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L LL, J f' H. -'ilw 1-11, 1 'X M , J Wy' T, ff' . .mf AA, V , f r ,M TR! f r li ,xl I, MSGR. JOHN A. GABRIH LS A A ff 501 N. MARSHALL ' LANSINGQ MICHIGAN A VOLUMH IV E Q 131. -4 Jw ' 551. 1 ., . TR MPET 4 1 C0 TE .g 1'3Ef'Af5ie,sf'5'jiT?5Y'-?'4fY1il6fE?N,Z JVYi'FMxxf'57..,iL EW'f"1'-F1 JMEWV 1 'T 'ghfxri V1 ' 'Wf :fi ' EQ'if11'W45Yf'k.?!ea-1155757 ki'i5'1'f?f1l39 - X 1. , ,gil , ,a,f.eg11m1affA S f- ff-12 zfflmwzgs fggzfemaw q S1541 12,-g?S3yi5'Z5.fsA:9E,.5qi55,g3?1 gy fm - 1 ' S1152-fi , -2 ,iw Afiifgmf f::1, 91i,5f 1 mf.gqgk,gg,,ig5'f-141621 1.if'fff222f:-1 uziiaeii552:41-H--:nw LwvsfffkfsulaifwvawQfivs???81431-wifg,sff12.f-Wx.-si111W-Jilfkigflllfi 'iff-9 1 My ,, 41 U ,'-- -W 1 -f'- -ff fvgbivawg-m1v?Eff.w-v,v13 J, 2gvQaZmm351wsw1wA,p111gg5Wf,:1f451ay1fsag,? 1 Q 1 f--Qfkgylifi' .W T. .i:i"V" . 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A fiwffssw, A . .F a 1 1' ' 1 . 1 , 1 ar , 1 fm? w wf 111 MQ , 1 1f1wSa?wwg1 1 , - 1 fm gggw f5w??f1+k 1 i,y1 5g?f,1p1 ' 'v u fiwlafaf A 1 1 1 3: vi . 1 1fS?z5Y3YmE:f2w- 1 LUCKY TO BE GABRIELITES J 1mI1xnmfmHlnm WK' TO FEEL THA T WHICH IS UNFORGETTABLE TO KNOW OTHERS 6 TO KNUW O ESELF f e if B K. 11 I - V s QA .HH K A 'wil v H K 1 .3 fo xl' il Y 'N lf- - W . - s 'w . . -'X Pin Fm A ,f 5' F -7 if Q - Q I, H '-fl f.: 7' f V ,L n I U. . fp' J" ,Q x 1 Ta.. up A Aw A kwwxwm 9? fi' 55 F M..,1w, Q. 9 ic . , -4 L4 - X, V, ' 'fn u I 3 ii . - " 1- -- - 1 K ,.fA,f Y, 1 , f N' r.,. v., ,is Hg.. -ww A iw A ,, 'Z iv . ,. swf.. A A s Q. 2, Xing, ' s s" ' s V--t- . ,.,5x . ' 4-Mi. I In 1 'rf' v 4 , ' r I I Qi 3 - K gg . ,IAL L f ef? - V . 4 pw. I, 5,1 if 4 ei 4 s u 1 ,P :F . , s -Ja THE REFLECTIUNS UF A STUDENT Wrwwwww ,,,, . Vrvf - OUR ADMINISTRATION KNOW W LL Brother Athanasius has made it a policy to know personally each member of Gabriels High School. His loyalty and enthusiasm have earned the respect and admiration of the entire student body. Ably assisting him areg Brother Hugh and Sister Marie Doloretta, assistant prin- cipals, Father Sears, religious advisor, and Mr. Jastrab, guidance counselor. Brother Athanasius, with his administration serve the needs of a grateful student body. ". . .And what can I do for you?" is the phrase so often heard as a student approaches our principal, Brother Athanasius. iff "wx ,..-1 Mr. Jastrab, guidance counselor, has done much to aid students in job pl a c e rn e nt, college problems, school and personal difficulties. Brother Hugh, our "super-colossal" assistant principal, greets absentees and tardies as one of his better known duties. if QE Nffsf QF mi .tnn , 4 A It THE TUDE T BUDY IT GUIDES ff The technical services of our school are handled through the work of Mr. Spedoske and Mrs. Steinbach. Sister Marie Doloretta, girls' guidance director, is always available to assist in student problems. Everywhere at Gabriels one finds oppor- tunities for education. In the library, the laboratory, and on the athletic field one always finds the instructor ready and will- ing to give his time to help the student who is trying to learn. Our faculty and adminis- tration are Well prepared, competent, and proficient in the use of principles and methods of teaching to induce the learning process. To each of them is extended a thank you from those who have benefited from their knowledge and experience. In overseeing the religious program of the school, Father Sears influences the spiritual lives of the students. 11 PERSPECTIVE-PA T A D PRESENT l 1' Brother Francis, senior government teacher, came at the sem- ester break and quickly became acquainted with his students. Re-enactment of a trial scene brought the history of law to life as the freshman jury confers on aspects of the case. '---.,,,, '-+A History is the basis for understanding man and his past. Through the study of famous men, places, and events the excite- ment and drama of yesterday is recreated. The second year of the International relation has also extended the study of social science. This independent study program has received an overwhelming response from the upper classmen. These classes have succeeded in presenting the students with the past, to be remembered, the present, to be aware of, and the future, to look forward to. Mr. Cook, head of the government department, brought many speakers in to make his subject both interesting and active. UEPENDS UPON GGG 4, ,,.,,,?p .,.., Y, ., -1 ., ..., . ,X A-, W . , at , ' H ' v ' " 'T f - 'W .,y, ' Zi - - f f 'ff' 1' ' 'K ,1 -ii. " ' i ' ' ""' wt-1-me---up I A LKLV iii ALAJ El f, -I HUMA RELA TIONS The Human Relations program established at Gabriels has proven to be of great benefit in widening the scope of education. Here, a representative from Korea introduces the music of her country. Kathy Olance and Kim Braman make good use of the overhead pro- Mr. Lardner and Mr. Sambear, American and World jecture in presenting their depth study to Sister Thomas More's History teachers, give the underclassmen much history class. enrichment. ' -'ATiZ'i ,.-, ,, """" A V K "?'6,l"5-Q' 'JW' -'Y isggggggu-fm . -"S , , X 'i A h'wt:p,x af' ' I Q J x ,fi tyt, is . ,....W,...,f-Q. H ' -. M... Y 13 PRESEN TA TIO Mary Jo Milam, sophomore, was one of the many students who participated in the forensic contest at Gabriels. Debate is the art of persuasion. The debater is taught to influence his audience by means of pertinent evidence. Sister Rose Margaret, Gabriels' Debate Coach,prepares her students in the elements of logical argument. This year's topic was "Resolved: That the Foreign Aid Program of the United States Should Be Limited to Non-Military Assist- ance." The pros and cons of this topic were explored thoroughly by the students. 14 A D REB UTTAL Above, Sr. Rose Margaret gives some last minute pointers to varsity debaters, R. Steinbach, R. Meyers, S. Secor, and I. Henneman. Officers of the Debate Club are: Pres., Steve Secor, Libr., M. Magistrog V. Pres., J. Broehlerg Sec., L. Henneman. Q , -gi if . at fi S 779 'li L.. 5 Above, Mrs. Krug, an English I instructor, discusses a paper with interested students. At right, Sister Rita Mary, the head of the English department, is a senior advisor and English IV teacher. gf -i Above, Sister Thomas More reviews with her students an essay on Forest Fire Prevention Week. At left, students who traveled to the Stratford Festival in Canada, found the performance of Henry V an enriching experience. The purpose of English is to give the student a deeper appreciation and aware- ness of his culture through the study of literature. In correlation with the English Courses this year, many Juniors and Seniors participated in an excursion to Stratford, Ontario to attend the world renowned Shake- spearean festival and witness the stage pro- duction of Henry V. The trip, supervised by Sister Rita Mary, was acclaimed to be an invaluable educational experience. kskp L W MW' ' 1--...Es 15 The tradition of Roman representation is carried on through these Senators, elected by class members. Jw-1 WW' vu"N,w 5- I-Jn Winners of the chariot races and Olympic games display their ribbons from the National Convention At right members of the J C L. approach the entrance to Cumberland Gap, as one of the many stops on their summer trip. xt x fi ia Sister Jean Margaret, head of the Latin department, care- fully makes last minute adjustments before a J. C. L. performance. Latin has been instrumental in laying the foundation for language and promoting interest of ancient Rome. This has been brought to life through the endeavors of the J. C. L. and Sister Jean Margaret. In early August, the Junior Classical League traveled to Bowling Green, Kentucky for the 13th National Convention. With eighty-three "J. C. L.'ers," and the National Treasurer, Jim McKouen, Gabriels gained added recog- nition for outstanding achievements. oankldvw' Nw SW.-f ,mia .Jo-'-" W 1 .,.-ef' Language is not a barrier at Gabriels. For the students who study French and Spanish, language is an opportunity as well as a challenge. With the aid of modern language facilities and versatile teachers, our students have opened new channels of communication. These lingual skills will be a definite asset to the students in future years. The Spanish students have acquired new skills through the efforts of Senora Rood. THE ART OF EXPRESSIO Madame Baylon, French teacher, is our newest addition to the language department. Eflsfif-v M Wkistfrixa u,.. in v.,q-Sn. H Q21 'NW Senora Morris aids students in operating the modern language facilities. Here, Nancy Olson, gets a little extra help. 17 CIENCES OF CURIO ITY A D EXPERIME TATIO 111 - ..... Mr. Harvey, Brother Boniface and Brother Charles supply the right formula for successful teaching. Sister Loretta Jean aids H. Miller, B. Polack, and M. Charette on a difficult problem. Mathematics is not only a science but a means of attaining self-discipline, intellec- ual dexterity, and personal skill. Logical thinking is the key to the understanding of this science. The math department strives continually to prepare the student in the studies of Algebra, Geometry, and Modern Analysis. To impart knowledge and skill in using these basic principles is the con- stant aim of the mathematics department. Sister Rose Margaret, head of the math department over- sees the math program as M. Garrison works an equation after school hours. ' . .. K FERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS Li .Be Afs. 'Es g n Fe Cc Gq Ge A In is jp!OTK Ru In Sn Sb In ALI PB' his E. Reid, F. Dubendorf, and R. McCarius are supervised by our chemistry and physics teacher, Sister Andrew Joseph. Curiosity and discovery have a signifi- cant relationship in the study of the sciences. With the help of modern equipment and ex- perienced instructors, students have suc- cessfully completed credits in the areas of chemistry, physics and biology. Physical science was newly added to the curriculum this year. These studies explore in detail the scientific knowledge of all advancing society. Sister Geraldine Marie, above, and Mr. Brooks instruct the students in the science of biology. B. Morris, P. Lindemann, and J. Seymour experiment with modern equipment in the physics lab. In the chemistry lab, A. Spata, M. Cain, and E. Wilberding combine some new chemical formulas. 19 HOMEMAKING.' A CAREER Today's women play an important role in the formation of tomorrow's world. This has been the aim of Sister John Martin, 'fto emphasize the importance of the woman in today's society." Throughout the year, the girls have worked diligently on the develop- ment of their domestic skills. The result of this conscientious effort is a more com- plete woman. Linda Schaeffer finishes off her item for clothing, care- fully pressing open the seams of her garment. Homemaking is one of the most useful subjects that can be undertaken by girls today. Sister John Martin aids Juanita Juarez, pictured above, demonstrates that a skillful seamstress can display her talent in creating her own wardrobe. these students in adequately developing their skills in pre- paration as future homemakers. President M. Wesley, seated, M. Pavona, K. Roblee, K. Droste, and T. Nastal as business club officers complete the year's agenda. Teaching shorthand and typing I, Mrs. Hersey has become an added asset to the business department. A GOAL A A GUIDE The understanding of business skills and the ability to master them can prove to be most rewarding. Gabriels prepares young people in the field of business through training in typing, shorthand, and general business. Courses in bookkeeping and office practice are designed to provide additional skills as needed by the students. Guided by the teaching staff, the students come to know the value of training for success in the business world. A necessary skill is developed as Mrs. Hart, head of the business department, gives a challenging assignment. Not far from the real life of Gabriels, the day of noise, of confusion, of exams, of cafeteria, of challenges, is a quiet place as yet Father McKoen and Father O'Neill teach freshman and sopho- more religion classes which are found to be meaningful and enjoyable. undiscovered by many Gabrielites. The chapel holds meaning for many and is that one place where it is good to be alone. TEENS -.4-FQ Father Sulka, Senior religion instructor, points out the worth Mission Club officers are Pres., Steve Priceg Vice- of our text, "The Meaning of Success," to Rosemary Sutherland. Pres., Darylann Ryan, Treas., Ron Meyerg Sec., Jane Skinner. T Mud-covered players spending that min- ute after the game to say thanks for another Shamrock victory: a desperate "HI-ELPI Somebody up there, please!!" before that semester examg knowing the value of that quiet expansive moment in which nothing is said yet so much is knowng we have a "grandiose" Friend. Revised liturgy, and ecumenical changes mean less to us than a Christ that is really interested in what teens have to say. Through the Senior trips to T.E.C. many have come to love a Christ who can be seen in their own classmates. Days of Encounter give underclassmen a chance to pause and evaluate. The distribution of noon Communion by Father Sears pro- vides a daily meeting with Christ as a friend. -..,,...-, . A wfmw pe- ,,,,v-A ..l ff' ,Q Q . hl, i Q Xffftf L 5 ,,.. 1 is Q ,Q 3 E S 'E :JA .4-"' is n 5 a very enjoyable extra, this class brings to the sur- face the many talents to be found in our student body. OF MA Art is the most personal expression of man's intimate feelings. The artistis sensi- tivity can convey and identify many aspects of man. Development of individual talents so abundant at Gabriels, has been the ob- jective of this year's art classes. With the competent guidance of Mrs. Rood, the classes have covered various fundamentals of art. For these students, art is more than a development of a creative talent, it is an appreciation of the beauty apparent in the eye of the artist. In the daily process of learning, the student appreciates a quiet hour for study. During this time, he can organize his thoughts, prepare new material, and plan for the next day. At right, Louise Gaupel put the finishing touches on her chalk sketch of a fall scene as an art assignment. PLACE OF HO OR There are four characteristics of a studentg character, scholarship, leader- ship, and service. In fulfillment of these qualities, the National Honor Society recog- nizes worthy members each year through the induction ceremony. On this memorable day, new and old members proudly don a gold stole that distinguishes membership in the society. This year the N.H.S. has in- troduced monthly seminars, as Well as supporting various school functions. Doctor Gordon Sabine, Vice-President of Michigan State University was guest speaker. John Doneth, President of the N.H.S., acquaints him with various members of our faculty. SER VIC RE DERED Operation 'Snow Go' produced 125 willing hands to remove the excess snow left from the blizzard of '6'7. W if The 1966-67 Student Council officers are: from left to right, Paula Burt, Sec., Steve Secor, Tres., Connie Nichols, Vice Pres. and John Mertz, Pres. The Student Council is an organization dedicated to the students of Gabriels High School. It is continually striving to provide better understanding between students and the faculty. Through this quest for leadership in school endeavors, the Student Council has sponsored such events as the Freshman orientation program and food for the needy at Christmas time. ' 0 l Q i Y' As Student Council advisor, Brother Kevin has given new insights to student and student-faculty relations. 'Q THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC rl The newest addition to our music depart- ment at Gabriels, the Gleemen, have proven through outstanding performances that they enjoy giving their music to an appreciative audience. Having been a part of all music programs presented at Gabriels and various other places in the city, the Gleemen under the direction of Brother Jeffrey have been enthusiastically Eieyed by all. A pf- 45+ l JW IN MEMORIAM ' " He was the true light who enlightened everyman that came to him." To those who knew John he certainly met with this heavenly qualification. He always brought much laugh- ter and happiness into the lives of his friends and contacts. A measure of inches don't make the man and although John Leshock was small in stature, no one will ever convince us that he wasn't already all that a man could ever be. 'gg-gsnlll1l'l""' gn. if Judy Wright was chosen in state-wide competition to tour Europe this summer with a U. of M. youth singing group. A robe of green is proudly worn by the members of the Choir who desire to develop 1 their musical talents. Through Miss Klein's efforts two past musicals have been success- - - Miss Klein has devoted many hours of lon u an other one South Pacific 5 fully prod Ced' , d an ' ' hard work to make the Choir noted throught- is planned for this year. out the city. The Robed Choir has been an outstanding contributor Here they harmonize in a series of Christmas melodies to the musical programs during the school year. before a filled auditorium. XL W ' ' 4 ' fy' X' " V : bi W 2 : is Q13 Q, f - F Q' Q-+ 1 "f ' 1 . 'ETX' 'A . V17 GX .grz jj sig: fx pf ,N H' Y , p V O 5 QF-xx . X5 .A -Q ' x m . f l -'X N- N KM 1 4 , 4 4 - 41-as! . f 'h'h X , fe ' X "P ff ,dm f - , 'fl J 1 I Y 'W' if 1 ' . l ew ffii xml- -" f . M i an Q - if em-ff-W . 19992 ,L XKJ'k fill 1a y Mm.-f1..1f-T V 1' b X-. , V, Q. W P ' . f ,. N i 2 F Q f w LAAV: --... . A H Q . lf' 'L '4'gx -L,, bL-1 fffjg , A K1 A V ' A H A b . - Q N 1' 'X K S ,K kkkkb K , ,N q K ,... 5 ai tim. , Q In A . ' t K fn Ax L Q rg f Fi - I Msg ' ,X Q was 4, - - ,,,' f f 'si- ,vffffimw ' 1 f .-, L N 0 0 THE HAN S OF LEADERSHIP At the semester break, Brother Athana- sius was transferred to LaSalle Manor, Plano, Illinois where he will give boy's retreats. Brother came to Gabriels as it's first principal, four years ago, when the structure was newly built. He has given much of himself to us and in that same spirit, Brother Mark Lane came as new administra- tive head. Always ready to laugh, he makes you glad you've had the chance to meet him. S+ We welcomed to Gabriels, Brother Mark Lane, principal, and found him ready to welcome us and become a real part of our school. a.a.i' sf' - The snows which swept the city January twenty-sixth, buried Gabriels in drifts, delaying the transfer and providing a weeks vacation. Jim McKouen and John Mertz, with Brother Athanasius view the portrait presented to him by the Senior class at the farewell assemblies. 'V 25- fi ,... 3 ff? a f i f V iw .." ..., c . 'x M, -' A... gzfaaeffafw' X ODALITY SPONSUR MARDI GRA Reigning over this year's Mardi Gras were Jim Fewless and Bobbi Marker. At left stand Mike Spadafore and Kathy Mc- Elerhon, Chuck Lott and Mary Pavona, and last year's king Chuck Spadafore. At right, Everett Hawkins and Carole Enjoying the music and the festive decorations, the Sophomores dance to a lively tune from the Chancellors. 32 I... Freeman, Larry Shoemaker and Roberta Palmiter, Jim La- bioda and Kathy Robke, and last year's queen Madaline Martello. Sister Catherine Loyola, moderator of the Sodality, ad- mires Queen Bobbi's crown shortly after the crowning W My Y' , 54 B The emphasis of this year's Sodality was placed on developing individual goodness. The Sodalists participated in such activities as the National Convention in Chicago, Ill., and the Judao-Christian Youth Rally in Detroit. The anticipation and suspense of the final crowning, and the festive decor, added glamor and excitement to the Sodality spon- sored Mardi Gras Masquerade Dance of 1967. Amid festive decorations of giant polka-dot balloons, spark- ling masks, twisted streamers and winding serpentines, the candidates, nominated for King and Queen by their class- Z 1 , A warm handshake from Brother Mark began the congratula- tions for King Jim and Queen Bobbie at the Dance of Feb- ruary ll. Making arrangements for the dance are Sodality officers M. Hamlin, V.P.g S. Wargo, Secg M. Harrington, Prefect. Absent is M. R, Verderese, Treas. mates, stood in honor before all on one of the most mem- orable occasions. 33 The Homecoming Royalty and Escorts are from left to Burtg Queen Jill Grace, Jim Few1essgCenter, Tonya Danbyg right: Jeff Larkin, Sandy Danbyg Dennis Harney, Paula Rick Terres, Sue Batorg Mike Szedlak, Martha Harrington. " CE P0 TIME" e ' 1 e ii t t e , iii n no Q r K L',, 1 f-7 Y' 1' '-sw 3 K i A ' .. ' li f 3 .,-, uw '3 'fi1:A., if I e in 1 it .e Q .,n. . V ? ,A in , ' tang' 53213 ,LL kryr jgiw -525,4 if , g,:gr,,r-5 54 X -i 145 ' 1- A E we i all '- lt' gl :A u 1 rx A if X, f E 4 Q ', i .9 by 1 1 me -'Wir R of 'T' isp .., . full All if 4,1 5 Q A-'fn Q 0 A Y' QQ 1" 3. ,ir vi ? :tuf- L 'H Her Majesty, Jill Grace, was crowned by last years sharing 5peo1a1 honors royalty, Ginger Spadafore, Tonya Danby bore the crown Martha Harrington, on a satin pillow as she saw her sister, Sandy, left, The 1966 Homecoming dance "Once Upon mae, 1 .vu t t f A te, yi C S a' 1 ' 1 Q' -" In is ' it 1 NM, W , " lv , .. 9 L ,, -I 1 . 1 'fe i sid-fx, - .ik ' Q ' ,, r 1 with Paula Burt, Sue Bator and a Time" climaxed a thrilling afternoon of football, in which the mighty Shamrocks emerged Parochial City Championship title. Queen Jill Grace presided over the festivi- ties and was attended by Paula Burt, Martha Harrington, Sue Bator, and Sandy Danby. The Bud Spangler Four maintained a mood of storybook enchantment as the dance provided a fitting ending for a perfect day. - .AMN a , Y a "1"-.. 4 The duty of the Pep Clubisto generate spiritg build it when it's down and keep it growing through rallies, competitions and enthusiasm. King Rocky, basketball team mascot created by Pep Club, makes his first of many appearances at the pre-O'Rafferty game pep rally. A PEP CLUB' "GO"!! S-Y X Officers, right to left, are Pres. J. Grace, Sec. M. Labioda, A little competition never hurt anyone, least of all the spirit of the Pep Club. Each weekly challenge spurs on friendly class rivalry through class and sign competition. The members provide the leadership need- ed to support our athletic endeavors. This year the club sponsored the annual Home- coming 'iBr-eakfast of Champion." At his first Gabriel pep rally Bro. Mark presents the Spirit Trophy to Junior Pres. B. Gaybrick, winners of skit competition. Vice-Pres. A. Schafer, Tres. M. Lepczyk Junior rep. M. Gar- rison, S. Wargo. STRO GI MI D DBODY Mrs. Reed, Physical education teacher and Pep Club advisor, has given her students the desire to develop good sportsman- ship. 'Pegging the Wall' requires strength and stamina. Gino Baldino and Nick Pavona demonstrate this difficult exercise. Y Z X , S Ready! Aim! Fire! This is a practice session of archery a sport knovsm for precision and of course, accuracy. Gym classes have been very active for Freshmen, who have participated in such intramural sports as basketball, and kick ball. THE TRUMP T SOUNDS A yearbook is a very special thing,for it can let you sit down today and hold yesterday in your hands. If you can look through these pages and feel the spirit of Gabrielsg if you can sense a specialness, then we can be proud. This year was one you will never live againg this year was unique. The events will remain much the same for years to comeg the classes, the dances and the games, but the faces will change and the people and their personalities will make it all new again. So we hope the pieces of this year pictured in this publication hold for you some of those times that you never want to forget, the moments you want to live forever. ,haw xx V V ,A A . J" I '---.,,,,' Mrs. Hart, head of the business department, was our faculty advisor for yearbook, giving so much of her time and being the greatest help. wblf' I .,,zix,Z E Janet Corcoran and her staff of writers came through on each successive deadline even when the mood wasn't inspirational. Mary Beth Lepczyk and Ann Schafer managed the senior section and are here making final adjustments on candids layout. EXTRA-CURRICULAR I VOL VEME D' Dances at Gabriels are frequent and well-attended by members of all classes. The above dance was our annual Mardi Gras. Though lack of space made it impossi- ble to capture all those times spent in labor and in fun, the summation of all the activi- ties at Gabriels would be giving. The sin- cerity and simple dedication to the things We believe in and support are unforgettable. One of the most active of clubs, the J,C.L, sponsored a Classical Spring, attended by over seven hundred students from the sur- rounding area and announced by Mayor Max Murningham. The Gleeman performed many times to a responsive audience and at Christmas, Santa, alias Charlie Spada- fore, made a big hit. The shovel-out was a real step toward unity, for mem- bers of all classes pitched in and join in a hootenany after. sv' 'ft 'Wh is . , -as - l.11t::m.1me,N, 55535555 RIN IT,S ALMOST TOMURRUW x 4 A - , -, 2 X f f ffQX:,::it'ie,eSQ. -f '-'xf - -' :. i Q 5 - f . 4, FM, . ......, , if kW'L5ilEI..'Q,s-ix James McKouen President 2 it Susan Baf30I' B. Hulinek and M. Neal with the class officers and organization heads represented V109-Pfesldenf the class of 67 when Father Sears blessed their rings at the Offertory Mass on Ring Day. BEGIN THE BEGINNING The traditional Ring Day ceremony marked the beginning of the beginning for the Senior Class of '67. The student body witnessed the dra- matic presentation of the class rings to the Seniors at a solemn high Mass. The ring, an infinite circle, and visible symbol of class unity, established a permanent identity upon each Senior Class member. Following the ceremony, the Sophomores hon- ored the Seniors with a breakfast. After the feast, the Seniors exchanged their impressive attire for sweat shirts and "tenny bops" and proceeded to Francis Park. The free afternoon was the setting for an impromtu football game where the girls had an opportunity to challenge the boys. The outcome of this "meeting of the brawn" was never determined, but all had a good time. To demonstrate the dynamic spirit of '67, everyone returned to school for "a super colossal" pep assembly. Q 42 Roberta Palmiter Charles Spadafore Secretary Secretary ,VJ ff: I Dennis Harney Sally Tisdale Social Chairman SOCi2l1 Chairman 1? Jim Adams John Anderson Ray Baillargeon Karen Ballard f, W -EQ' i - 'J ' t Bruce Barker Steve Bauer Frank Boyer Debbie Bridges Nadine Burley .A L G Paula Burt - N9 'rp M? Senior year is a time of activities and involvement. Here Tom Eiden and Mary Ellen Duggan take time to display our spirit trophy atop the nearly completed homecoming float, Mike Campbell James Chaney t we mg! ,wwf I Carla Chepy Jamie Clem Barb Coonrod Janet COI'C0rar1 Joe Courter Mary Lou Couchois 44 9 fM'? 'wfsd Wit, Sandra Dandy Jeff Debo l +a:':j"Z'f' ,.4,4x 4!Z'Tf? Phyllis Delaney Joe DeMarco EN -v' 2: Rose DeMarco John Doneth iwli is amp. iw Mike Donley Judy Donovan Mike Doody Kathleen Dotson Constructed in Spadfore's warehouse, our Senior float took top honors and will assuredly never be matched for years to come. nv IU! Kayleen Droste Mary Ellen Duggan 45 i he N? ,Ja , ,X 4. re Brian Dunnigan Amy Dutzy Jo Ann Epling Dave Esch . an g Steve Fabiano Delores Farley Evelin Farley Jerry Fesser Q3-. N we - i 'vw 1 i +3 Jim Fewless Kathy Fineis Senior candidates for Mardi Gras were supported by their classmates through the spon- soring of a card party in the school cafeteria with an admission charged and baked goods sold. Linda Fineis Joe Fitzgerald Laura Froh Mary Gallagher -09 '-f"'-7 NS? Dennis Gaskin Louise Gaupel Molly Ganzalez Jill Grace 47 UQ -wif Michael Glass Nancy Grider Martha Hamlin Mary Jane Hand ,-'wry Gary 1-larger Martha Harrington Linda Henneman Sue Heuss S-V Kathy Hill Barbara Hulinek '67-OUR YEAR GLX Q"4'l" vfvii 1 i Christina Iansiti Dorothy Iskra Patricia Johnson Paulette Kieffer :fp as, k Patrick Kish Mary Jo Labioda Judy Laboda Ingrid Lambrette Jeffrey Larkin 514' DF D sharon Leary CLIMB EVERY MOU TAI x" .4-dr' 7 'A K Mary Beth Lepczyk Paulette Lindemann John Logan Rosemarie Lopez 'T v...qg Charles Lott Cathleen Magistro Faith Marshall William Maurer Jill May Janet MBYOUG Karen McKenna Margaret Means ...Q John MSNZ Ronald Meyers Jean Montgomery Robert Morris 50 x- ,111 John Mulvaney Mary Murphy Besides skiing and skating, some Seniors went tobaggoning where an aging truck made the trip up the mountain an adventure. , Mary Nageotte Morris Neal J-A-' ki Stephen Nowasacki John Olson David Ozanich Patricia Panek SYN ' i NNN Mary Pavona Mary Perez Barry Polack Allan Pratt afar' "kg, A Kevin Pratt Barbara Price Stephen Price Edward Reid B i L o aaa K . John Reinhart Bernard Robke Robert Robke Kathleen Roblee Jerry Sanders -Q ""'H-nf The Senior card party was a big successin helping support the four Senior candidates for Lois Schaeffer Mardi Gras. 52 K KG! ig, ... 'Nd' Ann Schafer E. James Schafer Mike Donley meets his match as the burly brown bear of J A ' ' O nn Schneider Julie Seymour Bear Mountain battles with this bruiser. 919' QQ. 'W Kathryn Shier Kristine Siefert Henry Simmons Rosemary Sinicropi -I' Marlene Sipka Lanene Smith Marvin Smith Mary Jo Sommerville 53 ,an , 4 : xl' 1 f fgfef, .fan . 39 'B' syn i A, n lm I if ga Q21 5 'wfrcyl gs Q E f 1 Q is . R1 'X W Y ,V : mv? 3 x few! Pr-51 Rosemary Steinbach Joseph Stephanick "WY Sue Huess, a Senior, brought much honor to Gabriels as Joseph Stevenson Mark Stemant President of the Greater Lansing Youth Council. Rosemary Sutherland Michael Szedlak Brian Taylor Richard Terres '-'Uv ini? Paula Thom 54 MQ' in Robert Thomas Jon Tomlanovich Constance Turpin .al 'T W Q.. p -,fa Barbara VanSickle William Wade Kathryn Walker Thomas Walsh uri--' Charles Wellman Mary Wesley ev Dennis Wilson Susan Wolcott -er J-r"1'Y Cynthia Wood Lawrence Wozniak Timothy Yungfer Pamela Zoeller THE BE T TIME UF A GREAT 1 + - -' A my 'wwf' al ,ff -1 E r A ignk, NWI, '7 fa Q My u .J Q 2 l V SENIOR YEAR! This is the Senior, a part not often seen unless the eye is quick. Caught in the act of being themselves, these pictures candidly portray what words fail to describe. Unre- hearsed, unassuming, the Seniors found simple pleasure in those after school hours, when friendships were renewed, and time was never wasted. United as a group on a class ski trip, or on a person to person basis, the good times remembered will al- ways be seen in the eyes of a Senior. hr A , .. , ' :tin ,4-., X , A W ggi ff Xffrk -:ff A - Q L 57 mug gb, ,,,., 31. ,V A 1 gwM a ,,, Jw -Q W ff 'x , .. V1..,..:.,.,,,-Ax.4,, xlieljig. , .W .i 2 ,. M-.,f,,.S,,gg. ' wmv-'h if-QP-9 an-new ,. !l959.ail w i si.. ii Mm? we U ex ' 7 9 , 32 ii nn. 1 M' v""" Z4 ATHLETICS-A GREAT YEAR FUR THE ROCKS! FOOTBALL-ANOTHER WINNING .in , , 4. f , 4 Top Row: Coaches Brooks and Lincolnhol, Rundle, Mont- gomery, Dunnigan, Eiden, Weeks, Spadafore, Yungfer, Szed- lak, Rekuki, Labioda, Murray, Paine, Cook, Duffy, Nowasacki, Top row: Coaches Brooks and Lincolnhol, Rundle, Mont- gomery, Dunnigan, Eiden, Weeks, Spadafore, Yungfer, Szed- lak, Rekuki, Labioda, Murray, Paine, Cook, Duffy, Nowasacki Winning football teams are a tradition at Gabriels, and this year's team was no ex- ception. The teamls potential, guided by ex- cellent coaches and backed by the enthusiastic student body, matured to produce six wins against only two losses for the year. The most significant thing about the '66 Rocks was not their offense or defense, their ability to run or throw, but the pride the players had in themselves and in the team. This intense pride was demonstrated all year. For example, the last munute win over Grand Ledge, and the came from behind victory over Mason. The most graphic display of the team's pride, however, came not in victory but in defeat, the Okemos game. Our team fought gallantly only to lose in the last seconds 7-6. The success of any team at Gabriels is measured by its performance against the O'Rafferty Raiders. By this standard we were a huge success for we delt the West-Side Raiders a 19-0 defeat. This victory made it our fifth in a row. With this win over O'Rafferty we retained possession of the Joseph H. Albers trophy which as resided here since its initiation three years ago. Coach Brooks and Coach Lincolnhol were driving factors in the Shamrock's success this year. 60 M.E. Cook, Teszlewicz. Second Row: Cain, Mulvaney, Walsh Cariano, Romwalter, DeMarco, Baillargeon, McCarius, Lott Logan, Panetta, M. Duffy, Bottom Row: Seely, O'Nei1, Ozanich Terres, Tomlanovich, Fitzgerald, Greenburg, Donley, C Lott, DiVietri, Tadlock. i . .,.,. - .,.i' ,..A.. . Eli! 0 V K, ,:,, ,,: 3 . . .. i .... ,, , 0. QL pi? MASONpr Q if'7f .'20lV HASLEET irnh if v4.0-6 ....,.. .iu 13,r. . , HOWELL . 6 7 19 6 wi' F5 -f' givin Q M ? 3 as fs? " 3',Q 'Q4'Qm' Q L I -Q?" ' '12 V .42 39' Q. ,,,,, if , ff 1 I M., ' S JZ" -X I. Rh ,ff " we dm rl THE SHAMROCKS. . I BUNDLE TERRES n ' iit M0KE5f40TT n - i Jim DiVietri prepares to pull in a Chris Rundle pass. Rundle and DiVietri combined to set new passing re- cords this year. k ., ..,,k V, 6 i U K , f ' 4 . i i s iiin i n i ii il iis ni iisi ' fM1KE is i RICK This is Gabriels starting offensive team. They combined n - s,l' 7 l 'p ffl ei', 1.s.1 to produce a total of 122 points in eight games. Mike Lott scampers around end against O'Rafferty. Mike was our leading ground gainer this year. ngsng i .ALL int 2 S Z LAK V. .izg V Pfz esrnirin ig lttt ygfR1CK, TERRES, .s'i 5 intt p Ben Weeks leads the Gabriels defense as they stop a Mason runner after a short gain. The teams defense allowed only 49 points in eight games. Chuck Lott was the leading ground gainer against O'Rafferty. Jim Divitrie is pulled down by an O'Rafferty player as Mike Lott attempts a block. 4 He scored five touchdowns this year. I J mf 01-we .Ju s 4,3 ' i i L1 bu 63 .ng k It 2- Al. Top row: Coach Lardner, Roman, Haddad, Howland, Van Dama, Hayes, McC1oy, Turpin, Kovac. Bottom row: Bone Tilburg, Gosselin, Burns, Madaski, Curl, Lepczyk, Coach Curtin, Rosatti, Mertz, Spadafore, Marinez, Bye. Greenwood. Second row: Teszlewicz, Daley, Trip, Thom, J.V.' PO TA5-ZR CURD This year' s Junior Varsity concentrated on quality, not quantity. In Coach Green- wood's second year at Gabriels his team posted a very fine 5 and 2 record. Mr. Lardner, the line coach, was anew addition to the team. Mr. Greenwood said that the backfie1d's speed was the most im- portant factor in the team's success. it 3'fe5w'5 - 'T , ' ,,,. ,:,.,,,,,,, .,.. . .i,:: ,,k,:,,..., k,,., . ,.-.,.. ..,, ,,,.,..... . 4. liii iiiiiii ff iiii ltii itii J in yttyt -ifE'-ri'-'--Ti'Ii,fiSi5s5'ffei?::m'11 -':f: f::e11fwe2'ff"S "':"f Sic- vfi- mx.-iz ,.,g..:-T:-,', . ' " 2 'i,- 1: ."- ' , a , 7 , r..,.t.,r. 1 - 1 -. ,. V ,,,,,,,, .:,, ,,,k., E ,ii ,,., ., ,.,,, V K ,,.. f :Q f 1 f Q , 5 . V . ' :Iwi ' O ' ' 'f f ffl' , it K 1:-1?'i:gs 'ifiiw elf' I , f . , ' , . , ' , l25?Qif?257f557lgil'fllligi-3:15 :Q Q 'f:g!l-'- ' ' f K ' K . ' ti ' G eiii :iff f - 1 Y' - '.,'.'i',,. v -.ii. fy T... in l.. .ree i . . . 1 2 ,K The Gabriels coaching staff, J. Trip, T. Lardner, J. Sanbaer, ,'f.. pt. .., - t, i n .'.:. , ei..- :rf-g .rsa f.,. J. Greenwood, P. Brooks and R. Lincolnhol, combined to produce a collective record of 18 wins and 4defeates for the 1966 season. 64 FR OSH PRO VE UN BEA TABLE A Freshman football team is a strange thing, it is made up of thirty or so boys, who most of which have never played football before. Mr. Sanbaer, our freshman coach for the past three years, always works miracles with the team. Over the years he has been at Gabriels Mr. Sanbaer has an overall record of 15 wins and only 3 losses. Last year Coach Sanbaer missed an undefeated season by seconds at O'Rafferty, but this year he was successful. The freshmen won all six of their games. 18 O'RAFFERTY jz1 ,6ov ' r zo FOWLERVILLE i t so i 20 MASON he v so. y 41 HASLETT i .os i .15 HOWELL A o C 25 s OKEMOS O e Top row: Coach Sanbaer, Tschirhart, Mulvaney, Lucot, Gaskin Snider, Turpin, Koenigskencht, Delaney, DiVietri, Coach Tripp: Second row: Bozzo, Rudolph, Sharkey, Hurth, McCune, Boucher Corlett, Clark, Fulton, Fleming. Third row: Walder, Donethi Frantz, Moeller, Szedlak, Sinicropi, Terres, Larkin, Hen- derson, Verderese. Bottom row: Guerre, Pavona, Rundle Caine, Greenburg, Froh, Parker, Hillman, Quincy. 65 Jeff Larkin, all-City guard, hits for another two points against Waverly. This was the second straight year that Jeff was chosen as all-City. 66 THE ROCKS CAME ROLLING IN! This year the Shamrock's basketball team attained a degree of success un- matched in the history of Gabriels and Resurrection. Their record of fifteen wins and only two losses for regular season play has never been achieved before. The only losses came at the hands of State- ranked O'Rafferty. For the last three years the Shamrocks have been led by seniors Steve Nowosacki, Jeff Larkin, and Jim Fewless. Jeff has led the team with a total of 925 points, Steve has had 787, and Jim 361 for their three years. Jim Fewless prepares to drive for a lay-up against Waverly. For the last three years Jim has started for the Shamrocks. is ff Top row: Bruce Barker, John Cunningham, Jim DiVietri, Chris Bottom row: Jim Fewless, Rick Terress, Jeff Larkin, Rundle, Dave Sanders, Dan Duffy, Joe Stevenson, Mike O'Nei11, Coach Cook, Steve Nowosacki, John Parker, and Tim Jack Vogl. Curtin. John Parker executes a jump shot from the corner against Haslett, Dave Sanders prepares to follow up the shot. , , H , . . ff! Q--'nz:sfwgfEi:j,1wi?fg p 1 i OPPONENT '89 's , erk', J J 54 76 e r 54 J ' Q HOLCT iiii tsi' ' 53 53 C J so HOWELL r ,r - J J S '74 OKEMOS ' 'r ii 71 MASON f . so 67 WAVERLY , 74 HASLETT, t,,, ,,,.i av EAroNerRAP1Dsj,p1ii65-PJif et,s J J SHOWELL, ,irs j' re r 91 102 J 69 C 56 5, r , 7, , , ,rrs lit 1 '73 r-V ' 62 M 75 J it on J 56 39 O' RAFJFERTY 83 riiis RAPIDS 67 O - x 'vi .W ,.,,,K-NWN vufwhfr 1 M' K fl M S ' 4 13' Q K O' y . :4'g' lp' 534 3,334 MW .W ,gf- ,,,..ff ,...-- ,...a-ov' 'fl' Wm- , ! ROCK J.V.' TAKE 13 WINS Steve Holland goes high to capturea jump ball against Waverly, in a 71-58 victory. Coach Sambaer in his third year at Gab- riels directed the JV's to a 13 and4 season. The JV's were led by Gino Baldino, Mike Spadafore, Steve Holland, Don McRae, and Paul Peterson. The reserve team showed real good material and promises to be an asset to next year's Varsity. ff nn tr tt ne t v s t t r n e t dr 1'w11f,J71 it 1 AV 1 V1 52 5931 1 1' 1 11' 1' 5111':EiiElS2i755fi2jiQ51gggvg:ifg.?E,1' , : , "1js11'l 1 f f Y11.-n1.':1-'pg-LV U-.1V11-Q-11 112.1 'w A 1 VV21-'ifi sfift 4,1 L, V , 5' ' 1 - ii on.-11iVefVf,1 fVV1V 1 , V1-Vwez,:VVVis.seffieffkfggwegagiif--SV SV .7 .Q . , .t V- V - V - V V , 1-1 , .1 -f1VewQVM-nVf--it-+t,,,V 2 . . . . ,. '11 -ii's11'::f7::1'e11 ' 1 i i .'21fV1 V -V.:1,'fg'f1 's1'1.fi21.'i1C21wig W51, rtt,,-.: , -- K: ..5i7:f,2f Q ,..,,-- V V V - ,Q -12 rgif 1,sQ'f-gVf 11t . ' "hk ..,VViV. f.-, 4. -,I 2- .fa Vt .-A.t,. , 1if211'f1iv5f M . , 71 ,, - K, 1133,-3 -f'f- 1 fz1:fe1-we21:4-.2 1 ' - - -,:V:f.V-Q QW! .,.. .TV rx, ,,,, . ,WT ..,, l .,,l :,,,.Wbwj, M.E,,?, -V 'V LV' L! V1V Vi V , ,V,,.11l.111k: i K H A A - --Tffzftszz. 1' ,, ,rt,,r. ' 4 I 1 i"i'tf" V' 11 1 'I 1 Jf1f2V.E1ll'VVLfR, I VE s f ft : 9-if in 5 i 71 in V 1:2 ' I:77.5:xTfi5TSEU . alll" ' Q ' iL"11111' 'i .E 11' 1 ,Q at ,L . ii.s,.fMZ5 1f 115 91i 114Q'f'ff1jVZ'fg1 H11 ' j5QV,z"1 , 5, ,VZZ5f5f,Qf1:fGi4f'i1 - 1 V1 K 1 111 1 11 'lui -- 'V 11 ,111 111.111 1 21 Vrgg asfw wi 111125.14-, 1 4 11 V , l,,. ,..,,. t,..,, , Vt,-V, '- ' 4 -'f A 1'1-H1111A11421f11VVe1H15122zgsv1fsz1ss11fv2V.szf'VVfeV"V1L-VVL-iftiif-fiiy'Vif4121stei'f1i:ei1t M-51 rrtt at , S o Hg , S K g:glf:lf:,,..,,.5 ,,..,,. myi,,.g:Vf-,V,'s12t-ye, gf ,Q 4 V -:xg 1 - 1 1 fee-?V-tVVVifV-.szia15-:W,'1V:'if:1V-Min,V ,, -nimiztrttt V, , . , 1:1 V,: ,:. X' .zs'fV111 1g1lfE,g1S:1?5, Saw .xt 1, .1 . x xiH:',,,i5f,l1,l1,,:.:,l,g V V . V - 1 QV mJ'VV VV -' 1,1V-mfrtif1'---we S, , , 1.'51?Vf1l2f1ls5V31' fix I 1V VVV:1: V'11 1 Vwf V 5 E E 5 1 ti s 1 'JV 1 1V f'1.V ' ll i iQ , A L- 3 S--t ,,l.,-,l--1- . iii. , , ZAZ z.A, ,t, . ,, , ?i?af5eg15Vg522, fi 1:5EllVi'Qll .V 1 T '1 11 .l W 'Q 1' . 1 .. 1, V' V,..,,.. V -V , , , 3 3Qf3WVVQ j,4Q, VVEV22'VAVfL.. ' 5' '11 ' fl ,,1: ,151tgifilifi'-191Z1?15f'ii-is1.1 -1V31E121J1 1' 5Vi?f1'1ili::sfzAlV1- In FVTSY 1' V ' - VV 1- z ,I V 4,-'QV figLsV.sw1s42zs4e511sf52'32f5Qs'cfg5g1.gsgg',i115191 15 V 1 ,1 k,,f-:V-1-1VV.V. 1 V, V .,1V ...i,n1,i-G ,--. swim-im,i,.i.V V,-. - -. .. V- - , Top row: John Stevenson, Steve Seely, Mike Spadafore, Don Wood, Paul Peterson, Tom Rosatti, John Benington, Louis McRae, Mark Gosselin, Dave Holland, Tim McKenna, Coach Baldino, Doug Gehroholz. Jerry Sambaer. Second row: Mike Duffy, Steve Roman, Bob Q.. 3 Wir... S ii., fre in gg-,ji iff fo x f if mf Top row: N. Pavona, B. Parker, C. Larkin, T. Gaskin, C. Rundle, A. Froh. Bottom rowg B. Tesz1ewicz,S. Cook, P. Cain, T. Guerre, G. Holloweiko, T. Sinicropi, Coach A1 Harvey. FROSH POST A WINNING SEASON Coach A1 Harvy in his first year at Gabriels directed the freshmen team to 8 and 3 season. The freshmen team was led by Chuck Larkin, Craig Rundle, Tom Guerre, Tom Gaskin, and Bill Parker. The freshmen promise to make a pretty good JV team. . ikll eeya SQQ'if?.QCPPONENTQ55an l iidi 25. S 53. T 411 47' C S 2 . i 65 38.. S . . . 45 61 KEMOS S 65 l ifly T ii f. T T 60 4 yeis T it 83 r. T .ssy .....l ieylie sw T f 'f3Qiii5"f5g C he rfrr iiia RAPIDSiff3fffi?f4i5e.S in 71 GOOD YEAR FOR WRE TLI G , l. are as Top row: B. Reed, P. Charett, D. Terres,T. Saghy, B. Vogel, K. Wesley, S. Auvenshine, A. Zamora, D. Grace, D. Delaney, B. Leache. Second row: Coach Hopkins, B. Romwalter, M. Wisnewski, S. Baure, C. Lott, T. Eiden, T. Yungfer, C. 5 . ,. , V , .. ,- , K . K K , f - .- ' - , "rY:sf-?.'ie-W N s1z..'.w,z ' 1' - . - ,gg . j , f,'gi.111-V, ' . V V - ' ' ' K ff, fill?-fi? f ' O 3. 5 T O 1f53,,?f'.f'f ' . . . . 31 . 18 n D T nf ,.. . .. -- . - wh agus-',1fiZIc.ez:'Ln:Lhw 2'-film : 2' ki fs -,1-,,g,L.1AT..t:-mf. 1rM..- -Q-i?.ew - is are afs.w-Aa-ww W. f fer ' at , ,,:1f..q,wQLes1fafi..sSfQZq,a:,:qvbz..,.t.- ,fi 72 .affaig at ' 'QMQQGCKS OW at it 'Fai . ..a32.g. i2.AP"',ftgli.'i Wesley, S. Kovac, J. Garrison, Coach John Greenwood. Bot- tom row: T. Coscarelli, T. Boucher, A. Dionise, M. Panetta, C. Szedlak, C. Walker, T. Rudolph, M. Droste. The wrestlers, in only their second year of competition, gained a surprising degree of success. They finished fourth in the regionals at Parma, and sixteenth at the state finals. One of the highlights of the season was their victory over Okemos the defending State Champions. Tom Eiden and Tim Yungfer both took first places in the league. Mike Panetta took a second, Steve Bauer and Tom Boucher took third places, and Matt Wisniewski took a fourth. Tom Eiden and Mike Panetta both advanced to the State finals at Waverly. Tom took a second place in the Heavyweight division. if : .4-. 3 as -- The 1966-67 Varsity Cheerleaders are, bottom row: Bobbi Marker, Rose DeMarco, Ann Schafer, and Rose Sinicropig center: Linda DeRose and back: Miki Kirker and Debbie Bridges. Mrs. Nancy Watters deserves much credit and thanks for their outstanding performances. These smiling cheerleaders are Senior Captain Rose DeMarco and Co-captain Debbie Bridges. 74 TH UN DERA TI ON ! ! fissef tfife S i M, ,t t A A solemn occasion: Cathy Magistro cuts Miki Kirker's long hair to the required length as Rose DeMarco looks on. These two enthusiastic cheerleaders, Ann Schafer and Rose Sinicropi represent the great spirit of '6'7. 4 c . v N Q J 5 S? J: . K , X3 " V . if ' I 45318 ' fl ' :Jr f' A 1 ' ,,,,wf. ? Q Q P Q ' S V5 1 4, QQ' 4 , gg-.1,, wi? 'f"" W Q 2- 'few . N . .' Y' 4,4 A 1 ' U . g J A , -, g M fm W , T0 GRUW, T0 LOVE, TO REMEMBER M, f ,, 'X 2. K 'A Km, A My A W ,R . , Y., , .tif .. f, V . -I , f, wg A K -,., H . 1Egff Q f"?3'fw,'m ff fx 7, K A Lx any 5,1 v WM ", J, . ,E :rY'?f-'M 1 ggiwpff ,, ,A V, ,,,,4,M Q yy .V V A f, -1 4 . wffmmxiliwm. 'A , ' . ,, QV. . 4, K ' -K-k 4:41--',. ::w iw A 1 KVQ " 1 , A QQ 5 F fx fy ,V Q fy, A fqw gp' Junior officers: G. Murphy, Tres.g L. Dionese, V. Pres.g B. JU IOR EXCEL Each year brings with it the promise of another year to come. In anticipation of the future, the task of succeeding the posi- tion of leadership is already begun through the determination of the junior class. They have gained new confidence from achieve- ment and wisdom from experience. With three years behind them, the juniors are ready to assume the title of seniors. Natalie Andretz Theresa Araoz Gaybrick, Pres.5 N. Tschirhart, Sec.g M. Peterson and M. McBride, Soc. Chrmn. Kathy Bateman Barb Behl Dan Belligan Joan Benington Jo Brehler Mike Buchko Bruce Burnett Bruce Bayssee Mike C. Cain Jim Cairns Bob Campbell Nick Cariano Andy Cascarelli Mary Chapman Mary Charette Ryan Chepy Maria Clark Chris Cook Ellen Cook Michael E. Cook Michael J. Cook Robert Cook John Coscarelii Margaret Coscarelli 7 8 :L -fd: ' Q fm wx p Km SNA Q 93' A f 3. gg- f M into ,,., . ' afzift.-. -- ff "' Hi Y ' ' 1 f' 4:54 "if Q c ,ae-V ttf' ig. 1 . A .fa 3 ' Q--ij ' .wg , J J W -- zn..g5,gg,,? 5 ' 'rf' 1 'v-4 kgs' . , f f- 'ff ' . Q ' 5 1 ggi ir 'J' Y V--' f VNV Affyygi d'Qf6?3w'.2,1IL'5' .S 3' 1? .1 a gy 4' . 5 Nik IVG rev' , ., ,,,,, ua ni 4.4 i .. fc' Mike Creed Glory Crouch Jim Crumrie Virginia Cummings John Cunningham Sheila Dakin .ao y if ,353 Joe Daley Pat Degnan Linda DeRose Josie Dieguez Mary Diehl Lucy Dionise Jim DiVietri Tim Donovan Pat Doody Richard Drisc 011 Fran Dubendorf Dan Duffy Jean Dunckel Sharon Eberl Dick Eicher Char Endsley Janet Fellows Gary Fish ff-4 gm!! 5- -WA, -1 k,V-i. li .J bgigggim X."'h,,v I -ffm. Tom Flositz Letty Garcia John Garrison Mary Garrison Bob Gaybrick Sherry Gierman Leon Gottschalk Marnie Green Bill Greenburg Sue Grider Paul Haddad Kathy Hadden Dennis Harrison Everett Hawkins Angie Hedley Eddie Heywood Mark Holoweiko Steve Howland Joe Jacobs Doug Jenks Tom Kavanagh Bruce Keilen Mary Kieffer Miki Kirker Kitty Klein Mike Kogut Chris Koob Julie Kotschevar Pete Kralovec Terry Jo Kfayflak .ga f 'N N T my 'se wif 1 Q? M3 A15 at , igihiefiwii 'Fi wt - A- we wnunf V an . . r... -6 '57 r--""' if QI : .A 3? I 5.21 ., 1- Xi an 'W j Nik 2 N jg iff., K A I . 'F' -dr' ai .1 ,gg 'lf M.,-1-rf A-f J af lx. 3. y ,ll '-I 1. ,f 1 .V 5 ", f 1 J T 1 fl ls f f f 1' 5 f , 1 11 2, IL f A U IQ EA DACTIVE The juniors began the new year with a dance reminiscent of old song appropriately entitled "Leaves of the Past." Soon after this success, the spirited juniors celebrated with an old-fashioned hayride. Despite a tie for third place, the juniors' float,"Bank- ing on a Victory," deserves recognition. The rest of the year was devoted to pre- paring for the annual Junior-Senior Ban- quet. This event in honor of the Seniors is a tribute to the harmonious relationship between the upperclassmen. 'Tir Q' 'J' if A M iggfl' ,W -M' i A' ,nfl 5,135 Q34 :Eff Mike Kreft Steve Kreft Sue Lack Lydia Lerma Mary Ley Kris Lienhart Jim Logan Mike Lott Mara Lud Josie McAvoy Maureen McBride Richard McCarius Sue McCue Tim McGinn Denny McGuire Mary Kay Mclntire Kathy McKenna John McKenzie Linda McNamara John Madill Pat Maki Bobbie Marker Joe Marrah Bill Montgomery CLASS Dan Mosher Gary Murphy Mike Murray Ted Nastal Miles Neal Connie Nichols Marty Noice Mike Nugent Billie O'Brien Kevin O' Donnell Mike O'Nei11 Barty Ortiz Gary Ozanich John Paine Mary Palmiter , HW I 'J M-nah' Q09 IN Pat Pamment ' ff Michael Panetta , we ff fy J P d or -w acky ar ee John Parker V 5 "if e'me'r.i :P Kevin Peterson , P Mile Peterson f A Bill Price Mike Radelet Joe Regal Pat Rekucki Barb Robinson Kathy Robke i. 7' iii , 135 17. ' 1' ka.- 'ff George Robson Bill Romwalter Sue Rudolph K 'gf' 2 ,...,- I Rf,- Q 4',-9 Q' '-W , ,J fir mmr 3,9 Q 'gf' , 'Fr woi 2' Q,-an gf. i ,. A ' 13' X 417' 'aff If 'S' , 42 I.: ,ffv 14 4' fr if 49 ,-f -.f 1 " - ' isffiw 4 - I ,f . w yr, S ff . f 1 I .5 TJ , jf H S 4 , if ggi. , , if A ,fi :-.Saws ,. :am ft' xi W, - ,,,- .,,.. -4 --K 1 ,VL - - 1 Xl we W ww ... Q 4 V- 4' 1 -f-- 21 -1'f X p:- ig ' ii 'Q K fir 2? .-SS db yi! i 'iii' Dave Turpin Donna Turpin Mary Rose Verderese Pat Verderese Chris Rundle Dave Sanders Sharon Schaeffer Mike Scheidt Gary Secor Steve Secor Mary Shanesey Mike Sheridan Sue Siegrist Gene Simon Nancy Simon Jane Skinner Anges Smith Steve Smith Geralyn Spalding Tony Spata Linda Spitzley Ann Stornant Cindy Storant Juanita Suarez Liz Sweet Pat Szedlak Mike Tadlock Jane Terres Sue Thiel Debbianne Throop Nancy Tschirhart Craig Walker Sharon Wargo Randy Wass Ben Weeks Mary Beth Welsh Jim Wendling Chuck Wesley Chris White Elfreda Wilberding Judy Wright Matthew Wizniewski Richard Yarsevich Jan Young Julie Ziegler Mike J. Cain Cindy Danby Tom Doneth Jim Labioda 84 jg. C. ge "" - ey-i K ,aa OPHOMURE RADIATEE THUSIA M Emerging forth from the shell of afresh- man, the sophomores have invaded the Ga- briel scene. They have surpassed their sec- ond year ambitions with their successful endeavors. New enthusiasm and spirit for school activities can be identified with the magnitism of this class. The officers of this class are Soc. Chrmn, P. Mertz and M. Magistrog Treas.g T. McKennag Pres. S. Seelyg V. Pres., T. Rosettig and Sec., J. DeMarco. No doubt this class will continue to be a definite influence in future years. JO' if 1 -fi sp F, . V , U 3 N., .,,-1 'Nix ji ,, 3 TW 0 A fv 3 r lf -'jf I' na' ww , ,I Karen Adams Bob Baes Rina Bauer Thane Belen John Benington Kathy Benson Dave Bone Tom Braun Mike Brehler Vicki Brewer Mary Sue Buonodono Mike Burnett Lisa Burt Mike Bussche Fred Bye Jerry Byrnes Coleen Capen Bill Cariano Cheryl Chepy Beth Cook Linda Cook Joe Coonrod Ann Courshaine Dolores Croze Mike Curl Patty Curtice Tim Curtin Kirk Da.f oe Mike Daley Joe Dama John DeMarco Leonard Deming Bob Dennis Margie Doody Elizabeth Driscoll ' a'ii'i 'illi I i Q ae' Li Barb Droste gtetf fl i ".,:.: X ,,,2-1 Jim Drouin George DuBose Dan Dunnigan Tom Dwyer Mary Anne Emery Joan Fabiano Jim Ferrigan Gary Fineis Peggy Fineis Ed. Floeter A TI FA CTIO S SUCCESS The sophomores acknowledged the Senior Class by hosting a breakfast contributing to the festivities of Ring Day. They were also the sponsors of a Halloween dance bearing the imaginative theme of 44The Pit and the Pendulum. " Featured were the popular singing group, "The Poor Souls? The spirit projected by the sophomore class was exemplified in this year's float, "Rocks are Rolling Strong." They are looking forward to another year of success. 86 Wt , V' Pi 5 ,-M Carol Freeman Dean Gallea Laura Garcia Margaret Garrison Cathy Gaupel Doug Gehrholz Ray Ginther Joyce Glisson Debbie Golata Mark Gosselin Chris Grace Julie Green 6- ' '1 ..,Z' . . 'ggi flvw-1 N-'ia :-. X Q "1 it f i ,Amar - . 41 The sophomores built their unique float at Jane Stornant's and named it after Mr. Lardner who is known for assigning the boys to 'crab' up the hill in the field south of school. V Sherrelyn Greiger ' -- i Steve Gurecki ri-P i if x , N, Bob Hadden f" 5 ff' Marly Hafner ' 4 'Q --za -nl.s4 Theresa Hallet 'ii Sue Hand " . Paul Hanses M 5-5, rss- 'Z' . Mark Harrington if i'Af .ai Fran Harrison Michelle Harrison Roger Hartsuff 5 Rosemary Hartsuff Pat Hayes Dave Howland Debbie Holland 'fr' Marilyn Hulinek Ron Hunt Jim Hurth y 87 Linda Johnson Marcia Johnson Rosalie Joseph Duane Kalchik Ken Kane Patrice Kusuba Jeanne Kavanaugh Conrad Keusch Carol Kieffer Linda Kish Patty Klein Steve Kovac Carol Kristin Jim LaMacchia Jeanne La Tour Jim Lepczyk Virginia La Veque Pat Lichfeldt John Lindemann Jim Linn Martha Lira Carolyn Logan Bob Lorenz Tim McBride J fi ,eww ,ff - 11 fii W is his i g R FQ 5 J 1 3 ,,,w,. W ,M in V., AK M V ,, WX Ken McC loy Kathy McCue Tim McKenna Mike McKouen Margaret McNeil Don McRae +-rf rw ,eta Kia is ff Nr N625 -52 . fi ui' S 1 he ' """5"ez 1, . , It J X 6 it P if f" Q 1 af ,X , 'W' 1' L 1? i 7 wr .--, as '-ff , ', , . ' .f W r Ei' -1555 .- . gffgs Mi fs 4 4 U2 K an-' '71 'wx 8 .M 43 HI' in Q, flu A-as - Q , 0 .i c . 4' :F 0 l QI is 4 H .4-J . ,yu dv N'-'t ,..-. Frank Madaski Margaret Magistro Ralph Marinaz Mary Marrah Bob Marsh Cecelia Martin Mary Margaret Mead Pete Mertz Anne Marie Meyer Mike Michaud Cathy Mikek Mary Jo Milam Mary Mitchell Morin Montalvo Mary Montalvo Bill Mulvaney James Mulvaney Carol Nichols Rosemary Noice Brian Olson Nancy Olson Rita Ortiz Sharon Pardee Paul Peterson John Polack Denise Pratt 89 Maureen Price Sharon Rasey Maria Regal Sue Reynolds Karen Roblee Steve Roman Tom Rosatti Bob Russo Dayrlann Ryan Linda Schaeffer Teresa Schon Don Schroeder Steve Seely Ron Seymore Larry Shoemaker Rick Sickelsmith Kathy Siefert Marcia Sleight Ron Smith Larry Sohn Nancy Solomon Mike Spadafore Roseann Spagnuolo Norman Spalding Ann Marie Spata Barb Spitzley John Stevenson Jane Stornant Paul Teszlewicz Greg Thom Jean Thorpe Jim Tripp .v,.4vaLy,:,i . we l wx Q '3'3?.+,i . .jf i ff" 2 . Y we I 's a V by 'K 'z..wc w f' A I 'K J, ,Qt .sf -- ,,, -7523 ff f 3 F' af fa ,WI ,, , -w If -'.4'f . f :ii .w W' in ,W ig? mi A it X , 5 fr K? H f ef . ,Ha ,., 5-Q3 .an at mf W f , -' V W ,. 'wi , i ,K . W X, . - , q-- ' ,wg I . Fi W fx. f W fx " x :yi 4 ""' If 1 Wd Q 9 X 4 P sr v , , ,f '35 1 6:1421 ,1 J S V 'J P55 4. f 1 Lv -O .,.- M..- ey 'N 1252! V sas. Q fvigggtg- Steve Turner Joe Turpin Cathy Twardzik Carolyn Uberroth Garry Van Braght Stewart Van Tilburg Kathy Verderese Irma Vogt Jack Wheeler Carol White Mary Kay Wickens Janis Wiegner George Wietor Joan Willis Steve Wippel We Bob Wood A Tom Wozniak a 3? -, ,... a 7 I 493 . 1. Tom Wright Mary Ann Yungfer Mark Allen Carol Matz Kathy McE1eron Kathy Ziolkowski GREA T EXPECTA TIONS A door is opened and a World of dis- covery, uncertainty, and confusion becomes the world of a freshmen. Excitement is just around the corner, for no matter where you turn, the mark of a freshmen is there. This first year brings with it new faces and friends as well as fun. They have acquired unity from their officers pictured here from left to right: M. Hacket, Soc. Chrmng S. Pabst, Vice Pres., P. Cain, Soc. Chrmn.g J. Quincy, Pres., C. Larkin, Treas.g and A. Robke, Sec. Julie Alcenius Steve Auvenshine Louis Baldino Ken Barlage Nancy Basile h ,.,.,., Joan Bauer La Vonne Belfry Mary Belsito Aw ' ,,, 1515. Mary Bettman K Jean Bierwagen iir 'biiii , A Debbie Bland 'RSF , Tom Boucher ! if Jean Bouska Barb Boyer Becky Boyko John Bozzo Kim Braman Debbie Brechtelsbauer 4352! Mary Kay Brewer Tony Buonodono Pat Cain Kris Campbell Joan Campion Paul Charette 92 1 N, ,,zf3f- Q 4 ., 92 1, 'vi V I 13,3 nab? L wx' ,, ' if 52, .524 f,,... .V "N, All ,gf ,Q ,... ,,, I ., . , ,fsxze Jw- -, .. . 4 J! ,, .,,, ,i,k AJVA ,, 53 .,,. ' . . i t,.'L, Sf far: .sr . - rrail ' . f V .1 :'A V 1 ,gs-v 1 ' f , I 21.1 ,H xv 13' K 5 'Q J? - fy Y lt- ff' ig.. , f if K tr fa' gif If , 1 ff WM '55 5' ,-Q 4 Q." 1,'li,"' X55 'itat' i g VW' h A 4 av- pi 7 A ff-' t ' sg, K'-we ' xr if' ' ,,L' g ,...t , C4519 f J 'w wa if W1 ,, ... W 4 2? W ' if' f 1 i f f 5 Q 1 ii x of? it: ,Q I j vii ' ' J .,-.Q U . Md I, V 'A ,, , " ' ,fr it o W., R ya :1S.,f3:ifi Garfe Dubendorf Mike Duffy Tom Dunneback Marc Dunkel Don Dupweg Barb Endsley .2 vw :I , W.. 32 , fa , Ken Cena Tim Clark Gary Clevenger Martha Cook Sue Cook Steve Cook John Coomes Pat Coppens Jim Corlett Tom Coscarelli Anita Courshaine Pat Crockett Mike Curtin Doug Delaney Frank Degnan Debbie Deming A1 Dionise Virginia Dionise Emil DiVietri Don Doneth Phil Donahue Katy Donovan Kathy Driscoll Mike Droste Yolanda Enriquez Paula Esch Richard Evans Maryan Faggion Eileen Ferrigan Jean Fitzgerald Bill Fleming David Flositz Linda Fletcher Steve Foley Cliff France Steve Frantz Andy Froh Becky Froh Steve Fulton Anna Garcia Tom Gaskin Mary Gaupel Julie Gonzalez Tom Goodwin Dan Grace Chuck Gray Lucy Gray Dave Greenburg vii we fs' Q63 , 4 7 .4--'K Kg W ar-4? V , NV H fi , , , , 12,3 Kathy Grider Tom Guerre Mary Hackett Jean Haddad Mary Harrison Pam Hart Chuck Henderson B111 Hidlay Don Hillman Gregg Holoweika John Hurth Teri Jakovac Gregg Jeffreys Sue Jones Ed Joseph Joann Joseph Sylvia Kaufman Karl Keusch L, ,mv HEY! LOOK US OVER Getting acquainted at Gabriels began with a night of introduction for the freshmen. An in- sight into the various activities, followed by a dance, was provided by the student council in honor of these newcomers. From that point on, the class of '70 adjusted to their schedules and eventually the new became routine. A fine ex- ample of freshmen ingenuity was their float, "Raiders Sing the Blues," which placed second in competition. With this noteworthy success rides the hope of future greatness at Gabriels. Kathy Kinney Jean Klotz L1 3 ' R if? 1 1. A X 'S' iI?.fElv if n-,A We. ,, wa ft- J if I2 fs we ..1 as ,-I fy ff, I vat, if 'gg . 13 42 ,Sy ,J ' r I 'l F9 l Moments of surprise are the best to remember and Shelley Pabst didn't plan this one! -MH rf?" J , pn ,W ,.,uy I fl? 'T ' vw . 1, .K J. Pi? f.'?!i.j4 ' 5 John Koenigsknecht Phil Kralovec Pat Labioda Denise Laferriere Chuck Larkin Georgina Lawerence Bob Le Veque John Leshock John Levertte Tom Licht Greg Lucot Jeanne Lunsford Tony Lunte Trina Mc Avoy Kathleen McC1oy Pam McCoy John McCune Dennis McKenna 95 Is, .av iff i , J .ii 4-""' ""x 542 f Q1 .W , , .,,s,,1. . , 4 ,P . ,..,, me 7 15: . , 'sserffff nffaxefuf -Q J . J ' 653' , ,. EQ-555, 5515 Chris Mc Manaman Tom Mc Namara Greg McNeil Steve Maier Joe Mapes Paul Martin Fran Meagher Dan Meyers Bill Moeller Mario Montalvo Jeff Mooney Dave Morris Jim Mosher Ray Mulvaney Don Murray Pat Neff Kathy Olance Shelley Pabst Libby Paine Bill Parker Nick Pavona Jerry Pecora John Pecora Kay Perkins Jane Peterson Bev Polack Hula 'M' ' rv Aw, M if va. J, XG QQ" .gr X0 Th! , ,ni :.- . 4? W X X5 xx 31... Pm 'Q-T21 1 ' nan- i H ,gr ., I 1 i yi gr K! Gene Smith Gus Snider Janet Spagnuolo L?-J Joann Spagnuolo Gloria Steinbach Lisa Stornant ,N Q a , HQ.. W f ii 1 W 4 in ,,-1 i ,f I, -V ' Jani. 'f Y ' - V 5 4 5 ??f7fI1i'ifs ,347 ,Mi f ' M 'fa-Hai . 'N N gif .W i iiii S f 1 -xx wi 2 M i i. X f X 1 Marsha Price Pearl Pytlowanyj Tim Radelet Domingo Ramos Russell Raymond Mark Redker B111 Reed Connie Reid Babette Renner Denise Reuter Ann Robke Jae Ross Tom Rudolph Chris Ruffing Craig Rundle Tom Saghy Pam Schmidt Mike Sharkey Karen Sherck Linda Siegrist Edward Sierakowski Steve Simon Chris Slater Sinicropi Q A A CLASS THAT FOLLUW Pat Stover Chuck Szedlak Diane Tadlock Jim Taylor Fernando Terrer Dave Terres Bob Teszlewicz Debbie Tissue Cathy Tolan Ann Tomlanovich Dianne Trudean Mark Tschirhart A ,. A M .Q A' ' . Y mi 5953 ' 1 V ,,,,, A It A wb f' M f g ' 1.1 1.AW I T' -QQ' if t , 'S Hsfrf' F F .Nik ,A+ qi? A Ken Wesley Joy Whetstone Steve Winegar Steve Winkler John Wojcik Tom Wojtysiak Bob E. Wood Steve Wolcott Dan Yarsevich Kathy Young A1 Zamora Trish Zoeller Deborah Burnette Bill Harney Cathy Ann Jubb Jim Turpin Holle Vaive Cathy Van Dreumel Pat Van Sickle Julie Van Vorst Guy Verderese B111 Vogel Barb Vogt Marty Wade Larry Waligorski Brian Walker Sally Welsh A CLASS THAT LEAD John Quincy L1 L A , 2 , 5 K' E . A 1 his , .av M. . M. -1- ' , -5574 .xx X N , 1 4 "Eff-?' 1' aa V Q... L i ? 'QTM R wwmmmmmwf' AW" YUU LIK . 1 1 . V, ig n-. f N,M,,,r' -'mil' 4 ,. 1 'f K-,, "N - ,ay 4 I 6 , I . S . fu I - ng U u - 42' ,'.' 2251 .f-' -,X px , I COMMUNICATIONS THANK YOU Msgr. John A. Gabriels High School wishes to express its' sincere graditude to the contributers of the 1967 Yearbook. The con- tinual support in this school endeavor has made it possible for the students to have a remembrance of their school year. Thank you again for your generosity and may God bless you. C? Camphelllfaiefivqlvc 6 .. HOST JERRY CAMPBELL HOSTESS JOAN McNAMARA CHEF BILL SMITH Exciuslvs Bur Nor EXPENSIVE IF IT'S IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO GIVE THE PARTY--DON'T GAMBLE IN THE AREA OF CATERING SERVICE WE ARE UNEXCELLED 0 EQUIPPED TO CATER 20 T0 3000 PEOPLE 0 EXPERT CONSULTATION - EXTENSIVE MENU PLANNING SERVICE 0 DETAILED SUPERVISION 0 IMMACULATE UNIFORMED PERSONNEL Wuitresses - Waiters - Bartenders - Entertainment 0 FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS 0 COMPLETE CHINA, SILVER 8. GLASS SERVICE -k Weddings if Banquets -A' Parties -If Picnic: -k Buffet: ik Cocktail Parties it Smar as or x g b d if Business Meetings it Lucus--A' BarMIt1vahs 0 IN YOUR HOME - BY THE POOL- AT YOUR BUSINESS 0 BANQUET ROOMS A HALLS AVAILABLE H 489 3343 Ca If No Am A89-4262 4616 N GD RIVER 1' VJ, .4 fill' Lff..f-I -.4 . ' Sify? it K --ff--1 ' - 'f 'yy . -.--rg -up Ez.: L .fs -Irm- x.fe--E,2--Qy,,- E- ,f , I ,,,, in 5. 102 YOl.I'LL ENJOY TI-IE and your family wants your portrait in the most prominent place in the house. A kind of spiritual present . . .a part of a living heritage to them. We will be glad to arrange your sitting to ,, suit your convenience. ' sm MAREX RE XALL PRESCRIPTION CENTER 301 N. CLIPPERT 485-4355 EXPERIENCE... THROUGH ADVERTISING LANSING. . . LA NOBLE REALTY COMPANY Phone IV 2-1637 1 5 16 East Michigan Avenue Lansing, Michigan IEIIIIIIIIIIIWI I IIIIIII I damn? PORT RAITS OF DISTINCTION 6. 220 North Washington Av IV 9-9397 AMERICAN - ITALIAN - CUISINE 0012 SPECIALIZING IN 3 - V -N-1. PIZZA s. OTHER FINE " e ITALIAN Fooos I A V A',. X sIEAI4s-cHoPs-sEAFooD . D - 1 ,, . Complete Dinners Businessmen's Luncheons COZY BANQUET FACILITIES FOR UP TO 60 PERSONS COCKTAIL HOUR 4 TO 6 PM DAILY CALL 489-5332 2005 E. MICHIGAN QAMPLE PARKING IN REARI STUDENT SUPPLY HOUSE Across from Eastern Auditorium Textbooks School Supplies Candy 1006 Jerome Street IV 9-8677 S P A L D I N G B R 0 T H E R S GENERAL CONTRACTORS Residential and Commercial 'I509 Vine Phone IV 4-6479 STANDARD BLOCK AND SUPPLY COMPANY Congratulations to the Wines ofthe World Anthony's Party Store Orlando Fabiano Class of '67 1210 E. Michigan Ave. TU 2-2451 4724 Aurelius Rd. Lansing Lansing, Mifnignn H f R HOLDEN REI D FAMOUS BRANDS FOR DAD AND LAD 3 GREAT MEN AND BOYS STORES TO SERVE YOU DOWNTOWN ' FRANDOR " LOGAN CENTER 4 THE POLACK CORPORATION Gestetner and Standard Duplicating Machines 5301 So. Pennsylvania, Lansing, Michigan 48910 Phone 393-3440 UNITED PIPING AND ERECTING CO. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 3012 N. Seventh Street Lansing Phone 484-1423 Congratulations to the Class of 1966 Ph IV 2 7779 LABORATORY PRECISION M. W. SOMERVILLE Radio. 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Washington Avenue Phone IV 2-2313 Paints - Wallpaper - Custom Draperies Decorating Consultants Paul Winegar - Grace Swisher Phone 484-7535 LOGAN BROTHERS SUCCESS TO THE CLASS PRINTING QF '67 CALL 485-3771 LlNDEMANN'S FOOD MARKET 1229 E. MAIN 211 N. Clippert - Across from Frandor 489-2169 COMPLETE Residential Commercial MASONRY , Industrial be . f'c'P"':"f7 SERVICE Repair Work P-,,,p4P' ,SM il I Phone 489-1479 iigl . For "Free Estimate" "We take pride in our work" Jim Maher, Jr. 8e John Mclntyre 1522 Turner Monroe International, Inc. 4--.,,,-N:-,H V A Division flit on Indu ri 2617 E. Michigan Avensiie es I' I i Lansing, Michigan 48901 2005 N- Laffh Sf-1 North UWT P.o. Box 71 Telephone 485-1703 SUNDAY IIIIIIIERS I P.M. T0 8 P.IlI. Large Menu Selection Sales and Service 'Chicken 'Charcoal Broiled Steaks 'Seafood Calculafingl Adding, Accounting Machines, Open Mon. 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.--Tues, thru Sat. 5 a.m. to 10:30 p PECIAL DAILY MENU FEATURES 'm' Electronic Desk Type Computors X X f 1 L- 1 L 4 594 Iimbeflgnegs Bowling Alleysv SMART CLOTHES for SMART YOUNG MEN S M A L L ' S --sm, RACQUET sHoP iwo eleven S. Washington MAX CURTIS MEMBEQ F T D 24 2958 FORD, INC. ,kzi , V. " -. 1 Mustang Headquarters Galaxies - Fairlanes S53 f:i,6gAL QQ, Falcons - Thunderbirds svons AND ensswnouses 3003 E. Michigan Avenue lfj,,45f,gQ,'oN'j'2f,,'2ff,E Lansing, Michigan PHONE 'V 4-5327 LARRY SMITH ' I .hm s Market GROCERIES MEATS BEER WINE 15 ? 'f- ' fa T f TAKE OUT I 3345 S. Washington Phone TU 2-7961 HINSHAW DRUGS 2024 E. MICHIGAN AVE. LANSING, MICH. "Your Community Prescription Center" Greeting Cards IV 5-2245 Cosmetics - Candy GE ERAL ELEK RC UVICATION PR Central Michigan Communications Co. ZIOI NORTHAMPTON 0 LANSING, MICHIGAN 48912 J, WM. MONTGO ERY SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1967 BANCROFT FLOWERS EAST MICHIGAN AVENUE LANSING PHONE 484-7471 5 85 6 P ATTENTION! ff 4 I-fl. I 'II I , all il '67 GRADUATES I .I is --I 1 X d:'V. , ff 5' Imilfli , W ,i :ii Do you want to earn excellent wages? 'Airy " Q :M V E fu ,1 ' W - ,IZ Do you want an interesting job? T, ,, d4,we-,nr 4 ,Ol , H ,f 7 h g,, - X ,X Do you want a career. TTT' "-5412, .I ' IV' Q57 BEURMANNMARSHAIJL CORPORATION A DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING AGENCY LANSING 3,MlCHlGAN Do you want excellent benefits? If you do, then consider MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY fAn Equal Opportunity Employerl Just apply at The Employment Office, 220 N. Capitol Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. See the Real One's at DAN O'SHAUGHNESSEY Plymouth - Valiant Chrysler - Imperial 425 South Grand Avenue Lansing, Michigan ARTHUR A Complete Course in Beauty Culture and Electroly ss Qaaifzinq Beauiq Gollege R F THING TELEPHONE Bator Opticians EDYTH Lug' W gm, NEXT TO STATE THEATER 303 ABBOTT ROAD EAST LANSING, MICH. O. BATOR EDgewood 2-5222 LIEBERMANN'S OF LANSING Luggage - Billfolds China - Gifts LANSING 107 and T13 S. Washington EAST LANSING 209 E. Grand River CONGRATULATIONS! me COUNTRY sToRE formerly Fooo FAIR X MICKEYS ASUPER MARKET 5427 South Logan BEER WINE PACKAGED LIQUOR TAKE-OUT GROCERIES MEAT 1,-l,1 - '1g,wi,:: ,, f i f -., f - 4' 'Effie V "ZW-:i2i2'5'v.S"' . -' "nf '-iff . i' 1- f, L J ,,L,.... .,.,, ,,.. , .,:, , . fm , , , i fy F 'I ..,, ' as ' -:1- "zz, ff m ' ll . f' v 1 is 43 ,. W ,... E . , . , , , ,A mn, , - sl -,ff -, V . 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HART CO-EDITORS- CINDY WOOD KAREN MCKENNA COPY EDITOR- JANET CORCORAN ACADEMICS EDITOR- PATRICIA PANEK ACTIVITIES EDITOR- SUE WOLCOTT SPORTS EDITOR- RAY BAILLARGEON SENIOR EDITOR-MARY BETH LEPCZYK UNDERCLASSMAN EDITOR- ELLEN COOK PHOTO EDITOR- JAMES SCHAFER TYPING- ROBERTA PALMITER PUBLIC RELATIONS EDITOR- SUE HUESS SECTION ASSISTANTS ANN SCHAFER MARTHA HARRINGTON JUDY DONOVAN MARTHA HAMLIN PAULETTE LINDEMAN JILL GRACE BONNIE MEANS MARY PAVONA COPY ASSISTANTS LANENE SMITH SUE BATOR KRISTY SIEFERT MARY MURPHY JILL MAY DEBBIE TROUP PHOTO ACKNOWLEDGMENTS- EDWARD HICKS JOHN LINDEMAN- VANS CAMERA I 4 A I 'VS l 1 I P E I E P I nh Wm W UWTWW nMWWwW WWwWW ?7 -mwfw g?iZZwQfgZnra5+Q9aZwun, Q f -E ii!gNgE igigi? A 5 XM E -4.23 ,,4,0w,oc,WLi Q0 X k b 9 -A Q www +A E., S ij? fb fm ,fc fx X E go 53 is 5? E . 4 Q' QS' in N 5 h 3 650 G63 1 'ww f GOA 'R Qs 1 YN Y .9 12- w I V I 'W 5 Q K 3,1 fgo M, WW gg gag ybo gif Q42 fd ,, , Q ia M ix . -f 00 . f,,f M Za! all Q- x, X .32 90 A pwg gbfbff ,J E Y X 2 Q1 ,M ,Q f fffffmf ww Y, dx Oi Nr ,D XOGX, Ex A RN S X SWL G0-', V17 LL ,!f UZ3,,0LU'!!? -iw? fcgljjf , 54? QE S X? XP fo, 2,4 of 2, A-f,f fw7Zq, W 0229511 his? 5 ff ff 2 qw fffi, M x A 5 15 Qx MHA Q, AQ effblffxffy WM X aaa 9,9 Zigg fg,j' Z, fxwggwjffqywf gazing rj VAC Oi . I 9 db J 47? 1 T V f Aj J' fl Q Q XL ,,, 1 41,0 XFX ZLQBYOOK ZY M iq. ,Q I, A Kg, W 'ef fl 5 QV Bqip Xi7.Qb EL fgixfg 525 0WQ9135Q7Qg7YLWW! lyfgy 6 X Sfjsco 3259 93 Um! f 40 XA Q fb L, '2 ff ,M 1 L Q KN CXO 133, A 455 ,f Q?,XEgL Eiga . ,Y A l A 79 A JVWN Hzjwmfif ' ,J - J , EU Nvjlj' U3-f . 4 KH, xf 'f .,3,1,w,xNfVX' Qf f X- f fmt f ff., I mi W I ff 'V 'V ff' 'Ny nl 1 L , R. M , JR , ,, fx, pa! USVVJQQJ5 5p,jKacj19fi5VW Z ,A L Q ,,z sL,g ' ,L ,, -QA f fl 'fil cfm if 1 'X Ufydfix GQVSJAYL XY fy -f Of ya C ff- X ,Q 1 Cry C-f' nik XJ . ,6 ,. W UJ1, xg 6 f f L ,jf V KPWWMNJ WJQJU Ag Cf fvltfl if ,, cl A - -. ,Ag ,K Q k- UL L gi ,L Lkl74 Xljy, 5 MA VVITJN wjVN04jJJJ J ,A 41- ff Y K , .f ' - Q ,K 5 Af Q Y jkg L A I rl K, I: 'Cy GQLQS' N V f ' wflf wi W W X V f w J,Lw 6ffj as W Wil up W A CJ-xe JN' U7 WJ W Q 15,2 5 kbfo Wy ,pf , 5 E Q N3 L A My-2' J 1 X Sk W i,4f41j5f,fJ W ka fn M . 5 T f7'gfjj,oPsSf Q e Q Q XXX Q Q N ,Q 5 35 V Y X, jig gg 2 -' E ix 8 1 , . 1 X Q S N Q 3 Q f N sf x J Lai xi , xg kg . W gf? S 3 xg? if Q WS: J z X5 Bw A Q EQ 3 A Q5 lf E33 h 'A 1 xx m ' g Yzzfywp QfV'1,dQ1'21 M Q25 mf 271 Pzfww ff-:J . f7'0f7:1 -6!772'?JfR ' jff47pj42gfU 'fl TV l x D 1 I kr, ,X f ' f ' .' -- C. Ygfffjw NJ A 5 My V' Qx "f"7flf7f L w Q ,67 PRI S UPPLEME The happenings from April to June of the school year 1967 here at Gabriels were really the best, especially for the Seniors. An inaugural ball was given to initiate Presg Steve Secor: Vice-Presg Steve Seelyz Treasg Bob Wood: and Sec. Sue McCue, as the new student council officers. And there will never be anything to beat 'fSenior Week." It belongs to the class of '67 of Gabriels and none will ever forget it. At left and below are some of the Se- niors Who made and had some of the laughs. Senior boys faced the camera as they mounted cycles at Silver Lake, scene of a class trip. A I my H-f,.,, ' Away. . ' 4 , - s l ,,, ., K I -mp A J' M S' 1 ,..., ,... W , . , , , MM K K , ! I 5 W. , 2, w ,, y, ww- -' Y-. 4 uzaw, 19:3 "'-dw. ,L 'W' "4 TH PACIFIC The stars of the 1967 production, 'South Pacific' were Judy Wright as Nellie and Jon Tomlanovich as Emile. John McKenzie and Mike O'Nei1l give Bloody Mary, Maureen McBride, an assist as seabees watch the comic native give a show. Xia., Gabriels has built up a tradition of ex- cellence in its musical productions and this year's "South Pacific" was Widely ac- claimed as the best yet. Under the direction of Brother Jeffrey and Ursula Klein the students came to really be the characters. Jill May was student director, assisting Brother. The mood was set, the curtains opened and audience and cast became one. Nurses, Mary Palmiter, Dayrlann Ryan, Paula Burt 7 Jan Young, Mary Garrison, Jan Mayotte, Mary Char- i 3 , xiii gb g gf "There is nothing like a dame!!", and these seabees say it with sincerity and enthusiasm in a dynamic scene. 1 11,, 'S y Q M , sv 3 i iltt Q kDOu5'tX.'lQ5 5 it ., K L,,,,gM Lieut. Cable and Liat, Tim Yungfer and Julie Kotschevar, e were in a love ended with sorrow at the death of young Cable. ,. , , Tom Eiden, Ben Weeks and Charlie Spadafore were a team tht gave the audience many laughs as troublesome sailors. ette, and Nancy Tschirhart, stationed on the island, were out of uniform for Thanksgiving entertainment. "My doll is as dainty as a sparrow . . . ?". Tom Eiden as Luther Billis teams up with Nellie in Honey Bun. 5 A MEMORY . . . GONE WITH THE WI "Gone With the Wind" was the theme of the Junior-Senior Prom which took place on May fifth. Set in a southern plantation with carriages, chandeliers, garden swings and parasols, the Plain Brown Wrappers played for an evening which was followed by an elegant dinner. Parties before and after and a day at Lake Michigan completed the affair. , I-JI, 'xiii-if' ,fwfr SQMQB TRA CK Standingg Ralph Marinez, Denny Harney, Ray Baillargeon, Mike Murray, Mike Curl. Centerg Stu Van Tilburg. Denny Harney and Ray Baillargeon demonstrate their smooth exchanges that beat O'Rafferty in the 880 yard relay. 5 , .4 ' This year's track team was highlighted by the 880 relay team. They took third place in the State Regionals, thus winning an invitation to the State Finals. Denny Harney and Ray Baillargeon took fourth places in the Capital Circuit meet in the Broad Jump, and the 220 yard dash. The 880 relay team took a second place in the same meet. Mike Murray strides past an O'Rafferty opponent in the open- ing leg of the mile relay. Mike Curl lunges to break the tape in the 100 yard dash. BA EBALL Junior Varsity: Top rowg Buonodono, Mulvaney, Grace, Mc- Rae, Braun, Rosatti, Mulvaney, Coach SambaergMidd1eg Yarse- vich, Henderson, Goodwin, Parker, Rundle, Simon, Frantz, Bottom, Guerre Maier, Sinicropi, Terres, Hillman, Cook, Quincy. Winning is a tradition at Gabriels and this year's baseball team was no exception. John Mulvaney Won honors at the pitcher's mound as Coach John Greenwood worked with a great team. Many, including Coach Greenwood, par- ticipated in city and ments leagues, gaining recognition. Top Rowg Joe Morals, Rich McCarius, Tom Eiden, Pat Recuki, John Mulvany, Jim Fewless, Mike Szedlak, Coach Greenwood. 1 John Mulvany was named prep player of the year in the Greater Lansing Area. He had the best pitching record on the team. 1 i' H I-'I'-"v, , In ,,,,, . . , TI Ili' if??E.777z'.:' " Q a, L L X A A I 1 :tif V V." 'Et' 1 L Second Rowg Steve Secor, Fred Montanze, Joe DeMarco, Jim DiVitri, Jack Vogal, Marc Buchko. ,wi do as D ya GWLM1 .gafw "?'Tfi - 131 MQW? safari' if S173 GRAD ATIO DAY Seniors and faculty in cap and gown and proud friends and relatives witnessed the pomp of graduation day. Brother Julius Winkler S. S. C., PhD. was the guest speak- er and Brother Athanius returned to award diplomas. A day of parties, of families and friends will be remembered by all. s,v mf? iv 5 Q

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