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REFERENCE Not to be Taken From Th § Library . : : , . - ■ Window of Contents 2 FOREWORD In this Hawley High Hornet of ' 68 we have tried to preserve some of the ideas and feelings that the school life her presented. Success is one of the most strived for challenges we are asked to respond to. However, the necessary efforts must be put forth to gain and to maintain it. You, the student, set the pace that provides for a wholesome school spirit. The happy faces at lunch time, tripping the light fantastic toe at the dances, the cry of excitement at basketball games, and the depressed look at report card times are all a part of our wonderful days at school. We, the yearbook staff, have put forth considerable efforts to present a few of the exciting school high- lights of 1967-1968. Joan B. Timberlake 3 Alma Mater Hawley High, Hawley High We love thee so Hawley High, we held thee Where ' er we go. If we travel far and wide, You will always be our guide. Oh Hawley High you are our pride. Chorus: So three cheers, three cheers For our colors so bold Dear ole Hawley ' s Blue and Gold. Hawley High, Hawley High Our school so dear, We sing your phrases, Loud and clear. In our hearts you ' ll never grow old How we love the Blue and Gold. Alma Mater, we ' re in your fold. Ed it o r s Message In the modem world today, we are confronted with ever, increasing changes in education. As a result, it has become a key which will unlock the door to many successful opportunities and careers. We must struggle hard in what we desire to achieve, for succeeding is a goal we have to decide for ourselves. We give thanks in prayer’ to God, our principal, faculty and parents for staying by our side. Editor-in-chief William A. Eaton 5 Associate Editor Mazie Allen Editor - Typist Clinton Cooper in William Eaton Business Manager Alice Hicks -Chief Typist Melvin Young 6 The guidance that they gave us cannot be measured by any means- Through their invaluable assistance the senior class of 1968 has been able to conquer the obstacles of the past. We are ever remindful of their generous and inval- uable help. After four years of struggling, we slowly bring our stay at Hawley to a close. Mrs. Brooks and Miss Chavis have aided us in solving many problems which we could not have done otherwise. They have helped smooth the way for us so that we may face the task of departing with enthusiasm and zeal. 7 We • lhe ■ sel)ior class of ' 68. wish to dedicate our yearbook to our advi- sots hits, V . t . Brooks and Miss hi . ( , Chavis. Without their ideas, instructings. and support, our graduation would be jar less exciting and successful . We dedicate to you, our Senior advisor, the l, 1968 Hornet 8 Principal’s Message Dear Graduates, The season of commencement has come again and for many of you it is a time of conflicting emotions, a time of satisfaction upon reaching a goal long desired and long worked for, a time of sadness at the neces- sity of leaving familiar scenes and an ac- customed routines. For this experience to he worth something to you, it must aid you in some way to live better or more happily. The subjects you have studied here in school have been selected because of their value in helping you succeed in further schooling and on the job. Their ultimate usefulness lie in preparing you for citizen- ship, social living and critical thinking. The secret to both success and happiness can be realized by having done one ' s best in tackling the work which one finds to be done. This is good counsel whether applied to the vast world stage or to a corner in your community which is called home. May God bless you and firing you best of luck. D. O. Leatherberry Principal 9 Assistant Principal ' s Message Greetings to the members of the 1967-68 graduating class I First of all, ! am delighted to have joined the team that directed a great deal of your learning experiences during the twelfth year of formal education in our public school system of Granville county. I hope that by now you have made sense out of the com- plexity and diversity of our American society. It will be your responsibility to examine critically- -knowledge, skill and attitudes, and pass on to successive generation those be- liefs and values that are crucial to the maintenance of a pluralistic society. As you take leave from your position as a citizen and stu- dent in the G. C. Hawley School community, I would only remind you that in a free society, it is ’YOU” who decide’ your fate ! 1 hope the dialogues you have had with teachers and fellow students here at Hawley will help you to decide wisely even in the face of appealing alternatives in a broad range of possibilities. The Future is yours: command it? Mr. David S. {darkness Assistant Principal 10 Secretary ' s Message As students about to embark on the serious business of life, you should remember that success doesn ' t come easy. One must work hard and apply himself to whatever task is before him. Certainly your school days have been enjoyable, but the time has come when you must turn to another phase of life, where you must hold on to the firm ideas that have been implanted within you and do the work necessary to reach the goals you have set. With all good wishes for your success Sincerely, (Mrs.) Elaine S. Moss wYSTZ J n Senior Advisor’s Message which resulted from diligence and ■ perseverance. In closing, we challenge each of you to excel through vision, en- lightenment, and understanding. Best wishes, V. F. Brooks M. C- Chavis ty.C. Reminiscing is only natural as we attempt construction of a message of gratitude and challenge to the senior class of 1967-68. Four years ago you launched your journey here as freshmen, both on ventures of aspiration for growth and ser- vice. You will share a special place in our memories because of our kindred relationship. For this reason also we share your concern not only in your past, but more important for your future. Your past four years have been marked by illustrious growth and progress, you are to be commended for the fruits of your efforts so evident. 12 Mrs. C. H. Allen (Librarian) Mr. tS. £. Atkins (Typing) Mrs. V. p. Brooks (English) Miss M. C, Chavis (History) Mrs. E. W. Cox (English) Mr. H. L. Gooch (Math) Mrs. R. Green (Librarian) Mrs. R. W. Hedgepth (English) Mrs. L M. Holman (Science) Mrs. E. S. Marrow (Physical Ed. ) . £. N. Riddick (Music) Miss W. A. Shaw (Home. Eco.) Mr. L» Speli5 (Agriculture) Mr. O. Wilkins (History) r. A. Williams (Science) 14 Mrs. L Allen Mrs. N. Russ Mr. P. E Bullock Mrs. B. H. Cozart Mrs. R. N. Davis Mrs. B. R. Davis Mrs. B. E. Dunn Mrs. Edge Mrs. Green Miss L Gooch Mrs. L B. Green Mrs. L G. Green Mr. T. T. Harris Mrs. J. H. Ingram Mrs. Johnson S5 Mrs. S. ?. Lemay Miss Marable Mrs. G. H. Moore Mrs. Murfee Mrs. S. Parker Mrs. A. M. Piatt Mrs. Purefoy Mrs. P. B. Riddley Mrs. Tilley Not Pictured Mrs. Marrow Mrs. I. Miller Mrs. L. A. Moss Mr. N. Pettiford Mrs. T. A. Rag Mrs. J. T. Russ Mrs. O. K. Sandford 16 Cafeteria Workers Miss R- R. Parker Mrs. L M. Gooch Mrs. B. Fogg Mrs. R. Johnson Miss A. F- Parker Janitor and Janitress Mrs. W. Taborn MILDRED CHEATHAM " Mae " Ambition: Beautician CLINTON COOPER " Pudding " Ambition: Bus. Administrator Favorite Saying: " Smooth Op- erator " MARY COOPER " Fatty " Ambition: Nurse Favorite Saying: " There you go " CARL COZART " Cozy " Ambition: Engineer Favorite Saying: " That ' s life” LINDA COZART " jean " Ambition: Beautician Favorite Saying: " Don ' t wanna hear it " JANICE CROWELL " J. C. " Ambition: Social Worker Favorite Saying: " Boy oh Boy " 24 LINDA BURT " Phooey " Ambition: Nurse Favorite Saying: " Give me some " KENNETH BULLOCK " K. B. " Ambition: Business Man Favorite Saying: " Sock-it " CARL CHAVIS " Jap " Ambition: Undecided PATRICIA CHAVIS " Pat " Ambition: Nurse Favorite Saying: " T ' ain ' t so " JAMES BUR WELL " Burle " Ambition: Singer Favorite Saying- " Oh, come now " WILLIE CHAVIS " Renny " Ambition: Soldier Favorite Saying: " That ' s amazing " 23 EARNESTINE ALLEN " Febe " Ambition: Singer Favorite Saying: " You ain ' t said nothing " LINDA ALLEN " Pete " Ambition: I.B.M. Operator Favorite Saying: " That ' s quite natural " MAZIE ALLEN " Pete " Ambition: I.B.M. Operator Favorite Saying: " You Booga " ANNIE BAILEY " Road Runner " Ambition: Secretary Favorite Saying: " Sorry bout that " WILLIAM BLACK NALL " junior " Ambition: Barber JOHN BRASWELL " John H " Ambition: Undecided 22 Class Officers President Percy Winston Vice President Simon Paschall Secretary Linda Allen Assistant Sec. Treasurer Linda Hester William Eaton Treasurer Joan Timberlake 2 ! President ' s A d dress To the principal and members of the faculty, on behalf of the senior class of 67-68, 1 would Hite to take this opportunity to thank you, the teachers, and school personnel, of Hawley high school, for your support, leadership, and guidance. Without your training, we could not nave reached this important stage of life, and then we would not be capable of enduring the raanv problems of our changing ' society — during our stay at this institution we hope we have left among you marks of great impressions, and because of ttie great training and educational background you have given us, we will endeavor to carry the torch of progress through the changing years ahead, io the student body, the senior class encourages you, the underclassmen, to take full advantage of your educational facilities and the educational training which Hawley has to offer you. If you do not take advantage of these facilities, you will be curtailing your education and your chances for equal opportunity. Remember, ’ ’An education provides opportunity. If vou have the education, you also have opportunity. In closing 1 would like to say this; our stay here has been a joyous one, and we shall sincerely miss you and the good times we have shared at dear old Hawley. As we venture out in this un- easy world, we shall meet failure and success, sorrow and joy, but they shall serve only as step- ping stones to success! May God bless you and keep you. Percy W. Winston President of the senior class 20 Seniors DELORES CURTIS " Duely " Ambition; I.B.M. Operator OTIS DANIEL " June " Ambition: Artist Favorite Saying: " I can do it " LAURA DUNSTAN " Amy " Ambition: Youth Corp Worker Favorite Saying: " Huzzy " HAROLD EATON " Pete " Ambition: Soldier WILLIAM EATON " Boot " Ambition: I.B.M. Computor Favorite Saying: " Hello Stuff " JAMES EDWARDS " Herse " Ambition: Mechanic 25 JOHNNY ESTES " Harris” Ambition: Barber Favorite Saying: " Better be - lieve it " JOAN FIELDS " Lou” Ambition: Peace Corp Worker Favorite Saying: " Yea Child " JACQUELINE GOOCH " Jackie " Ambition: Secretary Favorite Saying: " Why Show” MOSES GOOCH " Sonny " Ambition: Teacher JOHN GREEN " Yogi” Ambition: Soldier Favorite Saying: " She ' s Terrific " CHARLIE HARRIS " Red " Ambition: Undecided Favorite Saying: " You did it” 26 EUGENE HARRIS ’ ' Tommy " Ambition: Architect SAMUEL HARRIS " Blimp " Ambition; Barber Favorite Saying: " I know good ' n well " ALICE HICKS " Al " Ambition; Nurse Favorite Saying: " That’s my Stuff " FREDDIE HUNT " Army " Ambition: Barber Favorite Saying: " You know it " LINDA HESTER " Lou " Ambition: Nurse Favorite Saying: " No brag just fact " HUBERT JOHNSON " Edker " Ambition: Undecided Favorite Saying: " Let’s get one " 27 YVONNE LANDIS " Jean” Ambition: Nurse Favorite Saying: " I reckon so” JAMES LAWRENCE " Slim " Ambition: Singer Favorite Saying: " Oh, come now " BILLY LOCKETT " Red " Ambition: Barber Favorite Saying: " Lets go get one” VERONICA LYONS " Ronnie” Ambition: Writer Favorite Saying: " Excuse me " LARRY MANCUM " Dick” Ambition: Soldier Favorite Saying: " Gonna break something” SHIRLEY McGHEE " McGoo " Ambition: Beautician 28 JAMES McCREA " Droopy " Ambition: Electronic FRANK MITCHINER " Peanut " Ambition: Engineer ROY MITCHINER " June " Ambition: Mechanic LESTER MOORE " Pig " Ambition: Barber Favorite Saying: " Give the drummer some " ANNETTE MOORE " Ann " Ambition: Nurse JEANETTE MOORE " Genn " Ambition: Secretary Favorite Saying: " That ' s all- right " 29 TYRONE MOORE " Rocky " Ambition: Mathematician Favorite Saying: " I don ' t, care " CALVIN MORGAN " Rookie " Ambition: Biologist Favorite Saying: " Broads are fun " MATTIE OWENS " Bell " Ambition: l.B.M. Operator SIMON PASCHALL " Bern " Ambition: Psychologist Favorite Saying: " What you say, cool? " LETHLA RIGSBEE DONALD ROBERTS Ambition: Nurse " Nub " Ambition: Carpenter Favortie Saying: " That ' s all- right " 3D -Sir ml WILLIE ROGERS " Preacher” Ambition: Engineer ROBERT SCOTT " Peter” Ambition: Barber Favorite Saying: " I don ' t want to hear it " DONNELL TERRY " D. T.” Ambition: Barber JOAN TIMBER LAKE " Billy Ambition: Social Worker Favorite Saying: " If you say so " ALFONSO WASHINGTON " Al " Ambition: Brick Mason PERCY WINSTON " Fuzz " Ambition; Computor Favorite Saying: " I ' ll remem- ber that " 31 WILLIAM WOODARD ’’Bunny” Ambition: Barber Favorite Saying: " Keep the faith " WILLIAM WORTHAM " Tick " Ambition; Pro, Playboy Favorite Saying; " Okay, that’s great” JoANN WRIGHT " Short Stuff " Ambition: Nurse Favorite Saying; " I don ' t care” MELVIN YOUNG " Shark” Ambition: Business Educator Favorite Saying: " Check” 32 Most Intelligent Linda Hester Clinton Cooper Most Likely To Succeed Percy Winston Veronica Lyons Veronica Lyons Percy Winston Most Studious 33 Best All Around Percy Winston Joan Timberlake Most Dependable William Eaton jo Ann Wright Most Cooperative Maude Alien Percy Winston 34 Most Carefree Mildred Cheatham Charlie Harris Tallest Johnny Estes Janice Crowell Shortest jo Ann Wright W ill! am Wood ard 35 Wittiest Most Attractive Most Handsome Alice Hicks Robert Scott Most Popular Linda Bu rt Harold Eaton Joan Fields John Green 36 Most Ladylike and Most Gentlemanlike Linda Hester Larry Man gum Neatest Lethia Rigsbee Simon Paschall Quietest Yvonne Landis Tyrone Moore 37 Record Gems You got to pay the price . For Your love Cold Sweat I was born to love her . . . Your unchanging love . . . Knuckle head Together A whiter shade of pale . . I ' ll turn to stone Nine pound steel Share your love with me , Higher and Higher Your Precious love Get on up Hold Me I ' m wondering Stop Thief That ' s Groovie Missing you Nearer to you Going down slow Natural Woman Baby Baby Baby Say a little prayer for you Love is strange I can ' t stand it any longer I ' m in love Cover Me Chain of fools . I wonna go home Boogaloo down broadway . Bahama Mama Second that emotion . . . For your cap and gown Diploma Commencement night My ring Senior Advisors Senior boys The months Prom Night If I lose my ring Physics Soul sister C brothers Cries on commencement night Hawley High We ' re marching at last Soul Brother If I ' ll graduate Bring back my books Sociology The Soul sisters Graduation The fees A girl in the senior class Soul sister Commencement night Among the senior class French Senior class Advance Math Senior Advisors Underclassmen Hawley Halls Miss Brooks Dropping Physics 38 Class History The year of 1964 offered a great experience in learning for the senior class of 1968. The walls of the Hawley High School echoed the names of 105--students who were bursting forth to open all doors to learning. Branches were extending in every area. There were representatives in the band, the choir, student coun- cil, library club, and the basketball teams. We were represented on the B honor roll each month, and we were determined to make our debut into high school a worthwhile one. When vacation time came, we were convinced that our ex- periences during the year had been very rewarding. The next year brought us no less thrills. We were known as sophomores. We, as can be expected, were met with some obstacles that confronted us, but we were determined to overcome all difficulties and strive for perfection. In spite of our trials and tribulations in our algebra class, Joan Timberlake and Veronica Lyons were successful in making the " A " honor roll. The third year was ushered in with out incident. We felt sure of ourselves and looked forward to a fruitful year. Next to our scholarship, we focused our at- tention on the Junior-Senior prom. This was a very gala occasion and the theme was " Three Coins In a Fountain " . In addition to the Junior-Senior Prom, we also have to remember the great experience we had when we were selected by the choir director to participate in the musical contest held at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte. This activity will long be remembered by us. We systematically marched from one realm to another. This was our final step- -seniors. This had been our destination since launching the ship in 1964. We eagerly look forward to graduation when we are given that piece of paper by Hawley High with powers invested by the Board of Education. That is the day! Among our many senior activities there was the great honor of becoming Miss Hawley High. Miss Veronica Lyons won such a title. Her attendants were: Misses Linda Allen, Joan Timberlake, Alice Hicks and Joan Wright. Miss Mazie Allen was crowned Miss Homecoming. Those were glorious days. Now as graduation time approaches, we would like to say that we are indebted to our advisors, Mrs. V. F. Brooks and Miss M. C. Chavis for their untiring ef- forts in guiding us on our way. We know with out their skillful hands to guide us, our sailing would not have been quite as colorful. As we launch into the depths today, we pray God ' s blessings to lead us to a successful anchorage. Mazie Allen 39 ■ CLASS MOTTO The ladder sets the pace by which we rise CLASS COLORS Yellow and Green 4 CLASS POEM 67-68 With twelve years of laughter and distress, Now we pause briefly to take a little rest, To look back over some of our brighter days And measure how we have progressed in so many ways. To our classmates whom we love so dear, From dear Hawley we must disperse, To our advisor ' s who were so faithful and true, We thank you kindly for helping us through. We owe our greatest thanks to God, Who was kind enough to let us live To meet society and offer what we have to give And obtain the education we have gained here. Hawley we shall always remember you as a friend indeed Your mercy has helped us when we were in need, Now you have put us out on our own, Traveling through this world meeting the unknown. CLASS SONG (Tune of " Dear Heart " ) Dear ole Hawley High The time has come When we must say good-bye Our work for now is done Then dear ole Hawley High We know you ' ve done your best To train our, to train our minds So that we may lead on So we must say good-bye Our time grows nigh But thank you for everything So good-bye ' til we meet again Chorus: Good-bye good-bye We ' ll all miss you so But we can ' t forget the past Joan Timberlake Simon Paschall Roy Mitchiner 40 The Perfect Mates The perfect woman of 1967-68: She will have the height of Delores Curtis; she will have the form of Mazie Allen; she will have the walk of Alice Hicks; she will have the complexion of Annette Moore; she will have the hair of Janice Crowell; she will have the eyes of Linda Cozart; she will have the nose of Veronica Lyons; she will dress like Lethia Rigsbee; she will be kind like Yvonne Landis; she will have the teeth and mouth of Ernestine Allen; she will have the legs of Mazie Allen; she will have the feet of Mildred Cheatham; she will have the voice of Veronica Lyons; she will be friendly like Joan Timberlake; she will be as lovable as Janice Crowell; she will be neat l ike Mary Cooper; she will be studious like Joan Timberlake; she will be scholarly like Veronica Lyons; she will be thrifty like Mazie Allen; she will be dependable like Linda Allen; she will be as lady- like as Linda Hester, she will be honest like Jo Ann Wright; she will be mannerly like Linda Burt; she will be sweet like Patricia Chavis; she will be clever like Jacqueline Gooch; she will be sympathetic like Shirley McGhee; she will be talkative like Mattie Owens; and she will have the sense of humor as Joan Fields. Now to go with this perfect speciman of 1967, she will be lonely without a help- mate. We must now seek the perfect man for 1967-68: He will have the height of Johnny Estes; he will have the physique of Kenneth Bullock; he will have the walk of Simon Paschall; he will have the complexion of Calvin Morgan; he will have the hair of William Woodard; he will have the eyes of Harold Eaton; he will have the teeth and mouth of Robert Scott; he will have the feet of Simon Paschall; he will have the voice of Alfonso Washington; he will have the religious conviction of James Burwell; he will dress like Carl Cozart; he will be friendly like John Green; he will be lovable like Billy Lockett; he will be neat like Simon Paschall; he will be studious like William Eaton; he will be scholarly like Percy Winston; he will be thrifty like Clinton Cooper; he will be dependable like Roy Mitchiner; he will be a gentleman like Larry Burwell; he will be honest like William Wortham; he will be mannerly like Larry Mangum; he will be clever like John Green; he will be sympathetic like Otis Daniel; he will be talkative like John Green; he will have the sense of humor like Donnell Terry; he will be musical like James Lawrence; and he will cooperative like Moses Gooch. Behold we have found the perfect mates of 1967-68. t 41 Senior Class Will State of North Carolina County of Granville City of Creedmoor We, the members of the Senior Class of 1968, of G. C. Hawley High School, County of Granville, and State of North Carolina, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make our last Will and Testament. Article I. To our school, we will our hopes for a prosperous growth in years to come. Article II. To our beloved Principal, Mr. D. O. Leatherberry, we bequeath our love, good will, and sincere loyalty. Article III. To Mrs. V. F. Brooks and Miss M. C. Chavis, our advisers, we will a year of peace and quietness, amorous and warm hearted affections, and our thanks for helping us to march forward. Article IV. To our teachers, we will new students that will occupy our places and our sincere thankfulness for training our minds. Article V. To certain individuals we bequeath the following: To Genate Johnson, Yvonne Landis wills her bus 100. To Vernell Bullock and Joecephus Green, Laura Dunstan wills her ability to socialize. To Willia Burgess, Delores Curtis wills her determination. To Bessie Satterwhite, Veronica Lyons wills her ability to speak and her seat in Sociology. To Mary Barnes, Mazie Allen wills her singing ability. To Kathy Cooper, Linda Allen wills her joyous laugh. To Ella Lawrence, Joan Timberlake wills her kind personality. To Deborah Jenkins, Janice Crowell wills her fancy hair styles and her sweet smile. To Shirley Harris, Jannett Moore wills her classes. To Ronald Braswell, Simon Paschall wills his coolness. To Lester Thoma s, Clinton Cooper wills his studiousness. To James Harding, Calvin Morgan wills his basketball talent, to Donald Estes, his General Science grades. To John Daniels, Carl Cozart wills his big red ' 63 Chevy. To Mary Barnes, Percy Winston wills his seat in Physics, to Fred Parham, his bus 31 and to Larry Bridges, his personality. To John Daniels, Kenneth Bullock wills his walk. To Lester Thomas, William Woodard wills his art at getting a girlfriend. To Daniel Harris, Lester Moore wills his front tooth. To John Daniels, Willie Chavis wills his beard and personal habits. To Mary Dargon, William Eaton wills his split tongue for speaking French. To Robert Flemming, James Burwell wills his melodious voice. To Herman Hester, Linda Hester wills her seat in English IV. To Robert Fleming, Jo Ann Wright wills all of her old book reports. To Gwen Washington, Mary Cooper wills her old English book. To Cora Wright, Larry Mangum wills his ability to think quickly in social life. To Martha Jones, Otis Daniels wills his good looks. To John Jones, James McCrea wills his afro hair style. To Linda Green, Freddie Hunt wills his sweet walk. To Daniel Harris, Willie Rogers wills his quietness. To Shirley Harris, Annette Moore wills her teeth. To Mary Jones, Ernestine Allen wills her singing ability. Tp Queen Harris, Linda Burt wills her ability to be popular. To Ervin Allen, Hubert Johnson wills his cleverness. To Iola Curtis, Lethia Rigsbee wills her neat appearance. To Dorothy Hester, Alice Hicks wills her walk. To Rebecca Hart, Melvin Young wills his typing ability. To Charles Purvis, Eugene Harris wills his good looks. To Johnnie Cooper, Mattie Owens wills her undying friendship. To Charlie Roberts, Donald Roberts wills his white ' 59 Ford. To Daniel Harris, Donnell Terry wills his walk. To Charles Gooch, Moses Gooch wills his bus driving ability and to Mary Boylon, his love. To Daniel Harris, James Edward wills his car. To Theresa Ragland, Linda Cozart wills her stockings. To Wayne Joiner, William Wortham wills his basketball skills. To Mary Hockaday, Mildred Cheatem wills her stubborness and her art of making friends. To Dorothy Hester, Shirley McGee wills her intelligence. If there be any property of ours that we have not bequeathed, we leave the same to our advisors to dispose of as they see fit. In witness whereof, we, this class of ' 68, have set our hands and seal on this day of June, nineteen hundred-sixty eight. By Veronica L. Lyons 42 Can You Imagine Jo Ann Wright . . . Clinton Cooper . . Janice Crowell . . Shirley McGhee . Mazie Allen . . . . Annette Moore . . Patricia Chavis . . Linda Hester . . . . Larry Mangum . . Joan Timberlake . Lethia Rigsbee . . Robert Scott . . . . Melvin Yoong . . . Veronica Lyons . . Moses Gooch . . . , Deloris Curtis . . . Mattie Owens . . . Frank Mitchner . . Alice Hicks .... Linda Burt Otis Daniel Jackie Gooch . . . Freddie Hunt . . . . James McCrea . . . Laura Dunston . . . Lester Moore . . . . John Green Willie Chavis . . . Mildred Cheatham Carl Cozart Janette Moore . . . Being Tall Not Studying 4 ' 1 " Being Fat . Without Linda A. With a harsh voice Being Skinny Not being lady like Not being a gentleman Not being nice With a long dress on Not being handsome Weighing 200 pounds Not making A ' s Not driving 38 Being Loud With big legs With a big head Without Ezikiel Not loving Odie Sneed Having big feet Not being sly Not wearing his hat Not being slow Not being funny Ducking class Not Laughing and singing Without beards Loving people Being Ragged Being a go- go- girl 43 ' j ; ; i- li li I “Can You Imagine ” JoAnn Wright Being Tall Clinton Cooper Not Studying ft- Janice Crowell 4 ' 1 " Shirley McGhee Being Fat Mazie Allen Without Linda A. Annette Moore With A Harsh Voice Patricia Chavis Being Skinny Linda Hester Not Being Ladylike Larry Mangum Not Being A Gentleman Jo Ann Timberlake Not Being Nice Lethia Rigsbee With A Long dress On Robert Scott Not Being Handsome Melvin Yong Weighing 200 Pounds Veronica Lyons Not Making A ' s Moses Gooch Not Driving 38 Deloris Curtis Being Loud Mattie Owens With Big Legs Frank Mitchiner With A big Head Alice Hicks Without Ezikiel Linda Burt Not Loving Odie Sneed Otis Daniel Having Big Feet Jackie Gouch Not Being Sly Freddie Hunt Not Wearing his Hat James McCrea Not Being Slow Laura Dunston Not Being Funny Lester Moore Ducking Class John Green Not Laughing and Singing Willie Chavis Without his Beard Mildred Cheatham Loving People Carl Cozart Being Ragged Linda Allen Without Mazie A. Janette Moore Being A Go-Go-Girl 72 Juniors President Vice President GENATE JOHNSON CLARENCE BRIDGES Secretary Asst. Secretary LINDA GREEN MARY BARNES Treasurer Reporter REGINALD BRASWELL RONNIE BRASWELL 44 M. Bames R. Braswell R. Braswell J. Alston C. Cash M. Cooper W, Dunston J. Daniel M, D organ C. Bridges C. Estes R. Gregory R. Gregory R. Hart M. Hock ad ay M. Halloway W. Joiner J. Hunt D. Harris D. Jenkins j. Johnson E. Lawrence F. Morton L. Johnson 47 Johnnie Owens Fred Parham Maggie Ragland Thearse Ragland Betsy Satterwhite Susie Sandford Marian Smith Patarica Tanner Lester Thomas Thelma Vines Willie Walker Larsfaie Winston Larry Winston Cubic Yarbough Linda K. Green Kathy Cooper Herman Hester Lettie Bass Merian Lyons Haywood Henderson James Burt Wyne Jonier Margorie Holloway Marlene Cooper 48 Carolyn Williams Secretary Ary Scott Asst. Secretary Cora Wright Treasurer 50 L. Allen L. Bass W, Burguess E. Bailey W. Braswell M. Williams C. Lyons A. Scott B. Bullock M. Harding B. Allen J. Burnette S. Whych G. Falcon L. Hunt j. Morton I. Curtis P. Winston E, Faster R. Green Q. Gooch B. Alston C. Harding j. Daniel H. Holding N, Cozart A. Williams J. Tanner 51 Phyllis Terry Lenwood Woodard Linda Daniels Earnest Braswell Emma Cooper Willie Cozart Cora Wright Roy Crews Margie Paschall Roy Moore Deloris Greagory Reginal Lawerance Dorothy Hart Nathaniel Allen Rena Peagrana Larry Law a Mary Sandford James Green Pattie Allen Alex Hunt Elaine Webb Nelvis Allen Margaret Bowden Doris Bridges Jacqueiin Brisco John Rogers Minnie Henderson Carolyn Dargon I 52 Freshmen President Brinkley Falcon Secretary Anna Kay Tanner Vice President jimmy Winston Asst, Secretary Eamestine Barnes 54 A, Lester P. Sandford A. Hart J, Garrett A. Perry O. Lyons J. Biscoe C, Jones S. Morton E. Bass B. Falcon E. Barnes P. Mitchell P. Edgerton A, Tanner O. Daye B, Satterwhite V, Hunter L, Green L. Gregory M. Timberlake L. Cheatham j. Winston J. Bailey L. Crews B. Dorgan L. Daniel H. Allen 55 D. Wilkerson C. Robertson M. Brodie P. Gardner Q. Harris V. Gales C. Green J. Walker C. Lawrence R. Johnson E. Streeter S, Burt O. Cozart B, Meadows M, Wilkerson T. Cooper H, Ellison T, Pierce L. Hunter A, Hobson D, Bullock B. Edgerton ). Cartwell I. Chavis ]. Evans J. Rodwell B. Dargan E. Williams 56 58 P. Jenkins G. Burnette E. Hicks J. Johnson D. Thrope D. Jones C. Jenkins J- Harris M. Bump ass F. Hart C. Chavis J- Harris W. Moore R, Royster J. Bullock T. Perry B. Ellison T. Washington J. Gooch D. Webb L. Cox art H. Harris D. Allen t L. White D. Winston D. Johnson S. Hicks 59 Snapshots Choir Three Stair Steps 60 Fro®! birth until death every human being depends upon physical movements to help him accomplish his goals. Movement is a necessary part of life, without it man would be useless. Physical fitness is important. These students are taking exercises that will develop their bodies. ■ ' • • - • Baby of the Year Hats off to Timothy Moore for helping make out book a success. 62 Student Council President — Joan Timberlake, Vice President- -Veronica Lyons, Secretary- -Linda Green, Asst. Secretary- -Ronald Braswell, Treasurer- -Lenwood Woodard, Parliamentary- -Simon Paschall. Choir President- -Simon Paschall, Vice President— Brinkley Falcoln, Secretary— Mary Barnes, Asst. Secretary- -Margaret Timberlake, Treasurer-- Janice Crowell. 64 Future Homemakers of America President- -Rebecca Hart, Vice President- -Willia Rath Burgess, Secretary- -Evelyn Bass, Asst. Sec. Na omi Wllk- erson, Parliamentarian- -Ella Lawrence, Song leader- -Margaret Timberlake, Treasurer --Krista Smith. Future Farmers of America President — Genate Johnson, Vice President — John Rogers, Secretary- -Clarence Bridges, Reporter- -Johnny Owens, Sentinel Johnny Wilkerson, Parliamentarian R. B. Bradford- 65 Bus Dri vers j, Lawarence, B, Williams, R. Mitchiner, C. Cooper, P. Winston, W. Woodard, W, Eaton, R. Scott, M. Gooch, E. Alien, W. Chavis, D. Roberts, D, Harris, O, Daniels , j, Estes, j. Green, E. Landis. Student Patrol President — Cora Wright, Secretary --Jacquel in Brisco, Ass. Sec. Joan Hicks, Treasurer- -Willie Walker. 66 Activities Miss Hawley High 4 Miss Veronica Lyons 68 Miss Hawley High Attendants MISS JOAN TIMBERLAKE MISS JO ANN WRIGHT MISS LINDA ALLEN MISS ALLICE HICKS 69 M iss H omecom it i g Miss Made Allen M iss Horn ecom ing Attendants t Noam! Wilkerson 71 “ Miss Grammar Grade " Denise Johnson was crowned Miss Grammar Grade for the term 67 -68. “ ' Miss Primary ” Mary Fettiford was crowned Miss Primary for the term 67-68. nats off to John tarl Green for his splendid efforts in soliciting ads. Miss Yearbook Miss Manic Allen 74 Yearbook Attendants Miss Janice Crowell Miss Mattie Owens 75 Mr. Yearbook -i Simon Paschal! 76 Miss Alumni Mr. Ad Samuel Harris Nannie Mae Green Baby oj the Year and Runners- Up Timothy Moore Timothy Worley Sheldon Henderson Lest a Mack 78 A thletics Girls Basketball Team 80 H.H.S. Cheerleaders Captain ' s Veronica Lyons Kathy Cooper Squad Linda K» Green Mary Barnes Patricia Mitchell Patricia Lyons Chris Harding 8? Basketball Team SITTING left to right: J. Dunstan, M. Harding, A, Morgan, H. Eaton, W. Wortham. STANDING: W. Chavis, J. Green, W. Joiner, C. Morgan-, Trainers: R. Moore, J. Jones, F. Mitchner, j. Green, Coach Mr. O. Wilkin ' s. 82 83 84 Spotlight on Homecoming Activities Candidates competing for the title of Miss Hawley High. Candidates competing for the title of Miss Hawley High. Judges making final decision. Solo by Miss M. Lyons 85 Spotlight on Homecoming Activities Janice Crowell performs a creative dance. Spectators at the Coronation Bail The crowning of Miss Hawley High S Miss Alumni S6 Students While Studying Freshmen at study In Lab, Experimenting Studying in amusement Student Typing Using the Microscope Working Problems 8? Students While Studying Seniors at study- library Lester Thomas at study Classroom study 88 Raising i he Flag Dai l v Exercise Life on Campus Give Us Our Daily Bread Instead of Grass Our J an i tor at H r ork Life on Campus Hey! Let ' s Go Home A Look on the Inside One of Many Tramps Hey!! What ' s Going on Over There? on Rag Day Taking It Easy Leading the Line 90 Omega Jazz Queen Miss Jabherwock Janice Lynell Crowell represented her school in the Omega Jazz Festivities. She is affiliated with the Pine Grove Baptist Church, Creedmoor, North Carolina. The daughter of Mr Mrs. F- P. Crowell of Buhner, North Carolina. Mazie Allen, the daughter of Mrs. Addie Allen, Creed- moor, N. C. Mazie had the honor of representing her school during the annual Jabberwock for the terp 1967-68, 91 Cultural-Learning Is Our Foremost Purpose Learning Through Study and Experience Spectators Jam — Plays, Lectures, Games . . . Crowning of a Queen A Wailing A udience A Visiting Lecturer Advertising Patrons OTIS DANIEL Mrs. Alfred Allen Mrs . Ann Alston Mr. Jacob Alston Miss Julia Alston Mrs. Ruby Alston Mr. William Alston Mrs . Annie Mae Daniel Mr. James Daniel Mrs. James Daniel Mrs. Lonnie Lyons Mr. Otis Daniel Mrs. Roella Daniel Mr. Willie Daniel Mrs . Annie Lee Gooch Mr. Robert Gooch Mrs. Laura Sandford Mr. Richard Sandford Mrs. S. F. Sandford Mr. Hubert Morgan Mrs. Lonnie Morgan ALICE HICKS Miss Ma Linda Allen Mrs. R. A. Davis Mr. Mrs. Willie Daye Mr. Mrs. Ruby Hargraves Mrs. Lucille Harris Mrs. Teddy Hester Mr. Clyde Hicks Rev. Mrs. James Hicks Mr. James Hicks Jr. Mrs . Mary Hicks Mr. Mrs. Elijah Jenkins Mr. Euell Montague Miss Azzie Moss Mrs. Lelia Phillips Mrs. Mary R. Owens Mrs. Beulia Rogers Mr. Ezikiel Rogers Mrs. Hattie Rogers Mr. Robert L. Shaw Mr. Mathew Timberlake FRANK MITCHINER WILLIE ROGERS Miss Mary Donald Miss Beatrice Allen Mr. Marshall Donald Miss Elain Allen Mr. John Donald Mrs. Elnora Allen Mr. Robert Eaton Mr. Mrs. Carl Bailey Mr . Willis Eaton Mr. Mrs. Carlie Bailey Miss Helen Bullock Mr. Mrs. Burnis Bailey Miss Freda Harris Mr. Mrs. Norflet Caudle Miss Edna Hunt Mr. Mrs. Chester Daniel Mr. George Hunt Mr. Mrs. James C. Daniel Mr. George M. Hunt Mr. Mrs. Rudolph Daniel Mr. Lester Jenkins Mr. Dock Jones Jr. Miss Mary T. Jenkins Mr. Mrs. James Jones Mr. Ben Mitchiner Mr. Mrs. Claude Landis Mr. Joe Mitchiner Mr. JohnH. Landis Jr. Mr. Roy Mitchiner Mr. John H. Landis Sr. Mr. Gaddus Parker Mr. Mrs. John W. Landis Mr. Foldy Parker Mr. Otis James Landis Mr. James B. White Mr. Mrs. W. C. Landis Mr. Edward White Mr. Carl Rogers Miss Loudella White Mr. Clyde C. Rogers Mr. John B. Rogers 94 LINDA ALLEN Mr. Earnest Allen Mr. Mrs. Goldie Allen Miss Jeanette Allen Mr . Mrs . Richard Allen Mr. Charlie Bell Mrs . Janie Bell Mrs . Lorena Bullock Mr . Robert Chavis Mr. Willie Chavis Mrs. Valorna Chavis Mr. Mrs. Allie Daniels Mrs. Elvira Daniels Mr. Johnnie Green Mrs . Sadie Green Mr. Mrs. Nelson Owens Mr. Mrs. Robert Owens Mr. Cornel Roberts Mrs. Frances Winston MARY COOPER Mr. Alferd Allen Mr. Alfred Allen Jr. Mrs . Irene Allen Mrs. Anne Cooper Mr. Cleveland Cooper Mr. Fannie Cooper Mr. John Cooper Mr. Nathaniel Cooper Mrs. Susie Cooper Mrs. Rebeca Curtis Mr. David Harris Mrs . Edna Hunt Mr . Abell John Mr. John Jones Mrs . Ora Thorpe Mr. Wallace Thorpe Mr. Larry Wilkerson Mr. Louise Wilkerson VERONICA LYONS Mr. Willie Akkens Mr. Carl Cozart Mrs. Russie Cozart Mr . Mrs . Charlie Eaton Mrs. Lily Daniels Mr. Johnny Garrett Mr. Harold Harris Mr. Robert Hawkins Mrs. Ester Hawkins Mrs. Cadis Henderson Mr. James Henderson Mrs. Berlina Keppel Mr. Bennie Lyons Mrs. Theresa Lyons Mrs . Penniah Lyons Mrs. Mary Lyons Mrs . Clyde Parker Mr. James Ragland Mrs . Pauline Ragland Mrs. Ruth Thomas Mr. Walter Thomas JOAN TIMBER LAKE Mr. Thomas M. Braswell Mrs. Iola Burt Mr . Levi Cozart Mrs. Elizabeth Daniels Mrs. Fannie Daye Miss Deloris Garner Mrs. Elizabeth Harris Mr. Willian Harris Mr. Early Jekins Mr. Eugene Johnson Mr. Randolf Jones Mrs . Eva Lyons Mrs . Roxie Pettiford Mrs. Eullu Parker Mr. Reed Parker Mr. George Rogers Mr. Lenwood Taylor Mr. Wade Taylor Mrs. Ruth Tanner Mr. Harold Timberlake Mr. Mack Timberlake Miss Margaret Timberlake Mrs. Virginia Timberlake Mr. Connie Walls Mrs. Connie Walls Mr. Robert Winston 95 CLINTON COOPER Mr. Author Cooper Mr. Charlie Burgess Mr. James Cooper Mrs. Catherine Cooper Miss May Bell Burgess Mr. Roosevelt Allen Miss Emma Cooper Miss Effie Harris Mr. James Harris Mr. June Haris Miss Estelle Jones Miss Mary Streeter Miss Pearl Greene Miss Lucy Peace Miss Marlene Cooper Mr. Richard Jones Miss Patricia Cooper Mr. Tom Thrope Mrs. Nuvelle Thrope Mrs. Earnestine Cooper SHIRLEY McGHEE Ben Alston Mrs. Gladis Bobbitt Mrs. L. A. Currin Mr. Louis Moses Davis Miss Judy Davis Mr . Johnny Fuller Mr. Mrs. Leroy Fuller Mr. Alexander Hunter Mr. Walter Jenkins Mr. Lonnie Ed Lyons Mr. Thurston Lewis Mr. Lynwood Parker Jr. Mr. Johnny Pettiw ay Mrs. Ruth Strather Mr, James Tarbon Mr. Genate Tharrington Mr. Mrs. Ira Thomas Jr. Miss Rosa White Miss Alice White Mr. Charles Wright MILDRED CHEATAM Mr . Earl Allen Miss Earnestine Allen Mrs . Patricia Baker Mr. Jack Cheatam Miss Louise Cheatam Mr. Mrs. Richard Cheatam Mr. Tommy Cheatam Miss Linda Cozart Mr. Charlie Harris Mr. Mrs. Elijah Jenkins Mrs. S. P. Lemay Mrs . Montaque Mr. Gene Parker Mr . Lee Parker Mr. Ronald Lee Perry Mr. Ulsyses Tharrington WILLIAM EATON Bessie Bridge Mr . R . C . Bridge Mr. Mrs. Albert Eaton Mrs . Betty Eaton Mr. Bobby Eaton Mr. Donnie Eaton Miss Lela Eaton Mr. Mac Eaton Miss Marie Eaton Miss Rose Eaton Mr. Taft Eaton Mrs. Veary Eaton Mr. Wayne Eaton Mr. William Eaton Mr. Tom Green Mr. Vinele Hicks Miss Dianne Moore Miss Joan Timberlake 96 ROBERT SCOTT Mr. P. E. Bullock Mrs. Berthenia Crowell Miss Frederick Crowell Miss Janice Crowell Mr. Munday Crowell Mr. dander Estes Mrs. Queen Estes Mrs . Barbra Green Mr . Derick Green Miss Marie Parish Mr . Nat Perry Miss Ary J. Scott Miss Cheryle D. Scott Miss Dorene Scott Mr. Howard Scott Mr. John Scott Mrs. Mattie Scott Mr. Edward Smith Miss Joan Wright HAROLD EATON Mr. Mrs. Willie Burch Mr . Jesse Byrd Jr . Mr. Carl W. Cozart Mrs. Grace Cozart Mr. Mrs. Douglas Davis Mr. Lewis Davis Mr. Robert Eaton Mrs. Uva Eaton Mr. Willie Eatoh Miss Helen Green Miss Mary Green Miss Geraldine Jenkins Mr. Thaddis Moore Jr. Mrs. Ethel Satter white Mr. John E. Taborn Mr. James Taborn Mr. Isiah White Mr. Johnny Fuller Mrs. Florence Weaver MELVIN YOUNG Miss Nannie Green Mrs. Mable P. Green Mr. Melvin Green Mr. William T. Green Mr. Boisey Jenkins Mrs. Lillie Jenkins Mrs. Corrina Parker Mr . Leonard Lewis Mr. Marvin Lyons Mr. Otis L. Lyons Mrs. Pauline Lyons Mrs . Vivian Morton Mrs . Ceatrice Parker Mr. Lynwood Parker Jr. Miss Brenda Pendeton Mrs . Dorothy Smith Mr. James Young Mr. Jessie Young Mr. Toney Young HUBERT E. JOHNSON Miss Mary A. Allen Miss Bernice Allen Mr. Mrs. Mack Allen Miss Linda S. Burt Mrs . Lattie Gregory Mr. Ben Grissom Mr. Edward Grissom Miss Alice Hicks Miss Betty Johnson Mr. Mrs. James Johnson Mr. Mrs. Hubert Johnson Mr. Mrs. O. G. Mangum Mr. Ray Mitchiner Miss Alice White 97 . CARL COZART Mr. Mrs. Alvis Bullock Mr. James H. Bullock Miss Lulia M. Bullock Mr. Author Cozart Mr. Carl P. Cozart Mrs. Grace E. Cozart Mr. James A. Cozart Mr. James Lee Cozart Mrs. Janice M. Cozart Mrs. Moses Crews Mr . James Dunston Mr. Harold Eaton Mr. Vra Eaton Miss Norellia Fox Mr. Mrs. Melvin Green Miss Vivian Gregory Mr . Mrs . Ransom Hinton Mr. James Laws Mrs. Ernest Wright MATTIE OWENS Mrs . Dora Alston Mrs. Daisy L, Brown Mr. George Brown Miss Wanda Dickerson Mrs. Francis Harris Mrs. Evelyn Y. Henderson Mr. Toney Henderson Mr. Mrs. Wilmore Henderson Miss Vonda Hunter Mrs. Wilma Hunter Mrs. M. Johnson Mr. Dennis Owens Mrs. Dorothy J. Owens Miss Elizabeth Owens Mr. Ernest Owens Mr. George Owens Mrs . Katie Owens Mr. James Owens Jr. Mr. James Owens Sr. Mrs. Josephine Owens Mrs. Josephine Owens Mr. Josephine Delois Owens Mr . Johnnie E . Owens Miss Mary Owens Miss Mary Owens Miss Mable Owens Mr. Madison Owens Mr. Nelson Owens Mr. Mrs. Robert Owens Miss Ruby Owens Mrs. Pearline Powdell Mr. Mertham Satterwhite Mrs . Mildred Tipitt Miss Debroah Tipitte WILLIAM WOODARD Mr. Mrs. David Ellison Mr. Samuel Jenkins Mr. Mrs. Frederick S. Woodard Sr. Mr. Mrs . Frederick S. Woodard Jr . Mr. Lenwood Woodard WILLIE CHAVIS Mrs . Jennie Allen Miss Linda Allen Mr. Mrs. Richard Allen Mrs. Virginia Braswell Mr. Henry Chavis Mr . Ike Chavis Mrs . Molly Ann Chavis Mr. Robert Chavis Mr. Willie Leo Chavis Mr. Carl Cozart Mrs . Grace Cozart Mr. Mrs . Carl Daniel Mr . John Daniel Mrs . Lucille Edwards Mr. Lunday Edwards Mr. James Edwards Johnson Mrs . Martha Jane Johnson Miss Annie Paschall Mrs. Elizabeth Worley 98 ' LAURA DUNSTON Miss Frances Bobbit Miss Mattie Boston Miss Sherlene Boston Mr. Mrs. Ira Burt Mr . Mrs . Otis Burt Miss Gloria Dunston Mr. William Dunston Mr. Mrs. James Ellison Mr. William Dunston III Mr. Bill Granes Miss Katheleen Green Mr. James Harris Mr. Robert Hicks Mr. Richard Lousire Mrs . Kate McCoy Miss Emma Parker Mr. Freddie Paschall Mr. Mrs. James Pettiway Rev. Trice Mr. Henry Wearing YVONNE LANDIS Mr. Ted Allen Mr . Mrs . Carl Bailey Mr. Mrs. Carlie Bailey Mrs . Margie Bailey Mr. Mrs. James H. Bailey Miss Onest L. Bailey Mr. Mrs. Chester Daniel Mr. Mrs . Rudolph Daniel Miss Havanna Grisson Mrs . Adena Harris Miss Linda L. Hester Mr. Dock Jones Jr. Mrs. Gladys Jones Mr. James Jones Miss Janie M. Landis Mr . John H . Landis Jr . Mrs . Josephine Landis Miss Mary Peace LINDA COZART Mr. Mrs. Edward Bailey Mr. Robert Bullock Mr. William Cozart Jr. Mr. Hubert Daniel Mrs . Lorene Person Mr. Mrs. James Ragland Mr. John Ragland Mr. Mrs. Edward Dostan Tilley Mr. Ben Bullock James Bullock MOSES GOOCH Mr. Edward Daniel Miss Azie Green Miss Lois Gooch Miss Macie Gooch Mr . Mathew Gooch Mrs . Cora Roberts Mrs . Jennie Thompson Mr. Bill Yancy Mrs. Mancine Yancy Miss Susie Yancy TYRONE MOORE Mr. Mrs. O. B. Allen Miss Yvonne Landis Miss Emegene Moore Mr . Mrs . Eugene Moore Mr. John Moore Mr. Roy Moore Mr. Tyrone Moore Mr. Mrs. Wm. Moore Mr. Wm. Moore Jr. 99 MAZIE ALLEN Mrs. Addie Allen Miss Annie Allen Miss Bernice Allen Miss Bessie Allen Mr. Ernest Allen Miss Florine Allen Mr. Mrs. George Allen Mr. Herman Allen Mr. James Allen Mr. Marshall Allen Miss Mazie Allen Mr. Mrs. William Allen Miss Yvonne Allen Mr. Arlander Alston Mrs . Dora Baily Mr. Ethelean Bligin Mr. James Bligin Mr. Mrs. Cleveland Bobbitt Mrs . Mary Brown Mr. Joe Browam Mr. Clennie Lee Brown Mrs. Sadie Brown Mr. Mrs. Robert Bullock Mr. J. B. Bullock Mr. Ronald Crawford Mr . Hazel Cozart Mrs . Eula Eaddy Mr. W. H. Franklin Mr. James Friend Mr. Ronald N. Harding Mr. James Holloway Mr. Mrs. Harry Holt Mr. Mrs. Ralph Joiner Mr. Jo Cearney Mr. James Lyons Mr. Mrs. Marvin Lyons Mr. Harrey Murrell Mrs. Inez Nell Mr. Mrs. Watson Parham Miss Allie Perry Mr. James Ray Mr. Robert Lee Toodle Mr. Fannie Walker Mrs. Edward Lee Walter Mr. Lee Bert Walters Mr. Johnnie Mae Walters Mr. Mrs. Joe Watkins Mrs. Clara Williams JANICE CROWELL Mr. Mrs. Ervin Allen Mr. Mrs. Marshall Allen Mr. Mrs. Robert Ash Miss Evelyn Bass Mr. Mrs. James Bass Mr. Kenneth Burnett Mr. Thomas Cogwell Mr. Mrs. Louis Cozart Mr. Mrs. Frederick Crowell Miss Rosemary Crowell Mrs . La Rue Daniels Mr. Mrs. Floyd Eaton Mr. Mrs. Guffie Green Jr Mr. Mrs. Wilmer Green Mrs. Josephine Green Mr. Charles Harding Miss Emily Harrison Mrs. Shirly Harris Mr. J. T. Harris Mrs. Hester Mr . J . E . Jones Mr. Mrs. John T. Landis Mrs. Emmo Malloy Mr. Vincient E. Moore Mr. Wilbert Morton Mr. Mrs. Clenton Pernell Miss Mary Renn Mrs. Aylesse Stem Mr. Lynwood Smith Mrs. Emma Stubbs Mr. Mrs. Roy White Mr. John Winbush Mrs. Helen Williams 100 ROY MITCHINER Miss Burnice Allen Miss Mary Ann Allen Mrs. Earnestine Alston Mr. Johnny Alston Miss Julia Alston Miss Earnestine Barnes Miss Mary Barnes Mr. Carl Cozart Mr. Marshall Donnell Mr. John Fuller Mr. Moses Gooch Miss Lottie Gregory Miss Vivian Gregory Mrs . Annie Harris Mr. William Harris Miss Alice Hicks Miss Betty Johnson Mr. Hubert Johnson Mrs. Linda Mitchiner Mr. James White DONNEL TERRY Miss Linda Allen Miss Mazie Allen Mrs . Hallie Baily Miss Evelyn Bass Mr . Mrs . Leonard Bailey Mrs . Carolyn Pettiford Miss Veronica Lyons Mrs. Rosa Sidney Mrs. Delores Rochelle Mrs. Allie Mae Terry Mr. Clarence Terrv Mr. James Terry Miss Phyllis Terry Mr. David Young Mrs . Lucy Young JAMES EDWARDS Mr. Harold Eaton Miss Hellen Edwards Mrs . Londley Edwards Mr. Londly Edwards Jr. Miss Mary Ann Edwards Miss Nettie Edwards Mr. Tommy Edwards Miss Macie Gooch Mr. Moses Gooch Mr. John B. Rogers JOHNNY ESTES Mrs. Carolyn Estes Mrs. Easter Estes Mr. Elvis Estes Mrs. Estelle Estes Mr. James Estes Mr. Lee Estes Mr. Thomas Estes Mr. Andrew Green Mrs . Mary Green Miss Carolyn Jefferson Miss Cloudia Jefferson Mr. Della Jefferson Mrs. Estelle Jefferson Mr. James Lawrence Mrs . Dorothy MacKnight Mrs . Clara Smith Mr. Hudie Smith Mrs. Martha Smith Mrs. Robert Smith Mr. William Smith ANNETTE MOORE Rev. C. T. Bullock Mr. Cora Cavines Mrs . Betty Cozart Mr. Lavis Edward Cozart Mrs . Bill Cutis Miss Effie Jennings Miss Willie Bell Jennings Mrs . Marian Jennings Mrs. Beatrice Moore Mr. William Moore Mrs . Blanche Suitt Mr. Eugene Suitt Mrs . Geniva Suitt Rev. S. L. Suitt Mr. John Lee Suitt Mrs. Maggie Vass Mr. William Vass Mrs . Pearl Webb Mr . Andy Webb Mrs . Cora Suitt 101 EARNESTINE ALLEN DELORES CURTIS Mr. John Allen Mrs . Mattie Lee Allen Mr. Patrick Allen Mr. Raymond Allen Mr. Billy Alston Miss Cassey Alston Mr. Dave Alston Mr. Johnie Alston Miss Ann Braswell Mr. Ray Hunter Miss Alice Hunter Mr. Ralph Hunter Miss Ruby Hunter Mr. Wilber Hunter Mr . Patrick Allen Miss Alice Hunter Mrs. Booker T. Morgan Miss Ester Mae Morgan Mr. Larry Morgan Mrs . Lillie Mae Morgan Mr. Ralph Morgan Miss Annie Bailey Mr. Wayne Bradcher Mr. Anthony Burgess Mr. Mrs. Charles Burgess Miss Willia Ruth Burgess Mr. Mrs. Isiah Curtis Mr. Willie Curtis Mr. Ruben Cooper Miss Willie Bell Jennings Miss Effie Jennings Miss Linda Hester Miss Yvonne Landis Miss Annette Moore Mr. Mrs. Roy Robertson Mr. John Rogers Mr . Mrs . Abraham Sandford Mr. Joseph Sandford Miss Gladis Watkins Miss Rosetta Watkins KENNETH BULLOCK EUGENE HARRIS Mrs. Ester Rodwell Miss Brenda Bullock Mrs . Hattie Bullock Mr. Moses Bullock Mr . Henry Bullock Mr. James Lyons Mrs. Emma Malloy Mr . Robert Malloy Mr. James Mitchiner Miss Linda Mitchiner Mr. Roy Mitchiner Mrs . Alice Scott Mrs . John Scott Mr. Sylvester Scott Mr. James Taborn Mr, Willie Taborn Mr. Ed Tilley Mr. Harvey Tilley Mr. Joe Louis Tanner Miss Alice White Mr. Luke Harris Mrs. I. Pear Green Mrs , Barbara Harris Mr. Deink Harris Mrs . Delois Harris Mrs. Elsie Harris Mr. Eugene T. Harris Mr. Eugene T. Harris Jr. Miss Gloria J. Harris Mrs. Joan Harris Miss Joan E. Harris Mrs. Jonah Harris Mr. Lawrence Harris Mrs . Mary Lou Harris Mr. Richard E. Haris Mr. Tom Harris Mr. Willie Morgan Mr. Early Royster Mrs . Henretta Royster Miss Sandra Wilson 102 JAMES LAWRENCE Mr. Mrs. Henry Banks Mr. Jommy Broddy Mr. Mrs. John Burwell Mr. Thomas Burwell Mr. Mrs. Wilbert Burwell Mrs. Mitilda Fisher Miss Linda Kearney Mr. Mrs. James Kingsburg Mr. Mable Kingsburg Mr. James Lawrence Mr. Mrs. Wilbert Moore Mr. Mrs. Gene Perry Mr. Mrs. Lenart Perry Mr. Lennart Perry Jr. Mr. Mrs . Lynwood Straughter Mr. Mrs. John Taylor Rev. S. W. Williams LARRY MANGUM Miss Pricilla Allen Mrs. Missie Cozart Miss Linda Mangum Miss Patricia Mangum Miss Cora Wright JO ANN WRIGHT Mr. Adolphus Caviness Mrs. Cora Caviness Mr. Benjamin Harris Mr. Geromi Morris Mrs. Bessie Reynolds Mr. Sady Reynolds Miss Betty Lou Wright Mr. Ezikiel Wright Mr. Isiah Wright Mrs . Lula Mae Wright SIMON PASCHALL Mr. C. H. Allen Mr. Raymond Allen Mrs. Carrie Lee Alston Miss Earnestine Barnes Miss Mary Barnes Mrs . B. F . Brooks Mr. Mrs. Earl Brunson Miss Frances Bullock Miss Ethel Burnett Mrs. E. W. Cox Mr. George Cozart Mrs. Catherine Estes Mrs. Fannie Garrit Miss Catherine Green Mrs. L. B. Green Mr. D. S. Harkness Mr. Mrs. Robert Harris Miss Vivian Harding Mrs. L. M. Holeman Mr. Mrs. Robert Holman Rev. J. H. Jacob Miss Debroah Ann Jenkins Mrs. Willie Lee Jenkins Mr. A. M. Jones Mrs . Bill Loving Mr. Mrs. D. O. Leatherbery Miss Irene Miller Mr. Mrs. James Moore Mr. Mrs. Phil Morton Mrs. E. S. Moore Mrs. B. P. Norwell Mr. Junie Oliver Mr. Berry Lee Parker Miss Ruth Parker Miss Annie Paschall Mrs. Lenora Perkins Mr. Isiah Ragland Mr. Mrs. Deser Dee Ray Mr. Edward R. Riddick Mrs. Janice Rogers Mrs . Ruby Ross Miss Tomi C. Thomas Mr. Mrs. Flether Thomas Mr. Henry Thrope Mrs. David Ward Mr. A. Williams Mr. O. Wilkins Mrs. Mary B. Winston Mrs . Meta Hunt 103 WILLIAM WORTHAM Miss Annie Cozart Miss Mary Wortham Miss Lorene Wortham Miss Dora Wortham Mr. Elijah Wortham Mr. Hughley Wortham Mr. Louise Wortham Miss Margaret Wortham Mr. Walter Wortham Mr. Willie Wortham Mr. Wilmer Wortham WILLIAM BLACKNALL Miss Anglo Blackmail Miss Clara Blackmail Mr. Edward Blackmail Mr. Haywood Blackmail Miss Mary Blacknall Miss Sherney Blacknall Mr. Otis Daniel Mr, James Green Mr. James Johnson Mr, William Jones Mr. James Lyons Miss Ruth Mangum LESTER MOORE Miss Linda Allen Miss Mazie Allen Miss Susie Morgan Mr . Alex Morgan Mrs. Mozell Moore Mr. Leroy Moore Mr . Mack Moore Mr . Marvin Moore Miss Veronica Lyons Mr. James Hicks Miss Elain Webb Miss Lillie Mae Tharrington Mr. Roy Moore Mrs . Annie Belle Moore Mr. James Morgan Mr . Alex Morgan Jr . Mr . John Moore Miss Carolyn Moore Mrs . Alma Moore Mr. Charles Mangum PERCY WINSTON Miss Linda Allen Miss Mazie Allen Mr. Mrs. Claude Anderson Mr. Mrs. Marshall Anderson Miss Malinda Bailey Mr. Mrs. Percy Blocksdade Mr. Mrs . Robert Bullock Mr. Mrs. Herman Gooch Mrs . Mary Green Mr. Mrs. Floyd Landis Mr. Mrs. Sam Moore Mr. Mrs. Donald Robert Mr. Mrs . Doc Winston Mr. James Winston Mr. Mrs . John Winston Miss Patricia Winston Mr. Percy Winston Mr. Mrs . Robert Winston Mr. Mrs. Sammuel Winston Mr. William Winston JOHN GREEN Mr. Willie Davis Mr. Harold Green Mr. James Green Mr . Kenneth Green Miss Nannie Green Mrs. Otelia Green Mr. Willie Green Jr. Mr. Sammuel Harris Miss Deborah Jenkins Mr. Leonard Lewis Mr. Billy Lockett Mr. Charles Lyons Mrs. Rilla Lyons Mr. W. A. Marrow Mrs. Vivian Morton Mr. James Y. Moore Miss Lethia Rigsbee Mr. Otha Sneed Mr. Weldon Suitt Mr. Melvin Young Mr. Robert Scott 104 Creedmoor Manufacturing Co. Mt. Hope Finishing Co. Special Account Butner, N.C. Creedmoor, N.C. Ph. 992-4631 Ph. 985-6501 J. L . Rogers Sons Creedmoor Fuel Service Oil Co. Fuel Oil Gas Heaters Creedmoor, N.C. Curers Ph. 992-9711 Creedmoor, N.C. Ph. 992-3541 Mitchell J. Allen, Owner " Everything for the Automobile for Less " Phone 992-3311; 102 Main Street Western Auto Associate Store Creedmoor, North Carolina Compliments of SHEPARD FUNERAL HOME Oxford and Henderson N.C. Central Carolina Bank Trust Co. KAY’S FLOWER SHOP Creedmoor, N.C. Box 116 Creedmoor, N.C. Phone 992-5486 Phone 992-3201 INSURANCE ASSOCIATE P.O. Box 805 Oxford, N.C. Compliments of Compliments of JE ' NITA ' S DRESS SHOP FASHION CRAFT FURN. MART P.O. Box 666 U.S. Highway 15 S. Creedmoor, N.C. Phone 992-5142 Oxford, N.C. ED WARD BROS. CHEVROLET Compliments of TOM’S AUTO SUPPLY " Sales Service " 402 Hillsboro Street Creedmoor, N.C. Oxford, N.C. CREEDMOOR GROC . Compliments of Groceries - -Meats - -Produce PENNY FURNITURE CO. INC. Creedmoor, N.C. Oxford, N.C. Compliments of Compliments of GRONVILLE FURNITURE CO. CAPEHART CLEANERS Oxford, N.C. 117 William sboro St. Oxford, N.C. CREEDMOOR DRUG FOY’S DEPT. INC. CREEDMOOR DRUG 106-108 Main St. Creedmoor, N.C. The Friendly Store Oxford, N.C. Day Phone 992-3781 Night 992-9091 Compliments from DUTCHVILLE BUILDERS G. M. CHAPPELL SON SUPPLY, INC. Creedmoor, N.C. Cre edmoor, N.C. Ph. 992-3941 Phone 992-3471 CREEDMOOR DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERETTE RED FRONT GRO. Creedmoor, N.C. P . 0 . Box 8 Creedmoor, N.C. Phone 992-9901 Congratulations to Senior Class Compliments to Seniors of Hawley High ROGERS’ DRY GOOD STORE Insure with the Creedmoor, N.C. HARRIS INSURANCE AGENCY Creedmoor, N.C. Ph. 992-2121 I. E. Harris, Pres. 992-2231 ■ . . HALLS DRUG STORE AIKEN INSURANCE AGENCY Established 1877 Insurance of All Kinds P.O. Box 701 Oxford, N.C. Creedmoor, N.C. EDWARDS JEWELRY CO. CENTRAL CAROLINA FARMERS Credit Jewelers " Our Compliments and 131 Main St. Oxford, N.C. Congratulation " Phone 693-6415 Creedmoor, N.C. RED WHITE FOOD STORE STRICKLAND AUTO SUPPLY Main St. Creedmoor, N.C. Wholesale Automotive Parts Distributors Compliments to the Creedmoor, N.C. Graduating Class of 1968 P.O. Box 746 STATE FARM INSURANCE CO. ELLIS D. JONES SONS INC. Bill Pagnter Agent FUNERAL DIRECTORS Oxford, N.C. 415 Doud Street Your Best Interest Is Our First Concern Durham, N.C. . WILLIAM -BREEDLOVE CO. KANNON’S DEPT. STORE Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, and Millinery. " Home of Fashions for the Entire Family " Main and Court St. Oxford, N.C. Franklinto n, N.C. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE HANKS CAR WASH STORE OXFORD SPORTING GOODS 300 W. 110th St. New York, N. Y. 137 Hillsboro St. Fast and Sufficient Oxford, N.C. Service. HALL FURNITURE CO. 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Phyllis J. Moore Rt. 1 Box 324 Creedmoor, N.C. Lethia Rigsbee Rt. 2 Box 129 Creedmoor, N.C. Willie Rogers Rt. 1 Box 147 Creedmoor, N.C. Kenneth Bullock Rt. 1 Box 225 Creedmoor, N.C. Alfonso Washington Rt. 2 Box 130 Oxford, N.C. Carl Wayne Cozart Rt. 1 Box 233 Creedmoor, N.C. William Woodard P.O. Box 359 Butner, N.C. William Eaton Rt. 2 Box 135 Oxford, N.C. Melvin C. Young P.O. Box 81 Creedmoor, N.C. James Edward P.O. Box 142 Stem, N.C. Linda Cozart Rt. 2 Box 16 B Creedmoor, N.C. Moses Gooch Rt. 1 Box 76 Creedmoor, N.C. Hubert E . Johnson Rt. 1 Box 110 Creedmoor, N.C. Eugene Harris Rt. 2 Box 258 Oxford, N.C. Ervin Terry Rt. 1 Box 106 Stem, N.C. Frank Mitchiner Rt. 1 Box 60 Franklinton, N.C. Roy Mitchiner Rt. 1 Box 160 Franklinton, N.C. Tyrone Moore Rt. 2 Box 105 Creedmoor, N.C. Donald Roberts Rt. 2 Box 302 B Creedmoor, N.C. -C :J?% i«tet® ' ..v. v SS s3wl?l i . « -• i . T.r,v , N ' ' . i ; l ' . V Z Z vTT Y : YV ' Y ;V7. Y - .. 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Suggestions in the G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) collection:

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 20

1968, pg 20

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 153

1968, pg 153

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 130

1968, pg 130

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 195

1968, pg 195

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 65

1968, pg 65

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