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Xjou are cordiady inuited for a fun fided year at Cfaffney Senior ddiyh behoof from the twenty-sixth of duyust untih the fourth o n une One invitation per person riSM.p.I You Are Invited to . . . Participate ..........16 Unite.................30 Excel................108 Compete..............130 Explore..............168 Support..............198 CHEROKEEAN 1986 Gaffney Senior High School Gaffney, South Carolina 29340 Volume 50 Co-Editors — Kay Allison Laura Beth Inman Business Editor — Sonya Clary Classes Editors — Robbin Hardy Robin Yannello Organizations Editor — Lisa McSwain Sports Editors — Susan Martin Candace Harmon By Invitation Only iYou are cordially invited to be a part of our unique place--Gaffney Senior High School. The one thing that makes G. II. S. so special is you, the students. Whether you are achieving in academics or participating in a club or a sport, YOU make G. H. S. a very special place. 2You are Cordially Invited • • • A G. H. S. student can participate in any one of several activities. Whether it be the Junior-Senior Prom, Ring Ceremony, Senior Magazine Sales, Powder Bowl, or any of the many other activities, Gaffney High School students prove that they know how to have Participate OPPOSITE PAGE—Upper Right: The totem pole in a popular place to hang out. Middle I-eft: The ROIC presented the flags for Homecoming. Lower I.cft: Mr. Ross Bratton, Magazine Sales Campaign Adviser, explains sales procedures to homeroom co-captains. Lower Right: Wouldn’t you love to be on the top of a pyramid of nine boys? Lower Left: Charlie Patton and Cindy Screno enjoy the Junior-Senior Prom. Upper Right: Brandon Swofford and Barry l)a idson pose for the camera. Lower Right: Seniors show their spirit at a pep rally.You Are Cordially Invited • • • Each year there are several changes at G. H. S. The one thing that always changes is the students. A new set of students-the Sophomores-join the student body. These students join the experienced Juniors and Seniors and as all become better acquainted, they unite to become one student body. 6Upper l eft: Dwayne Smiley seems to like the flavor of pencils. Upper Right: Jony Bolinger. Debra I.oftis, and Eric Vassy clown around in England. Middle Left: A group of students gathered in the cafeteria for some good gossip. I.ower Right: Billy Lester is caught deep in thought. Lower Left: A group of Seniors survey the magazine prize chart anticipating the prize they want to be able to obtain. You Are Cordially Invited ... Almost every high school student has a desire to excel in something. There are awards of every description here at Gaffney High School—from academics to class beauties to sports. These awards depict the ones who have excelled in their respective fields. Pride at G. II. S. is shown through these awards and honors. ■ ESPRIT iOPPOSI IK PA(;K-l pper Left: Susan Gibbons and Melanie Meet e attended the Governor's School for Arts and cademics during the summer. I pper Right: Seniors show off their class rings. Middle Right: ka Mlison and l.aura Beth Inman received a merit award for theme and format at the yearbook workshop, l-ower Left: Robyn Caggiano and lammie Peeler received an award for their exceptional skills in softball. Lower Right: I he Homecoming Court for 1985. I pper Left: Don Wilson was selected as I eachcr of the Year at G. II. S. laiwer Left: William Palmer and John Westbrooks, co-captains, get the students fired up for a victory. Right: Miss Jane l ate. Homecoming Queen 1985. .. to ExcelYou Are Cordially Invited ... G. II. S. students take pride in all of their sports areas. Our athletes show skill, endurance, and courage as they compete. To them, competition is a way of life. Winning and losing are both part of the game. Sports are a vital part of G. 11. S. 10OPPOSITE PACK--Upper left: Friday night football keeps the fans on their feet. Upper Right: Wess Brewer is determined to hit the ball. Lower Left: Softball takes concentration, as shown by Beki Dixon. Robyn Caggiano, and Tanimie Peeler. Lower Right: Running track takes teamwork. Upper left: Are you sure you're ready. W illiam? Upper Right: Maria, can you make it? Middle left: I hc G. H. S. arsity football team enjoys a pep rally. Middle Right: Robert Hardy has the field to himself. Lower Left: Robin Bradley jumps to hit the ball.You Are Cordially Invited • • • F.ach student may take part in any one of the many clubs, councils, and publications offered at G. II. S. These organizations offer students the chance to explore many exciting areas of our school and our world. Everyone wants to belong to something, and organizations give the students the opportunity to explore w hile they belong.OPPOSITE PAGE—Upper Right: Juniors on the Cherokecan staff work on layouts. Lower Left: Stephanie Vincent. Drum Major, directs the band at halftime. Lower Right: The Medical Explorers Club takes a break from their meeting. Upper Right: The band plays at a pep rally. Middle Ix-fl: Student Council discusses a new project. Middle Right: Indian Post Staff hard at work. l.ower Left: A group of sophomores examine their new schedules. You Are Cordially Invited ... It would not be possible to produce a yearbook without the support of local businesses. Gaffney High School students visit these businesses frequently. We would like to thank the students for supporting the businesses and the businesses for supporting the 1986 CHEROKEEAN.OPPOSITE PAGE: Upper I .eft: Sally Cox keeps things clean at Winn-Dixie. Upper Right: Belk's employee, Christine Barnhill, takes a break to pose for the camera. Lower Left: A group of students shopping at the mall. Lower Right: Candice Short hags groceries. Upper Right: Patricia Morris rings up groceries at Ingles. Middle: Theresa Phillips and Melissa Ramsey help a customer at Buford Street Drug Store. Lower Left: Stacey Vassy has a case of the giggles while working at Winn-Dixie. Lower Right: Caught by surprise are Community Cash employees Connie Reeves and Stacey Garner. ... to SupportYou Are Cordially Invited to ... PARTICIPATE Unite Excel Compete Explore SupportParticipation at G. H. S There are many activities for G. II. S. students to participate in throughout the school year. Some of these activities include the senior trip, ring ceremony, the junior-senior prom, and homecoming. Through these events, each student has a chance to take an active part in school life. Upper Right: Mr. Whit Cline, ring representative, shows a student various ring styles. Upper Left: Dr. Eads addresses the student body during the homecoming assembly. Middle Right: Everyone needs a hug. Lower Left: Christy Bridges and Kelly Brown ask Mrs. McDaniel where they should hang prom decorations. Lower Right: These junior powder bowl players get advice from their coach.Seniors Head For The Bahamas Although the Class of '86 did not reach their magazine sales goal, $36,000, they were still able to take a cruise to the Bahamas. A major change in magazine sales was the selling out of our previous company, Sunland Plans, to QSP-Reader's Digest. The Senior Class sold $29,021.94 worth of magazines. Upper I ft: Some of the prizes available during magazine sale. Upper Right: Sonja Ruppc. Kelly Brown, and Donna Parker were our top salesmen for this year's magazine sale. Middle Right: Bryan Ashby,Chairman; Susan Martin. Christy Bridges, publicity; Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bratton. Advisors. I,ower left: Robbie Aughtry and Kelly Brown, magazine co-captains for Mr. Wright's homeroom, show pride as they were the only homeroom to reach their goal during the magazine sale. Ix wer Right: I .aura Beth Inman, Missy Reid, and Tammic Peeler made up the prize committee. 19Ring Ceremony The Ring Ceremony is a Gaffney High School tradition. On the evening of November 11, 1985, the Class of ‘86 held their ring ceremony. Seniors at GHS symbolize their everlasting friendships and unity through the use of their class rings. Upper Left: Chrisly Bridges, Susan Martin, Kelly Brown, Robin Bradley, and Cindy Sereno lake lime out for a picture. Upper Right: Debra I-oftis and James Martin, lower loft: How about this pose! Lower Right: One. Two. Three. Smile! 20G. H. S. Assemblies Even though assemblies are few in number, each one has its own special meaning. Some assemblies held during the year were Student Council and Senate installations. Beta Club installations, homecoming, yearbook dedication, and pep rallies. These assemblies were enjoyed by all and gave the students a little time away from the classroom. Upper Left: Varsit) cheerleaders get sophomores inlo that GIIS spirit on the first da of school. Upper Right: hat would we do without the band at the pep rallies! Middle Left: This group of seniors enjos a GIIS pep rail). lamer Left: ROTC students present the flags during the assembly program, lamer Right: Mr. John Ewing, Superintendent of schools, addressed the student bods at the Student Council and Senate installations. 21Prom ’85 On March 29, the Junior Class presented the Senior Class with a Junior-Senior Prom. The GHS cafaeteria was transformed into the “Purple Galaxy.” The room was filled with stars, streamers, and even purple rain. The “Purple Galaxy” was enjoyed by all who attended. Upper Right: Carrie Conrad sings to Jarrald Woodcock. Upper Left: These students prepare a bulletin board for the prom. Middle Right: Mark Howell and Barry Davidson take a break from dancing. Lower Left: Eric Vassy and Suzy Clary enjoy a dance. Lower Right: Students prepare the punch bowl for the big night. 22Purple Galaxy Upper Left: Disco Pat supplied the entertainment for the evening. Upper Right: Robin Bradley and Christy Bridges prepare the purple rain. Middle Right: I his group seems to be enjoying the night. lamer I-eft: Dancing the night away!! Lower Right: Brandon Swofford and Scott Gibson decorate the cafeteria. 23Homecoming This year s homecoming was a special occasion for all who participated. Many students provided entertainment, while others observed the festivities. Teachers either served refreshments, participated in entertaining, or organized activities. Mrs. Sharon Clary was the chairperson for the Homecoming Committee. Thanks to the cooperation of all. Homecoming 1985 was a big success. Upper Right: Mrs. Sarratt, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Gibbons. Mrs. I.ovelacc. Mrs. Johnson. Miss Redfearn, and Miss Montgomery sang a 1925 favorite. “Carolina in the Morning." Middle I.eft: Gaffney High's own "Commodorcs'-John Poole. Charles Jefferies, Randy Bailley. I-amont Wilkins, and Terry Bridgcs-perform "Sweet Love.” Middle Right: Mr. Thomas Golden, Class of 75. gave the devotional. I.ower I.eft: Mrs. Bernice Jenkins was the oldest homecoming participant from the Class of'25. I-ower Right: The G. H.S. band performing at Homecoming 85.’85 at G. H. S Upper Left: Seniors participate in Homecoming activities. Middle I-eft: "Heat Wave" by “the In-Laws" from G. II. S. are Mrs. Childers, Kelly Stanley. Kevin Stacy, Robin Bradley, and Susan Marlin. Middle Right: “Lullaby on Broadway" performed by Mrs. Love and accompanied by Mrs. Smith. Lower Ix-ft: Miss Montgomery assists her students in serving the alumni. Lower Right: Timmy Wallace.David Henson, Tim Giles, and Cliff Herrin dance to “Heat Wave" and “Little Ole Lady from Pasadena.” 25Seniors Win This year the Seniors once again dominated the Powder Bowl. All girls spent three days in training for the game. Each girl is to be commended for their efforts and participation. Upper Right: Coach Brock Turner explaining the finer points of football to his senior team. Middle Left: Senior cheerleaders pose for the camera. Middle Right: Powder Bowl King. Brock Turner, being crowned by co-captains Connie Weeks and Christine Barnhill. Lower Right: The SENIOR team. 26Powder Bowl Upper I.efl: The Junior team. Middle Ix-ft: The Junior team hard at work at practice. Middle Right: Juniors running to score one of their touchdowns. Iaiwer Left: Seniors getting ready to score. Ix wer Right: Junior team having trouble holding onto the ball. 27Favorites Songs 1. “Oh! Shelia" 2. “Cherish" 3. “Money for Nothing” 4. “Rock With Me Tonight" 5. “Smoking in the Boy’s Room" 6. “Saving All My Love For You" 7. “Fat Boys Are Back" 8. “The Human Beat Box” 9. “Stairway to Heaven" 10. “Lay It Down" Male Singers 1. Prince 2. Freddie Jackson 3. Bry an Adams 4. Rick Springfield 5. Bruce Springsteen 6. Hank Williams, Jr. 7. David Lee Roth 8. Phil Collins 9. Dougie Fresh 10. Luther Van Dross Expressions 1. “Chill Out” 2. “Fresh” 3. “Hey Dude" 4. “What is it? Home!” 5. “What’s up?” 6. “I don’t know man; just got here myself.” 7. “That’s out" 8. “Get out of town” 9. “Scare me” 10. “Be for real" Videos 1. Smoking in the Boy's Room 2. Raspberry Beret 3. Money for Nothing 4. California Girls 5. Thriller 6. Pop Life 7. Purple Rain 8. Cherish 9. Freedom 10. Dancing in the Street Groups 1. Motley Crue 2. Ready for the World 3. Prince and the Revolution 4. Kool and the Gang 5. Duran Duran 6. Wham! 7. Van Halen 8. AC DC 9. Tears for Fears 10. Ratt Female Singers 1. Madonna 2. Whitney Houston 3. Pat Benatar 4. Tina Turner 5. Shelia E 6. Lisa Lisa 7. Diana Ross 8. Cindy Lauper 9. Amy Grant 10. Patti La BelleFrom 1986 Movies 1. Back to the Future 2. Rambo 3. Return of the Living Dead 4. Purple Rain 5. St. Elmo's Fire 6. Fright Night 7. Friday the 13th 8. Teen Wolf 9. Nightmare on Elm Street 10. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Actors 1. Rob Lowe 2. Michael J. Fox 3. Clint Eastwood 4. Tom Selleck 5. Bill Cosby 6. Eddie Murphy 7. Billy Dee Williams 8. Michael Damian 9. Prince 10. Redd Foxx Cars 1. Camaro Z-28 2. Porche 944 3. Corvette 4. Mustang 5. Lamborghini 6. Datsun 280 ZX 7. Mazda RX 7 8. Nissan 300 ZX 9. Trans Am 10. Fiero Actresses 1. Lisa Hartman 2. Linda Carter 3. Tina Turner 4. Kim Zimmer 5. Jennifer Beals 6. Carol Burnette 7. Heather Thomas 8. Joan Collins 9. Krista Tessreau TV Shows 1. Cosby Show 2. Miami Vice 3. Guiding Light 4. Knots Landing 5. Family Ties 6. Sanford and Son 7. Dynasty 8. Monday Night Football 9. Double Trouble 10. A-Team Hang-Outs 1. Burger King 2. City Parking Lot 3. Playhouse Ixiunge 4. Roses 5. Skating Rink 6. Uptown 7. Walmart 8. West End Church 9. Warehouse 10. BeaconYou Are Cordially Invited T o Participate UNITE Excel Compete Explore SupportThrough teaching and coaching you have instilled in us pride in our school and ourselves. You are not only interested in what we can do; you are interested in who we are. You listen to our problems and do not hesitate to give us sound advice. You are more than a teacher; you are a friend. You have influenced our lives as well as our school. For all of these reasons, we proudly dedicate the 1986 CHEROKEEAN to Mrs. Eleanor Owens.Administration Mr. .John Ewing. Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Assistant Superintendent Dr. Albert Fads. Jr., Principal BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Mr. Jerr McDaniel. Mr. Joe Dean Spencer. Mr. Clarence Muffstetler, Mr. Walter Smith. Mr. John Ewing. Superintendent; Mr. Joe F’arris, Chairman; Dr. Hli abeth Pitts. Assistant Superintendent; Mrs. Gloria Rosemond. Mr. Arthur Bridges, Mr. I.arr Bostic, Mr. Danny Stacy. 34and Staff Mr. William A. Cleveland, Jr., Assistant Principal PARRIS. MRS. PEGGY Guidance Secretary PERRY, MRS. THELMA Bookkeeper SARTOR, MRS. ANNIE G. Library Secretary PARISH, MRS. BARBARA Secretary GIBSON, MRS. FRANCES Secretary to Principal MOORE, MRS. JEAN Attendance Clerk Mr. Vernon E. Quick. Assistant Principal 35 v BAKER, WILLIAM EDWARD B.S. Appalachian Slate University. M.Ed. Winthrop College; Physical Education, Health, Science; Fisherman’s Club, Rollerskatcr's Club BALLARD, ARTHUR T„ JR. B.S., M5. Troy State University; Aerospace Education I. II, III; Staff Club, Rocketry Club, Academic Society, Honor Code Society BECHTI.ER, TED A. A.A. Gardner Webb College, B. S., M.A. Appalachian State University; Guidance BEDFORD, MRS. TERRY M. B.S. Limestone College; Biology, Practical Biology; Medical Explorers Club, Seience Club BEHELER, MRS. KATHY M. B.S., M.Ed. Winthrop College; Special Education; FHA Club. Alive Club BIRCH FIELD, MRS. JANET B.A. Limestone College, M.A.T. Winthrop College; English II BRASINGTON, MRS. LINDA B.S. Appalachian State University; English III, IV; Reading Club BRATTON, MRS. LINDA M. B.S., M.A.T. Winthrop College; Personal Typing; CHEROKEEAN Adviser, Future Teachers Club. Senior Magazine Sales Adviser BRATTON, ROSS B.A. Limestone College, M.A.T., EdS Winthrop College; Psychology, Economics, Government; GHS School Advisory’ Council, GHS Principal’s Advisory Council, Social Studies Department Chairman, Senior Magazine Sales Chairman BROWN, MRS. CHARLOTTE B.A., M.A.T. Winthrop College; Art I, II, III; Art Honor Society BROWN, ROBERT PIERCE B.S. Western Carolina. M.S. University of Tennessee, EdS Appalachian State University; Pre-Voc, Industrial Arts, Woodworking; Assistant Football Coach CALLISON, DR. HELEN V. B.A. Limestone College, M.A.T. Converse College, Ph.D. University of South Carolina; English III,IV; Alpha Beta Club, Advanced Placement Coordinator Faculty 36CANNON, MS. LULA MAE Special Education Aide CHILDERS. C.A. B.S. Limestone, M.A.G. Clem-son; Career Math. Algebra II, Geometry CHILDERS, MS. DONNA B. B.A. Education; Studyhall CLARY, DAVID W. B.S. University of South Carolina; Biology; Cross Country and Track CLARY, MRS. SHARON S. B.S. Limestone College. M.Ed. Converse College; Math II, Algebra; Bible Club. Homecoming Committee Chairperson CURTIS, A.L. B.A. Furman, M.Ed. Clemson; Athletic Director CURTIS, MRS. PHYLLIS T. B.A. Central Wesleyan College, M.A.T. Winthrop College; English III. IV, Journalism; Indian Post. Quill and Scroll DURAI, MRS. MARY R. B.A. Limestone College; World History, World Geography, U.S. History EDWARDS, MRS. RACHEL B.S. South Carolina State College, M.A.T. Winthrop College; General Math II. Remedial Math EGGERS. MRS. ELOISE G. Bis. Limestone College, R.N. Spartanburg General Hospital; School Nurse PARISH, MRS. FRANCES P. B.S. Limestone College, M.A.T. Winthrop College; Geometry, Computer Math, Computer Club FINCHER, HUGH M. A.B.. M.A. University of North Carolina, Ph.I). Florida State University; Latin, French; Junior Classical League 37FOSTER. JAMES E. B.S. Hast Tennessee Stale University, M.A. Tennessee Technology University: Driver’s Education: Assistant I-VM»tl»all Coach GAI.I.IMOKK. MRS. CilERYI. Roanoke Memorial Hospital School of Certified laboratory Assistants; EIA Aide. English Department GIBBONS, MRS. TEDI II. A.B. Limestone College. M.A.T. Winthrop College: English III; Model United Nations. Winthrop Challenge. Gaffney Youth Theatre IIALL. MRS.GAYLE M. B.A. College of Charleston. M.Ed. Clemson University; English HARRIS. MRS. JUDY C. B.A., M.A.'T. Winthrop College: Pre-Calculus. Algebra III, Trigonometry. Business Math HARRIS. MISS NTTA E. East Tennessee State University: Physical Education: Softball Coach HOLLAND. WAYNE E. B.S. North Carolina State University; Algebra II, Geometry, Career Math HUFFSTETLER. JOHNNY J. B.A. University of South Carolina: Special Education HUFFSTETLER. MRS. LOUISE B. B.S. Limestone College, M.A.T. Converse College; Biology I. II; Cheerleaders INABINETIE, MRS. GLORIA B.S. South Carolina State, M.Ed. Winthrop College; English II JAMISON. MS. SHEILA F. B.A. Salem College: Algebra I, General Math II. Business Math; Thomas Golden Bible Club JOHNSON. MRS. ELLEN G. B.A. Erskine College; Algebra I. General Math I, II 38LIPSCOMB. MRS. HELEN M. B.A. Limestone College; Typing 1: Future Business Leaders of America LOVE, MRS. RENEEC. B.A. Limestone College; French I, Spanish I; French Club LOVELACE. MRS. HAZEL M. B.A. St. Andrews Presbyterian College, M.A.T. Converse College: Library; Reading Club, Library Assistants Club McDaniel, mrs. janice d. B.A., M.A.T. Winthrop C ollege; Biology, Practical Biology McELVEEN. MRS. PEGGY C. B.A. Limestone College. M.A.T. Converse College; Computer Education. Bookkeeping: Senate. Computer Club McI.IN, BRUCE , B.A. Marshall University, M.E.D. George Washington University: Physical Education. Advanced Physical Education MICHAELS, MRS. MARY M. B.A. Limestone College, M.A.T. Converse College; English IV; Beam Beta Club MONTGOMERY. MISS KATHERINE I). B.S. Winthrop College: Home Economics: Future Homemakers of America. ALIVE Club MORGAN. JACK Bus Supers isor NORRIS, FRANCIS M. B.A. Newberry College, M.Ed. Clemson University; Band OWENS. MRS. ELEANOR C. B.S., M.A.T. Winthrop College; Physical Education. Practical Biology; Girls Block G. Girls' Volleyball Coach PARKER. MRS. RUTH II. B.S. Limestone College, M.A.T. Converse College; AP Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus. Algebra II; Mu Alpha Theta 39PARRIS, MRS. ANN B.A. Winthrop College; English III. IV PETITT, MRS. ELEANOR W. B.A. Limestone College, M.A.T. Converse College; U.S. History, Governmcnt Econ-omics; Maranantha Bible Club PRICE. MRS. BARBARA W. B.S.. M.A.T. Winthrop College; U.S. History; Beam Beta Club REDFEARN, MISS SUSAN B.A., M.A.T. Winthrop College; Library; Alpha Beta Club, Library Assistants RICE, BILLY RAY B.S. University of South Carolina; Physical Education; Assistant Football Coach, Golf Coach RHODES, VIRGIL W. A.B. Clemson University, M.A. Western Carolina University; Guidance ROSS, MRS. RAMONA M. A.B. Limestone College, M.A.T. Winthrop College; Chorus; Pop Choir, Chorale SARRATT, MRS. PATRICI A A. A. B. University of South Carolina, M.A.T. Winthrop College; English IV; Student Council SEAY, BILLY C. B. A. University of South Carolina; Aerospace Science I, II, III; AFJROTC Staff Club, Academic Society, Honor Code Society, Model Rocketry Club SHELI„ WILLIAM B. B.A. Wofford, Ed.I). Auburn University; Math, Biology, Chemistry; Science Club 40SHERRILL, MISS LAVETTA B.S. Barber Scotia College. M.A. Hampton University; Government, Economics; Omega Beta Club SMITH. MISS. UTANYA I). B.A. North Carolina Central; Reading III. English IV SMITH, MRS. ELEANOR B. B.A. Limestone College. B.A. Baptist College of Charleston; Spanish I. II; Spanish Club SMITH. WHITEFOORD A. B. Duke University, M.A.T. Converse College; AF U.S. History, Government, Economics-, Model United Nations. Winthrop Challenge SMOAK. MRS. CATHERYN A. University of South Carolina; Remedial Math Aide STEVENSON, MRS. MARILYNN H. B. A. Bethany College, MS. Central Connecticut State; Reading; Thomas Golden Bible Club THOMAS. HUBERT 1). B.A. Newberry College, M.A.T. Citadel; Government, Economics; Boys Block G Club. Rollerskaters Club, Football. Wrestling. Tennis Coach TOMLINSON, MRS. VICTORIA G. B.S. Appalachian State University, M.Ed. Converse College; English II TOUCHBKRRY, MRS. MARGARET L. B.A. Winthrop College; French I. II; French Club UPCHURCH, EDWARD E. B.A. Limestone College; Resource 41WELLS, BUDDY I„ B.A. Limestone College; Sociology, U.S. History; Baseball, Junior Civitan Club WIUSON, DONALD l . B.A. Pfeiffer College. M.A. Western Carolina University; Chemistry, Physics; Photographs Club. INDIAN POST Photography Adviser WOOD, MISS BOBBIE W. B.S., M.Ed. South Carolina State College; Guidance Counselor, Senate Adviser WRIGHT, TOMMY R. B.A. Limestone College; Resource; Willing Workers Bible Club 42 Cafeteria Workers and Custodial Staff Upper I .eft: Sammy Jenkins. Jerome Davis, Ken Estes, Paul Johnson — Custodial Staff. Middle Left: Susan Price. Custodial Staff. Middle Right: Bundv Hemphill. Mae Sarratt, Patricia Randolph. Dora Brown, Ruby Parris. Sandra Price. Blanche Smith, Acelia Littlejohn, Kathy Love. Ruth Foster, Janet Flynn. Sylvia Moore — Cafeteria Staff. Lower Left: Mrs. Sylvia Moore, Cafeteria Supervisor, tawer Right: Mrs. Jean Wilder, Mrs. Nola Lipscomb. Cashiers. 43Seniors Bryan Ashby, President Pam Dye, Kelly Brown, ('indy I hompson. Robin Bradley. Laura Jolly, Michael Bridges. Susan Kdwards, Sheila Coggins—Senior Class Representatives 44 Susan Martin. N ice President Cindy Screno. Secretary Christy Bridges, TreasurerSeniors Only at G. H. S. Allen, Bruce I- Allen. Sheryl Denise Allison, l.i a Kay Allison, Tammy Renee Armstrong l.inda Kaye Ashby, Pane Bryan, Jr. Atkins, Richard Wayne Atwood, Melissa Renee 45Senior Class B;irnhi!l, Diana Christine Belue, Ansel O. Bennett. Debbie Sue Black. Sonya Jean ■ 46 Blackwood. Carol Ann Blackwood. Nancy Mae Blanton. Cary Dean Bolin. Bobby D.Bolinger. Jony Margrit Bonner. Robin Denise Boslic. Timothy Wayne Bradley. Estelle Diane Bradley. Robin Hamrick Brewer, Ralph Wesley Bridges. Barbara Jean Bridges, Christy C. Bridges. Michael nthony Brown. Bedara Horne 47 of 1986Brown, Kelly Grae Brown. Mode James Brown. Vince Tyrone Buckson, Sanquinclte Denise BurRess. Jonathan David i Bruno, John Anthony i Burris, Presphonia Renea aRRiano, Robyn Flizabeth Butler, Angela Michelle Byers, Janies Frank Byers, Tony Craig If it wasn’t for Seniors ... 48there would be no class at all! Camp, Raymond I.. Carroll. Pamela Renee Cash, Angela Lynn Camp. Crystal Lynn Childers, Melissa Ann Childers. Kimberley Dawn Caskey. Tiffany Lynn 49• • • We made it Cobb. Amy I.inette Coggins, Sheila Kay Cole, Susan Annette Compton, Matthew David Conrad. Carrie Rene Cook, Tina Denise Corbett, Patrick W. Corbett, Stefanie Leanne 50 Corry, Frances Diane Corry, Steven Maurice Crawford. Jacquelyn Deneen Crocker, Terry Frederic(tow, Charles D. Cumber lander, Henry C. Curry, Elizabeth Helen Daniel, Mary Rebecca Davidson, Barry Edward Davidson, Scott V. Davis, Donna Lynn Davis, Marcia Ann 51 to the top!Dawkins, Vincent Clayton Daw kins, Connie C. Dawkins. Rockcy Jerlane Dover, Darla Christine Dover, David Eugene Duffle. Lisa Lynn Duncan, Ricky C. Dye, Pamela Kay Eades. Teresa Ann Earls. Anissa Lynne Earls. Robin Elizabeth Seniors are ... 52the Best! Edwards, I-auric Ann Edwards, Susan Michelle Elder. Mike Wayne Ellis, Kendra Patrice Ferguson, Angela Faye Flythe, E. Todd Estes. Cliff Dewayne 53 Foster. Lynn Annette Foster. Mae Ruth Foster. Terr) Dean Fowler. Claudia ElaineHow ’bout • • • Fowler, Cicatrice Phallass Fowler, Kimberly Carlisle Gardner, Cynthia Kay George, James David 54 Goforth. Timothy A. Graham, I.eonia Adcllu Green, Stephen Phillip Green. Steve ScottOregon. Wanda W'yanette Greene. Wendy l-cona Grubbs, John Michael Guthrie. Wanda Martin Hadden. Tina Marie Greene. Barbara Campbell Grubb. Kerri Deanna llall. Donald Duane Hammett. Kevin M. Ilambright. Sharon Kli abeth Hall. Robin Michele Hall. Mia Monique 55 them SENIORS!I lamptun, Scotty I.. Hamrick, TondaJ. Hardy. Kelvin Kay Hardy, I-ori Jean Hardy, Melvin Ray Hardy, Robbin Denise I larmon. C andace Ann Harrill, Richard Hugh Headman, Shannon Riche-lle Henderson, Donald Claude I larris. Lisa Christine 56 We get our kicksfrom the Class of ’86! Henderson, Kimberly Rcnea I lerrin. Charles Clifford Hester. Terry I-ynn Hicks. Richard Wayne Hogue, Robert F. Hollis. Ronald A. Holland. Heather Ix-anne I lolines, Chris Hill. Craig Stephen I High, Darrell Todd 57 Holland. Kelvin I«eeMuch ado about • • • Holmes, James Eric Holmes, Kelly Parris Hopper, Theodore R. Hopper, Wanda Kay 58 Jackson, Robert Michael Jackson. Sandy Evette Jarrett, Sonya I .incite Jefferies, Adam Claytont Jefferies, Jacquin Jefferies, I.eslie Patricia Jefferies, I-ori A. Jefferies, Charles I„ Jenkins, Melissa Ann Jenkins, William Edward Johnson, Rebeknh Ruth Johnson, Jimmy Allen Jolly, I aura Renay Jones. Phillip Lane Keenan. David Todd Karesh, Ellen lx-e 59 SENIORS!Cawing. Danny Wayne I.each. Constance Sherella I-ee, John Randall lister, Billy A. Never quite ... 60like this! Littlejohn, John Thomas Littlejohn, Tracy Littlejohn, Monica Renita IxmiR' Stephen John I.o e. Lori Denise Manning. Sandra Rea Ivoftis. Debra Dianne 61Giving it all Martin, Bruce Wayne Martin. James I.ipscomb Martin. Stephanie Ann Martin. Susan Caroline Maschino. Donna Marie McAbee, Pamela Gail McBee. Melissa Jane McCluney, Sabrena Elizabeth McCraw, Lisa Renee McCullough. Kimberly Dawn McDaniel. Francis V. 62McKIroy. Glenn I odd McGhee, Amanda J uni- McGill. Jessie L. McGill. Sandra Faye McSwain. Mancy Elizabeth Meadows. Christopher Scott Medley.Tammy Lynn McSwain. Lisa Christine Mect e. Melanie Elaine Miller.Carolyn Elizabeth Miller. David Nonell Minor. Farron Scott 63 we’ve got!L Mitchem. Shelia Lavette Mi ell. Mendel Louis Montgomery. Donald Wayne Monter. Joseph Anthony Moore, Alesia Caroline Moore, Karen B. Morris. Patricia I.ynn Mullinnx, Angela Dawn Mullinax, Robin Lynn Mullinax, Tanya Lahoma i a K Mullinax. EverettC Junior United... 64we stand! Orr. Tammy Hence Nance, Karen Lynne Norris. Aretha Lafayette Osment, Jeffrey Keith Owens. Da id Lee Owensby, David Brent Owens. Lisa Karen 65 Painter, Rachel Elizabeth Palmer, William II. Parker, Debbie N. Parker, Donna KayeThe tassle is ... Peeler, Wayne L. Pennington. Susan Samantha Peres, Fatima Cordoso Peterson, Cynthia Marie Peterson, James N. Petty, Donna Klaine Phillips, Bennie M. Phillips, Grace Elizabeth 66Phillips, Hands Phillips. Vickie Marie Pierce, Donna Rene Poole, Bobby V. Poole, Marcella Anita Rainey. Bridget Melissa Ramsey. Timothy Scott Randolph, Kimberly Ann Quinn. Jerry Alan 67 worth the hassle!Reid, Millicent Lauvette Reynolds, Karen Denise Richards, Cristyl Ann Reeves, Connie Lee Roberts. Fleet, III Rodgers, Donald Marcus Rogers, Jerry Duane Ross, David Dewayne Freshmen, Sophomores ... 68Juniors, SENIORS! Ruppc. Albert Todd Ruppe, Sonya Kay Sanders, Michael Lewis Sarratt. Kdgar Nathaniel, Jr. I 69 Sereno. Cynthia Jo Shepard, Tonya Shippy, Carlton Denise Shippy, Mary FrancesSimmons. Buffie Melissa Simmons, Kimberly Renee Short, Candice Marie Shippy, Patrick I). Smiley. M. I.isa Smiley, Robert Dwayne Smalley. Suzanne Marie Srnarr. Brian Keith Smith. Calvin Leon Smith, Donald Richard Smith. James Kirkland Smith. Kevin D. 70 Trying to kick • • •that 12-year habit! Smith, Sam C. , Smith. Tnwan Marchclle Smith. Thomas Lewis Smith. Tim B. I A Smoak, Cynthia Dianne Sparks, Michael David Spencer, Dana Angela Sprouse, David Kent 71We’re lots of fun • • • Stanford. Joe O. I Ki Stanley, Kelly Martin Steen. Louticia Ann Stevenson, Adrian Michelle Sulli an, Michael Richard Stockwell, Martha Diane Stokes, Cara Lee Stuard. Lori Jean 72 SwofTord, Brandon Lee Tate, Connie Marie Tate. Lee E. Tate. Nancy JaneTurner. Allen Burl Turner, Mark Edward Turner, Stephanie Annette Turner, Tyler Brock Toney, Patricia Lynn 73 just a crazy crew!Vassey, Stacy Da» n Vassy. Eric Upchurch. Myra Lynn Vanluc. Tonya I-eeann Vcss, David Glenn Vincent. Stephanie Lynn Vassy, Margaret E. Vercher, Derek Walker. Billie Sue Wallace, Timothy William Waters, Rhonda Renee Weaver. Claude Sidney 74 We bubble over • • •with excitement! Wilkins, Robin Williams, Brenard Clayton Williams, Kathryn Grace Williams, Reggie I« Wilson, John Marion W ilson. Robert I.andrum Wolfe, Robert S. Wood. Johnnie I.ynn 75The future is ours to come! Wood, Ronald Addison Woodcock. J. Jarrald Wylie. Deborah Lynn Wylie. Traci Jill Senior Pictures Not Available Aaltonen, Terry Blubaugh, Jeffrey S. Brown, Chris Wayne Bryant, Tammy Rene Craig, Anderson Dean Gregory, Jimmy Maurice Hardy, L. Robbie Henson, David B. Houey, Vincent Kieth Kanipe, Tony Dwayne Kidd, Thomas Edward Littlejohn, Toney C. Proctor, Greg N. Ramsey, Melissa Anne Robinson 7677Senior Class Directory A AALTONEN. TERRY ABERNATHY. MARY KENT Senate: Omega Beta Club; Quill and Scroll: French Club: Indian Post Feature Editor: Pop Choir: Chorale: Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales; Powder Bowl ADAMS. DWAYNE K. ADAMS. YOLANDA VONCILLA Bible Club: Girls' Block G Club; Senate Officer: ALIVE Club; Skating Club; Basketball: Powder Bowl ALLEN. ANGELA MICHELLE ALLEN. BRUCE L. Block G Club; Skating Club; Fisherman's Club: Football: Basketball: Track ALLEN. SHERYL DENICE Perfect Attendance Award ALLISON. LIZA KAY Beta Club (three-year member): Senate: Teacher of the Month Committee; Chcrokeean Co-Ed i tor; Quill and Scroll; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales; 4-H Club; Governor's School Alternate ALLISON. TAMMY RENEE FBLA Club: Junior Civitan Club ARMSTRONG. LINDA KAYE Bible Club; FHA Club; ALIVE Club ASHBY. PAGE BRYAN. JR. Beta Club (three-year member); Latin Club: Senate; Senior Class President: Tennis: South Carolina Business Week Representative. Presbyterian College ATKINS. RIC HARD WAYNE Fisherman's Club ATWOOD. MELISSA RENEE Band; FHA Club: ALIVE Club AUGHTRY. ROBERT EDWARD Drama Club; Beta Club (three-year member); French Club; Marching Band. Concert Band: Band Officer; Medical Explorers; Withrop Challenge Team; Most Valuable Player. Band: Superior Ratings. Solo and Ensemble; First Place Duet Acting. South Carolina Speech Communications Association: Western Region Band B BAGWELL. LORI ANN FBLA Club. Bible Club. ALIVE Club BAILEY. TAMMY RENEE Junior Civitan C'lub; French Club: ALIVE Club; Bible Club BAILLIE. PAMI JANE Marching Band: Concert Band. Senate: Drama Club; Glee Club: French Club; Superior Rating, Solo and Ensemble: Band Officer BARNHILL. DIANA CHRISTINE Bible Club; Pep Club; Mechanical Drawing Club: Alternate Senator; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales: Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Powder Bowl; Art Show Awards BELUE. ANSEL O. Beta Club: Alternate Senator; Junior Varsity Football: Wrestling BENNETT. DEBBIE SUE Reading Club BLACK, SONYA JEAN Skating Club: Junior Civitan C lub; Bible C'lub; ALIVE Club: FBLA Club: HERO Club; National Vocational Technical Honor Society BLAC KWOOD. CAROL ANN BLACKWOOD, NANCY MAE ALIVE C lub BLANTON. GARY DEAN BLUBAUGH. JEFFREYS. BOLIN, BOBBY D. BOLINGER, JONY MARCiRIT Beta Club (three-year member): Senate; Marching Band; Concert Band: Medical Explorers BONNER. ROBIN DENISE Bible Club; Honor C ode Society; FHA C'lub: Powder Bowl BOSTIC. TIMOTHY WAYNE Fisherman's Club; Band BRADLEY. ESTELLE DIANE Spanish Club; Senate: HERO Club Officer: Challenge Annual Staff BRADLEY. ROBIN HAMRICK Student Council Representative; Block G C'lub: Diamond Club: Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales: Volleyball Captain; Basketball Captain; Student Coach. Softball; All State. All Star Volleyball; Best Defense. Hustler Award. Basketball BREWER. RALPH WESLEY Mu Alpha Theta Club; Beta Club: C itizen of the Month Committee; Tennis: U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar At’hletc Award: Most Valuable Player Award. Tennis: Citizen of the Month: Commencement Marshal BRIDGES. BARBARA JEAN FBLA Club: Junior Civitan C'lub; Bible Club: Powder Bowl; Shorthand District Competition BRIDGES. CHRISTY C. Beta Club (three-year member): Student Council (three-year member); Sophomore. Junior. Senior Class Treasurer; Quill and Scroll C'lub: Indian Post Managing Editor: Commencement Marshal: Honor Graduate: Math Club; Outstanding Senior: Wrestling Statistician BRIDGES. MIC HAEL ANTHONY Block Ci Club; Track Club: Senior Class Representative: School Improvement Council: Pop C hoir; Chorale; ALIVE Club Football: Track; Junior Varsity Basketball: All-State Chorus; Player of the Week. Football BRIDGES. TERRY LEE Football: Track BRIGHT. JOEY DEAN Model Rocketry Club; Honor Code Society BROWN, BEDARA HORNE National Vocational Technical Honor Society BROWN. CHRIS WAYNE 78BROWN. KELLY GRAE Sludcni Council Representative: Student Body Vice President. Junior Year: Beta Club (three-year member); Teacher of the Month Committee: Math Club: Senate Officer: Powder Bowl; Varsity Cheerleader: Sophomore Class Beauty; Citizen of the Month; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales: Homecoming Court BROWN. MOTTE JAMES Beta Club (three-year member): Latin Club: Golf BROWN. REGINALD MAURICE Senate: Citizen of the Month Committee: March Band; Citizen of the Month BROWN. VINCETYRONE Honor Code Society. ROTC Staff Club; Model Rocketry Club: Academic Society: ROTC Association Award; Cadet of the Year BRUNO. JOHN ANTHONY ALIVE Club; Two-Years Perfect Attendance Award BRYANT. TAMMY RENE BUCKSON, SANQUINETTE DENISE Bible Club BURGESS. JONATHAN DAVID Science Club; ALIVE Club; Spanish Club: Powder Bowl Cheerleader; Football; Perfect Attendance Award: Academic Achievement Award BURRIS, PRESPHONIA RENEA Bible Club: Honor Code Society; Marching Band: Concert Band: Basketball Statistician BUTLER. ANGELA MICHELLE ALIVE Club: Softball BYERS. JAMES FRANK Senate: Photography Club; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales: Basketball BYERS, TONY CRAIG C CAGGIANO. ROBYN ELIZABETH Girls’ Block G Club: Diamond Club: Senate; Softball; Volleyball; Leading Hitter, Softball: All-Area Softball Team CAMP. CRYSTAL LYNN Library Assistant Club; Reading Club: Computer Club; FBLA Club; Marching and Concert Band CAMP. RAYMOND L. CARROLL. PAMELA RENEE Art Club: Bible Club: Senate: Art Honor Society; Photography Club; Band Colorguard; Volleyball: Basketball; Best Hustler Trophy. Basketball: Art Show Merit Award; District 5 Art Show Award CASH. ANGELA LYNN CASKEY. TIFFANY LYNN Junior Civitan Club: FFA Sweetheart's Contest CERNY.CHERl APRIL Art Club: Beta Club (three-year member); Senate: History Club: Homeroom Co-Captain, Senior Magazine Sales CHILDERS. KIMBERLEY DAWN Pop Choir: Science Club: ALIVE Club: Swing Choir CHILDERS. MELISSA ANN French Club; Maggie's Drawers Award CHILDERS. THOMAS D. Photography Club: Mechanical Drawing Club: Beta Club (three-year member); Junior Civitan Club: Track CLARY. DAVID LEIGHTON Photogrpahy Club; Medical Explorers Club: Band C LARY. MARGARET SUZANNE ALIVE Club; French Club; Omega Beta Club: Senate: Junior Civitan Club: Pop Choir; All-State Chorus CLARY. SONYA SUZANNE Beta Club (three-year member); Cherokeean Business Editor; Block (i Club: Quill and Scroll: Powder Bowl: Softball: Volleyball Scorekeeper; Best Defensive Player. Softball; Maggie's Drawers Award COBB. AMY LINETTE COGGINS. SHEILA KAY Junior Civitan Club; FBLA Club: Challenge Editor; Senior Class Representative: National Honor Society; Homeroom Co-Captain, Senior Magazine Sales: Miss CAVC Contestant COLE. SUSAN ANNETTE FBLA Club COMPTON. MATTHEW DAVID Art Club; Art Honor Society CONRAD. CARRIE RENE Girls' Block G Club; French Club: ALIVE Club; Beta Club (three-year member): Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales: Cheerleader; Furman Scholar; Cherokee Chamber of Commerce Award COOK. TINA DENISE Reading Club; Bible Club: FBI A Club; National Honor Society; Beta Club CORBETT. PATRIC K W. Vocational Industrial Club CO R BI: TT, ST E FA NIEL E A N N E Beta Club: ALIVE Club; Wrestling Statistician CORRY. FRANC ES DIANE FHA Club: Model Rocketry Club CORRY. STEVEN MAURICE FHA Club: Football; Basketball: Baseball: Cross Country: Wrestling CRAIG. ANDERSON DEAN CRAWFORD, JACQUELYN DENEEN French Club; Beta Club: Band Colorguard: AFJROTC Drill team: Concert Band; Colorguard Squad Leader; Photography C lub CROC KER. TERRY FREDERIC Beta Club; ALIVE Club: Powder Bow l Coach CROW, CHARLES D. Bus Driver CUMBERLANDER. HENRY C. Pep C lub: Basketball: Track CURRY, ELIZABETH HELEN Bible Club: French Club: ALIVE Club; Powder Bow l D DANIEL. MARY REBECC A Block G Club: Beta Club; Latin Club: Medical Explorers; French Club: Senate; ALIVE Club: Tennis: Most Valuable Player. Tennis DAVIDSON. BARRY EDWARD Block Ci Club; Baseball; Citizen of the Month DAVIDSON, SCOTT W. Perfect Attendance Award DAVIS. DONNA LYNN FBLA: Band DAVIS, MARCIA ANN Beta Club (three-vear member): History Club: Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales; Basketball; Powder Bowl; Commencement Marshal 79DAVIS. MAURICE Bible Club: Skating Club; Bop Choir; Swing Choir; Senate; All-State Chorus; Bus Driver; ROTC Drill Team: Mechanical Drawing Club DAVIS. THOMAS COLUMBUS Bible Club; Band; Wrestling: Most Improved Band Award DAWKINS, BRIAN T. Block (i Club Officer: Basketball: Football; Baseball; Most Improved Player. Junior Varsity Basketball: Most Valuable Offensive Award. Football; All-Region Team. Baseball DAWKINS. CHARLES EDWARD Pep Club; Wrestling DAWKINS. CONNIE CORNELL Skating Club; Bible Club; Band Colorguard DAWKINS. ROCKEY JERLANE Bible Club: Skating Club: Pep Club; Bus Drivers’ Club; Chorale; FHA Club; Swing Choir. Bop Choir; Powder Bowl; American Fitness Award DAW KINS. VINCENT CLAYTON Model Rocketry C'lub DOVER. CLARENCE WILLIAM, JR. Track Club; FHA Club; ALIVE Club: Track: Junior Varsity Football; Baseball DOVER. CARLA CHRISTING FBLA Club; Skating Club DOVER. DAVID EUGENE DUFFIE. LISA LYNN VICA Club; ALIVE Club DUNC AN. RICKY C. Honor Code Society; Model Rocketry Club; ROTC Staff Club; National Sojourners Medal DYE. PAMELA KAY Sophomore Class President: Junior and Senior Class Representative; ALIVE Club.Junior Civitan Club E F.ADF.S. TERESA ANN EARLS. ANISSA LYNNE FBLA Club: VICA Club EARLS. ROBIN ELIZABETH Skating Club: FBLA Club EDWARDS. LAURIE ANN Spanish Club; Sophomore and Junior Class representative; Marching Band; Concert Band. Wind Ensemble: Jazz Ensemble; AC'ap-pella Choir: Sophomore and Junior Advisory Board; Medical Explorers: National Honor Society EDWARDS. SUSAN MIC’HELLE Beta C'lub Officer (three-year member): Junior and Senior Class Representative; Student Council; Computer C'lub: C'itizcn of the Month Committee; Marching and C'onccrt Band; Varsity Cheerleader; Powder Bowl; Commencement Marshal: Excellent and Superior Awards. Solo and Ensemble: Semifinalist, National Achievement Program ELDER. MIKE WAYNE VICA Club: National Honor Society ELLIS. KENDRA PATRICE Skating Club; Junior C'ivitan Club: FHA Club; Band Colorguard; ALIVE Club; French C'lub; Bible Club ESTES. CLIFF DEWAYNE F FAIR. JOE DEAN FF.RCiUSON. ANGELA FAYE Reading Club: Bible Club: French C lub; Junior Civitan C’lub Officer; Senate: Medical Explorers FLYTHE. E. TODD FOSTER, LYNN ANNETTE Band: Skating Club FOSTER. MAE RUTH Art Club; Band; Graphic Arts C'lub: Powder Bowl FOSTER. TERRY DEAN Track: Football FOWLER, CLAUDIA ELAINE FOWLER. C'LEATRICE PHALLASS Pep Club: Bible Club: Skating Club FOWLER, KIMBERLY CARLISLE French Club; Photography Club: Senate: Medical Explorers; Guidance Office Worker G GARDNER. CYNTHIA KAY ROTC Staff Club; Art Club GEORGE. JAMES DAVID Senate: Beta Club (three-year member); ALIVE Club; Maggie’s Drawers Award; Cross Country; Track GIBBONS. SUSAN SHANNON French Club; Drama Club; Model UN; Governor’s School Participant; First Place. Duet Acting SCSC'A; Flute Scholarship, Converse College GIBSON, MICHAEL SCOTT Mechanical Drawing Club: Block G C lub: Football: Most Promising Junior Varsity Lineman GILES, TIM LOUIS ALIVE Club CiOFORTH. DAVID WAYNE ALIVE Club: French Club: Fishing Club GOFORTH, TIMOTHY A. Football GRAHAM. LEONIA ADELLA Skating Club; ALIVE Club; Track Team Statistician GREEN. STEPHEN PHILLIP GREEN. STEVE SCOTT GREENE. BARBARA CAMPBELL VICA C'lub; National Vocational Honor Society GREENE, WENDY LEONA Pep C'lub: FBLA Club: Graphic Arts Club GREGORY, JIMMY MAURICE GREGORY, WANDA WYANETTE Skating Club; ALIVE Club GRUBB. KERRI DEANNA Pinnacle Staff: Band; ALIVE Club: Bible Club: Colorguard Captain and Squad Leader; Most Dedicated Flag Award. Band GRUBBS. JOHN MIC HAEL Basketball: Track GUTHRIE. WANDA MARTIN H HADDEN. TINA MARIE Bible C'lub: Junior Civitan Club; Art Club; ALIVE Club HALL. DONALD DUANE FBLA Club: Junior Civitan C'lub: Football HAL. MIA MONIQUEMechanical Drawing Club; ALIVE Club; Homecoming Court; Senior Class Beauty HALL. ROBIN MICHELE VICAClub II AM BRKiHT.SH ARON ELIZABETH FBI. Club; Senate; Photography Club; HERO Club Officer HAMMETT. KEVIN M. ALIVE Club; Fisherman’s Club: Swing Choir: Chorale HAMPTON. SCOTTY L. HAMRICK. TON DA J. Junior Civitan Club; FBLA Club; Graphic Arts club HARDY. KELVIN RAY HARDY. L. ROBBIE HARDY. LORI JEAN HARDY. MELVIN RAY HARDY. ROBBIN DENISE Band C'olorguard; Cherokccan Classes Editor; Best Rookie Col-orguard. Band HAR MON. ( AN D AC E ANN Bible Club: Photography Club; French Club; ALIVE' Club; Cherokean Sports Editor; Powder Bowl HARRILL. RICHARD HUGH Senate: Computer Club; Junior Varsity Basketball; Tennis HARRIS. LISA CHRISTINE HARRIS. V INCENT MAURIC E Cross Country HEADMAN, SHANNON MICHELLE HENDERSON. DONALD CLAUDE HENDERSON. KIMBERLY RENE A Skating Club: ALIVE Club HENSON. DAVID B. Baseball HERRIN. C HARLES CLIFFORD Bible Club ALIVE Club; Bus Driver HESTER. TERRY LYNN HICKS. RICH ARD WAYNE ROTC Staff Club; Model Rocketry Club: Honor Code Society: Junior Varsity Football HIGH. DARRELL TODD Spanish Club: Track HILL. CRAIG STEPHEN Mechanical Drawing Club; Beta Club (three-year member): ALIVE C lub; Photography Club: Tennis HOGUE. ROBERT F. Bible Club: Junior Civitan Club; Future Teachers Club: Senate HOLLAND. HEATHER LEANNE HOLLAND. KELVIN LEE HOLLIS. MATILDA KIM Senate; FBLA Club: Junior Civitan Club: Bible Club Future Teachers Club HOLLIS. RONALD A. Bus Driver HOLMES. CHRIS HOLMES. JAMES ERIC ROTC’ Staff Club: Model Rocketry' Club: Honor Code Society; Academic Society; Daedalian Foundation ROTC Certificate and Medal of Achievement HOLMES. KELLY PARRIS HOPPER. THEODORE R. Art Club: Model Rocketry Club: Art Honor Society: Wrestling HOPPER. WANDA KAY HOPSON. CORNEAL G. Block G Club: Football; Track HOUEY. VINCENT KIETH HOWELL. M ARK McBRIDE Beta C lub (three-year member): Spanish Club: Tennis I INMAN. LAURA BETH C 'herokecan Co- Ed i tor: Photography Club: Junior Civitan Club; Quill and Scroll; French Club: Reading Club: Medical Explorers; Bible Club; Cherokee Memorial Hospital Volunteer Award. 500 I lours IVEY. JEFFREY WAYNE J JACKSON, ROBERT MICHAEL Fisherman’s Club JACKSON. SANDY EVETTF. ROTC Staff Club: Alternate Senator. Honor Code Society; Academic Society; Bible Club: ROTC Drill Team: Cadet of the Month. ROTC: Scholastic Excellence Award. ROTC JAR RETT. SONYA LINETTE Junior Civitan Club; ALIVE Club: Student Council: Senior Class Representative; VIC’A Club Officer: FBLA Club JEFFERIES. ADAM CLAYTON Senate: Junior Civitan Club JEFFERIES. CHARLES L. Skating Club: Junior Civitan Club: Basketball JEFFERIES. JACQUIN JEFFERIES. LESLIE PATRICIA Pep Club JEFFERIES. LORI A. Bible Club: Band JENKINS. MELISSA ANN Bible C lub; Junior Civitan Club JENKINS. WILLIAM EDWARD Model RocketryClub JOHNSON. REBEKAH RUTH Senate: FBLA Club: Bible Club; i I YE Club; Guidance Office Worker JOHNSON. JIMMY ALLEN Wrestling JOLLY. LAURA RENAY Bible Club: Senate; Senior Class Representative; Marching Band; Superior and Excellent Rating. Solo and Ensemble JONES. PHILLIP LANE Wrestling K KAN I PE. TONY DWAYNE Honor Code Society; Model Rocketry Club KARESH. ELLEN LEE French Club; Drama Club: Medical Explorers: Band; Regional Band: Most Dedicated. Most Valuable Player. Superior and Excellent Rating Solo and Ensemble. Band KEENAN, DAVID TODD KELLY. TALISA ANN Beta Club; Senate; ROTC StalT Club: Honor C ode Society; Pop Choir; Skating Club; Chorale: Band KIDD. THOM AS EDWARD Block G C lub; BaseballKING. KELLY YVONNE KIRBY. DAVID CHRISTOPHER Model Rocketry Club: Honor Code Society KIRBY. SHAWNTA MARIA Marching and Concert Band KNIGHT. CHARLES A. KNUCKLES. JIMMY L. L LANIER. LAURA J. LANIER. NORMA JEAN Junior Civitan Club; Beta Club: FBLA Club LAWING. DANNY WAYNE ROTC Staff Club: Model Rocketry Club; Mechanical Drawing Club; Honor Code Society LEACH. CONSTANCE SHERELLA Chorus LEE. JOHN RANDALL Block G Club: Mechanical Drawing Club: Wrestling; Third Place. Shelby Wrestling Tournament; Second Place. Spring Valley Freestyle Wrestling Tournament LESTER. BILLY A. Band LESTER. DEBBIE ANN Beta Cub: French Club: FBLA Club: Bible Club LIPSEY. ANITA CHRISTINE Senate: Reading Club: ALIVE Club; Bible Club; National Vocational Technical Honor Society LITTLEJOHN. ANGELA RENEE French Club; Beta Club (three-year member): Senate; Commencement Marshal LITTLEJOHN. CHARLENE DIANE Bible Club; Glee Club; Colorguard FBLA Club: Future Teachers Club; Most Improved Colorguard LITTLEJOHN. DENNIS RAY LITTI.EJt)HN. JOHN T!I( MAS Senate. Chorus LITTLEJOHN, MONICA RENITA Bible Club: Band LITTLEJOHN. TONEY C. LITTLEJOHN. TRACY ROTC Staff Club: Academic Society: Track: ROTC' Drill Team and Colorguard LOFT IS. DEBRA DIANNE Chorale: French Club: Beta Club; ALIVE Club LONG. STEPHEN JOHN Mechanical Drawing Club: Bible C lub: Art Club Officer; ALIVE Club Advisory Board: Senate; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales: Powder Bowl Cheerleader; Indian Post Art Editor: United States Achievement Academy Art Award: National Art Society LOVE. LORI DENISE M MANNING. SANDRA REA Pep Club: C horus: Perfect Attendance Award. Junior Year MARTIN. BRUCE WAYNE MARTIN, JAMES LIPSCOMB Bela Club (three-year member); Mechanical Drawing Club; Bible Club MARTIN. STEPHANIE ANN FBLA Club: Reading Club; Skating Club: National Vocational Technical Honor Society: Perfect Attendance Award. Junior Year MARTIN. SUSAN CAROLINE Sophomore. Junior, and Senior Class Vice President: Homecoming Court: Girls' Block G Club: Beta Club (three-year member) Officer; Chcrokcan Sports Editor; Miss Chcrokecan: Volleyball C aptain MASCHINO. DONNA MARIE Reading Club: FBLA Club McABEE. PAMELA GAIL FBLA Club: National Honor Society McBEE. MELISSA JANE French Club: ALIVE Club; Citizen of the Month; Quill and Scroll; Ninth Grade Cheerleader McCLUNEY. SABRENA ELIZABETH Band McC RAW. DAYNA LYNNE Junior Civitan Club: Senate: FBLA Club McC RAW. LISA RENEE Bible Club: FBLA Club; Reading Club McCullough, k i m berly dawn Graphic Arts Club: FBLA Club: Junior Civitan Club McDaniel, francts w. Fisherman's Club McELROY. GLENN TODD ROTC Staff Club: Model Rocketry Club: Football: Track McGHEE. AMANDA JUNE McGILL. JESSIE L. Senate: ALIVE Club McGILL. SANDRA FAYE 4-H Club; Skating Club: Chorus McSWAIN. LISA CHRISTINE Beta Club (three-year member): Junior Civitan Club: French Club; Quill and Scroll; Chcrokecan Organizations Editor: Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales McSWAIN, MANCY ELIZABETH Pep Club: VICA Club Officer: National Vocational Honor Society; Art Club; rt Honor Society; Powder Bowl Second Place. Mixed Media Art Show Third Place. Display Show over State MEADOWS. CHRISTOPHER SCOTT ALIVE Club: National Technical Honor Society MEDLEY. TAMMY LYNN Diamond Club; Softball MEETZE. MELANIE ELAINE Senate; Junior Class Representative: Student Body Secretary: Beta Club (three-year member): ALIVE Club; Head Varsity Cheerleader: Homecoming Court; South Carolina Governor's School; Commencement Marshal MILLER. CAROLYN ELIZABETH Bible Club; Junior Civitan Club: FBLA Club: National Honor Society MILLER. DAVID NORVELL Chorus. Wrestling MINOR. FAR RON SCOTT Block G Club; Football Mi l ( HEM. SHELIA LAVE IIE Beta Club MIZELL. MENDEL LOUIS M()NTER. J )SEPI I ANTI l( )NY German Club; Band; Latin Club Chorus: Junior Classical League: Medical Explorers: ALIVE Club MONTGOMERY. DONALD WAYNE Pep Club: Model Rocketry Club: Art Club: Skating ClubMOORE. ALESIA CAROLINE Junior Ci iian Club: Powder Bowl MOORE. KAREN B. All Club; Skaiing Club: Band: Excellent and Superior Certificates Solo and Ensemble MORRIS. PATRICIA LYNN Pep Club; Diamond Club MULLINAX. ANGELA DAWN French Club: ALIVE Club: Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleader: Powder Bowl MULLINAX. EVERETTE JUNIOR Bus Driver MULLINAX. MELISSA LORRAINE FBLA Club; Junior Civitan Club: Bible Club: Powder Bowl; National Honor Society MULLINAX. ROBIN LYNN HERO Club: Model Rocketry Club: Chorus MULLINAX. TANYA LAHOMA Library Worker MULLINAX. TENA LOUISE FBI. A Club: Chorus N NANCE. KAREN LYNNE Bible Club: Photography Club: Band Officer; Marching and Concert Band NORRIS. ARETHA LAFAYETTE O ORR. TAMMY RF.NF.F. Skating Club. ALIVE Club OSMENT. JEFFREY KEITH OWENS. DAVID LEE OWENS. LISA KAREN FBLA Club: Junior Civitan Club: Powder Bowl; National Vocational Technical I lonor Society OWENSBY. DAVID BRENT Junior Civitan Club: Band P PAINTER. RACHEL ELIZABETH FBLA Club: Reading Club Officer: Skating Club PALMER. WILLIAM H. Block G Club; ALIVE Club; Baseball: Football: Basketball: Of- fensive Award. Football: Batting Title. Baseball; North-South Game. Football PARKER. DEBBIE N. Bible Club: Senate: Junior Civitan Club; Pep Club FBLA Club: Powder Bowl; Junior Varsity Cheerleader PARKER. DONNA KAYE Bela Club: Medical Explorers Club: Mu Alpha Theta Club: French Club; Latin Club; Computer Club: Commencement Marshal: Top Magazine Salesperson PARKER. RICHARDS. Beta Club: French Club: Honor Code Society; Model Rocketry C lub: ROTC Drill Team PATTERSON. TAMMI JEAN Bible Club: Reading Club; ALIVE Club PATTON. CHARLIES. Mechanical Drawing Club: Fishing Club: Science Club; Alternate Senator: ALIVE Club; Perfect Attendance. Junior Year PEELER, TAMMIE ANNETTE Girls' Block G Club; Senate; Diamond Club: ALIVE Club; Basketball: Volleyball: Softball: All-Area Softball Team; Most Valuable Player. Softball: Defensive Player, Softball PEELER. WAYNE L. PENNINGTON. SUSAN SAMANTHA PERES. FATIMA CORDOSO Computer Club; Exchange Student: Volleyball; Art Honor PETERSON. CYNTHIA MARIE Diamond Club: FBLA Club; VICA Club Officer: Chorus PETERSON. JAMES N. PETTY, DONNA ELAINE French Club; Junior Civitan Club: ALIVE Club: Alternate Senator: Wrestling Statistician PHILLIPS. BENNIE M. PHILLIPS. GRACE ELIZABETH Band: Office Worker; Photography Club; Superior Rating. Band PHILLIPS. RANDY ROTC Glighl Ciuide; Bus Drivers Club: Honor Code Society: Baseball PHILLIPS. VICKIE MARIE Pop Choir; Senate: Student Body I rcasurer: Student Council: FHA Club: Powder Bowl; Chorale: Bible Club: Varsity Cheerleader; VICA Club: Pep Club: Powder Bow l PIERCE. DONNA RENE Bible Club; Junior Civitan Club: ALIVE Club POOLE. BOBBY W. FBLA Club: Fisherman's Club POOLE. MARCELLA ANITA Oolorguard: Chorus: Bible Club: Glee Club; Future Teachers Club; Colorguard Award POSEY. DAVID EUGENE Fisherman's Club; Bus Drivers Club: Track POSEY. JACIF. ELAINE Student Council; Sophomore and Junior Class Beauty; Pop Choir; Alternate Senator: Skating Club: Physical Fitness Award PROCTOR, GREG N. PROCTOR. TONYA MARIE French Club: Bible Club; Senate: Beta Club; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales Q QUINN. JERRY ALAN R RAINEY. BRIDGET MELISSA Band; FHA; Senate; Bible Club; Presidential Physical Fitness Award RAMSEY. MELISSA ANNE ALIVE Club; French Club RAMSEY. TIMOTHY SCOTT Bible Club; French Club Officer; Senate: Band Captain; Indian Post Photographer: Most Dedicated Band Member RANDOLPH. KIMBERLY ANN Art Club: French Club; ALIVE Club REEVES. CONNIE LEE French Club: Senate: Bible Club; ALIVE Club: Volleyball Statistician REID. Ml LUCENT L. Senate: Teacher of the Month Committee: Magazine Prize Committee: Junior Civitan C'lub; French Club; Track Statistician; Cross Country Statistician: Senior Class Beauty REYNOLDS. KAREN DENISE Art C'lub; Junior Civitan Club: VICA Club: Basketball ManagerRICHARDS. CRISTYL ANN Junior Civitan Club; Bible Club; French Club RICHARDS, JIMMY TODD Agriculture Club; ALIVE Club RICHARDS. MICHAEL LEE ALIVE Club ROBBS. YOLANDA VONCIEL Bible Club; Honor Code Society; Academic Society: ROTC Staff Club ROBERTS. ANTHONY RAY Library Assistant Club ROBERTS. FLEET. Ill Basketball ROBINSON. BERNARD RODGERS. DONALD MARCUS Spanish Club; Beta Club; Model United Nations; Winthrop Challenge Alternate; Homeroom Co-Captain, Senior Magazine Sales: Governor's School Alternate ROGERS. JERRY DUANE Beta Club; Photography Club ROSS. DAVID DEWAYNE Fisherman’s Club; Art Club; Cross Country; Track; District Award Winner, Governor's Beautification Contest; National Academy Award Winner RUPPE. ALBERT TODD Junior Civitan Club; Pop Choir RUPPE. SON J A KAY French Club; Photography Club; Senate Treasurer; Bible Club; Junior Civitan Club; C horale; Swing Choir: Pop Choir; Chorale Accompanist; Homeroom C'o-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales; ALIVE Club; Wrestling Statistician S SANDERS. MICHAEL LEWIS SARRATT. EDGAR NATHANIEL. JR. FHA Club Chorale; Bus Driver; FBLA Club; Bible Club SARRATT. KENNY WAYNE SCHNEIDER. DANIEL LEWIS Beta C'lub Officer; Math Club; Model UN Club; Winthrop Challenge Academic Team; National Merit Scmifinalist; Furman Scholar: First Place. Superior. Excellent — Appalachian Model UN; Commencement Marshal: Citizen of the Month SCRUGGS, MARK EDWARD SELLARS. MICHAEL TODD Latin Club: Photography Club; Powder Bowl Sponsor; Model UN Club; Medical Explorers SERENO. CYNTHIA JO Sophomore. Junior, and Senior Class Secretary: French Club Officer; ALIVE Club Advisory Board; Ring Ceremony Chairperson; FBLA Club; Wrestling and Track Scorckccpcr Powder Bowl SHEPARD, TONYA SHIPPY, CARLTON DENISE Bible Club; Senate; ROTC StalT Club FHA Club: Honor Society; Powder Bowl SHIPPY. MARY FRANCES Bible Club SHIPPY. PATRICD. SHORT, CANDICE MARIE Bible Club; Junior Civitan Club; Future Teachers C'lub; Guidance Office Worker: Powder Bowl SIMMONS. BUFFIE MELISSA Junior Civitan Club: Reading Club: Bible Club: FBLA Club; National Vocational Technical Honor Society SIMMONS. KIMBERLY RENEE ALIVE Club; Senate: Alternate Senator SMALLEY. SUZANNE MARIE Reading C'lub SMARR. BRIAN KEITH Pep Club; V1CA Club SMARR. IVAN D. SMILEY. M. LISA Graphic Arts Club: Junior Civitan Club: FBLA C lub SMILEY. ROBERT DWAYNE Photography Club: Spanish Club: Senate; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales; Science Club: Junior Civitan Club Officer SMITH. CALVIN LEON Skating Club: Chorus: Basketball Manager SMITH. DONALD RICHARD SMITH. J AM ES KIR KLAND Band: ALIVE Club; FHA Club. Bible C lub: Bus Driver; 1984 Director's Award, Band SMITH, KEVIN D. FBLA Club SMITH. SAM C. Bus Driver SMITH. TAWAN MARCHELLE SMITH. THOMAS LEWIS Basketball Manager: Track SMITH. TIM B. Block G Club; ALIVE Club: Football; Baseball; Basketball SMOAK. CYNTHIA DIANNE Diamond Club: FBLA Club SPARKS, MIC HAEL DAVID Bible Club; ALIVE Club SPENCER. DANA ANGELA Alternate Senator; Art C'lub; Writer’s Club: French Club: National Scholastic Achievement Award SPROUSE. DAVID KENT Bible Club: Maggie's Drawers Award; Golf; Music Theory Organization Award SPROUSE. SHANNON PATRIC E Junior Civitan Club: Powder Bowl STACY, CHARLES KEVIN ALIVE Club: Bible Club; Medical Explorers STAC Y. THOMAS RANDOLPH. Ill Block G Club: Football STANFORD. JACKIE EDWARD Marching Band STANFORD. JOE O. STANLEY, KELLY MARTIN Photography Club; ALIVE Club; Medical Explorers. Beta Club; Spanish Club: Basketball STEEN. LOUTICIA ANN STEVENSON, ADRIAN MICHELLE Bible C'lub: VIC'A Club: FHA Club; Clwrokcean Junior Staff: Vocational School Honor Society STOCKWELL, MARTHA DIANE Junior Civitan Club STOKES. CARA LEE Senate: Latin Club Officer; VIC'A Club Officer; ALIVE Club STUARD, LORI JEAN French Club: Cherokcean Typist SULLIVAN. MICHAEL RICHARD ALIVE C'lub; Marching and Concert Band: Percussion Captain; Ex- X4ccllcnl Rating. Solo and Ensemble Band SWOFFORD, BRANDON LEE Student Council Representative; Junior Class President; Student Body President; ALIVE Club; Homecoming Escort; State Student Council Convention T TATE. CONNIE MARIE Bible Club TATE. LEE E. TATE. NANCY JANE Beta Club; French Club; Homeroom Co-Captain. Senior Magazine Sales: Office Worker, Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleader; Powder Bowl; Junior Class Beauty: Homecoming Queen TATE, RICKY DEAN Fisherman’s Club; Block (i Club; Football: Basketball; Assist Trophy. Basketball TEAGUE. ERIC LEE TESSNEER. MICHELE SHULENE Chorus; FHA Club; Annual Staff; Newspaper Staff — Crest High School THOMPSON. CYNTHIA GAYLE Beta Club (three- ear member); Junior and Senior Class Representative: Indian Post Editor Quill and Scroll: French Club; Block G Club; Bible Club THOMPSON. KIM ANTOINETTE Chorale: Band; Senate Officer; Bible Club; Pop Choir; Block G Club; Bus Driver; VlCAQub; Beta Club; Junior Civitan Club: Pep Club Skating Club: FHA Club; Basketball Statistician; Powder Bowl: Western Region Band; Superior Ratings at Solo and Ensemble Band; All-State Band: Band Officer THOMPSON. RICHARD M. THOMPSON. TAB ATH A JANETTE Skating Club; Pep Club: Bible Club: Senate; Powder Bowl TONEY. PATRICIA LYNN Diamond Club: ALIVE Club; Powder Bowl TURNER. ALLEN BURL Bible Club: Golf TURNER. MARK EDWARD TURNER. STEPHANIE ANNETTE ALIVE Club: Photography Club; Band: Drama Club: Powder Bowl; Most Improved. Band: Two Superior Ratings Solo and Ensemble TURNER. TYLER BROCK Band: Powder Bowl Coach and King U UPCHURCH. MYRA LYNNE Block G Club: Tennis; Homeroom Co-C'aptain. Senior Magazine Sales V VANLUE. TONYA LEEANN Band; Skating Club: Senate: Bible Club VASSEY. STACY DAWN French Club Officer: Beta Club Officer (three-year member); Marching and Concert Band; Winthrop Challenge Alternate; Commencement Marshal VASSY. ERIC Marching and Concert Band; Band Officer: Best Horn Player: Gaffney Youth Theater President; Third Place Solo Acting. Acting Competition VASSY, MARGARET E. Girls' Block G Club Officer; Diamond Club: Volleyball: Softball: Most Valuable Player. Softball: Hustle Award. Volleyball; Presidential Physical Fitness Award VERCHER. DEREK Pep Club Officer; Football VESS. DAVID GLENN ALIVE Club VINCENT. STEPHANIE LYNN Drama Club Officer; Classical Music Lovers Listening Club; Marching Band Officer, Drum Major: Concert Band; French Club; Gaffney Youth Theater Officer W WALKER. BILLIE SUE FBLA C lub; Bible C lub WALLACE. TIMOTHY WILLIAM Fisherman's Club: ALIVE Club WATERS, RHONDA RENEE HERO Club Officer. National Vocational Honor Society WEAVER. C LAUDE SIDNEY WEEKS, C'ONNIE MICHELLE Skating Club Officer; Pep C'lub; Bible Club; FH A Club; Basketball: Powder Bowl Captain: American Physical Fitness Award WHEELER. MELISSA QUINNEZ C'horus WILKIE. TIMOTHY RAY Fisherman's Club WILKINS. LAMONT Skating Club; Chorus; Basketball WILKINS, ROBIN LEE Reading Club; Graphic Arts Club; FBLA Club WILLIAMS. BRENARD CLAYTON Chorale: Photography Club: Skating Club: Pop Cnoir: Track; Baseball WILLIAMS. KATHRYN GRACE Science Club; Block G Club: Senate; Bible Club: Volleyball; Tennis: Basketball; Science Project. First Place Award WILLI AMS. REGGIE LEE Block CJ Club: Bible Club; Football: Track; Player of the Week. Football WILSON. JOHN MARION Chorus WILSON. ROBERT LANDRUM WOLFE. ROBERT S. WOOD. JOHNNIE LYNN Pep Club: Band; Reading Club Officer: FBLA Club Officer WOOD. RONALD ADDISON Photographs Club; Mechanical Drawing Club; Block G Club; Football Trainer WOODCOCK J.JARRALD Beta Club (three-year member); Computer Club; Photography Club: ALIVE Club; Commencement Marshal WYLIE. DEBORAH LYNN Bible Club: Future Teachers Club: Band Officer; Powder Bowl WYLIE. TRACI JILL Band; Drama Club; Future Teachers Club: ALIVE Club Y YANNELLO. ROBIN MICHELLE Skating Club: Reading Club; Cherokeean Classes Editor: Pinnacle Staff' H5Juniors I.cfl: Kim Carr. President. Rijjht: Tracy Bostic, Kim Byars, Ann Bolingcr. Shannon Dill, Travis Mauney, Missy Abernathy — Junior Class Representatives. Beth Stacy, Secretary Pam Patterson, Treasurer 86Abernathy, Missy Adams, Tommy Allen, Clarissa Allen, Tracy Allen, Volunda Allison, Anita Allison, Don Allison, Susan Allison. Tony Ashley, Alison Bailey. Brian Bailey, Ronnie Baker, Carla Banks, Cathy Barnhill, Greg Barrett, Barry Bates. Rodney Belue, Jason Belue, Michael Bennett, Karen Berry, John Best, Dawn Bishop, Kathy Blackwood, Bonnie Blackwood. Kcely Blackwood, Wendy Blanton, Bobby Blanton, Chris Blanton, Eric Blanton, Kim Blanton, Tina Blanton, Trade Bolinger, Anne Bonner, Michelle Bostic, Tracy Bowen, Jeff Bradley. Mark Bratton, Bruce Bridges. James Brown, Gary Brown, Teresa Brown, Scott Bullock. Tammy Byars, Kim Byars, Michelle Byars, Missy Camp. Bobbie Camp, Marvin 87Campbell, Michael Carr. Kim Carr. Robbin Cash. Eric Cash, l.isa Cush. Susan Chandler, Mark Childers. Ann Childers. Ryan Childers. Warren Clary. Crisly Clyde. Frances Cobb. Bryan Coggins. Steve Cork ins, Wendy Coleman, Dartona Collins, Glenn Corry, Melinda Com. Patrick Corn, Steve Couch. Robin Covington, Melinda Cox, Sally Coyle. Caroline Crawford. James Crawford. Renee Crosby, David Crosby. Stephanie Daniluk, Diana Davidson. Tina Davis, Kent Dawkins. Rene Deaton, Kristi Dclashment, Sonny Dill, Shannon Dixon. BekiDouglas. Kecia Dover, Sam Duckett. Tracy Duncan. Angela Fdwards, Paula Eggers, i.ori Ellis, Sieve Ellis, Tim Ellstrom. Tor Elmore. Bucoe Erwin, Cindy Ewing, Caroline Federico, Sabrina Fernanders, John Fitzgerald, Brel! Flythe, Tina Fowler, Angie Fowlkes, Michael Foxx, Fddie Frieze, Lee Gallman, Mark Gardner, Jack Garland. Ixiri Garner. Stacey George, Jeff Gibson, Charlene Gibson, Sandra Gibson. Shannon Giles, Scott Giinilan, David Goforth, Cathy Goforth, Detra Goforth. Julie Goines. Nina Griffin, April Grigg, I.isa Guyton, Bernard Hall, Karen Hambrighl, Jeff Hambright, Johnny Hammett, Martha Hammons. Donna 89Hardin, Mary Harper, Jamie Harris. Issac Harris, Jackie Harris, Michelle Harris, Rodney Harris. Ronnie Hartman, Trip Hartseli. Brian Henderson, Katie Henderson. Kenny Henry, Gaia Higgins, Amy Higgins, Danny Hodge, Carol Hodge, Kim Holcombe, Teresa Hollis, Sylvia Hollis. Tamika Holmes, Greg Hopper. Joyce Horne. Kelly Horton, Sonya Horton, Tim Houey, Tim Hughes. Todd Hughey, Bobby Hughey, Joseph Humphrey, Patricia Humphries, Doug Humphries. Leslie Huskey, Polly Huskey, Sabrina Jafroodi, Scott James, Christa Johnson, Da id Johnson, Lester 90Kanipe, Deborah Keeter, Jamie Keller, Suzanne Kilgore, Ann Koller, Beth Koon, Susan Laughlin, Judy Lawson, Jeff I-each, Kim Leach, Shari Lecroy, Jeannie Ix-dford, Michelle Leskanic, Maria I-ester, Sarah Linder, Jacquelyn Link. Will Lipscomb, Gena Lipscomb, Mandy Little, Greg Little, Queenie Littlejohn, Brian Littlejohn. Charlene I-oftis, John I-ogan, Jackie Lomax, Kevin Lowery, Preston Mabry, I.isa Mahaffey, Glen Manning, lavmon Marlow, Paul Martin, Danny Martin, John Maschino, Debi Mathis, Stephanie Mauney, Travis McAbee, Scott McAbee, Susan McCraw, Jay McCTaw, Robert McDaniel, Gina 91McElvecn, Michael MeGaha, Kim McGill, Angela Mcrobie, Phil Messer. Leannc Millen. Barn Milkn. Brian Mills, Cindy Mills, Sandra Mil wood, Elizabeth Montgomery, Crystal Montgomery, DeAndra Montgomery. Rodgreta Mooney, Sean Moore, Stephanie Moorhead. Robin Motts, Beth Mullikin, Tammy Mullinax, Eddie Mullinax, Myra Mullinax, Scotty Mullinax, Wyatt Mullis, Joy-Needs. Scott Neil, Shelley Nelson, James Nu um. Ricky O'Conner, Bill! Osborn, Steve Osment, Greg Owens, Lana Painter, Doug Painter, Janice Painter. Michael Painter, Sheila Painter. Tammy 92Painter, Wesley Palmer, Cynthia Parker, Allen Parker, Chris Parker, Gina Parker, Ijtura Parker, Mark Parker, Melissa Parris, Brian Patterson. Frank Patterson, Joy le Patterson, Pam Peeler. Cindy Pennington, Angela Pennington, Ron Pennington, Shannon Perrine, Cassandra Perry, Mark Phillips, Brian Phillips, Charlene Phillips, Charlotte Phillips. Patricia Phillips. Sandy Phillips. Shannon Phillips. Teresa Pinson, Gcnenc Poole, Da»id Poole, John Poole, Rocky Poteat, Shawn Price. Jeff Price. Pam Pritchard, Tracy Putnam, Willy-Queen, Dan Queen, Delisa S 93Scruggs, Angela Scruggs, James Scruggs, Rachel Sellars, Todd Shah, Retan Shaw. Michael Shimer, James Shippy, Ivan Shippy, Johnny Scruggs, Sonya Scruggs, Terry Sellars, David Reynolds, Debra Reynolds, Joe Reynolds, Kathy Reynolds, Lynn Reynoldson, Rochelle Richardson, Cheryl Riddle, David Riddle, Kandy Robbins, Donna Robbs. Phillip Robinson, Corey Robinson, David Ruppc, David Scates, Sandra Scoggins, Amy Quinn. Kim Quinn, Teresa Rainey, I.isa Ramsey, Todd Randolph, Bruce Randolph, Cindy 94Shirley. Susan Simmons, Regina Sims. Christy Si emore. Angela Smurr. Missy Smith, Brad Smith, Charlene Smith, l elores Smith, Kristi Smith, Martin Smith, Matt Smith, Penni Smith. Phoebe Sparks, Cindy Sparks. William Spencer. Karen Spencer, I.isa Spencer, Loretta Spencer, Steve Spencer, Tammy Spicer, Kevin Splawn, Shannon Spruill. Regina Stacy. Beth Stanford, Steve Steagall. Benji Strain. Tonia Stroup, Jason Sutton. Rhonda Swofford, David Swofford, Kric Tallant, Brad Tate, Alice Tate, Arnold Tate, Kendrick Tate, lunette Tate, Pam Teague, Melissa Thomas. Chris Thomas, Kim Thompson, Nena Thompson, Scott 95r Thompson, Tim Thoms, Brian Thornburg, Randall Tucker. Brian Turner, Becky Upchurch, Ricky Vanlue, Yolanda Vassey, Michael Vinson, Connie Wallace, Eddie Wallace, Luann Waters, Eddie Waters, Ginger Watts, Charlene Westbrooks, John Wheat, Tracy Wheeler, Donnie White, Dawn W’hite, Tammy Wilkie, Dcwaync Wilkins, Gwen Willard, Jerry Willard. Joanna Williams, Suzie Wilson, Ivory Wilson, Tracy Wood, Lisa Wyatt, Cindy W'ycoff, Elaine Wylie, Rick 96In Memoriam William Robert Johnson, Jr. February 25,1969 March 11,1985 Todd Hughes Gregory December 5,1968 September 24,1985 97Sophomores I-tTl: Amy Bo holer, Dan Stacy, Ruby Ixe — Sophomore Class Representatives. Ri ht: Michelle Timmerman, President. 98Adams. Paige Addis, I.isa Addis, Scott Allen. Cindy Allen, Johnny Allen. Keitha Allison. Doug Allison. Eric Allison. Jeff Allison. Wendy Andrews, Thomas Ashby. Hunter Atkins. Charlene Atkins, Cindy Atkins, Cristie Bagwell. Jeff Bagwell. Tammy Bailey, Kim Barnhill, Traci Batchelor. Pam Beattie. Reggie Belue, Greg Belue. Matt Bennett. Anthony Bern, Anthony Biddix, Tracy Bishop, Mitzi Blackwell, Amy C. Blackwell. Amy M. Blackwell. Debbie Blackwell. I.isa Blackwell. Tois Blackwell. Minnie Bland, Edward Blanton, Karen Blanton, Kim Blanton. Scott Bledsoe. Donald Boheler, Amy Boheler. Clay Bolin, Jolie Bolin. Robert Bolin, Roger Bonner. Nicole Bonner. Travis Bradley, Joe Brannon. Elaine Bratton, Heather Bridges, Michelle Bridges. Richard Bridges. Stacey Bright, Gina Bright, Laura Bright, Vicki Brooks, Jeff Brown, Christa Brown, Hope Brown, Jelia Brown, Johnny Bruno. Tonya 99Bullock, Michelle Byars, Steve Byars, Terry1 Byers, Tracey Byrd. John Cabaniss, Delaney Camp, Correta Canaan, Meg Cash, Alex Cash, Jay Cassillas, Cass Chambers, Parker Cheek, Laurie Chester, Steven Childers, Melissa Childers, Robin Childers, Tim Childers, Travis Chitwood, Donna Chumley, Robert Clary, Angie Cobb. Beth Cobb, Henry Cobb, Tim Coggins, Lisa Cole, Catherine Coleman, Brenda Cook, Brodie Cook, Tammy Cooksey, Gerald Cony, Monica Couch, Tina Coyle, Jennifer Crate, Cassandra Crocker, Lisa Cudd, Michael Cumberlander, Carey Cunningham, John Davidson, Edward Davis, Charles Davis, Frances Davis, Frank Davis, Joey Dawkins, Kirk Dawkins, Lajonya Dawkins, Tina Dickson, Deanna Dickson, Tracey Dooley, Darren Douglas, Robert Dover, Chris Dover, Joey Dover, Paula Dover, Renee Downey, Sonya Drake. Jeff Drennon, Craig Drennon, Christie Driskell, Jackie Duffie, Melinda 100—S Dukes, Darren Dukes, Milton Dukes, Stephanie Duncan, James Durham. Adlai Durham, Kim Durham, ()r ille Edwards, Tara Elder, Keith Ellis, Crist) Ellis, Natarsha Ellis, Troy Elmore. Bobbie Elmore. Jane Elmore, Kim Ethridge. Rose Marie Eubanks, Charles Evans, Cynthia Evans, Teresa Foster, Larry Fowler, Billy Fowler. Bobbie Ann Fowler, Kristi Fowler, Michelle Fowler, Tommy Frady, Emily Fuller. Joseph Fuller, Melinda Fuller. Robert Gaffney, Sharon Gallman, Terry Gamble. Kelly Garrett, Andrea Gibb. Michael Gibbs, Brian Gibson, Lori Gibson, Michael Gibson, Todd Girdner, Marvette Godfrey, Ryan Golden, Kim Good, Greg Goode, Lisa Goodwin, Charles Goodwin, Shannon Goodwin, Sharon Gordon, Jeff Gossett, Dana Gossett, Susan Grant, Sam Greenway, Becky Griffin, Kcndale Griffis, Yolanda Gnibbs. Dawn Gunnin, Ronnie Guyton. Elliott Guyton, Mollie Hale, Anita Hall, Printice Hambright, Melissa 101Hames, Thomas Hancock, Wanda Hardy, Paulette Hardy, Robert Harmon, Jennifer Harrill, Robbie Harris, Billy Harris, Carla Harris, Carlton 11 arris, Charlton Harris, Cindy Harris, Lewis Harris, Jason Harris, Quintina Hawkins, Claudia Hawkins, Mary Hayes. Carol Hayes, Scott Henderson, Mike Henderson, Tim Henry, Bob Hickey, James Hicks, Jeff Hill, Tammy Hill, Tim Hoffman, Keely Hogue, Jacquelyn Holmes, Christa Horn, Angela Horne, Penny Horton. Patti Houcy, Amanda Houey, Tirash Houser, Cheryl Houser, Telisa Howell, John Hughes, Connie Hughey. Karen Hughey, Rebecca Hullcnder, Duke Humphries, Tracy Humphries, Troy Humphries, Wanda Huskey, Brad Huskey, Joy Ivey, Brent Jackson. Brian Jamison. Tracy Jamison, Wilbert Jansen, Candy Jefferies, Calvin Jefferies, Constance Jefferies. Donna Jenkins, Perry Johnson, Cassandra Johnson. David Jolley. Tonya Jones, Greg Jones. Tammy Kernels, Wendy Kerr, Mike Kirby. David Kirby. Tonic Kline, Albert Knight, Derreck I .ambrighl, Bill I-argent. Anita Laughlin, Beth Leach, Vickie lee. Ruby Lemaster, Kandi leopard. I.isa Iester, Johnny Lester. Tammy Lindsay, Teresa Lipscomb, Donald Littlejohn, Cenora Littlejohn, Donald Littlejohn, Gwendolyn Littlejohn, Kathy Littlejohn, Leslie Littlejohn, Sean Littlejohn, Silva Littlejohn, Tarsha leek hart, Demetra Lovingood, Steve Lyle, James Mabie, James Mabry, Cissy Mabry, Tracy Manning, Tamara Manning, Shirley Marshall. Rosa Martin. David Martin, Eric Martin, James Martin, John Martin, Mark Martin, Tony Massey, Connie Mathis. Joseph Maxes, Kersidra Mayfield. John McAbee. Carolyn McAbee, Dewayne McAbee, Patti McAloney, Karen McBee, Jenny McCluney, Barbara McCluney, Corey McCluney. Darryl 103McCluney, Scoti McCraw, Alice McDaniel. Johnny McDaniel. Mark McGill, Jackie McSwain, David Means, Carlton Medley, Michael Merchant, Malik Miller, Brian Miller, Donna Miller. Jackie Mitchem, Sabrina Moore, Kenneth Morgan, Ange Morris, Pam Moss. Malagni Mullinax, Daphne Mullinax, Dawn Mullinax, Gloria Mullinax, Jonathon Mullinax, Kelly Mullinax, I eonard Mullinax, Mike Mullinax, Shannon Mullinax, I'ammy Mullinax, Vicki Murray, Erik Nance. Chris Needs, Chris Newell, Tina Norris, Kenny Oakes, Stacey Oglesby. Rod Oglesby, Sharon Orr, April Owens, Meredith Owens, Teresa Paige. Stacy Pal ko, Jesse Parker, Jimmy Parker, Lori Parker, Tony Parris, Mark Patterson. Beverly Patterson, Michael Patterson. Terry Patterson, W anda Peek, Nathan Peeler, Fulton Peeler, Lisa Peeler, Tracy Peterson. Ronald Petty, Dale Petty, Donald Petty, Michael Petty, Todd Phillips, Carla Phillips. John Phillips, Regina 104Phillips, Sally Phillips, Susan Phipps, Deana Pierce, Joseph Pinkard. Johnny Pittman, James Pittman, Tracy Poole. C arla Porter, Bruce Price, Claudia Price, Kevin Price, Kim Price, Mike Proctor, Loy Putman, Charles Quinn, Michael Ramsey. Sarah Randolph, Jennifer Rector, Jeff Rector. Michael Reid, Corey Reynolds. Alan Reynolds. Richard Rhyne, I are Richards, Billy Roache, Angela Roark. Lynn Robertson. Jerry Robinson, Tuesday Rollins. David Rumfclt, Cindy Ruppe, Charles Ruppe, Ixtri Rushton, John Sanders, Barbara Sanders. Laura Sarratt, Allen Sarratt. Jonathon Scruggs. Anita Scruggs, I eslie Scruggs, Ronnie Scruggs, Stoncy Sellars, Michael Shehan, David 4 105Shelton. Julie Shephard. F.dward Shepard. Felicia Shoaf. I.oretta Shy ties. David Sims. Debbie Smarr, Tracy Smedelay. Wanda Smiley, Howard Smiley. Mathis Smith, Donna Jo Smith, DonnaS. Smith, Jeanne Smith. Karen Smith. Kristi Smith. Mickey-Smith. Patrick Smith, Stacey Smith, Tim D. Smith, Tim L. Sparks. Jennifer Sparks, Stanley Sparks. Trade Spencer, Kim Spencer, Tammy Stacy, Dan Stacy, Michelle Stacy. Scott Stevenson, Robin Stevenson, Tammy Stoddard. Robert Stroud, Kim Stroupe, Tommy Stuard, Charlotte Stuart. Patrick Sullivan, Amy Summey, Stan Swanger, Mitchel Swofford, Shannon Tanner, Tanya Tate. Alphonso Tate. Jeff Tate. Sharon Tate. Wade Taylor, Jane Thomas, Denise Thompson, Jamie Thompson. Robert Thornburg, Angela Thurber, Vanetta Timmerman, Michelle Turner, Lori Turner. Luke Turner, Richard Turner. Tina Upton, Freda Vanlue, Phyllis Vassey. Donnie Vassey, Jason Wallace, Herman — 106Wallace, Jan Wallace. Tammy Wallace, Tracy Washington, Heather Watkins, Mathew Wairing, Chris Weaver, Havlev Webb. Chad Webb. Pam Whelchel. Hope Whisenant, Kenneth Whittaker. Randal White, Tania Wilcox. Beverly W ilkins. Vincent L. Wilkins, Vincent Lee Williams, Denise Wilson, Betty A. Wilson. Betty J. Wilson, Jeff Wilson, Towanna Wolfe, Chris Wood. Catherine Ann W ood, Dionne Wood, John Woodcock, Catherine Woods. Charles Wright, David Wright, Russ Wyatt. James Wylie, I.isa Yarborough, Wendy Yon, Toby Young. Jacqw an Young, Mark Yount, Ashley Zocker, Jason 107You Are Cordially Invited to... Participate Unite EXCEL Compete Explore SupportChristine Barnhill sponsoring Trey Stacy SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS AND SPONSORS Delaney Cabaniss sponsoring .Jon Burgess Robyn Caggiano sponsoring Ron Wood 110Trice Ellis sponsoring William Palmer Monty I lull sponsoring Scott Gibson 111 Kathy Littlejohn sponsoring Reggie WilliamsVicky Phillips sponsoring Brian Dawkins Missy Reid sponsoring Michael Bridges Cindy Sercno sponsoring Kevin HammettSeated: Stephen Ix nR, Mark Howell, Bryan Ashby, Charlie Patton, and Scott Ramsey. Standing David Goforth, Brandon Swofford, Barry Davidson, and Rich Harrill. 1131985 Homecoming Queen 114and Her Court Miss Kell) Brown Miss Susan Martin Miss Melanie Meetze Miss Montv Hall Miss Connie Daw kins 1151986 MISS CHEROKEEAN 116Miss Susan Martin 117Senior Class BeautiesJunior Class Beauties 119Sophomore Class Beauties 120Excellence at G. H. S. Robbie Aughtry and Susan Gibbons won first place in duet acting; Eric Vassy won third place in solo acting at the South Carolina Speech Communications Festival. 121 Ketan Shah won the Voice of Democracy contest. Melanie Meetze received the Randolph Hearst leadership Award.Academic Excellence I he W'inthrop Challenge Team — Silting: Daniel Schneider. Standing: John Howell. Dan Stacy, and Ketan Shah. 1985 Commencement Marshals — Silting: Melanie Meet c. Angie Littlejohn, Daniel Schneider. Stacy Vassey. Donna Parker. Christy Bridges. Standing: Jony Bolinger, Jarrald Woodcock, Carrie Conrad. Wess Brewer. Susan Kdward, Marcia Davis.At G. H. S Semi-finalists in the Piedmont Scholar program at the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg are Donna Parker, Angela Butler, Angie Littlejohn, Terry Crocker, Sonya Clary, and Melanie Meetze. 123 Susan Edwards was named a National Merit Scholar semi-finalist. 1986 Wofford Scholar — Jony Bolinger.Spring Sports Awards First Row: Robyn Caggiano, leading Hitter and Hitting Award — Softball; Meg Vassy. Hustle Award — Softball; Ruthc Parris. leadership Award — Soft-ball. National Army Reserve Scholar Athletc Award; Benita Foster. All-Region. All-Area. Thief Award. Rebounding Award — Basketball; Beki Dixon. Most Improved — Softball; Karen Bonner, Most Valuable Player — Basketball. Second Row: Todd Roberson. Most Valuable Player — Golf; Scott Brown, Most Valuable Player — Junior Varsity Basketball; Steve Martin, Most Valuable Player — Wrestling; David Sellars, Most Improved — Wrestling; Robin Bradley, Hustle Award, Best Defensive Award — Basketball: Robby Brown, Most Valuable Player. Field Events — Track; Piney Martin, Manager’s Award — Baseball; Eddie Morgan, Most Valuable Player, Running Events — Track; Tammie Peeler, Most Valuable Player, Defensive Award — Softball. Third Row: Laymon Manning, 110% Award — Basketball; Wess Brewer. Most Valuable Player — Boys' Tennis, National Army Reserve Scholar Athlcte Award; I . I.. Hardy. Manager’s Award — Basketball: Shayla Wilkins, Free Throw Award — Basketball; Leslie Humphries, Most Improved Award — Basketball; William Smith. Most Valuable Player, Free Throw Award. Defensive Award, Rebounding Award — Basketball; Ricky Tate, Assist Award — Basketball; William Palmer, Batting Champion — Baseball; Jeff Lipscomb. Most Valuable Player — Baseball.Fall Sports Awards Robin Bradley was named to All-Region Vollegball and William Palmer was named to the North-South All-Star Game. First Row: Robin Bradley. Defensive Award. Most Valuable Player — Volleyball; Melissa Thompson. Most Improved — Tennis; Mandy Lipscomb, Most Valuable Player — Tennis; Steve Palmer, Most Promising Ninth Grade Offense — Football; William Palmer, Renegade Award, Defensive Pla er of the Year, Defensive Captain — Football; Michael Bridges, Scholastic, Offensive Captain Awards — Football; Robert llardy, Flarl Clary Back Award, Offensive Player of the Year — Football. Second Row: Kim Carr, Offensive Award — Volleyball; David George, Most Valuable Player — Cross Country; Laymon Manning. Ralph Clary Back — Football; Marc Chandler, Most Valuable Player, Defensive Lineman — Football; Bruce Bratton. Most aluable Player. Offensive Lineman — Football; FIric Upchurch. Most Promising Ninth Grade Defense — Football; Bubba Smith, Most Promising J. V. Defense — Football; David Shehan, Most Promising J. V. Offense — Football. 125Musicians4 Awards At G. H. S. 126 Most Talented Most Courteous Bradley Vincent Terry Crocker and Susan MartinYou Are Cordially Invited to Participate Unite Excel COMPETE Explore SupportFOOTBALL Indians Win The STATE! The 1985 varsity football team can only look on their season with a smile. Through hard work from the players and terrific training from the coaches, the team was able to conquer a desirable goal — to be called “the BEST.” The feeling of excitement during the State game against Sumter will live with each player for a lifetime. Congratulations Indians for a 10-3 season record! Good luck to the 1986 Indians! FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD CHS (10 Wins — 3 Losses) Opp. 24 Broome 21 35 Mauldin 0 14 N. Augusta 3 15 Union 7 17 Rock Hill 14 7 Byrnes 6 12 Boiling Springs 20 30 Dorman 0 14 Northwestern 23 14 Spartanburg Playoffs 35 20 Rock Hill 14 13 Spartanburg State 7 41 Sumter 20 V______________ 132Middle I-eft: First Ron: Danny Thomas, A. I- Curtis, Jim Prevost. Second Row: Eddie Baker, Jay Huff-stetler, Pitt Brown, Ed Foster, Billy Ray Rice. Loner Left: First Row: Tor Ellstrom, Ron Wood, Lewis Cag-giano, Coach Curtis. Patrick Cony, Michael Patterson, Kent Davis, Trony Littlejohn. Second Row: Eric Swonord,David Sellars, Dan Queen, Gerauld Smith. Eric Cash, Michael Bridges, Torry Leach, Sonny Delashmet, Trip Hartman. Third Row: Coach Thomas, Issac Wallace, John Westbrooks, Benji Steagall, Wesley Tate, Robert Hardy, Reggie Williams, Jonathan Burgess, Phillips Robbs, Coach Prevost. Fourth Row: Travis Bonner. Billy Richards. Bruce Bratton, Bubba Smith, Kevin Hammett, Glenn McElroy, Johnny Ewing, Jeff Gordon, I ymon Manning. Fifth Row: Dean Gaffney. Kenneth Whisenant, Roger Byers, Danny Martin, Brian Thoms, Tyronne Phillips, Brian Phillips, Mark Chandler. Sixth Row: Brian Vassey, John Byrd, Michael Gibson, Scoit Gibson, Brian Hart-sell. Corneal Hopson. Brad Tallant, Issac Harris. Scott Minor. Seventh Row; John Berry, Brian Dawkins, Steve Com. Steve Palmer, Coach Huffstetler, William Palmer, Coach Rice, Coach Foster, Coach Brown, Coach Baker. 133135STATE 136VARSITY BASKETBALLBASKKTBALL SCOREBOARD (3 Wins—■ 17 Losses) (.IIS 63 66 74 59 68 56 82 50 57 71 56 53 68 57 55 52 69 42 65 57 Harding Olympic Harding Shelby Shelby Garinger Union Byrnes Boiling Springs Dorman Northwestern Spartanburg Union Rock Hill Rock Hill Byrnes Boiling Springs Dorman Northwestern Spartanburg Denotes Conference Games OPPOSITE PAGE — Top: Lamont Wilkins. Henry Cumberlander, Chris Adams. Michael Grubbs, Marvin Camp. John Poole. Laymon Manning. Arnold Tate. Scott Brown, Fleet Roberts. Absent: James Byers. Middle I.eft: Danny Higgins, Head Manager; David Rollins. Scott Blanton. Assistant Managers. Middle I.eft: Presphonia Burris and Kim Thompson, Statisticians. 1391 h-1 PQ H W t 3 PQ Below: Corey McCIuney, Niegcl Hall, Vincent Wilkins, Donald Petty, Tim Dawkins, Donald Vassey. Jeff Hicks. Martin Smith, Craig Dren-non, Alfon o late.(----------------------------- JV BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD CHS (14 Wins — 6 Losses) Opp. 47 1 larding 57 43 Olympic 59 50 Harding 49 63 Shelby 59 66 Shelby 39 51 Garingcr 62 75 Union 39 35 Byrnes 47 64 Boiling Springs 23 57 Dorman 56 44 Northwestern 29 37 Spartanburg 40 64 Rock Hill 37 65 Union 46 54 Rock Hill 41 53 Byrncs 39 55 Boiling Springs 13 60 Dorman 40 50 Northwestern 35 36 Spartanburg 50 141BASKETBALL Region 4-A Champions The 1985-86 Lady Indians Basketball team had an outstanding season under the direction of Coach Sprouse and Coach Smith. The talents and skills of this year's team were achieved through hard work and determination. The girls took their region title and went on to play Orangeburg-Wilkins for the Upper State Championship. For the second time in the history of CHS, the girls were turned away losers — 59-51. DeAndra Montgomery was selected to the S. C. All State Team, an honorary selection since no actual game is played. This team is young and we hope to see them in the state finals next year — with different results! (— GIRLS' BASKEVVAU. SCOREBOARD (22 Wins — 4 lassos) CHS Opp. 27 19 71 Harding 60 81 Olympic 50 88 Harding 61 77 Shell 60 68 Shelbj 39 66 Kavlvidr 36 47 Union 41 41 B) rm-e 54 67 (iaringcr 38 66 I nlon 6(1 32 Berne-e 36 71 Boiling Springe 50 63 Dorman 39 53 NotihncMern 46 74 Spartanburg 51 Roek Hill 62 Cnion 51 Rock Hill 58 53 Bernte .34 49 Boiling Springe 42 63 Dorman 42 37 Nortlmretffa 43 V Spud an burg Top: Nicole Bonner. Sallic Phillips, Yolanda Adams. Kim Carr. Robin Childers. Marcia Davis. Leslie Humphries, Shayla W ilkins, Kathy Littlejohn, DeAndra Montgomery, Lynn Roark. Robin Bradley. Su anne Keller. Carla Poole. Middle Left: Yolanda looks for someone open. Right: Give me that ball girls! Lower Ia-ft: Leslie Humphries shoots for two. OPPOSITE PAGE — Upper Right: Robin Bradley plays defense. Upper Left: DeAndra Montgomery makes a great jump shot. lamer Left: Yolanda Adams fights her way to the hoop! lamer Right: Lynn Roark goes up for a lay-up. 143BASEBALL III ----------N BASEBALL SCOREBOARD (14 losses — 2 Wins) GHS Opp. 7 York 6 5 York 6 8 Union 7 4 Byrnes 6 5 Boiling Springs 8 6 Dorman 10 6 Northwestern 10 0 Spartanburg 5 5 Union 11 1 Boiling Springs 9 1 Byrnes 4 2 Dorman 6 Northwestern 8 10 Rock Hill 17 1 Spartanburg 11 18 Rock Hill 19 Upper Right: William Palmer is ready to tag a runner at third. Middle Right: A Gaffney Indian races around the bases. First Row: Tommy Kidd, Tim Smith, Ryan Childers. Michael Kerr, David Kirby. Brent Ivey, Greg Holmes. Second Row: Piney Martin. Manager, James Goudelock. Trip Hartman, James Crawford. Michael Gibson, Bob Henry. Third Row: Coach Wells, William Palmer, Tim Smith. Jeff Lipscomb, Barry Davidson, Tony Martin, Coach Brown. OPPOSITE PAGE — Upper left: Tony Martin helps Tommy Kidd warm up before a game. Upper Right: Pitch a good one Mike! Middle Right: Jeff Lipscomb in hot pursuit of a Rock Hill player. Below: Coach Wells shows his boys a new batting technique. 144145SOFTBALL The 1985 softball team displayed a great deal of spirit and determination throughout their season. Under the leadership of Coach Nita Harris, the team strived to a winning season of 9-6. Flayers awarded for their season accomplishments are as follows: leadership Award — Ruthe Farris, Hitting Award — Robyn C'aggiano, Hustler Award — Meg Vassey, Defensive Player and Most Valuable Flayer — Tammie Feeler, and Most Improved — Beki Dixon. Good luck next year! Upper Right: Tammie Peeler makes a great defensive play. Middle Left: Rubyn C'aggiano waits for the pitch. 1-46 1985 SOFTBALL TEAM: First Row: Mcrdith Owens. Rochelle Reynoldson, Tammy Medley. Shannon Swofford, Robin Stevenson. Delaney Cabiness. Second Row: Sonya Clary, Michelle Petty, Beki Divon, Robyn C'aggiano, Meg Vassey. Susan Blackwood. Carla Baker. Third Row: Coach Harris, Ia-sa Childers, Statistician: Maria l skanic, Ruthe Parris. Donna Rohbins. Tammie Peeler. Honor High. Renee Aycock. Manager. Opposite Page: Full Page: Tammie Peeler pitches a strike. Upper Right: Maria Leskanic throws the ball to infield. Middle Right: Team encourages their teammates on the field. Lower Right: Meg Vassey tags home plate. -------------------------- SOFI BAI L SCOREBOARD CHS (9 Wins-6 losses) OPP. 14 Dorman 13 17 Union 2 7 Rock Hill 2 19 Spartanburg 18 13 York 9 5 Boiling Springs 6 8 Dorman 13 21 Northwestern 12 3 Rock Hill 14 6 Boiling Springs 9 10 York 8 11 Dorman 12 8 Northwestern 7 8 Spartanburg 9 8 Union 7 » union V___________________________I______________________________ 147VOLLEYBALL 148 The 1985 volleyball team captured a remarkable winning season under the leadership of Coach Eleanor Owens. Through hard work and dedication, the team experienced the meaning of togetherness. Congratulations to Robin Bradley, Most Valuable Player and Kim Carr, Best Offensive Player. 1985 VOLLKYBAI.I. TEAM: First Rom: Merdith Owens, Delaney Cabanis, Carla Baker. Robin Bradley. Susan Marlin. Meg Vassey, Salli Phillips, Fatima Perez. Second Row: Kelly Gamble, Linesman; Sonya Clary, Storekeeper; Cindy Wyatt, Kim Carr, Cathy Little john, Shayla Wilkins, Tammie Peeler, Lynn Roark, Gencnc Pinson. Statistician; Deedie Owens, Manager; Coach Owens. ------------- Volleyball Scoreboard (17 Winx-7 l-osscs) GHS OPP. 2 Union (I) 0 2 Union (II) 0 2 York 0 0 Green 2 2 Rock Mill (1) 0 2 Rock llill (II) 0 1 Byrnes (1) 2 2 Byrnes (II) 0 2 Boiling Springs (1) 0 2 Boiling Springs (II) 0 0 Dorman 2 1 Dorman 2 3 York 0 2 Northwestern (1) 0 2 Northwestern (II) 0 2 Spartanburg 0 2 Spartanburg Imitation Tournament 0 2 Pickens 1 1 McBec 2 2 Pickens 0 2 Blue Ridge 0 2 McBec 1 1 liberty 2 1 Airport (State Playoffs) 3 V_____________ Upper I .eft: Kim Carr and Cindy Wyatt volley the ball. Upper RiRht: Robin Bradley and Shayla Wilkins make an outstanding defensive play. Middle lA-ft:Set it up! Middle RiRht: Carla Baker as "the character.” I.ower Left: Coach Owens and teammates nervously sit as they observe the match. Opposite Page: Middle Ix-ft: Cindy Wyatt practices her set before a match. Middle RiRht: Carla Baker rocs up for the block. Lower Ix-ft: Robin Bradley and Susan Martin double block the ball. Lower RiRht: Lynn Roark makes an unreturnable spike. 149 H z o U m in O as u — Cross Country Scoreboard (2 Wins-5 Losses) N (ills OFF. 28 Broome 27 34 Rock Mill 23 22 Broome 33 21 Boiling Springs 34 35 Dorman 24 54 Northwestern 23 Boiling Springs 50 68 Spartanburg 20 Boiling Springs 71 lankhart 163 Spartanburg Dav 147 South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind — 7th out of 12 teams Winlhrop Invitational — 12th out of 15 teams Forman Invitational — 12th our of 17 teams State Qualifying — 5th team in the region: David George and Chris Wolfe qualified State — David George. 49th; Chris Wolfe, 43rd 1501Itight: First Row: Thomas Mayfield. C hris Wolfe. Bruce fflary, Todd Hancock. Terry Huffstickler. Second Row: shawn Harmon. Eric Blanton, David George. Jamie Keeler. Coach David Clary. Middle Left: Bruce Clary urns it on. Middle Right: They’re off Iaiwer Left: Shawn liarmon stays ahead despite a stress fracture. I-ower night: David George is hot on the competition’s trail. Dpposite Page: I pper Left: Kric Blanton cools off after a neet. I’pper Right: Chris Wolfe concentrating on his )ace. Middle Right: Gaffney lines up at (he Furman Invitational. I-ower I-eft: Jamie Keeter races towards the finish line. I-ower Right: Terry Huffstickler passing the rompetition. 151First Row: Robert Woods. Michael Bridges. Frank McGill. Chris Wolfe, John Rushton. Reggie Williams. Terry Foster. Robby Brown. Kric Cash. John Byrd. Second Row: Coach David Clary. I. I.. Hardy. Billy Fowler. Michael Grubbs. Joe Fuller. Bryan Vassey. Kric Blanton, Rick Camp. I.arry Foster. Kddie Morgan, Coach F.ddie Baker. GIIS TRACKSCORKBOARD OPP. 35 Rock Hill 101 32 ' i Shelby. Kast Rutherford 80.51 Vi 54 Byrnes 81 64 Dorman 72 65 Boiling Springs 71 67 Woodruff 69 34 Spartanburg 101 73 Union 59 27 Northwestern 108 lamer Left: Billy Fowler takes a swing at shot put. Ijower Right: Michael Grubbs leaps over the cross bar. Opposite Page: Full Page: Michael Bridges is off at the sound of the gun. Upper Right: Larry Foster and Kddie Morgan cross the finish line. Middle Right: Reggie Williams flies over a hurdle. i-ower Right: David George looks determined to beat his own record. V J 152153GOLF 154 r N CHS Golf Scoreboard (5 Wins-4 Losses) OPP 174 Spartanburg 161 164 Shelby 174 196 Chesnee 198 166 Woodruff 179 175 Woodruff 181 169 Spartanburg 162 167 Dorman 153 163 Chesnee 167 163 Dorman Low Serve Wins 146 y The 1985 golf team improved their record from last year to 5 wins and 4 losses. With exceptional sportsmanship from the golfers, the team can only be admired. We wish Coach Rice and his golf team the best of luck in the 1986 season. Congratulations to Todd Roberson, Most Valuable Player. Upper Loft: Clay Bohclcr. Upper Right: Todd Sellars, lamer Right: Team discusses their game techniques.155 Upper I .eft: Coach Billy Ray Rice. Upper Right: Golf Team — Todd Roberson. Brian Littlejohn. Todd Gregory. I-ower I-eft: What happened Brian? Lower Right: Rodney Harris gives it his best. TENNIS The 1985 tennis team finished an outstanding record of 9 tvins and 3 losses. The dedication shown by second year Coach Danny Thomas contributed to their successful season. The home matches were held at the Limestone College Spring Courts. These matches were exciting and entertaining. In the singles division of 4A Tournament. NVes Brewer finished second. He was also awarded Most Valuable Player by his teammates. Kinhl: First Rom: Stacey Bridges. Coach Thomas. Second Rom: Ascent Ratal. Lee Rhyne. .Jamie Thompson, Hunter Ashby, Danny Mcet e. .Jay Gaino, Brad Hughey. Third Rom: Steve Porio, Mark HomcII. Kelly Sellars. Richie llarrill. Bryan Ashby. Craig Hill. Wes Brewer. l eft: Bryan Ashby returns the ball with an effective backhand swing. Lower Right: Coach Thomas struggles through another great season. Opposite Page: Full Page: Wes Brewer warms up before a match. Upper Right: Brad Hughey controls a steady swing to return the ball. Middle Right: Hunter Ashby waits in ready position for the ball. Lower Right: Craig Hill shows extreme concentration during a game time return. ------------------------ CHS Tennis Scoreboard (9 Wins-3 Losses) OPP. 5 Union 0 5 York 0 5 Rock Hill 0 3 Broome 2 1 Dorman 4 3 Byrnes 2 2 Clover 3 3 Clover 2 0 Northwestern 5 4 Broome 1 3 Spartanburg 2 4 Boiling Springs 1 V______________________________ I 156gn Z Z H t 3 i-l £ 3 Upper Ia ft: Calhy George reaches hi) h for the sene. Upper Right: Brantlee Peeler shows her serving expertise. lamer I.eft: Heidi Sanders sprints across the court to make the return, lamer Right: Mandy l.ipscomh looks on after serving. Opposite Page: lamer loft: Debra laiftis hits a powerful return. Lower Right: Becky Daniel practices her backhand. I5Xr First Row: Myra Upchurch. Malissa Thompson, Jane Taylor. Becky Daniel. Second Row: Beki Dixon, Caroline Ewing, Cathy George, Heidi Sanders, Brantlee Feeler, Debra Loftis, Mandy I.ipscomb. GIRLS'TENNIS SCOREBOARD (4 Wins-8 I.osses) GHS O! 7 Broome 0 0 Union 5 3 Clover 2 3 Dorman 2 2 Rock Hill 3 2 Boiling Springs 3 0 Woodruff 5 0 Rock Hill 5 0 Northwestern 5 I Union 4 0 Northwestern 5 3 Dorman 2 V________________ 159WRESTLING Upper Left: Brad Tallant gets ready for his opponent. Upper Right: Chris Needs makes his move. Middle Left: JUNIOR VARSITY: First Row: Alex Buppe, Kevin Sullivan. Second Row: Jamie Godfrey, Scott Sentell. David Grant, Germaine Littlejohn, Michael Mullinax, Dalton Foster, Peter Benson, Blake Poole. Third Row: Jamie Blackwell, Michael Schneider, Nat Benson, Andy Jennings, Matt Cox, Spence Barnhill, Shawn Harmon, Jeff Coyle. Fourth Row: I wis Littlejohn, Benji Peterson, Shannon .Sentell, David Cline, Jay Gaino. Middle Right: Brad Tallant gets a take down. Lower Right: VARSITY: First Row: Jamie Keeter, David Miller. Second Row: Toney Littlejohn, Kenneth Miller, Johnny Wilkins, Ronnie Scruggs, Michael Patterson, Leonard Mullinax, Chris Needs, Johnny McDaniel, David Sellars. Bobbie Brown. Third Row: Brian Thoms, Theodore Hopper, Brad Tallant, Franklin Rackley, Billy Fowler, Charles Dawkins, Benji Steagall, Alex Cash, Carey Cumberlander. 160f— WRESTLING SCORKBOARI) (9 Wins — 5 I-osscs) GHS Opp. 30 Chester 43 42 Buford 30 5th Bearcat Invitational 7th Crest Invitational 48 Union 26 51 Byrnes 12 42 Chester 30 39 Boiling Springs 31 6 Rock Hill 61 21 Dorman 39 28 Northwestern 38 34 Lancaster 33 45 Buford 27 54 Union 15 52 Landrum 15 L 10 Spartanburg 52 7 The wrestling team ended its season with an overall record of 9 wins and 5 losses. The team finished fifth in the Region II-4A tournament. I eonard Mullinax finished second (158 lbs.), Chris Needs (115 lbs.) was third, Jamie Keeter (122 lbs.) finished fourth, David Miller (148 lbs.) was third and Steve Campbell (170 lbs.) finished fourth. Mullinax, Miller and Needs qualified for the Upper State tournament. Congratulations to the wrestlers and coaches for a great season. Good luck in the future. Pictures: Team takes time out to demonstrate their best moves. 161EERLEADERS Upper Right: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Susan Edwards. Yolunda Allen, Debra Kanipe, Carrie Conrad, Melanie Meetze, Kelly Brown, Jane Tate, Angela Mullinax. Middle I eft: Carrie Conrad. Middle Right: Kelly Brown. Lower left: Yolunda Allen. Lower Right: Jane Tate.Upper Left: Susan Edwards. Upper Right: Melanie Meetze, Head Cheerleader. Middle Ix-ft: Debra Kanipe. Middle Right: Angela Mullinax. I.ower Left: JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Amy Boheler, Chrissy Ellis, Kristi Dren-non, Stacy Smith, Tammy Stevenson. Hope Whelchel, Jackie Miller. 163SENIOR Athletes 164I Glenn M ISI I R ilielhl j.rtruswipqwlYou Are Cordially Invited to Participate Unite Excel Compete EXPLORE Supporti 170 Student Council The purposes of the Student Council of CHS is to provide a basis for the student government, to speak for the student body, to promote good citizenship and interest in school activities, to develop qualities of leadership, to promote better understanding between teachers and students, and to promote the general welfare of the school. Upper Right: Brandon SwofTord. President. Lower Left: STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS: Missy Abernathy, Bryan Ashby, Hunter Ashby, Allison Ashley, Keel) Blackwood. Amy Boheler. Ann Bolinger, Tracy Bostic, Robin Bradley, Christy Bridges, Michael Bridges, Kelly-Brown, Kim Byars, Kim Carr, Sheila Coggins. Shannon Dill. Pam Dye. Susan Edwards, Sonya Jarrell. I-aura Jolley, Wendy Kernals, Ruby I-ee, Susan Martin, Travis Mauney, Melanie Mectze, Pam Patterson, Vickie Phillips, Cindy Scrcno. Beth Stacy, Brandon Swofford, Michele Timmerman, Cindy Thompson, Catherine Wood. I.ower Right: Mrs. Patricia Sarratt, Adviser.Upper I cfC: Allison Ashley, Vice-President. Upper Ri ht: Melanie Meetze, Secretary. Lower I .eft: Vickie Phillips, Treasurer. l-ower Rit;ht: Student Council members are introduced to the student body by President Brandon S wofford. 171172The Senate is the legislative group of the Student Body. Its purposes are the same as the Student Council. The Senate consist of one representative elected from each homeroom by secret ballot. An alternate shall also be elected. The Senate has the power to form committees and adopt projects that do not conflict with those of the Student Council. I«eft: Members of the Senate recite their pledge to the student body. Middle Left: Mrs. Peggy McF.lveen and Miss Bobbie Wood, Advisers. Middle Right: Sonya Ruppe. Treasurer. Lower Left: Yolanda Adams, Secretary. 173Upper Ix-ft: Lisa MeBee, Business Manager and Photographer. Upper Right: Christy Bridges. Editor. lamer I eft: Laura Parker and Michele Ledford, News Editors. Middle Right: Mrs. Phyllis Curtis and Mr. Don Wilson, Advisers. Lower Right: Shari Leach and Sean Mooney, Sports Editors. 174Upper Left: Micheal Shaw, Charlene Smith, Joanna Willard. Angela Scruggs, Charlene Littlejohn, Business Staff. Upper Right: Lisa Cash and Mary Abernathy, Feature Editors. Middle Iarft: I.aura Parker, Mary Abernathy. Cindy Thompson. Christy Bridges. Lisa McBee, Michele l edford, Lisa Cash, Sean Mooney, Stephen I-ong, and Shari I .each, Indian Post Staff. I-ower I-eft: Stephen I-ong, Graphics. Lower Right: Scott Ramsey. Photographers 175CHEROKEEAN The Cherokeean captures in pictures the events and happenings of each school year. It is produced and edited by and for the students of G.H.S. The staff hopes that this will be a treasured possession for many years to come. 176Middle I.eft: Robbin Hardy and Robin Yan-nello. Classes Editors. Middle Right: Cinder Waters, Junior Typist. Left: Susan Allison. Wend) Blackwood, Pam Patterson. Sandra Gibson. Angela McGill. Junior Staff. Opposite Page: Upper Left: l-aura Beth Inman and Kay Allison, Editors. Upper Right: Mrs. Linda Bratton, Advisor. Lower Left: I.ori Stuard. Senior Typist. Lower Right: Sonya Clary. Business Editor. 177Beta Clubs The purpose of the Beta Clubs is to promote scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship at Gaffney Senior High School. We salute the students at the right for achieving this honor during their three-year high school program. They are: Kay Allison, Bryan Ashby, Robert Aughtry, Jony Bolinger, Wess Brewer, Christy Bridges, Kelly Brown, Cheri Cerny, Tommy Childers, Sonya Clary, Carrie Conrad, Leanne Corbett, Marcia Davis, Susan Edwards, David George, Craig Hill, Mark Howell, Angie Littlejohn. James Martin, Susan Martin, Melanie Mcetze, Lisa McSwain, Donna Parker, Marc Rodgers, Daniel Schneider, Cynthia Thompson, Stacy Vassey, Jar-raid Woodcock. Middle Left: Daniel Schneider, President; Stacy Vassey. Vice-President; Donna Parker, Secretary; Cheri Cerny, Treasurer. I ower Right: Tommy Childers presided at the candlelight ceremony to install all members of the Beta Clubs. Middle Right: The Alpha Beta Club. Miss Susan Redfearn and Dr. Helen Callison sene as advisors for the Alpha Club. 178Upper Left: Beam Beta Club. Upper Right: Wendy Blackwood. Secretary; Sandra Gibson. Treasurer; Shelley Neill, Vice-President; Queenie Little. President. Middle Left: Ome a Beta Club. Middle Right: Chad Webb. Treasurer Keith Elder, President; Sharon Gaffney, Secretary; John McDaniel. Vice-President. Iawer I-eft: The Beta Club officers give the significance of each colored candle during installation services. .Mrs. Mary Michael and Mrs. Barbara Price.Advisors — Beam Beta Club. Miss i vetta Sherrill and Mr. Whitefoord Smith. Advisors — Omega Beta Club. 179Fisherman Club Eddie Baker, Adviser. Quill and Scroll Mrs. Phyllis Curtis, Adviser. ISOLatin Club IluRh Fincher, Adriser. 181Computer Club Mrs. Frances Farish and Mrs. Peggy McFIveen, Advisers. Bible Clubs French Club Tommy Wright, Eugene Upchurch, Mrs. Eleanor Pettit, Mrs. Mrs. Margie Touchberry and Mrs. Renee Love, Advisers. Marilyn Stevenson, Advisers. Spanish Club Mrs. Ellie Smith, Adviser.Model United Nations Mrs. Tcdi Gibbons and Whitefoord Smith, Advisers. Julie Shelton presides at meeting. 2DL .1 aspa J.BJB an-r Library Assistants Miss Susan Redfearn and Mrs. Hazel Lovelace. Advisers. Reading Club Mrs. Linda Brasinjtton and Mrs. Ilazel Lovelace. Advisers. Future Teachers Club Mrs. I.inda Bratton, Adviser. 18318-4 Junior AFROTC Flight A Flight B Flight CFlight D The ROTC Colorguard present the flags during assembly programs. Academic Society Col. Ballard and Sgt. Seay .AdvisersALIVE Club Miss Danctte Montgomery and Mrs. Kathy Beheler, Advisers. Middle Left: ALIVE Club members ha e fun dancing. Middle Right: Miss Montgomery, Cindy Sereno, Stephen Long, Pam Dye Mechanical Drawing Club A1 Pittman, Adviser. 186Office and Guidance Workers Photography Club I)«n Wilson, Adviser. Pop Choir Mrs. Ramona Ross. Adviser. 187Model Rocketry Club Col. Ballard and SrI. Seay, Advisers. Science Club Mrs. Terri Bedford. Advisers. Art Honor Society Mrs. Charlotte Brown, Adviser. F.H.A. Club IK8 Mrs. Kathy Beheler and Miss Danette Montgomery, Advisers.The G.H.S. Chorale Upper I-eft: CHORALEFirst Row: Nicole Bonner, Michelle Blanton, Mary Hardin, Carla Phillips. De De Owens, Wanda Smedley, Travis Bonner, Tim Smith, Michael Campbell, Michael McElveen, Benji Steagall, Tammy Stevenson, Tow-anna Wilson, Jackie Miller, Barbara McCluney, Nena Thompson, Joy Mullis. Second Row: Kim Thompson, Wanda White, Vickie Phillips, Donna Hammons, Clarissa Allen, Maurice Davis, Malic Merchant, Chris Littlejohn, Todd Ruppe, I.a-mont Wilkins, Bernard Williams, Jonathan Mullinax, Pam Webb. Cindy Allen, Tina Dawkins, Ruby Lee, Kim Golden, Betsy Wilcox. Third Row: Lisa Kelly, Tiffany Caskey, Rocky Dawkins. Tiffany Watkins, Yolunda Allen, I-amonda McDowell, Kevin Harnmet, Charles Goodwin, Ronnie Gunnan, Patrick Corry, Calvin Smith, .Scott Brown, Tim Houey, Shannon Goodwin, Kasidra Mayes, Toni Kirby, Tracy Barnhill, Joy Huskey, Beverly Huskey. Middle I eft: Mrs. Ramona Ross, Director. Middle Right: Chorale sings for the Cherokee County Christmas tree lighting after the parade amid freezing cold temperature. Lower Left: Student Directors and Accompanist — Mary Hardin, Maurice Davis, Kim Thompson. 189Chorale students who traveled to Columbia to sing for the Governor's Christmas tree lighting service: First Row: Wanda Smedley, Wanda White, Tawanna Wilson, Tammy Stevenson, Tracie Barnhill, N'ena Thompson. Kim Golden. Second Row: Tiffany Watkins, Carla Phillips. Jackie Miller, Mary Hardin, Pam Webb, Jay Huskey, Kersidra Mayes, Ruby I e. Third Row: Travis Bonner, Tim Smith, John Berry, Charles Goodwin, Todd Ruppe. Middle Left: Chorale students sing for Christmas assembly. Middle Right: Chorale members have a good time in the Christmas parade. Lower Right: ALLSTATE CHORUS: First Row: Michael McElveen, Benji Steagall, Kevin Hammett, Mar Hardin, Barbara McCluney, Johnathan Mullinax. Second Row: Travis Bonner, Patrick Corry, Iim Smith, Johnny Berry. 190191The G.H.S. Marching Band Above: The Marching Band. lower I -eft: Mr. Glen Cason, Mr. Francis Norris, Mr. Buist Farmer — Band Directors. Lower Right: Stephanie Vincent, Drum Major. 192Left: Cassandra Johnson. Scott Ramsey, Stephanie Vincent, Michael Sulli an, Kerri Grubb, Executive Officers. Right: Band members clown around during half-time. SENIOR BAND MEMBERS: First Row: Tim Bostic, Fami Baillie. Jony Bolinger, Laurie Edwards, Stephanie Vincent, Crystal Camp, Presphonia Burris, Ellen Karesh, Kerri Grubb. Second Row: Scott Ramsey, Joe Monter, Robbie Aughtry, Thomas Davis, Eric Vassy, Michael Sullivan. David Clary. The band performs during half-time at all football games. Their contribution to our football games are greatly appreciated. They practice many hours each week to represent our school. Thanks to all band members for their dedication and hard work.First Row: Renee Littlejohn, Jan Wallace, Ann Bolinger, Second Sergeants; Stephanie Vincent, Drum Major; Ellen Karesh. First Lieutenant; Presphoniu Burris. Travel Officer; Pam Baillie. First Sergeant. Second Row: Cassandra Johnson. Colorguard Captain; Robbie Aughtry, Second Lieutenant; Scott Ramsey, Band Captain; Eric Vassy, First Lieutenant; Michael Sullivan, Percussion Captain; Kevin Lomax, Assistant Drum Major, Kerri Grubb. Colorguard Captain. Middle Left: Band performs at the state championship football game. Middle Right: Looking good, Stephanie. lamer Right: First Row: Teresa Owens, Betsy Wilcox, Deborah Wylie, Robin Stevenson, Stefanie Moore, Pam Carroll, Laura Messer. Candice Shippy, Christa Holmes. Pam Webb. Second Row: Tam-mie Spencer, Antonette Littlejohn. Cassandra Johnson. Captain; Kerri Grubb. Captain; Aretha Baker. Gwendolyn Jefferies, Jackie Crawford, Kristie Smith — Colorguard. 194Beam Bela Club p. 179 Miss Abcrnalh) Wlison Ashley Keely Blackwood Wendy Blackwood Tracey Bostic Bruce Brallon Kim Carr Lisa Cash Sandra Gibson Teresa Holcombe Will Queenie Little Brian Littlejohn I isa Mabry Angela McGill Shelley Neill I .aura Parker Gina Parker Cassandra Petrine KetanShah Susan Shirley Christy Sims Belh Stacy Tonia Strain Jerry Willard Ginger Waters Omega Beta Club p. 179 Hunter Ashby Crystal Atkins Tam-y Bagwell Amy Blackwell Toisan Blackwell Amy Boheler Clay Boheler Robert Bolin Michelle Bridges Stacey Bridges Mark Cassillas Alex Cash Robin Childers Travis Childers Beth Cobb Lisa Crocker Michael Cudd Deanna Dickson Tracy Dickson Chris Dover Keith F.lder Jane Klntore Sharon Gaffney DanaGossell Dawn Grubbs Keely Hoffman Pitt) Horton Fred Howell Joy Huskey Wcndi Kernals David Kirby Ruby I A-e Jimmy Lyle Joseph Mathis John Mayfield Karen McAloney John McDaniel Sabrina Mitchem Ange Morgan Krik Murray Stacy Oakes Tony Parker Sallie Phillips Jennifer Randolph Leslie Scruggs Mary Shoaf Julie Shelton Stacy Smith Dan Stacy Kim Stroud Club Rosters Shannon Swofford Tonya Tanner James I hompson (ills Senatep. 172 lammy Peeler Jony Bolinger Scott Ramsey Cheri Cerncy Debbie Parker Dway ne Smiley Stephen long Connie Reeves James Byers Robyn Caggiano Anita Lipscy Angela Ferguson David George Angela Hambright Mary Abernathy Susan Shirley Delisa Queen Olisha Jackson Tonia Strain Jay McCraw Susan Cash Lisa Mabry Sean Mooney Joanna Willard Dan Queen Angela McGill Carla Baker Ginger Waters Michele ledford Susie Williams Michael Campbell Carla Poole Frik Murray Lori Shoaf Tanya Tanner Deanna Dickson Shannon Swofford Amy Sullivan Jimmy Lyle Joy Huskey James Hickey April Orr l.ynn Board Wendy Allison Lisa Coggins Stacy Smith Jane FI I more Stacy Bridges John Mayfield Alpha Beta Club p.178 Kay Allison Bryan Ashby Robert Auglitry Jony Bolinger Wess Brewer Christy Bridges Kelly Brown Cheri Cerny Tommy Childers Sonya Clary Carrie Conrad Leanne Corbett Marcia Davis David George Craig Hill Mark Howell Debbie I-ester Angie Littlejohn James Martin Susan Martin Melanie Meet e Lisa McSwain Donna Parker Jonya Proctor Marc Rodgers Daniel Schneider Cynthia I hompson Stacy Vasscy Jcrrald Woodcock Michelle I immerman Jan Wallace lammy Wallace Chad W ebb Kenneth W hisenant Catherine Wood Ashlel Yount Girls' Block G p. 180 Beki Dixon Myra I'pchurch DeAndra Montgomery Cindy Wyatt Carla Baker Robyn Caggiano Tammie Peeler Lynn Roark icg N.iss Dee Dee Owens Leslie Humphries Robin Bradley Kim Carr Boys' Block G p. 180 Bruce Allen Michael Bridges John Byrd Marc Chandler Steve Corry Henry Cumberlander Barry Davidson Brian Dawkins Sonny Delashment I .arty Foster Scott Gibson Mike Gibson Robert Hardy Trip Hartman Brian llartsell Greg Holmes Corneal Hopson Brent Ivey Jamie Kceter Torrey I.each Laymon Manning I'ony Martin Rod Oglesby William Palmer Brian Phillips Bills Richards David Sellars Todd Sellars Trey Stag Eric Swofford Brian J horns Brian Vassy Isaac Wallace Reggie Williams Ron Wood Fishermans Club p. 180 Scott Addis Reggie Beattie Scooter Belue Robert Brown Muskie Collins Charles Dawkins Charles Fubanks Billy F'owler Joe Fuller Terry Gallman Scott Gardner Ronnie Gunnin Jeff Hambright Wayne Harris Scoit Hayes Kenny Henderson Mike Jackson Greg Jones Daryl McCluney Brian McCraw Francis McDaniel Wesley Painter Tracy Peeler Ricky late Phillip Pittman Bobby Poole David Posey Willie Putnam Michael Rector David Ross Allen Sarratt Stoney Scruggs Mitchel Swanger Derek Vercher Tim W ilkie Charles W oods Mark Young Barry Duncan Jason Vasscy James W yatt Joey Dover J im Hill Alan Reynolds Dcwayne Wilkie Robert Chumlcy Duke 11ullender Quill and Scroll p.180 Mary Abernathy Christy Bridges Sean Mooney Angela McGill Shari I .each Sandra Gibson Lisa Cash Laura Beth Inman Susan Allison Pam Patterson Sonya C lary Ginger W alers Wendy Blackwood Laura Parker Scott Ramsey Kay Allison I isa McSwain Cindy I hompson Shellev Neill Lisa McBee Michele Icdford Bus Drivers p. 181 Michele Harris Kim Thompson Rocky Dawkins Jeff Brooks Travis Mauney I’anya Shepherd Randy Baillie Kirk Smith Cliff Herrin Randal Thornburg Wayne Crowe I.atin C lub p.181 Bryan Ashby Toisan Blackwell Motte Brown Jay Cash Marcus Cash Sharon Gaffney Kim Golden Joe Monter Michael Petty Jennifer Randolph Jerry Willard Rollerskalers Club p. 181 Robin F'.arls Terel Gibbs Lisa Goode Charlton Harris Shannon Jackson David Johnson Tammy Jones Donald Lipscomb Cenora Littlejohn Connie Massey Michael Patterson Shaw Tillman Jorica Young Computer Club p. 182 Charlene Atkins Missy Childers Darren Dukes Rose FJhridge Brett Fit gerald Mollie Guyton Wanda Hancock Richard llarrill Jeff Newman Fatima Peres Cory Reid Kevin Spicer Michael Vasscy W endy Yarborough Toby Yon W illing W orkers Bible Club p. 182 Freda Alvls Presphonia Burris I-emon Ellis Robin F'oster Sharon Oglesby W anda Smedley Flaine Wycoff Thomas Golden Bible Club p. 182 I'ina Cook Lisa McCraw Buffie Simmons Katie Williams Caroline Coyle Christy Clary Kim Hodge l.ynn Reynolds Rochelle Reynoldson Kristi Smith Shane Belue Tracy Biddix Tammy Cook Kathy Reynolds Maranatha Bible Club p. 182 Trade Blanton Maria I skanicAnthony Dover Mary Shippy Denise Buckson Bobbin Lee Foster I .orie Jefferies Kenea Littlejohn Kristi Smith ' ) rV -| : ■ Spanish Hub p. 182 Cindy Mills Cathy Goforth Kelly Gamble Benji McSwain Shea Spruill Shawn Tillman John Burgess Michelle Stacy Fric Buppe Vincent Wilkins Herman W allace French Club p. 182 Mary Abernathy Tammy Bailey Pam Baillic Anthony Berry Tracv Biddix Lisa Blackwell Stacy Bridges Vicki Bright Hope Brown Lisa Cash Ann Childers Melissa Childers Melissa Childers Bobert Chumley Su y Clary Beth Cobb Becky Daniel Shanese Dawkins Chris Dover Jane Flmore Bose Fthridge Sabrina Federico Kim Fowler l.isaGrigg Dawn Grubbs Wanda Hancock Brian llartsell Kecly Hoffman Teresa Holcombe Penny I lorne Patricia Horton Joy Huskey Tracy Jamison Su anne Keller Gina Lipsocmb Debra 1-oftis Karen McAloney Lisa McBec la Mi( raw John McDaniel Kim McGaha Lisa McSwain Shelley Neill Jim Nelson Jeff Newman April Orr Donna Parker Bichard Parker Tony Parker Lisa Peeler Cassandra Perrinc Donna Petty Salli Phillips Deanna Phipps Genene Pinson Carla Poole Shawn Poteat Claudia Price Kim Price Tonya Proctor Scott Ramsey Kim Bandolph Missy Beid 1« Bhyne Cristyl Bichards Sonja Buppe I .aura Sanders Anita Scruggs Stoney Scruggs Cindy Sereno Susan Shirley David Shy ties Steven Sigmon Missy Smarr Charlene Smith Cindy Sparks Dana Spencer Tammy Spencer Kim Stroud Jane Tale Cindy I hompson Trade Wheat Betsy Wilcox Lisa Wiley Gary Winston l.isa Wood Wendy Yarborough Toby Von Model United Nations p. 183 Daniel Schneider Ketan Shah Will Link Brian llartsell Julie Shelton Jane Flmore Toisan Blackwell Lisa Crocker Shelley Neill Library Assistants p. 183 Barbara J. Bridges Frances Clyde Melisa Mullinax Bobby Poole Carol Blackwood Tony Byer Tanva Mullinax Becky Daniel Donna Petty Kim Bandolph Su anne Smiley Amy Higgins Myra Mullinax Teresa Childers Lisa Coggins Begina Simmons Fli abeth Milwood Sheila Painter Beading Club p. 183 Debbie Bennet Crystal Camp Stephanie Marlin Donna Maschino Bachel Painter Su anne Smalley Johnnie Wood Bobin Yannello Teresa Brow n I am mi Jackson Debbie Maschino Thomas Andrews David Linder Daphne Mullinax lammy Hill Future Teachers Club p. 183 Susan Allison Bonnie Blackwood Bobby Blanton Missy Byars Donna Hammons I racy Duckett Caroline Fwing Shannon Gibson David Gilfillan Julie Goforth Bobert Hogue Kim Hollis Christa James Charlene Littlejohn Bobyn Moorhead Jammy Mullikin Marcella Poole Sandra Scales Candice Short Debbie Wy lie Jill Wylie Lisa Wood AFJBOJC A Flight p. 184 Frances Corry Jerry Willard Tim Smith Tyrone Brown Brenard Williams Yolanda Bobbs Brian llartsell Danny lowing Jackie Crawford Clarence Dover Cindy Gardner Sandy Jackson W illiam Jenkins Glenn McFIroy Denise Shippy Chris Kirby AFJBOTCB Flight p. 184 Jason Belue Teresa Phillips Tamika Hollis Stephanie Dukes Stephanie Crosby J errs Bridges Bick Wylie Brian Iticker Lavmon Manning Ricky late Wesley Tov nsend Michael Shaw Brian Millen Wesley Knuckles Steven Chester Tor Fllstrom AFJBOJCC Flight I-atonja Dawkins I odd Petty Yolanda Griffis Fugene Guyton Orville Durham Angela Wilson Tracy Littlejohn Greg Fills Tonic Kirby Bobbie Thompson J im Smith Jonca Young Thomas Andrews Brian Gibbs Tracy Peeler J im Houcy Fric Buppe Calvin Jefferies Deanna Manley J ammy Spencer Doug Allison Sean Littlejohn Thomas Beid Travis Bonner Fd Davidson Frik Murray Douglas George AFJBOJC 1) Flight p. 185 Christa Brown Charon Goodwin Wade late Debbie Sims Bobin Bobber Donald Littlejohn Kenny Norris Christa Holmes 1 eiCSa Owens Deanna Bankin Frances Davis David Crosby Jonathan Mullinax Scott Blanton Jerry Belue Greg Jones David Bollins Charles Woods Cass Cassillas Nicole I hompson Samuel Gaffney Barn Millen Bick Hicks Dale Petty AFJROTC E Flight p. 185 Tammy Jones Frank Davis Wendy Allison Kesha Knight Charlene Atkins Angela Fowler Gerald Cooksey Jeff Wilson Jesse Jones Shannon Goodwin Bobert Stoddard Brian Millen Brad Huskey Karen Smith Patty Horton Bose Fthridge Jimmy Brown I im Henderson Rodney Dover Bodger Byers Bod Oglesby AFJ BOTC Academic Society p. 185 Wendy Allison Jason Belue Jerry Belue Cass Cassillas Gerald Cooksey David Crosby Stephanie Crosby Frank Davis Bose Fthridge Brian llartsell Patty Horton Greg Jones Danny lowing Tracy Littlejohn Barry Millen Brian Millen Jonathan Mullinax Frik Murray Dale Petty Fric Buppe I im Smith l ummy Spencer Jerry Willard Charles Woods AliveC lubp. 186 Mary Abernathy Thomas Andrews Linda Armstrong I-ori Bagwell Pami Baillie Carla Baker Christine Barnhill Angie Bvheler John Berry Sonya Black Amy Blackwell T ravis Bonner Christy Bridges Michael Bridges Gina Bright Vicki Bright Hope Brown Kelly Brown John Burgess Angela Butler Jerry Byers Bobyn Caggiano Meg Canaan Kim Carr Kim Childers Missy Childers Angie Clary Su .y Clary Carrie Conrad Melinda Covington Terry Crocker Libby Curry Clarence Dover Susie l uffie Lisa I)uffie Pam Dye l-auri Fdwards Crissy Ellis T rice Fllis Dewayne Estes Tina Flythe Angela Fowler Bobbie Fowler Kristi Fowler David George Doug George J im Giles Marvctte Girdner David Goforth Dawn Gossett l-eonia Graham Pam Guyton Monty Hall Kevin Hammett W anda Hancock Candace Harmon Jennifer Harmon Jamie Harper (Jiff Herrin James Hickey Darrell High Craig Hill Patti Horton Candy Janen Sonja Jarrell Becky Johnson Taminy Jones Keasha Knight Debbie lister Anita I.ipscy Kevin I-omax Stephen l-ong Bhonda Mabry Susan Martin Dcbie Maschino Karen McAloney Lisa McBee Scott Meadows Melanie Meet e Melissa Meeser Joe Monter Monica Morano Angela Mullinax Tina Newell Billie Jo O'Conner William Palmer I-ori Parker Charlie Patton Tanimic Peeler J racy Pritchard Carla Poole Melissa Ramsey Scott Ramsey Michael Rector J racy Bichards Cristyl Bichards Todd Bichards Sonja Buppe Angie Scruggs Cindy Sereno Susan Smiley l-ori Shoaf 196Kim Simmons Su annc Smalley Kirk Smith Stacy Smith Tim Smith Kim Spencer Kevin Stacc) Benji Steagall Am Sullivan Michael Sullivan Brandon Swofford Tanya Tanner Jane late Nena Thomas ( indy T hompson Robbie Thompson Michelle Timmerman DanaTorctt Stephanie T urner Meg Vassev Jan Wallace Mathew Watkins Bobby Whelchel Dawn White Katie Williams Cynthia Wilson Catherine Woodcock Debbie Wy lie Jill Wylie l.isa Wylie Ashley Yount Kelly Stanley Bernard Robinson Wendy Allison Renea Henderson Janice Carey Mechanical Drawing Club p. 186 Todd Roberson David Poole Scott Stacy Cindy Harris Michael Quinn Jason Stroup Dale Petty Brodie Cook Mark Parris Chris Dover Delisa Queen Shannon Phillips Rooney Harry is Chris Nance Jay Cash John Ice Ryan Childers Mark Gallman T odd Hughes Kevin Price Christine Barnhill Mark Martin Mike Mullinav Brian Jackson Jeff Drake laronard Mullinav Joanie Martin Troy Humphries Monty Hall David Johnson Stacy Garner Bill l.ambright JoJo Pierce Bob Henry Cindy Atkins Randall Whitaker Howard Smiley Randy Riddle Office Workers p. 187 Jane Tate Sheila Coggins Betsy Miller l.isa McCraw Jonnie Bolinger I.ibby Phillips Marc Rodgers Sonja Ruppe I ibhy Curry Guidance Workers p. 187 Lori Love Melissa Jenkins Christine Barnhill Debbie Parker Becky Johnson Tina Cook Candice Short Karen Nance Denise Shippy Carrie Conrad Missy Smarr Donna Hammons Kerri Grubb Photography Club p. 187 Paula Kdwards Pam Webb Carlton Means Todd Sellars Kim Fowler David Clary Kim Price Beth l aughlin Donna Smith T eresa Owens James Byers Kim Durham I-ori Ruppe Stephanie Vincent Candace Harmon I.ibby Phillips Kric Vassy Angela Hambright Christy Sims Randy Phillips Stacy Garner I -aura Beth Inman Jimmy Brown Mark McDaniel Dewaync McAbee Kdward Shepherd Sidney Weaver Carol McAbee Anita l.arfcnt Kim Spent. Michael Gib. Russ Wright Kersidra Mayes Jackie Hogue T heresa I.indscy Shannon Goodwin Cindy Runifclt Parker Chambers Jim Parker Karen Nance Jackie Crawford Pop Choir p. 187 Flainc Allen Keilha Allen Anthony Berry Michelle Blanton Travis Bonner Heather Bratton Tina Dawkins Charles Goodwin Talisa Kelly Donald I.itilejohn Barbara McCluncy Michael McFIveen Corey McCluney Jonathan Mullinav Crystal Montgomery Flainc Posey Tammy Stevenson Benji Steagall T im Smith Tawanna Wilson Science Club p. 187 Gerald Cooksey Wesley Knuckles Frank Davis Bobbi Fow ler Meg Canaan Kevin l.omav Richard T urner John Westbrooks ( hHs Needs Ronnie Scruggs Malik Merchant Rocket Club p. 188 Tyrone Brown Jackie Crawford Brian llartsell William Jenkins Danny lowing Glenn McF.lroy Jerry W illard Jason Belue Steven Chester Brian Millen Teresa Phillips Michael Shaw Wes Tow nsend Brian l ucker Fddie Wallace Rick Wylie Douglas Allison Brian Gibbs Tonie Kirby Sean I.itilejohn Tracy I.itilejohn Frik Murray Tracy Peeler Thomas Reid Charles Ruppe Robert T hompson Jerry Belue Scott Blanton Christa Brown Cass Cassillas Sharon Goodwin Rick Hicks Christy Holmes Greg Jones Barry Millen Jonathan Mullinav Teresa Owens Deanna Rankin Debbie Sims Wade 1 all-Charles Woods Wendy Allison Charlene Atkins Richard Bridges Rose Ft bridge Shannon Goodwin T im Henderson Patty Horton Jessie Jones Keasha Knight Alan Reynolds Robert Stoddard Art Honor Society p. 188 Brian Bailey Vincent W ilkins Matt Compton Sara Ramsey John Hambright Donald Montgomery Kric Blanton Adrian Fugene Theodore Hopper Mancy McSwain Fric Cash Fric Blanton Robin Childers Karen Reynolds Ashley Yount Stephen I-ong F.H.A. Club p. 188 Tracy Allen Cathy Banks Debbie Blackwell T racia Bonner Michelle Bullock Margret Camp Frances Corry Sally Cox Caroly n Douglas Clarence Dover Paula Dover Anthony Garrett MarvettcGirdner Connie Hughes Sabrina Huskey Demelra Lockhart Donna Jefferies Regina Phillips Savrita Ratchford T onya Shepard Angela Sizemore Stacey Sizemore Lanettcl ate Kirk Smith Michelle Tessner Kim Thomas Yolanda Vanlue Science Club p. 188 l-ee Rhyne Kelly Mullinav Betsy Wilcox Tammy Spencer Kevin ixtmav Amy Sullivan James Hickey Robert Stoddard Rodney Dover Constan a Jefferies Christie Drennon David Shylles Allen Sarratt Kristie Smith I arsli.i Ellis Tonya Bruno Wendi Kernals Michael Cudd Amy M. Blackwell Michael Rector Jeff Newman Jeffrey Hicks Vincent Wilkins W anda Watts l.isa Wylie I .auric Fdwards Marching Band p. 192 Flutes Robbie Aughtry Myra Mullinav Candy Johnson Pami Baillie Jony Bolinger I'racy Jamison Tish Shaw Amy Sullivan Crystal Camp lavretta Guyton Chery l Bishop Tarsha I.itilejohn Page Davis Clarinets Wanda Humphries Julie Byers Rene Dawkins Jeff Cudd Mollie Guyton Sheila Painter Tracy Humphries Melinda Fuller Charlotte Stuard Susan Foster Phylis Vanlue Tracy Byers Tina Newell Cindy Kelly Tania White T arsha Ellis Constan a Jefferies Saxophones Scott Ramsey Jan Wallace Angela Smith Brad Smith Alphonso Tate Deanna Dickson Christy Atkins Matt Humphries Michael Bolinger Kevin I.omav Ryan Neill Trumpet David Clary Fric Vassy Reggie Brow n Melissa I lorn Fdward Bland Mark McDaniel James Hickey Scott Horton Ann Bolinger Trumpet Melissa Mullinav Dwight Ricollespurger I cann Messer Chad Cash Michael Aycock Mellophone Stacy Vassev Pam Price Donnie Flmore Jeffery Harmon Trombone l im Bostic Fllcn Karesh Ronnie Gilmer Pres Burris Russ W right David Sylles Parker Chambers Doug Allison Greg Poole Baritone Horn Steve Osborne lavri Fggcrs Kenny Henderson John Mullinav Tuba ThomasC. Davis Patrick Johnson Percussion Michael Sullivan Doug Humphries Men Bishop Wes Foster Jim Parker Jeremy Martin Wesley Gardner Meg Canaan Man in Tate Kenny Norris Joe Monter Carey Cumbcrlandcr Cameron Jolley Ijiura Jolly I-auric Fdwards Drum Major Stephanie Vincent Flags Kerri Grubb Cassandra Johnson Christa Holmes Jackie Crawford Stefanie Moore Christy Baily Kristie Smith Candice Shippy Pam Carrol Pam W ebb Betsy Wilcox Deborah Wiley l iura Messer Robin Carr Aretha Baker Robin Stevenson Jessie Barnett Antionette Littlejohn Teresa Owens Tammie Spencer : 197 mm — ----■—m------------------kb—m---------mum--------------------sum—!■■■■■ :o. ■— -a .____________________ .________________________________________________________________________________You Are Cordially Invited to Participate Unite Excel Compete Explore SUPPORT STREET (f DRUGS i Variety y Stores )WARE JFORD ST. IEY S.C. -3148 LL 10 PMADVERTISERS Recruiter — SFC Bob Havird 489-9898 or 489-6572 S.C. ARMY NATIONAL GUARD Contact Your Local National Guard Armory The new G. I. Bill offers $140 per month to further your education. Plus $80 per month for one week-end per month drill. 200BUFORD STREET DRUGS TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 314 E. Buford Street GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA 29340 489-8595 JhwiVa ui Jib oe $uice Beatty, 3nc. RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL SERVICE CUSTOM BUII.T HOMES JOEL B. BRICE BROKFR 718 K. FREDERICK ST., GAFFNEY, S.C. ca REALTOR’ Compliments of United Cities Gas 1401 N. Logan St. 489-2565 Compliments Compliments of of Cherokee Auto Supply Ingles 2204 Cherokee Ave. Cherokee Plaza 489-6088 489-2497 201 ADVERTISERSADVERTISERS S market McCRAW HARDWARE 118 Mill St. Gaffney, SC 29340 PIEDMONT WHOLESALE (803)489-2122 SUPPLY, INC. Compliments of... 2212 E. Fredrick St. Plumbing Electrical Vic’s Tire Hardware Welding “We buy factory Auto Service direct to save 120 E. 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THE GAFFNEY MALL • FLOYD BAKER BLVD. • GAFFNEY, S.C. 29340 487-7350 BRANNON’S Fish and Steak House 1014 Floyd Baker Blvd. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 487-4611 218TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Balfour Class Rings, Caps and Gowns, Graduation Invitations, Yearbooks Whit Cline, Representative 6 Clusters Court Columbia, S.C. 29210 798-5134 CHEROKEEAN BUSINESS STAFF: First Row: Susan Allison. Wendy Blackwood. Laura Beth Inman. I.isa McSwain. Second Row: Pam Patterson. Sandra Gibson. Susan Martin, l-ori Stuard. Sonya Clary. Kay Allison. ADVERTISERSADVERTISERS Women’s Clinic M. H. Jafroodi, M.D. Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist 303 W. Birnie St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 487-5130 201 Carolina St. Blacksburg, S.C. 29702 839-4700 220 5 Southern Bank ■0 P.O. Box 1090 Gaffney, South Carolina 29340 Soon you're going to need a bank! Wd like to be the one. SOUTHERN BANK Gwen O. Cooper Customer Sen ice Representative Telephone 803 487-8900 FASHION ENGRAVERS Rt. 3 Box 4 Gaffney, S.C. 487-5162 BENNETT'S HARDWARE "Where Customers Are Friends” Route 3 • Box 44 W. J. ‘'Bill” B«nnett Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Owner Hwy. 105 and 42 Phone (803) 487-7355 1 4 Mile from 1-85 Hospital 469-3145 MOur») J. M BOUNCER. D V M p] qatfney animal hospital J P O BOX 1333 GAFFNEY S C »3«? OFFICE HOURS DAIl V 9 l?AM 4 (PM SATURDAY 9 10 AM SUNDAY fly APPOINTMENT Ntil To S.wler B'oi SPARTANBURG HWY LITTLE’S MOBILE SERVICE We give top value service 489-4734 222 N. Limestone St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Wrecker Sen ice Fuel Oil Delivery BROWN FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Waterbeds Appliances TV’s Stereos 113 E. Fredrick St. Gaffney, S.C. 29340 (803) 489-8595 221 ADVERTISERSADVERTISERS ASSOCIATES BOOKKEEPING TAX SERVICE “Complete Tax and Bookkeeping Services" James H. Morton EA No. 20794 “Enrolled to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Sen ice” Tax Consultors: Yvonne II. 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Morris Olan Mills Studios Overbrook Beauty Salon Christian D. Padgett Piedmont Cablevision Dr. Edgar M. and Dr. Mark J. Poole, Optometrists Dr. L. M. Rosemond Victor Sarratt Self and Sons Jew elers Styles Unlimited Taylor-Watson Furniture Co., Inc. The Style Shack TNS Mills Warehouse Video Wade S. Weatherford, III Willard's Nash Dr. Randall Moss and Representative Donna Moss 228A Ahmad. I)r. Man oor. M.D. 228 All I hat's Music 215 Alla's Beauty Shop 228 Associate Book keeping 222 B Baker's Auto Repair 222 Barrett. Dr. W. R. 228 Belk 222 Bennett’s Hardware 221 Benson-Bishop 203 Blanton's Wrecker 203 Brannon's Fish and Steakhouse 218 Broflkvicw House 217 Brow n's Family Fish Camp 228 Brown Furniture 221 Brown's Market 202 Brumbach. Dr. W. K. 228 Buffalo Speedway 214 Buford Street Drag 201 Buice, Joe Realty 201 c CAS Bank 206 Cablevision 228 Carolina Properties A Master Builders Carroll, Dr. James M. 228 Cathcart. Dr. John H. 228 Cherokee Auto Supply 201 Cherokee County Animal Hospital 228 Cherokee Landscaping 207 City of Gaffney 207 Comfort Heating 210 Community Cash 212 Cooper A Son Plumbing Company 228 Cudd, James 210 Cudd, Ijovelace Agency 217 Curry’s Studio 224 D Davis, Dr. N. W. 228 Diamond Showcase 228 E Elmer’s Candy Shoppe 206 F FamiIs Vision Center 208 Fashion Engravers 221 F'ast Fare 224 First Piedmont F'ederal 212 Flythe Motors 215 Franks Plumbing 210 Freeman Gas 228 G GAS Automotive 203 Gaffney Animal Hospital 221 Gaffney Bookstore 228 Gaffney Lighting Center 228 Gaffney Manufacturing 208 Gaffney Office Supply 203 Gaffney Sporting Goods 226 Advertising Index Gallery South 205 Graham Cash 228 H Hall. Daniel. Winter. A Clary 228 Hamrick A Musgrove Mills 223 Heritage House 218 Hick’s Florist 228 Holiday Inn 228 Hubbard. Dr. John 228 Hwy. H Food Mart 213 Hyatt's Body Shop 222 I Ingles 201 Internal Medicine 208 Interstate Chemicals 203 J Jones. Edward I). A Company 228 Jones Jewelers 215 Joyce's Hair Hut 228 K Kentucky Finance 208 Kidd Printers 222 Kimbrell’s Furniture 228 L lavender Construction Company 228 L’Etoile Club 208 Limestone College 226 Limestone F'lorist 210 Linder, Dr. B. Ixc 228 Little’s Mobile Service 221 looking Glass 213 M Mac Dowell Insuranc 210 Magnolia Finishing Plant 217 Martin's Jewelers 210 McCraw Hardware 202 Miss Ann's Dance Studio 228 Morris, Dr. 228 Moss. Charles Hardware 210 Moss Mini Mart 228 N National Guard 200 N’ita's Bridal Shop 208 Norton’s Photography 224 Nu-Ia ok Beauty Shop 225 o Olan Mills Studios 228 Overbrook Beauty Salon 228 Oxford. Inc. 209 P Padgett. Christian I). 228 Paradox Farms 213 Paxson. Charles S., Ill 224 Peeler Rug Company 204 Pete’s of Gaffney 213 Piedmont Glass 215 Piedmont Wholesale Supply 202 Pizza Inn 213 Poole, Dr. E. M. 228 Profiles 222 Q Quincy's 206 R Realty Center 211 Rosemond. Dr. 1 M. 228 . s Sander's Brothers 224 Sarratt. Victor 228 Self A Sons Jewelers 228 Shear Image 213 Smith Studios 227 South Carolina National 206 Southeastern Kusan 205 Southern Bank A Trust 221 Spring City Knitting 217 Stacy Trucking Company 205 Stag Shop 210 Stephenson Ford Mercury 207 Stephenson Mobile Homes 218 Sterchis Furniture 207 StoufTers 213 Styles Unlimited 228 Sunny Dale Meats 218 T Taylor Publishing Company 218 Tavlor Watson 228 The Style Shack 228 Timken 216 I NS Mills 228 u United Cities Gas 201 USCS 226 V Vic's Tire 202 w W arehouse Video 228 Weatherford. WadeS. 228 WFGN 203 Willard's Hash 228 Winn Dixie 213 Women’s Clinic 220Faculty Index H Hall, Mrs. Gayle 38 Harris, Mrs. Judy 38 Harris, Miss Nita 38, 146 Holland. Mr. Gene 38 HufTsteller, Mr. Jay 38.133 Hurfslcller, Mrs. Louise 38 I Inabinette, Mrs. Gloria 38 J B Baker, Mr. Eddie 36,133,152 Ballard. Mr. l ed 36 Bechtler. Mr. Ted 36 Bedford, Mrs. Terri 36 Beheler, Mrs. Kathy 36 Birchfield, Mrs. Janet 36 Brasington. Mrs. Linda 36 Bratton. Mrs. I.inda 19, 36.176 Bratton. Mr. Ross 5.19.36 Brown, Mrs. Charlotte 36 Brown. Mr. Robert 36.133, 144 c Callison, Dr. Helen 36 Cannon. Mrs. Lula Mae 37 Childers, Mr. C. A. 37 Childers, Mrs. Donna 25.37 Clary. Mr. David 37.151.152 Clary, Mrs. Sharon 24.37 Cleveland, Mr. William 35 Curtis, Mr. A. L. 37.133 Curtis, Mrs. Phyllis 37.174 D Durai. Mrs. Mary 37 E Eads. Dr. Albert 18. 34 Edwards, Mrs. Rachel 37 Eggers, Mrs. Eloise 37 F Earish, Mrs. Barbara 35 Earish, Mrs. Frances 37 Farmer. Mr. Buist 192 Fincher, Dr. Hugh 37 Foster. Mr. Ed 38.133 G Gallimore. Mrs. Cheryl 37 Gibbons. Mrs. Tedi If. 24.38 Gibson, Mrs. Frances 35 Jamison, Ms. Sheila 38 Johnson, Mrs. Ellen 24. 38 L Parker, Mrs. Ruth 39 Parris. Mrs. Ann 40 Parris. Mrs. Peggy 35 Perry, Mrs. Thelma 35 Pettit, Mrs. Eleanor 40 Price, Mrs. Barbara 40 Lipscomb. Mrs. Helen 39 Love. Mrs. Renee 25,39 l velace, Mrs. Hazel 24.39 M McDaniel, Mrs. Janice 18,39 McElveen, Mrs. Peggy 39.173 McIJn. Bruce 39 Michaels. Mrs. Mary 39 Montgomery. Miss Danette 24, 25.39 Moore. Mrs. Jean 35 Morgan, Mr. Jack 39 N Quick, Mr. Vernon 35 R Redfearn. Miss Susan 24.40 Rhodes, Mr. Virgil 40 Rice, Mr. Billy Ray 40.133,155 Ross. Mrs. Ramona 24.40. 179 s Norris, Mr. Francis 39, 192 o Owens, Mrs. Eleanor Sarratt, Mrs. Patricia 24.40. 170 Sartor. Mrs. Annie G. 35 Seay. Mr. Bill 40 Shell. Dr. William 40 Sherrill, Miss LaY'etta 41 Smith, Miss Debbie 41 Smith. Mrs. Eleanor 24,41 Smith. Mr. Whitefoord 41 Smoak, Mrs. Catheryn 41 Stevenson, Mrs. Marilyn 41 T Thomas. Mr. Danny 41, 133. 156 Tomlinson, Mrs. Vickie 41 Touch berry. Mrs. Margie 41 u Upchurch. Mr. Eugene 41 w Wells. Mr. Bud 42. 144. 145 Wilson, Mr. Don 9. 42.174 Wood. Miss Bobbie 42.58,173 Wright. Mr. Tommy 42 230Student Index A Abernathy. Kathryn (Missy) 87,170 Abernathy, Mary 45, 175 Adams, Dwayne 45 Adams, Gloria Page 99 Adams. Tommy 87 Adams, Yolanda 45. 143, 173, 142 Addis. I.isa99 Addis. Scott 99 Allen. Angela 45 Allen. Bruce 45 Allen. Cindy 99. 189 Allen. Clarissa 87. 189 Allen, Johnny 99 Allen, Kcitha 99 Allen. Sheryl 45 Allen, Tracy 87 Allen, Yolunda 87,189 Allison, Anita 87 Allison, Donald 87 Allison, Douglas 99 Allison, Eric 99 Allison, Jeff 99 Allison. Kay 9.45, 176.178. 219 Allison, Susan 87, 177, 219 Allison. Tammy 45 I Allison, lony 87 Allison. W endy 99 Andrews. I humus 99 Armstrong. I.inda 45 Ashby, Br an 19,44, 45.113, 156, 164. 170. 178 Ashby, I turner 99.156,157,170 Ashley. Allison 87. 170. 171.172 Atkins. Charlene 99 Atkins. Crystal 99 Atkins. Cynthia 99 Atkins, Richard 45 Atwood. Renee 45 A ugh try, Robert 19.46, 121.125. 178. 193. 194 B Bagwell, Ivori Ann 46 Bagwell. Tammy 99 Bailey. Brian87 Bailey, Kimberly 99 Bailey, Randy 24 Bailey. Ronald 87 Bailev. Tamms 46 Bailli'e. Fame 46,193.194 Baker. Carla 87. 146.148, 149 Banks. Cathy 87 Barnhill, Christine 15. 26.46, 110 Barnhill. Gregory 87 Barnhill. Tracy 99. 189. 190 Barrett, Barry 87 Batchelor. Pamela 99 Bales. Carolyn 99 Bates. Rodney 87 Beattie. Reggie 99 Beheler, Angela 99 Belue, Ansel 46 Belue. Gregory 99 Belue, Jason 87 Belue, Jerry 99 Belue, Michael 87 Bennett. Anthony 99 Bennett, Debbie 46 Bennett. Karen 87 Berrv. Anthony 99 Berry, John 87.133, 190 Best. Dawn 87 Biddix, Tracy 99 Bishop. Kathy 87 Bishop. Mitzi 99 Black, Sonya 46 . Blackwell. Amy 99 Blackwell. Amy C. 99 Blackwell. Awa 99 Blackwell. Deborah 99 Blackwell, l isa 99 Blackwood. Bonnie 87 Blackwood. Carol 46 Blackwood. Keels 87. 170 Blackwood. Minnie 99 Blackwood, Nancy 46 Blackwood, Wendy 87.177.179, 219 Bland. Edward 99 Blanton. Bobby 87 Blanton. Chris 87 Blanton. Eric 87,150.151.152 Blanton. Gary 46 Blanton. Karen 99 Blanton. Kim .1.87 Blanton, Kimberly 99 Blanton. Scott 99. 139 Blanton. Tina 87 Blanton, Tracie 87 Bledsoe. Donald 99 Boheler, Amy 99,170 Boheler, Clay 99. 154 Bolin, Bobbs 46 Bolin. Jeff 99 Bolin, Jolie 99 Bolin, Robert 99 Bolin. Roger 99 Bolinger. Anne 87, 170, 194 Bolinger. Jons 7.47. 122. 123,178, 193 Bonner. Betty 99 Bonner. Doris 99 Bonner, Kelvin 99 Bonner. Michelle 87 Bonner. Robin 47 Bonner. Tracia 99, 189 Bonner. Travis 99,189, 190 Bostic, Tim 47,193 Bostic, Tracy 87.170 Bowen. Jeff 87 Bradley, Estelle 47 Bradley, Joe 99 Bradley. Mark 87 Bradley. Robin II. 20. 22, 25.44.47. 124.125. 127, 143.148. 149. 164. 170.142 Brannon. Elaine 99 Bratton, Bruce 87. 125, 133 Bratton. Heather 99 Brewer. West 11,47, 122. 124. 156. 157. 164. 178 Bridges. Barbara 47 Bridges. Christy 18. 19. 20. 22.44.47. 122, 170. 175. 178. 174 Bridges. James 87 Bridges. Michael 44.47. 112. 125.127,133. 152. 153, 164. 170 Bridges. Michelle 99 Bridges, Richard 99 Bridges. Stacy 99. 156 Bridges, Terry 24.47 Bright, Gina 99 Bright. Joey 47 Bright. Iaura99 Bright. Yicki 99 Brooks. Jeff 99 Brow n, Bedara 47 Brown, Christa 99 Brow n. Gary 87 Brown. Jelia 99 Brown. Johnny 99 Brown. Kelly 18. 19. 20.44.48. 115. 128.170. 178 Brown. Marth 99 Brown, Motte48 Brown. Robert 99 Brown. Reggie 48 Brown. Scott 87, 124. 139. 189 Brow n. Teresa 87 Brown. Vince 48 Browning. William 99 Bruno. John 48 Bruno. Tonya 99 Buckson, Sanquinette Denise 48 Bullock. Michelle 100 Bullock. Tammy 87 Bunion. Yolanda 100 Burgess, Jonathan 48.133.164 Burris, Johnny 100, 110 Burris, Presphonia 48. 139. 164. 193. 194 Butler. Angela 48. 123 Byars. Kim 87. 170 Byars, tarry 100 Byars. Michelle 87 Byars. Missy 87 Byars. Stephen 100 Byars. Terry 100 231Byers, James 48 Byers, Tony 48 Byers, Tracy 100 Byers, Warren 100 Byrd. John 100.133.152 c Cabincss, Crystal 100. 110.146. 148 Caggiano, Robyn 9. 11.48, 110.124, 146. 164 Camp, Bobbie 87 Camp, Corolla 100 Camp, Crystal 49.193 Camp. Margaret 100 Camp, Marvin 87,139 Camp, Ravmond 49 Campbell. Michael 88. 189 Campbell. Steven 100 Canaan, Margaret 100 Carey. Janice 100 Carr. Kim 88. 125, 143.148. 149. 170 Carr, Robbin 88 Carroll, Pam 49, 194 Cash. Alex 100, 160 Cash, Angela 49 Cash. Lisa 88. 175 Cash, Eric 88.133.152 Cash, Jay 100 Cash, Susan 88 Caskey, Tiffany 49,189 Cassillas, Mark 100 Cerny.Cheri 49.178 Chambers, Parker 100 Chandler, Mark 88.125,133 Chappell, Brian 100 Cheek, I,aurie 100 Chester, Steven 100 Childers, Ann 88 Childers, Kim 49 Childers, Melissa 100 Childers, Melissa Ann 49 Childers, Robin 100,143 Childers. Ryan 88. 144 Childers, Tim 100 Childers. Tommy 49,178 Childers, Travis 100 Childers, Warren 88 Chitwood, Donna 100 Chumley, Robert 100 Clary. Angie 100 Clary, Cristy 88 Clary. David 49. 193 Clary. Sonya 49.123. 146. 165, 176. 178, 219 Clary. Suzy 23,49.148 Clyde. Frances 88 Cobb. Amy 50 Cobb. Beth 100 Cobb, Bry an 88 Cobb, Henry 100 Cobb. Tim 100 Coggins, Brian 100 Coggins. Lisa 100 Coggins, Sheila 44. 50, 170 Coggins, Steve 88 Coggins, Wendy 88 Cole, Catherine 100 Cole. Susan 50 Coleman, Brenda 100 Coleman. Dartona 88 Collins, Glenn 88 Compton. Matt 50 Conrad. Carrie 22.50. 122, 128. 178 Cook, John 100 Cook, Tammy 100 Cook, Tina 50 Cooksey, Gerald 100 Corbett, Leanne 50,178 Corbett. Patrick 50 Corry, Frances 50 Corry, Melinda 88 Corry, Monica 100 Corry. Patrick 88. 133, 189.190 Corry , Steven 50 Corry. Steve 88, 133 Couch, Tina 100 Couch, Robin 88 Covington, Melinda 88 Cox, Sally 15.88 Coyle. Carolina 88 Coyle, Jennifer 100 Crate. Cassandra 100 Crawford. Jacquelyn 50, 194 Crawford. James 88. 144 Crawford. Renee 88 Crocker. Angela 100 Crocer, Lisa 100 Crocker, Terry 50.123, 127 Crosby, David 88 Crosby. Stephanie 88 Crow, Charles 51 Cudd, Michael 100 Cumberlander. Carey 100.160 Cumbcrlandcr. Henry 51.139.165 Cunningham. John 100 Curry. Elizabeth 51 D Daniel. Becky 51,159. 165 Daniluk. Diana 88 Davidson, Barry 5. 22. 51. 113.144. 165 Davidson, Edward 100 Davidson. Scott 51 Davidson. Tina 88 Davis. Charles 100 Davis, Donna 51 Davis, Frances 100 Davis. Frank 100 Davis. James 100 Davis. Kent 88 Davis, Marcia 51.122, 143.178 Davis. Maurice 51,189 Davis, Thomas 51, 193 Dawkins. Brian 51, 112, 133, 165 Dawkins, Charles 51,160 Dawkins, Connie 52, 115 Dawkins, Kirk 100 Dawkins, Latonia 100 Dawkins. Lisa 100 Dawkins, Rene 88 Dawkins. Rockey 52, 189 Dawkins, Tina 100. 189 Dawkins, Vincent 52 Deaton, Kristi 88 Delashmet. Sonny 88,133 Dickson. IKanna 100 Dickson. Tracy 100 Dill. Shannon 88.170 Dixon. Becki 11.88. 124.146. 159 Dooley. Darren 100 Douglas. Kecia89 Douglas. Robert 100 Dover. Christopher 100 Dover, Clarence 52 Dover. Darla 52 Dover, David 52 Dover, Joey 100 Dover, Paula 100 Dover, Renee 100 Dover, Sam 89 Downev, Sonva 100 Drake. Jeff 100 Drennon, Alton 100, 140 Drennon, Christy 100 Driskill, Jackie 100 Duckett. Tracv 89 I)uffic. Lisa 52 Duffle, Melinda 100 Dukes. Darren 101 Dukes. Milton 101 Dukes, Stephanie 101 Duncan, Angela 89 Duncan. James 101 Duncan, Ricky 52 Durham. Adlai 101 Durham. Kim 101 Durham. Orville 101 Dye, Pam 44. 52, 129. 170. 186 E Fades. Teresa 52 Earls. Anissa 52 Earls. Robin 52 Edwards. Laurie 53. 193 Edwards. Paula 89 Edwards, Susan 44. 53. 122, Edwards. Tara 101 Eggers, I.ori 89 Elder. Brian 101.179 Elder, Mike 53 Ellis. Crystal 101 Ellis, Kendra 53.111 Ellis, Natarsha 101 Ellis. Steve 89 Ellis. Tim 89 Ellis, Troy 101 Ellstrom, Tor 89.133 Elmore, Bobbie 101 Elmore, Bucoe 89 Elmore. Jane 101 Elmore, Kim 101 Erwin, Cindv 89 Estes. Cliff 53 Ethridge. Rose 101 Eubanks, Charles 101 Eubanks. Jerry 101 Evans, Cynthia 101 Evans, Teresa 101 123. 128.170. 178Ewing. Caroline 89.159 F Federico. Sabrina 89 Ferguson. Angela 53 Fernanders. John 89 Fitzgerald. Brel! 89 Flythe, Tina 89 Fl the. Todd 53 Foster. I.arry 101. 152. 153 F'oster. Lynn 53 Foster. Mae Ruth 53 Foster. Terry 53.152 Fowler. Angie 89 Fowler. Bill) 101, 152. 160 Fowler. Bobbie 101 Fowler. Claudia 53 Fowler. Cicatrice 54 Fowler. Kim 54 Fowler. Kristen 101 Fowler, Michelle 101 Fowler. Tommy 101 Fowlkes, Micheal 89 Foxx. Eddie 89 Frady, Emily 101 Frieze, Lee 89 Fuller. Joseph 101.152 Fuller. Melinda 101 Fuller. Robert 101 G Gaffnev. Sharon 101, 179 Gallman. Mark 89 Gallman. Terry 101 Gamble. Kelly 101. 148 Gardner. Cynthia 54 Gardner. Jack 89 Garland. Ix»ri 89 Garner. Stacey 15.89 Garrett, Andrea 101 George. David 54.125,151. 152.165. 178 George. Jeff 89 Gibb. Michael 101 Gibbons, Susan 19,54. 121 Gibbs. Brian 101 Gibson, Charlene 89 Gibson. Michael 22.101. 133. 144 Gibson. Sandra 89, 177. 179, 219 Gibson. Scott 54, III, 133, 165 Gibson. Shannon 89 Gibson. Todd 101 Giles, Scott 89 Giles. Tim 25,54 Gilfillan. David 89 Girdner, Marvette 101 Godfrey. Ryan 101 Goforth. Cathy 89 Goforth, David 54. 113 Goforth, Detra 89 Goforth. Julie 89 Goforth. Tim 54 Goines. Nina 89 Golden. Kim 101. 189, 190 Good. Greg 101 Goode. Lisa 101 Goodwin, Charles 101. 189, 190 Goodwin, Shannon 101, 189 Goodwin, Sharon 101 Gordon. Jeff 101.133 Gossett. Dana 101 Gossett. Susan 101 Graham, Ix-onia 54 Grant. Sam 101 Green. Stephen 54 Green, Steve 54 Greene. Barbara 55 Greene. Wendy 55 Green way. Becky 101 Griffin. Kendall 101 Griffis. Yolanda 101 Grigg. Lisa 89 Grubb, Kerri 55. 193. 194 Grubbs, Dawn 101 Grubbs, John Michael 55, 152, 139, 165 Gunnin. Ronnie 101, 189 Guthrie, Wanda 55 Guyton. Bernard 89 Guyton. Elliott 101 Guyton. Mollie 101 H Hadden, Tina Marie 55 Hale. Anita 101 Hall. Duane 55 Hall. Karen 89 Hall. Montv 55. 111. 115. 118 Hall. Pcntice 101 Hall. Robin 55 Hambright, Jeff 89 Hambright. Johnny 89 Hambright. Melissa 101 Hambright, Sharon 55 liames III. Thomas 102 Hammett. Kevin 55. 112, 133. 166. 189, 190 Hammett. Martha 89 Hammons. Donna 89, 187 Hampton. Scotty 56 Hamrick. Ionda 56 Hancock. Wanda 102 Hardin, Mary 90. 189. 190 Hardy. Kelvin 56 Hardy. I-ori 56 Hardy. Melvin 56 Hardv. Paulette 102 Hardv. Robbin 56.177 Hardy. Robert 102, 125,133 Harmon. Candace 56. 170 Harmon, Jennifer 102 Harper. Jamie 90 Harrill. Richard 56. 113, 156. 166 Harrill. Robhv 102 Harris. Billy 102 Harris. Carla 102 Harris, Carlton 102 Harris. Charlton J. 102 Harris, Cindy 102 Harris. Isaac 90, 133 Harris. Jackie 90 Harris, I.isa 56.129 Harris, Lewis 102 Harris, Jason 102 Harris. Michelle 90 Harris. Quintina 102 Harris. Rodney 90. 154 Harris. Ronnie 90 Harris. Vincent Maurice 56 Hartman. Trip 90. 133.144 Hartsell. Brian 90. 133 Hawkins. Claudia 102 Hawkins. Mary 102 Hayes, Carol 102 Hayes. Scott 102 Headman, Shannon 56 Henderson. Katie 90 Henderson. Kenny 90 Henderson, Kimberly 57 Henderson. Mike 102 Henderson, Timothy 102 Henry. Bob 102 Henry. Gaia 90 Henson. David 25 Herrin, Cliff 25.57.129 Hester, Terry 57 Hickey, James 102 Hicks. Jeffery 102. 140 Hicks. Richard Wayne 57 Higgins. Amy 90 Higgins. Danny 90. 139 High. Darrell 57 Hill. Craig 57. 156. 178 Hill. Iammv 102 Hill. Timothy 102 Hodge, Carol 90 Hodge. Kim 90 Hoffman. Keely 102 Hogue. Jacquelyn 102 Hogue. Robert 57 Holcombe, Teresa 90 Holland. Heather 57 Holland. Kelvin 57 Hollis. Sylvia 90 Hollis. Kim 57 Hollis. Ronald 57 Hollis, Tamika 90 Holmes. Chris 57 Holmes, Christa 102, 194 Holmes, Greg 90. 144 Holmes. James Eric 58 Holmes. Kelly Parris 58 Hopper. Joyce 90 Hopper. Theodore 58, 160 Hopper, W anda 58 Hopson, Corneal 58. 113,133 Horn, Angela 102 Horne, Kelly 90 Horne, Penny 102 Horton, Patty 102 Horton. Sonya 90 Horton, Tim 90 Houey. Amanda 102 llouey. Tim 90. 187 Houey, Tirash 102 Houser. Cheryl 102 Houser, Telisa 102 Howell. John 102.122 Howell. Mark 22. 58. 113,129.156. 178. 218 Hughes. Connie 102Keenan, David 59 Keeler. Jamie 91, 150,151, 160 Keller. Suzanne 91,143 Kelly, Talisa 60.189 Kernels, Wendy 103 Kerr, Michael 103,144 Kidd, Tommy 144, 145 Kilgore. Ann 91 King, Kellv 60 Kirby. David C.60 Kirby, David 103, 144 Kirby, Shawnta Maria 60 Kirby, Tonic 103, 189 Kline, Albert 103 Knight. Charles 60 Knighl. Derrick 103 Knuckles, Jimmy 60 Koller, Belli 91 Koon, Susan 91 Hughes, Todd 90 llughey, Bobby 90 Hughey, Joseph 90 Hughey, Karen 102 Humphrey. Patricia 90 Hughev. Rebecca 102 Hullcndcr. Duke 102 Humphries, Doug 90, 126 Humphries, Leslie 90.143 Humphries, Tracy 102 Humphries, Troy 102 Humphries, Wanda 102 Huskey, Bradley 102 Huskey, Joy 102, 189.190 Huskey, Polly 90 Husky, Sabrina 90,187 I Inman. taura Beth 9.19. 58.176, 219 Ivey. Brent 102 Ivey, Jeffrey Way ne 58 J Jackson. Brian 102 Jackson, Robert Michael 58 Jafroodi, Scott 90 James, Christa 90 Jamison, Tracy 102 Jamison, Wilbert 102 Jansen, Candy 102 Jarrett, Sonya 58, 170 Jeffries, Adam 58. 128 Jeffries, Calvin 102 Jefferies, Charles 24.59 Jefferies, Constan a 103 Jefferies, Donna 103,120 Jefferies, l rslie 59 Jefferies, Jacquin 59 Jefferies, Ixiri 59 Jenkins, Melissa 59 Jenkins, Perry 103 Jenkins, W illiam Edward 59 Johnson, Cassandra 103, 193, 194 Johnson, David 90 Johnson, David L. 103 Johnson, Jimmy 59 Johnson. Lester 90 Johnson, Patrick 90 Johnson, Becky 59 Jolley, Tonya 103 Jolly, I ura44, 59. 170 Jolly, Steve 90 Jones, Gregory 103 Jones, Phillip 59 Jones, Tammy 103 Jordon. Robert 90 K Kanipe. Deborah 91 Karesh. Ellen 59. 125.193.194 L I amhright. Bill 103 Lanier, Laura 60 I.anier, Norma 60 (.argent, Anita 103 l ughlin, Beth 103 l iughlin. Judy 91 I .awing, Danny 60 Lawsons, Jeff 91 I .each. Constance 60 Leach, Kim 91 Leach. Shari 91.175,174 Leach, Vickie 103 LeCroy, Jeannie91 Ledford. Michelle 91. 175.174 Lee, John 60, Ruby 103. 170, 189, 190 LeMaster, Kandi 103 leopard. Melissa 103 Leskanic. Maria 91.146, 147 I ester. Billy 7,60 Iester. Debbie 61 Iester, Johnny 103 Iester, Tammy 103 Iester, Sarah 91 Linder. Jacquelyn 91 Lindsay. Teresa 103 Link, Will 91 Lipscomb. Donald 103 Lipscomb. Gena 91 Lipscomb. Mandy 91. 125.158, 159 Lipsey, Anita 61 Little, Greg 91 Little. Queenie 91,179 Littlejohn. Angela 61.122,123.178 Littlejohn. Brian 91,154 Littlejohn. Cenora 103 Littlejohn, Charlene I). 61 Littlejohn. Charlene 91.175 Littlejohn. Dennis 61 Littlejohn, Donald 103 Littlejohn, Gwendolyn 103 Littlejohn, Renea 194 Littlejohn, John 61 Littlejohn. Kathy 103. 111, 143. 148 Littlejohn. I.eslie 103 Littlejohn, Monica 61 Littlejohn. Sean 103 Littlejohn, Silva 103. 194 Littlejohn, Tarsha 103 Littlejohn, Tracy 61 Ixvckhart, Demetra 103 I-oftis. Debra 7. 20. 159, 167 Loftis. John 91 Logan. Jackie 91 Lomax. Kevin 91, 125, 194 long, Stephen 61.113. 186, 175 Love. Lori 61 Lovingood, Steve 103 Lowery, Preston 91 Lyle. James 103 Mabie, James 103 Mabry, Cissy 103 Mabry. Lisa 91 Mabry, Tracy 103 Mahaffey. Glenn 91 Manning, Ioymon9l, 124, 125. 133, 139 Manning, Sandra 61 Manning, Shirley 103 Manning, Tamara 103 Marlowe. Paul 91 Marshall. Rosa 103 Martin, Bruce 62 Martin. Danny 91,133 Martin, David 103 Martin. Eric 103 Martin. James 103 Martin, James L. 20,62, 178 Martin, John 91 Martin. John C. 103 Martin, Mark 103 Martin. Stephanie 62 Martin. Susan 19. 20. 25.44.62. 115. 116. 117. 127,148. 149. 166. 170.177,178. 219 Martin, Tony 103, 144,145 Maschino. Debi9l Maschino, Donna 62 Massey, Connie 103 Mathis, Joseph 103 Mathis. Stephanie 91 Mauney. Travis 91.170 Mayes, Kersidra 103, 189. 190 Mayfield. John 103,151 McAbee, Carolyn 103 McAbee. Deway ne 103 McAbee. Pam 62 McAbee. Patti 103 McAbee. Scott 91 McAbee. Susan 91 McAloney, Karen 103 McBee, Jenny 103 McBee, Melissa 62,175,174 McCluney. Barbara 103, 189. 190 McCluney, Corey 103,140 McCluney, Darry l 103 McCluney. Sabrina 62 McCluney, Scott 104 McCraw, Alice 104McCraw, Dayna 62 McCraw, Jay 91 McCraw, Lisa 62 McCraw. Robert 91 McCullough. Kim 62 McDaniel. Gina 91 McDaniel. John 104.160.179 McDaniel. Mark 104 McDowell. I monda 189 McFIrov. Glenn McF.lveen, Michael 92.189,190 McGaha. Kim 92 McGhee. Amanda 63 McGill. Angela 92.177 McGill. Jacquelyn 104 McGill. Jessie 63 McGill. Sandra 63 NlcRobie. Phil 92 McSwain. David 104 McSwain. Lisa 63,177.178.219 McSwain. Mancy 63 Meadows. Scott 63 Means. Carlton 104 Medley. Michael 104 Medlev. Tamms 63.146 Meetzc, Melanie 9.63.115, 121.122, 123.127, 170.171.178 I Merchant. Malik 104.189 I Messer, laranne 92.194 1 Millen. Barry 92 I Millen. Brian 92 Miller. Betsy 63 l Miller. Brian 104 Miller. David 63.160 Miller. Donna 104 Miller, Jacqueline 104,189,190 Mills, Cindy 92 Mills. Sandra 92 Milwood, Fli abeth 92 Minor. Scott 63.133 Mitchcm. Sabrina 104 Mitchem. Shelia 64 Monter, Joseph 64. 193 Montgomery. Crystal 92 Montgomery, Deandra92.143. 142 Montgomery. Donald 64 Montgomery. Kodgreta92 Mooney. Scan 92, 175.174 Moore, Kenneth 104 Moore. Stephanie 92.194 Moorhead. Robyn 92 Morgan. Ange 104 Morris, Pam 104 Morris, Patricia 64 Moss. Malagna 104 Motts. Beth 92 Mullikin. Tammy 92.119 Mullinas. Angela 64 Mullinax. Daphne 104 Mullinax. Dawn 104 Mullinax. Kddie92 Mullinax. Gloria 104 Mullinax, Jonathan 104, 189, 190 Mullinax. Kelly 104 Mullinax. Iconard 104.160 Mullinax, Melissa 64 Mullinax. Mike 104 Mullinax. Myra 92 Mullinax, Robin 64 Mullinax. Scotty 92 Mullinax, Shannon 104 Mullinax, Tammy 104 Mullinax, Tanya 64 Mullinax. Lena 65 Mullinax, Vicki 104 Mullinax. NN salt 92 Mullis, Joy 92,189 Murray, Erik 104 Nance. Christopher 104 Nance, Karen 65 Needs, Christopher 104.160 Needs, Scott 92 Neill, Shelley 92,179 Nelson. James 92 Newell, I ina 104 Norris, Aretha 65 Norris, Kenneth 104 Nu um, Ricky 92 Oakes. Stacy 104 O’Conner. Billi 92 Oglesby. Roderick 104 Oglesby. Sharon 104 Osborn, Steve 92 Osment. Greg 92 Osment. Jeff 65 Orr. April 104 Orr. Tammy 65 Owen. Dee Dee 148,166,189 Owens, David 65 Owens. I ana 92 Owens, Lisa 65 Owens. Meredith 104.146,148 Owens. Teresa 104.194 Owensby. Brent 65 Paige. Stacey 104 Painter, Doug 92 Painter. Janice 92 Painter. Michael 92.160 Painter, Rachel 65 Painter, Sheila 92 Painter, Tammy 92 Painter. Wesley 93 Palko. Jesse 104 Palmer. Cynthia 93 Palmer. William9.65. 111. 124. 125. 133. 144 Parker. Allen 93 Parker. Chris 92 Parker, Debbie 65 Parker. Donna 19.65. 122, 123. 178 Parker, Gina 93 Parker. I.aura 93, 175.174 -r TTr1 Parker. Lori 104 Parker, Jimmv 104 Parker. Mark 93 Parker, Melissa 93 Parker. Richard 66 Parker. Tony 104 Parris. Brian 93 Parris. Mark 104 Patterson, Beverly 104 Paterson. Frank Patterson. Joy le 93 Patterson. Michael 104.133 Patterson. Pam 93,170.177, 219 Patterson. Tamm i 6 Patterson. Terry 104 Patterson. Wanda 104 Patton. Charlie 5.66.113 Peek, Nathan 104 Peeler. Cindy 93 Peeler. Fulton 104 Peeler. Lisa 104 Peeler. Tammie 148,166 Peeler. Tracy 104 Peeler. Wayne 66 Pennington. Angela 93 Peenington, Ron 93 Pennington. Shannon 93 Pennington. Susan 66 Peres, Fatima 66. 148, 166 Perrine. Cassandra 93 Perry , Mark 93 Peterson. Cynthia 66 Peterson. James 66 Peterson. Ronald 104 Petty. Dale 104 Petty. Donald 104. 140 Petty, Donna 66 Petty, Michael 104 Petty, Todd 104 Phillips, Bennie 66 Phillips. Brian 93,133 Phillips, (aria 104, 189, 190 Phillips. Charlene 93 Phillips, Charlotte 93 Phillips. John 104 Phillips. Libby 66 Phillips. Patricia 93 Phillips. Randy 67 Phillips. Regina 104 Phillips. Salli 105. 143.148 Phillips. Sandy 93 Phillips. Shannon 93 Phillips, Susan 105 Phillips, Teresa 15,93 Phillips. Vickie67,112,170,17|, 1x9 Phipps, Deana 105 Pierce. Donna 67 Pierce. Joseph 105 Pinkard, Johnny 105 Pinson. Genene 93. 148 Pittman. James 105 Pittman. Tracy 105 Poole. Bobby 67 Poole. Carla 105. 143 Poole. David 93 Poole. John 24.93.139 Poole. Marcella 67 235Poole, Rocky 93 Porter, Bruce 105 Posey, David 67 Posey, Jackie 67 Poteat, Shawn 93 Price, Claudia 105 Price, Jeff 93 Price, Kevin 105 Price. Kim 105 Price. Michael 105 Price. Pam 93 Pritchard, Tracy 93 Proctor. Loy 105 Proctor, Tonya 67 Putnam, Charles 105 Putnam. Willy 93 Q Queen, Dan 93.133 Queen, Delisa 93 Quinn, Jerry Alan 67 Quinn, Kim 94 Quinn, Teresa 94 Quinn, Michael 105 R Rainey, Bridget Melissa 67 Rainey, I.isa 94 Ramsey. Angela Melissa 15 Ramsey, Sarah 105 Ramsey, Timothy Scott 67,113. 193. 194,175 Ramsey, Todd 94 Randolph, Bruce 94 Randolph, Cindy 94 Randolph, Jennifer 105 Randolph, Kimberlv Ann 67 Rector. Jeff 105 Rector. Michael 105 Reeves, Connie Lee 15, 68 Reid, Corey 105 Reid, Millicient Lauvctte 19.68. 112, 118. 167 Reynolds. Alan 105 Rey nolds, Debra 94 Reynolds. Joe 94 Reynolds. Kathy 94 Reynolds, Richard 105 Reynoldson, Rochelle 94, 146 Rhvnc. Lee 105.156 Richards, Billy 105 Richards. Cristyl Ann 68 Richards, Todd 68 Richards, Michael Lee 68 Richardson. Cheryl 94 Riddle. David 94 Riddle. Randy 94 Roache, Angela 105 Roark, Lynn 105, 143, 148,149, 142 Robbins, Donna 94, 146 Robbs, Phillip 94 Robbs, Yolanda 68 Roberson. Todd 155 Roberts, Anthony Ray 68 Roberts. Fleet 68.139,167 Robertson, Jerry 105 Robinson, Corey 94 Robinson. David 94 Robinson, Tuesday 105 Rodgers, Donald Marcus 68, 178 Rogers, Duane 68 Rollins. David 105,139 Ross, David 68 Rumfelt, Cindy 105 Ruppe, Todd 69,189,190 Ruppe, Charles 105 Ruppe. David 94 Ruppe. I-ori 105 Ruppe. Sonja 19,69, 173 Rushton, John 105, 152 s Sanders, Barbara 105 Sanders, I.aura 105 Sanders, Michael 69 Sanford, Joe 72 Sarratt. Allen 105 Sarratt, Fdgar 69 Sarratt. Jonathon 105 Sarratt. Kenny 69 Scales. Sandra 94 Schneider. Daniel 69. 122. 128,178 Scoggins, Amy 94 ScrogRs Angela 94.175 Scruggs, Anita 105 Scruggs, James 94 Scruggs. Leslie 105 Scruggs, Mark 69 Scruggs. Rachel 94 Scruggs, Ronnie 105,160 Scruggs. Sonya 94 .Scruggs, Stoney 105 Scruggs. Terry 94 Sellars, David 94, 124, 133.160 Sellars, Michael 105 Sellars. Todd 69 Sellars, Todd 94.154 Sereno. Cindy 5. 20.44, Shah. Ketan 94. 121.122 Shaw. Michael 94.175 Shehan, David 105, 125 Shelton. Julie 106 Shepard, Edward 106 Shepard. Felicia 105 Shepard. Tonya 69 Shimer, James 94 Shippy. Carlton Denise 69 Shippy, Ivan 94 Shippy. Johnny 94 Shippy. Mary 69 Shippy. Patrick 70 Shirley. Susan 95 Shoaf, l-ori 106 Short, Candice 15.70 Shytles, David 106 Simmons. Buffie70 Simmons, Kim 70 Simmons. Regina 95 Sims, Christy 95 Sims. Debbie 106 Sizemore, Angela 95 Smalley, Suzanne 70 Smarr, Brian 70 Smarr, Missy 95 Smarr, Tracy 106 Smedelay. Wanda 106, 189. 19o Smiley. Howard 106 Smiley. Lisa 70 Smiley. Mathis 106 Smiley, Dwayne 7.70 Smith. Brad 95 Smith. Calvin 70.189 Smith. Charlene 95.175 Smith. Delores 95 Smith. Donald 70 Smith. Donna 106 Smith, Donna S. 106 Smith, Kirk 70 Smith. Jeanne 106 Smith. Karen 106 Smith, Kevin 70 Smith, Kristi 95 Smith, Kristie 106, 194 Smith, Martin 95, 140 Smith, Matt 95 Smith. Mickey 105 Smith, Patrick 106 Smith. Penny 95 Smith. Phoebe 95 Smith. Sam 71 Smith, Stacey 106 Smith. Tawan 71, 113 Smith, Thomas 71 Smith. l im B.71, 144 Smith, Timothy 106 Smith, Timothy L. 106 Smoak, Cindy 71 Sparks, Cindy 95 Sparks, Jennifer 106 Sparks, Michael 71 Sparks, Stanley 106 Sparks, Traci 106 Sparks, William 95 Spencer. Dana 71 Spencer, Karen 95 Spencer. Kim 106 Spencer, Lisa 95 Spencer. Loretta 95 Spencer, Tammy 106, 194 Spencer. Steve 95 Spencer. Tammy 95 Spicer. Kevin 95 Splawn, Shannon 95 Sprouse. David 71 Sprouse, Shannon 71 Spruill. Regina 95 Stacy. Beth 95,170 Stacy, Kevin 25,71 Stacy, Dan 106, 122 Stacy, Michelle 106 Stacy, Scott 106 Stacy, Trey 71,110,167 Stanford. Jackie 71 Stanford, Steve 95 Stanly. Kelly 25,72 Steagall, Benji 95.133, 160,189,190 236Steen, Lmiticia Ann 72 Stevenson, Adrian Michelle 72 Stevenson, Robin 106, 146, 194 Stevenson, Tammy 106, 189.190 Slock well, Martha Diane 72 Stoddard. Robert 106 Stokes, C'ara 72 Strain. I onia 95 Stroud. Kim 106 Stroup. Jason 95 Stroupe. Tommy 106 Stuard. Charlotte 106 Stuard. I.ori 72. 219, 176 Stuart. Patrick 106 Sullivan. Amy 106 Sullivan. Michael 72. 126. 193, 194 Summey. Stan 106 Sutton. Rhonda 95 Swanger. Mitchel 106 Swofford. Brandon 5. 23.72. 113. 128.170. 171 Swofford. David 95 Swofford. Eric 95. 133 Swofford. Shannon 106. 146 T I allant. Brad 95.133.160 Tanner, Tanya 106 Tate. Alice 95 Tate. Alphonso 106. 140 Tate. Arnold 95, 139 Tate, Connie 72 Tate. Jeffery 106 Tate. Kendrick 95 Tate. Lanette 95 Tate, 72 Tate. Nancy Jane, 218 Tate, Pam 95.119 Tate. Ricky 73,124 Tate, Sharon 106 Tate. Wade 106 Taylor, Jane 106. 159 Teague, Melissa 95 Tessnecr. Michele 73 Thomas. Chris 95 Thomas. Denise 106 Thomas. Kim 95 Thompson. Cynthia 178 Thompson. Jamie 106. 156 Thompson, Kim 73. 139. 167.172. 189 Thompson, Nena 95.189. 190 Thompson, Richard 73 Thompson. Robert 106 Thompson. Scott 95 Thompson. Iabatha 73 Thompson, Tim 96 Thoms. Brian 133.169 Thornburg, Angela 106 Thornburg. Randall 96 Toney. Patricia 73 Tucker. Brian 96 Thurber. Vanetta 106 Timmerman, Michelle 106. 120,170 Turner. Allen 73. 167 Turner. Becky 96 Turner, I.ori 106 Turner, Luke 106 Turner. Mark 73 Turner. Richard 106 Turner. Stephanie 73 Turner. Tina 106 Turner. Tyler Brock 26.73 u Upchurch. Myra 74. 159.167 Upchurch. Ricky 96 Upton, Freda 106 Vanlue, Phy llis 106 Vanlue. Tonya 74 Vanlue. Yolanda 96 Vassey, Donnie 106. 140 Vassey. Jason 106 Vassey. Michael 96 Vassey, Stacy 15,74. 122,178 Vassy. Bryan 152 Vassy, Eric 7, 22. 194 Vassy. Meg 74. 113. 124. 146. 147. 148.167 Vercher. Derek 74 Vess. David 74 Vincent. Stephanie 13.74. 127. 192. 193. 194 Vinson. Connie 96 w Walker. Billie Sue 74 Wallace. Eddie 96 Wallace. Herman 106 Wallace. Jan 107.194 Wallace. I.uann 96 Wallace, Tammy 107 Wallace. Tim 25.74 Wallace. Traci 107 Washington. Heather 107 Waters. Eddie 96 Waters. Ginger 96.177 W aters. Rhonda 74 Watkins, Matthew 107 Watkins. Tiffany 189. 190 W airing. Chris 107 W .itts. Charlene 96 Weaver. Claude 74, 129 W eaver, I lay ley 107 Webb. Chad 107. 179 W ebb. Pam 107. 189. 190. 194 Weeks, Connie 26.75 Westbrooks, John 9.96. 133 Wheat, Tracy 96 Wheeler. Donnie 96 Wheeler. Melissa 75 W helchel. Hope 107 W hisenant, Kenneth 107, 133 W hitaker. Randal 107 W hite. Dawn 96 W hite, Tammy 96 White, Tania 107 White. Wanda 189. 190 W ilcox, Betsy 107. 189. 194 Wilkie. Deway ne 96 Wilkie. Tim 75 W ilkins. Gwen 96 W ilkins. I jimont 24. 75. 139. 189 W ilkins. Robin 75 W ilkins. Vincent 107,140 Wilkins. Vincent lare 107 W illard. Jerry 96 Willard. Joanna 96. 175 W illiams. Brenard 75. 189 W illiams. Denise 107 Williams. Katie75 W illiams. Reggie 75.111. 133. 167. 192. 193 Williams. Su ie 96 W ilson. Betty A. 107 W ilson. Betty J. 107 W ilson. Ivory 96 Wilson. Jeffery 107 W ilson. John 75 Wilson. Robert 75 Wilson. Tawanna 107, 189. 190 W ilson, Tracy 96 Wolfe. Chris 107. 150. 151 Wolfe, Robert 75 Wood. Catherine 107, 170 W ood, Dionne 107 Wood, John 107 Wood, Johnnie 75 Wood. I.isa 96 W ood. Ron 76.110. 133. 167 Woodcock, Catherine 107 Woodcock. Jarrald 22, 76. 122. 178 Woods, Charles 107 W right. David 107 W right, Russ 107 Wyatt, ( indy 96. 148. 149 Wyatt, James 107 Wycoff. Elaine 96 Wylie, Debbie 76.194 Wylie. Jill 76 Wylie. Lisa 107 Wylie. Rick 96 Y Yannello. Robin 76. 177 Yarborough. Wendy 107 Yon. Toby 107 Young. Jacqua 107 Young. Mark 107 Yount. Ashley 107 z Zucker. Jason 107 237AutographsAutographsAutographs

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