Gage Park High School - Icarian Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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N, ' ' . , ,QM-iilzlvjjw may QWAML, .JCQJQJC fffljj V7 My Lx ,ffl if AV 'fx Qffw A fxd. we X WJ QV 'J ao? VfV Lag? wjffjf yy SN ?yjg??QQ 4 QWQE T53 A +2 My Magw mifwffdw ff , 7 Y ' 1' cl Q? Sf- , Y ml f ,',' b in in ff h L, 9 ' . CQ: 331- ,. x fi Wy f MA ff., .3 Eff 4 X , . X, X., 5 QR if 73 X 2 V f qi rx M 1, I-an 9' Ov Q, ' Q -gb lift XCR' . 500 35 V, tp Q LJ Q JL J, F Q' C , iff, MQ' 'ff - h V , 4,11 Ivvhe 6, K V I I 1 I In By AH 'SY-ky , is .' V 1 X, fl, Z: I .X R X -' . Xl? 57 f Aa N if ' X JPN 2 ? ' 3 fi ' f '1 4 fiS , Q ?. luzv x ? in A in 2 Si 3 Q 35 YJVr'f?6Q:f MMR gw xx ki' ' N? ""' . if A W . N X R Lf M x , 4 Q g A A, nf, My 152' X' fax...- PM Q KW? '41, Q may ' 915. .vwfi E 3 i 5 Si' z Y MP' -. ...V J ww ,U c f' av v rw- ff Lai? I -v-f ' 2 5 ggany E Q R Q 5351 fm- I sig? duff? Squaw , gk 'N-wise ig K ,mg ij 35JJP??iK'!2,W!9'ix K 1 www MXH, JQQPFWQQ 1212 I - fsmwx Whig 2 f U 'wiv iid? in . may kwa? 36 V4 Q f 1 W x -L :Ive-x,.f Pffl ff: f X if ' P' A -3' AY K J ' n I 5'-a IW 'F ' ,L ,Q 'Jin . r, , :I x fk lx x par S 3 7? 33 59" 'v .' C gr, 4, its?-'ki' ,wg 0 A. mi ,, I . W, gage X 51 ff Q WV ' WK i M'N'3u3'h 1, +5 ff, gram A jfzia .95 C598 1964144 A high school means different things to dif- ferent persons. To one it means the place xvhere football, basketball, and baseball teams find their center of interest. Another believes that it is a place in which students get ready for jobs or vocations. A third person is con- vinced that a high school exists in order to develop social competence!-ability to get along with others. Still a fourth person thinks that a high school is a place where the cultural heri- tage, scientific facts, and mechanical skills of our civilization are studied and learned. And, finally, a fifth person views a secondary school as the center in which high moral and spiritual standards are developed, expressed, and en- joyed. Gage Park High is all of these different schools in oneg for it combines each one of these aspects in one building. The aim of education is Ko dispel error and to discover trutli.--'Str LR.-XTFS. Education consists of giving to the body and the soul all the perfection of which they are sus- ceptihle.-PLATO. The true aim of education is the .attainment of happiness through perfect virtue. ff'W 'ARIS'I'OTl.F. The object of education is prep- aration for more effective service in church and stateg training for duties of home, occupation. church, and state.-MARTIN l.l"I'HER. Education is the art of forming men, not specialists.fMicHEi. or BIONTAIGNE. Education, as science itself. is but a means to an end-the dom- inance of man over things.- Fimxrgis BACON. In this yearbook-the 1951 Icarian-we will present for your enjoyment and appreciation an over-all picture ot our school. You will see Gage Park High School presented under many aspects and in many pictures. Our many and varied sports activities are depicted in a wealth of pictures. And so, too our academic and technical classes are shown throughout the book. Along with these our social activi- ties, such as Proms, Spring Show, Clubs, and many other items find their places ready for them in the Icarian. I-11uc11111n 15 1 11111-lop1111n1 111 1111 whole 1111n T111 U1fIIUdtC cnd 111 111111 19 111pp1ne5S 111111 God 1OHRNN COMFNII Q I 1111 11111111111 1 111111111111 1 1 g,1ncr11115 11111C 1111111 11111 111111111 1115 1 111 p11 11 I1 yux 5 1 1ll11X 1n11 1111g.,n1n111111u5ly 1ll 1111 1111615 1111111 11111111 1n11 PU111lL 1 C1 1n11 V111 IOHN I1 ION 111 11111111111n1 11 1 511un1 1111 1 111 11 1 11 1n1 Lk1LlL 1111111 IOHN 1116111 111111111011 IS n111111ng, 11111 1111 1111 11111 11 111 1 lmrx R011 5111 L P1181 11 Q C1 111111 111111111n n111 111111 1111111111 111111 5ucc155 1n 1111 PFLNL 1 1 1 1 1 111 11 11115511111 51111 111 1cc111111n11 111111 lI'l 111111 11111C1:p1111n uf 1111111111111 Ix1x1A.x1 FI hav 11111111n 11111n5 11111111 1 1,r1s51x1 11111 5151c1111t11 1111111111 nt 111 1 1111 pcm 5 H IN 111111 191511111111 ll U'l FLIICLIJ 05 0 age pa A JUJL 36600 1111 1111 11111111111 11 1111prove111e11t 111 our 11111 1 1111111 11 pr11gr1111 11 lb 1111155113 11111 we 11110 1 set of 3111111 11 1111111111115 to 3111111 115 'I 11256 111 1151f111 1101011157 lb 1 1r.11111xx11111 1111011 11111111 111 CFCL1 1 111111p1111e1151xe 111r11111111111 but 1150 18 1 Sy51LIl1 of xx1111l1x1l111c 1111161111115 11111 1111 1111 111 y 1 51 O11 SL 511 111111111115 I9 1111111111 lb 1111 R1x15e11 St 1111111111 111 Pl11l11511p11v 1111 1111 C11111g11 P1111111 51110015 1116 elqht 11011115 111 11111 511111116111 lre IS 101 UVNS lf1l11c11ti11n is 1111- 111.1s11'1'1' 1-f 1l1L t1111ls wl11cl1 1111- 1.111 l1.1s 111111111 i111l1spcns11l1lc. -- ERYYST C MOORF. The 11111 111' 1-1'luC.11i1111 is to pru- 1l111'1' .1 W1-ll-lw.1l.111C1-11 111.1n1'-s11l1'1l- 111-ss 11f intcrcst. Morality is uni- x'1-rs.1lly LlCliI111XVlCklj.ICkl .15 1111 l11g11c-st .1i111 of l1u111.1nit1'. 111111 c1111scq11cntly of c-1.l11c.1ti1111.-,lO- iifwx H13111M11T, 'I'l11- 111111-11 1114 .111 1-1111111111111 is 1111- 1'1'.1l1z.11111r1 uf .1 f.1i1l1f11l. PLll'L'. i11x111l11tc 111111 111-mr 111111 11111-- lf1111f11111c.11 Fimrisri.. T11 prrparc us for c11r11pl1-tc living is 1111 111116111111 11111111 1-111191111111 11.1s 111 111s1'11.11gQ. ff H1f11111f11'1 S111 N1111. T111 11-.1l1L.1111111 11f .Ill 11111 pussi- lwilitics 11f 11111111111 g1'11wtl1 .1n1l 111- 1'1l11p1111-111 is 1-1.l11C.1ti11r1. ---'- Cm. XXI lJ,'Xli1iFR. l'1l111.1t11111 1111'.111s tl11' 11111111's.1I 1l1s11'il111t11111 111 1-xt.1n1 1411111111-11341 1.1fs'11f11 F. XXY11111. 1. lT1l11c11tio11 serves 1111 people 111 1 11111 1 FHCY. 2. l1l11c11ti1'111 ideals. 3. Ecl11C11ti011 1. 1111101111111 1le1'Cl11ps l1igl1 LlCI11OQ1lf1L Cl1L1I1gCS belmvior. 1lc11ls with alll usput 111 5, lQd11Cg1ti1111 f1111ctio11s 111117113111 1111111 1.,fLI1 cies. 6. l21l11c11t11111 '. Ed11Cg1ti011 c1111ti1111cs fl1l'0L13ll1OLlf 111 g1i111s at self-di1'ect1o11 S. l3LlL1C1lIl0I1 p1'ovi1lcs for 111111 ign t j11st111e11t to social Cllzlllgfi. ms! hav, "Y?ii'f an wg . Q 1' L., sw , .1 -,QW-'11 1. S ,s-1'5" I X X. YQ, f.'.-.,h-,fy 1"i'iu W f. ,fjy-"v-Q.i,. A pf pts? A V W V4 5 irWfa!..x,.'iF, S ' H 4 .. -vw' Q 1 A 4. . ,, 1- X' Q ' 1-um , L gh- ' ...fs ,iff gs. 5, 9 . ' L X .Aux ,kr , g in , ' 1 'K I 4 L55 H '-fix' The entl of etluc.1tion is to rentlei' the inilivi1lu.1l .is much 11s possible .III instrument of lmppiness, first to hiinself, .rnil next In others. -l.XXlIfS lXlIl.l.. lfil11c.11ior1 is prepirmtion of the intlixitluirl for the reciproc.1l union with societyg the preprin- tion of the intliviclu.1I so that he can help his fellow-men, anal in return receive untl 11ppropri.1te their lit-liv.-f-W11.1.1.-xxx T. Hue ins. lt h.1s been s.1irl that 11n etl11c.1tetl IIILIII ll1lS il sharp nxt- in his l1.lI1Ll 11ntl .III lIflC4lllCilfCLl I'HLlI'l ll tlull one, l shoultl say th.1t the purpose of .1 college CLlL1C.lIlUI1 is to sharpen the .ixe to its keenest etlgcf N.xT11.1N1141. l51"1'1.1f11, To erlucrrte ll person means to gul- just him to those elements of his environment that are of concern in modern life, and to develop, organize, :mtl train his powers so th.1t he may make etlicient and proper use of thein.-XX". C. Rtrnrcrzii. The purpose of erlucation is self' re.1Iiz.1t1onf--JOHN DFWFY. If K, JJ: , f ri EI' Another group of principles is known as i"l'he Major Functions of Living." These areas of living are to be guided by critical thinking, motivated by the will to do, and supported with pertinent information and skills. The nine functions of living ure: 1. Practicing American citizenship. Z. Using the tools of communication. 5. Developing economic competence. -i. Improving family living. 5. Protecting life and health. 6. Building human relationships. 7. Enjoying wholesome leisure. 8. Satisfying spiritual and aesthetic needs. 9. Meeting vocational responsibilities. 'Wi 1? The school year book is essentially a pictorial record of student participation in those school activities which are consonant with the philosophy of the school. The teacher-sponsors, Miss Alice XY'etterlund and Mr. john Sheridan, and student members of the statl' who planned and published the lcarian, 1951, were guided by the expressed philosophy of the Chicago Public Schools. Qi ' fn , Q-N 1vu.,NMA ,.,...--'M' l .6 ranced SCAGQ el As 1 key idministrator in 1 thrixing school Miss Frances Sch Iefer the Assistqnt Pringipal of Gage Plflx High School is 1 xerv busy person Among her mlm diverse duties ur supervision ot testing md tulmg Prinupll in his lbsence Students it Luge Pnrlt are tognimnt of the competence ot Miss SLl1lClCI' ind feel extremclv tortunitc in huing so L1p.1ble in edutitor is her in the front office S . 6 4 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' 1 k " , ' ' 1 . A . ' -' f , 1 V 'Q , '- 2 1 1 lv ' 1" A "Ya ALIIV procedures, direction ot assemblies, and administration ot the duties of the 'L Sak' 1'zA'k"i i " i ' f'z', 4 A l i 1 A i 1 'i Q 'L ' L 'z 2' ' . L W jAOWldJ .g2llJOI1 In Room IN ns the otnce ot our competent and cmclcnt Attendance Counselor M Thomas Benson Hrs many dutxes mclude nnterueyyrng parents teachers and students rssurng rernstatements keeplng close check on lntermlttent absentees truants cutters md LlCllI1qllC.l'1fS preparnng for reports .inc rlso ttklng chlrge of wx ard assemblles exery semester W, Jw, W Jem Also tound dlhgently workrng IH Room Us IS Miss Holly Mane McK1llen the Adjust ment Teacher She assists Mr Benson mth utendance records XISITS elementary schools on Parent lnteruexx day programs xncom ng freshmen takes care of all unusual prob school These are but a fevs of the many clutxes thu Mlss McK1llcn performs Clilllk lj C'ltA8l"lllE? OC 2 Nlrss C rtherlnc Roche bclng capable lllel undcrstandlng does a wonderful job as Plrcement Counselor Mlss Roches dutles lnclude procurmg vxorkmg permrts and early provrams for students xyorklng after school She also lnteruews Senlors helps thcm nnd employment places them ID col lege and assists them rn clecldlng thelr fu tur wlans WM Pau! MLM ln addltlon to berng a xery capable Cures teacher Mr Paul Bohus also superuses all programmmg and program changes The work IS 1 xery great one but 1t IS done most ethcrently All thls vxork howeyer keeps him busy and happy Ur. ...K h .TTA A T K ,' . 55 , 't , kg, 1 ci 1' YTL 2" I . JJ c e . U I 7 V. A -KI , - . v'. Y v, , ' - lems, and keeps records of students in the si, I i A' f Y 4 ' fx' , K I 1 . 'V ,. . ,f V . , U , l b . . I ep .. , J, . Y' rr - I ' V ' Q L v, y , , . ' ,l , ,7 , 7 l'YlU'llJ!l"6lfl0Il Clif! ofzw 31 ff Gage P1rk H1311 Srhool opcrxtcs cfhuently bcnmc ot thc ront1nu1l help of mxny persons Pmturcd hcrc ire some ot our 1dINlIllifl'1flXC isslstlnts md clerks M155 Povscll our Reystrlr tikcs ure of ln LOITIIHQ., md out gonna trmsfcrs CXllLIlflOIl of Lredlts 1nd semester pl.1Lc1ncnt ot students Nut 1rc our Orme Clerks Margucmtc Rolston Katherme Spruncr md A1d1 Flolbert who lrc llvsays buss Vklth bullctms shone ralls 1112111 ,md many other dermal dLlf1C5 And also pmturcd are M155 Srannell and mo of her helpers who program g1r1s for gym and mke rare ot the eduLat1on1l plan sheets and sequences of stu dents 1' 'ein .an 'uv' N f Clfll Row 1--ffShirlcy Ames. Robert BJCILI, Irving Baller. Row J Cfdrmcl Bcnnoon. 'l'hom.1S Benson. Paul Bohus. mx a Rnlllu BOXIILI XI.1r1ln Bruplton Cnnulug Brouku Roxx 1 'I-hOIN1SCOffLX Mm Colm Wm C onnorx 'aff afllhy Ron l C111 Coopcr :CQ 011 M-W C011 unor Courtmx 11111 C rug Guild C ro1rk111 Row " L11 Duuson N Xl Dun Lmrcttx IDCIIIIISOII Lor rum Dc Voc 9tLll1 IDOI111LlNOI1 xx 3 ou 1 1 Dunn L11L1wQt1 umm SldlL I ICKLLHNOII rr L Il I ltfgkcrll R11t1 C 1131110 T' 'Cf' 115 xl no-gl is '69 R ww QQQ KN ' M9 QT 'Dx 'ia 1' jf! M01 Ron 1011118 11wo11s 1111111 1OfWlL 1 1r1L r 1 1110 pm CIFLILLIS Ron Mural Gm Pllll Hcxic Lthnl Holst Niiry Hrlddx Rom 3 Annette lcnk: 101111 Iordm Bemxrd lxmdxbl Charles Ixmc Row 4 xilfglfif Kalb 901111 Kux XX1n1trcd IXFLIIIL Gcorgc Infkoxx 1" 1 , fa, , .-- 'aff 111 1 , D K fm, ,, f-if 5511-1 12' . 5 W S C' l W1 Tl C11 s. 1 c' 1. 1, 11. vc1.111, 12 . 1 '7f'-- V' ' L 7 ' j.1.' gil Cl! R 0 w Row R ow Row Row Row l 2 3 l 3 6 justin NlL'ClAI'Il1y. Alias Mulilrldml Dorothy McKinlcy. Albin- Mmzck. Rose Murphy, Paul Nntlllm. joseph Noxuk. Russell Pcrslufll. Mary Powell. Helen Plllaslxi. P Garnett.: Roggy. M !,V' "SGT, Harold Rolmd .JN- zq. K Q jfdllhy Ron l Alitc Stinncll. Hcrhcrt Sthin. H.lYfiC Sthrot-der, Iflizdhcth Shgpp. ,lohn Sheridan. Row 2'---Rosc Sherman. Arthur Snull. I-hrric Smith. Paul Stringer. Anne Swanson. Row 5--Elizabeth Taylor canette Wfatson Ar thnr Wfcllcr Ahtc Wcttcrltlxwd Capt Tr.1x1 Vuchh Fl ABOVE THE ROMAN SENATORS 34 3f,4f,,,, yew, ., SA Jawa, umwffgame BELOW THE 'VIAIDS OI' QINGAPORE awww 4? ff '57 7 . fi lf, inf, s. N Tl ,. .az fl, M :xanga siw ff ,, X fffws W- vgwfwk 1, A , iff " 0, ff f +L L sw gf - FW N1 f L: , ff 1 ' fl fy 2 55 M f Q Rig 'f 1 2 'yn ,-'Mx-fff zifw-ff K ff 'f y A X iw uk fs -envy Q fr Q 4 13 gf . lg,-K H ,. 'H , X? LX 4 -1'-fH:y'f" A K A 'ie N' K .,., ' . Y' - A 1 ' P. . ' A A , W V new'Ln,.iwggfgfA - Q ' , - , ,N wx:,1ff1gg, :if-, - 1 A ' , 1 XL .1 , 'fr'-'H.f,:"N"'5' - , i ,, ,, AA , A ,M ff , , ' ,... p,,5m,,k, , A gb 4 2' Y W ,nw 5 xyfk ,yy i' 'i 'A gtk f 'tp 'Af pf 'ix -Iafrl' 3 355 Qi' -S A K 4 SA lx lx 1 A f lf" im 1, Y- ..,.,,, .A 'im 'fx is di -.., , 3 -f W ,A , J HQ A' A , f' 'R 'u mf 4:9 ffm" ,T , 18 A 4 W 3 QM 5 2',f w,,,,1 Q ' I' gfw W' 4. 1 K . ' ,.,m,5 ' gg, f W ,. ., wx ,mug ,fsfcrnw 5 4' fi' "5 Y 4" M S E if fy 2 552 vim? 125, ' Y iw v 'V f 'Ili ' :E ,gf 4 , M A , , mmf 45,41 fa A if ff? - 'f 5 L - fs Z E 2 J 'was , 1 ' g mfg? 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C lub imm Team lngel WlllldIl1 R O 'I C R1fle Team Drum and Bugle Corps l LC rslu Leonard berx ree C lub Lettermen s Cluu Basketball Te 1111 D111s1o11 Presxdent Student Council Ron 9 F1elels llorenee Seruee Club Book ro0111 Helper Chorus Se111or G1rls Club C A A C lfCllJSO Helen Se nee C lul Chorus SCIIIOI' G1rls Club G A A Cldfdllld Rleharel IDIXISIOD Preslelent lntrl lllllfll Sports Row 3 Carutu o 111111 L 101 C llss Presl e 1 Honor Club beruee Club 'low 'len DINISIOH Vue Pres1de11t and Treasurer bemor Grrls Club G A A H msen ikqllillllf. lo 1 'len Serx ue C lub Honor Club SCICIILC C lub SLIIIOY C1rl Club G A A Harshbargr Donna Honor Club erxue C ub Suenee Club DINISIOI1 Premdent Semor Clrls C lub C A A Clllllflry l'a6Ll0Ltl!.5 Rovx 1 K1Cdf0XXSlxl Thomas Baseball Team Intramural Sports Krntz Lots Honor Club Seruec Club Student Counul Senlor Grrls Club G A A Klxmelt Paul Rom 7 Kloskc can Sophomore Class Seeretars Serxrte Club Drxrsxon Prcsndent Vue Presldent and Searetlry Sennor Cnrls Club G A A lxnapp LOLIISC ltarxan Stall Struts Club Dxusron Sctretary Scnlor Prom Committee GAA Koth Harold Semor Cliss Prcsldent Honor Club En Gazger St rtf Serxlte C lub c termcn s Club Svum Term Basebrll Term Man rpcr Brnd Scmor Prom Commxttte Rovx 3 Konctlu Ruta Art Club Serx me Club Senlor Gnrls Club G A A hfbllkh Charles Student COLlI'lLll Letterman s Team DIXISIOU Presldent and Trelsurcr lxruplnsltx osephxne Serx uc Club Scnror Glrls Club G A A Ron 4 KllhL1lSlxl Edward Band Vxre President R O T C Llrson Dorothy Suente Club Serwxtc Clul Art Club Senior Girls Club G A A Leslu Ron rld Student Counul Rovs M req rlx Rlthard Serxxte Club YISIOIT President Basebrll Team Intramural Sports Matejox sky Rrehard Serxrtc Club Platoon Competrtxon Leader R O T C Meale Adellne Suente Club DINISIOFI Setre ar Senlor Girls Club G A A Rovx 6 Mrkowslxr oseph unror Class Treasurer Drxrsron Preslclent unlor Prom Commit ee Seruce Club Mrtehell Thomas Serx ree Club R O T C Musal John Sophomore Class Presrdent lor Class Secretary Iunlor Prom Comrmttee Dmsxon Presrdent and Secretary Clubl. . Serxlice Club . . Baseball Team . . Swim , .,'7.,J -'-1. '54 ', " .. ' . .Di- '35, '-lf . I .. ' . , .. ' ..Junf Roxx 4 Rcmlcx Ronxltl HonorClub Scrum Club Bind Orchmtrl Rualx Iclitc Honor Club Scrxitc Club Danun Cl1SQ Stiemc Club Scnior Cirls Clu CAA Ribuulo our him Honor C lub S rum Clul SiioiCirlsC w CAA Rovi 5 Rinas Arleen Scrum Club Honor C ub Snnior Cirls Club C A A lirtibtr lrt Bun S oxxinslxi Robcrt S rxitn Club lootwi lcun Biilxctbxll Slum Lcttcrintn s C lub xision Vita President tu f itn R1 Suttnt Countil Cir 1 n C lzgcr lr sitlnnt ot Art C lub Sutntc C lub Rctl C rosx Dix ision Sc rctlri intl l rc uurtr Si ring, Shoxx D intnr R O1 C Sur unslxo Nlirx St ino Cliirlcs lootbill Ium Slum 'I rat xiiion Prcmitlant S iior Cirlx C C AA loot v ill It un l rosli Sopli I LIKL rnicn s C lub B isltntb ill Tarun l:n Cizgcr Stllf Glllllflfy gl"6lfLl6l!0.5 Row l-- Nathan, .Ic.1n . . Honor Cllub Board . . Senior Class Vice-President . . Senior Prom Cloni- inittcc . . Service Club . . 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Service Club Band Orchestra Dlnee Bind en lor Girls C lub G A A Bobelx lerrx lunior Red C ross Ron 7 Bontleer Donild lCilI'l1l1Sl1l'l Dee oratm Committee Bru Aueres Serxlee Club Jeri C Driml C lub C A A Bronletlz l rink R CP T C Ron 5 Bfllzglllffl Xolandt Honor Club luill ind Stroll SCFXICC Club letritn Stttf DIXISIOII XCILC President Dtneers Selenee Club benior Girls Cluv Bru l-leanor Senior Cfirls C lub lumor Rel C ross Sports Intrlmurtl Chorus C A A burr Dorothx C AA 'U' 1- A H110 PCL llaitlf ou l 1 osepi S Xue C W Senior r s u w C A A o ins t lx Ie Division President uid Vue President lroslm Soi lu lootball C ostello Dolores Honor Club Perteet At tendtnte ulll mel Stroll SCFXICC Club Stiente Club Tre xsurer It H1111 C hess and C lietlver C lub Senior Cirls C lub C A A iovv Crolve erome Honor C lub Student C ountil lresitlent Sophomore C llss President lettermcn s C lub Spring, Sliovx D intel lootull le un Bis ctbill Ie in unioi lrom C omniittee De ulv Roni tl lettermen s C lub Btslvetbill 'leun Division Vue President uid 'lreisurer Diunontl Ronxltl Honor Club Division Presnlent intl TfC1NllfCf Blseblll 'leun xx 5 Dobis Ru Stutent Countil v ision T re rsurer l ettermen s Club I ootblll T e un R O T C Rifle 'Ieam Dotkus Rithirel Lettermen s Club Bind Trelsurer Orthestra Vue President Senior Prom Committee Dru, Rumond Svvim nl e un Student Countil Senior Prom Committee ti' Y'-sr Rovv 4 Daiminski Lois Senior Cirls Club CAA 1 -u , . Honor Club lzxeeutive Board . . Fui l and Stroll , . Service Club . , DF'lllI'1 Club . . lL'lI'l'1Il Co-Etior . . Senior Cirls' Club . , G.A.A. Elia. Robert . . Division President and Secretary . . Lettermenis Club . . Football lfrosh-Soph Team . . Football Virsitv. Row S-ff lfvtntlio. Marv Ann . . Senior Cirls' Club . . Service Club . . C.A,A. Fay. Mary . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Band . . Orchestra . . Dancing Class . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. lfekete. Geraldine . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Science Club . . Orchestra , . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. Row 6-Figielski, joseph . . Opera Club , . Art Club. Figus, Frank . . Division Vice-President. Finegan, Marilyn . . Service Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. une ffl MCl,i05 R vw 1 llnnt ames Svum Team Ilorlan Geraldlne Dmslon Presldent and Treas urer Serwee Club Danemg, Class en nor Prom Commxttee Senlor Girls Club GAA Foley Wxlllam Honor Club u1ll and Scroll Dnxsxon Treasurer Svum Team Gager Co Ed1tor Serslce Club Row 7 Fox Alree Honor Club Executne Du 1s1on Secretary Seruce Club Art Club Drama Club Senior Glrls Club C A A Iranle Marlan Honor Club DINISIOH Presx dent Seruee Club Art Club Drmm Club Senior Grrls Club G A A I rrsemer Alnee Honor Club Serxlee Club Shovss Solo Band Du nsron Seeretary Sexenee Club Opera Club C A A Rovu 3 Irederlelxs Catherlne Honor Club Fxec utne Board Ln Gager Stal? Sersnee Club Danexnis, Class Red Cross Representatrye Senlor Glrls Club G A A l reeman oan Honor Club Perteet Attend anee Serenee Club Senror Grrls Club Bolr l Dmsnon Presxdent and Vlre Presxdent C ily IU Wllllalix Ron 4 Cl1z1 Rlymond B1sleetb1llTe1m Baseball Team Crreyk 'led Svum Te un Greeomre om Honor Club Lxerutne Board Cheerlelder Serx lee Club Senior Glrls Club G A A Rovs v Gruszlea Reyna Serxlee Club Senior Glrls Club G A A Haarmans Dorothy Danone Class Seruce Club Honor Club En Gagjer Staff usron Seeretary Senuor Glrls Club G A A Board Harder Harry Honor Club DIYISIOD Presr dent and Vxce Pres1dent SCINICC Club e termen s Club Football Team Syum Team Row 6 Hxrpert Crrole Operr Club Senror Glrls Club G A A Hxrrln Connze Honor Club Presldent Gaeer C0 ldltor Qunll md Seroll Sonho more Class Tre rsurer Serx ee C lub Student C Ollflell G A A Hawke Robert Clrehestrr Bind lLlI1l0I' Red Cross o' ff' .. V A' . 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Eugene . . Science Club . . R.O.T.C. Linkus. Genevieve , , Honor Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. Lizius, Frank . . Lettermenis Club . . Iiootball . . Division President. 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Honor Club . . Service Club . . Drama Club , . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. Payonk, Evelyn . . Division Secretary . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. Pelton. Gloria . , Service Club , . Leaders . . Di- vision President and Vice-President . . Senior Girls' Club . , G.A.A. Lille PCL lfldfeii Rovv 1 Nedoss Bert Honor Club Student Council Football Manager Serv ice Club Senior Class Treasurer Division President Lettermens Club Senior Prom Committee Neher Marilyn Honor Club Service Club Science Club Secretary Cheerleader unioi Red Cross Opera Club Senior Girls Club G A A Niemann ohn lzn Ga er Stiff Service Club Stage Crevv Rovv 7 Novaclc Lillian Honor Club Servicc Club Senior Girls Club G A A Novaclc Lvclvn Honor Club uill incl Scroll lcarian Business lditor Division X7lc4. President Service Club Science Club Senior Girls Club G A A Novv Clrole Honor Club F ecu ive Bon l Senior Girls Club G A A Rovv 9 Obecunas Bobette Science Club en lor Girls Club G A A CJClxly Marv Service Club Dincinkc Cliss En Gacer Stlff Senior Cirls Club Bolrl G A A Oliver ohn Honor Club Concert Bind Orchestra Division President ind Secretlrv Lettermen s Club lootball Team lan Gxccr Sports Fditor Senior Prom Committee line Pd llateif Ron 1 Petrasek Mar aret Honor Club en lOl' Girls Club G A A Petrizzo Minnie Serxiee Club lunior Rea Cross Senior Girls Club G A A Phillips kdm 1rd Soph Rose Din e Committee Rom 7 Phillips Muhiel Piorkoxx slu lrmlx Dix ision President ind 'I rc is urer Lctrermen s C lub Swim Te un Poalluselx Dororbx Serxiee Club LDIXISIOD Surctux Senior C irls Club C A A Rom 5 Poluclx Irene Fn C itger Still Senior C r s b C A A Przer.ulLlC1 Helen Honor Club Senior Girls Club C A A Pizudzicllxi Ru Dixision President ind Vue President Bulxetbill 'Ieun Lettermcns Club Row 4 Raine Duid Dixision Vue President Blsketball Tc un Bascbill Sleun R iurli Miry Honor Club Serum. Club Srienre C lub Senior Cirls Club G A A Reilly olin Rovl H Reks Theodore Serxine Club Rimlxus Rawmoml Honor Club Rolnuki ldxx 1rd Row 6 Rom inotf Sdndri Honor Club uill ind Srroll DIXISIOH President and Scerctlry Senna Club Drama Club Opera Club En-Gager Stiff . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A,A. Ronzio. Vir ini-1 . . Service Club . . Division Secre- tlr' . . Senior Girls' Club . . C.A.A. Rosiulc. Therese . . Service Club . . Opera Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. Mile FC! Mflfeif Row 1 Rubensteln Mar1lyn Honor Club Scruee Club Serence Club Icarran Staff En Gager Senior Girls Club G A A Rudolph Georgette Serxrce Club Dancmg Class Opera Club Student Counell Sen :or Girls Club G A A RllSl'l1lx Marlon Honor Club Serylee Club Semor Glrls Club unll and Scroll unlor Red Cross Itarxan Stall' DIXISIOD Presldent G A A Roxy Russell Donald Student Counul R O T C Rifle Team Rydeelxl Esther Opera Club Shovys en lor Glrls Club G A A S11 rbi Rlehlrd DIXlSlOI1 Presldent letter men s Club Basketball Team Roxy 3 Sanehez Lllllan 5lLlClCI1fC0llf1Lll NISIOH Seeretiry Seryxee Club Semor Glrls Cub GAA Szndox al Caeslr Swxxm Team TDIXISIOU Seere ar Saplxo Fdvs 1rd Treasurer unlor Class Dm slon Vue Presldent Lettermen s Club loot 1 'lc n unlor Prom Committee R xx 1 Swp Dorothy Seruee Club Suenee C lub Semor Gnrls Club G A A Sapp Samuel Serxxee Club Chess and Cheelcer C lub Sexenee Club R O T C Smeh Marko Football Team Captaln termen s Club Sophomore Class Secretary DIXISIOH Presrdent Opera Club Sprmg Show Dancer Row 5 Selullxe Helen Mae Honor Club ulll and Seroll Seruee Club Danemg Class Opera Club Izn Gager News lfdxtor Dram 1 Club Senlor Gxrls Club G A A Sehrey Charlotte Honor Club Seruce Club Student Counenl Senlor Glrls Club GAA Sehurlee Shirley Selenee Club Band Orchestra Senior Gnrls Club C A A Rovx MSeaman Helen Perteet Attendanee Honor Club Serylee Club Danemg Class learlan Staff DIXISIOH Treasurer Quill and Scroll Senlor Glrls Club GAA Sebele Eugene DIXISIOD Presldent Vlee President 'Ireasurer Traele Team Serxlce Club Sedn ee Dorothy Honor Club u1ll and Stroll Secretary Serslee Club DIXISIOH Preslelent and Setretary Icarxan Staff 1 er News and Llterary l:d1tor SLICDCC Club Senlor Glrls C lub C A A gf " A 3 f Noi- t,,v. 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Open Club lootblll Tum Lettermen s C lub berxlte Club DIXISIOH Presldent md betrctxry Senror Crrls C lub G A A Rovl 4 boulxup 5l1ll'lCy Serxlte Club Dru S1011 Setrctarx unror Red Cross Student Counul Senxor Glrls Club C A A btuhow skl Charles Blseb ill Te1m Stalun George Honor Club beruce Club Lettermen s Club Football Team R O T C Iootblll Team Rows 5 bttuone Vltry me Operl C lub Dancing, Class Presxdcnt En Cigar Qtlff buenee Club DIXISIOD Trersurer Scrx ue Club Senlor Clrls Club G A A Stevslrt Helen SCHIOF Glrls Club C A A btlrelx Ronald Student Coumll DlXlSlOIl Presldcnt Sn rm Team Lettermen Q C lub Rovx 6 Stralxalams Daxld DIXISIOH V1cePres1 dent umor Prom Commxttee Struppa Anthony Football Team Baseball Team Basketball Team Track Team Drxrsron Presldent Serum Club Presndcnt of Lettermen s Club Sutheclu Amelia Senlor Gnrls Club G A A 0' -Di- tf 5' . . 'Q . . " 3 ' '. , I ' ' 7 ' v , - I Q' ' ., ' .," Q .. ' ' 1' .l . . 1. . . , 'J . K-1 ', . ' .-4 flt . . 'CI' 1' f Cl l . . Z. . . . J. ' ' L V , X. ff", a 2 2 . , 1, , . .X 4 "L ', 2 Y' ' . . '2 R . . I . 1 Soltis, Ruth . . Honor Club . . Student Council . . 1' i .. , . R- . . 'A l - C. . . . T. , . if 't '. R . . 4 L 1 . ' 1 l a" H, 1 1 1' la ' . . Y A2 T . . f " ' ., ' ' . . V 72 Y' C 1 . . J . . D 7' ,v , . . . . . Q " 'z , . . R V l .' , . . 1. . . ', 4 . . ' . T' . . h 'I . C W '., . . . D . l . . . . . Mil? gl"6L6LlCl i675 Row 1-ffSura. Barbara , . Honor Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. Swanberg, Ronald . . Honor Club . . Division Presi- dent and Vice-President. Sxx it ilslsi R ixmond Roxx 7 Szatan Phxllis Honor Club O1 era Club Student Couneil Dixision President and Cl reasuiei C A A Representatixe Szezepinslxi Diniel Student Couneil Representa tlxe SLCIXIR VILICJFII xiee H Senior Ci s Club C AA e xx Szesnx o mn Sx im 'I e un Szruni Sopliii S r ie Owerr C uv nor C nl C A A WY lL Roxvx -4 'lhanasouras Louis Lettermen 5 Club Dixision President Serx iee Club Opera C lub President Spring Shoxx Iootball Team Basketball Team lunior Prom Com mittee lliompson Bexerlx Senior Girls Club Board Dixision Secretirx ind Viee President Serxiee Club Opera Club Senior Cirls Club G A A Tomisele Ron ild Serxiee C lub R O 'I C Roxx W Txrlxi Ted Dixision President and Viee President Lettermen s Club Basketball Co Captain lilmer Connie Honor Club Student C oumil Dix ision l resident and Seeretarx Serxiee Club Senior Girls Club G A A Urbauer lrieda Serxiee Club Coneert Band unior Red Cross Senior Cirls Club GAA Roxx 6 Vadinskx Riehard Honor Club Seienee Club Opera Club Spring, Slioxx R O T C V in Aseli lzlieibetlm Honor Club Bo 1rd Juill ind Scroll Serxiee Club Seienee Club Phxsies Club Orthestri Bind la 1I'Il1'l Stiff Senior C irls Club X in Dexelde Dolores Honor Club Serxire C lub Seienee Club unior Red C ros Dele Senior C irls Club C A -X Roxx 4 XX1llcr o11111c DIXISIOII Prcsulcnt 11111 XIICC Prcsnlnnt bcrx 116 Club 51161111 Club C horus SCITIOI' G1rls Club G A A WlCb6fS wlllldlll l:11 Gager Rcprcse11t.1f1xc XV1ll10xx slC1 XIIX 1 111 D1x 181011 'I rc 1surLr Scrx 111 Club COSCLIINC C lub u111or P10111 C 11111 11111111 S1111or C1rls C lub C A A Roxx S XX ISINIICXN sl11 Dolor1s Ho11or C lub Student COllIlC1l DIXISIOII burchrx Scrxuc C ub Scmor G1rls Club G A A WICLOW sl11 Lorramc Costume Club Opera C ub Senior Glrls Club G A A Wogornan Marx Ann Honor Clllb Senlor G1rls Club G A A Rovn 6 X oung Albert R C7 T C DIXISIOII Trcasurcr Za1le1l1.1 Dolores bcmor G1rls Club G A A Zbor1l Eleanor Honor Club Serx11c Club Art Club Opera Club DIXISIOU Pres1dent and Surctarx Senlor Glrls Club G A A UIIU F61 UCL 05 1xx I lll s Sl x x1s1o11 1 s111111 111 lJICSlLlCIlf 1n1l S11rLl1rx Sx 1111 'lClI1l 5Cl1 IOF Prom Co1111111ttL1 V1scl1 Iorrunc 15111111 C lub Costu1111 C lub bc111or Cnrls Club C A 'X X!lSLlllCL M 1r11 rx 11 L C 1 S1n1or C 1rls C lub C A A Roxx 7 V1ss1x MLFIOFIC CDIXXSIOH Prcs11l1nt Honor Club bcrxue C l11b SLICIICC Club Qtudcnt COLlIlCIl SCIIIOI' Cwlrls Club C A A V 111 C 1r1111l1111 Honor C Ll Pnrlut A111111 11111 11111or Rul Cross x111 CJr1l11sIr1 lllkl D11111 H1111 1111 1111 SCIIC I FL 111 C o1111111tt11 11111 C IC ss S 11111 C A A VlI1IlLtll2,C 0111 XISIOII lr11s1 81111111 C luw be XICC C lub 1101 C rls C A A xx XX 1zg1cr louc 1 51rx111 C lub LII1 IOF Rad Cross Scmor C7lI'lS Club Lculcrs G A A XY1l1z.1l1 lol11r111c DIXISIOII SCLFCCIFX b1rx111 C lub lLl1llOI' Rul Cross Semor Glrls Club G A A XX1ll1osL Xhry Ann Or1b1str1 Dr1111.1 Cl11b LII'llOl' Red Cross 91111111 Cnrls Club CAA JUIIQ gl"l16LlClte5 Row 1-Zenalik. Nancy . . Honor Cllub . Perfett Attendance . . Division Secretary . Scrxitc Club . , Art Club . . Senior Girls' C ua C .A.A. Board Vice-President. Z1c.linski.Daniel . . Swim Team . . Track Tcam Zobak, Richard . . Basketball Team , . Baseball Team . . Lettcrmens Club . . Division Surttirx intl Trcasurcr. pei' ecf .XgitQI'lJCll'lC'? Ol' flllllflllf 9 rinlx lllitlln X ir ima Dudux Tlitodorn lgnmox 1 lx Broxxnin QCLP5 I an ll I0 UJJ Bill: R111 Dolores Cobtcllo Emil Kubilik Arthur Holtz lylc Nloclxros lanct Ctrx 1mlC Xl in lim St lzzont l-lnlcn bcamin lzlbic Vlclitlurtlx C eraldine Bitl C irnut Vinti 5 Olfll' j 19: Cf li . 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Row - Hu.1pl1y, Drnus, Patrick, .,'L'Z, xX'L'iI1lDLll'1II, lsmcl, Pil'lb.ll1L'l', P.1Ick.x. s rp-5 'lf'-5 Ruvv I -Fridrich, Simw, Mgmrimk. SIL'f1ll'1Nki. Sfrilmnn, lvl1L'I'. Hcrcdm. Ywung. Du-tr'iL'k. mividion IO4 Ruw 'S ff-- Kubus, Vfxlkcr, Hamcn. l.cI.1ml. Nrx. 'l'Q1ylur. Swlarz. Nihnlkw. Murslmlck, Gwnzalfz. Row 1--XVAIL-rs. Pilurczyk, Drucker, Liptnk, Cullim, Adair. Zuric, D.1lcawg1ndm, V.1rg.1s. Rmx l---P.1lulis, Saraccu, -Iansky, Vundrguck. Guard, Sehck. -lrmuxz. gluhnwn. Henry, vml'lfi5i0Il 105 Row 3---I.uCaS, Hamlin. I.ushyn, Pndulnk, VU11Cck. Jessup, Inrzdwn, XYR-rncrt. Crue. Row ,-rhfifbfki, W'.lgHL'f, Slim, Bnnti. PL-lzmgmn, Mittcrmann, Gums, Vugcl. llkamiv., Row 1 DQCUSIQ. Snydcr. Pwlifk.1. Palm, jindriflu. Gull. Alnlrnscn, Filip, UZIIII XQIIII Q I x r alsl L X XX K m x 4 X ru ll1c4ML! L11-. , Lyn IH Xhm www uni J Nplx sv. L. f N 1 0 fr , , f 7 ' 1 ll' .l' . ll ll , I f Imp.. Wm ml NM1-ww li." 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Kutil, Kimiik, Blnckliiw, Post, Diincii, Hahn, Inicliuwicz, I--Hir, Hucku, Brannigan, Ellis, Bilgis, Ciirtcr, Flulinsiwn, Hudiik. -4--Saricli, Tiwlsky, Piusccki, Mcus, Krcici, WICiiL1DQiCY, Lcmcrnmn, 5 R.1ncc, Ruguzinski, Gums, Kuwglski, Scilxi, Miklnsli, Kunkc. 2--Sliunkimaki, Tlmngismiru, Grimes, Sultis, XX'iwjcik, Piiuss, Wfriihcl. I- -Kuttcwitz, Luna, Pryor, l.iwngm'r, Shucnmn, Kemp, Roggurikmnp, Iwlamimki .of Q L 7 '- ,fw 1 1. 2 W. " W5 Z 0 V 'I lq,! 1 X WW ll Cf A Rmv 3-f-Smuhu, Pnclcc, Szylnanski, SCht'lIllLlSL', Shefcik, Lcsk.1, Mutlu. jcsku. Snlnlumann, Limb Oil Ol' Ruv. 4- -Rnmtmm, Rcmley, Vcndruk, Sunguil. Siplc, Tulnasck, Vuight, Bucfhlcr, Smunt, Xwwnk Rncdcr, Schallmo, Kmiccigzk, XXf'iIsun, Tjscvich, Pcmpck, Wfurm-r, Spitzkc. Nye. Run 3' Shlhlllglk, Imiclinski, Punuk, Luitz, Vlfittlmnvft, Duckwurth, MclChiuri, Sl1lc-puwify. Kunmd Ftrclcfky, Zagurski, Zuclkc, Sicznvck. Row Z' Tufu, Zak. Llrsun, Krvgwicgl, Vlwr, Iixbsg. Spults, Sicmann, Sluvdl-rn, Pcddicwn, KnI.1s.1 Sximk, Vnrhul, Miller, Lglwunuk. Rmx' lffTrz1L'zyk, Millmlku, Ycrcb. XX'cllm11n, Kulivudgi, Kuhlush. Vlk, Mgilirm. Rmx if-Ellis, Holtz, Rc-mlcy, Stcrnaxty. Hamm, Eggers, Fux, Frumcmc-r, l..1Ch, Nmnk, Motel, Novak TL1l'3.1y', Ordman, Koch. Ruw Z---Alexander, Rings, I-Lrrlscn, Mutirxez. Harrln, Hebei, Xcdoss, Kcttc, N.1tlmn, Frederick: Kmmmc, Row l--RL1lwcnstcin, Bcrquist, Grurz.1, hllldlll, Custcllu, lirllgnlctm, Grcguirc, FU. Nimz, P.1ctz:l Dudck. .STuc!enf Konrad The Student Council, which is the legislritix e body ot' the school, is tomposed ot' .1 representative from each diyision. This group. sponsored by Miss Casey. meets every other week to plan .utiyities .ind discuss the problems ot' the school. Some ot' these .tctixities ure. Clean-Up Committee, The Valentine Dance. Hop-.i4long. .ind the Sadie Hawlcins Day Dance. .1 tribute to .ill girls who .ire determined to get their man. Their more serious business is concerned with the appearance ot the school, conditions in the lunch room. and promoting friendly relations with neighboring schools. Smith Dtttlnft BIHLS Benes Iximbeios Buchinslyi Sirieh Pvchnclci Pisircilc Belctl Vlilfcnger Wfilliims liiltzer Wiencelc im ink Hlrrison nitmslxi iii t McDermct lner Stuens nrxl li ucu Nitin Setmidt N c c Ciccn lxttlcmich O sen lla iut s c Wustii it cnt multi u in wirt lun ont nnint l nnts Cr lxc Orbin lxnn cr 'Y' I 49 ... ..-sa. ci V . A . 1 ' '.', 7. " I fi At , 1' 'fx ". R vxdeisii ,' A fzyl' Mlilki. N A -1. 1' 1. 5 Ch A-.,,1xtr1f. 1' . qi A . uri. H- i, A. Row I Hansen. Krug, Russel, I.esgii1sk41s. Xxhigner. Dubsliy, Cfnnrrid. Sic-mann, Snfl. i. Stgifclllv, Szgitun. Kitt lk. SIL l- CY, r'l lixec t' - limi l A ter fl' P l.. l , ,U JH", . , r. helix X T XX t r 5 2 ' 1 11 4 ll T T ff ,IU gi ' 'e'i '04 Stmdrng, V I'flI1I.1 NI rr url Domld Motel SIYIIFIKQ Corinne Hunt Mrs Taxlor Ion Mrhok Ser retarx Treasurer Vrce Presrdem Sponsor Prcsrdcnt QUPI1 E I' QIIIOIJ rvx Uhr I H5ffIX1lD Alu mdnr H.1rxhh1rg,4r 'I ma dx HLflDAi,l Plldar va P ll ips Corn Nu rn lstx mrrds Han an fell' PIHOIJ ovs Mgrlr Rnrs IIIINJX Hour C irtpr R vs I Bnrqurst lxnlpp NA 1 ID Inkwn Hlrrop nxt ' Y' ig',.1. or .oo.r ,A 5 x ' , , ,, , ,,.. . .. . ' 1 '. ' . , ,, ....,.,,.,.,... 7 ,S " a 3 '- RMI--CAt.m. 1" . ', ' f . P, 'U . x", 'V H, .'. '. Rmvlf l'Il' ,, , . V' Z. . 1, . Qu r I , 3 r . R -' .Z - '. A, 1' u' -fr - ,, ' . , ,-.fl QPULCQ UH? l"0ll 7.5 7 Barx une Roxx 7 osephme C1111 Louelll W1 ner Cferxldme Hletko xx 1 Plume Chle lekn Au rq Bru Nllnek Lmnekn Noxqk Bexerlx Blrdxeh Mary Ann Marek Mm on Rusrmk Ron 1 Dolorex Cos ello Josephine Kebluselx L0 s Mlhole Nmex Zerulllx Ioemne Wxller XOl11dI Bfllgdlltfd ' Cf L lfi 9 Q 1 Ro' -W K lA A i el 1' ge P4 Bars -ILIIICI Row lf--Helen Mac Schilke, Evelyn flffl in tjffc fi Sc'1'IjL'L Club i'll01n11.m1c t vi Snffjfli Run 211 lltflju r 1. eruice One of the most popular extr.1-curricul.1r nctix ities ot' Gage P.1rk is the Service Club. Students belonging to this org.1niz.xtion .ire those who serxe our school xoluntarily in some capacity. The Supply Room. Book Room. selling tickets for Gages social and athletic events. making costumes for school plays. aiding te.1chers. .incl operating the Christmas post otlice .tre merely a few of the media through which students serve Gage Park in the club. Twice A1 year the Service Club gives .1 Breakfast lor stuclents who assist their teachers or our sthool. The Serxice Club Breakfast goes oxer well with the stuclents who attend ,mel nukes them proud to belong to such .1 loy.1l OI'KQj,.lI'llZ.lllOIl. V Miss SLlIJ.Cl.Cf.S assistants. Top Row l. f Room I28's Staff. 7 Mr. Bohus' Helpers. Row 2, 5 L Otlice Messengers. 7 Libr.1ryAssist41nts. Roxy Sf S L l-ibr.1ry Stall. 1' Ticket Sellers. Bottom Ron 4- 4 Library Helpers. Book Room Helpers nv' ...m:'!7' . 'Q 4 I -...W " ' - - x ..+ V-. P , . ,, H . f. Q-umm ' jliiiIliQiUIi lii: E A Pg: gisiifiifi f Qkibil --,4""A , 1 .,f,.Jii51Yi5w:,, , 753 'Wh gf! Wffg qi K A , - ,,2'f97' 1 V Q we -5 - ,M 4 my-Q, S E-MM 7l'I'lY Qiqells- my old frskmd Lil - las Pas - tink -.., ,,... 17371 B t .... ro - ve - r0..... Lil - las Pas - ting ............. Noi 'WSW B8 184 xEWum la la la Ia la Q1 eo la 1-1 la trove ro L11 las Pas Ja xx sf 1 JI 5 IOIll5 R xx 1 x Nllapp I IN Ll K KI C L 1 t I 1 L K xx L Ml11'lxL H11 I N Il lk! I1 Ruxl OPPFU A Rm 1 Wlrrcn Brum Bucrlx imp L71k Doluru Curlu Clflll Kurtz Vkltl I Ll t k um Curu 11111 Illlll D1rl111r. H1rpLrt 11 IIN 1111 WIINL Stmlu Nu It lx1tl1lLL11 km mdx P1tr1c11 Bllduk Dalrm Nuxlxrrx Rohnrt I 1ng.,b111cr 1 C1110 L P1d1 xlsk Qhxrlc 'lrcnt buplnc 84111111 Stclll M1c11s IL IUCI c Spulw Mark V111 If 1 Xur1111r1 1 L I1 111111 IUHII 1t1 f 1r sun 4 1 11 VlLllflSlxX R 11111111111 1NfLG11r1 C I A1111 P1 Q1rLll1 'X1111111 Stmuk 5hlfILX Loudl Roy 1n I 1111111 Irlnk Gr1l'111v1sk1 Iflunnr M1tLl1cll D41n1ld Sugu Nhnrrx IwI1tl11c11 Cnntnr IIILYLN1 Stumr M111 Cvuttlcru INIIILY R11 11111 hflflhll NLITLI C 11111 'Xdson Allnru A11111n11t 11111 Mum R1ght Iu3,c.m N1111c11rz Gem W1ck Tum Redmond Antmnette Sunkus Dolores Nm ak Iuu1sL Arbuc Mirkn Smch hflI'Y ILL Xuch Mm mn Hawk Flurcmg bmxth ' il l'A"'i ' 1 , "1 "1 - 551 11.11111 5111151 -If 1 R W 5--1 'z 1, Q. 'abf R1w1'2f--Izrltt' Lslf'i, . 'Aj '. 'IIA f - f "gif S.1ndr.1 Laiwonik, HClcn INf.1c Sfhilkv. 11.111 . 19.11-1, 21 -. , pk, Knfl il 1,1 , R1-1.11 1 ' Inf l5.s A 1 gk A. -,1. .- .1 1 gan As .1 person walks into the B.1nd room on the third floor, he may hear the f.1l11ill.lI' strains of "Wfashington Post hldffllu or something .15 1'lg1ssi1.1l .IS "The Royal Fireworks" hy Handel. Mr. Gorbach may he heard calmly sdying, "Trumpets, you're sluggish." The students practite until finally there is heard. "That was good hut lets try it again just to be Sure." As .1 result of this practice the lW.1Hkl is well reteixed nt the assemblies. and .zlso it gives tl toncert C.ll'll year for the tommunity. Snmding- Suring. Knefht. -Linsky, Marek. V.1squt1. Ci1M.1r1. Row 44- KIoud.i, Gronlm, Ummith. Kyclmt. Golden. S1lu't-iher. Zitek. Pmsecki. XX'1tlwwski. V, Remley. Rowi-Hrinkerl1oH'. Doncgnn, Knzlpik. Daley. l.L'N.lllSli.lN. Nowak. Dziek.1n, Kuhik, Kuderm. Swartz. Huffnrd. De Nnrcn, Hlticdurn. l'rh.1uer. Row ZfOliver. Schurkc, Sczepamski. Lindenmeyer, Gnehel, Dockus, Ciccn. Van Asch. Siem.1nski. Heimherg. Fmsemcr, Cieslcwicz. Rim I-W'ell11ndL-r. Kozlowski, R. Rcmley. Ctrter. Stella, lily. l'r.1tt, Duckworth. D1ngiu.1n. Kmgsmd. Siedscl1l.1g. ut-rr .tr hwtmmj X Rt-mlm, D. Huthmrd, 5. Psluedwrn we Ol"CA8:ifI'6L It is only proper that we shoulcl say a tiew worcls about a group ol hard-working stuclents who make up the orchestra. Many nights are spent in school playing for gracluations, Parent Teachers Association. Open House. ancl other special events each year. Part of their school clay is spent practising for these events. Perhaps the greatest effort is macle for the Spring Show. llncler the able lwaton ot' Mr. Samuel Gorhach the stuclents excel in all their musical encleavors much to the enjoyment of their fellow stuclc-nts ancl our community. tl'icturc'cl upper rightj Ccrncertmaster ,Iohn NX'c-hlan Stimcling Dlcxhnsen. Marek, -lginsky. Gossan. Row S- Swartz, Huffurcl. Kuclc-ma, liloc-clurn, Kcml-wulxi. Dgic- in 1 Rcincx D c us Martinez. Row -4- Nowak, Sic-clschlag. Van Asch, Cficen. XY'c'llancler. R, Rcmcx vu c Nc u lc Hnit Autenrieth. Row 5 -Sc-il, Smith, Getz. Row 2- -lNIimac'hinc+. Strelefky. llliclunan. Steck, Pratt, ClL'SlLtXN'lCl Cmlclcn Nchillmn Ro,.,9,cnl-.iinp hfeus. Row l -Knecht, Kurinek. Shocleen, Stein. Mihok, Hlaha. l'her, liir Miha c 'N 'il 1 gf 'Q . 3 I. ,fx Lfvg Q , my 1 'M ' 4 X ji - V , '..'fW I il : Q2 Xa' 5, " Yi H 'rig . xjfyw -. 3 n. V, fam, 31. , 1 , 1' Q Q-A 5 5 ' - ' LQ-iii -' 1 1 , get S A jg V, av K A, ' ,W 'yf AJ.f1L4 , flaw 'XVQI vga 1 , , I xfl, 'vx N .. - , CM Ruw 3-Sczcpalnsb Curlu found Blaln furlcx Skmux Row 27XYfralWcl,DurLh1nLL Dnlu Pxxor Snlulkc O Gun DcCustc. Ram' 1fPrntt, 'IQIIIFIDULIFIS XX'cl mm Row 5---Laxrsun Row 2--Ccmko bury. Row l-Liptak Sinks Hxlm PI'LlSlk 1NfI1l11lk0 Blrd ff,-f 56. Z7 f -'A-'f L Rim R M-1r1.u'l111w. Munir. f,l'xlIl1.lI1. 'l'hun1pvv11. lfru-nun, f,NlL'I'IN. R-'mlm IJIULIVC Run I p.llIHk'!'i. l'L.1v1cl'. Lutz. PL-wk, Ofkm. Fmrktm Rwxs I Krtrr. HL-rquisr. Huh-V, Burn, 1 ,ug ,,, -if .aw P Ulllfll' ,,, ,, 2. W J! 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A rl ' A LOS, T11'."." ' 11- lv-i2g'. 111- '1 t1'.'t"t7:p ly1 1'-'I'-...1lo. D1i1'VJI' , 111-h-' 1 11' '. 1' l,-51 . 511 4I:.XX'., 11' Jn' Th- I' - A ' ' 1 '1' tl Ig p ' 'lm K. L5 1,1 hf- -11 '1 "1 1' . ' 1 V1 A .tl 1 A 4 14' 1-115 1. 1 ' 1 h 1 ' .i F 'lv A L I 2 1.1: .1 1 1 Q V ' 31 ' 1 1 . 11' 1 111811. Th- VI1 ' A Q . Ig ' P.1rk 11.15 .11xx'.1ys 1 1n1ncn1.11ly . ' Illl11.'11L'1 111 1 '. Ii mks. .1n1 sl 1111. un 1011111-111: continue to uphold this stcrlini, ALOFL1 so long .13 ' fists. 7 . . 7 7 ll Ioxcph I uh .1 xgph I 4 Illlfl Eggers X lmdz Iiruplarrz Dvmwru C Mal 1 'af gfiyg mmf, ,Sf gabfora lu xn Nm ik 1 I-ggux 4 5? Ill 'I IN lxlsn lxlm u Frc 1 'IA xniwurls Duruthx Grimm Nmu l5uudLtm N mu Nxunmn Hunwr bpxtzkn Roburt Uh Af umm Rum lk mlm Ilnl nll N xr M315 I IIIL It ku H1 Nux lk Dum Anderson Klux Hladmcak 4,11 f Rmunlrlc HLI11llLLl'x ldzmn' 11 Dwnild Hard Nimon Bunn X mum Crxlwd Minn Mus fllubcth Vm Asdv Hdm Nuruxn Nllhill Hlllhlfjl IX1lXlI'lL Bumble: VIYIII1 'lwmm Dwrunc Hufu Durc Duckwurth Dtbfliflly' ScdivcC CCLPLCLFL The nnmcnsc task ol fCLOfCllI11Q, 1 sears ments at Gage Puls ls ldITlIHlilCI'C.Ll cuh utr hx thc laarun .J lf? Thls group ot students upon an cntlrc xcar ol plannxng ind OI'gJ.IllZdflOII nnilly produtcs III unc ol Lath year our tomplctt md l3f.lLIfllL1l xcxrhoolx t Itm 1 To llilllflfl tht spccds ind cthucnt LOIUPlCfIOI1 ol ttslss nctcsslrx for tht lCI'lLkllOIl ot tht hook thc Stxtf ns scpxrztctl IlllOll1I'LL tltpzrtmtnts nnntly tht Photogrxphx intl LQOLII Buslmss 1nd l1klllOI'Ill staffs llth group ot tourst IS rcsponsxhlt tor thc its n una Ihn lurlln btxtf III tht klLlI'lllOl1 ot lts i.'xlSlLllLC has untulxnzgly prcscntul GIILC Puls iI1llLllllN with 1 yurhoolx xxhlth IS rcsputcd ind lpprttlltttl hx xll tht students ind uhlth strxcs 1s 1 Slf.I'llIlx,L, galormhtx tlon ot thc name ot our sthool Thxs yur s btltf hxs plcdtgnd ltsclt to tht pltstrxt tlon ot thls Ill1gUllllUlOLIS xdc ll lust ts PFLNIOLIS s ltfs xt tm tu urn ones shall so long xs tht V11 Q lttlflill tontxnucs to stmtl nnong thost ot tl L xnstl tutlons ot this sthool O ' A ' A . , , - . ' A - ' , L . 'S , , K , ' V 1 ' t I I. ' ' '. ' "1 i' ' " 'L CV' .. hc 1 4LlI . K 'A I K 4 A 5' . A ' t . -l '. A ' 4 A . , - - - . - .1 - ' 1 s . l . ' ' . V . 4 l 1 l V . .44 Af.-, A 1 I -n dispatthmcnt of tlutics within thc tlcltl intlitatctl hy 'A ' . n. l L l, l ' L ' A ' ' 2 S 41' I Y ' ' ' . ' ' 1 ', L t '. 'l 1 "1 ' ' " it "" . . ' . ' 1' 4 " ' A L 'I' f' "f..4.." l V V --1' 'Q V. lg' ti ' '- ' Q- ha - t l ' t A I . J . f - .nv ' Ag ' ' fL . it Q 1' H S '- Qui! ann! Sera!! Row 3- Rusnuk. Eggers. Nix-iik, Klouclu. l..ich. Nilmllw, Cc-rviiiif.-lx. Curley, C.urlc-y. Foley. Row 2-Bird, Dudek, Schilke, Mrs. Kew. Xxfenski, Nodla. Row lflirugalettii, Costello, Hiirrin. Sedivec, Roiimnoff. Hirfer. The Quill .ind Scroll is .in honorary society for promising high school journalists. The purpose ot' this CI'm,i.I.1HiZ.1IlOI1 is to put journ.ilism on the highest lex el. The require' ments to enter this society .irc its follows: Q15 recommendiition by Mrs. Kew. sponsor of the En-Gager. or Miss We-tte-rliiiicl or Mr, Sheridan. sponsors of the Icariang Q21 outstanding work in iournalismg 155 approval by the secretary ot the organization as being worthy of membership: L45 class standing in upper-third level: fi, membership in junior or Senior year. The students pictured here are members of the "Williani Abrams' Chapter" ot' the iiiitioml society Quill and Scroll. ii' gn " gawl' 6lh!0l'5 Stzindingv--fRoinnniwtf. Curley. Curley, Oliver Schilke. Sedivec, Sitting---fit-rmnelc. Bird. Ni-cllii. Foley, 5 GLW 5? ff XX ho' Wl11t' VUl1tn Vslhtrt Hou f blnte bqvcmber 6 1910 when the hrst lssLlL Ot tu l:n 1 er mi t IS 1 lttrlnte tht l1lI'LlVlOI'lslllg journt lsts ot the Stttf hue Q tnsxscrnng thcsc questxons tbout sthool lLl'lXlflCS 'lhe I lrcr publxshu hu weekly throughout the sthool xt tr ws ts untltr the Lthtorshnp ot liuerly Blfkl mtl Connnt Hlrrln tor the till semester mtl Renee Notllt mtl XX1Illl'llN lolq thc sprxng semester We know th it the ln Cmgcr Stiff under the gLllLlll1LL ot nts ulxuscr Mrs Sonlx B lsux vnll tontmuc lts hm 'oh ot ltccpum Gage Plfls students xscll lnlormctl -CAGE turtnsmg, Managers C Nt un Rusemtrx Mitchell Crrculttmn Mmigcr Arlene Blxha liusmess Managers Vlfg1Hli Duclels Ruse man W xreh CUlllIl1l"IlSIN Xmu Berquxst Bexerlx Blrtl Bcrnnrd Curse Norman Cnhe Connie Htrrm Lu Ann Mlhtlkm Reporters l'rmls Alexmtler met Cwnrul Xmn Duhslq Helen Qnxmis Hmrltl lsuth Dune lxotll Nhtrlu lsrcytl Nmtlra I mnnuk Adclx Mtrtmu N mu Nirtmez Marx Otkn Hcltn Palmer: Autlru Prxur L rt SCl1Llll1lSC. in me bt luunt 1 t nnasuurts Rusuntrx 'llsatn ntn u IX rtne Vtrth 'l unrest Vstnskx urls t wnrters lchm ra t tx lsu ln lixll l imunt Vlf4L,lflll lxllklllfl T4 rn MtDunntll Ntmlu Stnrntstx Quh Rtpurters lNlll'llf!l'lL Duh ks Lhtr lwttt moslso lugene lerkms Fuhn ls pustxik Karl Anne Kulsen Vxrgtmi Lteh lstnneth lcirnermm Ruhert Muth XX ll ren 5!'lllfl1 Mtn XX ills: sz Artlsts N N 1t1 lee burlgess lu ltpkt Ifl- CL l- '-Chg' .tl7tj.pv'.. ' . -' "K" ' ."lWten AI ' ,l 'I . . " ..trnl , A- riff gs A if f 1 n. 'z 1, - ' '. ,-l. - Q 1 , lik . ', N. 'Q Q.. . Rlzhl an .. Ml ' , l:'L'lLl Tlt Q, L, .' . f 4'. K. '- E T hzf. A ll ' A . 'l ' Sp , R -t u f-R' 4 l G .l. lc, lf' 'in ' ln . ' -1 . I 'I va a .. ' A ' ,"' L-A ' 5 '. N . - '- Ja .'-, 2 Y' - L '.,v 'zi- -V .A I .lla ' t'..'wj. l K. . ---R.1lpl Qrn' l. . - ' '-. .. ue 31 fvfw em To help cultryate and dey elop a slncere rnterest Ill selenee rn our members shall be our arm These words constrtute the obyectne under vshlch the Gage Park Hugh School Physics Club functrons Thus organrzatron IS one of the schools newest being llldL1gllI'2lfC'd Into the extra curruular utnrtnes program only last tall Desprte nts newness hovsey er rt boasts an appreuatnely large membershrp and malntarns a dennrtely planned program The 8.LflN1tlC.S ot the club center solely about the meetlngs vshuh usually held bl weekly on Thursdays lan the members are rx en the o ortunrt to ac urre a keener msl ht mto the more s ecralrzed fields P 8 PP Y fl 8 P ol Ph s1cs and thus dey elo a dee er a reclatron and more extensne knovyled e of the m sterres of thus Y P P PP 8 5 science The club throughout the past year has prospered exeeedmgly vsell l'6CClXlI1g the fullest cooperatxon of the members rn presenting the planned exents This Interest rn the club by the students rf eontrnued vull undoubtedly soon brrng the Physics Club to the fore as one of the most successful and honorable orgamzatrons at Gage Park We certainly would lrlee to see thus happen so Good Luck Physres Clubbers and keep up the hne work l y I v A . ' 1 ' , y Y 1 ' . , , . -' ' v v a ' feature well-prepared and informative lectures by' the members on certain phases of Physics. By this lecture , . a , v v X 1 - ' v y , - ,' 1' - ' V V,,, 1 N 45 nu s uns C ldtn Miss 5111 1 711lts VUlllfLl'lLlx tw ' it ln L1111 1111 Huber Bkfgilllll lxotll ul Rtuscm Conru Ntun rm ltttu Spxtllu hllftllxl Ptrnptlx Rnvl IL Hrrrxs 11111 l 1 ll Iurnast ltvsr. Ram lxubxsztvyslu Ovnn Nlxl lilllw Pntlec Dc1r1d1 Row 1 I-hlrbozek Nuen lxus Ras musstn Kluth ,Iansky CLQHCQ Thundermg exploslon Clouds of smoke And .1 cry of Ixe done xt Ixe dlscoy ered a lnght vselght fuel for spate trax el Sueh nmportant dxstoy erles may not tome from the Sueme Club nov but hold on to your hats the club members are preparing themselxcs tor .1 xery actne part ID the suente wxorld ot tomorrow Thns tlub sponsored by Mxss Hamer Smxth proudes an outlet tor the suentxfle talent of Gage Park s underclassmen They take part rn dxscussnons txperlments and held trnps to many mterestlng plates suth as Indiana Dunes State Park and Coal Cnty llllIlOlS vshcrt the rc ns 1l1r L dcposlt ot fosslls trom the C xrbomtcrous pcrrod NVQ hope that the llNLlII'lLSS md Splflf ot the members lt their n1LLt1n1s xyxll bt klI'I'lLLl on throul I1 tht rut ot thur Inns R1 'ff".lCfliL4t,., lu ', .l ltl. R1 ' - -Hal'k, ff. gt l. -l.lCl 'I , llllls. Ru' -.l, Q al,f B"- W u M 'NX ' 'z fi A 'V 1 1 1 . A r 4 I 1.'k' Q L' 4 U I 4 A A L L .A . 1 b Ill' rl ' R Z't'li. . SCI lt. bl'- l.llu1. M 1,"li, , ' '-ll. ' 2--' K , 'A . fi "ln cflfmfa of Me Mm The Gage Park Reserved Otticers' Training Clorps consists of over one hundred titty cadets, who are well-v'ersc-d in the military sciences, The subjects offered in the R.O.T.CQ., small unit tactics. map read- ing. drill. weapons. command voice. and marksman- ship. are very ably taught by Gage Parks military instructors. Captain Travis XY'ebb and Master Ser- geant Harold Roland. ckf-j Besides these interesting activities. the R.O.T.ff. offers its cadets a chance to be a member ot' the Ritle Team. This group. in its second year ol' competition. has a tine record of nine wins and three losses. The scores on the tiollowing page are proot' of the teams excellence. Steady nerves and good eyes are necessary to become a member. The highest average score this yearfflvl out of a possible Z00wwas tired by Paul Gade, As in previous years. Gage Park entered the annual district Platoon Competition held on November ith. The competing platoons were graded on their execution ot' close order drill and the manual of the soldier under arms. Gage Parks platoon. led by Cadet Capt, Richard Matejovsky. succeeded in placing third. The Army othcers who did the judging said that our section always has the best drill pla- toons. Their statement was later proved to be true when the tirst place team of the section won the City Championship and was commended for its superior appear- JITLC. Federal Inspection, a day ot' tests and drill. was held during the month of May. Officers from the Fifth Army Area inspected Gage Parl-:'s cadets on the appearance of their uniforms and their I knowledge ot' the subjects that were taught during the year. In the morning 1-I.-e.A'i'A' 5 tic cadets. commindcd by Cadet Iayor 0- 'loseph Kalla. performed the ceremony ot' passing in review. The remainder ot the day was spent taking the various tests. All schools that successfully passed lied- eral Inspection will be awarded an honor streamer for their school tlag. In vlune. as all the units ol Chicago marched down Michigan Avenue in thc R.O.T.CQ, Parade, there was not a snappier or happier unit ol' cadets than those from Gage Park High Schoolfproud to be lIICITTl7Cl"5 Oli Ll KQTOLIP XYIIII SO Illdlly JULOIII' plishmc-nts. J HIGH-SCORING RIFLE TEAM xx 2- I. lx.1ll41, D. Harwlg, lx. lxukfn-m, H. All:-x. nw l 'I Vmck L3 HL-xx. H Smith, P '62 P. Hum P. 82:4 P. SUS P. xml P. H09 P. Sm P. SIU P. H29 P S31 P. mi P. sw RIFLE TEAM SCORF5 Mwrgun I'.lrk I Hilfptl' '91 EDgICNMmJ 350 Fcngcr RIN Lindhlum SR u Calumet "M Fcngcr 'ii Harper PHS Erlgitwmui 69 Cfalumct HI? Lindblum S12 Q v INIu1'gg1n Puk "6 ,IANVARY GRADLQ-X'I'l.N Smnkizng--V-l.. Zclxim. R. Mucqmwky. nl Iiruwning, CQ. Dmkxw-rth. IT Kukulxki Kmwling YY. lhm'l1.1k. XY, Ifnglc, F, Vwul km. R.O.T.C. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Standing- -R. 2YfL1IClUY9l'Q', F, Iiurnx, G. in lun, R. Vgidinsky, -I. K.1ll.i. Sitting--F. Pacer. AI. Andcrwn. X. G.1bcl Upper Upper Lower Lower Left--Marko Sarich carrying the hall around right end for .1 10 yard gain. Right V-The Owls swarm over their opponent and Stflp him for no gain. Left- Tony Struppa is tackled after Catching a 20 yard pass deep in enemy territory. Right--Richard Parus gains 5 yards .is a host of blockers open a hig hole. SCORES OE THE 1950 SEASON Gage Parker 0 Gage , 20 Dusable 12 Gage 12 Tilden 18 Gage 20 Dunbar 0 Gage Englewood 6 Gage Marmion 6 Gage Lindblom 6 Gage Kelly 19 Rom 6 7-Wkllander. Akin, Thanasouras. Luzius. Sapko. Gralak. Kurow. laikianskis. Eze-rski, Po korncy. W'ellandcr, Coach Kane. Roxy S - Buchinski, Prothero, Macieiewski, Magana. Harder, Custer, Cassidy, Redmond. Hart, Wfos Roxy -I Nvliisler, Kllfllifil. Elia, Ferro, KotlarCzyk, Goebel, Haran, Wfilfenger. Wfilliams, Suges Roxy S Aikens, Oliver. McDonald, Zanardo. Orhan, Karnostak. Slowinski, lfliniox, Smafiarf Kuhan. Stalun. Row I fDohis. Milkcyitth, lamghaucr, lilinkvyolt, Sarifh. Bagdonas, Struppa. Parus, Slemp, Kalla Roxy I Whack, Srehno, Lamont, Croke, Z7 A felis f oof Cl Ufllll 0 The team of 1951 was one of the best as- sembled in Gage Park High School history. This was due to the many experienced players who returned from preteding years. the superb coaching of Mr. Kane, and the hard work of' the new players to reath the peak of the ex- perienced ones. Although our record was 5 wins and 5 losses. the Owls were tough tompetition. as is exi- denced by the fact that we lost two games by only one touchdown. Gage Park. using only certain plays. opened the season with a victory oy er Parker in a practice game, In the first league game the Owls whipped the Du Sable eleven with no trouble. The second league game with Tilden was the most exciting of' the season. Fighting hard to the last minute. Gage Park was downed by our rivals and co-champs of' the Central Section in a heartbreaking game. After suffering our first defeat. the Owls came back strong and oyerpowered the highly rated Dunbar team. Gage Park won the third league game from a stubborn Englewood elex en. The Owls then jour- neyed to Aurora and fought a powerful Marmion team to a deadlock. in a practice game. In our fifth league game the Gage Park team went down fighting at the hands of our bitter rival, Lindblom. The Owls of the gridiron closed their successful season with a loss to Kelly. the Central Section champs on a muddy field. Coach Kane is grateful to all members of the team. and hopes to assemble another fine team for the coming season. P71184 ag 40" E SI .WX . lt' f'i ggi 5 We Q 3 ? N ww.-.,., ' x,,. QI. S an-fr Lppgr Lett L pper Rlzght Tha Tnrrmn Blodxars A Stom XXHII ot Lmcmcn Ccntcr left Ccntcr Right M1111 ers At Work T L Rug Ld lun Iowxcr Lett Lower Rlght Flin lour Horsnmgn of C P Tomhdoxxn Bound Back Rows-lesko. Bedore. Kroczka, Mucha. Pargulski, Suges, XX'ellander. Ind Row'-V-Gurdus, Rusnak, Aguirre, Pelekiiudas, Kilburn, Kuhan. lilimm. lst Rim Coatli Hada. Salalmi, Slouinski, Przezdziecki. Dasko. Raine, Cloaeli Nnxgilc. unior M,?a5AefAaf! jean: SCORES Gage Park -its Tilden 58 Gage Park . -li Englewood is Gage Park 40 Du Sable SH Gage Park. .. H44 Phillips -il Gage Park . .. .42 Lindhlom .-49 Gage Park ,ii Harrison -il Gage Park 5' Farragut iii Gage Park ...66 Kelly . 36 Gage Park . 35 Uunlwar . 28 Despite the loss of three ot last years regulars. and an injury to our tirst string guard. our team did fairly well in league play this year. Captained by Bob Slowinski and Rich Salaha. the Owls just missed the play-offs with tive wins and four losses. The leading scorer. Rithard Salaha. who .iveraged IS points per game, made the All-Central Settion team and received honorahle mention on the All-City team, Our sthool is xery proud ot' the showing and the to-operation ot' the team and Coach Noxak. CWHOI MLJLCJACLZ jealll Although thus years team Lllkl not mexaure up to prunous texms at C1 rge Park they had a good hghtmg Splflf Ill exery grme Wflth the loss ot Co captam Ezerslu Stehno Wanek and eoitly llljllflii the team had 1 tremendom dehut to oyereome Alter mid year graduatxon Tyrlea eaptamed the telm md to hll nn the slots ot the grlduated and mjured players Loarh Noxale uqulred Gordus Baran Thanasouras 'md the mo Clgerts 1ll ot vxhom helped the te im eonslderably Our tall eerxter Ezcrilu renewed honorlhle mentlon on the Centrll Seetlon tum for hls hm play We thank the te am for dusplauny, the lltgllflflf, Qplrlt ol the OmlQ throughout the se won C ree Cree Q1 xge Gage C1 if C Gage Gage Gage P ll L Pa rlx Park Park Parle Park Park Park 'l llden l nglew ood Dm rble Phxllnps Lmdblom Harrlson Kelly Dunb If Roxy Gordux Couh Bid: Coieh Noy llx lhmoy e lu Roxy 7 Irmnnt lxrmheros Rullv Fzerslex Ry m XXfn.elk Front Rove Crulu: Fir: Tyrkl Ezerslu blul btehno 7 Row 3 Newberry Contrerls Kaysser Wigner Drag Wlgner Goebel Iolnette Karnoscak Orban Arkens Row Prurkoyxskx Kmzel Szesny Gricyle Foley Bergqunt Zrelmslu Izllxs Mmircnk M.1an.1 bnrek Rovs 1 Wmrlf Morley Bradtke Halas Stlrobi Blmkvmlt ell LOI' LULYYI Bain quoted from Coaeh Paul Stanger The Semor Svsrmmlng Team ot 1950 51 has prob ably been one of the most sueeessful svylmmnng teams vue haye eyer had at Gage Sparleed by outstandlng tanlxmen Ron Stlrele Ralph Magana Dnlee Karnoseale Bull I'oley lranle Pmrleowsler and Danny Balas the bennors were uetors oyer our areh rn als Lmdblom Tllden and Kelly They also defeated Dusable brealelng thelr tour year record ot haung no losses benror Te IIN rn 1 ee . . The students of Gage Park can be justly' proud of the Senior Swimming Team. As Q , v. v kv - , Lf , 1, -' 3. A , ' . RJ" Row 2--Kosmala, Cullen, Choronzuk, Gra- lwowski, Lehoeky. Row l-Lorelice, Buks.1. Newberry. Wrolw- levvski, Mucha, unior wim eam The junior Team was not as successful as the Seniorg however, it can be commended for its line showing despite the small size of the group. Outstanding swimmers on the junior Team were Bob Choronzuk, joseph Cullen, and Tom Buksa. Needless to say, next season will prove to be much more successful with these line experienced tankmen. Much will be expected of them. A Fancy Dive KGJQACJ 3811711 Though losing seven regulars through graduation. the Owl nine has started another of its successful seasons. Coach Stanger has found many promising ballplayers to till in the vacant positions of those who graduated. The Owl nine opened their season successfully with an easy xictory ox er lfnglewood 6 to 4. In the next game a hard-hitting Kelly team subdued Gage Parl-1 7 to Z. After suffering their first loss the Owls edged Harrison 8 to 7, shutout the Phillips nine 9 to O, and whipped our bitter rivals Lindblom 5 to 5. Gage Park then lost their second game to Farragut 7 to -1. In the next game the Owls defeated a surprising Dunbar team -1 to 3. At the present time. the Gage Park nine is in third place in the Central Section. Row 3ffStruppa, Langbauer, Kubik. janicek, Diamond, Tandaric, Krolak, Maciejewski. Row Zglnargulski, Zobalc. Fara, Doligale. Coach Stanger, Medows, Lamont. Novicki. Row 1----Stachowski. Blinkwolt. Benes. Raine, Dettloff, Kirincic, De Novi. il V Q f V XX. 1 1-14, ini Egg? f F fin -le, laik ix Q5 WFW1 N izafx, ,fam-Q ,uf W. M f 4 W 1, w4'QxQlf' ..,..gH'9' ' K W J ,, . f I -f" E :,' H H ' 52 V Q,-5? ,ic 2 X0 wx, ll rl Z sf o Qfieflll UH if Members ot eport te uns at Gage Park Huh who haye obtarned letters eomprnse the Lettermen 5 Club It I5 sponaored by Coaeh Kane The elub otneers are Presrdent Tony Struppa Vlee Presrdent Ralph Magma beeretary rmes Dasleo Treasurer Ted Ehmox It rs a newly organlzed elub vxhose purpose IS to proude better reeognr tron tor athletes who haxe obtained letters They meet lpproxrmately onee a month to drseuss the awarding ot letters the rssuanee of loekers ID 1 seetron elose to the gym or managers haxe been represented rn the lettermens Club ire tootball basleetbrll SVNIITIIHIIWLX and baiebill I Rem C1 teh lxme Arleens Ptrbulslu luke lYilLLlllx lxoch lienes lelelmuell Rm Irmunt Fhrnm. Crulxe Thintmuru Dnclxus Dollgile Nedms mu SYFLIPPI Prorknyuler Blrnleyyult Strrek lmerxlu lxubrle Mrllxeyrteh btrreh Ruvsl Detdy Nrltbr lJfLLlLlLlLClCl Mtgtnt lxrblleh Slmunxlex Daslu Dsrs Q7 ' 9 ef.. 2 an l "':'f - , ,,l x ILL :Barb l 0 Sf" X vc" 4 7 ol' ' Cf A ll . . L- T ' ak L- . , . -1 r . f A f - 4 A 1 ' lk A YY . ' ' -, ,2 '-,,,YyL .L .., , and the type of jackets to be worn by' the athletes. The major sports whose partieipants -1- Trix 'L ', "',, Q' .'7g', 7 , ' QS. 4'5f.a , ,T ', Q ", a1.' xi, "A grl' Re'2--Q .,' vi, A V - AQ Qrx, '. a'. 1. ' f " 1."1, mb". f501l5 .JI 1 .JI llllllf 1950 ml x X 1 1 I III 1 NNN III I W IL 1 1 R1111 I 11I1 ll 1 1 I LI 111 111 II I Ix 1 1 f 111 XX1 II 1111 , I I K X 1 Il X I QXL N IIIIWLI I iNIxI IIIHXI II1 Ik 1 'X LII X 1 I 111 IX I KI I II I Nlxl I KAI NI YIURN XRNI 11 x OIII 111 IXI1111111 1111 N 111 1 IIIIN 1 1 Il 1 I1 I1 NK 1 1 I 1111111 11 XI II I111 I III I11I1 N 1 XIXIIXQ XII f X NNI1x 11 I I 1X NK XXIKI N XIXIINI II X I 1 1 IIIII I 11111 I I IJ 1 - 1 1 1- ... . I l' ll- I ' . 1 ' . lR11sII.f1I'II I'11fI'II1.'XI.I. III. IIIIIN JXI1 .1 11I11'. I'1'. IIIx Ii-1I.11'1fj.11 I1111 ,1111.111'1. 5111111111 IIIIIIIL. K1111111I1 Ii11I1.111. If1"1 1'1I1I1111.1I.1x, II1111 II11I 1118, 11111'1I111 KI. ,'I11111 II:f1f1I11111I11. K1 1 .1xI1 .111. Ii1Ixx.11'I I.,1:111 III. II:II S.1I.1I1.1. R11I1.111I fI1,iI'IIk'I'. 111111131 111111111 .11 1. R11:1.1I11 811111111111 I111I111r 6131-13 I51111,1I1I NI,1111111uI11. XY'1II1.111: I 1113514 II.,11,l.I .XI.'Q.111.1. Ii.1I11I1 C111 IIN. 1I 'Z ,I1I1I31111111II.'I11:1. FIX I. I 1' 1 I-II f1.1111.Ii1111111I1 -XIIIIX IIUII IW - 1 Ib .lII. Ii11I1.11wI IIIlI1'I. I-1111 'II IIII ID111111. I111111 11111-111. 11111111 141.1-.MI II1111:1.1N H11 I1IIlIf II.:"lIN. Ii11I1.111I I I11111111 1.I1. RHI11: K111 1.1.1. I.11111x NIIIN11. IWIN-1111 I11II111. 'I11N111I1 Ii1I11:IxI1 .'1,1111.1 . XIII' II' II'III'II'I XX IIIIIIIU 11,1-.111 I..1111I1. l:1I11.11'1I NI IIIII1 III-IIIU I..1x1 I'1II1L. l11I111 XXII IX- IIIII x111,1111. 11' WI NIIIV- 11111 II III- l'1,,'111m 5-lm f.11.111111, Y11111 lmhxl IMI: .NI1 1111 1. I31111 ljmih RA M1II11'. II:1I1.11'1I ,mu ,W TM 11111111.11,1. 111111111 .1111 IIIIIII-:XI II-I'II- ,IIIIIII ISI Ix 1I1. II11II Ig. 1 I--130,111.1 IIIII 'Ik' ,III II1I1N- RIII -III Ii1'11II. XX'1II1.1111 R1 1II1.vI71111 I f1111111. AI 111 N1111.11'11I1. I.11111.11. NI III' -UIIIIA xI1IV1IIINIxI. IIHI1 X1 1 '11 IMI1111 NI11 1111111 II11111 y.111.l,, .X1k,,'IN., AfV.L1mNM. HM! NI1 .1. IIII11-111I11'r y,,1m1Al, 'yum XIIIIIII- IIIIIIII IIII.1II.1N1112I'.1x, ,1 N1 II 1111 C11'111'Kg1 XX I. . 1 I I 51111111 I '1 A V.111I111y. 13.11111 114, ' " , 41. 1,1'1"1'1,1q5 III' I1 'MII' II IIN WIA 1 ,N RM P Ix.r1111x1.1I1. 15111 Xytvlwlh 4 H ,' I'.11'.1. II1111.1I1I fNI.1t11.111.1. Ii.1I11I1 xX'llHUux1U. 'Al XI. A, L C111I'1Il1x, R 1II.1I'1I IIf'INL1II. R11'g11' XXII ll. IIIIII, III KIIAQ1 IIIKII'IxkIXIx NI-XI. I:'.1:gI Xxfwll! iqlml K1 1 I1.1. XXI.1Ii11 N1111I1. II1111 f11I111I4. Ii11I111'1 IIIII III1-.IIIIIU IIIIII I,I AIIIII IIN xx . '11 11 II II 11,111.1 1 Ifl 11111 III- ' I 'I' IIIIIII II 'I I I I bmw Pam, I5.1lgI111.1 . .I I I A I NI' ' IIIIII1 II.1 . 1 ...I III. , 1I. 1111 III! I AIIN1 'I I'I'1I11'.-I11'1'I l C I C '1111-. VIKIIAI-I If1'1 I11. I.11111.111I I,I1.1. 1111111 ,I1NI111. AII111 xXII11. II.111'11I11 I'I1I'I'4I. AIIAQLIU K11'1 1 'II111111,1x I .lI'NKlALQ. Ij1lII.1I1I II.111I11'. II.1111 I1111111111. XX' II .1111 II1w. 111131111 K.1II.1. ,I111 N: I11111. fII.1I'ILN Ii.1II.1. -I11x111I1 Ii.1' .1I1. I51111 'II1.111. 11111.n. I.111::1 IX11 11. IQ11 II. N11 1. 11 . wi '. '1111 1'1 Y,1111I1. .I11x111I1 I N III I'II III N II N I 110 lflnf I gr 111 KIl.l'KI ,J H' IHA. lf. - . II I I I IIN II NI -' l.M U. H V II' KI' - 'N V M XI." IS: I I IIII: I'I xx IxI .' V I' x I '. IIN X it I x. I II I I' ' IIII X ' II: ' II I M III. I X H 'If I. II,, IIII'I' 2 I II- XX XI N X' II . IxI K I 1 NJ. NI. IV' xx I S. N NM I I Ii ,XII ' II' IX rx lu' III ' III , XI I, ix! I IIII I III L' x II IIN' " XIII, I IM ' I- III' NI. ' IHI XI I II III I I I I XII' NIIII, I, N. , IIItII , 'I I IIN, III., I . I' II IIIII ' It lx I .' II: , I I II. II.:I.N clwxll lklxxvt IIIH .IIIII. II!- Iv IIIIXIVIN. III. I I. III II. I 'XIV' "I ' IJIIIIIIIL IV ' :II I NIIIIIII Ia- I' WN' II' lpll II-,Q II' fi I'I, III. III.I NIJ XIII! INV X.IUf'1fNf..I 1 IIIIIIIIIN NI.fI1: IIIII IIII XVIII' IIIKIIIIIII. XIIIIII, N.I2.'I f.III.IIII-. M-'II 'MII' HMI' NMI In 1.4 VV. X111 I'.III-... IIIIIII KIVEI Q .XI"I.I IIII IXHIII 'xl' I5IIIIII'Ix XIJQI IB. XAIIIK IJQIINLI f.I'IIII, XII.'..f X., ,I ISIIIIIIINII NIIVIII. I7x1.IIr: .I I ,I.III'I III' I.,II1'IIII II. I1sI gum 420114 To be L11 1ble tor the C A A Board Ilrst ot III 12,IfI 11111xtl11xe 1 100101111 emblem sceondls she must earn A 1000 pomt letter thlrdly She must I1 uc an E 111 PI1Ss1Cal Fduaatlon Then the 51rl may be xoted 111 by the Boird members The 111111111111111 number ot Board mcmber5 IS 70 The G A A Board members are 111 tI111r3,e ot all the G A A 1tt1x1t1es md the pro3,r11111 tor the e11t1re sur Thu Qpomor the bplxsh P1rt1cs C A A 1et1t Dmtc CI1r1st1111s P1rtx I t Itx Vollu B11 C11 1 tm CAA Msc111bI1cs XI1r11111'o XIINIAII HlFIxiIWllS I 1ts1 P1bxt md lmet Co11r1 gfm Um fe,, Prnndent C11'1nm Hunt urttarx 1 111 In L ut pru1 Ient 1 IN I1 rt1s11rt1 1r1I1m H1 t Qurrup1111tI1nf, Secrturx V1r1,1n11 Ni11Iur1 Q24 24 BDU FJ 774l?l'Yl42I'J R xx H1r M1rd11sk1 Nmu Huekm I-Iebel Steak Rm 7 Hnrmmx ZL111l1Ie Suepinslu Huter Ix111g.,st1tI lrbm Iierqulst IXICILI Rum l N1l11Ix Ixette Hunt INI1dL1r1 Butz . . . 1 ' , V , - ' , - , 1 ' - ,. ' 1 . 4 I I II I Ai 4 YI' . A A 4 ' IIAJ. , . . ' - If I I Aj. 7. . . Atlle A' A 1 , if 1 5.111 1' .1 '.111e, PIA" Day. . I 1. . . 1 ' I C. Four new 111embcrs I1.1xe been .1tItIc1I who .1re 1101 shown here, They .1rc: Ci.1s1111erette 1 . A . . I 4 '. Ds . J . . .1 ' C .LI - f-If A --I-. 'Arr- V'-- -1- - L03 fluk 'I' -1, -A fC. V - 1I.4 I C. I .I 'C ' 1 A' I 'I -L L A 4 0 ' 5-W '. 1 'A A ' 1. ' -. f 1 '-f .1 1 '1 'Q " 'ix . I . , ' , V - - I 1 ', ' ' ', . L A, . I 1 ADDING THEM VP. A STRIKI l'HIZ CHAMPS. Row 5 --Yansick. Hucko. Slamkovvski, Cadel-i. Shimkus. Hnat. Budz, Miss Kruzic. Zeman, Schallmo, Smuha. Pelton. Przezdiecka. Tourek. Voight. Zuelke. Row 2 Sventek. Sieben. Steiner. Gaba. Krejci. Ciz. Marinaro. Schierbaum, Witkovx'ski. Row l Mardovvski. Karpus. Sanchez. Schlepovvicz. Freeman. Olsen. Wfagiier. Kolar. Pabst, Olga UF., , In order to aspire to a membership in the Leaders' Club, a girl must be in at least her sophomore year and must have the recommendation of a class teacher. In addition. a potential member must have maintained a scholastic average not below and must have received at least an "E" in Gym. The girls in this organization are trained to assist the teachers and students in the physical education department. By rendering their services in this capacity they receive Ci.A.A. points. Through their activity in this group the girls develop those ever beneficial qualities ol' good sportsmanship and leadership. I'PPliR RIGHT liI,OC,KlXCQ THIQ KI! K CENTER RIGHT 'X SHIXAHRIQAKING HAM! I,UXX'IiR RlCQH'I SEEKING C3RI5A'l'lfR HICIGHTN il '23 , 'Q in A A h.- , V V, k .... fx:-Y' 4 5, .Jf f 3 jf R W , 1 , .J 1-3 R , ,ff ' 'S M Y GGL-Saving Cfaaaea EL Y CABQPLUJCFJ Every fall tryouts for cheerleading are held. Requirements are announced by the teacher in charge. Girls are rated on pep. voice, grace. and knowledge of the cheers. After a period of three semesters a letter is awarded. These girls lead the cheers at football. haskethall. and Faculty games. OFFICERS Ol: THE CIHEERLIZADERS President , . .. W , , ,, , .,..,,,, Joan Kette Secretary, ...,,,.,, H W ,, , ...Nancy Krogstad Treasurer , , ,, ..,.,,, julia johnson Captain ,, , , , Doraine Hofer Manager . ,Sylvia Nowak CAGE PARK C1lllfERS lin lmtk. gi- lwatk. gt- batk to tht- xxootls. liouni cliita lwoin, hmmm cluta lmmn, You .iin't. you .iin't. you ain't gut the goods, lioom chica ricka chicka ricka cliicka hmmm. You may have the swing. and you may have the ian. Ziss hmmm han, ziss lmuin haa. Hut you .1in't got the team that Gage Park has! Gage Park. Gage Park, Rah. Rah, Rah! Horse and buggy, horse and buggy. Fire crackers, gunpowder. dynamite. hmmm! Horse and buggy team, Here comes Gage Park! Theyke got the horse and huggy. Please make roomf XY'e've got the team! xv 5 N. Litrop. D. Wfinke, M, lillinger, V. Madura. Row ZH V. Harkahus. tl. Gregoire. -I. Harris, V. Martlnski, -I, -Iolinsun. Row 1- -I. Kerte. D. Hofer, N, Krogstad. j . a ren f- jeu CA er ,xdajofi a f i on OFFICERS 1950.51 Top Rom Mrs. lfrlmund Rinm. C.orrL-spomling Surc-t.1ry Miss Clrthcrinc Rochc, Third Vine-Prcsulurmt Mrs. john MCAUIIHK-. Vl4I'C'.ISlII'L'I' Bottom Row Mrs. Louis Hcnlxc. lflrst Vigu-ljlusinln-rut Nlrs. Al, lf.1rl ljLILl'iXX'OfllI, Prcsirlp-111 Nlrx, C. CI, lj.IIlL'I'SOII. Ruorlling Sm rct.1rx 21? ..-0 OBIECTS OI THE PTA I o promote the vscltxre of Ll1llLlI'CI'l and xouth rn homc snhool rhuuh And Com IITLIIIIQ ralsc the standards of home lute w To Qculrc 2ldCqLIJ.CC laws for thn ure md protutnon ot Children ind youth mu Cooperate lflfCllll,C'l1flX IIT the trumng, ot thc child W 'lo Luclow lwctxucn LClllLlCOI'S ina lgcncril wubln smh unite C ortx IN vxlll xuurn r unrx f. hut in mm cx m usual II Lnta SOCII lml Splfllllll ulun it C OMPI IMI NTS of thc GACI PARIx HIC H SC HOOI PARFNIT 'I I AC HPR ASSOCIATION : A "3 I 2:53 If 52 ,fu ' .. I 2.To .Q ' A 4. To bring into closer relation the home' and the school. that parents and tcaclwra . ' ' ' ' ' ' I 'Y ' I ' z' ' Y A " ' ' . '. ' I--I A . lbw! '-dlff 'A ' lo A -1' Child th- hig . l 1 'ga' ' pl al. V l. I Xl. . Q ' ' 1 ' . ion. Ii ' 5 i . Arttsttc Lmgnrtc hop Bra S Specuolty Slwop I s GQYCI I B cwell M ct cl Mr Cfrwtrol Auto Shop LL H15 Mr cmd M Colony rm Plz Corcoran Mr V Dorgus Drug Storq Elcltllorn Mr cmd Mrs F Gage Pork Shoe Reponr Geri Id Food Store Grof? Joseph Jr Hertrgcn Mr and Mrs George Huboltk Josept 5 ll I 0115 Julte S Confectuormry lxc smnerskn Mr und Mrs om Kc zum rczcmk J Kenmdy Mr cmfl Mrs W Koroslxy M cmd Mrs John Kos el Clecme-rs Kozlowelcl Mr cmclMr1 mussel s Confectnor my Krcnyolcr Kote Motor Clecmers Mtgcxs Mr cr1clMrs Mtlos Grocery Store Modern Shoe Repour Mroz Beverly Musteekos Food Morlcet N C Wooley Co pl Y I! 11 . 2 1 ' ' 'x W ', . r . J l Bit-I, Envl J. 1 W ' , . Bi -I, - ld me- . 1 J , . . . F. Bucccxm-ers, M C. Klever Kleen Kleerters U lt 1 , r, rt 5. F, f , r. ' '. 2 . ' se , full' , . rs W, F. ' I, . ,. I - ' zcr " ' ' 1 . 1 , 3 K I , . . . I ', . . 3 K . , , . t Norms Auto Body Nowock Mrs Bess Peck Robert P Petro Mr cmd Mrs Phrllrps eo Rupp Mr Stephan Schugem Mr ond Mrs Wu Szoion Mr ond Mrs Joseph Szoion Sylvro A Vomer Mr ond Mrs F Vorel Mr ond Mrs Joseoh Wurwkowskl Andrew Vosslv Fomuly Drvrsnon Dnvrsuon DIVISION Division Oo 4 607 Powell Mrolek Gorboclw W0 I r - . , x ff' 1 , . A 60 A I , . ' " O3 , . . Ps ' H 002 ' ' , L sf, ' 0' 502 ' ' , r ' " 501 . 1 , . . wr ' " 0 , , . . ' 0' O8 . ' . omsaon 407 ogrgum ' , . . . ' " O5 ' , . , ' s Y 1 ' " 30 ' . - ' ' fl Krrwur ' " 808 - H 205 ' ' " 8 - ' 20 A 0 . .- 70 . .. 202 . A -- ,464 . .0 IO ll 10115 Drvrslorw DIVI lon Drvxsron Drvrsrom Dnvrsrom Dlvusnon DIVISION DIVISION Duvlssom DVVISIOU DIVISION Drvrsron Drvrsnom DIVISIOIW DIVISION Dwnsrorr 606 11 6 49 4 4 -1 11 'VO A 4 kcmdybo Greucus Holsr Bennoon Frtzgerold Loughborough Wofsorw Stcmger Donaldson Pe rsrwll Denmsor' Croorkm Jenks Smith Taylor W! ' ' BE READY wl-:EN THE cl-lANcE comes' Congratulations graduates on the successful beglnnlng of your education Here s a helping hand from us a rule of life that wall brmg you success and securlty whatever your path SOME PART OF ALL YOU EARN BELONGS TO YOU' From every pay check lf only for a day s work take out that part set It aside save lt The House of Talman has a special welcome for you there s noth Ing we enloy more than opemng sfmall saving A accounts or youn 1 N 'K l people who are going places il A A YL121 4131 2 Nizwlss It wma? I flilililillll . am.. 'A':!,19lLA,. m?!llUl'GS J , 'ff A I . u 'H ' . l I . . . , . . . , ' ' , : ' ' 1 Pl -F 1 . '+L . . 5 V 'Q 5 g M X ' Tnlpqmlm Z- :N of l' , W ' s X M i V Z 7 1' , , , yi Qxfstftvn ' - E wlul 13- TWO-tg. , ,, , BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS JOHN BRUGALETTA RCHER OTOR ALE C0 Aufhorlzed Dealer 3945 ARCHER AVE PHONE VIRGINIA 7 5050 ARCHER SHCOTS STRAIGHT f PRESIDENT ond GENERAL MANAGER ors on ruc s - ' fswvztocfhua Q, , W. .ig Uros Q2 nl Lvy HR aff Q40 Utufufy .solavf 54I8 Soufh Ashland Avenue h II 6 1 DRIGINAL SWANSON'S CATERERS COMPLETE SERVICE FOR WEDDINGS BANQUETS 2502 W 63 Sf 'I038 W 59 Sf WAIbrook 5 1533 OTTO V STRANSKY 81 SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 5112 So Wesfern Avenue Beautiful Spoclous Chapels PRospec1 6 4758 4759 2654 W 51st St GRoveh:lI 6 1722 Authorized Rallway Inspectors HAMILTONS GRUENS DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY CLASS RINGS I 2 V 69' Q yea 10 em DOLACKI HEATING Gm SHEET METAL 31 I9 W 59th Street PRospect 6 2266 lfll'l0lflflLQlfYl0lfll We have lust completed arrangements to handle the complete lane of Armstrong furnaces winter alr conditioners and oll burners The Armstrong Furnace Company with manu tacturlng plants at Columbus Ohno and Des Moines Iowa as one of the world s largest manufacturers of worm our heatnng equipment and otters a broad selection of oil gas and coal burnmg units for your comfort and convenuence The fact that we handle a complete line ot home heatlng equapment IS Important to you' Why? Because at means we can furnish the Ideal unlt for your home whether your or coal You can depend on proper lnstallatxon too because our Installers are fully tranned Come nn soon and discuss your home heatung needs with us We are eager to serve ou Preslltero 81 Sons Inc. Wlason and General Contractors 6001 S0 Kllbourn Ave POFtSlllIllltll 1 7841 , . . . . . , , f , , f home is new or old-large or small. And we can suit your preference for fuel-oil, gas y . 0 O ? ' .- . I R LO0MIS SAVING AND LUAN ASSOCIATION 1359 W 5151 Sfreef Loans at Reasonable Rates Your Sa nngs Are lnsu ed Up to SIO OOO OO Current Du ndend Rate 3 Phone YArds 7 4763 LAfayeHe 3 0423 We d like to say good bye To you Gone are The days of fun and laughter Memories of Gage will linger after Dlvlslon 807 "Doc Small MARIIUETTE 63rd 81 Western Ave Member Federal Reser e Sysiem Member Federal Deposui Insurance Corporal: Even though iI's hard- To do " 'on- "w PECH of M f 4 4 - f f REAL ESTATE SALES and LISTINGS LOANS FIRE and AUTO INSURANCE 2816 W 55th St Chicago 32 REpubllc 7 2300 GAGE PARK CARDINAL STORES FANCY MEATS and GROCERIES o so FINE LINE OF FROZEN FOODS 5600 S Maplewood Ave PR 6 8017 BEST WISHES Telephone LaFayette 3 6248 3 47IO AnnowHEAn OLDSMOBILE co Iosc ph Iuhl L Som AUTHORIZED OLDSMOBILE Flowers Telegrcxphed Anywhere SALES AND SERVICE 471014 South Western Avenue 5370 So Western Ave GRovehnll 6 7000 Chlcogo 9, Ilhnoxs Chlcogo 9, III "'-:-1 i 'IIT-lv I Q f 4 S I ,, f,,, 1, 1 , 0 I I l K L I I MHDERH S Peoples Goal Co Inc PHARMACY 4915 s Loomus st J R MADERA R Pl' G Yfvds 7 3340 2901 w 59th sr cor Francusco Ave Genume Eastern Ky and Pocahontas Cool Phone RE 79467 Chicago Specualnzung n PRESCRIPTIONS Meats Poultry Grocerles SuppQf1' YQUI' Frozen Foods Fruuts School Paper and Year Book TASTY Vegetables Cigarettes 3320 W 55th St GRO ehnll 6 432l Compllments g lnlanl llmpvr wrt lu Gllovehlll 61160 7 CAHLS FUUDS of Heyse s Lrtfle Headaches of the Second Period Sales Class Universal Candles Candy and Ice Cream Made Fresh Darly We Sell Retail and Wholesale 5056 S Ashland Ave Ph REpubIrc 7 9580 GRovehIlI 6 9300 IVIAIIKVARTS SUPER IGA VIKT Complete Food Market Low Pruces Every Day 2522 W 59th Street Bull Markvart Prop Chicago III WE MADE IT Mr Smulls llwlslon Cralgs Good Eggs' 809 Snep Grill 70013 VI olsl 'Sl Stephen Sadak INSURANCE BROKER All Forms of Insurance S 55 LH Chcogo36 III 27 hII6495 Rays Record Slmp 5446 S Kedzne RE 7 9307 My Motto If I havent got t III try my best to get at I I ' - , - I I ' I I I I I I . , 3 I v--vi . 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' I ' I 'li C - lj I SCIGDCQ Club g h 5 1.1111l l'l1.11 111.11 x Prescrlphon Sp8CIOlISlS 5460 So Kedzue Avenue Chucago Telephone HEmlock 41672 Comphments from the XIIQI Howl Swell hop 3305 W 55ll'1 Clmcago WAIbrook 5 2537 3235 W 55th St RA PELL CLEANERS We puck up 8- dellver J Rollo ' l loud We Make Our Own Ice-Cream Fresh Bread and Rolls Every Sunday 5716 So Pulaski Rd Phone PRospec? 6 H03 H1 Hut Beauty Salon 2543 W 59th Sl Congrafulatuons to the Graduates from Heyse s Hucksters 7th Perlod Compllments of Joy Boys Musuc for all occaslons Small combo YArds 7 2876 Frank Alexander Ernest Dynda Edward KUbIC ' 1 m .- 1 - . Q 5 2 2 Q 8' S LS 3 3 2 5 3 ' l . 'Z 'V 3 "' 2' : ' V ' , 2 0 9' 5 - Z1 . 4: 4 I . . 4 CQ 11 L11 -A 3 M . 1 A : I ,T FD 1 I I A.. O 1: 3 ,f C 9 , : - : 3 3 A i 5 2 1 . 1 c -. .. 2' , , 9-L 'Z Lg o 2 . 1 V' 0 3. 3- ' . : I . V' 0 , 3 l f 7 ' 99 C it rw Q1 T Af ' S E 5 Q i v ' " 5 1' , , - . , In 2 '4 C 3 J rn - L' 'D ' 1 . 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