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Q. 1980 CRUCIBLE GadSdenHigh School Gadsden, Alabama Volume 54 Eight Years At i Gadsden's first public high school building was completed in January, 1902 at a cost of fif- teen thousand dollars for building and equip- ing the structure. The building was designed to have four classrooms on the first floor and an auditorium seating six hundred on the second floor. Since the Honorable John H. Disque was President of the Board of Educationg the new school was named in his honorg Disque High School. When the new high school was built in 1923, it was renamed Gadsden High School. The first high school graduation was held in Gadsden in May, 1899 with a total of ten gradu- ates. Gadsden High School - 1980 Nho are the graduates of Gadsden High School? They are among the many citizens of our town who make it a won- rful place in which to be born, to grow, to go to school, to live and to dream. They include graduates like Mrs. Annie E. :en Faucett, Class of 1903 fopposite pagej Donna Runyan, Gloria McPeters, and Laura Norton, Class of 1980, ABOVE FT: Father, James Edward Semrick, Class of 1954, Grandmother Elizabeth Simmons Semrick, Class of 1933 and ughter, Mary Semrick Class of 1980. ABOVE RIGHT: Grandmother Martha Griffin Killian, Class of 1938, Mother Jane Iian Godfrey, Class of 1958 and Daughter Kelly Godfrey, Class of 1980. These six people represent many families ere at least three generations are graduates of Gadsden High School. The building of traditions and memories are important in the process of education and reflect the proud heritage of the wool. Opening 3 Living With History Once upon a time there was a small city established on the banks ofthe beautiful Coosa River in North Alabama. This young city nestled in one of several lovely valleys sur- rounded bythe foothills of the Appa- lachian Mountains. Along with the entire country, Gadsden endured and survived the tragic Civil War and the turbulent reconstruction years. In 1875, Gadsden citizens were most fortunate to have a young man of wisdom and greatness living in their midst. John H. Disque was elected Mayor by Gadsden at the age of twenty-seven. He was con- vinced that a stable government was dependent upon an educated and enlightened citizenry. Through his efforts, along with the encourage- ment and help of several wise and able citizens, the public school sys- tem of Gadsden, Alabama was established. ln 1877, township trustees, W.T. Ewing, A.L. Woodlif, and Joseph Bevans, decided to utilize S300 of available public funds to operate a free public school for 5 months. Opposition to a public school, free to all, arose from people who were severely handicapped by a limited vision and lack of love for their fel- low man. The trustees issued the following public statement in defense of public schools. "Public schools are beneficial to all classes alike, both rich and poor get an education they would not get without a public school, the rich also get the same. Then we maintain this is the surest way to protection of life, liberty and property, that in obtain- ing an elementary education all dis- tinction and rank have been ignored. The rich and poor have been associated and naturally have the same troubles and crosses, the same joys and pleasures, animosi- ties and friendships, and many times ties are formed which will bind them Ml First Public School- established 1889. together in after years. It naturally obliterates ranks and distinctions on account of property, unites society, guards against communism, sharp- ens the wits of one class and ele- vates the character of the other. Then of course the town that main- tains a good school always grows and prospers, holds all of her own citizens, and draws more. It eviden- ces enterprise and benevolence, which is rewarded by intelligence, prosperity, and happiness." In 1880, the state per capita appropriation was only one dollar and twenty two cents per child of school census age. Inadequate finances caused a decline in the public school system. Mayor John H. Disque was elected mayor for a second term in 1887. He felt that a free public school system could be accomplished through local control and taxes. Through his efforts, Gadsden was created as a separate school district in 1889. Thus, Gads- den was one of the first public school systems in the state. At tt time, the first public school buildii was re-purchased from J.W. Dubol who had used it as a private schol J.H. Disque was named the fir President of Board of Education 1895. There were very few public hig schools in the state in 1900. Hoi ever, the first high school gradu tion was held in Gadsden in 18! with 6 graduates. ln 1901, Disque High School wa built. Gadsden continued to grow a her school system became one the finest in the state. In 1930, Gadsden High Schof was built at the present site. ln the eighty years that Gadsde High School has been an integr part of the city, she has surviv financial woes, wars, depressioj and fire. Over 13,000 citizens hat graduated and have taken the places as leaders of the city, stat- national and international comm: nity. .... . x xy xl x L L N. -5354 , log- 1 -QQ i '-N., 1 ww E f g""es:. X N f, 6 .ws wks. . miN5 N.g, N..-...'v.v,i1..s:s.k.g..s1-vxk"'1fsv-f- -'www-Gifc 'Q . NL? as-1. ' Lg, 2 . . ,ikjsh .w .M . ..-V fl ' ' .gv':5!f+4'- f .. ,, .. ,R V X ,. MA., .X 5 fair, A. , 1 Sum 'X A agar, s- -Q-'.me..' 't - .. .-'. fe , ". i" - 9 , .gw .1 5 ' L1 ,iw.."f-fe E' ' ,gt .rr L WM JF 3 Q. ry. "j, 'S39'Sf'5g, '. .. 'lem' . . f' twig A 4 ., and .. ,. ffwfff' GP, QV 1. . , ,,.,A....nq-44amp-Q.Xsc.xiwfS5'1?1T!SR'bS"fg95' '- A .M 1 . N. 'H A 'W gA. Old Disque High School -erected 1901. .. jj. W me My' ., 601.90 Old Gadsden High School- erected 1923. Opening 5 Opening 80 Years of Leadership Schools and cities reflect the pride that is shown in them by their citizens. Capable and concerned leaders make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. The people of Gadsden have never been willing to settle for less than the best. The struggle for free public educa- tion for all has been the dream of these and hundreds of other outstanding citizens. Gadsden, Alabama has been called "The City of Champions." No better title than "champions" can be given to the founders and leaders of Gadsden Public Schools for the past eighty years. Clyde Augustus Donehoo - Supt. of Gadsden City schools. 1922-19 John Harold Disque - Chairman of the Board of Education. 1895-1926 if ff Steve Means - Mayor of Gadsden. 1974- 4 1 rr V g. r t Wg. il '51 Y ' 3 3 1. ff ' V r - ma, rrrr , fi 3 W . r f , r .ax v ' 2 wi.: K Q 1 iw, x legnyi W. - ,J 'li' X WW A fm +55 . 1 mMvr"W Si? 7 , 5 Q , dsden City Board of Education 1980 ,es Akers, Pres. Mr. Jack Floyd. .419 .V fm M .M aw Wm T .1Hu.h..w1 ' v ,ami ' ,M f, fauna 5 L.a....." W'. V, W Q rx Wx '- QZC4' e , -M- gg, 'ap . 8 Opening Fift -Four Years of Editorial Staff- 1914 Florence Simpson .............4... Editor in Chief Hazel Swanson ......... . . .Assistant Editor in Chief Russell Reed ............... ............ B usiness Manager Rosemary Stevenson ..... ...............,.......... A rtist Helen Swanson ............ .............. A rtist Elliot Stewart .................. ................... Florence Hollingsworth ...... ........... A ssociate Editor Eustis Stewart ........... . . . ....,.. Associate Editor Solomon Nadler ........ ............ A ssociate Editor Lea Weller ......... ........... A ssociate Editor Joe Hammond .... ......... A ssociate Editor Iva Duke .... .... A ssociate Editor Qualit Cruoibles W Editorial Staff - 1980 Gloria McPeters . . . .................... Editor in Chief Doris Smith ......... . . . Faculty Advisor Laura Norton ......... ..... A ssistant Editor Beverly Bugg .... ..... A dvertising Editor k Garner ........ ............... S ports Editor Donna Runyan ....... ............ S enior Editor Elisa Dyke .......... ......... A rtist-Junior Editor Traci Edwards ..... ......... S ophomore Editor Kim Gillmann . . . .... Artist-Photographer Opening 9 Homecoming I0 Opening Homecoming G.H.S. You never forget. . .the crisp October air: the hours and hours you spent with your friends and classmates building the most fantastic float ever, the soreness of your hands from stuffing hundreds of crepe-paper squares into the chicken-wire tiger: the marvelous spectacle of the gigantic bon-fire: the pride you felt when your class float was voted best in the parade: the huge golden mum that you wore to the game: the feel- ing of suspense when your team received the opening kick-off, the beautiful ceremony when the Homecom- ing Queen and her court were presented: and the sud- den constriction in your throat when the band played The Alma Mater. This is Homecoming: Gadsden High School. ABOVE LEFT: Class officers - 1954. ABOVE RIGHT: Homecoming Queen - 1954, Betty Dickson Watford. RIGHT: Homecoming Queen - 1979, Karen Watford. Through the Years Senior float - 1979 Alma Mater Orange and Black, our dear old colors, Faithful we will be. Living to our motto ever. To do our part for thee. Ever loyal, firm and true, Ever on we'll go. Year by year the ages through, Because we love you so. On our city's western border, Reared against the sky. proudly stands our Alma Mater, As the years go by. Ever loyal, firm and true, Ever on we'll go. Year by year the ages through, Because we love you so. JMU' H7 FRS ii 5 We I ""Q-.f ,Ns 11,4 "W" if, Y ,Y A , DIZ' I " V. ' ' - , IQ. ', . " "--he . - , 'gsine Senior float - 1968 Opening ll I2 Opening Academies Then and Now Course of Study 1899 Sch uyler's Complete Algebra Harkness Latin Textbooks Avery's Philosphy Wood's American Botanist 81 Florist Bryant 81 Stratton's Bookkeeping Hart's American Literature Andrew's Manuel of the Constitution i fl Biology Class - 1949 Business Class- 1950 fe E' wx 1' ar' 5 , 7 mi Q , K ,X Qt ,ff F li l in 51,51 it '-f 3 if l 1980. A -J Course of Study 1979-80 English Department: World Literature, English Literature, 1 American Literature English Grammar and Composition Speech and Debate Journalism T Magnavox Crucible Foreign Language Department: Spanish, French, and Russian . W Social Studies Department: World History, American History, Alabama History Democracy and Economics Contemporary Affairs Sociology Mathematics Department: General Math, Business Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre Calculus Exploratory Math Science Department: General Science, Life Science, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology Genetics and Reproduction, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology Vocational Education: General Business, Typing, Shorthand, Accounting, Clerical Record Keeping, Distributive Education, Diversified Occupation Home Economics Department: Foods, Clothing, Child Development, interior Design Music Department: Triads 8t Velvetones Choral Groups Band Physical Education Department Drivers Education LEFT: Senior Economics Class - 1980. MIDDLE LEFT: Junior English Grammar Class -1980. BOTTOM LEFT: Freshman English Class - Opening I3 Traditions SV .QU My 19 'ph F r , r Gadsden High School Triads - 1980 - led by Mr. Gene Barnes. Gadsden High School Band -1980 - directed by Mr. Curtis Gadsden High School Glee Club - 1923. 14 Opening of Music isque High School Band - 1922. ABOVE: Gadsden High School Velvetones - 1980 by Mr. Gene Barnes. Realizing that school would be dreary and education would be incomplete with- out the sound of music and voices lifted in song, the students of Gadsden High School have always participated in a superior music program. Year after year the band has received superior music rat- ings. The sound of "Tiger Rag" has aroused school spirit for generations. The first boys' and girls' glee clubs have matured into the matchless and well known Triads and Velvetones. Programs presented by these groups are sought afterthroughoutthe state. Opening I5 Sportsmanship tw ABOVE: 1923 football team. RIGHT: Chris Johnson, 1980 Basketball star. BELOW: Tennis Team 1980. Gadsden High School has always been known for its innovative program in sports as well as academics. In past years only the students with superior athletic ability were chosen to participate in the sports program of our schools. Realizing the character build- ing aspects and the invaluable lessons learned by students involved: Gadsden now offers a complete sports program. Hundreds of boys and girls are now able to choose one or more of the following sports, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track, and Swimming. 16 Opening a of Life at G.H.S 6y,93D4:f 12 LEFT: Girls' Basketball team - 1926. BELOW LEFT: Gadsden High football players - 1980. BELOW RIGHT: Volleyball team - 1980. v9 U49 41 v9S0f 14 Q I 8 Opening Scholarship Yesterday and Today A superior academic program and the quality of its students have placed alumni of Gadsden High School in places of honor and leadership all over the world. Consistently, year after year, scholarships are awarded to, and important posi- tions are filled by students and former students of this school. Gadsden High School is and always has been living proof that the dream of the founders of our system is a reality. They believed that a free pub- lic education for all would produce a land of plenty and the incentive to strive for justice and equality for mankind. ABOVE RIGHT: Smartest pupil - listed in 1923 Crucible. RIGHT: Senior A Honor Floll fFirst rowj, Randy Freeman, Tim Nolen, Amy Lummisg fSecond rowj, Susan Lytle, Allison Chan- dler, Anita McCarver, Mary Semrickg 1Third rowj, Jeff Howard, and Chipper Griffith. Q J 3 .Q ml J. Y? snip 1 A Honor Roll students - LEFT: Juniorsg Cathy Semrick, Leigh Cochran, and Molly Pruitt. ABOVE: Sophomoresg Lynn Green, Sarah Pruitt, Connie Cushing, Morgan Holly, and John Hicks. BELOW LEFT: Freshmen, Matt Gsellman, Kathy McNabb, Velisa Fells, Mark Guest, Randa Smith, Traci Tucker, and Jeff Chandler. A Honor Roll students not shown: Amanda Tucker - Senior Jenny Neu - Junior Lisa Hill - Junior Connie Cushing - Sophomore Shawn Gsellman - Sophomore Michelle Pruitt - Sophomore Johnny Day - Freshman Opening 'I9 20 1 Activifies Activities 21 As the 1979-80 school year opened, it prom- ised to be a banner year. The students were filled with school spirit, the teachers and administra- tors were enthusiastic and the G.H.S. tiger wel- comed old and new fr S S r E 3 Lori Goss, Sherry Moon an mer excitement. 2 iends! d Angie Wood talk over their sum- Mw v' 'T .. yi. . , . . . 1 . M A vga. gis,V':?Lm4f'q:-' . 7-.-. "' ,gi ,. wr.. C. N . A My G.H.S. Welcomes 9 .l '-'Qi' 91-. Q . . S 3 xii ' I l S.C.A. of 79-80 predicts the best year ever. ABOVE: Kay Lambert and Cheryl Sington welcome Margaret Wetzel to her firsl day at G.H.S. LEFT: Renita Ervin, Gina Warren and Valerie Warren cannot wait for the school doors to open. Hd and N l Students W W M I f -ff- , M f mwgfgqlm 'WW f . ,- W sam Y' If W. - Mu W W WWW- M W , ,,. , WW We 45456 e??31ryfe eaafwrzwwwfgy W M" emmwwf J :mf M W MW yea . 'ii -as-.. f- .gi 3 .E ii VE: Students seem hesitant to walk in the front doors. BELOW: Stu- s discuss their summer. ABOVE: Lisa Morris and Susan Lytle try to figure out their schedule. My st N0 ABOVE: Mrs. Smith welcomes Kelly Godfrey back. BELOW: Toni Ballard comes to school prepared. Q Activities 23 Gpening Da - Routine Chaos lf" '75 TESQUSUFM ABOVE: Randy Freeman welcomes the student body back to school. RIGHT: Nick Hall looks over his new schedule. BELOW: Mr. Miller serves as a guide to the students. MIDDLE RIGHT: Lionel Whorton and Brad Hester discuss upcoming year. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Presley gives directions to students. ww! 24 Activities S .hh XX... my. V, TOP LEFT: Todd O'Bryant listens to Melvin Guyton as he explains the rotating schedule. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Barnes gives students their new schedules. LEFT: Things seem to be getting back to normal at G.H.S. ABOVE: Tim Roe talks to Mr. Miller about getting his schedule changed. Activities 25 4 30:13 YE 'S 21 The Football team enters the stadium for the first pep rally Sophomore spirit is high at morning pep rally ABOVE: Amy Evans and Lynn Green cheer for the Tiger team. RIGHT: Robyn Bobo, Gail Hooks and Myra Mayes show their Tiger spirit. lenerate Spirit Mwwvf' wfbfft WW!-4 ft44nYf'fW'f' ,3 ,,.,,,,mWa in t 2 amey Mann, Gary Menninger, Dale Robertson, and Jay Smith meditate on the game to come. Coach Martin talks to the student body. 'V ,, The band shows its spirit at pep rallies. W S i , .tx ai XE . ii E, 1, 7 ,1 W" ,, .V ' ,W , uf iw- tw A MVWM ABOVE: Seniors say they are 1-'M . . . LEFT: Derrick Ash and Greg Peo ples encourage student body support. Activities 27 28 Activities School Daze - Fun Days 5' Wifi ' H" q ,,. . q K K 6' A I it I F '51 . - C . 4 sig! gg. ff N f' .Q fi A ' . ' - '4- wf f. I fa TOP LEFT: Did Julie Farrow forget to change this morn- ing? TOP FIIGHT: Will the real Mr. Brown please come for- ward? ABOVE: A pensive moment for Lisa Leslie. MIDDLE RIGHT: Adolph Hitler, the Cone Heads, the wicked witch, a Martian, and a busy little bee invade Gadsden High on dressup day. RIGHT: Dress up day improved G.H.S. spirit. 'ii- -if Afk is-4' I' if X 5344355 I. 4 All work and no play make G.H.S. students dull boys and girls. Cold wintry days are made brighter by special days such as 50-60 days, cowboy and Indian day and Halloween celebration. LEFT: Gretel Hol- comb, Keith Brooks, Linda Vreatt, Lori Goss, and Polly Holcomb call off the Cowboy and Indian War. BELOW LEFT: G.H.S. students recall nostal- gic days of 1950's. BELOW RIGHT: Donald C Matt Dillonj Core. W Q 3,-Z jg,,,,.-s af-2 Ag., LEFT: Michael Bostick, Mary Smedley, Pam Wright, Tyrus Foster, and lphadella English enjoy by-gone days. ABOVE: Brian McKearin, Vicki Jones and Tommy Denson declare "Happy Days are here again." Activities 29 NWO! Magazine Sales ABOVE: Winning Homeroom! fLeft to rightj, Kneeling: Pam Jackson, Susan Henslee, Laurie Frantz, Gretel Holcomb, Carla Gray, Connie Knight, Paula Jackson, Gail Hooks, Kelly Godfrey, Janine Hagerman, Mrs. Donald, Brian Garner, Reginald Brunson, Lee Dye, and Chipper Griffith. RIGHT: Drew Campbell. Although many students worked diligently, the Senior Class failed to reach their goal of S15,000. Mrs. Donald's homeroom was number one in magazine sales. They were rewarded with a pizza party in the lunchroom compliments of Sunland Magazine Company. Drew Campbell was top salesman, selling over S500 worth of magazines. His efforts earned him a nice cash prize plus a tape player. mv- 1-an 'HP milf? ii?----f gllnlili - v F' g ew, Q' as j. W, ff' "VI,- ABOVE LEFT: Anita McCarver and CABOVE RIGHTJ Susan Lytle - second place winners of magazine sale. LEFT: Laurie Frantz is the proud owner of a Gadsden Tiger given as a prize for magazine sales. Activities 31 32 Activities 'ililverybod Loves a Parade" The day of the Homecoming Parade is the time of year when G.H.S. students dis- play their pride and school spirit to the city of Gadsden. A week of preparation and hard work is culminated in a colorful fantastic parade. TOP RIGHT: G.H.S. Football players show who is xr 1. LEFT: Denise Stimpson and Lisa Tullis play their hearts out during the parade. MIDDLE RIGHT: Kathy Wester, Julie Farrow and Randy Freeman flash a smile to the crowds. RIGHT: Beta Psi Epsilon cheer on the parade. H H wg., ,, .,,,, r. me-f - LEFT: The gangsters of G.H.S. ABOVE: Junior Beauties: Mike Hopper, David Parsons, and Jamie Mann? MIDDLE LEFT: Tiger Band marches to the beat of the drums. BOTTOM LEFT: Red Cross par- ticipates in the parade. BOTTOM RIGHT: it 1 in spirit. 34 Activities Homecoming Court f. L .,,,U -'--,. . Myrtle Knight 8. Daphne Meadows Senior Maids: Daphne Meadows escorted by Dwight Sumpterg Queen Karen escorted by Randy Freemang Karen McNabb escorted by Mike Hopper. Jean Marie Brown 8. Cindy Wain Junior Maids: Polly Holcomb escorted by Chuck Hughelyg Jean Marie Brown Keith Kulasp Jackie Turner escorted by Byran Saddier. 5 .1 more Maids: Cindy Wain escorted by Brian Garnerg Myrtle Knight escorted by Ken- Melissa Dawson 81 Laura Gilmore. Dupreeg Laura Gilmore escorted by Jon Williams. Jackie Turner8t Cathy Hightower Freshman Maids: Kathy McNabb escorted by Tim Burgessg Cathy Hightower escorted by Stefon Fordg Melissa Dawson escorted by David Parsons. Karen 8. Kathy McNabb Polly Holcomb Activities 35 Tigers - Real and Unreal xllvh L .tin 'P 1 SHOW GNN ABOVE: Senior Tiger annihilates the enemy. RIGHT: Stadium Showdown! --Q ABOVE: Junior float takes the prize! RIGHT: SCA Vice-President, Ralph Dobbins, presents first place trophy to Junior class President, Chuck Hughely, for the best float. 36 Activities .----nu.-,.,. -rv' .. ' 'dm' ABOVE: Gadsden Tiger reigns over Dega. LEFT: Sophomores show who's King of the Tigers. MID- DLE LEFT: The Gadsden Tigers quillotine the Dega Tigers. Yi N-...wk -Q FAR LEFT: Rob McKenzie shows his spirit as a proud tiger mascot! LEFT: The Rifles enjoy the homecoming parade. ABOVE: Cheerleaders start the parade with a lot of spirit. Activities 37 Karen Watford - 1979 Homecoming Queen Escorts - Scott Watford and Randy Freeman, SCA President 1 ASK X iq Histor Repeats Itself ln 1954, lovely Betty Dickson was crowned Homecom- ing Queen of Gadsden High School. She felt that this was Iife's proudest moment. Twenty-five years later, as a radi- ant mother, she realized an even sweeter one as she crowned daughter, Karen Watford, Gadsden High School Homecoming Queen of 1979. TOP: Karen shows her happiness as she rides through the parade. MID- DLE LEFT: Karen is escorted by her brother, Scott Watford, ABOVE: Karen Watford is crowned Homecoming Queen by her mother: the 1954 Homecoming Queen of G.H.S. LEFT: Karen stands with family, Scott, Mrs. Betty Watford, and Mr. Troy Watford. Activities 39 Christmas 1979 i Christmas vacation is anticipated by both teachers and students. Each year the S.C.A. of Gadsden High School heralds the holiday season with a beautiful, unforgettable Christmas Ball. It seems that each succeeding group of officers outdoes the last ones in providing the setting, music and atmosphere to provide lovely memo- ries. , I 1--..,..,,,,..vs-1--' TOP RIGHT: Visions-Track 4 pleased the TIGERS with their performance. ABOVE: Chipper Griffith and his date seem to be enjoying themselves. MIDDLE RIGHT: Wes Gwin, Susan Henslee, Joy Myracle and their dates take time out to talk. RIGHT: Sherri Jackson, Janet Byers, and Daphne Meadows absorb the music. TOP LEFT: David Rary, Susan Denson and Donna Dean decide to have a conversation on the dance floor. TOP RIGHT: Rachael Underwood and her date dance to the beat of the music. MIDDLE LEFT: A quiet moment with quiet music. LEFT: Liz Piliitary, Connie Curl, Angela McKenzie and their dates seem to like just listening. ABOVE: Linda Miller, Vanessa Ziegler - Decisions, Decisions! Activities 41 42 Activiiies G G G G H 11 I' S Amy Lummis escorted by Lance Richard. Paige Dawson escorted by Tyson Roe. Patty McNulty escorted by Drew Campbell C' Tl 'tv 1 'I 4' W1 'Kiwi :rf 4 J' ww Valentine Memories The Valentine Dance is sponsored by the Key Club each year to present the sweethearts of the Club. A beautiful leadout makes each sweetheart feel that she is indeed a very special person. hm: qw. www, " I TOP LEFT: Donna Runyan and Jeff Williams are getting along? TOP RIGHT: Drew Campbell and Patty McNulty dance the night away. ABOVE: Mary Faye Bowman and Lance Richard pause for a pose. MIDDLE RIGHT: Curly, Larry, and Moeg alias Sam Weaver, David Wright and Jud Dawson. RIGHT: Terry Tolson, Ali- cia Bullock, Margaret Wetzel and Mitch Moore sit this one out. airs Pt ,, Q 3 5 :B ' -if ,HHN p-1 i ,t-5? ' Ai I f X W A A -f Xxx' 4,f,...,....f-7 TOP LEFT: Students seem to be enjoying the Valentine dance. TOP RIGHT: Tracy Edwards and Mike Argo dance to the beat. MIDDLE LEFT: Students enjoy the band. MIDDLE RIGHT: Greg Campbell and Billy Dowling seem to be having a good time on their first date. LEFT: Karen Crook and Henry Dupree do the bump. ABOVE MIDDLE: Stu- dents smile for the camera, ABOVE RIGHT: Mark Cook teaches Westminister how to dance. Activities 45 Sweethearts and More Sweethearts Beverly Bugg escorted by Jud Dawson. 2 . ., r wp MX 'Mya x E 3 V' 'I I M f AAM4 Q mf 3 U N Qi Q Ji 1 M 1' N af: . fi' 'N VAN , ,M l Y--xrv W 1 gg. , . v 1 1 L f as-P. t :A 5- M 'gym K gf x -L 5 1 v X 'wi l 5 Q , if 5 1 Xp 8' '.-33 M Q' Q' 'X 513 - "ai W-ff' ' ,r ,,.,...,..-MW.-W, fans 'Qi , z 55 , 5 Fats wif' 'Ui- L. ,iii 1 48 Activities Coronation Ball "Behind the Scenesi' The beauty and pageantry of the Coronation Ball seem to just happen. The royalty of the Coronation Court is enhanced in the Ieadout by the elaborate and beautiful stage, lighting and decorations of the ballroom. The CRUCIBLE Staff spends hundreds of hours planning, raising money, designing and making invi- tations and decorations. Elections of class favorites must be planned and held. Ballots are carefully counted. The selection of class beauties is deter- mined by popular vote and kept a closely guarded secret. Interviews with panels of competent judges are arranged and held so the best possible choices can be made in choosing the King and Queen of Gads- den High School. The identity of the Royal Court is not revealed until the night of the Ball. The hard work, the lovely setting, the elections and the sus- pence, all add up to make the Coronation Ball the most memorable night of the year. 'N ff """"-u.-.Q-f' v N C7115 cmasrg csiagof a gacfsofan Olfigg Scgoof uquzata tae pfmaaw ofyouz company af file cozorzafion igaff on 915443, fli.-1 fait-Lf!! af04p-tal' ffvinetszn and signing from 8:00 pm. to 12:00 fz.m. Conv.:-znfion olfaff O Y p., .QL - -:man Neima- L of 1980 BELOW LEFT Favorite Co LOW RIGHT Favorite Gretel Holcomb lor Favorite Alnsa Stephens and Krngs a gsman an y Q-fp, A.. 'tw , rM v ,,,f f .-.W -. A W la 4 A :git , g wa .Ewa , V Vzwgm ,M ,W M 'M ' , ' 'A ' ' A' X - +1 1- fp 'wk' UW 1 W' ,. W -.. , 4 W W 0' ' , V 'wil 'bt ,, mv' -5, 'H X , 4433. ' "5 ,- 'Z W ' W Q ,l ,yung 'H 3 R T .,, if 3 I , 1 f Q K ,Q M mf. 1 "1 M ...EH ' 'r 4 ww A "" Q M 8 'ffl M M I v.. V' "Q9F'MW QW H N W' Jr ,M W me v: ' Q 5 'f .Q N 91' " 4' 'f M X, A M ' Q V- -u ii Q ? C- 0 au A Q 0 gm 1 i i 5 9 I, . 'Q ru 'U , 'M -..V. 1 if -M fv 'W is f -..,V.,, .,,. V xt si nf 4 my f 1 1 'W we K rs if ,J i n ' ,ww X w,f,iw ,yuan w ia fa 'W 5. ijfifvi fm if Eh, . 5? S i 14 M vw fi I i Q 0 If f, ' -J w gl M, W' A wi Y m Q gg, M www QYQQM QW VM ww: Q . ,Q is YM H ig w W" ' ' X uf: 21's-LW: iii! " ' f V Q, , , w,mu'?3i,5'-a ' N Y ,if -,-wwwffw if F -am T 4 Wxlx N if "WJ wgiiiifs , .Ag?,w, Wwfffwi Ritkgwgwyw ' ,'m 1 1HW '5W W' Umwfmfwiavx fb 'W A, ink 5' f Y L A 'K The Reign of Royalty ' X U limi ,,llV,,,mW ' u 'S Al X, . L Nr' ABOVE LEFT: Who is more surprisedg the King or members of the Royal Court? ABOVE RIGHT: Kingsman Tyson Roe is delighted as King Lance crowns Amy Lumrnis Queen. FAR LEFT: Sudden royalty is sometimes to much to bear. LEFT: The crown weights heavily as the King escorts a tearful Queen. BELOW: King Lance and Queen Amy officially open the Coronation Ball with the lead- outdance. Senior Connie Knight was named Alternate Queen and Senior Beauty. ,W- Senior Beauty Kelly Godfrey accepts her rose from M. C. Kirk Garner. Senior Beauty Paige Dawson smiles happily as she receives her rose. 54 Activities 'QM ' 5 ff X 34 nw I Q Favorite Vanessa Zeigler escorted by Kingsman Kenneth Dupree. Favorite Ellen Upton escorted by Kingsman Greg Lummis. Favorite Sherry Moon escorted by Kingsman Jon Williams. 56 Activities Favorite Julie Wolfe escorted by Kingsman David Fiary. 2 n x X fm? E if ,K W rg, . K ,:: ues if F s E S i 'D . Q ii oooo . F . ooie Favorite Helantha Jones escorted by Kingsman Cicero Curry. Favorite Linda Abel escorted by Kingsman Jud Dawson. Activities 57 58 Activities Favorite Sheila Tommie and Kingsman Gary Menninger, Favorite Kay Ivey and Tyson Roe, Beauty Kelly Godfrey and Kingsman Billy Dowling, Queen Amy Lu King Lance Richard, Alternate Queen fBeautyJ Connie Knight and Kingsman Alvin Beauty Paige Dawson and Kingsman Chipper Griffith, Favorite Vanessa Croft, and man Randy Freeman. 'T Beauty Angela McKenzie and Kingsman Mark Cook, Favorite Susan Denson and Kingsm Jamie Mann, Favorite Kay Lambert and Kingsman David Parsons, Favorite Dana Johns and Kingsman Mike Hopper, Favorite Janice Johnson. mrite Linda Abel and Kingsman Jud Dawson, Favorite Julie Wolfe and Kingsman David i, Favorite Helantha Jones and Kingsman Cicero Curry, Favorite Sherry Moon and lsman Jon Williams, Beauty Ellen Upton and Kingsman Greg Lummis, Favorite Vanessa ller and Kingsman Kenneth Dupree. rite Alicia Bullock and Kingsman Terry Tolson, Beauty Marva Morgan and Kingsrnan 'Adams, Favorite Stacy Culp and Kingsman Mark Hopper. Activities 59 ff 2 E Favorite Kay Lambert escorted by Kingsman David Parsons i . 5 i Q v , I' ,gi , ,Q l , rig i i. 5 , I N S . w f Q - F3V0fiT9 JHFHCG JOWISOVW 9500395 by Kingsman ROQGV Jones Favorite Angela McKenzie escorted by Kingsman Mark Cook 60 Activities 2 i Favorite Dana Johnson escorted by Kingsman Mike Hopper. 'TY' if' 1 t Favorite Susan Denson escorted by Kingsman Jamie Mann. Favorite Sheila Hill escorted by Kingsman Oliver Lindsey. Activities 61 H A Mm: M .N e if E 1 Q Q if , E32 " -KB, ,. S K ' . HA ' Q HM T? , Y, A'.n.z 'A 'fylx ' b L if ul . 'x s, ,P . . W'-V, .JP 2 Q . '1v QP- ,Ma- iz" X W A I 0 0 'fd MM I 54 9 o ' c pa. i,5Lfjl'QL 'rf -mf ,.. . if' A - '- X1 "Sw 'h .a. 1 S4 f emories of 1980 a ABOVE: G.H.S. students in various poses for the photogra- pher. BELOW LEFT: G.H.S. Students enjoy quiet music. BELOW RIGHT: Roy Weaver is kept in line by Momma Perry- mafl. 2,-5' 974. ft? 64 Activities I TOP LEFT: Moments before the leadout, ABOVE: Southern it gentleman, Donald Core enjoys the music. LEFT: The Cor- onation Coun enjoys the leadout dance. BELOW LEFT: GHS students dance to the beat of Daybreak. BELOW: Seniors wait patiently for the photographer. iyy W I "ff, le l X Mia Activities 65 Tvvirp Court The woman is requested to pay! One week of each school year G.H.S. Student Council attempts to give the guys a break. The Council decrees that the females must arrange all dates and pay for same. Old traditions are hard to break and the law is broken by both guys and girls. At the end of the week, justice prevails and impartial punishment is administered to all lawbreakers. TOP LEFT: The jury decides their verdict. MIDDLE LEFT: Billy Dowling and Gary Menni- ger give Leslie Steffey an egg shampoo. MID- DLE RIGHT: William Watts and Kathy High- tower have a toilet paper rolling contest. BOTTOM LEFT: Jon Williams gives Laura Gil- more a little splash. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Rachel Cox attempts to remove the egg from her face. RIGHT: Betsy Ftutenburg takes a shower break. pi 'Y'- . M, may .M ,ff ,,,,.,:,,L.,, W, , f an IR UTUQ. IK. ,PT 'TLT NW wif fr, ' W W E 4, K A- NVQ: A ,,, ,,,, V, fi f : AM' ' f W , Q 5, Wir , ,, ,M g i 1 ' 4 9 5 it it 4, , l: ai- N .. .xxnsfy F S its AW' X X TOP LEFT: Derick Ash and Gary Menniger escort Alvin Walker to court. TOP RIGHT: Polly Holcomb and Chuck Hugley practice table manners. MIDDLE LEFT: Gary Men- niger shows Tina Sims to her seat. BELOW CENTER: Mary Semrick thinks cold show- ers are so refreshing. MIDDLE RIGHT: Laura Norton and Margaret Taylor await exec ution. BOTTOM LEFT: Jurors Julie Farrow and Patty McNulty solemnly watch as sen lences are given out to lawbreakers. W fr , Q x i I f+ 3 68 Honon 5 wNi?La Q M ,7- - 'YA M Ik az . XJ xy wb V Tx . ff'4 - V 1 , Xf,faQXi x7'j Cv 'X' 2 N S 1" L X!!! , If NL ' .1 .Q RLRMA I I .N ' 1 X Vxkxh X 1 dward Tinker - recipient of Laurd Scholarship for ne year study in England awarded by the English peaking Union of U.S. in 1979. Chipper Griffith - National Merit Scholarship finalist of 1980. Honors 69 70 Honors Uutstanding Students is S I I . VALEDICTORIAN AWARD: Mary Semrick SALUTATORIAN AWARD: Chipper Griffith On.. J mi Q mn.: OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO SCHOOL PRINCIPAL'SAWARD:RandyFreeman OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO AWARD: Connie Knight AWARD: Noressa Johnson Ser ice Awards .BOVE: The Seniors present Mr. Miller with the backdrop from stunt ight. Q95 Coach Martin presents Mrs. Berry with an award for all her atGHS. ABOVE: The Junior Class present Mrs. Skipper and Miss Lowery with an Outstanding sponsor award. Wswawmmwww ABOVE: Rodney Gibbs - Library Award. Honors 71 72 Honors Business ards A i 1st PLACE WINNER IN SECOND YEAR OF TYPING: Brenda Moses . L MW..-Y-..M,...'sg FBLA AWARD: Julie Farrow. l - -,- SHORTHAND AWARDS: Cindy Campbell, Julie Wolfe, Deena Sheffield, Michelle Pruett, Gray, Helantha Jones, Meche Nelms, Daphney Brown, Teresa Hawkins, Tracy Henry, Johnson. FBLA TYPETHON AWARDS: George Holley, Morgan Holley, Carla Gray, Cathleen Stevens, Weaver, Linda Lindsey, Julie Farrow. . ,... , TYPING AWARD: Traci Hilleke. 1stYEAR TYPING AWARD: Stacy K . Academic Honors CHEMISTRY AND SCIENCE AWARDS: David Harlow, Mary Semrick. BELOW: RUSSIAN AWARDS: Molley Prueti, Mary .Sgrrllriclg Nxanqy Rfopersfonr, Cathy Sem- 74 Honors ards in Sports MOST VALUABLE TRACK MEMBER: James Vaughn. MOST VALUABLE TRACK MEMBER: Janice John- SOD. l WRESTLING AWARD: Eddie Wilson, Vic Worley, Robbie Driskell, Mark Guest, Matt man, Jeff Chandler, Phillip Warren, Barry Warren, Oliver Thompson, Johnny Kell, T i Meager, Carl Owens. BOYS' TRACK AWARD: Terry Buchanan, Milton Lewis, Greg Peoples, John Mitchell, John Hoyt, Anthony Davis, Derick Ash, Lyonell Whorton, Oliver Thompson, Vaughn, Darryl Mostella. ! 3- 5 E E 5 3 s 2 ? i' 2 E H . Q.. .www GIRLS' TRACK TEAM: Kathy Burnett, Lori Hooks, Donna Newsome, Angela McKenzie, V- erie Leigh, Regina Fikes, Pam Jackson, Arellia Page, Benita Davis, Sonya Warren, Jan Johnson, Patricia Davis, Saretha Owens, Jeeni Miller, Josephine Moore, Suzannah Ar strong. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IN BASKETBALL: Polly Holcomb. ABOVE: BASKETBALL AWARD: Kathy Lindsey. MOST VALUABLE TENNIS PLAYER: Scott Grutch- field. More Sports ards MOST VALUABLE SWIM TEAM AWARD: Dede Toncre. SUBSTITUTE CHEERLEADER AWARDS: Gretal Holcomb, Susan Denson, Renita Prater. 76 Honors BASEBALL LETTERMAN AWARDS: Zane Allsup, Chipper Griffith, Nick Hall, Brian Garner, Argo, Tim Burgess, Scott Naylor, Russel Wise, Jamey Mann, Mike Hopper, Mark Hopper,' Tolson. 5 SWIM TEAM AWARDS: Susan Denson, Lance Richard, Bart Bailey, Trey Butler, Kathy Burnet cia Bullock, Craig Dickson, Phillip Ivey, Angela McKenzie, Greg Lummis, Elizabeth Pillitary, Palmer, Jimmy Hill, Scott Skipper, Vicki Jones, Rob McKenzie, Kim Thomas, Stacy Snyder phanie Toncre, Dede Toncre. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADER AWARDS: Ellen Upton, Alicia Bullock, Kathy McNabb, Rl- Prater, Cindy Wain, Marva Morgan, Laura Gilmore. E: VOLLEYBALL AWARDS: Shella Hill, Tanya Jenkins, Pam Butler, Karlene Kennon, Kim rs, Janice Johnson. RIGHT: MOST VALUABLE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Derick Ash. FOOTBALL CAPTAIN AWARDS: Zane Allsup, Derick Ash. BASEBALL AWARDS: Chipper Griffith, Brian Garner 78 Honors Iournalism Awards 'KF7 Gloria McPeters - CRUCIBLE Editor Award, Mrs. Smith - CRUCIBLE Scott Gfutchfield - Most Valuable Magnavox Staff Member Advisor, Traci Edwards - Most Valuable CRUCIBLE Staff Member Myst Donald-Magnavox Advisgr, Award. i 1 Magnavox Staff honors Mrs. Donald. Roy Weaver - Outstanding Service Award. Gary Menninger - Top Ad Salesman Q' as In ' A f1,' 5 . if gk' " M EEC 1 5 3 Or Z i W3 Service Personnel l l mf' ,,-..- z f Q, X 'Q 1 A C, i X , . We 4 3 1 E W TOP LEFT: Sally McCoy. TOP RIGHT: Custodians: Mr. Eck, Mr. Snell, Charity Harrison, Mr. Keener, Russell Morphis. ABOVE: Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Nora Lee. RIGHT: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hardy, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Baswell, Mrs. Talley, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Chappell, Russell Morphis, Mrs. Berry - Lunch- room Personnel. 80 Honors ll, V .4 ff W My 0 N " fy .... , . , 5. .6 rts at wr .,..- - ITAL HEALTH SACK ART CONTEST WINNERS - 3rd place - Pam BEST SUPPORTING cson, 4th place - Carol Brackett, 5th place - Ralph Dobbins ACTRESS AWARD - Leigh Cochran. A 3 if G.H.S. TOP LEFT: 2nd place, CITY AND COUNTY SCHOOL ART EXHIBIT - Linda Vreatt. HON- ORABLE MENTION AWARD: Lisa Hill. TOP RIGHT: 1st place - CITY WIDE TALENT SHOW, Linda Grice. ABOVE: PHOTOGRA- PHY AWARD - Scott Grutchfield. Honors Bl I' K. V - ,S 6751 I A Ei, K , we 9,1 We.,-., I Kuo ledge and Service Gadsden High students are outstanding in all fields, whether it is competing against area schools for academic excellence, gaining rec- ognition for services at State Key Club Con- vention, or being selected as examples of good citizenship. , Qt l ?,lfQf,Z s si... mi' an i ll if I, a-Q2 G Qtr Q if T"-In ABOVE: QUIZ BOWL WINNERS: Alan Selby, Chipper Griffith, Tim Nolen, Jeff Mary Semrick, Allison Chandler. LEFT: MATH EXAM WINNERS - Chipper Grrifth, Lynn Green and Jeff Erwin. SCHOOL CITIZENSHIP AWARD: Rodney Gibbs, David Clark, Christy Strawn, Dean, Marvin Sims, Scott Crutchfield. i I fs. BOTTOM LEFT: KEY CLUB AWARDS - Lance Richard, Tim Nolen. BOTTOM MIDE D.A.R. GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD AND EXCHANGE CLUB YOUTH OF THE YEA Randy Freeman, BELOW RIGHT: KEY CLUB TRUSTEE - Jeff Howard. I 4, IBOVE: COSTA RICA WINNERS - Saundra Gadson, Allison Ihandler. I BOVE: CITY MATH WINNERS: Johnny Day, Tracy Miller, Sara ruett. MIDDLE RIGHT: SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS: Cathy Sem- ck, Lisa Taylor, Ellen Upton, Leigh Cochran, Connie Curl, Alli- Jn Chandler, Dede Toncre, David Riley, Janice George. RIGHT: RAFFIC SAFETY AWARD - Noressa Johnson. FAR RIGHT: OOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD - Cathy Semrick. 3 M Z V' ABOVE: NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: Tim Nolen, Chipper Grif- filh. W L!! mea ,-Qu 4. 5 ran va.. 'N 3- -M., I I 84 Honors ational Honor Sooiet Induotions The National Honor Society mem- bership has grown at a remarkable pace as the member chapters now number more than 20,000. Primary rea- son for this growth is that membership in the Society is meaningful. Member- ship is a strong reference to a stu- dent's character and provides an impetus for consistant academic achievement and service to the school. The Society embraces high stand- ards of scholarship, service, leader- ship and character which are bound in a moral and ethical framework. A spe- cial benefit of membership is eligibility for the scholarship awards adminis- tered each year by the Society's spon- sor, the National Association of Sec- ondary School Principals. lnduction ceremonies were held Fri- day April 4, 1980. Twenty seven new members were inducted bringing membership total to forty five. ABOVE: Jeff Howard lights the candle of SERV- ICE. RIGHT: Amanda Tucker, Patty McNulty, Chuck Hughely and Polly Holcomb enjoy the reception that followed the tappings. BELOW: Amy Lummis announces her inductee. FAR RIGHT: Tim Nolen taps Chris Deavor. t an xsmggmg.. .. .... .. . as " T. . . -- is V65 'K K r. . .. A 'is WEE. ABOVE: Old members prepare for the induction ceremonies if o Beta Club Chartered at G.H.S. The organization of Gadsden High School Beta Club became a reality this school year C1979-19801 so that more students could be recognized in their achievements. As members of the Beta Club and as a citizen of the com- munity, state and nation, the students believe in and strive to promote the principles of honesty, justice, service, coop- eration, responsibility, industriousness, humility and charity. The local chapter of the National Beta Club shall under- take constructive projects that are of value to the club and to the school and community. During the induction ceremony February 26, 1980, sixty seven members were inducted, fourteen students were added later before the enrollment period ended. This made total enrollment of charter members at eighty one. 6' ' as Y by TOP LEFT: Liz Pillitary enjoys refreshments best of all. MIDDLE LEFT: Ursula Lawler and Roderick Parker take time to acknowledge the photographer. ABOVE: Janice Johnson and Angel McGee prove to be good listeners. BELOW LEFT: Rachel Cox makes a dash for the refreshments. BELOW RIGHT: Mitch Moore, Mike Hop- per, Greg Peeples, Ken Mitchell take time to socialize. Honors 85 A 7 ff YQ. 'if- 86 Classes C L ? A S S E S 88 Seniors if 6 Sherry Jackson - President Kelly Godfrey - Secretary Amy Lummis - Vice-President Kay Ivey -- Treasurer L... A ' 'PEN Marsha Steele, Gail Hooks, and Patti Ivey are prepared to start senior year. RIGHT: Brenda Moses and Laurie Frantz try to check s and Doc out on their first day back to school, Q , tjfa KW? Y CQ- iv W. Jim Abel Rhonda Allen Zane Allsup Derrick Ash John Ashley Larry Avery Greg Ball , . isa ,mf Af 'N' 90 Seniors Jerolyn Baggett Toni Ballard Bessie Belyew Donna Benjamin Scott Boatwright Robyn Bobo i 4' A 1, fn, V A , by it g Z V,,e ' ' I' ,',2 rf ' . A g - , I V , il 5 I jf' H , , "' ' ,, M V V V, W341' I ' ' af-"" N'-.. ABOVE: Kathy Kulas studies hard and hopes to get in the Honor So 5 ' lil v W E The Orange Crush spirit really shows on Kevin Williams. f ,aw-M ,aw TL VJ? 55,275 m 'ja T ib' K 17 ' Finally Seniors!!! WEN "Nia W- 'y' nw-,..f Mary Faye Boman Todd Boozer Michael Bostick Teresa Bradfield Keith Brooks David Brown ,swgsw ,H A f it I er ' ,r ,, f , f ,fn ' f 1 VE:,Mary Faye Boman and Margaret Taylor prefer rock to the school lunches. HT: Linda Lindsey simply must learn how to read. Seniors D0 Their Thing Benny Brown Reginald Brunson Brad Buckelew 92 Seniors ,-MW Tim Byers Kim Calloway Greg Campbell A? I , ff' Fi 1 'sly 3. Avi ' K will f T Nfli, LX' I' A f LEFT: Mary Faye Boman can't fool us with her studious actions. ABOVE: Scoti field decides tojump thinking he will be excused from Mrs. Donalds' class, gy 2 si 15 1 ' t J 'J "3 K' Q- 'l 4 Q ffl: , N -gt AM , 5 if . E-X ,,, - X I ,,, N- i KM f . X A f i . DVE: Billy Dowling and Floy Weaver drive in Ben's Bug. ABOVE iHT: Cindy Jenkins and Anita McCarver practice for twirp court. - .Q Sandy Campbell John Carlisle Jennifer Carter Allison Chandler Vittorio Cole Susan Coleman Becky Cook is , , G 5 l CE Seniors 93 f'r Donald Core Vanessa Croft Paige Dawson i Chris Deavor Billy Dowling Vicki Downing 94 Seniors' Seniors enjoy getting out of class for a ball game. , 1 W ,,, , ' AkG" 12, any M s Paige Dawson and Zane Allsup find a little time to grub pep rally. Seniors .fwfr i Participate in Pep Rallies QQ' 'ft dis aige Dawson shows her spirit at the Homecoming parade. Seniors give support at pep rally. Lee Dye Julie Farrow Nancy Foster Laurie Frantz Randy Freeman Rod ney Gibbs Seno s 95 -1, Homeoommg lulled With Never Forgotten Memories ABOVE: G.H.S. Mafia invade the Homecoming parade. BELOW Seniors show big participation in wadding paper for the float. Seniors work hard to build the float. iarty Likos Lance Richard, Tim Nolen and Randy Freeman give a hel , D- ig hand on the float.. i OVE: Seniors show some of their great constructions. RIGHT: Gary nniger and Kelly Godfrey show the importance of friendship. Linda Grice Chipper Griffith Scott Grutchfield Janine Hagerman Nick Hall 98 Seniors Melissa Hardnett Angela Harvey Neal Helms Susan Henslee Scott Hicks Glenda Hill I lf Y - Q Lisa Hill, Susan Henslee and Sheila Tommie prepare to enter the fi Q . Mg.. Laura Norton has her share of ups and downs in the mud. is Seniors Support the Greet Tiger Band Gretel Holcomb Gail Hooks Jeff Howard Charlotte Hutchinson Kay Ivey Patty Ivey BELOW: Sandy Campbell gives a final salute to the band. Pam Jackson P, 'Yu Seniors 99 Paula Jackson Sherry Jackson Toni Jenkins Jon Johnson Melissa Johnson Noressa Johnson Rennie Jones feniari W i,,, 44 Na . ,Z Q Q 3 7 A Q f . ABOVE: Alan Selby is the reincarnation of Hitler. LEFT: Mary Smeo and Linda Lindsey show off their Easter suits. .Silk Kent Richard and Randy Freeman solve their differences in a gentle- man - like way. Daphne Meadows and Mary Smedley think dress up day is fun. ' Denise Kilgore Lynn King Lorre Kirkpatrick Connie Knight Kathy Kulas Keith Kulas Teresa Ladd Seniors lOl Lillie Lee Lisa Lesley Marty Likos Glenn Lindsey Linda Lindsey Julie Lindy Rhonda Lloyd 102 Seniors Seniors' True Identities ..- gfl w 1. , it L 5 lv we 2 . --,M ,, '."-it-f-11 ABOVE: Margaret Taylor, Chuck Huguley and Mary Faye Boman - their Count Cone Head closeness. LEFT: Seniors prepare fortheir future lives. om Out Y Q Q new i ,icWf. 'V e .... AH I 1 Donna Runyan forgot to put on her make-up this morning. K -,rf V aakyyyfkr. ,, Lance Richard and Randy Freeman imitate their idols, Groucho and Mr. Brown. Amy Lummis Susan Lytle Tommy Marshall Robert Massey Myra Mayes Anita McCarver Karen McNabb Marx Seniors l03 104 Seniors These Are Wha Patty McNulty Gloria McPeters Daphne Meadows Gary Menninger Anita Miner f ABOVE RIGHT: Christmas dance proves to be a big hit at G.H.S. RIGHT: Kathy Wester and John Ashley give the camera a friendly wave. .,,aa Mf 'uf' Wu., ,rr H ,M ,ll-2 ff JI emories Are ade U r'-Ile? Winston Miller Karen Minshew Richard Pate James Moody J ABOVE: Gary Huthchinson and John AshIey's dates seem to be impressed with the guys in the band. LEFT: Gail Hooks and Scott Grutchfield are enjoying themselves!! Seniors 105 Frankie Moore Rickey Morgan Lisa Morris LEFT: Chipper Griffith dances to the beat of the Band. ABOVE: Jef Yow enjoys his last Christmas Dance. Brenda Moses Kris Murray Joy Myracle IO6 Seniors J I S P: Tim Nolen and Jeff Howard clap to the beat of the band. ABOVE: Christmas dance was a big success from the looks of Tiger Stu- Ree Nesbitt Tim Nolen Laura Norton BELOW: Mark Worley, Carol Frisby, Frankie Moore, Todd and Julie Wolfe take a break from all ofthe excitement of the sl 1.- Seniors 107 108 Seniors Albert Oravet Roderick Parker Cherri Parris Richard Pate Sammy Payne Stephanie Pearson Pam Pendley Kathy Peppers v ,rv .. .A . Brian Garner is totally exhausted from continuous studying Seniors Enjo Leisure Time Mary Faye Bowman and Kathy Wester are waiting for the decision will be chosen as Gary Lee Love's date. LEFT: Billy Dowling, Keith and Greg Campbell give the girls one of their sexiest smiles. e si .kj g T?-...L Issac Pope Randy Porter Thea Powell Vanessa Rice Lance Richard Bobby Robinson it ,ei 2 R . Seniors IO9 Seniors Make the Most Out of Thei Final Year T Tyson Roe Arthur Rollins Donna Flunyan James Sandridge Alan Selby Mary Semrick LEFT Susan Henslee gnves the camera a pretty smile. Margaret Taylor and Randy Freeman the perfect couple " W? s P MSM, . - r. , pmnnllllwwf - 5: VE: Roy Weaver - "Lookin' Good." BELOW: Seniors take over entertain for awhile. BELOW RIGHT: Gloria McPeters takes charge ass. K, X S K is Q S E wif as -ra, .... G L ihA aw N:EZ"AEE 'Q ,ff - ' . :fee ' Deena Sheffield Tina Sims Donald Smith James Smith Mary Smedley Seniors I I 1 If fi l A, ff t., Tim Noien takes a closer look at things. I A 6, 5 f 5 , 5 z .L , j 5,14 i I , pq LEFT: Bobby Robinson shows that little tigers have big bites. AB'- Tyson Roe has a class of his own. Class of 6'80" BOVE: Football players show excitement about afternoon practice. ELOW: Keith Brooks and Scott Boatwright skip in the field house. Zina Townsend Amanda Tucker Lisa Tullis Missy Turner James Vaughn Linda Vreatt Seniors' I 1 3 Alvin Walker Yancey Walker Valarie Warren Karen Watford Roy Weaver Kathy Wester Seniors Will Always Remember Their Moments Tog Randy Freeman and Jeff Howard decorate for the Valentine dance. ether l, Seniors enjoys their time between classes H4 S l -46? ' PVE: Kelly Godfrey pays more attention to the camera than to class. OW: Billy Dowling takes some time for his studies. Leanne White Jackie Williams JeffWiIliams Eddie Wilson Janice Wilson Tim Wilson Gina Yates Amy Ziegler Seniors I 15 I 16 Juniors Junior class officers from left - Susan Denson - Treasurer, Mark Cook - Vice-President, Jean Marie Brown - Secretary, Cm Hughely- President. JUNIOR CLASS REPRESENTATIVES: From left - Kathy Burnett, Lisa Taylor, Janice Johnson, Nancy Roberson, Carla Fraizer, Pillitary, Paula Elkins. James Allen Judy Am berson Parise Baker Sandy Barron John Batson Barry Beall Eric Bigelow Brian Boatwright Amelia Booker Carol Bracketi Kathi Brooks Daphney Brown Lisa Brown Penny Burks Claude Burnett Kathy Burnett Robert Burton Patti Busselle Matt Butler Trey Butler Janet Byers Stan Carlisle Benita Cherry Tommy Clayton Andrea Cobb Leigh Cochran I 18 Juniors kbs M'-...M ABOVE: Liz Pillitary wonders how she can take American History Algebra 2 the same period. 1. 1 -'UN U. . ,Q g 1 'Q ' Q'-'FY Li. M4 ,. ABOVE: David Parsons takes a short nap during registration AGN ur CA c- 3 ABOVE: Kirk Garner solemnly ponders the year's work that lies ahead. in-X .rw I' .uf ' ,mf 1, ' Q ' rf Eg, A 1 I i f f . , A or W f Zz- ,F or rr if 1-'rn Qt .BOVE: David Wright and Mitch Moore make a decision to worry tomor- DW. Randy Cofield Joseph Cole Mark Cook Rachael Cox Connie Curl Erica Daniels Joel Davis Susan Denson Craig Dickson Ralph Dobbins Pam Drenner Fred Dunson Juniors I 19 120 Juniors Elisa Dyke Chip Edwards Paula Elkins Steve Ellis Donna Elsea Jeff Erwin Laura Estes Michael Franklin Carla Fraizer Saundra Gadson Penny Garmon .rf PPI ESS is Being a GHS Iunior ABOVE: Scott Skipper and Joseph Cole work furiously to complete the float, var' ' ,t .. nf Q J -vi,-W' l fr W l 'eww 'SCN i i N ABOVE: Carol Frisby is ever conscious that the photographer is near. ,lim ' me ,jg . VE: Happy Juniors Patti Spradlin, William Watts, Cheryl Sington, and Tyrus or display the Junior spirit! fw yds. Kirk Garner Janice George Kim Gilimann Wade Gregerson Ladd Griffith Wes Gwin Greg Harcrow Deborah Hardwick Juniors I 21 122 Juniors Anita Leitner Kathy Lindsey Oliver Lindsey Steve Livingston Keith Longshore Allen Mack Jamey Mann Willie Marshall Angela McKenzie Mary McNulty Todd Miller T? A as V' ,uv ABOVE: Kim Gillmann relaxes between classes ABOVE: Class can be fun! YI M li iiif J as J ABOVE: Susan Denson, Mark Cook, Nancy Roberson, Jean Marie Brown, Chuck Hughely, and Flalph Dobbins are efficient workers. Iuniors Settle Down to Work is 1 w-Y-,N HT: Chuck Hughely . . .the carpenter. BELOW: Trey Butler and Jean Marie wn think they know all of the math answers. Allison Mills Clayton Mills Ken Mitchell Josephine Moore Mitch Moore Alicia Morgan David Morgan Darlene Moses .NN as-www Q as lk X fr QWYUD-Q. - X m ,, l24 Juniors ABOVE: Juniors work on a Knock Outfloat. Virginia Neu Grata Noah Todd O'Bryant Rebecca Page Melinda Parris Melissa Parris David Parsons Greg Peoples Liz Pillitary Greg Porter Molly Pruett Jane Ragland Y.f 1 i F Class of "81,' ABOVE: Stuffing a tiger by Jeannie Johnson, John Batson, l and Kathy Burnet1 can be fun. as -g, PQ.-.LJ I V I I3 ,wiv 'egg Vw lffgf , ,- nas? , '91 8 I -Nw- qw M, VE: "Hands up! I mean hands down!" says Carla Fraizer. RIGHT: The of GHS lands on Mike Hopper. 10 W"s,J sw. if 126 Juniors 11Work- 0P1a - akesDul David Harlow Gina Harwood Stephanie Heard Mary Francis Heaton Steve Heiberger Brad Hester Lisa Hill Shella Hill Traci Hilleke Polly Holcomb Mike Hopper Chuck Hughely -"......-f Iuniors A rx I i S QS i. WW lr ' in 1 i fe , if M fi ,X 1? ABOVE: Marin Kircus . . .the ice cream king MH 7' an xv I we X VE: Catrina Stevens and Cecil Smith take a k from hours of study. Y"""'?r i Y? Kelli Hunt Gary Hutchinson Quinton Jenkins Angela Johns Beth Johnson Dana Johnson Janice Johnson Jeannie Johnson Roger Jones Donald Kircus Martin Kircus Louann Kitchens Beth Kloskowski Kay Lambert Juniors 127 128 Juniors Marvin Sims Cheryl Sington Scott Skipper Cecil Smith Kathy Smith Kim Smith Wade Speer Patti Spradlin Shelia Spurlock Brett St. John Iuniors Anticipat RIGHT: Joseph Cole is deep in thought. di-QW' rrrr MW tt,,,,, , ,,,,,,i v,,, V an if 'XI titr M 22 , "E: gi, Qing Seniors ., i f L 1 ' ., f xx sfyil QI. M9 .QQ5 -. bs. Stacy Stancell Donna Steel Laura Steffey Denise Stimpson Denita Suits Rodney Tanner Lisa Taylor Lane Thrasher Stephanie Toncre Gary Udaka LEFT: Polly Holcomb thinks Laura Steffey's Ioye notes are to be shared. Juniors I 29 Felicia Underwood Rachael Underwood Vanessa Varner Deedra Vaughn Preston Vickers Steven Vickers Wayne Walker Sonja Warren Donice Watson Iuniors Lo e a Parade N, iii f ,wi 5.9-N-.. WM 1 I A 2' f' "'. "ur-'f 'few ' 7 ,QL . is ' Fw 10133 v- if 1 K- Q ,A lg ., 3.4, ,, '34, - . 1 -A 'i if . , ggv -a s L 9 ku'.?1?.gj4-.q , ' an fffffgzf--' YT' , , Q ,ui X4 -K' A421 ,.,... ,, ABOVE: Tammy Flamsey, Elisa Dyke, and Laura Estes sing the blues. LEFT: l Brown, Regina Davenport, and Vanessa Varner enjoy being part of the parade mime' Q J Q! LEFT Gina Harwood flashes a big smile. ABOVE Shelia Hill Cathy Weems Rocky White Birda Williams Jeff Wood Tim Wood David Wright Jeffery Young Sheena Zeigler I 32 Sophomore F gn Ni! , "' 1 as ff S ,gi if V , W G Natt -,..,,- S S .Xih 1 .'-- f L . Sophomore Class Officers, left to right- Nita Farrow -- Treasurer, Jon Williams - Vice-President, Suzy McDuffie - Sec tary, and Tyrus Foster -- President. E i 2 5 2 Sophomore Homeroom Representative, standing, left to right- Rob McKenzie, Tim Burgess, Jaimie Ramsey. Sitting, left to Ellen Upton, Traci Edwards, Laura Gilmore. Front row - Jay Smith, and Tyrus Foster. M..-is ,ki X Xi. Cindy Wain and Laura Gilmore express their spirit at a G.H.S. pep rally. Linda Abel Gene Alford Cindy Aldredge Mike Argo Tony Arrington Alice Ash Edward Baker Flandy Beck Doug Bishop Janice Bradford Judson Bradford Sophomore 133 Sophomores Enjo Terrance Buchannan ,skis Beverly Bugg Cindy Bullock Tim Burgess x , Q Michael Burnett Susan Byers Cindy Campbell Stan Carver . s,s Jackie Cherry David Clark Jeffery Cole David Collins fs.. X siss ix Dale Cunningham Cicero Curry F Jay Smith takes time out in class for a laugh. 0 0 134 Sophomore p 1 I I e S S 1 L4 -,A . ., l L eisure Time Traci Edwards and Beth Hudgins smile for the camera. Jane Curtis Connie Cushing Brian Davis Danny Davis Julie Davis Jud Dawson Donna Dean Timmy Denson Timothy Dickerson Janice Dickson Ronnie Douthard John Downing Robbie Driskell Barry Duke This Year S Qpio l 36 Sophomore Herbert Dupree Kenneth Dupree Jackie Edwards Sharon Edwards Traci Edwards Troy Elkins Iphadella English Dixie Epting Amy Evans Nita Farrow Steve Faulkner Michael Fincher Beverly Floyd Tyrus Foster Henry Fountain Michael Franklin Sophomores are Trult Ya if V K-,.,M,f-"F ,I 555 t,?"' H1255 53 sl gaasggw ' I y N Loyal Sigma Chi little sisters participate on Michael Fricks Carol Frisby Cindy Gaines Phil Garmon Sherry Garmon Jacqueline Garrett Laura Gilmore Tina Goldsby Lori Goss Sedrick Graham Eric Green John Green Lynn Green Ramona Green Roger Green Chris Griffith 138 Sophomore Jon Grutchfield Shawn Gsellman Ronnie Guffey Gene Handy Dewayne Haney Pam Hardy Cort Harwood Teresa Hawkins Ray Hayes Tracy Henry Rhonda Herring Jay Herrod Saratha Herron John Hicks is N wx GW x JK Q Q s gff:'S5Ii QW? TW wx i Si g , . .15 7? ' Ek wi :EW X wx xr if 2 ,J Kane Kulas Mary Lasseter Angela Leach Valerie Leigh Jackie Lewis Cathy Lindsey Jeff Lindy Keiiy Lipscomb H0 Sophomore Sophomores Builc N N vi Il K 1 ,A NN Jag P' x 'Q 1" r- L ' iyfi Y' f kvix- If lj txt Y . ' 3, WV fwkf N! 'Vi' in le J . T 1 'v 1. 1 W' ' V f' i W L if i A .L-no fy "N y ' ' ,xy ,gif wi KX 4 V V zi. ' Mx K 'il if ,P ii rv, k i r aikixg, HWY 'f' 3 i ,JI To Rob McKenize works hard on the Homecom float. LEFT: Sophomore Maids pose for the photographer. ABOVE: Sophomores pitch build the King of the Tigers. X . ' Q ,E 5 s E V if Qing of the Tigers O f f .QW W1 Q- N-wr 5 L ' Y Ee . 'Y ff? S - 4 .. fi. ' , r ff. - . . ,C ' 1 ,Ass g , r 5 f-sq 1' - if .J X Q ff 5. T fi -45 E i Sophomore Tiger reigns as king. Kim Livesay Phil Lonnergan Sonya Looney Greg Lummis Laura Lumpkin Lisa Maddox David Mann Becky Marshall Kim Mayben Denise McAdams Lisa McAIpin Linda McDaniel Sophomore 141 142 Sophomore Suzy McDuffie Brian McKearin Lee McKee Rob McKenzie Johnny Miller Linda Miller Sherry Moon Alan Moorer Darrel Mostello Charles Nails Scott Naylor Sophomores Enjo Som R it W, . S L Q E ,Q f j 5 X I i Nw S S if fx J Beverly Bugg, Betsy Rutenberg, Traci Edwards, and Michele Pruitt pay attenl to the Velvetones and Triads Christmas Concert. ork . . . uch Pla 5. 'Ns-...Sv Q-mi ' . .,,, V 'L - X L, ws Q l - E , My , Y r P E!! , . ' 51 . ,, i l! v Kin 'v . 6 . 7 , , 5 5. gin' Q i KM t gan Holley, Danny Ryan, and Scott Palmer enjoy the music of the Velvetones Triads. Q 1 N ik if QQ' . s. ... K I. MX f if 1, c P cali t Q P ' in .45 f Meche Nelms Donna Newsome Jim Nolen Angela Oravet James Page Scott Palmer Randy Parcus Teresa Parks Bonita Patrick Barbara Payne Aaron Pearson David Pendly Joey Phillips Zane Phillips Sophomore 143 144 Sophomore Jeffery Pinkard Marilyn Prater Renata Prater Renita Prater Sara Pruett Michele Pruitt Laura Rampey Jamie Ramsey David Rary Cynthia Rice Carla Richey Mark Riggins Bobby Riley David Riley Sophomore -wk - 4. Wg'-' L7 L.. Lisa McAlpin, Sonya Looney, Timmy Denson, and Bonita Patrick take Dress-Up Day. 1, n Disguise . S 3 OVE: Ramona Green and Cindy Wain come to school assed as usual. RIGHT: Becky Marshall acts like a little I. Kim Schwartz Kevin Silvey Lynn Roberts Dale Robertson Doug Robinson Tim Roe David Russomanno Betsy Rutenberg Danny Ryan Byron Saddler Sharon Sandridge Renae Sawyer Sophomore 145 Sophomores Equate Fu ABOVE: Traci Edwards and her date are spotted by the pho- tographer. RIGHT: Donna Dean, Sharon Edwards and her date watch the band during the Christmas Dance. E s E Kathy Sisler , 2 5 Z i Brenda Smith Jay Smith Catherine Stanley Frankie Staten Cathleen Stevens Victor Strong Inga Sturnes Demetrius Swain 146 Sophomore it li F L im With Dance Time Allen Sweat Mike Sweetin Kim Thomas Mike Turk Ellen Upton Reggie Sumpter Debbie Thomason Scott Thompson Derrick Timmons Deann Toncre Jackie Turner Tammy Turner E, L,,,:k . Z Q is .fl LEFT: Bonita Patrick and Jeff Williams take time out at the Christmas Dance. ABOVE: Jay Smith and Tina Perry are together as usual. Sophomore 147 Into Each L1fe Some Fun ust Fa Sam Weaver Howard Whitfield Kathy Whitfield Tanya Whorton Cindy Wain Phillip Warren Kenneth Washington Jacqueline Watson Paul Varner Lisa Veal Felicia Vines Lee Wadsworth 'ii t tt T 'P 4155? 'M . .mmW,,,,. 5 'T' .ni LEFT: Junior Varsity Cheerleaders do the Bunny Hop for the crowd. ABOVE: Linda Abel and Rob McKenzie do the Twist BELOW LEFT: Robbie Driskell gives a friendly smile. Keith Wilkerson Bobby Williams Jeff Williams Jon Williams f Greg Wills Russell Wise Julie Wolfe Anthony Woods Steve Woods Vic Worley Pam Wright Vanessa Zeigler 150 Freshmen Xf ' Freshman Homeroom Representatives: Standing, left to right - Pam Butler, Caroline Stringfellow, Jacquelyn Massey Jason Freeman, Terry Tolson. Kneeling, left to right- Kristi Sherman, Kathy Hightower, Alicia Bullock, Kathy McNabb. Hi HUL, Freshman Class Officers, left to right- Vicki Collins, Treasurer, Randa Smith, Secretary, Traci Tucker, Vice-President, K McNabb, President. if v l 'Q ,Bly My Cb.. N . -. I 2 - f 9' 6 X, y gf 1' Otis Adams Rodney Alford Teresa Alford Rhonda Armstrong Suzannah Armstrong Billy Arnett Bart Bailey Jeff Baker Connie Batey Paul Beall Kenny Beck Thomas Benford Gerald Bennett Jimmy Benson Karen Bishop Donnise Blackburn Larry Box Jacqueline Brewster Donnie Brown Janice Brown Guy Bryan Alicia Bullock Pam Butler Barry Byers Clara Caldwell Jeff Chandler Tina Chapman Margaret Cofield Mike Cofield Donald Coleman Freshmen 151 Freshmel Paul Coleman 4 as Ftenese Coleman Vicky Collins M X, John Conner Gerald Cook 4 C it 1 f Laura Cook Cheryl Core Karen Crook Stacy Culp Ray Cumby -qua, Phillip Curl Regina Davenport Bonita Davis Bridget Davis Kim Davis Patrica Davis Melissa Dawson Johnny Day Lane Deerman Trena Deerman Tommy Denson M ABOVE: Judy Hutchinson, Amy 152 Freshmen njo G.H.S 'Hanna Q0 ickey Wildman are intent on the track meet. f iiigkkllld OWN' 919 -w, fr Chris Dixon David Dowling Kristin Downing Anthony Dudley Brenda Elkins James Elkins Peggy Elkins Keith Elliott Susan Epps Lana Farrow Scott Farrow Velissa Fells Jill Felton Charlene Fennelle Monica Fomly Stefan Ford Cecil Foster Erroyl Foster Lisa Foster Mike Fowler Belinda Franklin Freshmen 153 Roger Franklin Jason Freeman Kayla Fricks David Garmon Keith Garmon Darin Garrison Joyce Gentry Bobby George Tommy George Rodney Gilchrist James Glover David Godwin Roderick Granger Allison Gray James Gray John Green 154 Freshmen Opening Da Excitement lk .5 wmv 'Q-1 ? , m Vs we ix ,. . 'Q Q . ABOVE: Lost Freshmen John Connor, Gerald Cook, and Paul seek help from Coach Riddle. ABOVE: Karen Crook, and Rebecca Horton receive their schedules from Mr. Wren. ,Z f 1'3" its I t"j Regina Green Mark Guest Jerry Guined Melvin Guyton Matt Gsellmann Traci Hall Mark Hallmark Larry Handy Cindy Haney Jamey Hardin Joyce Harvey Scott Helms Jack Hershiser Kathy Hightower Tim Hightower Angie Hill Jack Hill Jimmy Hill Whitney Holcomb Geneva Holderfield George Holley Lori Hooks Freshmen Mark Hopper Rebecca Horton Cathy Hoyt Todd Huff Michael Hunter Amy Hutchison Judy Hutchison Philip Ivey Edwin Johnson Gerald Johnson Greg Johnson Scott Johnson Annette Joiner Charlie Jones Claudette Jones Cynthia Jones Dennis Jones James Jones Vicki Jones 156 Freshmen Freshmen Enjo Homecoming Festi ities 'CNY F' g .rs s L- E , ,A+ is Q "K-n 'x Q x ' 4 It wafer' J 'nm '75 ,f K 35 X sk . ,K gf, kg as In K V 'A Kiev-Q. n 1 Q it , Q H' A 1 ave ,Q to it ...L ABOVE: Melissa Dawson, Amanda Sims, and Jac Massey work gently on the homecoming float. f -sw K LEFT Melvin Guyton takes a break from the toils of float-building ABOVE Sonja Woodal Annette Joiner, and Karen Jordan add Karen Jordon Johnny Kell Carlene Kennon Lisa Kitchens Joy Knight Sheila Kyle Allen Lancaster David Lancaster Jeff Lasseter Carla Lawler Carl Lee John Lee Steve Lee Regina Lindsay Robert Lindsay Partrick Lyles Terri Maddox Tommy Maeger Jacquelyn Massey Valeanor Mathis Freshmen 157 Cindy Mathews Connie Maxwell Dana Mayben Carey Mayes David McBurnett Lisa McCain Debbie McCIung Cindy McCreight Rodney McGee Chuck McGinnis Kathy McNabb Michael McRath Barney Mewbourn James Mewbourn Dale Miller Jennifer Miller Maria Miller Tracy Miller Willie Moore 158 Freshmen Freshmen Enjo Life At GHS LM ssss QR ,Q P, 'Z X N. Q 1 ew N, "WP R ik ,pg k Q ,S 'K ,C if : .-j .xv i if , CZ, ABOVE: Caroline Stringfellow and her date relax while the band take break. N I Brent Morgan Marva Morgan Deborah Morris Debra Mosely Brian Mostella Tim Muskett Laura Nance Paul Neu Para O'Kee Mike Oliver Carl Owens Sarita Owens Arellia Page Dale Pankey Barbara Parsons Byran Payne Reginald Penn Todd Pepper Bobby Perkins Tana Perry Tina Perry Jane Peters Vonda Pierce Jerry Ponder Tim Porter Greg Prater Ruby Prater Keith Preston Chuck Prince Belinda Pruitt Judy Quinn Timothy Ragland Lee Roberts Robert Robinson Tammy Robinson Terry Rogers Lynn Rolley J. D. Sanders Richard Selby 160 Freshmen Freshmen Support Adds Zes me rf' 5 . 3 ABOVE: Freshmen Kristin Downing, Vicki Jones, Suzannah listen to the Christmas Concert. y l in ABOVE: Kathy McNabb enjoys cheering for the Gadsden Tigers. ,gn- J 5 I i an is vw ff! Jim Sem rick Knox Sharp Victor Sharpe Kristi Sherman Amanda Sims Roderick Sims Gary Smith Randa Smith Stacy Snyder Keith Speer Greg Stallings Michael Stephens LeefStrahan Caroline Stringfellow Karen Swain Dana Suits Vivian Terrell Cathy Thomas Linda Thomas Ruby Thomas Allison Thornton Freshmen 161 Reginald Tillis Terry Tolson Darryl Toney Kenneth Townsend Valerie Trammell Anthony Treadwell Traci Tucker Alice Turner Vicki Usry Brian Vaughn Roy Wadsworth Darron Walker Jeff Wall Barry Warren Angela Warren Beth Watford William Watts 162 Freshmen Bab Tigers at Work l if Y 3 , Na, fs M ,' up 2 X i :fs nf Ma, fi lf, .N-vii lllle A mag: 4.11151:1-Egg-kiiqilgggg. -M:,.xm,'.fe: g: N rrhh h ABOVE: Allison Thornton, Arrelia Page, and Jacqueline Singleton take time from their tedic studies to smile for the camera. 5 3 1 A ' V ' rt' y . P L i I I ABOVE: George Holley enjoys his typing class. my, . ,mr X Ann West Margaret Wetzel Patrick Wetzel Sherie Whatley Cindy White Donna White Jeff White Edward Whitfield Mickey Wildman Ambrose Williams Anthony Williams Farrell Williams Susan Wills Stanley Winston Lori Wise Danny Wofford Marian Wolfe Keith Wood Sonja Woodall Marketta Wright Todd Wright Cindy Wyatt Stephanie Wyatt Michael Yow Freshmen 163 164 Faculty KW f N. N ,, an-4 K X Wx X... 8 MX, 'E 5' . 1 1 2- L4 jf, fi ABOVE: Faculty - 1956. BELOW: Faculty - 1980. Faculty I 65 66 Faculty Bus Da Wlth a Busy Man His days begin early as he strides into the quiet empty building before 7 a.m. He has a beautiful office with a comfortable chair where he is very sel- dom found. Where can he be found? He may be found planning an activity with the President of the Student Council. He may be found applying the "Board of Education" to the seat of the pants of a hooky-playing Freshman. He may be found assuring the Editor of the Crucible that she can and will pass Trig and still find time to create a super yearbook. He may be found inside the stadium fence or in the gym convinc- ing the G.H.S. Tigers that they can and will win the ballgame. He may be found planning with the P.T.S.A. President to make Gadsden High School number 1 in the state. Where can Lloyd Miller be found? He can and was found in Bir- mingham, Ala. accepting the award from the State P.T.S.A. as the out- standing Principal of Alabama. J xf W--...V mmm 2 u 1 4. f N 3 Z ,X X5 5: an Back-Up Men Do Back-Up ork '-if l .Q Q T68 Faculty ABOVE: Assistant principal Lawrence Presley listens sympatheti- cally to the problems of a parent. RIGHT: Assistant principal David Martin prepares to fit 16 hours work into 8 hours. BELOW: Assistant principal Martin assumes the role of Coach Martin. BELOW RIGHT: A formal portrait of a "good man." 'K fff,,,Mw,.Mi,,, fm,,,.,mMk 1-M--0-,w4....., .AE J Yue ..,A... I - - -1291221 BOVE: Busy days begin early for Mrs. Fraizer and Mrs. Perryman. lGHT: Daily absentees are checked by Mrs. Perryman. BELOW: Mrs. 'own prepares lunch list. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Fraizer, Mrs. Perry- an, Mrs. Roberts, and Mrs. Brown enjoyed their lunch during National acretary Week. Secretaries --Ax WN .M-W M jig kios- . . ,NMZWMVK :M Faculty 169 , l zip f E .wi K 145 Thelma Alexander, M.S. Jacksonville State University Geometry, Algebra, Consumer Math Gene Barnes, M.S. Jacksonville State University Choral Faculty Wh l it I J ! Rick Arthur, B.S. University of Alabama Algebra, General Math Senior Class Sponsor Baseball Coach Mary Barnes, B.S. Jacksonville State University Comp, Grammar, Lit Hi-Y Sponsor ,iii Sarah Ashley, B.A. Jacksonville, State University Drama, Grammar, Lit Drama Club Sponsor Gwen Brothers, B.S. Jacksonville State University Physical Education Tennis Team Sponsor Q L5 fi . 5 ig A , t ,,,I , W A my ,ak 1' Judy Brothers, B.S. Juanita Brown University of Montevallo Secretary Home Economics FHA Sponsor Margaret Campbell, B.S. James Brown B S ?ub.urnIUniversity . ' ' ' . . yping Donna Bryan, B.S. giiiggqfyg'?yE::SSHJn'VerS'ty National Honor Society University of Alabama . Sponsor SCA Sponsor THQ Martha Bullock, M.S. Jacksonville State University Physical Education Sigma Chi Epislon and Swim Team Sponsor Faculty Faculty Georgia Clarke, M.S. Tuskegee Institute Home Economics F.H.A. Sponsor Mary Rose Cowart, M.A. University of Alabama Liteature, Composition, Grammar Dennis Cook, B.S. University of Tennessee Physical Education Mildred Donald, M.S. Jacksonville State University Literature, Grammar, Journalism Alpha Psi Omega Sponsor Magnavox Advisor Mildred Cornutt Librarian Emily K. Ellis, B.A. University of Alabama French French Club Sponsor, Red Cross Sponsor ,pt ,, iw i at T f' , , fi If ? S 9 .1 , ,J wt, ,V Linda Ford, B.S. Jacksonville State University Sociology, American History National Honor Society Sponsor James Hall, M.S. University of Montevallo Drivers Education Traffic Safety Club Sponsor 4 J Mary Fraizer A i Secretary Jerry Fowler M S A A Dorothy Hendrix, M.S. University of'Al5bgm5 ' Jacksonville State University Auburn University Guidance Counselor Remedial Reading Beulah Harrel, M.S. University of Alabama Economics, Democracy, American History Beta Club Sponsor 9 Faculty Dora Gene Hill, M.A. University ofAlabama , Spanish, Russian Spanish Club - Russian Club Sponsor Carl Howard, M.S. University of Alabama Robert Lamon, M.A. Deca Sponsor Peabody University Democracy, Economics Ginger Lowery BIS- Universlty of Montevallo Drivers Education Volleyball Sponsor Jr. Varisty Cheerleader Sponsor TY A Ernesto Johnson, M.S. Tuskegee Institute D.O. Carolyn Martin, M.S. Wayne University, Detroit Psychology, Biology Joyce Massey, M.S. University of Alabama Special Education Vivian Morrow, M.A. University of Alabama Literature, Speech, English, Comp. Beta Club Sponsor ,ln V im.. ,,,,,,,,, -Jw , . ' , ' 1 V, Q 5 Betty McCarver, B.S. University of Montevallo Art Art Club Sponsor Helene Owens, M.S. Jacksonville State University Guidance Counselor 45- lm . f., x 995 I Genny McDaniel, M.S. University of Alabama B.O.E. Bible Club and FBLA Sponsor Joan Perryman Secretary fl fz Faculty yl , g Faculty Harriet Phillips, M.L.S. University of Alabama Librarian Diane Roberson, B.S. Jacksonville State History, Sociology Freshman Class Sponsor Gloria Reagan, B.S. Jacksonville, State Grammar, Literature Beth Roberts Records Clerk, Secretary Gid Riddle, M.S. University of Alabama Alabama History Golf- Basketball Sponsor Catherine Shamblin, B.S. Jacksonville State Grammar, Literature l 4335. Jane Skipper, M.S. Jacksonville State University Algebra ll, Geometry Math Club Sponsor, Com puter Club Sponsor Norma Tow, M.A. University of Alabama Special Education -,Xp as 2 Q Q W, , . , r H Lili Doris Smith, M.S. Jacksonville, State University Anatomy, Botany, Biology Crucible Sponsor David Wagnon, B.A. Samford University Special Education Phi Omega Phi Sponsor :WW Cecil Tate, M.A. University of Alabama American History Dorothy Walker, B.S. Auburn University Title l Math 'cj' I Z if ,,. x E Betty Watford, M.S. University of Alabama Algebra Senior Class and Cheerleader Sponsor Terry Willingham Biology Footballl Coach Faculty S M if 29' .V, ti Y ,-ly Curtis Whited, B.S. University of Alabama Band Director Juanita Wilson, M.A. University of Alabama Alabama History, World Bible Club Sponsor av' -.... it .. L noi, ,pun -,lyddntllrwa MM,,, , History ...MM .. Kay Wilder Jacksonville State University Chemistry Noah Wood, M.S. University of Georgia General Science, Ecology, Consumer Math K , Dorothy Woodward, B.S. Jacksonville State University Business Office Education FBLA Sponsor Charlie Wren, M.S., A.A. Jacksonville State University Algebra I, Algebra II wc? f f' mx' Coach Ronald Mayes Weds' J ,UI rr it Xt, t 4' , . X 7 ! M .N 5 - Jacksonville State University wi Physical Education Football Coach I, MN.. sqex x " ,Q if ABOVE: Mrs. Phillips relaxes in the sun. LEFT: Psycology with Mrs. Three Tigers guard the hall. Martin can be fun. ABOVE: Faculty I79 Teachers DOI1,t Alwe S Teeehg Sometimes They . . . th 'fi Train for Olympic gymnastics? Sunbathe while fully clothed? dHot-Rod Magazines? M Q Id ts th hall .-4,1 . - . Q x-xx Q av N. sf. -.....,. .,,M. 1 iw' g,x . . .direct traffic? swim i . . . gossip? at secret thoughts? . . .drive sportscars? I V, :J-wi.. " vm A , " 5 3 er il A . l 5 i 57 ' fi g g ' . iiiii Y l ' fl . ... . '.. , W Q ii ff- . ..rrL . sn ,Q A , 5 l 'Q ,K 'sw ,,. H 2 ii-w r gg, , W' -- E . 1 . .,, . , L M.. ,WMM .,,, --'!""3,. 1 1" f H Mg... 'H X. 'M N , M . . 5 -...M . . .take little cal naps? . srmgig., ,azz wi kr' P ls.. s. Sx L r .A wi" - 1, x af Q Q- r 5' - ' 3 ' K ' 1-X' V V L- .. 1. . . .smile at the birdie? ,,,,...---1 ...cry? Q: l ....- Xw i - - . . X If A X .. Y contemplate world problems? Faculty I8l 182 Sports BASEBALL .,. "I . jaw' yy- rw. mfr' '. . XY , Q 1 Q 0' QR- 3, 'Z w. . Kali- x H f 4' .f X 'f Q ,y ,,p,,. im 1.3, xx rf qv. K W4 -,. 1 . Us W' -fa, X e 39.3 - 5. 5 I Al - , X, Ig .- . ' -rg . ,., . f 'M L A -X 1 ' Aj!-N-ugfs-maya-. .- re 'TQ' J ,whim ,of .Te -5 .X VQQ A ., lj K Q gl Ti dank, I 1 'x . P 1 I 48? 3 ' X 1 ' X 9 x ,J .. wx M. 1 V ,X W L s' A V rx Q X' ' af X ff A . . X X , U E aa! I f Q 3 af' g x . 1? ! D fag G6 Q Q4 2 X 5' SS X rx.Qi' 1 if Q17 J ,Bw X ' wiv if . 5 g , .GS AV, L- ,ie 4,55 V f 'F ey' 51 x ,,.Y ,4,:,. M V 2,-U, fm,ff.- fvwv r,,.MU,, aim wo-we ewmw L L TOP: 1956 Baseball Team. E o , a oo , j RPHRQEQQSTADIUM ai an naman aiil :Wea ABOVE: 1980 Football Team. i f in .W VX, ,. Sports 'I 83 G.H.S. Football 1' l ,,. . V-,,. .h,, . umm. Q- First row - Robert Lindsey, Jay Smith, Steve Lee, Mike Argo, Bubba Allen, Terry Tolson, Brian Vaughn, Jimmy Hill, Charles Hudgins - Manage Melvin Guyton - Manager. Second row - Rodney Alford, Ken Mitchel, Gary Menninger, Phillip Curl, Terry Rodgers, Carl Owens, Jeff Woods, G Bryan, Rodney McGee, Mitch Moore. Third row - Quinton Jenkins, Craig Dudley, Cary Mayes, Tommy Meager, Dale Robertson, Kevin Williams, Nia Hall, Greg Campbell, Jamey Mann, Stan Simmons, Rodney Gibbs - Manager. Fourth row - Greg Peoples, Zane Allsup, Roy Weaver, Chip Edward: Jim Nolen, Trey Butler, David Parsons, Connell Dickerson, Derrick Ash, Lionel Whorton. RIGHT: Kneeling - Head Coach David Martin, Assistant coaches: left to right - Coach Dennis Cook, Coach Lloyd Miller, Coach Terry Willingham. 184 Sports i rn!! David Martin - Head Coach , A sum 'x Q Q H A 44 1 l Y H f ' wxuesiw kj H -5' 3 Dennis Cook - Defensive Coordinator , ' :ge 5. fav 5 .ik K ' 178.39 S I - 'L kai z 2. 55 .1 - f L x i. if , Terry Willingham - Kicking game M. B. Hooten - Trainer Sports 1 85 186 Sports A Year Of Rebuilding Season Ends - 0-10 OPPONENTS WE THE Y Alexandria .... . . . 0 19 Etowah ..... . . . 0 36 Holt .......... . . . 0 21 Litchfield ...... . . . 0 20 Emma Sansom .... . . . 7 46 Talladega ..... . . . 3 33 Anniston .... . . . 6 40 Albertville ..... . . .14 26 Charity Bowl .... . , . 0 46 Oxford ....... . , . 6 31 BELOW: Tiger bonfire and pep rallies get the team fired up with spirit. ABOVE: Tiger Fullback, Derrick Ash gets up speed as he takes the from Tiger quarterback Stan Simmons. BELOW, G.H.S. players Quir Jenkins and Jamey Mann win the coin toss for the Tigers. VE: DW: 5 The Coaches wait patiently on the out come of the play. Coach Martin lectures the football team on the importance of TOP: Quarterback Stan Simmons dives for the "wet" football. ABOVE: Rodney Alford, Jay Smith Mitch Moore called time out to get their pic- ture taken. BELOW: Kevin Williams, Connell Dickerson, Gary Menninger A xii t sweep around the end for a big gain. Sports 187 Winning Spirit - Losing Season ABOVE: Halfback Kevin Williams makes big gain for the Tigers. BELOW: G.H.S. Tigers ready for action. I 88 Sports ,f ABOVE: Senior Football Players, Kneeling - Kevin Williams, Gary Menninger, Nick I Standing - Connell Dickerson, Roy Weaver, Zane Allsup, Derrick Asn. a1n..a.J' t rterback Stan Simmons gets help with the next play from Coach k. Coach Martin and Coach Willingham motion play from the sidelines -f 11. w,,s t l Trey Butler, Chip Edwards assist Tiger Fullback Derrick Ash. Coach Cook shouts instructions from the sideline. l ,, , , , YWW , Sports 189 ABOVE: Pam Butler slams a good serve. LEFT: Kim Sanders gets off an good serve for the tigers. BELOW RIGHT: Sheila Hill smashes a spike f tigers. ""S"--.'..1-'....w-S is ,il-:...g-u:1':'.-. 41 "'-H-vi agar M-"' 0 u 'Uv 19' 3 ' LEFT: Janice Johnson goes up for the ball. ABOVE: Coach Low- ery gets the team fired up. VE: bottom row- left to right- Tanya Jenkins, Janice Johnson, Kim Sanders, Carleen Kennon. Top row- Pam Butller, Shella Hill, Pam Foster. Sports l9l l 92 Sports A Super Year a Super Team '-4 i ABOVE: left to right- Jonny Richmond, Kenneth Dupree, Ivan Walker, James Vaughn, Craig Dudley, Cicero Curry, Chris Johnson, and Jon LEFT: Coaches, team, and fans await the final buzzer that signified another Tiger victory. muh'-X 'Ms 'Nu L 6 n 1 .J , W ' - ,fiq'4M,. xv ,SX-5:4 .ami Qs Q a Q. 8 Q 4-4 2 jam' ,Q . J IQ . ' 'E vii Q 'x 1133 l94 Sports 1979-1980 Basketball Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Won-Loss Column 56 Etowah 53 Litchfield 53 Oxford 60 Anniston 45 Centre 65 Southside 38 Oxford 50 Scottsboro 48 Grissom 41 Litchfield 61 Carver 59 Homewood 52 Albertville 49 Sansom 60 Westend 37 Mt. Brook 30 Sansom 49 Albertville 47 Grissom 34 Etowah 40 Centre 73 Anniston 52 Walker 90 Etowah 46 Litchfield 54 Talladega TOP LEFT: Tigers dominate the rebound. TOP RIGHT: Tl tigers show determination to get control of the ball. BOTTO RIGHT: Chris Johnson waits for a chance to steal the ba back. A 1 NA, . --'. M 1 -5- U H :Z , it E DV' 196 Sports Beb Tigers Keep the Spirit Alive U ll 'I' U V! I I H- U. K l a ,ai .. I 9 M" if 1 .. it iii- iv ii 1 I Bottom row - Michael McRath, Cedric Grahm, Otis Adams, Craig Dudley, Reggie Sumpter. Top row - Lee McKee, Randy Hardwick, Anthony Tree well, Brian Vaughn, David Godwin, Tommy George, Tim Dickerson. The Junior Varsity played hard and showed their determination to win this year. They were coached by Charles Wren. LEFT: The Varsity Basketball Team performs well for the Jr. Var- sity Team. l Female Tigers Displa Effort :ll Q 9 ' 6 43' l A mttom row- Arrelia Page, Polly Holcomb, Cathy Lindsey, Kathy Burnett, and Sonya Warren. Top row - Bonita Davis, Pam Jackson, Valerie Leigh, surla Lawler, and Jackie Brewer. Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden GIRLS' BASKETBALL 1979-80 41 CJxford 40 Anniston 45 Westminister 51 Center 36 Oxford 55 Westminister 58 Litchfield 31 Tahadega 36 Anniston 30 Albertville 47 Sansont 35 Etowah 36 Mt. Brook 47 Sansom 38 Albertville 42 Etowah 45 Cenhe 39 TaHadega 45 44 54 20 42 32 6 53 46 35 51 44 33 64 43 40 32 56 The Girls' Basketball Team was coached by James Hall. The team showed great effort and ability throughout the season. With several start- ers returning, the Tigers are looking for a better season next year. Sports 197 ! A I X 1 W -9 mwfifk 1 LL' ' adsden High coming game. Cheerleaders: Kneeling - Andrea Cobb, Amy Zeigler. Standing - Gretel Holpomb, Ree Nesbitt, Paige Daw- Asst. Head, Janine Hagerman, Lisa Taylor, Karen Watford - Head. Middle top - Myrtle Knight, Kay Lambert. Kathy Hightower, Patty McNulty. 1 RN' Amy Ziegler puts all she's got into her last homecoming game. Ill' I Y F' - LEFT: 1979-80 Gadsden High School Tiger: Bob McKenzie. ABOVE: Patty McNulty adds spirit to the Home- Sports 199 Qu t: A sd N af 'fy if H Wismw 'W N W. 4. ,E . 'xi 1 K , , 2 lg ' , if 2' Q' fi 19 L M ,VV wr-A ' ' J uf, , -2, M g 4 1 K ,N , if 8 1 ,Q 4 i z,ki. g 1: ,al ,.Vf, 1 L 1 flA If awww? , RQK Mtwaf F' .S i my. 'Qu ed as U , 6 ,T if ax J" ga 31 wit . I K w . Q gf A f ' N ' gh , Q H 'E'?f:1+'fP'Tf'f nf K ' QQ M A ,n W, 4 3 M' K 1' '21, H M, fs ki ' 1 Q , -K ,,,,,.N Nfl: 5 Q 1 f X f Z 2, Q X75 3 aff' 'C' ' T . . if JB 5 , Q 2 1 1 , 1 2 :Leg wwf K A fl' "ffl W Hi f , ,, z Wx f,1-Q 32 LN, 1 3 If A ' ' I I ' W-,, 202 Sports Wrestling Team S Ss . First row - Coach Ronald Mayes, Oliver Lindsey, Carl Owens, Matt Gsellmann. Second row - Vic Worley, Mark Guest, Robbie Phillip Warren. Third row- Johnny Kell, Eddie Wilson, Michael Hunter, Tommy Maeger. Golf Team Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden SCORES 1979-1980 1122 Sansom Glencoe 14:2 Sansom Donahoo 4i3 Sansom Glencoe it2 Sansom Talladega it2 Sansom Donahoo 1-i3 i121 1353 iil il22 Jil ii23 W1 H23 iil Left to right - Chris Griffith, Danny Ryan, Sam Weaver, Billy Dowling, Linda Vru Keith Kulas, John Hicks, Lee McKee. . l Q ,i M . L, . . r ..... ...... .. GOHOS' S 1 ' ff'.- " fi? 55. if ' ii' ' 'Q .f. I..--5fT.-g!:2!q?' - A- , gtg-gsg2rg..e.v..ggi1..f:' is Q . I-. , . 1 - . Ml i SSW - . ,,, k:-::.': .-L: kk,, . "" 'f Lx' by 5 . mm,y,,,g.N,w -- .. .. v,... :salts-are S.. - .2 X -. . s f r fr xg -1- t WM' asf X NM S X W as XX N X X X If ,W X , .rt . A ,. WWW X NX as i 46 9 QF Q st row - Deedee Toncre, Stacy Snyder, Susan Denson, Alicia Bullock, Kim Thomas. Second row - Carla Fraizer, Stephanie Toncre, Angela :Kenzie, Kathy Burnett. Third row - Scott Skipper, Jimmy Hill, Phillip Ivey, Craig Dickson, Bart Bailey. Fourth row - Rob McKenzie, Scott Palmer, nce Richard, Mark Cook, Trey Butler. LEFT: Bart Bailey concentrates on a speedy start. ABOVE: Phillip lvey comes up for a quick breath of air. 1979-1980 Scores Gadsden 206 Westminester 18 Gadsden 206 Glencoe 15 Gadsden 206 Hokes Bluff 0 Sports 203 204 Sports Baseball Team Exhibits Great Abilit QQ, QU! X. ffl ' Q44 ' ,IAQ , , ,V ,M ,Z 'A I , . - . ,, 7, 4 V .. , .A W vi I f .wx rw V ' ,Ajax ay are - . I W Q 1: A X k J, .K , W I I A y 'PSU ..-1 xv' -. . M 4 V' ABOVE: First row - Russel Wise, Joey Phillips, Vic Worley, Phillip Warren, Scott Naylor, Jason Freeman, Mike Cofield, David Wright. Second row Mike Argo, Brian Garner, Jamey Mann, Tim Burgess, Dale Flobertson, David Mann, Terry Tolson. Third row- Karen Watford, Karen McNabb, Coat Tummlin, Nick Hall, Chipper Griffith, Zane Allsup, Mike Hopper, Scott Palmer, Mark Hopper, Stan Simmons, Coach Arthur, Janine Hagerman. The Baseball Team was led to victory by Coaches Rick Arthur and Jerry Tummlin. The Baseball Team finished with a winning season. W'h'tf I ',hT' 'll . , , It ,us a ew starters eavmg t e 'gem W' betough nextyear LEFT: Coach Arthur observes Mr. Presley's and Mrs. Skipper's playil techniques. ABOVE: Coach Arthur watches with concern. 1- . .r '. ,Hz ' a' ' KQV wv ABOVE: Russel Wise shows his excellent pitching skills. ABOVE: Mark Hopper gets ready to blast a home run. Y 5, , dawg. ,xg .ag :AW K . H --si 'f1i1'r'xff ' p37 i'-f-"ix ,L-a -iN0v.L"'Ibr fum' ' MT' as aren Watford, Janine Hagerman. Senior Baseball Players: Coach Tummlin, Brian Garner, Zane Allsup, Chipper Griffith, Nick Hall, Coach Arthur. Bat Girls: Karen McNabb, Sports 205 Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden 1980 BASEBALL Litchfield 8 Anniston 4 Arab 5 CJxford 10 Guntersville 4 Gumemvme 2 Sansonm 2 Etowah 2 Anniston 2 TaHadega 6 TaHadega 1 Albertville 1 Arab 4 Clxford 5 Westminister 7 Westminister 0 Litchfield 8 Etowah 3 Sansoni 11 Buher 7 BuUer 17 Albertville 3 ABOVE Terry Tolson waits forthe ball ABOVE: Jamey Mann shows his batting techniques. uk: to ABOVE: Mark Hopper guards first base. . TSB. ef, -am, puter' V' ABOVE: Terry Tolson swings for a run. ,N - if v , -. Sports 207 208 Sports l E u ABOVE: Tim Burgess and Scott Palmer have a bubble gum blowing contest while watching the baseball game. t Q W t ABOVE: Stan Simmons dedicates his attention to the baseball game. RIGHT: Mr. Brown eagerly watches the game's progress. M..-f fim Q. . Q N.. T81-f K Q ' il ls gfx 'hte' W wx , A Nu':fQmg+ 1 X L A . , 4 Q A A f ' 9 .J A k . asia' K . - Q' f , J f ,Af sa f I ' .A .W .1 .,, r, A..,. -1---H 9 . . R QQ, 2 E 5 ' l ,xr X? f' by I 4 ..-- N ww 'L a N ig. If-H5 mf? A-Q' V. I Vis- A 134 X 1 B v . x U sys w qkvg, n hx 'K R N 1, ,..f 2 1,- x, 4, 4 .MN -an-. f k ,L +" -W! , .fiiig .J f , 1 Q? i y . my R. x NA . 5 h mf X Q f NN' ., D A 5 yy., . . '3 , 'Pkg .ff kv x.:. Nfl it N A-M M . 5!'?.f'K S - fx. IK. 3 ,gg mu 'iw ' -all a .qu- 45,1 210 Sports l i The Lo e and Lobe ofTenn1s RIGHT: Kent Richard spots the photog- rapher. www. or 'fllheuk ABOVE LEFT: Margaret Taylor keeps her eye on the ball. RIGHT: Lance Richard concentrates on hitting the ball. 'l Ai: '5 1-le' 1 1 Vi f Q frifq. rl relief . ll- .Ax or ,E-6 tlxrri- 'L K I D4 Irs f.' I ,J L!! fl, R X1 gif I ! mggaxuvnsuwu 'fu' 3 '19 fa'ly,,.,A f'7A74f',sf75'QWyfW3L I 'Qi ., 1 My 'K A3 ' 7 . . W ' "u. ,, L 'ml A 4' K1 , 1. f f A 4.41611 A mg 'WH 4 I 4 it-WW' N Q .- 2 an -s sw' .S?!1'S'XVl' S t... f IQTAQ52 g'f', qv V x .wma , , f .sux WNW v 1 ' NZ. H I,',--..- , - p ::.':. f 4 Y X ',.,-..f..- ' , A ... ,M A M Ll. Mmm, .. W W 15 , 1 -'T I ' , . sq. 2. .. Q1 l ,ins 1 Lau . Ly- ' I ' , ,,, i gy. I Q. U ow 1 f' 4' 'df 1 I w " 1' .K 'V- W 4,1 .',z,2M.yk ,M , ' " 1?".'L -' r 815, , .. rar. L. Q.. 2 I 2 Sports Tigers Run to ictor -an-1 ABOVE: Sitting - left to right- Bonita Davis, Patricia Davis, Josephine Moore, Lisa Veal, Jacqueline Brewster, Kathy Burnett, Trena Deerman, McKenzie, Suzannah Armstrong, Coach Hall. Second row - Tim Henderson, Eddie Wilson, Terrence Buchannon, Edwin Johnson, Milton James Vaughn, Derrick Ash, Coach Whorton. Third row - Sylvester Townsend, Darryl Toney, Bobby William, Tracy Backer, Stefan Cole, and Thompson. Not pictured - Alisa Morgan. swf f N. - ' ' ' . N' 1-V-Q. ,Mum sf-vt Kathy Burnett and Alisa Morgan team up to win. Track team members find time to relax. ABOVE: G.H.S. Tiger Track team ioosens up by doing stretching exercises. Alf Alf J BOVE: Eddie Wilson and Derrick Ash prepare to win rthe Tigers. QVWAKWNVV V ' , Q . Rum sum., im MH, MN , M , Awu ABOVE: Girls' relay team gets out ahead of their oppo- ABO nent- start - Q.-na-fs--.1--p-use-qu VE: Lori Hooks gets off to a great Sports 21 3 214 Clubs l , V 5 X Y 1 Nash My ' a f MW W Wm ABOVE: 1948 Magnavox Staff. BELOW: 1980 Magnavox Staff. ,ghipff Q S Clubs 2 I 5 S.C.A. i A ' U l 4 2 ' , i -7'-...N AW' Ralph Dobbins - Vice President, Patty McNulty - Secretary, Randy Freeman - President, Mary Semrick - Chaplain, Melissa Hardnett - Vice President. 2nd row - Julie Farrow - Reporter, Daphne Meadows - Parliamentarian, Kathy Wester - Treasurer, and Mrs. Donna Bryan - Sponsor. 'V :F av ABOVE. Beautiful setting for reception given for Gadsden City Board of Education. RIGHT: SCA President presents good luck petition to Sansom Football team. 216 Clubs 3 .Ng ' .. Q Q JMX Q. ....r yum, 5 K F S. ,swf , , la s and Times of SCA Officers The G.H.S. Student Council Association spent a busy productive year. These stu- dents were involved in many activities that helped to make Gadsden High School the number one school in the hearts and lives of the students and alumni of Gadsden High. Reporter Julie Farrow can hardly wait for the school doors . RIGHT: Vice-President Ralph Dobbins helps beautify grounds. BELOW: Parliamentarian Daphne Meadows waits parliament to open. X Clubs 217 218 Clubs Homeroom Representatives 1 sl' 'ii r"-7'-fat x Mx. - a i First row -left to right- Melissa Hardnett, Daphne Meadows, Mary Semerick, Ralph Dobbins, Julie Farrow, Randy Freeman, Kathy Wester! McNulty. Second row - left to right- Kathy Hightower, Ellen Upton, Lisa Taylor, Jimmy Hill, Liz Pillitary, Kathy Burnett, Kristi Sherman, Laur more, Alecia Bullock, Molly Pruitt. Third row - left to right- Jason Freeman, Kathy McNabb, Hurbert DuPree, Traci Edwards, Caroline Stringfe Micheal Bostick, Jay Smith. Third row - left to right- Tim Burgess, Rob McKenzie, Lance Richard, Margaret Taylor,'Pam Butler, Marvin Sims, u nie Knight, Betsy Rutenburg, Janice Johnson, Terry Tolson, Beverly Bugg, Dale Roberson, Jackie Massey, Carla Frazier, David Parsons, Tyrus Fo Brian Garner, Scott Grutchfield. X First row - Randy Freeman, Lance Richard, Myra Mayes, Tim Nolen, Ralph Dobbins, Saundra Second row - Rob McKenzie, Laura Steffey, Cathey Semerick, Theresa Ladd, Chuck Huguley, Tod Shawn Gsellman. Third row - Mike Sweetin, Mary Semerick, Paige Dawson, Roy Weaver, Julie G-Club '53 'fi I, 'es G.H.S. Athletes - represent a well-rounded sports program consisting of sports in ten areas. ig - Leigh Cochran, Ralph Dobbins, Johnny Day. Stading - Mike Sweetin - President, Barbara e - Vice-President, Lynn Roberts, Lisa Lislie, Molly Pruett - Treasurer, Jamie Ramsey - Secretary, lRichie, Dot Moore - Director. Clubs 219 l 'X LEFT: Tracy Edwards - Sopho- more Editor. FAR LEFT: Kelly God- frey - Typist. 220 Clubs The creation of a yearbook is truly a learning experience for the Crucible Staff. ln late May the advisor and Editor change from kind, good natured people into ogres that yell at poor staff-mem- bers that lay-outs must be com- pleted and deadlines must be met. When Graduation Day arrives a major miracle has occured and another SUPER yearbook has been produced. 'Nm Beverly Bugg, Laura Norton, Kirk Garner, Gloria McPeters, Elisa Dyke, Tracy Edwards, Jackie sey. Not pictured - Patty McNulty. I" SK' O 4,08 """'--Q. pu it 173.1 5 ii i TOP LEFT: Mrs. Smith, advisor, encourages seniors to sell their magazines. TOP: Mrs. Smith gives Goria lessons on being editor. LEFT: Kim Gillman - photographer. ABOVE: Laura Norton - Asst. Editor. TOP RIGHT: Donna Runyan -- Senior editor. Clubs 221 222 Clubs HX' 3 1:1 Y First row -William Watts, Vonda Pierce, Arella Page, Delois Johnson, Lisa Tinker, Belinda Franklin, Mary Smedley, nie Knight, Lisa McAlpin, Flenae Coleman. Second row - Melvin Guyton, Lisa Brown, Pam Butler, Lynn Rolley, Ja. Johnson, Lori Hooks, Jacqulyn Jacquelyn Massey, Donnise Blackburn. Third row - Fredric Green, Ronnie Dout Vanessa Varner, Sherry Jackson, Stephanie Wyatt, Rebecca Page, Noressa Johnson, Stephanie Heard. Fourth ro Renata Prater, Helantha Jones, Barry Byers, Pam Jackson, Darris Hughes, Lillie Lee, Susan Coleman, Darryl Will Fifth row - Donald Core, Dale Miller, James Page, Ursula Lawler, Rodrick Parker, David Morgan. PH V W W, , ,, H ' Kneeling - Cathy Semrick, Donna Elsea, Traci Hilleke. Standing - Saundra Gadson, Hill, Tammy Ramsey, Miss Ellis fSponsorJ, Laura Estes. Traffic Safet 'st row - Fredric Green, Sherry Jackson, Rodrick Parker, Ursula Lawler, James Vaughn, Connie Knight, Edwin Johnson, Greg Johnson, Belinda anklin. Second row - Deloris Johnson, Vonda Pierce, Rodney Alford, Kenneth DuPree, William Watts, Oliver Thompson, Susan Coleman, Tammy irner, Noressa Johnson fPresidentJ, Jackie Turner, Vanessa Varner, Carlene Kennon, Monica Fomby. Third row - Lisa Tinker, Earl Lewis, Ronnie Juthard, Byron Saddler, Todd Huff, Lisa Brown, James Sandridge, Arella Page, Susan Byers, Denise Morgan, lphadella English, Janice Johnson, iaron Sanders. Fourth row - Danny Watford, Micheal Turk, Dale Miller, Cicero Curry, Donald Core, Rebecca Page, James Page, Deidra Vaughn, cheal Burnett, Stephanie Heard, Lillie Lee, Rennie Jones, Terrance Buchanan, James Hall Jr. fSponsorJ. M Iissa Parris Todd Miller Melinda Parris Steve Livingston Traci Tucker Dorothy Walker fSpon row 7 Tracie Hilleke, Laura Estes, Scott Naylor, Randa Smith, Todd Rains. Second row - Brian Boat- I . , , , ' , - l row - Wes Gwin, Gary Hutchison, Cort Harwood, Scott Palmer, Carey Mayes. Clubs 223 65 S The G.H.S. Key club had another banner year serving the school and community under the leadership of President Lance Richard, the Key club strove to its greatest heights in service and achievement. Again, as last year, the Key Club worked closely with the Cerebral Palsey center, contributing over 2,000 man hours of work. In service to the school the Key Club held its 6th annual Valentines Dance, produced its first sweetheart calender, painted school bathrooms, raised a S500 scholarship, and helped landscape the grounds. Ke Clu ABOVE: Jeff Howard and John Hicks talk politics with Chip Carter. LEFT: Jeff elected International Trustee. 1st row - Beverly Bugg, Amy Lummis, Angela McKenzie, Alicia Bullock, Laura Gilmore, Kathy McNabb, Lisa Taylor, Linda Abel, Paige Dawson, Patty Mc Gretel Holcomb. 2nd row - John Ashley, Marty Likos, Randy Freemon, Tim Nolen, Jeff Howard, Lance Richard - President, Chipper Griffith, Kent Richard Garner. 3rd row - Oliver Tilnpson, Chris Deavor, Keith Brooks, Jon Williams, Chuck Huguely, Phillip Ivey, David Rary, Jud Dawson. 4th row- Martia Kircus Garmon, John Hicks, Christopher Griffith, Tim Roe, Rob McKenzie, Todd Miller, Scott Skipper. 5th row- Roy Wadsworth, Mark Guest, Jeff Chandler, Joey Ph Bart Bailey, Whitney Holcomb, Alan Moorer, Tyson Roe, Jon Grutchfield, Craig Dickson. Top row - Morgan Holley, Mark Cook. 224 Clubs BOVE: Seniors Paige Dawson and Kay Ivey pause for a photo break. IGHT: Jon Grutchfield, Lance Richard, and Kent Richard work to ansform Convention Hall into a Valentine. xx. Ke Clubbers are Bus Clubbers 41" J, N '. 'Q J , gg -153,2 - K 1' laik' ,af rf iz X iw gs. Wk, J swans. ABOVE: Key Clubbers enjoy the annual campout. 5"-. Clubs 225 226 Clubs ""-w. ...L ' ...L ...M First row - Rhonda Herring, Connie Dudley, Tina Goldsby, Noressa Johnson, Janice Bradford. Second rovi Margaret Coffia, Geneva Holderfield, Rachel Underwood, Donice Blackburn, Karen Jordan. Third row Jackie Watson, Birda Williams, Sheena Zeigler, Paula Jackson, Vicky Usry, Mrs. G. Clark, Ms. J. Brothi Fourth row - Brenda Elkins, Ruby Thomas, Treena Deerman, Annette Joiner. Fifth row - Janice Johns Monica Fomby, Stephanie Wyatt, Pam Butler, Vanessa Varner. Not pictured - Ann West, Tracy Goldsby, Jn Ponder, Clara Caldwell, Erica Daniels, Gene Handy. First row - Mark Worley, Paula Elkins, Donna Steele, Alesia Morgan, Janet Byers, Kathi Brooks, Denita Su Jerolyn Bagget. Second row - Grata Noah, Allison Mills, Todd Boozer, Judy Amberson, Todd Barber, Byers. Third row - Sheila Spurlock, Darlene Moses, Carl Howard - Sponsor, Brett St. John, Frankie Moo Wade Gregorson. F.B.L.A. 4 irst row - left to right- Julie Farrow - President, Myra Mayes, Gail Hooks, Anita McCarver, Cindy Jenkins, Helantha Jones, Tresea Hawkins, lenita Prater, Enga Sturns, Renata Prater. Second row - left to right- Connie Knight -- Parliamentarian, Julie Wolfe, Janice Johnson, Cindy Bull- ck, Cindy Campbell, James Elkins, Stephanie Pearson, Carla Gray, Melissa Johnson, Tammie Ramsey - Reporter, Cordelia Winborne. Third row - aft to right- Mrs. McDaniel, Mrs. Woodward, Meche Nelms - Treasurer, Roderick Parker, Tracy Henry, Toni Jenkins, Daphne Brown, Jana Weaver, Iatherine Stanley, Donna Elsea, Jelie Davis, Charlotte Hutchison, Lynne King, Rhonda Allen, Becky Cook, Brenda Smith, Allen Heald, Jeff Baker ackie Cherry, Keith Preston, Jon Carlisle, Miehelle Pruitt- Vice-President, Mary Faye Bowan - Secretary. ' a 'st row - left to right- Toni Ballard, Randy Cofield, Gary Udaka, Eric Bigelow, Greg Harcrow. Second row left to right- Lisa Brown, Donice Watson, David Morgan, Brenda Garman, Rebbecca Page, Oliver Lindsey, idrea Cobb, Sharon Sanders, Alan Mack. Third row - left to right- Eddie Wilson, Tim Wilson, Richard Pate, :ott Hicks, Yancey Walker, Jonathon Teddar, Stephanie Heard, Todd O'Bryant, Mr. Ernesto Johnson, Spon- r Clubs 227 Magnavox Stat The Magnavox Staff produced an award wining newspaper. This group of students work diligently to present the issues and answers to all the problems that affect the students of G.H.S. The paper is eagerly anticipated each month. It is read, re-read and stored for sentimental reasons. First row - Jean Marie Brown, Karen Watford, Rodney Gilchrist, Linda McDaniel, Alisa Stephens Boatwright, Ralph Dobbins. Second row - Billy Dowling, Jamey Mann, Roy Weaver, Kay Lam George Holley. Third row - Scott Grutchfield, Brian Garner, Mildred Donald - Advisor, Mendy Pa Jon Grutchfield, Anita Leitner, Marty Likos, Nancy Roberson. Fourth row - Caroline Stringfellow, C tin Downing, Laura Estes, Gary Menninger, Jon Johnson, Jamey Hardin. im 'elf 'Kill' ,fp S,-...DM ..,. ,mf . Mildred Donald - Advisor and Editors - Linda McLaniel, Nancy Roberson, Editors: Mendy Parris - News Editor, Jon Johnson - Sports Editor, L and Ralph Dobbins. Estes, Brian Garner- Circulation managers. 228 Clubs leporters: Scott Boatwight, Jon Grctchfield, Jamey Hardin, Marty Likos, Roy Veaver, Christin Downing, Lisa Stephens, Kay Lambert, Rooney Gilchrist, Karen Vatford. x K r Q 1 ipist: Nancy Roberson, Alisa Stephens, Mendy Parris, Laura Estes, George Holley, ay Lambert. :vw tm mms! J a sssss - Scott Grutchfield - Photographer. Lay Out Artist: Anita Leitner, Ralph Dobbins, Linda McDaniel Ji ,pw-M LJ' M-'Z ' V'--Q.: Manager - Jamey Mann and Gary Menninger - Business Mgr. Billy Dowling and Jean Marie Brown - Advertising Mgr. Clubs 229 M iff 1 V2 ,ii 230 Clubs Spanish i Q 4 lst row -Stacy Snyder, Greg Lummls, Darryl Toney, Patrick Lyles, James Gray, Rob McKenzie, 2nd row- Mrs. Hill, Tim Roe, Betsy Rutenberg, S Krebs, Linda Abel, Danny Ryan, John Hicks, Terri Maddock, Laura Gilmore, Alicia Bullock. 3rd row - Laina Farrow, Kim Mayben, Dee Dee Tim Connie Batey, Margaret Wetzel, Angela McKinsey, Laura Steffey, David Reary, Mickey Wildman, Allison Chandler, Jon Williams. 4th row - Alli Graves, Rhonda Armstrong, Kala Fricks, Amanda Sims, Nancy Roberson, Molly Pruett, Cathye Semrick, Saundra Cakson, Belinda Franklin, Mary S rick, Laurie Frantz. 5th row - Donna Elsea, Traci Hall, Tana Perry, Mendy Parris, Missy Parris, Traci Helleke, Oliver Thompson, Jason Freeman. i row - Stan Carver, Greg Wills, Alan Moore, Joey Philips, Mark Hopper, Barry Dude, Scott Thompson, Lee McKee, Cindy Gaines, Jimmy Hill. 7th r - Lee Roberts, Morgan Holley, Keith Elliot, Jim Semrick, Joseph Cole, Todd Rains, Paul New, Randy Hardwick, 8th row - Lori Hooks, Bart Bail Brent Morgan, Jud Dawson, Sam Weaver, Danny Wooford. In feng MQQ' f-im Q3 'Cr iff fi ii 'Qu' 1st row - Mrs. Hill, Molly Pruett, Cathye Semrick, Stacy Stansell, Mary Semrick, Jeff Erwin, 2nd row - Denise son, Nancy Roberson, Allison Chandler, Martin Kircus. French 2 7 C lst row - Theresa Ladd, Todd Miller, Flhanda Smith, Traci Tucker. 2nd4row - Miss Ellis, Rhonda Loyd, Sara Pruitt, Connie Cushing, Ellen Upton, Shawn Gsellman, Mary Faye Boman, Amy Zieglar, Susan Denson. 3rd row- James Page, Charles Hutchins, Mark Guest, Jeff Chandler, David Harlow, Ieff Ervin, Hurbert DeuPree. st row - Sara Pruitt, Angela Oravet, Barbara Payne, Shawn Gsellman, Amy Zeigler. 2nd row avid Harlow, Polly Holcomb, Theresa Ladd, Beth Kloskowski, Miss Ellis. Clubs 231 HH 234 Clubs F 7 NVQ "I: ,, W1 ff L, ,Q 1st row - Jeff Howard, Lance Richard, Laurie Frantz, Toni Jenkins, Allison Chandler. 2nd row - Tim No len, Amy Lumn Amanda Tucker, Kathy Semrick, Carla Gray, Mrs. Ford - Sponsor. 3rd row - Randy Freeman, Mrs. Campbell - sponsor, Chipbth Wa Griffith, Leigh Cochran, Joy Myracle, Susan Lytle, Mary Semrick, Molly Pruett. :ia Sim: :ty Sprz ary Fay Ml . ,ff MM' I i New Members: 1st row - Martin Kirkus, Patty McNulty, Linda Vreatt. 2nd row - Chuck Hugely, Paige Dawson, Sheila Tom Laura Norton, Lisa Hill, Theresa Ladd, Janice George, Polly Holcomb. 3rd row - Gloria McPeters, Kathy Kul Tyson Ftoe, Leslie Steffey, Kelly Godfrey. as, Brenda Mol Jame: Beta Club an is js A E l M .i U 1' :row - Zane Allsup, Mike Hopper, Jamie Mann, Kathy Burnett- Asst. Corresponding Sec., Laura Steffy - Chaplain, Chuck Huguley - President, Todd Miller Co. Vice-Pres., Roderick Parker - Co. Vice-Pres., Ursula Lawler, Commie Knight- Tfeasurer, Stacy Stansell - Recording Sec., Rachel Cox - Reporter. 2nd rv - Mrs. Morrow - sponsor, Julie Farrow, Karen Watfork, Liz Pillitary, David Rary, Scott Skipper, Ken Mitchell, Jeannie Johnson, Sheila Tommie, Marvin Sims, 'lice Johnson, Stephanie Pearson, Herbert DuPree, Mrs. Harrel - Sponsor. 3rd row - Rocky White, Mark Cook, Lisa Hill, Theresa Ladd, Angela McKenzie, eve Heiburger, Nancy Roberson, Mitch Moore, Janice George, Carla Frazier, Mindy Parris, Laura Estes, Missy Parris, Ree Nesbit, Traci Hillide, Saundra Gadsen, tti Ivey, Fred Dunson, Daphne Meadows, Benita Patrick, Keith Longshore. 4th row - Kristina Sims, Leanne White, Anita McKarver, Tammy Ramsey, Rhonda en, Barbara Paine, Kim Livesay, Carol Brackett, Lori Stewart, Alesia Morgan, Lisa Tullis, Neal Helms, Susan Henslee, Greg Peoples, Albert Oravet, Trey Butler, vid Russomanno, Nick Hall, Clayton Mills, Ralph Dobbins, Lee Wadsworth, Melissa Hardnett, Anita Miller, Gloria McPeters, Dana Johnson, Lisa Taylor. N Q Wi . rv 'Xbii -,,,,.,.. VE: Liz Pillitary, Anita Leitner and other Beta Club Members are good farmers. ABOVE RIGHT: Leslie ffey and Barbara Payne plant a lonely little marigold. The newly organized Beta Club proved to be a great asset to Gadsden High as the members helped other school clubs landscape the campus. These seventy- odd honor students were enthusiastic and full of school spirit. Clubs 235 W - ,. ,, ,, . Qrf'c'twMmMr M I I es.fag:Mmsiliizzrxgrr',avsmwas+asaewwsaaiaft LT"" ' , i SENIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES: Scott Grutchfield, Lance Richard, Margaret Taylor, Karen McNabb, Brian Garn Michael Bostick. ABOVE: Renata Prater, Kim Sanders, Renita Prater, Sheena Zeigler, Trina Stephens, Helantha Jones, Janice Johnson, Ruby Prater. RIGHT: Cynthia Rice - Treasurer, Angel McGee - Vice-Pres., Saundra Gadson - Presi- dent, Sharon Sanders - Secretary, Mrs. Donald - Sponsor. Clubs 236 Alpha Psi Omega I 3 l 'Wm 4:5 f Aw , :row - Yancy Walker, Mike Hopper, Keith Kulas, Stan Simmions, Greg Campbell, Jeff Williams, Jim Able. 2nd row Trey Butler, Jamie Mann, Brian Garner, Gary Menninger, Gary Hutchison, Greg Peoples. 3rd row -- Tim Wilson, Deaver, Richard Pate, Billy Dowling, Row Weaver, Zane Allsup. Billy Dowling and Roy Weaver look over Ben's Bug. Clubs 237 BXPE Beta Psi Epsilon i as-im-1-ri 2.5335 E:'G'Q.3"' z"w5 000: 0 -E Onzfmcn Sago' o o mngor' rm-32 TQ-. SUI :exam O.. .-. ofgm :Im E Q'fD1JIm mu:-1 3 2251:- 6- :nab -CDB F70 an 6564 2.-1 l'T1 mCI'Q4 m m Z'D': nancy, 'u1J5P.' QW' Z HKU! 130' fnF"2.'l' U1 E305 5553 USO. 9, o 3.253 QUE nn: :r--go 3 "Self" 201: :SEQ - 3 582m - Fr-'4 C0359 Hfmg NSZU 3325 or':,g sets D915 "' 32. egmm -lo-U30 52510 om ff' '45-tfnw I- Iomz' 2352 28:2 ocn -I U. 'NES mx:-3 355m - o 'uswp ms- 'WKDX 'mam fnmn... ZSN3 NOZ -199 'tggm tn-mc? mgfnr- 3.355 oQCm F212 Lgpm QJNE' 6'5"S" O33 Sow giag . mag: 5902 -MEQ MIT 3533 2193? II I R- u "W II I UQ - IIT' 4' ....-, ..--0" ,. Mmhtmmwy N First row - Beth Kloskowski, Susan Denson, Kelli Hunt. Second row - Kay Lambert, Lisa Taylo Pillitary, Jean Marie Brown, Janice George. Third row - Rachel Cox, Stephanie Toncre, Jeannie J son, Stacy Stansell, Dana Johnson. Fourth row - Connie Curl, Lisa Hill, Polly Holcomb. Fifth ro Kathy Burnett, Darlene Moses, Patti Spradlin, Gina Harwood, Cheryl Sington. Not pictured - An McKenzie, Mary McNulty. 238 Clubs EXE Sigma Chi Epsilon . bfi . A mt row Lynn Roberts, Beth Hudgins Laura Gilmore, Janine Hagerman Tina Perry, Ellen Upton, ia Green and Beverly gg. Second row - Paige Dawson, haron Edwards, Michele Pruitt, Kelly Lipscomb, Amy Lummis, L Steffey, Amanda Tucker, Kathy Wester, Deena Shef- d, Joy Myracle, Linda Vreatt, Patty McNulty, Sheila Tommie. Third row - Amy Ziegler, Laura Norton, McDuffie, Shawn Gsellman, Dee Dee Toncre, Ftee sbitt, Nita Farrow, Linda Grice, Donna Dean, Gretel Holcomb, Karen McNabb, Robin Bobo, Donna Hunyan, Cindy Wain, Sherry Moon, Betsy Ftutenberg, Linda el, Gindy Gaines, and Becky Marshall. Not pictured - Kelly Godfrey, Mary Faye Boman, Traci Edwards, Susan Henslee, Kay Ivey, Margaret Taylor, Sheila nmie. -...ggi-L """""'-. ,Q---s"""" t row - Paula Elkins, Penny Burks, Donna Steele, Alesia Morgan, Daphney Brown. Second row - . ta Noah, Carla Frazier, Carol Brackett, Anita Leitner, Pam Drenner. Third row - Sheila Spurlock, Lou Kitchens, Laura Lumpkin, Carol Frisby, Kathi Brooks, Beth Johnson, Cathy Weems. Not shown - ra Steftey. Clubs 239 240 Clubs G.H.S. Tiger Band gv:s""- ABOVE: Colorguard: Rifles - Lisa Hill, Kathy Sisler, Carla Frazier, Suzy McDuffie, Laura Norton, Sheila Tommie - Head, Beth Hudgin Stancil. Silks: left - Liz Pillitary, Jeannie Johnson, Amanda Tucker - Head, Julie Farrow - Co. Head, Leslie Steffie, Vanessa Croft, Sharon Edwards, Nita Farrow, Beverly Bugg, Michele Pruitt, Glenda Hill, Daphnee B , enise Kilgore, Shawn Gsellmann, Connie Curl mis, Deedee Toncre, Missy Turner, Kathy Wester, and Deena Sheiffield. Not and Traci Edwards S, rown D - Kelly I s ' Nwwpail .N 7 .. X, www 5 'BH' NFWQW '.-k awww. .A-saws-... L ABOVE: Co. Captain Robert Burton ascends to new heights ABOVE: Drum Major Sandy Campbell proudly presents her rifle line forthe Tiger Band. 3 l l l 4 l l af' if at row - Karen Crook, Kathy Sissler, Karen Minshew, Beverly Bugg, Tracy Miller, Amanda Tucker, Missy Turner, and Laura ton. Second row - Clara Cauldwell, Liz Pilitary, Vicki Collins, Amy Hutchinson, Pam Pendley, Deedee Toncre, Nita Farrow, I Daphne Brown. W I' W, 1 ii T fl l WWW' xxx ff, ff' , ' fffsf?,f,f,L3acf First row - Keith Longshore, Tracy Tucker, and Polly Holcomb. Second row - Sandy Campbell, Allison Chandler, Teresa Parks, Rhonda Smith, Alice Turner, Martin Kircus, Julie Farrow, and Cherri Parris. Third row - Michael Turk, Flodrick Granger, Jeff Chandler, David Harlow, David Russomano, Bobby Riley, Fred Dunson, Shawn Gsellman, Ronnie Guffey, Dale Shew and Tyrus Foster. Clubs 241 if Q A if if 'J-w-R 3 ...., LUN, 1' , 'M - V J. J W' W -r M A 1 Y in K! , M ' g f' Hz yi. A1 . xx A jf K f b - , . 4 X 1" - 1 i ' K- M 'I f Qfz .A 7 ll L , gf W Hi F ' -wf- rf 'L K' - K ,. Q L 'g"' '1'-:,f 5,.. 1' 5 f , I nf K. vw, 11' JH V M, 99195 L Q 'H -'ww Q. lui . M E75 1,44 'Yr 1, Ei ,fm n,.M.n,Yw?ff Q buf Q tri X Win' ft y, , N Vu,-W: , 9' V he V5 Jill JS- 'X fx rf 244 Clubs 3 X O i . EE ss: r '34 O I1 E """' S Left to right - Laura Helms, Matt Gsellman, Lisa Morris, Jeanie Johnson, Sheila Tommie, Suzy McDuffie, Lisa Tullis, Tim Nolen, Denise Stimpson, Kathy Wester, Kevin Silvey and Lisa Hill. Q 4 2 A 2 First row - Mary Smedley, Phil Felicia McAIpine, Robin Flansaw, Susan Byers, Benita Patrick, Cindy Alldredge, Regina Greg Ramona Green, Sonia Looney, Teresa Hawkins, Jacki Cherry, Second row - Carla Frazier, Michelle Pruitt, Connie Curl, Davis. Third row -V Vanessa Croft, Linda Lindsey, Tina Perry, Melissa Hardnett, Rhonda Armstrong, Glenda Hill, Laura Cook, a Stacy Stancil. Horns and Drums LEFT: Low Woodwinds - Micheal Bostick, Sherry Watley, John Lee, Leslie Steffy, Deena Sheffield, Amy Lummis, Denise Kilgore, Alan Selby. ABOVE: Drummers - Lee Strawn, Donny Brown, David Brown, Ivan Hawkins, Billy Arnet. BELOW: Trumpets - William Watts, Terry Maddox, Connie Batey, Todd Huff, Daryl Tony, Lana Farrow, Treena Deerman, Richard Selby. Second row - Beth Hud- gins, Sharon Edwards, David Riley, Steven Faulkner, Robert Burton, Lee Wadsworth, Tim Burgess, Jeff Erwin. Clubs 245 Tiger Band Still the One!! 343 Tiger Band - 1980 1 7 A. , , ' . 'll' ' T li r .fl ' Y - -ff -1 - ' ,,:. f L rv, , . ., 4 , v ' r if V k ' :dj 9 , ? . , gf. Q . ,, K , -- f f ' K 4 , . , V T-,R -. . V, , .V 1 - .' 'an I . N 3' , V J im iw' Y Y - X 1' ,. Q-r .U-'f Sandy Campbell- Drum Major fLeft to rightj - Lisa Tullis, Tim Nolen, Pam Pendly, Karen Minchew, Bobby Robinson, Linda Lindsey, Melissa Hardenette, Mary Smedly, Lisa Morris. 1ine Hagerman Hagerman, Kathy Wester, Vanessa Croft, Glenda Hill, Leslie Steffey, Kelly God- y, Missy Turner, Julie Farrow, Laura Norton, Shelia Tommie. LEFT: Susan Henslee. Clubs 247 Who re the Senior otables? Being elected a Senior Notable by one's classmates is probably the greatest honor a student at Gadsden High School can receive. Each year the members of the Senior class elect those of their classmates whom they feel have contributed most in service and inspiration to the school. Who are the Senior Notables? They may include the President of the S.C.A., the head cheerleader, the Drum Major, the Key Club President, the captains of the football and basketball teams, the honor students, and the editors of the CRUCIBLE and the Magnavox. Senior Notables have three characteristics in common: a willingness to aid and serve their fellow students, a love for their school, and a friendly smile for every person with whom they come in contact. Clubs ' 'W' 1 N'-' ,f'i' ,,,, 5 'S M 5" :SW I """"vr . 0 ia Qi Z RW UPPER RIGHT: Senior Connie Knight with friends. CENTER LEFT: ll Club Sweetheart, Amy Lummis. MIDDLE CENTER: Band officer, Nolen with fellow officers. CENTER RIGHT: Honor students, Mary Sa rick and Chipper Griffith with Mrs. Drinkard. FAR LEFT: Senior cl President, Sherry Jackson. LEFT: Key Club President, Lance Rich fopposite pagej UPPER LEFT: Cheerleader, Paige Dawson. UP CENTER: S.C.A. President, Randy Freeman. UPPER RIGHT: Basket star, Chris Johnson. CENTER LEFT: Drum Major, Sandy Camp CENTER: Magnavox photographer, Scott Grutchfield. CENTER RIG Head cheerleader, Karen Watford. BOTTOM LEFT: CRUCIBLE Edi Gloria McPeters. BOTTOM CENTER: Defensive end, football, Der Ash. BOTTOM RIGHT: Key Club International Trustee, Jeff Howard. gi i PM N. M '1 ifyi 344: .5 W1 i 1.1 M, K li an 4 1 E"W 13 .,,i"lj B -M' Qi it W ,W mr' ' Squaw- i W If W. we MW -'Jw awww' 1- ML if "' EW aw. , 3 W, .1 M'-Jr QL xg, 'Mm EQ! ,Ig .ww Ill ll he x ui' if MW? M ' ' 1 ' . fm , A,,. M. , " -2-::'w::p-rn: 2'?f:g:Qif?"Ii 31 , K ww 'se 'f fini ' as f Q. 1, ' if . 4 HI -iwhf "wav: ' ' A uw: ' :SA Q x Q G, ,M we! A276 Q 3,1 6, 'ff' "5lM:.,. ,g ' 'H' W -,- . 3 A . fx .40- all r sin A1 Q W h9UA2d::"f'T!1 1' , FQ1 11, W M 1 ' ,gm QM, X " sew W? vii 'S M' ' S' we 5 .M n 3 .Q , ..Mw.w......, W...m.....-, ,..s..1,.....w Tmads and elvetone if ABOVE: Velvetones await to start their concert. RIGHT: Students enjoy the Velvetone and Triad Christmas concert. BELOW LEFT: Ann Martin, Margaret Taylor and Allison Mills smile for the camera. BELOW RIGHT: Triads enjoy singing. BOTTOM LEFT: Velvetones wish for snow. BOTTOM RIGHT: Velvetones watch for their cue. 'hx Y- 1,. . ive Q TOP LEFT: Students meet in the courtyard to hear the Velvetones and Triads concert. TOP RIGHT: Triads sing in harmony. FAR LEFT: Gloria McPeters enjoys the Christmas songs. ABOVE: The Velvetones rest between songs. LEFT: Velvetones sing Christ- mas greetings to every- one. 254 Clubs Triads 4 First row - fleft-rightj - Cathy Weems, Sandy Campbell, Gail Hooks, Susan Lytle, Kathy Sisler, Lori Stewart, Lori Goss, P lvey, Becky Marshall, Felicia McAlpine, Second row - Connie Cushing, Lisa Taylor, Kelly Lipscomb, Donna Dean, Denise gore, Tina Sims, Linda Grice, Kay Lambert, Amy Evans, Cheryl Johnson. Third row - Pam Roden, Debra Wise, Stephanie Tl cre, Julie Farrow, Lynn King, Kim Livisay, Ree Nesbitt, Myra Mayes, Dana Johnson, Sherry Moon. mg Velvetones at row - Cleft-rightj - Karen McNabb, Gretal Holcomb, Amy Lummis, Patty McNulty, Janine Hagerman, Karen Watford, hy Wester, Robyn Bobo, Jeannie Johnson, Connie Curl, Stacy Stancell, Carol Frisby, Regina Harwood. Second row- Ken shell, Clayton Mills, Tyrus Foster, Robbie Driskell, Rocky White, Russell Wise, Martin Kircus, Amanda Tucker, Liz Pillitary, ry McNulty, Janice George, Cindy Wain, Daphne Meadows. Third row - Alan Selby, David Riley, Kane Kulas, Greg Peoples, y Butler, Zane Allsup, Robert Massey, Nick Hall, Ralph Dobbins, Tim Burgess, Keith Longshore, Scott Naylor, Kim Calloway, hy Kulas. Clubs 255 256 Closing Graduates - 1899 Gadsden High School 1. Bellenger, Mary Agnes 2. Caddell, Cora Bell 3. Caddell, Thomas Arthur 4. Chadwick, Rubye 5. Dortch, Mary Elizabeth 6. Hughes, Miles Preston 7. McDuffle, Annie Pearl 8. Nowlln, Corrie May 9. Wilson, Nell Gayle 10. Walker, Rosa Lola Hwang, ABOVE: 1980 Graduates - Allison Chandler, Kim Calloway, and Susan Lytle. '19 W vw-Wg' A '5 Q 'QQ 'Y Qf!fBX fr , 1' 1oN Gadsden Hi fo by J'- '29 c- x 0 045' C395 Fr my T 1lt.l:i ff L . ill-Fi School of Champ1ons ,M 3 ' rf' IHS' J lt. Xi J 4 t X W Y A -. A ' YA 'Sill ia , J. f"-vi-J' , Q t - if 't 1-vtt "'E .. ,f, 3 Q ,K ..,..X: : .s .L , " T 9' M fx ,Wi-iii, I.. , .g M . I .. TQ, X I T ti l - . i . . , it . ' 7ff"Mg. it if Who are the Gadsden High School Tigers? Why are Gadsden High Tigers Champions? As the poster indi- cates many ingredients are necessary for the making of a "Tiger." The G.H.S. Tigers of 1980 have proven that they pos- sess all of these characteristics. The Tiger champions may be any age and are found in all categories of aca- demics, sports and service. Listed among the numerous Tiger champions were: Mr. Lloyd Miller, principal, was named Principal of the Year by the P.T.S.A. for his endless devotion and service to the schoolg The G.H.S. Quiz Bowl Team won first place in THE KNOWLEDGE BOWL. They competed against six- teen area schoolsg Mr. Benny Dean was named outstand- ing PTSA President of both the city and stateg The PTSA received many awards as the outstanding club in the city and stateg The Tennis Team had an undefeated year and went to regional competitiong Mr. Frank Mitchell, Presi- dent of the Athletic Booster's Club, presented the school with a check for S10,000g The Student Council Associa- tion led the school to an outstanding year. 259 Top Ten Percent Mary Semrick Charles Griffith Robyn Bobo Allison Chandler Susan Lytle Randy Freeman Tim Nolen Joy Myracle Jeff Howard Amy Lummis 99.780 99.541 98.812 98.666 98.562 98.562 98.437 97.586 97.437 97.166 Amanda Tucker Laurie Frantz Lance Richard Melissa Turner Toni Jenkins Tyson Roe Carla Gray Sheila Tommie Patricia McNulty 20. Alan seiby 97.042 95.854 95.812 95.787 95.375 95.208 94.541 94.000 93.808 93.560 s Valedictorian - Mary Semrick Thirty students at Gadsden High, representing 17 percent of the 1980 graduating class, have received scholarships, with total four-year values amounting to S170,000,00. In addition, seven other students have received grants-in-aid totaling S46,320,00. David Selby- Renewable Academic Honor, University of Montevallo Robyn Bobo - Full Academic Honor Scholarship, Gadsden State Randy Freeman - Three Academic Honor Scholarships, Samford University Toni Jenkins - Academic Honor Scholarship, University of Montevallo Carla Gray- Honor Academic Scholarship, Freed-Hardeman College Tim Nolen - National Merit Semi-Finalist, Auburn University Julie Farrow - Gadsden Legal Secretaries Scholarship, Gadsden State Karen Watford - Guidance Scholarship and Delta Kappa Gamma Scholar- ship, Jacksonville State University Donna Benjamin - Basketball Scholarship, Tuskegee Institute Lisa Lesley-Academic Scholarship, Freed-Hardeman College Alvin Walker- McCellan's Scholarship, Alabama A 8. M University Chris Johnson - Basketball Scholarship, Gadsden State Connie Knight- Guidance Scholarship, Jacksonville State University Floy Weaver- Full Scholarship, Gadsden State Salutatorian - Charles Griffith Derrick Ash - Football Scholarship, Jacksonville State University Kathy Kulas - North Dakota, Martin Lodge Scholarship, University of Ala- bama Sandy Campbell- Full Music Scholarship, Gadsden State Anita McCarver - Full Academic Scholarship, Gadsden State Theresa Ladd-Academic Honor Scholarship, University of Montevallo Deena Sheffield - Alabama Business Women Scholarship, Gadsden State Keith Brooks - Academic Scholarship, Gadsden State Mary Semrick - Full Academic Honor Scholarships to the University of Mon- tevallo and Mississippi College for Women, and 32,000 per year to Spring Hill College. She will attend the University of Montevallo Kay lvey - Pizitz Scholarship, University of Alabama Zane Allsup -Academic Scholarship, Gadsden State Linda Grice - Alternate Ballerina Scholarship, Jacksonville State Universityg Alabama Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship Gloria McPeters - Key Club Dollar-for-Scholar, Gadsden State Laura Norton -Guidance Scholarship, Jacksonville State University Myra Mayes - Alabama Veterans of Foreign Wars, University of Alabama Charles 1Chipperj Griffith - Full Academic Scholarships to West Point, Uni- versity of Montevallo, Berea College, Huntingdon College, Troy State Univer- sity, Georgia Tech, Florida State, University of Alabama in Huntsville, and Uni- versity of Alabama in Birmingham. He will attend Vanderbilt University. James Vaughn - Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Gadsden State Closing 261 JW Baccalaureate Service The 1979-80 Gadsden High School year has been a combination of reflec- tion, reassessment and reorganization. The traditions that made Gadsden High one of the greatest schools in the state have been revived. One of the finest and most meaningful of these traditions has been the Baccalaureate service. This service was given an added dignity when the entire faculty donned caps and gowns of their individual college or uni- versity and marched in the processional with the graduating seniors. Graduates, faculty, students and parents experi- enced a resurgence of school spirit and pride as this meaningful ceremony was revived for the first time in many years at Gadsden High School. X u-- ' W r TOP: Seniors enter the Baccalaureate Service. ABOVE LEFT: Teachers escort the gradu ing class into the service. ABOVE: Seniors wait to be seated. LEFT: Seniors march BELOW: Leaving the Baccalaureate Service presents a sad moment. ..t. 1 yy - - if, fy In 'H Irv if ,, " x fy' 5:4 f :, : f E - x , - ff X, 4 Q Z I ,, ..., TOP LEFT: These Seniors seem happy that graduation isjust around the corner. TOP RIGHT: Hee Nesbitt and Laura Norton enjoy the refreshments at the the reception following the service, ABOVE LEFT: Seniors remember the old days. ABOVE: Daphne Meadows and Mark Worley wait for the punch. LEFT: Chris Johnson, Greg Ball, and Zane Allsup enjoy the reception. 263 Nm is ,K 4 H3 gk W Q W . ,.. K Qs ""' : . kv :is """"w-...K :... kt ABOVE LEFT: Kay Ivey and Linda Vreatt take a last minute look. ABOVE: Rhonda Allen and Melissa Johnson practice the Alma Mater. LEFT: Susan Henslee shows Joy Myracle how to wear her hat. BELOW LEFT: Lori Stewarttakes a last minute breath. BELOW RIGHT: Toni Jen- kins gets ready to put her cap on. BOTTOM LEFT: Carla Gray makes sure Lisa Lesley's cap is on just right. -.-1 I 5 Ag agp iq. ' X if 'fir if A h 321: :L I 266 Closing Commencement i ABOVE: Mr. Jack Floyd speaks to the graduating class. ABOVE: Mrs. Jim Martin sings the Lord's Prayer Randy Freeman introduces the speakers. Chipper Griffith gives Salutatorian speechi W I H ,,,,, -H J, , Y, W, , ,,,,,,,,, Top Honors at G.H.S. LEFT: RANDY FREEMAN - CROSS CUP AWARD. BOTTOM LEFT: JEFF HOWARD - FRANK COTTLE AWARD. BELOW: GLORIA MCPETERS - JULIA REINHART HUGHES AWARD AND DOLLAR FOR A SCHOLAR WINNER. 9 nm 6 1 5 .. X, xi fm Qi, f 2 N ,N wWwxm.wM wwwww 3 ,ww vw. ,AN 6? " N, A . .,.A VW I M W ' .:FH'HeA . U IWW N, K -- , . 'iw 'ifff l i Q La' v" I 1 - fs I 5 W f' S ,nw sl-1 Q . F2 if gh if is 5 9 M wg I 15, Xi - 'R 0, , ,N S mw- ,X + ,Q A , - M bv-, 3 .- Q- ,. J 55' .XX N Q r ,frw ff-Y! Q W Q' ,E 52' S 5. 9. Q1 ld' JMS! 3 9 ,wfwkgy K I X! F, ,Q fg 'I' Eff f,,f , Q? ' fe M , fx' ,V .W ' 1 ff' fl 1 1 I,-Q' 'f 4 Hi' L, f ,fa x Y l 397 :W n 5 1-2 N' - . . . , ' . ., 3-:Qfi'l'. f 4 ' mr :Wi ,I r 'L Q1 4? , ,uf..fL ..,.', . -. .5 Y m 4. Q C 1 7 4 HO QRS I VER CREE S -'rf 14 S M. A' gi wwmjnuki life. , 1 Q ,SQ gif ,. x DDI ' Q1 - A. 3 bm nr: ,gh +R S .. ,,. S 3' gi' a A, Nh 3 K ,nn el 272 Ads 9 4:0 6' x O QP 1.3. 0. 'Qtek G 'UCSP' 'Q - 6' ,,,, ,.f --,V 5 , ,1,E,- ' lg, 'ff M ' Warehouse Meet Me After Compliments School I Of at the Drugstore 9 RUTENBERCJS GRAHAM S of Course 1145 Walnut 546-3311 Compliments of Dedicated to the Seniors and GILL LAND CO Their Parents 75?312gflgeSff2Ve Compliments of G d d OX AL IONES, BLAIR, WALDRUP 3 5599013 AND TUCKER INC. 0 s 0 0 , 306 North 5th St. Gadsden, AL Red Cross Youth Cathye Semriok - President Erica Daniels - Vice-President Donna Elsea - Secretary Tracie Hilleke Kim Smith - Chaplain Lise Leslie La111'a Estes William Persall Saundra Gadson Tommie Ramsey 1'1aa H111 Nancy Roberson Linda Dunham Valerie Hayes Cindy Hill David Jackson Kim Dupree Tawana Davis Terry Gargus Felicia Palmer Gina Kellet Pam Roden Emily Ellis - Sponsor FUTURE G.H.S. TIGERS DISQUE MIDDLE SCHOOL Jeannie Fragnoli Beth Worley Donna Green Geoff Elrod Shawn Galin Christina Templeton Jeannetta Underwood Gena Wills Sandy Parks Kelli Davis Monteresia Glover Tracy Bright Vicki Edmondson Dena Armstrong Shay Stokes Liz McGinnis Kelli Swann Tina Lowery Jeff Edwards Mr. Joe Robinson Margaret Reeves Helen Pollard J. Floyd J. Fraiser Mr. Watson Mrs. Lee David Litton Ads 275 IAMES A. HowARn mfrpwrlml lnfuranrr XVAGENT 'IIIVII YUY gil' AGENCY IAMES A. 1-1owARn L xgfwu, Telephone 546-1659 COGSA NURSERY George Edwards Owner Landscape Design Shrubs and Tree Insect Control Tree Surgery 547 7748 CG . 821 Rainbow Drive 516 Walnut St Post Office Box 1249 Gadsden, Ala sexing or Auunmn, nu. Central Bank is Willing to Help You - Call Us About Campus Plan - 601 Broad St. Gadsden, Alabama C0 PLI NTS H1Y DIWFY17. C0 PUTER CLUB Members Jaimie Ramsey David Harlow Alan Selby Jeff Ervin Randy Beck Carla Gray Lisa Hill Sara Pruett Darryl Toney Matt Gsellmann Jeff Chandler Mark Guest Mike Sweetin Tony Jenkins Sponsor- Mrs. Skipper OF V I 4- S Q0 0 Ads 277 HEALTH FGODS DEAN GRESS AGENCY for Natural Nutr1t10n 411 S. Fifth St. Gadsden, AL Tlgers Need Phone-547-5717 Commercial, Lots d L d w1th Protem an an DEAN GRESS, G.L.U., G.R.T. V1tam1ns and Mlnerals 931 Melghan Blvd ' 9 "Tiger-S' Residential, Farms, 9 MEADGW GOLD DAIRIES P.O. Box 1278 702 Walnut St. Gadsden, AL 35901 Drama Club Members Johnny Day Carla Richey Jamie Ramsey Mike Sweetin David Pendley Molly Pruitt Ralph Dobbins Barbara Payne Lisa Leslie L ' h C h eig oc ran Lynn Roberts AMERICAN'S EAGLE W THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK 24 Hour Banking Member FDIC 232 BROAD STREET X GADSDEN, ALABAMA! 12052 543-3000 Ad 279 Q Q58 0190 HOKESBLUFF ALABAMA CITY Gpen 7:00 A.M. Till 11:00 P.M. 7 Days a Week "We Guarantee the Lowest Total Food Bill in Alabamaf' WE'RE TRYING T0 HELP! Best Wishes 0SS GR G Corner Third and Chestnut Streets "Your Friendly Furniture F Store" Phone 547-6871 Gadsden, AL Compliments of the Bible Club da's Bridal al Fashions bow Tuxedo Rentals E811 Apothecary 305 S. Fifth St. Gadsden, Ala. Phone 547-5774 Complete Prescription Service 282 Ads Allison Chandler Leigh Cochran Paige Dawson Chris Deaver Julie Farrow Laurie Frantz Randy Freeman Janice George NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X 3 cf 5 Lf Lisa Hill Polly Holcomb Jeff Howard Chuck Huguley Patty Ivey Toni Jenkins Martin Kircus Connie Knight Tim Nolen Laura Norton Molly Pruett Sara Pruett Lance Richard Tyson Roe Alan Selby Cathy Semrick Sheila Tommie Amanda Tucker Kelly Gvdfrey Kathy Kulas Mary Semrick Carla Gray Theresa Ladd Leslie Steffy Chipper Griffith Susan Lytle Scott Grutchfield Patty McNulty Shawn GSellmaf1 Gloria McPeters Missy Turner Gail Hooks Brenda Moses Linda Vreatt Joy Myracle Amy Ziegler PEP CLUB Noressa Johnson Deloris Johnson Donnise Blackburn Lisa Brown Pamela Butler Renese Coleman Belinda Franklin Connie Knight Lisa McAlpin Arrellia Page Rebecca Page Vonda Pience Lynn Rolley Lillie Lee Mary Smedley Lisa Tinker Stephaine Waytt James Page Quintin Jenkins Barry Byers Ronald Douthard Mickeal Franklin Melvin Guyton Lewis Mitton David Morgan Mark Riggins William Watts Darryl Williams Ads 283 Compliments of COTNEY'S VOCUE INC. 216 Wall Street ' Gadsden, Alabama Comphmenls I. P. NATION - President of Compliments of The Russlan PHOTOCRAPHIC - DESIGNERS MIKE TURNER Owner Club Explorer's Club Traci Hilleke Laura Estes Scott Naylor Randa Smith Todd Rains Brian Boatwright Traci Tucker Milissa Parris Dorothy Walkers Todd Miller Wes Gwin Milinda Parris Gary Hutchison Steve Livingston Cort Harwood Scott Palmer Carey Mayes I Kay Ivey Lance Richard Scott Grutchfield Tim Nolen Gretal Holcomb Chris Dearor Karen McNabb Randy Freeman Amy Lummis Page Dawson Marty Likos Tyson Roe e-4' IIT' CDCIJ ?s afi- 35 nm gf? CD CT' Us CD "'S CD ,,,1IIlo ',1'yx-9 ff wx l fb 9 x 3 11 L3 25 or Ei P .9 :QFBV Qfzv 1.-.QL Ill qeqwnfffilfll Ad 285 286 Ads Cindy Wain Kathy Kulas Kim Calloway Daphne Meadows Gina Harwood Janice George Carol Frisby Liz Pillitary Mary McNulty Tim Burgess 'tif if lit Q fi' EL ETO ES Keith Longshore Stacy Stansell Connie Curl Jeannie Johnson Robyn Bobo Amanda Turker Kathy Wester Karen Watford Janine Hagerman Patty McNulty Amy Lummis Gretel Holcomb Karen McNabb Clayton Mills Russell Wise Rocky White Ken Mitchell Martin Kircus Tyrus Foster Robbie Driskell Alan Selby Ralph Dobbins Zane Allsup David Riley Trey Butler Kane Kulas Robert Massey Greg Peeples Scott Naylor Nick Hall o-s,,,j,-A L President- Myra Mayes? Vice-President - Lori Stewart? Secreta L nn Kin 1 VY - Y 9 Treasurer - Sandy Campbells? Librarian - Patti White? Reporter - Ree Nesbittt Chaplain - Susan Lytlei Kathy Brooks TRIADS Connie Cushing Donna Dean Amy Evans Lynda Gricet Lori Goss Gail Hookst Dana Johnson Cheryl Johnson Denise Kilgore: Kelly Lipscomb Kim Livesay Becky Marshall Lisa McAlpin Sherry Moon Pam Floden Kathy Sisler Tina Sims: Alisa Stevenst Lisa Taylor Stephanie Toncre Kay Lambert Julie Farrow? Cathy Weems Debra Wise t - Seniors Ads 287 I- I - it 1 1 f 1oY's FLovvERs 2104 Rainbow Dr. Gadsden, AL COMPLIMENTS OF Phone546-9209 1 L -15-,HCHAELS Compliments of THE ATHLETIC f BUOS TERS ? 1979-1980 Officers ' President: Frank Mitchell Vice-President: Gary Peeples Secretary: Dean Curl Treasurer: Linda Garner V ER VI FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS 5 fe OF AMERICA FF K 19 9-80 Off' ' T R d J VI- d -M i S pry Myy T 6 swiss EES 5, .-. H af-reno Compliments of the CHECKERS 294 Ads I..- I. 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"VVhere you deal with the owners." i I Q Gadsden, Alabama A 35901 , 402 Chestnut St. Q Phone 546-9411 0 CLARENCE and MARLYN BUCC f X N f 6? gf 4 lk lf' ff' X l . ff m f" ' m f Q f wif- 3 ' we ' -2 : 5 . ' 1 4 F? ll X 8 44 fpff I -a -Y 'A' V 'V'7 AI X v Y : '19 'V , e Wifi' XX H50 ' ff' 1 ! X u :I " . an I il ti ff is ax - Qi f , 'M 5 'V I K f ' I A : . My ,silk IQ Sew A M' V ou X "1 . , J 2 Tliiv llllllif nz A if mh z- ""3i"k Y " K' v ' ' . ..--QA-f"4 X ' .......,. -f' ' 'A "ui ..,.,,. --.ef kk" .111, , A... +++ ,vu "Al .l4.,,,.,..-1 ral ' N w f ty f-4-Qi '+' 1 , 4 9' ,' X "n'1i1, l2ln. L e, 14:1,. .. sraee I ' SMITH DISTRIBUTING CG. I PD. Box 252 Telephone - 237-2895 2310 Old Gadsden Road ' Anniston, Alabama ,4, 3 3 300 Ad FUTURE HOMEMAK- ERS OF AMERICA F.H.A. Sweethearts Tina P Golsby and Ann West MEMBERS Renata Prater Trina Stephens Cynthia Rice Klm Sanders Helantha Jones Angel McGee Remta Prater Jamce Johnson Saundra Gadson Sheena Zelgler Ruby Prater Sharon Sanders GRATU T15 S Let u f banliirg. b hel Beo p you, IH Two Convenient 543-2090 gg adsden Mall Piedmont Cut Gff Compliments of the DECA CLUB P.T.S.A. X N 'f 1979-1980 Gadsden High P.T.S.A. Ufficers asident- Mr. Benny Dean lV.-P. - Mr. Fred Sington :lV.-P. - Mrs. Elaine McDuffie cretary - Mrs. Karen Brooks aasurer - Mrs. Dean Curl ar. 81 Spirit. - Juanita Wilson Health - Mrs. Ruth Chandler Legislation - Mrs. Lillian Elliott Cultural Arts - Mr. Curtis Whited Mrs. Betty McCarver Safety - Mr. Bennett Tucker By Laws 81 Parliamentarian - Mrs. Publicity - Mr. Lloyd Miller Hospitality - Mrs. Brenda Miller Juvenile Protection - Mrs. Gloria Hershiser Budget 8. Finance - Mrs. Jeanelle Rary izenship - Margaret Campbell Peggy Hester Parent 81 Family Education - Mrs. Jane Burton Library - Dr. 81 Mrs. Gary B. Mills CITY AWARDS STATE AWARDS 1. Best PTSA Outstanding Local Unit 1. Outstanding Program Award 2. Best Record Book 2. Largest C1 ,191J Member Increase 3. Citizenship 3. Best Parent Education 4. Character and Spiritual Education 4. Best Health Programs 5. Health 6. Membershi 7.100 Percent Membership 5. Outstanding Local Unit Award fBest in StateJ 6. Big Topper tover 1 ,000 membersj Award They also won 15 awards in other categories liru l Ads 303 6,4 1 f fx-f'f.' 'hyg- s"x skids ,,.::. .. NNW , '- -,f-. Y Ls , , N S, s wx ' W, '-. UMR H111 ww ff' gf f' ffkxfi NM ,, 5 K 9 is N s lane sig Xi KEN i ' Q51 aj ff 2 M3254 .N.,,,,. - 'i 1 Q il' if ? s xx. RRR SE ix 'K 'win N 5 Eff Qi 5, vlcA 3 2 ENAE IC Dustrnct RNETT, CLAUDE JEFFERY3118- EDWARDS, DONALD CHIP: 120, HOLCOMB, POLLY: 29, 34, 35, 43, fLL RNETT, KATHY: 74, 76, 116, 118, 184,189. 67, 75, 84, 126, 129, 197,,23'I, 24, 203,212,218 233, 235,238, ELKINS,PAULAANNETTE:116, 234,288,241. , L 97. 12o,,228,2,39. L HOPPER,MlKE:33,34,58, 812778, RTONBOBERTWILLIAM1118, LELLlS,7STE VE:120. 85,125,204,233,126,235,237. f40.242,245- 8 4,,, ,,, 8 'ELSEA,DONNALYNNE:120,222, I-1uGHEs,DARRls:222. MACK 61 76 MCGE E JANE: 124. 1 218,223,230 125, 222, 224, 225, 4, 85, .RJ 'I SANDERS, KIMBERLY ANN: 77, 125, 190, 191, 236. SANDERS, SHARON LANESA1 125, 223, 227. SEM THERINE1 19, 230, 233,2 ,.., ., . , 125, 241. , ,,,, AN: 125, 1851, 1 87 189, 204,208, 237. 2'2X51SS I MARVIN: 82, 128, 218, 235. ON, CHERYL LYNN: 22 121 128 238 JIMMY SCOTT 76 120 128 203 224 233 235 CECIL BOME 128 KATHY.,.D,ENIS1E::'I 28. 25 124 KIM TERIA: 128, 232. TANNER, RODNEY: 129. TAYLOR, LISA: 47, 77, 83, 116, 12 199, 201, 218, 224, 233, 235, 231 254. THRASHER, LANE: 129. TONCRE, STEPHANIE MARIE: 76 129, 203, 238, 254. UDAKA, GARY: 129, 227, 259. UNDERWOOD, FELECIA: 130. UNDERWOOD, RACHEL DENESE 41 I . .1.. . . AM, ..,. Q55 ....,, . ., 2.1, Q-.., ,gf ri ' ':'1- f . .:.1 . :S VAR N581 A SA. 1 1--- f .1 226. :A . VAUGHN, DEIIf.5R:A:130,223g 5 v10KERS, PRESTON: 130. VICKERS, STEVEN: 130. A I WALKER, WAYNE ALLEN: 130, 22 WARREN, SONJA: 74,130, 197. WATSON, DONICE: 130, 227. WATSON, GENICE: 131. WATSON, JOHNNY LEVEN:131. WEAVER, JANA 72,131, WEEMS, CATHER 233, 239, 254. MARVIN WADE:1 PATTI LEE WHITE, ROCKY 2 24, 74,184. WILLIAMS, 13' DENITA My 1:2 K if S N i a : S in 551, W ex N sis? Jim ' Es Si, X ,, , , ' ' , , , , , , ,, MQ' , "'W""5a?f wf., K E Q-. mf! fi3'fi"'f-A . ' Sissy: 111 wi l 7 + 'S'-5 K 1? 1' ,R 3 1195- wli EA s . A if 2 4 vu lx if iii fi was :si Qi ii? 5 3 fi, 5 5? 5 5 Q 5 1 5 Z 5 sr 3, E? 1 fi , ii i 2 Q Six Z N X ' 1 , I' 4 ilmgi '-156, ' W fl, f f V t, ff , f Q v I M, Y K 51 A 'lr Ip, x s 5 VVZL. i A L M ,,,, wifi , , if . . K L 3 Q L. ff f V ' - K M H ,I ' , f 'f ' ' H , , 4 H+ mr H ' 'af , ' 2" ,,ffi:fi4f:,,:,4f 'H ,, ff1g,,, H ,,f,fw ' ,f ,g,M,'! K: i,-,,, igwg, - , ' , , I ,W v iff' fi iff H-E Wh f "i':m2 fi fkff? ' f if Z5 f 7 JV -' 7:7 wi V"'iurfwili-lfmh' 1 , ,. " g If " ' - , - ' f , QM N , 4 sp y , Q 2 3 , . 5 Z4 V , f ' , ' , 1 4 Q T ,, A ' fy ,ff Aw H 7:55577 'WM f,,, ,, I - gg,-,ff ,z:-,- ' , ,, W -lvv -M,g,'f',.fi:2 .21 f'-WJ, ,ww-,z wma , SAN, MARVA: 53, 55, 59, 76, 9, 198. RIS, DEBORAH: 159. LEY, DEBORAH: 159. TELLA, BRIAN: 159. KETT,1'I'IM: 159. - I CE, LAURA: 159, 244. IPAUL: 159. 230. .f ffi. SANDERS, J.D.:,1 SELBY, RICHARD: 160, X.. TURNER, ALICE: 162, 241. ,VlCKI:162,226. BRIAN: 162, 184, 196. , ,....,: Q 1 I BHHAA E I RICK, JIM: 161 , 230. , EEEI . . AAAII , ARPE, KNOX REED:161. 3 6 A ,222 Q, 222 VICTOR: 161. A , 11 ,,,,, , L ,III KRISTI: 150, 161, 218. aEg,PA:RA LEE: 159. A If fwSlIQ36 13AMANDA JANE: 156, 1.61:f,1 f WADSWCRTI-I, ROY: 162, 224. 'ER,MIcHAEL:159. I 545,, A ,,,,,, WALKERDARON LEE:162. J1AMESCARLTON:74, Sl RODERICK:161,,N 2 12 IIII ,WAL,L,.IEFF:162,, 9,1f94,292. SM. ',, ,QARY,DEWAmi161Y' WA3REN,ANG1EI.A:162. n SNS, SARITA: 74, 159, A sM,f gIRANoA,,,1 9, 15O,161,:1223, WAREREN, BARRY DEAN: 74, 162. A I 23 1 241. WATFORD, BETH:159,162, 232. TNSPIQER, KE! A A,,, ,,,,2 2 WATTS, WILLIAM: 66, 121, 162, 198, SYN DER! A 12',, 4 Qig g ' , 6, 4 1 5 223, 245. . . I 5,,,, 5115159149 1 AAI i 52525 226' 161, 245. ,I21 '1- DQETMARGARET: 22, 44, 163,, . 6, E,ARELLIA: 74, 75,159,197, GREG:161. I 230. 2, 223. ,. , . ,,, ,,,,, WETZEL, LCUIE PATRICK: 163. KEY,fLADALE:1 1 STFII WI-IATI.I5.Y,sI-IERI:163, 245, sIoNs,BARI3RA:f 6 15Q?5161,218, 228, 232. WI-IITE,CYNTHIA:163. NE,BYRON:159Q. I ,,SUITS,DANA:161. L WI-IITE,DONNA:163. , SWAIN,KAR5,N,MICHELLE:..1, 3NHITE,JEFFERY:163. , EIQR, CHARLES f Q159... , 55A,,, I I A,,,,3 313 , 3'11 WHITFIELD, EI1SVARD:5163. ffIN.?eIIBQBBY,,g3. ' f . WILDMAQL 230- I , 221 A,,,,,, ,,,, I 221 ':" . WILLIAMI IIIII AAAI - I - 'I II'II WILLQI. ,,,, WHA ISYIFA EI4: 1 III 'I' 15911122 , TER RELL, VIVIAN: 161. .., Jes, TIMOTI-IY: 160.552 I 1'31 6 ,,,, MAS, CATHY DIANA: 161. WISE, L RI,i?3 2.. ,,, .. . .... QREGQRYATWO A5 , A ,,Eg ,,..,,,,. MAS, LINDA JEANSL161. 1323 J NLHIQM AS BY5 161 55622 WOOFO A' 6 3 ZEEII .. I-12 : I 6 L 163' I Q I ,., .. . AA, A 1 1 511I WULFEI I ,.BELINDA1160. I65 55 I TERRY1 , f. : WRIGHT, CLARENCCETTODD: 163. ..,. f AAAAI. II5, ,.I1 51 1 :184,204,i1 I55 WRIGHT, MARKETTA: 163. 111 TONEIYIDARRYL2 2. WYATT, CINDY: 163. 245. . ::::,I3, WYATT, STEPHANIE sEI:IAI.E:163, A TOWNSEISI , ,,,, 222, 226. 162. .6 , : AIN, JUDY: 160. . 152- 322: 162, 196. TUC 50, 162, 51' - : if A 7 if , fIifQEilIisfT I ' 5 I -arg. I gf-- V Q LJ' ffgggrggk . , ,..,...,. A I Index 317 Around Campus -Y fab' if M .. fait 1113 f w l 1 H S .w ha M-"fx,h E ,kv 1, M, w H Autographs Q 1 I r ug..

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