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J' www Ny - X kq-5 ' 1 . 9 Ei 5 wf 'W NX Q 51 sz 5? X wi X 0520 590 4,. RWM Yang, NJ ,R X? U7 I fd JPL fu 'Q F X JW N W ' A RJ Jew 3? ' 1 C' X V W WACA 'J wig 595' A Q if X' mf 1 ,a L1 V , 0 5 i XX wx t I1 lv A Q 1 . 'DJ J rx I g A fu 2 M , 1 ,ff N ' , VJ il "W, ' ' X74-X J A SJ' ' f' 1 'J O 1 5 4 W J 34 Th 1960 Senior Class and Crucible Staff Salute The SPIRIT Ill We Salute... a salute to on a srra token o ara :tu e or hu uch a, nreclate fork mtn us the CQUCIBLE Stott ot 960 an tne Sensor Class ol 960 proudly dedxcate our annual to Mr J O Davie Wnth a true splrut ot leadershlp he IS a trlend to each and every student ln or outslde the classroom he IS always prepared wnth a yoke for any occasion Although hls wrt and easygolng manner are laked by all he us serious about the thlngs he considers lrnportant tor the good ot G H S As one ot the rttost outstandlna physics ard chefmstry teachers nn the state ot Alabana he has encouraged many students to seek Hgher educatuon In the held ot science lvlr Davue IS always wllllng to go out ot nts wav to help a slow student or prod an advanced one on to further knowledge A well educated 'nan Mr Davle holds a B S and V 9 degree tro the Unlversuty ot Alabaha Hts rnaqor IS Chernlstry and rnlnors are In rrath and physics He has had two su er fork on a Doctor s degree and has a Class A protesslonal Certztucate which auallftes hu tor o position as superlntendent prlnclpal or classroorn teacher For twenty one years he has taught hugh school classes Five of these have been spent at Gadsden Hnglo School Such thrngs as rnakung sure Sensor glrls have dates and corsages tor school occastons sponsortng field trips operating nas own detecttve agency for tracking down stolen plctures and glvlng students tree reign ot the lab tor various anl sundry 'natters are the true rreasure ot Mr Davne s close assoctatlon wuth has students As sponsor and founder ot the G H S chapter ot the National Junuor Acaderrv ot Sctence and sponsor ot the Ushers Club e nas shown 'us nnterest In extra currncular actsvutles These are only a few ot the reasons wrtv Vlr J O Dcvle has been selected to receive the aeducatnon ot thus our l96O CRUClBl.E Vlav trere always be such tune leaders In the held ot educatlon as we have lr lv'r Davie at Gadsden Haan School The Splut 0 ,F ., , I 4. y . M , , , ,. As . nl . .d . . , . d s . T.. C .' w , ,,' Ne, X ,J ' ' l ' X t - r l xJ . f ki Q n , . , , , t c o f . . ,. K y , u - . , . . . . t.c. rr . . . . , . . . . . mm S, X, - . rv I 1 1 ' ' ' . . t . . K , I A I ' ' ' ll ' I If , X1 I t t . . , , . . . . .I , . u, ,t , , . , . . . 1 I -l f l t U ' tt ' E. f l X - Leadership -Q... TI? "" Irlnr '- --, W. , f'I'fY"r-qv. mm --.. -mi IU!" ""' w- "'- -- M' TFT! 'WU vu rib Ill all H I fu ll' n In m u m Ill u nu m u nu m CAD DE HIGH ni Ill In Ill Ill 4 PA-,I A rousing Cry frorr We frueerirwg Secriorw as if Sburs The Tear' Orr, The Husr wbicr Fcffs over fre School as Trwe rrorrwirwg ievofiorw R-2 given, Q srrcfi group or smderwfs cr'ir'Wmedly plcwnirwg The prolw For 0 Toferwf srwow, 0 fe.-J Tears SLP? nf groiucfiorr in re"Q":rcrwCf3 31 'MQ .'.forwiQr5u' fires of QGf94erw HigH...TrweSe Ore symrofici 9' TMO Over-Tresenf SCLWOOf siirit we Gif Slam. T-L'rS3'1TCF!iJHl!f? Sfirif, G ?GrT of every STUfQVTT Grd F610-fw "PHY er C+ ffaisiew Migr' SCl'3fli, visimrs fini rework- cut fe. H is G szirif of co-orwermuorw, 3' 'Qvfwfrwf-r"QSQ, 35 raw, if 'ivirwi mf rocfiviwi Er in effort 'if ru,r!'i f1'Tff"Cli'TTCi'W G ieuhr QCWDOT. TNQ Qririr iid 'WOT MS' "1:'t'0'w. 1' .AAS CVF?flffx"f 5 're Linri ,nfl wwf? onfl r'Q3r1Q'r 35 iiufxrfr-P1 N'I5I'w'ffTfNOV'S mmf irwflvif 'QQ 501' 'Mm' ri QCL"D'f'T 44009 rw' axis? 'w'A, fir 'LO Off CC'Wv if "1 fi" 'C IVDVWC TT 'HO Wfrx'-yi-,"f'1"'cJ"ff0'f7.nSL'i? in Tr-EQ EW: 'wr'Ft"' ffxrknf iii 'L' 'NOS QQ, +'rr"r3'r M0 yeffrf, "Lie Q: wr," f AQ :mfr 'rf 5 'Oily if .Q vw :uf fw ' ,rv "fwvf:5-N in' C'I"1liCfl"'T f1r'S QF our QC' sq, Wm E41 -,Y Q, -. ,, W 4 .WJ . ,- 1 . I 7 ry 3':j4', " 'A 'fs QM' ALL, ffjxg. . ffagpgi fry, .fn 7, vfgif, l "', 4 1,33 ', . 2 Q 4 W r g k J J 1 a, aw ,Q .--"""'I"i I I 3 IJEN Tl lg liflib 95: 4- 07 .lr FEATURES ,....................,.... ..... P age E68 Sfudenrs lectured in fnis secrion were selecfed for Their nonors by Secular vore. They are odrnirezl by rneir fellow clcssmofes cs 'rlwe lenders Class Fovorlres. lf is considered quire U corn- Qlifnenr To be chosen for his "special" section of The annual. On fee :wages ol fnis section there is picferei 0 recre- senrefive group of Toe-nofcif G.lnl.S. stu- dents. if ,s 9 r x Y I I ' 1 N GATEWAY T0 'f tiwir' SON I ' ,,. X., ,, ,F mc., Wh. ., c'f gf Q 4 GDACUAT1ON .................. .,...... P age 256 ,L +ve or rriw"pf, Q Mme of 'eors... fe ef? if one 9? fre Mos? Y":fJr1nw1 :ericis of forms? eiucmiorw. Here fies Cl crossroads Erv Tre We of ecrce greduofe. fre :pure fies before FE'-. Ne.-,f ressorw- sE:,EfEf?es :vi iedslaws are his. Serious M3"effS..C0wgrQrgfmrofws..Sci :Cre.vefTs cs cd :Nevis :Crt fo go Meir eeiamfe THE TUBE -WL? ,QA ,- ,. Qggfr- M, ,SX . f:.1j1?:A: 4, ,Uiffxhf Lfffiahiiif ':I"v.f,W . ' 95 5' , Q - ,. ., A if Y 'fe-' 'R f ,Nj I5 l 5. +- lvqiy CURRICULUM MR. FRANK MARTIN ration MR. EG. LYTLE Chairman MRS. I-LC. WRIGHT si 3-Pi. MR. TB. DEAN MR. GEORGE vv. mom I 17 1 4, 4 fffzf' ,7 f,f ,,,4 if' ,nl v fn: 'x X r - ' Q ruff A1 JF S I V Xvvk + v 1 x 1 " A + lvl-fnr':fH I U ' L A, ,Q , 4, - n-, Q f ,r qvww-v"w' 4 ' ,, -Q f f r f f ' crwryraa , 1 1 L' 9-X 'x ,,v,1gm.' ' Q X n Q v , 4 vp. 'V r .war ' ag 1-4iTw?'5?w , , wgivia . M, ,T .,,. A,, ,,,, M aw-WM-1 ,, 7g32g?wff7gmfqw,w,V,,,., , ,,,, , I WQN, f 'WW MM 1. ,, , 1, r ,,v, , ,,,,HrW,,, If fz,,,,,iWA,,,y U V .5,?,2,,.Q,v , -,L x., WM ,. I V mm--.... L45 ,, A mf' gil, ,,,, f 'M W M , . , j 1 429 f M .f M, ,f. Lf: 4. , me 44? f HZ! My A, , F ' ww V V . " ,Af f ,,,,fm-3,4 If '21 ' - "' MM V- , N 4' ,R ,ff ' fu.,,m6"u.6K . ,, H . , " f WQW 4 " I V 'mph " ' Hwy- 4 , A s if Y W , si , Q 1' ,v , ' ' 5- ak I.: R ,. , , V , l I ' t 0 ,V fig. - iff yy, CADCLYW EELLFWGFP ., A it . .rs. :eenger was groa- aatea Fran 'Soucner Nnere sne recelved her AE. degree. She eniovs reading, eszeciaffv the 'ffl VCV! TWFS, c'assic 'fteratare-, and tneatre revieffs. H' :F-1: :iczijf . - . . ss 'f3"'l'C, i ,, - NC D ..,.,-.i - -eicfhe C iraisate GT -areas' Lociscca 5, . A C3 ..-As 'A' f. -:ei's emo, so eses. Ee is ine-restei " C it?" faritina. Mrs. Bellenger Miss Perkins E l ' h D t t LENA R. PENTECCST KATHEQINE SHAMELIN Mrs. Pentecost received her BS. degree at A popular new sophomore English teacher is Jacksonville State Teachers' College. Church Mrs. Sharnblin. She sponsors the Sophonore work is an important part ot her lite. She is also Class of GHS. and is a me'nber of the Twelfth interested in growing flowers. Street BUPHST Clwfcll- LA VERNE C. MARSHALL Although a newcomer to our staff, Mrs. Marshall has taken an active interest in student affairs. The evidence of this is her sponsoring of the Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Magnavox, and Sophomore Class. She received her BA. degree at the University ot Tennessee. Mrs. Pentecost Mrs. Marshall Mrs. Shamblin 47' Mr. Lamon EPNESTINE LEVI An American history teacher, Mrs. Levi is a graduate of Hunt- ingdon College where she received her A.B. degree. Her interests include reading, travel, and music. BOBERT L. LAMON Mr. Lamon is a graduate ot Peabody College where he was awarded his B.A. and M.A. de- grees. l-lis hobbies are reading, boating, water skiing, and gardening. UPPER LEFT: Mrs. Levi LOWER LEFT: Mrs. Schmitz Mrs. Luker VIPGINIA A. LUKE? Mrs. Lul4er is a graduate at the University oi Alabama where she received her B.S. degree. She sponsors the Junior Class and Beta Tri-l-li-Y. Her hobbies are bridge, travel, and civic aiiairs. MARY ELLEN SCHMITZ Mrs. Schmitz takes an active interest in student affairs and is co-sponsor of the lnter-Club Council and sponsor of the National l-lonor Society. She has a B.S. degree and attended Jack- sonville College and Auburn and Emory University. nderstandin World Progress Mrs. Luker's classroom is the perfect setting for studies in history, with maps lining the walls. Her pupils pause in their reading while she explains a paragraph to them. fNJ In the foreground is c proiec- tion machine which shows small writing, enlarged on the screen for the benefit of all students. Besides the conventional language courses, Mrs. Hill established an experi- mental Russian class this year. Habla Espanol Latine Dicitis ne CUBA GFNF HILL As co-chairman ol the Language Department, Mrs. lslillis interests 'vainly lie in this field. She sponsors the Quiil and Scroll and the Magnavox, She was graduated front Alabama College where she received her B.S. degree. TBUCIE BFNTLFY Mrs. Bentley is a graduate of Blue Mountain College. Her interests include reading, rnusic, sports, knitting, and watching television. This year she is a co-sponsor of the Inter-Club Council. She teaches French and Senior Fnglish. MAUBINE Wl-llllf Co-Chairman of the Language Department, Mrs. White, received her AB. degree from the University of Alabama. She finds her hobby, flowers, very enioyable and rewarding. Mrs. Hill Mrs. Bentley Mrs. White V c WR' QF! in uf' S-1 'mul , 'Uni Mx' Mr. Davis mixes a ferric compound for the benefit of interested chemistry students. The lab is always a busy place for the use of science enthusiasts. From Seeds to atellites UPPER: Mrs. Todd LOWER: Mrs. Leath STFLLA D. TODD JANFS O. DAVIF Mrs. Todd, Senior ClossSoonsor received her B.S. degree in Science at Jacksonville State College. She works diligently at every under- taking, in or out ot the classroom. For this, she was chosen Valentine Sweetheart lov the Class ot T960 lDA BELLE LEATH Mrs. Leath, Chairman ot the Eiology lfepartrnent, helped to organize the Junior Acadefnv ot Science. She attended Judson College and received ner A.B. de- gree at Shorter College. She is an active church worker and also eniovs chess and scrahlole. Mr. Davie 1 Chairrnan of the Science Depart- ment, Ur. Cavie is a graduate ot the University ot Alabama. l-le is the tounder ot the Junior Academy ot Science and its sponsor, also. he sponsors the Proiectionists, and Ushers Club. RUTH HAND WALKER Urs. Walker received her BS. degree at Jacksonville State Teach- ers College vvith graduate work at Fnory University. She eniovs all soorts, drafnatics, l3.T.A., church and civic activities, and her chil- dren. Mrs. Walker if rw. T7 Mrs. Briscoe Mr. Eldridge Vivr VQCYT. FFTCFCV TCSCTQV fiX.5'fC fl ne.-1 ?f1CiJrTy 'me-"E,er fri? fe':r ie Tre. Efxrvee 'S fu Sfricz :wf nel'- s'.'rS. Briscoe. Sie 505 mler art f1C'Eve 'ieff Yeccrwer of L-T'Je?,rf1 51 e e iv+eresTie Swiefwf Gtcfcire 'mi is eerwfxi C'?i'JD'f rer 9.5. 'feiree Fr' rr 1+ qc, OS j'J"iOV C921 frees SDOUSOF. -A1 'QI'G"f- Qgr'-fyxe S+QTQ CQVQQQ, Mgr ', ,reg Uwe ef Ei"nfn?L'9"'S9'?'LNQ'm 'OWQQ 'Cfffe semrwf: fini remffirw. C774 fiuiure Umlversify, She is Fl ffef- 4 CO"'e'f Giliifier 'O We "GTV Je3cr'We'1T. EULA E, EUNPQDS '.'rs. Fiirrrfers Gvewded .ikhicmo S-fg"'NA'Cf S- Fefplgeg Qeffeee ffrere sfe received fer 5.5. Nr. Wifricbe is cz grizluve O5 SGW mff fe Ueivereiw of I'-fahsrfa, where Fmmcisco Smfe foflege and We Urwiver- 559 ffQS G'NQfdQd Hg VMS, degree. This SYN 05 fC'i5OV'TiG- Siece WS 'YWQ OF wear ere use Crroser' for 'He ecsifiofw of "5N5'f"tf ?Q'V5CQ, 'Q FT? "'1:"C5'D5 "fi VH:1!'f,Tl"'C'? Cfvyife fefC'er" If Tee 5'W'f?VQ5T 5" NOVSQS, CWFFWQS, inf sfcvemie coffee' ssovsored bv Tee Scieefific nivvecerevs. A 'ewceer 05 Pffmnqkgff F3Cq-UQfgfff. Chg ,,Qg,Q0fpgn- -'U sud' verscfifify is OVNUYS C 'ff9:C0"W95 fired by The Senior Cass and selecfed W mem? er of mev Schoof STUFF. from fre lame 'weber of ecwirwees. -.4 . X-5 - 'KXX' .v , '- 'O s I. X , 07, N,.-- UPPER: Mrs. Barnes LOWER: Mrs. Bumpers Facts and F igures W M" V, f" 1'rv'A'wgf gqfy '.'rs. Eumsers 353.3-.fs 3ee're'rC :eswges emsrowdered cv ner sUdee+s. Seve 2' +ve ze-S+ iesfaes were fcfer cf ce cr' exrizff S:or- screi 'He Geisief Ar' 5SSeC'c"3r. Q a-'. Mrs. Woodward explains correct methods of operating the different types of business machines. Besides these skills, dress appearance, and manners are taught in Office Practice. Bells, Clocks, Typewriters MRS. DOROTHY R. WOODWARD An active faculty member, Mrs. Woodward, sponsors the Future Business Leaders of America, the Sophomore Class, and the CRUC- IBLE. Her interests include singing, sewing, decorating, and swimming. She holds a B.S. degree from and has done graduate work at Jacksonville State Col lege. Mrs . Woodward MARGARET W. CAMPBELL Mrs. Campbell is a new addition to the Gadsden l-ligh faculty. She received her l3.S. degree at Auburn University. l-ler church activ- ities play a major part in her lite, and her other interests include music and sports. One of her favorite expressions "time's up" is well known to many typing students. Mrs. Campbell ,Q as W.-amwewnxzfgs-u1fi - R, . N V T7 ...JL Here, advanced typing students receive specific instructions from Miss Turner. Commercial students, under her leadership, have made F.B.L.A. one of the most active organizations this year. 57 Identi Commercial Department GENERAL LOU MCDANIEL Mrs. McDaniel is a graduate of Snead Junior College, and Jacksonville State College, where she majored in Business Education. Music and religious activities are her primary interests. ELIZABETH R. LAMON Mrs. Lamon, a prominent member of our Commercial Department, received her B.S. degree at Jacksonville State College and her MA. at Reabody College. She is interested in sports and sewing. MARGARET ELLIOTT TURNER Elovvers, traveling, young people all these are main interests of Miss Turner. She received her AB. degree from Maryville College. She is chairman ot the Commercial Department and E.B.L.A. sponsor. Mrs. McDaniel Mrs. Lamon Miss Turner - Mrs. Hillhouse demonstrates to +e,, these future bomemakers correct cooking procedures. Girls enrolled in Home Economics not only learn to prepare meals, but also how to make their own clothes, and furnish a home. Perseverance Pays in Home Econo mics THELMA L. HILLHGUSE Mrs. l-lillbouse is an invaluable member ot tbe l-lame Economics Department. Sbe is inter- ested in nutrition, bomemalcing, interior decora- tion, and tbe electric organ. Sbe received ber A.B. degree at Huntingdon College. JOAN ANNETTF SUMMERS Miss Summers, after graduating from tbe Universitv of Alabama, came to Gadsden Higb to teacb tbe sewing classes. Sbe is interested Mrs. Hi llhouse in clotbing, swimming, foods, and boating, and sponsors tbe Alpba Tri-Hi-Y. KATE W. WATSON Our dietitian, Mrs. Watson, is a familiar figure in our scbool. Sbe attended college at Livingston State Teacbers College. Our new luncbroom, of wbicb slne is in cbarge, offers facilities for parties and gatberings as well as everyday meal. Miss Summers Mrs. Watson Y? Mr. Countryman Mrs. Schnabel Mr. Hand Music, Art, and Dramatics Add Culture DEWEY l.. COUNTRYMAN Our band has received many honors this year under the direction ot Mr. Countryman, our new band director. He is a graduate of Jacksonville State College and the University of Alabama and has a BS. degree and MA. degree in music. AUDREY SCHNABEL When Mrs. Schnabel was added to the faculty, the new Art and Dramatics Department was established. She reorganized the Thespian Society and also sponsors the Art Club, Dra- matics Club, and the Senior Class. EDSFL L. HAND Mr. Hand received his BS. degree at Howard College, 3.5. at Jacksonville State, and MA. at Peabody. He is the organizer of the Triad and Velvetone Choirs, and his interests include boating and swimming. In the music building, Mr. Hand directs the singing of his choral groups, in addition to teaching a class in Music Theory. Across the hall in the bandroom, Mr. Country- man holds bond sessions, while Mrs. Schnabel teaches art and dramatics in the main building's converted basement. The Aihletic Department is not all fun, bu? hours of insiruclion in precision maneuvers. Here Coach Newcome points out a few las!- minufe plays before an important basketball game. G.H.S. Hardwood akes Pou JERRY WATFGQD An ex-professional loofball player, Jerry Warlord is now bead of The Gadsden High coach- ing sfall. l-le ls a graduafe of The Universify ol Alabama, where be was an All-SEC loofboll star and also on The baseball Team. l-le also Teaches a class in World l-lisfory. FQEC C. NEWCOME Coach Newcome is an invaluable 'rverrber of The Gadsden High coaching stall. l-le received his 8.8. and MA. degrees at Auburn University. His hobbies are sports, ffwusic, gn, 1022, and reading. Coach Watford Coach Newcome Coach Lawns 2 N! DECA students receive instructions and helpful suggestions from Mrs. Smith. ln this and the D.O. Depart- ment, correct selling methods and ed on an even basis with more academic subjects. ccupational Courses Difversi y urriculum GLADYS SMITH Mrs. Smith was awarded her B.S. degree at Texas State College for Women. The history ot Gadsden, sewing, and steaks are of interest to her. The DECA Club has 'node much progress this year under her sponsorship. Mrs. Smith QICHARD COX SCHMITZ DO. sponsor, Mr. Schmitz, re- ceived his BS. degree at the Uni- versity of Alabama. He is a man of many interests--homecrafts, refinish- ing Furniture, flowergrowing, fishing, and square dancing. Mr. Schmitz personality developments are stress- What, me worry?" andid amera v' "ln the army we had to have good posture." -. u v , , , L5 'acl 3, W A fy, , 5 r 1 it Ef 1 ,."?"sg 1, fm, ' xg , grin , ,4- J Nw muff' I know I sl1ouldn't, but....' L Your beauty secret? Santa Claus visited all the faculty at the Christmas party. ,-. T1 'x -Q, t:Q swfgfgr Q 1 ,1- f", P , M 'X X im. 2151 A , xi ,fx 'x' ' 91 X 62 2. A C TI VI TIES Rush Are those boys really signing for sewing? ,. '1 1.49, , --- egi tration... !'D'1i".l','," I ln '.fC o" 'Q f. ,G Q -,..,.. Q A ff, -nas sf.5, f .. -is s' Q ' 1 CYD? HC "Q --1. QC' LQ i 9"t f 3 " if ,HMC :iff "ll '7f3VVf7S '3 :VL T 'fl 'f F" "?lCVf? VO. "M "rdf C 'iiief Ufiii' 'Nei ' Y fl 517' JM KC f Q r l fk'w C+ "fx f f rf Q "J QM Q sf '- fifm-. xc"-'Q K ' . ' :rm ,P K "f 3 Wilt Off :rfH::'i iff' , I if 1 jf f' fi f Ulf " lcty, C-fMJ'V'1l so ff-fu ffl TflCl'1'i. -X lim mir' r: ' 'f x-iff S--TFP Loy .www 57. A? 'En-self 1. A in Tino Qwxiffi fviifr' A' NO f0l1rCiX1'wig for Pifiojgv 'l, ff? Q Sogvincyr-'ure vit, i. Trifff My lifmf riff' iff it The - imsTmCTifwrwS of i "" fil'-ini" Sfxfilflf, MQ lrxtrifici ms' irc" Tho lioys' jljwr' fc Mn f"rX'r'iSTry lcilv--Sp:iriTS .vom whiz frrwff ,V Overyorwef lookfrf ':z"rv1'l .iq U .X ' . 'I I 3 .1: 'Q l To TI wonderful your. '.,N4M2w0H 4 fl Y A 3 You mean I m not in o homeroom?" "ls fhis where the Sophomores ore lisVed?" "Oh heck! I'm going home." Even reachers had their problems. Mrs. Bullock needed rhe helpful advice of Mr. Dobbs. ...Reactions iff Upperclossmen at lost! With this thought the Juniors excitedly filled their section in the auditorium. 1' 1.0 4 , al L. With the beginning ofthe 1959- 60 school year came the opening of the new lunchroom and music rooms. Interested students and visitors eagerly surveyed the beautiful addition at the south end of the school. Since the building was opened, it hos become a hub of activity, enjoyed by all Gadsden ,Aff iz" M High students and faculty. e fame eaped hgh as te Sennor blue devnl was tossed unto the bonflre by the cheerleaders and Coach Watford vs! A Nl' 'QI I W yo- ini. Smcerlt , portsman Cheerleaders sold Go Team Go rockets to promote school spnrnt Tiger band played as those Senior Saints went marching in. Fa was t e season for pep ralnes, hand Trlps and general aood Turnes Classes seerned harder but evervone worked diligently To rrake gbad grades and 'wave tlrne for extra currlcalar actlvrtmes Cla rneetlngs began and evervanp got acau mtea wt evervane else T wr Week saonsarea 'W the Student Calm hraaaht U afw cnanaes wr 5 e C ' e oars fo avs, Carrlea their hoofas and land Tne se ves rafe att e en al 'fne N694 l . . . .. .. plrlt BUT GH In all everyone enloyed This change ln The rouT1ne Sprr1Ts were hngh Ground G H S The enThus :Gsm of all sTudenTs OT The games ond pep rallies The glnx days sponsored by The cheerleaders ond rousing folks by The coaches Mr Counfry mon ond Mr Dovus spurred The Teorn on The resuIT was one of The most successful foofholl Seasons In every reSpeCT On one 'mx day everyone wore Two different kind of shoes The wmnlng Jumor blue devnl hung Tom Dooley sfyle from the rafters In the gym mournfully surveymg The excited Tiger fans "Tigers' fecm's got rhythm.. Sensors, Salesmanshlp . . A word from Sssfer Todd Almost To The Top' f A 'l nd cr' h s wsnnsng homeroom ' K r MAPX-WINE CAUPAIGN AgasnsT all odds snclodsng o sTee sTrsl4e fnsc Crsppled Gadsden The Sensor Foss OT l96O Topped The all Tsme fnagozsne sales of Cadsden Hsgh School The Tsnal Tosol was 11176161 All The Sensors Norlced dslsgenT'y To make Thss The lJesT magazsne Composgn To rosse money for The Cl?UClBLlf ThaT Gadsden has ever seen Leadsng The Sensors To vscTosy were Mrs Todd Mr Wsndy I-Xmss The class oflscers and magazsne capTasns Mr l-land s homeroom sold nearly S3 OOO Joanne Levs was Top sales mon wsTh Anne Ford and Dsonne Dobbs Close behsnd Top salesmen were gsven cash prszes Candy senT from Mr Amss l-loTs off To The l96O Sensors for Thesr soc Cessfal 'nagozsne Compasgnl C Q 0 Q . f C 3 U L 1 s ' . . . , . , -- s f TJ ' h ' --T ' ol S I . D I V l. V .. I and every Senior's eTTorTs were rewarded with w . . ' ll 1 l . iz:- 1551 X 5- T E ' ,, lm - I s . I N 0 T, V ,M -1 ix. 'r.'n li " , is I N A. il' . . Success Joanne Lev: and Anne Ford receive Top salesmen awards from Mrs Woodward sponsor of the 1960 CRUCIBLE 'sf -2' The S100 Club All those who reached S100 or more In fheur magazine sales T7 T7 LS MAGAZINE CAPTAINS Two people from each Senuor homeroom were chosen fo be IN charge of the sale of magazmes for each homeroom Those puctured are Barbara Carlron Joanne Lev: Lynda Hand Lando Holman Linda Hall Jimmy Cahoon Ronald Cox Wayne Clot felrer Glenna Wharton Nancy Abercrombue Bobby Rogers Gary Tucker Alnce Bunce o plctured Blly Joe Allis Dlanne Dobbs Otherl Wallace David Clark I I O I I I I I O O O 0 O I I O O 7 ' I ' 9 3 'dry f I . 5 ,, -, S lim ,'. ie '.. C? I 9 . so , a L fs! L2 -f E- I' vc' ' ' . : I .I f I I I I I .. A I I - f lg Q - V . , ', I I . . D N Y ' 2 i ' on, ' V I I D ' . I K . Johnny Mac King, Babs Osborn, Jack Nelson, Polly Cushen, Ray Gresham. -' Cheerleaders Butch Kennamer, Carolyn Lowe, Jan Lowi, Jo Richards, Barry Berman. Hard Work , ullabaloo ..... 1- , N If A A ii r S MR. AND MISS D.O. Virginia Martin and Tommy Sizemore MR. AND MISS D.E.C.A Pat McCurdy and Donald Clough Queen Lynda is crowned by Mr. Dobbs. F.T.A.-F.B.L.A. float, first in club competition. . .Homecoming Magnavox staff at work 1' Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y members built a Y.M.C.A. ,. . ,A -v' 3 ' vQ r . DR. NOLAN-- The band's best booster in a week. Homecoming royalty and escorts. Senior Float Captures Spotlight Wins First Place Nha D.D.T. Jackets!" From beginning I ...... fo and. 44 1 9, fe Q, , f'1,,, ,ff if 75333,-v mV Senator John Sparkman, Alabama Junior-Senator in the United States Senate. -rv- Dr. Denson N. Franklin, Pastor of the First Method- ist Church. 4 Attention , : ...A Marlon Albright, President of the Student Council, served as announcer of special assemblies. pn, 5 Below are Fred Cooper, President ofthe National Honor Society, The Honorable Albert Rains, Alabama Congressman in the House of Representatives, F.T. emblies ..... . lause Gadsden High School is TorTunaTe each year in having ouTsTanding speakers corne and Talk To The STU- denf body. Their Topics vary from poliTics To pans and are enioyable and educaTional TO everyone who has The opporTuniTy To hear Thern. We are mosT graTeful To These busy rnen who Take Time To come and speak To us. We feel honored and privileged To have Therre. This year's special assemblies included The follow- ing well-known speakers: SenaTor John Sparkman, Dr. Denson Franklin, The Honorable All:-erT Rains, Qeverend .lon AppleTon, and Dr. Grady Wilson. Jon Appleton, Associate Pastor of the First Baptist Church. Dobbs Principal of Gadsden High School, and l.J. Browder Superintendent of the Gadsden City Schools. Mr Rains presented an inspiring talk to the students. aff" l47l Grady Wilson Assistant to the great evangelist Billy Graham President Marlon Al- bright and Vice President Sharon Littleton steal a quick dance before the lead-out. ll. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner chaperones for the evening. ' , door as students entered the auditorium. Jo Richards, Treas- urer of the Student Coun- cil, and Kenny Robertson. Rh thm , Mrs. Warner, Student Council sponsor collected tickets at the One of The year's 'nosT TesTive occasions was The Valentine Dance sponsored by The STudenT Council. The red and whiTe decoraTions and dimmed lighTs lenT ro- rr'anTic aTmosphere To The dance. Presented in The lead-ouT were The members of The STudenT Council and Their daTes. ln The center of The sTage was a large saTin-covered hearT Through which The girls in The lead-ouT stepped To meet Their escorTs. lnlarris Langford served as masTer oT ceremonies. ATTer such a successful evening, The STudenT Coun- cil has decided To make This an annual affair. Jane Duke, Student Council secretary, and Gus Hagedorn dance happily, interrupted only by Benny's camera. Regalia . .Romance Beneath flashing lights and beautiful decorations, gay couples danced to the fine music provided by the Kingsmen Orchestra. Cupids, Candy l W1 'SA ." ,,,-4.,, ,,-AVNX Q- v . . . . . . . . . . . . Congratulations Ves, coogrotufotioos to +'eVoie"tir1e Sweefheorts of 1962, 't'rs. f'e"o Todd ood '.'r. JP. fovls, ffho .were owe' his 'ooor by foe Senior floss For their ooeouofed oeoicotioo. 'fveir efFor+s move sourred toe Seoiors on in Weir every Qroiect ood oC'ivE'y. Toe 'Fefe oi toe Vofeotioe orogrom wos "Leos Yeor". Kathie Simon ond her :o""i++ee did oo excelled? io: oo this :roorcm ffoico is or oofwof event. Tfe girls Worried, eooooed, Liooed, ooo Qoiog ste-ody were :reseoted ood foeo the boys going steody. Next, Nose oiris who wished to oo steody for o doy with o senior Loy presented them with boxes of Goody. Soioists on the progrorri were lfloncy Abercrombie ond ilorwcy Noripero. Butch Keririorrer nos Wioster of Cere- monies. Tommy Presley was the "Man of the Hour," with Joanne Levi, Pam Goss, Sally Burns, and Joanie Dickson all going steady for a day with him. 1 The Valentine page girl, Kim. Our sweethearts are crowned by the Senior Class officers Johnny Broolces,Milze Nichols, Glenna Whorton, and Diana Roscoe. The stage was set in the form of a full- length calendar of February. On the left are those Senior girls pinned, engaged, or married. On the right are the Senior girls going steady. S ophomore UTCBID' upr . we - - - Vg. - -f-5 - Q- r, f-1 v , , . ,, , ffh,O,3,2f.n no CW.,-,,fr,, ,ack J , e. .. , , ri CO: 1 NGUGYT QCP .uw rf I 1 ' '.'.'1:Ef." Y' L ifff:'E " Q ' 'JD 'I .'.f'C' f Cir :grf-" 1 Q 5' " +' Q 3 iftr- 1 'K ' YVWYVWFU R ie f 'fe Cite iwcicmi ' -' ' ' .P vi: iCfS. W" C .-.69 T 'ri ff' C' 2 - , - ., C -, f A . W J , rl-ff . ,CJOWJHQ rr, . 9' f , ,. , . . Q . mr 'MQ' friivcfzt' Around a natnve hu? ....wuth a wntch doctor You're Just In Love" Tropical girls dance barefoot. Technique!?? Margaret af the keyboard C? "Thai old block mdglc.." 1 Smooth singing Sophomores I 5? I Four pianos and three guitars Senior how Sparkles S lvndidl Set in o sidewalk cafe on Bourbon Street, The Senior Talent Snow decided soroe of tne fnings observed sy The foot- eoll Teon' during their Trip To New Orleans. The theme "Bourbon Street" nos successfully carried out in oli The ocfs. The ofrfosonere, wnicn only visit- ors to New Crieons con understand, wcs :resent fnroognoot 'ine production. Tris .vos Truly G snon thot wifi ionq live in fne neorts oi Tne i960 Seniors. Sophisticated singers . , Q ' he x visitors r. ,, . ,. .1 V . ' A ' - Q ' I A ,. X ws - . L, ' ,.- -V' - 1. 1, . .. f is -- s f ern jazz with a New Orleans beat Sidewalk artist sketched .ff 1 , 1 X L 0 1 3 1 .af -TV' 1 4- WSQRU' I . Q Lx WI, ' M' fl Q., 'Q V A 5 1 ff:M A Q' 5 .un lin Pi . , T 'oi A C' ls ' im." 3: fh- ,v :IM aww .9 Kev .,, ' 5, 1 Q55 as ,K Q J' 6 'V A ' 3,1 if Q hi -xg iQ -si! ' , hal 44 -.Q 'Q :fr - my H , , f , . , I fe 5 'L 1. 5 3 n mg your po pring Brings S ecial Speakers Q-. Reverend Jerry Monroe, mis Qur student-aarricizafion assemblies are suaale- sionqfy fo fh, lndiqns in fhe 500111 'seared Tnroughouf fre year mfr. quest speakers. Tre wgsf, ideas lelf with us by faese lecturers are often insnirihg and helpful for sfudems and Teachers alike. Ne are always proud To have These asserfblies C1TGCldSd6r'1 High School, Rang Armond, guest of the French classes and Mrs. Bentley, his hostess. ,70 ...J 11 Dr. Amos Boren, famous Methodisf minister and leciurer, is shown here wifh the Hi and Tri-Hi-Y presidents, Barry Loveman, Dianne Dobbs, Kathie Simon, and Ted Jones Q7 Basses, Hustle ............ Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y delegates to Youth Legislature in Montgomery. At this annual legislative session, the youthful Congress- men sit in the Senate and House ofRepresen- tatives, vote on bills, and elect state officials. gsilfag :H , 164- nf The G.H.S. band in Montgomery when they toured the capitol. The band played for halt-time shows in Auburn and at the Gator Bowl, in addition to the Gadsden High games. 'Loc MAGNAVOX and CRUCIBLE staff members who attended the AHSPA Journalism Clinic. Shown with them are Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Woodward, sponsors of the two school publications. The two-day training period helps further interest in writing among high school journalists throughout Alabama. Q :- 4 If .gg-nurv1'1"f"'f"T"' -2.-J-"" FE El ...............Blast. , v- -rj My-W N' - re - Q, Debate team delegates to the Forensic Tournament and their sponsor, Mrs.Schnabel. These young speakers participated in various contests in after-dinner speaking, poetry reading, and debate. Tiger football team en route to the Sugar Bowl. The trip, which was given to the boys, was said to be "fabulous" by everyone who went. 1 it rv Physics students and their teacher, Mr Eldridge who visited an atomic display at Fort McClellan. They were shown exhibits on modern warfare and given a tour of the base. Trial, Tricks. .... ..... . . Jane Brown had committed a serious offense--stating that she desired to date one, Barry Loveman, while he was going steady with one, Babs Osborne. She was given a iust punishment by the iury. Beatnik Judge Larry Cotney calls the court to order. An ever-serious iury, composed of iustice-loving Senior boys, salutes the Honorable Lawrence Clyde Cotney, Judge of the Day. The purpose of the occasion is to bring to justice those girls who have received subpoenas for violation of the twirp fThe Woman Is Required to Payj laws. Marlon Albright, President of the Student Council, welcomes all spectators to the annual Twirp Court. I-581 .............Twirp Court The decision was a difficult one, needing much deliberation on the part ofthe iury, but a verdict was finally reached .... GUILTY! Teachers were also subpoenaed.Mrs. Bentley was sentenced to sing a French song, while Mrs. SchnabeI's punishment was a feat of iumping rope. This iust goes to show...Crime doesn't pay! 51-Ufrz 2 ,Q v .-5 l aug -5 . q lv- 'E Ya I lor Crown . . ow so G event o Tw Veer 'me FOFOVWGTVO QCII Noe one of Tre nv Q cf-ver P 14 rw w ec G so , W fu we row Gueq of Q kv ' re-QQQQ pregewfp IS mx f Vmg 9+f2-Nav oCO.Q QVC Q H 'f'voru+DQ Jan www O P"C AVI C . J'e W F Q 'wp PMWCQOSCQD ' V , JU Q CVD ,VOVNPQ fw ' ,- . 'VN ,. .1 - X i , ., . . 5 ' s J C0 . . Q . . ' ' . . . The , uf f X , W x, 'F g,.',' . " '1 Pen 'Milf , , . iw' T ,Vi ' FT iftcivircm ffm +P, ,rf ' N T"- F1 o.2+eS' if x.---.' m -5 +0 5? frz"'if1" ess J , - xl 'L F .L kedor ,N LCM, Q' fl- Mini, 35,5 fvicr Q, ., ,L ,, ani ETZVYSVC F? ia. -ofg Jljngfif iw, WAS: fcrje fgke, KUF, Taxis ' F- Vlcmrfjnr, Q. gff-Af, mmf nfiy fiifg fgryr N FH ',,Wg ,Vary NQVQ Qov ffifipw, Sbeifd Frxujiffnq Lnvfy Vljgi, :if gsm: H42-rrimi. Tw? Kings- ' "fm .1 NRG '.iC"m3C, Jo P1-. E X , Ciprxwfl Tux, Ji WN 3 "X ., mf - fbi xlzfrwwk. '.'1Q1C For "' Ov f '- f.iQ T. Qf 5 fx "P ffituvrz fm TH :ri TO 'Hz if 'Per "Ona .-, Q "W r Lrmfftfri. 'V' ff .w ' f, '." ,F V Cf' fr- , s .. TK C'LS+" Sri' ?'f1g'wf- wir! wr ii Y'ff Qff' ,, X251 't f 1 fn' t' 4' 1 ' 1. 1' VO Z E' ,.,,irf1Cffi"i '71 rf: 'W TCP wc' "Ox 3 ,fini :V "W -'-Y: '1.T"'.S ':.'iC:iQE5f,1.r:R D'1"'.5f 1 n T1 . Sensor Beau y Jannce Green, es or. by Klngsm an Ronald Cox HOU' 1 ' VOOKPQ Q VVXIVW4 VOVIFO QVXV 0 QQ Q f Q OLJTPQ 1 Q V 'N fm '1 c i601 'W 'Y' VOQKPS Gm I '-'D XQQ I VDOVW P rfa 'rfyyo H9 vor' I for 'U E3 Sophomore beauty Cathy Souls escorted by Duane Muller Junior beauty wnth her escort Km9Sm'-'-'V' -l'm"nY Brookes Kmgsman Make Nichols . . Coronation all SIC sa! wwe Gadsden Hugh royalty and court attendants l 61 l O C fr- ' . - l I 11? X - 2 , ,- ' ' 0 C C To wg ' , ,tp X J 7-swf Ni X X lf ,,-.3 --'Q Q 4 M ' Q P- ., I Y X , 4 33 ,, A , 4"l .F L f , O 53.-Q . ' ' ' .. ., 1 15 ,4 ' ' if N 1 , N g f .K X 4 fl - - a S fx V . , L Q , , x X l f 'Q 5 J M,-1 W , .,-1""A"a e5l vm , , JM! 3453, who can Exlwousted CRUCIBLE Staff--iusf Qoo ne the onw O fired fo enioy the fesfivifies. Bfook I N M H' KC . UXNU X XYU5. look C 11 . vu Ssnlof beau n R0 'elgn . cues . 51e"" NON' noiosen by KmQ sh' ls A pretty girl is like a melody. Th junk' Glfty, NN- "Sl1e's ihe one Pc? Boone selec9ed." l 62 l Silliness, Sophistica i do 21, d W o ig IIA a an QI, .H I ,r f d I' , gn: K Kids of the "good old days" "OUCHl" Kidd ie Day d,.1'12 I 255 1 IA' . 4 i w -wif 56 .S ,.. 4,3 , P- ww ' 1 ion. . . . . . Senior Week t, O FH Hillbilly-Western Da We all wore our best duds today 'cause we knowed " oo the picture-takin' man was a comin'. '46 f lf. , Hollywood Da "But da-a-ling we mus1 hurry to make our theater date." wh !u oo o M51 'T I 1' we il ,, y W 'X ,yvmfg gif., ,f.n,t2,,,.,w 4 JH "' 1' 51, sf Mg., A, ,5 ,Q - . A f ' ' 'f N' 9 Q vigk' ' xg ' ,M A, ,C ...avid ,gg Q, ,s: in 'Af M 4 2, . A an MTM-",z. ag A ax A , . h . v v f 4 hwy. ' - .W ,sq ,MH ,., P' A ,, , ,4 A , L " . ore Mirth, Merr ma w-' f "They went thafawayf' Secret A mbition Day ng ..... Madness VG ff I , , J MM. , .J Ode to c burns candle Beatmk Day lil-"' ophistication, ad Seniors tous? the "greo1 class of 1960" at the Senior Banquet Senior homeroom teachers Qi ll Mr. Dobbs receives portrait from the Seniors. "We'll remember alwuys...' U5 Valedicioricn and Soluiatcricn we Xi: 5 . 1, la X SSO!!! . .Senior iq! Honor Assembly Merit Certificate Awardees 9 y,L'7l8 , -1 Q 4 end and c beginning. wx 'WN I ' 'VI Q.. 111. ,vt aug, ., 1 Q 1 'v,im,:a 3 v ! "1 ' Vvzywv L- . Y I 1-' 'fu 'u'v Graduahon nigh? This was C.H.S The setting in 1960... spirit... if floats... the football team capiains and coach fha? defeated Efawah... Friends , Fo ndness ....... Ya lent sho s different parts we've played exciiing moments e fons... I 72 1 ,axurf fp .2 L - uv SCHOO 1555! H'GH,4ifQ' .............Farewell 1' I I 3, , Q , 1 Q K Q v. Coronation... Iasfing impressions of G.H.S... All the ioys,fears, inspirations, and hopes...a look across the sea of time into what the future may bring. Pnlsncr-41 J s., OOO l741 111'..-v-""' ORGANIZA TIO X1 Kaie Stringer, Editor 1' 75' ,V-. 415 -Ei 1 4 .gi V 'iff' 2 1 'F' m' ., Q V 'H X lab r Kathie Simon and Harris Langford, Sparfs Ediiors v 1 .Q6, f--,if-Q' r Q CCW: 'fz ff? fninf-'H ping MMC CCY-, . - Gr 0' iq- i' "O The 'T sf' S','if" :Ci nfs 'if F.. ff.q4, 4' is f? .Dir " 16' J- Q.-.., Q H, V.-,C -sq . - In -, ,,,' UQ ,-,:,,,-,,2f. ff- ff f-H f i ,r 'sf 'nf' Q jQQr'.'-' r i-H Mk' A UL? Q ffwo. 'ire " fr' fe ir "O -56' frii fifgr ,,, R . risq .-,. . ,,.,.,,:sq 1 -wr Crucible svls Record in old and -A-T TON 'wiViiJi0Q 'wi Tirve OVPW ifiw, 'nom sm rgsi sm si "Q rfcjr 'zwxpfnys '3 enjy, "Hr :i"erf3oa, rp' 'Q ine CHUUQQF Sicx, .-.or-f 'sis 31-57 rein? i ve 3'i six f7'7iUC' fini " 0" sif' ":ri cf .mr-'. few. SM. :evifs fire Over Msn? iii 'inifirii T"n"9QiV9S Soief .wi ' api tae scHCvo,...:p,T Tris sffvfl Sfruqjes To 'ze' E'...eS:eCfmifg, mi" ieai- iiaes only C le.-,"1,'s fifer 'Zi fs sit, 1 TQTFQ-...'1:'ar "H fnflif 'C ffx .' err Q ' rf res if 1' A ' secfif nf H." ff VO" " in Cjnflfff If S'ff9'T "arf if "S fe in sdio. C'i sims 'is' foe IV 1':iu+.,re ::'e'f'a: :O are is' is We sfeis on 3"f3 " Q Cf3"N'LJniTy. rf." i'i"'9I,9iVX'I,'if.'19V9", raise are Tre frir-is 'eff' :are informs' 'X "inv- Elaine Lenderman, Business Manager 1960-615 Anna Harfbarger John Keeling, Photographer and Barbara Schaefer, Arfisi Editor 1960-61, Bill Basenberg, Business Manager '60-61. 64 Q gg s: 24,.iM SX r R Sf " bo - 'f A P .E '1 'F - 1 C7 -x ,..,- Y.- Sandra Malone, Club Editor and Barbara Carl?on, Liferary Editor Num ber 0 Ads and Annuals Length of Book fnese ire 'ee rigefignfs in one yenr of Ns life UT sc'-acl--feirmgs feat confriime To 'is yyslcgal, Mental erforional soirifual ard soon! develoo- , , , New cet iremd 'fany Wings go Iwo Tne 'owing Qi on annual ...breaking locks on do0r5...ffGveliei Fm" one ,J Af "lf-.ff ,J om +L -we F ,,.J?,1,1 H J,- en, . .,..s,ea l., , e , QV ..., erQ,,.,f , .Hn- fey 'C oe 3f:bTogeniC...CrGSrlnQ pcrTles...e'Cklng 'ee Q., , iicwre G 'legen fi"es...3ieefifyinfg ins? 'ares im ffeefS...s::'if-Seem: :F Qld annum Making endless felerfene Cells... 3 'Ab- as fi-4 ,J 1 A Lynda Hand and Cookie Davis, Typisfs f Q3 cc. ec' irons for ricmres..Jnferwemni ne,-, swf: "'ee':,ers...:omfmg vofesmgc 'gre Pfenrgfs ,. every 'lcw...reCover1nC :CST riCfUreQ...ffenierinf: I " fl Tr sae? fwweslifee 'remfe was ,-.3r'V f and 'mmyKno.wif1Qlfielinifelyis Dianne Dobbs and Mark Kelley, Business Managers ws.. 1+-J x ,lf I ' ' L ,mm YU ' x M.,-ff' ' ,fbi-7" iw 1 Non 4 N x Mrs. Doroihy Woodward, Sponsor ln fr r O 5 1- , ,xxx Q 'Q jf, W , ' 3 i 43 NN ,,,, .u ti?-i f if K: 4AAI'gkA A X -...uh ,K y, ,-5 K nf? LEFT: Officers of the National Honor Society: President, Fred Ccoper,Vice Presi- dent, Julie Hoffman, Secretary, Joanie Dick- son, Treasurer, Morgan Looney, Chaplain, Frances Hindsman. The sponsor is Mrs. Mary Ellen Schmitz. LOWER LEFT: Who are the deserving people? The members of the National Honor Society are selected from semesters Vl, Vll, and VIII, and are chosen by a code ot scholar- ship, leadership, service, and character. Membership is limited to tive per cent of the iunior class and titteen per cent of the senior class. The Philomatic Chapter at Gadsden High School has had as its project this year the organization ot the Inter-Club Council. lt is believed that this council will set higher standards tor school clubs. To be a member of the National I-lonor Society is the highest scholastic honor a student in high school may attain. National Honor Society Recognizes Outstanding Students OLD MEMBERS: Joanie Dickson, Joanne Levi, Jan Lowi, Frances Hindsman, John Keeling, Dianne Dobbs, Morgan Looney, Julie Hoffman, Steven Harwood, Kate Stringer, Fred Cooper, Diane Meagher. NEW MEM- BERS: Nancy Abercrombie, Lon Atkins, Rea Bennett, Larry Booker, Emory Bryant, Margaret Burnett, Sally Burns, Barbara Carlton, Sandra Carter, Jane Duke, Ann Ford, Mary Gibbs, Linda Hand, Evelyn Keith, Mark Kelley, Harris Langford, Sharon Littleton, Sandra Malone, Bill Meneray, Jimmy Milner, Mike Nichols, Judy Nabors, Tommy Presley, Sara Lou Redman, Kathie Simon, Beverly Shamblin, Pat Tudor, Kenneth Adams, Martha Blackshear, Jane Brown, David Carnes, Bobby Clotfelter, Kathie Dobbs, Bill Garner, Virginia George, Anna Hartbarger, Jane Lasseter, Elaine Lenderman, Joanna Looney, Betty Lowi, Dianne Miller, Mary Margaret Page, Genie Patterson, Walter Saxon. RIGHT: Officers of the Quill and Scroll are Barbara Carlton, President, Kate Stringer, Vice President, Joanne Levi, Secretary, Sally Burns, Treasurer, Mark Kelley, Chap- lain, and Kathie Simon, Reporter. The Society has a very capable sponsor, Mrs. Dora Jean Hill. LOWER RIGHT: Kate Stringer is choosing the new editor of the CRUCIBLE, Anna Hartbarger. Quill and Scroll is the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. in the Sarah Elizabeth Mason Chapter at Gadsden High School, membership is a distinct honor and is reserved tor those outstanding MAGNAVOX and CRUCIBLE Stott members who meet the basic requirements established by the Society. Candidates for Quill and Scroll membership must have demonstrated fully to the satisfaction of their staff advisor, the board at publications, or the school principal that they merit the award through high scholarship, journalistic achievement, and service. Quill and Scroll Recognizes Deserving ,lo urnalists OLD MEMBERS: Sally Burns, Barbara Carlton, Dianne Dobbs, Jane Duke, Ted Jones, Mark Kelley, Joanne Levi, Diana Roscoe, Kathie Simon, Kate Stringer, Mike Williams. NEW MEMBERS: Sandra Carter, Cookie Davis, Joanie Dickson, Anne Ford, Lynda Hand, Stewart Jacobs, Harris Langford, Jan Lowi, Sandra Ma- lone, Jo Richards, Barbara Robertson, Barbara Schaefer, Beverly Shamblin, Bill Basenberg, Margaret Bloch Joy Bridges, Jane Brown, Robert Gamble, Judy Gordon, Ann Hamilton, Anna Hartbarger, Elaine Lenderman, Joanna Looney, Bettie Lowi, Laura Jean Lyda, Mary Margaret Page, Genie Patterson, Nancy Rogers. I G31 Members of the Student Council are Charlotte Beard, Judy Benford, Vicki Breeden, Sandra Carter, Lee Chestnut, David Crain, Parker Doss, G.T. Evatt, Ellis Fancher, Justin Franklin, Linda Garmon, Mary Gibbs, Jane Gramling, Ferris Hall, Julie Hoffman, Connie Jones, Kay King, Joanne Levi, Janice Lyda, Wayne McCluney, Mary Moon, Pat Morgan, Mike Nipper, Joppy Owens, Ray Pierson, Woody Roberts, Nikki Schreii, James Simmons, Robert Taylor, Pat Thompson, Virginia Thompson, Joel Turner, Deanna Williams, Bernice Yates, Merle Young, Bobby Clotfelter, Judy Barnes, Marlon Albright, Sharon Littleton, Jane Duke, Jo Richards, and Laura Jean Lyda. The Sponsor is Mrs. Josephine Warner. Student Council, The Representative The Student Council is an important link between faculty and students, in- creasing co-operation between the two. It promotes and encourages student acti- vities, schedules assembly programs, and sponsors the student handbook. Membership of the Student Council consists of its officers, an elected repre- sentative from each homeroom, and the respective officers ofthe three classes. This year the Alabama Association of Student Council's Convention was held in Gadsden. Gadsden has also served as secretary of the A.A.S.C. for the past year. 3:5 1. , . yin .tx LEFT: Officers are Marlon K Albright, president, Sharon Littleton, vice president, Jane Duke, secretary, Jo Richards, treasurer, Joy Huckaby and Laura Jean Lydo, reporters, Mrs. Warn- er, Sponsor. RIGHT: The students will 1-3 never forget the untiring efforts of Mrs. Warner. She is pictured here with her husband, Mr. Jack Warner. l80l On April 28, 1960, The TwelTTh annual Student Council Convention got underway in Gadsden, Alabama. The Govemment of G.H.S. sTudenTs of Gadsden High School and The ciTizens oT this Town were very cooperaTive in housing and TransporTing The five hundred delegates. These dele- gaTes were represenTing over one hun- dred high school and junior high schools in the sTaTe. The convenTion seemed To have been a great success and the hospiTaliTy was appreciaTed by everyone. -Josephine Warner fr UPPER LEFT: The Valentine Dance was a great success under the sponsorship of the Student Council. UPPER RIGHT: Marlon Albright, president, introduces each distinguished guest that speaks in assembly. LOWER RIGHT: The G.H.S. Student Council was the host to the State A.A.S.C. LOWER LEFT: Weary float committee mem- bers sit on their masterpiece. Q1-1 QIOO: ie , The members of the Frank Cottle Hi-Y are Ted Jones, Billy McDaniel, Jim Farley, Robert Gamble, Ar-Hi Cross, Fred Cooper, Charles Robinson, Mike Hughes, Barry Berman, Kenneth Adams, Larry Cotney, James Fischer, Stewart Jacobs, Kent Keasler, Jimmy Milner, Mark Kelley, Billy Joe Allison, Johnny Jones, Herman Cobb, Lamar Stott, Frank Pruett, Sonny Rozelle, Tommy Patterson, Larry Gramling, Larry Bedding- field. Hi-Y's send Delegates to The Hi-Y is o bronoi' oi the Yoon: Ven'S Cnristicn Association. Ir orier to LG in the Hi-Y, tom' 'rust be in Good stondini .nitf Students ond I fftv 'ASSQSSG iood Ciorooter and o nior rnorol gtcnoinj, ond 'rust be fossinz oil work. n 'femoers ore Cnosen fro' 'He Junior ond Senior Masses. ,n Qodsden Hi-Y ras Sronsorei mom' ,Norto- vt ite nroiects' Urnon' these o Vow' ir the home- comtn: oorooe, Tnonksiavani :duets :no :ro- qrofrs, reading oevotionol over 'ne iublio ocdress I llwlv ' Q UPPER LEFT: Ted peps l 2 up me ENERGETIC mem. bers ofthe Hi-Y. LOWER LEFT: Larry Cot- , ney receives Clerk of the ' House of Representatives at Youth Legislature from Ted Jones. RIGHT: Officers of the Frank Cottle Hi-Y are Ted Jones, President, fBilIy McDaniel, Vice President, Not Picturedt Kent Keas- ler, Secretary, Larry Cot- ney, Treasurer, Charles Robinson, Chaplain. UPPER RIGHT: The ms- Gnnsneu Hpvunwce En. ferpiece of the Hi-Y was The homecoming float. LOWER RIGHT: Officers of The J.R. Davis Hi-Y are Barry Loveman, Presidenig Ronald Cox, Vice Presi- denfj Johnny Brookes, Secretary, Tommy Carr, Treasurer, Wayne Cloffelf- er, Chaplain. The faithful sponsor is Mr. J.R. Davis. en' ,nassaui Z -nil? Youth Legislature sysferh, and sendina deleaaTes To Youfh Lea- islafure. lf is easy To see why The Hi-Y is one of The leading clubs in school. The Frank Collie Hi-Y is named in rremory of Frank Marion Coffle, lll, former sTudenT of Gadsden Hiah School who was oufsfandina in school act- iviTies. The J.R. Davis Hi-Y is named for iTs faithful soonsor, J.R. Davis. The members of the J.R. Davis Hi-Y are Larry Busby, Barry Loveman, John Keeling, Jimmy Brookes, James Beason, Lane Weafherbee, Wayne Clotfelfer, Johnny Brookes, Tommy Carr, Howell Prueft, Maifland Adams, Bobby Cloffelfer, Bill Garner, Wayne Logan, Ronald Cox, Lindon Hagan, Mike Nichols, John Rober- son, Webb Sledge, Wayne Mccluney, Dick Nimon, Gary Tucker, Bobby Rogers, Harris Langford, Kenny Ham- mock, Parker Doss, Jimmy Hicks, Mike Daughfery, and Mr. J.R. Davis, sponsor. ,, ., 4 l The members of the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y are: Mary Gibbs, Carol Duke, Delite Bridges, Jan Phillips, Diane Frantz, Susie Smith, Pauline Giamalva, Gail Barnett, Anita McRae, Barbara Carlton, Anne Ford, Sally Burns, Mary Ellen Johnson, Judy Nabors, Diane Wells, Patty Lawrence, Marsha Harris, Louise Blackwell, Rae Bennett, Rita Long, Linda Frazier, Sandy Olson, Judy Campbell, Judy Whitt, Sandra Cox, Margaret Burnett, Amelia Milam, Sandra F. Cox, Jo Richards, Jean Dee Fennelle, Cathie Simon, Jan Lowi, Virginia George, Joan Smith, Julia Herring, Jane Flannigan, Nancy Davis, Rose Orrino, Martha Blackshear, Diana Roscoe, Alpha Tri -Hi- YSpons0rs The members of the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y are girls chosen from the soohornore and iuriior classes. The reaairerrents are a high moral stahdihg arid a "C" scholastic average. The Furoose is to Create, 'raifitairy and extend throaahoatt"e'ioa'e, school, and Comamnity high standards ot Chris- tiah Character. The sloaan is, "pure thoughts, pare words, :arp actions." This year the Alfa Tri-Vi-Y SfTO"TSOF9C,i"1CT'f.' activities to encourage the devefozherut of Christian aims, ia such ',waj.'s as sioasoriai UPPER LEFT: The officers of the Tri-Hi-Y are: Kathie Simon, Presi- dent, Mary Ellen Johnson, Vice- President, Sally Burns, Secretary, Anne Ford, Treasurer, Nancy Aber- crombie, Chaplain. LOWER LEFT: Chapter Chairman collects dues at the class of each meeting. RIGHT: Building the future Y.M.C. A. are the members of the Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y float committee. i841 Virginia Thompson, Avril Wilbanks, Janice Green, Linda Silvey, Bobbie Long, Ann Burnett, Pat Rowland, Nancy Rogers, Jean Clemons, Vickie Estes, Pam Goss, Julie Hoffman, Kathy Dobbs, Sandra Malone, Peggy Estes, Jane Duke, Linda Wimpee, Gail Gray, Sandra Kephart, Anna Hartbarger, Nancy Godwin, Pinkie Bradbeer, Lynn Lee, Kay Oliver, Nancy Abercrombie, Bonnie Davis, Sally Linebarger, Martha Warsham, Charlotte Patty, Lanette Sharpton. The sponsor is Miss Summers. Urgan ization 0 Junior Club daily deyotiorials over Tae pubiic address system and cailecTirTg Toad Tor a 'ieeay faaiiy CT The W, T i . . 21 nw Triarmsgiviag season Eaaerfy assisting The civic ciacs of Tre ciTy in their Draiects, The Tri-Hi-Y has collected money far The lJrriTed Givers' Farid, lfarcii oi A ,C- Uimes, and TB. seals. They afsa helped with The araamizcffiori OT a Junior Tri-Hi-Y. :ur Since The organization of The cluip Tfferity-Two years aaa, The Tri-Hi-Y has been very acTiye and is respecTei higrafy cy The iaculTy and sponsors. UPPER RIGHT: The Chapter Chair- men of Alpha Tri-Hi-Y are Julie Hoffman, Jane Duke, Barbara Carl- ton, and Sandra Malone. LOWER RIGHT: Signing the bulletin board to go to Pre-Youth Legislature are several Tri-Hi-Y members. LEFT: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y ioins Beta Tri-Hi-Y making posters for its candidate for Secretary of Senate, Charlotte Ligon. 21" UPPER LEFT: One of the com- mendable proiects of the Tri-Hi-Y is having daily devotionals over the public address system. RIGHT: The officers of the Beta Tri-Hi-Y are: Dianne Dobbs, Presi- dent, Joan Dickson, Vice-President, Joanne Levi, Secretary, Lynda J Hand, Treasurer, Susanna Maiure, j l Chaplain, Sara Lou Redman, Serge- ant-at-Arms. LOWER RIGHT: Campaigning for "Ligon" is the Beta President. Q., ri The members ot the Beta Tri-Hi-Y are girls chosen from the sophomore and junior classes. The requirements are a high 'noral standing and a "C" scholastic average. The purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards ot Christian character. The slogan is, "pure thoughts, pure words, pure actions." This year the Beta Tri-Hi-Y has sponsored many activities to encourage the development ot Christian aims, in such ways as sponsoring Beta Tri-Hi-YBenefits From The members of the Beta Tri-Hi-Y are: Barbara Archer, Sandra Amos, Judy Barnes, Pat Barrett, Judy Benford, Brenda Brittain, Jane Brown, Charlotte Bryant, Sandra Carter, Carol Cash, Cookie Davis, Rebecca Driskell, Belinda Elliot, Karen Granum, Laura Hawkins, Virginia Hill, Francis Hindsman, Linda Holman, Sue Hutcheson, Evelyn Keith, Merrily Kiel, Ann Hamilton, Linda Lamberth, Jane Lasseter, Elaine Linder- man, Kay Lockridge, Karen Long, Joanna Looney, Carolyn Lowe, Betty Lowi, Laura Jean Lyda, Sherry Manderson, Sue McCartney, Pam Maxwell, Dianne Miller, Pat Morgan, Judy Oliver, Bobs Osborne. 6 UPPER RIGHT: Hanging a cam- paign poster is Charlotte Ligon, candidate for Secretary of Senate for Youth Legislature. LEFT: Chapter Chairmen for Beta Tri-Hi-Y are Sharon Littleton, ram Martha Parsons, Glenna Wharton, I E and Charlotte Ligon. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Wally Mussel man, State Secretary of YMCA, discusses future plans for Tri-Hi-Y daily devationals over the public address system and collecting food for a needy farrily at the Thanksgiving season. Eagerly assisting the civic clubs of the city in their proiects, the Tri-l-li-Y has collected money for the United Givers' Fund, March of Dimes, and T.B. Seals. They also helped with the organization of a Junior Tri-l-li-Y. Since the organization of the club Twenty-two years ago, the Tri-Hi-Y has heen very active and is respected highly by the faculty and students. Uuts tandi n g Programs Pat Owen, Mary Margaret Page, Janet Parsons, Genie Patterson, Jo Anne Price, Glenda Pruitt, Patsy Ramey, Barbara Robertson, Elaine Robertson, Joy Rose, Cathey Rutherford, Vebelry Shamblin, Janet Semrick, Betty Sue Stafford, Annette Stedham, Kate Stringer, Gail Tidwell, Martha Tipton, Linda Tracy, Pat Tudor, Janis Upton, Vivian Walker, Diane Warren, Ann West, Joan Wolfe, Bernice Yates, Sara Lou Redman, Dianne Dobbs, Joan Dickson, Joanne Levi, Lynda Hand, Susanne Maiure, Glenna Wharton, Martha Parsons, Charlotte Ligon, and Sharon Littleton. The sponsor is Mrs. Virginia Luker. l87l LEFT: "HELP" cry the cheerleaders as two mem- bers of Yhe "G" Club ll iniiiate them. RIGHT: Sfepping our of Yhe pages of GLAMOUR are two new members of the club. 3 pf Y in "Q" CUE, is se' J: fa farlfier 'VQFQS' ,H 6" fefics. lf is coazcsei 91 bays ,wa 'rave iavicliafed in ei'her f6 iuarfers al faairzff, or Q6 irininzs al baseball, er have Wifi? T6 Saints in Track Competition. They "ay also acquire a'e'riE,ershi:f by :laying in the district basketball Taarnamenf, by placing lirsf, second, ar Third in a disfrici Track meei, or by aiaying in a dislrici baseball game. Bath boys and girls may be admiiled lor holding The position ol a cheer- leader. GUM Club Initiates 34 Members... The members of the "G" Club are: Babs Osborne, Diana Roscoe, Evelyn Keith, Lynda Hand, Eddie Kilgore, Wayne Logan, Larry Busby, Odell Franklin, Wayne Clotfelter, Lendon Hagan, Wayne Carter, Johnny Brookes, Wayne Cox, Mike Nichols, Harris Langford, Jimmy Brookes, Lamar Stott, James Beason, Bill Warren, Mor- gan Looney, Jim Farley, Billy Joe Allison, Cooper Allison, Larry Corney, Henry Livertf, Lauril Thompson, Barry Loveman, Benny Striplin, Maitland Adams, Sonny Rozelle, Bobby Rogers, Marlon Albright, Gary Tucker, Steve Copeland, Beason Campbell, and Leon Sfancil. M? ff' 'W 4.9 , V oc' so , - if 8 'Ia' '44 ,gg Q 1 . iff. ,1 ' -ff, A -. . P' 1 of? 'wr 'N 9 LEFT: Mrs. Schnobel, Mr. Dobbs, ond Mrs. Hill re- ceive honorary member- ships to the National Thes- pian Society. UPPER RlGl"lT:Alongwith all the hard work, there is nothing like a little fun to do the trick. LOWER RIGHT: ls the world too much for Jimmy and James? ' Forty-one Thespians were inducted during 1959-60. Our troop WGS -reinstated after being on the inactive list for several years. Three members of the faculty were pleasantly sur- prised when honorary membership was bestowed upon them. Mr. Dobbs, Mrs. Hill, and Mrs. Schnabel have given untiringly of their time and effort, and have backed us 'all the way. The Thespians sponsored three assemblies - one for the commercial department and two for the Prometheans. Members took part in all the talent shows and gave a show for the visiting members of Student Councils from over Alabama. Receiving the award of Best Thespian of the Yeor was Mary Ellen Johnson, President. Thespians Induct 41 Members MEMBERS: Sandra Carter, Pat Griffith, Mary Ellen Johnson, Larry Gramling, Jolene Miller, Frances Hinds- mon, Jon Phillips, Butch Kennomer, Barbara Scruggs, Lon Atkins, Bill Meneray, Jimmy Cohoon, Bill Cox, Susanna Moiure, Nancy Abercrombie, Pam Goss, Larry Culver, Anne Ford, Judy Oliver, Charles Robinson, Bobs Osburn, Mark Kelley, Sandro Kephort, Pam Maxwell, Vivian Walker, Marie Denson, Ferris Hall, Larry Cobb, Pat Barrett, Yale Garry, Jo Ann Price, Bill Basenburg, Ronnie Livengood, James Fischer, Donald Neal, Richard Alford, Phil Knight, Sally Lineborger, Alice Austin, Larry Keener, Paul Bixler. Honorary Members are Mr. F.T. Dobbs, Mrs. Doro Jean Hill, and Mrs. Audrey Schnobel. LEFT: Under the able leadership of Dan Ellison, the Kingsmen have played exceptionally well this year. RIGHT: The Kingsmen tune up for the Valentine Dance. EW The Kin srnen is an orchestra comoosed of own men from Gadsden l-liah School who have a Q A Y Q e special interest in dance music. They arrange The 'naiority of their 'rasical numbers ana use them in playing for assemblies, dances, and other school activities. Kingsmen Play or Many School Functions Playing with the Kingsmen Orchestra are: Stanley Harris, Tenor Saxophone, Terry Gladden, Tenor Sax, Alfred Cohn, First Alto Sax, Dewey McDougal, Second Alfa Sax, Steve Harwood, Fifth Baritone Sax, Bobby Moody, Second Trumpet, Ar-Hi Cross, First Trumpet, Larry Cotney, First Trombone, Gary Singleton, Se- cond Trombone, Mike Williams, Bass, Lane Weatherbee, Drums, Dan Ellison, Leader, Trumpet. : g , ,, 9 5 1 f Q , if K ' 1 it ' 2 T i l,,, z 1 1 1 E 9 Q MEMBERS OF DECA Alice Buice Zubie Pruitt, Margaret Lamberth, Pat McCurdy, Loretta Young, Donald Clough Charles Ryan Otheral Wallace Donald Irwin, Bill Surber, Connie Taylor, David Guest, Tony Nichols Helen Whitt Sid Waits Jimmy Amberson, and Jimmy Nail. The Sponsor is Mrs. Gladys Smith. DECA Club Joins National Organization This year the Distributive Education students voted to ioin the State and National Distributive Education Club ot America. The local chapter was organized last spring. The local chapter is recognized as a part ot the total education program because ot development of leadership, ability, professional attitude, better citizenship, char- acteristics, and social growth ot the individual. Proiects ot the club provide tor school and community betterment. This year DECA observed National Careers tor Retailing Week by sponsoring the tirst assembly pro- gram with an outstanding retailer as speaker. The DECA Club was co-host with the D0 Club this spring when the vocational students entertained their employers. UPPER LEFT: Officers ot DECA Club are Donald Clough, presidentg Donald lrwin, vice president, Helen Whitt, secretory, Alice Buice, treasurer, Sid Waits, reporter fnot picturedjg Tony Nichols, photographer fnot picturedjp Connie Taylor, parliamentoriang Jimmy Amberson, chaplain, Jimmy Nail, historian, Mrs. Gladys Smith, sponsor. LOWER LEFT: Riding the ferris wheel at the annual DECA picnic are three of its members. i941 UPPER RIGHT: Officers ofthe D.O. Club are Linda Prestridge, president, Pat Thompson, vice president, Gloria Harris, secretary, Virginia Martin, treasurer fnot picturedj, Jimmy Smith, reporter, Tommy Size- 9 more, photographer, Mary Bell, chaplain. The sponsor is Mr. Richard Schmitz. LOWER RIGHT: Posing on her way to work is Vir- ginia Martin, "Miss D.O." of G.H.S. The Gadsden High Diversified Occupation Cluo, an organization ot students enrolled in the vocational Dro- ara" interested in the trades or orotessional tields, was started in 3939. lts purpose is to furnish an opportunity tor social contact, to develop 'qualities ot leadership, to develop personality, and to take part in the state Civersitied Occupation Club. Each year the cluls has many actiyitieswhich include a Christmas party, which is enioyed with the CEQA Club, an Employer-Employee hanauet, and participation in the district elimination at Jacksonville. There is also an annual club proiect. D. 0. Club Entertains Employers at Banquet MEMBERS OF THE D.O. CLUB: Tommy Sizemore, Jimmy Smith, Mary Joyce Bell, Judy Clem, Norris Green- haw, Gloria Harris, Robert Kifer, Pat Lancaster, Joyce Langley, Edward Latimer, Virginia Martin, Glenda Pruett, Edwin Stephens, Pat Thompson, and Jackie McDonald. The Sponsor is Mr. Richard Schmitz. '-.ff Sally Burns, Editor J.!J,.dt Eftslxx 1i!i23 'iii 5-5 'ir 'N Mike Williams, Assistant Editor Magn avox Pre sen ts an-401 .. my 63" wi" f 9 A fe-at L QQ ,- G. H. S. MAGNAVOX STAFF Editor Sally Burns Associate Editor , ooo,,,, Mike Williams Circulation Manager Joan Dickson Business Manager o,,,, , , Judy Gordon Joanne Levi Diana Roscoe Jane Duke Barbara Robertson Ted Jones and Stewart Jacobs News Editor Society Editor , Feature Editor Fashion Editor Sports Editors Artists Julie Hoffman, Pinky Bradbeer, Robert Gamble Advisors Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Marshall Reporters , Margaret Bloch, Jan Lowi. Joanna Looney, Anne Ford. Susan Burns, Barbara Bugg. Sally lnzer, Mary Spence Meighan, Betty Lowi, Kay Floyd Donna Whittle Typists Beverly Shamblin, Evelyn Keith, Sandra Carter UPPER LEFT: Ted Jones and Stewart Jacobs, Sports Editors LOWER LEFT: Judy Gordon, Business Manager Evelyn Keith and Beverly Shamblin, Typists UPPER RIGHT: MAGNAVOX Reporters and Ad Staff LOWER RIGHT: Diana Roscoe, Society Editor, Jane Duke, Feature Editor, Joan Dickson, Circulation Manager Account o School Li P GHS. MAGNAVOX POLICY The G.l'l.S. Magnavox is the otticial organ ot the student activities ot Gads- den High. The purpose of the 'Aagnavox is to publish the newsregarcling Gadsden High School, to help create a better understanding ietween the pupils and their parents, to keep the alufrni in con- tact with the school, to create better school spirit, to encourage worthy school enterprises, to foster clean sportsmanship, to serve as a 'nediur' tor the expression ot student opinion, to promote good scholarship, to work con- stantly tor the welfare ot our school. Joanna Looney, Editor, 1960 61 and Joanne Levi, News Editor The members of the Velvetones are Nancy Abercrombie, Maitland Adams, Larry Ballard, Larry Bedding- field, Rea Bennett, Carol Cash, Barbara Compton, Larry Cotney, Ar-Hi Cross, Jean Dee Fennelle, Robert Gamble, Terry Gladden, Judy Hammond, Mike Hughes, Sue Hutcheson, Mary Ellen Johnson, Edward Jones, Charlotte Ligon, Sharon Littleton, Kay Lockridge, Wayne Logan, Jan Lowi, Sandra Malone, Billy McDaniel, Dewey McDougal, Anita McRae, Gary Moore, Nancy Norberg, Kenneth Nunn, Babs Osborn, Gary Pruitt, Genie Patterson, Charles Robinson, Bobby Rogers, Dianne Rogerson, Bobby Ross, Roland Ryan, Suzie Smith, Steve Taylor, and Glenna Whorton. Velvetones , Triads The Velvetones, organized cv lfr. Hand io 952, is C grow: ot odvocced 'YL sic stceeets. Since their orgorizii- tiori they have goirted local ond stotewiole recognition. Toey rove olso received sorerior rotirwos ir Lot" stnte ood district contests ic "ici fret, cove entered. Sorne reriuirerremts tor cnoir rneccers ore ri Christine crrorocter, hier' scliofostic overcge, :rid C ren' fesire to sioo. lD'QiP"tfl G 'rerrtger oi the l.'!OlV?TfYt0Q is ore of We rrifziiest honors tint coo :re ottifriei ly fi voice stwieet it Gfdsderf Hit? fceol. UPPER LEFT: The choir is preparing to leave for District Festival. LOWER LEFT: "Attentionl Atten- tion!" Mr. Hand commands respect while directing. RIGHT: Officers of the Velvetones are Charles Robinson, President, Wayne Logan, Vice President, Glenna Whor- ton, Secretary-Treasurer, Sandra Ma- lone, Chaplain, Jan Lowi, Accom- Paniifi Billy McDaniel, Public rela- tions, Nancy Abercrombie, Librarian, Charlotte Ligon, Reporter, and Mr. Edsel Hand, Director. Make ii i i LEFT: Officers of the Triads are Anne Ford, President, Jane Duke, Vice President, Charlotte Patty, Secretary-Treasurer, Martha Tipton, Chaplain, Pat Tuder, Accompanist, Barbara Carlton, Public Relations, Barbara Archer, Librarian, Kate String- er, Reporter, and Mr. Edsel Hand, Director. UPPER RIGHT: Several members of the Triads are getting ready to sing for assembly. LOWER RIGHT: interested Triads look on as Velvetones perform for assembly. 4 4 Te Tr Tis is ov oolvoncei qlrfe' Chofr NHC , Y. T, , , , n "ree-:Art rczraony. .ne ,rzcoe 'five QCi'ff?'f Nyc' reivfgr 'ion Since tmey were organized in pf! ff!! '.'r. FA'f?f?l Hand. Trxey eritertoiri ot roomy Social, Civsc, arid Soon! fzffoirs. Trey oleo ottended tre 'fivrct "wif festival lost yeor Nhere they received o sorferior rctirrg. :or this highly sought-ofter honor, the reauirefents ore TI Christian character, o desire for singing, cni Q nlgf echo cstic average. Superior Rating at Festival The members of the Triads are Barbara Archer, Sharon Bishop, Shelia Brogdon, Venita Brown, Anne Burnett, Margaret Burnett, Barbara Carlton, Linda Carter, Sandra Cox, Joan Dickson, Gail Duke, Jane Deke, Nancy Floyd, Anne Ford, Linda Frazier, Pam Goss, Karen Granum, Merrily Kiel, Jane Lasseter, Joanne Levi, Joanna Looney, Bettie Lowi, Brenda Lowery, Diane Miller, Jolene Miller, Janice Minton, Dawna Norton, Martha Patterson, Charlotte Patty, Glenda Pruitt, Nancy Simpson, Betty Sue Stafford, Kate Stringer, Martha Tipton, Pat Tuder, and Kathy Ward. OC C iv? I 3 'i 0 T6 ag N 0 v I '5 ' , ev J '99 V4 1-. 5-.v The senior members of the F.T.A. are: Nancy Abercrombie, Delite Bridges, Raye Bennett, Sally Burns, Nancy Coddell, Barbara Carlton, Sandra Carter, Tita Crow, Cookie Davis, Joanie Dickson, Dianne Dobbs, Jane Duke, Anne Ford, Nancy Forehand, Linda Frazier, Mary Gibbs, Pam Goss, Nancy Godwin, Pat Griffith, Lynda Hand, Frances Hindsman, Julie Hoffman, Joy Huckaby, Mary Ellen Johnson, Evelyn Keith, Joanne Levi, Charlotte Ligon, Sharon Littleton, Kay Lockridge, Bobbie Jean Long, Susanna Maiure, Sandra Malone, Millie McElroy, Dianne Meagher, Joliene Miller, Judy Nabors, Judy Oliver, Martha Parsons, JON Phillips, Sara Lou Redman, Jo Richards, Beverly Shamblin, Kathie Simon, Susie Smith, Katy Stringer, Pat Tudor, Mickie Wilson, Linda Wimpee, Glenna Whorton. The sponsor is Mrs. Josephine Warner. FTA Encourages an Essential Pro ession The Future Teachers at America is camoosed ot stu- dents who are interested in the teaching cirofession. Its purpose is to help students learn lacts about opportunities in teaching, create character aualities essential to a good teacher, and to develop student leadershis. The reauirernents tor becoming a memcer are to have G "C" average or acove, ta L9 at ,east in tne fourth semester rank, to be approved iv the nresent Wervhgrg, - i - . . i , and finally, to ce in good startling .-.Mn the Faculty. UPPER LEFT: Officiating this year are: Jane Duke, President, Frances Hindsman, Vice President, Sandra Malone, Secretary, Julie Hoffman, Treasurer, Mary Gibbs, Chaplain, Joannie Dickson, Reporter, Kathie Simon, Historian. The sponsor is Mrs. Josephine Warner. LOWER LEFT: Jane Duke discusses plans for State F.T.A. Convention which was held in Montgomery. fioot UPPER RIGHT: Leading the largest FBLA Club in the state are Barbara Archer, President, Dianne Dingler, Vice President, Belinda Elliott, Secretary, Barbara Robertson, Treasurer, Nancy Collins, Chaplain, Carolla Gray, Reporter. The sponsors are Mrs. Woodward and Miss Turner. LOWER RIGHT: This year's State President, Charles Cope- land and last year's President, Horace Harvey shake hands on the completion of the FBLA state proiect. Tse Future Business Leoders ot Americo is the notionol orgonizotion tor students enrolled in Business subjects. Tne FBLA orgonizotion seeks to: develop susiness leodersniog creote interest incnoiceoibusiness occuootionsg encouroge "'3'T'lC'3I'S to imorove Loose, sC'ioo', Confnunityg develoo Chorocter, troin tor useful citizensnio, ond foster potriotisrn, encourcge tnrittg improve scnoforshio ond promote school loyalty. FBLA Boosts Largest Membership in State The senior members of the FBLA are: Barbara Archer, Louise Blackwell, Venita Brown, Charlotte Bryant, Nancy Carter, Linda Cates, Patsy Chandler, Barbara Compton, Charles Copeland, Tita Crowe, Cookie Davis, Gail Duke, Belinda Elliott, Peggy Estes, Hilda Flowers, Janice Green, Pat Gullege, Judy Hagan, Linda Hall, Linda Hand, Linda Holman, Charlotte Ligon, Betty Lloyd, Carolyn Lowe, Sherry Monderson, Jolene Miller, Dawna Norton, Elaine Owens, Charlotte Patty, Sharron Payne, Sarah Lou Redman, Ginger Reighard, Gloria Roberson, Barbara Robertson, Dianna Roscoe, Barbara Scruggs, Lanette Sharpton, Alice Sims, Brenda Sterling, Carolyn Thomas, Martha Tipton, Ann West, Linda Wimpee, Joan Woolf, Julia Young, Martha Smart, Richard Fischer, Billy Cox, Ray Gresham, Charles Elliott, and Jesse Farabee. R I to: 1 LEFT:Officers are Belinda Elliott, president, Judy Benford, vice-president, O Lynda Fulmer, secretary, Linda Duke, treasurer, Charlotte Bryson, historian, Annese Howard, chaplain. The sponsors are Mrs. Josephine Warner and Miss Billie Traylor. RIGHT: Only organized this year, members of the ',, FNC discuss the consti- tutions with Miss Billie Traylor, instructor of the Nurses School at the Holy Name of Jesus Hospital. Def lne Future Nurses Cluc of Sndsfen High School is one of tree newest ergon- ized clubs. With the sponsors, Mrs. Warner and Miss Troylor, the cfuc nos been very active since its organization. Mernbers are interested in nursing or other :Jheses oi health mark. Learning the opportunities ol nursing is the Wain objective. FNC learns Opportunities 0 Nursing Members are Marlene Jones, Nancy Caddell, Nancy Forehand, Linda Patterson, Joyce Langley, Maydelle Banks, Joan Smith, Freida Downey, Becky Hughes, Carol Cash, Corolla Gray, Martha Jane Duke, Linda Duke, Judy Benford, Jane White, Belinda Elliott, Judy Hagan, Martha Smart, Pauline Gimalva, Charlotte Bryson, Lynda Fulmer, Charlotte Holt, Sarah Sheffield. it X of ...ff - The members of the Junior Red Cross are Jimmy Wilson, Kathie Simon, Susie Smith, Judy Holland, Sara Lou Redman, Mickey Grigsby, Pam Goss, Pat Barrett, Kay Coker, Virginia Hill, Cathy Sudano, Peggy Kell, Joyce Langley, Gloria Boyles, Kathy Sauls, Brenda Pruitt, Betty Lowi, Linda Wimpee, Jo Ann Tolleson, Pat Roland, Glenda Prickett, Jane Lasseter, Odell Franklin, Fred Gielle, Lane Weatherbee, Kent Keasler. The sponsor is Mrs. Kate Briscoe. Jr. Red Cross Enrolls in National Organization The Junior Red Cross is a service club open to all members of the school. Each homeroom elects a representative who attends all meetings. The proiects of the Junior Red Cross are the annual enrollment drive, gift boxes, and gift albums. All members participate in these service proiects. Through the efforts of the Junior Red Cross, the members hope to help someone and promote national understanding. The motto is: "To Help Humanity." LEFT: The officers of this 'S - service club are Kathie Simon, President, Fred Gielle, Vice President: Judy Holland, Secre- tary-Treasurerg JoAnn Tolleson, Chaplain. cg RIGHT: Kathie Simon attended gp "M Camp Green Cove ln Tuxedo, N.C., a training program in the activltles of the Junior Red Cross. lioal if h:1lV SJ afar- A WY Ackerson, Larry Akin, James Archer, Barbara Arnold, Walter Barker, Jimmy Barnett, Glenda Benefield, Benny Benefield, Bruce Bowen, Wayne Boswell, Jack Barrett, Mike Boyle, Gloria Bradford, Don Bryant, Emory Bryant, Charlotte Bunton, Robbie Burnett, Anne Burnett, Margaret Callan, Tommy Came, Mike Cohn, Alfred Cotney, Larry Cross, Ar-Hi Crowe, Tita Daugherty, Mike Davis, Bonnie Davis, Nancy Elder, David Ellison, Dan Everett, Sandra Fischer, James Frazier, Max Gamble, Robert Gilbert, Lamar Gladden, Terry Gramling, Pam Gregory, Gerald Griffin, Michael Griffin, Sidney Grigsby, Mickey Guice, Mickey Hackett, Delores Band Increases School Spirit as it Plays or Parades and Ball Games Hammond, Judy Hardy, Taylor Harris, Stanley Harwood, Steve Harwood, David Herman, Lawrence Hodges, Johnny Jester, Jimmy Hicks, Wayne Handcock, Jerry Johnson, Larry Jones, Connie Keeling, John Larison, Jimmy Lisenba, Benny Lisenba, Mike Little, Jerry Lowery, Andy Lytle, Donald Manderson, Sherry Massey, Kenny Matthews, Lloyd Matthews, Ronnie Martin, Cinda McDougal, Dewey Miller, Dianne Milner, Jimmy Mincy, Jackie Moody, Bobby Nesbitt, Edward Nichols, Charles Owen, Pat Patterson, Genie Pollard, Cathy Pounds, David Schmitt, Nancy Scott, Ronnie Shamblin, Beverly Singleton, Gary Small, Tommy Smith, Susie Sproul, Bobby Statom, Tommy Temple, Corky Tidwell, Gale Tierce, Larry Turner, Albert Ramey, Patsy Redman, Sara Lou Redman, Zandra Roberson, John Robinson, Elaine Rogers, Nancy Rose, Joy Ross, Bobby Rowland, Pat Thorton, Larry Vernace, Carole Warsham, Martha Pierson, Ray Swafford, Ronald Wallen, Elaine Copeland, Gary Whetsone, Dave The Gadsden High School Marching Band appears before more people than any other organization at the school. Appear- ances include football games, civic parades, and various performances. Recently, the band participated in the Gator Bowl pre- game show in Jacksonville, Florida. Officers of the band are Dan Ellison, Captain, John Roberson, Co-Captain, Genie Patterson, Secretary-Treasurer, Charlotte Bryant, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. ine Director is Mr. Dewey Countryman. SJ -S x9'S l ., 1-.. W., , W- A nw vw 'W M 'iff' if wg. nu qs 5. Q . ,,. ,.,.,,.. ,, HM., , , A W ' s 7 I ' 9 0 w. ,H ., Q fflfg? y ww Q A A aim! ' 'W - A if 49 .4 if? ,' Q7 ,, " Wh- , Wwxx mx x yk W? . 1, t ' gl I 1 Z Q,-an Q' 1, "L, 471541, "'4 ' 1 Qi -an 4 1- , ' f ,4 'A A ' W MD, wr' 4- 'Q 11 f K xx 1 Z ,rig E, xV,,.Le,, Rx P M, ,W f t - 4? am., 9 ,Z E ,fr 2 if 4 4, ' f v if W2 f I ., T? "1 J' " 1 'H gwsfggfil, , uv , Mfmivah , Q on M- ' 1 Mk f gwwz-sv X W' fd? ff? . 'jf X 4. M 4. A F .af I , . ' W 51- 2 mn 4 'ww ,Q ', ,g-fa., Q .vw f ' 1 Wf A , my -.M -M 'va V 1? 1 Qf W gf? it ' Q1 W L.- .-1'.""' ...- QQ 5 .11 - '11-r'5,,f f , . 1 .EMM Q Q? ' v 'ffwffi "HBS lil". ,I I' P .shui 1' o ,Q 4 Y' at xigixt' 3- 4 a 'sf , 1, . , ,El . "' ,-5 s X 1 6 if nal-..l.l-. 5 5 2 , 'A .7 "? kb' A- K M., - ,- A n, 161-n. 'G " W Gadsden High School Concert Bfrnrl Members are Brenda Vann, Joe Moore, Kenny Brooks, Pete Cox, Larry Booker, Wayne McGinnis, Carl Clark, Jerry Jones, Charlene Fay, Doug Prichett, Johnny Bishop, Charlotte Madison, Mary Nash, Steve Temple, Wayne McDonald, Nancy Abercrombie, Jean Atkins, Larry Smith, Phyllis Young, Kay Oliver, Marian Gunst, Kenneth Godfrey, Thomas Hare, Patty McCown, James Long. The sponsor is Mrs. Audrey Schnobel. Art Club, Hobby Club The Art Club was organized to offer training in art, introduce the student to better art, provide wholesome and beneficial re- laxation, build better character, and encourage the art student to assume responsibility. The art students show their work in special exhibits at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The annual spring exhibit is the highlight of the year's work. Students participate in local, state, and national art contests and win many outstanding awards. UPPER LEFT: Officers of the Art Club are Brenda Vann, president, Steve Temple, vice-president, Wayne McDonald, secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Schnabel, sponsor. LOWER LEFT: One of the club proiects this year was to decorate for the faculty Christmas party. li081 Dlsplay Work in Exhibits UPPER RIGHT: Officers of the Hobby Club are Jan Phillips, president, Wesley Brock, vice president, Sara Lou Redman, secretary, Ellis Fancher, treasurer, Glenna Whorton, chaplain, Nancy Abercrombie, Susanna Maiure, and Rea Bennett, board of directors, and the capable sponsor, Mrs. Bumpers. LOWER RIGHT: Mrs. Bumpers, sponsor, displays work done by her classes and members ofthe Hobby Club. The Hobby Club was organized in 1953 by Virs. Eula Bumpers, who is the present sponsor. Its purpose is to encourage students to spend their extra tirne in a more worthvrhile way. Under the able guidance of Mrs. Bumpers, the 'nefnbers are learning more about sewing, art, and handicraft. Nancy Abercrombie, Barbara Archer, Bobby Arnett, Alice Austin, Pat Barrett, Louise Blackwell, Wesley Brock, Charlotte Bryant, Charlotte Bryson, James Buchanan, Anne Burnett, Mike Came, David Carnes Nancy Carter, Sandra Carter, Linda Cates, Patsy Chandler, Shelia Cochran, Bobby Clotfelter, Billy Cox Tita Crowe, Jimmy Daniel, Andy Dorer, Helen Duke, Linda Duke, Patsy Dunagan, Martha Elliott, Linda Eller, Ellis Fancher, Lynda Fulmer, Cookie Davis, R.C. Garmon, Jr., Yale Garry, Pauline Giamalva, Mary Gibbs, Carolla Gray, Pat Griffith, Linda Hall, Judy Hammond, Lynda Hand, Taylor Hardy, Laura Hawkins Julia Herring, Francis Hindsman, James Hoffman, Barbara Horsley, Eve lnzer, Patsy Keys, Merrily Keil Lynne Lee, Lamarweene Lindsey, Sally Linebarger, Rita Long, Morgan Looney, Carolyn Lowe, Laura Jean Lyda, Charlotte Madison, Susanna Maiure, Ronny Matthews,Pam Maxwell, Dianne Miller, Jolene Miller Judy Oliver, Louis Purdue, Clara Penny, Jan Phillips, Joe Piazza, Kathy Pollard, Sandra Powell, Jo Anne Price, David Pruitt, Alice Puckett, Sara Lou Redman, Jimmy Robbins, Martha Roberts, Linda Robertson Dianne Rogerson, Cathy Rutherford, Sarah Sheffield, Joan Smith, Felton Spfdggins, Betty Sue Stafford Eric Streed, Carolyn Thrasher, Liz Verink, Billy Warren, Ann West, Arvil Wilbanks, Jerry Worthington 11091 -Y Members of the Cheerful Charlies are Bob Davidson, David Carnes, Ben Stange, Charles Copeland, Benny Wilson, Bill Basenberg, Jimmy Milner, Tommy Callan, Bill Morgan, Howell Pruetf, Gregory Cusimano, Ellis Fancher, Richard Garbe. Mrs. Josephine Warner is the sponsor and Miss Kay King, sweetheart Cheerful Charlies Debate Team Members of the Debate Team are Larry Cobb, Bill Meneray, Pat Griffith, David Carnes, Yale Garry, Larry Keener, Ferris Hall, and Mrs. Audrey Schnabel, sponsor. lI121 '? N 4079-c """"' ...Q-if KN N-sl , 'T Officers of the Junior Academy of Science are Harris Langford, presidentg John Keeling, vice presidentp Kaflwie Simon, secrefaryg Kenny Hammock, freasurerp Wesley Brock and Bill Basenberg, delegates. The sponsor is Mr. J.O. Davie. Jr. A cademy 0fScience Stage Managers Stage Managers are Benny Lisenba, Dave , Whefsfone, Lamar Gilberf, Bill McCormick, and Lane Weafherbee. l ex 3 CRUCIBLE SUBSCRIPTION STAFF: Linda Hall, Peggy Kell, Nancy Simpson, Carolyn Lowe, Glenna Whor- ton, Bobby Clotfelter, Justin Franklin, Richard Leach, Phil Walton, Wesley Brock, Jean Atkins, Dianne Dobbs, Laura Hawkins, Cathy Holland, Bettie Lowi, Pat Rowland, Janet Parsons, Betty Sue Stafford, Janice Green, Kathy Dobbs, Larry Grimes, Wayne Wilder, Randy Edwards. Crucible Subscription Staff and Crucible Ad Staff CRUCIBLE AD STAFF: Nancy Abercrombie, Barbara Carlton, Joan Dickson, Dianne Dobbs, Anne Ford, Lynda Hand, Julie Hoffman, John Keeling, Mark Kelley, Harris Langford, Joanne Levi, Jan Lowi, Sandra Tulane, Kate Stringer, Barbara Schaefer, Kathie Simon, Susanne Maiure, Stanley Harris, Diana Roscoe, o Richards. 0 X u u I ef Sid, Connie and sweetheart. Kas! V . NV perfect sfar. Q ,ff Oh! those band trips! ,,iM. .-vu-fT""':l M.. Working hard ? 1 ,f in 4- 2 Are we going fo beat Efowah? Thaf's enough candy, Dianne! A A THLE TI CS a ' 3 Qi ff '- -f-f z'-u ,,'., - My ". WA ..,-- L !1f4Mf-', I f L In 4,1 1' At 2 I ha - "H" 0 'M'-' -5 - - X .. H 3:4901 Ov'-f.wJ,..J ns- cv..-A Y' V , I 'MO-Q ,fl 'Q Q , " .. -vs ,v Q- ' 5-vs . , -Q Q L of ' ' 9 ' 22.5 fit' ., K -..U -23 12 D60 - W. -. yy - if' ,. ns THE LAST WHISTLE has blown, the last pep rally in the gym is over, and the full team lines up forthe last time at the close of a successful season. FIRST ROW: Tommy Jones, Lauil Thompson fmanagerl, Eddie Mack Kilgore fmanagerl, Mike Owens, Chester Hicks, Johnny Brookes, Wayne Clatfelter, Larry Busby, Lendon Hagan, James Beason, Terry Reaves, Tommy Smith. SECOND ROW: Billy Joe Allison, Steve Cope- 1959 Ga dsden Football 11181 ' ,COA - fig? ..:,,w:a ,f-5-. 'L Q , A , KM 3, - M , W, " f - M: W J 'L r M' . A' R Klwlsaulvntsap-wr!" 4 4 fffr' 'rv " . Z in , - Ci J A -' q, I, wound! we ,,--f4.lY.' W A I in A 4 wo' Q, E ,bam QF land, Allen Bryan, Ronald Cox, Odell Franklin, Wayne Carter, Jimmy Brookes, Beason Campbell,Jim Farley, Marcus Thrift, Don Stewart, Gary Quarles fmanagerl. THIRD ROW: Buddy Love, Cooper Allison, Ray Forney, Wayne Logan, Maitland Adams, Larry Grimes fmanagerl, Bobby Rogers, Gary Tucker, Sonny Rozelle, Marlon Albright, and Joel Turner. High School Team 'T T4 " xr TTTTKZ " T T T , 5942375 -T .. 'f -'..TTTg ns-sap - iw iz:-'J COACH JERRY WATFORD Jerry WaTTord whose V959 Tigers svvepT To a 9 l record re-Turned To his alrra aTer as head TooThall coach In N56 Coach WaTTord led The Tngers To G T 6 2 record ThaT TTrsT seaso huT snapped The Tlgers IS al seasons of The pasT bv leadlngTherT1 on To a rrvThTcal sTaTe cha ouonsnlp The nexT season The 57 Team cornpuled a 9 O-l record which won Coac Jerrv WaTTord Toe sougnT afTer honor ol STaTe C ach of The Year Coach WaTTord had raised GHS TooThall sTandards IF mo se sons Could he Keep hrs 57 record alrve Nh1leloslngl9 senlors'9 DespxTe The loss o' h oTe T " Coach ed The Txgers Througr once 'nore cornpnllng a 7 2 l record during The re ull una vear Tae T959 TooTball season carve around and There were Coac ar' nls bovs ouT agann Tor a Mnnzng season Agaxn he carne Through Tor a 9 l record Coacn s score Top aT GHS reads 26 9 -4 Tar above The record of Tsaer TooT o I nrnor To Th WaTford regufne Al SToTe and All SouThern prep honors He played has college 'ooThaT aT The UnTversTTv ol A a a a is ah oflensuve guard This All SFC and All SGUTHERPJ sTar aTso crTlcTpaTed Tn T e 9 range Bom cTassTc H was also on ouTsTandung e er TT e aseha Tea N Tle aT The UnTversxTv he earned The Hugo Frued an a far as T e esT all roun ara eTe on ca ous TorT ra ua lon he wenT professlonal Tor a Two vear Tc T Tca Car uhaTs Tnas IS our nead TooTball coach Jerry WaTTord a SV'-Ylool of GHC TooT a T aT NI I oT soon ue forgoTTen no T... , A -T , c d T' T rw T u 4 '- - 'T ' n, T, ' ' d' rn T ' .T T ' 'H ' " I T T l . 1 - T 'T T V . T - n I u T T . fl fx Y' T T ' u 'T ' a . a ' 4 ' T . . . . H , T , A T T U ' A 1 T TTlS .'Tll'l QOH CJ TTT . T V ' T T, - T T C TA T: T H T .T T T - ' F E V X . - - I TT , u V c .T , TTe Coach Jerry WaTTord played his high school TooTloall here CT GHS where he was selecTed for l- - . ' g TT c 'T C T ' 'I l - c"T T T' u.T' - u - T ' pdf' a'Tf'lf3 O T' 'l' A. el' T ' T'T'T"C o helid lo ,fl T. Tw ' ' - ' ' .T TT 4 p L , A 'Q T !,. T u - c T T, Pol' Ming g d T' T T ' T 3 ni h :Ti T The Ch go C d' T l . IA ' f -- -- l V. E ll h Vl'n T 2 l f' r-..-.zrzl p bv 2 gf! mr ur -J if V.. X..- ,J i....M F FH FDC NFWVWHC H TQMMY LCV' fx fa I 0 S ' N PFD D VOC? D P G S497 COUC 4V'1 Q C' QGVJQC earees Cerves Q ' S ew Jac are W ll fir! 0 f Geac: jf e ., O ' Coade of Taeyasebal T IT 'scra- COACH JACK GREEN Coach Jacfc Green, a gradume of The University af Alabama Nmere He Holds a B S and V A Aegree, serves as Tae Ime coach of The foafbali Tea and as me coach of me Tracim Tea I 1 -1- Z x f" , as . N, . s. ' ' ag sz ,-.L ey, - ,,,, ., , 1 . A, nfl' ' A 'f f 5 F 'gf' we A 'P , , .gk Y ,LL . ,, A---',, , . I 'Z .k.... I I I "' ", , A ', ,,,,,. f,., --Y V1 6 , , ', vi .Iwi "":Iv M , f 5 X 1 . . w L, F 7 wx X . 'Xt I vqm " A--A -., , - -fe-NLM . Q2 "km I , ,W 'a L 'X ,X N I 'M X .M VOA, 1 , V: gHk,e, f L , ,N V", S Cece? Ffej flewcowe KS ff Qr:i,a'e if Lain' SOGCW -T-fJ""Tx',J Lewis, CT mvcfuaife "e'f:e' of U1iv,',E+'Y V 'V , 'f,f.,'i '35 5.S.1fd AKA. W, -J Q AA fu Q -T fx, U A . is "e fi X , ,. He , ,, Q, in fc Wal' Ce 1 .' Lacaie CO ,F fine Femhalf Team ca: 'ie Pw C fm "B" Feafr, .lf .ea'Y'. , ,., , 1 ef". ...-- , A , :ri ,"T""Tgfl:: Y."'....."'i.i?'-1" V" f -- I I, ' 4.1 I I V k X V l A . . X. . U , 4 Tw A , , M 121 "Ship" cracks Through Dothan line for TD. sden - A 'fs -Y 'NQQ GADSDEN IMPRESSIVE IN 28-7 VICTORY 0 ER DOTHAN Everyone's ouT...wanT To see The new Tiger Team...TirsT game...Bohhy Qogers hooTs...DoThan Tries To roll...sTopped shorT...Tigers in possessionmuncover Tlashing backfield which sTeps OTT huge chunks oT yardage...l?onald Cox receives DoThan panT...Tumhles hack...DoThan loses T2 yards... Tigers claw ouT 60 yards Tor ll Tries...Beason Camobell in The air To Cox...l9 more...Odell Franklin Takes on The lO...9 yeads...Cox on The one...Tlf...beaUTiTUl PATW7-O...DoThan again drive-s...booTs...Tigers Take over on Their 47...73-yard march in 9 olOys...Franklin over...6 more ...Cox converTs...The TirsT half is gone. Impressive Tiger band shines Tor TirsT Time under CounTry- man...everyone exciTed...resTlessness runs high near end of halTTime come The Tigers! They're on The march...This Time The mighT of The Tigers rolls up 72 yards...l:ranklin sTeam-rolls over Tackle Tor The 6...anoTher Cox hooT...Tinel End of Third auarTer...Qogers collecfs DoThan Tumble..."STrip" cracks over for The Tlf...Cox kicks l3AT...DoThan's hall...They drive... and pass The double sTripe...Tigers can'T block kick...There's The game! YARUSTICK Dothan can'1 down . I TOT'wan Cox' FirsT for-ins, ........,,,. ...,,..,...., , A Passes ATTen-med, ....... . Qfffi Passes ComDleTed ,....... Q X , .. Furrcles l.osT ..,.,....,.. ..4.... l 'T l ' lO VGFTCTYIGS ..,...,. . ..,... . 1 2 want. BUTLER CR BLES UNDER TIGER DEFENSE 19-6 It's a fine Friday night if the Rocket fityuffigers ready and Nant to rolf...Gadsden l4icks...Tne Rebels rebel on first olay...there goes that endmloachdownl The conversion is no QOOj...-l-lQ9VS ready to fightmthey light, sure...72 yards worth...There goes Odell Franklin for 27 and a 6 oointer ...Ronald Cox boots...ball between the uorights...7-6. A heavy Tiger sauad corrnands the second and third quarters. Top of third gaarter...Franklin on a bootleg play around left end and he's gone...TDl Butler Tries To drive...Gadsden is Toaghmthe Rebels can't rnove. Gadsden's ball...and they move--last! Cox beets the advance with yardage...QuarTerbacl4 Beason Campbell tires of waiting...he rifles a pass to Franklin in the end's good...Cox boots the's good, but Gadsden dravvs a I5-yard penalty...and that's all--That's all. i 1 Butler man uses his YAREST-lCK head to stop Stencil. Ur: 4, Gadsden Ffrsl Downs ........... Yards Rushing ......, Rasses Thro.-fn ........ "Wx Rasses Cofnoleted ....,.. Yi' i C Rasses Intercepteo Fambles Lost ......... 20 Renalties .....,.... I l23 1 Odell has something the Rebels Bwler if- A .... J-4 Q VfL:'qC"dlf'lf odsien T' 'A :T QT mf.-,ns ....., J . j H ' ' ', ' """" A We're going To do what ,4 ,fn N n.n - V U SDD? V"" ""' " ' To ETowal1'9 4 Misses ,- - - es. - Y' QQ Hen. es... GAD DE ROARS TO 19-0 VICTORY 0 ER ETD H DE ILS TonighT is The loig one...Tor seven long years The Tigers have bowed To ETowah...Tearri and school deTerrninaTion runs rioT...everyone's waiTing Tor The Toss...Gadsden elecTs To receive...Qdell Franklin Takes on The 22...a i3lasT To The Devils 49-yard line...There goes Cox for 6. Gadsden's in business on lfTowah's 3Q...oenalTy--i5 yards...againsT Tigers...l3eason Camohell aT QB,.,Tol4es To The air...iT's good Tor 35...STriplin's goT iT on The lfevil f8 sTrioe. Tigers roaring now...The crowd Thanders...There goes Gadsden down To The 2...FmnkTin sTeo'ns over Tor The scorel FTowah Tries To drive in Top aT The second auarTer...Tiger CenTer Marlon All:righT paTs on The saaeezemhe Throws ETovvah's Joe Marler for a 9-yard loss...Gadsden has The hall novf...Can'T wove'...ToUr downs laTer...ETowah Takes over on Gadsden's 3O...There's The half. In Third auarTer....lirrny Brookes inTerCepTs an ETovvah pass...2O-yards...l5-yard oenalTy againsT FTowalf...ligers on lfTowah's 20-yard hashrnark...Thev drive To The l-TooT line...STriolin uncorks Tor The sCore...Cox Toes The ball Tor The poinT...l3-O. ETowah's T:all...a passmfox inTerceoTs...There he goes To The lfevil's 7...l:ranklin roars over Tackle for The goes The gave Tonight Odell digs for paydiri. .P :Yew j xr., s ww ' r' s X " IP' , A ' v 1 9' .Y l .fi sk ' ' ' -, 'ESQ'-I K' ' - A Ami"- - v--f :uv , . 0' ,J 06.1-11?'13'."' ' ' 5 1. Y V A 1' fL:nC' or Qiissen , f K rs' diffs ...A We re all behmd you, ,I . - . ff, T 3, -xiii .,..... . Steve. U, - ,V ' ,-f-ccsc ,A '.:r"'a,jH - f- i ,-,-Qc:,c ,,,, 5.5- o-59 Hffs-,A feraaw 'f Dye am . TIGERS TRIP GGIES N 21-13 DRI Tonignt the Aggies are going To rrake tne Tigers Norlfmligers crippled badly...l.eon Siancil-end Odell Franklin-FB, Beason Qamphell-CB--all regalarsmoat wifn injuries. Gadsden kicks... Aggies can'T move past Tneir own 11O...aidick kickl Tre 5all's dead on the Tiger l-41...Gadsden starts fo rolf...Pd"bfel .Aggies nave it..."ey're gone an: iT's a toacndownl Second gaarfern. Aggies pant...ball's out at Gadsden's 9. Tigers battered back a yard...Ponald Cox nas got tnaf balimtnere he goes...9O yards...lne's downed on the Aggies' 2-yard strioe. Tnere's a penalty... Gadsden -i5 yardsmligers Try To roil,..Jir"y Erookes nas Tre's looking for an opening ...:ie's got's looso...lOUCHfO'Nll fror' 86 yardsl Cox's FDAT goes True-...AlberTville's mall on tlne 32...can't go...a oant...8 yards, and Copeland's got itmbreaks away To Aggy ll...on Wie naslnrrark...CraCl4l Cox iast went over. Tigers fumble to Albertville...iT's good For a TD. Flall'i'ne. Tigers drive...Benny Striolin ancorks lor 3Q..,Jimrny Erookes lor 8...tney're on The Narcn...Tigers on Tne Aggies lO...Cox 'rakes a rignt-nand's gone again. fnere's the end oF the gone. Looks like this Aggie is headed for ca short trip. ffc C A - K ir" sc fc' V 'f ' ' Q 0.4 Now Tell me, who made This one? POETS NIP GADSDE 13- UPSET Gadsden wanTs Lanier TonighT...a year ggo The l3oeTs handed The Tigers a T3-T3 Tie...Teams areon The weT field aT Crarmon Bowl...The kickoTT. Lanier is Tough TonighT...They don'T wanT To be pushed around...The Tigers have oTher ideas and puT on The The TirsT half The l3oeTs are held To 33 yards rushing. Third guarTer...Tigers Take over The l:all...a Turrible aT Their i2 yard line...l9oeTs Take over...crackl They knock oTT The yardage...Touchdownl l3oeTs 6-O...Gads- den Tries To roll buT is hampered by Turnlole...TourTh auarTer...Leon STancil recovers Lanier Tumble ...The drive is on...ChesTer Hicks srracks over Tor The score...Cox's conversion is good. Tigers kick...The l3oeT can'T be sTopped...nearer, nearer The Tigers' cench...Odell Franklin cracks oTT The sideline in a crushing Tackle...Lanier auTomaTically scores! The PAT is good. Gadsden is Trying desperaTely To make, drivel The l3oeT's sgueeze The ThreaT aT Their 20. There's The Tinal buzzer. YAPYFTICV l:ePniTies .....,....,. 112.51 s few Lanier C Virsf forms ,....... .,....... Q This is a Ion .F f , T. ff hard grind??.i' .LS Y sires liusnng .,,. .JJ C Ydris hassind .,.., -1 :asses Al'iP"'lxT9'1 ,..... .,,... 7 ' Basses Co":le'ed .,.. ...... C Pnsses lnTerce:'ef .... ...... Q fumbles LosT ...... .T E YLf7QfTlfif BC Yards Fusning ..., 2 Basses Tfro.-fn ......... ,. You heme' hold on Q 'Basses fomzle-Ted ..... ""'1"' lersey' C :asses ln'erce:'ea ...... C 3',n's Blocked ........ f Cumsfes LosT ...,... 4-4 Yards Passing.. I T - GADSDEN CRASHES ENSLEY DEFENSE IN 19-0 SHUTO T lT's homecoming nighT for The Tigers...They're ready for The kickoff Gadsden drives To The JackeT5' 26...fumble...Ensley Tries To advance...finally forced To punT...Gadsden Takes iT ouT on Their 20. This is The payoff march...8O yards ground ouT againsT a fighTing Ensley squad... Bonald Cox passes To Ben STriplin...good for 36.,.Odell Franklin heads The drive wiTh 20 yards in four carries...Cox has The hall againmhlockers form...Ensley's defense can'T crack ThaT wall ...TB in The bag! The conversion kick is blocked. ln The lasT auarTer Leon STancil blocks an Ensley booT...Marlon AlbrighT scoops up The oval...2L1 yards laTer--Touchdown! This Time The conversion's good. Ensley's halfhack Singuesfield Tries a fake kick...Tigers' defense smacks him aT scrimmage...on The 25 Gadsden drives...pa5s from Buddy l.ove To Lendon Hagen for 8... Johnny Brookes down The middle Tor 9...Cax goes over. This Jacket is about To fly!!! f-XFHCASF f- I V S Ag ""' l Cox is laid low by 'CC -fs --" - M T file Bulldogs. TIS? - .. 9C WJ? .. nf-luoq D .., i TIGERS RUMBLE OVER ANNISTO T0 THE TU E OF 20-6 Friday night and AnnisTon's hornecoming...Tigers wanf To spoil iT...They receiye...Tigers fight for several first downs...l.eon Sfancil receives on a oass olaymiurnble ..., A nnis'ron's balll The quarterback Fadesmlooking for a receiver...he's got hiss behind Gadsden's secondary...Tigers can'T stop Anniston now...T'Ql Bulldogs' kick is no good...l.endon Hagen inferceois ior Gadsden ...sails To the 'Dogs' l1l...Qdell Franklin, Wayne Carter go for first downs...Johnny Brookes, Benny Sfriolin, Carferdrive fo The 2...lQonald Cox unloads for The Touchdown! The conversion's good...7-6. Tigers punt, buf hold Anniston To 3 first downs...Annisfon kicks To The Tigers' TS... The orange-and-black grind ou? yardage...aT Gadsden's 36 Carfer has fhe ball, The blockers, and an opening...iield's clear and CarTer's gonemanorher 6-ooinrerl Las? auarTer...Tigers crash Annisfon's line for steady gains...aT The 'Dogs' 35, Carfer gels a shovel :ass...goes down ro the 5...Two plays later Franklin rorrips over for The score...Cox kicks True. Larry Busby downs Annis- Ton's ball carrier 4 yards behind scrimrnage...iime runs out. lt's Annis1on's Time now Carter hagfhe ball. Need we say more? YAPESTICK T 1 ' Ki H Don'? stop now Benny. ' ' ,. J l ' -4 as ' . .wiqqoq fern- Qfpf- 2 fumbles l.osT ......,.. - - , . IJ r'enasT:es ....... B 7 TIGERS FLUOR GUNTERSVILLE 10-0 GunTersville undeTeaTed...They're big, ready...boTh Teams on The Tield...The progresses ...Tigers Tumble. The ball changes hands on a GunTersville bobble and Gadsden geTs iT again. A second drive sTarTed...anoTher Tumble! WildcaTs aTTempT To roll...Gadsden serious ThreaT To The Tigers in The TirsT halT...Tumbles cosT boTh Teams possible TDs. ln second half... Tiger drive crimps aT The CaTs' l8...Cox's Tield goal aTTempT Talls oTT...GunTersville cracks ouT TirsT down, buT has To punT...Ben STriplin, Odell Franklin, Ronald Cox shake ouT Their sails and Gadsden racks a TirsT down...Beason Campbell aT QB...a Take, Wayne CarTer has whaT everybody wanTs...There's an opening...he's downed on The WildcaT 6. Cox slashes Through Tor The score... The PAT is good. GunTersville's ball...a Tumble...Tigers' have iT...ChesTer Hicks in The driver's seaT...a keeper good Tor TQ. Ball shoveled To STriplin...The blockers are There...he's over Tor The score! The conversion's good. Bobby Rogers, Larry Busby, Gary Tucker, Marlon AlbrighT play headcracking ball as an iron-clad line smashes The lasT WildcaT drive. Gaasden Gurve-rs . ..1.....,.., ,J ,Jiv .f...... V ,.rsT owns. ....................... .. H ses HTTe-maved .... .. 3 Wait a second, l'll clear The way! MIGHTY TIGERS SMOTHER EMMA SANSOM 33-0 Emma Sansom came To play ball...The kick...Sansom Tries To drive...The Tiger line is Tough...Leon STancil drops Sansom's Beaube Tor a T3-yard loss...Gadsden Takes over...The drive geTs well under way along wiTh Wayne CarTer...TD...conversion Tails. ln The remainder of The TirsT period, and all of The second and Third, a gallanT Sansom eleven holds a snarling Tiger Team aT arm's length. However, Johnny Brookes, Odell Franklin, ChesTer Hicks play fine ball for The Tigers... The Tiger line, always ouTsTanding, is geTTing puT ouT wiTh The Johnny Rebs. l.asT auarTer...Tiger fans are worried...Lendon Hagen inTercepTs a Rebel pass aT Sansom's 2-7 and reTurns To The 22. ChesTer Hicks, Ronald Cox drive Tor T2 yards...Cox on a Trap play...TDl F'unT is no good... Sansom's ball...STancil cracks Through To block a kick...Gadsden's ball on The 39...Cox, CarTer, Franklin combine TalenTs...Hicks To Cox on a Trap...TD. Tommy SmiTh booTs The poinT. Johnny and Jimmy Brookes smash ouT The yardage as Gadsder. again Takes The ball away from Sansom... Touchdown! SmiTh again Tor conversion...good. Jim Farley Takes a Rebel Tumble, and Lendon Hagen scores on a shovel pass from Buddy Love. YAl3TST!Cl'sf QTUQJ London is loose Firs' Finns .....,.... ......T. ,..,. f f Wa '0"9'U'1- rs K 1 HJSQPS .'TVO.'."' Risses Bowie' F les bis' ..... ,, , -N Re ., Ties ......,.... S I? I 1201 ' T Atop. af cond time. GADSDEN BURNS DEVILS 7-6 IN SECOND BATTLE Bowl time again...once more it's the Tigers vs. lDevils...the kick...Etowah receives, but finally torced to punt...Tigers drive tor .41 first downs but Campbell's pass is intercepted...Tigers have the ball tinally...l?onald Cox has to quick-kickmbtowah shoves Gadsden back to the Tiger 9 ...Jimmy Brookes swipes a pass but gets nowhere. Ftowah's baIl...a rock-ribbed Gadsden defense smashes Etowah's rushes to an abrupt halt--Tigers take over on their own 30. Excitement builds up as Campbell rolls out...pass to Stancil...he's gone tor the good. A penalty nullities the run. Gadsden punts...l3roctor at Ftowah fumbles at his own 40. A score was the writing on the wall as Johnny Brookes carried two Devils on his back in a charge to the 9. Finally, Reason Campbell hits Stancil with a lookin pass over center. Touchdown! Cox's kick is good. Devils come back, crack over tor a score in last quarter. Conversion is no good. lt's Gadsden's game. A Fumbles Lost .....,. AQ Penalties ..,........ Jubilant Gadsden team carry coaches off the field after Tigers defeat Devils for se YARGSTICK Gadsden Ffgwglw We N005 'lm' bllll, ill First Gowns .....,.. . ............ A b0YS- T53 Yards Rushing ........ ....... l Ol 59 Yards Passing .......... ..... 3 9 8 Passes Attempted .............. i2 5 Passes Completed ....,...,....... 2 l Passes lnterceoted .............. 2 11-29 Punts Average ......... ...,... 3- 34 'T .1 my .M f' Q Mi My Q k KW? pw 45 'Q ff x, is 'F m P32 5 X , 2 4 383- Q... A f K. Y? ' r If flair 'V 'K 'I AV. 'Q iq., ' 'Sl 1 , -vfiafl , Y " , 'P-L, 5, ..e. if '-' g,'fE5,Q 4 'Hia .X f QQ? LQ .Q . 'egg QV, W. f ' f'vf'wVu" cf ' ' 2' Q, 4 Y uf,- 4 JH' K J 3, .:f2ff'fZ, fl f 5552? ,A f'?1 " ,NW f A Q if-X? if Q KQQW f' "ff MAITLAND ADAMS Cfffr... 'tif of e'- ':.r" fy -... 1 'j rf! I yu jf.- ienmi C lk Cue-r T ' -."e',"' N' fe 'fix Mi 'fe g':"e... BOBBY ROGERS Cer'Lr...'iC?e..."ree :ezr e'- 'erwt' ...' iri-.-orkloi if: Cie- C Qffiwf 5 1. og edroei "W H fcflfiwr 3' We -'Aff-for'-,f if YV ,Eff -04 "'-Q+f1'e veioe DON STEWART QLmior...Toc2fe ...' T rop:g"o ood mfqiy fqggkfe 'VG+ mf te Lock "ext yeGr...of.-Joys Fifi ilefvfy of pep... MARCUS THRIFT Junior .... Tackle .... good fockle foot wifi :e beck for o !oT of GCTiOV1...Ni!1 be herd To ge? by Hex? year... DOUG WALDRUP J1mior...ToCkle...vvil! Pe moo? ond More To Horwdle mexf veor... good oofervio? To wofcn... LARRY COFIELD 9oo?wo'vore...ToCkfe .... G good 'envy mckfe Num ,wus olwoys remix 'Q gonxieovy QWSAJQT To 5 fe" 'L e offer H rw wrowof.. JAMES BEASON C.-'m'r...ff9 Tri...f'tv AVF "Uv " ' 1' it fffli Y V '.. WAYNE LOGAN u r... gf .,.. ' xr: oxzfzfo: . .tri Vt' of ',31f"S o.-wx... ' :eoirt 'L fe:f41Ce...'e"o.GS f".tCe " D -'fx-f3.:"v .Wi 'Q -'QF iQ Yes" S... 11341 f All LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Johnny Osbome, James Abernathy, Claude Witcher Harmon Jackson SECOND ROW: Steve Lambert, David Crain, Tommy Dubose, Woody Roberts, Leonard Epps THIRD ROW Larry Cofield, Jimmy Nolan, Roy White. Gadsden 6 ......... .... E towah Gadsden 24 .... ....... .Southside Gadsden l2 ....... ..Gl encoe Gadsden 12 ....... .... G aston Gadsden 7.. ...... .Anni ston Gadsden l8 ....... .......... B oaz "B" TEAM FOOTBALL The "B" Team, coached by Fred Nevvcome, played six games this year, with the Baby Tigers losing three and sending the others down in defeat. The sole purpose of This organization is to train and prepare The young, inexperienced boys for future years on the varsity. They learn the basic blocks and tackles which will become useful to them. Coach Newcome has done an excel- lent job -with these boys and should be commended. l-le has the patience and fortitude to handle the team. Our hats are off to you, Coach Newcomel lI371 FOOTBALL :o:':cf' soonsors :re or S are 're Sieoa' friends of 've :owe on " e var- SI2 'oorialf fee". " is Coneiierei an 'onor 'o be Cnasef :gy a ne":,e' of 'He :io aol' fearn fo Voneor 'En fnese alrls, fro Qoonior 6' 'rl' Ye one foofr,a" ianreq, in on "re Qian- lnes, Loosflna narnle and encooronlnn 'Ve 'ea'r'. Toe sponsors For flwa N59 looflnll Season were 'farfna Blacfsbenr for Qeaeon Camoiellg Rarbara Roierfsor' for Lendon Fagan, Linda Holrrran lor Gary locker, Sandra Cox for Jirnnwy Brookes, Janice Green for Larry Busby, Karen Long lor Qdell Franklin, Fyelyn Keirn For Ronald Cox, Cnarloffe Parry lor Wayne Logan, Nancy Rogers for Eobby Rogers, and Carole Duke for .lonnny Brookes. PICTURED ABOVE: Martha Black- shear, Webb Sledge, Barbara Rob- l erison, Lamar Stott, Lynda Holman, l Lee Cbesfnut. 3 PlCTURED AT RIGHT: Charles Vaughn, Karen Long, Dick Nimon, Nancy Rogers, Lee CHCSYHUY, Janice Green. "1 X ,V x 1 V fm, fy G A I if 0 - 'Z 52 l 23, A 1 if 5 P Q2 WT gh r Kim , e f - 'AW V, 4 A, v ww' . -L .J 7 fy 3 2 7 . 'Q' x l , 1, Af 6 I if Li Q, rv ' f ffbw V If XM xl .Q-fy, , .4 f ,. 1 V ' , QW, I , f yy. ,, kv X ! , A I , . ,l' ' ff QI um lg , . Qffw YV? A5 f K- 'ff A .fa 3451? QV? if fi, or th 9 V 3' fiifiw af w"" ri Capfaln Ronald Cox Senlor members Ronald Cox Stewart Jacobs Muke Nuchols The l959 T960 Gadsden Tlger baske-Tball Team s record was noT so Impress Ive as The records of The Teams of The pasT years alThough Gadsden showed some ouTsTandlng players and skull The helghT and experience of opposing Teams was Too much Tor The cagers from Tlgerland Ronald Cox a refurnlng leTTerman whose drive and power pulled The Bengals Through several dlsadvanTageous slTuaT1ons was The Team spark plug Mike Nichols and STewarT Jacobs The only oTher sensor players puT all They had 1nTo The game even Though The score showed ThaT we were Tar behind Charles Vaughn STeve Copeland and Larry Rankin who returned from lasT year s CounTy Champlonshup Team proved Their abllmes by conslsTenT hard playing Roger Hncks Tandy Thomas and Webb Sledge added The necessary helghT To The Team Jzmmy Wnlson compxled many of The Team pounTs wlTh hls ouTs1de yump shoTs KenneTh Plerce broughT up In laTe season from The B' Team exhlblTed much poTenTlal The Tigers losT only Three players This year and nexT year They wnll surely be classed as Tops ll401 1 I 1 1 . , . 1 I , . 1 I , . I 1 I 1 1 ' I I . . Aa 1 . . T I I 41 H Odenvl l le Hakes Blutt Glencoe Albertvl l le Anniston Blountsvil le Shades Valley Glencoe Scottsboro Southside Etowah Emma Sansom Alexandria " "Etovvah Sansom Clanton Shades Valley Alexandrua Fayette Etowah Hakes Bluff mma Sansom Scottsboro Invltatuonal Tournament Etowah County Tournament HNEAC Tournament 'H' lxth District Tournament T959 1960 BASKETBALL TEAM Tl-WY LEFT T0 RIGHT: Webb Sledge, Stewart Jacobs, Charles Vaughn, Tandy Thomas, Roger Hicks, Buddy Love, Coach Fred Newcome, Mike Nichols, Larry Rankin, Ronald Cox, Jimmy Wilson, Beason Campbell, and Steve Copeland. fNot pictured are Kenneth Pierce and Gerald Duncan., I 141 1 " The Scoreboard" WE L WE ,c ' .......,.t.................................... A5 113 ........,..................,...... 54 67 ' ....,........,.............................. A4 66 ......,....................................... 54 67 ' ................,.................--..-.----.. 58 63 .........,.................................. 58 66 ' .......................,................ QQ AA .,,..,,,,,,...,,.,.--,,,,,,,,.,,,, 50 72 'Arab ...........................................,.......... 54 56 Geraldine Al.I'.....,'...".-.A.I..,',',....',,,--. 56 58 88 ' 64 uk ..................................,.........,... .-.-vA . 'r-4-'-"--'---r'--'--"----'-' -----"'----4 4 3 67 ................,............,................ 52 54 72 49 ttikqkE .U-Nunn..........'.........'.45 if ' ' if-ki: A ,S . . JIMMY WILSON...Sapham0re...5' 8" ROGER HlCKS...JLmiar...6 ...averaged 8 paints per game. Qveraged A paints per gage. BUDDY LOVE...JLmiOr...6'...aveV- RONALD COX...Semiar...f' aged 2 points per game. averaged T2 paints per game STFWE 'FIU r .--+1 L-A La.. Q-J LAFQPY QANKIN.,.Jurnior...5 8 MIKF NlCHOl.S...Ser1ior...5 8 averaged I point per game. averaged 1 point per game. STEVVAFQTJACOBS...Ser1ior...5' U" WEBB SLEDGE...Juaior...5' ll ...averaged I point per game. averaged I point per game. CHAQLEsvAaeHNUJUwOrH6'?' ...averaged 12 Ooiafs Der garre. 'FANCY TP-!Of'.',AS...Jar1iar...6' 3" ...averaged 8 saints per game. Charles Vaughn steals the ball from his "rough and ready" opponent. Ronald Cox exhibits his skill at a pep rally. ll441 Ronnie Fezzell tips away from his Hakes Bluff opponent. 05 W' Q0 Tigers dry off during a time out. 1 x Fw iv Z Q, 4 I4 AQ, X HH X Roger Hicks "fips"agains1 Hakes Bluff. l l Charles Vaughn iumps for control in the Webb Sledge goes up for a lay up following Stewari Jacobs during Alexandria game. G p6p rdlly. Lf Fi Coach Newcome holds a team "rag chew." YW X . l' - ' 9 - l nl r ff Fw ,, U H 733' .. Muffy? llvff in 1 5 ia, ' 3 ' , .1 5' ' ' Q Lk LLX Q Ct' 99 C 3 H1 Glencoe... E10 .fJOlF ........... Alexandria .........., Frrfna San sawn ...... Shades Valley .... Geraldine ........... Hakes Bluff ........ Fiavvah ............... Frrrra San som ....... Blauntsville ..,... page-nv-ff F: 231, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Smith, Tommy Jones, Mickey Grigsby, Joe Rogers. BACK ROW Bill Sherman, Mickey Guice, Gerald Duncan, Mike Nipper, Frank Whitley, and Coach Green. WE THEY 20 Hakes Blufi....,.. 56 1111 Glencoe............ 52 46 Shades' IValley... 112 Sournsiae.......,.... Errrna Sanso'r......., Alexandria .......,.. 115 60 3l 15 Ftawan .....,..,.... Albertville .... Anniston ..,. 51 113 51 112 WF 311 7C ........118 116 68 115 .......119 THFY 19 16 39 111 1111 417 51 311 116 Duncan and Pierce tip off as Joe Rogers and Tommy Jones are ready to receive. LEFT: Kenneth Pierce tells a Sansom man to move over. RIGHT: Mickey Grlgsby shoots while Frank Whitly and Gerald Duncan detain their rivals. 1 7 ,iliiiii il i i i l Winners at the state championship match were John Downey, Willie Patterson, Ray Forney, Gary Tucker, Lamar Stott, David Adams, and Jimmy Wellingham. Tiger Matmen Capture Fourth Place in State Competition The l96O Gadsden High Wrestling Team, under the able direction of Coach Johnny Mack Hudson, had a most successful year. The team was organized two years ago by Coach Hudson, but because of the inexperience of the team, the won-lost record was not very impressive. This year the matmen racked up an enviable card, having defeated several top teams in the state. Guntersville, West End, Fairfield, and Trussville fell to Hudson's "rough and ready" squad, however, defeat was also theirs, as they bowed gracefully to Darlington, Hewitt-Trussville, West End, and Fairfield. With the exception of Guntersville and Darlington, the Tigers met each team twice. The new Gadsden team was a powerhouse. This was evi- denced by the fact that Gary TUCl46f, l959 state heavy-weight champ, Lamar Stott, Willie Patterson, and several other team members placed first, sec- ond, third, and fourth in the state matches. Since this com- petition is considered rugged, a tribute is due to both Coach Hudson and the wrestling team for a iob well-done. Johnny Mack Hudson, Coach l 148 l Lamar Stott, Captain o. f , 4 Cvii Ainvs 28-f:. 'Class cuff Place In State .,, nv- , f' V W ,'.'1C?Oy Vrc0'3f1Or 53rQf:0ry Fwsimrmfn JO" 'fv.w'Nimf5 Qj.f:.ff1QS N THIS? i2Qff:,, QCSS THC :ECG in Qfofe Jin' vAv91M'TQT1CV' when 'v K3-r E'Mfme Pcfferson 1.415-12. Class Secini Place in Stare ' LGVGI' STQTT 1511-Ib. ffcss Firsf Pfcce in Store cv, vnu 'CT ,V ,,,., I 1 fQ7-f:.f?f1QQ TWH Vince im Cffvo Picimrfi f:Gr':Q 133-fa. CUSS -1. N . X N ' N X 1 x , , K ' 'f W 'f-1, ' V' ff , L, , .ji ,V - U kk .. r+ 4 DVUITQW Q -, , , QC "gm, ' pw ,. . f. LIHA., X5 "SS pw, CTT N VTWWN ,J law' sv - rr fv -f is . W1 The wrestling team warms up before a home match in Yhe school gym. pmol The Tigers pair off before a big match Bull Wellmgham gets two polnfs for a reverse an the Hewnh Trussvllle match Bull Wellmgham prepares to work a fake down on Phil Phillips at an exhlblhon match David Adams picks up fave points for a win .--no Wadi'-n....... Capfain Lamar Sfott folks over the rules before a Richard Garbe and opponeni begin the second march, I i5i 1 period in referee's position. The members of The 1960 baseball Team were Manager Eddie Mack Kilgore Chester Hicks James Beason Kenny Adams Jlmmy Wllson Jerry Bethune Allen Phillips Manager Wesley Brock Larry Cotney Beason Campbell Steve Copeland Benny Strrplm Hershell Thurmond Gary Quarles Buddy Love and Coach Tommy Lewrs Baseball SCOREBOARD Sprl ngvl l le AlToona ETowah Cherokee ETawah Emma Sansom Alfoona AnnnsTon Emma Sansom WalnuT Grove WalnuT Grove 9 T8 They 1960 Coach Tommy Lewis led has Tiger baseball Team To a 6-6 record Tor The l96O season The Tigers seemed To fund Themselves aT The end of The season by wxnnnng Tour of Therr lasT fxve games WalnuT Grove were played under a dlTTerenT seT of rules or1alnaTed by Coach Lewis In order To keep The games from lastnng unTll affer ar Larry CoTney and Benny STrupl1n represenTed The Tlgers aT The annual FasT WesT All STar game ThroughouT The season The sporTs anshsp of Thus group of boys was ouTsTandnng 11521 W . . . . 3 9 . . . . 5 l . O 3 AnnisTon A 5 The lasT Two games, when The Tigers played CO. 4 2 , ' 5 9 ' ' ' ' l 6 T' I ' 7 1 d k. ' 4 O 4 I 7 3 7 l l T ' T - - Q . CHESTER' l'llCKS...averaged .500 in baTTing Tor The season...ThisouT- sTanding second baseman will be back nexT year...has an excellenT infield record. STEVE COl3El.AND...averaged .259 in baTTing Tor The season... second-year leTTerrnan will be back nexT year...alayed TirsT-base and piTched Tar The Tigers. JAMES l3EASON...averaged .385 in baTTing Tor The season...played righT field Tor The Tigers for Three years. BENNY STRlPl.lN...averaged .419 in baTTing Tor The season...Three year leTTerman who played lefT field...delegaTe To EasT-WesT All- STar game. GARY QUARLES...averaged .SOO in baTTing for The season...This TirsT-year leTTerrnan will be back nexT year To play lefT field for The Tigers. BUDDY l.OVE...played TirsT base and leTT field for The Tigers...will be back nexT year To help lead The Tigers To vicTory. LARRY COTNEY...senior letter- man wbo will be missed next year ...represented the Tiger baseball team in the East-West All-Star game. JOHNNY l'lODGES...young sopbo- more wbo did not get to play too mucb ball tbis'1ould be good next year as be returns. BEASON CAlVlPBEl.l....averaged .250 in batting tbis year...tbis two year letterman catcber will be back next year. JIMMY Wll.SON...first year letter- man wbo plays tbird base for tbe 'l'igers...will be back next season ...known for bis good sportsman- sbip. KENNY ADAMS...averaged .222 in batting for tbe tbe regular tbird baseman for tbe Tigers...will be back next year. HEFQSHELL Tl'lURMAN...plays right field tor tbe Tigers...wiIl be back next year to belp lead Tbe Tigers to victory. ALLEN "EUZZY" PHILLIPS... Two year IeTTer'nan who oiTcnes and plays TirsT case for The Tigers ...will be back nexT year. JEIQIQY BETHUNE...second year leTTerman who piTches Tor The Tigers...-Hill be back nexT year To lead The Tigers To vicTory. PARKER DOSS...averaged .ZOO in baTTing This year...olays Third base Tor The Tigers and will be back nexT year. MANAGERS WESLEY BROCK AND EDDIE MACK KlLGOI?E...I4epT The Tearn supplied in all Their needsmhelped To arouse The good spiriT and sporTsrnanship ThaT is characTerisTic To all Gadsden High aThIeTes. COACH TOMMY acTive alumni of The Unive-rsiTy of Alabamambaseball Coach aT Gadsden High School Tor The pasT Two seasons...has resigned To go info The insurance busi- ness...his willingness and cooperaTion will be missed in 3 TuTure Gadsden High School sporTs. l1551 M51 I CAUT icuii STI A 1960 Track The l96C Tiger track team, under the capable supervision ot Coach Jack Green, was one ot the best that Gadsden High nas ever seen. Qecord-breaking seemed to be a nacit .witn tne Ben- gal tninclads as tney streaked to victory atter victory in Southern, district, state, county, and ordinary competition. The orange-and-plcc4s smashed a 1-.popping total ot forty-six records, fnanyotwnich had peen set in previous fneets by tne men uno later broke tnett. Tiger cindernwen thundered to first place in the county, district, sectional, and F-WAC meets, these records were backed by a tourth and second place in the Montgonery and Chattanooga lnvitationals, respectively. Not being content to stop there, the Tiger trackmen wrangled third places in both the Dixie Relays and the State track 'neets not an easy task The Tigert inclads roke records in all the eets in wnich they participated Booby Qogers broke the state shot out record with a throw ot 52 3 3f-41 Bobby threw better in the county 'neet when a 56 2 W2 throw Nas recorded on nis behalf Morgan Looney broke the mile record with a 11 39 Q in tne sectional track meet The ile and AAO yard relay teams broke nine records Many ot the l96O stars Null graduate, but prospects for next year s team seem almost as promising as they were tor the 60 thinclads together 450 Members of the 1960 track team were Larry Ballard Mickey Kroelunger Morgan Looney Duck Numan Tommy Carr John Selber, Wayne Cox Johnny Jones Wayne Clotfelter Johnny Brookes Lamar Stott Wayne Carter, David Cotton Terry Henson Cecil Brown, Bill McCormick Doug Waldrup Roy Jones Cooper Allison Bobby Rogers Jlmmy Brookes and Larry Grlmes Qmanager II6 i " i . , t . r y , . I . t . . , rn -fy wt ii V . .i t i i . - I H, - . I . I i i I rl X ' - ' , . X . t . , . l . t , M. . , l . i . i t N. i - 1 i . . , . . - ' , i l v - K - K Q ,,, . h, I x 1- es, V---mqv, , N Qi g MV A I . K .C K M . A f , A . , , " '-' ' " .. ' ' 1 -. ' ' .. , A R ". - ,as -- '. ' ' . I ' Q - ' t g . A . .tx 1 ,. "j . T - - j 4 f , - - - .uf ' -. ' ' 1 . ' "W ' I 1 I I I I a I r 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I J' , , , 5 . ,JL -,I - r ., ,,., ff, ' ' f 'f' rf f"'c ,M ,pm Af - Q N L iff . ,i - N :I , , -,,. .iefl , 4 1 ,Zn 3 A-,g "wg "fy f W, M 1, M.- ,..f L 1 f,-, f 5 B.. N ., ,,. 'Q ,PP ' 513 "' 0 1' ., ,,,,, ,'n,i, n..,,,, ,j, zu, ., a P- fnciffiq 1 f , fi' 3' Q Y "QQ'?..."Q 'ftf Jzffmf "0 ri' . n .' FII. ...?.,. UUPHV V,-,X f ., , wpf, , Y HV' HL' NX 1. Icom!-r n"cgf- jcrruhf -f '- r. -- f 'ip . .N .. ,X v, ,,,, . N, ., ,nc- H-E ,V . . lojrq , :g fn lf :rx 'YgCQoj Arv' v 9"9V"ff"...fa'C "9 HQ, ., 'QVFB b ,nf-f il' ' ., A , W, - Y- .- , , Fwwlqur, ,-,,r , L . F . -,. I ,V QQ' '9Cf'ff? Y' ' 9 . '.,,fY. .-..' 4 -- . 1, 'e wif A, 'H 'F ff. TV: " 'on :mfr ' ' rv-fn fvfpf- fn fw--.' fwr , 1- A' -Mn 49 'xiii' qi.: A .-peg ,M 4 ' ...ff Q ,,..g.g oi ,M JOHN SEIBERMO young sopho- more who could rnoke something of himself with o liTTle hard work ond deferminofion. TOMMY CAFQRWG liTTie won who moves with speedmruns The mile ond nolf mile for The Tigers... olso known for gymnastic obiiify. V'JA.YNf: Cg2Y:?Hw?3..."fee vecr 'ef'ern on..."e":ef ii 'ff 'ife refcy fecw 'hc' :rofe for re-corjs...5rEendfy ont eoovsncf- fife iescrjze 'Io L3fw'+5-F Sfgffmsen or who be "isSe: Cf 'ne 'roof new 'fecr We":er oi 'he .142 yard :ni refcy feo"s...rio5 .mowed ncrj fC Ce C nenier of fne frcck Teof. 3 T ,Q if - H J' ,. -nl-,Q 3 ,Q f' A K 'R i ! s Xe . 1.-5" .'.f,51YNF ff5f...Yhe -.Qing non .uno "flies rnrougi, The mr mr' 'Ne greme-Sf if eose"...noS Er:3P'en "e Cohference kroof iowr reoifi noi we Cowny iiigh ywr recori. QAEDY f33LL33N...:ro""Q"'i young prior Vies over 'fe for for TLQ Tigere .... ' .iifii if f5T'.e .-nor? rrofnil' Ee nr'e 'T ffffffih "ne "eigj"?S " il' 59xre::C'ef. JOHNNY JONES...senior member of This acTive Tiger Team...hiswiT and humor l4epT The Team olive when The going goT rough. DICK NllVlON...Two year leTTerman who will be back nexT year...brol4e records in The high and lowhurdles ...Tied The sTaTe record in The high hurdles. BOBBY ROGERS...The big man with The shoT puT...broke every big record in The sTaTe...Through The I3 lb. ball 52' 3 3fz1" in The sTaTe meeT...also broke records wiTh The discus. DOUG WAl.DRlJP...will be back nexT year...Throws The shoT puT... will have a Time equaling Roger's records. JOHNNY Bl2OOKES...Three year leTTerman who was also a TooTball player...seT a disTricT and con- ference record in The A140 yard dash...was also a member of The 4110 yard relay and mile relay Teams. JIMMY BlQOOKES...Twin broTher of Johnny who was also his TeammaTe and ran wiTh him in The 1140 yard and mile relay Team. 8 . x, kc 'A " M ',',lCKlfY K3CFL,llwG3P...7'is .wcs '.'3Cf9'1f'S Fire' -,ecr SJ .MTF "9 -TlQ9VS...S'C',l1T L9 :ife 'Q ive ui To Tiose "ring ZFELJVF? ni". yt, we 'f W H- V "WV CECL :HQ-'.N...3n3Tier yowg B , sosnomcr-Q fc' sfoufi came JI V fl Ninn some reccrjs ne-xt ye-cr... Known for 'is .'-'l,llV'YgITT9SS off -nr CUOT9VC'l3". ,. . P -a A k 3 4 .5-I LAPQY GRlMl:S..."'GVwGQer lor T56 YVCCL' The mile and half mile relay team is made up :dj losfzclf T9C"l...OlJVGVS .willing 'Q hor? of Roy Jones, Terry Henson, Tommy Carr, T0 79:3 fre TGGT' GlOfwQ.l..wlTl'OUTl4L'l5 'rglf Kneeling. Johnny Jones, Cooper Allison, and Gnfl ford work 159 Tec' would no? :Q off Morgan LOOMYI Sfanding- rnm iT is. N601 , wg' gh fan, rw ZKJQ V, :lg Q: The mule relay team IS made up of Wayne Clotfelter Johnny Brookes Lamar Stott and Jlmmy Brookes These boys broke four records this year Thelr best time In a meet was 3 42 7 which these Tlger thlnclads broke In the Sectuonal meet held at Fort MacClellan Next year s relay team will be a new one as all the mule relay team members are grad uatlng this year WW www Mm aff, 'RQ' 'faiths 'w,.a-. ,sau-W WM. 'Ri DF These boys compete In the field events They are Bull McCarmlck, Wayne Cox Davld Cotton and Larry Ballard The field events consist of the broad lump, pole vault, and the hugh lump Wayne Cox broke the county hugh lump with a lump of 6 3X4 Bull McCormick broke the DIXIC Relays record ln the broad lump with a lump of 21 7 5' llbll The distance relay team composed of Johnny Brookes Tommy Carr Terry Henson and Morgan Looney, display a trophy won in their event this season Coach Jack Green lovable likeable friendly all describe this wonderful coach His sunny disposition influences all his boys to be friendly and nice not only on the track but off also H could not attend the state meet with the team this year because of hospitalization however his spirit went with the boys to help them win in the state meet if L1 fc . ,. il I Q , The 440 Yard Relay team was composed of Bill McCormick, Lamar Stott, Johnny Brookes, and Jimmy Brookes. This quartet of fine running stars set records in the county, district, and NEAC meets. Their best time in these meets was 25,1 seconds. lI62l hi 1 Q 1 ,api 641 'fn . at 1 dv xi U ,la t A ' Z, Hui at CE' AV! , , xc- ? .Q 6 y li i -Q? 'ff 9 ni P' .nge " .4 ,, 1. .V A, . I1 I One game played, the teams change sides to give the other team a chance on the victory court. Tiny Feazell tries for a free shot in basketball tournament as Sally Purse and Janice Kay Lyda wait for the rebound. Girls Physical One ot the most pleasant and beneticial sub iects at Gadsden High School is the girls' phy sical education course. Every girl enrolled eniovs wonderful times in the gym and on the athletic field participating in volley ball, basketball softball, badminton, tumbling, trampoline, socker kick, archery, and tennis. Round robin basketball and volley ball tournaments held during class and elimination tournaments between the winners ot the classes provide exciting and sometimes heated com- petition. Tumbling, calesthentics, and trampoline jumping give the student an opportunity to build a strong body and develop better co-ordina- tion. Shielc Cochran goes up for a difficult s o . gasps Education "Reach Podner!" When classes begin in SepTember, The girls all parTicipaTe in Tennis, goqkerkigk, ond oTher oaTdoor sporTs. There is ouTsTanding TalenT dis- played in each of These sporTs. The winTer monThs sTarT The baslceTball sea- son which is The TavoriTe among The girls. An All-STar Team is chosen aT The end of The season. Members on This Team were CharloTTe Bryson, Mary Shew, Joy Bridges, KaThy Souls, Tiny Feazell, Sylvia Neal, Julia l-lerring, Linda Jo Garrron, and Sally Parse. Tennis, badminTan, archery, saTTball, and horse shoes are The predominanT sporTs during The spring season. Besides proving Tun Tor The girls, This Train- ing gives every one oT Them an opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in healThTul exercises. Tiny Feazell and Linda Silvey stand fensely as Janice Blevins reaches for the iump shot. Now girls, don'f hold that ball Too long. fI651 L-Q-,iiannl 525455233 'V 0 -L, E22 ,Q Xl 6 , ' Y . ,Vi A VQVIV it lf Y ' F f W. ,, 74, Yi s 4 41512 f z ,, 'H . '. .d'j, y, 41 Q3 f an E -Ms' wh A Zim X51 Dail, if 4 fx .7 , .4 .W ,fm J""f' 3 V A51 ww V, ff . ,gtg 'z. WU .5107 V , If - - we J, -. -'L if-gi frail ' Q' 4' f 1 Q' 5" if 23' vc. . f 4 1 ,' f. - ' '- i ur ' I I Nag? 'f 3 r 1 -1 in K 'x - lx FEA TUBES Senior Maids Diana Roscoe Evelyn Keith Sophomore Maids Joy Bridges Kathy Souls Junior Maids Carol Duke Kathie Dobbs W romp Iexlows of Lu Ar? ffFfW ' ,. 4U' ' - PU we ycprworsorf 1m ucmoy Gwce Smiles of Frgure and Flysique of LUNG Tivo :som ard Allen Bryan ,.. . evdc 4 m4 ,VQQ NHOQGV x'r'ell1mGPwQFf GN-1 N1 THE OPHO URE HAVE Fyes of Nancy Ffoyd and HUQN Ecskim in IWITO GDC CIIIY COKE! W IU. Cl!!! sm , rm f. .X-P X1 if UV' Heir of JJd H yfrerggngjmes of Cindo Morfif and Jimmy Nolan I V fo. on and Tonnny Dubose WIT of THE... Noses of Janice Blevins and Joe Qogers Richard Leccn and Judy Cole 6 nl i 50.4- ,V 1, we Sandy O, Smffes gf ison ond Rennie F SCYZSH Noses of Vicki Fsfes ond Johnny Bishop vvlii of TH Nancy Davis ond Tondy Tnornos Q Q Q 5 I' I V i Hoir of Jil 'Q 7 A' 43 Jonis Upton ond Lone Weotnerbee I in , 4 H 454-V , 851 4 z v .Mn i Z Eyes of Pot Griffith and Fred Cooper Hair of Dionne Wcrreri Grid Biiiy Mcijorwiei Nr' br H' an w . 471-, 61. .1 Ili -'aff 9 X 5 THE SE IUR HAVE 21X .i V 45" kvf , QXe7AOQ5Y?5 XIQNJQYGOYN com A O Cv' 9 0562 rx QVXG sersoriciifies of Jam Lo Ni arid Wayne Logon My 'wr' I 1..1+ W, CY' 1960 IDEALS THEM DPTYSVUJF GOT! figure of , 'Q-3'-N. Srerry Morwdersom and Benny Sfriplir' '39 41 ARS' QV 'mp ii mzvifw O Q A i 'V ,XZ 5. ESV? .'3'C ' if' frnf? Srxmff Fwifes OF Beverly Srrzrrrlif avi Jifmy Frookes Ii' tl 'N.1 '5- 4 , f F Q AS' AN .-'X 1 1. , ' 2 1 x.' N i . A ll x, ' ' , A , x C Q rx ' A w , w ' - -2 1 , 5, f ' 1 tim 4 , X at ii 2 -fl .Li ' . 'rr' R, -fm . f . i T .-if -Q-ir 5 .Rf fl 1.5, "fic I 178 I ' ' FA VURITES A 1 ff- I , - I .4 A' ' V , .-'-6 1 ,-05. , ., ' - . auf' ' " f , Uv f , f I v "1 ' 4 . '6, ::r,,,.- 5, G F 1 . .1 WM -ki AQ, - 42.265-ml' , ' , .' - ,, yi 6 I. ,, I l, A , 43'-'5..,:i,,, , . 'J af' K3'.,,,,? iff' I W kg I Ei I ' t ' pa, an ' ,,,-gf , .,f ff." , ' , f ' pfffww' fqx v. -1 ,. V4 T A, 1, 1- ,N - X f on SHELIA BROGDEN LAURAHERRENG Sophomore I 179 1 Sophomore '. 1 E uv- 'VWCT C' vly- 1 , . . fir "iff-1' . -fu wry f f :AAC-V Awww V I 'Q crfoffffl EQTV F Nic! 2 -VQSYCV Ti F K. pf,-. 'bf' K ,44- K .Mfg As 'T OPHC WHO 9 ,Af-.f'1. PVST -,,'xF1C- Fifrlf.-. Jr. . r., .,n, , ,,. Ja" 'M 5-.1 rffr iz..-f , -es' 4' 5 f fi an ' 32 ,- F QZ E , Jp: fr :ff , ., Crf filifxw ill- 's- . 'A , . 5- --1.- x Yin ' w URE WHO BEST DRESSED Rm Bra Mg!! 17175 Wells and d Cofvp Sl Ll.l EST Lindo Pollard ond Wesley Brock CUTEST Koflwy Sculs and Tommy Jones BEST ALL FQOUND Sally Purse ond Phil Wolform FA VORITES 'I JAN E BROWN Junior 'li 'rFf 'Zf5' f V.: '- f' -A J .wg '- 2 ' W7 J' ' Nfl' Q f1,N- V 1 I ' XV'.igv,f.., , -till ,I I + . A y PQ? y v Q "v""i', Q . . X4 X -nf kk .-1:4-Ur ,fi ,f gf? ,l' F 1.- I JANF FLANNIGAN 182 I Junior Sandy Olson Junior Kmhy Dobbs Carol Vwl e Jumor 183 JU WHO CUTEST Carol fuke ami Jock Nelson Ch' CAVEIW' J g,...' 9 m4 2-fan OQ4- U.- vv.,L,L, ,1,..Q, 5 Q! ' ' BFST WRESSED Karen Lorm Q05 Grcffem HH' EFST LOCKIWG Jcfe Finrwtigarv :wi Tick NIVOVW Llfha. Lak I fvvf'-1 S 1 . . Q '69 IOR WHO WCST ATHLVTIC Tiny Fenze-if mmf! S+eve forneiomff '.'C9f CTUTICUS Jarrwcz Laomey cw" Elfl Gomer 3 Llkcanuwa A ,EiI.N.L V-. f ,- N4- ,-' , .Lg 9 Xi... -44. fQf,lM-ff-'Q' Sf ALL POUND Bettie Lom ami Kem !AdG'hQ JJ...... .-1w- '.r5,,f,1 ,.,'++::3., Hn' x ., fx", -'Y' .IV N.. CW' 4--. fb- 4? ,.,.,x A r 1, 21' BARBARA ROBERTSON BABS OSBORN Senior Senior FAVORITE R ' 5,7 , f VM. LYNDA HAND DIANA ROSCOF Senior Sevior er 31:13 JAW LOWI I 187 I Senior N Q Cf f , ff' iw: Qfx"wT'DM 'I M , r V fzrf VQJGW, qw? ,. v ,A -Du ,cn ,, K 7 I Tl' .. 4 WHO' MOST POPULAR Pomcid Cox cmd 'fiona Roscoe FWTCQT ,, , , ,, EU: crc Coierfsofw and Joim Erookes 9 e f TCT 5225555 '- ff ier and To""i-' fav -V ' . T7 ,-Q., 'uv UR WHO Ffrff i-g SFCUNC Ji p3C'fIV"fS and cw 11" JCCUF, S QV ST LQOKWG y ,,Vl,1L.,f.q.l,7n,-f ,-P"T'f'Q" ' VYIUV' iz jf' f - f ,rv fx 1' 1 38 1 'V , i fx 'uf .f-f-- J- xf ff Qyfgfx , ,,-.,, , ,, 'if'Q Fifi? Tn f 1, rnf, ,f . W! V 'li VZ C3 . P 01, V ,fe mpc-r 1-YPA, f+,f vpv. -A.,..,-i Uffy Ci'JSL'PTW Off Qin T-.JC?Q V 'ug it 45? f fi! E , Jimmy Brookes Johnny Brookes f Ronald Cox I 190 1 KINGSMEN SENICC EFA-UTY CANCIFATES : Vnm. Fm-, L. .,X. X... Sgerry K-AG"C9V?O" lcficfe Grew' Em: CVC Eogerfsow , . Jo' -om QQ V1 JUWUQ QCKUTY FANPIDATCQ f V "Q GVO V Iflf' 1 I' fx P TVFPX A1- Prv UDV OC Q. Pat Boone Selects ur ueen Our Selector, PAT SOON E 1 ful' ! n 3 Q s it "Do I lo k all nght7 Nervous NEVER' Just th k Pat Boone in person Oh hy doesnW he hurry?" ' 13 Q V 1 , A C II IS MAJES T Y. King Stewart ,luro hs I 1941 , 3 2 f i 5 F' 2, in-, - ,, ...,, ,, ' r 1 , " WW mime-QXXXX ,ff HER MAJESTY, Queen Janice Green I 195 QQ xx X qi! K i W1 RS if Gill' JUNIOR BEA UTY Miss Diane Miller 35? .,g,?. fX fi SOPHOMORE BEA UTY Miss Kathy Sauls 2 .f 3, 41 ,M A 9,4 K k 5 'S 4' +I' H' The Sensors GPA Toe foculfv OfGG'lS"lSf'1 l-luol' School Ove- Selecfed Jo Qlcmorfls os D A R Good Cm enslmp Gnrl for 1960 Jo fullx deservos floss great lwomor All .woo lqmoff we-r recoomze G'1'l respecf me-r speclol qualifies ol leoderslwlp ond roioomsllullry Ver Copobllufy owl 'wer Luo Heals Godwlen l-lsglw School IS exfrefffvelv ,food To solute Jo Prclworos for Her oofsfomdm oclwlevervents IIS mf '3' TWIRP KING 3' MISS SADIE HA WKINS t B I 1 wmauyg M CLASSES MARY MOON MARGARET BLOCH JOY BRIDGES JIMMY WILSON Vlce President Treasurer Secretary President OPHOMORE We re the best the whole South through We re the Class of 62' This motto proved to be true throughout the year because of our determination and desire to contribute something worth while to Gadsden High and to make our class an outstanding one The routine of school was still new to us when we started working on our first class prolect together in our all out try for it The co operation ot the entire class with the valuable leadership of our sponsors Mrs Woodward Mrs Shamblin and Mrs Marshall won us the unanimous first place decision of the ludges for our talent show Black Magic We felt amply rewarded for our work and now that we know all we have to do to accomplish our alms is to pull together watch our Class of 62 l202l ll l U f YI ' . . . . . I the Sophomore homecoming float. Though we did not win first place, we welded our class spirit - - . D I . . .V A 4 I - I ' I ' I ' If ' Y' , . . . . , , . M if Z Vg 6 ,K w, L I v 1,12 4 2 9 " v ff 1 gg .fm 2 ,I Tnizy , 'iff f 1' f y 5 y A ' ' , , L W I H2'v 9341 fQ? ?y + , W A ?? ' ,,f, M' , 2 i Z A . i 4 I 3, ei in ww. ff, limi ,funn-W aff? 49 'W ' , ,ifhlfg ww 4 21. A 4 , ' L V 9. -,LW - - 1.1. , ,Q A 45, -- my . ' 'paw W, 'sk J Q lk 315 .J if f Q , 1 tjjf 4? 6 gf yen,.wv!f"' 4, 1 3 sf ..J,""f ,nfl Q Q . fu-A HK 'W .grief- 21, 1,1 ff' I 1125 5 4 K , I A ii ,X t dqxay , ,P Q2 3 Q V ff QF if , 1 4' I 'fl J ff ff Eff' 1 f 47 W 4' W ' ,F -PA!-5 in M we 3? U 1' 4 Jw., 'x Y J K x -Iklnkx fi V '4 7 , .3 5' XX , ,Z ' , 'Qs a3f'3L f ,fu ,K HP' 0 V22 'ing' tr: H A? 'WJ ,K if ..l' I X 1 . , Y f f Y again sophomore gf., f qi"-. , 6 wa, ,Rx o' 'Sie 'P A gl Jie - aj o iff o o QQ f -all fbi" 1' ,,, , ,,,,f 5? gy 4? 'WN if W? LM' Hur' 4, x W if Q , I' 1 x 5 as' if iff . W Q lbw , v . x Q2 1 Q V' if WX -Qw- w 22 an W A f...14ws. '93 fw- A- ,f W ', if WX! ESE 8' , ag, - wah H N My 'mg . J ,,. M M ii W, , gif, 4 if-was V .mn ff' .,. ?"'s, if W If rw' q 'E ff' iw , Q a K X655 1 .v 1' V , K , iii 15? ,5 K A' ' ' WVm QE '15, Va gan A' N in - R Q ' SFS " 3 . Q. ,Q X ,If ' af, 1' . QQ fi M? 4 it 'W ,J , ii 'X . fi if 495 J, i A 4? 1. mf! 5 .aw an ' fm if n ' 3 my 4 ,.l f-qu " ?' I rg Q - lik IM, , is , 5 ,W Y fb , if r"N .""""f g'w'u..1 :1, ,VJ f W Q fl , 1 I 431: . , 45' A e A , Eff Q.. g 1' f as 22' T L J, gs! . f .. vw Y--,,-. . - . IC Qs Q -, V K? 1 ' it 1? ks a S B 'M fff W ms Any'-wi ,, 2 M at M , egg 'W A ie in ti: V ' A l M J " 42 f ""-'-wax, Y 1 1 Q, f 'ff if N ,HS J 5 3 uv-,W 1 r 5.1, Q "" if K, lx fi - " A A .A ,rf Y. Q. l H An.,-.9 V 151- . A , Kia 1 5 I' 'l"f'-1, gn , bf? 4 , , A . ' ,X .s .6 LT iw , '99 2 4 Y Q , '. -Hr' , 153' A- 4 M fm K ' X.- N W 'K ,, , 3 WX 'IJ-4. 'if w .5 ,Q 'gr A 3-ff 433 . A . Yf , :gem :X ,, 'ig 5:7 . f- ffh if 4? , '-Q, A 1 H " V ' al" v fy , W, rf 3 444 M ,906 , I I' A Hmvgfvr 'I , , ' Z11f 4' ' ' , Vx .?A1 I A N V A , ,, ,wmnn 4 Q Sh AVA 'FXR ai Q ,z 'f " ,A ,i if 1: 9- vam- if J- H1 fr 'M A ,. f 1, f g 1 Q5 'M 'Q ,,,. , H V xr +V it In 54 ,z YJ' 7 W ,iii I A ,fr WW Win . , bk 'M p 2 , W 9 if - " my K 5 I. If .gg 5 1 -Q was -'if' 1 Q J . Qi? 439 'Q 'Ek ,inn v 3 ri 535 .f -A --,Q .B 'ISA . ' fs. ,ff v ,jx . A R-HF' xv' Sims, Shirley Skipper, Jimmy Small, Tommy Smith, Becky Smith, Gary Smith, Milton Smith, Nancy Smith, Tommy Smith, Verlon Spraul, Bobby Stedham, Joyce Stephens, Janice Extracurricular Activities Stepps, Gail Steward, Kathleen Streed, Eric Sudano, Cathy Suits, Peggy Teague, Cecil Temple, Steve Thompson, Linda Thornton, Larry Thrasher, Jack Tierce, Larry Tommie, Gloria Jean Tona, Leesona Toole, Pat Tramel, Judy Tucker, Carrol Tumer, Leonard Umberger, Lana Vandergrift, Gary Varley, Nan Vernace, Carole Vinson, Kenneth Wagnon, Larry Walden, John Walker, Linda Wallace, Linda Wallen, Elaine Walton, Phil Ward, Juston Ward, Kathy fC! e., A -any Things were in a whirl of excitement for Sophomore homecoming maids Kathy Sauls and Joy Bridges. Webb, Freda The entire cast ofthe talent show is assembled around Justin Franklin the sought after lion tamer Wells, Ruth Allison Wellingham, Glenda Wester, Patricia Way, Mary Wheeler, Jimmy Whetstone, Dave White, Roy Whitley, Frank Whitten, Thomas We A re We Are We ,re Here, industrious Sophomores work with crepe paper, cardboard, and chicken wire to create their first homecoming float. Faith ul, True, . . a 'o Q l.' 5 ,. U1 'Q al earrmgs pinch like t ls? groans native witch doctor Phil Walton as he is made up for the talent show Whorton, Vickie is Wiggins, King ku Tlhe Wiggins, Virginia 362 Williams, Richard Wood, Glenda Wood, Judy Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson, Jimmy Witcher, Claud Wilcox, Catherine Wilder, Jerry Wiley, Judy 1-1 -gf.. 4 ith '9- Wright, Robert Young, Kay Young, Merle , , I ..-.,. .... -s'AJ ,, -ef-1-. :- .W.,...-.-............. H www- V 1 . 9... -a-an-1 . xx VIIKE DAUGHERTY JANE LASSETFR BOE-PSY CLUTFFLTFI? WEBB SLEDGE Vlce Presmdermf Secretory Treasurer I3resI'IerwT IORS W efufe cer OI I 58 NG me C css 0 errmve seen I cc 0 c new 0 e FQ owe M ' eIorc1esTcIOsses M record cn w urvsure c SVI VI 'ng' Q n Q fur L-1C tif' TO mor-4 Teer I, I1 3 T, ' rese 'e New G ' e yvwc Irma' we rv' PVQ uf' H fx EEVQ re eefc ere ecfssf I2 "O ' NT s rec ers e ere 1fw'Iee ver ras re were I om, 'N G IO Juce r cms' ' e e rv Q Q E 1 4 p XJ FF ' Q pr cn f o cc cm , ' LH.. I 2 21,31 'f . I fs , L In g I S .. ' ' ,Q I ,Tl I I '61 . ' .5 QT Gai cle I IITIIT S Koi ro ' i Cis- I I I I .I rw? F: :L , si I' W I. U , s. 1'ruIIei, rec, ,, cj lg .hwvei T gr? ' cv: :UII A Vrsf, N3'r'ferI,.f 'OHPCIK' E15 II G crews 'oc QI91 I33..fs." cLr 'we cr. :url e .-.Gs :ur LI forge ccfe fifes' fo.-,, IIIVCTICFTI T .. xi. .." -'Xf"sc"t'r ceifir Tfcc .5 firsf, ff. I seed . : 'd of Very MI c fzfsi crops QI 'r cfcs, im?-., fccjy ,M , , , , , essc, re? 3 es .I Y A .. fgrep? H HCI.. T ntn JN. fi .V L J ,.. A, D .I .A t in sfcr ,cr I I I cr C. mf TT cm ,N .we Trix. .rt O.: .. :C Z .Ir L.v.., x." lc' ci? ure? 'Ers' face sei f' e Isccor 35 voeiifg Irene fee 3o,.I 'Nos' if fr' ncijee-. Yeah" 1:C"e. ACC", ear '3" ,c3" icq 5 sir, 'fi' 'FN Lf vig. ..", fic? cfccc- c'T"cgg" TL opts' ff .nfs f' e :. , -ef. we Qflir 'C ef' s":.'., cif'-5 Fair, L.f.Q..", Jze, ifr cfmc 5' 3,r srs", '.'rs. P.-f. Scif '.'rs. luiecf 1.-.Cs c 'refy fccuqfess Cs: fforie-"cz: frcsccfiac. :tr "9 ::sT me -.ears Ve jcfier Cass 'cs :tees .uf-If ref"e,e'T,.f E' cY Ve .-.Cr".'.'afe Scfvlmi.. 3' Sisgfe' 'ig' Sc' JCI, 's cr Ferggewlvg rc cirr. cw is 'w3'fL, 'HL' 11:55-r, .-.e'r- ce fer, .-.f..'r, I II of F111 ' T" '-fc.-- 3, '6YI" I I I vm wet Aefer O L3 C7 C 0 DQ' Q rn cu was 4 "N I F Q A V ,-1-. 3' ,,f, 1 fi WT: q ii 'i A',A: ,',, , 'aw A 4 Whig? JL V QW! M ,ff HW f fx: 41.55. 4 wa M .. W if 1 , ,O I 2 79' f 47 4 195' his if 'W A 0 wtf? ' I V ' 2? V J, fi ,Q . 5 MW V .,,' Y ,, rw 7 W W L7 , a?S1f4 ilv we . 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"' V ,ag ' W ' 'P 'fa' V av gene 0' be ,K j A mf i jf? ly 3 'M' . it I ,Q Y' 4 -- 'f"- , . gk , mi l , M5 ki . ' ' X 2151, fl , 4 A' 1 I 7,241 ,, V M 4 y , 15 , "1 ,WAN my I R5 M Y 55 9 iw My-jk A if v, X " I 3 1 f 4 .5 I "W ,fr ,Q N 7 4 ' 1f,,1,,,n. r rf-1 -1- ,Y fy! 'W rl 'fV. AVL 5 ,I 5.1 M. . -f.'-Jo ' ' F' 5 I L ' 1 iraq 11' .,,. i ivrffyb V .1 'I . . . . .' A 4 -A:-, 5? - '-H' I , :gg 'J M Q5 Q-in A, A 1 WW? WE' 1 1? Q N fl .Q .Ji .Q fm fl x CWSP Q ,-an f Aw, , gk nd' fm nw' Nf'X1.. fy , Q ' K9 J N K1 Q f . J Y. .J if 'K 3 W Wx 4 WL J" f-W W Q?-2? wif-f 3 .ai ...Jan rf, 'Q -fy' S if 1 Q 452 Mg ,M up 4" Tia. ,.,,ffv ',fif 1 ,, ,Af , X 5, If Mi M if ' , W f 14, A " jf ,, .N fy J I EJ! NX ff 7 W V Vw P "' 4 MV-,.,,A ll K JL t,j! f ,QWMW ,L 5 5-if, f .k I X ,f ,, .NV 1 I 1. fi 5 1 yu' 'f M , I, lfxf N .,f:'llf 'xfms A ,, X, IN W1-'Q' M . at Aniw ww 1' fimfi M .,,, , 1 W 5' f 5 by 7 'f H J' ' if M al J? ba ' V vi E la V V H? I 5 ,ta , ,Z ww , 5' 43 ' W in M f . , , E 1 M W Q MW ag ' . fav? A' ' ig , ? ,, 1- ,v ,qaglum .say Q , QW A. If ,mai Turner, Albert Upton, Janis Vann, Brenda Vaughn, Charles Verink, Elizabeth Vinyard, Billy Waddell, Linda Waites, Sidney Waldrop, Doug Walker, Vivian wallen, Michael Warsham, Martha Weatherbee, Lane Weiss, Betty Welch, Latell "How does it look you all?" inquires the Junior Class sponsor, Mrs. Bullock, as she glances at their terrific tiger. We Are The Time, hard work, and plenty of excitement-"Eat'em Up Tigers" was a great success! Jack Nelson discovers new talent imported from Lincoln Alabama. Petunia stole the Wellingham, Jimmy Whisenant, Jeannie White, Bobby White, Patsy White, Ronald Whitt, Helen Whitt, Judy Wilbonks, Avril Williams, Mike Williamson, Pat Young, Johnny YOUI'lg, Loretta Young, Phyllis Yates, Bernice Frazier, Max McDonald, Jackie Mathis, Williszfr Moody, Bell: JOHNNY BPODKES GLENNA WHOPTEN DIANA POSCOE MIKE NICHOLS President Treasurer Secretary Vice President IUR As Sophomores, -we, -the Class of I96O, -entered dear old G.H.S. G bit frightened, but deter- mined to make a name for ourselves. Our first homecoming float, i"Tigers KD. Panthers," looked very good to us, -though it did not place. Then we set to work on our fabulous Sophomore talent show, "Searchin' ", which captured first place and won for us our first blue ribbon. Feeling a real part of Gadsden High now, we started our Junior year. "Mow 'Em Down Tigers,' our homecoming float was given top honors. In a mood of frivolity we created our second talent show, "Modern Mother Goose." Although it was a delightful production, it did not win. Lynda Hand for the second time, represented our class as beauty at the Coronation Ball. Our Junior Class-sponsored "Clean-Up Campaign" was a huge success, with everyone participating whole- heartedly. Then came the Junior-Senior Picnic, an occasion enjoyed by everybody. At the end of the year, 'we nearly burst with pride when Jimmy Brookes, our class president, accepted the "Class of the Year" award for our Junior Class. With great anticipation we embarked on our Senior Year, an adventure which began with our getting the beautiful '60 class rings. "We're the best in all of Dixie, We're the class of I96O" was our cry. "Tigers D.D.T. Jackets," our homecoming float captured first place, another victory for our class. Miss Lynda Hand reigned beautifully as Homecoming Queen. "Bourbon Street," our Senior talent show did not win, but this did not dampen our spirits. Valentine sweethearts, elected by popular vote of the Senior Class, were Mrs. Todd and Mr. Davis. Chosen G.H.S. Queen was our Senior beauty, Miss Janice Green. Then came our Senior banquet and dance. It was an evening of enchantment, set to the theme "Tropic Isle." For her hard work and loyalty to our class, the Senior class presented Mrs. Todd, our three-year sponsor, with a lovely silver tray. Then the dance came, and it was an event not soon to be forgotten. At the Honor Assembly, deserving Seniors were rewarded for their accomplishments. Johnny Brookes, class president, accepted the "Class of the Year" award for the Senior Class. To our alma mater, we left a speaker's table and a portrait of Mr. Dobbs. These have been three wonderful years for us, and we will not soon forget the marvelous times at old G.H.S. l224l NANCY REBECCA ABERCROMBIE rc' Qoc V C Qocm tv CIBLF Ari Start Iajnavox e or e Boarfl Ire Qrvl Prem EI A G 'I Y F oo e re Yoo a r aaaztne a taln ent Q 3 n Itt es ora C U IOVGVIOVT Velvetone 1 r tate bolr J Rlige Conference Typing Affarfl KYLE MARLON ALBRIGHT President Vic Rreslflent Btuient Councs Oelegote Student Councll Conventions ranI4 Cottl I ub Varsrty Football Track Tearn Tmro Court Twlrp Cop Talent Sbow and Cowvnlttees Float Comrrnt tees Sentor Sbotltgnt Valent1neOanceCornrn1ttees BILLY JOE ALLISON ranl4 Cottle HI Y Club VGVSITY Football Tearft Magazine Cautatn earn Football Junlor Acaderrv ot Sctenc Float Cornmttee Youtb Lecglsla ture Pre Youtrm L glslature Talent Sbo N Carnrntttee BARBARA J EAN ARCHER Marcnnng and Concert Bands, All State Band, Beta Tru HI Y, Vlce Cbalrman, Inter Club Council, Rreslclent, Future Business Leaders of Amernca, Representative, State FBLA Convention, Librarian, Trlads, Vale-ntune Program COVVTIITTSG, Hobby Club CHARL ES MAITLAND ADAMS J O BOBBY MAC ALLEN Varsity Foot a Foot aI ROBERT COOPERALLISON Tearn Foot Tall ar sity Football Tracrc Tearn Junsor Acade f at Sctence To ent Sroff fa nt ne ro orarn G ROBERT RICH ARNETT Float COMWIITIQG, Hobby Club, "B" Band, Science Farr ALONZO ATKINS JR J 'JCI oof IW 'xref ...av QQ -nv QCC fJy rr Q L3 ICQ 0 C' F1 III-'IIQVI L3 J CQ JAMES CLIFFORD BEASON 'B' '1 CBOT Irfv C D VQITV FDDI 9 :AQ LARRY FLOYD BEDDINGFIELD Dom OM G Vorsmy EQOI Time-'I+ :nw e ve-TN es Foot I, I II E? BARRY FRED BERMAN o f fi xc, 12261 BOBBY GLENN BAKER WILLIAM NATHAN BECK MARTHA REA BENNETT 0 I'I'WI Iomor QOCIGTV ELI Tum Q15 ew QI AWMICG TA f-WWve"TI'I JG 9 TIfIQ VP rc WI' Iftee I-' V fe ve es Cvor CD or ICG on my IVDH CONNI E COLEMAN BLACKWELL xx H , . K-C'I'CffI ITUTZV Qfli I-Ijrjjry jg 5'3" f1fjj" if W, C' '.'Qi?3f1 QC'i'r:rQ' Q: f'if"3"W F C' 'Q' L :fir Eirzfivg 'I'I.r ' fi' QVVS' I3 '.',,,,"'Ii. :f'i'fS'g SC' T,'irS'1T .'IIf- ,SV CLAS 3 ,.,. an , ':,..I-n- -, , . I , , , 1' f:L':" 715' Q 35 - E':'IS'-'fQr'IfIii'19 1f'I'fJrI'g 4 31, iv' ifi fgcrwcm, Lrrcr. f ,xg C'1'e,'r. C' Q25 fx'T""' 'T 'V' : :XC '.2'T. rx' fn' f- FX'-r wwf- Y-, .I . l'11fIf- , -,.lf, ' ., A T' " . I .... L,' , LQ: j. J : K. Q TCO I'I"I'2 i"0"'1f if ,lfrih img, 'L,.M.I r Q. :',,Q' L ., ,L I , .W F I . .,,51f'I T172 Sfif' .'.I"',,V, I F I.'.E..'.. FSBIIII ,3"'9SfQ I'- 9 r-f-'I r fxfDI 'TCI ' Irvvfyr ,I In , I, , .V . , . S Xjf .' 3? FCICAC4 I , - T" :QV fCIQQ D" IO' INJ- JI , , , -M., I, . I C , I 'mmm ' ,,:If:f CCQIPTII. , 9' H 'I I' 1 YI -'- ,yn A Y w ',,' Tfmf , :,f:.Ig If S- 'E QQ I:J3',c,II. . T I . F , I IL.,A I 1"X,1 - - . TIIIIM CIW, " , I w- II M, :,nII Ifvnnj BGSQ:,nII T G , I I I Y I , HG' C 'ICQ J. '. E .VI , III-Y. INITLIII, I V 'Wg - I1 rr L II. . -,- I , I B -I--III:,,I-I, X ,wxriw 4 I LK II' I L Y I A - U . OGII, I SI., I:,.,,, ,.v'I,I Im V - I-3' - I A W- 'TI mn' . V I J I I.I-Y, RQ , I-IM. Co II , COMM' T9 . AIp'C Tri-I II- Ig ,I T01 I I ' FI I - - I :I ,Iuzg OJPIOV-VCOI ID' IC C0"'mIfQ,.g .'If"3'S I I - H, In II'Vmg ETD, 4 CI' . I.,I3rsg A A ,I FN L I-IQCLII C,I.I.,. I-:Ik .JLIT6 :fn-XT, W .I I-,-Izggf 1 rpg E' Int? C " "f-fy T16-I A EI' rf- FW QI'-A I f' ' 5 Qi,-.2 "fog -' ' 3 Fvmf, lA..,,,!, .. 'f'I,,... . ,Aly . S511 Vg LI' 'Izr iffw. 'I . ' Cfk 3' V fb gf Q,1,,,fn. V-, -Q -, . g, 'I I ' 1,1 EI :Spf .INMICII ,,. 'QI ,rx 1' I' nfs :II .1 rr. GLADYS LOUISE BLACKWELL C Q Q OQC ELLEN DELITE BRIDGES Wanfuas , L Cafwewfms Dre Yan e af Ewaro Toacaers of of CQ C A f-OQVDWT Q1 Toaf Ea Wree 'farcarrm an aawcerf B014 Va emme Rraara J r s Basaef a V T ev aT e Rb B' E Su scr M01 a JOHNNY E BROOKES 'R C V rslfv Eaafha' Tea Track Tea Pres: ear Semor Vass Ice resiermf Jamor ass mas av a s 1 a Se Tarv J R O1 swf Y Sem or S omg T e'e are :so s TaTe Tawe-at Sroffs Emma? OW lffees la ee mr Court Tate Tracf e A Foamy Trac AIT Secfuaaa Iracv CHARLOTTE JANE BRYANT Tnaerefte arm ng an Comcerf Rami Asslsfarnf Secrefarv reasarer of Ravi Hn Y Emare Qasmess Lea ers of A erxca EB' A Cafmvermorn Eroaf F Tee STaYe S arT'1arwJ ANarf4 CRUFIBLE QULSCVIDTTOV1 Sfa Ha ,la Take-at Show 'if 0' N fir! sr' 1:7 LARRY WAYNE BOOKER 9 or Saf ss s' JIMMY D BROOKES ars fy Fgn a ea rac Tea frost ma Tea raaf OT? e J Dre I def Jrwlar Pass oys fa? De egafe Wea s V10 ea mor S T 0 I Tees Tafefuf 'WON Kmas aa 'RWE Ta eat 0 fwffees Sensor DOT lug T AH Caaafy Tracm All Secfrorwal wracv Semor aace OVYJ gm get nw Tee Tmr R ace State Mafcaes In Nresf ma Sfafe Tradf Tear VENITA KAY BROWN Eawre Business Leaiers af A er ca TVIGAS Emoaffam rrxffee Eaara C U Ho e Ecaao :cs V"aE Jamor Red Crass Oew aafe E A L,'JVWVD"WT1OV1 ROBERT EMORY BRYANT Marc md arm ' Former? Barn :rw wee Talemr S ow 'wess E ar 'Nlafnorwal 'Jafar Socrefy Jamor ACGA y of Scxence e a+ E' ALICE FAYE BUICE Library Clucg Art Clubj 2.0. Clucg Treasurer, TFCAQ Celegate, District DO. Con- vention, Delegate, Leader- snlo Conterenceg 'Magazine Caotain. MARGARET BURNETT uture Teac ers olfl erlca a s l Fian Q Ct ant atlona Flonor QOCIDTV Nmentlne Rrogra Con tttee Float :J rnlttee B ue Rl Con terence C EVERETT LAWRENCE BUSBY l r rrsutt 3 Fl entor en o Ras etlel Qcore Veener re Yout Jre ! o JAMESW CAHOON JR Dresl4 ro Qgc on s lflV F JI S. tttees GAYLON BURFORD SALLY BURNS Fautor T960 WACNAVOV atlonal Fonor SWCIDTV Secretary Anprc Tru Treasurer Quull and Qcroll Future Teacners of A'rerrca News Editor AAGNAVOY CRUCIBLE Suhscrn tuon a V lentlne Pro ra Pre Youth ani Youth eats lature Award tor navunq Bull Passed at Youth l ears lature Float Cofnmttees Talent Show Senior Banquet Cornntfttee Journalusrn Clin nc Blue Rldge Conference MAGNAVOY Reporter an Aa qtatl Vlagazxne Nzftner o ecornhg Football C sor DAVID BYNUM Vac Pres: en Cness Fl hhv C u Rrogectlo st Juruor Aca4e v of Scxence Teacher s Xsslstant LAWRENCE B CAMPBELL I Q F3 rmifc LUX. V GEORGE CAMPB ELL Transferred. PHILLIP THCMAS CARR Vho s Jno reasurer J R Ravis Hi Y Traclf Tea Clu Talent ON Float Committee 'Vlagazine Winner Valentine Rrogram Homecoming Fscort Cnoral Club Junior Red Cross Talent Shofv Committee All D1str1ctTrack All Sectional Track All County Track All NEAC Track SANDRACECELIACARTER National Honor Society Fu ture Teachers of America Tri H1 Y National Thespian Society Hobby Club Lib rary Club Dramatics Club I an Scr Ta en Show Valentine Rrogram Senior Banquet Committee Debate Team Forensic Tournament Student Coun cil MAGNAVOX Staff CRU CIBLE Subscription Staff Float Committee PATSY CHANDLER Future Business Leaders of America HobbyClub Choral Club MAGNAVOX Staff Glee Club W' l2291 BARBARA ANN CARLTON National Honor Societyg Rresident, Quill and Scrollg Chapter Chairnan, Alpha Tri-Hi-Yg Inter-Club Coun- c' ' Fu ure Teachers o America' RUCIBLE Lite- ra E ior n A a ' Rublic Relations Chairman Triads' Chor l Club' Junior Red Cross MAGNAVOX Reoorter Foat and Talent Show Co mittees Magazine Captain Invitation Commit tee Journalism Clinic Rre Youth Legisature Typing Award NANCY CARTER Future Business Leaders of America Teacher s Assist ant Library Club Hobby Cub LINDA LEE CATES Future Business Leaders of America Hobby Club Office Assistant JOHN LEE CHESNUT Float Committee Home coming Escort Library Club Student Council A A S C Bookstore Operator Valen tune Dance Committee Guidance Office Assistant Twlrp Cop DAVID EDWARD CLARK ,I .,I . . ford ,,I1,r, 'fooozro Coi- + ' - C + Q ' CIC, FSH? '-QC' ,.DCI'?IJ. DONALD LEE CLOUGH D C QS Q-of IR Q O IC OWVDVIIIOEI EECA Eovormb BARBARA ANN COMPTON C- oroI CILI rIo'Is VQIVO Tones U ro I3 IQIWPSS Leoiers of A emco Jumor GJ Cross S I om OUVICI Cooforeoce IoIerIIS1o Q oocco oorecve oIr U r S A sae 1 90" I XI Iev oI eo fl CHARLES WILLIAM CORELAND DHSQIJQ-fII or Ro 'BVIOF ' rn EIIQIGQQQ Q Q on QI o A. ru Q F IQ: ED IGSQ-'I' ' V0 I orc f vinnq r .3 I' I23oI WAYNE ROY CLOTFELT ER W ,-Arn A rv- fn. Vorshv Eoofioff "Eff Ter- I: + II, 'EV If vol I A o-I.,.III I I., I, , Coooczog JP. ,owe 'AI-,YQ E'oo+ Cowwwee' Tdoof I A11 f' ' AA I I- If- f-1-f--7-'ID 1 L' 1 I SDON' 1' Coomlog EooI:C iscoftg Usoefs Clif AI'-Co'o"f 'I - A 7- 1-nf-vvx Irocq Sfxe Ifoca Ivo . ALFRED J COHN IVICIFCFVI C ocen oo CIWPSQ 1 Q 'I Orc evro Jumor A QJP of SCIGWC9 Tolewf S ow I'IOV'lOFQ UI R ve-rm e AIIITGVV Acode Debofe IIE, MGVCEIII ood COVICDVI Hood, Dooco ooofI Ieoff EIo'IorQ R O T C freofh FRED S COOPER Rreslmfmf IoTIorIoI Ioooor I.. oclefv Eromf COIIIQ Y Jumor ACo4oI'v of Saemcc-3 I3 e 'I 'VIA Yom I. SIS Iotore Secremrv Ireosurer, ess C II IIITDI' C If OUOCI AoTIoooI I-ooor Somew STGTG COWVDDIIOU Ioof o 'TIITTSQ De me IIE Sewor Bomoue' C IITSG, OUOZIVIG I m PG J Ior mi QGDIDV EIIQQ LARRY ST OG 9 O fnmf V f' fx my rs Qr CLYDE COTNEY I GVQIT M080 DUNN A QQ Ir, mg on I CDV PQ D 'D Dfw rp gp 'N IQO fr Q 'X ' , fn . 'I I-A , .v. -,IIJEQ EV,.. If ,I I I, P.,IA W II Q11 Q, 4 , I I ID I " Y I . CIULQ ,'eI.,:oI,, S Ire 1.3. CIIJ55 KI g,MQ, f' f . , ' , - E' CI- I LIL X. M- II ., L., C ,,,"'y I I ,R ' . I .A I . I .4 x, .I , V J VI I My: I CI' ' I, fi I-S 1 C: . . I , SI ,, I I -, Il . . I .x.,. I I . I T, ' JI ,Fo I , g ,' ,- -I I I. ' I ' 'ILA o L LQ , ' . I Q . ! 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BUTCH KENNAMER lat ona S CI t ONS F oa gr CFO VCI Jmtor I3 r s oc EDDIE MACK KILGORE Head Manager ot Football and Baseball Teams G C uh J HARRIS LANGFORD National I-Ionor Society un and Scrol G u D vls Hu Y Usners Club Student Council Youth Legislature Rresudent Junior Academy ot Scrence Cnalrman Inter Club Coun c Sports Fdrtor R CIBLE MAGNAVOY Re porter Chess Club Report M for Parade o Beautles MC Valentlne Dance Track Team Wres tllng Team Debate Club Talent Show Commnttee Sensor Banquet Commrttee Magazine Captaln and Wm ner Ideal Juntor Physuque MC Coronatton Ball CHARLOTTE ANN LIGON Future Teachers ot Amernca FTA Convention Vice Pres :dent of FBLA FBLA State Conventmon FBLA State Champuon Speller Chapter Chaxrman ot Beta Trl I-In Y Pre Youth and Youth Legns lature Assocnatsonal Secre- tary and Secretary of Senate Reporter Velvetone Choir Choral Club Talent Show Float Commlttee Baccalau reate Chonr Basketball and Volleyball Team All State Choir MAGNAVOX Reporter I21I PATRICIA ANN KEYS r ca JEROME LAFOLLETTE JOANNE CHILDS LEVI a no al lmonor S ct Secret ry ot Stu nt oun ' Secretarf ot Beta rr re a J and Scrol Futur Teac ters of Arveruca Foat o mnttee Talent Snotv and Co VIIISG Stu ent Counct Senior Spot lgnt 'MAGV AVOY Re porter Trlcds Pre-Youth and Youth Legts ature CRU CIBLE Ad Statt Magazlne Winner and Captain Natuonal I-lonor Socnety Conyentlon Valentxne Froararn News Editor MAGNAVOX Blue Rndge Assembly Journallsm Clxnnc Babe Ruth Award BENJAMINGRADYLISENBA Marchtng and Concert Band B Band All State Track Team Stage Manager Talent Shows Float Committees Art Club Velvetones N tuonal Junior Academy t Science HELEN SHARON LITTLETON QQ ,. ,. KENNETH WAYNE LOGAN ' v . C A 'Dil P1 9 Q O79 O V Gvw +f'TQ OVCS Q x ar pn? J DO X OUWCN OO C f1CI'S ',l"WO9l' I q MORGAN LOONEY TVQC4 TDC ,re-Gsurfbf 'lc Normal Ho or QOCYQW A-QQYST UWT H90 Us er G' E 1 ee C, fu WUE L CH C F LJ A 1 aww Yrccf CAROLYN JANICE LOWE of Q + f' C 'F wif 5 'LQ 4 WM ls mix 'ff if' ,W f2421 NORMA KAY LOCKRIDGE BOBBIE JEAN LONG Q yomC NK CWC Q I3 Q g'Q fx' C ffv1T+DD HJQ if + Oymc 190+ Om CWC OUVWG efv NW EUGENE BARRY LOVEMAN COW T cn ffresflfmq Ted Rre You afwd YOUTH Le lslowre odor G Q v9VH'lO"! For Hesf E4 m Houseo?Re,fesef1mTuveS, pVGC Q nf Q , NE E E OUT :Hee C I N SCOVY infer C U Comms J G e x Cwfmcp Q Sew Nr XY COW QV T w 1 f' JANICE LOWI VW WAY cr 'iff Us rw ' unc fR+xQ r' rn +,,,C PATRICIA ANN MCCURDY CHARLES GWIN McDOWELL J nlor Aca WAYNE McGINNIS CHARLOTTE JOY MADISON Junnor Academy of Sclence, I-lobby Club, Ar? Club, Float Corrmuffee Cf,-f I2431 BILLY G MCDANIEL oo 3 OTe or s Qfaf Slwo f MILDRED LEE MCELROY A D E Ur Teoc rlcn lenf Sbo lf I Tee Qenlor Banauef r oufn L 1 E ISTFICT Co v nf ANITA CLAIR MCRAE Vuce Rresudenf of Soo ofnore ass G r s U e U Clworal Clu Trlads V Ive Tones Bacco dur ate C'1OIf FrrsT Alternaf for All Stale Clrmorus Alternate for J C ConTesT Talent Sbofvs and Corn'nuTTee Volenflne Pro rgrw FOG? Co lTTeeS MAGNAVO7 Reporfer CRU CIBLE Subscrl Tron Qtall nr s Bas ef all Tea MISSISSIDDI SOUTIWPVVI COI lege Music Sclnolarslnlp Wunner SUSANNA MAJURE Cbaplaln ol Beta Tru H1 Y, Future Teaclwers of Arnerlca, CRUCIBLE Ad and Sub scrnpnon Sfaffs, Nafnonal Tlrmespran Soclefy, INleoobyTe, l3arrneTl1ean Society, Talent Slwow and Cornrnnffee, Float Cornrmrfee, Ivlernber of 'rlne Board of Dlrecfors of 'rlwe Hobby Club, D1sTrucT ETA Convention, Library Club, Blue Ridge Assembly, MAG NAVOX Reporter, Typing Award SANDRA ANNE MALONE fx f fx J Qc fo' f rw n C Q Q or Qfr Q Q pr Q Of DO 'GO 'I V763 HCT vcr. Jowmw I f Icwrm Xfwxvr W' VIRGINIA MARTIN F QTFIC' 0 Ivb MO Q O Ped e U Lbfwe-'ITI9"w UC IC ef: UI' EWOTIQ Sdowsor WILBUR EUGENE MENERAY TP e Nation O1 r Somew on New ac DV Q IGI' O C 'B 1 r JIMMY MILNER ' r 1 . ' ,N ' ., -C, , rl Q. T, .. , Nr. Q, t, I If ,V , . . : 1. -. -I 'f,,. ,VA L.,.A 12441 SHARON LEE MANDERSON Oro 'D c VIL CCQ Q C on 'TC DIANNEMORROWMEAGHER ' O , 0 YQ Irv cz 0 IO O J n r I SC ence cur rom Be-Tw r c wr O emoklfxq A JGFA En ram or NGIIOVIOI COUHCII Teocwers OI PmgIIsI'1 SCIIO IGVSHIV Recoqwfwemdofwow Jumor Acadefw of Scsefce JOLENE MARIA MILLER E T O IC NQ VY GVICI r FI F +I ro www 0 MQ ' VJ Q' 'SQ Cac TOMMY MINOQUE JOE D MOORE A MIKE NICHOLS Vice President SeniorClass National Honor Society Klngsman U DC Scholar ship Hi Y Varsity Basket ball vlarching and Concert Band Float Committees Talent Show Committees Junior Academy ot Science Club Ushers u Pre Youth and Youth Legis lature Homecoming Escort lfagazine Winner Senior Banquet Committee Ideal Junior and Senior Nose V C ot Senior Banquet DAWNA NORTON Choral Club Trlads Future Business Leaders ot America BARBARA SUE OSBORN Cheerleader' Favorite' Tri- Hi-Y Convention' Vice Pres- ident National Thespian SOCiety' G" Club' Who's Who' CRUCIBLE Subscrip- tion Staffg Velvetonesg Treasurer, Sophomore Classg Blue Ridge Conterenceg Float Committeesg Triadsg Talent Shows and Commit- teesg MAGNAVOX Reporterj Football Sponsorg Pre-Youth and Youth Legislature. JUDY MARA NABORS 910 L rc rict Co yen no F o C i o rna ent NANCY LEE NORBERG Velv ton ttine ro ra H nors a r Sc ool A Canella Cnoir Mixed Choir ristmas pro gram Autumn Program G A A Honors at Vtascontuh High School G A A Future Homemalfers ot America Choir JUDY LYNN OLIVER Bill Passed and Stoned by Governor at Youth Legis lature President Hobby Club National Thesplan ociety Hi Y re Youth Legislature IVIAGNA VOX Reporter Art Club Future Teachers otAmerica Float Committees Valentine Program Committee Blue Ridge Conference Rrome thean Society' Neophytes' Typing Award. NATHAN OWENS Choral Club. JIMMY XPAINTER MARTHA JULIA PARSONS G rwfv G GGY Boovsfor J armor H G zme fvvwer Office AQSNST Q1 MARTHA ANN PATTERSON Oral F Q occo Ur Q 9 r CU LJ LJST ers O FBLA 9 we-UT! ILLIE MORROW PATTERSON CL CTQV ffdrmsw, EMC Tri- Fi-Yg FJ? rf? TQQCFNQ AFP Q .j Fbrv C0""' KTPQQ T I, Sfow Cowwifrgeg 1 cr pf- - 'A " . I .W ,, , ..', T, , If , M 5 . TT. C5 ,fuzg Tri dsg 5 - lc exfefgig. '?'eE'Q- 'we-ss Lead T ,ifericcg T ' , C 'X , '01 Vclev- The Progrcm CO""if'Qe. T:w"' n 'Qwr ' " Tl ,QW 4HN.4, ... , CHARLOTTE ANN PATTY I-:V V Q I Qgcnn BARBARA ANN PETTIT Q r S J no Eufurfl sIn QS L 'X I o JIIIC ASSIST nt JOSEPH VINCENT PIAZZA Hobby CIuIo CI' SS FIUI3 THOMAS LANE PRESLEY INIoTIonoI Honor Socue-Ty PFOISCTIOWIST JunIor Acod erny of Soence Volennne Program I247I SHERRAN ELAINE PAYNE JAN PHILLIPS I HI Y Yo I I. urn Doss 'J o Jr Suu r HI Y onv 'mon ur oc QI A on EIooI fo Inge o e-nf Sno,-f I-o'n Iffe I: oof orn'nITT QS nfpr E u CouncII JunIor Acoderry of SCIGVICG I3r svlenf of Hou y Cu JSI nnne Progro Profnnfneon Som fy KATHRYN JUANZITTIA POLLARD I:oofFoII Sponsor Suksntufe TIgereTTe IQeguIorTIgereTTe Ifufure Buslness Leaders of A erICo SDnIorToIen'rSHoN Ar? Quo I-'ok y C un FRANK M. PRUETT HI Y 'GH mu AssIsTonT Hood fn rf o' r pro Youf' on4 Your Le IsIofure To Ie-nf Snow EIo 'ffo Iffee Sfme ond DIsTrIc:f HI Y Con vennons, BIII Posse-d of Youfn, Wno's Vino, CVIGDIOI7 of Norfn A'ono'no HI Y, Hofneco Ing Escorf, IdeoI Semor WIT KENNETH DAVID PRIJITT JR JIMMIE S REEVES W TCD GLORIA ANN ROBERSON Inf fwsm is Leo ers of If-VICG HI Y F Asswsfewf Howors GT GIem J CL Ture DIJSI em in A em cu R1 DENNYLOYDROBERTS -wax Z- V f fx' ' Q" - 1 f 1 .. an j' j SARA LOU REDMAN MARY JO RICHARDS I II' U LII' QUC GV9 Q rm fn A Ser IJ Treasurer U de'1T FOUOCII Iogozme Nm 'mer E'IlTfur Qfuiem Hand V004 VQIemTme Progrofv Wro s Nmo I'IO'I'IQCOV"III"IQ Cheerleader CRUCIBLIF A4 STOII JOHN ROBERSON Co FGCTGIVI omcerf and More ma QGVVJS JR Paws I-I1 Y To err SHON 0 :T pre YOU? I. G15 mm' J r ACU e v OI Qclefmce ont R Dusfrc IJ Y 0 vemnofw HAGNA DV QT ff 1Ie-'IT on MARTHA RQBERTS J"-. '4Q.IfVI". if iff' AUM Q- . fx, 1I I, BARBARA GAIL ROBERTSON Q DVS GNC Q J V 'J CVM .2 DD wp Q an rw II' '39 AGA ar'er, Eas ow E AGP AV E 0+ S orw sar, 0 I J r e r ROBERT WILLIAMROGERS arsuw E001 aI AII Sfafe A ' arxfererwce oar aI ,ra K Ie e ,J eseaTaTIve Ta A a a POFQIG ra 4 'eer I Comfy A I Vqorwfere Ce AII Ifxsfrmf A Secwa a rac-4, ws I Y eIve Tones, R' Cub Ia em SHO vf Vagazme V-.,uTaur1 SUSAN DIANA ROSCOE Secremry of Jurmlar and Semor CIasses, Foweco mg was I-IeaA C1eerIea'Ier v9rITe 1 rw Future Busmess Leaders of A erncr' VAGNAVOY Re orfer aP4 Somew Eflmor Jwa Q wo A femme Ta CR r s S'rf1+e Ser eaaf aT Ty I-II I Iea 'I 'N 'ee ear Iffees, STCTe E 1 :JI I IA Y STaTe VI IJ: Y aafweafuoas Dre You a Your LD as a Lre R fm, ua free fxram 1'rTee Sealer rw L E :free CHARLES WAYNE RYAN Eaorbaw' DO. uh' aar- Ter Iferrzer of Gadsden Ckapfer of If.E.C.,A. ,125 K .aff wt' .314 I2491 CHARLIE ROBINSON Q L3 C Q J VD +59 QQ f' r' J Q fe ve'a e e r' e 'er G f J Q X, Q ANGELIA DIANNE ROGERSON QQ Velveffwes SONNY ROZELLE rank COTY e IJ re Youfa LeursIaTur u rac:If Iea farsufy I:OoIraII .ra Irfaslrer uauar C ass rwfee IIIMT S 0 s Cm .ffm I Tees C P I Aamzmrw O Iumor A a WI SC I e ROLAND RYAN .em SI1a.wsg I a. e 'TW- "iTTeesg VeIve-faves. BARBARA SCHAEFER FI: CT ,li .",i1' ,four Lu -4'fE,.for, ,J I, oft EUS Q ufior Aciieww' ,I rr'3,,,.o. Z'AA+ 'AN.N,..QD. V ue- NY! ,LA ,J .,,, CQAQA, EAA.. as f'DN,,'+.DD. ,, u .,, e , ou, To eo' Eros.-Q ooo Fowoif- HA. . A may - A - Hwgjv Q,,nA,+,,r. ,,,,. e.. ,I,-u,,, I"nM.7IA,, f',-Q,. xvn- DMLD ,Mow ,, -u., gtg,-r,,N. Jnv,-on "'f.'QnT 3 L, , -Lou ,V - I I Sfovg Ar' f1::g Ve ve+ooe F' ,, 1,,, .L b.,,f-- FAA AI i,?'. X, 95 Iv-4, I, ofe. f" L. fpyfjz' C 3- Qfnzg. u ,,.,, me ue L- K ,, ,, Scieoce Eiurg U. of A. fowfwce f1,'.f-IVJ. BEVERLY ANN SHAMBLIN Moon odor Qocwefv I Ioereve I Cro orcwmo ood eoocer' NoIe fme proorc om Co :Hee eoT S o 5 I'Ie J To 'I S rwor Q Ie MAG A VCV Tv rs? '14 Reoorrer EooTI:oI Soorwsor Eufure Teoclwers of AWSVICG Rand Booouef fo :Hee ToIer1T Co'r"w1TTees DISTHCT ond Sfofe Bono 'soofesf LINDA INEZ SILVEY Future Busme-ss Leaders of ATGVICG E oo Cowrwffees owls Bosmet ho Tourrwo er1T seam S Iormxrwomd Avor4s KATHLEEN MARIE SIMON Soorfs Eorfor CRUCIBLE Treasurer Sfuderwf Courwcwl rwfer uc ourwcl Pres: Jen? Alooo T I Hr Y Pr em Jumor Re4 Cross, No fo'mI Hooor Somew Re orfer AGNAVQY R or er G CroII I Isromorw E Ifure Teocoers A Q V. mo A fcro '3oo4Sfore Ooerofor FRU I QM-,ff f, T I ees eo Qwo f L HD Q + DVA ff, +409 efre f J o r o 0 190 '10 4 O '70 YA? 25 ANN BARBARA SCRUGGS E.gT:,:re Epsioess Leciefs of - - V - r v, :re-neo, Emo C, ei- , . -Y. ..V,-m, gggo S9513-W, ,VI-I'1I- , , EELA AssEs+oo'g Eos? CooW1'T9?Z 3ro're+oe-of Sociew. Eo'ofS o' Gfefcoez Eovig A-E ffl. LANETTE SHARPTON VI Hu Y UIIICQ ASSISTQH' Izufure Busvwess Leo ere o 're-rico To.ervT SHO 1 fo rmffee, Vorermrwe Co f' Tee oruo Proqrofr Pre Youw and Youn Leowslofure Asslsrorv Secreforv I Sermore 0+ Youfo Leg1sIoTure C WALTER LEO SILVEY ALICE JO SIMS ' Q '10 Q LQ-J DTE ul DV Cf? Q GARY MACK SINGLETON RAYMOND SKINNER Q jo ODIS TOMMY SIZEMORE DD EJ D CAROLYN SUE SMITH I QfcI'+ ru Jo? fog fI Q C In JWI Cert f JIMMY SMITH CIIII I 9 qc D Io Sfme DISIFICIIT C Eofw fvuom VO or QV ffm JI 'IQ ROBERT PERRY SMITH r T PG Some v 251 E1 TUV S 9 JJ Cross I4 Soi 0 Pore e I or oIe1f SPONQ occ IOUVD I f-four R EIBLE S s Staff VAGNAVOf Reoorfnr r Yom eJ S 'Wwe EIOCJT ITTQ9 OWEN SMITH 'I or XCK M 9 I9 FELTON SPRAGGINS J mor Ac HL" 'jqfcffi T5 fyclrf QQ, CIJ1j:O,I,QCf9fCS"I'9 E215 VI'3s'ef grins-5'rog Of. f5"f9"43T SM- I 4 .I F" IQ Q-,jeff fgpgwf wggf fgh- Hncfogrcztr. 017995 TCIQW E'3.'.'g ERU- f:EE E.T,SCVIZT'CR ETUFIQ E'S+"Q' Ef:"1iC'fQS'Q STI TV ima fm., .. 3-04 E - f . , ,S :S , ,A . Tfil - ie? fi" 'f iffce. I I . , . I, - A I I A r Y'- Er35QcII3.I.,1j ','1rcv,g r ., T QS - IQ, fw 1'-"V, IFI- C31 , IEJVVI. Ojsg fri-HI-Yg , J QTQGCFI- er. I A'v'erIcQg " mor R94 5 Iofpby Ciuzg O ,rr - I. mi S ff T JI'-gI3 G' ,segfg C UI, L, Us Criptiom I If III I , Im I In I Pe-. "WL ja .OI ,gf Cord' I,,. DQ. ,Q 'T Ie TO I Ju. I f VIQW If I I SCQGCQ. cmipf ' .. .OI Q fg ELO. Qui, 2,5 tg 'ful - zlme .Vw Or. I3 'J"R9T', C ' Il. Hobby CIUSQ I-Eircrjf ffprff LII ' , nie-0-,I 3? SCIGHQS. BILL SPROUSE MARIE ANNETTE STEDHAM are aexrwese ea ere OI fx DVIC E ,DaT E 'Hee H a V raI LAMAR STOTT R ' a R ' Tea I oat a Tracy Te-arr Capram !resTIurw Team SYaYe res Nmg C awpuarw IEA Doane dass Seraearwf aT Arms H Y EIaaT Carr Iffee AII LOUVIIV raCK BENNY STRIPLIN FQ 93 Cer' wil P SJQD 'I IDI' IP O DO Q 12521 BENJAMIN HAROLD STANGE +4 VPC Q BRENDA JUNE STERLING re X15 eie I-Of er a sc I A lsswsfarw a T 9 rw++ee rmara C Je Q r 5 Eas4efEaII Taaraa em KATHERINE CALLAWAY STRINGER E'IITar I96O ERUCIB E NaTIarwaI HaaarSac1eTy Vwce Rresdeaf QUII ar1dSCra Eurure Teachers of Amemca Reaarfer Trrads Rre Yaafw and YOUTH LeglsIaYUre CRU CIBLE Subscrupfxorv ari Ad Staffs Reporter Ar? EIUC Magazine Wlrmer .aIer1T Snow and Cornrwnffees V NAVOX Reporfer Ears? ace Irwsaraace Ssay Covesr Sfafe Tru Hu YE vermaa Assrsrarmf I-'Har IQSO CRUCIBLE Semar SQQTIIQHT EIaaTCa"w TT our a IST mm cca Iaureafe Caamr ROBERT TAYLOR LI rarv STLWPWT F 1 F wee EaaTLa Rra ra ,Ho ggfgfjyre Del' ' Q X M1912 CORKY TEMPLE PAT THOMPSON Pnoorfnr P'oTo Im Qr Gm VIC PrQsI'Ie'1 F 0 C-G"Te To IR Dlsfrud K-O'IVQ'TI"OO L mn LIU NMC-I Urscs U SMHQHT COJICII Tu 'IPM DJWII EIOGT F ea H ermmn L HCQ 'mvee VGIQHTVWD ro raw Jmwor ACU eww of SCI?-Hcp JAY TROUTMAN 0 1? I I DQ Dm 0 T mm UCIDIV PATRICIA GAIL TUDER 1 Ofq ID J Dem I JI V M e TDHC ers VIC AC UWIQ Of s L1 rv :sro ANGV 9 6 QSM., i 'gnu 253 LAUIL THOMPSON MARTHA ANN TIPTON f' CJ 1 Q Us DCS src o 0 + F Q DFG E1 V GARY WILSON TUCKER T 0 of V 1 Q 3 VM 1 fQQ' JIMMY B TURNER MARY ANN WALKER BILLY MARSHALL WARREN r st ing earn C ora MARGARET ANN WEST Nliaiorette Wlarchlna and Con c t Bands Tr FII ture Business Leaders I Arherica' Float Cornrnittee' CRUCIBLE Subs ription Staff. DEANNA WILLIAMS Student Councilg Float Co'n- 'nitteeg Valentine Frografng Valentine Dance Comfnitteeg Tyci st, Student Fafidooolq Y Invitation Cornrnitteeg Girls Basketball Teamg Chairman , Scortsman sni o Cofnnoi ttee' Vol leycal I Team. 1 'Z' '-7' l2541 OTHERAL WALLACE Conv ion DIANNE WARREN Beta Tri I'Ii Y Ideal Senior Hair Future Business Lead ers ot America Float Con mittee Valentine Rrograrn Office Assistant GLENNA MARIE WHORTON Trlads Secretarv and Treas urer Velvetones Chapter Chairman Beta Tri Hi Y Future Teachers ot America' Treasurer Senior Class' CRLICIBLE Subscription Staffg Magazine Captaing Float Comrnitteesj Senior Banquet Cornrnitteeg Talent Show Corrimitteeg Valentine Rrograrn Comrnitteeg "I Dare You" Book Award. BENERES P. WILSON Art Clulog Junior Academy of Scienceg Rroiectionist. MICKIE ANNETTE WILSON ea S nuor xfst Fdture T acn rs of A ertca FTA Convent o CRI 'CIELF Sub scrnotton St it Jmuor Red ball Todrna ent JOAN CAROL WOOLE Beta Trl I-It Y Future Bus: ness Leaders ot America Junnor Red Cross Student Councll Float Comfmttee FBLA Ass stant Delegate at FBLA Conventnon Val entrne Program JULIAWILLIAMSONYOUNG Student Council Future Business Leaders of Amer lca Clworal Club Valentine Program Talent Comrmttee Bookstore Operator Float Committees LINDA JOYCE WIMPEE u ure Bu 1 A erlca C u ture O G LJVCIAPOT rar' e e Assrstaftt To.1r Co Ittee for FBLA Conventuon Junuor Re ross JERRY WORTHINGTON Hobby Club B Bana Stu dent Councul Junnor Acad emy ot Scnence Soonomore Talent Slwow Float Cowtrnnt tee CRUCIBLE Ad Stott Valentlne Rrogran Magazune Wnnner Science Fair Entrant NOT PICTURED THOMAS EDISON COOK JR WILLIAM HENRY COOK ARVEL LEE CURTIS DONALD GRAMLING CLARENCE DOUGLAS HAYES WILLIAM EDWIN HUTCHESON J F JAMES WANDA HYDE JAMES JERRY FOSTER JONES CAROLYN ANN THOMAS l255j Id I e. 7 'Vg I F t S sness Leaders of 9 15- , rn ' 5 . , , on ' 5 Cvoral ,I :Q Fu- , E ng A -C L - Teaccers I Atericag 'I '. sang ' A Alon Tri-,.i-.g,BI. ..I o Crossg Basketball and Soft- Coovmitteeg Valewtine Pro- ' fn I . g , Co"fnEtt,eg Teac? r's , I rv "'g"'v ' do It I ' .Q .- . .- . H H ,. 1 I I I I V U 1 ' Q ' U- I I I ' 2 Q A 1 t 1 . 1 - U 1 --1 A . , . . . , - I ' 1 5 H ' f I I I 1 ,I '7'-Q-5 r Tf' ""-:rr 4' 4 . , - pl f - , lv 1 h ' :Xff'j:'5"f"!" p ,. .H. l. I i K G , 'I T? -1-t-.fhna J a 'A Li..,+,f-, . 5 , - ,- , 5, ,.- +- 'E E! i 'Qi -'L ., , , L ei" , -,hu I A, Q . XS - ' . -N i 'X X " . 5 . . 4 'X A? v " xx! 'L GRADUA T I ON Ili " gn sfsiiffifwigv Q-Q 3 fi .iv E:--1 43,5 4.4. -'Q-FQ 5? 5 V f 'eg' aggf'a..Ffgsq- fa1Q'Q?3?f"ff'l .Jw gy.. '..T N , .51-iw tg h ' 'psi 'Eff Eff 437 :W v 1 3 Es' .wif Qgtfif " ' Y 1-WW . ' A I 3' ali? 'Q Q Q ,E 'L Y of1960 Q. W l2591 Q I L1 LEDI CTORIA N ,Iuliv Hoffman 260 ff ,Q ,,Wf7+fA Senior Banquet That magic night, May 2O...everyone had a ball at the banquet. Emcee Mike Nichols Honeybun Senior Class president, Johnny Brookes, presents Mr. Dobbs with o token of appre- ciation. Nh? IQ' I. ...- . .XN l and Dance Senior homeroom teachers dedicate song to their students--' 'Memories". L. Cotney found our class prophecy floating in a bottle. 1 . v A s an 519 Senior Class makes presentation to Mrs. Todd, class sponsor. Roland and Wayne set everyone in musical mood. aiety Rei ed at 'mm . 5 if' 133 iaiiasaagsaisseesezf "If you do fha? jus? once more .... " 1 "Across the wide Missouri" "Come on boys, keep it Iively.' I gl' Pr ffafz '25 IIW Ji-I "Hi, you oll"' 'WelI, Qonnue, she is good looking!" Seniors, L t Event If you don f take your hands off1l'1aY rmcrophone 1,4001 did you 've of My E one ab our "-.p., 'fl' Faculty and guests all had a wonderful time. "Hey Benny, over here." And then some chose to si? our on the balcony. 5 1 "Class of the Year" award is accepfed by .Jobnny Brookes lOFYl'18 Senior Class. lf? Joanne Levi and John Keeling re- ceive Babe Ruth Sporismanship award. 'i 8, u 3 i-L' if will I " I' Jan l.owi accepfs Civifcin Citizen- sbip Award. H on 0 r . .K .. ,- "l Dare You" book award is given to Glenna Whorton and Mike Nichols. i I 5 IN v - ,Y , . K wkvq ,,, 'E J 1 4. if X , ,, i. gn A Solemn Moment Merit Certificates are given for outstanding service in extra-curricular activities. ssvmbly Mark Kelley receives Frank Cottle Memorial award. Still a bit weepy is Dianne Dobbs as she leaves with the cherished Cross Cup. Kenneth Adams receives Harvard Book Award. T' Senior Class officers and sponsor present Mr. Dobbs with a portrait and leave a table for the school stage The seneor dass presented c por :Y Do lm p rfrcll? s Yo be hung IH The sc col s Q token or our deep appreclofron for The work that he has done for us Those lust minute msfruchons admmlstered by Hrs June Bugg ond Mrs Audrey Schnabel Our Dlploma nfl Then Q68 fro' fo Mr. bbs of h' self. This o ' i . ' h ' x f . ' I' K S , ' ' os g I ' ' gr Q, V ,V - 'K A JJ' W7 f 0 0 ,,g 5 O ' 0 Qi! 1 gi U" 0 3 F! ly' ADVERTISEMENTS SDE QGV9 N44 ,9 'fe 'rf'-E IEHI A f-3 BEST wlsHEs gapggj ggi? FROM THE T,:yII ,f f5,igg,y,g j M -'M -Af -I CITY 0F GADSDEN HUGH S. PATTERSON MAYOR L C GRIGSBY M T MASHBURN ASSOCIATE COMMISSIONER ASSOCIATE COMMISSIONER Wdvme Z5 faith: ' K XQIBXLXXBALLL TU"'7'7f aff' ff ff!! f7Z'..43 , 4 X f SHOPPING and ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Of NORTHEAST ALABAMA TNI aff fII . Q F? ' fii hlgf-I Lf"4 5 'T f f I TS 14 HARRIS T. HORNE HOBERT R. WINTON 231 South Third Street 734 Forrest Avenue Phone LI 6-I40I Phone LI 7-5754 STATE FARM INSURANCE MILTON T CULVER JIM MYNATT I024 Forrest Avenue 'I024 Forrest Avenue HAMILTUN FLORIST 2422 Cansler Avenue Phone LI 61643 Gadsden Alabama H48 GADSDEN BUSINESS course AIbertvlIIe AIabama 210 North Broad Street 213 A South Frith Street Decatur Alabama 213 Ferry Street Phone LI 6 2863 CLAY 3' BFARUEN THE snfnwm WILLIAMS TEXACO srArmN CUMPANY Elmwood Ave Ll 7 1556 228 South Third Street ALABAMA 0IL COMPANY M 313 Rosedvle PAINTS Fora ALL PURPOSES Ll 3-3300 Gadsden Alabama Phone LI 3-4588 Phone Ll 3-4588 is' RAINS T.V. 8: RADIO CO. R.C.A., Admiral, Philco, Motorola, General Electric 300 South Fifth Street Dial Ll 6-5446 J.T. RAINS -- - - e J.T. HICKS CLOTHING C0 HIL' Gadsden's Finest Store for Men, Women, and Children 434 Broad Street GROWING WITH GADSDEN! VJ. ELMORES 5qt-'IOC 8. 254: Store, Inc. 524 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama MALCOM BOAT 81 MOTOR CO. l532 Forrest Avenue Dial Ll 3-5031 East Gadsden, AI b a VAUGHN GULF SERVICE East Broad 8, Seventh Streets Phone LI 71095 f- 2-53 TROY E. WATFORD 81 ASSOCIATE, ENGINEERS AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ALABAMA CITY 213 North 27th Street Phone LI 6-I69I BANK Alabama City Llberty 3-4141 TYPEWRITER 81 KEY SERVICE 114 South Fifth Street Gordon L. James, Owner , MQ... I.. u,anf . PHDNI BID MEDICAL BLDG LIBERTY 3'255B GADSDEN. ALAB GIEGER CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY 412 Chestnut Street LI 3-4971 GADSDEN BEAUTY 81 BARBER SUPPLY CD. 213 South Fifth Street LI 6-5941 I 7? GADSDEN FISH MARKET WHDLEBALE SEA FDUD5 RETAIL 204 North Ninth Street 412 Brood Street LI 5-4515 6 JOHN THOMAS MOTORS, INC. JOHN MILES MOTORS, INC. NESBITT MOTOR COMPANY C 8. S GARAGE YARBROUGH PONTIAC-CADILLAC CO. PIERSON CHEVROLET CO. if you want the best buy possible in a TOP QUALITY CAR DON'T FIDDLE AROUN Head directly for 'tiiuilmimi fitiitimitniiniiig Umim 'Hesnninti n Gadsden, Hlahazvia DON VAN SLYKE MOTORS REX KEELING BUICK COMPANY WIGGINS CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH, INC. ROBINSON MOTOR COMPANY AMERICAN DISCOUNT COMPANY Patrlotusm IS an lmportant fa r our school splrlt Each mornlng'the Unlted States flagts of Gadsden Qpr allegiance Our splrlt of our never dying school splrlt fimoyalty unstllled ln us durmg One of the flrst thlngs learned by the Amerlcan school oy and gurl as the Pledge of Allegiance flag As the young student matures the ns a symbol fthe Ideals each cmzen trlves to uphold And so before each football game and other sportung events Old Glory IS ransec! The stars and strlpes are carrned proudly before each perfor ance of the band The flag IS a guldlng mfluen em school clubs and orgamzatnons Its place wavmg above school as symb llc of Its Importance an th Ives of the students who ha e placed It there COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND I I I -X 0 xx , m S 2 X . . f ' ' ll ' II Q' Q dge becomes more than iust spoken wordsp it I ' II ' ll ' ' I V ' ' I I ICE CREAM 3010? 3' "IF IT'S BORDEN'S, IT'S GOT TO BE GOOD" scmsnousu onus 1 f coMPANv I S 529 Hok Eos? G e free? I udsden 4 esmut S EN ALA LEON IUNES ELECTRIC COMPANY 22I South Third Street Phone LI 3-2582 LITTLE GIANT GRUCERY 81712 ' b D' WINK 8 BOB'S SERVICE STATION I I 00 Forrest Avenue snnmno F ou.f fs "Coll Ll 3-9341 for fast service!" BUDDY'S FLORIST 4I7 South First Street Phone LI 6-5289 -pEZ911" usnv nnuc COMPANY GADSDEN, ALA. Brood Street L. S. BEAIRD, Owner 506 Brood St. LI 3-5787 0 0 1 "sh fl f 'f f M Llbert 3-3326 ftZZT1f?,.Jff3ft',I-'O' Y ISBELL 8: HALLMARK g ' FURNITURE CU. II54 Forrest Avenue --53 YEARS IN WEST GADSDEN- OUT OF THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT" Gadsden, Ala. DIAL LI 3-5669 ,fa If 'TITQ ZZ WOMEN S WEARING APPAREL Brood Street - PHONE Llbe y 6 2484 JACK SAKS Ladies Ready-T0-Wear MILLINERY LINGERIE me .Naf garden HOTEL REICH BUILDING GADSDEN. ALABAMA GIFTS GLOVES BELK-I'IUDSON COMPANY 425 Brood Street DIAL LI 3-4595 FIFTH 8: WALNUT TEXACO SERVICE STATION f,1'E C0 t Ph LI 7-I2II FORD INSURANCE 8 REAL ESTATE CCMPANY, INC. 602 Ch S DIAL LI 6 2861 fpeagfhw X 6,23 mf Lip! ifxp I A X' 84? J M Congratulations CLASS OF 60 K fi X, x f XL 7 E M My 'A Q 1 ., if V K 4, A- I f' J' W ' , " e. . 'A A x E9 . W u f f ,4 ' N XX A 'N 5.19 : L L Q m f f.3 if .ir K N gc I' fl ff f X K Q . EX '4 jr' Ae ' D X Y '-. , my -.Nw V' .,- Q Z ' ' . 4' I N.. .V L' fi - x L X Ku , if X XR -if X X X Q , 'x r 1 f 1 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPA ' fi. 508 Broad Street 'l-V , I: 1 6 1' ' I 2" DIAL LI 6-6861 ili 'I ' SEE US! STANLEY'S MEN srons Us Gadsden, Alabama CALL US! ABERNATHY'S TIRE SERVICE TIRES A YR' RECAPPING 302 North Sixth Street . Phone LI 6-538I GADSDEN, ' ALABAMA A Plousfn ur: a cAsuALrv coumuv Home Office 75I, Forrest Avenue Gadsden, Alabama SERVING AND GROWING WITH SEVEN PROGRESSIVE SOUTHEASTERN STATES B.I.. CARTER, EARL W. LEBO, PFGSICISHI First Vice Pres. 'D Af' I 5 WALIYV O fi N KW I A Q d e ,L X H EA L TH a a 1' TL EU Y' GADSDEN, ALABAMA AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK Use our convenient drive In teller s window Broad at Th1rd 232 Broad ,X 'N lWEpfBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP K' R ! P' 1 fl 1 If L... Luiz' I.. L """" d ltl gg . Lupah' Dla A 1 A Sound Bank and a Good Nezghbor Sznce Organ: atzon n 1911 3 . . . , . f"WF' if 4"'-' , :"a-s . ,, ,L E' f HP .fx , ' 'ag - 5 .3 J' .ii , f 1 D p 1.-I t , "Nr" 0 ,.--.c 4. V- N 5' fji1f':?6QE5'5-3' :'37Q51A,f':' , 1, Q 515,254-'fl gg.- ' -y , -F ,5 ggi' .'14:1-1 lk Lf Ami", ' J .5 fg: .-:-:Q gs.: sf- fu v A4-If-uf. J " :PLL ,.,- ..., ' . "T-2x:?Qi- ' 5: 2-M 1'-S ,---4--7-1 '-. Q., . : 1 .nr " 3.5 . ' ,ZA sv! 1 .P gf?-.-f'7,fJx, , A -' '- " A-!: - - JL 1513- 1.1 jr? 'A .- , - ,g - -FE' - .. xl 'I I - 9.5: '- Y -wa N :Q h ' - u '35CElg1 - WE, fi 1 A f Le,-63,513 jf V. !1fg9'g,g-:1 ' I ': -'lg ' , Q, U"-:wi V . " E 7 ' --44 4. V - ir 2 . - . .Z . i GADSDEN'S GIFT C E N T E R f i "The senior class officers receiving their rings" C.F. HUFFMAN Xi SUNS IEWELERS 22132 d S t iholnfmlgl 3-2191 GADSDEN IRON 81 STEEL CU., INC. 7 ,I 5 QQ: J B B k Ll 6-3324 2201 N h 22 d S THE M 8: A ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractors 234 soU'rH s'rH STREET GADSDEN, ALABAMA Phone LI 6-1625 ESTABZSHE TAYLUR HUGHES VARIETY STURE MAGIC TUNNEL CAR WASH est Avenue COLIER BUTLER FUNERAL HOME BAMA SUPER MARKET LAD 8: LASSIE CHILUREN'S SHUP dSfreet 81 I SERVICE STATION E GADSDEN ALA P LI39320 FOR ALL YOUR MUSIC NEEDS PIANOS BAND INSTRUMENTS ORGANS MEET ME AT THE DRUG STORE AFTER SCHOOL "GRAHAM S OF COURSE GRAHAH'S DRUG STORE II45 Walnut Street Gadsden, Al b lNVESTgE!:v?g:ERSlFlED DRY CLEANING Charles F Hoffman A H A ' ' ' TELEPHONE LI 6-1191 General Manager HUDGEN'S FINE EUUDS LUVEMAN REALTY COMPANY 735 First Avenue II5 South Fourth Street H.R. ASHLEY PLUMBING 8: HEATING CU. SCARBURU PHUTU SERVICE 301 Elmwood Avenue II8 South Sixth Street 5 SINGER SEWING YOUNG'S CIEEHIQI' CLUTHERS 618 roa treet MACHINE CU. "You'll Never Look Old in Young's Clothes" HAGEDORN 81 COMPANY "Gadsden's Outstanding Store Since 1887" 413 Broad Street Phone LI 6-2883 -I MTW ' ,A "Come In and See Us At The Pig!" ATTALLA -i--1 GADSDEN ---- - EAST GADSDEN LUKE'S DRIVE IN BAR-B-0 L.B. CHEMICAL CIIMPANY I2I North Third Street LI 3-9428 I0 East Broad Street . LI 3-2214 RUEBUCK SI'IOE REPAIR SHUP na south Fifth street East Gadsden, Alabama LI 6-2272 RAINBOW BOWLING LANES Gadsden, Rainbow Drive Phone Ll 7-3811 Alabama ETOWAH ABSTRACT COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama 'Titl Is Vital 312 Ch st t St t 'Q' SERVING ETOUAH COUNTY SINCE 1907 RUTENBERG'S G U A R A N T E E 410-412 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama The Most Walked About Shoes ln Town!" The School of H' h lnltgigrity And A Good Reputation! KAY'S GLAMUUR BAR 236 South Fourth Street Ll 6 1321 l.AVERTY'S PIANO COMPANY 932 Forrest Avenue , f'f!1x: S' f ',ltv S Pianos, Organs, Band Instruments . Y V ' , ,tl mum i , I ' ,, s--Z BEST WISHES from PERSUNAL LOANS Medical Bldg Phone Ll 6-5268 Visi1The FIRST NATIONAL BANK COMPLETE Banking Service SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CHECKING ACCOUNTS TRUST SERVICES CHEXCEL ACCOUNTS ALL TYPE LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES DRIVE IN TELLERS AMPLE PARKING AREA ,bunny aff. bdula, 114441607 sol snow ST IW' 2.22 9 I .121 an ulfjz IQJIMILI gg 'A F1rstNat1ona1'Bank ' yga:'7Y"15':?+Lv ku oawsusn Annum N 1 X, 4 'QUE' 4. waz W h1 Member F D I C wzfwljg ' w - . - , ---ffA-717' " Y- V. . V ' L- ,. '- , - f, ef- ., , ,. 1 ' :MM-?' 1'-11 ff? . i- - v .'.- ,W 45 3, -il---li1 A ' QMZZ. f 'I E Y 5' : "' ZVZVVK - .4 Tux" - " 545 ST a I -- A .. za K .4 ,an Lgf M, 2: ,,i U Z, -A N .. -L Zi , 5-5-5 ,, P--9-gp -.- .I ,, . . fp " -' A H' up v' -1,5 M "ii 'M'-KI If - --, Ili, Y, ,AAL '1,,Mf,v-ig-1QIlQ'5JL 'i-1 -HQ . ?-,bfi-. ,.,- ' ,K ,,., 1 . "-0452. ,2, ,,g f ' -' -A:-17: 1 I M H . - . . , , fm, X, M , M 0 , '-3,12 ww , , ' 4, V' Q .1 !..L.fU 4 M J M ,fy -53Z'7,f7l,h, A , , . . . . 421 1 'txx 'LX Yxf.:x,,Sf Q IS x I, XX --.XX Av . D 4 4 n f M ' n .Lv X B d St f Phone Ll 3-3746 C.F. CROSS 81 SONS JEWELERS 426 Brood Street LI 6-5012 'it' --:J , X IIO North 27th Street ALABAMA CITY ALABAMA UNITED STEEL WORKERS of AMERICA LOCAL UNION NO 2176 PRESIDENT JACK RYAN VICE PRESIDENT ROY E SWAFFORD RECORDING SECRETARY GEORGE PALMER FINANCIAL SECRETARY L C WALDROP TREASURER L W GRAY HARRIS MEN S SHOP CONGRATULATIONS SENIORSI AND MAY EACH ONE OF YOU HAVE 433 Brood Street ALL OF THE HAPPINESS AND L 63191 PROSPERITY THAT YOU DESERVE' Gadsden AIobomo A FRIEND GIFCO HEATING AIR CONDITIONING CO 224 North Frfth Street LI 7 6I4 Gadsden, Alabama 7 I - , il--COMPLIMENTS OF I -I CULUNIALTSTURES TIME TO GROW, - TIME TO GO TO MCMAHAN NURSERY 81 GREENHOUSES 1614 Alabama Avenue Gadsden, Alabama Telephone Ll. 3-3771 or Ll. 3-2546 gfffflf LADY KAY'S manic suor IIY 1 . b . ' , 2325 Ram ow Drsve 6"'Z---A AT C fly located In R b Shopping Center!" Lake Rhea Road DIAL Ll 6-7561 DIAL JE 8-7126 HOTEL REICH S DIAL Ll 3-4551 Comoliments of XXXXX XCARPENTEWS X X X N x XMI: 1371 N PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY BUSINESS AGENT TRUSTEES 1532 Forrest Avenue Gadsden Alabama W R MASHBURN R B FRANKLIN O E STEWART GEORGE CARMEN A O SITZ H R REID CARL BALLARD X EAST GADSDEN BANK SOI East Broad Street LI 6-3326 EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA "For all of your banking needs!" RAINBOW SKATING RINK RAINBOW DRIVE LI 3-4069 "Take your date for a skate!" GADSDEN, ALABAMA SKATE! SKATE! SKATE! SKATE! SKATE! AGRIOOLA FURNACE OO. JOE L. MOORE 81 CO. REALTORS Le-I' us iff solve the X mystery BOWEN ELECTRIC COMPANY INC bo e Phone LI 3 4272 Gadsde a NEHI ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING COMPANY 2IOI Forrest Ave ue Phone LI 35812 SINGLETON PLUMBING 81 HEATING COMPANY Hake St eet East Gadsde AI b a COOSA GAS COMPANY II50 Forrest Avenue Phone Ll 6 0443 SOMBRERO DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 3204 Forrest Avenue Phone Ll 39244 The entire student body of Gadsden High School would like to take this opportunity to thanlr all of the business firms and organizations that have given us not only financial aid but also co operation with clubs and organizations by giving us flow ers for assemblies furniture for our school plays and aid with our magazine campaign We realize that you play an integral part of our growing school and community We urge the students to pat- ronize the fine merchants that use our annyal as an advertising medium. REX KEELING Business Manager, BUICK COMPANY East Broad Street East Gadsden, Alabama THE END ,fjf ,n I F"-fif3Z33?i?i57Z3::154 .N 11 A 5554 faery:-.ep if Dear Patrons: 'fi ' exsn-L J! Q. 1' X"G,ve'1-a , - I I Rain w Driv fl, Al bama I I n . . . . - I I I I' n, a am . fs COPELAND GLASS C0 212Sou1h Fourth Street Phone Ll 6 5256 G L A S S EOR EVERY PURPOSE Auto Gloss Mirrors Pittsburgh Pom? 8. Gloss . Store Fronts BENNY'S STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY 227 Broad Street LI 6-3386 Ll 6-3387 Benny's mastermind in photography has been constantly at work again this year trying to create new ideas to bring out the very best in each student and faculty member of Gadsden High. TO THE I960 CLASS, ANNUAL STAFF, AND FACULTY: MAY I THANK YOU PERSONALLY, AGAIN THIS YEAR FOR PER- MITTING ME TO FILL YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC NEEDS. GOOD LUCK AND MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU! BENNY BENEFIELD 1 I. N5 QXQU X S CK f Qs XE X N MV Q Your yearbook IS published only ONE tame Let Paragon produce It so that nt will be a true picture of the times with pictures that sparkle and design that enhance Call the Paragon Man flea 455 Sign ol: GOOD PRINTING an LITI-IOGRAPI-IY Producers of HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE YEARBOOKS MILITARY PUBLICATIONS L1 11,1 by """'sfv '-X N-P fu hz, ll"l'IQ1I I ffl' " 4,,,g.4,,s.- -mer ij aragun ress Lxtbograpbea' and Letterpress Yearbooks for over 25 Years 34 ADAMS AVENUE MONTGOMERY ALABAMA If ' ,Z g K W1 -,.x-A , n 5 X SV in , . .O X S Y QL X :X c, Q2 S' r it "I Xfex X 'X- " ' X anax X . X EN d ss- x X35 X Xe O ixfeesfe V' O f- ,J A ' O X 2 Vrvv . U "" ' '- -xxvxf-'QQ R gi t .X Qiff., .5 Xxg O72 iixfx -A Xxcecj IT 'VII ' Vx' A' "-If - 'nl ' I X :Ig pm 1 K ' I I I U , fQmQ17'XXr f I, -f . '- ,L'I" I ,efxexxw I 2 L, O .ff A ', .Q " IV. 'v "-If rl . . :TV .f . ' 1' ' ' U 1 A 1, pm 1' Os, , illltlri ' is fy , Xi Y, --- ' ' ' ,JI ' Al I I 'T' . II 5' ' ' ' 2-'I 3 " . . .I qi., as T 0, 4 'f lI'1fs ff- 'J' 4- . i. ' ' ' ' - ws ' - , . nyc!!! , my J A I -wi ,I .Q of .- e-ent ., ' " 'If - - , ' - 'Z' . 221' lllzv A- f 4: sz - ' -Q flax lgii ,1 I 1 'gp 1g f' ,, A 'ff' ,, , 111- ' A. 'IL all ' Tr? Ii Il 'n pm, A' sf, . A 9 L ,fb L . , :A -I .A H4 ,r - nf 9 r ' fl, . M.. ' - - "fs"-,"-' "LA r, . ' ' 1 , V'-.1 ' --' F 1 T ' I A U 'IUCRA PHS A U T01 JIM PHS M x Qiwaff' .QI X ' 1 X A w .J X9 3 N l XY Y xl T E f 5 Q X N . X Xl , Ng YJ . -C3 XXL X , P1 Xiu, , i N, ,A , KX - f X mi 3 PX Q, 'Y X 'KJ xx N Y! 'N W jx X J I X, N T, X Mr N qw .2 xt V N jf vi f

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