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Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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r 3, , -o I . hi , E AM f 5 , ,. I Lgdifgiigihfgq t f 'f. V, 4 S , . n M W 5323 453 ML Ri f, . 4 ,V vA 1 A,'1 W Jwvvvli- KX IW? ' gg k MQMQLQ, QVC? Gg5Ng-i,,,L+-AQ5 3 ,Q ' f '1fQ N 2 A U , Z DNS iii gg Q3 4? AAA'. .w In A O N3 E . . , V IF 1W V, ,bA ' ji Ei i AA 11 :i: 1 ,A , A A 1 ' -I 'b 22055, , -- a W f fQljb , yswiwvfsf 53252 Q My viwi , Q W VXYPQJXQ xv Kwon? ZQWQQQQ QS' W My w me Q11 OL of ., ' QQ , Z Mwiii My vw W NMMg9, , f 'SR GVf9Q4"Qf Y fx' X849 QQ? , Q5 0 X9 NW D6 bf Qx QQ, Q0 QX Q QXJ3 f Q JD W OQQN XVgQa'SPZQJi 55 5' Q9 ww S6 Xi 0 QQ? 5, QRQSGQPSOQJQP QQ 59 'gag qv 4 f?CjQlXl1QfQC'fRKfU XQ3 514 X NNJX fxpix 0 X -f Nh LOJDVW 65 Q93 Wx-G XQX - Q -Wm QQ? ,GN Qu Q7 by Qmigvx Q0 Q Q6 51 555 Q Q0 Rf J 70 'GJ ix Q S if SF 10 9 W V O4 ips Q7 Q Jbdafmff xyfx I 6 Q7 . IVJ NX Q N qw D Q Q, 5 C301 W QP WN Q95 QA N-DU ,Q-7 0 5b F98 5 Q QC 'xKNxfjB'Qil 6554 KU AWK? CA O? if by QV fv A QL? RX UXKXXXSXRXLLQQ 0 Quan jx if Q ,QD KV YZQQOVQZQQ! D VD pix X691 C QQ, D X f xixkjf QQJXJY Q' A V N I N 0 QM N U LE bqxg 6wxW6i Q N K Q . x FV WI X A Vvxkof SQA X WR JAG - 53 ff ' --1,-----V -- q 11111 Art Cegrfifto YQLLLIVYE Xl 1 PUBLISHED sv mr 1976.157 YEARBQOK smfrcor. QAHR HIGH sworn I 5 -1. .1 Wk if 95 ,ff 'L , ea 9 gf M ww Xi Table of Contents Activities 10 Challenges 54 Special Interests 108 Academics 132 People 166 Graduates 202 Advertisements 231 A l x I ,, gg g 1 W Blowing us together are The Winds of Change lt seerns so new When first we start We all must try to do our part. lt's all hard work And nnuch pain, too But Blue and Gold become part of you. Blowing towards fulfillment are The Winds of Change You strive towards goals To grow more wise To see the world through opened eyes. To meet new friends And lend a hand We come to share and understand. if .W 1 SQ' 1 3 3 4 0 , 5 A V 1 wma 4 ff' P' N, M Mi ,L J ,A 1 ,tr Q, 91-7 A 1 , i giiulwx if i -Q ff' sf' s-Q-f 3 Q - 1 ,,,3 ,Q W. LN f 1 Il f' 1 , s 5 YR!! i I ,y , t i i l -r'i' N 'Six I pf' Blowing us in different directions are Tre Winds of Change As we move on And time grows less We look ahead with happiness But the new is here The old has gone It's up to us to Carry on. . . And the Winds of Change lolow on and on. N I . 'W-. f 'H , 3 N W -ti VKVAA tm It seems so new When first we starr We all must try ro do our part. CD 0.0 C CU .C U '41 O U5 U C 3 GJ .C -a-I CU L FU L GJ .C -4-1 CD UO O -s-1 U5 3 2 2 co Q , , 1 I , , 'i 4- Q, Q. . ,D ,yi fi' 6 .. ,. , 30 I -v r ' 5 if n 3 D ff' ht X I 4 '91 151- i 3 P I x .X L XI ACTIVITIES B . 11 ,M Aw f Q Nwmm'-hmm Q .gi F15 wg fi J 525 4 9 , , M3 ',1f,ffQ .TT.-gm.-,VHAVLQQQ A lx 1 f , ' 'QW 4' My V" 4- .in 1 4 'W A y x f' Jim wg 1 his f M U f 6 A' idiw Y ia ,Wy 2: ,if 7 1' I . Q F V ,ij W 'Y 'Q . V W ,. . an Q1 M ., f , fs. f " 5 A 'W V W v h Q- A f p'A 1 V "u ' my if 13 ar f' Q it l V' .W xv . f W ei in " M av ,W ,X,,, ww Wu Sw 'A rl. h 4 uh A - K' gs Q W, ,,,n NX ""' ifw, A A ww K 5 'Wi' . - K , 'VL ,W ff bw W1i?fwQf whim M N V35 3 X' MJ' av" f 'Oh mm 4 4. i . "1 T A " QA' C XA "4 .fe ' ,f wa, Q? ,gf W .4 '51 f 1' X aff ,- "'-v- .1.'-J . -2 4 Q Q5 as Z , ,QQ ,ei S ' mf", 3 -wi Homecoming 15 Thrills of Victory I Vlctorywas uncertain, as the ability of Downey was unknown. Hopes were high that the Var- sity Team would lead Gahr to a victory over the Vikings for our 1976-1977 Homecoming game. The uncertainty was ended as the Gladiators led Gahr to a victory over Downey fi F' J ..,, 1- ..,"i XJ lsJgv ' c!?6':SxJ'-af-ix! +m1QN N 'X-TN VW: t-JT' v Xj Q -4hQQ 95551, ,, mb fl - 9 qi 'Mgr 'st Jr Q fi x 1? Front rowi Mgr. K. Westra, D. Decker, B. Crissman, M. Parks, C. Armijo, D. Maxwell, M. Lueras, M. Green, R. Ruiz, K. MacNew. 2nd tow: Mgr. T. james, C. Beatty, P. Petrus, A. Takeuchi, T. Burns,,I. judge, N. Penera, D.,Iensen, G. Hubert,j. Cabada, M. Patton, Mgr. D. Rosenblatt. 5rd row: Coach D. Walsh, Coach A. Houseman, B. MacDonald, R. Torrez, R. Stillwagon, E. Castro, -I. Miles, R. Carlson, B. MacBeth, G. jipp,j. Valley, R. Slajer, M. Butt, Mgr. J. Dudley, Coach C. Yeyna. 4th row: L. Wentz, B. Gallizio,.I. Wiersma, M. Castro, B. Prater, M. Honeycutt, L. Middleton, C. Sales, S. Welch, M. Tinney, B. Schumpert, M. Craig. Sth row: R. Harper, D. Hernandez, R. Schapp,-I. Meade, R. Redden, M. Prince, G. Schoonovet, D. Brown, I.. Vlasshaert, T. Robargehl. Lee, S. Carlstrom, B. O'Dell, K. Waldecker, Coach J. Rodriguez. 6th row: Head Coach P. Nicklas, H. Homsherhljacobson, S. Skogen, D. Carrier, M. Taylor, V. Poitier. Not pictured: T. Garcia,,I. Adamson, Y. Zavala, R. Smith, R. Reza, V. D'Orazio. 14 Football 1 Chet Beatty looks on as defense holds the line E .iw I 1 . ki fi nf n A W , A Wa- Qalg., it if W ""' '1 '-Q-,, .M A A if u, A n ' A W 'SH H! 'MW ' 9 ,,,, 1 11" 11' M- '4 , , wuczu '1'-' V. i r.. H-......Z "'+.....-ff N--l -nr' KKK 1 if ,Z cg .wx 'S X-fr i Tears Reign at Homecoming Tense excitement flowed through the stands as Mr. Ken I-Izmr sig- naled to the hand and Drill Team the initials of the 1976-77 Homecoming Queen. The crowd waited impatiently. watching to see who would he our new Queen. Finally the initials G. M. were visible. Fireworks exploded and tears flowed as Gzilye Mnkepeuce was crowned hy 1975-76 Queen Cindy Currillo, Gayle was congratulated by Senior Princesses Dawn Bouwman, Linda Sederquist and all. 4 x ,. 'P ?3 59.3- 4 in R x.,,. 'G MJ' l. Bonnie South and friend rock out. 2. "Hold me close," 'll--"' M , 2 3. Richard Ayala and Angela Cordis boogie to the beat. 4. Mr. Touchdown Duwayne Decker posing with runners-up Mike Butt and Gary Hubert. 18 Homecoming Dance I Spirits abounded as students bumped and boogied to the sounds of Easy Street. The floor was crowded and the room was hot but everyone managed to have a great time. While the band recessed, Mr. Touchdown trophies were awarded to Duwayne Decker and runners-up Mike Butt and Gary Hubert. Cnme Together 472- , . -- .f,-Qi'.9. E N., -1 fi R. r .ag 2... 4 l. Hornuurning Cfwun: Swph, Primcw fXIinl1QlIc Amlclku, I71'ml1 Primuf llolmtlly Cllgltrcglll,-I11nnmr Princess Kim I,oopc'1', Queen Gayle 1NILlkCPCilk'L'. Senior Princcsscm Dawn Bouwnun and Linda Scdcrquist. TV 5 s "WN Ji 3 gl 5 if if L R 2 W 1 2, Frosn Primcss limnthy CIILIITCLILI. 3. john Ggxllgmln .md friend. bi. Connic XVQHS bnrnpa to thc' beat. HorncmmingIhngc 19 Free Spirits lmcc slapping. performances entertained wpuris fans nluringl Ciahrk halfrimcs. linproving with jazzier mrrrims lcanrrinlsg high kicks and splits. smaller thirty-two mcmhcr Drill Turin twolq scconrl anfl thirrl placcs at summCr camp. Sonia nl Ihr' p1'cssr1i'cs Kathy lXlartincz had as leaclclr WUC liglrrciiccl with rhnl aclclcml hclp of assistant lc'acl6r Diary Si-haap anal 1ulviso1'Aimr1 Volta. Afrcr many long hours of hard practicC, Gahr'5 Drill Tcaxn srrccculul in placing first at thc Artcsia Parade, which provccl to hc only thc hcginning of a very successful year. A in 'Elmir- Xlcliwrlx Anliirrw. liiilvrn .Xriliririm Kim liarurnan. Karin lliixrlx. 'licrri Bxrzl. Parw Ching Cfhmn, Slicrri Cfnclr. K.1r'yn Duinlxrm xki, lilcm Drrguc. Prisrilla listrnlnla. Mary Fchivcrri. Denis C1.m,r, lining ll.1:n'nlw1rzg. Yirlxir llr nru, I.ix.i lli :r1.1'ul:'f, Xlrlii Higr Bonnie I-lilllvranrlf. Pam KL1F,lI,l. Kim rXllIl1liLJN. l,.nn.1 c,XCI'Illl'l, llvlvn Perri, TIlk1.lS.lHN43I1L', Kliraya SLlX'11FlPI'CLll.-IO .Xi1:r Slnnxtirinlzri, Nrrniirn Niiphiiw C ziwix lwhi.n:1,,li nnrtrr XX Algrcrl. Srcplunir' XX .irrc'n, Nlumn XXr1r1hl. lxriihx rXl.H'IHM'l.lXl.1I'X Nh,1.1p K Qf Ju Sgr, . ,, , nw W ,.Mfw?7,v Q f ,,gn9' .6 .W -ff-f" vi' . 1 x J f.",l'f--- f-' J-w " Wm ffpfm 3 Z Drill Team 21 22 Band Pride and Talent - uniforms contributed to the spectacular performances done by Gahr's Gladiator Band. Many long hours were put in each day by the band members perfecting their music. Their diligent work and efforts were displayed in their fantastic half-time shows and parades. ,vp my ' 1. -4 2'5- -,xa ff 1 3 z ,W,, f uf if ,ff f QW' la. F, Q, E, v fn, 1 ,fl , ,J, X fi Q' 4 .. ur . Q , X 1. ' .1 'D F' k 8, K , 41,8 . N W 5 Q-ff A Y. Q- -if Ei ww , fy r 'H' , 'xiii vw- ' 1' Jin' gm 5 "F-Wi, ,. was 'U A Q fr Qi' 5 5 I ,My GW Q .1 HKW i nal! x QW Wx ww' t M ,mx Y. X if K E ,, -3.42 H V -aid? " -. , TE H Y. 1 df ya , at , A-. , ' ., W gy uf , .F V ,uxrxx X My Q if +1 , ' , W1 . U 'UN N wr , M illllwl '- , , ! G W fwf in V, A Qjliiilll' 'lwwil 'mill l ll H ll W v i wmv A "" ' M' M H ' X mlm li V . ,r my ' li - Q 'Da!lilQ,yq15guirrC, Diana Aguirre! Marqf Albert, Mary 'lo Alberlgilcinctr ' Allen, Ang ln Alva 1, Robert ur, Kelly B' ugliman, Srcvc Bixuglimnn, Della Bjcrkc.-lulic Brnndlcy, Lisa Bray, ,IOIIIIDQX Brurik, Cris Burfon, SrQve'Bycr5mjanc' Carlstrom, Dql5bil'!"Ca I la, Tam! Carter, Dean Chanc Culxirr ,jane Culzur mln. 'Judy Dominski. Randy Dunk, Wfaync Ducck, Sharon DnSmmer,ja1ggfrvEcclcs,-N Lynda Evans, fyfelienf, ,lKayvFclsl:i,,' N ' 'y Ecrdu ' Mikq Clafglgal, Lisa Gram, Mike y, Suzanne wkins, Bonni Hill, Sabrcna Howard, Lori Hughes. X Wayne Hutchins, Pauljones, Trisha jones, Mar mdiban, Brcpliirkfi obbin Ki14,jljl2iKY6rf6llC!'Kkno15f, 'irkcgnnl..lim Kul urly Kubcs, e Lancia, Gu cl Langifswicz, David ,, ' M , H, 'H V uh' ,Wu 1 I j W ' 24 R if i., .1 y l ' ,. ' like . M 't I: 'mi 1 . Y 'Mitra 11, If fx W- ai V- a ag 1 :Mm E 1 ' ' J 4' r 1' Q 'gi .GA L Q 5 it 4' 'X 'X ' gl g -3f"3,,..,s f .4l, 5 ' '- ywg. Q : . 'Z .EV -'ii , , M mx w. , .. Lan, . f fn -1.4 ',',w:1f4 lfff' Q, -rw! ' xi 5 ." f' .I e.. X 4' V fi' ', x - A A r .iff Q. .' , x 4-ig ., ., ' H I 44 f 53, .f .A , I . " 'f-r.Q., ,Mk2,,1.,g,f fs V JMX A .A aw r-'ffl , 4, 7 .V-as-06, . 3 X 'C ,.1 . -A f 2,f'NffBi , wM,w fhf2 ' iv.,M .!m ' "f Q. 'v',,Q. K ' ,J " ?'f'f?PV - ' '-'1 Qv -' MK. 2,9312 .. ,J ,A ,V ' 2' we 1 M-J +V ' n 'aw A R 'fw , - Wy-M4 'Q g . 4-.4 5 , zir- . x t 'N f V L, 1. . .sxm . ,gy 8 ,M 1 Y 'x ,bw x gf, T' 4 W 2 V f si ,M .Y X 7 i' am f, fe 1P'wwvw"nf 2 , 'Mm x r dv 0' ig., M 3 Q Q iw AM W F f, vk., X ,,,,Q ,iv gy Xi 5313 5 if I . Q , vm Q' 3 , MJ vw. ' in 2 gk .3 A Y I . f,, Q, gg W I ff ' y., ,vp .43 , Wx ,I .. 4, f' ,fb , if I S fi., A ' 4 G -LMQAA N G A 8 1 1 6 ii ,l 5 915 R 1 G 3 6 u 1 , K 3 . .2 A G i 33 6 1 V - J 55, I " 4:14 . X Q Q 'YR 4 '-1161? .Q k .' W M 5? , x ,V ' ' ? . If 2 , 5' 4' ap' I X X 3,9 ,-, V -Aw' A 2? .X r' 4 ' ' eff, ' J ini, f, X X I ,- 'VK 2, , kk av K A gym U3 - , J.: Q A 41 - W 1 f?- g 2 1 'L R. Q 3 "M qw- ' A k ' mx .,..,,.5S,'4+ W ' ' ' . ,ff i- ' 4 X ' W 1' I 1 .Q , .- -. gig.-, T. A A .,y.,, we 1 ' X 44 KW. , . A - A .R , j 2 WV.. Q , A. 'U - Q , K, f' ,F fn, , P- ff 'M ' " if AV 3, Af . ?' fM ' 5-'iw , .. ,346v,,,,.,.ew , X , . 3, r -. , ' . f , f , . L1 Q, Q,4 ' " , 1 ff 'Hike 7'2'35g,,.n ' X s A 5 11 pw, pq -f ,kk W Q, ' , 5845. . pa . it may 41' . ,.,..-" 4 .,. H. , 'T' . 'E K .. yn' ,Y4-,V 'xHf' A, H "Qi, A aff' - 44 ' '-f 1-ff vt' 'J 1 if-f fhxiif J ,, , it W, ?b,.'mfQ2l, ?gj.,,, Q- fi" . 395 'WA . 'X s Brix g X' 1. - , V-v' 1 fqs' Spirit Rousers DaNetta Marlin - Pep Commissioner, Marie Abernathy - Flag, Tori Tebbutt - -I.V. Yell, Terri Robarge - V, Yell, Tammy Hilbrands - Song, Flag Twirlers -Iudy Lynch, Karen Allart, Carrie Ravenscroft, Stacie Fife, Marie Abernathyjeanne Little. Song jane Robert, Pam Graf, Tammy Hilbrands, Gayle Makepeace, Dawn Uyemorihloni Val- ley. 26 Pep Squad if 5 I 'Y-v Eg. W wi. W M ffl' 'W MJ iffy nm, .....--- .,f . ,Q-ff' 4- 4. ,,.,.-f:yi-,,, r,,,.-n--"" f v. 1 r ' . '1 9,115 1 0 4 - 4 I Q all if 52 S g x 5 N 52 ' "" sail-LN-.-, vm .1-. rar' 1'f fffx V X I' K I fvwfjff if 1, 'T ' ' QZLLQ " "LQ W My V V5 ' iw! il I U lsiffiz, X-S. am- 4 sr ' ,Ne,,..,.-v'-- Varsity Yell Valarie Brizuelzi, Terri Robarge, Denigc Kekich, Dawn Bouwmnn, Vickie W'ilson. Gloria Barela, Carhi Byrd, Deni Bynum. j.v. Yell Michelle Makcpeace, Becky Hernandez, Tori Tebbutt. Laleen Knevelbaard, Cathy Mac- Berh, Jackie Buford, Michelle Lay, Michelle Gaspard. if Pep Squad 27 gf, li' f " . Jw Y .-'J 'A w uf A Q Q f 5 s it G .L Y MMM NJ' , if ie wiv ky' fif iii ' on ,Q is 3, .. A. im . Ui E4 I ,, ,SZ Assorted Iter Egcbs CrGZVTShi1't Day was the bcgimuing of ll UL1INlUC1' of drcss up days for the fllflllfy, and StudCm Body. Altlumglx T-Shirts wwe worn by many. I'I21HOVVCCH was Q1 j.I1'L'11IL'I' sL1u'css, thanks to thc Monsters, Goblins, Draculzls, 111111 cih1lI'QlL'U.'I'S, ilillllbifilllil thc campus. 3, M Um gym - F E A Urnn"" gs I I - ,-is A Wu 1, ,0" I . 'Q xi' . C S I 5 I g 'Ts L i 9' 9, Kill' , if K sl' PM 5 n E9 Q 'D 'iii A V4-ff Q--ff as 3? Q , if " W lwnfl rsrrsr r .ii 1. Pam xml-locli ll:LlfITlCl'5 for Ll clnyl. 2. Chlrr surllcms expresstl1Cm5Clvcson Halloween dress up clay. ff. l , Y v .4 , -, is E, 4 s wg? . 13 E 1 xx Y ' we-g el L V, I Y L f s , 14575331-,, V. ii l' F ' A Vt- flu. g fl. Stuclcm molvbccl by Autograplmcrs. Q, Grlhr Glmoul makes the scene. 5. Hrucc gcts involved in T-Shirt rlny. ll li S Dress Up Days 51 1. Lailccn finds dressing up fun. 2, Stacy and Genelle find old nge fun. 5. Now where did Mickey 'eGO"! 4. Denise makes 11 clown of herself. l I. at 'fl 32 Halloween 7 Ghouls fora S Da iff? X , 3 """'NN X x 1. Sue and friend find now iuirccii 2. Kiss mcmbci' mnkcs zippuiitiiicc ni ilzincc. 3. Hula dancer acids mlviiixl lfliirc. l x Hilllmx CCD 55 .W PM LJ' V f ir, 54 Activities An- fi U if ii y D season at Gahr started off with a hig hit. The cast of "Your a Ciood Man, Charlie Brown," directed hy-Ioyce Donahue. consisted of six of Gahr's finest musical and dramatic talents. This musical had a very small cast, which allowed for greater character concentration and more individual worlq. The most interesting character was Snoopy. played hy David Bowman. He did a very fine ioh for such a difficult role. A lot of hard work went into this production. The dull' cation of this cast resulted in a dynamite show. Cast of Characters Charlie Brown A Charles Cordes Snoopy - David Bowman Lucy - Sandi Navarro Linus - Danny Aguirre Violet - Wenclyi' Wzisliington Schroeder 4 Glenn Lauridsen YI! H I' I' ha nf G5 CU L 3 X X ttix ities German Festivities I C h means Christ- mas at Gahr, and as usual it was a great success. Many peo- ple attended the Christmas celebration. The Weinachfest included such things as great German foods, an authentic 'QUm Pa Pai' band and also German folk dancers. The Madrigals sang Christmas carols and some of the selected German Club members put on "Gone With The Wind." People who attended the Weinachfest said it was the best one ever. fl jf img., in fin Activities 5 Z 5 90 'sl .,.... .. K Q C l O W ' o',tt .i ', 0 'nm e Q O 0 0 I 'sq 1 ' O 0- ' Q as Q 'fn' U 0' 0 U Rx c,,, 'W 6 IO O9 ll it J j ef , at , at ' K 4 1316- .' -55 , W, Q2 ' ,ww .Sm E 6 1. Santa and his "Um Pas" make merry music. 2. A traditional couple dance around the maypole. 3. Madrigals delight the audience with old and new carols. 4. A family night out at the Weinachfest. 5. Andy Visconde does his best to speed up the serving line. 6. Kirk Bowman and Tom Koes clean up after the evening celebration. 7. Kathy Schreinen and Pam Kaltenbach give service with a smile, Mr. Phil Speaks H U m Q n awareness and motivation were the topics as Mr. Phil Gugliuzza presented his early morning assembly to Gahr students. He spoke on understanding your- self and the purpose of being involved. With the help of vol- unteers Mr. Phil showed us how an innocent statement could be blown into a terrible rumor. Many of the students began to realize that the whole process of being sincere really counts in a world of friendship. 1. Dan Carrier and Nydia Garcia play telephone. 2,,Ian Clawson volunteers for experiment, 5. Denise Kekich and Chet Beatty listen with awe. 4. Mr. Phil discusses assembly with student. 1 Activities K i, wie 9 Y A ,Me f is '-I E Ki 1 . .K an ,, ,Nav -ll' M N,,, N... k ,,...,- .d""" " ,,,.-- im, ,F,,,,. .Q 1 1, 5 K y if 1 - ' l k... i If- Z 'Tis the Season I time was here again and as usual so was Santa's mailhox, sponsored hy the Sophomore class. In keeping with the US. Government a penny postage was paid for l ' l uirit were Madrigals and Choir evetv card mailed. A so in IIC st ith Christmas Carols at 11 special Christ- delighting their audiences w mas assemhlv. Thespians caught the act hy adding a touch of humor with their slcills. Topping the Christmas Season off UMASCI spona sored a "Trvlces for Tots" drive which proved to he very successful l 1 ed and distrihuted to underprivi- Twenty-two tricycles were purc I2 s legged children. The US. lNlarine Corps presented UMASC with 1 1. Choir delights audience at assembly, 2. Santa makes special appearance. 5 M3895 SHWOFUIOW. Danny Aguirre, Anna-Lisa Knudsen and Lynn Schoeman wait for Santa. 4. Marine Corps representative presentsjose Rubio UMASC president with a plaque of appreciation. 5. The wheels of tomorrow. 6 Barher Shop Quartet - Alan Cinco, Scott Morrison, David Bowman, and Glenn Lauridsen-Baehe. I Attixitits 1 40 Activities 'i 3' ff' M Q Mai' Y 1. Nr. ,, . . v, fwfr M ,ffwf Wx W 5-"Zf9 '. fuf?f" f-,i , '. 7 45 ' . Christmas agic DG N n Q started the Christmas Sea- son for Gahr High students as they enjoyed music by "PrimoU at the annual Christmas Dance. "The Magic of Mistletoef, sponsored by the Drill Team, was held in the Cerritos Student Center. Highlighting the evening was the announcement of Dawn Bouwman as "Snowball Queenf' Terri Robarge and Priscilla Estrada were chosen to serve as her court. Other nominees included Jocelyn Cobarrubia and Michelle Higa. Even though Santa was unable to attend, the dance was still a magical success. "Snowball Queen" was not the end for Dawn as she was later crowned Cerritos jun- ior Miss. Congratulations Dawn on all your achievements! 1. Hail the gang's all here: Lilia Meza, Dave Santos, Danny Nicolette, Tori Tebbutt, Denise Thompson, Mike Tebbutt, Debbie jenkins, Chuck Williston, Russell Aaker and Roxanne Orozco. All show great enthusiasm about the dance. 2. julie Dominguez and escort enjoy a slow dance. 3. Snowball Court "76-77" - Michele Higa, Terri Robarge, Snowball Queen Dawn Bouwman,-Jocelyn Cobarrubia and Priscilla Estrada. 4. jack Pina and Angela Cordi dance to the beat. Q s 4 Q v 5, Dance floor crowds as all have a good time. 6, "Primo" set the mood forjohnny Helzer and Dawn Sendledorfer. Activities 41 H'- -qx, " K 1Cupid's Caper - 1 S arrow has struck! Gahr students will certainly agree that this Valentinels Day was special. Among the festivities were a Carnation sale sponsored by the Sophomore class, a variety of suckers sold by the Drill Team, and a very special delivery of Valentines delivered by the Media Guild. Topping off the whole day was a Valen- tinels Day dance. Music was provided by "Mambo Spud" a very funky band. Students danced their hearts out and thor- oughly enjoyed this very special Valentines Day. 1. Couple rocks out to "Mambo Spudf' 2. Ken Waldecker and Ginger Plunk rest after a hard night of dancing. Bob McDonald Ami Cindy Hiiffmnm limtln: Sonya Ricks and friciici buogic to tlic musii. Mrs. Clisby ami Policcmcn kccp pcauc git thc ciziricc. Shciigih Gziriiiiiio dgiiiccs lici' licgiri out. X 51 fx, fsaf ii AE VEQ Activities -13 44 Activities Fun and Frolic I Q lights, smiling faces, teddy bears and hot dogs were all part of Gahr's annual carnival. It was held on the weekend of February 18-20. Spectators enjoyed every- thing from hearing a favorite song at the Cadet booth to stuffing their faces with such cuisines as Pizza, Tacos and Teriaki Steak. Others found pleasure in enjoying the rides, dunking Drill Team beauties and winning Teddy bears from the Speech Team booth. The carnival was a great suc- cess and earned approximately 33,000 for their sponsors, the Gahr Band. They used the money for their performing tour of Hawaii. The carnival always makes a fun-filled weekend and a good time was had by all. 1. Greg Schoonover beams brightly as he holds his new family. 2. Ramiro Ruiz and friends trying to win a teddy bear. 3. Angie Rubio fixes Tacos at UMASC booth. 4. Art jackson and friend discuss the rules of the game. 5. Connie Wells orders a big meal. 6. Anders Langeland tries to talk Valerie Brizuela into going on the "Swinger.', . x 1 fagsr Activities L4 few , 2 IIT' l. Z. 3. 4. 5 Tim Gnllmcr. Steve Coync and ,Ion Hirz taking 11 spin on the "Scrambler," Anna-Lisa Knuclscn rounds up thc bacl guys. Bill Schanicl takes a crack at dunking ri Drill Tczim bcziury. Dawn Uycmori buys Asian's Clubs Terialci steak. Sharon Mcyerson and Peggy Hancnburg final working in Mr. P's booth fun. XS..-f R PF' if ,gl EL xx., 5 4 5 Activities 4 A' ' ,'P' E W. an In ,K 3 48 Activities 'NVQ A fb' J' if via WW aww ab H .XZ-4J'7f? ' 'ai 'K 3' A The Spice of Variety RG reviews greeted the participants of the sixth annual Variety Show held February 25th and 26th in the Multi-Purpose room. Acts ranged from the lively dancers and funny skits to the chilling sound of the theme from the "Exorcist" Highlighting the evening was the third year return of an interview with the characters "Elmo and Floydf, Proceeds from the show were used to help finance the musical production of "Oklahoma," 1, Richard Schroll keeps things tidy. 2. ,Io Cabarrubia and 'lane Colacecchi sing "Annie's Song." 5. Movie starjennifer Felien is interviewed by Tim Gollmer. 4. Steve Wellbaum. Steve Coyne and Nurse Tim Gollmer do experi- mental operation on Richard Schroll. 5. jim Hansen and Scott Morrison announce next act. 6. Steve Wellbaum observes Steve Coyne taking his last gasping breath of air. 7. Dave Bowman explains boxing rules to punchy Steve Wellbaum. 6 1 YW 4 50 Activities 9 'wg I ---nb..-Y N ,WW x 1:W.msmmw-Qwmnmwff-N win Steve Coyne caught hehincl enemy lines. An interview with "Elmo anal Floyd" clone by 'lay Colacecchi. Steve Xwellhaum anal Tim Thomas. DeeDee Bockiusulackie Ervin and Dehhie Boekius dance to music. Strange looking Alley Cats - Dave Bowman, Becky Cantu, Chuck Cortles, Dawn Crevalle, Curtis-Iennings and Dalee Laliier, Laura Schreiber anal bteve Matherne clisplay magical talents. Kathy Van Saun plays at Variety Show. Laura William urges Hamlet to run in a rearling from "Hamlet," Annie Alonzo antl Nytlia Garcia pose for photographer hehincl stage. Chuck Cortles antl Dawn Crevalle make-up for cat tlance. 10 Tracy Rerltlen, ,lim Hansen, Leslie Watkins and Allen Cinco end night with a big finale. xj i i 6 f-.2 It's All Hard Work And Much Pain, Too But Blue and Gold Become a Part of You is I X -W? X 2 1 , , - V ' i Q - , X If an 'AL V X , fjA ' V fQ, ...,, lf WK, ' L Q wi rw:-Q1 .F AV, fwtmozf.-1 -w ,. .. ,. I - '-kk, CHALLENGES 1' x .sf .Y 54 Challenges Season of Sadness This was a season of sadness for the 1976-77 Varsity football team. It was the first time in three years Gladiator football has not made it to CLF. Although it was a great disappointment to players and spectators, the team did not lose its spirit throughout the entire season. Great plays, fast footwork and a team working in unison made it a year to remember. 2 3 1. DuWayne looks on, 2. Greg breaks the line, 3. Matt blocks that kick. 4. Mike plows the line. 4 ,M WM ,nf wif! Q f 'M f ' v, . ty," 3' A' f- Vgwfz-',"' 1 f - H ' T1-A 6 f ,,,, M 4' bww , A'i:3ffv:ff41'gg:f5m- , . , X. H W H G'W, QW I K H .... .. H s llsl X -. ' N A - , , ' A l 1 s M " i w , ' . 3 'S 7? 'LL' J. ,, ,,L,A s 4' 'K .' l H ra. , - l - 1 ,gg , L, - Y I if' ,, H s. . ,f H Vw, - fl M , M - f -W aw ...W ,,, 5 ' - ' A ,-k' Q ,3g,f,.:,,,2 .1 , -V 4" ' ll' 1 , 1. Mr. Walsh has DuWayne's 2. Mike Parks breaks through. 3, Dion gets his man, full attention. 2 Challenges 55 2 56 Challenges 1. Du Wayne Decker accepts a humor award from Coach Wray. 2. Mike Parks receives a trophy for outstanding Defensive back. 5. Danny Hernandez, Gahr,s most valuable player. .MASK tif --Q . ......, ...A-fauna.-W.. x y..h,- 4 ight of Honors The 1977 Gahr High School football awards banquet was attended by more than 500 parents and friends who came to share in the evening's tribute to our team. Slides of the play- ers in action, and some timely remarks about each by his coach were added to the evening's entertainment. The high- light was the presentation of awards to those athletes who achieved outstanding athletic excellence. In all it was a very rewarding evening for our family of very Proud Gladiators. 1-15 A M. 'We- '3 ' Q? 'i'f:' 4. An unusual show of teeth by Mr. Nicklas. 5. Top Honors: Robert Ruiz - Most Inspirational, Greg Schoonover - Outstanding Def. Lineman, Ken Mac New - Outstanding Off. Lineman, Mike Parks - Outstanding Off. back, Cipi Armijo - Outstanding Off. back, Mike Greene - Outstanding Def. back, Dion Maxwell - Most Improved, Dany Hernandez - Most Valuable. Coaches: Mr. l-louseman, Mr. Nicklas, Mri Wray, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Yeyna, Mr. Walsh. 6. Robert Ruiz receives an award for the most inspira- tional. 1 'le .af 6 Challenges 57 lem Sophomore Football Standing: M 1 jose Lliteras - Best Running Back Buddy Pruess - Most Valuable Linebacker ,K Kneeling: Paul Rearns -- Most Valuable Player Cliullbackj li ,V V- a Colin Bunting - Best Defensive Back W K . .ntu I ,N I , i , ' I 5 -' QQ at L -it QAQ fl? F .ff-., f' te,-f A a. -rf '?f'dZfr' e" ,i Q ist., qt. fis. H -,W ,K , , fi Q if J " C , . 'i , - . '1"'. 'Y W' IW F - P-" im ffl' p 3 , 7. la .. , ..- '-.1 . -, F in a in 5- ,gnw F T Q ' A ' t jf. 6 P Q- K ,K ., Q , s at I at it es 1, F A, x me r sbss N, 1, 1 1 'R 5 Mf- 5 Y"1 .f,.a A1 ,lf , .M N K rv i i 3 :si , , 4 lt faux 6 A 1? , pw , ISRKK h it X K V .K Bottom row: Marc Rosenblatt, Danny Cordaro, Darren Padilla, jairne Rodriguez, Mike Wagner, Second row: Coach jordan, Anthony Varela, Mike Schmidt, C Morgan,'loe Duarte, Mike Chatreau, Paul Reams, Coach Ralf. Third row: Coach Thodeulohn Kotack, Richard Baquera, Frank Magana, Herbert Loo, Rudy Rom Greg Vintennjose Lliteras, Dell Leeman. Fourth row: -Ierry Ortega, Eddie Meyers, Darvin Clardyxlcff Campinale, Collin Bunting, Ken McFarland, Martin Bur llile Shafer. Fifth row: Tommy Brooksjeff Perkins, Buddy Preuss, Patrick Shores, Steve Roule, Mike Dugan, Keith Flanagan, Darren Rhodes, Kirk Vlfilliams. 58 Challenges an ?f f Freshman Football Standing: 7, Allen Nickols - Best Lineman Richard Sanchez - Most Inspirational Kneeling: Rick Martinez - Most Valuable Player CDefensej Keith Rhodes - Most Valuable Player COffensej Var M- r Q, E 154 1 y t ttrt y my Bottom row: Frank Grillo, Brett Simpson, Keith Mullinax, Fred Blue, Paul Kelly, Dennis Terry, Chris Bynum, Tom Torrez, Steve Windsor, Bobby Wilson. Second ow: Glenn Takeuchi, Matt Koehnlein, john Nicolette, Gary Rainwater, Mel Mayberry, Vlohn Evans, Darryl Clark, Greg Taylor, Tracy Darryl, David McGill, Carlos iarcia. Third row: john Vincente, Mike Smith, Rick Carter, Mike Moerschbacher, Frank Salgado, Paul Morillo, Tony Gonzales, Tony jolly, Anthony Grinden, San Rameriz, David Patterson, Andy Pemental. Fourth row: Rick Martinez, Dan McDonald, Mark Meyerson,-John Mazurek, Rick Munoz, Reggie Thomas, Gilbert Santel- on, Victor Lueras, Alan Nichols, Richard Sanchez, Mel Dockrell, Dan Schleich. Fifth row: Dennis Faye, Ken Rockema, Rick Perez, Mike Drake, Keith Rhodes, Dwayne Ricks, Bobby Blandino, Nick Pelato, Rick Albertini, Gabriel Martinez. Sixth row: Coach Zylstra, Coach Armijo, Coach Fife, Challenges 59 , if ,M K, i W VV, , Gyyzrw 5 M vf' We my af 'Q lm In Team Members: Front: Lisa Morgan, Karen Gieck, Middle.. Sandy Price, Karen Decker, Candi Peterson, Nora Baker. In Tree: julie Libhart, Roxanne Mar- tinson. if Strong Squad and dedication always helps to make an athletic squad stronger and the Volleyball Team was no exception. Under the coaching of Kent Scanlon the girls improved in skills and placed third in the San Gabriel League. A first in the history of Gahr Volleyball was the naming of Sandy Price and Karen Decker as members of the All- League team. Candi Peterson, the star setter, was chosen M.V.P. .f mia. 1.3 ww E yi if 60 Challenges MWNNRWMH' P---1 aw I0 . The PRICE is right Cfor oncej. . Karen and Nora show blocking style. . Another Geeky block. . Nora Baker cooks a hot one. . "Foxy" goes for it fyaaj. W'-iii Challenges 61 .V. Volle ball and hardwork controlled the outcome of the -IV. teamls season. Led by Marilyn Nishihira, their Coach, they took third in league. Becky Nevarez was named MVP at the annual Volleyball Banquet. 62 Challenges 13"-Q. z "4 aa 5 Burnpll julie bumps while team members look on anxiously. ,Mary Ann excited over a victory, Laura spikes a good one. "Look at that guy, Hollyll' Z iww- , Team Members: Mary Ann Alvarez Susan Childress Pam Felton Elaine Hubert julie Kcompt Corrine Lopez Holly Manoogian Becky Neyarez Felicia Wfilson Challenges 63 64 Challenges Challenges 65 Speed Racers S 2 Racers made up the 76-77 Cross Country Team. We took 3rd place in league finals and we took Zncl in all around. In trying in CLF. preliminaries we missed by 20 pts. The most valuable varsity runner was Dennis Arriola. Above all the rest We had three runners in the Dana Hills all time two mile run. l iiil A r lx Vgsy- ' ""mt- I , K . tt, .s.t, 5 2 66 Challenges mp: few , 2 V K vsgi x,, G, mmm' "K ' 'L If km , W9 tiey iQ, ,,:m,:, y H 3 5 1. Ian Fallis prepares his knee for il jog. 2. Ian Fallis, Dennis Arriolzi, Fred Becker, David Gregory, Gilbert Martinez, Roy De Groot, andjohn Galloway show their spirit. lm ,,,, .V H K ,rf K ,K H' H +1 4 fr.. 4 y it 1 -1 5.john Galloway runs hard. 4, Gahr Gladiator does his hest. 5. Dennis thinks hack. 6. Gilbert comes in for an easy victory 6 Challenges 67' Sept. 28 Oct. 14 Oct. 16 Oct. 21 Oct. 28 Nov. 4 Nov. 6 Nov. 18 ' l I 2t'S5r2+f441r,vw"lxf13"wWfsbifi if, 3 f W ' ,M 33,fw.,..,,...3,, , Neff 26 - Gahr 29 Alhambra 29 - Gahr 26 Downey 27 - Gahr 28 Palo Verde International Domingues 15 - Gahr 27 Wzlrren 23 - Gahr 32 Cerritos 19 - Gahr 39 Mission Viego International 8th Place Lynwood 15 - Gahr 43 league Finals - 3rd Place All Around -- Znd Place 3 ' ' AY .-e -r, 3 3 if' ., tg,-5 - v scifi 3,41 ,,. 3 3 ... A 1 Sam I I 'Sn 1 xl 324 l l ,nt fy Y "1 mf, W 3 t,, ht.. 32: 3 ' 'Wu K, ., wr 3.33 tw If Roy DeGroot 68 Challenges ' r t. 3 HM, " g fi' -t -33 Q ' ' f. V a 3 V f .3 ' v W' ' 1, ' Q3 tr: ' 9 , 'rag- Y A - 1 33 W ' 5. 0 33, A , A ,. ,3 ' f I I . my '91-if I 544 I K as 1. Q " Q f af fl' U 'I f-f 5 ,3 we i t ,, 1' X 3 1 -gr-rr f , if it +1 3 W' V jf.,,. .,3 A f333f W, Q., 3 V .,,- -3 , 3 3 3 3 ' ' 'ww...a.... Y L ,k,, 3, 3 3g,,.,,,-Q 3 claat ff I gtg. f '3 gym az Z! I ,V t3 ,rm it . H. if 31, ff f A, --3' -an La ,gm X 1. ' If wx 'f3A'w3'1'?x 4, -3 Ag vb we a 3 .aa,l, 3, W , E 'N ja we 3, 3 4 lil? Tim Finnel s wr F x ,.3 V 1 x if E Z is - a VV I . , f N54 H rf' t fg t K mfg , +A? www W 3 www A3 QM ww 1 3, 323.5-jiwgi, jim Bolander fs X X 0 V, Em 'G N, tix 3 ,I 2 3 3 ' it at ,ji V333 '- - A 33.- 3 "', li 3 "2 M W ' JNL w an 4. . 1 Bun .4 fc-t-fm.-...,,f'.f,f V out 1. Dennis Arriola and lan Fallis get ready to work A t V. f V - "ii J 2. Roy DeGroot, Ian Fallis, and Fred Becker V , ,f 1 L Y " ,," fffiiiyf M disgusted with a terrible run. 2 f 2 Y' rtrttrt bu '1 i 9 , I KJ Q 'C f i ir , - e it 4 , 1 I ku N ilk, K. 2 K . i ,iq 5 'Ti 6 -N , wg., .Me ,Nw f av ' 3 , rx " , V , get, " Q , Mm? V , K - ' it ' . ggggv I , 'fwfr W ' 7 K QVwLzietdmf-ffW'i'r,iff7J m21i5fWf'y' , . .. , f we ,g ,QQ . m X ffQ3Li5Qt,,2gg,,k i n I ,,,, 1 W wwfwwrf rrrr fe: ja . .ei ,t ., e,it, V T E e X I rr , -1 I , ,tm as w,.,.4,f 1 r fff V f Wig, x .,w,f.. S V , Wa, Mfg: - f f- ' ' Q. , -6 V ' A M. . ' ' ,, v i! . ,. . 4, "' WH' V ' t,A..,,,,.,. ...J ,WQQAS 4 . . ...N X .Q .. .T MK ,,. .S .id QQSQN K t rw... 'WWW .giwk .,:,.MM Danny Villarreal Dennis Arriola Fred Becker Challenges 69 ,iw f fa, ' I WI! .w....,,4w I, . , lp QD is ,Q e Trouble forGirIs' Tennis Enthusiasm ii members of the Girls' Varsity Tennis Team this year. Even though their scores were nothing to hrag about, the girls played Well against the tough competition in the new league. Varsity Tennis: Ginger Thiele, Paula Carr, Sherri McDonald, Agnes Bautista, Dana Quan, Dana Haughton, Kim Stark, Carole Hughes, Cynthia Yeshilcawa. 3+ it ff ai wlfiwg +....,,,.s-N Cilxgillciigns ten' .M 'PY 4,31-m '-+ ., . x , vfg ,M--1 3 'ff 5, ., M.. ml . V. .it N. .. , , , -K ,, , . W I W ,,,, L ,,,, . - . ,' , M . .f + Q ., 9. . i . ,K ', . r. V 8 .-r.. .. .K'wg,,5.rj.zo ' V ' A ' . 1 ' . , 'W 5 FN. Q 'Q 'lf' , J. 0 ' N . " .f f W 1. Gingcr Thicle vvnirs fo1'hc1'rurn, Z. Cfynthin X,OShikLlVK'1l waiting gmxiously, 5 -1-.9-...w..-Q,-wma... ,, ,, M .,,, nfs: 1 S 4355, U4 lr '? 't' q.'o4 ' W'.I:.::::s cr' i , :"lg. ,. . Q A 4 I. . f ' 'IJ fi' Ma... LH Dx Tiki A Paula Curr randy for action. Dunn I Inughton N Ju .B-vhmnb. .: ' Q .a...44.L4A6d1bJ2r.lQv..l .L 19931 KAW' !, J , ' 4 5 4 2 3 M ,, 2 9 Q' , t ' 1.M 4,l A ' , Q wha- '--' k ww ,, - 'fi.',.. ,,. Q ' - ,J 4, I v 'VW' 2, n 'F 7 1 'B . ' u W 'W ' " '.,,yx1,vx.wsy - v A Q 1 Q 5 1 1 v " ggxfvwswswy' 1 v n 1 , . . . -. v . Q . . V. ' ay!-9 Hwy . p'3i!?hwwwv'i var' 'syxv V 'vjyxvv s - wr - .f,,.',wg-,?.,.. Q. my yivvyvxv , 27' za 'H'-1 5 A 1.1.-41, 1 va f , , , ,,,- 11 -1 Challenges 1 72 Challenges Hopes Shattered H O for victory were in the hearts of the j.V. Tennis Team. The new group of girls strove to succeed quite well against the new competition. Sandy Chang was named most valuable player. j.V. TENNIS --julie Kurata, Susan Eble, Rowena Dario, Esther Arnold-Blk, Lou-Ann Youngman, Kerry Heider, Diane Vander Elst, Millicent Rainey, jenny Appleberry, Sandy Chang, Sheryl Roehl. ,1 s -arg? ' M, ri ...I '3 ..v+,-+ K A 2. " I . A . ,. .. , K 1' S U- ' ' as 'D f 5 0. Q ' ' 'fb kyyky QQQ., W. I ,ff ' ' . .1 . . ' f, , , Q v V , k..- . .. 5 .W ' ' 5. Sandy Chang and jenny Appleberry take time out. 1. Diane Vander Elst goes for it. x uf 1 1. Sheryl Roehl makes another great service. 2. Sandy Chang and jenny Appleberry talk over strategy. ,gy- ,AA -ost.: 3 A 4 Challenges 73 Esther Arnold-Bik Robin Edwards Fight to the Finish was the name of this yearls Powder Puff game. The Senior-Soph. team were look- ing for revenge, as the junior-Frosh were hoping for their second consecutive win. The game was a tight one right down to the end. It was an upset for the jr.-Frosh and a night of celebration as the Sr.-Soph. secured a victory 12-6. Congratulations were in order for the 1976-77 Powder Puff King Robert Ruiz. Many thanks go to the student coaches who spent extra hours working with the teams. Special thanks go to Mr. Al Houseman the Sr.-Soph. coach and Mr. Pete Nicklas the jr.-Frosh coach. lsy Bagioli Missy Bazare Kerri Blank Debbie Bockius Dawn Bouwman Susan Boyle Michelle Bishop Susan Brown jackie Buford Cathi Byrd Sylvia Cabada Alice Campos Stephanie Carlson Paula Carr Lisa Carrillo Cendy Cogbill Candy Cotten Lisa Curiel Karen Decker Lennie DeGroot julie Donyes Diana Downs Debbie Elasser Lynda Evans Pam Felton Cathy Ferdula Karen Franklin Cathy Garner Michelle Gaspard jill Granberry Lori Gray Joanne Hall Peggy Hanenburg Cathy Hanson Lillian Haskctt Becky Hernandez Tammy Hilbrands Michelle Hudson Debbie jenkins -Iulierlewell Natalie jones Kathy Karney julie Kcompt Denise Kc-kich Athena King Sharon Kirchner Laleen Knevelbaard julie Kurata Cari Lawson Michelle Lay Lisa Leach Cindy Lee Lisa Liston Diana Lliteras Kathy Lucas Cathy MacBeth Michelle Makepeace DaNetta Matlin Denise Matthews Sarah Navarro Shirley Nichols Teresa Navarro Audrey Pacheco julie Parker Helen Perez Candi Peterson janet Price Sandy Price Cathy Ravenscroft Lori Rios Dawn Risbon Klitaya Savanapredi Donna Schaniel Teri Schuler jennifer Schultz Candy Schumpert Joanne Shiromura Sherrie Shumaler Kathy Silva Shelly Skogen Kathy Slajer jackie Smith Simone Stevens Teri Stevens Cathy Tate Carol Takeuchi Rhonda Thurston Debi Townsend Danielle Tremblay Dawn Uyemori Joni Valley Sandi West Barbara Watson Lisa Wilkes Sue Winovitch Cindy Yager 110 M 1 If J ,,,. I-Q., 4 Challenges 76 Challenges Debra Abal Irene Aguilar Patti Ahuna Mary Ann Alvarez Robin Ardunio Jeannie Bagioli Toni Baker Gloria Barela Cindy Barra Kelly Baughman Tanya Bennet Delia Bjerke Valerie Brizuela Lora Brunson Cindy Burleson Stephanie Burns Deni Bynum Carazon Alvano Sarah Carlson Sandy Chang Liane Chang Dorothy Chatreau .Ian Ciareletta Debbie Clawson Cora Coles Bridget Crosby Dolly Kate Davis Hazel David julie Dominguez Cathy Douglas Ronda DeVires Laura Di Ponti Andrea Fowler janet Glashan Cristine Gonzalez Lisa Gonzalez Pam Graf Martha Gonzalez Lisa Grant Angela Hamilton Georgia Hanson Dody Howell Debbie Hubbard Cheri Hudson Monique Hudson Debby Huffman Cheryl Hughes Cindi Jacobson OFFENSE -f' sfs A sst C s gigs - H to ' A - '1l- gysy C is A A C A C C 1 Q i iase A A Q Q 1 - ' C s A saat as ' L A l"a A A X CC Ca L A K 5 5 t. Q C C as ,C s C 3 if Q i . Cf A C at eeee C as- 5 as C C J D as s rs CCC t i A .Q C is Cegg C N , K C, i ikiik K ,C C- .,,:, :ti .CCCK ,,f,, .,,,.r- A r ts, - C CCCC CCC .. C ACCCL sasla j C rC1C s-C. '1-'ts I ttrr tr' i Jt- 1 tl-f s1's 4 rs l tstss atsie Z1 as A-sf L'f. ' "" s-" - ftC JCC 'C'f:' .af': " DEFENSE -hr- 3 ax .SQ .R gf Tracy james Laura Kardiban DeeDee Ketterer Kathy Knight Shannon Knight Patty Kurata Patty Larity Corrine Lopez Lisa MacBeth Kathy Martinez Rosanne Marlin Sherri McDonald Kyleen McGurie Denise Mayer Kim Minikus Paula Muns Becky Nevarez Doreen Nickels Terri O,Grady Marcia Okimoto Barbara Orozco Laura Overturf Kim Parks Earling Parson it S 1' ' Sv . , , kc Ginger Plunk Ruby Quavedo Carrie Ravenscroft Lori Robarge Robin Robinson Gabriela Rodriquez Denise Rosenblatt Liz Ruiz Brenda Russick Patsy Salcido Jody Ann Schultz Jodi Simonek Cherise Smith Cynthia Smith Denise Soto Marta Streiff Tori Tebbutt Ginger Thiele Lan ,Iuneise Thompson Laura Wentz Tami West Renee Wiley Vickie Wilson Debbie Zirnstein Challenges 77 Smash Season fc Socce 1976-77 was THE season for the Gladiator Soccer teams. After consecutive winning years, the teams pulled together to bring Gahr tl first San Gabriel Valley League Championships. The Varsity, led by Captains Rick Lloyd fAll-Leaguej and Ana Langeland CAll-League, SGVL MVP, All-CIFJ finished League with ai 1-1 record. Gary Hubert CAll-Leaguej and Mario Acosta fAll-Leaguej the team with 17 goals and 12 goals respectively. The Varsity to defeated Murphy K4-25 and San Clemente C3-OJ in CIF competitu before losing the quarter final match to Riverside Poly K2-OJ. ln addition Gahr placed third in the Kennedy Christmas Soccer To ney. Anders Langeland was named the tourneyls Most Valuable Plaj Gahr placed 4 players on the SGVL second All-League Team: Ernie CI tro, Bill Hammond, Ysidro Zavala and Carlos Montero. The Varsity ln ished with an overall record of 15 wins, 4 losses, and 4 ties. At the banquet honoring the team Anders Langeland was named Te MVP, Rick Lloyd was chosen Best Offensive Player and Ernie Castro v selected Best Defensive Player. Varsity Soccer Team: Top row: Anders Langeland, john Bagioli, Rick Lloyd, Glenn Hitomi, Mario Acosta, Bill Hammond. Front row: Gary Hubert and Carlos Montero. Ernie Castro, Ed Buse, Ysidro Zavala, Coach Dennis Misner. Middle row: Jurgen D- Vx, sq- sas, -- st, .anis i 'i1...1' 7g'.,-wikfff-we-'if' W i has wits . wa... A Hi.,- 2-vii .tw ,X ,R 1 ax .1 , 78 Challenges 1. Team and Coach Mxsncr come to sud Erme after mjury J if, Q, Q Q A N N . shift .,5,5.g:1Q5: -,.. , ' -' :af- Wman L 4 + lg Q N . wwwfj-wp L . K! - - . , -L h ., I .,kkhxx. i ,kk- -wif' -if-r L iw:siQ'1as:,::g-:.. i T55 I 'if . m Sk 1-.QR ,-'-. N. k ..A.' xm., 'Q ' Q Q., A E., 'Q N X. N X Qs.. we S 1 -- R N wf amz" HK... :1s1mvJ.rr,h " S i" 2 80 Challenges hu. 3 Q,.fzf.,g,, gg-.l..c 43g:'wy,T1 5 L ,,':-ffa , 1 2,avf.. -mx I ff'Zi,w,f".1 , ' 5 4 l.V. Soccer This yearis j.V. team Won League with a 9 win - no loss and 1 tie record. The overall record for thej.V. was 13-2-1. As this team is very young and there are nine returning Varsity lettermen, next year promises to be another great year for soccer. 1. Gary and opponent hit head on. 2. Rick tries to score, 3. Ed leaps for the ball. 4. Bagioli makes attempt for the ball. 5..I.V. team. ,I.V. Soccer Team: Top row: Russ Houzvicka, Bob Berardi, Steve Ayala Frank jiminez, john Zavala, john Lozano. Middle row: jay Grosflam Glen Harms, Oscar Bustamonte, Jin Han, Luis Pasoz. Bottom row Terry Konstantouras, Gerald Fiegal, Rick Spilker. w .nz-H, , , G ,, ti, -, 775' Kuff, x -' V5 51-:Q Q-, a Q ae aehgf-W, iw 4 , W -W . lm' Ui- ' ' ' 1-inf' , 'LmL' , IF' :aww We ,W 1 . ,gm . ,- ,,,, .,,.,, ,aw - - : .w r vw . A ' 5 'k'k 'kh' , ff., -V ww 445 if ,, '-041454 , 5 WW Je, W., ,..,,.N If' W" 2 82 Challenges 5 1. "Look out Bosco, Here we come." 2. Gary kicks for the sky. 5. Bet you didn,t know Ed was "Bionic" fo 0 M9 sv .MM ,. 'iw- cmzsi' H., if X.. mv' A , ,MM 1, .w . - Y' -fo ' W' -rf f f A . . "'-...l 4-wa. f"""', ef 'J ,1.,,l,, -fl., Mfwghniy Q. . , . , 'Mm , b M N . "' 92:5 J, .--v-fl fi-2-1F ef - Q- "'1 'h: -" Q if , - ' - ' """ Q' :ff---"1 35 9. in ':-F 7414 11 . 5 I . r. V, , ,f -. 1- K -.xx-Q-any-w...,q,, - 1 Y ..-- . , .y -. . , + . -. , H sa., v- as . A 'A e rm., .u' .f'Q6.n4"9.f'ff....-L. B .e. .i'r ' J' ., 2 S ' 1. fume -4. ee e .. ' -:fb . s Egg, f gg . I C 1 g V if g W K . E Q--www . ' :Mi Kg in pf 1. Hey! You looking for something. 2. Anders screechcs to a halt. 3. just waiting for the right time. 4. Coming through . . . 3 Challenges 83 1 Swv, , 'Q- ., .xx Q gg A M5 W hs. ' :F ,,X X ,-.JL 'f.,if2fJfii!5'f S 'im 45558 uf N....f' 'ffi Q H I n Q the basketball sea- son, Rodney Brandon received Most Valuable Player for San Gabriel Valley League, Rod averaged 22 points and 14 rebounds. Coached by Tom Pryor and led by captain Rodney Bran- don, the team ended the season with a record of 9 wins and 14 losses. Coaeh Pryor commented, "If we hadn't lost some of our key players, we'd have had a fantastic season," l. Rodney Brandon drops one in for two points of his almost thirty points per game average as Steve Roule 52 looks on. 1 2. Chet Beatty dribbles upcourt past XWarren's defense for a two pointer. 5. -Ion Rubenfeld uses a layup shot to score two points closer towards a Gahr victory, R arsit Basketball M 'ii MW km """-'--'---.... ,.,, -n..,-at . -"" -dlp, . V 9 2 np: Chet Beatty 15. Center: jon Rubenfeld 22, Rodney Brandon 35, Mike Greene 12, Steve Roule 52. Dewey Jennings 10, Ruben lazar 24. Bottom: Mark Wilson 20. Bobby Smith 42. Coach Pryor, Artjackson, Mike Powell 30. Challenges 85 1 86 Challenges 1 Coach Pryor glves team a halfume pep talk 2 Mxke Powell shoots another basket desp1te Wlarren s defenswe plan 1. With no defensive problems, Mark Wilson shoots for a basket. 2. With a disgusted Warren onlooker, Mike Greene lays up for another two points for Gahr. 3. Chet Beatty beats Sierra's defense down court to shoot for 'mother two points. 2 5 Challenges 87 .xgggiiflg u -Q 4 xj X Gunn h is the keyword for this year,s,I.V. Basketball team. The season was one for gaining experience and preparation for next year. This was a disappointing year for the team, but they are all looking forward to an exciting season in 78. - Coach Dennis Puskas and team captains Mickey Scho- roma and Ron Powell led their team to a mediocre season with 11 wins and 14 lossses. 1. Chris Sanders shoots up for a basket while the opposing team's defense tries to hold him back. 2. BUT . . . 3. Taking a flying leap into the air, Ron Powell sinks a basket giving Gahr another 2 pts, . . Basketball A L.. I - p: Terry Wilkinson. Center: Ron Powell 25, Coach Puskas, Danny Meyerhofer 33, Chris Sanders 40, Steve Phillips. Bottom: Broderick ompson 52. David Bonner 30, Earny Campos 22, Micky Shiroma 20, Challenges 89 90 Challenges 2 SS'-1--Q 3 .in'0""' ,lynn-W , "H -as til- ,.. 2' K , 1g",,,'.. iv- --my, -+ g-" x, Wi ' described a group of young men Whose desire was to excel as basketball players and as a cohesive unit were proven time and time again against excellent competitors during the season. Considering the new league, the team had a satisfactory season with 11 wins and 13 losses. The best players of this team were Darvin Clardy and Darrin Rhodes. With Kent Scanlon coaching, the team was fairly con- sistent even though they had bad games along with good. The season resulted with everyone getting along and play- ing well together. Look for good things from this group as their careers develop towards varsity Competition. 1, Darrin Rhodes jumps through opposition's defense to drop in for another big 2. 2. Darrin Rhodes jumps just high enough to tip the ball to the Gahr side. 3. Darvin Clardy casually dribbles upcourt while waiting for Greg Brandon to get into position. -1. Fermin Andres scans the court before scoring another 2 points for a closer Gahr victory. 4 ioph-Basketball J wr Greg Brandon, Darryl Rants, Tom Brooks, Darrin Rhodes, David Bonner. Bottom: Pocho Via, Fermin Andres, Darvin 'dy,-John Louie, Mike Chatreau. Challenges 91 I I Com pehh ve respect, and perseverance are qualities that were admired most in this yearis freshman basketball team. Rick Albertini fcaptainj, Tommy Torrez, and Derwin Hudson were valua- ble players. Although the yearvwas rather disappointing, the morale of the players were kept high by Coach Rodriguez. 1. Wayne Ricks blocks out his opponent for a basket with Keith Rhodes there to back him up. 2. Wayne Rickes uses tricky foot work to dribble around the Downey player. 3. Val Ferguson jumps a little bit higher to catch the fly ball. 92 Challenges java .71 A :rosh-Basketball Tommy Torrez, Louie Gonzalves, and Keith Rhodes were right there to back up Reggie Thomp- son as a Downey player tries to sneak his way in. 2' IN I op: Bob Wilson, Derwin Hudson, Louie Gonzalves, Wayne Ricks, Robert Brznscome, Bobby Blandino, Rick Albertini. Bottom: Val Ferguson, len Vandervell, Terry Dennis, Keith Rhodes, Reggie Thompson, Tommy Torrez. Challenges 9 Varsity Wrestling The 1976-77 Wrestling Team was young and inexperi- enced, but did well in a year of stiff competition. A respectful 4-4 duel match record for the year was capped with league honors for Gahr's Tri-Captains Dell Leeman, Robert Villegas, and Albert Valle. With all but four of this year's wrestlers returning, Gahr wrestling is looking forward with great expecta- tions to its second year in the San Gabriel Valley League. Varsity Team Members: L. to R., Front: Albert Valle, Russell, Oki- moto, Dan Kemp, Fred Blue, Robert Reza. Middle: Gilbert Santel- lan, Anthony Varela, jim judge. Back: Coach Jordon, Brian Prater, Dell Leeman,,Iohn Spitz, Dion Maxwell, Coach Wray, Cindy Grillo. fi ff'-if Azz 94 Challenges 1. Albert Valle pins his opponent. 2. 1977 Varsity Wrestling Team. 3. jim judge struggles to win. 1. Anthony Varela in action. 5. Albert Valle warms up before a wrestling match lllllnlqq Rim, arf' 4 Challenges 95 l. Mike Steel gets ready to take down his opponent. 2. 1977 j.V. Wrestling Team. 3. john Luzano gets the upper hand, 4. Martin Burns is in a tight holdg but not for long. 5. Gilbert Santellan has his opponent in a headlock. 6. Gabriel Martinez is on the top for Gahr. LV. restling j.V. Team Members: L. to R., Front row: Brian Smith, john Kotake, Glenn Takeuchi, Victor Salcido, Frank Grillo, Dave Scott,jeff Ortega. Middle row: Cliff Salamon, Tom Dempsey, Kirk Wil- liams, Stacey Soto,,Iohn Luzano, Carlos Garcia. Back row: Gabriel Martinez, Eddie Meyer, Mike Smith, Mike Steel, Karl Ziegler, Dave Spitz, Buddy Pmess, Carlos Garcia, Nick Palato. if Wx V' 'l M"t?'i,5i 5 zz. E Je. M' , lv l wstw- - 1 . , , 2 96 Challenges 3 ff W f' 2. 5 6 Challenges 97 Pr or's Pride female athletes and a few new starters made up this year's Varsity Basketball team. The girls were coached by Tom Pryor. Of the three Seniors. two juniors, two sophomores. and two freshmen, the team starters were, Donna Schaniel. Deanne Rotta. Lan junise Thompson. Karen Gieke. and Sandy Price. Patti Ahuna. Corazon Alvano. Lori Robarge. and Candi Peterson made up the rest of the unit. Mr. Pryor's reaction when asked to comment was "I really enjoyed working with the girls, they have been very responsive to the coaching and seemed to catch on to the fundamentals as fast if not faster than the boys." ' Team Members: Top: Candi Peterson, Sandy Price. Lan ,Iunise Thomp- son. Deanne Rotta. Karen Ciietk. Bottom: Patti Ahuna. Corazon Alvano. Donna Sthaniel. Coath Pryor. 7 5 1 2 3 4 5 6. . Lan junise Thompson towers above opposing team. . Varsity Basketball Team. . Donna Schaniel tries her best for a lay-up. . Graceful Sandy Price tries to regain thc ball. . An easy lay-up for Patti Ahuna, Lan Junise does it again. bY J 6 Challenges 99 100 Challenges Season of Victorief Coaching helped a great deal in bringing the JV. team through a season of victories. Dennis Puskas taught the girls moves and strategies that baffled their opponents. The team,s manager, Harriet Butler, did a fantastic job at keeping the girls in high spirits. She worked very hard throughout the season. All the girls enjoyed playing this season and are looking forward to lots more basketball. 1 !' 1 ,..., E. I K Team Members: Pat Schroeder, Carrie Weddle, Missy Bazaure, Denise Thompson, Paula Carr, julie Tafoya, jennifer Schultz, Puskas, Kim Cummings, Carole Takeuchi. A Coach Puskas discusses strategy with.IV team. . Missy Bazaurc puts in all her effort for another score . Carole Takcuchi shows off shooting style, . "Tl1at's all folks." ,,..xs-"'.-"5 Challenges o Strike Outs for Baseball for league are high as the Varsity Baseball team starts out the season with a 9-1 record. Pitcher Glen Prater has a record of 5 win, O losses and two one hit games. The infield is outstanding and the team has very good contact with the ball. Tony Perri, a sophomore play- ing second and batting third will be an attribute to the team. Coach Bergeron feels, Q'If we continue playing like we have, I feel welll win the league." The team, led by captains Nick Perri and Glen Prater, are looking forward to a fantastic sea- son. 102 Challenges l was b., 1..:,., C N at we-1 . Glen Prater winds up. . Coach Bergeron has conference with team . Nick Perri impatiently waits at Brd. . Ken Mac New looks for the steal, ii .s Vi h 5 , 0 1. Sitting in the dugout can be boring, huh Bob. 2. Smile for the camera jimmy + Q,- .3 'S .M . 'F - . wwf -- ., K am ., ,W 1 2 , "" 3 an f ' , , -W L' . "" ' ' 4 5 ,, ' ,, " f y if ' -f,' hi 1 ' fu-wi" L' ' l 'WH y " ryf' ' , K -I " ' -' , " fi fr' ,inf it " 4 if . - ,ff it , A "L f V ' ,fi - 5 , - I ,- my I X' I fu' ,, . ' if 1 if X' gp MN3. Hwfhm, sity Baseball: Top row: Coach Bergeron, Steve jahnl-tow, jay Adamson, Tom Nietojay Ciarlettu. Middle: DUWlly'DC Deckerulim Smith, Ken M Steve Skogen, Danny Hernandez, Bob Crissman. Bottom: Steve Grnur, Mario LoPartriello. Captain Nick Perri and Glen Prater, Anthony Perri. ,, of H C - 1 v 3 103 Q 9-1-5 9-1-2 4-5-2 4-1 2-2 Gahr Gahr Gahr Gahr Gahr 5-O-2 10-10-8 6-2-5 0-7 12-5 1. Steve Hamersma watches with an eager eye. 1 2, Team shot. AVV1 , 4 W I W,,, ,z,, 1 1111 . 1 .1.e 2. 2 1e1. H a Jie Top Left to Right: Sonny Okimoto, Steve Phillipps, Robert Duby Qteve HA11 Bernre Qnlhzro Herbert Loo Mrke Hanson Mrddle Left to Rrght Robert Russel jrmmy Bolandez, Steve Hamersma, jeff Adamson, Chuck C hupman Randy Iee john Coon Bottom Left to Rrght Fred Stott Qhrls Rodrrguez 104 Mrke Wagner, Emeric MeC1eary, Glenn Harms. 915,45 , 1 .mp 0 ie , K faebab e i'a?o'3 " , ffffb? eww 1 ," , ga: ',,f E ,,fV Z H M5 V 4 A ii 3.4 YI., 1, Robert Duby stoops to make a play. 2. Steve Phillipps races the ball home. 5. Mike Gonzales on deck. 1 , , . Y we 'A '11 , W , dwaou-1. fnflfmzq 2 rf, . fy S A I f' , 106 Challenges 1. Coach Armijo watches the game from the sidelines. 2. Bobby Blandino at a solemn moment. 3. Slugger for the Gahr team, 1 2 if I , , is 2 lsfl 4 ,i M "LQ "l, f'e?fff'ff?f Freshman Baseball J ' S freshmen pitched their way to a victorious season with 9 wins and 1 loss. Coached by Mr. Armijo, they had outstanding pitching by Rick Esteves and f 'i'aii Morgan Sellgren. The teams batting average was good and attributed to the seasons championship. g rasii seee it r it 5 crrr r it r af fir lr Z if s rsrs at . .i is ff R r me 3 . . . J is R . Q 5' X rx fa xv 3 Q is sm 3 S wb -.J Q x .i FE' Q J 4' ff' fwf""" X I if jf. 2 csrf c s ag 2 asf R r is - s sf at -ri.. 'tw A Z up up N K i .. A A f"',sg :lj r In I -f.- - W .s L , M K V Q f V5 1 'opg Bob Wilson, Steve Gresham, DuWayne Salisbury, Mike Condatore, Rick Esteves, Bobby Blandino, Troy Kubinski, Coach Armijo. Middle: Gilbert Santellanulim 'rem-hard, Ray Roman, Todd Song. Morgan Sellgren, Richard Sanchez. Bottom: Rick Martinez, Brian Law, Keith LaMarra,,Iohn Castillojohn Hammerl. ,.. 108 Challenges ah r' Racket U Varsity Ten- nis Team has high hopes for winning league, with 2 returning Varsity Lettermen .Ion Rubenfeld and Rick Lloyd. Coach Van Srnallen in his first year of coaching varsity comments "The team has good depth." Tennis is truly Gahr,s racketf, 1. jon Hitz figures he has the game made. 2.1011 Rubenfeld getting into the swing of things. 3. Wally Wong, Coach and Rick Lloyd think of strategy of game. 3 wwf' 457 ,M ,, 1. Wally Wong walks away depressed. 2. Retiring at the end of the day. 3. Varsity Team: Standing: Rick Lloydjim Buchanan. Middle:-Ion Hitz,,Ion Rubenfeld, Doug Roehl. Front: Carlos Agarnata, Mark Rodrigues, Wally Wong, Coach Van Samaalen, Qtffsff l 2 . ji Ili!! Challenges 109 Upholds Tradition teams at Gahr have been great in the past and this yearas team is upholding the tradition. The j.V. team was undefeated last year and Coach Marquez feels they have a good chance at taking league, in the 77 season. 1. Tim makes contact. 2. Team shot. 3. Larry makes another great serve. 4. Kirk waits for return. 5. Steve slams it again. 6. Eberhard runs to make great return, v ' V, ,Q rt A . . . T X ,N W .NNY NJN! .8 M M""Ps"k':'f. P, x P Q " , . rss "N""""Q'72' 'gr jx-, xx: 4 5 6 To meet new friends And lend a hand We come to share and understand M""'Q-Q--N.e.e.,, .Q rm S' 5, W 1 A u f - ofchange. 5 C 'E uma! 5 ' '...-.-V 4-J in 97 S .x L.,. f, 5 W . H ,wi ,.,A QQ K-.f. psirggfi 917'lfm,.g,gj, E fLi3QQQMww 1 -N2-.'j 4-J T if '-41 1 V 'fl 3 24- gk LD 'CJ L G5 3 O -a-v SPECIAL I TERESTS 115 114 Speci Asion Active and busy are the members of the Asian Club. Included in their activities for the year, were a raffle and a booth at the carnival where they made the most money. Many more activities were plan- ned for their desired goal, to ski at Mammoth. Media Guild Members: Chris Flora, Debbie Flora, Bob Flora, Martin Garcia, Andrea Gray, Ron Kusumi, Richard Mac- Keen, Sterling Yerian, Vincent Santos, Mike Gray, Susan Baker, Joyce Parks, Lori Herbst. Advisor: Pam Pino. 'vii R Asian Members: Vanitha Ahuna, Sandy Chang, Rowena Darlo, Dexter Echiverri, Denise Gima, Margaret Hawkins, Miki Higa, Connie Homhlanis Marvin Hom, Sharon Kawomonto, Vivian Kim, Tim Koyama, Linda Lazare, Allan Mayehura, Shirley Nickhols, Marissa Perez, Dana Quan, Bob Mickey Shiroma, Evelyn Sun, Diane Terasaki, Sharon Thompson, jill Uyemori, -Iohm Verredo, Rick Wells, Kirk Wong, Wally Wong, Patty Advisor: Norman Fujmoto. al Interests Medio Guild Service was the purpose of the Media Guild. Club members volun- teered their time to work in the library before and after school, at snack, and at lunch. They checked books in and out to students, helped process new books to be added to the shelves, and assisted students in finding materials. The club contributed much in the way of service. This year a canned food drive made the Thanksgiving holiday brighter for many. The clubis projects included supporting school spirit, and helping with campus beautification. 8? s 4 - 'UV' 'VE 'EY l 851 3 Agundez, Veronia Agundez, Linda Allain, Susan Allain, Steve Ayala, Nadine Barra, Steve Ayala, Aracelia Baquier, Areily Baquier, Patsy Burqueno, idra Chevez, Rachel Coronado, Linda Curiel, Elaine Duran, Rosemary Flores, Carlos Garcia, Leticia Gil, ,loc Gonzales, Lorraine Gonzales, Linda Gon- es, Virgina Granado, Debbie Grugo, Gilbert Grajeda, Nathan Guzman, Vicent Buzman, Lina Haro, Richanrd Lopez, Art Martinez, Pat Martinez, Ernie ivarrete, Inez Navarrete, Erma Ortega, Sheree Poitier, Racheal Ramerez, Yuonne Rios, Becky Rivera, Patrica Roncon, Gloria Rincon, Teresa Rovero, salie Rovero, Carol Ruiz, Vincent Tuiz, Toni Sanchez, julie Tafoya, Rachel Tello, Verconca Tapia, Alvert Valle, Melba Valle, Gloria Ceballos, Sally tzi Watson, Deidra Streets, Ronald Redden, Cherise Smith, Michelle Hundson, unique Hudson, Debra Hubbard, Sonya Ricks, Mark Wilson, Val Garrett, Regina nner, Angie Fowler, Bridget Crosby, Carmeon Norwood, Rodney Willis, Angie aite, Brodrick Thompson, Norman Ford, Everet Ford, Chrystal Biddle, Hariet Ricks, rvin Gibson. Advisor: Brian Gimmillaro. Tapia, Emily Alcala, Gloria Lopez, Roger Ruiz, Susie Gug- man, jose Rubio, Lillian Tafoya, Carol Crugo, Liz Avidrez, Patsy Salcoa, Olga Zalivar. Advisors: Linda Caraveo, Sam Cobb. U.M.A.S.C. Getting it together is what the members did starting the year with various fund raisers such as Cracker jacks sale and a food booth at the carnival. Beside being very successful in their fund raisers the students learn about their Mexican heritage and their culture. Soul Unique Many activities occurred throughout the year starting with many sales and lunch dances. The Black Heritage Week is where they really got it together as they were able to learn more about their culture. Special Interests 115 WW, S, M Mt it 'E ,. H ok? y S A 1 in VVLV ,, WN , r L Home Ee. Members: Tanya Brown, Ruth Sablan, Sue Winovitch, Charline Sablan, Yvonne Spangler, Rosalyn Yell, jane Newcomer, Rosemarie- Piscopo. Advisor: Diane Smallwood. 4 S . 116 Speech Members: Carmen Landa, George Gray, Tim Gray,-Ioanne Chiechi, Lynne Schoeman, Natalie jones, Darryl Plowman, Lori Williams, Leslie kins, Debbie Flora, Ray Cartenjackie Smith, Richard Wells, Ed Bergman. Advisor: jeff Canavello. nce Members: Delia Garcia, Martin Garcia, David Garcia, Maria Gar- Liane Chang, Riz Quiliza, David O,Hara, Stan Watson, Alec Koo, Ron malz. Advisor: Ted Teach. Home Ec. Tempting aromas filled the halls as the gourmets cooked their secret recipes. Mixing a little business with pleasure they were able to sell their goodies, enabling them to raise enough money to go on outings. Speech Enthusiasm is what inspired this all new club member team. Sparkling person- ality of their coach Mr. Canavello, encouraged them on to many tournaments. This inspirational group brought home 15 trophies and 55 awards. All in all it was a very good year for the 76-77 speech team. C.S.E The hard working students of CSF. consist of a group of students who have maintained a 3.6 grade point average. This active group also found time between studies for such fund raisers as a raffle, a book fair, a hamburger booth at the carnival and those fun field trips where they toured various colleges and universi- ties in southern California. Much of the money was raised for scholars which were given to active club members, who were Seal Bearers and in organization for five semesters, including their senior year. Science In promoting school spirit, the students sponsored various fund raisers such as, the Mr, Touchdown Contest where they presented the trophy at the Homecom- ing Dance. . SOC VS LYN .ii . WREST WARRE N crass ei :asv s W Schreiber. Stacy Smith. Advisor: Don Vloynt. IM Members: .Ionette Allen, Sandy Chang. Sheri Cude, Ian Fallis, David Garcia, Delia Garcia, Denise Gima, Margarita Gutierrez. Vickie Henry. Miki Higa, Hom. Marvin Hom. Eric johnson. Sharon Kawamoto. julie Kcomt. Pankaj Khandelvyal. Vivian Kim, Alec Koo. Tim Koyama. Susan Kurt. Carmen Linda Lazare. Therese Craig Loo. Allan Mayemura, Alan Mazer. George Mishroki. Shirley Nichol. Candi Peterson. Kathy Pollet. John Schmalz. 7 F.B.L.A. Members: Roger jines, Phyllis Reaves, Dale Frohoclc, Chris Hurt, Linda Rodri- guez, Owen Reavesjackie Blackwood, Lori Ropeter, Mary Celmer, Marga Dullaart, Peggy Saicoe, Mona Granado, Dianne Hunter, Dolores Willson, Lucy Cox. Advisor: Sandra Neher. EB.L.A. Leadership starts in the community, and this is what the FBLA club is promoting. Through their services to the community and to Gahr High School, FBLA encour- ages the students working their way to the business world. Besides preparing themselves for future careers, the FBLA club raises money to help promote other stu- dents interested in business careers through scholarships. One Way Sharing, singing, fellowship, and praying are what helped create the One Way club. It brought together all students of Gahr High School, who wished to share their Christian faith. fi 118 One Way Members: Cindy Tanner, -Ionette Allen, Eileen Rafter, Archie Clement, Gary Olson, Ken Olson, April Chapmenulames Wilbanks, Beth Lant' Lv Bane, -Ion Watt, Brenda VanZee, Marty Wfinchester, Karen Reuter, Kathy Pollet, Paul jones, Michelle Bishop, Julianne Bradley, Oscar Bustamante, Lamarra. Advisors: Margorie Hart. Diane Molter. 121 3- tt, J, , . X. 't AS: w fa- Y '- af,- 'ff ,- 'P 1 l 1 l 4 Gotors Being its first year, Gahr Activities Toward Relevant Services better known as the Gators, help out with special projects and to promote the pride of Gahr in our community. Members: -Ian Watt, Alec Koo, Stan Watson, Riz Quiliza, David O'Hara, Danielle Tremblay, Delia Garcia, Sandy Chang, Maria Garcia, Ron Schmalz, Carmen Landa. Advisor: Ted Teach. Woterski Crisp early mornings and glossy mirror lakes are what inspired the waterskiers to form their club. Although the winter brought cold, rainy days, the club was able to make plans for an activity-filled summer. Members: Katrin Lindwall, Pam Graf, Joni Valley, -Ienifer Schultz, jay Adamson, Rick Lloyd, Neal Taylor, Paula Carr, Maria Periquet, Cheryl Hughes, Diane Gutierrez, Tammy Hilbrands, .Ian LaCour. Advisor: jim Wray. t- -Pi ek, K .A X, K German The Annual Weihnachstsfest held in the multipurpose room was as usual a huge success. The students also spon- sored a Seeis sucker sale and sold pickles and pretzels at the carnival. The money was raised to go on a snow trip, and the Octoberfest at Busch Gardens. Members: Anna-Lisa Knuden, Gary Felien, Cindy Toburen, Tim Welch, Kirk Bowman, jenny Applebury, Robin Ardunio, Randy Ayola, Gabby Barquera, Mike Evans, Elaine Gallardo, Richard Goldberg, Pam Kattenbach, Kathy Knight, Tom Koes, Patty Kurata, Alan Mazer, Betty Meadows, Robert Meadows, Tim Mosser, Mary Newcomer, Steve Rack, Sheryl Roehl, Russell Satoda, Maggie Saworotnow, Diana Van- derElst, Andy Vizconde, Esther Arnold-Bik. 3' 'Y French One of the most active clubs on Gahr's campus is the French Club. The members participate in the various activi- ties for several reasons. Primarily they want to have fun and learn about and experience French culture. Some of the activities this year have been a cheese-tasting feast, building a homecoming float, which won the "spirit Award," a carnation sale, some incredibly hilarious club meetings, and the making of plans for a banquet of fine French cuisine. y Spclnish Participation is the name of the game when it comes to the students in this club. They started out with a trip to Disneyland, which always proves to be lots of fun. They also involved themselves in their annual Tasting Party where everybodyis invited! What a huge success that was. Later the club had a candy sale and a booth at the carni- val, ,so the students took a trip to Olvera Street and to Magic Mountain. " it ,wr A In Snch Members: Sam Pedace, Linda Bragg, Rosemary Koes, Diane Starling, Keith Hutchins, Margarita Gutierrez. Mark Heustits. Gorden Hetcher nka Khand lwol, Eric johnson. Steve Pinkerton. Mark Peters, Alec Koo. Roy Wilkes. Cathy Carner. Kim johnson. 'Toni Ramsey. Mark Koolmaes, inielle Tremblay. Nataliejones. Debbie Millers. Advisori Ramsey. 1 I-.. Members: Brett Simpson, Evelyn Sun, Diane Takeuchimlill Uyemori. Danny Villareal, Tom Volden. Kirk Wong. Kevin Ferquson, jane Dano Bohreiber. Cindy Peterson. janet Price. Leslie XX'alkins. Viviiin Kim. Michelle Bracv. Dennis Arriola. Ron Bee. jesse Cruz. Martin Garcia. Glenn lulie Kcomtzleff Kactenbaeh.-left Killmer. Shelly Munoz Tin11Oliver. Kim Parks. Del Leeman. Aclvisorsi Gay Giwuriiin. Anna Volta. M, Thcspians: Danny Aguirre, Diana Aguirre, Dave Bowman, Becky Canto, Mike Chavez, Charles Cordes, Steve Coyne, Dexter Echiverre, Mary Echiv- erri,-Iennifer Hamman, jim Hansen, Anna-Lisa Knudsen, Dalee LaBier, Carmen Landa, Linda Lazare, Scott Morrison, Sheree Poitier, Tracy Redden, Maggie Saworitnow, Lynne Schoeman, Charlene Sumpter, Leslie Watkins, Ste 122 Special Interests Th esplc ns Hambones more commonly known as actors and actr ve Wellbaum. I C performed exquisitely all through this yearls drama sea The Thespians put on varying types of plays ranging from humor of uCharlie Brownn to the beautiful musical presc tion of "Oklahomaf, Modrigcls S Cho Singing their way into the hearts of many were the M gals and Choir. They put their singing ability to work entertaining many high schools, junior high schools churches. This year they also had a winter and spring fes which was a great success. For the Madrigalsi own enjoy r and performing experience, once again they toured San I cisco. 5 X Xsx X f X pl Xvi - a 1 ' ,f Elimwmt,-M .. .. t ' ff' irigals: David Bouman, Becky Canty, Alan Cinco, Chuck Cordea, Dawn Creavalleulonathan Preerulim Hansen, Curtisjennings, Glenn Lauridsen- k, Linda Lazare, Scott Morrison, Sandi Navarro, Sarah Navarro, Tracy Reddenmlody Sehaltz, Leslie Watkins, Lori Williams, Mike Chaves, Dextor iverri, ,lf C X , p ,vA,, ., Q K I A 4 Q :Q kr A' 'N' JI ' .v I1 l V ' 3 ' U il V Au . " -f f I Ni' I I SFT i -. ff- N ,C s M T f f 1' 1 it 1 T trra ' , fi 'fy ' Q W 1 t TN 7? a...,.,g! 9' ' P A f ' T' X Qs ff, xi My V V 'D I uw 6 W l lm, i M , i C To iivi iiro S W 5 , ,,f1 ,VVV ly ,r,,.: 4 ,iz 4.o, 1 , x , A 5:5 J A VVV! I ,,,'-'M I . X' 1' H I I VVAV, , W NWN W- , , 'Z T ' , y ' - 4- --aiigas.. A' - ...gqai-, my C '35 A. hx, W , ,lyk ' ,, In ?,V,.lq12,LL:A,4:4'tV, A qw" 1,141 I 2 ' . , . h ,W , '. , ,-A M, A " , , ' ,.. W A 'Z -4:1 " , A . . W 5 I I a A' t :i,tqQ,gygi'g.fM,' , ', ,W 'fql Jz:5L.vf ,L 1 ' i A V Z i4"P'?"fQ...,f' ,. S V i '37 . .Q u .1 N K 4 -- ' fm' ir: Mary Baker, Tracy Beck, Debbi Bockins, Adrian Brown, Porte Bryant, Susan Burgesshlill Dudley,jody Palk, Debhie Flora, Vicki Healey, Stacy nper, Beth Lanty, .Ianis Matthews, jana North, julie Pugh, Theresa Scott, Rhonda Strouble, Charlene Sumpter, Laura Wandler, Leslie Watkins, nie Wells, Tawanna West, Dolores Willson, Theresa Wulf, Rosalyn Yell. 5... uv six? ??"',, 'VP' ,' I xi ,, . i. h t V,3V,,f., 6: .ini I J if ak S. ,f . Na: 124 Special Interests 1 MN' ,A V f' xr!!! X' if . Wayne Hutchins - Drum Major. . Kelly Baughman - Solo Majorette. -a-I Pg? 45 kiwi' Officers: Top row: Chris Burton -- Vice Pres., Kathy Pollet - Librarian, Shirley Nichols - Treasurer, Karen Reuter - Librarian, Brenda Van Zee - Equipment Manager. Middle row: jim Pope - Pres., Wayne Hutchins - Drum Major, Tammy Carter -- Correspond. Secretary, -Iudy Kubes - Recording Secretary, Kim Reuter - Office Secretary, ,Ionette Allen - Historian. Bottom row: Dana Quan - Equipment Man- ager, Brett Kirk - Equipment Manager, David Libhart - Director of Publicity. I band members made their group successful. Kelly Baughman, a majorette at Gahr for three years gave fantastic per- formances at all the half times this yearl Tall flags and the banner carriers gave the group a friendly look with all their bright smiles. A leader always is needed in a group and Wayne Hutchins was something special. His enthusiastic manner put life into the rest of the band members. Letter Carriers: Top row: Trisha jones, Genelle Knopf, Kim Parks, Tammy Carter, Debbie Zirnstein. Bottom: Mary West. Middle row: Lilia Meza, Linda Evans, Lisa Grant, Eilene Locke. Lisa Brey. Tall Flag: Top row: Gwen Taylor, Bonnie Hill, Deanne Kirke- gaard. Bottom row: Debbie Carrillo, Della Bjerke. Not pictured: Kim Reuter. Special Interests 175 The m is growing fast. This year, not only has the staff size doubled, but also the paper itself. Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Natha- lie Gayou and Assistant Editors Ian Fallis and Sandy Chang, the Forum has appeared almost every issue, as an eight-page publication. Staff members give their time without being scheduled into a class, just for the fun and satisfaction of being a part of such a successful enterprise. Next year, under the editorship of Sandy Chang, the staff hopes to double again in size to a membership of at least thirty students. 2 ui. m 126 Special Interests 4 iw' I Ay 5 A, gp, . get-sa ,,,. 1- J rt t air .tb 1- Yr' 4 W ,w I-21, , y ,. ,V .W It I WT 5 1. Assistant Editor Sandy Chang is delighted to find that other publica- tions make errors, too. D 2. Editor Nat Gayou interviews outstanding sophomore Cathy Mac- Beth. 3. Editor Nat Gayou interrupts interview of Dennis Arriola to get Wal- ly's and Alecis opinion on a layout. 4. Photographer Alec Koo gets ready to snap another "surprise" candid. 5. Ian Fallis, Mrs. Hart, and Alec Koo werenlt fast enough to get into the group picture, so they formed a group of their own. Forum Staff: Nathalie Gayou, Ian Fallis, Sharon Thompson, Wally Wong, Sandy Chang, Heather Ogilvie, Sam Pedace, Angela White, Marvin Hom, Alec Koo, Richard Wells, Kirk Wong. Fra deadlines and Gahr Pride compelled the Annual Staff to complete the 1977 yearbook, Q'Winds Of Changef' These students dedicated many Weekends and long, tiring, but fun- filled hours to make this year,s book the best ever. Problems arose, but were overcome by the positive thinking of the staff and our advisor Suzanne Woerner. The staff would like to express a special thanks to Mr. Bill Milne, our representative from Taylor Publishing Company and also Mr. Dennis Proud of Proudbird Photography, for their support and creative ideas. Kathy Lucas Editor MEMORIAE AUREAE - ,76-,77 Editor - Kathy Lucas 1 Co-Editor - Eve Tow Staff Z . .t.,,,,t X. Marie Abernathy Diane Altamirano Priscilla Estrada Mary Garner f Debbie Harding Tammy Hilbrands Holly Manoogian Pam Muns Margaret Pompas., i, wi , 4 7 ,L.g4.g'f',i2ifg1,ZLpS.!. Sandy Price QA-Lfu.fH! Carrie Stark !7f3fl'0V'-'lil Anna Trigoros fZ'ifCLr,f1. 5Wifll.,fis'i25,a,, Joni Valley D Ads and Finances: Barbara Gutierrez ' -QQ Vickie Nottinghamlijjzjffgj, Photographers: Mike Coriaty Paul Orillion Ron Schmalz Shane Thompson Advisor - Suzanne Woerner . f J ,riff life 3' wfvbmau Wx: 'Q-is , . f 7 'Y I 3, 2 1 ,, A ' m 5-af. nf A 1 U J 4 , fri f , R Wt: 150 Academics You Strive Toward Goals To Grow More Wise To See the World Through Opened Eyes gf., ,,, ., K ,self of Change an 'G E 3 tare the GH Ilm K4-. 3 14- C L CU 3 O -4-J 0.0 E 3 Q co 'ws Q? wt fx ACADEMICS Academics 151 al Kay.. P W' P s.ia ...... .A,, Guidance With Class This time of farewell to seniors is always one of happi- ness, concern and sadness for me. Happiness because young men and ladies are entering the adult world of obligations, freedom, responsibility, adventure and enjoyment. Each per- son can control his life to a great degree by his ability and determination to succeed. My concern results from my sincere hope that all stu- dents graduating from Gahr have prepared themselves for the future they face. The curriculum and excellent teaching staff provide outstanding educational opportunity but the individual student effort determines how much is learned. -My sadness at graduation is like that of a parent as his! her children have grown up and are leaving home. The hours together at activities, snack and lunch, visiting class- rooms and many individual visits have made me feel a close- ness and affection for all students. My very best wishes go with each of you for much happiness in your future. Dr Hanford Rants tit- .. . ---, - . t N - l'-' Principal 132 Administration Dr. Hanford Rants Nancy Williams Ruth Rabenburg Principal Assit Principal Ass't Principal fi ii, 1. Mrs. Rabenburg holds a jovial conference with a student. 2, Rachel Gonzales sets Mrs, Clisby straight on a few matters. 3. Mr. Duran and Steve Roule discuss new policies. iii 'ls Mara Clisby Don Duran Ass't Principal Dean of Students URAGUSIY . . .,,.,..., 'a ,WnnhDSSTOM 2 Administration 153 Advise and dl I U I Schedulesl Schedules! The Counselors at Gahr have been very busy this year. They help students with academic scheduling, personal problems and complications between students and teachers. The coun- selors understand the problems of the student and try to help them out. Counseling at Gahr is a consistent and con- cerned department. l. Mr. Aguirre talks with student. Consent Z,john Earl has his questions answered by Mr. Chadwick, e I i 2 Brian Gimmillaro Ombudsman Darrell Walsh Dir. of Athletics Phyllis Sandoval Rita Conchelos A john Chadwick Ted Teach Dir. of Stud. Act. Work Experience R.O.P. Director Att. - Car. Ed. 134 Counseling "'vf-..,Mf:""""'--CM' C ,, W,,L 1. Mr. Gimmillaro guides his students. 2. Brian Smith gets advice on his future by Mrs. Scott. Mike Adams Sr Counselor Lucille Scott jr. Counselor Louis Aguirre Soph. Counselor Ralph Spicer Frosh Counselor Counseling 135 Smiling Faces . with smiles were bestowed upon Gahr students by the ever faithful secretaries, nurse and librarian. They opened their doors to a myriad of school problems ranging from programs and cut fingers to over due library books. 1. Lucy Cox gets a little TLC from nurse Lou Fife. 2. Former Gahr student Robert Sanchez helps Mrs. Pat Diemel - Library Clerk. 3. Elizabeth Lauzon - Nurse helps student weigh herself. 4. Robin Clipper receives advice from Addie Thiede -- Secretary of Counselors. 1 3 Frances Cummings Pat Diemel Pat Gray Gail Feltman Marie Ferdula Media Center! Bk Rm Library Ckfk Sec. of Courgelor Sec. Dean of Girls Bkil-mf Detention Melanie Lewis Natalie Meyerson Attendance Attendance Q - - Linda Perez Marion Nichol Finance Sec. of Counselor L Virginia Perez Registrar 4 Pat Garrison Sec. Dean of Boys Edith Harrison Elizabeth Lauzon Pam Pino Gloria Salazar Addie Thiede Sec. Principal Nurse Librarian Sec. Asst. Principal Sec. of Counselor G 0 U go galloping through the Home Economics department, trained in the culinary arts and home management. You can't miss the beat in the Business Department. Many long hours are spent in learning the correct techni- ques of a business trade. The Spice of Life sg? sw... .gr,Zg, ' xii . af' Carol Black john Blahnik Louise Damron Robert Macali Sandra Neher Business Ed. Business Ed. Special Ed. Special Ed. Business Ed. 138 Academics 2 1. Doug Langoria and Bill Long type away. 2. Pam Mendenhall does her own thing. vival skills. 4. Loretta Guajardo sews a new outfit. ing. NOT PICTURED: john Fillinger Special Ed 5.1 5. Danny Hernandez and Glenn Hitomi learn bachelor sur- 5, Mrs. Solosky guides students in the techniques of cook- il 5' .- ,J ilhhg, .5-'s y 'f Dennis Puskas Peggy SanDoval Diane Smallwood Maryn Solosky Peggy Yeyna Business Ed. Home Ec. Home Ec. Home Ec. Home Ec. 51 ,v H" F. Y L I Academics 159 Denise Soto receives an award from Capt, Polley. john Vertido is officially commissioned by the State of California as an off1cer in the Californa Cadet Corps, The flags of the United States and California are presented by the Gahr Cadet Color Guards. Lee Haas and jean Mickey wait to receive their awards as Honor Unit for the school. Ricky Castro slams it hard. ffm S Debbie Steimer and Mark Tellinghuisen swing and miss. jenny Austin Jumps for joy, ac. -P L gt. Th I mm 'Il , ,D-. it - ' LZ, '11 ' . K l ' .. " .A ' 5 ap, 9 , ' .. 4 A . .el CKY "' ' . ,df .1"3"' 4- - My 3.fff?2?'F if f iiiw' ' ,uf our , 1- mfwff H., lug? I ' A 2 Al Mike Polley Cadets I s 1 I J -. yy.. - it ...a...a 5 r sir ?"'f1s i f X , f , ki, as 4 9 is . 'K umm .A-sr - M-W . 'Q -. , gm mf ff , 5 4 Doing It Qur ay I M G is one thing the new physical education program has to offer. One of the favorite classes is COED P.E. This new program is considered to be a great success. It gives the girls a chance to compete with the boys in all kinds of sports. Karen Decker says "It's a lot more challenging when you compete against the boysf, But if for some reason you don't like P.E. you can get into the award winning cadets. Gahr's cadets have represented Gahr in rifle matches locally and at the state finals, but the cadets are not all rifles and drill. They teach you important rules in team- work, leadership and self-discipline. NOT PICTURED: Pete Nicklas Pfi5Cil13 Lewis Physical Ed. PhY5iC3l Ed- Andrca Bohrcn Jerome Rodriguez John Rallo Physical Ed Physical Ed. PhY5iC31 Ed- 6 7 -14 ls, . . -. ,. 3, 'Nw 'I " 1" " 'I . .1 V' A -fha Odette Griffen Al I-Iouseman Marilyn Nishihira Tom Pryor Joyce Tsuruta Physical Ed Physical Id Physical Ed. Physical Ed. Physical Ed. Academics 141 f-x-E+o- A is the soul of a language. It gives the feeling and truth to it. Striving in pronounciation and comprehension of their chosen language is the students' goal. The students participated in a variety of experiences in role playing, trying different foods and acquiring friends as pen pals. English is in a different category. The classes display a wide variety of activities. Some students feel that the Eng- lish teachers really care about making the work more inter- esting to learn. This department is making changes for the better. l U 1. Tammy Davis finishes an English assignment. 2 Lori Buchanan, Kathy Knight, Sheryl Roehl, Denise Terry, Patty Schreiner make a report on japanese Mythology. 5. Debbie Miller studies hard. 4. Debbie Altamirano having another one of those days. ,L .... 4, A f . QL.. L... ' 7. I 3 ., ,,...., , A Marguerite Anatol Theora Barnes ,Ieane Gerard Margorie Hart Judy Meadows English English English English English Diane Molter Helga O'Brien William Raabe Gay Gazurian Anna Volta English German English English Spanish .i , 'e-'mfr' L ...W A 3 1 13315. li li f 2 f fi 15 ' A lkiiili 1 , L. ' lil li M f T 'ffl l' fiffvuf I l' I ' I 1' 5 , LUN' W f 'fv, L -' lux I 4,,'l,,' K - f E' ' A 1 wr 5 ' Y i V VCV E lla lfiillf' all l' fm' slip K 1 H iff, , ll ' r l L' K ,L I K ' K llol 1 ,f l l nf r lv Q J I, LX! fn kr L. . lb AX V Ll A 51 x, ,lk J' W ' E H ff! AiaN 5l,LN Addr Q11 ill ' gk I 'lil Xi 5 Sam Cobb jrl, V i X,-V' - l 3 Xxm- X ,lib N 1,- 7 Xl-yuw,,.'X' X' ,X.'.x'g-XXL! li 4' I Y 1 X i . N i is N, 4' lk ' , L! ',V, Ysw ,X , NOT PICTUREDZ " Linda Ramsey N gg French i l r Q f 43 i l xv f .a 'V ii 'V E jeff Canavello Lincla Caraveo Virginia Carlsen English Spanish English Linda Cziraki Joanne Davis Sharon Dragonctti English English English Academics 143 A 3 r . Newnp Ted Teach Social Studies Tom Bergeron Social Studies -ii Choices, Choices, Choices is synonymous with the Social Studies Department at Gahr. Applied Psychologyy Political Science, and Propaganda Techniques were only 2 few of the more popular classes. Along with the new choice of classes students now have the option of the traditional grading system or the choice ol Passfliail in most elective programs. mn'-3 as-as er: QW 4 . w 'Q' YW' . .N-'r es'-c , . Q l" as p v 5 . u 'iff N ,h yr . ,A , e T 25,1 Ggofgqagm Clif-1Yd Dan' Castrellon Art Chesterman Barbara Lewis Dennis Misncr ocia tu ies Police Science Social Science Social Studies Social Studies 144 Academics 1 'ji fi 3 ,ri W : : . gi 5 N55 x 'K 5 ff 'S B . .alight 4' 1 fl 5 is ffl? t 5' , ff? lf' - 'S Qliahsz , X if 'if S N. ,K if xr jimmy O'Connor Bob O'Connor Carl Rogers Kent Scanlon Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies 'ca 1. Ray Orlina catches up on current affairs. 2. Mitzi Watson stops briefly to listen to the latest news. 3. Glenda Patterson in the far off world of day dreaming. 2 NOT PICTURED: Roger Hughes Social Studies Roger Ulinder Social Studies , james Teague Social Studies t. .J Academics 145 C-ahr's Calculating Geniuses Mathematical can be satisfied in Gahr's Math Department. classes range from string math artists to calculating geniuses. Anyone for computer programming? In the Health Department first aid was the basic study. The traditional Q'Andy77 was used to learn artificial respira- tion. Enrollment has increased in the Science Department but itls not because science has become easier. The most popular class in this department is Plant Science which is part of Sci- ence Survey I. WD! ,.,..fw"ffJh.. ,,,,,...wN' 146 Academics 1. Natalie jones as the biggest mouse in the Science Department. 2. Mark Summer and other students listen intensely to their math teacher. 3, Sal Knieriem takes math notes with a smile. 4. Ron Bates tries hard to recall a mathematical theory. ,, ,, i ,Wa . if -ras' P Q is tt. s Y at Girl?-+ Arthur Armijo Del Bissonnette Health Science Adele Casso Bruce Chaffee Mathematics Mathematics N, J' S Nor PICTURE11 Carl Bruno Science Harold jordan ww-grgri "'f Mathematics A,-iv: in E f ik, , S 3, sl -- A S Carl Raf f N1 IA, xi . is Mathematics gizilwtf' itil - . ii VA Tom Reardon X 5 -1'i- fffff A Science -2ll-1 S i ,. -James Wray ":'i W..h,.k 3 ..-Q::...:, .. krkih . S L Science 5 Q -.- X gi . ' Y Ly. 1 9 :X 31 1' k S ,La gl' W 5' A it ' is-get H eww K ii'iiii 'i"t N 'f-6133.-RY ' M :ft 7 . , .-. -'ff-7 5 S ie flfgfl : ' aiei rie S NV-yy 'i 2' 'X Ns X 1 1 ' 1 .s 'x 15-19 Norman Fujimoto Mathematics . -f 'Q Don joynt Mathematics EQ. ii 'i,-i ff ii1-1 1 .1 "2 : I -'-at 1 1 Steve Murray Louis VanSmaalen Darrell Walsh Mathematics Science Health Academics 147 Trade and Industry V t E Fabrications of Trade in Gahrls metal fabrication class are keeping themselves very busy on various projects. They are building a shed that will be used by Mrs. Bisson- nette in the Science Department. Students are also con- structing tools to build bicycle racks and rackets for the boys gym locker. The metal shop class is creating many con- veniences for Gahr. 13319 Ron Hale - 1 Bill McKee Trade and lndustry 1. Student works hard on new shed for the Science Department. 2. Steve Borich puts it all together. 3. A sample of Pam Muns' sparkling personality. 4. Ricky Mitchel masters the drill press. 5. joe Dillard gets into welding. 6. Frank Zimprich and Larry Salisbury try to figure out which end is up 7. Bmce Everett tackles a motor. NOT PICTURED: George Eickhoff Trade and Industry A Place for Everyone I I C and performance at Gahr means nothing if not the Visual and Performing Arts Department. Whether you wield a brush or an instrument there is always a place for you to do your own thing. 2 r a at r r sssess - if - l.eer P- wt we s r 'G' ,..-p.. l g, an s t Cheryl Beal o ce Donahue Y 150 Academics Visual Arts Performing Arts l if -11. - ap, iq.-1f.. .,..g.,. W1-fy 'Ei W Sf' 4 lM2f,?,,,ff M H z22'?? if 3' F .. .. .,L.. 1 , , 1,, .,7,w, UW I 9 J ,afyj,i5v'2g'Z,4fe?i' gf V Q ,ff a 'QM ff if friia. 3, ,wa ff ,a f N- Q 5 w 'bf Q' ,f ..'h 1 , Q .,' ,- A . J , .,.."J' , V 1 . " , , V .4 'V zaff' "GW -.IWW " A '.','. "7 "' " ' V ' wwf' W x George Guccione Suzanne Woerner Visual Arts Visual Arts il, 5, -fa Frank Huerta and Debbi Townshed work on macrame. Rick Perkins up to his elbows in ceramics. 5. The Madrigal Singers rehearsing with Mrs. Donahue in class. 4. Cheryl Hughes aclcls her finishing touch. Brenda Van Zee stops briefly to rest. 6. Cheryl Beal explains a piece of art work to her students. NOT PICTURED: I g' 3',,, V ' , Ken Haar , - ' r t't W- .- Performing Arts aya V l'r' V W . ,rr , . ., , ' rra ' W s Mfiiejf' Charles Yeyna Visual Arts 6 Academits 15 Unsung Heroes l I FU rn I n Q the student body with nutritious food, the faithful cafeteria Workers raced around everyday serving a hungry Gahr population. If there is one group of people our school could not do without iris Gahrls custodians. Qur unheralded heroes fixed everything from burned out light bulbs to leaky faucets, and had an unending drive to clean up the campus. ABC School District painters gave the Gahr campus a brighter look to top off the 1976-1977 school year. .mga 7 1. Cafeteria Staff: Eileen Bohen, Effie Van De Steeg, Gumoine Math- iew,,Iennie Medema, Mary Romkema. 2. Custodian Staff: Earl Cooper, Helio De Sousa, Henry Hulst, Henry Marigle, Ruth Miller, George Robison, Gary Rogers, Horner Roush. 5. Painter adds finishing touches. 4. Gary Rogers shows off his luxurious jeep. 5. Painters take five after a morning of hard work. ig, .. 734 'ff-,Q . 'ii f HN f 1 Q...,-4,4 I '-,G . . N A .. X 1 lx A B i i 1 if :X 'X ' 1-71---. XX 1 E C tu I X U ,X , I 5 - qpegyi to . ,le t 1 eei- -vfgfiy - r 1 ' X . 1 f - x K NG V 9 ? nf A V71 .v,,gg. H3 .-1.1 , L M. 154 People But the New Is Here The Old Has Gone It's Up to Us to Carry on. in-. A 0' I ,f .NM-,ff - WM ini' r 11.1 MM , , N , . W ' - , .,,,.,,,,,,,, , www, ,a.,-, , W, wr r .rerr .rr. - H K' affbaf of Change U3 U C GJ .C -6-3 GJ L FU LIU C O u: U cu .: U 4-J C w L cu '4- '4- 6 C an 3 2 2 an PEOPLE ' 155 l I n and hard Work were the reasons this yearis Senate and Cabinet members were so successful. The Senate members revised the constitution of the school to make it more up to date. They also arranged for USC football star Rick Bell to visit our campus and talk with the students about college athletics. Various other activities included the McDonald,s contest between Gahr and Cerritos High which was a great success. In the contest certain points were given for buying Vi pounders. The con- test ended in a victory for Gahr who Won 615500 which was spent for a free dance along with free refreshments for all. The Senate and Cabinet accomplished many things this year but the greatest Was getting the city to install the much needed traffic light on Artesia Blvd. any ASB. Cabme 055,529 Q vi -,,....u---qu.. 'kt ssl' M Tlkuiihui ri ,AXX My K ag . ,X y Wa ' , ,Www 3 uf. ' J' 5 Ave Alora L , . m .Ti .li 3 -, ,,.....- : 4 -'Q 1. Dorothy Chatreau, Chet Beatty and Elaine Hubert. 2. ASB Cabinet: Front: Ian Fallis, Da Netra Matlin, Robert Ruiz. Mid- dle: john Galloway, Dawn Bouwman, Mr. Teach, Gayle Makepeace, Roy De Groot, Back: Denise Kel-cich, Steve Coyne. 3. Rick Wells discusses plans for new House of Representatives. 4, Installation of new traffic light. 5. Senior Class Cabinet: Lynn Vlasschaert, Michelle Higa, Chet Beatty Peggy Hanenburg. 6. Senior Advisors: Mrs. Barbara Lewis, Miss Adele Casso CNot pic- turedj. s -35-"' .1 .sa 6 Abel Dcbbrc Amsra Llgra Acosra Vcromra Aclrxson Yloycl Agullar brl Agullar lrene Albertlnr Rlck Allen Vanessa Alonso Rrqky Alwano Manuel Alxarado Belrncla Alxaraclo Nelly Alxarez Laura Alxarez Marwann Alwes Prank Alxcs Mrtnh Alxlrlrcz Fclclle Amante Irnane Amorsano Niatrhcv. Andcrko Laura Anderson Russ Anclro john Angclo Kam Applcburw jenny Appodara Prank Aragon C arol Aragon 1m Aruaga Berry Armhurst C urr Armlyo Ruharcl Arrtw Vlclcl Arlcms john Aurra lclclrc Bagrolx jeannre Balls Lwle Baker Krm Baker Mary Baker, Ron Baker Susan Banc, Ron Bnronljohn Barqucra, Cabby Barra, Nadine Bass, Helen Barema, Keith Becky Tracy Beflcer, Paul Bee. Ronald Beebc. Parry Bennerr, Tonya Bcnrencls. Karen Bcrnarcljudi Bertrand,,Iohn Berg. Troy Blakely. Susan Blanclino, Bobby Blue, Frecl 158 Freshmen .sb V-or XX Q Xss was 59' 1.- 'N av- S s X lv Xgligs X X XR QR an X fs or s QQ X X fm... M, s-x 5 6- ,M vw..- Rauf! GK' 4-5 -'up Y ..Q. ws. an K if-4' 135 ii 'VX X K xii w- -ew ' . ..,, m ' Wx su. -1,-rl F iv 'K s 'K -ff! -, .X ,ea 5 . ,N ,.e..,. ,,, NX: I, 3 :- : 1:-.5 G S s H -:Wap if Qasssfzessxa : New ISS? vxs. R B me Q X P X is N. -u XX X .. O Q Q iffxiisflfiifi 'SAK if iN we 'Ph-e-..1.... 1 S.. -is Cv -4.1 of 5 ,Q 'lk .u 91. S ei n. 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Coronado, Lorraine Cortes, Irma Cotton, Candy Cox. Geoff Craig. Lori Crowell, Lori Cude, Sheri Dane, Stephen Daniels, Matthew Danohlane Dario, Rowena Damey, Mark Davis, Derek Davis, Larry De Bord, Kathleen Decker, Karen DeCordova, Ricardo DeGroot, Lennie De La Luz, Sergio Dempsey, Torn Dominguez, Kathy Dennis, Ramona Donyeshlulie 172 Sophomores .ev-v -,Q Douville, George Downs, Diana Duby, Robert Dugan, Mike Dullaart, Marga DuVall, Dave Earl, james Eaton, David Eble, Susan Eccles, -Ianeen Echiverri, Dexter Edwards, Robin Eide, Laclell Ellis, Sheri Elsasser, Debbie Enriquez, Danina Ervin,jackie Escobedo, jamie Evans, Cindy Evans, Greg Evans, Lynda Evans, Robert Exe,,Ioe Exline, Tom Falk, Jody Farmer, Terrie Faulkner, Gary Feinhandler, Alan Felski, Ray Felton, Pam Ferdula, Cathy Fernandez, Carlos Finnell, Tim Fitzgerald, Mike Flanagan, Keith Flora, Debbie Flores, Steve Follis, Patty Fontenot, Keith Fordham, Barbara Foster, Bill Foster, Llgyd Foster, Paul Freeman, Danny Funk, Suzy Gaddis,jim Gaines, Greg Gallardo, Elaine Gamo, Amell Sophomores 173 Garcia, David Garcia, Mike Garduno, Debra Garner, Cathy Garner, Robert Gaspard, Michelle Gieck, Chris Goethe, Thomas Goldberg, Richard Gonzales, Lorraine Gonzales, Victor Grando, Mona Gray, Lori Grosflam, jay Guajardo, Lorenzo Gutierrez, Art Gutierrez, Diane Guerrero, Richard Haaswyk, Roy Hall, Shelly Hamersma, Steve Hammond, Bill Hanenburg, Tom Hansen, janet Hanson, Cathy Hanson, Mike Harding, Debbie Harms, Glen Haughton, Dana Hawkins, Mike Heersema, Tracie Helder, Carrie Henry, Vicki Herbst, Lori Heredia, Elvia Hernandez, Annette Hernandez, David Hernandez, Lisa Hernandez, Martha Hernandez, Paul Hernandez, Becky Hernandez, Terri Heustis, Mark Hicks, Yolanda Hilbrands, Bonnie Hill, Bonnie Hoffman, Leonard Hood, Robert Horan, Dave Howard, Sabrina Howe, Donald 174 Sophomores Hubert, Gary Huerta, Frank Huffman, Betty Huizenga, Darrel Hunter, Dianne Hurt, Chris Huston, Lori lcenogle, Darrel Inman, Robert jagkson, Byron Jacobson, Scott jauregui, Ramon jenkins, Debbie jerls, Robert Jimenez, Frank johnson, Eric johnson, Kim johnson, Lorraine johnson, Paul jones, Natalie jones, Trisha Kaltenbaclgjeff Kamper. Karl Karney, Kathy Kcomt,julie Kealy, Diana Keenan, Arclene Kemp, Kathy Kersey. 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Morgan Childress, Robert Cinco, Chris Civitellojoseph Clark, Melinda Clawson, Debbie Clesi, Serrena Contreras, Charlie Corcles, Charles Coriaty, Mike Craig. Matt Crosby, Bridget Crutchfield, Eric Curry. Robert Dailey, Tracy Darney, David Davis. Hazel David, Luann Davis, Tamara Davis, Theresa Dela Cuz. Armando Demooy, Richard Denldarttog. Carol juniors 185 Dennis, Marla D6Silva, Shcarni DcVrics, Robin Dillard, Randy Dixon, Rodney Do Linh, Thi-Kim Do Loan, Thi-Kim Doclcrcll, Tina Dominguczjulic Domkowski, Karen Dorf, -Jurgen Douglas, Cathy Duarte, Elena Dudleyulill Ducck, Randy Dunham, Dennis Duran, Elaine Durhcim, Tom Eccles, Brad Eichbcrg, George Eisman, Paula Eldrcd, Milcc Elkins, Robbie Elsassur, Susan Escamilla. 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Carmen Lehde, Rantly Leon, Steve Libhart,Julie Lira, Steven Long, Bill Looper, Kim I.oParriello, Mario Lopez, Angel Lopez, Marilyn Lopez, Mark Lorico, Gilbert Macbeth, Bruce M1xnnie,Wade Marshall, Pauline Martin, Christy Martinez, Adriana Martinez Diana Martinez,John Marrinev, Kathy 186 Juniors A eggs + t. sn. .fl mi.. i . .gg.g.- tt'tttt'i R - , W eil l 'tt ' s rrr' ' if ,..., K I ,kt ss- . . Q' x is 2 M X, :sk 1 ...... WWA , K xx X Ea ,ly ,X 1 I ,,,,,, , r.a.,o,:..te - X' lliii T' it ,, ,X 3 .Na ..,,.. 1 . t .t 'fs 2 t axi X 1 P' x S Y RQ X Y rx ' ,,,, geazsssseg ,, . :f 'fsffffPfS24f as is W lssx X ss QQ ' QW fins ez ii 5 X 2 L Us x J 9 e S eu " .P - R , K 5 .,, .. X as - ,,,, S ' -z "" 2' f vff?-.1 X a Q ' xii . Q . lil? 3 vs is v as sk ,S l st ' 'vii N X e Q Mg P vb ia 5 5, X S, x elf-r , , . r 12, l X is P ,ta ,t 3' E F to ,,,,s 1 ' - - -X .J i x :Sae- 'Ex M - Naiieffzsfif ' e X ,Q Ni S 5 1. N M x X f Q x x fy A X. 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M.-S.. - 1+ .f 'B -N Z , X tl . - ,Q 5. x- gi Q- 5' A + . .- Jef , x a 5 XE I 'N Q., .29 ,f 2 Roscnblatt, Denise Rotarius, Dave Ruiz, Ramiro Salazar. Toby Sales. Carlos San Agustin, Tony Sanchez, Sergio Sanchez. Terry Sandoval, BillY Santcllan, lsmacl Saria. Bob Saria. Robin Saunders, Chris Schaap, Rudolf Schaefer. Debbie Sthafcr. Martin Schlcit huloacph Sthmaltz. Ronald Schmidt. Rita Sahocman. Lynn Schrocdcr. Pat Schultz,-lody Schumpcrt, Bill Scott. Steve Sccrdama. Marie Shimomura, Joann Shiroma, Miclccy Shishido, Nadine Shocmakc. Kathy Shumakcr, Evelyn Sihric, Denise Rorncrtx, Tcrcsa Roncy. Cheri Roscnhaucr, Marty juniors 189 Simonelgjodi Skogen, Steve Smith, Brian Smith, Cherise Smith, Cynthia Smith, Ernie Smith, Russell Smith,james Solorzano, Silvester South, Bonnie Spangler, Yvonne Spano, Diane Spargo, Leroy Spiker, Ricky St. Ann,'Iohn Stark, Carrie Steimer, Debbie Stillwagon, Ross Streets, Deidra Stuifzand, Irene Sumpter,,Ioe Sun,-Ierry Suyenaga, Gregg Tafoya, Eddie Tanner, Cindy Tapia, Delia Taylor, Kevin Taylor, Mike Taylor, Neal Tebbutt, Tori Terrell, Sandra Thiele, Ginger Thomas, Chris Thomas, Kelly Thompson, Broderick Thompson, Floyd Thompson, Shane Thompson, Sonny Tinney, Murrel Torrez, Ron Trigeros, Anna Tudtieng, Napaporn Turelt, Bobby Tynan, Patty Ulmasao, Folole Uva, Terri Vaca, Eddie Valle, Alberto 190 juniors -...4 .........,.,......i1..... M ,. . , 4 Mx? .57 ' se.- X l' as 'S 'xl-W' :ries-efsee---z. . . :.f1:s1a,szf: i sg, 4 Q Q' 5' it s FY' i as fi. 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It was a very important year because it will never happen again. U. X ,YLQQQ , ' f 1.nwwf x , , g.Jid,E,,j ' K' L. XA 5 I M5 by Ti. . X,....,. W f f,-an g X X 3 ,,-W, A X n.1K.,.k K , :sr A 5' i- ff , . ww .V - up . FW, E g ni 5 Q f W va J' in, ii' Did you know him? Did you know her? Together they made the total effect of Gahr. M1 -4 x ui 5-. , ,.,. ,Q yn Ching' i Vt. .Q . lnvi-.M As We Move on and Time Cfrovvs Less We Look Ahead With Happiness fix' Kyo? oi 3 Aki?fg!O!ig !aiUS X 96? I iiiiii, JL... Gif if 202 Graduates fi .Q co 5 of Change nd the vv HFS HS tio GC dir QUT differ I T1 lm 3 'l.v,,fa ' Qu ,, M A V GRADUATES Graduates Russell Aaker Marie Abernathy jay Adamson Diane Aguirre Veronica Agundez William Alford Susan Allain Karen Allart Victor Allen jimmy Allison Diane Alramirano Laura Alrrock Rosa Alvarenga Elizabeth Alvidrez Alan Ankenbauer 204 Graduates Cynthia Arao Yvette Arhiso Cipriano Armijo Diane Arredondo Gary Ash jennifer Austin .Joyce Avery Richard Ayala john Bagioli William Ball Anita Barboni Agnes Bautista Chester Beatty Frederick Becker Janice Bell Russell Bennett Linda Bennici Vanitha Bhupathy Crystel Biddle Vickie Black Richard Blackwood Graduates 705 Kerri Blank Linda Bonerti Steven Borich Dawn Bouwman Susan Boyle Rodrick Brandon jennifer Brimley Mark Broomall Patrice Bryant Debra Bullchild Alex Burns Karen Burrows Lauren Burtis Crislene Burton Michael Butt Cathi Byrd Debra Byrd Terri Byrd Sylvia Cabada Cynthia Cagle Terri Campanale Alice Campos Rebecca Cantu Stephanie Carlson Tammi Carter Linda Casarez Lisa Casarez Ernie Castro Timothy Cauley Lisa Cervantes 206 Graduates XX .trim 1' ta W it AQ Diane Chance james Cliessliire ,lun Clawson Arcndio Clement Jocelyn Cobarrulvigi Cencly Cogbill Nancy Collings Steven Collins Terri Collins Willirlm Cook Carolyn Cox Lucy Cox Steven Coyne Dawn Crenvnlle Bob Crissman Ruth Cruz Darrell Cullen Lisa Curiel Grlclultcs O Pamela Curiel David Curry Vernon D'orazio Paul Daniels Steven Deboer Roy de Groot Duwayne Decker Bonnie Deets Lori Ann Dempsey joe Dillard Theodore Domkowski Randall Downs Michael Dullarr Tammera Durbin 208 Graduates john Earl Mary Lou Fchiverri Steven Fhrhorn Russell Fide Wencly' Elder Francine Iincinas Priscilla Estrada Kathy Evans Bruce Everett Ian Fallis Michael Fanning Rosemary Farkas Gary Felien james Felton Robert Flora Lori Floyd Norman Ford Karen Franklin Graduates 209 1 1 ".f,.QQ2 r r , ..2:S,?f' 1 xi E W W 2 V nf- X , gg?-iwfn " ' ff",::5WE:ii:.E 'EEK ,y'xdIQ. 1 ,,,,, '5??::M4!e-- , Aww Eggmgg W H , u p Q1 1 .,ff .,, ug inf 4mwu gaff Mmm? ,i UM H mix XM . Q WWnew J'i:3l'R:""' : 'T' , x ,,,::::": , . 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I, ,.: 5 - ,fra :wg . ...-. L-M - ,Q : . A Stanley Whtson ,lon Watt Cheryl Webster! Rhonda W'eingi1nd Steve VUelldaum Gustuvgi Wells Richard Wells Lonnie Wentz Richard White Elisa Haro Charles Williston Pamela Wilson Timothy Wilson Michael Woods Victor Poitier XX'ally XX'7Ol'ljl Stirling Yeziflan Lila Yettuw Frank Zimprich Ingrid Poole Ann Santos Grziduritts 225 s . s-' '. is 5 5,9 .x Q. 5 K ...Q ,1lQf'-2 " . , ...1 1 I up Y y my .Mn W .,, Q Aguilar, Vlrgillo B, Y 158 Aaker, Russell Y 41, 204 Abel. Debra A, Y 158, 76 Abernathy, Marie Y 26, 28, 204,128 Ahston. Brenda Y 170 Aceves.-Jesse G Acheson. Angela Tracy Y 182 Acosta.jcsus Manuel Y 170 Acosta, Ligia M. Y 158, 182 Acosta, Mario Y 170, 78 Atosra, Mickey A. Y 170 Atosta, Omar Atosta. Patricia A. Atosta. Veronica Y 158 Arbiso, Yvetta Y Z05 Arduino, Melody Y 20, 182, 76 A1-duino, Robin Y 20, 182, 120 Argueta, Richard Ariss, Carlos Y 170 Arise, Raiik Jr. Y 182 Adams, Karen Y 176 Adams, Mike Y 155 Atlamson,jay l.. Y 204, 202. 119 Atlamsonulcifrey Y 104 Adkison, Floyd W. Y 158 Agamata, Carlos j. Y 170 n,1an1ara,,lohn ti, Y n, 1:12 Aguayo, Tony Y 182 Aguilar, lrene Clementia Y 158, 76 Agullar,,l0celyn Blanco Y 182 Arizaga, Betty Y 158 Armbrust. Curtjuergen Y 158 Armiio, Angela L. Armiio, Arthur Y 146, 107 Armiio, Cipriano Alfonso Y 14, 15, Armiio. Richard Y 158 Armiio. Rita Marie Arnold, Timothy Wayne Y 170 Arnold-Bik, Esther Y 170, 72, 120 Arns, Michael Kent Arredondo, Diana Y 205 Arrey. Cheri L. Y 170 Arrey. Vittoria Y 158 67, 68, 69, 1 Arriola, Dennis Y 4, M, a Artechi, laur Arthur, Robert Y 24, 70 Ash. Gary W. Y 205 Asci, Batrian Y 182 Aguirre, Daniel H Y 24, 170, 19. 55, 122 Aguirre, Diana Marie Y 24, Aguirre, Loan Y114,11s Agundez, Susan C. Y 182, l 204,144, 243.122 15 Agundez, Veronlta Y 115, 204 Al1una,Pattijean Y 182. vo, 941, 99 Allurli, V2l!l'l2 Y l l l Albert. Marayjean Y 24. 17 Albert, Mary ,lo Y 24, 70 0 Albertlni. Rick M. Y 158, 189, 92 Altala. Emilia C Y182. 115 Alford, William John Y 204 Ball.john Steven Y 170 Alla1n,1.inda Darlene Y 182, 115 Alla1n.S usanY204,115 Allart, Karen Lynn Y 26. 204 Allen, David L Y 170 AtkinS,john Y 158 Auria, EddieY 158 Austin,jenny Sue Y 140. 205, 202 Avery,,Ioyce Patry Y 205 Avldrts. Liz Y115 Avila, Liliana Ayala, Annro v Y 205 Index 204 70, 127 Ayala, Randy Randall Y 1112, is, 120 Ayala, Richard Y is Ayala, Stephen Bruce Y 170, 115, 81 Azlin, Cathleen Elaine Y 182 Baca,jerry Baeza, David Paul Y 170 Bagloll, Eugenia Espinosa Y 1511, 76 Bagloll, Isabel E, Y 170 Bagtoli,-john Esplnosa Y 75, 205, 22 Bagley. Timothy Edward Y 170, 191 Barley, Barbara Y 10. 182 Balls, Lyle E. Y 158 Allen,-lonette Lynn Y Z4,182,117.118 Allen. Mark Roger Y 182 Allen, Vanessa Marie Y 1511 Allen, Vittor Morgan Y 204 rsllrthnullrnnny Shawn Y 204 Alonso, Anna T Y 170, 51 Alonso, Ricardo- 158 Alnrnrranri, Dehhre Y1m,142.199 Altamirano. Diane Y 13. 204, 199. 128 Altrotk, Laura Diane Y 204, 219 Alvano. Corazon G Y 182, 76, 98, 99 Alvano, Manuel G Y 158 Alvarado, Angela M. Y 24 Alvarado, Belinda Y 158 Alvarado. Nelly Y 158 Alvarenga, Rosa 1 Y 204 Alvare1. Marla Y 182 Alvarez. Laura Y 158 Alvarez, Mary Ann Y 1511. 70. 19750, og Alves. Frankie Y 158 Alyoulolrnny Y 182 A lves. ,lt 1sc l. Alves. Mitchell Anthony Y 158 Alvldrez, Edward B Y 158 Alvltlrev, Elizabeth Y 204 Amante. lel ,lane Claire Y 158 Baker, F ranklin Dean Y 182 Balrer,Jhn Christian Y 158 Baker, Kimberly Kay Y 158 Baker, L isaY182 Baker, Mary E Y158,123 Baker, Nora jean Y 1112, 164, os Baker, Ronald Y 158 Baker, Susan M Y 114, 158 Baker, Toni - 76 Baker, Wendy Lee Baldonado, Eddie Guerrero Y 170 Baldonado, Thomas G. Y 170 Baldwin Baldwin , Robert 1-ierrnon Jr. Y 182 .Williamjames Y 170 Ball. William L,jr Y 205 Banas, Andrewjohn Y 182 Bane, Ronald L Y 118, 158 Baquier, Baquiet, Aracely Y 1112, 115 Arcelia M. Y 182, 115 Barboni, Anita May Y 205 Barcelos. Aida Barela, Gloria Ann Y 52, 27.12.13. Amaml, GregotyM1thaelY182 Amorasano. Matthew Amoros1lnr1.Marthew'l Y 158 Anarnl. Peggy Y 142 Ahtltrko. l.au1'.l Y 158. 164 Anderlro, Mrtllelle Y 17. 19. 170, 258. 194 Anderson, Russell S Y 158 Anrlennn. Shelly Kay Y 1r12 Antlrake. Catlirlnc Louise Y 170 Andres, Fermln Y 170 Andrews, Tammy Andro,,lohn R Y 158 Angelo, Kara l.ynn Y 158 Anltcnbauer, Alan David Y 204 Ankenbauer. Denise-lean Y 170 Applebury,jenny I.. Y 158. 71. 72. 120 Appodaca, Frank Y 158 Aragon. carol Y 158 Aragon..lames A, Y 158. 170 Aragon, Martha R, Ar:1kawa,,I0y - 182 Arao, tiynrhra Louise Y 205 Arao, Perl Anne Y 170 Barnes, Theora Y 142 Baroni,john August Y 158, 197 Barquera, Gabrielle T. Y 158, 120 Barquera, Richard Larry Y 170 Barra. Cynthia Y 182, 76 Barra. Evelyn Barra,Nad1ne Y 115. 1511 Bartholomewulay Allan Y Bass, Helen Y 158 Batema. Keith A Y 158 Bates, Ronny Lester Y 182, Baty. Deanna Lynn lzanghrnan, Kelly Y 24.22, 182 146 182, 76, Baughman, Steve Clifton Y 170 Bautista. Agnes G. Y 205 Bay, David Bazaure. Melissa M. Y 170, Beal.CherylY15O,151 Beall,jannine N, Y 170 Beatty, Chester Allan Y 14, 84,155,237 Beck, Tracy S Ylsf-1,123 74. 100, 12. 15, 3 2 182. 76 124 101 8, 205, Z16,157. Becker, Frederick A, Y 4, 66, 205, 69. 67 Becker, Paul M, Y 158 Beckett, Ginger Y 182 Beeksforr, Brian Y 182 Bee, Ronald W. Y 158 Beebe. Patricia L. Y 15s Beetler. Cynthia M. Begakis, Peter Nick Y 182 Behrends, Karla Michelle Y 158 Behrends, Kent Anthony Y 170 Belile, Glen Allen Y 214 Bell,-Ianice Y 205 Benavides, David Y 170 Bragg, Lindajean Y 182 , Braggs, Raymond Y 159 Brandley,julie A. Y 24, 118 Brandon, Deborah Y 182 Brandon, Gregory Y 171 Brar1d0n, Rodrick Y 6, 206, 84, S5 Brandt. Richard L Y 159 Brannigan,-jamie Patricia Y 171 Branscomb, Robert E. ll Y 159 Braun, Donald Timothy Bremer, Alicia A. Y 159 Brcuer, Wanda L. Brey, Lisa A, Y 24, 125 Benet, Rochelle Ann Bennett, Frank johnny Y 170 Bennett, Russell E. Y 205 Bennett, Tonya W. Y 158, 70 Bennici, Linda Ann Y 205 Bensley, Everrett Bensley, Russell john Y 170 Benudiz, Ronald Y 170 Berardi, Robert F. Y 170, 81 Berg, Troy Y 158 Berg, Troy Lee Bergeron, Tom Y 144 Bergman, Ed C. Y 170 Bergman, Estelle Kimi Y 20, 170 Bergquist, Stewart Y 170 Bcrnatd,judi L. Y 158 Bertrand,john Emery Y 158 Bettencourt, Michael j. Y 170 Betzel, Tanya Lynn Bhupathy, Vanitha Y 205 Biddle,Cryste1 D. Y 205, 115 Bishop. Blaise M. Bishop, Michelle Lisa Y 170, 118 Bissonette, Del Y 146 Bicrke. Della Christine Y 24.182, 76, 125 Black, Carol Y 138 Black. Vickie LCC Y 205 Blackwood,jacquieY 170, 118 Blackwood, Richard C. Y 205 Blahn1k.John Y 158. 170 Blaize, Carolyn Theresa Y 182 Blakely, Susan M Y 158 Blandino, Bobby A. Y 158, 107 Blank. Kerri Ann Y 206 Blankenship, Kim I. Y 182 Blevins. Twendolyn G. Y 170 Blue, Fred Y 158. 94 Blythe. Kenny Bockius. Deanna Kal Y 170, 51 Bockius, Debrajan Y 170, 51, 125 Bodon, Frank R Y 182 Bodon, Lucille Y 170 Bodon, Rachel A, Bohren, Andrea Y 141 Bolander lIl,james leo Y 170, 68,104 Bolcs, Tammie Y 159 Brimleynlennifer jane Y 206 Birzuel a, Valarie Y 27, 28, 29, 76, 45 Bromley. Melody Brooks, Tommy Fl. Y 171 Broomall, Mark Y 206 Brown, Adrain Gay Y 171 Brown, Darren C. Brown, Darryl D. Y 14 Brown, Edward Y 171 Brownhlaymie S Y 159, 74 Brown. Michael lanids Y 171 Brown, Susan A, Y 171 Brown, Tanya Lea Y 159, 116 Bmhns, Steve Y 148 Brunk.,lc1anne Louise Y 24. 171 Brunso Bryant, n, Lora Kay Y 159, 76 Patrice Y 206. 123 Buch, Michael Gerard Y 182 Buchanan, Carole Rose Y 182 Buchananjames R, Y 171 Buchanan, Karen Marie Y 159 Buchanan, Loren D. Buchanan, lfori A. Y 159, 142 Bolton, Michael Edward Y 170 Bonetti, Dlvid Frank Bonetti, Lynda Marie Y 206 Bonner, David Y 154, 89 Bonnecjames D 111 Bonner. Regina R Y 182, 115 Boozer, Charles Kevin Y 171 Boozer, Elizabeth K. Y 182 Borich, Steven Edward Y 149. 206, 199 Bosch, Karen-I. Y 20. 171 Boshalt, Clinton R, Y 159 Boshak, Crystal Renee Y 182 Bothell, Daryl A. Bottema,jeffery Lee Y 182 Bouwman, Dawn Larae Y 27. 29,12,13,17,l9. 41 206, 157 Bowerman, Dewey R Ill Y 171 BOW11'121'1, David A. Y 59,171.51 49, 51,122,123 Bowmamjeffrey Y 159 Bowman, Kirk Charles Y 182, 37, 120 Buckner, Carey Lynn Y 171 Buford,-Jacqueline M. Y 27, 171 Bullchlld. Debra Y 206 Bunting, Colin Y 159 Burbridge, Genea Y 159 Burchell, Wade C, Y 159 Burdick, Stacy Allison Y 159 Burgess, Susan Lee- 183, 123 Burgueno, Patsy Y 171. 115 Burin, Mariana Burleson, Cindy Lee Y 183, 76 Burleson, Debra Anne Y 159 Burmelster, Charles Carl Burmetster, Drew A. Y 159 Burns, Alex E. Y 206 Burns, Marsella Dane Y 159 Burns, Martin joseph Y 171 Burns, Stephanie l.1e1moniY 159,76 Burns, Thomas Alan Y 14, 183, 184 Burrow, lsaac Burrows, Karen Suzanne Y 206 Burtis, Lauren Ann Y 206 Burton, Crislene Ann Y 24, 206. 144, 24 Busbyulerry Donald Y 183 Buse, Edward Leonard Y 171, 80, 78. Bustamante, Oscar Thomas Y 183, 8 Butler, Bernadette Butler. Harriet M Y 171 Butler, Ronald Y 183 Burt, Michael D Y 18. 206 Byers, Scott Allan Byers, Steve Y Z4 Bynum, Chris Y 159 Bynum, Deni Kay - 27, 129, 183. 76 Byrd, Cathy Y 27, 29. 5, 12.206, 196 Byrd, Debra Kay Y 206 Byrd, Terri Denise Y 20. 206 Cabadmjose Alfredo- 14, 183 Cabada, Sylvia Y 74, 206 Cabrera, Cesar Y 171 tingle, Cynthia Jo Y 206 Calhoun, Michael- 159 Boyd, Georgianna Y 158. 144 Boyd, Randee Y 150 Boyle. Mark C Y 159, 131 Camargo, Cora Y 159 Camargo,Virg1nia Y lf-11 Cammiso,.lim P Y 159 Boyle, Susan Adele Y 206 Braty, Michelle A. Bracy, Robin S. Y 182 Bradberry, Dawn Carol Bradley, Lisawl. Y 159 Brady, james-Joseph Brady, Patrick Campanaleulefi Y 171 Campanale, Terri Ann Y 206 Campos, Alice Y 74. 206 Campos, Efren V. Y 159 Campos, Erma P. Y 183 Campos, Ernest P Y 183. 89 Campos, Lorena v. Y las w Cline, Brenda J. A 160 Canavelloulcfl A 143 Candelar ia, Roland Albert A 171 Cano, Maria Guadalupe A 159 Cantu, Diana Mae A 159 Cantu,julie A. A 159 Cantu, Ralph A 183 Cantu, Rebecca Lynn A 206, 51, 122, 123 Capote, Eide Caravco, Linda A 143,115 Cardenas, Maria A 183 Cardenas, Raul A 159 Cardenas, Rosa E. Cardenas, Saul A 159 Carlson, Ronald Arthur A 14,183 Carlson, Sarah jean A 183. 187, 76 Carlson, Stephaniejane A 74, 183, 206 Eisman, Paula S. A184,160 De La Luz, Armando Nelson A 183 Carlson, Virginia A 145 Carlstrom,jane D. A 24, 171 Carlstrom, Scott Harold A 14, 183, 194 Carman, Lauri Ann A 159, 198 Carmichael, Elizabeth L. A 159 Carpenter, Catherine P. A 183 Carpentier, Michael P. A 183 Carr, Kimberly A 183 Carr, Paula A. A 71, 74, 119 Carr. Paula Ann A 171, loo, 101 Carrier, Daniel Christian A 14, 183, 38 Carrillo, Deborah Ann A 24,183,125 Carrillo, Lisa Marie A 171 Carrillo, Raymond V. A 159 Cicco, Laura Cinco, Alan M. A 160, 39. 51,123 Cio1alo,joseph A 172 Civitello,joseph Anthony A 183 Clardy, Darvin Lee- 172 Clark, Daniel G. A 160 Clark, Darryl Lamont A 160 Clark, Melinda Ann A 183 Clawson, Debra Ann A 183, 76 Clawsomjan Marie A 38, 207 Clement, Arcadio Anibal A 207, 118 Clesi, Serrena Marie A 183 Clipper, Robin A 136 Clisby, Maria A133,143 Cobarrubia,jocelyn T. A 24, 41, 207 Cobb, Sam A 115 Coelho, ltene Lourenco Coelho. Larry L. A 181 Cogbill, Cendy Gene A 74, 207 ,Z12,144,148 Colacecchi,-lane Helen A 24, 160, 48 Coleman, Kenny L. Coles, Corazon G. A 160 Coles, Debbie A 172, 76 Coleto, Ann H. Coleto, Coleto, Coll ier, Collie r, Dennis E. Lilibeth Greg A 160 William H. Collings, Nancy E. A 207 Carter, Larry C. Carter, Ray G. A 116, 159 Carter. Tammy jo A 24, 206, Carvalho, Lidia Carsor1,,lane - 183, 171 Casarez, Linda A 206 Casarez, Lisa Dolores A 206 Casso, Adele A 146 Castaneda, Rebecca C, A 171 Castaneda, Sally Ann A 159 Castanos, Elizabeth M. Castanosuloanne M. A 171 Castanos, Yvonne M. A 183 Castillo, Mary A 183 Castillo, Phillip G. A 159 Castorina, Cathy Ann A 171 Castorina, Lisa A 183 Castrellon, Dan A 144 Castro, Ernie A 14, 12, 78, 206, 211, 79 Castro, Mario E. A 14, 183 202,144, 125, 243 Castro, Mario Humberto Castr1:rLarios, Alejandro CasttoLarios. Ricardo A 171, 140 Catacutan,Gl1zelda A 159 Cauley, Timothy Michael A 206 Cavender, Cindy A 183 Cavcnder, Stephanie A 159 Ceballos, Gloria L, A 159, 115 CebalIos,juanjose D, Cella, Ken R, A 171 Celmer, Mary Lynn A 183, 118 Cervantes, Arturo A 183 Cervantes,juan A 159 Cervantes, Lisa G. A 206 Cervantes, Lorraine Marie A 159 Chadwick, john A 134 Chaffee, BruceA 146 Chambers, Tracey jo A 159 Chance, Dean G. A 24, 159 Chance, Diane Elizabeth A Z07 Chang, Karen L, A 159. 76 Chang, Liane A 117 Chang, Sandra 1.ynn A 183, 73, 76. 72, 127,117,119 Chapman, April L. A 171, 118 Chapman, William Charles A 171, 101 Chatreau, Dorothy A 17, 19, 157, 160, 168, 76, 157 Chatreau, Michael William A 171 Chavez, Micheal A 171, 122, 125 Chavez, Monica L. A 159 Chavez, Ray A 171 Chavez, Ronald A 172 Chavez, Sandra E. A 159, 115 Chen, Irene Ya-Lin A 160 Chen, Morgan A 183 Chesshireulames M. A 7, 207, 223 Chesterman, Ar! A 144 Chiechi.Joanne A 160, 116 Childress, Robert Darrell A 183, 200 Childress, Susan L, A 33, 172, 61 Chinchon, Patrica G A 70, 172 Chiutakis, Nick E. A 160 Christensen, lee Mark Christina, julie A 172 Ciarletla,-lan A 160, 76 Ciarletta,jay W. Cicco, Chris A 183 Cicco, Mia A160 Collins, Neckol A. A 160 Collins, Stevej. A 207 Collins, Terri A 207 Colon, Glenn F. A 160 Compton, Sherri L. A 160 Concl-ielos, Rita A 134 Condatore, Mike A 160, 107 Conn, Brian K, A 172 Connard, Rhonda Rance Connell, Steven L. A 172 Contreras, Charles David A 183 Cook, Billy T. A 207 Cook, Melodie A. A 160 Cooke, Elizabeth Aileen A 172 Coon,john Patrick A 172, 104 Coon, Stephanie MarieA 160 Cooperhjeffrey S, - 160 Copenhaver, Cindy Copenhaver, Mike Cordaro, Daniel john A 172 Cordeiro, Cheryl A, A 160 Cordeiro, Maria Cordes, Charles A 183, 35, 51, 122, 1 Cordi, Angela Marie A 41,18 Cordi, Michael A. Coriaty, Michael A 183, 128 Cornelious, Cathy A 172 Cornelius, Ken A 172 Corona, Florence M. A 172 Coronado, Lorraine A 172 Coronado, Rachel A 160, 115 Cortes, Irma R. A 172 Cossette, Ruth Marie Costa, Antonio C. A 160 Costa, Frank j. Costello, Sharon K. Cora, Manuelj, Cotren, Candese Marie A 32, 172 Cox, Carolyn A 207 Cox, Geoff A 172 Cox, Lucy Helen A 207, 136, 118 Coyle, Carla M. A 160 23 Coyne, Stephen A s, zo7, 157, 48. 49, 31, 47, 122 Craig, Craig L. A 160 Craig, Lori Loc A 172 Craig, Matthew Wayne A 14, 183 Creavalle, Dawn E A 207, 51, 123 Crissman, Bob A 14, 207, 196 Crosby, Bridget Pearl A 183, 76, 115 Crosby, Darryl Crowell, Fred L. A 160 Crowell, laori lace A 172 Crugo, Carol A 115 Crutchfield, Eric Ray A 183, 198 Cruzulessejoc A 160 Cruz, Ruth F, A 207 Cude, Sheryl Lynn A 20, 172, 117 Cuevas, Guadalupe A 160 Cullen, Darrell Frank A 207 Cummings, Frances A 136 Cummings, Kimberly A,A160, 100 Curicl, Lisa Ann A 84, 207,115 Curiel, Pamelajean A 208 Currlin, Blanca M. A 160 Curry, David Brian A zos Curry, Robert Allan A 183 Curtis, Dawna Lynn Cziraki. Linda A 143 D Orazio, Vernon Ray A 14, 208, 197 Dailey, Tracy A 183 Damron, Louise A 138 Dane, Stephen A 172 Da Rosa, Thomas B. Daniels, Matthew S. A 172 Daniels, Paul Gerard A 13, zos Dano,jane A, A 172 Dargo, Susan M. Dario, Rowena S. A 72, 114 Darney, David Andrew A 183 Darney, Thomas M. A 172 Davis, Clifford E. A 160 Davis, Derek Wade A 172 Davis, Dolly K. A 160, 76 Davis, Hazelslzouise A iss. 76 Davis,joanne A 143 Davis, Larry A 172 Davis, Luann A 183 1 Davis, Tamara Dionne A 183, 142 Davis, Theresa j. A 183 Davison, Sheri 1,, A 160 Davison, Tina R. A 160 De Boer, Steven Eric A 208 De Bord, Kathleen Marie A 172 De Cordova, Ricardo M, A 172 De Groot, Lenniej. A 172 De Groot, Roy Alexander A 208, 157, 66, 68, 69, 67 De La Luz, Sergio M, A 172 De La Luz, Theresa A 160 De La Rosa, Albert De Mooy, Denise A160 De Mooy, Richard V. A 183 Dcnhartog, Carol A 183 De Vries,john,lacob De Vries, Robin Ruth De Vries, Ronda A 76 Deaville, Michellej. Decker, Du Wayne Douglas A 14, 15, 18, 208 Decker, Karen louise A 172, 148, 64, 63 Deets, Bonnie A 208 Dempsey, Lori A, A 208 Dempsey, Thomas Wayne A 172. 96 Den Hartog, Howard Wesley Dennis, Marla A 184 Dennis, Ramona Lois A 171 Dennis, Terry W. A 160 Densham, Gary- 148 Derwi n, Nadine L. A 160 Desilva, Sheami Marise A 184 Devries, Robin A 184 Devries, Ronda A 160 Di Ge rolamo, Francis Dickerhoof, Reed A, A 160 Didier, Michael Raymond Diemel, Pat A 136 Dil1ard,joe Patrick A 149, 208, 200 Dillard, Randy A 184 Diponti. Laura M. A 160, 76 Dixon, Kevin C. Dixon, Rodney Stewart A 184 Dizon, Ramon Viana Do Linh, Thi-Kim A 184 Do Loan, Thi-Kim A 184 Dobucki, William Anthony Docanto, Paul Dockrcll, Melvin W. A 160 Doekrell, Tina A 184 Dominguez, Andrew Franlrli A loo Dominguez, David n.A1oo Dominguezhlulia M. A 184, 41, 77, 76 Dominguez, Kathy L. A 172 Dominski.judy Lynn A 24.160 Dornkowslrr, Karen Lynn A zo, 184 Domkowski, Sandrajean A 160 Domkowski, Ted A 208 Donahue, Joyce A 150 Donyeshlulie Ann janetta A 172 Dorame, Elena T. Dorrulurgcn A 184, 78 Doty. Belurae Douglas. Cathy Marie A 184, 76 Douyallc, George A A171 Down Down s, Diana Ranee A 173 s, Randall David A 208 Dragonerti, Sharon A 143 Drake, Michael Harry A 160 Du Vall, David Brent Duarte. Billy D. A 160 Duarte, Elena A 20, 184, 186 Duarte, joseph M. Duarte, William D. Duhy, Robert L, A 173, 104 Dudley,JillReneA14,184.123 Dueck, Randy Wade A 24, 184 Dueck, Wayne L, A 24. 160 Dugan, Michael Edward A 173 Dullaart, Frederick 1.. A lrio. 130 Dullaarr, Marga A 173, 118 Dullaart, Michael A 208 Dummcr, Sharon Lynne A 24, 160 Duncan, Russell Dunham, Dennis Darral A 184 Duran, Don A 133 Duran, Elaine A 115, 184 Duran.,lamcs Vincent A 160 Durbin, Tammera Kay A 208 Durheim, Thomas Charles A is-14 Duvall, Dave A 173 Earl, James D A 173 Earl,jol1n Richard A 134, 209 Eaton, David 1., A 173 Eblc, Susan Mary A 173, 72 Eccles, Brad EugeneA 184 Eccles,janeen Rance A 24, 173 Echiverri, Dextetjessie A 173, 114, 122, 123 Echiverri, Mai-ylou A 20, 209, 122 Edwards, Robin A 173, 74 Ehrhorn, Steven Louis A 209 Eichberg, George Philip A 184 Eide, ladell Thomas A 173 Eide, Russell Lee A 209 Eide. Ryan Dean A 160 Elder, Wendy E. A 209 Eldred, Michael Lee A 184 Elkins, Robin Marie A 184 Ellis, Sheri A 173 Elsasser, Debbie A 173 Elsasser, Susan Marie A 184 Encinas, Francis A 209 Enriquez. Danina Almas A 173 Ernst, julie Claudette Er-,i1n.jirlr1o l., A 175, 51 Escamllla, Amparo A 184 Escamilla, Maria Escobedo, Ernesto Escobetlojalme A 173 Esperasulon A 184 lasroyrsjorry Ritnarrl A 160 Enrarla, Priscilla Hope A zo, 141, z Evans, Cynthia A. A173 Evans, Gregory A A 173 Evans,John A. A 160 Evans, Kathy M. A 209 Evans, Lyndaj. A 24,173,125 Evans, Michael David A 120 Evans, Robert A. A 173 Everett, Brute Wayne A 149. 209 Everett, Carleen A 160 Exe, joe G A 173 Exline, Kenneth Exline, Tommy K, A 173 Fagundes, Tony Falk, Amy B. A 161 Falkulodi N A171181 Fallis, lan Lloyd A 209, 157, 66, 68. Fang, Ann E, Fanning, Michael 1. A 209 Farfan, Dorene A 184 Farkas, Rosemary A 209 Firlry, Kimberly Dawn A 161 Farmer. Lori Lynncttc A 184 Farmer, Terrie M, A 173, 198 Farrell, Dan A 161 Faulkner, Alan M A18-4,190,197 Faulkner, Gary Edward A 173 Fay, Dennis Hershel 11A 161 Feinhanrllcr, Alan A 173 Feldman, Dawn G. Feleciano, Nerneslo 09. 128 69.127,67,l17 Fel1cn,Gary A 24, Z09.144. 243,120 Felien.,Ienni1erl.ynn A 184. 48 Feliz, Hella Fclski, Ray Gordonvlr. A 24, 173 Feltman. Gail A 136 Feltonjames Everett A 209, 202 Felton, Pamela Sue A 173, 60, 61 Fentlerson. Marvin A 184 Ferdula, Cathy M, A 24, 175. 75 Fertlula, Marie A 136 lfrrguson, Kelly Ferguson, Kevin W. A 161 Ferguson, Val A 161, 92 Fernandes, Carlos Henry A 173 Fernandez, Freddie A 161 Fernandez, Randy Ferns, Doug Ferns, Kelli Ferreira, Adelina Ferreira, john 0Yd, Hiddleson, Kim Marie - 2 ields. Candy Yvonne A 1114. 200 ife. Lou - 136 ife. Stacie Lynn A 26, 52, 184 igal. Gerald A 81. 161 ilipcic Gregory J. A 161 innell. Robin Eugene A 161 innell, Timothy Russell A 173. 68 isher, Danny A 161 isher, Elizabeth A. A 161 itzgerald, Mike Alan - 175 irzgerald, Steven E. A 161 Ianagan. Keith Edward - 173 lora. kara, ora, Charles Christian A 114 Deborah Ann A 175. 116, 1 Robert Andrew A 209, 114 ores, Frank javter A 14 lores, Laura A 161 ores. Rosemary A 115 ores. Steven R. A 173 Lon L. A 209 14.125 xllis, Patty jo A 30, 175, 202 interior. Keith R. A 173 Htl. Everett A 184, 198,115 ard. Norman E. A 209. 115 ardham, Barbara -A 173 rrdham, Todd A 161 lrdyee, Patti xrtncr. Dana Cherie ister, Bill A 173 vster. Lloyd A 173 ister, Paul - 175 lwler. Andrea F A 161, 76 awler. Angie A 115 iwlcr. Linda Charlotte A 5, 184 anltlin. Karen Louise A 209 alier. Terresa M A 210 edrit ks. Ronald P eeman. Donald Edward A 161 reman. Saundra eeman.Wy1l1fD A 173 eef,j0nathan P. A 161 aincs. Gregory D. A 171 Graff. Sandra Lynn A 185 isclt Debra Ann A 161 ohotlt. Dale Allen A 1111 ywendy. Gail lgratl. Salvador Capule liimoto, Norman - 147, I14 lller. Dimitri A 161 1l1l:r. Ramona A 184 iller. Regenia A 210 inaro. Mary M, A 210 inlt, Suzanne Elizabeth A 173 addis.j1m A 175 allardo. Elaine A 171.120 allarelrnjiihn Michael A 19.210 allardo. Mark Anthony A 184 allilio. Bemie-john A14,1!14.104 al1oway.jana L. a11oway.jrihn A 2111. 157116.67 alvan. Anthony Saiz A 161 amo. Arnell Marasigan A 175 ann. Shelly A 1014 utia, Adao art ia. Alexander A 184 mia. Carlos -115,161. 96 mia, Carlos Mike A 184, 96 irtla. Catherine Mary A 184 1rcia,D1tvidjr A 174. 117 irria, Davis A 161 mia, Dell.1A184.l17,1l9 lrcia. limma E. 1 rtia. Fernando A. ircia. julie Suzanne 1rt1a.lanu1e Henry A161 ,rt1a. Maria lourdes A 210, 117. rua, Martha - 161,106 rcia. Martin P -161.1I7.114 rua. Michael A. A 24, 174 rtla. Mlgucl A. rua. Mona M rtia.Nyrl1a Esther A 511,210.51 reia. Olga rtia. Ruby A 184 rcia. Theodore Kale A 210 rdca.1.arry 5. A 161 nlca. Rene li A 210 rtluno. Debra-J. A 154. 174 rduno. Marla I.. A 210 frdurm, Sheila Rmev: A 210, 43 rdu 1111, Tina A 1144.154 mer. C.1thy l,ynn A 174 rncr. Mary l.. A IM. 1211 mer. Rohcrt A 174 rncr. Shun 1. rrut 1.Val Allen A lN4.8l. 115 rrwin. Pat A 117 Gaughan. Richard Allen - 184 Gayou. Nathalie Margaret A 210, 127 Geigernleff A 210 Gerardjeanne A 142 Gerry, Christine Marie Gibson, Marvin A 184.115 Giguere. Diane A 184 Gleclit, Chris A 174 Gieclt, Karin Ann A 911. 99. 210, 64, 65 Gil, 1aCtiCli1 -161,115 Gil, Luisa Dolores A 161 Gil, Sylvia T. A 184 Gillum, Terrie L. A 161 Gilt,,ludith ann Gima. Denise Tsuruko A 2 0.2l0, 117, 114 Gimmillaro, Brian A154.155, 115 Glashan.janet Christina A Glines, Cheryl Loc A 210 161, 76 Gmur, Steven Arthur - 185 Goehner, Terri Lynn - 185 Gulult, Denise H. Gutherie,John H. Gutierrez, Art A 174 Gutierrez, Bafbara R. A 181252, 254, 128 Gutierrez, Diane A 174. 199, 119 Gutierrez, Lidia Gutierrez, Margarita A 210, 117 Guzmanvlosephjairrle A 185 Guzman, Nathan L A 115 Guzman, Suzie A 115 Guzman, Vincent S. A 115 Haas, Lee Allen A 164. 185, 140 Haaswylt, Roy A 174 Haffiz, Donna Cecelia A 162 Hagerty, Dennis Martin Hatghnjanct Rae -185 Hakker, Mark Clifford - 162 Halt, Gena A 185 Hale. jeane R. A 1 Hernandez, David A 174 Hernandez. Diana S - 185 Hernandez. Esther A 162 Hernandez, Lisa M. A 20. 174. 196 Hernandez., M3901- Hernandez, Martha A 174 Hernandez, Pat Hernandez, Paul Robert A 174 Hernandez, Raul Hernandez., Rebecca A. A 27, 174 Hernandez, Rebecca Ann Hernandez, Terri Lynn A 50, 174 Herrerajoejay A 185 l-lesson, Mark David A 185. 174 Heustls, Marlt Christopher Heustis, Stott Qrasar A 211 Hicks, Yolanda A 174 Hidalgo, Dwayne Anthony A4, 1715 Hidalgo, Georglne M A 162 11 Goetht, Thomas O. A 174 Goiri, Marcelino R. A 161 Goldberg, Richard Roy A 174. 120 Hale. Hall, Hall. Hall. Ron A 148 Carrol Elisabeth - 2, 185 jennifer Elizabeth joan M. Gollmer, Tim A 47 Gonealves. Phyllis A 161 Gonsalves, jimmy Gonzales. Casey C, - 210 Gonzales. Dee A - 161 Gonzalesjoe - 161, 45 Gon zales Gon zales Gonzales .Kristin Lee A iss, 76 , Linda A181115 . Lorraine A174.115 Gonzales. Martha A 185 Gonzales, Mike A. Gonzales, Mitchell M Gonzales. Rachel A 133, 210 Gonzales. Ray Gonzales. Tony - 161 Gonzales, Victor A - 174 Gonzalez.Alfonso A 161 Gonzaleznlose Angel Gonzalez, Linda G A 161 Gonzales. Lisa A 76 G0f1I3lC7.1.ui5 R. A 161. 95 Hall, JoAnne A 74 Hall. Robin A 210 Hall, Shelly Deann A 174 Hall, Steve Scott A 185,104 Hamersma, Steven james - 174 Hamil, Bobby M. A 210 Hamilton. Ange lla Rose A 185. 76 Hamilton, David A 211 Hamman,jennifer Grace A 21l.l91'1,122 Hammenjoseph Michael A 185 Hammerl, Cindy A. A 185 Hammerlulohn P A162, 107 Hammond, William Charles A 174. 78 Han.j1n S Asl,o2 Handelylames Ross Hanenburg, Peggy Beth A 20. 211. 157 Hanenburg, Thomas - 174 Hanes. Karen A. A211 Haney. Helen H. Hanger, Harvey Gonzalez. Marla Gonzalez, Martha A, A 161. 76 Gonzalez, Olga C Gonzalez, Rosalie Goodcnough. Diane Carol A 185 Goodwin. Steve A 161 Gordin. Mark Goudreault. Richard A 210 Govarosjnnn D A 161 Hannes, Erika A 185 Hansen, Francis Le Roy Hansen, Fred A 185 Hansen. Georgia Ann A 185, 77. 76 Hansen Han-scn,janet A 174 Hansen, Peggy A 47 Hanson.Cathy Marie A 174 ,jafnes M. A 211, 199.411, 57, 121, Hanson. Michael Alexander A 174. 104 Hanson, Robin Lou A 185 Higa, Mithelle MA 20. 41, 211, 221.157 Higa, Mitchell Shinji A 114. 117. 212 Hilbrands. Bonnie S. A 20 Hilbrands, Tamrnyjean A 26. 21-1. 174. 212. 199. 128 119 Hill, Bonnie Lynn A 24. 174. 125 Hill, Keith Lawrence Hill, Steven Lee A 185 Hill, Teresa Ann A 212 Hines. Craig E, H1ngey.Michael Nelson A nts Hirbawi, Lena A. Hitomi, Glenn Toshio A 159. 78. 211 Hirz,jon David A 47.212 Hiza, Pamela A A 162 Hlza, Tina Denise A 185 Hoffman. 1aeonardA 17-1 Holguin. Richard A 162 Holland. Frank A 162 Holland, M11 hael A Holland. Teresa M. A 162 Holland. Thomas-Iamtts A 212 Hnllrngrwnrrn, Mark A las Hnlrnerly, Donald Ray A ms Holmesly, Ronaldjay A 185 Hom. Connie F. W A 117, 212,114 Hom.janis A 114 Hom. Nlarvirl A 117, 127. 185. 114 Homsher. Hugh Arthur A 14. 194 Hnnnyrnrr. Michael W A 1-1.212 Honcywotxl,-Iuvwana Y. Hood. Robert W - 174 Hopf, Nadia Horan. Daw: A 174 Graf. Pamela ,lu A 26. 50. 1 55, 77. 76,119 Harbison. Brenda K - 162 Harding. Daryle A 162 Houseman, A1-141 Hou1vi1lta.Ruwsell1.an1e A 1515.81 Graham, Sherry I. Graham, suaann A 162 Graieda,G11bert A 162, 115 Graltda. William G ranado. Granado. Mona LupeA174.118 Virginia A zlo. 115 Granbrrrynall La Mar A 74,210 Grant, Lisa Kathleen A Gray, Andrm Louise A 185 Gra-y,George Mt lvor A 161,116 Gray. Lori Ann A 174.74 Gray. Michael Allen A 24. 116. 114 24.185. 76. 125 Harding. Deborah A 128. 174. 2591. 199 Harding, Martha lane Harms. Glen W. A 174, 81.104 Haro. Elisa A 1. 225 Haro. Enrique A 185 Harper, Ronaldj. A 14. 211 Harris,john Russell A 211 Hams. Toni A 185 Harrison, Edith A 137 Hart. Margorie A 142. 127 Harrer, Nancy 1 Hashimoto, Mae Mellto A 184 Houzvtcka. Terr 1. Howard, Sabrina Dorine A 24. 174 Howe. Donald A 174 Howell, Dodi Sue A 185. 76 Hubbard. Debra Diane A 11-15. 76. 115 Hubert. Elaine Mtthelle A 159. 191. 157 Hubert,Garyl.yleA 11. ln. 171110.78179 Hubert. Mnliarl Wayne A 212 Hudson. Cheryl R A 161. 76 Hudson. Derwln A 161. 92 Hudson. Mithcllcli A 74.212.115 Hudson, Monrquejeanerte A 1115. 76. 192. 115 119 srvartl.Mitl1cllc1l - 11. 27. 174 Gray. Pat A 136 Gray. Tarnnrny Wayne A 210 Green,james D. Green. Mindy A ll-15 Green, Teresa Lynn Greene, Mithael Kenneth A 14. 1. 210, 145.87 Gregg. Steve C - 210 Gregory, David Edward A 184. 66. 6' Grenner, Carl R Gresham, Steven W A 107 Grlcgo. Karla Stephanie A 210 Grlego. Carol Ann A 210 Grlego. Debbie Griepsma. Lisa A 185 Griffcn. Odette A 141 Griggs, Susan l.. Grlllo, Cynthia Louise A 185. 196. 94 Grillo. Frank joe A on Grinden, Anthony Grocc. Daryl D. A 1115 Grosflam,-lay Mari A 174.111 tirngo, Dnbblr A 115 Guaiardo, Lorenzojesus A 171 Guaiardo, Loretta Eva A 1 ill. 216 Guttlone, George A 1110. 151 Guerra, 'Emiliano Gucrra,jesse Guerrero, Anthony B Guerrero, Richard B A 174 Guggenmos, Belinda Sue Hasltett, Lillian R. A 211 Haskins, Mike A las Hassuleffreyj. Hastings. Nancy Lynn Hauclt, David E. A 162 Hauczlnger, Lilly M A 162 Haughton, Dana Kathleen A 174. 71 Hawkins. Margaret Ann A 211, 114 Hawltins. Michael lawrente A 174 Hawkins. Suzanne Marie A 24. 162 Hawkins. Vincent Robert Healey, Vicki- las. 125 Hetkelsmiller. Donna A 211 Heersema. Tracey Lynn A 124 Helder. Carriej A iw. az Hcltlman, Billy A 185 Hnrdrrrnnyinarnan la, A las Henderson, Kimberly Denis Henry, Victoria Louise A 20. 171. 117 Henson, lnrllrlr Henson,-ludith G A 162 He-rhst,1,orij.A 174. 116 Herbst. Randalljoltn A 162 Here-dia.lilv1a A 174 Hcrlng. Ronald A A 211 Hermanau. Susanne Hernandez. Antulmttc A 174 Hcrnantlcr, Clirtx A 162 Hr.'rn.1ntlCl. Daniel A I-1. 15. 7-4. 159. 211 Hcrnantlcz. Daniel A 185 Huerta, Frankie A 175, 150 Huff. Barbara Lynn - 212 Huffman. Betttty-A175 Huffman. Cynthia K A16 1.45 Huffman. Deborah l. A 185. 76. 211! Hufstetler. Steven Hughes. Carole lar A 1215. 119 Nl Hughr:s.C11eryl Elaine A 1 Hughes. Gary S -- 165 i.76. 151. 119 Hughes. 1.161 Gay A lm. 150 Hngnn.. Lori 1.1nn A 11. inn Hu1zar.Cru1 Hnrrrnaa, Darrel H A 1-s Holland. Mike A 162 Hunt. Eugene A 163 Hunter, Dianne Eva A 175. Hunter. Glenn Charles Hunter. Glenn lirit A 161 11N Hurt.Cl1rist1n11Ann A 1111.175 Hur1arlo.,lose M A 161 Huv:n1an,Guy A 1116 Huston. 1, A was Hustt1n.Shcr1 M A 212 Hutchins, Keith li A 212 Hutchins. Rl1liartlWay'nc'A 24. 21. 212. 121. 215 Hyde, Julia ann lccnoglc. Darrel A vs Iles. 511.-xcn Tltotlias A 11116 Ingram. Rohcrtilarl - 186 Inman, Robert v 175 lragorrl. Oscar - 163 Irish, Roberr Craig jzukson, An Y 85 jzickwn, Byron K. - 175 vlacohson. Cindi Ixc: - 185, 186, 76 Knighr, Shannon Loc- 186, 77. 194 .Iawbmn,Jeff - 14, 212 Jacobson, Sum W 175 -Ial1nkow,Srcven E f 186 james, Tracy Lynn - 14. 186, 77 Jamieson. Di Anna vlaramilln, Chrismpher ! 212 Jzlramillo, Debbie A. jaurcgui, Dolores vlaurcqui, Ramon - 175 jaurequi, William jcffnes, Wendy Ann - 163 jenkins, Debra bee - 41, 175 vlcnnmgs, Curns Wayne -186, 51,125 jcnnings, Dcvery f 212, as jcnninga. Henry A Jcnnincms. Alvin - 163 Jensen, Donald Lee f 14, 186 ,lcnscn,Vi1zoria - iss jerls,Rcg1na Ann - ms rlcrls, Robcrr William -175 Jewell-Iul1c E W 74, 212 jimcncz, Flor Yadhira - 186 vlimcncz. Frank -175,181 -Jimenez. Gabriel O. - 163 jines, Roger Kcuh - 186, 118 jipp, GreguryMighael-14,186 -Iuhnson, Carolyn 13. - 165 johnson, Erir Karl- 175, 117 johnson, Gregory D. -Iuhnsnn. Kelly Marie - 186 ,11,11m0n,Kfi1n W - Zli juhnson, Kimberly A -175 johnson, Lorramc Tammy - 175 johnson, Paul Stephen - 175 -Iuhnson, William R -163 -Iully. Amhony B - 163 ,Icing Alinc 1., - az. 1116 ,loncn Larry Amon - 186 jones, Nznalic Sue - 175, 146.116 -I1incs.PaulCraig - 211, llX jones, Robcrr P - im jones. T1m Allen - 1611 joncm,Tr1sha tilimiinc - 24, 175. 135 -Inrgcmcn, Robin - 163 loyal. l.1rry Dean - 163. 186 Iluym, Dnnald A 147 ,1111ff,. cyffgim Allan W 165 J1111,1e,,1imf1 Mark - 111, lm-1 junlmon, Michael D - 161 K111icnh1111i,Jf1my N. - ws Kalrcnbaih, Pamela A,-161.51120 K.1nu1n,john - 211 Kampef, Karl Gary - ws Karrliban, Laura - 165, 77. 60, 62 Karilihan, Mark - 24, 21.1, 144. Ms Karncy, Karlicrinc A. - 175 Karncy, Mike Srcve - 186 Kilwalmllfh, Slufrln l.. - 213, ll7, ll4 Kmmrululianna Maria - 175. 75. 61 Kc11ly,D1an11 Lynn -175 Keenan. Ardcnc R. - 125 Kekuh, Denise Elaine - 27, 29, 12, 15. Zl 5, 157 Kclcwlua. Carl Ruben Kelly, Paullimmcrr-161 Kemp, Dan - 94 Kcn1p,l7a11'1icl 1. - ma Kemp, Kathleen M. A 175 Kern, Run11lnlThnmaS - 186 Kcrscy. Andrea Dawn - 215 Kenny, 1e1111ne.1, - ms Kcrscy,,lCffrr:y A. - 175 Kcucrcr, Dcandrea R - 163, 77 Kcrrercr, Percj, KlmnslClw11l.P:lnkaj w175,117 Kirl1l,Di11nc - 215 Kilh11m.Diiv1d Kilbum, Peggy --186 Ki1ln1cr.,IcHrcy A -163 K1m.I2un Y Kim, Vivmn A 215. 2114. 117.114 King, A1i11m.1, ci W ms King, A1111-11.1 1,11111,e - ws K1n1z.Dcbur.1l1l2,- 175 K1ng,DcniSc 14 -11,1 King, Kunhcrlyjczxn - 1611 K1v1g,Srcvcn Kinncar. Rimcna laxunc Kir1l1ncr,Sh.1mn lilnaber - 215 Kirk,l31'cl Lee - Z4, 186 7-1-314, 52, Kirk, Rohbin Sue - 24,Z1,5,144,245 Kirkman,-joan -175 Kirkcgaard, Dc Ann Lynn - 24, 175, 125 Iuinhjcffrcy Michael Icon, Steven Rafael 4 186 Leasard, Dcnnim Roberr Kirmnycr, Ralf Kicrlcy, Kclla - 165 Kitchens, Randy C. Kle1n, Kellie Diane v 213 Lewis, Barbara -144,157 Lewis, Mark Douglas -175 I1gw1s, Mathew - 176 Lewis, Melanie A 137 Kllppcr, Robin Sue Y 215 Kl1ppcr,SraLcy Lynne -175,125 Kludkeeb, Naiyana G - 213, 204 Knapp, Carol jean - 198 Knapp, Duane Emory Kncvclbaard, Lalcnc - 27, 52. 12,175 Knicr1em,Salvarure If - 10, 146, 213 Kn1cricm,Tcr1A,-175.30 Knight, Karhcrinc Denine -161142, 77,120 Knopf, Gcncllc E - 24, SZ. 186, 125 Knmlscn, Anna-Lisa - 59, -47, 213, 122,120 Knuclscn, Bryan w1111am -184, Llhharr, David C, - 25, 23. 214, 144, 245 I.ihharr,.Iulie Ann - 186, 64 l.1Cn, Dcnlsc - 163 l,1n,Hon'I.icn -176 l.1n, Theresa - 214.117 l.1n, Yu-Fei I.1ndwall,K11rr1n - 214,119 Lira, Srephcn -186 Lixmn, Alva Lynn 4 176 I.1ulc,-lcannc C. - 26, 214 Lliieraf, Diana 4 74, Z14 Marcoujosc M. - 176 Marino, Michael Markey, Randall A. - 164 Mafkzey, Tana - 164 Marks, David Duane Marquezujcss R. - 164 Marrs, Sherryvl. - 164 Marshall, Gene Marshall, Pauline - 186 Martin, Chrisry Ann - 186 Marrineau, Dale Manineau, David Randall Martincau, Doug -164 Martinez, Adriana Medrano 4 186 Martinez, Arthur-joseph -164, 115 Marunez, Connie -176 Martinez, David Luis Maninez, Diana Sentcno -186 Llircraa..I0w Manuel 4 176 Lloyd, Richard Allan A 5Z,80,79,214,78,119 lxxkt, lflltflw L. 7 25,176,125 Martinez, Gabriel M, 4 164. 96 Marrinez, Gilbert 4 214, 66, 67 Kubzeff, Mirhacl-james Knchnlcin, Deborah Ann 4 215 Koehnlcnn, Mauhcw D -v 165 Km-5, Rosemary Sue 4 1146 Kocs, Thomas Allan 4 186, 37. Koller, Ray m61-111 Randle - 211 Krsmrii, Rol:-err Henri A 21? Konsrzinmurus, Terry Y 186, H1 l Z0 K1xx,Alcv. Sandy f11411, l27.11".110 Koolmccs, Mark A - 175 Knxxmnjulic -117 Krxmr1,DaniclA.-175 K1irrgarrl.lDarrellW 4 165 Korakc,-Iolin H f 175,96 Koy.11n11i,T1motl1y' Takm. 4 im. l1', Krcidcr. Philip Sum 4 186 Krc1sl1cr.,luhn - 161 Kronc,libcrh,1rrlWl - 211 Kruucnga, Mark A -165 Kubcs.-james Miehael 4 2-1, 1611 Kubcynjuhn Kenneth 4 161 ll-1 Kubcsulucly' Loc - 2.1. 211, 1-14, 1-111 Kuh1nsk1.Tmy Nail 4 165.1417 Kurar.i,,IuI1c H,-175,771.72 Kurnra,P.11ri1111Kan.1e- 10, 1:16. 77. ll-1, 120 Kurt, Suun li 4 211.117 Kurtz, Muhacl I, - 175 Kusiak. Mnriann Kusum1,Runald-161,11-1 La Rmiii, Deborah M - 21? l..lb1Ur,D11lcc A 4175. 51, 112 l.z1w11r.wIc.1nc1rc 4 1246, 119 Lake, Tame Sue 4 1:45 l..ukcn1.1n, lircnila Sue 4 175 1.ak4.-man, Rwic,I.1111b.i 4 11-16 l..l1'11.1fr11, Kcllh - llil, lk!" l.amarr11. l..u1r11-Iczin 4 186, 1124 l.11mcrc,Aml11my l..1mcrc, Dcbbm 4 175 l..1m1mcr. Anrmncrrc Lyn I,11m.15rcr,Tl1crcs.1 Ann 4 175 l.11ml91, Cfzlrmcn 4 186, llfi, ll'. 119. lZ2 Lzmcla, Mnliacl 4 14, 163 I.anmls,WAnrl11 Faye: - 211 l1angtl11n4l,An4lc1's 4 52, 714, Z1 1, -15, 85 1.1ngf1m1. Alan - im Langicwiu, William G 4 2-1. 161 I1.1nr1,l5crl1 li- 118 Lnmlnn, Dcnnia 4 163 1.1mg, xw111111mT -1146.119 Longoria,ifl1rmoplicr W. 4 15, 214 l.ongor1a,l7uuglns 4 163. 119 11mg,11aw, Mary B Y 25,176 IAXD, Crillg - 25, l76, ll7 Lixmpcr Kimjvaneirc -17, 19,136 lxxx, Hcrlmcrl 4 H14 L I,op11rr1'lIn. Mario A --186 Lupcl. Aaron Denton 4 165 Iarpcz, Adcla l. - 161 A - 1 Iaipcv, 11,111 4 my I.opc1,Corr1nc-Rene 4 f-1. 164. l.opc7, Dzxxid - 176 Lopfv. Evelyn 121pf1.c11111mJ - im 1,opcz,GI4ir1a -161,115 Lopc1.,luan Z 4 176 laipcrjuana 4 214 Iaipev, Karhy Lopez, Marilyn 4 186 laupci. Mark Ruben - 11-16 laipw, R1rh.1rclM 4 115 Iaipcv, R11 lurvl M Lopez. Rrmalil R Lopez, Y1il.1n1l.1 Ana - 176 laorxux. Bcnuc 4 176 161. 77.194, 61 Mamnez,jerry 4 164 Marrincrujohn 4 186 Martinez, Kalhrync Lynne - 20, 32. 186. 77 Martinez, l.1nda 4 187 Martinez, Michael 4 161 Marrinez, Patricia - 214, 115 Martinez, Richard-john -164, 107 Martinez. R Martinez, R onaldj osalina M -164 Marrinez, Steven Edward Marlins, Tony Marlinson. Roxanne Rose Marzan. Linda Ann 4 176 Mason. Chesrerland 4 Zl4 Marhcrne, Steven joseph 4 187, 51 Mathieu. Sheila 4164 Mathieu, Tma M. 4 164 Mathis, Robert 4 176 Marlin, D2 Netra R26 4 26, 29, Zl5, 211.157 Marlin, Rosanne -164. 7" Marrhc-ws, Denise Renee 4 176 Marrhewshjanis 4 187. 125 Marrhcws, Michelle - 187 Manhews, R icky Saou Marus, Angelica - 164 Marus, MaribclM,-'176 1y11iy11.c:f0fgf E 4 214. 223. 64. 65. Iuriio, G1llx'rrD11amu5- 186 r laiubcr . Dawn M I.nu1c.AlciIinm K 4 176 lnurcnuw, Viiror lnuren 11, V1n1l Drumondc 1 11,vf.0y.cQffg,I 4 176 l.41v1nx,R.1nd,1IlHrume 4 214 Lowe, Ben Monroe Luwe, Deborah A 4 25, 176 1m1n.1,A1.,nS.1,1uin 4 176,81 Luun, Kathryn D 4 74. Z1-1. 199,221 128 Lucrin. M l.uv.e,lIl1r1mx1ns ikc A -14.12. 214 l.ucr11s.V11mr-llv- 161 1..1m...1.,,i.,1.,,.-1.111 1. 1.11m111i11.1y11ry 1z11La1m11 f 14,4 1,uy1fn. 111.111 Pcier 1.11f11mi. 1111111 4 oo 1111f.1n6.,lNp11J , im, os Lyilnn, Kcn 4 176 1.y11111,A11.-n s - im l.ariry,Parr1ua Ann -163,77 1..,1.1n.1, 1y1if1.1J0,fp11 4 Z1 1 l.ai1,Hr111n 4 ms I,11ul11, l.11v.11w 4 215 1.1111m1Mn-11.1.1w..111.1m1c 4 ws I..1ur11lwn-llniglic, Glenn T, 4 W. 55, 125 l.11uwn,lil1l.1l5L'1l1 4 116. 1111 Law, Brian - 1117 I,,1wsun,lQ11r1 Dawn 4 175, 74 I..iy, M11-hella - 27. 211, 175 l.LllLlrC. l.1nllLl 4 215, ll7. 114, l22. IZ! 12- Page, M11h.1cl l1.'T11yu.Kirn T - im l.l'21Ll1,l.1s.1R 4 71, Zl 5, 225, V29 I.enlc1n,liatl1c1' M - 2111 lace, Cindy Rcnczi 4 175,luhn R 4 14. 211 1.1-c.R.1nclvAIlcn 4 175, 1114 121-, Roy K M1111 121-. Young si. 4 im 12-Qmin. 1x11 - im,-51 1.1-1-114. 1111-11.11.1111 - W, 1.1-1.111-,11..m1111 ww., - 11-11, 11-11.11. 5111119 1.,mw - ma 12-il1l1c,1J11niil1112 4 176 1.011114 Nm, 12 - 11,1 lnnnun, Randy K l.cn1l1z1l,G.iry A -176 Iron, Alan Robert -176, 214 I.ynnll.j11d1tl1A.- 214. 26 1.ym11, siiwy 15 4 11,1 Lynda, Kumlayl M.1i11I1, Robert 4 138 Marlin-th, liruic William 4 14.186 Mnnlictll, ifnmlimi lS1ll5r:l 4 27, 29.12, 75, 176.127 Mai Bcrh, lZI11.1l5cth Onsc 4 164, 77 M1uD11n.1lrl,l.1nnln Del - 214 X , M.1iKcc1. R1Ll1.irrlW1lli11m 4 25,164,114 M,1.Nuw. Kf1mci1iJimf5 - 14, 14, 214 M.1111.111.,. 1.111y Mi111.1.1.1, Manhcw 15. I - 1 M.11lLl, l elxiri11iAna 4176.181 Marlrul, P.1tri11a lrcne -- 214 M.1g.1n11, Frankjr. 4 1. 176 1w1.1,ii-n... 1sf.11y A 4 164 1y1ig1wf.1.cs1.y- 109 Malwr, Tamara Mane 4 176 Maine, Riilx-ri Sruarr 4 176 M.1kcpc.1LC, Gayle Anrlrca 4 26. ZH. 29. lj, l9. IS' ly1.1kcpc.uc. M11l1cllTcrc'wc 4 lN1.inn.M1nhcllc- 164 M.1n111c, Wade 4 1146 31 1y111n.1,g..n. H.111y M,f1.1S 1-f..1z1e.1f,1 1y1,m,..1111.1ff - im mp... 1f.11m1111110 lvlar11nun,Miil1aclAr11l1nny4 211 Marl5lc,K11rla S, - 161 Maxwc'll,D1on T. - 14, 215,94, 55 Mayberry, Melvin Douglas - 164 Mayemura, Alan A,-187,117,114 Maycr,Den1sc - 77 Maya-r.John D Mayer, Kevin A Mayfield, Kathryn Ann Mayfield, Pamela L. - 176, 198 Mazer, Alan Hou-176,117,120 Mazurck,juhn -164 Mazzagarrc. Kimberly A, A 164 Miijall, Kendall Kelly - 215 M1Call, Mirchell Thomas - 164 MLClcary.Erner1r William - 176. 104 MLCluud, Cheryl Ann ! 187 Mrlflurc, Emu - 164 Miljollum, Mike - 164 Mgflonncllulohn - 176 M1Corm1Lk.-Julie Y 176 MLCorm1Lk,WlCndy Lynn 4 215 Mrljonald, Bob - 45 M1Donald, Dan - 164 McDonald. Sherri - 187. 77 McFarland, Blanche A - 164 Mdfarliind, Kennerh Tod - 177 McFarland, Nancy - 215 M1'G1ll, Davidj f 164 MiGill, Glenn Michael - 215 McGilvery, Bryonj - 21215, 144, 245 M1G1nry, Liv Ann - 215 MiG1n1y, Scot: Allen - 177 Miiiuire, Kylccn Marie - 164, 77 Milnrire, Shelly M. McKee, Bill - 148 MnM1inn, Parriria Y 215 McM1ll1an.jzm11e L MLNz1ir. Carcrhia - 177 Mv.Nelcy, Kevin Dean - 161 M11-'hersun,,Icannerrc - 215 MLScveney, Gregury W - Zl5 M1Sevcncy, Melinda Gay - 177 MrCormi1k.,Iulic M1D0na1d. Bobby D - 14, 1:11, 215, 15 MLD11nalrl, Danny L. McNa1r,Calethia McPeake, Rin hard L, Mcuvlc',jmcph Paul- 14, 187 Meadows, Berry Ann - 177, 1215 Meaduwgjudy - 142 Mc11duws,Rul:vcrr Edward jr. - 187, 120 6 Medltick, Cecelia N. A 215 Medlock. Cynthia A. A 215 Medrano, Eduardo A 177 Melendrez, Anna Maria- 177 Melendezujtihn A 164 Mellinkuff, Mark A 164 Mello. Edward Aveltno Mendenhall, Greg S A 164 Mendenhall. Pamela Renee A 2, 177, 1 Mendes, David A 177 Mendez. Lisa Marie A 187 Mendez. A. A 164 Mendez, Manuel A 177 Mendez, Manuel Mendez, Ramona A 164 Mendez, Yolanda A 177 Menza, Christine A 215 Menza, Georgejr A 164 Mertado, Rodrigo A 161 Mercurto, Charles C. Mercurio, Patricia Mergen, Pamela Kay - 164 Merten, Debbie- 187 Merten. Vienna A 216 Metre. Donna Marie A 216 Meyer, Denise Frances A 164 Meyer. Eddiejoseph A 177, 96 Meyer. Stephanie A 216 Meyer, Tammy A 187 Meyerhofer. Dan ,lohn A 187, 88 Meyerhofer, Kathleen Ann A 177 Meyers, Susan M. A 216 Meyersun, Mark S, A 164 Mcycrstm, Natakie A 1,17 Meyerson, Sharon Lynn A 183, 187, 47 59 Meza,L1lia Marie A 25. 41, 216, 144, 125, 243 Michel, David Edward M1ckey.,lcan M,A11-17,140 Middleton, Lester F. A 14. 187 Miedcma, Edward Peter A 187 Mietlema, Michael S. A 164 lstiyrlirirejodia A. A 177 M1les.,lelfrey A 14, 216 Millen. Marsha A 165 Miller. Bradston C. A 177 Miller, Christine Marie A 161 Miller, Deborah Lynn A 164, 142 Miller, Elizabeth Joanne A 164 Miller,l.or1 Anne A 165 Miller, Marsha Rene Miller. Rrilxn james Miller. Susan lice A 216 Miller. Tamra Ann A 177 M1lls.Gary S A 187 Miner. Debra Lynn A 177 M1n1kus.Kimhcrlie-lane A zo. 187. 77 Minikus, Kirk Lee A 187 Mitantla. Falward Miranda. Gerardo Pat A 177 Mishreki. George lewis A 177, 117 Miokreki,j1:rry A 187 Mlsner, Dennis A 14-1, 78. 79 Mrze, Cl1f1A1r17 Mitchell, R1t1hcyA 177, 149 Muerstlihaether, Mike A 165. 165 Mtiiicaulcss A 11717 Mtilles. vytinnr Raye A 187 1lollett1,Stephen W'1l11am A 187 vlulter, Diane A 142 vlonraz, Luz M slonroe, Bruce Bradbury A 187 tltintenegro. Cynthia M A 177 Llontero. Carlos A, A 165, 78 slontertiulatme A 165 Mltintgonicry, lnrrina A 187 Nlontoya. Susan Rachel A 187 sltitire. Susan A 216 Moore, Teri Frances A 165 Nltirales. Raul xloran. Dehtrrah A A 165 xlorgan. Clark Andrew A 177 Mlorgan, Lisa A A 165. 162,64 s1organ.Susan Theresa A 165 1lor1ngt1.l.1sa ti A 177 Vlorr1w.l,11r1 Lce A 216 1-lorrison.Stott Randall A 18139, 127. iloshler, lantla Marte ilmquera, S.1ndy E A 165 1lower.,limm1c Tyrell A 187, 120 s1u1r.,la11t1e lrlulllnax, Keith M A 165 slttnlu, Ricardo-1, A 165 ultlntll, Sally A177 slum, Pamela K A 177, 149,128 thins, Paula Suzanne A 187,77 slunson, Hart Alan A 216 vlurillo, Belinda Marie A 165 49, 122,121 Murillo, Etsnvico A 187 Murillo, Francisco Murillo, Fred A 177 Murillo, Paul 0. A 165 Murphy, Kelly K. A 165 Murray, Michele A. A 216 Murray, Steve A 147 Musella, Sherrie Annette A 177 Nabors, Richard Dennis Nakata, Elaine Kaori A 187 Nakatani, Ryan S. A 165 Napolcs, Patricia A 165 Napoles, Raul Carlos A 187 Napoles, Rosa Naran1o,jose Luis A 187 Nararro, Teresa A 177 Nauman, Deanj. A 25,165 Navarette, Ernic A 165, 115 Navarrctc, Inez A 1s7, 115 Navarro, Angeljosc A 187 Navarro, Carlos A 165 Navarro, Martha Alice A 187 Navarro, Sandra O. A 75, 216, 125 Navarro, Sarah A 177, 35, 196, 125 Neese, Kathy C. A 165 Neher, Sandra - 138 Nellson, Tina A165 Nelson, Susan Ann A 177 Nevarez, Mike G, Nevarez, Rebecca G. A 165, 77,61 Newcomerulane A 165, 116 Newcomer, Mary A. A 165, 120 Newton, Lyle Luveme A 187 Nguyen, lan T. A 165 Nichol, Marion A 137 Nichols, Alan Earl A 165 Nic hols,janet Aileen A 25,165 Nichols, Shirley Ann A 25,114, 216,1 Nickalas, Pete A 158, 141 Nickels, Doreen joyce A 165, 77 Nickels,jerry Eugene A 177 Niculett, Maria A. A 177 Nitolc-tte,john P. A 165 Nielsen, l.inda Nielson, Melaniej. A 177 Nteto, Tommy Andrew A 188 Nishihira, Marilyn A 141 Nochl, Cheryl Noel, Roy A 165 Norrh,,lana M A177.1Z5 North, Karyn A 165 Northway, Kathleen Denise A 188 Norrhway, Walter Dean A 188 Norwood, Cameron Anthony A 188, 1 44,117,245 15 Nottingham, Vickie Marie A 50. li, las, 191, 232. 198, 128 Nuangy1ndee,Vattatepee A 216 Nunes, Manueljr A165 Nunes, Rosie Nunez, Abel A 165 Nunez, Armando D A 165 Nuncz, Beatriz L, Nunez, Manuel A 188 Nunez, Raul L A 165 Nunez, Ruben Lopez A 177 Nvssen. David O'Br1en. Helga A 142 0'Cunnor, Bob A 145 o'c6nn1ir, jiinrny A 145 O'Connor. Kathleen Mary A 165 O'Dell, luwelljohn A 14, 15, 188 O'Donnell, Mary Ann M A177 O'Farrell. Rontiyj A 177 0'Grady, Terri Lynn A 77 O'Hara, David Masau A 216,117,119 Oaxaca, Mirsa Y. A 165 Oherg, Suzanne Dawn Ochoa, Elaine A 188 Odomhjoseph Ray A 165 Ogtlvie, Heather Alison A 188, 127 Ohta, Allison Nobue A 188 Okimoto, Marcia A 165, 77 Okimoto, Russell A 25, 4, 188, 94 Oliver, ,IoAnn A 166 Oliver, Mike Raymond A 177 Oliver, Tina M. A 166 Olson, Carol A Olson, Gary Dean A 177, 118 Olson, Kenneth Bryan A 188, 118 Ordiway, Danny William Ordiway, Ricky Steven Orillion, Paul Robert A 192, 216, 128 Orlina, Mercedita A 188 Orlina, Raymond S. A 177, 145 Ormonde, Cecilia A 188 Oropeza,john E. Orozco, Barbara Mary A 188, 77 Orozco, Victor A 177 Ortega, Erma Ortega, jeffrey F, A 166, 96 Ortego,Jerry Lanejr. A 177 Ortiz,-james A 188 Ortiz, Ruben Otto, Daniel Ray A 177 Ovctg, Suzanne A 166 Overturf, Laura Helen A zo, rss, 77 Owens, Brian L. A Z16 Owens, Craig C. A 177 Owens, Randall S. A 166 Pacentc, Denise F. A 50, 177 Pacen tc. Pacheco, Audrey V. A 177 Pacheco, Robert M. A 216 Padilla, Chris Padilla, Darren A 177 Padilla, Parjr, A 188 Padilla, Valerie A 166 Page, Kofv Pahlka, Paul D. A 177 Paige, Vincent L Palato, Nick lll A 166. 96 Palmer, Carriejean A 177 Panchan, Sompon A 188 Parham, Van A. A 177 Park, Edith Ann Parker, David A 166 Parker, julie E, A 177 Parker, Karen R. - 177 Parks Parks Parlts. Parks, Parks, . jeffrey j ,Joyce Arlene A 166, 116 Richard Charles A rss, 155 Kim Delores A 25, 188, 77, 125 Marliscjeanette A 166 Michael Eugen: A 14, 15, 2 Parr, Eddie A 188 Parreira, Beverly Ann A 177 Parson, Earling A 166 Parson, Earling A 77 Pascual, Tina A 216 Pasoz, lanuis M A 81 Pate. Scottj A 188 Pate, Teresa Lynn A 216 Patterson. David A 166 Patterson, Glendajean A 188, 145 Patterson,jamcs Edward A 188 Pattnn, Laura Marie A 177 Patton, Mark Lee A 14, 217, 208 Pavlik, Christina Payan. Mark A 166 Peabody, Brad Howard A isa Pedace, laura Lynn A 188 Pedate. Michelle Anne A 177 Pedate, Samuel David A 217, 127 Pedroza, Armando A 217 Pedroza. George Tiznado A 166 Pecler, Ruben larry A 177 Pelayo, Andrew A 166 Penera, Norman Steven A 14, 188 Perez. Perez. Perez, Perez. Perez Helen L. A 20, 217 Linda A 137 Marissa B A 114, 217 Rick A 166 , Virginia A 1.57 Periquct, Maria N. A 188, 119 Perkins, Henri Perkins, Kevin Lee A 177 Perkins, Richard Ray A 150,217 Perri, Anthony E. A 177 Perri, Dominic A 217 Perry, Pamela Dec A 188 16, 55 Peters, Marlt Alan A 177 Peterson, Candi lea A 177, 117, 64. 65, 98. 99 Peterson, Todd Kay A 188 Petrus, Philip Anthony -14.11311 Pfendler, Brenda L Plendlerwlulie R. A 166 Phelpsuloe A 166 Phelps, Kimberly Stacy A 217 Phelps. Stephany Belle A 217, 104 Philipp, Tony Phillips, Stephen T A 89 Pic ker. Brian Wayne Pike, Rickey I.. A 166 Pillen,john tj A 166 Pillen, Peggy Ann A 188 Pillen, Scott Hugh A 217 Ptmental, Andrew F A 166 Pina,juIie A 166 Pineda,Lu1sj. Pinleino, Adrce A 188 Pinkerton, Stanley Dale A 217 Pinkerton, Steven D Pino, Pam A 157 Pinto, julio Piscopo, Rosemarie Ann A 166, 116 Pitzen, Sherry A 188 Plank, Chris Plata, Marlene P. A 217 Plata, Michaelj, A188 Plowman, Darryl W. A 166, 116 Plunk, Michael O. A 217 Plunk, Virginia Mary A 166, 166.77912 Pohl, Rosemary Annette Poitier, Sheree Rene A 25, 23, 188, 115, 122 Poitier, Victor-Jerome A 14, 223 Pollet, Kathryn lxslie A 25, 119 Pollet, Kenneth Elton A 217, 118 Polly, Mike A 140 Pompa, Margaret Cecilia A 188, 128 PomPfl, Oscar C, A 2, 166 Ponzio,joscph P. Poole, Birgitta Desire C. Poole, Ingrid A zzs Pope, Christopher L. A 166 Popeulames Russell A 25, 217, 144, 245 Popeulohn Lynwood A 22, 217 Pope,julia Ann A 25,166 Porcayo, Filbcrto Porter, Ginger Porter, Kathy Ann A 25, 188 Powell, Michael A86, 85 Powell, Ronald A 88, B9 Powers, Brian Floyd Prater, Brian Dale A 14, 188,94 Prater, Glenn Allen A 217 Preuss, George Edward A 2413, 96 Prire,Janet L. Price,john Adrian A 217, 199 Price, Robin Elizabeth A 9. 166 Price, Sandra Marie A 178, 207, 128, 64, 65, Prince, Mark lawrence A 14, 188 Prudhomme, Lauraj, A 178 Pnitch, Dayna M. A 166 Pmtch, Michellej. A 178 Prutch, Shelly l. A 188 Pryor, Turn A 85, 96, 141, 98 Pugh, joel Lionel A 17s Pughujulie Leslie A166121 Pugh, Michon Danielle A 166 Pugh, Paul A 217,194 Pulkrabek, Brandon M. A 166 Puskas. Dennis A 89, 182, 139, 101 Putt, Connie A - 217 Putt, Shirley Ann A 188 Quan, Dana Elaine A 28, 32, 114 Quew.-do, Ruby Lara A 166, 77 Qu1liza,RizalinojuniorAl88,1l7, 119 Quiliza, Robert S. A 217 Quinlan, laura A 188 Quinoncs, Donna A 166 Raabe, Kelli A 166 Raabe, Kevin R. A 178 Raabe, William A 142 Raasvcld. David Adam Raasveld, Deborah A, Rabenbutg, Ruth A 155 Rack, Regina A 25,166 Rack, Stephen P, A 178, 120 Ralter, Eileen Mary A 188, 118 Raggto. Candy A 188 Rainey, Millicent A 72 Rainwater, David W. A 218 Rainwater, Gary D. A 166 Ramirez, David M. Ramirez, Edna A 166 Ramirez, Karen Y, A 178 Ramirez, Lida A 218 Ramirez, Marisela A 178 Ramirez, Rachel Ann A 166. 115 Ramirez, Ray A 188 Ramirez, Rene Elias Ramirez, Sammy R. A 166 Ramirezs, Racheal Ramos, Cruz Maria A 178 Ramos. Maria Theresa A 188 Ramos, Miguel A. A 166 Ramsey,-lon1R.A178 Randle. David C, A 218 Randles.Judy Lynn Raney, Millicent A 178 Rasmussen. Steve A 166 Ratanakanaka, Navarat A 188 Ratner, Corinne Rausch, R Randy A 166 Ravensctoft. Carrie A rss, 77, 26 Ravenscroft, Cathryn A 30, 75, 178 Rawls, Kristen Colleen A 188 Ream,james William A 188 Reames, Paul Du Rant-178 RCSVCS, GWC11 OWC11 A 118, ISS 62,98, 99 ,K 23 0 Rcaves. Rebeln, Redden. Phyllissjean Y 218.118 Sandra Marie Y 166 Ronald L. Y 14,218, 115 Redden. Tracey Y 51, 218, 122,125 Redfem. Craig R Reed. Lisa Marie Y 178 Reed. Shelia A. Reeves, Betty -I. - 166 Refucrzojudlta Y 166 Reid. Victoria l.. Remington,jeff Renteria, Robert E. Y 166 Reuben, Daniel F. Reuter, Karen Lynn Y 25, 178, 118 Reuter, Kimberly jean Y 25, 218, 144. 245 Reutter. Donald Edward Reyesnloe Y 166 Reysbergenulolin C Reza, Robert Y las, 94 Rhodes, Darren Tyrell Y 178 Rhodes,-lanet Theresa Y 178 Rhodes, Keith D Y 166. 92, 95 Ric11.,l21y Allen Ricks, Harriett Lynette Y 218, 115 Riel-ts, Stvnyl hi, Y 1158, 45.115 Ritks.Way1ne A. Y loo, 92 Rider. Annette S. Y 166 Rider.-loseph Eugene Y 138 Riedel. Michael Y 178 Riedel. Robert M. Ries. Paulavlean Riggs, Laura-lean Y 166 R1ncon.Gloria A Y 166, 115 Rinton. Patritla N Y 167. 115 Rions. Carol lrec Y 188 Rlons, Karen Lynn Y 188 Rios, Henry Y 188 R1os,1a1rraine M Y 178 Rios. Yvonne T Y 218,115 R1pka.Tcrri Li Risbon. Dawn Carol Y 178 Rivera. Anthony Rivera, Berky Y 167 Rivera. Cynthia Rivera. lirlc 12 R1vera..Iames1.lonelY 178 Rivera. Nora 1. Rivera, Rt-betta Y 115 Robtrgtt. Lori R Y 161, 77 Roharge. Terri Lynn Y 26. 27, 28, 29. 15, 4 Rohargc. Timothy 1. - 14. 218. 215 Robbins. Keith J. Y 178 Robbs. Lloyd Robhs. Poncho - 188 Rtlbeftulkne hiarle Y Z, 26. 28, 218 Roberts, Loretta Roberts, Mark Y 178 Robinson. Deborah Anne Y 25, 188 Robinson.Kev1n,1,Y 161 Robinson, Robby D. Y 218 Robinson. Robin Louise Y 167, 77 Rodrigo es. Mark R, Y 178 Rodriguez, Chris - 1114. loa Rodriguez, Cindy - 188 Rodriguev, Etastno Y 178 Rodriguez. Gabriela Y 167, 77 Rodriguez.jaime Y 178 Rorlr1guez.jcrome Y 141 Rodrnni ez.L1nda-118.2111 ltotltigittr. Marina Y 218 Rodriguez. Ray Y 11111 Rodrlgue1,Vlrglnla Y1o1 Roehl.Dt1uglas M Y 211-1 Roehl. Sheryl Ann Y Rogers, Carl Y 145 Rollins, Lana K Rollyson. Rita Roman, Ray Anthony Y 167 Roman, Rudy Allen Y 178 Romeo, Marla Lynn Y 167 Romero, Mary Helen Y 167 Romero. Ralph P Y 218 Romero, Rosalie Y 181-1, 2111 Romero , Rose 1.ynn Romero, Teresa Y 189 Ronikenia. Kenneth Y 167 Romo. Corina Y 178 72,75.167,1211 1,218,199 Romo, Sophie Y 167 Roma, Susan Y 218 Roney, Cheri Suzanne Y 189 Ropetcr, Lorrij. Y 178. 118 Rosales,julle A. Y 218 Rosenbauer, Martin Dean Y 189 Rosenblatt, Denise Janice Y 14.52, 77, 189 Rosenblatt, Marc jay Y 178 Rotarius, Dave Y 189 Roth, Cheryl Y 218 Rothman, Elliott Y 218 Rotta. Deanne Y 98 Roule, Stephen A Y 84,8513-5. 154, 178 Routhhlohn Michael Y 167 Rovero, Rosalie Y 115 Rovero, Teresa Y 115 Ruane, Steven Patrick Y 118 Rubenfeldjohn S Y 85, 218 Rubioulose M. Y 39, 115. 218 Ruiz, Carol Y 115 Sawortnow, Margareta 1Maggiel Y 59. 167, 122. 120 Sawyer, Marcella 124 fMarcic1 Y 191 Scanlon, Kent Y 145 Schaap, Dorothy Y 25. 167 Schaap. Mary K. Y 20, 219 Schaap. Rudolf Y 14, 139, 192 Schaefer, Schaefer, Deborah Lynn Y 189 Mark Steven Y 167 Schafer, Martin Paul Y 189 Schafer, Melvin Brent Y 167 Schafer, Patricia 1. Y 167 Schaniel. Schaniel. Donna Y 219, 98, 99 Jnnn willititn Y 167. 47 Schaniel Roberta L. Y 179 Schank. Kimberly s. Schleich, Daniel C. Y 167 Schlelcnjoseph T, Y 189 Schlelehi Schmalz. Schmidt. Nicholas P, Y 167 Ronaldjtl' '1 Y189, 117,11 Marcy 9 Silvas, Richard Sirnont:k,jodi Lee - 30, 76, iss, 190 Simpson, Brett Douglas Y 168 Sims,'Iames Wallace Y 168 Sims, Rae Ann Y 168 Skagen, Shelli Lee Y 179 Skogen, Steve Bren Y 14, 190 Slaier, Kathy Y 179 Slaier, Randy J. Y 14 Slavin, Daniel Francis Y 25 Slife, Grant Albert Smallwood, Diane Y 139 Smith, Brian Keith Y 135. 190, 96 Smith, Cassandra Eleanor Y 168 Smith, Cherise R. Y 76, 190, 115 Smith, Cynthia Kay Y 76, 190 Smith, Deborah Corrine Y 219 Smith, Ernest Charles Y 190 srnitn, Gregory Loo Y los Smith,jackie Ellen Y 75, 116 Ruiz, Elizabeth A, Y 77,167 Ruiz, H error Yanez Y 178 ttiiiz, Mary Y 11s Ruiz, R Ruiz, R amiro Yanez Y 189, 44 ichard J, Y 167 Ruiz. Robert C. Y 14. 151, 195. 218 Ruiz, Roger joseph Y 115 Ruiz, V Runyan inccntjr Y 115 ,Jacqueline Y 25 Russell, Robertj. Y 178, 104 Russick, Brenda Y 77, 167 Russlck. Diane Y 167 Ruybali,Ange1aj.Y 178 Saber. Larry Sablan, Charline -I. Y 167, 116 Sablan, Ruth A -178.116 saicoo, Peggy Ann Y 178. 118 Sa1to,jon jefferey Y 218 Salaiz, j immy Salalz, Linda Salamon. Clifford Robert Y 178, 96 Salazar, Bernadette G Y 178 Salazar, Gloria Y 157 Salazar, Reuben Daniel Y 85. 218 Salazar, Toby Ray Y 189 Salazar. Troy 1.. Y 161 siiltido, Marioj, Salcido. Patsy Y 77 Saltido, Richard D Y 25. 22 Salcldo, Victor E Y 167. 96 Saltoa, Patsy Y 115 Sales, Carlos Antonio Y 14. 189 Sales. Emilia M. Y 178 Salgado, Frank Y 167 Salisbury, Dwayne Patrick Y 167 salirlstiny. Larry Nelson Y 149, zis San Agustin, Tony Y 189 Sanchez. Antonia Y 115 Sanchez. Dahlia Ann Y 218 Sanchez. Irma Y 167 Sanchez, Richard R, Y 167. 107 Sanchez, Santiago Y 178 srnrlttz, Sergio Y 189 Sanchez, Sonia Y 17S Sanchez. Terry Amanda Y 189 Sanders, Chris Y 88, 89 Sanders, Sharon L Y 25 Sanders. Susan B. Y 218 snntiirgo. tslaoly M Y 219 Sandiego,,lacqueli11e M Y 178 Sandoval, Peggy Y 159 Sandoval, Phyllis Y 154 Sandoval, William Kent Y 189 Sansone, Patrlciaj Y 20 Santellan, Gilberto A. Y 167, 94,107 Santellan, Ismael Domingo Y 189 Santos. Anna Q. Y 225 Santos, Dorothy Santos, Regina Q. Y 167 Santos, Vincent A Y 167. 114 Sargious, Rida Y 179 Sarla, Robertvluan Y 25,189,114 Saria, Robin Elizabeth Y 25. 189 Satoda, Russell Frank Y 219.120 Saunders, Chris Y 189 Savanapredi. Klitaya Y 20, 219 Schmidt. Rita Denise Y 189 stlrrnitlt. Theresa Kaye Y 219 Schloeman, 1.ynr1C Caro1Y 59. 189, 116, 122 Schoeman, Marc A Y 168 Schoeneck, Robert Cr. Y 179 Schoonover, Gregory Alan Y 14, 219, 44 Schreiber, laura Ann Y 179, 51,117 Schreiber, Stephen B. Y 168 Schreinen, Katty - 57 Schreiner, Patricia Y 142 Schroedeti Douglas Y 168 Schroeder. Patricia - 189. 100 Schroll, Richard Y 48 Schuler, Anthony Y 219 Scl1u1er,jeri Lynn Y 179 Schultz.Jenifcr- 179, 119, 100 Schultz,-Jody Ann Y 189, 76, 123 st1riiniport,1aill Edward Y 14, 189 SChumbert.CandyJt1 Y 30, 75, 119 Schwarz, Barry Y 179 Schwarz, Linda Ann Y 219 Schwarz, Paul Y 168 Schwarz. William Y 179 Sckank, Kim Y 168 Scott, David Cx, Y 25, 179, 96 Scott, Deborah Ann Y 179 Scott,-john T. Y 168 Scott, Lucille Y 155 Scott, Steven L. Y 189 Scott. Terri Scott. Theresa Y 179, 125 Sederquistulanet S. Y 168 . Sttdttquist, l.1l'ltl3 M Y 17, 19, 2112. 219 Seerdsma, Marie Elizabeth Y 189 Seerdsma, Teresa Ann Y 168 Seger, Larry Y 168 stlltttttn. Donna tjrtol Sellgren, Morgan 1. Y 168. 101 Selman, Kimber A. Selram, Kim Y 168 Seminarajohn Scott Y 179 Seminara. joseph Paul Y 219 Serafin. Barbara Y 179 Seter, Allan L. Y 179 Shafer, Dale Y 179 snaftr, jeffrey Ray- 219 Shaffer, Ruth A Shaffer, Scott -- 219 Shepard, Rita Sherman, Dan Steven Shimizu. Keith D. Y 25,1-44, 219, 243 Shimomurajoann K. Y 20, 76. 189 Shiroma, M1chaelKazu Y 89, 189. 114 Shishido, Nadine N, Y 189 Shishldo, Stacy S. Y 179 Shoemake, Kathryn ,Joanna Y 189 Shores. Kathleen K Y 168 Shores, Patrick Owen Y 179 Shroll. Rlchardjohn Y 219. 48 Shumal-ter, Eve Lyn Y 189 Shumaker, Sherrie Anne Y 179 Sibric, Denise Marie Y 189 Silva. Dennis Y 168 Silva, Edmund M. Silva, Kathy A. Y 219 Silva, Kathy Anne Silvas, Lorie A Y 179 Smith,-jacklyn Gale Y 179 Smith, james David Y 189, 190 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Michael joseph Y los Michael Wayne Y 179, 96 Paul L. Y 168 Robert L. Y 85,219 Smith, Russell Marvin Y 190, 194 Smith, Stacy Y 117, 79 Snell, Elizabeth Ann Y 179 Snelson, james A, Y 168 Snook, Marjorie A. Y 168 Snyder, Deann L. Y 179 Solorzano, Silvester P. Y 190 Solosky, Maryna Y 139 Song, Helen K. Sooter, Wesley M. Y 168 Soriano, Susan S, Y 179 Soto, Denise Y 76, 140 Soto,john L, soto, Stacy L. Y 179, 96 South, BonniejeanY 18, 190 Spangler, Yvonne Pamela Y 190, no Spann, Robert Allen Y 168 Spano, Diane Y 190 Spargo, Leroy 'rliotnrr Y 190 Spargo,Vick1e Ann Y me Sperry, Curtis Clyde Y 179 snittr, Rrlpli Y 155 Spilker. Ricky Jay Y 190,81 Spitz, David Peter Y 25, 179. 96 spitzjonathan M. Y 25,144,22U.243,94 st Ann.Jolin Allen Y 190 Stark, Carrie Ann Y 190. 128 Stark, Kimberlyjean Y 168 Starling, Diane Yvonne Y 220 Starling, Scott Gregory Y 168 Stateham, Frank M Steel, Mike R. Y 179,96 strgall, sandra lan: Y 119 Stclmer, Deborah Sue- 140, 154, 190 Steimer, Larry-I Y iris Steneclt, Donald A. Y 220 Stephens, Christine j. Stephens, Simone Marie Y 26, 179 Stephenson, Martin Edward Y 179 Stevens, Teri Denise Y 179 Stewart. Cara Sue Stewart, Todd Anthony Y 179 Stigar, Scott W. Y 168 Stillwagon, Ross Doug Y 14, 190, 194 Stoekberger, Mary E. Y 220 Stockler, Anthony A. Y 168 Stott, Fred Charles Y 179, 104 Streets, Cathy S. Streets, Deidra Chante Y 190, 115 Streets, Fuschia F. Y 179 Stteiff, Marta jean Y 168, 76 Streilein, Cheryl L. Y 220 Strelow, Mark Allen Strittmattcr, Clayton Y 168 Strode, John L. Y 119 Stroublc, Rhonda M. Y 179, 125 Stuifzand, Irene Y 190 Stults, Richard Y 168 Suffield, Sheri L. Sumners, Mark Allen Y 146, 220 Sumpter, Charlene Louise Y 220. 122, 12.5 Sumptc-r.joe D, A 190 Sun, Evelyn Abalita A168,114 Sunjerry,Abali1a A 190 Sundell, Robin A. A 168 Suriate.,leff S. Sutherland. Glenn R. A 168 Surrey, Vicki 1., A 179 Suval. Kathryn Marie A 220 Suyenaga. Gregg S. A 190 Sweet, Candy A 220 Sylvester, Richard j. A 179 Tablett, Michael Elton A 1 Tablett, Norman Allen A 180 Tafoya, Faddie A 190 Tafoya.-Iulte A.A1B0.112,100 Tafoya, Lillian A 115, 220 Takemoto. Katherine A, A 168 Takeuchi, Alan K. A 14, Z2O,196, 217 Talteuehi. Carol M. A 32, 131.981, 100 Talteutlli, Glenn M. A 168,96 Taloa. Rick Erick Tantiom, Edrena M, A 164, 180 Tanner. Cynthia Ann A154,190,118 Tanner. Sam E, A 168 Tapla. Deltzljenny A190 Tapia. Denise G A 168 Tapia, Dennis Edward A 220 Tapia. Sally A180115 Tapla. Soledad P. Tapia. Veronica C. A 168. 115 Tate. Catherine A A 180 Taylor, Diane M. Taylor, Gail Marie A 220 Taylor, Gregory E. A 168 Taylor, Gwendolyn E, A 25, 180. 125 Taylor, Keith M, A 18. 220, 203 Taylor 'raylin , Kevin Charles A 25,169 , Kevin Mrlaeod A160.190 Taylor. Lisa Elaine A 180 Taylor Taylor Taylor . Michael Ray A14,190 . Neal C. A 190. 119 . Stephen Dun A 220 Teague. james A 145 Teath,LeoA144.142.134,157 Tc1,outt.Torl Lynn A 26, 27, 12, ls. 201 Tellinghuisen. Mark S, A 131, 140 Tello.jatlt ello. Rachel A 115 cpaboon. Metinee A 169 etasalti, Diane Miki A 169, 114 errell, Kimberly A 221 errell, Sandra L, A 190 erry. Denise R. A 142, 169 esta, Steven C hiedc. Addie A 136, 137 lnele. Ginger laeA 71,77,190 homas. Carrie Ellen homas. Chris Allen A 190 homas,julie Anna homas. Kelly A 190. 180 homas, Michael L. A 220, 221 homas, Reginald M. A 169 homas, Sheryl A, A 169 homas, Tina hompson, Bobby D. - 169 hompson, Broderick A 6, 154. 89, 190, ltompson. Denisejoan A 41, 221,100 liompson. Floyd Ellis A 190 hompson, Henry Frank A 10, 190. 192 l1ompson.jacoh Frederick A ZZ1 hompsonulcnise A 169 hompson, la1nj.A 76. 169, 193, 98. 99 llompson, Shane Traty A 190. 128 hompson, Sharon jane A 221, 127, 114 1 180 hompson. Tommy Will am A hompson. Vincent S. hurston, Rhonda M, A 180 hurston, Robert W. A 169 hurston, Sharee Ann A 221 hy, Daniel Patrick A 180 ibayan, Arleen A 180 'ibaya n. Marian A 180 'inney, Murrel A 14, 190. 194 'obiaS, Matthew C 'ohurcn, Cindy Rene A 20. 120 185,41. 190, 77, 115 Torralbo, Paul A 169 Torres, Boyd A 180 Torres, Roberto A 169 Torres, Rosendo A 169 Torrez, Ronald lee A 14, 190 Tortcz, Tommy A 155, 169, 92, 93 Tow, Eve A 128 Townsend, Debra Ann A 180, 197 Tracy, Darrell W. Tracy, Gary A 169 Trageruloanne Tresa A 180 Tremblay, Danielle F. A 221, 119 Trenchard,james E. A 169. 107 Trigeros, Anna Marie A 190, 128 Tristao,jose Eduardo Troescherhlames Ronald A 25, 169 Tsurvta,,Ioyce A 141 Tucker, Don Lee A 180 Tucker, Greg R. A 221 Tucker, Stacy A 180 Tucker, Steven J. A 221 Tudtieng, Napaporn A 190 Tunstall, Mark A. A 169 Turelt, Bobbie Lynn A 190 Turelt, Deborah -I. A 169 Turek, Dennis L. Turnage, Karla Lynn A 169 Turner, David A. Tynan, Laurie Ann A 221, 222 Tynan, Patricia Sue A 190 Ulimasao, Faatuai Ulimasao, Folole A 190 Ulimasa0, Maria A 180 Ulinder, Roger A 145 Ullom, Christina L. A 221 Uva, Terri Lynne A 190 Uycmori,,Dawn Yohko A 26, 28, 221, 47 Uyern0n,jllllc.A1t,9,114 Uzarskihjohn D. Vaca, Wally Caesar A 190 Vague. Peter A 162 Vail, Michael Scott A 180 Valadez, Vincent F, A 180 Valdez, Ronald Gabriel A 180 Valle, Alberto A 190, 115, 94 Valle, Mclba A 221,115 Valencia, Tim A 199 Valley,joe Leon A 77,191 Valley,joni Lee A 14, 26, za, 29, lzs. 199,202,221 Van Bcek, Brenda Lynn A 191 Van Beck, Carol Beth A 169 Van Dorpe, Diana Lynn A 191 Van Loon, Carol Ann A 180 Van Malsen, Brad A 191 Van Saun, Kathleen A 25, 191,51 Van Smaalcn, Louis A 147 Van Winkel, William A. A 169 Van Winkel, Yvonne M. A 180 Van Wyk. Christine Eliza A191 Van Wyk, Rebecca Elen A 180 Van Zee, Brenda Kay A 25,151,144, Vandenberg, Sandra Susan A 169 221,243,118 Vander Elst, Dianejenny A 72, 73, 180. 120 Vanderwiclen, Pamela Lou A 180 Vandevelde, Barbara E. A 180 Vandevelde. Glen E. A 169 Vanloon, Theresa M, A 169 Vann, Charlotte A 169 Vaque, Pedro Varcla, Albert Varcla, Anthony A 180, 94 Varela, Brenda A 180 Vernola,J0seph Thomas A 180 Vemola, Martin A 191 Vertido, Brian M. - 169 VC1'ti1'10,-lOhn A 13. 140, 191. 114 Victor, Karla A 180 Vietormlolinda A 180 Vick, Greg B. A 25 Vigneau, Gregory A 169 Villalva, Eleanor Inez A 180 Villalva, Elizabeth A 221 Villarreal, Danny A 69, 180 Villarreal, Gloria A 221 Villarreal, Isabel A 221 Villegas, Lisa M. A 169 Villegas. Robert Avery Villescas, Carol Reza A 191 Vinccnt,james Gregory A 180 Vizconde, Avelino Andy A 37, 120 Vizcondenlohn A 169 Vlassthaett, Lynn L. A s, 12, 14, 157,199, 207, Z1 222 Volden, Thomas R. A 222 Volivitch,joseph William A 191 Volta, Anna A 142 Votaw, Scott A 191 Wagner, Gary F. A 222 Wagner, Michael J. A 104 Wagner, Robin Victoria Wakchouse, Gary lee A 180 Wakehouse, Stephanie jean A 169 Waldecker, Kenneth Rodger A 14, 191, 194. 42 Walgrenhlennifer Lynn A 20, 199, 222 Walker, Linda R. A 191 Walker, Steven A 222 Walker, Tammy L. Walker, Wendy A 191 Wallenburg, Pamela Sue A 180 Wallmann, Sandra Walsh, Darrell A 147, 134 Walsh. Ricky A. Walters, Barbara jane A 222 Wandlet, Laura M. A 180, 123 Wandler, Suzanne K. A 222 Ward,jolita A 222 Ward, Karen Marie Ward, Leslie T. A 180 Wamock, Melissa Angele A 164, 180 Warren, Stephanie Ann A 20, 191 Washington, Wendy Carol A 35, 167, 169 Watkins, Leslie Katherine A 51, 191, 116. 122, 123 Watson, Barbara Lynne A 180, 192 Watson, Mitzi Anita A191,145,115 Watson, Stanley Bennett A 202, 223, 117, 119 Watt,jon C. A 118, 223, 119 Watt, Lori D. A 180 Webb, Mark R. A 180 Webster, Cheryl Ann A 225 Wt-ddle, Cary Ann A 191, 100 Weingand, Rhonda Marie A 223 Weismantel, David Alan A 191 Weiss, Karenjayne A 191 Welch, Bobbi M. Welch. Bobbi M. A 169 Welch, Scott Tim A 14, 191, 120 Weldon, Greg R. Welin, Ronald K. A 119 Wellbaum, Steven Michael A 223, 48, 49, 57, 122 Wells, Connie K. A 19, 169, 164, 45,123 Wells, Gustava A 223 Wells, Kimberly A 191 Wells, Richard A 223, 157, 127,116,114 Wentz, laura Lee A 191, 76 Wentz. Lonnie Dean A 14, 225 Wescott, Brian D. A 169 Wescott, Debbie A. A 180 West,john lawrence A 169, 197 West, Kim West, Mary A 25, 191, 193, 125 West, Maralynda A 180 West, Sandrajeanne A 180 West, Tamara Denise A 169, 76 West, Tawanna L. A 123 Westta, Kay Louise A 14, 191 Weyer. Steven G. A 180 Whalen, Arlene A 180 Wheeler, Mike W. Wheeler. Robin Lynn A 169 White, Angela- 180, 191, 127, 115 White, Richard Wade A 223 Whitney. Mark Stephen A 191 Widener, Benjamin L. Wiersmahleffrey Dirk A 14, '191 Wlersma, Michael-lohn A 169 Wilbanksujames T. A 169, 118 Wiley, Renee Y. A 77, 169 Wilkes, Lisa Ann A180 Wilkes, Roy A. A 169 Wilkins, Roy P. A 169 Wilkinson, Terry Allan A 89, 154, 180 7. Wills, Ronnie A. A 169 Williams, Cory L. Williams, Dewey Durant A 180 Williams, Donna A 180 Williams, Kathy L Williams, Ken Mark Williams Williams , Kirk Gary A 180,96 , Lori Beth -191, 51,116, Williams, Marilyn A. A 191 Williams, Scott A 180 Williams Willis, G , Willis J. len A 191 Willis, Rodney Tmy A 191,115 Williston, Charles W. A 41, 223 Wilson, Bob- 155, 169 Willson, David A 169 Willson, Dolores L A 180, 118,123 Wilson, Felecia F, Wilson, Karenjeanette A 180 1 Wilson, Mark A 85, 86, 87, 154, 169, Wilson, Michaeljohn Wilson, Pam A 223 Wilson, Robert B, Wilson, Timothyjay A 223 Wilstm, Vickie jo A 27, 29, 76, 191 Winchester, Martha Anne A 25, 191, Wind, Neal Winder, Cynthia D. A 167 Winovitch, Susan Ann A 180, 116 Winsdor, Stephen A 169 Winslow, Raymond Troy A 180 Winstead. Michael Wiswell, Brian Russell A 191 Wiswell, Diane Marie A 169 Woemer, SuzanneA 151, 128 Wolff,Randee-1-180 Wollum, Douglas A 180 Wolpow, Phyllisj. Wong, Chris A 169 Wong, Kimberly A. Wong, Kirkjim A 180, 127, 114 23, 10 115 118 Wong, Wally Wayne A 223, 127, 114 Wood,joe A 180 Woodie, Myriamjoelle Woods, Carol Elizabeth Woodi. Michael A 223 Woosley, Darrel R. Wright, Robert L. Wright, Sharon Ann A 20, 191 Wulf, Theresa M. A 123 Yamaguchi, Leslie Ann A180 Yanez. Cecilia A 169 Yanez, lasrena Yanez, Maria A UD Yanick, Christophervl. A 169, 33 Yates, Glenn Alan A 180 Yauget, Cynthia L A 180 Yearian, Stirling Russell A 223, 114 Yell, Roland D. Yell, Rosalyn E,A116,123 Yettaw,john Eland A 180 Yettaw, Lila Mae A 223 Yeyna, Charles A 151 Yeyna, Peggy A 139 Yoshida, Tsuromu A 180 Yoshikawa, Cynthia Taniiko A 71, 191 Yoshikawahleff S. A 169 Yost. Mindy A 169 Youngman,1ou Ann A 72, 180 Yunker, David J. A iso Yunker, Virginia A 169 Zaldivar, Hector A 191 Zaldivar, Olga A 115, 169 Zavala,john A 81, 169 Zavala, Ysidro A 78, 191 Zeleznik, Gary Michael A 180 Zerr, Darrell Jason A 180 krruche, Francine- 180 Zertuche, Phillip A 191 Ziegler, Karl Ferdinand A 180, 96 Zimprich, Frankjoseph A 149, 223 Zjmstein, Deborajean A 25, 32, 191, Zour, Brian E. A 169 Zubia, Teresa A 169 Zuiclcrveldulohn B. A 169 76, 193, 125 The staff of Memoriae Aureae would like to thank the businesses, organizations, and clubs that cared enough to support the yearbooks of Gahr High School, This support is greatly appreciated and we hope that the students. parents and faculty support these merchants as they have supported us throughout the years Y for without the cooperation of these mer- chants, yearhooks such as these would not have been possihle. Wfe would also like to thank Miss Suzanne X'PUoer- ner for all her long worked hours and hard effort to make this year's hook the greatest. Ads and Finance Directors Barbara Gutierrez and Vickie Nottingham T -'N Ru iz E Service Official Lamp Brake Smog General Aufo Repairs Class "A" Sfafion Tune Up Specialisfs Towing Service Adrian Ruiz Jr. I IOO7 Soufh Sf. - Phone: 924-39 l 7 "lf safisfied 'fell ofhers - If nof fell us" GREATER CENTRAL NURSERY Shade Trees, Shrubs and lnsecficides 9844 Easf Arfesia Boulevard 866-I6 I 0 Bellflower, California A lxtiti emtnt Congrafulafions +0 fhe Class of "77" From Helen G. Marfinez Andy's Nursery The Bird House A-Unique Travel Cenfer Cerrifos Music Cenfer De Jong's Hardware Dr. Samual Maehard KN K "' 0 w--.....,. .-. N, ,W Q ,K Nl l TONS OF LEVIS 98l2 E Arfesla Blvd Corner of Arfesla and Bellflower Blvd Torreyb 0620 Torrey7 2063 Bellflower SHAHEY S PIZZA PARLOR Q,V'N Ano ,IQ YE PUBLIC HOUSE QIWKJ Gwwfa Galmr sludenfs spend a lol of 'fume affer games here because Slmalcey s has greaf pizza drnnlrs bunch of lunches and oflwer delicious foods We serve fun a+Sl1alrey s also pizza wx? all Mg.. alll A ,,, f , Azuki Moforcross ' ' KHS Headquaders Windsor Fashions rf Pdnce mcvcuz seat We Repair AII Makes Sales - Service - Parfs All Accessories I I3I6 E. Soufh S+. Open Sundays and Evening Cerrifos, Calif. 9070I I2 I 3I 860-3848 I763I S. Pioneer Blvd. Arfesia, Calif. 907OI TENNIS X SHOPPE K CENTER COURT x Business Tel. I2 I 3I 860-0858 Paf C. LaNuevo Philip R. LaNuevo Home Tel. 865-5503 Home Tel. I7 I 4I 826-2632 'Q "Windsor Makes You Glad 1 . You re A Gal" Los Cerrifos Mall Cerrifos, Calif. 9070I 865-94 I 2 . ez- .A,. 234 Advertisements The Liquor Sfore I I434 Soufh Sfreef, Cerrifos 865-6455 Phone: 865-324I I ARTESIA BEAUTY SALON I842I S. Pioneer Blvd. Arfesia, Calif. 9070I Rosemarie Haskeff - Owner "For a Lovelier You" Experfs in Haircuffing Manny MANNY'S AUTO TRIM Cusfom Work ' Camper Boofs ' Camper Cushions ' Boaf Cushions I8 I 27 S. Pioneer Blvd. Arfesia, Calif. 9070I Seaf Co Free Esfimafes vers Diamond Tuck Carpefs 2I3!865-34I9 Congratulatnons Complefe Auio Service Leave messages here 99 DAVE S CHEVRON SERVICE I2 I 54 Ar+esla BIvd a+ Norwalk Arfesia Calif PI'1one I2I3I 865 9050 DEALER Your Friend and Dealer Dave Davis Bank of America Ar+esia Pioneer Office Jerry Suzuki Manager f o 6 D 6k Q' O . vu ' O 0 I I752 Arfesia Blvd Ar+esia C I- if I 'zilvvl-7! ' 'V 1- 8 I' is I. Y ,if W7 3 I . . ' 2 . 4 'I' ' ' ' , . . + I Biz-.9 C ' ' 'I - N 57 'sf 156 , - -.1 - v my JR-3 , ff' . IX, ,x V N , -5 r-Q 1 , . I ' I '- I Onx kj l , . . S sa O 1 ., Phone: 860-443I " I GTE GEnERAL TELEPHDIIE Member FDIC and NT8rSA An Equal Opportunity Employer CALIFORNIA FIRST BANK Fumio Endo Assisianf Vice Presidenf and Manager X Arresia - Cerri+os Office I86 I 6 S. Gridley Rd. Ar+esia, Calif. 907OI I2 I 31 924-88 I 7 Paper 'for Every Occasion Wholesale - Reiail ALIN PAPER COMPANY Giff Wraps - GPH Boxes - Ribbons De Young Ar+esia Wedding Supplies - Ta bleware Parfy Favors I 1436 l66+I-5 S+. I77I3 Pioneer Blvd. Arfesia 865-I263 Be5+ Wishes +0 Cer-rifos The Only Comrnunify Organizafion +o The Class gf "77" I2 I 3, Q24,334l Sponsor Our Book Every Year Since I966 Arixcrti SQIIIL N TROY TICKET SERVICE Main Office: 9024 E. Washingfon BIvd. 236 Advertisements Pico Rivera, Calif. 90660 I7 I 4I Tic-ke+s, I2 I 3I 699-0906 Concerfs - SporI's - Live Theaire Choice Ticke'I's ' , CERRITOS WHEEL SK CUSTOM l7I I9 B llfl Bl d. 22lO Wesf Lincoln e ower v Bellflower,Calif. 90706 Anaheim, Calif. 9280! Ph l7I4l956-974I Phone I2 I 31 866- I 76l one Yi 5, im, U MH 9 . K 6 ' Q W 6- 'X , J I ' - A'9.6 Q ZXL' 5' ,.,. ' - wsiw' if1Ei'i GQQIQM f W W ., 'QL-5 J' nnnzf 6 :Jr 'i ,f 1 :Q nd 1 '4 9 f""u Advertisements 237 .l ll 'TH I- - - 'ii WORLD SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOOATION I I5I2 Grldley Rd Arfesra Calrf 907OI q2l3y924 837I CB Home S+ereo Car S+ereo Sales and Servuce Insfallahons PE CIW IO939 Alondra Blvd Norwalk Calrf 90650 Phone I2I3I 863 95I4 5457 Del Amo Blvd Lakewood Calif 907I 2 Phone I2 I 31 925 7273f925 0223 5. I xu xgclx I IO30 Ar+esla Blvd Cerrl+os I7I4I 828 7792 or I2 I 3I 865 0294 ml WB I EXIATL AMBER CURTIS ReaI+or-Assocla+e I I8 I 6 E. Ar+esia Bus. I2 I 3I 924-444l Ar'IesIa 9070I Res. I2 I 31 860- I 658 258 Advertisements ,ft S8cJ CI1evroIe'r ChevroIe'r Makes Sense In America I I990 Sou+I1 S+ree+ 924- I 676 Get more out of thisWorId W, Simmons Ma-Hregg '- , ,X Xml 'Q ,. ,,II jx , m,Z,,, ,f B' - I fef- I I ' J.. V R - I' III I 0. I , e e N II WM K IA' I I ' A C- in 0 I I . gg ' I Mrberi Mafizns Qczfzlars ffesfdenbl 17270612276 .717zfe.s'Zn7e27Z5 az? L90175 Cas 191' year eg 2257 Ja' wwfbrnyolzaag co!! Nerberi Wawkzns ka! d'l52'oZc 12.233 09rZr.51o Blvd CerrzZ9.5 9.24 YY!! M1605 1706241 .17 'Q' Sf fLl5Z'lf7 07142 J'-562. 362532. f SGCUFIIY -.J Pac1'f1c Na+1onaI Bank 186 IS +hG'dI yBI 61. Clf 9 1221E +Ar+ c 1 9 I2I31860 8528 S ArI'es1a + C T 1 I2I31865 59II I772OS P TONI S KOIFFURES I2 I 39 S + S+ C If 907OI h 924 3484 Vandenberg Mfg Co The Besl' n Da y Eq pmenl' Wsh g +h Class of 77 +he Besl of L ck Cerr1'ros 000 865 6 Valley 16455 Ch c c Ban 17141 597 3412 Id V I83O0 P 12131 924 I60l ,f ' - 5 -- . 4 ou fl e v "" Cerri+os, a i . 07OI -ld ' 2 as esia Blvd. Cerri+os, ali . O70I b ' Phone: - lf U ' 4 0 ' O I , . . . Conlinen al uisine . Lunches ' Your Hos+s Dinners Niclc and Florence Cocldails " ' e . - Banque+s ' - o. ioneer Blvd. Cafering Arfesia, California 907OI Dislinclive Bu'Ffe+ I ou h . Arfesia, ai . ' ' P one: - " i ir ui " i in e ' U . . Offices Locafed a+: l7306 Rosefon Ave. Ar+esia and k ino- orona Road hino, CA Home of Rona H. Peferlcin I T." Ass'I. ice Pres. and Managers ioneer Blvd. - Ar+esia, Calif. Phone: - Ad 239 xx O -Z ' . . Lec,s hog-tic this here yearbook and get it ro the marker on time. So get the dust our." TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. sau Milne O ARTS MOTOR SALES C I "Specializing in Cars 'for Teenagers" 79l 3 Fires+one Blvd. Downey, Calif. "THE ONE-STOP EQUESTRIAN CENTER" ' A H BEAUTY I 1 ,' ' . S U PPLY Q5 eg ' T I7609 Pioneer Blvd. ef fue- l RIDING ACCESSORIES, EQUIPMENT 8. CLOTHING Anesia - 924-34, I S . 1 - I J- - l 8319 E. ALONDRA BLVD., PARAMOUNT, CALIF. 90723 l PHONE 12139 633-1183 i of rf' Z X J I 'Ears YOU CAN BUILD THE FUTUR Advertisement 7 Congra'l'ula+lons +o 'rhe Senior S+a'Ff V l I im From Those You Leave Behind Ee- FT if f ANNUAL STAFF 77 305- J Congra+ula'nons +o +he Graduahng Class of 77 P T S A mr Pomnexrfn co REAMORS17 Paren+ Teacher S+uden+ Assoclahon 17726 so puoneer bud artesua ca 90701 Gahr Hlgh School N77 HARRY E POINDEXTER B A XREALTORW Presldeni' Mrs Be++y Gmur bus 12131 860 24011 res 12131 865 2470 HEL1s PUT YOU IN YOUR :EAT BI:I-ORE THE BIAII RINGQ CERHITOS BIKE SH 12148 SOUTH STREET ARTESIA ALIF 1213! 865 9571 Congra+ula+lons WM 'ro +he Class of 77 RAY s SPORTING from GOODS SEARS FOR EXPERT SPORTING HELP 18925 NorwalkBlvd 9241714 242 Advertisements 1 n , I ll' " D K -A 7 I 0 0 --' . O F1 , , f- J I i14v KX! ..-2.-' Q- 1 XX 1 - 0 ...4 E O Q Q o 0 I' 'I av Ez J . . , . . , G N,,, A L ,R OP , C WM.. ff . 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Suggestions in the Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) collection:

Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 153

1977, pg 153

Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 154

1977, pg 154

Gahr High School - Memoriae Aureae Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 45

1977, pg 45

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