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 - Class of 1951

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N PHESEHTETI BH THE STUHEITT BUDU GHIHESVIETE HIGH SCHUUT Elon a UT Gainesville 'd THBLE UF CUHTEHTS HDHIIHISTRHTIUH fHCUlT!J CLHSSES SPUHTS CLUBS FEHTUHES DEUICHTIUH e 1951 HURRICANE is dedicated to of G.H,S. YQ' If FESSOR F W BUCHHO PRO ng Prmcxp vxSX Supa' arf' 9, SHOUSE U PKR-vHDean of Boyi JR HDHIIHISTRHTIUH 'nuff' P ROFESSQR PAUL E principal Ns. M155 D EA D SMIT ean of Girls H OROTH SUCIHE STUDIES EIHD SCIENCES 2 """'-wr' if Mr Joel Martin Mr L H Chrlstman ,aah A5- Ss! QL XX Sovma Cafexf Mrs Mary McDameII fa 'mm if R Haf E ev xanax fs Mrs Velma Bonacker 5 fs. M rs Jewel L Yflch 'Ng I5 P eggy B,adfI eld X1- NX N BUCYXYXO 3 we f 1: rr M. 'h , C7 3 LHHGUHGE HRTS 'vi' """X X 'fm !o "'-U.. M 'ff 5 M 1 .Q i i 1, if 'H V .L ,, ,,, . . M. V, - . 1,531 wi , f "V- gfgsff Q Miss Marjorie White xi 'Cnenne Seve ' a NWS' if sg, g : is 5 , M XXV x i E li,,, , Q X Mrs. Vera Jenkins Kexw Qaxle NWS' Miss Virginia Crater Mrs. M argafef GO. lr-,S 4 Mrs S ' a ra Marr!-,ews 'Wx ig ih- y, V V l V all ,gu- f f 5 . i 1 , f 5 4, . , I Mrs - D Sfllherye Str- k IC lan d HIHTHEHIHTICS HHIJ SCIENCES x Maxfmes C Mrs. 530 Mrs' Ru , ff fhw , 5 Mrs. Dorothy Phipps C5aQe' 139 T5 Ma S. Mildred I. rr Mrs. Pearle Roberts Wafffvi Q 'x Xlix alface '7Q6'r '14 d XNAXOSOY r. Herbs Dax 'T Cr W' DO Owson 65 1-r. ' vw. 4 3- 4 3 Q Y Mass Reta Garrns L. 'WI f , J . 'W 7 . I J Miss SPECIHL SUBJECTS Mr Gresham S, -je I Mani an Mlzell 3,151 fix Y' al ! Wg 15253 'sz fs An, Mrs. Helen Philpoff Fave P-ndelson N655 ,Rs 1 K ' Y l' in X l 1 ' 5 X if l li, 5 Miss Betiy Donnally WKQYW Allen NOT PICTURED WD 999 s .5 ,a-1' g, '64 'im is it Miss Ruth White Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Aline Davies Mrs. Virginia Flanigan Laura Young Martha Dauer Blair Hathaway Ruby Waits Mr. Bernays Bishop Mr. William Talbot Mr, Edwin Turlington Miss Roxie Baker 8 13, lax Mr s. Martha I,-lem' If-,Q - .. . is ,X I Mr, xi Bard Wejl DO I7 I a ldson ag ' .yn E 5' I: Q' ,I ,f g Q, VL' , 4, .wywmsw .G 'Q ry., - 1 2 w 'Rf-v -YQ .v QQ. f Tm: 4 1 I . F its 2 'U' 3' ,gg f-,iii-iks'N y The Student Council of Gainesville High has been in op- eration for twenty-six years. lt is composed of fifteen members who are elected by senior high students. Activities of l95O include sponsoring Homecoming pervising chapel programs campaigning for a cleaner athletic field and conducting school elections Good fellowship has been the keynote of this mid century year ' ' "" , su- I Jack Millerg Clayton Millsg Roger Seckengerg Jean Marting Lenora Pennisig Cecelia Adams Terry Jacksong Byron Mills, president: Mrs. Ruby Waits: Edwina Wynng Gorito Thorpe Anne Selleg Jeanette Spechtg Dan Erving Sydney Stotesbury. NOT PICTURED: Maree Rodgers IO Yuri . K I x 711,74 3- I. ,Y , , yi . 'X t . -. .ii - f 5 . A K .if 2: N lie RUBY MAREE RODGERS "Roddy" Today is the day we give money away. Home Room Vice Pres. 10, Pres. 11, Student Body President 12, Basketball 10, Track ll, Volleyball 10, Softball ll, GAA 10, Jr. Honor Society 8, 9, Pres. 9, FHA 10, 11, 12, Pres. 10, 11, Vice Pres. 12, Journalism 10, Speech Arts Guild 11, 12, Senior Honor Society 11, 12, Cornet Staff 9, 12, Hurricane Staff 11, 12, Tri- Hi-Y 12, DCT 12, Pep Club 12, Prom Business Man- ager. Ambition: Stenographer. TERRY JACKSON "Terrence" Leave sawdust to those that need it, my head is full of brains. Entered 1949 from Jacksonville, Fla. Student Body V. Pres. 12, Keyettes 12, Historian 12, Speech Arts 11, 12, Raven Club 12, Assistant Stu- dent Director of Jr. Play, Annual Staff 12, Sr. Play, Student Council 12, Chorus Il, 12. Ambition: Com- mercial Artist. FERN EDWINA WYNN "Shrimp" An energetic leader. Student Body Sec. 12, Student Council 12, Basketball 10, Majorette 9, 10, 11, 12, Head Majorette 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi-Y IO, 11, 12, V. Pres. 12. Ambition: To go to New Or- leans. WILLIAM lBilIl DAVIS HUSSEY "Willie" You can't go wrong with him. Home Room Vice Pres. 10, Senior Class Treas., Football 10, 11, 12, Basket' ball IO, Baseball ll, 12, Volleyball 10, 11, Hi'Y 9, 10, ll,12, Vice Pres. 12, G Club 10, 11, 12. Am- bition: Undecided. BYRON EVERETT MILLS, JR. "Don" The best of me is diligence. Home Room Pres. 10, Student Council 10, ll, 12, Vice Pres. 11, Pres. 12, Speech Arts 10, 11, 12, Vice Pres. 11, Los Som- breros Altos ll, 12, Sec. 12, Annual Staff ll, 12, Editor 12, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Los Burritos ll, Pres. 11, Prom Committee, Hi-Y 12. Ambition: Medical Doctor. KENNETH WALTON HILL "Kenney" Why take life seriously-you'll never get through it alive. Home Room Pres. 9, 10, 11, Student Council IO, Senior Class Pres, Football ll, Football Manager IO, Basketball 11, Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, Vice Pres. 11, Sec. 12, Jr. Play, Prom Committee. Ambition: Pres- ident of DIXIE. NORMA JEAN FREEMAN "Fuzzy" lf it's to be said, please let me say it. Entered 1948 from P.K.Y. Vice Pres. Home Room 11, Senior Class Vice Pres. Track 10, ll, Volleyball 10, ll, 12, Tri- Hi-Y 10, 11, 12, Raven Club 11, 12, Sec. 12, Junior Play, Senior Play, Prom Committee Chairman, An- nual Staff, 12, Editor 12, GAA 10. Ambition: Col- lege. JEAN DOUGLAS MANGHAM "Mangler" Her only labor is to kill time. Entered 1948 from Jacksonville, Fla. Sr. Class Sec., Volleyball, Tri-Hi-Y 11, 12, Historian 12, Jr. Spanish Cub 11, GAA 10, Los Sombreros Altos 12, Prom Committee. Ambition: College. SEllll1l1S ya Q, . 4 CT' . jtzfj . "" . i ,lef . 'mfr' 1 Q ,sf-.- SEllllIllS K L, 72. lm .E NA R., 4. in t .ff . . ,f .Q , x V , X, ,W W X 5' 'U .xx YSX .C K " 5- A ,s 'N 1' 'Vs TS it-af I x J li CECILIANNE ADAMS "CeAnne" Them what's little has to use their head instead of their foots. Home Room Sec. IO: Basketball II: Track 9, IO, ll, I2, Volleyball IO, Il, I2, Softball 9, IO, ll, I2, Journalism IO, Raven Club II, I2, Keyettes Il, I2, Annual Staff I2, Comet Staff II, Inter-club Council II, Sr. Play, GAA 9, Pep Club IO, II, I2, Lib..Staff II, I2. Ambition: Marriage. JAMES LEWIS ADAMS, JR. "Sunshine" l'm true blue, in my fashion. Entered I948 from Jacksonville, Fla. Football II, I2, Basketball II, I2, Baseball II, I2, Track Il, Volleyball II, I2, G Club II, I2. Ambition: To play football, SHIRLEY SUE AKINS "Shirt" l have but one love. Entered October 2, I95O, from Trenton, Fla. Ambition: Teach commercial subjects. ROBERT EVERETT ALLEN "Bobby" Everything comes to him who waits, why hurry? Home Room Vice Pres. IO, Baseball II, I2, Sports Club IO, II, Spanish Club ll, I2, Vice Pres, I2, Dancing Club IO. Ambirana- College' ELEANOR ANGELINE ALLEN "EI" Nice to be natural, and so natural to be nice. Entered Dec., I947, from Orlando, Fla. Home Room Pres. IO, Basketball 9, IO, Cheerleading I2, Track II, I2, Volleyball IO, II, Keyettes IO, ll, I2, V. Pres. ll, Sec. I2, Raven Club II, Pres, II, Senior Honor Society Il, I2, Speech Arts Guild II, I2, Junior Play, Annual Staff II, Comet Staff II, Junior Senior Prom Committee. Ambition: Elementary School Teacher. BILLIE JEAN ALLEN "Bonnie" A smile for every girl, two for every boy. Prom Com- mittee, Majorette IO, II, I2, Tri-Hi-Y I2, Student Council II, GAA IO. Ambition: Business College, Marriage. JOHN WENDELL ARKELL "Jack" Anything you can do I can do better! Home Room Pres. 9, IO, DCT II, I2, Pep Club I2, Camera IO. Ambition: To be a success. - ELAINE ARTHUR Quiet but wise. Raven Club II, I2, Jr. Spanish Club II, Los Sombreros Altos II, I2, Jr, Honor Society 9, Senior Honor Society Il, I2, GAA IO, Music Club IO, Comet Staff Il, Sr. Chorus I2. Ambition: Col- lege. DONALD CHENEY BAILEY "Don" All the world's a stage. Entered I95O from Leesburg, Fla. Los Sombreros Altos I2, Senior Play. Ambition: Air Force Jet Pilot. BARBARA BAKER "Barb" She's headed straight for the movies-she works in the box office. Entered I95O from Jennings, Fla. Ambition: Secretary. 12 ll A 'W :s 2 , 4 , l .g. p f? li'xs,,.' ' iff? 737 1 J. . ,A sf 'L '99 'J , b 'SIGN r.,. ' 'L f 3 ,, is si ea, Ag, ' ' I E E: -1, ' af1-' 3 A 53' Z ff' ' J . ,, Q if ""a'l's it if A-'X '4rZ"'7 if LITTLE NOLAN BECKHAM, JR. "Beecham" Oh yes, that reminds me of a joke-. Home Room Vice Pres. 11, Football 10, ll, Volleyball 10, Chorus 9, 10, Key Club 10, 11, 12, Senior Director 12, Music Club 9, 10, Pres. 10, FFA 11, Sports Club 9, 10, Prom Committee. Ambition: To own the biggest cattle ranch in Fla. BETTY JO BRABHAM "Snauy" Patience and gentleness is power. Journalism 10, Sr. High Honor Society 11, 12, DCT 11, 12, Sec. 11, Pres. 12, Raven Club 12, Jr. Honor Society 9. Am- bition: A very good saleswoman. FRANKLIN DAVID CAMPBELL "Frankie" l say what l think-that's why l'm so quiet. DCT 12, Band 9, Sports Club 10, 11, Model Air Plane Club 10, 1 1, College. Pres. 10, 11, Biology Club 10. Ambition: JEANETTE CHESHIRE "Jenny" Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Home Room Sec. 11, DCT 12, Historian 12, Pep Club 12, GAA 10, Music 11, Prom Committee. Ambition: Business Executive. GLENN ELTON COWART Working hasn't hurt anyone yet-but there's always a first time. Baseball 12, Camera Club 10, Bug Club 11. Ambition: Military career. RUBY ELIZABETH DAVID "Betty" Her speech reflects the true Christian she is. Soft- ball 9, 10, Volleyball 10, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, FHA 10, 11, 12, Treas. 10, Sec. 11, Pres. 12, Music Club 9, Sec. 9, Jr. Spanish Club 11, GAA 10. Ambition: Christian worker in field of music. ORION WALLACE DAVIS "O. W." A truer friend and finer athlete is mighty hard to find. Home Room Pres. ll, 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Bas- ketball 1l, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 11, Volleyball 8, 9, IO, 11, 12, Hi-Y 9, 10, 11, 12, Sergeant-atearms 11, Pres. 12, G Club 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee. Ambition: Professional Baseball. ROY ANDREW DEAN, JR. "Buddy" Study is a weariness of flesh. Football Manager 10, G Club 10, 11, 12, Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Committee, Prom Committee. Ambition: Graduate from college. SADIE CLARICE DISEKER "Cinderella" Gone, but not forgotten. Home Room Pres. 9, Music Club 10, Dancing Club 11, 12, DCT 11, 12, Study Club 11. Ambition: To be successful in the medical field. ROBERT BOWERS DUNN "Bob" Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it. Hi-Y 11, 12, Home Room Pres. 9, Football 10, 11, 12, Key Club 10, G Club 11, 12, Band 8, 9. Ambi- tion: Graduation. 13 Slllllllil f Q . JB. I i' Av. 3-H Q., in-is iz 4" in-4 it-Q., SElllllllS MAGGIE LEE EDDY "Blonde" A cheerful giver of her talents, Entered January, 1950, from Macclenny, Florida. Ambition: Business School. RUPERT HILL ENGLISH, JR. "Skip" He's trigger happy. Entered 1950 from Johnston, S. C.5 Los Sombreros Altos 12, Ambition: College, then Air Force. DONALD LEE EVEY "Don" Anchors Aweigh. Entered 1946 from St. Petersburg, Fla. Camera Club 105 Coin Club 105 Senior Sports Club 115 Study Club 115 Prom Committee. Ambi- tion: Naval Engineer. JOHN SAMUEL GLENN "Mickey" All's well that ends well. Ambition: Petroleum en- gineer. BARBARA LYNN GYLES "Ginger" I never let my troubles trouble me. Entered January, 1950, from Ramsey, New Jersey. Raven Club 125 Parliamentary Procedure Club 115 Senior Play. Am- bwn: Elementary school teacher with music on the ss . DAVID HART "Dave" The best helping hand is at the length of my arm. Latin Club 10, 115 Stamp Club 10. Ambition: Col- lege. J. G. HAUFLER "Jay" There must be an easier way. DCT 11, 125 Parlia- mentary Procedure Club 115 Study Club 11. Ambi- tion: Display work. MARY DIANE HAWKINS "Anne" Do not iudge value by size. Home Room V. Pres. 95 Band 10, 11, 125 Student Conductor 125 Joumalism Club 105 Senior Camera Club 10, 115 Spanish Club 11, 12, Treas. 12. Ambition: College. JUANA JEAN HAYES "Janie" Speech is silver, but silence is golden. Home Room Treas. 105 Latin Club 10, 115 Raven Club 125 GAA 11. Ambition: College. DORIS ELOISE HERRING Light tooted-light hearted. Entered Feb., 1950, from Miami, Fla. Ambition: Teacher. r W 1,9 2 .gp il ' -f,, 5, 4, 77"- .- iss: .gi 8 is P N 9 W . ei. aff Kg 5- -gf few. ... . .4-.. f-1' A "' v- ,gs f- i THOMAS I. HOLDER "Tommy" A closed mouth catches no flies. Ambition: Live- stock farming. FRANK HOLTON Live and let live. Home Room Pres, 9, FFA, Arts Club. Ambition: Undecided. LUTHER HAROLD HOOK "Buck" New, but quick to learn our ways. Entered 1950 from Tampa, Fla. Senior Chorus. Ambition: Doctor. ETHEL FLORINE HOWARD Quiet, sweet and wise. Library Club, Dancing Club, Study Club. Ambition: Stenographer. MARY LUEDELL HULION "Snooks" Friend as well as friendly. Entered 1948 from Haines City, Fla. Basketball. Ambition: To be a good house- wife. JACQUELYN JOYCE JOHNSON "Jondy" She's Florida's best secretary. Entered Sept., 1948, from Mainland, Daytona Beach, Fla. Basketball 10, 11, Track 11, Volleyball 11, Golf 11, Softball 10, 11, FHA 10, Handwork 10, Raven Club 11, 12, GAA Official 11, DCT 12, Prom Com., Annual Staff. Am- bition: Secretary. BIRKETT FRY JORDAN, JR. "Birk" The Navy gets the gravy and the army gets the beans. Hi-Y 11, 12, Chorus 11, Senior Camera Club 11, Swimming 9, 10, Prom Committee. Ambition: Cattle King of Florida. WILLIAM ROBERT LANDRUM "Bob" Moon Over Miami. Entered Oct., 1950, from Miami, Fla. Ambition: Retire when out of High School. SHIRLEY LEE LARRICK "ShoiIee" l've got talents l haven't used yet. Entered 1946 from Athens, Ohio. Sr. Dramatics Club 10, Speech Arts Guild 11, 12, FHA 10, 11, Raven Club 12, Annual Staff 10, 11, 12, Editor 12. Ambition: Ar- chitect. WARREN GIRRUD McCANDLESS "Sandy" Tis brain that makes a wit! Entered Oct., 1946, from Englewood, N. J. Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, Sports Club 9, 10, Camera Club 9, 10, Jr. Prom Committee, Jr. Spanish Club 11. Ambition: Aeronautical Engi- neer. 15 SEl1lllllS csv, - , N ,frf 1: 1, -fi, ' , ' f""7 ENu A , . Yi, . .Xuan K1 Q , Q ' 98.41 'Z' wr 1, lv i. . 5, L, , . ?.,! - , A ' 11,9 iff Si ii I vs ,hx , RW, l 4:5 LESLIE RANDOLPH MCCLELLAN "Lex" lf you think Hoyle was gOOd YOU Rave" 599' me Band 8, 9, 10, DCT 11, 12 Ambition Stax' out if the army. ENID PATRICIA MATHEWS "Patti" What's she gonna do next? Home Room Sec. 11: Basketball 10, 11, Los Sombreros Altos 11, 127 Key- ette Club 11, 12, Treas, 12, Raven Club 11, 12, Li- brary Staft 8, 9, 10, 11, Fr. Honor Society 8, 9, Jr Play Prompter, Sr. Play Student Director, GAA 10, Journalism Club 9, 10, Jr. Literary Society 8, 9, Sec. 9, Comet Staff 10, Prom Committee, Annual Staff 12, Editor 12. Ambition: College. DARA RUTH MIMBS "Monkey" I'm not asking you, I'm telling you! Home Room Sec. 10, Student Council 1O, 11, Tri-1-li-Y 10, 11, 12, Ser' geant-at-arms 11, Majorette 9, 10, 11, Jr, Prom Committee, Sr. Play, Raven Club ll, 12, Journalism Club 10, 11, Sec, 10, Comet Staff. Ambition: Tele- vision Announcer. HENRY GRAY MORRISON "Hank" l-le's a fine scout, Camera Club 10, FFA 105 Annual Staff 10, Ambition: Newspaper reporter. MARJORIE JOYCE OWEN "Margie" The Sweetheart of a Sigma Chi. Entered 1949 from Tallahassee, Fla. Basketball 11, Volleyball 11, 12, Keyettes ll, 12. Ambition: Nurse. KATHRYN LENORA PENNISI "Penny" Pennies make dollars. Student Council 12g Raven Club 12, Jr. Honor Society, Handwork 10, Speech Arts Guild 11, GAA 11, Sr. Chorus 11, 12, Annual Staff 11, 12, Assist. Editor 12, Prom Committee Chairman. Ambition: College. ANN PETERS "Peppy" Dynamite comes in small packages. Entered from Apalachicola, Fla., 1947. Home Room V. Pres. 10, Band 9, 10, Keyettes 10, 11, 12, Speech Arts Guild 10, 11, 12, Raven Club 12, Jr. Play, Sr. Play. Am- bition: Medicine. BARBARA EARLENE PHILLIPS "Bobby" 1 smiled and it made a noise. Dramatics Club 105 Sci- ence Club 1O, Student Sponsor 10, Camera Club 105 Dancing Club 10, Parliamentary Procedure Club 10, Sec. IO, DCT Club 10, 11, 12. Ambition: Physical Therapist. DANA LOUIS PHILLIPS "D. L." He came and went. Entered Sept., 1950, from East Weymouth, Massachusetts. EARLENE PHILLIPS "Windie" Not flying saucers, just my batons. Entered from Lake City, Fla,, 1946. Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Maior- ette 10, 11, 12. Ambition: College. an I I It . , Q nn... . I I fag 1 I A., '-ev' ,X fuzz! 49 .4 -t X I 'Que' f JAMES WEBSTER PHIPPS "Jim" All great men are dying-l feel sick myself. Home Room Treas. IZ, Basketball ll, I2, Camera Club IO, Senior Dramatic IO, Vice Pres. IO, Parliamentary. Procedure ll, Vice Pres. I I, Junior Play, Senior Play, Prom Ccmmittee. Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. ELLIS PRICE "Sleepy" Me thought l heard a voice cry "Sleep no more!" Entered I95O from Fort Myers. DCT Club I2. Am- bition: To graduate? MARGARET ELAINE PUMPHREY "Bubs" Five foot two, eyes of bluefEverybody's gall En- tered Sept. l946 from Scotia, N. Y. Home Room President IO, l2, Sec'y l2, Jr. Student Council 9, IO, Basketball 9, IO, ll, I2, Cheerleading II, l2, Track, 9, IO, Raven Club IZ, G Club II, Pep Club IO, ll, l2, Trial-liAY IO, II, l2, Sec'y II, Sr. Class Play, Jr. Play Production Staff, Annual Staff IO, I2, Feature Editor l2, Honor Society I2, Prom Commit- tee, Speech Arts Guild IO, II, I2, Sec'y Il. Am- bition: Surgical Nurse. WALLACE RAY PURVIS "Baby" l've found that common sense isn't so common. En, tered I947 from Inverness, Fla. DCT Il, l2, Am- bition: Undecided. ANNE KIMBALL QUEKEMEYER "Quacky" Whatever she does, she does well. Home Room Sec'y IO, Basketball 9, IO, II, I2, Track II, I2, Pep Club IO, Volleyball 9, IO, II, I2, Raven Club II, I2, Keyettes IO, II, I2, Pres. I2, Journalism Club IO, GAA 9, IO, Junior Play Production Staff, Senior Play, Junior Literary Society 9. Ambition: College. JOAN RUTH RHUDY Penny for your thoughts. Entered Sept., I95O, from Washington, D. C. Ambition: College ROY ADAMS RIDGELL, JR. "Roy" l know there must be an exit somewhere. Baseball II, Key Club II, I2, FFA 9, IO, II, DCT I2, Pep Club I2. Ambition: University. LILLIAN LOUISE RUTLAND "George" She may be little but she catches on fast. Home Room Vice Pres. ll, Basketball 9, IO, II, Track 8, 9, IO, ll, Volleyball 9, IO, ll, Golf II, Softball 9, IO, II, FHA IO, II, I2, GAA IO, Il, Pres. IO, Vice Pres. II, Prom Committee, DCT I2, Annual Staff I2, Editor I2, Dancing Club IO. Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. BLANCHE DELORIS SCHOFIELD "Blanchie" A little goes a long way. Entered 1947 from Colum- bia High School. Home Room Pres. IO, Sec. Il, Maioreffe io, ii, I2, Music Club ii, sec. iii Tri- 'I' Hi-Y ll, I2, Prom Committee. Ambition: Private Secretary, WILLIAM EDWARD SHANLEY "Bill" Never in a hurry and never late. Home Room Vice Pres. IO, Sergeant-at-arms I2, Softball 9, IO, II, I2, Touch football II, 12, Sports Club IO, II. Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. I7 SElllllllS zffeny 1 I 5 .4 R: my ol. ,33- 2 lf 3x4 . .1 . .f-1,-r N. - il ' fx 2 SElllllllS X , fi A v J 1 'X L' ' 1 ,v :- .2 I f x r fi' Q' ,--w in-i iQ 1 ,, 3 , ,,' 141 f"5 as, rg, ' 1' . BARBARA JEAN SHEA "Bobbie" Always around, at the right time. Track 95 Keyettes ll l25 Annual Staff 95 Prom Committee ll5 Jour- nalism Club 9, IO' Library Staff 9, IO, ll, 125 Junior Honor Society 95 GAA lp Jr. High Literary Society 9. Ambition: To finish college. DAVID FRANKLIN SHEFFIELD "Dav" Dependable but not noisy. Basketball l25 Baseball l25 Track l25 Dancing Club lO. Ambition: First man to fly a rocket ship to another planet. CAROLYN RUTH SHIELDS "Giggles" Where she is there's never a dull moment, Entered i948 from Tampa, Fla. Home Room Sec. lO, Treas. ll5 Sr. Chorus lO, ll, l25 Tri-Hi-Y ll, l25 Dra- matics Club lO5 Music Club lO5 GAA lO5 Speech Arts Guild ll, l25 Raven Club l25 Junior Play5 Sen- ior Play Production Staffg Annual Staff ll, l2, Ed- itor l25 Prom Committee. Ambition: To complete college. ADELE MARIE SILBEREISEN "DeI" Study what you most affect. Entered Nov., I949. from St. Augustine, Fla. Raven Club l25 Senior Play. Ambition: Master's Degree. GEORGE SMITH "Georgie" A good line is the shortest distance between two dates. Home Room Pres. lO5 Football lO5 Hi-Y lO, sl, l25 Sports Club IOQ Camera IO. Ambition: Col- ege CHARLES CARLTON SNOWDEN "Chuck" Good workers make good men, Football ll5 Basket- ball ll, Baseball ll, l25 Hi-Y l25 Annual Staff l2, Editor l2, Ambition: Pilot. JUANITA SOUTHERLAND "Nita" If a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her. Home Room Sec lO, Treas ll5 Baseball 'lO, ll, l25 Track IO, l25 Volleyball l25 FHA lO, ll, l25 GAA lO, ll, Prom Committee Ambition: College. JUNE STEVENSON "Steve" Always very nice. Entered Nov., l95O, from New Hamburg, New York, Ambition: To own a cruiser ETHEL DIANE STRANGE "Dry-Ann" Sweet and Lovely: Jr. Class Secretaryp Student Coun- cil 95 Basketball 9, IO, ll, l25 Cheerleader l25 Track 9, lO, llg Volleyball 9, IO, ll5 Tri-Hi-Y lO, ll, l25 Raven Club ll: Speech Arts ll', 125 Chorus l25 Jr, Play Production Staff5 Annual Staff l2, Editor l25 Prom Committee Chairman. Ambition: Lab Tech- l'1IClal'1. WINIFRED JEANETTE STRINGER "Winnie" Easy to knowg easy to like Entered in l948 from St Augustine, Fla. Study Club ll5 Spanish Club ll, l25 Tri-Hi-Y l2, Pres l2 Ambition: Secretary. 18 hs Z. 1 in 'CD' , i f ff' ,wr r,, 40 lie .,,. Q Qt ., ' ri, at Z x ' t i T37 'ibm Q. x fi' O- ,-,., r i 'X F we F TURE , i i KK 7 31 ff. fi, s --A . ,J l ,G- I. is- -N TT' ' ua., 19- W Q33 C? ,I . YP' 'iso " 1 ' D.. sie f" f - 71, :Q 3. .. ' - fs . Q., s. 41: ZX' .,,, -. -' 13. FUTURE jr 4 l ff X ,G fn' X S-'urs' V fir X . CHARLOTTE VERA THOMAS "Charlie" Like they always say-6 giggle H day keeps me in practice. Home Room President 7, 8, 9, Sec. ll, Basketball 9, IO, II, Track IO, II, Volleyball 9, IO, ll, Golf Il, Softball 9, IO, ll, FHA IO, ll, I2, Treas. I2, GAA IO, II, Sec. Il, Raven Club II, I2, Jr. Play Committee, Prom Committee, DCT I2, Sec. I2, Dancing Club IO, Annual II, I2, Editor I2, Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. JEAN GAY THOMPSON "Blondie" Venus had nothing on this girl! Home Room V-Pres. IO, Tri-Hi-Y IO, II, I2, Treas, II, Pep Club IO, II, I2, Music Club II, GAA IO, Sr. Girls' Club IO, Prom Committee, Sr. Play Committee, Jr. Play Com- mittee, Cheerleading IO, ll, I2, Basketball IO, ll, I2, Track IO, ll, I2, G Club IO, II. Ambition: Model. MARY ADELAIDE THOMPSON 2 Sweet, 2 Be, 4 Gotten. Entered in September, I950, from St. Monrue, Virginia. Chorus IZ. Am- bition: Travel all over the world. GONTO THORPE A harder worker is hard to find, Treasurer FFA 9, IO, Stage Manager IO, Il, Vice-President Honor So- ciety il, President Spanish Club I2, Student Council I2. Ambition: College. WILLIAM FURMAN WALLACE "Gari" Don't ask Webster, ask me. Jr. Literary Society 8, 9, Jr. Honor Society 8, 9, Jr. Spanish Club Il, Sgt.-at- arms II, Los Sombreros Altos ll, I2, Sec. I2, Sr. Honor Society II, I2, Raven Club Il, I2, Pres. I2, Ambition: College. CALVIN WEEKS "Cal" Casanova had his day, until l cut ln. Football "B" squad IO, Baseball II, Touch Football IO, Il, Study Club II. Ambition: Undecided. WILLIAM MURPHY WELDON, JR. "Billy" My objections to school are teachers and books. Jr. Play Committee, Sr. Play Committee, Prom Commit- tee. Ambition: Electrical Enoineer. WILLIAM DeBERRY WESEMAN "BilIy" Go is just my cruising speed. Entered I949 from P. K. Yonge. Los Sombreros Altos II, I2, Pres. I2, Jr. Spanish Club II. Ambition: To go back to P. K. Yonge. WILLIAM EMERSON WHITNEY "Bill" A lot can be said for him, and a lot is said by him. Entered April, I947, from Chicago, Illinois. Band 9, IO, II, I2, Chorus ll, I2, Jr. Spanish Club Il, Sgtfat-arms II, Dramatics Club II, Theory and Har- mony Club, Music Club, Sgt.-at-arms. Ambition: Mu- siclan BARBARA ANN WILSON "Baba" A kind of grace admired by all. Home Room Treas. IO, II, V-Pres. Jr. Class, Basketball 9, Cheerleader SEIIIIIIIS ,, -L . Q .X x L, i. V J ' fi W., .c N i i A qv' I Q-' ,' 2... , I' 'MJ f .,, I - fl y ' 'L ' 5 is 'pix X - i ,. Q'- lf' . C- ' i . 'PQ iz, Track 9, IO, Volleyball 9, IO, ll, l2, speech Mg Arts II, I2, Raven Club II, I2, Treas. II, Jr. Honor Society 9, Library Staff 9, IO, I I, I2, Annual Staff 9, II, Prom Committee, Journalism Club 9, IO. Am- bition: College of Business Administration. X SElllllllS and SElIHEllllllES .rv ,, JOYCE CHARLENE WILSON "Jo" fxh' rntttee Arnbatncn, Beautxczan , Yi ,tif NOT PICTURED BETTY SUE ALVAREZ "Alvarez" Her frzendly smlle has won her many friends. Chorus l2' FHA lO DCT l2 Ambition' Cole e LEWIS DUNCAN Lou Aways on the go DCT Club ll l2 Ambmorm Forestry JAME' BROWNIE DUNN d r and ose eyes' Hu Y IO l I2 Speec Ats ll l2 Parlmamentary Procedure ll l2 Am bntxon Bridge Builder DEAN EVANS Peaches She says what she thmks Dancmg Club lO Study Club lO Home Room Secretary lO Ambutnon To re tyre at twenty hon Gxrs ABOVE MRS ISABEL BROWN Q ., tlwraklng wears out the bravn, l have no fear, Home Room Sec 8, ll Chorus llg Jr. Honor Soclety 8, 9 Llorarx Staff 8 GAA lOg Raven Club l2g DCT l2 V-Pres. l2, Music Club llg Pep Club 125 Prom Com- JEAN MCCAIN Graduated ln February. Entered Florida State Unwer sity in Tallahassee NIMROD WELLS Entered nn February l95l from Ketterlnnus Hugh School St Augustme Florida DCT Club l2 Ambl 145 Secretary T BELOW MRS NORMA ROBINSON Secretary 20 tt ll, , , . . l Q . . l ' . , . ' ' 1 ' , E ' 2 I ' ll. I Tall, ., lf, th , '. , 1 , 5 h r , 5 ' , . - ,gs - , , fi'-"EW, 3 je vw, ' . Fr 5 nf' 2 ' f g ", K 14 A 'ning' In X HlS1lll1U O Lets take a stroll down Memory Lane R member In 1945 when we zoomed unto the flrst year at G H S 7 Wasn t at fun actmg as nf we were grown up? Most of us felt bug but looked small at G H S an the seventh grade The fall semester rolled around agam and the eighth grade proved to be one of dashmg at the clang of the bell to our next class Our twelve smart stu dents who were elected to the Junnor Honor Society were Elarne Arthur Betty Jo Brabham Nadine Cobb Pattn Mathews Lenora Penmsn Maree Rodgers Ann Peters Joyce Wilson Barbara Shea Leona Starling Furman Wallace and Barbara Wnlson Betty Jo Brab ham won the D A R award and Charlotte Thomas and George Smuth were guven the cntuzenshlp awards Then there was the tame when our magorettes were fnrst elected We were really proud of Dara and Edwuna as they strutted across the fneld for theur fsrst tnme Follownng an theur footsteps were Blanche Sco fleld Jean Allen and Earlene Phnllups Remember how the gurls nn Home Ec would make everybody hungry when they cooked one of thenr tempting meals? Few wnll forget the tradntnonal Sophomore pucnuc at Magnesla Springs Fun wasnt lt7 The pranks we played on those standing so-o-o close to the pool' Remember when we took those Bnology field trups to the Unnverslty the water plant and the Devll s Mull Hopper? The Idea of course was to study biology but well most of us qot sidetracked Our gunuor year was a happy one wnth our goal nearer In sught One of the mann hnghllghts of that year was the successful Junior Play Many of farthful juniors worked almost day and mght to on Dangerous Nan McGrew Remember the we had workung on the decoratuons for the prom OUI' Ll UI1 an banquet? How the sensors talked about the deep sea theme and the floor show at the prom' The junlors who had compuled an average of mnety In theur soph omore and jumor years and were outstanding IH char acter servlce leadershnp and scholarshup were elected to the Sensor Honor Socuety The Comet staff really worked hard to ednt those few sssues of our newspaper but they were well worth therr time and effort 1950 ourselves seniors The annual staff began work early to put out the 1951 Hurrucane Band and chorus gave a wonderful concert whnch really showed what fune musuc talent we have un GH S Well we en yoyed goung to the football games anyway' Memorles of the 50 Homecommg football game stnll lrnger the Alumnu Banquet and bonfire pep rallues decorations floats parade and last but not least the bug game Barbara Anne Wnlson and Orion Davis made a wonderful kung and queen to reign over the Homecommg Kid day brought us back agam to our chuldhood days where most of us lost our dlgmty only to regaln the grown up look for our graduation 1951 brought the best year of our school lrfe' As we fnnlsh our stroll we remember all the happy times that we the class of 1951 have had at G H S and we cherush the precuous memories of our Alma'Mater Q31 x X fllll- XX , ' l K I I ll lf' e, . . . . D t - ' ' 11 '11 f , ' , , A I 1951 meant progress because most of us could call I I I 21 I IIIHSS llllll CLASS WILL We the Senror Class of 1951 havrng mrraculously brrllrant and sound mrnds do hereby present our last wrll and testament' JEAN ALLEN leaves her rut down Unrversrty Avenue to Nellre Hall CECILIA ADAMS leaves her curly locks to Kath aryn Martrn ELEANOR ALLEN leaves her abrlrty to know whrch man she wants to Anne Selle who never can make up her mrnd BETTY SUE ALVAREZ leaves her stage frrght to Glenda Garrett ELAINE ARTHUR leaves her prrvrleges to Jake Lrndz meyer we hear he takes em anyway SONNY ADAMS leaves hrs wrnnrng way wrth wo men to Brll Passan BOBBY ALLEN leaves hrs darlrng drmples to Jed Cook JACK ARKELL leaves hrs sarcastrc comments to be forgotten DON BAILEY leaves hrs actrng abrlrty to next year s play cast BARBARA BAKER leaves to become an Alumna L N BECKHAM leaves hrs spontaneous remarks to Pop to keep the burldrng hot BETTY JO BRABHAM leaves her salesmanshrp abrl rty to Martha Mrller FRANKLIN CAMPBELL leaves JEANETT CHESHIRE leaves her hearty laugh to Syl vra Wester ELTON COWART leaves hrs moments of srlence to Roger Seckrnger rn hopes rt wrll tone hrm down BETTY DAVID leaves her hrgh notes to Harry Jamer son ORION DAVIS leaves hrs football spot to Arthur Croy but he takes Babs wrth hrm BUDDY DEAN leaves at long last SADIE DISAKER left at the mrddle of the year' BROWNIE DUNN leaves hrs Casanova ways to Mrke Coullras as rf he needs em LEWIS DUNCAN leaves wrth bells on MAGGIE EDDY leaves her tremblrng knees rn Speech to Wayne Smrth DEANIE EVANS leaves her large vocabulary to Lorre Blodgett DONALD EVEY leaves hrs physrque to George Shan e NORMA FREEMAN leaves her abrlrty to seek all and know all to Ann Sanders JOHN GLENN leaves hrs motorcycle to Vrctor Wrl lrams so he won t have to drrve Barbara s car BARBARA GYLES leaves her quret ways to Barbara Mosely to tone her down DAVID HART leaves hrs Vrrgrnra drawl to Ferrell Asbell who has one all hrs own J G HAUFLER leaves never to be forgotten JUANA JEAN HAYES and ANN HAWKINS leave therr farthful brcycles to Velma Lrnk KENNETH HILL leaves hrs many methods of makrng norse to John Sprrngstead so that there wrll never be a srlent moment TOMMY HOLDER leaves hrs bashtulness to Fred Fagan JOHN HOLLEY leaves hrs eye for the basket to Don ald Howell FRANK HOLTON leaves hrs lazrness to Gene Brown rng rn hopes rt wrll slow hrm down SOPHIE GEORGIADES leaves because everyone else as ETHEL HOWARD leaves her quret ways to Janell Verr MARY HULION leaves her D C T work at Belk Lrnd se BILL HUSSEY leaves hrs flamrng red harr and freck les to Bobby Jernrgan J C HOLLY leaves hrs pretty black curls to Helene Fernandez TERRY JACKSON leaves sweet and rnnocent ways to Brlly Knrght Can he use EM? BETTY JAMES 2 431 rrdes on the school bus are be queathed to Jean Wrlson BIRK JORDAN leaves hrs physrque to Phrllrp Hrll SHIRLEY LARRICK wrlls her artrstrc abrlrty to Betty Strrckland JEAN McCAlN leaves all the shorthand she drdnt do to Barbara Hague ' , I y. l " ' ' . LUTHER HooKreaveSG.H,s.fOfrhe rsaglfuerwofld. I - rr . 22 WARREN MCCANDLESS rrdes out on hrs fireball prtch JEAN MANGHAM leaves her trials and trrbulatrons wrth bovs to Shirley Deas PATTI MATHEWS leaves her Spanish Irngo to Susan Davrs to grve variety to her accent DARA MIMBS leaves her loud mouth to Jackre Mc Clellan so she can be heard around school BYRON MILLS leaves hrs long strrde to Vrrgrnra Be vr e HENRY MORRISON leaves all hrs scouting work to the clubs MARGIE OWEN leaves her green eyes to Patsy Ray LENORA PENNISI leaves two twrnklrng eyes to Henry Schwall ANN PETERS leaves rn a model A with a drgnrfred a r BARBARA PHILLIPS just won t leave us a roll of the ater tickets EARLENE PHILLIPS leaves her drums to Brll Davidson DANA PHILLIPS leaves hrs mathematical brarn to JIM PHIPPS hates to leave hrs many ardent admirers ELLIS PRICE leaves hrs class sleeping to Maury Mc Krnney BUBS PLJMPHREY leaves her giggles and bubbles to Jeanette Specht ANNE QLJEKEMEYER leaves her ability to be goo rn all sports to Isobell Campbell JOAN RHUDY leaves her Polar Bear Booth to Mary Frances Harvey and Barbara Jones ROY RIDGELL leaves hrs car to hrs srster Margaret Maybe she won t wear rt out on long trrps to Tallahassee MAREE ROGERS leaves her car to all poor pedestrians of G H S LIL RLJTLAND leaves the word Hurry to Hugh Hurse who doesn t seem to know what rt means BLANCH SCHOFIELD leaves her way of never know rng to Nancy Hrll BARBARA SHEA leaves her perfect attendance rec ord to Pat Bunner DAVID SHEFFIELD leaves hrs herght to David Hen derson CAROLYN SHIELDS leaves her vorce to Barbara Fam so she can serenade Vrctor BILL SHANLEY leaves but we wrsh we could keep hrrn LESLIE MCCLELLAN says he leaves nothrng h might have to come back for rt ADELE SILBEREISON leaves the famrlys posrtron on the honor roll to brother Charles GEORGE SMITH leaves a cone of creamet CHARLES SNOWDEN leaves hrs ready hello to J H McKinney Hello Yrgr' NITA SOUTHERLAND leaves her spontaneous grrn to Mary Edna Jackson OSMOND STAPLETON leaves hrs photographic tal ents to the Camera Club DIANE STRANGE leaves her Cadillac to Jean Martin so she can rrde rn style WINIFRED STRINGER leaves her place as president of Trr Hr Y to anyone who s capable BETTY THOMPSON leaves her many trips to Mrca nopy to anyone who needs em JEAN THOMPSON leaves to cook a da shrrmp MARY THOMPSON leaves her sweet shyness to Mary Ellen Gatesman CHARLOTTE THOMAS leaves her problems to Della Jones GONTO THORPE leaves hrs abrlrty to succeed rn any thrng he tries to Glen MacMillan FURMAN WALLACE sells hrs Problems notebook to the hrghest brdder to Julian Dean BILLY WELDON leaves all hopes of graduation to Hal Collins may hope never drel BILLY WESEMAN leaves hrs drrvrng abrlrty to Donald Meyers BILL WHITNEY bequeaths loves of musrc to Bobbie Sue Yates BARBARA WILSON leaves her cradle robbing to Skippy Beasley and takes OWD for keeps JOYCE SILSON leaves her woo woo frgure to Shirley Adams EDWINA WYNN leaves her famous southern drawl to Charles Marrno HILL ENGLISH leaves hrs booksack to Everett Yawn for hrs mrllrons BOBBY LANDRUM leaves hrs turtle neck sweater to Jonre Wrllrams RAY PURVIS leaves with Nrta Southerland SHIRLEY AKINS leaves her homework to do house work . '75 K lnrf 'Il . '- '- ' . I . . Charles Morris so he can pass Algebra. CALVIN WEEKS leaves some of his many girl friends . . d . . ' - e 23 JUHIUHS 3 5 Jean Martin ff' Patsy Ray ..., n yrs f ' VN , gg ,,..4, I 1 'A ' - V '. . . I A I 1 ' 'hs ' ' f- ,,..., 4 lm' - ' K 1 sax-1' ff , M, N I f I , Q lk M., I , 'il 1 ' f no I I 5 A , rf l af rl , X f iX R Q ,U a aff -,.. 4 -5 M Q 0 ., A ,A L I J F QM 3 If-" I C' 'N " v, ,4- , A 'V Q - ' are Q 1' ST' 7: 3? ,fe-7, I' ...- . I 1 . J fi, lirsf I PF, P4 'F' ' 133'- Q, not -Q-..,, X , x N N Q - X' , X, K Q i I , 75 , ,- .f ,, fr 1-. , , ,-A 3- 4- fc- H 'Un ' y 7 0 I A ' r 4 XA. ' 1 V: A Y fx Q, . 1 I 1 , A I ' lx 'f 'sl ty I All P ,iff I .ffl JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Mike Coullias ..,........... Vice-President Victor Williams . . ..... President . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer Shirley Adams Paul Arthur Ferrell Asbell Martha Bainbridge Eddie Bault Clarence Beasley Betty .lane Berry Lorie Blodgef Ralph Brooker Mary Ann Bryan Pat Bunner Jimmy Burnefl' Bobby Bush Isabell Campbell Harold Collins Jackie Cook Jed Cook Mike Coullias Margaret Crown Arthur Croy XL i,,f'5l' f Bill Davidson Susan Davis Fred Fagan Barbara Fain Glenda Garrett Mary Ellen Gatesman Elizabeth Gay Sheila Goodwin Delano Gritfis Talmadge Griffith Barbara Hague Nellie Hall Earl Harrington Frances Harvey Mary Pat Heckard David Henderson Nancy Hill Philip Hill Lee Holder Donald Howell Hugh Hurse Mary Edna Jackson Harry Jarnerson Betty James James Jenkins Bobby Jernigan Della Jones Shirley Kersey Gerry Kelburn Billy Knight 49- f 4-q 'sp- va-. Zi 'N l fi 0. 45, IQ 5 I ,W -an 1' 1 9-, .V 1 4 X , G ff N wwf" ff 1 . fx 1 ' ' , K -V 1 4 Us -s - a.. -, ,if I J . ." A "' A 'I " rr- 'V ,A-Q " , W' . a M V In , '-- 1. ., vac' ' K ' Y ,fffhf ff 3 I I l A 'LI gs-' 0, fu" tiff ' f x fig x I f .G 3 xi--1 1 Q .il la 1 Tx Y C: :X 5 I Y: H: y, 2 1 , X . L i l v 4? 5 if "" -. . A . "' as U . ' yi ' K ,, NA .fi W-,a., ,. 1- 1:--., :fm 11:12 l lui nr ws!! 1""'r v-5 -4' JUHIUHS ,,.,54nvs fo HM-N 'J' Wifi NK' 7S'2I,r 1' I v Jaclue Kmght John Knenke James LeCroy Velma Lrnk Jake Lrnzrnayer Dawson Luke Charles Marlno Jean Marhn Kathryn Marfm Jean Matthews Jackie McClellan J H McKinney Maury McKinney Malcolm McLeod Wallace McLeod Ronme Meade Jack Mmmzk Charles Morns Barbara Mosley Donald Myers Ellls Parker Fred Parts Patsy Ray Margaref Rldgell Betty Rogers Anne Sanders Colson Schoonmaker Margne Seaver Anne Selle George Shanley i 5 QQ N ll ,Y K V , i X -2 X 4 , , , A 1' ' 'T' , ,. 'LR Rf A Q, hit-, , K . Q ' I , N H 3 : ' l 4 A ' L I : , 'V We f ' AJ I . ' V H W ' '-AQ .. V 1 I V f 1 I fl: 9 fd A 'kv I I fv ,,, ' ig?-Qi' : J Q f 1 Y, ' W Q ' Kaxmw 5: tk W-'M . . I P' " 1 x W ' ,tis xg I '1' 'K I 1 , in 'X H T? ,,, J l Q5 fl. ' L I A . fs 'N , - g vf Tv ' y.- ' at r' I. l qw! . . Y . ' l J ' Ent: I . .5 M, l A' E W l ' f J y J J . f ' J V ' if f . 5 f Q- ,J 4 y, ,. J ,C . if ,J Nur My P , Q A , ,1 . fm J xx-la ' 'Hal , ' " , f. 4'1" Q 1 'K A, V rv t' 1 '13 6, , 4 "' my ' . l r Q xx -' , J, 3 X , R . , l I ' ' xr ' ' Q N 1 ,fe 'N ff: 9. , vs ' 3 , , " ' , . - 1 . . ,X ' ' . J 'T N , K lf ' fr V.Y,E,.f i V , 1' Charles Snlberensen Julla Ann Southerland as Jeanette Specht Fx John Sprmgstead A71 Dorothy Stevens Beryl St Peter Ann Strnckland Betty Strickland 5 Patty Sullwan Betty Jo Thompson Ruchard Thompson ,- Mona Jean Thorpe Jack Valentme Janell Verrr Nancy Wesley Sylvia Wester Faye Wrgglesworth in Jonle Wllllams Victor Wllllams 17' Jean Wilson Janet Wyers Bobby Sue Yates NOT PICTURED Bully Anderson Vnrgmna Bevvlle Eugene Brocken brough Bull Curry Jullan Dean Emmett Edenfleld Helene Fernandez Eddie Gardiner Bully Gernaunt Cha Ru Green Vernon Grlffns Julnus Holley James Mallard Martha Muller Mary Mlfchell Rachel Neal Bull Passan Henry Schwall Talmadge Scott Roger Seckxnger Osmond Stapelton Hunt Wester Lamar Whmng led Williams ',,v PI! JUHIUHS "' ea- .I ng, 'Fx 'SI 'sul 41 E :il- 3 as 'Dt 27 'Ili J 51 I 'WU' 'N Ka. , ul fl- 7 I' 5 X J X ' -VR 4 ff l 5 T -TH 3 , K t 5 x . y . . 9 ' . r A N 9' . 'W 'F "' u i A Y ll " -,L T .1 , ' e -. . ' f - at h ,J J x y , e l. ' . A H, l ' X J , 4 . VV A . N .YI , fl, f- X of .:, - '- , J , Y . 'L ft. nw , . Q V V: A, A "' -.' x 2 M 'V . ,ay J T N 'f Nr ' nf f I 1 ' ' Mi I - J-5 4 A A x 7' .K :T Q., A A N A ,., - rw ' ' - 7 ' ' 'f M f' - X N' M , V . . A 2 , va as A K Q K . xo Q X 1 X . A A 1 J of , . T f ,ch in ' - 1 t fa! ' . ' 1' .f ' T: 7 A J W snr , - A '- ' -Q Q V i . - r Q ry, gg. ' ,EN 4 D - . . . . . ' Q "" ' F C f ' X . A e I' - I 1F15 fe ,T Y . ' ' 1 ' ' Q may he . - A J -a Y Y ,i I ,a 3 A -YQ i Q' J 'H SUPHUHIUHES 4 I ,-H4 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS KV Seated: ff Franklin May .... . . .President P rr SX Louise Baughan . . . . .Secretary Standing: 'X V it - David Bachman .. ...... Treasurer ' Allen Howell . . . . . .Vice-President Liska Alrrano 43" ' f' ' Sylvia Aim 5 Q !,. by Claude Allen Jeanette Ayers . 1 ' A 4 W V Carolyn Babb ' .J U! Z, l q 'bf' 7 Antoinette Bailey V t 'Q f J ' Rose Marie Barker .ff-3 A V v Y Doris Bass - L ' li 9 Quincy Bault if 'L ' ,. 4' ' James Beck 'I 4 iz J ' i 1 ff, A 3 Q S Q A Robert Bell 3, f' , ' 3, of W , Sharon Benton if? ' qt ' JN E 4 Emily Bielmann A 'N B E li 1 at i E Ann Black i Evelyn Blackwelder -Vp i K A . -...J 1' bw Shirley Blodgett Kenneth Bochette Krome Bowen Mary Ann Bransford Lou Ann Burkllim Z1 P, Edward Cellon Ralph Coburn Gloria Coleman R. L. Coleman Nan Collins Lois Ann Cooper lvel Cox Wilbur Dampier Virginia Daniell Mary Jane Davis Shirley Dean Rosemary Diettrich Peggy Dorsey Dorothy Dowling Lucretia Dukes Marc Edelstein Carolyn Edmonson Jane Edwards Robert Engel Dan Ervin Joyce Faircloth Hugh Fisher Gene Fletcher Betty Flowers Edgar Fooshee Mary Ann Forehand Sonny Fulwood Shirley Gainous Golden Gamble Sammy Gaxlzins SUPHUHIUHES fx s P , A . ap v X as it a' " - e 5 l , fam C , f ' Q 1 A ' 5. nlw -gf! 4 Q., ' V K Q .y I '3 If 4' X is li s. K wal. I3 -eith- A "iff 5 .f Barbara Gleason Gwendolyn Greene Becky Greer Bobbie Guy Joe Hadsock George Hall Winton Harris Leslie Ann Hart Carroll Haven Charles Hazen Tommy Hicks Halstead Hinson Sylvia Hodsdon Charlene Johnson Donald Johnson Russell Johnson John Jamerson Barbara Jones Clyde Jones Margaret Jones Carl Jordan Billy Ann Kate Arnold Katterhenry Robert Kilpatrick James King Joe Lang Gwendolyn Larrick lance Lsxonby Charles Leverette Thomas Levis Marie Linzmayer Bobby Lovett Annelle Lynn Jimmie Mae McDonald Russell McGlynn Sharon Mclntosli Bobby McKinney Julian McLeod Glen McMillan Betty Jo Malphurs Enid Sue May Franklin May Cecil Melton Clayton Mills Jack Miller Patricia Monk Steve Moore Alton Moving Beatrice Paige Kay Paige Bette Parker Danny Phillips Betty Philman Nonnan Riley John Robertson Jadis Robinson Betty Lou Sapp Donald Sapp .lo Ann Sapp Virginia Sanders SUPHUHIUHES Q24 C A , SllPHlllllUlllS l A , 1 2 f - 1 1 . 34.1 , U I, l ' X 4 ' ' fi' 'Wah if .. r We if "' J Q ' lf, ' J C ' .i ..,. c 2 -wi""fJf'x:5l: ff! f -A, Qgl NOT PICTURED: David Bachman, Louise Baughan, Margaret Crown, Betty Jean Crutchfield, Freicla Douglas, Jerry Dykes, Hermit Gann, Charles Geltz, Nira Herring, Juanita Hill, Allen Howell, Florence Jackson, Gertrude Lovett, Helen McCullough, Barbara McRae, Darrow Mixon, James Newsome, Alvin Pons, Dave Raulerson, Clara Reagan, Henry Smith, Shirley Spence, John Springstead, Nick Stames, Catherine Sullivan, Earl Tyre, Walter Wise. 32 Helen Seay Eva Jo Squires Lamar Shields Mabel Smith Wayne Smith Nellie Ruth Soutllerland Sydney Stetesbury Betty Stoutalnire Tommy Taylor Mary Thompson Robert Thorpe Shirley Tidwell Maxine Trucano John Wagoner Richard Wallace Jeanette Ward Barbara Warrington Kenneth Watson Dickie Webb Roger Williams Evelyn Wilson John Wilson Richard Wilson Ceretha Wood Barbara Wynn JUlllllll HIGH SlUlJElll lIllUlllIll The Junior High Student Council aims to create school spirit and increase cooperation among students Its members are the presidents of the Junior High Home Rooms and a ninth grade student serves as Council President vs' W-ee. 3 FIRST ROW Dorothy Cnswell Ann Williams Catherine Brownlee Secretary Noel Mills Vice President Wilma Johnston Martha Martin Margaret Ann Wnghts Theresa Linzmayer Pat Rowe Ann Taylor SECOND ROW Robert Cheatham President Asa Cox Charles Perry Jere Danlells Pardue Warrington Warner Strickland Gene Silverman Hugh Helms Mrs Faye Kelly Faculty Advisor NOT PICTURED Mercer Brown T I 3 l 1 4 I I I I I I f 4 I I I 1 I I I 1 l I , . : , ' J , , I 1 I 1 I 1 l I I ' , . 1 . 3 3 JUIIIIIII HIGH SIIHIIII M X1 FIRST ROW Blllye Wrlcox Lester Goodbread Neal Spencer Genarr West Harry Jones Larry Morsng Sue Brooker Ann Grossman Martha Sue Owens Cherue Benton Jackue Croft Ruth Neal Carol Srlverman Mrss Reta Garrrs THIRD ROW Barbara Ann Dunn Joyce Brower Dorothy Box Ann Sapp Suzanne Sanders Amelra Bryan Carolyn Carlton Vuctor Royer Bobby Bryan FOURTH ROW Drxon Walker Gene Peters Eddne Smrth Jummy Suggs Jack Gamble NINTH GRADE Room 25 Mrss Reta Garrrs Charles Gmbbs Bobby Crews Arthur Holmes Dalton Salusbury Kenneth Read NINTH GRADE Room 23 Mr Donald Wrnsor G FRONT ROW James Allen Bch Wood Jerry Wester Cecn Wrllrams Gene Brown..-1 W llam Strrckland Harry Shore SECOND ROW Joan Parker Jeanette Fender MrkegGree-ll Kent Flethcher Phrl Davrs Margaret Sherouss Wrlma Johnson Barbara Mncheql THIRD RQW Beth Zsegler Patsy Voyles Carlton Nettles Barbara McDonald Nancy Srnnes Pat Wenzel Ed Bradley Mr Donald Wrnsor FOURTH ROW Ruchard Maury Rufus Ktfe Powell Eddge Ward Don Duer Ellrott Shovar Mary Che ser Pat Strrckland Bennre Brabl-nam Lgurge Green 34 ,-- '.' U T W -' pa' ' -Z . 7 'Q E A L. ,y gt- , .' , , . A if V Q I J .5 . X , 9 dl ' I g y I nfl I I Q , " . I X ,N I Forty Robert1Chleatham, O,IC. Hayes, Benny Walker. SECOIND ROW: Peggy Curry, Delores R it 1 x Q Q VI ' I L t is -. Y I Q - , . F' I , y , . . M . I ll ' I A .A x . x 'I -.xf f- rjilfa s , :I A t . "!""9r7W'?" IIUIIIIIII HIGH SIIHIIIII NINTH GRADE Room 8 Mrs Jean Mnzell FIRJT ROW Jo Ann Hague Shnrley Horne Marshall Flowers Marlon Llndsey Llllle Mae Howard Shnrley Thomas SECOND ROW Joan Rogers Hogan Lounse Henderson Nadlne Jordan Nunnel Mae Drawdy Lou Nlcholson Anxta Rodgers Patncla Browmng Patrxcla Bryan Mrs Jean Mlzell THIRD ROW Paulvne Jordan Mary Jacobs Beth Dexter Jane Jones Mar tha Martnn Althea Muller Janet Hall Jane Henry Betty Basham NINTH GRADE Room 5 Mrs Laura Young FIRST ROW Woodson Tucker John Mangham Clark Jones Wlllnam Betts Bobby Morales SECOND ROW Margaret Hughes Ruth Moreland Anne Hooten Theresa Macdonnell Jua mta Trllman Betty Hooten June Steptoe Myrna Whntmg THIRD ROW Julna Scott Sara Santo Ann Stapleton Lows Cooper Joanna Dampler Patsy Thomas AI Lee Jlmmy Mel-affey Clark Hodge Mrs Laura Young FOURTH ROW Tom McRorle John Wurster Jack McKln ney Albert Krlenke Tom Cotton Bully Ray Green Francus Moratto Jimmy Wlnemlller Jnmmy Spurlock Mark Roblnton NOT PICTURED Kenneth Dampner Edward Gann Gldden Hague Blnnel Lee George Wheeler Eleanor Lang Mary Sutton 35 M Xxx- A .. y W ,V . ., 1- 'UN . t l Y! K . -H Q I - lj, .4l, U 'T lc' 'f , I L 5 ' 5 W , ' ' ' U, 1 . I I x - dUlllllll HIGH SllHlllll NINTH GRADE away Room 26 Mrs Vera Jenkens FIRST ROW Kathenne Curry Joyce Yarbrough Molly Brooks Jean Jordan Charla Bodden Betty Ann Geltz Carolyn Bohannon Connne Bnshop Gunger Bevls Mrs Vera Jenkens SEC OND ROW Bob Angel Bob Anderson Suzan Scott Laura Faye Starlxng Norma Canova Bmllue Jo Smith Barbara Warren Ada Hayes Davus Elaune Coulluas Mary Jane Wester Caro lyn Canova Betty Allen Peggy Hook THIRD ROW Edgar Bevxlle Gene Rntch Leon Scho fneld Robert Wugglesworth Pat Beard Ancul Payne J T Rawlms Tommy Welch Joe Brunet Jere Damels David Weeks Samuel Crutchfaeld Buddy Wnllnams Albert Engel ki EIGHTH GRADE Room S 3 Mr Herbert Crowson FlRST ROW Elton Beck, Betty Jean Sheppard, Peggy Pnce, Tommy Sorrells SECOND ROW Katherme Rmg, Margaret Ann Rentz, Dorothy Burns, Frankxe Jean Cope, Pat Heckard, Ronald Morns, Walter Wynn THIRD ROW John Shehee, James Klrby, Katherme Roberts, Carolyn Jean Cason, Louuse Lmton, Sally Bingham, Vnvuan Vnperman, Jeraldlne Mallard 36 " fr' ' 9 Q W N W , , WUZYFJVY . ,. , K .ew .3 L., ' 4 af - R H I R sa reitnigz 5 f ' -f N 4 ,, wb Tigre 5 5 H fm, W , j, , - ' givin ,rr , f - ha- f f as-ze: 2 , I 1 , ,4 , 1: ' If R ' H Z3 7 lg , , . I I I I ' ' T I I I I I - , I f 3 I , ' I I I I ' ' I I ' . , , , - l FV ,,, Q , f 0, f sr, . . ' .x 1: I. 'I ' . . "H ' , .V N1 ' ' .. 4. ' ' 1' A ' . 7 . ' , ' ' l - ' 2 . 1 , . .Q4 ' I N ' ft. , . ,, . I . O EIGHTH GRADE Room 32 Mrs Delphene Strickland IIUIIIIIII HIGH SIIHIIIII FIRST ROW John Naus Leon Griffin Perry McGrift Fletcher Lindsey SECOND ROW Marcia Milam Mary Jo McKinney Ann Turlington Betty Arkell Jim Meade Bubba Wil liams Wayne Mason THIRD ROW Malcolm Alday Gene Umstead George Putman Putnam Crabtree Riley Blitch Pardue Warrington Edwin Norman Eddie Donovan Philip Dixon Mrs Delphene Strickland FOURTH ROW Frank Yon Carolyn Hinson Ted Duncan Don Webb Janice Milton John Anderson Charles Miller Rand Edelstein Sue McCollister NOT PIC TURED Lex Strickland Ray Wilkes ,,,.....l., FIRST ROW: Julian McCranie, Wayne Cheshire, William Gilland, Russell Harp, Aaron Camp. SECOND ROW: Theresa Linzmayer, Sylvia Stillman Sandra Stillman Marion Beck, Jo Ann Hollingsworth, Evelyn Douglas, Wanda Cooey, Judy Bridges, Edna Crawford. THIRD ROW: Beverly Fulton, Shirley Haven, LaVoris Camp, Dot Bielman, I. J. Hodges, Mary Holder, Wanda Williams, Kay Mason, FOURTH ROW: Sherry Donaldson, Sylvia Asbell, Roberta King, Win- nie Lee Drawdy, Merceta Ambrose, Estelle Chesser, Ira DeLaney, Arneeta Ambrose, Teddy Collins, Sara Jane Jones, 37 EIGHTH GRADE Room S 2 Miss Peggy Bradfield IIUIIIIIII HIGH SCHIIIII 'nz MQ 1 O Neal Addison Ellis Gene Silverman Mrs Marqaret Goins SECOND ROW Betty McCallum Mary Ervin Wynona Williams Melba Newman Mildred LcLeran Joyce Worley Nancy Boyles Patsy White THIRD ROW Judy Hummel Joe White Sam Page Richard Bolesta James Cruce James Silcox Charles Ulrey Murrel Holt Barbara Tompkins Barbara Gulteras FIRST ROW Donald Allen Tommy Donaldson Eugene Culbrerh Elipah Christian Stanley Mclntosh James Bockler George Brabham Archie Jackson Jimmie Anderson SECOND ROW Carolyn Levertee Catherine Brownlee Ann Lazonby Ann Harris Detherse Green Ginger Ashpaugh Patsy Knight Bobby Fulwood Billy Edwards THIRD ROW Sarah Bell Arnett Celia Cone Jo Ann Ferazzi Janice Dickinson Shirley Gay Martha Alleger Nancy Hadlock Mary Specht Mrs Mary McDaniell FOURTH ROW David Flagg Eugene Damato Dick Dickinson Jimmy Green Sandy Goin Furman Fletcher Stuart Mclntosh Chester Clem 38 EIGHTH GRADE Room 2 Mrs Margaret Goins EIGHTH GRADE Room 4 Mrs Mary McDaniell ,, I re- rr .I , P' F I I A T . - . . Q . r A ' ,Qt RE- I .J ' I , V l' I V s 41 -XY' I N A X Q l ' X t I Q Il 1 II I 'T ' I 4 I I I ,w, , ig L 4 S V X FIRST ROWQ Shirley Merritt, Herman Sapp, Billy Wheeler, Charles Zinn, Julian Green, Charles .1 . I ls .M K I I MA . , lf. - 0 - I 1 I ' . I I 1 : - - f 1 , C 'A I A 'N ,T ' ' EIGHTH GRADE Room 22 Mrs Faye Kelly EIGHTH GRADE Room S 1 Mrs Janet Matthues JUlllllll HIGH SlIHlllll ...I-4.4 and f't N no-4 FRC T RON Royce Jcort Barry Howell Jack Spencer Lundsey Sheppard Leonard Cheshnrc SECOND ROW Penny Hester Barbara Anne Llghtsey Rose Glddeon Patrrcra Douthrt Mary Faye Kelly THIRD ROW Ruth Hollmgsworth Carla Bruce Sydney Schochet Joyce Saunders Frances Fogleman Gwendolyn Newsome Ann Dreyer Rulla Page Madonna Leary Martha Malphurs FOURTH ROW Roger Scott Frank Kelly Gene Smrth Paul Hunter Jummy Mason Bernnce Ward Patracla Halverson Jody Kelly Kay Harkey Thelma Mansolo mn .MAHIW 1 www JPN 'T' 215310 Jn.: 9 N: ln E'L"wm" -3 01906 -to Z -.Q Isoof Q-. nr T37 2m'4 'H mm Og 1:1353 '42 71' QZ wi Q"'L-3 M1525 wiki 37" mg 324: ".Lw'U c?Ur5f2 wi 4, FN mr? 35425 . 3-1- wx- H255 of .. ro 3-0 G'o0"' om3 33013 5'3 -cgi"-51 933: 5 :- SUS' :gan L-313' 3 2 3552? -4.,-43 .. wgw-3 Qmom aw?-W -4201 5122 KPOQY EU-1, o pt. S052 mf W - ga 39 I I - . 3, v-.. - I V I , K' . - F --F . 3 -7 A , 0 4, 1 'F 1 C ' I 5- - - l ' Q - . x 9 fg - ,. I, ' ' -... . . a - gf. 4 l N 5 .. ' - 5 , . 5 1 ' -' me rf' any x I x NZ FP- !,t ,Ja A ' ru - . -4 ' . .S ' J 'sr' V " A J - : ' 'S ' ' - :T , . 5 a a M + -f J R .sl g V 3 . 'i k rl -"" ... .ru V W Q vgi x i 'M ' . l 1 . -, 5.2: . ' A Y '- F x nfl" m .W Q. . , N E . - . I ' 3 Q ' w ,af A I go ,ky ff -, 4 .-,,, 'l 3 ---... . , sm N 4. . , lu i yi . L t . ' - 70 W-5 , N 'Q f J , E 4 F ' at 'P -J 3' ' ' mr' . 9 . ' ' ' N411-. - ,Q :M n A - ' ' .Aly-,R , +R J- J K ,R r-'fr' , . ' rf ' -1 x Q , N U i Y V X : Mr, L , w , 7 if ul , -J , sn- F JUHIUH HIGH Sl3Hlllll FIRST ROW Philip Dampier Philip Sparks George Spence Hugh Helm Frank Meade Gary Donaldson Bertie Reed Dorothy Douglas Dozier Hines James Peters Jimmy Davis SECOND ROW James Ziegler Steward King Sharon St Peter Francis Hill Rosalind Bonton Jean Thrasher Margie White Gloria Pearson Rickey Bass Terry Schwall THIRD ROW Austin Peele Jerry Martin Eugene Easterlnne Oscar Sherouse Mary Higley Roberta Lother Susan Ellis Judith Feen Patricia Warne Jo Ann McRay Nancy Walker Martha Johnson Mr L H Christman NOT PICTURED Alma Dovell FIRST ROW: Mike Kerrigan, Betty Smith, Patricia Livings Mary Ann Tillls, Betty Lou Dean, Barbara Jo Morris, Shirley Stokes, Betty Jo Hunter, Myra June Worley, Clyda Mae Fowler, Nancy Ayers, Dorotha Criswell. SECOND ROW: Roy Harrington, Dianne Dorsey, Rosa Mae Crown, Patsy Slaughter, Delores Henry, Annie Lou Blake, Leila Hampton, Sarah Merritt, Jo Ann Steptoe, Gloria Coleman, George Kennard, Harold Baxter, Ronnie Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: Bert Black, David Medlock, Charles Douglas, Buddy Herring, Mr. Carey Southall, Norman Rowell, John Hill, Tommy Hill, Jakey Podlinsky, Dell Keene. 40 SEVENTH GRADE Room 17 Mr L H Christman SEVENTH GRADE Room 19 Mr Carey Southall SEVENTH GRADE Room 15 Mrs Ruth Wallace SEVENTH GRADE Room 'I3 Mrs Pearle Roberts lllllllllll HIIIH SIIHIIIII F F N490 si IR sh-I I2 all! FIRST ROW Dozuer Dowling Bobble Bratcher Donald Hodge L M Jordan Eddle Davns Paul Grngsby SECOND ROW Bettne Fowler Vnrgunva McCask1ll Wynme Covel Nancy Hull Jume Goolsby Sharley Lazonby Anne Wulluams Mary Frances Santo Mrs Ruth Wallace THIRD ROW Syble Underhull Dons Hawkins Yvonne Sheppard Kate Mane McCullars Janet Ruchardson Bonnue Burnette Charlene Henry Annette Touchton Davnd Fagan Tenny Brunet FOURTH ROW Frances Hall Barbara Fowler Rosalie Kopelowltz Jane Ferrazzl Mary Bryan Ralph Jacobs Gene Mullus Joe Moody Jummy Hodge J L Fowler Earl Hodge FIRST ROW Bobby Bolesta Wayne Whuttlesley Grady Smlth Edwnn Howard Charles Beas ley Laverne Ward Eddne Hartman SECOND ROW Betty Jean Lundsey Betty Perryman Jean Bagget Margaret Shaw Done Lee Wallace Bobby Kennard Rlchard Crozuer THIRD ROW Barbara Brasmgton Roman Bevulle Chnstme Bullard Jlmmve Ralnes Bully Joe Walker Vnrgnl Leverette Lula Bell Lee Martha Ann Senn Mrs Pearle Roberts FOURTH ROW Masel Robunson Carolyn Schnell Barbara Barley Robert Worton Edwm Hodge Frank Burnhan Malcalm Tnllls Charles Perry Hulda Wyrosdlck Janxce Hearndon 41 SEVENTH GRADE Room 'I8 Mr Joel Martm SEVENTH GRADE Room 35 Mrs Sara Matthews JUlllllll HIGH SllHlllll FRONT ROW Grady Porter Wallace Harrington Pasco Cruce Raymond Davls Mary Lou Sulluvan Shurley Kate Oneta Dnxon Bully Wugglesworth SECOND ROW Jlmmy Terrell Rob ert Cruce Tommy Martnn Joy Cromwell Joyce Strrckland Lubby Taylor Evelyn Gann Tonya Warne Alvun Burgess THIRD ROW Bull Cont: Ira Swmdall Mr Joel Martm Ray Mllls Frances Danlell Mary Frances Hague Elolse Wesley Pat Rowe Marulyn Furey Martha Jane Taylor Pat Holder Bully Beers FRONT ROW Bully Sawyer Bully May Davud Jamerson Johnny Wnlcox Wayne Sapp Read Whntesudes Bully Dykes Eddue Canova SECOND ROW Emmalyn Bault Joy Reaves Karen Watkms Lynn Bodden Martha Hester Margaret Tudor Nancy Chapman THIRD ROW Jerry Wadsworth Harvey Lee Whutesldes Ross Bass Gay Race Gaul Woods Patncna Brown Vurgmla McCormlck Ann Outen Anne Zlerlack Cloey Hull Mrs Sara Matthews FOURTH ROW Warner Struckland Wayne Robnnson Tommy Fountam Lulluan Harns Evonne Valen tune Joy Tussot Frederucka Jones Mary Lou Sanders Evelyn Love Katrmka Glover 42 JUIIIIIII HIIIH SIIHIIIII FIRST ROW Marvun Henderson Eugene Sauls Asa Cox Eugene Dewey Wnlluam Ahrano SECOND ROW Lamar Taylor James Gruffus Jummy Allen Sarah Anne Gaskuns Gaul Duke Marllyn Hughes Flora Burton Mary Loss Goolsby Jack Beckenback Bully Seay THIRD ROW Emma Jane Canova Fred Olnnger Jo Anna Zeuqler Anna Georquakes Loretta Nettles Mary Anne Gardner Bully Saop Rosanne Nelson Walter Herbert FOURTH ROW Joan Strofher Judy Cogburn Sue Duncan Harry Greene Davyd Nuelsen Martha McKinney Elleen Gann Mrs Blanr Hathaway Travns Strother Jum Sensabaugh Louuse Brunson NOT PICTURED Tommy Salmon Chris Snmmons George Bryan U... FIRST ROW Camel Kurby George Edwards Bully Hester Rudolph Howell Lawrence Mamon Peter Flowers John Cunmngharn SECOND ROW Marv Pat Leland Evangellne Law Lynda Soencer Shlrley Smuth Jeanette Touchton Reba Carnp Martha Ann Tullman Barbara Hauser THIRD ROW Waunell Dobbs Betty Daves Ronald Balsamo Johnny Brunson Annette Stew art Marv Wulluams Marguerete Rnley Vuolev Dauaherry Betty Page Maureen Case FOURTH ROW Mane Eddy Carl DeLanev Betty May Kenneth Howell Cnt Goan Jurnmy Young Mercer Brown Gordon Jackson Sara Margaret Jones Janet Hadlock Annabeth Schofield 43 SEVENTH GRADE Room 16 Mrs Blalr Hathaway SEVENTH GRADE Room 12 Mnss Mary Bucholz 4 . ...I ' , -1 N, - .1 - 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 , 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - I l 17 : i o1. , . A , v- ' . X F E 1 , 4' t -...-1 - 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 , 1 , . 1 1 , , , 6 . 1 ... H , gf fn' X Q ' . . 55 :Stl ' 3 f yy: 1 , , ,,, Q9 Ji Kira' llI'i5 'ml' CHEEHLEHDEHS B. J. St. Peter, Barbara Fain, Ann Sanders, Jonie Williams, Barbara Wilson, Jean Thomp- son, Eleanor Allen, Diane Strange, Patsy Ray, Elaine Pumphrey. 40 FUUTBHH JY ,H - " :- f 'FFITTT 1 Coaches Buster Bishop Art Shouse Tlny Talbot Dwnght Allen Right Managers Bsliy Kmght and J H McKnnney Cox of Lake City is stopped after a few yards gain 47 Arthur Croy Charles Marino I 1 Hg l 2 J ri ff is: W i -it , M W it N 3 A V, John Robertson Lester Goodbread an G'-Q 'fl v iw- i Jack Valentine Harry .Iamerson Hugh Hurse is 74. 1 A F f V ' Q ., 2 Y' i , r"' 3 Orion DFA" Mike Covlmas G.H.S. I4 Fletcher 32 G.H.S. 6 Jefferson 20 G.H.S, 13 Bolles 0 G.H.S. l3 Daytona Beach 27 G.H.S. 6 Fernandina l9 G.H.S. I3 Tallahassee 28 G.H.S. O Lake Cify 20 G.H.S. 6 Live Oak 26 G.H.S. 14 Ocala 27 G.H.S. O Sli Paul 32 Cecil Williams Eddie Gardiner Henry Schwall Gene Ritch I 61 1 Q 5 n r ra' Charles Grubbs Jed Cook Victor Williams Bill Hussey il Glen McMillan Jere Daniells Bob Dunn Jake Linzmayer tn: no-l is Delano Grilfis Gene Browning 1 Q x ,Q ee- ,w John Springslead Bob Anderson BllSllElBHll A SQUAD Standung Bull Curry Warren Mcfandless John Holley Art Croy Donald How ell Jim Phlpps Orton Davns Victor Wnllzams Kneeling Gene Browning Claude Allen Bully Knight J H McK1nney My 1? QTQXM AH 5' Manager Skuppy Beasley Coach 1-my -falbo' Wnth lust three returmng lettermen from last years basketball squad the l95l cage team rapldly became qunte powerful The team started off at a very fast clnp wnth sux straight vnctoraes and showed up well nn the N E C and Dlstruct tournaments The most valuable player was very difficult to choose from a team of several fine players The staff finally chose Orion Davis a sensor forward whose scoring greatly anded the Canes Wm or lose the team showed great Improvement and G H S was proud of It 50 11 11 1 1 , - - - 1 1 1 1 1 , . . I . . I . , . I . t . I I , 1, F . ' K lv IT, if . 1, My Y . ' ,K , 5 eff? P , ,T K ,Lv , j. 1 l , A If .V 1 . gf X , . e . A I I 1 .v 1 1 . " y li- I E I it 1-fl . . . 1 I , . . . A - - . 1 . I I ' G, H. S.- SlIllllES Hawthorne . 35 Alachua . . , 27 Fletcher. . . 50 Melrose. . . 36 Ocala ..... 35 Fernandina . 30 Seabreeze . . 49 Palafaka . . . 30 Sf. Joe .... 31 P. K. Y .... 38 Melrose . . . 36 Sf. Paul , . . 47 32 Sf. Joe .... 25 34 Ocala ...., 38 33 Fletcher , . . 39 54 Alachua . . . 37 38 Fernandina , 3l 46 Ocala ..... 53 47 Sf. Paul .... 42 37 Palafka ..., 26 54 Seabreeze . . 55 43 P. K. Y .... 63 38 Monticello . 36 - 39 Perry ..... 46 X125 -f lard. "B" SQUAD-Standing: Carl Jordan, J, T. Rawlings, Mark Robinton, Marc Eclelstein, Winton Harris, Arthur Holmes, Benny Brabham, Albert Engel. Front: Sonny Fulwood, Benny Walker, Tommy Taylor, Donald Harrell, Frank l-ladlock. BHSEBHH The 1950 baseball team was very successful In record mg a fuffeen to fave won and lost record Almost the enture team as back thls year wuth the exceptnon of the pstchers Only one regular pltcher as back but he rs one of eight Iettermen Every position seems to have one returnnng letferman excepting one Infield and outfield positron Looknng ahead we thunk the 1951 team will be fairly strong Good luck l-lurrucanes' Coach Art Shouse 11 Team Coach Art Shouse Gene Browning Bull Passan Bully Kmghf J H Mclimney Vnctor Wnlllams Art Croy Onon Davis Bull Hussey Bobby Allen Jere Dannels Sonny Fulwood Charle Snowden Gene Rltch 5 Manager Sknppy Beasley xfwfiq, 'viru- Manager Skippy Beasley 52 ' ,ii . .. I . -,al ff' y 2 3 -' 1 G .cp G 1 ' L JG"-lfcc G Mi! l . C X A ., 1 .A 1 Q 1 Q l . . , . f 'A-1 J? ,ff 4 A '.'5 f gg G Av N "Q J n . Ns? -'-at n IRI lk 4 , -it 1'-sm' 'Y' "5-414.95 53 1 4, 'ffm The year l95l marks the revival of a full track team after a number of semi active years The team will be coached by Dwight Allen and Buster Bishop There is a good amount of talent on hand and with hard work they may go a long way The track men below include the field and weight men Good luck in 51' Coaches Buster Bishop and Dwight Allen BACK ROW: Mike Coullias, David Sheffield, John Springstead, Hal Collins, John Robertson, Jake Linzrnayer, Charles' Marino, Dawson Luke, Coach Dwight Allen. MIDDLE ROW: Jed Cook, L, N. Beckham, Hugh Fisher, Benny Walker, Bobby Guy. FRONT ROW: Mark Robin- ton, Robert Wigglesworth, Sonny Fulwood, Tommy Taylor, Sidney Stotesbury, Bill Passan, Bobby Allen. NOT PICTURED: Gene Browning, Victor Williams, Orion Davis, Dickie Wilson, Pat Beard. 54 Donald Harrell Duck Dnclunson Charles Sllberelsen For the fnrst tnme un the hustory of Gaunesvnlle Hugh School we have a slush team The team now consusts of four boys but they have already claimed the tntle County Champs The team IS composed of Charles Hull English and Pat Beard These boys wlll carry the purple and white colors un the new founded skush team Sllberelsen Don Harrell and form the nucleus of a fine group Interested sn thus growing sport 55 llj "'s1,,5 PHUSIUHL EDUIIHTIU SHTGH Qnwk ?fQ VR.. X PHEISICHL EUUCHTIUH O Wd , Wifi? ,:.:?, ,M Ng 'T' ' H 4"' A' 'io 0.0 ff? AM Yu Mm. f,f:.,-f,5-'J vmwfc 1' pt' 3 nl JW ,ef ,.,.-i' ve: X ' f'PfG.,. wwf-Q 5 454-f viz! aint! Fr: '56 s lr ,,,4--' jr ai MP5 i-'7 .19 L QXXHHLS QQ gxaxffgglsfzziigfg' Ui ..... ' - am as 4. 1 5471164 fawmgzf J u .Al IBF III .Q .1 . mrm-'f 555 'JW' " LS I L '44 as-f"""""'P if I -i q u' in A1 60 ifjy . ji. - q : za ' "' . -' . k Y M , 1 I ' K , ,. , 5 .is I 'f ', ' 'QR px.. 4 1 5. , ' - Nl.. L . ' g 'fl M iv' Q 8 V S. 1 ! ' Y 4 ' kg' f . ? 3 W N W g Q Q ' fl i f va 1 , 3 M 4 Hg In ' -Q? W :JJ 2 ' , xg ' ' A if A A V' N ' 'f' 1 f I ., A ACH W ' X 2 , a ., Y 'Q k , Mig! 1 L , 1 . 4 l 4 A s. ' 'I' A - . - 1' V 1 X' 1 2 ' 'A A If ' ' l , ' ' Y fi W 1 if -- 5' M I J if ! K , ,Q 4- af "f.'.i, I fm , 3 i , Y FI Glenn McMillan Jack Valentine Gene Browbnng Charles Snowden John Robert son Bxily Knlght Harry Janerson Brownie Dunn J H NcKnnney Wayne Smnth Ornon Davis Bull Hussey Mr Donald Winsor Luke Dawson Jed Cook Byron Mnlls Kenney Hull George Smuth RST ROW Offuce rsofHuY Jean Marhn Emlly Blelman Jeanette Specht J an Allen Becky Greer Jean BJ St Peter e Thompson Patsy Ray Elalne Pumphrey Jean Mangham Blanche Schotueld Barbara Warnng ton Jonue Wnlllarns Lemora Pennnsu Maree Podgers Duane Strange Bobble Sue Yates Car olyn Shlelds Norma Freeman Miss Reta Garrls Wnnnfred Stranger Barbara Fam Mary Ann Forehand Edwlna Wynn xi 51 l 3 HEU CLUB Vnctor Wllluams Franklin May Ball Curry Maury McKunney Clayton Mulls Dan Ervun Charles Moms Bobby McKmney Roy Rldgell John Sprmgstead Claude Allen John Wagner Tommy Hucks Sudney Stokesbury Fred Fagan L N Beckham 64 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , , , . . llELlEllES rv-' ulncy Bault Lou Ann Burkhlm Marque Owens Ann Sanders Ann Selle Shsrley Adams P11 Bunner Jean Matthews Mary Jane Davrs Eleanor Allen Susan Davis Cecella Adams Ann Peters Mary Edna Jackson Rosemary Dnettruch Lnslfa Ahrona Terry Jackson Patti Mathews Anne uekemeyer Bobble Shea Barbara Wllson Vlrgunua Saunders Mary Ann Bransford Sharon Benton ll? 65 OSS A M ra-. A A .M ,ge 4 A A s' A as O The and pufpo prOn-10 Se of fe st the R udent aven C mferesf in lib as fo Sum iferar Ulafe Y Pursuits, F RST ROW Phrhp Nana Bean Hayes h r ey Larrrck nn eters Byde Sr Peter HeXene rnande-L arne umphre COND R o n Xirenkre P-deXe Sd erexsen Bean Mangham rmmy Burnett urman Wahace aXcom McLeod ac rnnrc Jonre Mrams Chades Snbefersen Ann Queke eyer Terry Jackson Path Mathews Warren McCan ess ro n X -, ' ' HRH, , S K X ' , I-X P , . , Fe ,EV P y. SE OW: Jh ' , 'b ' , , Norma Freeman, Esobz-:X Campbeh, Lenora Pennkak, Uakne Arthur, Barbara Canes. 'THXRD ROW: J' , F , M X , 5 M M' ' M, ' NNA ' , ' ' , m , , ' , d-X , Ca Ky Shrekks Gonto Thorpe 66 lllS SllHlBllERllS Ann Hawkins, Grace Lovell, Elaine Arthur, Jean Mang ham, Winifred Stringer, Patti Mathews, Furman Wallace Byron Mills, Donald Bailey, Gonto Thorpe, George Hall Hill English, Bobby Allen Officers and Mrs. Jenkins, Sponsor 67 l. f. 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I ' . L ' I l g l 2 , . ' f. , 5 l X Y , .1 ' ' M ' S 1,1 Johnson, Cecil Melton, Clara Reagan, Danny Phillips, Lamar 1 . . I I . I I D A V . 44, : f ' Q 75 THE HUHHIUHHE SIHH 89 Ulf ,f if ,ff x " av- btw 05 f"Y Yblliq, F 'll - gbfuln- ',lllx"'lnl in I'-F" Gresham Mr Chrrstman M Byro HM SPONSORS Mrs Harreh M155 Assrgfanr l Wxn5Of Edlfor Mathews and Copy Edrtor Pam Crass Ednror Maree Rodgers Art Edntor Shrrley Larrnck and SY an e Snapshot Edxtor Duane r Ed,,Or L Errors P su e ms, d'f0f la: P Cl Edfrof C he U"7D 'Gy and afolvn Shields Hp Pu frgr Nom-ya r Cm V7 Bfld osfness Edfror Berry Jo Brabham. blfcrry Ed 4nnual Sfaff Mem e-r5XFlRST , le r to ri hr: ere-r Fower , Bc ou - a, Wayne irrlesey Berry Basharn ary pechr, Theresa inzmayer, Francis Foyleman, Dorothy Chriswe , Shirley azonby. ECONO ROW.' lame rrhur, Joyce Johnson, a y filings, nn Sraplero , 1' Passan, P Wendell, lmmy alk, Beryl Sf, Peter, Vlrglnfa Saunders, Jean Martin, MP' CHIHEHH CLIIIHEHS R 35'-M Left .llmmy Burneft Rught Eddue Smith These two boys provude the flash for the annual with the and of other camera bugs How about thus pose? A profnle of two great G H S personalmes in-" n Ni UHHISTHIHS UUHIES BUT UHCE H UEHR 04' ,, ff' , + 0 W if , ,, ,122 M ' 'figs 1' FAQ! 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KEY- OV Rldgell M051 Lgxodgers and Gonto 8 we 84 HUIHE ECUIHIIIIICS FHSHIUH SHUIU X I ' EN Left to right Llska Ahrano first pnze Glorxa Coleman thurd prize Jo Anne Sapp second prlze Louise Baughan workmanshnp prnze Rnght Recephon after the fashuon show f 4 o 85 PRIZES AWARDED Judges Mnss Dorothea Srmth Mvss Refa Garrns Mrs Kay Selle IHIH6 UF SR, .5-na, 'X ueen Babs and Kung Orson PrmCe5S hi. Top Left Furs? Prize Winning Float was Room 38 s Three Lmle Pags QM" Bottom Leff Los Sombreros Altos Gan aron Segun Premno lWon Second Pnze por supuesto'5 Kd inf" f A rkha 3 nd PrmC9 P' UQUS I Sponsors of the Homecommg Game Thus Year were Norma Freeman and Kenneth Hull Dara Mumbs and L N Beckham 86 4. f N W v . ' x ' ' "J ' ,, 4 K f 1 'W , wr ,, ir 1: fri" 1 I5 r fm e Q HI: Ms'-L x A 'ghd . J' 3' Q . . U' ' K5 H S 1, " 'Y I -7 1,43 ' Ma 1 ,, ' 4. 'L--: -- .. --71-47771--'. ., - of fi' N" .f'4f,'r"? ,JH - A A: ALI. 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'Q -na, ' - Y 4 Y W ix -V I Above: Boys' Stare Representatives Right: May Day Dance G' fn. L I U Above: Key Club Banquet Right: Crowning the May Queen I we Girls Spue X Rebfes e"f-my 93 1 5.2 4 , l 'ff l E11 l I If lr 532 l' . , AAQ. ,J f- 4 1 v , I 1 1 'Nj s Vg, 1 I . rn f ' 'Q ' .x mfg 4 ! ,. 7? all fly, X gs. Ill lilil la J ,Z . fri 1 gil! JUHIUH CLHSS PLHU Proctor Huggms Jean Caldwell David Brewster Rosalne Prentlss Jody Long Nan McGrew Steve Latham Mlss Van Loon State Trooper J ordan DANGEROUS NAN McGREW by George Matson CAST 94 lu-q Byron Mnlls Bull Passan Eleanor Allen Jlm Phlpps Anne Peters Norma Freeman Dons Parrish Kenneth Hull Carolyn Shnelds George Smuth - f X l t 1' ' IU ' ' " "..- ' tn A B' V b. Q 'A 1, ' -A ' I. e . ,F , fl 57 SL L X .V -XLR 'L bi" L A -L. ' 9 PVX 1 gg 'f LY E I J' - fl If lf? X44 fs' K, HQ r VA N ll MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS ii xlx 1-. :way-ref? N 11x14 mmm v 1

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