Gainesville High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Gainesville, FL)

 - Class of 1949

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Gainesville High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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f 1 -. .J If TNG STUCIGNT BOCIY OF GHIUGSVIUG HHH CIWOOI PVCSGUTS TNG IHGTECD FOTTY ING Hurricane M X ' M EY? XQXHXQJ F Q 412 5 L xv ,Q f W 'in-: H W y mx , f' 1 a I U G 5 V ' H Q lornaa HIRE T J h TUQGVIT OQY ENUCSVILLQ lin an OL, IN PTGCHCTIOYI og ELM LJEITTU FUTUTG, here YG CT Th? I L13 LH UTHCCWE YEPOYT G D586 OUT PY CHCTIOUS on TNG Po110wmCFSTOTmEjGadnms OP OUT QZXMWWP of f QW '1 T G S B :.OF.,,,G H S 0 , x 4.2 , X -,, 0 d - . G ,X X x ll X J X XX -V U 1 K ,, I f, gf 'X ' -ff 4, J, ' 1 WU W? My Vita fy npr 4 if ii KA fm 3- 1 .T rf f f QQQOA5 gi Q1 f wwf, f X X r Z5 1, 9.11 5 4 o'f f Re X f "' we WA w"" , -Q., - E Q, 1 - J X3 ff I 4 8 hc' X X x. -X -jf EL , hx DEDIE Tllllll Z ,Q f fzZ7"'Q'-f-'ga g I f f 11' I I 'l107' iq ff!! XXX xg l ff' A V x ,K J Nik l Q X X N '-9 , 1 'W 'R .ax N Q g', X7 51' X V. vkxxf XV 4. 5 x Q X ' 7 vxvk LX K C! Xx 5 XX XX 1 xxx XX ar'-9 'K " .rf 1 0 'HIFI'- Xx' 455 dsx .l ll ,ji 1 : ill! 45 9' .GQ diy ar 11:5 I ' Q P L4 1 I 15' 1,171 , ,II tr , lr f. ?Jp I if fin, raw' " 1 4? TO OUR PARENTS Whose love patrehce uhderstandmg encouragement and sacrrfrce through the years have Cohtrrbuted so greatly un the attammeht of our cherrshed goal we dedrcate Tl-IE l94Q HURRICANE f "f' nr 1 13 ' 1 X447 Y -.1 , V - X, f lg' L,-,t ,A X i 7 figbrp ,V 755, xo- Af, 'ff' W", Qfffxm I f 'f 7 yvp . ,ff ,N ,ln 'l 1 , K l I 1 h . ,Q f t K 1 . x Q7 1 VZ' 'H' bl ox X.!Nx f or 4 of f fx l - ,lr ' N - -N . ..fa r r wr l f X f -D f I X41 'Q' n XT' , X ' 1 1 . Q '1 R 1 X ' X, K X ll ' 5 f Y I l x X EP' X ' , B . X A X X . X X- Q ' x la f X Q f Xa . , 1 ' f'x ' N X N t Xxx- 5 X, .4 .K rc u ff ,, 1 1 X ' E' , - 1 M I A X 2 x Rik I Aux X ' Qx ' , ,f' sl, ' Aff-EX X X xx, ' f .':5'-'NSN X j 22.-. C S R - , ms- . -.E X- f fl 'f':-if X 11.0. ,v,':.l guys 1 K y..:.gvlX Q Q: 1 --fo -"'3:"f'.i ' Efii aj ' ,,.a31lj31f'e Wsiafltfjffs, X O X f f 9.-1E1'ffog,s '- f 44:54.25-'I-Y-'f - 1' .S QR I RX s f f l:.:':'s.Q-f-1.345 v1Q:2"w3?::e:f.,f! -w 5.45 em or X ', l If:-'-1v:4:'-::':,'.iv' . .uv '1,,5.,, 4- as K ' . xw 9 4, -.55 . 1.2.2-1'-2-ex: Qi:-v z.. X X l. , f "Jr--1:12 ra-aflzlwzixf P 7',,s?Qb': K9 if -Sxlgf fivfhfiix XXX N r 2Tfs',fS',A 9-'3iZg3:liV' Wbfiiffilb.-.?-fin ff!iQ:5if'Qpr'a X H l 'ff-"5-iffig-rf57,gl3"':14 '. 'J 'i'4F7Q5N-I3'f'?5 Ex 93 l' - Q5f.'57', KZCPE' .1 QQ- 'z' -.' '-iv S-"-,wg -1- X -'lv-'oxkx 1 - A Q- ww 1-as A N ' rw:--.v fr-2-Q' , fu-.x-'.g. +Q -V - YNQ, - Qs - , ' - oy , fm- . sk-. .Ax ',-N .A 3Lg.f,-uh 'gg H , 554' gr , 0 fin. lp -, " S 2 A3 53. ?9b Q32 QSC'-L -X 5 f r ff: N O 'QAM' !"i- shi' ,. 'ffixv-rxwr f f'-W' fl"g:.. ff 0. F:-. - re:f'-fi"J-'i!Z:J:21: - f f ' A ff! i H fw-1?-, ',.:3a1F:!3q'i"' x r . r - fs-1,11 ifagag -- 1 i - 1, :rf W 61, L .s i - A i I I.. r ll' " K Mi? fa , - : -grae , A , ", .gn 9" f "Vu ' -e ' n 11 1 -J , ... , . X , P4 r f I -- X .J x l I gf X - , f , 1 7 V ' I I l f ADMINISTRATICDN A lk Prof F W Buchholtz Supervrsmg Prmcrpal ofCa1n Sm le Pubhc Schools Prof Paul E Peters Prmcupal Mass Ruth Whrre Asst Prrr1QlpalOfS6'1u r Hugh Crr! 'v1rs R W Bbaciklock Asst Prrrvopal of jumor Hugh We wlsh To express our smcere aopreclatrcr for your gordance and cooperation FACULTY l 'QV4' nil tl? 'UE' -e...L A V7 CharlesC Below Mrs Marne Cager Mrs Mary F McDanrel Agrlculture Brology Soclal Studres Mrss Mary Buchholz Mrs Vera enkuns Engllsh Soamsh Bernays Blshop Mlss Reta Carns Mrs Lllllan Mclntosh Coach Physrcal Education Scle-nge socral Studles Mrs Ruby Campbell 'vlrs Faye Kelly Sclence Algebra Scsence Englrsh Mrs Velma Bonaclcer Mus Mary Cresham Harold l Morgan Socral Studles Rela ed Studues Algebra Mass Vrrgrnra Crater Mrss Katherlne Lewis Englnsh Socual Studies Mrs Dons Boone Mrs Isabel l-lay Mrs Helen Phrlpott Chorus Musxc Engllsh Arts and Crafts Bardwell M Donaldson Mrs Rllda Long Band Sclence ' 'V' l ,, I ' , ' fn f la- ' T" ff -f , I ,fav I - , 4. P T , V l , 'll A , PM 1, 2 ,Q X , if ' rw 5 4' x, 1-111 -6 , .,f 5' QT. y ' ' ' f H r an -X . 1 1 -f.' ,4,, 1 C, , ' . ,, ' S- 9 1- "3 , Q' X jr 'A ' 1' f l l . s A ' T FACULTY 21 Mlss Dorothea Smlth Mass Ruth Whlte Mathematucs English Wllllam S Talbot Physlcal Education Mrs Naoml Stevens Mlss Marjorie White Commerce Englush Mrs Ruby Wants Mrs Dorothy L Phlpps Mathematncs Mrs Pearle Roberts Mathematics Mrs Catherlne Selle English Speech Mnss Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs N f""'m Roxle Baker Alme K Davles Martha Dauer Gwendolyn Dulaney Blair T Hathaway Carollne Mnzell Clara Noles loyce C Tyson Ruth Wallace Soclal Studles CAMERA SHY Donald L Wlnsor Physlcs Mathematlcs Mrs Margorne Roblnson Secretary Mrs Bobble Dramond Sec re ta ry Engllsh Llbrarlan Latrn Physlcal Educatuon Science Socual Studves Home Econornlcs Secretary lLubraryl Englrsh Mathematics Why as, all V-4 . I . l ....................-....,..................... ' D. ?,,. . ......................... ......,....,....... r ....... A V A, 1 Y , ,.,...,... T J? Mrs. Marian Mayo ......................................... Physical Education ,' r I ' ' ' ' ' ga? Q ' S , L - , , ...................................... ' ' U Q T ffrl KW? Q ,ifa Sgt: V ,af kv t+-:4- ff fx OFFICERS "mi KNEELINCJ Carol Schaeftner Secretary of junror Class Marrorre Cratz Secretary of Student Body lane Anne Seckrnger Secretary of Sensor Class Elaune Pumphrey Vrce Presrdent of Sophomore Class STANDING johnny Pennrsr Presrdent of Student Body Edgar Muller Presrdent of junror Class -""NCharles Wrlson Vnce Presrdent of Student Body john Umstead Vrce Presudent of junror Class DeWrtt Cellon Presldent of Sensor Class Vrctor Balsamo Secretary of Sophomore Class NOT PIC TURED joyce Chrddux Vrce Presrdent of Sensor Class H 7 x ,f,' X , llx l' C -X - l x 1 - X N X yll ' 1 x A - . X' 'l fa Y V I I . l K X , , I , X x ,f ,, f f 'y f , f ff 1 , ff ,A ,f X I ,ni 1 X fl -X l r C Y: C .r fb' '5 ,Y ' -v x u ' A kr R SX S , .Il X' M, I fi 'Sf - g X ',f '7 -- K - , N , , , 'B rf ,' 1' C ,V 1 . 1 f f 'Q I V-f ' CS' - ff . of 'T A f ' f " ,..1 !' W ' ,,,...,.4- f x , - ---f-S "4 -.9 Ifli? - -- W-' 1 f 1 jf, L,-A-f - 4 Y . -ik f - M 5: -Q 4 Y-- -- - -" 'Ui s N l" jr ,Vx , gf' B ' . ...-.. .T?, N - ' , ' " W W7 N 5 ' ar . ' x f N , X pg ' s' - , f ,Ny O g' N, ' . Y . V f . l X nl N' ff fain , , ' If I l 8 9 . s . -. r lf f - J' , . - X 4 , . .:- -f ff 1 'P' 4 , V: ' ' , Ji' .. - ,. I . A. HQ" 4 I , ' ,fl 1 . V- . N ,,- ,I . - . A gg". ' xg ,' - -s' gl, ' 4, 1 ' .- ," ' . ,, t Q :A " 1 X -' ,Q - . -z, q , I 'f - . . . , r r ' - . . , Sm- , - Q , ' " s-5, , Q . - ' .., . . , . . . gd, : . ' - . LOIS MARIE ANDERSON Lots rs one person everybody I es Entered September I948 from Nut Iey New jersey Spanrsh Club I2 Secretary I2 Dramatic Club I2 Sensor Play Commrttee I2 Hurrr cane Staff I2 Ambrtron College IAMES VICTOR ARNETTE rc Everythlng comes to htm who wants-why hurry' Entered September I948 from PKY Basketball I2 Baseball I2 Track I2 Volleyball I2 Sports Club I2 Study Club I2 Ambltuon College MILES PHILIP ARTHUR A Cleal' COITSCIEVICE IS B SUV9 gurde Band IO II I2 Camera Club I2 Music Club I2 Ambutron Muslclan DOROTHY CORDELIA BEERS You have abllrty whrch can be put to profitable use ball II olleyball II Camera Club I2 Handrcratts Club Ambrtlon Bookkeeper IACK BELL I swear somethrng good wrll come of thus Home Room Secretary I2 Foot 9 O 2 Trac Swlmmlng II I2 Basketball IO ll I2 SportsClubI2 OClubl2 Ambrtlon-Professuonal Drver SENIORS 4-0" C' CRADY CARL BENTON Butch Purse your Irps and say Ahl ball 9 IO ll H Y9 I2 Secretary I2 Vuce Presrdent State Hr Y Northern Dtstrlct II Ke Club IO ll C Club I2 Ambrtron College CLANTON CANDLER BLACK I ve always doubted Solomons wrsdom slnce I heard he had 700 wives Home Room Secretary ll Vlce Presrdent II FFAIO II I2 ec retary I2 Football I2 CClub I2 Sports Club I2 Ambutron Successful Farmer THOMAS CHARLES BLACKWELDER Blackie Blonde or brunette short or tall He sets a sprung to snare them all E ball II I2 Basketball O Baseball II I2 FEA II I2 rest dent I2 C- Club I2 Ambrtron Travelrng Salesman IO ANNE BLOCKER e Ergures dont Ire' Entered I945 from Hawthorne Hlgh School Tr: I-lr Y IO Sensor Crrls Club I2 Study ClJb I2 Sensor Play Commlttee Ambntron Marry a Mrlltonau-e EMILY BOALS He lust drscovered Emlly rs not a ost oct I2 oct R I 5 d club I2 eporer my Ambltlon To be a Craftsman IOHN ROBERT BRABHAM "Curly" "By the work we know the workmanf' Home Room President 9, Il g Stu- dent Council Representative IOg Football IO, II, I2g Baseball llg Spanish Club Il, I2g Raven Club Il, I2g Sports Club I2g junior Play Ambition-Agriculturist NELMA LEE BROOKER Her love is on Icel' Handwork Club I2 Secretary- Treasurer l2. Ambition Receptionist SHIRLEY ANN BROWN Bootie Here today gone tomorrow' Chorus 7 8 9 Il I2 Clee Club ll Music Club I2 Handwork I2 Dramatics I2 journalism I2 Ambition Hollywood jAMES WALLACE BROWN Wally journeysend F all IO I2 Baseball ll I2 F 9 IO Il I2 Treasurer 9 President IO County President II Senior Chorus I2 President I2 C Club I2 Biology Club I2 Pres: dent I2 Ambition Traveling Salesman SHIRLEY RUTH BROWNSTEEN Brownie With your quiet poise you appear a bit modest Keyettes I2 Raven Club I2 jour nalism Club II CIAA I2 Hurri Ca e Staff Il I2 junior ay Senior Play Bookholder Prom Committee Il Ambition-Col lege SENIORS in vvlq M EDGAR ROBERT BRUCE "Ed-Car" "Every man for himself." Entered September I948 from San- ford, Florida. DCT I2g Dancing I2. Ambition-Electrician ROLAND WILLIAM BRYAN, jR, ..Biddy.. "Easy come, easy go." Home Room Vice-President II Treasurer IO' Hi-Y l2g Sports Club I2g Prom Committee II. Ambition-College BRONSON HOWELL BRYANT Bronnie Wise is the man when having nothing to say keeps still Fo all IO Il I2 Basketball II H Y Ambition Agriculture BENjAM I N HOWARD BRYANT Crowds and confusion weary you and the wide open spaces always seem to beckon IO I2 Presid Sports Club I2 Ambition Agriculture BETTY jEAN BYNUM oe Much study is weariness to the flesh Senior Girls Club I2 Study Club Ambition Hillbilly Singer EVELYN ESTELLE CARVER vue l am what I am Sof all 9 IO Volleyball IO Il DCT I2 Ambntlon Undeclded DeWlTT LEE CELLON DeWatt To hls teacher IS a stnfe to h1s classmates the spnce of lrfe Sen1or Class Presldent Football Bas e ball 2 1 II I2 Chaplaln I2 Raven Club I2 G Club I2 junlor Senlor Prom MC ll Prom Commlttee II l-lurrlcane Staff I2 Band IO Ambltlon Bus1nessAdm1n1strat1on lovce cnlpplx Sloppy Wlth your sunny dlsposltlon and many rnterests you always w1ll have many frrends Vlce Presldent Senlor Class Trl H1 Y I2 Hlstorlan I2 Raven Club I2 Masque G Gavel Il Speech Arts Gulld I2 Secretary I2 Hur rlcane Staff I I IUFIIOF Play W1n Y IO Prom Commlttee II Ambltson Artrst LORRAINE COLES Loco A sweet attractlve kund of grace Home Room Vlce Presldent I2 Secretary Treasurer II Sopho more Student Councll Representa tnve Cheerleader IO II I2 Vol le alI2 T H1YIO II le Pr sldent II Keyettes ll I2 Presldent I2 Spanlsh Club II I2 Masque 6 Gavel ll lunlor Honor Soclety Prom Commlttee II lun1or Play Commlttee Senzor Play Commlttee Speech Arts Gulld I2 Feature Edltor Hurrlcane I2 Ambutlon To F1n1sh College I MOGE NE COWART Klnd words and few are a woman s ornament Volleyball I2 Study Club I2 Handwork I2 GAA I2 Ambltron-Secretary SENIORS CHARLOTTE DAMPIER Char Laugh I thought l d due' Chorus I I I2 Handwork Club I2 Music Club Il I2 Ambntlon Marraage MARY ANN DAVIS esse Carefree gay full of fun she IS lllced by everyone Home Room Vlce Presndent I2 Student Councll IO II Trl H1 Y ll I2 Vace Presldent Keyettes ll Raven Club Il I2 Spanlsh Club II I2 Masque G Gavel II Speech Arts Gulld I2 lunlor Play Cheerleader II I2 Homecomlng Queen I2 Amb1t1on Nurse or College GEORGE L DeSHA Tlger Beware' A palr of brown eyes all IO ll I2 G Clu Sports Club I2 Ambltlon Coach HARVEY EUGENE DICKINSON Harv An athlete by reputatron Foo ball 9 IO ll I2 Basketball Ba a Track IO ll I2 GClub I2 Key Club II I2 Prom Commrttee II Hurr1cane Staff I2 Ambltlon Professuonal Baseball HARRY WALTER DUNSCOMBE Not IU Whos Who y Band9 IO II I2 Lat1nClubI2 Raven Club II I2 Chsef Band L1 brarzan IO II I2 Student Con clu or f Band II I2 Sem Honor Soclety II I2 Ambrtlon-Composer Conductor uE - rl A . " " . H tb , Q I . L L I Q 4 C F . l I ,, , . . ' . ' ff 'fl " V Il, l2g kr. ll,,l gH'-Y A' - ' u .1 Q ' , - 10, , , ' -' ' I2g 2 ' I I Q. 1 l I y A -I I bl V ' Footb , , 5 b I2g ner of Raven Club Poetr Contest ' I f - I I ' I 2 x .I -' " lx 4 I U , - my t , , Y Q I D , , Q - I . . ybl Q ri- 1- l 'VC - 9, o, ll, 12, seb ll IO,A Il., 12, e I 5 . I - I Q, I ' I ' " ' ' ... et!" 'H+ . . , 1 ' 1 ulcyu , A , Q- I H A l H ct O ' I , , Q 'Or :I . ' I ' GLORIA IEANNE EDGE Your attectron IS abundant b t carefully bestowed Hr Y IO ll I2 Sergean a arms I2 Keyettes ll Musrc Club I2 Llbrary Staff Club I2 Library Sta IO ll I2 Prom Commlt tee Hurncane Staff Student Dt rector Senior Play Homecomrng Sponsor of V948 Iournall m Club Ambrtron College LARRY PAUL ELLIOTT Ypsu Atlas has nothing on hum Entered September I9-48 from Ypsllantl Hrgh School Mlchrgan G Club I2 Sports Club I2 Foot ball I2 Basketball I2 Baseball I2 Track I2 Ambutlon Radro Announcer ROLAND HERBERT ERVIN ' Y He rs nch who has plenty of frtends Home Room Presudent IO ll Iunror Class President Baseball IO l I2 GCIub I2 Key Club Sergeant at arms I2 Hurncane Staff I2 Ambrtuon Dlesel Engrneer IIMMIE ROYDEN EVANS o He says he rs a man hrs mother s son orusB 91011 2 Ba 2 Glee Club Il I2 Conn Stamp Club I2 Spanush Club I2 ournalnsm Club I2 Ambrtron Mlssronary Preacher MARTHA ESTER FERGUSON You should aspure more toward lettvng your abllltues be known Basketball II I2 Volleyball I2 Spanrsh Club ll I2 Prom Com mittee ll GAA I2 Iunror Play Commrttee Ambrtron College SENIORS 3 v DALE THOMPSON FLETCHER Fletch Why worry when someone wrll worry for you? nror Play Band IO Sensor Dramatrcs Music ll I2 Ambrtron Mechanncal Engnneer RICHARD WARD FLETCHER ro School from 8 30 to 3 30 but hrstory rs made at nrght Study Club I2 Ambrtuon Agncultural College Gentleman Farmer IoE ANNE roast ER O O Precuous grfts are wrapped an small packages Home Room Presrdent Il Home Room Treasurer IO I2 Basketball T ck Sotta IO our nalrsm ll I2 Vlce Presldent I2 T Hr Y I2 lunuor Prom Com mlttee Senior Play I-lurrlcane I I2 Comet Sta Lrbrary Staff I2 GAA I2 Arnbltlon Nurse AVIS IEANNETTE GAY ean A p nny for my thoughts DCT I2 Ambutaon Hostess REGINALD MEDFORD GAY Lrghtered Knot ow u sure' all IO I2 G Club I2 Ambrtron Lead a Successful Chrlstran Life MARY I-IELON GOODBRED With others you are generally kind and generous Comet Staff I2 Study Club I2 I-Iandwork I2 Ambition College LORRAINE GOODE Chickie You are persistent keen u usually reserved Senior Girls Club I2 Vice Presi dent I2 Study Club I2 Comet Staff I2 Ambition College MAUREEN GOOLSBY Hair of gold eyes of blue lips like cherry wine' Home Room Secretary Treasurer II Secretary I2 junior Play Com mittee Senior Play Committee Hurricane Staff I2 Tri I-In Y IO Il I2 Treasurer II Secretary I2 Raven Club I2 Homecoming Sponsor I2 Ambition College MARIORIE GRATZ Margie Ambition spirit loyalty pep shes a gal that s really hep Bas etball II V lleyball IO II Secretary Student Body I2 Stu dent Council I2 Raven Club Il I2 Camera Club II I2 Band I0 II I2 Tri Hi Y I2 Treasurer I2 Senior I-lonor Society II I2 Editor in Chlef I-IurricaneI2 Prom Committee II Senior Play Com mittee Chemistry Laboratory As sistant I2 Ambition-College GLORIA ANN GREENE Wherefore art thou-Romeo? Home Room Secretary Il Presi- dent 9' Chorus I2' Music Club II I2 Vice-President I2 Prom Com- mittee II. Ambition-College SENIORS FRANK UPTON GREER He knows what is what' E all II I2 GClub 2 Ambition West Point ERNEST RAY GRUBBS Ernie I will be quiet now but there will a time when you will hear me Sports Club I2 Ambition To raise horses and per haps develop a new strain GEORGIA MARTI NA HAMPTON Tina The solemn the wise they never live long but I shall live forever Study Club I2 Ambition Beauty Operator IEAN N I-IARRINGTON Ieannie Develop confidence in yourself and you will reach the heights of which you are capable ntered November I944 from Mel rose Massachusetts Basketball Ambrtion-College IEWELINE ASENITH HAYES u ie I Svfeet dreams come from sweet thoughts. Home Room Secretary 9' Hand- work I2' Stu Club l2' Prom Committee II ' Senior Play, Ambition-College RALPH KERSHAN HOCK ltBooger" HHandsorne :s as hancserne does' Student Councll II , Football lylan- V ager 9, IO, II, IZ, Key Club I II, IZ, HIFY IO, Ilg C Club IL lunlor Play II Annbltlon '--f Learl a Successful Chrlstnan Llle FLOYD ELLIS HOWARD "lVlan's work is never done Why start lt?" Sports Club IZ, EEA IO, II, IZ Arnbltnone-To be a Success DAVID HURSE "WllIue" "He takes lite In has easy strlde Football IO, II, IZ, Track IO, II IZ, Hi-Y II, IZ, C Club IZ Ambitlonfllnclecicled EVELYN ANN james "Silence is an excellent thing" Basketball II, Study Club IZ, Volleyball IZ Ambition---Stenographer SEN IORS James ores KEIVIP .tml '57, UL, 3 1: l'lc: The ,CLIQQST :Jluest eyes " Herve Roch Vlce-Rresldent 9, IB, II, Serb' Play, Student Councll II, IZ, Efesdent IZ, Nattonal lurasr Horsr Soctety 9, Key Club I' IZ, Secretary IZ, Band 9, I9, Il, IZ, L eutenant ICI, II, lrllff II, Speech Arts Culld IZ, Rater' IZ lournallsrn II, Prorn Corrnslttee I I, AVTDITIOU--AVCIIIIGCT CLEEECRD ANDREW KINC, IR, "Bubba" l'Y:ur assecsates may prove ITTOST tortunateln Home Roorr Vlce-Rreslclent IO, Rrestcent 'I, Stucent Councll IZ, Veee-Rresecent IZ, Vlee-Presrdent lunlor Class, Basketball 9, IO, II, Baseball IZ, Tennls IZ, Key Club ICI, Il, IZ, Vlce-Presldent IZ, Band 9, IZ, II, IZ, Captaln IZ, Speech Arts Cuild IZ, lournalusm II, IZ, Prom Cornmuttee II, Arnbltron-Iournallst KAT E LEE KNICHT "Katle" 'lrr Nalk ng the tloor over you." Softball 9, Volleyball 9, Chorus 9, DCT II, IZ, Amoutaor-eRrolesslonaI Skater ALJBREY KENNETH LEE "Kenny" "A lltte candle throws its beams afar," Entered I9-IS from Balnbridge, Ca Arnbltaon-Architect TILLIE LDUISE LINZMAYER "Til" 'She IS a bonnle lass," Chorus IO ll, Senlor Dramatlcs IZ, FHA IZ, Senior Play Com- mlflee Ambltlon-Halr Stylist ELLA HDPE LWENCV' JD 'lTermitel' NA, hte of emoymeht is the L' lite worth livirfg' Entered Septerrber l?-3E Porn Csoeoia Hgh Soros, lirsinvree Elorioa Latin Club ll, Stuay Club l2. Ambi t ion-eSpeech Teasher ROBERT MAXEY LOVE l'Bobby" "True merit like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes" Home Room ViceAPresider't 9, Treasurer lD, Basketball ll, l2, Key Club l2, Chaplain l2, Sports Club l2, Ambition--Civil Engineer HARDY MARION LOVETT, lR. "Billy" "His aim is success," Home Room President ll g Spanish Club ll, l2, Vice-President l2, Raven Club ll, l2, Prom Com- mittee ll, lunior and Senfor Play Committees, Chemstra, Labora- tory Assistant l2. Ambition-dPhotographer CAROLYN MAY LOWRY l'Do you talce this man? l do.,,l do...I do" DCT l2. Ambition-Homemaker CENETTE HOPE MARTlN She is a volume if you know how to read her." Home Room Vice-President l2, Raven Club l2, Study Club l21 DCT l2 Ambition!-To have a log cabin with a big fireplace, by a little stream in the mountains i i VE: SENIORS f Q .197 , '3!Zfff" 3 x 3 A .H -A N N EZ lvl,AY f,fefC2sr'snsp1Love- K5 N L 'ly H- L: E 1 , Q49 trim Lake A .F-bfi,lSE'.'.l1 QLVNCY LEE MCCOY ..QumCe,, T A :nf attends her everywhere. Cheer:-adrrg f i, l2, Volleyball l2g Rf,et'es ll 22. Chapaln l2, Tri- HDY ll, Smdent Director of lun or Play, Senior Play Commit- tee, C sb Editor Hurrcane Staff ll, Speech Arts Cu ld l2, Library Ltalt ll, junior Prom Committee, jgiiirrrawsm Club l2, CAA Club l2 Arrb tionHComp'ete College lxllLDRED LAQUITA Cf' ,, MCCU M BER "Keeta" "l remember . , , l remember, Ol course it's impossible, but l do rememberl' lasliftbal ll, l2Q Softball lQ, ll, rs -r i 11 -s i la, lra:-4 li, lA, Volleyball ll, lf, DCT ll, Dancing Club l2 L ' 3'iiChrldren's Short Story Vifriter FRANCES LEE MCDONALD iirwacyi lTre world helps those who help trerrselnes L' Home R:-gm vice-Presdent 9, Sec- retar, 9, Basketball 9, lD, ll, Volleyball 9, lO, ll, l2g Chorus l2, DCT l2, Ambition-Business Woman VERNON MIZE jR Drink not too deep of the foun taln of knowledge lest ye strangle Home Room Vice President II President I2 Basketball IO Key Club I2 junior Play Senior Play Ambition College MARY BETH MOODY Buddy Half a loaf is worse than none if you re on a diet journalism Club I2 Music Club I2 Ambitlon-Writer jULlA MARIAN NEAL Nea You possess a very determined and conscientious nature Home Room Vice President II Raven Club II I2 Senior Honor Society II I2 Ambition PhD jAMES FREDERICK NIBLACK i Give him a pigskin and he s off to glory Home Room President IO I2 Vice President II G Club I2 Vice President I2 Sports Club I2 Ambition College MINNIE NANCY NORRIS Of spirits gay and kindly heart. DCT I2' Study Club I2. Ambition-Buyer of Ladies Ready-to-Wear SENIORS FRANKIE BILLINGTON PADGETT I love but one and only one' Home Room President 9 Secretary II Tri Hi Y I2 journalism Club II Raven Club I2 Speech Arts Guild I2 President I2 junior and Sensor Play Committees Chorus 9 II I2 Music Club Ambition Good Housewife jOSEPH ELMORE PEARSON Delco Easy going never hurrying but hard to stop DCT II I2 Study Club I2 Ambltion Good Auto Salesman jOHN LOUIS PENNISI johnny I see by the stars hes going to do great things Home Room President 9 IO Stu dent Body President I2 junior Student Council Representative all II ck Hi Y II I2 Speech Arts Guild I2 Raven Club I2 junior Play Prom Committee II Class Editor Hur ricane I2 Ambition Radio Announcer CHRISTINE PERRY Chris A horse A horse' My kingdom for a horse' Basketball II Track II Volley ba IO II junior High Ho or Society9 Raven Club I2 journal asm Club Il Latin Club I2 Ambition-College BENjAMlN ALEXANDER PITTS ape Tall dark handsome??? Entered March l946 from Cincin- natti Ohio. Music Club II I2 President I2' Spanish Club II I2' Glee Club II I2. Ambition-Dentist or Merchant WILLIAM H PRICE Dont ask E1nste1nl Mk me' Entered September I948 from Washxngton D C Bus1ness Man ager Hurncane I2 Sen1or Drama IICS I2 Vnce Presndent I2 Raven Club I2 Sen1or Play Amb1t1on L1ttle but ot everyth1ng IIM PUMPHREY Pump Your slow easy go1ng way makes you l1ked by others Entered September I945 from Scot1a New York Home Room Pres1dent IO II VICG Pres1dent IO Football IO II I2 Basketball B Track II I2 Boys Chorus II H1 Y IO II I2 Pres1dent I2 Key Club IO Il Raven Club I2 Span 1sh Club II Speech Arts Gulld I2 C- Club I2 Treasurer I2 Sports Ed1tor Hurr1cane I2 Prom Com m1ttee II Amb1t1on Phys1calEducat1on D1rector ILIADA CELASIA RAMOS There can be no great smoke anse but there must be some flrel Home Room Treasurer II Ser geant at arms I2 Basketball II I2 Volleyball II Span1sF1 Club ll I2 Presldent I2 C1AA I2 Ambltlon Arch1tecture CHARLES HENRY RIPPER In the Spnng a young man s fancy turns to thoughts ot baseball eball IO II I2 Key u Amb1t1on H1llb1IlyS1nger BETTY ANNE ROGERS Roach And her eyes spoke volumes Sen1or Clrls Club T H1 Y IO Study Club I2 junlor Play Senlor Play Commnttee Ambltron-College SEN IORS FQ DORIS SAPP Shorty She s l1ttle and shes dalnty Senuor Cmrls Club I2 Study Club Amb1t1on A1rl1ne Hostess IEAN MARIE SCHWALL ean1e She was oh so t1ny but oh so sweet' DCT I2 Secretary I2 Musac Club I2 VICE Presldent I2 Chorus II lun1or Play BUSINESS Manager Prom Comm1ttee II Amb1t1on Secretary MARY IEAN SEARCY ean She IS of manners m1ld and gentle heart Home Room Vnce Presldent Trl I-ll Y II I2 Chaplain I2 Clee V1ce Presldent II Secretary I2 Hurrncane Staff I2 Iun1or Play Commnttee Senlor Play Comm1t tee Prom Comm1tteeII C1AAI2 Treasurer I2 Chorus II I2 Vol leyball I2 Amb1t1on lnterlor Decorator and Dress Des1gner JANE ANNE SECKINCER Phoebe Talk she can and talk she w1ll her tongue IS very seldom stlll Entered September I945 from Redduck Flonda Home Room Sec retary IO I2 Sen1or Class Secre tary Treasurer Masque and Cvavel II V1ce Presadent II Speech Arts Guild I2 Vnce Presldent I2 L1 brary Staff IO Assoclate Ed1tor Hurr1cane I2 Trl H1 Y I2 unlor Play Sen1or Play Prom Commnt te I Amb1t1on Radlo IAMES HOWARD SOUTHERLAND u Some clalm he IS bashful most doubt 1t Camera Club I2 Sports Club I2 Ambltuon Mechan1cal Eng1neer "Bil"' 1' " . . . - I A. I2, I . Ili- ' D! ' 1o,' 11, l2g aseball lo, Il, I2g -- , ' ' l - I - :lj n I ' V . I - I 2 ' - IOQ f- - - Clu-b I-I, 125 Music cub 1l, I2, "Ili" 5 ' A 1 t , K' 1' H . 1 . IIRADH .4 Bas . , g Cl b - ' 'Q IO, II, ,I - I' .1 ' A S g 2 l l' I l .4 e 1 . ' I ' 1 ri- '- I 1 A 1 ' g I .US du. ALENE STRICKLAND My obsectsons to school are teachers and books DCT I2 Chorus Ambstson To own a Busck CONSTANCE THOMAS Connse Grow old along wsth me the best ss yet to be -lome Room Secretary Il Student ouncsl Representatsve IO Volley orette II 2 Ke ettes secretary Treasurer I2 Lsbra ry tatt I2 Raven Club I2 unsor ,rom Commsttee Hurrscane Staff I I2 lunsor Hsgh Honor Socsety 9 Sensor Play I2 Spanssh Club II Ambstson to tsnssh College LILLIE MAE THOMAS Teeny Some people cant help besng nsce ome Room Secretary 9 Vsce ent IO Trs I-Is Y IO ll cretary Il Pressdent I2 Key O Muss Clu brary Staff II I2 Snapshot Ed or Hurrscane Glee Club 9 T II I2 lunsor Prom Commsttee hasrman lunsor Play Propertses ommsttee Sensor Play Propertses ommsttee Manager Ambstson College-Masor sn Home Economscs HAZEL EUNICE TILLIS Quset but admsred ome Room Lsbrarsan II Volley 3 89 Chorus9 DCTII 2 Ambstson Department Manager OHNNY BATISTA TRUCANO Truck New to us and a trsend to all ntered September I948 from ebrsng Florsda Foo ball I2 r I2 G Cub I2 FFA Ambrtson-Ranchtng and Archstect SENIORS GEORGE GILBERT TUCKER Tuck A handy man on a football team all IO II I2 Baseball I Boys Sensor Chorus II G Club I2 Pressdent I2 Hs Y I2 Ambstson Archstect GEORGE GILBERT VALENTINE a A wsllsng heart a helpsng hand always ready on demand Entered February l948 from Hu ron South Dakota Boys Sensor Chorus ll Camera Club I2 Sports Club I2 Ambstson Ursdecsded WILLIAM H VIRGIN Capable by nature and usually reserved Camera Club I2 Ambstson Chemsst ALSTON ALLEN WALLACE Wallace Once upon a tsme and once was enough' nnss II I2 lournalssm Spanssh IO I2 Ambstson Medscsne MARY SUSAN WARD Susse Abslsty attectson and true grace peak what no words can express Entered September I948 from Se brsng Elorsda Camera Club I2 Secretary I2 Keyettes I2 Sensor D annatscs I2 Pres dent I2 Asso csate Edstor Hurrscane I2 Sensor 3Y Ambstson College IIMMIE LESLIE WARD uhm.. "Always ready for a good time." Entered October l948 from Mana- tee County High School, Bradenton, Florida. Camera Club IZ. Ambition-Druggist WILLIAM ROBERT WEBB "Bill" "A new tale from an old wagI" Senior Chorus llg journalism l2g Spanish Club IZ. Ambition-Archaeologist SENIORS NOT PICTURED Elaine Dean Beatrice Lee lack Monk Betty Russell CHARLES MELVIN WILSON "Charlie" "A strong individualist and will succeed where energy is needed." Home Room President lOg Vice- President of Student Body I2g Stu- dent Council ll, l2g Basketball ll, I2g Tennisll, l2g Hi-Y Il, l2g Raven Club ll, l2g Speech Arts Guild I2g Senior Playg Senior Honor Society ll, IZ. Ambition-College IERALD DEAN WRIGHT "You can't go wrong with him." Entered September i948 from An- thony, Florida, Basketball l2g Baseball I2g FFA l2g Sports Club A Ambition-Rancher CLASS CRUSH LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1949 We, the graduatrng class of Carnesvrlle Hrgh Schoof berng of ubbafrcrrably sound and brrllrant mrnds, have made our last vvrll and testament. LOIS ANDERSCN leaves. but drdnt she leave us tnree months ago? VICTCR ARNETTE leaves hrs basketball abrlrty to Levvrs Duncan PHILLIP ARTHUR leaves hrs purple Iacket to Elea, Coullras to put all hrs Os on. IACK BELL leaves the football team to frnd anothe mascot CRADY BENTON leaves Theo Atchley because hs can t take her vvrth hrm. DOROTHY BEERS leaves her vvrrtrng talent to Iearre tc Parker. CLANTSN BLACR leaves hrs devastatrng charm TJ Nesbrtt Anderson CHARLES BLACKWELDER leaves hrs pretty peepe s to Ed Iohnson and Wendell Wrrght IO ANN BLOCKER leaves her brrght array of freckles to Rat Hayes EMILY BOALS leaves her Problems Outlrnes to Omerca Thomas OHN Bl ABHAM le ves hrs curly harr to Morgan Cgbb We tlrrnk h ll look cute vvrth curly harr NELMA BRCCKER leaves her Snrffles to Ruby Lee Vrfard SHIRLEY BROWN leaves her abrlrty to get along vvrth lvlr B o re lo vru a Lrrdervv od WALLACE BROWN leaves hs ready hello for all ta Wa,n Hayes Hello Warne SHIRLEY BROWNST EEN leaves her long strrde to Bette Tu ner EDCAR BRLCE leaves hrs happy school days to Lanoarr Prtts and Alvrn Lervrs BILLY BRYAN leaves hrs motor scooter accrdents ta Charles McCallum Robert Clark and Bob Dunn BRONSON BRYANT leaves hrs shyness to john Bla k vvho needs som thrng to calm hrm down to a roar HOWARD BRYANT Ie ves hrs agrrculture work to Ivan Trl man BETTY BYNUM leaves her Iaz ness to Dorothy Perry vvho ne ds s m thrng to slovv her dovvn EVELYN CARVER leaf s her abrlrty to do the boun ng boob e to There a McDonald DEWITT CELLON leaves hrs funny Iokes and bubb rng p rs nal y to Bascom Mrzell OYCE CHIDDIX leaves her artrstrc abrlrty and many frrends to Luther Ervrrr LORRAINE COLES leaves her abrlrty to Inovv whrcw man she wants to Carol Schaeffner vvho never c make up her m nd IMOCENE COWART leaves her boy trends to Caralyn Ad rrs CHARLOTTE DAMPIER leaves her srllrness to Rub rovvler MARY ANN DAVIS le ves her duck vvaddle to L bby Sp rrgstead o he can turn her toes rn for a vvhrle ELAINE DEAN leaves IT to Martha Srrnpson CEORCE DESHA leave hrs lrttle red curls to Hugh Bartrelo HARVEY DICKINSCN le ves hrs brg head to Ta lor W I' ce HARRY DUNSCCIVIBE rc ves hrs no ny bl res to h Lm c IEANNE EDCE leaves her place rn school to Ruth Nables ARRY ELLICT Ie ves hrs contacts to Darene Ange for a br gnter future BILLY ERVIN leaves hrs Key Club Actrvrtres to Do Horne IMMIE EVANS leaves hrs abrlrty to put up maIoret s for th nrght to Marrrn Haven ESTER FERCLSON leaves her basketball talents to Darothy M Donald RICHARD FLETCHER eaves he y g l go but lshalr ret IOE ANN ECRSTER le ves her n 'l feet to Yvonn Hatcher EAN CAY 'c res he g mak up to Patty Vrfeldon CRD CAr k r cn av t G oo H IORRAINE C CDE e her red h r o C rolyn M ll MARY CCODBRED leave he ty n brlrty to Kat1IecnCo r , e C X rk LJ , I a a ' e ' . I f s a'rs'Hsl"ro'o r I . Q e . A r O r , , e 3 e . re gr ff s . s A 4 ' 4 ' ' an r r ra r C , , S a A' " f r es s s S s a I' " a .a f s r 'ca ra I a r rt Io n ' 5' rad I N r C ct " ' s rr I I r. f f ' te e s T I I fc DALE FLETCHER leaves hrs stage managrng abrlrty to Iohnny lvlrller l ' t sa rn " y ' ,urn " O s a s ra. 2 I . ' 'e MEDES r v-.a .cs up ILAET r'r tr, e to le e hrs A' ghe 5 7 knot 'C Dashf. ri rcks O, I C I ares ra t a rr s X O s r DI ga I l at u 'ner f r srrer 'J o we ug nf "H lv ff .rs fc. M 115 C14 vlr 'M 11 lslu '11 W1 H cl in of 'Z57' 135' .-we 'WS' 7 A? r 1 I +. B 113. ' 35 JUNIORS loyce Ambrose Nesbrtt Anderson Darene Angel Mabel Ashpaugh Theodosna Atchl y Hugh Bartreld Howard Brower Chrustune Busby Sterrett Campbell lohn Canova june Cheshure Robert Clark Morgan Cobb june Conyers Eleas Coullnas Kathleen Courtney luannta Davls Vrrgrnna Davts Roy Dean Charles Denny Lewes Duncan jo Anne Dykes Walter Endsley Carroll English Luther Ervrn Robert Everhart Helen Folds Ruby Fowler joe Cay Albert Cechter Phrlrp Coodbred Molly Sue C1OOdwyn I UNIORS Alfred Haller Marvin Haven Pat Hayes Wayne Hayes Anne Hendley Lynda Henry Dashwood Hicks Irene Hull Don Horne Herbert Horne Thelma Howell Bobby Huss Cotella n e Betty lean lohnston Charles ones Alvrn Lewis Charles McCallum Theresa McDonald loyce Mallard Nell Malphurs Clorece Markham Edgar Muller Carolyn Mulls Marjorie Mlnnlck Bascom Mrzell lohn Montesano Henry Morrison Ruth Nobles leanette Parker Dorothy Perry David Pettls I gl lohnny Miller .T UN IORS Lamar Prtts Cameron Rldgell Walter Robvnton Carol Schaetfner Cordon Shlelds Martha Sampson Darlene Smlth Helen Smuth Eluzabeth Sprnngstead Dorothy McDonald Wlmfred Strnnger Omerea Thomas lvan Tillman Robert Tucker Bette Turner Frances Tuttle john Umstead Vlola Underwood Taylor Wallace Howard Ward Ruby Lee Ward jean Watkins Doyle Webb Bully Weldon Patty Weldon Edith Wuse Wendell Wngh+ loyce Young Florence Stewa rt Carolyn Adams jonelda Adams Louise Bennett Pat Bevis john Black Barbara Bruce Thelma Cook 'PC T IUN IORS NOT PICTURED Barbara Dunn Robert Emery Marcus Ettedgui Deanie Evans Leopolda Carcia Annette Cray Dalton Hague T Yvonne Hatcher Edward johnson Burk jordan joseph jordan Kay Lentz jeanne McCain Margie McDavid Dollie Stevens joyce Moring Rebecca Philips Evelyn Sherouse Ceorge Snovvder Barney Spencer Wynelle Wilson SOPHOMORES 'Q 7. Cecelia Adams james Adams Bobby Allen Eleanor Allen jean Allen Betty Sue Alxe ez jack Arkell Elaine Arthur Mary Lynn Aycock Victor Balsamo Helen Barber john Beckham L N Beckham Patty Blakeman Betty jo Brabham Bennie Bryan Audrey Burdette Wilma Carroll jeanette Cheshire Nadine Cobb Ruby Cook Elton Cowart Betty David Orion Davis Brownie Dunn Robert Dunn Sadie Diseker Charlotte Delk SOPHOMORES George Fulton Betty Sue Fort Donald Evey Cheyenne Evans 3 Q l G Haufler Ruth Green john Glenn Norma Freeman Tommy Holder 3 Kenneth Hull luana lean Hayes Ann Hawklns Bull Hussey Mary Hullon Ethel Howard Frank Holton loe Lazenby Shirley Larrlck loyce johnson Betty james ,Q lean Maugham WF' Patty Mathews fa Wallace McLeod Warren McGandless 'R Charles Moms Dara Mrmbs By ron Malls Ronny Meade JA! Bull Passan Q' Q Henry Parker Alrce Neal Donald Myers 'A 'W '-if 2 if '5 XL.: . , ,V ff,, my L :fly ., VIA M Viv. , I 1 ,, , ,il f' B A Lg f rrrr -1 -4 M N -amz rl!! f X A I I - A ' Q W fl ,, , ' G , s- , f ,, 4 I - fu l : l l l AM: i , .: 0 M gl? 4 5 , 4 f V G 2 Y G if r V 43258 , TZ if .. 1 VT , J 2 ' i p f . ' "' R ,., 3 L ' 9-,g G. , f ' ,,.Ny,. - 'QW ' .., , , D V t -' rf 1' l B ' H jgxe 16 F 4. 'x Z stiff r . X I' J' ,S SOPHOMORES Leonora Pennlsl Patsy Pepper Ann Peters Barbara Phrllrps -Earlnne Phnlllps james Phrpps Elaine Pumphrey Ray Purvls Anne Quekemeyer Roy Rldgell lr Maree Rodgers Henry Schwall Blanche Scofueld Margaret Seudman Hebron Self loan Sessions Barbara Shea Carolyn Shrelds uluan Smetana Bexerly Smith George Smmth Wanda Smrth Cha rles Snowden juanrta Southerland Gene Spamer Leona Starling Duane Strange Martha Taylor Charlotte Thomas Betty lo Thompson lean Thompson Lillian Rutland I . SOPHOMORES fs um Furman Wallace f' 1 Marlene Underwood H L Townsend Conto Thorpe joyce Wulson Barbara Ann Wilson Bull Whrtney Calvun Weeks Syl Charles Yawn Emogene Wyrosduck Edwrna Wynn jo Ann Wright Cf?" SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Bully Anderson Ceorge Bosworth Robert Bush Barbara Calkins Franklsn Campbell Davld Ducklnson Emmrtt Edentneld Eddle Cardner Bully Cernannt Robert Harold David Hart julnus Holly Albert johnson Otis Leverette Leslie McClellan Frank McDonald Alan Mumbs Ted Phrllups Wzllnam Shanley Davud Sheffneld Osmond Stapleton .T UN IOR HIGH SCHOOL Home Room 22 Nunth Grade Mrs Vera jenkms FIRST ROW, left to nght Della jones, Helene Fernandez, Nancy Wesley, Colleen Schultz, Beryl St Peter, janette Specht, jean Mat ei thews, jean Marten, Helen Fox, Fred Pitts 5, SECOND ROW Edward Bault,jackle McClel 5'-'Ts lan, Ann Selle, Patsy Ray, Shelua Coodwun, Lou f-jj Dean, Pat Bunner, Mary Edna jackson, Barbara Faun, Ralph Brooker THIRD ROW Flemmg Blltch, Shsrley Deas, jannell Vern, Kathryn Martin, Bobby Sue Yates, jonle Wlllnams, Qi Nancy Hull, Ann Sanders, Eddie Du Boas FOURTH ROW jake Lunzmayer, Talmadge Scott, Donald Wulson, Everett Yon, Bully Breeden, Eddne Moratto U'- M , ' My 1 , ', , jfj T , of -M, I, . Q , 4 .L ,, I use A ' 3, I AL , IQ, ' ,V I X ' ' N. ,nf all .v A , . , 'wi , . ,Q V J ,. ff I . 1 . , Q K , I . 1 s. MF , ' 1 ' l l if 'V f'lQ2 il - . , . . l l . f . ' . ' l ' ' I , . I , I . . , , , . , , , , , , - . JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Home Room 25 Nrnth Grade Mrss Reta Garns FIRST ROW left to nght Theresa Earnest Kay Brower Velma Lunk lulra Ann Souther land SECOND ROW Mary Patncla Heck ard Mary Ann Bryan Glenda Garrett Mona lean Thorpe Betty lo Emery Mary Helen Thompson Rachel Neal Ellzabeth Gay Vlrgrnla Bevllle Martha Whitaker THIRD ROW Talmadge Gnftlth Everett Clark Clarence Beasley Colson Schoonmaker Malcolm McLeod Fred Robbrns Delano Grrttrs Davld Henderson FOURTH ROW Susan Davls Barbara jones Patty Sullivan Ann Stnckland Betty Stnckland Roselrnd Taylor lean McCullough Barbara Hague FIFTH ROW Foster Smxth Tommy Hol ton George Shanley H A Townsend lack Home Room 23 Nrnth Grade Mr D L Winsor FIRST ROW lett to nght Rodger Seck rrg r Rhulrp Hlll Thomas McCarty Mar garet Radgell Martha Bannbrldge Dorothy Stevens Vernon Grlttus SECOND ROW I H Mclilnney nmmy Burnette Paul Ar thur Robert Shettueld led Cook Fred Fagan Ronny Stanley Bully Knrght THIRD ROW Mary Ellen Gatesman Leah Lrtch held lean Wrlson Sue Stnckland Dons Wrlllams Lots Nobles leanne Smrth ack Mlnnuck FOURTH ROW Roy Krrklancl Edwrn Parker Bully Davldson Donald Howell Robert ernrgan Ferrell Asbell Maxre Mehatfey FIFTH ROW Mrke Coul las lohn Knenke Arthur Croy Hugh Hurse Wrlllam Harnngton Horace Wells Wnlson Lee Holder Paul Varnes Victor Wrllrams NOT SHOWN Hal Collrns Ed ward Freeman Home Room 32 Nnnth Grade Mrs B K Stevens FIRST ROW left to right Qurlllan Holton Martha Muller Isobel Campbell Cha Ru Green Mary Frances Harvey lulran Dean SECOND ROW Sylvra Wester Margie Merwln Marrone Seaver Mrttre ane Tucker Betty lean Slmmons THIRD ROVJ, Bully Tucker Lamar Vtfhltnng Mar- vin Criswell Earl Harrington Tom Walker. JUNIOR Home Room 2 Eughtn Grade Mrs Isabel Hay FlRST ROW lett to nght Mtchael Green Kent Fletcher Wllllam Smlth SECOND ROW Bully Whlddon Annelle Lynn Helen Seay Barbara McR y Betty Stoutamlre jo Ann ernugan Davld Backman THIRD ROW Arnold Katterhenry jo Ann Sapp Evelyn Wllson Barbara Gleason Shirley Spence Nellle Ruth Southerland Loss Ann Cooper Marcellette Fender George Wheeler FOURTH ROW Charles Leve ette Robert K lpatrlck Carl jordan Bobby Holton Eddue Ward jack Valentnne Gene Brownlng Bobby Guy FlFTH ROW Lamar Shields Danuel Wulkunson Bully Rae Green Adrel Ches er Krome Bowen Alton Mor lng Wayne Smith HIGH SCHOOL r-A 1 P124 Q Home Room 5 Elghth Grade Mxss Dorothea Smlth FlRST ROW left to nght Charles Geltz Kenne h Bochette Clyde Mallard Sydney Stotesbury joe Lang john jamerson SEC OND ROW jerry Wester jerry Dykes Gwendolyn Greene jane Edwards Nan Colltns Dannle Phllltps Russell johnson THIRD RONV Mary Ann Bransford Lucre tla Dukes Audne Rutter Peggy Sue Dorsey eanette Ward, joyce Brower, Vlrglnla Saunders FOURTH ROW Charles Hazen, Samuel Townsend, Perry Mlller, Donald Sapp, Hershel Markham, Glen McMlllan Tommy Lewls, Bobby Lovett FlFTH ROW Robert Thorpe, Dlckue Wllson, Cecll Wnl llams, Robert Bell, jlmmy Nelson, john Robertson, Kenneth Watson NOT PIC TURED Quancy Bault, joyce Lee, Shurley Taylor, Arthur Theus Home Room 4 Elghth Grade Mrs Mary McDanlell FlRST ROW left to right F May R Wal lace A Howell B Brabham L Lazonby S Fulwood S Ga klns SECOND ROW M Lunzmayer F Vveathersby B Parker C Haven G Larnck B Phtlman B Wynn THIRD ROW E Belman M Snowden L A Burkhlm G Coleman C Babb L Baughan M A For hand S Alton B War nngton FOURTH ROW j Mller B jo Malphurs P Monk B Greer S Galnous M Cro n R Dlettruck V Danlell L Ah rano T Hlcks FlFTH ROW C Mulls W Wlse M Ede sten C Allen G Fletcher D Webb NOT PICTURED C Loudon IMI! , . , 5 rl l - . ' - 1? ,JSA 'X ' ti' - .r -. - , -- -jj, ,cg , - ' ,fn , i 'Q '. ' A A. 1- ,"a.,'. 'T -'O ffcf 1 - , 1- yi' ,lil ' if 14 :'Q'o MQ fd- j , a, , -' - A ,- Y' ,- ' ,T l ' A . - af, 7" 1. 31- A' Q N ' -. ' ' 1 , ' . ' , - 7 " x I ' ' I VT, i, xi -IQ ,Q ". I I ,1 . , - Q.. -2 ' -A w Q, , . Q I P j i V r- 'll f ' . l ' , , j .s lr " ' , ' , ' , ' lf 5 , . i . 'W ' . u . . . V T ' E' : T K. V S ,H , - I Q A Y ' I 6 Y' ' I .l , . V , .S E ,I .y 4 , J i , 1 , , j , y . su, , . A ,', -, Y , . . , . li 'WN ' l , f ' V l 1 , V , , ' 1. 1 I . f . . I - 'Bk 5 I' -.. b ,G L' V . . G L j I , j Y V , - , . - J' ', A j j 1 s A' v A I lv, 7 I 7 KI , , I I 3 , A JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Home Room I2 Enghth Grade Mlss Mary Buchholz FIRST ROW left to rlght Bobby Norman Clyde jones Donald johnson SECOND ROW juanlta Hull Betty Lou Sapp Elleen Slmmons Maryjane Davls jacquellne Cook THIRD ROW Charles Schwall Maxune Trucano jlmmy MacDonald Allce Fender Florence Dlsbrow Betty Ann Wrll Olln Hatcher FOURTH ROW johnny Under wood Wllbur Damprer Teddy Wllllams Billy Sanderson R L Coleman lmmle MII ler FIFTH ROW Kenneth Drsbrow Hal stead Hlnson james McLeroy Bully Cole man Harry jamerson john Sprlngstead NOT PICTURED Dons Bass james Brown Donald Fagan Kenneth Kelly Bobby Mc Klnney Ralph Malphurs Curtls Spltler Home Room I3 Elghth Grade Mrs Pearle Roberts FIRST ROW left to rlght D Ervin R Mc Glynn R Wlllrams E Cellon SECOND ROW M j Wlllrs C Bockler A Black D Dowllng P Thomas M Smith THIRD ROW B Shehee P Waters K Palge B Pauge j Falrcloth E B Harrls FOURTH ROW R Coburn B j Crutchtreld E o Squrres P Pearson B Burdette S Tldwell j Beard M Crown j Kung FIFTH ROW j Wagoner N Rlley j Wllson G Gamble G Hague D Mlxon W Harrrs NOT PIC TURED F Moratto C Phllman W C Snowden W Studstlll L Mann M ones S Eastman N johnson ig In Home Room I5 Seventh Grade Mlss Kay Lewls FIRST ROW left to rlght Phllllp Davls Bally Gray Frank Hadlock Genaur West Tommy Penn Sl Bob Anderson Blllye Wll cox SECOND ROW Dolores Monng Mary Lou Yearty joyce Worley Wynell Dyal Molly Brooks Anrta Rogers juanlta Walker THIRD ROW Herman Sapp Marshall Flowers joan Rodgers Shrrley Thomas Charlotte Halverson Lucllle Pat terson Patsy Thomas janet Hlll Emma Lou Nlcholson Davld Stokes FOURTH ROW Margaret Hughes Barbara Warren Lydia Boals julra Scott Pat Stnckland Ada Hayes Davis juanita Tlllman Barbara McDonald, FIFTH ROW: Neal Spencer jere Daniels Tommy Redding Don Duer Robert Douglas Dalton Davis Gene Ritch. NOT PIC- TURED: Helen Harris Russell Harris Her- man Luke Mary Weeks. JUNIOR Home Room I6 Seventh Grade Mrs Blalr Hathaway FIRST ROW left to rrght Clark Hodge Leon Scofleld Pat Heckard Russell Harp Cottle Clark SECOND ROW Benny Wal ker Sally Eaton Wrglnla Bevls Beth Zleg ler Lrla Wrlllams Lullle Mae Howard Ra chel Holt Harry Shore THIRD ROW Nagel Hey Glenda Robinson Ann Gross man Martha Sue Owen Ann Sapp Caro lyn Canova Carolyn Bohannon Bobby M0 rales FOURTH ROW Constance Bishop Mary Sutton Amelua Bryan Blllle jo Smlth Elalne Coulllas Eleanor Lang Ann Staple ton jean jordan FIFTH ROW Buddy Wal luams Mark Roblnton Pat Beard Albert Krlenke john Maugham O C Hayes Bun nle Lee NOT PICTURED james Sasser Susan Scott Home Room I8 Seventh Grade Mrs Lrllran Mclntosh FIRST ROW left to nght Larry Fort Don Revels Furman Fletcher Robert Angel Woodson Tucker Marlon Dortch SECOND ROW Kenneth Hodges Vrctor Royer jane ones jo Ann Hague jrmmle Mehaffey Bruce Ivlaclachlan THIRD ROW Betty Hooten Laura Fay Starllng Mary Lou Rob ertson Nunnle Mae Drawdy Estelle Ches Ser Peggy Ferguson FOURTH ROW MII dred Whlte Mary Inez Holder Patrrcla Bryan Hazel Yawn Meva Lee Hllllard Shrrley Horne FIFTH ROW Bernre Par rush Edgar Bevrlle Gerald Wlllrams Charles Grubbs Drxson Walker Don Denny NOT PICTURED Betty Barber Patsy Carlton Edna Crawford Dorothy Davis john Lazen by Bernard Paxton HIGH SCHOOL Home Room I7 Seventh Grade Mrs Ruby Campbell FIRST ROW left to right Calvin Bryan Bobby Mrtchael Wllbur Rourk joe Whlte Harvey Owens Edsel Hrggens SECOND ROW Roswell Henderson Patrlcla Brown Ing Charla Bodden june Steptoe Ruth Neal Ruth Moreland Travls Muller THIRD ROW Nadlne jordan Betty jean Sheppard Althea Muller Paulrne jordan Mary jane Wester Louise Green joyce Yarbrough Mane Brown FOURTH ROW Theresa Macdonnell Barbara Ann Dunn Rosemary Lrvengood Loss jean Hooten Betty Mae Parker joann Hollrngsworth Dorothy Box Powell Leon Davrs Clark jones Bully Han nah Paul Harvey Lester Goodbread NOT PICTURED O W Grrffrs .- Q 7 TX 1 1 1 IDI ' ' , . an " an W 5 , .4 3 - T r' MF ,K T A 1 . ' , " I ' ' l -- r I. X FA My ' . I , I ' f ' j . Differ' I I 3 ,A I 1 A ' 'E A . . I I , 4, - n Q I A ' , , v . - 'B X 1 1 - ' 4 , L fi, , FIFTH ROW: Miller Ford, Rufus Kite A I I' j ' 'I ' . '. , ' - 2 if'-1 I , , H H . X 4' k 8 . . . . . .T I I ff- I I ' 7 A I ' I y F- 'A I lf' I 1.4. , L - . ' ' - . ' I ' A . I 'x' 'T 33X I ' I' ' ' 1"v '1' I. X, X ' ' 4 .' I '-, V , ' ' ' ,, . 'I U T ' U , . r- , -1 I 1 5 ' , I , I ..- -'4. A,, -its 1 ,A I ..- A 'l f' A .T UN IOR HIGH SCHOOL Home Room I9 Seventh Grade Mrs Ruth Wallace FIRST ROW left to right Bobby Bryan Harry jones j T Rawluns Robert Cheat ham SECOND ROW Pat Wenzel jean ette Fender Ann Hooten Frances Tro baugh Shrrley Merrrtt Evelyn Douglas Sue Brooker Betty Anne Creltz THIRD ROW Arthur Holmes jlmmy Suggs john Shehee Bobby Crews jackre Gamble FOURTH ROW jane Henry Marlon Lrndsey Eu genna Crown Carol Sulverman Avalon In gram Evelyn Kohn joe Brunet FIFTH ROW Betty Wrgglesworth Fay Stephens Margaret Sherouse janrce Watkrns Martha Martan Carolyn Tucker Merceta Ambrose SIXTH ROW Lamarr Morgan Eugene DAmato Robert Wrgglesworth jessre Har s jrmmy Emery Kay McKrnney Bob Whrte NOT PICTURED Earl Layfueld Everett Sasser Home Room 20 Seventh Grade Mr Harold Morgan FIRST ROW left to rught Wllllam Struck land jrmmy Wm mnller Bobby Pelser Sam my Lrtchtleld SECOND ROW Samuel Crutchfreld Loure O Berry Norman Stokes Samuel Ingram Eugene Peters THIRD ROW Eddre Smrth Herman Leaford Frank Strozaer Robert Owens Carl Welch NOT PICTURED Marlon Hogan Truble Palmer Wrlllam Rowell 5 Ab Home Room 20 Seventh Grade Mrs Faye Kelly FIRST ROW left to nght Brllre Cooter Larry Beal julran McLeod SECOND ROW Mary Newcomer joanna Dampuer Betty jo Morris joan Bynum THIRD ROW Lots Pearce jeanetteSm1th Betty Howell Wll ma ohnson Gwen Crozler FOURTH ROW Bobby jo Danuels Myrtle Gunter Mary Chesser Lee Wanda Wasdln Evelyn Blackwelder Loretta Lane FIFTH ROW Danny Freeman Sam Page Russell Wood ard Wrllram Brewer james Gossett Wayne Cheshrre NOT PICTURED james Paxton fi W f ELU WW XX J W 42 44" e.P STUDENT CDUNCIL JU 1 Vrce Presudent prwdem SGCVGTSVY Andrew Kmg 'm Kemp Carol Schaeffner 1 vw 'im ,X ,N Nl FRONT ROW june Conyers Duane Strange Andrew Kung hm Kemp Carol Schaeffner Ann Mxmbs Elarne Pumphrey BACK ROW Kenneth I-MII George Smnth Charles Wulson johnny Pennrsr Margone Cratz john Canova Cordon Shlelds THE STUDENT CGUNCTL I , , . A 4 ,. . - . V r , -. V, , H . . JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Presudent Vuce Presudent lanette Speqht VlCfOr Wulluams 3- Secretary fa 1 Sponsor Lewus duly! The lunuor Hugh Student Councul us composed of a representatuve from each uunuor hugh homeroom and a presudent elected by students un uunuor hugh The presudent must be a nunth grade student There us also one faculty advusor The councul convenes every Monday at actuvuty peruod Specual meetungs may be called by the presudent The councul sfruves at all tumes to create school spurut and to brung about greater cooperatuon be tween students and faculty as well as among the students themselves l MEMBERS FIRST ROW Nan Colluns, Rosemary Duettruch, lanette Specht, Vuctor Wulluams, Muss Kay Lewus BACK ROW Gene Rutch, Mary lane Davus, Susan Scott, Charles Crubbs, Wulluam Brewer, Dorus Wulluams, june Steptoe, Dan Ervun, jummy Emery , .... .AW W Rosemary Duettrucl WU 0, lvluss Kay ' . X V' .v ' IUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW Beryl lean St Peter Helene Fernandez Iackle McClellan SECOND ROW lack Mrnnrck Bobble Sue Yates lanette Specht Betty lo Emery Iummy Bur nett THIRD ROW Ralph Brooker Iohn Krlenke Betty Stnckland Ann Strlckland onle Wllllams Everett Clark Malcolm Mc Leod I UNIOR HIGH LITERARY SOCIETY FIRST ROW Rnchard Wallace Iackre MC Clellan Gwendolyn Larnck Carole Haven Phullp HIII SECOND ROW Franklnn May Helene Fernandez Bette Parker Barbara Warrlngton Beryl St Peter lean Matthews Mary Ann Forehand THIRD ROW Patsy Ray Louuse Baughan Barbara Fam Fleming Blutch Ionue Wlllnams Susan Davus Ann Selle Ianette Specht 9. I . ' . O V 6 . 1 - , 9' 1 .- - ,Q A' Q I I , C . , , x , I l - - . , I I , I I . , - A ... . . I 5 4 as K 1 a G . . I ' ' Q v n 1 , ,. b . ' 1 . . . . , . - , . , D ,, .. . Itv. ,,,.. . V .I..,, . lllllllulllllllllllfZ S K Z S fi Z S all lllllg Vlce President Pres dent Sponsor Secreta y Treasurer Margxe Mlnnuck Lorra ne Coles Mrs Ph pps Conn e Thomas MTX' l hir FlRST ROW Joyce Young Betty jean Johnston Vurgna Da us Ann Peters SECOND ROW Carol Schaeffner Eleanor Allan Lbby Spnngstead Connne Thomas Ruth Nobles l-lelen Folds THIRD ROW Sh rley Brownsfeen Llnda Henry Qulncy Lee McCoy Pat Pepper Florence Ste arf Marge Mlnnrck Lorrazne Coles NOT PICTURED Martha Simpson IR A 3 ' A 7 'ir A l T. j l ' fx xuyxxxx 5' ly! : 1 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxyxxx XXXXN-xxxmmxxxXX .Ei 1 1 OB ECTS Develop rnrtnatlve and leadershrp provrde experrence rn Irvnng and workung together serve school and communlty cooperate wnth school pnncrpal prepare for useful cltrzenshrp six 32 C! ,, 'las as 'ji 05 qs 'S rg tg Ql- 51- .1-u FIRST ROW Don Horne Eddue Gardner Charles Morrrs jacob Lunzmeyer I. N Beckham SECOND ROW Mr Paul Peters Sponsor Bully Ervln Dashwood Hrcks Morgan Cobb Cordon Shrelds Hugh WI E dl Kem C U Muze Nell Barfreld THlRD ROW Nesbutt Anderson Bobby Love ater n sey jrm p Malphurs Bobby Dunn FOURTH ROW Charles Denny Ralph Hook Harvey Dlckrnson Walter Rob lnton Andrew Kung g' "r,, 1 0 5 9 f ' Q 0 I Q ff r f Z0 5 "t, 5 'xl 5 lux 5 lx! j H is X X xxNxxxN ' XxxxxxxxxXXxT' 5 at V sd f ,, 'x A. T , ,., -fe H' R 53? Q - . bf 1 - f H , , I 3 A 1 . . 'E Y. 9 " ' Q .2 N W f u 5 1 4 ' 1 Q L S S' .:g' . thx U X J- S? Q Q A 1. J,. ti tg I A sf: "I J- ' , 'Q . W - . S s -5 - 5 4 X ' ' ' R I . A -- ' x'I -M -5 A, Q '. S " be C' Q f T -gl S i S ip Sy X ' S ic, 'Q A . ix - Molly Sue Coodwyn Theo Atchley Ann Mlmbs loyce Chlddlx Dara Mnmbs june Conyers Frankue Padgett Mary Ann Davls Elalne Pumphrey Elaune Dean jean Searcy Charlotte Delk Duane Strange jeanne Edge lane Anne Secklnger joe Ann Forster Bet e Turner Maureen Ctoolsby Teeny Thomas Margorle Gratz lean Thompson Hastorran Sergeant at Arms loyce Chrddux leanne Edge , 'W' lean Searcy Marlorne Gratz Vrce Presldent Secretary Mary Ann Davls Maureen Coolsby President Teeny Thomas The purpose of the Tru Ha Y Club ns to create mamtaln and extend throughout the home school and communtty hugh standards of Chnstlan character ACTIVITIES 48 49 Our Club has Donated proceeds from an auctron un chapel to the Cancer Dnve won furst prnze for skit Dausy Dalsy entered In the Hr Y Sklt Nnght donated money to annual TB fund won thlrd prize for float entered tn the homecomung parade sponsored the flrst dance after a football game wlth our brother club the Hu Y won ftrst prlze for Mrnstrel Show skst at Annual Halloween Carnival and thrrd pruze for fortune telllng booth co sponsored Tru Hn Y Keyettes Get Acqualnted Tea gave a Thanksgtvlng basket to a needy famuly presented trophy case to the school for the school sports awards F . I I Q I .,. Y 5 l -S -5. I lyfytf Chaplain Treasurer ' " . I l A 1 I n 1 -I Ill PURPOSE: The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, marntaun, and extend throughout the school and com- munrty hugh standards of Christian character. FIRST ROW left to nght john Montesano Rodger Seckrnger Bully Bryan SECOND ROW Medford Cay Marvrn Haven jrm Pumphrey johnny Pennusu Mrke Coullras Ball Hussey julran Srnetana THIRD ROW Dayud Hurse Bobby Tucker Ed Muller Eieas Coullras George Smnth Kenneth Hull FOURTH ROW Bronnre Bryant DeW1tt Cellon Frank Oreer D L Wrnsor Sponsor john Umstead Charles Wrl son Grady Benton Onan Davus Cnlbert Tucker Sponsor Vrce Presldent Presrdent Secretary TreaSur6r D L Wrnsor Bronnne Bryant IWW PUVTYDTWGY CVadY BENTON Mawm Haven KYXX 5 '-I , f , . - 3 , . r . , . - f , . . , . 4 I . , . . - , . , ' r . , - V I , . ' P 6 'W' .J ft ' .-5 K' Q V W n X S Wx Q . 9 5 3 Q 9 , 505' I Q - V it - JA We , -nfs. O- , fe! ff -.Mm XS , The Raven Club as a C- H S honorary Englush Club organrzed by a group of senuors on january 4 l928 Each year rt takes as members the ten junlors and senrors havung the hlghest Engllsh averages for the previous year Durnng the school year l948 49 the Raven Club sponsored several very successful projects A pos ter to Inform the school of comlng cultural events was kept on the bulletln board and rn celebratlon of Its twenty first anniversary the Raven Club brought the Laurence Ollvuer motlon pucture of the Shake speare comedy As You Lake lt toCl l-l S on january 4 1949 The annual Raven Club poetry contest was an two parts thus year one contest for humorous poetry and one for senous poems rnstead of the usual snngle contest for all types of poetry as was held In prior years FIRST ROW joyce Young Marjorie Cratz Maureen Cool by Frankie Padgett Ann Mlmbs june Con yers SECOND ROW Chnstune Perry Marvln l-laven Florence Stewart Anne l-lendley Cenette lvlar tun Patty Weldon Cotella lngle john Brabham THIRD ROW Bull Prlce Cordon Shuelds jlrn Kemp Charles Wnlson Albert Cechter l-larry Dunscombe Bully Lovett john Canova . . . , 1 ru - rn . . . , . v , . gaotx 'V G - A Y k ! 5' . ' 1 Q ' s f- l , 1 W., . u . .. 'vp v' , I ,A . ' , '.-.I , J VIE .M . . lx. 4 -X, l A A 7 N , , ,, ,.-.s,s.,, -. f l ' 2 ' , ' -I A . . Q . - r r r -1 - - 1 - I , T r l ' r y r 4 - r r 1 r r r - PEEC FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Davis Betty lean lohnston Treasurer' Frankie Padgett President. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Coles Carolyn Mills Quincy Lee McCoy Carol Schaeffner lane Ann Seckinger Vice President. Tl-llRD ROW: Cordon Shields Charles Wilson lim Kemp johnny Pennisi, NOT PIC- TURED: loyce Chiddix Secretary, WF SM QW Andrew Kung lo Anne Forster Dara Mnmbs President Vlce Presldent Secretary FIRST ROW left to nght joe Anne Forster Bettyjo Brabham Dara Mumbs Frances Tuttle Edwuna Wynn Ann Hawklns Wynelle Wllson Barbara Dunn SECOND ROW Brownie Dunn leanette Par ker, Molly Sue Cfoodwxn Bascom Mlzell Wayne Hayes, lo Ann Dykes, Maree Rodgers, Ruby Lee Ward, Henry Mornson THIRD ROW Patty Mathews, Florence Stewart, Byron Mills, Anne Quekemeyer, Alston Wallace, Patsy Pepper, Andrew Kung, Charlotte Delk, Cecllla Adams TOP ROW Furman Wal lace, llmmne Evans, Charles McCallum, Alvnn Lewus, Barney Spencer, Bull Webb 3 N E Q Q X I 5 if " . T 1-T f- .E -y- I X I I , .. . F Y . ,ll lll ffl flll ll, 'll t 7 C 0 3888 0 4 Tp PURPOSE The purpose of this Club as to promote the learning and speaking of Spanish and to famlllar :ze the members with the customs the lrterature and Spanush arts un order to strengthen the bonds of fruendshrp w th our South Amerucan nelghbors Sponsor Presldent Vlce Presldent Secretary lvlrs lenkms lllada Ramos Bully Lovett Frankle Padgett C' FIRST ROW Mary Ann Davus, Treasurer, jane Anne Secknnger, Lows Anderson, Connue Thomas, Frankne Padgett SECOND ROW Lorrame Coles, Patty Blakeman, Ester Ferguson, lllada Ramos, Presldent, Margy Seidman THIRD ROW Bllly Lovett, Vice Presldent, Sterrett Campbell, Sergeant at arms, Alston Wallace, Ben Putts Bob Everhart, johnny Brabham D , fo ,l l .3 ,. 5 ff '97 'st l pf' P 4141. so t l VX, 0 KN ' so S , M' X X P SPCR. P x X J QS! My if .E ' xi bs. XC I X XXXXXX AXXXX Yo E 'K X XX N xXQ S Q X X g C 4 , X N . xx RSS ff? , ,E f PURPOSEf To create greater spirit toward sports in the school, QUALIFICATIONS: An individual must have received a letter tor participation in a major sport. Sergeant-at-Arms Secretary President Treasurer Vice-President john Black john Umstead Gilbert Tucker jim Pumphrey james Niblack AX FIRST ROW Buster Bishop Sponsor Nesbitt Anderson john Montesano Marvin Haven Bette Turner Ruth Nobles Roy Dean Charles Ripper Cilbert Tucker SECOND ROW Billy Ervin Mike Coullias john Trucano Larry Elliot Eleas Coullias DeWitt Cellon jim Pumphrey THIRD ROW Don Wilson Orion Davis jack Bell Harvey Dickinson john Umstead Bobby Huss David Hurse Howard Ward FOURTH ROW Charles Denny Frank Cireer Wallace Brovvn Hebron Self james Niblack Charles Blackwelder Ralph Hook julian Smetana FIFTH ROW Sonny Adams Dashwood Hicks Grady Ben ton George DeSha Medford Cay Ax A X FIRST ROW I Cowart I Foster D Perry R Ward I Searcy K Lentz SECOND ROW V Davls T Atchley C Markham K Courtney I Mallard L Coles D McDonald R Nobles LAST ROW Q McCoy C Englrsh E Ferguson I Watkuns L Henry M S Coodwyn I Hull D Beers The C-Irls Athletic Assocratuon sponsored by Mrs Ralph Dulaney was organlzed I948 Its pur pose IS to provlde extra curncular actlvltles In sports Members earnlng IOOO actuvlty polnts will be awarded a letter Any gurl In C H S Interested In sports may Ioln the assoclatuon The Intramural sports are volleyball basketball softball and track Intramural volleyball tourna ment was won by the Sensor team The members were Ester Ferguson captain Dorothy Beers Lor raane Coles Mary Ann Davls Imogene Coward Qulncy Lee McCoy Frances McDonald Iean Searcy and Connie Thomas Xml? Z E FIRST ROW I Allen M t Catesman I Wulson E Arthur N Freeman E Allen I Mangham B St Peter S Daves E Pumphrey C Thomas SECOND ROW I McClellan S Larnck P Bunner D Strange I Cheshire I Wxlluams B Wllson C Adams A Sanders A Selle I Specht N Wesley THIRD ROW M I Tucker I Southerland, P Matthews, I Thompson, A Ouekemeyer, P Pepper B I Shea, C Delk, E Wyrosdlck N Cobb S Deas, P Ray FOURTH ROW L Rutland, M Taylor: B Davud, M Rodgers, L Dean, E Wynn, A Neal G 0 o o 1 f T T T ' ' Kx . ' z 6 ,f 4' .f T. T V ' N p 9 l Y I I ' ' . L " -1 '1 I ' I 'Q P f , fy f ' WW sg I -- 2, I 925: W 'V , ,Il X 4 M 'elqfif QI .ghd up F A ----H - , ff I 4 f I 5 C I fi 4 rl .. 1 I I L -R ,J-f ? FIRST ROW Vuola Underwood Vsrglnla Bevrlle Beryl St Peter Dollle Stevens lean Searcy lanette Specht Darene Angel SECOND ROW Barbara Dunn Susan Davis Ann Sanders Patty Blakeman Mary Hullon jeanette Parker Teeny Thomas Frankue Padgett Ruby Fowler Helene Fernandez THIRD ROW Bobby Sue Yates Hope Luvengood Emogene Wyrosduck Glorla Greene Frances McDonald Kathryn Martvn lonle Wlllnams FOURTH ROW Dorothy McDonald Shelua Goodwin Charlotte Dampler Lou Dean Betty Davnd Clorece Markham Ann Selle SENIOR GIRLS K 'S f' N The fame of the fnne sxnglng of the Sensor Girls Chorus contunues to spread and Q they are much In demand for programs before varaous groups nn town They have performed over WGGG and WRUF raduo stations K lg Q X O -,,.f JVLUSSC' 7 ff fa X KX CHORUS . . H ' VN X f xx Rfk J X V ' . t efzy, f gll JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS FIRST ROW Vuctor Royer Bernard Parnsh johnny Underwood Kenneth Hodge Edgar Bevalle Kent Fletcher SECOND ROW Sally Eaton Marn Inez Holder Mabel Smuth janet Hull Bette Parker Pat Wenzel Eugenia Crown Barbara Wynn luanuta Tillman Beth Zlegler Ioyce Yarborough lo Ann Hague Cunger Bevus Anlta Rodgers Shurley Merntt Margaret Hughes THIRD ROW Ioyce Lee Vxr glnxa Saunders Lou Ann Burkhlm Manan Lrndsey Constance Bushop Nan Colllns Kay Pasge Crlorla Coleman Vurgunla Dannell Audne Rstter june Steptoe Barbara McDonald Sylvla Alton Patncla Bryan lanejones Faye We thersby FOURTH ROW Mary Ann Branstord lanuce Watkuns Ann Block Wynell Dyal Barbara Ann Dunn Dorothy Box Amella Bryan Shurley Tldwell Pat Monk Peggy Dorsey Meva Lee Hlllrard lo Ann Holllngsworth Laura Fay Starlung Clenda Robinson Ann Grossman FIFTH ROW Dorothy lean Davls Beatnce Parge Pat Stnckland Manan Croson Rosemary Livengood leannette Beard NOT PICTURED Lydua Boals Louise Baughan Gwendolyn Larnck Barbara McRae .JIJJJ Qifn X NC l 'DNQ' X t ill S. JN ,T V r blk l gt, gf- UCI? TT: PVX1 X ll fy I W A IM, X K 4 s E y x I :P ll A if IV ' D -XX y" ' rl X l -.Tl l -,Z FIRST ROW john Wllson Nan Colluns Dorothy Stevens Lenora Pennrsr Barbara Wynn Rlchard Wal lace SECOND ROW Vlctor Balsamo Sergeant at arms Betty Sue Fort lean Schwall Vuce Presldent Theresa McDonald Bennre Bryan Betty Davud Secretary Treasurer Darene Angel loyce Wulson Carl gf-ilchpleagette Cheshlre Emogene Wyrosdlck Frances McDonald Nadlne Cobb Dollne Stevens Ben 1 s res: ent M ...Z FIRST ROW Vaola Underwood Pat Wenzel Barbara Warnngton lean Searcy Secretary Treasurer Teeny Thomas jeanne Edge Ann Peters Mary Ann Branstord SECOND ROW Fred Putts Sadle D1 seker Elalne Arthur Clorece Markham loyce Ambrose Shnrley Brown Presrdent Charlotte Dampuer Ruby Fowler Dan1elW1lkerson THIRD ROW Bully Sanderson Mary Hulnon Margle Mrnnnck Clorla Creene Vlce Presldent Carolyn Shxelds lo Ann Wrlght Leslle McCellan FOURTH ROW Phlllp Ar thur B1llWh1tney Sergeant at arms Dale Fletcher Colson Schoonmaker l-lershel Markham L N Beckham l. - ' -:, l , 14, . r I 1 1 Q. 1, 1 ' A 1 1 1 , , - V ' . ' T - Y ' 1 , - . I 1 l 1 , , y . ' . ' ' 1 1 , , . 4 .- ' , ' ,. - r +1 1 1 , uf A - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - - 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 -J 1 1 1 1 1 A ' 1 1 ' T 1 1 1 1 - 1 Grd1HSSVlllG I-llqh School Band 5. Q gr ,X Andrew Kung Captaln Cordon Shlelds Drum Major Vlrglnla Davls l-lugh Barfleld Mary Pat l-leckard Rosemary Dletrlch Frances Tuttle Martha Slmpson Ann Peters Margle Merwrn Ferrell Asbell Co tella lngle led Cook Wayne Hayes lackle McClellan Darlene Smlth loann Sapp Rlchard Wallace loan Sesslons Ann l-lawklns loyce Brower Sue Brooker Llska Ahrano Barbara Warrlngton Florence Stewart Fred Fagan llm Kemp Walter Endsley Maryone Cratz lohn Wllson lack Muller Nell Mal phurs Russell lohnson Edward Cellon Lamar Shlelds Vector Balsamo Danny Phllllps Colson Schoon maker l-larry Dunscombe Flemlng Blltch Bull Whltney Sonny Fulwood Gene Spamer Rodger Secklnger Ralph Coburn Claude Allen llmmle Evans Eddle Ward Gwen Larrlck Earlene Phllllps Carl Welch Marc Edelsteln Alvln Lewls Captaln Band Master Drum Mayor Andrew Kung Mr B M Donaldson Cordon Shlelds 'UT rv1AloREt'rEs MAJORETVES Dara Mimbs l-lelen Folds Darlene Smith Ea. lene Phillips Evelyn Blackwelder , Bl5VlCll9 Swlleld Edwlna Wynn . C Emllv Bellman Mary Edna lackson leaf' Maflln Connie Thomas NQT PICTURED Martha Simpson 'VFW H0910 Future Homemakers of Amerlca FIRST ROW left to nght Ltlltan Rutland Betty Alvarez Charlotte Thomas jean Martln Hlstornan Betty Phrlman Yvonne Hatcher jackue Cook SECOND ROW Barbara Fatne Maree Rodgers Pres: dent of A Sectlon Susan Davus Parllamentanan Ann Sanders Vlce Presldent of A Sectlon Margaret Rtdgell Norma Freeman Helen Smlth jean Matthews Song Leader jackle McCellan Treasurer of A ROW Betty David Treasurer of B Section Wllma Carrol Dorothy McDonald Betty james Ruby Fow ler Bobby Sue Yates Muttle jane Tucker Ann Selle Mary E Cratesman Helene Fernandez julia Ann Southerland june Cheshlre Shsrley Deas Reporter FOURTH ROW jean Wllson joyce johnson Clo rece Markham Ruby Cook Betty Stnckland Betty jo Emery Allce Neal Shelua Coodwln Mary Edna jackson Patsy Ray janette Specht Lou Dean Secretary Tlllle Lunzmeyer Program Chalrman FIFTH ROW juanlta Southerland juanuta Davls Ann Strlckland jonte Wllluams Sue Strickland Margle Mer wan janell Vern ai' 0 S E 'N rn D u. -72 2 4, 4 649 Sectiong Earlene Philips,'Vice-President of B Sectiong'Shirley Larrick, President ot Bjsection, THIRD Sponsor Mr Charles Below Q 3 Q e 0F 5-2 SE -: 5 ' ' . , , . l Y - 5 . . 5 1 me. k. - ... . - ef C If P 1 , AJAV:- 1 2 f 1 5 . , ' va 5 I , I I I . I f I 'I I ' ' ' 1 'I A ' -Q D . I ' ' . I ' V . I ' ' ' ' F 1 1 I I . I . . ' ' I ' ' E IIIIDXIIE R THE CREED I belreve IH the future of farming with a falth born not of words but of deeds-achievements won by the present and past generatnons of farmers In the promlse of better days through better ways even as the better things we now enjoy have come up to us from the struggles of former years I belleve that to Ilve and work on a good farm as pleasant as well as challengung for I know the joys and dlscomforts of farm Ilfe and hold an unborn fondness for those assocaatlons whuch even In hours of dnscouragement I can not deny I belreve rn leadership from ourselves and respect from others I belleve ID my own ablllty to work effucrently and thunk clearly wlth such knowledge and skull as I can secure and In the abuluty of organ Ized farmers to serve our own and the publuc Interest In marketlng the product of our toll I believe we can safeguard those rlghts agalnst practaces and pollcues that are unfair I belleve In less dependence on begging and more power In bargarnung In the llfe abundant and enough honest wealth to help make It so-for others as well as myself In less need for charrty and more of It when needed In benng happy myself and playrng square wlth those whose happlness depends upon I belueve that rural Ameruca can and wnll hold true to the best tradrtlons In our national llfe and that I can exert an Influence In my home and communnty which wall stand solid for my part an that rnsplrung tas Reporter Vlce Presudent Prestdent Secretary Treasurer lerald Wright Floyd Howard Charles Blackwelder Clanton Black C-onto Thorpe 35 BOTTOM ROW Robert Sheffueld I H McKinney Bully Knlght Qurllran Holton V C-raffus D Crruffrs Buck Snowden SECOND ROW C C Below Sponsor Ted Phllllps Charles McCallum Clanton Black Donald Myers Wallace McLeod Herbert I-Iorn THIRD ROW Paul Ray Varnes Edward Moratto Foster Smrth Wllluam Harnngton Oonto Thorpe Bobby lemugan TOP ROW Floyd Howard Wallace Brown Wayne Studstlll Charles Blackwelder lerald Wrrght and Arthur Croy Watch Dog Wallace Brown President Minnie Norris Vice President Cenette Martin Treasurer Mable Mhpaugh 121 7..- :ig Coordinator Miss Mary Cresnam V Secretary jean Schwall Sergeant at Arms joe Cay ,35- FIRST ROWl Laquita Mcffurnber, Evelyn Carver, Emily Boals, Mable Ashpaugh. SECOND ROW: El- more Pearson, Katie Lee Knight, Minnie Norris, Hazel Tillis, lean Sctiwall, jack Monkt THIRD ROW: joe Cay, lean Cay, Carolyn Lowry, C-enette Martin, Alene Strickland, Frances McDonald, Theressa Mc- Donald, Edgar Bruce. FP: SPONSORS Miss Mrnnue Reta Carns Mr D L Wrnsor FIRST ROW Ioann Bynum Darlene Smrth Cotella lngle Leah Lltchfleld john Beckham Ronnre Stanley Henry Morrrson Ioyce Yarborough SECOND ROW Susan Ward Vurglnla Davls Chrrstme Busby Dorothy Beers lack Arkell Howard Southerland Byron Mllls Tommy Holder Ioyce Mallard Kathleen Courtney THIRD ROW Betty Mae Parker Irene Hull Bully Lovett Bob Dunn Victor Wll hams Warren McCandless Lewus Duncan Charleslones lvan Trllman Howard Brower Henry Parker Sonny Adams Phllllp Arthur LOS BURRITOS FIRST ROW Dorothy Perry Secretary Carroll Engllsh Wlnrfred Stranger Kay Lentz Presrdent SEC OND ROW Frank McDonald lummy Evans Lamarr Pltts Vice President Taylor Wallace Alfred Hal ler THIRD ROW Barney Spencer Luther Ervxn Dave Pettls Sergeant at arms Wayne Hayes Bull Webb Mrs Ienklns Sponsor Not Plctured O ... I L' 5 , ' " 6 , , VI V A K, -'I K-'I I 'll-jf-if , xfls ' v I I : :P--T V I I-I ' , l . , Y ,' T -'- 1 , I - HISTORY OF THE DRAMATICS CLUB Sponsored by Mrs. Selle, the Senior Dramatics Club was organized October 27, l948, in room 26. The club's purpose is 'The fostering of good speech in high school participation in and appreciation of Q X drama." Its colors are gold and white and the em- blem is a masque. Since the club was organized it has entered a jf float in the home coming parade presented 2 radio programs over WCOC and one of its members di rected the Christmas Play The Senior Dramatics X X Club has a constrtution and 27 club members ff x 4 XX onqgjiris Peiltsoniie fl-lg-4, J FIRST ROW left to right Viola Underwood Beverly Smith Patty Blakeman Ruby Lee Ward Barbara Dunn Wynelle Wilson SECOND ROW Shirley Larnck loyce Mallard loan Sykes Bill Whitney Alvtn Lewis Carolyn Mills Lois Anderson THIRD ROW Kathleen Courtney Carolyn Shields Dale Fletcher Barbara Phillips loan Sessions Bill Price Vice President Omerea Thomas FOURTH ROW Susan Ward President loyce Moring Tillie Linzmayer Pat Hayes Barbara Bruce Carolyn Adams Secretary Treas urer f 7 L- f X ff .I " I . . X , 1- ff X TTT' , . ,V - - '-f--- 'A-,,., X! XX swf- 5 - 4 R af as fl - ' Tye jf X ' ll s I T 1. L il " l F 4 Q ' , i i' lll ' l fs f T A. ll lll i itil, ' Q llx l ,yi l z S I ll i i l i ' ' i l T C . l l i ' i fn i l lllllli , -L y up S ' 'il'i lll , gg! -1- ' ,L 5, .4.. ' XS fcwgw as ! oasnmzeo X0 sspramaaa "M ,4'N,... Fig? I N fl 194. M 0 'Nf- ' cvs " Mass XLIQQIIR Crqfgn, Spouses, MEMBERS Bob A ,CL Pl! 820.1-d hum Davis Mary Dev S Keni' 'Fl.o1'cHc1- EANIYI ffslhgg 0.w 61-'N a I L 4 0 Hg dawg: S Stn Scoif F' stef S ik Q Sir tllin R BCL 'nd Tgyk r Sh rlty T dwil-lf U A Towns Nl vt Lbvr our JRCK UI Lion 7187! W LSO!! llfbava V1N'4 IJ Toki: N ' 1 .A " N 4 Z' Y 1, V X I 0 Q 4 ,f UA if M' K ' J . , f J 2' 1 A wwf, 14s p , V I ' D 3 .J I K ,A Cf" ' . f 'a 1 , v- - ,YL Y T? I r f Q -I ,I L X - Q , ,QR lux x x in W 1? '5-3' ' V 4 ......-"-s'...--....--""' -X ' ' X xrv 1 I S ' f ,,, ....,,... .4 N ' Q 'g::':.:g ' . M., 2 ' , ' 43--. . 24" s X- 6 ' sr AI i - . A' v glr xr- . ,g I N ,'.'- 'M' lr' X K' I V Y ' 1,50 , I I . " U Q 6 m3 Sv i J i - O 3 0 P z a 1 4 o Q v b I Z I M i .R K ' I ' I HURRICANE STAFF lf.. if I TOP PICTURE EDITORS seated left to right jane Anne Seckinger Associate Teeny Thomas Snap shot Susan Ward Associate Marjorie Gratz Editor in Chief Mrs B K Stevens Sponsor Marjorie Minnick Assistant Art Lorraine Coles Feature Quincy Lee McCoy Club Ruth Nobles Assistant Valentine Photographer Billy Lovett Assistant Photographer Ann Mimbs Copy johnny Pennisi Class BOTTOM PICTURE COMMITTEES seated left to right Virginia Saunders Class Frankie Padgett Class joe Anne Forster Class joyce Yarborough Snapshot Theo Atchley Feature Cotella lngle Pho tography Charlotte Thomas Class STANDING Nan Collins Club Liska Ahrano Snapshot Billy Er vin Class Ann Selle Club Susan Davis Snapshot Maureen Goolsby Art NOT PICTURED-BUSINESS Bill Vrgin PHOTOGRAPHY Henry Morrison Byron Mills Charles Grubbs jimmie Ward ART Molly Sue Goodwin Shirley Larrick Yvonne Hatcher Edward johnson SPORTS DeWitt Cellon I-larvey Dickinson Alston Wallace Pat Beard Ralph I-look jimmy Emery CLUBS jeanne Edge Carol Schaeftner Victor Balsamo Lamar Shields FEATURE Connie Thomas Mary Ann Davis Elaine Pumphrev Lou Dean jean Martin SNAPSHOT jean Searcy Ed Miller CLASS Gloria Greene Lois And rson Vi gunna Davis Fred Fagan Leonora Pennisi Binnie Lee COPY Anne Hendley Cecelia Adams Lo raine Goode Mary Goodbred Irene Hill Betty jean johnston Eliza beth Springstead june Cheshire Leona Starling Florence Stevvart Ma ee Rodgers jonelda Adams ., 1 I Q LMA, A , . I- 5 , A M if l y G .tg . K W! I 3. Sports. STANDING: jim Pumphrey, Sportsg Christine Perry, Artg Bill Price, Business Managerg George Z . i . I A . y . y x Y Xxx R ' X X 2 XY ,ff X N H il XX I X ff 1' x r 2 XX N W NX XX i ff ,El f S cf ff W ff f WM! X,.,Y f Kkxk Ik., 'X 5 'Sq-5. ig? 5 S- 1' X , F if xXx XX, X45 X X N f 1 !' f ,I x xx ,ff L U 'M X XXX l 'I If ' x X ' f , ' y f I X I X I 11 X XX f X X X. A lv ' A A ' I Q V 5 l yr, ,-I-nfl I I 7 'XX nm I L XXX XXI: Nix 11 A TQ XTX I Up.,A'gf!i' .H R S 5 MX If H 3 fxlxe j X x a li: l "1 , 2? X : NwNvmf' w , "V X N , xxyix , , . I :R Q xx M.wH bf 1 X 1 , ' 'A X A ,jr X ' I , ,Q Q . 112' Y iff? N Z. L lf F 6.7 nf, W f 1 f X '-qw" ' :"""' " ' 1 V A H.. f1,,!,h' - - W Vfg ff .Z D , If C Xix rl: sf is XXX- X KJ. . ' QQ. ' V ' ' 'qglf-julf.. - L . - r C s .t :STA L X Sf 5 X x 1 x H-171 lii 4 , Q -XXX X X ' 'Ji ' 2 ' 1- N Q ' X X4S5 1-- f. " ff? LL'fx"'A4" Y- f , . ' x. ix Qfi M ' ' VT 'Iii ,i gg -ls, fffiiiffi - qv Swv ms: X C- 1 X Ps YY Coach, Buster Bishop Assistant Coach, Tiny Talbot Not Pictured, Tony MCCraCkef1 ,fb ,HA 1948 FOOTBALL SQUAD BOTTOM ROW: Ralph Hook, Manager, jim Pumph- rey, Bronson Bryant, Clanton Black, Howard Ward, julian Smetana, Orion Davis, johnny Pennisi, Donald Wil- son, Manager, SECOND ROW: Mike Coul- lias, DeWitt Cellon, Larry Elliot, Gilbert Tucker, johnny Trucano, David Hurse. THIRD ROW: Pssistant Coach "Tiny" Talbot, Charles Blackwelder, Frank Cireer, Harvey Dickinson, james Niblack, Charles Den- ny, john Umstead, Ceorge DeSha, Coach 'lBuster" Bishop TOP ROW' john Montesano, Marvin Haven, john Brabham, Sonny Adams, Bobby Huss, Sterrett Campbell, Dashvvood Hicks, and Medford C-ay. 1948 FOOTBALL FIRST TEAM LINE left to right Harvey Dickinson james Niblack john Umstead Bobby Huss Medford Gay George DeSha and Charles Blackwelder BACKFIELD left to right john lvlontesano Gilbert Tucker Marvin Haven Larry Elliott lstricken with illness after first 2 gamesl and jim Pumphrey The defending champions of the North East Conference rolled to six victories and 3 losses for a better than average season The Hurricanes showed marked improvement with an upset victory over Leon High School of Tallahassee but never were able to regain this stnde and dropped two decisions thereafter Gilbert Tucker a back and Harvey Dickinson an end two of the Purple Hurricane s stand outs won a place on the N E C All Conference team Others who received honorable mention were james Niblack tackle john Black tackle and George DeSha guard 1948 FOOTBALL RECORD Sanford ........................... Gainesville .................. Mainland of Daytona .............., Gainesville .................. Bolles ............................ Gainesville .................. Starke ........................... Gainesville ..,............... Lake City ......................... Gainesville .................. Leon of Tallahassee ................. Gainesville .............. . . . K Live Oak ........,,............. . . Gainesville ................. . Ocala ............................ Gainesville .................. St. Pauls .....t.................... 32 Gainesville ................. 31 Gilbert Tucker o n Brabham Clanton B ack Ralph Hook Bronnue Bryant Trucano johnn Pennnsu Charles Blackwelder SENIOR EC E3 5 tr if g , x Vx ' '-L x, R wx- E 3 Q , j h 'Q Q I ff f B ' fr. lg johnny Y I k ut B Il is gf ' af N a . Y I I Larq Medfcrd Ellsoff 3 ames N black George Ham y DeSha Dmkmsom m SENIORS Pumphrey DQWITT Cellofn David Hurse Frank Greer v X Q1 3 A'- C fxn 1 . PI: 'N 'lla L., Q' I Q x K Y 'f 0 n ullan Umsfead Smetana E eas Coulluas Marvin Haven Sonny Adams Dashwood Hncks READY johnny Montesano Nesbntt Sterretr Anderson Campbeli Michael Cou I I ias Howard Ward Donald VVHson Charies Denny fn ' Orion DavlS Upset of Season Tallahassee 7 Gainesville I3 Gainesville vs Tallahassee l9 Q Homecoming L ve Oak l3 Gainesville l4 St. Paul vs, Gainesville 'ibn' B SQUAD FOOTBALL FIRST ROW left to rlght Bully Knlght Bully Tucker Cecrl Wnlllams jerry Daniels Vernon Gnffls SECOND ROW Talmadge Grutfrs Manager Glenn McMllIan Delano Gnffrs Bull Passan Foster Smlth joe Lazonby Calvun Weeks THIRD ROW Kenneth Hull Manager Gene Browning lack Valentine Ball Hussey luluan Smetana Charles Morrls Mllton Roblnson Coach Hal Morgan FOURTH ROW George Smsth Emmett Edenfleld Orson Davls Hugh Hurse Make Coullras Aubrey Burnette lake Linz meyer BACK ROW L N Beck ham George Smlth FRONT ROW Emmett Edenfleld lake Lrnzmeyer and Vlctor Balsamo Brlly Knight and Bully Tucker Coach Hal Morgan Asslstant Coach Harold Wallace T . T t 3 , I , . , , . V f . Q . . , . , , 3 I I Y ' 1 ! - , . ' I , ln 'X E -49 gym an I -.,g .. Pi . Q x Q' FT W V f -.Q 5 I. A fi Charles ac Denny e Charles Wllson Marvun Bronnle l-laven Bryant ames Nublack o n Larry lvlontesano Elliott 'Q 1949 BASKETBALL When the Hurrncane went to press the C H S purple and whtte cagers had a steadtly lm provung record of 5 wuns and 4 losses Thus far In the season the l-lurncanes have a 3 l won and loss record In the N E C standmgs The rapldly lmprovnng ball club looms as a deflnlte threat un the N E C tournament February 24 25 and 26 and also In the Dustnct Tournament scheduled March 3 4 and 5 Record Through january 22 I949 Ocala Llve Oak Starke Melrose Flornda Frosh Fletcher Lake Cnty Starke P K Yonge Daytona Mainland CBIDGSVI I le Cannesvllle Galnesvl l le Calnesvnl le Carnesvl I le Carnesvrlle Ca lnesvu I Ie Oalnesvllle CBIFTESVI l le Calnesvulle 1949 B SQUAD BASKETBALL 'ter In KNEELINC left to rnght Orson Davus, Walter Roblnton, Bull Passan, Nell lvlalphurs, Aubrey Burnette Bully Knlght STANDING joe lordan,l H McKlnney, Bascom Muzell, Vlctor Wnlllams, Bobby jernl gan, lullan Smetana, Arthur Croy, Warren lvlcCandless 1949 BASEBALL TEAM FRONT ROW l H McKinney Victor Arnette Bronnie Bryant Aubrey Burnette Sonny Adams Tal madge Scott and Billy Ervin BACK ROW Orion Davis Harvey Dickinson Hebron Self james Niblack Charles Denny lim Pumphrey Cieorge Fulton and Coach Tiny Talbot NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE ARE Charles Ripper Bobby Emery Ralph Hook and Leonard Holly How They Dlcl and What T'hey'l1 Do The l948 baseball team got oft to a good start and won their first ten out of twelve games but lost to Mainland of Daytona in the first round of the N E. C Tournament. Therefore they were elimi- nated from further cornpet tion of play, However in spite of the poor showing in tournament play two boys Harvey Dickinson and Lynn Cawthon made the All-Conference team The V949 team hopes to improve this record considerably and with twelve returning lettermen and a few new hopefuls, Coach Tiny Talbots charges should be a defin te threat to the Conference Crown. They also should show well in District and State competition and come up with a top ranking team of all-round ability. The l949 baseball schedule includes games with such top-ranking teams as Lee, Fletcher, and Bolles of jacksonville, Palatka, Ocala, Lake City, Starke, Mainland of Daytona and P, K, Yonge of Gainesville. TRACK SQUAD 1949 I FIRST RON left to nght Vnctor Arnette john Montesano Marvun Haven llm Pumphrey SECOND ROW Sonny Adams Harvey Dncknnson George Fulton jlmmre Ward Lary Ellmt Orson Davis NOT PICTURED Davsd I-lurse TENNIS 1949 'Nd Vnctor Wullnams Charles Wilson NOT PICTURED Alston Wallace lnm Kemp Andrew Kung . I , 4 A . gif l - v x -. ' , ! , 5 I ' 5 I E-5 ' 2 :-- Rl 9 :-' ' . F., . T T r . 0 ' 55 5-.-'1 V Y .- , 'Y , , . , I , . . .,,, e . . Q i1,g,in..,. '.:gg5f'g Ljlljfj fi2','.L11" - 'H - . 1 5 0 . , .+I ff ,vu AI , th, , ".., A 'fl ' .122-fx' s ' v 5 X , D ,... 1 1 , A 3 , . - 12' 48 49 A Squad Cheerleaders !"w-vht-ak Left fo right Bette Turner Elaine Dean Qumcy Lee McCoy Mrs Ralph Dulaney Sponsor Lorrame Coles Ruth Nobles lvlary Ann Davas x A E 3 Q A r . s in l I I ll II 4 lb- C 4 MTM' l S B Squad Cheerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT, above and below: Ann Selle, Char- lotte Delk, jean Thompson, Shirley Deas. GIRLS' '48 '49 BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW left to nght Kay Lentz Dorothy Perry Lulluan Rutland SECOND ROW Kathleen Court ney loyce Mallard Eleanor Allen Clorece Markham Irene HIII THIRD ROW Illada Ramos Mary Huluon Ester Ferguson Lynda Henry Anne Quekemeyer Pat Pepper lean Thompson Nadlne Cobb Mrs Dulaney GIRLS 48 49 VOI I EYEAII TEAM 4:6 QTI5 f06 6151 01 ,,,1p?-C5414 EEVAMW' E ' 1 jfiffxgggfgldbiz ft. Tfwligqtga ,Aa-of W 7' FIRST ROW left to nght Betty Davud Kay Lentz Dorothy Perry Lllluan Rutland Charlotte Thomas Betty L Sapp Barbara McDonald SECOND ROW Ada Hayes Davls Mrttue I Tucker Ruby Ward Eleanor Allen Clorece Markham Irene Hull Elaine Coulllas Margaret Crown Margaret Snowden Con me Thomas THIRD ROW Imogene Cowart Mary lane Davls Lou Dean Doroth, Beers Norma Free man Dlane Strange Anne Quekemeyer Pat Pepper Barbara Wulson Nadune Cobb Ester Ferguson Lorranne Coles Mrs Dulaney ' 1 , ,. I ,,, 1 ,Q 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 - A 1 Y Y Y I I Y I ' - I I I I I , . , - I -I . , T 1 T' 'ff E1 ' ' . 0. - - 4 5 . ' - , , , , , .. f I - . ' ' 4 ' 4 VX I A . .- ' gi n. y ' 4. V- l Q 1 . - .- 5 - , L, 5, I . ' 1' .SS ' " we x g . - I A Q i M ' X l X ' sb' r xx - -1 . N 5. Y 1 i I ,, I luv- -. - - 1' ft: 11. ff" as-Q ,f-"' ia .' :ft .WI-. a' 'fr' -A '-- " 'ff-' A . - sf ' t- -A-f '. S.--,' ,.-A .-',,----'H , - I 3 4 ,, + 4 Qf W. .fm .N-rw x.-- . . -.- . tv' - vi--0 rg., ,qj . 1, - ' 'f Q, af.- , , ... ' I-'x',Q.g,.Qr 4- fu.,-2. 5 1-, . , .i :Jw lx, we In -,I ,A . ,QA ni ,?:, . .4 . l :gn ,. ,LS ,hz g 4STmg.m.,,fM , yr, '1vf.',- .vfllqzift -. 4 if: 5-'W',-u:,""2T't-:'1'1?'Aff-Q"4-,ir :P-35.2, ,. " '- - 2 I - ff in: 'Y' H nf'-Q-.1 .N .gi-vt"'f,5,.A:f cw, .- wg. 1 1 . - ' f 1' . If .. , -,', - - 'r ' VH' y 'v. .,-,W r 'rdqg 4 -' - , - " fy- I ,.?Ht.,'.,-,fm ' ff, .,,,,, -'ff fy' -if' fx .w. A LL., .jf - '11-' ,Lf 5, 'jg ' -13113, 5- 'f .ff-- ,pf fa, ' ' ,' ff: :ir 2"g-5" ' ' '-- -- bg. I J Zg.,1L '.E5rg,3.Ue,Mr,e:,1' -,-R? ,. - F-3, ,IU 1 ,fu 4,2 M 1,- ' . f.- 1 1 -.f...'.1gs ' -lf: ' --vw 1 f- - to 1. 7 - 1 'A , .'J:i'f.4912f V1 1:71 .."'5f7Q1 'S 3.?,'3- ,-v 1 41 4. " ' ,g ' 4" 1 1 - I I 1 1 1 - 1 ' A - ' 1 A 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' I , If - . - 1 1 1 1 '1 1 I 7 I 1 D FE HIRE f, f I, 5 -f ,wa J I W! 1 C - Ptvrw WHGS W1-10 COXQS X Low Y awe iw UL. R9 GN L? j Olllryc MOS L ' 1,00 A4 ! CC yi Dlffr Af: O'l'6W 1008 V K aoyxe MMU SVG, ODUfar X fam G5 All bfack Cutest Jeanne Edge johnny Pennusu wa x X12 9 voidf:-ev X CXN OOM K . , Y' ill' A f' L' f , M, . '53 Xi. 1 age .' S ., E Vee SC A 'eww O, S.. NX I dabxe gecmgev V S V :H 02980 P096 vfXO5-K X308 O We ffece Fflen xl axemme QQOVZQ Brown dflgsr X CfOffQ Cre ef? 55? A Preftlest Half Jreen Coolsby Grady Bentor '-E1 MOS, Of f ef r fg afz UC 810 Ceed y4O Ve 1 C owe Y HM" 5 xexeoe Y gx as Wcxoa WOWQS 'Y QQFX7 WHQ S WHQ fo ph x evsovwaxx ECW Q womag I' fe Gam F I C1 berruf UC LS--...als Exe, 85.5 fl f D e Dean aqcers R jf f X S J Y I X S Cutest Smale jean Searcy Charles Wulson Ofegged QKOW5 UN Begfi Y Z Q2 2 U7 ff 6777 D xfimexi -Q .AME X' I X X M-, I C xxu' P F V .v wif 7 U d Q , X , ef 1 "V ,414 E If ' E - .4 . ig 0 Q"fAl,"'f er ., :. it 4 f.. ' t . 311.5 ' I , M xx L- , 1 I ' X' L X f I Q 1 New . k. x f Q Y :Vw 5 A l 4 A ' . v O . 4 F If XXX Z7 .,,. ...' Qiglb K , . 5' .Q 1 1, Av I 1 ff WHO S WI-ICD S 5fer M xo X00 Wwe Fel, O51- x 5 XX WGS? ei N we QW Prettle Y Eyes gU5Or7 fhfef X fC Ha fyey 0,6 fc Betty Roger Charles Blackwelder .jx -1. ,2- in fr-Y qi T Qs Most Talented joyce Chrddux ,pw Shyest Bronnae Bryant Doris Sapp Most Talented Harry Durtscombe SENIGR PLAY "NVQ Ch ck he Family Tre 12550 , x Rf R-JK yk, SENKDR CLASS PLAY W: 5HOOK THE FAMILY TREE CAST OF CHARACTERS PRODUCTION STAFF U 1 R1 r' " - X. ' A ' ,Y .' f' Y. .iuwm ' . .. . .,.,.fV ' . Tw' A"wV-' I , , I flwrm I' A F. .yxlfrwl ' . Q 'zz' T ' . . K. .Jw N' " ' ' - A . ., .Pm ' ' " . . . .UN A I A Hy? . , k.1.f'.' L" - . Tx, 'NT . ,. C ' ' H 5 5 N , "nu,-T ' ' , ,. I T. .. v - ' . , r .-3' -52:1 -.U o .T , f 2.1 .h f ,, j HQme-I E - , QQnQm1cs Department BB 'e50nr0n Junior-Senior Prom of 1948 .F L K A - mf 'Sf-4 - I' Q' 'A ,if ' K xp ' ' Q-nv' QQ' I-ICDMECCDMING SCFNFQ OF 1948 has A 4 J I Agf liiimk 2J""x. EI!V"" x"4Nu U ii HOMECCDMING SCENES OF 1948 my 'X fr, if A I " -an ., Ny 4. 3,3 Q -J", 1 a ,I 5 D f VH 5 '7 ZU- iw 1. ..,5, ,,,,?' -N... .4--Y an A 'Q4! 'Q fy -, sk 'O 7, . U wi 'lf gui ' 0 -1 1 I ...Y ,L I l sv xi 4 fav Q' 'G fgefffwmiw pafmqan D Qmwmim pmaqan D fgememdm pafzacfan Yll ll GI-lllllllll'lll oday .liwe are printers of the yearbook of your school Tomorrow as you seek your future in 0 the professions lndustry and commerce lm-QL. LJV ll' we 'lil u at Paragon hope to serve you with fri' the essential Printing and Lithography dy, you will need in the pursuit of your career d dth ji 1 5 ,ig M be aragnn teas MONTGOM ERY ALABAMA xl l ff . S if Z Q . Q s 5 I 9 V- ll . hz!! Q: ,rl l . . . , L -GU O Many of our best customers came to us through frien ships formed aroun e annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. .-1 '- 'wx If-gxtx -r X 'mn 'Q x . . 2,-- w-'W1 E" ' W W 'fi Pi Text - ' in-ll :ff-' r X W lcv. A W .jf , , :- ' , Silv an ' -2, 'f- ag t .ggi ei -4 iff- :C -'QT' ' I lf- ' 1, . I L ' ,R , - , t. ' -,aff-, .. 'Pwr' I :ef -. 3. q..,.--,---:- .. . X, f, '. . Y f. V1 r 3. ? . 17 5 , v A , Q X A P r 4 5 . f k I :- ? l

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Gainesville High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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