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THE HUHRICHHE UEI954 PRESENTS W me 63 DEUICHTIUH We dedicate this book to those in our community who have worked so unselfishly toward the building of a new Gainesville High School. To them we extend our deep gratitude and appreciation for their untiring and unfailing hard work toward the improvement of our school facilities. 13 '17 -.-,f 4 A -. , 4:7 Y .- -L., - gli--'-' ' "- T L ,X '-:fi -erm ' , ' 1 A -' 7 . , W, ,- ,, ,- . Y , ,ta ' - -rf--J 1 i V ' , f " "j V a - - - -- 'lf ,AM-H " -:fy v K, , --- c iw ..1'- Tr- - k ..:.F, ry , r U IL . .T-:ic-lf '-V " ' ' , sf , A-QQ," ii-WZ" J -, , .41 Y E -ff' x. HDIHIHISTHHTIUH :Mmm --..- 111-Li MR. BURCH CORN ELIUS Principal T7 5.x v fa' MRS. NAOMI S. STEVENS Dean of Girls 3 'R DWIGHT M. ALLEN Typing MISS FRANCES ARTHUR English MRS. LIBBY BROWN Secretary MRS. VIRGINIA ALLEN Science FHUULTU ROBERT J. BAKER Social Studies MRS. DORCAS CARVER Commercial MRS. Louisa ECHOLS English MRS. MARGARET HAMMOND Physical Education MRS. DORIS GAYLE Home Economics L ALBERT E. BEECH Science and Physical Ed. MRS. MARTHA DAUER Latin MISS MARY GRESHAM D. C. T. 4 ms. VIOLET Hossms English and Social Studies MRS. VELMA BONACKER Social Studies BARDWELL DONA LDSON Band L G I MRS. CLARA GROTH English MRS. VERA JENKINS Spanish and English FHCUHU MRS. DOROTHY PHIPPS Math MRS. PAYE SIMMONDS Chorus MRS. RUTH WALLACE Math in 'wx S' ' K, . , jlil Jil' it ryf MRS. DOROTHY POLING WILLIAM P. RHOADS Math Chemistry 8. Physics Y' '4 R Loi' 6' Y 4- l ' X , 'ff ' -5- I S fa FRED C. SIVIA EDWIN B. TURLINGTON Social Studies 85 Physical Ed. Agriculture MISS RUTH WHITE MISS MAIORIE WHITE English 8: Library English NOT PICTURED MRS. MARIE VAN AKEN - English MRS. ALINE K. DAVIES - Librarian MRS. MARIE B. GAGER - Biology LAZAROUS B. LEWIS IR. ' Coach WILLIAM D. PALMER - Social Studies, Math 81 Physical Ed. - JAMES LEONARD RILEY - Physical Education MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. RUBY WAITS - Social Studies MILDRED WANNINGER - Math LAURA YOUNG - Math FRANCES FORD - Secretary MISS MARGARET REEDER - Physical Education MRS. HELEN PHILPOTT Arr 8a Crafts MRS. CATHERINE SELLE Speech 8: Dramarics MRS. VADA TUTTLE Math MRS. HELEN WHITTLESEY English DONALD L. WINSOR 4 Science 5 Social Studies in STUDENT Y' UUUHCIL Zouncil of Gainesville High School is compos- ive members of each home room in senior i . - fs supervising Homecoming, supporting better school relations between Cr.H.S. and P,K. Yonge, and helping to solve traffic problems in the halls. The Council has striven for better relations between students and faculty and broader contacts with other schools. l I' I x8 y EQ Q1 X 47 'l 'gh Accomplishments for 1953 1954 include 1: izgy Q il ffgr A JACK GAMBLE ROBERT CHEATHAM JANE HENRY ViC6 President President Corresponding Secretary FIRST ROW: Carolyn Bohannon, Recording Secretary, Jack Gamble, Robert Cheatham, Jane Henry, Susan Scott, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Alma Dovell, Roy Green, Sarah Baughn, Jo Ann Stalnaker, Pat Bevis, Mary Ann Cook, Sara Spencer. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Burnette, Mason Carmichael, Hugh Helms, Janet Richardson, Isabell Scott, Priscilla Pepper, Jane Ferrazzi, Connie Bishop, Ricky Waterhouse, Tommy Martin, Carolyn Canova. FOURTH ROW: Billye Wilcox, John Anderson, Waiter Wynn 6 CLHSSES klji 0-X A Eevwiy SEHIURS ELEANOR ELIZABETH ALLEN "Betty" 'lf ever she knew an evil thought, she spoke no evil word. " Vice President Jr. Class, President Sr. Class, Band 9, Io, II, 12, Captain I2, Publicity Ch. 11, Pres. I2, Raven Club II, 12, Vice President 11, Sr. Honor Society 11, I2, Vice Pres. Latin Club Il, State Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Vice Pres. Il, Girl's State 11, American Legion Citi- zenship Award 8, Home Room Pres. IO, 11, Vice Pres. 9, 12. Ambition--To have some time I don't know what to do with ROBERT SIDNEY ANGEL "Bob" "Quite in appearance, with motives unknown. " Ambition--Aeronautical Engineer summer EVELYN BARKER --Banc' "Her very quietness spells thoughtfulness, a smile for all a greeting glad. D. C. T. Club, 12, Chorus, 11, Library, I I. Ambition--Nurse JAMES BECK "Jim" "A solemn youth with sober phiz, who eats his grub and minds his biz. " Entered, 1949, from Newberry, F. F. A. lI,D. C. T. 12. Ambition--To be an Alunmus ofG. H. S. ARNEETA AMBROSE "Nita" "Why worry? Gabriel wams everybody." Ambition--Nurse MARALYN DEE BALDWIN "Tipple" "In her manner lies her charm. " Entered, I952, from Jacksonville, Treasur er Antler-ettes 12. Ambition--College PERCY MORRIS BEARD JR. "Spider" "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men. " Homeroom President 7, 8, 9, 10, I2, Key Club Io, II, 12, Pres. I2, Student Council 12, Spanish Club 11, 12, Raven Club I2, Junior Honor Society 8, 9, Senior Honor Society II, 12, Pres. 12, American Legion Award 8, Inter-Club Council 11. A mbition- -College NIINA CHERIE BENTON "A cheerful heart makes bright the way. " Keyettes, I25Ch0l'11S 9, 10, 11, F. H. A. 9, Prom Committee 11. Ambition-:Designing EDGAR MORRIS BEVILLE ..Ed.. "A cheerful spirit gets on quick, A grumbler in the mud will stick." Home Room President, 125 D, C. T. l2, President 125 F. F. A. II, 12, Vice President 11, President 12. A mbition--College FRANCES CONSTANCE BISHOP "Ducky" "Wise from the top of the head up.' Tri-Hi-Y10, 11, I2, Sergeant At Arms 123 Vice Pres. Home Room Ilg Student Council 125 Spanish ClubII, I2g Annual Staff 11, I25 F.H.A. 95 Jr. Play Committeeg Proni Committee 115 Cheerleader 11, I2g Track 11, 123 Volleyball 9, IO. Ambition--College KENNETH BOCHETTE HBO.. "Never do tomorrow what can be done today." D.C. T. 12. Ambition --To get out this year CAROLYN BOHANNON "Not too sober, not too gay, but a true girl in every way." Tri-Hi-Y10,1I,12, President I23 Annual Staff 9, 1o,11, 12, Copy Edi- tor I25 Inter-Club Council 10,11,Sec. Ilg Weathervane Staff 11,12, Circu- lation Mgr. II5 Business Mgr. lr. Play5 Prom Chairman, Il: Sec. Home Room 9,103 President II, Chaplain 125 Li- brary Staff 9,109 Majorette 9, 10, 11, 125 Student Council 11, I2, Secretary 12. Ambition--College DOROTHY GENEVA BOX 'Dot' "What the world is to us depends on what we are ourselves " Ir. Honor Society 8,95 D. C. T. II,I2. Ambition--Undecided VIRGINIA BEVIS "Ginger" "Love makes the world go 'round. " Home Room Pres. Il: Jr. Honor Society 8,95 F.H.A. 95 Wheelettes IO,II,I2Q Chorus 9, ro, 11,12, Sec. 125 Annual Staff 12. Ambition--Dental Hygienist and good Housewife LYDIA MARGUERITE BOALS "She is good natured ever, and has a good word for all." Re-entered, 1951, from Macclenny, Antlerettes 12, Chaplain I2: F.H.A. 9, lO5 Band 9. Ambition--College CHARLA MARSHA BODDEN "Char" "Have fun today5 tomorrow may never come. " Tri-Hi-Y 10,11, I23 Chorus 8, IO,ll5 Annual Staff 11,125 F.H.A. 9,101 Prom Committee 115 Library Staff10,11,12. Ambition--Become a good wife and mother JOSE VICENTE BORRERO "Tall, quiet and hard to beat." Entered, 1953, from Columbia, South America, Los Somoreros Altos, 12. Ambition--To be a Doctor and Literary man SUE DALLAS BROOKER 'Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others. " Wheelettes IO, II , 12, Sergeant At Arms II: Band 9, 10, 11,12, Business Mgr. 12511. Honor Society S, 95 Jr. Play5 Raven Club 125 Girl State Representative II. Ambition--Home Economics MOLLY BROOKS A merry smile that shows her sunny disposition. " F. H. A. 95 Stamp Club 8, Sec. 8. Ambition College JOSEPH BRUNET IR. aloe.. "Drink not too deep of the fountain of knowledge, lest ye strangle." Latin Club 9, ro, 11, 125 Raven Club 11,125 Ir. Honor Society 8,9, Sr. Honor Society IO,Il, 12. BILLY PERRY BRYAN Bo "Roll on old world--I'1l roll with you." Home Room Treas. IO: Wheel Club 11. Ambition--Pharmacy CAROLYN AUGUSTA CANOVA "Cac" "A little nonsence, a little noise, makes her loved by girls and boys." Tri-Hi-Y 1o,1I, I2, Sec. 125 Student Council 125 Spanish Club II, I2: Annual Staff 9, io, ll, 12, Snap Shot Editor 125 Majorette 9,IO,II,I21 Jr. Play5 Prom Committeep Ir. Honor Society 9. Ambition--College ELIZABETH lDUISE CARUEY "Cares shall never bother me5 I simply smile and let them be." Entered, 1951, from East Orange, N. J., Home Room Treas. 115 Newcomers Club IO,II, Pres. IO, Vice-Pres. 115 Annual staff 125 Girls Chorus 10. Ambition--Missionary PATRICIA ANN BROWNING "Pat" "To have many friends you must al- ways be one yourself. " Opti-MissI1, 125 F. H.A. I09C1l0l'L1S 9, 10,115 Prom Committee5 Basket- ball Ir, 12: Track Il,l2: Softball 11, 12: Volleyball II, 12. Ambition--P. E. Director MARGARET AMELIA BRYAN "Emmi" "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " Opti-Miss1I,12, Treas. 115 Melo- dettes I 1, 125 Raven Club 11,125 Mixed Chorus 9,105 Senior Honor Society II, 12. Ambition--Director of Religious Education PATRICIA USE BRYAN "Pat" "Let me speak5 I cannot otherwise be happy." D. C. T. 12: F.H.A. 9, 105 G.A.A. 115 Prom Committeeg Volleyball lo. A mbition--Undec ided NORMA CA NOVA "Blondie" "If you have faith in God, your fellow man, and yourself, then nothing is impossible. " Home Room Sec. 9, 11, Vice-Pres. 9 Treas. IO5 lr. Honor Society5 Key- eIt6S 11, 125 Annual staff I25 Prom Committee5 F.T.A. Pres. I23 Inter- Club Council 10, 12: Basketball 9, IO, II,I2: G.A.A. 12. Ambition--College ROBERT THOMAS CHEATHAM "Chetum" "Nature might stand up and say to all the world, this is a man." Class Pres. 10,115 Student Body Pres. I23 Student Council 10, II , 125 Key Club II,I2, Treas. I25 Jr. Honor Soc 8, 95 latin Club 8, 9, Io. Ambition--Best Lawyer in Dixie LUIS ALBERTO CIFUENTES "His good nature makes him liked by everyone." Entered, 1953, from Bogota, Colum- bia, Spanish Club I1,12. Ambition--College ELAINE HELEN COULLIAS "She is jolly, good-natured, and true- more than her share she is willing to do. Home room Treas. 12, Annual Staff 9, 1O,II, I2: Art Editor 12: Student Council II: Tri-Hi-Y I0,11,12, Sgt. -At-Arms II, Vice Pres. 12: Spanish Club 11,12: Prom Committee 11: Jr. Play Staff: Softball 9. IO, II: Track 9, II: Ambition--Commercial Artist rv KATHARINE IRENE CURRY "Katie" "Her eyes of brillance are full to the brim with mischief, fun, and plenty of vim. " Student Council 10, II: Chorus 9, 10,11: Sec. 11: Keyettes ro, ir, 12: Chaplain ri- Sec. 12: Annual Staff 9,121 Club Editor 12: Jr. Play: Spanish Club 11, 12: Prom Committee. Ambition--Designing IERE FRANKLIN DANIELS "Iere" "A true athlete - your faith in him he'll not destroy." H.R. Pres. and VicePres. Il: Football 9, 10,11,12, C0-Capt. 12: Baseball lo, 11,125 Track 12: Key Club 9,103 Hi-Y I1, 12: Jr. Honor Society: Prom Committee. Ambition--College AGER DALTON DAVIS ..Ad.. "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." Ambition--To Graduate from High School HENRY WYLIE COBB "Who dares do all he does, risks all. " Entered, Sept. I, I95I , from Plant City, Fla. , F.F. A. 9, IO, II,I2gP1'e5, I2. Ambition--To have a cattle ranch BOBBY LUCUIS CREWS "Crews" "Roll on old world and l'll roll with you." Treasure IO: Home Room Vice Pres. IO: Baseball IO,lI: Ambition--Play professional Baseball RAY EUGENE DANIEL "Men of few words are the best men." Entered, 1951, Perry, Fla., F.F.A. rr , I2. Ambition--College ADA HAYES DAVIS "Tater" "I remember. . .1 remember. Of course its impossible, but l do remem- ber." Home Room Treas. 11: Keyettes IO, II 12: Sergent at Arms ll: Annual Staff rr 12: Prom Committee: Pep Club: Cheer- leading "B" squad 9, IO: "A" squad ll, 12: Head Cheerleader 12: Basketball 9: Softball 9, ro, Il: Track ro, 11. Ambition - College PHILIP DAVIS "Bobo" "I doubt the wisdom of being too wise. " Track Mgr. IO: Softball 9, IO,ll: Weather Vane Staff II: Library Staff 10,I1,I2: Office Staff 12: Track 10. Ambition--To be President of Dixie GEORGE MELVIN DESHA "Kelvin" "Better late than never. " Entered 1951, from Waldo. Ambition--College NUNNLE MAE DRAWDY "Tuggie" "Love me little, love me long." D.C.T. 11,125 Basketball 10:5386- ball 9, 10. Ambition--To join the Waves BARBARA ANN DUNN "Barb" "I doubt the Wisdom of being too wise. " Antler-ettes 125 Basketball IO, II, 125 Volleyball II, 125 Girls Chorus I05 Mixed Chorus 105 Prom Committee. Ambition--Elementary Teacher PATSY ANN ESTES "Pat" "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. " Entered 1953, from Waldo, Senior Chorus 11, I23 Antler-ettes I2Q Pres. 125 Newcomers Club, II5 Jr. Prom Committee. Ambition--Commercial Artist MARSHALL FLOWERS "Marty" "Do you take this mam Ido . . . I do . . . Ido." Home Room Vice Pres. 9,103 Tri-Hi-Y 11, 125 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee5 Li- brary Staff 9, IO, Il , 12. Ambition--College ROBERT COLEMAN DOUGLAS "Bob" "I'll speak my mind, for I've a mind to speak." Wheel Club ro, II, 12, Historian f15 Spanish Club lo,11, 12, President I2: Annual Q3 Prom Committee II5 Weath er Vane IO,II. Ambition--Successful Businessman DON REY DUER "Don" "Some say he's quiet5 others doubt it." Home Room Treasurer 115 Wheel Club 11,125 Jr. Honor Society 8,95 Latin Club 9, IOQ Annual Staff 9, I25 Prom Committee5 Ir. Play. Ambition--Chemical Engineer SHIRLEY CAROLYN ENGLISH "Shir1" "A flower of meekness on a stem of grace. " Spanish Club Il, I2: Inter-Club Coun- cil 1 15 Antler-ettes 125 Basketball 9, 1o,115Baseba1l1o, II5 Volleyball 10,11 A mbition - Secretary ARTHUR FURMAN FLETCHER "Furman" "He lives in the present and believes this is the best world he has seen." Future Farmers of America, IO, 11, I2, Secretary II, Vice-President 12. Ambition--To go to College JOY LOUISE FIDYD "Tippie" "Study to gain approval. " Opti-Miss 11, 12, Sgt. at arms 115 Raven Club 125 Spanish Club II, 125 Annual Staff I25 Weather Vane Staff 12. Ambition--Medicine or Chemistry THERESA LUCILLE FORD "Terry" "Her quiet ways, her thoughts supremeg Are not complete without her dreams." Opti-Miss1I,I2, Sec. 12g Raven Il, 12, Sec. 12:11. Honor Society 9, 10g Jr. Prom Committeeg Chorus II: Latin Club 9, 10. Ambition--College, then teach Eng- lish and Spanish HERNAN GILBERTO FRA NCO "Franky' "A world belongs to the energetic." Entered, 1953, from Colombia, South America, Los Sombreros Altos I2. Ambition--Complete College BETTY ANNE GELTZ "lf mischief admits one to heaven, she's well on her way." Home Room Treas. IO, Sec. 93 Key- ettes lO,II, I2, Vice-Pres. 12:11. Honor Society 8, QQ Spanish Club IO, II,I2g Annual staff II, I2, Class Editor I2: Prom Committees Weather Vane Staff 11, 12, News Editor. Ambition--College CHARLES EDWARD GRUBBS "Speak softly, but carry a big stick." Home Room Vice-Pres. 9, 113 Foot- ball 9, 12: Key Club IO, I 1, Chaplain I2: Prom Committeeg F.F. A. IO: Chorus 9, I0,lI,I2, Boys Quartet Il, I2. Ambition-Successful College gradu- ate and good career JOANN ELIZABETH HAGUE ..Jo.. "A little fun now and then never hurt anyone. " Home Room Treas. 125 Volleyball 12: G.A.A. Publicity Chairman 11. Ambition--Business College JAMES LAWRANCE FORT "Larry" "If silence were golden, Iwould make a fortune." Home Room President IIQ Jr. Honor Society 8,9: D. C. T. I2 Ambition - Not to be told JACK FRANKLIN GAMBLE "Home Boy" "To love and to be loved, that's life." Home Room Vice-Pres. 9, II: Treasur- er IO: Student Body Vice-Pres. 12: Key Club IO,II,I2: Chorus 9,1o, 11, I2g Annual Staff I2: Prom Committeeg F.F.A. Sec. 105 Student Council 10: Inter-Club Council I 2. Ambition--Become a multimillion- aire lawyer or doctor ANN BELU2 GROSSMAN "Pretty brown hair, friendly eyes, won- der where her fortune lies?" Keyettes IO, 1 1, 12g Jr. Honor Society 8 9, Sr. Honor Society 11, I2p Band 9, Io ll, 12, Majorette 10, 11, 12. Spanish Club ll, I2: Raven Club I2: Jr. Playg An nual Staffg Prom Committee. Ambition - College FRANK OWEN HADLOCK Let the other fellow worry. Basketball B-squad. Ambition--To be a writer THOMAS HARRELL HALLMAN Tommy 'This newcomer found his way around in a hurry. Entered, 1953, from Orlando, Home Room Vice-Pres. I2: Football 12. Ambition-Medicine ELIZABETH LUCILE HARRIS "Betty Lu" "So quiet she seems, so still and wise, till we see the twinkle in her eyes." Entered, 1952, from Washington, D.C., Basketball Il: Volleyball 11: Keyettes 12: Spanish Club 12: Chorus 12. Ambition--Secretary - Receptionist LOUISE ROBINSON HENDERSON "Lou" "Happy am I, from care I'm free, why aren't they all contented like me? Entered, 1949, from Fort White, Fla. , Keyettes11,12. Ambition--Secretary JULIA JANET HILL "Gal" "A light heart lives long. " Basketball II: Volleyball II, 12: Ping Pong Il: Antler-ettes 12, Historian 12. Ambition--Work in the Florida Bank LESTER CLARK HODGE "Step right up and call me speedy." Football 10, 11,12: Track 11, I2: Key Club 10,11, 12, Vice-Pres. 12: Boy's State 12. Ambition--Dentist MARGARET IO HOOK npeggy.. "How bright the world would be if we were all alike." Entered, 1950, from Tampa, Fla., Chorus 9, IO, II, 12: Tri-Hi-Y ll, 12: Raven Club 12, Tres. 12: Co- Snapshot Ed. Annual 12: Latin Club ro, 1 1. Ambition-Pro. Singer O. C. HAYES " Hayseed" "Without love and laughter there is no joy: so let's live and love and laugh. " V Football 12: Baseball 12: Track II, 12: Key Club 11, I2: Prom II:I1'. Play II: Sr. Play 12. Ambition--Admiral in Navy JANE LOUISE HENRY "Ever in smiles and always friend ly. " Soph. class Vice-Pres.: Jr. class Sec. , Corresponding Sec. of Student Body I2: Keyettes IO, II, 12: Spanish Club 11,1 2: Raven Club Il , 12: Student Council 1o,11,12:,Annua1Staff12, Business Mgr. 12. Ambition--College ANNE F. HOASTER "Honey" "A1ways laughing, never sad, some- times naughty, but never bad." Entered, 1953, From St. Simons ls- land, Georgia. Spanish Club 12: Annual Staff I2. Ambition--Airline Hostess JULIA IEANETTE HOLLEY alan.. "Took three years, but Igot himI" Basketball 9, 10, I 1, I2: Volleyball 9, lO,I2: Opti-Miss II,I2: Chaplain 12: Prom Comm. 11. Ambition--To graduate and be a house wife LOIS JEAN HOOTEN "Snatch" 'Can I copy your homework." Entered, 1951, from Wagener, S.C. Basketball IO, Il, 12: Bowling 1 1: Volleyball 1o,11,12: Anter-erts 12: Prom Comm. Il: DCT 12: Sports Carnival Comm. 11. SHIRIEY IRENE HORNE "She is well paid who is well satis- fied. " Band 9, to, I Ig Poetry Contest 10, Jr. Play Band Ensemble 9. Ambition--To have Ambition MARGARET HUGHES "Peggy" "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Band 9, lo, II, 12: Sec. of Band I23 Chorus II, I2: Melodettes 11, I2g Wheeletts xo, 11, 12, Asst.Chaplain II: Junior Honor Society 9, log'Raven Club Essay Contest winner 9. Ambition--Music teacher and Church music director BETTY CAROLYN JEFFORDS "Legs" "As merry as the day is long." Entered, 1953, from Waldo, Volleyball l2g Golf Ilg Antler-ettes 12g Sgt. at arms I2: Newcomers Club II: Prom Committee. Ambition - To "go steady" with Clark Gable. DOROTHY ANNE JERNIGAN "Little One" "She was oh, so tiny, but oh so sweet." Basketball ll: Volleyball II, I2: Chorus 9,105 Opti-Miss II, I2g Historian llg Ambition--College DORIS JANE JONES "A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find." Volleyball 9, Ilg Wheelettes II, l2g Pres. l2g Annual Staff lo, Il: Inter Club Council Ilg Chorus 9, IO. Ambition--College LILLIE MAE HOWARD "Ally" "Her voice was so gentle and low--an excellent thing in a woman. " Basketball II: Volleyball II, 12: Ping Pong II: Antler-ettes I2, Secretary I2 Camera Club. Ambition--To get on the stage without stumbling AVAlDN EVANGELINE INGRAM "Avie" " I am here, my mind is elsewhere! " Entered, 1951, from Waldo. Basketball 11,123 Volleyball IO,II, I2: Track to, Ilg G.A.A. Vice-Pres. II: Newcomers Club lO,lIg Anter-ettes, Vice-Pres. I2 Prom Comm.g Sr. Float Comm. 12. Ambition--P. E. teacher C. ELIZABETH JERNIGAN "Mite" "Small of statue, large of heartl" Basketball Ili Volleyball 9, IO, Il,I2g Chorus 9,105 Opti-Miss 121 FHA 9,IO. Ambition--College HUBERT LANSFORD JOHNSON "Lanny" "Calm, cool and collected, surely he will rise in the worldl " Entered 1952, from La Belle, Fla. Foot- ball II, I2: Baseball Il,l2g Basketball I2: FFA IOQ Key Club ll, 12, Sgt. at arms. Ambition--College RANDALL CLARK JONES 'Clark' " Goals are won by those who believe in winning!" D.C. T. 12. Ambition-- To do and not to be told IEAN JORDAN "Boots" " If worry were the cause of death, l would live forever." H.R. Sec-Treas. 9, Treas. I2g Cheer- leader, "B" squad 9,1o5"A" squad 11, I2gChO"l15 L05 F. H. A. 95 Annual Staff 1o,12,Features Co-Editor L25 Tri-Hi- Y 1o,11,12, Treas. 125 Spanish Club 11,125 Jr. Honor Society 8, 95 Prom Committee. Ambition-Certified Public Accountant ALBERT BENJAMIN KRLENKE 'None but himself can be his parallel. " Annual Club Co-Editor 125 Key Club 10, I 1, 12, Sec. I2p Inter-Club Council Jr. Play5 Library 11,125 Ir. Sr. Banquet Committee. Ambition--Admiral in Naval Reserve ALFRED CARL LEE IR. .Ala 'Wise is the man, when having nothing to say, keeps still." Entered school from Bushnell, Fla., in 19495 Chorus 9, ro, 11, I2: Wheel Club I 1 , 125 Prom Committee. Ambition--Art MARION ELIZABETH LINDSEY "Carefree, gay, full of fun, she is liked by everyone. " H.R. Sec. 105 Class Sec. IOQ Majorettes Io, II: Raven Club 125 Jr. Honor society 8, QQ Keyettes 10, II ,I2, Treas. 125 Prom Committee5 Annual Staff 125 Li- brary 9, 125 Ambition--Surgical Nurse IOHN BRUCE STEVENS McCLACHLAN "Mac" Basketball II, 125 Track 125 Ambition--Lawyer LAURA JEAN KOLAR 'She is a volume if you know how to read her." Entered school 1953 from Jacksonville, Fla., Spanish Club I2: Band 12. Ambition--Housewife ELEANOR LYLES LANG "A lady who is always a lady. " Ir. Honor Society 8, 95 Honor Society II,I25 Band 8,9, 10, 11,125 Latin Club I0,II, Pres. II: Wheelettes 11, 123 Raven Club 1 1, I2, Pres. 12. Ambition--Unknown ROBERT BINFORD LEE "Binnie" "I will be quiet now, but there will be a time when you will hear me. " H.R. Pres. Qi Latin Club 9,105,112 Hon or Society 95 Ambition--College and Millionaire GERTRUDE VA. LOVELL "Gerry" "She's like a burst of sunshine on a rainy day." Entered shcool in LOILI. Grade. A mb ition--Secretary IOHN WOODWARD MANGHAM 'Mangler' 'The face is the index of the mind." Football 11,125 Track 11,125 Ambition--College RICHARD FONTAINE MAURY "Dick" "Here's our Romeo, where's our Juliet?" Home Room Offices 9, ro, 11, I2: Jr. Class Treas.g Ir. Playg Wheel Club Io, 11, 12, Treas. 123 Student Council 105 latin Club 9, 10, II, Pres. II: Raven Club II, 125 Chorus 11, I25 Annual Staff II, 12. Ambition--College NANCY LEE MCDONALD "Nasty Nannie" "She has two eyes, so bright and blue-- 'Beware'l " Entered, 1953, from Tampa, Newcomers Club II: G.A.A. I2. Ambition--To learn how to cook and then many Phil. M. JAMES EDWARD MEHAFFEY "Jimmy" "Not too quiet to be boring, not too loud to be annoying." F. H. A. 10, I 1, I2: D.C.T. 125 Camera Club 8. Ambition--College WILLIE MAE MOORE "llly" "Oh, her heart is adrift with one." Entered, 1953, from Dyersburg, Tenn. Ambition--To be an intelligent person, dedicated to wholesome activities CARLTON MORGAN "Lamar" "What mischief lies within that sober mind." Entered, I953, from P. K. Y., D.C.T. I2. Ambition--Make my first million then take life easy TK BARBARA AGNES MCDONALD 'Peaceful and quiet, certainly to be admired." Opti-Miss II: Chorus 9, Io, 1 Ip D.C.T. 125 F.H.A. 9, IOQ Melodettes rig Bask- etball 9,103 Track 9, IO5 Volleyball 9, lo. Ambition--To become an expert skater THOMAS HENRY MCRORIE "Tom" "School is all right when there isn't anything else to do." Wheel Club II , 129 Library Staff 9, 10, 11, I2: Ir. Sr. Prom Committee: Basketball 12, Track 12. A mbition-Electrical Engineer BARBARA LOVICE MITCHELL "You have a way both bright and gay." Home Room Sec gg Opti-Miss Il,I2g Chorus 9, Io, 11, 12: F.1-1.A. Q,Weatl'1C1' Vane Staff 12: Jr. Playg Prom Committee. Ambition--College NORBERT MORALES Bobby "His smile hath charm." Ambitron--Multi-Millionaire DEIDRES ROSALIE MORING "Peaceful and quiet, certainly to be admired. Entered, 1953, from Melrose, Fla. Ambition--College WALTER PRIEST MORSE "Rigor" "Must 1 work? What a waste of timel " Entered, IQSI, from Houlton Maine. Track 11, I2g Wheel Club 11, I2g Span- ish Club II,I2g Latin Club IO: Inter- Club Council II , 12: Jr. Play, Prom Comm. Soph. Play: Library I1,12. Ambition--To have a faster car than D. Duer CARLTON DELMAS NETTLES "Cyrano" "Dependable, but not noisy" Entered, 1950 from Callahand, Fla. , D.C.T. I1,12. Ambition--To become an Alumnus EMMA LOU NICHOLSON "Emmy" "A quiet girl with a quiet air." Chorus 9, 10, 1 lg Jr. Honor Society 8, 95 Prom Comm. 5 F. H.A. 9, 105 Wheelettes Il, I2, Sec. I2: Raven Club 12: D.C.T. 12, Sec. 12. Ambition--Secretary MARTHA SUE OWEN "Wormy" "I'll speak in a monstrous little voice. " Track IIQ Volleyball Il: D.C.T. I2: F.H.A. 9. G.A.A. xr. Ambition--Secretary JACQUELYN SCRUGGS PADGETT 'Jackie' " A disposition that not even critics cri- ticize. " Entered, 1953. from Pahokee, Fla.g Band l25 Spanish Club 12. Ambition--Housewife RUTH ANN NEAL "Ruthie" "Just a dash of red pepperl " Volleyball 113 Dramatics 95 Dancing 95 D.C.T. I2. Ambition--To be a good housewife JAMES WILLIAM NICHOLS "Jimmy" "We can say nothing but what has been said." Entered, 1953, from Fairfieldala, Lees burg, Ocala Chorus IZQ Band 125 Hi-Y 12: D.C.T. 12. Ambition--Band Director .TERRY LYNN OGLESBY "Jerry" "Life is what you make itl " Entered, 1952, from Waldo. Ambition--Engineer SAM HERBERT l.EWIS PAGE "Wampus" "To hurry and worry is not my creedl" D.C.T. 12. Ambition--College JOAN PARKER "Joannie" "A pocketfull of sunshine is better than gold. " Entered, 1951, from Brunswick, Ga.g Chorus 9, 1o,11, 123 Opti-Miss Il, 12. Ambition--Executive Secretary ANCIL NEWTON PAYNE, JR. "The world helps those who help t.hem selves." Raven Club 11, 125 Senior Honor Soci- etyll,12: Latin Club 10,1 1, I2: Home Room Vice-Pres. IO, Sect. 12:11. Honor Society 8, 9g Band 9, IO, II , 12, Library Staff 1 1, 12. Ambition--To be an educated person KENNETH HATFIELD READ "Ken" "Gaiety in his manner: serious in his thoughts.' WheelClub10,11, IZ: Band 11, 12, Drum Major 12, Jr. Play II, Sr. Play 12, Soph. Play IO: Spanish Club IO, Il, 125 Ambition-Own a Cadillac Convertible RUTH IACQUELINE REGISTER "Jackie" "A silent woman is always better than a talkative one." Entered 1951 from Lake Park, Georgia: H. R. V. Pres. 95 Basketball 9,IO,II, I2Q Volleyball 9, ro, 11,123 Softball 9, IO, 1 1, I25 New Comers 105 G. A. A. 12: Representive 125 F. H.A. 9: Ambition--Teach School SANFORD EUGENE RITCH JR. "Gene" " You are usually reserved and take things leisurely." H.R. Treas. 9, rop Football 9,1o,11, 125 Baseball 9,IO, II,I23 Track 121 Hi-Y 9, ro, 11,12g Sect. I23 Model Airplane Club Qg Ambition--College GIENDA EMERALD ROBINSON "Tootsie" 'Quiet and courteous at work and play She pushes forward with little to say." H.R. Sect. 93 Treas. 95 Class Treas. IO,I2g F.H.A. 9: Chorus 9, ro, 1 1,12g Jr. Honor Society 9: Wheelettes IO, 11, I2: Annual Staff 9,121 Prom 11. Ambition--Business Administration. JOSEPH THOMAS RAWLINS "Jake" " A willing heart, a helping hand, 31- ways ready on demand. " Wheel Club II , I2: Chorus 7,8, 9, 10, ll , 123 Rep. to State Clinic 12: Art Club 7,8g Jr. Honor Society 9, Sect. Latin Club IO, II, Pres. 11, 1-LR, Pres. 8,9,I0, Vice-Pres. 12, Vice- Pres. of Sr. Class, Pres. Chorus 12. Ambition--Singer CARL OLLEN REGISTER "Good nature is always a part of him." Entered January 9, 1953 from Mason City, Florida, Basketball, Baseball. Ambition--Rancher ROBERT LEE REID "Bob" Here's to all the success he deserves. " Entered 1952 from Talahasseeg H.R. Pres. IO: Basketball 10, Il , I23 Base- ball IO, 1 I, 12: Volleyball IO: Key Club II ,125 Soph. Play iog Latin Club 9. Ambition--College JULIUS DREXEL ROBERTS "Dee" 'He has a certain eamestness which we all respect." Entered 1951 from Lake City, Florida. Ambition--College CHARLES MARK ROBINTON "Robbie" 'Dependable but not noisy. " Football 129 Basketball 10, II, 121 Track Io, 11,123 Key Club ll, 12. Ambition--College ANITA ALICE RODGERS "Susie" "She's short and sweet-- so they tell me." Home Room Pres., V. Pres., 95 Chorus 9, Io,II, 12: Wheel-ettes ll, 12, Treas. I29 F.H.A. 9, lO, Parli, log Raven Club I2. Ambition--Business Administration LEON HIRAM SCOFIELD "Soo" "To worry and hurry is not my creed." Student Council 9: Hi-Y 10,lI,I2, V. Pres. lI,I23F.F.A.:FO0ICbal1IO,Il, I23 Basketball II: Track IO, II,I2. MARGARET IANE SHEROUSE "Peggy" "A lovely face, a heart of gold, a brilliant mind are hers, we're told." Softball 9. Ambition--Secretary ELLIOTT HOWLAND SHOVAR HEI.. "The world 's no better if we worry. Life's no longer if we hurry." Moved from Urbana, Ohio 19503 Home Room V. Pres. II: Jr. Play: Wheel Club ll, I23 Chaplain 12: Chorus II, I23 Ambition--Psychology ELEANOR GRACE SIMMONS "Elmer" 'Quick and lively, happy and gay, a smile for all who come her way." Moved from Chipley, Fla., 1953. Ambition--College ELIZABETH ANN SAPP "Liz" "Men, not measures have always been my mark." Track II: Volleyball Il: D.C.T. Il, 12: F.1-LA. 9: G.A.A. rr. Ambition--Nurse SUSAN ABIGAIL SCOTT "Susie" "The blush is beautiful but it is some- times inconvenient." Jr. Hi. Student Council 73 Student Council I2, Treas. 12: Tri-Hi-Y IO, Ir, 123 Chaplain I2: Majorerte 1o,1r, 12, Head Majorette 123 Annual Editor I2g Spanish Club II, I2, Sec. I2: Raven Club II,I23 Prom Co-Chairman. Ambition--College HARRY SLADE SHORE "Great Lover" "The mind is the standard of the men. " D.C. T. I2g Ambition--Professional Soldier and Husband CAROL JANEEC SILVERMAN "I have a heart with room for every joy Home Room Sect. 9, IO, II, 125 Secre- tary of Senior Class: Volleyball 8, QQ Annual Staff 125 Keyettes IO, ll, I2g Pres. I2g Raven Club 125 Jr. Honor Society 8,93 Prom Committee II: Latin Club 9,105 Sec. IO: Camera Club 85 Interclub Council IO: School Paper ll. Ambition--Physical Therapy NANCY MARIE SINNES "Nan" "Wisdom is better than rubies." Basketball 8, 9, IO: Track 8, 9: Volley- ball 9, IO: Opti-Miss Il, 12, Pres. I2 F. 1-LA. 9, ro: Ambition--College BILLIE JO SMITH 'Good nature- is one of the richest gifts Of life. " F, H, A, 95 Jr. High Honor Society 95 Annual staff 9, ro, 1 1, I25 Prom Comm. II5 Library Staff 95 Ir. Play Comm. Ambition--Commercial Artist NEA L RAYMOND SPENCER "Spence" "Sleep first and study afterwards. " Ambition--College LAURA FAYE STARLING "Full of fun and smile for all." F. H. A. 95 Sr. Homecoming Comm. 5 Jr. Sr. Prom Comm. Il: Chorus IO, 11. Ambition- -College IDIS PATRICIA STRICKLAND ..Pat.. "She loves life and deserves love in re- turn . " Chorus 9, IO, 1 1, I2: Sect. - 12. Ambition--Nurse JUDY GUYNELL SWAIN "Littleone" " A smiling nature that always seems to fit the present need." Entered 1951 from High Springs, Fla. ,: Basketball 9,11,I25 Baseball I25 Track 9. Ambition--Beautician DIANNE CHRISTINA SMITH "A merry light gleams from her eyes." Entered 1952 from Derby, New York5 Vice Pres. II: F.H.A. 115 New Comers Club II: Keyettes 11,125 D.C.T. I25 Basketball 115 Baseball II: Volleyball 115 Bowling II. Ambition--Registered Nurse VIRGINIA ANN STAPUETON "Ann" "True to her aim, let others blame or praise." Jr. Honor Society 95 Sr. Honor Society II , 125 Raven Club 125 Wheel-ettes IO, 11, I23 Band 9,1o, 11, 125 latin Club 9, IO: Inter-Club Council 115 Prom Comm. II5 Asst. Librarian 10, II, 12. Ambition--College MARYANN STOCKDALE "A Cheerful heart which makes bright the path of life." Entered 1952 from Waverly, Iowa5 Home Room Sect. 115 Mixed Chorus 10,11, I25 New Comers Club IO, 11, 125 Sect. 12. Ambition--Fashion Designer PHIL NEWMAN STOUGH "Phil" "Blest with a certain charm to please." Entered 1953 from Hyde Park, Chicago, III. Ambition--To finish College PATRICIA ANN THOMAS Patsy 'Seek those things which are above." Opti-Miss. II,I2. Ambition Nurse PAULINE I. THOMAS "Polly" "Contentment is better than riches." F.H.A. 9, IO, Club Treasurer IO, D. C.T. Il, 12. WOODSON COLEMAN TUCKER "Woody" "The thinkinest thinker, that ever thunk. " Homeroom Pres. 7, Sgt. -at-arms IO, I Act Play 1O,Jr. Play II, Junior Honor Society 8, 9, Annual Staff 12, Seniors Play 12. Ambition--Surgeon JOHN ROGER WAGONER "Hor1us" "You are commanding and enter- prising with boundless energy. " Homeroom Pres. 9, Vice Pres. IO, Pres. ll, Baseball 9, IO, II, I2, Key Club 9, IO, 11, Hi-YII, 12, Sgt. -at-arms I2. A mbition--Automotive Engineer ROBERT DIXON WALKER "Talk he can and talk he willg his tongue is very seldon still." Track 11, I2: Volleyball 11, I23 Soft- ball 9,I0,lI, I23 Key Club I2. Ambition--Biology BARBARA JEAN WARREN "Jeanie" "Friendhip is the wine of life. " Sec. of Home Room 7, Vice Pres. 8, Vice Pres. 12, Baseball 8,9, IO: Track 8, 9,105 Volleyball 8, 9, 10g Wheel-ettes 10,II, 12: Vice Pres. 12: Chorus II,I2p F. 1-1. A. 9, io. Ambition--Nursing ,, . ' JUANITA WANDA TILLMAN "Nita" "Charming, pretty, and petite, but HDI more charming than shc is sweet." Sec. Home Room 9, Ilg Chorus 7,8, 9, ro, 1 1, 12. Ambition--College BENNY LEDGAR WALKER "Shorty" "Why rush? It takes four years to get out anywayl " Basketball 9, IO, 1 1, 12: Track It , 125 Volleyball II3 Softball 9, IO, II: Key Club 11, 12. Ambition--Millionaire ROY EDWARD TURNER "Eddie" "Bewarel I'm hunting for the man who invented work. " Entered, IQ53, from Inverness, Fla. Ambition--Graduate EDDIE GENE WARD "He's a Longfellow, but not a poet. " Basketball B-squad 9,103 A-squad II: Chorus IO,Il, 12. Ambition--To be a success in every way IANICE RUTH WATKINS "Ian" "Fair, wise, and winningg she's a splen- did girl." Home Room Treas. 9,105 Jr. Honor Soc. Opti-Miss 11, I2g Sec. rig Chorus IO, 11, IZQ Latin Club IO: Inter-Club Cou'ncil I2 Raven Club Il,I23 Spanish Club Il,l2g G. A. A. QQ Ambition--Education JOYCE GERALDINE WATSON "Jerry" "None but herself can be herself." Entered from Williston, Fla. , in 1950. Basketball rrp D.C.T. 12: Chorus IO: G. A.A. II: F.H.A. 9. Ambition--Beautician JERRY WOOD WESTER "Booger" "Your courage is abundant and you have a fearless determination." Sgt. at arms IO, I Ig Pres. of Home Room I2: Football 11, 12g Basketball II,I2g Track II, X25 Chorus IO,I1, I2. Ambition --T0 Make a Living DONALD V. WIGGINS ..D0n.. "I doubt the wisdom of being too wise. Entered from Jacksonville, Fla., in I953. Basketball I23 Key Club I2: Sgt. at arms 12. Ambition--College BILLYE MARTIN WILCOX "wi11y' "He lives in the present and believes this is the best world he has ever seen. D.C.T. 12: F.F. A. 9, 1o,11, 12. Ambition--To be Successful in Every- thing I Do ROBERT BOBBY WOOD "Woody" "Not a word spake he more than was needed. " Entered in gth grade. Vice Pres. I2: F.F. A. II, I25 Chorus Ilg D.C.T.12, Ambition-- Marilyn Monroe CARL GENAIR WEST "Pauncho" "The spirit of cheerfulness spreads a radiant light on the souls of all. " D.C. T. II, 12: Wheel Club I2g Inter- club Council 12. Ambition--To be a Wheel in the Auto- mobile Industry MARY JANE WESTER ..M.J.. "Always ready and willing to do." Sec. 9, G. A. A. II, 125 Weather Vane Staff 11, I2Q Annual Staff II, 123 Dra- matic Club 8, F. H. A. 9, IO. A mbition- -Mod el ROBERT WALLACE WIGGLESWORTH "Wiggle" "He can't be wrong whose life is in the right." H.R. Vice Pres. IO: F.F.A. 9, IO, II, 12: Wheel Club IO,IIg Key Club 123 Safety Club I2g Jr. Play Asst. Stage Manager IO, II. Ambition--College ELIZABETH ANN WILLIAMS "Liz" "A friendly heart with many a friend." Entered from Cedar Key, Fla. , in 1951 . A mbition--Secretary JOHN LEWIS WURSTER "Rooster" "I'm not asking youg I'm telling you." 1-l.R. VicePres. 9gFootbal1 9gBaskerball 9g Track11, IZQWIICCI Club II, 125 Pres. 125 Weather Vane Il, 125 Editor I2g Stage Crew, Mgr. Ambition--Minister and Electronic Engineer JOYCE ELAINE YARBROUGH A wlnnmg personallty and a sunny smlle that makes everyone happy all the whxle Wheelettes IO II I2 Hxstonan II Annual Staff 9 IO II I2 Photography Eduor I2 Weanher Vane Staff II I2 Chorus 9 IO II I2 Home Room Treas I2 Prom Commxttee F H A Ambmon Busmess College it A iggvqnvw !Im"' A-in... SEIIIUR SHHPS X GH TIGER A lf ," fix I is ,f J 5 . . 4' C Q 1 Carolyn B' x ' .E-Q asf Barbara C311 onus suns BU :Z yd if if Carol """' 'Visa Jack 'Y' P8 I - Pe8SY A 3 Neal 0 Betty Ann KU Be tty Carolyn Charla 40? x H--5 Conme Marshall Jerry Barbara 'vi Melvm Sue Susan Clark ,B y d , Q A W 9, a . ff V' A 1 y 5 4, M l xg A . , X an i I- Q X ' "5 , B- J I J A ,- b ' I Wil- H 4' N . y P Q. V y 'rg J. T. . A X A r ,, f0 A. at Q X I 'V , lg A l g g CLA '. ' 'SL ,gli l , x i . T'1 'f" 'f?E "za, 211-1- ,' ' " vm 'A 'Y 3 .. --W-W' CLHSS HISTURU Let s take a rtde tn the old Hurrtcane Bus Remem ber rn 1948 when we frrst came to Garnesvrlle Htgh School? Wasn t ll fun acttng grown up? But deep down rnsrde most of us felt scaredl The fall semester rolled around and the erghth grade proved to be very smart The thtrty frve smart students who were elected to the Jumor Honor Socrety were Grnger Bevrs Lydra Boals Dorothy Box, Sue Brooker Amelra Bryan Betty Anne Geltz Ann Grossman, L1 lre Mae Howard Margaret Hughes, Jean Jordan Elea nor Lang Marton Lxndsey, Theresa Ford Emma Lou Nrcholson, Glenda Robmson Anrta Rodgers, Susan Scott Carol Stlverman Ann Stapleton Juamta T111 man, Pat Beard Joe Burnet Robert Cheatham, Jer Dantels Don Duer Charles Grubbs Larry Fort Ben me Lee Bruce Maclachlan, Ancrl Payne J T Raw ltns Woodson Tucker, and Buddy Wtllrams The students who were elected rnto the club rn the gth grade were Betty Allen Carolyn Canova, Norma Canova, Janet Hrll, and Brllte Io Smrth That year Betty Allen and Pat Beard won the c1t1zensh1p awards Then there was the ftrst trme our majorettes were elected We were proud of Carolyn Bohannon and Carolyn Canova as they strutted across the fteld for the ftrst trme Followtng rn thetr footsteps were Mar ron Lrndsey Anr1 Grossman, and Susan Scott Few of us wrll forget the Sophomore Frolrcs at the Elks Home Fun wasn t tt? Who wxll ever forget those freld trrps tn Btology that we took to Srlver Sprtngs and Devrl s Mtllhopper? The tdea was to study Brology but somehow we always got stdetracked Our Juntor year was a happy one wrth our goal nearer rn stght One of the mam htghlrghts was the success ful Junror Play Many of our farthful Junrors worked nrght and day to put on The Perfect Idxot Remember the fun we had workmg on the decoratrons for the prom and banquet? How the senrors talked a bout the Wonderland theme and the floor show at the prom Carolyn Bohannon and Ada Hays Davxs worked very hard to make the banquet and dance a success These Junrors who had comptled an average of ntnty rn then Sophomore and Juntor years and were outstand rng tn character, servtce, leadershtp, and scholarshrp were elected to the Senior Honor Socrety Betty Allen, Joe Bruner Amelta Bryan, Eleanor Lang Ancrl Payne Pat Beard Ann Grossman and Ann Stapleton We were very proud of Gene Rgtch and Jere Dantels, Co Captarns of the football team who had lettered four years rn football and baseball The Weathervane staff really worked hard to edrt those tssues of the news paper but they were well worth thetr trme and effort For the frrst trme rn several years we had a prrnted news P3Pe1' 1953 1954 meant progress because most of us could call ourselves Sentots The annual staff began work early to put out the 1954 Hurrtcane Band and Chorus gave some wonderful concerts whtch showed what ftne talent G H S students had The football team worked hard to wrn those etght games It was our ftrst unde feated season srnce 1922 To top off the season we beat P K Y I4 I3 Memortes of the 1953 Homecommg sttll lrnger the pep rallres decoratrons, floats parade and last but not least the brg homecomtng game Carol Srlverman and John Wurster made a cute Ktng and Queen to rergn over all the Homecomtng fesuvrtres Ktd Day brought back memorres of our chrldhood days, and most of us forgot that we were drgnrfted semors Ftnally graduatron We had watted I2 years for rt but when rt came we really drdn t feel as happy as we had expected to be 1954 brought the best year of all As we frnrsh our rrde we remember all of the happy rrmes that we the class of 1954 have had at Gatns vtlle Hrgh School and we shall chertsh the prectous memorres of our Alma Mater ' , , '1- ' ' 2 I ' I I I I ' . . e ' . I I I U Y U I I Z6 CLHSS llllll We the Senror Class of i954 berng of sound mrnd and body do hereby declare thrs to be our last wrll and testment We hope the class of 1955 wrll enjoy and make the best of therr rnherrtance BETTY ALLEN leaves her busrness lrke ways to accom plrsh thrngs to Marcra Mrlam MERCETA AMBROSE and AVOLON INGRAM leave therr athletrc abrlrty to Carolyn Cason Lrbby Beall and Pat Holder NITA AMBROSE leaves her sly grrn to Pat Douthrt who has one of her own BOB ANGEL takes hrs shyness wrth hrm but we wrsh he could leave some of rt for Buddy Dowlrng, cause he does n t shy away from anythrng does he grrlsr LOYCE ANN BAGWELL leaves her neat appearance to Bernrce Ward and Betty Jo Warrng MARALYN BALDWIN and LILLIE MAE HOWARD leave therr knowledge of blushrng to Mrldred McLeran Pat Nutt and Ann Regrster PAT BEARD leaves hrs eye for the basket to Perry Mc JAMES BECK leaves hrs pretty black harr to John An derson and Ronald Morrrs CHERIE BENTON wrlls her golden harr to Ann Turlrng ton and Joan Walker EDGAR BEVILLE and WYLIE COBB leave therr way of gettrng around to Taylor Pelreum Brlly Wheeler and Joe Whrre GINGER BEVIS and JACK GAMBLE leave together CONNIE BISHOP wrlls her duck waddle to Janrce Drckrnson to help her wrth the Bunny Hop LYDIA BOALS leaves her quret ways to Leonard Che shrre and Frankre Jean Cope to help slow them down KENNETH BOCHETTE leaves because everyone else has That s what Nerl Wooten and Myrna Whrtrng have rn mrnd for next year CHARLA BODDEN leaves her brg brown eyes to Sara Spencer so she can keep up the good work flashrng them CAROLYN BOHANNON leaves her frrendly smrle to Sylvra Asbell DOROTHY BOX leaves her qruet effrcrency to Madonna Leary Patsy Whrte and Joyce Worley JOSE BORRERO leaves now who wrll do Jrm Tatom s Spanrsh homework? SUE BROOKER leaves her Spanrsh lrngo to Jo Eerrazzr and Sadre McLucas who have therr frll of rt already MOLLY BROOKS and DELORES MORING leave therr secret of always knowrng to Nancy Boyles Sally Eaton and Bobbre Ian Welch GLORIA BROWN leaves her ready Hr to Ann and Martha Jane Taylor and Ruth Strerfer MARIE BROWN leaves her red harr to Martha Mc Krnney PAT BROWNING leaves her skates to Stanley Mc JOE BRUNET and ANCIL PAYNE leave therr brarns Julran McCranre and Dave Flagg who sure could use some AMELIA BRYAN leaves her tap dancrng to Ann Dreyer and Vrvran Vrpperman to go wrth therr vorces PAT BRYAN leaves her work at the Camera Store to Charles Peterson now he can develop hrs own prctures BOBBY BRYAN leaves hrs abrlrty of tantalrzrng teach ers to Buddy Wynn who does a good toy hrrnself CAROLYN CANOVA wrlls her hrgh steps to Dot Brel man who seems to be dorng frne already NORMA CONOVA leaves the Younger Set to anyone capable of gettrng rn on all the gossrp ELIZABETH CARLEY and MARYANN STOCKDALE leave therr sweet ways to Nancy Ayres and Rose Grdd eon and Wanda Wrllrams ROBERT CHEATHAMw1lls hrs rnterest rn school act rvrtres to Mary Ann Cook and Kay Mason Cr -in I I . 0 I n u I I ' I n 0 A I o s Griff and Gus Sampero. Intosh--now fall! ' ' - ' ' to Z7 LUIN CIFUENTES and HERNAN FRANCO leave therr cameras to Jrmmy Valk and Charles O Neal ELAINE COULLIAS leaves all her pretty clothes to Carla Brrce to add to her collectron BOBBY CREWS leaves that muscular look to John Shehee KATHARINE CURRY leaves her rdeas of gettrng away wrth murder wrth boys to Catherrne Brownlee so she can stop gettrng caught at her own game RAY DANIEL leaves hrs frrendly smrle and helpful ways to Dwarn Anderson and Elorse Wesley JERE DANIELS leaves hrs many sweaters and football letters to Brlly Edwards so he can grve hrs grrl one too ADA HAYS DAVIS leaves her peroxrde bottle to Noel Mrlls and Wynona Wrllrams what wrll she ever do wrth out rt? DALTON DAVIS leave hrs absentee record to Royce Scott and Grlbert Wrrght PHILIP DAVIS leaves hrs rnterest rn sports to John Hrll who has other rrrterests too what cha say John? MELVIN DESHA leaves hrs manly vorce to Charles Mrller BOB DOUGLAS wrlls hrs part of Cuprd to Charles Zaleskr and Lrndsey Sheppard James Morurg, Frances Phrllrps and Tommy Slaughter NUNNIE MAE DRAWDY leaves her ready hello to Jody Kelly Patsy Knrght and Mary Ellen Stalvey DON DUER leaves hrs radro technrque to Charles Sreg BARBARA DUNN leaves her sweetness to Jaunelle Mrlls and Emrly Varnon SHIRLEY ENGLISH leaves her spontaneous grrn to Beverly Fulton and Bobby Fulwood PAT ESTES leaves her abrlrty rn drawrng to Gayle Wrllrams FURMAN FLETCHER leaves hrs class sleeprng to Jrm Meade so the poor teachers can get some rest MARSHALL FLOWERS leaves her tremblrng knees rn speech class to Orbre Ann McNerl to calm her down TERRY FORD leaves her good grades to Betty Arkell and Gerald Mrtchell LARRY FORT wrlls Shrrley Gay a surt from L St L what wrll she do wrth rt? BETTY ANNE GELTZ leaves her duck cut to Danny Mrnnrck and Wayne Brunsun to go wrth therr cat slang ANN GROSSMAN leaves her Cadrllacs to Dot Burns so she won t have to exert so much energy walkrng up and down Unrversrty Avenue CHARLES GRUBBS and BARBARA WARREN leave wrth Jack and Grnger JANET HILL leaves her slow lope to Barbara Fowler and Edwrn Norman ANNE HOASTER has already left to go back to Georgra CLARK HODGE leaves the wrngs on hrs feet so Coach Lewrs can put them on Bubba Wrllrams to go wrth those on hrs passrng arm JEANETTE HOLLEY left frrst semester to torn John u she s back now PEGGY HOOK leaves her vorce and her sweetness to Betty McCallum JEAN HOOTEN leaves a few rnches to Barbara Lrght sey who could use them SHIRLEY HORNE leaves her place rn the band to Tommy Donaldson to combrne talents PEGGY HUGHES leaves but she wtshes she could take Wayne Pearce along Chester Clem so he can frnd out where the reference books are ANN and BETTY JERNIGAN leave therr look to Tommy Sorrells won t he look funny wrth two faces? LANNY JOHNSON leaves wrth us memorres, but takes hrs physrque for the college grrls to gaze upon CLARK JONES leaves to contrnue hrs work at the frll rng statron, but he wants to take Jennrngs Benton and Claude Copeland to help hrm JANE JONES leaves her place rn the Wheelettes to Penny Hester and Kay Harkey to carry on the good work JEAN JORDAN wrlls her poor ole 41 Ford to Marran Beck so she can keep on haulrng the cheerleaders around LAURA JEAN KOLAR leaves her abrlrty to stay behrnd rn bookkeeprng to Tessre Lrnzmayer and Mary Jo Mc Krnney ALBERT KRIENKE leaves hrs abrlrty to get thrngs done to Drck Drckrnson ELEANOR LANG leaves one of her knrt surts to Brlly Sunson won t he look cute rn rt? AL LEE leaves to lead many people down the rsle theater rsle, that rs BINNIE LEE leaves hrs shy ways to Edward Smrth and Josh Drckrnson I . . U . . - . I . , b I I " ' n . JOY FLOYD leaves her place on the Honor Roll to BETTY JEFFORDS leaves her place in the library to 2 8 MARION LINDSEY leaves her Jeep to Ruth Davrs thrnk you can see over the dash board now, Ruth? GERTRUDE LOVELL leaves her pleasrng frgure to Betty Jean Stevens BRUCE MACLACHLAN leaves hrs qurck wrt of know rng somethrng about everythrng to Judy Brrdges CLYDE MALLARD leaves hrs cute laugh to Charles Ulrev Gordon Vogel, and Davrd Steward JOHN MANGHAM leaves hrs way of laughrng at any krnd of a Joke to Gene Barwrck DICK MAURY wrlls hrs brfocals to Pardue Warrrng ton the better to see Sherry Donaldson BARBARA MCDONALD wrlls her soft vorce to Thel ma 'vlansolo NANCY MCDONALD leaves her way of knowrng a about the boy to Trrcra Bevrs who can t decrde TOM MCRORIE wrlls hrs homework to Barbara Am ason rn hopes rt mrght get done JIMMY MEHAFFEY leaves hrs shyness to Hal Batey Can you use rt Pal? BARBARA MITCHELL leaves her slow easy, gorng wa to Dethrrse Green WILLIE MAE MOORE leaves her newcomers hello to Peyton Ellrs who caught on fast too Lee Drawdy know how to drrve rt? LAMAR MORGAN leaves hrs blue coupe to Jrmmy Anderson O K Jrmmy that wrll be 35.000, please WALLY MORSE and GENAIR WEST leave many partres to Edgar Fox and Bruce Hall RUTH NEAL wrlls her red harr to Pat Foucart How wrll Ruth look wrthout rt? CARLTON NETTLES leaves to contrnue hrs work at Meade and Wrllrams JIMMY NICHOLS leaves hrs get up and go to Pat Heckard EMMA LOU NICHOLSON leaves for the theater trcket grrl at the Florrda that rs JERRY OGLESBY leaves hrs head for frgures John Smrth and Lex Strrckland MARTHA OWEN wrlls her fast ways to Irene Bronson JACKIE PADGETT leaves her homework for house work SAM PAGE wrlls hrs charr rn D C T to anyone who wants rt JOAN PARKER leaves her perfect scores rn book keeprng to Wanda Cooey BOBBY PEISER left for work to support hrs wrfe J T RAWLINS leaves hrs football knee to anyone who wants rt KEN READ leaves hrs abrlrty to lead the G H S band to next year s drum major JACKIE REGISTER wrlls a roll of theater trckets to Donald Allen BOB REID leaves hrs baseball and basketball abrlrty to Stuart Mclntosh GENE RITCH hates to leave hrs many ardent ad mrrers DREXAL ROBERTS leaves hrs chewrng gum to Brlly Dykes GLENDA ROBINSON leaves her class offrces to Rand Edelstern MARK ROBINTON wrlls hrs sports abrlrty to r Clements ANITA RODGERS leaves her speedy speech to Ruth Hollrngsworth ANN SAPP leaves her many dates wrth the U of E boys to Melba Newman LEON SCOFIELD leaves hrs abrlrty to be the lrfe of the party and strll keep rn shape for sports to Jack Spencer man she wants to Ann Lazonby who can never make up her mrnd MARGARET SHEROUSE wrlls her quret go get m ways to Martha Malphurs and Shrrley Merrrt HARRY SHORE leaves hrs plan for dressrng up to Wayne Mason ELLIOT SHOVAR takes JUANITA TILLMAN wrth hrm CAROL SILVERMAN wrlls her well rounded actrvrtres to lrttle brother Gene who has a good start already ELEANOR SIMMONS leaves her new frrendly ways to Fred Ream NANCY SINNES wrlls her beauty mole to Gene Smrth what wrll he do wrth rt? BILLLE JO SMITH leaves her grown up ways to Ruth Scruggs Can t you see her wrth them? DIA NNE SMITH leaves a weed to Ann Holcombe rn hope that she wrll never be out NEAL SPENCER leaves hrs many moments at P K Y to Harlene Spatz FAYE STARLING leaves to Jour hrm ANN STAPLETON leaves her many years of A s to Katherrne Rrng to add to her collecuon PHIL STOUGH leaves as quretly as he came PAT STRICKLAND leaves a few rnches to Edna Craw ord Y . . . . . . BOBBY MORALES wills his motor-bike to Winnie SUSAN SCOTT leaves her ability to know which . . . ' . u H , , , ' " ' " to - f . 29 GUYNELL SWAINE leaves her basketball ability to Amanda Gillian. PATSY THOMAS leaves her secret of getting away with no homework to Jimmy Mason. PAULINE J. THOMAS leaves to go keep house. WOODSON TUCKER leaves his way with women to Ronnie Nelson- -what will he do with it? EDDIE TURNER leaves his ability to rat race the cops, and get away with it to Fletcher Lindsey. JOHN WAGONER leaves at long last! I BENNY WALKER leaves his "cool" temper to Tommy Pennisi. DIXON WALKER wills his loud laugh to Nancy Hadlock and Clyma Glyn Tanner. EDDIE WARD leaves the name "Speedy" to Lige Chris- tain. JANICE WATKINS wills her insured fingers to Jimmy Smith. 4 ,', K. ,A- lb --A ws . . in ' 'Wi JOYCE WATSON leaves her trim figure to Carolyn Hinson. JERRY WESTER wills "Booger" to Don Webb. MARY JANE WESTER leaves her many speeches to Mary Louise Lambert and Karl Lohman. BILLY WILCOX leaves his many books fthe one's he ready to Robert Elwell. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS leaves "that look" to Au- thur Anderson. DON WIGGINS wills his dancing shoes and basket- ball hands to Ted Duncan. "WIGGIE" WIGGLESWORTH leaves his "Hawaiian Wiggle" to Sara Jane Jones. ROBERT WOOD leaves his woodie wit to Frank Kel- ley and Alvis Hales. JOHN WURSTER leaves G. H. S. 's P. A. system to Betty McClellan--can she use it? JOYCE YARBROUGH doesn't have to will her engage- ment ring to Pat McDonald, "cause she has one her- self. Signed Jean Jordan Ada Hays Davis Administrators W- X 1 K . ,l. - .-S -Q X Q JUIIIUHS ,or -1 Pres Mary Ann Cook Vxce Pres Rand Edelstexn Sec Ann Lazonby Patncxa Bevts Alvm Burgess s I -,,,o'l Ceha Cone Dot James Btelman Bockler I Dot Carolyn Burns Cason K 1: x ' I Wanda Frankle Jean Cooey Cope wwf., Hiwtgv Dona ld Allen li- ohn Anderson Q4 Gene Barwlck Carla NOT PICTURED Lenard Chestre K Edna Crawford 5 Barbara Amason vi Betty Arkell Ha Ba te y udy Bud es JFK Elxjah Chrrstian Ruth Davls ' fx Arthur Anderson Sylvla Asbell Llbby Beale 41- xl Irene Bronson Chester Clem I 1 Dick Dxcklnson ,Q'::z9 34. A Dwaln Anderson 'mf Nancy Ayers Jenmngs Benton Ca therme Brownlee 1 Clements sf r 1 v Ianlce Dtckmson f' ,A A B Q. if , A -C 'ff' , B 1 , 1 ' ' B" AS.. , ggi " -'f1:VL': .C A ' , ' V- ,Kim ., 1 1: Z , ,ll , ,Q K, . C . rs"' y 2, '?s-ri " - ' ' ', . 'Q Sf XXX X Z K I., I ' ' Vi ,f vo -N ni' I Nj-4 Q ' lx - 6' . ' ' ' . ' 1 Q ' ,, . . f r f J . n Y Q ef B' ' L B 4 A 4 T' L. , 'Q A -.L 4 tn xt I . . B-lf. s , C f ' xx , b A S V e - ' - "-he , x. Q.. 1 -' .E K . A N Y -V: ' A L Q ai Q, r , A A -4 his A A 'I' 1, 0 V F! F k' 'i 'lj -. . . , , I .. . J . - A 4 X' . Q I f' ' - -A F. - I, V1 ' , NQ"i,l' 'gi Q :if , - s i A 5 117' ' " ' Q bar' 'Mn , ' - -.'A - fx N 'I f f J y A ' . A rs: V L 0 .. S.d I x . V lf, Q -5 , 1.7 , 2, E ' , N Q V4 .. dt ' A 'K 3 S- ' :V ' K 1' A - L., ' A X '- -lv " N ' ' fl-f l l B, . A ' A JUHIUHS Nr 6, 4. 6 , 3 D.. f . A l Vx ff-'iw ' 1 'T ' - f E '---- 'J X 9 H , N ri E, Ex I Eddie Pat Buddy Donovan Douthit Dowling . ' wi 5 rigi Sally Billy Robert Eaton Edwards Elwell ,, ,A Q -.N 5 1 , - ,1 f in j E " ' ' 3' , r 1' ml: 2 . Y Edgar Beverly Bobby Fox Fulton Fulwood v. ,E X 1 J 6 - X -,X E- 3. 1 A ' 5. 5! Eg 'i 4 , ll "E, ld Nancy Alvis Bruce Hadlock Hales Hall E ' 'Wg , f M J o A , " My 'Sr rf., 5 1 I . 3 . v 4 A I- .g . r Q.: Carolyn Ann Pat Hinson Holcombe Holder Qj' f Winnie Lee Drawdy 1 fm! .r. ' Q JoAnn Ferrazzi Xt' Shirley Gay " J? A 5 'E X . Kay Harkey ' 4: E ,B 4'-f N .1 5 X! , , .f .4 . x r xyff f ' 1 Ruth Hollingsworth U W A Sv S cv :F si X Ann Dreyer 5 David Flagg vos. - Vx I. Rose Giddeon ' 1 1 pw 5 ff, .. 1 5 ', '5 -1 . , .,f l ij' Peyton Ellis Sara Jane Jones 'jr A, A ' , yi xx fy YQ' -O f, l 1 'r S-l Frank Kelly 6 2 . .. L, 4' fl te, MMS , 4 1 ef ' Karl Lohman 2' , 55 Q D V , nigg a ., L 'A 5 Stuart Mclntosh 'fit O . ,f Q ff ns Kay Mason ,- S .- x Noel Mills .XX '32 Jody Kelly ,ty ,il KL at 'X Betty McCallum Martha McKinney 5 n , Ss Q. s.,.r gif Q r x. fa' ht - 33 Wayne Mason JUHIUHS hae. 3, - f , .L Q S ' his f I Barbara Ann Fletcher Lightsey Lindsey Perry McGriff Orbie Ann McNeill 'x A x IL v.. 1 5 9382 Stanley Mclntosh A, Thelma Mansola Marcia Lharles Iuanelle Xlilam Xiiller Mills .gf f 6- 7 S ' . W' Q f i we f 4 1 X 1- 1 X -, -fp t, ' W' xA' 1 'I 1 Patsy Mary Louise Madonna Knight Lambert Leary r. 542 2- Q if 'qi E 'X 'Sh RX- fi , Betty Julian Pat McClellan McCranie McDonald ' 5 'L ., - . i t l '- I L I 5 Mary Jo Mildred Sadie McKinney McLeron McLucas " N ,Qui Q- 1' , - ' "Zi 1 A Jim Shirley Meade Merritt '56 v l r as QS V, T .1 -.., - Danny James Ronnie Melba PSI Ch3l'195 Minnich Moring Nelson Newman NUI! O'N6a1 Wayne Pearce N J .,l"' 'fr' vii Roger Scott ai Edward Smith I.. Betty Jean Stevens Martha Ann Taylor Tommy Pennisi 'Q -K - D 1 P Royce Scott Gene Smith n 'fzi X 1539 ' A I David Stewart ' 5- 2 'fu Pelieum Taylor w JUHIURS . '65 Qo- v " 1 "W . I gg T ir Charles Carolyn Peterson Philipps -1' ' M Q v 5' ' i , Q . . Ruth John Scruggs Shehee f I 1 V4 -X , 2 Jimmy Johrl Smith Smith fi 3 I Lex Ruth Strickland Strifer at ..G' M 5. -t J Ji 5. ,h L 5 Ann Jimmy Turlington Valks ,p- fi lg 1 'nr--v 1 -lr , qt f- -, ' 'F Ms George Putnam E 4 , W' L T, . Gene Silverman S: H., I W -'f 1" , Ruble Southerland 'if . u V , Clyma Tanner Vivian Vipperman ta? W, s fy, A R 3,- 5 8. ' xx :xv A ' L ,S ' . U we X if Fred Katharine Ream Ring "9'5 I Lilla Jack Simmons Slaughter Harlene Sara Spatz Spencer I. I: A '.": X x I Jim Ann Tatom Taylor ng Gordon Joan Vozel Walker s Bernice Meyers -- -0, Niel Wooten V v 1 Betty Jo Waring v if Joyce Worley ,f--5 at , e 'W' r A ". x z""tg ' X kr.. - Q29 ja-is 1 ffmir Donnie Webb y, ' A -xx: ia It Mt' Bubba Williams JUHIURS Q' A ,El ' 111'- . ' 5' Q . 7 I Eloise amy Wesley Wheeler X? 's d . fl' . ' , .. w,A.,f!aV: Q LV x- jifkxh' ' If, l 1-'gr Wanda Wynona Williams Williams 'lf 5 xv, X- . s J M Joe White 'K ifv lx fu Gilbert Wright NOT PICTURED1 Jimmy Anderson, Marion Beck, Bobby Beville, Nancy Boyles, Wayne Brunson, Betty Fowler, Amanda Gilliam, Barry Howell, Nancy McDonald, Martha Malphurs, Jimmy Mason, Rodger Phelps, Lindsey Shepard, Charles Sieg, Tommy Sorrells, Jack Spencer, Billy Stinson and Walter Wynn, Jr. 'Ti 3 ' 1 Patsy White - I Q- 7'2" ' Charles Zaleski i ,l. ' , 3 A . 7 O- 1 Q .l- WHS-Y" SUPHUHIUHES ,lf L.- , QW. fx A t f vt Y, - "" 'S ,f -5 William Ahrano or f 5 Edwin Alberi 3. 4 , Jimmy Allen -wc ' - ,F .' 3. , 'P ?V . -' . 1 ' X l Larry Alverson N 3 ugh Pres, -Asa Cox Vice-Pres, -Judy Cogburn ya yd , . Barbara Ronald Katherine Diane Bailey Balsamo Barnett Bartley ,. Ps- , ik ,A Q ' A 5 q , if ,. ' Q Wig "' - 'N 1 .' I -X V NL- Sec. -Jane Treas. -Janet Ferrazzi Richardson Joan Jack Frank Ellen Basset Beckenback Berry Black X - h Q- , . A J ---' ,Q J 2 I f ,ki Gene Donald Lynn Bob Pat Madelin Tenny Blackwelder Boals Bodden Bratcher Brown Bruner Brunet 1 ga C r X ., .I A ' - . . -A s - " 5' . 6- , . ,- get Nk.,:', 4, , .' Xe' "Q lmiag .f 'U' A K' I 2' Ap - X a 9 ,f ' I : .1 . .Qi . louise Mary Alice Christine Bonnie Dorothy Flora Jo Ann Brunson Bryan Bullard Burnett Burns Burton Bush Q " lr, v Q... - ,. B B ,, m 3 J 4 5.4 Q' -' W ' , " ' 4 . W 455 8 ' - ,Q if 1 " 7, V' , Q . U . V 1 'X ' its JA NA!!! L i cis-1 J ' Reba Emma jane Maureen Nancy Gloria Dorothy Rosa Mae Camp Canova Cass Chapman Coleman Criswell Crown Lucille Betty urkland Davis ,fu lf? Alma Sue Dovell Duncan , " ' 1 4 . .Qxx ,Al David Charles Fagan Flowers Sarah Ann Anna Gaskins Georgiad cr '- -' B 'Sv JBUCI Frances Had lock H311 SUPHUIHUHES Jim bo Davis v-fe, Raymond Davis ,. Q Eugene Marie Easterling Eddie up "' Q-46? gs lf, r ' . Tommy Betty Fountain Fowler 1 ? 0 Q P , " .iv Q, ' . +45 Q r Q A F W 1 li Crit Eugene Dewey 'J' in X 1.1 ,o-at 0- 4 f -' ' ,I -:rx t .J X I ' k A 3' A Onita Waunell Dixon Dobbs George Edwards 4 Marilyn Fury ss' Z- 4 A ., -'71 -?:Im: .ra V Junie Goo lsby I X Barbara Hauser Peyton Ellis Q . nl. , , Barnc y Garwood if f 1 .xl lf, Mary Louise Goolsby N S .' V4.1 x Hugh Helms 'S P , A ,,. , ' .vi f f r f x f I Susan Ellis Mary jane Garwood .NX is" r ,,1 . u -G Sheldon Grossman K? Charlene Hcury SUPHUIHUHES Deloris Henry wi. Nancy Hill X X June Jeffords Cookie Kopelowitz Lawrence Marion 3, 6 Y , 1. L , 33 ,, ' an I 7' H 7' 3 1 M fl - "9 ' 4 I ' 2 fi 7 ' A 0 M . tx P 4 1 3-K ff 'ef Jku....::.'a4 H H Walter Billy Martha Mary Cloey Frances Herbert Hester Hester Higley Hill Hill L, , 'I 4 5. or ,P ' -A 'K - - In 1 'f if 1 a .gr H . as ' jf., A .. .N 'K f - If if t ,v Tommy Lily Mae Marilyn Betty Jo Gordon David Hill Howel Hughes Hunter Jackson Jamerson 4' 7Q.?K,,m , X 1 'sv f ,R is - lg - 5 "' ' V u ' 'ZW 1 , .Q lf 4 X -1--' 3' - ,. - W K s. '--f ' in j 1 ,gf V z' x- 5 M M , 'v 'Q y 4 A ' . 0 , it 1. w ,fr A -fl. Martha Frederika Sally Marjorie Bobby Shirley JOhHSOr1 Jones JOIICS Jordan Kennard Kite rw 'fn - lvl 6' ' .5 .Q . .Q 4 ,. ' - iff ,M , X ' N: , V41 is ' V it i z A f l if 3 Q f " X r x 'X I , Q ' ' ,..f 5 .4 W ' l Shirley Rosa Maria Mary Par Evelyn EICHHOY Lazonby Leighty Leland Love McNabb " F- "' bl 6. ' Y 4,13 A . - ' N M Q ' A , ' Y' K l l ' aff- M .f -air .gg Q Tommy Susi inia Genevieve Martin Mauderli May McCullers SUPHUIHUHES Z' ,gi I L' I' r 4' '5 ga 13,4 Q47 ' ik WV O A V I , . Q- f,, rr-S, Kate Marie John Philip Jo Ann Frank Sarah McCul1ars McDowell McPherson McRae Meade Merritt .A lf ax M 1 - a, , S- if S is 1 . ,,, , i AQ .NV V Gene Rose Ann David Sharon Ann Sherry Mullis Nelson Neilson Norris Outen Owen ll ' gn G, . -' . 4 , E' J ., sh H 'El Q " R R og S , for , i 'Y y, - - 'J for-9 - -fi:- J aa' Q5 J 5 X .W "1 ' W A if' N " If is g if f f t v 1 X pf N.. James Rodger June Marie Pat Tommy Peters Phelps Posey Prevatt Rowe Salmon aim ' K AA ' xg W Ah b , g I Q xl . Mary Lou Billy Eugene Clare Terry Yvonne SEIHCICFS Sapp Sauls Scarborough Schwall Shepherd .VQQ ' f 'KA ' if 'P ' -L- ea, fav- -A , i 5 ' A' . , Q I . 1 ,v li Chris Patsy Grady Mytis Mae Peggy Philip Simmons Slaughter Smith Smith Smith Sparks Elice Mizell Betty Perryman Gustavo Samper my ,,W f if . .4 'fy 1 55,-H it, sr 5 V Oscar Sherouse ,, . S W -f, 1 ,LZ 'll' 'Vw 1 in v l - 1 if George Spence Sharon St, Peter Jean Thrasher SJ Billy Walker T ,if 6 L J Ruth Waters R-WY Wilkes s. 'a is 0- l F- l 'Q' 'it '1 0' Jo Ann Stalnaker in i i Mary Ann Tillis Sv- I Evonne Valentine Hr- BL wks' , , 'If Q 5 al Q Karen Watkins ,nie K ff ' K , A , 7,1 K E Calvin Wilson Q l Willis Stockdale , ,Q 5 Martha Ann Tillman M . ,, .. . ns Q. ,Q .lm YL ,. Warner Strickland A s :ik z , sf H 14124 ask 4: Joy Tissot ,A R ,AQ S v Q 4 m 4 Q V 1 . Sql Emily Nancy Varnum Walker 6554 g 1 ' 'fi V in 1 Jack Jill Whitehead Whitehead 1 V' ag, .' -2 t,'1.' - f J f wi " as , this 5 L A 3 , , xii' Y' an 'I June David Worley Wright S.4',f s I wx " f W - 1 ff , .K J, mi. Kline Sullivan , A 5128 ' r. if Charles Ulrey ,EA .1 Levern Ward Q. , Z. L. fi at J s.l4 1 ' sl, Harvey Whitesides 4' K ,at Jimmy Young Marilu Sullivan . - "5 9 3 . -it I C Q," ,, x -L 'ff Martha Underwood Q n Q l- Patricia Warren , J2 , ,WV - ' : M 'L aim, , 1, H as C is 1 X24 . Reid Whitesides 9-, ,L ,I James Zigler Q 1 1 . V' on ll A , Lamar Taylor 24 i. Jerry Wadsworth 'N , . , rv ,Q-an X QQ ','. K ' si l as 'F N. 249, X Pardue Warrington Richard Wiggins I 'K ik-i i 'N . ' f' 45 I , 5 5 -1.. , Ronnie Zimmerman NOT PICTURED: Jean Baggett, Mack Bailey, Carl Bennett, Johnny Brunson, Alvin Burgess, Eddie Canova, Eugene D'Amato, Frances Daniell, Diane Dorsey, Mary Dykes, Peter Flower, Kenneth Gammon, Harry Greene, Paul Grigsby, Mary Frances Hague, Leila Hampton, Bill Hinkley, Rudolph Howell, Archie Jackson, Gloria Law, Jimmy Layne, Jerry Martin, Jane O'Neal, Jean Perdue, Grady Porter, Wayne Robinson, Joseph Ross, Carolyn Schnell, Margaret Shaw, Linda Shoun, Glenna Lorena Smith, Shirley Smith, Rodger Watson, Johnny Wilcox, ff A., U gs! www , ff I I 4, q-1 vig, . A ,, 1 mis , 4 ,- HOME ROOM I4 NINTH GRADE MR. ROBERT BAKER FIRST ROW: Mr. Baker, Sandra Beach, Sue Baringer, Cecile Carter, Judith Beasly, Pete Burns, Charles Bartley, SECOND ROW Isabel Scott, jane Blalock, Betty Jo Boltin, Lou Anna Angel, Martha Babb, Barbara Chamberlin, Micheal Burman, THIRD ROW Marion Bronson, Schaefer Bean, Mike Beegle, Sandy Blodgett, Eleanor Adams, Marie Carter, Roman Beville, FOURTH ROW: John Barrett, Bobby Allen, James Carroll, Nancy Clark Brewer, Stanley Ainsworth. JUHIUH HIGH FIRST ROW: Betty Bevis, Dinah Gayle Curtis, June Coleman, Angelita Fort, Glenda Cox, Doris Duncan, SECOND ROW: John Elwood, Betty Frazier, Edra Fowler, Larry Fender, Linda Chesnut, Mike Coburn, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Echols, Arnold Fox, Duane Dykes, Lonnie Durance, JoAnne Flowers, Kenneth Cobb, Robert Fowler, Mr. Byrd. FOURTH ROW: Mary Elizabeth Dixon, Harvey Cribbs, J. L. Fowler, Jack Fagan, Carolyn Fields, Richard Cushman. HOME ROOM I9 NINTH GRADE MRS. LOUISE ECHOLS sf!! HOME ROOM 32 NINTH GRADE MRS. CLARA GROTH FIRST ROW: La Vern Gann, Annette Harp, Jimmy Greene, James Hill, Grady Hall, Linda Goding, Basilene Hill, James Griffis, SECOND ROW: Doyle Hayes, David Galdrikian, Bob Henderson, Sarah Baughan, Ima Jean Hardee, David Hadsock, Reid Henson THIRD ROW: Robert Hendrix, Charles Grossman, Barbara Hazon, Margaret Higley, Judy Frierson, Margaret Hillman, Sylvia Hinson, Mrs. Groth, FOURTH ROW: Buck Grinter, James Gringin, Shirley Godwin, Larry Hatchett, Buddy Hatcher, Mary Elizabeth Goin, Annette Furtick, Louise Gunter. JUHIUH HIGH FIRST ROW: Roy Green, Sandra Lankford, Edith Jordann, Buddy Kennard, Alexander Kite, Jewelldine Johnson, Charlie McAu1ay SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hobbins, Alice May Holder, Lucy Johns, Patricia Kelly, Jill Jenkins, Lynette Lindsey, Kay Kitchens, Tommielu Lambeth, THIRD ROW: Edwin Howard, Carl Hodge, Bill Kelly, Jimmy Kirkland, Dorothy Jackson, Arvie Jean Mc- Donald, Bobby Holland, Larry Howell, Jimmie Lang, FOURTH ROW: Billy Ray Hooten, Kenneth Howell, Windel Locklear, A. J. Jeffcoat, Russell Harp, Harry Leo, Kerry Kelly, Guerry McClellan. HOME ROOM 22 NINTH GRADE MRS. VIOLET HOBBINS 9 HOME ROOM 4 NINTH GRADE MRS. VADA TUTTI-E FIRST ROW: June Parker, John Mason, Thomas Nettles, Bill Minnick, Rhydie Owens, Richard Melton, Phoebe McGilvray, SECOND ROW: Kenneth Merritt, Howard Morgan, Irene Mitchell, Jo Anne O'Neal, Annie Maud McRae, Beth Morgan, Virginia Mansolo THIRD ROW: Mrs. Tuttle, John McFerrin, Beverly Milam, Deleva Montgomery, Rosalyn Mitler, Randy Norton, Doris Nobles, Hershell Neel, FOURTH ROW: Jim Pennell, Joe Malphurs, Richard Waterhouse, Mary Pearce, Eleanor McDowall, Cornelea Martin, Frank Mullis. JUHIUH HIGH FIRST ROW: Arlene Philips, Carolyn Palk, Lewis Peters, Jeanette Rynolds, Deanna Saltzman, David Saltzman, Edith Polk, Birdie Reed, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wallace, Dale Perry, Carolyn Reever, Roy Radford, Mary Louise Pons, Hazel Riley, Joyce Pons, Jo Nell Roundtree, Shirley Roberts, THIRD ROW: Eddie Ranue, James Pullen, Bertie Mae Robinson, Frankie Rocquefort, Bobby Ridgell, Lamorah Reaves, Linda Pennell, Virginia Philman, FOURTH ROW: Bill Purson, Bob Reaves, Delmar Ream, John Poney, Howard Peters, John Ritch, Janet Penkins. NOT PICTURED: Priscilla Pepper. HOME ROOM I5 NINTH GRADE MRS. RUTH WALLACE M' 1 HOME ROOM S-5 NINTH GRADE MRS, DOROTHY POTTER FLRST ROW: joseph Sheridan, Shirley Taylor, Nancy Squires, Lora Saylor, Charles Shore, Jimmy Shore, Jimmy Storter. SECOND ROW: Annete Tanner, Barbara Tew, Grace Showden, Ruble Southerland, Constance Sweeney, Wayne Sparkman, Billy Studstill. THIRD ROW: Wayne Sapp, Kenneth Thomas, Dona Smith, Bill Thompson, Becky Thomason, Jack Sieg, Mrs. Potter, Roger Shields, Larry Sieg, Eddie Sherman, Billy Shepard, Gerry Stinson. JUHIUH HIGH FIRST ROW: Mrs. Young, Margory Ward, Betty Jean Toni, Billy Tummonds, Nancy Rue Wallace, Mike Zeigler, lmagene Waters. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ada Valk, Mary Katherine Wadsworth, Amalene Waters, Sarah Allen West, Gwen Williams, at Tyler, Ramona Waters, THIRD ROW: Fred Wimberly, Larry Watson Delores Warren, SybilUnderhill, Edward Weeks, Mason Carmichael, Billy Carol Wills, FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Weir, Pete Verri, Jimmy Wasdin, Charles Tuttle, Ruth Waters, Molly Widdon, Patty Wood, Eloise Worley, Linda Ward. HOME ROOM 5 NINTH GRADE MRS. LAURA YOUNG HOME ROOM 25 EIGHTH GRADE MRS. VIRGINIA ALLEN FIRST ROW: Verna Bean, Wendelyn Bedenbough, Ester Black, Judy Beard, Waverly Beville, Bill Baty, Pat Baily, SECOND ROW: Oliver Black, James Bingham, Martha Box, Susan Bechenbach, Mac Adams, Mary Box, Barbara Baily, THIRD ROW: Robert Beville, Lee Ann Black, Margaret Blank, Dale Brower, Vaughn Baker, Judy Brodkorb, Joe Arrington, Wicky Bostick, FOURTH ROW: David Beard Chester Bars, William Arnold, Billy Beville, Roben Bache, Tommy Barwick, Kenneth Blackwelder, James Lee Brigman, James Brooker. JUHIUR HIGH FIRST ROW: Sanford Brunson, Richard Crook, Fred Cone, James Cook, Earl Crown, Gene Cox. SECOND ROW: Barbara Crown, Richard Cobb, Hazel Crews, Nela Coleson, Karen Brunson, Louise Crown. THIRD ROW: Judy Burgess, Maurce Cobb, Betty Daugherty, Barbara Dell, Helen Cass, George Chappell. FOURTH ROW: Coach Beech, Barbara Davies, Bill Cobb, Carolyn Bryant, Clay Davis, Fred Curtess, Margie Bullard. NOT PICTURED: Margie Brunson, Edward Burgess, Dewey Bush, John Carmichael, Henry Clark, Fred Cone, Marie Courtney, John Crider, Alma Cason. HOME ROOM S-3 EIGHTH GRADE MR. ALBERT BEECH gs. K 'O E HOME ROOM I7 EITHTH GRADE MR JOSEPH LOWE FIRST ROW: Mary Fowler, John Fury, Bobbie Dobbs, Lamia Tomi, Juanita Flanagn, John Duesenbury, Brua Gibbs, Huey Godwin SECOND ROW: Kristain Deruloo, Judy Gann, Betty Jane Fowler, Aflisk 'folds Robert Ficther, B111G11ls Worlene Gaskins, Barbara English. THLRD ROW: Mr. Lowe, Peter Douthit, Philip Dimm. Marie Fender Bobbie Donovan, Holly Fuller, Sandy Evans Sara Ferrazzi, FOURTH ROW: Ga Nelle Denis, Billy Gannan, Sylvesrure De Pasture Jimmy Gibson Henry Finn Gelerdine Easterling JUHIUH HIGH FIRST ROW: Stanley Hester, Pat Hunt, Ann Hauser, Marleen Haven, Lavone Harvey, J. H. Harrell, Joel Hill, SECOND ROW: John Havalock, Mike Herndon, Dot Hendricks, Barbara Hendricks, Larry Hatrick, Ames Hodge, Millnie Hendrox, Eugene Houster. THIRD ROW: Barain Hall, Walter Hendrekson, Eddy Hartman, Sharon Hammon, Ellis Harris, Pat Hodge, Gayle Hatch, Carolyn Hamleton. FOURTH ROW: Mr, Palmer, Paul Hardy, Joe Barries, John Greenman, Mal-garetHarlow, Lonnie Hartwell Sam Hill HOME ROOM S-I EITHTH GRADE MR WILLARD PALMER 45, 4 , A .o. , 'Win-f D. Q W X . ' a I? tv I x .tx X X Q i5 1 -1. xx if X g R r,-, HTHLETICS x .N' ?X Xxx x xx fa P 5 .NX f xxx Z K 'f X4 Nix vf I 'S J X sf X uf ? is N! .x his xxi. .Xi 'ff X Xb -Q 5 -. ar xi XXX K X, PE X M , x 'X Tw' ' Nff .S - 1 .wx 'V .5 N,, xx 5 ,pf f X ff? x 1? 'S X X A-YL. f . X SX Zf QF iff I X7 X E 4 5 -N Y if w .gif LEFT TO RIGHT Sara Spencer Noel Mills Kay Mason Janice Dickinson Jo Ann Ferrazzi Ada Hayes Davis Connie Bishop Jean Jordan Marion Beck gHgg3LgHUg33 Noe1lVI111s Marion Beck Janice Dickinson Jo Ann Ferrazzi Head Cheerleader Connie Bishop Ada Hayes Davis Jean Jordan , 1 O HURRICHNES mn 1:43 mu f f kv ff an ,Sf O Pl"'UZPZDFn IE 1 0 Wu W X 0 5 4 Q i BEAT .Az 0 X! 6 Z rw f R""t"'t Coaches ,. J Ruin f- A S BEAT .X onel, 3 ' rf N ,BEAT f f f ci A A X Nd'-wt' 5130 BEAT X' gf .zo I3 Y '-I I3 - I F ,1 Q.., f,,4":-' 'fx is A E '11, -f', . Ji," .U ' ,ff 5 fiff 1 di T V' V A, X4, Q V- .- C P yr ,ff Q , -S 1 N V ' E 1 ,' I L is - Nfri X R If If A Aj? E 1 A 4 S Xf I n LR7 7 MY f I i S , 'a f Q fk '- L , Q Q , iylf M , A F ,i I I I , . J Y, p li ' '21 fi ' j N G 'I , I l 1, , X X f mr lf ' D A , W' , ' Vg' I: fy' , '- ' I E I X lr! fl 'f 1 Q "O v I R fl i ' , A , 5 gf III 1, 4 L, U J 7 ,' , ' j un' ' ew U ' , if I 4 1 1 , , A X 1 . K ' L , X V 171 5 kj N i g lwlw E I S - Mx 1 A ' ty ,ti X 3 if ,L ,uf 5 XX.. Ig, mr ,x y . msc.. ii 2 i, 7 m' C ' K ' I rw, , K ffgi A l' T" V !,,,5 f . 1 2 3 i B 9 as-ua , .. ' A Q, ' . 5 ' Bud' R' Palma. Bvm 6 HURRICANES l 953 54 Wms 8 9 J CJ Cla ,S be In Ge? le Ttes Z Losses Manager Crtt Gout LEFT TO RIGHT BACK ROW Jtm Tatom, Tommy Salmon, Jack Spencer FOURTH ROW Wayne Robtnson, J, T, Raw ltns, Jerry Wester, Kenneth Howell, Jerry Marun, Wayne Pearce, Bubba Wtlltams THIRD ROW Std Clements, Charles Mtller, Eddle Turner, Leon Scofleld, Davtd Fagan, Peyton Ellts, Warner Stnckland, Asa Cox, Clark Hodge, Ronnte Nelson, Tommy Hallman SECOND ROW Delmar Ream, Lmdsey Sheppard, Perry McGr1ff, Gene Rltch, Johnny Htll, O C, Hayes, Chester Clem, John Manghan FIRST ROW Charles Grubbs, Robert Wtgglesworth, Lanny Johnson, Davtd Flag Jultan McCran1e, Jtm Meade, Jere Damels, Don Webb, Mark Robmton 54 V , a fl - l o 4 ' " 4? ' - ' ' J. f. A 1 , V 6 V , ww CONC lm , - 09 e . o 9.1 3 Q I1 . Is . - g - 0 ,, . I ' J .L k . C C FUUTBHLL Gene Rltch Jere Danlels Asa Cox Robert Wxgglesworth Jack Spencer Clark Hodge Leon Scof1e1d Wayne Pearce Lanny Johnson .T T Rawlins Jerry Wester Jlm Meade Don Webb 55 FUUTBHLL JIITI Tatom O C Hayes Johnny H111 Charles M111er in nm Wayne Rob1nson Eddle Turner Delmar Ream Warner Strlckland Kenneth Howell Chester Clem Llndsey Sheppard Tommy Hallrnan Perry McGr1ff 56 FUUTBHH Charles Zaleslu John Mangham Sid Clements Peyton Ellis i Ronme Nelson Dav1d Flagg Bubba Wxlhams Chaxles Grubbs Tommy Salmon Rand Edelstein David Fagan Julian McCranie Mark Robintgn HT THE GHHIES Q59 gill PM QS Wins 14 COACH A1 Beech Losses 7 Left to Right: Benny Walker, Bob Reid, Don Jerry Wester Lick Maury, Mark Robinton, I. T. Rawlins, Perry McGriff, Bubba Williams. Center: Pat Beard, Gainesville , 50 La e City , Gainesville 56 La e City , Gainesville 36 Fl chez' . Gainesville , 59 Fer andina . Gainesville , 50 Star , . . Gainesville , 69 Live Oak. . Gainesville , 72 Willi ton . Gainesville . 38 lVlainl d . Gainesville , 56 Bishop enny Gainesville , 59 Fletche . , Gainesville , 50 Stark . . Gainesville , 58 Mainland . Gainesville , 40 Sanford . Gainesville , 46 Ocala . . Gainesville . 59 Bishop Kenny . . Gainesvill , 68 Fernandina . Gainesv' e . 49 Ocala. . . Gaine ille . 69 Leon . . Gai sville . 85 Live Oak. . 'nesville . 57 Madison . Gai ville , 57 Perry . . Benny Walker Bob Rerd Dxck Maury I. T. Rawuns Mark Robmton MANAGERS Hugh Helms 85 Jerry Wadsworth l Don Wiggins 6 0 Bubba Wrlhams Pat Beard Perry McGr1ff . 4, B f H N ' if Q 4 X E H B" SUUHD BHSHETBHLL FIRST ROW Jerry Wadsworth Fletcher Lindsey Butch Talbot Rand Edelstem George Putman Edgar Fox Hugh Helms SECOND ROW Coach Srvia Ted Duncan Peyton Ellrs Grlbert Wrrght hm Mead Charles Peterson Carl Loaman s txxxkww ffffflfffgimf Isabel Scott Bonnie Burnette Mona Rae Mtracle Rose Marta Lelghty Shrrley Lazonby Head Cheerleader 61 Alma Dovell Barbara Chamberlain Janet Rrchardson Jo Ann Stalnaker HT THE GHHIES U-'51 min Warmrng Up TRHBH 1954 BACK ROW L To R Wally Morse Mark Robmton, Johnny Htll Charles Mtller Robert Wrgglesworth Jere Dan1els Lanny Johnson Juhan McCrame Coach A1 Beach FRONT ROW Neal Spencer Hernan Franco Jack Gamble O C Hayes Stan McIntosh Pete Flowers, Fletcher Llndsey NOT PICTURED Shot Put Discus Leon Scofteld High Jump On Your Mark 63 Hurdles Rand ohn Gene George LEFT To RIGHT: George Putnam, J0hr1 Anderson, Gene Silverman, Rand Edelstein. PHUSIUHL EIJUCHTIUH PHUSICHL EIJUCHTIUH f 1 f ,Z fxx x CLUBS ' ,f f 5 3 1 H1 1 X X0 X, 1, X 1 ,f df, f, I X Y.. , - -- .l - v- +7 - ,l -,--Q . 4 -1... S-I .: 411- , - L gl - Q W - - Y v.a. .U,:i ' " - if-4.If""' v. PR'-s. Ste. Barbara Warren Emma Lou Nicholson Jane Jones Anita Rodgers Sylvia Aiton Pltsrdewl- S-+"q,, Ha 3 7.0 eq Va ' L gf' ' nl Glenda Robinson Names: A. Dreyer, M. J. McKinney, J. Bridges, R. Scniggs, P. Hester, G. Robinson, A. Rodgers, B. Lightsey, SECOND K. Harkey, P. Knight, J. Kelly, A. Stapleton, J. Yarbrough , M. Hughes, F. Hill, THIRD B. Fulton, S. Aiton, M. McKinney, G. Bevis, B. Warren, J. Jones, S. Brooker, E. Lang. iw., Chqpl' Mary Jo McKinney J I Mrs. Young SQQNSQ R, H41 ICE ESIDENT Leon SCOf1e1d Gene Rltch Wh... A,-asv Sh' ere Dameu.-. - fe Q1 li rr' OO- C0 DQ IU? Paxdue Warnngton John Wagnor Davxd Flagg Lmdsey Shephard N FIRST ROW A Cox, SECOND ROW D Flagg F Lindsey THIRD Row L Sheppard T Salmon FOURTH Row B Wil1iams,J H111 R. Edelstem L Scofield FIFTH ROW J Ritch D Webb I Daniels I Wagnor W Pnexce SIXTH POW P. McGriff C. Clem, J. Meade, J, Spencer, I. McCran1e P. Wamngton. Mr Beecl sPoNsa P- TTXTY fs- C,aro1y'1 Bohannon Eliane Coulhas Carolyn Canova 'T'R,l'-'Nl'-' SPONSOR. FIRST ROW-C Bohannon, SECOND ROW- K. Mason, M. A. cook, 'ri-mm Row- S. Spencer, M. Beck, R. Lieghty FOURTH ROW' J. Richardson M. Milam, N. Mills, S. Lazonby,. J. Jordam, M. Flowers, FIFTH ROW- B. Burnett, J. Cogburn, S. Scott, C. Bishop, P. Hook, D. Bielman, SIXTH ROW- C. Bodden, J. Dickinson, J. A. Ferraze, J. Ferrazi, C. Canova, G. Allen, E. Coullias. 7 1 ean Jordan i Connie Bishop m SSYIRIJHI' is 5,.,.g . Susan N u -. Scott in 5 Kay . . Mason v ...ff A Q4 CL Albert Krienke -5 X, -Xl" Sec. . 1-RLS Clark Hodge Robert Cheatham Peas . Pat Beard Chap nw U49 Charles Grubbs Lanny Johnson S po NWS, Ml' S1V18 FIRST ROW Hugh Helms Robert Cheatham Charles Mzller Robert Wrgglesworth Clark Hodge Benny Walker SECOND ROW Walter Wynn Bob Rerd, Albert Knenke Dxxon Walker Jack Gamble O C Hayes Lanny Johnson THIRD ROW Tenny Bruner Pat Beard Don Wrggms CmGo1n Mark Robmton Drck Dlckmson Stuart Mclntosh u 5 1 1 v 1 I 3 , . . . . , : n v n n v P.. T avmvl W R. S Marion Lindsey .Sgt , Carla Brice Kathanne Curry 5111- A'-n mms Ceha Cone C'KY'e. Hxst Cathrme Brownlee Berry Ann Geltz P929 990 N501 FIRST ROW M8161 Lmdsey Ruth Davls SECOND ROW Ann L THIRD ROW Mrs Phrpps 4if azonby Cathanne Brownlee June G Rosalie Koplowitz, Betty Ann G 1 Pikes Carol Srlverman , oolsby Gayle Wrllrams e tz Ann Grossman Kate McCullars Emma Jane Canova FOURTH ROW Wynona Willrams Cherie Benton Katharine Curry Berry Lu H Silverman FIF arns Louise Henderson Norma C TH ROW Ada Hays Davis S anova Carla Brice Carol ue Duncan Celia Cone M ary Jane Wester Dxane Smith Ann H A . , 1 Q, U: tx olcombe T53 ffiif L ,Ad v ' so R' Na ncy Srnnes L4 ti' l Ann Turlrngton Velma Bonanker Pans P5':q9 qi- '6 1 X l Q1 il Q 'P' hw N Terry Ford Ruth Holhngworth Patsy Thomas Joan Parker be N Reba Camp FIRST ROW Jeanette Holly, Betty Jo Warlng, Barbara Amason, Berry Jemrgan, Reba Camp SECOND ROW Nancy Srnnes, Shirley Gay,PatBrown1ng,Sara lane Jones, Joan Parker, Joy Floyd, Ann Turlmgton THIRD ROW Palsy Thomas, Iamce Wat kms, Wanda Cooey, Barbara Mrtchell, Mary Alrce Bryan, Ruth Holllngsworth, Amxlra Bryan, Katharme Rmg. .1 - V-' fy T ff If Q N . I a QQ' 4 4 , Qs, KJ ex R 1 S T 3 T S., E R A S ' A.' C Qu' E Q 5 E-J iv A. 6 sf A i R 0, ? . 1, I I ' N A 4 V ,A or Pat Estes P345 :deal-I: Avalon Ingram LCA Maralyn Baldwm 9-lb Betty Jeffords Ravnsom Ruth Whtte Names FIRST ROW Martha Jane Taylor Sally Eaton Lydta Boals Maralyn Baldwm Edna Crawford Nancy Ayres SECOND ROW Ann Taylor Nancy Hadlock Ltllte Mae Howard Thelma Mansola Shtrley Engltsh Pat Estes THIRD ROW Carolyn Htnson Barbara Dunn Janet Hull Betty Jeffords Jean Hooten Wtnme Lee Drawdy Carolyn Cason NOT PICTURED Avalon Ingram Madonna Leary Pat Nutt Sgt. Ltllte Mae Howard Hs rf Janet Htll C-hplfuf Lydla Boals Edu'-f'l 5 Sponsored by PA'J'm"'eM'l"' ou::' the. LUQMQN of Madonna Leary tk! Med S Q Barbara Dunn Q , I fvrtfn-Em-5 Ai- 4, 447 - - ' .I - F S -my M I UQ 39,65 Dmectoe MRS FAYE SIMONDS FIRST ROW R Camp G Robxnson N Walker B Amason M Zergler A lee C Tuttle M Coburn P Hughes A Dreyer L Bodden A Rodgers G Wxlhams M Ward D Saltzman D Duncan Mrs Sxmonds Sponsor SECOND ROW M Bache M Babb J Yarborough D Smith I Mrtchell C Bamett J Bmg ham I Rawlms R Wrggms C Reaves P Foucart M R. Mu acle D G Curtis L Reaves C Polk M Shaw B Perryman McCullers B Bumette J Watkms B M1tche11,I Parker P Vern E Chnstran I Peters C Ulrey T Fountain I Ienkms E Worley P West P Wood P Estes S Eaton L Simmons FOURTH ROW M A Stockdale P Anderson P Hook M Whrddon B Warren B J Warmg P Strlckland A Bryan M A Bryan I T Rawlmgs E Shovar D Maury D Duer I Wester J Gamble S McIntosh B Barley G Bevts P Brownrng J Jones . I. Floyd, N. Boyles. THIRD ROW- J. Tillman, I. Frierson, G. -.IUHIUH CHORUS NAMES FIRST ROW Juanrta Flanagan Joyce Sonels Clara Nell Parker Margaret Blank Barbara Home Mrldred Nrcherson bee Ann Black Mrs Srmonds SECOND ROW Janet Nelson Emma Ne1Tn.1luck Mernet Larson Holly Fuller Margaret Harlowe Kathryn McNelly Catherme Stedman Barbara Ann Thomas THIRD ROW Pat la Breck Ann Jones Sally Shovar Twlla Jo Lewis Rosalre Osterbrnd Margre Rertz Lucrene Perenran Lou Harrrs Elrzabeth Johnson Frances Feaster HIHUUEHES NAMES CENTER FRONT Jamce Watkins accompanist Back Row Peggy Hughes, Genevelve McCu1lers Amelia Bryan Mary Alice Bryan Peggy Hook Ann Dreyer 77 Q5 nenos 'hos FIRST ROW Thelma Mansolo Ann Turlington Jean Jordan Lurs Crfuentes Ann Grossman Conme Bishop Betty Lu Harrrs Gus Samper Sadre McLucas Susan Scott Sue Brooker Mrs Jenkms SECOND ROW Denms Smith Jane Henry Betty Anne Geltz Marvrn Tobon J1m Tatom Katharme Curry Elame Coulras Joyce Godmg Shuley English Walter Wynn Heman Franco THIRD ROW Bob Douglas Carolyn Canova Jose Borrero Pat Beard Libby Beal Jamce Watkrns Ken Read Wally Morse Neal Spencer Betty Allen Ruth Holhngsworth Kay Harkey Mary Jo McK1nney Aelnwhe , Slempke. Qaalmte ,I X . V y Pac. sl v tes 76 M W l t7 47201. S 1 LEFT TO RIGHT Betty Allen Prestdent Walter Wynn Vice President Susan Scott Secretary Sue Brooker Treasurer Ken Read Sergeant at Arms Jane Henry Pubhcrty Chairman Mrs Jenkins Sponsor X A ,. 15 x1 5 ,. ' if 4 ' 3 - 1 l '- -1 4- . B' .3551 2 - Us if Q 'sv H :A A 11 4 f K, . 4 R J 1' ' fb I ,r 1 f . P , if N., B A . : V ' X . y ,f V, ,b X V flfgf ?i1'Q H N ,l '? ff J 5, ' 1 .NX ' Z 1 . I , 3 l I , 3. I FL OKIDA of T WN li? Emma Lou Nicholson Io Ann Hague Robert Wood Edgar Beville Mrs Gresham FIRST R OW- Sam Page Betty Jean Stevens An , , n Jernigan, Barbara McDonald, Emma Lou Nicholson, Betty Arkell, Jo Ann Gague, Pat Bryan, Larry Fort, Harry Shore, Lex Strickland SECOND ROW- Nunnie Mae Drawdy, Martha Owens, Ann Sapp, Dianne Smith, Dorathy Box, Terry Ford, Jimmy Nichold, Robert Wood, lamar Morgan, Kermeth Bochette, Pauline Thomas THIRD ROW- Arthur Anderson Clark Iones Jim , , my Mehaffey, Shirley Barker, Jean Hooten, Roger Scott, Billy Stenson, Billy Wilcox, Edgar Bevllle, Jimmy Mason, 1 Wx k X 'Q Y ff, , ff X .Jwmxt ' F L ly Y ' Q U b he 4 ff ' -.elf I A X Essay Coukest if Q i X Bo k Week Poo.-Lay Contest Pastel Cowfesf I M M ELEANOR LANG PRtSldtNt Sponsor. TRU-lsurggg MRS M WHITE PEGGY HOOK TERRY FORD DICK DICKINSON Vaal Piles. 511329749-'f FIRST ROW- Anita Rogers, Penny Hester, Martha Malphurs, Catherine Brownlee Marcia Milam, SECOND ROW- Joy Floyd, Madonna Leary, Peggy Hook, Marlon Lindsey, Carol Silverman, Ann Grossman, Sally Eaton, THIRD ROW- Leonard Cheshire, Tommy Donaldson, Janice Watkins, Ruth Hollingworth, Jody Kelly, Betty Allen, Sue Brooker, Ann Stapleton, FORTH ROW- Amelia Bryan. Gene Silverman, John Anderson, Joe Brunet, Jlmmy Valk, Ancil Payne, Pat Beard, Dxck Dlcklnson, Eleanor Lang, Not Pictured, Susan Scott, Jane Henry .O , X ,X ,--, , M- EQ4 Q! W' Fein NX : at, , , , v I ,ll kk xl y , XF 5 ' ffaifax I y, ,ll 1,,, - o F wht My y, ffl Wg. - CJ -Y FIRST ROW Marlon Lrndsey, Jean Jordam, Catherme Brownlee, Martha Malphurs, Joy Floyd, Penny Hester, Judy Brtdges, Ann Stapleton, Woodson Tucker. SECOND ROW Clark Hodge, Sue Brooker, Carol Stlverman, Ann Grossman, Susan Scott, Carolyn Bohannon, Peggy Hook Betty Allen, Jamce Watkrns Ruth Hollrngsworrh Jody Kelley. THIRD ROW Pat Beard, Joe Brunet Anctl Payne Jrmmy Valk John Anderson Betty Jeffords Amelra Brvan Eleanor Lang UNIOR QNOR ocreig FIRST ROW J Parker T Lambeth S Lankford S Beach B Chamberlln M Berman B Morgan J Jenkrns K Krtchens H Beach P Wood, M Carmtchael J Blalock S A West, D Warren THIRD ROW D G Curus N C Brewer M Pearce P West E Worley B Thomason S Blodgett Nl E Co1nR Shtelds J Lang, B Henderson S Drvon Mrs Pollng 81 S, Baughan, R. Wallace, SECOND ROW- R. A, Valk, Judylfrierson, J. N. Rountree, M, R. Miracle, C. Grossman, M. BBCTIC, QHMEHH GLUE n?' Wrlhs Stockdale QQ Gene Dewey Martha Jane Taylor Anne Taylor Paul Grrgsby D L Wmsor OC FIRST ROW Charle ey Ann Taylor Nancy H111 George Turner SECOND ROW Mrke Burman Martha Jane Taylor Johr MacFerren Larry Wrllrams Bllly Kelly Bob Hendncks THIRD ROW Buddy Hatcher Clare Scarborough Paul Grlgsby W1ll1s Stockdale Raymond Davrs Schafer Bean s Bartly Martha Ann Txllman Gene Dew 82 .' 1 fi C E , cl T ', C S. -if d H - - .3 lv 5 '1- . .1 I ll . ,G I I1 " ' Q S x E Q AQ 4 5 ve -W. X yi P :F V A ' s , Q Q. , - 1 F. H. H.I,II FIRST ROW K Krtchens, S A West S Blodget P Kelly B Mxlam E M Jordan I Blalock N C Brewer S Lankford SECOND ROW V Mansola B Morgan B Chamberlm N R Wallace,J Parker S Barrrnger THIRD ROW I Coleman L Lmdsey J Perkms B Thomason P Pepper L Gann E Polk Mrs Gayle FOURTH ROW A Georg1ades,JN Round tree B Bolton S Goodwm A M McRae L Gunter A Furuck S Hmson BJ Toney P McG1lray A Ph1l11ps A Fort THIRD ROW E L Miller M L Pons M Bache M Babb I Beasley IJ Hardee, L Pennell G Wxlliams Mr-5 Gayle FOURTH ROW JM Pons, E Adams M Wadsworth RA Valk P Andet son K Glover, D Duncan L Reaves B Fltzgerald FIFTH ROW F Roccaforte D Jackson E McDowall, M. Hlgley, 2 Mrller l Mitchell A Harhng 83 ' Q l . . 9 . , . , . . g - - g - , . . , . . ' . g . 5 - , 0 . . 9 - . ' . . - ' , . , , . , . ,' . g . , . . ' . D . . ' , . , . . , . . p n 9 . ' , . . . FIRST ROW- H, Beach, J, jenkins, D, Warren, M, Whiddon, B. Hill, S.A. Gaskins. SECOND ROW- S. Dixon, D, Saltzman, . . y Q . , . I ' , . . ' . n 1 - . , . g s 1 I I o . . , - ' , , . ' . n . , . I - - n 0 ' g . - , . , . . . ' - , . , . I . k g n 9 n . . FF.H. BEVERLY FULTON MR, ED TURLINGTON Sweetheart Advlsor FIRST ROW Chrls S1mmons R1chard Cushman Rlchard Melton, B111 Mxnmck Buddy Kennard Jerry Wadsworth B11ly Edwards Marlon Bronson J1mmyK1rkland B1llyStudst11l Rhyd1eONens Charles Shore Sandy Slmmons SECOND ROW Mr Turltngton neth Cobb Wayne Sparkman Furman Fletcher THIRD ROW Jerry DeCubulus fStudent Teacherj Shelhe Downs Billy R Hooten Bobby Allen James Harrell James Peters Johnny Wtlcox Kenneth Howell Gene Mullts Pardue Warrtngton Bxlly Walker rlar vey Crlbbs Ples Cooey Tommy Standrxdge John Dunnavant Joe Ross Ray Wxlkes Bxllye Wtlcox 8-l if I - D - I I I ' I ' . I I I . I Windel Locklear, Roman Beville, John Mason, John Elwood, Levern Ward, Howard Peters, Ruble Southerland, Neil Scott, Ken- I I I V l I I D I . I I - I I - PEP CLUB Y if Nancy Brewer Presrdent Pat Hodge Vrce Presrdent Pnscllla Pepper Secretary FIRST ROW Dot Hendrlx, Ann Hauser Juanita Flannigan Beth Morgan, Sandra Lankford Judy Beard Norma Sapp Lee Ann Black SECOND ROW Mrs Echols Sh1r1ey Wynn Betty Bolton Pat Anderson Janet Perkms Barbara Chamber11n Barbara Englxsh Slurley Keuhn Mrs Hendrlxson THIRD ROW Memet Larson Catherme Parrlsh Mary Lou Harr1s Sandy Blodgett, Becky Tomason Pat LeBreck Lucxnne Perlnnran, Katherme Kanadle Judy Zregler Patncla Kelley Treasurer Judy Lazonby Sgt at Arms FIRST ROW Carolyn Proctor Margaret Harlow, Judy Howell Frances Torroca Sara Ferrazzl Mane Courtney Pat Hodge Ka Davrs Anne Krte Lamora Reeves Bonme Fxtzgerald Pnscllla Pepper SECOND ROW Mrs Echols, Gale Spencer Beverly Mrlam Gayle Hatch Verna Bean Patty Wood Mona R Mrracle Margaret Bache, Betty Fowler Mrs Hendrxckson Pamela Kelly THIRD ROW M Howell B Salmon J Mattarr B Hendrxcks G Wlldmson, I-1 Cass D Rell S Hannum, M. HEHCUICRS, S Snead N C Brewer 85 I :' 4' '. Y if 1. f 4' A V' ,, Ai A I 1 f iv X I ' . .W I " ' - 7 1 I f , X , . Q -3 -I WJ ,Ny ' I I s I I I ' - I b I I I I I . I . I . Y ' D ' - Y . ' ' I I A ' I I ' . . r f " I V I' 'QI' Q in 'If ' I g I .I I I I y D I . l - . D I I I - - - I D I I I I . . ' , , - ' I I I - ' - I - I - 4 I - ' , - ' ' V- I - n I - A - I G.H.S.BHHU .ll- FIRST ROW- Carolyn Bohannon, Patricia Bevis, Maureen Cass, Sarah Baughan, Eddie Canova, Margaret Higley, Libby Beall, Ann Grossman, Dot Beilman SECOND ROW- Carolyn Canova, Charles Seig, Mike Beegel, Laura Kolar, Jeanne Rogers, Frances Hill, Sue Brooker, Betty Allen, Carolyn Field, Walter Wynn, Ancil Payne, Jack Fagan, Tommy Donaldson, Martha Johnson, Jody Kelly, Jill Whitehead, Tommilou Lambeth, Emily Simmons, Patricia Bailey, Ken Read THIRD ROW- Judy Wallace, Sarah Jane McLucas, Dolores Warren, Sandra Dixon, Cristin Derloo, Peggy Hughes, Bill Kelly, Sylvia Asbell, Buck Grinter, Eleanor Lang, Phil Sparks, Bill Hinkley, Jo Ann O'Neal, Dale Perry, Charles O'Neal, Marilyn Hughes, Marleen Haven. FOURTH ROW- Paul Grigsby, Jimmy Valk, Mary Pearce, Jo Ann Bush, Mason Carmichael, Ann Stapleton, Billy Hester, David Stewart, Jack Beckenback, Roger Shields, Jimmy Young, Jack Whitehead, Rommy Martin, Cookie Kopelowitz, Bobby Fulwood, Madaline Brunner. QHDCUUHEH 11 P IR. HI REP M3505 SOPH. REP U Cgfmichael Martha IOIIIISOII JR, REP, sa. REP I Sylvia Asbell Peggl' H'-'Shes ADVISOR Mr. Donaldson ,BUSINESS MANAGER HEAD MAIORETTE Sue Brooker Susan Scott BAND CAPTAIN DRUM MAJOR Betty Allen Ken Read '7"'r.- rw ,, fJ7 .a'2p1fx," "" ulvifii f :P- 3 155'-J! ' w ANNIVERSARy www' i E 4 I v . IAFLQSIDA M zeowff ,, ,fwGSJQ.f.r: Q1 , v .1 A A fl , 4 Q9 R ' W, if ,L gb Q . . ,Cr 'fl ' Y x wg ! 5 .5 ul" h- ' :I 51.5 ' -, , ' w . ,, ' ,, V - " ln" ' 'i"f: 1?' 'L Qs. f wf f. 5, vw- V 1 I 353 ni 4 - A Q Q -s A X nz. Q I ' ' - ' wy, P f l :- x' 1 I L . ' k LL.. . 5 " ', , A ' at - . gg.. 9 4 7 pmsm.. w f Q- 4 G. H. H. Elame Coullras Presldent Elorse Ellen 3 at Wesly Black I .rx V Pres Secretary QA? VlvlanV1pperman MRS HAMMOND Advisor Carolyn Cason Tres Intramurals FIRST ROW M A Tlllman N Ayres, E Crawford E Black S Wynnn C Pamsh M Hendrix A Outen, S Krte I Beard SECOND ROWI Reglsrer A Georgldas, N Canova, E Coullras G Spencer, M Courmey W Hunter E Westley A Dovell V Mansola THIRD ROW D Crawford W Wrllrams A McDonald V Vrpperman W L Draughty C Cason G Hatcher B J Bolten B J Hunter Mrs Hammond M Newman 88 , , Q , ' . in ' 'V x ' .1 I f , J' 'L I 'R' A ri' K' -V A I HUHHICHHE STHFF FIRST ROW Marshall Flowers Marlon Lmdsey Jean Jordan Joyce Yarborough Betty Anne Geltz Joy Txssot Joy Floyd Shxrley Krte Glenda Robmson SECOND ROW Carol Sllverman lworma Canova Woodson Tucker Carolyn Bohannon W11l1s Stockdale Albert Kr1enke Don Duer Dxck Maury Paul Gugsby Carolyn Canova Elarne Coulllas X ZX Susan Stott Mr Rhoads EDITOR IN-CHIEF SPONSOR 15 fl ,..-Q sf Catherme Brownlee jane Henry Joy Floyd ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER SECRETARY Q Y R ,al 4 : 5 B Katharine Curry, Eugene Dewey, Jane Henry, Connie Bishop, Peggy Hook. THIRD ROW- Susan Scott, Ada Hayes Davis, ' N S. N a 'F O X " Tr' ,Q-xr Joyce Yarbrough Glenda Robrnson Ada Hayes Davxs Jean Jordan PHOTOGRAPHY CO EDITORS FEATURES CO EDITORS is C Carolyn Bohannon Marron Lrndsey Connre B1ShOP Betty Anne Geltz COPY CO EDITORS CIASS CO EDITORS .-1 if I Katharine Curry Albert Krienke Carol Silverman Dick Maury CLUB CO-EDITORS SPORTS CO-EDITORS Carolyn Canova Peggy Hook SNAPSHOT CO-EDITORS b .' 'A Woodson Tucker PUBLICITY EDITOR Elaine Coullias ART EDITOR FEHTURES in 3 ffg ,y gi, L g g X Q 'if-ff Z,-,. ,rf--ff' HUHIECUIH WHWHIII in 14, 'f' ll I v 4 ! I ,Q ,., i , ' I VJ ' W 5 A1y'fQL M . 1 Q I N ?,.f'1 A, in ,-' Y yr" , gig if Rafi' .lt .A h. bo. 5 Q'-si, T --If um -mas-4""2t', "MEET CUHUSS HBCHERH DIRECTOR Mrs. John Selle Corliss Archer Mr. Archer . Mrs. Archer. Louise . . Mildred . . Dexter Franklin. . . Mr. Franklin Mrs. Franklin Cousin Agnes The Doctor . Betty . . . A Nurse . STUDENT DIRECTOR Rose Giddenn Barbara Amason Ted Duncan Betty McCallum Madonna Leary Sylvia Asbell Leonard Cheshire Stanley Mclntosh Patricia Bevis Sally Eaton Elijah Christian Catherine Brownlee Kay l-larkey BEST ALL AROUND Peggy Hughes and Don Wtggtn Betty Allen and Pat Beard FRLEINDLIEST Ada Hays Dau: an Robert Cheatham 5tug l1lHU'S IUHU 4 o 1 CUTEST MOST ATHLETIC Avalon Ingram an WITTIEST Jere Danrels Marlon Lrndsey an John Wagoner 95 PERSOWA LITY PLUS Jane Henry an Robert Cheatham Jean Jordan an Ianny Johnson BIGGEST Flrrts C onnre Brshop and L c.nL Rrmh '4 MOST DEPENDABLE Sue Brooker an Woodson Tucker MOST ATTRACTIVE SUCBI1 5Com and Tommy Hallman JA, O! K L ' U x. 3 Ol Q V I . - I I , NN ' I A . ,fi K d 1 'xlk A o, 5 . d BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE , O .Q J ' s E , 5 1. -'51 P' 1 Q . , SHYEST Betty Lu Hams an Joe Brunel --sl 1,-I I Ir CUTEbT COUPLE Niarshall Flowera an H-us-6 ,YO PRETTIEST EYES Charla Bodden an Jerry Nw eater MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Betty Allen and Anc11Payne MOST T -XLLNITED 9 1 Robert Wlgglawoffh Elame Coulllas and A1 Lee d if , A V , Y Q M, , g f ' A ' ', ,.' 3 Nr' " x VY -' . 1 ' d P' Q 'f , , , F, SA Iv' - L i , X If , V If . X,--Q d "' . -L SCHUUL SCENES STHTE REPHESEHTHTIVES THTE B093 SHHPSHUTS Q F qi 1-3 4fff sl" 'K yi' AF ET' Nob 99 SHHPSHUTS A A 1' if' ,X-Q J N LT 0 45 n SEHIUH PLHU X 'L -I b if I 1 4' ' . '.' X5 A ',- . ' I , f, ff, I fr yi M i'pf,.-Ek" 3 rs "l -Q- f' , S 5. LET HIE GHUIH UP , -iff . 1 6.15, F6 - - .- . f A , ,U fr V 5 .. 6, A ' jk: .im Q , F ,ff W f .f 1 -- Q 44' Y -A-' g,4,.f 'iff l " 5 , 311' I ' f' Exqi-,' wh Y A A .- Qi' . I 1 Q Q m.. SEKXXXW YRMXXKX wif HIEHIUHIES fir qv X .1 1' Pm? nrdniar' .Qi '1 ,vis 7 459' HID HU 'L- X Y 3 9 C if 'nw '55 -sir Q22 "'x anno. W 7? lb, Aff' HID DHU ff N?" 72' zf mf "'f"r Q fl lf- 1 "GU 8 fig S. plus? WLQXWWQS enuadviii TED! Ted lluncan PRESTDENT Y- 'I-IL' '-'fi -fl 1" Student Body ' In I, 'alll 8 L PURWS ' 'EY Service: 'Z 'TQ '-'- ' u Q 1 11 ur runvls ' lrlzxi alms?-nam.-An' F141-nan POI UESIMN! 0? Wi STUIERT WY, J PM-an , ' und yi Pr. .iq fl..-1 Agp fr Pr.-sadzn. or vw Honor S Dependable and Q Your uullled Cm-,MIN g l I R xg XX f W A I' x x, L . X- -2-3' , 9' f f b 1 4 , , W S :ilk QL E. - I v fi , 1 - Sv' -' Hx' -:iq ei . 1 HI, A If -' 5 42 D- igi Q 5 4, L' .4 W. 5? fix "' U 7. .V , , Ep f- 9, fn 4 ' A .1 , -i,2 -B K Q, . -S ' fi 6' ' 5' ff -Vg Tw it f' f' .U gf , lb: P P v ., I 9 gy, 5 A gf '99 Lb ' fr 1 3' RQ' Lb. 4 ,Q 9 N1-B 3 ff 'L V P A ... 1 .D e- ' 4' if - L 1 f- W' 4' s " , 1 L 3 :A ' ' an ji kv' ' af ff 5 L. C J, fi' I l' ' 1 -- 15 : 3 -4 L, 5 14 ii , O A 5' 15 3 , 55 - i Q" fi 9 . 1-Q 5' f 'I 'Y Q! 'Q 95 f, L Q, 29, v ff fl ff suvrlmnn ,. '- ,4 ,adm Mwjmxnx-N jf mmm M' 0 L2 WWW

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