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i ? E A 1 - nl-v Y ,Y 1ll'i1l"H Mag? Hath High Svrhnnl 55311 5711. iKnrkme1l 51. Glhimgu, llllinniz it 4? D , 7 W W , f 1 in k f ,ref g J N LQ 'xv , f?'.55dfl.i V' F' ,A ' ' . A . 1 P ,Q f 1- l.w,,..,, ,M In ,. tl 5 K ins? VSCVE' ' Q51 7 , X S gp' , A .4 , , 1 ,I V . K ,, 5, .m,.,MmNWk-WK in M E my , Q gg 1 .lmI:? "1"' if Z' SM i ' fl 5? -8,5 A s s ,wwf f U 4 ' 4 ,Vx Q if I , 1 Wh if Y if , X5 Q Q" Qi wk Wi A I 4 'ff f L 1 . I I if R x, 1, N . 3, I I , 1 ,,, "' yah L ""Z'1fP 2 v M we 1 , , , W , M 4 f I ' W ,r M,-H H f Q nm . if..-+3 , , V f M 'W , A - ' QS R ii ,. gd by ' 'br K If 'V W il . f N 1 f X X X Ju-J DEDICATION Although the 1946 Icarian is once again a peacertime publication, we cannot easily forget the preceding years of war which brought death and sadness into many of our homes. Those years, bitter with the struggle for the freedom of all men, left a mark of grief and emptinessg but, too, they left us with a will and de- termination that such strife need never be experienced again. Wfe owe this undefeatable spirit to the sixteen Gold Star Boys from Gage Park, and to all those who gave the last full measure that we might live to win the peace. They went into battle fully aware of the possibility of death, yet did not turn back. They did not cast off the duties and re- sponsibilities placed on their strong, young shoulders. They marched on- ward with no concern for themselves. They only knew what must be done for their families and friends back home. Y With the example of these un- seliish boys in our hearts, we pledge ourselves to the peace and welfare of all mankindg and in their memory, we dedicate our 1946 Icarian. "Brave Men" George Graff Xvalter Grish Chester Guzik Eugene Herold Bill Jessup XValter Kolbe Frank Krug Andrew Mihalko john Mulkerrin Vincent Mulkerrin Vlilliam Neugebauer Samuel Vallos Leonard Van de Boganl Robert Young Xvilliam Zaharey Leonard Zelasko X flij! f 0 A122 1' V '. 2,1 A rflf 1' 1 52-ff? YL' 5 ,. I 1 .g F F Y .il . 1- " .t--wiiasx. -P. . 5!351?a?' 514- uf Y, Ava,-,,:f Af ,-1, "?!2'f5ifs?S2'-1? fifl T-65' if Uvif 'ae5:l', 5-,S '--: ,aw ,. 1:1 AWA, L at 'L' ,wa , 15523515 ,gbzwbq-Q I A -, Aj? ,Hr .L-QQ . ,- .. ,..L .4 I., - .,:i:4.,. 3 ...nas V-L' - -a-ER WNQ. . fi 4 'TF' -3411. 1, vie- ff X- 1" Ei 4. 5 s iqiy-,-g., N-. 'Av N42 .17 ' , 1' 1 J?-K-.:,, ww, ig. sfjfggf, gaf!2lv:D,1iS4g-1:41a 4-2---ew -' .- raw " 4 w r 1 f r- '-wa' ?e' -YH . P3- 'L il ',"" 5'5f'f'6'5' ?' - -' N' I Q f "2- " F W-'A' ' if ' 59- X- ff- '- - 1 vffffiflfv .iff , A , a Eigiyfi w f . tiff' A Gr , " we. PQ 51:20 Q:.f.+1. --fa' -.1. 11'- ' mu gf- -Q2-f-5'-Qfbx 1. gg -. ,cs"+frfv. J .-:::.1,2es.1., Sgiwl' -' R-pf'-1, -gb If:-'Pfpiiws-" '-J ' 2 J 2 ' :N3'T :Ia 1., T- -J:e2:HQ:2'? r- "- .133-:N -5' : w., x .x'r511'f,.'- 0" W wifi Er. -- M9993 -fi. 3' ww egfafffz-av Tv ?, '?11v1fE ' '7'.,ft" gfiffrfia fn- Y if 1 '-:. ff. A-.f , .10 fl f-Yfgwp' 41. ' - 'knf LL" 14,41 ng-1-Q 3 !'PWJ:,3- .- - ,A 13' 5, :JH-' '.i":,,, sg 11. -5 'K 1 .,4 . , gtg'-W -551 , - .. ' V , lv 1 :'v'fP--"fm:-. 'Hu ' 1, ". , jg ' A 5 Ci-, rffg L gif ' -N .4 TORCH OF FREEDOM Behold the torch of freedom, symbolizing the ideals, hopes, and aspirations for which a global war has been fought. Although the war is won, our efforts to keep the flame aglow must remain constant. lt is necessary that we succeed in our attempts so that the rays which shine from our torch can lead all men to a new, safe, and happy world. Representing the future citizens of a rapidly advancing America, it is our duty, through knowledge, education, and perseverance, to keep the toreh aflame. Only hy overcoming prejudice, intolerance, and ignorance of our fellowmen can we ever hope to make the world a better place in which to live. l'Ve, therefore, have adopted the toreh of freedom as our theme for the 1946 Irarian, knowing that what it represents will guide all mankind toward a goal of everlasting peace. I W 4 W , ' I 1 , A 1 w W L As the Greek runner, in an ancient relay race, handed the lighted torch to his successor, so the torch is handed to Young America through education. Let's accept it and hold it high, re- nienibering Lincoln's message: "ln your hands, my young fellow students and citizens, lies the future of our country." x A V .J ,f ilvkwl. V f 1 parimmis As we dedicate tlie Ieafian to the memory of former Gage Park students, let us resolve to expend some egoft toward maintaining peace. We hope that the loss of our friends and classmates will contribute to rt nzzizfersal conviction that war, as an instrument to be utilized in tlze solution of internat' " ' zonal jnoblems, is futile. 1 ' 4 MISS SCHAEFER As acting assistant princi- pal, Miss Schaefer has cap- ably carried out the many, varied, and diflicult tasks which are assigned to one in that high office. Among her responsibilities are the ad- ministering of tests, the in- terviewing of failing students, and the carrying out of routine jobs. Miss Schaefer's sincerity and efficiency stimulate all who work with her. MISS POYVELL 'l'o the regular duties of the registrar has been added this year a new and privi- leged activity - that of translating into high school credit values, the training and working experiences of our boys in all branches of the armed forces. The credits thus added to high school careers, abrupt- ly ended by the war, have resulted in the substantial progress of those careers. In some cases the credits were sufficient lo permit the awarding of diplomas-and there are no graduates of whom Gage Park is more proud than these. MISS COOPER As freshmen advisor, Miss Cooper helps solve the many problems confronting the new students. Ac- quainting the111 with our school and what it has to offer, planning educational programs to suit individ- ual needs, and acting as counselor for students who run into difficulties are but a few of the duties which such a position demands. Who has charge of the paper and clothing drives? MR. BOHUS Mr. Bohus, whose numerous and varied duties keep him constantly on the run, organizes classes for the school year. In addition, he assigns student lockers and pro- vides a well balanced physical education program for every boy. Yes, he teaches part of the day. MR. BULFIN V MISS SCANNELL Not only is Miss Scannell a teacher of algebra and commercial law, but her duties also include adjusting program difiiculties, checking students' credits, and mak- ing girls' gym assignments. BIISS E. COUIIIINEY 2-llld MISS CONNORS Reading Co-ordinaiors Who is responsible for ticket and bond sales? The an- swer to both of these qeustions is Mr. Bullin. In addi- tion to teaching business organization and operating the supply room, he capably carries out these extra assign- ments. Because the reading program continues to be stressed, the duties of the reading co-ordinators have been extended. Managing class libraries, securing suitable reading ma- terials for the English and history classes, and supervising the achievement tests at the end of the semester are only a few of the activities included in this program. MISS BUTLER Interviewing seniors and issuing work certihcates describe only para tially the numerous duties assigned to Miss Butler, placement coun- selor. Graduates appreciate her helpful guidance in assisting them to fill out college applications and to make the IIIOSC of their high school career upon leaving Gage Park. OFFICE SECRET.-XRIES If work is the keynote to success, then indeed, the office secretaries are succesful. Among their daily tasks are the typing of the daily bulletins, running the milneograph machine, and using the adding machine. XVith their efficient co- operation, the numerous jobs around the school are always com- pleted. A.. MR. T. BENSON Checking the daily attendance of about two thousand students is a job requiring a diligent and re- sponsiblc person, and Mr. T. Ben- son fits that to a HT". Besides being attendance coun- selor, he takes care of truancy and is also boys' advisor. The commercial department provides training facilities for students interested in the prob- lems and intricacies of the lfzlsi- ness world. Commercial Department UPPER LEFT. . . UPPER CENTER .,...,.. UPPER RIGHT. LOXYER LEFT.. . . .A. Carey . .W. Branz, R. Galgano L. Di Bona . .... Bulfin LONVER RIGHT. .. .... H. Allen, J. Ginty UPPER CENTER .... . . .R. Sherman UPPER RIGHT .... ..... E . Camutz LOWER RIGHT .... .... G . Gault LOXVER CENTER .... .... E . Courtney LOWVER LEFT .... ..... S . Donaldson UPPER LEFT ..... .. .A. Shallenberger ENGLIS H Speaking, listening, T6Cldi7lg, and nwitizzg, the 65- swzfiul activities in an cmiched English progruzn, build and sustain good, American citizens. UPPER RIGHT. .. .... BI. Connors LOYYER LEFT .... . ..... S. Lang LOXVER RIGHT... .... S. Bajorin. 1 ART Appreciation ofthe inc arts adds spice and color to our Ame1'if1m way of life. UPPER LEPI' .... ..... G . Roggy, M. Cole LOWER RIGHT .... ......., G . Watkins Gage Park girls show talent in de- signing and modeling their own clothes. After much preparation, the ,46 class presented a style show to the members of the Parent-Teachers' Association. CENTER RIGHT .... M. Tierney, M. Anderson ks Home Econom Girls in the home economies depart- ment are obtaining practical experience in the art of home- making. F. Stewart LEFT .... ..... . . ,O. Marc CENTER ' T. . . LOW VER RICH off J INDUSTRIAL ARTS Yiflllblllbflg for jobs in the inzlustrirzl field are the mem- Iufrs of the shop and mechani- ral drawing classes. Lfl'I'ER LEFT .... .... R . Reinsch LOWER RIGHT. . XVestergreen . Q vQ 1 M J xx X xx V X N W ff X Q, 5 1 , H, LPVER RIGHT .,.... E. Vogel LOXVER RIGHT. .1 NI. Gleason , R. Reinsch C'cst la classe francaise. Compre- nez-vous? Estas son cestas Mexicanas. Habla usted es- lbanol? Foreign Languages Tlze gigantic job of pfomoting better Telatzons and understandzng among our fellow men is developed in our foreign language classes. Polesne loqui Lnline? I'l'1'ER RIGHT .,.,.,., NI. Brzlzelton. L. Bright LOWER L1-QFI' .....,.,,.. BI. Powell. P. Quinn. J. Browne LIBRARY HELPERS Quiet, please! Students at work! An atmosphere of deep thought and concentra- tion reigns in the library. This fountain of knowledge with its many sources of en- lightenment serves as a place of research and leisure read- ing for many Gage Parkers. Always willing to help those who seek information is our competent head- librarian, Miss Jackson. Since she has come to Gage Park, many new books and magazines have been seen on the shelves. The ejicient as- sistant - librarian, who is always busy checking in- coming and out- going b o o k s, is Miss Ruddy. She has charge of the library helpers and keeps every- t h i n g running smoothly. Always eager to help, the stu- dent library help- ers strive to keep the shelves of our library bulging with interesting and challenging books. To them we are grateful for devoting theiv spare time in our behalf. MATHEMATICS Mazflzemazficq is IH7, lmjsortcmft tool neces- sary in every walk of life. A keen mind and reasoning ability result from the study of this subject. ' UPPER LEFT ..... .... B I. Hradek, M. Schoewer LOWER LEFT .... ...... B 1. Dolan, L. Bland LOYVER RIGHT .... ............... B . Smith LOYYER RIGHT. ., ..... H. McKi11en Physical Education Tlze goal of every happy American is to be physically, mentally, and moral- ly it in order to play his imjnortavzt jim? in the wm'ld'5 events. CENTER LEFT ....... E. Rimneyer, -I. Bubalo 63 Q We M M , M T i, if UPPER LEFT ......., H. Wunderlich, C Q ff . S in gf I Z I' H. Benson X Q fl X fn 2 'M I f s 1 f s 2 40010 I I , Q, f4 :wg .ff 'Milt I CENTER ....,.... ........ . . C. Roche SCIENCE The 771ySlU'l'iO1l.S' lmwfs' and wl1y's of Hu' physical world are lzffrrnecl' by inlrfrested .slzzdfnts in the wmny 'md wzricfd 1'If1.ysz's of SI'lAI?7ll'!f sfzrcly. l'l'l'ER RIGHT. ., .... A. Small, M. Egan WWW CENTER .... .... H . Smith. E. OYBI'lCl1. E. Taylor, A. Pezuksnll LOWER RIGHT ,.,. ..... E . Ashland SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 1,-..-f V Future peace is dependent upon our ability to understand our fellow men and to benefit from their experiences through- out the ages. History classes, and others in the social study held, provide opportunities to develop these proper attitudes of mind. S. Faegenson 'F CENTER. ..... F. Courtney, N. Davis BOTTOM.. .A. YVetterluud, P. Bohus Helen Allen Mabel Anderson Emelyne Ashland Sophia Bajorin Lila Barnes Howard Benson Thomas Benson Mary Biddulph Lena Bland Paul Bohus Ulilliam Branz Marian Brazelton John Browne Jeannette Bubalo John Bulfin Alexander Burke Catherine Butler Elizabeth Camutz Agnes Carey Margaret Casey Thomas Coffey Mary Cole Mary Connors Edna Cooper Eleanor Courtney n Facult Roster Florence Courtney Neva Davis Victor DeGuide Margaret Delaney Lucille DiBona Marcella Dolan Stella Donaldson Marvin Egan Paul Erickson Sadie Faegenson Ruth Galgano Gertrude Gault Josephine Ginty Marie Grady Martha Happell Ethel Holst Henry Hoppe Mary Hradek Sadie Lang Anne Lindenbaum Elizabeth Loughborough Olga Marcoff Holly McKillen Eileen O'Brien Ada Pearsall Mary Powell Paul Quinn Eileen Reilly Robert Reinsch Erwin Rittmeyer Catherine Roche Garnetta Roggy Alice Scannell Mary Schoewer Frances Schaefer Cenenieve Sedlack Lillian Semmelmeyer Amy Shallenberger Rose Sherman Mary Silverman Arthur Small Harriet -Smith Paul Stanger Frances Stewart Elizabeth Taylor Marie Tierney Gertrude Hfatkins Edward YfVestergreen Alice Vfetterlund Harold Mlunderlich 6Drgani2faiin11s STUDENT COUNCIL O F F I C E R S Student Council Executive Board President ............................,... Bob Cameron SITTING--R. Baffes, J. Pok, W. Bfieis Vice-President ........ ......... B ernard Kalata er, A. Reinmuth, B. Cameron, Ri, Cudr Secretary .......,....,............... Arlene Reinmuth nak, H. Richterowiczu Assistant Secretary ....... ................. H arriet Rychterowicz STANDING-E. Longner, E. Hawley. STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD Bang! 'goes the gavel. The discussion is closed. Now the executive board will go to worh. It will begin to put the finishing touches on the ideas submitted by the Stu- dent Council. Through their co-operative efforts in planning and supervising such colorful activities as the Rose Queen Dance and the Sadie Hawkins' Dance, it is possible for these events to be remembered as achievements for the Council. Tlze board consists of the four officers of the Student Council and eight other nzeinbers. Menzberslzip is limited to students who have actively participated in Council affairs for two semesters. STUDENT COUNCIL Row 8-XV. Meiser, XV. Sarna, E. Palek, P Kozlowski, WV. Gruntorad, R. Majewski, M Kus, B. Wise. Row 7-WV. Hallett, E. Mayberry, G. Kam- beros, F. Bazata, M. Sanchez, A. Kirchner. Row 6-J. Pietraszek, Kirtz, E. Ryan, S Frenz, E. Gayer, E. Schilling, E. Hawley B. Cameron. Row 5-S. Bartus, H. Ticky, A. Rose, R. Am- rik, E. Greening, E. Longner, M. Kristof, H. Nolan, J. oou. Row 4-J. Jakubowich, E. XVojciechowski, R. Baffes, Pok, M. Cudrnak, Ledvora, G. Cieslewicz, P. Chipianitis, B. Kalata, J Solava, E. Bulow. Row 3-R. Kapella, A. Reinmuth, A. Rybicki L. Janes, R. Knytych, D. Loudon, H. Kon- rath. H. Nelson, D. Ruskey, M. Hucko, A Wykniet, D. Duda. Row 2-B. Dudas, B. Pronites, G. Musser, L Plyler, R. johnson, H. Rychterowicz, J Kalata, M. Stark, I. Yarovich, M. Kamba J. Sehring. Row l-R. Schwartz, F. McCaFfery, D. McNee M. Distefano, L. Pfau, R. Baxa, E. Mega R. Kolar, L. Oliver, J. Derosa. Self-government, the goal of many nations of the world today, is being practiced by the Gage Park Student Council. This organization is dedicated to maintaining the high standards of the school, sponsoring social events, and promoting such activities as paper drives and clothing drives. Under the guidance of Miss Casey, this group of students lzas completed the latest project of having soap and towels installed in the wash-rooms. Students are given a voice in the government of the school by electing a represen- tative and an alternate from each of the ffty-eight divisions to attend meetings of the council. Ideas for improvement which concern the student body are discussed, and every effort is put forth to solve these problems. The council members, through their leadership in the various activities of the school, are obtaining valuable experience in self-government. Editorfln-Chief. ..,. ..... , .... . ,. . Arlene Reinmuth Associate Editor ............,..... ,..... C harles Seils Copy Readers .... .... J can Rhinehart, Marilyn Holst News Editor. . . Literary Editor .... .... Feature Editor ..... Sports Editor ........ Inquiring Reporter ..... ........ . . ..................... Pat King Marilyn Kovinsky ........Pat Shead . . . .Robert Gustafik . . . . . .Mary Fillles Sports Reporters ....,......, ,, ........ Edgar Eubanks, Roy Stanek, A1 Bilecki Columnists ..........,....,........... Ethel Coleman , Connie Ahrens, Dolores Petolick Artist ..................,....,.... . . . .Bob lVilbert STAFF Reporters .......,........... . .......... . Felix Beiner, john Crelly, Rosemary Cox, Shirlee Johnson, Dick Kemplin, Dorothy Kramer, Dorothy Meister, La Verne Oliver, Flora Rubenstein, Louise Wygodski, W'illiam Rosen, Sally Kwiatkowski, Muriel Stark, Mildred Janosko. Photographers ........ . . . Advertising Manager Assistant. . ..... . . . Business Manager. . . Exchange Editor .... Typists ............ Eileen Schiegel Advisor ,..... . . . , .Dick Bardash, Carol Park , . . . ..,............ Joyce Aurand . ...... ..... lk Iarie Wygodski .... Carolyn Bartlett Circulation Manager ..... . . . . . .Ed Sluzewicz .. ......... Dolores Stoltz . . .Josephine Posluszny, Miss Sonia Bajorin EN-GAGER STAFF Freedom of the press is one of the ideals symbolized by the "torch". Tl1e En- Gager staff has, since its organization, practised this freedom. Although operating on a small scale in comparison with city papers, these students have presented interesting news items and editorials to their school-mates. The stajf, comprised solely of students and headed by the capable .lVliss Bajorin, has succeeded in publishing a lengthy, popular newspaper. This fact is illustrated by the large number of students who are subscribers. ICARIAN STAFF I. Halwachs, H. Neubauer, R. Hehl. Row 2- . Sonnta H. Rcdemske M. Mor J g, , - elli, F. jezek, L. Faedtke, L. Lotter, L Neugebauer, M. Mozis, B. Skohxy. Row 1-D. Hult uist D. Me'drich B q , sl , - Lightfoot, M. Miles, Miss Sherman, B. Bohl. Row 5-B. XVi1be1't. Row 4-M. Ash, E. Howlcy, F. Kzurfmann, J. Soltis. Row 3-P. Elsberrv, F. Jezek, R. YVilLbrodt, D. ovcrko. ' Row 2-A. Iscnberg, D. Kulczewski, L. Lamont, HQ ' Nelson. Row 1'-L. Duchossois, M. Holek, Koe bel. ICARIAN STAFF Renewing their efforts to present the school with an interesting and authentic yearbook the members of the Icarian Staff have worked laboriously on the tasks confronting them Events of the past year have brought on a radical change in international problems In an attempt to associate the book with this altered global situation, the staff has selected the torch as its theme with the hope that it will rehect the condition of world affairs today. ICARIAN STAFF Layout-Photog raphy Bohl, Bob Elsberry, Paul Faedtke, Lois Halwachs, Ida Hawley, Ed Kristof, Marilyn Lotter, Lois Mejdrich, Doris lhiiles, Mary Mozis, Marie Niewiadomski, Florence Redernske, Hervert Soltis, John Sonntag, Joan Spoo, Clarence Wilbert, Bob Business Staff Jezek, Frank Kalal, Gerald Koebel, Jean Editorial Stuff Ash, Myron Duchossois, Lois Holek, Marie Hultquist, Doris Isenberg, Arlette Kaufmann, Fred Lamont, Lois Lightfoot, Betty blorelli, Marie Nelson, Helen Neubauer, Helen Overko, Dorothy Rubenstein, Flora Skolny, Bernadette Wittbtodt, Rita Advisors llfiiss Mary Cole Miss Rose Sherman Miss Alice Wetterlund BAND LEFT SECTION- RIGHT SECTION- Row 3--XY. Schneider, I. Tolsky, E. Longner, L, Standing-E. Vondrasela, H. Dejmek. M. Mar- Cervenka, E. Dujka, J. Trandel. shall, L. Majeski, S. WVirsli, R. Potticarr. Row 2-Mr. Defluide, P. Elsberry, S. Holy, M. Row 3-E. Kasan, D. Gannon, A. Stuba. R. Gus- lVygodski, L. Wygodski, C. Adler, M. Harlow, lahk, NV. Meiser, R. Meyers, G. Sklenar, A. Ze- L. Brousck. B. Martiniak, E. Bajoral. linka, A. DeGe11oVa. Row l-V, Braun. J. Cliudzik. XV. Prasek, L. Row 2-P. Moore, A. Borrowdale. lVilliams, liaskzi. C. Boddy. L. Miller, IE. Bolmcek. S. Yakes, M. Stark, B. Murray, L. Pindel, V. Mikas, D. lValsh. Row 1-YV. Felrou, C. Meyers. S. Tomczak, H. Gromoll, S. Pistouo. E. Hlerieh, E. Gorniake. BAND Striving to l1ol1l high the repn.t11ti1m gained in years past, the Gage Park Concert Band h11s performed admirably at numerous assemblies and athletic contests. Under the leadership of their new conductor, Mr. Victor De Guide, the band has organized Il dance or- chestra to entertain at the various school socials. In this wav they have increased their popularity to the extent that no program is considered complete without having the accomplished band musicians perform.. Having non' grown to a point where it is larger than ever before, the band has given evidence of an increase in the depth and tone quality of its music. Ufith a newly enlarged repertoire, it is expected that the IHIHII will continue to delight the hearts of musically niincled students indehnitelyj' ORCHESTRA STAND-G. Kalal, C. Holeshu, G. Cerniuk, XV. ROXV-I. Tolsky, L. Baska, E. Boliacek, Ri- Felton, A. Meyer, C. Meiers, F. -Iezek, E. Von- baudo, P. Ricchuili, E. Bajorat, E. Gansho, drasek, A. DeGe-nova, G. Skleuar, R. Meyers, J. Koenig, Chudzik, C. Adler, L. Miller, M. E. Kasan. Stark, R. Baxa, V. Lucas, R. Heunis, Geraci, KI. Loitz, Mr. DeGuide. SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Highlighting the musical activities of the school term with their annual performance at the operetta, the Gage Park orchestra, with Mr. Victor DeGuide at the helm, has sailed smoothly through many dimcult assignments. The new and intricate numbers presented to the organization have been rehearsed daily. Many of these pieces, including "In a Persian Market" by Ketelbey, have already been mastered and presented to the stu- dents. Thus, the prestige of the orchestra has grown tremendously, until at this time, the organization paral- lels the band both in popularity and in importance. L-2 W 5 fi 1,f-23355 4' gg ggfifwfev N 5 -QW! M W I W gr J 4 i v' A ,i.,3 : 5 G L E E C L UB Can't Help Singing Up and Down the Scale DRAMA CLUB DRAMA ROVV 3-H. Groetsema, J. Koebel, R. Steele, J Riegler, B. Ricks, N. Jackson, D. WValsh, M. Bade V. Gassmere, F. Masewski, C. Bank, G. Kalal. ROW 2-D Getz, Sellers, B. Amsler, M. Hroza M. Mozis, Y. Svec, M. McKillip, C. Paikos, F Earl, Taylor, A. Reinmuth, L. Miller, G Fisher. ROW 1-H. Thompson, jakubowicli, P. McKil lip, Miss Courtney: L. Lamont, F. Hvncik, P Pinn, H. Neubauer, C. Ahrens. THE DRAMA CLUB f'l g n 1 . fl If ifii, 7 t adj A0651 f ff The play's tlze thing! Any production by the Drama Club justifies this remarh. The Drama Club, one of the most colorful clubs in the school, has made its re-appearance this term after a long period of inactivity. Organ- ized in the jirst year of Gage Park, it becanze dormant during the war years when all activities were devoted to patriotic duties. It has now been revived and is on its way to becoming an outstanding organization. Under the able leadership of Miss E. Courtney, the club provides means for all members to study the arts of make-up, stage setting, and acting. Socials fll the F17l'EflIll1IIlIKIlf calendar and the third Tuesday of every month is known as "get-together" day. Poise, self-conjidence, good diction, a spirit of friendliness-these are just a few ofthe benehts reaped by members of this group. ART CLUB The Art Club, under llliss Cole's competent leadership, has suc- cessfully completed a program of work during its frst year in existence. Among the many accomplishments of these students, banded to- gether hy a common interest in art, are the murals which were displayed in the main foyer, and the scenery made for sefveral dramatic productions. The purpose of this organization is to encourage and develop any artistic talent that a student may possess. It is also concerned with teaching students to appreciate art. OFFICERS President ......... .... B ob Wilbert Vice-President ...... ............ J oan Davies Secretary ......... ..... G erald Chavannes Treasurer ..... ....,. D arlene Koenig .Q f., .I 5 I ,Scarce ff nc 2 U 52 tl-1-1 ' -.. :g:?f,1 0 c 1 .1 I I ' 7 7 W, - , I ., I lp MMM if 'gram 3A's Row 3-R Steele, P. Elsberry, YV. Zuschlag, M, Ash, E. Smolinsky, lNIO1'2lYClli, D. Alexander. ' Row 2-S. Bartus, H. Tichy, YV. lVasilewski, B. Baker, L. Smith, C. Ashley. Row l-R. Baffes, P. Moore, C. Adler, H. Nelson, B. Tambling. X A 9 I Q Q. .1 Sm WMM' 5 L --ff' - ?!Il I ' X 7 49 xk A m 6 0 X V' 4 .414 - In X HONOR SOCIETY 4A's Row 3-K. Ongman, XV. Sko ra, Suhriug, E. Crohan M. Cudruak, E. Mega, S Robbins, E. McLean. Row 2-A. Saldukas, D. Salo- man, D. Krejci, M. lVo1f- angle, J. Ondrisko, A. Jed- licka, L. Misup, XV. Meiser Row I-V. XVroblewski, G. Kolb, I. Halwachs, H. Neu- bauer, L. Holloway. 4B's Row 3-L. Duchossois, A. Is enberg, M. Kristof, J. Col- lins, E. Eubanks, T. Cecot D. Kulczewski, D. Duda. Row 2-D. Hulquist, F. Ni ewiadomski, L. Podorsky, M. Holek, B. Lightfoot, E. Troscinski, M. Morelli, D. Burns, E. Schallmo. Row l-A. Reinrnuth, C. Ahrcns, Y. Svec, M. Mozis, J. jakubowich. HONOR CLUB "Give credit where credit is due." And who would deserve credit if not the members of the Honor Club These students, who work diligently throughout the semester to earn the fourteen points needed for membership, are leaders on the road to better education. They are striving to set a higher standard of learning ability for all students to follow, for they know that better educa- tion is one step forward in the struggle for world peace. The records of the Honor Club kept by Mrs. 0'Brien, our new sponsor, show us that twice as many girls as boys are members. With extra war activities fast becoming memories, there is more time to devote to our learning. If we hope to keep up with this rapidly advancing era, we must, therefore, apply ourselves to our studies so that we may progress with the world. For our welfare, and for that of the whole world, let us strive to raise our standards of edu- cation so that we may, through knowledge and understanding, be guided to everlasting peace. Honor Club Officers Secretary-Treasurer Evelyn Mega President ........ Earl McLean Vice-President ...................... Edwin Troscinski SENIOR GIRLS' CLUB Vice-President .... .,.. B I. Morelli President ....... . . . I. Halwachs Treasurer . . . . . . XV. Skora Secretary .... .... L . Lamont t Senior Girls' Board STANDING-M. Miles, M. Hroza, E. Staleman, B. Prcic, A. Isenberg, E. Schallmo, G. Kolb, Suhring, A. Foj- tik, D. Duda, L, WValsh. To become a senior girl is the goal of every girl entering Gage Park. ds a senior, she has ac- quired the coveted qualification that will admit her to this exclusive club sponsored by Mrs. Neva Davis. The club holds frequent meetings in order to plan parties and discuss problems. ln the esti- mation of the girls, the Christmas Cushion and April Fool's Day parties are the most popular. Through the efforts of the club members, the seniors' social life is a memorable one. In arranging an entertaining program for the Senior lllothersi Tea, the climax of the year's activities, the various talents of the seniors were canvassed and finally selected. LUB Qfk Q 1 C, A CIENCE C NERAL S G E In quest of high adventure, members of the Science Club assernlrle on alternate to fro exploring. Sometimes they move in atomic realms, sometimes they those strange, microseojnc creatures of the unseen zvorld, warm, May afternoons they dig around I slush around after jnolly- ff. They Thursdays D zpany of . ' stars. On ' - e' loots anc . ' ,ich an egh travel in the con sometimes they wander among, the in vacant lots. They put on their synthetic rulzlnr 1 wogs in the spring ponds. They peek into lnirrls' nests and never toi V freer into the faces of wild llozvers and never piek one. They go lzanting with cameras in the helds and woods. They get soaked in the rain, and sweat in the sun together They smell, and taste, and touch, and tramp, and eat together. Together they stand in hushed anticipation to catch the notes of the zuoodthrush. All zueather is good zueather to them.. They peer into things, and under things, and make all manner of neu' discoveries. They know that ordinary things are most extraordinary, and thew find a new and fresh eonzradeship in their scientific adventures together. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Richard Barr rlson LaVerne Ca Kouba President Vera h Goll ent ..... Josep Vice-Presia' Secretary Treasurer is I 14. , X Wy! T, , Nlgygggf 1 ,., - Club Science ROYV 3-C. Chamcll, V. Bresnahau, F. Bazata. V. Kouba, AI. Sedor, L. Carlson. ROV' 2-P. Siler, R. Satuuas, Saulc, I. XVunglueck, E. NIcC1'ca, D. Korzon, G. johnson, A. Cordus. ROXV 1-R. Marzec, R. Lippert, R. Barr, s Smithg M. janosko. Mis OFFICERS V. Braun C. Spoo .... Mrs. Taylor -X. Reinmuth S Iohnson Vice- President Treasurer . . . Sponsor President S1 1 1 1 tar C El SERVICE CLUB What makes the world go round? That's right-work. But don't shy away whenever il's mentioned, for it's fun! join the Seru- ice Club and see what's going on. Soon you may be sporting a service pin and additional bars for services rendered. But remember, no slackers. Our motto is 'ill-le Serve." There are numerous opportunities open to you from program helpers, hall guides, library assistants, of- fice clerks, lunchroonz attendants, and towel service clerks to ush- ers, public address crew, and stage hands. All these various jobs are filled by energetic students. Your work will never go unrewarded, for the school year is incomplete with- out the semi-annual break- fast given by the club in appreciation of the stu- dents' efforts. Hostess of this gala afair is Mrs. E. Taylor, sponsor. Row 4-M. Kovinsky, L. Niisup, E. Miano, A. Rock. P. Ryan. C. Spoo, P. Elsberry, A. Saldu- kas. Row 3-T. Freinarek, R. Hancock, E. Hash, R. Balfes, E. Wojciechow- ski, C. Ashley, L. Po- dorsky,, F. Xiewiadom- ski. Row 2-R. Bohl. S. Cesa- rio, E. Jany, H. Nelson, D. Duda, S. Bartus, V. Braun, D. Price. Row 1-M. Solarski, D. Kramer, A. Kaminski, E. Schallmo, C. Adler, D. Petolick, E. Petriga- la. Row -1-E. Hill, E. Cro- han, E. Greening, C. Sibley, J. Chnra, R. Bardach, K. Ongnmn. Row 3-P. Morelli, R. Vinckas, D. Hultquist. J. Broschka, I. Tolsky, A. Chuzum, S. Fried- mann, R. Marks. Row 2-L. Lamont, R. Hehl, E. Mega, S. Vil- ligcr, W. Skora, R. Mel- sheimer, A. Reinmnth. Row l-C. Gallo, B. Moli- lcr, L. Sowinski, R. Baxa, M. Morelli, S. Robbins, H. jirasek, M Plattner. Row 4-X. Malin Row 3-C. LaFran Row 2-D. Rossi Row I-G. Harez SERVICE CLUB Row 3-L. Nurel, L. Lotter L. Praja, WV. Lee, R. Cam- eron, C. Nevers. Row 2-S. Tegeler, E. Dujka, QI. Benson, D. Kulczewski I. Ciston, D. Brinkerhofi. Row 1-A. Scjba, D. Burns AI. Adamson, D. Boger, B Szymanski, S. Frenz. Row 4-D. Y'Vasicak, B. Tam- bling, M. Hoist, D. Proehl Row 3-H. Tichy, M. Tara- vella, D. Koenig, J. Auf! and, S. Johnson. Row 2-F. McLean, L. Smith D. Beeck, P. Kalina, V Xvroblewski. Row 1-I. Stefansko, V. Gra- nato, E. Simo, B. VV1osek F. Rubenstein. owski, L. Grimm, J. Davies, F. Ray mond, J. Morav cik. cis, D. Stoltz, B Fleischer, E. Mit chell, F. Aoskad, R. Kasmarz. L. Preslicka, L. Pavlikowski, S Budz, L. Lach, D. Laicha, R Shultz. lak, P. Shead, H Rychtewowicz, L. Radzikowski, A. Dubaka, G. Zel hart, L. Jarick. 1 1 D Schmidt, M. Heinbeck, L Fencl. S Robbins, .-X. Scjba, D. Noxolny, L. Holloway, C. L2F12'lHCiS, C. Ashley, D, Hulquist. Row 2-T. Lcsiuo, D. Krmak, D. Salamon. B.4f11'HCfCll. D. Ba ber, E. Simo, XT. Holuduak. Row 1-Mr. Bohus, L. Hamas, C. Gebert. XV. Skora. M. Cudr mack, E. Hanzel. SECRETARIES Student Secretaries The workers in 128 clo many of the little things necessary to keep the ojiee running smooth- ly. They hle programs, act as fnesserzgers, and lake out release sheets for pupils who leave school. Each task is small in it- self, but all together, each makes fm' the success anal ejicieney of the office. Clean-Up Group STAND-R. Cameron, H. Nelson, P. Chipianitis, R. Majewski, R. XVise, R. Von- drasek, R. Suges, L. Musser, T. Kuminski, B. Bojack, D. Kirincic. ROYV 1-M. Kovinsky, E. Gayex, R. Bohl, B. Ramage, H. Bychterowica. L E A N - U P "It might as well be springu proved to be an appropriate theme for the energetic members of the Gage Park Clean-Up Committee because their work was begun as early as last December. The campaign was started with a "bang" as the lockers were inspected and measures were taken to improve and main- tain their present condition. Throughout the school, the various groups contributed towards making the campaign a success. The English classes contributed original Clean-Up slogans, and the impressive posters made in the art classes inspired the campaigners to strive for higher goals. In divisions, too, projects in- cluding gardening, fire pre- vention, and conservation re- 1 sulted in an "all outj' effort. The simple, yet effective "Clean and Fix in ,fl-6U was chosen as the winning slo- gan. A humorous skit, pre- sented by the committee, closed the campaign. USH ERS RON' 3-L. Musser, C. Prescia. ROYV2-R. Suges, N. Spoo, Slcfauisin. ROM' 1-D. Kiriucict. T, Kaminski. X SCHOOL USHERS The tlimeult task of maintaining order in the auclitorirun during all assemblies falls upon the hroad shoulders of the Gage Park ushers. Under the sponsorship of lvlr. Bulhn, these eight energetic boys have performed their duties admirably. This fact is illus- tratecl by the noticeable decrease in confusion 111 the auclitorium. With Captain Carmen Prescia at the heacl of the organization, we can all expect kind and courteous service at all times. PUBLIC ADDRESS QREW Craclfle--pop-bang! What is it? Why, stat- ic, of course. However, there is none of that clistnrhing noise heard in Gage Park's audi- torium. No, sir. Why, didn't you know that Andrew Barbera anal Richard Sehlueter, memlzers of our P. A. crew, are present at all assemblies to abolish these irritating sounds? Yes, the little, two man sound-ereu' does a gargantuan job, and uncler the direction of Mr. Small, it is done thoroughly and efficiently. SUPPLY ROOM The supply room, one of the smallest yet one of the busiest rooms in the school, is under the direction of Mr. Bulhn and his invaluable staff. It is from this distributing center that the ogice and classrooms receive the equipment necessary to carry on their daily activities. The many dijiculties concerning the locks and lockers of teachers as well as students are also brought to lllr. Buljiifs headquarters. BOOKROOM Do you believe in miracles? If you're from Mis- souri, take a peek into the little cubicle of a rooni on the first floor, and sez' the unbelievable. More books than you can imagine are stacked high on the bookroonz shelves. Sonie are ready for delivery to various classes, while others are waiting to be claimed by those who lost them. Aliss AIeKillen and her stag of student helpers are kept busy collecting money for lost books, issu- ing new editions, and keeping inventory records. 1. if it I 24 iq 4' C. Prescia, J. Stefanisin, J. Szczyrk. I XDDIIR J Cases Sl XXDIVC B Ricks Miss MCK1llen S V11l1g61 E Kuak XT DILSK L Paxllkouskl ox BOOKS-J. Hansen. s t' eu lv ,G-4' an Ln I t s N Sdhlriirs THE FIGHTING OWLS Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage Gage "Fight! fght! maroon and white!" Yes, these words of the cheering spectators rooting our lzoys on to another thrilling victory, are echoed throughout the stadium. But in the lzaclz of every player's mind, he can only hear the words of his coach. "Get that hall! Charge! Fast- er! lllahe those lzlochs stick!" The mighty men of the gridiron enjoyed their most successful season of league play. The climax came 'when Gage trounced Kelly 43-O. For their victory in this game, we gained possession of the coveted trophy. Once more, the team demonstrated splendid play and excellent sportsmanship throughout the season - all of which helped the players attain third place in the Central Section. NON-LEAGUE SCORES Park ...... 0 Bowen . Park ...... 13 Parker . LEAGUE SCORES Park ...... Tildea Park Dunbar Park Phillips Park Farragut Park Kelly .. Park DuSable FOOTBALL TEAM Row 6-F. Cortez, J. Repetny. Row 5-R. Carmcan, J. Scud der, D. Eubanks, R. Shultz E. Jaskulski, R. Ostrowski, T Formosa, B. Pronites, G. Hein4 en, J. Robinson, K. Panfil, XV Walteraitiz, R. Lapsansky. Row 4-J. Rezutka, G. Bekta, R Repetny, M. Baran, R. McMa hon, R. Amrik, P. Elsberry, L Dapkus, YV. Folz, J. Garcia. Row 3-J. Morrison, F. Balsa mello, R. Luce, E. Bulow, E Schilling, T. Thanasouras, B YVise, G. Evans, R. Stanek, T Pavelich. Row 2-C. Spoo, K. Ongman, R Hehl, F. Struppa, A. Mokaro, V. Jasaitis, J. Solava, L. Mus ser, R. Stanek, C. Prescia. Row 1-R. Metros, R. Suges, T. Kaminski, B. Cameron, D. Ki rincic, A. Wolan, B. Fencl coach, E. Rittmeyer. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM The little, mighty men of Gage Park's funior squad turned in a very creditable record of six wins and two losses. Although they led the section throughout the middle portion of the season, they were dropped to second place when Lindblom came up with a surprise triumph over last year's sectional champions. The Juniors' season was studded with close, thrilling games. The opening game with Harrison, a one point loss, and at mid- season, a one point decision over DuSable, furnished much excite- ment and thrills for all spectators. ' Before losing to Parher, 39-33, Gage heat I-Iyde Park in the city play-065. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 3-K. Murphy, D. LaPorte, R. YVeiss, R. Arteaga. ROW 2-J. Sledz, J. Olsen, E. Eubanks, G. Sanchez, C. Porter, J. Blidy, B. Szymanski, G. Kamberos. ROYV 1-P. Sifuentes, D. Schonebeck, J. Konrath, J. Crist, B. Kalata, D. Stech. SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM The members of Gage's spectacular Senior cage quintet are the "Central Section Champs of '46." Their 8-0 record gl. can be attributed to fine coaching by Paul Erickson and the E splendid co-ordination and skill displayed by the players. The most thrilling games of the regular season were those with Tilden, Dunbar, and the final win over Lindblom. Gage trounced Bowen in the first game of the city play-offs, but lost to Hirsch by one point in a much disputed overtime game. Losing this contest eliminated the senior team from the play-offs. Although the January commencement meant the loss of three valuable men, the team, sparked by several new players, continued their fine display of basketball. SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 3-E. Hauser, E. Miller, J. Dorgan, F. Nogaj, F. Glowacki. ROYV 2-A. Bilecki, R. Kucharski, C. Huber, M. Ciger. Standing-Mr. Erickson. ROW l-R. Kozlowski, E. Pacholski, F. Saracco, J. Fencik, J. Smith. BASEBALL The Owls win another baseball game to better their splendid record of four wins and no loss- es in league competition. Coach Paul Stanger's sluggers have rampaged ofuer the city compiling an ozfer-all record of ten wins compared to only two losses. They now hold the coveted first place po- sition in the Central Section with ten games remaining to be played. The season started with a bang when Farragut's powerful team suffered a 4-3 loss from the Owls. Tilden fell next in an 8-5 "slug-fest." Harrison, a teanz which has always been one of the strongest in the city, was the third victim. Splendid hurling and heads-up baseball won this game, a 2-1 thriller. The squad kept up its splendid record by walloping Phillips 9-O to bring the season up-to-date. The team owes its success largely to the return of nine of last year's lettermen, including seven regulars. Coach Stanger predicts a great season for his team, sparked by Co-captains Rich- ard Kobilarcilz and Andy Payonlz. BASEBALL Row 4-Coach, Mr. Stanger, D. Ric bards, C. Nevers, E. Koeller, A Kokos. Row 3-R. Knefel, P. Bock, J. Ko- valsky, L. Gerske, S. Majer, F Salamon. Row 2-G. Zeleznak, M. Obmascik R. Wojtulewicz, E. Pokorny, F Kaufmann, E. Bekta, E. Bulow F. Nogaj, B. Schneider. Row 1-E. Hawley, V. jasaitis, A. - B Payonk, E. Troscinski, R. Zobak, R. Kobilarcik, G. Brano. 'M' - , " + SWIM TEAM Off wtih a splash, the members of the swim team dive into the pool. Propelling themselves through the water with pre- eision-lilze movement, they endeavor to win the race in reoerd breaking time. Spurred onward by the joyous shouts of the spectators and by the assuring words of their sponsor, Coach Stanger, these boys proved victorious in swimming and have gained a splendid reputation for their sportsmanship. SWIM TEAM Row 4-Steel, Christy, Kosan Kubes, C h u r a , Massey Rendell, Matola, Bardack. Row 3-Stanger, D a p k u s Kort, Gallegar, Rose, Ku mus, Miller, Casey, Stanek Row 2-C z a r n y , Warczak Waitches, Kirchner, Wan da, Discher, Stanek, Disch er. Row 1-Nelson, McLaughlin Bartkiewicz, Zuzulas, Dzi4 elski, Karner, Hallett. Cameron, Robert Mokaro, Arthur Athletic Achie ement Major LeH'er Awards-Foorball Bulow, Edward Evans, Gorden Luce, Richard McMahon, Robert Major Cerfii Fcncl, Robert Hehl, Ralph Jasaitis, Victor Kaminski, Ted Kirincic, Dennis Metros, Ronald Schilling, Earl Solava, joseph Struppa, Frank Wise, Robert 'fca'l'e Awards Musser, Leroy Prescia, Carmen Spoo, Clarence Stanek, Ray Stanek, Roy Suges, Ray WVolan, Arthur Major Le'Her Awards-Baskerball-Seniors Ciger, Mike Kucharski, Richard De Roo, john Miller, Edward Dorgan, jim Nogaj, Fred Pavlik, Mike Major Certificate Awards-Baskefball- Seniors Bilecki, Alphonse Fencik, john Glowacki, Frank Hauser, Edward Huber, Carl Kozlowski, Richard Pacholski, Edward Sarraco, Frank Smith, james Major Awards-Baskefball Managers Major Leiter Awards-Football Managers Alexander, Donald Weaver, James Frenz, William ................... , .... Certificate Major Certificate Award--Football Manager Krisel, Richard Major LeH'er Awards-Baseball Sarna, Andrew Schnieder, William Troscinski, Edwin Zeleznak, George Zobak, Robert Baron, Robert Kaufmann, Fred Kobilarciak, Richard Obmascik, Michael Salamon, Frank Major Cerfificaie Awards Bilecki, Alphonse Payonk, Andrew jasaitis, Victor Sarraco, Frank Major Manager Award Maggio, Frank .............. . . . Certificate McCraw, john L ..... . . . Letter Schlueter, Richard .... . .. Letter Major LeHer Awards-Basketball-Juniors Blidy, john Mendez, Adam Kamberos, George Porter, Charles LaPorte, Donald Sanchez, Gilbert Sledz, john Major Certificate Awards--Baskelball- Juniors Arteaga, Ralph Crist, jacob Eubanks, Edgar Kalata, Bernard Konrath, joseph Schoenbeck, Donald Donald Major Leiter Awards-Swimming-Seniors Bardach, Richard Lee, XValter Mitola, Dominic Rendell, Thomas Madill, Franklyn Qlllanagerj Major Cerrificafe Awards-Swimming-- Chura, john Dapkus, Leonard Kasan, Robert Seniors McLarney, George Stanek, Ray Stanek, Roy l A is Koeller, Eugene if - 'A iii' - , X4 ' '..: .tj --,, - s 9, i 516,154 N f W -x 12 s r ' X N 1' E 5 li 'i is 2 H f V, is Steele, Ralph Major Le+'l'er Awards-Swimming-Juniors Bardach, Norman Kumis, Ernest Discher, Xvilliarn Hfaitches, Felix Kirchner, Al Yvanda, Thomas lvarczak, Russell L 4 ARCHERY TEAM Zooming through the air with the eerie howl of a screech owl, the arrow moves swiftly toward the gold center of the target many yards away. PVill it hit its mark? .lt will if therels a Gage Parker behind the how. Yes, after hours of practice after school, the Gage Park Archers are ready and willing to challenge any and all. GOLF TEAM "Fore," cries an Owl as he "tees off" near tlze hole. You guessed it. He is none other than a member of Gage Park's golf team. Wfhether in a sand trap or on a green, the golfers know how to use their clubs. The boys have perfected a skill that is dijficult to equal on the fairways. TRACK TEAM , Whiz-z-z, and a gush of wind practically topples you over. Is it a jet-planet Is it a mighty mouse? No, it's the members of Gage Pa'rk's new track team takin their daily sprint around the school. 1 fllthough inexperienced, the team looks 'very promising and when the next tract? season rolls around, don't be too surprised to see' Gage Park up with the leaders. Under Captain Clarence Spoo, the boys are working hard to get into shape for next year'. league competition. Y .lL , ,Y , ,W 44 CH EER for the Cheerleaders Give cz cheer! Give a cheer! For the members of thiscrefw. Give a cheer! Give a cheer! They're the ones who see us through. They have cheeredlus on to victory And cheered us in defeat. When it comes to peppy lead- we Gage Par!z's leaders can't be beat. Give a cheer! Give a cheer! For each member of this band. Give cz cheer.' Gage Parlfs leaders Afre the finest in the land. CHEERLEADERS Row 3-R. Valiant, H. Thompson, N Jackson, D. Koenig, J. Walsh, M Koeller, P. King, A. Rybicki. Row 2-D. Haupt, A. Schenck, D Stoltz, J. Rogers. Row 1-R. Steele, J. Chura, L. Miller E. Reibow, B. Bohl. Hand car, Push car, Engine full of steam, VVe're from Gage Park, Yeh, Team ! 2 'e s ,Q ffm sb CHEERS Rub-a-dub-dub, Rub-a-dub-dub, We've got -- in our tub! Wash 'em, Wring 'em, Hang 'em on the line, We'l1 beat l-- any old time! i ,. - wvvf: . Iris 4 -3 QQSQ I- . -.tene 1 'Q Q. Q 01,-'Qs' ' an-ixqvgi I 7? Q :HT tc gl I 4, ! S ,WX Fight! Fight! Maroon and White! Fight! Fight! Maroon and White! Smash 'em! Bust 'em! That's our custom, Fight! Fight! Maroon and White! With a G, with a G, With an a-g-e, With a P, with a P, With an a-r-lc, VVith a Ga-ge-Pa-rk, Yeh, Gage Park! 4 President . . . Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . President . . . Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . , . Badminton Ballet Basketball Bicycling Bowling Cheer Leading Fencing Golf Hiking LETTERS Helen Neubauer Mary Cudrnak Phyllis Morelli Betty Graefen Lois Duchossois Lillian Minarcik EMBLEMS Elaine Simo Betty Martiniak Helen Groetserna January Officers June Officers G. A. A. Acfivifies Girls' Awards Florence N iewiadomski . . . Helen Neubauer . . . Mary Cudrnak . . . . Lottie Lach . . . . Rosemary Baxa . . . . Rosemary Baxa Audrey Schenck Marie Morelli . . . . Marilyn Kristof Hockey Horseback Riding Ping Pong Recreational Swim Soccer Tap Dancing Tennis Tumbling Volley Ball Marilyn Kristof Florence Niewiadomski Arlette Isenberg Marie Morelli Audrey Schenck Lottie Lach CHEVRONS Rosemary Baxa Audrey Schenck Marie Morelli Arlette Isenberg Florence Niewiadomski R2Vl.i2fVWEi?!2iz,1E. ??fI5?ik' A' Imbefg P MM' B G A A B O A R D ROW 1-D. Petolick, J. johnson, H. Neubauer M Cudrnak L r....1. 1: 11-.vq I Minnrrik, T1 Novak. The efficient leaders ofthe Girls' flthletic Association, a group made up of sixteen girls, comprise the GAA. Board. To be a board member a girl must earn a 500 point emblem, have an outstanding personality, and show signs of leadership. Through the ceaseless efforts of the G..4.1fl. Board and their tire- less sponsor, Miss Loughborough, many social and enjoyable events jill the busy calendar of our athlet- ic minded members. G. A. A. OFFICERS President, H. Neubauerg Vice Pxesx dent, M. Cudrnakg Secretary, L. Lach Treasurer, R. Baxa. L inf X qf CEU , 1:11 n ll' if G. A. A. While gazing through your gal- lery of memories, remember all your good times at Gage Park. The most vivid ones, of course, are the happy ones. Recall- The time you thought you would die if you weren't invited to the Football Dance and then you were asked twice the same day. The morning you forgot your fancy, two-piece bathing suit and were the only girl at the Splash Party in a tank suit. The morning the boy next door saw you walking to school with a Teddy Bear and canceled the invi- C I ' i ,r 'N J --vi 1 "6 "-7 T, +5-me I:-ins' W E Y -vu r-:-fgji' fx X 4 Clllllf K 'n ssh? FX x " 'P X X M 4X f T tation to the Prom until you ex- plained to him about Gage's xuper Baby Doll Party. The afternoon of the Baxketball Dante when you learned that new step and had to walk home without a heel on your pumps, but you didnlt mind beeause the photog- rapher had snapped your picture for the learian in that 'very uncer- tain pose. Last, but not least, the time you got up in the middle of the night to nzake ready for the annual pie- nic. You remembered to take your flashlight, riding jacket, tennis refket, baseball bat, and pocket knife but forgot to take your lunch. 'W ,il 4l MISS GAGE PARK Recreational Activities B w i i r I 4 ei Q, .Y'l1:? A315-3 2' ei? E-21 - ' 42, . fx- V V V2 V y x .E 1 7 W I 1 W E 1 niafigqv f., f 'ml .-21551 .5..f...,Q - 2' iifii' , f S' -1?-,gi QQ. ,-4,,gf13: ' ' A 11- . 3:22-'xv ' 1 1 u'iEaE:'-' , 'dl ,., - - .1. ,f ,-,qu-s ,..,, 4 I hw. f V .,.1 J, il55f5 SENIOR OFFICERS January, 1946 Secretary ......... Vice-President Treasurer President .... Diary Cudrnak Ralph Hehl Ruth Nlelsheimer Robert Fencl BAJORAT, ERNELLA .. Pres- ident, Orchestra .. Vice-Presi- dent, Physics Club .. Latin Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Cheer Leader .. BANLEY, MARGUERITE .. Service Club .. Senior Girls, Club .. Girls' Glee Club .. Mixed Chorus .. President, English Class .. G.A.A. .. Stu- dent Council .. BARSKY, RAY .. Intramural Baseball .. Intramural Football .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Intramural Basketball .. BENSON, JEAN .. Service Club .. GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club BOHACEK, EDWARD .. Band .. Orchestra . . BREWER, LA VERNE .. En- Gager Staff .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Intramural Vol- ley Ball .. Service Club .. BRINKERHOFF, DOROTHY .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. CASPER, JUNE .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. t CIGER, MICHAEL .. Basket- ball Team .. COSTA, ANNE .. Girls' Glee Club .. Mixed Chorus . . G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Latin Club . . ' CROHAN, ELAINE .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Latin Club .. CUDRNAK, MARY .. Secre- tary, Senior Class .. Vice-Presi- dent, G.A.A. .. Secretary, Stu- dent Council .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Perfect Attendance .. CULAP, JENNIE .. En-Gager Representative .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girlvs"Club .. DRANTER, EUGENE .. Serv- ice Club .. Spanish Club .. Physics Club .. I DUSEK, IRENE .. service Club .. Boots and Saddle Club .. G.A.A. .. Division Secretary .. ESTOK, VERONICA . . Service Club .. G.A.A. ., Spanish Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. FENCL, ROBERT .. Football Team . . President, Senior Class .. Swim Team . . Tennis Team .. Honor Club .. Service Club.. FENCIK, JOHN .. Basketball Team .. Baseball Team .. Serv- ice Club .. MCCOY, DOLORES .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. McKITTRICK, BETTY . . Hon- or Club .. Service Club .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. . . MCLEAN, EARL . . Senior Prom Committee .. President, Honor Club .. Class Dues Committee .. MEGA, EVELYN .. Secretary- Treasurer, Honor Club .. Stu- dent Council . . Service Club . . En-Gager Representative .. G.A.A. .. Latin Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. MEISER, WILLIAM .. Vice- President, Student Council .. President, Latin Club . . Honor Club .. President, Concert Band .. Perfect Attendance .. MELSHEIMER, RUTH . . Serv- ice Club, .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club . . Bookroom Staff . . Honor Club .. Treasurer, Sen- ior Class .. Senior Prom Com- mittee . . METROS, RONALD .. Foot- ball Team .. Service Club .. Mixed Chorus .. MISUP, LORRAINE .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Student Council .. G.A.A. .. MOKARO, ARTHUR .. Foot- ball Team .. President, Junior Class .. Tennis Team .. Stu- dent Council .. Mixed Chorus .. Operetta .. Honor Club .. Usher .. Division Vice-Presi- dent .. MOLITOR, BETTY .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. Student Council .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. MORELLI, PHYLLIS .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. Board .. NAREL, LORETTA .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. NEUBAUER, HELEN .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Presi- dent, G.A.A. .. En-Gager Staff .. Icarian Staff .. Clean-Up Committee .. Student Council . . Drama Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. NOGA, LILLIAN .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Student Council .. G.A.A. .. ONDRISKO, JEANNINE . . Honor Club .. Service Club .. p Senior Girls' Club . . YVar Bond Salesman .. Latin Club .. G.A.A. . . Division Secretary . . ONGMAN, KEITH . . Honor Club .. Service Club .. Physics Club .. Football Team .. Li-' brary Staff . . OPRONDEK, SOPHIE . . G.A.A, . . Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Spanish Club .. Mixed Chorus . . ORBAN, ELEANDRE .. Serv- ice Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. .. Spanish Club .. Drama Club .. PACULT, LILLIAN . . Service Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. . . Spanish Club . . Drama Club .. PETRILA, EMILY .. Division Secretary .. Mixed Chorus .. Owls' Skating Club . . G.A.A. . . PRAJA, LILLIAN .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Physics Club .. Honor Club .. Latin Club .. Service Club . . RICCHIUTI, PAUL .. Orches- tra .. Physics Club .. Spanish Club . . ROBBINS, SHIRLEY .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. En-Ga- ger Staff .. Senior Girls' Club .. Spanish Club .. G.A.A. .. SALDUKAS, ANTHONY . . Service Club, Honor Club .. Physics Club .. SALOMAN, DOLORES .. Hon- or Club . . Service Club .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. Drama Club .. Spanish Club .. Student Council .. G.A.A. .. Division Secretary .. SARACCO, FRANK .. Secre- tary, Freshman Class .. Latin Club .. Basketball Team .. Mixed Chorus .. Student Coun- cil .. Baseball Team .. Service Club .. Physics Club . . SARNA, WALTER .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Base- ball Team .. Secretary, Sopho- more Class .. Student Council . . Band . . SIBLEY, CLAUDE .. Service Club .. SIMONETTI, MARIE .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club . . Spanish Club . . G.A.A. .. SKORA, WANDA .. Secretary, Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. SOLTIS, LORRAINE .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Student Council .. En-Gager Representative . . Sen- ior Prom Committee . . SOWINSKI, LORETTA .. Serv- ice Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Polish Club .. G.A.A. .. SPADARO, CONSTANCE .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Student Council .. G.A.A. .. Icarian Picture Rep- resentative .. SUHRING, JEAN .. Honor Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. . . Boots and Saddle Club SZYMANSKI, BERNICE . . Serv- ice Club .. Cheer Leader .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. En-Gager Representative . . URBANOWICZ, ROMAN .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. , Concert Band .. Orchestra .. Physics Club .. Latin Club .. Swim Team .. ZWITKOWITSCH, RAYMOND .. Supply Room .. Hall Guide .. Service Club . . VILLIGER, SHIRLEY .. Serv- ice Club .. Bookroom Staff .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Girls' Glee Club . . Mixed Chor- us .. Physics Club .. VINCKAS, RUTH .. Service Club .. Bookroom Staff .. G.A.A. .. War Bond Salesman .. Lost and Found .. Physics Club . . Senior Girls' Club .. VORUDA, ROSEMARIE .. Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. .. WAKULCZYK, HELEN .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. WALSH, LORANE .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. Secre- tary, junior Class .. junior Prom Committee .. Senior Girls' Club .. Latin Club .. G.A.A. .. WAUTERLEK, OLGA .. Hon- or Club .. Service Club .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. WILLIAMS, DARLENE . . Serv- ice Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. . . WILSON, RONALD . . Swim Team .. Baseball Team .. Ten- nis Team .. Service Club .. Concert Band .. WINSKI, MARION .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Division Secretary-Treasurer . . G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. French Club .. IVOLFANGLE, MARILYN .. Honor Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Student Council .. G.A.A. .. Latin Club .. Girls' Glee Club .. WOOLDRIDGE, IRENE . . Serv- ice Club .. Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. .. WROBLEWSKI, VIRGINIA . . Honor Club .. Service Club .. Student Council .. Owls' Skat- ing Club .. G.A.A. .. CSee Page 911 gil SERVICE YVITH A SMILE .1,f2 THE WISEST OWLS 323 ON THE CAMPUS jill RINGS ON THEIR FINGERS 4,955 VALEDICTORIAN J 'Un 1 NH nf 'oe gp' 0 0 M :JBL T HA, we ? 9 x P U' 55? 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'- 1' Q, ..., g , Q ff 5 Q20 f-. tene- B 5 eg Q -c 0 5' 0? +0 Ex" 61 . Q 674, QQQ Q o 6 ga O apps 'effsebe LQ c,uo42N,4gs . i 9' 99' 442 3 P ,,, bg, '76 UW" Ffwqk, o S9 Q 'DA m ,9 sl X Y P 2 0 3 4, O fb ,Q 13, ,N GW ' gil X F' F27 gp 94. O ' Z .gd 2 g ' ai 4, - :cg NL, 1,9 m.-- -N S 0, Q 4 1 X. Z m O qglwe gj -s 2 .Q 4 f 11' IS ,musk '., "5 ' R N 9 " . n 2 ' W Q If '12 2 1:22 M Aa if if fu fax XX 40 F2 frm 40 2 Q M9 UN 0-MQ? U3 +06 'pas V B 9419 s-nas 20090 ' 070925 ,XV bag was 91009 - 9 00' - Nou? SENIOR OFFICERS .lune,'l946 ,,Mf.ym-.f. Ibm.. , ' Treasurer .. ............ DONALD SCHOENBECK Secretary ............. .......... . ........ M ARGE BADE Vice-President ..... .... ..... J 0 SEPH STEFANISIN President .... ............ B ERNARD KALATA AHRENS, CONNIE .. En-Ga- ger Staff .. Operetta .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. junior Prom Committee . . Drama Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . ALDWORTH, PATRICK ANDRASCO, MARY .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Owls' Skating Club . . Service Club .. Honor Club .. Latin Club .. Mixed Chorus .. BADE, MARIORIE .. Secre- tary, Senior Class .. Mixed Chorus .. Operetta .. En-Gager Staff .. Senior Girls' Club .. Student Council . . G.A.A. . . BALAS, THERESA .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. Spanish Club .. BAXA, ROSEMARY .. Presi- dent, G.A.A. . . Student Council . . Clean-Up Committee . . Hon- or Club .. Service Club .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. Orchestra .. BENDIK, EMILY . . Senior Girls' Club . . G.A.A. . . Spanish Club . . BILECKI, AL . . Senior Basket- ball Team . . Basebal Team . . Intramural Softball . . Intramu- ral Volley Ball .. Lettermen's Club . . Hall Guide . . En-Gager Staff . . BLAZSEY, PAULINE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club . . BOGER, DORIS . . Service Club .. Spanish Club . . Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. BOSEK, DOLORES .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. BOWMAN, GRACE .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. BROSCHKA, JOSEPH .. Serv- ice Club . . Mixed Chorus . . BRUNO, MARY .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. BUDZ, VIVIAN . . Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Spanish Club BURNS, DOLORES .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Opera Club .. G.A.A. .. Girls' Glee Club .. Operetta .. CAMERON, ROBERT .. Cap- tain, Football Team .. Presi- dent, Student Council .. Service Club . . Hall Guide . . Usher . . En-Gager Staff .. CECOT, DOLORES .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. Mixed Chor- us . . Senior Girls' Club . . CECOT, THERESA .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Icarian Staff .. Mixed Chorus . . CERNIUK, GEORGE .. Junior Band .. Orchestra .. Concert Band .. En-Gager Representa- tive . . Owls' Skating Club . . CERVEN, HELEN .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club . . CHLEBICKA, FRANCES . . Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. CHURA, JOHN . . Honor Club . . Service Club .. Swim Team .. Cheer Leader . . Hall Guide .. Baseball Team . . Mixed Chorus .. CHUZUM, ARTHUR .. Serv- ice Club .. Hall Guide . . COLEMAN, ETHEL .. En-Ga- ger Staff .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Honor Club .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. COLLINS, JOHN .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Concert Band .. Operetta .. Intramural Sports .. Division President .. CONWAY, NANCY .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Dancing Class .. Art Club .. G.A.A. .. COX, ROSEMARY . . En-Gager Staff .. G.A.A. .. Latin Club .. Spanish Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. CRANE, RICHARD .. Hall Guide .. Usher .. Intramural Sports .. En-Gager Staff .. CRIST, JACOB .. Junior Bas- ketball Team .. President, Jun- ior Class . . Lettermen's Club . . Junior Prom Committee . . Hall Guide .. Intramural Softball .. DANSART, MARY JANE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. DARCY, JAMES .. Basketball Manager .. Hall Guide .. Serv- ice Club .. DOBESH, DOLORES .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. DOSPOY, MARY .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. DUCHOSSOIS, LOIS .. G.A.A. Board .. Senior Girls' Club .. Student Council .. Honor Club .. Service Club . . Spanish Club .. Icarian Staff .. if , . UDA, DOROTHY .. Perfect Attenclztuce .. Honor Club .. fStutlenl Council .. Service Club Senior Prom Committee .. Senior Girls' Club ., GAA. .. DUJKA, EMILY .. Concert lizuul .. G..X..-X. Board .. Cheer I.ezuler .. En-Gager Staff .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. DUNNE, THERESA .. Service Club .. Girls' Glee Club .. G..-X..fX. .. Senior Girls' Club .. EARL, FRANCES .. G.pX..X. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club . . En-Gziger Representa- tive . . Drzunzt Club .. EUBANKS, EDGAR .. Honor Club .. junior Basketball Team .. En-Geiger Stall' .. Operetta .. Service Club .. Intramural Sports ., FARRELL, FRANCES . . Honor Club ., FELTON, WESLEY .. Band .. Orchestra .. OIJCI'Cll2l .. Intra- inurztl llusketbztll ., Intrznnural Baseball .. FIFFLES, MARY .. En-Gager Stall .. Service Club .. Mixed Chorus .. Operettzt .. Senior Girls' Club .. FITZGERALD, TRESA .. Sec- retary, Sophomore Class ., Serv- ice Club .. Student Council .. Honor Club .. GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. FOLCZYK, DOLORES . . GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Oper- ettzt .. FRANZEN, JEAN .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Spanish Club .. FREMAREK, THERESE .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Cheer Leader .. GAA. ., Spanish Club .. FRIEDMANN, SHIRLEY .. GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. GALIK, ROSE .. GAA. .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. GALLO, CONNEE .. Icarian Staff .. Secretary, Service Club .. Honor Club .. Junior Prom Committee Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Bond Sales .. GANSHO, EVELYN .. Service GAA. ., Honor Club .. Presi- dent, Orchestral .. GASSMERE, VIRGINIA ., G..-X..-X. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Operettzt ,. Spanish Club .. Service Club .. Operzt Club .. GAYDA, DOROTHY .. GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. - A l.l4 GEORGES, ANGELINE G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. GETZ, DOLORES ., Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Drama N Club .. Division President .. Operetta .. GLOWACKI, FRANK .. Senior Basketball Team .. Hall Guide .. Gym Helper .. Glass Gift Committee ,. Intramural Foot- ball .. Intramural Swimming .. Intramural Volley Ball .. GRABINSKI, DOLORES . Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. GRACHANEN, ANN .. G.A.A. .. Mixed Chorus .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. GREENING, EVELYN . . G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Student Council .. Service Club .. Hon- or Club .. GREGORY, VIRGINIA .. Serv- ice Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. GREIG, DOROTHY .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. GRONKOWVSKI, JOSEPH .. Hall Guide .. Intramural Base- ball .. Intramural Basketball .. Intramural Swimming .. Divi- sion President .. Service Club .. GRZELINSKI, EDWVARD GUERRA, MANUELA .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. HALKO, ANNA .. G.A.A. .. Student Council ,. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. HANCOCK, RUTH ., Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Mixed Chorus .. Girls' Glee Club . . En-Gager Representa- tive .. G.A.A. .. HASENFANG, HERBERT .. Hall Guide .. junior Band .. Intramural Basketball .. Service Club .. HASH, ELEANOR ,. G.A.A. .. Owls' Skating Club .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. En-Gager Representative .. HAUSER, EDWVARD .. Senior Basketball Team .. Intramural Basketball .. Intramural Vol- lev Ball .. Intramural Baseball .. En-Gager Representative .. Hall Guide .. Lettermen's Club .. HAYES, FLORENCE .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. HOLEK, MARIE .. Honor Club ., Icarian Staff .. Senior l'ro1n Committee .. Service Club .. Division President .. Senior Girls Club .. G.A.A. .. HOLY, PHYLLIS .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. HORALEK, FRANK HROZA, MARY ANN .. G.A.A. .. Boots and Saddle Club .. Drama Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Class Gift Committee .. Owls' Skat- ing Club .. HULTQUIST, DORIS . . Honor Club .. Service Club .. Icarian Stall .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. ., HYNCIK, FLORENCE . . Treas- urer. Drama Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Mixed Chorus .. Honor Club .. Serv- ice Club . . Division Secretary . . ISENBERG, ARLETTE . . Hon- or Club .. Service Club .. Mixed Chorus .. G.A.A. Board .. Icarian Staff .. Senior Girls' Club ,. Spanish Club .. IAKUBOWICH, JEANNINE .. Student Council .. Honor Club .. Service Club ., Operetta .. Vice-President, Drama Club ., Senior Girls' Club .. Mixed Chorus .. IANIS, ROBERT .. junior Prom Committee .. Intramural Basketball .. Swim Team .. JERZ, DOLORES .. Band .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Service Club ., G.A.A. JEZEK, FRANK .. Icarian Staff .. Service Club .. Orchestra .. En-Gager Representative . . Owls' Skating Club .. junior Band .. JIRASEK, HELEN .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. Junior Prom Committee .. Vice-Presi- dent, Sophomore Class .. Stua dent Council .. JOHNSON, JEAN .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. Board .. Operetta .. Dancing Class .. JOHNSON, LOIS .. Student Council ., Honor Club .. Serva ice Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . Mixed Chorus .. Owls' Skating Club .. G.A.A. .. JURGAITIS, RICHARD KACMARCIK, ANN .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club . . Boots and Saddle Club. . KALAL, GERALD .. Icarian Staff .. Concert Band .. Con- cert Orchestra . . Drama Club . . En-Gager Stall .. Intramural Basketball . . Dance Band .. KALATA, BERNARD .. Presia dent, Senior Class .. Vice-Pres- ident. Student Council .. junior Basketball Team .. Intramural Swimming .. Intramural Base- ball .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Lettermen's Club .. KAMBEROS, ETHEL .. senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. A W, 'I i l l i 1 l 9 . l I i 4 u l l l l 4 it l l l KOMAREK, DOROTHY .. GAA. ,. Physics Club .. Latin Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. KAMINSKI, AURELIA .. Mixed Chorus .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Student Council ., KAMINSKI, TED .. Football Team ,. Lettermen's Club .. Track Team .. Mixed Chorus .. Physics Club .. Bowling Team .. KAPUSTIAK, JOHN .. En-Ga,- ger Staff .. Hall Guide .. Usher ., Honor Club .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Student Council .. Service Club .. KARETA, KENNETH .. Icari- an Stafl' .. Hall Guide .. Mixed Chorus .. Intramural Basket- ball .. Intramural Baseball .. KARLEY, RUTH .. GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Latin Club .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. Student Council .. KIRINCIC, DENNIS .. Foot- ball Team .. En-Gagcr Staff .. Usher .. Lettermen's Club .. Intramural Basketball .. Mixed Chorus ,. KLIMEK, MATILDA .. G..-LA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. KOBILARCIK, RICHARD .. Baseball Team .. KOEBEL, JEAN . . lcarian Stall? .. Drama Club .. Service Club ., Junior Prom Committee .. Senior Girls' Club .. Operetta .. En-Gager Representative .. KOELLER, EUGENE .. Base- ball Team .. Swim Team .. Service Club .. Hall Guide .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Intra- mural Basketball .. KOKOS, LILLIAN .. Student Council .. En-Gager Represen- tative .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club ., Service Club .. KONRATH, JOSEPH .. Junior Basketball Team .. Supply Room .. KOPCZYNSKI, JUNE .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Student Council .. Mixed Chorus . . En-Gager Rep- resentative ., KOPCZYNSKI, SALLY .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. KOSAN, ROBERT .. Swim Team .. Mixed Chorus .. Let- termen's Club .. Intramural Baseball .. KOZLOWSKI, RICHARD .. Student Council .. Owls' Skat- ing Club ,. Hall Guide .. Ush- er .. Captain, Senior Basketball Team .. Class Gift Committee .. Lettermen's Club .. KUBES, ROBERT .. Swim Team .. Intramural Softball . . Hall Guide .. LCllC1'lDClliS Club .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Service Club .. KUBICKI, CHESTER .. Intra- inural Basketball .. Intramural Baseball ,. Intramural Foot- ball .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Hall Guide .. KULCZEWSKI, DOLORES .. Honor Club .. Iearian Staff ,. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Class Gift Committee .. En-Gager Representative .. Division Secretary . . KUS, MARTIN .. Student Council .. Treasurer, Freshman Class .. Intramural Baseball .. Intramural Basketball .. Hall Guide .. KRAMER, DOROTHY .. Hon- or Club .. Service Club .. En- Gager Staff .. Spanish Club ,. Girls' Glee Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club ., KRAML, KATHERINE .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. KRISTOF, MARILYN .. Hon- or Club ., Icarian Staff .. Sen- ior Girls' Club . . Mixed Chorus .. Service Club .. Treasurer, G.A.A. .. Student Council .. KWVAK, EUGENE .. Book Room .. Service Club .. Hall Guide .. Division President .. LAMONT, LOIS .. Secretary- Treasurer, Senior Girls' Club .. Secretary, Drama Club . . Honor Club .. Service Club .. Student Council .. Icarian Staff .. Op- 6l'Cll2l . . LAURENCE, THERESA .. Girls' Glee Club .. Mixed Glee Club .. Operetta .. En-Gager Representative .. Service Club .. G.A.A. . . LEE, WVALTER .. Service Club .. Swim Team .. LEHOCKY, NORMAN . . Intru- iuural Baseball .. Intramural Basketball .. Hall Guide .. In- tramural Volley Ball .. LERACY, THERESE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. LIGHTFOOT, BETTY .. Hon- or Club .. Icarian Staff ., Sen- ior Girls' Club ., G.A.A. .. Latin Club .. LOOMIS, IREEN .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Student Council .. MABLY, INEZ .. Band .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. MACEIAK, D O L O RE S .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club ., Honor Club .. MADERA, JAMES .. Intramu- ral Baseball .. Hall Guide .. MANLEY, SHIRLEY .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. MARCH, IVIARY .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. MAREVKA, ELEA N OR .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Operetta . . MARKS, RAE .. Operetta .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Student Coun- cil .. En-Gager Staff .. Spanish Club .. MARLEWVSKI, NEIL .. Physics Club .. Intramural Baseball .. MCKILLIP, PAT .. President. Drama Club .. En-Gager Stall .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Mixed Chor- llS .. MCMAHON, ROBERT .. Foot- ball Team .. MELICHAREK, RUDOLF .. Hall Guide .. Intramural Base- ball .. Intramural Basketball . . MIANO, EDITH .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. MICHALAK, LUCILLE .. G.A.A. . . Service Club . . Sen- ior Girls' Club ., MIERENDORF, FRED .. MIKAS, VIRGINIA .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club ., Service Club .. Honor Club .. Student Council .. MILES, MARY .. Icarian Staff .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. junior Prom Commit- tee .. Honor Club .. G.A.A. .. MILLER, LEONARD .. Latin Club .. Art Aids . . Cheer Lead- er .. Concert Band .. Drama Club ,. Concert Orchestra .. Dance Band ., MINARCIK, LILLIAN. .G.A.A. Board .. Service Club .. Sen- ior Girls' Club . . En-Gager Rep- resentative .. Boots 84: Saddle Club .. MORELLI, MARIE .. Presi- dent, Senior Girls' Club . . Secretary, G.A.A. ,. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Icarian Staff .. Student Council .. Latin Club .. MOZIS, MARIE .. Honor Club . . Icarian Staff . . Student Coun- cil .. Senior Girls' Club .. Drama Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. MURPHY, GLORIA .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Mixed Chorus .. G.A.A. .. jun- ior Prom Committee . . MUSSER, LEE .. Football Team .. junior Prom Commit- tee .. Intramural Swimming . . Clean-Up Committee .. Senior Prom Committee .. Service Club .. NACIK, MARIE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. NEVERS, CHARLES .. Service Club .. Hall Guide .. Baseball Team .. Mixed Chorus .. In- tramural Sports .. NICHOLS, LAVERNE .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Division Secretary- Treasurer . . NICHOLS, PHILIP .. NIEWIADOMSKI, FLORENCE .. G.A.A. Board .. Senior Girls' Club .. Latin Club .. Service Club ., Honor Club .. NOVOTNY, DOROTHY .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. OHR, KENNETH .. Division President .. Hall Guide .. Op- eretta .. En-Gager Staff .. Serv- ice Club . , OLEJNICZAK, STEPHANIE .. G.A.A. Chorus .. Art Club .. Mixed .. Senior Girls' Club .. O'NEILL, MARGARET . . G.A.A. .. Senior Prom Commit- tee .. Senior Girls' Club . . Spanish Club .. Service Club . . Boots Xe Saddle Club .. Student Council .. OVERKO, DOROTHY .. G.A.A. .. Art Club .. Drama Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Girls' Glee Club .. Icarian Staff PACIGA, MARIAN .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. PODORSKY, LILLIAN. .G.A.A. .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. junior Prom Committee .. Division President .. PAVLIK, MICHAEL .. Senior Basketball Team .. Intramural Baseball . . PAWLAK, LORETTA . . G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. PETERSON, BYRON .. Honor Club . . PIATANESI, TINA .. G.A.A. .. Mixed Chorus ., Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Division President .. PLATTNER, MARILYN ,. G.A.A. .. En-Gager Staff .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Bond Sales .. Spanish Club .. POSKONKA, BERNICE .. G.A.A. . . Senior Girls' Club . . Service Club ,. PRCIC, BERNICE .. Senior Girls' Club .. Mixed Chorus ., G.A.A. .. Service Club .. PROKOP, MARY .. GAA. ,. Senior Girls' Club .. Latin Club .. RADENI, JUNE . . Senior Girls Club .. G.A.A. .. RATOIKE, GERTRUDE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Owls' Skating Club .. Service Club .. Spanish Club .. REINMUTH, ARLENE .. Edi- tor-in-Chief, En-Gager .. Presi- dent, Service Club .. Secretary. Student Council ., junior Prom Committee .. Honor Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Drama Club .. RHINEHART, JEAN .. Senior Girls' Club .. GAA. ., En-Ga- get Staff .. RICCHIUTI, PAUL .. RICHARDS, DONALD .. Base- ball Team .. junior Band .. Instrumental Music .. Intra- mural Volley Ball .. Intramural Basketball .. RIEBOW, EDWARD .. Cheer Leader .. Concert Band ,. Dance Band .. Concert Orches- tra .. Basketball Manager ., Student Council .. Sophomore Dance Committee .. ROCK, ALICE .. Service Club .. GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Girls' Glee Club ., Bond Sales .. ROLENC, STEVE .. ROSCOE, DONALD .. Baseball Team .. Service Club ., junior Band .. Instrumental Music .. Intramural Baseball .. Intra- mural Basketball .. Intramural Volley Ball ., ROSEN, WILLIAM .. Service Club ., Honor Club .. Spanish Club .. Physics Club .. En-Ga- ger Stall .. Hall Guide .. RUSNAK, MARIE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. RYAN, PATRICIA .. Vice- President, Freshman Class .. Service Club .. GA..-X. ,. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. En-Gager Staff .. Bond Sales SALAMON, FRANK . . Baseball Team .. SANCHEZ, MANUEL .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. Oper- etta .. Opera Club .. Mixed Chorus .. Hall Guide .. Stu- dent Council .. SANDER, DALVINO .. Span- ish Club .. Girls' Glee Club .. Mixed Chorus .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.,-XA. .. Perfect At- tendance .. SAZMA, FRANCES ,. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. SCALISE, FRANK .. Hall Guide .. Mixed Chorus .. Span- ish Club .. En-Gager Represen- tative .. SCHALLMO, EDWARDEAN . . Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Class Gift Committee . . SCHENCK, AUDREY .. Vice- President, G.A.A. . . Cheer Lead- er .. Senior Girls' Club .. Serv- ice Club .. Senior Prom Com- mittee .. SCHMALTZ, LORRAINE ., G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. SCHMIDT, KENNETH .. Serv- ice Club . . SCHOENBECK, DONALD .. Junior Basketball Team .. Op- eretta .. Hall Guide .. Service Club .. Lettermen's Club .. Senior Prom Committee .. SCUREK, MARY .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. SEILS, CHARLES .. Editor-in- Chief, En-Gager . . Associate Editor, En-Gager . . Honor Club .. Service Club .. Hall Guide . . Physics Club . . Golf Team. . SEJBA, ALICE .. Service Club . . Spanish Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. SEKULSKI, THERESA .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. SELBACH, RITA .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. SELLERS, JUNE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Drama Club .. Operetta .. Latin Club .. SHUMOVSKY, LORRAINE .. Mixed Chorus .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Division President .. Service Club .. SIEGLER, PATRICIA . . G.A.A. ., Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club . . SIMANDL, FLORENCE .. Serv- ice Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G,A.A. .. SMITH, JAMES .. Leltermen's Club .. Intramural Softball .. Captain, Senior Basketball Team .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Honor Club .. Student Council SMOLINSKI, E D WV A R D . . Service Club .. Honor Club .. Intramural Basketball .. Intra- mural Volley Ball .. SOSNOWSKI, DOROTHY .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. SPOO, CLARENCE .. Football Team .. Student Council .. Vice-President, Service Club .. Icarian Staff .. Physics Club .. Lettermen's Club . . Swim Team STANGEL, LEO .. Hall Guide STASKIEWICZ, LORRAINE .. Girls' Glee Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. STATEMAN, EILEEN . . G.A.A .. Spanish Club .. En-Gager Representative .. Senior Girls' Club .. STEFANISIN, JOSEPH .. Vice- President, Senior Class .. In- tramural Baseball .. Usher .. Service Club .. Hall Guide .. Junior Prom Committee .. Senior Prom Committee .. STRONCZEK, EDWARD .. Student Council .. Honor Club .. Intramural Swimming .. Junior Prom Committee .. Sophomore Dance Committee . . STECK, DONALD .. junior Basketball Team .. Intramural Baseball .. Intramural Volley Ball .. Student Council .. Let- termen's Club .. Junior Prom Committee .. Operetta .. STOCK, FLORENCE .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. junior Prom Committee .. Senior Prom Com- mittee . . Boots and Saddle Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. STOCK, FRANCES .. G.A.A. . . Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. Boots and Saddle Club STRASSER, JACK .. Swim Team .. Mixed Chorus .. In- tramural Basketball .. Intramu- ral Volley Ball .. Intramural Baseball .. STUPKA, CHARLES .. Usher .. Student Council .. Mixed Chorus .. SUGES, RAY .. Football Team . . Icarian Staff . . Mixed Chorus .. Hall Guide .. Track Team .. Physics Club .. Lettermen's Club .. SUPER, ESTHER .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. G.A,A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. SVEC, YVONNE . . Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Service Club .. Art Club .. Drama Club .. Honor Club .. Operetta .. SZUKALA, LORRAINE .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. SWVIATECKI, SYLVIA . . G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. SWIDER, EUGENE .. Division Vice-President .. Student Coun- cil .. TEGELER, SHIRLEY .. Honor Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club . . TOLSKY, IRVING .. Vice- President, Band .. Vice-Presi- dent, Orchestra .. Service Club .. Honor Club .. Class Gift Committee .. Student Council .. Football Team .. TOPAK, LORRAINE .. GAA. .. Senior Girls' Club .. TRENDA, RUTH .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. TRIOLO, JOSEPHINE .. Girls' Glee Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Mixed Chorus .. TROSCINSKI, EDWIN .. Pres- ident, Sophomore Class .. Base- ball Teani .. Vice-President, Honor Club .. Service Club .. Operetta .. Lettermen's Club .. Icarian Staff .. TUZIK, WVANDA .. Service Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. . . URBANSKI, FLORENCE .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. VANKO, HELEN .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. VASQUEZ, RITA .. Art Club .. Spanish Club .. G.A,A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. VITEK, GERALDINE .. G.A.A. .. Mixed Chorus .. Girls' Glee Club .. Honor Club .. Senior Girls' Club .. VONDRASEK, EDWARD .. Concert Band .. Concert Or- chestra .. Honor Club .. Mixed Chorus .. Physics Club .. VON MOOS, BLANCHE .. Student Council .. Honor Club .. Service Club . . Senior Girls' Club .. G.A.A. .. Operetta .. Mixed Chorus .. WALICZEK, HARRIET . . Hon- or Club .. Service Club .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. WALSH, DONNA .. Service Club .. Drama Club .. Art Club .. Band .. GAA. .. Sen- ior Girls' Club .. Operetta .. WASAITIS, ELEANOR ., G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. Service Club .. Operetta .. WEAVER, MARI-ANN .. Hon- or Club .. Service Club .. Per- fect Attendance .. Senior Girls' Club ., G.A.A. .. Student Council .. WHITE, CLIFFORD .. Service Club .. Hall Guide .. Mixed Chorus .. Opera Club ,. WISE, ROBERT . . Student Council Executive Board .. Football Team .. Swim Team .. Hall Guide ,. Usher .. Clean-Up Committee .. WISNIEWSKI, DOLORES .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club .. WISNIEWSKI, NORBERT .. WITTBRODT, RITA .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club ,. Icarian Staff .. Honor Club .. Mixed Chorus .. Student Council .. Class Gift Committee .. WOZNICZKA, ADELE .. Senior Girls' Club .. Physics Club .. G.A.A. .. WYMAN, PATRICIA .. G.A.A .. Senior Girls' Club .. XENOS, RUBY .. G.A.A. .. Senior Girls' Club . . Perfect At- tendance .. ZAPPENDORF, R U T H . . G.A.A. .. Service Club .. Sen- ior Girls' Club . . ZELEZNAK, GEORGE .. Base ball Team .. ZOBAK, ROBERT .. Baseball Team ZYER, BENJAMIN .. Honor Club CAMERA suv ARTEAGA, RALPH DUDZIAK, EMILY TOBIAS, MILDRED u NN The graduates of 19-1,6 were the first to enroll at Gage Park after the United l States entered World lVar II in 19-ll. Now with peace again prevailing, they are the first group of students to graduate since the cessation of hostilities. During these four l years of their high school career, they have witnessed many events of world-wide importance, and they have seen the transformation of a war-torn world to one working toward a lasting peace. X ll! This period was also one of development for Gage Park High School. Still a i comparatively new school, she has succeeded in attaining an important place among the other high schools of the city both in the fine arts and in sports. The basketball team, which won second place in the University of Chicago tournament, besides taking central section championship, and the orchestra, which received a superior rating, have i T gained recognition throughout Chicago. A new .social roorn has also contributed much to the school's progress. In addition, high standards have been reached in attendance and cleanliness. ll The graduates of 1946 are proud of the part they have played in the war effort and in extending school activities. They bought bonds, engaged in scrap drives, and went "all out" patriotically. Unhesitantly donating their services to the school, they have worked for her and have taken pride in knowing that their efforts have helped to her fame and glory. bring T 1 l l l .J EHHWH EllflUU!lliE -AUGUST, 1946 . . Intramural Volley Ball . . Operetta . . . . Operetta . . MURRAY, IUNE . Skating Club . OSTROWSKI, CHESTER . . Band ROSSI, DOLORES Club . . G.A.A ALEXANDER, DONALD . . Band . . Orchestra . . Honor Club . . Football Manager . . Intra- mural Baseball . . Intramural Basketball ANGELOS, MYCHAL . . Orchestra . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Hall Guide . . n ASH, MYRON . . Editor, Icarian . . Concert Band . . Orchestra . . Honor Club . . En- Gager Staflf . . Spanish Club . . Operetta . . ASHLEY, CORA ELLA . . G.A.A. . . Honor Club . . Service Club . . Science Club . . Senior Girls' Club . . KWASIGROCH, CHARLES . . Mixed Chorus Senior Girls' Club . . Owls' . . Honor Club . . Service 5 ii? '-4 M.. Q4 A. A. S. Y. D. F. Lf ff - W i ff 4-5 X i f sENloRs EE 4 Abraham, C. Adler, D. Alexander, 11. Angelos, C. Ashley R. Baffes, B. Baker, A. Barbera, S. Bartus D. Beeck Bodnar, R. Bohl, A. Borrowdale, VV. Bowles, A. Bralaitis R. Bratt, V. Braun, V. Brzostowski, L. Brousek, L. Cervenka Cesario, G. Chavannes, A. Conrad, KI. Cvetisich, B. Daniels L, Dupkus, E. Dellorto, E. Dweyer, P. Elsberry Di Giorgio, E. Felsman, G. Fichera, S. Frenz, XV. Frenz, W. Folz L. Gallopo, L. Givin, H. Gizowski, E. Godlwski, V. Granato Grotts, Gregor, V. Haarmans, N. Harrin, D. Harshbarger D. Haupt, G. Hoffman, NI. Holst, E. Jany, P. Kalina Kanelos, A. Kaspar, ill. Klepal, VV. Koenig, B. Kolar H. Konrath, B. Kostenl, C. Kwasigroch, C. La Francis, R. Luce 4B SENIORS T. llaiss, L. lllajeslci, D. Nlakovec, 14. llarshall, G. lXIcLarney C. Rleyers, NI. Nlikeski, E. Mitchell, D lflolitor, P. Nloore Ifloravcik, L. Mfotel, 11055, D. lllull- man, Murrayf H. Nelson, C. Nevers, G. Ostrowski, P Nichols, Polanslci C. Prescia, L. Radtke, F. Raymond, B. Reese, P. Rinaldi II. Ruzic, R. Schleurer, A. Schriclcer, R Schroeder, NI. Serovy P. Shead, D. Singraher, G. Sklenar, L. Smith, E. Smolinsky C. Spadaro, R. Steele, D. Stoltz, L. Stu- henfoll, L. Stych V B. Tambling, H. Tichy, S. Tomczzlk, VV. Tomasczewski, L. Tripp ll. Troc, G. Venegas, C. Veselak, RI Vrahec, J. Walsh YV. Vvasilewslci, E. Werich, V. WVes0lowski Williams, A. Wolan 1 E. YVoznialc, A. Wrobel, S. Yakes, G Zelhart, W. Zuschlag 3A, JUNIORS J. Adamson, C. Alexa, NI. Andryonskas, E. Antos, R. Anzel J. Auraund, P. Baktis, F. Balsamello, D Banahan, R. Bardach S. Barkauskas, C. Bartlett, E. Bartylak, D. Becvar, F. Beiner G. Belly, R. Bembenek, B. Berchtold, R Biszewski, Bobko NI. Body, ll. Bohacelc, lll. Bowmen, A. Brasch, S. Bruin L. Budz, S. Budz, D. Bukala, E. Buloxn L. Catanese I. Ciston, F. Contorno, R. Crook, G. Czech, E. Dargert J. Davies, A. Demeo, S. Diciunas, I. Diet rich, B. Dobis A. Dubaka, D. Duffy, D. Elezovich, D. Englander, D. Evens L. Faedtke, I. Fecenko, C. Fencl, A Fidanza, W. Fister A. Gofron, L. Gallardo, D. Gannon, lXI. Gardner, Gannon lll. Gaydos, L. Genge, T. Giles, zalez, R. Gorlewski I. Grabowski, E. Greaney, M. Greenberg, S. Gruhlke, VV. Gruntorad C. Gon -. ig' ik if 3A J U N I O RS . 'fp A .gg-4:57 xx G. Grupposo, D. Gudervan, V. Hancock, G. Harezlak, P. Harrod A. Hatalla, K. Hermann, C. Holesha, S. Hoppe, Houff C. Houle, C. Huber, J. Huladek, D. Iwan- ski, I. Iwanski L. Jarzabkowski, V. Jasaitis, D. Jaske, S. Johnson, IH. Kalebick L. Kaminski, E. Karvanek, E. Kasan, T. Kolodziej, E. Kadlecik R. Kacmarz, L. Kiefer, P. King, F. Kloucek, B. Klucznik RI. Koeller, D. Koenig, R. Kolmos, NI. Kopca, L. Krisek R. Krisel, R. Krizewicz, L. Krueger, E. Krupinski, P. Kubina D. Kundrat, L. Lach, LaFaire, D. Laicha, A. Lamsarges A. Laub, D. Lazarski, J. Ledvora, J Leonard, L. Linkowski B. Lipke, T. Lorden, L. Lotter, L. Lotter, D. llacejak A. Blacyuenis, L. Nladaras, Rlajewski N. Blalinowski, F. Marec A. llarich, llorrison, B. lfartiniak, P. Blaze, G. DIcCann 3A JUNIORS F. lNIcLean, D. hlejdrick, R. Nlika, R. Nlikolajewski, I. lflilas D. llilasicnic, A. llinor, C. Klisun, B Klurray, RI. Bluloski H. Blott, G. Blitola, A. Nacin, B. Nayder, R. Nix F. Nagai, A. Novak, IW. O'Hara, L. Okonski, E. Pacholski E. Pzlkel, A. Paliwoda, N. Pawlikowski, L. Paxton, A. Payonk R. Pearson, D. Peliksa, D. Petalick, L. Pendel, E. Petrigola II. Pinn, S. Pistono, T. Plecki, Pok, D. Polek J. Polek, J. Posluszny, L. Povolny, VV. Pratt, T. Prendergast L. Preslicka, D. Price, B. Primm, P. Proehl, NI. Puskac C. Race, L. Radzikowski, D. Rakowski, R. Redmore, D. Reese B. Repetny, S. Richards, R. Richter, Rogers, F. Rubenstein lmiiqimiiIiiilluliywiy A. Rutkowski, E. Ryan, A. Rybicki, H. X 'A Rychterowicz, hi. Sarsfield i R. Sauter, E. Schilling, Schleichert, XV. 4 Schneider, B. Schroedle 3A JUNIORS R. Schultz, J. Scudder, K. Scudder, hi. J. A C R Seclivcc, G. D. Senitz Simkus, E. Simo, ill. Sindelar, G Skakelja, P. Skurte Sledz, F. Smiel, ll. Smira, M. Solarski, I. Solava R. Stauber, I. Stefansko, D. Stefenhagen A. Stregl, F. Struppa . Suski, B. Swain, N. Sweda, Szczyrk, T. Thanasouras J. Thompson, B. Trandel, T. Trandel, J Trandel, M. Trucerbrodt . Tyrakowski, Urba, R. Vahl, R. Vahl, KI. Vzmecko KI. Vidra, I. Villa, D. Wack, C. lVald C. Yvaltemat . Warchol, E. Ward, D. Wasicak, S. Wheatley, J. Weaver H. Werchowec, R. Wilbert, B. VVill:1rd J. Williams, S. Wirch B. VVlosek, A. Wojciechovvicz, E. Wojcie- chowski, R. B. E. Ziman, E. Zi wx 7. 1 l 6 Woj tulewicz, E. Wrobel Yates, Zak, NI. Zeman, NI. Zemke lf. Zielinski mmerman, D. Zukausky 02. P DOUG' X W ER 4 wud i 5 Q Keg il , g ll, nl Q I 11" X2 s ok 5 3B JUNIORS E. Akrap, J. Andrews, E. Augustine, NI. Baker P. Barabon, J. Barber, L. Baska, C. Bayer G. Bekta, D. Bellante, M. Bilas, D. Bober D. Bodnar, C. Body, V. Bond, F. Bonovo- lanta J. Brehm, D. Browne, D. Brzostowski, RI. Buhlinger R. Cepikan, J. Cerney, P. Chipianitis, R. Chisnick A. Clementi, D. Colby, B. Conway, W. Corbett RI. Croke, Czarny, V. Danielson, E. Davia Q' H. Dejmek, J. DeRoo, E. Draeger, L. Dudek L. Dunn, R. Eminger, D. Eubanks, l. Fecenko J. Fitzhugh, A. Forrnusa, B. Galik, C. Gebert B. Geffee, L. Goblisch, L. Goldenberg, E. Gonzales D. Gremchuck, Greseto, G. Groetsema, J. Groff v w rv- ws Q x.,e f V.,-,, 44 4- Os ma' -1 f F Q.. .1 0 Q-tbl' f.' Whgis 15' x O' ' max . -s-9.9.1 'gf - 5 wwe. -. 1 ily' ec.:-21329 -my ' we-.1 as fr . . , . ,ag -Q 3.g,3:,.3, 55, 1 4' Un 553535. 'f f., .1 45326312211 , xx. X I X f W 1 L x 7 6 'Y J I u S19 ' A 3B JUNIORS Hall, J. Hansen, E. Hanzel, M. Harvish J. Havlicek, E. Hawley, R. Hennis, BI. Hughes Jablonski, N. Jackson, E. Jaskulski, D. Kalkowski E. Karner, A. Kasparek, F. Kaufmann, D. Kemplin Klode, R. Kolar, D. Kopriva, G. Kovalsky E. Krause, A. Krell, R. Knytych, G. Langkan Lapansky, R. Lisula, Loitz, E. Longner F. lX'Iadill, F. lVIartinez, R. lllassey, H Rlason llagana, S. llazzola, D. Meister, llelzer R. lleyers, E. lVIlekowski, D. Najduch L. Neugebauer Oliver, R. Ostrowski, E. Palenik, V. Palkovich F. Paszek, P. Paterson, G. Petrasek, H Phillips Plucinski, E. Pokorny, lW. Pott, W. Prasek 3B JUNIORS T. Richlinslci, J. Riegler, R. Ringhoeffer, J. Robinson T. Rokosz, N. Rolnicki, T. Rozdilslci, A Ruiz li. Rusnak, A. Sarna, A. Scerba, L. Scklee J. Schembari, Schergen, C. Schultz, E Senninger R. Shedor, B. Skolny, D. Siama, A. Snyder J. Soltis, l. Spicka, R. Stanek, R. Stanel: R. Stewart, R. Strejc, E. Stuck, D. Stutz J. Taylor, S. Tisevich, I. Tomaskovic, R. Topak L. Trunko, U. Venegas, B. Vlasich, RI. Vrablic D. Wagner, G. Walsh, J. Walsh. T. Wanda A T. VVauterlelc, J. Weber, G. VVills, VV. D Wilson KI. Zeman A. VVisniewslci, D. Wounsch, C. Wi-abel, A. Zelinka XX. ,pf NX "A,h XX ffglflff H xo a x ' W4 X lx y n X , A 1 it 1, L . - vyryfh' -. .j Q ' .4.fJ- - fit, qbgg, '.fh!gl 9 Q- 'L I':,4Jx 'L - f vfv fwgmk Sh' lt-J X ,Q sy if f Nf QQ 5 F it T f Q1 -X .. 1 ln t gg M . , FIGHT SONGS Fight on for Gage Park, Colnrades Weill show them fwe're the rough lads PV!!! show them who can fight So come on, fllaroon and Wllite, Fight! Fight! Figlzt! Cheer on your fellow team mates On you depenzls your schoofs fate Plf'e"ll show them who fan fight So come on, Illaroon and Wlzite, Fight! Fight! Raise thee thy colors high Our motto "do or rlieu We'll show them who can hght So come on, llffaroon and White, Fight! Come on, Gage Park students, let's sing, We are sturlents, u'e're not flull, With our songs the rafters will ring We are 'very wonderful Loyal and true to Gage Parlfs name, Do you know ,fhg f,,,,5,,,, why? Wjfjrg all wifh you OH io ffmlel H7II7I177I7II-lf,3' Gage Park Higlz! Chorus: Hail Alma jllagg,-I Gage is a school that's full of pep Hflil jllgroon and White, You can see it in every step Cheer one and all for, Do you know the reason why? .1 vietory for Gage Park Higlz! Hrlzflztll-it'.v Gage ljarle Higlzf Q 1 v -J Hun C ",:zm1Mx ,A 4 Q 4 Ill ' Wu Q4-I :MPH 4' f fs f'?:f5 5E55- W J., tl MMIII Hmmm ! ffl: 5.5 gif WI 1 , 2 2 'O ,I 3 1 C1 4 . in .3 Iac. if 0 , ff PLA 1, fi " V9 ' . ff X ' I J DeGuide's Delights ROM' 5-D. Roman. NI. Harri- ger, R. Kurnal. E. Skora, D Kovalcik, Mr. DcGuide. Row 4--M. Drnck. H. Rcdemske, E. Proskey, xl. Dmganl. Kitz, R. Burba. Row 3-E. Hzlnacck. C. Baltiko- nis, M. Andcrsuhn. I.. Olson A. Szczyrk, 'l'. Kiosinski. Row 2-J. Koenig. NI. Carter, J Gaura, D. Loos. F. Mujewski R. McNa111a1'zx. Row 1-J. Machovsky. KI. Fidan- Za, M. Jarka, R. IIVTZIIISCIII, M Lorden, A. Dcgcnovzi. AshIand's Actives Row -1-B. Bardnsh. P. Falbo, C Gradt, A. Budich, I.. Gerske E. Kiniec, A. Rimkus. E. Ash land. Row 3-T. Sulzunzln. A. Bolbot N. Albanese. AI. Kenney. L O'Connel1. H. Bzllcis. G. Bal ik Row 2-D. Zaworski. H. Sirak J. Humenik. L. Durica, C Dchn, M. Lloyd. P. Pinn. Row I-A. Rodrigucz. A. Vas qucz. P. Bruno. H. Fcsuk, M Koranda, il. Gall. I.. llonas. s 1 Hrudek's Reliubles Row 5-'I'. Christy. F. Rupp, ll. Bnkulu. lf. Schilke. Mueller. XY. Perkins. W. Bonslnzln. Nowik. Row -I-I. Prilizlr. M. McCor- mick. I.. Snep. I. Dunne, S. Kolzn. NI. NICIIIIIISIQI, I.. FilZ4 gcruld. Row 3-S. lfvke. B. McM'illia1ns, R. Vuilznni. li. Penn, 'l'. Czer, BI. Cibock. D. London. Miss Hl'2lCICk. Row 2-Ii. Cllmvex. M. Puvelich. G. Fcdor. Nl. Super. N. Nash- ck, C. Ohup. sl. Garcia. Row 1-I.. IICIICI. NI. Gallawis, R. Presto. X. Klikusjewski. C. Szlsela. ll. Owens. Froomun's Frolickers Row 5-li. Sllemp, F. Majewski, J. Staehowiak, -I. Eichslaedl, R, I.z1Roszl. D. Czunpioni. Row 1-J. Slllllllllg. L. Virgo, BI. llobst. NI. NIZISIZIIISIQZIS, A, Latt- yak. Kozlowski. Row 3-S. Holy. R. Mortimer C. Bogclznlck. J. Kaslak, R. Gogolu. AI. Nliehzllak. Row 2-V. Marlin. Y. Konecki C. IIOSIKOIIIQZI, D. Perlikicwicz LI. Mikoll. R. I.iewz1ld. f 5 Row l-I.. Leo. G. Kolb, F. Mc- Cuflery, ll. H1llLll'2l, C. Chap E. Mohorek. y Loughborough's Lovables Slilllillllgglf. Sinul. E. Vidovic. S. Bz1rlkiewic'l, D. Sollis. S. Musser. Row 5-D. Pliyclrilko, ml. Rusnak, E. Sllllewicf. R. Knefcl, -I. I.orelice. Row ll-Cl. Pznllns. XV. Kurgan F. Klein. I.. Miller, R. Ross- ner. , Row 3-Ii. I.loycl. IC. Snloris, L. Slnibcr. Row 2-NI. lllierrnp. R. Stewart. IV. Siinkns. lf. Rnsinek. KI. Sloln- koski. Row 1-Nl. Clerny. V. Kruzic, C Pignuno. I.. Resell, V. Stewart T l 1 l 1 4 w 4 ShuIIenberger's Shorpies Row 5-J. Smiclzlnzl. C. Porter R. Krlchzlrski. R. Kicliszcwski M. Koslkzl. R. l'zn'z1. R. Wolf Row -L--M. Knop. S. lfilipczyk R. Michaels, Al. nlllll, X. Dy baka, E. Mrowczl. lj. Mysliwi cc. Row 3-J. Mosher. C. Cook. I, Lz1Loie, M. XVilowski. C Moore. D. Walker. A. XYykni et, D. YanCnrz1. l... Pzrlcczny. Row 2-L. Komki. XY. Nlowcry G. Kicjrowski. L. Para. S Baskas. BI. Vchison. XV. Kms owski. Row lmG. Buhler. C. johnson P. Gavelek, S. Snnolk, F. Cos san. M. Huckcr. Browne's Brownies Row 5-M. Broun. I-'. Oxnzlsliak A. XVittbr0cll, B. Szymanski L. Henry, L. Scthlzlwin. C Schott. Row ll-J. iXICL2lllglllill. P. Rui zala, E. Bohzlcck. A. Corse. D Bell, D. Novorolsky. j. Piet raszek. Row 3-G. Sallmann. M. Arte berry, E. Micck, M. Alexuvich C. Bujanski, L. Krznnp. Row 2-M. vv2lllCllllllll. D. Quart lander. F. FCl'Cll7l. B. Kallal F. Hansscns. il. Lenz, Mr Browne. Row l--1. Palenik. BI. Lcdnicky A. Guarrinc. D. llaiia. B Coons, S. Chipianilis. Stewart's Students Row 4-E. Kozlowski. D. Dopkc D. Donovan. R. Amrik. xl. Yu cis, xl. Polticary. lf. Donzlm. C Jurgovan. Y. Molilor. C. lfrcis linger. Row 3-D. Novak. B. Sclmefer 1. Ziclinski, A. XYojc'icchowskn H. Thompson. D. Pzxnek, L Kurow, I. Konlnik. Row 2-L. Sucslku. I.. Buss. D Kalata. H. Sordyl. A. Barlkie wicz, ul. Gzlcck. M. Knorovsky H. Xllojtulcwicz. Row 1-C. Perez. Y. blwilllllllll. A Drost. C. Provcnzzrno. P. Alt- land. J. Eisn. I.. lN'isniewski. Schoewer's Stalwarts Row 5-L. Veleta, R. Lec. C Aguilar. XV. XVoclck. A. XV1'oh el, XV. Mcnlus, R. Kowalski. Row 4-D. Ruskey. M. Buckley G. Snnclicz, G. Nilick, Yilli ger, A. Koropp. Row 3-A. Leboux, Jzunison S. Zulmck. L. Sprnlh, R. Mcllck il'. Mhziiizxk, B. l,l'YCI'?lClZliZl. Row 2-IS. Lzlvelle. L. XVygoclski S. XVulf, T. Lazcrson, F. M21 limi, Draegcn. Row 1-M. Mclchiuri. M. NVygocl ski, I.. l'fz1u, M. Siplc. Mar mloski. ml. Mlnducky. Roggy's Regulars Row fl-M. Spring, S. lavodzi. H Croelsemzi, L. Myers, B. Ricks I. Banzlhan, N. BH1'll21Cl'1, li Sponlak. A. Kirchner. K. Pun- hl. Row 3-I.. Plyler, N. Cudnowski R. Schwartz, D. Schuh, M Harlow, R. Venn, 12. O'D0nncl J. Olson. Row 2-H. Siergicj. D. Schmitz C. Schocll, D. Summers, I Gemci, R. Kloucla, A. Mzljei- cak, S. Martin, YV. Bennett. Row I-H. XVarcl, D. Novak, M. McKillip, C. Kristof. B. Cox. M. Collings. D. Snaidauf. Dolun's Dreamers Row 5-A. Rznnagc, R. Zrlora, Cl. llCll'1lllSl'i2lS. M. Harbut, V. liiskupic. E. Dolnhrowski. F. Mhilslics. Row fl--I. Vlk, E. Dcplewski, P. Murkopoulos, A. Skora. li. Rznnagc, XY. Hallett, F. Kzxcz- niarek. Row 3-I. Vascurzi, D. XViescn- h0fc1'.'D. XN'ui11w1'iglit, D. Discher. P. Bock. ul. Crelly. D. Voss. Row 2-L. l'z1ciga,1i. Szllzepanski, R. Kolorlliejczak. A. Cihirzzs. D. Nowak, H. K1'znvc'zewski, A. Dankcrl. Row l-ll. Granzow, F. Zzikcr. G. Fisher. V. Lucas. D. McNcc. S. Swirlcr. Miss Dolan. Hoppe's Helpers Row 5-K. Bronson, T. -jihek J. Bridges, D. Kruhn, R Pozniak, R. Kupres. R. Plu har, R. johnson. Row 4-M. Guidarclli, R. Kusel, E. Fclchko. ul. Ccilh ziml. Row 3-D. Modla, Anlosz, K. Mitchell. R. Link. R. Navarrellc. N. Palma. P Kman. Row 2-E. Mcflrca, E. Kolodv M. Chura, P. Corrigan, Price, B. Krogstad, H. Wal ler. Row l-P. lic ler D. Her 3 , - edia, M. Disicfano. R. Di- Prima, V. Bcnak. Courtney's Commendubles Row 5-R. lfrhzinski. E. 'I'iglaS, R. Warfmk. Prokcs. Row i-ll. Ribamlo. T. Mznriauile. S. Czernik, Nl, YVocl1i1'ski, -I. Sc-ring. B. Prouilcs. Row 3-NI. rlD21l'2llliiy, Zimlmcroff. D. Voighl, D. Szmdcr. Ii. lolirer. I.. Rolla. Row 2-A. Sivciak, R. Niuccjzik. R Raiser. M. XVhilcsicle, J. Rusuak. Row l-.X. Xhxrpciiowski. G. Sclimuclc. Y. Scthcnold, E. 'li1'euda. SiIverman's Sophomores Ron' 5-G. Kamheros, F. Day D. Chafee. F. Hzilicki, D Nlilola, ul. Migas. Row 4-D. Fleischer. C. Bank D. Hunt, II. Amhrosi, G Horzllek. T. Lesko. llilk. L. Holtz, N. Gaydos li. Slec. H. Gromoll. Row 2-Miss Silverman: Barlcls. D. Prostko, M. Lange G. .-Xdznnow. M. Koblosh R. Maczilusie. Row l f- C, Taucfhman, G Niicliovicli. D. Sluhe, A Xlacak. D. Hodges. D. Slice him. R. Leo. Row 3-XI. Butler, E. Kostel- O'Brien's Obtainers Row -1-J. Hlavin, B. Savage, XV Aihens, j. Beranek, Derlms, K Murphy. Row 3-D. Jeri, I.. Janes, J. Hoch sletler, D. Krblich, N. Blollezulx Row 2-A. Noguj. M. Stark, li Brown, W. Curcla. E. Petrokus. Row I-D. Mozclen. D. Jackson, M. Nlilas, L. Lyncl. Wutkm s Wonders Row 5-E. Corso. F. jirovee. li. Beaver. A. Kll0lJl2lllL'l1. Rep- Gllly. Row 1-S. Clrizrvoln. .-X. Mendez, ll. Lindgren. Miss XYatkins: D. Marek, R. Reggentine, NI. Hucko. Row 3-R. Nlzrgnnson. E. Scthleg- el. R. llkiflfll. F. Kovucik. II. Grimm. I.. Kusfhel. E. Lewzln. Row 2-j. NIr'.'Xx'oy. Makouef. NI D.emere1'kis. D. Niyslinski, S. KXX'lIlIkCJlX'Slil. B. Lenz. Row l-R. Coering. H. Bancihuk F. Aguirre. R. Dochofl. S. Hush Erickson's Equestrians Row 5 -R. Mosny, C Chunlell, A. Meyer, E NUWZICZIIK, J. Casey, C Belfuss. Row elfj. Holy, H. Heft C. Moss. A. Mierzwa, L Orlmun, llezemek, 'll Kulevich. Row 3-tl. Blank, D. Peter son. R. Barr, B. Bridges NI. lnamierowski, F Nzncler. D. Kanak. Row 2-E. Nelson, E. Kow- Zllflyk. D. Meegan, C .l2IIlIlllSh, M. Ferjak, A Szrnloru. D. Kamik. Row I-li. Kurnis, V. Greg- orin, V. Raclocrhonski Nl. Prosser, R. Lange. R johnson. Westerg reen's Winners Row I-H. Nlaunowski. G Korul, G. Okopski, L. Du clck. ll. Nlarliniak. D. Badc. P. Nlchinghlin, H. Ryan W. Wulleraitis. Row Sell. Ciapinski. E. Pio Irlwoski. E. Nlaniszko, E Kencllcrski, H. Brown. Nl Kznnlm. J. Schrcy. N. PCIIJ' Row 2-Ii. Looney, H. Mc Cowan, R. Hallell, N' Hoclislellcr, E. Buczyna. :X Orzak. J. Olson, J. Kolar I.. Koski. Ron' l-ll. Lucas, D. Antosz E. 'l':u'nowski, F. Puhalzl D. Konratli. J. Smith. J Novicki. I. Xklunglueck. B Reid. Barnes' Beginners Ron' G-J. Galto, P. Sll'0lIlSliZl. H. lfrcclxe. M. Dunnc. E. Fields. Row 5-T. Novak. XV. Nlorlishius. D. l.aP01'le. D. Gallagher, I.. Xoxak. Y Frolilich. Row -l-R. Tomczak. Nl. Hernandez. N Scthlesser. N. Majewski. I.. Konicczka Row 3-H. Mnsal, Knznpip, I. Yaroe vich, P. Siler. Row 2-L. Dykicr. H. Wlallacc, A 'l'onutzak. B. Lunclquisl. Row l-E. Siemeck. A. Yl1OIll2lSlClVSlil. Y ' l'zn'likowski. S. MCXCC. i Lindenbaum's Lambs Row 5-Nlrs. Lindenhauln. J. Kmll. E. Tcncrowill. P. Berry. Row I-R. Mzurzek. S. Mikoll, P. Sliilka, l. Ilczmic. Row 3-A. Mcllics, L. Kostelnik, M. Cm'- coran, J. Yates, R. Sternasly. Row 2-li. XValniak. J. Calascilnella. R. SllCl1lY2llli0. E. Glowacik, A. Kroll. A. Gorclus. l l Row l-NV. Perkins, S. Mensik. A. l'mc'ck, l I.. Clown, H. Pejcwski. L. Vzivrzi. BruzeIton's Brillionts ow -l-A. Mendez, lVasicz1k, N Czatkowski, R. Russell, E. Len non, B. August. A. Bruns. ow 3-H. Vilcek, 111. Gracz, L. Carl son, V. George, A. Schieble, V Kouha. Row 2-E. Andrnk, P. Pechous. J Suec, G. Johnson: Bliss Brazelton BI. Vadinsky, Derosa, Mc Numara. Row l-D. Pratus, H. Mrowca. E. Powers, J. Chndzik, A. Kasper, T. Lesko, A. Najduch. Pearsull's L Potentials Row fl-R. Bazata, J. Ze- man. E. Skoda, E. Ane derson, G. lVysocki, G. Krapez, Sedor, G. Gordus, L. Peterson. Row 3-E. Gruhlke, G. Bula, F. Skolny, A. Kol- osla, E. Brevitz, R. Pod- olak, Havlicek, M. Barry, C. Antonowiez. Row 2-J. Cilia, L. Eyth, J. Hogge, R. Leracy, B. Brand, L. Buczyna, C. Dudek, A. Hardy, R llorrowdale. Row l-E. Hurling, V Crume, P. Marines, D Korzon, R. Schwartz, L. l Budner, K. Boehm, D Kasper. BidduIph's Boosters R. Headtke, R .YValis- zewski, R. Greening, B. Hai-rin, R. Suszko. , Row 3-B. Dudas, D. Zon, D. Korzeniewski, T. Palek, D. Fisher, R. Thompson, L. Holllnan, C. Webb. Row 2-I. Hardy, Sa- decki. Vanecko, F. Puhala, L. Zareinba, G. Jasencak, R. Super, A. Danielson. Row l-R. Vondrasek, G. Yeloushan, O. Venegas, P. Curtin, G. Kozlowski, D. Majeski, J. Catanese. Vogel's Vclluables Row 4-YV, Savage, R. Novak, R. Stobinske. J. McGraw, D. Ka- mer, E. lugodis, Rhinehart. Row 3-C. Jolxst, M. Ihnacak, M. Smunt, F. Grzybowski, F. Ba- nik. E. Zenlke, R. Kapella, Kurucaix Row 2-J. Yallos, Jedlowski T. Herdu, J. Kluczynski, G. Knourek, M. Gralle. Row 1-S. Matusky, A. Karkula A. Formas, D. Callahan, E. Terry, J. llrieknell, B. Rzepka, M. Rovenlini. Row -l-XV. Dell, E. Palek, SmaII's Smoothies Row -1-C. Schultz, M. Ziman. H Hillman, D. Luberacki, Bur lon, M. Boland, L. Lacek, F XVm'zak, R. O'Reskie. Row 3-E. Novak, D. Philippi G. Krupp, D. Kleinhammer E, Kloske, F. Niew, 13. Done: gan, R. Ajolmson, R. Mikolaitis Row 2-L. Nick, B. Kolar, I Hvmy, R. Davies, B. Lawson D. Majerczyk, Hoellwarter G. Sollis. Row l-B. Rusnak, A. Horinek R. Beiner, D. Sochoski, Tanlillo, K. Farrell. GuuIt's Gainers Row il-G. McDermed, M. Far- rell, G. Mikota, R. Potticary E. ilzmonis, R. Bronson, LI. Mullzmey. Row 3-M. Padiskie, A. Hladov- Cak, E. Kleinhenz, G. Horton. L. Bolhat, V. Okaluk, A ,'XIllZ1l'0, KI. Goll. Row 2-R. Silzer. B. Okziluk. M Hakim, M. Grenn, R. Dewin- ski, D. Petromilli, XV. Cerne M. Falsey. v Row I-I. Bodenehak, R. Szrbin- ski, I. '1V'H1i2iDlll21, D. Bugel, H Baxter, B. Hrncir, M. Dohias Carey's Capables Row 5-R. Rezutka, L. Hulock, YV. Dejmek, E. Matanovieh, J. Bartkus, B. Kristof, E. May- berry. Row 4-L. Gaca, V. Koprowski. E. Bulger, A. Styx, A. Sutor. Galfano, V. Bresuahan. Row 3-G. Madaras, S. Hesek, T. Zhoril. M. Triola, R. Satunas, R. Silwfa, S. Stolarcsuk, B. O'B1'ie11 Row 2-E. Samhorski, L. Sklar- ski. A. Budey, R. Tomasek. A. Novy, D. Cecott, R. Siroky. Row l-XV. Morrison, B. Gon- zalez, R. Heider, J. Squires, P. Shedor, D. Buhlinger, A. Mu- gana. Taylor's Treasures Row 5-E. Gorniak, J. Benza, L. Fox, M. Baraniak, C. Gaston, XV. Exline. Row 4-D. Bartlett, A. Rose, J. Bartkiewicz, B. Rosinski, YV. Lcnse, M. Ceh. Row 3-J. Autolak, L. Schmei- chel, L. Kunst, C. Earl, XV. Daly, J. Elsberg. Row 2-M. Gorski, D. Redmore, Taylor, R. Janos, YV. Moore, L. Hlavaty, L. Heilman, M. Nawara. Row l-E. Pawlowski, C. Pekar, C. Marino, D. Herceg, D. Col- lins, R. Rakowskig Mrs. Tay' lor. Camutz's Cumpaigners Row 4-F. Macak, J. Paluch, C. Rolfe, B. Fleming, H. Nolan, E. Manskc, E. Olonski, R. Skowronski. Row 3-R. Hanat, A. Kamen, C. Frcehurg, C. Xveinberg, R. Kukulski, D. Baranski, M. Nord, J. Dickson. Row 2-R. Stefanik, M. Nowak, N. Tenorio, J. Eichstacdt, A. XVie1'zbicki, M. Matyasik, L. Ylwllddil, L. Koval. Row 1-R. Tcnorio, D. XVhite, D. I.aRosa, S. Skorusa, R. Pol- aski, R. Skorzcwskag Miss Cam- ull. Egan's Enthusiasts Row 5-J. Dunne, E. Dunatov, R. Janda, R. Lippert, J. Woz- niczka, R. Lehocky. Row -l-M. Janosko, YV. Czmiel, B. Rakowski, XV. Gall, E. Schneider, J. Vanek. Row 3-E. Michel, E. Ohlman, XV. Sloan. G. Young, R. Wor- zalzt, T. Zapp, R. Voruda. Row 2-L. Bata. G. Palenica, A. Pesek. A. Lipuma, G. Blacklaw, J. Rcinmuth. Row l-A. Schultz, S. Flores, S. Mikowski, R. Gehert, A. Dym- hroski, R. lVroblewski, Sehr- ing. ,F Row Row Anderson's Aces ROW Row -1-R. Killian, O. Baraszls. A. Sedlzlcek, R. Huskey, P. Bnyne. 3-G. Janke, H. Obmascik, B. Mainellis, J. Benzu, XV. Parker, S. Kelly, D. XValsh, G. McHaLlon 2-S. Cassidy, M. Greskovicz. J. Vzlna, A. lVilk, R. Thomas. R. Feichler, C. Kosles. F. Pioskey M KIK7 l-'l'. Banzlszak, E. Andersohn, L. Richlinski, S. Rogers. I. K.OlVZllC'lJ'li, L. Kolula, H Nllgee N Nils son, A. Liu. Ginty's Go-Gette rs Row Row Row Row el-F. Sklenar, R. Lopez, A. Keselica, J. Filippo. 3-J. Mfiley, A. Zalinsky, J. Knapik, G. Paleniea, E. Sansone. 2-S. Barteeki, E. KOY"Lll, P. Pavlius, D. lVhisler, L. XVilkowski. l-J. Balezlr, B. Zappendorf, BI. Ferro, L. Mitchell, G. Cizloni, A. Sultan Row -IWJ. Koch, B. Robinson, P. Bob. M. Larso, B. Jirovec. D. lVisn0w, B. Amunclson, XV glXlIdlSh1 Row 3-A. Kostelnik, R. Rizzo, L. Kellerlnzlnn, B. Ginkel. C. Spzlrklin. YV. Kaczmarek, T. ll ojolehowsowxskx - 1 - - D. Ficz, L. Urlmniak. Qulnn S Qulckles Row 2-J. Siwinski, B. Heston, F. Pesek, M. Broschka, B. 'l.ll0lll2lS, P. l,Cll'2l5Cli, M. Kostelmlx J Christensen D. Smith. Row l-R. Snaiclzlvf. B. Gannon. A, Riclizlrcl. Kroll, L. Prokes. D. Fallin. R. Palumbo, R. Koch D Nfotlle DiBonu's Dependables ROW Row Row Row 1-T. Mitchell, Y. Plechsmid, H. Bludgen, R. Dusek, Mr. XVhisler, A. Kokos. 3-M. Autenrieth, J. Meyer, E. Exline, J. Dale, J. Musson, R. Kister, F. Pesek, J. Kass. 2-S. Hernzmdez, L. Shogren, M. Jackson, C. Kubin. E. Rovcntini, M. Koenig, E. Peter, F. Hesik, Barr. l-E. Szozda, A. Rodriquez, D. Plebzmek, J. lVieder, J. Snzlidauf, Campin, L. Vasilenko, B. Briggs. Bla Row Row Row Row Row nd's Blossoms 5-li. Mizur, I.. Vogel, G. Daniel, Lanauskas, W. Carlisle, Cl. Bufka, M. Dalco. -1-C. Knczmarek, V. Roubu, T. Zapp, C. Ecouomos, D. llrbzmski, S. Gornik. 3-J. Buelcher, D. Drzewiecki, R. Dvorak. A. Marines, G. Cllkl1'V2lt, E. YVa11icck, XV. Marek. 2-R. H2lSCIlf2lllg, E. Pajonk, S. Zimberoff, I. Pfeil'le1'. B. licrclx. D. Johnson, .-X. Bergnach. l-M. Bidochka, XV. Miller, L. Mzljerczlk, L. HOuSli1l. L. Cutler, L. Givin, C. Coughlin, P. Hcimberg. .WW fl. Il rl: 3 ' .1 .0 M. 6 9 , '."J.-5,5 '1'-0 .1 - -'ll' D .zmiilll bfi' 'f .ufggr 3.9. 45:11 xnxx X2-I Center-Cheering Section Radio Show Chopin lllelodies fpper right- llfall Flowers .livy Characters Coast Guard Enlistments F encers Basketball Dance Football Queen Gridiron Ilero Valentine Queen and Court X Xi, W W9 Q5 -Qwbwam Serfuife Club Breakfast Paper Drive Baby Doll Party Li.i.4 , 1 ' W. W'-G-f....., ki .mama ,nv- www X X V ' 4 IM! QT' Q J' , . X0-"if dvd' Non Y 50, ,ff ,Huw Rbcfmm 22 Autograph Xgf 6 Z "' ab 4, ,QL 1 IQIHX Mimi x..V.,..a il , 5 fi if In ' I --' '21, HX! l1li 0.0 X f , " x .5 5 ,E gym. ' 2: 22' SADIE HAWKINS' Do yo' see th' lights a-winkin' and a-hlinkinj through th' trees? 9 ' h' h Those are lanterns of th' Dog I atch folks a-swingin in t reeze, That are lightin' up the 'valley in a 'very fancy way, Fo' th' dance that is in honor of this Sadie Hawkins' Day. Th' gals are all a-chasin' after boys from this hyar mountain. Wlzile fiddlers play an' couples dance, th' "caller" keeps a-countin' Thar's Daisy Mae, just look at herj that gal ain't got no pride. She's after lLil' Almerj he can't find no place to hide. All th' folks from Dog Patch are hyar at this affair. See fllanznzy and Pappy Yokum a-standin' over there? Marryiiz' Sam and Hairless foe, we find among the crowd, duailahle Jones is sellin' things and yellin' clear and loud. Wal, th' cider barr'l's mos' empty and th' doughnuts are all et. lily, they were real flaflfry. Say, I kin taste 'em yet. Th' musicians have packed up an' now are on their way. We won't be sad, we'll just look for'ard to next Sadie Hawkins' Day wwf Autograph .. -Q O f Z .1 ffnv A 1 2 ' 4 I Wa 2 4 E9 gm? MEMBER Q10 Rio , u 4 , if , 4 'g:Q:252:55?' WHO SERVES EEST SERVES TWICE ICARIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS 744 EAST 79'H1 STREET Best Wislles to the Gmcluates of 1946 53 fn S 5 3 XY E TRIANGLE 4240 3 M' S' 'lon DY' REPUBLIC 5435-36 I SHAPIRO's YOU RECEIVE THE BEST! We are sfriving cons+an'rIy 'ro per- fect a service Ihaf can be excelled I I I The stove as proud of its shoes by none and are aIways the Iirsf I HS QUUU are of ZIOW' Svlwvl- I Io adopf any mefhod +Iwa+ will pro- I Shoes fo? the ymm-qw set' Iong Ihe Iife of your wearing appar- I I and Iinens. Proiir by our many .:,.: e I J' I years of experience. HUZIIEIM IH I - 1 All Phones Hemlock 3723 SHOES OF CHARACTER-FOR THE FAMILY 1 Steven s We! Wash laundry S. WESTERN AVENUE AT 63rd STREET CHICAGQ I 300I-03 W. 5Is+ Sfreef I I I I , X I fe ue 6 A Safe, Friendly Institution G A G E P A R K For Your Savings SCHQOL SUPPLIES I LIGHT LUNCHES TALMAN Qaimzl SAVINGS N AND LOAN ASSOCIATION DF CHICAGU , Ice cREAM CANDY I 264I W. 5Is+ Sfreef Hemlock 3322 yy 5600 S. Maplewood I I I AV6l1Ue South Si1le's Largest I I I I 1 1 I P GEORGE sPlEs INDUSTRIES i MANUFACTURING JEWELERS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS K 4140 North Kolmur Avenue :P CHICAGD W if A We supplied the Graduating Classes w th th g V s ,,..,-1..... Compliments ot Ihe Acadia Theater 2739 West 55th Street Chris Christos, Manager Compliments ot ARMISTEADS BAKERY 2747 W. 55th Street Telephone Prospect 7550-969I The Home of Birthday and Wedding Cakes That Are Deliciously Diyferent Becvar and Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS 52I8-24 S. Kedzie Avenue CHINESE VILLAGE 2447 W. 63rd St. GROvehiII I669 FINEST CHINESE and AMERICAN FOODS Served here or Prepared to Take Out Open every clay, including Monday I urs so FISHING! ' BRIGHT EYES BRIGHT EYES The sweetest casting lure you've ever used. Its ultra modern design-its exciting, whip-like ac- tion-its appeal to ALL game fish-its bright staring eyes that literally bore a path through the water-make it a must for the coming fishing season. Either a deep running, or surface lure, depending on speed of retrieve. Made of tenite, with two Jil P 8: K American made, nickel plated, treble hooks with extra sharp ground points. In 8 flashing color combinations. No. 44RW fRed 8: Whitej, 44WL fBlack body with white lateral linej, 44YP fYellow Perchj, 44F QFrogJ, 44P fPikeJ, 44R iRainbowj, 44GS QGreen Scalej, 44PR CPearlJ. 51.10 each. WALKIE TALKIE A surface lure that's literally out of this worldg ' ,,.. ---- e that strictly "murders 'em." A killer for ALL fm game fish. A truly surface lure, it rings the din- - '--- "2- ' ner bell for those big ol' lazy ones as it walks " and talks along the water. One of P 8: K's new- fl :fi -v' Ig est lures, tested for its fish catching ability, of If Tenite, with two :,I.i'1 P 8: K American made, -ff' A! ff, nickel plated, treble hooks with extra sharp Vg avr, L , ground points. In 8 attractive color patterns. iw! z No. 4-BRW fRed dz Whitey, 43BW fBlack Xa White se- lateral linel, 45F fFrogJ, 45PR fPearlj, 45YP E E fYellow Perchj, 45P fPikeJ, 45GS QGreen Scalej, 43SF fSilver Finishj. 31.10 each. If your favorite dealer can't supply you, order direct. PACHNER a. K0lllER INC I ' CHICAGO 8. ILLINOIS lgyiyiyiyiyiyiykyiyi '-yi yi lg yi yi yi lizi yi yi-V TESTEDRN Pnovsn LURES mo F SHING CCESSORIE Y 0lllPAln2nt5 0 SPIEQEI A nation-Wide 'mail order business with more than a hundred retail stores. Boys and girls from the class of 1946 are invited to start their business careers here. All types of jobs available . . . no experience necessary . . . We train you. Good pay for good Workers. SPIEGELS IS A GOOD PLACE TO WORK Jug, - Y A --N. ik Gonzpfimezzfs O F T H E Gage Park High School' Parent-Teachers Association I ik FUEL OIL, KEROSENE, DIESEL OIL, RANGE OIL, VMP NAPHTHA, MINERAL SPIRITS, CLEANERS NAPHTHA, STODDARD SOLVENTS Gordon 0iI Co. All Phones - Prospecf 4700 Main Office - 5437 S. Damen Ave. JOHN MURGAS JIM SUROVICK RES. PHONE PROSPECT 2058 RES. PHONE HEMLOCK 9686 R E C R E A T I 0 N 2002 W. 5Is+ Sfreel' Rep. I048 BODY FENDER WORK AND PAINTING We Service All Makes of Cavs ,J ACK LASOTA HIGH GRADE AUTOMOBILES Es+. 22 Years 5625 S. Wesfern Avenue Chicago, Illinois Phone Hemlock 7022 HEDZIE BAKERY Fresh Bakery Goods Twice Daily 5311 South Kedzie Avenue Phone: Prospect 4283 M. lfs Fashionable to Wear Flowers! LE IIY FLIIRI T Refail S+ore 5454 Soulh Kedzie Avenue Hemlock 5455 Greenhouse 5329 Souih Rockwell SI. Prospe-:I 0529 HEMLOCK 2I00 Rozdilsky FUNERAL CHAPEL Sympathetic, .lnzjbressifve Service' At Economical Prices Peier Rozdilsky Funeral Direcfor ancI Moriician 2300-02 W. 5Is'I SI. Chicago MARZANWS 62 BOWLING ALLEYS 30 BILLIARD TABLES 3323 W. 63rd SIree'I Republic 5662 5525 W. 63rd SI'ree'I' PorI'smou'I'h 9599 we PECH ,4,,.,.., FIRE, AUTO, LIEE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE--MORTGAGES- AUTO LOANS 2743 W. 55I'h SI. Chicago 32. Illinois Phone: Republic 2300 Afier July Is+: 28I2 W. 55'I'h SIreeI A -AAL , J-E.u'-mv V YYV. ,Y V YV W-,,-,,, ,.,-.,.,.u-neu..- --Y - --A--fam!!-W .-,.'g,-41..................., .. 74- , M., .. --Af YA--

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