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km MA " k,.ff 22-"' "LH ' 55 . - Q . V Q34 .Ji . " ' M' -- 'PI if Y Y V. Xi? H ,- , , M, V 1 . X., W-:V V . r 1,5 M , .F K q , W fy- V ,Iv ..,. ' ' - 'N - Q' , Y . 1 N 1 ,. 1 . V ' " A' vi-W R , :QQ -15231. W v f -yi 2 1, Q- 1- A -3 MQ mr" mmf., ,1 . . ,.,. , ...K , M, .V ,A,, ,M .V . W-, L.,,,u1-5. , s-1 +A - W iw 'L ' vw 1 if . 1 , -5.2 K .H :L L 11:51 . el . 4 - K , 1 .- J g , fi, ,a,.- . 9 , K 4 gif f A 'Dru 'p , ffl-if M42 -,. " vb 1 'GW 2' ' ' ,':f-11.114 5 ,G 1. 1 s i k ,,,, W . , ,Af., ,V in 4, .R , I N, af , 7-9 i. A1 . km ul lm' , if A ., r, Lf R.-M 1.,1w, 1' ., KW , Q12. M fix ,. if , f2:.1-A , . . lf-,Q A 1 X U q, n .- ' 5' ,QP ,fz 1 TIGER TV GUIDE "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players . . William Shakespeare As you browse through the pages of Tiger l V Guide, you will see the young actors and actresses playing many roles on various stages in the curricular and extracurricular activities of Gage Public Schools. They portray serious moments ancl casual moments, sad ones and joyous ones - all scenes of school life on Channel GHS l-9-8-6. Q , ' ' 1 ,W 7, --he c S13 Published by Yearbook Staff Gage High School Gage, Oklahoma l If Days of School Days at Gage in 1986 Z" sc i 0 L 0 Q Q As the days flew by at GHS in 1986 there were a lot of busy ur times - times of working on science fair, times of cramming for tests, and times of practicing for sports. y r s J' S sl ES,-W hails. Hope is talking to her mice again. I hope they're No, Kelly, not the accelerator, the brakes! not talking back. l , 2 .s..,.a- ' Chad is U-ying to get Sheuvgn to See things Don't jason and Darrin look a lot like their brothers? his way. There were secrets to be told, "Nerds" to be seen, and, as always, honors to be won. On these pages scenes depicting school life tell the story of students' activities. For once Steve is doing his work! l , 5 Susan wishes she looked as good as you do, Wayne. . Y' V "Nerds" Jeff and Steve are always in the library, but not to study. 'fa Q, fi' ' 'Y 'f sr - "1 it .-.., wg 1 .h I Karla, Hope, and Shantel demonstrate what happens when they do annual layouts for an hour. 3 "Days of 0 L 0 ,Q Q The "Days of Our Lives" revolved around a Christmas ur I program, speech tournaments, and athletics. All-joseph wanted for Christmas was his front Doris and Lance demonstrate what happens when Mr. Pittman teaches tooth. them two hours. -ji 1 1 . N v 7 .ig , .... s r I W ' of xl 57 . i s , is sn My V -gig .Z or , Mrs. Latta and Rachel posed for pictures at Mrs. Shafer will never find Brent and Douglas as long as Vanessa keeps the Homecoming ceremonies. looking innocent. Clnserb You are the whole thing!!! 4 , li juniors and Seniors can't forget all the fun in doing the dinners, prom, and concession stand duty. Bryan and Danny find green isn't really their color. Dusty is showing off his disco dancing ability. W A ,.... .A , ,yxrg igxyig 5?'N:,i ,N L Q, r- 4 a n-. ' 'I . f 2 o 1 ' if! gf, ii as lik. l 5 1 i 1-w l 3? , ,, fu .hy Olie, alias Susan, finally caught himself Stephanie, the The Tigerettes are set for a victory. Rockerte. "Days 0 Our Lives" The Gage Annual Staff hopes that the viewers of "Tiger Guide" remember all of their favorite actors and actresses at the Grammy Awards. Don't poke your finger again, Doris. ' 1 ss l i 0 X7 'i', W, .. .1 fx' .6 55 jennifer was selected the winner of the Nerd Day during Homecoming activities. 6 Coach Stout gives last minute instructions to the girls. s 9. .asss I Justin and jeff are definitely the stuclious type. Qinsetl Is that Rambo or justin? Facts of Lifen C Administration f XT Facullyj X ,--'Xi K' X f ,R x XX -Xi X X X. V N C lmnnel f G-H-S N "Best Directors" Award The Board of Education was never in the spotlight of school functions, but we felt their presence and their support in all our activities. Not too many actors audition for their roles, but we could not have a good school system without them. We appreciate these men who dedicate so much time to direct a superior show and thus we honor them with the "Best Directors" award. ? at .,,,, jffff 'Z-,ug Curtis Torrance, a farmer Vice-president ROD Cole is and rancher, is the current employed by TCXQS Oil and president. Gas. u.,,Mv The school personnel honored Ned Moyer for ten years of service on the Board of Education, 11 A ,I Leo LOl'1g, a farmer and rancher in the community, just completed a term as president of the Board. Forest Woods, a dairy farmer, holds the office of clerk. 1 ' J JOhrx Cully, a newly elected member, is a pharmacist at Newman Hospital in Shattuck. "Inside GHS" Mr. Crouse was new in the position of superintendent of Gage Public Schools this year. With many changes in education and with reduction of state funding, he worked with the Board of Education to meet the challenge of using our funds to maintain our physical plant and a sound educational system. Mr. Froage and Mr. Pittman each taught classes in addition to their duties as principals. Both are graduates of Gage High School and have returned to their alma mater in administrative positions. They worked with the students, staff, and community toward an excellent educational program. Superintendent of Gage Schools Edwin G. Crouse High School Principal Elementary Principal john R. Froage Donnie R. Pittman --.4 ilefrj Gary Darl Adams Shop X History B.S. - SWOSU Qrightb Evelyn janiece Shafer Kindergarten B.S. - NWOSU Qrightl Margaret Lee Lucas Psychomerrist B.S. - OSU, M.S. - OSU Cbelowj Russell Kynn Wmuzor J Boys P.E., History B.S. - SWOSU Qrighrb Leslie Daneen Richards Home Economics B.S. - Panhandle S.U. S1 .wa ileftj jane Adele Matlock Special Education B.S. - OSU, M.A. - NWOSU Teachers Are Our "Guiding Light" 'Tis education forms the common mind: just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined. Alexander Pope eg V ,J unN'1 Qleftl Laura Marie Mitchell Third Grade B.S, - NWOSU M.A. - Central State Qrighth john Ross Froage Mathematics B.S. - SWOSU M.A. - NWOSU Q 1, fi ff' l deft? Sharon Lynn Latta Fifth Grad: B.S. - NWOSU Crtghtj Mickey Wayne Stout Girls P,E., Drivers Ed., History B.S, - NWOSU v 2 6 4 Qlefrh Carole Evelyn Froage First Grade B,S. - SWOSU, M.A. - NWOSU Qbelowl Dana Kay Chapman Sixth GradefMusic B.S. - NWOSU ,Qi 4 E W, Qrightj Marilyn S. Beeby Speech Pathologist b B.S. -- Phillips University Deloris Ann Pittman ' I Q, 1 nw, English f Speech B.A. - NWOSU Vu jane Ellen Molloy Fourth Grade B.S. - Panhandle S.U. Irene Kay Fiel Science B,S. - W. Texas State MA. NWOSU onnie Ray Pittman Business Education B,S. - NWOSU Sharla jo Drake Second Grade B,S. - Panhandle S.U. ileftb Wanda Lee johnson EnglishfLibrary ' B.S, - Oklahoma University In Memory ofY11omze E. Hassler who died as a result of cancer December 16, 1985 is 45' M . 'Y' 'iff-1 W1-A iaewm-.W 1562 geesga.. Gr e lqkqk, -L wig- 12 is oo Yvonne E. Hassler began her education in Gage Public Schools in 1945 and received all her elementary and high school education here, graduating in 1957 as valedictorian of her class. She pursued a major in elementary education at the present Northwestern Oklahoma State University and was graduated in 1961. For the next 2 5 years Yvonne dedicated herself to teaching. Her ex- periences took her to further education in Old Mexico and to teaching first in Colorado, then in Belgium, Italy, Germany and Turkey QUSDESEA Schoolsb, back to Ohio, and for the last 15 years here in her alma mater - most of that time in first grade. She was dedicated to her profession, her family, her community and her God. Her ideals and ideas will live on through the lives she touched. ' Ill ! I s A Livingl' We Appreciate Betty Wilcoxson - Secretary to the Superintendent. janet Pierce - High School Secretary. Larry Bumett - Custodian, Elementary. ., 7. 4, .few I Don Pittman, Patjacoby, and Monte Barnes - Bus Drivers f i teii 7 , Q ' F i A , ' I . I I I I i , K ' - . . , - E K : J ' i ' ' V fi 'V ' I 'S -i" L ' i Q ' V f,, 5 W '1 . ' ...L A Ruth Wallis, Mary jacoby, and Elizabeth Loomis - Cafeteria Personnel. Elmer Vlolfington and Louis Gilliland - Custodians High School. "Start 0fS0meibi11g Big" fC!as.vesj i Z- X X X G-H-S The Pilgrims and the Indians are enjoying the first Thanksgiving jeremy Colvard Vanessa Dempsay Tiffany Hyle Douglas Lizardo Kenneth McQuitty Brent Molloy jason Pratt Tai Readnour Shevaun Ross Sarah Rymer Amber Scott Christopher Scott Paula William Chad Woods Mrs. jan Shafer Not Pictured: Lewis Sturgeon Ruby Allnutt Bobby Bohnsack ll Adam Cole Rikki Coleman in "Sesame Street 33 ll A . Q l fff K l 4? f cms., Nope' an FISHER GRAIN INC. Grain, Grain Storage and Fertilizer Woodward, Oklahoma l ll i "One Day at az Time" ' in N 1. l 5, ir lfigl i xl ! v The first graders enjoyed their first party of the year. "li 1 A 'S ' ' 'V' J fm- A E , 6 i if! Q12 M Oxy A . Wren' hx, ,W- 'T' 'Qs GAGE LOCKER SERVICE Ken and Pat Jacoby Gary and Mary Wolhngtun Becky Basr David Bozarth Kevin Carrell Katie Chapman raw-S 4 jennifer Cole Bobby Farrow Wesley Harbour Nathan Hyle Rachel Larta Jeremy Longhofer jared Moyer joseph Orcutt Darren Tolle Mrs. Carole Froage 17 Amber Ashpaugh Richard Bast Chris Carrell Heather Coleman Tanya Fagala Trina Gaisford Michael Grace Shane Lair jamie Lizardo Lesta Mann Marjie Ross Sam Rymer Dusty Wadsworth Jayson Welch Chad Wlolfington Mrs, Sharla Drake Not Pictured: Shania Davidson . WTI.-al n E CHANNEL l 2' ll ll if lwxl I ll 4 f l 3? ' ""d ,' l :-4-if ff 'fJ 1 Trina, Heather, and Chad, hamming it up for the C3l'DCl'3. FIRST STATE BANK of GAGE Member of FDIC 923-7541 or 925-7471 l 'lla 'l , Ei ill 4 t. llj l -rl lr A 5 7' 1 Q xt an .. . xg? X 'EX 5 x a 5 Y' . Q 'Y . K gf 5. Clint and Grady are dre J' Win-A YN' 'Ok TA! A R .f ,R aming about their future. Scott Barrett Clint Bragg jesse Chapman Angela Cole Michelle Cole Nicki Donahey Debra Drake Heather Fiel FLAG TRANSPORT, INC. Phone: 923-7555 Gage, Uklahoma f Ss 1- "aes April Latta justin Lon ghofer Robert Mayhew Terra Moran Lana Scheuerman Grady Selby Mark Torrance Jodi Wootls Karee Woods Mrs. Laura Mitchell ll i e 'J e i 6 'U 6 l 7' 0 in 19 ,E , I I Fourth graders enjoyed Halloween dress-up day. ,U Amy Nine Broc Sandelin jessica Williams Arin Woods Mrs.janie Molloy Sloan Ashpaugh Shannon Bozarth Tara Fagala I-Ieath Gaisford E. L, Grace Darla Harbour Devin Harper Melissa Kirkendall 5 Vx- i r" I , MX'- x 5, .- rv Q ll X Iii x 3 ll I ' I ' 'XIX Amy says, "Look our! Here I come, fx "' J I I 'u l J , W lr 1 gal E I I I I SHATTUCK NATIONAL BANK Shattuck, Oklahoma Member FDIC 938-2371 74" ,-ff" fh ,Q I . X i r N i lxqyi ll xl E - I . i, , XJ , - H lui ll X I .WN an-ef x 5 X1 ! N! :N YM! ur-'Pv qs. ,, i Darrin and Darci are Gages fruit inspectors. Darrin Ames Angela Chapman Christi Crow Cory Cunningham i 71 0 jennifer Drake m jason Froage john Mark Kirkendall Darci Miller YT ...Y" -,,N GAGE LUMBER and HARDWARE Lumber, Building material, and Hardware Phone: 92 3-7656 Nicki Moyer Karen Navarro Mike Pierce Paul Selby Loretta Torrance Melinda Trosper Chasity Waller Christopher Welch josh Woods Mrs, Sharon Lattn Not Pictured: Scott Gosserr 21 61 r X if r -, ,ff Q 71, Nh.. 772 Kristy, Kim, and Tricia are getting a better perspective on life. 6 T , it iii X l i-ll ll , Jr lb N, all T l l . 1 Xlylr ,,,-1' -, il l jennifer Barrett Kristy Fiel e Kavin Harper Matt Hohweiler l t Y 3 I ass Kim Hughes Margie Mayhew David Richey Rodney Robertson Lisa Tolle Nathan Torrance Stephanie Willman Tricia Woods Mrs. Dana Chapman 'Kavin finally gets a chance to paint on the walls. as BULLS EYE CAFE Gage, Oklahoma Owners: Bryan and Billie Purgason Lori is downing around again. U IU CHANNEL S M V I i i xii i """ 'Ii 4 ' CN' CLASS OFFICERS: QI-rl Teri Chapman Vice President Teri Chapman Meta Gaisford IaLon Hardy Q- if Orcutt, Reporter. jennifer Schmitt, Presidentgjavon Hassler, Secretary oanne qw-4 xr HIGH PLAINS SIDING and INSULATION Wootiy, Ifllen,JoAnne, Ben, and I.ul-ce Orcutt M-JLII-ffklu javon Hassle: Connie Larkey Lori Miller JoAnne Orcutr Mike Richey jennifer Schmitt Crystal Vincent Chris Willmzxn ll -ff, I The eighth graders made good use of study time. Q ' - '-fsxg' . Kitt is 1 s- ' A ' ' sf ' o g CLASS OFFICERS: Buffy Scheuermun, Reporterg julie Moyer, Vice- , Presidentg Angela Morley, Presidentg Tricia Robertson, Secretary-Treasurer vi,4?""- X -. .i " , P ' i ffhl Y LH x V vii' X Becky Hohweiler ,Q iw . Dawn Jacoby 0 If Mi Bryan Lalicker , X 1 v I ii 'ir iii ,,,ff" , I ii ' fr 61 'x Danny Larkey Angela Morley julie Moyer e Darby Readnour 7' Tricia Robertson Buffy Scheuerman Kenny Trospet W Keith Woods Compliments of 24 RICHARD and LEAH MORLEY Xi f' iw CHANNEL , . ' 2, A ,"1i inf V N ,f -, Chris and Natasha, get those olives rolling! H X 1 K W CLASS OFFICERS: Cindy Nine, Vice-Presidentg Dana Pittman Secretaryg Stephanie Shafer, President. -1 Q.. 1' JSA., Compliments of REX and JAN SHAFER Natasha Barnes Dana Crouse Nina Cunningham jeremy Froage Chris Havel Bobbie Larkey Debbie Mayhew Cindy Nine Nicole Peer Dana Pittman Wayne Schroeder Stephanie Shafer ,pv- f , E ""l 5 ' H n 1 .4-Q-s-4.13:--.. Tim, justin, and Steve are hard at work in shop class. H I Q - Q Who could resist giving ii donation to Shelly with a smile like that? Q Q Q Q 2 - Q ' X Q Q4 S-Q - - - S 1 1 Q - THE DISNEY CHANNEL i Devin is showing off his G.I. joe attire. Mice in the cafeteriag it's time for an exterminaror! ...4 sts Compliments of JCPENNEY CO. TH E STOCK EXCHANGE BANK 815 Main Street Woodwartl, OK Vffoodwartl, OK 256-5558 1 Chris Ames lil, Kenny Chaprnan CLASS OFFICERSZ Shelly Crow, Secretary justin Moyer Shelly Crow Presidentg Kelly Wallis, Treasurerg Steve-Iohn Vite President 1 15' 2 -Na-ff -K Qs' GFA-if .1 3 NORTHXWIZST OKLAHOMAN Steve Ford Gayla Hamby Tim Holt Shelly Hughes jaej. Jacoby Stevejohnson Justin Moyer Craig Nix Devin Richey Dusty Selby Kelly Wallis Phil Willman Compliments ol Hallmark, Office Supplies, Printing DON IDN ORB PITTMAN nm 1. Shuttutk, OK 9 58-2555 Mm... Scott, jeff, and Lance choose their class rings. l 3 fi 2 l + 'E if O Y M45 ff l fl ,ff 5 l I 3' , if a Is that Tina or Boy George? Y ff . 14911 1 - Lari, Karla, and Shantel are a little old to be playing dress-up. Karen and Doris register guests on family portrait day 'J f 41, Hope says, "Mother, you can't be serious!" joy always spends more time ripping out than sewing! Count on Us Compliments of THE BANK OF WOODWARD WAL-MART Woodward, OK XVooclward, OK t -Q feeleel J hm ' 15 ' Y- ' ' ll CLASS OFFICERS: Doris Woorls, Presirlentg Shanrel Hassler, Vice-Presidenrg Karen Robertson Secreraryg joy Pond, Treasurer ij - I ji-ff" Karla Cully Hope Fiel Shantel I-lassler Lari Laliclcer jeff Longhofer Michelle Maxwell Lance Pierce joy Pond Tina Richey Karen Robertson Scott Waller Doris Woods GAGE SERVICE STATION Compliments of Donna and Larry Lallcker GAGE TAG AGENCY "We Serve The Best" Debbie Selby Shane Douglas Ames SENIORS 1986 Gary D. Crow Q2 Gerald Blana' 1720170 "We think: therefore we are. " jejfreyjolm Froage C ina'y Kay Lee Susan Michele Nine colors: Midnight Blue Grey flower: Blue Carnation V jeff M. Wallis Fred W. Schroeder Daren O'Brien SENIORS 1986 Lori Marie Wickman l W ' AF,,.,-- SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Shane Ames - Presidentg Susan Nine - Secretaryg jeff Froage - Vice-President. "CAPITOL" The seniors had a busy year with class pro- jects to raise money for their senior trip and the usual participation in sports, 4-H, student council, and other school activities. Under the guidance of their sponsors, Mr. Froage and Mr. Stout, they came through the year in great style. -,. ,. as Valediciorian Susan Nine Susan Nine was the valedictorian for the 1986 graduating class with a 3,67 gpa. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Nine, Susan is a versatile person and has won honors in many areas of school life. This year she was both Miss Gage and Homecoming Queen. In 4-H she was a member of the Key Club, outstanding county senior member, and an inductee into Ellis County 4-H Hall of Fame. This year she was selected District DAR Good Citizen. Last year she was overall winner at local and regional science fairs and an international science fair finalist. In the area of sports, she was a 270-Conference All-Star and a member ofthe Buffalo All-Tournament team. She won many superior ratings in speech contests and first-place medals in track. Susan, a member ofthe Oklahoma Honor Society, will attend Oklahoma State University. Svzlumlorian Daren 0'B1'ien Daren O'Brien was named salutatorian of the 1986 graduating class with a 3.2 grade point average. Daren served his class as freshman class president and held other offices throughout high school. He was on the Student Council two years, was manager ofthe boys' basketball team two years, and was a member of i the speech team and a regional qualifier this year. .f iii' Daren, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie O'Brien, plans to attend Panhandle . . .A,.... . 5: Oklahoma State University. 'fcapiwf ............................... Shane Ames, the modern day Leonardo da Vinci. 2 3" f H1 ,f 1af1:i2L?,yz 1 i f ,.,- Daren seems to enjoy slaving over a hor oven. Dr. Leon G. Cunningham 34 l20lMain-Ph.256-7125 Woodward, Oklahoma ws Q s r . Fred and Lori - what an odd couple. 4 is a , i' ?" . A, . 3 A my o . s riff- 4. . A The Senior girls ser fashion trends at GHS this year. Compliments of Buffy's Buffer Resrauranr Woodward, OK 7' by V 4 SXQQ fe 'VR Susan and Lori - GHS' version ofof the "Blues Brothers." Cindy, aren't you a little too old to sit on Santa's lap? 4 ' ,LZ N ' , jeff, you have to have material to sew! Here a few ofthe Senior boys demonstrate proper meal etiquette ENID TYPEWRITER COMPANY NORTHWEST WHOLESALE 814 9th Street 256-8790 1004 7th Street 256-7937 Woodward, OK Woodward, OK ffcapifoff ..........,...,.......,......... Lori has the cutest little baby face! Sorry, guys, you have to go to the "little boyJ' room." EWK, R ,g ,Mfw Stealing sausage again, boys? Whar's cookin', Fred? TREGO'S NORTHWESTERN ELECTRIC 36 The Store for Men COOPERATIVE, INC. Downtown Woodward Woodward, Oklahoma if-. it .-li Hey, Hey, Sweet Baby! Oh no, Susan is bothering jeff again. Compliments of MR, 8: MRS. BILL BRALEY 8: FAMILY Gerald found school very interesting this year. x . ..... W"-4'-H ' - is Donnie, Daren, Shane and jeff are quite the salesmen. --" fi . xy APPEL'S Flowers, Gifts, Catering Shattuck, Oklahoma 37 "All ight Long!! The juniors honored the seniors with a banquet and prom on May 10. The decorations were beautiful with a bubbling fountain in a garden scene with lots of sparkling stars among the decorations. The program included the senior history, prophecy and will and a slide presentation of seniors at'earlier stages of life. , Jeff Froage and Shane Ames, Senior Officers. 7 , 'L .Z 1.3 5 M "iff jj F, W, W 15 1 5 -1 it , A A I e V. Shantel predicted the future for the Karen and Tina sang. seniors. joy and Cindy await the banquet. Daren really enjoyed the entertainment. E T txghm J x if - jeff L and Shelly H. enjoyed the dance. -Mr. L,-Q. L es 1 43 in Gayla and Donnie pause for refreshments. NNN' Sisters Cindy and Susan with dates Steve and Dave. f Shane and Hope. Y., Q , Becky and Fred. Shantel and Dusty Gerald and Tina. Shawn and Lori, Z GRADUATION is Q32 ,tx et 1986 Q4 3 Graduation was a time for seriousness and a time for joy as reflected on the faces of these graduates. Twelve years have gone by, but a whole new future lies ahead . . . Senrors befo wn the a A, i F 1. fi - 5 S I E 5 K Daren Solemn seniors at Baccalaureate , 5 Q55 E 5 I 2 J, The 8th graders ion, Fred Schroe .J and Shane ln IIC. Susan Lon QUAQGPM, 999990 -dbh., Hey, guys, our diplomas are really signed! Gerald "Riding I Al!" Nine seniors with their sponsors and their wives, john and Carole Froage and Mickey and Kim Stout, spent three days at Fin and Feather Lodge near Lake Tenkiller and two days at Branson, Missouri. They worked hard during their high school days to earn money for this trip that brought them many adventures to remember. Seniors and sponsors at Silve r Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. 'll N i t A Mak M' V V my at VVLb,,,, 5 ,i if V0 '51 fr 1 4 ' Jeff, Shane, and Daren are ready for a day in Branson. The seniors found time to loaf on their senior trip. tefe Seniors, don't you know that you have to put the canoes in water first? wa . The lon g bus ride was really hard on some. Right, jeff and Susan? The seniors and their sponsors before the canoe ride down the Illinois River, Q .o qk . 4- so s ' r 'P Y .51 Y' X, 5 ii T N QE I X Q, 3 55? 'it The senior boys want to know when the fun starts i.ii j,,, Donnie and Lori listen very closely to another one of Coach's stories. . -ee' Q. Mis. Froage still loved Daren even after the senior trip! Coach Stout, Cindy, and Kim showing off their stuff - before they tipped over, Senior Class History Settle back and read this remarkable story that began thirteen long years ago in 1974. It all began at the Gage Public School in a small room at the back of the auditorium under the direction of Mrs. Peggy Stanford. Among the 12 bright-eyed kindergarteners, we see five familiar faces we all know and love today: Shane Ames, jeff Froage, Donnie Crow, Fred Schroeder, and Susan Nine. Right from the start anyone could tell this wasn't going to be an everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill class. Everyone knew this class was going to be dif- ferent after the unsuccessful attempt to burn the brick grade school building with chewing gum foil and glass. After passing kindergarten with an official graduation program, we were under the strict teaching of Mrs. Wintress johnson. Another beloved member of the Senior Class today was added under the name of jeff Wallis. As first graders, we also numbered 12. Who was to know that glorious gains lay in store for these rambunctious first graders? In 1976 our total number rose to 13 with Daren O'Brien making his blessed appearance in our class which was taught by Mrs. Opal Treece who remains rather vague to us as we came to know our substitutes quite well. On to third grade and how the years were flying by. Under the supervision of Mrs. Geneva Randolph we were taught patriotism with a flag salute every morning. Mrs. Dana Chapman was the fortunate fourth grade teacher. During this year another member of the Senior Class was added, nam- ed Cindy Lee. We played the usual games children play - like tag, soccer, house and occasionally gagging and tying the unfortunate sex to trees during noon recess and leaving them there. During our fifth and sixth grade years we were instructed by Mr. Bill Hepner, Mrs. Sue I-Iepner, Mrs. jan Shafer and Mrs. Wanda johnson. We had already begun to make our mark on the faculty and administration of the school, however, it was not good. We were the first class, in goodness knows how long, not to be allowed to take a trip to Oklahoma City during these years. We were told it was because times were hard and the money situation was bad. So we gladly offered to pay our own way but again were refused. We finally came to the conclusion there must be something more than money involved. At last we made it to the seventh and eighth grades where we encountered many changes. Moving up the stairs to junior high was an exciting and trying experience. In the high school building we received little or no respect as seventh graders and became known as the terrors of Gage junior High. During these two years substitute teachers were hard to come by, in fact, Mr. Froage was one of the few teachers who was willing to take the risk and teach us. That must have something to do with the fact that he is now our sponsor for the senior trip. Even though we were referred to as heathens, absolutely good for nothing, and a few other names that wouldn't be ap- propriate to mention at this time, we finally graduated out of grade school and into high school with a total number of 15. As our freshman year started we all were dreading that terrifying day we were to be initiated into high school, Bound to make the best of it, we came to school that morning with a good attitude about freshman initiation. To our surprise and everyone else's we made that day into the best one we had all year. This was one of the few days we were complimented by the faculty. Our sophomore and junior years were blessed with few problems. Sure we played our practical jokes, fought and laughed as any class would but somehow managed to stay out of major trouble. We made our way through several money making projects although we didn't make much money. Gerald Bland was added to the class but some had left and now we were only l 1. As our senior year rolled rapidly around we added the final member to the class, Lori Wickman, whom we gladly accepted, and because two had left, we were at the mighty number of ten. We also gained a new sponsor, Mr. Mickey Stout and his wife Kim. They, along with Mr. john Froage and his wife Carole, accompanied the seniors to the Fin and Feather Lodge at Lake Tenkiller and to Bran- son, Missouri, for an adventurous and fun-filled week. We worked hard this year hauling hay, selling jewelry, and working concessions. We have vowed never to sell another item as long as we live. But all too soon our public schooling has come to an end, and now we must be departing to move on to new and better things. We will miss this school, our teachers, and our friends, and we hope that we will be missed by them as well. 44 "Wheel of Fortune, ' flloyczllyl FT' . X , X N X Clmmzel N G-H-s x Wm .WM.Qmf,.:Mfa,:L5Mw .mmivu qw- L..4 M-wax--Wwmw-y.MwMm,M,MW,QA.fww.f Q 2 r 5 2 s f f e K, Q f 2 K 2 e HGRAMM Y A WARDS" fWHO'S WHO Most Talented: Stephanie Shafer - Shane Ames Best Pals: Stephanie Shafer - Cindy Nme i Most Athletic: Susan Nine - Shane Ames Biggest Wolf and Flirt: Lori Wickman -jeff Froage Best Buddies: jeff Froage - Shane Ames Most Talkative: Shane Ames - Cindy Lee Q i Best Personality: justin Moyer Q , ,ww if 5 nnt st Susan Nine mf juniors: Hope Fiel -jeff Longhofcr 55.4, ' , 1 N 1- Senion: Susan Nine -jeff Froage T15 Z Most School Spirit: Susan Nine - Shane Ames RAFTER D LIVESTOCK FEED 54 Quality Hotsefeeds Shattuck, Oklahoma More "Gramm Awara'.r" M alhhali S ,ff Freshmen: Stephanie Shafer - jeremy Fmage X Sophomotes: justin Moyer - Gayla I-lamby "For All Your Grain Marketing" W. B. JOHNSTON GRAIN COMPANY Shattuck, Oklahoma X wt, r...,f W ' 6' 6' Super ,. ,lvf M3 gb . H , , eroes W . . ,.A P , 5' T aae P5 BEE -jennifer Barrett, Tricia Woods, 1A f VA I .1 H onorsl Tricia Robertson and Keith Woods - 8th Valcdictorian and Salutatorian. from NW REC. 1 KANSAS CITY 4-H YOUTH TRIP - Steve johnson and justin Moyer. .- Doris Woods - trip to Liberty, MO, SR. SPELLING BEE -jennifer Schmitt, Danny Larkey, LaLon Hardy. ,film A , 4 H ff- - Mrs. johnson with javon Hassler - Honorable Mention in state environmental essay contest. OUTSTANDING FIRST-YEAR 4-HERS - Arin Woods and Amy Nine. X.- 1 , 5 Q - Q cf liilff' C. I MASONIC STUDENTS OF TODAY - Susan Nine, Shane Ames, Dana LOCAL SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS - Mrs. Kay Fiel, Nicki Moyer, Pittman, Keith Woods, Kristy Fiel, Nathan Torrance. Julie Moyer, Hope Fiel, Compliments of: TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Tom Quaid I I 7 I Gage students were outstanding in many areas in 1986. M H The academic bowl teams met after school to increase their knowledge and their expertise in answering questions. 270-CONFERENCE BASEBALL TEAM - justin Moyer, Shane Ames, Coach Kynn Wanzor. SPEECH TEAM - Back Row: Daren O'Brien, jeff Froage. Front Row: Hope Fiel, Dana Pittman, Susan Nine. DAR GOOD CITIZEN DISTRICT WINNER - Susan Nine. Pewsonnu. 5 3 . Q , , 41 414 .iw , I ff' fb ELLIS COUNTY SPELLING BEE WINNER, SEVENTH IN REGIONALS -Jennifer Schmitt. ELLIS COUNTY TEACHER OF THE YEAR - Mrs. Kay Fiel, SR. ACADEMIC BOWL TEAM - Back Row: Doris Woods, Gayla OK HS HONOR SOCIETY - Gayal I-Iamby, Susan Nine, Hope Fiel, Hamby. Front Row: Shane Ames, Steve johnson, Steve Ford, Hope Fiel. Steve johnson, Karen Robertson. BILL BROWN MOTORS DON DEGAND INSURANCE Buick 6: GMC 22nd and Main Shattuck, Oklahoma Woodward, Oklahoma Science experiments were conducted over many months, but the rewards of a second consecutive sweepstake award at Regional Science Fair made all the work worthwhile. There were spelling bee awards, speech team awards, 4-H awards, group awards and individual awards - all attesting to our students' pride in their work and honor in their achievements. DISTRICT FARMER'S UNION SPEECH CONTEST WINNERS - Susan Nine and Hope Fiel. DISTRICT DAR ESSAY WINNER - JoAnne Orcutt. REGIONAL SCIENCE FAIR OVERALL AND SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS - Hope Fiel and Mrs. Kay Fiel. NWOSU CURRICULAR CONTEST PARTICIPANTS GIRLS' STATE - Shantel Hassler and Doris Woods. I JR. HIGH ACADEMIC BOWL TEAM - Dana Pittman, Natasha OKLAHOMAJH HONOR SOCIETY -Jennifer Schmitt, javon Barnes, Tricia Robertson, jeremy Froage. MILLER HARDWARE Ross and Darlene Miller Arnett, Oklahoma Hassler, Natasha Barnes. FARM BUREAU MUTUAL INS. CO. Box 323 885-7633 Arnett, Oklahoma FAN OF THE YEAR: Richard Chapman. BASEBALL: Shane Ames - Battingg Kenny Chapman - Outfielderg Steve Ford - Most Improved. TRACK: Ken- ny Trosper - JH Trackg Tina Richey - HS Overallg Angela Morley - JH Overall and In- dividualg Susan Nine - HS In- dividualg Devin Richey - HS Track. sy, N, i .-,.- Q 'IH BASKETBALL: jeremy Froage - Most Improvedg Chris Havel - Outstanding Playerg Keith Woods - Freethrowg julie Moyer - Most Im- provedg Stephanie Shafer - Freethrow and Outstanding Player. KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 24 I l Oklahoma Avenue AWARDS: Shane Ames, Chris Havel, Susan Nine, Cindy Nine. HS BASKETBALL: Dusty Selby - Most Improvedg Shane Ames -- Offensiveg justin Moyer - Freethrowg Stephanie Shafer - Freethrow and Offensiveg Shel- ly Hughes - Most Improvedg Susan Nine - Defensiveg jeff Froage - Defensive. STUART, KEEPER 8L SCHOENI-IALS Fred Schoenhals Woodward, OK 256-5181 Shattuck,Oklz1homa Mime Right stuff fOrgm1izcztiomJ , ,1-- f f y if -fb M X 1 X K X xx X xx' X X X A 1 ,6 A .,:, ' I Channel i :ig 5 g5 G-H-S Student Council Served us 1, I ii Court" f One ofthe main activities of the Student Council was to see that all i freshmen were officially initiated into high school. They also sponsored a Halloween dress-up clay, Christmas party, and a dinner honoring the seniors. MEMBERS: Front Row: jennifer Schmitt, Stephanie Shafer CVice-Presidentb Angela Morley, Doris Woods LSecretaryJ. Back Row: Mr. Gary Adams Shane Ames CPresidentD, justin Moyer. M yw Is that Cowboy Bob or Dana P.? ii .. H - 10 A if iewgygfie- ., Doesn't jeremy make a beautiful girl? Class winners of Halloween Dress-Up Day: Hope Fiel, Crystal Vincent, Shelly Hughes, Debby Mayhew, Buffy Scheuerman. COverall Winnerj, Lori Wickman, Dana C4 sure does like her new Perfume- Complimenrs of ROAD RUNNER AUTO GLASS CO. ELLIS COUNTY COURTHOUSE Tabletops and Mirrors Amett, Oklahoma Gage, Oklahoma "Pe0ple'.v l "Entertainment Tonight Spring Festival Q! A Spring Festival featured student entertainment and some of the students' projects completed during the year. Music, speech, home economics, bachelor survival, and shop students were featured. The Bachelor Survival class, Daren O Brien, Donnie Crow, jeff Froage, and Shane Ames, constructed jackets and vests. i . ,Quang If . ... p Connie Larkey, Meta Gaisford, and LaLon Hardy, members of the 7th and 8th crafts classes, built a wheelbarrow and donkey train. Tina Richey modeled her denim jumpsuit she made in Home Ec. III. The grade school boys sang at the Spring Festival under the direction of Mrs. Dana Hope Fiel and Susan Nine presented their humorous duet. Chapman. LAST CHANgf1IE5I?ENVENlENCE R, A- FORD AND SON .. . ROLLER FEED MILL Ifwe please you, tell your friends - H , ,, . ., Since 1953 Ifwe don t, tell us. 61 1' The fifth and sixth grade chorus proudly display their plaques awarded at the Seiling Music Festival this year. Both the girls' and mixed chorus received superior ratings. Angela, Dana C., julie, Becky, Dana P. and javon formed a junior high ensemble that received an Excellent rating in District competition. ' A The junior highfhigh school music club met after school as an extra- curricular organization. Theyl. per- formed at several school functions. Standing, l. to r.: Cindy Lee, Angela Morley, Karen Robertson, Tricia Robertson, Dana Pittman, Javon Hassler, Buffy Scheuerman, julie Moyer, Shelly Hughes, Dana Crouse. Seated: Becky Hohweiler, Dana Chapman, Director. Inset: Dana P. and Dana C. receiv- ed I's on solos at District, Dana P., I at Tri-State. 'ii' BUCKLES DEPARTMENT STORE Com Hmmm of Dlx and Judy Rope' THE GAUGE RECORD Amett and Shattuck me l r l Q l "Robert the Robot" Kinderganenenmadecute mice. The elementary Christmas program "Robert the Robot" drew one of the largest crowds of the year. Under the direction of Mrs. Dana Chapman, per- formers from kindergarten through sixth grade dress- ed as dancers, robots, reindeer, mice, elves, ginger- bread men, and jack-in-the-boxes. The secondary music club presented some numbers during the program. R Third and fourth pad: bays wen robots. First and second grade girls were adorable ballerinas, SCO'I'I'Y'S CONOCO C0fnPllmeflf5 of Ownergg Scgrf 8L Nancy Vinfent FARMERS SL MERCHANTS BANK Arnett, Oklahoma Ameff, Oklahoma If I Hope Fiel and Steve johnson both won trips to the International Science and Engineering Fair held at Ft. Worth, Texas, May 11-17. They received their trips at the regional fair by being the two most outstanding 0 projects. Z Hope won several awards at both the regional and state levels. J She was also selected as an alternate to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commis- sion at Brookhaven. She was one of ten selected to 0 give an oral presentation Z at Kansas University. Steve received several pq special awards at the I' regional level. His was ,I also selected as the best M' project in Environmental J l Science. 0 , C OKLAHOMA JR. ACADEMY or SCIENCE: Front I I I Row: Mrs, Kay Fiel, Hope Fiel, Karla Cully, Susan Nine. Back Row: Darby i Readnour, Kenny Trosper, Bryan Lalicker, Steve Ford. 6 71 Bryan won two trips to the Sr, Academy meetings. 6' en STATE SCIENCE FAIR Front Row: julie Moyer, Kenny Trosper, Bryan Lalicker, Back Row: Karla Cully, Hope Fiel, Steve johnson. 64 TP FIND A Dqap ' nv Hu wuts. nrnuu rn: M957 'AT IN HIE WOM! FOR MAXI' M HEATING EFFICIENCY. IN FINDING A DIAPIIV 5 BEST T0 680052 Ol! .DARK COLOR I- CLD!! VEAVE. LINING MAKE! LDINU IN IN IIO ll Cm julie won second in the Environmental Science at regionals At state she received an award from the Department of Energy ai f in I HUQQIILD vt wsnNNlL UNH The Gage science fair participants won several awards at the regional science fair held at NWOSU in Alva. Eleven out of fourteen students won either a special award or placed in the fair. REGIONAL SCIENCE PARTICIPANTS: Back: justin Moyer, Darby Readnour, Steve johnson, Hope Fiel. Middle: Gayla Hamby, Susan Nine, Bryan Lalicker, Stephen Ford, Tricia Robert- son, Mrs. Kay Fiel. Front: Kenny Trosper, Shelly Hughes,julie Moyer, Angela Morley, Dawn Jacoby. NASA Award, US Marine Award, US Navy of Meritorious Admievement l l 3rd in Behavioral and Social Science ' '53, 54f4,l'wi, , , ,,,, nw rw 4 J V' 'WW' A' , , '22 A EW iw 198 5 , ,,.V .K y iy,yyyyy if ' S Honorable Mention in Biochemistry, Medicine and Health Science, US Marine Award, School Nurse Award S nun 5 n """' - mu 3rd in Biochemistry, Medicine, and Health Science , i f mnmn " "' , l wr X5- x ii! fi , is ,i Pi mf. ' QA' .3355 ' ' f ff,f-ifL: ,meflnu -1 3rd, in Botany and Zoological Science 3rd in Behavioral and Social Science Honorable Award Mention in Engineering, US Marine is I ' 2nd in Behavioral and Social Science, US Marine Award 65 "The A-Team" Works on Yearbook - ,g f3KlI , 7 7 , , , I 3 This was Susan's third year to work in the dark room. Q15 Hope is in the middle ofa brainstorm session. YEARBOOK STAFFZ Front Row: Shantel Hassler, Karen Robertson, Karla Cully. Back Row: Doris Woods, Hope Fiel, Susan Nine, Michelle Maxwell, Mrs. Pittman, Daren O'Brien. Karla is busy gathering ideas for yearbook layouts. A se'e1 H - A- - - Nr na' i f if A-i L - i ii. X K f kk K ,-fit: X at .1-Eggtksfiyz-W A tn, f. RS . ., . 4, s is iie s s Si- , ,Z 1 ii .f ' , ' f,k E ., rx X gfgi,4t,, o ,,,s, . e f - i ' Nr. ...... - V . 15 , - x as ssss t M Shantel keeps busy doing bookwork. Michelle takes time out for a quick snap. Mrs. Pittman finally found some peace and quiet, before we came along with the camera. "Green Acres" ls the lace to Be 'E eeel . I h - -kf-- -is.. 1.--f f- ,..' N- ,. f Becky 6: Trish during a demonstration. SENIOR 4-H CLUB MEMBERS eeeeseeee . Z yy , 5 A Q , Ellis Co. Top Livestock judging team. SENIOR 4-H CLUB OFFICERS: justin, Cindy, Dana, Steve F., Teri, Steve j., Susan, Darby. J Q eyfe ee t S iti Senior 4-H Dance Committee with Mrs. johnson, sponsor Senior Share the Fun winners DIMENSION PLASTICS DOUGS GROCIERY 925-7511 Doug and Billie Trosper Magnetic Signs, Inc. Gage, Oklahoma 75843 H eau' - Heart - Hands - Health 3. ..., K ,sez :f I Amy gave a demonstration at county contest. " 1 , , .W at Q W . I w -IUNIOR 4-H CLUB MEMBERS R. , R - M Q ex it J Nicki won the district "Shepherd's Walk" at Woodward. JUNIOR 4-H CLUB OFFICERS: Tricia, Nathan, Teri, Nicki, Kristi, Karen, Loretta. vs... These junior girls had cooking classes after school, RICK'S GUN and PAWN SHOP 1120 8th Street 254-3551 Woodward, Oklahoma Hi 2 Broc and Paul were just two of the junior 4-H boys who enjoyed preparation classes. the food WILLIAM R, BROWN, D.D.S. Woodward, Oklahoma C Susan Nine ELLIS CO. 4-H HALL OF FAME Susan has been an active member in 4-H for 9 years. She served as county V. Pres., as well as local. She has also held various offices. Susan specializes in sheep, horticulture, and clothing. Fred has been an active member in 4-H for 9 years. He has held various offices. Fred's specialties are showing and judging livestock. Fred Schroeder Cindy teaches jennifer how to dress a lamb. E il l . l The local Presidents dedicate this plaque in memory of Yvonne Hassler. Steve was also the counry President. Speech and Demonstration Winners l Susan and Nicki were the County Dress Revue Champions. GAGE CATTLE and FEED Gage, Oklahoma 923-7665 The girls had lots of fun picking out suits. To be a cheerleader you have to 'Ilie-Ir. high squad are practicing their pyramid. be committed tO the l'12ll'Cl IaSlC of developing the team's and fans' spirit. This takes hours of long practices in which the cheerleaders have the responsibility to work together as a team for the No-No Tash, you are cheering not flying. improvement of Out' school. If JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS: Dawn Jacoby, Natasha Barnes, Crystal Vincent,jennifer Schmitt. WEEKS TROPHY CASE INTERNATIONAL TOURS OF WOODWARD 1904 8th Street b O Woodward OK Gary and Bar ara Bloxom - wners ' Don Endersbv - Travel Consultant if S QQ TEAM MEMBERS: Back Row: Shelly Hughes, Kelly Wallis, Shelly Crow, Iari Lalicker, jae -I, jacoby. Middle Row: Coach Mickey Stout, Cindy Lee, Dana Pittman, Karla Cully, Gayla Hamby, Shantel Hassler. Front Row: Stephanie Shafer, Tina Richey, Hope Fiel, Susan Nine, Debby Mayhew. Not Pic- tured: Michelle Maxwell. There is no "I" in "tearn." Cindy Lee 5'8" 25 Susan Nine 5'4" 20 Karla Cully 5'7" 22 Hope Fiel 5'7" 12 Shantel Hassler 5'8W 23 Iiiri Lalicker 5'5" 13 Michelle Maxwell 5'7" 15 Tina Richey 5'3" 32 Shelly Crow 5' l " 10 Gayla Hamby 5'4W" 14 Shelly Hughes 5' 1" 50 jaej. Jacoby 5'3" 31 Kelly Wallis 5'5" ll Debby Mayhew 5'6" 24 Stephanie Shafer 5'7W 21 Dana Pittman 5'7" 32 The Hi h School Girls made "All the Right Moves" in 1985-86 Honors Received BUFFALO MVP: Stephanie Shafer - BUF- FALO ALL-TOURNAMENT TEAM: Susan Nine, Michelle Maxwell. 270 Conf. All-Stars: Hope Fiel. Susan Nine and Michelle Maxwell, Compliments of ORVIS and BEULAH SHAFER Gage, Oklahoma s..-1 x if J ., 11. 11 - The girls have a moment of silent prayer before every game. Watch Steph go! rr 1f 41 5 4 A ,, Q J. CA ff' Up, up, and away! for Hope! - Two L It's hard to break the Tiger defense. Play Ball Kelly! Inf 1 ab. 4 T ,'!! gl, tytpyy 5 T K r ,, 3 if Q 'wiv 15 I f- ififefi 1-. - 'A' FM -7 lf' .Sy Z-Dr' ' . 2 'WE 31? I f V . . 1---,c age ,, , Get around them Michelle! Compliments of DARRELL and KATHY JOHNSON TEAM MEMBERS: Back Row: Daren O'Brien, Phil XVillman, justin Moyer, Dusty Selby, Lance Pierce, Shane Ames, jeff Froage, Coach Wanzor Front Row Steve johnson, jeff Longhofer, Steve Ford, Chris Ames, The Tigers Used a "Fast Break. " Shane Ames jeff Froage jeff Longhofer Lance Pierce Chris Ames Kenny Chapman Steve Ford Steve johnson justin Moyer Dusty Selby Phil Willman HONORS RECEIVED 270 Conf. All-Stars: Shane Ames and justin Moyer. Compliments of ELLIS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Arnett, Oklahoma 4' xx M , 43 ,mp S E Q. -L-. gyif-NWT- .tt ,., .g iiwr .. 55:5 3-7 6 1 J jeff F. takes it in for two e g ' Sf if the .K xx 1 :.- 9 5 X eg w M NPN ' x - X - -wh S he 5 te jf L , get hi ,LL. , ' X " ,Q lil YS- 5 1 r 5 ' ' -..g. iS 5 5 I X fffis. If '- Shane struts his stuff! Dusty wants that ball! Steve shows off his left jumper ,att I up .. .Ain jeff L. shows off his moves! Nobody can escape the Tngersz JACK SL JILL NEWMAN MEDICAL CLNTER Owner: Monte McQuigg PHARMACY Shattuck, OK 938-5157 Shattuck, OK 958-2551 76 J .H . Girls get in " ole Position." N N ' 425' W i , k'-'f7igf wx ex ' ,, K -- ,F we S Q . -' Back Row: Coach Stout, Stephanie Shafer, Dawn Jacoby, Angela Morley, Buffy Scheuerman, Dana Pittman. On Bench: julie Moyer, Cindy Nine, Teri Chapman. On Floor: Becky Hohweilerhlavon Hassler, Lori Miller, Meta Gaisford, Nicole Peer, Tricia Robertson, Joanne Orcutt. Dana defends the opponent trying to advance the ball. Stephanie goes up for two, Coach Stout gives some encouraging words to the players. .IJ-l. B0 J oin "Games eople Play" if S X Standing: Kenny Trosper, Darby Readnour, Chris Havel, Keith Woods, jeremy Froage, Danny Larkey, Coach Wanzor. Kneeling: Brian Lalicker, Wayne Schroeder. x if Q Q I QQ , 1 f , f Sq, 5 2 . ' N, ,,,,. Darby reaches for the loose ball, Chris iumps above the defender. Keith goes up for an easy two. Compliments of FARMERS CO-OP Fargo, Oklahoma The Baseball Team Was "Puttin' O11 The H its" Standing: Cindy Lee, justin Moyer, Shane Ames, Dusty Selby, Lance Pierce, Chris Ames, Phil Willman, Shantel l-lassler. Kneeling: Kenny Chapman, Chris Havel, Coach Wlanzor, Steve johnson, Steve Ford. ' 'f ' sf, ,W ,w Dusty caught for the team a few times during the year. QV ,, , , ,hiv ff ,Q Wy, iQ,,,'+e:wxi,. My Q- .nf g 2 . 1 xf,'gfLQ1 , gf, 'K' ,t'7fg1it'f' fi A .3 Steve and Phil watch the game from the dugout. Shane is ready for any balls coming his way. Compliments of DEAN and DANA CHAPMAN Gage, Oklahoma Scott Wfaller, Craig Nix, and jeff Wallis joined the team for the spring season. I I4 A- aa . wiv, . xr- - j 5 9 1 if i f Uk. W' 5' YV ' Steve is alert for balls coming his way. at W- ii justin is ready to hit a homerun! gvfz Coach Wanzor watches the game intently. lane and Phil board the bus for the road ELCO GRAIN Grain, Fertilizer Bc Seed Dealer 925'76l 1 The Track Team ut Their "Bodies in Motion" 4 13 HIGH SCHOOL: Front Row: Lari Lalicker, Coach Mickey Stout, Karla Cully, Tina Richey. Back Row: Susan Nine, Stephanie Shafer, Debby Mayhew, Shelly Hughes, Cindy Nine, Dana Pittman, Devin Richey. Shelly runs long distance races. jaej and Meta have settled down for the long ride home. JUNIOR HIGH: Front Row: Crystal Vincent, Meta Gaisford, Teri Chapman, julie First item on the agenda: setting up the tent. Moyer, Tricia Robertson. Middle Row: Becky Hohweiler, joAnne Orcutt, Angela Morley, Connie Iarkey, Lori Miller. Back Row: javon Hassler, Coach Mickey Stout, Dawn jacoby. 80 Stephanie, Gaylmjaej, and Cindy ran the 400 meter relay. lx WV' .t 'S Tina and Susan ran in relays and individual events. Devin ran the two-mile run at rhe regional track meer. s Q Tricia is ready to start the 400 meter dash. ' S4 Stephanie ran rhe 100 meter dash. 'af 3 x f 4 ,M Front Row: Kenny Trosper, Bryan I..1litlcer, Danny Lnrkcy, Whync Schroeder, Keith Wfootls. Back Row. jeremy Fronge, Co.1th XY'.inzor, Chris H.1vel, Darby Reatlnour, 81 'L l i s 71 C 0 7' 0 7' 61 I 6 tb dl 71 6th GIRLS TEAM: Back Row: Loretta Torrance, Christi Crow, jennifer Barrett, Margie Mayhew, Tricia Woocls. Row Two: Coach Stout, Lisa Tolle, jennifer Drake, Kristy Fiel, Kimberly Hughes. Front Row: Chasity Waller, Angela Chapman, Nicki Moyer, Darci Miller, Melinda Trosper, and Karen Navarro. BOYS TEAM: Back Row: Christopher Welch, David Richey, Coach Stout, joshua Woods, Matthew Hohweiler, Paul Selby, john Mark Kirkendall, Front Row: Michael Pierce, Nathan Torrance, Rodney Robertson, Kavin Harper, Darrin Ames and jason Froage. 45' A Liv g I ..g,, 152 Tanya, Amber, Lesra and April line up for v: 4 "The Olympzc Games" f Elementary Track! 7: ' vm- v Yr X .,,- Z ' 4- N V -.A A is 39. Q, -, 'N r gf' X 1' X ' '-11 H "U, N . 'Kirk I ku-T, 'Q 'wifi i " N A-Q " , A . 'P "" 22 e 1 L ill? N X 1 'hp 5 S... Q 4 .A Q! s if , ,W ,G ,,-, fd,M,,L!,et.bi4 f A K .iw -ww V iffram ir their all in the dashes. Clint jumps to victory, Margie and Nathan Y' 12.1 JM,..' . .sew 'Q if Heather and Amy pass the baton in relay. Chad, Shane and Mike near the Hnish line. Students Sometimes Went to "General H ospita! H Karla's face was applied to an opponents elbow during a scrimmage. The 1985-86 sporting season produced a variety of injuries: torn ligaments, sprained ankles and a black eye. Shanes knee connected with a base. "Safe!" "1 Steph is modeling the latest in orthopedic footwear. Susan's foot never hampered her smile. Cinseth Kim taped a lot of ankles r is year. Devin demonstrates the ideal trait of being Dracula to Karla. If if One Day at cz Time Since when did Chris have such long golden locks? Tai reaches the art of how to shoot a bow and arrow. This is definitely lying down on the job. Homecoming activities included a bonfire to raise the Tigers' spirit. "One Day at zz Timei' the Year Went by Hope, Doris, and Karla just can't seem to decide on their class rings. Missy leams a lot from the science fair projects. Darrin was always being helpful at the baseball games. Susan and Mrs. Pittman prove that going to speech toumaments can be hazardous to one's health. 86 is s "All'.v well that ends well. " Shakespeare 4 Scott and jeff W. always found concession stand duty enjoyableg right, guys? 'Due mouseketeers, Cindy N. and SheUy H., took part in the Halloween Dress-Up Day. As catcher, Chris seemed to take the longest to get onto the field. Hope, jeff F., and Shane seem to have a varying opinion about the day. E4 12251. ,mi5,f'f k,,ff4 aw, A 1- ,ggfgil . ,fm ,, 45 QM T , ff ,f Ky '??6f'f1Wf"'-'rf ,, Y H.-V , MW. . " . ' Q ,f' vis!-Q iifiiff,-,,K?5iv:gzv!1i,,'f uf, H-fafgfffwf-efh ' ,5Ifmf,,5?5,,N,,Q,55,1.ff -ff-f V ,W was ,, ,Li-gr, ,,, l , wing: ML ' ' L' ' ' , , WAY! 9 g . ' H ,.., , 1 Q Q , . , ,,,fm'f' ff 1 2 M, 4 Q 'J 51" 'A mg. 1 . 2 my V J- V, aww 1, 44 af ,,. , , i 4 m,,, 3 ' H5 3 ! f. 'W' , 1 L i bi.

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Gage High School - Tiger Yearbook (Gage, OK) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 92

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