Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL)

 - Class of 1957

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Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 268 of the 1957 volume:

5 W M' Part. sprala Trur. l'ilIIjt YV1 um K..m,.m Q, K L .A N355 5 s fulluw fbi' illlflf L ftf W xg ,N A iw s lx 2 ,gn-nd' i 4,-up-sf ?X Y . 1, In V f w. i Ph..-H KNXWCE 'K X in in K th ,., A .kkw Q, ' .4 N, WJ.:-'I NM,-i3,,,.i , Sp 5, 1 Xxx x 6 Axe.: Ei ws , :fy J K if-5 P .M- J' A 'Rx SiN X , r , sis Y, i f.. - ..'4' 'W ,-ww... N., 'Elks 1957 Serriur Gllzrss zmh Glrwzihle giiizrff present usa-ii nf the 51311113 Cgrzril 'K f '55'i-Si f' aff' VR. ff 254 4, MIL yi' 4041 g42'..2'Y I A.:-.1-f. i , .,- ,ii-.,,.,,,,,,,,,,--f,14gyA .f-:gm ' ' ' J ,,,.v- . . ,V "Tia - 'X v, ,."e's5'fI:ffly ,. is if 1 'N xx, V 5. n, V - '74 2- ,.-g31-- is-' nf' -,. 1gfs fl . 41 ff iff' 5.4 f -1 LK,- :- Q, J , f 1,2 . Y.-:P-Qi 5' - ms ,J- Zl gg , -,' x 5: V , V ar, ,Q 3 .-si , U , -J ,-I ' Y r ,T-R ' 'rf " V 5, J. "Q ':l. , I . 1 2.1, Q . I, ,ip , ,F-1 I 1- If I .4 -.v -'- K rv " 1 , , , '--r ' ,Av 1.5. , ,, N f V -J . f ' ,- xg ff-4 4 -f X. f 'T T gif P in ge nlhe fgzrhshen MARION SHEPPARD . . . ..,,......,..,., Editor VICKY MARTIN ...... ...... C o-Business Manager MORRIS CAMP ....,. ...... C o-Business Manager 2 ALMA MATER Orange and Black, our dear old colors Faithful we will be, Living to our motto ever, To do our part for thee. Ever loyal, firm and true, Ever on we'll go Year by year The ages Through Because we love you so. On our ciTy's western border, Reared against The sky, Proudly stands our Alma Mater As the years go by. Ever loyal, firm and True, Ever on we'll go Year by year The ages through Because we love you so. x .NFL-QTX ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ...,I44 JUNIORS I I I SOPHOMORES I I ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ,.,, ACTIVITIES II FEATURES I I GRADUATION I I ADVERTISEMENTS I I I I KING ARTHUR I I I I IKNIGHTS I I I ISQUIRES IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPAGES ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD I I I IFEATS OF ARMS I I I I I I I .COURT FESTIVITIES CHAMPIONS AND DAMSELS I I I I I I I ,THE HOLY GRAIL I IYE OLDE MERCHANTS FGREWORD ln doys of old, when King ArThur reigned supreme ThroughouT BriTion, The coveTed honor of o KnighT of his Round Toble vvos desired by every young mon. Eoch boy chosen by The King enTered The courT os o pogeg ofTer o period of Time he become o squire. Then prov- ing himself vvorThy of The honor, he vvos knighTed by King ArThur ond given o ploce oT The Round Toble. Eoch KnighT's oim vvos To obToin The cup from which ChrisT dronk oT The losT supper, The Holy Groil. As The KnighT's oim vvos To obtoin This cup, so our oim is To obToin The Cup of knowledge. ng. wx W E SS x ., I, X 'N QA -fi.. Q W .Q N X sp x .. W, SE RN -s Ni? M in Q' .. wk wi y . 15 5 2. f f .,.. ,, I .fi gifggfn fe Q ' L , MW ,kexggffh .lsikffflyy 5' X -x -'iii H , ,P 'en ' ' , 4 ' -1. v v 44' G au., we 9 xxx K !"'fQi!!'W'zQ.1N6. as 51 Siwu Ni"'T3" my vga www-vm em : i 5 SM s tv at if 331 ff , " -W Li N K wg, .. -Y -P 1:1 Eff- :"'15l'f Si' 67 Q' , . , .. 'ii i ff: Eri- v- 4 " RaW? -...-. 3 TW gi 2 iI1uiniE1irz1iiu11 ,, W.-, -' - - " ' 21 "xg,-'vliv'xu,.1w--so-:ar-H 4-,gmt - - Q ....I I I. 1' g'-"J, -' 'i"Im..g5g . -. .,. f - , - Q- 'V V Q" 1 , I - II . I . I . I QQ, 2 - ".""-?'1f7I.'-f 'fav'--"vg1.'5gag1:i1'gf,Jf,.fI M483 . Y ,gag 1.5? 'f?II,-?'jII-IQ"f'?'-52 'f71ff1 2':"ffg?TT.'..f 1 - -. - 9 .4 . - L -.A-:ff--: f- - . - -"fF""'. . -' - ' iw 3'5P1v'-?-rfr--- L-A Q - ' - -' .':P-ii?"-'ffkfz-'f.Jf"q'. - 1. f . --i7-gv1rS.?.t.-4-r.-'TY-14. .V--ff.-12 i .fir " -- " ?2'k?.a?75-ff. ,., ..w.,,f -. .- x f 'N'- . . , gy-. S?-all-I . I I ., .my-.1--I,-g-x -'..,. 'K 'Y?'.. --1 - - v.f?,:aqX4.,.v,. .,- +I,-I.-IIv,. I, ' -I " 'LI ."!,-, v-' .I 1' - ,- Ig I . ami-:,. VI:1,II.fu-g.'1- V:,g,ji,Vff.,f---'.:jn..2- V,- ' . -5 , .. 34,9-'Aff-pq-L'i' ' f - I In .re . ..-- fl., . -"":i'.::gQss-A 'afar-in-1.--f . f-ar'-ggaqqggglsg-1--' - 4 :IV IV VII. , IV VVVV .I..-,.,I VII ... . . If VIII. VV V .. I ,I P3"1-,'f'.'.-"'.. ,, .- " - " - - "V ' - ' ' ' ' ' VJ' .- .- " , lrk-it-EY '-CI. "Ti -- ' 'ff 'I-. " V , 1- ' ' " ' ' f ' ' --5 ,,. 'Q V V - ,. . f ' Z, ' '- "" '- HI' . V .J . -'- .1 ,'2E:1gffig.5.-if-r - .. .. , . . , ' I I' ' . . .H L -f,fgg.','.P1' -P-. 1 nf 5 ' - " . -rn, I. ' ---- -.I q -.....,... - , 4 - ' IV 5,c.,1Vg..,,- Lt .,, V VV, V, , . II I VV- VV- a- - f .- : VV. ' , wg-riff.: 3 m ars ... - . -. . zg - - - ,, - .. ., I. I .. .V SI VVV. ,ISI I .IVV . , I , f-- as.: ' f, ,-w, . ' '-. - .3-rf ,gp K .- . ' - In - .Q-152, -Q . '22-'fJfr'4'f.',iif4. ' ' ' 1' K' ' ', .-A I . " 7" ::5f51,i-57,2-fri ' 5 - '. ' ' ' M- ?"'Ew.1- '1 - - ' 'J . ' JT 35.4.1 110- ff' Jr' " Q 1' X I. I RIT' I- -. ' " . .4'.x4 ,. n...1 . , I . . u, , -.r-gs.. , I . ' --" K- --'1' . f. . ,7'1t.1L : N3 - -- 'CHE-if "NX , V V5 ,. , I . . I - I A ti yd! .. - I . .4 .g...4.f-..- .,'- . . ' -..-I--L-.--Q-Nm. .- J, . -L.-I :S -. ' - H - f-.1-Q? .. siwfiff - 1 . - 4 ',4"f"nf-.1- 2-'Z l -' I ' .- '-2 , .. "f-,f:'f,""'I,"?3-,'f-'-'FZ' -"' - " 5 - 1 ' - A f '. -. - - ' 4 ,e.'.1.: mi-.v - - . ' ' E -1- 1:5 . -1 . - 1 I W -' 1-:fwfr g . 3- ' .-A T..-.9 ' - . A -. Q- ' - -.1 .. . A Ir- 5 . - 4 - L A -' - 51.5, :rw 'ff ' Q - . Q -. JI" . L f ' . , . - -. ,... "v: 4 1. - - f.:m,., 'Q .ggi 2? :I ' 4. '- Q .. Q 3 . - 'I V. '--- . -. - '- '- . - -, .i.--...Pi 7-:,I 5.1 , ,I ' I 5 ff ,- .2 .-V - . 3 f . F,-1 if Q Lx g- .' 1 '- ' ' f ' ' ' J-I IV,,v ,I VI " ,- Qf'-LE . - fi . ' f.' Iffff' 'I "mf" I , -f 293' - if 'I . . ' . ' 41.-.1 '-15' . ' is g,f'I, . .. .4 . F' .f:,lV,:IV . 'I I . - uf-5-Q J 'I,, "rw Q- ' I '-Yf'- "ff, . - ,I ,VI .. -I I, . ji I3 I ,tm 1--GPIVEI I.: , rg . V,,j,'??f,x3.fII . gf f1u'Lf5s:'i- - vflbsq- ILV 5 II "F 4' -7:-,-u MQ' - .32 V. . L.-ff'-aVq,V: . -. "' Iz'I .' V. . "wif EL 3 . .Q at V 1VVj r. ..-.1 - . --f".',1'T."'-x. 'pw ,' 5-V, iaith. .Nz Mr' VI. .-. .' 'Kfai 1. 4 .1 -ff ' .' -'+I . 'R' 3 1. '7 " . 4-.3-3 -" . .-.-2.3 -t'5'K 41- ., J: fs., I. '- iiyE3p1'- J-e,-Q3-2 k VIC, g gi . . . 'IV' +,V', I., Q 4,-,iv EKV7' , . F"-'Q 'Q 5-'S , .i'PfE,?' .. ss - VIS. . ., . VV,,VV , 'r 5 .IV. .- . . . 1121: -s..: - 5 .,.. . 4 1 1 ..- .'r 5' 1 I I! F - ' .: 1 5. 3 Q' -f 5 , .I I, . -1 , 'A .56 . ,VII . V, ..r-- ni Iii . ff j ff 'f . , . ' Q 1 V IIa ."'2 -1 - rw ' ' VI I . -,353 -. . .VI GVIIVVV V . . an " '-'f"?'f - ff' L,'-3. .: .I,4-. I ..-'. - .. ' '1, . . ' I-.xnlt .III,,,. . . , 'fufv 3'2" kg- ' 1 " J. . .v.5,. , . if-'sf ' af-311 .f .. 'N - 'S 1--if 1--. za. 9'-il w N 'if . Q." ,WJ 'gg 2 III. - 2.4.1.-.1 - YJ? IVV uv,-ff nn, .. Ah, . .fiiiw ' A- . ,QQ j. ' ' IA ' g5Vr'fI-VI IV I'- -1 sf f 1 - . 3 -- -Iysg. -QW 'Y I . . , 'Q.I-.7:'l- ' j ' ffwirii'-ia '-'17 - 22 Q ML' ' an ' ' -. 14" Eiga "" 5? 'X WH. x 3, Af.- V....51y.-I f f Fi, far iff- ,J ",4 ,. pw. t 'If -'fsfffx 1 .. ,I T' lE's-ing' .1 'H f iii'-2.-L gf- 'L Us 3' .-J':.4gt-!.'5f-. "'1?.?T""'f"Ui,iQ ?'3ir. .Aj 53553-5,Vw N! sh E- ...g,,II ,. . J .iw ir! L ,JJV , . . gh-r-.r - - ,rs- 1 -W"- : - l- -' :v ' fu- f '. J.. , f-IS. . 14. . 4 . -'fffa4.f+-f'-.LM -ff '- - f , mf.-1'-. w ' -.1-ez--253-1-' ' ' V1 '. V,- V ' if ,ij - V. ,V.. f- ,- -U.. 7 . , , - gf.. A- ,I ,I .gifrvri -. " ' - :i"' . . IV V V VV , I',,- QI2. I- ',QIfQ,1.I . .-.,-1-EG-. I V'..'. ...V-yy, . fri-'EV 1.1: '- ' 'qrk L" 'J 'G '79, -'gwz-.M 'Y cw-H. .. . LT-RQ , - -. 'Snag'-"i'-'i ' .- ,,,. m, 53.13. 113' I3 ,gr . A 1 1 -ny, A - .1 ungi .. .VVVVVVV P-U' 1 if rf' . .II , He. -..?1"f ,Ihr 51. 1- ,If 1- .n . .461 .1 fha! b ,T e - 1 ' f .. . Qi I , :I , -,., N V V V V I V III I MA '!""'4g I i-V V, VV-:" I ,' M h ' '. . ' --- R1 '--....,ff" ' " . 9 'N " ' V ff? : A' 1 w4mq?:5iIf '-. -.,V -,." Ii i?-.qsff - -A-" A I -1 4:1 If:-3 vi .P J-7 3-, V ld! 7 MI, yn In - '-49' 'K' f 1' - - L. 1 - ' 'MV-'-' - ",, ht . 9 . vs' sk tif' 'R' "2-4 Uv" - u V 41 51-Q23 If rv I " if 2, -I - . 1 - - -f . 'sw-if .w -w 'ffm-1 f' ' F 'J Munn V " tw V I : b VI V I I v II ' X f. " I s ' - A 5 N QW,-wwr.JL"f. , ,IV . I, W' " QTY: J: 5 1' ' L 4' I. L' f ' 17" V .z' ., -r"F - .5 N x'f'+T""3". . -. M. M- -.2 -5 " - Q. " '1 . .av .I ' A 'H .1 '69, F'2gQ:'?.s':p ,.i1Igi. r-.I-3 " - ..-..- ' F in w. f VI '- P, 7ff..- 1 I X I- i ' fl f ails 4I.'HK7G,-Q.. - , ' ,, . N ' wwvw 'fl 'W' y L . II-',. -. I .pg-. ' 'I-'32'.I,1II: 'gi' 1"-gg 1 " "'...q5 .. 1. it zu' .- --'F A ."- v1.2-"'f'5'f"k ' U . , 27 :- 2-TT... W' " 32.4. 5 F X J M " " 4' M ' .-nr!-na.:-.-N ' - N. -- - .I 325-I:L'35,., .53 x- ,rpg-I .. .Ast ,., I- M H . ' ' ' ' -' fa-Sixigs fI'-a,Q..'1 " V"f'LI ,I-. If- Q' 'Q' . 'ii' VV '-:ffl 'S AF x . - 2, -' 1--5' ' 'VJ' ' -j' ' 'I '. L I P -,'?:?"9- ,ff 4' -- , 7- 1- MQ ' , f Y ,pp - ., ,-uf ' 3 4.-- ' .ggdf . f- . -ru ' -' 51 M.. f n . .v--,..... 'fa in "Ay 1 ff 'f-A 'f ' ww - ,. F 17 Q1 95 5' ' W- . :Ii N- . ' ' aa, 1 Lv' I ' IV 1 ' I3 - Af!!! ' 1: V 9 -. R ' F Q 'TJ' 'i -hi .f ,II " ' ,I -. , .f . 1- ff L - . -' ' -' ' I.VI .,,f . 91,40 I VI. gi ,I VV I. VI, ,E , g III V Vs II, mf? 4 .- VV IV X . '- -' . 1 .. - I?.'gQ.'.r'f ' fc f . ' - Q 53- ' V - .Ha J . , .- IVV t ' I I7 vs, I J' 6.5, 5 ' ' NW-'Y' f I-1:5-aw , I 4 If f' 9 ...W . - , -. .. ' ".,,,"- 11 III, . -4 ' W -. -- - - . ,- 1" ' - 1 . Q 1.--'-' , , L- ,-v- - -'af' , J is . f P' J -. -.I - I -1-4'.....- .. ,fl--., . f .-1' -1 f ca- M - - I J - .- 1 - J' JA if!! .V . 'ftp' 3 .LW uLs5qif'." I my Q . J' 137,13-x - 5 I v 1. I V ,IV ,I V -.I-fn! RVVSI VV. ,, .f -A va' 5' -' Ig.. fn- fi, - . 5.-W '- f- '7 ity, , " ig- 'A fM.fl.1V1QQ f 'UI - I I W ' ' 5---'.-,. 4- ' ., ' , . -. Ny' III, .Lf 'W I Q, ' . ' 535 ' A"'f-feega... " ' f- MR-1 - ., , "ww -if 'A ' "1--'rfb-n -JY' V '. -ef: 'Ni' zz.. - , V I'1:. vi" ' 'L ' 1 1 " II . .I . Whig VVV ll ny YQ 1 'Vs - .,VIIg,,4..gyHVII,. '- 1 4-XII! ' 54 'ft J Jn, II I VV 4 Q -. -. . . . .. , ' ,",'f I " ' rI , 1 ' is ' - iff, 'ZZ ,Q -' ,..'-,yy-L 1.51. . I f PQIVVII-f.?3" ff' . 4 QI VI-rf.-,.. Mx! ' Q'-' .5 -Q . -- 1 ' , ,--. 1. f-24.1.14 wif" -aj -- As , K " f19?'f Hy' 'P I. - . - -, ' ,C f ' ..- . . , " C' z. ' 'ANN N' "" Rf U "...4f' L- 6 "3 ' I rig- , f 1 x T vvir I W 5 F I ' f iv 'g H I. I ' ,I ' 1 g p ' ' ,- . .u as f-. f QMWLIVVVVII Q VIL , V. V V .1-fer.-VV :PV VI A 4, ,I-VIII I :Inv I Wei ,I . V VV 'I -V .Vp N V . VI: I I 'VV . 1'-. ' -0 .1--. . ' ' ' ' ""'z, 'ff ' - . . ,.. I pf 4 . 2' V 1 -W EIVV 92' IVVV 'IVV I. px - I , VV , VVVVVV VI P, Q , 'IV -1' I ,VI - '- '- - ' M 'za-5 .tk V. " '.,',-J 5. P-' ' ,' A . --Z 'F 5 -L .ww Q uynzv-. P' ' - I.. , .egg V - -1 f ' L V I I 1, . I VVVVVIVVIVV I-IV-f--AV , ,I a .1 I px - N f- .. -- ' ...W ' -- -. . .:-W.. - - ww '.-W -f 1"-1-flaw ' ' . - ' ? A ' if -I ' 'W :PT 'jg 0 A "'-'W' ' N da-Yffzf .. iwflf' .,. II, ' Q' 4 Y ,I J-IVV-. -. ' IVV.f VVIL: .Ve gigs,-V,5f 4 ' V-54,-' . I 1. r' . in . - ff.. , f . .M ff' - - - V "'. . ' . . -- ' '- fe'-' 1 1I...y' ' if P -' W' 'P . . 5-5111 E ' .. Y - . ,.r' ' ' 'Q' "I. ' Q: " -' Nw Amie. f 'wililirz , ' - - -. .' .. - . -I - . q,,I.-j'I. - - .I ' I jj .. I. . . '. jg .- -I-.- . I Wqfvvwakhwg-,Quik 4, if V i, Ie IV.. I, .--, V 3 VV., ,. -Riy 'M II .,II' . jf ' Q 3 .:, ,JI - i ' ,, .. 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' .' ..,.I:.-, '- .:'.Q:'4 .' .I--I N ' " - 1'-.1 f .basl-Q Fgiu- .".I- -'ww-Lg-..'k.4LQ+W5"'-. +'-i'hJ?f'f'- X- , --nz' .JI ...-1'-'4,.v.f',-.QL :M-9'2L'1:' 5 ' - . , . ' 1 4 'LEE' f f -M - . f'-1, 'I 3. ' . rx .. vhvfn. www, ?xI4I,,IaI,,,.. ,IL I VI V IIV.IIII .I, I,.:..II., , .I XMI. 13, , ,I In it ghd IU.. II ,-1 ff f - . .1 .-- , .. .i 2 . fx . er.. 1 9, A '. -. .1 -'. -- -. I , . ' I - 4 -, L 5 - 4 wb. An .Im J. -I, A. .YI .. I I .L XM 4-.-'N Y. -,..,-.41-if Ig flip-. ivy.:-14:1 4..-'L r- - . 5 - 1. 4 Ly- 1 A .-,L S gin! , fu 7 +P' VVVVi?f:-f--VI,V,5. V-I VI, VV I.I .V..-.VI.r-,nIL- IV II -V I 5 . If -x , - . I V VII, Isnbgc-I. ,I VVQVI ..1, .I 'xy .-.IV-',.n,pI Rf-pm, If-. I , V QI f Vx. It r I 1.VLI',tV3-mg' ,II V, I , .. I ' fu.. -"-,, 4,1 I --- W N- .. . E E 'wa - -A --: - .-.-w.-r : ' -rw . .' . ,. Q. .. 's V... , . I , 1. II A. I .1 . ,IV . . 'K' f.' , -ir ' A LL, ' . 1: - 159 232. -.4 .L --'D - , 31 .1151 ADMINISTR TIO I. J. BROWDER Superintendent of ihe Gadsden City Schools LAND WALTER G. NELSON ALLEN C. CLEVE l Direcior of Purchasing, Maintenance and Transporiaiion Direcior of Research and Guidance 'IO ADIVIINISTRATIO D. C. WADSWORTH Chairman of the Board of Educaiion W. F. BYRD GEORGE W. FLOYD FRANK J. MARTIN Board of Educoiion Board of Education Board of Education J. D. SAMUEl.S MERTIE MAY MOORE JEAN BAKER TODD Supervisor of Instrudion Supervisor of Music Supervisor of Art Board of Education-W. D. McNAIR CND? Picfuredj PRI CIP L Through his sincere and lc' d in assistance, Mr. F. T. Dobbs, Principal ot Gadsden High School, has gained the trust and respect ot each of the Student Body. Mr. Dobbs became our Principal in l948. He received his B.S. degree in l93O from the University of Alabama and in l94l was graduated from Peabody College with his M.S. degree. To Mr. Dobbs, we wish man mo h ' y re appy years ot prosperity. 12 KATHRYN ABERCROMBIE B.S., University of Alabama M.A., Peabody Library Science DOROTHY BLACK BS., Jacksonville State Algebra BILL ABSTON B.S., University ot Alabama Physical Education JUNE MOORE BUGG A.B., University of Alabama Graduate Work, Peabody English CAROLYN BELLENGER A.B., Goucher English MARTHA KNOWLES BULLOCK BS., Jacksonville State Physical Education TRUDIE BENTLEY V B.A., Blue Mountain College English EULA B. BUMPERS AB, Alabama College MA., University ot Alabama Mathematics The Facult CHARLENE BURTON 8.5. in C.8tB.A., University of Alabama Business Education ALBERT M. GIRTEN A.B., University of Alabama Driver Training CHAPPELL COUCH University of Alabama Registrar M. M. GLOSSER Eastman School of Music J. R. DAVIS BB., C.E., Auburn Mathematics PHILIP WAYNE DRASH B.A., Vanderbilt Phychology B.S.M., Cornell College M.M., University of Wisconsin Ed.D., Michigan State College Band Director JACK GREEN B.S., M.A., University of Alabama Physical Education EDSEL L. HAND B.A., Howard College B.A., Jacksonville State College Music 14 KENNETH HERLONG Howard College Commercial Math THELMA l-IILLHOUSE A.B., Huntingdon College Home Economics JOHN KING B.F.A., MA., University ot Alaba Art ROBERT LAMON B.A., M.A,, Peabody Social Science IDA BELLE LEATH A.B., Shorter College Science l'TlC1 ERNESTINE LEVI A. B., Huntingdon College Social Science ELIZABETH LAMON B.S., Jacksonville State College M.A., Peabody History VIRGINIA LUKER B.S., University of Alabama History 15 GLADYS G. MURPHREE B.S., Jaclcsonville State College Business Education RICHARD C. SCHMITZ B.S., University of Alabama Diversified Occupation FRED NEWCOME B.S., NLS., Auburn Physical Education ERA SEWELL BS Howard College English LENA PENTECOST B.S., Jacksonville State College English GLADYS SMITH B.S., Texas State College Diversified Occupation MARY ELLEN SCHMITZ B.S., Jacksonville State College History STELLA D. TODD B.S., Jacksonville State College Science 16 MARGARET E. TURNER A.B., Maryville College Business Education LUVERNA WAID B.A., East Texas State M.A., University of Alabama Spanish, English MAUDINE B. WHITE A.B., University of Alabama English ANNE WILLIAMS B.S., Alabama College Home Economics JERRY WATFORD B.S., University of Alabama Physical Education DOROTHY WOODWARD B.S., Jacksonville State College Business Education KATE M. WATSON Dietician NOT PICTURED JAMES O. DAVIE B.S., M.S., Universitylot Alabama Mathematics 17 FACU LTY f Pffvfp ms? Wm HAP ,Q ,wwf orllf 60,966 040:4,.'.?5P6- !Z'yd0!?5 I A' -6? f 3 cj' 6065 TEA N2 cofff 0e"6cr A45 12119006 7715 .s4.-vwaas gig awe- waeswaffmfer XS' mfs Aviv 1fazw4s:f.67va4ff4 Mmm DMI 73 547'.' i A pf SNAPS hfdlfll 007 Ok 110021 5441.46 New 0 , 1' 4300 2314? Z3 .. 3 ln IP 64,9499 f H , ,.... 4 4 , 4 !!Mf007F01?f4 PDJ6 EIEAAU ggiiov, 652 20 . .T 1 4 :fn fi 9: .'?,' SENIOR CLASS HISTGRY Listen dear Seniors and you will hear Of the feats and failures of the past four years So here now is a quick review Of what you did and what you'll do. ln Junior High we knew we'd make a hit When at last in Gadsden High we'd sit, Our Freshman year revealed to us Our Stunts and talents weren't quite good enough. Then to our Sophomore year we flew With Algebra problems we couldn't do, But in our eyes was still that gleam For Stunt and Talent Show, we started to scheme. To win first prize and show the rest That we Sophies could still be best. Too bad our theme, "South of the Border" By the iudges was ruled out of order. So we came to those happy Junior days With chemistry and high schools plays But here's what really made us sing We finally received our high school ring. Our Junior float would have taken first prize But alas the judges failed to arrive. Stunt Night was eliminated, but we survived Still somehow our talent couldn't be revived. And so again, we did not place - Once more we kept our smiling face. And now the day arrived at last We found ourselves in the Senior Class. But even then we were not through For there was still plenty of work to do. We sweat and strain in English Xll Or else in Physics lab we delve. One proud accomplishment we did attain We passed our goal in the Magazine Campaign. This year our talent was iudged second best But our Homecoming float beat all the rest. We were glad to have Jennie as Homecoming Queen. She really and truly did look like a dream. Patiently we work and wait For June 4, when we graduate. And now that we are full of knowledge What do we do - We'll go to college. The thought has lust occured to me, What a catastrophe it would be lf when the Class of '57 At long last reaches the Gates of Heaven St. Peter will say of our hard fought race "You can't come in cause you never did place." -Mary Ann Simon 22 PRESIDENT John Akins CLASS UFFICERS VICE - PRESIDENT Buddy Cash SECRETARY June Capps TREASURER Glenna Lambert RUTH KATHRYN ADAMS Secretary ot Hobby Club, FTA, Vice President of Library Club, Student Council, Football Sponsor, FBLA, Stunt Night, Student Council Float. JOHN GLASSEY AKlNS, JR. President Sr,, Jr., Soph., Classes, Vice President Freshman Class, Head Usher, Vice President, Treas- urer National Thespian Society, Student Council SASC Convention, Hi-Y, Magnavox Stott, Dramatics Club, Drama Festival, Crucible Subscription Statf, Student Senate, Student Court, lnter-Club Council, Talent Show, Stunt, Senior Valentine Program, Judge ot Twirp Court, VVho's VVho's, Kingsrnen. BARBARA ALFORD Marching and Concert Band, Stunt Night, Talent Show Orchestra, All-State Band, Band Uniform Com- mittee, Saxophone Quartet, Hobby Club. RHEA MAE ALLENSTEIN President, Vice President, Secretary ot National Thespian Society, Best Thespian Award, Treasurer ot Dramatics Club, Vice President Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Float Committee, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Ring Committee, National Honor Society, VVho's Who, Quill and Scroll, Society and Feature Editor ot Mag- navox, Hobby Club, Drama Festival, Pre-Youth Legis- lature, Hi-Y State Conference, Student Senate, Mag- azine Captain, FTA, Senior Banquet Committee. ELIZABETH ANDERSON ROBERT DURVVOOD ARCHER, JR, Monitor, Proiectionist, Student Council, MARTHA LEE ARCHER Chairman Candy Drive, Home Economics Club, Choral Club, Saxophone Quartet, Monitor, State Band, B-Band, Marching Band, Concert Band, FBLA, Hobby Club. Jann sfuviust Arernure Hi-Y Club, Proiectionist MARY GRACE BARNES National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Triads, Choral Club, Glee Club, Chapel Choir, Office Assistant, Home Economics Club. MICHAEL REID BAR'RETT Concert Band, Marching Band, Who's Who, Cru- cible Ad Staff, Magazine Co-Captain, Magazine Wiitner. DAVID WILLIAM BATTLES PATRICIA ANN BATTLES Vice -President of National Honor Society, Tri- Hi-Y, FTA, Office Assistant, National Thespian So- ciety, Dramatic Club, Monitor, Annual Ad Staff, Stunt Night, Civitan School Ortorical Contest, Choral Club, Shorthand Awards. WILMA SUE ATWOOD National Merit Scholarship Finalist, National Forensic League, Junior Teen Age Book Club, News- paper Staff, Spelling Champion, Library Assistant, Ballet Club, Glee Club. JACOUELINE LANETTE BAILEY THOMAS KENNETH BARFIELD National Honor Society. MARILYN JEAN BARNES Tri-Hi-Y, National Thespians Society, Float Com- mittee, Stunt Night, Marching Band, Talent Show, FBLA, Hobby Club, Concert Band, Stunt Night Com- mittee, Dramatics Club, Magnavox Staff, Tri-Hi-Y Float Committee, Montevallo Festival, Student Coun- cil, Talent Show Committee. DWIGHT BENSON D. O. Club, Delegate To District D. O. Conven- tion, Assistant Club Photographer. JIMMY LEON BENSON D. O. Club, Delegate to District D. O. Conven- tion, Float Committee. OLENDA CAROLYN BIRCHFIELD Treasurer at National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Typist for Crucible, Crucible Subscription Stott, Stunt Night, FBLA, Marching Band, Concert Band, Monitor Captain, All-State Band Festival, Shorthand Award, Typing Award, Coronation Ball Committee. JUDITH ELAINE BISHOP D. O. Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night, D. O. Club Skit District Convention, Sewing Club, Home Econo- mics Club, D. O. Nurse Training. CARL WAYNE BISHOP G-Club, Track, B-Basketball, Varsity Basketball, B-Football, Football Manager. ANITA FRANCES BLACKWELL FBLA, FBLA Assistant, Jr. Red Cross Representa- tive. GLORIA BYNUM BLESSINGS FBLA, Office Assistant, Stunt Night, Teacher's Assistant, Baccalaureate Choir, Choral Choir. ALBERT C. BRANSCOMB National Honor Society, President of J. R. Davis Hi-Y, Usher's Club, Delegate Hi-Y Convention, Dele- gate to YMCA Youth Legislatures, Student Council, Velvetone Choir, Ring and Invitation Committees, Marching Band, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Float Committee. JAMES GORDON BURNETT, JR. President ot National Honor Society, Treasurer National Thespian Society, Dramatics Club, Hi-Y, Usher's Club, Stunt Night, Senior Talent Show, Stu- dent Council, Valentine Program Committee, Mag navox Reporter, Democracy Contest Winner, Monte- vallo Drama Festival, Senior Banquet Committee. MARTHA DELORES BYNUM Olee Club, Choral Club, FBLA, FBLA Assistant- Triads. 1 MARY LEE BYRAM National Honor Society, Reporter Velvetone Choir, Treasurer ot Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Flag Swinger, FTA, FBLA, Choral Union, Glee Club, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Typist tor Magnavox, Magnavox Ad Staff, Crucible Subscription and Ad Stott, Alternate Delegate Youth Legislature, Baccalaureate Choir, Float Committee, Valentine Program. JOSEPH MAX CAMPBELL National Honor Society, Art Club. MARTIN MIKE BREWER "B" Basketball Team, Proiectionist. MARTHA NELL BROCK Maiorette, Valentine Program, "B" Band, March- ing Band, Concert Band, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Hobby Club, Home Economics Club, FBLA, Annual Subscription Staff, Typist for Magnavox, All-State Band. WANDA GAIL BRUCE FBLA, Secretary Hobby Club, Talent Show, Girl's Sottball, Choral Club, Library Club, Stunt Night, Magazine Winner, Home Economics Club. LARRY WILSON BRYANT Proiectionist, Baseball Team, Talent Show. MORRIS GORDON CAMP Youth Legislature, Boy's State, Hi-Y, Asst. Head Usher, "G" Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Bus. Mgr. Annual, Who's Who, Stu. Coun., Stunt Night Comm., Homecoming Float Comm., Chm., An- nual Ad Staff, Ring Comm., Tumbling Team, Corona- tion Ball Comm. JUNE CAROLYN CAPPS National Honor Society, Pres., FTA, Sec., Hobby Club, Sec., Senior Class, Tri-Hi-Y, Chap., National Thespians, Exec. Coun., National Thespians, Girls State, Good Citizenship Girl, Rep., SASCC, Stu. Coun., Jr. Red Cross, Magazine Cap., Float Comm., Valen- tine Program, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Dramatics Club, Choral Club, Who's Who, Hey Day Friendliest Qunee, FTA Asst., Stunt night and Talent Show Com. JOANNE CANNON THOMAS JERRY CASEY Marching and Concert Band, D. O. Club, Dis- trict D. O. Convention, BARNEY EARSTON CASH, JR. Velvetone Choir, Vice President Senior Class, Stu dent Council, Homecoming Float Committee, Mag azine Campaign Captain. HUGH THOMAS CHASTEEN D. O. Club. KENNETH J. CLARK ROGER WAYNE CLEMONS Track Team, Stunt Night. llliln PATSY ANN COX Student Council, Newspaper Stott, FBLA, Biology Club, Pep Club, Travel Club, Glee Club, Valentine Queen of Junior Class, Transferred from Frankfurt Germany and Junction, Kansas. GLENDA SUE CRANFORD Choral Club, All-State Band, Marching Band, Concert Band, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Hobby Club, FBLA, FTA, Tri-Hi-Y, Annual Statt, Magnavox Staff, .lunior Red Cross, Foods and Sewing. JAMES PELHAM CRIM Marching Band, Concert Band. GARY LEIGH DAMKOEHLER "G" Club, Track, "B" Team Basketball, "C"i Team Basketball, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Home- coming Float, Tumbling Team. FRANCES ANN COGGINS Choral Club, Foods and Sewing. BETTY FAYE COPELAND Choral Club, Stunt Night Committee, l-lomeroom Financial Representative. GARY FRANK COPELAND "B" Team Football, Stunt Night, Choral Club. DAVID RONALD COPELAND Basketball, Track, Captain of Basketball Team, Chaplain ol Frank Cottle Hi-Y, "G" Club, Magazine Winner. WILLIAM SHERRILL DAUGHTERY Stunt Night, Talent Show, Tumbling Team, Velve- tones. MARY HELEN DAVENPORT Library Club, Library Assistant, FBLA, FBLA Assist- ant, Home Economics Club. SAMUEL GLENN DAVIS Senior Float Committee, Stunt Night, Home- coming Escort. MARTHA FAYE DEAN Stunt Night, Talent Show, Red Cross, FBLA, Mag- azine Captain, Crucible Subscription Staff, Triads, Tri-Hi-Y, Office Assistant, Home Economics Club, Football Sponsor, Valentine Program, Finance Com- mittee, Stunt Night Committee, Olee Club, Choral Club, Talent Show Committee. WILLIAM CHESTER DEAVOR Stunt Night, Talent Show, Football "B" Team. CHARLOTTE SUE DINGLER National Honor Society, FBLA, Stunt Night, Foot- ball Sponsor, FBLA Assistant, Home Economics Club, Monitor. JOE LANE DOOLEY Proiectionist. PATRlClA ANN DOWNEY Choral Club, Velvetones, Talent Show, Velvetone Trio, FBLA, Thespians, Baccualaureate Choir. MARTHA VIRGINIA DUNAWAY National Thespian Society, Choral Union, Dra matics Club, Magnavox Ad and Editorial Staff, Tri HIAY, Student Council, Chapel Choir, Co-editor Stu dent Handbook, Homecoming Float Committee, De bate Tournament, Subscription Statt. BARBARA JUNE DYE FBLA. MARY WILLENE EDWARDS National Honor Society, FTA Assistant, FTA Con- vention, Secretary ot FTA, Library Club, Drarnatics Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Magnavox Ad Staff, Editorial Statt, Home Economics Club, Monitor. JAMES EDWARD ELLIOTT, JR. "G" Club, "B" Team Football, Varsity Football, Lunchroom Assistant, Homecoming Float. RICHARD LAMAR DOWNEY "B" Team Football Team, Varsity Football. KATIE SUE DOWNS Home Economics Club, Glee Club, Guidance As sistant. LINDA MARLENE DRISKILL Art Club, Girls' Sottball Team. ELIZABETH ANN DUKE Choral Club, D. O, Club, Delegate to State Con vention, Miss D. O., Stunt Night, Talent Show, Sec retary of D.O., Monitor, Crucible Subscription Staff. GLENDA ETHERIDGE MARY ELIZABETH FRESH Favorite, Homecoming Maid, Assistant Head Cheerleader, Treasurer ot Tri-Hi-Y Club, "G" Club, Who's VVho, Annual Ad Statt, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Valentine Program, Annual Sub- scription Statt, Float Committee. MAURICE ELMO FRICKS State D. O. Convention, D. O. Club, Road Knights, Float Committee, Stunt Night Committee. ROBERT FREDRICK GALLANT Hi-Y, Usher's C'ub, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Concert and Marching Band, Monitor, Homecoming Float, Kingsmen Orchestra. LINDA ANNE GARRARD Student Council, Office Assistant, Vice President Hobby Club, Annual Subscription Staff, Student Council, Float Committee, Stunt Night, FBLA, Mag- navox Staft, Choral Club, Senior Invitation Commit- tee, Talent Show Committee, Valentine Program Com- mittee, Senior Banquet Committee. NANCY CAROL GAUSE h National Honor Society, Secretary Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, Velvetone Choir and Trio, Chapel Choir, Maga- zine Captain, FBLA, Choral Club, Glee Club, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Ring Committee, Office Assistant, Student Council. PEGGY CAROLYN GASKIN FBLA. HARRIET JANE GILLILAND National Honor Society, Cheerleader, Favorite, Reporter of FBLA, Red Cross Reporter, President of Art Club, Chaplain ot Tri-Hi-Y, Stunt Night and Committee Talent Show, Home Economics Club, "G" Club, Football Sponsor, Valentine Program. .Q xmxA N GLENDA ALOHA GREENE Tri-Hi-Y Club, Triads, Choral Club and Union, Talent Show, FBLA, Valentine Program. LEWIS WILLIAM GRIFFIN ANITA SUE GRIFFITH National Honor Society, Class Favorite, FTA Historian, Who's Who, President of Triads, President ot Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Student Council, Circulation Manager ot Magnavox, Float Committee, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Student Handbook Com- mittee, Lab. Assistant. CHARLES HENRY GRIFFITH, JR. President Student Council, Secretary-Treasurer J. R. Davis Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Usher's Club, Speech Club, Choral Union, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Boys State, Kingsmen, Who's Who, "A" and "B" Bands, Student Senate, Annual Subscription Staff, Student Council and Class Float Committee, Student Council Representative, Student Handbook Co-editor. ELIZABETH BOYLES GLIDEWELL Choral Club, Glee Club. ARNOLD NOEL GRAVES, JR. HELEN JANE GRAY Choral Club, D. O. Club Reporter and Skit Win- ner, Delegate to State D. O. Convention, Stunt Night, Talent Show. JUDY RUTH GRAY FBLA, Girl's Basketball Team, Girl's Softball Team, Library Club. PAUL CLIFTON GRIFFITH "B" and Varsity Football, Track Team, "G" Club. CURTIS EDWARD GUEST Talent Show, Choral Club, "B" Team Student Council, Float Committee. LYNN COX GUNTER Glee Club, Choral Club. RANELLE HAMBY Glee Club, Library Club, Monitor. Football, SUE FRANCES HAMES National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, FBLA, Favorite, Homecoming Maid, Who's Who, Beauty, Crucible Ad and Subscription Staff, Typist for Annual Staff, Cho- ral Union, Horne Economics, Football Sponsor, Dra- matic Ciub, Valentine Program, FBLA Assistant. CAROLYN FRANCES HAMILTON Velvetone Choir, FBLA, Talent Show, Choral Union. SARAH DIANE HANSON FTA, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Invitation Com- mittee, Crucible Ad Stott, Home Economics Club, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Monitor. ALICE MARIE I-IARE Choral Club, Driving, Velvetone Choir, Baccalau- reate Choir, Home Economics Club. JUDITH ANN HEIB Homecoming Committee, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Guidance Ottice Assistant, Thespians, Float Committee. JACOB FRANK HELDERMAN, JR. Magnavox Float Committee, Sports Editors' Busi- ness Manager ot Magnavox, VVho's Who, Valentine Program, Varsity Show, Monitor, Magazine Winner, Constitution Committee of Quill and Scroll, Charter Member ot Quill and Scroll, Hi-Y Constitution Com- mittee, Co-sports Editor of Crucible, Drum Major Marching Band, Concert Band, All-State Band and Orchestra, NBTA, Varsity Basketball, Senate Floor Leader at Youth Legislature, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Student Council, Float Committee, Usher's Club, Track Team Scorer. HELEN RUTH HICKS JERRY DONALD HILL Student Council, Usher's Club, Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Talent Show Committee, Stunt Night, Home- coming Float Committee, Kingsman, Homecoming Student Council, User's Club, Hi-Y, Junior Red Banquet and Dance Committee, Valentine Program Committee. JUNE MARIE HARVEY Secretary ot National Thespian Society, National Honor Society, Crucible Subscription Staff, Stunt Night, FTA, FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y, Magazine Captain, Mag- azine Winner, Montevallo Drama Convention, Junior Red Cross. RONALD FRANK HARVVOOD "G" Club, Vice-President "G" Club, "B" Football, Choral Club. LEAH RHEA HAYGOOD Choral Club, Library Club, Home Economics Club, Chapel Choir. NANCY JANE HEATON Choral Club, Stunt Night, Home Economics Club. JERRY FOSDICK HOFFERBERT Hi-Y, Usher's Club, Marching Band, Concert Band All-State Band, Student Council, President ot Fresh man Class, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Float Commit- tee, Who's Who, Kingsmen Orchestra, Monitor, An nual Subscription Stott, Magazine Winner. OARY LEON HOLLOWAY VIVIAN MARIE HOLT Driving, Horne Economics, Dramatics. CHARLES GORDON HOOKS Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Usher's Club, Har- vard Book tor Outstanding Boy Junior Year, Talent Show. SYLVIA ONZELL HOPPER National l-lonor Society, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Monitor, Art Club, Horne Economics Club. PATRICIA ANN HORSLEY Choral Union, Home Economics Club, Olee Club. JOHNNY CLINTON HORTON Vice-President ot D.O. Club, Delegate to Dis- trict D. O. Convention, Float Committee, Stunt Night JIMMY IREE HUDGINS Delegate to District D. O. Convention, D. O. Club, Concert Band, Marching Band. SARA ANN ISBELL Monitor, Latin Club, Choral Club, First Place Mag- azine Winner. CAROL SUE JELKS Choral Club, FBLA Assistant, Home Economics, Girls Glee Club, Monitor. MARY JANE JOHNSON Library Club. JAMES W. JOHNSTON Marching and Concert Band, Talent Show, Stunt Night, All - State Band, Kingsmen Orchestra. THOMAS EDWARD HUGHES Marching Band, Concert Band, District Band, All- State Band, Kingsmen Orchestra, Senior Float Corn- mittee, Variety Show, Ring Committee, Senior Talent Show, Lunchroom Assistant. PAUL DRAKE HURST National Honor Society, Frank Cottle Hi-Y, "B" Team Basketball, Annual Ad Staff, Delegate to Hi-Y Convention, "B" Team Football, Senior Talent Show, Hi-Y Float Committee. RODNEY EARL HURT Outstanding Committee Member of Student Coun- cil, Student Council Float Committee, National Honor Society, Ring Committee, Talent Show, Vice-President ot Student Council, Marching Band, President of Frank Cottle Hi-Y, Usher's Club, Thespian Club, Dele- gate to Student Council Convention in Auburn, Dele- gate to Boy's State, Delegate to Pre-Legislature, Delegate to Youth Legislature, Chairman of Teen- Town Committee. MARY GAIL INZER Art Club, Choral Club, Monitor, Glee Club, Home Economics Club. BRENDA ANN JOLLEY Marching and Concert Band, "B" Band, All State Band, FTA, FBLA, Triacls, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Home Economics Club, Hobby Club, Choral Club. BETTY ROSE JONES National Honor Society, Student Council, Choral Club, Stunt Night. GEORGE NORMAN JONES National Honor Society, Marching and Concert Band, Letter of Commendation from Merit Founda- tion. GAIL SNEAD KELLY Vice President Soph., Jr., classes, Talent Show and Committee, Stunt Night, Secretary FBLA, Vice President Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Triads, Interclub Council, Float Committee, Football Sponsor, Choral Club. MARILYN JOYCE KEITH Talent Show, Art Club, FBLA, Office Assistant, Magazine Winner, Hobby Club, Float Committee, Choral Club, Magnavox Staff. JANICE GAIL KIRBY Ring Committee, National Honor Society, Debate Club, Junior Red Cross, Office Assistant, Guidance Officer Assistant, Magazine Captain, Football Spon- sor, Home Economics Club, Monitor, Marching and Concert Band, Magazine Winner. MARGARET JUANITA KITCHENS Choral Club, Driving Club, Home Economics Club. JAMES RANDALL KNIGHT Homecoming Float, Valentine Program. MARY ANN LEE Secretary 81 Treasurer of Velvetone Choir, Sec- retary of Beta Tri-Hi-Y, President of FBLA, Annual Subscription Staff, Junior Red Cross, Secretary of FBLA, Office Assistant, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Valentine Program, Glee Club, Tri'Hi-Y Float Com- mittee. ELEANOR RUTH LEWIS National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Charter Mem- ber of Quill and Scroll, Chaplain of FTA, Magnavox, Choral Union, Office Assistant, Student Council Float Committee, Invitation Committee. PATRICIA KAY LOFTIN MARTHA DEL LOVEMAN Second place Fire Prevention Speech Contest, Stunt Night, FBLA, Neophyte. PAUL WILLIAM LAKEMAN GLENNA FAYE LAMBERT Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Jr. and Sr. Class Trea- surer, Stunt Night, FBLA, Hobby Club, Talent Show and Committee, Student Council Float Committee, Junior Red Cross, Valentine Program Committee, Choral Club, Float Committee, Magnavox Staff. MARY JOAN LASSETER Choral Club, Stunt Night, FBLA, Glee Club, Thes- pian Neophyte, Home Economics, Magazine Winner. CAROLYN ANN LATIMER D. O. Club, Delegate to District D. O. Convention, Home Economics Club. NORMA SHERRY LYON National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Stunt Night, Talent Show Committee, Monitor, Art Club, Choral Club, Home Economics Club. LAURA ANN McCARTNEY Chairman of Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, FBLA, Homecoming Football Sponsor, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Float Committee. BETTY LOU McCARY P.E. Assistant, Girls' Softball and Basketball Team Valentine Program, Football Sponsor, Driving Club Home Economics Club. FRANCES LOU McCLENDON Secretary at Art Club, French Club, Jr. Red Cross, Sportsmanship Committee, Glee Club, Stunt Night, Stunt Night Committee. BILLY GENE McCRELESS JOHN MARTIN McGLATHERY Dramatics Club, Monitor, FTA, Magnavox Ad Statt, Christmas Program, National Thespian Society, Fin, Fur, and Feather Club, Stunt Night and Commit- tee, Talent Show and Committee, Float Committee, Debate Team, Choral Union, Oratorical Contest Win- ner. SANDRA MCGUIRE Choral Club, FBLA, Stunt Night Cheerleader, Tumbling Team, Glee Club. GEORGE HENRY MCKELVEY Who's Who, Track, "G" Club, "B" Team Foot- ball, Football Escort, Velvetones, Choral Club, Sub- scription Staff, Talent Show, King, Stunt Night, Head Cheerleader, Sports Editor Crucible, Home- coming Escort, Magazine Captain, Friendliest Hey Day, Frank Cottle Hi-Y, Magazine Winner, Valentine Program, Twirp King, Stunt Night Committee, Moni- tor. BRENDA FERN MASHBURN Thespians, Guidance Assistant, Girl's Basketball and Softball Team, Home Economics Club. CHARLES NEWTON MATTHEWS Monitor, Library Assistant, Library Club, Lunch- room Cashier. WILLIAM FRANKLIN MATTOX, JR. "G" Club, Varsity Football, "B" Football, Hi-Y, Monitor. EDITH VIRGINIA MAULDIN FBLA, Stunt Night, Choral Club, Home Economics Club, Magazine Winner, Glee Club. BARBARA GAYLE MARTIN Choral Club, FBLA, Basketball and Softball Team, National Honor Society, Stunt Night. DOROTHY ELLEN MARTIN Library Club, Library Assistant. SARA .IANICE MARTIN Marching and Concert Band, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Tri-Hi-Y, Valentine Program, Hobby Club, Home Economics Club, Magnavox Typist, Senior Float Committee, FBLA, State Band Contest, Chair- man Band Pin Committee. VICTORIA LOUISE MARTIN National Honor Society, Secretary-Treasurer Con- cert and Marching Band, All -State Band and Or- chestra, Magazine Winner and Captain, Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Who's Who, FTA, Hobby Club, Secretary Freshman Class, Business Manager Crucible Staff, Coronation Ball Committee, Reporter Magna- vox Statf, Band Banquet Committee, Stunt Night and Committee, Talent Show and Committee, Society Editor Magnavox, Glee Club, Choral Club, Valentine Program, Typing Award, Jr. Red Cross, Float Com- mittee, Chairman Crucible Subscription Staff, As- sistant Business Manager ot i956 Crucible, Medal Winner. JENNIE DALE MILLER Homecoming Queen, National Honor Society, Favorite, Who's Who, Tri-Hi-Y, FTA Vice-President, Sophomore, Junior Class Secretary, Quill and Scroll, Magnavox Editor, Crucible Literary Editor, Tri-Hi-Y Convention, Journalism Clinic, Outstanding States- man Award, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Homecoming Maid, lnterclub Council, Magnavox Float Committee, Crucible Ad Statt, High Salesman On Ad Stott, March ot Dimes Sweetheart, Valentine Program, Magazine Winner, Honorable Mention Merit Scholar- ship Program, VIRGINIA IDALENE MILLER Valedictorian, Tri-Hi-Y, Hobby Club, Choral Club, Who's Who, GirI's Basketball and Softball Team, Stunt Night, Ouill and Scroll, Magnavox 'Statt, Moni- tor, FHA, Magnavox Float Committee. WILLARD EUGENE MITCHELL Band Captain, Marching Band, Concert Band, C-Basketball Team, State Band, Band Pin Committee, Hi-Y Chaplain, B-Basketball Team, Track Team, Stunt Night, Homecoming Float, Band Banquet Committee, Committee for Band Uniforms. PATRICIA ANN IVIOODY Tri-Hi-Y, Thespian, Annual Subscription Statt, Flagswinger, Youth Legislature, Monitor, Choral Club, Treasurer Freshman Class, Thespian Festival at Mon- tevallo, Float Committee, Stunt Night, Talent Show. DELORES JOY MOORE National Honor Society, D, O. Club, Delegate to District and State D.O. Convention, Senior Invitation Committee, Library Club, Third Place District Essay Contest, CHARLES SIDNEY MOORE Velvetone Choir, Stunt Night, Talent Show, B- Team Basketball, Ushers Club, Hi-Y, Choral Club, Float Committee, Homecoming Parade, Chapel Choir. BOBBY LEE MORGAN Choral Club. MARY JANE MORGAN FBLA, Choral Club, A-Band. AMANDA JANE MYNATT National Honor Society, Choral Club, Chairman of Gamma Tri-Hi-Y, Delegate to Youth Legislature, Talent Show and Committee, FTA, Junior Red Cross, Club Editor of Crucible,-Coronation Ball Committee, Homecoming Float Committee, Stunt Night, Home Economics Club, Pre-Youth Legislature, Annual Ad Staff, B-Band, Valentine Program Committee. MARY ELIZABETH NELMS National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain of FBLA, State FBLA Convention, lst Place State Typing Award, Student Council, Office Assistant, Student Council Float Committee, Talent Show and Stunt Night Committee, Valentine Program, Senior Dance and Banquet Committee. LENORA ELIZABETH NELSON Secretary National Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Treasurer, Reporter, and His- torian FTA, Betty Crocker Homemaker of America, Tri-Hi-Y, Annual Subscription Staff, Society Editor Magnavox, Ring Committee, Valentine Program, Float Committee, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Student Coun- cil, Youth Legislature, Choral Club, Monitor, Maga- zine Captain and Winner, Magnavox Ad and Edi- torial Staff, Senior Dance Committee, Secretary Hob- by Club. HARRY CLAY ORME Vice-President Frank Cottle Hi-Y, Ushers Club, Student Council, Who's Who, Valentine Program- Senior Float Committee, Stunt Night. 1 ELNA JOANNE MORRIS National Honor Society, President Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Debate Team, Thespian, Reporter FTA, Student Coun- cil Secretary, Who's Who, Oratorical Contest Win- ner, Hey Day Friendliest, Delegate to A.A.S.C. Work- shop and Convention, S.A.S.C. Convention, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Magnavox Ad and Subscription Staff, Crucible Subscription Staff, Dramatics Club, Ring Committee, Float and Talent Show Committee. JERRAL SNOVVDEN MOSS D. O. Club, Art Club. CYNTHIA ANN MOZLEY FBLA, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Crucible Ad Staff, French Club, Library Club, Dramatics Club, Magazine Winner, Monitor. BARBARA GAIL MULLEN Art Editor Crucible, National Honor Society, FTA, Vice-President Art Club, Finalist in General Motors Scholarship Competition, Girl's Basketball and Soft- ball Team, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Sportsmanship Committee, Finance Committee, Backdrop Commit- tee, Artist for PTA Scrapbook, Neophyte, Monitor, Award of Merit Winner in N.M.S.C., Senior Banquet Committee. JOHN HARREL OWENS National Honor Society, French Club, Library Club. JOY LEE OWENS Olee Club, Basketball Team, Softball Team, Home Economics Club, Choral Club. SIMEON PAUL OWENS National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Ushers Club, French Club, Valentine Program, Senior's Invitation Com- mittee, Hi-Y Float Committee. CAROLYN VIRGINIA PARR D. O. Club, FTA, Olee Club, Choral Club, Sewing Club, Science Club, District D.O. Convention. GARY HOWARD PATRICK National Honor Society. LORA MAUREEN PHILLIPS Home Economics Club, Driving Club, Choral Club. RAYMOND EUGENE PHILLIPS D. O. Club, District D. O. Convention. BOBBY PHILLIPS B-Team Football, Tumbling Team, Float Commit lee. JOHN ROBERT ROBERTSON Stunt Night, Float Committee, Fin, Fur, Feather Club, BeFaotbaIl Team, Varsity Football, O-Club, Valentine Program. OLFNDA OAIL ROBINSON D. O, Club, Real Cross, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Sawing Club, President Library Club, Treasurer at D, O, Club, Co-Captain Oirl's Basketball Team, Cap- tain ot Sattball Team, State D. O. Convention, Sec- ond Place Miss D. O., District D, O. Convention, Home Economics. SHIRLEY SMITH ROBERTSON FBLA, Ottice Assistant, Valentine Program, Choral Club, Driving Club, Home Economics Club, Sewing Club. RONALD RAYMOND ROSCOE Valentine Program, Float Committee, Projector Operator. GVVIN POINTER Maiorette, Tri-Hi-Y, Marching Band, Junior Red Cross, Subscription Staff ot Crucible, Concert Band, All - State Band, Auburn Summer Camp, Talent Show, FBLA, Home Economics Club, Magnavox Staff, Sub- stitute Drum Maiorette. DAVID MARION RALEY FRANK RICHARD RAMPEY Art Club, Chaplain of Junior Red Cross, Hi-Y, Honteconting Float Committee, Stunt Night, Fin, Fur, Feather Club. SANDRA GAIL RFAVES D. O. Club, Junior Red Cross, Talent Show, Mag- navox, Glee Club, Choral Club, Hobby Club, Girl's Basketball Team, Monitor, Historian ot Hobby Club. ROBERT L. ROYAL Marching and Concert Band, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Magnavox, Velvetones, State Band, Valentine Program. DON LEITH SANDLIN Ushers Club, Marching and Concert Band, All- State Band, French Club, Property Committee ot Stunt Night, District Band, Homecoming Float. GEORGE GLENN SANSOM Student Council, Who's Who, Vice-President ot Hi-Y, Stunt Night Committee, Talent Show, Youth Legislature, Choral Club, Homecoming Committee, Sports Editor of Crucible, Red Cross. MAROLYN JOAN SCRUGGS Talent Show, Stunt Night, Junior Red Cross, Mon- itor, FBLA, State FBLA Convention, Magazine Winner, Triads, Chaplain ot Triads, Choral Club, Glee Club, Girl's Glee Club, Girl's Basketball Team, State Short- hand Winner at Convention. TOM SEDAM "A" Team Basketball, "B" Team Basketball, Track, Float Committee. MARION JANE SHEPPARD National Honor Society, Editor ot Crucible, As- sistant Editor ot T956 Crucible, Treasurer ot Soph- omore Class, Chaplain ot National Honor Society, Clerk ot National Thespians, Flagsvvinger, Senior Class March ot Dimes Sweetheart, Who's Who, Foot- ball Sponsor, Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Student Council, Interclub Council, Talent Show, Homecoming Float Committee, Stunt Night, Magazine Captain and Winner, Senior Invitation Committee. DOROTHY RUTLEDGE SNOW MARY ANN SIMON National'Honor Society, Chaplain of Tri-Hi-Y, Salutatorian, Copy Editor ot Magnavox, Quill and Scroll, Crucible Subscription Statt, FTA, Who's Who, Choral-Union, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Thespian, Valentine Program, Glee Club. HAROLD GOREE SMITH Hi-Y Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Junior Red Cross, B-Team Basketball, C-Team Basketball, Stunt Night, Float Committee, Monitor. NINA JOY SMITH Girl's Basketball Team, All Tournament Team, Hobby Club President, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Tri- Hi-Y, FTA, Magnavox Statt, Student Council, Float Committee, Teachers Assistant, Choral Club. WILLIAM GERALD SMITH Ushers Club, Sportsmanship Committee, Chair- man Baclcdrop Committee, Talent Show, Float Com- mittee, Marching and Concert Band, French Club. CAROLYN SUE SORTER Vice-President ot Triads, Office Assistant, FBLA, Hobby Club, Stunt Night, Monitor, Sewing Club, Choral Club, FBLA Convention. MELBA JUNE SIMPSON National Honor Society, Velvetones, FTA, Mag- azine Captain and Winner, Stunt Night and Talent Show and Committees, Honorable Mention in Na- tional Merit Scholarship Test. EMMA LOU SIMS FBLA, Hobby Club, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Sewing Club, Monitor, Shorthand Award. CAROLYN JEAN SKINNER Library Club, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Speech Club, Teachers Assistant, Home Economics Club, Float Committee. DELORES JUANITA SMITH Marching and Concert Band, Junior Red Cross, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Neophyte, Float Commit- TSC. JIMMY FRANCIS STALLINGS Proiector Operator, Fin, Feather and Fur Club, Monitor, Road Knights, Float Committee, Stunt Night, B-Team Football, Talent Show, Stage Manager. JAMES LEWIS STEPHENS Monitor, Lunch Room Assistant. MARTHA OLA STEPHENS Talent Shovv, Olee Club, Reporter ot Triads, Choral Shovv, Secretary and Treasurer ot Library Club, Valentine Program, Sewing Club, Senior Ban- quet Committee. JAMES ERNEST STEWART Stunt Night, Float Committee, French Club, Talent Show, Monitor. JAMES PRESTON STRAWN President of D. O. Club, State D. O. Convention, Tumbling Team, Library Club, Local D. O. Conven- tion, Monitor, D. O. Club Skit Winner. BARBARA FAY TARRANCE National Honor Society, FTA, FBLA, Student Council Junior Red Cross, Home Economics Club, Girl's Softball and Basketball Team, Driving Club. DONALD HAROLD TARRANCE National Honor Society. CAROLYN JUNE TAYLOR FBLA, Choral Club, Home Economics Club, Hobby Club, Sewing Club, Monitor. NANCY LURA THOMPSON Library Science, Choral Club, Program Commit- tee of Valentine Program, FBLA, FTA, Sewing Club, Driving Club, Home Economics Club. JANE ADERHOLT THORNTON Freshman Beauty, Tri-Hi-Y, Favorite, Flagswinger, Annual Subscription Stott, Football Sponsor, Monitor, Choral Club, Talent Show, VVho's Who, Homecoming Maid. PEGGY WATSON THRASHER Choral Club, Home Economics Club, Stunt Night. DELORES ANN TOLLESON Velvetones, Girl's Glee Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Sophomore Finance Committee, Triads. MYRA JANICE TAYLOR FBLA, Tri-Hi-Y, Red Cross, Home Economics Club ing Club, Valentine Program. CHlLTON ODEN TEAGUE Proiectionist, Monitor, Float Committee. BETTY LOUlSE TERRELL FBLA, Treasurer ot Hobby Club, Girl's Softball Team, Stunt Night, Backdrop Committee, Junior Red Cross, Monitor, Art Club, Valentine Program, Choral Club, Shorthand and Typing Awards. MARTHA ELLEN THOMPSON Library Assistant. i Hobby Club, Stunt Night, Monitor, Driving Club, Sew- GARY WlGGlNS TOWNSEND Tri-Hi-Y, Flagswinger, Co-President of Art Club, Float Committee, Talent Show, Stunt Night. AMELIA JO TRAYLOR Marching and Concert Band, All-State Band, State Metal Winner, Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Hobby Club, Home Economics Club, Magnavox Subscription Staff, Brass Ensemble, French Horn Quartet, Valentine Program. GEORGE BOYD TRAYLOR Stunt Night and Committee, Float Committee, Art Club Co-President, Hi-Y, Homecoming Escort, Fin, Feather, and Fur Club, B-Tearn Football, B-Team Basketball, Varsity Basketball. JANICE KAY TUCK Hobby Club, Library Club, Triads, Magazine Win- ner, Talent Show, Glee Club, FTA, Sewing Club Good Citizenship in Homeroom. MARY ELLEN TUCK FTA, Thespian, Hobby Club, Stunt Night, Mag- navox Fashion Reporter, Driving Club, Home Econom- ics Club, Junior Red Cross, School's Representative on Radio. JO ANN TUCKER National Honor Society, Chaplain of Velvetones, Tri-Hi-Y, FTA, Chapel Choir, Choral Union, Girl's Glee Club, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Float Commit- tee, Tri-Hi-Y Float Committee, GINGER BARNELL VANN National Honor Society, FBLA, Office Assistant Choral Club, Baccalaureate Choir, Magazine Win- ner, Driving Club, FBLA Assistant. MARY HELEN WAGON Velvetones, Tri-Hi-Y, Triads, FBLA, Home Econom ics Club, Driving Club, Choral Club, Valentine Pro gram, Stunt Night, Talent Show. ARTHUR GRAY VVEISS Senior Float Committee, Proiectionist, B-Team Football, Baseball Team, Valentine Program. GLENDA GALE VVESTCOTT National Honor Society, Home Economics Club, Choral Club, Monitor, Driving Club, Good Citizenship in Homeroom. CYNTHIA ANN WEYNA National Honor Society, Velvetones, Tri-Hi-Y, Glee Club, French Club, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Valentine Program, Triads, FTA, Chapel Choir, Choral Union. GARY MICHAEL WHITE Football Manager, Basketball Manager, Track, "G" Club. JOE WALLACE WALKER D. O. Club, Monitor, Sub-District D. O. Ortorical Winner. LINDA DAVIDSON WALKER Stunt Night, Talent Show. ROBERT DUNLAP VVEATHERS Varsity Football, Captain Football Team, All- County Football Team, "G" Club, President, Valen- tine Program, Kingsrnan, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Fin, Fur, and Feather Club, Hi-Y. MARY HELEN VVEATHlNGTON Choral Club, Neophytes, Talent Show, Stunt Night, Dramatics Club, Home Economics Club, Cru- cible Ad Statt, Monitor. JERRY ARNOLD WHITE Marching and Concert Band, All-State Band, Stunt Night, Talent Show. JOHN HENRY WHORTON "G" Club, Varsity Football, B-Team Football, Baseball Team, Valentine Program. AUDREY JOAN WILBUR . National Honor Society, Vice-President Velve- tones, Triel-li-Y, Chapel Choir, FTA, Glee Club, Stunt Night, Talent Show, Annual Ad Statt, Valentine Pro- gram, Magazine Captain and Winner. ROBERT W. WILDER NANCY LOUISE WILLIAMS National Honor Society, Triads, Choral Club, Of- tice Assistant, Magazine Winner, FBLA, Girl's Basket- ball Team, Talent Shovv, Secretary and Treasurer of Triads, Student Council, Girl's Softball Team. RONALD EARL WILLS President Velyetones, "G" Club, Hi-Y, Stunt Night, Valentine Prograrn, Varsity Football, Talent Show, Cheerleader, Kingsman, Who's Who. ROBERT NEIL WOODS GERRY NELLE YOUNG D. O. Club, Ring Committee, Choral Club, Sewing Club, Home Economics Club, D. O. Nurse Training. BENNY BLALOCK RAYMOND LEWIS COPELAND Prolectionist. SENIORS NOT PICTURED JOAN BROCK GARY CUSI-IEN GEORGE MILLER BOB POWELL JIMMY NELSON Valentine Program, Proiectionist, Floot Commit- tee iSopIw.I, Monitor, Tumbling Teom. JERRY THOMAS PARR Marching ond Concert Bond, Member of AII-State Bond. JOSEPH I-I DAVIDSON Having trouble, Vicky? You girls wouIdn't be crying because you didn't main senior valentine prcgrcml S nf k ,Z '4 ,--1.0-. sv" 'f J SLs.:'l,f sr' "- .ffm- . , 11 QQ ua l My g 4 Q ' ' ' ' ' I vm' .-'Aoki 3 . 1 x V' 'ua' I . Q,-'. , . . -ww Q .nvnfrjhe s. -xv ' Q-r ,-N-Q- f-4. . Jwgf, .. ' M mf-f tant 1... V 'P+-M-Q ' 1:1 ' ' K 1, wQv.wnJfw.5L'Qvf"""" I' ' nl Q If 1' . ' Q XCLE5 0? , S u 5 'X 1 5 is if 21 f Au..-. 5 ff n f Q 1 elf' r v ,. " A "...f",v, I 3 ' A 4 hm - . 1 1 4 J ,Q ' Q-Vg!! 'F s' r""v' 4 IQ F Q ,arf ef' ' " 5 - , .fy Ie 1 I 1 F' 1, ul, .Cx ' ' I A421 ' ' . f 0 ,u 4 X 'Ex T il wi, it 5 1 s 4. . CHR Those bdnd mp sxxxx x Who w 1 e9 C Pep 'em Up, CMH The ,Bom HQm5QQGM ? P ffjf'i3X'ER WHM: 5' best , uppoffer S Girls ,wir Pfheb Oyg B19 Payoff 506' wo' Homecoming Queen The Trio rho ol Ffcf lifes? O Working? Soinf Nick Wladaww awww WWW Jlawdwigwqetin. www Seanad Cnarcfotte ? mu Aww! mlldifdpiece. . 1- A4 .xy R ' :i ii . X5 3 2,31 1 . it .M nl t I f 1 N 1" if An. 'f i z I . yi 5 N A V w., , ,. Q Q. Queen Saltgami, King uwly wim Q Kiefer Wardens Imam Farzalz Kamen Alfr L'4M,46,eF,4r0 JYHILIM 6.191904 YW 5't137'fAC llfffe Offffvflffi Z 5 . A Aw .ffwvaan dbmvfa. l:i: :,.: is . -5 ,, -: 1 L. - '-,'. I ,-:Ex V ,, . ,J b ::'E, dmmrfv fvkcfffffzp gm QMAWK !2'.'63eA P5 Zfmpg f Zim .ifmm wr f2wAfvAf-reewmv mane. II5- i w RZ' Wfnnvz-',1Afv.9M 'Zrff 'dvafrfuo WIMPKIN WHA!! Jaffa' Mlm urban: .Awmvr v X A 'Hamann f,7ULlfAl Flgv 'Gbva-sz:se,"GA.unur 4 Lf F A , G fffafr Fkffsw 77v'wmv.-s Awwfs fV0fWf-5 UWM3' is X W ""' 3, Q 3 ' x,., , A, . :, 1,, quuuq K mn f fwwwafv 5ii"fP- 1 'X X X if lfif 'A BHFPPHBP 3 'Bunny C34-ill LXOAAI Jamv !Ik1w6 Jfwzvae 131111546 ,WL 50,2 ,QQ 1 Q.,k.'xkgj, if g35f.' aff' L " 4, wh 1 5? '-0-1. K '- f x Y I ' fx , V w - ":ll..1:K 7715 040 Gmvai an Svwzpzav ZAWAI .. .25 . 713 A i 5 SEIXIIGR VVHUS VVHO Mosr LIKELY TO succfeo J , 'MST LOPUUQE K I Mary Ann Simon, John Akins enme ' er' enry C evey E Y CUTEST MOST ATHLETIC Marion Sheppard, Robert Weothers MGFY FreSh, M0ffi5 Comp 60 HO'S WHO ff if vm, BEST DRESSED MOST SQPHLSTLCATED Anita Griffith, Chip Griffith Rheci Allensiem, Jimmy Burnett BEST ALL ROUND J C I R ld W-H BEST LOOKING Une apps ond I S Sue Homes, Jerry Hill 61 sem sw, ,H 51-p.'Wf"?f 521116 l YF S nf' nmvsvnuem WW' 41,6 'ffffz 2,32 r, Wuxi , Q mfsamazms Aw Q-SYS' CHFESE, Qwzva 11' 00074 .P if MD Q0 ZZ Q0 Swim Snaps 439469631 'VJCJ 'ffizk A , f X nf wma fffyf' ,1jYVl6Akg W B By 553, 'PMP '76 12314 7 JERRY ' 'Wes 2' Q? Wane: wamfafmq L9rAr.4fy? 4'6- 'akin Class Prophec Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and caldron bubble. Tell me, o witches three, Who foretold Macbeth's fate, Where will the class of '57 be At some, distant, future date? Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and caldron bubble. Fillet of a fenny snake. In the caldron boil and bake, Wool of bat and tongue of dog, Eye of newt and toe of frog, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. The weird sisters, hand in hand, Posters of the sea and land, Thus do go about, about, Thrice to thine, and thrice to mine, And thrice again to make up nine. Peace! the charm's wound up. Behold! Rodney Hurt and Albert Branscomb are combing the country for the data on the steriliza- tion of idiots. They still haven't recovered from their bad experience at Youth Legislature. Lol David "Radar" Raley is famous for his new theory on electronics. Also well-known in the field of science are Sue Atwood, Charles Hooks, and June Simpson. Sue is attempting to put back to- gether split atoms. Sending Europe as Lady Macbeth, Rhea Allenstein is on her second world tour. Patsy Battles is prompter, and Jimmy Burnett is make-up man. By the way, Jimmy and Cathie have at last announced the real reason of their trip to Carrollton, Ga., the spring of his senior year. Sue Homes has just returned from Daytona-'Beach after winning the Mrs. America contest. Glenn Davis, Gary Copeland,Jimmy Stallings,and James Stewart are still enioying their poker games in the cars behind the Stag Poolroom between frequent trips to the county line. The new singing sensation, Sandra Connell, is now appearing at the Stork Club, where Gwin Pointer is lighting up the spot as cigarette girl. Martha Dunaway evidently found the "new experiences" in the Auburn Pharmaceutical School rather trying. She's the only First Lady of the State ever to spend six years trying to pass freshman chemistry. Lo, she is married to Gov. Dagenhardt. Keeping things moving in Gadsden are Mayor Johnny Horton and City School Superintendent Benny Maderra. Mrs. Ann M. Weathers is principal of GT-IS, and husband Robert "Nick" is head coach. Jo Ann Tucker Copeland is head of the music department. Dr. Jerry Hofferbert is band director. The GHS English department is headed by Delores Smith. Marilyn Barnes is the new Hollywood rage with her new movie, "The Return of Mamie Stover." Paul Hurst has his own rocketship company. Hostesses for the new passenger ships are Mary Weathington, Helen Wagner, Martha Stephens, Vivian Holt, and Betty McCarey. Attending a potato peeling school for the U.S. Army are Charles Moore, Bobby Morgan, Gary White, and Bill Mattox. Instructor for the course is WAC Sgt. Sandra McGuire. Teaching little children to read and play are Dianne Hanson and Leah Haygood. Mrs. Mary Lee Stallings is guidance counselor for bewildered, love-lorn sixth-graders. After graduation from college, Frank Helderman has become a printer's apprentice and news- paper boy for the Opelika News. His wife, Jennie Miller, is in charge of street sales, and Eleanor Lewis is secretary for the publisher, John Arthur. 64 Class Prophecy Joanne Morris Henderson is a missionary to the Belgian Congo. Still preaching hell-fire and dam- nation, John Owens has a growing congregation. Organist at the Methodist Church is Cynthia Weyna. Pill pushers Elizabeth Anderson, Judy Bishop, Lila Bryan, Annie Jo Elrod, Carolyn Parr, Gail Reaves, and Gail Robinson are still trying to nurse Gadsden back to health. Delores Moore and Gerry Nelle Young are chief bath givers at the local hospitals. A "Aloha" Green, taking advantage of her name, has a newly released record, "Hawaiian War Chant." Making a hit as a rock 'n roll combo at Buddy Weissf Club 'Skyline are the Spider Legs, Thomas Hughes, Jerry Johnston, Paul Griffith, Eugene Mitchell, Barbara Alford, and Martha Archer. Featured entertainers are Judy Heib, Martha Loveman, Sara Ann Isbell, and Mary Gail lnzer. Bobby Gallant, Gadsden's new fire chief, was recently called to Joan Wilbur's house to put out the flame for Morris Camp. Carolyn Birchfield, Max Campbell, Kenneth Barfield, and Mary Ann Simon are consultants on the popular television show, "64 Billion Dollar Question", they nearly bankrupted the program before they were hired to work for it. Gerald Smith is still building cars and parts while Joe Walker sells the newest fashions in false teeth. Delores Tolleson and Kay Loftin finally made it to Glencoe. They teach there now. Tom Sedam's book "Why Democracy Fails" has topped the best sellers' list. June Capps is em- ployed ata do-nut manufacturers, she measures the diameter of the do-nuts at Carolyn Latimer's bakery. Jane Thornton is still waiting on Gene while waiting tables at Amelia's. Elizabeth Duke is assistant manager of Belk's. Alice Hare, Mary Ann Lee, Patsy Downey, Nancy Gause, and Barney Cash are still peddling their Velvetone records. Some senior romances that have lasted are Jimmy and Peggy Elliot, Johnny and Betty Robertson, and Wayne and Brenda Buchanan. Collectors are going wild over Barbara Mullen's art. Marion Sheppard, still single after all these years, is taking a cruise to Antartica to meet "someone interesting" and to forget her frantic, nerve-wracking search for a celebrity for Coronation Ball. 65 GQ wi 1 Euninr 6 ,F .., Y, ,.1 I if . ' "fix J. A L fi, v ' Lfg'z'? 1""'fh Q 1 : ' ' 5' rim'-1: F L52 ylx ' ' .1 ,N-J, ff: f 351313 ' ,f .1 . ' 1 - x Q ff- ,f , -Q ' X 1 51 EJ 1 if fri? ' L ' ' 4' 'W - ' I Q ' -.-QI I- -. - - . - , 4 '. --" ' 5 X. . 1 ' ' '1 .V -if .Qing 7' .1 A .. 'L' :if ' xv. N H , 'gr' ' --.-yL:ul,',,1,-- "gf . , At . A 1 W rf ' N , H ,- L .4 ,V 1'-U I I v ws 1 :L K 52 Wm-f, ggi? ' K Qs - - - -..- if 'X 1. .- -2 .354-vig QL' : A-F". L " ips4"! 1 g iair"' 1 Uh W ' 1 2 f . "' BQ Y: fc' 5 A Q ff' - ., if - f - M- .,., , . ,-Q-fiiw . X. b- , f V . ,.4..1- - "M, H 5 4.24, Q - ' N , 1 ' V I I Ni I ...y.-. ,wh as , sw 1 A ' . g . 'vi ' --w ., . , , . - yw' - ""' " if 4 . ' , -- ,--' '.-11 R1 CW 'AT-" Q ' - " " 9 .ff ..1:4.-ew 1""1 'g ' ' - -' L - -, , ,, : -9243-"' , , - E- A ,I .L I In - - ' 'if' , H' "' 5 .. . . 1 , . J Y Aug 'ag C5 ' - 1, " bfi f . . - ' E ' .Lf ' . 5- V '- 4 I: ' 512. V . A at I 4 H :I ,-51,3 A v- " . iq A- ff ,1 -, 1 -ff-,-f -- -ww - 'I v 1 .' -'ff7. " i- . ,, .. v.. A 3 f fr' A -1' ' 'Q' - g!1-.,f:," 1- - ' " Ak ,fy 2' 5 ' .,,." 5 ,lfgky 'L I-3. ,mi ,F , . r. 1 ' - .. g :Q .1-ff, ..-. .. X 'Y xi. .-.ff Lfjfyf it ' ' I I .' . . , 5 -f h 'Ar .- r' . 2, f' ,M 91--..,,.., . I, - .uhh -M 'x'-M, . 1 ' 3" 1 ."n"'r""":'x T1-1-':g,,.,i gl' , ' N AY :H -.M , min- M we-I , Z ,-1,5 A 3.1 ,A ,H '.,,f W.. . X ,mu P ' -' .'f"T',f1-' 'f 4 W- " 52 -.- .' 'A' iF"'::"J7"-' . , , 1 f -- y,,,-, ,131 s. H -- ,- 1 ,Jw H Q, Y,-. ,. -15,5 i . X . 53. . J? 1 'A 'Y',,J.M.s4-f.,r -'J . 4' r. , .' - -H Y - ., - -,. ,, gg ., -mv . -,A -..1f. ,M--:gl-11. , -A 4' , f snug- . 'fm ,b fyzfrlhgfgg -I , .l-, L X . , , L ,. ,Apu -ei X A 2' A , W .- . Y' v , , :IA :U . 5'-'1 ,' 1 . 5 ' jf? , 51- 1' f-f-Y . X ' ' 2 4, A V -1: -.NL 9-H xl. I 'fin 5: Z' - . A' ml .3 : . P-143 -' - ,- 'C'.'L A - -' 4 -"J , Q .ff v N. nm-- l- , rf 1 l. A- JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY THE CLASS OF '58 HAS A SIPLENDID HISTORY. WE STARTED OFF OUR FRESH- MAN YEAR WITH A BANG BY TAKING 2ND PLACE IN THE TALENT SHOW. OUR STUNT NIGHT WAS CONSIDERED VERY GOOD ALTHOUGH WE DIDN'T PLACE. OUR SIOPHOMORE YEAR WE WALKED OFF AGAIN WITH QND PLACE IN THE TALENT SHOW. OUR JUNIOR YEAR HAS PROVED TO BE THE BEST YET. WE RECEIVED THE RED RIBBON FOR QND PLACE ON OUR HOMECOMING FLOAT. WE CAPTURED IST PLACE WITH OUR TALENT SHOW, "THE I9TH HOLE." THEN AS A DELICIOUS TOPPING OUR BEAUTY, MISS SALLY MCCORD, WAS CROWNED QUEEN OF GADSDEN HIGH AT THE CORONATION BALL. WE HAVE ALSO WON THE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD FOR THIS YEAR WHICH REALLY SHOWS WHAT OUR CLASS CAN DO. THE CLASS OF '58 HAS MADE A NAME FOR THEMSELVES ALREADY BUT YOU JUST WATCH US NEXT YEAR! OUR PRESIDENT, RALPH GODFREY, HAS DONE A WONDER- FUL JOB THIS YEAR AND WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR CLASS SPONSORS, MRS. LUKER AND MR. HERLONG, WHO HAVE STOOD BEHIND THE CLASS AND HAVE HELP- ED US IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. 68 PRESIDENT Rolph Godfrey SECRETARY Solly McCord 9 JUNIDR CLASS OFFICERS TREASURER Jackie Swinde-II VICE - PRESIDENT Brocy Cross JUNIORS Renick Adams Mavis Adcock Sherre Arnold Gene Ashley Kitty Barnes Margaret Baskin Alice Beacham Ray Beaird Betty Berry Jerry Black Martha Blanks Ann Bloodworth Peggy Bobo l-indd Boyd iv C - W Mary Ann Braddy Russell Bringleman Fred Bright Linda Br0GCl'1 Charles Brooks Betty Brown Olen Brown, Gareth Bryant Ronald Burke 1 Dorothy Butler Sara Bynum John Campmire Joe Carr Carole Carter Hershal Casey Gerald Cassidy Claude Chamblee Sandra Character Moliene Cheotwood Pat Childs Pete Christian Joyce Clanton Gail Coleman Cory Cook Peggy Cooper Tommy Costner Juanita Crain Mickey Crain 70 JUNIGRS Bracey Cross Douglas Dawson Jannie Dennis Phyllis Denson Gary Downey Jerry Downey Hunier DUNCUYI Carolyn Eaves Carl Ellioi Billy Elrod Jerry Emory Beffy Erwin Larry Erwin lorry Efchison Kay Farley Ralph Farmer Ronald Farrar Charles Fennell Doris Fowler Eleanor Fox Helen Fox Kay Galloway Jerome Gamblin Edwin Gunn Janet Gauerke Chalmers George Jean Gibson Tommy Gilmore Ralph Godfrey Janice Griffin Rebecca Griffin Lindo Guest Charles Hall Grady Hale Delores Hammond Tommy Hand Robin Harbin Robert Harfbarger Eddie Hatfield Ted Hawk 5 Myron Hawkins ,4 Rufus Hayes 7l JU IGRS Lee Headley Jerry Heard Martha Heaton Johnny Hefner I Angela Helms Sandra Hicks Ronnie Hilbus Alice Hill Ann Hinton Cl1urleS Hodge Harriet l'l0llDl'O0lK Judy Hooker louise Hooks Janice Hopkins Brenda Hughes Judy lreland Charles Jackson Diana Johnson Brenda Johnson Dorian Johnson Judith Johnson Wade Johnson George Kell Myrtle Kelley Joyce Kilgore Jerome Kimberly ,f Billy King Kay King Jane Killian Max Krutchens Barbara Lamberth Annis Landers Ann Leslie Nancy Ligon James lindsey Bobby Lisenba Harry Littleton I Sara Long Regina Loveioy Jim Ed Lowe Chafles L0W9"Y Paula LOWYY 72 JUNIORS 1 Undo Ll0Yd Donald LYdf' 'A JOYCS Malcom Nancy Martin Rita Martin Shyrie Mauldin David McCallie x N T Peggy McCoy Katherine McClain Sally McCord Janice McCormic Rosa McCormic Norma McCulIey Judy McNair 'vi ' Q A NN Q James Miller Wanda Miller Janice Milner Dawn Mitchell Savola Morgan Alan Morris Marilyn Morris Thomas Musick Shirley Nash Minnie Nix Alan Nordgren John Norris Charles Phill-ps Charles Phillips Clare Pender Linda Payne Peggy Patton Jackie Patterson Sandra Owens lamar Osborne Sandra Piazza I :,.-Eg, ' -:::.,i,-.555 ,f:2,j,: , f L i H 'Q V ' , 33:1 i V X ey . Q ,ii Q - 3- X I. Sandra Plummer Virginia Pollard Gwin Porter Dot Powell Paul Pritchett Kathryn Pruitt Leone Pruett 73 JU IDRS MUYY 10 PWM SUNNY PYUJN MYYC PUNCH Carol Reese Gary Reese Gerald Reynolds 1 Joy Riley Johnny Roberson Sanders Roberts Kenneth Robertson Jimmy Robinson Sue Robinson Jimmy Rosene Billy Rosich Josephine Rossiter Roger Rosson Charlotte Runyan Alan Rutherford Anne Ryan Bo Saks linda Sedum Donna Shaddix Nancy Short Fran Sibert Sandra Simmons Leland Sisson Joyce Sizemore Cleatis Smith is 1' :,, V I :fi ,nlu x Eddie Smith Frances Smith 'Gerald Smith Judy Smith pug Smigh jeqneng Sfqffqfd Jerry Smiling, Judy Stansell Ronald Stancil f Eunice Stephens Rose Stephens Janice Stewart Ray Stephens Sue Stewart 74 s JUNIURS Rebecca Stracener Tommy Stringer Gary Suttle Jaclnie Swindell Faye Taggart Pauline Tarvin Gus Tatum .... N X Q , X .T -- David Thomas Anita Thompson Jan Thompson Wesley Thompson Rita Thornton Selma Thrasher Jeff Thurman Gail Tingle Mary Jo Tipton Ronnie Townsend Randy Traylor Sandra Tucker Anna Grace Turner Dotty Turner James Vaughn Jimmy Vessels Jim Vice Betty Waits Pat Wuldrop 1 John Walker Priscilla Walker Farris Walters Sam Wellingham Alice Watts George White Gwenda White Julio White Bobby White Winfred White Vivian Whitworth Jerry Whorton Lila Wilbanlcs Jim Wilder Rosemary Williams Diane Wilson 75 JUNIORS Kay Wilson Sid W NOT PICTURED: Benny Blalock Donald Brooks Lila Bryan Donald Denham French Eubcnks Ralph Henson Jim Hunt Ralph Lancasler Ben lewis Anila Lowe Frances Millwood David Noleni Benton Preslridge Gid Riddle I George Roberts Linda Sparks Jimmy Thompson Faye Turner Wayne Vice Josephine While Bob Waifs ilson Bobby Worley 9 Thomas Worlham Gail Woodruff Charles Wright G W .lun 'or Pvlmlmon l ary righl The Forward Look 76 Laughing Selma N 051 0 ..,, , , ',',,, .Z 0 ' " X 'Ms 'ima E73 '8640 Maxi! CRAVAI YN-rs X577 XWBX Q06 .7 A23 173 61-'f64406h.5.5wy.' Jafxkflkmazo An., ff: fry Boy 'IKWI4' gfnwry Qosfwe' 'QF I X an A 3 as ,- L : .I :E 5 1 '- -'fQ F 'R34f?FV1V01.06 I , I--v I vf Y v,.-- YY- SELMA 71809951 JUNIOR WHO'S WHO S OU M ox - T Sw Howkms San OST POPULAR Y nd NXYron Y McC0,d and P gen G Leone Y Gary Surrle C Qrolyn EUS-SU TE57- e BEST DRESSED s and B Rebecca Strocener and Ronnie Townsend O Silks 78 unims 'WP' ,421 flfd? :mee mf mmf. . . . . Qmrpff Mu: :Ying 0fW"6'f'2 'Bda or mf' M005 " 51410626 755152 DIN 6714? AMW Af36'ffv 2? fee Q9m'Pkf.rf.ff 'fyj-'yep 420 46'477s?.'b unini apukffy 405651.11 .f II7 77147 Jhffl' WA ,JIDZI lk: 6mfe:PA Smyffff' fb 0 '?4'45?6,, 500 E Wham waxy: Qu jg 'Wm mm. N E 5 1 If 1 56' WZ: A qw 713707196 ,Ezffvfae-' ' Aff' 1' uplqumnrrz Q'Llz1,-asa 2 1 1.54551 iawr-eng , , -' - .-:L - -mv :fw,m,m,ff,u3uMm-- 15, '42 -' , ,gg . -,V . 1 1 A ' '-X,-,IS-Ah .V , , . ' 1, l "iff-,, ' 14-W' ., , Ae' 5. K' i , 1- -r: 1 . A .' ""w, x ,. fx -L 1 - 1 31 ' ff 4 , .,-. , U - V " 'I ' 5 'bi I - f .- 'I . " - . "' 1 gl r 24 - ' J n 'fr' ., " f . M -AA 3 2 ' 1 f. ' "W'fE'WHif' ' n ,I f K ' ' w' f V ' . i, f, . E . Y W , gm .. .AN Q 1. 1. . , J 2- Q .R . , x V 1 . . H ga , 4. , u r, 1' .' 9 . . 4 if +V ' ff yd' ' 1 , 95 I ,, .. N' 1,9 Q, S ' , 1 . , Y: ' - : 'N J' iv" Bk h muh V N' X M ' ' A ,' , Y , , , with R' I - ,aff .40u,J"l.Q' 'S' ' ,rw 'V ,fm WMP? r r"'j-..':.',:f""'W' ' "wx -P "Ab lv ,"" qi: A n Id . 'Nz . . -3. ,,c,ff37s" . ,-,f -1 W. iai- . ,N ,X L MS. K -1:--A 2, . . 5- : 1 HA A' - .-1:,'f'ff?" up--' ' ,."' 479- ,f ' WW' NJ' 3- ,, type' , 1. f" -.1 , j V Q ,,,g.',fw':': A New .r' ,fy 1 'r A IS . ,,. .-5,4 1. lv F11 -11- - -.1. m mgv.',H.-nnw., VM SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTDRY ALTHOUGH THE SOPHOMORE CLASS HAS NOT WON AS MANY HONORS AS OUR SISTER CLASSES, WE HAVE WORKED EQUALLY AS HARD. DURING OUR FRESHMAN YEAR WE HAD A NICE FLOAT, WHICH, HAD THERE BEEN JUDGES, WOULD HAVE PLACED. FOR "GREEN" FRESHMEN WE GAVE A VERY GOOD TALENT SHOW. AT THE BEGINNING OF OUR SOPHOMORE YEAR, THE PEOPLE FROM EAST GADS- DEN INCREASED OUR NUMBER TO 'THE LARGEST CLASS IN GADSDEN HIGH SCHOOL'S HISTORY. WITH THIS CLASS WE PUT ON A WONDERFUL TALENT SHOW, WHICH WE FELT WAS TOPS. BETTY SUE DENSON, OUR CLASS BEAUTY, FOR THE SECOND TIME, REPRESENTED OUR CLASS VERY WELL AT THE CORONATION BALL. ALL IN ALL, OUR SOPHOMORE YEAR WAS VERY SUCCESSFUL. WE ARE LOOK- ING FORWARD TO THE TIME WHEN WE WILL BE "UPPER CLASSMEN." 84 PRESIDENT Larry Campbell SECRETARY Sa ndra Glenn '59 SGPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS VICE - PRESIDENT Bebe Kelly TREASURER Martha Bush SOPHOMORES X X cy r c 1 M X fri Q ,. Z if Q" , IE'-. , .5:. :": . -, 2 ssc 7 at . 5 N , uf in B M I ii :.: ., :If W Al l - 42521 5 :3 " s V Barbara Adams David Atkinson Anita Algee Gemude Allison John Allwp Audrey Amberson Celia Anderson I A B of Enoch Anderson Ralph Anderson Joan Archer Di0"1e Ashley Earl Ashley Jackie Ashley Jeannie Ashley .ix ':. . ,KR ,: Q, i 3 Gary Atkins Jerrie Sue Bailey Judy Baker Pat Barrett Sandra Barron Charles Boswell Claude Beacham Jane Belyeu Bob Bentley Neil Berry Milford Bishop Wilford Bishop Lucretia Black Brenda Blackshear 3? MUfl9"1e Blevins Eloise B0dY Jerry Body Jack Boggan Shelby Bohannan lyk iv B .,,, x Q . 1' 1 W, -. f 'Ti-S li if fl- Vi . .- + ..,., ,Y " ,,.. s "" ' :W -'-' I 2 Pat Brothers Billy Brown Nancy Brown Patsy Brown Terry Brown 86 ,ss . . ,. q A y tr -c . ., ,Q , gg .. .:E. Dwanne Brannon Sally Brittain 'f s mx 5? 3 ls if wi.. . , . is 1 Q s George Brugge Linda Byron SOPHOIVIORES , X -Na E " ,.:. " D " 1 . My X ik-"'5+ 29' 4 ' N R Q' Wayne Bunton Gaylon Burford Martha Bush Namon Cogle Frank Camp G0Yle Comp D00 Campbell , , . 2 il QQQ' - W in X :Q -'nw' qw A I gif.. ,. e ,. X Y' :nga t 21, in y .,,, 8.3. Hubert Campbell Jack Campbell Larry Campbell Betty Cargal Jewell Cargile Sue Carter Gail Cates Q-v'5f 1 i H'-YW, 3 1 Xi""." PONY Cecil I-Oru Dell Cl'10mbeV5 Gail Chance Barbara Cheatwood Linda Clark Shelby Cleland Ronnie Cochran N x ,.,...,.,, j r ' " N I . Bobby Coheley Maxine Cole Larry Conner Rudy Connor Carl Cook 4 Tommy Cook H' J- Copeland h, 'Q' . B it f, 5 aaa ' l ' 1 r Jackie Cox Ronald Cox Connie Crain Phillip Crain Joe Crawford Sandra Crim Dorothy Crump Arvin Curtis Pat Darnell Mary Davis Ronald Davis Judy Kay Day Donald Denham Betty Sue Denson 87 SOPHOMDRES John DiCk50f1 Carole DilWOI'fll Helen Dowdy Yolanda Downey Dickie Draper Joe Elrod Mary R. Fambrough Arthur Fergerson Peggy Sue Findley Bill Firestone Richard Fischer Joanne Foote Pat Ford Janice Foster Alvin Fox Kenneth Fox Betty Fugott Jerry Fuller Stancil Gaither James Garbe Lofvine Goffefl Martin Gaurke Larry Gilbreath Terry Gilbreath Melvyn Gilliland Ann Ginen Jim Glantz Joanna Glasscock Fred Glazner Sandra Glenn Cathie Glosser Nancy Godfrey Harriet Gordon James Gore Billy Graham Donald Gramling Donna Greathouse Byron Griffith Clark Griffith Bernice Gizzard Bryce Gizzard Ann Guthrie 88 SGPHOMORES Patty Hackett Betty Hallmark Gwen Hgmby Sugqn Hqmilrgn Glendg Hand Lynda Harbor Clyde Hare Michael Harris Richard Hart Keatha Harwood Douglas Hayes Billy Ray Headrick Jimmy Heaton Gflil HCHCJOH Hubert Henley Betty Herman Gerald Hicks Frank Hill James Hill J. D, Hill Joe Hill ' C Linda Hill Loyd Hill Mary Lane Holland Oren Holland Sandro Holloway Carrol Hollingsworth Auhrey Holt W as N 4 ic X , u ,- fs X c is si L. as J - , L - rs- gi f ' ,Q " rr - . Larry Honeycutt Jerry Hunt Eddie Hutchins Becky Jackson Robert Jackson J. F. James Pat Jelks r,.. an Q N Iy: y ,y,, Carole Johns Ellen Johnson Paul Johnson Smitty Johnson Benjamin Johnston Judith Jolly Danny Jones 89 SOPHOMORES Jerry Jones Mohlen Jones Clarise Jordan Jimmy Jordan Ray Jordan Freddy Koh Billy Keeling Bebe Kelley Jimmy Kelley Jerome Lafolleil Bobby Lambert I Judy Lambert Linda Lone PCQQY l-one Tim Lewis John Leach Tim Lalham Joy Lindsey Mary Ann Long Pa1A. Long Pat L. Long l Brenclo Lowery Sang Lycla Jack Mackey Martha Maroney Jane Martin Tommy Martin Orby Mayben George McClendon Bobby McCurley Harold McDonald Roland MacDonald Robena McDougal Virginia McDuffie Brenda McElroy Carolyn MqG0wen Jimmy McGuire Sally Mclnfosh Bob Means Jean Meneroy Larry Metcalf Don Miles 90 SOPHOIVIORES .,.,,.,,. . J, . .5 ,.,, ,, I ,.,,,,, . ss M x X X A We as is we 5 tg Q X b NN SQ ' .K , " . . Paula Milner Ferrel Moot Donald Moon Jimmy Moore Randall Moore Harold Morris Martha Moyer Milton Nelson Glenda Nesbitt Sandra Nichols Gusty Nordgren Bruce Oliver Bobby Owens Carlton Owens ,J of .J ,125 lm 1 wi' , i Charles Owen Garry Owens Rebecca Owens Wayne Ozment Jimmy Painter Ronald Parker Leon Parton asv. ... , ,Y .R . Wayne Patrick Pinkie Patterson Bobby Peek Levon Penecost Charlotte Phillips Jimmy Pickard Marilyn Pinson , .,'.L, 5 ,k I if 'f' '- " . av '. k 2? -3 ' 5 ry . , A 5- ' -ggi . J.:: j Q t' g' , , gal "' l . " E - ' ' Billy Pollard Shelby Posey Billy Pruitt Barbara Putnam Bobby Rains Lillian Rattray David Riley Billy Rich Eddielene Richey Franklin Richey Joyce Robertson Shirley Rose Kay Routon Larry Roselle 91 ,ws , ,-. ,. -.-. .,i. 1 All , , , HW SOPHOMORES Nell Sasser Rita Salvador Francis Sanda Elizabeth Souls Barbara Scott Danna Sewell Naoma Sewell Lydia Sheffield Phyllis Shellhorse Juanzetta Shew Freida Simmons Judy Sims Bill Smiley Pot Smiley L Charles Smith Frank Smith Gloria Smith Jimmy Smith Layton Smith Novice Smith Dot Smith Sara Smith Tommy Smith! Joan Smithey Mike Spraggins Larry Steel Carolyn Steifel Delsie Stewart Joyce Stewart Margaret Stine Jane St. John Jean Stinson Patsy Stoddard Emmett Stone Richard Strawn Mary Inzer Street Betty Sfriplin Charlotte Striplin Donald Stuckey Connie Swindell Donald Swindell Ronald Swindell 92 SGPHOMORES V s w , s T ' N Q . ,, gf I ifsifi -I . -A-.Q - , ' , mfg J iii? -3 J " This , as X .. . K A TK .,.. - , . 1--2' .:5, - - f Lanny Taliaferro Rita Talley Bill Tarwin Sonny Taylor Randall Thompson Jerre Mae Tidmore Don Tidwell Barbara Troncale v . '-:fs ' f ,w ,,i : f Betty Terrell Judy Thacker Peggy Thompson Jerry Tumlin Charlotte Turner Julia Turner ,Q A T x if fl Afll ' if ' ' lll in , QT Deloise Tyler Danna Vaughn Marcia Vernace Linda Vice James Vines Larry Walker Ellen Wallard ' gi fifis 4. -1 ,,., "F - ," . ff 'folk ', Edgar Waybright Alice Warren Brenda Weathinglon Don Welch Gary Wells Pat Wetzel Wayne White Dot Williamson Bobby Willingham Billy Willis Sid Wilson Del Witherspoon Frank Wolfe Edna Woodham Julia Woodham Barbara Woods Ann Womack Elsie Wright 93 Robert Wright Yolanda Yeager Stephanie Yother SOPHOMORES Jack Alred ' Ben Couch Billy Franklin Jessie Freeman Dorothy Hodge Wayne Jordan Donald McGinnis Jimmy Massey SOPHOMO RES NOT PICTURED Gail Moon Anita Nicholson Linda Packer Garry Perry Jerry Perry Jackie Quarles Gerald Riley Don Schmidt Judy Sizemore Jeralene Smith Martha Smith Rex Smith Rose Stephens Emmett Stone Wanda Yates Don Wesson Tolefll 5 how Flnole The Junior G. Afs at Judson eww io' 055 ,OOXCQYVJ Soplls talse me 94 Did the bus driver stop t oo suddenly, Betty? Soplwnww S AMW, 14165 mnwfmfmffnram J KN 40? 'ins FUSE 3,5005 0415 Zo 606547 SOME 4401? ? fgwffcvuffva Jlshofxfs X .ff f X 777 4 7' 47 4,c'GK:'Q4e NIRAXZA ceq !6HY6'l0li1P.ZJ1lYf M55 ,wo 6m 59" 754rM,v .57Pfaf61e5e, SOPHGMORE WHO'S WHO Judy Ka CUTEST Y Day and Gary W PBQQY Lone and ells Ben M EUC y 50 OST M051 P-2:5 Lon-Y Ro1.eXXe e Demon :EPULAR Th0mPS0n Gusf Peggy Y Nordgren 96 WHO'S WHO xwbvwg, MOsr Cofhy Glosse, slrffcflous John Leach ROUND er ST AU- Conn iioss and Rudy June JoAr7 Sllll BEST LoOK'NGi,Y weus U Fame 05? Celia Anderson Gnd Bobby Cob el 97 ey M? ogongciong 04 as 7966or !AM6 5 Q i P , XNM my .jAyfl410-Sis J -2 -gQ:fQi.,.Q ,..'. i I Tv- M K :' X . X fx 1 X 3 3 ,iw - . z ww , 77M Zim.: , C'Ak2wu M'Gawffg M4efaA fam ' Qirry fhcxevr 6414 CAMP mvfsffvr ruff: nzsr Puma :Picasa 5.3 , FEMA AIVAEESZJ GIGGIIAIG A5 asm. It .J 41 xC'..1'h""'x Ay' ' AR 15 M N li Zfmvfivvnmsr Cf 'f0"""" 604656 7A?4w:M fwawvm Buorsyfae flimmefr Swv: engage ' 'XS S' Q71 law if R 476V 555 A s. CH " Youre SYM 56141125 PW is ifgsffva 510W ' Q v .F Q x 5' , . k ' . x - vi X 5 'ESQ : Aww A1665 gym S22-'FF'f"'0 W0 QSJNNV Q10 1715 fgogfg ? E AN Ag cliff 'Hof Q75 QDM 1 50 sys 5475 P Qtbfzxq, uxgryx 064 Qlllllg A 0915351 Uh 100 U sz ,NES A Ps N51 1+ 14 'ildgub E Q, ' 9, 1 4 Bu- W URE ng: 5 S 4 .1 E sf- F' :H B S E A 'R CRUCIBLE MISS DOROTHY BLACK Sponsor MARION SHEPPARD Editor X VICKY MARTIN MORRIS CAMP Co-Business Manager Co Busmess Manager STAFF MRS. DOROTHY WOODWA Sponsor I: Q FRANK HELDERMAN KATHERINE McCLAIN HUNTER DUNCAN CAROLYN BIRCHFIELD TOBY SANSOM Assisiant Editor Assisiant Business Manager SUE HAMES Sporis Ediiors Typish GENE ASHLEY JENNIE MILLER AMANDA MYNATT BARBARA MULLEN BENNY MADDERRA AssisIanI Business Manager Literary Editor Club Editor Art Editor Phofographer AD STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Morris Camp BACK ROW: Mike Barrett, Paul Hurst, Sue Homes, Sue Stewart, Robin Harbin, Annis Landers, Bobby Lisenba . . . FRONT ROW: Cynthia Mozley, Morris Camp, Joyce Malcom. The i957 Crucible Staff has the duty not only of selling advertisements but also the duty of compiling and completing the year round activities of the school. The annual staff has worked diligently to give you the best annual possible. We of the annual staff would like to thank the Student Body and Faculty for their wonderful co-operation in helping us assemble the Crucible. We sincerely hope that you will be proud of your 1957 Crucible, and cherish the memories which it contains for many years. BACK ROW: Sue Homes, Josephine Rossiter, Sandra Character, James Stephens, Robert Weathers, Sherre Arnold . . . FRONT ROW: Pat Moody, Mary lee Byram, Carolyn Birchfield, Martha Dunaway, Cathie Glosser, Jane Mais. SUBSCRIPTIO STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Vicky Martin -nv W-am A M x' 'ff X 'fa xo E L. mmm THE ATIONAL Home Soctrrv Mt l JIMMY BURNETT. . . ...,. President PATSY BATTLES ....... , . ,Vice-President LENORA NELSON ..... ..... S ecretary CAROLYN BIRCI-IFIELD .... .... T reasurer MARION SHEPPARD ....., .,.. C haplain MRS. GLADYS MURPI-IEE.. .. .,.,....., Sponsor The National Honor Society members are from semesters VI, VII, and VIII who are, in the opinion ot the faculty outstanding in scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Membership is limited to tive per cent of the Junior class and fifteen per cent of the Senior class. SENIOR MEMBERS Ginger Vann, June Capps, Anita Griffith, Lenora Nelson, Patsy Battles, Jimmy Burnett, Rodney Hurt, Charles Griffith, Charles Hooks, Albert Branscomb, John Akins, Marion Sheppard, Mary Ann Simon, Jennie Miller, Carolyn Birchfield NEW MEMBERS Kenneth Barfield, Max Campbell, Paul Hurst, George Jones, John Owens, Paul Owens, Gary Patrick, Donald Tarrance, Rhea Allenstein, Mary Grace Barnes, Mary Lee Byram, Charlotte Dingler, Willene Edwards, Nancy Gause, Jane Gilliland, Sue Homes, June Harvey, Sylvia Hopper, Betty Rose Jones, Janice Kirby, Eleanor Lewis, Norma Lyon, Barbara Martin, Vicky Martin, Delores Moore, Joanne Morris, Barbara Mullen, Amanda Mynatt, Betsy Nelms, June Simpson, Barbara Torrance, JoAnn Tucker, Glenda Westcott, Cynthia Weyna, Joan Wilbur, Nancy Williams, Russell Brengleman, Ralph Godfrey, Robin Harbin, Myron Hawkins, Wade Johnson, Harry Littleton, Gary Suttle, Kay Galloway, Alice Hill, Louise Hooks, Katherine McClain, Leone Pruett, Katherine Pruitt, Rosemary Williams. STUDE T COU CIL CHARLES GRIFFITH President FRED BRIGHT .... Vice President JOANNE MORRIS .. ....... Secretory LEONE PRUETT ., .. Treasurer WADE JOHNSON . . .Reporter MR. P. W. DRASH . .Sponsor The purpose ol the Student Council is to promote a spirit of co-operation between the student body and faculty, and to promote and encourage activities for the best interest of the school. Ideas and sug- gestions ctre carried to the Student Council by o homeroom representative who is elected by popular vote. MEMBERS Barbara Adams, Ruth Adams, John Akins, Fred Bright, Terry Brown, Martha Bush, Morris Camp, Larry Campbell, June Capps, Peggy Cooper, Judy Day, Helen Ruth Fox, Linda Gorrard, Sandra Glenn, Harriet Gordon, Chip Griffith, linda Harbor, Lee Heodly, Jerry Hill, Ralph Godfrey, Bebe Kelley, Billy Keeling, Glenna Lambert, Pat A, Long, Charles Lowery, Sally Mc- Cord, Savola Morgan, Jeanne Morris, Betsy Nelms, Lenora Nelson, Pinkie Patterson, Kathryn Pruett, Leone Pruett, Shirley Rose, Joy Smith, Judy Smith, Margaret Stine, Patsy Stoddard, Jadxie Swindell, Julia White, Yolando Yeager, Bracey Cross, Wade Johnson, Charles Brooks. .-wmmwsmwsw-1. M . .. L .X so .We -ss. -- ...-, sm..-f-s..w .-fs-essex ,sfvesees-s.wess, --ss ,X-I L-X .L ss.c. . .A .sms ..,. ,M . .V J. R. DAVIS HI - Y ALBERT BRANSCOMB . . . . . ....,... President GEORGE SANSOM . , . ,.,....,. Vice - President CHARLES GRIFFITH . . . . . .Secretary Si Treasurer EUGENE MITCHELL . . ...,......., Chaplain MR. J. R. DAVIS .. .... Sponsor In order to be a member of the l-li-Y, a boy must be in good standing with students and faculty, have a good character, and be passing all work. There are two chapters ot the Hi-Y: The Frank Cottle Memorial and the J. R. Davis Chapters. The mem bers are chosen from the Junior and Senior Classes. The l-Ii-Y is a branch of the Young Men's Christian Association IYMCAI. John Akins, John Arthur, Gene Ashley, Albert Branscomb, Morris Camp, Mickey Crain, Bunk Cushen, Charles Griffith, Myron Hawkins, Frank Helderman, Jerry Hill, Jerome Kimberly, Bill Mattox, Eugene Mitchell, Charles Moore, Paul Owens, Bob Royal, George Sansom, Harold Smith, Gary Suttle, George Traylor, Pai Waldrop, George White. HI-Y FRANK CUTTLEMEMQRIL RODNEY HURT ...... .........,.. P resident GERALD REYNOLDS ......,...,.... Vice-President RALPH GODFREY .....,,A.. Secretary 81 Treasurer RONALD COPELAND . , . ............., Chaplain MR. BILL ABSTON .. ....,., ..... S ponsor In order to be a member of the Hi-Y, a boy must be in good standing with students and faculty, have a good character, and be passing all work. There are two chapters of the Hi-Y: The Frank Cottle M ' l d h ' ' emoria an t e J. R. Davis Chapters. The mem bers are chosen from the Junior and Senior Classes. The Hi-Y is a branch of the Young Men's Christian Association CYMCAL Jimmy Burnett, Ronald Copeland, Bracey Cross, Bobby Gallant, Ralph Godfrey, Jerry Hofferbert, Charles Hooks, Paul Hurst, Rodney Hurt, Harry Littleton, Robert Lesenba, Henry McKeIvey, John Norris, Clay Orme, Gerald Reynolds, Charles Saks, Tommy Stringer, Ronnie Townsend, Robert Weathers, Ronald Wills ALPHA TRI-Hi-Y ANITA GRIFFITH ...... A,,...... P resident RHEA ALLENSTEIN . . . ..., Vice - President NANCY GAUSE ..... ..... S ecretary MARY LEE BYRAM . . , ,... Treasurer MARY ANN SIMON .. .4.. Choploin MRS. LUKER ,.....,, .... S ponsor The members of the Tri-Hi-Y ore girls chosen from the Junior ond Senior classes for their morols and Christion chorocter. The purpose is to create, maintain, and extend through the school and community a Christion troit of religious belief. The slogon is: Pure thoughts, pure words, ond pure actions. The Tri-Hi-Y stonds for the three-fold purpose ofthe Y.W.C.A. exemplified by high school girls offilioted with the Y.W.C.A. This yeor, due to the lorge membership of the clubs, they were divided ond ore now Alpha, Beta, Delta, ond Gamma. MEMBERS Rhea Allenstein, Mary Lee Byram, Sandra Character, Hunter Duncan, Nancy Gause, Joy Smith, Jo Ann Tucker, .loan Wilbur, Anita Griffith, Sue Homes, Harriet Holbrook, Diana Johnson, Elenor Lewis, Jan Taylor, Helen Wagnon, Glenda Greene, Norma Lyon, Vicky Martin, Ann McCartney, Pat Moody, Marilyn Morris, Jane Thornton, Cynthia Weyna, Amanda Mynatt, Sandra Plumer, Leone Pruett, Marian Sheppard, Mary Ann Simon, Amelia Traylor, Rosemary Williams. s TRI-HI-Y JOANNE MORRIS .. .... President GAIL SNEAD .,,. . . .Vice - President MARY ANN LEE . . . .,,,,, Secretary MARY FRESH ...... . .Treasurer JANE GILLILAND ... .... Chaplain MRS. LEVI . .. . , ...Sponsor The members of the Tri-Hi-Y are girls chosen from the Junior and Senior classes for their high morals and Christian character. The purpose is to create, maintain, and extend through the school and com- munity a Christian trait of religious belief. The slogan is: Pure thoughts, pure words, and pure actions. The Tri-Hi-Y stands for the three-fold purpose of the Y.W.C.A. exemplified by high school girls affiliated with the Y.W.C.A. This year, due to the large membership of the clubs, they were divided and are now Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Gamma. MEMBERS Patsy Battles, Kitty Barnes, Mary Grace Barnes, Ann Bloodworth, Carolyn Birchfield, Marilyn Barnes, June Capps, Glenda Cranford, Phyllis Denson, Mary Fresh, Jane Gilliland, Diane Hanson, June Harvey, Martha Dunnaway, Glenna Lambert, Mary Ann Lee, Jennie Miller, Sara Martin, Joanne Morris, Betsy Nelms, Lenora Nelson, Gwin Pointer, Gail Snead, Jackie Swindell, Gary Wiggins, Julia White, Vir inia M'll K ' ' ' g i er, aye King, Katherine McClain, Sally McCord. ATIONAL HW? THESPIAN socmv 7 1 J' JOHN AKINS ,,.. .... v ice- President ' RHEA ALLENSTEIN . . . ........ President JUNE HARVEY .... ....,. S ecretary JIMMY BURNETT ..A, .... T reasurer MARION SHEPPARD .. .,.... Clerk MRS. STELLA TODD . . . .... SPOHSOV Membership in the National Thespian Society is eagerly sought by students who are interested in dramatic achievement. The purpose of the society is to give students practical experience in acting in all phases of play production and to promote higher dramatic ideals in community and school. To be eligible for member- ship, a student must have at least lO quality points. These points are earned through participation in civic, religious, and school attairs of a dramatic nature. Other main considerations are: talent, atti- tude, experience, and initiative. MEMBERS Marilyn Barnes, Patsy Battles, June Capps, Martha Dunaway, Harriet Gordon, Patty Hackett, Charles Hall, Sandra Hicks, John McGlathery, Jennie Miller, Pat Moody, Joanne Morris, Pinkie Patterson, Donna Shaddix, Sandra Simmons, Judy Sims, Mary Ann Simon, Ronnie Townsend, Mary Ellen Tuck, Gail Woodruff, Dot Williamson 7 NJNJFA, xx I" l t' CLUB ' f l tl -- L.: as JOHN Atoms, , . r or-feed usher "f- Moiareis CAMP r ,,,Assistont Heed usher -lui -, 'P fx ' 'i ho: H vii . H-2:2 1:-V H .1 I ' Q., 4. A E'-'L MR. KENNETH HERLONG ,,.. Sponsor ' ' 7, 'gf . The Ushers' Club, which was orgonizecl in 1936, is on honor club made up of junior and senior boys. ln ushering for the Little Theotre, the Artist Series, the Civic Music Association concerts, ond vorious other programs, the orgonizotion serves os o link between community and school. MEMBERS Albert Branscomb, Jimmy Burnett, Charles Griffith, Frank Helderman, Jerry Hill, Jerry Hofferberf, Charles Hoolres, Rodney Hurt, Alan Nordgren, Clay Orme, George White, Paul Owens, Don Sandlin, Jerry Smith, Gene Ashley, Joe Crawford, Bracey Cross, Myron Hawkins, Harry Littleton, Leland Sisson, Tommy Stringer, Charles Wright. MAG Avox STAFF k1Vl'19 JENNIE MILLER ........ ........ E ditor-in-chief FRANK HELDERMAN .... ..... B usiness Manager RONNIE TOWNSEND . . . .... Managing Editor VIRGINIA MILLER ..,. ............ S ecretary ANITA GRIFFITH , . . ,... Circulation Manager ELEANOR LEWIS ,..., .... E xchange Editor LENORA NELSON ,..........,..................,.. Society Editor RHEA ALLENSTEIN ...,,................,....,..... Feature Editor CLARK GRIFFITH, EUGENE MITCHELL, CHARLES JACKSON, CATHY GLOSSER ..,,...........,.................... Sports Staff LOUISE HOOKS, SUSAN HAMILTON, JUDY HOOKER, ALICE HILL Proofreaders MARTHA NELL BROCK, MARY LEE BYRAM, SARA MARTIN ...... Typists Mary Ann Simon, Louise Hooks, Sandra Owen, Martha Dunaway, Mary Ellen Tuck, Anita Lowe, Dotty Turner, Dot Powell, Harriet Gordon, Willene Edwards, Nancy Godfrey, Alice Hill, Nancy Martin, Donna Shaddox, Eleanor Fox, Joanne Foote, Gail Tingle, Joyce Stewart, Linda Guest, Dianne Ashley, Brenda Hughes, Sherre Arnold, Joyce Malcolm, Lee Headley, Gail Reaves .,.,......................,....... Reporters MRS, JUNE BUGG ,,........,...,,.. ....,.,..,.,........ S ponsor M QUILL CQUILL. SCROLL Sc Rom.. Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists, was organized to encourage and reward individual achievement in iournalism and allied fields. The purpose of Quill and Scroll is to instill in students the ideal of scholarship, to advance the standards of profession of iournalisrn by developing better iournalists and by inculating a higher code of ethics, to promote exact and dispassionate thinking, clear and forceful Writing. This club is sponsored by Mrs. June Bugg. Jennie Miller, Martha Dunaway, Anita Griffith, Mary Ann Simon, Rhea Allenstein, Sandra Owen, Tommy Costner, Wade Johnson, Ronnie Townsend, Virginia Miller, Eleanor Lewis, Frank Helderman, Alice Hill, Joyce Malcom, Donna Shaddox, Louise Hooks. GLB ROBERT WEATHERS .... .....,,.., P resident RONALD HARWOOD . . ...., Vice - President MYRON HAWKINS .......... Secretary -Treasurer COACH WATFORD, COACH GREEN, COACH ABS- TON, COACH NEVVCOME, MRS. BULLOCK, Sponsors The "G" Club is set up to further interest in athletics. lt is made up ot boys who have participated in either i6 quarters ot football, 32 quarters ot basketball, or 26 innings ot baseball, or have made l6 points in track competition. They may also acquire membership by playing in the district basketball tournament, by placing first, second, or third in a district track meet, or by playing in a district baseball game. Both boys and girls may be admitted tor holding the position of a cheerleader. MEMBERS Jack Alred, Wayne Bishop, Olen Brown, Ronald Burke, Morris Camp, Joe Carr, Gerald Cassidy, Larry Conner, Ronald Copeland, Mickey Crain, Joe Crawford, Gary Cushen, Gary Damkoehler, Jimmy Elliot, Mary Fresh, Jane Gilliland, Ralph Godfrey, Paul Griffith, Ronald Harwood, Ted Hawk, Myron Hawkins, Jerry Heard, Johnny Hefner, Jerome Kimberly, Bobby Lambert, Harry Littleton, Donnie Lyda, Bill Mattox, Katherine McClain, Henry McKelvey, David Nolan, Paul Pritchett, Carol Reese, Gerald Reynolds, Gid Riddle, George Roberts, Johnny Robertson, Tom Sedam, Harold Smith, Ronald Stancil, Jerry Stallings, Gary Suttle, Pat Waldrop, Robert Weathers, Gary White, Winfred White, John Whorton, Ronald Wills, Bobby Worley. CHEERLE DERS HENRY MCKELVEY .,,. .,.... H ead Cheerleader MARY FRESH ...,. . Assistant Head Cheerleader MRS. BULLOCK A ,, ....., . , .... . . .Sponsor Carol Reese, Ralph Godfrey, June Gilliland, George Roberts, Betty Sue Denson, Tubby Wills Substitute-KATHERINE MCCLAIN The main purpose ot the cheerleaders is to promote school spirit and good sportsmanship. The cheerleaders work very hard during the year promoting good sportsmanship between schools, making wavers and decorating the stadi- um before all games. 115 Substitute-BUNK CUSH EN ' MARCHI OCDQE HIGIQG Ye f-""5ff 7 la hQg?2'4 5 0 FRANlBrt::1LlzE:2ArAN,JR. E N 'I The Gadsden High School Band probably appears before more people than any other school or- ganization. The band appears in football games, civic parades, and out-of-town parades. This year the band, in colorful new uniforms, made particularly outstanding appearances and was o real credit to the school. A unique activity of the band is its two-week camp during the summer. The flog- swingers this year took up twirling and constituted o baton corps. The 1957 Gadsden High School Marching Band W f we-mwwfs... . ,mwmws mu.-wws-eww wax Mmmw wmxw mfm wmsmunu-m O Barbara Alford Martha Archer Diane Ashley Gene Ashley Jennie Ashley Judy Baker Neil Berry Carolyn Birchfield Lucretia Black Martha Blanks Peggy Bobo Sally Brittain Martha Brock Gareth Bryant John Ccimpmire Jewel Cargile Linda Clark Bobby Coheley Tommy Costner Glenda Cranford Sandra Crim Arvil Curtis Maiorettes Gwin Pointer, Millie Singleton ...........,,,,,,.!,,.............,. i ,. ' f' 53 ,V P-STL : 'r '1 T t l' f l ll? - ttf Y ! fx . . llu l k W , T .t,l .,,,.'i ' ' W ' 1 ' f lj Wg? gQ," , , tl, , t T 2 'f if ,k ,exft A Q X n 3 3 , I 3, , Q C D5-iffrfscf D cle ti-,W is .2 1 wuihuqxd FLAGSWINGERS-Carolyn Eaves, Jackie Swindall, Pat pard, Jane Thorton, Jean Gibson, and Sally McCord. MEMBERS Ronald Davis Jerry Downey Richard Fischer Helen Fox Stancil Gaither Bobby Gallant Melvin Gilliland Cathey Glosser Nancy Godfrey Clark Griffith Grady Hale Frank Helderman Ronnie Hilbus Alice Hill J. D. Hill Jerry Hofferbert Sandra Holloway Larry Honeycutt Thomas Hughes Jim Hunt Charles Jackson Carole Johns -1 ... snulsm :lam-um memes, -. t v gn. Jerry Johnson Brenda Jolley George Jones Brendt Lowery John Leach Tim Lewis David McCallie Sara Martin Vicky Martin Eugene Mitchell Mary Jane Morgan Marilyn Morris Charles Owen Jerry Parr Garry Perry Jerry Perry Marilyn Pinson Gwin Pointer Billy Rich Shirley Rose Bob Royal Don Sandlin Moody, Mary Lee Byram, Marion Shep Delores Smith Jerry Smith Betty Striplin Connie Swindall Jan Thompson Peggy Thompson Wesley Thompson Jeff Thurman Don Tidwell Amelia Traylor Randy Traylor Donna Vaughn Marcia Vernace Billy Willis Jerry White Charles Wright Elsie Wright Layton Smith Delsie Stewart Jane St. John Albert Branscomb Rodney Hurt Alan Rutherford Substitute Mojorette: Jenn ie Ashley .,,,.,s..,.,c,..,,.,,,,a Mm st ' :K - Q ,',,Wr. , ,+ .. 5 :T , X, Miiygb, x iw' Q 'par . wi 3. s 2 .S?Eg N5 ,ag 4- -avi Y' Qi a Q 5 1 ?.f Eiga 5 as E J? x A Yi Zdliig ::wfwQssas:Q:ux1:un. .qw-RO!" + W K 'J Qi iff, ii , V , 9 1 Q 5 5355 5 1 Pf, i'fr. A ,fe M gi 'fix kgs 3 A ii-x. X ffef fy., Wh- M 91 ' A " ai 35 'R 3 . 5 'fggexs W...-fa ,,..,. . ., M ,.Q,MW...,. . , . Q Q35 EYHRR Bw . 363, S ,.,..,.f.M,f W, A V ...A W1-ww 3-""f""b'f 43A - if , ' 4. 2 Q fig, wv 'i.gS?.'! xx gf Q L A 1 ix N 'Q 3 , X A gg! XR 2, , it f 3 if " W, m M ,M,,.M...,...i ..,,.,...,.-.+R ,--w.f.-aww.-M.M..,M Y, mf . Q AX m WA Wi ,. of 1 N ' Nw N, 1: X X , ,Ss 3 va 1. M. wg--gegaw tigkgwi, sf 541 Q Q X , XA X .EX.,g,, S kk.kk QQ XJ S ,. f S S. Q , f X s 1 , A X ,xg - 1 i S A Q Q Y ,Q Q-sgiggw 1 a Q' gs x X A if n X X , K SEX xx i 3 fx jx Q X+ X I jf 5 Q , X 35 XM S t X X h 5 5' if X X s XX E, if X K 1 kk' ' Aww N' "g"iv?g?fLfUlT XX-KTT3-X Q. pg ...Q-5 ,,.. ...,Xf,,, X X XX W X - X pw A X Q rx 3X Q cr xr sf .X 1 1 ' wb v - in fgisf ' v Q Q ' 32 5Q5.,4'9' 39a'3 W .Hr T5-, ' -f ,9'5im1' Ls . 4' 7 5, 3 X 5 W M Xk:awfx Mfvhlkf ' X XXX ' ,- MFE Q21 hf 9 G! um-q ' e Q A X is 1 fu . ,gf S A 'f 1 've 4 5 Q A t 5 X, X A X XV , -S Q X QS- I XE, 5 gp? fs 331 X, K ,-LL X401 X-,XY b..- XX, ' fl' R .,.. 1 23 Serv WW N if X k K :X ,Qfffgg 'iii g XX 3 lilifxmg-' X XXX X A X, Y Y X .. ,, , X X X if Qxyv Xxw NQXW s 5. 2 Sr 'S W 'f 5 LN KX 5 1 gg Q 2 ?' fi 7 X F 5 1 XX 'qq 3 ir. 'QN4i' ST XiXX1XX,1X:X Xk-X .,XXX ff-1-,X,X frx I , i,,gXgXiT'Q 'W Nl' N + Nm r 'L M3Q5Xg,w5,,N-,sw-wXftfv':-'M M-ff .m,xrWL-M- ' M? Em- OUR FESS CO CERT BA D The Gadsden High School Concert Band is a symphonic organization, playing a variety of musical literature. Iviany of the members play different instruments than those played in the marching band. Yearly activities of the band are winter and spring concerts, graduation exer- cises, and participation in the State Band Contest at the University. A few members attended the All-State Band Festival and won medals. Lt. Captain .,... Sec.-Treas. .... , Head Flogswinger Ass't. Sec.-Treas. Captain . . . . BAND OFFICERS Gene Ashley Eugene Mitchell Vicky Martin . . . Sally McCord Cathie Glosser THE 1957 GADSDEN HIGH SCHOOL Barbara Alford Martha Archer Diane Ashley Jeanie Ashley Judy Baker Neil Berry Carolyn Birchtield Lucretia Black Martha Blanks Peggy Bobo Sally Brittain Martha Brock Gareth Bryant John Campmire Jewell Cargile Linda Clark Bobby Cholely Tommy Costner Glenda Cranford Sandra Crim Ronald Davis Helen Fox Stancil Gaither Bobby Gallant Melvin Gilliland Cathie Glosser Charles Wright CERT BA D Mary Lee Byram Nancy Godfrey Clark Griffith Grady Hale Frank Helderman Ronnie Hilbus Alice Hill J. D. Hill Jerry l-lofterbert Sandro Holloway Larry Honeycutt Thomas Hughes .lim Hunt Charles Jackson Carole Johns Jerry Johnson Brenda Jolley George Jones Brenda Lowery John Leach TimfLewis David McCallie Sara Martin Vicky Martin Eugene Mitchell Mary Jane Morgan Marilyn Morris 121 Charles Owens Elsie Wright Jerry Parr Garry Jerry Marilyn Pinson Gwin Pointer Billy Rich Shirley Rose Bob Royal Don Sandlin Delores Smith Jerry Smith Layton Smith Delsie Stewart Jane St. John Betty Sfriplin Connie Swindell Jan Thompson Peggy Thompson Wesley 'Thompson Jeff Thurman Don Tidwell Amelia Traylor Randy Traylor Donna Vaughn Marcia Vernace Billy Willis Jerry White TENORS: EL ETONES RONALD WILLS .. JOAN WILBUR . MARY ANN LEE .,,,. CHARLES MOQRE , T KATHERINE McCLAlN MR. EDSEL HAND .... T President Vice - President . Secretary 81 Treasurer .. . .Librarian . Chaplain T Director The Velvetone choir is a group ot advanced mu sic students. It is the highest honor a voice student can achieve. This was the fifth year the Velvetones have been organized, and in that time they have re- ceived superior rating in every district and state contest they have entered. The requirements for the choir are: excellent character, high scholastic average, and a real desire to sing for God's glory. SOPRANOES: Joan Wilbur Jo Ann Tucker Katherine McClain Sandra Character Patsy Downey Cynthia Weyna Mary Lee Byram Gwen Porter Janice Hopkins ALTOS: Nancy Gause Mary Ann Lee Helen Wagnon Martha Moyer Linda Lane Carolyn Hamilton Alice Hare Janice Milner Rosemary Williams Marilyn Morris George Roberts Cary Cook William Daughtery' Charles Moore Jerry Perry BARITONES: Bobby Royal Randy Traylor Benny Maderra Albert Branscornb BASSES: Ronald Wills Buddy Cash Jimmy Massey Henry McKelvey ANITA GRIFFITH . . . .,.A.,. President JULIA WHITE . . . ...,, . . .Vice - President FRANCES SMITH .. ...Secretary Si Treasurer CAROLYN EAVES . . . ,,......... Chaplain MRS. EDSEL HAND . . . , ,Sponsor The Triads is the advanced girls glee club under the leadership ot Mr. Hand. The requirements to be in the Triads are: Christian character, a pleasing personality, and to sing well. The Triads have only been organized for two years and are working hard in the hopes that they may enter the District Fes- tival in Jacksonville and the State Festival at the University. MEMBERS Martha Blanks, Carolyn Eaves, Joanne Foote, Jean Gibson, Glenda Green, Anita Griffith, Mary Lane Holland, Brenda Jolley, Jane Killian, Kaye King, Joyce Malcom, Savola Morgan, Sondra Piazza, Dorothy Powell, Sue Robinson, Marolyn Scruggs, Frances Smith, Carolyn Sue Sorter, Judy Stansell, Martha Stephens, Jane St. John, Mary lnzer Street, Betty Striplin, Jerrie Mae Tidmore, Gail Tingle, Janice Tuck, Julia White, Cynthia Weyna, Carolyn Steifel, Joan Smithy, Deloris Hammond, Norma McCulley. f-1 iQ as 'gf FUTURE TEACHERS Er DE AMERICA x F All JUNE CAPPS ..... .....,, P resident JENNIE MILLER ...,.. . .Vice - President WILLENE EDWARDS . . ....... Secretary LENORA NELSON . . . . .Treasurer -. JOANNE MORRIS . . . ,... Reporter MR EDSEL HAND . . . . . Sponsor The Nell West Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was organized in 1949 by Mrs. Eula Bump- ers with only twenty-eight members. Since that year the F.T.A. has become one of the most active clubs in our school, now having approximately sixty members. This organization is composed of students who are interested in the teaching profession, its pur- pose is to help students learn facts about opportunities in teaching, create character qualities essential to a good teacher, and to develop student leadership. The requirements for becoming a member of the F.T.A. are to have o "C" average or above, to be at least in the fourth semester rank, to be approved by the present members, and, finally, to be in good standing with the faculty. Our club had a very successful year under the leadership of our fine officers and our sponsor, Mr. Edsel I-land. MEMBERS Ruth Adams, Rhea Allenstein, Patsy Battles, Bettye Berry, Bettye Brown, Linda Brooch, Mary Lee Byram, June Capps, Molene Cheatwood, Peggy Cooper, Hunter Duncan, Willene Edwards, Kay Galloway, Nancy Gouse, Anita Griffith, Diane Han- son, June Harvey, Alice Hill, Harriet Holbrook, Judy Hooker, Louise Hooks, Brenda Hughes, Eleanor Lewis, Anita Lowe, Vicky Martin, Shyrie Mauldin, Katherine McCain, Sally McCord, Jennie Miller, Joanne Morris, Marilyn Morris, Barbara Mullen, Amanda Mynatt, Lenora Nelson, Sandra Owen, Gwen Porter, Dorothy Powell, Leone Pruitt, Josephine Rossiter, Mary Ann Simon, Frances Smith, Joy Smith, Patricia Smith, June Simpson, Selma Thraser, Marion Sheppard, Gail Tingle, Joann Tucker, Sandra Tucker, Janice Tuck, Mary Ellen Tuck, Anna Grace Turner, Cynthia Weyna, Diane Wilson, Rosie Williams. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS ti MEMBER it UTURE USINESS OE AIVIERIC MARY ANN LEE . . , . . ..,, President JANICE MILNER . . . . . Vice- President GAIL SNEAD . . . .,.... Secretary E R S DOTTY TURNER ..,,........ ......... T reasurer 0-F BETSY NELMS .......4....,,.4S.,..... Chaplain M E MlSS MARGARET TURNER, MRS. DOROTHY WOOD- WARD ...,....,..,..., ,,,...... S ponsors Ce EDUCATION pA," "" Nl C s The Future Business Leaders of America is the national organization for students of business educa- tion. The Future Business Leaders of America was founded and is sponsored by the National Council for Business Education Association. Every student who is taking a subject in the commercial department is eligible for membership. The other requirements are: a favorable attitude toward the school and its functions, an ambition to work in the field of business occupations, and desire for self-improvement-scholastically as well as personally. MEMBERS Mavis Adcock, Kitty Barnes, Mary Grace Barnes, Alice Beacham, Carolyn Birchfield, Anita Blackwell, Martha Blanks, Wanda Bruce, Gloria Bynum, Martha Bynum, Mary Lee Byram, Carol Carter, Pat Cox, Cornelia Crain, Glenda Cranford, Mary Qaven- port, Linda Davidson, Judy Kay Day, Jannie Dennis, Charlotte Dingler, Patsy Downey, Barbara Dye, Carolyn Eaves, Kay Farley, Pat Ford, Eleanor Fox, Helen Fox, Linda Garrard, Peggy Gaskin, Nancy Gause, Jane Gilliland, Judy Gray, Glenda Greene, Janice Griffin, Linda Guest, Sue Hames, Carolyn Hamilton, Delores Hammond, June Harvey, Angela Helms, Sandra Hicks, Brenda Johnson, Dorain Johnson, Marilyn Keith, Kaye King, Glenna Lambert, Barbara Lamberth, Joan Lasseter, Linda Lloyd, Pat A. Long, Anita Lowe, Mary Ann Lee, Paula Lowery, Barbara Martin, Nancy Martin, Edith Mauldin, Janice McCormic, Rosa Mc- Cormic, Sandra McGuire, Janice Milner, Mary Jane Morgan, Betsy Nelms, Annie Belle Peace, Katherine Pruitt, Carol Reese, Sue Robinson, Dot Rutledge, Marolyn Scruggs, Emma Lou Sims, Judy Sims, Joyce Sizemore, Shirley Smith, Gail Snead, Carolyn Sorter, Delsie Stewart, Janice Stewart, Jackie Swindell, Barbara Tarrence, Carolyn Taylor, Myra Taylor, Betty Terrell, Jerrie Mae Tid- more, Mary Jo Tipton, Nancy Thompson, Anna Grace Turner, Dotty Turner, Ginger Vann, Helen Wagner, Farris Walters, Jose- phine White, Nancy Williams, Edna Woodham. I 'I In D. O. CLUB f P JIMMY STRAWN .,... ..,.,.... P resident JOHNNY HORTON . . . .,.. Vice - President ELIZABETH DUKE . . . .44... Secretary GAIL ROBINSON .......,........ . . .Treasurer HELEN JANE GRAY ...,...,............ Reporter x I -I 'ox- X RICHARD SCHMITZ, GLADYS SMITH ....,. Sponsors The Gadsden High Diversified Occupations Club was organized in l939. This club is an organ- ization ot students enrolled in the vocational program known as Distributed Education and Diversified Occupations. The purpose ot the clubs are to furnish an opportunity for social contact, to develop qual- ities of leadership, to develop personality, and to take a part in the State D. O. Club. This year the club won the coveted trophy at the District Elimination Contest at Jacksonville State College for the most outstanding club in Northeast Alabama. Each year the club has many activities one of which is an Employer-Employee dinner. There is also a club proiect annually. Both the D. E. and D. O. class rooms were painted and new book cases were added. MEMBERS Elizabeth Anderson, Dwight Benson, Jimmy Benson, Judy Bishop, Lila Bryan Jerry Casey, Tommy Chastain, Anna Jo Elrod, Maurice Fricks, Helen Jane Gray, Johnny Horton, Jimmy Hudgins, Vernon Jolly, Carolyn Latimer, Edward Martin, George Miller, Delores Moore, Jerry Moss, Charles Nails, Carolyn Parr, Raymond Phillips, Gail Reaves, Gail Robinson, Jimmy Strawn, Joe Walker, Gerry Nell Young, Renicl: Adams, Linda Boyd, Ralph Farmer, Tommy Hand, Eddie Hatfield, Myrtle Kelly, Betty Erwin, Sarah Long, Edwin Gann, Judy McNair, Dawn Mitchell, Johnny Roberson, Gerald Smith, David Thomas, Bobby Waits, Kay Wilson, Thomas Wortham. Mmm. .... .fs . 1. .we www .vts.,Jsw ssw1 -msst m.,. A . .. D. O. SNAPS "Mr, and Miss D. O. 14 Y I , H A salesperson is no' Pfoperl Y dressed UMM he PWS on a Lilo, Jimmy, and Gail loak at one of the D. O. Scrapbooks smile. Each swden' 'e arns ho' 'O Mfs. Smith advises these sfudenfs in iheir work HOBBY 7 GLB W f .. X C JOY SMITH .,...... RUTH ADAMS .... BETTY TERRELL ,,,. JUNE CAPPS GAll. REAVES ,. . LINDA GARRARD .., M.. Mfvlcg' President President Secretory Treasurer Chaplain Historian The purpose of the Hobby Club is to train girls to use their spare time profitably and pleasantly The club was organized in September T953 by Mrs. R. J. Bumpers, who is at present sponsor A variety ot articles have been made including costume jewelry, embroidery, leather work stuffed animals and many other forms of handicrafts. These articles are shown at city and school exhibits Ruth Adams, Rhea Allenstein, Wanda Bruce, June Capps, Linda Garrard, Glenna Lambert, Gail Reaves, Emma Lou Sims Joy Smith, Carolyn Sorter, Betty Terrell, Jackie Swindell, Carolyn Taylor, Jan Taylor, Nancy Thompson, Janice Tuck Mary Ellen Tuck, Dotty Turner, Faye Turner, Priscilla Walker, Marilyn Morris. LPHA SIGM OIVIEG RT CLUB ,O 0 GARY JEAN TOWNSEND , . President Alpha 3 GEORGE TRAYLOR . , President Omega O eEoi2eE KELL , A First vice-President 0 ALLEN RUTHERFORD , .. Second Vice-President MOLIENE CHEATWOOD . . , ..., Secretary BRENDA BLACKSHEAR . . . . . Treasurer DOUGLAS DAWSON , ,Reporter JANICE GRIFFIN ..... .,.. I-I istorian MR. JOHN A. KING . Sponsor The Art Club was organized to help beautify the school and grounds, offer training in art, introduce to the student better art, provide wholesome and beneficial relaxation, build character, and encourage the art student to assume responsibility. The art students show their work at special exhibits at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The annual spring exhibit is the highlight ot the year's work. The Art Club also collects tood and toys to be given to needy families at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Students participate in local, state, and national art contests, and the students make educational trips to the art museums in Birmingham and Atlanta. The Art Club is working to organize the Alpha Sigma Omega a national organization. MEMBERS Margaret Baskin, Alice Beacham, George Burke, Gaylon Burford, Pete Christian, Marlene Driskill, Bill Firestone, Sylvia Hopper, Mary lnzer, George Kell, Norma Lyon, Peggy McKay, Joyce Malcom, Richard Rampey, Shyrie Mauldin, Roger Rosson, Anne Ryan, Cleatis Smith, George Traylor, Paula Warnick, Bobby Wellingham, Larry Erwin, Larry Walker, Gary Townsend, Ann Girten, Janice Griffin, Jerry Hill, Jerome Kimberly, Francis McClendon, Marilyn Pinson, Wayne Ozment, Allen Rutherford, Ron- nie Townsend, Diane Wilson, Brenda Blackshear, Ann Bloodworth, Charles Brooks, Russell Brengleman, Ronald Burke, Mo- liene Cheatwood, Douglas Dawson, Freddy Kah, Tommy Martin, Barbara Mullen, Shirley Nash, Sandra Nichols, Leland Sission, Mary Ellen Tuck, Janet Gauerke, James Miller. JU GR CATHIE GLOSSER .., ....... 1 I RED CROSS DOTTY TURNER ..4.. , I MARILYN MORRIS . . , . . FRANCES SMITH . .. JANE GILLILAND ..., RICHARD RAMPEY ...... MR. ROBERT LAMON Vice President President Secretary Treasurer . Reporter Chaplain . Sponsor The Jr. Red Cross at Gadsden High School is composed ot a representative from each homeroom This is not a club and anyone who contributes to the annual membership drive or offers their servicf s is considered a member. Besides the membership drive, the Jr. Red Cross has a yearly proiect, sends talent to Fort McClellan, and holds an assemby program. Meetings are held twice a month. MEMBERS Judy Smith, Frances Smith, Marilyn Morris, Barbara Troncale, Cathie Glasser, Jaonna Glasscock, Harriet Holbrook, Mary lnza Street, Sally Brittain, Frances McClendon, Martha Dean, Rebecca Griffin, Anita Nicholson, Tommy Martin, Donald Stucltey J. D. Hill, Thomas Musick, Tim Lewis, Richard Rampey, Jane Gilliland, Dorothy Turner, Barbara Adams, Chalmer George, Martha Nell Brock, Gail Reaves. 1szssww . u1 mamma LIBRARY f CLUB 2 KATHRYNE ABERCROMBIE . . .. Sponsor : ,,,, DONNA SHADDIX . . . . , . .......A, President ANlTA THOMPSON . . . 4..,,.. Vice - President MARTHA STEPHENS . . . . . .Secretary - Treasurer The Library Club is limited in membership to student library assistants or former library assistants. Library assistants work in the library one period a day and receive minor credit each semester. The aim of the club is to foster interest in books and reading. The daily work ofthe library assistants includes checking books out and in, processing new books for circulation, shelving books and magaziens and performing other duties necessary to serve the students ot Gadsden High School in the library. MEMBERS Ruth Adams, Sue Atwood, Donald Brooks, Dan Campbell, Mary Davenport, Peggy Sue Findley, Ranelle Hamby, Rufus Hayes, Leah Haygood, Billy Headrick, Gary Holloway, Mary Jo Holt, Robert Jackson, Mary Jane Johnson, Roland McConald, Virginia McDuffie, Milton Nelson, Bobby Owens, John Owens, Wayne Patrick, Peggy Patton, David Reilley, Sue Robison, Donna Shaddix, Carolyn Skinner, Martha Smith, Judy Stansell, Martha Stephens, Janice Stewart, Pauline Tarvin, Judy Thacker, Janice Tuck, Alice Watts, Josephine White, Edna Woodham, Gail Woodruff. wesssss .....s,,- ---:M ,,,,,, , , 1- nm- PRGJ ECTIONISTS MR. DAVIE . . , , . .Advisor The projectionists, under the able guidance of Mr. Davie, have brought to Gadsden High School more.and better pictures in the program ot visual education. These boys devote at least one period a day to the operation and maintenance of the three 16 milimeter sound projectors, two slide projectors, and one opaque, and one tape recorder. Bobby Archer, John Arther, Mike Brewer, Larry Bryant, Joe Davidson, Joe Dooley, Ronald Farrar, Gerald Hicks, Charles Hooks, Bill Griffin, Jimmy Nelson, Bobby Phillips, Ronnie Roscoe, Jimmy Stallings, Chilton Teague, Buddy Weiss, Jerry White. 'Ax 5 'XTPY7 KINGSME W ' 2 rifff jx f I ,f 9 7 K it F I w The Kingsman Orchestra is under the supervision of Dr. Mort Glasser and Mr. Fred Boswell. Its primary purpose is to offer experience in dance band performances to the more interested and advanced musician. Also, the orchestra entertains at public functions, such as civic organizations, assemblies, etc. Jeff Thurman-'lst Alto Saxophone Bob Royal-2nd Tenor Saxophone Charles Wright-3rd Alto Saxophone Jerry Johnston-4th Tenor Saxophone Billy Rich-5th Baritone Saxophone Jerry Hofferbert-ist Trumpet Gareth Bryant-2nd Trumpet Grady Hale-3rd Trumpet Randy Traylor-Trombone John Compmire-Trombone Don Tidwell-Trombone Thomas "Spider" Hughes-Bass David McCallie-Drums Clark Griffith-Drums Katherine McClain-Piano G aw. Q9 GA' 9111 ..,:,g z, fllf. Av. .. , re , -if .'.. .Q xf' 0-,,,, . x W5 ,K-9 Q 4 12 X if-LL' ' it ' ., U5- 5 A x W5 A . 'L 4 .ii L3 ' .2 d, 3' 71? -. rf wg -- Ha. 4... 1- ,x 1., S x ' 4: X' JL I 'R , -0. aft- '84 . W 4 X X 4 -. P w, '91, I . .L X' 1 2 if H 4 'B L sm .. K -fs' ur Uno X' 4 4 P n l H D Ta' ,N-fs-2" -A-' I .V A. .- ,V ,, ,, .. Q Aw .Wigwam-Q vw..-8!i2,7, ' 35 ,, . -1 I 31.0 ,..+E5S1'f' ' 'ff'-591- V. , nity:-A,.N lu. firli, iq .,,., v .L N-Q Q- rfb? .Wg H x -fi I -4165! I. -... , af' 1' 4' ,. 4-x : . -. CO CHI G STAFF The Tigers ended their "So" season with a not-too-impressive record. The Tigers had a very inexperienced team to put up against a very rough schedule. Captain Robert Weathers and center Myron Hawkins lead the line in some very fine defense while quarterback Gerald Reynolds and haltback Harry Littleton did the majority of the ball carrying. The Tigers ended with one win, six loss- es, and two ties, but Coach Watford is ex- pecting a more successful season next year due to more experience. ROBERT WEATHERS JERRY WATFORD BILL ABSTONh Captain Head Couch Backfneld Cooc PL YER ROSTER FIRST ROW: Randall Moore, Ted Hawk, John Whorton, Paul Griffith, Larry Connor, Robert Weathers, Jerry Stallings, Bobby Worley, Olen Brown, Mickey Crain, Donnie Lyda. SECOND ROW: Coach Watford, Billy King, Joe Carr, David Nolan, Jack Alred, Myron Hawkins, Harry Littleton, Gerald Rey- nolds, Jerome Kimberly, Gid Riddle, Ronald Burke, Larry Rozelle, Johnny Hefner, Coach Abston. THIRD ROW: Bobby Lambert, Ronald Stancil, Pat Waldrop, Wintred White, Rudy Connor, Joe Crawford, Jerry Heard, Jimmy Elliott, Bill Mattox, Ronald Harwood, Gus Tatum, Gary White, Gary Cook. FRED NEWCOME JACK GREEN HARRY LITTLETON B Team Coach Line Coach Co - Captain m 4 wx-Afmmwm vm. MQ? .js 13 wx? . , . t SL ' WN ,... "" - X X ,j' j' '52 Q SRM if Lf 5 ,X -Q ww wx NNN, 'xyyxxaf xx-,if W Q -Nm ,N 3 +:.:N. '- S Q 2 Q gyms .... ,. X . xx Q QXMRL A Q - 'W' lr 1 2 Zlbiwlffi Z f Q? 5-'fi' ' 'Y' ' f :Kama aff 33 DECATUR DEFEATS GADSDEN 14-I2 The Bengals lost a very disappointing game to the Red Raiders of Decatur 14-12. Gadsden was unable to move the ball at all the first half, registering not one first down. Decatur, had lost their first two games to Athens and Tuscaloosa, showed great offensive power and on defense iarred the ball loose from Tiger backs several times throughout the game. After a disappointing l4-O half-time score, the reiuvenated Tigers came back to start a drive in the third quarter sparked by a touchdown in the opening minutes of the tourth quarter. The Tigers scored again but time ran out with the score I4-12. ' 4 X Xu X , .X .Q Q, f g K .iw Q gg 43 , ' .W ..-Ox fi? Q ,, i Q , f :S 1 Ag, Y 2 55 X ., Q 1 Q ' ' Q Y Qt 91' 5, f -, A M .Q 4 :M ,V 29 3153 if A A 9 ,QV M , ,B ,Q ' Q V .... 2 . ' ' ' af: ', iw! 1? A W 3 4- x gi: SN If NA as W ti K X .fb-- Y Q. xl f W 9. 5 ,A H . K EQ . X 5 -, 2 N SK S S ' f ' ..,. -aff' X A ,,,,s . " 53 ' Ag: . . J M ik W 3 H an Km 524 W nk 4 5' in ,f iii If srrijiafc' . 4 - J df V ,. , W Q www. M81-mf .1 ,J SY 4 5 EN-fi YT? 'N .wa .-S' N w :ri ww' 5:-M ' 'K M1-in KX PANTHERS BATTLE TIGERS TO 0-0 DRAW The Tigers iourneyed to Huntsville with every intention of spoiling the Huntsville Panthers' Homecoming. The entire tirst halt was dominated by the Tigers and was played in Panther territory with all the backs moving the ball well. Twice in the first halt the Tigers had the ball inside the TO yard line. In the second half the Tigers played most of the game in Panther territory getting down very near the goal but never quite having that extra punch to push the ball over. The Panthers played a good game in holding the Tigers when they got down near the goal line. Their best stand was in the closing seconds of the game when they held the Tigers on the one-toot line. The game ended in a O-O tie. TALLADEGA TIES GADSDEN 6-6 The Tigers Took The opening kickoff ond drove for o Touchdown. The PAT was missed. After Torcing Tollodego To punT, The Tigers Tumbled deep in Their own TerriTory. Tollodego quickly Took odvonToge of The breok ond cholked up six points on The scoreboord. The PAT was wide ond The score wos Tied 6-6. Most of The gome wos i played in Tollodego Terri- , Tory buT The Tigers couldn'T puT The boll over The dou- ble sTripe. Gadsden IosT The boll on downs in The closing seconds of The gome deep in Tollodego Territory. ...A S psf? N 'K 9 . f-i s .xfzq Ex kg X 1 A QV, R Q ' i F'W.U,..-1-""" , N..n-f Q ,,...-vH"""W"Nm x A X fs KW, J ,,4-v4"""'k 1 , .,f s w'3vs'5. , kg , 9 EQ. , I . :ff SS HQ ,,.:::1i+' K U Q iii? ,S , ii f li: 'iigffijf :J Q M1 3 Q Qi-Q' X f 4 h iftzii W nf qq,,fVq I V ---V H 3 ' W ' ,, -if: 'f -- - F X3 ' r::'::: ik :- , A V Q, . ' le x ,,,. z , an W ,ww Q x V. ' ' , .-,.. , ' 'i " 'V w 3335- 3513-5-E'I:f f J-' in -ff-Q, 1 i s xv,-xx W4 W' , pg K Q , HM E - f Nam, Q xy Num "' - u . n 5.-. '- Q I iv Xa ' an X ' . M39 ' If " '4 " Q, fem: mr 1 . XG A Q Q ..... . ..,., . A M HH' , , , x 5 Q , . ,... A W5-5:,:E5::: :Q:,., : ,fi--K W7-ww ., .WL - - A t. ,.,,, :,,,:.,fE 5.,f.:.z -- V ,ing A W A QNWL -X2 RM-1 zilfsiif W - K MMM' ,x ' ., Ff-:-- , w1ZS ZIf '9'. . i " Q S .. ix N. -' ,. - x ' IQE Q K A :J F - A w X V ff if - f f 'ff Q, w1,.,,f. 'v - ' Qizf gff Q, A A N- 'F ' . 'A . " i , if fp D .Q 1- N J C 'Z E"'Q:I 59 " ":1 - - mf? ! A Q ,A'f1w,,7 i f k xzltkg, g i K M - 1 ky s , 'I . y . , K A -H K: -H R K K f K . '11 SM'Wfg6m wiwsms sw W iw' , f, . Q - ' ' f 'A ' x hm .wfgw -SWS wiywaj W T' V . L 4' ' - ,ff . J X . 3 W , F W - .- . X A V .E I wg, Q , K V, fx, , X .X . , , L X S - -5-f M4 V. ,W W f' ' A A 1 V A Nj.. W M, - X 5 ,V m K Q K. K. A 'W 4 , ,J L - N ' ' ,F xx Y 1, , x . a E X MRM f' . X k . X J - Q . Q Q ,A 1 YM . V A ' - f A. Y ,K Q Y Q . - "' ' m,..w.'......p-.--' 5 ' ' ,,. 'W-'M ,Q M Q Fi' ., s , H , , .. . Rx, .3 M A ,,.,, M, M, - Wi W ml M, ff-.' S: wc ,K 3. f K Q., Fx-.. W-W - A 1 ..b..r x V f , 1 4 I- --Q-wr . . , s , , ,, W y-J, x . , ' , f' 'R , , t I? M5 . A.,...: FQ? . .Q . 'Y , ,Mm A Haj A " -e I N if . ' A I A , k ' -A W' x ' w.w+wwM.3M Flugfxfee.-....vvQ,3., ..., X K gifs -2, 4 if Q J' ' 5 MW . ix .3 W n K '1I...fZ?" K ,M W my Q 5 rr, X. X W-Q , , xs X QQ iw KA .tl ..l K N xi X W. Q' gzzxwfx-swxeysgxyfgwg A Rf ' ik ul Q qw ,- WZ' .1 '4 22,1 f X my ,.,.- My hr .,,g5 gg . .. if 4 , 55? W My 1 X f -. ik " Q5 w X X X X K s if X x M X if s ,Q if z 2 ? .ix X R 5 S -:ff . s an 'I Q up ,L . . . my wif 'Y ' was FS' Q , 5? 4 M M if X, A K. 1 Lx "" 3 A L : AB if '," My W....,, gt Q ,. QA Q , , m fkf i f yn: W N- I . " -iE,":ff.:" ' M ' Q " if A FL Vik "Er . L x 4 'g R ,E 3:15 2 N -f 4 Q P ' Q 3 A 1 M N- X . x xg X V- '- .V ,, . E T i q M ,gli . " -up PSS- ng ,g A SQ A fi ' A g 123, M 1 P X Q g.-Q. STARTING ELEVEN ST AfT'W'TX'5- if X A A 5 f A '- W' if x figs W ' Q f W 'H A Y Ns X ,,..: gx ., r n 4 ' 1 , f ,:,, , QA A . 3 ' "2' xx Q , x XX Xa , A Aki? 1 5915, 2 "'- E 1 :i5?3 fT? Y ::, P - A , WS A J ' f Q 25527: "'1 ak -.'. Q X 1 gg f . 1 fi jk H ' Si AW L 532 '55 5 Ni "M" ..:,: , X K K ' X X 2 ' " K f+ ..... 1 ,'-Eff ' Ill :" W -:Q 3, -, A Nga: X .5 335-.k-g.g.,5 .mg X JW' V. eu. g-5,.,-+5g,- A x Q an ww ll W., V Q 4, ,VM x,'Q7Q ,sri f fu. 5 5, is K 5 . y Pg Wx fm 'is ., -I3 5131135 , 2? L Fm If' if fr in if , .ff MSW. ik 1 I '32 4 K .ff S W' 135, ,A -A Wwgief .X ri iw, R1 ix T ,, S W NVQ? 1' Rvw- SPONSORS Ruth Adams for Ronald Stancil Janice Kirby for Bobby Lambert Carol Reese for Ted Hawk Katherine McClain for Harry Littleton Sally McCord for Myron Hawkins Diane Johnson for Paul Griffith 149 f Q nam Q s CL if s K Q wi x . my R X af X mf wma YSFSMSS 7,-1-..., ...U ff? .N Q f QQ. n 5 . . M .NX Sql 1 41 W 3 4 + X X , ms: A953 5 sgwwei gif- ww Xf , xz- x5 .X Y X irxsxi' Sv. S bs QNX 1 x N X mf NGS As-f N 5 'FWHS435 2 jig' il... ff 3 f , 45123 1 JP' f 5 ' ,rf K 5 74 V- .,MfA:.,.fzg., ,, as 1 1gf?w:, :. . Wx 1 f W Z , 1- , M V -H 9 z R f W f ff N. '. ,K dw, 2 :EA -7: 1 , . f M Q H Q1 'ff 'it' W ' Wg, ML , 4 gp new , Q ' x fff 5 ,wr- E::'j'12Q.. 5 X Q Q li as Q . XXNQ 1- .X wa .va fax af , L, v 1 a 655' 3 W ww 3.2131-,iss 'KJ' ,. ' 'V' I' ,Q ,Vw W JERRY STALLINGS Junior Guard Firsi Year Man JOE CRAWFORD "Be-Bop" Junior End Second Year Man MICKEY CRANE "'Ralliss" Junior Holfback First Year Mon RONALD STANCILE "Boll Hunter" Junior End Second Year Man JOHNNY HEFNER "Big I-lei" Junior Tackle First Year Man PAT WALDROP "Patty" Junior Tackle Second Year Man 152 DONNIE LYDA "Lighter" Junior Fullback First Year Man TED HAWK "Harlon" Junior Guard Second Year Mon JOE CARR. lIDOelI Junior End First Year Man GUS TATUM "Goose" Junior Center Second Year Man BILLY KING IIBMIII Junior Halfback First Year Man BOBBY WORLEY "Whirly - Bird" Junior Guard First Year Man 153 DAVID NOLEN Junior End First Yeor Mon JERRY HEARD "WhiItIer" Junior Center First Yeor Mon OLEN BROWN "Skipper" Junior Fullbock Second Yeor Mon RUDY CGNNOR "Rootie Kc1zootie" Soph. End First Yeor Mon GEROME KIMBERLY "Ke-mo-sobe" Junior Center Second Yeor Mon WINFORD WHITE "Winnie" Junior Tockle First Yeor Mon LARRY CONNOR Sophomore Q. B. "The Rider" First Year Man MYRON HAWKINS Junior Center "Boober" Second Year Man All County Hon. Mentioned All State LARRY ROZELLE Sophomore End IIROZYII First Year Man RANDALL MOORE Sophomore Center "Moore" First Year Man CARL COOK Sophomore End lIRedlI First Year Man JACK ALRED Sophomore Guard lloonll First Year Man G. H. S. BASKETB LL Captain-JCOPELAND SCHEDUL Gadsden--Walter Wellborn Gadsden-Pensacola Gadsden Alexandria Gadsden-Etowah Gadsden-Phillips Gadsden-Anniston Gadsden-Glencoe Gadsden-Ft. Payne Gadsden-Alexandria Gadsden-Sansom Gadsden-Etowah THE 'I956 - '57 TIGERS E 1956 - '57 Captain-SMITH SEASON Gadsden-Glencoe Gadsden-Sansom Gadsden-Springville Gadsden-Anniston Gadsden-Piedmont Gadsden-Walter Wellborn Gadsden-Springville Gadsden-Jacksonville Gadsden-Sidney Lanier Gadsden-Piedmont Gadsden's Tigers Finished the i956-'57 season with an overall record of 7-25. This was Coach Fred Newcome's third season at Gadsden. For the first time since his coming, Gadsden did not win the County Championship or a trophy at the District Tournament. Many things point to a better season for the Tigers next year. Juniors figured prominently in Tiger wins and carried a big load for inexperienced players. Myron Hawkins, All Tournament, Gerald Rey- nolds, Jim Vice, and Gary Suttle all showed promise of even better things to come. Two spohomores broke into the varsity ranks this year, and should be very valuable to the Tigers in the future. Of course, the seniors should not be discounted. They carried the brunt of the load for the Tigers and if they had had a little more experience or a little more help perhaps they would have done great things. Good luck to the 1957-'58 Tigers! 156 x Sk QQ xg is ., A .1 :iff N df 2 ffl QW: as f . ' '-A, I hx tx W5 X q Q N Q:+Q 5 , eg, 5 5 1 Q f ' ' A , . 51 2 .." Q- 1 'M 1 3 4 . . - 4' k Vx M K , : 1 E t. ' , X ...-:,f J: 'f i I M 1 X-Q3 - 1 A 4' ,7 ' ,L in P -1 X , My 4 i Qrs dl Q Q. I T H VM E x 5? g mf v if U at I is ...' , Q C v J V 0 Q! K Q X Ri ,,,,,:iq 1,, f, g .,., fiwx, In , X fi Q X M ms-:5H.fJ' X... af, 55' """N Q x FQQI U 55 T161 5 ' ul!! ' ww i' 9 .. Qi' W? ,P Q W H , il A wx mv , WJ 'F -7 , f' I 43 f gf' C. xx. N 5 .,. -- Q T if VV wily M U1 5 1 . '-" , 1 , .33 N r N ,I .'. pe: 'WE' "" ' T, ,, x Y 1 Q3 A wigs? 'ii-3 Q f if . Q: 3 -N.. XM, ,..... Y E 5 is M si Q55 3 kn- fx-, QN , G W 'wig 1 ' vi ' :A Y 'A S32 ,al ,H . ' -.. V--, '56 x ' . X,Q - i er -P Q ,, sf m R e HQ? ' Qxim RQ? YW xg! A s ' X Q 1 xlvv g 1 yvvx ,P Q fx , A. Q, X 2 tv '. E ...nap is .. xx . W X 3 X K. MK-v , YQ. sw ,,,5 92? . - wk rr- .A N K X ' wx .K X 'ix R x x 'Q . , , A' R LX X f SS X 1' Y . QR X w h ii? p qw, ,.Xm...,,,,, JB. GUIWD Q8."fL?,5t'2.?' 5 , Xiwuw WM ww XMMXQW: f + IR. . H Jim Vice JK. FDEWABD KA x X fp kv' ig 'nf' 3 3 s WMA ' Sl2.C'5AlT6E ix l V A v A V+ ,, 5' :fu Q A Mr f? -Q37 Hamid' Suuih Sk. GUABD TIGERS ROLL OVER ETOWAH 58-48 The Tigers went into This game with determination To break the spell that the Blue Devils had on Them. The Tigers hadn't won over the Devils in their last four meetings. The Tigers started off slow, but early in the second half they began To come into their own. Jim Vice played one of The best floor games of The season scoring I5 points. The game ended with The Tigers on Top of a 58-48 score. PHILLIPS ROLLS BY GADSDEN 65-54 Gadsden got off to a quick lead at The end ofthe first quarter it was I8-l3. The Tigers continued to hold The lead Through The Third quarter, but The "Red Raiders" came To life in The final period and pulled into The lead. The game ended with The highpoint man .lim Vice. He scored 20 points. The game ended with the "Red Raiders" on top of a 65-54 score. ANNISTON WINS OVER TIGERS 6'I-51 The Anniston Bulldogs came to Gadsden seeking revenge for The beatings which they received last year. The Bulldogs Took a quick opening lead and held iT throughout The entire game. The Tigers could not seem to do Things right in The first half, but They came back in The second and Trimmed a 23 point lead down To a mere I4 points. The Tigers came back fighting but time ran out! Smokey Smith was high point man for The Tigers with I7 points. GADSDEN EDGES WELLBORN 54-52 The Tigers opened Their hardwood campaign by squeezing out a close game with Walter Wellborn. The starting lineups were Sansom and Hawkins aT forwards, Copeland aT center and Smith and Reynolds at guards. The game was very close all The way with both Teams playing Their first game of The season. The game was climaxed with a shot from mid-court by Smith with only seconds To play. The game ended with The Tigers on Top of a 54-52 score. TIGERS ARE BEATEN BY PENSACOLA 80-57 The Tigers iourneyed to Pensacola with the hope of making it their second win. Gadsden ran up against a very good Team, headed by all-American John Stanhagen. The largest failure of The whole Team was on rebounds. Smith put in 25 points to keep the home Team in The game. ALEXANDRIA WINS OVER GADSDEN 50-40 The Tigers received their second defeat in a row at The hands of the Valley Cubs. The score was tied at the end of the first quarter IO-IO, but Alexandria led at the half Time 21-20. Once again The Tigers were beaten an rebounds. Alexandria was spearheaded by "All STater" Willie Watts. Smith was high point man for The Tigers with I5 points. GLENCOE STINGS TIGERS 73-66 The visiting Glencoe Jackets got off to a quick start in the first quarter with a I7-I3 score. The Tigers fought hard but could not overthrow the lead that the Jackets held. Center Wayne Cloudus was the spark for the visitors, while the Junior guard Gerald Reynolds was high for the Tigers with 22 points. TIGERS BOW TO FT. PAYNE The Tigers opened the game with a quick lead. During the first half the Tigers made very few mis- takes and profited by the Wildcats mistakes. The Tigers were leading at the half, but as the third quarter started the Wildcats began to trim down the lead that the Tigers held. At the beginning of the fourth quarter the Wildcats took the lead and held it throughout the game. Gerald Reynolds was high for the Tigers with I4 points. THE TIGERS LOSE TO VALLEY CUBS The Tigers jumped into the lead in the first quarter and held it throughout the first half. The Valley Cubs came back very strong in the second half and the Tigers could not subdue the Cub attack. The game ended with the Cubs on top side of the score. Smith was high point man for the Tigers. REBELS EDGE TIGERS 58-50 The Tigers went into the game as definite under- dogs and at the end of the first period it looked like the Rebels were going to have a field night as the Tigers only got 8 points. At the end of the half the Rebels were leading 23 points. The beginning of the third quarter showed a new Tiger team as they roared back and trimmed the score down to a 5 point lead, The Tigers staged a magnificient drive but the Rebels held on to a 8 point lead to end the game. The Tigers were greatly helped by the return of Senior forward Tom Sedam. TIGERS BREEZE OVER ETOWAH 67-3'I The Tigers went to Attalla with determination to make it two wins in a row against the "Blue Devils." Gadsden opened the game with a quick lead and maintained it throughout the entire game. On this Wednesday the Tigers could have whipped anybody. Junior forward Gary Suttle hit the nets with I8 points while Smith had 24. T61 "Rat" Reynolds does it again! TIGERS LOSE TO GLENCOE 71-54 The Tigers met ci very worthy opponent in the Yellow Jackets of Glencoe. Gadsden's effort to avenge an early season defeat by the Jackets was in vain as Glencoe triumphed, 7l-54. Copeland led the Tiger offensive with 14 points, while Wayne Clowdus hit for 24 for the winners. TIGERS RAMBLE BY THE REBELS 62-52 Pandemonium reigned at the Etowah County Col- iseum as a "standing room only" crowd saw a fired- up Tiger gobble up a bewildered Johnny Reb. Going into the game as a l5 point underdog, Gadsden sur- prised everyone by completely dominating play in the opening moments of the game. For the first time in the season the Tigers began to control the boards with Ronald Copeland, Tom Sedam, and "Smokey" Smith grabbing rebounds out from under the noses of the Sonsom Cogers. After a torrid opening, the Tigers never relin- guished their lead, although the margin of difference was seldom more than 5 points. A junior, Myron Hawkins, began hitting from the corner early in the game and opened up the Rebel defense for Smith, Sedam and Reynolds to shoot iump and drive-in shots. Gadsden led 20-I3 at the end of the first quarter and by a margin of 5 points, 31-26 at the holf. The tension of the game was evident in the third quarter, as three players were expelled from the game for improper sportsmanship. Gadsden led at the end of the third frame 46-37. The Tigers played the last quarter with the confidence and coolness of seasoned veterans. Sedam displayed a magnificent floor game, in addition to contributing IO points to the Tiger cause. lt was a dream come true when the final horn blew and the scoreboard read Gadsden 62-Sansom 52. The teom was swamped by their supporters and received well deserved praise from both sides of the creek. High point man for Gadsden was Smith with 18. Hawkins, Reynolds, and Sedam followed with 14, I2 and 10 respectively. 162 kw SPRINGVILLE DOWNS TIGERS IN OVERTIME Gadsden played what was probably their best game to date when they met Springville. The Tigers set an amazing rapid pace, which did not slacken until the game was over. The Tigers jumped into a first period lead of 26-I2. This was mainly attributed to their fast breaking game. "Smokey" Smith and Gerald Reynolds continued to baffle Springville with their rapid fire fast break in the second period. Springville continued to peck away at the Tiger lead, never creating a threat but always just a few points away. The half time score 40-48. stood In the third period it seemed that neither team could to hit miss, as both piled up the score and began from the outside. Gadsden still lead at the end of the third frame 57-69. Springville began a full court press at the onset of the last period and Gadsden began to crack under the pressure. At the end of the regulation game, the score was tied 69-69. The visitors from Springville could not be stopped as they ran over the Tiger five. Then the three minute overtime expired with Springville ahead 76- 70. Reynolds was high point man for Gadsden with 20, Smith had I9, and Tom Sedam brake into the double figures with IO. ANNISTON WINS OVER GADSDEN 63-56 The Tigers were again beaten by the Anniston Bulldogs. At the end of the game the score stood 63-56, I-iighpoint honors were shared by Sophomore center Gusty Nordgren and "Smokey" Smith with IO points. TIGERS TOP PIEDMONT 73-59 Gadsden jumped off to a 35-30 half time lead. The Tigers played a ball-stealing game and were more than a match for the visiting Bulldogs. Smith had 2I points for the Tigers, while Rey- nolds and Sedam followed closely behind. ETGVVAH COUNTY TOURNAIVIE T Harold Smith accepts the third place trophy for his team- mates. GLENCOE HALTS GODSDEN IN COUNTY TOURNEY The Tigers met their match in the semi-final game of the Etowah County Tournament, when they col- lided with the Glencoe Yellowjackets. The Tigers got off to a blistering start and led at the end of the First quarter lO-9. However, Glen- coe battled back and won 5l-47. GADSDEN WINS CONSULATION GAME OVER ETOWAH Gadsden claimed third place in the County Tournament by defeating the Etowah Blue Devils. Gadsden led at the end of the first quarter 12-9, but a strong Etowah five proved themselves a forbidable opponent by closing the gap to 22-21 at half time. From then on, it was Gadsden all the way with a very balanced attack. Sedam was high point man with I7, Hawkins followed with l2, and Smith netted ll. The final score showed Gadsden on top 59-53. GADSDEN 56 - HOKES BLUFF 36 The Tigers got off to a good start in the third annual County Tournament by defeating the Hokes Bluff Eagles by the score of 56-36. The tournament team consisted of 2 Harold Smith, Tom Sedam, Ronald Copeland, Gerald Reynolds, Myron Hawkins, Jim Vice, Gid Riddle, Gusty Nord- gren, Gary Atkins, and Gerald Hicks, the latter three making their first varsity appearance. Gadsden was master of the game from the open- ing horn to the final one. The score by quarters was: T8-5, 27-ll, 43-29, and the final 56-36. l l Gadsden's all-county tournament players, left to right w Harold Smith and Myron Hawkins. We N X in we x . ,wihwvf qw i Q X ' x is S NS Qivgggxy fx W V wx A "NS . X ' J - My vw Q 4, Q if-S5 3 . 9, . '. f . Jgfff i Qi R lk .feb ' 2 ' A MQ' W Si X . Q if ki. 3 is Q. ii i I 0 :ii Six' WA as gif su Ea grain f Q' fa , 5' we ' Q Q me 4 W E . KF QW , QWQ 'ggi' V ' QQ ,www r E ,, 1: .,:., .. H :iii Syn ,G K is A J, lg in J 5 rw x 6 sf? ,f U NWS' Mi Si S V in .ft his ' x Q: 3 ar Q mx? Qs QRQ53 L, Q? if swmm rl-Q Q 34 r S N -VZH :. .: ., V Quqb K. -W li I.ANIER 76 - GADSDEN 61 The Tigers lost to Lanier in a close one, 76 to 6I. Gadsden entirely dominated the first half of play, only to falter in the last half. High-point man for the Tigers was "Smokey" Smith with QI points. GADSDEN 93 - PIEDMONT 70 The Tigers closed out the regular season's play in a blaze of glory by defeating Piedmont 93-70. After a big second quarter, the Tigers could not be stopped. Gerald Reynolds was high-point man for the Tigers with 27 points, and Myron Hawkins followed with T9 points. ANNISTON OUSTS TIGERS IN DISTRICT TOURNAMENT The Tigers faced the seventh seeded Bulldogs of Anniston in their initial game of the Sixth District Tournament. Gadsden went into the game as a fifteen point underdog, but almost surprised the Bulldog Cage-rs. Anniston completely dominated the first three quarters of the game giving every indication of a runaway. Gadsden trailed 8 to I6 in the first quarter, 20 to 34 in the second, and 36 to 42 in the third. They seemed to come alive in the final period when they exploded with a barrage of baskets. With four minutes left, the Tigers trailed by only two points, but Anniston put on a freeze and Gadsden was unable to overcome the disadvantage. The final score was -- Anniston, 52, Gadsden, 46. T67 The 1957 Etovvah County Champions 168 .Q ,K-1 luil TR CK FIRST ROW, left to Right: Mike Spragins, Rudy Conner, Mahlon Jones, Ronald Burke, Joe Crawford, Mickey Crain, and Ray Stephens . . . SECOND ROW: Manager Henry lyda, Charles Fennell, Johnny Hefner, Olen Brown, Joe Carr, Sorry Rozall, and Dale Witherspoon . . . THIRD ROW: Jim Vice, Wayne Bishop, Gary Damkoeher, Bobby Lisenba, Harry Littleton, Jerry Head, J. F. James, and Donald Moon. THE 1957 TRACK TEAM The '57 edition of the Tiger thin-clads was the most successful in the history of GHS. In addition to sending eight men to the state meet, the Tigers were very well represented in the Alabama-Georgia Meet with six contestants. Many new records were set by the track men. Nine new records for GHS alone were set, two in the district meet, five in the county meet, and three in the sectional meet. The Tigers placed first in the county meet, second in the sectional and district meets, and third in the state meet. The majority of the team was made up of sophomores and juniors, so look out next year! T69 an Ki .F Af N 'Sf i J' - .aw A F Am' Q-Q 3, is .7 'A gig xg Hnzfzzf S51 Y xg . ,X Ns xx xx K Q X X nf Q...-f Xb, "" fi Liffgw SPQZGINJ 024 , 1 fn K af 5 ff X H X' Wi aw Ng i 2 " f qfgk . Q 1 if 'K Q , Q x il ' R : -1:51 -Q 3 e , 'QV 2--: q"q fm fr i .i,' ,,,.: Wff M?-1 i f .,..Q sw .mx if Q :,: ,.' as Q W 3 ' 5 .. gg- X : Q TN : Zqlg ., Nm 3 49' ' ' K6A?vAz0 Baez: , 'W 5- , if D ,, ,...., Q Lfssfven S .,T,q .:,. .,,. .5 .. X ""x lr- ,i"':i we B , 'x gi RL: S Q SQ Q5 A Q 5 grim :, i , A -1:.1 5 QAPAEJ Zimffzz. 65wflTHff0N2 Q MCKFV CBQAMI V65 Jmer , ,, 614,212 ffffmo 3 5 I X Q Q .,,:. Q Q 01 EN H y Qmw Q 5 as fn 549 4 Q 3 'SN QV, N X F Mymfw 'ff ,5 , U ,. f, ZXSHJP .Sf A j aff' 1 ci... :PI 6241? Y 24MA'oiAlA6? 5 44 W Ssw . Nm fi 91:15 Mfmmnaw . X QDIYAIOQ , ,ww -AWNNY lc-'ffmf g h ,. K BASEBALL KNEELING: James Stephens, John Whorton, Myron Hawkins, Gerald Reynolds, Paul Pritchett, Bobby Cohely, Joe Elrod . . STANDING: Gid Riddle, David Nolen, Billy Pruitt, Winford White, Jerry Tumlin, Johnny Hefner, Bobby Worley. The Tigers '57 Baseball Team, under the fine coaching of Bill Abston, had a very good season. Because there were only two Seniors on the team, they were thought to be inexperienced, but they proved their ability with a ball and bat by a successful year. The Tigers should be well represented on the diamond next year since all of the lettermen will return except the two seniors. TEAM RECORD GADSDEN ........ 3 ETOWAH ...... GADSDEN ....,... 3 WALNUT GROVE GADSDEN ...,.... 5 SANSOM .,,... GADSDEN ,...,... 8 ETOWAH ...... GADSDEN ,....... 16 WALNUT GROVE GADSDEN ........ 6 SANSOM ...... GADSDEN ........ 3 SARDIS .... 172 ,mf-M auf' 0 4' , ww fv.,53',ag.wQ'i iw , 3 '-L?" 'H ' . W, ?E:.i.GXvxxli' V s . x -V211 x 1 ' 'Sv' "7 H . , L V kwf- 1 ng ?f:,,'5Lfm A , ,UM 'M In i JA Paul Pricfhetf Billy Pruet? Ted Hawk Alt. East-West All-Star Game N f M ' 'i:ffEzixYnw-L QW uw fy ssalmfsfrw-lim W -W,wx'.gg,a k 'Wffmi '5!f:f'g'5'sQ W I John WHOHOH James Stephens Bobby McCurIey 5 Winfred Whiie "Champs" 1 73 Myron Hawkins Gerald Reynolds Bob Worley Represenlalive East-Wes! All-Star Game Joe Elrod Gid Riddle David Nolen Bobby Cohely .lerry Tumlin Johnny Hefner if X ew' XX iqggggsgig gg 'isa M X gig p . gi-x VV K ,Sig K . Nsiew, W ft .if ,lg gf. M 5 X x x ,wmv T 1 . ie V5 W' x- ,ig W A, wf A fi, 1 .fm M 1 5. BRL ? , ,K wa -,,,,,1f-'myfyf J, 0 M , M, ' , i, ff ' A -' 'Q 'WM XKE5' s!"'f Z ,M f ,,r,.,,1,. A ff Y ' f'1.:2QI" f L,: ' '??lvf,z X 'vim 'Q 1 vf wg- u " ,. A 1 2 ' ' Q 2 Q . E , I x 5 -51' 2 xx" fl , ""' Q Y .. x X Q N 3 Q2 NN N Rum. X . I r iii? lf fs 5 J. as H ti? if I A mf ff ,, , e 1:4 I K 'ajwm Q, rw'-2-W 4 j. 'EK 2 5, 4 v 'f 5. 1 -ff Ny' Q, 2, N ,.,-P 6 .N . , 4, M W ,AM atm, ,613 si, ' A if t 1 X, if ' 512, fa ff R vw..-'f . "jvsv'K ,, ' 4' 71" fi 5' I fifif. lx 1 ,. Q95 1310? aim 91 176 ion? WQQVZP glfwiur . A4 I 1 . I. . +V V. . f 'Q.,-1'Lio'ia1gJ4.1g-.1--e:.L1I1n1'.'x4'riefvvff' A T xt E: A U rs-2..,,1.v"la'Jl--.-f.-.' -Q - '-iff. 13 'i Q ' 5 ef: . . J ..-,,..4 ..L-' '. f I ' I -ff . R. Q., 1 F' ,L 3 5, Q 1"- 6 5" I 5 , 1 -. fx: W V1.1 K "' '-Z xii .45 .I. fi ,ff " 2 ,., I, A, - -' ns-,.w .. I .I 'IQ A I. fr-5 V. -. Q X ' J ' X' L .4 -. X. f .lx . ' ' 1, .Aa i. f T' x . , . rs -' -N -'wx ', Q- zfiqfb X j"I.a.uJli-S4'3vS'ivL'il I . . .V . .Im 2 fi. 1 fu . Y' , .- ' 17 X ' ,,,5' ef-52,1 , Q' gs 'sf II II 1 1 W- ' III. I I v N-1 R s. 4 53.1 V ' ' ' A-fl . .f E 1 i x . f' I - ' , 1 K Y X 1 A A gf F K? is sh . . .Ig gi' I ifff J-,III QM. if ti Il 'J '1 i XS 511 B 51", - . ,sf V 1 -A . 1, Q. - 1 - 2 .-L-If ' 14 'g""' ..5 ' ' m if ...xii 1 I '. V ' 7' 1 ' ' - -E 5 V .QI 72' 215 ,E EI fg ff - . r . ' - . 'L L ll' l 1 X Jil A f K-.Ag l 'Q 1 wk 3' fp? 1 1' I 5 :QS 3 'F' KI I ' , Q - " A 14. 'pf A ,I "' ' 'A ' . .vvv . I H I. 1.5: .III Qu.. . I I I III 4 .I . ,,, ' I . , I 1-I ' ' - F. P- r f - ..?' ' Q N - X 1 ..-J. - 1 ' I I. . I Y Q: Af' . Qgzifga . , , .r .. , 1 if Q 3 -V if . f s- I, A -,I I f II F I J II,- ' I - V ' 2 ' Q' Si 1 ,Lf " :f if -. IW -,.,,'II4wlfIIIg,iiz 5 IIII if -'fff . Y f ' A .V .m f 4. f A V I, 1 F. . -QV A .-: ' ,- . 1 I . i. fl... . . F V A W A-if 1 .-'K-"wr . ff? L , . . ,, A , . -: QQ: --2' 2 W ' . f. "' Z' . Q ' -i-If g".-f.'f.--5'5" ' I A ' '.'?5f S' V - Q H "v ' ' .V .- . I Inf.: I , TIIIIII I, . I III -IITIIAI - .- ,V ' , I -I 4 ' I, I I. , II I ....,,. I I ,sy if- I -zx. IIII .-K5 .J Q 1 I , -ff"- I . ' 5352 ., if 1 I I htvqs IIIII I E-1 Iw,gj-Iffi. A: lzvgkdi' r Lk I 'L"'f'Mf'f' V T ' 1 ' """""'m.4' '-5.7 " F-v'-'r w 5-jj ' 'I 'Q ' 1, V '--V 5' E",Qlki,f',1" . ': , ' . .1 I ' . -fx -'I f ' X f"-'f--w 1' 7- fy- 'r. ' " .- .1 I -45' tx, -. ..-.I .. .1 F ' .Aff .Q V A Q., - . . . ul. " 1 1 -'r ,Sy A I gg: f 1 y , Iim V . - I ..IIII,I, 1 - -, X I ' .:g. 2 -J If " f- II II A II I ,, Ia - , A Q- " . A A .I ' - '. A .43 .- :A -fIf3,1"" - 1 ' 'wi . . . -. :-5 - "A '- , N ,552-.1 V X if Va . V if A . V . V 52 W-:fr -3:5 -V-512.3 . eV-Viiif -K M fi ' A- V Milf t VV - ff- -- sl: V .. g 5 ' k '- f , 135, A- s' "- fix? V i fu 1' L "IT h A .J I I III, I.:,4gI if H-,.. A I II RI IA A I .I 1- . is ." fx? A . ' L ' Q ,, ffi 'V' -,J .sal Uffg, ' V ff " Vp II II- M fa: II .J Q .. . l I I A W 4- 1- A-.. ':I I ,A -94-11 :V rf 5' f .V 'fl - V :f 3 ' ll - ' . E,1fq5?1.'Q:f' , , D' P ' 1 'S .6315 ' .. -fp :L 3, wx '-V ' VL - -. A' A", 5' .Ti.Q:'5 gviiff. -'if ' ff .-5 .V i V A iiive cf ' In .-.fb g ' v 5. F ,I .4 :1, X V. I I- I A '.' - Q , 2 5 ,Q A Kd, , A, mf- ' 1 f"'. xr - A -A' ' 1-A ,- A' . .' 14- VP: . 2-fi-" - ' N' V' A - Sf. -- - f .- -f ' . ' .. . . A: , x , .. F' --'-na .V ,. ',,- -1 . .. -. A.: . . 1 3':giAfjf:r'.f -f4af"!' -'-4 2 " ' ' N I L fem ' 1 eff ' 'Y f 2 ' s' -3-i:F:f'i' ht? 5335" 'X ' " ': YV .- .. an A -.wh V ' "3"-- , A A, 'fi - ' A?r: IIIII-,. , II I --I.. II I .II - I . ""- .Elf ' ' -A '4- A i V ,gf ' . .,. I -- . 'S . A :mfr-emrfvmwwwfr '.aA-.Iggy-,gp L -v .- -wvq' .. Mg.-. '-'r 'H 4x'nr9ie5aN32'4, ,rama- A..-P.. .A m 'fl 'Q ' .X ,FAA ' 3' . E' kt A if 5 ji' . 3 -. 1- 3..,' ' ?f ff ' ..r A N f 3' -jf' f i' . - t. : A-I Ivy -II A I ,If , I I .,I,f-V A I? If II I . 71-nr 'V ,E jr? f? '1':'.' 55. -. A -.3 RA. -- .. 13 5' i if f 1 1 E -Sw ' J: . ak' If VP P f '. A 1. gn 5 XY 7 x ul f 'A IU I 1, . f. Ii 1. Z, 1, , Y, s Q if is -2 N? J h Y A II ,c 1-J If 21' P -In g f .w w g 1 'H I ',g:r gg, :rx 0 y gig 4 ' I 5 I . .4 , I , " 1 ' ':- T1 3 ..-5 5? V. mf. 4 EV ' . I nu V I, ,,I.I.I...1 I I I II A - I , . - -. .' V.: 5 . ,.IV IAA II I f- ,-Q, ., I Iam. A Ii, 44 V .-' 1-' " I '1-" .V .- -'I' i 'Q r R ' 4 J 1, 1414.-.-ig 1 . '95, V , 3 f.. gf' "-4 - ' .4 ' ,. A .lf f -V , H v '. : x 'fr qc " I. if .1 I A V.. Ig if I , 5 ,J 2, .r q . M 1 1 4 ,, ' Q ' 1 1 4-Q, 'i " 6 3' 104' . . .. 1 . Iwi. ' Q 2 J Mlm ,,., .V . QV V- , .. im ' N . f V V :mf 3 5 F. -: y Va." gtg? -I' .,. ,4g.:,rfI 1 ,- '72 .. V . . A r .nr II Iucv II rw " Q' I, 1 5- vii US . s I ' ,f .3 ... ,'..f,. .5 is I I L I f - 5 3 53 ' 4 E V V A J . -V. K ' e 3, YSQIII v . V CF. .e .1 y A, at .,, II I II II- Isrfgff, II : II II.I-I ,V I "' e 1' -'fl' 1" ' 5- Fi gg- -gas?--1 Ygwff. gn- A ',. -x -z 1' V ' -' .wi 'A ,Hifi V if -V f " ' A .1 -' -' up is - 5- P1 V 1 A ' . - -' ' ,L'3'94i.1"L ' ,f :es hid- I A A ,.. ,IIgIiI,iII??gi:I gl II W, I .1 if . AIBFSK. I Hy- ,f A , V J' A " -' M... A '77 E A 4 f e' SELECTOR OE OUR QUEEN Miss Marion Sheppard, Editor Gadsden High School Crucible Gadsden, Alabama Dear Miss Sheppard: The pictures that you sent of three class beauties were certainly lovely. Each girl's picture possessed very much poise and beauty. I considered it quite a privilege to select the Gadsden High School Queen from these attractive girls' pictures. After much consideration my choice for queen was Miss Sally McCord. I sincerely hope the Student Body will be pleased with my choice. I wish you the greatest success on the 1957 Crucible. Sincerely, ROBERT WAGNER 178 'iff 222' K J ' ',?T3?1'i,2,L ,, v ffm., 1. - iw ei? ,t 53 11 at 2"'vih"t2 fs, ' V J. ,M ...if , 1 wiv 1, x A . iw W 4 , '4- 'V V 4 .1 Per gmlajestg QUEEN SALLY MCCORD 5 gist Cmujesig QUEEN SALLY MCCORD 'I82 Elia jlllajestg KING HENRY MCKELVEY Ph BETTY SUE DENSON 184 5 we ,E f' T, iffy? A A fe Q, NM? 33 gf 543701 , 4, guy, f I gakbx -1 ' ff'u Mwst' .WS 7 Wx ' S 1" I, 1 x X JERRY HILL I I if if ,f JOHN AKINS A x 1 all 'a :ugsmen 1 I k QQ. 1? ..' gflfa 52715 'A ?f2"4!9f X:-712' f- - . . I 186 G CHARLES GRIFFITH RONALD WILLS ROBERT WEATHERS X45-Q f'x ix MISS JENNIE MILLER MISS ANITA GRIFFITH , -Q ' I Q, H I V' gg ,SF Iwi' ,X , ' 9130? a nr tes' 'loaf Q I f 1 'xiii' , 4 "Q . 1' I: :fx I X -S ' ,W IQ 'Vfz' 6 A ' 'S S 188 J If if A Q, MC, ,av-K T' w, W.. - A s . . X .:s.f:.::f-5:35 wig. k ,Nz-,,e::1, "E :QQ Q 5, , .3 J x x X :Ni 93-,Qi S. ' kg SX XX ' 1. A R Q QR -1 ' ' ,. ' A i ri X j A. . x - 152: K as ,ggmfff H- X T? fr L 4' y 'if . 5 gi wr YQ,-ww wwpww- mf, Q f MISS JEAN GIBSON MISS KATHERINE MCCLAIN ' . IN N x rl CZQ0 SNF2, y u Lt Il fnl' HUUIWI' 95' Q Ixkr-Hfgqzk Q II, " 190 ' " . , X 5 i ug :- new Mi , " 5 14, gf 4 1 52 111 4'-5 ax 4' 'X W, 5 W , ? 4-N S i?" Q! 410 MISS JANE MOSS MISS JUDY KAYE DAY ' . Y X, X S b 'X X X S X X A Q :Eff 'A X QA9g:1v,x S S' x::EjJj if f A 192 ' as X -Q, N X . l, V. ., v Q Q X., . Crt , - M Q' .,,. .V Qs ' . V SE -M g. . A, H . 'if W A NNY- U m.::e.f..::' , ' Y, ' qw" 5- . A ' Li, V ., 'A 15 ' w- .fw,:2e,1:qs:e:f1-size'-2'-2-1:1-5: :mf-51:1 f':-V-:-.1-1-.425 wa. A -' ww KW ' A X Vwa""'-L X g fz!5':r, ' .QF X S3 7 . ,, X, , -' -. , ':, ::r::65r ,w ' K 2 , 41,1 i w wfmxr m MW. - g5'i .,,B Ng -, 1. 2,1 N, A mpg 55 WA, fp, Ft V I WWW . gb, '- "Yo . 1 T2 7 ' X , wm:,9??5 - -3 A x N, X fx Q ----:--:se 39" f 1 Q- - tgif, W sy Ex 7' V355 ff 3. HC fa A 72? fi ' 'M l'-'ff ' - , NY 0614 4 4 ' A ' ZH 5 W' "51f""5,:- : C N.,-'I"'?':.,.:'-:- i.., 'f w 5Qwg ' X sf f Nw f :X Q . x 14 rg - f, -. 73.5, ab Mf g? f f x ' A ws W .QM 4 Q 1. sim. ,ig 4 W ? 10 'M 1,y5ggMff.x?3fg' 7 1 w,?mNW li R ., Q . I , 3, K , f f 'sr f iwmff i f f ,Lg W ,V 4 , :mi J J, w Y.4:,fq.,3: -LL 52.2, ww fif CORONATION .fx-. F BLL QX 1 3 1 -ix Ut' CORONATION BALL ,...-- Y, 'QNX -N if-Xrtifliii 198 X, fa f in P5 5--25 V A X 1 Hia. - Us x 1, . 1, '-1 -. ' .a w- I 1. .f. rg-. 1-.1 S O ...ul a w . . .,, , f . 5.,., .,1., .U 4 x VI-N1 Q 1 S." . h- gb M A52 .. -. -ffl wr gi-LQ? .-vs,.f 1,14 U- .-, . pg . . , . Y, ,, -M .. .14 pw . ,A 1. 9, ,v" 'ici-up ., - H. 4:5 P' ' v- ,. .A-nv ,nv I 4, .f 1 x H., 1 , - F If 'A - lx' Q-sm' - - -.min 4 "5 ,F 'S Q. P! .Q '. Ma., ,. .. ! , . z. .. A. .J 5 , auf? , . 5. ,fy Av.. -I 8' -xagk .Kuff .. an Qu 5-All?-,qv .,'-f I ,J Q . Pd 'ff y. a D' 9 P V .- - fv- 'fr ' 1 v w-- , ,Q s..- " an Q fi H0 ECUIVII G QUEEN K' ESCORTS O S 200 CHARLES GRIFFITH HOMECOIVIING IVIAIDS MARY FRESH SUE HAMES Senior Senior KITTY BARNES SALLY McCORD Junior Junior BETTY SUE DENSON JANE M055 SOPAWOWWOFG Sophomore ake but bgpwmwim UW Wwwfcvfpiece .... 'g 'i'iiiX ,UU 1 N 8 andere, MM Tvdd-9: UW 'ZCGJBJIUV5 hip "b"f'49wwv5fwfuz unifw Pfam Second Ny. x nw A jjigtw tw King'liQefz!aLlefJ..... if wwf 80911135176-lj with ability t0wo'zk..... bw. 1 +A' W. 5'-., Q il, 1 R . .Q Q if 1 N 6 fi-iw X m tis. 55323 SEA Magnavox H'-lj, TI:i-Hi-g 5 x 5... .muymeqww The Hi-Uwul Ufvw ""'wv3'iH3"" AWN' UI +I 01419 -suyu0"-5 Mm ww" gg .say- 6 4 'gf 39011, dig ea"'G44P 12 ' QW ww' -S 5 eww Axv., 4'xf K 'R V us? 3 Agag wwwdww JUNIORS TAKE FIRST -meals SHGVVS SENIORS PLACE SECOND TW 0t'PUU1 Mggfd tame 'Plwteecirrvmf Lwkrlwg ? 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Tennessee Waltzl nw'-" ' sm 1 "H-Y,f,,,..s W -::: 2 ' K .A ' -:s.. si' kv-" What was in those glasses, girls? is H I' It's Istanbul, not Consianfinople. M -mad' gf s QQ:-""i',mr Suspender Snappersl SENIOR DANCE ND BAN UET Rm. es Rf A A N x X Xxx x'XXNQNv -N A NN A X X no N N X is 3 N 5 Qiim e k Big Wheels at ihe Banquet. unq- 9' The Faculiy. N if fx, Q me fi ,Se 215 Rodney and his Harem. 'U- 'V 4 , 3 ff Q fi -me 'm',..1.,3 1 1 ff 'din-2.49 Our Sweeiheort. Beyond the Horizon. SENIOR DANCE AND BANQUET 1 x ' ' 'il I Q mana as Senorita Jane and her prize. as JN' V ' Q ,,, John and Rhea ,sri HSN ' s Q A ' is Four score and seven years ago . . ii ' 1 , f N. Rave on, .lim Dandy. Memories, Memories . . . SENIOR DANCE AND BANQUET "On His Blindness" . . . by Mrs. Bugg Wonder if she sutfhere all ihrough ihe bonquef . . . I can'f sing. Z Harvard Mun? 1 s X W M M. C. Weafhers 217 009' Place Hfb MAGAZINE THE Big Wheels Op ---Ines Nl Top CAMPAIGN Sora Ann Isbell MAGAZINE S NSW 219 X4 S009-KKQXN ,- . 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' V .. ,ML - ' 'F' NW E1 2 S my x X ess JUNE CAPPS Good Citizenship Girl 0112155 Igrnpherg Elizabeth Anderson, Gloria Blessing, Anita Blackwell Nelson, Charlotte Dingler Ford, Norma Lyons Martin, Frances McClendon Wheeler, Lynn Cox Gunter, Gail Snead Kelley, Sara Martin Gramling, Gary Townsend, Mary Jane Johnson, and Henry McKelvey are seen strolling through the park pushing little carriages. Sevelal of our classmates have aspired in the world of politics. Ruth Adams is mayor of South- side. Chip Griffith is U. S. Senator, and Linda Garrard is his private secretary. Janice Tuck is Librarian of Congress. .John Akins is a candidate for President of the United States. His biggest supporters are the Actors Unions, headed by June Harvey and Mary Ellen "St. Joan" Tuck. State legislator Joy Smith is facing a sentence for home-wrecking. John McGlathery, still a page in the legislature, has his eyes on a larger seat. Jane Gilliland has started the universal fashion trend of dying the hair to match one's apparel. Charles Matthews and Kenny Clark are selling ladies' lingerie for Tubby Will's Frenchy Shoppe. Richard Rampey is buyer. Sociologist Pat Moody is distributing religious tracts to a certain sophomore crowd in a final maneu- ver to win away Jerry Hill, who is still enioying fraternity parties at the University. History will enioy studying Vicky Martin, offended Russian flames, fled to England with U. visor Clay Orme to fall off the exiled gambler Bobby Phillips Vicky was stranded somewhere the current European War. It seems U. S. foreign diplomat to Austria, and German suitors when she, in her annual attempt to win back old S. ambassador to France, Toby Sansom, which caused U. N. legal ad- string and iourney to Rome. ln order to retreive Clay, Vicky engaged to approach him. A few days later when all-out war was declared, in Hungary, and was last reported to be hiding out in a foxhole with four star West Point General Mike Barrett, who was in Europe at the time making a study of displaced persons. Mary Fresh Cushen and Amanda Mynatt French are instructing Bob Royal in his secret ambition. Giving up pool for ballet, he is makinig his debut with the Ballet Russe soon. W. C. Deavor owns his own apothecary now. Lenora Nelson is making deliveries for him on his motorcycle. Anita Griffith has become the new lpana smile girl. Bill Mattox and Ronald Harwood are sports writers now that they are has-beens on the football field. "Crip" Copeland is starring in the movie "How High the Bird Can Fly." "Smokey" Smith is GHS basketball coach. An lpana man through and through, Randall Knight is trying for the Lightweight Championship in Japan next week. Joe Davidson, Joe Dooley, Jimmy Nelson, Gary Damkoehler, Jerry Smith, and Chilton Teague are very busy these days eagerly learning the tricks of the trade from the King himself, "Pegleg" Mooney. Happy years for you we prophesy, Prosperous years of ioy we cry. Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and caldron bubble. 225 'V non SF NIOR WE FK H1 our class! Ceusarf? .--- . Qld Coleman was . Hull, Monkey business in fhe lunchroom. Thcl's our presldenf! 'nerr second child hood already! SENIOR WEEK , Ce as , or-' wi HCK em up to S cnnudx of me er 5075 1 he Young Romans and hicks. Hell o . ' ' Ladies and Gel! He men. GRADUATIO The Class of 1957 in full dress. PRESIDENT .,,,.. .. JOHN AKINS VICE-PRESIDENT . . , . . . BUDDY CASH SECRETARY .,., ....,.. J UNE CAPPS TREASURER .... ,.., G LENNA LAMBERT 228 t of 1958 Class receives "Class of the ward." CROSS WINNER q f if i f XE - H, 3 P r CLASS OF THE YEAR Award Assembly Harry Littleton rec JOHN AKINS l eives the Harvcr June Capps receives Scholarship. Albert Bronscomb wins Babe Ruth Award. John Aknns receives the Cross Cup I Charles Griffith receives Frank Cotile Jane Gilliland receives Babe Ruth Award HZ Ed:o"d5 ond Thomas Hoghos Win Book Cynihia Weyna wins Scholarship fo Monfevollo. war . Everyone didn'l win awards, John Henry Whorton wins Aihlefic Trophy. Virginia Miller, Valedicforian, wins Readers Digesf Award LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIEIXIT We, the members of the Senior Class of I957 of Gadsden, County of Etowah, State of Alabama, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking any will or wills made by us heretofore. ARTICLE I To Gadsden High School, we leave the ringing echoes of our joys, sorrows, disappointments and triumphs, and a heartfull of vivid and cherished memories. ARTICLE II To Mr. Dobbs, our principal, we leave our deep- est appreciation and undying gratitude for his understanding and guidance throughout our four years of high school. ARTICLE Ill To our teachers, we leave our gratitude for their many years ol patience, guidance, and instruc- tion. ARTICLE IV To the Junior Class, we leave a challenge to sell more than Sl2,000 worth of magazines. To the Sophomores, our sister class, we leave our ability to produce first place winning floats, but hope that we will not leave our Talent Show jinx behind for them. To next year's Sophomores, we leave our best wishes and our sympathy. ARTICLE V I, Ruth Adams, do leave my love for Auburn weekends to anyone who likes a good time, but I take my love for Auburn boys with me. I, John Akins, do leave memories of Montevallo and of a dramatics class to Harriet Gordon, plus 312,000 worth of Senior headaches to the next Senior Class president and may Heaven bless him! I Barbara Alford, do leave my first chair in the 1 saxaphone section to Charlia "Tom" Wright, and pity the section. I, Rhea Allenstein, do hereby leave my ability to be in four different places at the same time to anyone who leads as hectic a life as I. I, Elizabeth Anderson, do leave my ability to get married to Kathryn Pruitt. I, Bobby Archer, do hereby leave, saying that I hope in the future someone else will be able to tinker with Mr. Davie's proiectors or cause an explosion in his chemistry lab. I came, found, and lost little. I, Martha Archer, do leave my place in the band to my sister, Barbara. I hope she has as much fun as I did. I, John Arthur, leave nothing, but take many happy memories with me. I, Sue Atwood, do leave all my troubles to any- one entering school four weeks late in his Senior year. I, Jacqueline Bailey, do leave my good times in lunch class to Janice Foster and Anita Nichol- son. ' I, Marilyn Barnes, do hereby leave my deep voice and big ears to anyone who wants them. I clon't. I, Mary Grace Barnes, do hereby leave my weak- ness for Etowah boys to Patty Yates and my place at Gadsden High School to my sister, Bon- nie, in hopes that she will have as much fun as I did. I, Mike Barrett, do leave all the. books I ever lost at Gadsden High to anybody who can find them. I, David Battles, will to Donald Brooks my smok- ing corner in the boys restroom. I, Dwight Benson, do leave my ability to "goof- off" to my brother Jerry. I, Jimmy Benson, did come with a little, lost it all, leave nothing. We, Judy Bishop and Gerry Young, leave our positions as Supervisor, assistant supervisor, and chief arguers to Sudie Kay, Myrtle, and Sandra and hope they can get by with as much as we did. I, Wayne Bishop,' hereby leave my position on the managers' squad to "Sang" Lyda, who will try to get out of as many classes as I did. I, Anita Blackwell, leave to the "Blackwell Stair- steps" of Gordon, Denise, and Doug all the good times of Stunt Night that we did not have, and take my love for my one and only, Jimmy. I, Gloria Bynum Blessing, do leave my love for Auburn boys to Katherine McClain, hoping she will be as lucky as I. 232 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, Albert Branscomb and Rodney Hurt, being of sound mind l?l, do hereby leave our Sterili- zation Bill to any Hi-Y member stupid enough to present it at Youth Legislature. I, Mike Brewer, do leave my 4th period proiection- ist period to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get it. Tally Ho!! Grab a toe hold! I'm getting the heck out of here!! I, Martha Nell Brock, leave my ability of hiding certain articles in the bandroom without their being found to Shirley Rose. I, Wanda Bruce, will my ability to stay out of Mr. Lamon's consumer class on Mondays to anyone who won't get caught, but take my love for a certain "Smokeneck Kid" from Southside with me. I, Larry Bryant, do hereby leave my test tubes in chemistry to anyone who can use them. I, Wayne Buchanan, will my ability to stay at Gadsden High School for a long time to my big brother, Harvey, who will be here next year. Jimmy Burnett, do leave my ability to be tardy and not get caught, lmost of the timel, to any- one who knows the tricks of the trade, but take the memories of four happy years with me. Mary Lee Byram, do leave my most fitting nick- name, "Penguin", to some other deserving per- son who has a nose like a ski lump and a lop- ing walk, but I take my love for a certain Au- burn student with me-that I wouldn't leave to anyone. Martha Bynum, do leave my place in Mr. Her- long's lunch class to anyone who never gets hungry. Joann Cannon, do will my height to Kay King, because she needs it more than I do. Morris Camp, leave my annual privileges to Gene Ashley and hope that he is able to make an "A" in annual - I couldn't. Max Campbell, do leave to my little brother, Jack, physics and trig. June Capps, do will my position as head of the "Student Council syndicate" to Harriet Gordon, and I leave my ability to yell "RoIl Tide" while at Auburn to any other Crimson Tide tan who likes to live dangerously - namely Norma McCuIIey. Buddy Cash, being of weak mind and sound body, leave my ability to get kicked out of school to any- one that can make as much noise as I did. Jerry Casey, do leave my ability to take freshman subiects my senior year to Kenneth Fox and Sonny Taylor. Tommy Chasteen, do leave my ability to drive recklessly to anyone who can get away with it. Kenny Clark, do leave everything. Martha Clark, do will to Anita Lowe a gallon of gas to go to Jacksonville, in hopes that she will get there. I never did. Wayne Clemons, do leave Gadsden High with a gratefulness to Mrs. Bugg for the English I have learn- ed. Frances Coggins, do leave my wit to try to beat Mr. Herlong at a game of checkers to anyone who is lucky enough to beat him. Betty Copeland, leave my love for Etowah boys but take my love for R. S. with me. "Crip" Copeland, do leave my ability to play basketball 'to anyone who is a "goof-oft" and a hall roamer. Gary Copeland, being of sound mind and body, after these four years, do leave my sympathy to any- one who has to sweat under Mr. Lamon that I have had this year in Democracy. Raymond Copeland, do leave. Amen. Patsy Cox, bequeath my fondness for dating West Pointers to Hunter Duncan, and Joe's appointment to my brother, Ronald. 233 LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT I, Glenda Cranford, do leave my piece of plumbing in the band to anyone who has the strength to blow it, but I take my love for G. R. with me, I, James Crim, do hereby will my ability to laugh at Mr. Davie's jokes to anyone in the Junior class who thinks he can do it. I, Gary Alan Fristy Frosty McFigero Alexandria Carl James Jasamore Cushen, do hereby leave my name to anyone who can remember it. Just call me Bunk. I, Gary Damkoehler, take my love for Gail with me and my seat in Mr. Davie's "Hydrogen SuIfide" Class I leave to anyone who can't smell. I, William S. Daugherty, do hereby leave my ability to be the most studious pupil in Mrs. BentIey's English class and still flunk to anyone who is fortunate enough to have English under her. I, Mary Davenport, do leave my crazy typewriter in typing class to anyone who is unlucky enough to get it. I, Joe Davidson, being of sound mind do leave my memories of my I-lenry J to the junkyard. I leave my place in the sand pits to anyone who can afford the rent. I, Glenn Davis, being of sound mind and body, do leave my seat in Mrs. Bugg's room to anyone who can be quiet all period. I, Martha Faye Dean, do will all of my singing opportunities at Dear Ole G.H.S. to Paula Milner in hopes that she will enioy them as much as I have. I, W. C. Deavor, do hereby leave my title of "Motor cycle Kid" to anyone who is so unlucky as to acquire it, and may "Lady Luck" ride with him as she has with me. I, Charlotte Dingler, do will my typewriter to my sister, Dianne, in hopes that she can count errors faster than I, and take my love for a certain University of Florida football player with me. I, Joe Dooley, do leave my seats in physics and chemistry classes to anyone who will take them. I, Richard Downey, leave my seat in Mr. Herlong's class to anyone who can stand his corny iokes. I, Marlene Driskill, do hereby leave my broken fountain pen top to Mrs. Bentley. I broke it in her class writing business letters. I, Elizabeth Duke, do hereby leave my love for the Air Force to Nancy Short, and hope she has more good luck with it than I did. I, Martha Dunaway, do leave my place as the only girl in physics class of 40 boys to any girl who enioys new experiences and needs physics to go to college. I, Barbara Dye, do hereby leave my place in Miss Turner's class to any girl who has a chance to go to Europe and doesn't take it. I, Willene Edwards, do will my ability to go steady with a Sansom football player and yet still get along with Coach Watford to any girl lucky enough to find a boyfriend as wonderful as Corky Frost and a history teacher like Coach Watford. We, Wilene Edwards, Mary Ann Simon, Bobby Gallant, Gary Damkoehler, and Buddy Weiss do leave our ability to go steady with someone from Sansom to anyone who likes to argue about which side they are going to sit on at a ball game. I, James E. Elliott, Jr., do will my ability to go steady to Freddy Bright and Gloria Smith. I, Annie Jo Elrod, leave my ability to be tardy and goof off to Lila Bryan, who shall return next year. I, Glenda Etheridge, will my memories and wonderful times at school to Gwen Sims. May she have as much fun as I have had. We, Mary Fresh and Nancy Gause, do hereby leave our privilege of being selected by Mr. Herlong to eat last everyday to Carol Reese and Sandra Character. 234 W-. wwf -,w.ffm,y,'-.-,vm- ze.- LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Maurice Fricks, leave my ability to go to the State D. O. Convention with my steady girl friend to the future members of the D. O. Club if they can pull the right strings. Bobby Gallant, take my love for Judy with me and leave my seat in "Mama" Trudie's class to Lamar Osborne. Linda Garrard, do hereby leave my love for a weekend at Auburn to Janice, the next member of the Garrard clan, but take my love for a certain Sansom boy with me. Peggy Gaskin, do leave to my FRIENDS, everything that I don't take with me. Jane Gilliland, do hereby leave my love for Elvis Presley to "Mama" Trudy Bentley, and hope that she will continue to be his biggest "Rock 'n RolI" fan. Arnold Graves, do leave my place in physics to anyone who is crazy enough to want it. Helen Jane Gray, do leave my seat in Mrs. Smith's room to my sister Carole, and my love for Anniston boys to Linda Boyd. Judy Gray, do hereby hope that Mrs. Bullock finds someone to take my place as chief first-aid patient. Glenda Greene, do hereby will my ability to have a wonderful weekend at Auburn to anyone in- terested. Bill Griffin, leave my seat in homeroom B-5 to any one who can swim, run in the rain, lump mudholes and dodge cars in the drive. Anita Griffith, do will my ability to yell "shut-up" for Mrs. Bentley so that she can stop saying sh-sh, my freckles and my crazy ways I will to my buddy, Julia White. Paul Griffith, leave "GoId Bricking" in 7th period gym class to Harry Olen, and the fellas! Feddie Guest, do leave my deepest sympathy to my brother, David, who has yet to extinguish his stretch at GHS. Lynn Cox Gunter, leave my place in Mr. Davie's real "cool" chemistry class. Margaret Kitchens Hallmark, do leave my seat in GHS to my sister-in-law, Betty Hallmark, in hopes that she does better than I. Sue Homes, do leave my position as Mrs. Murphree's helper to anyone who likes to file, but I take my love for a former basketball player with me. Carolyn Hamilton, do hereby leave my place in Velvetones to anyone fortunate enough to get in. Diane Hanson, do leave my position as Mrs. BeIIinger's helper to anyone who likes to carry a lunch tray. Alice Hare, do hereby leave my place in the Velvetones to anyone who is lucky enough to get in, and hope they enjoy it as much as I have. Ronald Harwood, do leave my end position to Ronald Burke, he played more than I. But I carry my love for Barbara Adams with me. Leah Haygood, do leave my ability to blush in Mr. Lamon's democracy class to Alice Hill. Nancy Heaton, do leave my seat in chemistry to my brother, Jimmy, in hopes he can make better than a "D" for the year. Judy Heib, do leave my ability to keep Jerry Hill on the straight and narrow to Celia Anderson, but take our good times with me. Jerry Hill, do hereby leave my razor, my place in the Usher's Club and Who's Who to Gene Ashley, my harem to Larry Etchison, and my ability to always let the good times roll to John Dickson and a certain sophomore crowd. Jerry Hofferbert, do leave my lst cornet part to Jim Hunt or Grady Hale or Gareth Bryant or anyone who wants it. 235 - -'M '. .-1-fm-igxrwfnqzgrvyufivw-f,'-!-'Ff"'-1' up -ff A.'wr"' -ft -if - r' rv' - "' ' ' ' ' 'N LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Vivian Holt, do leave my seat in Mrs. Woodward's class to Paula Milner and hope she doesn't have to stay as long as I did. I, Charles Hooks, being of sound mind and body, do leave my blue and white shirt to Sandra, which has her lipstick on it. I, Sylvia Hopper, do leave my seat in chemistry to any "homesick Eskimo" who can stand the sub-zero temperatures. I, Pat Horsely, do hereby leave my fun at Gadsden High to my sister Barbara Jean, and hope she has as much fun as I had. I, Johnny Horton, leave my position as vice-president of the D. O. club to anyone crazy enough to take it. I, Jimmy Hudgins, do leave my seat in Business English to anyone who wants it. I, Thomas "Spider" Hughes, do leave my place as lst chair bass player in the band to Melvyn "Fat" Gilliland in hopes that he can play as well as he can talk. I, Paul Hurst, do hereby bequeath my ability for building rockets that iust sit there and burn to my brother James, alias Rocketship, in hopes that he can make one get oft the ground. I, Carol Jelks, do leave my ability to get up at I5 minutes 'til 7 and catch the 7:15 bus to my sister, Pat, hoping she can do it, I couldn't. I, Brenda Jolly, leave my place in the Gadsden High School Band to anyone who has the strength ot a horse, iron lungs, and a winning smile. They surely will need them. I, Betty Rose Jones, do leave my ability to pass chemistry to anyone who likes to study more than I did. I, George Jones, do leave my "green dye" to anybody who likes a confusion at lunch. I, Mary Jane Johnson, do hereby leave to Anita Thompson the privilege of working a year in the library. I, Carolyn Birchfield, leave my position as typist for the annual staff to any poor girl who can type on these broken-down typewriters. I, Patsy Battles, do hereby leave my ability to be late to school and get by with it to any other slowpoke. I, Henry McKelvey, leave my wonderful ability of staying out of trouble, and staying in good with the teachers to anyone who can do it, and take my love tor Regina Lovejoy with me. I, Jerry Johnston, do leave all my good looks and soothing clarinet tone to Jeff Thurman. I, Marilyn Keith, do leave my ability to go steady to my sister, Evelyn, in hopes that she will have better sense than to do so. I, Gail Snead Kelly, do hereby leave my ability to catch a husband to any girl who is as lucky as I was, and with me I take my love for Gene. I, Janice Kirby, do leave my place in bookkeeping to my little sister, Dianne and hope that she enioys itasmuchasI?'?'???'? I, Randall Knight, do leave my ability to chew chewing gum in Mr. Davie's room and not get caught to anyone who needs it. Also take my love for A. G. with me. I, Glenna Lambert, do hereby leave my love for Sansom boys and Melody Lane to any other girl whose had as much fun as I have, but take my love tor Bobby with me. I, Joan Lasseter, do leave my ability to blush to anyone who likes the color "red" better than I. I, Carolyn Latimer, will my place in GHS to my brother, Edward. We, 'Mary Ann Lee and Pat Downey, leave, but take our love for Bill's with us. I, Martha Del Loveman, do leave my ability for getting into trouble to anyone who wants to have as good a time as I did and my vocabulary to Mrs. Bugg, but I take all my Senior friends with me. 236 LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT I, Norma Lyon, will my place in the Senior Class to anyone lucky enough to get there. I, Benny Madderra, do leave iust as soon as I get the chance. I, Jimmy Manos, do leave to Carey Cook my good looks and my great personality. We, Barbara Martin and Sandra McGuire, will our ability to slip out of school and get away with it to anyone who wants it. I, Ellen Martin leave my seat in Mr. Herlong's 5th period lunch class to anyone who likes to eat at one o'clock everyday. I, Sara Martin, do leave my personal, private hiding place in the bandroom to Jenny Ashley, but take my love for Wayne with me. I, Vicky Martin, do hereby leave my Ist chair flute to Alice Hill, my crazy mixed up iob as Business Man- ager for the Annual to Hunter Duncan and my memories of Youth Legislature to Cathie Glosser, in hopes that they will all have as much fun as I did. I, Brenda Mashburn, do hereby will all the good times I have had at Gadsden High School to Sandra Glenn, Anita Nicholson, Tommy Gilmore, and my cousin Thomas Lane Presley. I, Charles Mathews, do hereby leave everything to everybody hoping they enjoy high school as much as I. I, Bill Mattox, leave to Gus Tatum my seat on Coach Watford's bench and hope he doesn't pick up as many splinters as I did. I, Edith Mauldin, do leave my place by the radiator in typing to Josephine White and hope she enioys it as much as I have. lEspecially in hot weather.I I, Ann McCartney, do leave my ability to hook ci boy, after chasing him for 3 years, to any girl who wants one as bad as I did. We, Betty McCary and Jane Morgan, do leave dear ole GHS but take our love for Texas with us! I, Frances McCIendon, do hereby leave and take my love for Auburn professors with me. I, Billy McCreless, will to Gerald Hicks my place in Mrs. Todd's study hall. I, John McGlathery, do leave my ability to stay out of school every Monday to anyone who still has a hangover from the weekend, but take my love for Disque girls with me. I, George Miller, will my ability to get a date with Kitty Barnes to Tom Musick and hope he has better luck than I did. I, Virginia Miller, leave my ability of staying out of trouble to Barbara Adams, but take my love for Rich- ard Earl with me. I, Eugene Mitchell, do leave the band to Gene Ashley, and my three "Sandras" to Ronald Davis and Doonie Curtis. I, Pat Moody, do take all with me, for what do I have that anyone would want? I, Charles Moore, want to leave my English work book to Mrs. June Bugg with Roses on it. l, Delores Moore, will my place in GHS to my brother Joe. I, Bobby Morgan, do leave my ability to sleep in June Bugg's Engliss Class to anyone who can get away with it, like I did. I, Joanne Morris, do hereby leave my ability to look like a wreck during the week and "pretty up" on week-ends to any girl who has an out-of-town boy friend. I, Jerral Snowden Moss, take my love for Linda Bryan with me. I, Cynthia Mozley, do will my ability to skip last period class to anyone who can get away with it. 237 LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIE T Barbara Mullen, do leave my iob as lab assistant to anyone who can unlock the lab door, and leave my position as artist for the Crucible to anyone who can get their work in on time, I never could. Charles Nails, do leave my ability to take Freshman subiects my Senior year to Larry Honeycutt and Wayne Patrick. Betsy Nelms, do hereby leave my ability to wear a Sansom sweater in the halls of GHS to any girl who likes Sansom boys enough to risk it, but I take my love for Jim with me. Jimmy Nelson, being in sound mind and body, do hereby leave regardless. I came with nothing, re- ceived nothing, leave nothing. Lenora Nelson, leave to my "little sister," Celia Anderson, my verb wheel, my "A" in French, and my ability to swipe other girls' boy friends. Clay Orme, leave my seat in Mechanical Drawing to any Junior boy who can tell Mr. Davis good iokes, or listen to his. Joy Owen, do leave my place in GHS to my brother, Gary, if he is smart enough to graduate. Paul Owens, do leave my seat in Mrs. Bugg's English class to anyone who can laugh at corny jokes. Carolyn Parr, do hereby will my love for Auburn boys to anybody who can have as much fun with them as I did. Gary Patrick, leave my place in Mrs. Bumpers Greenhouse to anyone who likes to water flowers. Oakley Patterson, do hereby leave half of my desire of seeing gymnastics promoted to Willie Patter- son and the other tumblers coming from Disque. Bobby Phillips, leave my love for pretty girls to anyone who wants them. Maureen Phillips, do hereby leave my ability to boil water without burning it to Mrs. Hillhouse. Raymond IB-Bl Phillips, do leave my ability to "goof-off" and build hot rods to anyone fast enough. Gwin Pointer do leave my place in the band, and as maiorette to any girl lucky enough to get them. David Raley, do leave this "whole frigin' School" to all of the poor devils coming up from Disque and E. G. Jr. High.- Marion Sheppard, do leave the beloved??? annual room and its 5,280 headaches to Katherine Mc- Clain hoping that she will purchase an extra large iar of asprin and appoint a hardworking and fun- loving staff. "Mos" Stephens, hereby will my ability to go steady with the same boy a thousand different times, to Jerrie Mae Tidmore. James Stewart, do hereby leave my love for all the good times I've had after school to anyone who can load up their cars like mine. Jimmy Strawn, do leave my nicknames, "Goof-off", "Gold-bricker," and "Yard-bird," to the one who gave them to me - - - Mr. "S". Barbara Tarrance, will my typewriter to anyone who likes to count errors. Harold Tarrance, do leave. Carolyn Taylor, do hereby leave my Smith-Corona typewriter to anyone who likes to pound and hope they can make it type. I couldn't. Jan Taylor, do will to Ann Leslie my ability to graduate and my desire to go to college. Jennie Miller, do leave all the wonderful, frustrating, maddening, heart-breaking hours, weeks, and months of MAGNAVOX work caused by deadlines, lost ad contracts, misplaced receipts, and delin- quent reporters, six gallons of gas, a map showing the way to Albertville, and forty-eight frantic hours spent there a month, and all the happy memories and invaluable experience that go with it to Ronnie Townsend and Louise Hooks. To Mrs. Bugg, I leave nine shiny, new keys to the MAGNAVOX room. 238 LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT I, Richard Rampey, leave my wild life to Larry Etchison, my harem to Jerry Black, my ability to smoke in every class to Phillip Crain, but take all my love for Diana with me. I, Gail Reaves, do leave Democracy forever! I, George Roberts, do hereby leave to Brother Roberts my love for Gospel singing. I, Johnny Robertson, came and brought nothing, stayed and found nothing and leave without anything to will. I, Shirley Robertson, do hereby leave my will to pass the commercial course to my little sister Gloria, and take my love for Harold. I, Gail Robinson Ialias "Dynamite"I, do leave my ability to "goof-off," and ride around in "67" Dodges to any juniors who think they are smort enough to get away with it. I Ronnie Roscoe, do hereby leave this school to the worst two things I can think of, Eddie Smith and 1 Billy Rosich. We, Bob L. Royal and Jerry Parr, do bequeath our positions as recration managers of Le Casino de Band Room to anyone sharp enough with the cards. I, Don Sandlin, do hereby leave my place in the Bandroom poker games to someone with a big bank- roll. I, Toby Sansom, do will my knowledge of French to anyone who is crazy enough to take it. I, Marilyn Scruggs, will to Betty Berry my ability to get out of gas on a rainy day on the way to school when I was already late anyway. I, Tom Sedam, leave my ability to make the Honor Roll every time to the next "BRAIN", I, Mary Ann Simon, do leave my iob as chemistry lab assistant to Sandra Owen, to my sister, Kathie, I leave all the memories and good times I've had at Gadsden High, but I take my love for a Sonsom basketball player with me. I, June Simpson, give chemistry and physics back to Mr. Davie and the boys, and to the girls, my seat on "the bench" in 5th period lunch. I, Emma Lou Sims, do hereby leave the thrill I get every time I happen to see the crazy clocks iump a minute to anyone - anyone at all. I, Bob Wilder, leave my ability to get to homeroom in the morning, iust before the tardy bell rings, to anyone who can hardly make it. I, Carolyn Skinner, bequeath my place at Gadsden High to my brother, Raymond, and to my friends, Jr. Richards, Linda Holman, Eddie Hutcherow, Stewart Jacobs, and Sandra Sanford, but will take every- thing else with me, might need them. I, Delores Smith, do leave my love for Auburn and Auburn boys to my sister Sarah. I, Harold Smith, do leave my place in Gadsden High for a girl I love very much, Sherre Arnold. I, Jerry Smith, do leave the food in the lunchroom to anyone who can eat it. I, Amelia Traylor, do leave my love for roaming the halls to Helen Ruth Fox and my double French horn to Doonie, Carry on lover boy I ! I, Chilton Teague do leave the worst things I can thinlaof, Mac Cline and Jerome LaFolIett, and my place in Mrs. Turner's homeroom to anyone who likes to be sent to the office. I, Betty Terrell, do leave my love for football games to Savola Morgan, but do take my love for a special football player wI'h me. 'I I, Nancy Thompson, do hereby leave my seat in typing and shorthand to my sister Anita, and I hope she will do better in it than I did. I, Jane Thornton, do leave my inability to type to Jackie Swindell. 239 LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT We, Delores Tolleson and Kay Loftin, do hereby bequeath our love for the Glencoe boys to anyone who likes good looking boys. I, Gary Townsend, do hereby leave everything, for I have enough at home to keep me busy. I, George Traylor, leave my ability to have an excuse at being late to class to Charles "Mouse" Phillips in hopes that he can leave Sandra in time. I, Janice Tuck, do will my hard head and my tough skin to anyone who has to sit in front of Don Tidwell in lunch class. I, Mary Ellen Tuck, being of little mind and big body, do hereby will my ability to give the tenses of bring-brang-brung to any stupid nut in Mrs. Bugg's English class. We, Joann Tucker, Cynthia Weyna, and Joan Wilbur, do leave our place in the Velvetones to anyone who sings second soprano and likes to stand by the boys on the risers. I, Ginger Vann, do leave to all the little short folks my ability to walk down the hall without getting run over. I, Helen Wagnon, do leave my love for the Velvetones to anyone lucky enough to be a member. I, Joe Walker, can leave nothing as it has taken everything I possessed to get out. I, Robert D. Weathers do bequeath my heart of stone to Harry Littleton. I, Mary Weathington, do hereby leave my love for "Dooley's" to anyone who can take it away from me. We, Buddy Weiss and Ronald Wills, being of perfect I I I I I mind and sound body do leave our map of the shortcut to the county line to Larry Etchison in hopes that he will make good use of it next year. I, Glenda Westcott, will my ability to be smart to my brother Don, who I dare say needs it and my friend Rosalind Henson, but take my love for Ed with me. I, Gary White, give back the coaching of the Basketball team to Coach Newcome in hopes he can do better than I did. I, Jerry White, being of sound mind and body do leave my place in GHS to my little brother Perry if he ever gets here. I, John Whorton, do hereby leave my ability to get to class at the last minute to anybody who can get away with it. I, Nancy Williams, do leave my seat in lunch class to anyone who wants to go to lunch last every day. I, Joy Smith, being the last of the notorious Smith gang, do leave my place in the "yard rollers Society" to Edna Woodham in hopes that she will learn. I, Carolyn Sorter, do hereby will my diet to Rita Martin and hope she gains as much weight as I did. I, Jimmy Stallings, turn Mrs. Bumpers Geometry class back over to her after two successful years of run- ning it, and bequeath my stick at the stag pool room to anyone who likes to work as hard as I do. I James Stephens, leave GHS, but take my love for Jane with me. I I, Frank Helderman, do leave my place as the uncrowned champion of the Stag Pool Room to Bracy C ross. 240 AUTOGRAPHS , . x , FX X ff M if XX M091 , W N Qif.fX?igf , W,gfWgX WWW Wf PQ ff Q QW eg than Q2-xfm f 1 X .,-- 3 :-ef-gi-A .' H--'T . 511, . .- "FL, , li "ish-wa'--g'1i'v -1 -.A--.--. - ". . .. - K fg rf- -- . ... - , VH- , " 1, 7- 12:-j,,g',.J'.Q.n.. . xf, , M- f ,, V 3, 1 U t . . : v,,mV , -A-. rv .v.. W ..f!3,..,4.x .-P125-,.':3q-v,jug3-,.v. 1 A -A ,,., ., . . 3 vp, , ,:, f--L, .- .. -. ,- .. 4 - - A ' ., -' f 4.5.-..f1iSffaL,.,1-4.-le Q--,-a' -', 1-Pig:-:' , 'f -1 -f - A -X-,, . I V , A , . , y i' .-.5 ' - , ---:M in ,. A 1 4 -V . I - A. ,.J h J A L gf, V .-, 1 .-.IM M'-, - ,V z,vg.giLuE':-3-QJEA:-A-3,,,.5 M:,,:R,A--mlvt ,qt lv I .. A - .wh -.-,.. V - .., .M vm-. vw,,,.,Q:9,4k.k-qh.:i:,l4s4x-suv, +1-:LSU '13LML,T,::,g. irfgvna ,, v.--A ,. M 1-Q H .. ,T V , . 1- --.,-, .gn -v-. 'WS-.,. ,W ,.,-nmgb . ' .LA--w '51--v . K j 11. - J ,. -M., - 'f -- , , - x . v. 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CROSS JEWELERS "GADSDEN'S omesr JEWELERS" B d St eet GADSDEN ALABAMA Compliments of ETOWAH ABSTRACT COMPANY GADSDEN, ALABAMA "Title ls Vital" SERVING ETOWAH COUNTY SINCE l907 i f ' KWH PRINCESS THEATER COMPLIMENTS or LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF ALABAMA AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK BUILDING GADSDEN, ALABAMA We ore proud to offer school occident protection to the stu- dents of Godsden os well os o moiority of the other communities in Alobomo. GROWING WITH ALABAMA and the SOUTH C. W. DAUGETTE, JR., Pres. BEN COKER, Vice Pres. P. O. Box 9IO, Godsden Phone 6-464I - 6-4642 Compliments of PIONEER LIFE 81 CASUALTY CO. HOME OFFICE Gadsden, Alabama 750 Forrest Avenue Serving and Growing With Seven Progressive Southeastern States B. L. CARTER President EARL W. LEBO First Vice President COMPLIMENTS OF C. F. HOFFMAN 81 SONS JEWELERS oADsIDEN's GIFT CENTER Since 1908 423 Brood Street Diol LI 3-2191 GADSDEN, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF BIRCH ANDERSON 81 COMPANY ART SUPPLIES - DRAWING SUPPLIES PRINTING OF ALL KINDS 525 Brood Street -Phone LI 6-6391 MEET ME AT THE DRUG STORE AFTER SCHOOL "GRAHAM'S, OF COURSE" Brother Roberts COMPLIMENTS OF RAINS TV 8. RADIO COMPANY 300 South 5th Street Phone LI 6-5446 GADSDEN, ALABAMA law 4 X ' HEA'-T I ' 5 1 A 7 A f H GADSDEN. ALABAMA GADSDEN AUTOMOBILE DEALERS' ASSOCIATION JOHN MILES MOTORS, INC. BURSON MOTOR COMPANY C. 81 S. GARAGE CARGO - NASH COMPANY COURTESY MOTOR COMPANY NICHOLS BUICK CO. VAUGHN PONTIAC- CADILLAC COMPANY PIERSON CHEVROLET CO. JOHN THOMAS MOTORS, INC. DON VAN SLYKE MOTOR CO. REX KEELING BUICK CO. AMERICAN DISCOUNT CO. GADSDEN, ALABAMA FASHIONS FOR THE HIGH SCHOOL CROWD DU NCAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 32I Broad S'l'ree+ GADSDEN. ALABAMA "Rat" Reynolds Victims of the' "Mad" Barber RAINBOW MATTRESS COMPANY I6I0 Alabama Avenue Phone Li-6-63I9 "Dream on a Rainbow" Compiimenfs of JACK SAKS LADIES' READY-T0-WEAR 435 Broad S+. Phone Li-62484 ABERNATHY TIRE SERVICE. Tire Recapping and Repairing XX Loon WEAR xx TIRES 3I5 N. 61'h Sfreei' Phone Li-b-973l EAST GADSDEN. ALABAMA Complimenis of scARsRouGH C"'nP'f"e"+S DRUG CO' cRossFlELD 529 Holme S+. E. GADSDEN ALABAMA ICE CREAM COMPANY Com plimenfs of JOHN'S PHARMACY 230 Holme E. Gadsden PHONE Li-3-2578 I222 Forresi' Ave. Phone Li-6-0405 Congra+uIa+Ions, seniors I TROY E. WATFQRD STANLEY'S MEN'S STORE AND 304 BW' S+- ASSOCIATES 8. ENGINEERS D. H- MMM Ameracaguxlxnal sank FLOYD BEDDINGFIELD ISBELL 84 HALLMARK FURNITURE CO. 52 Years in Wes? Gadsden "OUT OF THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT" HAMES TRUCK SERVICE 3I4 N. 6I'h SI. EAST GADSDEN PHONE LI 6-I836 P. O BOX 34I GADSDEN, ALA. Complimenis of Besi' Wishes JOSEPH'S F'0'f' 5I9 Broad S+. VANN DRUG CO. OUTFWRS bm .na Randall FOR JUNIORS AND MISSES PHONE Li-6-288 I E. E. FORBES 81 SONS PIANO COMPANY For All Your Music RCA AND ADMIRAL TV ON EASY TERMS 438 Chestnut St. Phone 7-1627 Compliments of IKE SAKS CLOTHING CO. Gadsden's Finest Store for Women. Men and Children Compliments of Compliments of CHANDLER LC. GOGGANS PL l MPA Y FABRIC SHOP UMB NG CO N II48 Forrest Ave. 701 Windsor Street PHONE Li-3-3298 EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA Dicll LI 3-5636 C. 81 J. SERVICE STATION ELI. 1201 Forrest Avenue II49 Ist Avenue PHONE Li-6-9226 Compliments Ot DIXIE CLEANERS H. L. NELSON, Prop 2l8 Hake Street - Phone Ll 3-396i EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA , 'r, Compliments ot GAY TYPEWRITER 81 KEY SERVICE Dial Li-3-4I4I MILLER SHELL SERVICE STATION Corner Hake 81 Litchfield Phone Ll 3-9253 EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA ,li 1 ' Compliments Ot DIXIE 5c 81 I0c STORE 400 I-lolce Street EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA REYNOLDS SHOE SHOP 220 I-loke Street East Gadsden, Alabama Expert Shoe Repair Services HOLMAN REFRIGERATION ENGINEERS 322 Hoke Street EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA Phone LI 6-5742 Compliments Of GADSDEN BUSINESS COLLEGE AND SPEEDWRITING SHORTHAND SCHOOL 213 A South 5th Street GADSDEN, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS or DUGGER BOOK STORE ROSS GRAMLING FURNITURE STORE, INC. "Your Friendly Furniture Store" Corner 3rd 31 Chestnut Streets i Compliments Of LAD 'N LASSIE 325 Broad Street GADSDEN, ALABAMA Compliments Ot YOUNG'S INC. 6I8 Broad Street GADSDEN, ALABAMA 'You'II never look old in Young's cIothes." Compliments Ot WRENN'S ICE CREAM CO. IIOB Forrest Avenue GADSDEN, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF DADS DOUGHNUT SHOP IIO North 26th Street ALABAMA CITY, ALABAMA "Taste Will TeII" Compliments ot GUARANTEE SHOE STORE 4l2 Broad Street LEON JONES ELECTRIC CO. 22I South Third GADSDEN. ALA. COMPLIMENYTS OF FOOD SHOP STORES 215 South Second Street GADSLDEN, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF Q Q 9' MAc'S 6 lap Coke L91 TEXACO STATION makes Eost Brood Street I .NBA your party Eost Godsden, Alobomo 6 I ,XI ,Am 1 A D V ' I: I A a I 11: BEST WISHES Z FROM ju Mwmw "Y - fif f Buoofs MENS STORE 1111 421 Brood Street L: I- Phone LI 3-3746 S f -Leg.. GADSDEN, ALABAMA Compliments Of WOOD 8s POPE C- D- 5 H O RT SERVICE STATION WHOLESALE MEATS P332 gfgfgjgg EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA Phone Ll 3-4611 - 301 Henry St. GADSDEN, ALABAMA COmp'i"'e"'S of LESTER CLEANERS 228 Hoke Street EAST GADSDEN, ALABAMA Compliments Ot HATLEY DRY CLEANERS LAVERTY 126 s. 12th sweet PIANO COMPANY 15 Years in West Gadsden Phone LI 3-3317 932 Forrest Ave. Gadsden, Alabama PIANOS BAND INSTRUMENTS ACCESSORIES SHEET MUSIC Brian Hatley says: "You wrinkle and mess'em, My Grand-Daddy will cIeon'em When you think of music d I -ll . . ' an press em visit Lavertys PHONE 3-5861 'Compliments Of COIVIPLIMENTS OF WINK and BOB SERVICE STATION GADSDEN THRIFT STORE "Snappy Road Service" 311 Broad Street 11th St. and Forrest Avenue Phone Ll 3-9341 GADSDEN' ALABAMA GADSDEN, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF KERR GULF MALCOLM BOAT and Motoie co. SERWCE STATION A East Broad 84 7th Street H532 Forrest Venue East Gadsden, Alabama Phone Ll 3-5031 Phone Ll 7-1095 The Crucible wishes to thank Benny tor his fine photography ond co-operation throughout the yecir i Q YUUR Qememiefz pmaqan D Qememim pmaqan D Qememim pmaqon GRADllTHl srllllA4 ' ', oday rliwe are printers of the yearbook of your school. 0 Tomorrow as you seek your future in the Ill r professions, industry and commerce we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Prmtlng.and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. f A-sfafx Q My-:Q gg If W!-1 gtg! 57 I 'l pp, j 17 1 if A -A A f I " , -' MQNTGQMERY, ALABAMA . he 4 lie M Y 1 ff v 6 1 p sk- 15, ,fLsSavLkM.:5..LJr,Li.:.k.H.'4g...y.f4w-, , ,nn 4 -1 . ' 2'f.1',1...., Q., 1 ... 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Suggestions in the Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) collection:

Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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