes, and exercises complemented this yearis activities. Each student was required to prepare and per- form a speech in many areas such as sales speeches, after dinner speeches, emotional speeches and speeches to convince or influence. Students also chose topics for panel discussions. Among those chosen were the honor system, pre- marital sex and lowering the drinking age to 18. Speech classes were also required to eulogize their favorite famous people for one exercise. In the drama classes, students rehearsed scenes from the play, "1984,', to improve dramatic skills. Producing pantomimes and other skits helped to prepare them for the annual spring play. Mrs. Mary Elliott Than ones, Jantomimed ex Jlamztion 7 meets intense interest from listeners. Hurricane Players and T hespians if U1-9849, FRONT ROVV: Glenda Greene, Gail Chisholm, Maria Martinez, Susan Hanson, Barbara Alvarez. SECOND ROVV: Carolyn Martin, Lyn Barnhill, Sharon Butler, Bill .M 5 i 1 9 S Lind, Betsy Goddard, Linda Mahn. THIRD ROW: Kathy Halsey, Katherine Lowry, Ph llis Hollowell, Maureen Mixson, john Killhy, Gary Nelson, Mrs. Mary Elliott. l I LAST ROW: Cheryl O'Hara, Scarlet Sub- lett, Conrad Kara inis, Tommy Tisdale, Jacqui Karns, Tommy Capo. 158 ZW Doug Cutts and Gary Stanley show no mercy to johrfs screams of anguish. ,, ,Q K 4 2 ' a f f , .-,,z . he 2f !!vfi5'2Z,,, Z 2 V Z 4 -- f ,f - ,.. , 3 Ei, rg l X , f 5' 1 4 1 4 , f E if F 2 52 Z 4 I 1 4 2 3 4 I ' E K 5? ' F and Other One-Act Plays Entertained Classes "No, not the rat cagef' pleads john as a scene from "1984', is rehearsed. Guard Tommy Capo directs the twelve angry jurors entering the courtroom. Hurricane Players and Thespians together presented several one-act plays to classes invited to Watch. They employed fine dramatic capabil- ities as they performed the last act of "Nineteen Eighty-Fourv. The combined efforts of the two clubs pro- duced "The Angry Twelvev, originally called 'Twelve Angry Meni' and renamed for this play to include female characters. The cast was char- acterized by numbers, as listed below. Many hours of designing and preparation on the part of drama students was needed to plan and con- struct the scenery and costumes. The annual production, directed by Mrs. Mary Elliott, speech instructor and sponsor of the clubs, en- tertained many on March 28, 29 and 30. CAST Tommy Tisdale ............. Chairman Bonnie Pennell . . ......... Number 2 Maureen Mixon ........... Number 3 Carolyn Most ............. Number 4 Pamela Haich ...........,. Number 5 Oralee Brown ............. Number 6 Dean Sparks .....,........ Number 7 Bill Lineaweaver .......... Number 8 Cathy Crockett ............ Number 9 Douglas Cutts ............. Number 10 john Kilby ................ Number ll John Anthony ............. Number l2 Tommy Capo .................. Guard Vocational Education X umerous Skills Prepared Betty Crocker Award winner Kathy Sherman slides in her latest concoction. Mrs. Forrest Hillyard Mr. Harry Lydick 0 1 ,V- I . . E Mr. james Morland Mrs. Catherine Mullin 160 Surrounded by motors and parts, Ran- dy jones can? fnd which need fixing. Students for Jobs Catering to both college and career-lmound students, the department acquainted students with numerous skills which would lie invaluable in later life. Home Economics I, required for girls, graduation, provided instruction in lmasic principles of clothing construction, nutrition, cooking and first aid, while Home Economics II offered practice in interior decorating and other more advanced fields. Shop taught boys techniques from elementary to advanced machine operation. Architectural Drafting covered the areas of architectural, elec- tronic and mechanical drawing. The main project ofthe Ornamental Horticul- ture students this year was the construction of the Memorial Garden. This was built to com- memorate past GHS students who have served in the armed forces overseas. Child Development, Textiles and Clothing Construction, Housing and Home Furnishings, Food and Nutrition, Electronics and Driver's Education completed the Vocational Education department. "Oh no - Foe done so much work on this dress, and it's too bigf' wails Susan Stately. it if Either the sau: is terribly dull or Michael McLane needs to exercise his mu.scle.s'. Vocational Education if Land J udgers Won District Contest Mrs. Elizabeth Porter Mrs. Midge Smith Not Pictured: Mrs. Anna Elliot Mr Gene Roberts 162 Q "Well, it looks like healthy ground to rnef students practice land judging. Fasten seat belt, change radio station. . . Peggy Singley recalls Driver's Ed. Design for Daily Living X Student Restaurant Provided Job Training After learning to sew, Pat Chaney is proud that she can now make her own clothes. New tables and chairs were added to the de- partment this year permitting restaurant training to be added to the program of instruction. Training in all areas of food services were in- cluded. Students learned the processes of the planning, marketing and preparing of meals. Proper tech- niques for table-setting, serving, and table man- ners were also stressed. Horne Economics teacher Mrs. Anna Elliott assisted the other two teachers of this depart- ment, Mrs. Linda Allen and Mrs. Faith Smith, in the restaurant training program. Dressed in uniforms made under the super- vision of teachers in the department, girls served as waitresses, and teachers were invited to eat in the student restaurant. In addition, training in business procedures connected with food services was given. Market- ing, budgeting, meal checks and operation of the cash register were a part of the instruction given to enable students in the program to learn job skills. A whole new world with insight into many varying jobs was opened up for the students when they operated a greenhouse and planted and cultivated a garden. 'KMay I take your order, please? - stu- dents learn restaurant operation. Mrs. Linda Allen K ,..-.Q - .s Mrs. Faith Smith 'I63 Future Homemakers of America X Busy Seamstresses Made Warning Flags and Rx , -,, .. T- A FRONT ROW: judy jones, Treas., jo Ann Calaway, Vice Pres., Charlotte Merrel, Pres., Kattie Rumbaugh, Sec., Cathy Powell, Hist. SECOND ROW: Linda Bais- den, Shirley Madison, Juanita Serano, Chris Perez, Sharon Butler, Maria Lo z. THIRD ROW: Dianne Heron, Cindy Allin, Debbie DeYott, Linda Bailey, Carol Rosenberger, Pixie Soxman, Sally Innes, Isabell Mesa. Q LAST ROW: jo Ann Hardee, jane Smith, Rita Cohen, Anna Finley, Auburn Bardwell, Cathy Williams, Claudia Souders, Marsha Carlisle. At formal initiation, Charlotte Merrel Betsy johnson shows the importance of shows members the FHA organization. goodfamily felfmom' to her Class- 'I64 Received an Award During the month of December, FHA was honored with the Citizenship Award from Stu- dent Council. The reason for this award was their outstanding contribution to School spirit. They made and sold Warning flags which low- ered the prices ofthe buses to Tallahassee. Teaching junior high FHA officers their re- sponsibilities was the subject of the leadership workshop held November 10 by the FHA officers ofGHS. Included in their other activities were touring the VA Hospital, having a party for Sunland children and observing exhibits at the Florida State Fair. Projects for their families included, staging a carnival, holding a Mothers, Day Tea and an Easter Egg Hunt. Linda Baisden serves at an FHA tea where members get practice at poise. Cathy Powell samples her soup to make sure that it has just the right seasoning. foAnn Calaway sews her Easter oatjit as one of her FHA projects. Distribatioe Education X Mr. Thomas Cooper Advisor FRONT ROW: Tommy Hicks, Pres., Mike Harper, V-Pres., Phyllis Ezell, Sec., Nancy Prevett, Treas., Tom Reed, Parl., Kathy Sowell, Rep., Bobby Carroll, Rep., Gary Santerfeit. SECOND ROW: David Sliker, Shirley Wilder, Linda Roberts, Doris Elle- man, Marsha Goolsby, Gail Norris, Patricia Colding, Danny Kinchen. THIRD ROW: -loey Bruce, Carl Crosby, Pinky Faison, Ed- die Hunter, George O'Steen, Mr. Thomas Cooper, Sponsor, Ronnie Boston, Larry Howard, Hurley Sheffield. Dual School Life Gave Valuable Experience Royal Cmvm With Mr. Thomas Cooper as advisor, twenty- 166 Linda Roberts serves popcorn to movie goer Doris Ellerrum as part of her job. Yards and yards of material are cat, and sold at Gilbergs by Carol Harrell. five trainees worked in retail and wholesale mer- chandizing. Belk-Lindsey, Sears and Roebuck, J. M. Fields, Florida Theatre, Striet's, and many other stores in all areas of Gainesville employed D.E. members. The members led a dual life with classroom study four hours in the morning and four to six hours of on-the-job training in afternoons and evenings. Amid this full schedule, these industrious D.E.'ers still found time for early-bird breakfasts, frequent luncheons for their employers, and the State Conference held in the spring. Winners from this convention went on to Chicago for the final competition with students from all over the United States Distributioe Education X Mr. Robert justiss Advisor FROM LEFT: Betty Ezell, Carl Strickland, Compton, jimmy Chestnut, Georg? Applybi, Beatrice jones, joe Pincho, Mark Sherouse, Warren H011k, Mary Blgler, Marilyn SrHC , Pres., Woodrow Davis, James Lyons, Donnie Lamar Ch9SSC'r,. Eddie Brigati, Mi. 9 Lerlrl, Cummings, Earl Wood, Ronnie Hilliard, Cary Dolly Buck, I-1011156 I-f11rl6,,l0ar1r1e Davls- McMillan, Mr. Robert jususs, Advisor, Larry Job Training Complimented by Social Activities While the cooperative training program of- fered many advantages, the student-learner Worked in the afternoon so his schedule did not permit participation in many of the extra-cur- ricular activities of the school. The Distributive Education Club filled the need for school project participation and social activity. Varied and unusual activities were traditional with this organization. Every month this active club and its sponsor, Mr. Iustiss, met for an Earlybird Breakfast. The purpose of this gather- ing was to closely knit intra-club friendship and promote a warm fellowship among its members. DE also held its annual Christmas party and a Spring Picnic. To cement employer-employee relationships, the club held an employer-em- ployee banquet. Luncheons, early breakfasts, and participation in state and district DE meetings assured mem- bers of an active social life. off" "Now who messed these cans up again? Larry Crompton stacks grocery shelves. 167 Diversified Cooperative Training X Active Members Helped with Graduation i e 4 I. . 5. y 3 . Mrs. Margaret Tomlinson Advisor 168 l Kaye Hendrix has decided that the gown will fit Wayne Green will just grow As a service to the school, D.C.T. members distributed caps and gowns, diplomas and an- nouncements for graduating seniors. Scheduled classes in the morning and work programs in the afternoon kept D.C.T. students busy. Once each month "early-morningv club breakfasts began the day. Participating in homecoming festivities, D.C.T. entered a car in the parade and collected wood for the bonfire. To earn money tor the club, members worked at car washes and sold small stuffed animals. Competing in the District II Meeting of the Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida, Kaye Hendrix was elected District Governor, and members placed in four other areas - Extempo- raneous Speaking, Public Speaking, Parlia- mentary Procedures, and Spelling. In April, six delegates represented the club at the Leadership Conference held in West Palm Beach the 18, 19, and 20. The annual Employer-Employee banquet was given in April as a special thank-you to the stu- dentls bosses. Gaining knowledge through classes and con- ventions, building characters through school functions, and developing skills for future pro- fessions has made D.C.T. useful to its members and its members helpful to CHS. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Margaret Tomlinson, advisor, Jolene Ku kendall, V-Pres., Kaye Hendrix, Pres., Syllvia Stroud, Sec-Treas., Wa ne Green, Rep. SECOND ROW: Ivan Wallace, johnny Hull, Betty Crowley, Ann Welch, Marilyn Fender, Janice French, David Gernannt, Steve Gabbard. THIRD ROW: james Mauldin, Howard Smith, jerry Bruce, Iimmy Shearouse, Ronnie Crown, Arthur Coles, Ivan Parke, Mickey Cason. FOURTH ROW: David Wain- wright, Sean Griffith, David McCrimmon, Danny Gabbard, Jerry Cowart, Mike Owens, Ray Ely, Jim Collins. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Labby. CBackg'16uq,d+ 1 f E s Q F 5 3 E E 3 E r Q gf r if 4 5 in, ig: -u .NWN www ,vu 'fe , ,V w if N, ,www fm ffl ,f I I , ff E fi' ,I ,-" .za E52 ,ax 4 2 ackground formed from the excitement and reality of GHS and the community of Gainesville. Activities within the framework of the school and of the community, joined together to provide an adequate and .substantial back- ground for each of the 2,215 students. A long history of past achievements was made even longer with the addition of our successes this year. g'Background built on classes three, a part of which you,ll be throughout your lyfef, Two thousand, two hundred and jy'teen indivi- duals meshed into the mold of three classes which in turn formed GHS. Service clubs added immensely to the structure of our individual background through the combination of sports, through in- tramuralsg academics, by maintaining a high grade average, and to roundiout and fill the guy between these two were service projects helping the school, the community and the citizens. Gainesville High School was the back- ground, with its traditions and past records made from the events and achievements of the community and the student body. Alpha T ri-Hi-Y X Joint Banquet and Formal Induction Were Held sk ,jf Lucy, Snoopy, Linus, and Pig Pen look familiar to those who saw the skit. pk' fi si A joint formal initiation was held by Alpha and Gamma at the Methodist Chapel. Although the clubs have had initiation together in the past, this was the first time that a joint banquet was held also. Money-making projects were the traditional sale of' bumper stickers and lollipopsg both were extremely successful. Alphais skit, portraying the antics of Charlie Brown and his gang, placed fourth in Home- coming competition. Services by Alpha consisted of' giving a Thanksgiving food basket to a needy family and sppnsoring the Pep Band to an away game. This year Alpha got new red jerseys for basketball and also sponsored the Twirp Dance after the Keyette-Alpha game. ln the spring they participated in the Wheel Derby, along with other girls, service clubs. Twenty girls participated in the contests, and represented Alpha by entering six events. ,lane Hartman, Pres. Beth Ayers, Vice-Pres. Randi Sheppard, Corr-Sec. Rhea Broyles, Rec.-Sec. Beth Graves, Treas. Marijane Bethel, Sgt.-at-Amis ,ludy Coursey, Hist. Sue Cooper, Chap. Susan Arnow Mindy Beville Clarkson Cantrell Cindy Clardy Vickie Clark Daryl Crow Lynn DeBusk ,lamie Denmark Peggy Eaton Donna Ellenson Jan Engel Lynn Fagen ., 4. Cathy Cammage Michele Garibaldi Carol Hanes Linda Ilanssen Becky Keel DeeAnn Kuzma Deirdre Lukoski Judi Martin Pat McCoy Kay McKinney Vicki McMillan Chris Nadeau Frances Powell Jeanie Puckett Theresa Rafferty Margaret Rogers av Dottie Schmierer ,lan Stevens ,loanie NVilcox Sarah NVilliams Kathy VVond Amy Yawn 169 Anchor X State Convention Hosted by Anchor Z? H 95 Ou: "1 -4 WS? E121 U' Q: QS- D' Q3 H, :ii Qi-+ 327' 9 'Urn KN TSE' '5- 5' So EMU CL! UQ 553 ma: wi fw A Anchor State Convention. Members were in charge of all the decorations, in keeping with the theme, "Patriotism," They also scheduled the entertainment which was held at the Holiday Inn. Their many projects included complete land- scaping of their grassplot, clearing the numerous display windows around school, collecting for March of Dimes and the Heart Fund and send- ing clothes to the needy in Europe at Christmas time. Anchors, Homecoming skit, "Canes Send Sail- ors on a Psychedelic Tripf, won first place in the skit competition. The student body enjoyed strobe lights, flower power and hippies which made the prize-winning presentation a great success. Social events included an Alumnae Tea at Christmas and a Mother-Daughter Tea in May. Sandy Garrett makes decorations to go with the Anchor Convention theme. Kathy Mecnnan, Pres. Sandy Garrett, Vicc Pres. Charlotte Merrell, Soc. Terry johnson, Tri-us. Anne Cowles, Ilist. Annu Mims, Pnrl. Cheryl Burgv Nancy Crawford Judy Diaz Ann Feanrey Diane Kattke Iackie Kilcoyne Peggy Mahoney Debbie Prows Cathie Heed Karen Todd Cindy Williams jackie Kilcoyne, typical Anchor provi- sional, had her hanclsfall with collection. 170 Beacon X Diligent Membership Campaign Was Organized Increasing membership of Beacon was the club's main objective this year. If the member- ship is raised to fifteen, they will be eligible to change their name to Nike and become a mem- ber ofthe national affiliation. Members worked hard during Homecomingg they bought the tiara for the queen and wrote and presented a skit, entitled "Chicken Christian and His Mighty Menf' Throughout the year, Beacon took clothes and food baskets to needy families. They also had many parties with games, presents and refresh- ments for Sunland children. Formal initiation was held late in the year. Members ate dinner at Morrisonis and then held a candlelight initiation service at GHS. Beacon also worked on their grassplot and regularly attended church as a club. G jackie Cook, Pres. Suzanne Lichter, Sec. Cathy Barnett gladly loads the trunk cy' her car to deliver canned goods. Raqui Wiltbank, Sgt.-at-Arms Gloria Garret! Susan Halbrook Becky Marable Patty Noyes f""" Carol Surface Kim Williams Suzanne Lichter and Kim Williams ad- mire their decision on which tiara. 171 Beta X Traditional Purple and White Mums Sold Io Ann Calaway, Pres. Jan Medler, Sec. Ginnie Holsapple, Treas. Arlene Howard, Chap. Grace Strawn, Reporter Linda Boyd Leanne Burgin Frances Cassiato Debbie Cook Micki Doerr Pat Elmore Anice Flanagan Carol Fountain Milla Jones Joyce Kates Candy Kuhr Beautiful white Homecoming mums were sold to all who wanted to honor their dates with this traditional flower with a purple "GD in the cen- ter. Orders were taken in advance and more than 300 were distributed from the ticket window in the auditorium by Beta members. Members attended a Youth Government Con- vention in Tallahassee held during March 14, 15 and 16. A plaque was given to Mrs. Mary Bryan hon- oring and thanking her for the years of help and guidance given to the club as past advisor. Beta participated in the March of Dimes Campaign by collecting at the Gainesville Mall. Donations totaled approximately 830. Daisies of purple and white felt were sold in the beginning of the year to increase school spirit and funds for the treasnry. At Christmas Beta gave food and clothing to needy families. Also a Christmas Tea was held by the members of the club. Linda Lawton Terrie Padgett Chris Perez Jeannette Treadway POST 172 ifiafta 3333353 Patty Treadway Connie Young Bettis Phyllis Hammer uses a Zip Code Terry Pagent wears Beta daisies to show directory because "zip moves mail that flower power can help school spirit. C ioinettes X Arbor Da Observed by Civinettes Nina Carr and Linda Petrucci team up in an ejfort to observe Arbor Day. Arbor Day was observed by Civinettes as they planted several trees on their grassplot. They also put up a fence along the busloading plat- form, installed a sprinkler system and donated a new mailbox to the school. Members diligently sold fruitcake during the Christmas season earning more than 3100. A portion of this money was given to the Senior Civitan fund for retarded children. School spirit was greatly aided by Civinettes. They sold purple and white voo-doo dolls and sponsored four cars in the Homecoming parade. They also had a Homecoming skit entitled "A Day in the Life." At Christmas time, members went caroling at the Med Center, gave clothes and food baskets to needy families and had parties for the children at Sunland. si is it r. ss? Debbie Boles realizes that unloading papers is a job but worth the points. Sharon Butler, Pres. Linda Moore, Vice Pres. H Janis Parker, Sec. Dianne Boothby, Treas. N' Ca S . t-Arms Donna Canxey, Hist. Mary Talboi, LQ. Gov. Chris Hunt, Pts. Chr. 'Yi Q wa ma rr, gt -a -Qi Ellen Owens, Chap. 5 , I ... a. V Maria Bam Debbie Boles . n M., M Donna Boothby A 'V I , Alice Cook I ' 1 Jane Mackey Q Maureen Mixson H Lorraine Nero ,K Eg T Linda Petruoci Locky-Io Sherman 173 5 '4 Q ff , A Gamma-Hi-Y X Richard Robinson, Pres. John Harper, Vice Pres. Rik Dilgren, Sec. Doug Lynes, Treas. Jimmy McLean, Sgt.-at-Arms Roger Sims, Sgt.-at-Arms Bill Harlan, Historian Charlie Parker, Chaplin john Adams I im Batts Robby Bethel David Blake David Boothby Mark Buell Iuddy Carter Kim Christiansen Mac Cline Gary Croft Lee Dover Larry Fontana John Foshee Robert Hai-dee Mike Harper Charlie Hart Terry Hom Bill Koemer Bobby Kuitert Jim McCombs Bobby McPherson Richard Martin Duke Pinner Doug Robertson ,limmy Roundtree Rick Roundtree Larry Sandefer Robert Scott Evans Smith Richard Squires Dennis Sullivan Gary Williams Sandy Williams Mike Wilson Gary Zetrouer 411 Collected at Drive Four hundred and eleven dollars was con- tributed by Gamma to the March of Dimes. They earned this large sum from an Icee-roadblock at the intersection of University Avenue and Thirteenth street. Both citizens and students en- joyed donating in exchange for icees. Gamma worked diligently to attain the Hi-Y Achievement Award. They planted shrubbery around the marque in front of the gym and also worked hard to keep their grassplot in top shape. Members aided the Student Council by taking care of all the delegates, baggage at the State Convention. The new community YMCA received help from Gamma and members also contributed to International YMCA World Service. Provisionals collected clothes for Goodwill and books for the Public Library. After provisional period, a joint-formal initiation with Alpha was held at the Methodist Chapel. A banquet at the Primrose Inn followed. 'I74 A motorist gets an Icee for a contribution at Gammzfs March of Dimes roadblock. Interact f Ken Nibling, Pres. Jerry Smith, Vice-Pres. Larry Sanders, Sec. Ed Hegen, Treas. Ken Chaky, Sgt.-at-Amis Steve Ayers Dean Bass Pat Carr Tommy Dulaney Vince Gallagher Mike Gardiner Donald Goolsby Bill Hunt Scott Keefe Richard Kensler John Kidwell Charlie King John King John Klement Carl Krezdorn Ran Law Art Ice Jay Lucius Brian McAshan Wade Melton David Perdue Wayne Pringle Mike Prystowsky Larry Rankin 1 if Ken Sharp Mike Smith Greg Tate Tony Tomlinson Larry Wilson Marvin Rogers Lance Scott Undefeated Season Sparked b Win Over Gamma Wheelis Virwe Gallagher throws a touch- down pass as Wade Melton watches. Participating in intramural sports proved to be rewarding for Wheel Club. They were un- defeated in football after winning their final game over their arch-rival Gamma 31-6, and they ended the basketball season with an impressive record. Wheelis Homecoming skit, which was in the form of a witty news report, placed 3rd in competition. ., Money-making projects included numerous car washes and running the only service station open on Christmas day. For their service to the school and community, members served at the FSU-U of F Alumni Banquet and painted the lines on the senior parking lot. In early spring a Wheel Derby was held. It was pattemed after the Sigma Chi Derby, and it featured the girls' service club competition. It proved to be one of the year's most enjoyable and successful events. 175 Kegzettes X Mandy Myers, Pres. Katie Hubener, Vice Pres. Janis Keefe, Corr. Sec Betsy Maloney, Rec. Sec. Kathy Roberts, Treas. Susan Hennessey, Hist. Betsy Black, Chap. Page Elmore, Sgt.-at-Amis Jan Burger, Knmot Jane Ashton Melanie Condo Dianne Correll Alexis Dell BarBee Emmel Pam Ferguson Carla Hembree Jane Hemdon Susan Holloway Gail Jolie Lisa Jolley Sandra Klein Janice Leopold Darlene McCloud Karen McElwnin Judy Mlacllostie Kathie Matthews Mary May Two Rummage Sales Netted S450 'I76 Martha Parkinson carries away thc buckets after helping paint the lounge. Martha Mitchell Cindy Mizell Betsy Oakley Kathy 0'Dell Mary Palmour Martha Parkinson Becky Peek Jane Powers Susan Reif Craven Smith Jackie Taylor Debby Warden Holly Westfall Susan Younger Four Hundred and fifty dollars, earned from two rummage sales, boosted Keyettes treasury. The rummage - old clothes, toys and kitchen ware - was collected by the 63 provisionals. In addition, books were donated for the Friends of the Library, glasses and lens were collected for the Lion's Club, more than 2,000 pounds of newspapers and magazines were given to the Salvation Army, and clothes and jewelry were given to five families, the Cane Boosters, Club, the Madrigal Singers, the First Methodist Church and the Thrift Shop. Keyettes remodeled the front office, replacing the old counters and furniture. They also in- stalled a sprinkler system and improved the tro- phy cases in the gym. Service projects for the year started in August when industrious old members painted and cleaned the teachers' lounge. In the fall, they handed out programs at Back-to-School Night, counted and distributed football tickets and col- lected for the March of Dimes. At Christmas and Thanksgiving, baskets and presents were given to a family. Keg! X Mike Howland, Pres. ,lohn Kilby, Vice Pres. lim Conner, Corr. Sec. Bill Lineaweaver, Rec. Sec David Feather, Treas. Craig Hall, Sgt.-at-Arms Steve Lally, l-list. Emory Swearingen, Chap. Sonny Bartley, Parl. john Abbott Chuck Arnold Bruce Brasbear Larry Brown ,lim Carr Oler Crosby Greg Davis Ricky Davis Bruce Delaney Tim Donaldson Mike Fearney Scott Gross Chuck Guinn ,lohn Hadley Bruce Haguewood Mike Hahn Phil Halprin Tracy Holladay Philip Hyden Paul Karabinis Mark McLaurin Woody NeSmith Pat Rockey Tom Stringer John Taylor Bruce Tinney Gary Tooley Bob Weatherington V Jim Wellborn Informative Marque Kept Citizens up-to-Date Late in the afternoon, Key member, Bob Weatherington lowers the State Flag. Changing the messages on the marque and raising the American flag were only two of the many services given to GHS by members of Key. . They sold Key ribbons before every home football game. The ribbon slogans were enjoyed by students and were fundamental in boosting school spirit. Members collected all kinds of books and held a book sale February second and third. All funds were donated to the March of Dimes. A Valentine dance, featuring the "Certain Amount," was sponsored by Key members. They also competed in all intramural sports and did a good job of maintaining their gI'k1SS- plot. S 'I77 Lionettes X Jeanne Kinser, Pres. Nancy La Belle, Vice Pres. Kathy johnson, Sec. Beth Correll, Treas. Marcia Morgan, Hist. DeeDee Esposito, Chap. Robena Eng, Parl. Debby Anderson Linda Bailey Roberta Berner Eileen Bird Kitty Bradshaw Lyla Brogdon Beverly Buckley Becky Buel Kathy Bzoch Claire Catotti Debbie Clock Jane Cunningham Jean Eddy Linda Evjen Carol Iaudon Marilyn Liddon Tina Nelson Frankie Osbome Rosalyn Parkell umerous Projects Helped Community Club Patty Potter Diane Primo Carol Rosenberger Jody Rosenberger Sandra Hyals Peggy Singley Susie Smith Roberta Wakuya Debby Walden Judy Weseman Caroline Williams Jennie Womack "femme, this just isnit straight enough for a good sidewalkf remarks Roberta Wakuya. Working with Lion's Club was Lionettes biggest project this year. They put up more than 200 posters and bumper stickers for the Lions light bulb saleg rode in the Lions float in the U of F Homecoming paradeg collected approximately 500 pairs of glassesg put on their homecoming skit for them during Ladies, Night and taught them some modern dance steps. At Christmas they donated a decorated tree, food and clothing to a needy family. They also furnished the teachers lounge with home- made cookies and candies. Other projects included working at the Camelia Show,working at the Alumni Associ- ation Banquet before the F SU-Fla. game and stuffing more than 10,000 envelopes for Easter Seals. Provisionals donated books to the Friends of the Library and the VA Hospital, jewelry to the Madrigal Singers, magazines to Sun- land Training Center and toys to Goodwill. ,Mr Sigma Anchor X Bonita Pagnozzi - Pres. Kathy Shemian - Vice Pres. Betsy Goddard - Sec. Susan Farris -Treas. Donna Kinard - Hist. Kathie Fagen - Chap. Joy Kilpatrick - Parl. Linda Baisden Susan Bingham Susan Eddy Sheree Flage Sandra Hammett Linda Haguewood Bonnie Harrison Melody Hess Nanci Langieri ,-,, Anchor Exchange Enabled State Clubs to Meet 4:7 'Y War Q Kathy Stcizcnmuller is amazed at the influx lj Christmas cards to their hox. ' A ' f s ,ff s Sherri Mace Lee Medina Debbie Miller Brenda Mixson Becky Robbins Mary Robinson Kath Stl n y eze m Gail Timmons Barbara Welch lanice Yawn uller Participation in the Anchor Exchange was the year's main event for Sigma Anchor. Members from Anchor clubs in the state were "exchanged" for members from Gainesville. This gave clubs all over the state a chance to meet and discuss projects and ideas. During Christmas and Valentines Day, GHS students and faculty were able to enjoy the use of free mail service through the efforts of Sigmais mailboxes. This traditional project enabled stu- dents to send cards to be delivered to home- rooms. More than S50 was raised by the Sigmas for the March of Dimes. Members painted mailbox flags in the Gainesville community in exchange for donations. At Christmas time, Sigma Anchor members decorated the teachers' lounge and had a car- oling party. Spring activities included a Mother- Daughter Tea and an Easter Egg Hunt for the children at Sunland. Sigma Anchor paints mailbox flags for donations to the March tj Dimes. 'I79 ,mv Soghomores ,lolm Abbott Mary Abbott Bennie Adams Brenclu jo Admins Elziinu Allen johnny Allen Terra Allen Cary Amerson jolin Anderson Kenny Anderson Mieliziel Anderson ltunclv Anclerson Sliellvy Cl. Anclerson Slielly Antlerson 'IR-cl Anderson Kevin Anclress Terry Andrews Glenn Anton Put Amliill Suzanne Arnoxx' june Ashton Blilflll Ayala Steve Ayers Linda Bailey Carolyn Baker Judy Bull Indy Banks Wanda Banks Cornell Burdwell Linda Barney Tommie Barron Linda Buss Bruce Bnteinun Diane Bates joe Beal Nancy Beal 180 ki OB" W , r ,gm .pal A .A - , W f N Q N X W X YP xxx X X N ASQ--Q' Li TXVfT1WY Viim f i'f.'Y.: z- - Qmim .gm ' Q it Z Q A Q gtg 2, i f Q g .. . , Q X A K. vw-'W in xx. X s S5 .N N Nw XX my k,iLz ,f X1 .S ,. .Km 1. . .. My .'f.'f.' 1. . .., ..-mt K ew ,ff f- P. I 55... A -A iff - we 3iT1figen-ffl-L - . we fx Q xnx- .X K rig is E , ,. A 1,5 ., ,iii . if- X M. . WW w..,:, 5 2 Xixik-5 ., if - 1' , '.-', K . . X t -r-,- l X -rg,-, .- ,W 1 3 2 e Q x two M mfg? mn. 1.3 . 1.5 . - 3 W K X me mi gy y We SR 5 F We B ww N .fi 'S Hu: 5 It - Q . Q., r R dawg, K ,f 'NH ,. Q .3 x . .. J .:f2.f1fai N , . f ' 1 'WN x .2 Q W R: ix Y in F K N Q ophomore Leaders if Si if Paul Karabinis, president ...MW .ff..,...v 19 ewmw .Q .X . ,.,. . me . Q RN' e N i X -' K fm . af -37355 8 N Y? .. W 'Mex'-i,, M. .. .. 5' Mafia' LL . . ' Yi ix? - mmf, b 1 +5353 - -, ..... X wt QQ? wx.. We -www - . ri Q N 'i ik Q Y A S sf e 8 Q , H Q -1: QS?-Qt e 3 Xe wx, J, ,Q 2? Guided their Class g Beginning a new school year in a new school was both an exciting and frustrating experience for sophomores. Now they were knocked from the number one position on the totem pole to the last place position. Orientation gave sophomores their first im- pression of GHS. Speeches and skits were pre- sented to them by the administration, upper- classmen and cheerleaders to introduce them to GHS. After the assembly they were given their homerooms and time to find them and learn which buildings were A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, TA, the gym and cafeteria. David Perdue, uiee president Becky Keel, .secretary Debbie Phillips, treasurer Mike Beard Emily Beazlie Glennice Beck Gwenn Beck Maudie Beck Greg Bell We Charles Belyew Dana Bennett Ricky Bennett Annice Benton Greg Benton jane Benyo Greg Benz Roberta Berner Yvonne Best Hal Bigelow Larry Bishop Pamela Blanton K X X-isgfggesilv, liege? -was S Q-Qhomores Brent Bloemendaal Steve Bobroil' johnny Bohannon jimmy Boivin Terry Bondurant Donna Boothby Mike Boulware Mary jo Bourgeois Allan Box Dartha Boyd Kitty Bracewell Doris Bradshaw Bruce Brashear Dallas Brateher Kath Breeden Lin a Breland Sandy Brinson janet Bristow Gary Brooks Sheila Broussard Herby Brown Martha Brown David Broyles Steve Brunelle Woody Bryan Allen Bryant Charles Bryant Delores Br ant Barbara Bullard Donna Burnell Gene Burnahm Marianne Burnham jill Burton Kim Byars Steve Cadwaller Tommy Cain Richard Cam Lavonza Cambridge Dino Campbell Laurie Campbell Conrad Cardenas jim Carpenter David Carr Lewis Carroll Steve Carson Carlis Carter Cynthia Carter Mike Carter .as at L wha .Q-me ., ,X .X . fix, .- N it X ak L X X 5+ Q sa ,S Q W Q Q A Nm QQ ...t sa-avr W New, 'i 7 Y Y 1 ,vii .i i1T.i.T.-T-, Bewildered Students Adjusted to Routine Melton Carter Leslie Casey NVayne Casey Q V james Cason W Mark Catlin 1 7 if M gy Claire Catotti um 9 Darius Caiitlien ' ' Renee Chaiiin if jg 1 john Cliancey A ' ..,, Am 'U im 'f Bobby Chessex' V Joyce Chesser ' " , Linda Cheshire Q-0' :f, Robin Chiappini W " Gail Cliisliolin ,ae ff i if we , i 51 f W Z X :ll lolin Clark E Terry Clay janet Clements Marolyn Clemons Darre l Cleveland 1 - Madeline Christian 5527 2 K P f 'S is ,hip Betli Cline Larry Colili Bernard Colien Rita Colien Frank Coleman Natlian Collier Lariy Collins Keitli Combs 'Q Steve Ayers, Cathy Nesler and Chip Grant puzzle over map at orientation. 183 S ophomores X Alice Cook Cynthia Cook David Cook Mark Cook Cathy Corl Diane Correll Iusto Corripio C. Courtney Bryant Coxvart Denisa Cowart Mary Crampton Barbara Crawford David Crawford ,le ff' Crawford Patty Crawford jerry Crenshaw Nancy Crocker Bradv Croin Murray Crown Annie Mae Crudup Steve Crumpton Sam Cummings Susan Dalto Annette Dainpier ,184 Semi ' fa ., f - C 'ilk Interested Student 6 X Wk, . ,X .. .n . -N. A "' Y tw. X ax 352 g A , fi, Q Q X it 5 'Net Provisionals M ike Prystowsky, john King and Carl Krezclorn work on a grassplot. isis Qemiff ass ' " 'iieisx-.M 5 N X P FMR, .5r.g..?X55 H is 5 X , f f--fm! 5:85133 I Q S xx J ,G xiii S xN JK- l Y X. Srkshf' wr Yr? Deirdre Lukoski, Holly Wesqfall and Donna Boothby collect points. i Became Club Provisionals Iligh School, sophomores applied for member- ship in one ofthe eleven service clubs. Provi- sional period for these clubs began during the first month ofschool. All clubs called meetings so that all interested sophomores could find out the various require- the clubs. At these meetings, the sophomores were labeled "provisionalsv, a name which would be heard quite often during the next three weeks. At the end of those Weeks of' activities, the uprovisionalsn tied and bagged their items for the counting of their points. The point totals were presented to a meeting ofthe old members points were accepted until the openings were filled. These lucky uprovisionalsn were tapped and given formal initiation, thus becoming full fledged members. 6 li ,eff " ,fo 'qi' f X ' f ,X ififffi Picking a club can be confusing for sophomores realizes Caroline Williams. , K ,I -i'. gf - .. : if Eager to become a Working part of Gainesville ments and the number of' openings in each of' only. c'Provisionals', with the highest number of .M . 'Q' 1 .i H, SWE V E t ti g x NEB: ': af.. ' ei - w i ISA Af" I 5-gif t 5 'f Ejr-.jf ...QQ sr: .QNX S ophomores X Deborah DeBose Havward Dc-Bose Buddy DeCrul-f Bruce Delduney Alexis Dell Andy Denmark Philip Dennison Debbie DeYot Teddy Diflunio Terri Derr Kathy Donahue Vernon Dougun Lee Dover David Driggers Margaret Dukes Iris Duncan Mike Duncan Anne Dupree Carol Dupree Lee Dupree Deidre Dyer Earl Dyer Glenn Ebling Harry Eddy l -r 1' 11 5. '- ' ' - 1 ' New Students Pledged their Loyalt ati L .. XX Q 1 K , 351 -. f , 2' ' A 'ss,isw- - ,-., Q W - m Q .SN X ' gg . if - 'i i 5" x , 1 ,N grey .. A 5 :A 'V . .2 R .Ng X X, as David Deus and Ricky Davis put their old school pennzmts aside and hold ll new one. xk N R X .. ,, X X NX Q Q, ... 1 .z e , .-, ,-.,:-Racks 1-. Q X , 'R ?: .ws .s x .. . Q- 1515. ' I , i . . ii .. . -. 5 B f 5 f Q ' 3 , ,y N, 5.0.49 - Q4 A K . -:Q WWQ .: . K ' .. 'QM--X . .iii ' ' A .M , ,,, , X X ,ze 5 t l: s 4. Q W . ,W , ge.. . . X .et .. 'gm K. is K RS, .. R -1 A .-.-., . X X X N . -Q' S N5 e9 iii . . . Q22 me 3 ""' Qu X N s s . , , w ' A 1 3 "L we , s , LR 1 Q me X ,...: xt N X Q J . J . N -. fi it . 5 ,S in Y' xg X QM XE V Rx X NC QW.. an V Fl X .7 . N BN . QQ C N X, Q WZNE5 -as are , ,S ' w 3 it " P , . .P was X W5 Sf N X fa Qs at A x F X X MM X X 4 . . ' K' - YN '- .f is 4 X as . N 4' F . Xie -X ' K it, ,... . . Sf .Q it im W X X. A , x xg N Q t V? 43 "' I . Ngo BS . ...N .. Q Q' J . Q X Q3 A W Fii,,...r ' .. .. 4 Nt s, ' jean Eddv Vivian Eddv David Edwards Al Ellis Pat Ellis Pat Elmore Sharon Ergle Rosemary Ethridge Nancy Everett Donna Evey Linda Evjen Colleen Ewell Dana Ewing Robert Fant jonathan Famis Shelley Fanus Webb Farber Laura Farrell Cindy Feagle XVylene Feagle Helen Fender Mike Fender john Ferber Reed Files Charmagne Fillman Margaret Fiskell Steve Flake Paul Florence Linton Floyd John Fogarty joe Folsom Omega Ford Yam Ford Johnnie Foreman james Fosser Lari Fosser Shir ey Fowler Charlene Francis Bob Frank David Franklin lim Freeman Claudia Frening Lee Fullwood Linda Fntch Barbara Gabhart Eddie Cable Jerald Gaines Cloria jean Cainey Michele Garibaldi David Garrett Phil Carrigus Craig Cassett Faye George Debbie Marie Cibson Mar faret Cilkinson Clark Gillen 187 Sophomores ,f Cynthia Cillen Snsy Cliilllilll Anitn Cm-vii Cliurics Coochnnn Terri Penn Coolshv Alun Cough Andy Cnihinn Curolim- Cmlnnn Chip cifllilillll Greg Crzihzini Chip Cmnt Alix Cmvenstein Burhizrn Crazy Betsy Cr:-en Brenda Green Mnrcie Crm-en Bronwyn Crea-iw Churies CITCUIIL' Mike Cree-ne Tonnnv Cree-ne' Bairlmni Crm-enier Nancy Cregorv Brenda Crm-shznn DIll1iliClclllIlil'I' 188 ophomore Elections if 'FW NN .1. E:- VA .ft as f A ,....,,.., i 3.14 .W-M5 ,.LL ew - X J N fob ff ef'f,1i,, CZ' X C YJ :fs-vis' ' .. Q ,gin f ik vmfgt . ' A gifts YY' g 5 V S 2 1 Y W Q , it V mfg si QQ, X tw R 1 Q23 W 5, as Mx at R38 ii, X x SQQ3? +3543 he 'sau E Nr WW Hel 1 ull: , Put Rockez zimkes ll ezmz miffn I .1 ' .f I I av lIOS'fL'l'1qll' Ilfl'lCllfI1 who is running for R me Q X ta QS" i"'-sb, rw. 4 ' M, 1 1,01 N.. ,M.mLin., 1, it , in x- A C ., , s...,,,' . .-,,.,, fry i'n,N' ,. Suzanne Arnow Ieczrnis- the outcome 0 the .sophomore election by reading the Ilerulrl. for Officers Were Held Election ol' class leaders was one of the tirst things that faced sophomores when they came to Gainesville High School. Petitions, requiring 50 signatures, were handed out for those who Wanted to run for an ollice. The tedious joh ol' making posters and ad- vertising lmegan and ended in aliout a Week. Friends, parents, campaign managers and can- didates helped. The jolm was hard lmut, well Worth it. Voting was hectic and counting was even more so. The candidates anxiously awaited the outcome. NVlien the liallots were finally counted, the results were announced over the intercom amid excited shouts ot' happiness and moans of disappoiiitment. Trying to choose the right man for the job, each .soplzomorc CIIFCJQIHU marks his ballot. 1 H tr 'K Q X t N, X XA ff - 4X if X X Q' 55? 'Ak tt ' . 31 X tt Thomas Hack john Hadley Bruce llaguewoocl Sue Haira Susan Halhroolt Dot Hales Arnett Hall Dianne Hall Glenn Hall Marie Hall Susan Hall David Hannner Phil Hammer Mary Hanna Robert Hansbarger Sandra Hanson Soghomores X Debbie Harpe Mike Harper Pat Harper Rick Harrell Debby Harris Clark Harrison -lane Harrison Nlary Hart Dale Hauller Honnie Hawk Maggie Hawthorne Vernett Hayes David Haythorne jane Henderson Nick Henderson Tim Henderson Ronnie Henley Eric Hentges Betty Herlong jerry Herring Roberta Herriott Anne Hetrik John Hicks joe Hightower Charles Hill Debby Hilliard Leo Hines Rachel Hobbs Dan Holder Cedric Holley Susan Holloway Kathy Holmes Tom Holtz Debbie Hood Damon Hooten Frances Hope Mack Hope Maurice Hope Tam Hope Herbie Horne Nane Houston Bil y Howard Sheryl Howell jan Hudson Janet Hudson Tim Huguley Bill Hunt Wally Hunter Marsha Hutton Philip Hyden Deborah Hylton Maria Iueulano Gerry jackson Lana jackson Libby james joy jeflcoat 190 Qi --.:,.r .-,- .K ' 1 ,N .45 rf' A .,,,, . : if' ME "HQ Yap - LQ. 9 -5 .L kk, 6 5 -1 3 K -ss ef' X Q A. ' .Nth Q . PEW Qi! at F1 ev , JAWS' , df' 'ix ..--qu i if XXV" f A it W 1 v m, A W 1 Q A Q35 'ei ' fy :E t-iet J f H - H i 6 as P Q t Q QQ f ff . ., "" r ' ' ii ilrini .X is xii. e . .,., M Q DNN-. :zz ,,..::.sW"laE3"' V53 S I f . N "3" Qs., S- ,dk ri .f .'::' NN'-...R .,,... , ' WL QGGSL? fxi??T??'i .. NM K -fs l warg or e NM Q . 5, :-gms. -:,::,:-fwwigt X t vi, tt t 4 xi , t t 3+ Mx me Q X r N 35 f I ww I. ll X- ' Q i Nl! " s,t. Q. A153 .tt, I . Q ' fix? KA , X5 . me 1 7 1- 5 the 2 'Q ' X r iz 'X cg if 3- fr- as W it f Gullible Sophomores Were Eager Buyers e'ee L 1 :.,.,: ..,:. N N Q "" " v, . A L if - v1'LL J. it . 2 2 .ik ', 5 sf "" Q av in A W j. fren' Xs R as if X as ix 5 . X . w""'z:P .I BBE iss L 'rx lf' 1 S Y 'Ik -- S xxx , .. 2: fiIRI!-'If'lff'fferfI,. if , IU! i Sophomore judy Banks holds the jr. paper and Sr. candy that she purchased. Nm. Y ' Q i Awww f 6 A- 4 is Ni ,- '42 QW, .gmc in 3 . 1 1? A t Q 9 X J' X X J""'!g .... c ' iv X X' N . W' gf f 'Y K :M A i 5 , 5 N' Q ,A si Q9 I M fn . F9 ws h:'.' K Q :'- Q Gail jobe Mar Ann johns Michlelle johnson Susan johnson Lisa jolley Bruce jones Charlie jones Debbie jones Deborah jones jack jones Kenny jones john jourdan Deborah oyner Scott Kal stroni Paul Karabinis jo Kates Scott Keefe Becky Keel Peggy Keeney Billy Keith james Kelly Elaine Kennan Tim Keyes Beverly Kinchen john King judy Kite S oghomores ,f Sklllilfil Klein Twin Klenient Kathy Klise Carl Kl'L'ZCiUl'll Bobby Kuitert Joyce Kuykellclali DllI'iQ'IlLx Laird Stex e Luke Chuy Land john Lund liulr Langdon Leolal Langley Sue Langston Iuclv Lanier Diunne Lalnsimerry Siierli Law Tum Leadon Art Lee Judy Lee Brian Leslie Hunclull Lester Alonzo Lewis Gwen Lindsey Terry Lindsey 'I92 - FN ' Sw ,Q .nf ws Mi. " - gi Q L . I f-ww n 'r - i . fifz - ei L A L : gi 22, 5 rg: .I -s,.. -E Y y .... L K ,, .,..,-is . N i, Q 5 .iiii il R V' . W- H . fr:-Ask i if ' 'E S - Q fs, 3 .f-vw ,....Q A --.ig . " i f Q ff, 3 if 1 iw if - Y .. . .Nm .J-fr' . . 5 . ,Q iv- 'ii E Q Q 'su . - 1 K I .W -- 53, f Xi, fs? L 4 .E.-:LX me -. V .wr N ,ov- i - -Q L L . W . . Q-L Nm? K gg A ..., Wi -- -Y' ,pls r M35 . K as Computerized Card Upon receiving .s-clzedules, Mary Hurt and Nancy Everett discover mix-ups. Dana Bennett and Mike Gardner wish the computer had misprinterl the cards. Were Confusing to Sophs With almost 2,300 students attending GHS, it Was decided that the computer would be used to make scheduling more efficient and less time consuming. Each student's subjects were pro- grammed through the computer and the results were the finished schedules. Although computers are not supposed to make mistakes, this one proved almost human in the number of' errors it made. Sophomores were especially confused by their schedules. Not only were they still trying to find their Way around the campus of' CHS by also some ofthe classrooms recorded on their sched- ules did not even exist. After finally getting schedules corrected sophomores were faced with computerized re- port cards. These too resulted in the many mistakes. With the punch of' a button "Av stu- dents became "Dv students and an occasional student could hardly believe his good luck upon finding 'SA's.,' Fortunately or unfortunately, as the case may have been errors were corrected and normality returned. john Abbott, No. 1, and Donna Zetrouer, No. 798, symbolize the largest sophomore class ever. Laura Lites Loretta Littlejohn Janice Locklear John Long Mark Loveland Katharine Lowry Johnny Lucas Denise Luke Deirdre Lukoski Donna Mace Marsha Mack Jane Mackey George Mahoney Judy Mallard Tom Mansir Becky Marable 193 Soghomores X Marleen Marceau Anne Marion Danny Markham David Martin Dexter Martin Freddy Martin Karen Martin Norris Martin Rachel Martin Richard Martin Charmaine Mathis Karen Mathis Claudine Mauderli Louise Mauldin Mary May Beth McAshan Doug McBriarty Doug McCallum Mitch McCallum Gary McClellan Darlene McCloud 'I94 TA Lockers Provided Welcome Relief 'f .sei I Q X f i f agen .S , .-bf' fi K -wr Andy Denmark reaches for his books in a top locker as they cascade down. C uit-.Q-1r:11m-f,: -. . . N ,. I y . w 5 l rff be N . 1 1. fiiif Q X X 1.1 N Q-24 dig C Ng? we mu C2 4 5 X- M sf W7 vw Q 'fi g Y A 5 Q g , -9 if R 'Tiff y " ., s,,,t,,, W . QRS Q 45 7 s 9.3, s x Qi inef- i . . .,,.,, t 5, , i ir, .r--q, s tr, Mi E 3548 3 um. it i X ft? N 5 i K .- , i , . f"m-1 . j f- : .. J 52' N, K "NN-ct si F i ts: i if vi ,.. . K ' S ' 8 . X Q N: -. A N . : . ll' f C s 1 YK Q f , E Q sf wiv' T WF ' 3' i il' 'K ,x 'N N L l A mfr 'I "'?iff- - x Q3 W vm. 'Ei 'ef ., A BQ 5 wx A A I ':', . ,. :Q 9 ' ' . ' ,, KN5 Q 'M 'fx' ...' I Y zz F: av L se: M tw, ee QQ 5 st N lx xx 1 Nr . ads 'N :Si r Q 'us Fe as 55: 5, .,... i J xp' :Llfwm K If 'WK E a , E two R i X' Cindy Mg-Donald Harold Ray McGee Mark ML-Cehee Terry Mt-Gill Robins Mclntosh john McKendree Ann McKenna Bobby McKibbin Dale McKinney Susan McLean Ronald McLeod Bill McMahen Chuck McNeill Don McPherson Donna McQuinney Bill Meade Eddie Means Betty Medlock Genie Melton Ken Mendenhall Tommy Merrill Tim Michael Cherie Middleton Cenetha Middleton Rosemary Miller Betty Mills Gary Minshall Martha Mitchell Larry Mixson Michael Mixson Cindy Mizell Sandy Mock Cindy Monroe Alan Montgomery Charles Moore Ronald Moore Arleen Moorhous Geneva Morgan Mark Morgan Sylvia Morgan Don Morrison Roger Lee Morrison Caroline Most Carol Mott Mary Moye Elizabeth Mullinax Nicole Mullins Billy Mnrphree Soghomores X Gary Murrell Mike Myers john Myrick Roger Myrick julia Narron Cary Nealy Sheila Nealy Barbara Nelson Tina Nelson Cathy Nesler Barbara Newbern Frances Newsome Bill Neylans Laura Nielsen Bin Nobles Frei Nobles 196 Rising-tn.: .k,'. ss., 1' sf Spirited Sophs Backe tim f -as Steve Carson shows the sophomore spirit, adding to the class woodpile for the bonfire. Sophomores students show their enthu- siasm and school spirit during class vic- tory yell. the Mighty Hurricanes The class of ,70 promised great things of the future of athletics and spirit at GHS. Sophomore athletes formed the Gunga Din football teams and Junior Varsity basketball squad. IV cheerleaders backed the athletic teams and sophomores eagerly undertook the task of filling one-third of the stands. At Pep Rallies, sopho- mores added loud voices to "Go, Canesu and "Cr- greatv. Showing spirit in other areas also, they proud- ly became a part of GHS life. 'NIR .Only sophomores on the bench now but they will be varsity players next year. Lorna Nobles Marsha Nolan Nils Nodstrand Brenda Norman Dennis Ray Norton Linda O'Byrne Steve Olesen Kurt Olesen Beth O'Neal Curtis O,Quinn Pat Overton Douglas Owens Athol Packer Terri Padgett Barbara Pagnozzi Patti Paige Sogliomores X Animated Discussion Enlivened Classes Louis Pill'll0 Rosal ii Pzirkell Deb Jie Parker Robbie Parker Hossie Parker Charles Parkliiirst Alice Purrisli June Partrieb Carol Pziiilsoii jimmy Pearson Joyce Pearson Pamela Pepil David Perdue Cesar Perez Chris Perez Terry Perez David Perry Debbie Phillips GN M N NR 1 Nw D sf' 'K 4 'ff :..1"1:ilE3 3255 ,, lie - , k5..k, ki . .. Ek. V R N gg. . - I: 2 N, 'Y' if Q . LJ N w xx- va 3 is Ei Q mfg wi 1 1 Q iw" X X xx vi xx Q xl' X mg: sf X Qiaff f -if -K '1 ,i 5 .... K ...ww Mrs. Roberts adds a humorous sidelzght to a parallel English reading discussion ,. N. Y M0533 X X 8 N O W X, Q lil? 2 N r rs X .i if 2 F i Glenn Phillips Mary Piker Wanda Kay Pitzer Ronny Plank jere Plinnley jan Pogne Albert Pons Mike Ponzio Bob Potts Larry Powell 1 Margaret Powell Pat Powell Tolar Powell Tanya Powers Alvin Price Mike Price Janice Primo Cathy Quirin Happy Quirin Ligie Quintero Yvonne Rain Ted Ramsey Susan Ranson Richie Reddick Calpurnia Reddish David Reed Carl Register janet Register jean Reid Barbara Reliiord Leonard Reniroe Ben Reynolds Buddy Rhoden Charles Rhoden David Rhoden Debby Rhodes Mike Rhodes Bob Richardson Judy Ridgeway Geru Riga Greg Rinker Bill Ritter Mike Ritzie Irma Rivers Camille Roberts .Iearld Roberts Randy Roberts Sandra Robertson Sopliomores X Iudy Robinette Mary Robinson Pat Rockey Edward Roepe Bernadette Rollins Carol Rosenberger Jody Rosenberger Rick Roundtree Lynne Russell Terry Russel Glenda Rutledge Nancy Sanders Debbie Sapp Greg Sapp Ronnie Sapp Bill Scheck 200 ,pn-. QQ . it K K S fles h s. EN . - r, " Q .Y Nw X S N Q. 7 :., Qkz. ,,. .,,.. y i l Mi "SJ" D1'1v1ng Prlvlleges G Alter walking, car-pooling and begging for rides to school because they were not ot' driving age, sophomores finally began receiving their li- censes, the believed key to freedom. The excitement of getting a driving license be- came apparent in Ianurary when the lucky sophs turned sixteen. The thought ofthe test frightened nfnost sophomores but after completing the last phase, the tension was relieved. Those who passed received their licenses and began begging for the car for Friday, Saturday and every other day. By the time of the month of Iune arrived, there was a noticeable increase in the number of cars in the parking lots. g.ivTTTfi???'? i? m,,gjj,',g135Q,,,,g,y:4eN5e - T - , M, .T p ,N ..,,,. We ..,,, ,, ,W,M,,i.V,y T , . T ,gyt 4, W, EXPEHEZ tee., gT5?f"J33lv?'3 gait VV ..,,.. if ,X acne miwietiz .T ,M ,..,.. ,,,. W.. ...,,, M, ...... ,..,rM,,.,, 531.155 ?i?37+,.T3I'1't T ' . - ,F , 4 . ,., .r,.,, p Lrf.1ne:,v:7.l1.e Alsitcima F101-1,55 T . T T T i at , a:-....,i,.,..5v,E,'IS.,.,.M A gf'-'f WC Erma' gf-stawzwwa :incur . ,Wnf,J?"'3 f' 51 N, . 1s.3a1teeW.5, ...,. 6l..z,,2.:x..,. M .fiiii ....T .... . ,, I ffl Hltlalfiiffl' "fTlVffWf Tia yur-qmwit-jhffsyi?fMxLmfifisiL,i32f2Mfr.'giwirif M, 'M Qwafj' t""li WY wwf it linear? , fi The long-awaited clrioerls license sym- bolizes a new way rj lnfe for Mike Anderson. alned ,,W.M., W , l L Mike Anderson gets to school in plenty of time to find parking space in front of GH S. 1 S - - 4 pg- . . ---cfm: 5511 - , .,.,., K ,AA.. H 4-rfzsfffs .N , 5 Q . ,ij 5553 wr-l, - 1,-5,3 - as x lg c ,- .m., S . . - , r - S y "Q ., -wx .P Q Q iw L L 45 Us ms 2 E .. 'fi gl i f W ' .faXQ'1S:Se1 V S QQLIE, , S ia .. Q- ,wr ' L Gsifcgiw-. , , 1.6 if " g. w s 2 A K as Si Q X :N P, . . iam S E . , f 'ix 3 . 1 F x. .4 zsvgm-n i .g s - Q ' lg 5- 5 S i S X 5 s s, xg S553 Q N if Iudeen Schofield John Schulman Amy Scott Isebel Scott Iimmy Scruggs Paul Searles Richard Seaton Herbron Self Iackie Shadburn Harriet Shearouse Elliot Sheffield Dan Shehee Charles Shipley Mike Shipman Shoemaker james Short Ralph Show Robert Siedle ' Ilene Silvennan Nicholas Simicich Eddie Simmons Gail Simmons Vance Simmons Brenda Simpson S oghomores X Chuck Simrell 'Mike Siver Cindy Sizemore Tim Slovak Ayleen Smith Barbara Smith Chris Smith Connie Smith Craven Smith David Smith Debbie Smith Debbie Smith Frances Smith Larry Smith Mary Smith Mary Smith ,lean Sneeringen Marianne Snellgrove Steve Souders Kathy Sparks Jean Spence Iohn St. jacques jim Staley Don Stanley jon Stanley Becky Sta iles Karen Star ing jim Stellens Danny Steger jan Stevens Diane Stewart Sharon Stewart V Sue Stewart NVill Stewart Marty Stinger Pat Stone Sandy Stokes Cenna Story Carol Strauser Tim Stringer Don Strickland Adrain Suarez Teresita Suarez Iris Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Preston Sullivan WVantla Sue Sullivan Craig Sumerlin VVanda Sutherland Eril Swenson Ronnie Swilley Roger Swollord Claudia Taylor Laura Taylor Reida Taylor joe Teague 202 .lt-if ...Q it -......f az , t , si t "rw a we Q O X' t ,atriztttm , N it Q X . 'x Q U if t . .fist L t ry , 1 N E t Sty ,li an all X ' 5 L t S ii i ' i .ti . Q, J 5- If X .t . N " Xa.. . ff'-I ' -' an N ' -, , - .1 . . at at 't I -jg NK M we: -. rg -, sf ., , ,. ,wi - in , -Q Mm -wt. i .., Ji. N. we its . fa, Q , A 5 . . Igfswn-me J 3 N Q- 4' un. 'A X s it W., t t if ' T A,A.. . C Q t Q 5. i x Ni ,,,A,A rg 'Ft it RW t Xi? Sw tk 'I X QV Q '-li 31:39 3 " t tt 35? at wi , mv Rr ' Hi 'sn-as t img " r rf - S. -Q wt fi? J it :QM idk ,W W e C as K af -1 TS? ' aa- 7 'bs C il t W ! tt X 3' tt 2 xxx Q txt t is X 3 K ,, N S xy Fr x 4 ,,,, i Most Sophomores Took Phys. Ed. l Carrying home P.E. clothes is a task for Debbie Gibson and Reida Taylor. if 1 , 5:bb Q :EZ :,,,, , ,. F' '33 N 1 , 5 A X ,, .. me W we ,po-2 x 4 Q UF H K xl, XXX wx T, rr X QQ lil R X T! 3 vw' Q --'- ff, Q Q Mak Ng f .. Y -. K lr i X Q N. N l X AQ" A-X .mag 3' Q Mike Tedder Donna Terrell Laura Terrell Susan Terry Billy Thames David Tiuclale Rocky Thomas Gwen Thomas Helen Thompson Liuell Thompson Judy Tillman .lane Tolhert Tony Tomlinson Cary Tooley Darrell Tower Patty Treadway Beruy Trujillo Wavue Truluck Butch Tussinger Chuck Tussinger Ann Underwood Diane Van WVinklc Barbara Vaughn Glenda Vaughn Soghomores X Steve Vaughn Sue Veenstra Andrea Vernon Janie Videon Gloria Vilaret Olga Villalonga Cathy Vosburgh .Wwml f .fy-.1-712-,gs A Ne I isyw f' K - ' - . Ruben Waddle Q ,, P i 1 nhn' h ...if ' ,:b, , Mary Voss Ur S Terry Wade 'HWY Su Waldon Bill Waller I. D. Walker Steve Walker Deborah Warden Karen Washington 204 ophomore Frohcs Was May ll was circled on the calendar for sophomores. This was the date for the traditional Sophomore Frolies, the one forinul dunee for l0th graders. After 21 committee selected the theme ol, "The Rain, The Park, amd Other Thingsf, decorations were planned and eommittees set up: inside, foyer, progrzuns, entertainment. The plans he- ezlnie more organized us the day drew eloser. S2lllll'Cl2lf'S, and Sundays were spent Illillilllg props and other decorations. A lot ol' time and eflort was put into making this the hest Sopho- more Frolies ever. Fimilly, the day zlrrired and the decorations committee got out of' school all day to decorate the gym, which at the end of' the dur didn't look like il gym at ull. The girls were transformed into henntiliil little dolls, and the boys looked like men. The dance was at sueeess heennse ol' h ard work. "It,.s' good to get out tj these Sll06S,,, thinks Craven Smith as she carries her .s-hoes. Exciting E ent l i P l After hours of preparation, Craven Smith and Bruce DeLariey leave for the Frolies. Darlene McCloud, Lisa jolley, Eileen Silverman and Ricky Davis decorate. N X As. .. WS . it 1 Ai H it t ' .Q N Q R is f st N QQ F an s gi is 7 A 5 32335 - i 2 is QW xiii t X Q -Q X . I , x, wh 451. P: "' .Q L. ka Q N, K XL Q wa fi' ig awww? X , sg xi f,v'i"'S X as -vw ., RX Qt be ra. , Z. A J illi f ' 'Q i f " Es-If 5 K 'ek-f N nnii H iihi' H . X H L' L 5ffii.if5.i5-'T . - Q. . YN K K .. .v it e. gig, . W it-usp, K . i Nl ibi t it Hank VVeaver Phyllis Webb Roger Webb Sam Webb Howard Weems Pam Weems jeff Weist Ellen Wells Judy Wells Gary Weseman Marilyn VVestbrook Richard Westcott Holly Westfall janet Weston Bob Wheeler Wooda Wheeler Danny Whiddon Debra White Howard White Paul White Bobby Whitney Elizabeth Whittle Donna Wiggins Steve Wiggins .4. Soghomores X Dick NYigley Phyllis XVilbzuiks Greg XYilkersoii Chris NVilkiiison Debbie VVilkinsoii Bruce NVilliums Caroline NViili1uiis George NVilliuim jouiin NVilliuim Karen XVilliums Katy xVilliilIIlS Leonard XVillii1ms Hopeful Sophs Looked Forward Richard Martin dreams ofhis senior year when he can sit on the senior wall. ,sg , fr Di "II ,zirffmzaalff 4 Z - A,,,, to Coming Years '35 iii it iii we 1 . James Young Y I . i - 5252 535233 Donna Zetfvuef NOT PICTURED: Russell Abbott Lonnie Beckham Bill Belcher Frank Bianchi Johnny Bianchi Linda Box Sandie Civitarese Louise Coughlin Ralph Crumpton Nick Dampier Glenn Davis Vivian Driver Debbie Gibson Cameron Graham Jennie Hampton Joy Irwin Jud Labby Idalii Mainor Tony Martin Joyce Massey Stan McIntosh Katrina Miller Tommy Morgan James Pons Mike Prystowsky Patsy Rapez Dimitria Richburg Edwin Templeton Ricky Veates Bob White Janice White X was 6 iiifl il I W.. i' Paula Williams Richard Williams Rickey Williams Robert Williams Tommy VVilliams Vera Williamson Dennis Willingham Chris Wilmot Mike Wilson Thalia Wiltbank Danny Wood Darrell Wood David Wood Eddie Wood Tommy Wood Ronnie Woodard Roy Woodard Pennie Worley Charles Worthington Lorrie Wright Ra Wright Mike Wyche Charlotte Yarbrough Ray Young Finale to English 10 class - Chris Wil- mot checks numbers with Mrs. Finley. pb!! juniors Brian Adams lohn .Xclanw lionny .VXLl.nni ,lun :Xinswurtli Bill Alumxlnlur Dvhurah .-Xllvn Barhara .-Xlxarvz Debby .-Xmlc-rum Wlay nr' :XliLln'rsm1 john .-Xntlicmy Stvx 0 Anllmny Flury Amiga Chuck Arnulcl llowarcl Arnold Lynn Arnold Susan Arnold John Ashlvy John Atkins David Bailey Martha Bailey Linda Baisdcn Patricia Baker Danny Balogh Leslie Banks Lynn Harbor Jan Barge-r ,lim Barkley Julia Barnett Dean Bass Johnny Beach Mike Beck ,lack Beckham Robbie Beckham Vi Beukham Bill Belcher Bruce Bene-dictsun 208 X l f""' ' M' M ' W' rv ,ff V J? . iw ERE I ,yrr Q ' , ,y V Vf ' 4 2 , ,. 'Wayan Vff'5'1'f"' 'f mf., lrll ' lil, VV nff, yy ,W M1 V-WL, ,V be AA , 5 fy ' ..,, ,. Competent Leader V:,V W, V- , ' L ..,, , '11, Vx' JW- , , 1 3 g 1 ig' i f , a sf' by V10 A A , VV- V VV 5,. , ,.,, ig V w V mm V ' A , , " ,E 1 W' rf- ' j , V , f W F ' V V: ' 'L . ' ryhrgg zl ' "'- ' V1 Wa, 3, vpn, f vii , WI ' , I, 0 fi -V ' L 'W W ff, We 1 jimmy Roundtree, preszdent ,. M f ,,, , gjz, V, V V, J ,V.-A-W. ,, . N O ' V i ' '5VVff7' ' V' V 'NV i l ..,,.V V , 3 f ' 'VV' ' V VV 3 ,VM V, V W, , 3 K 5-101 NVQ, I f V , . I. I .. +1 4 g if ,V ' fa ' V f N ' W 2 V-My ' V V T W Q ,V, V M V2 K H A V ,,V ' Iv I 5 . .KQMMVL V , 4 V V V VV, ,,,, V .L 'ji 4 Q , I g' ' M an V V - V V V .rf ,'V. ,L W V V V V ,,,,, ,VVV,,, -,, A , , , , ,,, V ,Q ' il V,,V A ' L ' fzlfzlf ' V V 49 , V . howed Efficient: Havin f been elected as the leaders of their 'un- K . lor class, the optimistic officers began to make 'heir class, 'unior vear a Great one for evewbod . - i . Z7 1 All of the Junior assemblies Were organized and conducted by them. At Christmas, they spear- headed the bi ua Jer sale. This vear it made l l w . v more money than ever before. Because of the great job they did with the paper Sale, the officers had more money with which to create a very ex- citing and memorable prom. In a year filled with great school spirit, the officers served to instill even more pride. They worked hard to give the juniors a year they would never forget. is i Susan Cannon, secretary fi r ff Dean Bass, vice-president Esifeejliliiflgifff in at -' . -.. ' ' 1 2 A . . W e Y . rm . A - A 'W 'St . av ar . 9 y in Q l 1 Z , P 1 5 A ' s xg - -9 N ., f h ' A Y an P , A' ' ,. 'Wm' ,. . .XX x V -...X 5 , if f-XMB Q S x 'W X XM w seir to Q9 li . 7 WSVNT5 as X . i x 2 E by xi ' P , K1 .-., .. .Q 5 X 6 r e " - 4-I 1 'K W 3 3- - . . Q 3 I " ' - . . 1 5, 1 L -- . - - , X -----we , - 4' at Wade M elton, treasurer ,K MQ.. S X X NX x Nik , 1 -'Jr " we Q N gk! Q Mark Bennett Bill Benson Eugene Bessette Robby Bethel Barbara Bickerstalf Mary Ann Bigler Susan Bingham Susan Black Cynthia Blahak Kathy Blaich Ann Blake Carol Blue Debbie Holes VVayne Boles joe Bolton NVilliarn Bostick Ronnie Boston David Bowden Iuniors 210 Matt Bowden Ann Bowman Linda Boyd Eddie Boyette ,lane Bradley Kitty Bradshaw Ronnie Branch ,lackie Branson Willie Brinson Kathy Brown Lynda Brown Mary Brown Alan Browning Jerry Bruce joey Bruce Bill Bryan ' A 52? f W F' A " fa 43,9 1 W. SQ? f fn, ,,,v I 9 in , la B , ff I I V 5- -,I gli, VVVV ' - , . B ffm ,f Q "-vf ,V uf g , V , , ""f 'iy' ' J , ' if . Q, 5, -fi . Q 1315. U in-sir R -' fgi., 5, .I Ar . v ,, . ,,,, , , ff,w,i,,,, ,W f , . ii 41 ,, , M1 yi M 4 my l f Q ny, is f J, -Vff w e 3 2 it if,i,i,ff1i,,. , ' f , iiiiii f , f, '- ,,,,. e,11f V i gnfi.. qi? 1,2 H ,WJ V Q fi 6 win? M . ' .,, ,,,f My ,, f ., fi: ,,ff, Q ,..ff -- Strict Rules nWere Kept Hoping that the bell will ring soon, Ronnie Smith endures typical study hall. ,nfl , Q, .5 Q 7 2, ff- 1' ,. ' ' 'H fl . 95 gn' A af? w, ,.,, , 4 s ""'49 . ia? f V if I Q 4 1 an ,I 2? ee m 1 527 ,V gg .fl 4 6 432 gg' I A A 'x Il V 'A 4 5 4, V , l ru 5 I' -csv L. '-we 415 v 1 Q WW .sm .1 1 . no 'uf -a w:.i',1fmz,-v- y ,, ,,,,, . . , 1 female. , f l g if all ., sm f .. all ' 3 1 -s. 3 if fan V: f ,LZ YI ,i V: 44- ' QQ ff Q rf? 2, Q? ,f 'ey D A ,Q ,,5,. 3 . 45+ A 5 ,, 4 E 1 Q 'ix B-. fvvv -5 if f 59 A if N , .,,,. , ' L ' fy , fl " X lj ' A ' ,221 ,w,,1W,,, Q A ' . 75 'vw K , ,hh , C Q .., ,, A A 'W' ' ' my if 751 if fy. 'Q I A ,m,. V V Q , 1 A g Q V if My ,A, ,M-M ,,,,.. . 2 Q5 af 3 I Y ' " Jill? ' L 4 f q l ata. ,V v 3 . 4 1, qi, hh.. 2 ,A J 'sa-at ,.a M. f 5 "fn si : 3 ' s v i "' . if f 'M wr, 3 W T If X ., be if-x ,Q 1, 45 . E , 5' ' M,.3 ,,,X, V Sis? all 4 ff 3 fm Al , A AM' 3 , , 403 " ' ya V4 ' ' W A 41:1 f , V, ,,., 2 fe- 'H ' IV, ""5 1',"11'z4 '3 7 ,,, M M' yu B L f MH, hr ,Q if nw, af f M M A Q aa -M ' ' W' 'W' -s T Q w 7 My N- 4 4, mf 2 " 3 f ii f 1923 g aa 'I 1' I . Q-1 if Emma Bryant Gates Bryant Gregory Buchanan Beverly Buckley Mark Buel Mark Buell Mary Bullard Dana Bunn Beverly Bunnell Lester Burch Cheryl Burge Leanna Burgin Ronnie Burgin John Bums Mary Burton Bruce Bush Inez Butler Robert Button Charlie Buxo Peggy Buzan Bill Byerly Kathie Bzoch JO Ann Calaway Iamie Caldwell Nancy Cameron Sam Camp Dale Cannon Rusty Cannon Susan Cannon Arline Cappe Dale Carlin Marsha Carlisle Pat Carr Bobby Carroll Iuddy Carter Sue Carter Charles Casey Laurie Cassel Frances Cassiato Wayne Castell Bobo Cawthon Pat Chaney Larry Chavers Allan Choate Kim Christiansen Dennis Clardy Vickie Clark Herb Close Holland Coburn Judy Colding Bonnye Colson Ed Colvin Honney Combs Melanie Condo Cathie Conner 211 lk juniors X Churyl Cook Debby Cook Handy Cook lwggyf Coram lieth Corrcll Henry Couch Myra Coxyart Dixie Cox Mary Cox Susan Cox Bob Craig Cindy Crawford Nana-iv Crawford Timothy Crzixvford Bc-rt Crosby Phil Crosby Iohn Cross Daryl Crow jane Cunningham Norma Darnell Shirley Darnell Beth Dauphinee Cathy Dauphinee Charles Davis 212 e o ,W AW , 4' fe fwg . 1 V I 'A 'r ii,i i , . 4 ev Z, , 4 ,0 M7 lj V 1 'fi f gm i I if 4 7 if . ' V, 'ii 1 , . 4 2 , lf? I' ms., , in l i,- 0' KWH fr QT X 4 fi Q fi Y If lrr um, 9 ' "" V , A W ...W 1. W ai, I ,fi M X""'.. ,, 5 " f W f 5 fy 53' 1' f x ,T ' ' .4 af N-and I ,ik ,,,, A. 1 .- ' ' V V , df' fi W f ' , , 'Mi - more ,V 1 mx Nh-L f 1 """' ,Q flli 5? W-'F' Street Parkmg Was john Taylor is met with strong l'C1S'iSflIIlCl? as he attempts to park in the senior IIVUII. Not about to let a junior into their lot, the seniors do something about it. Go hay a block and turn left . . ., , s 3 ' f v 14 explain seniorsg john gets the message. Result of Overcrowding Being demoted from parking in a lot to Street- parking was not exactly the juniors idea of a fair deal. It didnlt take long to get used to parking on HCHS street," however. The long hike from car, to locker, to class became a daily occurrence for most juniors. On some mornings, though, there wasn't a parking space anywhere on the street, and that was a real problem. Some juniors tried to remedy this by sneaking into the senior lot, but after receiving a few parking tickets, they settled for being a little late to class. Many others found that it was even easier just to have their parents bring them to school, and save the long walk. Even though it caused a great deal of trouble at times, the junior Parking lot was a memorable part of GHS school lite. john watches helplessly as the upper- classrnen turn his Volkswagen around. After finding a place to park, john he- gins a long hike back to class. 4? . .Ja swans! fl vi x 9 . Greg Davis John Davis Kaye Davis Mary Davis Peggy Davis Sharon Ann Davis Tara Degenhardt Kay DeL0tte Kathy Denton Tom Derrick Marino Diaz Ruddy Dixon Cheryl Dodd Tim Donaldson Randol Dowling Melinda Drake .J uniors f Larry Dukes John Dulaney Melissa Dunn Brenda Eddy Randy Eddy Debbie Edwards Don Eliades Paul Elkins Doris Ellernan Donna Ellenson Debbie Elliott John Ellis Page Elmore Bar Bee Emmel Robena Eng Jan Engel Cathie English Jimmy English Darla Dee Esposito Ann Ewell Steve Ewing Lynn Fagan Mary Fagan Jo Fambaeh Hans Farber Mike Fearney David Feather Pam Ferguson Alice Fillingim Donnie Fillyaw Anna Finley Marylynn Fisk Elaine Fiskell Sheree Flague Anice Flanagan Larry Fleming David Flowers Tom Ford John Foshee Mike Freeman Rachel Freeman John Fuller Susan Furman Amold Gabhart Jennie Gable Vince Gallagher Allen Gammel Sue Gann Mike Gardiner Bill Gaston Rus Ghent Charmaine Gibson Pat Gilland VVilS0n Gillett Betsy Goddard Warren Goodwin 214 fi si' 2 ii, ,, ri . Za 'M X, ff , ,aff f , , , r- M 3 vi "-l 448 92 A A YS, k , V . T. V , M71 , r , fi 1 M , f ' j12?'1' -f 4 1 J 5 V J 1 , M 4 I , f l W' ' '- - ? f:1gf:2,4r,ffr , , -. - 3 ,, ...M ,, iri .,A,,rV ., -ar, xl 5' . , if P 1 f 2 Hem 2 5 ' ' y1VggIgig fiz" if ,L 'f iH' W r, , ,V 'ff f 54 ' v , 1 I 13. '-sg ' 41: L 5 J rw V Y. - r. 2, Q -' L " 1 l QC, ' , ,M ,ef V ff? Q 19 .ji ' ,fy Q ' , J' V, ' 3' . ' frr- if S' le bm 'Q f f me 1 Q. If , fuel' 1 uf f f 1 VA' 1. M, ,fkjfiiw 4 ,i, ir1,'l5l?'iQ :V w 2 'lump z we , ' .-':"12afm1':e:,,,, "ya: ' V'4f1'Ywl:w,'ff f' ' W 1 A 2 ' , 1,f , ,I 1, i.V ,,i,,, ., , . PM ' ' , ' . rezfffifi r 2 a rf ,V ' f ' fr '45 -4"":v ,, 5: 'rm ' f f M y, : ww 725' w, 17,7 31' X7 4 1 History Classes Stimulated Learning Jw., Taking notes from the projector is a common scene in history classes. ,- . ,W 7 s W P f 5' -W af A s,o, 2 5 ar it 41 'wr N A M19 ,f JK A' :ir HW Q , Y ' , mf-Law lf" ' We MQW, mph Jrfqrdv ,, 141 8 wr:,,,.. V? rl Y A' I M M' pgr. if If ,gg U "ik: K V . Hz 5,1 T ii A i? I ' 1 it I V ' " , gf 'i' f ,,,t . V ' Q 3 A L, A' A '5 f fi, rf "'sf V S l l -we f I 'Q for if wg Q, ' Mi" ff f yy, ff! V iwglf 5? rw., 'Z . 5 f E , Q x k , , we KN M! 9' G A Q-L., j 4 ga 2 f , ,if X ra xl ni Y f,1,fzH'fa , K, 51225, e at 4 , H3 7 A If Y r 'U .5 W W M... wr Donald Goolsby Jimmy Gray Charlotte Green Glen Green Roy Green Susan Green Ann Greene Glenda Greene Tommy Greene James Grifferh Luis Grimany Debbie Griner Pamela Grove Sue Grunewald Linda Haguewo Pamela Haich Elliotte Haisley Sandy Hale od Juniors 216 l - ..., Phil Halperin - A Kathy Halsey iggg . M , A ,.- Pat Hamilton Phyllis Hammer Q John Hammock '11, .3- ,W K A, t we af WM 'ms iii? 4 Q Q gQx Q N Q ki 'X x si wb. r N ' X N ge ia W X X Q R 1' Q ...GW H E . 5 J ,R J E ai X -if l N 3 .i ix Q Q James Hannah Linda Hanssen Jo Ann Hardee Rohert Hardee M James Hare Michael Harper X X 5 P "QM in Q X SX W W X W Helen Harris Bonnie Harrison Gail Harrison -.. aw I-1.,..a ,. ,S SH' Q Gordon Harrison kiiiri fifli Theresa Harrison Charlie Hart X sy 1 1 s N X .62 Q 'W J R wx Q QNX X im W X 1 Multiple Shifts , a - W Sf Q s,,A s.s. Y Irene Hart ' 0 ,N - ' Jim Hartman -, K A . fi! Mary Hatcher I K. if . I I. Q-if M . Larry Rankin finds an easy solution to the problem of having to get to class. Ann Haynes Neal Hazen Jimmy Hearn EW Q Getting to school at 8.30 each day, Dixie Cox finds it hard to stay awake. 1 Made for Weary Students ln an attempt to meet accreditation demands, CHS was again forced to have staggered shifts. This was a result ofthe ox'ererowdedness CHS has been plagued with for years. XVhen the school year Started in September, three shifts were in operation. These began at 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30, but later on, the latter shift was drop- ped and 9:30 students were assigned to Come on an earlier shift. For the early-goers, plenty of' hot coffee was needed. ln the early hours, staying awake, and even seeing in the darkness was difficult. After daylight savings time ended, there was a short period of' time when it was actually daylight. Soon, however, it began to get dark, and stu- dents found themselves again stumbling their way to first period classes. Although 8:30 Students werenlt burdened with getting up too early, they had their own prob- lem. Late in the afternoon, eyelids began to grow heavy and even hard desks served as pillows for many ofthe weary late-corners. Kathze Matthews ts alert for her first class a er gettmg some extra sleep. .M t so Q " 3' , X ' . it ,e ' f ' 'rea . . 5 ,. .. :-21,55-1i'.1:5,2'.2 xi. ,, -f ms: , .1 - , 5 ,f 1 . sw , l, , K 11:2 fl .2 5 ' .... 2- 1 - za . : at Us . Q . - jfs,-.-Q JQW A V 1 ' -' in -- . .. ..,:.- p. X .gk an-sf K Q J - W .1 ' ' . ' ie. . r - .1 WM T, .K jf V Qnz, X if . if ' . ,te - X , .sn Ellen Heckard Mike Heidingsfield Kat Helton Dale Henderly Doug Hentges Jane Herndon Diana Heron Jul ie Herriott Melody Hess Debbi Hicks Allen Hill Dana Hilliard Sherry Hilliard Julie Hinson Ted Hodgbins Faye Hogan juniors Gvercrowdedness Created Teaching Problems 218 Carl Holder Curtis Holder Ian Holder Michael Holder Tracy Holladay Carl Holland Jeri Holland Larry Holton Allan Honn Gayle Hope Terry Horn .limmy Horne Faye Homsby Russell Houk Warren Houk Arlene Howard Jimmy Huckeba Roberta Huff Teachers appeared lost in masses 0 stu dents as classes were filled. '- ! -hm' .1 Af vygggr w V- .rf'4fi' 'Z-'5jQ2!'I '::ff 5: 5 5EQ7,.'vf,I , fyyff , ' so ' ,, I :Ii ' L' lv? wf ', ij , H . W ., , , , ,m g , - ff K"k , " , .- ' A' WS4Vsgi '4'W, l 'sf' 'z H - ff P' ,- ., ' 5 9 f, , ' ' 9 " if - . ., -E g X q5wr,3,grg7L , , ,Q ,, :Q w,.,, - f , if ' 3 'f 'f ff ,fr If-, H -efwfwr 1, , -- L wlzwe, L + 1 , an Hz' Fri- ' W , l V - 1, xgf, M ' ,pa ,, ,, , Zi . 4 ,, l,,, H ll 2 1 r 4 . - - f -I ' 7 ef fm: K . 1 ' V ., ,,r,,l,,.o Q, A, WA " I 5' V . I 5 Y, we .1 ' ' U H V l r r A H K My V ' V52 W. V fl ' Y Y' ' if V , 4,74 -M U l ,- A . .7 ,,. ,:- ' , HY'fW" E ,,i ff. . - f s eree . ,,,, , , - -A ','," 11' W o V ' ' 'V ' ' W f K L' 5 "e" Y " ' 2 1 H ' I -V ' V MW? 1 ' ' , if "'I4lf?1,g,2 I ll: l 'ri' IW A A, N k"'V'fff, 52" W "'-- lf ' I ,Q , , V , ' ' 'H' , ,,,,, 4' M ,' f , " W M , ,,, nk,,k,, ,,,, , .,,. QA? gl .figzy giffbgisys f ,,'?,'9!sb rf fe il Sy J iw ' ,ge if fl o V4 ew was if , My W 1 1 f'-' is 'W 4 w W ,Y 0 -af'-u W at 231. .X f ,nr- V40 -ww? My 1, . H ,,,,., ,,,. 1 f, . ,1 3 if .,,5 nf 42 x 3 l f I was A, aa w Y .,,. ,., , . , .,.., f,,l,,,,m ,N av ...J 1 .vv a. Nr M7 l I 5 5 if Q N' an fr af if ,M 1 V 1 em af ii if m mf V J , ,313 A mf, K4 C- tx 'w , Www .aa V4 21 Q J ,,,, -aw ,K wa 5 vvzli 2 use , VWM Y "' L an ' 3? " W. V. J A 1 , , 19, 'lf 3, iff' I ,rf ' I J v . if .' , ' -PXL QM V 4 'fx' N v . ., ,,,. f if W '1 A , .., , J i , Q 'f Q , F 'V ' , . : fl ' YK V 1 mime -, f fi mm . . I f 40' 1 32331 'iw' M' Nw i ,, za ' 1 fi W ' ii , ' , I 'W,,,.,. ' 'YW H My-M . if ' . Q V. ? V9 .L ,w w i'm,1t' ' ' fm ' fi . ' .' 2 f ,, aa .f , ' V My L at - , 5 'Q -,ffm ki ' ' ,er fi f,, 0 I JJ . X' A - K 1 JW ' - V z L ', ' W 'W H ' 351 at , A.,, ' s. ag, y John Huguley Bill Hunt Debbie Hunter Kathie Hunter Sidney Hunter Pat Hutcheson Robert Hyatt Hencrietta Iddings Kathy Ingman XYoody James Carol Jaudon Kitten Jernigan Louise Jernigan Belinda Johnson Betsy Johnson Janice Johnson Kathy Johnson Sandra Johnson Sharon Johnson Anthony Jones Cherry Jones John Jones Judy Jones Margaret Jones Milta Jones Randy Jones Susie Jones Than Jones Beth Jordan Elaine Kahler Janice Kattke Steve Kerr John Kidwell Terry Kiersznowski Jackie Kilcoyne Donna Kinard Carla King Charlie King Hattie Kinsey Richard Kisida Janice Kisner Patricia Kitchens Linda Koerner Frank Kokoninor Dennis Koren Cary Kruk Olga Krumm Candy Kuhr Christine Kurtz Kathy Labby Diane Laird Joyce Laird Terri Laird Jim LaMee Donald Lancaster Sandi Land 219 uniors f Nanci Langieri Darlene Lanshvrry Julie Larson Shzlrman Lashley Bill Lassitvr Che-Suhr Lattimore Linda Lawton James Layfield Linda Lvath Fraser Ledhcttefr Marsha Loc Ronald Lee Lex Irgate Mike Lentz Kathy Leslie Brooker T. Le-wis Suzanne Lichter Marilyn Liddon Don Lindenfelser Fred Linslvy Steve' Long Stephen Lopez Ralph Losey Steve Lovci 220 fi fff' 1' U 7 wf:,f','L ' ,Vll 1 4' ' A ' :ij g, 4 5 ' sm f 11-,, if 5 Y , ' ,..,,, , , , " f ' ,, 311' ,, . . A A g ,, if V Q I ,,, , I, .. 2 2 ff 'vm , ,.. 2 it r , ,,,, nwgf' M- f My 5 6 ' Y 5.- X : IZ 3 5 " I 'A -1 ,, N JI! A Q 4 ir-,A f 5 - W rm, 3" Wm bwa - A,,, v Q W it W 'i 2 ,,:: 0-mf: ,E 17 W 5 3 ", 0 ,fl A , C27 .V at ' ,. 3 ' 1" I--ima 2 MM' ,,., fr- f '-3 Q I H , ,,, Q L ' .A A f 5 W' '.,., Y 1 ' 24111 L M A 5' , wr g ,Q A, Z' -AZ . I S 4 f 1 ,, .f it, if wr JE, Q, www If M, W 3 f ns fi ' 'r'Q V , ,, If V ' - if I 1' ', , jf! I I '-. zz... . V rv , --gg, E, 0. Q-oz gi, H fl' i A V, 'M' 3' -' - If ,vaaf ' ,,,,L2. f A ,. f A U Paper Sales Hacl 5- Bill Hunt has dqjficulty carrying books and Christmas paper at the same time. pf-""'f-M it it 4 f 'kj 9 A A w M W. L, xx , yy f , Z ,I ' gf t nw ffll' , 1 'Q A x junior Class sold multicolored Christmas paper to raise 81500 for the Prom. Successful Results One of the biggest and most frantic projects of the junior class was the Christmas paper sale. In mid-September, the class elected to sell Christ- mas paper to finance the junior-senior promg as it turned out, this was a very eflective idea. ln late October, a goal of 554,500 on the sale was set by class president jimmy Roundtree. After only one month, every one of the more than three thousand rolls of paper had been sold. This net- ted a 351,500 profit, the biggest ever for a GHS paper sale. Hard-working juniors who sold four or more rolls of paper were eligible to become members of the decorating committee. For them, the job had just begun. A greater amount of money meant more and better materials than ever before. The decorators combined hard work with good times in transforming wire, wood and paint into a fan- tastic dream world. As the date of the prom drew closer, juniors buckled down in order to get their project ready on time. Having worked for so long selling more than 13,104,000 square inches of Christmas paper andjdecorating the gym, everyone knew that the 1968 junior-Senior Prom would be a great suc- cess, and it was. , ' 5 l , m,,,,.,.,.--H' vu., Mm.,,,u QM-....... V WMM.. "N--.,.... ... ,fff we fa WM .Aww ,-,, they ,.,,mv,.,,,y,,3., ,- :yggyQj'9,'1:rL?' . r9?L'?Z3'5iyl ' My ll MW 3 sifesifai 5 f fieww r ge ' if f' Il wiv l nw, i M in . .Ji 47. .. A 54. B. 1 i 1. ' l i f X f 2 Q . f Wars 2 41225 V re V .- .. v-f Mu ' are Q 3 -sc A 'WE ,Ja in ,-dv?" ,pZ.E,:A.1: , ,i Wi. vii, ,R . Z 7 M J, Yi gig? f 13 355 get 8? f , 1 W .1 'ig -mi fi Q Linda Loveday Leatha Lovett Lucy Lowe 'W J W Richard Luca ,lay Lucius Ricky Lyons Wu W M : ' . i wasw . V , is 1 Sherri Mace Rene Machado Shirley Madison Ian Maher Peggy Mahoney Leticis Malagon Kim Mallard Rodger Mallard Bill Malphurs ' Randy Maltby Evelyn Manning Bobby Mantlo , he Luther Mantlo Pat Marshall Gary Martin Janet Martin Iohn Martin Judi Martin juniors I Larry Martin Stephen Martin Camille Martinctti Lynne Marzlofl' XVilliam Mason Tommy Massengill Gladys Mathers David Mathia Kathie Matthews Linda Mauldin Nelson May Eddie Mayfield Eddie Mc.-Xshan Eddie McCall jim McCombs Pat McCoy Gary McCranie David McCrimmon Deborah McDaniel Dalton McDavid Karen McElwain Linda McFarlane Drexw' McGill Kay McKinney Keith McKinney Lavonne McKnight Yvonne McKnight Carol McLamb Ann McLean Cecil McMillan Jessie McMillan Bonnie MuPeek Sally MeVay David Mead Ian Medler lim Meidert Wade Melton Isabel Mesa Debbi Metts George Michaels Debbie Miller Elaine Millican Chris Milliken Debby Mitchell Brenda Mixson Iohn Mixson Lowell Mock Patricia Mooneyham Lonnie Morris Sheri Morris Sue Morrison Bobby Mountain Bonnie Mountain Carolyn Mountain Jeannine Murphey lohn Myers 222 Long Awaited Rings Excited Junior ,Vx X., ' Cf, "1 judi Martin is pleased that Evans Smith has asked her to wear his new class ring. eaemff A . 'M ' f' - , i - A -fa i i f - . 1, . ' + K F 'ru' , ' ii V' ' 2 A '43 My 454 U, - . ,ig 1' ' - 51,137 A f ii , , an -i V Q-'...,,, : at Q f , ,. ' ' I N g ,i , " i , T. S ,,,! i , 'ev if !' i5, - 5, 5' I. ' 2, , zs, I I F 4611? L, i :,: l mi, Q :W V jg, -, 17, f ,- ef L A fl A mix . Q N ff f f ,.,fw,,,,, Yea ma, .Q . ie, E 5 k 'Wy' W 3 "M, ff" 14 lv ' 5 ' rgi, . - Lynn Myking Robert Myrick Steve Myrick Albert Nelson Gary Nelson VVoody NeSn1ith Regina Newhern Ann Newsome ,lim Niblack Karen Niedcrkohr Ruth Nielson Ilugh Noe' Mark Noe Cynthia Norden Deborah Norton Patti Noyes Betsy Oakley Sara O'Connor Kathy O'Dell Christy Oetter Terry Olesen Peter Olsen Kay Updylw Sharon Orr Juniors X jim Painter Cliarlvs Parker ,Inn Parramnre ,-Xnnlra Patton Carmn Patton St:-xr l'i'zirsun .lnhnny Pellinn Bmlnic Pvnnell Nt-ll Perkins 'llrnnniy Peirkins ,lainmw Pvrryman Mark Pettix Barbara Phillips Brucv Phillips Carol Pierce Christina Pinkeney Duke Pinner Nancy Pittman Kicliy Plvttrllil' Dc-an Poole Patty Putter Frances Powell Kathryn Powell Jane Powers 224 555 .4 ,if h 5 f ff? yr, i ? 1 ' 5' W, 2 if 1 , Y ' t,AwMfiM9'm 2 A , ry I fx AM 'U 5 f it l l xl? 1 ,, f fgfi-242 y t f 2 i , 1 I , ,ta j , 4, f ff 1 M' gr ww: ' awww, x Q ,, -ig 1 , ,iw ii : , - at , V 1, 'Mi 4 ' A fv-f 'Y ' , 4 ' Hi , """""'4fP v A' ,fi 7 1 f , f,,, 5 , V ' fi, 1 - .1 , V-J, .fv- f fm, ' 35424, f i f 'W iii ff! 'QS ai' 5 to C ' at , P , it . ' M, 5 ' 1 , 1 3 ' ' ,, 35 ,VVV ,- my fl e QM 3 ' if 4 -ff , f "W ff f1ir?ifZ1' f, ,. ' '- f 2f'WPiei4f9:.f', , JH , , V ffirieiri. ,, H 'wr C . C M, ,-di fav nw' , 5 it K C Annual Term Paper Charlie Hart consults all available sources for information jbr his paper. Filling up notecards does not appear hard to Charlie, as he works diligently. K wxilx 1-mm, .4 , V ii! I I ,wi T 4 'V -2 ff, ' V 'E Charlie exhaustingly turns in his final draft after many hours of research. as Wrltten b Junlors juniors received term paper instructions in late October and eagerly started to work. Choos- ing a topic and narrowing it down preved to be the first real task. Then, Work began in earnest. Late nights and long Weekends were spent on research and notecard slugging. Teachers set deadlines for each part ofthe paper, and juniors often found these deadlines creeping up on them. Christmas holidays caused mass migration to the libraries as everyone took advantage ofthe free days to work on his paper. Because the term paper was a major English grade, it took precedence over a great deal of other Work, and, as a result, many grades fell. As time grew late, midnight oil Was burned and sleepy-eyed juniors dragged to school. Turning in the completed paper, either had or good, caused great exultation. "--.W As he types hrs term paper, Charlie finds that he never dzd really learn to type. away? av 'slr 4:45 vs 1 ww , -.TIFF T x at 1 ,vt ,, 'J 1 Q 73+ .Q K ' .D- 0 , aii' ' Qs V' arf' r A . ' if 5 -H Q-.H 5 f am, ' L. ' A ri - , 'Z i 4 , . " 7 -U' Q Qt I ...Myth , f H 2 ,1-W I 40 ' M ., ff 1 rim, L ,.,i.,.,,, - ,,,,,C,,,r,.U,,z. ft.. ...J V- A , 3 A , , Z, 6 M If F 'IS' .. V rx- - M., ,L y f , I ,AWG warn, 1 . j, fd' , , ' ' ,Mr ,Z 99 Qvvflaf ' M N , my M' t, me .S -in fm-MVN ,Am QB rt..- 5. . Life, Q W my .W-.JM were M f4,vi.R,l,,' A er researchrng, takzng notes, and 19 for lr v me. Q at-ear D iiii H t' . 4432? , r i r 1 I jj, ,,tf - V MM j typzng he earns a grade well deserved. 2 Butch Pray David Price Iohn Price Valerie Pricketl Ken Pridgen Mark Proctor Steve Pu Jeanie Puckett Mark Putnam Junny Quintero Ivo Rabell Mike Radford George Rafferty Tom Hafter Marilyn Rain Charles Ramirez Larry Rankin Larry Ratliff Susan Re-ii Shirley Rernbert Pam Renfroc Bobby Renfrow David Reynolds Don Ricard Burges Richardson Richard Riggs Becky Robbins Laura Robbins Danny Roberts Rob Roberts Debby Robinson Judy Robinson Vernon Robinson Lee Roby Tummy Rodgers Peggy Rogers Jayne Rose jimmy Roundtree Dan Rountree Katie Rumbaugl. Junior Effort Created Great Prom 'iii Robby Bethel and Kitty Bradshaw dec- orate with crepe paper, paint and wire. ,'-, 4 ' 1' . V ft 'U Hifi 7 . , hm Ah. ' ' 4g,zvW"' rr-Q A ,, ay .xi rg, fir " , frffa, . 'h f 0 A 'Q et fy? rg 3 O M nw A 3. New .,,. ,,,, 3, W 4 7 W ,ei ,,t1 L , Ytr, , , i tif Ah L r K , i if , if .. El s r 5? nr , .rr 'H' it rg, 1, .. 1. , X 1 Wa, Q K . , . in lv 'af 2 GC 3 ,. WWE 5 W in x ,fi , 5 t f f .gf ff N ' 2 'Vi - fi V , - 'gy' 3 'ws ' Q ,f , im n , 1 Q A Q , .,,,, ,:,, ,, ,V V,', jji ? A H y 'ff V ' ' , iz , ' 2 A':L 31:21 4'3" 5 V , " A W , gf W I 7 , Z ,,,', , . ,H . ' Egg , , 4 , A ft fp! 11' 2 gi Y 'W ff -4-wsu.. A' ' 4, 'lik .. 1 ' VM 1,, a V A , V . """ .. 'M' "2 r, 15: , ,,,, I , f New ,M g, 1 Z , MV, f 55 1 tug ' , ,V ' ,f , V " x ii I Q ?: wr f ,Z if 5 "Wi, , ' V 'M e I il - V ' V ef.- , - 1, 1 - ,ff M' f 1' M f' 1 V , W errr S , ,L,. ,,,. V , , W ,. 2 ' V u ' ' 1 ' ' ' M , ' .gram y 5? we fi We 'H fr , Q ' K f ,. "'! v i f H i n H , ' 1 Qi ?N'W,t,,,V BR . , ? lf" f W 'Z V Z ,S A ? xg 11g,f ,g?ff i Q, t J ' ii-'fa' ' T y ey l Y 5,,,,,, , -aw , , I , V- ,, V.,, V.,, 5 Efffw P 3 L W' Linda Rush Sandra Hyals Mike Ryst-hkewitsch Chuck Saieright Alberto Safille Pat Sanders Gary Santerteit Deborah Schoelkopf Lance Scott Melvin Scott Lihhy Sealy Paul Seay Chris Shanks Ken Sharp Clara Shelton Locky ,lo Sherman Linda Sills Peggy Singley Wayne Slappey Phil Slimak Betsy Smith Diann Smith Donald Smith Evans Smith John Smith Mike Smith lwiiki Smith Pat Smith Paul Smith Ronald Smith Tery Smith Vicki Smith Walter Smith Bill Sneed Joe Sommese Claudia Souders Nancy Spear Linda Spongberg Richard Squires Kitty Stanley Billy Stechmiller Dan Steckel ,lim Steele Kathy Stelzenmuller David Stevens Darrell Stewart Candy Stinger Judy Stone Anne Stoney Penny Strauser Dorianda Strickland Emestine Strickland Roland Stuart Dennis Sullivan Sheila Sullivan Beverly Summerlin 227 Juniors X Carl Snnnnvra Carol Surfaci- Gay li' Sutlun Douglas Swillvy Doylc Swillcy Glu-nn Tully Greg 'lizm' ,lohn Tate John Taylor Orlynne Taylor Carolyn 'Penney Ronnie Thames Nancy Thayer Diane Thigpin Clark 'lllnnnns lfddy 'lllnnnns Stilnlty Tlnnnzu ,lanv rlillllfllllj Kita Tllurlltun Shirlry Tilglnnnn Gail 'l'innnonn Tom Tisllull' Karen Todd Marie Todd Sun- Trivstc- Nancy Turbyfill Carol Turnur Mack Tynvr Park Tyre Billy Undvrwuud Bill Yan llurn Louisa' Van Prxpuring Linda Van Winklc' Lnnnin' Vauglnl Maryann Ventura Kay Vickers Kiln Vickers Janis Vida-nn Pedro Villailonga Robert Vnllnlvrt Bill Whkvnmn Debby NYalLlvn Ricky Waldrvp Franklin VValkcr Nathan Walkvr Sharron XValkvr Susan XValSh Bill W'al'tvrs Buddy Ward Mary Anne NVard Chad VVate-rs Coy Vlkitvrs. Daniel Watson Ruth XVatts Bob WVeathQrington lN'Iik0 YVebb 228 WM., X, wwf' iq: .. f al M-is r. 4 , f M if ,. 5 Y v , N' y f.,af' 4 Q W, K 4 ' f .1 if Nw wg - 5 fx V Meg was 2 R S2-ff r 4 2 1 Z X, 4- 11' -? F fa 'fi f ,lf 335 K f fffvh 'A 4 A4 5 fa W ee' y ' 1 if 4 'Y f A " ,. 'ml ll? f , V4 2 .. Z, 6 'K if 4 f 2 1 lf 1 n, ww 1 ff, Y " " 1 y few- ,, I ay ai 4 A f Z M 'z B X if -4' , l., My X 'M - 1, 1 5 ' I fl: ,, , , Q " fm lil' fl 5 y 3 'V Q "C'1','f' f 4, , f ,--, J 'Ci NM QW 2 wa 29' Z , ,.,rr,: A 4 'yf 4 4, f , ef' f ff X Q' f ffl' 1 nf , wuz "iii Q 3 1-Mun' ,ff 1 'ham K M4 5? A ,,., A WWW iw: 2' ,A I f ,,, vw . rw , 7 'mf , 113, VB , 22 V ,n,, H V V , , "fag Q, ' q .,,, - g-,,-,,g A N ' '-" r f 40, , ' , . ' ,4 f S - S ' L -M 4-P - wa ff. az I ,vm 3 if xt N ' X f f i" 2, iw ' 6 :gif ,, ongffgq , , , ,,, - W, , ,gm ,.,fffw,g,f-, Sv - , : 1 ,,, 1 - A 'W 'W ' i f. , 'MLW k ' gn... tx 5 -sv -W 2 ,, X 'WW ...wy f ga-Z, A nm, ,f 'Semi - :W . ,iv , " - ' fm i. wa if 33352 ie., 'L 3 Y, 1 Q "7 A 4-i A Q 55? 2 wi Q .. L ii " gg ,.,, 53' NOT PICTUHED: Willie Hrinson lim Collins Ann Cowles lim DHHS Tomi Davis Vernon Dougan Greg Frank Janicv French 'Mr 6 AY! 2? -5.42" ' , f M ,K if 39 its ff, do Q My W if ' 'ig . ,., V ,hx Q ' " ya, , , , A N WM. ,MM , VI ,- x,,., '. ,J K ' ,, ,'- -ul I 'HW , ' gn . Danny Gahbard Steve Gabbard Larry Coolsby Don Gunter Skip Hendry Sue Lack:-y Peggy Lincoln Dan Mann Don Martin Michael McLane john Millics Robert Minis Cheryl Morrow Sharon Pons Anno Price Carolyn Pyles johnny Sampson Edmind Schrodei Hvlinda Scott Charles Shorter Ronnief Smith Scarlett Suhlett Ernvst Triay Cathy Turner Nathan XVilliams Evelyn XVilliams joe Weimer Barbara Welch ,lim NVellborri Bob VV0lls ,lohn VVells Colny XVe'lsch Bruce XVelsh Judy VVeseman Bob WVhite Janice XVhite Bob XVhitehouse Jackie YVhitehurst Rita NVhitfield Bill XViggins Leslie VViggins David WVilbanks loanit' XVillC0x Cathy YVilliams Cindy Wlilliams Curtis VVilliams Danny VVilliams Earl XVillian1s, lr. Gary WVilliamS Kim VVilliams Ray VVilliams Sandy VVilliams Henrietta VVilson Larry Wilson Sandy XVilson Raqui VViltbank Mark VVindsor Bill XVinn Nanette VVolpert ,lvnni Womack Scott XVomeldurt' Kathy Wood Tom Wood Linda Woodard Tom Worely Bill VVrighter Judy Wyman Brenda VVynn Larry Yates .lanic-0 Yaxvn Connie Young Devony Young Susan Younger Gary Zetrouer Cvorge Zetroucr 229 Seniors X 230 Ira Alexander Donna Allen Wanda Allen Iames Anderson Y Joe Anderson Indy Anderson Kathy Anderson Bill Angle Orman Annis, Jr. Celia Arahill Jerry Atkinson Jimmy Austin Beth Ayers Rene Bacallao New Leaders Hal Wczlker, president Planned Activities Elected the preceding spring, officers began to Work for the class of 1968 early in the fall. Together with representatives chosen from homerooms, they forrned the Senior Steering Committee. Decisions on the format and style of invitations for the 1968 graduation exercises, as well as plans for the exercises themselves, were made by this group. In early January, officers and representatives ordered candy for the candy sale, and set up distribution and collection procedures. The selection of the senior gift, a traditional present left to the school by the senior class, was also made by the officers. Larry Sanders, vice-president Beth Ayers, secretary Susan Hazen, treasurer Mario Balsamo Auburn Bardwell Ernest Barfield Scott Barlow Patricia Barnes Maria Baro Sonny Bartley Brenda Bass Seniors X Kitty Bateman Carolyn Baum Barbara Beals Bicharcl Beard Linda Beasley Nlnrray Beattie David Beck Sharon Beckham Sue Beckham Leon C. Benton Marijane Bethel Barbara Beville Mindy Beville Eileen Bird Big Year Began S. Michelle Mooney interrupts her surn- mertime leisure to pose for her yearbook portrait. Wlth Studlo Plctures 1n the Summer Bobby Bishop Ronnie Bishop Tommy Bishop Betsy Black Cordon Blair David Blake Mike Bliziotes Glenda Bohannon Linda Boka A. Boles Michael Boles Pat Boles Ronnie Booker Bob Boothby David Boothb Dianne Boothgy Barbara Bowman Mar aret Box Gorcfon Bozeman Milton Bradlety Seniors X Robert Bratcher Stanley Breland Mary Broadfoot 234 Lyla Brogdon Diane Brooks Ann Brown Kenneth Brown Larry Brown Susan Brown Clifford Broyles New Computer A group of hopeful seniors waits outside of Mr. Thomas, ojfice for changes. Mis-scheduled This was the year ofthe computer. Seniors were assigned extra study halls or free periods in the middle of the day. Even after schedules were corrected, there were many seniors with courses completely different from those they had originally selected. Some Who attempted to in- dulge in Advancement Placement Physics found themselves in Home Ec.g but all adjusted. "This is my schedule? You must be jok- ingf' exclaims Tudy Hanke. Durmg hzs free perzod at mzd-day, Lewis Deen heads for the Red Bam. Rhea Broyles Becky Buel Eddie Burford Laurette Burnard Daniel Burns James Burton Barbara Butler Sharon Butler Charlotte Cain Milford Capo Seniors X 236 Donna Cizzrncy jeff Cjill'lX'lltCI' Coimio Curr jainvs Carr Nina Carr Buddy Cmfell Bonita Carson Ciiy Calc-hpole jeimy Cates Doimu Catotti filil1'kSOI1 Claiitwll Eddie Cuwtlmn Ken Chaky Bill Clwsmit jim cillCSllllt Lumui' Chesser jimmy Clwslniit Rocky Chitty jay Clioutc Vanin Cliristizm uf Steering Committee Guided Seniors Senior steering committee members ap- prove all plans for distribution. Cindy Clardy Mac Cline Sharon Cline Debbie Clock Nancy Coburn Pat Colding Wayne Colding Randy Coleman 7 Seniors X Larry Compton james Connor Albert Cook jackie Cook Sue Cooper Jackie Cooter Judy Coursey jerry Cowart Bill Crawford Scott Crawford 238 ' QQ 29 Senior Power Service club presidents, Mike Rowland Ken Nibling and Richard Robinson, show spirit. Was '67-'68 Motto For the first time in many years, GHS seniors actually had the legendary "senior powerf, Sen- iors continually won the spirit awards at pep rallies, and spread spirit throughout the school. For the first time ever, seniors had their own dining room, and many got out of school early enough to go home and eat. In clubs, ICC, sen- ate, and almost every other meeting, seniors had the biggest voice. Whatever was happening, seniors were there. Spirited seniors encourage the team be- fore a big game at one ofthe rallies. ,i Joan Crenshaw Kathy Crockett Cary Croft Cary Crom Ronnie Crowder Bunny Crowley Katie Crowley Ronnie Crown Dickie Cummings Doug Cutts 239 Seniors X 240 Lucky Seniors Had Early Dismissal joan Dampier ff D je anner Donna Daughtery Steven Dauphinee Dale Davis Debbie Davis Don Davis Joanne Davis At 1:30 p.m., while others are en- route to classes, Linda Beasley finishes for the day. Lariy Davis Libby Davis VVoociy Dax is Laura Dean Lynn DeBusk Lewis Deen P. Dc-Graff Denny Denham Patricia Denman jamie Denmark Terxy Dc-VVitt Iuditli Ann Diaz Linda DiDuonni Rik Dilgren Donna Dixon Cindy Dodge Micki Doerr Becky Dougan Brenda Downs Toni Duianey Seniors X 242 Ronald Dykes Susan Eagle Leann Eason Peggy Eaton Susan Edd Greg Edwarcfs Enid Ehrbar Ray Ely joyce English Irene Ernest Frequent Study Studying until the last minute, john Sullivan enters class on day of exam. Was an Essential It was a make-or-break year for seniors with college and a future depending on the outcome. Upperclassmen found it useful to combine all of the studying techniques learned throughout school. Reading six books at a time and doing a term paper were no longer huge problems. Seniors knew that college would be even more demanding than high school, and they worked diligently in preparation. Little Charlene O' Byrne finds an unus- ual place to do her homework. Studying for a test takes over lunch for Larry Wilson and Marvin Rogers. 1 Rodney Estes Billie Evans Phyllis Kay Ezell Betty Ezzell Pinckney Faison jimmy Farrell Susan Farris Ann Fearney Marilyn Fender Bill Fisher Dede Flanagan janet F oerst Lawrence Fontana Cindy Forster Carol Fountain Donna Fralick Linda Franks Barbara Fritts Dan Fryer Sylvia Fussell jean Gainous Cathy Cammage Gloria Garrett Sandra Garrett Dale George Teddy George james Gentile David Gernannt johnny S. Gowk Michael Godey Dining Room Given to Seniors SENIOR :Dumas 'ROOM Happy Seniors gather in the Senior Di- ning Room, a class privilege granted this year. Dan Godwin Tim Good Elmira Goode Marsha Kay Goolsby Preston Gough Alvin Graham Marilyn Grant Beth Graves 245 Seniors X Nik Gravenstein Wayne Green Richard Greene Linda Griffin Sherry Griffin Scott Gross Stanley Groves Lois Grunewald Chuck Guinn Michael Hahn Patti Hale Craig Hall Deborah Hall Shirley Hall 246 YR' Frequent Testing I 3 1 l l l 'Thrilledv is the word that describes Lynn DeBusk after she sees scores. Fatigued Students For seniors there seemed to be tests at every corner. For some, testing began with the PSAT. Soon after that came the Senior Placement Test, SAT, achievement tests, ACT, and an assortment of others. Testing continued throughout the year, with either happiness or tears following each score report. Happiness won out finally, as the year ended, and so did the testing. Mrs. Wallace clarmes test directions while administering the Senior Exam. Preparing to take the upcoming ACT, joe Anderson checks over examples. Steve Hall Sandra Hammett Carol Hanes Tudy Hanke Donald Hanney Kathy Harben Keith Harben Lois Ann Hardee Bill Harlan john Harper Seniors X Audrey Harrell Carol Harrell Curtis Hart -lane Hartman Judy Harvey Linda Marie Harvey Bobby Hauller Mike Hawley 248 Picture Trading Was Memorable lvlllflllf Pringle and Lyla Brogdon ex- change class pictzzrcs to 1'fv1rzf'1nI1e1'GHS Pete Hawthorne Steven Hawthorne Susan Hazen james Heatherington Ed Hegen Charmaine Helton Carla Henibree Kathy Henderson Kaye Hendrix Susan Hennessey Edmound Herb Joanne Hester Tommy Hicks Judy Rose Hilliard Ronnie Hilliard Ricky Hinson VVilliam Hogle Carolyn Holder Irma Holland Ginnie Holsapple Seniors X Karon Hopkins Phil Horn Larry Howard Roger Howard joy Howell Katie Hubener Linda Huckeba Johnny Hill Stephen Humphrey Chris Hunt 250 Excited Seniors "Senior Power" - class of '68 slogan - aoverpowersn the Christmas decorations. Really Rocked-Out In December, the annual Senior Dance was held with the "Georgia Soul Twistersi' providing a really Wild atmosphere. The theme of the dance was "Christrnas,', and the glittering decor- ations reflected the season. The dance began around 8 p.m., and seniors danced until after midnight. It was exciting for everyone, and a night to be remembered, especially for Alpha who crowned its "ALPHA,' men. At midnight on Dec. 2 - Martha Parkin- son and Gary Croft left the Dance. Jfemlezi Seasonal festivities began early in December at the Senior Christmas Dance. Mike Jackson Jacquelyn James Kathy James Janis Jeffcoat Brenda Johnson Linda Diane Johnson Ter Johnson Phil?ette Johnston Harry Joiner Steve Jolley 251 Candy Jones Cliff Iones Gwendolyn Iones Larry jones Carla Joyner Linda Kalb cquelyn Sue Karns julia Kates Diane Kattke Janis Keefe Kay Keele Robin Keene Carolyn Kennan Richard Kensler Dalton Ke hart Billi Kidxwell john A. Kilby Joy Kilpatric Danny Kinchen Jeanne Kinser Honored Traditions Were Upheld Seniors observe the traditional rule o not stepping on the confederate g in the lwil. Lawrence A. Kip Terry Kirby Ioan Kiser john Klement Bill Koerner Robert Allen Kuhr jolene Kuykendall Dee Ann Kuzma Seniors 254 Nancy LaBelle Stephen Lally Juana Land Warren Lang Steve Langford Desi Langieri Henry Langley Kyle Ann Lans ale Billy Latsko Ran Law Successful Sale :ffm amiga Aylm' Milli .. Seniors were easily distinguishableg they were the ones with the candy boxes. 5 Financed Class Gift From February first through fourteenth, the seniors held their annual class project. They took on the burden of selling 1246 boxes and 1246 bars of candy from the Heath Co. All profit from the sale went for the senior gift, presented to the school at the end of the year. At mid-year, plans for the gift were being investigated by the Senior Steering Committee. The two most prob- able gifts were to install ice Water fountains in the library or to cover the Walkway from the office to the library. Anything for seniors - Sponsor Mrs. Holcombe breaks her diet to eat a Heath. .Ed Hegen uses a typical sales pitch on junior Marsha Carlisle to buy candy. Barbara Jean Leavitt Dennis Lee james Lehman Janice Leopold Geri Lincoln Bill Lineaweaver Kim Love Jan Lovely Linda Lucas Sam Lucius 255 Seniors X 256 Tuck Lunday H. Douglas Lynes XVilliznn Lynn james Lyons Stun Mack Indy NlacR0stie jinnny Madden Linda Hahn J unior-Senior Prom Was Fabulous As janice and Bob arrive they experi- ence the first thrill of the ,68 Prom. t...,, -3? Kay Malcolm Sasie Mallard Louis Malloiy Betsy Maloney Betty Maltbie Mike Mareeau Louis Martin Mike Martin Fred Marzloill Marsha Mathews Linda Mathis james Clyde Mauldiii jr Ken May Twana Mayfield Madge McAlpin Brian McAshan Shirley McDonald Kathy McGee Ma 'gie McKean Leslie McKerns Seniors X 258 Dora McKinney Mark McLaurin jimmy McLean Nancy McLeod Cary McMillan College Choices Had Which one? Which one? Tim Tucker thumbs through college catalogues try- ing to decide. to be Made Early From the hundreds of colleges in the nation, each senior had to choose the particular one best for him. It was not an easy decision. Often, up- perclassmen gathered by the bookshelves in the office to study college catalogues and entrance requirements. information from the colleges was sent for and soon the number of colleges was narrowed down according to location, major, grades and other factors. Then came the problem of which was to be first choice. Many seniors visited several campuses to help in making the choice of where to spend their last and most important years of school. After choosing a college, applications had to be filled out. These were as bad as many of the tests given in school. Hours were spent writing essays and filling in blanks: "Passing', the appli- cation was almost a big accomplishment in itself. Finally, the completed applications and school records were sent ing the waiting began. It seemed to most seniors as if a letter of accep- tance would never come, but it did, and there were many smiling faces as a result. With a big step in their education over,seni01-5 could devote the rest of their energy to graduation from GHS. Still uncertain she wants to attend the UF, Randi Sheppard admires grounds. Vicki McMillan Bobby McPherson Cindy Meaden Elizabeth Lee Medina jimmy L. Medlock Kathy Meennan Charlotte Merrell Ellen M. Michael Stephanie Mihlfeld Anne Mims 259 - -YVV Seniors X 260 George Mitchell Charles Mixson Danny Mixson Maureen Mixson Rosie Mixson Larry Moore Linda Moore Bill Morgan Marcia Morgan Robert Morris Don Morrison Bob Moxley jean Mull Carole Ninllis Kenneth Murrell Mandy Myers Chris Naclean Debra Neill Barbara Nelson Lorraine Nero If? kwin. Baccalaureate Service Held at Baptist Church W 4, , Barbara Bowman, Mary Talbot, and Bruce Tinney walk down the aisle. Ken Nibling Mike Nixon Kathy jo Nocks janet Norton Charlene 0'Byrne Bo Ogletree Che I O'Hara Fraxlzie Osborne Seniors X Frances Osteen George O'Steen Ron O,Steen Charles Outlaw Diana Overby Ellen Owens Bonita M. Pagnozzi Karen Paige Dave Palmer Diane Palmer l 262 Invitation Orders ,Ky ' Y Mfwz-3-' "Dear Aunt Lucyi' - Mike Howland sends his graduation announcements. NN. Were Taken Early In late December and early january, the or- dering of graduation announcements began. Sen- iors were faced with the dilemma of what kind of invitation to get and which style of print to use. There were name cards, appreciation fold- ers, thank you notes, memory albums, and many other things. Minds were changed several times before the final decisions were made. Upon receiving invitations, seniors were as- sured they had made the right selections. As the year drew to an end, cards were swapped and announcements were hastily mailed. Mrs. Tomlinson explains advantages ofa "bonus packagev to Teddy George. What style to get - Harry Joiner and Betsy Maloney are perplexed. Lena Palmer Mary Palmour Ivan Parke jackie Parker jane F. Parker Janis Parker Susan Parker Martha Parkinson Becky Peek Dale Pennell J Seniors X 264 Iohn Pennington Linda Petrucci Tom Petty jack Phillips Darlene Philman joe Pinho Fred Pirkle Ricky Plank Donna Polsen Mike Powell Diane Primo Mary Ann Pringle Wayne Pringle Nancy Privett Debbie Prows Bill Queen Tom Quincey Sila M. Quintero Roy Radford Theresa Rafferty Senior Skip Day Was Big Event , 1..- I E i. s l A mwmsr' ba til 2' , Rs, v ' ,,- .r Enjoying the annual "skip dayv, Mark McLaurin takes time to watch television. Linda Pxaifbrd Karen Hash Thomas C. Ream Cathie Reed Thomas Reed Allen Reeves Jarrett Henshaw Nickie Rhine 4 4 Seniors X 266 Alan Kent Rhoads Willene Rice Shirley Richardson Gail Richey June Riddle Terry Rigsby Cwendol n Rivers Raymond, Robbins Kathy Roberts Linda Roberts Coveted Goal Was ,WS Oler Crosby makes sare that everything is in place before graduation exercises. A Reality at Last Graduation was a time of mixed emotion for seniors who suddenly realized they were leaving GHS. With the joy and excitement of june ll came sadness and nostalgia. Twelve years of school, three years of wearing the purple and white Cane colors and working on club grass- plots were ended. Even classes seemed some- thing to be missed. High school years, filled with memories, were over. Scrapbooks, bulletin boards, souvenir-filled rooms and annuals were silent perservers of those three wonderful years at GHS. Packing up several high school momen- tos, Kathy Meerrnan remembers GHS. "I got through it all! I graduatedf' proudly exclaims Bill Queen, clutch- ing his diploma. .+ Norman Roberts Doug Robertson Brenda Marie Robison Lindsey E. Robinson Richard Robinson William Robinson Linda Margaret Rogers Marvin Rogers Richard Rosenberger Elaine Roush 267 S embrs X Mike Rowland Charlotte Rutledge 1 A R oyce nn an David Samllall Juanita Sampson Larry Sanclefer Larry Sanders Billy Sanford 268 Former Seniors Flocked to Daytona "School was never like thisfv shout Bethel, Sue Cooperand Peggy Eaton. . f, me Dottie Sehmierer Cheryl Scott David Scott Robert Scott john W. Seay George B. Shaw jim Shearouse Deborah Sheffield Hurley Sheffield Randi Sheppard Kathy Sherman janet Short Thomas Lee Signore Walter Sikes Carl Simmons lim Simmons Roger Sims Van Sirmopoulos David Sliker Barbara jean Smith 269 A Lonesome Emptiness Was 'Al MA I- " Tmsuuuz I-X1 wmM1m Rial mzluusz as A sr'uu111 sm me ANU nu. u ms mn umm' VILTURIUUS mms: H was r as mms sums. I mu NIJSHIP muh Ama svnzrr me warms win. Never: me L-HFnzns.m.u ARE mr Mmumss Passions rn- me f'mmFsvu LE Hum GHS p td Mr. Hudson sadly recalls when the sen- ior parking lot was-filled with cars. Left by Graduates Even as school opened in September, seniors dreamed of "that dayv in june. Graduation, al- ways before regarded as a "some day possibilityv suddenly became a reality. All through the year graduation, lurking in the conscious or the un- conscious, prompted that extra hour of study or work. In the late spring, those who "had it maden enjoyed the senior slump, while others crammed even harder. As the months passed, graduation changed from next semester, to next month, to next week and then tomorrow. With joy and regret, june 11 dawned and seniors joined the ranks of CHS alumni. A now-empty classroom recalls memo- ries of tile senior class to Mrs. Bryan. Rosanne Slnith Steve Smith Susie Smith Villie Smith Kathy Sowell Nlnrv Susan Soxman Don Sprow Karen Stack Susan Staley Cary Stanley ,itunes Stinson Coleman Stipanovich 271 Seniors X Diana Strauser Grace Strawn Dale Strickland Sylvia Stroud Gene Suggs Brenda Sullivan john Sullivan joe Summers Scott Summers Emery Swearingen Mar Talbot Bill,Tallent jackie Taylor Kent Taylor Carol Thomas Linda Thomas jane Tillman Sandi Tillman Bruce Tinney Michele Ann Todd Picture Signing Personalized Annuals Spotting his number in the sports sec- tion, jack Phillips signs his name. l Ann Townsend Jeannette Treadway Mary Ann Trujillo Tim Tucker Lyn Van Leer B'll V lk 1 0 Elizabeth Voodre David Wainwright 273 Seniors X 74 Sandy Waldrep llul VVulker Ivan Honwr YValla1ce- HI Judy Wllllcr Rohertu WVz1knya Nlurie VVard Ronnie VVard Alia-in NVuters Richard Waters jackson Watkins Ann Porter Welch Charles Wells Barbara Whitelbrd Pznn NVhitl0w Donna NVhitney Carolyn WVidinayer Snsun Vlfiggins Shirley Wilder Iznney Wilkinson Brian Williams wa nu-ai Bruce Atchison Steve Barlow Jim Batts Stephen Bisho Larry Bobroff aan Steve Brannon Ora Lee Brown Mickey Cason Kitty Cobis Robert Cockrell john Courtney Oler Crosby Chris Cummings Donnie Cummings Claude Davison jean Dunn . graduatel Linda Eddy Mark Ehrbar Philip Eubank Kathie Fagen Frances Foreman john Gocek T. W. Green fjan Sean Griffith Cindy Harrison Steven Henry Shirley Hines joe Holder Sandra Howell Bruce Hunter Marty Hunter Eddie Hunter Amy Yawn NOT PICTURED: . graduate? Barbara johnson Larry Melvin Kirby jeannie Knupp Mary Laessle S. W. Laite Mitchell Langley Larry Lipham fjan. Mary Long Mike Lopez Bill Madden Louis Mallory fjan. Paula May Harold Mills Ro Montgomery Rob Nancarrow Ioe Owens Ronnie Wright Glenda D. Yarbrough graduate! graduate, Kay Williams Sarah Williams Morya Willis Dan Wilson Larry Wilson Kelly Wiltbank Carol Winkelhake Gail Winkopp Earl Wood William B. Woodland Rita Wooten Mark Wright Marilyn Pearl Taylor Perryman Rick Poole Arlene Potts john Proctor Jack Reaves Dan Rhoden Don Rousseau Louis Run on Qjan. graduate? Steve Sanders fjan. graduate! Marjorie L. Scott Christopher Splinter Don A. Sprow David Steger Ike Williams II Discussing the unlimited value of an insurance policy with her father, Susan Cannon realizes the importance of being insured. She carefully notes the benefits which result from such a policy. CANNON-TREWEEK AGENCY is ready with up-to-date service at a momentis notice. You never know what is going to happen next, so be prepared with a policy from the CANNON-TREWEEK AGENCY, INC., 309 Northeast lst Street. I 1 A Zenith color television fascinates Henry Couch as he tunes in on his favorite program. At COUCH'S, Henry also finds stereos, radios, and hi-fis. With such a wide variety of cabinet styles, COUCH'S offers that certain one to suit your personality. For greater dependability and fewer service problems, shop COUCH'S INC., 608 North Main Street. l K Richard Martineau finds jERRY'S strawberry pie the best in town. Plump, luscious strawberries topped with whipped cream suddenly become a scrumptious after-dinner dessert or a snack. Strawberry pie is not the only specialty there. Richard can have a full meal from any of the deli- cious items on the menu. Whether inside the spacious restaurant or outside at the handy drive-in speakers, jERRY'S customers are always well-fed. For prompt, efficient service, eat at IERRY'S, 2310 Southwest 13th Street or 1505 Northwest 13th Street. 277 Communitgl Life X Mrs. Westmoreland's basic journalism class is observing the actual production of the Hur- ricane Herald, our school newspaper. STORTER PRINTING COMPANY,baving served Gainesville for over 18 years, provides quality printing with modern equipment, rea- sonable prices and de- pendable service. Mandy Myers, news editorg Teddy George, editorg and Lyla Brog- don, business manager, review the layout before printing at STOBJTEHS, 1024 South Main Street. 'M -QA. 278 Anytime of the day or night, Coke comes first with Jeanne Kinser. As a perfect treat and the greatest thirst quencher, Jeanne always serves Coke. She is always sure to have plenty of Coke on hand for every occasion from after-school snacks to holiday parties. 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So, partner, if youlre a tixin' on hreakin' a hronco, or riddin, high anytime, any- place gallop on down to 4822 Northwest 6th Street: THE RANCHER. 279 as Katharine Lowry, XVayne Community Life X BELK LINDSEY, "the store with moref, in the Gainesville Shopping Center sells everv- thing from attache cases to zip- pers. The spacious store is con- veniently divided into special- ized departments including greeting cards, wigs, men and womens apparel and acces- sories. BELKS is vast outdoors, 'W too, with a huge lighted parking lot for day or night shopping. 5' M if ' Wire p Fifi Sandra Land takes advantage of this easy shopping hy visiting BELK'S cosmetic counter. She 1, iv samples such hrand-name prod- ucts as Revlon, DuBarrV, and Yardley. So, to catch that certain fellow, hait your hook with cos- a metics from BELK,S. me 739 X- f Q ' in at . Qi l 3 -' so TTT"'N-1-X. The flower-power prints found in the notions de- artment attracts the attention of Betsv Goddard. P i . She finds selectin I that s ecial rint difficult for B P P v BELK'S has yards and yards from which to choose. 280 ff' ,ff Y " V " 'a N f"' -Y ww , :ff T ll , s ... ... oso i o N r -- ,gg ig .,.. , T i -he e eataa f 55 " .'. Wi f i, , T - , .,,,, . .. , . V .,... ,f .,,.. 15.4 JV- 5,: V V ,,,. VVayne Pringle advises Denisa Cowart, "If the shoe fits,Wear it.vAnd BELKS shoe department carries all styles and sizes to fit allfeet. The comfort felt in llush puppies or Air Step shoes proves that BELK LINDSEY is first in footwear, too. If -if rr 4 YVhethe1' your favorite is Ruby Tuesday or one of Ruben- steinls, you are sure to find both selections plus a wide variety of other records at the RECORD BAR. Follow Kathy Bzochis example and tune in at the RECORD BAR OF CAINESVILLE, 923 VVest University Avenue. Starting a new account, Ulm' Crosby is wise in planning for those college days in the near fixture. No matter what your plans may include, UNIVERSITY CITY BANK can always be ofservice with its handy twenty-four hour depos- itory, available drive-in tellers, and its convenient parking space adjacent to the bank. For extra-friendly service with easy credit terms, be sure to take all of' your banking busi- ness to the UNIVERSITY CITY BANK, conveniently situ- ated at IIIG WVest University Avenue. 43' Ah sol C OHTUSLIOIIS s ry If you canit go to China, go to THE CANTON." Lynn Fa- gan, Robena Eng, and Jan Barger found an equally ori- ental atniosphere and reallv good food at 8153 XV:-st Uni- versity Avenue. "For Chinese and American dishes of' ex- quisite delieiousnessi' visit CANTON RESTAURANT. 281 Community Life X For quality and nanies you can tmst, be sure to visit ROBERTSOBVS. XVhether youire looking for wedding, birthday, or graduation pre- sents, ROBERTSONS has it at 8 South Main Street. There you can find a variety of choices in china, silver, and jewelry. ln addition to this, ROBERTSON'S has a fine 1 repair department to serve you. People with personality know the place with the latest styles is the PERSONALITY SHOP, 8 East Univ. Ave. Roberta WVakuya, dressed in Personalitv co-ordinates, retums frequently for other fashion- able outfits. 282 A shoe is a footls best friend, FAGAN'S BOOTERY is your best friend. Donlt wear old, worn-out shoes, throw them away and visit FACAN'S, 108 West Univ. Ave. There you will find luxury, economy, and style in every pair of shoes, as Laura Taylor does. She knows that FACAN'S carries comfort at its best in footwear. Saving for the future is important to people. For jane Herndon, saving is now. She knows CUARANTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION will help her to think ahead. Their savings accounts provide for the future, their loans provide for the present. If you are concerned with your future, visit 225 North Main Street, and plan ahead. Not too hard, not too soft, this chair is just right thinks Becky Peek when she tries it out. Bob Weatherington, wanting to try it, also, tries to scare her away. But sheill come back, for there is a lot of comfortable fumiture at GIBBS FUR- NITURE, 102 S.W. Ist. Ave. DW",- n".:Z'4-4 :S-ff:-"Sf afjinfz' Drew MW When Ilene Silverman needs clothes for school, she always finds what she wants in SILVERMAN'S. In the womanis department, you can find clothing, jewelry, accessories, purses and coats, along with various articles of interest. SILVERMAN,S men's department offers suits, jewelry, footwear, other clothing and accessories. For the com- plete wardrobe visit SILVERMAN'S, 225 West University Avenue, where the service and the clothes are perfect. 283 C ommunitgi Life X Although parting with her lifes savings is breaking Susan Hollowayls heart, she is assured that her pennies will be not only well guarded but also soundly invested by CITIZEN'S BANK OF GAINESVILLE. Susan knows that the peo- plels interests come first there because integrity, responsibility, and a desire to please are among the outstanding characteristics of the bank. As a member ofthe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, CITIZEN'S BANK OF GAINES- VILLE has complete banking facilities which in- clude: a 24-hour depository, convenient drive-in tellers, free parking, automobile and personal loans, and an easy banking-by-mail service. Be sure to cash in all your piggy banks at 411 North Main Street for, remember, "You are their most important asset." 284 Q-Nu. .i 'cYou've got to be kiddinglu exclaims Nancy Turbyfill. "This huge tire on that little car?v Her problem isnit as unsolvablc as it may seem. Nancyls only mistake was in choosing the right size, for she certainly chose the right place to find a solution. Whether you need a Volks- wagon tire or a tractor tire or anything in between, shop TOWN TIRE COMPANY, 605 Northwest Sth Avenue, tor quality tires of all sizes. The prices there for either new or used tires are unbe- lievably low. If it isnlt tires you need, TOWN TIRE COMPANY also specializes in batteries, shock absorbers, complete brake repair work, recapping tires, and air conditioning repair work. 'ard B2l1'b8.l'2l Bowman models for DONIGAN,S, a leader in young men and Womens collegiate fashions and smart ap- parel. For that new outfit for Homecoming, your formal for the prom, or for your school wardrobe, plus appropriate accessories, stop in at 1123 VVest University Avenue. Cas Genie is telling Andy Denmark that natural gas is the way to modern living. Itis clean, flist, just naturally better. So go modern and go to the GAINESVILLE CAS COM- PANY, 237 West University Avenue, and see for yourself. Ricky Rosenberger Wouldnit be trying to hold up FIRST NATIONAL BANK if he knew how easy it is to borrow money there. So, for the best of service with maximum security, play it safe . . . hunk FIRST NATIONAL, Cmem- ber 0fF.D.1.C. Q, 104 N. Main. 285 1 T- Community Life X Sue Beckham will make a lovely bride as this beautiful photograph portrays. Sue will always treasure this elegant portrait, because it has exquisitely captured many everlasting memories. For candid color wedding photo- graphs with that special touch of elegance, stop in and see WINSTON TOWNSEND PHOTOGRAPHER, located at 1211 N.E. 5th Terr. Susan Hennessey loads up on tasty treats from BURGER CHEF, 715 N.W. 13th. Her friends in the car can't wait for the appetizing food and re- freshing drinks. Famous for their delectable char- broiled Big Chef, two pat- ties of fresh ground round, chopped lettuce, and their own tangy sauce, BURG- ER CHEF also boasts a large variety of other yummy goodies. Tanta- lizing fish burgers, topped off with peach and apple turnovers, should satisfy any hungry appetite. When you're in a hurry and you,re pressed for time, BURGER CHEF is the place to dine. 286 41"-'Q cn fe sh lx-1 Cheering really works up an appetite, so after state play-oil' games, hungry Hur- ricane fans, -Iinnny XlCL6ll1'l, Dierclre Lnkoski, Bill Harlan, Susie Smith, Betsy Oakley, and Ken Nihling nieet at FRISCH'S. The spirit and ex- citement ol' the victory fol- lowctl thern to their favorite aftertlate stop. The large FRISCH'S nienu has sorne- thing for everyone: Big Boy, Bntltlie Boy, and Brawny Lad sandwiches seryetl with hot. crisp French fries, onion rings, antl tangy cole slaw. To top off any tasty treat, FRISCH'S Oilers a wide selection ot' icetl-cold beverages and fresh homemade fruit and cream pies. FRISCH'S serves not only snacks, hut also hntlget breakfasts, and delicious din- ners. Nnmher one Canes eat at Number one FRISCH'S. 287 C0nununHy.LQe X Debbie Clock regrets hav- ing to give up the K'World,s Best Hamburgern, but Gole- man Stipanovich doesnit mind because he knows heis in for a mouthwatering treat. KING'S FOOD HOST USA is famous for the many varied and delicious foods available. You'll be missing something if you havenit tried their cheese- frenchee, crisp fried onion rings, foot long hot dog, or hot fudge sundae. KINGS provides you with two loca- tions at 1430 S. VV. 13th Street and 1802 VV. University Avenue for friendly family dining and carry out service. QUIK-SAVE STORES with four convenient loca- tions provide fast and friendly service at everyday discount prices. Gail jobe shops for everything from personal ar- ticles to school supplies and she also takes advantage of the handy shopping basket. She will make another stop at QUIK-SAVE RECORDS, 1532 WVest University Avenue, Where she can pur- chase her favorite albums or 45's and greeting cards for every occasion. Betsy Maloney doesn't often appear in her natural garb, but if' it means going to GULF HARDWARE in the Gainesville Shopping Center, she'll do just about anything. NVhen Betsyis favorite pitch- fork broke, she just moseyed on down to GULF HARD- WARE where she bought a "brand spankin, new pitch- fork and a dern good shovel, toon. GULF HARDWARE ofiers quality merchandise at reasonable prices, and the friendly personnel is waiting to help you With any hard- Ware necessity. So, check in at GULF HARDWARE first. I e S5592 Fall E5 ji if It doesn't matter whether you are traveling to another city, state, or country, like Linda Koerner, let HOUSE OF TRAVEL make the arrangements. For airline tickets, steamship cruises, or tours, go talk to the people at HOUSE OF TRAVEL, 3415 W. Univ. Ave. They can have all arrangements waiting for you as soon as you reach your destiny. After eating a delicious meal of pizza at SHAKEY'S, Susan Black and juddy Carter relax and enjoy the delightful enter- tainment. The comfortable at- i mosphere makes everyone Want to eat at SHAKEY'S PIZZA PARLOR, 3510 S.W. 13th. St., every evening. There the food, service, and people are great, there at Shakey's, you will find "ye olde home away from homefi ,JT sm sf' ,guys ,mum t I 'Cood Guys," Jackie Taylor and Vince Gallagher, take a les- son from Steve Summerlin, a WDVH disc jockey. There they discover that WDVH, 980 on the dial, on Kincaid Road, broad- casts all kinds of music, including popular, country western, classical, and jazz. WDVH features the Top Ten on Saturday and the weekly Pop Pick, plus various and numerous fun contests. Turn on and tune in to the turn-table champions! 289 Communitzf Life X Both Yami Christian and Becky liohlmins enjoy cooking on electric ranges. Cooking electrically is truly the coolest, cleanest and inost inod- ern Way to live. Todayis hoinemuker will find her work made easier lay the niany benefits of total-electric living. Electricitv will wash and drv her clothes heat and cool her liolne, wash her dishes, as well as cook and keep her food. Your CAINESVILLE UTILITIES takes pride in helping home economics Students prepare themselves tor 11 Work-saving future with electric cooking. XVhy not join Becky, ifyou liuvenlt Valready, and dis- cover for yourself the joys ot' using electric appliances . . . another Way to live better, electrically. Electricity is sate, simple and satishfing to use. CAINESVILLE UTILITIES is lo- cated at 555 South East 5th. Avenue, Where you can find Gainesville'S headquzn'ters for tlameless electric power. ,m,W-WW. ...t. QGLWYQESLQQ. Ll .... - W- ,,... . . , .fs l' 3 I y w '7 I ' I 7,5 If p 5575, !f.-, Q L , - 290 LIPHAM MUSIC COMPANY, 1004 North Main Street, can supply you with most any welleknown instrument for your band or just personal enjoyment. The Fuzzy Uncles, The Bare Breed, and the Gity Steve trust LIPHABTS for popular names in band instru- ments. Brands such as Gibson, Gretch, Goya, Guild, Fender, Standell, Rickenbacker and Nlosrite can be found in guitars and amplifi- ers. If drums are your specialty, try LIP- HAM'S for Ludwig, Gretch, Slingerland, Pre- mier, and Trixton. Shure, Turner and Electro- voice are recommended for microphones and Selmar, Signet, and Bundy for band instru- ments. LIPHAM'S is also exclusive dealer for Baldwin, Lowrey and VVinter pianos and organs. For friendly sales and efficient qual- ified service, remember LIPHAM,S. Even if' your date has as hearty an appetite as Page Elmore has, you can always afford the prices at STEAK 'N SHAKE, 1610 SRV. 153th St. Raymond Robbins is satisfied because he knows that he can get Page all the delicious steakburgers, French fries, and cokes that she can eat. For a wide variety ofscrump- tious foods plus clean, fast and efficient service at the curb or inside, visit STEAK ,N SHAKE, open for you any- time a hunger pain strikes. 291 Community Life X The out of sight Night Crawlers are just one ofthe many great name bands who play at THE PLACE. The Swinging Medallion's, the Tropics, the Outsiders, and the Zombies are other fantastic groups who have appeared at THE PLACE, Visit 809 W. Univ. Ave. uwhere the teen action is,,' and blow your mind. THE GAINESVILLE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCI- ATION, P.O. Box I, is Cainesvillels representative of many dealers. In our own senior parking lot there are cars from Brasington Cadil- lac-Oldsrnobile, Crane Lincoln-Mercury, Hawes-Powers Motor, Inc., Melton Motor Co., Miller-Brown Motors, Inc., Poole-Cable Motors, Ridgway Motor Co., Shaw 61 Keeter Motor Co., Tropical Pontiac, University Chevrolet, General Finance Co. and the Asso- ciate Discount Corporation. If your car looks as if it were in World War Il, and has battle scars on the windshield, or windows, take it to MAULDIN'S AUTO GLASS. Here Mr. Mauldin personally lends Linda Mauldin a helping hand with a damaged windshield. Regardless of the glass repair needed on your car, MAULDIN'S AUTO CLASS will fix it speedily and smoothly at 326 North West 6th St. 292 Www GU NES G HS Hi.lRRECi?iSS ,A U -M' -Q Syvum Q 911' 'f' x, ' I X FRANK ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHY, one of "Florida's Most Modern Studiosf, boasts a tiny tots room for photographing children, a lovely garden for outdoor photography, as well as a large camera room for brides and family groups. Linda Moore gathers from Scott Sum- mers information needed for a great senior picture. Mr. Anderson works hard to create life-like portraits. Communitii Life X Iane Powers, portrait by Bill R. Horne is the finest in photograpliy. She chooses ROY N. GREEN INC., 1232 NVest University Avenue, for a beautiful life-like portrait. Marcia Morgan has difficulty choosing among WILSON'S fine selection for that special piece ofjewelry to complete her outfit. After completing the Seventeen WVorkshop conducted by WILSON'S, . Glenda Yarbrough knows a bargain when she sees one. She shops at WVILSON'S so that she can get more for her money. If you need shoes, clothes, or accessories, shop WILSON,S DEPARTMENT STORE, 22 East University Avenue, for the best in men and womenis wearing apparel. 294 e 3 , NVhen Wedding hells ring in either reality or dreams, the place to go is RUTHER- FORD'S. The hriclzil consultant at RUTHERFORDS gives Susie Smith excellent atlyiee in select- ing china from such well-known names as Lenox und Wedge- wood. Ivan Parke and Nancy Coburn choose a sparkling dia- mond froin their large array of rings. RUTHERFORD'S has not only a complete hridal seryiee but also 21 Wide selection of gifts for men and women. Mr. Sande- fer shows his son Larry this great variety of gifts. Stop in at RUTHERFORDS, 103 XV est University Avenue and the new Mall, and let them show you Why they are Cainesville,s qual- ity ewelers. 295 Communitiz Life X John Foshec realizes that he has come to the right place to buy his motherls birthday present. VVith Mrs. Turnerls help he is making the decision on which set of' dishes to buy. At MARY TURNEPUS, 2325 SWV. 13th Strcct, you arc sure to find your own individual pref'- erences in bridal gifts, china and silver and novelties. are I- fl ,2 'WW ,WE 296 R ,ffl Scott Keele is proud of the money he has saved at FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GAINESVILLE. Savings at FIRST FEDERAL are insured Safe, and if' in by the twentieth, they earn from the first. Take a tip from Scott and visit 249 W. University Avenue or the branch in the Mall. .-Q ,.,.,-,vi-41 As you can see, Melinda Drake has just had a comb-out at POWELL'S BEAUTY ACADEMY. She observes as students practice on each other learning the fine points of creating hair styles. For quality schooling or personalized hair fashions, consider POWELL'S, 219 N.W. 10th Avenue, anytime, no appointment is needed. UFS i5 QHS 1 w Y l Y ii af, I fe 5 J Q. .- ' xcitement of those special moments wa.s tempered by the reality of day-to-day routine, against the background of the spir- ited community, Gainesville. The everlasting lyfe of yesterday through tradition and past records . . . the success of today in the fuhillment of set goals and the birthplace of tomorrow through the new goals and challenges which confront us here . . . and end of the make-believe and partial reality of adolescence, and the beginning of the frightening, challenging and beauty'ul world of adulthood . . . not simply a building of cold concrete and brick, but something much more than that . . . a place with a heart and a soul, with a personality that is made from everyone who passes through these liv- ing halls . . . and a place which becomes a part of all who come its way . . . the mold making mature men and women from the im- pressionable forms of children . . . This is GHS. FRANK ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHY ................. 293 Acknowledgements Our gratitude and thanks to: Mr. joseph Hudson, for his time and patience, especially during the teacher walkout, Winston Townsend, who followed us around campus, the town and Citizenls Field taking color prints, Mr. Morris Kenig, who accepted last-minute long-dis- tance telephone calls only to hear complaints, and still published our book, Carlyle Morris, who co-ordinated our production with Keys, Mr. Earl McDermott, who so politely "dropped inn in September to recall Brevard Workshop days, and ended up assisting and advising us on the re-organization of a "differentC?f, ,68 Hurricane, A Richard Robinson, for so ably writing the poetic prose on the yellow pages and putting on paper everyoneis feelings about our school and our year, Mrs. jean Delony, who kept us on a budget for an astounding 310,000 book, Mr. Mr. Frank Anderson, for providing us with senior por- traits on time, group pictures and informals for parts of the introduction and the Hall of F ame- House Members, tor emciently selling the '68 Hurricane in their homerooms, The faculty, for allowing us to interrupt their classes to take pictures, The merchants, who supported a great portion of the finances, And the students, who bought annuals after late delivery of last yearls book and paid the raised price, The students that answered the question, 'KWhat Is GHS?', Advertising Index KINGIS FOOD HOST . . . 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GUARANTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOANS ....... GULF HARDWARE ............................ .... HOME BEAUTIFUL FURNITURE CO. ........ . . . . HOUSE OF TRAVEL .................. .... jERRY'S RESTAURANT .... SILVERMAN'S ........... . . . . 277 WINSTON TOWNSEND PHOTOGRAPHER 292 STEAK'n SHAKE ........... 279 STORTER PRINTING CO. . . . . 285 THE PLACE .......................... 290 THE RANCHER ........................ 283 THE RECORD BAR OF GAINESVILLE . . . 283 TOWN TIRE .......................... 288 UNIVERSITY CITY BANK ............. 276 WDVH .................................. 289 WILSON,S ............................... fi- ' Administration and Faculty Administration' Hudson, Joseph T. - B.A., M.A., Univ. of Fla., Principal. - pg. 89, 92, 270. Tower, Roy - B.S.E., Univ. of Fla., M.Ed., Assistant Principal. - pg. 90. Hendrickson, Cela fMrs.D - B.S., La. St. Univ., M.A., Univ. of Wis., St. Council Advisor, Dean of Girls, Ex- tra-Curr. Activities. - pg. 90. 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Delony, jean fMrs.J - Bookkeeper. - pg. 93. Evers, Mildred CMrs.J - Secretary. - pg. 92. Haile, Eloise fMrs.D - Library SGCTS- tary. - pg. 128. Oliver, Mildred fMrs.J - Deans' Sec- retary. - pg. 93. Robinson, Sarah fMrs.J - Guidance Secretary. - pg. 92. Q Q.- ,fi 4 Xxg Nl Z 4... 2 is si 4. .iw .1 4 - fl 42331, taxi Head Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Cath- erine Selle, is retiring after 24 years of counseling and teaching at Gaines- ville High School. Administration Advertising Alpha Anchor Arts eil Crafts Background' Band Baseball Beacon Beta Business Education Cheerleaders Choruses "Christmas Fantasy" Civinettes Cooperative Business Education Cross Country Design for Daily Living Discipuli Antiquorum Distributive Education Diversified Cooperative Training Educational Crisis English Excitement! Football Future Farmers of America Future Homemakers of America Future Teachers of America G Club Gamma Girl's Athletic Association Golf Graduation Great Books Hall of Fame Homecoming Hurricane Hurricane Herald Hurricane Players Interact Inter-Club Council General Index 89-93 296 169 170 100-1 168 134-135 82-83 171 173 102-103 36-37 130-131 42-43 173 104-105 34-35 163 121 166-167 168 68 108-11 8 14-29 106 164-165 107 147 174 146 78-79 88 154-155 86-87 16-19 112-113 1 14-115 158-159 175 97 Intramurals Iuniors junior Academy of Science Key Keyettes Languages Les Bulfons Library Lionettes Los Sombreritos Los Sombreros Altos Majorettes Mathematics Mu Alpha Theta National Honor Society Orchestra Para Medical Pep Club Physical Education Quill and Scroll Reality Scholarship Drive Science Scribblers Seniors Service Club Activities Sigma Anchor Social Studies Sociedad Honoria Hispanica Sophomores Speech and Drama Student Council Student Court Swimming 'The Angry Twelvev Tennis Thespians This is GHS Track Vocational Education What is GHS? 64,65 208-231 150-151 177 176 1 18-120 126-127 128 178 124 122-123 136-137 130-131 132-133 98-99 142-143 151 30-31 144-145 1 16 88 70-71 148-149 1 17 232-275 38-41, 74-75 179 152-153 125 180-207 156-157 94-95 96 76-77 69 80-81 158-159 296 68-69 160-162 1-8 :gm -A- Alexander, Ira R. - Transferred from St. George High School, St. George, Georgia, FFA 11, 12, Latin Club 10. - Pg. 106, 230. Allen, Donna L. - Pep Club 10, 11, 12. - Pg. 230. Allen, Wanda Sue - Pep Band 10, 11, 12, Sym- phonic Band 10, 11, 12. - Pg. 134, 230. Anderson, James E. - Football 10, 11, 12. - Pg. 24, 230. Anderson, Joseph Harris - Transferred from East High School, Rockford, Illinois, 11, Basketball In- tramurals 11, 12, Football 11, 12, Football Intra- murals 12, H.R. Pres. 12, Key 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12. - pg. 25, 230, 247. Anderson, Iudyth Sue - H. R. Sec. 12, LSA 11, 12, Pep Club 12. -pg. 122, 230. Anderson, Kathleen Mary Elizabeth - Angle, William Hinson - Football 10, Track 10. - pg. 230. Annis, Orman Ir. - pg. 230. Arahill, Cecilia A. - Transferred trom Lourdes Academy, Miami, Florida, 12. - pg. 230. Atchison, Bruce Edward - Basketball Intramurals 12. Atkinson, Ierry - pg. 71, 230. Austin, Iirmny Collen - FFA 10, Football 10, Hur- ricane Players 10. - pg. 230. Ayers, Elizabeth Ella - Alpha 10, Chap. 11, Vice- Pres. 12, Annual Staff 11, Sports Ed. 12, Basketball Intramurals 10, 111, 12, Class Sec. 10, 11, 12, Cheerleader 10, 11, Head 12, H.R. Sec. 10, 11, 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, Pres. 12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS 12, Pep Club 10, 11, Vice- Pres. 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, SHH 11, Treas. 12, St. Coun. 10, 11, 12. - pg. 16, 31, 37, 98, 112, 116, 122, 124, 132, 169, 230, 231, 238. -B- Bacalloo, E. Rene - pg. 230. Balsamo, Mario Egnanio - Football 10. lla FTA 12, "G" Club 10, 11, 12, Track Team 10, 11. -pg. 107, 147, 231. Bardwell, Aubum Eileen - Transferred from Baton Rouge High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 12, Alpha 12, Basketball Intramurals 12, FHA 12, Pep Club 12, Swimming 12. - pg. 164, 231 Barfield, Emest L. - Football Intramurals 10. - pg. 231 Barlow, Scott Clifton - Concert Band 10, IAS 12, Chess Club 10, 11. -pg. 231. Barlow, Steven Transferred from Leon High School, Tallahassee, Florida. Bames, Patricia Ann - pg. 231. Baro, Maria - Civinettes 12, LSA 11, 12. - pg. 122, 179, 231. Bartley, Sonny - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Boy's Chorus 11, "Christmas Fantastyi' 12, Concert Choir 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Hurricane Singers 11, Key 11, Parliamentarian 12. - pg. 138, 177, 231. Bass, Brenda - Transferred from H. V. Ienkins High School, Savannah, Georgia. - pg. 231. Bateman, Kitty - Transferred from Southside High School, Fortsmith, Arkansas. - pg. 232. Batts, Iames Edward - Baum, Carolyn - pg. 232. Beals, Barbara - pg. 232. Beard, Richard - "Christmas Fantasy" 12, "Christ- mas Madonna" 11, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Hur- ricane Players 12, IAS 10. - pg. 232. Senior Index Beasley, Linda - pg. 232, 240. Beattie, Murray - pg. 232. Beck, David - Transferred from Ocala High School, Ocala, Florida, 10, Les Bouffons 11, 12. - pg. 232. Beckham, Sue - CBE 12, Girls, Chorus 10, H.R. Vice-Pres. 11, 12, Pep Club 10. - Pg. 104, 232, 286. Beckham, Sharon - pg. 232. Bethel, Marijane - Transferred from "El Estudio", Madrid, Spain, Alpha 10, Sgt-at-Arms 12, Annual Staff 12, Basketball Intramurals 10, 12, Les Bouffons 12, LSA 12, Pep Club 10, 12, Sr. Steering Commit- tee 12, SHH 12, St. Coun. 10. - pg. 113, 122, 124, 126, 169, 232, 268. Benton, Chester - pg. 232. Beville, Barbara -CBE 12. - pg. 104, 232. Beville, Mindy M. - Alpha 12, "Carousel" 10, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Choralettes 11, Concert Choir 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Girls' Chorus 10, 11, Los Sombreritos 10, Madrigal Singers 12. -pg. 138, 141,169, 232. Bird, Eileen Rosa - Basketball Intramurals 11, FHA 11, "Flower Drum Songi' 11, Hurricane Players 10, IAS 11, Vice-Pres. 12, Les Bouffons 10, 11, Parlia- mentarian 12, Lionettes 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, Treas. 12, NHS 11, 12, Orchestra 10, 11, Pres. 12. -pg. 46, 98, 132, 143, 150, 178, 232. Bishop, Iames - pg. 233. Bishop, Robert C. - pg. 233. Bishop, Ronnie - Football 10. - pg. 233. Bishop, Stephen - Black, Elizabeth Ann - Basketball Intramurals 10, i'Carousel" 10, Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Girls, State 12 - Maxine Bently Award, Keyettes 10, 11, Chap- lain 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, Sec. 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Pep Club 10,11,SHH 11, 12, St. Coun. 10, 11, 12, Swimming 10. -pg. 8, 16, 37, 98, 122, 124, 132, 176, 233. Blair, Gordon - pg. 233. Blake, Amanda - pg. 104. Blake, David Lee - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Gamma IO, 11, 12, Pep Club Sgt.-at-at-Arms 12. - pg. 45, 174, 233. Bliziotes, Mike - Boys' State 12, Latin Club 10, National Honor Society 11, President 12, Senate 12, Student Body President 12. - pg. 85, 86, 98, 233, 296c. B0broH', Lawrence - Bohannon, Bessy Glenda - Para-Med 11. - pg. 233. Boka, Linda Sue - FSA 11. - pg. 233. Boles, Alton Iames - "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Concert Choir ll, Vice-Pres. 12, Madrigal Singers 11. - Pg. 138, 140, 233. Boles, Michael Lee - Basketball Intramurals 12, LSA 12, SHH 12. -pg. 120, 122, 124, 233. Boles, Michael Lee -Basketball Intramurals 12, LSA 12, SHH 12. -pg. 120, 122, 124, 233. Boles, Patricia Ann - CBE Pres. 12, GAA 11. -pg. 104, 233. Booker, Ronald Carl - Transferred from Cedar Key High School, Cedar Key, Florida 12, Cross Country 12, Track 12. - pg. 35, 233. Boothby, Barbara Dianne - Civinettes 11, Treas. 12, FHA 10, Pres. 11, PTA 10, GAA 10, 11, Mu Alpha Theta 11, NHS 11, 12. -pg. 233. Boothby, David - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Boys' State 12, Class Pres. 10, 11,, Football Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Gamma 11, 12, H.R. Pres. 10, ICC 10, Latin Club 11, Pep Band 10, 11, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Coun. 10, 11, 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12. - pg. 85, 134, 174, 233. Q. Boothby, Robert Alvin - Latin Club 11. - pg. 98, 179, 233. Bowman, Barbara - Great Books Club 12, H.R. Ofilcer 10, 11, 12, Les Bouffons 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12. - pg. 47, 98, 132, 152, 154, 233, 260, 285. Box, Margaret - pg. 233. Boxeman, Lonnie Gordon - pg. 233. Bradley, Iames Milton - pg. 233. Brannon, Steve Lee - Bratcher, Robert - pg. 234. Breland, Ray Stanley - FFA 10, 11, 12. - pg. 106, 234. Broadfoot, Mary Margaret -CBE 12. - pg. 104, 234. Brogdon, Lyla Marguerite - Cheerleader 10, H.R. Treas. 10, Hurricane Herald Stafff 11, Bus. Man. 12, Lionettes Sec. 11, 12, Pep Club 10, Scribblers ll, St. Coun. 11. - pg. 114, 168C, 178, 234, 248 Brooks, Carol Diane - Transferred from Behmian High School, New Orleans, Louisania 10. - pg. 234. Brown, Ann Marie - Basketball Intramurals 10, Beta 10, 11, Concert Band 10, Great Books Club 12, Los Sombreritos 11, Para-Med. 10. -pg. 234. Brown, Kathleen Susan - Hurricane Herald Staff 11, Sports Ed. 12, Hurricane Players 11, Les Bouf- fons 11, 12, Pep Club 11, Quill and Scroll 12. -pg. 114, 116, 126, 234. Brown, Kenneth Lee - pg. 234. Brown, Larry - pg. 234. Brown, Ora Lee - FHA 10, "The Angry Twelvev 12. - pg. 159. Brown, Philip Lawrence - Transferred from Forrest High School, Iacksonville, Florida 12, Basketball Intramurals 12, Football Intramurals 12, Key 12, NHS 12, Swimming 12. -pg. 154, 177. Broyles, CliB'ord Mannen - Football 10, 11, 12, "G" Club 11, 12. mpg. 23, 24, 147, 234. Broyles, Rhea Diane - Alpha 11, Sec. 12, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, Swimming 12. - pg. 76,169, 235. Buel, Becky Lee - Basketball Intramurals 11, Great Books Club 12, Lionettes 11, 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 10, 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Para-Med 10, SHH 11. -pg.98,122, 124, 151, 178, 235. Burford, Robert Edwin - pg. 25, 235. Burnard, Laurette Marion - Great Books Club 11, Hurricane Herald Staff 11, 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Scribblers 10, 11, Sr. Steering Committee 12. -pg. 114, 116, 235. Burns, Daniel - pg. 235. Burton, James Lee - Basketball Intramurals 12, Football Intramurals 12. - pg. 235. Butler, Barbara Claire - Cheerleader 10, H.R. Vice- Pres. 10, 11, Latin Club 10, Les Bouffons 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 12, Pep Club 10, St. Coun. 12. -pg. 67, 98, 132, 235. Butler, Michell - Butler, Sharon Diane - "Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, "Christmas Fantasyv 12, Civinettes Sec. 10, 11, Pres. 12, FHA 12, FTA 10, Hurricane Players 10, 11, ICC Corres. Sec. 12, Les Bouffons 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Pep Club 10, "The Angry Twelvei' 12, Thespians 11, 12, "You "Can't Take It With You" 10. - pg. 8C, 41, 87, 98, 126, 158, 164, 179, 235. -C- Cain, Charlotte Irene - CBE 12, FHA 10. - Pg. 104, 235. Campbell, Robert - Cantrell, Helen Clarkson - Alpha 12, LSA 11, H.R. Treas. 10. -pg. 169, 236, Betty Crocker Award: Kathy Sherman Capo, Milford Thomas - Hurricane Players 12, "The Angry Twelve" 12. -pg. 158, 159, 235. Carey, Daniel A. - Carleton, Donald Owen - Camey, Donna - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Civinettes 10, 11, 12 Hist., FHA 10, CAA 11, 12 Sec., I'I.R. Vice-Pres. 12. - pg. 107, 146, 179, 236. Carpenter, JePf Lynn - DE 11. - pg. 236. Carr, Alice Comelia - pg. 286. Carr, James Bradford - Key 12. - pg. 177, 236. Carr Nina Collier - Civinettes 11 12- "Flower Drum song" 10, cms' chorus 10,,Pep,Club 10, 11. -pg. 179, 236. Carrell, Buddy William - Football 10, 11, 12, St. Coun. 11, Track 10, 11. - pg. 18, 22, 24, 27, 147, 236. Carson, Bonita Kathryn - pg. 236. Cason, Joseph Micheal - pg. 168. Catchpole, Guy Jeffrey - pg. 286. Cates, Jenny - Civinettes 11, FHA 10, H.R. Sec. 10, Para-Med 11, 12, St. Coun. 10, VOE 12. - pg.236. Catotti, Donna Marie - Les Bouffons 10, 11, 12, NHS 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12. -pg. 98, 286. Cawthon, George Edgar - pg. 236. Chaky, Ken Wayne - Football 10, H.R. Pres. 10, 11, Interact 11, Sgt.-at-Arms 12, Basketball Intra- murals 11, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, Track 11. -pg. 147, 175, 236. Chesnut, James - pg. 286. Chesnut, Jimmy Edwin - Basketball 10, 11, DE 12. -pg. 167, 236. Chesnut, William Taylor -- H.R. Sec. 10, Basketball Intramurals 10, Football Intramurals 11, JAS 10, LSA 10, Pep Club 10, 11. --pg. 236. -Tape 2 -No. 421 -Gainesville Chesser, Cato Lamar DE 12. - pg. 167, 236. Chitty, Rocky Martin - Basketball 10, Football 11, Track 11. -pg. 76, 236. Choate, Jay Edgar - pg. 120, 236. Christian Vana -pg. 98, 120, 122, 124, 140, 236, 290 Clardy, Cynthia Diane - Alpha 11, 12, LS 10, Pep Club 10, Swimming 10, 11, 12. - pg. 169, 237. Cline, McGarvey - Football Intramurals 11, 12, Gamma 10, 11, 12, H.R. Sec. 10, JAS 12, Les Bouffons 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Jets Vice-Pres. 12. - pg. 98, 126, 132, 150, 174, 237. Cline, Sharon - DE 11. - pg. 237. Clock, Deborah Ann --FHA 10, GAA 10, Great Books 12, Lionet-tes 12, LSB 10. - pg. 154, 178, 287, 288. Cobis, Anne Catherine - pg. 140. Cobum, Nancy Juanita - "Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, CBE 12, "Christmas Madonna" ll, "Flower Drum Song" 11, H.R. Sec.-Treas. 12, Hurricane Players 10, 11, Thespians 11. - pg. 105, 287, 295. Coclcrell, Robert Worth - "Flower Drum Song" 11. Colding, Patricia Ann - Girls' Chorus 10. - pg. 166, 237. Colding, Wayne Gary - pg. 287. Coleman, Randal Wayne - Concert Band 10, ll, 12, Basketball Intramurals 12, Football 11, 12, Pep Band 11, 12. - pg. 134, 287. Crompton, Larry Lavon - DE 12, Football 10. -pg. 167, 238. Conner, James Frederick - Boys' Chorus 1 1, "Flower Drum Song" 11, H.R. Vice-Pres. 10, Inter- act 10, Football Intramurals 12, Key 11, Corr. Sec. 12, Latin Club 10, 11, Treas. 12. - pg. 121, 177, 238. Cook, Albert Ray - Mu Alpha Theta 12, Jets 12. - pg. 98, 288. Cook, Jacalyn - Beacon 11, Pres. 12, FHA 10, ICC 12, Les Buffons 10, 11, 12. - pg. 39, 97, 171,238. Cooper, Alice Sue - Alpha 10, Hist. 11, Chap. 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Girls' Chorus Sec. 10, Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Latin Club 10, 11, St. Coun. 11, Concert Choir 11. - pg. 169, 288, 268 Cooter, Jackie Elaine - CBE Sec. 12, FHA 10. - pg. 39, 104, 238. Coursey, Judith Angela - Alpha 10, 11, Historian 12, Annual Staff 11, Curriculum Ed. 12, Cheerleader 10, H.R. Vice-Pres. 11, Basketball Intramurals ll, 12, Les Builnons 12, Pep Club 10, Quill and Scroll 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Coun. 11. - pg. 67,112,l16, 238. Courney, lohn Wallace - Transferred from Ocala High School, Ocala, Florida, Track 12. Cowart, Jerry Michael - pg. 168, 238. Crawford, Franklin Scott - Transferred from Sweet Home High School, Sweet Home, Oregon 12, Great Books Club 12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS 12. -pg. 98, 132, 288. Crawford, William - Les Bouffons 10, Pep Club 12.-pg.238. G-enshaw, Bobbie Joan - CBE Sec. 12. - pg. 102, 104, 239 Crockett, Kathy - Transferred from Washington Lee High School, Arlington, Virginia 12, Hurricane Players 12, LSA 12, SHH 12, "The Angry Twelve" Thespians 12, - pg.. 124, 154, 239. Crolt, Gary Malcolm - Transferred from Robert E. Lee, Jacksonville, Florida 12, Gamma 12, Latin Club 12. -pg.174, 239, 251. G-om, Frank Gary - pg. 289. Gom Ted - Crosby, Lacy Oler - Key 12, Latin Club 10, ll, Sec. 12, Pep 10, 11, Captain 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11, Drum Major 12. - pg. 121, 134, 135, 177, 266, 281. Crowder, Ronnie Raymond - Track 10. - pg. 289. Crowley, Betty Lou - DCT 11, 12. - pg. 168, 239. Crowley, Kathleen - CBE 12. - pg. 104, 239. Crown, Ronnie P. - DCT 12. - pg. 168, 239. Cummings, Chris William - FFA 11, Football ll, 12. Cummings, Donnie McNair - DECA 12. - pg. 167. Cummings, Richard H. - Football 10, 11, 12, "G" Club 12. - pg. 24, 239. Cutts, Carl Douglas, Jr. - "Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Hurricane Players 11, Pres. 12, "The Angry Twelve" 12, Thespians 11, 12. - pg. 158, 159, 289. -D- Dampier, Joan - pg. 240. Danner, Jeff H. - Football JV 10, Basketball In- tramurals l2, Football 12, Track 10, Humanities Magazine 12. - pg. 240. Daugherty, Donna Louise - CBE 11. - pg. 105, 240.. Dauphinee, Steven Curtis - pg. 240. Davis, Dale Alan - Baseball 10, 11, 12, Football JV 10, Varsity 11, 12, G Club, H.R. Vice-Pres. 12, Pep Club 11. -pg. 24, 82,147, 240. Davis, Deborah Eleanor - pg. 240. Davis, Don L. - Basketball Intramurals 12. - pg. 240. Davis, Joanne - DE Sec. 12, FHA 12, - pg. 167, 240. Davis, Larry G. - Basketball Intramurals 12, Boys' Chorus 10, "Carousel" 10, LS 10, Concert Choir 11. - pg. 241. Davis, Libby - FHA 10. - pg. 241. Davis, Woody, Wilson - DE 12. - pg. 167, 241. Davison, Claude Allan - Basketball Intramurals Capt. 10, Cross Country 10, 11, 12, Football Intra- murals 10, Track 10, 11, 12, Indoor Track 11. Dean, Laura - Transferred from Ocala High School - Ocala, Florida. - pg. 241. DeBusk, Lynn - Alpha 11, 12, Les Buffons 11, 12, NHS 12. - pg. 74, 98, 126, 169, 241, 246. Deen, Lewis - LSA 12, Orchestra 11, 12, Pep Band ll, 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12. - pg. 122, 134, 143, 235, 241. DeGraFf, Peggy .lo - pg. 241. Denham, Denny - pg. 241. Denman, Patricia Elaine - Transferred from Deland High School, Deland, Florida. - pg. 120, 241. Denmark, Jamie Lynn - Alpha ll, 12, Basketball Intramurals 11, Cheerleader 10, H.R. Sec. 12, Latin Club 10, 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Senior Steering 12, Senate Rec. Sec. 11, 12. - Pg. 45, 98, 169, 241. DeWitt, Terry Dennis - Transferred from Keystone Heights High, Keystone Heights, Florida. - pg. 241. Diaz, Judith Ann - Anchor 10, 11, 12, ICC 12. --pg. 170, 241. DiDuonni, Linda - pg. 241. Dilgren, Glen Alarik - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Gamma 10, 11, Sec. 12, H.R. Pres. 12, Hun-icgmf Ilemld Staff 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Latin Club 10, 11, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS ll, 12, Senior Steering 12, Student Coun. Sgt.-at-Arms 12, Latin Honor Society 11, Radio Show 12. -pg. 72, 98,11-1, 132, 174, 241, Dixon, Donna Darlene - Transferred from Newport News High, Newport News, Virginia. - pg. 241. Dodge, Cynthia Mary - H.R. Sec.-Treas. 11, LS 10, Majorettes 10, 11, 12. - pg. 136, 241, 276. Doerr, Rita Michele - Latin Club 10. - pg. 172, 241. Dougan, Betty Rebecca - pg. 241. Downs, Brenda - pg. 105, 241. Dulaney, Tom Edward - Baseball 12, Basketball ,IV 10, Varsity .-1, 12, Interact 12. - pg. 38, 49, 51, 54, 59, 63,175, 241. Dykes, Ronald Eric - Football ,IV 10, - pg. 242. Dunn, lean -- -E- Eagle, Susan - pg. 242. Easom, Leann - pg. 242. Eaton, Peggy - Alpha 11, 12, Basketball Intra- murals, Football Sponsor 12, Girls' Chorus 10, H.R. Pres. 10, 11, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 10, 12, Treas. 11, Mu Alpha Theta ll, 12, NHS 11, 12, SHH ll, 12, St. Coun. 10, 11, 12. - pg. 17, 66, 98, 122,124, 132, 169, 242, 268, 296C. Eddy, Susan - Los Sombreritos 10, Sigma Anchor 10, 11, 12. -pg. 179, 242. Eddy, Linda 1 Edwards, Greg - pg. 242. Ehrbar, Enid Ruth - pg. 154, 242. Ehrbar, Mark - pg. 3, 100. Ely, Ray - pg. 168, 242. English, Joyce - Girls' Chorus 11. - pg. 242. Ernst, Irene - Girls' Chorus. - pg. 242. Estes, Rodney - Boys' Chorus 12, "Christmas Fan- tasy" 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, 12, SHH 12. -pg. 122, 141, 243. Eubank, Philip - Football Intramurals 12. Evans, Billie - Pg- 243- Ezell, Phyllis - DECA 12, GAA 10, 11, H.R, Sec. 10. -pg. 166, 243. Ezzell, Betty - DE 11, Treas. 12. - pg. 167, 243. -F- Fagen, Kathie R. - Hurricane Players 10, ,IAS 11, 12, Les Bouffons 11, Sigma Anchor 11. - pg. 150, 179. Faison, Pinchney W. - Transferred from South Broward Senior High School, Hollywood, Florida 11, DE 11. -pg. 166, 243. Farrell, James Walter - pg. 243. Farris, Mary Susan - H.R. Vice-Pres. 12, Los Som- breritos 10, LSA Treas. 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Sr, Steering Committee 12, SHH 11, Pres. 12, Sigma Anchor 10, 11, Treas, 12, St. Coun. 11. - pg, 98, 122, 124, 179, 243. Feamey, Barbara Ann - Anchor 12, Les Bouffons 11, 12, NHS 12, Orchestra 10, ll, 12, Seribblers 10. -pg. 98, 126,132,133, 142, 143,170, 243. Fender, Marilyn Ann - pg. 168, 243. Fisher, William Patterson - IAS 12, LSA 12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS 12, SHH 12. - pg. 98, 122, 124, 132, 150, 243. Flanagan, Mary Diane - Beta 10, 11, 12. - pg. 244. Foerst, Janet - Beta 10, CBE 12, Girls' Chorus 11, Pep Club 10. -pg. 104, 244. 304 Fontana, Lawrence Mack - Transferred from Bishop England High School, Charleston, South Carolina 11, Football Intramurals 12, Gamma 12, LSA 12, SHH 12. -pg. 120, 124, 174, 244. Foreman, Frances - Transferred from Lincoln High School, Gainesville, Florida 10, FHA 10. Forster, Cindy Diane -v CBE 12. - pg. 105, 244. Fountain, Carol jean - Beta 11, 12. - pg. 172, 244. Fralick, Donna Louise - Franks, Linda Lee - pg. 126, 134, 135, 143, 244. Fritts, Barbara - pg. 244. Fryer, Daniel Eric - Annual Statl' 12, Latin Club 1O,11,Scribblers 12. - pg. 9, 113, 117, 244. Fussell, Sylvia Sue - "Carousel" 10, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Concert Choir 11, 12, FHA 10, FTA 10, GAA 11, Girls' Chorus 10, Hurricane Players 11, 12, Les Bouffons 12, Madrigal Singers 11, 12. -pg.138,141. 244. .G- Gainous, Jean - pg. 244. Garnmage, Cathy - Alpha 10, Sgtfat-Arms ll, 12, Basketball Intramurals 10, ll, 12, H.R. Pres. 10, Pep Club 10, St. Coun. 10, 11, 12. -- pg. 169, 244. Garrett, Gloria - Beacon 10, 11, 12, CBE 12, FHA 12, Hurricanes Singers 11, Pep Club 10. - pg. 105, 107, 171, 244. Garrett, Sandra - Anchor 11, Vice-Pres. 12, Bas- ketball Intramurals 11, 12. - pg. 126, 170, 244. Gentile, James - pg. 244. George, Dale Karen - pg. 244. George, Theorodre - Boys' Chorus 10, "Carousel" 10, Concert Choir 10, Gamma 11, Golf Capt. 12, Hurricane Herald 11, Editor 12, Latin Club 10, Les Bouffons 10, 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Tennis 10, 11. -pg. 78, 79, 89, 98,115, 116, 132, 244, Gemannt, David - DCT 11, 12. - pg. 168, 244. Gocek, John - pg. 35. Gocek, John S. - Cross Country Capt. 12, FFA 12, G-Club 12, Track 12. - pg. 70, 71, 106, 147, 244. 1 5.54 '7- Q'-.f JM! '35 Godey, Michael - Cross Country 11, 12, G-Club 11, Sgt.-at-Arms 12, Track 10, 11, 12. - pg. 35, 71, 147, 244. Goodwin, Dan - pg. 245. Good, Timothy - Baseball 10, Basketball 10, Foot- ball 11, 12, Capt. 10, G-Club 12. - pg. SC, 23, 24, 25. Goode, Elmira - Great Books Club 12. - pg. 245. Goolshy, Marsha - DECA 1 1, 12. - pg. 166, 245. Gough, Preston - Transferred from Murrah High School, Iackson, Mississippi, LSA 12. - pg. 122, 245. Graham, Alvin - pg. 245, Grant, Marilyn - "Christmas Fantasy" 12, FTA 10, ll, 12, Girls' Chorus 12, Los Sombreritos 11. -pg. 140, 245. Gravenstein, Nik - Les Bouffons 12, St. Coun. 10. - pg. 126, 246. Graves, Beth - Alpha 10, Treas. ll, 12, Annual Staff 11, Editor 12, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Cheerleader 10, 11, Football Sponsor 12, H.1'l. Pres. 11, 12, Latin Club 10, 11, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Coun. 11, House Sec. 12. - pg. 17, 48, 98, 113, 116, 132, 169, Green, Wayne - DCT 12, "The Angry Twelve" 12. -pg. 156, 168, 246. Greene, Richard - Boys' Chorus 10, "Christmas Fantasyu 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Mixed Chorus 11, 12. -pg. 246. Griffin, Linda - H.R. Sec. - pg. 246. Griffin, Sherry - FHA 10, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 10, 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 10, 11, SHH 11, Sgt.-at-Arms. - pg. 122, 124, 246. Griflith, Sean - pg. 71, 168. Gross, Scott - pg. 177, 246. Groves, Stanley - Swimming 10. - pg. 246. Grunewald, Lois - FSA 11. - pg. 246. Guinn, Chuck - G-Club 12, Golf 11, 12, Key 11, 12, Latin Club 10, 11. - pg. 78, 147, 177, 246. -H- Hack, Patricia Ann - by junior Miss Finalists: Mary Palmour, first runner-up, Susan Hazen, junior Miss, Peggy Thompson, former jr. Miss, and Beth Ayers, Miss Congeniality. Hahn, Michael - Football 10, Football Intramurals 12, H.R. Vice-Pres. 12. - pg. 72, 177, 246. Hale, Patricia Lee - FHA 10, Los Sombreritos 11, Para-Med. 11, 12. -pg. 151, 246. Hall, Craig - Baseball 10, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Football Mang. 10, Great Books 11, Key ll, Sgt.-at-Arms 12. - pg. 177, 246. Hall, Deborah - pg. 246. Hall, Shirley - pg. 246. Hall, Steve - pg. 22, 24, 247. Hammett, Sandra - Sigma Anchor 10, 11, 12. - pg. 179, 247. Hanes, Carol - Alpha 11, 12, H.R. Sec.-Treas. 12, Pep Club 10, 11, Swimming 11, 12. - pg. 88, 169, 247. Hanke, Tudy - Los Sombreritos - pg. 235, 247. Hanney, Donald - Transferred From Saint Andrews, Sewanee, Tennessee 11. - pg. 247. Harben, Kat.hy - pg. 247. Harben, Ketih - pg. 2447. Hardee, Lois Ann - pg. 247. Harlan, William Edwards, Jr. - Basketball Intra- murals l1, 12, Boys' State 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Football Sponsor 12, Gamma 10, 11, Hist. 12, "G" Club 11, 12, H.R. Pres. 11, Junior Academy of Science 12, Les Bouifons 10, 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Pep Club 12, Student Council 11, Senate Parliamentarian 12, Senior Steering Committee 12, Swimming 10, 11, 12. - pg. 17, 46, 72, 87, 98, 132, 147, 174, 247, 287. Harper, John - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Foot- ball 10, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Gamma 10, 11, viee-Pres. 12, -pg. ss, 174, 247. Harrell, Audrey - "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Concert Choir 12, Girls' Chorus 11, Para-Med. 10, 11, 12. -pg. 138, 151, 248. Harrell, Carol - DE 11, 12, DECA Chaplain 11, 12. - pg. 166, 248. Harrison, Lucinda Grice - FHA 10. Hart, Curtis - pg. 248. Hartman, Jane Frances - Alpha 10, 11, Pres. 12, Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, H.R. Vice-Pres. ll, Sec. 12, ICC 12, Los Sombreritos 10. - pg. 115, 168, 248, 279. Harvey, Judy - Para-Med. 10, 11. - pg. 248. Harvey, Linda - CBE 12, Para-Med. 10, 11. - pg. 104, 248. Haufler, Emest Robert - pg. 248. Hawley, Michael Calvin - DE 11, DECA 11. - pg. 248. Hawthom, Peter Gary - pg. 249. Hawthonle, Steven Ross - pg. 249. Hazen, Susan larene - Class Treas. 10, 11, 12, Cheerleaader 10, Co-Captain 11, JV Sponsor 12, Gainesville Jr. Miss 12, Homecoming Queen 12, H.B. Sec. 10, Los Sombreritos Pres. 10, LSA 10, Hist. 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, Sec.-Treas. 12, Pep Club 10, 11, Sr. Steering Com- mittee 12, SHH 11, Sec. 12, St. Coun. 12. - pg. 16, 37, 80, 85, 98,122, 124, 132, 131, 249. Heatherington, Bob - pg. 249. Hegen, Helmut Edmund -- Annual Staff 10, 11, Head Photographer 12, Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, Football Intramurals 10, 11, H.R. Oflicer 10, Pres. 12, JAS 12, NHS 12, Scribblers Pres. 12, Tennis 11. - pg. 98, 113, 116, 117, 150, 175, 249, 255. Helton, Charmaine - Los Sombreritos 10, Pep Club 10. - pg. 249. Hembree, Carla Claire - Transferred from Milton High School, Milton, Florida 11, FTA 11, Keyettes ll, 12, Swimming 12. -pg. 176, 249. Henderson, Kathy June - Transferred from Ocala High School, Ocala, Florida 12, Latin Club 12. - pg. 249. Hendrix, Bobin Kaye - DCT Vice-Pres. 11, Pres. and Gov. of Dist. III 12, Los Sombreritos 10. - pg. 168, 249. I-lennessey, Susan Louise - Annual Staff 12, Bas- ketball Intramurals 11, Keyettes 11, Hist. 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 10, 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, SHH 11, 12, St. Coun. 12. -pg. 98, 113, 122, 124, 132, 176, 249, 286. Henry, Stephen David - Herb, Edmound J. - Basketball 10, Football 10, GAMMA 10, 11, 12. -pg. 249. Hester, Joanne - pg. 249. Hicks, Charles Tommy - DE Pres. 12, DECA Pres. 12, Football 10, 11, "G" Club 12, Pep Club 10, Track 10. - pg. 166, 249. Hilliard, Judy Rose - CBE 12 Drill Team 11. -pg.249. Hilliard, Bonnie Allen - DE 12, DECA 12, Los Sombreritos 10. -pg. 105, 167, 249. Hines, Shirley Jean - "Carousel" 10, Cheerleader 10, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, "Christmas Madonna" 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Girls' Chorus 10, H.R. Pres. 10, Les Boulifons 11, 12, Melodettes 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, sa. Coun. 10. - pg. 126, 138, 139. Hinson, Richard Bemard - pg. 249. Hogle, William Dayton - Transferred from Biloxi High School, Biloxi, Mississippi 11. -pg. 249. Holds, Carolyn Marie - Transfened from A. L. Miller Senior High, Macon, Georgia, 10, Lionettes 11. - pg. 249. Holder, Joseph Carter - Transferred From Hall High School, Little Bock, Arkanas 11. Holland, Irma Jo - Transferred lrom South Hall High School, Gainesville, Georgia 11, CBE Vice- Pres. 12. - pg. 105, 249. Holsapple, Ginnie Lee - Beta 10, 11, Treas. 12, FHA Vice-Pres. 10, Latin Club 11, Pep Club 10, 11. -pg. 172, 249. Hopkins, Mary Ella - Transferred from Dixie Coun- ty High School, Cross City, Florida 12. - pg. 250. Hom, Philip Wayne - pg. 250. Howard, Larry - pg. 166, 250. Howard, Roger T. - pg. 106, 250. Howell, Joy Elaine - Girls' Chorus 10. - pg. 250. Howell, Sandra Dianne - Hubener, Katie Anne - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, "Carousel" 10, "Flower Drum Song" 11, H.R. Pres. 12, Hurricane Herald Staff 12, ICC ll, Key- ettes 10, Treas. 11, Vice-Pres. 12, Les Boulions 10, 11, Vice-Pres. 12, NHS 12, Sr. Steering Commit- tee 12, St. Coun. 11, 12. -- pg. 98, 99, 114, 126, 127, 176, 250. Huckeba, Linda Jean - pg. 129, 250. Hull, Johnny Cecil - DCT 12. - pg. 168, 250. Hunt, Christine Ann - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Civinettes 10, 11, 12, GAA Treas. 12, H.R. Vice-Pres. 12, Latin Club 10, Pep Club 10. -pg. 128, 146, 179, 250. Humphrey, Stephen H. - pg. 250. Hunter, Gilford Bruce - Transferred from Key West High School, Key West, Florida 11. Hunter, Marty CYTUS ' Hunter, James Edward - pg. 166. .j.. Jackson, Michael Hugh - pg. 251. James, Deloris Jacquelyn - pg. 251. lungs, Kglhefyn Ann - FHA 10, Para-Med 10, 11. - pg. 251. JeB'ooat, Janis - Beta 10, GAA 10. - pg. 251. Johnson, Barbara - Johnson, Brenda Augie - CBE 12. - pg. 104, 251. Johnson, Linda Diane - pg. 251. Jolmson, Terry Ann - Anchor 10, 11, 12, GAA 10, Treas. 11, H.R. Pres. 11, 12, Latin Club 10, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Para-Med 10, Treas. 11, Pres. 12. - pg. 98, 132, 151, 170, 251. Johnson, Phillette Daisey -CBE 12. - pg. 104, 251. Joiner, Harry Jasper - Concert Band ll, H.R. Treas. 12, Symphonic Band 10. - pg. 251, 263. lolley, Stephen Eugene - Football 11, 12, "G" Club 12, Hurricane Players 11, Swimming 12. - pg. 24, 197, 251. Jones, Candace Kay - pg. 252. Jones, Gilford Addison - Concert Band 10, H.R. Sec. 12, Pep Band 10. -pg. 152, 252. Jones, Gwendolyn Ruth - Transferred from Amityville Memorial High School, Amityville, New York 12, Anchor 12, Basketball Intramurals 12, Les Boulifons 12, Pep Band 12, Symphonic Band. -pg. 134, 252. Jones, Larry Dean - pg. 252. Joyner, Carla Jean - pg. 103, 252. -K- Kalb, Linda - Latin Club 1 1. - pg. 252. Karns, Jacquelyn Sue - "Carousel" 10, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Choralettes 10, "Flower Drum Song" 11, FTA 10, Girls' Chorus 10, Hurricane Players 11, Melodettes 11, 12, St. Coun. ll, Thespians 12. -pg. 86, 138, 139, 158, 252. Kates, Julia -Swimming 10. - pg. 252. Kattke, Diane - Anchor 10, 12, Parl. 11, Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Los Sombreritos 11, LSA 11,12,T.A.R.- pg. 122, 170, 252. Keefe, Janis - Annual Staff 12, Basketball Intra- murals 11, 12, "Flower Dmm Song 11, Keyettes 11, Cbrr. Sec. 12, Latin Club 10, Los Sombreritos Treas. 11, LSA 11, Second Vice-Pres. 12, NHS 11, 12, Pep Club Sec. 12, SHH 12, St. Coun. pg. 31, 98, 113, 122, 124, 1680 Br d, 176, Keel, Kay - pg. 16, 252. Keene, Robin - CBE 12, FHA 10. - pg. 105, 252. Kennan, Carolyn - Para-Med. 12. - pg. 151, 252. Kensler, Richard - Basketball lntramurals 11, Foot- ball l0, 11, Captain 12, All-Area, All-State, All- seurhem, "G" Club 10, 11, 12, H.R. viee-Pres. 12, Interact 12, Track 10, 11. - pg. 23, 87, 147, 175, 252, 296c. Kephart, Dalton - H. R. Sec. 12, Los Sombreritos 11, St. Coun. 10. -pg. 252. Kidwell, Billi - pg. 138, 252. Kilbyr .lohn A. - "Arsenic and Old Lace" Il, Basketball Intramurals ll, 12, Football Intramurals ll, 12, Great Books Club 12, H.R. Vice-Pres. 10, Hurricane Players Pres. 11, 12, Key Vice-Pres. 11, 12, Iatin Club 10, "The Angry Twelve" 12, Thes- pgans Pres. 11, 12. - pg. 69, 155, 158, 159, 177, 2 2. Kilpatrick, Joy - Hurricane Herald Staff Distribut- tion Mgr. 12, LSA 12, NHS 12, SHH 12, Sigma Anchor 11, Parl. 12. - pg. 98, 114, 122, 124, 179, 252. Kinchen, Danny - Boys' Chorus 10, "Carousel" 10, DE 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11. - pg. 252. Khmer, Jeanne - Basketball Intramurals 11, Great Books Club 12, ICC 12, Lionettes Chap. 11, Pres. 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, Mu Alpha ll, 12, NHS 12, SHH 11. - pg. l68c, 178, 252, 279. Kip, Lawrence Arthur - pg. 253. Kirby, Larry Melvin - FFA 11, 12. Kirby, Terry pg. 106, 253. Kiser, Joan Francis - FHA 10, GAA 10. - pg. 253. 305 Iqgmenl, john David - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football Intramurals 12, Interact 12. - pg. 175,253 Knupp, .leannie - Koemer, William Scott - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Gamma 12, H.R. Pres. 12, Pep Club 12. -pg. 174, 253. Kuhr, Robert Allen - pg. 253. Kuykendall, Ruby Jolene - DCT Vice-Pres. 12. - pg. 168, 253. Kuzma, Dee Arm - pg. 98, 132, 154, 169, 253. LaBelle, Nancy Ann - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Latin Club 10, Les Bouffons 11, 12, Lionettes ll, Vice-Pres. 12, Para-Med 10, Sec. 11, Scribblers 11, 12. -pg. 178, 254. Laessle, Mary - pg. 154. Laite, Sam White - Lally, Stephen Arthur - Basketball Intramurals 10, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Key 10, 11, Hist. 12. -pg. 177, 254. Land, Juana Maria - Cheerleader 10, H.R. Pres. 10, 11, Pep Club 10. - pg. 254. Lang, Warren Lenard - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football 10, 11, Football Intramurals ll, 12. - pg. 5, 254. Lansford, Carldon Steve - pg. 254. Langiai, Desi lby - pg. 254. Langley, George Henry - Dct 12. - pg. 254, 298. Langley, Robert - Lansdale, Kyle Ann - "Carousel" 10, FTA 10, 11, Girls' Chorus 10. - pg. 254. Latsko, William Lawrence - Football 10, 11, 12, "G" Club 12, H.R. Vice-Pres. 11, Track 10. - pg. 23, 24, 147, 254. Law, Ran August - Basketball 11, "Carousel', 10, Interact 10, 11, 12. - pg. 175, 254. Learitt, Barbara Jean - pg. 255. Lee, Dennis Gregg - pg. 255. Lehman, James Allan - Transferred from Biloxi High School, Biloxi, Mississippi 12, JAS 12, JETS 12, Swimming 12. - pg. 150, 255. Leopold, Janice Arlene - Basketball Intramurals 12, Keyettes 12, Les Bouffons 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 10, 11, Pep Club 10, ll. - pg. 176, 255, 256. Lincoln, Gerri - Transferred from Miami Carol City High School, Miami, Florida 11, CBE 12. - pg. 104, 255. Lineaweaver, William Charles - Football Intra- murals 11, 12, Key 11, 12, LSA 11, Orchestra 12, Scribblers 10, 12, "The Angry Twelve". - pg. 18, 111, 177, 159, 255. Lipham, Larry - pg. 138, 140. Littlejohn, Nigel - pg. 98, 132. Long, Mary Alice - Transferred from Morris Knolls High School, Denville, New Jersey 12. Lopez, John Michael - Transferred from Antilles High School, San Juan, Puerto Rico 12, Concert Band 12, Swimming 12. -pg. 76. Love, Kimball - Girls' Chorus 10, 11, H.R. Pres. 10, 11, Latin Club 10, Les Bouffons ll, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12. - pg. 255. Lovely, Delilah Janette - pg. 255. Lucas, Linda Marlene - Transferred from Lee High School, Jacksonville, Florida 11, DE 12. - pg. 255. Lucius, Joseph Samuel -- pg. 255. Lunday, Leaman Tuck Transferred from Sunny Hills, High School, Fullerton, Califomia 12. - pg. 256. Lynes, Howard Douglas - Gamma 10, 11, Treas. 12, H.R. Treas. 10, Los Sombreritos 11. - pg. 72, 256. Lyrm, William Lee - "Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, "Carousel" 10, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, "Flower Drum Song" ll, H.R. Pres. 12, Scribblers ll, "The Angry Twelve" 12, Thespians 10, "You Can't Take It With You" 10. -pg. 117, 158, 174, 256. Lyons, James Marion - Basketball Manager 10, DE 12, Football 10. -pg. 167, 256. -M- Mack, Stanley Paul - Boys' Chorus 10, 11, Pres. 10, "Carousel" 10, "Flower Drum Songu ll. - pg. 256. MacKenzie, Claudia Prince - H.R. Sec. 12, Pep Club 10, Swimming Mgr. 11, 12. Maclbstie, Judy - Annual Staff 12, Basketball In- tramurals 12, Cheerleader 10, H.R. Sec.-Treas. 11, Keyettes 12, Los Sombreritos 11, LSA 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, Sr. Steering Committee 12, SHH 12. - pg. 113, 122, 176, 254, 256. Madden, Charles William - Transferred from Wheaton High School, Wheaton, Maryland 11, Boys' Chorus 10, Concert Choir 12, Latin Club 12. Madden, James Eugene - Basketball Intramurals ll, Football 10, 11, 12, "G" Club Pres. 12. - pg. 24, 256. Mahn, Linda Beth - '4Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, "Christmas Madonna" 11, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Hurricane Players 10, 11, 12, Latin Club 10, 11, "The Angry Twelve" 12, Thespians 11, Sec. 12. -pg. 158, 256. Malcolm, Grace Kay - pg. 257. Mallard, Sandra Kay - VOE Sec. 12. - pg. 257. Mallory, Louis B. - pg. 257, 263. Maloney, Elizabeth Lucille - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, Hurricane Herald Staff12, JAS 11, Keyettes 10, 11, Recording Sec. 12, Latin Club 10, 11, Los Sombreritos 11, LSA 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS 12, Orchestra 10, SHH 12, St. Coun. 11, Vice-Speaker 12. - pg. 98, 114, 122, 124, 132, 133, 176, 257, 288. Maltbie, Betty Carol - pg. 257. Marceau, Michael Paul - Transferred from Cony High School, Augusta, Maine 12, Basketball Intra- murals 12. - pg. 257. Martin, Elmer Louis - Concert Band 10, 11, 12. - pg. 257. Martin, Michael Glewn - Transferred from Wood- ham High School, Pensacola, Florida 12. - pg. 98, 257. Marzloif, Fred J. - pg. 257. Mathews, Marsha Louise - FHA 10, Los Sombreri- tos 11. -pg. 257. Mathis, Linda Gayle - H.R. Sec. 11, Treas. 12, Les Bouffons 11, 12, LSA 10, Pep Club 10, 11. -pg. 126, 257. Mauldin, James - DCT 11, 12. - pg. 168, 257. May, Kenneth G. Jr. - Transferred from Melbourne High School, Melbourne, Florida 11. - pg. 257. May, Paula - Mayfield, Twana Lee - "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Concert Choir 12, Girls' Chorus 10. - pg. 138, 257. McAlpin, Johnnie Antha Madge - FHA ll. - pg. 257. McAshan, Brian Hildreth - Transferred from Titus- ville High School, Titusville, Florida 11, Baseball 11, 12, Basketball 11, 12, Interact 12. - pg. 51, 57, 175, 257. McDonald, Shirley Anne - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Concert Choir 12, GAA 10, 11, Girls' Chonis 11. - pg. 138, 257. McGee, Kathryn Elizabeth - Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, H.R. Pres. 10, Los Sombreritos 10, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, St. Coun. 10, 12. - pg. 7, 37, 257. McKean, Margaret Mary - Beta ll, Pres. 12, FHA 10, FTA 12, H.R. Pres. 1, Vice-Pres. 12, ICC 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11.-pg. 98, 107, 122, 257. McKemia, Stuart - McKems, Leslie Allison -- FHA ll, Hurricane Players 11. - pg. 257. McKinney, Dorothea Lorriane - Alpha 10, CBE 12, Drill Team 11. - pg. 105, 258. McLaurin, Mark Henry - Key 12. - pg. 177, 258, 265. Mclean, James P. Jr. - Basketball Intramurals ll, 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Gamma Sgt.-at- Arms ll, 12, H.R. Pres. ll, 12, ICC 12, Latin Club 10, 11, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Body Vice-Pres. 12, St. Coun. 12, Vice-Pres. 12. - pg. 31, 64, 84, 174, 258, 287, 2960. McLeod, Nancy Lee - Annual Staff 11, Bus. Mgr. 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 10, 11, Pep Club 10, ll, Quill and Scroll 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Coun. 12. -pg. l12,116, 258. McMillan, Gary Michael - pg. 167, 258. McMillan, Vicki Lynn - Alpha 12, Basketball In- tramurals 12, H.R. Sec. 12, Latin Club 10, Major- ettes 10, 11, Head 12, Pep Club 10, St. Coun. 11. -pg. 10, 136, 137, 169, 259. McPherson, Robert Bmce - Football 10, Foootball Intramurals 11, 12, Gamma 11, 12, Jets 12, NHS 12, Softball Intramurals 11, 12. - pg. 98, 74, 174, 259. Meaden, Cynthia Lee - Civinettes 10, 11, GAA 10, 11, Swimming 10. - pg. 146, 259. Medina, Elizabeth Lee - Transferred from Dulaney High School, Phoenix, Maryland 12, Basketball in- tramurals 12, NHS 12, Sigma Anchor 12. - pg. 98, 179, 259. Medlock, Jimmy Lloyd - Basketball Mgr. 10, Gamma 11, Pep Club 11. - pg. 259. Meerman, Kathleen Joyce - Anchor 10, Vice-Pres. 11, Pres. 12, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, "Ca- rousel" 10, "Flower Drum Song" ll, Latin Club 10, Los Sombreritos Sec. 11, LSA 11, Hist. 12, Mu Alpha Theta ll, 12, NHS 11, 12, SHH 11, 12. -pg. 98, 122, 124, 132, 170, 259, 267. Merrell, Charlotte - Anchor 10, 11, Sec. 12, FHA Sec. 10, 11, Pres. 12, GAA Sgt.-at-Arms 10, ll, Les Bouffons 11, 12. - pg. 164, 170, 259. Michael, Ellen Marie - Transferred from Manatee High School, Bradenton, Florida 11, LSA 11, Second Vice-Pres. 12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS 12, SHH 11, 12. -pg. 98, 122, 124, 132, 259. Mihlfeld, Stephanie Tee - FTA 1 1, 12, Les Bouffons 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 12. - pg. 107, 259. Mills, George Harold - Mims, Anne Jean - Transferred from Albany High School, Albany, Georgia 11, Anchor 11, Parl. 12, Basketball Intramurals 12. - pg. 170, 259. Mitchell, George Ellis - Football Intramurals 11, 12, Interact 11, Chap. 12, Mu Alpha Theta ll, 12, NHS 11, 12, SHH 10. - pg. 98, 128, 132, 260. Mixson, Charles Guy - Basketball Intramurals 12, Football Intramurals 12. - pg. 260. Mixson, Daniel James - JAS 12, Los Sombreritos 11, LSA 11, Pep Club 12, SHH 12. - pg. 122, 150,260. Mixson, Maureen - "Arsenic and Old Law" 11, "Christmas Fatasy" 12, "Christmas Madonna" 11, Civinettes 12, Drill Team 11, Great Books Club 12, Hurricane Players 10, Les Bouffons 12, NHS 12, "The Angry Twelve" 12, Thespians Treas. 11, "You Can't Take It With You" 10. - pg. 126, 154, 156, 158, 159, 179, 260. Mixson, Rosie A. - Para-Med. 10, 11. - pg. 260. Mooney, Michelle - pg. 232. Montgomery, Roy Payne - Transferred from Ramsay High School, Birmingham, Alabama 11. Moore, Larry Moore, Linda - Annual Staff 11, Classes Ed. 12, "Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Civinettes 10, Vice-Pres. 11, 12, FHA 10, FTA 10, 11, Hurricane Players 10, 11, Les Bouffons 11, 12, NHS 12, Pep Club 10, 11, Quill and Scroll 12, St. Coun. 12. - pg. 98, 112, 116, 126, 179, 260, 293. Morgan, Marcia Alma - Les Bouffuns 10, ll, 12, Lionettes ll, Hist. 12, NHS 12. - pg, 98, 126, 178, 260, 294. Morgan, William Richard - pg. 260. Morris, Robert William - pg. 260. Morrison, Donald George - Los Sombreritos 11, Mu Alpha Theta ll, 12, NHS 11, 12. - pg. 98, 132, 260. Moxley, Bob - pg. 24, 256, 260. Mull, Jean Ann - "Christmas Fantasy' 12, Girls' Chorus 10, Les Bouffons 11, 12, Pep Club 10. -pg. 126, 138, 260. Mullis, Carole - pg. 260. Murray, Delbert Edward - Transferred from Columbia High School, Lake City, Florida 12. Murrell, Kenneth Raynor - "Carousel" 10, t'Christ- mas Fantasyv 12, Concert Band 10, Concert Choir Hurricane Singers 12, Pep Band 11, Swimming 10, 11, Symphonic Band 11. - pg. 138, 140, 260. Myers, Amanda - Basketball Intramurals 10, ll, 12, Great Books Club 12, Hurricane Herald Stall' 11, 12, ICC 12, Keyettes 10, Sgt.-at-Arms 11, Pres. 12, Les Bouffons 10, 11, Treas. 12, NHS 11, Hist. 12, Pep Club 11, Quill and Scroll 12, Scribblers 11, 12. -pg. 98, 99,116,115, 126,154,176, 260. Nadeau, Christine Louise - Alpha 12, Basketball Intramurals 12, Cheerleader 10, H.R. Pres. 12, Les Bouffons 10, 11, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS 12, Para-Med 11, Pep Club 10, St. Coun. 10, 11, 12, Swimming 10. -pg. 169, 260. Nancarrow, Bob Edward - Transferred from Willis- ton High School, Williston, Florida 12. Neill, Debra Ann - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, GAA 10, 11, Vice-Pres. 12, IAS 12, Les Bouf- fons 12, Para-Med 10. -pg. 126, 146, 150, 260. Nelson, Barbara - Transferred from Hudson High School, Hudson, Ohio 12, Hurricane Herald Staff 12.-pg.115, 260. Nero, Lorriane Della - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Civinettes 12, GAA 10, Pres. 11, 12, Great Books Club 12, Latin Club 10, Mu Alpha Theta 11, NHS 11, 12.-pg. 98,l46,154, 179, 260. Nesler, Michael Richard - Transferred from Agusta Mllifafy ACHdCmy, Ft. Defiance, Virginia 11, DCT 11, Football 12, Club 12. Nibling, Kenneth Lynn - Transferred from Auburn High School, Auburn, Alabama 11, Baseball 11, 12, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, "G" Club 12, H.R. Pres, 12, ICC 12, Interact 11, Pres. 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Court Prosecuting Att. 12. - pg. 82, 147, 175, 238, 261, 287. Nixon, Carl Michael- pg. 261, Nocks, Kathy Io - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, GAA 10, 11, Great Books Club 12, Latin Club 10, Treas. 11, St. Treas. 12, NHS ll, 12. - pg, 121, 154, 261. Norton, Janet Caron - Transferred from Del City High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ll, FHA ll, Les Bouffons ll, Chap. 12, Pep Club 11. - pg. 261. .0- O'Byme, B. Charlene - FTA Sec. 12, Para-Med 10, -pg. 261. Ogletree, Warren - pg, 261. O'Ha.ra, Cheryl Irene - "Christmas Fantasyu 12, Civinettes 10, 11, Concert Band 10, FHA 10, FTA 12, Hurricane Players 12, Latin Club 12, Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 11, 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12, "The Angry Twelve" 12. - pg. 107, 126,158, 261. Osbome, Frankie Lee - Beta 10, 11, CBE 12, FHA 10, H.R. Officer 10, Les Bouffons 11, 12, Lionettes 12, St. Coun. 10, - pg. 104, 126, 178, 261. O'Steen, George - DE Il, 12, DECA Pres. 11, 12. -pg. 166, 262. A National Merit Finalists: Seated, Mac Cline, Eileen Bird, Bill Harlan, and Sharon Butler. Standing, Bill Lineaweaver and John Sullivan. O'Steen, Grace Frances - CBE 12, GAA ll, Para- Med1O, ll, Pep Club 11. -pg. 105, 262. O,Steen, lkmald A. - pg. 33, 262. Outlaw, Edward Charles - pg. 24. 262. Overby, Diana Marie - pg. 262. Owens, Ellen Kay - "Arsenic and Old Lau? 11. "Carousel" 10, Civinettes 11, Chap. 12, LSA l 1: 12,SHHl2.-pg. 122,124,179, 262. Owens, 109 Sanford - -P- Pagnozzi Bonita Maria - FTA 11, Chaplain 12, ICC 12, Latin Club 10, 11, 12, Los Sombreritos 11, LSA 11, 12, SHH 12, Sigma Anchor 10, ll, Pres. 12, St. Coun. 11, 12. - pg. 107, 121, 122, 124,179, 262. Paige, Karen Martina - Latin Club 10, Sec. 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta ll, 12, NHS 11, 12, Sigma Anchor 11. -pg. 28, 121, 132, 262. Palmer, David Colman - Transferred from Bremer- haven High School, Bremcrhaven, Germany 12, Football 12. -- pg. 24, 262. Palmer, Marjorie Diane - DECA Sec. 11. A P2- 262. Palmer, Lena Marie Basketball Intramurals 12, Concert Choir 10, 12, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, FHA Sec. 10, GAA 11, Girls' Chorus ll, H.R. Vice-Pres, 10, Melody Three 11. - pg. 138, 263. Palmour, Mary Martha - Basketball Intramurals ll, Homecoming Court 12, H.R. Pres. 12, ICC 11, Pres. 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, Vice-Pres. 12, Pep Club 10, SHH Il, 12, Student Body Sec. 12, St, Coun. 10, Il, 12. - pg. 16, 85, 86, 98, 122, 124, 132,176, 263. Parke, Ivan Edward - DCT 12, Football ll, Track Il. - pg. 168, 263, 295. Parker, Jackie Lee W pg. 263. Parker, Jane Frances - CBE 12. - pg. 105, 263. Parker, Janis Maria - CBE Sec. 12, Civinettes 11, Sec. 12. -pg. 105, 179, 263. Parker, Susan Dianne - Transferred from Highland Park High School, Topeka, Kansas 10, H.R. Vice- Prcs. 12. -pg. 263. Parkinson, Mary Martha - Transferred from "El Estudiof' Madrid, Spain 12, Basketball Intramurals 10, Hurricane Herald Staff 12, Keyettes 10, 12, LSA 12, Latin Club 10, Sr. Steering Committee 12, SHH 12, Swimming 12. - pg. 76, 115, 122, 124, 176, 251, 263. Pearl, Marilyn - Peek, Rebecca Anne - H.R. Sec. 10, Keyettes 12, Majorettes 10, 11, 12. -pg. 136, 176, 263, 283. Pennell, Dale Owen - Concert Band 10, 11, 12, Hurricane Herald 11, 12. - pg. 115, 263. Pennington, John Reginald - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Baseball 12, Basketball 10, Concert Band 10, 11, 12, Football Intramurals 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 12, Symphonic Band 10. - pg. 82, 134, 143, 264. Perryman, Taylor B. - Petrucci, Linda Anne - Civinettes 12, FTA 11, LSA 10, 11, NHS 11, 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Coun. 12. - pg 98, 179, 264. Petty, Tom E. - pg. 264. Phillips, Clinton jackson - Football 10, 11, 12, "G" Club 11, 12, Track 11, 12. - pg. 20, 24, 27, 147, 223, 264. Philman, Susan Darlene - CBE 12, Girls' Chorus 11. -pg. 105, 264. Pinho, Joe M. - DE 12. - pg. 167, 264. Pirkle, Fredric lee - H.R. Vice-Pres. 12, Latin Club 10, 11, Les Bouffons 11, 12, NHS 11, 12. -pg. 98, 126, 264. Plank, Lee - "C" Club ll, 12, Swimming 10, 11, 12. -pg. 76, 264. 307 , Polsen, Donna Joy - Choralettes 10, 11, Concert Choir 11, 12, "Flower Drum Song" ll, Girls' Chorus 10, Los Sombreritos 10. - pg. 138, 164- Poole, Rick - Potts, Maria Arlene - Powell, James Michael - Basketball 10, Football 10, 11, 12, "G" Club 12. -pg. 24, 147, 264. Primo, Diane Marie - Hurricane Herald Staff 11, JAS 11, 12, Latin Club 10, 11, 12, Lionettes 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Scribblers 10, 11, Ed. 12. - pg. 98, 117, 121, 132, 150, 178, 264. Pringle, Mary Ann - Alpha 11, CBE 12, Los Som- hreritos 10, Pep Club 10, St. Coun. 10. - pg. 104, 264. Pringle, Wayne Odell - Basketball Intramurals 12, Football 10, Football Intramurals'12, Interact 12, Latin Club 10, 11, Track 10. - pg. 19, 175, 248, 264, 280. Privett, Nancy Ann - "Carousel" 10, DE Treas. 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Girls' Chorus 10. -pg. 166, 264. Proctor, John C. - Prows, Deborah Renee - Anchor 11, 12, Les Bouf- fbns 11, 12, NHS 12, Orchestra 10, ll, Pep Band 10, ll, 12, Symphonic Band 10, ll, 12. - pg. 126, 13-l,170, 264. ..Q.+ Queen, William Frederick - Basketball Intramurals 10, 11, JETS 12, Junior Civitan Sec. 10, Vice-Pres. 11, Mu Alpha Theta 12. - pg. 132, 133, 264, 267. Quincey, Thomas F. - pg. 264. Quintero, Sila Mercedes - Transferred from DeSoto Columbia High School, Arcadia, Florida 12, Les Bouffons 12, Pep Club 12. - pg. 126, 264. -11. Radford, Roy B. - pg. 264. RaB'erty, Theresa Marie - Alpha 11, 12, Basketball Intramurals ll, 12, Cheerleader 10, H.R. Pres. 12, Pep Club 10, Sr. Steering Committee 12, St. Coun. 10,11,12.-- pg. 169, 264. Raiford, Linda Kaye - CBE 12, - pg. 104, 265. Rash, Karen Joan - Transferred from Columbia High School, Lake City, Florida 10, CBE 12. - pg. 105, 265. Ream, Thomas Jay Clarence - pg. 265. Reaves, Lewis - Reed, Cathie Fae - Transferred from Tell City High School, Tell City, Indiana 11, Anchor 11, 12, "Flower Drum Songu 11, Les Bouffons 11, 12' Para-Med 11. - pg. 170, 265. 4 Reed, Thomas Henry Jr. - pg. 166, 265. Reeves, Wayne Allen - Baseball 10, 11, 12, Foot- ball Varsity 10, 11, 12, "G" Club 10, 11, 12, In- tramurals Basketball 11. - pg. 24, 82, 147, 265. Renshaw, Jarrett Cannon - "Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, Les Bouffons11,12. - pg. 126, 265. Rhine, Nickie - pg. 265. Rhqads, Alan Kent- Transferred from Sturgis High School, Sturgis, Michigan 10, Concert Band 10, Orchestra 10, 11, 12' Pep Band 11, 12 S m honic , S Y P Band 11, 12, - pg. 143, 266. Rhoden, Daniel Freeman - Rice, Mary Willene "Flower Dmm Son " 11 - Z Q Great Books Club 12, NHS 12, Orchestra 11, 12, Para-Med 10, 11, Sec. 12. - pg. 143, 151, 154, 266. Richardson, Shirley Ann - Transferred from Lincoln High School, Gainesville, Florida 12. - pg. 266. Rickey, Cynthia Gail- pg. 266. Riddle, June Hollis - Transferred from Hopewell High School, Hopewell, Virginia 11, CBE 12. - pg. 104, 266. 308 Rigsby, Ryland Ten'y - JAS 12. - pg. 98, 132, 150, 266. Rivers, Gwendolyn Louise A Transferred from Lincoln High School, Gainesville, Florida 11, GAA 11. - pg. 266. Robbins, Raymond Mark - Basketball 10, 11, 12, Interact 12, Pep Club 10, St. Coun. 11, St. Court Chief Justice 12. - pg. 49, 51, 52, 56, 57, 266. Roberts, Kathleen Elizabeth - Annual Staff 11, Club Ed. 12, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Great Books Club 12, Keyettes 11, Treas. 12, Les Bouffons 10, ll, Sec. 12, Mu Alpha Theta ll, Sec. 12, NIIS 11, 12, Pep Club 10,11, 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Sr. SteeringCommittee12.-pg.47,98,112,116,126,132, 154, 176. 266. Roberts, Linda Ann - DECA 12, FHA 10, H.R. Vice-Pres. 11, St. Coun. 11. -pg. 166, 266. Roberts, Norman King - pg. 267. Robertson, Douglas James - pg. 174, 267. Robinson, Lindsey E. - Basketball Intramurals 12, Great Books Club 12. -pg. 267. Robinson, Richard Edgar - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Boys' Chorus Vice-Pres. 10, "Carousel" 10, A'Christmas Fantasyn 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Football 10, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Football Sponsor 12, Gamma 10, ll, Pres. 12, Hurricane Singers 10, 11, ICC 12, Pep Club 11, 12, St. Coun. 12. - pg. 17, 73, 174, 238, 267. Robinson, William Sanford - Transferred from Minor High School, Birmingham, Alabama 11, Bas- ketball Intramurals 12, Football Intramurals 12. - pg. 267. Robinson, Brenda Marie - H.R. Sec. 11. - pg. 267. Rogers, Linda Margaret - Alpha 11, 12, Cheer- leader 10, H.R. Pres. 10, Les Bouffons 10, 11, Pep Club 10, Swimming 10. -pg. 169, 267. Rogers, Lindley Marvin - Interact 11, 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 10, Sgt.-at-Arms 11, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, Pep Band 10, 11, 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12, Track ll. - pg. 132, 134, 175, 267. Rosenberger, Richard Alan - Great Books Club 12. - pg. 267, 285. Roush, Elaine Elizabeth - CBE Sec. 12. - pg. 104, 267. Rowland, Michael Lyndon - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, Hurricane Herald Staff 11, Sports Ed. 12, ICC 12, Key 11, Pres. 12, Quill and Scroll 12, Scribblers 10. - pg.18,114,116,177, 238, 262, 268, Rutledge, Charlotte Diane - pg. 268. Rousseau, Don Lanier - pg. 150. Runyon, Louis - Ryan, Joyce Ann - FHA Treas, 10, 11, LSA 10. - pg. 268. .5- Samball, David Alan - Concert Band, Symphonic Band 10, 11, 12. -pg. 134, 268. Sampson, Juanita Faye - pg. 268, Sandefer, George Lawrence - Annual Staff 12, Gamma 10, 11, 12, H.R. Officer 10, 11, Latin Club 10, Los Sombreritos 11, LSA 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, SHH 12, Tennis 11, Captain 12. - pg. 81, 96, 113, 122, 124, 132, 150, 174, 268, 294. Sanders, James Larry - Basketball 10, 11, 12, Foot- ball 10, 11, 12, "G" Club 11, 12, Interact 11, sec. 12, Track 11, 12. - pg. 20, 24, 48, 51, 54, 55, 111,132, 147,175, 231, 268. h Sanford, William Chandler - Boys' Chorus 10, "Christmas Fantasyn 12, "Flower Drum Song" 11, Hurricane Singers 11, Concert Choir 11, 12. - pg. 25, 138, 140, 268. Schmierer, Dorothy Elizabeth - Transferred from DeLand High School, DeLand, Florida 12, Alpha 12. -pg. 169, 269. Scott, Cheryl A.nn - pg. 122, 269. Scott, Marjorie Lee - Scott, Robert Gordon - Gamma 10, 11, 12, G Club 10, 11, 12, Swimming 10, ll, 12, French Club 10, 11. -pg. 7, 77,132,174, 269. Scott, Majorie Lee - Scott, Robert Gordon - Gamma 10, 11, 12, "GH 11, 12, French Club 10, ll, 12, Swimming 10, Club 10, 11. -pg. 7, 77,132, 174, 269. Scott, William David Y pg. 269. Seay, John William - pg. 269. Shaw, George Bradley - pg. 269. Shearouse, Jimmy Mathew - DCT 10, 11, 12. '- pg. 168, 269. Sheffield, Deborah Ruth - Beta 10, lla Latin Club 10, 11, -pg. 269. Sheffield, James Hurley - DE 12. - pg, 166, 269. Sheppard, Randi Irene - Alpha 11, Sec. 12, Cheer- leaders 10, H.R. Officer 10, ll, 12, Pep Club 10. - pg. 169, 259, 269. Shennan, Kathy Ann - FHA 10, JAS 12, Les Bout'- fons 10, 11, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, NHS 12, Sigma Anchor 10, 11, 12. - pg. 98, 132, 150, 160, 179, 269. Short, Janet Diane - pg. 269. Signore, Thomas Lee - FFA ll. - pg. 269. Sikes, Walter Moreland - Football Intramurals 12. - pg. 269. Simmons, Carl S. - FFA 10, 11, 12. - pg. 106, 269. Simmons, James Edward - DE 12, DECA 12. - pg. 269. All-Southern Football Award: Rich- ard Kensler. Sims, Roger William - Boys' State 12, Football 10, Gamma 10, 11, Sgt.-at-Arms 12, Les Bouilons 10, ll, 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12, Student Council 11. - pg. 98, 126, 132, 174, 269. Sirmopoulos, Van Peter - pg. 269. Sliker, David - DE 12. - pg. 166, 269. Smith, Barbara Jean - CBE 12. - DH. 105, 269. Smith, Robert Geuen - Track 12. - pg. 71, 270. Smith, Charles Clark - Football 11. - pg. 145, 270. Smith, Evonne Griffin - pg. 270. Smith, Frank David - 'iCarouse1" 10, 'iFlower Drum Songu 11, Football 10, 11, 12, HG" Club 12, H.R. Officer 10, ll, 12, Student Council 11, Sgt.-at-Arms 12. - pg. 24, 147, 270. Smith, Gerald Fredrick - Basketball 10, 11, Co- Captain 12, Boys' Chorus 10, "Carousel' 10, MG" Club 11, 12, H.R. Oflicer 11, 12, Hurricane Players 10, Interact 11, Vice-Pres. 12, Pep Club 10, 11, 12. - pg, 45, 51,54,62,169,270. Smith, Howard Clayton - DCT 12, FFA 10, Sec, 1 1. k pg. 168, 270. Smith, Peggy - pg. 270. Smith, Rosanne - Transferred from Palatka High School, Palatka, Florida. - pg. 271. Smith, Ronnie - pg. 270. Smith, Stephen Fleming - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Great Books 12, Football Intramurals 11, 12, LSA 12, NHS 12, SIIH 12, "The IfVart" Co-Ed- itor 12. - pg. 98, 122, 124, 154, 155, 271. Smith, Susan Lynn - Lionettes 12, Majorettes 10, ll, Co-Head 12. - pg. 136, 137, 178, 271, 287, 295. Smith, Villie - Transferred from Gordon Military School, Barnesxille, Ga. - pg. 271. Sowell, Mary Kathleen - DE Reporter 12, "Flower Drum Song" 10. - pg. 166, 271. Soxxnan, Mary Susan - Transferred from Brenau Academy, Gainesville, Georgia. - pg. 164, 271. Spear, Guy L. - Transferred from Florida Military School, Deland, Florida. Splinter, Christopher Iames - Transferred from XVolfson High, Iacksonville, Florida. Sprow, Donald A. - pg. 106, 271. Stack, Karen Lynn - "Carousel" 10, Concert Choir 11, 12, 'iChristmas Fantasy" 12, "Flower Drum Song" ll, Girls' Chonis 10, H.R. Sec. 11, Melod- ettes Hist. 10, Vice Pres. 12, Concert Choir 11, 12. - pg. 138, 139, 271. Staley, Susan - Transferred from Bartlett High, Memphis, Tennessee. - pg. 161, 271. Stanley, Gary W pg. 24, 47, 158, 271. Steger, David Eugene - DE 11, Pres. 12. Stewart, Rodney - Transferred from Marina High, Huntingston Beach, California 12. Stinespring, Faye - Transferred from Columbia High, Lake City, Florida 12. Stipanovich, Charles Coleman - Basketball Intra- murals 10, 11, Football IV Capt. 10, Varsity 10, 11, Captain 12, "G" Club 10, ll, Chap. 12, Track '10, 11. -pg. 14, 21, 24, 25, 271, 288. Strauser, Diana -B Bayard Community School, Bayard, Iowa 11. -pg. 272. Strawn, Grace - Beacon 11, Reporter 12, LSA ll, 12, Mu Alpha Theta ll, 12, NHS 12, SHH 12, - pg. 98, 132, 172, 272. Strickland, Dale Alan - IAS 12. - pg. 150, 272. Straud, Sylvia - Civinettes 10, DCT Sec.-Treas, 12, Latin Club 10, Pep Band 10, 11, Symphonic Band 10, 11.-pg. 168, 272. National Appointments: Annapolis, NVest Point, Bill Harlan. Suggs, Gene Edward - Basketball Intramurals 11, Football 10, Football Intramurals 12. - pg. 272. Sullivan, Brenda Faye - CBE 12, FHA 10. - pg. 104, 272. Sullivan, Iohn Ioseph - Cross Country 12, "G" Club 12, IAS 12, Les Bouffons 11, Pres. 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11, Pres. 12, NHS 12, Track 11, 12, Ir. Engineering and Technological Society 12 Pres. - pg. 35, 71,126, 132, 150, 242, 272. Summers, Ioe Clarence - Swimming 10, 11, - pg. 272. Summers, Scott - Pep Club 12. - pg. 272, 293. Swearingen, Iohn Emery - Basketball Intramurals 12, Cross Country 11, 12 Capt., "G" Club 12, Foot- ball Intramurals 12, Key ll, Chap. 12, Mu Alpha Theta 12, Track 10, 11, 12, Iunior Engineering Tech. Society 12. - pg. 34, 35, 71,132, 177, 272. MTW Talbot, Mary Iosephine - "Arsenic and Old Lace" 11, Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Civinettes 10, "Flower Dmm ll, Hist. and Dist. Lt. Gov. 12, Song 11, GAA 10, 11, Hurricane Players 11, 12, Los Sombreritos 11, LSA 11, 12, Pep Club 10, ll, 12, Thespians 11, 12, "You Can't Take It VVith You" 11, - pg. 122, 179, 260, 272, Tallent, VVil1iam Eugene - DE 11,- pg. 272. Taylor, jackie Irene - Annual Stall' 11, Ads. Ed. 12, Basketball Intramurals 11, FIIA 10, H.R. Vice- Prcs, 11, Pres. 12, Keyettes 11, 12, Latin Club 10, ll, NHS ll, 12, Pep Club 10, ll, Quill and Scroll 12, St. Coun. ll. - pg. 98, 112, 116, 176, 272, 289. Taylor, Kent Gambrell - Basketball Intramurals 12. - pg. 272. Rik ff' ., V., .....- t ,.,.-of-w""""'lV Dilgren, Steve Hall Cnot picturedl, Thomas, Carol Ann - Great Books Club 12, Los Sombreritos 10, Pep Band 10, 11, 12, Symphonic Band 10, 11,12.-pg.184, 272. Thomas, Linda Susan - pg. 272. Tillman, Sandra Lula - CBE 12, FSA ll. - pg. 138,141, 272. Tillman, T. Jane - AiCl'1flSlHl8S Fantasyu 12, Cho- ralettes 11, Concert Choir 12, Girls' Chorus 11, Latin Club 10, 11, Madrigal Singers 12. - pg. 105, 272. Tinney, Bruce Franklin - Basketball Intramurals 11, 12, Football 10, Football Intramurals 12, Great Books Club 12, IETS 12, Key 12, Pep Club 12, Track 10, 11. -pg. 154, 155, 177, 260, 272. 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Winkelhake, Carol Anne - Transferred from Stranahan, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 11, Mixed Chorus 11, NHS 11, 12, Sigma Anchor 12. - pg. 98,275 Winkopp, Gail ,lean - Transferred from Plantation High School, Plantation, Florida 12, Annual Staff 12. - pg. 113, 275. Wood, A. Earl - DE 12. - pg. 167, 275. Woodland, William Brian - Transferred from York- town, Arlington, Virginia 12, "The Angry Twelve" 12. - pg. 275. Wooten, Rita Ann R CBE 12. - pg. 105, 275. Wright, Mark Freaderick - Boys' Chorus 10, L'Ca- rousel" 10, "Christmas Fantasy" 12, Concert Choir 11, Pres. 12, 'KF1ower Drum Songw 11, I'I.R. Treas. 12, ,IAS 12, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, 12, Madrigal Singers ll, 12, Pep Club 12, Sr. Steering Committee 12. -pg. 138, 141,150, 275. Wright, Ronald Keith - pg. 275. -Y- Yarbrough, Glenda Dorothy - pg. 104, 275, 294. Yawn, Amy Knight A Alpha 11, 12, A'Carousel" 10, Girls' Chours 10, Los Sombreritos 10, LSA 11, Pep Club 10. - pg. 169, 275. 310 Boy's, Girl's State: Mike Bliziotes, Bill Harlan, Roger Sims, Betsy Black, David Boothby. -A- Adams, Brian 81, 208 Adams, John 126, 174, 208 Adams, Ronny 208 Ainsworth, Jon 134, 208 Alexander, Bill 134, 208 Allen, Deborah 208 Alvarez, Barbara Jo 126, 138, 139, 158, 208 Anderson, Debby 138, 141, 178, 208 Anderson, Wayne 208 Anthony, John 159, 208 Anthony, Steve 208 Antiga, Flo 126 208 TY 1 Chuck 121, 177, 208 Arnold, Arnold Howard 138, 208 Arnold, Lynn 122, 208 Arnold, Susan 32, 121, 128, 208 Ashley, John 208 Atkins, John 35, 126, 208 Junior Index Burch, Lester 211 Burge, Cheryl 170, 211 Burgin, Leanna 172, 211 Burgin, Ronnie 138, 211 Burns, John 211 Burton, Mary 211 Bush, Bruce 211 Butler, Inez Pricilla 138, 211 Bulton, Deborah 134, 211 Button, Robert 114, 121, 211 Buxo, Charlie 211 Buzan, Peggy 211 Byerly, Bill 211 Bzoch, Kathie 98, 178, 211, 281 -C- Calaway, JoAnn 164, 165, 172, 211 Caldwell, Jamie 102, 138, 139, 211 Cameron, Nancy 211 Camp, Sam 211 Davis, Mary 213 Davis, Peggy 125, 213 Davis Sharon Ann 151, 213 Davis Temi Degenhardt, Tara 113, 213 DeLotte, Kay 125, 213 Denton, Kathy 213 Derrick, Tom 98, 121, 132, 213 Diaz, Marino J. 213 Diemmer, Alton Dixon, Ruddy 20, 24, 213 Dodd, Cheryl Lynn 138, 213 Donaldson, Tim 177, 213 Dowling, Randol 213 Dougan, Vernon Drake, Melinda 213, 296 -B- Bailey, David 71, 208 Bailey, Martha 208 Baisden, Linda 164, 165, 179, 208 Baker, Patricia Ann 140, 208 Balogh, Danny 208 Banks, Leslie 122, 124, 208 Barber, Lynn 151, 208 Barger, Jan 122, 134, 176, 208, 281 Barkley, Jim 24, 208 Barnett, Julia 171, 208 Bass, Dean 49, 51, 54, 59, 62, 63, 208 209, 175 Beck, Mike 208 Beard, Frank 51 Beckham, Jack 208 Beckham, Robbie 208 Beckham, Viola 151, 208 Belcher, Bill 208 Benedictson, Bruce 126, 208 Bennett, Mark 209 Benson, Bill 209 Bessette, Eugene 24, 209 Bethel, Robby 80, 81, 174, 209, 226 Bickerstaff, Barbara 101, 209 Bigler, Mary Ann 209, 167 Bingham, Susan 179, 209 Black, Susan 209, 289 Blaich, Kathy 209 Blahak, Cynthia 209 Blake, Ann 209 Blue, Carol 209 Boles, Debbie 173, 179, 209 Boles, Wayne 209 Bolton, Joe 209 Bostick, William 209 Boston, Ronnie 166, 209 Bowden, David 209 Bowden, Matt 210 Bowman, Ann 210 Boyd, Linda 120, 122, 124, 172, 210 Boyette, Eddie 210 Bracewell, Dennis Bradley, Jane 134, 210 Bradshaw, Kitty 80, 178, 210, 226 Branch, Bonnie 210 Branson, Jackie 210 Brinson, Willie 210 Brown, Kathy 210 Brown, Lynda Kay 122, 124, 210 Brown, Mary 210 Browning, Alan 141, 210 Bruce, Jerry 168, 210 Bruce, Joey 166, 210 Bryan, Bill 50, 210 Bryant, Emma 138, 211 Bryant, Gates 211 Buchanan, Gregory 25, 211 Buckley, Beverly 40, 98, 117, 122, 124 178, 211 Buel, Mark 24, 211 Buell, Mark 24, 82, 74, 211 Bullard, Mary 211 Bunn, Dana 211 Bunnell, Beverly 211 Cannon, Dale 24, 211 Cannon, David Cannon, Rusty 148, 211 Cannon, Susan 76, 85, 209, 211, 277 Cappe, Arljne 211 Carlin, Dale 211 Carlisle, Marsha 121, 132, 150, 164, 211, 255 Carr, Pat 46, 175, 211 Carroll, Bobby 166, 211 Carter, Juddy 24, 51, 55, 174, 211,289 Carter, Sue 211 Casey, Charles 211 Cassel, Laurie 139, 211 Cassiato, Frances 172, 211 Castell, Wayne 24, 211 Cawthon, BoBo 181, 211 Chaney, Patricia 163, 211 Chavers, Larry 211 Choate, Allan 98, 211 Christiansen, Kim 24, 82, 174, 211 Clardy, Dennis 211 Clark, Vickie 169, 211 Close Herb 138, 211 Cobum, Holland 211 Colding, Judy 211 Collins, Jim 168 Colson, Bonnye 211 Colvin, Ed 125, 211 Combs, Honey 98,122,124, 138, 140, 211 Condo, Melanie 98, 99, 122, 176, 211 Conner, Cathie 134, 211 Cook, Debby 126, 172, 212 Cook, Cheryl 39, 212 Cook, Randy 212 Coram, Peggy 125, 212 Cornwell, Daniel Correll, Beth 151, 178, 212 Couch, Henry 24, 212, 277 Cowart, Myra 212 Cowles, Anne 170 Cox, Dixie 76, 212, 216 Cox, Mary 212 Cox, Susan 212 Craig, Bob 212 Crawford, Cindy 212 Crawford, Nancie 18, 101, 170, 212 Crawford, Timothy 141, 212 Crosby, Bert 24, 138, 212 Crosby, Phil 24, 212 Cross, John A. 98, 115, 132, 150, 212 Crow, Daryl 40, 77, 144, 169, 212 Cunningham, Jane 151, 178, 212 -D- Dampier, Cress Darnell, Norma 212 Darnell, Shirley 212 Dauphinee, Beth 138, 140, 212 Dauphinee, Cathy 151, 212 Davis, Charles R. 212 Davis Gregory 177, 213 Davisl Jim Davis, John 134, 213 Davis, Kaye 213 Dukes, Larry 214 Dulaney, John 24, 81, 214 Dunn, Melissa 214 -E.. Eddy, Brenda 214 Eddy, Randy 106, 214 Edwards, Debbie 214 Eliades, Don 134, 214 Elkins, Paul 214 Elleman, Doris 166, 214 Ellenson, Donna Sue 77, 131, 169, 214 Elliott, Debbie 214 Ellis, Don Ellis, John 214 Elmore, Page 108, 172, 176, 214, 291 Emmel, BarBee 122, 151, 176, 2 14 Eng, Robena 6, 37, 98, 121, 132, 142, 143, 178, 214, 281 Engel, Jan 169, 214 English, Cathie 214 English, Jimmy Amel 214 Es osito, Darla Dee 98, 113, 117, 122, 1324, 132, 178, 214 Ewell, Ann 125, 214 Ewing, Curtis Steven 214 .. F - Fagan, Lynn 37, 65, 122, 123, 1 281 Fagan, Mary 138, 214 Farnbach, Jo 214 Farber, Hans 214 Feamey, Mike 81, 126, 132, 177 Feather, David 125, 177, 214 Ferguson, Pam 125, 176, 214 Fillingim, Alice 214 Fillyaw, Donnie 214 Finley, Anna 151, 164, 214 Fisk, Marylynn 214 Fiskell, Elaine 214 Flage Sheree Kay 179, 214 Flanagan, Anice 172, 214 Fleming, Larry 214 Flowers, David 134, 143, 214 Ford, Tom 214 69, 214 , 214 Foshee, John 82, 98, 121, 174, 214, 296 Frank, Gregory Scott Fremen, Mike 214 Freeman, Rachel 214 French, Janice 168 Fuller John 24, 82, 214 Furman, Susan 214 -G- Gabbard, Danny 168 Gabbard, Steve 168 Gabhart, Amold 214 Gable, Jennie 214 Gallagher, Vince 19, 50, 64, 113, 175, 214, 289 Gammel Allen 141, 214 Gann, Sue 138, 214 Gardiner, Mike 175, 192, 214 Gaston, Bill 214 Ghent, Russell Doyle 214 Gibson, Charmaine 214 Gilland, Patrick 214 122, Haguewood, Linda 179, 215 Gillett, Wilson 72, 214 Goddard, Betsy 107, 122, 158, 179, 214, 280 Goodwin, Warren 214 Goolsby, Donald 175, 215 Goolsby, Larry Gray, Jimmie Eugene 215 Green, Charlotte 215 Green Glen Edwin 215 Green, Roy 215 Green, Susan 215 Greene, Ann 215 Greene, Glenda 107, 114, 117, 158, 215 Greene, Tommy 215 Griffeth, James 215 G1'imany, Luis 215 Griner, Debbie 138, 139, 215 Grove, Pamela Kay 215 Grunewald, Sue 215 Gunter, Don -H- Haich, Pamela 159, 215 Haisley, Elliotte Corraine 138, 215 Hale, Sandy 50, 215 Hall, Jimmy 216 Halperin, Phil 98, 126, 132, 134, 177, 216 Halsey, Katherine 121, 151, 158, 216 Hamilton, Pat 216 Hammer, Phyllis Lynne 172, 216 Hammond, Douglas 216 Hannah, James 138, 141, 216 Hanssen, Linda 169, 216 Hammock, John 216 Hardee, JoAnn 151, 164, 216 Hardee, Robert 174, 216 Hare, James 216 Harper, Michael 166, 216 Harrison, Bonne 121, 179, 216 Harrison, Wanda Gail 216 Harrison, Gordon 78, 134, 216 Harrison, Theresa 172, 216 Hart, Charlie 174, 216, 224, 225 Hart, Irene 216 Harris, Helen 140, 216 Hartman, Jim 51, 216 Hatcher, Mary 216 Haynes, Ann 216 Hazen, Neal 216 Hearn, Jimmy 216 Heckard, Ellen 217 Heidingsiield, Mike 132, 217 Helton, Kat 217 Henderly, Dale 98, 132, 217 Hendry, Skip Hentges, Douglas 217 Hemdon, Jane 121, 176, 217, 283 Heron, Diana 109, 164, 217 Herriott, Julie 217 Hess, Melody 38, 140, 179, 217 Hicks, Debbi 134, 217 Hill, Allen 134, 143, 217 Hilliard, Dana 217 Hilliard, Sherry 217 Hinson, Julie 217 Hodgkins, Ted 217 Hogan, Faye 217 Holder, Carl 218 Holder, Curtis 218 Holder, Jan 218 Holder, Michael 35, 143, 218 Holladay, Tracy 177, 218 Holland, Carl 14, 22, 24, 218 Holland, Jeri 151, 218 Holton, Larry 218 Honn, Allan 218 Hooker, Joan Hope, Gale 218 Hom, Terry 134, 143, 174, 218 Horne, Jimmy 218 Houk, Russell C. 218 Houk, Warren E. 218, 167 Howard, Arlene 172, 218 Huckeba, Jimmy 71, 218 Homsby, Faye 218 312 Huff, Roberta 218 Huguley, John 71, 219 Hunt, William M. 175, 219, 220 Hunter, Dubbie 219 Hunter, Kathie 219 Hunter, Sidney 219 Hutcheson, Patricia Lee 219 Hyatt, Robert 126, 134, 143, 219 -1- Iddings, Henrietta 219 Ingman, Kathy 219 -j- James, Woody 24, 71, 219 Jaudon, Carol 178, 219 Jemigan, Kitten 219 Jemigan, Louise 219 Johnson Belinda 138, 219 Johnson Betsy 164, 219 Johnson, Janice 219 Johnson, Kathy 178, 219 Liddon, Marilyn 178, 220 Lincoln, Peggy Lindenfelser, Don 220 Linsley. Fred 220 Long, Steve 220 Lopez, Stephen 76, 138, 220 Losey, Ralph 78, 220 Lovci, Steve 220 Loveday, Linda 151, 221 Lovett, Leatha 138, 151, 221 Lowe, Lucy 221 Luca, Richard 221 Lucius, Jay 24, 83, 147, 175, 221 Lyons, Ricky 221 -M, Mace, Sherri 179, 221 Machado, Rene E. 126, 221 Madison, Shirley 140, 164, 221 Maher, Jan 47, 98, 117, 122, 124, 132, 140, 141, 150, 221 Mann, Dan Mahoney, Peggy 170, 221 Johnson, Sandra 219 Johnson Sharon 219 Jones, Tony Maurice 219 Jones, Cherry 37, 219 Jones, John 106, 219 Jones, Judy 164, 219 Jones, Margaret 151, 219 Jones, Milta 172, 219 Jones, Randy Floyd 106, 160, 219 Jones, Susia 219 Jones Than 157 219 Joraah Beth 219, -K- Kahler, Elaine 138, 219 Kattke, Janice A. 107, 138, 219 Kerr Steve 219 Malagon, Leticia 221 Mallard, Kim 221 Mallard, Roger 138, 221 Malphurs, Bill 221 Maltby, Raymond 221 Mann, Don Manning, Evelyn 221 Mantlo, Bobby 106, 221 Mantlo, Luther 221 Marshall, Patricia 221 Martin, Don Martin, Gary 221 Martin Janet 221 Martin John 221 Martin Judi 169, 221, 223 Martin Larry 50, 222 Martin Stephen 132 222 Mminitau, Richard 277 Kidwell John Wesley 24, 175, 219 Kiersznowski, Terry 143, 219 Kilcoyne, Jackie 126, 170, 219 Kinard, Donna 179, 219 King, Carla 125, 219 King, Charlie 24, 50, 121, 175, 219 Kinsey, Hattie R. 219 Kisida, Richard 219 Kisner, Janice 219 Kitchens, Patrica 107, 138, 219 Koemer, Linda 219, 289 Kokomoor, Frank 98, 121, 219 Koren, Dennis 219 Kruk,Gary 219 Krumm, Olga 128, 219 Kuhr, Candy 126, 172, 219 Kurtz, Christine 98, 126, 138, 219 -L- Labby, Kathy 219 Lackey, Sue Laird, Diane 219 Laird, Joyce 219 Laird, Terri 219 LaMee, Jim 219 Lancaster, Donald 219 Land, Sandi 219, 288 Langieri, Nanci 179, 220 Lansberry, Darlene 220 Larson, Julie 138, 139, 220 Lashley, Sharman 220 Lassiter, Bill 24, 220 Lattimore, Chester 220 Lawton, Linda 172, 220 Laytield, James 220 Leath, Linda 220 Ledbetter, Fraser 143, 220 Lee, Marsha 220 Lee, Ronald 106, 220 Legate, Lex 220 Lentz, Mike 167, 220 Leslie, Kathy 220 Lewis, Booker 220 Lichter, Suzanne 98, 114, 117, 122, 124 132, 150, 171, 220 Marinetti, Camille 222 Marzloff, Lynne 222 Mason, William 106, 222 Massengill, Tommy 222 Mathers, Gladys 222 Mathia, David 222 Mgtglgews, Kathie 80, 132, 176, 217, Mauldin, Linda 112, 138, 139, 222, 292 May, Nelson 222 Mayfield, Eddie 222 McAshan, Eddie 12, 24, 45, 51, 52, 54, 56, 58, 59, 62, 222 McCall, Eddie 141, 222 McCarthy, John McCombs, Jim 7, 24, 88c, 88d, 147, 174, 222 McCoy, Pat 98, 113, 119, 169, 222 McCranie, Gary 222 McCrimmon, David 168, 222 McDaniel, Deborah 222 McDavid, Dalton 222 McE1wain, Karen 75, 222 McFarlane, Linda 222 McGill, Drew 222 McKinney, Kay 136, 169, 222 McKinney, Keith 222 McKnight, Lavonne 222 McKnight, Yvonne 222 McLamb, Carol 222 McLane, Michael 106, 161 McLean, Ann 107, 222 McMillan, Cecil 222 McMillar1, Jessie 222 McPeek, Bonnie 140, 222 McVay, Sally 222 Mead, David 82, 83, 125, 134, 143, 222 Medler, Jan 98, 132, 172, 222 Melton, Wade 33, 121, 175, 209, 222 Meidert, Jim 222 Mesa, Isabel 164, 222 Metts, Deborah 151, 222 Michaels, George 24, 222 Miller, Debbie 179, 222 Millican, Elaine 222 Millies, John Milliken, Chris 222 Mims, Robert Mitchell, Debby 222 Mixson, Brenda 179, 222 Mixson, John 106, 222 Mock, Lowell 222 Mooneyham, Patricia 222 Morris, Lonnie 222 Morris, Sheri 222 Morrison, Sue 222 Morrow, Cheryl Mountain, Bobby 222 Mountain, Bonnie 222 Mountain, Carolyn 222 Murphey, Jeannine 80, 222 Myers, John 222 Myking, Lynn 223 Myrick, Robert 223 Myrick, Steve 223 -N- Nelson, Albert 223 Nelson, Gary 138, 158, 223 NeSmith, Woody 113, 120, 122, 124, 177, 223 Newbem, Regina 223 Newsome, Ann 223 Niblack, Jim 24, 147, 223 Niederkohr, Karen 223 Nielsen, Ruth 223 Noe, Hugh 125, 223 Noe, Mark 223 Norden, Cynthia 151, 223 Norton, Deborah 126, 223 Noyes, Patti 98, 124, 132, 171, 223 -O- Oakley, Betsy 136, 176, 223, 276, 287 O'Conner, Sara 223 O'Dell, Kathy 126, 176, 223 Oetter, Christy 7, 36, 37, 223 Olesen, Terry 223 Olsen, Peter 228 Opdyke, Kay 107, 122, 124, 223 Orr, Sharon 223 -P- Painter, Jim 24, 224 Parker, Charles 76, 109, 121, 174, 224 Parramore, Jon 224 Patton, Andra 224 Patton, Garron 24, 224 Pearson, Steve 224 Pellino, Johnny 224 Pennell, Bonnie 159, 244 Perkins, Nell 76, 244 Perkins, Tommy 244 Perryman, James 224 Pettis, David 98, 132, 134, 224 Phillips, Barbara 125, 224 Phillips, Bruce 224 Pierce, Carol 224 Pinkeney, Christina 224 Pinner, Duke 88c, 88d, 174, 224, 296c Pittman, Nancy 224 Plettner, Ricky 224 Pons, Sharron Poole, Dean 24, 224 Potter, Patty 80, 98, 124, 153, 178, 224 Powell, Frances 169, 224 Powell, Kathryn Rebecca 164, 165, 224 Powers, Jane 67, 113, 124, 132, 176, 224, 294 Pray, Butch 225 Price, Anne Price, David 138, 141, 225 Price, John 225 Prickett, Valerie 225 Pridgen, Ken 225 Proctor, Mark 98, 99, 121, 132, 225 Pu, Steve 132, 225 Puckett, Jeanie '80, 126, 169, 225 Putnam, Mark 134, 143, 225 Pyles, Carol .-Q- Quintero, Junny 122, 124, 225 -R- Rabell Ivo 125, 225 Radford, Mike 225 Rafferty, George 51, 52, 54, 55, 225 Rafter, Tom 225 Rain, Marilyn 121, 138, 225 Ramirez, Charles 225 Rankin, Larry 175, 216, 226 Ratliff, Larry 226 Reed, Danny Reif, Susan 176, 226 Rembert, Shirley 226 Renfroe, Pam 226 Renfrow, Bobby 226 Reynolds, David 226 Ricard, Don 226 Richardson, Burges 125, 226 Riggs, Richard 138, 226 Robinett, Alan Robbins, Becky 179, 226, 290 Robbins, Laura 226 Roberts, Danny 226 Roberts, Rob 226 Robinson, Debby 226 Robinson, Vemon 226 Roby, Lee 25, 226 Rodgers, Tommy 25, 226 Rogers, Peggy 226 Rose, Jayne 226 Roundtree, Jimmy 13, 22, 24, 51, 58, 147, 174, 208, 226 Rountree, Dan 147, 226 Rumbaugh, Katie 150, 151, 164, 226 Rush, Linda 227 Ryals, Sandra 38, 122, 178, 227 Ryschkewitsch, Mike 98, 132, 227 -S- Saferight, Chuck 166, 227 Salille, Albertico 125, 227 Sampson, Johnnie Sanders, Pat 227 Santerfeit, Gary 227 Satterwhite, David Schoelkopf, Deborah 227 Schroder, Ed Scott, Belinda Scott, Lance 175, 227 Scott, Melvin 227 Sealey, Libby 227 Seay, Paul 227 Shanks, Chris 37, 226 Sharp, Ken 60, 98, 122, 175, 227 Shelton, Clara 121, 227 Sherman, Locky Jo 179, 227 Shorter, Charles Sills, Linda 227 Singley, Peggy 162, 178, 227 Slappey, Wayne 227 Siimak, Phil 227 Smith Betsy 227 Smith, Diann 227 Smith Donald 227 Smith, Evans 24, 88c, 88d, 174, 223, Smith, John 227 Smith, Mike 175, 227 Smith Miki 227 Smith, Pat 138, 139, 227 Smith, Paul 141, 150, 227 Smith, Ralph Smith, Ronnie 210 Smith, Ronald Ray 227 Smith, Tery 134, 227 Smith, Vicki 227 Smith, Walter 227 Sneed, Bill 227 Sommese, Joe 227 Souders, Claudia 98, 132, 150, 164, 2 Spear, Nancy 227 Spongberg, Linda 98, 227 Squires, Richard 64, 147, 174, 227 Stanley, Kitty 125, 134, 227 2 27 Stechmiller, Billy 82, 134, 227 Steckel, Dan 227 Steele, Jim 49, 51, 53, 227 Stelzenmuller, Kathy 179, 227 Stevens, David 227 Stewart, Darrell 24, 88c, 88d, 227 Stone, Judy 125, 227 Stoney, Anne 138, 227 Strauser, Penny 227 Strickland, Dorianda 227 Strickland, Emestine 227 Stuart, Roland 227 Sublett, Scarlet 134, 158 Sullivan, Dennis 126, 174, 227 Sullivan, Sheila 227 Summerlin, Beverly 136, 227, 276 Summers, Carl 228 Surface, Carol 171, 228 Sutten, Gayle 228 Swilley, Douglas 228 Swilley, Doyle 228 -T- Talley, Glenn 228 Tate, Gregory Layne 76, 175, 228 Tate, John 228 Taggcgr, John 98, 150, 177, 212, 213 Taylor, OrLynne 138, 140, 228 Tenney, Carolyn 138, 141, 151, 228 Thames, Ronnie 228 Thayer, Nancy 134, 142, 143, 228 Thigpin, Dianne 140, 228 Thomas, Clark 113, 148, 228 Thomas, Eddy 228 Thomas, Stanley 228 Thomby, Jain 228 Thomton, Rita 228 Tilghman, Shirley 228 Timmons, Brenda 179, 288 Tisdale, Tom 138, 158, 159, 228 Todd, Karen 122, 134, 170, 228 Todd, Marie 228 Triay, Emest Trieste, Betty Sue 146, 228 Turbytill, Nancy 228, 284 Turner, Carol 139, 140, 228 Tumer, Cathy Tyner Mack 47, 98, 126, 132, 138, 141, 150, 228 Tyre, Chip 228 - U - Underwood, Billy 138, 228 - V - Van Hom, Bill 228 Van Popering, Louise 134, 228 Van Winkle, Linda 228 Vaughn, Lonnie 24, 228 Ventura, Maryann 228 Vickers, Kay 134, 228 Vickers, Kim 134, 228 Videon, Janis 228 Vilallonga, Pedro 228 Vollmert, Robert 228 - W - Wakeman, Bill 228 Walden, Debby 138, 140, 141, 178, 228 Waldrop, Richard Stanley 125, 228 Walker, Franklin 228 Walker, Tim 141, 228 Walker, Sharon 228 Walsh, Su 228 Walters, Bill 228 Ward, Buddy 122, 228 Ward, Mary Anne 228 Waters, Chad 228 Waters, Coy 141, 228 Watson, Daniel 228 Watts, Ruth 228 Weatherington, Bob 24, 177, 228 Webb, Mike 228 Weiner, Joe 229 Welch, Barbara 121, 229 Wellbom, Jim 122, 134, 177, 229 Wells, Bob 229 Wells, John R. 229 Welsch, Colny 80, 229 Welsh, Bruce 229 Welsh, Barbara 179 Weseman, Judy 98, 132, 178 229 s White, Bob 229 White, Janice 229 Williams, Earl 229 Williams, Danny 134, 143, 229 Williams Williams , Evelyn , Gary 153, 174, 229 Williams, Kim 124, 171, 229 Williams, Nathaniel 21, 24, 71 Williams, Ray 229 Williams Sandy 19, 174, 229 Williams? Tommy Willis, Sherwood Wilson, Dannie Zatrouer, Gary 24, 147, 174, 229 Whitehouse, Bob 229 Whitehurst, Jackie 229 Whitfield, Rita 125, 229 Wiggins, Bill 229 Wiggins, Leslie 134, 229 Wilbanks, David 229 Willcox, Joanie 169, 229 Williams, Cathy 151, 164, 229 Williams, Cindy 170, 229 Ted 28, 149, 180, 60 Williams, Curt 229 -A- Abbott, John 177, 180, 193 Abbott, Mary 180 Abbott, Russell Adams, Bennie 180 Adams, Brenda Jo 140, 180 Allen, Elaina 180 Allen, Johnny 180 Allen, Terra 117, 151, 180 Amerson, Gary 180 Anderson, John 29, 180 Anderson, Kenny 29, 180 Anderson, Michael 122, 180, 200, 201 Anderson, Randy 180 Anderson Shelley Carolyn 107, 117, 180 Anderson Shelley Jane 180 , Anderson, Wilson, Henrietta 229 Wilson, Larry A. 141, 229 Wilson, Sandy 229 Wiltbank, Raqui 122, 171, 229 Windsor, Mark 229 Winn, Billy 126, 134, 143, 229 Wolpert, Nanette 138, 139, 229 Womack, Jenni 124, 178, 229 Womeldurf, Scott 229 Wood, Kathy 169, 229 Wood, Tom 82, 134, 229 Woodard, Linda 229 WOIICY, Tommie 229 Wrighter, Bill 229 Wyman, Judith 229 Wynn, Brenda 229 -Y- Yates, Larry 134, 229 Yawn, Janice 170, 229 Young, Connie 41, 172, 229 Young, Devony 229 Younger, Susan 113, 117, 126, 176, 229 - Z - Zetrouer, George 229 ophomore Index Bianchi, Frank 181 Bianchi, Johnny 181 Bigelow, Hal 181 Bishop, Larry 28, 181 Blanton, Pamela 181 Bloemendaal, Brent or Jon 134, Bobroff, Steve 182 Bohannon, Johnny 29, 182 Boivin, Jimmy 182 Bondurant, Terry 111, 182 Boothby, Donna 179, 182, 184 Boulware, Mike 141, 182 Bourgeois, Mary Jo 182 Box, Allan 182 Box, Linda Boyd, Dartha 182 Bracewell, Kitty 134, 182 Bradbury, Charlie Bradshaw, Doris, 182 Andress, Kevin 180 Andrews, Terry 180 Anton, Glenn 180 Arahill, Pat 180 Amow, Suzanne 140, 169, 180, 188 Ashton, Jane 176, 180 Ayala, Maria Gladys 180 Ayers, Steve 125, 175, 180, 183 -B- Bailey, Linda 178, 180, 164 Baker, Carolyn 140, 180 Brashear, Bruce 113, 121, Bratcher, Dallas 182 Breeden, Kathy 182 Breland, Linda 122, 182 Brinson, Sandy 182 Bristow, Janet 182 Brooks, Gary 182 Broussard, Sheila 182 Brown, Brown, Herby 134, 182 Martha 182 Broyles, David 182 Brunelle, Steve 182 Bryan, Woody 182 Ban, Judy 140, 180 Banks, Judy 76, 122, 132, 180, 191, 124 Banks, Wanda 180 Bardwell, Cornell 31, 122, 151, 180, 124 Barney, Linda 117, 125, 180 Barron, Tommie 28, 180 Bass, Linda 180 Bateman, Bruce 180 Bates, Diane 180 Beal, Joe 180 Beal, Nancy 180 Beard, Mike 181 Beazlie, Emily 181 Beck, Glennice 181 Beck, Gwenn 181 Beck, Maudie 181 Beckham, Lonnie Belcher, Bill Bryant, Allen 106, 182 Bryant, Charles 29, 182 Bryant, Delores 182 Bullard, Barbara 182 Burnell, Donna 134, 182 Bumham, Gene 182 Bumham, Marianne 182 Burton, Jill 182 Byars, Kim 182 -C- Cadwallader, Steve 182 Cain, Tommy 182 Cam, Richard 182 Cambridge, Lavonza 182 Campbell, Dino 182 Campbell, Laurie 182 Cardenas, Conrad 182 Bell, Greg 181 Belyew, Charles 181 Bennett, Dana 24, 181, 192 Bennett, Ricky 181 Benton, Annice 181 Benton, Greg 181 Benyo, Jane 181 Benz, Greg 24, 181 Bemer, Roberta 122, 178, 181, Best, Yvonne 122, 181 314 Carpenter, Jim 28, 106, 182 Carr, David 182 Carroll, Lewis 182 Carson, Steve 182, 196 Carter, Corliss 138, 140, 182 Carter, Cynthia 182 Carter, Melton 183 Carter, Mike 182 Casey, Leslie 134, 143, 183 Casey, 1 177, 182 Wayne 24, 60, 82, 130, 183, 279 Cason, James 183 Catlin, Mark 183 Catotti, Claire 121, 132, 143, 178, 183 Cauthen, Darius 183 Chaffln, Renee 183 Chancey, John 29, 183 Chesser, Bobby 183 Chesser, Joyce 183 Cheshire, Linda 183 Chiappini, Robin 183 Chisholm, Gail 107, 140, 158, 183 Christian, Madeline 183 Civitarese, Sandie 151, 183 Clark, Jill 29, 183 Clark, John 183 Clay, Terry 183 Clements, Janet 183 Clemons, Marolyn 151, 183 Cleveland, Darrell 29, 106, 183 Cline, Beth 31, 36, 125, 183 Cobb, Larry 35, 71, 106, 183 Cohen, Bernard 183 Cohen, Rita 122, 124, 183, 164 Coleman, Frank 29, 71, 183 Collier, Nathan 183 Collins, Larry 28, 183 Combs, Keith 183 Cook, Alice 179, 184 Cook, Cynthia 138, 140, 184 Cook, David 184 Cook, Mark 184 Corl, Cathy 184 Correll, Diane 176, 184 Corripio, Justo 29, 184 Coughlin, Louise Courtney, Cecil 184 Cowart, Bryant 28, 184 Cowart, Denisa 125, 184, 280 Crampton, Mary 184 Crawford, Barbara 184 Crawford, David 184 Crawford, Jeff 184 Crawford, Patty 117, 140, 184 Crenshaw, Jerry 141, 184 Crocker, Nancy 184 Crom, Brady 29, 184 Crown, Murray 184 Cradup, Annie 184 Crumpton, Ralph 28 Crumpton, Steve 29, 184 Cummings, Sam 143, 184 -D- Dalto, Susan 184 Darnpier, Annette 184 Dampier, Nick Dampier, Paul 185 Daniel, Roger 185 Daniel, Treva 144, 185 Darrah, Eldon 185 Dasher, Gordon 185 Daughtry, Robert 29, 121, 185 Davis, Betty 185 Davis, Cathryn 185 Davis, Glenn Davis, Harold 106, 185 Davis, Kenneth 185 Davis, Lacon 185 Davis, Larry 185 Davis, Patricia 185 Davis, Ricky F. 177, 185, 205, 279 Davis, Ricky J. 185, 186 Davis, Ronnie 185 Davison, Lodell Deas, David 24, 185, 186 DeBose, Deborah 134, 186 DeBose, Hayward 186, 141 DeGraff, Buddy 24, 186 DeLaney, Bruce 125, 177, 186, 204 Dell, Alexis 143, 176, 186 Denmark, Andy186, 194, 285 Dennison, Philip 186 DeYot, Debbie 186, 164 Futch, Linda 187 -G - Gabhart, Barbara 187 Gable, Eddie 187 Gaines, Jerald 29, 187 Gainey, Gloria Jean 187 Garibaldi, Michele 169, 187 Garrett, David 187 Garrigus, Phil 29, 71, 187 Gassett, Craig 29, 187 George, Faye 187 Gibson, Debbie Ann Gibson, Debbie Marie 187, 203 Gilkinson, Margaret 187 Gillen, Clark 187 Gillen, Cynthia 36, 188 Gilman, Susy 188 Gocek, Anita 140, 188 Goodman, Charles 188 Goolsby, Terri Pam 188 Gough, Alan 188 Holley, Cedric 190 Holloway, Susan 36, 176, 190, Holmes, Kathy 140, 190 Holtz, Tom 190 Hood, Debbie 190 Hooten, Damon 121, 190 Hope, Frances 190 Hope, Mack 190 Hope, Maurice 190 Hope Tam 76, 90 Horne, Herbie 28, 190 Houston, Nancy 190 Howard, Ella 190 Howell, Sheryl or Lynn 190 Hudson, Jan 196 Hudson, Janet 196 Huguley, Tim 190 Hunt, Bill 122, 190 Hunter, Wally 190 Hutton, Marsha 190 Hyden, Philip 122, 177, 190 Hylton, Deborah, Louise 190 Johnson, Susan 117, 122, 140, DiCanio, Teddy 186 Doerr, Terri 140, 186 Donahue, Kathy 186 Dougan, Vernon 186 Dover, Lee 28, 174, 186 Driggers, David 186 Driver, Vivian Dukes, Margaret 186 Duncan , Duncan, Du ree P , Dupree, Dupree, Iris 138, 186 Mike 81, 186 Anne 186 Brenda 186 Lee 186 Dyer, Deidre 186 Dyer, Earl 186 Graham, Andy 188 Graham, Cameron Graham, Caroline 188 Graham, Chip 29, 188 Graham , Greg 188 Grant, Chip 28, 81, 183, 188 Gravenstein, Alix 188 Gray, Barbara 149, 188 Green, Green, Green , Greene Greene 3 Greene, Greene, Betsy 122, 188 Brenda 136, 188 Marcie 188 , Bronwyn Leigh 188 Charles 188 Mike 188 Tommy 188 -1- lrwin, Joy Iuculano, Maria 190 -J- Jackson, Gerry 190 Jackson, Lana G. 138, 190 James, Libby 190 Jeffcoat, Joy 140, 146, 190 Jobe, Gail 36, 176, 191, 288 Johns, Mary Ann 191 Johnson, Michelle 140, 151, 191 -E- Ebling, Glenn 186 Eddy, Harry 106, 186 Eddy, Jean 178, 187 Eddy, Vivan 187 Edwards, David 187 Ellis, Al 187 Ellis, Pat 187 Elmore, Pat 172, 187 Elton, Carrnady English, Kathy Ergle, Sharon 187 Ethridge, Rosemary 125, 187 Everett, Nancy 36, 187, 192 Evey, Donna 187 Evjen, Linda 178, 187 Ewell Colleen Denese 187 Ewing, Dana J. 187 -F- Fant, Robert 134, 187 Fanis, Shelley 140, 187 Fanus, Jonathan 29, 187 Farber, Webb 187 Farrell, Laura 187 Feagle, Cindy 146, 187 Feagle, Wylene 187 Fender, Helen 187 Fender, Mike 187 Ferber, John 187 Ferguson, Robert Files, Reed 187 Fillman, Charmagne 187 Fiskell, Margaret 134, 187 Flake, Steve 187 Florence, Paul 187 Floyd, Linton 150, 187 Fogarty, John 187 Folsom, Joe 187 Ford, Omega 187 Ford, Sam 187 Foreman, Johnnie 29, 60, 106, Fosser, James 187 Fosser, Larry 29, 187 Fowler, Shirley 187 Francis, Charlene 151, 187 Frank, Bob 187 Franklin, David 187 Freeman, Jim 29, 187 Frening, Claudia 140, 187 Fullwood, Lee 106, 187 Greenier, Barbara 188 Gregory, Nancy 188 Gresham, Brenda 188, 276 Gunter, Donald 188 -H- Hack, Thomas 189 Hadley, John 177, 189 Haguewood, Bruce 177, 189 Haire, Sue 189 Halbrook, Susan 171, 189 Jolley, Jones, Lisa 75, 176, 191, 205 Bruce 191 Jones, Charlie 29, 60, 61, 191 Jones, Debbie 191, 193 Jones, Deborah Jones, Jack 191 Jones, Kenny 191 Jourdan, John 191 Joyner, Deborah 151, 191 -K- Hales, Dot 189 Hall, Arnett 60, 189 Hall, Dianne 189 Hall, Glenn 189 Hall , Marie 189 Hall, Susan 36, 189 Hammer, David 189 Hammer, Phil 189 Hampton, Jennie Hanna, Mary 121, 189 Hansbarger, Robert 189 Hanson, Sandra 189 Harpe, Debbie 190 Harper, Mike 166, 190 Harper, David Harper, Pat 190 Harrell, Rick 190 Harris, Debby 190 Harrison, Clark 190 Harrison, Jane 190 Hart, Mary 190, 192 Hauller, Dale 190 Hawk, Ronnie 190 Hawthorne, Maggie 190 Hayes, Vernett 190 Haythorne, David 190 Henderson, Jane 190 Henderson, Nick 190 Henderson, Tim 190 Henley, Ronnie 190 Hentges, Eric 190 Herlong, Betty 36, 190 Herring, Jerry 190 Herriott, Roberta 190 Hetrick, Anne 190 Hicks, John 121, 190 Hightower, Joe 190, 60 Hill, Charles 190 Hilliard, Debby 190 Hines, Leo 190 Hobbs, Rachel 140 Holder, Dan 29, 190 Kallstrom, Scott 140, 191 Karabinis, Paul 177, 180, 191 Kates, Jo 172, 191 Keefe, Scott 74, 125, 168c, 178, 191, 296 Keel, Becky 73, 125, 169, 181, 191 Keeney, Peggy 134, 191 Keith, Billy 28, 191 Kelly, James 191 Kennan, Elaine 191 Keyes, Timothy 134, 191 Kinchen, Beverly 191 King, John 123, 175, 184, 191 Kite, Judy 125, 191 Klein, Sandra 75, 176, 192 Klise, Kathy 192 Krezdom, Carl 121, 175, 184, 192 Kuitert, Bobby 81, 125, 134, 174, 192 Kuykendall, Joyce Ann 36, 192 -L- Labby, Judy Laird, Darlene 192 Lake, Steve 192 Land, Gary S. 29, 192 Land, John 192 Langdon, Bob 192 Langley, Leola 192 Langston, Sue 192 Lanier, Judy 192 Lansberry, Duane 192, 60 Law, Sherli 36, 192, 279 Leadon, Tom 192 Lee, Art 60, 61, 82, 175, 192 Lee, Judy 192 Leslie, Brian 192 Lester, Randall 192 Lewis, Alonzo 141, 192 Lindsey, Gwen 192 Lindsey, Terry 106, 192 Narron, Julie 196 Neylans, Bill 196 Richardson, Bob 106, 199 Mathis, Rosenberger, Jody 178, 200 r -.-f Lites, Laura 193 Littlejohn, Loretta 193 Locklear, Janice 193 Long, John 141, 193 Loveland, Mark 150, 193 Lowry, Katharine 36, 158, 193, 279 Lucas, Johnny 193 Luke, Denise 193 Lukoski, Deirdre 121, 136, 169, 184, 193, 287 -M- Mace, Donna 193 Mack, Marsha 193 Mackey, Jane 179, 193 Most, Caroline E. 117, 121, 126, 159, 195 Mott, Carol 195 Mowry, Debra Ann Moye, Mary 195 Mullinax, Elizabeth 195 Mullins, Nickie 195 Mahoney, George 193 Mainor, Idalu Mallard, Judy 193 Mansir, Tom 143, 193 Marable, Becky 171, 193 Marceau, Marleen 107, 194 Marion, Anne 140, 194 Murphree, Billy 195 Murrell, Gary 196 Myers, Mike 196 Myrick, John 106, 196 Myrick, Roger 196 -N- Nealy, Gary 71, 196 Nealy, Sheila A. 138, 196 Nelson, Barbra 196 Nelson, Tina 178, 196 Nesler, Cathy 36, 183, 196 Newbem, Barbara 196 Newsome, Frances 125, 196 Quirin, Happy 199 Quintero, Ligie 125, 199 -R- Rain, Yvonne 199 Ramsey, Ted 199 Ranson, Susan 146, 158, 199 Raper, Patsy 140 Reddick, Richie 134, 199 Reddish, Calpurnia 199 Reed, David 199 Register, Carl 28, 199 Register, Janet 125, 140, 199 Reid, Jean 138, 199 Reliford, Beany 199 Renfroe, Leonard 199 Reynolds, Ben 199 Rhoden, Buddy 106, 199 Rhoden, Charles 199 Rhoden, David 199 Rhodes, Debby 199 Rhodes, Mike 199 Markham, Danny 194 Martin, David 194 Martin, Dexter 106, 194 Martin, Freddy 194 Martin, Karen 140, 194 Martin, Norris 194 Martin, Rachel 194 Martin, Richard 29, 174, 206, 194 Martin, Tony Massey, Joyce Mathis, Charmaine 140, 194 Karen 4, 136, 137, 194 Nielsen, Laura 196 Nobles, Bing 29, 81, 196 Nobles, Fred 28, 196 Nobles, Lorna 197 Nolan, Marsha 197 Nordstrand, Nils 197 Norman, Brenda 134, 197 Norton, Dennis Ray 24, 197 -0, Mauderli, Claudine 194 Mauldin, Louise 194 May, Mary 176, 194 McAshan, Beth 136, 194, 276 McBriarty, Doug 194 McCallum, Doug 194 McCallum, Mitch 28, 29, 194, 60 O'Byrne, Linda 197 Olesen, Steve 197 Olsen, Kurt 197 O,Neal, Beth 197 O'Quinn, Curtis Wayne 28, 197 Overton, Pat 197 Owens, Douglas 197 McClellan, Gary 106, 194 McCloud, Darlene 125, 134, 176, 194 -P- Richburg, Mara Ridgeway, Judy 199 Riga, Geri 140, 199 Rinker, Greg 199 Ritter, Bill 199 Ritzie, Mike 199 Rivers, Irma 199 Roberts, Camille 140, 199 Roberts, Jerald 199 Roberts, Randy 29, 199 Robertson, Sandra 121, 199 Robinette, Judy 115, 200 Robinson, Mary 179, 200 Rockey, Pat 177, 188, 200 Roepe, Edward S. 200 Rollins, Bernadette 200 Rosenberger, Carol 178, 200, 164 Ross, Larry 205 McDonald, Cindy 195 McGee, Harold Ray 195, 60 McGehee, Mark 195 McGill, Terry 195 Mclntosh, Robins 195 Packer, Athol 197 Padgett, Terri 172, 197 Pagnozzi, Barbara 122, 197 Paige, Patti 197 Pardo, Louis 198 Roundtree, Rick 74, 114, 141, 200 Russell, Lynne 122, 140, 200 Russel, Terry 200 Rutledge, Glenda 200 -S- Mclntosh, Stan McKendree, John 195 McKenna, Ann 195 McKibbin, Bobby 195 McKinney, Dale 195 McLean, Susan 195 McLeod, Ronald 195 McMahen, Bill 195 McNeill, Chuck 195 McPherson, Don 29, 195 McQuinney, Dona 195 Meade, Bill 195 Means, Eddie 29, 195 Medlock, Betty 195 Melton, Genie 139, 140, 195 Mendenhall, Ken 122, 195 Merrill, Tommy 78, 79, 195 Michael, Tim 28, 195 Middleton, Cherie 195 Middleton, Genetha 195 Miller, Katrina Miller, Rosemary 195 Mills, Betty 195 Minshall, Gary 195 Mitchell, Martha 30, 176, 195 Mixson, Larry 195 Mixson, Michael 195 Mizell, Cindy 121, 134, 176, 195 Mock, Sandy 195 Monroe, Cindy 195 Parkell, Rosalyn 135, 178, 198 Parker, Debbie 198 Parker, Robbie 29, 82, 198 Parker, Rossie 198 Parkhurst, Charles 198 Parrish, Alice 198 Partrich, June 132, 140, 198 Paulson, Carol 125, 198 Pearson, Jimmy 29, 198 Pearson, Joyce 198 Pepin, Pamela 198 Perdue, David 66, 175, 181, 198 Perez, Cesar 126, 198 Perez, Chris 122, 151, 172, 198, 164 Perez, Terry 198 Perry, David 134, 198 Phillips, Debbie 36, 125, 181, 198 Phillips, Glenn 199' Piker, Mary 199 - Pitzer, Wanda Kay 199 Plank, Ronny 199 Plumley, Jere 199 Pogue, Jan 199 Pons, Albert Lee 199 Pons, James Ponzio, Mike 199 Potts, Bob 199 Powell, Larry 199 Powell, Margaret 36, 199 Powell, Pat 199 Sanders, Nancy 200 Sapp, Debbie 200 Sapp, Greg 28, 200 Sapp, Ronnie 200 Sapp, Terry Scheck, Bill 200 Schofield, Judeen 201 Schulman, John 201 Scott, Amy 201 Scott, Isebel 201 Scruggs, Jimmy 201 Searles, Paul 134, 201 Seaton, Richard 201 Self, Hebron 134, 201 Shadburn, Jackie 201 Shearouse, Harriet 201 Sheffield, Elliot 29, 201 Shehee, Dan 28, 201 Shipley, Charles 201 Shipman, Mike 201 Shoemaker, Mike 201 Short, James 201 Show, Ralph 201 Siedle, Robert 201 Silverman, Ilene 36, 140, 201, 205 283 Simich Nicholas 201 Simmons, Eddie 201 Simmons, Gail 201 Simmons, Vance 201 Simpson, Brenda 201 Montgomery, Alan 195 Moore, Charles 195 Moore, Ronald 195 Moorhous, Arleen 195 Morgan, Geneva 195 Morgan, Mark 60, 195 Morgan, Sylvia 125, 195 Morgan, Tommy Morrison, Don 28, 195 Morrison, Roger Lee 106, 195 316 Powell, Tolar 199 Powers, Tanya 199 Price, Alvin. 106, 199 Price, Mike 29, 199 Primo, Janice 199 Prystowsky,Mike 74, 121, 175, 184 - Q - Quirin, Cathy 199 Simrell, Chuck 202 Siver, Mike 202 Sizemore, Cindy 202 Slovak, Tim 202 Smith, Ayleen 202 Smith, Barbara 125, 202 Smith, Chris 202 Smith, Connie 202 Smith Craven 122, 176, 202, 204, 205 Smith David 202 'X Smith, Debbie Anne 202 Smith, Debbie Lee 202 Smith, Frances 33, 36, 202 Smith, Larry 24, 141, 202 Smith, Mary Bessie 140, 202 Smith, Mary Martha, 202 Sneeringer, Jan 202 Snellgrove, Marianne 202 Steffens, Jim 121, 202 Souders, Steve 202 Sparks, Kathy 202 Spence, Jean 122, 202 St. Jacques, John 202 Staley, Jim 125, 202 Stanley, Don 202 Stanley, Jon 29, 125, 202 Staples, Becky 202 Starling, Karen Hope 140, 146, Stinger, Steger, Stevens Danny 202 , Jan 169, 202 Stewart, Diane 140, 202 Stewart, Sharon 202 Stewart, Sue 125, 202 Stewart, Will 202 Marty 202 Stone, Pat 202 Stokes, Sandy 202 Story, Genna 202 Strauser, Carol 202 Stringer, Tim 125, 177, 202 Strickland, Don 29, 202 Suarez, Adrian 202 Suarez, Teresita 202 Sullivan, Iris 140, 202 Sullivan, Kevin 202 Sullivan, Preston 28, 202 Sullivan, Wanda Sue 202 Summerlin, Craig 134, 202 Sutherland, Wanda fSamJ 202 Swenson, Erik 121, 143, 150, Swilley, Ronnie 202 Swofford, Roger 202 Terrell, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Teague, Tedder, -T- Claudia 140, 202 Laura 121, 202, 282 Reida 202, 203 Joe 29, 202 Mike 203 Templeton, Edwin Donna 203 Terrell, Laura 36, 203 Terry, Susan 136, 203 Thames, Billy 29, 203 Tindale, David 203 Thomas, Rocky 203 2 202 Thomas, Gwen 203 Thompson, Helen 203 Thom son Linell 203 Wheeler, Bob 121, 150, 205 Wheeler, Wooda 205 Whiddon, Danny 205 P , Tillman, Judy 203 Tolbert, Jane 203 Tomlinson, Tony 38, 175, 203 Tooley, Gary 177, 203 Tower, Darrell 60, 61, 156, 203 White, Bob White, Debbie 140, 205 White, Janice White, Howard 29, 71, 205 White, Paul 205 Treadway, Patty 172, 203 Trujillo, Bemy 203 Truluck, Wayne 203 Tussinger, Butch 203 Tussinger, Chuck 203 -U- Underwood, Ann 203 - V - Whitney Bobby 141, 205 Whittle, Elizabeth Joy 205 Wiggins, Donna 205 Wiggins, Steve 134, 205 Wigley, Dicky 29, 206 Wilbanks, Phyllis 206 Wilkerson, Greg 206 Wilkinson, Chris 206 Wilkinson, Debbie 206 Van Winkle, Diane 203 Vaughn, Barbara 203 Vaughn, Glenda 203 Vaughn, Steve 204 Veenstra, Sue 204 Veates, Ricky Vernon, Andrea 107, 117, 125, 204 Videon, Janice 204 Vilapet, Gloria 125, 140, 151, 204 Villalonga, Olga 204 Vosburgh, Cathy 204 Voss, Mary 204 LW- Waddle, Robert 204 Wade, Terry 204 Waldron, Su 204 Walker, J. D. 106, 204 Waller, Bill 204 Walker, Stephen 134, 143, 204 Warden, Deborah 176, 204 Washington, Karen Sue 140, 204 Weaver, Hank 29, 205 Webb, Phyllis 205 Webb, Roger Eugene 205 Webb, Sam 205 Weems, Howard, 205 Weems, Pam 205 Weist, J. L. 205 Wells, Ellen 205 Wells, Judy 140, 205 Weseman, Gary 205 Westbrook, Marilyn 205 Westcott, Richard 78, 205 Westfall, Holly 143, 176, 184, 205 Weston, Janet 205 William s Maurice 206 Williams Caroline 178, 185, 206 Williams Nonnan 141 Williams Joann 206 Williams Karen 206 Williams Katy 206 Williams, Leonard 28, 71, 106, 206 Wil.liarns, Paula 207 Williams, Richard 28, 71, 207 Williams, Rickey 207 Williams, Robert 207 Williams, Tommy 207 Williamson, Vera 140, 207 Willingham, Dennis 207 Wilmot, Willie 29, 207 Wilson, Michael 174, 207 Wiltbank, Tooty 207 Wood, Danny 207 Wood, Darrell 207 Wood, David 207 Wood, Eddie 29, 207 Wood, Tommy 28, 207 Woodard, Ronnie 207 Woodard, Roy 207 Worley, Pennie 207 Worthington, Charles 29, 207 Wright, Lorrie 36, 207 Wright, Ray 121, 207 Wyche, Mike 207 -Y- Yarbrough, Charlotte 140, 207 Yates, Donald Young, James 207 Young, Ray 29, 207 - Z - Zetrouer, Donna 140, 193, 207 77' -ie X Q X X CN Ki U 1 l l d O ' ' t G Q SW Ei iii W I jr XX., Q QQ W S 5 2522 22 E gm W ,ei S 5 iii fig S R W ,Qs 5 Q iifhg Q K5 gg ii? Ng S 5 W ix Q? fwfwfmgw 6 Mgt' W. - 4 .Q A -L. .7 Y1- .L, 1, ,- f r 1 T A ,Qfv-s , , . Qu HMM .X 'WGS YDGCVN Om -1, Y V I . QQ LQ mv no Lk W K5 f gf I QCIU Jr be f :CHQ WHS ': I , - LX eu C E CXM wwc 31v W9 Cm Qi 44 be ffmcidi H Hvc U CBN v0 X HW PSC Lk Q rw ,Pl Q4 ww LAX Qt G35 GS . UO A, I , 1 L 'di V 7. 'I .L Wx XQSJY KWGQNWEJ Lacjbk' Q4 ax f 63CiLl "C1r yGr'xi Iljk '9ffV -30W fc, WM, Wm + -HW? OG QCH fx QAJ1' QJGCU- , " bl Qmg Gcfr 1 Q If fp. ,W IS i5 A A Y- ,Q- ns.- , ,H ...V n ,A K ,f-11,1-L , -gui. fn I4 ' A H , ,,,,,,,.,f ' 1'.:1 '14 .. , L. .Y ', 1. . X gif' 44 if 4:1 Y' ,Alma Mater This our Alma Mater glorious Tis a school so fine. 'And the teams we boast victorious, Which will always shine. Friendship true and spirit too, Which will never die. Cherished are the memories precious. Of thee, Gainesville High. - . -.5 Sr

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