Gage Park High School - Icarian Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1957

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Gage Park High School - Icarian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Heiiiiiiiii iiialii.-2 iiiffiiil iiiifidlzifi fl5z2i5!f'LfA-H15--13 fiiiiiiaiiieiiii 5 iff'i i ZgiigliisiiZ.ii.:i3iii5i!i?nEi5i:?,4Z5fl'?X -PRESENT! lil m7 ll AIHIAN EIIITUIRS Edxtor ln Clnef Ross Coons LCJYOU' Co Ednors Inq Louzen ky Glen Alexander Lmtercxrv C0 Ednors Lc1Verne Ravmond Nan x M C12 Photoerrcxphx Edmtor Wdhclrn He der BUSIHQSS Ednor Ahce Wemmoinn Art Ednor Nancy Stepnwkci Sporeor Mr Ioeeph Gullc ' " ' Q'Qifif'2Yifg19.:-:'-P-'-.1'.-'.--: .b 3 A-wg :-:si . . --'ff -'J ' 7 1g.'.k,.-A . ' 1"i5"'1'-7 Ilia' 1 - 1 I . ' J , ' Q C V Y Wie, --my ---welffiif-4f'f. '5.1'f-5,--.",f'iQf 1 ' S531 QE: T. A if :deg-,..1',:A' .:.-31: -.,. . - -- , I , . l , I . x"' , . f Q H ,JH ..- , l - Q Z 1 , o .,r -. . -Q. . f x " ' ' ' . ,. - 1 ' 1 wfw 43 T GI-XGE PARK HIGH SCHOOL 5630 South Rockwell Street Ch1CGQ'O, Hlmoxs presents lts I 9 5 7 IC RIA Foreword . . . ln presentrng the l957 ICARIAN to the students taculty and trrends ot Gage Park l-hgh School We record school hte rn zts many lmportant phases rn the educatzon ot our youth Durrng the tour years ot experrence gained at our school rn terms ot socral progress rntellectualachrevement andtellowshrp students leave Gage well egurpped to succeed rn any endeavor ln the tollowrng pages ot thrs book many prctures show the success ot our academrc program as Well as that ot our numerous extra currrcular actrvrtres We take great prrde rn the democratrc organrzatron ot our school government and rn the de'nocrat1c way ot hte Well represented rn our everyday actrvrtres ln choosrng our l957 yearbook theme A Look at Ow'v1lle rt was our desrre to capture the events of the school year rn plc tures art and copy so that thls volume may serve as an hrstorrcal background and a souvenrr ot one s hrgh school lrte lt IS our fur grovvrng lamzly ot Gage Parkers To the tuture graduates of Gage Park the pages ot thrs book Wrll serve as an rncentrve tor the achrevement ot goats and a a strmulatron tor everlastrng trrendshzp Ourrnsprratron derrves from all the wonderful ICARIANS ot the past ltrs vvrth humrlrty and atrstactron that we add thrs the l957 ICARIAN to the chronrcles of Gage Park Hrgh School rn th srncere hope that thrs book wrll be as cherlshed on your book she't as rt rs on that ol those who helped comprle rt I I . . . I . Q. I H 1 . ,,, ther arm that this book link from one year to the next the ever! - 7 . . . . , .G A S U l I W Q. . G 4. Tflhlv of Lontents N QODJCTLON FORLV OR J DDNWSTHAVVE STA CRALUATHNC SENIORS ILINLARY CLASS OUTSTANDIN SLN ODS GRAIJU!-XTINC SLNIOhS IW L CLASS rACbLT1f ACTI L T ES OQGAI LZAT ONS SPOPTS A JL ARL S DIVISKDNS SVN OR B CLAS 1 TUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESFNAN CLASS T DN EST SVVENTS 7 14 ' SX I 1 4 K LLVLL C" Q A A . 7 ' ' W J, AK, Lf..-WJ .' ' FF I J ' Q I ' W A .. ' T . , . 14 ' , Cv C V L UC 20 C- Lf ' V Sf - 24 OUTSTANDING SLQNLOIZS 36 W f ' . 42 LLL L f. Lf' 'L A 54 . S 96 . L f,' PM ' 124 .S I 'S' , 125 . L L27 ' '. . . 133 1 1 - f'3.T.A. A . 14.7 . r Y 5 , . A L r fu K . f. 1 , 'N-4 'kiwi' Y'. 'N 'bs ' 4, 1' ' .I , H Ng. , 'U 2 I. .,. N. h W 4 U 9' ' 'Tv -A. ,l Lv ' K.. ' ls. ' ,,.. . g , 5 Y, t .. 1 4 . h 33,0 : . 5 'Yx . , f X i " ii". it ' -. fs - - mlb . J N 4 V .f ' 'rw ' I-'Q 1 X. Q wwf ai. . W 8 Int. ' Y Q 2' .g , , lffilsl. I ,. xx , .'. 1 . - -A ' 6 r- I . Y .Q . r ' . I Q Q ' sr'- yu., 4. f f 1 1 x. L V, .AJ x1 RV 1 W. tv in ' F 1 'QMQ-J ., 'lffx ' 1. q. ,l NL 'M K'-1 2, , 'f Q.-r"fx.4B 1- W f- V . 4 Awiigw ff- -' fy 7 , ak fx ' U:-ufh V' , , Maw? M fgx.. F 9 .4 .e 519. 'VpA,:l:"1'J: 1 f ' T. 5' A rr 7 F 1 1. we ,, ,, l4N 'Q 'Q sir I ,an P , 2 -anne-W --. .,,,Q,,L, ML J- W' wr. '--,...,....,' ,gym 4 ' 'A I Illstlut 5lIll9IIllt9lll6lI Nh VI RUSS HERB o n 'I a I I 1 u 1 I t . L, ' 1 j I L 0 L 0 L IW1 VVHlIAM P HEAHNE Uur Prhuipal To All Students: The theme of this year's lcarian is a fitting one. Not only does it give each of us a permanent record of our school, but it also may be used by each one of us in showing others its many worthwhile aspects. Too few, as a rule, are aware of what really makes up a modern high school. This yearbook provides an answer to this problem. To you, then, who are leaving us, we hope this record will ever be inter- esting. Refer to it often. You will thus recall happy events. You may even be inspired to contact friends of high school days to plan for reunions. To you who will be with us for a while, we trust this lcarian will be an inspiration to surpass the achievements recorded herein, so that your yearbook will, likewise, include equally fine activities. To all l wish very sincerely peace and happiness in all your plans. Cordially yours, William P. Hearne Principal Miss Pram es Schaefer The position of assistant principal at our school is ably held by Miss Schaefer Among her many duties are supervising tests interviewing potential failures directing assem blies and administering the duties of the principal in his absence For her loyalty and diligence here at Owlville she holds the respect of both students and faculty mmwfyf faith Weary g,4fe?V W ' O i n 1 . . N - 1 I - . KX 1 .,MeWf4.Qff:A . WW' , sway I WW, ' . My ,Jw f , ww "V f , ef me fff' ,, , ,A 'f"'W lf Y ,Mill if M 4 N1 W ', fm f ' ,, " " ,,w,W4Mew3jif,pf1.,, A J 'Wm Wf1w'a,fmQ.fLf, 1 f f w Www' 'awww w5w2','w,7l 4,443 ' ff ' 12,1 ww. ,M , W, Q' ,Wa ff 'Bef , ' uv 5g,AI,'W' ' - ' wp w' I' ' V W , I ., g N V A MlSS MCKILLEN our adjustment counsel lor asslsts 1n programmg adrnlmsterrng tests and rn checkmg and keepmg records She IS always Wlllmg to hear our problems brg or small Our program counsellor MR BOHUS has h1s hands full organlzlng classes and crrrangmg students and teachers programs He not only makes out the programs but also sees that changes are made when necessary lllVll I T MR. BENSON, our attendance counsellor, is extremely busy looking out tor our Welfare. His job consists of keeping a record ot all ab- sentees, truants, delinquents, and awards. MISS ROCHE 1S busy look1ng out for our future lt you Want a 1ob after school or when you get out of school M1ss Roche IS the person to see She also asslsts ln seemg that college entrance exams are g1ven and sponsors the Scholarshlp Club as Well as the Future Nurses Club TIVE STAFF In charge of all money transactrons here at Owlvrlle 1S MR ALEKNA our school treas urer MISS SCANNELL rs ln charge of educa tronal plan sheets sequences and program mg g1rIs for gym classes Our school regrstrar MISS POWELL has charge of aII credrts regrstratlons and trans fers to and from Gage 60- Our school offrce rs rn the good hands of our OIIICG clerks MRS KOCPMAN, MISS OBRIEN, MRS TOLBERT, and MISS OMAL LEY Therr Job IS to see that all typmg, frlrng, and keeprng of necessary records IS accom phshed X5 ff .--Y V f 7 I V39 My Mx f J fypf ff 4195 -Q f I X , I , X lfff f X ,f ff, f X ,M w X f ff f ' , A Z K ly , ff 4 f ff' ,X X ,V I A ,Milly Ml' Lf ,if I A157 , lf' f .A A ff, if I XXV I Q A ! CZ 4 Q ff K L 4 V , U 1 IF.--As 2 x H ,fl .i, . jf, vu, 'NV ,, .4 e ,1 S ,. 11 q, XR 553 Q K- , . 'ii -E, v x, - "xxx 'Inv S36 x , y 4 Q' . 1 9 .If f x 'Vi if y . if -vi, , g, s 1 ' ,H ef .F QT ,, , Y . f L. ' ,u . .W j 5495 5. 5,5 fa Rf' ,n ,Q- f Q-2 A fdi 'L ist' JL. , "LI-515' , 1?w .5 -:wa , gf . . as is -' 1' X fy ,. 'vig 'i' ff?w '- YL' 5 : - 'gw , Ei? ' ff F' f . 4 Q-71 1, f ,' E ff. .I if 4 , gg ,"3'-, F J Effie -xx i?ix'Y: QQEK2. ffevyf ralnf 51,5-N. nwggif ?wgdQ? ffafg f 5 1 T.,, . g Q IANUARY CLASS OFFICERS WAUTERLEK, IOHN University of Miami Honor Club Varsity Frosh-Soph Football Team Senlor Iunlor Swlm Team Letter men s Club B A A Tumor Prom Commlttee Sen1or Prom Commlttee Scholarshlp Club Iumor Class Pres1dent Senlor Class Presldent MADURA IUDIE Northern Illinois State Honor Club Student Counc1l SGIVICS Club Senlor Glrls Club SCISHCG Club G A A G A A Board Secretary Leaders Club Cheerleaders Captaln SW1rn A1dS D1v1s1on Secretary Iunror Prom Com mrttee Senlor Prom Comm1ttee Scholar shlp Club Semor Class Vlce Presldent STEFFEK ARLENE IB M Operator Honor Club SGTVICG Club Semor Glrls Club lumor Bed Cross SCIENCE Club I' 'l A Mrxed Chorus Treasurer G A A G A A Board Leaders Club Cheer leaders D1v1s1on Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Senlor Prom Commlttee BICAN I OSEPH Honor Club Iunlor Red Cross Varslty Frosh Soph Football Team Senlor Iun1or Swun Team Lettermen s Club B A A Senlor Class Treasurer D1v1s1on Presldent Senlor Prom Commlttee Q U2 Fila 0 Olll' way l F0119 f 0 yeafj l'5p FIALA ROSEMARY Doctor Ouill and Scroll En Gager Staff Honor Club 6 Student Council Senior Girls Club Scholarship Club Service Club Orchestro C A A Division Secretary FLOOD DONALD Auto Mechanic Frosh-Soph Football . . . B.A.A. FRYDRYCHOWICZ THEODORE Aeronautical Engineer Honor Club 6 , . . National Honor Society . . . R.O.T.C ,... Ushers Club . . . B.A.A. . . , Drurn CS Bugle Corps . . . Picked Platoon . . . Schole arship Club. GEDONIUS GLORIA Teacher Honor Club l . . . Service Club . . . Senior Girls Club . . . Orchestra . . . Band , . . G.A.A. GRANT DAVID Lineman Service Club . . . Frosh-Soph Football Team . . , B.A.A. GRUNZ IUDY Business College Honor Club 4 . , . Service Club , , . Senior Girls' Club Board , . . G.A.A. HANZYK DIANE Marriage Dancing , . . G.A.A .... Student Council . . . Service Club . . . Senior Girls' Club Board . . . lunior Bed Cross. HART. RICHARD Work Service Club . . . R.O.T.C .... B.A.A. HUSENGER, ELLEN College Honor Club . . . Student Council . . , Service Club . . . Senior Girls' Club Board . . . Mixed Chorus. . . G.A,A. AUGUSTINE BERNICE College Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A BARRATT NAOMI Uruversxty of Michigan Service Club Senior Girls Club Board Mixed Chorus Division Treasurer G A A BEDNAR ALLAN Accordion Teacher Student Council Service Club Iunlor Bed Cross B A A BEZAK FRANK College Orchestra B A A BURBA DIANE Housewife Honor Club Service Club Senior Girls Club Board G A A CLAUSEN IUDIE X Ray Techmcian It Service Club Senior Girls Club Iunior Bed Cross F T A Mixed Chorus Secretary G A A DRZIK IUNE University ol Illinois Honor Club Student Council Service Club Senior Girls Club Orchestra Secretary Science Club National Honor Society G A A G A A Board Vice Presi dent Leaders Club Leaders Club Presi dent Division Secretary Iunior Prom Committee Scholarship Club ECKERTY KEN College B A A FEDOR ELIZABETH Oflice Work Student Council Service Club Senior Girls Club Division Secretary Hostes Club ll AAQJE? 5 alle Ula M 'Uv LA MANTIA PAUL Artist Senior Swim Team B A A LENCKI MARILYN Work En-Gager Staff . . . Service Club . . . Senior Girls Club . . . lunior Bed Cross . . . G.A.A. LOI AS WALTER Physical Education Instructor Orchestra . . . Band . . . Senior Swim Team . . . B.A.A .... Senior Prom Committee. LUPARELLO BETTY Housewife Service Club . . . Senior Girls Club . . . G.A.A. MANN DOLORES Beautician Service Club . . . Senior Girls Club , . . G.A.A. MASUNAS, MARILYN Nurse Student Council . . . Service Club . . . Senior Girls' Club . . . Science Club . , , Camera Club . . . G.A.A .... Division Secretary, MICAL, DOROTHY Nurse Senior Girls' Club . . , G.A.A. MICETIC. IOHN Work B.A.A ,.,, Senior Prom Committee, MITCHELL. CHARLES Linotypist Service Club . . , lunior Bed Cross . . . R.O.T.C. . . . Ushers' Club . . , Drum CS Bugle Corps . . . Picked Platoon . . , Frosh-Soph Football Team . . . B.A,A. Lettermen s Club IEZEK IUDITH College Honor Club Service Club Senior Girls Club Band Science Club National Honor Society G A A Cheerleaders Treasurer Division Secretary Senior Prom Committee Scholarship Club IINDRICH ERVIN College Honor Club Service Club Lettermens Clu B A A lunior Prom Committee IONAS IACQUELINE Marriage Student Council Service Club Senior Girls Club lumor Bed Cross Sales Club G A A 'WIA :AT KATSIBUBAS THOMAS United States Marine Corps B A A KLECKA RICHARD Auto Mechanic Varsity Frosh Soph Football Team B A A Lettermen s Club KOLENDA EUGENE College Service Club Mixed Chorus B A A KOSTECKA IOAN Secretary Service Club Senior Girls Club lumor Bed Cross Camera Club G A A LA BELLE MARNE Work B A A LACEY ROBERT Television Technician Service Club lunior Bed Cross B A A li l l"l0l'l6!5 0 elll' df! tflle NIEMANN I OHN Tradesman Servrce Club Muced Chorus B A A NOVAK PETER Un1vers1ty of I1l1no1s Honor Club Servrce Club B O T C Ushers Club Prcked Plotoon B A A Drvr ron Secretory lunror Prom Cornrnrltee Scholorshrp Club NOVAK ROBERT Navy B A A NOWAK GERALDINE Opt1c1an Honor Club Student Councrl SSYVICS Club Senlor G1rls Club G A A PALIVIER BETTY Wxlson Iunlor College Icorrron Stott Honor Club SGTVICS Club Semor G1rls Club Pres1dent lunror Red Cros Mrxed Chorus G A A PETRICK GERALD College En Goger Stoll Vors1ty Footboll Teorn Letterrnen s Club B A A PLETKA IAMES Electrlccxl Engmeer Honor Club B A A POWERS MICHAEL College R O T C B A A PROCURO MARY Secretary En Goger Stoll Honor Club Servrce Club Senlor Girls Club Sclence Club G A A D1v1s1on Secretory ond Treasurer '-It "1' 04' " 49 -ig '73 PUTMAN IOYCE Pnvute Secre ary Honor Club Student Counc1l Servrce Club Senror Grrls Club G A A Scholorshrp Club REILLY IOHN Engmeer B A A REKS IACQUELINE Housewmfe Senror Grrls Club lunror Bed Cross Grrls Chorus G A A SARICH IOHN College Honor Club B A A SCHADE CAROL College Servrce Club Senror Grrls Club SCIGHCG Club Mrxed Chorus G A A SCHALLMO HOLLY A1r Force Nurse Corps En Goger Stott Honor Club Servrce Club Senror Guls Club Sc1ence Club Comero Club G A A Leoders Club Swrm A1ds SHEPP MARSHA Marnage Honor Club SGFVICG Club Senror Grrls Club SCIGUCG Club G A A SHIPYOR FREDERICK Work B A A SIKORA RICHARD College Frosh Soph Footboll Teom Letterrnen s Club B A A 2 yeafif alle 5,470 g 50 CZMIC g SKLENAR BETTY Nurse SGFVICS Club Semor G1rls Club Camera Club G A A D1V1s1on VICG Pres1dent SOLLAIVII MARGARET Offlce Work SSTVICG Club Senlor G1rls Club Iun1or Bed Cross M1Xed Chorus G A A SOLLAMI PHYLLIS Marrmge Honor Club Student Counc1l SSIVICS Club Semor G1rls Club Board Iun1or Red Cross G A A lun1or Prom Comrmttee STACH EDWARD College Orchestra Band B A A SUTKUS DON Electncal Engrneer B A A UHER EDWARD Mechan1calEng1neer SGFVICS Club Football Vars1ty Letter men s Club B A A D1v1s1on Presldent VAN ZANDT BEVERLY Kmdergarlen Teacher Honor Club Servlce Club Senror G1rls Club Sc1ence Club Natronal Honor So CISIY Mlxed Chorus G A A G A A Board Leaders Club Cheerleaders Treasurer Swun Alds D1v1s1on Secretary Scholarshlp Club WALSH IRENE Secretary SSYVICS Club Semor G1rls Club Iumor Bed Cross G1rls Chorus G A A WILLIAMS GERALDINE Ill1no1s Wesleyan Honor Club Servlce Club Senlor G1rls Club SCIGHCG Club Natlonal Honor So clety G A A D1v1s1on Secretary Scholarshxp Club WOLK FRANK College Honor Club Senxor Swlm Team Letter men s Club B A A Iumor Prom Com rnlttee WOZNIAK MELINDA College Honor Club Student Councll SSTVICS Club Senlor G1rls Club Board Iunror Red Cross Sales Club Nat1onal Honor Soclety G A A ZAIICEK DOLORES Fashlon Illustrator SGIVICG Club Senlor G1rls Club Sc1ence Club Camera Club G A A ZUZALEK DANIEL College Honor Club Sclence Club R O T C B A A Scholarslfup Club M es lf i ev f J' Class Bram ldeal Amerlcan Glrl Ideal Amertcan Boy Athletrc Hero Athletrc Herorne Most Pleasrng Personallty CG1rlD Most Pleasrng Personahty fBoyD Most Reserved Grrl Most Reserved Boy Class Poet M1ss Foraetful Mr Eorgetful Most Oblrglng Glrl Most Olollgmg Boy M1ss Neatness Most Talkatlve Glr Most Talkatlve Boy Class Arguer M1ss Happy Go Lucky Mr Happy Go Lucky r Class Vorce CBoyD Curl Wrth Nlcest Eyes Boy Wrth N1C9Sl Eyes M1ss Perpetual Srrules Mr Perpetual Srnrles Class Cut Up Class Grggler Shyest Grrl Shyest Boy Class Alllorer Glrl Wrth Most School Sprrrt Boy Wlth Most School Sprrrt Best Dressed Glfl Best Dressed Boy Class Musrcran fG1rlD Class Musrcran CBoyD Handsornest Boy Prettlest Grrl Most Popular Glrl Most Popular Boy Class Wlt Class Artlst Gtrl Wrth Prettrest Tresses Dlmples Gul Most Lrkely To Succeed Boy Most Lrkely To Succeed Geraldrne Wllllams Iudy lezek Ioseph Blcan Gerald Petrrck Iudy Madura Arlene Stettek Peter Novak Betty Palmer Frank Bezak Holly Schallmo Margaret Sollarm Allen Bednar lrene Walsh Danrel Zuzalek lune Drzrk Mary Procuro Robert Lacey Iudlth Clausen Carole Schade Mrchael Powers Iohn Nternann Iudrth Grunz Davld Grant Drane Burba Kenneth Eckerty R1chard S1kora Marrlyn Masunas Bernrce Augustyn Iohn Sarrch Geraldrne Nowak Beverly Van Zandt Rlchard Klecka Phylhs Sollarnr Frank Wolk Ellen I-lusenger Walter Lolas Iohn Wauterlek lacquelrne Ionas Ioyce Putnam Ervrn Iendrlch Edward Uher Paul La Mantla Iacauelme Reks Betty Sklenar Melrnda Woznlak Teddy Frydrychowlcz W4 'N fi U' 'ml mu 1 I If ix 4316: j i .A...-.-...A,..-.A..,A. .Ar,. N Z .,r... 1fQ'f,lfQffffffffffffffffffff' ' Class Voice tfgirll ..., '.'. I,'. l .. Naomi Barrett mt Mtss Petite I ,..... u. l. I. 4. H- I. -. I. 4, 4. E. 4. A. l, A. .. Q. S. D. I. Diane Hanzyk 72 'C-T-' 'Zn Standing: W il 1 i a m s, I-' i a l a, Frydrychowicz, Sealed: Steffek, Wauler- lek. '19 7 AND 8 BAR SENIORS Drzik, Madura, Iezek, Steffek, Williams, Van Zandt. OUTSTANDING SENIORS Slanding: Williams, Frydry- chowicz, Uher, Bican. Sealed Madura, Wauterlek, Iezek. Boi tom Row: Ionas, Sklenar. Sian ding: Stefiek, Fi- ala, Van Zandt, Iezek Drzik. Seated: Burba Madura, Husenger Boltom Row: Wil- liams, Wozniak. Qraduazfef bzdfzrewcll 5 N NNNM Q Q R ff- 1 . -...ak ! I 32" fl FIG fx ,M X K "' A QW -Q .Ami IUNE CLASS UFFICERS KLUSENDORF DON College Honor Club 4 SGIVICG Club Baseball Team Letterrnen s Club Frosh Soph Varsrly Basketball B A A D1v1s1on Presrdent Treasurer Senror Prom Cornmrttee Scholarslmp Club Sophomore Class Presrdent Seruor Class Presrdent HOLAN ARLENE Northern Illmors State College Honor Club 3 Servlce Club Senlor Grrls Club Iunror Red Cross Scrence Club G A A DIVISION Secretary Iunror Prom Comrnrttee Senlor Prom Cornmlttee Scholarshrp Club Senror Class Vrce Presr dent WAGNER IRENF Mcrrrmge SGTVICS Club Senlor G1rls Club Drama Club Grrls Chorus G A A G A A ,4-'IQ Board Leaders Club Senlor Prom Corn mlttee Senlor Class Secretary GUASTELLA PHILLIP Doctor Honor Club 4 Student Councrl Vrce Presrdent Scrence Club Iunlor Red Cross B A A D1v1s1on Presldent Treasurer lunror Prorn Comrnrttee Senlor Prom Commrttee Iunror Class Presrdent Senror Class Treasurer A5 LUG? LUGKA fAI'0LLgA BARTELS IOYCE AfChGeOlOg1SI Outll C nd Scroll En Goger Stoll Hono Gtrls Club Art Club Sctence Club F T A Notroncrl Honor Soclety BATTS MARCELLA Secretary Servlce Club Sentor Grrls Club G A A BODEREK ANTHONY A1r Force Servtce Club Sc1ence Club Cornero Club R O T C Ushers Club Drum CS Bugle Corps Bttle Teorn Ptclced Plotoon B A A Cfhcers Club BOEHM KENNETH College lunlor Red Cross B A A Dtvtston Prest dent Semor Prom Comrnlttee BOHUS CHRISTOPHER Aeronautlccrl Eng1neer Honor Club 7 Servtce Club Orchestrcr Bond Sc1ence Club Corneror Club Norttonol Honor Soctety Iuntor Sentor Swlrn Teorrn Letterrnen s Club Vorstty Bcrsketbcrll Scholorshtp Club B A A BORYLA IOSEPH Work lun1or Bed Cross B A A BRAZYS TONY Electrical Eng1neer BREW LEE Chemlst B A A BROOKS DARYL MCIYIICIQG Drvlston Prestdent Sec etory Servtce Club G A A Sernor Grrls Club Owfufffe ABRAHAMSEN ROSE Teacher En Goger Stott Honor Club 5 Student Councrl Serv1ce Club Sentor Gtrls Club Drorno Club Sc1ence Club G A A Leoders Club D1v1s1on Secretory Iuruor Prom Cornrmttee Scholorshrp Club ABS BETTY Ml.SS1OnGIY Servlce Club Sen1or Gtrls Club Nort1onol Honor Soctety G A A ADAMS IAMES Mechamc luntor Bed Cross B A A ADAMS IANE Secretary Servtce Club lunlor Bed Cross Cctrnero Club Grrls Chorus G A A Swtrn Alds Drvrston Presldent Vtce Presudent Sentor Prom COIHIHIIIES ADCOCK NEIL Work Sentor luntor Sw1rn Teorn Letterrnen s Club B A A AGUILAR DOLORES Secretary Sentor Gtrls Club Comerol Club G A A ALEXANDER GLEN C1v11Eng1neer Iccrrron Loryout Co Edltor Servlce Club luntor Bed Cross Drozrnct Club B O T C Ushers Club B1fle Teom Prcked Plotoon B A A Scholctrshlp Club Ofttcers Club ANTOSZ LOUISE Clenccrl Work Servrce Club Sentor Grrls Club Soles Club Ccrrnero Club G A A BARAN ANN College Servrce Club Sentor Grrls Club lunlor Bed Cross G A A Dromor Club Hostess Club -"W Ns 4'-M? I ' I . . , v . . , f A il Club 7 . . . G.A,A .... Service Club . . . Senior in I? , ' , ' . s W ' - If 0 50? ll llla CLl"0bUe 3' Nui -'wr CIAMBRONE MARY IEAN Dramahcs Servlce Club Senlor G1rls Club Iunlor Bed Cross G A A Drama Club Mrxed Chorus Seruor Prom Comrmttee CIESLA VERONICA Secretary Servrce Club Semor Glrls Club G A A CONLEY ROBERT Work Tumor Bed Cross B A A COONS ROSS Doctor of Medlcme lcarlan Edl or 1n Chref Qulll and Scroll Pres Honor Club 7 Serx 1ce Club Iumor Bed Cross Pre Band Drama Club Sclence Club Vrce Pres Natronal Honor Socrety B A A D1v1s1on Vrce Pres Seruor Prom Com Scholarshtp Club Student Councll CORN PHILLIP MCITIIGITIGTICIGH En Gager Staff Honor Club 7 Servrce Club Iunror Bed Cross Scrence Club Natronal Honor SOC1elY B O T C Ushers Club Prcked Platoon B A A Scholarshlp Club Ottrcers Club CUPRISIN ELAINE Secretary Student Councrl SerV1ce Club Semor Grrls Club GA A Grrls Chorus D1v1s1on Secretary DASZKIEWICZ GLORIA Phys1ca1Educut1on Honor Club 3 Servrce Club Senror Grrls Club G A A Scrence Club Sales Club P T A Camera Club Mtxed Chorus G A A Board Leaders Club DEVAN IOANN Secretary SGFVICG Club Senlor Glrls Club G A A DOBROWOLSKI FRANK Chemrst Honor Club 4 B A A Scholarsh1p Club BUDZYNSKI BERNARD Draftsman Servrce Club B A A Stage Crew BUHLE SHARON Nurse Senror Grrls Club Camera Club Nurses Club G A A BUHLINGER IOANNE Comptometer Operator Servrce Club Semor Grrls Club Sc1ence Club G A A Hostess Club BUINOWSK1 GERALDINP Comptometer Operator Servrce Club Senlor Grrls Club Iun1or Bed Cross DIVISIOH Vrce Pres1dent G A A BUNIS MARCELLA Un1vers1ty oi Il11no1s Qurll and Scroll En Gager Edrtor m Chret G A A Honor Club 7 Student Counc1l Servlce Club Semor Grrls Club Sclence Club Natronal Honor SOC19lY D1v1s1on Treasurer Scholarshlp Club BURIAN CAROLYN Secretary Servlce Club Senror Grrls Club Camera Club C A A D1v1s1on Vlce Pres1dent Secretary CAPEK RONALD Coach Student Counctl Pres1dent Serv1ce Club lumor Bed Cross Orchestra Band Varsrty Prosh Soph Football Team Iumor Swrrn Team Lettermen s Club B A A D1v1s1on Pres1dent Iunlor Prom Commlttee Sophomore Iunlor Class Vrce Pres1dent CARLSON IOHN Work B A A CARTER DOROTHY Housewrfe Semor Glrls Club G A A 'W' 6' l"0l'l1QI'l'l UI DOLAN DALE Dent1st En Gager Stall Servrce Club Orchestra Band R O T C Drum Sf Bugle Corps B A A DYIVIEK DIANE En Gager Bus1ness Staff SGTVICS Club Semor Glrls Club G A A EARLEY DARLENE Secretary Honor Club Servrce Club Sen1or Grrls Club G A A ESPOSITO IOANNE IB M Operator Servlce Club Sentor Gtrls Club Drvlsron Secretary G A A ESTOK LYNNE Nurse Senror Glrls Club Iunlor Bed Cross G A A Nurses Club EWING LOLA Model Servrce Club Senror Glrls Club Camera Club C A A D1v1s1on Treasurer I-'ALTIN BARBARA College Honor Club 5 Student Councrl Servrce Club G A A Sentor Glrls Club Camera Club G1rls Chorus M1xed Choru Cheerleaders D1V1s1on Secretary FIRTH IOHN College Honor Club 6 Orchestra Band Sclence Club B A A Nattonal Honor Soctety lunror Senror Swrm Team Lettermen s Club DlVlSlOH Prestdent Scholarshlp Club FLUOR MONICA RAE Marriage Icanan Staff Sen1or G1rls Club G A A D1v1s1on OIIICGFS Ushers Club Prclced Platoon Stewardess 41' at fm., FOLGA WILLIAM US Arr Force B A A FREDERICK IOHN Draftsman B A A FRESKE MELVIN Draftsman B O T C Ushers Club Prcked Platoon B A A Olhcers Club FUNCK LORELEI Nurse Nurses Club En Gager Staff Servlce Club G A A Senlor Glrls Club Band Camera Club Hostess Club GALLAGHER SHIRLEY Secretary Qu1ll and Scroll En Gager Bus1ness Staff G A A Honor Club 5 Senlor Glrls Club GALVIN ROBERT Work B A A GIORDANO PASQUALE PhYS1C1SI Honor Club 2 lunror Bed Cross B O T C Ushers Club Drum CS Bugle Corps Ptcked Platoon B A A Olhcers Club Drvlsron Treasurer Scholarshtp Club GORECKI VIRGINIA Commerclal Art Serv1ce Club Senlor Glrls Club Grrls Chorus G A A Scholarsh1p Club GORSE IAMES College Var-stty Football Team Lettermens Club B A A ,411 fl .S1,,..,,1 IOIII HIL Cdllfffl t Cldllllfl, GRABSKY IAMES College Varslty Football Team Lettermens Club B A A GRAF SHIRLEY Busmess College Servrce Club Senlor Glrls Club G A A GREYBAR PAT Alrlme Stewardess Semor Grrls Club Board G A A GUARDI PETER Work SGFVICG Club Iumor Bed Cross Varslty Football Team Lettermen s Club B A A GURYN TOM College Servlce Club VOTSIIY Football Team Lettermen s Club B A A D1v1s1on PFSS1 dent GUTHRIE ELEANORE Teacher Honor Club 5 SGTVICS Club Sernor Glrls Club Art Club Scrence Club F T A G A A Cheerleaders Swlm Ards Iunror Class Treasurer Iunror Prom Com mtttee HARKINS SHARON Secretary SSFVICS Club Seruor Grrls Club Glrls Chorus G A A HASSELBERGER GLADYS Stewcrrdess Senlor Glrls Club G A A HEFFERNAN IAMES Work Varsxty Frosh Soph Football Team B A A 'W --4! ,av fd' V7 K' HEINEN DIANE RSCGPIIOIIISI En Gager Staff SGIVICG Club Semor Grrls Club Camera Club G A A Drvtsron Secretary HEINRICH GERALDINE College Qulll and Scroll En Gager Stall Honor Club 7 Student Counctl SGTVICS Club Sentor Gtrls Club Natlonal Honor Socrety G A A Scholarshtp Club HIGGINS ALICE Nurse Servlce Club Sentor Glrls Club G1rls Chorus G A A HOLST DONALD Work Band B A A HOLY RITA Clencal Semor G1rls Club lunror Bed Cross G A A HORACEK KENNETH Chemxst En Gager Stall Honor Club 6 SGTVICG Club Drama Club Scrence Club Treas urer Camera Club Nattonal Honor Soc1ety Presrdent B A A Scholarshtp Club HOVORKA, ROBERT Draftsman Sctence Club B A A HUGHES, CAROL Smger Serv1ce Club Semor G1rls' Club Camera Club G A A Opera Club HUMPHREY, IOANN Secretary Senlor Glrls Club Drama Club Gtrls Chorus G A A Dlvrslon Secretary cfanczng, f e mugilc, an: f rzenclg afmozilo ere it f'T" KAWCZYNSKI BARBARA Ofhce Work Semot Glrls Club G A A KNUTSON LORRAINE Phys1cczlEducat1on Teacher Servlce Club Sen1or Glrls Club Iunlor Red Cros Sw1m Alds G A A KOBILIAK GLORIA Lab Techmclan Servlce Club Sen1or G1rls Club Opera Clu G A A KOHUT IEANNETTE Nurse Sen1or Gtrls Club Drama Club Art Club G A A KONECK1 SEVERYN Stenogrcxpher Honor Club 3 Student Counc1l Servlce Club G A A lun1or Red Cross lunlor Prom Cornmtttee KOPPIT HAZEL I B M Operator Sen1or G1rls Club lunlor Red Cross G1rls Chorus G A A D1v1s1on Presldent KOSKI NANCY Physlccrl Eclucuhon Teacher Honor Club 3 Student Councll SGFVICG Club G A A Sen1or Glrls Club Cl ence Club G A A Board SW1rn Alds D1v1s1on Secretary Iumor Prom Comrmttee Scholarshlp Club KOSTON DIANE HOUSGWIIS Servlce Club Sen1or Gtrls Club Iunlor Red Cross Glrls Chorus G A A KOVACS LAWRENCE Work R O T C B A A ILKANICH MARILYN Reporter Honor Club 3 Student Councll Sen1or G1rls Club Mlxed Chorus G A A ISRAEL EUNICE OIIICB Work Servtce Club Sen1or Glrls Club D1v1s1on Presldent G A A ISRAEL SHARON Ofhce Worker Servlce Club Sen1or Glrls Club G A A IOHNSON BETTY Secretary Student Councll Servlce Club Sen1or Glrls Club Iunlor Red Cross G A A D1v1s1on Treasurer IURKOVIC IOANNE IB M Operator Sen1or G1rls Club G A A KADERABEK BARBARA Oihce Work Honor Club 2 SGTVICG Club Sen1or Gtrls Club Camera Club Hostess Club G A A KALLA RICHARD College Iunlor Red Cross Baseball Team B A A Frosh Soph Varslty Basketball KARAS IVIICHAEL College Student Counc1l Frosh Soph Varslty Foot ball Team Iuntor SW1m Team Lettermen s Club B A A KATSIBUBAS BARBARA Nurse En Gaaer Staff Servlce Club Sen1or Glrls Club lumor Red Cross G A A W7 H-'W' Q CLBQFQ Olfll' iealll on F.: -ur LEONI CONNIE Nurse Servrce Club Senror Glrls Club Iunlor Red Cross Carnera Club G A A LEWIS IERRY Commerc1crlArhst Student Councrl Servlce Club r Club R O T C Ushers Club Prcked Platoon B A A LOUZENSKY INA College Icarran Layout Co Edrtor Qurll and Scroll Vrce Presldent Honor Club 3 Servrce Club Sen1or Grrls Club Iunror Bed Cross Scrence Club Camera Club Secretary Treasurer G A A D1v1s1on Secretary Nurses Club Secretary Scholarshlp Club MARTINECK LILY ANN Secretary Honor Club 4 Servrce Club Senror Grrls Club Orchestra G A A MCCOY CINDY Rancher Servrce Club Senror Glrls Club G A A MCGOWAN PATRICIA Ofirce Worr Student Councll Servrce Club Senlor Grrl Club Iunror Red Cross G A A Hostess Club MCKAMEY LAURALEE Muslc Teacher Servlce Club F T A G A A Mrxed Chorus MCKNABB BOB Wgrk Senror Swrm Team Lettermens Club B A A Bequhclqn Servrce Club lunror Red Cross G A A Senror Grrls Club '90 KOVAL EVELYN Med1CGI Technlclan Honor Club 2 Senlor Grrls Club Camera Club G A A Grrls Chorus KOZLOWSKI IOANNE Secretary Servrce Club Senlor Grrls Club G A A KREGZDE IONE Work Honor Club 4 Serv1ce Club Senror Grrls Club G A A Iunror Red Cross chestra Scrence Club Scholarshrp Club KREMNITZER MARY Telephone Operator Servrce Club Senror Grrls Club G A A KUBILIUS MARY ANN HOUSGWIIG En Gage-r Staff Honor Club 2 Servlce Club Senror Grrls Club Drama Club G A A KUNST WILLIAM Mechamc Servlce Club B A A D1v1s1on Treasurer KWIATKOWSKI IOE Roohng Contractor SGTVICG Club Baseball Team Lettermen s Club B A A D1v1s1on Vrce Presldent Basketball Team LAVERTY MARY Marnage Student Councll Servlce Club Senlor Glrls Club Drama Club G A A DIVISION Secretary Vrce Preslclent LELLISH ROSEMARIE Marnage Servrce Club Senlor Glrls Club Grrls Chorus Drvrsron Secretary G A A .ew rc! MESSINA SAM Auto M6ChGn1C R O T C Drum CS Bugle Corps B A A IVIEYER ART Work MODLA EDWARD Work Serv1ce Club Vars1ty Football Team MOLDOVAN WAYNE UHIVBISIIY of Illmols Honor Club 2 Student Councll SGTVICG Club B A A Iunlor Bed Cross Stage I oumallst of Mlchlgan Wnter Model Nurse Sen1or Glrls Club Iunror Red Cross Sales Club Nanonal Honor SOCIGIY G A A Cheer leaders Swlm Alds D1v1s1on Pres dent 0 I' g wad UI' CP? ir ' 'Q' --F il! 'SP' OCHWAT IEANETTE Ofhce Work Honor Club 7 SSTVICS Club Senror Glrls Club Natlonal Honor Soclety G A A G A A Board Leaders Club Senror Prom Comrmttee O CONNOR IOHN College Vars1ty Football Team Letterrnen s Club B A A OLOIER IUDY College Serv1ce Club Senror G1rls Club G A A OPALECKY MARIE College Iunror Class Secretary Honor Club 7 SGTVICG Club Semor Glrls Club Art Club Sclence Club Natronal Honor SOCIGIY G A A G A A Board Leaders Cluo Cheerleader Iunror Prom Cornrruttee OTREMBIAK DIANA Secretary SSFVICG Club Senlor Gzrls Club G A A PATTEN ARLENE Secretary SGIVICG Club Senlor Grrls Club Mrxed Chorus G A A PETERSON RICHARD College PFEIFFER THERESA Secretary Honor Club 2 SSTVICS Club Senlor Grrls Club G A A PITEK DIANE College SGIVICS Club Senlor Glrls Club G A A DIVISION Secretary Treasurer Iunlor Prom Commlttee PIOSEK, FRANK Electrical Engineer Honor Club 7 . . . Service Club . . . National Honor Society . . . ROTC .... Ushers' Club . . . Rifle Teaml . . Picked Platoon . . . Scholarship Club. PLEWA, LAVERNE Work X Senior Girls' Club , . . G.A.A. POK, LEE Interior Decorator Service Club . . . Senior Girls' Club . . . lunior Red Cross. . .G.A.A. POLLACK, MARION SUSAN College Service Club . . . Senior Girls' Club Board . . . Iunior Red Cross . . . Science Club . . . Girls' Chorus . . . G.A.A .... Hotess Club. POWERS, ROSALIE College Service Club . . . Senior Girls' Club . . . PTA. . . . G.A.A. RIBANDO ROSE Secretary Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A Sophomore Class Treasurer RIVERA RALPH College B A A Division Vice President ROBACK LORETTA Clerical Honor Club 7 Service Club Senior Girls G A A Division Secretary Club National Honor Society Secretary :mf RODGERS IOYCE Marriage fc Service Club Senior Girls Club Science Club G A A G A A Board Division Vice President fig? N'-'sr M 'ff' S .X Ai X iii Wow we fLinL of fAe5e momenfJ 'vm .f '23 '-:sr ROGALSKI I OAN Secretary Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A Division Secretary ROSS SHIRLEE College Service Club Senior Girls Club Science Club F T A L1brar1an G A A Division Treasurer RUSNAK MARLENE Physical Educahon Honor Club 4 Service Club Senior Girls Club Science Club Camera Club Mixed Chorus G A A G A A Board Leaders Club Scholarship Club SAGAT IOSEPH Navy Pllot Baseball Team B A A SAWICKI LAWRENCE Salesman R C T C B A A SAWYER LAWRENCE Chemical Engineer Honor Club 3 Iunior Red Cross R O T C B A A Officers Club SCHULTZ CAROL Nursing School Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A SCHULZ IOAN Secretary Honor Club 3 Service Club Senior Girls Club Science Club G A A Division Treasurer SESTAK ROBERT Baseball Player Iunior Red Cross B A A 2 Ulf! CAQPI5 A em Ong ll'lf0 Olll' yeafj 1? 'YM 'T SHAPIRO KATHLEEN lournallst Qutll CS Scroll En Gager Co Edrtor 1n Cluet SGIVICG Club Seruor G1rls Club Drama Club Presldent G A A D1v1s1on Presldent lumor Prom Comm1ttee SIEMIAWSKI MAX Draftsman Iumor Red Cross B A A SLANINKA RICHARD Work Iumor Bed Crosss Varslty Posh Soph Foot ball Team B A A SLEMP HELENE Typlst Serv1ce Club Semor G1rls Club G A A SLOMSKI EDWARD Englneer B A A SPIELES NANCY Servrce Club Sen1or Glrls Club F T A Grrls Chorus G A A STAPLETON RONALD Servlce Club B A A STARY IANET Semor Glrls Club G A A dent STEPANEK PATRICIA Honor Club 2 Serv1ce Club Sen1or G1rls Club Sc1ence Club F T A Camera Club G A A College Work College D1v1s1on Presr Pmmst STRAKA CHARLES EIGCIIICIGII Frosh Soph Varsrty Football Team B A A STYRCULA IRENE Housewmfe Servlce Club Sen1or G1rls Club G A A SURA KATHERINE Ofhce Work Servlce Club Senlor Glrls Club Iumor Bed Cross G A A SURA ROSALEEN HOUSSWIIG Semor G1rls Club G A A TESMER LUCILLE Nurse En Gager Staff Student Councll Sen1or Glrls Club Drama Club G A A THANASOURAS SIA Nurse Icarzan Stat Honor Club 3 Servlce Club jumor Bed Cross Sclence Club M1xed Chorus G A A Leaders Club D1v1s1on Presldent TOKARSKI TI-IERESE Clencal Honor Club 3 Serv1ce Club Semor Glrls Club G A A TOLLEY IACK Work TOPPETT BEVERLY Nurse Serv1ce Club Semor Glrls Club M1xed Chorus G A A D1v1s1on Vlce Presrdent fi -'1 X 'L 0 ag a 12:17 TUBAY GEORGE College Varsity Frosh Soph Football Team Letter men s Club B A A URCHAK WOODY Physlcal Educatlon Varsity Frosh Soph Football Team Letter men s Club Division President B A A VACHA CORRINE Secretary Honor Club 5 Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A VAHL IOAN Work Service Club Senior Girls Club Iunior Red Cross G A A VALZONIS ROBERT College Drama Club B A A VINCEK ELAINE Nurse Service Club Senior Girls Club Iunior Bed Cross G A A Girls Chorus Nurses Club WABISZCZEWICZ MYRA Secretary 'S' ,sis WEIGAND BILL College B A A WESOLOWSKI THERESE IB M Operator Senior Girls Club . . . G.A,A. WHITE GERALD Work B . A . A . WYSOCKI BERNIE College Service Club . . . Varsity Football Team , . . Lettermen s Club . . . B.A.A .... Basketball Team. ZANAZARO RITA Beautician En-Gager Staff . . . Service Club , . . Senior Girls Club . , . Sales Club , , . F.T.A. . . . G.A,A, ZIOBRO BERN Armed Forces Mixed Chorus . , . B.A.A. ZIOIVIEK PAT Commercial Artist Honor Club 3 . . . Service Club . . . Senior Girls Club , . . Science Club . . . G.A.A, . . . G.A.A. Board . . . Division Secretary . . . Senior Prom Committee. ZUNIGA, ROSE ANN Receptignigi Senior Girls' Club . . . Sales Club . . . Camera Club . . . G.A.A .... Mixed Chorus. 4.-ng., En Gager Staff Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A Drama Club Mixed Chorus WAGNER BEVERLY Secretary Senior Girls Club G A A WASCHER IUDITH Valparaiso UHIVSISIIY En Gager Stall Honor Club 4 Student Council Service Club Senior Girls Club Drama Club Camera Club G A A Division Secretary 1. es W 5-in-Ql 'WA X-5 Class Bram ldeal Amerlcan Glrl ldeal Amerlcan Boy Athletlc Hero Ath1et1c Herome Most Pleasmg Personalrty lG1rll Most Pleaslng Personahty CBoyl Most Reserved Curl Most Reserved Boy Class Poet MISS Forgetful Mr Forgetful Most 0bl1QlHQ Glrl Most Obhgmg Boy Mrss Neatness Most Talkatlve G1rl Most Talkatlve Boy Class Arguer M1ss Happy Go Lucky Mr Happy Go Lucky Class Volce CG1rlD Class Volce CBoyJ M1ss Petrte Boy Wrth N1cest Eyes M1s Perpetual Srrules Mr Perpetual Srnrles Class Cut Up Class G1ggler Shyest Glrl Shyest Boy Class Al1b1er Grrl Wlth Most School Sp1r1t Boy W1th Most School Sp1r1t Best Dressed Curl Best Dressed Boy Class MUSICGH fG1rll Class Muslclan CBoyD Handsomest Boy Prettrest Grrl Most Popular Glrl Most Popular Class Wlt Class Arhst Glrl Wlth Prettlest Tresses Dlmples G1rl Most Llkely to Succeed Boy Most Lrkely to Succeed Ph1l1p Com Barbara Faltm lames Gorse Berny Wysockl lrene Wagner Patr1c1a McGowan loe KW1atkoWsk1 Monlca Fluor FTGHCIS Pyosek loyce Bartels Daryl Brook Robert Galvln Barbara Mertes Iames Hetferman Severyn Koneck1 Elame Vmcek Tony Boderek Drane Hemen Hazel Kopptt Woodrow Urchak Sla Thana ouras Bernard Zlobro loanne Esposlto B1lly Folga Loulse Antasz Iarnes Crabsky Betty lohnson Kathleen Shap1ro Anna Baran Frank Dobrowolskl Iohn O Connor loanne Koskl Don Klusendorf Ianet Stary Wayne Moldovan Lorelle Funck K1tBohus Ronald Capek Rose Marle Lelllsh Patr1c1a Greybar Ph1l1p Guastella Loretta Roback Mar1e Opalecky Ioyce Rodgers Cmderetta McCoy Marcella Bums Ross Coons Q B 1: S L W A ,7 71111 J, ' .5 'mf' 5 X I y tr,lt, W - y gl Glrl With Niclelst Egsgyif f'f.'ff.'f.'.f'ffff. P D .D tm, pot D 4S . -... 4.v.'..,.,4,..A.-.-.','.l.l.A,l.4.4.'.'.A.-.. .,.4 . I . , MARCELLA BUNIS Top Ten Outstanding Semor GERALDINE I-IEINRICH op Ten IEANETTE OCHWAT Outstanding Semor PHILIP CORN Top Ten Outstandmg Senior TDP IOYCE BARTELS Top Ten SIA TI-IANASOURAS Outstanchng Senxor 5 l KIT BOHUS Top Ten Perfect Attendance FRANK PIOSEK Top Ten Outstcmdmg Semor FRANK DOBROWOLSKI Outstandmg Seruor T' MARIE OPALECKY Top Ten Outstundmg Sen1or ROSS COONS Top Ten Ouistandmg Senior Perfect Atiendcmce MW VM' pi ga 2 fm 'N' E IDR wi-5543111 'M' we gif aff: is 'WM z ,Qui fr' rw! 452, , gif it d,,xl3 LORETTA ROBACK Top Ten IOHN FIRTH Top Ten Outstcrndlng Senlor BARBARA FALTIN' Outstanding Semor Periect Attendance ,. BN A dawn XZ . W M , YM -6533! Q Hb, ' f , . 1' HU M eg h . " ,, if 7 v ,ff .:g:, vu Rib' f . Q ,f F f 5 1 .-ii? '- A A ' 1 ef ' , 'V A , : L i A ' ,g ,ly 5: 1 'if Q lff we , ' ' ' ex - ' ' I A I R , 1, ' ' Q ' 'Q . W4 2 V if 2: 21 25 . L4 '31 52' 2322: A 'Q , -v ' wif .v,?f'3,:. ' ' A , wg? f mQhHg6fQiLf,g:j, :j,:g. , ff 5 2.: 4e24i0S,,eEg4fpy?,g, , :: :-:: 6 -"' 1 Q 1 3 vsssgi:g,:wy ,. ., X ,N ,2'FQrZi4.Z, WW. e '- A , f' , xy' f 'Z-2i3Q'Wb'iQl :H ,V t, .' V 1 A ' m ,. in V, ,,,,.,:.,,., , .,,,.,.,. , ,.., . 5-' r 'i.:.:, 25Z.I' N 5 " A'5'5:, 1 X zgflf' ,' - D If Q, A - R A in -A 'T A -iii? 39 i tself: 1 -- .5' 5::'E... E355 ' - I ' 5 fligvffaigfifzi-A ' " "ki ' . The last iime ihey will see a Christmas tree at Owlville. Make a wish and cut the cake. The march for diplomas. wh X .'eni0rs I1QHlQHlh0l ..-4' ' lfgkl ,f' ' ,ff .qs 'tk "v -u., ,.f"'f fial-t'5f 25 L ...fig Miss Caruso Mrs. Conklin Miss Connors Miss Courtney Miss FitzGerald Northwestern University University ol Chicago Loyola University Loyola University Northwestern Miss Kelly Mrs. Kew Mrs. O'Hara Mr. Petromilli Miss Sherman Loyola University Loyola University Northwestern University University ol Illinois University of L 1, oz 5 K L, , i 1,6-"' f K,- ,.-. X..- ,f-""""' ,ky 'ff ' 6. 5 2-,MA Us v5 ,fx ss. Qefv' E7 was Q' ,Q , 9 Qxo U Miss Stark Mrs. Watson Mrs. Zachar University ol Chicago University ot Chicago Loyola University an 'VG' 94,0 Wann-X Mr. Kim fiijf ,al Chadwick Mrs. Ienks Mr. Koit Mr. Pershell Miss Powell ol Michigan Rosary College Loms College University ol Illinois De Paul University ,nv- E Qs 3 'W Q-Q, S I 7 C I A I, Q L 'if I I D I Ii S QW 'Nun ......a3' ,,.'f1'9 Miss Arvin Mr. Bohui Miss Cooper Mrs. Davis Miss Faeg University of Chicago University ot Chicago Loyola University University ot Chicago Northwestern -3-1111-1' ir... 1+--N 2 X5 Cf Q- CIIINIX ,5.Fkn-xzntmm i Mr. McCarthy University ot Chicago Miss Taheny Loyola University 31 igsmvtw hm Imran " I W iv a .3 wi Miss Bennon Mr. Carroll Mr. Gullo ol Chicago University ol Chicago Northern lllinois State ,-so ,QP Mr. Small Miss Smith Miss O'Malley Mr. Sears Chicago Teachers' College Illinois State Normal ,ACN 'mx ' 'AM """-vlan --sv N .45 Mrs. Tavlor Miss Tichy K. ol Chicago Northwestern University Lawrence College Northwestern University TH iii'-lg l i Q, 1 3 nw at --vfffiff! Mr. Alekna Mr. Friedheim Miss Groetsema Miss Hradek Miss Scannell Notre Dame University lll. lnst. ot Technology Chicago Teachers' College University ol Chicago De Paul University ?1gQ14, if f f x ,f we Y Y D Miss Wild Mr. Thomas Chicago Teachers' College Northern lllinois State in-N, X X if g W 'W' MSM' Mr. Behling Miss Bursik Miss Cavalli Mrs. Galgano Mr. Heyse Carthage College University ol Illinois University of Chicago University of Wisconsin Y.M.C.A. College 1 X Q S JOPR Q mn. Q9 tgfgl? ' 1 . - Y 7, ' XKWQQ-1 f Mr. McKil1op Miss Mrazek Mr. Peterson Teachers' College University of Chicago Northern lllinois Slate M0 C O M N R C A I . lu Mxss Brown Mrs. Craig Mr Danber MISS Iordon Mr L Siena Herghls lll lnsf of Technology Northern lllmoxs State Chrccrgo Teachers College Purdue QXXX: ggi :-5? Na? Mrs O Bnen Mxss Pulcxslu Mr Vcxbakcxs Umversrty olCh1ccgo Unrverslty olCh1cago Northern lllmors r. Cuzella Miss Davidson Mr. Howatt Mr. Lowman Mrs. Nestander State Normal Art lnstitute University ol Illinois De Paul University De Paul University 5,2 Mrs. Roggy Mr. Stephens Michigan State Teachers' De Paul University Z it Xi , A,-. if f .V P 0 N -sw Q 5 dw' 5 it ix new Mrs. Dennison Miss Greicus Miss Kruzic Miss Loughborough Mr. McLean j Northwestern University Michigan University Northern Illinois State Northwestern University St. Benedict I 1 if ix f "Bs W' qi one f-va . ' M . if if Vg' ,ilk ' CH'--'Wy' 'J m 1 I U it N SQL McMahon Mr. Novak Mr. Oker Mr. Stenger SQL Wieben U.S. Army Notre Dame University De Paul University Michigan University U.S. ANDY U 22 it S W 'W- ..s V Q Y f X X . 4 f I 'N I M Lg? LUNCH ROOM STAFF Tychsen Holoubec Ielmck Cs1cvara Tkach Fnzgerald Kctmm Mgr Block Sonch Hovcmec Guxlbeuult Fned mann MAINTENANCE STAFF Rowan Gagnon Wcxppcl Galhouse Lumhroum Vlfnntename Staff If It hos ever been scud thot the woy to someones heort 1S through h1s stornoch then the lunchroom stoff here ot Owlvrlle hors surely found rnony Iov mg heorts The stgff sees to It thott there :Ire plenty of Worm nutr1t1ous rneols brownres ond cook1es on hond for hun dreds of hungry students and teochers The Mglntenonce Stoff here cxt Goge Pork keeps C111 rnochtnery rn good runntng cond1t1on When ony hght bulbs burn out the rncuntenornce stoff hond1esth1s sltuotlon olso Yes we on be thonkful thot We hgve such punctual rnolntenonce men ot Owlvllle QQJDM f fa X 556, fN P :'Kfy X N .vw-'F' 1-if, 5 i Ross Coons, Editor-in-Chief The Icarian Staff, under the supervision of Mr. Gullo, started early in the fall planning, laying out, and assigning its Various duties in order to present the student body this yearbook, This requires a considerable amount of time and patience along with co-operation and initiative on the part of the staff and Mr. Gullo. Much information must be collected, hundreds of photographs taken, and many articles writteng but the deadline is met, as you can see, in spite of the many difficult tasks which must be ac- complished. Yi Stepnicka HI! Editor UML! ? L. ffm I I Quill and Scroll Officers gil Sh G h IHQSI' CANDLELIGHTING CEREMONY Receiving Pins Members are: Mr. Hearne, Gallagher, Berent, Swanberg, Mraz, Louzensky, Bunis, Coons, Siepnicka, Bartels, Heinrich. ,,4.-1 5 in X QI x 1 J x...----x X Writer's Prayer mx . ' G mm ..,. Fhuvxx: s. A x x w i in ww. lf' -1 - U, im me ,, . ,A rv X f nm: K H 1. 1.w Q.,,..4m. ' 5.1. 1 w X abil: x,mxfTxq . X r,.:,..f X ws, Ay ,.,, ' 'E we -mu:--If M VMI' ,Mr ' e .Wai , ifif visgt' ' xH Tm- Chrxeima me .A X M " -. W J ' ' 'G Eg- ,K , K X- vmxx-v m- A mv X zL,,:t3'.",'Eg1M"QEe- 13 sm w..nm awk we ,,,, My 111- - . 'M' isp ' . 7,34 ww. m npmm -,.,. M,,,,,,.,u , Ullniu Dr Wwod' xxx :xv euxmma ui WM X. X - wxmmx W Num: xx-me it 0 . I , - . 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TERS , Cores Petrie , Vieta Solrol 1c'us, Wabiszczeuicz, Rican H Bo! om Piclure: ending owskz Radalz Qvlxc Ryltmder Ho Hudlsh Onlqck aled pp Mc-Intzre Thum Bogdal e Seale Larson MTS ded bY Org, Staff 15 kgiiits that W S buslnesfd the Stu r he Q The 1 IHS S f11"1CiI'1ClG1 probe h Ruth Gglgaiqoncrge GH t e her m wlfh EN the k on The 159 r WOT sflng 119 1Ch may Gr flfld theigmd mterile Wlu him h ts lv th W Studen movable e at QW Ontlnue The ry e n her h to c ER Ve QQ1 Wls GAG noe theY h eXper1e Y he future if e k mntcr CITY pqpe WOT O them Polcyh on IJ! Gljlll svwza he ' We I H had A , umm L. Isl BUSINESS O: Gqlgan MTS h fley Gqllfrghe' S 1 4 ' 'W' -'ff' N ' ki ,vnu my ,A pd N - 1 i 17- 11:1-ny: .417 rl' , ,,-. 5 -0, 1 MQ,-.1:'i::m., .JJ A ,ij , 41 4 9 y , fhfvv igf ff',f'Qj hr I .111 pq -.WAN M,i',f,,g..: 1946? I hw- fw- T xlpflpwf ffm - '- 7,44 , 'I 'ak A ,A , if-mn, me ,Qf,,,' iw 3 ' "V A , " Sfnr!l.f'P1A. rp aww A 'A' ' , z , X r C7 W r wx, if , ' f' H,-il gp - A . 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' , 11 Q , Q , J 1 1 1 A ' . :vale 1: ' , H ' - L L. g 11 ,,,,, ' 5, gt V Q h, N, If qa- ,, ,J A I fr ri ' e - ' - 1 H 'A Th ' - , , F ' M A In V ir A mv, V v 3: ' ' : mf 1: LF' V ' . A ,, YU '- A . . 1. f 'fi , fgnali' ' Q- Z S , ' . f' -3 - f I ' g L'gu':fr'::1 ,jk wwf! n ff? X ' - . 1, . , hm G 5 ' ' - - ' 1 Lf .- if n H A JM ' 'F Q E I if ,fr A A ng hr ! , xr zsz, .lj , .91 M' 1 Ah Y 3 t ,X T A, in xg 1 I . .,,, ... ,M fig, Q2 ,, -,L gg. hy. .. . -L - ,I , .Q '. pil 711-ae'1zI?MXf' ruff' , Pa Zn, ,fi 5f4'n'1ff,i",f ,, . .X J . A m U U . 09. K Y . 'rv "wwf, , M M , 'Hy , Of, LET G,-fbfmv' , . Y A , A . - I 44 i , 1 . 'xii ' wihhy lv dv 1 s . .ww . 1 ' , . be : q .ez Al? h If fr "1 'J 1 'wifi R ' WWW 55' M? . ur " . ' "V V' . 4 X Arwnz ' 'f fx if: mx -- 4 Vw W 1.112 in zu: 'I ma 5 We 1-.z Q JA " . rl 'QI' lffwn .kr-I7 rl? 1 ' 1. 'M ul fh fnfrx 1 fx ,rl 1, y xx.-fr 'f U :hw .g ' ren I- h 8' he . wa- al 4 'I 41' BI' gf YJ: 1 kv' ' Jsw-.M .H 5 ' 2 C - AW ,k ., 3 ,., tr -Min. ' , 7 A4 C my mv, 1f aww H I Q . C nee' as W, P A 0 n Q ' V ' 1 ' 1 't ng A ,Y - I ' ', 11" A K M-fy -hefw MY' ,, , ' , " ' -' 1 1 c. . .Un 1 ,un kubzxniw, Y I f 3 P' . ,, , , Jones . - . ' ' ' My The Q 1 es , k hx' ' . che A - A 11 I 7 f' , Wt f M 2 ' ' If '- ' ITORS X V , , , . 1 m f x , X Q V ,, th W . . W P . A IN 1 fr' h 5 '. K1 m' i f , E' If " f. . f '!'sr14 in 'I f , O ff 1. 1 fy -1 ix' sie- "Y 1 f ' H me V PH' . ' . , 'jf ' Q1-,lin-, J X '1w,.x1.. 41- N' UP- - ' we in rf W' - ' ' ' I-grzhzr K 1,. . Uh' Q A m wr- ' nm y 'HY 'SSW . ,' I V x To ' , ' L , lr . '. . ' , ' . Se : ' lr 1 I , f Sf I . . , . lr. d: , . ' ' x 2, V ' . ,, , 1 - , TUUE T CHU HIL . WM it Miss Taheny 'lImIuv"""' OFFICERS CFALLJ Ronald Capek, President: Barbara Faltin, Treasurer: Melinda Wozniak, Secretary: Phillip Guastella, Vice President. OFFICERS KSPRINGJ Koski, Secretary: Faltin, Treasurer: Guastella, President: Barich, Vice-President. fi ...S Owlvilles Student Council, under the alole direction of Miss Taheny, was a very active, alert, and energetic group this year. The Student Council conf sists of two members from each division, one, the delegate and the other, the alternate. Each year the Student Coun- cil conducts an extensive Cleanf Up Campaign in and around the school, and sponsors two ane nual dances, the Sadie l-lawkirfs Dance and the Valen- tine's Day Dance. Now you can understand why the Student Council is such a helpful organization here at Gage, it not only sponsors so- cial activities but also helps to make our school the cleanest and best in Chicago. N1 CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE Top Row: Bednar, Tallarico, Guastella. Second Row: Koski. Wozniak, Putnum, Capek, Faltin. Bottom Row: Iuhas, Leshyn. x-.. ' MEMBERS CFreshmen and Sophomoresl Top Row: Stancik, Kyger, Wielgoz, Peters, Thurn. Forth Row: Lasinski. Belke, Cunningham, Antonie, Mitch ell, Cervenka, Polar. Third Row: Bar ovialc, Henzel, Kimmelman, Vander Meeden, Ostrowski, Kramarski, Nem tusak. Second Row: Rusnak, Foxco Mitiu, Wilhelms, Keller, Raciti, Bah ich. First Row: Hildebrand, Markow ski, Stalarchek, Grat, Wagner. Nowaczyk, Esposito. 13 "1 I ,...,.-v MEMBERS Uuniors and Seniorsl Top Row: Pavlacic, Wozniak, Spechko, Bed- nar, Karas, Hudzinski, Capek. Third .Row: Konecki, Tesmer, Faltin, Koski, Iohnson, Leshyn. Bischak. Second Row: Loquist, Landwehr, Eger, Putnam, Borch, Banasek, P. Guasiella. Bottom Row: Weinmann, Flora. Moldvan, R. Guastella, Iuhas. Sadie Hawkins Shower of Hearts OFFICERS Standing: Van Zandt. Seated: Ro- back, Williams, Horacek, Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Neva Davis 85 Qlaftona f50n0r5 wig I 1 ' if", ' 1 I , I Lt? ,M in, i it 'JF 9 3:5 ,rf "3 f Under the leadership ot Mrs, Neva Davis, the Na- tional Honor Society has received recoanition as one ot the most successful oraanizations in Gaae Park l-liah School. lts m e m b e rs have truly achieved a wonderful aoal in their hiah school career. Although s u p e r i o r grades are required tor attainina membership in this outstandina organiza- tion, beina o' member ot it is not all work and no play as its members participate in many activities inside and outside ot school TNI- ' I 1 lu' r 7 'Kin hir 4 i NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Top Row: Pjosek, Bohus, Bunis, Coons. Fourth Row: Abrahamsen, Frydrychowicz, Firth, Horacek. Third Row: Williams, Wozniak, Norka, Swanberg. Second Row: Corn, Iezek, Bartels, Barratt. Van Zandt. Bottom Row: Opalecky, Heinrich, Fiscella Drzik, Ochwat. Mxss Faegenson Ieannette Ochwcx! BOARD MEMBERS Honor Club Stcmdmg Bxshuck Pyosek Sawyer Seated Bums Gmsburg Raymond W1ll1cxms Kneelmg Wolf Koval Com 41 l Hlfiil xv! slid Through dlltgent and studlous ettorts to achleve superlor and excellent grades the stu dents of Gage Park earn a place rn the Honor Club After three semesters tn the Honor Club members rece1ve a gold pm chmaxmg the hrst step toward the hlgher goals of bemg rnducted 1nto the Nattonal Honor SOC19lY and of Wear1ng a gold tassel at graduat1on Under the guldance ot M1ss Sadle Faegen son Owlvllles Honor Club lunctlons wlth the greatest results and 1ncludes among 1ts var1ed act1v1t1es a Wmter dance Whtch 1S always a success OFFICERS Top Row Bcrrtels Slelfek Sec ond Row Norkcz Opalecky Bottom Row Ochwat 'T .M we 4. r ' g , I , sf. if . X ax ' C .5 2 , , 4 B l ig Q l r PN .ef ff i tr , af . ff, Q-it ff g FII, 2 qxx K 'yung ll E rf - , H M , 'lf-wwf ' A . . . , . V, g - , ' fi ' 3 4921159 Burk Mnnnr Qiluh i.."""" O 17 H o , Tn o r av Q Z ! xxx N X4-l'cfsx.,,k xx N Ng X X X X XXX S is K xx H. lx ia , ' x 3 Q5 X fa x W x - M, ky xg xx 30 M,,,n"' 112'-Q..-f"a ve? .M if iff ,XT I .X M! Q 1 ,4 K ,.A. y ,,'.5 'fae- YWWEWQ ' veg.: fi .Z 1 KE? 3' X ' 1 X gf Y Q-fl? kgigggi Q .x Q 7 K Af V aw , H if, 1 , x 1? a ,. Aa. If ff 5 E , 'kai-:iw 1. , 1 wvmugvm A A in xi X Xxz,,X X if x X, 'N ,, W. , . ervire Club OFFICERS Slandmg Plosek Sealed Leshyn Guihene Mrs Taylor Abrcxhcxmson One ot the most popular oraamzatlons at our school 13 the Servtce Club lts huge mem be-rsh1p conslsts ol students who help the teach ers or QIVG servtce m some other way for ex ample the help glven by those workmg m the llbrary book room supply room and Chrrstmas post otflce lS very necessary Mrs Taylor IS the sponsor of thls extra currlcular actlvlty Each semester of servtce grven to the school not only enables the student to become a membe ol the Servlce Club but also qlves pomts needed to tom other act1v1t1es The reward tor a semes ter of servlce lS the bl annual SGTVICG Club Breaktast whlch IS eaaerly looked forward to by all the members One ol the proudest aradu alma semors IS the one who can dtsplay G1 nt bars denotlng etght semesters t servtce K 8 BAR SENIORS Standing: Rusnak, Holun, Rodgers. Bohus, Coons. Horucek. Sealed: Guthrie, Koski, Abrcrhumson, Norku, McGowan, Opalecky. TICKETS Top Row: Senkcx, Meyers, De- von, Ross, Kcxlcxtcx, Drawz. Fronf: Guastellu, Mr. Alekncx. 128 HELPERS Top Row: Brenner, Lukomicxk, Brodek, Fyke, Niedzielski Biedess, Hcxvlick. Fourth Row: Augustyn, Mikalaiunas Smolo, Vcm I-Hia. Shuncxs, Vander Meeden, Prather Third Row: Higgins, Kregzde, Schott, Plecko, Pcxuss Moggie, Iohnson. Second Row: Adams, Niedzielski Seery, Koch, Pfau. Boifom Row: Ferkaluk, Villcxlobcxs Flcxishaker. vG'27"s' ,MW . My ,,. , -' ew 2 ik Q., Nita fu gk! i". 6 ' ' x I .1 X 4 X 1 , g 4 I gg'-1:11 52, J, W, ' , 3 fic j A wwf'-" '-Mmdhvq 1, M hw' " :.: 2"-faq 5 fm if wa. A? X X5 if? 6 Wim- 5 Y S dare. s...1 I . K WM. I nf 'O 'C ff 43' is 511 '-if 3 Q fi , ,, 5 , gil if? y' t ,- Q ggi? ax X' ' f 'F' 46" 'fy . ,, 'Z' 3 -f 4 ff A r f Ni 'Q . 1 1 ' vs, V --' -fi"'f" M , " , , e- 4 if m .Q aff, R X Junior ross L Dudu, Witczsid, Kowcxlczyk, Coons. Egcrr, Ciczmbrone, Cava- nough, Lukasek. OFFICERS The lunior Red Cross is the ordonizotion thdt unites Gorge Pork Hioh School with its community, Under the sponsorship ot Mrs, Zochorr, the members exchonoe ideos tor yeorfround projects. Tlirouoh the co'-operotion ot dll the Gdoe Pork stu- dents, Mrs, Croio, clothino instructor, ond Miss Hoody ot the ort deportment, clothing ond pockotges ore sent to veterons' hospitols ond to children in Europe dt Christmas time, Ol course, this project would not have been possible without the corelul pldnning and help of every member ot the lUNl0R RED CROSS, which hos done line Work dnd hos received mony lovoroble commendotions, Kcxwclczyk, Coons, Clcxmbrone Mrs. Zcxchcr. -f we Kmmm it 332 344.0 ' tg YKTKOJQS. QLCXSSQS 'P Mrs. Icxnet Crcug E ulu e eacher The FTA, is one of the most active clubs at Gage. Their activities include discussions concern- ing teaching techniques and visits to colleges and other educational institutions, During the past year its most memorable event was the CANDLE-LTGHT ING CEREMCNY during which the olticers were inf stalled. Those interested in teaching as a career should consider the PTA., which is designed to prepare interested students lor teaching. Qnce a month one ol our laculty or a student teacher is invited to speak on some phase ot the teaching tield. The FTA. is an asset to Gage because it helps to interest stu- dents in teaching. N7 1. 3' Am ri il Top Row, Standing: Kimmelmcm, Devorak, Spiels, Peters, Smith, Radatz, Havlic, Chapman, Liska, Valich. Fourth Row, Seated: Immel, Huckyl, Carter, Graff. Third Row: Cesario, Van Natta, Frey, Baranosky, Kosowski, Borowiak. .Second Row: Horvath, Arden, Shunas, Mc- Kamey, Higgins. Bottom Row: Sellas, Garbaciak, Wascher, Czerinak, Gallagher, Bryl. OFFICERS Standing: Shunas. Seated: Rodatz, Arden, Kim- melman. On Floor: Havlick. 7 'E' COMMITTEE Standing: Garbaciak, Galla gher, Bryl. Top Row: Peters. Third Row: Cesario, Dvorak . Valach. .Second Row: Kosow- ski, Van Natta. Bottom Row: Shunas, Frey. '93 Y 5 , M4 Science Club Each week future scientists meet to discuss and probe into the wonders of science. The Science Club, now under the leadership of Miss Harriet Smith, was formed about eleven years ago. Meeting every Tuesday after ninth period, the club includes sci- entific experiments, field trips, and treasure hunts among its activities. The semesters' activities are climaxed by a pin awarding ceremony at Which the new officers are installed. BOARD MEMBERS Top Row: Horvath, Dunn. Third Row: Thurn. Valach, Van Natta. Second Row: Sedlacek, Morowsynski, Kowowski. Bottom Row: Wolfe, Gallagher, Shunas, Miss Smith. MEMBERS Top Row: Horvath, Kyger, Schaer, Thurn, Hruska. Ninth Row: Smith, Shramovieh, Dunn, Bosik, Sedlacek. Eighth Row: Suarez, Valach, Morowczynski, Cesario, Van Atta. Seventh Row: Cain, Simadis, Horvath, Dzierzawski, Baranosky. Sixth Row: Kosowsky, Ierkatis, Shunas. Gagler, Frey, Meyer. Fifth Row: Kos- sel, Yungas, Kmiec, Gustaitis, Louzensky. Fourth Row: Shannon, Mikalajunas, McIntyre, Bryska, Niemiec. Third Row: Bolchert, Miller, Krzeminski, Kowaleski, Gallagher. Second Row: Miller. Wolk, Szymczak, Stalarcyk, Wolf. Bottom Row: Hilderbrand, Kusiolek, Nowaczyk. ff!! , rt 7 535 4 v N-.f -v-i-, I fV""'vl 4' Top Gorse Kowuleskx Moser Bottom Zanazaro Lakomxak Thomas Dcrszluewxcz 1 es I u 1 Securmq ods for the Ifdrzon 12 the mom purpose dword the members toll eoseleesly for the good o' of the Soles Club Sponsored by Mr He se Wrtbout the student body the drhgent SGYVICG of th s club the prrce of tHe QGCII The Icorlorl Stow op re ldtes tre fne org ew book would undoubtedly be roused RGCSlV1I'1fK' ro dered bv tfus club , ' iivcii --i-im..-t v i .953 ' fa- lg l ' "' Q 5 ' f I I n r x , , A. . -Q X Hrrr .gg-ft' 5 --.11 A'l'j-ii 'Wwe Sal J Il I I . ,. ' u. I V . . I C . ' L " I 't i , -'fur f V- .r pe' ..1'N:Y.- Sw c .QL Miss Pulaski OFFICERS Top Row: Oloier, Palmer, Ewing. Bottom: Husenger. Senior Girls' Uluh Our Senior Girls' Club, a group ot active, energetic young ladies, is an oraanization cant do without here at Owlville. Under the sponsorship of Miss l-lelen Pulaski, the officers and the board members plan many social events each semester. The Senior Tea and the initiation of otti cers are the main objectives ot this aroup. On Bow Day you can see the airls sellina colortull bows in the halls to raise money tor their Senior functions. Miss Pulaski and all the oirls have worked hard this year to make all their affairs funftilled ones. BOARD MEMBERS Standing: Baron, Buhle, Kaderabek, Vacha, McGowan, Pollack, Hughes, Vahl, Leoni. Greybar. Sealed on Chairs: Barratt, Burba, Hanzyk, Sollami, Brooks, Grunz. Seated on Floor: Schallmo Oloier, Vice-President: Palmer, President: Husenger, Treasurer, Wozniak. -'M INA V 4'-A i . TJ? me f, 1 ' 9' 9' ' Q l 0 3 i ' 'i tv 'Y T77 'hy - f m twig f 3 R! 1, L.: xi N'-A-'vw 4-I 1 Hu XXWWRHHXXXXK Top Picture: Top Row: K. Shapiro, I. Wascher, B. Vcxlzonis. I. Cicxbrone, K. Moser, I. Hodges. Seated: R. Coons, K. Horcrcek. Bottom Picture: T. Gczldikas, K. Boen, M. Moser, I. Wascher, I. Cambrone, B. Valzonis, G. Alexander, K. Horu- cek, R. Coons. x iII'rl nm I, I u I1 Reorgxanized by popular deznand in February of l955, flie Drama Club lias aiven many splendid perform ances, MISS Caruso, z-:ho has had mucli experience in the drarna field, is flio director of this oraanizafion " ' A O ik' S see at flio Service Club Breakfast and at The final products of many fryina reliearbal., are tlie S it ,ou Various SClTOOlC1SS9IT1bllGS. ,- fi 1 1 1111 1 I nun, i ai 'tn , 131 sz ,Z xi o ,vw H 1 l .- we -,-,.,., 1 ,V... K in g...-v 1--ul l fi" l fa Wikia U7 VW 5 U1 1 1111111 .M U -,fff2'f, , -M , A 5 Wi ' wfwfmh z E If ' x Z , 'A 1 iii I 5? 1' Q , I 4 2 Q I ' 4 Z R 9 ' 1 , A 'K 5 V, V R .7 1 A 1 K 5 L 4 MEM-Zyq,',,,wf'm1w' " mWW,,.M M WM, X 1 W 3 11 11 11 z X 1 Q 11111 1 .,-""""L Wsmywmfrgjm za 1 nw 1 X ' it 11 1 ffvf: 1. 11 352' 1 ??fT1f ' n H13 ,www ww-'W' W, 1 Mxss Iocm Iordan OFFICERS Top Row Furlong Groeger Funkhouser Bot tom Kadercxbcxck .uf Hostess Lluh Undertalcmg the responstblhty of servtna at varlous attatrs among whlch are the SSTVICG Club Breakfast and Faculty Teas are the mem bers of the Hostess Club sponsored by M1ss Iordon Although the reward ts small a party IS QIVGD at the end ot the semester The members aam valuable knowledae and expertence from thts servtce whtch wtll ard them tn later years Top Row Kukoch Slmon Butkev1c1us Putman Seventh Row Arnold Groeger Funkhouser Bolllg Szxth Row Andrekus Funck Vllcek Budkcz Woamuk Frith Row Mllcxhxk Kadercxback Burch Feder Fourth Row: Laird Malloy, Basillon, Bollig. Third Row: Rit- tenbclcher, Novcxrrete Powers Sweeny. Second Row: Kubiak Bogdalek, Furlong Seczdor. Boflom Row: Ko- wcxleski Fritz Zubinski. Iohn Firth Rose Abrahamson Arlene Holan President Vice-President Secretary Sl'lllllill'Shlll llluh 'l he Scholarship Club, under the guidance ot Miss Catherine Roche, meets every Thursday mornina at 7:30 in the Social Room, Membership is not restricted, and any student at Gage may attend the meeting, This club is the only opportunity our school otters lor those interested in going to college. l-lere the members have the golden opportunity to learn about college requirements, the possibilities ot scholarships, and what various colleges otter throughout the country. Why not avail yourself ot this 'lgolden opportunity' and become a Scholarship Club member? Standing: Firth, Frydrychowicz, Zuzalek, Corn, Bohus, Gior- Standing: Frenzi, Stepanek, Opalecky. Seated: Krull, Koski, dano, Piosek. Sealed: Fiscella, Iezek, Alexander, Miss Roche Holan, Guthrie, Louzensky, Snodgrass, Heinrich, Gorecki. Coons, Fiala, Horacek. Kneeling: Williams, Madura, Putnam Kneeling: Bunis, Guastella, Abrahamson. Drzik, Van Zandt. 3175 PICKED PLATOON Top Row: Momich, Dunn, Surdyh, Bizup, Cuprisin, Radatz, Alexander, Prendergast. Second Row: Landwehr, Kasprzyk, Chrosy, Dilcher, Frydrychowicz, Reinmuth, R. Popovits, F. Popo- vits. Bottom Row: Walski, Alcala, Freske, Boderek, Allesandri, Lewis, P. Corn, Egar. To teach the boys various military tactics, such , as marching, military strategy, and reading maps is the aim of the R.O.T,C. and Sergeants McMahon and Wieben, Developing leadership, discipline, and self-respect trains boys who wish to make the army their career. The duties of the R,O.T.C, include ushering at social affairs, raising and lowering the flag, and pre- senting the colors at assemblies. The Gage Park R.O.T,C. has made the student body proud ot its fine work throughout the year. Sgt. McMahon Sgt. Wieben OFFICERS' CLUB Standing: Tomas, Eger, Freske, Boderek, Alexander, Popovits, Prendergast, Giordano. Seated: Bryant, Chroszy, Corn, Piosek, Lewis, Bizup. , .Wy , -ff. 3 i tg is . INDIVIDUAL SCORES Iurkiewiez 587 F. Popovits 575 Boderek 558 Chroszy 547 Dunn 645 R, Popovits 536 Bryant 533 Shunk 632 Surdyk 623 POICYTI 597 Eger 519 Landwher 551 Alexander 544 Pjosek 533 Chabot 517 Team Average 544.3 "'P Top Row: lst Lt. Bryant, 2nd Li. Chroszy. Second Row: Capi. Boderek, Sic. R. Popoviis, Sic. Iurkie- wiez, Bottom Row: Capt. -F. Popovits, Msgt. Sur- dyk. TEAM SCORES Gaae Park 855 EnaIeWoad 845 Gaae Park 795 Lirrdblom 854 Gage Park 810 Harper 794 Gage Park 813 Morgan Park 587 Cfage Park- 825 Eenaer 8UI Gaae Park 806 Calumet 888 Team Averaae 8I9.I 85 DK 5 sis, ak! , :5.,, : 1'5f X 'A Lx Q' fgw' Y, A ' EW A X .,.. A ,e Q E 3, . . v... , wvmwwwv ,pm H M M. .. lb' v' I 'ir " s- ' 1' . g N am ' 1 X, . , , S .Q A :L YQ?-'A l f M .d M Q S, 1 A 1 I u ig 5 K x 2 f xq- -X , X I , .F Q, I O I 'r-f H. I-Qg .. , nm' E , 5 ,. 2 G in Q , 1 Q 2 I. N ' K 1 1 x 4... H ' , 'ff' xx I. A ', Q1 . x . v K N . ' W H df 'fu , 1 n X ,f 2 ' X CV X, I by , A 1 -. . s " 0 A .4 A ag ff Q , fs , H M' -lx", ,f X Jn 3, is f , iw , Q 5 , ' N ff' L? A V '1 xii: Qfff. 'x X4 "g6Jfx'g!!.,f x Q' 'N I ' F . 1 g mg - K ' 'L 'Z"'1"' e- ,- n xl 'ii ,V ,I " M Q wg g X-,.... A? K B"1n..,, 'Y Q 0 l I ' o U 73'- v fl -qv-QQ ff? Q ,. ' a:-, ' ' 0 Q X L fa L-I -.J ' r KN--.av mf , 1 f' 3737 ' - I .' -'-, i- 5 , s . L '. ' . ,um ' A-.f , QWMQAQ A vs 4 2 N V5 New lVllX9ll l1ll0l'lIS Furnishing entertainment lor their fellow stu- dent and teachers at Gaae Park is one of the funcf tions ot the Mixed Chorus, Their mellow Voices can be heard at the Christmas Show, Spring Festival, and many other assemblies, Directed by Mr. Stephens the Mixed Chorus capahly and successf lully completes any proaram that they may be called OFFICERS Top Row: Butkivicus, Andjulis. Bottom Row: Prawiec. Prendergast. Top Row. Bishak, Stockmal. Ninth Row: Kalata, Dusek, Sulick, Smercak, Machniak. Eighth Row: Maicher, Hash, Vasquez, Prawiec, Wabisczewicz. Seventh Row: Dus- kawietz, Steffek, Kovarik, Clausen, Patton. Sixth Row: Pollentzke, Barrat, Kosowski, Kalta, McKammey. Filth Row: Palenik, Dudones, Bladek, Hurta, Mikalajunas. Fourth Row: Marquez, VanZandt, Vondrak, Ceario, Charnot. Third Row: Wiltse, Zuniga, Thielges, Holubek, Massett. Second Row: Van Zandt, Oleniak, Wasik. Galagher. Bottom Row: Vasquez, Lorenze, Furlong, Blackmer, Winiarski. 'sn Top Row: Studnicka, Andjulis, Niemann, Bandirsky, Shunk. Eighth Row: Conlon, Edgar, Tandaric, Ziobra, Lewis. .Seventh Row: Filipiak, Iohnson, Salmar, Gay- dos, Handley. Sixth Row: B. Haskins, Prendergast, M. Haskins, Malloy, Shramovich. Fifth Row: Rodman, Ce- sario, Kolenda, Landwehr, Fechner, Fourth Row: Wysocki, Kukoch, Butkevicius, Burton, Goers. Third Row: Schutz, Pavlacic, Will, Ciambrone, Ochoha. Sec- ond Row: Thompson, Cesario, Valach, Kopinski, Read. Bottom Row: Krull, Prather, Kristof, Kroll, Toppett. OFFICERS Top Row Herodes Th1rdRow Tas s1s Kosmowskl Arden Second Row Cuprxsm Maruzos Steyr Bottom Row Lellxsh Oprondek Top Row Kosmowskl Spxeles Szew czyk Havllck Wlelgorz Peters Sev enth Row Steyr Cuprlsm Marazos Renz East Arden Sixth Row Pow lxck Hawksworth Kama Skolar Krrk Ierkatxs Fxtth Row Mxlas An tone Matzshak Bradley Kase W1e czorek Fourth Row Bamk Powroz n1k Oprondek Navarrete SVV1fClSk1 Km1ec Thzrd Row H1gg1ns Nasta sowskl Krzemmsk1 Tcrssxe Mllul Wxtowskl Second Row Wojcxechow sk1 Pollack Chaloupka Herodes Gordon Bottom Row Pratl Kopplt Lellxsh Vxncek Dusablon Messma s hm s Celebratrna therr second year as successful per lormers the Cfrrls Chorus has become one of the best llked CtCl1VlllGS here at Owlvrlle Under the able d1 reohon of Mrs Alva Nestander the grrls have suna at many school functlons 1nclud1na the Honor Club Assembly They along wrth the Mrxed Chorus pre sented the Chr1stmas Show puttlng us all rn a festrve mood lor the hohdays The grrls are dorng hne work and even thouah slnalng rn the chorus IS a lot ol hard Work they al admrt that lt rs fun 09 fi rs 9 s ' llluh OFFICERS Top Row: Forrest, Higgins, Drawz. Bottom Row: Kowcxck. 'W7 s-7 X M The Future Nurses' Club was or- ganized to further develop the interest ot its rnernloers in nursing as a Career. Owlvilles Future Nurses have received pamphlets telling about the various Nursing Schools, their Cost, and the op- portunities offered to you as a nurse, Under the sponsorship ot Miss Roche, the girls visited hospitals and had the thrill ot being nurses for a day at the Evangelical Hospital Pins are awarded to the inernbers at the end ot each semester. Fourth Row: Pcxjkos, Plecko, Bcxtka, Sczric, Kowcxck. T111 Row' Draz, Funck, Fcxlkowski, Buhlt, Dunham, Seco Row: Higgins, Dulebcz, Vondrck, Sellcxs Shannon B tom Row: Piekarski, Wilke, Wilke, Super. Top Row: Cain, Kukoch, Louzensky, Stasik, Fone 1 . ' n o 1 2 fanning Qi. Uwlville in Qction A I 1 mn ,- .A xv' 5' - - --er- 5':""' "Q Q4 ,, IMA 2- 'tk x 1 X, -fs. V av 'f . fr, ' M5 ' if W alfa' 1 x ' M' KJ- nv +1-3 -yn,-an , A ' - 1 ' ll 'unw- Am wk ff - .ml yf . .V vmpxau-M , ??' Q' 1' 1-Gfiglr. I . lf' rf 1 '51- Zd., - - Q9 . Y, wa rt 3 .A ik 1 fi 2 ,Q -fx: .5 A. A ,Q N . f 1 un I 3w',g.u,... f T , V. Q , . .H -sf , ' v"1 " X . sl - ,, A . g , . ' nv. .Af ., 1 4 f 1' ta ' y, ,' " W , 1' H if 18 If 'A ew' .a, ...W gs. ' 22 'C' X f 1 ' ' 4, . A ' ,, .5 ' ' f..wm...wm.qA.. ' EN ws wx gh , 5 N-.,,NmL4'f,,, , xv K! Ik -XXNAMQMMAWVKZQ Q. ""1-f.,.4:w ,, " fa ,Ev 11' A K . ' rin' of API IT FUUTBALL TEAM Qarf . .53 Fourth Row: Coach McLean. F. Swienski, I. Leshyn, S. Vucinic, S. Sarcrparu, T. Scxrnu, I. Petrick. D. Byrne, R. Capek. D. Varuda, R. M. Karas, Coach Novak. Third Row: Couch Thcmasourus, Mgr. G. Macovich, G. Kosowski, D. Hudzinski, I. O'Connor, I. Pacholik, B. pier, I. Heffernan, T. Guryn, I. Wauterlek, I. Kuzel, W. Urchcxk, Mg. E. Uher. Coach Kurnasck. Second Row: I. Bican, G. O'Connor, E. Modlu, I. Grollo, I. Grcbsky. I. Carrigan. First Row: I. Rozc, T. Ward, I. Gorse, B. Wysocki, E. Bcxltruscxitis, P. Guardi. We at Gage Park are proud of our Varsity Foot- ball squad, although they finished with a fairly im- pressive record of 2 wins and 3 losses, we feel the highlight of the season was their hard, clean, competitive spirit. Behind the successful season were Coach Mc- Lean's constant drilling and vigorous practice ses- sions at which our untiring varsity boys gave their all. Congratulations, looys. and keep up the good Work. 3 N"-uri' SCORES Lindblorn l3 Leyden O fljorfeitb Kelly 13 Du Sable 5 Dunbar l4 Hirsch U Calumet l3 FRU H-'UPH FUUTB LL TEA andowskx Boxel Iany Blew Cxrullo Stedronslcx Balaxtxs Roza Coach Oker Bottom Row Klempka Pxrmclu Cosmano Hopp Goers Dalton The Frosh Soph Football Team was estabhshed to orovtde a stead stream o' expertehced players for our varstty The boys of thls years team have proved therrselves to be a ht hly sp1r ted froup and shcdtd lve the varsttt an ample supplx ot players sdch tmportant 'uh tlohs ot football as block PJ tackltrua te 'hffork ard last but not least soortsmar1sh1p Conqratulatlors boys on the splr Jou show ed and Coach Oker on the splend1d Job you drd m mcldm these oo ,fs mto tme potehttal Varstty Football players iw W 4 :Di Top Row Manager Hallman Smith, Popovits, Heffernan, Nauss, Her man. Hauff, Schrey, Zygadlo, Cunningham. Middle Row Ianxclcx Lew Under the watchful eye ot Coach Nicholas Ulcer, the boys have learned A X! MSN gif! 'H YQ V4 '4-mf fx 1 xumbiiq, wp kgs? 'ax' X 5 if si, ,Q X - P' 3 A f 'h'x0"'?x,' .i""9x 'U'f 'nal I ' 1 i7 'ff' Pt ITY B JQETBALL TEA H 5 1 t 24 1 1 E ni 5 ' f 1 1 I 8 . 1 , I 1 s n , 0 x H 4 is J " Ma : 'I W '. Y. I I 5 ft l 2 1' ' , u ' MW ' u 1 s Q 4, 4' 9 9 S et-' - 5 Top Row: Brown, Heffernan, Brooks, Barich, Iesko, Coach Oker. Second Row: Kuchar sk1 Urchak, Starnes, Zitnik, Klusendort, Novak. Bottom Row: Kempfer, Brazys, Kalla The 5567 season saw Gwlvilles Cagers oft to a good start by winning six ol their ten practice games. Two of these games were in the Illinois Tech Tournament. Although we were rated low by Prep experts, Gage Park upset Von Steuben and Austin, managing to reach the quarter finals, being beaten only by Phillips, the eventf ual winners ofthe tournament, Urged on by Coach Oker, the Owls continued to keep up the good work and to play out a very successful season, winning 9 and losing 10. Although the Owls did not win any championships, they gave Gage many happy moments and, most important, the pleasure ot knowing that our school showed good sportsmanship whether we won or lost. 5 5 B111 Kempter Don Klusendorf Co Captain Co Captam 'I 4 as ' s lf ' I ' ' 1 n ' I I ' 0 FRU'H- UPH BAUHETBALL TIQM i - 5? E , , M M.,.,WM,,.,.......,...........i... -M W.. A 'Y ,..-.4--A-sv-1 .2 -r X Top Row: Kyger. Kcxdas, Ncxuss, Horvuih, Rusnak, Stcmcik, Coach Novak. Middle Row: Hcxuff, Heffernan, Klimczcxk, Belke, Hopp, Rozcx, Woli. Bottom Row: Hrdinu, Smith, Syzmcxnski, Supcxk, Murphy, Lewcmdowski. P mix' ww 4' -W 46 xpw ,ky A N 1 if 'X " xx 'X fa X 1 fx, fr RT , ,ff I df' X x ,--X X r --gp ,ff z 1 ,J if H52 N: if bf- ..,,.,,,, Jn Top Row: Valentino. Popik, Heiden. Mau, Lu Mcxniia, Wolk. Second Row: Lesondac, Welsch, Conlon, Robinson, Sarna, Tallarico, McNabb, Woici- chowski, Biske, Gagler, Krueger, Cos- mano, Vismek, Cirullo, Stedronsky Basile, Schultz, Mclntyre, Ostrowski Mr. Stanger. Bottom Row: Bohus, Firth, Groeger, Loias, Holman, Tucek, Iudkins, Galdikas, Cunningham, Ho- ,Junk fer, Kremsner. QV. SENIOR SWIM TEAM The Senior Swim Team, under the leadership of Coach Paul Stanger, is the mainstay of the athletic department. In the past few years the team has won respect for Gage Park. These boys have fought great odds and still came out victorious. Part of the credit goes to our Coach, but the greater credit goes to our ever-fighting team. It has been their immense desire to win that has meant the difference between victory and defeat, The student body of Gage Park is proud of the fine performance put forth by the team. If the team can do as good in the future, Gage will always have a winner. 106 5 1 In Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park SENIOR SCORES Tilden Kelly Lindblom Du Sable Phillips Tilden Kelly Phillips Du Sable -.-..-.a...i- Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage IUNIOR SWIM TEAM SCORES Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Tilden Kelly Lindblorn Du Sable Phillips Tilden Kelly Phillips Du Sable IUNIOR SWIM TEAM The Iunior Swim Team is the developing grounds for the young swimmers of our school. It has been established to teach the boys the technical points of swimming, such as diving, breathing, and turning. Paul Stanger, the coach who is in charge of molding the great swimmers of Gage Park High, can boast oi his team's great ability, for this year's team placed first in the Central Section competition. The students are proud of the boys and the great effort they have put forth this year. Congratulations and good luck. vw oe 'jx C mm 0 I' Vierre Cha? 2 'Pr ab! mic P -0 runner tlbb W whifty eb L3 "mob 'Q sa' ,J v-do cl1GhhQi" 'Wolf I rg A ,, ff -'ar fu " ' RY 1. 4 G I A i x 'QXA A N ,- ' Y 9 I -f f --:Q 3 jf ' ' - Q., , M f M 4 fl, 4' fi 'L S 'M 4' 2' V' . . 4 I ., x A R3 , f E -? iq, T1 321 qw? , , Q ,-- 5 K V , N . .. .- Y f qi rf 'MQ an . A :tex iii , F , ,X ,, A, V .. A , , i . 4 A 7- is .... .tm ' ff 4 ' Vivfi ' ' 1 5' , 4 , A 2 ,ff ff icy-2 X? p if f as AA ., Q K 4 , . ff A I tg, M w fl . , i ,gd 'Q " ff Af- - ff ,S Ag as ,W ,M Q Y if X X ,413 9 c'fX 2 43 . I 'ff' N Irene Wagner President Grace Strelecky Marie Opalecky Vice-President Treasurer G. A. A. Ufficers L. L h Rosemary Guastella o1s es yn Secretary Corresponding Secretary The GAA, Board, etiiciently sponsored by Mrs, Lauretta Dennison, is the governing body of the Girls' Athletic Association at Gage Park l-ligh School. ln order to become ci inernber ot the GAA. Board, a girl must maintain a "G" average in academic work and at least an "E" in gyrn. She must also have been awarded her school athletic letter and should be neat, dependable, and athleticfrninded. The oiticers are chosen by the student body. CGliicers not pictured - Nancy Krull, present Vice-President, Roberta Snodgrass, present Secretary. The GAA. sponsors the annual athletic dance, a division volleyball tournament, GAA. socials, and GAA. classes tor soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, tencing, and turfibling, Top Row: Daszkiewicz, Van Zandt, Wagner, Drizik. Ochwat. Third Row: Mrs. Dennison, Madura, Read. Strelecky, Leshyn. Second Row: Krull. Snodgrass, Dvorak, Opalecky. Bot- tom Row: Ferenzi, Guczstella, Stefiek. 1- dffw "9 'x " NE i x xy M I ,L ..,.. . ag':24:.fz.i A 1 ky' .ws-., . In xg , 'PKK I4 'Ti Q X li ,A m sw, 1 r Q-J 9' I I f -my . . HY in ,53- 3 1 lg. i,,w nl"9n X954 sv X Q ik, ' I ,A f- 4 ga QV iw. . A Q W . 5 . ii -is! tw gzsfigrx, X . 2' -f ki gy knjhi, .w9f5m,4A as , r N " wif' - -,gpfawmw K qk A ' 31f?i6-23,35 RQ Y, "X f' 4 ' 'X "'xT"l15kn,Z L ,.,. W 5 A . FV' i w 5. alias -.....,.. A f - 'A ' in . ' 4. 1 S " 4 ff' fx ' I ixziv gl K - A 617 'A . A big' at K1 If 'M ji MA? wi NJYY if ' qv .-' XR F X. Ai 4 wi' 'yx Qwxvy v V ' v SVLVT V HN N v . 'K X I P' X x 3 'X 'Y-gk, MISQ Grexcuc X Iudy Madura Elenore Guthne Iudy Iezek Dxane Ferenzx Captam Co Captain Treasurer Secretary Top Prcture Top Row Head Leshyn Strelecky Snodgrass Iezek Fe-renzx Norka Second Row Wascher Steftek Opalecky Pernecky Thanasouras Vander Meeden Faltm Bottom Row Berent Wagner Guthne Madura Van Zandt X r 'N :,g5sJ . I ' L AN , K - r 'lflk fsserff tgxsxgxzswf, dill: .,' fl k x XXX r 'iw Zandt Shunas Madura Steftek Urhik Chaloupka Van k Top Row: Hartel, Snodgrass Ferenzi Guastella Pernecky Bacha Standing Second Row: Berent, Dvorak, Hodges, Falun Bottom Row Vander dottom Row Watasik leze Meeden. Guthrie. ' contests are the cheerleaders, who lead the crowds in our me before a stolid, unresponsive, uninspir- ' ' display of athletic power a rally Cheerleaders An important feature at all Owlville s athletic school s cheers What teams could carry on and Win game after ga ing audience? On the other hand what audience would enjoy Watching an exciting in a death like and oppressive silence? The efforts of the cheerleaders have probably starved oft many by the opposing team The ease with which the cheeerleaders lead the crowds 1S acquired only after many strenuous practice r the able direction of Miss Emogene Greicus session unde- NEW CHEERLEADERS TOP ROW! WilUSik. Gudsielld. Miss Greicus, Dvorak, Hodges. Second Row: Uhirk. Hartel, Shunas. Simrr, Bottom Row: Gabel, Bacha, Thielgas, Chaloupka. f f llffq ff, V774 X I Zvgb g x , y d " wr f fk fl M,-P 7 fr Zz' 2' Qljlr, 1 ge dl x 90 1 Come all Gage Park Student lets slng Keep our colors lly1ng above Wllh your song the rafters w1ll rrna They stand for the school that we love h Loyal and true to Gage Parks name Hear us cheer for Gage Park l-lrg We re all wlth you on to fame As we a1ve th1s famous cry CHORUS Al M t I H 1l Maroon and Whrtel CHORUS l-larl ma a er a Cheer one and all for a v1ctory for Gaae Park I-hah' H011 Almfl MUTSTI HGH MUTOOV1 cmd Whllel Rah' Rah' Rah' Cheer one and all for a vrctory for Gage Park Hrahl Al? J .f"" Leaders Llub ""' M L4 Xl Opalecky Mxss Kruzxc Sec ond Row Bxcan Schallmo Snodgrass K r u l l Prohm Hodges Stefiek Ochwat Bot Iom Row Daszlaewxcz Thxel ges Berent Van Zandt Wag ner Drzxk Thanasouras Sponsored by Mrss Kruzrc the leaders asslst the gym teachers and students Before be commg SGYVICIUQ leaders one must be a leader Top Row Gallagher, Wascher, Vasquez, Fuller, Sire lecky, Havllck. Moser, Soltes, Evasxk, Chaloupka Sec ond Row Plohar Kowal k . czy . Konoisky, Krzemmskx, Stas1k Zmke F W , , arc. xltse Bottom Row Vander Mee den, Guastella, Cesano, Shunk, Sxma, Bncan, Guzffre tralnee whose quahfrcauons must be a G aver age fn all scholastrc grades and 1n gym The leaders code IS as follows L 1 f s o leadersh1p E IS for effrcrency A 1S for alert D ness IS for dependablhty E IS for enthusr asm R IS for responsrbrhty S IS for serv1ce a cl C f n IS or confxdence O IS for orgamzatlon D 1S for dlllgence and E IS for effort anEorS r . Q x f ' ,J 'X U f , ' ., w by 1, , X W 4 . Y , ,wfff J ' . 1- ,f My-,.,w-M , K M H ' , : I 1 1 , R if l V' f ,M M .' ' I ff as I . I . , ,Q - , , . 'N 'Q ' s 'I' I 1 Q Q y x V I 1 I I l ' . 1 'Q ga- I .cwx I l 1 1 ' va 1' . K . I I l 732 , V 1 I gf A r Q - . If lbw? 1 A or I fr r' - 1 ' M1 ' ' "' 2 in 'lil 2, fd ' L V , , , ,M , f 'I' L lik ill I 1 X L , ,, , . V I it 1 . I -- I VI, 5 . J A' , I . 1 . .. . . 1 V - - I I I A I - I I 1 . 1 I I I 1 I - I I I l. I I A I - 4 ' I' I - 1 , . I, , . . D I 1 . . . I , , . . . 1 , . ' , . , S, S . , 'NA L if Q X M..- . l :xv ' If . 5 ' . , , ,R 1, A - E , I Top Row Read Myslmslu Leshyn Glapa Abrahamsen Pavlacxc Madura Dvorak. Sfandmg Mxss Grexcus Koskx Sealed Hartel Welker L Wxll mot C Wxllmot Wxltse Han zel Bacha Wagner Br Nexklrk ockett The swlm a1de s sponsored b are respons b y MISS Grelcus 1 le grrls who have passed therr 1un1or or semor hfe savmg test and are quah hed to asslst the physlcal eduCat1on teachers and swrmmers They demonstrate varlous strokes glve the g1rls pomters and act guards g two semesters of d1l1ger1t servlce 13 the recelvmg of an award at the G assembly A A awards Top Row Meyers Namtusek Uhnk Cesarxo Nelklrk Wagner Van Zandt Evasxuk Hartel Third Row Mxss Grelcus Bxcan Frey Natuz Hodges Slowmslu Madura Chnstopher Kosln Second Row Guthrie Groeger, Rypel Fuller Herodes Vahl Welker, Kowalczyk Bottom Row Berent, Schallmo, Ledlelca Nastasowslu, Hartel 1 a :l , .,- ' 42 yi, ' '- ,S W , V , , , ' ' ' , aslife Climaxin " ' ' f , W .' ' fs , Flora, Rex, Swim Aides FOOTBALL EMBLEMS 1956 Certificates Captain Second Halt Frosh Soph Robert Blew Robert Boxel Waldeman Bylaitis Patrick Byrdak Vince Cosmano Mike Cirullo Bob Cunningham Ierry Dalton Haig Depoen Steve Goers Roy Hallman Tom Heffernan William Herman Walter Hopp Roy Hoult William Iany loe Klempka Ken Kremsner Clem Lewandowski Edward Miller Robert Nauss Larry Piwnieki Mgr Robert Popovits Dennis Roza Charles Schrey George Smith Otto Stedronsky David Wright lohn Zygadlo Letters Edward Modla Peter Guardi lames Heffernan Michael Karas William Kempter lay Leshyn George Mackovitch lohn O'Connor lohn Pacholick Thomas Sarna loseph Bican lames Bican Dan Voruda Iames Gorse Richard Klecka Iohn Roza Edward Uher Bernard Wysocki lohn Wauterlak Managers George Mackovitch Edward Uher BASKETBALL Varsity Letters Bob Starnes Tony Brazys Certificates Don Barich Rich Kalla Bill Kempter Don Klusendorf Woody Urchak Gregory Bischak Robert Iesko William Worobey BASKETBALL AWARDS Frosh-Soph Bob Belke Tom Heffernan Walter Hopp Bob Horvath Doug Hrdina Iohn Kadas Tom Klimczak Del Kyger Clem Lewandowski Dean Murphy Bob Nauss Ierome Rusnak George Smith Ron Stancik Bill Supa SWIM TEAM Letters Tony Galdikas Walter Groeger Roy Halman Fred Haier Gary Iudkins Arnold Schultz Otto Stedronsky Robert Visrnek Ha Robert Wo1cichowsk1 Certificates Ken Biske Kit Bohus Iohn Conlon Vince Cosmano Iohn Firth William Gagler William Heiden Paul Krueger Paul LaMantia Walter Lojas Robert McNabb Edwin Mau Michael Popik lames Robinson Thomas Sarna Frank Tallarico Ted Tucek Paul Valentino Robert Welsch Frank Wolk BUYS' ATHLETIC AWARDS G A A AWARDS IUNE 1957 Letter Nancy Barratt Allce B1can Ioanne Cesar1o Iudy Chaloupka Anna Mae Fulla Sandra Gabel Sharon Glnsburg Margre I-Iarazrn Mar1e Hartel Theresa Markowskr Georglana Medhk Patrtcra MOFOWCZYHSk1 Dolores Plohar Celme Ryoel Lorra1ne Shunas Lorrame S1ma Gerry Skolar Nancy Spleles Ioan Uhrzk Barbara Vondrak Iudy Wrtasrk Mlldred Zrnke Lenore Kowalczyk Elarne Kowach F 1rst Chevron Ann Bacha Barbara Glapa Iamce Havhck Iayne Hodges Arlene Holan Collette Moser Patncra Soltes Bonn1e Threlges Carole Vander Meeden Carol Wascher Second Chevron Beverly Berent Vera Dvorak Nancy Krull Lors Leshyn Roberta Snodgrass Grace Strelecky Thlrd Chevron Pat Zlomek Ina Louzensky Fourth Chevron Ieanette Ochwat GIRLS ATHLETIC AWAP1 DS Lydla Brockett ICIYr1e Hodges Drane Bullock Andrea Cullen Barbara DeCoste Valerre Dvorak Maryann Garbacrak Kay Gulftre Lmda Iansto Sue Konotsky Sylvla Kowaleskl Charmalne Kukoch Lourse Lederka Ioyce Louzensky Iudy Prather Dee Sellas Dorothy Shedor Arlene Thomas Ioan Valach Arlene Van Natta Ann Vrhovmk Sharlyn Welker Lorralne Wllson Barbara Wrelgosz Mary Ann M1t1u Patr1c1a Kmrec Iune Ianusz VOLLE If BALL Iunror Senzor All Stars Dolores Pavelec Rose Senka 9 Carole Vander Meeden Vera Dvorak Dolly Knutson Susan Konotsky Bonn1e Bead Barabara Tallo Glorla Gonzalez Ioyce Rodgers Frosh Soph All Stars Edna Vllcek Kay Glaza Irll Conrad Shrrley Kozlowskr lOC1nne Cesarlo Altce B1can Ethel Vrlcek Franctne Cesarro Helen Molloy Bonn1e Iorgenson Georgrana Medlrk Mane 0196116-Ckv DIVISION CHAMPS Marlene Rusnak Emblems Lourse Antosz Ioyce Bartels Elame Belak Glorra Brenner Iunzor Sentor Drvtszon Iudy Prather Ioann Uhrrk Iudy SoW1nsk1 Barbara Glapa Betty Batka Sherla Bradley Carole Vander Meeden Iobey Brockett Drane Mart1n Frosh Soph Drvzszon 408 Lorratne Shunas Adrrenne Slmon Lrnda Iansto Ethel Vllcek Ioan Valach Donna La1rd Pat Kllmala Dolores Plohar Carole Burns Donna Kubrak CHEERLEADERS AWARDS Letter and Two Chevrons Eleanor Guthrte Letter and Two Chevrons Iudy Norka Letter Barbara Faltln Letter and One Chevron Mar1e Opalecky SWIM AIDE AWARDS Mar1e Hartel Lorarne Knutson Ann Bacha Ioyce Nastasowskr L1nda Ne1k1rk Lenore Kowalczyk Sharlyn Welkner LEADER AWARDS Emblems Iayne Hodges Blame Kowach Bonn1e Thlelges Beverly Berent Vera Dvorak Barbara Glapa Ilona MYSl1DSk1 Carol Pavlacrc Marlene Rusnak Iamce B1can Nancy Krull Roberta Snodgrass Medal Rose Abrahamsen Bonn1e Read LEADER SERVICE Shzeld Iune Drzrk Lots Leshyn 505 Holly Schallmo 801 S1a Thanasouras 705 Beverly Van Zandt 803 Irene Wagner 1 Ianice Bican Bonnie Thiel es R059 MSYSTS h ' - ' ' ' ' 503 . K ' n ' - 803 '- E 735 Mf XYQSH 1 1. 1 N a 1 ,-,Q , ,1 NSR 9 ,,.i' .- f, +4 A ,wa ,... -1 J 1 -. A. if ,XM f ,A 1 - - - .fha 4 N-J' 454 ' :Ji M, .,, 1 , V' Q , . rf 1? 4 1:-, H ,l,. , if ' fig 'gf ., - ,h 'zag' '5 . :K 1 . 1 fl . ' .' .1 -11 ' M. 'S . fn 1 ,, Q J K . lg eg 'Q .H ggi, , A ,f 5' - f za - .1 H. 'iff A -a i' 1 J V- Yi'- ..L, H 5, - f-4 8' 11 Q fu' 1. 4,1 9 G LY, if Elf si' I Qi 'U X, 1 If S nz J P .gi 11 , J Q' ' 4 1 1 -gig-.IX av", '1 . ,W JY 1 S 5 4 f , 'l "s i 'Q 1 f s ,- Q if 3' J-if af - if 15, 7 iii: la .LV ' .:. v E, K A ' ' Z1 is ,An ,, f ,F .14 we Q 1:2 f if wif' . y .14 , U. A f M ik 4., . . -Q-'EQ 14,-' 4, ,- M-.-' 5-Y in 5 N ,efq ,. -134 ,E f'J,',5 .57 wa, 1 2.2" . Ei' ' i' u?Ef'FT'?' "-M1 fi- gi 3 4. '- if: Q Y D1v1s1on 701 Top Row Worobey Popik Rance Slcxnmkcx Blschak Rance Timm Fxtth Row Avonts Zekcxs Bryant Corrigan Fclblk Fourth Row Miss Tichy Struck Stem Appolxto Myslm skx Kopmski Third Row Vucsko Funkhouser Buncrsek Hawke il D1v1s1on 702 Top Row Lczpscmsky Palm Wcxshekevich Struck Sixth Row Iezek Bucko Kopkowskx Fxtth Row Leshyn Popovits Ivcmuuskas Iesko Prender gcrst Medlxk Fourth Row Iuhus Sera in Mach Bollxg Yucxk Third Row Hovcmec Kunz Ferenzx Wilkins Spechko Second Row Glogowski Groeger Kcxlcta Wxtowski Hart Bottom Row Flscella Parker Berent Bachc Kemp '98 Swunberg Second Row SCIIIC Pcxpes Lkcxs Brockett Dcnly Bottom Row Yennedy Crew Duscxblon Kloos Gcxstel 39' we N Division 703 Top Row: Bcxkotic, Sorn, Mr, Howutt, Sikora. Fifth Row: Grellner, Seiles, Bundyk, Ordakowski Ccxvanaugh. Fourth Row: Plewcx, Read, Bretncxl, Pavlacic, Kempfer. Third Row: Pucholick, Rozcx, Kotil, Ambrose, Vermont. Second Row: Milosevic, Iohnson, Prohm, Ordakowski Barratt, Bottom Row: Richter, Milos, Pernecky, Bury, De Coste Division 704 Top Row: Conino, Barich, Soltysicxk, Vorudcx, Vidrcx. Fitth Row: Yunul, Tcxllcxrico, Pcxvelec, Szewczyk, Simon. Fourth Row: Tomas, Iiricek, Kosmowski, Mollenhauer. Niedzielski. Third Row: Skrezyna, Schuman, Bcxlczynski, Kugler, Yur- gcxitis. Second Row: Klawitter, Ramirez, Trop, Walschlager. Stcxrchvill. Bottom Row: Mcxrusco, Weinman, Rittenbucher. Division 602 Top Row: Loquist, Byrne, Mau. Filth Row: Conlon, Butkevich, Amirante, Bezek. Bollig. Fourth Row: Drubek, Kobiernicki, Crockett, Kocimski Letkumiller. Third Row: Smolu, Vazquez, Bischak, Oniack, Reeder. Second Row: Palenik, Bladek, Chcxrnot, Graff, Hcmzl, Bottom Row: Hurte, Humenik, Meyers, Seery, Lorenz. Division 601 Top Row: Will, Surdyk. Sixth Row: Abrahcxmson, Fiedor, Feilen, Filipiak, Divin cenzo, Troc. Fitth Row: Thompson, Iasica, Hcxlata, Dvorak, Yurtskes. Burke. Fourth Row: Kos, Wippo, Schwertieger, Sichz, Paikos. Third Row: Flora, Oprondek, Dispcnsu, Senka. Grillo. Second Row: Mrs. O'Hura, Frederich, Miller, Bromcir. Drop, Furlong. Bottom Row: Pritrzyk, Zeglin. Grcrlck, Wolf, Willmot. V.l's Q23 Division 604 Top Row: Pilny, Brown, Cuprisin, Yereb, Szymczak, Andjulis. Fourth Row: Meicke, Rucinski, Dinicola, Paradowski. Contorno, Brannigan. Third Row: Guastella, Krull, Niemann, Kutz, Olesky. Malik. Second Row: Nieciag, Holy, Kolowski, Krzeminski Brown Evasxuk First Row Vasquez Mascolxno Kuslolek Wiltse Division 603 Top Row: Nowak, Bandusky. Sixth Row: Bruce, Malloy, Smith, Lyons, Schryuer. Filth Row: Dusek, Pavlik. Lorenzen, Chuck, Carol. Fourth Row: Doligala, Fron, Blazek, Pilny, Yuska. Iakubowski. Third Row: Kushner, Lane, Gadomski, Kasprzyk, Hesek. Second Row: Haller, Nemtusak, Wsol, Bican, Hakun. Bottom Row: Adams, Bleier, Blackmer, Willmot, C. Sanders. Division 605 Top Row: Trzeciak, Iaglinski, Stasulas, Iansky, Kotil Kerpec, Lesondak, Leshyn. Fifth Row: Butkevicivs, Walters, Skovran, Gaydos, Fitt Fourth Row: Drawz, Uzanski, Davis, Machniak, Wolf. Third Row: Wolski, Homnick, Schachner, Bradley. Sut- ter. Second Row: Berry, Roteman, Wasik, Urbaniak, Tallo Bottom Row: Massett, Wisniewski, Mraz, Zarack Wisniewski, Division 606 Top Row: Grebag, Zay, Lukaszek, Reinmuth, Mr Danber. Sixth Row: Sedlacek. Heiden, Fleming. Kania, Wilchek Filth Row: Leftler, Gordon, Wysocki, Landwehr. Palin Radville. Fourth Row: Patrny, Mackovitch, Barnas, Christopher. Hernandez. Third Row: Sokolowski, Raymond, Kuhl, Lakomiak, Feigenbaum. Second Row: Stypsock, Veriga, Rohde, Hewlet, Kovarik Bottom Row: Martin, Holubek, Beta, Porter, Skwarek. A Division 608 Top Row: Zitnik, Kucharski. Sixth Row: Niebling, Wasik, Lewis, Konen. Drop. Fifth Row: Strelecky, Snodgrass, Kroll, Kebr, Moser. Fourth Row: Zitella, Kalata, McMullen, Shepp, Arden. Third Row: Pareti, Zapparato, Steir, Andrekus, Faro. Second Row: Kmiec, Swain, Nalepka, Prendergast, Stachovic. Bottom Row: Flaishuker, Moch, Stepnicka, Garsilaso. Marquez. -L... Division 607 Top Row Movrxch Pavlxk Riebel Freeman Fourth Row Benz Matykxewxcz Kuzel Louis Kroll Patrny Third Row. Kucmskl. Kirk, Kapustlak, Schutz, Kasper. Second Row: Pletka Wascher, Stochmal Stehura Soltis. Bottom Row: Grodesky, Potock, Czajeski. Oleniak. Q6 363 Division 501 Top Row: Iarski, Brooks, Polcyn. Fitth Row: Momich, Kosowski, Vcrsilenko, Marek Welsch. Fourth Row: Dominici, Iosello, Sulick, Tomasenski. Third Row: O'Connor, Brady, Mietkiewicz, Hartel Witasik. Second Row: Ostrowski, Byllock, Kowalczyk, Neikirk, Naujokas. Bottom Row: Rochon, Klein, Wegielnik, Contreras, Gins burg. Division 609 Top Row: Radatz, Dianko, Soraparu, Kwedlo. Starnes, Bermingham. Fifth Row: Tandaric, Blasko, Eckerty, Valentino, Top- pett, Abs. Fourth Row: Morgan, Rodman, Mosco, Knizner, Garbacz. Third Row: Aguilar, Smercczk, Kowach, Szybinski, Skolcxr. Second Row: Forrest, Gordon, Rieske, Stasik, Turas. Bottom Row: Sedor, Ludasek, Winiarski, Pratl, Shane. D1v1s1on 502 Top Row Iamreson Supak Popovxts Iomsh Dvorak Albrecht Mech Fourth Row Troyniar Ramirez Wisnxewski Harazm Fox Third Row Kimelman Peters Plecko Duda Reeves Second Row: Ondrovic, Bell Brown Kania Thielges. Bottom Row: Diver Svrcek Lynch Martinez Oncte. Division 503 Top Row: Ryan, Drenning, Wainauskas, Witt, Callahan, Makowan. Filth Row: Smith, Hanley, Biske, Macak, Grollo. Fourth Row: Roth, Gibbons, Glapa. Martin, Rudish. Third Row: lasik, Evancho, Hodges, Prather, Vander Meeden. Second Row: Uhrik, Rodman, Roza, Falkowski, Kasper. Bottom Row: Batka, Brockett, Nye, Martin, Murray. ,.. Division 505 Top Row: Dielle, McLaughlin, Gaffney, Fillipiak. Szymanski, Havlick. Fourth Row: Fremarek, Rusin, Drobena, Hcmzel, Ohien dorf, Morzynski. Third Row: Burger, Duggan, Banasiak, Sypniewski Wessely, Kopp, Second Row: Wolf, Letourneau, Iudkins, Kucera, Hil debrand, Wieczorek. Bottom Row: Marozas, Ziomek, Schott, Gabel, Bafetti. gl an Q, l'l f , lu! Division 504 Top Row: Shank, Brandt. Filth Row: Siwinski, Browness, Biedess, Schaumann Auwema. Fourth Row: Skupien. Ylaszek, Stedronsky, Alcala Hladoucak. Third Row: McCutcheon, East, Mehegcm, Myslinski Hawksworth. Second Row: Martin, Konotsky, Fletcher, Wisz, Gornick Bottom Row: McDermed, Stancik, Vondrak, Markowski Marz. Division 402 Top Row: Coniant, Gramith, Banaszak, Kurek. Fitth Row: Murphy, Cumbo, Shramovich, Eastman Wielgosz, Galdikas. Fourth Row: Kuzur, Belak, Bosik, Iesse, Howe, O'Don- nell. Third Row: Soliis, Switalski, Frey, Hart, Pilarczyk, Warchol. Second Row: Starchvill, Lewandowski, Chaloupka Hash, Soltis, Bisaillon. Bottom Row: Ramirez, Stepien, Gallardo, King, Gal- lagher, Doyle. 1. Division 401 Top Row: Arnold, Smith, Skowronski, Shanks, Biedess. Wilczek, Scehovic. Third Row: Kukoch, Worzona. Roman, Morowczynski, Milas, Wilson, Matthis. Second Row: Malloy, Wood, Yuras, Villalobos, Marzec. Bollig. Bottom Row: Furman, Suhi, Bryl, Wesolowski, Graf. Zarnik. xwj Division 403 Top Row: Whitman, Przekwas, Binder. Fifth Row: Cosmano, Cirullo, Bartal, Schlott, Chapman Nowak. Fourth Row: Kujawa, Gagler, Gillen. Lullo, Novota Shaffer. Third Row: Martisauski, Pomykalski, Wasinski, Stasik Wilhelms, Carter. Second Row: Groth, Gabler, Mclntyre, Larson, lasik Iurkowski. Bottom Row: Heinen, Laskey, Probasco, Blacklaw, Vil- lalobos, Freske. Division 404 Top Row: Dubaka, Ionikas, Horvath, Zboril. Mayer, Skorup. Fourth Row: Mikitka, Sullivan, Baltrusaitis, Thomas. Glaza, Iatarola. Third Row: Drzik, Whitham, Brodek. Monaco, Liskevi- cius, Sima. Second Row: Marozas, Prchal, Goiron, Lopez, Zegarski, Dourdy. Bottom Row: Mateiovsky, Curci, Haas, Savage. Van Zandt, Dranter. Division 405 Top Row: Riedle, Karczewski. Sixth Row: Kyger. Herman, Vismek, Wiza, Zierden. Fitth Row: Shedor, Gumbinas, Buinowski, Carr, Ianusz. Fourth Row: Skarzynski, Kania, Button, Mihalik, Pecka Third Row: Herodes, Healy, Navcirrete. Daraska, Iones, Medlik. Second Row: Banik, Stodolny, Zito, Malik, Kremsner. Bottom Row: Naso, Majcher, Rypel, Klempka, Kalafut. Division 405 Top Row: Hilburger, Martz, Kevek, Kadas, Urbanek. Filth Row: Kalkowski, Patti, Groeger, Ieracki. Fourth Row: Savage, Hyzny, Kalata, Steianiak, Wollek. Third Row: Flowers, Dvorak, Mikalaiunas, Cesario Schaefer. Second Row: Glonek, Bican, Pollentzke, Iopek, Roszak. Bottom Row: Radzienda. Garbaciak, Romero, Haerz O'Gean. 1 K Division 408 Top Row: Skrip, Knight, Spolec. Fitth Row: Putnam, Falduto, Fanelle, Modla, Simpson Fourth Row: Karpola, Slowinski, Burns, Valach, Clovent Rusnak, Rodgers. Third Row: Laird, Feddern, Skopek, Martin, Lynch, Uilcek. Second Row: Balczynski, Meyer, Woziak, Przybylski, Barnash, Iansto, Lokumski. Bottom Row: Madden, Kubictk, Klimala, Germain, Sellas. Division 407 Top Row: Stancik, Kaszuk, Heffernan, Koszyked, Troc. Koral. Fourth Row: Hlavin, Konieczki, Illgen, Kestian, Fulla. Third Row: Ierkatis, Shunas, Kelvaiiis, Shea, Gruszka. Second Row: Maza, Kase, Giuiire, Lasky, Brown. Bottom Row: Simon, Dak. Ccxmmiso, Kusiolek, Wier, Wegner. Division 409 Top Row: Tucek, Damico, Prokes, Kreutzer, Nauss, loz- wiak, Peters, Randy. Fifth Row: Zickus, Van Natta, Kozlowski, Liska, Kele- cich. Fourth Row: Ashment, Wisniewski, Vilcek, Klumbis Piekarz. Third Row: Mitchell, Giedraitis, Murzyn, Rusgis, Ad- kins. Second Row: Powroznik, Peterson, Kurzawski, Walte- miath, Iupin. Bottom Row: Budka, Wolf, Wojciechowski, Knolmayer Bogdalek. Division 410 Top Row: Schaer, Tryhula, Omdrus, Wacholz. Filth Row: Hommick, Maruska, Protolipac, Vazquez, Bezmek. Fourth Row: Gleich. Dilcher, Cullen, Brenner. Third Row: Shares, Pawlowski, Antone, Gunderson, Kittrell. Second Row: Zinke, Stralka, Rozewicki, Romsa, Stepek. Bottom Row: Le Febve, Wyszynski, Kary, Graffis Lukianski. 'if Division 301 Top Row: Matula, Woicik, Wamsley, Ochaba, Morey, Belke, Iohnson. Third Row: Bylaitis, Stross, Hobbs, Slahor, Borowiak. Hung, Caswick. Second Row Motola. Bottom Row Gleich. Powlick, Faltn, Velcich, Goers, Dalton, Henry, Alba, Kuban, Brew, Popovits, Wil. lan Division 302 Top Row: Sawiki, Rusr-ak, Liston, Edlund, Hovanec. Third Row: Thurn, Bunis, Hallman. Gudgalis, Amndson. Second Row: Sokolawski, Lacheta, Feltz, Feitl, Kacin, Pickett. Bottom Row: Pinkowski. Ichniqwski, Holsl, Long, Flaishaker, O'Connor. -3' Division 304 Top Row: Plage, Mack, Miller, Barteck, Chrupka Zygadlo. Fourth Row: Wolski, Pabian, Link, Gonzalez. lany, Eret Drong. Third Row: Pigeon, Stuck, Seman, Depoian, Palivos, Michalovic. Second Row: Krause, Barnhiser, Nickerson, Swiercz. Vieta, Milstein. Bottom Row: Schultz, Moore, Paul, Kowalsky, Marec, Hildebrand. Division 303 Top Row: Hopp, Studnicka, Schrey, Ziegler, Washke- vich, Kostal, Ccmnizzaro. Third Row: Kuderna, Henrichs, O'Connor, Miskanin. Kalata, Suarez. Second Row: Cook, Schultz. Kosowski, Arif, Nastasowski. Aborowicz. Bottom Row: Rogers, Oniack, Stolarczyk, Parrilli, Skvarla, Immel. Q, , - l Division 305 Top Row: Fechner. Platkus, Dudacek, Hrdina. Fourth Row: Kukulka, Fuchsgruber, Humes, Iougenson, Seclacek, Szymanski. Third Row: Klima, Welsch, Ryan, Mitiu, Falkowski Mathews. Second Row: Biernat, Di Cicco, Prokop, Wanda, Soukup, Polli. Bottom Row: Krisberg, Aint, Rowell, Wilke, Tracey, Lellish. A as mx! ye W VN: 1' ofa- W" th W. fag ' , if as A if-,sr , of 1 I Division 306 Top Row: Belke, Szum. Third Row: Ellis, Palivos, Hull, Wolf, Dzierzawski. Second Row: White, Watts, Iasudowicz, Koch, Miglinas. Bottom Row: Czerniak, Boddy, Bass, Bird, Kedzul. Division 202 Top Row: Hoiseck, Polis, Lasinski. Sixth Row: Savage, Sachno, Iurkiewicz, Fireman Gornick. Fifth Row: Cicora, Wessel, Benesh, Cain, Penk, Urek. Fourth Row: Natyskok, Specht, Mackowiak, Horvath, Melent. Third Row: Bolbat, Alexander, Bartke, Nieciag, Crisman. Second Row: Seliga, Ebersherger Kestian. Krzyzanow ski, Shanks. Bottom Row: Schull, Rittenbacker, Solava, Gladowski. Banfi. Division 201 Top Row: Welch, Bending, Phillips, Soma, Smercak Kus. Fourth Row: Gotron, Giedraitis, Sowinski. Hoban Tubay. Durkin. Third Row: Bennek, Trina, Corn, Finley, Nemtusak Danca, Mack. Second Row: Banchak, Zapparato, Moldovan, Michalo- vic, Krzeminski, Buhlinger. Bottom Row: Roza, Meckes, Sedun, Remley, Pecka Iulicm. 'ff Division 204 Top Row: Loredo, Peiravich, Steinke. Wenc. Francis. Fourth Row: Brumnit, Demereckis, Nemiiz, Hourigan, Bcrrzyk, Knawa, Czubernat. Third Row: Iarvis, Smoucha, Niemiec, Rusnak, Neven, Majors. Gagler. Second Row: Kuiawa, Falda. Shannon, Staniewski. Bolchert, Klein. Bottom Row: Gordon, Klimack, Mihalik. Chavarrie, Pfau Conrad. it ii: ts az: ll fits ll Ill Division 203 Top Row: Westman, Caniclr, Kelnar, Fisher, Murry Houii, Sura. Fourth Row: Klein, Polivka, Savick, Neven, Stegmann. Suda. Third Row: Balasz, Broda, Bonczkowski, Laskowski Meyer, Petrosius, Smoucha. Second Row: Koester, Shores, Vail, Rosinski, Kuchma Bob, Niedzielski, Bereta. Bottom Row: Esposito, Czaja. Gorz, Seweryn, Ianzen Lewandowski, Weber. Division 205 Top Row: Nieminski, Demunmmo, Mitchell, Wainert Bradtke, Suda. Fourth Row: Dolude, Loughlin, Sutkus, Banda, Basile Havelka. Third Row: LeMarb1e, Stika, Malasek. Church, Falzone Iones. Gracz. Second Row: Fraticola, Strampp, Witkiewicz, Angelo Piekarski, Knutson, Urbanski. Bottom Row: Klinder, Siedleck, Rylander, Weyer, No- wack, Gordon. Visockis. I Division 206 Top Row: Lukaszek. Hruska. Fifth Row: Wilde. Hucko, Bennekk. Ebeling, Nom- mensen. Fourth Row: Simudis. Klingbeil. Winiecki. Braun, Fred- erick. Grafton. Third Row: Svihulu. Drozd, Wsol. Sutor, O'Boyle. Iohn- son. Andrastek. Second Row: Miladucky, Comello, Lemmler, Pike. Bon- nevier, Denison. Bottom Row: Rupsky, Rzeminski, Ferkaluk. Grabi- nowski, Malic. Vondrak. Division 208 Top Row: Mr. Petromilli, Sienko, Ignatonis, Blasko, Hart Filth Row: Kalenowski, Lewis, Buzcxne, Ptacek, Kos Homer, Kaczmcxrek. Fourth Row: Novak, Fritz, Rector, Swiatkowski. Krupo wicz, Schoeffel, Mosiej. Third Row: Rzepka, Durkiewicz, Cavcsher, Wurzyk, Pinc Welker. Second Row: Grodesky, Macicak, Brockett, Brencius Arndt. Fletcher. Bottom Row: Wojciechowski, Wojciechowski, Ondrejka, Szymczak, Conrad, Kolostcx. fr ilu Division 207 Top Row: Frelich, Cunningham, Kopp. Fourth Row: Woiciok, Garnek. Ohnisty. Lesauskas, Ma- cicxg. Wisniewski. Third Row: Moskus, Sweeney, Raymond. Wcxrchol, Con- rad, Kezon. Second Row: Piker. Conners. Dubina. Koller, Rzepka. Iurkiewicz. Bottom Row: Graeien, Finger. Swcida, Brender, Novak, Super. ii ffli ii .,-A-Q mea x 1 .5 .524 A 13 A we sr Ms? Aw, ff, y , W Xa M-inf' he I Q . av x 'X QL -ff- iv I S112 f . v .F 5 ,.: N5 ' if 5 R .yzgqlt-?.Ql' x. . mhabn ' n M is -is ,W Q 4 f ' 5 , ' Q A, f fa i x lkffxh fg M ix . . 1' 5 W 1 Hi i was Egfr r .5 Gy if Sf 3 . E af aw jg., 4- A 1 ,.A,z "f...',, ,W in Division 212 Top Row: Cerven, Ianicak, Rosa, Meus. Fifth Row: Harcxzim, Scheunemann, Parise. Yukich, O'Day. Fourth Row: Weddige, Louzensky, Okron, Baranosky, Slaveck, Kebr, Hoerger. Third Row: Fedel, Duleba, Danbrauskas, Raciti, Bud zynski, Kreiling. Second Row: Sipa, Latoza, Gallagher, lzydorski, Mur phy, Smith. Bottom Row: McElroy, Kowaleski, Paniagua. Topp Kurzydlo, Tomas. ,. 'G' Division 214 Top Row: Kusman, Byrdak, Scanlon, Glinski, Schultz. Fourth Row: Cesario, Broda, Herrman, Czerniak. Third Row: Marshalek, Fosco, Dembosz, Kmiec. Peck. Panavas. Second Row: Gaydos, Miller, Witkiewicz, Ryan. Urhovnik. Bottom Row: Mclntyre, Burke, Barnabee, Marx, Przybyla, Mendez. ,Q -- EI: Q- Division 213 Top Row: Kruski, Dambrauskas, Haskins, Pecka, Genardo, Slaski. Sabbia. Third Row: Budzynski, Dunham, Kramer, Weisseg, Sand- ner, Maag. Second Row: Fillipiak, Zanazaro, Keller, Pavlik, Barmes, Hesik. Bottom Row: Rosinski, Piwnicki, Mirowski, Murray. Smagur, Meyers. W5 wr ffl 7 f J L . 4 1 5-1- 'P QQ Division 101 Fourth Row Bergeron Nealis Garda Zrolkowskx Kafka Nxecxag Fmley Gorz Thrrd Row Vitel Henry Czaykoskx Mann Rak Kubowicz, Klein. Second Row: Strugala, Muzyczko, Carey, Adams Pochocki, Bischak, Schadt, Ochwat. Bottom Row: Sikora, Heisler, Kowalczyk, Davis, Iurinek McCoy, Fries. Division 215 Top Row: Wright. Caugngugh. Malik, Warner, Frydrich Fourth Row: Stec, Ccrchro, Rutkarskas, Seasock, Shaugh- nessy, Bush. Third Row: Bruzas, Vanselow, Cameron, Roumpos Maceyak, Waldorf. Second Row: Iarzabek, Bartowiak, Kulikowski, Wos Grecek, Grecek. Bottom Row: Northrop, Probasco, Koch, Collins, Miller Nowaczyk. 1:",-- Division 102 Top Row: Savick, Noonan, Czuberncrt, Campos. Third Row: Langlois, Ziska, Witt, McKinney, Gordon. Kelley, Kunkel, Thomas Second Row: Kalowski, Bizup, Smoucha, Galdikas, Her- bert, Pomykalski, Oleiniczak. Bottom Row: Holst, Dunlop, Stepek, Schranz, Smith, Nelson, Hasmason. Division 103 Top Row: Klusendorl, Nork, Wilde. Third Row: Drozd, Reagan, Prather, Larson, Dominici. Zitnik, Dunkel, Graf. Second Row: Mladucky, Egbert, Stauber, Cesario. Scurio. Iones, Gorniak. Bottom Row: Kennedy, Boardman, Patrick, Baader, Hrycai, Triolo, LeFehve. Division 105 Top Row: Hoban, Izral, Micus, Keehan, Egan. Third Row: Grossman, Rozdilsky, Hudik, Wolski, Phil- lips, Boynton, Claypool. Second Row: Weyer, Casper, Ross, Kopec, Moreno, Warzyk, Vicek. Bottom Row: Sherry, Mills, Leto, Haas, Brooks, Manis. Pempek. '55, Division 104 Top Row: Chess, Suda, Lehocky. Third Row: Carter, McCoy, Barajas, Novak, Barnett Dvorak, Durkiewicz. Second Row: Bartkowski, Wozciechowski, Stevenson Kosek, Hamzik, Rodriguez, Panos. Bottom Row: Grabenholer, Howanic, Lopez, Klein, Hub- bard, Shedor, Barajas. Division 107 Second Row:Brc1ie, Gutowski, Kubilius, Kczrris. Bottom Row: Kostecka, Senese, Mczrciulionis, Magg. Division 106 Top Row:Krcxmcrrski, Kentish, Shunk, Ray, Sahara, Tietz, Sladek, Hurtweger. Second Row: Topp, Cosmano, Budny, Thomas, Groth Wczyie, Korbas. Boliom Row: Lullo, Piczsecki, Frecke, Icmecek, Sclyeski Villcrlobos. 1. 1.4: T gf' 'W l' nv Grub 1' 'Lf Sfandmg Mxss F1!zGerald Faculty Mrs Pexschl Correspondmg Secretary Mrs Cesano Budget cmd Fmcnce Mrs Barratt F1rstV1cePres1dent Seated Mrs Wllkms Recordmg Secretary Mrs Bobek Presrdent Mrs Bmscxllon Treasurer cllfblll 9 ll IGI ASSUIMI Illll Bulld thee more stately mans1onS O my soul As the sW1tt seasons roll' Leave thy low vaulted past' Let each ne N temple nobler than the last Shut thee from heaven wtth a dome more vast Oltver Wendell Holmes Conoratulatlons to you Jraduates and best ot luck Mrs I V Bobek Presldent PT A if 1 A W ' ., W ,f r 'Y 4' ' t FX. Q. ,ff ...-'ss . .gf - - .A 1 f , www, -r ' -1 N,,.t f , '31 u-zN9"' N I I 1 - 1 I . 1 I - . ' . I . 1 F - 1 7 . 4 . I . 0 I 1 1 i rl 1 u 1 u 1 t f , Y - v , I 1 ' f 5 J I , . . . bn rrh srmmis FP 44 Q2 V 62 , fy COLLEGE 2?e feadq Wien 7441! Wanda Qmee Congratu ation g acuatt the u I I 1ompIetron oI xour hrgh QC loo ec ucdtron Here fx ru e oI Ilfe that II ring Nou ucte 'mc ecur its NNI'l'lI6N6l' xour pat qome part o aII xou earn Imlonqs to xou xxor t1Ice out that part ct It HSICIQ 1 mm me a QPGCIBI neIcomc Ior you there s nothing we enjoy more than opening! saxlngs aC Counts Ior xoung peop e xx o are golng p aces TALMAN SAVI N CS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF CHICAGO ' U S ' N E S S 55th 5 1xe.1z.e Hsmlotlt 4 3322 BCD P BOIIHL FOKIHCICF an Pfeil ent GORSE The Tculor and Cleaner LESHYN Flowers gall It NIH? Flon mb 0714 S Kedzle Ave REpubI1c 7 3196 3214 W With qt Phone HFmIoQk 4 5455 Ch1cago 32 III IAY BEE BOVVLING ALLEYS FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE 2002 W 51st St PR0spect 8 9690 I ' S. r I '. on - sue'-ss u I - , - ,I I 1 . ' I ' wi In ' I' 5 ' ss 1 I S e - I I L g Y From every pav check. if onIy Ior an cIay's ' 4 1 s- ' ' ', save it. I-i I- I I.. , ' ' I I I- - g ' I 'Im ' I . r 7 ' ' - ,, . f. cI jd U Q' Q -.77 7 ' I ' I - I t , . I I n . J ' -1 1 . y ' A Loan from Us Costs Less STAR FLORIST A Savmgs Accounf PUYS More FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Plompt Coluteous Efhclent and CARRIE FREY Pr op P61 S011-al S91 V109 5042 S Ashland Ave PI-Respect 6 4877 HEMLOCK FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION COMPLIMENTS OF 5100 S Ashland Ave Phone HEmlock 4 0600 DIVISION 213 Mr Kott DULEBA PHARMACY J W DULEBA RPI1 C 2552 W. 51st Sr., Chicago 32, Illinois CAL-MAR S1'10PPe 2' 1 1 Q u . - Phone WAlb1OOk 5 1602 We Delzzer EDDIE S INN 5. PIZZERIA BEEF AND SAUSAGE SANDWICHES Itahan Stvle BRUCE and MARION WITHEROXV 551 W 59th St GRoveh1ll 6 9712 APPAREL fm the Entme Family LADIES MEN S CHILDREN S WEAR 2809 W 55th St PROspect 8 1655 Open Monday and Thur Sday Evenmqe C0ngraz'uIaz'z'oIns from ABETTORS Vandy Lenny Shan on F1 eddle ue Bonnle Lola Joanle Mertz Geri Sta lla Foxv Judy Sandy Tel 1 y CZER HARDWARE 6. PAINT STORE PI UMBING Sz ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES FI OOR SANDERS 8: STEAMERS RENTED 2552 W 59th St Chlcago 29 Ill Open Sundays 9 to 12 HEmlock 4 3630 GE 3139 JOE and J I NERAL MERCHAND WHOLESALE B DISTRIBUTORS ISE W 59th St Ch1cago 29 Ill OHN BERNAT PRO spect 8 2525 HOBS STANDARD SERVICE MOTOR TUNE UPS LUBRICATION OIL CHANGE BRAKE W ORK MUFFLERS TAIL PIPES 3301 W 59th St Ch1c'1g029 Ill HAROI D O BENSON GRoveh1ll 6 9872 1256 IOHN PATKA AIR CONDITIONED 58 W 51st St Chlcago BOLIILVAICI 8 5257 9 S ' Di Qualify and Service Is Our Business FUNERAL HOME r' ' " y ' -' . ., '- ,Ill. ompdmenfd A JPIQHJ MEYER S GROCERY 5: MEATS 5812 S KQd7l9 Ave Chlcago 29 Ill REpubl1c 7 2516 BECVAR FUNERAL DIRECTORS 50th Yeal 5218 24 S Kedz1e Ave Chlcago PRospect 6 3809 and 6 3810 PARTY S PIZZA ITALIAN BEEF AND SAUSAGE SANDWICHES FRENCH FRIED SHRIMPS TAKE OUT ORDERS 5919 S Kedzle Ave ChlCag0 29 Ill JOHN PARTIPILO REpubl1c 7 9386 Closed Mon Tues Wed Thws 8zSun 5 1 F11 and Sat 2 p nz 2 a m Beet Wzehcb of DIVISION 208 Petromllhs Problems BLACK DIRT HUMUS FLAGSTONE COAL BUILDING MATERIAL 4701 W 55th St Chlcago 32 Ill JOHN DEKOKER Sz SON POrtsmouth 7 1200 Congo atulatzona fwm DAIVIEN SAVINGS 61 LOAN ASSOCIATION A FRIEND 2007 W 51st St Chlcago 9 PRospcLt 6 9546 All Avrounfs Insund to S10 000 00 by FSLIC C . of , Compliments and HOME 6. GARDEN SUPPLY CO. Mlss T1chy s DIVISION 701 CAROLE APPOLITO ILL NEVER TELL BOB AVONTS DON T KNOW JOHN BANASEK HI HO STEVEARINO DIANE BIDLO I LIKE ELVIS GREG BISCHAK WHAT S HAPPENING9 HERM BROCKETT ANY OLE THING RYAL BRYANT PORTZOBIE JAMES CARRIGAN HI THERE JUDY CREW THAT S MY HONEY' KAY DUSABLON HI HON ED FABIK NOTHIN HELEN FUNKHOUSER YOU KNOW CAROLE GASTEL OH NO' GLORIA GONZALEZ BUTCHIE MARIE HARDIN PHIL DENNY HUDZINSKI PROBABLY SOMETHING JOANNE KLOOS SHUT UP BARB KOPINSKI GET OUT PAT LIKAS HI BOBBI ILONA MYSLINSKI YOOOO BEAVER PAT PAPES FRAID SO JERRY PETERS YEAH MAN MIKE POPIK HELLO JERRY RANCE YA NEVER GET NOTHIN DIANE SARIC CHEE KEN SLANINKA CUTE CLAR STEIN LEFT RIGHT GEORGE STRICK WHA? ANN STRICKER LISTEN HERE BERYL SWANBERG HEY KIDS FRAN VUSKO IDON T HAVE ANY BILL WOROBEY I WAS ONLY DOING TWENTY JIM ZEKAS GET AWAY 1 u 1 is ! 71 66 7 :Q CK Y, Cl 7, KC Q Y, if ,Y 66 77 64 77 cc J H as U , . . . cc 1 H li ry 64 n i , I at n 66 n as rr DEAN HAWKE - HI GUY 44 U is n n 77 as n sa 77 -' 7 as s n cc U T 9 cc n tl 1 n sc ay cc n xx ry T 1 Ac H as n rr vs -1 v me 1 u as u av One More Year To Go Taylor s Ternhcs DIVISION 603 Name Hobby or Ambztwn Pat Adams Skatlng Stash Pandovu sky Banduskx Talk About My Sweetheart Jan Blcan Dall Bleu Mlllle Blackmer Bev Bruce lume ' Dollgala J ul1e Dusek Genel al John Eger Fogo Funsten Stella Gadomskl Bob Sparl ow Grellner Carol Fyke D1 Hakun Blg Tom Haller El Hesek Jake J akubowskl Drlngo Kasprzyk Sue Kowach EV16 Kushner Moose Kwedlo Mary Ann Lane Llttle Lou Lorenzen Lana Lxttle One Lukasek John Sgt Malloy Nancy Nemtusak Ox Nowak Bernie Sandels Hoppy Schryver Smltty Smlth Lee Wlllmot Carol Carrle Wsol Bern1e ' Yuska Prlvate Secretary Belng Nolsy Talkmg Skatmg Out Wlth My Steady Dancmg Being Eagel Work Swlm Early B1rd Collectmg Post Cards Bowlmg Passmg Collectmg Recol ds Ca1 s Receptlonlst Staymg Home G1rls Secretary Work Spendmg Money Bowlmg HOUS6W1f6 G1rls Eatmg Bowllng Dolls Housewlfe Boys Gabbmg DIVISION 503 in Judy Plaga J on1 Vandy Freddle Sw1gs Shlela Bebs Dlane F1 QHCh1Q Elame Joanne J amce J obey Maur een Ahce Arne Shep T1g61 Specks Muscles , . . I Ll 37 ' 4- i'--B""-''If""""""""""""""-""'"""""' u H ' ' Y-Y---AY---F-FYw------F--- ' 44 , va ' ,-----------F---F---'F-F------F-V---------Y---'V---- - - H ' ' H ----Y-----A-f----EFF---7-YW----------RY---Y---,-,-------h- ' KK I? -EA-iii--EDAFi-i-FFv--sv---i---------------------..----- ' H ' 7 ' T-W---A-YvAY-YYYFYY-YFYYYWF-E---------F--YvFFAv------AT---- . ..,.I.,,,.,...,,,,,,.s...............s s,...s H ' 97 ' N . 77D---FAFYYYFAYFYFFFWYYP--xYY--'v--------VY-Y-FYF---------T-F H ,H ll H -Yi---v-Y7YYYFf-'-F-7Y--A-AAF-----F-F.------F--G KK 7! T-P----------F-gis-A----xH----k---Fiv--fi-Y----Diff------5 ' 71 ll , Y! --FY-----YK-YA--------F---W-----.----------K-'D---------. ' KK 'U -----Fg--P--------"-----'--v-F---xFAY------YF-- ' IK ' H ----------'-------7i-------------W--F--------------------.--- ' 41 uv i-v------FA-YY------v-F-F-F-------------------------T-- , ll 77 ' --------Y-Y-- , " ' 'l ...... - .,e.A-...... - ......... ......... ........, - - ..-. A rchery H Y! -4--------7-A---Fmv-ww-----------------------'------- ' 44 ' U ----,v-,----Y-------F7---H--YY-F------w--------v-------- as - rr ---F--F---Ai-FFi--------Y--F---------'--Y----'---7-" , ' ' "" """ """"" "F""F """' """""A"""""' ., KK U --------------v-----------------h--Y-EiA-Fv----Yv--F- ' Ll ' !! --t-i----i----i---FY------------------Fi-K--ivi-----F-F--A-A-Ai ' n n ---------Y-AF--A-F--w---A-Y--FY-Y--F----F-FF-F------------ - u ' n ' --YYYWYYY--F--YYYFY-Y-AY--i----------,--F------------- .. -17--"-"'-U"-a'--'dat'''H'-U-t-"-----F'-----'----H ac - 1 FFF- --------F-Y------AY----------"'-'----------'--' - L Q4 X y. ., L6 , F . v .-x ll - : 2 . . ' I . yy f X v I . . . I J fm 1 G, ,I ' I -X -,few J Ar Don oe Butch Rlch Brand Jerry Denny F1 ed GlbbO DIVISION 410 Gen Antone J 1m Bezmek Glor B1 emnel Ang1e Cullen Dllch Dllcher Fl1p F1l1p1ak Slurl Galbert Ron Glelch Cathy Graflic Barb Gunderso Fred Hofer Rlchle Kary Dal Krozman Bob La Febue Jerry Ondrus Sandy Pawlowsk1 Andy Protohfas M1ckey Romsa Beverly ROZQW1Ck1 Lal Schner Judy Shares Anne Statkus Peggy Stepek M1ke Troc Fred Wacholz Dott1e Wegner Muscles W1erzbala1n1cz M1ll19 Zmke Fran Luk1ansk1c Madge Pavhc Al Maruska Grace Jo DIVISION 501 Red's Woman Bob Joni Carol Geri Joy C Busha Babs T1ny Nmg Nlng Davy Mike Wally Diger-0 Greg NJN Steverino R.K. 8a B.N. oe Vel Thomas Frenchle Tomm1 Joe E1 a Tom B1 Tlgel Chuck J1m Rose L01 Mary Ann Complzments of Nestander s N1tw1ts DIVISION Corky Wayne Whlty John Chuck Norm Ron Sandy 607 Vmce Sylv1a S1l11lGy Shorty Fred Olga Patt1 Bob Helen ee Elame Tandedo Joe Car ol Shu ley DIVISION 212 Ma11an Ba1anosk3 Pat11c1a Murphy F101 ence Flo Budzynsk1 Edu 31 d Ed Ce1 ven Ca1ol Red Danb1auskas La Ve1 ne Lovev Duleba Rlta Gallaghe1 Judy HO81g61 Ge1ald Jeux Ku1zydlo Bob K1 e1l1ng M1ss Stark Sylv1a Kon alesk1 Joyce Mlke Keb1 Thomas Jan1c1ak Ca1 ol Iazy do1 sk1 Ba1 ba1a Babs Latoza Jovce Louzenskw Judy Fe1 guson Che11e Rac1t1 Nancy Pete S1pa Dlane Seasack Thomas P Rosa Dlanne Smlth Dolo1 es Tomas Anne V1 hovn1k Sandy O Kon Frank Butch Ha1az1m Rosema11e McEl1 oy D01 othy Sm1th - M . - . 1 Ed :ll Ar Ed D n l IA 4 ' Ro l Ed - ' ' " " ' ' f ' ' Matthew"Shoes"Sustek S. S. GROETSEMA salllng from DOCK 210 Gage Park Shlpyal ds Captaln Joanne Yangas 1st Mate James Remley N3Vlg3tO1 Tonv EHdl1Ch61 Bul S31 LOIS Lombal do Shlp s Ofllcels Joanne Kossel RlCha1 d Plobasco Shlp to Shol e Telephone Opel atol Jacquellne Ml az Radlo Opel atol Mal y Ann P1 att Radal Opelator Pat Mclntyle Doctol Blll Raby Nul se Ruth Ann Salzburg Cook Maly Ellen Slmek Stew ards RoseMal 19 Gunner Susan Galek Sallors Dolores Bal on Pat Bry ska Jeane Drada B111 Bl11g6SS Also Aboard Thls Seaworthv Vessel Ale a Numbel of Passengers Who Have Llttle To Do vs lth the Smooth Operatlon of Thls Craft But Are Just Along for the Rlde Glenn Adklns Cal ol Ashment Lynne Bogdalek Flank D Amlco F1 ed Domlnskl Dave Dunn Bob Gledraltls Steve HFVHIW Len Jordon Bob J ozvx lak Mal J upln Tlna Kelechlch Il ma Knollnayer Shll ley Kozlon Skl Dan KF6utZG1 Bel nle Kul zau skl Cal ol Ann Mltchell Don Mul Z5 n Shorty Nauss L01 Petels Lefty Pl6ka1Z Lee POW1OZH1k Moshle P1 okes Mlchael Randy Judy Rusgls Tonl Slvs lnskl Stlx Stanclk Butch Tucek R Van Natta Button Nose Vllcek I Skl Wlsnlevsskl Antwel p Wojclechou Skl Coyote Wolf Cal ol Llska A1 lene Z1CkUS Cal ol Marsh . Y J 1 n . 1 1 1 ' 1 . 1 1: 17 1 y . .' ' 9 . we u 7 I 1 ' ' 9 . 1 9 Mr. Stephens ll 1? 44 777 44 vs H ,H , Sandy Budka , 9 - n 777 ' , v - - nc 77 , ' ss - sv , U !7 ll '!Y ' r' ' ,' as ' H ' K6 ,!! ' CS 77 66 ' 77 ' KC !, , as n ' ' , 7 ' SK - 'il ' ' y ' 1 as , ln ' ' as , ' n , , ' as ay age parL 36400 W1 x e cl KL o r u A Mr Stephens Director OFFICERS Edward Amulus 604 Prewdent Stella Butkev1cus 610 Secretary Joyce Pl3Wl9C 608 Treaburer RATED S U P E R I O R 1957 HIGH SCHOOI CHORAL COMPOSITION Z' Q' f Lol Thomas Prendergast, 702, Vfice-President DIVISION 806 Fageys Fuzzy F1edg11ngs Athletic Huo Athletic Heioine Class Aiguu Class Cut Up Class Wit M1 Al1b1 Class B1 ain Miss Blushes M1 Bashful Miss Bashful M1 Fmgetful Mx stux M311 M1 Pleasing PLlS0lldl1tX Nliss F11 L Foot 'I xi o Miss Paint BIUSII Miss Happw G0 Lutkx M iss N eatness Most Obllglllg Box NI1 Paint B1ush Host Talkatix e Bos NI1 Gabbs Most Rese1vtd Box Ntatut Bov ,....I.. Sadie s Pet ......-.-...s. Mr. Handsome Himself Lei nit VV1 socki I1 ene Wagnei Nancy Spleles GL01 ge Tubax x1Qha1d Slaninka Joseph Sagot Bettv Abs Rita Holx Richal d Kalla Judv Ol1e1 John CdIiS01l Robut Galun Diane Hemtn CdlOl Hughts Bai bai a Katsibubas Sevei yn Konecki Wilham Kunst Je1 IX Lexus Althlll 'Vlex 61 Richaid Pete1 son Robei t Salinas -------,I1----,Iu---------- Lauiuice Sauickl ---------I---------I--I--law1't,11ce Sawyer M1 . Polite .....-.....,...........,1,-,--,,--,-,. Most Reserved Girl ...... Mrs. To Be .......... Mr. Happ5 Go Lucky -- Miss Petite ..-........ Shy Guy .......I..... Prettiest Eyes I,.,....... Prettiest Trcsses w..,., hu-- Robnrt Sestak -- Max Siemiawski In--- Janet Starp nu- Rosaleen Sura -----------I--------------1,----- John Tolley -I--------------------------- Bevelly Wagnei ------------,----I------------- Gerald White ----------- Rita ZHHHZHIO J-------e--I-I-----,--Y----,- Patricia Ziomek W HO 'S W HO , . '. ,. g H----,1,.', V .' If ' . 1 --g-- --i-g -- -- -g ---.v--i---- 'L I' ' 34 -7- 3. -g - K . .y ' l ' 7 'X -- ------------------- -' ----- '---------- '- - .V W . P, h . . .......uI.............................I. I ', .... ............... u .......... ...... , , --,u,- A '-'--"'- ---- - ---------- ---'--- - '-----'-- "' ---Y , U -4 i 1 . ...,.I...u..,,-.,1 ,.,,...H...,.......,., , A ------------------Y--- Y----,- --------------- ' '. ' ...... ,-------- s..s W----,W--- ..., I--- Joseph Boryla A Y 3'V 4 1 A .I C ,. . it w--f-- - N----g Q M--- - -g7---i ,. 1 . .H , v . . A 1 ...sI..1s... I I ,I.1,.,.....I. -1---, ' v -' . . . , . .,..,...,.....u..,11,.........u..... A ' 7 4 Y---g-v---i---v---------------- I I . A KV ---,g,,--- ------ --,.-- ,---- ---,---g--- A V' ' i ---'g----h---------------gi-.---i--,-A-Ei-- 1:7 '- A .1 7i-v--------h--gi--A--,---,---w-----ii- H wx Y 1 1 " Y --k------------v-------gi--- - -- .4 1 I I ' I f---,'-A-----k-i- - i - ' . x xx' -- . '-, . v'. ' . , In X D YJ L A . Y , Y . . 7 7' , 1 A BEST WISHES F1 om the 'Heppest' DIVISIOH 1n the School DIVISION 602 Loaned to Mr McK1ll1p by Mlss Hradck We boast the p1 9ttl6St Dolls and the handsomest Guys on campus Olll Cats u1ll fall out to the followmg sounds Robe1t Red Alessa11d11 John Llttle Bez Bezak Ellen Babs B1schak MHIIIVH G1ggles Bladek Joe Boll1g lVIa1yEllen Susle Cl13.1I10I2 Jack Jacko Conlon Donna Jean C1 afton Nancy C1 ockett B1ll D1 abek I ll 1 y Cutout Eckel ty Sdllflla FO1lGSt Stella Ga1 bacz Ca1 ol G1 aff Sha1 on Hanzel Ma1 gl et DIHO Humenlk Betty Su ampv Hu1 ta Tom T1mbo Je1k1e1x ICI Ge1 ald KIll7Ql Ca1 ol Koclmskl Ma1 cella Kub1ak Suzanne Sue Letkom1lle1 Leland Lee I OQLIISIL Dolo1 es L01 1117 ECINVIII Ed Mau Rose Meyexs Ge1ald Je1 1 y O Conno1 Ba1b Babs Omack Thea Pal1n1k Judy Reede1 J1m ROblIlSOl1 Jean Se1 1 y V11 g Smola V11 g Vazquez Juamto Zemo C OV! I A7 UIATIONS T0 THE C ILADUATES P I OM DIVISION 604 MISS Loughboroughs K1ds Jullanne Julle Bujnou sk1 Mau An11 Button Pat11c1a Pat C311 Jud1th Toots Da1aska Bob Flavss M3113 Gumb111as Sha1on Healy Chudy Moody He1odes Claud1a Claud Jackson Rose M3116 ROSIQ James Ju11e Ch1cgy Janusz DIVISION 406 Kruzlc s Fam1ly Judlth Judy Kalafut Cal olyn B11 d1e Kama Joseph Klems Klempka Ken K1 emsnel Delbelt Duke Kx g.,e1 James Dogs Lasky D1ane MaJche1 R1cha1 d Whltev Mal1k Edu a1d Clem M316Sh Glol 1a Gong, Maza A1 lme McGou a11 Geo1g1ana GGOILIS Medl1k Ma1lene Ma1s Mlhallk Allce Al Nava11ette Sha1on She1 Pecka Roge1 Duke Rledle Cel1ne Rypel Nancv lee Schnelle1 Dorothy Dotty Shedo1 Ma1y A11n Mav Ska1zynsk1 Robelt Bob VlSmQk T1mothy T1m W11a . 4 . . , ' 4 a , 4 a 1 . . 4 Y v' 1' . . 66 as .' .. ' . 14 ' 97 ' ' ' 44 H ' , a ' ,' KK - as 44 sa ' , ' 44 rr ' J , . X 44 ' as , , ,- I . if YP ' 44 vs L . , . . , 44' , , an a , ' . , 66 v ' , 12 1. . K6 u I , V ' - . . . . . u .P . I 4 ' , . . H ' 79 ' '. , . 4 ,A 61 , n , - 44 ' n V , - ,- A, . v v Qp 1 f A I L J Y 7 I w 1 L I I ll I ll . , . ' ll ' nr ' ,, ' ' KK ar , ', 61 ,,,- ar ' . , , 44 ' , ' n ' , KK , n ' ' ,' ' 44 as , , 44 as ' , 44 n , , ' 44 H , . . , 44 ,rs , , , , 66 n y r , , 44 n ' ,' ' 44 Y u , ' . ' ' , , 44 as , . W J 44 ,rv , ' , , 44 ' ar ' 44 ,ay , ' 4, ' 44 u , , as rv , , K4 ar , , ' x ,' 44 ' as ,' 41 rn , ll u ' 44 ' , rs , ' . , - 44 ' an ', A Sandla Sandv Balzynsk1 Ronald Doxle Banaslak Dolo1es Dolly Ba1nash Tonx '7 Falduto Raymond Romeo Fedde1n Ba1ba1a Susle-Q Haskms Llnda Lln Jansto Pat11c1a Pat Khmala Donna Dee Kublak Donna 1WlCk9V Lalrd Bob Lynch Shu lev Madden Joseph J P Mamtm Dolol cs Plohal James Tllltlfi Rodgus ludx Dann5 Shia LHIIN PlXXlllLkl DIVISION 408 Mr Peterson Patllcla Pat P17XhVlSkl Balbala Balble Putnam Balbala Bobble Reexes James Ross Rusnak Dee Cashexx Sellas Lo11a1ne Louv Shunas Aduenne A Slmon Joan Jo Valach Ethel Butch Vllcek PIISCIHH Ch11s Wozmak Cal ole Bu1 ns Rlchald Rlch Kalpola F1ank Elms Skup Ceolge Denvel Spolee Stew Skopek B1 ucc Kmght Lflo Flon e1s X al Dvo1 ak Flovs els Jo Cc sa11o Gall CQ1XQllkd Allce Blcan COIIHIG Balllla Tal Zan Jox ce Halel 7 Cul Glonek Pennx Cal bauak Eddn Kasvxk Mal un Klllllltlkl P ix Kex Q k C 1012.1 K llkoxx skl TL d K llata John K xdas DIVISION 405 Dldlle Pollentzke Bex Pauss Cdllllell Patt C0Ok16 O Gean Ba1b Mlkalayunas J udS Lal son Sampson KLlSl0lQk RQf,lll3.ld Wallek Dlane U1b21l16k John Schaefe1 Rax Savage Ma1 lt Roszak Paul Romeno Man I ou Rlb7lQlNld Jo in Jopek Mlkq Hx Lnx V lLtOl Hx IIN Robc 1 L llllblll Ll . , In H ' ,- i' 1- sv , - . L 4.7 . as y av I ' , , ss , ' yy , cc U , ' , , an ' S! , 7 C6 '77 C6 7, 7 u 1 99 , sa ,rr . , , CC ' 77 ' , , ' if , , Y! I ' u ' as ,' sc as ' ,' ' 66 7, ' it 7? as ar ' 4 v ' , an ' 77 ' ,' , .' n ,' as ' . ' - ' . . H '. v . . , I 44 in , ' , If y' as ,- .,, . . I A . ,. , H .U . I ll y ,Y X ' Y x , 4: sy 44 U ,' ' . Q ' f I James W-J. Sl0XNlllSkl . . v ' . ' . ' - . , ' an 1 an . , ', U Y 77 -. v . Ah , , !! 1 , as ra ,' al ' sy 1 ,e . ' , 7 l Al , 77 ' ' . n I 4 Y u as ' sr ,' In an ' Y! ' sn , r W ,. .A . H .uv I . .' . 8, as ' 199 I 7 , ,' I I 4. f - 1' ' , .f ' 4 , 2-7 ' 1 - -tv J ' N A' 4 1 R A ' r L 1 - ' 1 m I C A C ,. I L A 4 I , .4 ' .511 . Ah' Ah' Arff Chuck Cooky Anythlng Cooper Flat Top Ginger Rav Bud Tank Roger the Lodger Mlke Gal Judy P P P Clown DIVISION 303 Pershell s Purls Bunny Rocky Dreamboat Goober Dee Muscles Sandy Speedy Gonzales J udy Pee Wee Carole Sklp Rehable Jan Shel 1 y H01 se Squlrt Enas Jan B Jan C Jackle D Jan D Jerome D Gretchen Kay G Fred G Jo Jo H Bob H Babe Rlch Zlggy DIVISION 404 Heyse s SOCIG Lltes Tom J Jan L Joycee M B1ll M Mlke M Sandy N Syl S Lor S Chuck Sully Den Ar Carol W an Chet Cyv .1 , Lu ' Angie A. Ruby I. ' 1 CLASS PROPHECY DIVISION 702 Jan Aschenbi ennei Mr Aleckna s Assistant Ann Bacha and Bob Ivanouskus Co owners of Tinthair Bev Bei ent Rose Bollig J 1m Bucko D1 Fei enzi Joan Fiscella Connie Glogou Skl Bob Griffin Rita Gioegei Eileen Hovanec Ray J ezek Bob J esko Jack J uhas Maryann Kalata Pat Kemp Don Kopkou Skl Joan Kunz J 1m Lapsansky Jay Leshyn Shirley Mack John Medllk Art Palm Peggy Parker Frank Popovits Tom P1 endergast Dottie Spechko .................. Rich Washkevich Ovs ner of a Reducing Salon P1 etzel TWISIZQI Butler A Membei of Phil Ferenzi s Flute Quartet Chorus G11l Ballerina Policeman Lady Wrestlei T1 uant Officei Monk Bachelo1 Lady Macbeth Foods Teacher Civics Teacher Owner of Campbell Soups Track Stal Ou ner of Vacha Florist Opera Singer Hair Stylist Civics Teacher D1or s Assistant Sailor Second Yul B1 ynner Mammy Yokum s Wardrobe Advisor Next Year s Easter Bunny Virginia Wilkins -......................,..... Dot Witkowski - Mary Ann Yuc1k ...........-...., Ferris Wheel Operator ---------- A Palmist Elvis Presley s Guitar String Stringer Miss Taheny's Terrors -------------------------------------- Traveling Salesman ! WALTER KLASH S own Lmfe FURNITURE CARPETING TELEVISION APPLIANCES I800 02 W 47i'h Si' af Wood LA 3 7771 z DIVISION 403 Tony Bartal Jan Blacklaw Bonme Carter Carol Chapman M1ke Clrullo Vmce Cosmano Joe Dopkoxx sk1 Joyce Freske L1nda Gabler B111 Gagler L11 G1 egus Mlke G1 onsky Russell G1 oth Judy He1nen Je1 ry Illgen B111 Jaslk Joy Jerkatls Joe Jurkowskl Emma Kalvaltls Joan Kovx alsk1 Claudla Larson Judy Laskey Phyllls Lullo Don Ma1 1tsavsk1 Jack1e Mc1nt11 e Sebast1a N ovota John Now ak Larry Pomykalskl Sherry Probasco Tony Schlott Nan St3Slk Lydla Vlllalobos Bob Wh1tham Ruth W11he1ms DIVISION 704 Denmson s Darllngs R1chard R1ch Bagdon Donna Don Balczynskl Donald Beaver Ba11ch Robelt BIZUD Carol Brown n1e Broun Dom1n1ck Don Canlno Jud1th "Judy" Franco Bernard "Bern1e" J1r1cek Sh1rley "Kosmo" K0smowsk1 Gertrude "Ge1t1e" Kugler Joanne 'Jon1" Marasco T11n1dad "Tony" M01 eno F1 ank "Sk1" N19dZl91Skl Dolol es "Do Do" Pavelec Mary "Mar" Ramu ez Mary Mar R1ttenbache1 Frances F1 an Schuman Merr yle Slmon R1cha1d Skr ezyna John Salt Soltyslak Allen Al Stuck June "Jun1e" Szewczyk Frank Tallar1co Gerald "Fats" Tomas Robert "Bob" V1dra George V1SOCk1S Donald "Don" Voruda Allce "Al" Wemmann Robe1t "Bohn Y1.l1g3lt1S A -ff--f J" . ' ' - V 4 9 -. ' ' iffffi 0 ' fl 7 I " :f75" ?f255E5S?55: 555555559 , ' Q ,jf-:ff ,fifiiffiiify ' 'I - 3 ri5E,:5::5gf55gE5:r5555? 425:-,' :I . - - 5' ffii fi iiifiiffz ' 225252. 155515 ., ,sisisisifififv . - . . y , . ' Y . . . , . - 1 1 - 1 1 4 4 1 9 ' , A 1 1 7 ' A 4 , 7 3 4 1 J 1 , ' , ' an , ' 11 , u 77 ' ' ' 6 K 7 9 ' 6 C ! 3 DIVISION 302 Mr. Icxck E. Friedheim Blondy Amundsen Cul lv Bakos Bob Banaszak Joe B1nde1 Chuck Bums Doc Bu: y Su ede Edlund Candy Ba1 Feltl Jlm Gudgahs Cul ly Hallman Tom Hannlgan Lou Hulsey Tlna Ichnlowskl Pldge Kacln Tex Komendant Helen Lachetta Joy ce Lal son Bob Llston Ev Long Tuffy O Connol Elalne Plckett Jell Pmkou Skl Cal men Rangel Bob Roschke Jen ome Rusnak Don S3.XV1Ckl Glo Sokolown sk1 Ca1ol Stengel Rlch Thurn Verna Vengl 1n Jerlv W1lcz1k Tom W1sne1t DIVISION 608 Mrs O Bnen Pat11c1a Pat Andlekus Pat11c1a Pat Alden Carol D1ops1 Dlop Judy Ju Fa1o Rosemaly ROS19 G31S1l3SO Mane Buttons Kalata Pat Fueclacker Kmlec R1cha1d Rlch Kebl Bevelly Bev Knoll Stan Kuch KuCh31Skl Gene Eug Konen Tom Tommy Lexx IS Nancy Nanc Stepnlcka Ma1y Ann Mal SteJr Wlllxam B111 Toppett Paul Flogs Valentlno Shalon I11sh McMullen Dolothy Dotty Moch Collette Kltty Mosex Row Nobs Nlebllng M1chalene M1Ck9y Nalepka Ray Chlco Pa1et1 Elleen I P1ende1gast Jovce Jose PIBWIQC Ba1ba1a TOOtS16 Roll Stachovlc Shuley Shnl Slovs1nsk1 Grace Sp1ke Strelecky Roberta Bobble Snodgrass Ronald Spalky W3S1k Fel1c1a Flash WlH131Sk1 R1ch Zays Zappa1ato Olan Zlt Zltella Jlm Stump Z1tn1k , . v . . , . ' '. . Y . ' L . V - ' 1 1 u u ,- - 41 sv , , cc ,' 11 ,' ' an H , , as n , u , 'n , cc ' rr , at an , Y Ac n ' ' , 66 ' nr , ' 'V as ' n ,' at if , an ' 7: , ' cc ' , , n ' ' sm 77 , , ' , H ' H , H D , ' , U H , w, , an ' - as st 97 1 ' ' , as ' , H ,' ' as H at ' H as n ,' an ' H as 7 ' al , 97 ' , sc ,ar ' - ' as n ' ' , ' ' ' at ' 77 ' sc H , 45 , H ' , u ' n ' ' ax u ' ' DIVISION 805 Was a lot of fun to make P1ck1ng boys and glrls f01 eve1 y ph1 ase Was a game of g'1V6 and take And our 11 ay of saymg good bye To the gang at Gage Park H1gh Drlll M1StF9SS MISS Su eetness Ansvx 91 to a Teen age P1 aye1 Terror of H1ghu ay 101 L1ked by All Our Hero F1ve Foot Two Eyes of Blue G11l on The Go M1 Zoot Zu1te1 Su eet and Lovely MISS Jltterbug M1 Handsome Hlmself MISS Pee Wee G1rl vs 1th Prettlest Hall Indlvlduallst M1 Wonde1 ful Queen Bee Country G1rls M1ss Fash1on Forum M1 Fash1on F01 um Real Cool MISS Posture D1v1s1on Slnger DIVISIOH MUSICIHH MISS Soph1st1cat1on M1 EXecut1ve Glrl wx 1th P1 9tt1QSt Eyes Athlet1c Queen Su eet Sllence MISS Happy Go Lucky MISS Glamou1 G1rl Most Resened Glll MISS Sherman Lou1se Antosz Rose Mary Lelllsh Ronald Dry1e1 Sharon Buhle Phllllp Guastella Joan KOZIOWSkl Ba1 ba1a Mertes Donald Murphy Susan Pollack La Ve1 ne Plewa M1chael Ka1as Malv Ellen Lave1tv Joyce Rodgers Judy Wasche1 Ken Boehm Arlene Patton Joan Rogalsk1 Joanne Ju1 kovlc Ronald Stapleton Mary K1 emn1tze1 Evelyn Kovla S1a Thanasouras Ralph R1vera Gladys Hasselberge1 Vmce Negrete Lee Pok Nancy KOSk1 Ma1 cella Batts Ruth Yuska P3t11C121. G1 eyba1 Laula McKamev u ' , 1: ' xc , , - , ,H ' ll ' , 97 ' n KK ' 77 ' , ........................ u , H Miss Wonderful ...................... ............... E laine Vincek Cl ' !l ' L6 Y ' rx , DIVISION 605 Mr Cuzellc: Cal ol Be1 1 y Stella Butcevlclub Ron Davls Bev Draw z Andy Gaydos Rosa11e Homn1ck Dennls Jagl1nsk1 Chuck Kerpec Geo1 ge Kotll LOIS Leshyn TVI1ke Lesondak Ba1 b Tallo Ron Trzeclak Bob Uznanskl Pat Machnlak Gen Massett Nancy M1 az B1ll Rodman Judy Rleske Ca1o1 Roteman Darlene Schachnel Ar Sedor Ma1y Ann Shane Ge11y Skolar Bev Sutte1 Judy Wesolou sk1 Joan WISHIQYK sk1 Lou1se Wolf Nan Zarack Congzafulatzons OUR DAUGHTER INA and ALL HER FRIENDS THE LUNCH TABLE Complzments of Mr and Mrs Iohn Louzensky 91 Ioyce and R1chard Oy Ma1 Vug Complzmentq of DIVISION 606 Mr Dcrnber Gelaldlne Beta Rosmaly Cl111Qtophe1 Carol Felgenbaum Alan Goldon Frank Grebas W1ll1am Helden Bonlta Hewlett Mary Holubek Sue Kovar1k Arlene Kuhl Dlanne Lakom1ak Halold Landvs ehr Davld Leff1e1 Robert Lukasek Je1ome M3.1'tlH Geo1ge Mackov1tch Pat11c1a M1SlaSZ6k Elalne M1Z016k E11Ck Palm Joyce POtG1 Lave1 ne Raymond Delbe1t Relnmuth Sandla Rohde ROg61 Sedlacek Steve Se1apa1u Dolo1 es Skal ek Joyce Sme1czk Joanne SOkO10WSkl Patr1c1a Stas1k James Stypsoch Joan W3lSCh13g61 Vale11e Wysock1 R1ChHld Zay to V . ' at 1 ' ' , ' HAI!! NJ Y! ' ' aaDin as ,sr Lor Urbaniak Jerry Wolski "Ev" "Marcella' ' SLG ,n ca ' , 77 KAN Wx P Boon Woes il mme Pevneckg Grace S1 veleckq Num Nm Vofmcxu. Kem? 'luixkxx KQX5 DILSQXDXOYL Qyeu 'Q.m' Read I no SQ, , XXLLCXM Antone Gerr Appolrto Carole Ar drn Pat Banrk Dolores Barnrsh Mary Bradley Sherla Brockett Lydra Bryl Geraldrne Bucholz Carol Chaloupka Judy Cuprrsrn Elarne Cybulskr Janrce C7ape7sk Barbara Dusablon Kay East Dar rylrrr Falzone Rose Marre Frey Mary Glaza Kay Havlrck Janrce Havs su orth Marrlyn Herodes Nancy Ichnroxxskr Chrrstrne Jerkartrs Joy Jone Sandra Kamrn Nancy Kama Carolyn Kase Toby Krrk Carole Krmec Pat Klein Pat Vuscko Frances Wagner Irene Wielgoiz Barbara Witovs ski Dorothy Wojciechowski Annette GIRLS CHORUS Kolosta Glorra Kopprt Hazel Kosmoxx skr Shrrley Krzemrnskr Alrce Kr zemrnskr Josephrne Loskowskr Carol Lellrsh Rose Lullo Phyllrs Markavart Carol Marazas Joyce Melant Delphrne Messrna Dranc Mrotkrexxrcv Crace Mrglrnas Ingrrd Mrlas Carol Ondr ovrc Arlene Oprondek Barbara Peters Lorna Pollack Susan Povslrck Carol Povsroznrk Leona Pratl Marre Renz Glorra Schaeffel Mar ranne Selrga Patrrcra Skolar Gerry Stqr MarVAnn Suda Emrlv Surtalskr Shrrley Szevs czyk June Tassie Pat Van Natta Arlene Vaselow Carol Vincek Elaine Vondrak Carolyn THE ALOUETTES I , v' , ul. . 7 ' I 9 v ' , r 'y ' u . , i ' . ., . . . 7 , Q . ., . n , ' I, 1 a y ' l , 1 , n ' , ' 7 . . . y . 9 ' ? ,. . , . , . ,y , . y . I A A-7 Y ' ' . . V. 4, In Y A . . , '. n , nu ' ' , Q Eastman, Sharon Navarette, Alice , K 1. w ' , 1 . , . . Y , . y , . , . . , . , , v . , .' v ' Y . - , v v- ' , V . Y ., 1. . 1 , 4. . . Y , 1. 7 . 7 '- . y . y '. . ' , . ., .xy v x. .1 '. ' 1 , n 1 , ' t . 7 V. ., .' 7 Y Y ! Y , , , , Y 7 ! , , WHO S WHO Class B1 a1n Ideal Ame1 1can Glrl Ideal Ame11can Boy Athletlc He1o Athlet1c HGIOIHQ Most Pleasmg Personallty Most Resened G1rl Most RQSQI ved Boy Most Obllgmg Gul Most Obhgmg Boy M1ss N eatness Most Talkatlve Gul Most Talkatwe Boy Class A1 gue1 Class Volce M1ss Petlte Glrl w1th the Nlcest Eyes Boy W 1th the Nlcest Eyes Class Cut up Class Glgglel Shyest G111 Shyest Boy Class AIIDIQI Best D1 essed Gul Best D1 essed Boy Handsomest Boy Prettlest Gul Most Popula1 G11l Most Populal Boy G1rl ww 1th P1 ett1est Tresses Davls DIVISION 803 Gul Most Llkely To Succeed Boy Most L1ke1y To Succeed Joyce Bartels Lucy Tesmer Be1 n1e Budzynsk1 Tom Gu1 yn Judy N01 ka Conme Leom Rae Flour Bob McKnabb Joann Humph1 ey Ken H01 acek Darlene Eaxley Jean Kohut Tony BOde1lCk Kathy Shapuo Mar1lyn Ilkamck LOY19 Funck Bob Valzon1s Pete Guardl Glo11a Koblljak Sharon Is1 eal Ed Modla Lee Brew Dolly Knutson Tony B1 azys B111 Folga J one Kregzde Ina Louzensky John Flrth Helene Slemp Shlrley Gallagher Ross Coons I I I ' ' ,-.,,-,...,.-....,......-.. .......... - --- Carolyn Burian M1 DICIIOIIRIX Ideal AH1611CEi1l G11l Ideal AITIOI man B05 Most Populal Glll Most Popula1 Boy Most Pleas1ng Pel sonahtx Most Obl1g1ng G11l Most Obl1g1ng Boy P1 ett1est Gul M1 Joe College MISS C1ggles P1 ettlest Ex es fG11lJ P1Qtt1est Ex es fBoVJ Gul 11 1th Longest Hall MISS Pet1te MISS Sweet1e Ple Most Resened Gul Most RQSQI ved Box Shx est G11l Llttle B1g Shot MISS Hot Rod M Hot Rod DIVISION 801 Small s What s Who M1ss Danung Ca1 IJOIIZIIIOH Lhubbv toes DIXISIOH MUSICIZH Class Cuttu MISS COIHDIHIIIGI M1 Con'1pla1ne1 Pepsodent Kld Long Tall Sallx M Hub Caps Ph1l C0111 Eleanol e Gllthl 19 Woody U1 chak Jane Adams Wax ne Moldovan Eumce Is1ael Rose Abl aharnsen E1 nest Wh1te Shlrlee Ross Ron Capek Jo Ann De Van D1ane Koston J1m Adams Mau A11n KUblI1US Lo1etta Roback Ann Ba1 an Melv1n F1 eske I7910H1C3, CIGSIR Jlm H6661 nan GlO113 D3Sk1QIX1CZ Bob Conly Dalvl B1ooks I1ene Stv1cula Klt Bohus Nancv Blen Ge1ald1ne He1n11ch B111 Nedoss Jun G1absky Mal cella Bun1s Sam MQSSIHH I I Mr. 1-4 ' I 5----ifK-i-W--iii-f-iw---Ei--kg ll 'j " rl. al y -----wx--i-ig--Agi-x---i------F-ig,-A . ' u 7 , c 97 l I- .--- K -h-.,--g,---,-- .-,..-.. ,, ..g....... - , . 7 .1 . 'X I Y . ' " ' - ' " - ..e...e... .........,..... ,...s T h eresa Tokarski 17 .1 a 1 y ' 4 7 .Q 1 . . 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Ant Eater ....... Fat Lady ........ --- Mary Niedzielski ------------------------------------ Carol Schultz ------------------------------------ Hazel Koppit Hula Dancer ............................-......,..... Joan Schultz Sketch Artist ..................................... Patricia Stepanek DIVISION 802 Human Cannonball .................-................ 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PATRONS Fe1 one Rad1o Ben s Sales MICIIEIQI P1ag1t MIS A V1d1a Mason s Woman s and Ch1ld1cn s Weal Ellls and Clal a Impe1 lal ACCOI d10H M1 and M1s R Raclte M1 and MIS G Kucha1sk1 Ausels Du Goods F1 ank s Ba1be1 Shop Co11g1atulat1ons Matty and Jean M 81 D Cleane1s Joseph Rohe Restamant Squad 9 Engme 116 F1ank J Cekal IVS1I1Sk1 s School St01C M1 and MIS Geo Suda and So11s M1 and M1s Edu Mack Hank s Gas St3t10ll Mlchael s Ba1be1 Shop Comphments of DIVISION 304 M1 and M1s N Thanasomas Cla1a s Beauty Shop KL1IlQl Q Dlx Vlcanels 7 r A 1 ' ,x 9 , w 7 4 1 r - ' 1 Dr, Bruno Krzeminski -' 'V . Q , . ' 4 Y v Q . 7 y 3 . -' . v I 1 .K CONGPATULATIONS T0 THE' GRADUATES from DIVISION 306 Carol And Robert Bullet Belke Calm Ka Boddy Robelt Joe Boxel Phlllp Chustophel M1chael Collms Helen Czern1ak Dennls Denny Dz1erzawsk1 Damel Dan Donahue Pete1 Pete Ellls Elnest Ern Etheudge Mlchael Mlke Homnlck Sandra Sam Jasudowlcz Arlene A1 Kalaf ut Rose Mal le Glant Kedzuf Mlss Denms Barbala BL Kujawa John Martz Inglld Inky Mlghnas Kathleen Kathy Nugent Damel Olszewskl N1cholas N1ck Pallvos Joseph Pape Ethelyn Peterson Maly Ann Pyka Emll Zoom Szum Patr1c1a Pat Tassle Chal les Vacha Hel belt Waltemath Pat11c1a Pappy Watts Joan Blackle Whlte Frank Speedball Klumbls Robert Wolf Jacquelme Cookxe Koch To Err IS human and by the tlme our readers have reached thls page they W1l1 have reahzed that mlstakes have been made For these m1stakes We apolog1ze and hope that the cr1t1cal reader w11l reahze that t1me has been of the essence rn producmg a hlgh school annual The day came When 1t was lust too late to make correchons Many persons have been respons1ble for helpmg the staff and myself produce thxs volume of the lcarlan A few of these are Mr loseph Gullo Mr Ray Langen of Campus SGFVICG Ina Louzensky Glen Alexander Nancv Mraz La Verne Raymond B1ll Helden Nancy Stepnlcka and Allce Welnmann Ross Coons Ed1tor ln Chlef L . . .Q - ,, , ,, . ll 77 1, H H '. 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