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ff like HEUUHII mf like YEAR I947 f Z-N ff-""5 x -N 7 7 X 44 D PIDTED PUBLISHED Ay like on an GADSDEN DIED SDIIDDL GADSDEN ALMMM1 Qfwzf SENI LESS I D l a , 1 i o PEGGY ANDERS Eclifor-in-Chief MOLLY BELLENGER CHRIS CRAWFORD - . S Y H x Tx 'xv Q A -- , 'My QQ, - ' -' -,,,,J5 , S Y Ak. E 'sf ' Q Ai Lg., 1 :L - '- 'm ixx T 1 4 gg A ' Q f - K . , f -A 5 . .F 1 ,f I 1 v,f A ' H' f f Q f , .. x 35-k'-,A K , N f. .. f 'W f lqlf Q. -f fe- in f, , AQ . , f fb ' W ., g L .V K , -, + j 1' . . ., " . QC, N ' A 31444, A 5' 1'ivl Q. ,JK H, 4 T. xx A H I 'iw' A L Wh ' A' 3. 'Z A A 5 ,' 1 'V - ..v-'H A . Y, ,fx f, gf." l P' rf . ,,-. . , 'Ss + Q ,--,qfx N ,ln Li ., p F in 3- Q..-f-iv A" ' iw P 'W ' g .v ,K uw '4 ' ' , ,gg Y. ". af 4 7 'N 4,-A 2 5- x lik " if ' x v . V ' - 57' ' W u , 4 A - Y 4 fi Vac.-'W ' ' , , -f ' . 1 . 4M,,,. ' H 4 ix X x Mx., , A Q sh T, fy.-K XI . -. h -5 G . ' 592 Q R I 'n""""w-...., -... ., -mx x VW X Q Lg- fig A P' Y c N .J 5 'Q x 3 5 . J F ,P I -nn ,--f' 'Q 1 4'- 'Tl fi "X if .E L. '57 .4 91 R Hi F5 if s x X 5.4. S i 4:44 QM iz:- Memorles are like the leaves of a tree They bud become blooms begun to due and finally drlft away All too often the fondest memories of our chool days pass away to be replaced by the events of the present It was to preserve these memories that yearbooks were created A certain loke a favorite frlend a classic football game or an old sweetheart IS recalled by the turn mg of a page To senlor classes especially these memories are something to be cherished and preserved It IS to the senior classes of the past the present and the future that we dedicate thus the 1947 CRUCIBLE Our efforts wlll be rewarded If sometime In the future you open your annual and feel a little pang of loy or sadness while following the pages of the record of 1947 your album of memories P910 llllllllltlllll Mr. C. A. Donehoo Superintendent of Gadsden City Schools Our Superintendent, Mr. C. A. Donehoo, is a figure well known, not only in our own city system, but throughout the length and breadth of Alabama. He served as president of the Alabama Education Association for two years. Through his great understanding of the stu- dents and his efforts to better our school sys- tem, he has endeared himself to the people of Gadsden. Mr. John A. Lusk, Jr. President of the Board of Education Mr. Lusk has been chairman of the Board of Education since the demise of the beloved Colonel Murphree. He has worked tirelessly in behalf of the school children of Gadsden. Page l2 These gentlemen, members of the Board of Educa- tion, direct the policy of our system. Working with- out compensation, they have given unselfishly of their time and efforts to prepare us for the trials and tribulations that lie ahead. Not Pictured: Mr. W. F. Byrd Mr. Wallace McNair Mr. D. C. Wadsworth Mr. George W. Floyd ' 'WW 5 ,000 -2 Z s K- i X f S Q W R 76 5. . E: ' K 1 fifl - " " V --s.,E5sIE,:E,:"":' "1 ' .E gg Q2 nf X 71 I ua, A in ' 1 X pri' gm W . QM i X Q -wigffi. 441-if K 2 TV M33 . 4 V 'f WWE 21 K- K 3 4 WZ? 557' 'T x U' 'Q YE X V ' ig gg L Q1Qr::f3S-4-f295:- Q .- -my if 'N , 'SEQQR 1 mfagffwgi 1 W . , . .WWW 2 Z. 52 Q' Www Q Oman I MQWQTKJT X ...., ,. , mwhwsaw xi , A M 5 x 354 W 3 451345 95' ff iffy? Ex aggywih il. E A 'live sw iirbul' 5 N35 .3 f I W.. , " ' ' 1- Iii:QL ,, 4 Q ,X X Q Q W R x X w L n "' 'Wx r JW'-, ' xi"- Iq . Q. 553: 1, , ,M 'm K., X? F' , Q" ,pw X WY 1 x E 5 5 Q E A E x 5 5 - Q E lg 22 A Q R f ...,.::.:.,: .": x 'I f.: W X Sg r i X, ,. x S i 5 ,if Z ,g E ,Z 5 S 1 Z f E . ' Q i 4 Y 'PS' 'E in QQ., I M ' .If ' 5' ,, Q. I .HQ Q.. . E 53 N z. P g , zb.. I ,...? .::,..., ...-. :,: 1 .-Eg,-r ,- - ,g Ir. if is 'Y bf M, Q..-. ..,. ' Nfl' . in K, A 4. 1 . x .1 may ggi' ,. X-QQ Q is .P 1 9 A we an - sr' 2 A Q.. v X . 'X -va Q Q' E 1 is Y' Q fax K? 'I -U Xw A ' ' hx-ww Mrs Jean Baker Todd Supervisor of Art develops the artistic talents of budding Rem brandts In art contests the students in spired by her splendid instructions are con stantly being commended for their works Mrs Todd is not pictured because of illness at the time the photographs were made Mrs Mertie Mey Moore Supervisor of of the most active departments in the state Her Christmas pageants and spring recitals have become a cherished part of cur school life Supervisor of Instruction Mr J D Sam use of textbooks His constant comparison of curriculars keeps our system up with those of schools of other states Mrs Mertie Mey Moore Mr J D Samuels Page l6 Music for Gadsden schools, has built up one uels, determines our course of study and the MR JOSEPHL PETERSON alllll CIPAL Anyone who has ever entered the first door on the right as you enter the building will recognize the face in the picture above as none other than our principal Mr Joseph L Peterson Mr Peterson attended Snead Seminary spent one year at Auburn and in 1928 his M A from the University He came to G H S in the fall of 1940 but left almost immediately with the National Guard to prepare for entry into government service He went through five years of war mostly in the Pacific He returred to us in January 1946 We sincerely hope he will be with us for a long time Page 17 l was graduated from the University of Alabama with a B S. degree. Hellater received Carolyn Bellenger A.B., Goucher College English A. H. Bowers A.B., University of Alabama Mathematics 7ke ll ll C Elizabeth Collier A.B., University ot Alabama Mathematics Evelyn Collier A.B., Brenau College History J. R. Davis B.S., Auburn Mathematics Frank Gantt B.S., Auburn Fhysical Education Mort Glosser B.S.M., Cornell M.M. University of Wisconsin Band Laura Hall B.S., University of Alabama Social Science LTY Ethel Houser B.S., Peabody College English Josephine Hull A.B., Bowling Green College of Commerce Commercial Catherine Hurst A.B., Shorter College M.A., University of Alabama History Harold James B.S., Birmingham Southern Diversified Occupation Lucille Johnson B.S., Athens College English Ida Belle Leath A.B., Shorter College Biology Harry Hamme B.S., Elizabethtown College Science Ethel Hollingsworth B.S., University of Georgia Mathemati' '- Dorothy Moore A.B., Birmingham Southern Retail Selling 7he F A L. L. Nelson B.S., Auburn Physical Education Lena Pentecost B.S., Jacksonville State Teachers College English Anne Rinehart B S,, Alabama College Home Economics .!uli'1 Rirehart A.B., Alabama College Specch and Dramatics Virginia Roberts B.A., Murray State Teachers Colleae B.S., Peabody College Library Science Betty Thcmoson A.B., University cf Alabama Languages C L Ray Wedgeworth A.B., Birmingham Southern Physical Education Nell West B.S., University of Alabama English Jewel Whatley B.S., Auburn Mathematics Moudine White A.B., University cf Alabama Languages Frances Whorton B.S., Alabama College Dietitian Retha Wynot B.A., Alabama College Physical Education Margaret Turner A.B., Maryville College Commercial Not Pictured: Eula Bumpers A.B., Alabama College M.A., University of Alabama Mathematics Pearl Sawyer M.A., University of Alabama Languages 'I' Y gu lf k 9 5 'f A lv , .ff -ng wan :L fu? N sr A X .5 ? snail-eq. .,.x,. -MM .. -M ,,.... .1 K. f 5 z S 1 2 s if , K 1 x X5 i ,QR A IQ .l ' f ' X F . 1x'.' k S 'fi . - i ' ' 2 in b Q - .. ' - g gy Y .. P ' Q- :LA-... -qgawwx .W : N'N"""X-A M 1 Y' " 5' WQDW ii 'RW 'fpigm WZ 'ji nf, .. . W+:.,.4 ,,?.:4. , 1 x 1 Q51 Wi ,,"",'5 1' V 9 ?:, 5 . fn 1 7415.5 Qflifm ww Y yawtw g.- an w zegxjsil W 3 3 Q s if WS Q 59 Wim 5 M23 x Y. ,. fr atwifi ASM . '. MW ' 4 , ::, .. . .'I'I::Q'l: 4.5 4 , E:Sw:5? 'xiig 1 ' if Q 11235129 W 1 -' '- ' f.:,g-12- k .::- Q: X Q X M, ' :Si 'A 5 if ,BQ x 'l' A lot of water has passed under the bridge smce that September day In 1943 for was at 42 or 41 99991 when we first came to G H S During that time we have learned that a dlploma ns a little thing yet the desire for that diploma brought lots of memorable experiences into our llves There are the tlmes when we practiced day and mght with the determination to wan Stunt Night The thnlls we felt when we won first place four strarght tames a record never equalled by any other class smce the nnstlgatlon of Stunt Nnght the time we stayed up half the mght guarding Emma Sansom so the Rebels couldnt unveil her before the bag game These are the things caused by the desure to get that diploma Around graduation time we sensors begun thinking about the four years we ve spent here Take the faculty for Instance Time was when we could have freely volunteered to shoot them all on sight but now that we re assured of that llttle diploma they seem like a pretty good bunch of people wonder nf they feel that way about us9 9 9 9 lt seems only yesterday that we entered these hallowed halls as green freshmen but smce that time so much has happened Of course lt took us a llttle time to get used to this strange place We werent exactly used to walking down the halls and smelling a peculiar odor coming from the chem lstry lab or walking down the halls wlthout stepping on the center Innes It took us a little time to wm the admiration of our upper classmen but long before we were sophomores we were well established as a vital part of G H S although It dld take the wmmng of Stunt Night to prove that we had something We had always heard about Stunt Night being the bug mght of the year but we didnt really know what a thrill nt was until that mght when we won for the first time That was the year we presented the past and future kmgs and queens of G H S for our stunt Our sophomore year we ventured out and began to really understand this bug place we even found out that Mrs Hurst really wouldnt kill a freshman although she made hum thunk she would Before we came to Gadsden Hugh we had heard that at was all play and practucally no work but we soon found out that we came to acquire an education too Durung thus year we gave the gridiron some of nts outstand :rg players and many of them earned their letter Some of us got voted unto the Hu Y Clubs and we had our first nntroductlon to lnltaatxons We felt rather odd going around the school dressed backwards This was the year that we led the whole school nn selling bonds and we were spoken of as a class that goes places Again that mght came and we won for the second straight time We presented an insane asylum The inmates were entertained by the bringing to life of the luscious Varga Calendar gurls The cells contained very quaint and amusing characters Before we knew nt we found ourselves being referred to as the upper classmen because this was our lunuor year This was the year we broke all records when we sold more magazines than any other class before us CSemor classes mcludedl We put on a stunt that was the wonder of the season and we were thought of as a solid bunch of producers We depicted a Mexican fiesta Our class con structed and painted a complete stage set Gay senorltas and dashing caballeros completely captivated the ludges ln fact they were so overwhelmed that we recelved every first place vote A rare mcldent indeed About that time another great event happened Colonel Peterson came back from war and we began to get used to having three minutes between periods By time our lunlor year was finished how ever, we were well acquainted with his Over and Out and to hearmg frequent mention of pair trees And now a sublect very close to the heart of every semor of T947 our senior stunt Faced with the fact that thas was to be our last Stunt Nlqht and the almost fanatical efforts of the other classes to pre vent us from wmmng a fourth time we were determined that we would not only wln again but would present a stunt that would not be topped for many years to come For an entire month every single semor lived ate and slept fvery llttlej Stunt Night Endless nights of pamtlng buuldmg rehearsing and sewing occup ed every free moment of every semor Our stunt was an extravaganza deluxe Harem Scarem was the uproaruously funny and breath taklngly beautiful story of the attempts of an Arabian thief Abbra Kadabra to steal the royal lewels of the Sultan of Bagdad The magnificent scenery f atured a nool nssumg forth clouds of colored vapor and a complete cyclorama of ancient Bagdad The palace characters splendldly costumed qave an entertaumng and novel contrast to the thieves of Bagdad We made at a grand slam when our beauty Sally Hudson was crowned queen Now that we are sensors we look back with fond memories upon the four years we ve had at G H S We have settled down to enloy the friends we ve made and to make a name for ourselves through scholarship and dignified llvlng lts funny that in a school as blq as this how many people we can call by name Why even when we walk down the hall we know almost everyone that we meet and at gives us that feeling sentimental sure hope they all make good As we leave our chernshed places to the class of 48 we leave with the hope that we have added to the school some of the spirit of our class We hope that at shall prevail long years after we have departed the beloved halls of our ALMA MATER 1 , 1 . . . . , , 1 1 Ol' . . . . .... . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . ,, ,, 1 , . . . . . . . . . . , ' 1 , . . . , . . . . 11 11 - 1 . . . . . ,, ,, . , . , . . . . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . 1 1 . . ., . - - 11 - - 11 - 1 1 I , . . . , 1 1 ' T I I . ' , . . . ,, 1 11 . H ,, . . . . , . 11 11 - - - - - 11 11 - 1 1 . . , 11 - 11 - - . , . . . , . I - - - - 11 11 - - 11 - 11 , . . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . 11 11 - 1 1 l . 3 . . ' 1 1 - ' 11 - 11 - 11 11 1 1 - . . . , 1 . . , . . . . . , . . . ' 1 - 1 1 . . . . . . -.f . . , . 1 ' 11 ll is., 749 l ll li . . . G. H. S. FIRST SAW OUR SHINING FACES CHARLES ABEL Band, Stunt Night,. Basketball, D. O. Club, ' Library Club. JOHN ACEE Football, Basketball, "G" Club, Hi-Y, Dramatic Club. FRANCES ADAMS Art Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Home Economics Club, Crucible Stott. KATHRYN ALLEN Biology Club, French Club, Band, Choral Club, Stunt Night. PEGGY ANDERS Editor '47 Crucible, National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Who's Who, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Stunt Night, Treasurer Freshman Class, Student Coun- cil, Ring Committee, Library Club, Crucible Staff. BUFORD ASHLEY Spanish Club, Stunt Night. OSCEOLA ASHWORTH Latin Club, Stunt Night, Picture Machine Operator, Camera Club. BETTY BANKSON Secretary-Treasurer Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night, National Honor Society, D. O. Club. . TYPING The familiar clickinq of typewriters can be heard by anyone entering the north wing of the building. Slow and unsteady in fall, the speed and accuracy of the typists increase as spring approaches. J ESSE BARNES DORIS BARRON Who's Who. MOLLY BELLENGER Co-Business Manager '47 Crucible, President Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club, Biology Club, Student Council, Stunt Night, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Delegate North Alabama Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Conference '46, Crucible Staff. PETE BELLENGER Stunt Night, Basketball, Hi-Y, Student Council, Camera Club. KATHRYN BENEFIELD Biology Club, Band, Choral Club, Stunt Night. EDSEL BLACKWOOD President Freshman Class '42, President Sophomore Class '43, Stunt Night, Orchestra, Magnavox Staft, Band, Hi-Y, Ushers' Club. SYLVIA BOONE Latin Club, President Library Club, Crucible Staff, Biology Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Magnavox Staff, Student Council, Camera Club. BlLLY BREEDEN VERNICE BROCK Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Writers' Club. CLAYTON BROTHERS Captain Football Team, Ushers' Club, Secretary Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Stunt Night, King, "G" Club. BETTYE BROWN Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary Band, Secretary Student Council, President National Honor Society, Stunt Night, Mag- navox Staff, Orchestra, Senator Latin Club. MARVIN BROWN "B" Basketball Team, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Student Coun- cil, Stunt Night. Page 26 Abel Acee Adams Allen Anders Ashley Ashworth Bcmkson Barnes Barron Bellenger Bellenger Benefleld Blackwood Boone Breeden Brock Brothers Brown Brown IN THE FALL OF 19 l 70 I II II . . WE WERE AWED BY THE BEAUTIFUL BUILDING . DAVID BRYANT Camera Club, Library Club, Picture Machine Opera- tor, Ushers' Club, National Honor Society, Stunt Night, Track. RAYBURN BURGESS Football, "G" Club, Basketball, Stunt Night, Hi-Y. MARY ANN CASIMES Who's Who, Vice President Library Club, Treasurer French Club, National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Span- ish Club, Biology Club Choral Club, Writers' Club, Stunt Night. MARY CHALMERS Band, Orchestra, Choral Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night. SAMMIE CHAMBERS Art Club, Biology Club, D.O. Club. DORIS CHASTEEN Spanish Club, Choral Club. DEAN CHUMLEY Biology Club, Spanish Club, Choral Club, Library Club, Home Economics Club, Stunt Night. FLEETA CLARK Favorite, Magnavox Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Choral Club, Stunt Night. MARY JO CLARK Biology Club, Band, Choral Club, Stunt Night. FOODS Ah .... that delicious aroma can signify only one thing- you're passing the foods lab. Whose mouth wouldn't water, looking at such confections? ? ? FRANCES COHELEY Band, Choral Club, Biology Club, Latin Club, Stunt Night. DONALD COLLINS Dramatic Club, French Club, Choral Club, Band, Editor Magnavox, Cheerleader, Stunt Night, Camera Club. RAY COOLEY Camera Club, D. O. Club, Stunt Night. PEGGY COTHRAN Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Stunt Night, Latin Club. VIRGINIA CRAIG Invitation Committee, Magnavox Staff, Football Spon- sor, Tri-Hi-Y, Biology Club, Camera Club, Crucible Staff. CHRIS CRAWFORD Co-President Senior Class, President Junior Class, President Hi-Y, President Writers' Club, Co-Business Manager '47 Crucible, Choral Club, Dramatic Club, Magnavox Staff, Stunt Night, Janitor Latin Club, Ring Committee, Who's Who, Head Usher, Vice President Student Council, National Honor Society, Crucible StaFF, Delegate North Alabama Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Conference '47, Invitation Committee, Salutatorian. CAROL CROSS Library Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night, Tri-Hi-Y, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Art Club, Choral Club, Crucible Staff. TOM DAKE Student Council, Vice President Junior Class, Ushers' Club, Stunt Night, President Spanish Club, Vice Presi- dent Writers' Club, "G" Club, Football, Hi-Y, Dramatic Club. PAUL DARDEN Treasurer Spanish Club, Ushers' Club. PEGGY JEAN DAVIS Transferred from Etowah High. MARION DAY Home Economics Club, Biology Club. Page 28 .AND MRS. HURST'S FISHING P Bryant Burgess Casrmes Chalmers Chambers Chasteen Chumley Clark Clark Colweley Cooley Collwran Craig Crawford Crcss Dalce Darden y Davis Day Collins 7he l ll ll . . . WE HELD OUR NOSES PASSING THE CHEM LAB BETTY DENTON D. O. Club, Home Economics Club. BETTY DRAKE Football Sponsor, President Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night, National Honor Society. ANN DUKE Secretary and Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Cho- ral Club, Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night. JEAN EVELYN DUKE Tri-Hi-Y, Biology Club, Stunt Night, Home Economics Club, Typist Crucible Staff, Library Club, Art Club. National Honor Society. LOIS EDMONDSON Biology Club, Choral Club, Home Economics Club. BARBARA EDWARDS Latin Club, Biology Club, National Honor Society, Library Club. CEWILLA ELROD Spanish Club, Biology Club, D. O. Club. MARY ELTON Band, Dramatic Club, Secretary National Honor So- ciety, Stunt Night, Art Club, Orchestra. HISTORY The historv department of G. H. S. cfifers one of the most comprehensive courses of any high school in Alabama. Civics, ancient history, American history, and American democracy gives the student a complete background for future study. 'E 'TN-L. MARY LOU EVANS Biology Club, Stunt Night, Cheerleader, Who's Who. BRENT FAGAN Stunt Night, Vice President Senior Class, Student Council, Editor Magnavox. CLAIRELILA FINK French Club, Biology Club. RUTH MARIE FLOYD Vice President Biology C'ub, Senator Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Choral Club, Who's Who, Crucible Staff, Stunt Night. WILLIAM FORD Head Picture Machine Operator, Camera Club. JACK FREEMAN Band. LOUISE FREEMAN Magnavox Staff, Choral Club, Biology Club, Home Economics Club, Stunt Night. GUS FRElBAUM Camera Club, Hi-Y, Magnavox Staff, Stunt Night, Latin Club, Basketball, Student Council. DOLORES FULMER Band, Secretary and Treasurer D. O. Club, Stunt Night. MATTHEW GAGE Band Captain, Orchestra, Magnavox Staff, Stunt Night. EDWARD GARRETT Band. SUE GILBREATH Choral Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night. Page 30 . 'gggjq Xldgfgf I X x 'S .fi if Vx L' Ax .- fs-ff Nw . . Q ,in A ' gag 5 Yr h : 4 1 HP - :,3.'k-as .1 K ..,,,.. .1 1 1 ,N it . ,, , XL xx-Y ' 'Q ire.. -. ' :Sf x sn. an Q' " 'G an 9' 1 I Z 5.5, , N., 3. ' 'Si ' .4 .QE . A xx. ..,- ffk iw. . , r' . 'I' Q xv ,ff .0 SQ wk W , 0 ! 1 'QW - Q' I .ff-Lf K. 15" Q kt 5 r,- 5 Q I it , r A il 4 . .. k df' Q' f W c ' a-,bww wb.. S1 li t' jr' A W I -Su 70 l Il It . . . WE CHEERED AT OUR FIRST STUNT NIGHT.. J. B. GODDARD Basketball, Spanish Club, Camera Club, Stunt Night. JIMMY GODFREY Hi-Y, Magnavox Staff, Stunt Night, Manager Basket- ball, Camera Club, Latin Club, Library Club, Band. ANNE GRAMLING Stunt Night, Vice President Tri-Hi-Y, Biology Club, Art Club, Student Council, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Choral Club, National Honor Society, Crucible Staff, Invitation Committee. ELIZABETH GR'GSBY D. O. Club, Stunt Night, Home Economics Club. DENNIS GUEST FRANK HAGGARD Hi-Y, Ushers' Club, Basketball, Track, Stunt Night, National Honor Society. SUE HALINARK Crucible Staff, Favorite, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Football Sporsor. CHARLES HAMILTON Stunt Night, Track. FLORETA HAMMOND Choral Club, Stunt Night, Biology Club, Hcme Eco- nomics Club, Transferred from Glencoe. RAISING FLAG A ceremony that never fails to inspire the schocl personnel is the raising of the flag. We feel a areat security in glancing out of the windows and seeinq the "stars and stripes" gaily dancing in the breeze. MARGIE HARDING Stunt Night, Football Sponsor, Orchestra, Magnavox Staff, Biology Club, Spanish Club. LINDA HARP Biology Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Crucible Staff, Home Eco- nomics Club, National Honor Society. THOMAS HEAD Spanish Club, Latin Club, Stunt Night, Library Club, Choral Club. MARGARET HEADLEY Who's Who, Secretary Freshman Class, Treasurer National Honor Society, Class Editor '45 Crucible, Magnavox Staff, Student Council, Ring Committee, Stunt Night, Football Sponsor, Writers' Club, Spanish Club, Biology Club, Choral Club, Latin Club, Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Valedictorian. MARIE HERNAN Choral Club, Home Economics Club, Stunt Night, Crucible Staff, Student Council. ALEEN HERRING French Club, Art Club, Choral Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night, Football Sponsor, Band. CHESTER HOLCOMBE Vice President D. E. Club, Ushers' Club, Magnavox Stott, Stunt Night. NORA SUE HOLLAND Home Economics Club, Biology Club, D. O. Club, Stunt Night, Biology Club. HERMAN HOUSE library Club, Camera Club, Picture Machine Operator. PERCY HOWE Choral Club, Ushers' Club, Stunt Night, Camera Club. HARRY HOWELL President Student Council, Treasurer Dramatic Club, Vi'e President Sophomore Class, Who's Who, Ushers' Club, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Band Officer, Stunt Night, Magnavox Staff, Crucible Stott, Orchestra. Page 32 iv-,-. -A ef " AVN D Wx 3 . ' :asf F I xx ' 'v Q " 'nf 2 QE-3 fj Q ' :lg V 5. 3 .K ww. k R .fl -, -.N x i wi- ff.5w . b gtk , x i s . b W . P k 6 ' mt f .V x :N 'LL S .M N, Q ,gd vii. ,... , ky I ..,, f . 5, -A K . , 1. K p 1 -. nk gl ,X f ' K AF- ' " Q-Q9 Q' L A xx i L, .-if my lv 4 Q 1' K . K E K . kk . S A 'K t 5, if A 4? k fl .J . Y VV F 45 RR, I Q u A .-I x X if ' 1 '1 X ' F X he 7 I 0 Rf O C O WE LEARNED THE TEACHERS WE LIKED. SALLY HUDSON French Club, Football Sponsor, Beauty, Favorite, Who's Who, Flagswinger, Stunt Night, Queen. BETTY HUGHES Biology Club, "G" Club, Stunt Night, Cheerleader. JIMMIE ISBELL D. O. Club. ELIZABETH ISBELL BONNIE RUTH JACKSON D. O. Club, Home Economics Club. MARTHA JACKSON Stunt Night, Biology Club, Choral Club, Treasurer Freshman Class. REUBEN JACKSON Hi-Y, Stunt Night, Ushers Club, Choral Club, Camera Club, Library Club, Invitation Committee. MARTHA JENKINS Stunt Night. BETTY JO JOHNSON Favorite, Who's Who, Flagswinger, Secretary Sopho- more Class '45, Secretary Junior Class, Secretary Spanish Club, Secretary Biology Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Na- tional Honor Society, Ring Committee, Football Sponsor, Choral Club. SEWING We are all very well acquainted with that heavily curtained room and the sign on the door that screams at you, 'Please knock, do not enter " From behind that door, however, comes the old familiar conversation, "Hun .... I saw the most be-au-ti ful man today " SARA JONES Flagswinger, Vice President Spanish Club, Favorite, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Who's Who, Football Sponsor. ROBERT KELL Basketball. RICHARD KIMBERLEY Ushers' Club, Library Club, National Honor Society. JACQUELINE KLINNER Favorite, Choral Club, Biology Club, Latin Club, Crucible Staff. DOUGLAS LANFORD Co-President Senior Class, Stunt Night, Hi-Y, Who's Who, "G" Club, Basketball, Track, Basketball Mana- ger, Dramatic Club, President Camera Club, Latin Club, Band, Crucible Stott, Magnavox Staff, Delegate North Alabama Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Conference '46, Invitation Committee, Choral Club, Photographer '45, '46, '47, Crucible Statt. MARY JEAN LANGLEY Home Economics Club, D.O. Club. BUSTER LATIMER Drum Major, Stunt Night, D. O. Club, Crucible Stalt. GUS ILIKOS "G" Club, Football. JIMMIE LIKOS "G" Club, Football Manager, Hi-Y, Library Club, Band. PEGGY LOCKRIDGE Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night. BEVERLYN LONGSHORE Football, "G" Club, Hi-Y. Page 34 ef ,. Y -wr . NJ" , ,X ,. .M ,Ir . ' 1-X -W b -nf X A X V in Y 9 5, Q.. .f flf 'Nw 'J' ""' K X , , I I mp. Ci, Q , I N. -A Lan. Q Q NX Q,- 6 fn J fi My 1 ff, Xe ,-iA' vvxi J il -R - . '- J' ' ' f 4.kX LH M' L5 S K? . K 39m,,, . A A in fl- h i 'Q J x Q " , 1 J FQXXX S V h h k . N 3 M 1 Q lb I W W' I 'Q ' W ,- h x' :LSK g ,Q A . N A Lf' fn: in H X Rvv 'Vw Elllfx "g , F., ' - 1.- - -Q i s Q " I ,fx .555 X R ,QQ ' A ' blln . L4 ,, , kv if P 1 A 4 g I 0 Rl O O O "HURRAY FOR THE TIGERS," WE YELLED. BILLY GENE LOVINS Secretary Library Club, Band, Stunt Night. EVA NELL LOWE Biology Club, Choral Club, Home Economics Club, Stunt Night. ALVIN LOWI Secretary Camera Club, Ushers' Club, Hi-Y, Choral Club, Spanish Club, "G" Club, Football, Basketball, Orchestra, Photographer '46, '47 Crucible Staff, Stunt Night, Art Club, Ring Committee, Magnavox Staft. ELSIE MEANS National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Stunt Night, Student Council, Magnavox Staff, Spanish Club, Latin Club. MARY MCCULLARS Home Economics Club, Biology Club, D. O. Club. BETTY McPHERSON D.O.Club, Home Economics Club. BRUCE MILLER President "G" Club, Football, Kingsman, Stunt Night, Spanish Club, Dramatic Club, Hi-Y, Choral Club, Track. LAMAR MILLICAN Student Council, Band, Stunt Night, Vice-President Sophomore Class. Bl0l0GY "No, Horace, trace the circulation of the blood." No one who has entered G. H. S. in the past five years has fafled to hear that phrase. Those not taking general science are ie- 'frecl to take biology. VIRGINIA MITCHELL Magnavox Staff, Biology Club, Home Economics Club, Stunt Night. RALPH MOORE MARY DELL MORGAN Biology Club, Latin Club, Football Sponsor, Stunt Night, Choral Club, National Honor Society, Trans- terred from North Fulton, Atlanta, l945. JO ANN MOULTRIE Stunt Night, D. O. Club, Biology Club, Choral Club. MERLE MURRAY Home Economics Club, Football Sponsor, Stunt Night. RUBY LEE OWENS D. O. Club. FRANCES PARKMAN Spanish Club, Writers' Club, Stunt Night. ALICE JANE PARSONS Stunt Night, Biology Club, D. O. Club. LENA PERRY Football Sponsor, Home Economics Club, Library Club. ANN PHILLIPS Latin Club, Favorite. GRACE PITMAN Student Council, Stunt Night, Mariorette, Football Sponsor, Biology Club, Spanish Club, Magnavox Staff, Who's Who, Ring Ccmmittee. SAMMIE PLAIA Writers' Club, Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Stunt Night, Chcral Club. Page 36 A, . 1 ,. , .S PN, ix Y: S, g 5 sl if K A M, iff Q S N of It 19' e .' .Q - E' X Ky jf' Nm 'ii " gf Y J mfr 5 -. ff.. . 5 553, 5,5 71' I an , 1 A! SA , we K ,E " Q 43 X ss i 'xx E xj .5 'F W5 .MQ Ag L 0' d"'k 1 Q ! I , .. 4 M . W3 iw Ah . - 5 I k 3 1 fi n K K g 3 U fr-1 - J is P4 15 ff E Q l ,, Q xt , RJ i 732 I 0 ll . . . THE FUN WE HAD ON CUT OF TOWN TRIPS... BILL POGUE Vice President Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, Secretary "G" Club, Assistant Head-Ushers' Club, Choral Club, Who's Who, Kingsman, Stunt Night, Vice President Freshman Class, Football, Track, "B" Basketball Team, Student Council, Ring Committee. SAM POLLOCK Latin Club, Stunt Night. BOBBY POPE Dramatic Club, Assistant Business Manager Magnavox Staff, Band, Football, Track, Stunt Night, Hi-Y. ' VIVIAN PRENTICE Biology Club, D. O. Club. FRANCES PRICE Choral Club, Art Club, Band, Latin Club, French Club, Dramatic Club, Crucible Staff, Student Council ,Stunt Night, Vice President Tri-Hi-Y, Delegate North Ala- 'bama Tri-HiY and Hi-Y Conference '46, National Honor Society. BILLY RALEY Dramatic Club, French Club, Choral Club. SALLIE RALLS Secretary Senior Class, Crucible Staff, Society Editor Magnavox, Secretary French Club, Stunt Night, Orchestra, Band, Tri-Hi-Y. JAMES RAMEY Transferred from Etowah, Band, D. O. Club. GLEE CLUB Over I75 voices were in the club this year. They presented the annual Christmas pageant and spring concert to very large and appreciative audiences. They sent I6 selected voices to appear in the state-wide music festival. BOBBY REDMAN Stunt Night, Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Mag- navox Staff, Choral Club, Art Club, French Club, National Honor Society. LOUISE' REEVES Home Economics Club, Treasurer Writers' Club, Li- brary Club, Magnavox Staff, Student Council, , Stunt Night. DAVID RICHARDSON Football Manager, Hi-Y, "G" Club, Camera Club. ELMER RILEY Magnavox Staff, Crucible Staff, Orchestra, Band, Stunt Night, D. O. Club, Choral Club. DICK ROBERTSON Band Captain '45, Hi-Y, D. O. Club. REGINALD ROBERSHAW Transferred from Etowah. E. C. ROBINETTE Football Manager, Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, "G" Club, Football, Basketball, Magnavox Staff, Stunt Night, Kingsman. MARGIE ROPER Crucible Staff, Ring Committee, Football Sponsor, Treasurer Biology Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Stunt Night. JEANNE ROSENBERG Dramatic Club, Biology Club, French Club, Art Club, Who's Who, Favorite, Stunt Night, Magnavox Staff, Crucible Staff, Football Sponsor, Student Council, Band. ANITA ROSS Crucible Staff, Biology Club, Home Economics Club, Art Club, Choral Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Stunt Night. STANFORD ROUSE Hi-Y, Ushers' Club, Camera Club, Stunt Night, Art Editor Crucible Staff, Spanish Club, Invitation Committee. BRYCE RUSHING Hi-Y, "G" Club, Football, Stunt Night, Sports Editor Crucible Staff, President Camera Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Kingsman, Art Club, Choral Club. Page 38 WITH FULL CARS AND EMPTY STOMACHS Pollock Pope Prenhce Price Rcley Ro s Romey Redman Reeves Richardson Roley Robertson Robershow Robmette Roper Rosenberg Ross Rouse Rushnng Pogue II 7h I 0 Rl l O O THE JOY OF WORKING WITH BOOKS. LILLIE MAE RYDER Vice President Writers' Club, Stunt Night, Cheer- leader, Biology Club, Choral Club. CHARLOTTE SEWELL Transferred from Woodlawn High. RAMONA SCARBORO Camera Club, Stunt Night. RUTH SCARBORO Biology Club, Art Club, Camera Club, Stunt Night, Band. SHELLY SHEW, JR. Choral Club. THEDA SILVEY Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Football Sponsor, Stunt Night. ERNEST SIMMS BILLY SINGLETON Dramatic Club, Ushers' Club, Band, Orchestra, Presi- dent Latin Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Crucible Staff, Hi-Y, National Honor Society. PETE SMITH Who's Who, Stunt Night, National Honor Society, Writers' Club, Spanish Club. FRENCH "Peuple, a genoux, Attends ta delivrance Noel! Noel! Voici le Redempteur!" echoes through the halls around Christmas time. It's the French class making their annual processional singing the seasons carols in French. No one at G. H. S. believes it is truly Christmas until he hears them. It has become as traditional as the city championship game with Sansom. FORREST SMITH Football, Choral Club, Spanish Club, Camera Club, Crucible Staff. BETTY SPANN Spanish Club, Biology Club, Dramatic Club, Latin Club, Art Club, Band, Student Council, Crucible Staff, Who's Who, Flagswinger, Stunt Night. BETTY JEAN SPIRO Beauty, Favorite, Stunt Night, Secretary Biology Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Who's Who, Football Sponsor, Band, National Honor Society. CORDELIA STEWART Transferred to Etowah. THOMAS E. STINSON Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, "G" Club, Camera Club, Choral Club, Who's Who, Stunt Night, Football Manager, "B" Basketball Team, Track, Student Council, Ring Committee, Sports Editor Magnavox Staff, Band. EMORY STREET Hi-Y, Stunt Night, Band, Vice President Camera Club, Basketball. JACK STREET Band. TOMMY STREIP Stunt Night. NELLIE TANNER Transferred from Etowah. BILL TARPLEY Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Art Club, Choral Club, Camera Club, Stunt Night. JOAN TATE Library CIub,CrucibIe Stott. Page 40 TEXTBOOKS, YEAR BOOK LIFE BOOKS Ryder Sewell Sccxrboro Scorboro Shew Sllvey Summs Singleton Smith Smuth Spann Spuro Stewart Stinson Street Street Strelp Tonner Tarpley Tote 72.9 I II li ... WE LEAVE THIS ALL BEHIND Us 0 F DOROTHY TATUM Stunt Night, Spanish Club, Choral Club, Crucible Staff, Tri-Hi-Y. JOAN THOMAS President Home Economics Club, Stunt Night, Foot- ball Sponsor, Magnavox Staff, Art Club, Cheerleader, Library Club, Choral Club, Biology Club. HERBERT THOMPSON Spanish Club, Band, Picture Machine Operator, Dra- matic Club, Stunt Night, Library Club. WILLABETHI THOMPSON Writers' Club, Chaplain Biology Club, Vice President Choral Club, Home Economics Club, Art Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Stunt Night, D.A.R. Good Citizen- ship Girl, Literary Editor Crucible Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, National Honor Society, Invitation Committee. S I LEATH THORNTON Biology Club, National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, Home Economics Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night. CHARLES TOMMIE Spanish Club. GEORGE TOWERS Hi-Y, Camera Club, Art Club, Choral Club, D. O. Club, Who's Who, Stunt Night, Football. SARAH TURNER Home Economics Club, Vice President D. O. Club, Choral Club, Stunt Night. JEWEL VICE SPEECH and DRAMATICS This department instructs students in oratory, debating, and dramatics. The plays presented by the speech classes have been greatly enioyed by the student body. MAX UPTON Choral Club, Camera Club. PAUL WALDEN MYRA JO WALTON Tri-Hi-Y, D. O. Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night. LOIS WALLACE Biology Club, Stunt Night. BETTY-WALLER Home Economics Club, D. O. Club. GERALD WETZEL Football, "G" Club. KATHRYN WHEELER HORACE WIGGINS "G" Club, Football. BUDDY WILLIAMS Band, Choral Club, Stunt Night, Crucible Staff. JOHN WILLIAMS Chaplain Hi-Y, President Dramatic Club, Spanish Club, Ushers' Club, "G" Club, Who's Who, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Treasurer Junior Class, Treasurer Senior Class, Football, Basketball, Track, Student Council, Stunt Night, National Honor Society. MARVIN WILLIAMS Football. JOY WOOLF Treasurer Choral Club, Home Economics Club, Biology Club, Latin Club, Art Club, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Stunt Night, Football Sponsor, Magnavox Staff, Crucible. WILLIAM WOODS Stunt Night. FRANCES WOODALL Choral Club, Biology Club, Stunt Night. JANE WITHERSPOON Spanish Club, Library Club, Biology Club, Crucible Stalt. MALCOLM WYNN Stunt Night, Spanish Club. Page 42 Tatum Thomas Thompson Thompson Thornton Tommie Towers Turner Vuce Upton Walden Walton Wallace Waller Wetzel Wheeler Wlgguns Wnllzoms Wnlluoms Woolf Woods Woodcll Witherspoon Wynn GO CN TO GREATER THIN f , 'i Il Illll CLA Plllll' You know Iwonder what well be dolng ten or fifteen years from now Our class has been so closely umted for four years and lust thunk now w re sensors and after thus year well be gomg duf ferent ways Oh well Im sleepy and It so mce and comfortable here Thank Ill lust take a nap for a few mmutes Goodness' These streets nn New York are crowded Oops' Pardon me Why Anuta Ross what are you dolng here? You re an nnterlor decorator? Well you know Peggy Anders Sue Hallmark Ann Phalllps and Betty Johnson lwho ns stlll seen with Bruce Mlllerl are models at the Robnnette Studlos here In New York Yes lts E C Let s walk up to my apartment whsle we talk There s so much to talk about Guess who owns the Smart Shop on Fifth Avenue no1v Jeanne Rosenberg' Jane Witherspoon and Lena Perry are her buyers and Ramona Scarboro us her prlvate secretary Thats the Stunson General Hospltal over there lThomas finally became a doctorl Hes got a fine staff of nurses Betty Bankson Delores Fulmer Vernnce Brock and Sarah Turner who are from our class you remember Thomas Head IS a brann speclallst there and Sammy Plata and Percy Howe are chemists connected with the hospital I heard that Lnnda Harp us stall In Kentucky llooklng for a manj and Leath Thornton has been seen around wlth a bachelor You know uf theres anythung Leath lnkes better than a man lts men Marne Herman IS marrled now to you know whom Many of our class have been lucky In love from what Ive been readung an the newspapers Nora Sue Holland Peggy Jean Davas Cewulla Elrod and Loss Ed mondson are all happuly married Oh yes If you re ever nn Gadsden agam why dont you try the Drake Reeves Salon Its Betty and Lounse and they re really good Myra Jo Walton and Kathryn Wheeler are beauty operators there too The shop IS real cute Emory Street and Bull Tarpley were the architects I saw Vnrgnma Crang the other day She and Forrest Smlth are stall gomg together but he stull hasnt popped the question to her And speaking of gomg together Dot Tatum ns stnll carrying the torch for that same guy and Joan Thomas ns marrled and has a Ilttle Bull Say lsntthat glggle famulnar? Why lts Ann Duke Might have known Wonder nf she IS stall as crazy about bubble gum as she was when we were an school I saw her yesterday and she sand that she was vacationing here before going to Europe to study vonce Kathryn Allen ns gomg with her as her accompanlst By the way Charles Dan Tommne stall has a crush on Ann after all these years Im dolng all the talklng but theres so much to say David Bryant IS a representative an the Ala bama Legislature and Chrls Crawford as running for governor of Alabama Dont you think hell make a good one? Tell me whos teachmg at Gadsden Hugh now? I hear nt has grown to be qunte a bug place Aleen Herrlng and Mary Lou Evans are physlcal education teachers? And you say Sylvxa Boone and Bully Jean Lovlns are an charge of the lnbrary? Well Id n ver have believed nt Whos teachmg glee club? Ann Gramllng? And Barbara Edwards IS the geometry teacher and Mary Elizabeth Chalmers ns the hns tory teacher? You dont mean Mrs Hurst Isnt ther anymore? Anythmg can happen I guess If you re plannung on belng here several days w II have to go to our new nenghborhood theater Guess who s playing In the current picture? Bully McDlll He s made qulte a name for himself Now we can say I knew hum when The picture was dl ected by Davld Richardson and produced by Bully Snngleton Speakmg of puctures Stanford Rouse and Bobby Redman are top men at the Walt Disney studaos Ill be glad when football season starts Its not far off and that remlnds me that Tom Dake and Gerald Wetzel are coaches at G H S and doing a good lab The band s domg some good work too now that Harry Howell has become band director I read ln the paper that a new restaurant has pst been opened out from Gadsden Its quite a place from what I hear Marvin Brown owns It anal Buster Latumers band ns a mam feature Jack Street IS an the band and Margie Harding ns the singer fCont1r'ued1n Ad Sectronl Page 44 , . , . . . . 3, . . 1 . . - I 1 V 1 , . ,n . . , . . , .x . . . . . , . , . . 1 - 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . . . , . 1 - - 1 1 I 1 1 ' 1 1 . . , . . . , . . , . - - 11 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 11 - 11 - 11 1 ll - 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 , . 1 , . . . . , . . . . , . I . . 1 1 . , - . , . . , . . . . , . . . . . , . , , . , . . . . . , . . . . . , Q . . , . . , -1 . . . I ' 1 - 1 Q - . . D . , . , . . 2, . 1 ' ' , . . . . . , . . ,, . H . . ' . . . 1 1 - 1 1 . . , . . . . . , , . . , . . . . , . . . , . , . . . L. llll TA We the members of the Sensor Class of Gadsd n Hugh School of the Cnty of Gadsden County of Etowah and State of Alabama beung of sound mmd and memory do hereby make publush and declare thus to be our last wall and testament hereby revoking any wlll or wllls made by us heretofore To G H S we leave the spurut of cooperatlon twat has marked our class since Its years In these hallowed halls with the hope that we have un some way made Gadsden Hugh a better school To the freshman class we leave our love for bentg dlfferent To the sophomores we leave our ablllty to get things done To the rumor class we leave our places In the audltorlum broken seats and all I Chris Crawford co presudent of the enlor class do bequeath my well rounded personality to Todd Cross I Good Word Lanford co president of the s mor class do will my ablllty to luke and be llked by everyone to Ted Low: I Brent Fagan vlce president of the sensor class do bequeath my gift of gab to Robert Mayne l Sally Ralls secretary of sa d class do leave to June DeLamar my love for runlnng to the drugstore during classes I James Akers do wlll my navy sunt to anyone who looks as good In It as I do I Carol Cross bequeath my chronic laryngltls to whoever needs lt I Duck Abels do will my love for loaflng to Clark Lewus We Nora Sue Holland Sylvia Boone and Bully Jean Lovuns do will our places un the lsbrary to Herlyn Casey Robbie Deon Mobley and Anme Ruth Walls We Bull Bone Elmer Riley and M L Owens do leave our places at G H S to Henry Wilson Don old Parsons ard Harvey Ellnott wuth the hope that hey dont have to fill them as long as we dad and Jock Llttle I Llttle Ann Duke do bequeath my gnggles to Blllle Jo McCullough wnth the hope they dont cause her as much trouble as they dud me We Betty Bankson and Mary McCullough do leave our red haur to Molly Cook and Sallue Bellenger lEven though they dont need ntl I Bea Hernan dont mean to be selflsh but Ill take my love for a certaln underclassman wuth me I Malcolm Rowell do bequeath my love for Burn s Park to Sybul Taft I Margie Harding do will my fllrtatlous ways to Juanita Dobbs We Tom Dake and Gerald Wetzel do will our places on the football team to anybody who can get them I Smnley Jones do leave my sweet personality to Julna McCuen We Betty McPherson and Margie Roper leave our petrteness to Mary Berkstrasser and Mary Ann Malors Amta Ross leave my friendly dlsposltlon to Sara Ann Sherman Lump Wlllaams do leave my numerous rnlurnes to the forthcoming members of the football team Tommy Head do wall my love for Burmungham Cdont ask me whyl to anybody who wants at Charlotte Sewell do bequeath my beautnful black hour to Mary Ella Llkos Joan Tate leave my love for Auburn to all others who have sumllar Interests there I Eluzabeth Isbell do wsll my shortness cf statue to Joyce Tarver We Robert Kell and Davxcl Ruchardson leave our places rn the G club to forthcommg G Men We Bonme Jackson and Jo Ann Moultrne do will our places In the D O Club to Nell Owens and Chrustme Setterstrcm I Bull Pogue do wrll my dxmpled smxle to Marvin Moorer I J B Goddard do bequeath to Jack Gray my typmg abulnty fOr should I say the lack of abulvty '75 KContmuecl rn Ad Sectlonl Page 45 , ' 2 ' , ' . I . I I , . . . . . ,, ,, . . . I 1 ' I . I h . S . I r i . ,, - ,, - . Q . . .. . . I I A ' ' ' Il ' ll I 1 ' ' 3 . I I A I H - - ' 11 - I I ' II ll ' ' I I ' I I , . I . . I . . . , . , . , l I ' I 1 n I u s 4 . I ' . . , . I I I ' We, Herman House and Billy Ford, do leave our places as picture show operators to Bob McCurley ,, . ,, . . . . , I I I I . ' ' , . II II II I I ' ' I I I ' , . I I ' , , ll ' II ' ' , , Il . I . . . . ' I ll ' II ' ' ll' ' ' ll ' I I ' Il I . . . , . u Q Il I . . . D II I . . . . ' ' ll II I I ' ' ' ' II ll ' II II I I - ' , , . . . . . ,, - - 11 I f 5 L 1 . .,.A , W 2' . f ljkix - 5? ' ,. 4 , ,gfilz W 1 'P ZA-ff ' A S??f?l.aQ iwwif. EEFV' ik gwigfi y:fTw'?f A: A Q sw- A zieiiwgggs. fi- . , i gy, ,Li W. , . 3 'M ze if , Q 6 ,gin i W 4 fi x fifffi Q Q wf ff W '4 , ' M N , 4 M, 9 .hw S, ,Km aw Q, -, rx Q ,uf ww! Xe. gw. if N L if' K ! , gay? J fl N fl! Besl All-Round Sara Jones Chris Crawford Mos? Alhlelic Grace Pitman John Williams 'i 6,-1 f E Mos! Popular Betty Spiro Bill Pogue Mos! Sophisticated Peggy Anders Harry Howell 11121 Hts! W? '73 SKY' MVN WWWW' Left to rlgl't Cross McCuen Freeman Jllll President Todd Cross Vrce President Charles Freeman Secretary and Treasurer Julia McCuen The present lunlors arrived at G H S In the fall of 1944 We were confident of making ours an outstanding class We started in to achieve this goal by taking second prize on Stunt Night During the second semester, many members of our class were extended an Invitation to loin various clubs During our sophomore year we kept up our hugh standards That year Willis Lorren was elected vice president ot the Student Council Our third year at hugh school has been quite as eventful as our first two At the first of the year, we elected Todd Cross president of our class Joyce Gentry, who was named Queen of Gadsden Hugh during our freshman year, was elected class beauty for the third time Nell Griffin and Bob Kilpatrick won the Fire Prevention Theme contest We've done well In the sports aepartment, too .lack Stanford was placed in the all county and on the second all state football teams The class of '48 IS satlstied with its first three years at Gadsden Huqh, but It is determined to make Its senior year even more outstanding Page 48 l0li AI' Everybody" supported the March cf Dimes. Soy, i1's mighty cold Tuning up. Page 49 JU ASS OF Albrlght Leon Arnold Nell Ashley Raymond Barnes Hazel Blanton Bobble Ray Bobo Blllue Anne Bradford Ray Brooch Norma Brock Leona Brown Judy Bruce Robert Brunson Fred Bryant Joan Bullard Mary Ann Burns Margaret Bush Melba Campbell Cannle Cash Fred Casey Herylan Cashlo Frances Cauthen Dorothy Cherry Maxlne Chrlshan Jummy Clark Emma Clark Jacqueline Clark Wllllam Cochran Bobby Cole Gloria Connally Ben Cornelius Bull Croft Katy Cross Todd Crump Sue Davenport Frances Davenport Edna Davus James Day Ann De Lamar June Dobbs Juanita Dolquery Betty Downs Augusta l I 0 H . . 0 C L ' 4 8 I , I I , I I , , I , I , , I I I , Carver, Jean , , , , I I , I , I I I , I , , I , I I , I , I l Duke Regina Duncan Clarence Dumvant Ray Edwards Helen Ellus Sue Elton Martha Erwm Howell Evans Nell Jo Fordham Edward Freeman Charles Gage Matthew Garnet Mary Garrett Donnie Garrison Julia Gentry Joyce Gentry T O Gullespue Jean Gray Jack Greenhaw Thomas Grlfhn Cecll Grlffln Nell Gunn Ann Hamby lewls Harbln Bully Harbin Sara Nell Harcrow Milton Heald Llovd Hunter Hilda Hurst Nancy Hurt Joe Isbell Patricia Ivev Edlth lackson Bobb Jennmgs Jovre Journey Ednth Jollv Wmdell Kellett Charles Kerr Author Kung Charlotte Lancaster Rlchard Land Joyce ASS OF I , I I I I I I , , I , , I I , . . , I I I , I , . , , r . Head. Frances , , , , I . - 1 Y I , , , I , , ' l 1 I 0 0 0 G A D E, E I-I I G I-I l ' 1 Zell . ASS OF Lasseter Denny Lavoy Angela Leath Betty Ray Leatherwood Selma Lee Charleen Luster Patty Luttle Addle Lltt e Joyce Lltt e Jack Lorren Wnllns Maeger Davld Marlowe Martha Ann Marshall Carolyn Martin Bully Mauldnng June McCuen Julua McCurly Bob McDlll Bully McGathy Chuck McGee Kenneth Mllam Bully Mitchell Annle Laura Morgan Juanita Nelms Gall Nesmlth Clem Noolm Bully Ray Norton Carlotta Ober Duck Owens Nell Owens Rudolph Parr Betty Partan Ruth Payne Bully Payne Dorothy Payne Frances Pearce Wlll Peeples Margaret Peeples Mary Perryman Edward Pmson Polly Pope Jane 7 Q I. N I 0 R 0 0 C L ' 4 8 I I I , I , . I . . I I . I I I I , I , I I , I McDill, Lamar I , I I I I I I I I I I I , , I I I , , I , , Powell Frances Pruitt Juanlta Reavls Cllftord Rlle lrls Rivers Evelyn Roberts Flavul Rogers Harold Seale Joe Setterstrom Chrustnne Setterstrom Ralph Snmms Betty Sma l Bull Smntl Dewlene Smlth Dorus Smnth George Smith Jimmy Spuelberg David Stanford Jack Stanford Jo Ann Steele Bonnue Stephens Franlue Ruth Stune Austin Stone Carolyn Strawn Dorothy Struep June Summerlun Carolyn Swann Frances Th rift June Tnpton Robert Traylor Wendell Van Pelt Wnlson Vice Jewell Wade Harrlet Waldrop June Wall Anme Ruth Wells Betty Whatley Nita Wulluams Loulse Wnlllams Ruby Jo Wrnght, Robert Yates, Hoyt Young, Joe Znmmerman, Ruth ASS OF if Mosl Sfuclious Martha Elton Willis Lorren Besf Dressed Nell Arnold Howell Erwin Jolliesf Junior Nita Wheatley Billy Cornelius Cufesl Julio McCuen T. O. Gentry .ll7Nl0Ii WHO Wll0 Best Looking Joyce Gentry Leon Albright Most Athletic Frances Swann Jack Stanford Most Popular Joan Bryant Jimmy Works Best-All-Round Edith Ivey Todd Cross Left to right Lowl Rams Rushlng Hernan Y Q President Ted Lowl Vice President Danee Rams Treasurer Dan Herman Last year as we peeped from behind the columns out front we dnscovered that we were freshmen at G H S From then on everyone else knew that there was a very unusual Freshman Class that suddenly stepped nn to brnghten the dull and ununterestlng routine They also knew where to flnd the best for any lob leader singer pnanust cheerleader flagswlnger or artlst From a maze of punk and blue ribbons the freshmen emerged wlth second prnze at Stunt Nnght 1946 And the queen you guessed ut' A Freshman Now we are grown up sophomores veterans of more than a year at G H S agam raking ln honors as we go At Stunt Night 'I947 our blue and whlte flew hugh when we copped second prlze agam Dont be surprised at anythmg from now on we Sophs are almung for the stars Page 56 Z -I ' I F I 'a 'fl 4 'Q V 3 Secretary ...... ....... . Marie Rushing , , . . . , I I ' I . ' . , . I . ' 1 Il ll ' ' 0PHOM0llE Al' Who's got my biology book Oh, I bet you soy thc? to this iime? oll the boys. "Low" knows everything. Page 57 ASS OF Albright Mary Helen Alford Helen Allen Jean Amberson Charles Anderson Karen Arp Jerome Arthur Robert Askew Rose Balley James Ballard Hugh Balwln Jackoe Bates Lavoy Buford Charles Berkstresser Mary Berry Jimmy Boman Charles Bone Frances Boyles ue Brooks Brown Brown Brown Cathrme Betty Johnny Mnckey Bruce Wllllam Bryant Bully Bryant James Bullard Clarkle Burgess Peggy Burns Georgia Burton John Cahoon Dotty Canup Bobby Cardwell Kelly Cary Agnes Casey Dorothy Cleveland Carolyn Collins Terry Countryman Eugene Crang Sue Crawford Jean Carlusle Hugh Carpenter Jeanette Carter Sue Caslmes Theodore Coleman Nancy Connell Joe Cosper Rex Cosper Wayne Cromwell Peggy Davidson Ester Davis Thomas Deal Nell Dillard Roland Dlckne Betty Dixon Frank Dover Alta Duke Ruta 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 It 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dunn GC Dunn James Elrod Jlmmy Don E ton Erwun Don Fam Fred Fnfe Charles Frantz Bobby Freeman Donald Gauther Gargus Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Green Green Onzell Eugene Cora Dora Jean Margaret Sarah Greenburg Bernar Green Cecvl Green Nuta Gregory Bully Grlgsby Jean Hale Dons Hall George Hall Hugh Hanson W T Harrus Dorrls Harvell Charles Hernan Dan Hule James Humphries Betty Ingram Bobby Jean Inman Kathryn Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Arnold George e John George Hilda Jimmy Jo Ann Ramona Jordan Doroth Kennedy James Kennedy Jean Kennedy Martha Klmbel Ruth Lambert Jamne Lambert Ray Lancaster Bully Lancaster Charles Lang Sue Leroy Freddie May Lewls Clark Lnpscomb Watt Luster Elizabeth Lockrldge Harold Low: Ted Loveloy Jeanette Lusk Wlllnam t L A ,Jk I I. I,BiIl I , , I I , I I , , , , , d , I , I I , I , I , , , I , I I ,JH , , I , , I 1 Y , , , , , , , , , , I , I , , , , ASS OF ASS OF Lynn Venetta Malfas Aspasla Malone Ray Marshall Curtls Marshall Nona Mayne Robert McClain Carolyn McCoy Ruth McCullough Blllle Jo McCurdy Oglema McGennes Vlrglnla McGlathery Kenneth McNalr Don Metcalf Herman Mntchell Elouuse Mobley Robbie Dean Molloy Mary Moorer Marvin Morrow Ann Morrow oe Moss Jackne Moyers Barbara Mulllnax Bully Nelson Mary Jean Nesbitt Harriet Paler Marllyn Palmer Wlllus Parker Margm t Parsons Carolyn Parsons Don Patterson Ann Patterson Bonnne Petty Betty Jean Phillips Betty Phllllps Maureen Plke Ollvla Powell Jean Propst Bobby Prultt Van Rams Carolyn Rams Danee Ramey Janelle Reynolds Jean Robertson Nellle Faye Roebuck Jack Ross Joyce Rushing Marne Sansom Elaine Scott Delores Scott Gerald Sharpton Edward Sharpton Lawrence Sherman Sarah Ann Shoemaker Floyd Simms Guy Slmms Jo Slmmons Cecnl Slade Louls , I I I , I I , , I , I I , I I , , I , J , I I I I , I . . 'I , . . , , , I . Perry, Grady , I , , , , , , I I , , , , I N , I I I , I I F I I , ASS OF llilll llEl Smith Smith Smith Smith Aaron A ice Doris Jerry Spawn Bennie Spradley Carolyn Stallings Robert Stewart Alan Stokes Charles Stokes Jeanne Stone Neal Story Betty Stracener Ann Summerlin Maxine Swaftord Ruby Taft Sybil Tallaferro Orvil Tanner Betty Terry Ralelqh Thompson Edwin Thompson James Thornton Martha Tilley June Tolleson Charles Tolleson Marion Traylor Betty Traylor Billie Trussell Bonnie Turley Carolyn Turner Barbara Turner Juanez Van Sandt Joyce Vice Edward Vickery Bettv Waits Mary Tom Wallace Kenneth Walton Don Waters Joe Watford Jerry Watts Winona Weatherbee Bettv Weathington Je sie Wescott Betty Wheeler Beatrice Wheeler Carolyn Wheeler Doris White Benton Whitten Marianne Wiaqins Herman Williams Spencer Willis Betty Wilson Henry Wilson Joyce Wmdson Louise Wmdson Martha Womack Jane Woodham Dixie Wright Curtis I , l , I , , I , , , , I I , , , , , , . , , , I I I , I , , , , I I , Wade, Marvin , , , , , , , . Q . , , , , I , , I , I , , I , , I I I xi Best-All-Round Sarah Sherman Danee Rains Silliest Sophomore Billie Jo McCullough Gerald Scott Best Looking Ann Stracener Dale Walton Most Sfudious Karen Anderson Bill Elton X s -Wgeix 55533 x y Q -u' 1 xx , , ' .- Q T 4 0' mf A 6 mania 5 4 is x -... Rx - R i .1 Ax, N. 5 A 5 xk ,N ll? -.iii ,, - fs P m Sw , Q Left to right Stockdale Sanders Hudson Llkos I President Don Stockdale Vrce Presrclent Bobby Sanders Secretary Ann Hudson Treasurer Mary Ella Lukos When we freshmen arrrved at G H S In September of 46 our flrst feellng was one of awe At last we had arrnved at G H S that wonderful rnstltutron attended by older and more prrvlleged persons that school to whom at football games we were passionately loyal the place about which we had heard fantastrc storles and we un worthy and undeservnng had reached these heights Soon the first sux weeks had passed We had by now learned to get to class on trme remember our schedules and last but not least how to sllp out of the bulldung for a quick coke at the drugstore We were men and women of the world By now the football season was nn full swung We shouted ourselves speechless at pep meetings sat with bated breath all through the game and felt that we would never recover uf our team lost which was seldom Soon afterwards we started workung on our stunt Number Please Sunce thus was our flrst year to deal with a stunt we were rather at a loss as to how to go about rt But we plunged IH and had a wonderful time Though we will enloy our future years nn Gadsden Hugh none wall ever be quite so wonderful as the first one when everythrng was new and marvelous to our wonderlng gaze Page 64 Fllll lllltlt llllll llEll .. fd ,,' Vg 1 f L tt E It H . X X? ' t' ' ? F h' 4 , L 1 if J' .x L. 1 L. Studying! Freshmen don't Posed picture, they look know better. too interested. Those charming young faces. Pnge 65 CLASS -.X-W ...,..,..,KN at' trwsili rd r-4' Abernathy James Adams Mary Charles Akms Allce Amos Jonell Arrants Charles Ashworth Betty Joyce Atkins Ewart Aultman Max Barnes Bobble Barron Geraldine Bealrd Nancy Beavers Doris Bellenger Sally Blackwood James Boyett Motue Bradley Jacqueline Brock Ann Brown Jerry Bryant Alta Bryant Ernest Buckett Betty June Burke Cebron Burns Hubert Burrell Ralph Butler Hoyt Buttram Frances Carter Jean Christopher Alluson Chumley Robert Chunn Mlldred Cushing Barbara Clark Eve Colluns Jack Colllns Russell Cook Mollue Corn Bettye Cosper George Cothran Jeanette Cox Frank Curby, Martha Curry, Marne Cuslmano, Benny Dake, Jane Davns, Peggy Day, Larry Dean, Leon Deese, Eugene Dempsey, Lunette Dual, Jerre Dobbms, Sue Dodd, Charlotte Duke, Johnny Edwards, Jean Elliott, Elaine Erwin, Bobby Ezell, Milton Fain, Doris Farrow, Sara Fletcher, Kenneth Forester, Betty Ford, Robert Fowler, Betty Freeman, Ann Freeman Carolyn Freeman E Freeman Bobble Ann Garrett Edna Garrison Howard Garrison Janice Gilmore Ann Gales Bobby Gramllng Nell Grant Edwin Gray Hazel Greenhaw Marlorle Guthrie Johnny Hull Bobby Hall Jeanette Hanks Maxine Harbin Jo Alice Hardy Juanita Harris oe Harris ons Hartman Lily May Henderson Burma Nell Henderson Margaret Hlllhouse Dickie Hollingsworth Jeanne Hood Lee Hooks Bobby Don Hooks Patsy Hooks Erin Florence Hopper Wayne Howell Roy Lee Hudson Ann Hugley Charles Jenkins Bobbie Jennings Charlotte Joiner Eddie Johnson Pat Q 6 .an N E r ' CLASS OF all 0 al My f' ff! if 4 wi l id ' X .N Q ' is 5 , . Y. J 1 f I A 39 ' -'Q F -' R! I . ,' l L I ' ilk :ti - 1 all A 1 . G ' . . ll FW .t E F . ' ' J ' -5 C E I ' Q L . F L, Q , J 1 i 1 'x h ' ,I J I 9 3' F .Q ,B if ' I L ' I A g sv , . x 8 A Q Q' . I I .-'. .r L 1 Q pl Q fl' Ads Q I I XX k A I Q I- g -uk , . I sill Mg r , ii . f1tgg,5f,,g,sfy y , ,Q Xfg?gfgS7 H I . L X Qs .,.., L ., , I. tx,.t Q get Q .,,,, :L x g XX ',., Q bqb 4 E, I g , . bb E.. A 4 I my eel? F 'WMAQ ,'s, W ',2F F ,,s f as sl,'l - bsts " ' ets . .:,.,,c C 1' W F Q L QS fi t 1 5 1 , ll fl Il ll ll l ll l ll ' 5 0 7heFIlllt llEf ASS OF F Johnson, Rodney Jones Jackie Jones Joyce Kimberly Betty Sue Knmberly Wnllne Lou Krolunger Betty Lancaster Morris Langley Joann Lawrence Bully Leach Llnda Leak Bully Lrkos Angelos Llkos Mary Ella Luster Jack Lockmlller Bobby Loveloy Jeanette Lusk Peggy Maclal Jo Ann Malfas Georgua McCullough John McDaniel Martha Muller Roy Dale Muller Ruth Mllls Bully Moffett Paul Na lon J P Newberry Gwynne Noolln Edward Nordman Ruchard Norton Barbara ONell Louus Patton Bertha Pentecost Jane Peeples J M Perry Jean Putts Margle Poor Floyd Prlckett Irene Pruntt Jack Qurllen Bob Ralls Clara Ralls Erle Rattray Ethel Rlley Jane Riley Louis Roberts Frances Roblnson Sara Roebuck Bobby Roundtree Rhea Rowland Helen I Rowland Margaret Rowe Sara Sanders Bobby Souls Jackne Short Marlon Sums Barbara Slnvers Walter Smith Joe Spradlun Jack Sprinkle Mary Jane Stepenson Bully Stockdale Don Story Kathleen Stovall Mattle Joe Strickland Dorls Thomas Irma Thomas Lyverel Thompson Jean Thompson B Il Thornton Bobby Tuck Betty Turley Cathrlne Turner Joan Upton Lols Vlckors Clifton Vmeyard Margaret Ward Bobby Warts Florence Waldon Don Wallace Loulse Warren O bera Watford Robert Watson Jnmmy Wetzel Mary Whltehead Joyce Whlttle Jerry Whorton Mary Wllholt Judy Wullard Joyce Wnlluams Wnllnams Wllllams Wllllams Wullnams Wnllnams Wnlluams Benny Bl y Bobby Jack Jo Ann Joyce Phullp Wilson Wayne Woodard David Work Eleanor Wrnght Joe Yates Harlene ur' Kew fs l CL ASS OF ' 'S' f' A S. ...N-'km ,A inn ""'-m.....u...fwv " "thi A, 1. 9-'Q .4-iq g Besi Looking Jacqueline Sauls Phillip Williams Culesf Mary Ann Majors Wayne Wilson Mos? Afhlefic Joyce Whitehead Bobby Sanders Most Popular Ann Hudson Don Stockdale '91 Fllll Hllilll WHll" l Greenesi Freshman Betty Fowler Don Walden Best Dressed Eve Clark E. Y. Freemon Besi-All-Round Sue Dobbins Erle Rolls Mosl Sfudious Judy Wilhoit Russell Collins X:-A ,. W' E3 'M 014 QQ COACHES and CAPTAINS Coach ..... ............ Captain ..... Alternate-Captain. . Coach ...... Coach . . 7212 llllli Managers: David Richardson, David Woodard, George Jackson, Jimmy Likos, Thomas Stinson, Marvin Moorer, Clark Lewis. . Nurmi Nelson Clayton Brothers . . . Bill Jolly . Frank Gantt Ray Wedgeworth Eli Caretaker of the Stadium Mr. Robert Keener In-zklf am J 'Wim K MW W - 1 ' . .1 . .. S. - W M Of. N f 'M' X QGTJWQW ST ff, W, Q .M . - P1 - 'ff W .. E 1 M- + X X ' S. 4. f-A ww f am... W mf Q Q.. . ..Q..:,,gmg:.v5.g A gf2f'wwQmQs.szg4' wwx . M8531 Q hi Y. WWA N W X 3,,m,57WwgwaM+e' vwmwwwywmw . wwf ,my wg, V. :Q ..,. , +5 .N F SiQ:.,. .,....,,.,A. mf? QW Siam Qi, wr . Z-.1 2 if Q" N 'L ,,ggWpg.,ms5:x+b vwzyjf ww.: zwrgyiiw 4 I ' 'X f'7i'fKflfQ., iXpffffw33iQ,g3i7.Ex'xwQll 1iik wgx gx xx Q. b...s+..... if si. 5-S V h 5-A, ul x .W ,,,W,M M W, , . X . , . ,N i. X W ,N W Mx.. .M K A' ' A K QR .. v,'AM. gm wrffmfw sgww x 0+ MWMSNQY ' WWFWJM Vx Bmmwkffgw' Nfl ,-- 1' hiig.:14-nfm K , . 3 N, . lb A www my. at . . . + M ,Q fx ke - 4 V H 4 gwjgww' Wggfyx X ,id f mwfmwy K -A Qs' L. L , ' --3 . Tw mf We Y ,mx--fax X W -X' '- -.-:, , -Z:5"3EEf.: ' 0. NK . V ,. . V. ., N A yy. Q 141 - :2,5g-.3-:pf -.jg,-""f- N.cN.,x,x.: ,... Z : I .,, . 1 - L Q ' s.. 1 x fx x f ' P -A ...- Q Hx K in JS - Q ww .. 'gf '-if Wm AXE?-www Q is Qw fw . ??k3'3'N3'?x Q 1. 5 : X :Www 3,-rg.: N 5 S iii . f, g V Q - - ,g,A,k9,...,Q,,,..,g.x1-..,,,x,szA.?fcsws.?ge w 'Q Q' ' 'f " X! h 5 8 M Si . , W , - X.. .W Q t W: 435.-:,g 4w ww xx ..... A x., Q A-.f.,,gm,h3 ww ' M: w +A- 4 Q Ny K Jw ,, . . ,.w- :ww-. . . MQ --A .A ' .Qpx-,mv as G-l.,.:, ,... N.- ,.,:.. , KA 5 g :sg N, my .N . mig..g..NR.. .. ,Q -Fizz M X' fx T 7 ISE? W E ' X 'wi.,.u.m-- 5, 4 . W, v my V E -3 N . , xg A f f - A Q am .N y . R.. . if 3 i KWN s XM' K Xa W xwgiwok W lg X ,, Q,-ga f A R ,K 552, W ,K -w .: Ax.. Q f Axggkw . W .. . sk Q , Y. I X . H Q H A Q' .. wwmfw ' -wg V :Q . A -1 J- X' .Y fl... Q? if 5 v 3 , . - 7 S2 . 'Gm QW G .1 x , . w Q ' A fp ' W i I, gm A X L x Q ' Q H ' is N t , XX .AMQ A N 5 Y 5. L ' 1 Q0 W. xg 'V WEN 5 sw 1- J Q ,X N ef y . yi Q ,. iiir z . , x L - 7 we A "K X 'Y 1 ' 1 9 '7' , A Q W .. X A 1- R Q W L 1 K . wk X A M W 4 if ..... ff , fc? me 9 -I Q ' E' as at r - NF. f 5. " . W W 'Q X V .xx Q.. " ' '-"" . - Q xg.. 3, .. f , Q LW . X 5' Q. L .. A I i A - :age L.: .Ng X .1 . S, 2 at 4 X 5 , , . 'A A ' . S X - .- 'M . X S. .xg N1 ie " -QQP Q x R 2. ..,,.. Q K 4 - k y ' 53 , f if . N Slswifwx' , -, I ' X K -2: - X if N ---, 5,5522 .,..,' 1 E' 1 . fi ' K Mm 5 S 2 ifififuti- ' . 4N.-sInx -' - -N . . Bessemer tags .lack from behind Longshore cracks the Rebel line to score 74 1946 EAO GADSDEN 35-CHEROKEE O The "Tigers" started off their '46 season with a 35-0 victory over a fighting Cherokee High team from Centre. This impressive win was marred for Tiger supporters when Sonny Work, backfield stal- wart, suffered a broken leg which kept him out for the rest of the season. Tiger linesmen all played superb ball, and the backfield was exceptionally impressive for this time of year. GADSDEN 7 - BOYS' HIGH T4 The "Tigers" were handed their first defeat of the season as Boys' High of Atlanta won by virtue of a 49-yard run in the last minutes of play, making the score T4-7. Gadsden's lone marker came in the third stanza after Bruce Miller set the stage with a 34-yard return of a kickoff, being stopped on the 4-yard stripe. Three plays later, John Williams plunged over from the two. Van Pelt booted the extra point. GADSDEN 15- ETOWAH 7 The Gadsden Tigers remained in the fight for county grid champion when they rallied to defeat the Etowah Blue Devils in one of the annual classics of the year. Approximately l2,000 fans were out to see the power of the Tigers in their homecoming game, saw them pull out in front during the second half, to the tune of 15-7. Standouts in this battle were: McDill, who picked up two scores on end-round, and Williams, who gained 64 yards on T7 tries, also the Tiger linesmen who were responsible for the safety by knocking down an Etowah back five yards behind his own goal. This game supplied thrills for the far-s from start to finish. GADSDEN 38-CHATTANOOGA O Gadsden's backfield had a field day rompirig over a hopelessly out- classed City High School of Chatta- nooga 38-0, displaying the craftiest brand of ball-carrying which was noticeable throughout the year. After a scoreless first quarter, the Tigers went score-happy during the second, racking up 25 points. On the first play of the second quar- ter, Stanford scored after a 42-yard run. A few minutes later John Acee Miller Heading "South" tPhiIIipst plunged from the three-yard line to pick up another goal. The quarter ended with Williams scoring from the twenty-yard line. Substitutes were used freely in the last half, proving their ability under the skill- ful quarterbacking of Alvin Lowi. The final score came after a march from their own 44. GADSDEN 18 - PHILLIPS 19 One of the largest crowds ever to attend a game in Murphree Stadium watched a fighting Tiger team go down to defeat before the favored Phillips by one point. The most out- standing and thrilling play of the game was Bruce Miller's 61-yard sprint in the first play of the second Dunn hits pqy diff lCi1y I-light half. The other scores were made by Acee who powerhoused over from the twelve, and Mathis who snagged a 35-yard pass for the last score. ln spite of the brilliant playing of the team they were unable to contend with the brilliant decep- tion and magnificent passing of Phillips. This was the second loss of the season. The final score was 19-18. The Tigers looked superb, however, in both defeats. GADSDEN 20 - BESSEMER 7 Bessemer came to Gadsden definitely the under-dog but their determination and team work soon tore away this tag. After a score by Williams of Gadsden and Romono of Bessemer, the game remained nip and tuck until later in the third quarter when Stanford broke loose to score on an end around .from the Purple Tiger's 23. The final marker was chalked up by Acee late in the final period ending the game 20-7. GADSDEN 13 - SANSOM 7 Eighteen thousand persons were given all the thrills they could ask for when they turned out for the annual grid classic of the year between the Rebels and the Tigers. There were brilliant punts, passes, runs, gains, hard fighting and swell interference. The first touchdown was made by Sansom when Clay- ton tossed a beautiful pass to Bowen for the score. Eighteen minutes later the Tigers chalked up their first tally when Acre crossed the goal after a beautiful 34-yard heave from Lasseter, who also made the conversion as the half ended 7 to 7. The final marker came when Longshore plunged over from the one- yard line after a series of superb ground gaining plays by Watford, ending the game 13 to 7. The suc- cess of the game could not be attributed to any one back or linesman, but to eleven men coordinated into one team. This game was a shining example of teamwork for both sides. Continued in Ad Section Acee rips the Bulldog line Stanford latches on iitowuhl Work Patterson Wiggins We PLAYER Jimmie Works: "Sonny Jim"-broke his leg in the Centre game, but will be back in top form next year. Cecil Patterson: "Pat"-a hard fighting, easy going center. Pat will be back next year. Horace Wiggins: "Nigger'2Nig was a dependable boy whenever he was called upon. Will be greatly missed next year. Bruce Miller: "Foots"-carried a great part of the team's responsibility. Hard running and passing. He was graduated this year. Denny Lasseter: "Sawdust" was the smallest ma1 on the Held, but he made up for it by his terrific running and passing. He returns next year. Bevelyn Longshore: "Sparks"+was an aggressive who proved his ability in the Boys' High game. Miller Lasseter I-Ohgshdre Bryce Rushing: "Rod" was an aggressive tackle. He will be missed next year. Bill Jolly: "Skinny"-- Co-Captain of the "46" team, was a hard charging linesman. He has another year. Clayton Brothers: "King Kong"f Co-Captain and an outstanding guard who deserves much credit. He is graduating this year. John Williams: "Tape" played fullback. His line bucking gains will be missed next year. Bill Small: "Smell" was one of the best de- fensive guards on the squad. He graduates this year. Wilson Van Pelt: "Fanbelt"--his kicking oft ability was recognized all over the country. He will be back with the team next year. Billy McDill: "Dumbo" His ability fcr down field blocking was second to none. He should make some college a good ball player. John Acee: "Crazylegs," a very fast, decep- tive halfback and excellent punter. He gradu- ates this year. Leon Albright: "Not-So-Bright" has the makings of a great end. He should prove his worth to the team next year. Bill Pogue: "Hollywood"--his ability to catch a pass when no one else could made him one of the team's most valuable end men. He grad- 1 es- .H Af! ws .. ' ff-g,,.f . 'nn- -.K1g ,.-my-ww .-...Q 5 3 5 ii um!! .fa YK 4 we .s X 5 as 1 .sviitsiitbsiiftsi A ...4- 3 1 X i i . T S ' Xmms-as-r FW' . 5 , uates this year. . ,, 'JQQB ' 1 2, l . was-gre NNY .wif Dake Lowi Connell Tom Dake: "Home Brew"-a hard-hitting tackle. He was a definite asset to the team. Alvin Lowi: "BIowi," a very dependable substitute who proved his ability in the Chattanooga game. Joseph Connell: "Jodie," a hard-hitting, fast guard. Jodie will be alternate captain next year. Edward Vice: "Stone face"-a bone-crushing fullback and will be a great help to the team next year. Angelo Lavoy: "Angelina" was one of our returning veterans. His fighting spirit will be greatly missed next year. Marvin Williams: "Plow-boy" was another of our returning veterans. He was a fighting guard who loved the game. Vice Lavoy Williams ,gwmt MW ww ix .r ig i tl! x 3 , 2 E r M, 1 , Dwarf' Qs 1' - 2 ' ' ,x gi.,m2SKzfQ, K5Whf Ftiigw aw .Q 'fi wif' V. , -,I ,x"1!5S?'Q,' 9 M yl nqfvax nl' . .fx . w NS ,4g., N . ,gk ' i . f .,XLw L5 Q . Q , Q . A x ', Q, x V' ' f ' L f ' 'i 4 , V X fi f ffsx yy! E . h V 93 - is R35 ' Mx Nwvg , X fb--1 K S . pamvpf W x ' X k ' QW? N wx f ' 5" IIN., S I 2 Y Q X ik g W:-fu , Nl., N173 is fk.-,pw Q -- SX. . N: . Q S132 A , gif , 5 A ' E9 y im , QQI97 B OFFICERS President. . . ...... . . Bruce Miller Vice President . . . . Cecil Patterson Secretary . . . . John Williams Treasurer. . . . . Bill Pogue Adviser . . . Coach Nelson The "G" Club is an organization of school ath'etes who have earned a letter in one or more of the three major sports: football, basketball, and track. To earn a letter in football or basketball, the player must have the required number of sixteen quarters. ln track he must win first or second place in an event before being voted into the club. A manager may earn a letter by two year's service in any sport. The initiation consists of a program given ow the stage by the new members who amuse and delight the student body with their performances. The "G" Club has earned much praise in their hand- ling and conducting of the Sixth District Basketball Tournament. MEMBERS John Acee Frank Haggard Jimmie Likos Bill Small Leon Albright George Hall Bevelyn Longshore Jack Stanford Clayton Brothers George Johnson Alvin Lowi Tom Stinson Rayburn Burgess Bill Jolly Ted Martin Jake Sutherlin Carl Clements Robert Kell Billy Mathis Gerald Wetzel Joe Connell Doug Lanford Bill McDill Wilson Van Pelt Tom Dake Denny Lasseter David Richardson Edward Vice Ray Edwards Angelo Lavoy E. C. Robinette Arthur Watford Jack Grey Clark Lewis Bryce Rushing Horace Wiggins James Work Top Row: Dan Hernan, Todd Cross CHead Cheerleader? Bottom Row: Joan Thomas, Betty Hughes, Lillie May Ryder, Mary Lou Evans CIIEEIILEAIIE C The spirit behind our team is the cheerleaders. Theirs is the job of providing the lusty yells needed to encourage the Tigers on to victory. Led by Todd Cross, the pep squad this year overflowed with enthusiasm and spirit. Football games would be colorless and drab without them. Threecheers for the cheerleaders! i . ".leeping" through Gadsden on parade day. Page R3 -M Vmxs COACH and CAPTAINS Captam Jack Stanford Coach Ray Wedgeworth Alternate Captam Rayburn Burgess Basketball has certainly outgrown the romper stage at G H S A comparatuvely new sport as far as spectators attention IS concerned the hardwood team played to capacity groups not only with their local rlvals but also wuth the so called smaller schools The Tlger quintet this year showed smooth ball handling and splendid floor work Only one ofthe startung live was a letterman ln basketball Our team made a very good showing both In the regular season and nn the Slxth Dnstrlct Tournament RESUME Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Scottsboro a Ragland Piedmont Glencoe Etowah Ashvllle Alexandrla Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Page 84 Scottsboro Etowah Phllllps Ramsay Emma Sansom Glencoe Pledmont Tallassee 17 .... . . 37 28 .... . 29 .... ld ..... 21 28 .... . . Gadsden 24 .... Sylacauga . . 19 Gadsden 35 .... Emma Sansom 40 .... . . . 30 23 .... ' ' . . 24 .... ' . . 26 19 .... . . 19 .... . . . 37 31 . . . . 10 .... . . . 15 22 . . . . . . 19 .... ' . . . 18 21 . . . . ' . 27 .... ' . . 18 24 .... . Standing: Robinelte, Haggard, Kell, Gray, Albright, Edwards. Kneeling: Sutherlin, Hall, Stanford, Burgess, and Frazier. Q Q 9 9 Managers George Johnson, Dan Hernan, Jimmy Godfrey, THAI Charles Hugley Page 85 SIXTH DISTRICT Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden Gadsden TOURNAMENT 34 . . . Pell City . 42 . . . South Side 31 . . . Sylacauga 31 . . . Talladega 32 . . . Glencoe . 40 . . . Oxford . I' 1, ,S 1 X, ,ga K h 4 A x M, ? . 1 u n i 3 2 K ff Q 1 Q , Q A E uf Q! Y X"9f4Saw xx ia, j i s f - ' M e1.Q:.,.. - Igg 1 F? Q2 , ix, . 'Q Y ,g 5 . QM "': : 1 " ,W Q Qggw. . 0 3 M X I an n In Q ll: if U ig r x A -f-Q. .j, gf: E F N . 'f f ., 'Ni Q 5 .M-Q . L 7 .. .....,.i v x H. ,N Mk .W X ,A Ng GRM ' 3 1 Mf aw S . ... . N xx. X-:X x + l,,-Q .55 fx il I 7 : 2 2 1 at-A "ll" 'l'IlAM 'Ph mg fi ,Q , ' . if f.. , 1 i t ff A .luck Stanford Standing: Wotforcl, Smith, Payne Brown, Lowi, Hall, and Dunn. Kneeling: Miller, Small, Bellenger McDiIl, Stinson, Street, and Williams. 7ke 5' N WEEK fs. S' ,Q 1 U49 5 I TRACK The last of the three maior sports at G. H. S. is track and field events. The Tigers annually ofter a strong team in these departments. In the stadium during spring, in- stead of padded uniforms and shining helmets, are seen boys in shorts and sweat shirts. Hats off to our track and field teams. Work comes in second Like a bird! A mighty heave. ,,,,,,...,T-3'-",,.,.,.r'.?-'-n"""' ,wllwrw ...---pr-"""" ..-----""""' mv ELI! Quick, Stinson! We're behind Haggard on the high-jumps. Clinard in another event. Easy does it! Shucks! We're second again. Stretch . . . 1-2-3 Those moans that are heard at the beginning of each semester could come from only one source . girls taking Physical Education. Although Physical Education is no longer required the "grunt and groan" department has been crowded as never before. This a personal triumph for Mrs. Wynot, their instructor. She has created a program so varied that the girls interests are never lost. The year begins with the hopeful "recruits" having two weeks of calisthenics which well explains the ram? "gru"ta1d groan" department. After this "limbering up" period, the girls settle down to have exercise land funj. Over the Net! Page 92 Keep the ball going, Mary. First on the agenda are the field sports, principally soccer. For these the girls use the football field alternately with the boys' classes. Dainty feminine shrieks of delight at a goal made, or disappointed "ohs!!", at the failure to make one, fill the air on these days. As colder weather approaches, the girls are driven inside to seek other sports. It took four periods to finally get this picture. Page 93 X ww E A, 1 ".'! Q. Es! ' W N , . M ,........W... .., ,,,.....w - ,- 'Yfxswflf W M - fa, X ,Q-uw ng-as-www A W -. - . - . W -.W -Hx. 'W QA Xiggfv fwwxx '3 'f K x 1, K V N ,, L 1 :W-" 1. i,.xsA' jf'5im'S? 1' Lw .,,x YT, ,,,Q.q A W ' W lm' N sw -9? x 3 ,fl A-N2-'sm mmf x S wv W , Mwwym XLAQAKXQIWSSQ X ' M ' . vi .Mw . 1 A A.-fri VM, if 1? xX,XQSj,,,t. fs bo- ni- WM' "1 'ly Q 'rx .fa-455' ,NWN ".'.-if X T 'P--. vwwmmm m WdmWM -uw., 3? ,.,,.,,,. g lm A E Q , H 3 , gk 3' ' Q A. ' 1. . r 5 A . A 3? , R YF if wx vw Q 4 ,xx Q3 M, xx' S ki wg? qw WK 3' is 4, Q. M.. Wkxw Wm J , f' rl QQ Peggy Anders Chris Crawford Molly Bellenger Editor-in-Chief Co-Business Manager Co-Business Manager 1 With much flurry but more careful planning the Crucible Staff of 'I947 has presented to you our yearbook. We think it is good, but the final decision goes to you, the students, for whom it was prepared. We hope you like it. Nell West Harry Hamme Editorial Adviser Business Adviser Douglas Lanford Alvin Lowi Bryce Rushing Stanford Rouse Photographer Photographer Sports Editor Artist Jean Duke Pat Thompson Nell Arnold Todd Cross Julia McCuen Typist Literary Editor Assistant Editor Asst. Co-Business Mgr. Asst. Co-Business Mgr. Business Manager Molly Bellenger Assf. Business Manager Julia McCuen Sylvia Boone, Betty Brown, Julia Brown, Charles Boman, Bobby Cochran, Bettye Corn, Barbara Cushing, Augusta Downs, Rita Duke, Anne Freeman, Jean Gillespie, Margaret Headley, Bea Hernan, Lee Hood, George Johnson, Freddie Mae Leroy, Robbie Dean Mobley, Gail Nelms, Mary Jean Nelson, Jane Pentecost, Frances Price, Clara Ralls, Cliftord Reavis, Carolyn Spradley, Dot Tatum, Harriet Wade, Judy Wilhoit, Joyce Wilson. Eve Clark, Carol Cross, Barbara Cushing, Howell Erwin, Ruth Floyd, Ann Gramling, Linda Harp, Jackie Klinner, Ted Lowi, Bill Singleton, George Smith, Joan Tate, Jane Witherspoon. iid E Business Manager Chris Crawford Assistant Business Manager Todd Cross t li l r 5 ' fl 'L OFFICERS President .... ..... . . Bettye Brown Vice President . . . . David Bryant Secretary. . . . . . M.ary Elton Treasurer . . . . Margaret Headley Adviser . . . . Miss Sawyer The most coveted membership in Gadsden High School is that of the National Honor Society. This membership is offered to only a small percent of pupils in the junior and senior classes. The chosen ones are voted upon by the faculty, because of their prominence in the cardinal principles ot the society: schol- arship, leadership, character, and service. The emblem of the National Honor Society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The purpose is to bear forward the searching light of truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the enduring values of life, and serve in the cause of humanity. MEMBERS Peggy Anders Betty Brown Molly Bellenger Elsie Means Mary Dell Morgan Frances Price Bobby Redman Billy Singleton Pete Smith Betty Jean Spiro Willabeth Thompson Leath Thornton John Williams Betty Bankson David Bryant Mary Ann Casimes Chris Crawford Todd Cross Paul Darden Betty Drake Jean Duke Barbara Edwards Martha Elton Jean Gillespie Ann Gramling Nell Griftin Frank Haggard Linda Harp Margaret Headley Patricia Isbell Betty Johnson Richard Kimberley Betty Ray Leath President. . . . .Harry Howell Vice President ...... . . Willis Loren Secretary and Treasurer . . . . Danee Rains Adviser ........ . . Mrs. Hurst The purpose of this student-controlled, student-operated club is to promote, regulate, and control all student activities and to encourage and maintain high standards of obiectives and achievement in such activities. Members of the Council are chosen by pupils of the homeroom, each room having one or more rep- resentatives according to the enrollment. Two definite duties that are performed by the Student Council are arrangin for assembl ro ro and operating the student book exchange. Bobby Barnes Sylvia Boone Carol Cross Todd Cross Johnny Duke Brent Fagan Bobby Frantz Ann Gramling Margaret Headley Dan Hernan MEMBERS Jimmy Johnson Charlotte King Sue Lang Ted Lowi Harriet Nesbitt Page lOl 9 YP9m5 Frances Price Ethel Rattrey Louie Riley Bryce Rushing Jackie Sauls George Smith Charles Stokes Jeanne Stokes Robert Tipton Joyce Wilson xl g Y ll 0 l OFFICERS President . . . ...... . Chris Crawford Vice President. . ..... , . . . Bill Pogue Secretary . . . Clayton Brothers Treasurer . . . . Charles Frazier Adviser. . . . . Mr. Hamme The Boys' Hi-Y, which is a branch of the Y. M. C. A., is an organization representing the high moral and spiritual standards of the young manhood ofAmerica. The most important of many proiects this year was the co-sponsorship with the Tri-Hi-Y of the North Alabama Hi-Y-Tri-Hi-Y Conference which was held in Gadsden. The Scripture reading was conducted by this organization during the second semester. They sponsored many chapel programs. During Brother- hood Week the Boys' Hi-Y presented a distinguished forum of outstanding religious leaders. Since the former sponsor was unable to continue with them, the club chose as their new adviser, Mr. Harry Hamme, whose cooperation with the club has helped it to have o very successful year. Pete Bellenger E. C. Robinette Clayton Brothers Marvin Brown Rayburn Burgess Chris Crawford Tom Dake Charles Frazier Gus Freibaum Jimmy Godfrey Jack Gray Frank Haggard Doug Lanford Jimmie Likos MEMBERS Alvin Lowi Billy McDill Bruce Miller Cecil Patterson Billy Pogue Bobby Pope David Richardson Page IO? Stanford Rouse Bryce Rushing Billy Singleton Jack Stanford Tom Stinson Emory Street Harry Howell Reuben Jackson Bill Small Bill Tarpley George Towers Wilson Van Pelt John Williams lg., 46...-...... if-f -A-SFF? Y. 'Q-'asv I H 1 ' sw' W A ' , A ,Us .-Z., T , H : IIIIIL' HI- OFFICERS President ........... . . Molly Bellenger First Vice President ...... . . Frances Price Second Vice President ......... Ann Gramling Secretary and Treasurer .......... Ann Duke Faculty Advisers: Mrs. H. Johnson, Mrs. C. Thompson, Miss Josephine Hull The Tri-Hi-Y, organized over ten years ago, has become one of Gadsden High's leading clubs. The thirty-five girls are chosen from the upper classes for their high scholarship, character, and ideals. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high stand- ards of Christian character. To achieve this purpose, the Tri-Hi-Y reads the Scripture over the public address system, sends a Christmas basket to a needy family, does work for the American Red Cross, and asks interesting speakers to come and speak to the student body. The big event of the year was the annual Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Conference for North Alabama which was held in Gadsden this year. l.ots of hard work and careful planning went into the conference, and when the time finally came, we were rewarded with a successful conference. MEMBERS Peggy Anders Nell Arnold Billie Ann Bobo Bettye Brown Mary Ann Casimes Fleeta Clark Peggy Cothran Virginia Craig Carol Cross Jean Duke Helen Edwards Ruth Floyd Joyce Gentry Jean Gillespie Linda Harp Margaret Headley Patricia Isbell Betty Jo Johnson Page IO3 Betty Ray Leath Elsie Means Sallie Ralls Margie Roper Anita Ross Betty Jean Spiro Dot Tatum Pat Thompson Leath Thornton Harriet Wade Myra Jo Walden Nita Whatley Joy Woolf Flag Bearers: Huguley, Day, Butler, Ezell, Collins 1 i A The school looks to the marching band for the co'or and pep so necessary to the success of the toot- ball season. The band's appearance at the half is eagerly awaited by all. Besides adding zest to the football games, the b Jnd gives many parades and takes numerous out-of- town trips. Two trips that will never be forgotten ar: the one to Huntsville to play for the County Fair and the one to Montgomery to play for the inauguration. MEMBERS Charles Abel Kathryn Allen Rose Askew Hugh Ballard Jimmy Berry James Bishop Edsel Blackwood Cannie Campbell Bettye Brown Theodore Casimes Jerry Brown Mary Chalmers Julis Brown Mary Jo Clark Hoyt Butler Frances Coheley Dottie Cahoon Jack Collins Flagswingers: Gentry, Turner, Inman, Russell Collins Billy Cornelius Rex Cosper Wayne Cosper Peggy Cothran Larry Day Gene Deese Jack Dunn Sue Ellis Jimmy Elrod Bill Elton Martha Elton Mary Elton Milton Ezell Matthew Gage Edward Garrett Howard Garrison Julia Garrison Johnson, Hudson, Spann, Spiro, Jones 2 , fy 1 5 g 2 1. if i . wi 5 5 X X , 1: Q f N ' ' ,wg .F . N, Eli. WSL , , M , , ,QV M5,5b,,1..!W A: ki ,xmgwg-.-g.Rs X ' X' f -ffiij Qg,,w-,Q , mm WN W 'V KA .52 Q -2 ww .f gg. - A EQ ,M J F . " 2 x. , W 2 U Q Km ,il x ' tgp W. Y 19? 2 .5 35 1 Xl' . is Q JA .M I A , x S X3 Xvgilms ,gNQqwl.pyQ9N.qQ,,S,,. ww. E25 x X ww S15 'x Q ,xx a sfgwwfx X . 'x 'S 5' -an mf 'G 'Q if,-Ml? had . ' , 9 4,425 x . girl 7 ff,3kYaQ A K 1 'VR Sw X. 4 Q., - NN Q5 X. 3 .i,v. We fc .N ,R x s 5? Nm - x .- 'X .R . -. V X . x .XS y g 4 N 'N Q- ff 'f J AJ 7 ' A df W-, - 'sf R NAT' N ' ' 1 - xx ., N x E u Ng. X 5 ' fm . I 01:5 . PQ?-,T . Tll U0 CERT Kathryn Allen Rose Askew Hugh Ballard James Bishop Edsel Blackwood Bettye Brown Jerry Brown Connie Campbell Theodore Casimes Mary Chalmers Ben Connally Jack Collins Rex Cosper Wayne Cosper Peggy Cothran Gene Deese Jack Dunn Patsy Ellis Sue Ellis Jimmy Elrod Bill Elton Martha Elton Mary Elton Julia Garrison Bobby Giles Jean Gillespie Edwin Grant Thomas Greenhaw Cecil Griffin Hugh Hall Lelia Mae Hartman MEMBERS Frances Head Wayne Hopper Harry Howell Charlotte King Jack Lister Jack Little Willis Lorren Ted Lowi Carolyn McClain Billie Jo McCullough Bob McCurley Don McNair Elsie Means Dick Ober M. L. Owens Carolyn Parsons Frances Price Vann Pruitt Bobby Quillan Danee Rains Billy Raley Erle Ralls Sally Rolls Bob Redman Flavil Roberts Elaine Sansom Annie Laurie MitchellGerald Scott Joe Morrow Joe Ed Seale Billy Singleton George Smith Jimmy Smith Betty Snead Austin Stine Sybil Taft Edwin Thompson Charles Tolleson Betty Vickery Marvin Wade Robert Wade Robert Watford Billy Williams Philip Williams Wayne Wilson Joan Bryant ltll A OFFICERS - Captain ...... First Lieutenant . . First Lieutenant. . . Second Lieutenant . . Second Lieutenant . Director ..... OFFICERS - MARCHING Captain .... First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Head Flagswinger Marching Band Officers CONCERT BAND . . Sally Hudson "Fess" . . Ted Lowi . Betty Brown . Bob McCurley . Harry Howell Edsel Blackwood . . Mr. Glosser Ill !! BAND Matthew Gage . Bettye Brown . Buster Latimer Bobby McCurley . Harry Howell Edsel Blackwood The Concert Band has had a very successful year. Through numer- ous concerts featuring music by America's outstanding composers? it has been instrumental in promoting the appreciation of the great clas- sical composers. Because of its exceptional technical skill, it was awarded the rating of Superior at the festival at Tuscaloosa. GHS is proud of the Concert Band and the outstanding work it has done. Page IO7 5 lie gi gi 'El 1 - L15 f . sx 2? .5 ll 3 sz si. of ls t, As long as we can remember there has been a swing band at G. H. S. Many people do not know the blood and tears that are lost over organizing a band. The present band, the Kingsmen, was organized in September by Dick Robertson. After many rehearsals the band began to perform. During the foot- ball season, they played tor the dances held every Friday night. They also presented many programs to the student body. They were called on to play at dinners and on one occasion went to Alabama College to play. For such a successful year, we say "Hats off!" to the Kingsmen. Leader and First Trombone , . First Trumpet ......... Second Trumpet and Male Vogalist Third Trumpet ......... Fourth Trumpet. . Second Trombone ...... First Saxophone and Arranger . . Third Alto ......... Second Tenor . . Fourth Tenor . . . Fifth Baritone Sax . . Pianist ...... Substitute Pianist . . Page lO8 . Dick Robertson . Bobby Redman Edsel Blackwood . . Harry Howell Fhillip Williams . . .Earl Rolls . Matthew Gag? . . Danee Rains Delmus Goldman Robert Watford . . Bill Allman . . .loan Bryant . Ann Fhillips Sf l 1 l OFFICERS Head Usher .... .... . . Chris Crawford Assistant Head Usher . . . . Billy Pogue Advisor ...... . . Miss Sawyer The Ushers' Club consists of junior and senicr boys who are recommended and chosen by faculty members. Requirements for membership are passing grades, a high sense of honor, and responsibility, and a pleasing personality. The club takes part in many school activities. This year it has rendered a great service to the city as well as the school by ushering for the Artist Series, sponsored by the Music Study Club, for the lce Follies which were held in January, and for numerous plays which have come to our school. To Miss Sawyer, who is our advisor, we might well say, "Thank you," for such a fine, active club. MEMBERS Edsel Blackwood Paul Darden Reuben Jackson Stanford Rouse Clayton Brothers Howell Erwin Richard Kimberly Billy Singleton David Bryant Frank Haggard Alvin Lowi Geore Smith Tom Dake Percy Howe Billy McDill John Williams Harry Howell Bobby Redman Page lOl? President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer. . Sponsor. . OFFICERS . Martha Elton Lillie Mae Ryder Betty Ray Leath . Betty Vickery . . Miss Hcuser One requirement for membership is that each person enters a writing contest during the year The following members have won awards in local or national contests, or have had their writings published Carolyn Spradley Ctour awardsj, Juanita Morgan, Martha Elton, Bob Kilpatrick, Betty Vlckery Dick Ober Many Ann Casimes, Ann Morrow, Betty Ray Leath, Edith Ivey, Willabeth Thompson Other members are Thomas Greenhaw, Alice Adkins, Vernice Brock, Carolyn Wheeler Cannte Camp bell, Carolyn Cleveland, Annie Ruth Wall, Chris Crawford, Jean Gilbert, Rita Duke Page l lO EDITORIAL STAFF Editor Fall "46" Brent Fagan Editor Spring "47" Don Collins Judy Wilhoit Alice Akins Barbara Cushing Louise Reeves Bobbie Ann Freeman Harry Howell Robert Mayne Edsel Blackwood Thomas Stinson Jeane Rosenberg Sally Ralls Grace Pitman Thomas Head Mathew Gage Carolyn Spradley Sallie Bellenger Ililllllllll "l'ilFF The publication of the school paper is entrusted to this selected staff This is the first year since before the war that the paper has been able to be printed at regular intervals. We all welcome it back, and say, "Keep up the good work." BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager George Smith . Business Manager "46" Bobby Pope Asst. Business Manager H47 Jack Collins Lee Hood Cecil Simmons Bobby Redman Billie Ann Bobo Bettye Brown Elsie Means Virginia Craig Fleeta Clark Hugh Ballard Merle Murray T' Frank Cox PA I H CLUB OFFICERS President ........... . . Tom Dake Vice President ..... . . Sara Jones Secretary and Treasurer . . . . Betty Johnson Adviser ........ . . Mrs. Thompson The Spanish Club was organized in 1945, and although it is comparatively new, it has been able to further the aims of the club in that it has created a greater and more active interest in Spanish and Span- ish-speaking countries than has heretofore been observed. Leon Albright Jean Allen Peggy Anders Nell Arnold Buford Ashley Molly Bellenger Mary Berkstresser Billie Ann Bobo Clayton Brothers Norma Broach Julia Brown Jean Bryant Ann Bullard Sue Carter Mary Ann Casimes Jimmy Christian Dean Chumley Jacquelyn Clark Ben Connally Carol Cross Tom Dake Paul Darden Esther Davidson June De Lamar Alta Dover Augusta Downs Clarence Duncan Ann Duke Reginia Duke Helen Edwards Cewilla Elrod Edward Fordham MEMBERS Jean Gillespie J. B. Goddard Ann Gramling Cecil Greene Nell Griffin Milton Harcrow Margie Harding Linda Harp Tommy Head Margaret Headley Herman House Harry Howell Edith Ivey Joyce Jennings Sara Jones Betty Jo Johnson Page IIQ Selma Leatherwood Patty Lister Willis Lorren Alvin Lowi Sonny Mauney Bill McDill Elsie Means Bruce Miller Carlotte Norton Betty Parr Frances Parkman Edward Perryman Sammy Plaia Anita Ross Stanford Rouse Ralph Setterstrom David Spielberg Jack Stanford Bill Tarpley Dot Tatum Herbert Thompson James Thompson Pat Thompson June Thrift Dale Walton John Williams Jane Witherspoon Joy Woolf Malcolm Wynn Louise Slade Bill Small Pete Smith Betty Spann iliircm ,Mi It L It OFFICERS President . . . .....,.. Bobby Redman Vice President . . . . Thomas Greenhaw Secretary . , . ...,.. Sally Rails Treasurer . . . . . Mary Ann Casimes Advisers .......... Miss Sawyer, Mrs. White The members of the French Club have enjoyed a very unusual and interesting experience this year in their pleasant contacts with the French department of Jacksonville College. A visit to the College to attend the French Art Exhibit and to observe classes conducted by French exchange students was the first event which brought the groups together. Sometime later the French students from Jacksonville paid us a return visit and gave on the stage a program depicting the many phases of the French group activi ties and showed us something of the benefit and the pleasure to be derived from the study of French Future plans include a Gadsden High Soiree complimenting French visiting exchange students. The club members and our adviser, Miss Sawyer, are proud of our year's work and look forward to many more successful programs. Kathryn Allen Mary Ann Casimes Margaret Headley Sallie Rolls Bobby Redman Jeanne Rosenberg Francis Bone Connie Campbell Rita Duke Jack Dunn Sue Ellis Martha Elton Dora Gilbert Thomas Greenhaw Print' l 13 Ann Gunn Bobbie Jean Ingram Patricia Isbell Betty Ray Leath Selma Leatherwood Nona Marshall Virginia McGinnis Betty Phillips lris Riley Dick Ober Carolyn Rains Jimmie Smith Nita Whatley OFFICERS President . . . .... . . Ted Lowi Vice President . . , Pat Thompson Secretary . . . . George Towers Treasurer . . , , Joy Woolf The Choral Union is made up of two classes of girls, one class of boys, and one class of both girls and boys. During the year they presented programs for the P.-T. A. at Thanksgiving, for the public at Christ- mas, and again in May when they presented their annual spring concert. The Choral Union under the direction of Mrs. Moore has had a very successful year. Ora Abrams Mary Charles Adams Alice Akins Leon Albright Helen Alford Nell Arnold Levoy Bates Sallie Bellenger Mark Berkstresser Jimmie Berry Billie Ann Bobo Melvin Boen Sylvia Boone Charles Boman Norma Brooch Ann Brock Johnny Brown Julia Brown Ann Bullard Peggy Burgess Cebron Burke Dottie Cahoon Agnes Carey Hugh Carlisle Kelly Carvell Mary Ann Casimes Theodore Casimes Doris Chasteen Dean Chumbley Mildred Chumm Emma Clark Eve Clark Gloria Cole Nancy Coleman Terry Collins Mollie Cook Betty Corn Chris Crawford Peggy Cromwell Carol Cross Todd Cross Marie Curry Barbara Cushing Jane Dake Peggy Davis Augusta Downs Betty Drake Ann Duke Regina Duke Lois Edmunson Helen Edwards Jean Edwards Elaine Elliott Patsy Ellis Jimmie Elrod Howell Erwin Ruth Floyd Betty Jowler Ann Freeman Edna Garrett Joyce Gentry T. O. Gentry Bobby Giles Sue Gilbreath Ann Gilmore Ann Gramling Nell Gramling Hazel Jo Gray Nita Greene Sarah Green Nell Grifiin Doris Hale Bob Hall Sarah Nell Harbin Margie Harding MEMBERS Juanita Hardy Margaret Headley Marie Hernan Barbara Hicks Percy Howe Ann Hudson Patricia Isbell Edith lvey Martha Johnson Jo Ann Johnson Ramona Johnson Jacqueline Jones James Kennedy Jean Kennedy Martha Kennedy Jamie Lambert Doug Lantord Sue Lang Jo Ann Laugley Sue Lothar Betty Roy Leath Charleen Lee Elizabeth Lister Bobby Lockmiller Peggy Lockridge Alvin Lowi Ted Lowi Jo Ann Macinl David Maeger Mary Ann Maiors Aspasia Malfas Georgia Molfas Robert Mayne Julia McCuen Ruth McCoy Rosamond Means Bruce Miller Richardine Miller Bobbie Dean Mobley Jean Moore Mary Dell Morgan Margaret Mummah Mary Jean Nelson Harriett Nesbitt Betty Parr Bertha Lee Patton Margaret Peoples Bobbie Jean Perry Polly Pinson Jane Pope Frances Price Bill Raley Jean Reynolds Eethel Rattray Bobby Redman June Riley Reginald Robershaw Sara Robinson Jack Roebuck Rhea Roundtree Margaret Rowland Marie Rushing Sarah Ann Sherman Betty Joyce Shew S. J. Shew Villy Singleton Jack Stanford Billy Stephenson Charles Stokes Carolyn Stone Navalee Stough Doris Strickland Maxine Summerlin Ruby Swaftord Bill Tarpley Dorothy Tatum Joan Thomas Jean Thompson Pat Thompson Martha Thornton George Towers Carolyn Turley Joan Turner Sarah Turner Lois Upton Max Upton Harriett Wade Mary Tom Waits Betty Westcott Nita Whatley Benton White Mary Ann Whitten Judy Wilhoit Henry Wilson Joyce Wilson Joy Woolf Eleanor Work LATIN CL OFFICERS lmperator. . . .... . . Bill Singleton Primus Consul . . . George Johnson Serundus Consul . . , Carolyn Cleveland Custus Tabulae . . . . . , Richard Hillhouse Magister Pecuniarum . . Sarah Ann Sherman Janitor ...... . . . Chris Crawford Magister. . . Miss Sawyer The purpose of this club is explained by its name, Latinae Causa, which means "for the sake of Latin." Its members attempt to stimulate an interest in the customs, religion, and language of the Rom- ans, and thereby prove that Latin is not a dead language, but lives in every field of learning. Under the direction of Miss Sawyer, this club has grown to be one ofthe largest in the school. Mem- bership in the club is open to anyone who is taking, or has taken, Latin. PLEBEIANS Mary Adams Alice Akins Joyce Ashworth Sallie Bellenger Jimmy Berry Motie Boyett Ann Brock Cebron Burke Mildred Chunn Eve Clark Jack Collins Russell Collins George Cooper Johnny Duke Charles Fife Ann Freeman Bobby Gil s Bob Hall Jeanette Hall Richard Hillhcuse Wayne Hopper Charles Huguley Rodney Johnson Jacqueline Jones Dorothy Jordan Eddie Joyner Betty Kroelinger Linda Leach Babble Jean Lockmiller Jo Ann Mactel Mary Ann Malars Paul Moffett Jane Pentecost Bobby Quillen Ethel Rattray Sarah Roe Jack Roebuck Rhea Rountree Jacqueline Sauls Marian Short Jerry Smith Carolyn Stone Charles Tolleson Judy Wilhoit Billy Williams PATRICIANS Karen Anderson Hugh Ballard Billie Ann Boba Sue Boyles Janie Brown Joan Bryant Ca'olyn Cleveland MEMBERS Billy Cornelius Alta Dover Rita Duke Barbara Edwards Bill Elton Bobby Frantz Bernard Greenberg Anne Gunn W. T. Hanson Sara Nell Harbin Dan Hernan Kathryn Inman Joyce Jennings George Johnson Carolyn McClain Don McNair Richardine Miller Joe Morrow Mary Jean Nelson Harriett Nesbitt Marilyn Paler Bobby Propst Vann Pruitt Flavil Roberts Sarah Ann Sherman Billy Singleton Carolyn Spradley Austin Stine Ruby Swagord Martha Thornton Betty Vickery Betty Westcott Joyce Wilson ALUMNI lPatricianl Peggy Anders O'ceclo Ashworth Molly Bellenger Bettye Brown Marvin Brown Herlyn Casey Cannie Campbell Frances Coheley Peggy Cothran Chris Crawford Carol Cross Anne Day Augusta Downs Regina Duke Helen Edwards Martha Elton Nell Jo Evans Ruth Floyd Gus Freibaum Jimmy Godfrey Anne Gramling Nell Griffin Margaret Headley Patricia Isbell Doug Lanford Betty Ray Leath Patty Lister Selma Leatherwood Elsie Means Mary Dell Morgan Frances Price Betty Spann Pat Thompson June Waldrop Nita Whatley Joy Woolf lllltllllllll IILIII I OFFICERS President . . ..... . . Johnny Williams Vice President . ..... . . . Todd Cross Secretary . . . Jean Gillespie Treasurer . . . . Harry Howell Stage Manager . . Thomas Stinson Advisor , , , . . . Mrs. Hurst The Ga-Hi Players, better known as the Dramatic Club, was founded in 1923 and is the oldest club in Gadsden High. Its sponsor, Mrs. Catherine Hurst, tried to see that the club members carry out the club motto: "Act well thy part, for there all honor lies." MEMBERS John Acee Don Collins Sara Harbin Bruce Miller Jeenne Rosenberg Leon Albright Chris Crawford Harry Howell Gail Nelms Billy Singleton Peggy Anders Todd Cross Edith Ivey Sammy Plaia George Smith Molly Bellenger Tom Dake Doug Lanford Billy Pogue Betty Spann Jimmy Berry Augusta Downs Betty Ray Leath Bobby Pope Jack Stanford Billie Anne Bobo Mary Elton Selma Leatherwood Frances Price Austin Stine Norma Broach Joan Bryant Ann Bullard Howell Erwin Jean Gillespie Nell Griffin Willis Lorren Billy McDill David Maeger Page I I6 Billy Raley Clifford Reavis E. C. Robinette Thomas Stinson Herbert Thompson Nita Whatley John Williams J I OFFICERS Head Operator ........ . . Max Upton Assistant Head Operator . . . . Billy Ford Adviser ....... . . Mr. Homme This year the machine operators have rendered a valuable service to the school in the field of visual education. The operation of the picture machine is entirely in the hands of the operators who have proved their ability to perform this important iob. MEMBERS Osceola Ashworth Harvey Elliott Bob McCurley David Bryant Billy Ford Max Upton James Davis Herman House Marvin Wade Jack Little Page ll7 OFFICERS President .... ,..... . . Ann Patterson Vice President . . ..... . . Ann Stracener Secretary . . . . . . . Sue Lang Treasurer . . .... Frances Bone Advisor ............. Miss Anne Rinehart The Home Economics Club is open to any girl who is enrolled in home economics. The purpose of the club is to foster better relationships with people in the school, the family, and community. The club was active for only a short period this year. Betty Amberson Lavoy Bates Betty Beasley Frances Bone Catherine Brooks Peggy Burgess Georgia Burns Dottie Cahoon Agnes Carey Peggy Cromwell Marie Curry Barbara Cushing Peggy Davis Lunette Dempsy Jerre Dial Betty Dickie Jerry Edwards Betty Forrester Betty Fowler Onzelle Gaither Edna Earl Garrett Cora Gilbert Dora Gilbert Jean Gilbert Ann Gilmore Nell Gramling Hazel Jo Gray Doris Hale Martha Hall Mary Hall MEMBERS Jo Alice Harbin Ruth McCoy Jeanne Hollingsworth Martha McDaniel Lee Hood Betty Humphries Ruth Hyde Hilda Johnson Jo Ann Johnson Patricia Johnson Jean Kennedy Beth Kimball Sue Lang Jo An Langley Bobbie Jean Lockmiller Nona Marshall Virginia McGinnis Richardene Miller Ruth Miller Eloise Mitchell Frances Roberts Nellie Fay Robertson Joyce Ross Alice Smith Bennie Splawn Robbie Dean Mobley Betty Story Barbara Norton Ann Patterson Bonnie Patterson Maureen Phillips Olivia Pike Janelle Ramey Ethel Rattray Jean Reynolds Ann Stracener Jean Thompson June Tilly Betty Traylor Billie Traylor Bonnie Trussel Carolyn Turley Jessie Weathington Nita Whatley Beatrice Wheeler Carolyn Wheeler Joyce Wilson Dixie Woodham Barbara Turner Lois Upton Joyce Van Sandt Margaret Vineyard Mary Tom Waits Winona Watts Eleanor Work lllllLOGY CLUB OFFICERS President .... ..... . . Billie Ann Bobo Vice President . . .... Ruth Floyd Secretary . . . . . Betty Jean Spiro Treasurer . . . . Willabeth Thompson Membership- Senior girls and all other girls who have studied biology at least one semester are eligible Motto- "O virtuous woman, thou excelleth them all!" Purpose- 'I. To answer the perplexing questions of teen-age girls. 2. To bring about a wholesome outlook on life. ..CLll OFFICERS President . . . ........ Harry Wheeeler Vice President ,.... . . Sarah Turner Secretary and Treasurer . . . . Delores Fulmer i 2 l The D. O. Club is composed of members of the Diversified Occupation and Distributive Education classes. The purpose of this club is to develop an appreciation for civic and vocational intelligence and leadership, and to assist in the promotion of vocational education. Charles Abel Betty Bankson George Dulze Cewilla Elrod Mary Garnett Donnie Garrett Julia Garrison Billy Griftin Calvin Hanks Nora Sue Holland Jimmie Isbell Mary McCuIIars Jo Ann Moultrie Kenneth McGee Leldon Williams Vivian Prentice Rudolph Owens Elmer Riley Bonnie Steele Sarah Turner Sammie Chambers Myra Jo Walton MEMBERS Marion Wheeler Harry Wheeler Dolores Fulmer Dick Clifton Ray Cooley Betty Denton Elizabeth Grigsby Bonnie Jackson Jean Langley Betty McPherson Alice Jane Parsons Page IQO James Ramey Betty Waller Buddy Williams Hazel Barnes Billy Kinsey Merlin Owens Nell Owens Christine Setterstrom Ruby Jo Williams Buddy Holcomb Wiley Deal fat in sl li OFFICERS President ............ . . Sylvia Boone Vice President .............. June Streip Secretary and Treasurer . . . . Margaret Peeples Sponsor ........ . . . Miss Roberts . The Library Club consists of 42 members, and has as its aim the servicing of information and materials to faculty and students. To be eligible for membership, a student must have a love of books, must be interested in library work, and must show a willingness to participate in programs, activities and respon- sibilities. Our sponsor this year is the librarian, Miss Virginia Roberts, a graduate of Peabody College. MEMBERS Betty Amberson Bobbie Ann Freeman Richard Kimberley Lavoy Bates Hazel Gray Billy Jean Lovins Sylvia Boone Linda Harp Virginia McGinnis Jacqueline Bradley Margaret Henderson Aspasia Malfos Leona Brock Herman House Carolyn Marshall Clarkie Bullard Nancy Hurst Robbie Dean Mobley Peggy Burgess Dorothy Jordon Juanita Morgan Georgia Burns Jo Anne Johnson Margaret Parker Jean Duke Beth Kimball Dorothy Payne Page l2l Lena Perry Margaret Peeples Mary Peeples Maureen Phillips Louise Reeves June Streip Joan Tate Herbert Thompson Leath Thornton Martha Thornton Marion Thornton June Waldrop Annie Ruth Wall Joyce Wilson Louise Windsor Martha Windsor Jane Witherspoon sf .QQ skis .N . 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' 5 ix " , 'ri 5 1 1:'. -Q X ' ' 'J ttf- Ag . ,, ge Q ire, i ff at i 5. ..igp.. B sf- NX A i SQ' Awaiting His Moiesty's choice. .,'o A., i rig, in X Fourth straight yecir, First Prize. Juniors presented "Shc1nty Town." 'i ' ' tgsgggi-gf: 'Q-a:svr,,,Q'.,.Q-".2-1,-,r.. 5 v 1 S , rv .3 A , -SX 4 KQSIN is 9' -mu w Bevy of beauties. l' ff . Q - ' ' if E N 1 3 if E . com X 2 w Q A a x X fa 5. w.,,.,wwx m9 www xg Soy Ncavy refurns M Sforf of Cl 'two mule Trek. M Nw- omg Q!1,.x , ,, A wx. SH Fre Jumor F v fa Rxoox N0 t -52 is foo Qxx O wo 166' R e end IS' e- Cf XO O. ond -fx: - 4? xa Bobby -u Lamar ond Fleem. A ,QD und Thomas Bull und sony ii Chuvlu I X Ye fmlyy., Love those iesfs! y Rv"'l'N'Afw Danger! Lab Assistants of work. . 0 1,8 of' 0 gf! I Strut yo' siuff, mon! We're singing in the m HQGSS' ud fe Cro W gag 5 F al LQ, nf . V 'si .331 x 5 N J 'YK X48 X :X , 45 X' .. .fu X x 'L - W . ..., . v KX Mx L QQ was X, S- , wp M ,. Q a fr -' "' - f XX -X 5 'r-QS 5 .2 ' - -. X ii: " Xfsgf X 4 XX- is Q - X 3:55. ' r X, ...., X X , XXX X .. H X 3 "Peanut" ond friends. 7' Ss be Own gr Easier pczrclde. ' h s 0 Time ou? for teachers. 5 1 1 Ks. .g. -f-'AIN . bk '1 ,M ' lm K . I Advertising "air mattresses." School! outl Look ot the birdie. 34 N ' V . - , ,,. 5 x 4 nf' I M 'NE X if 'ff'- -'83 gf x Q W S s 5 IK -. j an 3' Ouch' 1 IW' .gift :si Pogue? H We rc After the Sonsom game cv fl Q! 'K if 0, fy QW o 910,04 Sponsors. af' 06 cv' xo 6 Q0 x 350 Lights, camera ocfuon' u fry to figure if ou? W1 if.- Q' Teacher un, gag: a Q ' 5 4 Y' 4 Y 2 'fx 2 ' gulf' L f.. QA Q 5' ' Yo ITIOVS. ee d D Il Emma" 3 2 51 S X"'w. . K , r U l P' .0- k A S72 3 3 . X , 4 SN," , i 'PI ffl' vi. 2? , nf' TQ +1 ,fi-6 W 'xx ,, R . W ad' H-Hi K Q if Y W, E-val 2 -- .:.,.. 8 Tllll Yll 'A-S V Xa of SSS f ' udoob T' r ' .yt Q ' ' Ninn Wake On our cify's western border, Reored ogoinsf the sky, Proudly sfcmcls our Almo Mater As the yeors go by. Ever loyol firm and true Ever on well go Yecur by yeor the cages through Because we love you so Pg L54 I i 'V 'O E .-mf ' !,sn,,,,W-wmww. xr ' lsrshmw K y - Ex ii. ff 71 mf 'K if My 1' X xv 1 W A .....giq- 9 gl X A :Lx , . 4: XX , e ' , . I A by .uw in QQL1 P" I A fi kv A1 gg ESQ? if gf - gms -A , Q :X :EX Q., Y 3: 5 ::.', . -if ,:::-N' 1 .-"" " ml' BYEQSQ X HN? S XX f I F NX 0 4 F ,,,-,-,"',"', ,,-,,-0-, Q -',,-0",',-,QOQ BEST WISHES FROM fQ F CRD A 6611 TO THE CLASS OF 9 .QQ ..,.. 5 1 1' I f 4 1 f..l,N MX NDS, x x ,f 1 4 7 X S S U xx , X JUNIOR SENIOR NEXT' YOU LL FURNISH YOUR HOME WITI-IERSPOON S TI-IE FINEST IN FINE FURNITURE QI9 SOUTIW Fourth Street GADSDEN ALABAMA """'4""',,, -,',,"00',,,- 0--fl-.-,,','0""' n """-A... ., u I1 ll 1 f ""--,', , -,' ,-,,-04,,',,, 'Q' 0, E lllll CLASS PIIIIPIIIICY IContunued from Page 441 I also saw nn the paper last week that Betty Spann and Betty Jean Splro have lust returned from a tour of the Umted States lt seems that they saw qulte a few of our class They stopped at one of the bag theaters nn Chlcago and saw Grace Putman and Don Collnns an therr opemng show Molly Bellen er Margaret Headley and Sally Ralls were there too Alvln Low: was takmg pictures for the Chucago un He s quute a well known photographer Speamng of newspapers Pete Smuth ns edltor of the Gads en Tnmes But back to theur tour when they got to Calnforma they saw Sally Hudson who had lust had a screen e and Betty Denton who had a ranch out there Oh and Bull Pogue IS In Hollywood now Whale they were In Callfornla they also met John Acee who ts a lawyer That school we re passlng now as the Brown School for Girls Bettye IS the founder and Mary Ann Caslmes IS on the faculty Jean Duke used to teach there but she ns marrued now You know If we dont hurry we re going to muss my radlo program Its a new show over NBC Doug Lanford and Bryce Rushlng are the comedlans and they re really good Mary Dell Morgan and Frances Parkman were theur guests last week Mary Dell IS qulte well known In soclety and Frances ns a famous poet Lots of her works have been published by the Goddard Publushung Company un Gadsden Its funny how classmates get scattered Isnt nt? Dons Chasteen us In Oklahoma and Pete Bellen gcr ns an executlve wnth the Wllllams LMGTVIDJ Alrllnes Reuben Jackson IS a doctor In North Carolnna nh n too lots of them are stall at home and makmg good Nary McCullars IS wrth Belk Hudson and Betty McPherson rs stlll seen with a certain fellow from Pevmeys Vurgmua Mitchell and Allce Jane Par sons are stenographers and John Wlllrams of all people and Ruchard Klmberly are wlth the FlrstNat1onal Bank Stull trymg to hold It up I guess M L Owens us wuth the Coca Cola Company and B C Ables as stnll handmg out cars at the Reuch Hotel Garage wnth Bull Grulfln and Elmer Rrley on the recenvmg end Some things lust dont change do they? Sammy Chambers as lnbraruan at the publlc library now Eliza beth Grugsby I5 manager at Ike Saks and Calvln Hanks owns an auto garage Slnce you re an lnterlor decorator youll be Interested an thus Peggy Cothran and Louuse Freeman are openlng a Trny Tot shop next month They re havrng Mary Elton who IS becomung very famous to decorate lt Harry Wheeler and Max Upton own a furmture store and Gus and Jlmmue Lukos own a cafeterna Eva Nell Lowe us therr bookkeeper Martha Jackson and Betty Hughes are nurses at the new hosputal that has lust been buult J D Lavoy furmshed the funds for It and IS the doctor In charge Jack Freeman and Edward Garret own drugstores and Bully Raley and Bally Breeden have opened a barber shop James Hedgspeth owns a dry cleanrng place Oh yes Loss Wallace has opened a day nursery I got a letter from Mrs Rayburn Uoy Woolfl last week She sand that Llllle Mae Ryder Ruth Floyd Frances Coheley and Dean Churley passed through Gadsden the other day on thelr way to Washmg ton They were traveling by plane and guess who the pllot was? Bobby Pope The cute llttle hostess they talked so much about turned out to be Margie Roper By the way I heard that Peggy Lochrldge IS a doctor s stenographer Her favorlte expresslon IS strll Slow Down Doc We re almost home and Ive done every but of the talkmg but Im not even begun nmg to run down Buford Ashley and Paul Darden have gone unto some kind of business together lm not sure what kund but Tommy Streup Marlon Wheeler and Charles Hamrlton are connected wuth It too Are you golng to the World Olympncs next year? Ruth Scarboro ns goung to enter for the Unrted States In the swlmmlng contests She s really gone places hasnt she Frank Haggard Osceola Ashworth Jlmmy Godfrey and Jimmy Asbell are workmg wuth the Pollock Motor Company Sam has enlarged the busnness unttll It s one of the biggest nn the South I guess James Akers us lust a confirmed old bachelor Lamar Mullrcan and Fleeta Clark are gettlng married next month Took them a long time drdnt nt? Jean Langly and Merle Murray are gonng to be brldesmalds Seems that the conversatuon us always turmng to romance but then could we find a better sublect? Sara Jane and Clayton Brothers are back together and very happy Frances Adams ns stall hap puly married too Frances Prnce flnally got that plantation nn Alabama after studying art ln Europe 9 1 1 1 ' S , . I. . . . - . . , - 1 lst, . , . , . , . . . . - 1 . , , . . . , . . , , . . ' , , . , . . . . I ' I -I . . . . . C , , . I , . . . . , . . . . . 1- . ' 1 1 1 . , . . . ' , . . 1 1 ' , . . ' . . . . , . . , . , . . . . . . , . , . . . . . , , . , . , . . , I . . . , , I - . , . . . . , . . . . , . 11 11 1 1 - - 1 - I ' I ' - 11 11 - - - ' 1 , . . . . . . , 1 1 1 . . . , , . , . 1 1 . . ., . . . . . , . . . , . ' 1 1 - 1 . '0,,,,-,,,- "',,",,',,,-,,4,-.,,,-,"",,',04,4-,, 'A' BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF T947 R A KLIN N ER FURNITURE CCD HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS ALL GADSDEN WANTS 315 Brood Street Phone 687 GADSDEN ALABAMA I 11 1, 1 ,,N,""",',,"vv'vv"',,"-"Q"",,,4,",,'-,, People certaanly turn out dafferently from what they expect dont they? Can you belaeve Herbert Thompson as a psychaatrast? Charles Frazaer Gus Fraebaum and Herman House have bought a depart ment store and have a very successful busaness Betty Waller Frances Woodall and Vavaan Prentace are all secretarnes I havent heard what Charles Abels as doang Do you suppose he s stall Ioaflng? By the way Maraon Day as marraed Claarlala Fank as a pharmacast now I saw her raght after she was graduated from the school of phar macy here an New York Belaeve at or not lm almost through But not quate Ray Cooley us an eng: neer wath a bag constructaon company And that remands me Jo Ann Moultraes and Jacquelrne Klanner have cute Iattle cottages on Walnut Street an Gadsden The bakery over there remands me that Bonme Jackson and Elazabeth Isbell are workang at the bakery an Gadsden Its a bag place now Robert Kell has lust bought some stock an at Do you remember Bobby Day? I was wanderang lust the other day what became of ham Someone mentaoned ham an a letter but I couldnt read theur wratang so I dont know whether at saad he was a law yer or a loafer Tood Watford s favorate song as evadently stall I ll Walk Alone because he s stlll walk ang alone after all these years You know what' Carol Cross has finally reached the heaght of her ambataon Shes a mortacaan Doras Barron and Nellae Tanner had so much trouble an our typang class back then that I never expected them to become stenographers but I hear they re wath the Commercaal Credat Company an Gadsden Buddy Wallaams IS the manager When we get home land belaeve me ats not m.ach furtherj I II play some of my new records for you Ive got one of Edsel Blackwoods latest hats Hes b en tourang wnth Dack Robertson s swung orchestra They were featured an Spotlaght Band last week and had George Towers as thear guest announcer Ive been readrng lots lately about the bovs who are gomg back anto the servace Errest Sams ard Jessae Barnes have gone anto the Navy Bally Ford as a screntast out an Nebraska and Blll Bone of all people as has assastant Dad you know that Kathryn Benefleld owns a dres shop an Gadsden? Mary Jo Clark has opened a novelty shoo Dad I say I was almost through? Well Ive gust started As you can see I stall love to talk Mar tha Sue Galbreath as workang at Woolworth s but she s a top executave there now Reganald Robershaw has lust opened a new store at Bellevue Haghlands Theda Salvey and Joan Tate are spendung the summer un South Ameraca and Dennas Guest and Chester Halcombe are an Europe takang at easy Elsae Clyde Means as on Broadway now Remember her an the Summons of Serrel? Guess her career started at G H S Well here we are at home and out of breath too Lets turn on the radao and hear the program I was tellang your about Thas IS stataon We now present to you Brent Fagan and has news of the day Hello fraends thas as your wanderang reporter broadcastang to you today from my old home town Gadsden Alabama There s great news for Gadsdenrtes today Malcolm Rowell has been elected to head the cuty com mlssaon Hes done great thangs for Burns Park Charlotte Sewell formerly of Gadsden today became prrvate secretary to the governor of Ala bama Robert Thompson and Malcolm Wynn have lust opened a constructaon company and have ap poanted Wtllaam Woods as Second Vace Presndent ' Well amagane that Brent Fagan a news reporter Oh' Ive been asleep almost an hour and what queer dreams I had' Wonder af I ll be say I dadnt flnd out what lcl be doang dad l? Now do you suppose all those thangs really maght happen? You know some people do belaeve an dreams Oh well could be . . , . ' I 1 ' - 1 1 . , . . , . , . . . . , . . . . , . . - 1 . , . . . . . . . , . . . , . . 1 1 ' 1 - - - - 11 1 11 1 1 11 - 11 . . . , . . , . . . . I . - - 1 1 1 a . , , . , 3 . . . , . I , . , . . . . . , 1 . . . 1 1 1 - 3 . . , 100. . , . . . , . , . ' . . . , , . . 1 1 - 1 - 11 ' 11 , . 1 I ' ,, . . . Q . . H ,, 1 . . . . 1 1 1 , , . 11 1 - - . . , . 11 . 1 1 ' . . . . . , I . . . . . 1 - 1 . , . , - I , . . . . 1 - 1 . 1 1 - pf'-.Q wommwws ir WE SPECIALIZE IN CHICKEN STEAK SHORT ORDERS HUNT S 635 BROAD STREET PHONE 9421 GADSDEN ALABAMA ANNA ,,,-,,-----,-,,,,---,,,,,,,,,,-,,-,,,,,,...,-..,--.E.-,.-,-,,.,,,.,,,..,--1 41 41 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 41 41 1, 1, 41 ., . ,.,.,,,.. .,....,.,. -.,, --'1 4 1, , - K 1, 41 , 41 41 4 1, 4 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 ,MM ,M.1.,,1W M., 1, 41 41 1: 1 5 . ' 1 ' 1 4 1, 1 1, 1, 1 1, 41 4 1, 1, 1, .,.1.,,. ,....,.. A , ...W . ..,., W .W V , . , .... 1, 41 . 1 41 41 4 41 41 1, . 1, 1, , 4 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 41 . 41 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 41 41 1, 1, 1, . 1, 41 41 1, 1, 1, 1, I' 41 , 4 41 . 41 1, W 1, 41 41 4, , 4, 1, ., 1 E. 2,1 1, 41 4 41 41 A , 1. 2 41 41 T 41 I, 1.,. W .1:.. 1- ,, 41 41 41 , 4 1, 1, 41 .. .1 41 I, I, 41 4 41 4 41 4 41 4 41 41 1, 1, 41 4 41 A 4 41 4 41 4 41 4 41 41 41 41 41 4 41 - - 41 4 41 4 1' 1 1 1 I' 4 41 4 41 X 41 41 41 41 4 41 4 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 1, , 1, 4, 1, 1, 41 41 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 41 1 41 41 41 41 41 41 41 1, 41 4, 4, 1, 41 1, 41 1, 1 :::::::::::::::::::-:::-:::,-,,::::,::-,,:::::,,,-- ,,., f.--,,,,, L1l'I WILL IIII 'IE IIIMEII Contanued from Page 45 I Lando Harp do bequeath my love for the Shap Ahoy an Atlanta to Kalroy because he s probably been there I Jean Duke bequeath my love for church socaals to Nell Gramlang We Martha Sue Galbreath and Martha Jackson do wall our salent manner to Ann Morrow and Jean Carter Ball McDaII leave my love for the Spanash language to mas amagas Maggae Headley do wall my qualaty poants to Ball Jolly because he nee s them more than I Mary Dell Morgan do leave my carefree manner to Peggy Cromwell Dot Tatum leave my pleasant personalaty to Joan Bryant Merle Murray leave my love for flartang to Betty Fowler Jammae Isbell leave my scholastac zeal to Joe Ed Seale Myra Jo Walton do wall my agreeable manner to Nell Jo Evans Sara Turner do wall to Ruby Jo Wallaams my place an the D O Room Bruce Maller do wall to Davad Maegar my anabalaty to sang wathout Iaughang Pokey Prace leave my unaque personalaty to Sue Dobbans Frances Woodall do bequeath my love for low necked dressed to Jean Stokes Dot Shurbett do wall my neatness an everythang to Harraett Nesbatt Robert Thompson do leave my palate manners to Chorlae Stokes who reeds them more than I I Betty Drake leave my love for typang to Emma Clark We Louase Freeman Eva Nelle Lowe and Varganaa Matchell do wall to Rachardene Maller Dottae Cahoon and Mary Jean Nelson our love for each other I S s Gramlang do bequeath my freckles to anybody who wants them Il sure don tt We Louase Reeves and Claarlala Fank wall our neat appearance to Nell Arnold and Joyce Walson I Max Upton do wall my mathematacs mand to Chuck McGathy who really needs at We Gus and Jammae Lakos leave to Mary Ella Lakos and Angae Lakos the responsabalaty of upholdang the famaly name I Bobby Day do wall my place an Mr Peterson s office to the next unlucky guy I Barbara Edwards do wall my pataence to Rata Duke I Peggy Lockraclge do wall my love for Cedar Bluff to all others who have anterests there I Jack Street do wall my dark complexaons to Leon Albraght We Edward Garrett Herbert Thompson and Malcolm Wynn leave our anabalaty to get to school on tame to all other sleepy heads We Maraon Day and Vernace Brock do wall our places an Mrs Hurst s hastorf class to future hastoraans I Bettye Brown do wall my best all round personalaty to Regana Duke I Buford Ashley do bequeath my blushang ways to Don McNaar I Mary Ann Casames do bequeath to Martha Elton my braans We Marvan Brown Gus Fraebaum Emory Street Reuben Jackson Percy Howe and Harry Wheeler leave our places an Mass Wests Englash class to future senaors I Dack Robertson bequeath my place an the orchestra to Erle Ralls We Harry Howell Bobby Pope and Thomas Stanson leave our best dressed look to Howell Erwan Danee Raans and George Johnson I George Towers bequeath my abalaty to get along wath anybody to Gerald Scott I Frances Parkman do wall my place an the Wraters Club to Alace Akans We Betty Hughes Nary Lou Evans and Joan Thomas leave our places as cheerleaders to the forth comang tagers roar We James Hedgespath Jessae Barnes Dennas Guest Chester Holcombe Jack Freeman Ernest Sams and Marvan Wallaams bequeath our love for the armed forces to future G H S students who may be called upon to serve thear country - 11 - 11 - - 1 , , 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I . . . ,, . . ,, 1 1 ' I, , d . l, , . I, , . I, , . I, , . I, , . I, , . . . a, , . I ,, ,, .... 1 1 ' I, , - . a, , . I, , , I - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , ' . 11 - 11 - 1 , I , . . 1 1 - - - - 11 11 - 1 1 - 1 1 . . , , , . . 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 . 1 1 1 , ' 11 11 . . . . , . I . . 1 1 - - f 11 11 1 - 1 1 ' ' - 1 1 - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . . 1 , . - 11 11 - I 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 , . . . . , . . 1 , - 1 1 ' 1 1 ' - 11 - 1 11 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 . . . ',,-,,,,,,-,,'f,,,,, qf-,,,,f,,,,0,,,,-,,,,-,,,,,,,,,-,,,,.,,,,'-,,,"',,1f,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,',,','1 ',N,4Q"4x,,4-0000,'Q'Q"'4-,,,QQQ0"'4-04-0f'x'0'4-0"", 'f-",,Q,,',,4-,,,,,.,' RUSSHGRH I .I - CORNER PHONES FOURTH and CHESTNUT Your Frxendly Furmture Store SENIOR PORTRAITS DAVID S STUDIO You OUQIIIO Be In Pldures II2 N EII1 STreeT Phone 2247 BEST WISHES TG THE SEIXIIOIQS OF I947 DAVIDT WALKER IKE SAKS CLOTHING GO I I I I I I I I I I I ',.J 0 I I 0 701 I 108 I .1 . . H I I I I I I --,,-,,-,-,-,,,,,-,,f,,',,--,,"",,,-,,,,,,,,"'-,,,,-,',,,,,,,,,",'J ,"',",-,,,,f,,-,,,,-,,,"',,,,,',,,,f,---,,,,,,,,,,,,,',,,,-,',,,,',4 I I I i' I I I I I I I I BY I I I I I I I I I I 11 - - 11 I I I I I I . J 5 I I ll ll E I I I I . I I I I I I I I 0"",,',",0"',,', 04QQ"'-0Q40"04-0"'0""Q4'0'Q,"",,,"-Q",0"0,j ,,,',,,,,-,,-,,,-,,,",,,,, '.,, --,"-,,-,,,,-,,--,,,-,-',f-,,,,--,,,--7 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 I I I -,,,,,--,,,',---f-,-',,f',,,.-,,,',,,,,,,-,'-,-,---',-",,,--,-',-' 7 I Buster Latumer bequeath my place as drum maaor to anyone who can step hugh enough I Sally Hudson do bequeath to Ann Stracener my pulchrutude Ilook at up un Websterl We Leath Thornton and Aleen Herrung leave our love for the male sex to Gloraa Cole and Martha Kurby Alace Jane Parsons do bequeath my soft vouce to Louuse Wallace E C Robanette bequeath my nuce personaluty to Jerry Watford Jammy Godfrey leave my lack of stature to Wayne Wulson Elsue Clyde Means leave my love for never goang to classes to Rose Ashew Tood Watford do wall my place an the stadaum to Sonny Works Peggy Davus do wall my love for Attalla to all others who lake the scenery over that way Bryce Rushang do bequeath my suave manner wath the women to Duck Hullhouse who needs ut more than Pete Bellenger do bequeath to Wulson Van Pelt my love for makang Mr Bower s lufe muserable Sammy Plaua leave my love for teachers to Bully Lancaster Lena Perry wall my Jolly smule to anyone who wants ut Bubbue Lowa bequeath to Jake Sutherlan my lack of abalaty to get anywhere on tame Buddy Wulluams do wall my man about town aur to anybody who wants ut Jeanne Rosenberg do bequeath to Joyce Gentry my abalaty to always look cute Bully Tarpley do wall my enchantung way of smokung a pupe to anyone who wants to take up the habat Jackue Klunner do wull to Ann Freeman my dugnafled manner IGoodness knows she needs at I I J D Lavoy do wall my dark haar and complexaon to Jack Stanford We Mary Jean Langley and Eluzabeth Gragsby bequeath our well dressed appearance to Ethel Claare Rattrey and Augusta Downs I Don Colluns do wall my place as edator of Magnavox to the comung edutor I Grace Putman leave my shapely legs on second thought Id better take em We Peggy Anders and Molly Bellenger do bequeath the key to the annual room along wuth all uts I Howard Frank Haggard do wall my love for hecklung gurls to anyone who wants at I Calvan Hanks leave my carrot top to Flavul Roberts I John Acee do wall my love for the gurls to Charles Huguley We Regunald Robershaw Charles Tommue and Wulluam Woods leave our places un homeroom 202 to the forthcomung occupants I Kang Brothers do wull my nuce expressuon to Ball Small He needs at more than I do We Davud Bryant Pete Smath and Ruchard Kumberly bequeath our genuus to Ball Elton Wallas Lor ren and Bobby Kulpatruck I Ruth Floyd do bequeath my devul may care manner to Charlotte Kang We Lal Ryder and Frances Coheley leave our bag mouths to Peggy Burgess and Nuta Whatley I Ruth Scarboro leave to Joyce Whutehead my athletuc abalaty We Fleeta Clark and Lamar Mallucan Vurgunua Craag and Forrest Smath Betty Jean Spuro and Edsel Blackwood leave our places as paar trees to Jean Stokes and Charlae Johnson Ann Hudson and Jack Stanford Jackue Moss and Gaul Nelms I Bully Sangleton hereby do bequeath to Harraet Wade and Jummae Johnson our undyang love for each other I Betty Spann do wall my place as flagswunger to Ann Hudson We Nellue Tanner and Mary Jo Clark wall our love Pl for typung to Sara Nell Harban and Juanuta Pruutt We Sammue Chambers Lous Edmondson Cewulla Elrod Dorus Chasteen Kathryn Wheeler and Kathryn Benefleld do wall our places on the East Gadsden bus to Jeanette Carpenter Mary Helen Al braght Dorus Wheeler Carolyn Stone and Bobbue Jean Ingram I Ann Phullups leave to Eduth Ivey my cute smule I Stanford Rouse do leave my Ietharguc tendency to Hugh Carlusle We Bobby Redman Kathryn Allen Bull Raley and Mary Eluzabeth Chalmers bequeath our places an the band to Wallas Lorren Hugh Ballard Sunshune Garruson and Theodore Casumes I . I . I ' I I . . F I . I . I, ' , . I, . . ' , ' ' . v ll Il ' I, , . I, ' , . I, 11 11 I ' ' ' I I, . I . . . If . I . . . . I do. . . , . . I, , . . I, ' , ' . I, , - ll ll - ' U ,, . ,, . . .. . I, , . I, , ' ' . I' . I . . . . I, . . I . . . . t , t I , . . . ' ' ' II II 1 I ' ' I I 1 1 '- I - I I . . worraes to the coming annual staff. I I F ' ' ll II ' I I ' 1 I I F . u ,, . ,, . . . . . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . 1 1 1 , 1 ' , . II ' II ' I I ' ' - II ' II ' 0 , , , . , . . I . . . . . I . ll ' II ' 1 ' 1 , . ' I I I . F ' 1 , - I . I . I . I . I I I 1 - I I l a I . . I . . . I I F I o I I I I I ' I I ' ' 11 - ll - ' I I I ' WHEN IN NEED GF THE BEST IN FANCY GROCERIES AND WESTERN MEATS FRED ABERCROMBIE QI? So 3rd STreeT Phone 3034 DUNCAN A STORE OE FASHION HEADQUARTERS FOR HIGH SCHGGL AND JUNIOR FA HIONS Smort Apparel for Women Good CIoTI'1mg for Men GADSDEN ALABAMA GADSDEN HARDWARE CO GENERAL HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES BUILDING MATERIAL SPORTING GOODS Brood Street Phone 888 "'0""'"","'4--,,4,',-.1-,,'0'f"',4-,,004-,'f,',""' ,,""' ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,',""',,, ',,, ' ,,,,',' w 11 ' fl 1 1 ,"'-",,--',",,",",',,Q'Q,,,,,,,,',,,,,,",,,,,,, 0Q''Q""""f',0,"""""4Q"Q0"",',""',,,"" o ,4"',,,,.,,.,,',','""',"",,44"",,"""',""-' Doris Barron will my lolly manner to Ann Gunn Peggy Cothran leave my sweet disposition to Patty Lister Betty Denton do bequeath my love for the opposite sex to Ann Gilmore Paul Albert Darden do will my love for Regina Duke to the lucky boy who gets it Dean Chumley do will my flughty ways to Carolyn Cleveland We Mary Elton and Lois Wallace do will our quiet ways to Eve Clark and Judy Wilhoit they need them more than we do Delores Fulmer do bequeath my love for geometry to Nell Evans Sue Hallmark do will my swayback to Jean Edwards Vivian Prentice do will my wavy locks to Lots Upton Sam Pollock leave my love for Latm to Caesar Theda Sllvey do will my nlce complexion to Billie Ann Bobo Ramona Scarboro do will my love for cats fthe four legged klndl to Juanez Turner Jane Witherspoon leave my parking place I1 front of the building to Herman Wiggins Frances Adams do bequeath my love for the navy to Nellie Faye Robinson We Osceola Ashworth Charles Hamilton Marlon Wheeler and Tommy Striep leave our love for being lust a little but lazy to other lazy folks I Ray Cooley leave my place In homeroom 216 to the lucky freshman who gets at I Pat Thompson leave my small hands to anybo :ly who wants them l94li SEASII Continued from Page 77 GADSDEN 26 STAIR TECH 0 A wet field prevented both teams from playmg their best game but the Tigers proved their superiority by holding their visitors from Knoxville Tennessee scoreless while they proceeded to rack up 26 points The raln was not enough to keep the Tigers from providing thrills for the spectators Highlights of the game was a 70 yard sprint by Acee to score the opemng tally and right end Billy Pogue who proved his skill at snaggmg the pigskln when he twice crossed the enemy goal for scores Pogue s end arounds also brought the spectators to their feet many times during the night Patterson Jolly and Small also looked exceptionally well in thesr line play GADSDEN 6 ANNISTON 6 Long sustained drives a 65 yard touchdown sprint passes galore and crushing line play thrilled over Il OOO persons as the Tigers and Bulldogs wound up un a 6 to 6 tie which robbed Gadsden of its much sought after thlrd straight victory in the last three years Connell McDill and Dake were more alert and drove harder than they had all year Tood Watford a late arrival on the gridiron did a grand lob at quarterbackmg Rushing placed on the third All State team played the best game of his career An exceptional 'ob of ball carrying was demonstrated by Lasseter lightweight of the crew I, . I . . ' I' I . . . . ' I, , ' ' . 'I I . . . n I, , ' ' . , I, , . I, , ' . I' . . . I . . . I, , ' . I, . I . . . . . . I, , ' - ' . Il . , . . . . . . - I, , ' ' . I I . I . I . I I, Billy Breeden, do will my place in the library to Billy Lusk. I I . . . , , . I I I a v Q a n . I o I . I l . , , . - . . I . . I . . . . . I ' . - . . . , ' I I - - I I . I . . . I . . . ' . , - . . . . ' I . G I . . . I . . . ' . I . - I , . . . . I . , . IN GADSDEN Tora ENTERTAINMENT Deluxe New PRINCESS GADSDEN NEWEST FEATURES SHORTS BEST VAUDEVILLE Amerlcos Fovorute Entertomment Brood Street South 3rd SIBERT S Mrs Leoth The skunk IS o very HARDWARE SEEDS FARM IMPLEMENTS 204 S 4th Street useful ommol We get fur from hum .loom Thomos I Il soy we do We get os fur from hum os posslbl GADSDEN ALABAMA BEST WISHES TO GADSDEN HIGH SCHOOL HOFFMAN AND SONS Regrstered Jewelers Members Amertcoh Gem Soclety --,,, ,----,,----,,,,,-,-,-,,,,--,,,-,-,.,,,,--,-,,,,-,-,,-,,,,, T H - T - - ,, N . -,-,,,-,,--,,,,,-,--,-,,,--,,-,,,,-,,--,-,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-,-,---, Q,"',",',"'0""'44-"""",0'1I-QQQQQQQ,"',,,,,,,,,,,,,,"0 S z S N t N T N I Q N 5 N H s N . . 5 5 . , 5 z - . . my N 4 if I T T 1 l S S ' I . . H 5 ' 6, 5 5 N S U S Q S f N S N S H S ,,-,,---,-,,,,----,-,ff,,-,,,,..-,,,,3 L-'f,.-.f,,""""ff'o"'0vQ0"' -------,,,,,,,,-,----,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-,,,-,,--,--,-,---,,--,,---- ,, . A - 11 0A-0-oooco40e.a-w:s:s:seN:-0s04-00e0J-s0s0-0-.0-s0J0-0s-'0OOJJJCNCNO-O-0?70O07S00'Sl0000"""9 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 47 J C PENNEY COMPANY IT PAYS TO SHOP AT PENNEYS 5I3 I5 BROAD STREET Phone I725 I726 JULIA S STORE FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES cmd NOVELTIES Mus Sponn Orcncuous dedr why were you trymg to Ieed the cot wuth brrd seed? I told you to feed the ccmory Betty Well thots where the con BEST WISI-IES TO TI-IE STUDENTS OF GADSDEN I-IIOI-I SCI-IOOL Oddsdens Most CompIete Department Store ,-,,,,,,--,,,,,.,.., ,,, ,..,,,,,,,,,,---,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I . . ll I ll ,---,,,,-,,,,,,,-,,-,-----,,,,,,-,--,-,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,N, "'00""44'0'0000""'00v'q f,4,"""00'0'4QQQQQQQQQQQQQEQQQ I I 2 I 'k I I I I I Q ' ' I I l I I . , I I I I , I I A I I 5 5 I I - I I I I 11 1 . I I 2 , - . T I 11 at cry Is, Mother, -k ' I ' I I I I ,f-,,,,-,,--,,,,,,,--,,,.,-,g 4,.,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,--,,,-,,,,,,, ,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:: ,,,:::::,,,,,,,,,::,: ,,.,, ,,-, 1 ll I ll -,--,,,,--,-,,----,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,-,,---,,-, G I PERSONAL LOANS Auto Financing S H M LS L G ALLENSTEIN BIRCH ANDERSEN 8I CO ISuccessors to Howe Prlntmg Col Hallmark Greetlng Cards ART SUPPLIES 525 Broad Street THE BETTER CLOTHESI THE HARRIS STORE 433 Broad Street ROEBUCK SHOE SHOP We speclaluze In Invisible soles II4 So 5th St Phone 878 Compluments of GADSDEN FLOWER SHOP T25 North 4th St Phone 46I Complnments of GUARANTEE SHOE STORE COMPLIMENTS OF JACK SAKS LADIES and MISSES READY TO WEAR p.," MEET ME BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL GRAHAM S DRUG STORE I I I I I I I I I n 0 I I I I I I I . , IL . . I I I g,,.,.,-,,-,,,,-,,,---,---,--,,-,,V-,,-,-----------,-,-,,,,,,---------,,,, I I I I II ' I I I I II I I I I II I II I I I . . II I - II - I II I . Ip--,,--,,,---,,,-,,,,.,,,,,,,,-.., I, I ,,,,--,N--,,-,-,-,-,,-,,,----,.,- I I I I I I I . I I I, I I I, I I I I II I I I, I II I, 'I I, I II uQQJ''""'""""""""""""Ju,-,,,------.,.,,,.,,,-,,,,,----,., r"""""'""""""""'f""'7p-.,-,-,--,-.,,-,,,,,,-,,,,,,-,,-,, I II n H II II II I II I I I I I I II I II , II II 9,:---,-:::,::,-,:::-::::,::,::::::aI I:::::::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::4I II , Its H 1 1 I II I II I II H . . . . .. I H I ' ' I I II I . . II I, I ,:::::::::::,,:,::::,--:::,::::::::gp:::::::::--,::-::::::::::--:::::, -,,,,,::--::,,,,,,::,:,:::::,,:::::,--::::-:::::,:::::,::::::,::, I I I I I I I -AT- I I I I I I I I -:::,:::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::--:,,-,::::::--,::,,-::::--::::::: ',,'-" 0,,',",,',',,,,,,,",,,',,Q,' ,,,,,,',", CHAT AND CHEVV WITH YOUR FRIENDS The COFFEE CUP BETTER THINGS TO EAT 536 BROAD STREET BEST WISHES CLASS OF 47 DOBSON 8K CO BEST OUALITY AT LESS COST 3OI Brood Street Rhone 2I23 GADSDEN ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF SHUI' W A LT H O U R TQYS BICYCLES GIFTS USRY DRUG Comer 4TI1 ond Chesmut STreeTs 302 Brood Street Rhone IQOO PHONE 584 V ll ll ,--,, .,..., - ....,..., ,,,,-,--,,,,,,,-, ,.,,.. -,,,,,,,,, .,,, , , ,- ,,,,, ,,., ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,.,,.,.,,..,,,.,,,,,,..,,, - I . ll ll , 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .....,. ,,,,,,,,-,,-- NN, ,.,,,, ,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,',",,,4"' 'QQQ' 0,044 f-00,0000 ',,,,, , ,,,,,, ,,,, , , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I H -- I I t I I I I . I I A I I I I I I I I I I ' I -,,,--,,,,,,,,-,,,,--,,,,,,-,,,,,l ,,-,,,,,,,-, ,.... ,,,,,, ,,,,.,. , ',,,,,,,,,,,, ,,- 00 045 4Q,,,a' ,, fx, ',',',,,"'04-,004-"'4,- ",,-., Q, ,fly I-,Q-, 0' v.."e," Q-Q ,,.",, 14" 0' I I u ,,,,,,,, ,,-,..,,,,"""',,,,,',00' Q,,',,,,,-,,,,,,C,..4-.1-.,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, CROSSFIELD S Ice Cream GADSDENS SUPREME CREAM I2I8 Forrest Avenue P one IIII AvIn Lovvn Doc can I playlng my VIOIIU agarn ID Two Weeks? Doc Cant guoranfee vIoIIn but last man I operated on was playung a harp In 24 hours BEST WISHES TCNYS SouTn 3rd Street v-Q 512 A BROAD ST COMPLIMENTS HIII Servlce Sfahon E BRoAD CQMPLIMENTS OE CROSS JOHNSCN INSUU-Irion E BROAD J 4, ,, ,, ,,0,4-., ,, ,-, ,,,,,,,,,,, 00004, ,Q I II I I I I ' I Q I I I I II II II I II II .-II I II II .II I II II t II I II II II I II II II I II IIg II I II II A . .II I II II . II I II II III I II II XII II II VIII I II II CII I zz M Ina: I II N II II Q II II ' II I II I II I II I I II II XII I II II I, II II II II 2 II II II I II II II Q II II II I II II II I II II H -o' C I - I II II :CDII -,,-,--,,,,,g """""' I 22 I II I If,-,,----,,.,, I-"" '-" "-.,I 1' 1' I II II I2 I II I I, I II I II I II II II I II I II I II II I, I II II II I II - II II I II I II I II II II I II II II I II I I, I II II II Q I II, II. II I II I, II I Is . II KI 5 I 2: I2 :I I II II II I II II I r I II II II I II II II I II II, I2 I I II II I II - II II I II I II I II II II I II I, I, I II II I, I II II 2' .I IL In, A 4 0 ,3-,,",,,, Q0 .,C,'I, J 00,00 ,Q 'J Q, QQ-, ',""'0"'v-0 4-4 .-, 'Q0,0"'7f'0,,0Q'004""0Q0'4'0"Q4,,-0""f"' 'Q'0Q"'q fQ4,"0,,,"0"',,'4-"',1 :::,,,,'::,:::'',f::'::"::::,f':::::'Qf::"'::,,,"::""",,"f4Qoo7 COMPLIMENTS OE CITY COMMISSION Of Gadsden, Alabama COMPLIMENTS OF Leon Jones Appllances South 3rd COMPLIMENTS Norton s Flower Shop WITH OUR BEST WIS!-IES ALWAYS TO GADSDEN HIGH nf E UI T' 7' I JP 7 nf Z o WT U O -I -C L'-,-,,-,,,, 0"0Q,040J p, Chamber of Commerce GADSDEN ALABAMA L 5, YOUNG S MEN S OUTFITTERS 538 Broad Street GADSDEN ALABAMA La Gngsby How dmIyouIoM2yourIob9 Jean Langley Just because of sornethung I dld After I trled twenty dresses on a woman s e sand d look IIICG III ometnn flovvlng so I asked her why she dfdnt Iump m WSIIST E Gadsden Bank East Broad Street 'Q g., fo L,,,-,,,,,-,,',,- II II I 'T I II II II I I2 II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I II s II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I s II II II I II II II I II II II I II II II I II II I I II II I I II II II I II II . II I II II II : I II II II I II II I II II I II II II I II I II II II II II II II I I II II II II ,,,--,,-,-,,,---,,,,,,- H ,,.,,-,,,-,,,,,-,,,,--,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-- ,,.,,,---,,- , 1+ :I I II- II I T , I II 1 II II . -II I I II II II I II41 ,II II I . II X II II I II, 4 II II I IIs Q II II X I II 3- -.II II s I II 32. II II I II f :II O II I II - I II II I II s II II I II 'I 'I I s I I 'I' 'I' II -II II I II - II II I II II II I II II II I II ' II NII I II H II II I II ' II II I II ' II II I II , II II I II M II II I II II II I II s II II I II . .III I II f II II II -II II - I no :II II I I -',,, "',',,,','4LQ0,0""",,,,,,",',0'4,""',,,,',,,,,,,""'0,' COMPLIMENTS People s Fmcmoe Company DORA DEE HULSEY Monoger 3OIU Brood ST SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE A sTroIghT Ilne IS The shorTesT dIsTonce beTvveen Two poInTs IT you re sTrIngIng Telephone vvlre Ioymg o cemenT hughvvoy or bulldung o roII roocI The Tewer The mIIes you hove To cover The Iess The 'ob cosTs AII rlghf The some Thnng opphes To The cosT of The Thmgs you buy In The sTore The shorTesT mosT Inexpensnve roool Trom monufocfurer To you IS Seors Roebuck oncI Co The one ouTsTondIng procTITIoner oT money sovlng STRAIGHT LINE DISTRIBUTION The sovlngs you eTTecT of Seors ore reol Under The Seors moxnmurn economy sysTen'I whereby we orrIve oT low prlce vvIThouT Toklng IT ouT oT onybooly s Iooycheck IT cosTs us Iess To do buslness onoI IT cosTs you Iess To oIo buslness WITh Seors 4 4155011 uafzaaie Zfd S, WM gd! 5 ffm ,.5,'l,, med PfZ,m2,,-rPzfm5' GADSDEN FREE PARKING ,...q --- ..,. ..,,,., , ,,...,. , ,,, .,,. , ,,- , - ,,--,,,, 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I l 'I 'I II 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'A' I 'I 'I 'I II I , 2 . 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I II II ,,-,,,,------,--,-- ,.,, --,--,,,--,,-,-,,,-, ,,,,--,,,--,,-,--,-,,,-4 ,,-- ,,,,,..,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,...,.,.,,..,,....,.,. -- 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ir I 'I 'I 'I . . . , , , 5 ' I . . V. . . . . . - 1, 1 ' I, - ' ' I I ' I, . - - 1 - I, - I 5 . . . 1, 1 , 1 II . Q ' I, , I, - . . I, . . I, I 'I . . . . 1 . II - 4' . . - - II 1 ' 1, 'I 'I 'I 0 , " I, , 4, .. . II , ' I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I N ,,..,...,.... - ,-, ,,,,,.....,.,,.... -, ...... , ,,,,,,,. , ,,,..,. 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By arts, science, research, and industry. itwe ww is not easy hither smoothing at the proved paths we can continue tc It is narrow. It is sometimes rough. Otiue' raths bGCLlOf' mgigfgi emmg: men everywhere to follow the way that alluringly, as seeming short cuts. But in rncxniiricis halting airoady has lea one nation so far toward the better and progress through the ages many paths have been exolorea 'tanpter lite tor oil, be aragnn rests' oesieuens AND crzszxtorzs or in ADAMS MONTGOMERY, ALA. MQ ,Z M ,.. at COME WHAT JVIAY CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth lt is also a fundamental experience ' We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over tlurty years an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud ul' -A' 'k -k 1- COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA E N GRAVI N G C OMPANY B 1 RMI N G HAM H ' . - 0 U O U . . requirement of business . . -. . attained by long study, training and V D I 0 0 I . . V . . . U U I . .5 , . ,F ,, M , , ,, , . .L V-. A '

Suggestions in the Gadsden High School - Crucible Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) collection:

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