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74 I I Wx f . t 1 xg 1, ft! ,HK ', w I 3 ,V qi!! Q f J ,A 1 - .f,f ,J ,. ,, ,f ' . .,.. f ,. il! A' -I ll, Ln ,J f .f -f" "f, '97, .ff 1 ' 'V' , .mx kj , .f 1, A 4' . I l f1lg,L,,.,H..-g ,.. , tiff Ia, 1 ,z 1. 1 ,V lr, I f, . .'- .'! ' 9 " l' :Mg V P V: ' fx' 'xii v ,1 4 ,--, 1, 1 w 1, ,.4 V. . "Y" 1 Wal. 1 ' frlf' -'-.' X' '-'.' 'QW " 1. LV' Y ,-1. , H4413 1 . -1. '14'.,, It.. ,JZ-vgw J'- , . ,,1- - .V f"fx.", I. I-4'-M I ' lx 5 ,I :rv fl , fi 1' .' - 5... I. .1 Y-. I X f xig ., , - ii :"' ' ,LE ., ,- V - l I .195-,, . u If 6-' Nl' 9 N .""f2 - v X lf, 1 'n 'f ' v, , , W g 4, , 4 x wfxnx , ' X .' f T. 4' 2 '?3'?1"'X:Ha: A .v-,,- ' AN., A ' . . 1 ' 'AF' '- 1 A . l nv x r 5 A I ' V v A ' "xr 1 - 1 A 4 fi.. lfi '1-, ,f 1. 1' ,. v , 1 A . YU ,771 , Q. iq: . 9 " ax gdllpgf , ?'xl".3" n C .2 ATVQAQ ' 1 'J Flaw 74" 'M' ', J A 1 w my f.- Qa' 19 sfsfi' ' i V !y'fa 4 'V n y .- A Trhlykq' t 3 xx s A 2 L ,U . , ki ay' fi. 1. t 4. . Q 1 4 ' ' ' , , I ,u Q. v I -. r X ' ,x ,,-1,', I 1, .,. x fl., M' .ff I A x.,x,'J,-,5:,f, . -- ,- y,,'9'3f, -11' ' ,g' -aiyklfu' 2 'ig 7 7' ' J. Usljfff' LK , ,. If 'N Tp"-.I ff 5 ' Vi Q, wx ' ? N r, 5 53 9 ' ' : ,. -1.-' ' V' q, ,. I "X , , l X ' ::',,' ZH' :- w v-3, ' ra . .X , , E? 3'1" fbi, ' f ' M. 1 c 4.1, 1 f 725'- ,1 -4 -Xe: n iw -' ., fi N J A X - 5 f , ' I' ' fr! ', , ., 4 .' . , V 'WL W 1 , 31 ,. , ' 7 , x x I, , .X . P f A 'i f 1 ,' 1 , 4 , . A 3 , 2 , 1 1 V 1 .- , , , f -A f . HQ? THE LACHUAN Vol. VI 1 9 2 3 Published by the Senior Class of the Gainesville High School FOREWCRD By this, the sixth edition of the Alachuan, we, the Class of 1923, en- deavor to preserve a record of our school days, which may grow dearer to us in the years to come as we re- call our joys and our sorrows, our pleasures and our labors. If this book be a means of awak- ening in an Alumnus or in a student memories of his days in G. H. S., our work will not have been in vain. 2 llIlllIllIlIIWWIIlllllllIIIIIIIWIHIIIHWIIIWWUIHIIIIIIIllllllll WV IIIIIIII I .L Ji I ' Dedication 5 E sm 'e 5 Q 2 Co 0ur mothers 5 E the noblest thoughts mu soul can claim, : the holiest words mv tongue can frame, : UIIWOYIIW EIN I0 DI'diS2 IM lldll12 Hn infant when her love first camea H man lfind it iust the same Reoerentlu l breathe her name Che blessed name of mother - 2 more sacred than all other. , 2 , ' - 1u MlHlHl mlm IllIIllIIIIlIIRYIEIIIIIlllllllllllIIfiffnlllllllllllllllllililfiillllllll I 1 1 A if gf ...f- z L 7 I ,. .2 v I -1 7 5 'Ni THE ALACHUAN 1923 FAREWELL TO G. H. S. In the far off days when we were young, When our school life had just begun, Looking with awe on Seniors great, We almost despaired of that lofty state. But as we climbed the upward path, And conquered demons of English and Math., Wlon our first 'TCW on the Basketball Court, And steered champ titles into port, We learned that hy much application We could hope at last to attain graduation. So we loaded our guns and stuck to the fight. And kept the oil burning night after night. And now at last that the battleis done, The fortress stormed and the victory won, Deep down in our hearts as the time draws near, When we shall no longer he students here, We look with sad longing on the days that are gone, The sorrows and joys, the trials and fun, But it's farewell to thee our Alma Mater dear, The scene of our struggles for many a long year. Tho' we travel far in the time to come, We shall ne'er forget our foster home. No, we'll never forget, and this our prayer That thy name live on from year to year, That thy fame ne'er tarnish, thy glories ne'er fade, Which thou thru sacrifice hath made. And oh, may thy sous and thy daughters e'er try The white light of honor to hold on high! So, Classmates, let's drink to Gainesville so dear, And hid her farewell with a last rousing cheer! 7 THE ALACHUAN 1923 N BOARD PUBLIC Il STRUCTION ALACHUA COUNTY, FLORIDA BARNEY R. COLSON. Gainesville Clzairnzan, WILLIAM H. POWELL. Archer E. G. SPENCER, Alachua E. H. SIMMONS, Gainesville SZIIIBTTIZICIICZCIII and Secretary BOARD OF TRUSTEES W. R. THOMAS. Chairman W. R. DICKINSTRY C. W. WELLLH 8 w X x W. Ll, CHHULZ Principal THE ALACHUAN 1923 . W- Mlss EDNA EARLE CHESNUT Coach und Secretary J. R. FARRIUR, A.B. University of Florida Coacli. .-ilgebm. Latin Miss RUTH WVHITE. AB. Wesleyan College English Miss xl.-KRY WOODBERY. MA. Florida State College fur Wumen Frrncli and English Mn. J. Hoovriz WYISE University of Florida English and Latin MRS. J. M. I,mKri. AB. C0llL'll0l' College il1llfl1t'Il1tI1fCS Miss LUCY MJOOD. ALB. Florida Stale Cullege for M'mnen Algebra THE ALACHUAN 1923 FRITZ HATCHI-IR. B.S.ED. University of Florida Science Miss EDELMIRA Rxvlzno. A.B. Florida State College for Women Spanish and English Miss Run' WARE, L.I. Coluniliia College History A. A. CLAYTON University of Florida History Miss Luci' Gnnzn, NLS. Florida State College for Women Science Miss RUTH BICKENZIE, A.B. Bessie Till College Latin THE ALACHUAN 1923 EDDIE SUE COLSON DONALD BISHOP ....DwD ALICE PARRISH ..... GARDINER WELCH ....L.v. ESTHER JORDAN HAZEL TURBYFILL LOUISE BOWERS ,L.. WILLIAM HAWKINS FLORENCE DIAL .,,..... HAYFORD ENWALL ...,.... ALLEN HAILE .,w,I... ALACHUAN STAFF 12 ....I.t,..Editor-irz-Chief ...,.,,AssoCiate Editor ..I.,,I..,LI'Ierary Editor ,.......BIlsir1ess Jlanager .,..I.....,,.,,,,,.,HLSI0TZHl1 ...........,..,.,.Class Poet ......,..,C1a5s Statistician Editor Editor Girls' Basketball Editor Boys' Basketball Editor ......,,.,,...1"oolba11 Editor THE ALACHUAN 1923 I THE ALACHUAN STAFF PRoLocuE This is the role of the Alachuan Staff, tTho' whether they wrote it who can guesslit Still unto them will credit be given, And they will be famous in this land o' the livin.. tCentlemen, please remove your hats.j lsr SPASM First there's our Chieftain, Eddie Sue, Wlio plans all the work for the others to do. But I've heard it whispered by one who knows. That when stumped she. too, to Miss Woodbery goes. tApplause from the peanut gallery.t 2ND FIT Next there's Louise, who dabhles in art, lTho' they say sheis really a nurse at heart,t She drew the Hcartoonsii you can find if you look. Of course not the ones in the front of the book! tBoys will please not stamp their feet.t 3R13 CONNIPTION Then there is Alice, who stories doth write, tl should have said Mrs. Parrish by right! t But tho, she is married, sheis one of us still, And her stories are fine, you may say what you will. fG6I'ltlClT1CIl, please refrain from throwing peanuts at the actors!! 4TH EPILEPTIC Also there're William, the maker of jokes, Who has more humor than ten common folks, And Gardiner, who says jokes are good in their place, But to get money you must wear a stern face. tluaughter and applause.t 13 THE ALACHUAN 1923 5TH CONYULS-ION The trio-Hayford, Florence. and Allen - Have written up games by the pint and the gallon. But their task is more pleasant than at hrst it seems. For they write of four line championship teams! tfiahl for the Champslt 6TH APOPLECTIC And now comes Mary, the bard of the belies. Who of dances and every bridge tea tells. And you'll have to admit she ought to know how. For Couldu't she make even "Willie" Bowl Bowl? trfhundering cheers from the audiencent 7TH ATTACK And don't forget Bish. who to tell the whole truth. Woultl rather play football than write. forsoothl Still he is loyal. and does not shirk Whenever he's asked to help witl1 the work. tAudieuee will please remain till the end.t STH SPELL Last we have Hazel. the Senior poet. tTho' by reading these verses, who would know it?! Hazel is also the class statistician. And tells on the Seniors. both their age and ambition! tWe thank you all for your kind attention.t EPILOGLT: These then are the chosen Seniors eight. Who have labored early and have labored late. To edit this book. so now that itls done. Weill all take a rest -- land. gosh! we need ouelt Ifinisj 14 ,X Vyfyf ,!,' X, if , U P 4 WC 'L 5, .AX f , j,f J X ,W ,fy ' f f ff f, f N W f"I! f 133 Nil! Qf fffffff If rg ff TW? g , E 3 X N 1 V , ,ffl N W Wx H ZW jf H, 'M SENIORS THE ALACHUAN 1923 ,. fa 1 I, 3 . .ig P 3' Q, ,. 5, -Y '43, V 1, , ' 'i 7- ' 1 -, -v-. :"fZl' ,' " s ' 'yi I - , .' Eff" " . -, '5 :-"':Z."' 'if' if -5 ,, ig, V: A-4 If .fl ' ff, 7-1 f' .N 'L it . V3 ' 'ff' ' 5 , ,-Sv , A, MASCOT LUCILE BORING Srmxcvnmow MOTTO En Awami COLURS FLOWER Green and While Shasta Daisy - 16 THE ALACHUAN 1923 CLASS OFFICERS CECIL GRACY ....,C C.......... P resident DONALD BISHOP ,,,,, ,.........,........... I fice-President THELMA BOLTIN ,C.,. .. .,... Secretary and Treasurer THELIWIA ANN BOLTIN "Teddy" "You are looked for, and called for, aslreci for, and sought forl, Secretary and treasurer of class '23g Senior Play '23g "Comet" staff '22, '23g "Class Baby" C. H. S. Carnival '22q Dramatic Club '22g G. H. S. Minstrel '21g vice president class '20. LUTHER CECIL GRACY DONALD BISHOP "Long, Distance" "Bisl1" 'GQuick in wit, pleasing in manrzferi' "Who mixed reason with pleasure and wis- - . ,, President of class '23g editor in chief of dum with 'mrth "C0lHCt'l -233 uwillie BHXTCTM Seflif-71' Pl3Yl Vice-president of class '23g assistant editor assistant editor of "Cornet" '22: cheer leader Alachuan '23g football team '20, '22g basket- '22g vice-president of class '22g secretary and ball team '20g captain basketball team '20, treasurer of class '21g "Comet" staff '21g president of class '20g "G" Club '20, - 17 THE ALACHUAN 1923 19 M6 ji- qi? ,S-., 31lllIA3l NICKIYSTRY "Jane" "The llllj' is alztuys lwrs ulzo Il.'0fA'S in it zritli serenity mul great nuns" Business manager "Comet" '23: assistant business manager "Comet ' '22: Glee Club 22: L. S. S. Club: G. G. Card Club: "Ol Lady. Ladyu '22: Stunt Night '21: Senior Ctrnival '21, JOHN FRIAJDIZRICK SELLE Nsllilfliu l'lVone but lzinzself can be his parallel" Senior Play '23: assist'nt editor Putnam Prattler '21. '22: president Freshman Class '19 Palalka: ineinber Glee Club '21. '22 Palatka: manager fmwtball team '21: in-xnager basket- ball team '21: football team '21 Palatka. Ilowann B1sHOP "Horse" "Happy H171 l, from Care lim free. lT'lz-r rzrenit they all contenterl like me?" Senior Play 'Z23: basketball '21 T231 base- bill '22. '23: football '22: track '23: discus 1st: high jump lst: "C" Club: Carnival '21. '22. '23. ANNIE Klan GUNN "Hunt" "All Ilzingx I tlmuglzt I lfzzvzv. tlmt non' confess The more I li'l10ll', I lcnou' I lfnuzr tlze less" Entered G. H. S. from Klarianna H. S. 120: Clee Club '21. '22: C. H. S. Carnival '21. '22: Stunt Night 'Z20. '22. FLORENCE ELIZAIHQTH DIAL "Prune" "She nznlres I1 ,lulfs rlay slmrl as a D8l'6'I71bL'f'SN Alachuan Stall '23: senior play '23: vice- president of L. S. S.: C. C. Card Club: Glee Club '21. '22: "Ol Lady. Lady" '22: Senior Carnival '21, THE ALACHUAN 1923 GLADY5 KELLEY "Irish" "We know what we are, but know not what we nzay bc" Chairman "Queen of Carnival" contest '22g Clee Club '22g Vaudeville '22g Tennis Club '21g Stunt Night '21g Delta Sigma Gammag C. G. Card Club. GARDINER WARREN WELCH "Comfort" 'ilf you once know this business man, you are sure to like him. ine" Business manager Alacbuan '23g Senior Play '23g basketball team '20. '21, '22g manager football team '20, '21. '22g athletic editor "Comet" '21. l11ARY ELIZABETH KINCAID 'LKinky" "She will outstrip all praise and make it halt behind her" Alachuan Staff '23g Glee Club '23: L. S. S. Clubg C. G. Card Clubg Dramatic Club '221 Carnival '21, '22g "Lola Pratt" Senior Play. AGNES BICCORBIICK "Bill" MA rare compound of oddity, frolic and fun, To relish a joke, and rejoice in a pun" Alizcbuan Staff '23g "Comet" Staff '23g L'Jane Hamer" in Senior Playg Glee Club '23g C. C. Card Clubg president class '22: C. H. S. Car- nival '21, '22g "Comet" Staff '22. ERNEST LAMAR SARRA "Lemmie" "He can play ball, EAT and talk, 'tis true, And goodness knows what else he can do" 5'Comet" Staff '23g Senior Play '23g track '22, '23g football all state '21, '22g captain second all state team 7223 captain baseball '22, '23g "G" Clubg president Freshman class '22. THE ALACHUAN 1923 af yn 73 Lorlsiz Bowrins "Sweetie" "She seizes lzvnrts. not zmiting for I'0I1SL'lZf. Lilfe .suflzlen fleutli. tliut srmtelzes unprepared. Like fire from lzeutfen, scarce seen so stron as felt" Alacbuan Staff 123: Clee Club T231 treasurer Dramatic Club '22: Stunt Night 122: Sclmol flarnival '2l. '22: tennis tournament '2l. H.n'FnRD O. EXWALL "Deacon" "He I1f0I7IIllglIl'ES lzis esoteric eogilfltiuns Illfll plrltituflinous ptnlzflerrlsitf' Manager basketball team P '23: "Comet" Stall T231 .'xlL1CllllLlI'l Staff '23: Senior Play '23: "G" Club '23: basketball team '21 223: Glee Club '20: High Sclmul Orchestra 120. EDDIE SPE COLMJX HPHIISXH "Tl1inlr of me as you please" Editor-in-Cllief Alacbuan '23: Virgil Club '23: designer of C. H. S. sell '23: Dramatic Club '22: Tennis Club '22: Yaudeville '2l. WYALTER Rom Booxis "Daniel Bonne" 'Kinrlness in zronzen. nut tlzeir lrefzuteuus lnulfs, xlzull zrin my lore" Basketball team '23: track team '23: base- ball team 223: "G" Club YS: fuutball team '21 Maur J.-nr: BAKER "Canby" "She is an athlete. tulre lzer fur fill in nll, l slmll nut lonlf upon lzvr like again" Varsity basketball '20. '2l. '22, '23: man- ager basketball team '23: all state forward '2l. '231 Supllolllme tennis tournament .201 "C" Club: Tennis Club 'ZZO. THE ALACHUAN 1923 23 LILLIAN LAURA LoNo Along Lily" "Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak" Clee Club '23g Senior Candy Saleg "May PHTCll81'-H in Senior Play: L. S. S. Club: C. C. Card Clubg "Comet" Staff '22: vicefpresiclent class '21, WITHERS ALLEN HAILIQ. JR. "Boll-weevilu i'He who is frm in will, moulrls the zvorlrl lo himself" AlHCllllHIl Staff '23g joint manager Senior Candy Sale '23g 'gGeorge Crooper' Senior Play. NIARY PARKER ll'lCCRAW -- "Mary 'Parkieu . "Studying is foolish, my mind is more to dress and love inclined" Senior Play '23: vice-president L. S. S.g "Ol Lady, Lady" '22g Clee Club '21. '22: Curv nival '21. RUTH HARRELLE Riomcic A .. Harry As sweet as a primrose that peeps benernlz a thorn" Cleo Club '23g four years in C. H. S. D. S. FACAN "Pokey" "Not so quiet as not to .show his merits" Novice track team '23g football squad '22g soccer team '21. THE ALACHUAN 1923 19 3 K 3 ELEAXOR BRYAXT "Elene ' "She is no less than what we say she is" Yirgil Club '23: Pierrette Play '22: four years 111 L. H. b. W1LL1.u1 LEVBLQR COLSON NLlllJlJE'1'u "fl man of gow! repute. Carriage. bearing. and estirlzatiorf' Four years in G. H. S.: soccer team '21. '22, Yl1u:1N1,x ESTISLLE CHEYES "Stale Cheese" "Of nznuy good. I think hvr best" F0111 years in G. H. S. Tumms JERQME ISLER "Hutt" This lzuzwsr Creature doubtless Sees and hrzozrx nmre. much more. than he unfolds" Yirgil Club '23: entered G. H. S. from De- .o High Sclmul 122: K. K. D. Club. D. H. S. 8.111.111 E1.lz.1.B1:TH GABL1: "Eliz" "Li-fe' is real: life is earnest" Flllll' ye:11's in G. H. S.: Virgil Club THE ALACHUAN 1923 19 23 WILLIAM HAWKINS, JR. "Bill" "I remember him well, and I renzernber him worthy of thy praisev AlHCllll3ll Staff '23g "Comet" Staff '22. T233 Virgil ClIIb '23g entered G. H. S. from Sum- merlin Institute '2l. WILLIAM HAMON POWELL, JR. "Bill" i'Talfe what isg trust what may beg fl1llfQS Lifffs true lesson" Dramatic Club '22: Stunt Night '22, EsTHrR Cunsiwur JORDAN "Nun" "Speak little and well. if you zvislz to be con- sidered as possessing meritn Class Historian '23g Clee Club '22, '23g G. C. Card Club: business manager Senior Play. HAZEL BIARGARI-IT TURBYFILLL "Curly" 'il have heard of the lady, and good works arent with her name" Senior poet and statistician '23g winner of F. S. C. W. Essay Contest '23g Glee Club '23g Spanish Club '2lg entered G. H. S. from O. H. S. '22. ALICE WILLOUGHBS' PARRISH "Bride" "O, ye gods, render me worthy of my noble lllLSb!lll!f7 Literary Editor Alaclluan '23g "Comet" Staff '23g Glee Club '23g Carnival ,21g uCon1et" Staff '20g entered G. H. S. from Southern Col- lege '22g Sigma Delta Literary Society '22g Orchestra '22. THE ALACHUAN 1923 29 FAYE THRNIQR "Fa1lie" "Tl111rv is II soft 111111 pensive Cram. pl C1151 of fllllllgllf upon fzer fafff' Cleef Clulm '21 Dramatic Club -22:22 C. H. S. Carnival 'ZZIZL Stunt Niglil 'ZZO. '22, l.ARs SANCHI-Zz "Hunky" "He 1111.4 Il'0lIf I0 dn gym stunts. 111111 to tall: to the lIll1l.6S.. Foullnall team YS: lmasketliull team -23: truck 23: l1LlSt'llLlll -2232 "Cn Club '23, Im l.I'ClLIi WYILLI.-X315 "Cale" "But I tlmugfit tlzerf 114115 Ulllft' in lwr 1,1011 I 6011111 tlzinlf' Suutlwrn Culll-ge '21: Epsilon Lumina Sig- ma: lliliing Club: Tennis Cluln: lmsketlull team '21g YYilXCI'0SS. Cu, '22: vice-presiclffnt l,ite1'ury Sm-if-ly: Clee Cluli: secmtury and treusurei' class A221 entered C. ll. S. 23: Glec Club '23, Wrrsici, SHI-inwoon BLACK "Sl1eep'- "lt is not ermzzglz to Ill' 1'11d11xtri1v11s: so are the 1111fs. lffzut 1119 jllll 1111111xfriu11s 11lm11tf'A' Funlliall lvlllll 'Z21: "Cu Cluli 'fli Fresli- Inan M-t,l0llll,'lu reporlvr A20. l.I2.-XIVKIAY Donn "l.mnan" "lt is I1l7f 1101.112 flu' fllillg Il't' like to du. but lilfillg llll' thing 111' fIl'll'E' to dn. that 1111111115 lift' 171l'SSf'liu Fll'CSlllllilIl. l'lu1'1'is1m. Aikuiisgis: Suplioinore. Xlicuiwpy. Fl0l'ill1lZ entered C. H, S. '21, THE ALACHUAN 1923 19 23' WILLIE EIJELSTLIN 'gVillie" 'illqe Ivoald think you bright if y0ll,f1 tell us all you mightl' Football team '21, T223 "C" Club. ELSIE L. WILLIAMS "l... C." "She never uses paint, Never tries Io malfe us think she is what she uin't" Entered G. H. S. '23: Glee Club '23. AGNES RUTH BARTON "Aggie" "Nothing alo I see in you That I can find shoulzl merit any hate" Four years in C. H. S. BIARCARET OLIVE SE.-XY "Maggie" 'cl feel within me A peace above all earthly rlignities, A still and quiet C0I1SCl'Pl1CE'N Four years in G. H. S. THE ALACHUAN 1923 u , I A ix X' ' f 'VU e , x X A ' 'f - H' , "- gf 1 N' 'Y as X ' x Msg ' f fm! 1? if f x - .f f J .f 1 v .14 - gin w w -. 7-4 2 ., 4. 41'-J , -q-Ba g-. f'r-.Rv 411,-. p w. , X , , . .Www H 4 -'Ji 4.,. fi, , , Fl . w ,A , .,.. , , a g, ., , Y X., ,. .,.,:-'-',. , tg. ff 7 1 Km' A5 , " Qw Q 5 IIXQ-i y lgk --'- if , si 1 1, X "' X K N " J 1' ':,.. x 2 X57 ' - 1 A! -' 'T ' C" . G x 25:1 W 3 12' if ' lf A gf ffifji NJ- A s ,4 .I gn u ' 9 Q ' I L Y' .4 Q, ' W . X emi xr K 'i K . ' N V t fn 16' , x 1 ,Y O sul . TN 4 'B L 5 X' A N x 26 THE ALACHUAN 1923 SENIORS AS THEY WERE 1 Miss Mary Woodbery 16 Lars Sanchez 31 Hazel Turhyhll 2 Elizabeth Gable 17 Lamar Sarra 32 Annie Mae Gunn 3 Lucile Williams 18 Donald Bishop 33 Witsell Black 4- Gladys Kelley 19 Howard Bishop 34- Estelle Cheves 5 Eddie Sue Colson 20 Elsie Williams 35 D. S. Fagan 6 Cecil Gracy 21 William Hawkins 36 Thelma Boltin 7 Hayford Enwall 22 Mary Kincaid 37 Eleanor Bryant 8 Louise Bowers 23 Agnes McCormick 38 Leuhman Dodd 9 Leuber Colson 24- Esther Jordan 39 Mary Baker 10 Alice Willoughby 25 Elizabeth Harrold 4-0 Gardiner XVelch 11 Miriam McKinstry 26 Mary Parker McCraw 41 Lillian Long 12 Allen Haile 27 Thomas lsler 42 Rlltll Rifltlicli 13 Margaret Seay 28 .l0llH Selle 43 R0l?Y BOOUC 14 Agnes Barton 29 Faye Turner 44' Willie Edelstein 15 William Powell 30 Florence Dial IT RIMES Old woman-Mlived in shoe, Jack McDowallf-Jumped so high, Didn't know--what to do. Struck his head--'gainst the sky. Heap o' kids-fsassy lotg "More soup"--Mary said. Nothin' to eat-Ain the pot. '4Soup, William-or 1'll he dead' Woman did-cook brew, Florence, Hazel--Estelle. Leahman Couldn't filllgreedy crew. Wicked as-four little demons. Iohn chiedi-Esther bawled, "Call Eleanor"--pleaded Lizzy, Annie Mae yawnedliklice crawled. "Miss Woodberyffm too lmsyf' Howard grinned?-silly brat. Thelma hid-1behind the shoe, He ne'er cared+-for a' that. To show herself!-wouldn't do. Donald frowned-looked around, She did dring-fall the brew, Saw Leuberxon the ground. Coin' to get-whipping too. Miriam felliafter him, Mary Parker-then did creep Bumped head--bam, him. O'er tl1e shoe--so very steep. Cecil did-Hy kite, Lars pitched--big old hall. All-day-sucker-+Lamar bite. Hit Maryimade her squall. Little Hayford--he did tease Roby, blue--forsaken looks. For a place-by Louise. Ruth gave-him her books. Allen pouted-wouldn't play, Kinky headedA4little Willie. Sat on hill-all the day. Green as leaves--on a lily. Gardiner won-all his marbles, Tiny Agne-sg-peeped out o' toe, They did have--awful squabbles. Looking 'roundlfor a beau. Lillian peeped--behind shoe, Mischievous-wWitsell Black, Cooed, "Boo, boo--Eddie Sue." Hard to keep--on his track. Very fast-Pansy ran, Terrible--rumor spread, Knocked Faye-in the san'. That o' woman-flived in dread. Maggie, Agnes-fElsie, Bill, Of childrenito be fed, Stood frightened--on the hill. And at night-put to bed. THE ALACHUAN 1923 SENIOR CLASS QAN HISTORICAL DRAMA IN ONE ACTP Place-Senior Assembly Room. Time-June 8, 1923. fudge-Professor Buchholz. Gentlemen of the Jury-The Faculty. Enter the defendant, Senior Class flooking rather the worse for wear and tearl . The Clerk, Profis secretary, Edna Earle Chesnut fsternlyl: "Order in the court room! We are now ready to try Senior Class of 523, to determine whether or not he has attained the standard required to graduate from G. H. S. The first wit- ness for the defendant will please take the standf' Senior Class: '4Scholarship will come forward First." Scholarship tReluctantly extracting his nose from between the pages of a huge voluniel: "Judge and gentlemen of the jury, I have been with Senior Class for four long years fnot to mention the Grammar Grades!! and I know he's a pre- cocious child. Why, just think! he won two prizes and honorable mention in the F. S. W. C. essay contest in one year! lsn't that a fine record?'7 fudge: 'LFine, fine. but Scholarship alone doesn't make a school. Let's hear from Athleticsf' Athletics 1Staggering under a load of State championshipsl: '4Your Honor. Senior Class is an old friend of mine and he surely has been a loyal one. All through High School he's supported me faithfully, but this past year Land l hope his last yearl, why, my goodness! he just walked away with all the honors! He won the inter-class track meet: had six men on the basketball squadg helped -win three State championships, and then went to work and broke two State track records to win another! Who could beat that? Now don't you think Senior Class deserves to graduate?" fzlrlge: HVery good. But no, not yet. We have several more witnesses to hear from. Senior Class. let's hear what School Spirit has to say for you." Senior Class: Wfake the stand, School Spirit. lAside.l And for goodness sake remember the Duval game and back me up." School Spirit: 'Ll only wish to say, sir, that Senior Class has certainly made good use of me during his school career. And you know he couldn't have accomplished half so much in athletics without me!" lPuffing out his chest and clearing his throat.l Judge: Hlinoughl We realize all that! What have you done in the dramatic line, Senior Class?? Senior Class: 'LCome, Dramatics, stop powdering your nose and speak for me." Dmmafics tProudlyl: '4SiI', why ask? If you saw 'Seventeen' when Senior Class put it on, l'll warrant you enjoyed the best laugh you'ye had in years. Didn't you now, and wasnit it fine from start to finish?" fudge: 4'Yes, LSeventeen' certainly was a credit to Senior Class, as well as to his school. Well, let's hear from Good Conduct." Senior Class: '6Good Conduct! tAside.l S'Where is that fellow?" Good C011-flll,Cl fArriving at the last momentl: g'Here, sir! Better late than 28 THE ALACHUAN 1923 never! Well, I can only say that I have done my best to stick by Senior Class through High School, and to keep him out of trouble. But the jury alone can tell you how well I have succeeded. QAnd I do hope they pass him. I need a rest! V' fudge: MI will refer the matter to the jury. What about finances?" Finance: 'Tm right here, sir, and I feel that I must tell you that Senior Class made 3570.00 on their candy sale this year. The way that candy hated to leave Senior Class just showed what a sweet person he was, but it's all gone now, and I know he is gladf, Senior Class: uSir, are you not going to hear Society? Here she has been waiting all this time, and a lady, tool? fudge: t'0h, yes! Certainly let's hear her!" Senior Class fAside to Athleticsl: g'Now, we are safe-he never could resist the ladieslv Society: "Your Honor, I certainly have some good news to tell. The Ii. S. S. Club is thriving, and I also organized the C. C. Card Club this year. Then there was the picnic at Earlton Beach that the class of '22 said they enjoyed so much. And who could forget the Junior-Senior banquet. or Hayford Enwallis I'Iallowe'en party? fOr that mysterious fortune teller, with her magic charms?l77 fudge: "That's all right. I see you have done your duty. How about a Clee Club?" Glee Club: uSir, I've only known Senior Class for the past two years, but I certainly will miss his 'fresh young voice' t?l when he goesf, fudge: 4LWell, Senior Class, if you have nothing more to say for yourself, I will now turn the case over to the juryf, Senior Class: uNothing, sirf' Judge: 4'Very well. The gentlemen of the jury will please retire." Exit the jury. Re-enter the jury almost immediately. Speaker of the fury: "Your Honor, we have unanimously decided that Senior Class has been faithful and loyal in all things, and is certainly entitled to graduate from this schoolf' fSenior Class heaves a sigh of relief.J fudge: nYou have heard the verdict, and if that is all, the case is dismissed." A SENIOIFS DREAM I'm tired of studying the whole day through, And tired of doing as lim told to dog I'd like to go where the mocking-bird sings. And fly tif mortals could do such thingsb, 7Way, 'way up in the azure sky, And drift and dream 'mong the clouds so highl So I'll take my freedom and away I'll go, And never return to the plodders below. 29 w .- U T. lv-K A W 3 Q 5 Q - .1 H CW 3 Q EW P, W 41 7355- E C423 -C W- 'WW O .Ta 5 W6 .EW L'.5Em.,, WS U LEW: SEQ .W 3 532' 2 9 5 5 -25 2 it: W,L.q,W U P- W 4 E-W :JJ 1. 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Ia: W -U 1-5:29 Dm' it , Z-:Wa J: 2 W. ,EW '- We W6 :xg W"' 1 7' 3 WN- : 41 0-Jw ., WD- .2 9- u: s. Lu ' P50 o ' an C as 5 4 C W' f.. .1 3 ' 'N .: in ,X -n ---an Wg, 2 C -I 1. E: W 2 -5115 E S - 'E Wi- . rv .:-W., -.. 'lm W2 5 Q5 W: W? W 2 if x - WE -s W., --sg o W3 W Wm--2 L 3:5 JL. U as W , Nc-S 4- R.: Lu U gg gl: Q -- : qg W W an-pu'-' - 'cb W LL : W "' D ' -W J .. E : SHN C WW- W W.. 5 ggi: as L- W U. We 3 -4 -2 W .1 WT' u-4 Q .-. 'W U L: W '-' ': Wg Q Q W EEE N an ,a U5 O 3 W'- W- Q 2 Q - To Wg- -E 9-W Z is-EEE 'E E-W J gg -:ff :Q-5-Q: ii E E E WJ? W 21.-WW' B gg cn H :Q- s-. Wi- Lx 'J W3 53 wiv W 42-C Wg E -5 'fl S 3 Q : .A E 'C H1 o as P- '-a -E .. S zu 2 'LE we WQSWE W6 E223 I-I-I FE is 5 1. I' S Louise Bowers Sweet sixteen, and neverI"Art"ichokes I'Tis the height of art to conceal art "Yes, sir! No parrots and 'to beia-nurse and vamp a neip- 1,een-0h! Well! I I canary birds for me!" less millionaire Eleanor Bryant Ask me no questions IAnything Few love to hear the sins they love to act If she can find a sucker!IITo he popular and- , , Estelle Cheves Weiiioitit tellqiings like Clams A "Silence is golden" If shel can iayluyesg loudITo be a school marm that! MM! A enouga to e tear Eddie Sue Colson was a fspecial favorite I'Asafoetida' IYou know you ought to think before you lf love is blind To be a stenog. and take Hdictag Jf King Tut I Spell tion from-why from her boss I A AA A Iof course Florence Dial Ilust a "flapper" I9each sundae A little bit of powder and a little bit of Of course ITo edit an "Advice to Lovers" I I paint, Icolumn! Make the lady's freckles look as if they I Leahman Dodd I'Tis said she helped IHeart's desire 44IISinging she wasif-Hoitingfaliiithgilgfw'Askvher-we don't know!IgIJ ahsogb all the knowledge in Il-Iome compose the Iliad A g A AA Am 4 11'iSI8I1 Om Elizabeth Gable An old head on a pair ofIStick candy IIAll work and no play makes! If she isn't too busy I"Perfection in ponying" young shoulde s I sleeping!4M A M A Annie Mae Gunn Young enough to wear Castoria l want a man, I want a man, I want a It's possible but not ITo grow up short dre ses, anyway mansion in the sky! probable - Esther Jordan Ikdd 20 years to what she Mince meat "She that's convinced against her will You know it ITo he famous I'elIs you 44 ls of her own opinion stillf A A A M AMA Y Gladys Kelley Born under the last full IPickles She was a vision of delight, Of course, child-d0n't To sing like a nightingale 4 M moon Agg A I A Au A , When first she bursiupon my sight! ask such foolish questionsI Mary Kincaid IOld as she looks ILover's delight IlLa Belle Dame Sans Merci! ICan't tell, some men are ITo be a famous prima-donna I iBetter lookout Willie Baxterli Ifools I Lillian Long IQuite old enough to know Touraine chocolate bars Il love all things both great and small, Poor man! ITo sell all the Senior candy I'1er own mind and to ex-I But I love the Gentlemen best of all oress it! Agnes McCormick ISh! Don't ask me I"Franl?'fu1'ters Si "Works wiellithiderqpfessiirevig Sure unleissiilieiine-n21ll7SI'E make life miserable for MM-W kg I A! U I M A M A ZAAA If gg! A 1 disappear before then Iflckle QLBa5te1"!A4 it Miriam McKinstry Ilt's a secret I"Nut" sundae lConvince her if you will, If Florence does To go to Spain 1it's so romantic, I I .1 IAndA she willgdoubt you stiill M4 A M4 -44 yougknogl A M lil Ruth Riddick Una Jovena IHZS IActions speik louder than words IMaybe so, accidents will IITo answer all Thelma's questions I I Ihappen you know Hazel Turhyfill ISister of Cain and Abel Hazel-nuts Smart lass, SHE thinks so To go to Vassar . Iin the Garden of Eden- fTeacher's pci in eveglclassl M4 7 gg! A H Faye Turner IA child still-say what Bread and milk "For men may come and men ma go, If she can leave mamma To he-what she wants to bel I 'll' B l'll l Y I I you W1 . ut cioose a career even so" Alice Parrish I?ld enotIgh Itlo get a IWedding cake I"Blest be the tie that binds" ISure, unless she gets a To make pancakes like Aunt iCSUSC, JY 6014! Idivorce before then Jemima Mary Parker McGraw II3orgering on old maiden IChestnuts Ilt's a great life if you don't weaken IAnything with an auto To be queen of hearts 100 and a tuxedo I Elsie Williams IYoung, younger, IPickled pigs' feet IX demure little maiden- Ilfdeap year comes often To answer all the teachers' YOUHSCSI I enough! i questions Lucile Williams ICaI1't always sometimes IHot mush IUI1, wad some power the giftie to gie us Ilf she has her way ITo learn French 56g To see ourselves as ithers see us I I Aubrey Vickery Ixoung enough to hob herIRolls IISugar and spice' and all things nice. IYes 'To have a career air- alwwav That's what littk girls are made of I Margiret Seay Itjlder than sheid like to Idorn bread I'Be good, sweeti maids--and let who We hope so! To wear 'specksu , .gg be, perghapsig IAA IgggA I lwill be clever! I I Agnes Barton Old as Rocky Point IFiock candy IThou foster child of silence and slow IUh-huh! 44 I ITcFbe a cook for- A II M THE ALACHUAN 1923 if z P id UI rl r- 5 32 THE ALACHUAN 1923 THE SENIOR PLAY HSevenleen,:' Booth Tarkingtonls well-known play, was cleverly staged by the class of 723. The actors were admirably suited to the play, for all they had to do was to act natural texcept, perhaps, Lola Pratt! P and this they did as only seventeen- year-olds can do. The cast included the best talent to be found in the Senior Class, and each carried off his or her part in a way that deserves much credit. Cecil Gracy as "Willie Baxter," Mary Kincaid as g'Lola Prattf, and Thelma Boltin as MMIS. Baxterfl de- serve special mention, and we must not leave Agnes BlCCOl'ITllCli,S name off this list, for as 4',lane" she did much toward making the play the success that it was. Each part was acted so splendidly, though, that it would be hard to do justice to each individualls work. The cast included: lVlr. Baxter ,,.... .......,...i.,...,,...,.,.,,,.....,....,.,,., ,...,.. ,l o hn Selle A staid business :nan and his wife Mrs. Baxter ....................................,..,...............,,,., ,.......s......,v,... T helma Boltin who understands the troubles of 'GSevenleen" and tries to discip- line her little daughter, ,lane ..............,.,.,..,.........r,,..,..,.......,....,. ....... A gnes McCormick the torment of her big brother, William Sylvanus Baxter ........,,......r..,., ..r....., C ecil Cracy who, together with his friends, Joe Bullit ....,...............v..,.,...,.,.....,.VsV, .,...,,, H oward Bishop Johnny Watson ..,.. ,...... H ayford Enwall Wallie Banks ...... .......... L ars Sanchez and George Crooper ..... .... ..........,............. ......... A l l en Haile is desperately in love with Lola Pratt .......,........,.....,.....,...,...,........................ii...............,..i..Y. Mary Kincaid fthe baby-talk ladyj, who with her dog, Flopit, is visiting her friend, May Parcher ..............,,..,..,........................... ...,... L illian Long to the huge disgust of May's father, Mr. Parcher ........................,.,.,.,..,......,................ .,......... G ardiner Welch and to the chagrin of her girl friends, Ethel Boke ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,...,...,.,..................... ......, B flary Parker lVlcCraw and Mary Brooks ...,........ .......... .................... .......,............,.... F l 0 fence Dial Genesis .......,...................,.....,..................................................,....... Lamar Sarra who, with his dog, HCle1n,', is always on hand to spoil Willie's best-laid plans. 33 THE ALACHUAN 1923 THE FABLE OF THE TWO BROTHERS KNO Apologies to Aesopj UTHER JONES was a bright boy. Everybody said so. And it was true, for he could lisp his A B C's at the tender age of three, and when he en- tered the village school at six years of age he read the whole Primer thru at one sitting. He was promptly sent to'the second grade, where he was promoted to the third in less than a week. Here he remained for the rest of the term, leading in all his classes and finally exhibiting a report card teeming with 100's. So it was through all of young Luther's school career. He romped through his high school course in three years and finished with the highest average in his class. Luther's father used to gaze upon him in fond pride and say to himself, L'My son will be a great man some day. He will astonish the world with his learning. He shall become a professor in some famous university, and there hll his position with credit to himself and to the father who reared himlw Now Luther had a brother, Henry, four years older than himself. Henry was a loafer, a bonehead, and a general nuisance. lt took him twelve years to finish four grades of school, and at the end of that time his father gave up in despair and put hirn on the farm to work. But Henry did not work. He would go Hshing when sent for the cows, play marbles when told to chop Wood, and spend his evenings reading "Snappy Storiesf, while Luther, across the table, was diligently pursuing the square root of a Latin verb. At last his father's patience wore thru and he pre- sented Henry with fifty dollars, ordering him to Hclear out, and paddle his own canoe." Henry blinked in amazement, but accepted the fifty dollars and took a train for New York. Here he got a job as truck driver, for that was one thing he could do, having spent many, many hours in coaxing his father's flivver to run. lVleanwhile, Luther finished college, took two years of post-graduate work, and then traveled abroad for a year. After that he returned to America and sat back waiting for some great institution to humbly beg his services-at a handsome salary, of course. The offer came, and from a prominent university. but, lo and behold! the salary was small-exceedingly small! Luther accepted it. however. and became professor of Stone Age History, in l Llniversity. He gave long and learned lectures and his classes soon became favorites with all the students, for he never required them to recite-it took him the whole of every class period to finish tell- ing what he knew about the lesson. So went life with Luther, his cap and gown be- coming worn and thin, patched in places, but still being used, for he could not afford new ones. Ten years later Luther was still a poor, but learned, bachelor pro- fessor in l- University, and author of several hundred deeply scholarly books. But Henry ten years later! He had, while cussing over the worthlessness of automobile engines in general and spark plugs in particular, conceived a new idea manufacturing spark plugs. He had sold his idea for a princely sum and all the preferred stock in the company which was immediately organized to manufacture the new spark plugs. He made a fortune that ran into seven hgures. and then one Christmas he decided to go back to the old home farm. It happened that Luther came home the same Christmas, and when their father looked at his two sons, and thought of what they had been as boys-he broke down and wept. Moral: Don't study too hard, it does-n't always get you the dollars. 34 I' '- Lg 49,4 fix 13,2 fl? x,," W gl N l m uw .. . 374' 1 X Zig K:- I V 4:4-.V N' , xf I 'luv' , V. Af .4149 rsh' 1, , lzfgbihgf: l. I X. f -Q 1 , , , X, v:f:l',.,4: 1, if -xg., 5 f m-1 ffm' f V: wwf If-'ff J wifi:-e i ,. fl ff. ww lx 1 f Ji, ,xx My 5,5 ff .Z h Dj jilVp,::j 10 f,f,'f,::gffm ,, f, ,Hwh t f",g g: . go V 'xw ff' ' a!!:ffwU23 ., ::l'-ku11- K 'qt ., 'ff 'IU'?,l1Q2Kx X . I", jilia ,ll ll .'.','xQ.x'- X w'i"11H:,.L f5ii 'rbi E! '- '. 1 ., 2 ,'fff!1E'. '21 iz ,,f.,,, ,.g:I 2-2. ., WA fri-"1 1,' mzzzwmy elif: 'Fifi !:.:1: az wp!! ff'-1 QVEI !'!,f3' flip ,, .. M 'Eu -i:g' v. 4. ' " " - ?Z!,WzAJM L' 'f ,, Xxn, an f J:-A X391-:. X . . ' . '. - M V , - ff I ? , iff .V W f na, Afgfvyffzfyfff N wyffff f f of f .J ,X JUNIGRS THE ALACHUAN 1923 - v T- -1- T '. x ' -- - .. ,.f- - ' "- ' -....f.' . . ., V, 9 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . DOROTHY LARTIGUE .... ,.....,.,...,. ,, ...,w...V,... P r esident JAMES BRINSON , A..,, ........,.,.. If 'ice-President ELLEN PEPPER .... ,,,..... S ecretary-Treasurer MOTTO c'N0tl1i11g great was ever achieverl Iififll-Ollt t'IllI1llSiC1Slll'v COLORS FLOWER Black and Cold Jllarechal Niel Rose 36 THE ALACHUAN 1929 JUNIOR CLASS Julia Holly W. D. O7QUinn Mollie GreeNlJerg Jlm McClamroch Ruby Cell0n Welaster MerRitt Sabina Worthillgtoil Roland StanLey Delphine Rasco Julia Tomkies Williain ,lacKson Helen CUbberly Cecil Thomp Son Leacy Sm0ot Katherine Voyle AlbErt Swariz Billie BuRke Zilla Boclie KathErine Tucker Tessie CLass Dorothy McLamroch Mary BEula McCormick Corinne Spencer JA.mes Brinson Ellhel Tucker Huber Watson Dot BuLlarcl Dempsey CrEary N0rTon Kilhourne Ellen Pepper Emily Dorsey George Smith Marcus EclelsTein SUe Spencer Lenore Polla1'D FayE Bergson Averil McMillaN Laura STrunk ChaSe Maddox Joe WauGh Lathan Th0rnton Ruth Livingston Louise KincaiD NoyeS Long Marvin Phifer Laura ThO1npson Dot LaRtigue Bill Trulay Ecl Swearinben .loc Perry GLe11n Rivers lla Mae BryAnt FranCis Emerson Alberta Brilgham Stephen Duke Ralph ATwater Mary SHaw NilEs Bashaw ,lamEs Turbeville Clara BrenNa11 AlexanDer King THE ALACHUAN 1923 COMIN7 THROUGH THE HALL If a Junior see a Junior, Pa sing through the hall, If a Junior greet a Junior Need the teachers bawl? Every Happer has a sweetie, I claim none at all, But Bill and Joe slip notes to me When passing through the hall. If a Junior take a Junior. In his car to town, If these two miss just one class, How those teachers frown! Every Happer has a sweetie, Some say I have none, But in Jim's car I've been to ricle For lots more times than one. Colle e men are mighty nice, A bi frat clance's fun, But let me have a Junior boy If I must just take one. Every Happer has a sweetie, I claim none at all, But Junior boys all catch my eye. When passing through the hall. 38 THE ALACHUAN 1923 THIS FREEDOM K With such apologies to M r. Hutchinson as he may think necessary j S ROSALIF. came down the school steps with her first monthis report, every- thing seemed entirely satisfying. She knew her grades were excellent. But as she passed a group of girls she knew talking to some boys from the col- lege, her grades seemed a little less important. She walked on alone and forgot the pleasure of a moment before when she thought about what a good time they were having back there. What fun it would be to go with college boys! She never did any thing interesting, just study, and go to church, and now and then a church social. Of course, there were boys there but mother and dad never let her have dates, they were so old fashioned. What a good time Rhoda and Jean and the rest of the crowd had! They went to all the dances and had dates nearly every night. Here her thoughts were interrupted by an automobile horn, and Marie stopped at the curb. Lucky Marie, popularity, looks, and a car! HD0n't you want a lift with all those books? My, but youire studious, making ninety-five in geometry! I Hunked it and chem, too. Oh, well, we canft all be bright. Letis go out to the U." As they passed through the college gates Marie jammed on the brakes and sounded the horn. nThere are Ted and Harry," and she hailed them. uTed's mine, but be nice to Harry, he's worth it.', Introductions over, Rosalie and Harry moved to the back seat and they sped on through the campus toward the country. By the time they reached the campus again, near sunset, Rosalie had made up her mind to several things. So when Harry asked for a date for the following Friday, she assented in spite of a slight doubt in her mind as to her parents' consent. After they dropped the boys at their frat house, Rosalie asked lVlarie what she meant by 'fworth itf' HHe will be richer than any one in this town next year when he is twenty-one," Marie explained. "The girl he marries will be in luck. Be nice to himf' "How foolish to think of marrying him!" Rosalie thought. Foolish Rosalie! How could she know that in only a few months it would be her only thought? That nothing would matter more. Not until she neared home did Rosalie begin to worry about her date. How was she to manage her parents? Thank goodness she had that good report to show them! It was a happy Rosalie that went to bed that night. She could have dates! Thrilling thought! She could hardly wait until Friday. Friday came and the date, wonderful thing. Rosalie felt it was a success, for he asked for another. And another. Strike on! Several weeks later the big football dance was to come off and Harry asked her to go. To Rosalie this seemed the most desirable thing in the world. How wonderful it would be! This would assure her place in that realm that seemed the height of attainment. Yes, this was most greatly to be desired. But how could she ever manage it? Mother would never consent. But she would go, somehow. Then the idea oc- curred to her. She could slip out of her bed room window as easily as anything. They'd never know. So she told her plan to Harry. "Flies and Flu," he said. HRomeo stuff at your bed room window. Youlre a sport all rightf' Strike on! The night of the dance was here. She was dressing. Harry was there. She was outside the window. She was at the dance. Wonderful dance! iWonderful music and boys and popularity. She was rushed to death. Entrancing evening. Wonderful Harry to cause all this. The things too poignant for the words one has. This girl,s happiness was very great, not to be set in words. Words cannot define that which defies our comprehension, which to our comprehensian only sublimely IS. Strike on! 39 THE ALACHUAN 1923 A month later you would not have known our Rosalie. It is enough to say she was a super college-widow. Her sole interest was college boys and frat dances. And Harry-but that comes later. Meanwhile semester exams were upon her. Now they were past. Awful marks, barely passing. but what did grades matter, what did school matter? Foolish Rosalie, how was she to know that some day it would mean every- thing? How could one ever have foreseen that? Strike onl During the next month she saw Harry often. Yes, he liked her. But Rosalie wanted more than that. NHe will be richer than anyone in this town when hels twen- ty-one. The girl he marries will be in luckfl Marie had said. Strike on! A month later. She was sure of Harry now. She knew she had him. Yes, she almost admitted it to the girls. How could she foresee that one morning she was to pick up the paper and see the announcement of his enegagement to a girl in his home town? How could one have foreseen that? Strike onl Meanwhile she has gone to many dances. She is not so rushed as she was at her first one, but she still goes to them all. The most important dance which comes almost at the last of the season is just a month off. She will have a lovely new dress for it. The dance is just a week off. Why doesn't her invitation come? All the other girls have theirs. Of course Harry will ask her. Then the awful thing happens. She sees the announcement of Harryis engagement. Sickening dread. Thursday before the dance. Then a boy phones and asks her to go. She accepts. Foolish Rosalie! Strike onl The night of the dance. How many visiting girls there arel How pretty they arel And their clothes! Her dress seems cheap. All the boys want to dance with them. Vlfhat a dull time she hasl Why, sheis almost a wallflowerl At the intermis- sion she sees Harry. He's coming across the floor with a most beautiful girl. She would like to run. She turns: they're almost at her. "Rosalie" he is saying. "l want you to meet my fiance." The thing's too poignant for the words one has. Strike on! lust two more weeks of school. Those awful exams. Why did her two hardest ones have to come the day after the Junior Prom? Sheid been Hunking for two months, but she could cram. Strike onl The night of the Prom. lShe wasn't asked to go until the night before. when she was asked to substitute for an out-of-town girl who could not come.t More visiting girls than ever. She was a wallflower sure enough. Awful dance. she thought. and awful exams tomorrow. Strike onl The last day of school. Again we see her coming down the school steps with her report. No smiling. happy Rosalie this time. She has llunked every thing. Posrscmpr There was to have been some lnore of it. but there. there she is a failure. and one has pitied her so much one cannot any more go on. One's pitied sol One has looked backward with her. The heart must break but for a forward glimpse: She's all right now. That old life is over. Her days are simple and peaceful and full of labor she loves. How entrancing her geometry. how wonderful her English. how musical her French. how interesting her chemistry! All through breakfast she can hardly wait. When breakfastis done shels at her books. She cries in a delighted voice, "Lessonsl Lessons!" She cries in a delighted voice. "Lessons, Lessons! All day long! All day long!" THE END 40 QLMM THE ALACHUAN 1923 , . M, ' ff- Qfifif-H-'v:1'S2" --Pfifsifnm' ,.+-.-'-ff-- .--ui 4:-.w 3,-'w.1 ::f. 5fR ,.-,. '.'-1"e r1Ev' - .V 3 V-mG?'Wff?' 4 f-- Nffv. - ffmvvii' .fn-fe: -95?fJN.iN,.',f. 4 - - '-"" 7-...g a -5'f".V"li-- .mf,:f!i,,-+Qf3fZ,i.'E'fOZ1 'W -'Y " 'f'lfL '51 -. ,LJ-,L,1"H, i SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS MARY ANDERSON Y,,, v,,,,,, , ,,,Pre51'fiem BILL BOLTIN ..,..,....,....,.,,... VIICE'-Pl'6S1'd6Ilf NIELBA NUNN ,.,,.,. Secrelary and Treasurer MOTTO Each for llze otlzer: all for C. H. S. COLORS FLOWER Green, and Gold Yellow Clzrysantlzenzzzm, 42 THE ALACHUAN 1973 Carroll Adams Gordon Adams Mary Anderson Wayne Ashmore James Beall Doris Black Bill Boltin Ernest Bowyer A. W. Brown Annie Bryan Julia Carruthers Ruth Clayton James Clements Gaynell Corbett Charles Dell Maxey Dell Bill Dial William Duke Anna Eve Edward Eve Marshall Flowers Lueile Gaskins Ada Glenn SOPHOMORE CLASS Ted Girard Aylene Graves Theresa Graves Esther Greenberg Grace Haile Charles Harris Lyle Hiatt Bryant Hiers Kenneth Hodges Mary Hyatt Maybelle Irving Louise lsler Frank Johnson Aline Kelley Flossie Kite Hilda Mathis Louise McCutcheon J. C. McCraw Sue McDonald Louise Mclntosh Billie MeKinstry Albert Murphree Melba Nunn 43 Boy Nunn Maxwell Overton Myrtle Peeler Joe Pomeroy Mary Anne Price John Prevatt Sledge Prevatt Gilbert Ramsey Hawley Ridenour Doris Roberts Irene Roberts W. B. Soper Ruby Short Wilmer Thomas Richard Weaver Bessie Weeks Gladys Wells Rosalie Williams Ruth Williamson Lois Worthington Mary Wright Theo Zetrouer THE ALACHUAN 1923 ELEGY OF THE PASSING SOPHS Show us not with solemn faces, Algebra problems by the seoresg For next year we will be Juniors: We're no longer sophomores. Now at last we have passed Caesar, "On to Virgil" is the call, Youive flunked Caesar-must repeat it, Was not spoken of us all. We liked English Composition, Everything was parallel, Next welll study Junior English, Think we'll like it just as well. Webster's lVlodern History told us, How the governments should beg Weill now learn how England's rulers Helped her gain Democracy. Whether we are Rats or Juniors, Sophs or Seniors, one thing's best: 'Tis the fact that we are known as Students of the C. H. S. -D. B., 25 Some of these days, in many big ways. 0, what a great class weill see Pulling together - studying forever, How happy we ought to be Oier our victory. Much has been written and said, we know, Of our Sophomore Class with its wit galoreg Remember to be a Junior Class A Each one must be a Sophomore. -S. MCD., '25. -- 44 X C - ,WF Z5 V fff Xxxx. ffxfjw if X5 S e h 757 JW Q X f '- 5 ,Sw ii 52? f 7 Z . we lf N NA H "2 vl N NMR W- W W W g f -,f 'Z f ff f " ""- .,,..,,..f --... , . . zir f f f 3 "ff J 2? Q MX . gf '75 1- 7? 1 " -31 1 'Q 4 "-mug' :S r , f , ' 4 f ' ! qfin 7f 4 ' ' ' 'H ,Iv 4 axxkxxxxxx. F x wg vfgg QX SX f' Q 'YN-N xx i Qi X 9- S . 1 S Xxxbss Q S U QL xx dn s xx i E ' X Mn Ti : -F: K Q xw wx' FM k uuxxxh.. THE ALACHUAN 1923 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS NIARGARET TUCKER ...,... ........,....,......,. ,.,.,..,,.,.... P r esident DALE VANSICKLE .,...... ...,.,...,..,........... I 'ice-Presia'ent NANCY BAKER .,.....A.. .......,.. S ecretary and Treasurer COLORS FLOWER Gold and White Shasta Daisy MOTTO GMDOILHZ be a crankg be a self-starlbern 46 THE ALACHUAN 1973 Freeman Ashmore Earle Arnow Austin Armstead Oscar Beasly Julian Broome Maude Ballentine Marjory Bell Bronnie Bryant Nancy Baker Wilbur Bishop William Bullard Langly Bryant James Cromwell Ruby Couch Parks Carmichael May Davis Ethel Donaldson Bob Davis Tom Downs Ella-Maude Downs Frances DePass Barton Douglas Laura Dodd Anita Ellis Sinclair Eaton Earle Fagan FRESHMAN CLASS Ruth Grimes Gussie Gay Lois Gay Geneva Gnann Sanford Goin Ella Mae Hazen Reba Hill Edgar Johnwick Emma Jackson Dan Jenkins Clarence Killinger Benjamin Kendrick Dorothy Livingston Andrew Ludwig Rodney Layton Myrtice Mooring Angus Merritt Barnett Means Virginia McCraw Paige McArthur Luther McDowall Dawn Nobles Isabelle O,Neal Martin Oliver Helen Parker Theron Pomeroy 47 Ellis Parker Eva Ramsey Roy Rossell Joseph Bice Sidney Bobertson Nellda Reed Almey Sargeant Paul Selle Johnnie Sanders Clare Sneeringer Hulda Snelson Earle Simpson Pauline Short Harry Turner Margaret Tucker Charles Tucker Duke Truby Brooks Thornton Evan Taylor Vera Turner Mildred Tomkies Dale Vansickle Mary Wright Bae Weeks Richard White Alexander Waits 'fri .u, .. 5.1. ,,.. ,n' V. au A, Lfx W W fy' X Y fan- X , - an - . -f-'W'-5356 mxwx X ,-v,.1AvA'il.gvss Pint!" vnvvf- ppl efe3s:m.f5gf A ' wl'15vgsi.i.Q! Qgvpvmulnvr -x1l3Ai!F"' E, villllqjlfr Q Og: 'Ur' flu ,,'1 Qfrgkx'4f., rg, f 4 V , X, W ,fha 4 OV ' ' f Y f Y RZ 732' 6 GQ x NW x 1 X 5, J XC! I X I W f -',' f f ,, f ,1 X I If - ALL CHAMPIONS, 1922 TB 'rl-1 F oo STA 1 as I v-S 2 cu .- W C E-' 5 f .. cu .- : 4: C- E' E CD ri .af E 5 5 2. :E 2 :, o ED : in QI 5 D i 3 : UI M -. 1 euver, W Brown. McCutcheun, Sanchez, Edelstein, 1 right: I4 fr Top How, le .E U 5 O U 8- ': L 7:1 :Lu ,. 'LJ cn 5 m .. : E Q N 5 F, F3 :D s Y-H wall, MCDO E Tn 'E Ld E F .-.. ... 5-1 rd Cf! E ri 1-1 U 2 .- 3 U-4 CZ .-1 E L :S LJ : 05 ,- C2 c 9 P grf UJ P E H, 5 r E EP F-4 D ..- .a 1... 2 J Rox Lower THE ALACHUAN 1923 FOOTBALL The G. H. S. football team has completed the most successful season in the history of the school. The team this year was a thoroughly efficient machine which administered defeat to every football team of importance in the state. This was due to the excellent coaching ability of J. R. Farrior and the earnest cooperation of the squad. This team played 11 games, lost none and was scored on only twice for a total of 18 points, while their total against the opposing aggregations was 461 points, thus gaining for themselves and their school the football championship of the State of Florida. The citizens of Gainesville showed their appreciation by presenting gold footballs to the mmebers of the team. G. H. S. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE DATE OPPONENT PLACE G.H.S. OIFNET Oct. 14 ....... Orlando .............. ........ G ainesville ., ,,,,,, 58 ,,,,,,,,,,, , 0 Oct. 21 ....... Hillsborough ...... ......,. T ampa .,,,., ,,.,,, 1 3 ,,,,,,,,.,,. 0 Oct. 28 ....... Lakeland ,.... Lakeland ,,,,, ,,.,, 7 ,.,,,,,,,,,, 0 Nov. 4 ....... Plant City Gainesville ,,.,,, 35 ,,,,,, 0 Nov. 11 ....... Madison ....... .......i M adison ..,. ,,,,, 9 7 ,.,,,,,,,,,, 0 Nov. 17 ....... Greensboro . Tallahassee , ,,,,,, 30 ..,,,,,,,,., 0 Nov. 18 ....... ......... T allahassee .. ........ Tallahassee ,,,,, ,,,,, 3 9 ,,,4,,,,,,, , 6 Nov. 24- ....... St. Petersbur Gainesville ,,,,,, 59 ,,,,,,,,, 0 Nov. 30 ....... Bartow ..,..... Gainesville ,,., ,,,,.,, 4 0 ,,,.,,,,,, 0 Dec. 9 ....... ........ D uval ....... Gainesville .. ...... 25.1 .......... 12 Dec. 16 ....... Miami ...... Gainesville .,.,. 58 ..,...l,. O Total Score ..,..,,..461 18 THE ALACHUAN 1923 GIRLS, BASKETBALL REVIEW OF '23 N January 13, the Hrst goal was tossed for the season of nineteen twenty- three and was a starting point for the ten battles fought and won by "our girls," who, by their courage and perseverance, attained the high honor of champions of the State of Florida for the second time. With the beginning of the season Coach Chesnut industriously set to work to produce a team equal to, and, if possible, superior to the one of the previous year. At the outset she was disappointed, for with a . patched up team the Purple Sextette lost to Ocala by a score of 15 to 12. This was for the best, however, as it proved a stimulus and made the girls resolve to fight to the finish and win all other games. This spirit was shown in two victories over Stetson, first by a score of 17 to 141, and the second by a score of 29 to 11. St. Augustine and St. Petersburg both were unable to cope with the Purple and White fighters and followed the path of defeat. Enthusiasm was supreme when Ocala met the Purple contenders in the return game at the University gymnasium. This time the as- piration of the Green and White for the state championship was blasted, for Gainesville won by 16 points. The Hurricane then went on its way unmolested. Palatka, Bradentown, and St. EDM EARLE CHESVT Petersburg were all swept before its might. 'xv' Cuaclz On March 15 began the State Basketball Tournament, held at Stetson Linirersity. De- Land. C. H. S. again demonstrated the supe- x a n"" my av ri r alit ' f he' "fiffl1tin0' t ' nr" 'n th e ag 0 qu Y 0 1 r 6 W1 D 1 fe fs, J hard-fought games. played with Orlando. Lake- land and DeLand. respectively. winning the 7 Championship of Florida. and bringing home 5 was ,K the beautiful silver trophy. f Miss Edna Earle Chesnut cannot be given if enough credit for her splendid work this year K Q-if . , " ' . le afy . - . -. . ' if ' K' 1 jg if 'i with the G. H. S. girls. With patience and tact. as "" I 452,9 25 s . . . Q-it --nu she took the bainesville team through practice M after practice. and carried to the second annual h"L'5N PEPP"3" DOT BU'-LARD tourney a team whose wonderful learn work J1lllIpflIgCt'l1ft'T Running Center was unequalled. 52 THE ALACHUAN 1923 PLACE Ocala ........ DeLand ...,, Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville Gainesville . Gainesville . Palatka ....... NANCY BAKER DEHTPSEY CREARY MARY BAKER ETHEL TUUCKER Guards Forwards DATE ........Jan ........Jan ......,.,lan Feb ........Feb ........Feb ........Feb .. ........ Feb Galnesvllle ........ ........ F eb St. Petersburg DeLand ...... DeLand ...... DeLand ...... .......lVlar. .,.....Mar .....,.Mar .......lVlar SCHEDULE NAME 13 ...,... ......... O cala ............. .......... Stetson ...,..,., St. Augustine 20 ...,.. Q ......,.. 27 ....... ......... OP'N,T G.H.S 3 ,,,,,,, ,,,,..... S tets on ............,........... 1 1 ................ 29 9 ,,,A,,4 ,,,,,,,,, T renton ,,......,.............., 12 ..,.,........... 32 10 .,,,,., ,........ S t. Petersburg .......,.... 12 ................ 45 17 ....... ......,... 23 ....... .,....... 24. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..., Braclentown ................ 10 ...........,.... 3,1 ,,.,,...,, St. Petersburg TOURNAMENT 15 ...,....,........... Orlando ...,. 16 ..,..., .......... L akeland ..... 16 ,,,,,,, ..,,..... D eLand ...... 53 Ocala ..........,.. ,... Palatka ........., ,,........ 1 6 ................ .. ,......... 12 ................ 14 15 ,.,,...,.,...... 12 52 30 THE ALACHUAN 1923 1 1 1 LUDWIG ENWALL MCDOWALL TRUBY Boom-3 SARRA BISHOP SANCHI-:z 54 THE ALACHUAN 1923 BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM S MAY be seen by the record of the basketball season of 1923, this cham- pionship team is the best of its kind that G. H. S. has ever produced. While a great deal of credit must be given to the fighting spirit of the players, it was Coach Farrior who filled the team with the "pep,' and ufighti' that defeated Wauchula, Duval and Hillsboro in the final triumphant march to the cham- pionship. The season opened with the usual practice games to whip the team into shape and to bring out material. After the Montverde game the team settled down in ear- nest to go through to the tournament. This it did, but not without a few hotly con- tested games such as the games with Montverde and St. Petersburg. ln the tournament the first game drawn was with Wauchula, supposedly the hardest team in the state to play, but it couldn't stand up against the Purple and White tossers, and so lost to a score of 33 to 30. The next morning Duval, the ancient rival of Gainesville, fell in defeat to a 23 to 19 score. However, the hardest game of the tournament came as the one deciding the championship between Gaines- ville and the Tampa Terriers. Both technically and sensationally, this was the best game of the tourney. However, the Purple aggregation came out on the top side of the score of 27 to 25, thereby defeating two of the strongest teams in the state in one day and becoming Gainesville's first championship boys' basketball team. Of the entire sixteen games played, including the U. of F. Rats, the team won fourteen, making a total number of 4-24 points to the opponents 214, nearly double. The average score for each game was 26.5 to the opponents 13.37. SEASON SCHEDULE TEAM PLACE DATE G. H. S. Scomz OPP. Trenton .......... Gainesville ..... .. ........ Jan. 5 ..... .,,,,,,,,,,, 1 3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,., 1 2 Trenton ,......... Trenton .....,....... ....... J an. 13 ...... ,.,..,.. 1 9 .,..,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,. 8 Williston ....,,.. Gainesville ....... ......., ,I an. 16 ..... ,,,,,,,. 44- ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,A,,, 1 O Melrose ............,. .......... G ainesville ........ ........ J an. 18 ..... ........ 3 9 ......,,,, .,..,,,,.,. 1 5 U. of F. Rats .................. Gainesville ....... ........ J an. 20 ..... .,.,,,,, 1 1 ,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,, 2 3 St. Augustine ................. Gainesville ..... dan. 26 ..... ........ 3 4- .,......,, ,,,,,,, 8 St. Augustine .,..,....,....... St. Augustine.. ........ Feb. 2 ...... ..,,,,,, 3 6 ,.,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,, 1 2 Montverde ......... .......... G ainesville ........... ........ F eb. 9 ..... ........ 2 5 ......,... ,,.,.,,,,,, 2 6 Trenton ...,.,,.., Second Team ..,..,............ Feb. 9 ...,.. ,..,,,,, 3 4- ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,., 1 4 Dade City ..... .... ....,.,.... C a ncelled ............. ,....... F eb. 10 ..... ,.,,.... 2 .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,A 0 Dade City .......... .......... C ancelled .......... ........ F Cb. 16 ..... ........ 2 ,.......,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 0 St. Petersburg.. .......... St. Petersburg. .......1 Feb. 17 ...... ...,.... 3 6 ......,,,, ,,,,,,,-,, , 21 Leesburg ............ ........... L eesburg ........... ........ F Cb. 23 ...... ........ 2 6 ....,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 2 Montverde ........, .......... M ontverde ........ ........ F Cb. 24' ..... ........ 2 3 ...,,.,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 8 Leesburg .......................... Gainesville ........ ........ lt lar. 2 ...... ......., 3 6 ....,.,,,, .,,,,,,,,,, 2 3 St. Petersburg ......,......... Gainesville... .... ........ ll lar. 3 ..... .....,.. 4-4 .,,......, ,,,,,,,,, , , 12 G. H. S. TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE Gainesville ........ .......... W auchula ........ 33 ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , .30 Gainesville ........ .......... D uval ............... ..,,.,,, 2 3 ,,.,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,, 1 9 . . . 25 Gainesville... .... ...,..... H illsboro ......... ........ 2 7 ,,,,,,..,, ,,,,,,, , 55 THE ALACHUAN 1923 2 E P' .J ..1 4 E Id T1 4 2 56 THE ALACHUAN 1923 BASEBALL HEN the call was issued in early spring for baseball candidates to report for practice. the prospects for the Gainesville High baseball team looked very promising. A number of men who played last year reported for prac- tice, along with some new material that looked mighty good. After about two weeks of practice, the first contest of the season was played with the Dade City nine-a double-header. Gainesville was an easy victor in both contests. Boone pitched a no-hit game in the first contest, and Ludwig only gave up three hits in the second encounter. After the two games with Dade City the Purple nine journeyed to Saint Leo College and defeated the nine representing that school by the score of 9--L. Boone, who pitched a fine game for Gainesville, had the Saint Leo boys in his power at all times. The afternoon of the same day the Dade City team was defeated by the large score of 25-I. lVlcDowall hurled for Gainesville. The following week the Purple defeated Inverness at Inverness two games. Ludwig pitched the first game and was an easy winner. The Inverness team was greatly strengthened by the addition of three town players to their line-up for the second game. Boone pitched for Gainesville and won his game by the score of 3-I, in an 11-inning contest. Tuesday of the following week Gainesville suffered the loss of her star pitcher, Roby Boone, who injured his ankle while running from third base to home in a practice game with the Freshman nine from the University of Florida. The following Saturday the Gainesville nine journeyed to Williston and received their first defeat of the season, the score being 6-4 in Willistoifs favor. Ludwig pitched for the locals. Williston was scheduled to play in Gainesville the follow- ing Thursday, but refused to play, so the Gainesville team played the Florida "Rats', on that day and defeated them by the score of 7-5. This game with the 4'Rats" ended the somewhat unfortunate season for Gainesville High. 1923 BOYS' BASEBALL SCHEDULE DATE TEAM PLACE G. H. S. OPP. April I4 .......... .,,,,.,,,. D ade City ..... Gainesville .. .....,,.,. 7 ..,..... ...... . fl April 14 .,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, D ade City ,...,,....,, .,,,... G ainesville .. ....,.,,., I1 ,,...,, .... ...... . 0 April 20 .......... .,,...,,. S t. Leo Colleges, ........ St. Leo Colle .......... 9 ......,. .............,. . .. 4 April 20 ,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,, Dade City ...... Dade City .... .......... 2 5 ........ ..,................ . . I April 21 ,,,,..,,,, ,,,,,..,,, D ade City ,..,.... ,..,.,., D ade City ....... ...,.,........ ........ C a ncelled April 27 .....,..., ,,.,,,,,,, I nverness ......, Inverness ...... .............. 1 2 ............... .................. 2 April 28 ,......... .,..,..,. I nverness ...,...... ,....... I nverness .......... ..................... 3 .................................... 1 Nlay 4 ,,,,,,,, A,,,,,,,, S 1, Augustine, ,,,,,,, Gainesville ......... ........ C ancelled by mutual agreement May 5 ,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,, W illiston ,,,,,,, Williston ......... ..... ............... 4 ..,................................. 6 May 11 ,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,, W illismn ,,,, ,. Gainesville ................................., Cancelled by Williston May 12 ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, S 1.AuguS1ine.,. ,,,,.., St. Augustine .............. Cancelled by mutual agreement May I8-19 .......... ......... T ournament ......... ........ 0 1'lHl1d0 --.---- ---,-----------------.----------,.--.----.....--.-,.............- May 25, ,,,,., , ,,,,,,,,, Duval ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,.... G ainesville ....... ..,........,......,.....................,.., C ancellecl May 26 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,., D uval ,,,,,,,,, Gainesville ..... ...,,... C ancelled 57 THE ALACHUAN 1923 VW" ' , ,.,. .. ' ' X i r i x E 3 TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS NOVICE CLASS 58 THE ALACHUAN 1923 TRACK N TRACK as in all other branches of athletics, Gainesville showed up fine under the expert coaching of Coach Rex Farrior. A great deal of interest was shown in the inter-class track meet in which all the available material of G. H. S. participated. The Seniors took the meet by a wide margin, the Juniors taking second place. At this meet the entries for the state meet were selected from the best talent displayed in the different events. At the Florida State High School track meet Gainesville was notably successful. Two records were broken hy Coach Farrior's Purple and White athletes, the high jump by Jack McDowall and the 880-yard dash by Lamar Sarra, which, with the record made by Vickery last yearin the +1-40, make three records held by Gainesville. Gainesville took by a good margin the novice meet, thus winning the novice meet and the championship cup, and won fourth place in the main meet. Out of the seven cups awarded, Gainesville, besides the championship cup, took cups in the championship sprint medley, the novice mile relay, and the novice sprint medley. Those whose work entitled them to represent the school at this meet were: Lamar Sarra Jim McClamroch Bill McKinstry Jack McDowall Albert Swartz Marshall Flowers Howard Bishop D. S. Fagan Bill Truby Lars Sanchez Ted Girard Maxie Dell Andrew Ludwig Sinclair Eaton Marvin Phifer Noyes Long Norton Killborne Lamar Sarra, ,lack McDowall, and Howard Bishop especially deserve high credit for their work as do the other medal winners who won the meet for Gaines- ville. MCDOWALL AND SARRA STAR IN TNTERSCHOLASTIC MEET ,lack McDowall and Lamar Sarra represented G. H. S. in the Interscholastic Track and Field Meet at Chicago. This is the first year a Florida school has entered the lnterscholastic Meet. Jack was second in the high jump, making a record oi 5 ft. 11 in., and Lamar came out seventh in the 380-yard dash. 59 THE ALACHUAN 1923 I I LJ 3' 4 E F :Z YJ 4 I P' 5 Z Z 5.1 4-I 24 5-:I 351 :Zz I ,4 32 if If P5 Qi.. ,J C 2 'Ji Cf' E E S .II I P' Z C 3 I : I-4 60 , 'I R f ff F57 J fx , ,4 -1154! N- 1 fm If , .my , ' I ., '-" 4P??,,4?s x.. Ag-H Sta 2 K ff . X-53951-1a a1grfQ,f Mau "M FQ. if f ' W Ir! QSM U4 Wffln! -sf! R UWM XJ if' QL 1 l a xg !4- , , qu 1 ,if K Q X. 7 1. s 1.51 ggi,-,S f'f ' P f 51 ,,, 1, jf' NV! 1 'E' x Ax if ,1' P' ' f ff,f 'fL"'Q x - lv , fp Q 0 7145- W' If-X 1 X 4 1 g 'X ', W ue xl Vw?" fe? I" 'T f 11' ' -'f 9- 1? 4 x If " W4 Sl! 'f I ' , X A W5 47 10,1 If si! I,ZW, Q. X!! fn X A i I ' A 5" '-Q M ' f 4-H .f - w x. W-4 1 A 1 ' ,a I If S X I "lf 'Af W QQ? 4,141 W ' Sax 1 ,Q 101 ,pw ,ff 'Z,1'o'q5,5 'KS bf .X-.41 4 f 1 f " 02?-" Iqfff' J' Q Awww . A K ..' I ,lf ' Q I A 'mug' 6 J 'ugff ,3 5 X 4K:,Xx'-Ny: Ku' I 1 Xxx' f xp l'fX.g.. xyx-1 I , x Y X2 K XX s xx xx 'MMI' f Wg H 1 , 4 Kflxx ' 5190-,. x H- .RX- ,ni ,J , 1, W t K , , lyk, .,' Qx.f,'.r,.., x., 42 MM 4l mn' 1 4. "5 Xu. kv QM , . y--H - I w.I,,NQ'x 1 --ge' ,Q A Mlldjulfydf , 1 1 X , , 1 f . 'Q' W'-' 1, Q- 42 1111! M y 9 A is , -.- of --5 vga 34,1 .- ff -. V'-ze" 4 4 , f,!lL,, -4- f ' 'U Hr.. .4 X x Q 1 1 4 4 7 .1 jf Q fuQg:5kv: "3'1X:.g'e?L2 X f ' Q 57" 1 fql. 1 I " f 7 WN' Xu gf 'f 44 1 I ' X. a-- ' v-'Cf u-'gl , ,Nw .. ,M ff wx:-'L ff S' V 9 x. 4 ' +1 f' xxx wifi 1 xx ,ts I 1: X !'b' 1 SOCIETY THE ALACHUAN 1923 ,-.,. ffi'l5M-FJ , L. u B G-I R L S' KET B ALL 3 J BOYS-,v A'-, Y BASKETBALL 3 ,.,! Q FooTBALL Q ',,' i 4 5 i 5 J V 62 THE ALACHUAN 1923 Devaux Vrooman Andrew Ludwig ,lack McDowall Donald Bishop Howard Bishop Lamar Sarra Boys ,lack McDowall Lamar Sarra Lars Sanchez Howard Bishop Hayford Enwall Roby Boone Howard Bishop Noyes Long Andrew Ludwig lack lVlcDowall Lamar Sarra ,lack lVlcDowall Robert Davis Edward Murphy Gardiner Welch WEARERS OF THE G FOOTBALL Lars Sanchez Ernest Bowyer Norton Kilbourn William Flowers C. G. Knight James Brinson BASKETBALL Andrew Ludwig Huber Watson Bill Truby Donald Bishop Girls Ellen Pepper Mary Baker TRACK Novice Class Ted Girard William Flowers Championship Class Lars Sanchez Joe Waugh Sidney Robertson BASEBALL Lars Sanchez Roby Boone Andrew Ludwig Lamar Sarra Dale Vansickle 63 GG77 Leland Hiatt Richard Weaver Huber Watson Willie Edelstein Edward Swearingen Joe Perry Dempsey Creary Dorothy Bullard Ethel Tucker Nancy Baker lVlelba Nunn Emily Dorsey Rosa Lee Williams D. S. Fagan Norton Kilbourn Bill Truby Bill lVlcKinstry U. G. Swartz Huber Watson Bill Truby Norton Kilbourn Howard Bishop ff THE ALACHUAN 1 923 64 X Of THE ALACHUAN 1923 THE COMET INETEEN-TVVENTY is, indeed, a memorable date in the history of C. H. S., for it was in that year the first "Co1net': was issued. From the first, plans for such a paper met with much enthusiasm and success, and the second year of its history the paper was enlarged from four to six pages. It was also Inade self-supporting by the generous spirit of the many merchants who advertised in its columns. The real value of 'The Cometi' to us is that it serves as a medium of ex- pression for the various forms of school life and activities. The Purple and White victories in athletics, the latest school jokes. and original compositions and editorials found in :The Cometj' all tend towards the growth of 'gschool spirit," literary work, and individual pride in our paper. This makes it one of the greatest assets of the school. Then, too, our Exchange Department keeps G. H. S. in touch with many other high schools of the state and country. Thus has :The Cometj' grown and advanced and its future looks bright indeed if the students give the same hearty support and cooperation as they have in the past. CECIL GRACY .... SUE SPENCER ........ THELMA BOLTIN ..,.. LAMAR SARRA ...,..... ......Editor-in-Chief ..,....Alssistant Editor ..,.....Literary Editor .........Athletic Editor lVlIRIAM MCKINSTRY .... .,,,,,,,.,.,....,. B usiness Manager ELLEN PEPPER . . ' ......Assz.stant Business Managers RUTH LLVINGSTON TESSIE GLASS ,,,,,,,.,,,..... ........................ S ociety Editor WILLIAM HAWKINS ........... Joke Editor HAYFORD ENWALL , ETHEL TUCKER .... SUE MCDONALD ..... ......... Senior Reporter ....,...,,....,,fLmior Reporter Sophomore Reporter ANITA ELLIS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... F reshman Reporter AGNES MCCORMICK lVIARVIN PHII-'ER ..,.. ALICE PARRISH .... ............ENC,LdILg8 Editor Circulation Manager ........State High School Press Association Reporter THE ALACHUAN 1923 GLEE CLUB Miss L. GRIER .,,., .............................. D irector ALYENE GRAVES ..... .................................... P ianist ELIZABETH WATTS ,,,,, ......... S ecretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Thelma Boltin Gaynelle Corbett Faye Turner Elizabeth Watts Hazel Turbyiill Alice Parrish Elizabeth Harrold Mary Kincaid Esther Jordan Lillian Long Helen Cubberly Hortense Marable Maude Ballentine Kathryne Voyle Louise Bowers T THE beginning of the 1922-23 school term, the Senior Class decided to start or revive the Glee Club. We were exceedingly fortunate in securing Miss Grier's help, and it is through her untiring efforts that the club has been a success. The whole club is very thankful to her for her assistance. At first, until everything was in working order, it was thought best to open the membership to Seniors only. After things were running smoothly the member- ship was opened to other classes. The club has sung in chapel several times. It gave a program in chapel before the Christmas holidays, singing Christmas carols and closing the exercises with 4'Holy Night", a quartet. It sang at the health play given in the auditorium. The songs sung were the old folk songs which were in ac- cord with the play, "Uncle Remusf, At the opening exercises in the new building, the club sang several numbers, among them being the "Fairyland Chorus" and the "Indian Songf' 66 THE ALACHUAN 192 3 V LLUE x VIRGIL CLUB MoTTo "F0rsans et lzaec olim I7l6lllilliSS6 iuvabif TEACHER: J. Rex Farrior NIEMBERS El r Br ant Elizabeth Gable eano y Eddie Sue Colson William Hawkms, Jr. Thomas Isler 67 THE ALACHUAN 1923 rf , V '11, Q , .f 'A' 1 if 2 LAMBDA SIGMA SIGMA COLORS: Red and Gold FLOWER: Dahlia PURPOSE Social IIIIIJTOUCIIICIIZ and glflvalzcelrzelzl of Sislerlzoofi Catherine Davis Florence Dial Louise Kincaid Mary Kincaid Lillian Long Irene Colson Irene Denham Mable Edwards Annie Lee Farmer ACTIVE NIEMBERS- ALUMNAE 68 Dorothy A'lL'Cli1l1II'0Cll Mary Parker AlCC1'uw Miriam McKi1lstry Dorothy Lartigue Lena Cliancey Elizabeth Halmnargren Lucile Boring Stringfellow Lillian Jones We-isenfeld Mary Lee Fowler Weir THE ALACHUAN 1923 . 5 Q K ' , . .1 I ' , A, .. C. G. CARD CLUB COLOR FLOWER Green and While Heartsease MOTTO Cibble, Cabble, Cobble, Git Catherine Davis Mary Kincaid Florence Dial Lillian Long Esther Jordan Agnes McCormick Gladys Kelley Miriam McKinstry 69 THE ALACHUAN 1923 AGNES MQCORMICK ENTERTAINS SENIORS The members of the Senior Class and their teacher, Miss Woodbery, were charm- ingly entertained on the evening of May llth, by a popular classmate, Agnes Ale- Cormick. at her home on West Main Street. The house was tastefully decorated with flowers and ferns. In the hall the High School colors-purple and whitegwere predominant, while in the living room were bowers of Shasta daisies. the class flower, and fern, which carried out the class colors of green and white. On the porch. which was bordered with bamboo. decorated with white blossoms and brightly lighted, Aline Kelley and Frances DePass served re- freshing fruit punch. After a pleasant evening of cards and dancing. refreshments of Neapolitan ice cream. small cakes. wafers and mints. again featuring the class colors. were served and enjoyed by all. DELIGHTFUL HALLOWEEN PARTY Dr. and Mrs. H. 0. Enwall were host and hostess at a most enjoyable party given on Hallowe'en in honor of the Senior Class. Appropriate decorations for the season were carried out with black cats. wise owls and other symbols. The rooms were darkened. with only soft lights. shaded in yellow. casting a weird glow over costumed figures. Guests were met at the entrance by a ghost who extended an icy handclasp, and another ghost led the way to the chambers above. where wraps were laid off. The usual Hallowe'en games were enjoyed. an interesting feature being a trip up dark, winding stairs to the attic where a veritable witch was busy brewing sassafras tea in a big black pot. This she served to her callers and told them pleas- ing sketches of their past and future. Miss Thelma Boltin was winner of the prize for having the most clever cos- tume, and her trophy was a pretty calendar. Miss Agnes McCormick was next best and received a sewing basket as a prize. A Chinese mandarin appeared on the scene causing much fun and laughter. Late in the evening refreshments of ice cream. cakes, doughnuts. coffee and cocoa were served. 70 THE ALACI-IUAN 1923 JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The handsome and commodious new High School building on University Ave- nue was the scene of a happy event May 4 when the Juniors tendered the annual banquet to the Seniors. Decorations evidenced the Senior Class colors of pink and lavender. An artis- tic arrangement of pink oleanders and the eight loving cups centered the festive board near by. These trophies were won by G. H. S. during the past year. Pink tapers placed at intervals cast a soft glow over the faces grouped around the table numbering more than one hundred. Miss Dorothy Lartigue, president of the Junior Class, was toastmaster and kept things interesting. The address by Mrs. Alice Parrish, on nThe Streets of Today," was most excellent. During the evening Cecil Gracy, president of the Senior Class, on behalf of the class presented a large cut glass vase to be used in the Senior assembly room of the High School. Mr. Gracy also presented to Miss Mary Woodbery, teacher of the Senior Class, a lovely purple silk parasol with amber handle. MENU Chicken Soup Dinner Biscuits Hot Rolls Chicken Potatoes String Beans Beets Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cake lce Tea Punch Mints Fruit Punch 71 THE ALACHUAN 1923 4' 'Z 5 5 2, X. 1 ' I .. , f . of-4154131 ' 1 E 1 lr 3 ig U-W'-'du M-..,r,M.. 9 Q 4 E' E ,4 6 ,,, 12 ' Mr 2 MHFQHW "' gm L ,ji 3 nays, 'el gif' z V' t A I zlfi' " ns- A x '15 , 1. - , ' 9 ' .3-?fS'..,'Wi I A Casa! kb Q 113433. -, -, - ,. ' if , 54 eg?- - wil ,V , 'A xq rf-...z,"-.,LZ0..z . aw- ,,. ,,,A,,,, ff? , 1 J...M0, sf , , v.-. A ., r V " V -NJ ff! r 'A - ' li: 25 bv-1Z,fJ F ,- M , Slwm, ? :if A 9. . if AA V wLuL'7 'vu-,. 72 u. ,. . -- 5 ,. , 1 --AJ, J. , , inf if-: .-,,-f.--, f 1. , ,,, -5, 166.4 4 A, " 1- -' ':- . . f 1 We 1-. , LP N' 5 f ' V 'L ' flag' W 1. E A' St. 4 - . fl-z,vvQ24,5l:4-4 Wigan., .. -.... 3,3 'i --an in-1 THE ALACHU AN 19.23 BUBBLES HA PPY :D sir' liz I DQ,QR5 CLOSED T o GWE O STUDENTS REST UETEIIYI N J- ST i,,L 5 NU " s fx 90 ' +9 0 P Www THE w OUR QW' o RSP' NIQNTN gg? 54-6.1 Rf Q5 9o0D THAT BuRST QW e F . . e , 41 gil v WW O L-.J A 9 ,Q ' ol!! X fl. 73 ,,,,.p-f""" NQWARD .gukihllfr NKDNIGHT 0'5- C5TuoYu Nrfj sf" MARY Nussmc- A GOA!- 4-r UEME ,ffofggug 2414-154, X Q I xg .'uo. rx N , ' 431, 4 gfg ' -L-jg. ,L me THE ALACHUAN 1923 JOKES If it wasn't for Louise Would Lars come to school? If it wasnlt for Miss Woodbery Would a fenior know he was a fool? If it wasn't for the dances Would any of us ever flunk? If it wasnlt for Prof. Would manners in us be sunk? A sign on a blackboard read: HTrack Meet in Room 11 Immediately After Schoolf' Did they hurdle over the desks or high jump out of the window? ,lil- James Beall lin classl: Mis Swhite, oh Mis Swhite? Miss White: James, I wish you'd stop running an S over on my name. What if I did that every time I called Miss Ware? James Beall: That would be funny, I swear it would. TOLD WITH A SHIVER Miss White: George, what effect do Poe's tales have on you? George Smith: They make me feel glad I'm so little. I can hide easier then. HE! HO! Miriam McKinstry: Florence, do you like Bevo? Bill McCormick fstanding a few yards awayj: Vllhatls that? Whols talking about Deveaux? Mary McCormick: Say, from whom do all these vocational students out at the University take their vocal lessons? QUESTIONS ASKED AND ANSWERS RECEIVED "Miss Boltin, Miss Boltin, what makes you so fat?'7 'GLaw bless goodness! did you notice that?" "Andrew, Andrew, what makes your voice so strange?" "Aw' gwan, how can I stop the change?" G6 ,, Mr. Powell, Mr. Powell, how came your hairs so slick? Foolish, didn't I teach Rudolph how to turn the trick? "Melba, Melba, with your name what have you done?', uOh, woe is me, for I have Nun." 74 l' A 4 -All - THE ALACHUAN 1923 if s iff' 4' W if? - if . 1 C-5- 1 'W V ..,e'-aa- -Q e fr - .2 Charlie Harris lin library searching fruitlessly for lyric poetry in the Encyclo- pecliaj : Where in l do you find Lyric, anyway? Hilda Mathis: Why, Charles, you naughty boy! Leahmon Dodd: Hereis a chapter in the Trig hook called 'Tlane Sailingf' Esther Jordan: Well, it's the Hrst plain sailing l've found about Trigonometry. Miss Woodbery: An example of metonymy is 'lthe baby loves his bottlef' or to make the illustration a little stronger, 'Lthe man loves his bottle." 75 THE ALACHUAN 1923 Howard Bishop made a fine showing in the High School Track Meet. How- ever, he was not credited with quite all the points due him, for he holds the world's record for the broad grin. Some Seniors surely do graduate gradually. MY FLAPPER SWEETHEART My love is like the wild west wind-sheis fastg Her curls are like a full blown rosew-won't last. Her lips are like the newly rich-put on, Her color when sheis washed has face-is gone. Her eyes are like a serpents eyes-they charmg Blind Cupidis darts aflect her thushno harm, But sheis my honey-lim her buzzing bee, A jelly bean in puppy love-thatis me. -M. M1-JLLONE. ' WHY I WANT TO GRADUATE Lamar: So I can play hall with the tiBaby Catorsfi Jack Illclloztfall: ,lust to be through and have nolhing to do. lllary Parker 1lIcCra1n: So l'll have time for the really important things tsuch as frat dances, you know! P. Alice Parrish: So l can take charge of a certain little bungalow out in "High- lands." Annie Mae Gunn: ,lust to get a diplonia to frame. fThen l bet people won't call me a childll. WHY SENIORS STUDY Why we study English: Because Miss Woodbery says we must. Why we study Math: 'Cause we flunked it when we were Juniors, usually. Why we study French: So we can say "Good night" without the chaperon calling us down. Why we study Science: So we can wear those 'tfetching' little black aprons! Why we study History: We don't-except for tests. Why we study at all: To graduate! CRADUATED "l'm free, l'm free, as the birds of the air: No one to govern, no one to care. When l say yes. no one to say no: So give me the reins and let me go!" 76 - ff V". -V ,V V.1,,. 1 1 V V 11 L10 A 14:Va:f'.fA.3h' V V1 V 1 , V if-V '+V,Q-e.tVV. M1 AVS .V l "f ' .1 "v.V wvwM-1 14:1-1. 1 ' .V . Veil! ' X ' Q-VV! , V1 '1 f 1 -, V If,-' . V N VA .V .V-V - V 9,11 .VI VV. VV - .1 V-VV .EV V'H1 wfpi1 3 fV"."3'Vf'?f- V -'f,'f441,,. L 'VV 8lV.4,. 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