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65166 PHTFEK X 1 x - I N , I N 9 ' J I X 1 A : HIGH SQHQCDL ' '?'m. ' F 4 ,..1, T"f'1Py 1' f If' .3 .. l w I . 5 v Pb V , " I' 'v .Q 1 V 1, E Q fi, r . vi 1 ,. Yf' Q 91142 PM High jclwnl 911 jim 6'nmm.un1Zq kb A successful community is evident from the character and interest of the people who live in it. Gage Park High School is fortunate inasmuch as it is located in an excellent residential district with many community activities. In the years our High School has been functioning, a spirit of co-operation and a bond of appreciation has grown between our students and the community. More and more each year the parents and public realize the important part the students play in molding the communities of tomorrow. Through greater facilities and a better educa- tional program, there has come a closer relationship between our school and the community, as was evident in the unusual attendance at our Open House. Although one of the younger schools in the city, Gage has done much in achieving a high standard scholastically. During the war years we collected newspapers in paper drives, we did our best in striving to cut down on materials vitally needed for war use. More recently our students have been occupying their time in making collections for the Community Fund, Red Cross, and other worthy organizations, as well as publishing the school newspaper, which gives the community a means of becoming interested in the various activities and achievements of our students. Our R.O.T.C. and Band have participated in community parades, such as at the widening and repaving of 51st Street. We have taken part in Youth Week, Clean-Up Week, American Education Week, and Brotherhood Week, as well as Open House. Let us continue to stand as a living monument for a better education and a richer and finer community. s The Gage Park community has an excellent shopping center very close to our school. Naturally our students who live in this community use this shopping district to a great extent. For instance, pupils very frequently shop there during after school hours and on Saturdays. Proprietors of drug stores, hamburger shops, soda fountains, super-markets, and shows are well aware of the many Gage Park students who trade with them. Our school also reflects the thriving community life and co-operative spirit, by community proiects growing out of Sales, and Business Organization, and Clerical Practice classes. jnandpofdativn The Gage Park High School community is well served by transportation systems. For instance, on 55th our community is served by the number 6 bus which connects the Chicago Loop to Trumbull Avenue. Many Gage Park students use this bus in going and coming from school. The Chicago Transit Authority serves us with busses on 59th street and California Avenue. Also new streetcars provide frequent and rapid service on Western Avenue. In using this service our students always board in a mannerly fashion and conduct themselves well on these vehicles. Beauty Between the drives of Garfield Boulevard, just east of Western Avenue, there is a beautiful and large flower bed, which has been pictured here. lt is only one of the many beauty spots in the school district. Other parks in the neighborhood with beautiful landscaping and flowers are Davis Square, Cornell Square, Sherman Park, and Marquette Park. Residents within the community, too, take pride in their well'kept lawns, hedges, and flowers. And many beautiful homes, churches, and public buildings are also apparent in our community. The grounds of the school too, have well-kept lawns and neatly trimmed hedges which contribute to the beauty of the community and are ap- preciated by the students and faculty. puma uzldbzqzs This building is familiar to all Gage Park High School students, for it is the Community Fieldhouse. It provides all sorts of recreational activities which contribute to the de- velopment ot personality. The square dancing is really a sensation at the fieldhouse where many Gagers are seen "dosie-doeing" and then Hpromenading their ladies back home." On Friday many happy livers iitterbug to the latest records and have the time of their lives. This well-known building also provides factors which mold character, such as sports, movies, and clubs. The fieldhouse is the daily meeting ground of Gage's contributions to future citizenship. There is also a library ready to provide the material the Gagers need whether for work or pleasure. Upm Jlou. parents and friends wh Open House attracts l an interest in the lunct' the school. Each Novi the doors are opened public, to visit the ma hibits prepared by th dents. The members Stenography class demonstrate the abilit' few years CBelowJ have acquired within tl . F r look on as Foods stude pare a batch of mouth ' r ing cookies. The stude learn how to plan meal: are not only appetizir balanced nutritionally. Upen Jlmuuz In the Clothing classes, stu- dents learn the basic prin- ciples involved in making dresses and other garments. The latest styles and fashions are studied and applied in their work. ln this picture en- thusiastic students and ap- preciative parents examine the achievements ot the classes. Stand back! Please, as two chemistry students demon- strate the fine art of filling the air with obnoxious odors. Although chemistry is com- monly associated with explo- sions, pungent fumes, and the like, it is one science which has contributed greatly to our better way of life. Gage Park High School is one of the few high schools in our city named for the com- munity which it serves. We are pleased to dedicate the 1950 issue of the lcarian to members of our community. In doing so, we cherish the hope that we shall always serve the educational needs of the young people of high school age so as to bring the greatest benefits to them and the community. Q! C7 J ' J Miss Frances Schaefer commendably holds the position of assistant principal in our thriving school. In this exacting position she admirably fulfills her many duties, among which are the administering of tests, interviewing potential failure students, carrying on in the absence of the principal, and many other miscellaneous details. Gage Park students highly respect their competent assistant principal and believe that they are extremely fortunate in having so capable an educational administrator in the school office. " 'nandUMicQ The many daily duties of an active school like Gage Park could not easily be carried on nf at werent for the help advice and gudgment of our fine teachers like Mr Benson who is the attendance counselor Mrs Kamper the adlustment teacher and our capable office clerks Aida Tolbert Marguerite Rolston and Katherine Spruner ,Q . . , . . . I I ' I ' I I I I I ' - . - 'j y .,-1' vt ,, '-sf' 4 . t r . i , A - , ',."lgv 3- A s , .Nl , y 1 ' 'V f t 7-' ,'i . , vt' 1 14 . I X ,- V X 5-1 ,- Gage Park Hugh School could not get along wlthout the gulclance of these capable teachers Mass Powell eftlclently takes care of the students credits and transfers Miss Scannell supervlses the educational plan sheets and the adlustment of gurls gym pro grams Mr Bohus orgamzes classes and prepares each boy s gym program Miss Roche helps gain employment for the future We all appreciate the efficiency with which these teachers help run our school . C I C . . , . , . . . . , . , . if -.- ,'." 1 , I 1 . -Ts x j X, , In the picture at the right we find seated: Mrs. Galgano, Mrs. Berg, Mrs. Murphy, and standing are Miss Mrazek, Mr. Gray, and Mrs. Biddulph. These teachers are busily teaching the Commercial subiects found in our school, which are: Commercial Law, Business Training, Business Organization, Typing, Steno, Bookkeeping, Sales, and Clerical Practice. The ROTC is under the supervision of Sgt Wendell Eggerman and Sgt Harold Roland These R O T C students in courtesy tactics map reading first and marksmanshlp and other military sublects military instructors can be found instructing the S These are the members of the Home Arts depart- ment. Standing are Miss Mulqueen and Mrs. Pa- chuclcip while sitting are Mrs. Craig and Miss An- derson. The Foreign Language department is represented here, from left to right, by Miss Brazelton, Mr, Per- shell, Mr. Quinn, and Mr. Sheridan. They teach French, Spanish, and Latin. The Mathematics department is pictured here with Mr. Schiff, Miss Scannell, and Miss Hradek standing in back of Miss Linklater and Miss McKillen. The Social Science teachers look with interest at a point on the globe shown by Mr. Dunn. Mr. Dufty, Miss Wetterlund, Miss Faegenson Cseatedj, Mr. Bohus, and Mrs. Davis set a good example for their students by watching attentively. Mr. Friedman, who teaches Mechanical Drawing and Art, shows Miss Reisberg, Mrs. Good, and Mrs. Roggy a piece of art work done by a student. The Art Department as shown here is an efticient portion of our school. iii C? -R This picture of our Science department includes from left to right: Mr. Small, Mr. Wunderlich, Miss Smith fseatedl, Mrs. Pachucki, and Mrs. Komar, who tell their students about the wonders of the scientific world. Our Biology department includes from left to right, Miss DeVoe, Mrs. Taylor, Cseatedl Miss Delaney, and Mrs. Guy. Our Music department appropriately listens to the radio. Pictured here are Mrs. Grady and Mr. Gor- bach. Miss Cooper appreciates James Subka's explana- tion of the Westward Movement. Believe it or not, teachers smile as they leave school at the end of the day. Teachers in the first row are from left to right, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Friedman, Miss Sherman, Miss Reisberg, and Mr. Gray. In the background are pictured Mrs. Komar, Mrs. Galgano, Mr. Quinn, Mr. Sheridan, Mrs. Biddulph, and Mrs. Craig. 11,1 -f Miss Holst of the Household Arts department stands in front ot one of her appliances. This de- partment offers Home Arts, Clothing, Foods, and Home Management classes. Miss Claire Senft of the Music department holds the interests of Dan Flowers and King Bradtke. "Please watch your English!" Pictured, appropri- ately in the library, is the English department which includes Cseatedl Mrs. Jenks, Mrs. Kew, Miss Sher- man, Miss Courtney, and Miss Conners, fstandingl Mrs. Shallenberger, Miss Donaldson, and Miss Russell. If the way to a student's heart is through his stomach, surely smiles will help also, in the digestion. The good nature of the Lunch room stat? is reflected in their ever-present smiles and cheery service. faculty Hombzfr Mabel Anderson Robert Bada Thomas Benson Olive Berg Mary Biddulph Robert Bobbltt Paul Bohus Genevieve Bracker Marran Brazelton Margaret Casey Thomas Colley Mary Connors Edna Cooper Eleanor Courtney Neva Davus Lauretta Dennison Lorraine DeVoe Stella Donaldson John Dutty Joseph Dunn Wendell Eggerman Sadie Faegenson Bernard Friedman Ruth Galgano Elrzabeth Good Samuel Gorbach Marie Grady Emogene Grelcus Muriel Guy Anne Heagney Sylvia Herther Ethel Holst Mary Hradek Ruth Jackson Annette Jenks Catherine Kamper Soma Kew Jessie Komar Anne Llndenbaum Florence Llnklater Eluzabeth Loughborough Justin McCarthy Holly McKullen Alble Mrazek Margaret Mulqueen Rose Murphy Joseph Novak Ursula Pachuckl Russell Pershell Mary Powell Alma Rersberg Catherine Roche Garnetta Roggy Harold Roland Allce Scannell Frances Schaefer Herbert Schiff Amy Shallenberger Rose Sherman Arthur Small Harriet Smlth Paul Stanger Elizabeth Taylor Jeannette Watson Allce Wetterlund Harold Wunderluch JanetCraig Charles Kane John Sheridan , K may X 'int I v A il 4, ? 4 Qs 5 if SQ Q: hr-'I Q v I ,,-f 2 I ui 91 P EL 'Q :Hin A If 'Sr cf' J" I-4 2. N Q K V -' 1 F1 6- .H ..:'1 ,.. 5 ef RQ.. S 'U !p 5' rj -i-an - -4 Ks f fs.: ? nl XQ ll- Klan Ulpcefm Carl Bufka President Barbara Berch Treasurer June Koch Vlce Presldenf Rita Rizzo ...................................,......,,,...,..........,............................ Secretary Aw. 'S-' 157' 'Er Rowl ANDERSOHN EDNA GAA Senior Girls Club Mixed Chorus Division Secretory Student Council Representative AUTENRIETH MARIE Senior Girls Club Service Club Division Secretary Mixed Chorus Red Cross Delegate GAA BAHR RAYMOND Baseball Team Junior Prom Committee Division President Division Vice President Tennis Team BALCAR JOAN Band Orchestra Service Club Mixed Chorus Senior Girls Club Chess and Checker Club . . Division Secretary . . G.A.A. BARTECKI STANLEY . . Honor Club . . Science Club . . Division Secretary. BECVAR JACQUELINE . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Senior Girls Club . . G.A.A. . . Dancing Class . . Division Vice-President . . Band . . Division Secretary. Row 2-BERCH BARBARA . . G.A.A. . . Division President . . Bond . . Senior Prom Committee . . Senior Class Treasurer , . Senior Girls Club . . Service Club . . Division Secretary. BERGNACH ANN . . G.A.A. , . Senior Girls Club Board . . Service Club . . Mixed Chorus. BIDOCHKA MARTHA . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls Club . . Service Club. BRIGGS BLANCHE , . Honor Club Executive Board . . Service Club . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls Cub . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls Club. BROSCHKA MARIAN . . Honor Club . . Student Council Representative . . Service Club . . Band . . Orchestra . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls Club. BUFKA CARL . . Honor Club . . Division President . . Football Team Captain . . En-Gager Staff . . Senior Prom Committee . . Senior Closs President. Row 3-CAMPIN JOAN . . G.A.A. . . Division President . . Senior Girls Club . . Division Secretary. CASSIDY SARAH . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . En-Gager Stat? . . Division President . . Clean-Up Committee . . Opera Club . . Spanish Club . . Senior Girls Club. CERNY, MARIE JAYNE . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club . . Mixed Chorus. CHEBAT, JANET . . Service Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. . . Mixed Chorus. COMMISO, RALPH . . Baseball Team Manager . . Science Club . . R.O.T.C. Rilie Team. COUGHUN, CATHERINE . . Perfect Attendance . . Band . . Orchestra . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club. Row 'l-CUTLER, LORRAINE . . G.A.A, . . Senior Girls' Club . . Service Club . . Honor Club . . Mixed Chorus . . En-Goger Sfulf. DALE, JULIANA . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club . . Division Secrefory. DEL GIUDICE, DOLORES . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club . , Division Secretary. DRONZEK FRANK . . DRZEWIECKI DOROTHY GAA President Senior Girls Club Service Club ECONOMOS CHRISTINE Service Club GAA Senior Prom Commlifee Division Secretory Row 2 EXLINE ELAINE Service Club Senior Girls Club GAA Honor Club FERRO MARY GAA Senior Girls Club Service Club FICZ DOLORESE Service Club FILIPPO JOSEPH L R O T C Division Secreiory GlVlN LORRAINE Honor Club Service Club GAA Senior Girls Club Perfect Al iendonce En Goger Staff Quill and Scroll Spanish Club GORNIK STEPHEN Division President Honor Club Division Vice Presideni Service Club Ari Club Rcw 3 GOULD WILLIAM Bond Orchesira Junior Prom Commliiee Honor Club GRENCEVICZ DONALD Division Vice President GRESKOVICZ MARY ANN GAA Senior Girls Club Service Club Chorus HANSEN BRUCE Swim Team Division Vice-President Opera Club HERNANDEZ SENORINA GAA Senior Girls Club Service Club HOUSKA LORRAINE GAA Senior Girls Club Mixed Chorus Junior Class Secretary Honor Club Mixed 'ln if' I ...- ?' Row 'I HUDAK IRENE Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club GAA Honor Club Dsvssson Pressdent HUEMMER JAMES JACKSON MARY LOU Cheerleader Pressdent GAA Sensor Prom Commsttee .lunsor Prom Commsttee Honor Club Servsce Club KACZMAREK CASIMIR Dsvssson VscePresldent Student Councsl Orchestra Band Clean Up Commsttee R O T C Rsfle Team KASPER ALVIN KASS JAMES Art Club 'if Row 2 KELLERMAN LEONARD Servsce Club KESELICA ANDREW Dsvssson Secretary Football Team KILLIAN REINHOLD Honor Club Executsve Board Scsence Club Dsvssson Pressdent Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Perfect Attendance KITZ MARY GAA Sensor Gsrls Club KNAPIK JEAN Honor Club Servsce Club Band Orchestra Dsvssson Pressdent GAA Sensor Gsrls Club Msxecl Chorus KOCH JUNE Sensor Class Vsce Pressdent Honor Club Servsce Club En Gager Staff GAA Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Sensor Gsrls Club Sensor Prom Commsttee Row 3 KOENIG MARGUERITE Sensor Gsrls Club Board GAA Servsce Club Dsvssson Pressdenl Msxed Chorus KOKAS ANGELO Basketball Team Baseball Team Student Councsl Representatsve svl sscn Pressdent KOMKI HELEN Servsce Club Orchestra Sensor Gsrls Club GAA KOSTES GEORGIA GAA Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club KRSKA MARION KUBIN CHARLES Servsce Club Dsvssson Treasurer 'va' 4f"'g vw , . U . .. I ' V I I : 1 . I 1 1 I . 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' . . ' a - . , . . . . . . ' ' . . D' '- A 5 ,. if ' 4 sf 'F K 11- - - ,- main il' .' s ' 1 x..::'a rsrvf. '-.-Q5- ' 3 ,, '. ag ' ig ,. is XA K 8 V EER V 6 -' . sv: 6 V.l.'A .sy ' Yi., . 95? I, X qi . ,Fr ' wk O 1' F1 WHO? Q. Row 'I KULEVICH TOFFIN Basketball Team Manager Dsvssson Treasurer Dsvssson Secretary LARKIN WILLIAM Football Team Opera Club Pressdent Dsvssson Pressdent Sensor Prom Commsttee LARSON MARY ANN Servsce Club GAA LOPEZ REFUGIO Orchestra Opera Club Honor Club Dsvssson Pressdent LYNCH CHARLOTTE Honor Club Servsce Club GAA Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Sec retary MAGEE HELEN GAA Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club Honor Club Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Student Councsl Icarsan Staff Msxed Chorus Row 2 MAJERCAK LEONARD MCGOWAN JAMES Dsvssson Secretary Servsce Club ROTC Rsfle Team ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps McHATTON GLORIA GAA Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club Honor Club Dsvssson Sec retary En Gager Staff Opera Club Art Club MEADER LELAND Servsce Club Honor Club Executsve Board Scsence Club Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Student Councsl Band Clean Up Commsttee Orchestra MEYER JOHN Servsce Club Scsence Club ROTC Rstle Team MILLER Wsllsam Dsvssson Pressdent Dsvssson Secretary Student Councsl Representatsve School Representotsre to Chscago Youth Conference MIZAR WILLIAM Band Dsvssson Treasurer Student Councsl Representatsve MOTTLE DOLORES Msxed Chorus Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club G A A OBERST, COLETTA GAA Sensor Gsrls' Club Servsce Club i 'X "?,e,, OBMASCIK HELEN Honor Club Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls' Club lcarsan Stat? Junsor Prom Commsttee G A A PESEK, FRANK Band Dsvssson Pressdent Servsce Club Dsvssson Secretary PESEK, FRED r . a - A .qi I W I ' L , . i 1 'JWESE ft 'see ' I xo g A, . -..f ,Y 2 ' r' ' I " ' J ' ' 4. I - I 'l I 1 , ' 4 11 l hw! A , my A X 1.6: A V fs, .,' ..1, . , Q . I 393, 32' 4' 1 f A s. w I 'ef af V7 -4- , 6 Q Cf Row I PETERSON RAYMOND Swim Team PETRASEK EDWARD Orchestra PFEIFFER IOLA Honor Club Executive Board Service Club Senior Girls Club GAA PLEBANEK DOLORES Senior Girls ub Division President Division Secretary Division Treasurer GAA PLECHSMID YVONNE Honor Club Service Club Senior Girls Club Division Secretary GAA PRATT ANGELINE Senior Girls Club Service Club Student Council Representative Clean Up Committee Dwi sion Treasurer Art Club G A A Row 2 PROSKEY FLORENCE Senior Girls Club Service Club Honor Club GAA RICHLINSKI LOIS Senior Girls Club Service Club Honor Club Executive Board Science Club , . Division Secretary . . Senior Prom Committee . . G.A.A. RIZZO RITA . . Senior Class Secretary . . Clean-Up Committee . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Mixed Chorus . . En-Gager Staff . . Senior Prom Committee . . G.A,A. ROBINSON GEORGE BLAKE . , Swim Teom . . Orchestra President . , Band . . Science Club Presiden . . Division President . . Dance Band. ' ROUBA VIRGINIA . . Service Club . . Science Club , . G.A.A. ROVENTINI EUNICE . . G.A.A, , . Science Club . . Senior Girls Club . . President of Division. Row 3-SANSONE, FRANCES . . C1.A.A. . . Senior Giris' Club . . Service Club . . Division President . Student Council Executive Board . . En-Gager Staff . . Division Secretory. SHOGREN, LOUISE . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club. SIKORA, HENRY . , Football Team . . Division Secretary. SNAIDAUF, JOSEPH . . Student Council . . Honor Club . . Division Treasurer . . Division President. SNAIDAUF, RONALD . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Junior Class Treasurer . . Junior Prom Com mittee. SPUSTA, RICHARD . . Service Club . . Froslw-Soph Football Team. s Row 'l STASZEWSKI DONALD Swlm Team SZATAN SYLVIA Senlor Glrls Club GAA Servlce Club Honor Club Dlvlslon President Jumor Prom Commlttee Jumor Class Presndent SZOZDA ELIZABETH Student Councnl Executive Board Senlor Grrls Club GAA Servlce Club THOMAS BEVERLY GAA Sensor Gurls Club Servuce Club Mlxed Chorus THOMAS ROSE GAA Senior Glrls Club Service Club Mixed Chorus URBANSKI DOLORES Jumor Class Vlce President GAA Vrce President DIVISION Secretary Honor Club Senlor Glrls Club Jumor Prom Commnttee Dlvlsuon Presldent Row 2 VACLAVEK ALAN Swrm Team Service Club Usher VANA JOYCE GAA Senior Girls Club Presldent Honor Club Science Club Dlvlslon Presvdent Jumor Prom Commlttee Art Club VASILENKO LILLlAN Dlvlslon President Band Dnvlslon Secretary Dance Class Student Council Representative GAA Opera Club Orchestra Secretary WALLACE HARRIET GAA Service Club Senior Grrls Club Dlvlslon Secretary WEINBERG CHERIE Opera Club GAA Servxce Club WHISLER MELVIN Row 3 WILK AUDREY GAA Senior Gurls Club Secretary Service Club Honor Club Student Council Repreesntatlve DIVISION President Duvlsuon Vice President WOJCIEHOWSKI TED Golf Team Captain Dlvnsuon President Dlvlslon Vuce President Dlvlslon Secretary Student Councnl Representative Service Club Dlvlslon Treasurer ZAPPENDORF BETTY GAA Senior Girls Club Servuce Club MITCHELL TERRANCE Honor Club Vice President Concert Band Secretary Concert Band Treasurer Dance Band Student Councrl Representatnve 1 , I , ttf f ,s-Q. , , f V nv' ' 1 tgf g, ,.-4 . 4 r uf' ' . 7 A - , .. . . . , . ... . , .. .. ..... .. .. . . . . , . . . , . . , .. ..... .. .. . . . , . . , .. ..... .. .. . , .. ..... - .. .. .. . . . , , .. ..... .. .. . , .. . . , . - , .. ..... .. .. .. . . , . , .. .. .. S 35 - . og' . ,s yn 5 5 6 Q if g3"sf'q 3 ,1 ' 5 ' Q, ,I , , 1 fx 41 4 2 K ly, Q n , ' 17, f Q- .1 .' -pf 1 4-, I ,.i'r, X .X rWE ' ,Q in , ,rf ,Q L W 3 xh 'Wg 3 5 wx 4 XxAAx ,N .X -L,, ggi- I 4 , ,li fb' i A N I ' .M Y' 4 N f 'fl "XP 'gl 3 ff 1, Md ll 7 'riff 54 9 11 K? . iff? V il 2 562' V MT ? W Eg Q .' s .35 gig- 2 'E i ff! I 1 my x , y 'I Q' f 2 ' 'mv , T' Qwxg ' Q - fi ' ia ,' . I 1-Sf xg e V is I I I al It I Q f 'I I A L ' f 0 ! ' t 4 ' T I ng Lf l 'Nb 5 xx Q 'K l , 5, X . .. x 'fi s r ,JL .F ' 1 C8 N"k jlunay Klum Uflckofm Mcarhn Uher Treasurer Jennle Komberos Secrefory Lynn McNlchoIs President George Bcarvlnchok Vlce Presrdenf ,nv 4 fs QQ. X . i,,i,':.,xQ 25 'L K A vu Q fu? fn e r my 5. , . h ,Ly 1 . f ' 'K'.1 vi, f. ' ? T N: L. gg, Al 71, A! . gr ,VL xt, ft r iw f e r , 1 1 1 ,E K , 4 1 in e r , jlun.s2HlzaduaLszA ADAS MARILYN Honor Club Servsce Club Sensor Gnrls Club G A A AGEE JAMES Track Team Honor Club Servsce Club Student Councsl Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent and Secretary ALBANO THERESA VscePressden1 of Junsor Class Junsor Prom Commsttee Honor Club Servsce Club Student Councsl Sensor Gsrls Club Vsce Pressdent and Secretary of Dsvssson A ALCALA ANTONIO Basketball Team Baseball Team ANCHA ROBERT Football Team Track Team Honor Cub ANDERSON EVELYN Honor Club Servsce Club Cheer leader Pressdent Secretary of Sophomore Class Dsvs sson Pressdent and Vsce Pressdent Opera Club Sensor Gsrls Club BACHORZ GERALDINE Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Secre tary and Treasurer G A A BARBOTT LECLARE Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Honor Club G A A BARELAS BERTHA Sensor Gsrls Club Msxed Chorus G A A BARVINCHAK GEORGE Sensor Class Vsce Pressdent Honor Club Junsor Prom Commsttee Dsvssson Pressdent Baseball Team Red Cross Delegate BATASTINI DONALD Honor Club Servsce Club BEGEMANN ELEANOR Scsence Club En Gager Staff Sensor Gsrls Club Board Servsce Club nsor Red Cross Delegate G A A BELANSKI ESTHER Dsvssson Secretary Honor Club Servsce Club Dsvssson Treasurer Sensor Gsrls Club Sensor Prom Committee G A A Secretary BISKUPIC EVELYN Honor Club Servsce Club Chorus Scsence Club Sensor Gsrls Club Red Cross Delegate A BLAIR EVELYN Honor Club Servsce Club Chorus Scsence Club Sensor Gsrls Club Red Cross Delegate G A A BLUE SHIRLEY Honor Club Board Qusll and Scroll Co Edstor En Gager Icarsan Staff Dancsng Class Sensor Gsrls Club Opera Csub A BODEREK JEANETTE Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club En Gager G A A BOROWSKI WALTER Basketball Team Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Intramural Sports ..R.O.T.C. ..G..A. R.O.T.C. I. i . ' " .. ' ..Ju' ..G..A. ' " .. '..G. .A. 5110115 BORRELU EVELYN Servsce Club Chorus Sensor Gsrls C ub A BOSEK ARLENE Secretary and Treasurer of Sensor Gsrls Cub Servsce Club Msxed Chorus GAA BRIJA ELEANOR Dsvssson Pressdent and Vsce Pressdent Servsce Club Student Councsl Bowlsng Team Sensor Gsrls Club G A A BROSIUS JANE Student Councsl Dsvssson Treasurer Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club G A A BRUNNER MARY ANN Student Councsl Scsence Club Servsce Club G A A BRZEZINSKI JEAN Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Costume Club Dancsng Class Bowlsng League G A A BUDOFF KENNETH Dsvssson Pressdent Student Councsl Basketball Team BUKALA MARIAN Sensor Gsrls Club A BURBA GREGORY Football Team Dsvsssors Pressdent CAITHAMER JOAN Co Edstor of lcarsan Stafl Treasurer vssson Pressdent and Secretary A CHAMERLIK Lll.l.lAN Sensor Gsrls Club Opera Club G A A CHARNIAK PATRICIA Servsce Club Honor Club Sensor Gsrls Club Board G A A CHICO JESSE Junsor and Sensor Basketball Team Dsvs ssan Pressdent CHROSZY DOLORES Scsence Club Honor Club ef vsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club G A A Board CLARK MARGARET Servsce Club Scsence Club Sensor G rls Club G A A CONRAD MARCIA Servsce C ub Sensor Gsrls C Ub Dsvssson Pressdent Vsce Pressdent and Secretary Dancsng Class A CURTIN JOAN Sensor Gsrls Club Mixed Chorus G A A DAPKUS ELEANORE Secretary Treasurer of Concert Band Dancsng Class Orchestra G A A Board SfUGleM Councsl Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club X I - - I . . . , l ' l I . . G. . A. , . . ' ' ' . . G. . A. of Quill and Scroll . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Di- ' ' ' , . G. . A. . ' 5 , . ' ' ' I . . . . G. . A. guna DAVIS ROSETTA Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Secrelary Servsce Club GAA DEITERS BARBARA Honor Club Secretary Qusl and Scroll Icarsan Co Edsior Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Cub Perfeci Ahendance Junsor Prom Commsfiee GAA DeMONTE CATHERINE Honor Club Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Scsence Club GAA DEUBLER DIANE Honor Club Servsce Club Scsence C ub Sensor Gsrls Club GAA DsGIACOMO JEAN Honor Club Sensor Gsrls Cub GAA DOM LUCIENNE Servsce Club Dsvssson Secrefory Sensor Gsrls Club GAA DOMAGALA BARBARA Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club GAA DONNELLAN .IOANNE Honor Club Scsence Club Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Secreiary Bowlsng League G AA DURKIN FRANCIS Servsce Club Student Councsl en nor Prom Commsifee Dsvssson Vsce Pressden? EVANS ROBERT Dsvssson Secretary R O T C Servsce Club FALTIN WALTER Baseball Team Swsmmsng Team vssson Pressdenf and VscePressden1 FEINENDEGEN DOROTHY Studeni Councsl Sensor Gsrls C ub G A A FILIPIAK ENGELBERT Opera Club Dsvssson Treasurer Intramural Sporls FITZGIBBONS JOAN Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club G A A FORMANEK LILLIAN Honor Club Servsce Club Sen sor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Secrefary GAA FUNKHOUSER CHARLES Honor Club Servsce Club Qusll and Scroll lcorsan SfaH Chess and Checker Club Math Club Dsvssson Treasurer GABEL RONALD Sfudent Councsl Secretary Honor Club 2nd Vsce Pressdenf Servsce Club En Gager Stal? lcorsan Sfaff Scsence Club Pressdeni Sophomore Class Vsce Pres den? GALLARDO MERCEDES Servsce Club Opera Club Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Secretary and Vsce Pressdenl GAA 's , .. .. ' ' ,.Di- 5110115 GAYDOS STEVE Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent and Secretory GORLEWSKI CLARE Chorus Scsence Club Sensor Girls Club G A A GORSKA BARBARA GAA Board Dsvssson Secretary Sensor Gsrls Club Junsor Prom Commsttee Servsce Club GOWAN ELAINE Honor Club Service Club Mixed Chorus Opera Club Sensor Gsrls Club Scsence C ub Bowlsng League G A A GRACYK ANTHONY GRACYK JOAN Dsvssson Pressdent Junsor Prom Commst ee GAA GRADALL ALICE Servsce Club Sensor Girls Club GAA GRADOWSKI EDWARD Band Dance Band En Goger Staff Dsvssson Pressdent Lsbrary Asssstant Icarsan Staff Intramural Sports GREGORY PAUL Dsvssson Pressclent and Secretary GUIDARELLI ELAINE Dsvssson Treasurer Service Cub Sensor Gsrls Club G A A GULLA RICHARD Honor Club ROTC HAIZEL BETTY Student Councsl Servsce Club Honor Club G A A Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Vsce Press dent HARRIGER MARGUERITE Honor Club Service Club Art Club Opera Club Dsvssron Secretory Sensor Gsrls Club Sprsng Shows 48 49 50 G A A HARRY LEON HART CATHERINE Service Club Honor Club Sensor Girls Club , . G.A.A. HAUSER RONALD . . Service Club . . Honor Club . . Math C ub . . Honor Club Executive Board . . Student Council . . Division Vice-President. HAVLICEK, RONALD . . Division Treasurer. HAYDEN, GLORIA . . Service Club . . Library Assistant . . Di- vision Treasurer . . Honor Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. gMH25 if HLETKO BERNARD Honor Club Football Team Frosh Soph Football Swsm Team ROTC Rstle Team HOERGER JOANNE Honor Club Scsence Club Opera Club Servsce Club Dsvssson Secretary Sensor Gsrls C ub G A A HOFFMAN FRED Perfect Attendance Band Pressdent Orchestra Treasurer Dance Band Student Councsl Junsor Prom Commsttee Sensor Prom Commsttee HOGER ROBERT Servsce Club Student Councsl Repre sentatsve HOLOUBEK MARYANN Servsce Club Student Council Dsvssson Pressdent Dsvssson Secretary Sensor Gsrls Club GAA HOLY NOMA Honor Club Servsce Club Scsence Club Dsvssson Secretary Sensor Gsrls Club GAA HUBALIK EDWARD Captasn Basketball Team Pressdent of Sophomore Class Honor Club Dsvssson Secretary HUFFER KENNETH Art Club Football Team Swsm Team Pres dent Student Councsl Treasurer Servsce Club Dsvssson Pressclent HYZYNSKI GLORIA JAMES HARRY Concert Bond Orchestra Opera Club Servsce Club Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Msxed Chorus R O T C Drum and Bugle Corps JANKIEWICZ MARYANN Honor Club Servsce Club Mash Club Dsvssson Pressdent Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Sensor Gsrls Club G A A JARZABKOWSKI ARLENE Chorus Servsce Club en sor Gsrls Club Costume Club GAA JASZKOWSKI RALPH Football Team Swsm Team Track Team En Gager Stat? Scsence Club Honor C ub JOZEFOWICZ ANNA Scsence Club Servsce Club Opera Club Dancsng Class Sensor Gsrls Club G A A KABELIS MARLENE Pressdent GAA Honor Club Execu tsve Board Secretary Cheerleaders Servsce Club vss on Secretary Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent Scsence Club Bowlsng League Lsbrary Asssstant Perfect Attend ance Sensor Gsrls Club KALINOWSKI HALINA Sensor Gsrls Club GAA KAMBA ROSEMARY Honor Club Pressdent Servsce Club Jr Prom Commsttee Sr Gsrls Club Dance Class sv sson Treasurer Dsvssson Secretary Perfect Attend ance GAA Board KAMBEROS HELEN . . Honor Club . . Student Council Execu- tive Board . . Band Secretary . . Orchestra Vice-President . , Dance Class . . Senior Girls Club . . Service Club. KAMBEROS JENNIE Sensor Class Secretary Servsce Club Secretary Pressdent of Dancsng Class Band and Or chestro Student Councsl Representatsve Honor Club Sensor Prom Commsttee En Gager KANGAS NATALIE C Honor Club Servsce Club en sor Gsrls Club GAA KARA JACQUELINE C Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Cub Dancsng Class G AA KEARNEY KATHLEEN C Sensor Gsrls Club GAA KEDRA LORETTA G Sensor Gsrls Club Dancsng Class GAA KELLY ROBERT Baseball Team Honor Club Student Councsl Representatsve Intramural Basketball KESLIK RICHARD J Student Councsl Representotsve ROTC Honor Club Scsence Club Servsce Club KNEFEL PHOEBE R lcorson Staff EnGager Staff Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club GAA KLOSKA ROSEMARIE Cheerleaaer Treasurer .lunsor Prom Commsttee Servsce Club Bowlsng League Sensor Gsrls Club Chorus G A A KNIZNER DOROTHY Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club G A A KNIZNER RITA A Sensor Gsrls Club Sersvce Cub GAA KNOROSKY DOROTHY .l Dsvssxon Vsce Pressdent Treas urer Secretory Junsor Red Cross Delegate Student Councsl Representatsve Sensor Gsrls Club Scsence Club GAA KONIECZKA MARGUERITE E Honor Club Co Editor En Gager Sensor Gsrls Club Qusll and Scroll GAA KORANDA MARY Servsce Club Pressdent Honor Club Ex ecutsve Board Sensor Gsrls Club Scsence Club u dent Councsl Dsvssson Secretory GAA KORINEK DORIS Chorus Sprsng Show A9 Sensor Gsrls Club GAA KOSOLA SHIRLEY Honor Club Executsve Board Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club Dsvssson Secretary GAA KOVAL ELEANORE C Msxed Chorus Opera Club Honor Club Sensor Gsrls Club GAA KREJCI DONALD B Band and Orchestra Basketball Team Servsce Club Dsvssson Treasurer Student Councsl Intramural Sports , .. ,, I ., ' ,,S. . ., . . ., , .. I . ., . ., . , .. , .. .. .. , .. . . ., . . , .. .. -I . . ., , .. .. .. . ., . I . . . ., . . ., . , .. .. A ' .. ' " .. ' ..St- . . . , . , .. .. ,, . . ., , .. glam dv 'W fx if -U- Gs S KRETSCHMER DOROTHY L G A A Senior Girls C ub Honor Club Service Club Bowling Team KRZYSKOWSKI GENE Division President Intramural Sports KUCAL RICHARD M ROTC KUKIELA CHRISTINE M Honor Club Service Club President of Orchestra Band G A A Senior Girls C ub KUPPER JOANNE C Chorus Service Club GAA Senior Girls Club Divison President Secretary Treasurer Student Council Art Club KVECH CAROL L Senior Girls Club G A A Service C ub Spanish Club Division President Vice President Secretary Bowling Team Opera Club LACHOWICZ WILLIAM G Red Cross Delegate LATERZA CARMEN J Basketball Team Honor Club Student Council Dlvrs on President Vice President LATTYAK MARY LOU A GA A Senior Girls Club LAWRENCE CLYDE W ROTC LAZERSON FLORENCE GAA Senior Girls Club u dent Council Dancing Class Mixed Chorus Science Club Service Club LEDNICKY, MARGARET A. . . Honor Club . . Service Cub . . Senior Girls Club . . G.A.A. LEPORE LOLA A. . . Chorus . , Division Secretary . . Senior Girls Club . . G.A,A. LESKA RICHARD P. . . Senior Prom Committee . . En-Gager Staff. LIPPERT ARLENE . . Associate Editor-En-Gager . . Quill and Scroll Secretary . . Honor Club . . Clean-up Committee . . Service Club . . Science Club . , Division Secretary . . en- ior Girls Club. LOUVAR MARY LOU . . Opera Cub . . Art Club . . G.A.A. . , Senior Girls' Club. MACAK, BLANCHE V. . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club . . Serv- ice Club. PAWLOWSKI, PHYLLIS . . G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club . .Hon- or Club . . Service Club. 5110129 MAGGIO JEANNE Servste Club Opera Club Dsvs ssan Vsce Pressdent Sensor Gsrls Club GAA MANLEY JANIS Servsce Club Opera Club Sensor Gsrls Club GAA MARICH GERALDINE Servsce Club Opera Club C o rus Student Councsl Sensor Gsrls Club GAA MASTELA JOHN Swsm Team Dsv sson Vsce Pressdent Opera Club MAY ROSEMARY Servsce Club Scsence Club Costume C ub Sensor Gsrls Club Representatsve GAA McCREA JENNIE Servsce Club Honor Club Pressdent Dancsng Class Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent and Secretary Pressdent Sensor Gsrls Club GAA McDANlEL CAROLYN Servsce Club Honor Club Board Advertsssng Manager of En Gager Sensor Gsrls Club Board GAA McNlCHOLS LYNN Honor Club Student Councsl Pressdent Junsar and Sensor Classes Opera Club Class Chasrman Chcssrman Clean Up Commsttee Book Selec tson Commsttee MICHAELS BARBARA Cheerleaders Captasn Opera Club Scsence Clua Clean Up Commsttee Red Cross ep resentat ve Bowlsng League Sensor Gsrls Club GAA MIGAS IRENE Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club G A A MIGAS JOHN Intramural Sports Dsvssson Pressdent Student Councsl Representatsve MIKESKA DONALD Honor Club Swsrn Team Dsvssson Pres dent and Treasurer MISIOROWSKI DOLORES Servsce Club Scsence Club Sensor Gsrls Club GAA MITCHELL ELIZABETH Servsce Club Honor Club Dancsng Classes Sensor Gsrls Club GAA MITCHELL ESTELLE Sensor Grls Club GAA MLEKOWSKI VIOLET Servsce Club Opera Club en sor Gsrls Club GAA MONSHOWER LUELLA Sensor Gsrls CIUJ GAA MOORE RICHARD Quruz MOORE ROBERT Football Dsvssson Secretary Gager Representatsve MOTEL MILDRED Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Costume Club GAA NAPIORKOWSKI GLORIA Sensor Gsrls Club Scsence Club Servsce Club Costume Club GAA NEMEC GEORGIANA Sensor Gsrls Club Servsce Club Math C ub Honor Club G A A NESS CARTER Edstor sn Chsef En Gager Pressdent f Qusll and Scroll Band Orchestra Dance Band Drum and Bugle Corps ROTC Honor Club Csty News Representatsve Dsvssson Pressdent IEMINSKI DOROTHY Servsce Club Honor Club Opera Club Student Councsl Representatsve Dsvssson Secretary Sensor Gsrls Club G A A NOMAKO DOROTHY Honor Club Cheer Leader vssson Pressdent G A A N sce Pressdent Sensor Gsr s Club Club Student Councsl Dsvssson Secretary and Vsce Pressdent GAA NOWAKOWSKI VINCENT Scsence Club OBEDA MILDRED Servsce Club Dancsng Class Dsvs sson Pressdent Sensor Gsrls Club GAA O BRIEN MATTHEW Perfect Attendance Golf Team ROTC Rsfle Team OGAREK ARLENE Honor Club En Gager Servsce Club Bowlsng Team Sensor Gsrls Club GAA OGRADY KARENE Student Councsl Sensor Gsrls Club GAA OLCZYK ALFREDA Honor Club Servsce Club Danc sng Class Dsvssson Pressdent and Vsce Pressdent Sensor Gsrls Club G A A ORSESKE ROSEMARY Servsce Club Dsvssson Secretary Sensor Gsrls Club GAA PACHECO VIRGINIA Servsce Club Dsv sson Pressdent and Secretary G A A PACIGA PETER PALENIK MILDRED Sensor Gsrls Club GAA I I , . . . . ' ' ' . . En- l , , . . , . , , . . . . I I I . -. - . I 1 - g . 0 N , . . ' . . . . , . . . . . . Di- ' ' ' . . . . . " - ' . . ' ' I ' NOWAKOWSKI, GERALDINE . . Service Club . . Senior Girls' ,Quan PANEK WALTER R O T C Rnfle Team PAVIC ROBERT Duvusnon Treasurer Intramural Sports MACHOVSKY EMILY J G A A Senior Girls Club Service Club PAYONK FRANK Co Captam Baseball Team Basketball Team Dlvrsuon President Sensor Prom Commrttee PAYONK JAMES Co Captain Baseball Team Basketball Team Dlvnslon President PESICE EDWARD Servlce Club Intramural Sports u dent Council PIETROWIAK NORBERT PIGULA ADAM Intramural Sports Swlmmnng Team Dlvlsron Vice President PIONTKOWSKI ALICE GAA Senior Gvrls Club PLECKI RITA GAA Board Senior Glrls Club Dlvl slon President and Secretary Student Council Service Club Opera Club POLACEK MICHAEL Honor Club Treasurer Duvlsnon Pres :dent Servrce Club lcarlan Stall En Gager Staff Latrn Club ROTC POLEK LOIS Icarnan Staff Servnce Club Perfect At tendance Student Councnl Dlvrslon President Vlce Pres- ident and Secretary GAA PREININGER ELSIE Servlce Club Senior Girls Club PREVOST BETTE Service Club Dancnng GAA Concert Band PROKOP HELEN Sensor Girls Club GAA PTAK STEPHEN RADOCHONSKI STEPHANIE Service Club Science Club Senior Girls Club GAA RASMUSSEN WILLIAM Baseball Team Honor Club Service Club Sgrence Club lcarlan Staff Student Councul DIVISION Presldent and Secretary ROTC . ., , ,, I -- ' .. , .. - .. , .. .. ..St- , .. , .. .. .. . ., , .. ..... . . ., .. , .. .. .. - , .. .. - , .. .. ,. - .. .. 1 ' . - -1 , .. .. -- . ., , .. I ,. .. . ., , ,, .. .. june RATAJCZYK DOROTHY Honor Club Servrce C ub Opera Club Art Club oemor Glrls Club Sclence Club G A A ROHDE DON Honor Club Science Club EnGager Cnrculatnon Manager Quill and Scroll ROONEY PAT Honor Club Student Councll Service Club lcarlan Representative Sensor Glrls Club vxslon Secretary G A A ROTOLO JOSEPH Dvlslon President and Treasurer tramural Sports ROZDILSKY DAN RUG LILLIAN Hono ub Sensor ulrls Club lcarlan Stag GAA RUSSELL CARYL ANNE Honor Club Executive Board en nor G rls Club Service Club Dxvusuon President En Gager Stuff Science Club G A A RYPCZYNSKI VERONICA Semor Gurls Club Dnvlsxon Treas urer G A A GAA SARICH MARVIN Dnvrsuon Secretary Orchestra Swxm Team SCALES MARIE Dvslon Presldent and Vnce President Servce Club GAA Treasurer Senior Girls Club SCHAFFER ESTHER Junior Class Secretary Service Club Senior Glrls Club Dancing Junior Prom Com mn Honor Club G A A SCHALLMO MARTIN Service Club ence Club Chess and Checker Club HMIDTBAUER MARILYN Honor Club Service Cub Senior Gurls Club GAA SCHOENBECK ELMER Football Team Science Club Service Club En Gager Staff Senior Prom Commnttee SCHUESSLER ROSE Honor Club Opera Club Sensor Gnrls Club GAA SCHULTZ ED Swum Team Bus ball Team Intramural Sports SELBACH ROSEMARY Honor Club Service Club Sensor Girls Club GAA l l Q , . . . . ' I . . , , . , , . . . ' ' . . ' q I . . Dis , . . 5 " ' . . In- , . . r Cl . . ' 'S' ' . . ' , - . . ' . . S - RZEMINSKI, MARY ANN . . Senior Girls' Club . . Opera Club 'tjee . . . . . , . , . . ' . . Sc? . . SC , . . . . ' l . . JMU? SEMON PHYLLIS Senior Girls Club Honor Club GAA SIEGEL EUGENE Division Treasurer Intramural Sports Instrumental Music SLEMP LORETTA Honor Club Dancmg Class Operetta Senior Girls Club G A A SOLLAMI DOLORES Honor Club Service Club Science Cub Literary Editor En Gager Senior Girls Club Opera Club Quill and Scroll Society Bowling Team GAA SPICKA PHYLLIS Advanced Dancmg Class Senior Girls Club Honor Club Service Club Chorus GAA STEC GENEVIEVE Student Council Serlvec Club en nor Girls Club Secretary of Divas on Treasurer of Di vision Costumes G A A STECH DUANE Division President and Vice President Football Team Usher Frosl'1Sopl1 Football team STEFANIK ALBERT ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps STEFANIK JOHN R O T C Service Club Frosls Soph Football Team Representative Honor Club Service Club SWIERCZ HELEN Sen or Girls Club G A A SWINBOURN KENNETH Junior Red Cross R O T C SZYMANSKI LEONA Honor Club En Gager Stalil Service Club Math Club Correspondence Secretary of GAA Student Council Representative Bowling Man ager Vice President of Division Senior Girls Club TRENCH ROBERT Football Team UHER MARTIN Football Team Basketball Team Track Team Junior Class Treasurer Senior Class Treasurer Honor Club Dlvlslon President and Vice President En Gager VIRGO FRANCES Secretory Opera Club Honor Club Executive Board Student Council Representative IVI sion Secretary Service Club Senior Girls Club Junior Prom Committee GAA WALERSZAK GERALDINE Dancmg Class Service Club Senior Girls Club Division Secretary Junior Red Cross Costume Club G A A WANDA NANCY Senior Girls Club Representative Sci ence Club Honor Club GAA l . . ' ' , - . . ' ' ' . . , . . ' , . ' . . S - SUBKA, JAMES . . Division President and Treasurer . . lcarion . . , . . WCISLO JAMES lnlramural Sports Dsvssson VscePress deni Dsvssson Secretary WEHLAN JUNE Servsce Club Scsence Club Sensor Girls Club GAA WEINBERG ADAIR Student Councsl Servsce C ub Sensor Gsrls Club G A A WERNER LOIS Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Gager Adverssssng Manager GAA WICK RAYMOND Honor Club Servsce Club Opera Club Sprsng Show 1950 WICKEY MARIE Qusll 8s Scroll Servsce Club En Ga ger Slaff Lsserary Edslor Advanced Dance Class Vsce Pressden? Sensor Gsrls Club Cosfume Club Soplso more Class Treasurer GAA WILEY MARJORIE Servsce Club Scsence Club Chorus GAA WILFENGER DONALD Servsce Club Dsvssson Secrelary Intramural Sporfs WOHLER SONJA Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club GAA WOJCIK MARY LOU Sensor Gsrls Club GAA WOZNIAK DOROTHY Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club En Gager Staff lcarsan Staff Bowlsng League G A A YANSICK PHYLLIS Servsce Club Scsence Club Sensor Gsrls Club G AA YUNKER YVONNE Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Pressdenf GAA ZIMMERMANN BARBARA Honor Club Servsce Club Sensor Gsrls Club Dsvssson Vsce Pressdent G A A Board G A A , ,. .. - - , .. .. .. -f . . I , .. .. .. . ., , .. ' .. ' " ..En- , .. , .. .. .. .. , . I " I - . . ., , .. . .. I .. ..Dancing Class..Senior Girls' Club..Cos1ume Club , .. .. . . ., , .. .. .. . ., . . ., , .. .. , .. .. .. -, . . ., , .. .. .. , .. .. .. 'iw 'iff' UPPER LEFT UPPER CENTER UPPER RIGHT HUNGRY HAVEN LADIES' MAN AT YOUR SERVICE CENTER LEFT CENTER RIGHT SKID ROW NEW ACQUAINTANCES LOWER LEFT LOWER RIGHT CRAM SESSION TIME OUT 'I .A 1 'Q' 1'1':,,ff1Y XXI :Rf 1' I I I if ' K ,,,.,,..T. , -,. . V K-l k-Lww ,V 5 A ll f' ,1 , If , I f L Mx , I , W - I 'Q' . f Ik . A I .1 A . If -M 'xv . V! 'r - ' ' ' - T L . I I ,EI , ,M , --'f Q ,L LW rm f V "'-'v""" g rf Lp-.,,.,.. I Q '4 I fx, 4, W I -- 'Yi ,sw '. ' CN A, I f?g,A ' I' I I -0 'A V I 0.1 A '- - . Vv' .ALI 0 Q I jf -' . L' 4 Lx - 'YS'-4' FTETURE WEEK LEFT RIGHT SEXTET MODERN SCROOGE REFRESHER FUNNY PEOPLE ROYALTY AND COURT ADMIRING ARTISTS SENIOR GAD ABOUT '41 o " , ,, -1- -v " . . R Q H.,-R ,v , , " A 'T I ik Av ' . 1 .R i L 1 T 'A 4 K ' Q X W' . S ' fv '- un 1 ' 2 R, z , ' N T. A .Yr v,,., ,Tl 04 . up . N -' J' , . . Tv Y r YA. ' Y K . f ' f ty? nv '5 A 1 . . y A ,f ' 5 1 R1 A , , 9 , f .- . At, 1 'T f-'W' w ' 1 f-'24 . - 'E .Ar 'A h ' ' T --' 7' T' iffy K A .Q ii . . - 1 I T f 'fm Row 'I-Alexander, Basner, Berquisf Blank. Row 2-Browning, Buhlinger, Busch- er, Ceiihaml. Row 3-Cookley, Cromie, Dargeri Duslco, Dryier, Ducltworfh, Dudelt Efimov. Row 4-Ellis, Engel, Ezerski, Fields, Garsilaso, Giardina, Grutza, Han- sen. Row 5-Harrop, Harshbarger, Hen- ke, Heringa, Hochel, Hofer, Hoff- man, Hrabe. Row 6-Ihncholx, Jackson, Jerkalis, Kinfz, Klosko, Knapp, Koblosh, Koch. Row 7-Koneclri, Krblich, Krupinslzi, Kulxulslxi, Larson, Moceiak, Mate- iovslxy, Mecle. Row 8-Milxowslrf, Musal, Nathan, Nimz, Ordman, Paefzel, Folder, Pecelr. Row 9-Perschou, Phillips, Poll, Pre- vosl, Remley, Revak, Ribando, Rinas. Row 10-Schreiber, Slowinski, Smifh, Slang, Stefonisko, Sfehno, Ster- nqgty, Slruzina. 1 1 5.QI'Llb!1A Row T1-Thomas, Tomcsek, Tubcy Vciner, Venegas, Voelker, Wocek Wallace. Row 'I2-Wunock, Word, Weiner? Whistler, Zunnrdo, Zelvis, Zenelik Zytnowski. - ,,-1.L.....,..,- . 1 gltlilblld Row 'I-Abenante, Albanese. Row 2-Alley, Boob. Row 3-Bagdonas, Bakoifis. Row 4-Balos, Banovic, M. Baron, N Baran, Barilws, Bauer, Bavesier Becker. Row 5-Benes, Bergquisf, Bardach Bidochka, Biel, Bird, Bischof, Bloe dorn. Row 6-Bolaek, Bonaker, Bronkala Brugaletla, Brya, Burr, Buse, Bur vilas. Row 7-Bysfry, Calcscibeffa, Can zone, Carlson, Cedar, Cervonelc Chevens, Chlebiclxi. Row 8-Cicen, Cieslewicz, Cilia, Col- lins, Copeland, D. Costello, E Costello, Croke. Row 9-Ceady, Diamond, Dobis Daclrus, Crag, Dziminslci, Eggers, Elia. Row 10-Evancho, Fay, Felceie, Figie- lski, Finegan, Flinl, Florian, Foley. Row 'I'l-Fox, Figus, Frank, Frase- mer, Fredericlrs, Freeman, Galvin, Gavanus. 1 1 1 H44 , ' ww . 5 4 '?C"f5'fM .fd , v . 4' .V ' as , ef I , Xflviiffl, ' E nd" 1 A K as ' ,. sf 'E .. wk If 1 5' f K 1 A Q? I 5 5' Q Q15 6-i Row 'l--Rosialc, Rubenslein, Rudolph, Rusnak, Ryclecki, Salaba, San- chez, Sandoval. Row 2-Saplco, Sapp, Sapp, Surich, Saydak, Schilke, Schmidt, Schrey. Row 3-Schurlce, Seaman, Sebelc, Sedivec, Sewnig, Sheehan, Shlep- owicz, Sisk. Row 4-Skopelc, Solfis, Soulcup, Stachowslxi, Sialun, Sfazzone, Stephan, Stewart. Raw 5-Sirakalaitis, Sfruppa, Su- checki, Sura, Swanberg, Siwfal- ski, Szatan, Szczyrlx. Row 6-Szesney, Szrama, Tyrlca, Voss, Thanasouras, Tomaszewski, Thompson, Tomasek. Row 7-Tomich, Ulmer, Urbauer Vadinsky, Van Ash, Vandevelde, Vasek, Vasquez. Row 8-Vassiv, Vinci, Volquardsen Wagner, Walczak, Wallace, Wnl fer. Row 9-Wcilxosz, Wickers, Willxow ski, Wisniewski, Wilkowski, Wogo man, Young. Row 10-Zenalik, Zielinski, Zobalx I I gllllllihd Row Alkens Ambrose Anderson Aurond Barfeclu Row 5 Gabel George Glub Goebel Grolalr Grotlw Gums Honbo Hansen Hczrkabus Row Bedncrz Bekfc Berch Buckner Bluhc Row 6 Hoff Heuer Hertz Hoffman Holodcd Hulodel: Hun? Row Bulmley Cermak Clcplnsln Cuz Clegg Jacobs Jcmcck Johnson Row-1 Collmgs Dulelge Delle Dlhrlch Dorrls Ellunger ROW7 Hhchmun Koden Kommsky Karlsen Kamoscgk Ermun Fleer Flowers Foran Kncpuk Kolor Konllel Korzenko Kosch o l- 1 1 1 1 - - 1 . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 - 2- , 1 , 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 3- 1 , 1 1 . ' h ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 .. ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - QLUILOJIA Row Row Row Row Row Row Kosfelnnk Kowolsk: Kozlowuch Krelc: Krueger Kubcm Kurzcwo Kushner Lamoni Luvula Lazerson Lufrop Lena Mocrelewslu Polemk Polulvs Panil Punrck Pero Pcirlck Phillips Phnlpot Plum Pokorney Polorney Polehonku Prot1 Elmer Pytllk Rakowskl Ray Redmond Roland . 1- . I .' . I . ,' I V I 2- I I . V I . I I . . .l Row 3-Morinaro, McGowan, Michovich, Nonesio, Niewicbomski, Orban, Obecunns. 4- .V .l I . f I . I . . f . I I 5- , ', . 6- , ' , '. 7- , , . cgunwlm Raw Row Row Row Row Row Roslnskl Rudman Ruiz Sanchez Saruch Schaffer Schmude Selbc Sermg Shumkus Slrnandl Sleznp Smollnsku Sfachnowsku Siaraba Wellander Werkmeuster Whlfe Wunke WO'f1ICkI Wolf Wrable Senawrclx Zepka 1- ' ', , , , ' . 2- , , ' , ' , ' . 3- ' , , ' ', ', . Row 4-Sfasny, Steck, Sframp, Surak, Taylor, Thomas, Tolsky, Vrdsky, Wagner, Whelan 5- , ' , ' . 6- . ' . . .I I ,jvphonwnm 21014111 mmm Row Row Row Row Pochoclu Cassidy Falco Smuth Boker Rcdos Norrls Lorenlen Muklosh Kapella Zalnsk zClWI5l0k Semon Mmarcek Mellender Ferro Wogclk Lendway Schembcrl Goruor Vontorcek Wagner Elrlch wllkOW5kl Fell Tnola Keshun Juwglel Kanak Mogewskl Komeczlu Baia r 4- ', ' , , ' . , , ', . 3- ' f , ' , ' , , ' , , - 1- . I . I . I I . ., . ., . ?0taclc142 Row 4-DeMorco, Kuczora Cermak, Burns, Conrad Rance, Michlovich, Blaha. Row 3-Kawczynski, Siancik Curley, Curley, Bcuerle Colvin, Markham. Row 2-Kolarik, Kinzel, Ra kowski, Mazinger, Done gan, Gronlra, Harrison Graham, Shisler. Row 'I-Bradke, Malolepszy Kemp, Schultz, lisy, Mohr Roecosalvo, Wleklinski. 5.1 Hn Row 4-Wilcox, Silva, Solla- mi, Saracco, Buchinski, Sie- ben, Flanigan, Canales. Row 3-Vanek, Jensen, Sol- iis, Budz, Broda, Hnaf, Pla- czek, Siec. Row 2-Reemes, Smeochak, Lysl, Rossow, Harwandy, Slamkowski, Miramonies, Tukac. Row 'I-Murphy, Paszyna, Joniak, Kornlewski, Brandi, Kmicek, Bulanda, Wolcik. 51142 5 Row 4-Larson, Getches, Hansen, Brooks, Rudzinski, Aleck, Newberry, Cosmcno. Row 3-Denovi, Murphy, Whisiler, Hoffman, Mc- Guire, Bee, Gcspareifi, Kusfwin. Row 2-Grimes, Sobr, Bar!- kowick, Klouda, Kwiaikow- ski, Hartwig, Kasparek, Blakek, Cuprisin. Row 'I-Powroznik, Pryor, Hankiewicz, Longner, Stell- man, Aguirre, Vanecko, Hakvn, Andersen, Bana- han. 1 1 1 Jf0ll'l.CUlA Jfonlcum Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Raw Baker Dynda Gade Kubulc Harwog Rogozmslu Madura Legner Dec Touvelle Menno Lemmercm Brlnderhoff Gruntorad Wensln Dawsln Cranr Thanasouras Sopczalc Muller Hufford Anderson Pauss Stelner Wlrch Sheeman Wnse Smnh Motel Dnngmar Haros 0120.02 A Q Row Row Row Row 4 Wnlfenger Meus Kopca Cerevlc Davnes Puonikowslu Pratl Ryan 2 Pacourek Smztlu Zelxnlca Unger Frank Hladlk Thomas Czyz l Eul Eul Serpuco Dobllos Holoubek Brescna Poslxonlca Edwards 3 Graefen Konke Stefamak Ancha Soch Sczepanslu Felar Plaseclu Novak Malmowslu Sarocmslry Palelra Lundenmeger Kolanga Knez Malnnowslu Wnclc Wulllams Pelelcoudas Lukoseck Wolmalnowskx Boehnmg Brausek Wainwright Mellon Muzycko Muller Pos! Malnar Tubay Pryar Scurek Smelkal Har Huclco Fapulc Banlk Lucas LaBltz I 0 4- , , , ', ' , ' '. 3- , , , , , , , . -4 I I 1 2 , f , f , , l- , I , I , , , . I M i I I I I 'I . I . 'I I ' t I I I I I I I I - I I ! I I I I ' L I I I I I I I ' .. T 'I 'N X ' 4 n ag l 4 " K 'bl ms. If T Q ll-sl S f f . C Y l " A Q- . X ,-- - 6 if I H95 " , -J y , , , , 4- ' , , . ' , , . ' ', ' . 3- , , , , , , ' . 2- , , , , , , , . l- , , , " , ', , ' 4 N! v ,i ' 1 Y Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row awfn 2 ofo11ablaA -Smuskiewicz, Trepachko, Funck, Molloy Nowak Pacer Morhmer Kamberos -Cedar, Nagle, Blochawicz, Zobak, Lukowsku Evans Gramlfh Geiz Akun -Boncela, Roggewkamp, Peters, Siegel, Genda Isreal Trandell -Cerrefo, Mosney, Jensen, Mardaski, Muslelak Marcmklewncz Jomak Kopacz Row Row Row Row!,. LEFT RIGHT EXPERIENCED COOKS LITERARY LASSIES STUDIOUS FRESHIES FOUR YEARS' PERFECT ATTENDANCE 9 U mp3 'VY Jg9"a33gf I K 4 an J 3 ak? ann ,!FJgI.'l ! ,x vs, "'N. bfi, x .X 1, X, , 1 5 1 fi 1 "'. lull' 1 A-li ' 'ffff Y -fs J ,A ug B i Q z? ,i 1 555. -4- ,v. f kv --LA, vi 5: L' 'ii X . M 1 H 'K 7 f'7 f'wa p - at , , , I J we Zh A Y' , 44 f ? 5 K XA '- Q, 'f 52 7, -u A. V i 53,1 1 , , 'F fly .Q gat. ,-1115: . -r 1. ' ,-J?" ' U. - fU-"ll" I ,s do A.. - - , X' 'x It ag,-Q Jhl:::. sllu' .V Q, .QX-ix .. ,.. . 'K 4 E X 2? N J-A x - 011, ' Y 1,w ,1- 3 - . 15. :ff gm . ,'l ns ,..f"! ,ioplwmvluza 311 2 J Row 3-Polka, Kcczmarek, Tijan, James, Voighf, Schaumann, Jakabuc. Raw 2-Brake, Duckworfh, Park, Palek, Lombardo, Wenneberg, Taylor, Geras. Row 'I-Reicheri, Photoulus, Kolosa, Remley, Matfs, Pabst, Donis, Dingels. 1111110122 JMZKLQA Row 3 Guanm Schallmo Dose Zoller Harvel Srnunv Smuha Schuerbaum Kohl Row 2 Blazsey Blazsey Buechler Agnew LoBue Zagorslu Kreuger Mukoff Row 'I Durkm Alcalc Compm Zekus McDermev Mufh Autenrenh Lenskn . A .4 b ,i A. f V Vx 1' 1 4 Vw , Xf x I 3 I x 4 , - IX I 5 cgmqzi Bumum Row Row Row Row -Mcmafek Kosnar Cecka Heiy Witfhofi, Dobesh, Dogoda, Dubsky Trsevlc Summers Bass Becker Rusnak Svabeck Chariuer .Iesko Juarez Davidson Zueluke Kruvovlca Chalus Tourek Zamuar Mqcak Haderly Mancuso Uher Llerrnann Krull PMAILQIIA Pmala Row Row Row Row 4 Lusky Wellman Kmncnc Hclucek Glelch Loudl Knar Toman 3 Anlclch Woznlak Trelgus Saple Zrman Hudak Hehl Rogers 2 Kalafa Chiron Mars Johnson Danca Grabowskl Spolfs Buksa 'I Maihueu lmlelsnskn Jackson Kampp Kapushak Hawks Krueger If Hnndh Hnndiaa Row 2-Maciiunas, Borrelli. Row 'l-Prafl, Much yllqdfw 2 Row Row 3-Kendzierski, kk- f,,., Weatherford, Soplzrz, Nye, Dankert, Christy, Jaskowiak, Marek, Gaba. McCary, Graf, Kondrad, George, Lazarz, Cooney, Palmersfon, Karasek, Tucholska, a, Maiewski, Shanks, Przezdziecka, Roeder, Galvin. 3-Tobias, Tanguay, Lycka, Sfirek, Subka, Walker, Griffin. Row 2-Slosowski, Nowak, Moyers, Meyer, Voelker, Svihola, Wanielisto, Stingel, Riley, Wivschke, Stafeman gang Row l-Trenf, Gossan, Sfonley, Ridriguez, Blacklaw, Jeske, Larson, Sfevens, Tufo, Bober, Karpus, Thompson I Row 3-Lakomiok, Martin, Boersf, Wellman, Anians, Mazur, Morkowski, Bonilla, Kalafa, Hahn Row 2--Mafuszak, Magdziarz, Hallman, Sinks, Duxbury, Margeiic, Laifz, Szul, Novak. gok-MA Row 1-Damhesel, Tkaczyk, Pesek, Carpell, Yacko, Passcrello, Suges. 4 Q. l Ce ldataonh :ow Z wud Row I mwwn fx Mulino, Hodorowicz, McGowan, Kmieciak, Lucas, Wise, Polirock, Rivette, Kadlecik, Naglis, Yereb. Pounds, Gizowslzi, Oprondek, Cadek, Smith, Pefrizzo, Miller, Pcnek, Kwedlo, Meicke, Boyne. Mack, Klowifter, Miichell, Peddieson, Szul, Moritz, Conko, Engel, Sungoil. Row 3-Kalivodc, Krueger, Nacin, Ginger, Pavlik, Mqleney, Cainski, Szymonski, Sioncik, Winters, Row 2-Mellender, Prufos, Mifchell, VIR, O'KeeR, Aumeni, Wosinski, Neumann, UN, Zcvcdil, Floczeic. Row 1-Szymonslli, Ransirom, Manske, Coons, Brosko, Polak, Holvarsen, Pcrgulsici, Murray, Brown, Lindaw, I A Row 3-Manley, leska, Woodlecky, Dalzell, Wesolowski, Kopero, Albono, Tomoszweski, Shefcik Row 2-Kuczora, Shellhase, Lellish, Cervenka, Worchol, Venezia, Eoness, Welnowski, Svreleclmy Row I-Zak, Jackson, Shafer, Plocharczyk, Pearn, Prosser. YI ' Row 3-Oberle, Bunkowslxi, Balik, Bobek, Vaiersky, McGee, Lifviak, Kolosfa, Brannigan, Hoppe, Napo- A niello, Neubauer. Row 2 Grill, Cigulski, Kovoch, Warzecha, Winarski, Slrowronek, Pirolr, Fecha, Shimkus, Tanfillo, Marich, Mmm Guaziello. Row 1-Kotil, Pavloski, Dorris, Duchak, Wegner, Sharknas, Czarny, Hourigan, Brown. 2 Row 3-Bucki, Vrbaniak, Lehacky, Shlepowicz, Banik, Dwyer, Rusnak, Exline, Golden, Seidler, Koszola Srraan . Row 2-Hesik, Janosko, Culen, Sarich, Koblosh, Garcia, Hradecky, Sfaskon, Grabowslri, Commiso Obxala m Waltermafh. Row I-Connors, Dryiun, Brighf, Melander, Flannery, Chudzik, Delilah, Gransiaif, Canybear. Jfaluz Qi Jfavalima Row Row Row Row 4-Steiner, Dlugas, Grenko, O'FarreII, Mrovca, Smith, Stevens, Laport. 3-Oncalr, Lyman, Wilson, Siemann, Kfachf, Simkus, Redemske, Ecllerty, Clegg. Bencic, Prosser, Sfahulak, Duchaek, Schwalz, Johnson, Sackwski. I-Gordus, Wrobleski, Baltikonis, Smith, Keblusek, Svitak, Shodeen, Meyer, Burke Waclulxkm Fark Row 3 Sladelx Zedmk Jando Greene Fnscher Pnndar Zrfek Pavelec Smith Vondralr Row 2 Tomasek Knutson Wechman Cornel us Baugls Kayda Schmoock Dnamond Noonan Chalus Rowl Pukcunas Sage Kremnnfzer Motel lynch Gall Buhlunger Armbrusfer Ellls A Jnlluu Raw 3 Savage Sherman Targosz Grlsco Dogopa Nemcoes Slahor Navrahl Brown Row 2 Poshwlncholr Taylor Candy Dose Hunt Jablonslu Harper! Carter Durec Rowl Manley lenclcl Klnshaw Kulko Sloboclo Hansen Arboe Persuk -'w .4-.,, Gil Row Row Row Row -Guhl, Webb Nordeen Folz Chrzunowskn Brown Siufzrenm Glenn -Nikell, Buffes Warner Sona Brown Zonordo Muller Feeney -Brown, Siemeck Morey Serpnco Progs? Gray Avnscough -Lomb, Bonds Pempek Kasper Correro Fleicher Jessel Row Row Row Row Smith Qs -Prusok .leweil Pollok Gunlrel Alfman Hollberg Bruzek -Sisk Hosman Dopogny Seal Benedetto Siem Mclunney Rupp -Kolody Danlrerf Henry Mofelovsky Verdrno Henry Glopo Bcnchok -Vosqez Foy Kossel Kachunsky Fenl Mlhalko Berry Beranek Row Row Row Row 4: L. fs, fx YP? Rs,- and dwwzdfs, 7949-7950 SCHOLARSHIPS CARL BUFKA-4 year, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. Eaqe Panlr Scho WILLIAM RASMUSSEN-4 year, Edward Rector Scholarship at De Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana. MICHAEL POLACEK-I year, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. CARYL-ANNE RUSSELL-I year, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. LYNN MCNICHOLS-S500 Mayor's Chicago Youth Foundation Scholarship, Universi'y of Illinois, Urbana, III. CARYL-ANNE RUSSELL-MacCormac School cl Commerce Scholarship, Chicago, MARTIN UHER-4 year, New Mexico Western College, Silver City, N. M. AWARDS RONALD GABEL-Winner of the SUN-TIMES Essay Contest All-expense trip to Washington, D. C. JOANNE ROGOZINSKI-Highest score in Latin Weels Contest. RONALD GABEL-Bausch-Lomb Award for Scientific Achievement. PERFECT ATTENDANCE FOR FOUR YEARS Top Row-Marlene Kabel- is, Bertha Barelas, Ther- esa Albano, Matthew O'Brien. Middle Row-Helen Kam- beros, Jennie Kamberos, Barbara Deiters, Ronald Gabel, Joan Caithomer. Front Row-Lois Polelr, Carmen Late rza, Fred Hoflrnan, Rosemary Karn- ba, Not Pictured: Yvonne Yunlxer. TEN HIGHEST IN SCHOLASTIC STANDINGS JANUARY Blanche D. Briggs June Koch Yvonne Plechsrnid Joyce Vana Leland Meader Reinhold Killian Terrance Mitchell Rita Rizzo Helen Obmascilr Audrey Will! JUNE Michael A, Polacek Caryl-Anne Russell Geargiana Nemec Carolyn McDaniel Esther Belanslri Patricia Bislmupic Ronald Gabel Ronald Hauser Leona R. Szymanslni Marlene A. Kabelis Rosemary F, Karnba N x M 92:-3 ,F I I .V WV ' 4 paw fi! Rf ff KX - "Sr-If '-X if Q -jl 1:-.Lg-5 Qs' m g ilE?' 45 ,W wfxn MW' MNH 'eggs I Z lj if 42,9 P r ' xr xx: 4 ui .," I Mihw 1 VN ff iaafx -6 o ' rt S N. 1, aim B Band Baum WOODWINDS Clarnnefs Terrance Mutchell Wllllam Gould Fred Hoffman Ronald Remley Ronald Wellander Rnchard Lundenmeyer Gordon Akin Betty Prevost June Knapnk Richard Mowery Beverly Sczepansku Jack Oliver Helen Kamberos Jenny Kamberos Persns Steck Llllnan Pratt Saxophones Ray Bergquest Norma Dnngman Robert Hawke Nancy Krogstad Alnce Frasemer Marlene Cleslewncz Bass Clarmet Lnlllan Vasllenko BRASS Trumpets Blake Robnnson James Kozlowskn Shnrley Bloedorn Dorothy Huflord Lyle Swartz Trombones Carter Ness Carolyn Nowak Rnchard Gnardlna Horns Ruchard Dockus Frank Schrerber Sousaphone Edward Kukulskl PERCUSSION Joan Bolcar Kenneth Jansky Marilyn Karpus Eugene York Hand The band at Gage Park High School represents the spirit cmd enthusiasm of our community. The students participate in many activities, such as a parade for the re-paving of 51 st street and a city-wide Band Contest in which they received a superior rating at their last performance. This organiza- tion also gives an annual show for the members of the community who enjoy classical and semi-classical music. They present many small programs at assemblies for the student body to teach them music appreciation. Under Mr. Gorbach's able baton all these activities are organized and presented with great enthusiasm. 5 w Q , . N . ,V 2: iv I 1, '23, ,f I. ?6s Y rv A 'br' . l7 'J di- iii -- gf 1, as f , A 4 fy Vs ,fr QA: f K mmf j, xg MA s , , K I, I, C ,IF 'Y KILDJULA Row 1-Virgo, Nierninski, Curley, Curley, Bober. Row 2-Kuhnhofer, Dose, Zeller, Rydecki, Mucho. Row 3-Rosick, McCabe, Sfeiner, Guffierez, Wise. Row 4-Bludek, Sfoncilx, Yereb, Chcmerlik, Grab owslri. Row 5-Wick, Kolorilm, Sfoncllx, Aleclr, Shefcilr. Row 6-Concles, Motel, Newberry, Murphy. Ulznfum Row l-Szramo, Schillce, lowonilr, Hucko, Carlson Row 2-Peddieson, Anderson, Foitik, Mathieu Thonosouros. Row 3-Aumenr, Keblusek, Horriger, Anderson Burns. Row 4-Pocholslri, Liermonn, Michaels, Doszkie wicz, Redmond. Row 5-Lenski, Sopczok, Spolis, Solfis, Gobel. Row 6-Blinlcwcll, Lcngbcuer, Vodinslxy, Winfers Pacer. Q tr ,.-. i f Halle! Qancnfm D Hccrmons Lcnzerson Hunt Bofreff Kamberos Komba Wnckey Wiley Josefowncz Jerkons Revak Olczyk Krueger Sfolzone Pozder F Wenslu Zenolsk Herllhy B ue Brugoleffo Obedo Mnchell McCreo Spmko Motel G. C. J. J. R. M. ' M. . . A' J J. ' F. O. Kofkovich A. M. M. M. AI . J. ' - S. I N. M. B. ' ' 1. P' . J. Jfm Hanan gm Ever since its organization in 1940, the Gage Park High School Honor Club has been the goal ot many students, A minimum of fourteen grade points in the final marking period is required to become a member. All students in the Honor Club receive a gold Honor Club pin as a reward for their efforts. A student may keep the pin permanently if he or she remains a member for three consecutive semesters. This club will always provide inspiration for scholastic achievement and excellence in high school perfor- mance. Standing-Michael Polacek-Treasurer, Ronald Gabel-2nd Vice-President. Top Sitting--Terrance Mitchell-'lst Vice-President, Mrs. Neva Davis-Sponsor, Rosemary Kamba-President, Barbara Deiters-Secretary. Bottom Standing-Executive Board, L. M. McNichols, M. Kabelis, S. Kosola, J. Rogozinski, J. Loch, J. Hansen, F. Virgo, C. Russell, R. Hauser. Sitting--N. Berquist, S. Blue, C. McDaniel, M. Koranda, l. Pfeiffer, L. Richlinslci, B. Briggs. .. R,......... 'ie- Jlonolz 6111.6 O Row 3 A Jeslco D Dogoda E Wltthoft G Smuha G Chartuer S Smunt Raw 2 L P el: N Dubslcy J Janus B Mutn A Kasnar N Novotny R wl E Tnsevnch N Zuelke M Lo Bue M Krvavnclw C Brake S Uher C Campln Center R w 4 B Hletlco K Ellns R Hauser J Subka M Polacek W Rasmussen C Funlzhouser A R as R Wck D Batastmu Sternasty B Ancha M Pazder L McNucl'mols Row3 L Szymanslu J Kumberos B Mntchell G Russell Nemec G Alexander D Rohde P Rooney J Hansen M Adas Row 2 P Blskuplc J Donnellan B Delters C De Monte T A ana H Kamberos L Formanek E A derson S Blue E Belanslu E Begemann M Kabells K Tubay Row 'l J Canthamer L Groszelx E Blair B Zummermann C Mc Daniel B Hauzel L Nlmz V Dudelx D Chroszy M Koranda J DI Giacomo J Nathan M Schm dtoauer N Wanda Bottom Row 5 Ezerslu S Graefen E Koranga J Plaseclu E Burns Rance J Curley D Curley E Dynda F Alexander V Funck Blaha Kawczynslu E Brrnkerhoff Row 4 Maclelewslu R Lmdenmeyer J Conrad J Kasparelr Semon Budz M Klouda D Cosmcno D Konko J Hoffman Czyz D Marunger J Rogozlnslu Row 3 H WOICIK V Karpowlcz A Soltls G Powroznnk F Pacer Gruntorad M Hatalla M Koftewutz D Slamlcowslu P Wltkowslu Gronka G Gramlth A Marino Row 2 D Grlmes M Elbrlch K Karwandy V Madura A Pryor Meus Row 'l N Dmgman T Wenslu E Kemp S Sheeman D Ancler sen V Mardoslu D Hucko C Hur M Daley B Kesluk B an E Jontalx R Kormelc T p ' , . ' , . ' , . 1 . 1 - 1 - ' . . ' , . 1 - I I 1 - - - - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - . al . . . ' . , . . . 1 1 1 1 1 -Db I l I l I U I I I 0 - ' 1 - f - 1 - 1 - 1 A. , c. ', . ' . A J ' ' -A. 'I .1 - . 1 - 1 - 1 J. ,C. , . 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 0 - - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - J. , . ' , . ' '. ' ' ' ' In ' ' l ' ' l J' - . I J 1 - ' 1 - Q 1 - . 1 - 1 f - 1 - 1 - - D. , . , , ', . ', . ' ', - . , . , . , . , G. B. , . J , 1 . D' M' es c' L' J' Henke' J' Gwlzc' L. Bank, F. Post, M. Tysal, D, Marcinlciewicz, J. Pauss, F. Thanasouras, - . ' ' , . , . ' , . , . S. . lb 1 . 1 . 1 . rl 1 . 1 . - ' ' , ' . . , . , . , . , . ' ' ' A ' ' 1 - 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 . Ry 1 l 1 I Q I w I 1 1 1 ' 1 ' , , . . -'-- 'r i ' ',,...1,,.Q:1,,.,.v I I . Mun-, ,,,. , w.- .-.f-.1 I 'iw' l 1.,,1.1L-- 1 S H A , , ,,..a....,11.. 1 14 rv 1 1,1 - X' . l'457','5" 1 ' ...,.,p,,,,,,,, 5, -E b .Q .tram -51 f--4-'P Hanna Klub Row M Row L. Row D. Raw M Row E. Row V. Row Top 4-V. Soricli, R. Pyflik, R. Orban, S. Kreici, A, Tolsky, C arinaro, C. Sering. 3-M. Gums, R. Wellander, C. Hunt, M, Ellinger, B. Aurand Niewiadomski, N. Gabel, K. Karlsen. 2-E. Kuban, F. Schude, K. George, A. Sfaslny, G. Lazarson Kozlowski, M. Strampp, D. Wrabel, l-S, Barfecki, J. Johnson, B. Kowalski, G. Seica, J. Anderson. . Krueger, R. White. Center 5-B. Nedoss, C. Nowak, L. Mockros, R. Hemzacek, W. Foley Van Asch, A. Fox, M. Baron, R. Solfis. 4-N. Krogsiad, G. Hlefko, G. Linkus, V. Mucha, M. Wogaman Barfkus, D. Marrinez, S. Calagcibena, 3-C. Novy, Y. Brugalefla, E. Sfeplwan, C. Harrin, D. Hebel D. Haarmans, M. Kramme, M. Rusnak, J. Freeman, E. Novak. Row 2-E. Melicharek, M. Fay, B. Bird, M, Rubensiein, S. Bloedorn H. Sclmilke, C. Vinci, S. Romanoff, J. Gregoire, C, Fredericks. Row I-R. Vadinsky, E. Kubalek, J. Croke, R. Diamond, R. Rimkus R. Krauialis, D. Movel, J. Lacll. Bottom Raw 4-R. Balik, B. Scliellhase, M. Hahn, L. Larson, M. Yereb, P Lackowicz, P. Sliefcik, L, Sfrelecky, A. Boness, K. LePor9e, E Shlepowicz, Raw 3-G, Krueger, B, Hudgkl S, Vlk, S. Knieciclk, P. Molina, J Roeder, K. Kalivoda, S. Nowak, S. WilS0f1, P. Wellman. Row 2-N. Siemann, F. Grabowski, D. Loifz, B. Johnson, D. Sungail L. Kalota, L. Danca, L. Melchoir, L. Spolfs. D, BObeY. Row 'I-K, Yacko, J. Bedore, E, Sfalwluk, D. SUQSS, N. Bl0ClKl0W. S. Lawonuk, A. Gordus, D. Kofil, L. Shodeen, A. Imielinski, F. Tufo. 611 9H4M5ff1lI Edutor un Chref Carter Ness Assocaate Edltor Arlene Lnppert News Editors Beverly Bard Conme Harnn Llterary Editors Dolores Sollaml Marne Wlckey Feature Edltors Pat Blskuplc Janet Cervanek Sports Edntor Ralph Jaszkowsku Assnstant Wrllnam Foley Exchange Edntor Arlene Ogarek Assrstants Audrey Pryor Carol McKrm Curculatuon Manager Don Rhode Business Manager Vurgmla Dudek Assustant Joanne Bamk Columnists Shurley Blue Ronald Cabel Margaret Komeczka Muke Polacek Leona Symanskl Reporters June Buse Dolores Curley Joan Curley Catherine Frederucks Phoebe Knefel Adelme Kretch Sandra Lawonuk Helen Lesko LuAnn Mnhalko Renee Modla Mary Ockay Irene Polacek Sandra Romanoft Caryl Anne Russell Helen Mae Schnlke Dorothy Seduvec Evelyn Stephan Frneda Thanasouras Karen Tubay Theresa Wenskn Robert Schellhase Sports Reporters Harold Koch Tom McDonnell Elmer Schoenbeck Marty Uher Cub Reporters-Arlene Blaha Richmond Duxbury Helen Gavanus Dorothy Haarmans Helen Palmer: Dolores Novack Mara Jane Stazzone Rosemary Tkaczyk Katherune Yacko Artust Ralph Smnth Adviser Soma B Kew I W. ...sss ,,,,,,,,,,,, r,,,r,,,,,,,t,,, , , Advertising Mgrs .,.. ,...., . ,,,, ,, A, , ,s,,,,,,,,,, Carolyn McDaniel, Lois Werner . i . I D I E I ' I 'i 1 I I . ' 1 I I I I I . I I I I I ' r 1 I ' I 1 . I I 'I ' i 1 I I I . I I I 'I I E I I l ' Eff-91111111 Today is deadline! Where are the columnists? Where are the editors? Where is the whole En-Gager staff? Why in room 220 where cne can always find them serving the school throughout the year Very often In reading the school paper people are apt to forget that many hours are spent by these lndusttlous news writers ln preparing the ba weekly publlcatlon During the flrst half of the year the paper was under the co edltorshtp of Shlrley Blue and Margaret Konneczka whale durnng the second half the paper was under the edutorshlp of Carter Ness Mrs Soma B Kew the sponsor acts as advuser In the problems whuch nnevltably arnse every day The entare staff working as a team benefits ID the experience gamed ID handlmg the many basic problems and fundamentals mvolvecl ID running a newspaper To the students and to the whole commumty the En Gager presents the news lust as It happened nn and about Gage Park Hugh School Editor of Photography Edrtor of Layout Co Editors of Edttorlal Photography Joan Canthamer Rosemarre Hemzacek Marllyn Rubenstem Yolanda Brugaletta Dolores Costello Mary Hladovcak Marlon Rusnak Joan Calthamer Barbara Deaters Charles Funkhouser and Ronald Gabel STAFF Layout Barbara Derters Joseph Lach Donald Motel Marne Mars Robert Ellls Evelyn Novak Laura Eggers Edltorlal Ronald Gabel Charles Funkhouser Helen Seaman Doralne Hater Elnzabeth Van Asch Dorothy Woznlak Phoebe Knetel Maxxne Buechler Artists Donald Bonaker Orrrn McCutcheon Ralph Smxth Recordung the many events pnctures and memorres rn our year book requrres a con srderable amount of trme and patuence The lcarran Staft composed of twenty five members IS drvuded unto three groups photography layout and edrtorual These groups work hard all year under the supervnslon of Mrss Wetterlund and Mr Sherldan In strxvlng to prepare another publlcatuon of the annual Thus year the Staff has taken the theme Gage Park In the Communnty and with a co operative splrlt and a zeal to work our Staff members hope to bring to Gage the best lcarnan rn our hrstory J . 'N kJ I I - . , ' I I , 1 - - 1, - - 11 - ' r fi tb-JL gcafuan Staff Puctured on thus page are the members of the lcaruan Staff These students work mg In conlunctlon with the Icanan sponsors Muss Wetter lund and Mr Sheridan pan and organize our year book donng everythung except the actual engraving and prmtmg In the top plcture are shown the students who han dle the art work and decora tnons and asslst nn the organ: zatlon Left to rlght stand mg they are D Bonoker O McCutcheon R Smuth Mass Wetterlund Seated are Y Brugaletta E Novak andL Eggers The second pucture shows those who take care of the wntmg task They are top B Delters J Calthamer C Funkhouser R Gabel and Mr Sherndan Bottom L Pal ka P Knefel H Magee The bottom pncture shows those who also ossnst nn the 'ob of organnzatnon Left to Rusnak L Knapp M Klouda H Seaman andJ och Seated D Costello and M Rubenstevn . , ' . , . - . ' , I I L ' , : . , . 'A .L I .. 13. V . , : k I V . I n I u I ' I ' L , , ,Q right, standing: D. Hofer, M. ., , . , - . "' T . , . L . M : . , . . A I ? Q , it V ' 5 fgg . iv .Th V 'w 1 uilland.Sczwll This organization is the most exclusive in the school. It was founded in 1926 at Iowa University. The requirements to achieve membership in this club are: UD outstanding work in iour- nalismy Q21 recommendation by Mrs. Kew, the sponsor of the En-Gager, Miss Wetterlund, or Mr. Sheridan, the sponsors of the Icarianp C31 approval as being worthy of member- ship by the executive secretary of the organizationp C41 be at least a iunior f5J be in the upper third of his class. The branch here at Gage is named "The William Abrams' Chapter" after our principal, Mr. William Abrams. As an honorary organization the Quill and Scroll is instrumental in placing iournalism on a higher level. It is not the size of the chapter so much as its presence that is significant. Thus a group interested in iournalism will strive to reflect its motto which is "Ye will know the truth and the truth shall make ye free." 1.511114 gm The Semor Glrls Club conslsfmg of all Semor Grrls ns under The guidance of Mass Margaret Mulqueen and has been actuve for several years It vs an undlcatnon of the unity among our classes because all Sensor Glrls wllllngly loan e mam purpose of the club IS fo sponsor The Semor Tea This year ihe Semor Girls Club sponsored along with the tea a Bow Day and a Bow Dance Q: ll Hula' Klub Bnwzd Standung I Mlgas R May M Holoubek N Berquls? J Phillips E Basner C McDaniel L Fo manek E Begemann J Boderek R Orseske J D1Gnacomo Slfhng P Charmak T Albano C Kangas J McCrea A Bosek D Nlemunskl N Wanda 52fLvicnL'!ulv-.fzbaanyitalf TOP PICTURE Row 3 J Kromby B Slsk J Grabowskl Row 2 E Shanks G Ceufhaml F Grabowskl J Keblusek J Gramlth R Whnte C Lynch Row T J Boennung B Sczepanskr R Bober M Kabelns G Hayden A Meale BOTTOM PICTURE Row 2 M Voughf J Stevens D Kapustlak M Sirampp J Williams K George D Janiho M Elruch P Lucas Row T R Tkaczyk A Jozefowucz G Krueger D Haarmans B Norrns A Verdu N Polka ,awww Nw. .Xu Q.. Lifwu One of the most appreciated links which closely relates our school and Community is the Red Cross. The Red Cross brings together boys and girls from all parts ofthe chapter area. At the meetings ideas are exchanged which give us opportunity for the development of leader- ship andthe exchange ot experiences, discussion, and entertainment. Gage Park participates in the overall proiects of the Red Cross through our school projects, some of which are packing Red Cross boxes for veterans in hospitals and also for the people overseas. Above are some of the delegates packing these boxes. Maga- zines, books, Christmas and Easter cards were also collected. Our Junior Red Cross proiects are year-round, we hope to uphold our fine standards in the future as we did in the past. -U Kfllllfjmm Gage Park 736 Gage Park 827 Gage Park 832 Gage Park 775 Gage Park 834 Gage Park 754 Harper 787 Harper 840 Fe nger 774 Fenger 779 Lmdblom 818 Lmdblom 732 CCORES Gage Park 742 Gage Park 731 Gage Park 842 Gage Park 714 Gage Park 804 Gage Park 736 Calumet 773 Calumet 788 Morgan Park 676 Morgan Park 586 Englewood 596 Englewood 544 As you can see from the above lust of scores Gage Park has a wonderful rufle team rounds of competntuon Through the experienced supervusuon of MfSgt Eggerman and M Sgt Roland cur team has earned a very umpressuve record Joseph Kalla recorded the highest average of 170 out of a posslble 200 I I . I This year the rifle team, although in the Hrst year of existence, placed second in both September of T946 the Reserve Officers Traunung Corps b came establushed at Gage Park Hugh School At that time man M Sgt Wendell Eggerman was the mulutary unstructor and hus corps consusted of seventy sux uru xperuenced fresh and sophomore cadets Sunce that eventful September day many changes have taken place wuthun the depths ot the R O T C ranks here at Gage Wuth the recent addutuon of M Sgt Harold Roland cus a cooperatuve unstructor wuth Sergeant Eggerman the ROTC has advanced very rapudly Today the organlzatuon totals more than one hundred cadets learned prcuctucally The rifle competent vuctorues un A Drum every phase of mllutary tactucs unduvudual weapons flrst and map readung and drull team whuch us composed of the top marksmen un the R O T C holds an honored posutuon among uts many ruvals These sharpshooters have been very accurate un the past year as evudenced by theur sensatuonal recent matches over Harper Fenger Morgan Park Englewood and our arch ruval Lundblom and Bugle Corps provudes the mam body of thus organuzatuon wuth morale buuldung musuc not only un parades but also at Federal lnspectuon on raduo programs and at many other dress events Thus year as un the past another puclced platoon was entered un the Platoon Competutuon Drull Our easuly captured thurd place un a sectuonal competutuon whuch saw the vuctcr go on to ultumately seuze Gage Park unut the Cuty Cham puonshup and become proclaumed as one of the best unuts ever to be assembled The Federal lnspectuon held May llth was the hughlught of our fourth year Corps As un the past splendud dusplay of mulutoury precusuon and knowledge presented by the standard bearung cadets of ut was again a the Gage Park Hugh School R O T C Corps ln saw came wuth and the forthcomung June graduating class there wull be the last members ofthe orugunal unut who the begunnung of an organuzatuon whuch they have helped mold unto an establushed group t has been a 'ob well done' If you should ever see a young fellow or girl step aside to keep from treading upon a little worm or caterpillar, you can be certain that person is a member of the Science Club. Acid-stained fingers and singed eyebrows are also distinguishing characteristics of members of this club. VL Each Wednesday the meeting of "The Test Tube Sniffers" comes to order under the spon- sorship of Miss Harriet M. Smith. After the preliminary business is completed, the meeting is usually turned over to one of the Members who decides beforehand whether to terrorize the group with a barrage of sparks or to merely asphyxiate them with some horribly concocted gas. After the room is aired out, the technical aspect of the phenomena are discussed. Besides doing experiments and making repor.s, the club plans field trips to such places as Indiana Dunes State Park, the near-by woodlands, manufacturing companies, museums, and conservatories. The Gage Park High School Science Club will, as in the past, help students prepare for their future scientific vocations. nuncd One of the most active organizations in the school is the Student Council Aside from being the student governing body it is also the sponsor of many activities such as the Sadie Hawkins Dance Valentines Day Dance Tulip Twarl splash parties and Clean up Committee Any suggestions for improvements or complaint of conditions m the school and com munity are brought up before the representatives of the Council where they are Szozda and Helen Kamberos fstandmgl Fred Hoffman Kenneth Huffer and Ronald Gabel ? C discussed in a democratic fashion. Pictured below are: Cseatedl Joanne Pott, Elizabeth - f1':'f.i E' 'Q-V .Snfwica Club The officers of the Service Club are presented here as follows, left to right, Mary Koranda, President, Kenneth Huffer, Treasurer, Jennie Kamberos, Secretary, and Nancy Berquist, Vice-President. In many ways the school is a better place because of the members of the service club. These helpful students give assistance to various teachers in activities around our school, and carry their helpfulness, we know, into our community. Pictured below are the eight bar seniors. These girls have assisted various teachers for eight consecutive semesters and are shown here with their sponsor. From left to right they are lola Pfeiffer, Lorraine Cutler, Dorothy Drzewiecki, June Koch, Charlotte Lynch, and Miss Taylor. The office helpers shown here are Therese Schultz, LaVerne Langner, Arlene Delle, Elaine Peters, and Rose Migas. On a recent program for the Service Club Breakfast, a song number-The Busy Bees-was presented by Louis Thanasouras, Elmer Schoenbeck, William Larkin, and Kenneth Huffer. The Hill Billy Freak Show was another comedy in which participated Norman Gabel, Ronald Wellander, Alvin Tolsky, and Kenneth George. , y A nyk TFvz I :qg. . f- if A If tl" ..V' ,l - 1 H - ,f1 f 40 1' A '-vm, X 1 E - 12,35 is ll if ,Eg ' " N, I S W. I I Q ' '-2 'Q A X 8 ' il E" Ag 4 NN ' 1:-' NY i 5 Li N. 1- ' 5 X.--y 1 if fgxsxf F I Swim Klub The members of the Service Club perform a great service for our school. They assist our teachers in many ways, and thereby re- lieve them for instructional duties. ln the top picture are shown the energetic students who have been members of the Service Club for their entire eight semesters at Gage Park High. Row 1-M. Schmidtbauer, M. Koranda, C. Russell, E. Belanski, M. Kabelis. Row 2-J. Hoerger, Y. Yunker, E. Begemann, J. Brzezinski, R. Kamba, L. Szymanski. The students in the second picture make the costumes for the school plays, and they certainly help to make these performances colorful and realistic. ln the picture are: D. Dogoda, S. Kluika, T. Holoubek, A. Kretch, M. Wiley, M. Wickey, J. Brzezinski, G. Wal- erszak, A. Jarzabkowski. In the bottom picture are the busy students who sell the tickets for our many social events, such as dances, athletic contests, and shows. Left to right they are: Row 1-C. Hoffman, S. Sheeman, E. Bege- mann, J. Herlihy, M. Koranda, Mr. Quinn. Row 2-D. Eichorn, B. Gronka, J. Rogozin- ski, L. King, L. Dom, F. Revak. Row 3-B. Ryan, A. Jesko, J. Placek, C. Ser- ing, C. Hunt. .-f:..:wi1Q,:a,,'f if -f",wC3 -ffl., e ., ,W N, .,.,iYx,fg,4 1, v .fx .s , - iv 'Z' 'rmfff ,, Q ' Wi?5f3.t2f:v1v - H 11 ,Q . ' sf, T GAGE PARK - DUSABLE ADM. t04 TAX Z? ' 'l2f Supply Room The students pictured here work in the Supply Room, issuing chalk, paper, and other supplies. Another service which they provide for our school is the issuance and maintenance of lock- ers to students and teachers. They are to be commended for a good job well done. In the top picture are: George McGuire, Arthur Kacz- marek, Patricia Brousek, Theresa Baran, Regina Gruszka. In the lower picture are: 1SeatedJ Patricia Brousek, Regina Gruszka, Catherine Fredericks, and Theresa Baron. Standing are: Arthur Kaczmarek, Frank Zamier, lola Pfeiffer, George McGuire, Jack Anians, Sylvia Nowak, Diane Krueger, Vivian Toman, Deborah Bright, and Mr. Coffey, their sponsor. 1 -jx ' -4:1 Y, L -1 ?' i W5 I , 1 , f 2 f f I fi Y If I 1 'I ff, W S Q z 0 U, 3 ,,,KW tk, LMEM mv, Q-ga i 10' fc. PQ . ff 3 it QQ' , L 'A af: w qv H 1iv 4 'fuk xi M W' I-N1 i 4 r wwf.. ah Z Edmilrg i K ,.,u6i"""' ZX 'F Sd u p 1 ll J I 0 Qu? Row 4-B, Nedoss, S. Kochan, T. Efimov, R. Koslar. Row 3-J. Bagdonas, T. Kurow, J. Justyn, D. Karnoscak, J. Croke, T. McDonnell, J. Katlarczyk, R. Magana, R. Trench, A. Buchinski, E. Slemp, M. Baron, V. Zanardo, W. Wunderlich. Row 2-J. Kollo, B. Hletka, W. Lamont, B. Steck, K. Huffer, R. Elia, R, Dobis, R. Ancha, R. Jaskowski, H. Alley, K. Kuczora, E. Kuban, J. Milkevitch. Row 1-Coach C. Kane, L. Thanasouras, A. Keselica, B. Slowinski, W. Blinkwolt, M. Sarich, M. Uher, W. Larkin, C. Bufka, E. Schoenbeck, R. Langbauer, A. Struppa, H. Sikora, E. Vilcek. aluulfq Jnnfbnll Jrzam For Gage Park a completely new team, under the supervision of Coach Kane, tackled the other teams in the Central Section. Our Owls finished in fourth place this season with four victories and two defeats in league competition. Gage's annual pre-season practice game with Parker saw the fighting Owls come from behind to win 13-12. The following weeks we opened League competition with the worst defeat of the season, at the hands of the Central Section Champs, Tilden, by the score of 39-6. Our second League game found us on the short end of a 20-0 score, with the Owls easily defeated by Dunbar. The Owls then journeyed to Blue Island only to be dealt a defeat of 32-6 by a very stubborn and superior Blue Island Team. We then broke into the victory column with an impressive defeat of Farragut, 25-12 with some very excellent play by several members of the team. Our second League victory came with the defeat of our neighbor and rival, Kelly, by a score of 12-6. Du Sable then met their fate by a 26-13 score. ln the final League game the Gage Park varsity closed its 1949 season by blanking Englewood 28-O with Sarich, Uher, Hletko, and Langbauer all tallied for touchdowns. In a post season game Gage's eleven, for the first time in history, trounced a superior Lindblom team by a 14-6 score. Late in the third period Andy Keselica, All-C6I'1TfGl Section Quarterback, ran 63 yards for our first touchdown and with the game coming to a close, Struppa caught a pass for our second touchdown. ." ' SCENES FROM FROSH- SOPH GAMES 'yv 4 h . ,,. .nf if , ., K2 , 1 my 4 If f n. ni". fx I TX 1 5 , ,Y . Sw x .. , 'K ,, .I A xg - V Q k N'aWQ' xffzv -N . f Lv in 4 3 M A A la X. 1 r f Q' Q A ' -af -Q ,L K Q PUC. 2 B I ,p':1-:far-4 -x -,E-'. I F" .Q f ir-:il,Q6Ti... ' , rid. 5... " , ,wanna-"-'3-"" 'P' 'GNL f N 4 ,..-' ,, , . Q " h 1 x N ...A i.. - ' ,.,,1,f' I , 1. -. ', D-3 . Q . ..- , . , L" up 2 5 f fzNw....V- xnghm -., Q' f ' 7 '--"f:',c, w 'QQ L A 4 A -,ff '-dYQE'5f- vis . f"A'4 r -X . s - L, A , .Q ....14.av-. ru , ., , - . g- - ' ' N ., , K- ' 4 . Q . -f - : N A f . ,y WWE -4. .4 PM-f+ aaunfiuf - S 4 -- .3 .f . I "'L""" .. ., f . 4- '- .ve mrs-fr "' " """'- - - . ,Q ,xy , k ' , Q - f -1,,,.,4: 'A 'F' ' . A ' 5, if .: , A , -XZ .L A, .. i-fw:f,-- -W. . r M, M4 Y , ..., N, M .ar-6 W A""' ' T'-'QQ' , 1- Y, VA,Y-LQL- Rf .4 45' H816 Ro 3 L Miko sk T Tyrka J Truchon J Sollumu B Ryan A Bakaltts A Jesko Row 2 J Chico L Knutson J Malinowskl J Croke B Lamont C Stehno R Dockus R 'I F Klockowskl A MClInOW5kl W Borowskl D Krelc L Ezerskl T Alcala R Wacek 5,Ql'I.l.0!l fddllllfbdlf leam Although our team did not measure up to the teams of previous years at G P they showed a zeal to improve and toward the end of the season played quite well. Captain Don Kreici was selected for the lst team of the Central Section All-Stars, 2nd team of the All-City, and received honorable mention on the All-State Team. He de- served this honor, because, despite many factors, he scored an average of almost 19 points per game. Alvin Bakaitis, top row 2nd from the right, immigrated to America only one year ago as a Displaced Person from Germany. Although he never played basketball before entering Gage Park, within a short period he picked up our American way of life so well he was awarded his maior basketball monogram. This goes to show one of the many things that makes a team great. Senior Basketball Scores: G.P. 35 Englewood 54 G.P. 50 DuSable 59 G.P. 59 Phillips 68 G.P. 46 Lindblom 58 G.P. 45 Harrison 63 G.P. 35 Farragut 50 G.P. 47 Kelly 34 G.P. 34 Dunbar 33 G.P. 41 ' Tilden 81 ml: Badhziball Imam Wuth the loss of last years sectlonal champlonshlp team regulars Captain Don La Porte Angelo Kokas George Hubaluk and Art Malnnowsku thus years Jumor squad had qulte a deflcnt to overcome Although they were not of champlonshup callber theur playing ablllty dad rate them as a good ball team The leading scorer Salaba who averaged 'I2 pomts per game made the sectional All Star team and recerved honorable mentlon on the cnty team Laterza and Payonk wuth an average of 10 and 9 pomts re spectlvely received honorable mentnon on the sectional team Junlor Basketball Scores Englewood Dusable Phnllnps Llndblom Harrlson Farragut Ke y Dunbar Tllclen Stung P Pelekoudas J Rus ak G Klborn J Dasko M Uher Row 2 E Kuban R Deady K Budott R Solaba S Agu rre Slowlnslr C laterza E Hubal lc J Payonk R Przezdzxeclc I Qlki E v 4, i' fzmdmq Jim Bw yi. . H Jlomcfz Smaclcuzq long Ulm Mumba!! Sfvfuf This year our baseball team wlth the and of expert coachlng by Mr Stanger started out a spectacular season with the defeat of Kelly Thus vlctory was then qulckly followed up by three more Dunbar Phnlllps and Engle wood Momentaraly delayed on our vlctory march we suffered a loss of 5 4 to Farragut We then went on to defeat our section rivals Llndblom 2 l Again our team was the loser by a score of 4 3 an a butter battle wath the powerful Harruson team We then beat another old nval Tulden 4 O an a fast movmg game We agaun beat Englewood In an astomshmg game when they conceded nn the fourth mmng wlth the score 18 2' At the present tlme we are tled for first place wnth several games yet to be played 5LZA.Ql7HU Jmm Coach Stanger Row 2 Rasmussen W Barvmchak G Pcyonlc F Krblxch C Schultz M Payonk J Alcala T Fclhn W w 1 :vez anne on ae Benes Kubl E Dnamon I X M il' : , ' ' , - Row 3-Mnceiak, R., Dockus, R., Kelly, B., Stung, B., Geras, H., Medows, B., Lamont, B., Kiedrowski, Ro -K' , F., R ' , D., D l'g l , J., , R., 'lt, ., ' d, R. Jz.Sw1mJ1zam Row Ill G Pochockn W Foley Goebel Bergquusf Orbon Karnoscak Row II Coach Stanger J Knnzel D Balas T Wagner Manager Row I Sandoval C Pnorkowskl F Wolf E Fokorney C I O H. R. ' R. D. F. Grabowski Samoa Swim jmm Rowl R Stlrelr L Mmarcuk T Gracyll R Magana D Motel Row 2 J Fllnt W Morley J Wagner J Alkens R Hart H Harder D Kaysser Coach Stanger 5101211 Jmm Because of the coal shortage which occurred In the mudst of the 1949 50 season Gage Park as all other Chicago hugh schools was unable to carry out a complete swam program We dnd however partlclpate In a few meets but as there was no complete season no league standungs were kept From the picture It can easily be seen that more boys went out for the teams last season than ever previously It us believed there are good prospects on the team and Coach Stanger as well as the boys ns lookmg forward to a very prosperous season Q . Row 3-D. Zielinslri, W. Faltin, J. Szesny, J. Mostela, A, Pigula, R. Benes, D. Milreslxa. ' 1 I I - r 1 I f , . I I ' ---4-f-' Jmrk .Stony Track, which was inaugurated this semester, is the latest innovation to our athletic program. After a few years of dis- cussion, our coaches finally received permission to establish the long-desired track team at Gage, and from all appear- ances the efforts of the coaches were not in vain. The students responded generously to the call for track candidates, with those who turned out training diligently. Mr. Robert Bada, recent addition to the faculty, has taken upon himself the task of coaching our trackmen, lan un- doubtedly his methods are soundl, as illustrated by the showing our boys made at the few practice meets in which they have engaged. Because our track program was just begun, the tracksters participated in meets throughput the semester solely for the sake of gaining the valuable experience they will need for the future. When, however, it is believed our team is capable of successfully meeting the competition of strong prep teams, many meets will be scheduled, with victory at the city meets our goal. This time, moreover, appears to be not far distant, for, as Coach Bada himself believes, we have many fine track pros- pects among our candidates, and, if they continue with their enthusiastic training, we are sure to soon have a team of which we can be proud. So, watch for Gage to be in plenty of track activity in the near future, and "Good Luck" to Mr. Bada and the team. jfzadr Jmm Row 4-N. Gabel, M. Uher, B. An- cho, R. Knecht. W. Morley, J. Collins, R. Gordus. Row 3-D. Pokorney, R. Jaszkowski, - Row 2-D. Motel, J. Agee, E. Mal- ecki, J. Paleka, G. Sebek, D. Soch. Row l-J. Pindar, E. Dynda, R. Hla- dik, Coach R. Bada, G. Heslik, E. Caryer, R. Ellis. .-ni if Pictured here are some of Gage Park's vumblers and wrestlers. They are left to right from the top down: J. Pargulski, R. Wainwright, J. Winterberg, J. Jeris, M. Wos, S. Aguirre and P. Cassidy. 1 S. g . z . ,Af F Vx -di ,x." 'I' -.. ' 'V r .ar W . aw awww, 79 979 0 you ,glyph ywwau Jwufau gmgmw Alun Gordon Cassudy Patrnck Getches Dan Hess Gerald Kuban Ervm Maclalewskl Bull Snlva Armando Shrek Leonard Wllflnger Ruchard Baker Paul Custer Donald Gralak Richard Holada Robert Kuczora Ken Orban Roger Slemp Ed Suges Don Wrllnams Noel Collins .lack Buchnnsky Albert Ferro Angelo Hart Richard Karnoscak Donald Lamont Ball Wos Michael Prothero Elmer Wonderlach Wayne Jnoiball efrzftafm Ancha Robert Justnn John Larkin Wlllnam Stech Duane Vnlcek Ed Schoenbeck Elmer Kletko Bernard Kesellca Andrew Mnlkevutch Joe Struppa Anthony Trench Robert Thanasouras Louls Jaskowskl Ralph Langbauer Ron Qlownnskl Robert Dobus Richard Bllnkwolt Wnllnam Nedoss Bertram CMgrl Huffer Kenneth Snlcora Henry Bufka Carl Uher Martun Saruch Marko Eflmov Theodore fMgrj Badlmfball Jfettafm Alcala Anthony Aguirre Simeon Bakaltls Alvln Borowsku Walter Budoft Kenneth Chnco Jesse Croke Jerry Dasko James Deady Ronald Malnnowskl Art Pelekoudas Perry Zobalc Richard Dockus Richard fMgrJ Mowery Rlchard CMgrJ Jesko Allan lMgrD Bmkdbafl gwlgmw Ezerslu Leonard Huballk Edward Krelcu Donald Lamont Walllam Laterza Carmen Payonk James Przezdzleclcl Ray Salaba Richard Slowlnskl Robert Uher Martnn Eflmov Theodore lMgrD l J ! .. f I , , , , I I I 1 , , , , I , , , I I , Q n I I , I , , I I I . f I I , ' I , , I I I Pokorney, Charles Pargulski, Ray I I , . . I I . 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What for? Who ya gonna yell for? G A G E P A R K Thats the way you spell ut Here s the way you yell ut Yea Gage Park' Hand car push car Engune full of steam We re from Gage Park Yea' Team' Acka lacka chung acka lacka chow Acka lacka chung chung chow chow chow Boomerang boomerang zuss boom bah Gage Park Gage Park Rah' Rah' Rah' 'I 2 3 4 5 6 7 All good players go to heaven When they get there they repeat Gage Park Gage Park cant be beat' Horse and buggy Horse and buggy Horse and buggy team They ve got the horse and buggy We ve got the team' Bob bo Skewantendottle' Bob bo Skewantendottle' Ive been eatun dates Sketebeu Sketebo Come on Gage Park lets go Fught' fight' maroon and whute' Fught' fight' maroon and whute' Smash em' Bust em' That s our custom Fught' fight' maroon and whute' Tup ut on the center Catch ut on the bounce Make a basket boys Thats what counts' I I I I I I I I . I I I ' I I I ' I 1 1 f r ' ' ' , u , , . , . , . , , . . I I , . ' I , , . l I ' I ' I I I , I I I I They got the B-E-A-T, beat, beat, beat! I ' I , I I I I ' I ' I I I ' I I . ' ' I . . . I ' I I I , . I I . . , I D I I I I I 6' Row 2 D Wmke M Lltrop J Johnson J Gregoare J Kette N Krogstod Row 1 E Anderson R Klosko B Mlchqels M Kobells D Hofer '. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. T. ,. ,. , . ,. . Hddfnmd Row 3 R Kombo S Krelcu C Hunt B Gorsko R Plecku B Schwontkowskn C Urban Row 2 R Shumkus V Mcrdosku N Berqunst V Hurkcbus L Nlmz A .larzabkowskl B Zlmmermcnn N Zenoluk D Hofer Row 'I KSIHIDQJ E Belcnskl L Szymcmskl QCorres Secyl P Blskuplc fSec yj M Ka bells fPresJ D Nomoko CVICC Presldenfj M Scales CTrec:sJ D Chroszy P L.. ? 5- QV," hir A -., 9f7'1' w 1 'i ! O ,, Yi: 4. ' J S s, z,,A gf., ., 1 f - 2 , , a,. !,g,,..,,,,,f -w fo 3 1 ,ly w, '.,-an 'D' S Nw! 'gravy - ,- :fli I xi gf? 4 fx f , 4 a s m' -F , ks ii 54 A A .U f I 9 - A P E... mir! -L If - iff 'xiii i A A 'NAR ' 45 ' 'Sl W 'J-'71 .gs Q ',.' . ' ., . m'O,gTl:?7v ,A 'gsjgiyg new X 11,4 Ek i 1 lr 1. 4 I ' b is I fer. rm V I Mb V! I U ,, . F tukkviqsfzlks 4 Wg- N, in and jwunnunq 6laA.a.QA 50:11 Baalmf Ball J U.. Jmm Bmutiu in dchbn Ml Samoa , -K,- 3 f, "?""3""" .v , ., ,K ., -,.ar6-.v- , . QM.. ' i 'ti q -V w .. 1 , iflffb-4 li Jaw ,..1 -.. 4. , k'N'?,tf vj , f..-wfhrf w.....g -- ' . . -Q, , M, Q, - g I an an -K. 1 iff? .' .,, 53, N ' . ku- . A W! Sunplfz .Know w N wvunf Slwwzi hem Jfow SLQDJLQ .91 ' U 9! you Jia 6 . 7 Jn Ullw 111 Q!l0f2f212d 63961214 PM 7 agadmuzfnn P Fafwzf-Jcacluzn Hzmnclkztzbn On January 'l7, T940 the Gage Park High School Parent-Teacher Association was or- ganized. This organization, like many others at Gage Park, has had a continuous growth and at present has a membership of 337 interested Parents and Teachers. Although not a student organization, students participate in PTA functions from time to time with great enthusiasm. This year the Illinois Congress of Parents and Teachers is celebrating their 50th ann: versary ln commemoration of their Golden Jubilee they have undertaken the Golden Jubilee Scholarship Prolect which is an extensive scholarship program lt is intended to promote interest in students furthering their education with the ultimate 0bleClIVe of providing a greater number of qualified teachers This and many other activities which tend to promote opportunity for the students make Parent Teacher work worth while oggrwm 7949 1950 3rd Vice President Mrs F Lippert 'Ist Vice President Mrs L Henke Recording Secre tary Seated left to right Mrs F Getz 2nd Vice President Mrs Wm A Rasmussen Pres: dent Mrs F Waitches Treasurer COMPLIMENTS OF THE Huge Punk .Sclwnl PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Standing-left to right: Mrs. C. O. Patterson, Corresponding Secretaryp Miss C. Roche, Pabwm Mr ond Mrs Andrew Bcdor Benes Sport Shop Brcndels Drug Store Mr ond Mrs Lowrence Browne Sr Mr ond Mrs Lowrence Browne ond Fomlly Coseys Polnf ond Wollpoper Co Mr ond Mrs John Cook Duvusnon 607 Henry Eftleson ond Mrs Hoos Mr ond Mrs Joseph Kolton Mory Kossel Mr ond Mrs Fred Mcnrfmek Mass Honnoh Meyer Mr ond Mrs J Mlcholok Mr ond Mrs Albert Mucho Paras Food Shop Mcury Skolorus Som Slerosky Mr ond Mrs Louis Trulnllo ond Fczmlly Mr. Mr. . Mr. ond Mrs. J. Kohn TRlangIe 4 4240 ELSIE C FISHER Candid JOSEPH A BROTON Poriralf BERNICE C BROTON Commercial BEECHER STUDIO 210,01 I I 744 EAST 79TH STREET Chicago T9 Ill f?4t YUA lol gf. f 1910 SEE US FOR YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS TO'f Discount fo Gage Park Graduates ,gcurfon f' I fra Jfw-.5 , . ' I J ' Cf ' ' -e ' 15 eJ ze r rua lon an o L George Sples Industries, Inc 4140 8 North Kolmor Avenue Chlcogo 41 llhnous Monufocfurlng School Jewelers ond Sfcxhoners Commencement Announcemenfs THE BEST CLASS RINGS MADE All Phones Klldore 5 2063 0 0 I 11 11 THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THE LITTLE FOLKS WHO SAVE TODAY' Current INSURED Ro sooo SUPREME SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION IG SCIGALSKI Pres PETER P KEZON SecyTrec1s I75I West 47th S1ree1 YArds 7 3895 ASSETS OVER S4 300 OOO OO F d IS 1 9 dL I C p ' Dlvldend ?o s f f ' T3 U - , . I . , . . , . I I ' B E R E A D Y WHEN THAT CHANCE COMES' Congratulations graduafes on The successful beglnnlng of your educahon Heres a helping hand from us a rule of llfe Thai' wall brlng you success and security whatever your path SOME PART OF ALL YOU EARN BELONOS TO YOU' From every pay check If only for a days work 'rake out that part sef lf aslcle save If The House of Talman has a speclal welcome for you theres noth X mg we enloy more than opening small saving L Miz? :QR accounts for young 'IDM places VD 55' . , . . . , . 1 1 I l l, 2 ll? 3 . fl? - 1 , ll g 1 f " ' "'l rr! - V L 4--- V, people who are going ll II I ' fx n eff:-i s ' :is il77 - - Q. isp ' Ax: 4 fi- - Qdealjnn NC TOOLS DIES FIXTURES SPECIAL MACHINERY GRINDING JOBBING EXPERIMENTAL WORK PRODUCTON WORK 5823 29 SOUTH WESTERN AVENUE Ch g 36 III os 37 Ummm gg mum I D' I . 'A' i' Phones GRovehiII 6-IO8O-IO8I ico o , in I BEST WISHES TO GRADUATION CLASS OF 1950 ROZDILSKY FUNERAL CHAPELS 2300 W 51st Sf HE 42100 2410 W North Ave HU 60797 L 81 G JEWELERS 2654W 51stSt Gro 6 1722 'K HAMILTONS GRUENS DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY 1 ,- . ., ' . . COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND When In need of a Sweater come to Southside Knlttmg Mllls PRospecI 6 4044 Hours IO to B or Appomlmenl Lang s Formal Wear CORRECT FORMAL ATTIRE FOR ALL OCCASIONS We carry a compleie Inne of School Sweaters nn all suzes and colors Also a complete lane of Emblems Speclcl oltenfnon guven to club orders for Swealers Jocllefs and Baseball oufflls SOUTHSIDE KNITTING MILLS 5036 Sa Ashland Ave PRospec1 67949 JACK LAN TO RENT WEDDINGS A SPECIALTY Pnvave Fnflng Rooms CompIe!e New Siock G 5913 South Kedzne Avenue Chicago 29 OF . f 5036 So. Ashland Avenue BACK O14 THE YARDS NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL ACADIA JEWELERS 277W 1551+151 f PR p 163 50 Wth Appl W1 MARQUETTE NATIONAL BANK 8QW'r GAGE PARK FANCY MEATS d GROCERIES FULL LINE OF FROZEN FOODS 5600 S M pl PR 6 8017 l l 1 l ' 3 es ree L . l os ec - 5 I D' ds - o c es - Sil rwcre ' - Fine och Rep 'i g l 63d CARDINAL stone r es ern Ave. an l also M b F d x R Sy A 'A' - 4 . ewood Ave. - l l Hamburgrr A Irv lrram Parlor STEAKS CHOPS CHILI 3924 W 55th Street Prerost Sons PAINTING AND DECORATING 5650 So Artesran Grove 67058 5729 So Campbell Hem 42584 HAI ESI 11111 DI VE IN MAIIMI FRESH ERUITS AND VEGETABLES 3958 West 55th St eet M I nlc I no s Certltled Super Market 5413 South Kedzle Schdller Bros 3058 W 63rd S+ Gro 6 6400 Television Radios Ptanos Refrigerators Ranges Washers Furnlture Sewlng Machines KUBINA TYBUR FUNERAL HDME 1638 West 47th Street LAfayette 3 2191 Auf Wredersehen Au Revonr Vale Adnos bohom Aloha They all mean the same thang FAIIIIWIILL DIVISIIIN 807 Complnrnents ot J Jfulend 4 ' 1 I, 1 I lu a T X kf Prices Are The Lowest At . . 0 y 'f1 T X Y E V L I I . ' T!! I I I 0 I . T1 6 I L , 0 , ' n 7 ,. Complnments of THE 0EATORIAL SOCIETY FOR SELLERS Thlrd Period Soles HEELS NEOLITE SOLES George s Shoe Repair Shop INVISIBLE HALF soLEs 3453 W 59th Sf fompluments of Gingham Snack Shop Malts Shokes Suncloes Hamburgers C I Bor B Q Beef 2639172 West 59th Street Compliments of DIVISIOH 701 Hunk s Delicatessen .Y tore Emil R Z lboreks, W D ,Ce Cream and Soda 2248 W 50TH PLACE 2655 West 51st Street Hem 45559 Gro ehlll 6970 Swars Bros Serum Station Phone Vlrglnlo 7 9470 GREASING mes Accessomras USED CARS AUTO REPATRS Bud 8- George S ortz 1628 WEST 47TH STREET 5057 S Western BI d A000 GIO"l0keU5 Chlcogo 9 Ill o 1 4 C Sir n , ,X T - hilt - -- 1 ' S ooo x., V 1 I o i ' ,, T ' 1 o L E -0 Q' ' 1 v' - N 9 Y U ., , .H , . . 0 0 0 w . V. ,. QQMPLIMENTS Phone Lafayette 3 777'l FOFTI Wunderhch s Wonders DIVISION 801 Town of lake Utrlltles FURNITURE 8- HOME APPLIANCES T800 O2 West 47th St Corner Wood St ChIcago 9 III We are SmIth s Owls On Work Leans ScholarshIp Comphments of Du 1s10n 102 Kurhuns Home Bakery We SPGCIGIIZB In BIrthday and WeddIng Cakes T950 W 5'IST STREET Grov 6 ChIcago I COMPLIMEINITS OF Gage Park s 1950 Baseball Team Cornphrnents ot SUN SET EGG G0 RAY WILEY DIST RA 3 2533 1708 W 80th S Complwnents ot DENNISON S DEVILS Dunn S DIVISION 609 Darllng Demons I f Ill - I I I ' '- I I I I , I .. . . I7-ll .6-993 ' ,II I l , ' 602 9 cms mon MARKET BECVAR Fresh Meats Vegelables Frults 3320 WEST 55TH STREET Grovehlll 6 4321 5218 24 South Kedzne Avenue PRospec1 6 3810 EMIL HLADILEK Mallory Hais Beau Brummel Tues the Best 2646 W 51st St PRospecf 6 5178 COMPLIMENTS OF HIGHLAND EGG CUMPHNY Qualufy Eggs Hudson 3 1349 1608 West 80fh St Complamenfs of a Frlend Mrs M E McNerney Complumenfs H Jfuend COMPLIMENTS OF JACK BROWNING NATIUNAL CLUTHING C0 4606 S Ashland 228 S Wabash Ave HEMLOCK 45528 OFFICE HOURS AND BY APPT DR EDW R KRIEGER OPTOMETRIST ORTHOPTICS CONTACT NSES 50SvhM 1 SWC Chg 1 l l 1 1 l 1 W . 1 of 1 n 1 1 l l I-5, Except Vkfednesd y 3 79, Exzeof Wed., S T. 7 f ' n 0 s I Y L: ' ' ' 1 50 ou ozart S reel l . . or.- icc o 29 MANN GIFT SHOP Lamps Glfts Costume Jewelry 5056 South Western Avenue Grovehlll 6 4922 We thmlc that we shall never see A dlvlslon as Ilvely as 703 MID CITY MIITIIIIS The Finest tn Used Cars Cash Terms Trade 57O'l S Western Ave Grovehlll 6 5030 MCCURDY'S SHOES 2746 West 55th Street Infants Chlldren s Youth s Shoes Child Lnfe Acrobat Weatherblrd Mogul Bumpers Compltments ot 1 And Ilrs I Ittkas X on OPEN SUNDAY 912 IIFIIHAItItItAItP.1l1dPAINISIUISI We Rent Wallpaper Steamers Floor Sanders Floor Pollshers 2552 West 59th Street Hemlock 4 3630 IIITO I STIiAlthIxI A SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 5112 South Western Avenue PRospect 6 4758 Beautnful Alr Conclltuoned Chapels Cortpl ts o IMPERIAL ACCORDION MFG COMPANY 2618 W 59TH STREET GRovehulI 6 4702 We Make Complete Repairs V 1 W 0 ' . tl- I I I get I . I mv. l .K I If 7 . If W" T 111 1 L L A I T 4 7w,, 7 , ' .L I 'w Amen I I I - I , I jim Bfmdq Bax 2809 West 55th Street HEmIock 4 4820 Hour Shopmg Cold Wovmg Tnntmg VIC S PHARMACY 35 Years In the Art Compoundnng Prescrrptrons SERVICE QUALITY 3324 West 55th Street GRovehlII 6 9413 DAVIS DEVILS DIVISION 803 JUSEPH VAGHA 8: SUNS FLORISTS 471014 South Western Avenue Chucogo 9 IIImos Flowers Telegrophed Anywhere GUY IIPPIIIIEI. SIIIIP ne Womens Mens ond Ch Idrens Wear 2544 W 59TH STREET PRospect 6 8181 BE WISE ECONOMIZE AT GUY S PRospect 6 7550 PRospect 6 9691 Its Good Its From Armlstead s Bakery The Taste Tells 2747 West 55th Street Chncogo 32 Illmos Joe AItman's Meat Market Fresh Home Mode Sou age ond Dress Poultry 2607 West 51st Street ROckweII 6 7785 COMPLIMENTS OF IIII BADAS DOOIIJAIIMEIIS INCORPORATED Soles I 4th Period W9 T 1 I x I. - T 1 v 6 L - Q I , I .of I . . . I I I . . i W I I I ' I I I I I I I ll I I I , ' I - ' 11 ll I . V . . i 1 s It I' I I . I . ' I BEST OF LUCK I Boston Candy Shops TO cLAss or so BRIJA S GRUCERY STURE Home Made Candy and Ice Cream We Specialize In Hollday Candles 4738 South Seeley Avenue 2863 22nd St 2863 W 47th St Lafayette 31786 R Homko Prop Jim pmpzm yimw COMPLIMENTS Cut Flowers T e Weddmg Bouquets Funeral Deslgns Plants and Decoratuons Jacobs Fannly 1850 W 47th St COmpI'me'1'SOI STERLING PLIMBING and JOHN R 000K I I OF . y V I HEATING SUPPLY COMPANY ' y 1522 west 47th sneer l . g Y' ri! 7--if K I 77-W I W ATTORNEY AT LAW Kutchens and Bathrooms Completely Installed 6351 South Campbell Avenue 50,165 Burners gtokers HEmIock 4 2510 Free Estnmates FR 6 3344 Gage Park .fcllool Store SCHOOL SUPPLIES LIGHT LUNCHES GoIdherg's Fashion Forum 4756 58 South Ashland Avenue ICE CREAM and SOFT DRINKS Chncago Illmols Prop Irene and Gertrude IIBGIIS SERVICE STIITIIIN Dial or Call Virginia 7-0202 The best for less M TIRES O BATTERIES open all mght Phone Grovehlll 69463 3511 West 55th Street Real estate Mortgages Complete Insurance Servuce 4756 S Damen Ave Chlcago 9 Compliments 81 Mrs John Drylanskl Compliments Eddle Oakes GIIGE PARK BUWLING LAIIES J K LAWRENCE ALL TYPES INSURANCE 2736 W 59th Street DO YOU KNOW what you home or bulldlng IS worth9 For Inform ton call J K LAWRENCE Ths s a free est mote H 45' 6' 'WluA1,c, fuztxm, Instructnons On All Instruments 2825 W 59th Cor Mozart 8K 59th THIS AD GOOD FOR LAWN MANOR Bulldmg Loan Association 2848 W 59th St Chicago 29 Illlnols Phones PR 6 5650 PR 65651 COMPLIMENTS The Rockwell Ramblers Juice Frosto Moe Web Prunes l l L 0 - L IL l . l ' - I ' of I of ' Mr. . ' ' WAIbrooIx a5l3900 or .HEInlock 4-1141' -I MONTH I I I . M, ,Y 4-W --.V S- - OF O O I I . I . .Q l chuck 81 Joe S Stockyards, Plumbing MIDWEST STORES 1427 West 49th Place and Heatmg Supplies WE DELIVER From Factory to You YA 7 6032 1740 W 47th St YA 77711 'mfdwwf HMM Kwivf MARSHALL s For the Amateur Photographer De artnlent store Camera Supplnes Photo Flmshmg p 3145 W 59th Sf 2740 W 55th Street PR 6 7771 REpub1lc 7 7199 MADERA S Natronally Known Shoes For All J R MADERA R Ph C The Family B 8: K Shoes 2901 W 59111 Street Expertly Fsttecl By X Ray RE 7 9467 9497 2735 w 55111 Slfeel Eastman Koclaks 8- Frlms COMPLIMENTS or .lllllll E EGHN FUNERAL HOMES MASON S WOMENS and CHILDRENS WEAR 5908 S Kedzle Avenue 1 3424 W 63rd Street 2825 W 55111 Slfeel GR 6 0090 PR 6 8442 ' l I l I 11 ll - 1 . o - 1 1 1 ' 1 bb' N Q 'wal - L, K, 1 X K 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 I u 1 N . 1 1 . . , . . . 1 ' ' I 1 1 1 . 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 foIvIPLIIvIENIs D SI I MEN S SHOP Home of Quahty SPORT 81 WORK CLOTHES THE IICADIII THEATRE 2739 W 55th Street 2809 w 55th sneer ChrIs Chrlstos Mgr Phone PR 64485 ROTARY PUBLIC HEmIocIc 4 6557 MONEY ORDERS WATCH 8. JEWELRY GUARANTEED REPAIRS JOSEPH s HUBALIK SMM gwnwf DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' SILVERWARE ReaI Estate Loans Insurance CASH R O CREDIT 2736 West 55th Street Chscag RICHARD SHER Mgr Phone HEmI0Ck 4 I'5I A SHER 3153 w 63 d STREET NEXT TO MARQUETTE THEATRE Yards 7 9290 Phone PRospect 6 7739 lflllllll flfllllllf S BRIDAL SALON 0 M e s e g Ap INDIVIDUAL CREATIONS custom DESIGNING 2757 West 55th Street EMILIE FRANCIA 5015 S Ashland Ave Edward J Dubsky ChIcago 32 GRovehIII 6 0433 Ita WIeIotz Its Fun to Eat For You Can t Beat Re"'e"'b"""' 'If IIITNI-IB'S PIITIIIII CHIPS C dl d S h 0 I, SEFVICS WIth A SmIIe PC"'Y Fcvms C J Vltner 81 Co mGde to order Grov 6 5909 S KecIzIe Ave ChIcago 29 III 6OIO I2 So KedzIe Ave ChIcago 29 III fl ll I X' I v, H of T J E , . : - I f ' I I I I ' o 32, III. 3 I ' ' . A N , . I' I I I s 7 . s Q f. I , l dies', en's 8. ChiIdr n' W crin purel 1 1 I ' . I . - . , 1 I O I Y 5 . . . 1 . 1 . I Q ' 1 I 1 T I ' Tuxedos Cutaways and Full Dress Surts To Rent For All Occasuons BE MAR Tuxsoo RENTAL CO INC GRovehnlI 6 5351 5024 S Ashland Ave WAlbrook 5 4962 Hours 10 to 8 Or Appointment VARSITY F0 RMAL WEAR Correct Formal For All Occasuons To Rent Weddmgs A Speclalty 2751 West 63rd Street Chicago 29 llllnols GRovehull 6 8611 aufiu491Zf.Slwp Gnfts for Every Occasnon 5844 46 South Kedzle Avenue Chicago 29 Hallmark Cards Porcelain Mmlatures Costume Jewelry Phone REpubluc 2436 A HANZL 81 SONS 2605 West 51st Street Chlcago 32 TUXEDOS SUMMER FORMALS FULL DRESS and CUTAWAYS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Open Monday Tuesday and Thursday to 9 P M Whnle You Want Servuce When Necessary JIM S Barber Shop 2604 W 51st Street Chncago Fresh Bread and Rolls Danly Open Sundays all Day KEDZIE BAKERY Its the best at Kedzle Bakery 5311 S Kedzle Ave We specialize rn Weddlng Cakes Prospect 6 4283 PRospect 6 1761 Deliver LIBERTY F000 MART Cold Meats 2501 West 63rd Street Chicago G e rl: es 2743 W 55th Street Quallty as our Specralty l l 1 1 ' 1 1 1 l U l . l ' . . , . o 1 - II ' ' Il O I 0 ' o . . . . I I , . . l - We ' Q l 1 V ll ' ' ' ll BEST WISHES COMRLIMENIS TO THE TO THE ORADUATES GRADLJATEQ IRM BILL S MIDWEST STORE 84 Mr Duffy BEST VVISHES ARCHER MOTOR SALES COMPANY oufhorlzed FORD dealers 3945 ARCHER AVE VIRGINIA 7 5050 New cmd Used Cors and Trucks TEN LONG MONTHS WE LABORED HARD TO MAKE THIS BOOK WHERE ALL ARE STARRED g.CCULL6ll'l Staff l T Q I I P 'NIM , D'V'5'0n 601 5600 so. wood sf.

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