Gainesville High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Gainesville, FL)

 - Class of 1948

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Gainesville High School - Hurricane Yearbook (Gainesville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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1 ' -1 . , X'Lx,A,TfQ N - K-4.-I fy 1! ',CZ'J- V '.'T'f1A-6? ! 1" f 6, -" - . Q! v' Iffzc Xu N, . fr, . , .l . ,f ..g,4.?f'.-av-'54 fn. ff rn. , XA kj R ,B , .' -Y N- .. 1 21 7 'X7 f,.-4.2. . ,314 E92 - I 1 i V 1 1 3 I E ! 4 A 4 , 2 1, ? I X I I ' A V . , ,1 F 4 4 P F , 1 e 4 S F n e ,K 5 if P 3 ,I II 71 5 i k F i S 3 5 ii f Q r S 1 A s Y 5 1 5' 54 2 E E a E ,- I? in 1. NJSI 1. Vu -vw. 0 x , ,Q , r 1 lv x. if '95 N. vit VV, E A . qv - ,V 4 .. 1.-5 .- 'fr n .V' f M r P Q ,4 5- - M I r .f A . 1 -W4 :Mir ' "' v I V. V - W '-x C V'- ii' 'QV JB 1 I be v x tat I 'H' 1 Ek! VQPV 'f V 1 I . . F5 -,. I . - N A -. . -f I 1. . I I I I I I V I I .III , IIIIVV -Jr A I I II II'-VV III .-. I II 5 I5 .IIS ,I VII II nl- Y In ,IIIIfI VI I - ' I 1 - :M-KI.: , .I A I .vi ' ,- 'V 4 A - - . V .- .V- I. '- I. I ': . -- . 1 -f-V . N . -VI . I . - '- L.. :P 'A g' fI - A-'F-A - QI . V f . '9' 'Y' "'-- . q. -- I -- 4 . . " ' 'S " ' . f - ' Fig- F ' '- " 'i.'.iI. - " '--Y' . f' . . ' 2 if 'fi' 'A' ' ' V . W . 1 - I A ' -,A ' ' . ,-I-I I .. -I . If-' .' I . - 2' ' ' - 4 " ' ' ' ".'!V...f,-V'. 4. f-FF- . ' - ' . , " I .Vrf 4' . ".I 4 ' 5 4 B.. I 'uf 4. - 1 - . '. - .'V-N., '-v " 'ne at 5' A ' '4 4 4 ' . " .- A -f - ' 'V '4 . , . I 5 if -JV 4 if A A -' J If I "-' .,,Vf-Hg' 4 '4 - "4 -44 I ZX 5 4 ' --M " , ' 7 I 4' --4-fix Lf'-4.-'--1,-XVI 4' A 4, .V ,1-- VV I.. -.,,I.... .II.,..,. , I I I I ' 'I . '4 Y. 4 v 4 F"-FW 1V ' 4 4. If I I ' 4 -I 4 'K 'ef' ' "I Q ' '.3 ' 4-VA I-' ' 1 - ., . . . .' - - ---'H - ---rf -- -v--Pv.---v-- .A - . . . . I -' .' f ff ff- A1 ,A A - AA .- - I,.I,,IIM,I,I .. . I. A V . Q-I . . - . - .ff AI-if, . .. . -VV - . -A-. . . V - If-'vw 'A' 4 . '-- .A JI I ' - 'A H '71 44 ' V4'4',a V.. '. 4- 2 . " ff.-. 4 4. -- 4' V 1 - - -- I 7', - I ? ' . .4 4' U ' A 'TY-' " -- EA- 1'A - - 'I I5 I Q- 45V I I II V -A1 I I I . I .. -.V I IIPII V-jI. .g. III I . VI .I .. I '- - I. . I I -V . I I - 1 - I Yr- - . ,I IILLII ..I- ' QI. ,II I I .I ,. 'V .V I:-.!,I,I . I I ,V -, I V . ' , . I - A- . - -. V . --, .'.1-- I I. ' ' .I - - 1 ' - - 'I I I V -V .I :III IIAI. II II. . II I . . . . .II.. IIIIII I . .4.?:IAI.II- .,s,.: 3'fI.,. II I I I I I I I III 'I.,I. A V . V I - '- '.I I I I II " A. . I ,- I I . .V . 4wA.A..I39,I 3,3 ' -V Fe, - -I II. - .. '.-A..-II- . - I V .,. .I ..- - .V 9, , V , . - Iy -. 4 I. I V, -I ' ,I . ' .- 'I, I V I. .IV I ' ' 'VT-1' - 4 ' '- . - '. . A- ' 4.4. -' mV. V . '-A---' 'V '-V Ar"-, -- ' '- ' I ' . 'T' 'A fl g I I V '4 '4 4' " 4 ' .. , :I f- -.1 - .' V A - - '- I' I. . - -.--'T 5.-QV. . .II . I .I . I II I III ..I I I II I 4 I-,, .III -LII I Iii, . MVIEI ,I .. III II ,IIII ,Ii :Ig I. . . III .-IVIII I IIfII.f I II I I F. I I 3 III:-:I -- - ' .V I ' " 0 :I ' 'A ' ' -' 4 . . 7. I-. 'f I' sw ," " JI V ." -V - - ".. . IV ' I. ' 'rs ,A " V '. '4 ' ' I --- - f-- f Al' A A 5- A ,V ' -' -As -V . I V Z.. .. A -fin. . . -'QI I. 5. ' . ,I VLA I '- 1 I ' " I 1 - 5... ' ' 'f A A . V .-.-.-- V V . ... .J --'H' .x."' - 1---P-"' '0f"-- f . '--' .- - V- .gf- .' . V - - - V- ,'- . ' ' . -: ' I,f-' --'I -49 1 I-, ---I ':," 'fu' .-s.5.' A.. .. . ' .'-' 1 . , ,, -5,5 . A V 0 , ' " -. , M. .... I . . V5-'-' . - '. ' ' V - .'- . q. - I 'I A - gg...- - A I I - . 5 .II I I - V '.., 1 A ,gui 1V ' I V, ,II 1, - I - A I - --I ' y I - QV- I . I I I.:-I . - A - - ' 4 . . . f --"V ',.'-L.. - - 1 . . . -- ,- . .. I I5 . I .VH-'I -V- -I ' . - . ,L .. 4' . ' Y '. '- "X ',qiI'f' -I . 'I, 'I V . "fI4- '. ' ' " - - ' I' 'I "1 ' ' - t Ai V ' VI' ' 'I ' ' 3 ' 4 'ff .'A f S1 JA- .JT '- ..,Z . V ' ': -' ' . - --Q. '. .V I-' ' ' '. -f.-' "fri f VA I . A. A .V I. . IV .- .. .- --. . V- V . I. A -. . .A V fr.. --.A ...A-V . I IV - I.. - .I . I , - I ,, U. II, - 1 II IA.. , , ' I .- I ' I, I I. I - - I .. I I. I -I - LAIQI A 1'-' -4- 1 'I '- F- "--'I-5-V. x - -" Huff' - -A-"7I:. A.' 1' .Y-' A V. Aff -' , ':- . - - f . ,A , V I.. V 4-V .. I 9 .1. V f I - -I .. "' I ,. " ' " ' - - II .5 1 I. . - if-V V.- ., . . I . . V M: . V'. -f- .I .L:fQ...A-'v -+V' .- -' I, ' ff-'yr . 2 -. 5, .- V . -9 F144 4 4 Q 4 .J 4 A 4 . 44 4 'L V- 4 ve' " -41' ' .'-, . iyify I-32-'14 ls... 4 ' I I 'H 3444: .-"5""4 441 ' 4 4 '4 44 -4 f 4 441 . I' '-, I I II 1- ' " I ' -aI I' I 1- .' 'II 4II I -I , -MIIA II gm . -5.1. 7 I., :V- -I I I" .4 .. ' I " - 1. ' - - - . . I L V I V . . 'V , -'.- ,--t.. . ' 1- ' ' " V- ' 1 JI I ' I 'Z.- A N . .f II III III- I II V I 3 n . A I - . I .I VV I, I V II I B gI..,.Q.xIIj4--I- I:'If'gI-..-I III I 1 I I II if '. II -1-s - ,.I '-III,:I I . V LI I , -- I IIIIIIV III .I I I I I I II II I . I V .,-III I . . N I - ..Ij I-,If IIII:g.IVgIgII. If I-I..-E ,Vg . , .Q II,. If II .LI I,. ,gnu I I I II . I I. I 3-A-. HSI '1 I' 1 - . 1 , - ... ' . . - - 'f fx? a-,. . Q- 2, . 1'1" 'i ?rVl'.f...9tff f -' VII. I '-4. '- V.. "Q '-QL. I - .. ' Lf ' ' -1 " . I .VIII II I I - ' I . 4' ' . -' v ' 4 i'-. - - - I -V 'Q . - '. . A 1 ' ' V - I I .I .I V II L N. . Y. .1 V . I - I I I, :V - A -J-1 .I-WI - s V ali- psf' - ' . 1,11 I I - 4 r V . f W I I I . I I I 5 . V, - I I .. I ' , Q . ,I I II -I,I I. 1 I II . . I I 1 I. II I VI. AI ..I1 , "g ', .A . - 1 -O- .I - A ' V ' .' 4 'V I 'I 3 -IV.. .n -V 54 .uA.'xQ,"' I B' f - 'Zu?,.'.g, ,rj I f ---S I. --A '. I I I , -. I-5: .V 'A A' " ' " 4' ' ' " -4 " .V "' '-N -. ' ' - -4 1 V'Vf --V lf' -J' . . ' ' nz. ' ' 3" 5' "H 5 " ' "S ' " 4' ' ' V- ' - " -- 3 f 2' "J if"-A 'X -"4 ' .1-ZA. - VZ 'P la- 4 Y f if-'E' ." ..-'ii'1-" ' A . I ' - ' 'TA-7-I Y 1- , ' :Ii A ' " ' ' --- I' . 4 1- - v-. ' ' I ' " V.- ..' ' ' ' -, ."f-- ' ' ' ' ' - -fF?i'-- "QU, 4. - 4 - A '-E"4f'- . Inf - "-. .g .3 5 -II'3:' f -II -1 ' ' -7, Iii " AI ' . 4 3 ".I, 5 ",fI A"' - fmt? '- - '. - 2 3' I' A -fi. IQ' I, V 'VI- I 33 -AAA -,111 , 44. A . T I,...' :lp L-.-4..,-...' I Q Sas W' - f..-.-x'FQ,4 ':f'IgII Id' I. " '3 4'-'A' 4 " . -5? '4"7-i ' N " . . ' '+ -.2515 1 Y?-A 1-' '1 I A I " ' I I ' ' .J I -, '- . f 1- .- " - AALA --I '4 ' A V 44 7 "4'4"' ' '4 ' 'I IA ' ' 'U .' A'-'T f '- gl? -,I 4 I 'I..---14--AA ' -1- A "', - -+. Q, 5 " ". . '11 -I -:I 'V '- f -I ' ' . - ' r 1- ' 5- -. rf' A 'r ' --S41 - - ' A- ff 'V "Q: . . -'rt a .-AV 'AL 'ef -2- I- - I A 3 I -' AA - A' .L :A . I :III I II . 2 II I I I I I JI .V V I, II'I,I I I . III' . IV I .H .II,. .-.Iv-AIIII I I . It I ,I. .I I - A gf 4- " . - QV 4' -- ' ' . V ' 4 fi . 'T ' -4-I ' -A 4 " " V- : " 2-'W' 4' ' - I . . 4' 43.'.3V-.1-'r af? F2531-Q' ' ' 4- ' 4 V. V . .. . " ZQI' ' .I . II I II .,I rg? ' III i- I.A .I 'I II .- I-.If . ' I I "I .. ,Z-I JP- :!,6A""f It III VV I,ggI:II HIV.-.Lg II' - pgs: II I --: I . . I I ' I :SI -.Ii IIV - Y'-f'54..V . . 'S' V ' ' . ' - 4' .21 ' 1 ff- f 4 ' " if - . " -'v "1-"Y",-if -- -"' ' ' 4 V - . -lf 9119-4-1. V. I ' . '.--YS. 1 ' -' -I I 4- - -- IRQ IV ' ' VI- II' VII.I.' - -'VI -,I . , xg' - f ' I- -,V.-5.-.agVVt'm- I.. .1 . II ' I " I ,VQAQV-.g ' WV . V' , 1 7 I. ' ICI.-:I--'Ig-f QU. 444'V' 4- . . 444- - 4- - 'FZ' ' 5- 4 . " . -U, 4 V' 4 '- 4" V4 A' V '-4'- .5 .45 4' 'F' 1 '4. I 4 i . , T I' " V '4 " . V -5 'Q "A4A."'f'-..A-V 7 -: M "U- I..I,, ' 1. 'G V J " 'Ia ' ' - "LI F I T- A 4. "-'Z ' Q '. 'Ll A. I, I-I --1 ff -- J- 'r I. - V' J 5 - I 5. -. --VV ' . - g . ' J' xp- , 7'-V"4"L"V..-fi'- 45" L 'A 4 'ri wx Q 7 -QF V- . Y? 4 - ' - 1... , F.:. 3-A wg f., 1' - -- A -av 1- -:fi H3 1 .. -.-VV? 'if ur aa, V ,ar 'a I gqvf J I fs 1 .V- .II q ,QV o VV ,tif 1HIUlJl?JFJiCQlJD1Q me Qmblished by the Sfzwdem .Brody of Qalivmeswlle Wigh School DEDICATION 4 PROFESSOR F. W. BUCHHOLZ Principal at G. H. S. since 1914, he re- linquished the duties of that office in 1947 to become supervising principal of all Gainesville schools. To "Prof" To Whom We owe so much and without Whom we would not have had an annual We, the Student Body of G. H. S., dedicate our first HURRICANE. C. R. LAYTON MAJOR W. R. THOMAS GEORGE P. LONG WILLIAM HAWKINS WILLIAM R. McKINSTRY G. WARREN WELCH DONALD MORRISON DISTRICT TRUSTEES, 1913-1948 True and faithful service of public ofHcia1s who serve us loyally and without thought of material reward or remuneration goes too often unrecognized. On this page, therefore, we record our sincere appreciation of the men who gave through the years unsparingly of their talent and energy for the up-building of the Gainesville Public Schools. These trustees of Gainesville school district number twenty-six were always guided solely by the welfare and interests of the children of our city and district, unmoved by pressure of individuals or groups. We salute them in acknowledg- ment of their splendid accomplishment. Major W. R. Thomas ....... ...... George P. Long .............. William R. McKinstry G. Warren Welch .......... C. R. Layton ............. William Hawkins ......... Donald Morrison .............................. 1913-1932 1913-1920 1913-1925 1920-1948 1925-1939 1932-1948 1939-1948 fDied in ofiicej QDied in o'HiceJ fAll districts were consolidated into one county-wide district January 1, 1948.1 hu. 5611710011 life XSL 1 fl 5 ff ' ,ff X rm j 'L S XX 6 S 41 f .. L f Q f. vvl- Z, Vryy 3,1 X X C 1 ' 'J ww f L f f . W"- LQAXLQW 'X'-w 2 , ,1.,, 1f':' 4, .... , .ml 5 7 A F A J JTWDWY W Q I' I ,iff 1 4 1 ff ,Af X 1 'H flf f , A 02 flfy I GXX X' 12 X J' ' , Aggi Z, , f 4 f- W Q, 6? .giihkghff 5'-xl v X x Q " N , . f 1 f -2 4 3 MQ f , ,fl Hurricane EXECUTIVES Prof. F. W. Buchholz, Prof. Paul Peters, Miss Ruth White, Mrs. R. W. Blacklock 6 Hurricane 7 ARTS AND CRAFTS Hurricane HOME ECONOMICS 8 Hurricane PHYSICS - WGHS SHOP 9 Hurricane 10 Hurricane LIBRARY PROBLEMS 11 Hurricane 12 Semliimfs 1 Llc 454 Q , V 6 5 ,f-- I 1, 1 K' ' ' QU ' ' M Y if f I N X X , v f Z 1 I N C, I ICD? .1 C I, f I' fkv 'L XXEQN N , K ,Z'W' V, I f,f, ' fl, 1 Lvfffff ,1V"72f7 , ,n'Q f ' fJ ' Klff X ' 1 W" ffifizfzi- X "Bly , fd I 7Zi." yyFk.'Tf1 xl X 4 X . Sw v J X C HWMYNL 5 Af: yi' li Ai XM' M W . VX, iffy? Y N ,ffm 1, V Q A ' ff X f W x x fff4? ,y f 1 K A my .ln ,H-N M N y . Q 1' ' H 4 J 51 ,T f Hurricane LAURA JEAN ADAML. "Doodie" "She's little, but she'a wise:- R a v e n Club, 12 : Junior Honor Society, 9 : Library Staff, 11. Ambition : Secretary ELRERT LEON A1ToN "I have my opinion, and I intend to keep it." Homeroom Secretary, 10: Junior Student C o u n c il President, 9: Senior Student Council, 11, 12: Hi-Y, 10, 11: Journalism Club President, 12: Raven Club, 11, 12: Junior Honor Society Presi- dent, 9: Senior Honor So- ciety, 12: Band, 9, 10, 11, 12: Lieutenant, 11, 12: "Hurri- cane" Staff, 12: Baseball, 9, 10, 11, 12: Junior Play Com- mittee: Senior Play Commit- tee: Prom Committee: Office Assistant, 9, 10, 11: Library Staff, 10, Ambition: College GEORGE ANDERSON "It's a wise man who has nothing to say and says it." Entered September, '46. I-Iomeroom Vice - president, 12: D. C. T., 12. Ambition: Business career RICHARD GERALD BASHAW ..Zip,. "A truer friend and finer athlete is hard to find." Student Body Vice-president. 12: Key Club, 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, President, 12: Football, 10, 11, 12, Co- captain, 12: Track, 11, 12: Junior Play Committee. Ambition: College Joi-IN DOUGLAS BENNETT "Quiet? Not if one knows him." Homeroom Treasurer, 10, Vice-president, 12: Key Club, 10, 11, 12, Secretary, 12: Hi-Y, 10: Junior Honor So- ciety, 9: Prom Committee: Library Staff, 10. Ambition: College 14 MARTIlA BIELMANN "Mutt" "Good natured and willing to do her best always." Journalism Club, 12: Raven Club Treasurer, 11, President, 12: Junior Honor Society, 9: Masque and Gavel Club, 12: Glee Club, 10, 12, Busi- ness Manager, 12: "Hurri- cane" Statf, 12: Junior Play Committee Chairman: Senior Play: Senior Play Commit- tee: Prom Committee: Office Assistant, 12. Ambition: Religious education JEAN PALMER BILLINGTON "Brat" "A true friend is a friend forever." E n t e r e d September, '45. Homeroom Secretary, 11: Journalism Club, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor So- ciety, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Glee Club, 12: Junior Play Committee: S e n i o r Play Committee: Prom Committee. Ambition: Social worker EMOGENE BLACK "B. B." "Even though quiet, I am here." D. C. T., 12. Ambition: Kndergarten teacher T. CHARLES BLACKWELDER "Blackie" "What infinite mischief in those merry eyes J" F. F. A., 12: Football, 11, 12: Basketball "B" Squad, 11: Baseball, 11, 12. Ambition: Baseball NITA NELL Box-1ANNoN "Like a ray of sunshine she is always on the beam." Entered September, '45. Kiwanettes, 10, 11, 12, Sec- retary-treasurer, 12: Cheer- leader, 12: Tri-I-Ii-Y, 12: Journalism Club, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Play Com- mittee: Prom Committee: Library Staif, 12. Ambition: Journalist Hurricane Dlcx BROWN "Life is what you make it." C 1 a s s Vice-president, 11 : Homeroom President, 9, 10, 12, Vice-president, 11: Ju- nior Student Council Presi- dent, 9: Key Club, 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11, 12, President, 10: Junior Honor Society President, 9: Football, 10, 11, 12 : Basketball "B" Squad, 9, 10, 11, "A" Squad, 12: Baseball, 11, 12: Junior Play Committee : Senior P 1 a y Committeeil Prom Committee C airman. Ambition: Forestry JAMES WALLACE BROWN nwauy.. "I live the life I love." Biology Club President, 12: F. F. A., 9, 10, 11, 12, Treas- urer, 9, President, 10, County President, 11: Glee Club President, 12: Football, 10, 12: Baseball, 11, 12. Ambition: Vocational agriculture teacher NORMA BURNSED "Little One" "Thought is deeper than all speech: feeling deeper than all thought." D. C. T., 12. Graduated in January, '48, Ambition: To be a good "Hello" girl THOMAS LEE BUSH "Youth is wholly eacperi- mental." Office Assistant, 11. Ambition: Pharmacist LYNN WALTER CAWTHON "We can say nothing but what hath been said." Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12: Baseball, 11, 12: Prom Committee. Ambition: College 15 MARY ANNE GANOVA ciMacn: "Can we ever have too much of a good thing?" E n t e r e d September, '45. Homeroom Vice - president, 11: Senior Student Council Vice-president, 12: Kiwan- ettes, 11, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, President, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor So- ciety, 11, 12: Prom Commit- tee Chairman: Library Staff, 11, 12: Homecoming Sponsor, 12: D. A. R. Award, 12. Ambition: R.N., B.S., in nursing DoLL1E MAE CASSELS "Looking on the bright side rather than the blue." Homeroom Secretary, 12: Glee Club, 10, 12: Prom Com- mittee: Senior Play Commit- tee: Library Staff, 10, 11. Ambition: Nurse MENIA RAY CASSELS "Buck" "The word impossible is not in my dictionary." D. C. T., 11, 12: G. H. S. Parliamentary Procedure Rep- resentative, 12: Softball, 10. Ambition: B.S. in home ' economics EDITH C1-IAsoN "Edie" "A quiet girl with a quiet air." D. C. T.. 12. Ambition: Bookkeeper MARGARET SUE COCHRAN usue., "Sunny smiles and sunny ways always go together." Entered February, '46, Ki- wanettes, 12: Library Staff, 12. Ambition: Bridal consultant Hurricane MARY MAXINE COLEMAN HMM., "Always pleasant, always kind, always charming and refined." Glee Club, 10: Softball, 10: Volleyball, 10: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee. Ambition: Secretary RUTH COLEMAN "To love the game above the prize." E n t e r e d September, '45. Glee Club, 12. Ambition: Teacher ANN LAVERNE Cox "A quiet girl, but one of worth." Entered September, '47, from St. Joseph Academy, St. Augustine, Florida. Se- nior Play, Business Manager. Ambition: Accountant MADGE ELIZABETH CEOUCH "What's she going to do next?" Tri-Hi-Y, 12: Glee Club, 10: Prom Committee: Homecom- ing Queen, 12. Ambition: Marriage HARRY R. Cnor "Slim" "His height is surpassed only by his stories." Entered September, '45. F. F. A., 11, 12, Treasurer, 11, President, 12. Ambition: Business career WALLACE CUTTS "Slice" "Little drops of 'water make a mighty ocean." Stage Crew, 11, 12: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee. Ambition: College BETTY JEAN DAVIS "Full of life and fun: Always on the run." Entered September, '45, Ki- wanettes, 11, 12, President, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Glee Club, 10: Cheerleader, 11, 12: Basketball, 12: Ju- nior Play: Prom Committee: Library Staff, 12. Ambition: Journalist JUNE ELAINE DEAN "Shine" "I'd rather be small and shine, than large and cast a shadow." Class Treasurer, 10: Kiwan- ettes, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12: Cheerleader, 10, 12: Bas- ketball, 12: Volleyball, 10: Junior Play Committee: Prom Committee. Ambition: Architect and interior decorator MARTHA STEWART DUKE "Molly" "Happy am I: from care I'm free." Entered September, '46, Ki- wanettes, 11, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 11, 12: Cheerleader, 12: Junior Play: Prom Commit- tee: Library Staff, 11. Ambition: Actress ELMA DYEss uLegsn "Easy to know, easy to like." D. C. T., 12: Junior Play, Student Director: Homeroom Secretary, 12: Prom Com- mittee. Ambition: To be a good housewife 16 Hurricane GEQRGE FLETCHER "Cotton" "Eat, drink, and be merry,- for tomorrow we may die." E n t e r e d September, '45, Homeroom President, 11: Band, 9: Track, 12. Ambition: Chemist RICHARD W. FLETCHER "His only labor is to kill time." E n t e r e d September, '45. Band, 10: Junior Play Committee. Ambition: Undecided NoRMA JEAN Fonr "A silent woman is always better than a talkative one." Entered October, '46. Ambition: Nurse HARMON FoWLER "Heres to all the success he deserves." Homeroom President, 10, Vice-president, 10: Raven Club, 11, 12: Junior Student Council, 9: Senior Student Council, 10, 11, 12, Presi- dent, 12, Vice-president, 10, 11, District President, 12, S t a t e Vice-president, 12 : Junior Honor Society, 9: Senior Honor Society, 11, 12: Camera Club, 12: Band, 11, 12: "Hurricane" Staff, 12: Prom Committee. Ambition: Electrical engineer WILMA ANN FRIEDEL "Butch" "A little fun now and then never hurt anyone." Homeroom Treasurer, 12: Prom Committee. Ambition: Technician and hygienist 17 EDYVARD GARRIS "Eddie" "Good nature is always a part of him." C I a s s Vice-president, 10: Homeroom Treasurer, 12: Key Club, 12: Football, 10 11, 12 : Basketball HA' Squad, 10, 11, 12: Baseball, 12: Track, 11, 12. Ambition: Engineering EDWARD K1-:MEYS GoE'r1-IE "Por-severance is the sign of a true man." Homeroom Secretary-Treas- urer, 12: Swimming, 11, 12. Ambition: Lawyer BETTIE L. GOLDSMITH "Boddy" "I have a heart with room for every joy." U. C. T., 11, 12. Ambition: Model KATHLEEN MAE GOODBREAD "Kitty" "Footloose and fancy free That's the way I want to be." Entered October, '45. Stu- dent Body Secretary, 12: Class Treasurer, 11: Home- room President, 10, Secre- tary Treasurer, 11: Kiwan- ettes, 11, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11: Glee Club, 10: Cheer- leader, 11, 12: Basketball, 12: Track, 11: Senior Play: Prom Committee: Library Staff, 10, 11, 12. Ambition : Singer ANN PENELOPE Goonwm "Penny" "Some think the world is made for fun and frolicf' Homeroom Secretary - treas- urer, 11: Raven Club, 11, 12: Masque and Gavel Club Secretary, 12: Senior Play: Library Staff, 9, 10. Ambition: Model 1 -i Hurricane JAMES H. GRIFFIN "J, H." "Who says studying is every- thing. when you can have fun without it?" Homeroom Vice-president, 9, Secretary-treasurer, 10, President, 12: Hi-Y, 12: Se- nior Play Committee: Prom Committee. Ambition: College MILDRED CLAIRE GRUBBS "Grubby" "Her eyes of brilliance are full to the brim with mis- chief, fun, and plenty of vim." Homeroom President, 9: Raven Club, 11, 12: Junior Honor Society, 9: Senior Play Committee. Ambition: College NoRwooD F. GUILFORD "Much wisdom often goes with fewest wards." Homeroom Vice-president, 12 : Key Club, 9, 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, 12: Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11, 12: Junior Honor Society, 9: Senior Honor Society, 11, 12: Football, 10, 11, 12: Basketball "B" Squad, 9, "A" Squad, 10, 11, 12: Baseball, 11: Tennis, 11, 12. Ambition: Business administration 'FRANCES LOUISE HEITZMAN "Frankie" "Quiet, sweet, and always neat." Class Secretary, 11: Home- room Secretary, 9, 10, 12, Secretary-treasurer, 11: Tri- Hi-Y, 12: Junior Honor So- ciety, 9: Masque and Gavel Club, 12: "Hurricane" Staff, 12: Senior Play Bookholder: Library Staff, 9, 10, 12. Ambition: Dress designer H. B. HELMS "Sonny" "He's a Longfellow, but not a poet." Homeroom Vice-president, 11, President, 12: Band Lieu- tenant, 11, 12: Football Manager, 12: Track, 11, 12: Prom Committee: Office As- sistant, 9. Ambition: Lawyer SHIRLEY YVONNE HILL "Beetle" "Why take life seriously? You'll never get out of it alive." Journalism Club, 12: Raven Club, 11, 12: Senior Honor Society, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12, Vice-president, 12: Junior Play Committee Chairman: Senior Play Com- mittee Chairman: Prom Committee. Ambition: College MARION L. HOLDER "Speech is great: but silence, greater." Homeroom President, 9, 10, 11: Junior Student Council, 9: Raven Club, 11, 12: Junior Honor Society Vice- president, 9: Senior Honor Society, 11, 12: "Hurricane" Staff, 12: Prom Committee: History Medal Award, 11. Ambition: Agriculture EMMET1' EDWARD HoLLowAY "Bashfulness is an ornament of youth." Swimming, 12. Ambition : College ALBERT WILLIAM HOWARD, J R. ..Skippy,, "Serious sometimes, humor- ous sometimes, likable always." Homeroom President, 11: Vice-president, 12: Hi-Y, 11, 12: Football, 11: Basketball, "B" Squad, 11, "A" Squad, 12: Tennis, 12: Prom Com- mittee. Ambition: College MARGARET HUME ..Pe-Iggy., l "Give the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you." Entered September, '46. Kivvanettes, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor Society, 12 : Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12, Treasurer, 12: Junior Play: Prom Committee: Li- brary Staff, 11, 12. Ambition: Journalist 18 Hurricane EVELYN ANN JAMES "Good natured with a smile for all." Ambition : Stenographer , JOHN FRANCIS .TDNES "Jones" "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." Entered September, '46. Homeroom President, 11: Hi-Y, 11, 12, Treasurer, 12: Football, 11, 12: Basketball "A" Squad, 11, 12 : Track, 12. Ambition: Business administration EVA MAE KNIGHT "Candy" "My tongue within my lips I rein: For who tallcs much, talks in vain." E n t e r e d September, '47, from Andrew Jackson High School, Jacksonville, Florida. Ambition: Doctor MARILYN KOPELOWITZ "Pm not asking you: Pm telling you." Journalism Club Vice-preSi- dent, 12: Raven Club, 11, 12: Junior Honor Society, 9: Senior Honor Society, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12, Secretary, 12: Masque and Gavel Club, 12: "Hurricane" Staff, 12: Volleyball, 10, 11, 12: Prom Committee Chair- man:,Junior Play: Senior Play: Basketball, 12. Ambition: Doctor ESTHER ROBBINS LANE "Oh, her heart is adrift with one." D. C. T., Secretary, 12. Ambition: Undecided 19 WILLIAM MAC LAUNIUS emu., "Dependable, but not noisy." Entered February, '46. Cam- era Club, 12: Stage Crew, 12: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee: Library Staff, 11, 12. Ambition: Engineer GEoRGIA BILL LAWSON "An engaging manner-a little shy." E n 1: e r e d September, '47, from Live Oak High School, Live Oak, Florida. Library Stalf, 12. Ambition: Stenographer El.wooD LEVERETTE "Woody" "The wrong way always seems more reasonable." Glee Club, 12: F. F. A., 10. Ambition: Engineer RUBYE BYRON MCGLYNN "Roch" "There's nothing half so sweet in life as love's young dream." Homeroom President, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 12: Journalism Club, 12: Raven Club, 11, 12, Vice-president, 11, Secre- tary, 12: Junior Honor So- ciety, 9: Senior Honor Society, 12: Masque and Gavel Club, 12: Glee Club, 10: "Hurricane" Staif, 12: Junior Play, Business Man- ager: Senior Play. Ambition: Social worker HELEN ANN Mclvsn "Kinky" "The blush is beautiful, but it is sometimes inconvenient." Kiwanettes, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 11, 12: Prom Committee. Ambition: Airline hostess Hurricane NomvIA L. MCLEOD "Silence is the most perfect herald of joy." E n t e r e d September, '47, from Cedar Key High School, Cedar Key, Florida. Ambition: Missionary GORDON HENRY MARTIN "Buster" "His smile hath charm." Homeroom Secretary, 10: Baseball, 12: Track, 12: Prom Committee: Office As- sistant, 10, 11. Ambition: Singer WALTER JEFFERIES MATI-IERLY, Jn. "Dubby" "He's every inch a man, you see, As tall and good as he can be." Student Body President, 12: Class President, 10: Senior Student Council, 10: Key Club, 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y, 11: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Masque and Gavel Club, 12: Glee Club, 12: Football, 10, 11, 12, Co-captain, 12 : Track, 11, 12: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play. Ambition: Minister FRED HARRELL MATHEWS "Pinky" "Where there's a noise you'll find him." Track, 11: Football, 12. Ambition: Certified public accountant WALTER B. MATTHEYVS "Twink" "Romeo is but a good imitation." Class President, 12: Home- room President, 12: Hi-Y, 11, 12: Masque and Gavel Club, 12: Glee Club, 12: Football, 9, 10, 11, 12: Bas- ketball "B" Squad, 9, 10, "A" Squad, 11, 12: Baseball, 12: Track 11, 12: Junior Play: Senior Play: Prom Committee: Office Assistant, 9. Ambition: Radio announcer WILLIAM LESLIE MEHAE1-'EY HBHIY.. "A dependable worker, al- ways willing, With a friendly smile that is quite fulfilling." Homeroom Secretary, 10: Journalism Club Secretary, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor Society, 12: Los Som- breros Altos, 11, 12: Senior Play Committee: Office As- I sistant, 11, 12. Ambition: Business administration JOSEPH C. MILLER ...Teen "This newcomer found his way around in a hurry." Entered February, '48, from Mt. Lebanon High School, P i tts burgh, Pennsylvania. Hi-Y, 12: Baseball, 12. Ambition: Atom bomb scientist FRANKLIN CHRISTIAN NELSON "Chris" "Here I am-you lucky girl!" E n t e r e d September, '47, from Peddie School, Heights- town, New Jersey. Home- room Vice-president, 12: Glee Club, 12: Tennis, 12: Homecoming King, 12. Ambition: Entomologist MARILYN ANN OVERBY "Babe" "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." E n t e re d November, '45. Class Secretary-treasurer, 12 : Homeroom Vice-President, 10 : Kiwanettes, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Volleyball, 11: Junior Play: Senior Play. Ambition: National skeet- shooting champion MARTIN THEO PEPPER Apep.. "What mischief lies within that sober mind?" Homeroom President, 10: D. C. T., 12: F. F. A., 12: Football, 10: Prom Com- mittee. Ambition: Hillbilly band leader 20'- Hurricane Purim E. PUMPHBEY nPat,, "Not too sober, not too gay, But a true girl in every way." E n te r e d September, '46, Homeroom Secretary - treas- urer, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 12: Journalism Club, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor So- ciety, 12 : Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Masque and Gavel Club President, 12: "Hurricane" Staff, 12: Ju- nior Play: Senior Play, Stu- dent Director: Prom Com- mittee Chairman. Ambition : Radio-dietitian JACQUELINE RAPE "Jackie" "Years may come, and years may go: but I'll talk on forever." Homeroom Treasurer, 11, 12: Raven Club, 11, 12: Junior Honor Society, 9: Masque and Gavel Club Treasurer, 12: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play: Library Staff, 11. Ambition: Dress designer ROBERT RICH "Bobby" "The world knows little of its greatest men." C 1 a s s Vice-president, 11 : Homeroom President, 10, 11, Vice-president, 11: Junior Student Council, 9: Senior Student Council, 10: Raven Club, 11, 12: Junior Honor Society, 9: Band Captain, 11, 12: Senior Play: Prom Committee: Lab Assistant, 12. Ambition: Research physical chemist SLDNEY C. ROBERTSON ..R0b.. "Let the other fellow worry." Football, 10: Track, 11, 12. Ambition: Architecture MAXINE AGUSTA ROBINSON UMM., "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance." Glee Club, 9: Volleyball, 10: Softball, 10: Junior Play Committee: Senior Play Committee. Ambition: Interior decorator MARY Nam. Rooms "Nellie" "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." J u n io r Play Committee: Senior Play: Library Staff, 10. Ambition: Dress designer GERALD ALAN RUDDERMAN "Jerry" "The trumpet responds to the witchery of his touch." Homeroom President, 10: Senior Student Council, 12: Hi-Y, 11, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor Society, 11, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12, President, 12: Band, 10, 11, 12, Sergeant, 11, 12: Glee Club, 12: Basketball "B" Squad, 10: Golf, 11, 12, Captain, 11, 12: Junior Play: Prom Committee. Ambition: Musician GLADYS Fun SAPP "Cootie" "Not only good in sports, but a good sport as well." D. C. T., 12: Softball, 10, ll: Junior Play Committee: Library Staff, 9. Ambition: Bookkeeper- stenographer BETTY LARUE SCOFIELD "Sissie" "She's short and sweet-so they tell me." E n t e r e d September, '47, from Lake City High School, Lake City, Florida. Glee Club Secretary-treasurer, 12: Senior Play. Ambition: Secretary CARoLYN Louisa SHERMAN "Carol Lou" "A daughter of the gods, di- vinely tall, and most divinely fair." H o m e r o 0 m Vice-president, 10: Senior Student Council, 10: Kiwanettes, 10, 11, 12, Vice-president, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 12: Raven Club, 12: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Glee Club, 10: Junior Play: Senior Play Committee Chairman: Prom Committee: Library Staff, 11, 12. Ambition: Model 21 Hurricane NEWVTON SILVERMAN K'KHHtB" "Every man has his own pleasures." Entered February, '48, from Erasmus Hall High School, New York City. Base- ball, 12. Ambition: Commercial artist DOROTHY ELIZABETH SIMPSON MDM.. "I"ue been working for four years: now Fm really going to live." Volleyball, 10, 11. Ambition: Dress designer FRED CURTIS SIVIA "Goofy" "Must I work? What a waste of time!" C l a s s Vice-president, 10 : Homeroom Treasurer, 10: Key Club, 10, 11, 12, Presi- dent, 12, Treasurer, 11: Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11, 12: Glee Club, 12: Football, 10, 11, 12: Basketball "B" Squad, 9, "A" Squad, 10, 11, 12: Baseball, 11, 12: Track, 12: Junior Play Committee: Se- nior Playg Prom Committee. Ambition: Physical education director HOWARD ALLEN SMITH "Buddy" "Youth comes but once in a lifetime." Key Club, 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y, 9, 10, 11, 12: F. F. A., 10: Band, 9: Football, 10, 11, 12: Baseball, 12: Track, 11, 12: Senior Play Committee: Prom Committee. Ambition: Coach ELAINE D. SMYSOR "The tresses of he-r hair are as gold." E n t e r e d September, '45, Kiwanettes, 10, 11, 12 : 12 : Junior Play S e n i o r Play Tri-Hi-Y, Committee: Committee Chairman: Prom Committee: Library Staff, 12. Ambition: Dress designer HERMAN EVERETTE Srivar, JR. "Nature has inclined us to admire such men." Entered October, '45. Home- room President, 10, 11: Senior Student Council, 11, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor Society, 11, 12: Mas- que and Gavel Club, 12: Camera Club, 12: "Hurri- cane" Staff, 12: Senior Play: Prom Committee. Ambition: Doctor ANTHONY STELLA, JR. ..T0ny,, "Men of few 'words are the best men." Junior Honor Society, 9: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Office Assistant, 10. Ambition: Engineer WALTER BENNETT STOTESBURY "Shorty" "The best things come in small packages." Entered September, '45, Class Vice-president, 12: Home- room President, 10: Senior Student Council Vice-presi- dent, 11: Hi-Y, 10, 11, 12, Treasurer, 11, Secretary, 12: Masque and Gavel Club, 12: Band, 11, 12: Drum Major, 11, 12: "Hurricane" Staff, 12: Golf, 11: Swimming, 12: Junior Play: Prom Com- mittee. Ambition: Politician SARAH WEEKS TERRY "What should a girl do but be merry?" Homeroom Secretary - treas- urer, 10: D. C. T., 11. Ambition: To be a good housewife EVELYN THOMAS "Evie" "Peaceful and quiet, Certainly to be admired." D. C. T., 11, 12, President, 12: Glee Club, 9: Softball, 10: Senior Play Committee. Ambition: Registered nurse Q22 Hurricane JUYGE A. THOMAS "Shortie" "Dirninutive, but not insignificant? D. C. T., 12, G. H. S. Par- liamentary Procedure Repre- sentative, 12: Senior Play Committee. Ambition: Merchandise control clerk LEo J. THOMAS "Buddy" "A good line is the shortest distance between two dates." Key Club, 11, 12: Hi-Y, 11, 12, Vice-president, 12: Glee Club, 12: Basketball, 12: Golf, 12: Junior Play: Senior Play: Prom Committee. Ambition: Doctor CHESTER E. TILLMAN "If silence were golden, he would be a millionaire." Raven Club, 11, 12: Football, 12. Ambition : Chemist WINFRED LELAND TILLMAN "Chicken" "There's a. song in my heart." Stage Crew, 10, 11, 12: Junior Play Committee: Se- nior Play Committee: Glee Club, 12. Ambition: Singer Doncns VIRGINIA TUCKER MDM., "She can cut a rug-that jlltZ'l'b'll.g.', Homeroom Treasurer, 12: Tri-Hi-Y, 10, 11: D. C. T., 12: Cheerleader, 9, 10, 11: Basketball, 10, 11. Ambition: Marriage ELIZABETH DEANE WALLACE "She has two eyes, so bright and blue-'Beware'!" Homeroom Vice-president, 12: D1 C. T., 12: Junior P l a y Committee: Library StaE, 9, 10, 11, Assistant, 12. Ambition: College, marriage EVELYN JEANNY WHEELER 'tMethought I heard a voice cry, 'Sleep some more', and so I did." Ambition: Nurse STEPHEN KENNETH WILSON 4fKenv, "New to us, but ever 41. friend." Entered February, '48, from Albany High School, Albany, Georgia. Ambition: Doctor LILA MAE WYNN "Windy" "Life is short. Why not enjoy it?" Homeroom Secretary, 10: Los Sombreros Altos, 11, 12: Volleyball, 9: Junior Play Committee Chairman: Senior Play Committee Chairman: Prom Committee Chairman: Library Staff, 9, 10. Ambition: Artist ROBERT SHEPPARD YEATS ..Bob,. "Who knows what goes on in that thoughtful mind?" Journalism Club, 12: Raven Club, 12: Senior Honor So- ciety, 12: Camera Club, 12: Band, 9, 10, 11, 12: Baseball, 12: Junior Play: Senior Play Committee: Prom Commit- tee: Office Assistant, 9, 10. Ambition: Cartographer 23 Hurricane WHO'S WH 24 Hurricane WI-IO'S WH 254 Qs3Q',5Q?J pw Qmixgiokg 4, , moi . 55212 1gWH , O S WI-IOM Mario sc?,cm.aS 'L '5Ba'fYX?m 59? gg 'fgoixdaf Syb 'fm ff '56 all af .gays we awk. 2 Www Gnd-gs Selma 'Frm Swan 'kr 26 lfurricane 2 V -1.3, ,, I 5 O 2 ur Hrsioni it li REMEMBER? ' M Remember back in the seventh grade when we first proved our worth U by topping all other grades in buying defense stamps and marching up and ' ll down the back campus with the Victory Corps? Even then the faithful few I ., I were making two exemptions, and all of us counted the years until we would be Great Big Seniors. And remember the Audobon field trip to Bivens Arm, l 1 4 the avowed purpose of which was the study of birds, but the true aim of Il ' which was fun, frolic, and a grand picnic spread? By the time we entered l the eighth grade we had learned to jump and dash for the next class at the clang of the bell, and to resist stubbornly as our teachers diligently tried to pound some math, science. history, English and Latin into our uncompre- hending minds. And how very proud we were of our little Dickie Brown, who won the D. A. R. History Award, and of Rubye McGlynn and Bobby Rich, who won the Citizenship Awards given by the American Legion. We were first organized as a class in the ninth grade. It was in that year 1 'V that our ranks were increased by the arrival of a loyal contingent from " P. K. Yonge and other schools. Remember in the tenth grade all our trials My ,ffa and tribulations in editing the "Comet"? And that wonderful picnic at X can J Magnesia which was climaxed by the falling of a fully-clad male into the pool? Serving as class president that year was W. J. Matherly, and we Q I sophomores felt that at last we were on our way toward graduation. 1 X r ,II L Our junior year with Dick Brown as president was a happy one: our goal fr g. was almost in sight. The planning and carrying out of the junior-senior ban- J! .0 A 1 quet and prom was the big event. Remember Shorty Stotesbury as Master of Ex f ,I Ceremonies? Another bright spot was the junior play, "Almost Eighteen," , QM Q J starring Leo Thomas. Marion Holder won the history medal, the war was over, tc ? 3 and our boys were able to settle down to the task of acquiring knowledge, ZJ 4' assured that they would not be called to serve in the armed forces. Then finally we, the Class of '48, accomplished something which many before us had failed to do: the annual became a realized ambition. And didn't we seniors have fun at Homecoming with Madge and Chris reigning as king and queen! How proud we were of our N. E. C. champion football team, with its galaxy of senior stars: W. J. Matherly, Buddy Smith, Eddie Garris, Fred Sivia, Dick Brown, Marshall Strickland, John Jones, Norwood Guilford, Richard Bashaw, and Class President Walter Matthews! "A Date with Judy" netted the highest proceeds of any play in recent years. Arriving from other schools during the year to graduate with us and swell our roll to an impressive one hundred were some of our most loyal and active members. And now that our last and best year draws to a close and we are soon to bid our friends good-bye, we are learning anew what the words of our Alma Mater mean when we sing, "Cherished are the memories precious Of thee, Gainesville High." Yr Wu M 1 27 4 Hurricane 28 Jumliicors + f, M 4 if J 1 0 la fl ,K 1 o S ' L f f , I-f, W W U . sg!! W Q X- 4 1 'it W QL f , N WMI 6 ' Q J xx Q MW x, ' ' 5 x "l ! ' qw? X 'Y ' G ,QS f M 71 'xf 'mam x x nu 1' Jcwoix ' XYZ 31 lf! My C W ,sy . M' +I' ff "Eg ,f t K, rf -'AVX Hurricane 30 Bell, Jack Brabham, John Bryant, Bronson Bryant, Howard Bynum, Betty Carver, Evelyn Coles, Lorraine Dampier, Charlotte Desha, George Dickinson, Harvey Gay, Medford Goode, Lorraine Goolsby, Maureen Horne, Herbert Johnson, Ruth Knight, Katie Lee Lee, Kenneth Mize, C. V. McDonald, Frances McDonald, Theresa Pearce, John Pumphrey, Jim Ramos, Iliada Ripper, Charles Sapp, Doris Thomas, Teeny Thomas, Constance Tillis, Hazel Tucker, Gilbert Wallace, Alston Wasdin, Thomas Wilson, Charles Arthur, Philip Ascherfeld, Cherrie Beers, Dorothy Billington, Frankie Black, Clanton Blocker, Jo Anne Brooker, Nelma Bryan, Billy Cellon, DeWitt Cheshire, June Chiddix, Joyce Cowart, Imogene Davis, Mary Ann Dunseombe, Harry Ervin, Billy Ferguson, Ester Gratz, Marjorie Greene, Gloria Hayes, Jeweline Hilliard, CQ L. Hook, Ralph Kemp, Jim King, Andrew Lawson, Patricia Love, Bobby Lovett, Billy Mimbs, Ann Neal, Marian Pearson, Elmore Rogers, Betty Southerland, Howard Wolfmeyer, Thomas Hurricane 31 Hurricane 32 Bain, Robert Barker, Bobbie Benton, Grady Bevis, Pat 1 Brown, Shirley Brownsteen, Shirley Cooper, Norma Lee Edge, Jeanne Forster, J oe-Anne Gay, Jean Goodbred, Mary Greer, Frank Hogan, Myrtle Hunt, Elizabeth Hurse, David King, Kenneth Logan, Bob Linzrnayer, Tillie Lowry, Carolyn Martin, Genette Merritt, Elva Jean Morrison, Henry McDavid, Margy McCumber, Laquita McCoy, Quincy Lee McGilvray, Martha Norris, Minnie Perry, Christine Pennisi, Johnny Schwall, Jean Searcy, Jean Seckinger, Jane Anne Sojphomccmres J WW 27, SQ NX mall, g f ZW W7 5 XJ X W 0 IJ 0 i. ' X X A gf-, I I 5?N!514 1 'mf' lqef Z"'..N'? Eiiellsf 5Sg?i5f'.,g 24' Z .g:.-Q.-ww-fsfeff:.f QQ: f' 1 f i' "1-" W! '.,. ' ' n I -.yf un , A V . , .-f .N ? 4 , i J chidd L Hurricane 34 Carolyn Adams Joyce Ambrose Nesbitt Anderson Theodosia Atchley Mary Aycock Helen Barber Hugh Barfield Ruth Bielmann Ruth Nobles Howard Brower Barbara Bruce Laquita Burnette John Canova Bobby Clark Morgan Cobb June Conyers Eleas Coullias Kathleen Courtney Virginia Davis Roy Dean Charles Denny Duncan Lewis Jo Anne Dykes Walter Endsley Luther Ervin Cheyenne Evans Jimmie Evans Helen Folds Ruby Fowler Joe Gay Philip Goodbred Molly Sue Goodwyn Joan Greenman David Hart Marvin Haven Wayne Hayes Anne Hendley Lynda Henry Dashwood Hicks Frank Hill Lou Ellis Hill Don Horne Thelma Howell Bobby Huss Cotella Ingle Charles Jones Betty Jean Johnston Birk Jordan Paul Knabb Jeanne McCain Leslie McClellan Charles McCallum Dorothy McDonald Joyce Mallard Neil Malphurs Clorece Markham Dick Miller Edgar Miller Johnnie Miller Carolyn Mills Margie Minnick Bascom Mizell Joyce Moring Johnny Montesano Hurricane 35 Hurricane 36 Sylvia Morris James Niblack Jeanette Parker Josephine Pelot Dorothy Perry Lamar Pitts June Reddy Cameron Ridgell Roy Ridgell David Roberts Walter Robinton Carol Schaeffner Hebron Self Bill Shanley Gordon Shields Martha Simpson Darlene Smith Helen Smith Olin Spivey Elizabeth Springstead Florence Stewart Dollie Stevens Betty Turner Donald Stone Billie Thomas Omerea Thomas Ivan Tillman Frances Tuttle Viola Underwood Howard Ward Ruby Lee Ward Betty Watkins Christine Busbey Jean Harrington Barney Spencer Bobby Tucker George Valentine John Umstead Doyle Webb Calvin Weeks Billy Weldon Patty Weldon Edith Wise Dorothy Yawn STUDENTS WITHOUT PICTURES ' January Graduates: Kenneth Boals. Joseph Cawthon, Shirley Cone. Joyce McCallum, Marshall Strick- land. Juniors: Emily Boals, Ernest Grubbs, Martina Hampton. Floyd Howard, Edward Johnson, Mary Beth Moody, Leona Morgan, Benjamin Pitts. Martha Stephens, Alene Strickland, Bill Virgin. Sophomores-: Jonelda Adams, Darene Annzel. Jane Banister, Louise Bennett. Bobby Bush, Barbara Calkins, Franklin Campbell. Thelma Cook, Sadie Diseker. Leonard Dlykes, Bobby Emery Bob Everhart, Deanie Evans, Albert Gechter, Dalton Hague, Robert Harrold. J. G. Haufler, Anne Hendricks. Irene Hill, Tommy Holder, Frank Holton, Albert Johnson, Eugene McCain. Alan Mimbs, Lois Parrish, Rebecca Philips, Ted Philips, George Snowden. Mary Ellen Swilley, Jack Veater, Jimmy Veater, Taylor Wallace, William Whitney, Wynelle Wilson. Joyce Young. LIBRARY STAFF Bohannon. Nita Nell: Canova, Mary Ann: Cochran, Sue: Coles. Lorraine: Conyers, June: Davis, Betty Jean: Dean. Lou: Duke, Molly: Edge. Jeanne: Goodbread, Kitty: Heitzman, Frances: Hook, Ralph: Hume, Pemryi Jordan, Birk: Launius, Bill: McCoy, Quincy Lee: Martin, Jean: Mathews, Patty: Matthews, Jean: Nobles. Ruth: Perry. Dorothy: Selle, Ann: Shea, Bobbie Jean: Sherman, Carol Lou: Smysor, Elaine: Spivey, Olin: Sprimzstead, Elizabeth: Stewart, Florence 5 Thomas, Teeny: Wallace, Deane: Whiddon, Billy :' Wilson, Barbara Anne. 37 Hurricane 38 Jmulmlfimf High s- A XQQTP QWXQQ A Q uf' J fig Zh Y J 5' Hurricane NINTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 13 Kneeling: Henry Schwall, Bill Hussey, Jimmy Prentice, Furman Wallace, Osmond Stapleton. Sitting: Betty Sue Fort, Elaine Pumphrey, Anne Peters, Jean Allen, Dara Mirnbs, Jean Thompson, Eleanor Allen, Diane Strange, Charlotte Delk, Elaine Arthur, Joyce Wilson, Cecilia Adams. Standing: Jeanette Cheshire, Earlene Phillips. Patty Mathews. Barbara Shea. Pat Pepper, Barbara Wilson, Mrs. Laura Young, Barbara Phillips, Marcelle Hampton, Lenora Pennisi, Juana Jean Hayes, Maree Rodgers. Back Row: Lillian Rutland, Betty Jo Brabham, Byron Mills, Bob Dunn. Warren McCandless, Orion D'avis, Shirley Larrick, Anne Quekemeyer. NINTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 26 Front Row: Julian Smetana, Charles Morris, George Smith, Wallace McLeod. Sitting: Mary McDavid, Jean Mangham, Blanche Scoiield, Alice Neal, Juanita Southerland, Ruby Cook, Emogene Wyrosdick, Leona Starling. Standing: L. N. Beckham, Donald Meyers, Donald Wilson, Mrs. John Selle, Lou Hill, Cliff Louden. Jacob Linzmeyer, John Glenn. Griffeth Sweeney. 40 Hurricane NINTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 14 Front.Row: Elton Cowart, Charlotte Mochlenbrock, Marlene Underwood. Pat Piper, Bennie Bryan, Betty Davld. Ann Hawkins. Charlotte Thomas. John Beckum. Back Row: Billy Anderson, Bob Everhart, Mrs. Caroline Mizell, Eugene McCain, Ray Purvis, Jack Arkell, Bobby Bush. NINTH GRADE,'I-IOME ROOM 25 Row One: David Sheffield, Bob Allen, Leonard Dykes, Otis Leverette, Tommy Holder, Frank Holton. Row Two: Wilma Carroll, Nadine Cobb, Edwina Wynn, Betty Jo Thompson. Betty James. Sadie Diseker, Ethel Howard, Martha Jean Taylor, Betty Sue Alvarez. Row Three: Kenneth Hill, Bill Whitney, J. G. Haufler, Ronny Meade, Miss Reta Garris, Henry Parker, Gonto Thorpe, H, A. Townsend. Victor Balsamo. 41 Hurricane EIGHTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 4 Kneeling: Fred Pitts. Billy Knight, James Mallard, Ferrell Asbell, Fred Fagan, Fleming Blitch, Everett Yon. Kenneth Cellon, Michael Couillas, Paul Arthur. Sitting: Jean Matthews, Gay Simmons, Jackie McClellan. Ann Selle, Janette Specht, Susan Davis, Jean Martin, Mary Edna Jackson, Barbara Jean Jones, Beryl St. Peter. Sheila Goodwin. Standing: Helene Fernandez. Bobbie Sue Yates, Anne Sanders, Doris Williams, Jonie Williams, Lou Dean, Julia Ann Southerland, Patsy Benton, Elizabeth Gay. Back Row: Mrs. Mary F. McDaniell, Patsy Ray, Martha Bainbridge, Betty Strickland, Ann Strickland, Betty Jo Emery. Jean Smith. Theresa Earnest. EIGHTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 5 Row One: Rodger Seckinger, Ronny Meade, Rachel Neal, Barbara Fain, D'onna Pangborn, Kay Brower, Betty Shehee, Sandra Williams, Mona Jean Thorpe. Helen Seay, Philip Hill, Earl Harrington. Row Two: Jack Minnick, Jimmy Burnette, George Shanley. Miss Dorothea Smith, Jimmy Miller, John Springstead, Alton Moring, Edward Moratto. Delano Griflis, Row Three: Donald Howell, Ralph Brooker, Robert Sheffield, Maxie Mehaffey. Jed Cook, Teddy Williams, Wenton James, Bobby Jernigan, Johnny Underwood. Row Four: Talmadge Scott, Creighton Price. Edward Freeman. 42 Hurricane EIGHTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 2313, Row One: Clarence Beasley. Adral Chesser, Wayne Smith, Gene Fletcher, Kreme Bowen, Bill Crusselle. Sittin.-z: Leah Litchfield, Margaret Ridzell, Colleen Schultz, Tena Middleton, Dorothy Stevens, Jean Wilson, Peggy Pearson, Jean McCullough. Barbara Hague. Barbara Stokes. Roselind Taylor. Back Row: Martha Whitaker, Sue Strickland, Foster Smith, Billy Coleman, Mrs. Hal Lewis. W. G. Snowden, R. L. Coleman, Dorothy Tucker, Patty Sullivan. EIGHTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 2 l Kneeling: David Henderson, Malcolm MacLeod, Fred Robbins, Fred Jaefrer, Clyatt' Philman, Billy Merritt. Talmadze Griffeth. Everett Clark, Julian Dean, Clarence Wright. Sitting: Alice Fender, Janell Verri, Patricia Bunner, Mary Pat Heekard, Glenda Garrett, Shirley Deas. Velma Link. Mary Ann Bryan, Nancy Lee Hill, Della Jones. Standing: Buddy Zipperer, Edward Bault. Kathryne Martin. Jessie Lee Russell, Byron Tidwell, Janie Holloway. Paul Cox. Donald Fagan. Fourth Row: Grady Varner, John Krienke. Billy Davidson, Billy Breeden, Paul Ray Varnes. Back Row: Jack Wilson, Gordon Keene, Hugh Hurse. Mrs. Don Hay. Karl Jones, Tommy Holton. 43 Hurricane SEVENTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 17 Front Row: John Jamerson, Kenneth Bochette. Tommy Hicks, Glen McMillan, Arthur Theus, Mrs. Neel Campbell, Billy Whiddon, Richard Wilson, Charles Hazen, Lamar Shields, George Wheeler, Kent Fletcher. Row Two: Andy Lone, Jerry Dykes. Kenneth Watson. Clyde Mallard, Donald Sapp, Robert Thorpe. Robert Holton, Eugene Burnett, Osie Lee Jackson. Samuel Townsend. Back Row: Tommy Lewis, Perry Miller, Robert Bell, Charles Strozier, Robert Owens, Jerry Wester. SEVENTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 12 Front Row: Charles Schwall. John Waxroner, Billy Tucker. Clyde Jones. Jesse Holder, Eugene Peters, James Kina. Trubie Palmer, Francis Moratto. Second Row: Jimmie Mae McDonald, Mary Jane Davis, Lois Nobles, Mary Ellen Gatesman, Jacqueline Cook, Betty Lou Sapp, Marie Medlock, Betty Philrnan, Juanita Hill, Margaret Crown. Third Row: Beatrice Paige, Betty Jean Crutchfield, Bobby Norman, Halstead Hinson, Mrs. J. H. Groth. Jimmy Miller, Kenneth Disbrow. Winton Harris, Erie Belle Harris, Pansy Lou Waters. Fourth Row: Norman Riley, Gidden Hague, Alvin Keene, Richard Peters, Harry Jamerson, Kenneth Kelley, Wilbur Dampier. Bobby McKinney. J. H. Jordan. 44 Hurricane SEVENTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 16 Kneeling: Michael Green, Lance Lazonby, Allen Howell, Sidney Stotesbury, Joe Lang, Sonny Fulwood. Sitting: Carole Haven, Kay Paige. Carolyn Edmondson, Marian Crowson, Louise Baughan! MS-TY ADH Forehand, Mabel Smith. Patricia Monk. Marie Linzmayer, Betty Jo Malphurs. Standing: Llska Ahrano, Rosemary Diettrich, Benny Brabham. Danny Phillips, Charles Geltz, Samuel Gaskms, Clayton Mills, Franklin May, Richard Wallace. Jack Miller, Gloria Coleman. Barbara Warrington. Back Row: Mrs. Blair T. Hathaway, Eddie G. Ward. John Robertson. Dickie Webb, Claude Allen, Marc Edelstem. SEVENTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 15 Front Row: Mary Elizabeth Underwood, Shirley Taylor, Eunice Snyder, Ann Black, Annelle Lynn. Second Row: Barbara Wynn, Virginia Saunders, Lois Ann Cooper, Joyce Brower, Shirley Spence, Gaynelle Sanchez, Gwendolyn Green, Palmalee Thomas. Nan Collins. Bette Parker, Shirley Morgan. Joann Sapp. Third Row: Evelyn Wilson, Nira Herring, Eva Joe Squires, Peggy Sue Dorsey, Gwendolyn Larrlck, Betty Ann Will, Shirley Gainous, Lucretia Dukes, -Lou Ann Burkhim, Barbara Gleason. 45 Hurricane SEVENTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 18 Front Row: Clarice Sweat. Audrie Ritter, Colleen Joyner, Jane Edwards, Virginia Daniell, Faye Weathersby, Becky Greer, Rita Jenkins. Mary Ann Bransford, Sylvia Aiton. Second Row: Helen Hollings- worth, Harold Young, Russell Johnson. Edward Cellon. Dan Ervin, John Wilson, Ralph Malphurs, Bobby Guy, Ralph Coburn, Gwendolyn Crozier. Third Row: Bobby Lovett. Golden Gamble, Marvin Hogan, Billy Ray Green, Jimmie Nelson, Hershel Markham. SEVENTH GRADE, HOME ROOM 19 . Front Row: Roger Williams, Louie O'Berry, Wayne Cheshire, Russell McGlynn:"Car1'J'oi'don, Julian McLeod. Second-Row:.Mary Newcomer, Jeannette Ward, Marcellette Fender. Jo Ann Jernigan, Barbara McRae. Nellie Ruth Southerland, Emily Bielrnann, Carolyn Babb. Margaret Snowden, Evelyn Blackwelder, Doris Bass. Third Row: Betty Stoutamire. Florence Disbrow, Robert Russell, Herman Ledford, Daniel Robinson, William Browning. Carl Welch, Charles Leverette, Trubie Palmer, Betty Howell, Betty Mock. 46 Clubs YQ- i p GGc?BQfP ' 21 5 ,ff J SQ Q W if Eg 2 5 H-if W ijgf S W F ,414 A X .., -49 Q fN , N W f f 'Q D A 2' ff f K 11119 I CHITJDIX Si' Iffv W ,L 76 Z if ,, ,AQ,4d9,w' . 4,0-4, MW' X hw I f W if fra www W I , J, r' W , if d If r Q 1" 1.71 I f J 4 " f:', H' ,H , 7 ' Wiki' W , A , K f x I Z X f X - J Hurricane SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Harmon Fowler President Jim Kemp June Conyers Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Mrs. Ruby Waits Sonhomore Representatives: John Canovag June Conyers. Secretary: Carol Schaeffner: Olin Spivey: .iunior Representatives: Ralph Hook: Jim Kemp, Vice-President: Charles Wilson: Johnny Penmsi. Senior Representatives: Leon Aiton: Mary Anne Ganovag Jerry Rudderman: Harmon Fowler, President. 48 Hurricane HISTORY OF THE SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL The constitution of the Student Body, adopted in 1925, provided that the immediate authority of the cooperative student government should be vested in the student council, which should be composed of the four class presidents and six others chosen from the student body at large. During its first year the council drew up a Code of Ethics. The following year it organized an athletic association, drafted traffic laws, and placed under student supervision two study halls. Since then, two important changes have been made in the plan of student government. The method of representation was changed in 1928. Instead of the classes being rep- resented by their presidents, four members from each class are now chosen by the student body at large. In 1929 the council worked with the faculty to set up the merit point system now used in the school. To secure more representative elections, the constitution was revised in 1931. The council is now a member of the district, state, and southern associations of student government, its president being the president and vice-president of the district and state organizations, respectively. In 1947 the council sent two delegates to the Southern Association of Student Government con- vening in Corpus Christi, Texas. During 1947, the council has striven for a broader social program, better relations between students and faculty, more school spirit, better cooperation between the school and the community, and broader contacts with other schools, and at the present time it is in the process of revising the constitution. 49 Hurricane JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Members: Nellie Ruth Southerlandg Joann Sapp: Lou Elis Hill: Miss Kay Lewis: Tommy Hicks: Charlotte Thomas: Kenneth Cellon, Treasurer: George Smith, President: Jack Miller, Vice-president: Elaine Pumphrey: Jack Minnick: Billy Breeden: Victor Williams: Bobby Lovett: Sadie Diseker: Mary Ellen Gatesman: Bob Dunn, Secretary. The Junior High Student Council is composed of a representative from each junior high homeroom and a president elected by students in junior high. The president must be a ninth grade student. There is, also, one faculty advisor. The officers of the Council consist of President, Vice-President, Secre- tary, and Treasurer. The Council convenes every Monday afternoon immediately after school. Special meetings may be called by the president. The Council strives at all times to create school spirit and to bring about greater cooperation between students and faculty, as well as among the students themselves. 50 Hurricane SENIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY E ' Old Members: Mary Anne Canova. Marion Holder, Jerry Rudderman, Norwood Guilford, Herman SDIVGY, Harmon Fowler. New Members Uuniarsy: Harry Dunscombe, Billy Lovett, Ann Mimbs, Marian Neal, Margorie Gratz, Charles Wilson. New Members fSeniorsJ: Jean Billington, Shirley Hill, Peggy Hume, Marilyn Kopelowitz, Rubye McGlynn, Pattie Pumphrey, Leon Aiton, Billy Mehaffey, Robert Yeats. JUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY Kfleelimr: Elaine Arthur. Vice-president: Betty Jo Brabham: Ann Peters: Lenora Pennisi, Secre- tary! Mar-ee Roqgers, President. Standing: Barbara Shea, Patty Mathews, Barbara Wilson, Furman Wallace, Miss Minnie Reta Garris, Nadine Cobb, Leona Starling. 51 I Hurricane G. H. S. BAND Director, B. M. DONALDSON Flutes: Virginia Davis, Hugh Barfield, Mary Pat Heckard. Oboe: Frances Tuttle, Clarinets: Bob Yeats. Grady Varner, Ann Peters. Ferrell Asbell, Cotella Ingle. Patsy Ray, Wayne Hayes, Pat Piper, Leslie McClellan. Jed Cook. Darlene Smith. Bass Clarinet: Florence Stewart. Bassoon: Martha Simpson. Cornets: Jerry Rudderman, lst Sergeant: Marjorie Gratz, Jack Miller, Lamar Shields, Neil Malphurs, Shorty Stotesbury, Drum Major: Claude Allen. Horns: Harry Dunscombe, Harmon Fowler, Bill Whitney, Fleming Blitch. Trombones: Gordon Shields, Andrew King, Philip Arthur, Roger Seckinger. Baritone: H. B. Helms. Basses: Dale Fletcher, John Wilson, Jimmy Evans. Saxophones: Fred Fagan, Joe Hadsock, Bobby Rich, Captain: Carole Haven, .lim Kemp, 2nd Lieutenant. Percussion: Marc Edelstein, Bob Dunn, Leon Aiton, lst Lieutenant: Earlene Phillips. Majorettes: Pat Lawson, Dara Mimbs, Connie Thomas, Edwina Wynn. 52 Hurricane G. H. S. BAND Top: CapQain ,Bob Rich, lst Lieutenant Leon Aiton. 2nd Lieutenant Jim Kemp, Sergeant Jerry Rudderman, Lxbrarzan Harry Dunscombe, Drum Major Shorty Stotesbury. 53 Hurricane GLEE CLUB Director: MRS. DORIS BOONE Senior Section: Joyce Ambrose. L. N. Beckham. Frankie Billington, Martha Bielmann, Bus. Mgr.: Wallace Brown, Pres.g Jimmy Evans, Pat Lawson. Elva Jean Merritt, Betty Scofield, SEC.-T1'E8S.Q Jean Searcy, V.-Pres.: Winfred Tillman. Dorothy McD'onald, Ben Pitts, Sgt. at Arms: Viola Underwood. Darene Angel, Ruby Fowler. Clorece Markam. Dolly Stevens, Ruth Coleman. Charlotte Dampier, Shirley Brown, Betty David, Dorothy Yawn. Christine Busbey, Leona Starling, Imogene Wyrosdick, Theresa McDonald, Wilma Carroll, Julian Dean, Celestial Mae Rowell, Dorothy Stevens, Helen Barker, June Reddy, June Conyers, Pat Bevis. June Cheshire, Nadine Cobb, Cheyenne Evans, Jean Schwall, Alene Strickland, Betty Thompson. Evelyn Mallard. Lamar Pitts. 54 Hurricane film JUNIOR CHORUS Jeanette Beard, Gloria Coleman, Susan Davis, Lou D'ean, Shirley Deas, Helene Fernandez, Mary Edna Jackson, Jean Martin, Jean Matthews, Jackie McClellan, Kay Paige, Donna Panzborn, Ann Selle, Colleen Schultz, Janette Specht, Mabel Smith, Barbara Stokes, Jonie Williams, Bobbie Sue Yates, Marcellette Fender. Jeannette Ward. Sylvia Aiton, Quincy Bault. Mary Ann Bransford, Ann Black, Nan Collins, Peggy Dorsey, Virginia Daniell, Shirley Gainous. Rita Jenkins, Colleen Joiner, Gwendolyn Larrick, Bette Parker, Audrie Ritter, Gaynell Sanchez. Virginia Saunders, Palmalee Thomas, Mary Underwood, Betty Ann Will, Faye Weathersby, Carolyn Babb. Margaret Snowden, Katheryn Martin, Leah Litchfield, Emily Bielmann, Martha Bainbridge. BOYS SENIOR CHORUS John Brabham, Dashwood Hicks. Billy Lovett, Jack Monk. Sid Robertson, Jerry Rudderman, Bobby Tucker, George Valentine. Wmfred Tillman, Bill Webb, Jim Pumphrey, Charles Denny, Elwood Leverett, Walter Matthews, W. J. Matherly, Fred Mathews, Chris Nelson, Fred Sivia, Buddy Thomas, Gilbert Tucker, 55 1 i President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Jerry Rudderman Shirley Hill Marilyn Kopelowitz Peggy Hume LOS SOMBREROS ALTOS Los Sombreros Altos lThe High Hatsl is the honorary Spanish club of G. H. S. Its colors are red, yellow, and purple, the colors of the Snanish flaz. Its motto is "Criamos voluntad buena" fWe create good willj. and its purpose is to promote interest in Spanish culture. The members are those students who have an averasze of 85 or more in Spanish. Junior Members: Bobby Barker, Frankie Billington, John Brabham, Lorraine Coles, Mary Ann Davis, Ester Ferguson, Billy Lovett. Jim Pumphrey, Iliada Ramos, Jane Ann Seckinger, Connie Thomas. MEMBERS-Seated left to right: Shirley Hill. Pattie Pumphrey, Mari1yn.0verby, Mrs. Hal Lewis, Peggy Hume, Carol Lou Sherman, Betty Jean Davis, Standing: Jean Billmgton, Jerry Rudderman, Billy Mehaifey, W. J. Matherly. Anthony Stella, Marilyn Kopelowitz. 56 Hurricane HURRICANE STAFF Editors-in-Chief, Marilyn Kopelowitz and Herman Spivey: Business Manager, Martha Bielmanng Photography, Harmon Fowler and Walter Stotesbury: Sports, Leon Aiton: Features, Frances Heitzman: Clubs and Organizations, Rubye McG1ynn: Literary, Marion Holder: Senior Class, Pattie Pumphrey: Junior Class. Marjorie Gratz: Sophomore Class. Dorothy Perry: Junior High School, Barbara Ann Wilson: Art, Joyce Chiddlx and Penny Goodwin: Sponsors. Mrs. Velma Bonacker, Miss Mary Gresham, Mrs. Helen Philpott, Mrs. Ruby Waits and Miss Ruth White. STAFF COMMITTEES Senior Section: Richard Bashaw. Nita Nell Bohannon, Mary Anne Canova, Sue Cochran, Molly Duke, Penny Goodwin. Shirley Hill, Billy Mehaffey. Jackie Rape. Carol Lou Sherman, Buddy Smith, Anthony Stella. Deane Wallace. Junior Section: Johnny Brabham, Joe-Anne Forster, Jane Anne Seckinger. Feature and Life: Jean Billinsrton, Bill Launius. Sports: Jerry Rudderman. Clubs and Organizations: Elaine Dean. Business: Ann Cox, Elaine Dean. Literary: Penny Goodwin, Jackie Rape, Robert Yeats. Junior High: Barbara Shea. Sophomore Section: June Conyers, Virginia Davis, Charles Denny, Betty J. Johnston. Ruby Lee Ward, Joyce Young. Photography: Bill Launius, Henry Morrison, Robert Yeats. It is with gratitude to the past senior classes that we publish this annual, the first in twenty years. This yearbook was made possible through the groundwork laid by former seniors. We of the Glass of '48 Wish to express our sincere thanks to them for their important contribu- tion to the HURRICANE. 57 Hurricane JUNIOR HIGH LITERARY SOCIETY Jack Minnick, President Babara Ann Wilson, Vice-President Patty Mathews, Secretary Mrs. Adelia J. Blacklock, Sponsor Organized November 13, 1947 Charter Members: Fleming Blitch. Kenneth Cellon, Jed Cook, Susan Davis, Fred Fagan, Helene Fernandez, P.h1lip Hill, Mary Edna Jackson, Patty Mathews, Jean Matthews, Jack Minnick, Jackie McClellan, Pat Piper, Janette Specht. Ann Selle, Barbara Jean Shea, Julian Smetana, Barbara Ann Wilson. PREAMBLE We, the student members of the Junior High Literary Society, are determined to promote interest in literature and journalism, and through this constitution we hope to preserve the ideals of this organization. 58 Hurricane oi RAVEN CLUB The Raven Club is an honorary English club, organ- ized in 1928. Membership is limited to the twenty seniors and ten juniors having the highest scholastic standing in English. This year our activities have included spon- soring a journalism club, completing our book of creative X writing, "Forgotten Lore," conducting a poetry recitation , contest, and presenting an award at graduation to the senior who has maintained the highest average in English during the last four years of high school. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Martha Bielmann Lorraine Coles Rubye McGlynn John Brabham MEMBERS-Seated left to right: Jean Billinzton, Rubye McGlynn. Claire Grubbs, Penny Goodwin, Jackie Rape, Miss Marjorie White, Sponsor: Peggy Hume, Nita Nell Bohannon. Mary Anne Canova. Standing, Second Row: Leon Aiton, Shirley Hill, Christine Perry, Ann Mimbs, Marjorie Gratz, Marilyn Kopelowitz, Martha Bielmann, Mary Ann Davis, Lorraine Coles, Pattie Pumphrey, Marian Neal, John Brabham. Third Row: Harmon Fowler. Marion Holder, Herman Spivey, Bobby Rich, Chester Tillman, Billy Mehaffey, Charles Wilson, Jerry Rudderman, Billy Lovett, Harry Dunscombe. 59: Hurricane J OURN ALISM CLUB Sponsors of G. H. S. Comet Leon Aiton, President Marilyn Kopelowitz, V.-Pres. Billy Mehaffey, Secretary MEMBERS OF THE JOURNALISM CLUB I Frankie Billington, Shirley Brownsteen, Joyce Chiddix, Jim Kemp. Shirley Hill, Pattie Pumphrey, Nita Noll Bohannon, Rubye McGlynn, Martha Bielmann, Christine Perry, Charles Wilson, Joe-Anne Forster, 1.1QFaintg31llllington, Peggy Hume, Robert Yeats, Andrew King. Sponsors: Miss Roxie Baker, Mrs. Russell c n s . 60 Hurricane MASQUE AND GAVEL Ti Ml W 1' ix .. eo iF", W , Z ,xxx 'RFQ - Xi' i WW W 5 f' WM 5 President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Pattie Pumphrey Jane Anne Seckinger Penny Goodwin Jackie Rape . MEMBERS: Walter Matthews, Walter Stotesbury. Joyce Chiddix, Mary Ann Davis, Marilyn Kopelo- wxtz, Parliameniiarian: Herman Spivey, Frances Heitzman, Martha Bielmann, W. J. Matherly. Jr., Rubye McGlynn, Lorralne Coles. 61 Hurricane Kneeling: Olin Spivey, Andrew King. Jim Kemp, Bobby Huss, Buddy Thomas, Jim Pumphrey, Charles Ripper, Richard Bashaw, Dick Brown, Walter Robinton. Standing: Mr. Don Winsor, Grady Benton, Charles Denny, Harvey Dickinson, John Bennett, Fred Sivia, Norwood Guilford, Ralph Hook, Buddy Smith, W. J. Matherly, Mr. Osee Harper, Eddie Garris. 62 Hurricane KIWANETTES Sponsor President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Cecil Phipps Betty Jean Davis Carol Lou Sherman Nita Nell Bohannon MEMBERS: Elaine Smysor. Peggy Hume, Connie Thomas, Jeanne Edge, Mary Anne Canova, Ruth Nobles, Mary Ann Davis, Kitty Goodbread, Elaine Dean, Bobbie Barker, Molly Duke, Joyce Young, Betty Jeanflohnson, Quincy Lee McCoy, Lorraine Coles, Teeny Thomas, Helen Mclver, Sue Cochran, Margie Mmmck, Libby Springstead. Marilyn Overby, Martha Simpson. 63 Hurricane D. L. Winsor Richard Bashaw Walter Stotesbury Buddy Thomas John Jones h "Tai create. maintain, and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian c arac r. ' MEMBERS: Dick Brown, Norwood Guilford, Sergeant-at-Arms: Fred Sivia, Grady Benton, Lynn Cawthon, Johnny Pennisi. Bronnie Bryant, Marvin Haven, Jerry Rudderman, Buddy Smith, Bert Howard, Raiph Hook, Medford Gay, Olin Spivey, Walter Matthews, Chaplain: David Hixrse, Jim Kemp, Jim Griffin. Joe Miller, Jim Pumphrey. 64 Hurricane Miss Kay Lewis, Sponsor Mary Anne Canova, President Lorraine Coles, V.-President The Tri-Hi-Y Club of Gainesville High School became a member of the national organization in 1947. The membership is limited to twenty-five girls who are chosen from Senior High. The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is "to create. maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character," and to render worthy service to the school and the community. Club colors are red, White. and blue, exemplifyinz sacrifice. purity, and loyalty. 1 MEMBERS: Teeny Thomas, Secretary: Maureen Goolsby, Treasurer: Helen Mclver, Sergeant-at-Arms: Kitty Goodbread, Historian: Mary Ann Davis, Chaplain: Molly Duke, Quincy Lee McCoy, Jeanne Edge, Betty Jean Davis, Elaine Dean, Connie Thomas, Carol Lou Sherman, Nita Nell Bohannon, Elaine Smysor, Jean Searcy, Marilyn Overby, Pattie Pumphrey, Frances Heitzman, Rubye McGlynn, Madge Crouch. 65 Hurricane Anderson, George: Black, Emogene: Cassels, Menia Ray: Chason, Edith: Goldsmith, Bettie: Hunt, Elizabeth: Johnson, Ruth: King. Kenneth: Lane, Esther, Secretary: Logan, Bob: Lmzmayer, Tillie: Gresham. Mary, Coordinator: McGi1vray, Martha Rushton: Norris, Minnie: Pearce, John: Pearson, Elmore: Sapp. Gladys: Thomas, Evelyn. President: Thomas, Joyce: Tillis, Hazel: Tucker, Dorcas, Treasurer: Wallace, Deane. Vice-President: Wolfmeyer, Tommy. Sergeant-at-Arms. MEMBERS WHO GRAUUATED IN JANUARY Cone. Shirley: Burnsed, Norma: McCallum, Joyce Stokes. 66 Hurricane Collins Merritt, J. H. McKinney, Ted Phillips, Jimmy Prentice, Charles Snowden, W. C. Snowden, Wayne Studstill, Gonto Thorpe, H. A. Townsend, Lou E. Hill, Paul S. Cox. Arthur Croy. DeLano Griffis, Vernon Griiiis. William Harrington. Billy Knight, James Mallard, Edward Moratto, Bill Merritt, Wenton James, Robert Jernigan, Karl Jones, Edwin Parker, Robert Sheffield Paul Ray Varnes, Nesbitt Anderson, Clanton Black, Howard Bryant, Leonard Dykes, C. L. Hillard, Herbert Horne, Floyd Howard, Henry Morrison, Martin Pepper, Cameron Ridgell, Roy Ridgell, Talmadge Scott, Eugene McCain, Wallace Brown. Marshall Strickland, David Henderson. 67 Hurricane QUARTERBACK CLUB Gainesville High School is deeply and genuinely appreciative of the good Work done by the Hurricane Quarterback Club. This organization has toiled faithfully and tirelessly in its efforts to provide us with an adequate football stadium. We take this means of expressing our sincere gratitude for their devotion to G. H. S.3 and we pledge our best efforts to make a record of which they will be proud. R- L- B19-Ck, P1'9Sid9T1'C Calvert Pepper, Vice-President I W. S. "Tiny" Talbot, Secretary Earl Powers, Treasurer 68 Spwms Z 1 ref f' 7 , Ekilffjb is .f"!" 60 g 82, L 1 N H f f ' f fy , K ,, X JMD 2 -,,,s-'A -A 26 J' C!r'lDD1x Hurricane AUTOGRAPHS 70 Hurricane FOOTBALL Head Coach, Bernays "Buster" Bishop Assistant Coach, William S. "Tiny" Talbot FOOTBALL SQUAD Robert Bain, Richard Bashaw, Jack Bell, Grady Benton, John Black, Charles Blackwelder, John Brabham. Digk Brown. Frank Greer, Elias Coullias, Charles Denny, Harvey Dickinson, Eddie Garris, Medford Gay, Norwood Guilford. Marvin Haven, David Hurse, Bobby I-Iuss, John' Jones, W. J. Matherly, Walter Matthews, John Montesano. James Niblack, Jim Pumphrey, Fred Sivia, Buddy Smith, Marshall Strickland, Chester Tillman, Gilbert Tucker, John Umstead, Howard Ward, Walter Robinton, George Desha. DeWitt Cellon. 71 Hurricane FIRST TEAM Line: Norwood. Guilford, end: W. J. Matherly, tackle: James Niblack, tackle: Marshall Strickland, guard: Buddy Smith, center: Walter Matthews, guard: Harvey Dickinson, end. Backfield: Richard Bashaw, halfback: Fred Sivia, tailback: Edward Garris, frontback: Gilbert Tucker, halfback. CO-CAPTAINS W. J. Matherly, tackle Richard Bashaw, halfback 72 Hurricane HONOR PLAYERS W. J. Matherly, tackle Richard Bashaw, halfback All NEC A11 NEC Little A11 State James Niblack, tackle All NEC Little All State All State All Southern 7 3 Hurricane 74 Hurricane 1947 SCHEDULE Place Opposition G. H September 20 Miami Edison There 12 7 September 26 Sanford ......... There 6 20 October 3 ........ ..... D aytona ....... ...... H ere 0 19 October 10 ...... ..... B olles .... Here 6 24 October 17 ...... ..... S tarke ....... Here 0 34 October 24 ..,... ..... L ake City ,............. There 7 25 October 31 ..,.,. ..,.. L eon ....,..., There 7 13 November 14 Live Oak ....... There 7 33 November 21 Ocala ......... Here 14 39 November 28 St. Paul's ..... Here 12 13 HOW THEY DID The G. H. S. Purple Hurricane, playing a schedule of ten games, had a season's record of nine Wins and only one loss. The team's record in Northeast Conference play Was seven Wins against no losses, this record gave them the Conference championship. This is the first time, since the school became a member of the conference in 1942, that a G. H. S. football team has Won the N. E. C. crown. With many lettermen returning, prospects are good that the '48 team will repeat this fine record. 75 Hurricane CHEER LEADERS Mary Ann Davis, Kitty Goodbread, Nita Nell Bohannon, Molly Duke, Quincy Lee MCCOY, L0!'1'3if1e Coles, Ruth Nobles, Betty Jean Davis. D , D Not pictured, Assistant Cheer Leaders: Carol Schaeffner, Libby Sprmgstead, June Conyers, Elame ean. 76 Hurricane BOYS' BASKETBALL Members: Dick Brown, guard, Charles Denny, forward, Harvey Dickinson, for- wardg Eddie Garris, guardg Bert Howard, forward, John Jones, guard, Walter Matthews, guard, Hebron Self, forward, Fred Sivia, centerg Leo Thomas, guard, Norwood Guilford, forward, James Niblack, center, Jim Pumphrey, guard. HOW THEY DID The G. H. S. Purple Hurricane Basketball Team had a schedule of seventeen games, winning eight, losing eight, and tying one, for a .500 average. In the District Class B Tournament, the team Won over Palatka in the opener, but dropped the next game to a strong St. Joseplfs Academy quintet. At Ocala the team participated in the N. E. C. Tournament but was eliminated in its first game by Tallahassee, the team that went on to Win the Conference Crown. '77 Hurricane 78 Hurricane GIRLS' BASKETBALL Members: Joe-Anne Forster. Elaine Pumphrey, Christine Perry, Martha Stephens. Mrs. .lo Friday, Coach: Betty Jean Davis, Elaine Dean, Eleanor Arthur, Diane Strange, Iliada Ramos, Anne Quekemeyer, Jean Thomas, Charlotte Delk, Ester Ferguson, Marilyn Kopelowitz, Lynda Henry. Marjorie Gratz, Martha Simpson, Pat Lawson. HOW THEY DID The '48 Girls' Basketball Team did not fare so well in their first season of play. They had four games on their schedule and lost all four but showed great improvement in the last two games. The team was organized this year by Mrs. Jo Friday and on the whole had a very successful season. Many of the players will be back next year, and it is hoped that from these experienced players a winning sextet can be formed. Because of the annual's going to press in March, there are no pictures of other sporting activities at G. H. S. All teams have many lettermen returning and are looking forward to very successful seasons. '79 Hurricane 80 RTS SPRING SPO Hurricane 81 Hurricane 82 IFQUKMTQS b w? 'ff Zia? ' Q W ,- ' N3NZLi7p WS ..,....A X A JS gf 5 Wiki I f' li L G I- x., J. C 1410919 Hurricane 84 SENIOR CLASS PLAY Hurricane SENIOR CLASS PLAY "A Date with Judy" by Aleen Leslie December 12, 1947 Director-Mrs. John Selle Student Assistant-Pattie Pumphrey CAST OF CHARACTERS Judy Foster ....... l.,.,.................,......,.....,................ .....,.. K i tty Goodbread Melvin Foster ....... ................... F red Sivia Dora Foster .............. ......... R ubye McG1ynn Randolph Foster .......... ..................... B obby Rich Hannah ................................. ......,. M arilyn Kopelowitz Barbara Winsockett .......... .....,....... M arilyn Overby Oogie Pringle .... 4 .............. .....,.... H e rman Spivey Mitzi Hoffman ......... .,......... llf Iary Nell Rogers Mr. Martindale ........ ........ W . J. Matherly, Jr. Mrs. Hotchkiss ......... ...........,.. P enny Goodwin Eloise Hotchkiss .................,. ........., M artha Bielmann Mrs. Shlutzhammer .................. .......,......... J ackie Rape Rexford Meridith O'Conner ....., ................... L eo Thomas Susie ............................ii..,........ .....,................. B etty Scofield Radio Announcer ........ ......,.. W alter Matthews, Jr. PRODUCTION STAFF Business Manager ................. ...................,,........,,.............,.,.....................,...,.................. A nn Cox Prompter .........................................................,,.....................,............................. Frances Heitzman Publicity-Lila Mae Wynn, assisted by Leon Aiton, Bobbie Barker, Shirley Brown, Joyce Chiddix, Penny Goodwin, Claire Grubbs, Frances McDonald, Billy Mehaffey, Margie Minnick, Christine Perry, Pattie Pumphrey, Jackie Rape, Gladys Sapp, Carol Lou Sherman, Ann Walden, and Robert Yeats Stage Manager-Winfred Tillman, assisted by Wallace Cutts, Bill Launius, and Johnny Miller Properties-Shirley Hill, assisted by Nita Nell Bohannon, Dick Brown, James Griffin, and Buddy Smith Make-up .................................................,..............,......,..i.................,..,...................... Elaine Smysor Program .........................,..............................,...........,,,,....,...,,,...............,......,...... Martha Bielmann Music .......................................,......,..,.,...,.....,,.,..,,.,,.,.,,.,................................... Carol Lou Sherman Hostesses-Jean Billington, Dollie Mae Cassels, Maxine Coleman, Maxine Robinson, Evelyn Thomas, and Joyce Thomas 85, Hurricane 86 Hurricane 87 Hurricane 88 Hurricane 89, Hurricane 90 Hurricane 91 X443 yuh H urricami AUTOGRAPHS .92 Hurricane AUTOGRAPHS 93, Hurricane AUTOGRAPHS 94 'X 5 '4 Y ix. Q 1 P v if pw, J 1 g 1 1 v :' 1 ,L ' , sw'-1, w N Y 1 W . X ' 'E X... . 1 Q .I V H AJ J i. E 4, ,,f 1 ., S., J: - .1 N. -..-1+.,m1..:1-1-' , : .-amp' 'g:f.,.1 -wf,v..,..ma1n.w4 ,gf ,f I V'

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