Gage Park High School - Icarian Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1955

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Gage Park High School - Icarian Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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,.,-f-v Ji. X- I. xyfffylj in ' NX? fun S . I ly L I K ,A . J,,W', H Tw jy3 L+ W2 ' jd N lo ,Q , , M W .X 1 Q .M . , QU. l J PM . ik '! Ax' .,,.' QA ,Lv r J U ' if OL V ,,j,.,J Z " ' , WWW 2 f'x M 7 if Ziw "QA 5 if 07VfI'7Jif 77167, 41zifQf74f" I af 1 .1 M L. 1 Lynff 1 -. K 5 Lbcwxl 5 A ,fgjsbx-, - vkjixmx Q flfwxlfi XQXJRXOJ vugdf H Cylbvxf-o-figkl' N W vb Qwfxliwgw Sxf , , L-fx T, K 5? A2521 ,f K f 1 1:2 4 cz: ,f K 'f 5 .1 if . Lf4,f"ff -.1 Kg ' E .fy lk L? f 4 L ff V L! T . ER X9 CL V1 rf ff 'Q R149 xv tw., '1 ff' 'QA L, J ..,, 1 ,, I N - .,...,.......... .....-.....-L., QW-Jeff-4 x "- ff zfff MCU pdf 0 Nui jeff Kxfj-4-f X X dr .LL M Lf uf? EIIITIIIRS Edztor zrr Lhref BARBARA VIVODA ELL YN HULSEY LCIfOL1+ DIANE RILARCZYK RHYLLIS RIQTRQWSKI Lrterarj CARQL MISHECK Photography RUTHMARY CQLLINS ICANNE ERASCQNE Busmess KATHLEEN MORRISON IOSERHINE KAPIOR 151 ILAHIAN her Lf GAGE PARK HIGH SCHOOL 5630 South Rockwell Street Chxccxgo Illmoxs J'- fU f"V v.v' A, ' . .L K. I Ju ,' 1, .A 1' A ' 'A I 9 1- ' I A , , . A ' V4 1 , if L' 7 fr 1 1- v I LJ 'fog -27 f' X Ay FLIDQHS 1 f" ' ' r 1 f ' ' ' .Z -'A ,ff ' 4, , ,x , 4 1 r- TP. " 4 ' f' , i X If Ik ' f , , , , ,uh If 1 ' 1 , , I Q fx E, ,A , ,ff V ff ll L., I M tx rr V' A 11 r l. . Q- . L Ea LL, ' ll in XZ! ,, ' I, .1 , J ,xl HJ f 'fn ' ft - :Vw 5 Jin. 1 . I 6. QT' 4 x :A ,. Xj,-L ,, Q ,all 'jul N1 , Ld ' " ev f 1- I 'jf l...,,,- N ,I . , In X I' . KJ x.. ,A . I Q -' ' I , 4 W .- A N 4 fi rffiv l J l fr -'A,wff,L' ff' ' YJ' A li i cf""' 4 ' , I ' f ,L-' . 'ff -Mrraor ' ' '- Y Mvif' ,-,J fl ' ,fe eff ' fy' I 1 I A A1 'V f' - A fffilf? ,,N as . ' U x N ' 1,4 ,LSL-g f 1 xx 1,1 .,f.....-- f'l.j 1', , .- . if in vc V f V J "sl ff if I Q M ' tg' ..,,"l1Z,A .qi '-if, s it ff' Q ., fp. Digi, Q Y- fly 1 f. c Q uf L, if vw-as ,Q:.1fY1 Vliffflff ' "K ff:-. 41 'I ,, IJ , 1 , V I "J ,I 1' . 1 J Mn M , 'W I 1 f' , f 'xfx vs. v W, ' . ' 'U J . -1 , . fi sd. -.Q 1 ink' 5 1 - -A I V4 K .,.. v ... wAf'- ' - 1' I I, f' 1" f A , I ff , , .-, ff ,- -ff I ,- ,1 A , ' fAf6'jj' 5 ff, X, . if f 1 lp! I V, X! A, 1, 1 , , s f J 1 gif, 'r ff , 4 In I 'X I , I V, 'I A-' ' f A :R 4 ' , , x' 4 L " rf .IM 1 ,451 ,7 I 'N A, , r ,. If K - 1 ,151 , , 1' A ,Q Q J? 1 I X 1 I untents 1 IFWQ11Ux HOD I IDKNAT ON ACULTV I C FTQ 1 9 NT I C1155 4 OT qs at I'l1YlO S 10 5 UNDI VCI AQQMT N T f 5 mr ANN Q OIW ADWRTIQ MPNTQ Ho Y 1 I . II-,Af 'Nix vi" ' t N Y' 'Y A 'N ,J ,. J 1 ' 5 F A 8 IFVYWUT "Qf1 .h . Hi 138.-XL1LJ'a'I'ENCi Lll .DHS Iflillli ',f I 1' I8 fVvWlTFlT'TIT':jT1f7 Ffii , S .753 Illflf' C1 ij Qui: VI nf' J Nr: 44 fn , . ,T Sf'-y1Q41T' SS JIQUVI Q2 1555 34 fifgivliuz: Q Class Q2 Yrwi ..l :rn 53199 'aa 'CT WT X5 Urcfdriizf ITIOITS 74 wmg 1:5 :fr N2 .QQ I., age l9aL Jflgl lZ3eJw,-.fed Offaly 27, 1939 In the fall of 1939 the Gage Park dxstnct ded1cated to th1s commumty a new h1gh school Th1S year 1955 Gage Park Hlgh School IS celebratmg the hfteenth ann1versary of 1ts cledlcatxon Some may recall how the bu1ld 1ng stood abandoned for ten years prevlous to that t1me b cause a lack of funds prevented 1ts complet1on lt was or1g1nally 1ntended to be a g1rls techmcal school and to be named Verdx however the need for a general h1gh school prompted the CIVIC bod1es of the cornmunxty to pet1t1on the Board of Educatlon to conslder a coeduca tlonal school The request was granted and the new school was honor of George W Gage a promment member and supporter of the Park Board after Whom the d1str1ct had been named Gage has a reputatron of be 1ng one of the flnest schools 1n the Clly An enthuslastlc Splfll lS no tlceably prevalent as eXeI'1'1pl1f1ed ln the act1ve part1c1pat1on of the student body ln the numerous school and communlty functlons In 1942 the hrst class gradu ated from the new school I each succeedmg year Gage Park Hlgh School has contlnued t tra1n young men and women to TGCOQHIZS thelr I'eSpO1'1Slbll1l19S and to carry out thelr dunes ID whatever fleld of endeavor they may enter . . I e- named Gage Park High School in . n ' ' o id lairif ofiued THE MAN ERECT "That man stands straightest who stoop to help a hild He stood erect, No slurnps or slouches hereg No captain had more military air. 'Tis true he had seen country's servir e And once was seen to give a tlag sal' t Tho he tho't himself alone. MEyes front and stand erect," He stood erect,- From an uncluttered desk An uncluttered mind Came firmly molding bulletins To guide a growing school. He led but would not lean. He stood erect And gave lfind helpg A fe:-I tree lunches here, Another chance on tardiness, Advice on how to mingle and adjust He stooped to help the erringg He stooped then upward stood. He stood erect The first Apache "ut, The new nail tint Vfere not outlawed at onfif-g lle lfnew that fads ol grovxfng teens Soon settle hy therT::ff-lve:,- He watched hut flifl not swerve. He vxallfed C-mat. Dawn the lf'ffC'fl'E at f'f,rr'f'iar A rausou: janaling f-are He lost na time in hast n'na there The 'xfhjf aria' '.'.'hcrff to Then hath Sidi-s hr,-aid 'A rian of fzff,-rlina prinffg l 1 He heara' hat '.'.'U':l'l . Hay And from the Gif.-at l?fw'on 'i 'Where halt-truths are not lfnovxn A urging, fhtnderfng whisper omes Srana erect, my children, - My fifteen . . ,my thirty thousand children gtoop to but stand again,- Stana' up and stand erect"' ecome mr. earne . . . M-.Qs Mr W1ll1am P Hearne was named to succeed Gage Park Hlgh School s deceased prmclpal Mr W1ll1am Abrams at a meetmg of the Board of Educa t1on Mr Hearne who assumed the pr1nc1palsh1p on September 27 IS Gage Park s second pr1nc1pal Mr Hearne has many years of eclucatlonal expenence hav1ng earned h1s Master ot Arts degree from St Mary s College and h1s Master of Educatlon degree from De Paul Un1vers1ty In add1t1on he has done graduate work at the Uruverslty of Chlcago and Northwestern Un1vers1ty On rece1v1ng h1s appomt ment 1n the Chrcago school system Mr Hearne t1rst taught mathemat1cs and later served as adm1n1strat1ve ass1stant at Lane Techntcal H1gh School whtch boasted an enrollment of 9 U00 students at that ttme A Latm 1nstructor at Mount Carmel for s1x years Mr Hearne then became pr1nc1pal ot Sherwood Elementary School where he remamed two and one half years The next th1rteen years Mr Hearne spent at Bowen I-hgh School as pI'1l'1C1pGl before com1ng to Gage Park Hlgh School as 1ts second adm1n 1strator The Principal ilg fo OZ? 2, TO ALL STUDENTS: Your appreciation of this yearbook will increase as the years pass by. Perusing it leisurely from time to time will recall to you many happy incidents during your high school days. The friendships you made will likewise be remembered Perhaps you might be prompted to contact some of your classmates with the possibility of arranging a class reunion This yearbook also is of value to all now lt portrays the fifteen year history of Gage Park High School This includes its origin and its continual progress under the late Mr William Abrams the first and only principal dur1ng these years Some important highlights are given and these can serve as incentives for future success A challenge then is offered to all a challenge not only to match these early days but to enhance if possible the importance of our high school in the life of the community This challenge IS as much for you who are graduat ing as for you who remain Our acceptance of this challenge will be measured by the manner in which We cooperate with the school the church the home and the community These are the four agencies in education which must be united for successful l1v1ng Let each one of us resolve to do his part in making the coming years fruitful ones for himself and for his school Cordially IWSS FRANCES SCHAEFER Miss Frances Schaefer ably holds the position ot as sistant principal 1 our school Among her many varied duties are supervis ing tests interviewing pro spective failures directing assemblies and administer ing the duties of the princi pal in his absence Gage Park students highly respect their cornpe tent assistant principal and believe that they are ex tremely fortunate to have so capable an administrator in the school office William P Hearne hx 3,4 'FI :Wd J! ffym WIHRRDEK :E THYLOR 3A SMRLL IGH IIF SCHREFER RSCRNNELL 5 KEW :J BENSON sR GRLGRNO HSFREGENSON QG ROGGY C ROCHE 7E COURTNEY na, E COOPER SR SHERMAN M POWELL -:P STANGER SPBUHUS 'QM CONNOR5 Allminiftrative Staff f , ,, 1, 1 1 -1 -- -- urn ,' ll'1C"fI'.lY1Z If 1- , ,iii ri' ' All p I I, r 1 ,, - 1 vw f'ffY9'i1' 'uri' " .lie .L.1':f1 Tfl .xfmn-fm f- Y -ff I WML, V ,V I ,F -. -., H, I F .L ..,, rw'- ,.,.,',, ll f' v- I.. -f'-'rf .-..f,f' ff, rf: . Helen ,-, Avrlb I, .'f',l'?6fi' X 1 .HU .,f .eil :H-Sri - f ,.,.n A nf- .,. meigif 'fffE'.1'E'f OMUIIQ1: T!" 'S rzriiz M :,.l,.f-,fm f, -vw "' JC. 1 fl- s. I qw -5 ,Ql I fn., '21 X. P ly' X ag 5 QCLC QPJ I'lCOLll'Clg2 Mr Alekna Mxss Bennoon Mlss Blake Mr Bolxus Mathematics Mxss Bursxk Commercial Mxss Caruso English Mr Chadwxck Spamsh Mlss Connors English Mxss Courtney English Mr Danher lndustnal Arts Science Commercial Socxal Stuclxes M Mr Carroll Science 'k Commercial zu N F v- ,' 0" If xx 4 0 1 X daft' X Q ll Q 4. ' 9 v , N' Y fn Miss Cavallx ,f 6 Mrs Conklm English Mxss Cooper SocxalStud1es Mrs Cralg Home Arts Mxss Davxdson Mrs Davxs Mrs Dennison Ar Soc1alStud1es Phys1calEducatxon 3 0l'l'l0l'I'0l,U5 olga eftf . . Q if Miss De Voe Biology Miss Greicus Physical Education Mr Heyse C omm ercx al Miss Hradek Mathematx cs Mtss Iordan Home Arts Mrs Kew English Miss Kron Latin H'-1 Miss Faegenson Miss FitzGerald Mrs. Galgano Mr. Gearon Social Studies English Commercial Social Studies at wif E J Play Mr. Gullo Science Mr Howatt I Mrs Ienks Latin Mx Kane sxcal Education Mr Klelbon Social Studies Miss Kruzxc M: Lxtzkow Miss Loughborough Physical Education Wood Shop Physical Education F Q? in :sv Il 4' n QQ QL' 3 Z. if an Lu I , X' o -gf YT5XE":'- f- , , JKHOWAJQQ for I"0gl'Q55 . . . Musxc Mrs O Hara English r Pershell Spanish Mr Schxl! Math em at: cs Mr. Lowman Mr. McCarthy Miss McCleary Mr. McGury Mr. McLean Music Social Studies Home Arts Social Studies Physical Education Miss Mrazek Mrs. Mxller A Mathematics Commercial Mrs Nestander Mr Novak Ph yslcal Education Mr Panov Commercial Miss Pulaski Home Arts Mxss Scannell Mathematics Mxss Sherman Mxss Powell Mr Small Mus Smxth English Latin Science Science f 1 M w WUQ4, ULJQJ fo MCCQJJ M Sl ph .4-14' 1... MVbk , 'f v xnai lf- 'ZfL MMI JJ xxx' 2 mx if gix 1 Q in Z ig: . N? 52 M Y Mth Sgt MM h ROTC I' X Elf Q33 x l W I I C 6 ,, - - ,s .Q 'YU r. e sns Mrs.Tuylor Music Science r. u ex Induslri IH 1 'Q Va' ' .-. r A MIA sift Jia' 'li L 5 ffm I 4 -?" H." 'llk x ln: hw ' . ff A ar emati L' Y V 1,31- gis , -- L-E. ff'-q ge.. 2- J N 14 ,,,1' f' .4 i x vi,-,F , R45 ,, W -311 xs4-- , I . on I ll .- 42 r " 1' 151- ' 1- 1 P 'LQ IAQ! 3 A un Q6 Mx i -L- I :Tit A. I E -5 1:3 .,,. 4 4- f ' f. yi 37 L Y S13 lf - M 'f ' M-L? , 43' ' 4 fi --. A 4 6 I , Q I gr J Q0 J QA cf f LQIZQ5 'MT' -..a.. ..l....-.-.A x-.- ,pf LUNCH ROOM STAFF Top Row Marscxlxs Kamm Tychsen Block Vrczbllc Fxizgerald Honeunxc Botfom Row Habcubek Tkach Ifflmck Hcxvumc Fnedmcmn MAINTENANCE STAFF Rowan, Pounds Gagnon, Dunworth Gclhouse if , Q, .1 -,, . Q. -1 ff., -lem , mf.. 1 -W ,V ,. ., 4495+ av , , . fz f ' ,1 h w if ff A .Q ,. 9 X A , gif 9 Lf. H? In mx R g. ...,, ..,,,J 1 az' . .5 , Agggx f ' A Q QQ ,E A E ,..V Mfg i .. m 1 ,Q , Q: Q Cx 'll M 'ia W1 was x -if tww-1 a . 'july-fx., '4 N ?w:r'j'9. , Wifi? f 'L ,:3f',. M - 'Wiz JE 5 - Q Qjgf,"B,' ' fu-. a s ' A , 1 1 I ' 8 L As: 4, 15 if ,W 'ia' wifx 1-ms vi. , :sg uw . 2' 4.11 ' , 2 1 3 1 lol Hb X09 A 'S HH 71718 x AQ X 16155 X754 Vp X 1 Y I OX 6 1250 6 ' A 63 Ox Crystal Grads, Ianuary 195 ADAIR CORINNE En Gager Co Editor in Chief Quill and Scroll Secretary Honor Club Service Club lunior Red Cross Drama Club Science Club G A A Board Senior Girls Club General Olhce Work ADLER WILLIAM FRED Honor Club Board Orche tra Band Pre ident Band Dance Committee Science Club President Service Club Football Statistician Basketball Manager e term ri s Club S udent Council Division Presl dent lllmois Institute ol Technology BANFI ANNETTE Division Treasurer G A A Senior Girls Club Desrgnmg School BIENIAS RICHARD Soles Club Division Treasurer Restczurateur BONAVOLANTA ANGELA Sophomoe Class Secreta y Hono Club Se vice Club ci ence Club Opera Club Leaders Club Iunior Red Cross Rose Dance Committee GA A Senior Girls Club College BRANNIGAN PATRICIA En Gager Honor C ub Servic Club Rose Dance Committee G A A Senior Girls Club Office Work BROWN CHARLOTTE Art Club Biology Club Opera Club Service Club lunior Red Cross G A A Senior Girls Club Telephone Operator COLLINS RUTHMARY lcarian Photography Co Edito Quill and Scroll Honor Club Vice P esiaent Service Club Dancers Club Sec reta v Drama Club Art Club lunior Prom Committee Division Treasurer Secretary GA A Senior Girls Club President Vice Presi dent Unrverszty ol Iowa CONNORS EDWARD Honor Club Service Club Science Club Student Council R O TC Picked Platoon Ushers Club Ri e Team City Staff Drum and Bugle Corps Unrversrty ol lllmozs DALESSANDRO LOUISE Icariar Hono Club Ser ce Club Orchestra Band Band Darice Committee Drama Club Science Club G A A Senior Girls Club Loyola Unrversrty DARNELL, IOSEPH , , Frosh Soph, Varsity Football . . . Diviqion Vice-President. Armed Forces DE COSTE, IUDITH . . , Honor Club , . . Service Club . . Sc.erice Club . . , Biology Club , , . Drama Club S -retarv , . . Orchestra Secretary . . . Band Dance Committee . . . Leaders Club . . . Cheerleaders . . . Division Vice-President Secretary . . . G.A.A. . , . Senior Girls' Club. Concordia Teachers College 20 au 1051 en! PILARCZYK DIANE S nior Clas Presid nt Icar n Layout Co Editor Quxll and Scroll Treas luriior Red Cro s Horor Club Senior Prorn Committee Serxtce Club Division Vice Pre ident Secretary G A A Senior Girls Club Nrght School an we reuc en! IINDRICH MARILYN Semo Class Vtce P estdent En Gajer Co Edxto tn C'net Ou1ll ond S oll P estdent S IVICG Club Sec etary Cheerleaa e s Captam Student COUl"C1l Leaders Club SN1m Aldes Honor Club lunlor Class P es1 dent Iuntor Prom Comrmttee Sentor Prom Cornrntttee Dtvtsxon Pre :dent GAA Board Semor Glrls Club VICE Drestdent Northwestern DIETRICK KATHERINE Honor Club S6TV1C9 Club Opera Club SCIENCE Club lumor Red Cross G A A Semor Gtrls Club Stenographer DIVINCENZO ROSEMARY Serv1ce Club G A A Semor Gtrls Club Oilrce Work DRUCKER GILBERT Servtce Club SCIENCE Club Honor Club Orchestra Unrversrty ol lllmors EXLINE MIRIAM SQYVICQ Club lumor Red Cross GAA Semor G1rls Club Olhce Work FALADA IAMES Student Counctl U S Arr Force FENCL PATRICIA Student Counc1l Sales Club Servtce Club G A A Sen1or Gtrls Club lB M Operator FRIDRICH IACQUELINE En Gager Honor Club Serv1ce Club SCISHCG Club r Club VICE Presldent G A A Semor Grrls Club College GOAD IRIS Honor Club Sctence Club Leaders Club Servtce Club G A A Semor Girls Club Secretary GUMS BARBARA Icar an Qulll and Scroll Honor Club Board Servtce Club Art C ub Scrence Club lumor Red Cross Dancers mtttee Dtv1s1on Pres1dent G A A Sernor G1rls Club University of lllrnors HANSEN SUE Servtce Club G A A Sen or Gtrls Club llrlson Business College HARAZIN CAROL Honor Club Servtc Club Opera Club GA A Senlor Gtrls Club Secretary HEROLD GERALDINE SSTVICQ Club DIVISION Vtce Presrdent G A A Se or G1 ls Club St Bernards School of Nurszng 21 ' I l 1 , ' ' I l . i ' 1 ,I ,Sophomore Class :Treasurer , , 4 Rose Dance Com- , . 'e f 'U' 'J .. - lf' - ' A' or I F' e' or '- " ' 4 r '- , ' .., 615.5 effetlll' HUCKO IUDY Sem Cl ss Secreta y e Co Eat rn C e Ounll and Sc oll Drarna Club honor Cl rn Servlce Club Student Councu Sop re Class Secretary Rose Dance Comrnltte Senro Prorn Cornrmttee Drvrsron P e rdent Sec etary Treasurer G A A Senro Grrl Club Umversrty ol lllmors HORAN PATRICIA DEE Art Club Sales Club GA A Sen1o Grrls Club Nurse HUBEK DOROTHY H Sales Club Servrce Club Iuruor Red Cross DIVISION Secretary G A A Semor Grrls Club Bank Page IANKUSKI LORRY Se xlce Club Iunror Rea Cross G A A Seruor Grrls Club Model IANSKY GERALDINE En Gaoer Honor Club Servrce Club Sc1ence Club Treasurer Student Counc1l Orchestra Band Dance Cornmlttee Cl 1b Umverszly ol lllmors IANUSZ DONALD ae C Q Mcrchmrst IOHNSEN IANET Servrce Club Leaders Club Drvrsron Secretary C A A Senror Grrls Club Housewxle IOHNSON IOYCE lcar an Student Councrl Servlce Club Iunror Red Cross D1v1s1on Presrdent Secretary G A A Senlor Grrls Club Secretary Treasure Nurse IURKOVIC WALTER Honor Club Football Stat1st1c1an Basketball Manager Lettermen s Club Drvlsron Presldent Secretary Television KASIK IACK Servlce Club R O T C Drum and Bugle Corps P1Cked Platoon Natronal Rrllemens Assocxatron D1v1s1on Treasurer Swlm Team College KATSIBUBAS MARY lcarlan Art Club Opera Club Honor Club Servrce Club Leaders Club G A A Board Athletlc Dance Committee Senror Girls Club Dress Designer KEMPFEH PETER Student Councrl Presldent V1Ce Pres1dent Vars1ty Frosh Soph Basketball Football Co Captam Letterrnen s Club College KISSEL HELEN En Gager Honor Club Servrce Club Art Club Scxence Club u dent Councrl Executrve Board Clean Up Cornrrut ee D1vrs1on Treasure G A A Senror Glrls Club Arhsl , ',.e lor ,a. r ,,.En- yr f:af:r -.ior-'- nifm, " r ' ' " borne ,, r , A b - 44 If I .. - WA V' Iunior Class Treasurer . . . G,A.A .... Senior Girls' . lv . . .. . . Sl,s lul " V r - W' " 'I' .,.S1'l E yt , , l 615.5 IL'll.5lll'l!l" LESHYN IOHN QW c on ls Va i 1 e errr r 1 College KOLDOFF. IOAN . , , Honor Club , . , SerViCe Club . . . Art Club , . . Student Council . , . Sophomore Class Vice-President , , , Rose Dance Committee . . . GAA . , . Senior Girls' Club Ollice WOYk KONECKE, MARY LOU En-Gfrger CoeEditor-in- Chief . . , Ouill and Scroll . , Honor Club Serv- ice Club 4 , Senior Girls! Club A , , Leaders' Club . . Division Treasurer , , , GAA, University of Illinois Ll-XWLOR, MARGE , , , Service Club . . . SQHIOF Prom omrnittee D arna Club Division Secreta'y G A A Senior Girl Club Secretary LELAND EUGENE Student Council lunior rom Committee Varsity Footoall Team Serv ice Club Opera Club Divi i n President Vice P esident College LIPTAK HELEN Art Club Drama Club Service Club Opera Club lunior Red Cross G A A Senior Girls Club Secretary LOFFUS IOAN Se vice Club Opera Club lunior Red Cross Division Treasurer Vice Pre i aent G A A Senior Girls Club Nurse LOUDON ELSIE lunior Red Cross G A A Senio Girls Club Nurse LYNCH FLORINE Art Service Club G A A Senior Girls Club Housewife MACHAY GENE Ollice Work MARTINO DAVID Horc Club lunio Red Cro President Dvision Pr ident Vic P e i dent lllmois Pharmacy College MASSETT CHESTER R O T C U Her Club Picked Platoon University of lllmors MAZIARKA IEROME Sales Club Clerrcal Work SWL 23 C i , . , r . . A . P ' c . . . ' . , , - . M A v Q I I . ,SC L. I . . . . . F S.- 4 V . , I . , V ' , . V . . . . . . i r , . . ' r :ss , i es' , ' e- 7 is'- , . . . , . . . fs. , s' N ,,t,.'1Z 1 I ' fulfil , S .ior Cl-.s,: Tre'1s'1rer , EL- - 0 , Gfrfmr . l-l or Club , , Pros..-Scjrki, rs tj Foot- I , od.l,.,l.-T1. .e.,aCl':, V . I A., .NI MASSON CLYDE fr up Camera Man MILLER RONALD Sa e C ub Se v1ce Club DIVI ron Presrdent Oflrce Work MILOS IAMES Oc ra C Jo A t Club Loyola Umverszly MUSIAL MARLENE Hono Club S vrce Club Op ra Club Drama Club Sc1ence Club Vrc Presrdent Secretary Brologf Clab G A A Senror Grrls Club College OBMASCIK IOHN Baseball Team Letter mer 5 Club Drvmsron Presrdent Vlc Prestdent Carpenter OLSON IOAN lca ar' En Ga,e Qurll and Scroll Honor Club Servlce Club r Club Student Counc1l Tumor Red Cross Tumor Prom Commrttee DIVISION Vrce Pre tdent Secretary Treasurer Cheerleader S Co Captam G A A Semor Grrle Club Oflrce Work PALEKA FRANK Honor Club Se VICS Club Student Councll Tumor Red Cross DIVISION Preerdent Sec etary Treasurer Night School PALEKA IOSEPH Servrce Club Student Counc1l Iun1or Red Crose Band D1v1-slon Vlce Pres1dent Avzahon PAULIS DOROTHY En G ge Honor Club Sc1ence Club Secretary Drama Club Rose Dance Commlttee Iunror Class V1ce Presldent lumor Prom Commlttee Student Councrl Band Band Dance Commrttee Servlce Club DIVISION Treasurer G A A Senlor Glrls Club Board lllmors lnshlule of Technology PATRICK THOMAS Frosh Soph Varslty Bas ketball Team Semor Swrrn Team Skatln Team Varerty Football Team lunlor Prom Commrtt College PELZMANN IUDY Honor Club Board Leaders Club Servrce Club Sc1ence Club DIVISION Pre 1dent G A A Senlor Grrle Club Umversrty of lllmors PIRIBAUER DIANE Servrce Club Leaders Club G A A Senror Grrls Club IB M Operator PODOLAK WALTER Student Counc1l Band Varerty Team Brrcklayer POLIFKA ALICE Iumor Red Cross G A A S n1o Grrle Club Unxversrly of lllmoxs PRATSCHER BARBARA ANNE lcarzan Honor Club SSTVICG Club Drama Club r Club Preeldent Scrence Club Iunlor Red Crose Rose Dance Comrmttee GA A Senror G rls Club Business College REPS CAROLE DIANE Honor Club Serv1ce Club Ope a Club Scrence Club Bloloqy Club O cr a G A A S mo Grrls Club College RIBANDO MARY Servrce Club DIVISION Vlce Pr rdent S cretary GAA Serno Glrls Club Ollrce Work RICHMOND GEORGE Drwrs or' Secretary Rowe Dance Comrnrttee College 24 . E1ol5j:jfCl'xr. Slee Cl.'. , los l' ,, r' . Ae ., r . . r ' er' e .. ., 1 .. ..,. ' -lr N, . ,' ,'e- ' . . ri - f'r.,, ' ' ...At . -a r... 1 - I A - .:. g 'ee .e'r . ' ' ' ' ., ' ,r.At o . rlestr,, e'r " ee' ., e ..,. 'jr " . ROEDER. MARY . . . Honor Club . . . Service Club . . . En-Goger , , , Student Council , , . Junior CIGSS Secretary . , . lunior Porm Committee , . . Leaders' Club . . . Swim Aides 4 , , Cheerleaders' Treasurer , , , Division Vice-President, Secretary . , . GA,A. Boad Secretary . , , Senior Girls' Club Board. University of Wisconsin ROSSNER CAROL Service Club Dancers Senior Prom Committee Division Secretary G A A Senior Girls Club College RUMATZ RONALD Iumor Red Cross Frosh oph Varsity Football Letterrnens Club Division Treasurer Chicago Academy of Art SARACCO MARY ANN Dancers Service Club G A A Senior Girls Club Office Work SARNA ROBERT Biology Club Steam Fitter SCRIBANO CONNIE Service Club lunior Red Cross G A A Senior Girls Club Office Work SEBEK NOREEN Leaders Club Service Club Honor Club Icarian Senior Prom Committee Iunior Red Cross Vice President Division Secretary G A A Senior Girls Club Nurse SIMO RICHARD Work SNYDER IOAN Service Club Art Club Student Council Iunior Red Cross Division President G A A Senior Girls Club Nurse STEFANSKI LORE'I'I'A Service Club Iunior Red Cross G A A Senior Girls Club Office Work STEGUILAS DANIEL Policeman STILLMAN IRENE G A A Senior Girls Club IB M Operator TRANDEL RICHARD Service Club R O T C Ushers Club Rifle Team Picked Platoon National Ritlemen s Association Sophomore Class President West Point UH"'R ROBERT Band Iunior Prom Committee Varsiay Football D111 ion President University of Illinois VIVODA BARBARA Co Edit r in Chi t uill and Sc ll no Club Se vice Club in Re o Ch leader Co Cap arn on P e ident G A A Board C r sportain, S eary Senior Girls Club Florist VOGEL FRANK Sc ence Club Michigan State WAGNER ELEANOR Honor Club Service Club G A A Senlo Girl Club Board Dressmakmg School WACEK BEVERLY GAA Senio Girls Club IB M Operator 25 I .,, - , . . 'I' i- . , I'- . . , .Y.S. . , ,, Icarian - 'o-' - .'e MQ' ro., lio r Y' :or ed Cr ss ,, ee? - t' .Swim Aides .. Divisi . r get , ' ore. .ha ecr: ' ' " Q . .. , ,,,. S 'r " . WEINMANN DOROTHY Stu ent Councrl Iunror Red Cross Honor Club Serv1ce Club G A A Senlor Grrls Club College WILCOX CAROLE Honor Club SSYVICQ Club Opera Club GA A Senlor G1rls Club Women s Manne Corps WISE RUTH SGFVICS Club SCIGHCS Club G A A Senlor G1rls Club Typrsl WOLK IOHN DIVISIOH Treasurer Vice Presrdent Sclence Club Iunror Red Cross Student Councrl Art Center School Los Angeles Calrfomra YOUNG BARBARA ANN Servlce Club G A A Senror Grrls Club Stenographer SSFVICS Club Cheerleaders Iunlor Prom Com mlttee D1v1s1on Presxdent Vlce President Secre tary Treasurer G A A Sen1or Grls Club Boad Secretary ZEDNIK SUSAN En Gage! SSTVICG Club Art Club Leaders Club G A A Semor Grrls Club CommeIcra1Arhsl ZEMAN ELAINE Servlce Club Honor Club Senror Prom Commrttee D1v1s1on Presldent GA A Senxor Grrls Club De Pauw Umverslly ZINKE GEORGE Honor Club Iumor Red Cross DIVISION Treasurer Clean Up Com mlttee Unrverslly of Ilhnols utographs YUClK. NORMA IEAN . . , Clean-Up Committee . . . Class Bram ldeal Arnencan Ctrl Ideal Arnerlcan Boy Athletlc Hero Athletlc Herolne Most Pleaslng Personallty CG1rll Most Pleaslng Personahty CBoyJ Most Reserved Glrl Most Reserved Boy Class Poet MISS Eorgetful Mr Forgetlul Most Oblrgmg Glr Most Obllalna oy Mlss Neatness Most Talkatlve Gtr Most Talkatrve Boy Class Arguer MISS Happy Go Luclcy Class Volce CG1rlD Class Volce CBoyl M1ss Petxte Glrl wrtb NICSSI Eyes Boy wttb Nlcest Eyes lvllss Perpetual Srrules Mr Perpetual Srnlles Class Cut Up Class G1ggler Shyest Glrl Shyest Boy Class Allbler Glrl Wlth Most School Splrlt Box wtlh Most School Splrlt Best Dressed Glrl Best Dressed Boy Class MJSI 1ar' lG1rll Class Muslcxan lBoyD l-landso'nest Boy Prettlest Grrl Most Popular Curl Most Popular Boy Class Vlfrt Class Artlst Clrl Wltn Prettlest Tre ses Dlmples Glrl Most L1kelf To Succeed Boy Most Llkely To Succeed pw ludltln Pelzrnann Marrlyn I1ndr1cl1 Peter Kempter Iohn Leshyn Eleanor Wagner Barbara Gums Frank Paleka Carol Harazln Edward Connors Corrlne Adcur Susan Zednlck Walter Podolak Allce Polrllca R Chard Brenlas Elalne Zemarl Barbara Youno Frank Voael Angela Bonavolanta Iudy l-luclco Mary Katslbubas R1cl'1ard Trandel loyce lohnson Lou se Dalessandro Ronald Mlller loan Koldoft Ierry Mazlarlca Ronald Rurnatz Barbara Pratscher lrene Sttllrnan Rlchard Slrno lobn Kaslk Mary Roeder lolrn Obmasc1k loan Loftus Torn Patrl lc Geraldme lanslf Grlbert Drucker Davld Nartlno Barbara Vlvoda Dlane Pllarczyk Euaene Leland Maraaret Lawlor loan Olson l-lelen L1ptalc Clyde Masson Rut'1 Mary Colllns W1ll1arn Adler 9 lc' 9 O Q . In ...,.r in b E ' 'JA JB rr .r., . ,, l ' ' Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky , . V, A I. V. A, W. 4.1-GSOTQG Zinke OUTSTANDING SENIORS Top Row: Martino, Gums Adler, Collins, Leshyn. Boflom Row: Adair, Roeder Vivodcx, Iindrich Pilarczyk. 7 AND 8 BAR SENIORS Slandinq: Iindrich, Col lins, Pilczrczyk, Brown Iohnson, Bonavoluntcr Adair. Adler. Seated: Reps, Musicxl Young, Hucko, Sebeck Goad. QP 5 N 6 L 'L Q. 1 fi M-I Q. . mm , 5' K 'ii Q' 232' X ,v L 1 c. ir 219 . 3 ,, 5 M ,f ' 5' I . '-al . 0 Q -ma ' - ,ml "' y 1 f 'C if-' -f Q. wx if if if Q ri aim Q- N ' W" z :- ' Q ve- BK' g. ff ' 1 was s . Q ' A HQ ft: X 3! H 1: V 'J' . ,M X f ' ':'- I U ., 1 -N., Y-1. ' EK ' P 'r?V,-ful , ,f I xg? Y. ' v xvafi' 'lf' .R Q M - 4 1 ' 5- f , ,,-1 QQ Crystal Grads, Iune l9- - an ren enf IODLOWSKI GENE Senlor Class Presrdent Frosh Soph Varstty Football Frosh Soph Varsrty Basketball SSHIOT Prom Cornmlttee Honor Club Servtce Club DIVISION Presldent V1ce Dresrdent Lettermen s Club B A A Presldent Baseball Team College ADAMS WILLIAM Servxce Club Honor Club Honor Club Dance Cornrruttee Stage Crew B A A F B l ALESSANDRI GINO Baseball Team Drvrsron Secretary R O T C Prcked Platoon B A A Clucago Technical College AUMENT ROBERT Student Counctl Treasurer Clean Up Cornrnlttee Varslty Football e te-rrnen s Club R O T C Bllle Team Ushers Club Color Guard B A A En Gaaer Sports Edrtor Basketball Team D1v1s1on Presrdent Secretary Servrce Club Engineer BAGDON PHYLLIS En Gager G A A Senror Glrls Club Office Work lunror Bed Cross Dancers Drvtsron Secretary Treasurer Housewife BALDWIN GENEVIEVE HOHOI Club Servuje Club Scrence Club lunror Bed Cross G A A DIVISION Treasurer Mundelezn College BALDWIN THOMAS Servrce Club Chess and Checkers Club Sclence Club B A A Drvr ron Vtce Pres1dent College BANDYK RONALD B A A Mzlllary Service BARBARO DOMINIC B A A BARNASH ELAINE Honor Club Servlce Club Student Councll Senzor Grrls Club G A A Iunror Prom Comrnrttee Azrlme Slewordess BAZATA ROBERT IOHN Band Orchestra Vrce Presrdent Treasurer Sgt at Arms Student Councrl B O T C Drurn and Bugle Corps B A A Army BEBACK BOBBI DIVISIOH Secretary En Gag Servrce Club Senior Glrls Club Board G A A Housewife 30 t ll- V' ...Lti BALAS. NANCY , , Service Club v,'.., GAA .... , ' Q ,' U A - er 'l k r. . tx 6 M55 'MCB F851 enf KOHUT DOROTHY Semor Class V1ce Pres1dent Honor Club SGTVICS Club Senlor Grrls Club Senror Prom Cornmlttee GA A Board Leaders Club Swrrn Ardes Opr a Club Drama Club Cheerleade s Secretary Iunror Red Cross Physical Educatron Teacher BENDIK LORRAINE SGIVICS Club Senror Crrls Club Iumor Bed Cross GA A Dancers B1ology Club SCIGHCQ Club Ollrce Work BERGMAN ROBERT Band B A A Honor Club College BISKE ARTHUR R O T C Arr Force BOLCHERT MARILYN Honor Club Executlve Board G A A Senlor Grrls Club Servlce Club F T A Drvrsron Presxdent University ol Illrnors BOUSMAN IACQUELINE Honor Club Serv ICG Club Senlor Grrls Club lunror Red Cross Opera Club Brology Club G A A Leaders Club Work BREITEMBAK IOAN Servrce Club Senlor Glrls Club DIVISION Secretary GAA Sales Club IB M Operator BROWN GLORIA Honor Club Servrce Club Senlor G1rls Club Orchestra G A A Unrversrly of Illmors BUDZYNSKI GLADYS Servrce Club D1v1s1on Presrdent Secretary G A A Iumor Red Cross Senlor G1rls Club General Ollrce Work BUHLE IAMES Opera Club B A A Navy CARTER RUTH Servrce Club Senlor Grrls Club G A A Secretary CEMPEL RONALD Va rty Football Iunror and Senlor Swrm Teams Letterrnens Club BA A Board CHURLIN IEAN Senror G1rls Club G A A Ollrce Work 31 ,, " r I ' . . rs' .. A f., "3 Liv! I 1 ' , F . K . 1, Cfau ecrefary ROSIAK ZENIA Senror Class Secretary Honor Club Serv1ce Club Semor G1rls Club Iumor Prom Commlttee Semor Prom Commlttee Dlvrslon Secretary Iunlor Class Secretary G A A Leaders Club V1c:e Presldent Cheerleaders Captam SWIITI A1des Sc1ence Club Secretary CIESLEWICZ NORBERT Band Presldent Treas urer Orchestra Baseball Team B A A Unxverszty of lllmoxs CUPRISIN IOHN DIVISION Presldent VICE PTSS1 dent B A A Illmoz lnstztute ol Technology CZERNIAK CHESTER Serv1ce Club Frosh Soph Football B A A lll1".l01S lnstltute of Technology CZOCHARA PATRICIA Honor Club Student Councll SSFVICS Club D1v1s1on Treasurer G A A Semor G1rls Club Board Otlzce Work DANIELS IUNE En Gager Honor Club G A A Housewzte DAWCZAK ARLENE G A A Senlor G1rls Club Stenograplxer DE FRIES IOHN Honor Club Semor Prom Cornmlttee R O T C Drum and Bugle Corps D1v1s1on Pres1dent B A A lcarzan Accountant DOBIAS IOSEPH B A A Work DONAHUE GRACE Serv1ce Club Opera Club Drama Club SCISHCS Club Treasurer Senlor G1rls Club G A A lumor Prom Com mlitee Comptometer Operator DOWDALL CATHERINE Serv1ce Club Semor G1rls Club Dancers G A A College DROST BARBARA En Gaqez' Asslstant Edltor Honor Club Serv1ce Club G A A Senlor G1rls Club Leaders Club Axrlme Stewardess DUCHAK IOAN Dwrszon Pres1dent Secretary En Gager G A A Semor G1rls Club Receptionist 32 Service Club , . fsemOQGif1Sf . . , Opera G55 feaflllfel' BOTH COLLETTE Semor Class Treasurer Servrce Club Presldent GAA Board Corre spondrng Secretary Semor Grrls Club Iunror Prom Comrmttee Senror Prom Comrmttee Chearleaders Leaders Club D1v1s1on Presr dent V1cePres1dent Sec ctary Treasurer lnterror Decorator DUDA DANIEL Honor Club Rrtle Team Ushers Club Prcked Platoon R O TC B A A D1V1SlOH Secretary Lettermen s Club Unrversrty ol lllrrrors DULEBA IOSEPH Senxor Prom Coomrnrtt e Varsxty Football Team Baseball Team e termen s Club B A A Board U ol lll Pharmacy College DUXBURY MARY LOU GA A Leaders Club SCIENCE Club Senror Glrls Club Opera Club Student Councrl Secretary DVORAK DOLORES Servrce Club Semor G1rls Club Board GAA Work DZIEDZIC THERESA Servrce Club Sernor G1rls Club GA A Work DZIEKAN MARY Honor Club Servrce Club Semor Grrls Club Band DIVISIOH Pres1dent Secretary GA A Leaders Club Rosary College EMERY ALICE Seruor Grrls Club G A A Comptomeler Operator ENDLICHER BETTY Honor Club Executrve Board Drama Club Leaders Club Swlrn Aldes F T A Athletrc Dance Cornrmttee Honor Club Dance Commlttee Senlor Glrls Club Board DIVISION Secretary Plrysrcal Educatron Teacher FERRILL ROBERT SCIGHCS Club B A A FILIPIAK DOLORES G A A Servxce Club Senror Glrls Club Board lBlVl Operator FLOWERS BRUCE Servrce Club Scrence Club DIVISION Presldent R O T C T V Announcer FONSECA ALFONSO IOSEPH Varsrty Football Lettermen s Club B A A 33 " .f.L'tl , . . service Club , f i -G.A.A, Board A . , gn-Gqger FRANKE HENRY Hon r Club Student Court c Servtce Club ROTC U her Cluk Drum ana Bugle Corp Ptcked Platoon B A A Lettermen Club Drama Club luruor Bea Cros Arch1tecturalEngmeer FRASCONE IOANNE GA A B a at Atblettc Dance Commrttee Hono C b a o tography Co Edrtor Er Gf1,6l Iunror Prom Commtttee Sen1or Prom Commlttee Senro Grrls Club Board Servtce Club Vrce P esrden Drvtsron Presrdent Drama Club Opera Club Student Counc1l University of Soullrem lllmors GATTO MARY ANN SSTVICG Club GA A Sc1ence Club Typrsl GAYDOS HENRY Baseball Team B A A Baseball Player GLABOW NORMA Servrce Club Sen1or GIFTS Club Iumor Red Cross Orchestra G A A Swtm Ardes DIVISION Vrce Presrdent Secretary Secretary GLONEK DOLORES SSTVICG Club Senxor Grrls Club Drama Club GA A Recephonrst GRAF ARLENE Honor Club G A A Serv rce Club Student Counc1l luruor Red Cross Semo Gtrls Club Drvrston Secretary lunror Class Secretary Clerical Worlc GREEN MARY LOUISE lca ran Honor Club Servlce Club Senror Grrls Club lumor Red Cross Dancers G A A Oulll and Scroll Wrlson lunror College GRINKAS SIGITAS luruor Red Cro B A A College GROSSENBACHER GAIL G A A Seruor Gtrls Club Office Work GUDERYAHN IOAN Honor Club Student Counc1l Servrce Club Drvrsron Vrce Pre rdent Senror Grrl Club G A A Offrce Work GUTT RONALD B A A Drum and Bugle Corps R O T C Servrce Club Frosh Soph Varstty Football St Procoprus College HARRIS LORRAINE Honor Club Servrce Club G A A SGHIOY G1rls Club Work HAVLICK BARBARA Honor Club Semor Grrls Club Board Servrce Club GA A Sclen e Club Leaders Club Sw1m Ardes Sales Club Beauhcran HEFFERNAN PATRICIA Honor Club Servlce Club Sen1or G1rls Club DIVISION Vrce Presr dent G A A F T A S cretary St Xavier s College HEREDIA ROSEMARY Honor Club Service Club Sen1or Glrls Club Iumor Red Cross Opera Club Student Counc1l Drama Club F T A Sctence Club Bloloqy Club Chess and Checkers Club DIVISION Vrce Presldent Sec retary Treasurer GA A Leaders Club University of lllmols HERMANN AL B A A Navy HIGGINS DONNA Honor Club Servrce Club Sen1or Grrls Club luntor Prom Comrntttee lunror Class Presrdent Band Vrce Presrdent Secretary Student Counc l Secretary D1v1s1on Secretary G A A Housewife 34 Z' il , ' , . , N AJ . I' fs . ' , , ' I "J A . 1 AVS ,Q ' , A ', . V I G , Q- F V. . T" ' . T lu lcar: n Ph - G T T . A' xfv . . I ' .l I - V . ' V - F- l...- . . ,,.. - , V g c f, .. I I . . L ' rv f . . ,4,. . . . new . - - Q . 3 , . . 1 . Wi 5. 1 1 I Q . , . I . . K VM se K V' I K .Y HODGES, CHARLENE En Gaqer Honor Club SQTVICS Club Senror Grrls Club G A A Work HOFFMAN CAROL Sclenc Club HOTIOY Club Servxce Club Semor Glrls Club Drvrsron Secretary GA A Board Treasurer Leaders Club Sw1m Ardes Athletlc Dance Comrnrttee Sales Club Ottrce Work HOFFMANN CAROL Servrce Club G A A D1v1s1on Secretary Senror Grrls Club Work HOOTEN ROBERT Scrence Club Iunror Sw1m Team Senror Swrm Team Captam e termen s Club B A A HOSLER ROBERT Iunror Red Cross Semor Swrrn Team B A A Electrical Engmeer HULSEY ELLYN Icarlan Co Edrtor rn Chref u1ll and Scroll VICE Presrdent Honor Club Ex ecutrve Board Student Councrl Executrve Board SETVICG Club Senror Grrls Club Science Club Drvrsron Vrce Presrdent G A A Clean Up Commrttee Presrdent ot the Umted States HURLING NANCY lcarzan Sclence Club DIVISION Vlce Presrdent G A A Senror Glrls Club Servrce Club Work ICHNIOWSKI MARGARET Servrce Club Scrence Club Leaders Club G A A D1v1 sron Secretary Treasurer Chess and Checkers Club Senror Glrls Club Housewrte IABLONSKI RONALD Honor Club Servrce Club B O T C Ushers Club Plclced Platoon D1v1s1on Treasurer Lettermen s Club B A A Army IACOBSEN IOAN G A A Student Counc1l Servrce Club DIVISION Vrce Presrdent Senror Glrls Club Secretary IANICKI PHYLLIS Senlor Grrls Club Iunlor Bed Cross G A A Servlce Club Ottrce Work IEZIORSKI CONRAD Iumor Bed Cross B A A College IONIAK IOHN Honor Clab SGTVICG Club Opera Club lumor Prom Commlttee lunror Class Treasurer DIVISIOH President Vlce Presr dent T easu e B A A Board Swrm Team IUAREZ ROSE S n r G1rl C b lun1orRea Cross G A A General Oltrce Work IURKACEK IULIUS Stud nt Coun rl Skatrna Team Fro h Sopn Foo ball DIVI ron Vice P esrdent B A A College IUSTYN TED H no Club Student Councrl Se nc Club ROTC Jshe Club 1 reed Plat n L tte rn n J B A A Arr Force KALATA FRANK Sud nt C uncrl RO TC D u"'1 and Bugle Corp B A A Draftsman KALLA ELAINE G A A Board VICE P es1aent T easurer Senror Gtrls Cl b Secretary Treasurer Leaders Club S cretary Sw1m Ardes Servrce Club Honor Club Scrence Club lumor Prom Commrttee Drnsron Preslaent Secre tary Rose Dance Cornmrt ee Athletrc Dance Commrttee 35 4,555,442 KIRSGALVIS RICHARD Band Orchestra Honor Club Sctence Club Frosh Soph Vars1ty Ba k tball BA A Board College KOLEFF ALLEN Honor Club Student Coun 1l Band Sctence Club Servtce Club B O T C h s Club Drum ani Bugle Corp R1tle Team P1cked Platoon Clty Stall lD1v1s1on VICP Pres1d nt Smm Team Letter men s Club A lllznors lnstrtute ol Technology KOLODY KAY C1 JD G A A Semor G1rls Club e KONECKI IEROME F Club En Ga fer Sc1ence Club Chess and Ch cl-:er Club D1v1s1on Pres1dent B A A R O T C Ushers Club Drum and Bugl Corps PlCK d Platoon Unrversrty ot lllmors Honor Club SGFVICQ KONOPACKI MARILYN Hono C ub G A A D1 1 on T ea urer luntor Bed C o er c C ub Senlor G1 l Club KONSTANTY HENRY Sctence Club D 1 1 rt Secretary Treasurer R O TC Drum and Buale B A A De Paul Umversrty KORANGA GEORGE L a xtce ROTC LJ her Club Pclc Pla oon L1x1 ton V ce Pre tclent Tre sure B A A Work KORCHECK IOSEPH Letterrnen s Club Var s1ty Basketball Team Vars1ty Football Team B A A Board D1v1s1on Prestdent College KOSTRO ROBERT B A A 36 KALLIES, KARIN Honor Club Student Council Service Club Senor Gzrls Club Band . Qrarna Club , , B1'.'1.e1on Secretary' , GAA. Nurse KAMIN ALBERTA Se vrc ub n1or G1rls Club lumor B 1 Cro A t Club Sctence u GA A Ro e t,arc Commrtt e General Ollrce Work KAPIOR IOSEPHINE ar B tres Edtto r C o Drama Club Sen o G1rl Club G A A Sales Club SCIENCE Club Ollzce Work KARAS RONALD B A A DIVISION Sec etary KARNOSCAK FRANK Frosh Soph Football lun1o SW1m Team Opera Club Pres1dent Nw fi Cao rs BA A D1v1s1on Pre 1dent Real Estate Broker KASPAR GERALDINE G A A Se-mor G1rls Club SGTVICE Club Sctence Club Secretary KIMELMAN CHARLEEN Honor Club Board Student Counc1l Opera Club Dancers Pres1 dent Iumor Prom Comrmttee Iumor Class V1ce Prestdent SGTVICQ Club Iumor Bed Cross rama C u D1V1 ron Sec etary G A A Semc G1rl Club College KING IACKIE L aders Club lun1or Red Cross Drama Club Sctence Club SerV1ce Club Honor Club Sentor G1 ls Club Pres1dent Arrlme Slewardess KINZEL MARY IANE S ICG Club lumor Bed Cross Sernor G1rls Club G A A DIVISION S c etarv Arrlme Slewardess KOVARIK TOM B A A De Paul University KRYDYNSKI VINCE Student Counc1l V1ce Presr dent Valentme Dance Comm1ttee DIVISION Presrdent Vxce Presxdent Treasurer BA A Board Baseball Team Frosh Soph Varsrty Football Frosh Soph Varsrty Basketball Co Captaxn Lettermen s Club Work KUBISZYN IEROME Student Councrl Prestclent Vxce Presrdent Opera Club Iumor Prom Com mlttee DIVISION Presrdent VICE Presrdent Varsrty Football Team Vars1ty Basketball Team Lettermen s Club B A A University of lllmors KUPRES MARY Sen1or G1rls Club Iumor Red Cross DIVISION Treasurer G A A General Offrce Work KUSIOLEK DOROTHY Servtce Club Senlor G1rls Club Sclence Club G A A Honor Club College LANDSKE BARBARA Servxce Club Senlor G1rls Club D1v1s1on Presxdent Leaders Club G A A Work LEDEIKA LORI En Gager Student Counc1l Treasurer Honor Club SSTVICS Club Semor G1rls Club G A A Mrxed Chorus Scxence Club Leaders Club Welfare Worker LEMPKOWSKI IOSEPH Honor Club Opera Club Student Counc1l Drvxsron Presldent B A A Baseball Team Valentme Dance Com mlttee Sadle Hawklns Dance Commlttee Televrsron Teclmrcrcn LE PORT YOLANDA M11-red Chorus Secretary Student Counc1l lunlor Red Cross G A A Semor G1rls Club SGTVICG Club Secretary LEVON BETTY En Gager G A A Leaders Club Iumor Red Cross Senlor G1rls Club LEXOW IACQUELINE Ooera Club Senlor G1rls Club Honor Club G A A Dtvrston Secretary Housewlle LITROP CECELIA Honor Club Servrce Club Semor G1 ls Club Dancers DIVISION Treas urer Sophomore Class Treasurer G A A Secrefary LUKIANSKIS VIRGINIA Servrce Club GA A Senlor G1rls Club MACEIAK CAROLYN Servrce Club Honor Club G A A Semor G1rls Club Chicago Teachers College MACEIAK MARILYN Honor Club Semor G1rls Club Iunlor Bed Cross GA A Se VICE Club Beauhclan MACELLARO SHIRLEY Senror G1rls Club G A A Olfzce Work MACHIELS CLARA Student Counc1l Serv1ce Club Senxor Girl Club G A A Housewife MACK ROBERTA G A A Sentor G1rls Club Swrm Ardes Student Counc1l Servrce Club Leaders Club Honor Club DIVISION Secretary Treasurer College 37 MADURA IANICE L aders Club Swlm A1des Senlor G1rls Club Board Clean Up Commlttee SGTVICQ Club Honor Club G A A Colorado A 6 M MAIESKI RALPH Opera Club B A A Wzlson lunror College MANN BERNADETTE SSIVICS Club Semor Gxrls Club G A A Nurse MBRCINKIEWICZ RUTH Senlor G1rls Club G A A MAREK DORIS Drama Club Honor Club lumor Prom Commlttee D1v1s1on V1ce Presr dent G A A Semor Grrls Club College MARTINEK MARILYN DOLORES Honor Club GA A SSTVICE Club SGHIOI Glrls Club Business MATEYAK ARLINE Honor Club Student Councrl Servxce Club Senror Girls Club Board Iumor Red Cross Drama Club Sclence Club DIVISIOH Secretary G A A Board Leaders Club Cheerleaders Swim Aldes Valent1ne Dance Commntee Athletxc Dance Corn mlttee UIIIVEISIIY of lllmozs MAYERHOFER ROBERT SGTVICS Club Opera Club R O T C Ushers Club Ptcked Platoon B A A Marmes MEHEGAN DARLENE D1v1s1on Treasurer Honor Club Serv1ce Club Sen1or Grrls Club G A A College MINSKE MARILYN Servlce Club Senlor Glrls Club Dancers Opera Club Treasurer DIVISION Preslclent G A A MISHECK CAROLYN lcarran Ltterary Edltor Honor Club Opera Club Drama Club Servrce Club Iunlor Red Cross Senlor G1rls Club G A A DIVISION Secretary Qu1ll and Scroll U ol lll School ol Nursmg MOREY IACQUELINE Senlor G1rls Club G A A SSIVICQ Club College MORRISON KATHLEEN Icarran Publlclty Edltor Ourll and Scroll Honor Club Secretary SGYVICS Club Senlor Glrls Club lun1or Red Cross Opera Club Drama Club D1v1s1on V1ce Presrdent G A A Board Sophomore Class Pres1dent Rose Dance Commlttee Purdue University MOSS NANCY Honor Club Student Councll Drama Club Opera Club Treasurer Serv Ice Club G A A Senlor Girls Club Iumor Red Cross Rose Dance Commlttee D1v1s1on Treasurer Sophomore Class Secretary Umversrly ol Kentucky MYSLIWIEC IOAN Honor Club SEIVICS Club Semor G1rls Club Iumor Red Cross Opera Club V1ce Presldent DIVISION V1ce Presldent G A A Mrxed Chorus NELSON DONALD Servxce Club B A A Wilson Iumor College OHNISTY IOANN Honor Club Sen1or Glrls Club G A A Servrce Club College OMASTIAK THERESA G A A Semor Grrls Club Office Work 38 I ..,9 1 I I . . . . .1 I I . 1 . .t I . 1 1 I ORLAK GERALDINE Hono Club Ser'-1ce Club Opera Club GA A S mor G rls Club Offlce Work OSIADACZ WILLIAM Honor Club Student Councrl Art Club SCIENCE Club R 0 T C shers Club Crty Corps Staff B A A DIVISION Pres1dent Servxce Club CommercralArf1sf PAETZMANN WAYNE Honor Club B A A Swrm Team Football Team University of lllmors PAIAK ROSE Semor Grrls Club G A A Mixed Chorus Office Work PALAC BERNADINE Honor Club Sen1or Glrls Club Opera Club G A A Servxce Club Office Work PALMER IACK Sc1ence Club DIVISION Treas urer Semor Swlm Team B A A Letter men s Club Pressman PALUCK GLORIA En Gager Honor Club Board Semor Glrls Club Board Opera Club Band Secretary Treasurer Sophomore Class Vrce Presrdent G A A Orchestra Presldent Vlce Presldent Secretary Unrversrfy of lllmozs PAPRYZCA DIANE G A A Semor Glrls Club PATTERSON IOY Honor Club Semor Glrls Club Iunlor Red Cross G A A '5 Compfomeler Operator PAVELICH DOROTHY SGYVICG Club Semor G1rls Club Opera Club Sclence Club GA A Offrce Work Then Housework G1rls Club GA A PETRAUSKAS VINNIE Oulll and Scroll Treasurer En Gager Honor Club Senlor Glrls Club Iunror Red Cross Opera Club G A A Prrvate Secretary PETROMILLI TONY Band B A A PIOTROWSKI PHYLLIS F T A Scxence Club lcarran Lavout Co Edrtor Leaders Club Swrm Ardes G A A Board Semor Grrls Club Board Honor Club Serv1ce Club lunror Prom Commrttee Rose Dance Comrnltiee vrsron Presldent VICE Pre rdent Treasurer Secretary Bow' Dance Comm1ttee Athletrc Dance Com rnmee Ourll and Scroll University of lllmors PIWNICKI ELAINE Honor Club Senlor G1 ls Club Scrence Club G A A lumor Bed Cro s B ard l. ader Club College PLEVA DOLORES Honc C .mb Servrce Club Sen or G rl Club Boa G A A Secretary POLEHONKI THERESA Servrce Club Senro G1 l C ub Scr nc Club G A A Nurse POLIT ROBERTI. C H no C b ROTC Ushers Club rc a Letterrnen s Club B A A College 39 F 1 . , . C- K . PETERAITIS, THERESA . , . Service Club . . , Senior A an ' ... l M 'lul , . . Di- A. . ' . -I S. I V 'rs' l 'e emllw, A I . . . . Service lub .o r IJ ' .. .,.. . . .,P'ked Pltoon ROGALSKI CARYL Serv1ce Club Senlor G1rls Club GA A Sw1m A1deS Leaders Club ROMANETZ PAUL SGYVICE Club lumor Red Cross Ope a Club Pre-s1dent V1ce Pres1dent luntor Prom COIHm1ll96 Ushers Club P1cked Platoon R O T C B A A Marines ROMINSKI IOANN Serv1ce Club Semor G1rls Club G A A Housewife RUMSFELD DOROT"IY SQYVICS Club SCIGDCG C b G A A Sen1or G1rls Club Board Telephone Operator RUNGE SHEILA G A A Drama Club S ICS Cl b Ope a Club M1xed Choru Sen or G1 Club SANDERS MARGARET Se xtce Cl b S mor l L, ub Semo Pro n Comrruttee G A A SCANLON ROSELYN Se v1c Club Sen1or G1rls Club G A A Offrce Work SCHERRER IACQUELINE Serwce Club er' 1 ,lb Office Work SCHILLING, MELVIN Servrce Club R O T C Usders Club Ptcked Platoon BA A Work 40 POLLENTZKE URSULA l.l"1lO Re C lO G1 s UD GAA D111 1on Secreta ,I reasu er PORTER MARY LOU S mor G1rls Club G A A SSTVICG Club Typist PRENDERGAST IOAN GAA Senlo G l Club Board Offzce Work RAMIREZ ANGELA Honor Club St dent ounc1 Serv1ce Club Senlor G1 ls Club umor Red Cross Iuntor Prom Comrmtt e 1v1s1on Presrdent GA A Board Leaders Club Treasu er Swlrn Atdes Ph yslcal Education Teacher RASMUSSEN DONALD En Gage Honor Club Student Counc1l SSTVICG Club Treasu er Band Orchestra SCIENCE Club Sales Club R O T C Ushers Club D urn and B a e Corp P1cked Platoon Varsxty Football a Baseball Team Letterrnens Club B AA De Kalb Slate Teachers College RINGL IEROME En Gager Honor Club VICE res1dent SGTVICS Club Ou1ll and Scroll Sec r tary Orchestra Band VICE Pre-sldent lumor Red Cross VICE Pres1dent D1v1s1on Treas urer Basketball Manager SCISHCG Club E A A Dentist RATAICZYK BARBARA G A A Semor G1rls Club DIVISION Secretary Treasurer IB M Operator RESENDEZ ROSE Senlor G1rls Club SSTVICS Club G A A RIESKE ANNETTE Honor Club Board Serv 1 e Club Semor G1rls Club Iumor Red Cross Orchestra Secretary G A A DIVISION VICE Pres1dent Secretary lllmols lnstxtute of Technology . '. r d ross .,S9Y'1- 'r rl'Cl',., 4"s' r', T r. , 'T its' 'N H' , ...ou C' 'l,., ' ' 'r.' l' ' 'e . f ual s,,.' .' Tent... . ' I T ' ' P' ' A - e C' n I ' , . , 4 , 4 l lu, ,... ' " . erv' u r ' 1 1 rls'1' . r" u e' A. f. -Y . Gus l' . I . . -F D . , C 'Q 1orG'rlsCl1' ,,.G.AA SCHODROF. ARLINE , . , Student Council . , . Senior Girls' Club . . . Science Club . . . Biology Club , . . G.A.A .,., Division Vice-President. Office Work SCHULTZ, ELIZABETH , . . GA.A ,.., Senior Girls' Club, Office Work SCUREK DANIEL En Gafyer Honor Club Student Council Service Club Iuntor Prom Committee B O T C Ushers Club Picked Platoon Football Team B A A Lettermen s Club SELCZ ARLENE G A A Service Club C1 ence Club Senior Girls Club Secretary SERIANI VIRGINIA Senior Girls Club G A A Housewife SERRITELLA CATHERINE G A A Senior Girls Club SHEA PAT Honor Club Service Club Sentor Girls Club GAA Board President Science Club Athletic Dance Committee Leaders Club President Swim Aides Division President VICE President Secretary Treasurer Iuntor Prom Committee College SIEIA DON B A A Au' Force SKAPALEK IACQUELINE Se vice Club G A A Senior Girls Club Chrcago School of Dental Nursm SKLENAR FRED En Ga Honor Club Student Council Fro l'1 So li Varsity Basketball Teams Baseball Team Division President Vice President Trea urer S rvice Club B A A College SKWAREK IOHN B A A Dtviston Presiden SLANINKA TOM Hono Club Treasurer Frosh Soph Varsity Foo ball Lettermens Club Division Pre ident Secretary Treasurer Student Council B A A SLOANE IACQUELINE Honor Club Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A Lab Technician SLOCUM IOYCE Hono Club Student Coun Service Club S mor Girls Club G A A lumor Fted Cros Office Work SLOWINSKI IEROME Din ton Pre iaent Fro H Soph Va ity Foo all Froslft Sopb Var ity Ba ketball B A A Board Lette rn n s Club College SPALLA FRANK Dtvt tor Vice President Frosb Sopb Football lunto P om Committee College SPECHKO BEATRICE D arna Club Science Club G A A Banc Se vice Club Honor Club Senio G1 ls C ul: Board Student Council Sadr Ha fvktr Dance Committee Bana Dance Corrvnitte Honor Club Dance Corn mittee Valentin Dan Commute Teacher STASZEL B RNADINE Senror Gi ls Club C' A A Clerical Work 41 SUAREZ ROSEMARY G A A Board Secretary luntor Pr "1 Comrntt ee Prom Commtt ee Bose Dance Cornrnlttee Honor Club vt C uo Dtvtston Sec e ar Orche tra Vtce Pre tdent lunlor R d Cro Sentor G1rl Club Drama Club Become a Lrngursl SVABEK IOHN Pro h Sopd B rc tball Team 1 n 1 r' Vlc Pr st Sclence Club luntor Red Cros B A A Mechanrcal Engmeer SVRCEK TONY B O T C Rule Team Baseball Team Letterm n s Club B A A Cabinet Maker TALLO STEVE Baseball Team Skattng Team SGTVICS Club D1v1s1on Presldent VICE Presl dent Lettermen s Club B A A College TERZO IOYCE SSYVICS Club Semor G1rls Club D1v1s1on Vlce Preslclent G A A Secretary TESHER IOSEPH Student Councll SSFVICQ Club R O T Color Guard DIVISION Presrdent Ushers Club B A A Work TOLZMANN DOROTHY Honor Club Senlor Grrl Club Iumor Red Cross Opera Club Dance Cornrnrttee Servlce Club G A A College TRENK IOAN Honor Club Prestdent Student Counctl Servtce Club luntor Prom Commlttee D1v1s1on Presldent Secretary Treasurer G A A Board Cheerleaders Swtm Atdes Honor Club Dance Chatrman Semor Glrls Club TROC MARLENE DIVISION VICE Presrdenl Secre tary Treasurer SGTVICS Club Sentor Girls Club G A A lun or Red Cross Sentor Prom Comrrnttee Housewxle TROINIAR THOMAS Servlce Club R O T C Ushers Club Ptcked Platoon R O T C Bo Nhnq Club Vtce Prestdent Work lor Government TYSL GEORGE SGTVICS Club Iuntor Bed Cross Iuntor Prom Commxttee R O T C U hers Club Ptcked platoon Lettermen s Club B A A Drama Club Work VAN ZANDT MERRILLYN Honor Club Serv ICS Club Dancers G A A Swlm Axdes En Gajer George Wlllrams College VILCEK MARY ANN Honor Club Semor Grrls Club Opera Club G A A Leaders Club Sales Club General Ollrce Work VOGEL THOMAS B A A Mechanic VOTIECH IOSEPH B A A College WAIS IEANNETTE Honor Club Servtce Club Iuntor Red Cross Opera Club G A A Seruor Gtrls Club Work WARCHOL ESTHER Sctence Club SSIVICS Club GA A Semor Grrls Club Board Secretary WASHKEVICH DANIEL Varsrty Football Var stty Basketball Lettermens Club DIVISIOH Prestdent Vtce Prestdent B A A Board College 42 . on . . 't . , , Senior '- Y, . . C . A ,, . Ser ce l ' , ' 'r,t y , s ' - s . . ' e ss , ' ' s' , ... .s - Q as' e .. . Dtufsio Presde .t, ' e- e. 'dent . . , ' ' .f. 9 ' ... . . . I . . . - . . . - . . . . . . 1 ' H' Division President, Vice'President, Secretary , , . Rose 1 . . , ' I , ' . . ,,.. i , , 4 . ' as .' ... ' . ,A '. I . . . . , . ' I . , . 5 . . . - A - " , , , . , . . WASIK. BARBARA . . . En-Gage! . . . Senior Girls' Club. . . Division Secretary . , . G.A A. Work WATTERS. MERNA . . . Honor Club , , .Senior Girls' Club Board . . . Division Secretary, Treasurer . . . GAA ..., Cheerleaders . . , Rose Dance Committee. WAWRUSIEWICZ. LOTTIE . . . GAA .,., Service Club . . . Senior Girls' Club . . . Senior Prom Come mittee. Secretary WAWRUSIEWICZ, IOAN , . . Honor Club . . . Senior Prom Committee Service Club Division Sec retary Senior Girls Club G A A Nurse WEINERT RITA Science Club Leaders Club Honor Club GAA Senior Girls Club Junior Red Cross Service Club Office Work WESSELHOFF BILL Iunior Prom Committee R O T C Ushers Club Picked Platoon WHATES BARBARA Honor Club Board GAA Board Service Club Science Club President Senior Girls Club Leaders Club Swim Aides Division President Secretary Treasurer En Gage Athletic Dance Com mittee Honor Club Dance Committee WIENCEK IOHN R O T C Drum and Bugle Corps B A A College WIERONSKI ANNE Service Club Senior Girls Club Camera Club G A A Swim Aides Stenographer WILL IOANNE Honor Club Service Club G A A Senior Girls Club Work WIMMER MILES hnio Red Cro Science Club Chess and Checkers Club Band Band Dance Committee Work WIZIECKI IOSEPH B A A WOICIEHOWSKI RITA En Ga,er Honor Club Student Council Service Club Senior Girls Club G A A Nurse WOLLEK FLORIAN Band Honor Club S rvice Cluo a e C WRABEL IAMES Band ll B A A e tra P i en Arr Force GAA Op a Club Nurse YOUSTHA GEORGE DAVID Servic Club Op ra Club Vice Pre ident Scif:-nc Club Bioloay Club D ama Club Che and Check Club Vi Pre iaer' RO TC Picked Pla rn an BJ l U he Club lf' f fl 'io Ji r r B A A YUCAS YURA Sur r C lice Cr Hon Club C L G A A Ser or '11 H r lf r' L Coorrnt tee University ol III rois 3 I 1 . . I . r . . . . . - r . , . ' A e ' ' , , .S les lub. , . . , . . . . lf" irion Prersident ... . . Orcn reid- t. WYZA, DOLORES Service Club . . Senior Girls' Club .. .. A er. .' e. ' - si . . . '- e . . . ' .. r . . - ers 'ce- s".t,.. ' . - toon . Dru. fi ' :fe Corps . . rs A . . . .:'.e, Cl ru: . Di' 'sion Vice-P esifient, T ea:- urer . . . . de .t Council .Ser" c 'ub . . or ' . Opera lu' .. . . ri Girls Club. Sa A e aw' .1 .5 lance it . - A -x Seniors DUNNE PATRICK THOMAS EIERDAM DANIEL CHARLES ELIZALDE IESSE GERALD HACKIEWICZ IAMES EDWARD HASKINS ARTHUR ALVERN KOLPAK LEONARD TOM Perfett ZACEK MARY ANN G A A Servxce Club Dancers Semor Gxrls Club Page Girl ZAVADIL WILLIAM Honor Club DIVISION resldent VGTSIIY Football Captam Frosh Soph Football Frosh Soph Vars1ty Basketball Lettermen s Club B A A Board College ZAWISLAK ESTHER SGYVICQ Club Semor lrls Club G A A Slewazdess ZBONCAK IOAN Honor Club Service Club Presldent ZICHA IUDY Bond Orcheitra Secretary G A A SGFVICG Club DIVISIOD Secretary Treasurer Honor Club Student Counc1l Sentor G1rls Club College N0 Putured MACIARZ IOSEPH D MAYERHOFER ROBERT WILLIAM TUBAY IAMES LESLIE URBANAVICIUS ALFRED URBANAVICIUS ZIGMAS ZWOLINSKI WALTER EDWARD Uendance BOLCHERT MARILYN PALUCK GLORIA RINGL IEROME DZIEKAN, MARY PETERAITIS, THERESA SLANINKA, THOMAS ENDLICHER, BETTY PETRAUSKAS, VINNIE TOLZMANN, DOROTHY . , . Senior Girls' , . , G.A.A. ,','.-Division Vice- ? i' I . 1 I . I I . I I 1 Outstanding Seniors Top Row: Betty Endlicher. Patricia Shea, Carolyn Misheck, Marril- lyn Van Zandt. Iacqueline King. Second Row: Ioan Trenk, Gloria Paluk, Phyllis Piotrowski. An- nette Rieske. Bottom Row: Theodore Iustyn. Top Ten Standing: Kathleen Morrison, Iudy Zicha, Allen Kollef, Ierome Ringl, Marilyn Bolchert, Annette Rieske. Seated: Rosemary Suarez, Bar- bara Whates, Ioan Trenk, Doro- thy Tolzmann. Class Brain ldeal American Girl ldeal American Boy Athletic Hero Athletic Heroine Most Pleasing Personality CGirll Most Pleasing Personality CBoyl Most Reserved Girl Most Reserved Boy Class Poet Miss Forgetful Mr Forgetful Most Obliging Girl Most Obliging Boy Miss Neatness Most Talkative Girl Most Talkative Boy Class Arguer Miss Happy Go Lucky Mr Happy Go Lucky Class Voice CG1rll Class Voice CBoyl Miss Petite A A A AA A Nancy Balas Girl With Nicest Eyes A ....,,,...... A Boy With Nicest Eyes ....i..., Miss Perpetual Smiles A Ierome Rmgl Collette Roth Eugene Iodlowski William Zavadil Patricia Shea Nancy Moss Iohn Ioniak Charlene Hodges Steve Tallo Barbara Drost Dorothy Kohut Tony Petromelli Roberta Mack Donald Rasmussen Gloria Brown Ioann Rominski Iohn Svabek Ierome Konecki Barbara Beback Ioseph Duleba Ioan Mysliwiec George Youstra A ...,...........,. Ioyce Terzo A A Conrad Ieziorski A A A A Zenia Rosiak Mr. Perpetual Smiles .,.......,....,....,.... .......... T hornas Slaninka Class Cut-Up A A AA Class Giggler .i.r A A ,..,,. A A A Ioseph Korcheck A AA AAAAAAAAAAAKathleenliolody Shyest Girl A A A A .A ..,..,..,,,...........,.,.. Iacqueline Morey Shyest Boy A A A A A A A A A A ..4......,.. ..... A A .,...... Daniel Eirdam Class Alibier A ...i...... A A A A Girl With Most School Spirit A A Bo With Most School S irit A A A A A Alfonso Fonseca A A A A A Ellyn Hulsey A A A A A Fred Sklenar Y P Best Dressed Girl AA,.AAA.AAA.A..AA.AA.A,,AA,AAAA..AA A A A Theresa Dziedzic Best Dressed Boy A A A AAAAA A A A A Class Musician fGirll AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Class Musician fBoyJ AA,A.A.A.A......AA.A.AAAA AAAAAAA A A A A A Frank Spalla AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGloriaPoluck Norbert Cieslewicz Handsomest Boy AAAAAAAAAA.AAA.A,A...AAA A A A AAAAAAAAAAA Ierome Kubiszyn Prettiest Girl AAAA AAAAAAAAAAA Most Popular Girl A AAAAA A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAElainelialla Most Popular Boy. A AAAAA AA Dorothy Rumsfeld Daniel Washkevich Class Wit A A A A A A A A AAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I ulius Iurkacek ClassArtistAA AA AA A Girl with Prettiest Tresses A CA V MMM Dimples AAAA A A A A A Girl Most Likely To Succeed AA Boy Most Likely To Succeed A A A A Ioanne Frascone Karinliallies A AAAAA AAAAAAA AAAA AAAAAAA N a n cy Hurling AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnetteRieske AAAAAAAA .AAA .AAAAAA A A A Allen Koleif 75115 K5 . I ,- ' kxliwg 423 'WG 1 - '-z-f'i f'1, , i 'g f Y i5 g?, a. , iI, g ,51,,y,, . .M 5 R A .- 4 E xv W T .',., mv rf -' ' , X ' Fw Y X . 'TT 3 . 5 5 1 H A ,1-k,- 3 Tj? i . J , A' ,f , ' ly - all ., Q 'Q 355135 . Y 'U .9 . 4 J' H S + Q .'-': I 2 fx f v lg' "'.n, 1 N of ig Q? Q1- if S ,,,-, I Q. I . .5 x w I J 'S L... 'H-:S -' -rm, f "N-,"iig J XM Yr, 4' W' as f ,Yi , ' -'fig i., ,,... S v- qi J Y m Q. 11 ' f ,. Lf, A A - as N 3 ' -K .. ' V S-4' u V . 0 ,.,, , V M if "T"',gi'e, ,, Q n nz: ,!,,,,,5, fag. v+,1, .' AT- 51" if 5 2 ' "VJ . 9?- 1-if 1 V Vs X N f 4 X --H s if 1 xxx --F l l ww 5 AJ 030' W X ox X ,fx xox fix osx Of? XOXQX X I Qmhq 5703 X xobbx we Clfif of age Cl Division 701 Top Row: Ladik. Iohnson, Mori- nec. Provenzano, Brown, Koran- da, Varecha, Coco. Third Row: Wisniewski, Knapik Belanski, Galvon, Venckus Gniewek, Ierdee, Adams. Second Row: Sloboda, Herrera Liptak, Chlebak, Ayala, Groet- sema, Serpico, Czajkowski, Mrs Galgano. Bottom Row: Castillo, Larsen Bauer, Custer, Hahn, Reiser Hart. Division 702 Top Row: Barbaro, Kresek, Daz- inis, Hughes, Agate. Third Row: Hutter, Holden, Dre- mak. Schmidt, Bunce, Krueger Konecke. Second Row: Granzow, Plastiak Novak. Kleinhenz. Kopec, Pes- ice, Custer, Barrett. Bottom Row: Anians. Drzyzga Serpico. Ianecek. Klement, Zem- ke, Norka, Love. Division 703 Top Row: Kozlowski, Vilitasik Truckenbrodl, Thielges, Horan Hladik. Third Row: Surovick, Starosta Piontek, Stcxnislavski, Schroeder Mical, Nyberg. Peters. Second How: Gaydos, Ponche Iarski. Dasko, Pietrowiak. Mik- ols, Michel, Green, Miss Grei- CHS. Bottom Row: Pinta, Patrny, Bie- schke. Siress, Zelgy, Adams Karas. Trenda. 52 , S.. 'Ev 'jf' 'ti 1 killlvl' Q 'Mn ' 4- TFT .L- 5 s ' 1 s as gr fag! Lf 5 J. . Egg 4 I ' til t I , , A ,fum in xii QQ . I, sf .f ul .f,y, .H , , ' '7 9 Nzf,,,29wh F1 ff i Q J?" 0' 'NJ riginaffy panne aa a .gclzoof Division 601 Top Row: Kendzierski, Povilaitis Carlson, Smerchak, Meyers Slaveck. Third Row: Cunningham, Deady Kavalciukas, Toppett, Ochaba Wilkus. Wanielista, Bernard Mrs. Arvin. Second Row: Slamkowski, Land- wehr, Preisinger, Melton, Hartig Vicek, Sieben, Alex, Braasch Bottom Row: Orth, Petrusa , Penders, Benson, Sarna, Pos- konka, Harris, Singer. Division 602 Top Row: Krupowicz, East, Dur- kin, Paprzyca, Green, Thomp- son, Lycka, Franzen. Third Row: Gallagher, Neil, Diaz, Batka, Kuban, Feigenbaum, Dilcher, Nirtaut. Second Row: Ellickson, Lupa- rello, Dymek. Butler, Zablotny, Zacsek, Grodesky, Chicvara, Obidowicz. Bottom Row: Rulo, Pawlowski, Pauss, I. Burdzinski, Burdzinski. Veverka, Norville, Gorski. Division 603 Top Row: Iablonski, Kalata, My- helic. Koslowski, Grisco. Hoger. Third Row: Smith, Bagdon, Kostecke, Corse. Zwierz, Miller, Skala. Second Row: Grabowski, Pienta, Banfi, Andersen, Spak, Majdec- ka, Yurgaitis, Zuschlag, Bottom Row: Mr. Gullo, Krawiec. Bligh, Hausner, Pike, Dubina, Nickerson, Messina, Gallo. 54 Division 604 Top Row: Cooper, Brandenburg, Holden, Mihelic, Fitzgerald, Narkus, Stec. Third Row: Machuga, Konet, Mel- lies, Borus, Stasik, Huebner. Kunst, Bruce. Second Row: Metzler, Kwiatkow- ski, Larson, Truckenbrodt. Zawacki, Novak, Dusablon. Demereckis. Bottom Row: Kinshaw, Krasneclz. Musielak, Coletta, Cervenkc. Klimek, Bennett, Pitrak. Division 605 Top Row: Bergdahl, lasik, Soltis, Lukas, Laning. Third Row: Snyders, Loias, Hunt- er, Iorgenson, Mrlcacek, Mess- man, Orseske. Second Row: Dwyer, Yonan, Wal- ker, Bedore, Manuszak, Watts, Grabowski, Cashman, Stroz. Bottom Row: Macas, Suchodolski. Lewandowski, Kopulos, Moritz. Kovacik, Kubic, Cota. Division 606 Top Row: Vanecko, Kneis Wawrzyniak, Karczewski, Gron Kucharski, Hilburger. Third Row: Wieczorek, Mikutis Witkiewicz, Koncel, Konrad Klemick, Vogel. Second Row: Riewe, Hill, Kedro- ski, Martin, Brurnlik, Kostal Gwozdz, Kostka. Bottom Row: Marshalek, Mars Thomas, Hulsey, Rodzinski Skora, Reilly, Heffernan. 55 1 1 1 ur yfyame a .7 K M L Division 607 Top Row: Pelekoudas, Ianicki Lihosit, Mr. Gearon, Exline Skudlczrek. Glyzewski. Third Row: Krska, F. Scuito Turgosz, Nohcx, Mech, Thomp- son, Schmiiz, Folci. Second Row: Marczewski, Iser Schaeier, Bessette, Poscente, Ir- win, Schcxcht. Iohnson. T. Scuito Bottom Row: .Peierson, Iordan Icxcob, Lesniewski, Przeradzka Kempf, Kopacz, Fulcomer. Division 608 Top Row: Creuney. Prosser, Pon- dell, Hurtu, Drong, Fortier, Eret Third Row: Kasper, Spry, Holmes, Kevek, Rogozinski, Guard, Mar- tino, Saunders. Second Row: Wozniak, D. Cesario, C. Cesczrio, Cervenkcl. Hromad- ka, Poskus, Sioppenbuch, Strcrmpp. Bottom Row: Zoller, O'Dormell. Kemp, Svitcxk. Reis, Schroeter, Teniler, Formellc, Mrs. Zcxchar. Autographs 1 IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Richard Snyders, Presi- dent. Seated: Mary Ann Bonk, Vice President: Diane Kubic, Secre- tary. Bottom: Iackie Pauss. Treasurer. Division 609 Top Row: Biondic, Tobin, Mosny Pomykala Kamberos, Ian- kowski. Third Row: Novak, Iagodzinski Matusak, Badger, Budz, Sutkus Wessel. Second Row: Manick, Dion, Han- cock, Kwiatkowski, Fezatte Sedor, Cerven, Lentz, Young. Bottom Row: Drozd, Herman I. Bank, M. Bonk, Stypsock Bandyk, Uzlik, Pehas. Division 610 Top Row: Sattler, Borski, Vaitkus McGuire. Third Row: Lazo, Bobek, Smith Maloney, Scheid, Nacik, Fri- drich. Second Row: Hoger, Wilkus Thomas, Pennefather, Strelecky Zboncak, Fiedor, Powroznik. Bottom Row: Kasper, Alcala, Stoj Taylor, Potat, Cumbo, Meckes. 1 Z . ,- ' - x e m s , a X 'J X ,, Ae i 1 X5 Nw X Q :D v ,M 5' 4 fin W' iffy' x 4 ifg,-33 L Q f ik flecioleol on age pCl,I"A .glwfecwl . . . Division 501 Top Row: Niemcmn, Katsibubas, Schmidt, McGee, Canino, Koszelu, Magee. Beresheim. Third Row: Zay, Novak, Pcrvelec, Brown, Bican. Wcxuterlek, Iin drich, Bednar, Hesik. Second Row: Diaz, Brown. Shepp. Kushner, Schullmo, Hill, Zaiicek, Shanahan, Iezek, Kierus. Bottom Row: Gedonius. Uher. Lu parello, Yucas, Sollami, Clau sen, Burbcx, Loncki. Division 502 Top Row: Kncrble, Herbert. Nor- eikis, Hochwarter, Scxdlon Sokolowski, Icrsudowicz, Novak. Third Row: Putnam, Bostrom, Sol- lczmi, Srokcr. Bending, Dankert Stubenfoll, Frydrychowicz. Second Row: Grunz, Andiulls Ebersberger, Nowak. Zuzalek, Lesczuskas, Husenger, Lcxskey Ficrlcx. Bottom Row: Stedman, Lubudzik Spinelle, Cortes, Steifek, Piper Gorski, Visockis. 60 fi' Division 503 Top Row: Powers, O'Dea, Stach, Klecka, Bowman, Stec. Petrick, Sarich, Sikora. Third Row: Banasiak, Maduru, Palmer, Coco, Perry, Eckerty, Tomuselli, Hart. Second Row: Sklenur, Gutierrez, Young, Reks, Walsh, Williams, Wozniak, Komperda. Bottom Row: Stutz, Kostecka, Musunas, Czcxrny, Lojcxs, Iohn- son, Drzik, Bezak, Mr. Pershell. Division 504 Top Row: Pauksia, Flood, La Mcmtia, Pletkcx, Grant, Novak, Lynch, Sarncx. Third Row: Barczban. Wolk, Hoop, Mitchell, Gritz, Sala, Vilcek. Second Row: Procuro, Barratt, Ioncs, Cwiklinski, Leopardo, Augustyn, Minarcik, Mrs. Davis. Bottom Row: Munn, Hcmzyk, Lencki, Van Zandt, Lacey, Schade, Du Vall, Rusnak. 61 jkafin fge peadon nuerfe , on fk fdi e Division 401 Top Row: Bohus, Nedoss, Abra- hczmsen, Bunis, Conley, Kowal- ski, Capek, Heffernan. Third Row: Hardin, Rizzuto, An- drews, Urchak, Burke, Ross, Hudzinski, Kubilius. Second Row: Miss Krozic, Ken- nedy, Israel, Brooks, Daley, Moldovan, Corn, Tokcxrski. Car- ter. Rottom Row: Guthrie, Styrcula, Heinrich, Koston, Kolnicki, Adams, Lucotti, Roback. Division 402 Top Row: O'Connor, Washkevich. Alexander, Sikora, Martin. Third Row: Brenkus, Toppett, Haskins, Niedzielski. Dohrowol- ski, Dolan, Ryan. Second Row: Schultz, Lcmglois, Opalecky, Czichilski, Schulz Freske. Stepanek, Peake. Bottom Row: Ochwat, Rocco Koppit, Carter, Parker, Powers Higgins. Dymek. Division 403 Top Row: Kobiljak, Tesmer, Allen Sevcik, Gladkowski, Iansky Klotnia, Weinrick. Third Row: Crosby, Horacek, Bud- zynski, Earley. Slemp, Firth Valenti, Shapiro, Miss Caruso. Second Row: Kohut, Ilkanich, Is- rael, Brown, D. Skrezyna R. Skrezyna, Brew, Knutson Folgcx. Bottom Row: Meyer, Humphrey Zakopian, Wonderlick, Fluor Funk, Bartels, Gallagher. 62 1 1 Division 404 Top Row: Freeman, Adcock Straka, Rance, Koslowski Gorse, Klusendori. Third Row: Hoblinski, Ribando Swieroz, McCoy, McGowan Ciambrone, Will, Grabowski Dawczak. Second Row: Vahl, Slomski, Fred- erick, Grellner, Maceiak, Holan Wabiszczewicz, Gorecki. Boliom Row: Holst, Aguilar, Pa- bian, Zuniga, Sura, Thomas Cuprisin, Vacha. Division 405 Top Row: Roszak, Merschantz. Eliopulos, Mr. Carroll, Bagdon Guaslella, Marlin. Third Row: Konecki, Hiller, Pav- lik, Sawicki, Plewa. Galvin, Selles. Second Row: Drosf, Koski, Kalec, Buhle, Iurkovic, Wascher, Rod- gers, Boehm. Botfom Row: Antosz, Lellish, Yuska, Rogalski, Kozlowski, Overko, Misko, Vaslco. Division 406 Top Row: Blazeniak, T a 1 a r, Beavis, Mr. McCarthy, Meyer Kunst, Bizup. Third Row: Sawyer, Lewis Maestre, Kalla, Konecki, Peter: son, Wysocki. Second Row: Kus, Kandalec. Ol- son, Klingbeil, Ziomek, Stefani- ak, Stary, Spieles, Sura. Bottom Row: Novak, Larson Heinen, Hughes, Balczynski Mars. Chaplick, Katsibubas. E3 I 1 1 .fda fha ye-afifa Division 407 Top Row: Starkey, Salinas, Sagat Messina, S a r ri a, Mortimer Fritts, Karas. Third Row: Murphy, Faltin, Gior- dano, Borowski, Kuhnhofer, Kalkowski, Bull, Harkins. Second Row: Kaderabek, Adams Fulton, D o w n e Y, Guardi Starchvill, Koval,Vincek,Oloier Bottom Row: Mrs. Roggy, Laverty, Kcmdalec, Iohnson, Stcne, Bar: Rutka, Kremnitzer, Gallagher an. Division 408 Top Row: Nedzielski, Pawlikow- ski, Hovorkcr, Pjosek, Griffen Fainor, Miss Uhrhammer. Third Row: Pok, Norka, Otrem- biuk, Rivera, Pfeiffer, Petrulis Cascone. Second Row: Kawczynska, Dasz- kiewicz, Kregzde, Pitek, Louzen- sky, Leoni, Graefen, Devan Ramirez. Bottom Row: Ciesla, Grabsky Wa ner Plewa, Narel, Graf, 9 , Farnaus, Rumsfeld. Division 409 Guryn, Kwiatkowski, Annicks, Bucko, Sorn, Tom- Top Row: linovich. Third Row: Coons, Stuck, Slanin- ka, Palmeri, Sorn, Sebek, Bow- erek. Second Row: Fedor, Zanazaro, Mroszczak, Martineck, Buhlin- ger, Buinowski. Brunner. Bottom Row: Cerny, Shedore, Pol- lack, Stratton, Poshwinchuk, Wilkus, Burian, Wagner. 64 1 QJLJ A EY.. l nur- ff P' W5 L , '-.if-1 swan m5,,v-w ,Q fusing ss-iq In-msg lin Miki 5- ill Film IME QAM ei- M BMI M- li! 'Kwan umfg B011 Zim 'lil Ui N15 lui att 115 mi SCH ..- . 3? 1 0 ,1- A 4, I' A Wx 5:1 I 'R X v xv X 5 2111... " Q 5 3' 'Q T A . in ! 4 N- x f. j ' N iwwv. ,V , 1.7 '?fli ' 'A"""""'MT ?fT7f 4 1 """' 'af Vg' 1 . iff yi' F4 A E olighfning Crachecl O Smoheafac jhlee imeri Division 301 Top Row: Petkiewicz, Strick Worobey, Miss Tichy, McGory Slaninka. Third Row: Bryant, Kopinski Glaza, Myslinski, Waraner Popik, Banasek. Second Row: Brown, Shanks Stein. Frecke, Kloos, Vucsko Carrigan. Bottom Row: Schwertfeger, Zekas Hawke. Kalnes. Du Sahlon Novack, Stricker, Swanberg. Division 302 Top Row: Ivcmauskas. Leshyn Palm, Iezek, Gofron, Horan Lapsansky. Mach, Vibta, Veleta Third Row: Kwasny, Ferenzi Hovanec, Kunz, Yucik. Bollig Kopkowski, Miss Kron. Second Row: Prendergast, Praw- iec, Iesko, Popovits, Casianeda Glogowski, Groeger, Bien. Bottom Row: Kemp, Fiscella, Wil- kins, Bacha, Bereni, Witowski Moraza, Aschenbrenner. Division 303 Top Row: Fleming, Pacholick, Ko- til, Sikora, Kasprzyk. Third Row: Werich. Kempfer Head, Polis, Vermoni. Bretnal Pavacic, Mr. Howatt. Second Row: Kennedy, Gross- man, Barratt, Stazak. Orda kowski, Larson, Ambrose. Bottom Row: Gonzalez. Dufek Iohnson, De Coste, Carey. Bury Strehl, Pernecky. fw- DO SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Don Klusendori, Presi- dent. Seated, Top: Honald Capek. Vice-President. Seated Bottom: ludy Norka, Sec- retary: Rose Ribando, Treasurer. Division 304 Top Row: Kugler, Koldoif, Dop- kowski. Voruda. Vidra. Mollen- hauer, Tomas, Liss. Third Row: Kosmowski, Pavelec Galem, Iiricek, Ccmino, Barich Egan, Mr. Chadwick. Second Row: Savinski, Klawitter Marasco, Phillips, Weinmann Suchorzewski, Schuman, Brown Bottom Row: Rittenbacker, lan- icki, Yurgaitis. Soltysiak. Wal- schlager. Naso. Swierk, Franco Division 305 Top Row: Bischak. Tallarico Iungman, Hallman. Milosovic Iagodzinski. Third Row: Ordakowski. Gon- zalez, Czoski. Simon, Madeia Kozlowski, Parzych, Salinas. Second Row: Hart, Patrick, Appo- liio, Prohm, Funkhouser, Bau- bin. Roza, Iuhas. Bottom Row: Gwin, Dranter Crew, Rodman, Milas, Kalata Medlik. Lino. if f if 5 Q Q 5' ef Jlfdf I L0 ,Haul llfl5 6lI'lCQ lil lCClgO Division 201 Top Row: O'Connor, Blazek, Be- zak, Kuzel, Pasciak, Heiden Soraparu, Gatiney, Starnes. Third Row: Kovarik, Sevening Yureskes, Ebert, Hernandez Smercak. Contorno. Alessandri Haney, Miss Smith. Second Row: Wisniewski, Brown Ray. Bican, Matykiewicz Shepp, Hollander, Pratl. Eva- siuk. Bottom Row: Iones, Wolf, Menotti Furlong, Blackmer, Urbuniak Sutter, Oleniak. Prawiec. Division 202 Top Row: Hovanec, Iurkiewicz Conlon, Defrancisco, Drabek Mau, Mech, Gronik, Byrne. Third Row: Robinson, Vazquez Zemo, Walentis. Kocimski, Sied- schlag, Sakus, Loquist, Bollig Dwyer. Second Row: Charnot. Bischak Smola, Hurta, Venegas, Pater- son, Oniack, Letkomiller, Zien- tara. Bottom Row: Reeder. Palenik Stober, Lorenz. Humenik, Mey- ers. Schall, Bladek, Miss Hra- dek. Division 203 Top Row: Dusek, Lorenzen, Pilny, Blanda, Funston. Steidl, Ban- dusky. Nowak, Mrs. Taylor. Third Row: Czoski, Eger, Malloy. Rzepka, Pet, Fyke. Bruce, Bud- za, Pavlik. Second Row: Gibbons, Mohorek Gadomski, L a n e, Kushner Hakun, Tomasewski, Bagdon, Doligala. Bottom Row: Sanders, Willmot. Bleier, Gacek. Kasprzyk. Wsol, Nemtusak, Iohnson, Macak. 68 Division 204 Top Row: Brannigan, Pilny, Dwyer. Dominici, Yereb, Rybka, McNulty, Meicke, Kenny. Third Row: Szymczak. Iarski. Cu- prisin, Rucinski, Nieciag, Nie- mann, Fosier, Krull, Sowinski, Andiulis. Second Row: King, Antusis, Ko- lowski, Sopczak, Wiltse, Sopiarz. Buksa, Guastella, Olesky, Klimzak. Bollom Row: Wegielnik, Kusiolek. Vasquez, Borowicz, Momich. Kolenda, Mascolino, Witek. Dudones. Division 205 Top Row: Ryan, Olkiewicz, Rein- muth, Holland, Greco, Leffler, Pavlik, Milewski, Dominici. Third Row: Steir, Krzeminski. Roth. Kurtz, Graf, Uznanski, Burke, Lukaszek, Radville. Second Row: Wieczorek, Szybin- ski, Wolf, Bradley, Lakomiak, Dispensa, Hesek, Raymond. Bottom Row: Iakubowski, Drop. Graff, Bromar. Iosello, Schlama- dinger, Stachovic, Hanzl. Division 206 Top Row: Landwehr. Hildebrand, Sedlucek. Moyer, Hesik, Mr. Danber. Mackovitch, Zay, Du- chak. Third Row: Sokolowski, Christo- pher, Siiegal, Gray, Barnes, Iiminez, Kuhl, Ramirez, Koz- lowski. Second Row: Daubner, Harrison. Ieziorski. Rohde, Feigenbaum, Pcrier, Encheris, Hewlett, Gor- don. Bollom Row: Martin, Wisniewski, Haller, Skwarek, Holubek, Ver- iga, Beta, Stypsock. Hayes. 69 340 Cll' din? OI? Cl 2 Division 207 Top Row: Kroll, Riebel, Durante Gallagher, Miss Leventis, Mov- rich, Louis, Lucas, Streic. Third Row: Rusin, Paserpski Schutz, Pletka, Soltes, Stehura Kapustiak, Sypniewslci, Patrny. Second Row: Potock, Kirk, Stock- mal, Kristof, Kasper, Peischl Ieziorslci. Gesiakowski. Free- IHGH. Bottom Row: Wilk, Grodesky Nowakowski, Kucinski, Okonski Czajkoski, Wascher, Contreras. Division 208 Top Row: Zalewa, Snodgrass Drop, Wasik, Gudziunas. Kuch- arski, Zitnik, Niebling. Third Row: Zitella, Konen, Kebr Streleclcy, Moser, Kalata, Mann Smith, Kroll. Second Row: Flaishalcer, Faro Slowinski, Prendergast, Kmiec Swain. Andrekus, Daniels, Ar- den, Lewis. Bottom Row: Zapparato, Tomas Umporowicz, Moch, Stepnicka Szambelan, Pareti, Garsilaso Marouez. Division 209 Top Row: Buerger, Henzel, Tan- daric, O'Boyle, Kwedlo Blasko Hofiman, Bermingham. Third Row: Matishak, Lattyak, Mihalko, Skolar, Aquilar, Ec- lcerty. Valentino, Toppett Knolmayer. Second Row: Mrozinski, Rasmus- sen, Forrest, Gordon. Sedor. Brown, Duggan, Heimberg, Stasik. Bottom Row: Lukasek. Messina, Shane, Larson, Knizner, Pratl, Rieske, Novack, Winiarski, Mr. Michaels. 70 1 1 CLI' Division 210 Top Row: Butkivicius, Svoboda, Krsko, Klima, Kotil, Gcxydos, Trzeciak, Gcxydney. Third Row: Houskcx, Kerpec, Machniak, Drawz, Wesolowski. Zenulik Leshyn, Baker. Second Row: Burns, Wcxsik. Mag- gio, Lesondak, Pcxradowski. Coke, Massett, Oleinik. Van Ordi, Homnick. Boffom Row: Wolski, Zocccxgnino. Wisniewski, Mraz, Roieman. Fries, Davis, Zarack, Tcxllo. Division 21 1 Top Row: Rymkey, Surdyk. Fiedor, Will, Bunczek. Osley. Third Row: Cortes, Roach, Senka, Divincenzo, Gleich, Halatcx. Second Row: Miller, Oprondek. Wessely, Louis, Dvorak, Kopp. Evcmcho. Bottom Row: Piekarski, Willmot, Zeglin, Marozcxs, Zike, Iones. Frederick, Grillo. Autographs 71 9 7 2 U6 OH Ollie Cline, f QP2 5 Division 101 Top Row: Polcyn, Vasilenko, Tur- rise, White. Miss Greicus Maresh, Pruszewski. Wamsley. Second Row: Neikirk, Bullock Hartel, Pratl, Ostrowski, Kalal O'Connor. Bottom Row: Ginsburg, Shaiier Dopkowski, Klein, Buchholz Witasik, Kowalczyk, Schach- Division 102 Top Row: Popovits. Maruna, Hou- ska, Barborek, Garcia, Rodri- guez, Supak, Medellin. Third Row: Zaccagnino, Albrecht, Krueger, Iamison, Mayer, Hara- zin, Fox. Second Row: Kimelman, Duda Reeves, Thielges, Ondrovic Svrcek, Ionish. Bell. Bottom Row: Brown, Kania, Onate. Graczyk, Diver, Mar- tinez, Bonnevier, Lynch. Division 103 Top Row: Rymkey, Kaspar, Mak- owan, Wainauskas, Drenning, Biske, Witt, Grollo, Rozmus. Second Row: Nye, Uhrik, Falkowski, Prather, Smith, Hodges, Gregus, Glapa, Mar- tin. Bottom Row: Vander, Tallet, las- ik, Rouman, Roza. Romsa, Bass, Romero. 72 ore o ain Division 104 Top Row: Shunk. Brandt, Phillips, Stedrowsky, Biedess, Schau- mann, East, Gander, Yorkman. Second Row: Moyer, Marzean, Ulaszek, Auwema, Stancik. McDermed, Harrison, Hawks- worth, Maruska. Bottom Row: Konotsky, McCut- cheon, Vondrak, Rusnak, Markowski, Marz, Hladovcak, Carter. Division 105 Top Row: Mr. McLean. Altman. Kucera, Onate, Vucinic, Wien- cek, Szymanski, Strejc. Third Row: Rybka, Bukovic, Oh- Iendort, Graf, Le Tournecxu, Havlick, Crosby. Second Row: Howanic, Iudkins. Miller, Drobena. Lloyd, Morzyn- ski, Henzel. Bottom Row: Bafetti, Ziomek. Nowakowski, Gabel, Dite. Schott, Kase. utographs 73 jfxX VX 'lf xoxox A +1 X lo x0x6oX X lcarian BARBARA VIVODA Co-Editor-in-Chief ELLYN I-IULSEY Co-Editor-in-Chief RUTHMARY COLLINS Photography Co-Editor DIANE PILARCZYK Layout Co-Editor Pl-IYLLIS PIOTROWSKI Layout Co-Editor IOANNE FRASCONE Photography Co-Editor CAROL MISHCEK Literary Editor KATHLEEN MORRISON Publicity Editor IOSEPHINE KAPIOR Business Editor When it Was decided to have a school yearbook, the name, lcarian, was selected as a result of a contest. This name is derived from Icarus, a character in Greek mythology. It is said that Icarus and his father, by sticking feathers to their arms with beeswax, were able to fly from their enemies when being pursued. The name means "soaring to the heights" and is indicative of Gage Park's spirit. The first lcarian staff Worked dili- gently to assemble the first yearbook within three months, In the following years the layout, literary, and pho- tography staffs Worked hand-in-hand to prepare each succeeding lcarian. This year, Mr. loseph Gullo, our present sponsor, has worked industri- ously with the members of the staff in preparing the yearbook with an em- phasis on the schools fifteenth anni- versary and progress. v! I ,Q v. S ., 1 'N ----M . 1 1-,..... 1:55, ...H -5 , G as -ll , A u W X A in - K A gr y K, V U '2 T, Q! , W! L-s ...JK X .wr W uN1oR RED creoss ' WS w ursl nl PTA V SALE O ae ' 0 S ' 4' Op rv: Q J' 95-O C!-if lv, bc, :vs 4 19-:Ks 9- ,,,- up bg! Ufluh ,...f- "Jiri f' ds oun fx ,.,- ypa c Yogi' V v G69 l 0' 98 1 am. l yn! CI cgflprulegg 2nd if 4 V QQYXX And pifftg Off1Ce,5E O A xxx - VN In r og f 0177 of emor Gurls Club ponsors Bow Dance 5. 47 'M 'nr "N, ,. 1.1L b f . , . 4. xy E. -ov vm. .y .1 Nm. .. 1 V ,gas l 0 Q L' vi 9 'LV -A 1. A,-' QQ l , .I ,. . A xox. ,S O gi. If L K V V ' A ?' fig: . A . ., ., x. VV . X, AX- ,, :T AQ- V , 1. Q 2 Z ,V . " ' 5 4 ,. 'Y 1' -5 x . O.: N59 2 ,-uf. ., ,. '1 1 ff, f -:-. .QINMANN T0 EN. Q -.7 O N.A.1j.grX . A ' xf A .,,, . Q :I X t 13 '17 fy 3. RA,-ORICAL CONTEST oqk. - - I his-. EVS K 5.-5,1X:,,. g ES.--,S '.' ' ". b2I'C2 'pe J? ,?sz1,-'16'f:k,- - l K- 0 5+ " . PUB V K uf l ll.: .:' 9 7 . qv Q .LX my cg., 4' 1 J fc, ,jaw c lx X ,V . ,cxl ,S Sf X J, AS if .19 Q .9 3' 31.36. 59 7- . -, Q. Zafg' ,, abzmo N' 9 . Q ., 0 .fr .Q Jw -' sf- 9051, Q 'Q 45- 'Q gf' -QQ, f 1.-. 1' er Liifw'-1 '- i J, .2 4 4 i lshns rf- 1 Z3 15' 3 ' ' nz fx ml 1-lb m V' f . .1.f'S' Q' 'L ,Q va 3, . .-5.5: NL' P S I' A ' ,. exe, O66 im. A O .T YOQPMGI Di o present . 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A ., -111. irz Q 00' WHS and .fuvenile lelin- 'gqnwe 5 'a ,so 9-M 4, Af Q31 sfqvllrlng Respect for 'L -b goto-g NCg,15,c3i,0i: Wldrtzfwl f,bu:'f1K,.8er. f.. and so on' wemust retain' out 9 v 5' 1-QS x Q e af' wall he presvnwd hx 11900 6 ,SC 'WQ3 4 Ma, 'Vlbgmn th I f'J..'.4'2 , , 1, .. 1. 4. .4 'tu rxAll ,r AUUUE HON s-N., M . ' 5 J' '-" - , ova A' .QIEAVJ '- 4' -, 'lirglg - . A", x J' Y- A' gif' ,L J- , .. f -y.' l"f , , , , . V, , ,, I ,. . , ., 'Q QQ 4.59 1 ':- A 'f 5 " , , ff ". , ,- 4 . , . . 'Q 12,2 2 A14 :gif 122' V v, X.. , Q S vi'-"K, 06 451' x. mil", it ff"'5H' 6 . Q., 1v'1,,wQL.f'j-' 9 heal' 'vfvkl W'.- il 'lf 47 ' lun., Ii U ,, we 3 . 54 ,. we-. Q -fd Greg 11.11 1..C1.-1, Q f Re , Y- t' Un, HL-sl. Jo: hllxme Q N .:'gx:Q'.111f.?:3.i. .ve Roo., L the wnlix, 25 if nw 1413 A 6' e big kixihz' 1:1 c-:rr 'u,,:"f' a "T QQ 11 K A ile Ah wma ,emu 75,1 ' I! -. , gf orclas weyepuzzlln'fin-1.a,lj'H.,:ir1 um.,-, , .WN Ulf -1' where the bar lv ,Wg was Wftlif, 01 '. Ah hf,penl11y!"'f' W' fn,,, ,fha if ,,.,,, V n' che race vi " mp Afluauh "Il thflnfflx-0rI"fr1,e b vvr. it was H 1,0 fhebft H11 og Wagx 'avrm Q9 of 'U est-socks comesm than -,0lzf,S65 -Q11 a "ffe,,,,f""S of 'U' ln' wnf, " cfm 'f' Sue Van, YC? f k,14-fimv -u,:,.' 1 ' 'Q M1-1-Pff pgs-9 'pn -"I G ' .lm K ' A , ' " 5 ' ' r " ' ar ' y I "z' A . F ww' A A5 UQ' . LANs YULE GIFTS P- In P' ' -. f '90 " cwzxswwx . H 40,0 fm, To Adwsofv 51 I rn A , 'r I N ' It lx . P . p,,N I W f .' " ,. ' X I' ' '1 ',,, ,Q I . . 4 - ' 'A 5" ' 'T' " " 'fs ' 57 5 , - ' ' ' . - . - -' PT "5 ' EF" 1232- --.1-5 -4' ' Y, If-'w , "".- ' V , - V H559 . - u'r,.Of1 ' Q. .vu ll ri, fl '- 1 ,V T-K L: H . - ,W , .. W f, '- Cu 'f' ' ,.-.-- " . ff""', ,- 'N ' A - Y '-"' ,iam 'l.y.w'-- WN - ' .. l' Q ' x. -al -- "" ,. f , . . V ' v. f xvf ' ' YN 1 - fx ,iii '-5 ' v f r k Farr: I 7' f I " 5,7 X? 'Q R .T Q : " R' l 'f ' O l., Q , . 1 I V I, , V , . I al-fl , L' CPC' ' ' . . ' .' 'xy X 5 7 ' 15 if ' 15. '45 . . is ' Q ' ' ' '. .sl ln. " Q' Q, Q- V ,..- ' : 5 ff - , I . , ' U 'hu OCQ SS A-59? Tim ,.-., A 1 I f I ', 9 - Il 1 . U "1"f"f E f V TL "'-'I 1:11 :.- 212111 1 . ' T 6 Q IX H1 ,.. X, , M v, 0 QC ,- A -U.. 1' 1, i t V. - ,M vlll. 'ff ,V M , I f V, 'O Y mf" 545' x . kc' 04' ,-Q' W Y x A . ' x' 1 . . " L 'dfg . l X '-'NTS AT TE ww. V .. fl . yn f ,Q " f' X' ' " 1'-I1 -A f, -.-r,.c:1?,: . -J , ur.-. g w 1' nl. ' XY. V 11 xl' rm V- 'vu ' ,R ' C -I : fl .gig ' A .ml--'V' U , .nw H ' . , " ' .Uh W ." k . 31 ' w ' V V , . b E, ,flv -d v 2 vw 4 ' ' .rv K wr., ' - -, ' , , ' li:-V ' I . N z . 1-i, I K :dw -Vufsffb v' ,Q gi. -Mn 21 x '-, ' '-y. 'Q' , J, - , . , - f ' ' . - - v - , , ' a 1 f ' X I , 1 1 1 1 J L ' ' 1' y fb' . 55 J Ai D X X' ll lx H nm 1 Q I J xt 1 X 1 1.. W K f K .. 2 ,kg S nr!! I 1 ,Q 4 H i GQ .W -.- " N o 'S 1 A 1 'xx v '6 Q -. 1- A mf X xx K K U10 W' ll n X sb X 2 xl Y' -,X AK Q " 1. 4 ws. , X X 1 X X 0 7 w, s if Q I ' ' 1 ' ' X xxiirwr Y'-Y 4 kr A x X X by fn ' ,, 4 I4 Q a 1 ugig 6 X ,K jg mi I , f f Qt 0 xx X 'X my . f iffy 2 f ff, x 3 f .4 0 O X I 'J IA, r 4 x 51 f -' 'NH'.f A. , ' Ab .:' -. en " X0 'A " W 3 0 0+ . . .. l . -. S 5f5"?w' ?""w- J PM . 'mm'f"e"P'eh"f W EDITORS Slanding: Dwyer Fiala Aument Levon Walker Bcxr1eIs Sealed: Procuro Ringl Mosny Drost THE PAST The flrst WYGNMLY isixe of the ..Y,.. ,,.,qf.f ..,... ,..,...., . ,- ,- 'fc 2' S-act-Qriner LU 349' Y .+7.., ,., ,,-L .l,.,A,. ff I P' ,,., ,. ,lflmn ..... QS.. ., ' r-7-,J Ifxrx 'f,r1.:3r,::1p ill Gfrivs r'11':ie',' fa Cin Azria iii . f'-.. Y HJ.. . 1. .rx - NW .. J .I-:IT 'C liz,"-"' " BUSINESS STAFF S ,., ,v.f'ii2a. 'gil I 4- ex: v-. J ill THE, PFIQY Tiff .r1f"r:r.f:" ri fi if-r1IIfJ:'.'f1iff 1 I .pf 1- f "1 f .,1.l,n p I' 3 ' K .., U., .LL 4 ,-ff, v- YI- .. .II . . ASI, 771711: iff. G 1 :A Througr. 13.6 If E51-Gowffr his FI f rtmembershij: IF 6-rfxryrl .'.1 QCLUTI V Quill C122 Sire I noi.: S1150 P1-J A f fzin, fm: the C 1 1 fsllllfi EDITORIAL STAFF if C0 XX X5 sniff 'vl 2 GX 4- J 3 -nu -M 4-o :psig 4 'ftffslf 41- ffll: The Qu1ll and Scroll an lnternatronal Honorary Soclety lor l-hgh School Iournalrsts was orgamzed here at Gage Park 1n May l947 by a student Dorothy Me1ster and adopted the name The W1ll1am Abrams Chapter of the Qulll and Scroll Thrs IS a very excluslve honorable organlzatron 1n that the members must be 1n the upper thtrd ol therr class Other requlrements are that these students mu t be upper classmen they must be on the En Gager or Icarzan Staff for four semesters and they must be recommended for membershrp by Mrs Soma Kew or by Mr Ioseph Gullo Flnally the students must be found Worthy of member sh1p by the executlve secretary ot the organ1zat1on - N XX X f' X 5 l , M o 1 x L X -- X . 'X : X X I Y 'if' 1 A . - X nv? W 4 .-vi ' ' . f ax , xl xp,t,,1L':s?6A,:.f, qoqzdr , 1" we kr .. , ,: , ' 5 ,.-,,'f,, ,xg A I - ,gf Slim, ?335xi?fl,:1-.5.'?'Y'1 N We ,5ysk,Hf fyr." f,-1' f3'1fQ,,.'g'g, .g,'-,nf V . - . to .. 'lf M7 if-2'15"Qf. bf tl ff 'P Qijjf 7 Q' ' x ' " " x , - 'A, "1 ,f.""ff-"" '3'l 515 5? FZ-7-' i f . I, U -- ' ",-'- 'frxvy-1-5 x -ggi I ' - ',. em., 4' , ' : ' -1 Z' if G' If F ' fi -2-1 ' --if-Af" t My , ,Y ,QA ,b . ,fguuzwi 4 ff if" I 112. ,, fa.. t if, 1' 711 ' Y 3. 5 U .121 ,V If .,:, V Cs' f,. . figypwwf 1591 'I A 'IV 'Y' ' 1 1.59, '7-. f 3n.,'?' SW? hz. ,a."' :ga Tl' 'V' -' tl 'ns 6' li 5' :Q-su lf-Tr" tiki: ' - V . J' '- f: ,..,' f ' wi' 'M - Yi- 'Af' i ' - 3 --"infill "im ' 1 1 1. , I bug: V1 I - , in .V 'ASQ' 'SfF'Qp'n'A E it lp. ' , . f ' I I 9 l l ' ' , xkkyllxlx L, ' Q ' e v , 1 s , - ' , . . . , - "- mg! 'x l aan X vi FN .Ai' 5040 OFFICERS Standing Kmg Vlce Presldenl Kallcx Secre- tary Sealed MISS Pulaski Iohnson Treasurer Col lms Presldent 1 f D J r 5 L, ar TCG e wcilmt en 0 tle r ben TCG la lifruclr Q Cept on W ll e F rmds are lsed or 'mse GCT v Neff me sa f P som on DC T rms oo, dfmt slaaen' to C1 al dance Nmc lmaxes tlle C11 Two of our present agully members have se ved as sponsors M155 Eleanor Courl ney and for the last four ears M155 l-lelen Pulasl-'W BOARD Standing PlOffOWSlCl Pleva Rumsleld Prendergcxsi Wcxcek Beback Walkers Czocha I' rascone Seated Endhcher Kcxmm Spechko Roe-der Wcxgner We nmann Pcxluck Huvlxck Z fs, O 5, r 4.7,- OFF GUARD 2 sg? W eruice lUl.llA a 5 x l'ill!0 A ,MJ hnshnas um 254754 C7 ervue C lll OFFICERS Rasmussen Treasurer Fras cone V1cePres1dent Seated Mrs Taylor Roth President At the present lll"'19 over 400 students purtlclpate tn the Serv Ce Club whtch has been tn extstence stnce the opentna ol Gage Park l-hgh School Through the years Mrs Taylor who has always been the sponsor helped bu1ld a flne and memorable club for the student body Semt annually the olhcers of the club sponsor a breakfast for all the students fho have been of servme to the school These students recetve a bln and a bar for eafh se nester of servrce Cn De ember l the Chnstmas season lS Nelcorned mth the opentna ol the Chr st mas DOSTOITICG under the drrectton of the studentbostrnasters The student postmen the ma1l boxes on each floor and Chrlstrnas fards lend an lr of lestlvtty durtn the lrollday season at Ga e Park 0 I T ulyiyff , y V .-faizifw 'T' ,mg U , r '13 4 - ,, , Standing: Singer, Secretary: ' : . : , , A . . . i I . I Y YI ,Q Y! ' C ' A f ' ' I . ' 3. f . 1 - T V l . , s , V lil ' l ' C1 . ' Q' . pk, M Qi 'W 3 44 if Z "ff f W? A k , gg? QM ,sf I 5 QM 1-.xv ,w-,v 15,9 5:4-"F "A ' 11.5" ' , ' ' V' Q. ,El rv S-I BEM! i A X3 55 H, ,ff V' 1 M'.Q',' ff' ,.: .N- ,ru 1: 3 W , 1 lllll 5' w 4 i xg' ,RJ VA N W ..... A, Qiiifaulwh 'Gui Honor Cluh OFFICERS Standing: Ringl 2nd Vice-President Mrs. Davis Slcminka Treasurer Sealed: lst Vice-Presideni sideni Secretary CiLUE he UPC of an Hemp eParK3 Hama mzmlfjs Zember as noi- aLLw5:,lkug' A -'I nged m H40 gKEl+hQv-mer D0 PIA? Hqclj Par+'c'PGh:n 7000 faf,uL+Y. MIS WCA achvlhcs, E ln of lfhe U h HW, ears our va e5+C,. HIC aCl'x Krug- Thro 'jk 5 DCl':!lCVCCl a Sem + an a Honor' C.-lub Honor CLUbroriurvence. m our Prcseglie 'fsssimbl-Z io Lace of P '-Hes. Under. Hui recofa i- em er-S3 Ph oL addv M Nevab and 3+ Lhrls mae' hme: fc Zcrslug of Ara' Su dwg he, Honor LL ub l1oLcl5 W5 co or Lub as cceedgd 1' + FUL wmhw Aa 'W HogL,Sh,n3 5 Na+'OfwL beau ' ve, L me mek ln GSW' ,e-f-y Ckapl-er ha'5 aLwa een 3 lw Q, Honor SOC Hlfjh. at 5000655 3 Gage PM f-X-fx Bonn Top Row: Adler, Slcninku, Bischak, Leshyn, Ringl, Koleff. Second Row: Fridrich, Williams, Bolcheri, Liptak, Endlicher, Dalessandro, Whcxtes. Bottom Row: Paluck, Kimelmcm. Trenk, Collins, Morrison, Spechko, Rieske. is , C hd-1 x , 'J .? W ,M 'Lx 4 v5l Bl bit bs. gf . if 535 ,A Q44 G !L I ll Sl ,figfifw ,Q gi., 5 , S K , L, , f 'J' 4 I 'Q 32 ' J fw -H 5 . ,, W I ,ff ' vi" Y 5 T. A 1 R .. ,a . , 1 1 we ,M f , ' L- .A S. rw M A i ,, . ,,4,. 1-in L , f ' A' -Q . A' vu I - 1 ' ,N hi z :y A wsgw l 9 W ff wg Q 5 L' ge x A ,. v 1, A :Ms f.. ,ir x, , ., , 1 L 'iw at F555 mf" as gy. 4:9 3 'H KC, may . ,qw 1 ev A y E34 'A 'Q' . A ' 3 8 :W . ul M":1"' vs: QSM M - ve' fy!! nu ll ,JQ. 75 M M ' Y Xi, 2 fr, L ,, ' I, ,ff x V- an in 'ff' W' . p , v ix. 35- . -A ,YL 4 V . ff' .. j X 5, U il i gg an Q- SENIOR MEMBERS IUNIOR MEMBERS ' xgfalg 'Q SM, - 4, 4 A . 'QS 1-5 I If f, I J. 33 f A "ng, IE -l R fI' ,:x ' A . . , ", 9 , 3 4' SQ ,um turlent IJUIIHCII IUNIOR AND SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Top Row Scurek Kalata Tesher Krydynskx Kamberos Spechko Kxmelman Messma Rel er Thzrd Row Lazo Lede1ka Mack Iansky Palulxs Koldofi KISSSI Slress Gaydos Second Row Paleka Rasmussen Kempfer Frascone Pauss Penders Metzler Kostal Bottom Row Le Pon Przezuzmecka Hlggms Graf Hulsey Walker Iacob Peter hempier Presxdeni Lorrame Ledezka Treasurer Ierry Kubxszyn Vxce Presldent Donna Hxggms Secretary Il LSQIIIQSIQI Illllwl s Spring SEIIIBSIQI' UI'I'i1'ers nw' ,, ...J Vmce Krydynskl V1cePres1dent Robert Aument Treasurer Donna Hxggms Secretary Ierome Kublszyn Presxdent FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Top Row Devcxn Kosk1 Ruczkowslu Wxlke Ilkamch Iohnson Thud Row Rcxdcxtz Tomas Bcmusek Loqulst Coke Van Ord! Second Row Kole-ndcx Kovank Pcxvelec Hesek Spechko Pcxvluczc Bottom Row Husenger Sollcxmx Ionus Mcxcelcxk 25: OFFICERS lerome Ringl, Vice-President: William Adler, President: Donna Higgins. Secretary: Norbert Cieslewicz, Treasurer. Since 194U when Miss Lila Barnes took over the direction ot ten enthusiastic musicians, Gages band has grown and improved. Under Mr. Lowmants direction and with many hours of practice our loand has received a superior rating in the City Band Contest for two con- secutive years. Through the years the band has always been a main attraction at school functions and one of its major activities is the winter band contest, Now with new uniforms, the band will add extra spirit and color to our many ac- tivities. Top Row: Paluck, Swierk, Manick, Mr. Lowman, Cieslewicz, Smerchak, Iohnson, Daley, Wrabel, Loias, Bazata, Ltr o Hakun, Humenik. Third Row: Stuck, Moldovan, B. De Coste, I. De Coste. Kus, Witek, Dwyer, Kalec, Fiala. Second Row: Rieske, Brown, Lyka, Alccxlcx, Hart, Matuz, Pehas, Kirsgalvis, Allen, Bretncxl, Novak, Kregzde, Mzrtineck Bottom Row: Drucker, Reps, Bohus, Zicha. Bezak, Fiscella. S 1 ,Y , f g3,"" Q 3, ,, gb il ll we so ,.?'4,V K4 Z if .f I Wg xgissi Ml," ' 3 S 4 'M' fi wing: itll . fu K. A 5, A if + ' , 9' ss! If ij' - " ' 3 - 1 f 511-ff V ' , 4 .V ,433 ,v-1 1'! QNX' ,. , 7 f E- "W -4' , f.-'M 4 ' ' g 'L :mx if l 4 if if 4 ,,'v- 1 1 M i K: K ., ,L Q, ua an K V 524 J ,. , , F 'Q-1fi5ff:"' ' .- '- '- ? A ig? ' 14 , Q1 A iv? V- .,g.,i'a23,, ,1 2 ,a , I ,z '..",' A "Axim D A 'ly A :,M:'4:i? ' ' . ,af , . 'Q' A 'Xi LM , , if 3? J 'ff Ry, Ig' -9- 1 lib. 1 I 1 v n A g if : i f, - " z --r , eg, 55 . ist: ififii Q., -2 .1 w iv .I gg. 1 .Q, wg yi sg iii ,' , my wif' aw '-- .. 1 1 Q H f 2 -.U , -g -ffm 1 ,QL . 0 ,' gf 1 1 : of 5:-' t H xi P A' Q "-' J Waiqgg. Wx. sm- - .- , sg B f :ag .ts ' 5 : ,Z . '55 . A fr , . I ":32' M lk ,X + ff ' f Ez- 5 5 1 Y U X - Lf " F all L i. 3 1 f l,fm,i -4' U I can J P f'5.1-4-f'1 assign Qi L-Y 1 5?-Z :ga , 11:5 ,nf-"' 'UQ .nl Q6 'i ffm, Zf ' ' L' igggwgfy ,, Mixed I horn Q, Q Top Row Belanskl Ka noscak Meyers Sokolowskx Youstra Romanetz Carlson Urbanavxclus Wllkus Iuhas Second Row Illcamch Krxslof Falun Ochaba Tomasellx Runge P Toppett Bousman B Toppett Kosial Kroll Bollom Row Wllke Olenlak Daszklewlcz Clausen Truckenbrodi Hurla Slackmal Kublc Mmske Le Pon Vasquez Borowxcz Mr Stephens OFFICERS Paul Romanelz, Vnce Presxdent, Angela Tomasellx Treasurer. Dolly Le Pon, Secretary, Ray Meyers, Presrdeni ' 1 - - 4 Z V, I 1- 0 -f 1: 15 y v F Q I .2 .y, ' ,215 , 1 f W 1 ng. if ,Q M Q ' " 32 L1 . sg I N: . .Y W '.- ' "5 ' v A ,' ,, ,r 1 , " z ' V ' v ' Y 4 . 4 1 ? ' 'Q 1 l ' 5' 1 Q -1 ' 4 ,' . 5 4,7 .5 1 A , : '. r . . ', , . . " . ' , - Sl'l9llCQ l'l l J ll l OFFICERS AND BOARD Standing: Cescxrio: Coons, Treasurer: Kus. President: Alle n: Schulz: Bizup. Sealed: Bartels, Vico- President: Abraham- son, Secretary: Ras- mussen: Wcxscher. Top Row: Radville, Allen, Bi- zup, Coons, Loquist. Seventh Row: Lesondak, Ha- ney, Buerger, Toppett. Sixth Row: Soltysicxk, Baker, Love, Schulz. Filth Row: Kroll, Bostrom, Schutz, Dusek, Abrcxhamson, Fourth Row: Bartels, Kristof, Kus, Coke, D. Cescxrio. Third Row: Sokolowski, Guas- tellcz, Rohde, Massett, Miss Smith. Second Row: Urbaniczk, Swain, Witek, Wascher, Rasmussen. Bottom Row: Piekcxrski, Pratl, Reeder, Olenicxk, Stepnicka. The Science Club under the sorship of Miss Harriet Smith oraanized about nine years Meeting every Monday alter period, the club lists scientific ex ments, trips, and treasure l amona its activities. At the er the semester a formal ceremoi conducted at which time the officers are installed and pins -:aided to those who have ea tier: BOARD Top Row: Steffek Guastellu Bretncxl Bottom Row Gaydos Gcxllo Piwnickie Lukcxsek lllllllll' Hell brow Dralna Club Ann Baran, Mary lean Ciambrone, Kathy Shapiro, Mary Ann Kubilius, Myra Wabiszcze- wicz. Irene Wagner, Charleen Kimelman, Doris Marek. VT. Sealed: Nora Bostrom, Iudy Wascher, George Youstra, Ioan Hutter. Standing: Carole Kirk, Rose Abrahamson, Marie Grabowski, Arlene Cerven, San- dra Barreli, Norma Bennett, Mary Stoi. Diane Bandyk. 7 ,J xf' Glen Alexander Mary Ellen Laverty Miss Caruso Ioann Humphrey Cmnera Cluh Standing Bohus Penders Oprandak Louzensky Aschenbrenner Falhn Daderbek Soles Groeger Blzup Szltmg Kunz Brunner Cunningham ln September 1953 a group ot students interested in photography started the Gage Park Camera Club under the leadership ot their spon sor Mr. Gullo, and the co-sponsor Mr. Alelcna. Listed among the clubs many activities are: 'ield trips pic- nics lectures hikes, and photog- raphy contests. The club is now member of the Photographic Sof city of America. Although still in its infancy, the Camera Club plans to set up its own equipped darkroom and to take pictures ot the many school activities. f-T27 OFFICERS Ina Louzensky, Treasurer: Rita Groeger, Secretary: Charleen Penders, President: Barbara Brunner, Vice-President. ROTC ....-o-vf"""g Pxcked Platoon ln 1946 the fxrst Gage Park ROTC cadets 86 1n number assembled under the leadershrp of Sgt Eggerman Dur1ng the followlng years member shlp has mcreased to the present number of 157 The ROTC flrst started to gam attentlon rn 1950 when rt was named an Honor School rn Washlngton D C an achlevement We have been able to accomplrsh agaln ln 1952, 1953, and 1954 The Rrfle Team has taken part 1n the Clty Playoffs 1n 1952, 1953, and also 1954 when they acqulred the D1SlT1Cl Champ1onsh1p Under Lreut P1nc's leadershlp the Plcked Platoon has also made a favorable showrng by obtarnrng the Prcked Platoon Crty Champronshlp rn 1953 ln 1952 the ROTC unlt placed 3rd ln Federal lnspectron and then advanced to 2nd place 1n 1954 We have Sgt Roland and the cadet offlcers to thank for ach1ev1ng thls excellent record Q 0 O ., -,--Yi ., H- ,.-.,,. . W ,L-., :H i Aiirqhefrwl iq , W1 , . . . . , , I - -I ATTENTION! OFFICERS Top Row: Schilling Koranga Rasmussen Franke Second Row: Koleff Iustyn Tysl Boffom Row Prexsxnger USHERS CLUB Top Row Wesselhoff Trolmar Prelsmger Tubay Romanetz Kasxk Second Row Youstra Koranga Iablonskz Pollt Tesher Scurek Osxadacz Bottom Row Iustyn Franke Tysl Schxl Img Massett Koleff Rasmussen AT EASE' fn Q S .4 Qf'A f Qf ! A' A Q Q 'zany A JTAF' 0 V wgfxgi ' Q? , f J 1 f 1 ww 13 V f K 1 ,R 5 ,xfji ix ' . " "1 'V' A ga? A V , i W ,X :M-:T in , f fn 4 A LE ,,,.-f 15, , . f K, 'R ' . I MQ' M W felif' Y , ' 'xm my I fb? QW 1' A fllfiyh. -4 I-4 Y 'F' x 1 ' 1 D X ,M 5515 1,1 .', 4-fi ' L' A . 5 ' 2. -5- '?v.-'- 4 '5' Q 9, . Vi. XQR '36-ie. Q4 -9 ,.f. ff, ff x if .xy " '. n K .3 rx. ,A ' ' 1 'Y 4, Q , I jfx W0 qw X Xqwfa Q0 Xoxxxq 0 35 Ox mm X X059 bg O x HQ C156 AQ. QQ X QQ Top Row: Adams, Gallagher, Aument, Peters, Darnell, Iankowski, Kendzierski, Neil, Glyzewski, Korcheck. Fourth Row: Feigenbaum, Kamberos, Snyders, F. Scuito, Carlson, Gorse, McGuire, Provenzano, Wysocki, Guryn. Third Row: Heffernan, Dunne, Podolcxk, Badger, T. Scuito, Zaczek. Scurek, Rasmussen, Kalata. Second Row: Fonseca, Krydynski, Kubiszyn, Washkevi:h, Iodlowski, Leland, Kwak, Cempel, Leshyn, Mrkacek. Bottom Row: Mr. Pershell, Uher, Rumatz, Slaninka, Kemplxr, Zavadil, Duleba, Slowinski, Patrick, Coach Kane. ar it Football Team porfraifd By lames I. Metcalfe WCTORY ll-I DEFEAT lt's tough to lose a s1ngle garne , . . Or even riialce a slip , , , And it is tougher when you tail , , To win the championship. . . But do you ever yourself . , , Vlfhen you have lost a garne . . , What brought about tne final score . , . And who deserved the blame? . r Tnere is no cause for crying 2-:hen , r The tallies all are in , . Espe- cially if you have done . . . Your very lcest to , , . ln your defeat you rnav have gained . . . The greater VITTOTQ' , . Cf courage and ot sportsmanship. . , Ana teamwork loyalty '... And as you go tnrougn life and as , . Success LS what you rnalce it . r . Your loss rnay he your wgn because . , You sho '.-.' ed that you could tal-te .t We feel tnls expresses Gage Park s sentiment inasrnigclg as the CWLS tied Linde oloms Eagles in a score 5-E and last our other nonflecaue garne to Tglden with a score of lgfc, The league garne scores stand as follows. Calurriet 2011, Morgan Park, 33-75 Kelly l2-U Dunbar, 39-O South Shore, l8-l3 the O'.','LS bein: the recipient ot the lower scores, lU9 51 X A Top How: Hudzinski. Bull, Mr. Pershell, Hoop, Maestre. Martin. Third Row: Klecka, Rozc. Grahsky, Wauterlek, Stuck, Leshyn. Iuhas. Second Row: Tuhay, Voruda, Sikora, Slcminkcx, Tullcxrico, Sikora, Slcminka. Bottom Row: Kempfer, Rance, Wcxshkevich, Karas, Biccm, Capek, Urchak. Froch- oph Football Team Under the able coaching of Mr. Russell Pershell and the leadership of ca-Captains Bob I-loop and Augustine Maestre, aur FrashfSaph football team of the '54 season was able to win 2 of the 6 scheduled aarnes, The first was a Victory over Harper with a score at 50, and the second was a l2-O victory over Kelly, The other games played and lost were aaainst St. Rita by a score at l4f9, Calumet, 7-Og Morgan Park, l3-55 Dunbar, 20-7 We are assured by the team at a better Varsity team next season. 110 'IQXU 5-av -L.'g', sxfwe-wmif . 51" ' ' ' - - s . L. . . ' '- 1. 1 1 1 -1 - 1 r-11,51 ..?"f'."T1 y 4 , f . . - ' - f . , - --- 1- . 5 v- -1 ' K- '. '.:g.-, 4' "" r- . . . 4 an-' . a M.,-L--.. . --Q,-zlyxiiq 1. -.. . . - . . 'v'-' V.. D "7 ' . Q . V...,.,, 1' li ff ...L -5. -.. "' -1- - , . -. W. . :1 1. ., HE I ., ,,,,, rv, . . . ----w---v- .. ,.. .-.,. ,,, '.. . 7,7 IRQ, A.. Q . if , 1. .n- 'ai' ,-5 - ef. ...Jig 7 1 'Mg'-.f' . , I ., . f, f .-- AA45. -Pi "Q, . - . .Nr . v A "Q, aA1' 4 'fi I Y sr' - 1 f .wh . , .Mu .1 r .f - :.4'm.r T' - -14" . . , . q 'SQL'-.igT'Q I-.-L-'s , -'I' -' - - - fa' .. - - gjffj: .,vf,,'v, i,,af.:1' -. - E.-51-..Lf'1,fL-1-3v2,?, gr- , U -.iw -ew of f' V --" 15" , N -. ,- - .5 .v..1lAv-Aff? -qc, 'A 'A fy Mi:-Q - -4 N -3,m.21f.iEfGgfge3F'rxf4'::rf133'.1i4.'45 V. . . L. .a. Y - H.-1 ' . ,V+ . ' ...4 ,. ' . ff' 5 'ff.f:..'i?ae-aff: ,A ,--f ff . 5. ff" 2 Q . ' 111' ' Q 3' , , ,, g-,,..-,xl 4: .E .M ,,.. ,,.-Q "'5.,ga- ' ml' - ..- , ,:"f' 1 -fag in W . ' ' f 'f Q 'Y , A . . .. .--. Q. -- K I 5'1" Q . . 1 VL., . A . we l V4 wi , X , . '-fiflfxft Xu 211 , 4' . 'S' , . . K I . t. 'A .I f i 1 nv. , 7 4- ' pg H f 'ANN' 179 " -wggq A '-. A L ' A' mf? -. s , D - - fS'75..-M -5 fm' 1 wc' f' HEL . F , 1 l 'wt-R4 " .rf .f 1 T4 . asf . 'Amkg1!.A. L-3, :' '- wwf". 9 5 .7 , ' ' f ' 'iff -' qu 1' Q A.. 1 .,, :mil - "...1 f "-55-7,-v 2 4 'Zi . , .ww -1 Q 2 5"f' ' 51 -fp T. ' P1 EM? Mx nf, AN il sl ' f . 325. ...sw Hi AK.- -AQ jf '-f!tiaQ'Le--1'-4 HMM ' -81.1 Ri 'iff' wig! In . ' 1 .5 g sv ..,.,...4.T.T U-'midi X 1 L s .sv , 5 A I af ly. V Top Row: Iurkovic, Ringl, Bischcxk, Iesko, Worobey, Kwiatkowski. Third Row: Sgt. Roland, Novak, Eliopulos, Konecki, Kucharski, Barich, Zitnik. Second Row: Mr. Novak, Klusendorf, Sikorcl, Iezek, Sarich, Popik. Bottom Row: Petrick, Iungmun, Wysocki, Urchak, Kulla, Hawke, Kempfer. Fro h- oph Ba kethall Team r--L X FRCSH-SOPH SCORES INDIVIDUAL SCORING Gage Park St Rita Gage Park Morgan Parr: FOR THE SEASON Gage Park Fenger Gage pqrk C VA Sv lU1'1gI'I1CI1'1 Gage Park Hirsch UfCl'1CIl-C 78 gage get lgflffef Wysocki 78 age ar ar er f Gage Park Hyde Park Klusendort 75 Gage Park Calumet Kempfef n 54 gage Park Harrison KW1CtllCOWSli1 37 age Park Farragut P t ' k 2 Gage Park Kelly 1:5 Gage Park Dunbar . Gage Park Tilden Ehopulos 14 gage Sari Enggewood KO1'1eClil ll age ar u able Gage Park Phillips gelejtci 15 Gage Park Lindblom Ianf 2 G29 CO-CAPTAINS Kneeling: Woody Urchak. Standing: Bern Wysocki. The year 1939 was the birth ol the Gage Park Iunior and Senior Basketball Teams under the sponsorship of Coach Henry Smidl, who at present is a Gym teacher at Lind- blorn, In 1942 the Senior Team, which we now know as the Varsity, made the City Playoffs but lost in the first game to South Shore by a score of 50 to 26. Later, the Senior Team captured the Central Section Championship in 1946, and the Varsity Teams ot the 1952-53 and the 1953-54 seasons brought honor to the OWLS by participat- ing in the playoffs. The Iunior Teams have also brought honor to the OWLS by winning second place in the Central Section in 1946, and in the 1948-49 season they were Co-Champions of the .--19, .I., ..,..I I Top Row: Iurkovic, Ringl, Bischak, Adler. Iesko, Worobey. Third Row: Novak, Zavcxdil, Washkevich. Slowinski, Sgt. Roland. Second Row: Slaveck, Hurta, Kirsgcxlvis, Pondel, Aument. Bottom Row: Meyers, Feigenbaum, Kempfer, Krydynski, Pelekoudus. Iodlowski. ar 'it, askethall Team VARSITY SCORES INDIVIDUAL SCORING GCSE' Pufk Alumni 49 Gage Park St. Rita 62 FOR THE SEASON Gage Park Morgan Park 64 Kemphgr 209 Gage Park Fenger 58 K1rSgG1V13 206 Gage Park C. V. S 7l S1OW1nSk1 190 Gage Park Hirsch 64 Krydvnski 134 Gage Park Harper 76 Wcshkevich 102 Gage Park Parker 75 Skweck 81 Gage Park Hyde Park 60 Hung 00 Gage Park Calumet 70 1Od1OWS1C1 34 Gage Park Luther So. 50 Korchek 15 Gage Park Harrison 64 pdekoudcs 11 Gage Park Farragut 75 ZGVK111 9 Gage Park Kelly 65 Feigenbaum 6 Gage Park Dunbar 89 Myers 2 Gage Park Tilden 75 Aumem 2 Gage Park Englewood 68 1-'e1Cmd 1 Gage Park Du Sable 71 pOnde1 Gage Park Phillips 80 Gage Park Lindblom 96 CO-CAPTAINS Standing: Vince Krydynski. Kneeling: Pele Kempier. section with Lindblom. The l95l-52 season saw the OWLS reach the quarter-finals of the playoffs and also saw them lose 74-39 to Chicago Vocational, the Public League Cham- pions of that season. ln the l952-53 season the OWLS were established in second place in the section. lt is also noteworthy that in this sarne season the lunior Team had its name changed to Frosh-Soph in accordance with public league regulations. This season the teams did not reap many honors, but they did obtain a great deal of respect for their good sportsmanship and loyalty. Returning this season were last year's veterans: Gene Iodlowski, Pete Kempfer, Vince Krydynski, lerry Slowinski, and Bill Zavadil. Missing on the scene was 6'8" loe Mack, who won a scholarship to St, Norbert's in Depere, Wisconsin. ,- .- V . -V A si ff"- x no . , , , X 'Q X . 'ss X . ff I W. I I ll I1 1 ilb P1 Pe ekoudas Mac arz Karczewsk K usendor Sk enar Ias k Kucharsk S Row Top ch S anger T Kucharsk Urchck Skrezyna Fan Hoger Second Row Krydynsk Du ebc Saga Svrcek Ta o Ba ka Rasmussen Lempkowsk Gaydos Budz Row H1 O Bo , I in ' - - A M . I - vb ,, 14:2 It vig.. : . i, i , 1 , 1 1, i, I , i , Coa t . : i. 1 . 1, . i, , , 1 I, . H : , i. , , ll , i , . lunior im Team Top Row Capek Leshyn Rance Blondlc Valentmo Conlon Haney Row Two Firth Konet Wauterlek Mau Tczllcmco Pcxlmen Bottom Row Adcock Blccm Bohus Doug Drubek IUNIOR SCORES Gage Park Du Sable Gage Park Phllhps Gage Park Lmdblom Gage Park Kelly Gage Park Tllden Gage Park Ph1ll1ps Gage Park Du Sable Gage Park Lrndblom Gage Park Trlden Gage Park Morgan Pk The flrst SW11'I'1 team at Gage Park I-hgh School was orgaruzed ln 1939 under the d1rect1on of Coach Paul Stanger Durmg the frrst year the team Wlthheld from competltlon thelr tlrst actual competltlve year was l940 Be cause of the coal shortage Wh1ch exlsted dur1ng the 1949 50 season the team Was able to compete ln only a few meets Each year the team part1c1 pates 1n mtermural sW1m meets W1th Du Sable Kelly Lmdblom Tllden and Phllhps The dlfferent events conslst of Iumors 40 yard tree style 40 yard backstroke 40 yard breast stroke four man relay ll8 27 21 32 ' ' l9 36 ' 20 30 17 21 ' 36 42 ' ' ll 41 7 34 ' 7 Gage Park 44 Kelly 4 36 ' 20 24 . 24 QHIOI' lm Team Top Row Hoolen Kastk Nell LGMQl1l1U Cempel Kowcuskl Bottom Row Som Fxtzgerald Iomak Vcutkus Vogel Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage SENIOR SCORES Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Park Du Sable Phtlllps Lxndblom Kelly Tllclen Phrlhps Du Sable Llnclblom Kelly Tllden Morgan Pk Senlors 100 yard tree style 100 yard backstroke 100 yard breast stroke four man relay The Tumor Swlm Team flnlshed 1ts season thls year by Wlnmng the Central Sectlon Dual Meet Champ1onsh1p Alter deteattng Ttlden 36 to 20 they lost to them ln the1r second meet 36 to 20 thus acqulrtng the1r record of n1ne Wms and only one loss Bob Konet ot the Iumors came tn second place tn the 40 yard tree style event and thrrd rn the 100 yard tree style event 1n the AllC1ty meet The Sentor Team ended the season by Wmnlng three meets and losmg seven 119 g -1 ij W4 f'W5D FW fjffvwfxl ff 'of QZNAAJ Wir 5' v f bg.. PM la E Q-. A -if I j I m ?gN ? l I l 9 I ll I1 E' II -I JOHNNY E WALL ELL 'TERROR BOB Aus! W 1 1 0 S l uw V ...,.. 4 , .. ...,....,, . ,M V A: - .Y . , -,-,,,4 , 5 ,Q , U I , ..-, ,.,.,. . . I , W 'TY 3 in , eos , 4 - , 'gf-1' '- E Q ,, Q 1' i o SMH i tb. Ke LA .. , ' ,- - fm' . -5 M os: , 'row LEE new A 1 Q ., Q Q AMX' ,i 3 Q A 1 L 2'-A Lf . I A X: ' , v. X A P - 'rom ' , , 'Z Q B. O BOARD Top Row: Coach Novak Kirsgalvis Korcheck. Cempel Coach Stanger Row Two: Iodlowski Ioniak Slowinski Dunne Boftom Row: Duleba Krydynski Feigenbaum Zavadil Washkevich OFFICERS Hooien Secretary Coach Novak Iodlowski Presideni Zavadil Vice-President Coach McLean Zuzalek Recording Sec. No! Pictured: Kirsgalvis Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Top Row: Kenpec, Kopp, reih, Valeniino, Kirsgal Kempfer, Tallerico, Bar cisco. Snyders, Wauierlek Fourth Row: Hoop, Mice Kempfer, Tallerico, Bar Ioniak, Slowinski. Rodman, Skrezyna. ski. Third Row: Ringl, Klu. Kucharski, Provenzano. leba, Krydynski. F baum, Zavadil. Iodlowski, Agaie. Second Row: Veletaf Hooten, Sikora, Lewis, Daley. erhofer, Coach Coach Novak. Bottom Row: Patrny. ski, Supak, Roszak, gher, Pondel, Borski, ninka, Stach. ,bw fa ww my A , ,,N. ,N , wg Tlx' Wa 4 ,V x A A 'N -4 feel Hp CNC V 7 29 " Q A gf X .,..,1....,. WA., M ' 2 ' L., Q 5 Q Ss X X '1'lWf1A'S, 7 in I ,SA 'WW M41 ww., W ,f 't ,. M. w 1 L f' , W X Z2 f V , I I f f M. Girl ' thletic ssociation OFFICERS Sfczndmg Suarez Secretary Mrs Denmson Sponsor Shea Presldent Kneelmg Hoffman Treasurer Kalla Vxce Presxdent Roth Correspond mg Secretary Sfandmg Katsxbubas Suarez Morrison Pzoirowskx Knaplk Shea Adair Whates Vxvodc Kalla Hoffman Kneeling Endhcher Imdnch Mateyak Roeder Kohui Trenk Roth Frascone 124 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . if 3 1,31 , :QI-,e 35,43 . .f- .ug ' f 'M' 9 Q Q , 5 1 x . 4. l"' 9 , ,.,. , 191. , 5, 6 4 i, ,o . ' 4 '.l 1' . .gg Leader ' Club L-v LEADERS' CLUB Top Row: Ross, Norka, Stre- lecky, Abrahamson, Kalla Shea, Rosiak, Kevek, Top- pett, Banfi, Kostal, Bunis. Third Row: Raczkowski, Mac- ejalr, Koski, Mellis, Schaefer Borus. Nowak, Madura, Pe- has, Ramirez, Steffek, Kohut Second Row: Heinrich, Gra- bowski, Brooks, Kus, Pienta Chicvara, Metzler, Opalecky Daskiewicz. Koppit. Larson Bottom Row: Ochwat, Mate- yak, Guthrie, Van Zandt Pauss. Bieschke, Heredia Kwiatlzowski, Mars. The Leaders' Club was started in February, 1951, by Miss Winifred Kruzic. The most important purpose of this club is to increase the effectiveness of the gym teacher by enabling her to reach every student through the leader, It also develops leadership qualities for the girl. Among the qualifications a leader must possess l 2 3 4 5 6 GIGS . Superior grade in gym. . A pleasing and wholesome personality. . A personal appearance which reflects good grooming. . The desire to be a leader. . Average grades in all academic subjects. . Dependability, promptness, punctuality, initiative, ct sense of humor, cheerfulness, and understanding. SERVICING LEADERS Top Row: Schaefer, Endlicher. Kevek, Mellies. Piotrowski. Borus. Third Row: Obidowicz. Custer. Shea, Kalla, Hoffman. Ma- dura. Lycka. Second Row: Norlca. Groetse- ma. Rosiak. Miss Kruzic Knapik, Weinert, Ramirez. Bottom Row: Bonavolanta Chicvara, Metzler, Sebek, Kwiatkowski, M a t e y a k, Pauss. 128 wlm ule Top Row Shea Collms Kalla Van Zandt Pzotrowskt Reps Vnvoda Wxeronslu Second Row Katsxbubas Rcxmxrez Warchol Mack Endlxcher Frascone Kulhes Bottom Row Rosmk Mateyak Kohut Trenk Roeder lmdnch In 1951 a group of glrls who hke to swlm do tt well and want to help others to swun met and were tramed to help tnstructors of the physlcal educatton department Thrs was the begmntng of the OTQGDIZGTIOD known as Swtm Atdes To be a sW1m alde a gtrl must pass yunlor HELP" or semor hfesavmg tests and after two se mesters of servxce a speclal award ts QIVGD to her Mlss Gf61CUS has been tn charge of th1S extracurrlcular act1v1ty s1nce tts ongm Mar 11yn I1nclr1ch Barbara Vlvoda and Mary Roeder student members were lnstrurnental tn rnaktng th1s one of the schools outstand mg g oups Success to these QIYIS means better swlm mmg abthty plus the sp1r1t to try and that IS exactly what they have accornphshed SPLA SH' ' Llwerleflllem L....T,,,- BARBARA VIVODA C o C cr ptcun MARILYN IINDRICH Co Cczplam XX 30 fU'!-v.. xx.-turf -Q--.?.,,,,,,, ' 1 L W f 'Q X Q11 , ,W 't A ,s-w"'S. f" 4 W 'h' -,-. ' ' MWMWTL M' L A'T""---Y-W--0-w I -.,,,, M-W ' fn' ' 'W' 'V -M-M. -,.. " --M ,, 'T A YL A M--W, 1 A 5 Q 1 2 x ' - , - A , ' V Q 2 ' M. ,Hg ' U 'NJ W Q 5 " . . ' . -1, . ' ' K ,, X XX , . x ' ' 'I - . 3 Q J W X ,. 1 6 f A 1 Q, ' V Eff L , . . ! . D uf , fl -1 K Belreve It or not our frrst cheerleaders were boysll Naturally cheer lead1ng appealed more to the grrls and lt wasnt long before they were organ 1zed by Mrss LaVerne l-lockenbrock There was an orlgmal squad of stx g1rls who d1dnt have any speclal requufernents to pass Under the present sponsor M1ss Ernogene Grercus our cheerleadrng squad has grown to tts present number of etghteen Smce the cornpet1t1on IS keen the requlrements are strlct and only the cream of the crop IS accepted W1th these requ1re ments betng enforced by M1ss Grercus Gage Parks cheerleaders are con sldered some of the best rn the crty Two of the social functions the cheerleaders look forward to are the Mothers' Day Tea and the Farewell Party for the graduating members. FOOTBALL ENBLEMS t rash Soph lxfartir Peter Meyer Art Pachclick Iohn Parz Donala Peterson Richard Rance Gerald Roza Iohn Sikora Ierry Sikora Richard Slaninka Kenneth Slarinka Richard Straka Charles Stu k Allen Tallerico Frank Tomas Gerald Tab Georae Urchak Woody Voruda Donald Washkevich Richard Wauterlek Iohn Zitnik Iames Bican Ioseph Bov rnan David Ball Daniel Capck Ronald Drabek Bill Flood Donald Grabsky Iames Grant, David Hanley Edward I-loop Robert Uudzinski, Dennis lvanauskas Robert Iuhas, Iack Karas Mike Kempter Bill Klecka Tom Konecki Earl Kowalski Don Leshy n, Iay Maestre Augustine VARSITY AWARDS Letters Patrick, T. Kendzierski, I. Scuito, T, Carlson, T. 132 Sn de Scu to A F nse Z c ek Dunne Aumert R Mrkacek R Gur n T Gut R Leland G Kubiszyn I Slaninka T Rumatz R ar ic S .trite Pe-trick Ge ald U ckak oodr J It ,sock Bernard Z n k Ia es Manager Bisckak Gregor, Bohus Kit Iesko Robert Worobe William GOVT? l Var 1tyLctters Wvsock B MCGL1 re I Uher R Kamberos W Kor heck I Managers Feiaenbaum Iindrich E Certificates Slowinski I Kempfer P Capt Washkevich D Cempel R Provenzano R Krydvnski V Iodlowski G Kwak R Zavadil, W, Capt. Leshyn, I. Statisticians Adler W. Iurkovic W. BASKETBALL AWARDS Frosh-Soph Barich, Don Eliopulos, Peter Hawke, Dean Iesek, Ray Iungman, Frank Kalla, Richard Kempter, William Koneki, Earl Klusendort, Don Kwiatkowski, Ioe K saalvis Richard Sllveck Richard Feiaenbaum Robert Pelekoudas Bill Rinal Ierry Mar Certificate Iodlowski Gene Korcheck Ioe Krydyrski Vince Slowinski Ierry Washkev ch Dan Zavadil Vtilliam SWllVl TEAM lunrors Bican Ioseph Biondic, George Conlon, Iack Drabek, William Dwyer, Doualas Tallerico, Frank Firth Iohn Mau Edwin Rance, Ierry Valentino Paul Wauterlek Iohn Seniors l-looten, Bob Konet, Bob Ioniak, Iohn Vogel, Paul Cempel, Ronald Kowalski, Don Scorn, Iames Fitzgerald, Tom La Mantia, Paul I 0 0 9 tl Qtll' W'll'l 9 , L I L I 1 rs, D. Kucii si i, tm' y w i , F, ' l r ' o e ca A. r . I, W ov i ' F a 2 ,R Vw ' 1, T ' I, i , P. it i , f ' 'I I E N rich l 1, it B I ' ty I 'L A 1- v . ' Pgdglgk, VJ, lvlilosovic, Iohn I ' - 'I s' 2 1 . - a tx- L ' F I I - I ' ' c , , ' QV' , , 1. A ' I 'g , R. ' " s 4 t I ' ' . l I I J. , H ' 1 , ' ii , , , , G A A LETTERS ludy Iezelc Marlene Rusnak Elaine Kwiatkowski Margaret Bieschke Karin Kallies Arlene Steffek Nancy Pienta Arlene Cerven Barbara Styposock Marie Grabowski Sherrill Hart lune Drzik ludy Madura lacgueline Pauss Merna Watters Genevieve Suchodolslci Frances Drewry Louise Schacht Carol lanicek Betty lerdee loan Sedor Electa Norka First Chevron Mary Lvcka Geraldine Schaefer Mary Ann Custer Carolyn Mellies Henrietta Banfi Carol ObldOfJ1CZ Roberta Mack Dorothy Tolzmann Second Ch e fron loanne Frascone Arlene lflatejak Beatrlce Sy echko Kathleen Morrison Collette Roth Roserna Suarm Third Chevron Dorothy Kohut Carol Hoffman Phyllis Piotrowslci Barbara Whates Angela Ramirez Barbara Havlick Elaine Kalla Betty Endlicher Patricia Shea loan Trenk Fourth Chevron CHEERLEADERS Barbara Vivoda Chevfons Marilyn lindrich Mary Roeder Mary Katsibubas Restricted Activity loan Mysliwiec Barbara Vivoda Marilyn Iindrich Mary Roeder Zenia ROSIGK Dorothy Kohut Collette Roth Letters PQSTURE Arlene Mateyak Iudf Reis lst Place loan Trenk Dorothy Tolzrnann 2nd Place Memo' Walters Rosemary Senka 2nd Place Darlene Hausner 2nd Place Iackle petrusa 2nd Place Outstanding Cheerleading SWIM AIDES Zenia Rosiak Mary Ann Bonk loan Ann Bonk Ruth Collins Elaine Kr atko s i Lll7E SAVlNG lunior Bevery B.ent lcdy Ku, Ann Vfier nsici Sen.'o. loanne Fraecone Betty Ierdee Karin Kallies lanet Knatoik Dorothy Kohut Lori Knutson Roberta Mack ludy Madura Phyllis Piotrowski Carole Rep Zenia Rosiak Beverly Van Zandt Marrillyn Van Zandt Barbara Vivoda Marilyn lindrich Mary Roeder Cf A A EMBLEMS Laverne Lazo losie Drozd leanette Ooh .wat Marie Qpaleckj' Bernadette Benson Pats, Ziorneic lofce Rod ,ers G1 ria Dasxiet-.ic Ellen Husenze Nancy Kasici Ioyce Macejal, lackie Reiss loyce Putnam H i Schcnlrno Beverly Van Zandt Phyllis Tcppett lrene Wagner Diane Eerenzi loyce Terzo Bonnie Read Clara Michiels l o f o Girl S Athletic Awards Constance Pietrowiak Roberta Mack . A E ' ,Qi W Y , D 1 1 fx S f X bv U ' 9 o ' ' Z Y' f' 7 1 Y' ' I l o l ' l I vi I ilI't'llt--1-t'ill'llt'l' miation ' X ?WEs77?5 qui M .,-we-r bu- Sfanding: Mrs. Frank Wilkins. Mrs. I. Bobek, Miss Greicus. Seated: Mrs. I. Barratt, Mrs. G. Tysl, Mrs. I. T. Baldwin. "-rff3IfI5 uid Tezclmers .yank you for your ccfcperctzci it 3.1f5Ifd'3C'v'3YS cf time P T A E333 grief? 2.35 r--em fIl"CTPESSf1lH'1' completed VU' lxflve had G bclrxrier year ir. Sgr :ite-zrlbership dave '.'.':g1:P3 KC .' stirid: it ff ezteid sur Lnvititci XC il zzqjfhers iid firtigi-rw' fCfC1T.C.4Y 'f' F1 imc vrpjcy try :ge-1., of rilclnrmnq me zrese-if :id futgre if cur cfulclreri cgi 52:35. 3321 Qu: corp Tmff' , :ref :.+ ld ir. ' "M 'Cry gf time C1321 ff'.'Q1'.' 21.33 '.'fCQ1r.Lf.zd':': JI .1 VY. n ,1fyFv1 1 ,Y 5 Xazp. JC .4 urns-3Qr+ I, T .. ale' Cluh The Sales Club was formed tour years ago under the capable sponsorship ot Mr. l-leyse. Before the Sales Club came into existence, the students of the sales classes were called upon to sell the advertising space in the Icarian. The members ot the club work on a voluntary basis, and this work is done on their own time, This year the club was split up into teams, which went out into the community to gather advertisements from the various business concerns. The Sales Club's main goal is to keep the cost of the Icarian down. The enthusiasm and interest displayed by the members ot the Sales Club is greatly appreciated by the Icarian Staff and the student body. Standing: Mr. Heyse, Grabowski, Kapior, Messina. Rasmussen. Seated: Kcxrnoscak, Lexow, Kasper, Havlick, Norka. Not Pictured: Iohn De Fries, Shirley Mcxcellaro, Ioan Mars, Connie Pietrowiak, Icxmes Piper. Theresa Polehonki, Ioan Stroz, Dolores Sloppenhach. 1 bv L-Wqhtfmy. 'I SUCCESS TO ALL GAGE PARK STUDENTS State Representcrtlve WALTER BABE MC AVOY 15th Ward Regular Repubhcan Commztteeman 21 French Fnea Shrrmps zn the Basket 9944 DELUXE I-IAMBUHGER 256 KASMER KUSTARD KORNER Your Favorxte Tasty Dany Freeze HOME MADE DONUTS Served All Year 2459 W 51st St PR 0 6366 Phone HErn1ock 4 8273 We Dehver LISKA 6. BEDNAR CHARLES BEDNAR PROP QUALITY MARKET A Full Ltne Ot Meats C-rocenes Fresh FTUITS CS Vegetables We Feature La .ffndale Sausages 3023 West 51st St Ch1CGQO 32 111 LAfa,1ette 3 4133 IOES MEAT MARKET Qualzty fleats NE DELIVER IOS F 'UNZEL 2410 West 47th St Ctncago Ill ll ll Y' Frozen Custard X A - I .V 7 Phone Victory 2 IBM MARTINEK S BOWLING ALLEYS Vlrormo 7 9073 4901 Souih Honore St Pleo-se Coll For Reservotrons MICH COLET-I-A 6-I SONS Open Bowlmg on Soiuzdny ond Sunday FUNERAL DIRECTQRS CHAPELS ECONOMY SAVINGS AND LQAN ASSQQATIQN 2000 Wentworth Ave 245m Wem ortn Ave 265 W 5151 St PRospect8 234 Glo 1 FRANK G MA FAVOSKY Pzcsrdenf one HfXd hffe 3 9574 We Dehver CEILS FINER FOODS THL HNEST LUNCH MLATS Fresh Frurts ond Veoetobles Frozen Foods Hours Doulv 8 OO A M to1O 30 PM CHL G MARTY DYBALSKI lg Me 18711 1 Chmooo 20 W 2 2 O ' . , . -1 Chico 5 5, HI. Pn C' F f 7 A 738 U X S 7 ' ' W ., Phone GRoveh111 6 9515 VEES FOOD SHOP Country Egas and Lunch Meats Fresh Fru ts and Vegetab1es Hours Dally 8 00 A M to 9 00 PM 3511 West 59th St VEE NORKA Chrcaao 29 111 LONG AVENUE MARKET 5144 South Lona Avenue PROP MR CS MRS LEO DZ1EDZ1C Tues thru Thurs 5 to 1 A M Prr of Sat 3 to 2 AM Closed Mon 5 Hohdays REpub11c 7 9385 PARTY S PIZZA Ifahan Beef and Sausage Sandwr hes Take Out Ora'-er 1OHN PART1P1LO 5911 S Kedzle Ave Chrcaao 29 GLENDALE PHARMACY RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 5201 S Kedz e Ave Ohrcago 32 111 Phone PR 0 1794 STA1 LEY 11' BA1-11311 R PH Orofc 19 For Porn ular Peop1e MIDWEST STORE 3900 W 57th St RE11ance 5 0450 PGV 7v8864 5 French Fried Shrimp 5 . ' , Q J , 111. 1' Mr and Mrs S I Krzemlnskx Congratulahons and Best Wlshes to the Graduatma Class of 55 BERNARD SHOES 1756 W 47th St At Wood St Men s MASSAGIC AH Cush oned Shoes Women MIRACLE TREAD Shoes S hool Supplze Toys Lottle and Chucks Coniechonery FOUNTAIN SERVICE 4802 S Tier Of VIYOITIICI 7 851 Open Efery Sunday From 7 A M to 7 P If' SIXTH S BAKERIES Party Cakes Our Specxalt O THE CAKE OF DISTINCTION 5405 S Kedzle Ave Rlfpubhc 7 0460 229 S Kedzxe Ave REQUM 7 CJIC Childrens Pom-PARROT shoes Weddidd Cdkee ee Whipped Cfeam O ,O RE1iance 5-4300 ADAM FURNITURE CO. Furniture - Floor Coverings - Appliances Don t Buy Until You Get Our Prices ADAM C WIELGOSZ Chicago 38 lll COMPLIMENTS OF COZY BARBER SHOP 3982112 Archer Avenue 6807 W Archer Ave Cor Oak Park Ave VICK S HALL TO RENT FOR ALL OCCASIONS Mr and Mrs F Marcinkieuicz Props COMPLIMENTS OF BRUNNER S BAKERY 5830 S Kedzie HE 4 1633 EDWARD DON 61 COMPANY A GOOD PLACE TO WORK 7201 S La Salle St Chicago 16 DIVISION 405 CARROLLS CRAZY CATS Lula Antosz Cuddles Martin Buggy Bugs Baadon Pat Misko Sharpy Boehrn Tools Ruhle Tiny Drost Gree Eliopulos Rad Boy Calvin Pizorr Gua tella Sl1mTrirn Hiller lo lo Iurkovic Su ar Kore ki Sox Ko ki Ioan Kozlo ffski Sandy Overko Tilderi Plewa Pill Phil Pavlik Kathy Richter Io Rodgers Tuhby Roqlaski D ller Sawi ki Fan Club Wascher Rudy Yuska Lottf Lellish 141 1 . . I , . . . T . . , . 1 , 1 . 1 1 11 11 11 11 . ' 11 11 11 11 . 11 Y 11 1. X 11 1 11 11 - 11 11 1 11 11 . .,1 . 11 11 1 11 11 . S f 11 1 1 11 . 1 . 11 . . 1 f l C 1 1, . .1 1, N 11 F . 1, 7 H 15 1 1, 11 11 - 1 11 1 '. S ' 1. 11 1 . K 1 1 . ,lll, BEST VIIQHEQ I-IE GRADUATION CLASS OF I055 EECH UDIU Cllllall 10l0gl'f1,JAl'IJ CANDID PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL WEDDING See U o Your Weadznq Phofaqzophs IU D S aunt To Gaae Park Graduates TR1ar1aIe 4 4240 . 'IT' K, TO T I J 744 East 7901 St Chicaao IQ, III POWERS CERTIFIED SUPER MARTS 3140 42 WQS1 59111 S1 441 43 WQS1 65111 sr A WIDE VARIETY OF ALL YOUR FOOD NEEDS Grocerres Chozce Meats Fru1fs CS Vegetables Frozen Foods Ice Cream Fresh Bakery COLLEGE BUSINESS ge 2 Wien 7445 hence ongfr 1Iu 1I1o11 c 4 fmnp 1I1 in x r 1 1 I1 xx 1 xuu mc x Sr nu part 0 a x u :urn Il omg Io sou mm x 1 x ill I if XUII Ill JN up I IX III O N I TALMAN adam! sAv1Nos AND LOAN ASSOCIAIIONI OF CHICAGO JJ Ilxu mmlxl 1l'l B III I I If I Q Is ' S. sim Iunlc-. on II11- sur PSFIIII I- '1 UI You I1if.!I1 sm'I1u1I 4-4Iuu I' rn. II:'r1- s a1rllIc-0IIiIc'II1uI Imrir Q 1' sur u-ss: I se-1 ur- iIy x'I1uIc-ve-r your puII1: .U 4 III.'o 1 III As I- .' If I-ve-ry pu' 1I11'mI4. il mnIV' Ior an lIrlX-S work. Inks- oul II1uI paul: sn-I il i1sicI1-, sun- il. Ia1I- lm Inns ii sp:-'ia1I xu'I mn- Ior , - IIl!'I'l'5 IIUIII' Q wc- Pllif' mon- IIlilll 1- IIIIQ sa " QS au- X... 1' l1nIsIorym1nQ 1 'uplv xxI1r rm- gluing pIuu-s. A "th 1 X- Ipif- Illf I 1'--5322 I5 - IJ. UIQ '. Ijuu 1cI'r a1ncI Pre-s' Ie-11I 1 DIVISION 805 Snyest Gtrl Class Bram ldeal Amertcan Gtrl ldeal Amertcan Boy Most Pleaslr Personaltty C r Most Pleasma Personaltty Boy MISS Foraetful Mr Forgetful Most Reserved Gtrl Most Reserved Boy MISS Neatness Most Talkattve Curl Most Talkattve Boy Class Arauer MISS Happy Go Lucky Mr l-lappy Go Lucky Class Cvlaaler Class W1t Pretttest Curl llandsomcst Boy Best Dressed Gtrl Best Dressed Boy Gtrl Wltli Prettrest Hatr Most Obhalra Cvtrl Most Olollatna Boy Mlss Pettte Atltlett Hero Atltlettc Herotne Curl Most Ltkely to Succeed Boy Most Ltlcely to Succeed Boy Most Ltlcelx to Be A G n r l Cathy Dandanl Annette Rteske Gladys Budzynskt lolm De Frtes Plnl lanlck Hank Konstantx Ioann Ohnlstw loe Vo1teclt Dolores Pleva Tony Svrcelc Bernte Stazel loann ROII11T1SlC1 Paul Rornanetz Nancy Moss Clara Maclmels Frank Mtcals Ioanne W1ll Dolores Wyza Dorotltt, Ku tolek Ierry Kubtsen Carolyn Ma e1alc loltn Wtencelf Mary Kupres Rose Pa,ax Tom Krvarelc lo Kaptor Btll Z vadtl loan Gudery alm Kay Morrtsor Don Nelson Ray K ala . jg ' ' Ji l. , A , ' ' i T Class CutfUp , .,., , . loe Korclteck .A . 7 S. It I, I . . . , . , , YD- 'c . . ..,,.. .... I , . , . . . A , . ' CT ' . .I , ' . . , , , . . . f 4. 1 f . ' ' e. e a ' Pat Spider"Sl1ea Ar "Flea" Mateyak loarme haaer Frascone Collette Crrclcet Roth Lame Math Kalla Barb Bee l-lavltck Carol Praymg Marms Bea Beetle Spe la Betty Butter ly Endlmher Ioan lure Bug Prerxderaast Hoffman Dart Dragon Fly Bumsteld Karm Weev1l Kallles Marylm lvlosqulto Clucvara Pnvllls Lady Blra Plotrof Skt Pat S orpton Prelcel IESTERS Mary A rt laclae lvla y Ger loarm Geora Kay Bev aa Mer e Love ALL PHOMQS Lktayette 3 62442 IOSEPH VACHA 6. SONS One a he Fme tFlor1st Shops m CI11 fl S e e 3ra G we a' Sat s a tar, Serv 1 L cllko -f C ll ll Y t ' l. ri f Z e ' X it ' 3 ' A 'Q Layrxie 'D ,A 47la S, '.'.' st in Avenue Clyfxagzc Llaiqgrre CC-'YOl ' e, ratcn t Llc " loan WHOS WHO IN DIVISION Htg 1 l Q All Arnencan Personallty Plus Ttppy Toes Button Nose Forgot Somethma CVD Vorce ol Experrence Chatter Box Lrked By All Muscle Bound Mrs To Be Neat as a Pm Brlaht Eyes l-ltah and Mtahty Mtss Sunshtne Wlld One Sweet Stlence lndtvlduahst Mrss Fashron Mr Zoot Zooter Hot Drummer l-landsome Hero Cutte Pte We-ll Known Mtss Sports L1ttle Drmples Sure of Success A Ftne Frlend Best All Around Sm1th s Smarhes Glor1a Paluck lohn Skvxarek Blame Prwntclu Frank Kalata Donna I-ltgams Bob l-looten Art l-lasklns lackte Scherrer Esther Zawlslak Bob Mayerhoter loyce Slocum Bern1e Palac loan Brettembak hm Hackrewlcz Karxn Kallle hm Tubay laclae Sloane Ralph Ma1esk1 Pat Czochara Frank Spalla ltm Wrabel loe Duleba Marllyn Mtnskr Barbara Landske Anale Barntrez Mary Ann Vllcek Merrtllyn Van Zandt Ann Wteronslct Altce Emery ' 807 Goldie Locks ..,. ...... .....,. ...,. , , B oselyn Scanlon WHOS WHO IN DIVISION 804 Mlss Helen Pulaskx Class Bram ldeal Amerlcan Grrl ldeal Ame-rxcan Boy Most Pleasrng Personahty fG1Fl Most Pleasrng Personalttv CBoyJ Mrss Happy Go Lucky Mr Happy Go Lucky Handsornest Boy Prettrest Glrl Mlss Neatness Best Dressed Grrl Best Dressed Boy Class Vorce CBoyJ Grrl Wrth Prettlest Eyes Grrl Wlth Most School Sp1r1t Gtrl Most Lrkely To Succeed Boy Most Lrkely To Succeed M1ss Perpetual Srnrles G1rl Wrth Shortest Harr G1rl Wrth Longest Harr Most Reserved G1rl Most Reserved Boy Shyest Grrl Athletr Hero Class Cut Up Class Allbrer G1rl Wrth Pretnest Tresses Most Talkatlve Grrl Class Artrst Manlyn Bolchert Bobbl Beback Steve Tallo Ioan Zboncak Bob Poht Ioan Duchak Ioe Maclarz Iesse Eltzalde Marlene Troc Glorra Brown Lorne Lederka Bob Kostro George Youstra Darlene Mehegan Iackre Ktng Carol Mtsheck Fred Sklenar Dolly Le Porr Barb Waslk Theresa Polehonla Dtane Paprzyca Bob Bazata Vrrarnta Luklanslcts Vm e Krydynskr Tom Voael Bonnle Mann Dolores Dvorax Lorrame Harms la lcre Leyo fr ' ' ' J ...,.......l. .. Class Voice CGirlJ .r...,.,...,,.,.....,.. rr.. I oan Mysliwiec HEYSE'S Carole Bessette Dan Exlrne Don Farat Verna Fulcomer Drane Erwrn Sadonna Iacob Bob Lthosrt Gerry Lesnrewskr Drane Kopacz lerry lan1ck1 Drrth Kernplr Arlene Meek lerry Noha Mary Lou Pascente Edwrn Peterson Bose Przeradzka HUSTLERS DIVISION 607 lane lordan Brll Pelekouclas Wally Sattler Ellen Marczewskr Lurse Schacht Don Srherd lohn Scltrnrtz Tony Scutto Al Srnrth Frank Scu1to Arlen Taraosz Bob Thompson Ken Shudlarek Frank Oleslcr l-lelen Iohnson loan Strelecky Ge r, Scnaeler MR PANOVS DIVISION 602 Batka Clrttord Burdzmskl loan Burdmnskt Iudrtll Chlcvara Marrlyn D107 loan Drlcher Georae Durkln lol'1n Dyrnek Gen East Leonard Ellrckson Lrttle Prerce Felaenbaum Bob Fell Carole Franzen Bon Gallaaher Dan Gorsk Luc Groae l'x Alrce Krupowrcz Torn Kuban Nan cw Lycxa Mary Noryrlle Bose Mane Nrrtaut Bon Ol: dowrcz Carol Paprzxca Gene Parzych lanet Pauss lackre Pauvlowskr Ioanne Peslce Frank Bulo Bose Thornoson Donald Za lotm Bob I r . I , ' 1 st f, ' Butler, Lynn Luparello, Marietta 7 ' 1 I Y A ', l DIVISION 103 Mr. Kielbon's Kool-Kats KITTENS Bass Marian Batka Betty Brockett Iobey Falkowslu lo Anne Glapa Barbara Gregus L11l1an Hodges Iayne Kasper Iantce Nye Sandra Prather Iudy Romero Iean Romsa Mary Ann Tallet Kelpso Mary Uhrlk Ioan Vander Meeden Carole TOMCATS Beebe George B1ske Ken Drennma Ron Grollo Ioseph Iaslk Brand Machak I1m Makowan R1chard Rodman Hugh Roza Denn1s Rud1sh R1chard Rozmus Lawrence Rymkey Ronald Sm1th George Spoguzza Guy Strugala lohn W1tt Arnold Walnauskas Fred Com phments of DIVISION 403 DIVISION 609 MISS Cooper Chuck Badger Hopalong Matusak D1 Bandyk lake B1ond1c Io Bonk Mar Bonk Lefty Budz R1 R1 DIOR IOSIS Drozd BONH19 Fezatte Brown eyes Hermar' Ken lankowsla Gree Kamberos K1tten Kw1atkowsk1 Ieanne Lentz Bolob1e Man1ck Roy Mosny D1 Novak Sandy Pe-has Gl1mpy Pomykala Io Sedor Barb Stysock Sucks Sutkus Red TOblI'1 loan Uzhk Gree Va1tkus lo W1lkus Br1s Young Ern1e WOJCIGK l Zboncak Mlss Caruso Curly Allen Talented Bartels Iohn F1rth Rae Fluor B1ll Folga Toot1e Funck Sh1rl Gallagher Lee Brew Bern1e Budz ynsk Pete Earley Sh1p l-lora GK Glor Lob1l3ak Dollz Knutson Doc Coons Al Klotnla Shar lsrael Mar llkan1ch lean Kohut lo Humphrey Carol Me yer Edd1e Modla ROSIG SSVCIK Kathy Shap1ro Danny Skrenna Ph fl Zakop1an Syb Wonderhck Iohn Valenh Lyn Slemp Lucy Tesrner R1ch1e Skrezna , . , , , -1 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . . . X l'Ar" Cerven 'lMar" Seman 11 . 1: 11 11 r ' L L I I 11 11 xx 11 . C ll DIVISION 802 Lorrarne Lorr Bendrk lacquelrne Iackre Bousrnan Chester Chet Czernrak Iune lun Danlels Theresa Terry Dzredztc Alfonso Al Fonsrca Srqrtas Gree Grrnkas Charlene Chucky Hodges Ellyn Pudgy Hulsey Ronald Bowboats Iablonskr Conrad Bandy lezrorskr Theodore Tadlu lustrn Geraldlne Gert Kasper Charleen Char Klrnelrnan Blchard RICH Krrsaalvrs Dorothy Dotty Kohut Mrs Crcug Kathleen Kay Kolody Cecel a Ceal Lrthrop Mar1lyn Twrn MaceJak Shrrley Shrrl Macellaro Roberta Bobbre Mack Dorts Dorrre Marek loy Ioy Patterson Mary Lou Frenchle Porter Z1n1a Zraay Bosrak Dorothy Dotty Burnstleld lerorne Ierry Slowrnskr Yrarnus Zlaay Urbanavrclus Ieanette Ian Wals loan Zlda Waw WOVJTUSl9WlC7 Brta Ella VIOJ Wo1c1ehowsk1 WHOS WHO IN 702 Commander 1n Chlef Mrs Watson Mrss Happy Co Lucky M1ss Glamour Glrl Class Book Worm Mr Techmaue Mrss Athletlc Charnpron Debator Class Cut Up Mrss Smlles Mrss Neatness Moo Moo Mopet Class Ioker Mlss Wrth Prettrest By es M1ss Fashron Forum Mr Fashron Forum Most Obllarna Glrl Mr Handsome Hrrrlselt Dr lekle Class Glaaler Class Poet 'vllss Sweetness Dlmples Mrss Executrve Most School Splrrt lack1e Anrans Sandy Barrett Arlene Drernak Larl Bunce Mary Ann Custer ludy Dryzaa Ray Granzow Shelby Holden Ioan Hutter Carol Ianecek loe Agate Pat Klernhenz Pat Klernent Brld Konecke Cferry Kopec Bon Kruaer Btch Kresek Dolores Lopez Davrd Love I ne Serplco Marx Ann Zernke Pat Plastrak Electa Norka I . .. .H . .. ,, r .. 1, - . ,, . .. . .. .. . - .. - .. C .. .1 - - .. . .. .. .f , . .. . ,, , . .. ,. . .. f. .. 1. .. . 1. .. ff . , .. . ,. . .. .. , ..V .. . r .. . ,, , . .. . ,. . . J , ., v,, - r. -If .. ,, . 1 Q H . . - .. . ,, . . . 7 . . . .. .f u I ' n ' ' 1 1 ,. . . . I 1 ,. 7 J . . . V , .. 1. . ' l . . . . G r To the GRADUATES from the COOL CATS Cer glOr1a Gladys Cl'1aRleer1 parl' marL erme 1oAr1 elal ne merNa t'1ereSa MR STEPHEN S DIVISION 604 N0 r Berrrrett Cfeorae E rue Bramdv Brarrdeaour Kerr Bruce C ral Cerv mca L ver C ella la lc Coop Plz Frlzarerald F B l-lo e Jl Hal FY Pearl Huelfrrer Larry Kasper Mrlce Knsha fl C 'wade Kane tr Peanuts Kcfrel Dar Kurt Rullue Clrrr Speed, Krrr neclf afrue li rallcaf kr baueelcf L rsorr Maclmaa Mart me k MJCHO Mrllres Mllrell Comme Narkl Dawands Nav lf band Prlralc Ev Staelk Babe Truclcenorodt Rav Walschlaaer K -:ee Dru 'l N A U T O I r ,a I H H - ' I C , ' " lfli' H I -v ' v" f -1 -. . A . 4 - In ' . l I ' ' vi' ,HIS ' L a e ' C ' " a , a rr al l r' r 'V C' er Marti' i C lahrmyw Demmerckls lDOl'lW Milrelic i " A ' eel ,' ' ",, Rusiiw rldrlfph a ' ' Y: el' if ,T .' H ' S Hlllrl ly" 'd ll Xl r. ." a, ,, J ,.N . x T ,V 5' A M B I W C.. " ' a 'i 'l . " I f DIVISION 201 D1v1s1on Teacher Mr Gullo Robert Alessandrl Red lohn Bezak Iohnny lamce B1can lan M1ll1cent Blackmer Mlllle Iohn Blazek lohnny W1ll1GIU Brandt B111 Ruth Ann Brown Ruthle Gerald Contorno Ierry Lynn Ebert Le Polly Ann Evas1uk Puggxe Walter E1l1p1ak Wally Iosephme Furlong Ioy Edward Haney West Iohn Gaffney Baldy W1ll1arn Helden Hopalong Suzanne Kovarlk Sue lohn Kuzel lohnny Norman Matyklewlcz Nob s lerry O Conner Nose Sandra Olenxak Sandy Robert Pasc1ak Bob loyce Prawlec Praw Robert Ray Duke Karen Sevemng Kay Mary Ann Shepp Tyke loyce Smercak Iup Steve Soraparu Steph Robert Starnes Dugo Beverly Sutter Kltty Lorralne Urbamak Lor loan W1SH19WSk1 Io Io Anto1nette Wolf Tom Bern1ce Horvath Berny George Serlant Topper Dan Perch Smerchak Phyll1s Phyl Toppett lames lun Wan1el1sta Clarence Clem W1lkus Esther Es Poskonka Allen Al Pre1senger Francyne Fay Sarna Barbara Barb Slamkowsla Torn Shots Carlson leann1e Cunnlngham Elalne Lame Hams Sugar Ray Myers lun Buck Melton Nancy Ozz1e Ochaba Mary Ann Mar Orth Ed Hart1z Charlene Ch1ck Penders DIVISION 601 Mr McGuey Marle Backwards Alcala lacquelme Teenle Alex Al1ce Al Bembenek Bernadette Bern1e Benson Bob B1bs Bernard Carl Dlctlonary Bobek Mary Mar Braasch Sandra Kltty Landwehr ludlth ludy Kavalclukas Merle Slow Poke Smger Rtch Herrnlt Slaveck lacquehne ,Tackle Petrusa Leon Leo Pov1la1t1s Denlse Dee Deady Carol Sy S1eben Germatne Gerry Vlcek .. I , , , , , , , , , , , , . , , , , , , , , , I ' A . , , , , , Isabell Hernandez, ls Charlotte Yureskes, Char , , , , . COURTNEY S COURT In the Case of D1v1s1on 701 vs Bob Provenzano IUDGE MISS Eleanor Courtrey URY Wllharn Adams Donald Hahn PCIIFICICI Ayala Barbara Relser Mara1tChlebak Marhn Koranda Carol Groetserna Ianet Venckus Sherrrll Hart Charles Verecha Robert Lad1K Lorralne Bauer PROSECUTING ATTGRNEY Anthony Coco PUBLIC DEFENDER Georae Bro Nn DEFENDANT Robert Provenzano PGLICEMAN GN GUARD Norrnan Custer COURT STENOGRAPHER Ianet Knaplk WITNESSES FOR THE DEFENSE Donna Gnlev ek Fran e Llptak V1cl-c e Herrera WITNESSES AGAINST THE DEFENSE Albert He1den Vlckre Larser Ra hel Castlllo Betty Ierdee ARRESTING OFFICERS Donald Czalko Helm Wrlf an I. lsn NSICI SERGEAIIT FRIDAY R ard Belansla IEUTENAI T SMITH Idrnes Serpl o DErEl DAI T S FLEA lNatGu1t1 I Y . , .,.. . I 1' , Grace Galvan, Mildred Sloboda, Ronald Iohnson, C S ' , ' I . I I I I, C I , ' . I ' Ii .. V' ie' '. S N D I ich . ' A Whos Who For D1v1s1on 801 Was a lot of fun to make Plckmg boys and grrls lor every phrase Was a game of QIVG and take But 11 s our Way of saylng good by To everyone at Gage Park Hlgh Adv1sor The Bram ldeal Amencan Grrl Ideal Amerrcan Boy Most Popular Our Hero Most Pleasrng Personallty Most Reserved G1rl Most Reserved Boy Mlss Sweetness PI'19I'1dl19St Boy FI'lGI'1dl19Sl Glrl Mr Gabby Mrss Happy Go Lucky Mr Happy Go Lucky MISS Petrte Rrettlest Eyes Boy W1th The Nlcest Eyes M1ss Perpetual SIY11l9S Mr Cut Up Mlss Glggles Mlss Bashful Mr Bashlul MISS Fash1on Mr Zoot Zulter Iazz Man Prettlest G1rl Mlss Faegenson Dan E1erdam Ioanne Frascone Bob Aument Betty Endhcher Ronald Cempel Grace Donahue laclue Morey Don Sena Arllne Selz Art Bxske Alberta Karnm Henry Gaydos Ioan lacobsen Wayne Paetzmann Nancy Balas Blll Adams Barbara Drost Bob Hosler Phylhs Bagdon Arhne Dawczak Pat Dunne Mary Iane Klnzel B111 Wesselholl Norbert Cleslewlcz Ianrce Madura Class W1t Alfred Urbanav1c1us M1ss Palnt Brush Yura Yucas Prett1est Tresses Mary Lou Green Mr ACCOfdlOH Tom Troynler Mrss Twmkle Toes Dolores F1l1p1ak MISS Irtterbug Iack1e Scapalek Most L1kely To Succeed Genevreve Baldwm , . . . ' , . .,...,.......... ............... R ose luarez WHO S WHO IN DIVISION 803 Class Bram ldeal Amer1Can G1rl ldeal Arr1er1can Boy Most Popular G1rl Most Pleasmg Personahty G1rl Most Pleasrng Personahty Boy Prett1e5t G1rl Queen Bee Mr Forgetful Most Reserved Gul Most Beserved Boy MISS Neatness Most Talkatlve Boy G1rl Most L1kely To Succeed MISS Bashful M155 Happy Go Lucky Mr Happy Go Lucky Class Glggler Handsomest Boy M1ss Posture Best Dressed G1rl Best Dressed Boy G1rl Wllh Prett1e5t Ha1r G1rl W1th The Most School Sp1r1t G1rl Wllh Prett1est Ey s M155 Perpetual Srmles Future Hous w fe Barbara Whates Phyll1s P1otrowslc1 loe Tesher B1ta W1enert loan Prendergast George Koranaa Ursula Pollentzlce Arlene Schodrof Walter Zwol1nsk1 lean Churhn Mel SCh1ll1r1g Lott1e WGWTUSISWICZ Frank Karnosalc Iudy Z1cha Carol Hoffman Maryl.ou Duxbury l11'n Buhle Pat Heffernan Iohn Svebek Barbara Batalczyk Arlene Graf Len Kolpack MaryAnn Gatto Ela1ne Kalla Mar1lyn Konopaclfa BoseMar,1 Hered a Dorothy Pavel1c1c J Most Talkative Girl , ,,... .... 1..,. , P eaay lchnowslci e 1 . , . o 1' ' ' Names lor tne MEMBERS OF DIVISION 603 Anderson Mary Kay Kay Bagdon loan Io Banh I-lennetta Hank Bl gh Lors Lou Borskr Anthony Zeke Corse Edmund Ed Drewry Frances Fran Du Btna Arlene Ar Ergel Lawerence Scrooge Ftedor V1rg1n1a Vlrq Gallo Mary Ann Galto Grabowskr Mane Rae l-loger Eavvard Skrp lablonskl Mel Iabbo Koslowsla Stanley Stan Kostecke Donald Don Krawrec Loretta Lor Ma1decka Dorothy Dotty Messma Marte Red Mrller Robert Bob Myhellc Steven Moose Nrckerson Lorrame Lor Plenta Nancy Nanc Prke Bett1e Kentuck Skala Adrrenne Penny Srntth Charles Chuck Smrth Grace Grace Spak lean G1no Yuraattrs Iud1th Iudy Zuschlaa Suzanne Sue Zwterz Kenneth Ken DIVISION 605 Extends Congratulcztlons and Good W1shes 1955 GRADUATES lo e Bedore lo lames Bergdahl Ardelle Cashman Ten Francrne Cota Fran Pat Dwyer Pat Grabowskt Dunce Wayne lorgenson Duke Robert Iaslk Bob Monlca Kopulos Dolly Elleen Kovaclk Dlane KUDIC Cookle Robert Lan1na Dusty Carolyn Lewandowskr Donald Loyas Wmkre Albert Lu as Al La Verne Lazo Love luctlle Macas Dolly Cheech R1 hard Maloney D1 k Marlon Manuszak lohn Mc Gulre Max Barbara Meckes Barbe Peaay Messman Toot Thayle Morrtz Dayle Gerald Mlkols Wh1ty Rrchard Mrkacek Swtvel Barbara Orseske Dee Steve Sammuel R1chard Snyders Dlck Donald Soltts Don loan Stroz Genev1eve Suchoddskr Geve Carol Walker Madelelne Yonan Maaale v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 11 11 . . 11 11 1 1 1 1 - - 11 11 - 11 11 I A 1 1 1 1 . 11 11 1 11 11 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 11 - 11 11 1 1 1 - 11 11 1 - 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 11 . 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . 11 - 11 . 11 11 1 1 V A 1 1 11 11 - 11 11 1 1 1 1 , . 11 11 11 . 1, 1 1 1 1 -1' 11 - 11 . . 1 11 11 1 1 ,1 1 1 . 11 11 11 11 1 , , X 1 vc -1 . 11 11 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 11 . 11 . 11 vc v f- P A , I A , 1, 11 .11 . 11 11 1 1 . 11 11 11 1. 1 1 11 11 D, ' 1 . 11 11 . 11 11 1 1 11 11 . 11 . 11 1 1 - 11 11 . 11 1 11 1 1 - 11 11 11 11 1 1 - - 11 - 11 1 11 - 11 1 , , 1 1 Y . 11 11 - 11 . . 11 fs. . . 11 ,1 1 1 ,- V 1 ' 1 1 DIVISION 606 Best Wlshes to the Graduates D1v1s1on Teacher Captam Kruzlc Crew Arlene Brumllk B Beverly Golem Bev Kenneth Gron Mr Ferns Erleen Gwozdz Bubbles Noreen Heffernan Snooky loseph Hllburaer Plarn Ioe Iaclne H1ll Bunny Audra Hulsey Toots Ann lagodzmskr Ann1e Norman Karczewskl Skyscraper Iudy Kedroslcl Squrrt Robert Klemrck Klem Carole KHSIS Frank Koncel B1chard Kondrad Kalman Kay Kostal Kuddles lune Kostka Bugsy Ted Kucharskr Wrller Carol Mars Carollne Martm Coolwne Wrllram M1kut1s Iolnn Naclk Honey Glona Pennefather Bed Iud1th Potat Iudy Ioyce Powroznrk Marletta Bellly Mar Sh1rleyB1eWe Shtrl Felrcra Bodzlnskr PIII lane Skora Hone Mercedes Thomas Merc Andrew Vanecko Andy Paul Vogel Ralph Wawrzymalc Butch BobertW1tk1ew1C2 Putsa CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES From The Ilvettes Nor Car Buth o Sandy Erleen Lx nn ue Norm Lots oan Gert ean a Mary Terry lo ce DIVISION 202 Jfzss Hradelc H Bombers Who ll Explode fUNE 1958 DIVISION 210 Shermans frrsx frolcsome fresh men foresee oood fortune 1n your ca eers as you travel to polnts every f here . , , , I ' I , , , .1 ' I , , , , , 'Y , , I 1 Y , , , , , , , ll S - , , URN , 1' I - If 1 . f I Y - l. 1' ' , YI.. , DIVISION 806 L D s Blg Top RING MISTRESS Mrs Denn san CLOWNS Tom Slamnlca Iahn Ionrak Gene Iadlawslcr Elalne Barnash Barb Havlrclc TRAPEZE ARTISTS STRONG MAN TATTOOED LADY BEARDED LADY SABU THE ELEPHANT FAT LADY LION TAMER FIRE EATER TWO HEADED LADY DOG FACE LADY SNAKE CHARMER BARE BACK RIDERS BOY Collette Roth Florran Wallek Gerry Orlalc Ierry Rmal Pat Shea Bea Spechka Dan Duda V1ra1n1a Ser1an1 Iae Dabras Brll OS1dlOCZ Ruth Garter Narr a Glalaa Iae Le mpxa li GO1lGIOSSGUbGCh6T Marge Sanders Nan 1 Hmlrlrna Ka Serrrtella PEANUT VENDERS Ierr Kane-gkr Iae VI IZIQCIC THIN MAN Mlles Wurr er Grna Allesandn HIGH DIVERS Carol Hallman Arlrne Mate ak IJIIDFET FAMILY Betty Schultz Bob Eerrrll Terry Omast ak , . SVVORID SWALLOWER Ialrn Guprlsslrl fx , Tlx w I xr V I I Ci Y ,, J Y . . . . y ' ', ."".' 1 I v Y U J ' , A INTRODUCING The Best Oi The Rest DIVISION 404 Paullne Paul Matuz Ioy Blond1 Maceyak Irrn Cook1e Gorse Ar Soothe Holan Ioan lonl Grabowskl lohn lr Frederlck Vrrgrnla Grnaer Goreckl Clndy Arky McCoy Robert Sleepy Grellner Patr1c1a Pat McGowan Dolores Lola Agurlar Edward Red Slornskx Elalne E CUDIISIH Rose Ann Ros1e Zung1a Bernl Bern Hoblmskl Cornehus Nerl Adcock Mary lean leanre C1ambrone Rose Mar1e Rose Dawczak Charles Duke Straka Dolores Dodo Pablan Kathrlne Bnght Eyes Sora Rlchard R1ch Ramon Karen Wrlbur W1ll Corrnne Corky Vacha Don Wh1tey Klusendorf Nancy Nan Thomas loan loanre Vahl lerry Marlon Brando Rance Myra Rae Wab1szczew1cz Rose Mar1e Ros1e Rlbando Donald Don Holst BEST WISHES FROM DIVISION 401 Rose Abraharnsen lames Adarns Cehne Andrews Ku Bohus Daryl Mane Brooks Marcella Bums Brenda Burke Ronald Capek Dons Carter Robert Conley Ph1l1p Corn Howard Curry Ronald Daley Eleanor Guthne Marle Hardm lames Heffernan Geraldme Hemrlch Dennls l-ludzmskl Eumce lsrael Barbara Kennedy V1rg1n1a Koln1ck1 D1ane Koston Donald Kowalsk1 Mary Ann Kublllus losephlne Lucolh Vlfayne Moldovan Norfon Nledoss Gerald Peters Loretta Roback Shlrlee Ross lrene Styr ula Therese Tokarskl Woodro J Urchak loseph Novak - II Ili, - xx ll , . . L . ' C DIVISION 503 Walter Bob Stec loan Shortle Kostecka B1chard D1ck Hart lackle Pops Beks Stanley Stosh Komperda ludle Skeeter Madura lohn Harry Sarlch Betty Beth Sklenar B1chard Moose S1kora Irene I Walsh Mellnda Dreamy Wozmak Gerald lugs Petrlck Carol Ma Youna Mrchael Mxke Powers Mr Pershell Maraeret Marge Perry Euaene Gene Kolenda Betty Bet Palmer Kenneth Smoky Eckerty Evelyn Eve Gutrerrez Walter Drums Loyas Angela Bxg Ana Tomasellt B1chard D1ck Klecka lune Drz Drztk Frank B1g Beez Bezak Edward Smart O Day Marllyn Matr Masunas W1ll1am B1ll Saunders Davtd Dave Bowman MARTIE S LADIES WEAR 5938 S Pulaskl Bd PO 7 88l4 BGLCHERT S BAKERY 4932 South Ashland Ave PR 8 3984 CAL MAR SHOPPE We Feature Dresses m S1zes 915 IU 20 I4f2 to 241f2 2809 West 55th St PBospect 8 l855 YES WE ISSUE CO OP STAMPS tt ff - H ' ,VH ' Edward "Sticky" Stach Geraldine "Geri" Williams I , I . I 1 I loin Our Doulole Dividend Club Prexy Chuck Tom Darlene Bev Iack1e Lady lane l lnst1ga IUU16 ul1e Ahas Carol Adrlan GIQS Bud Ioyce Rrch Eva Covers IOI' Taylor's Tots Pony Tail Mar Lou Ted Mutts lvfahome or Ioyce Nance Ken Larry Zenme Don Gertre Bernle Russ Ve ee Carol ICARIAN Manufactured by DE LUXE CRAFT MFG CO l579 Mllwaukee Ave Chlcago 22 Ill LOOMIS Saulngs and Loan Assoczatzon l359 West Slat St YA 7 6700 DIVISION 204 Mlss Loughborough Slap Lo1s Llttle One erry Ioame Do Do M1ke Allce Arle Nancy Carol Nancy Roz W1 y Boo Gen Pete I -. Di l . L I w . . ' I A ' 'll Mo Congratularions and Best 'Wishes ne Ro L. I V 'D 4, A .1 A 'X A A, To the Senror Frorfz lfl1SS Tzchys DIVISION 301 Arn Carrnon oe lack o Curley Gal ee Tlna Terr ROSIG V ea Slrrm Baos DIVISION 501 Mrs Conklln OPEN SUNDAYS 9 A M TILL NOON Dutch Boy Devoe Spred Satm Sherwrn W1l11ams Chrcago Bronze And Garden Crty Palnts Iud1e lezek Smush Kendz1ersk1 Allan Bednar Iungle loe Blcan Shm Beresherm R119 Zay Pete Novack lohnny Nlemann D1ar1e Burba Phyl Sollarrn Iudle Clausen Torn Katslbubae Rrch Kreras l ee Kuelmer Rose M Poshwrnclnuk Mrke Brown Betty Luparello Glor1a Gedoruus Ed Heslk Ed Uher Iohnny Wauterlek V1da Yucas Nat Mc Gee Dee Zancelc l-lolly Schallrno loe Kalata Dlane Pavalec NEW ENLARGED C Z E R HARDWARE AND PAINTS We Fl nf Foor Sanders Poor Po And Wal paper 2548 52 W 59th St I-lEmlock 4 3638 Compl1ments oi M1ss Blake s DIVISION 402 COMPLIMENTS OF DIVISION 305 M1ss Carole Appollto Gerl Baulom Gregg Blschak Indy Crew M1ke Dranter Glorla Gonzalez Helen Eunlchod er Ca ol Gwm Dorothy Hart Stanley Iagodzln k1 lack Iuhas F nk I narnan Mary Ann Kalata Larry Kulanholer Blll Kozlowslcl Iordan Row Lrno Ilm Madelo Iohn Medhlc Ann M1la2 R115 Mer cnantz lohn M1la omc Sandra Ordakow lc Pa r1c1a Pape Pat Palrlck Shnley Prohm Merryle Slmon Larry Sawlclkl lohn Poza Frank LGllG1CO COMPLIMENTS OF 105 Mr Mc Lean 1 , 1 - I I . , h H e ., 5 , I fish-. ' - 1 . - Sie. .garqs . . . r' 1 . S . , . S . 'ss 2 . ss 1 r ' Z ' ' ss I ' I , 'a 11 . ' ' ' - . F. . THE HUNGRY TEN Iockre Carol Lynn Donna Lon cm Mar Dux Barb 5th Penod Semor A s Comphments of DIVISION 406 Mr E McCarthy Drvlsron Teacher LESHYN FLOWERS GRove"111l 6 3700 B 6. N MOTOR SALES CLEAN USED CARS 3214 W 55th St Chrccrgo 32 IH HE 4 5455 5750 S Western Ave Chlccxgo 3 NORM IORGENSON COMPLIMENTS OF DIVISION 206 Dcxnber s DGVIIS Comphments Of The ROTC ABC SEWING MACHINE CO 2825 W 59th St Chlcclczo 29 HI WA 5 7812 I A1 . . ' 6, H1 THREE CUMPI-E C LETTERPRESS TE Pl A EMAKING PLANTS RUBBER PLATES K.'n4xCXJ,iK,1.7lKi! - Y XLLW nfl R 'MTtC'f1 Q 3 I-4 K A XX- Lg? ki C,,fLx, . Y ,' LW 4 ku A T' Qi, xx Q Lffvfl Y YK ar X I l I l , n A DAY AND NIGHT George Spies Industries, Inc 4140 8 North Kolmcrr Avenue Chlccroo 41 H11I'1OlS MANUFACTURING SCHOOL IEWELERS AND STATTONERS COVMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS THE BEST CLASS RINGS MADE D on S rf d re 3 0 0 J I ' 1 K IK ll AH.E1 e. Y Ll 3' '-2052 COMPLIMENTS OF DIVISION 205 Mlller s Ch1II9IS Shetla Bradley Lols Bromar Beverly Burke loyce Drspensa loe Dom1n1c1 lean Drap Carol Graft Tony Greco Sharon Hanzl Eleaner Hesek Lmda Holland Dan losello Tom Iakubowskr Ahce Krzemmskl Lrnda Kurtz Dranne Lakomrak Dave Lettler Bob Lukaszek Rrchard OllC1GW1CZ Ed Pavllk Bob Radv1lle La Verne Raymond Del Remmuth Dan Roth Blll Ryan Ioanne Schlamadmqer Barbara Stcchov1c Mary Ann Stew Blame Szyblnskl Ann W1ec7orek Lourse Wolf COMPLIMENTS OF DIVISION 101 GIGICUS Goofers DIVISION 302 M1ss Kron Ianet Ashenbrenner Ann Bacha Beverly Berent Nancy Bren Rose Bolhg Efren Casaneda Drana Ferenzr loan Frscella Connre Glogowskr Rrta Groeger Rlchard Horan E1leen Hovanec Robert Ivanauskas Robert Iesko Raymond Iesek Patrrcra Kemp Donald Kopkowskr Ioan Kunz Iames Lapsansky Iay Leshyn Shlrley Mach Frank Popov1ts Thomas Prendergast Norbert Shrlka Dorothy Spechko V1ra1n1a W1lk1HS Dorothy Wrtowskr Maryann Yucrk Harry Kasprzyki' Wally Werich SMALL S SCHMOOS Merna Watters Bobble Dorothy Tolzmann Dor loan Trenk Monkey She1la Runge Echo Dan Scurek Danny Arthur W Small Doc Small Mary Dzrekan Mar Robert Bergman Bob Ronald Gutt Ron Dolores Glonek Lor Allen Kolefl Al Vlnnte Petrauskas Red Theresa Peterattrs Terry Rose Resendez Roste Carol Rogalskl Max Ronald Karas Ron Dan Washkevtch Danny Ioyce Terzo Smuckles George Tysl GT Rosemary Suarez Rose Tony Petrom1ll1 Bug Don Rasmussen Lefty Ruth Marc1nk1eW1cz Ruthte Iuhus Iurkacek Iake Elmer Hermann Al Bruce Flowers Sport l-larry Franke Har Ronald Bandyk Zeke Thomas Baldwm Tom Domrmc Barbaro Nlck Maryann Zacek Mary COMPLIMENTS OF DIVISION 407 We re Not So Sad We re Not So Blue We Got Thzs ICARIAN Out just For YOU' Sch1ff s Sharps ICARIAN EDITORS AND STAFF Sponsor Mr. Ioseph Gullo I 11 - 11 . 11 11 1 1 1 11 11 11 1, 1 1 11 11 11 11 1 1 - 11 11 11 11 f 1 11 11 . . ,, ,, ' 1 11 11 ,1 ,, , , I . 11 11 . . . 11 . I 1 11 11 . ,, ,, 1 1 11 11 ,, ,, I 1 11 11 ,. 1, I 1 1 1 1 - 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 - 11 11 . 1. 11 1 1 11 1 11 . . 11 . ,, I 1 - 11 11 11 11 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 I I mltl 4 1 I I 4 1 Q Q u Y W 1 w 1 I ' y ' Y I V ' 1 X QQ fr-43401 057 ff Y ff-"fn,-1 L mf' ff 5 J X-Xffnft ,6't4,ff Wzfffmijf f X Z 4 Z W X'-Lgfyg J offiafyfef K ff 'fc 6897 K ffCffA K, x4 !f bf f 1741 , 4 I g ' 1 ifuf f -- f' X, -1 fx V fn, X A VX, if 1 1114! f f .J K f ,f7 A J , -4 I C5"fQ Hf- ,fi 4, , C? ff 42 , fx Z U7 ,. V A K gfijff 11:4 Q" 5 fc? A , J f' L ,x 7 ' I V f gf if ,Z 1' ' . v X if 1 M' if , l P 4, . , j M K- 1 L' - 1 L f ,yi w fv , 7 ,fig , 7 M K XL LT' X I A Vyf , J jf. 7 j lf! K . X If qf 5 X' W , fb W 'I U04 sf-Z K' 'ff XA- 'fi fl' 1-A X flsd 711 ff f7!f " f 5ff27 J f K V f A "5"m-.1-1-Qfxf 1 -,g 'NQN 15-I L-1 -aj 'Q " qgfkxf xr 'x.A 4-rf f I I J -L 9 'V' mf Y ,ff f 3 - C 47,43 Y V! A .lj ' ' -Q ,Af L 1 W I, ,f lx I' .A ' H if ' V If I J, K my ' V 1' n, A -4 V ' ' A I V- 4 A ! b in ' V Z' ., XJ v ,Q 5 fl . 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