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Gftfiviil County i$ is® oxtotti, m wm reference Mot to be Taken From This Library WHEEL OF CONTENTS 9 A school building is constructed of steel and cement, strong and permanent, but it is designed to accommodate an ever-changing flow of students. Year after year buses empty their loads each morning and people stream in waves into the hallways and classrooms to the rhythm of bells. Tides of people rush in and out of the rooms and corridors and finally back to the buses, leaving i the building empty. Carl Sandburg in his poem " Skyscraper " says " It is the men and women, boys and girls so poured in and out all day that give the building a soul of dreams and thoughts and memories " . As each individual forms a part of the mass, so each personality contributes to the whole of Hawley ' s soul--that abstract thing we call school spirit. Soon we, the class of 1967, will be leaving this student body. With us we will take our individual dreams and thoughts and mem- ories, many of which were molded in these halls and rooms. Before we leave, We present the FOREWORD ;j 1967 Hornet, an abstract collection of the people and events that filled our senior year. t 3 MESSAGES FROM EDITORS AND BUSINESS MANAGER Editor in Chief Ronald Harding Associate Editor Annie Watkins Business Manager Alice Burwell An Impressive fact of the times Is rapid and progressive change. We are in the midst of such change. Because of recent legislation calling equal rights and opportunities, one has a better chance to adjust to the change. But one must be prepared to make such an ad- justment. An educatioxr is a necessity to cope with this confusing change. We are beginning in tire right direction by finishing high school. We are now adequately equipped to meet the change head-on and adjust to it completely. Anyone can do as we are doing by taking full advantage of his opportunities. We are doing tills and shall con- quer tire change. Education is as widespread as life itself. As an associate editor. I am proud to leave tills message to you: Strive for higher education. For without education you cannot reach your goals in life. Regardless of race, color, creed or nationality, the best qualified will get the best jobs or opportunities. Follow’ the following objectives: 1. Stay in school. 2. Pay attention to the advisors. 3. Don ' t let your - education go to waste, put it in practice, because practice makes perfect. I ' m taking tills opportunity to leave an important message with you not only as a schoolmate but as a friend. Education is essential for life. With all the demand for better job, higher wages and better social living. I advise each of you to take this great opportunity’ to strive for higher goals. Tire cost of living is rising higher each day but the price of an education is really being lowered. Take my ad- vice and don’t let it sink. Remember that, " He who sails on the sea of education, will land on the shore of great success. ” 4 WE DEDICATE OUR YEARBOOK TO Music is a unifying factor in any high school. In G. C. H. , the Music scene has instilled the student body with enthusiasm and, above all, genuine pride. We feel that it is now time to honor that person whose dedication has inspired many. We, the Class of 1967, in appreciation of his contributions to our class, do dedicate this Hornet to our Music teacher. Mr. E. R. Riddick Soy it with A MAN WHO IS HIMSELF DEDICATED ADMINISTRA TION rrrr Mr, Leatherbcrry. a man of many talents and interests, has successfully guided students through their high school careers. PRENC IP A V $ MESSAGE Dear Graduate. W I Bake pride in congratulating you on having successfully completed tills important phase of your training. Because you have com- pleted require- ments for a high school diploma, you owe it to yourself to continue your training to the end Sat you will become a pro- ductive member of society. With confi- dence in your ability and faith in the wisdom of the goals you have set for yourself in life, I bid you fare- well. This is your day , to hold and to cherish as your very own. Enjoy it, revel in it and so conduct yourself that your par ents, your teachers and your friends will always be as proud of you as they ' are today. May Cod bless you and bring you best of luck. Sincerely, D. O. Leather- Principal 8 SECRETARY S EC RET AST ' S M ESSACE To a senior class which has been busy throughout its four-year era at this institution, l am glad to extend my congratulations . This has been an active class, a remarkable group, a promising set of young men and young women. I trust that your experiences at Hawley High School will ever serve as sources of strength for you as you join other life functions. May tiit: best of everything be yours as you go out into the world. Sincerely, (Mrs. ) Elaine S. Moss Secretary 9 ADVISORS MESSAGE From the Slone Age to the Space Age where we now find ourselves, we have had knowledge of man ' s vision to move on into unknown realms. With this thought in nuncl. we as your advisors, deem it a privilege to use this space in your annual to congratulate you for having made this rung of achievement up the ladder. We hope that your diploma will only serve as a stepping stone to greater achievement. . 11k ’ success of your lives is determined oy your next step. Be sure that it is made m ‘uie right direction. Always look up and strive so go forward. Hitch your wagon to a star, and let it he guided by the true morals ox life. With these, you cannot fail. May Cod ' s ben Isons be with each of you. Si ncerely. V. Mrs. V. F. Brooks Miss M. C. Chavis 1(1 ACTIVITIES Associate Editor Annie Watkins 12 YEARBOOK STAFF Business Manager Alice Burwell Editor-in-Chief Ronald Harding Typist Cheryl Thomas 13 THE PERFECT MATES 1967 One of the greatest creations came when God made man in His own image. He scopped the clay from the earth, molded man and blew into his nostirl breath until he became a living soul. This was a perfect job and since that day man has been seeking his mate. With this in mind the perfect mates of the class of 1967 are declared unto you. The young lady has the glowing hair of Juanita Braswell, the face of Bar- bara Cozart, the smile and complexion of Esther Barnes, the eyes of Josephine Owens, the nose of Lorraine Young, the figure of Linda Scott, and the legs of Helen Green supported by the swift feet of Annie Paschall. She is neat like Minnie Pearl Cash, She is friendly like Annie Watkins. She is dependable like Gloria Dunston. She is co-operative like Linda Ann Jones. She possesses the ladylike qualities of Jacqueline Smith. She is cogenial like Emily Fuller. She is humorous like Ella Johnson. She is studious like Dorine Allen. Her scholarship is that of Alice Burwell. Her conversation is interesting like Mary Green. She possesses the religious conviction of Dorine Allen. She works well with groups like Lois Daniel Now we stand aside the Perfect Girl of ' 67 to await her Perfect Mate. The young man has the hair of Floyd Eaton, the face of Johnnie Fuller, the eyes of Johnnie Morton, the nose of Elliot Winston, and the smile of Herman Williams. He has the physique of Douglas Faulcon, supported by the feet of Wallace Davis. He is neat like Thomas Cozart, He is friendly like James Jones. He is de- pendable like James Daniel, co-operative like Owen Bradford, congenial like Benjamin Harris, and a gentleman like Mack Timberlake. He is studious like Andrew Hester. His scholarship is that of Ronald Harding. His conversations are interesting like Richard Skinner. He possesses the religious conviction of Andrew Hester. He works well with groups like Odis Landis. Now we place beside the Perfect Girl of ' 67, her perfect mate of ' 67. Seemingly, the parents were predestined to bring to Hawley such fruitful re- sults of which they should be proud. 14 Mrs C. M Allen Mr, U. E. Atkins Mrs, V. F. Brooks Mr. P. E Bullock Miss M. C. Chavis ! 5 :: i; I j Mr. B. B. Gilliam Mrs. L. B. Green 1 ? Mrs. K. W. Hedge] Mrs. D. D. Hester Mrs. S P. Lemay Miss A. M. Marable Mrs. L. A. Moss Mrs. W. C. Mtsrfree Mrs. S. H. Parker Mrs. B. K. Pearson. Mrs. j. E. Pettiford Mr. L. X. Pettiford l Mrs. A. M. Platt Mr. E. N. Riddick Mrs. P. B. Ridley Mrs. O. K. Sandford Miss W. A. Shaw Mrs. W. C. Smith 20 Mrs. W. R. Tyler Mr. O Mr. A Mrs. . Wilkins . Williams M. M. Young 21 YOUR SERVICES MADE US TICK SENIORS m IB® if! PRESIDENT PRESIDENT ! S MESSAGE To the principal, faculty, members, and student bodv, I he knowledge we have gained from you will truly mean a great ue;u to us in the future. These are many departing seniors who at one time might have lost faith within themselves. But. due to your support and guidance, we saw a new light, a light that will tend to lead us to success. If we have truly taken in the knowledge of our leaders, life will not bring us all results that will seem blue, but the glow ' in g delight of gold. President. Mack Timberlakc, jr. 24 Dorine Allen 26 27 Linda Cearcel 28 Wallace Davis 29 Emily Fuiie; 30 Rebecca Green 3! Lena Jackson v Dorothy Johnson James Jones Otis Landis Ella Johnson Linda Jones 33 Evelyn Morton Johnnie Morton i Josephine Owens Annie M. Paschall 34 Vercatha Streeter Robert Teasley 36 Mack Timbcrfake 37 Herman Williams 38 Class History It was the second day of September, 1963, a calm, peaceful autumn day, radiant with the sunshine of hope, cheer, and joyous promise, that the good rocket ship " G. C. Hawley High School " launched into an atmosphere of a new school year. It was the same old rocket ship that had carried many astro- nauts to safe landing on the planet of Great Wisdom. This day was a gala day in its history, and many people gazed upon it in wonder as they watched the new astronauts, known as Freshmen, as they so happily stepped aboard, for it was rumored that they were about to explore new and unexplored planets in a quest for the Fountain of Perfect Understanding. We were young and socially inclined, so it did not take us long to become acquainted with our fellow passengers, nor to feel very much at home with our pilots, Miss Shaw, Mrs. Hedgepeth, and Mr. Gooch. There were naturally a few of the liquid foods that we were not accustomed to and seemed to be disagreeable with our digestive system, such as Algebra I and English I, but we continued to con- sume them over and over until they were perfectly assimilated. After returning home for a brief three-months of rest and refueling, we launched once again into another school year, continuing our voyage to the planet of Great Wisdom. Now know as Sophomores, we were more accustomed to our surroundings. The food was a little better. Only a few found Algebra II very tasteful, but it was Ronald Harding ' s favorite dish. Under the leadership of Miss Shaw, Mrs. Marrow, and Mr. Gooch, this voyage was highly successful; although, we had not yet reached our goal. Our third launching was even better than our two previous ones. We blasted off in high gear, bearing the name of " Juniors " this time. Our captains were Mrs. Hedgepeth and Mr. Williams. We encountered a few casualties during this year. Jacqueline spilled a crystal solution on Floyd in Chemistry and Cheryl, Ruby, and Linda Scott got locked in the dark room during chemistry class. Aside from a coat decorated with tiny crystals, a few yells from the dark room, and laughs from the class, no damage was done. During this year Mack Timberlake became one of the oustanding members of the basketball team and Ronald Harding maintained the " A " honor roll throughout the year. We sponsored our first Junior- Senior Prom, with the theme " Singing in the Rain " , which was very appropriate for the rainy weather on prom night. After three months of vacationing and refueling, we launched into our fourth and final school year. Our food was very tasty this year but two dreaded diseases spread among us. Their common names were " Physics " , and " Advanced Math " . They were diagnosed by sleepiness, and listlessness. A true symptom of these diseases was to look at one ' s eyes as he looked at the clock continuously, hoping that it would be time for the bell to sound. A sure cure for these diseases was to look at an " F " on your re- port card or by some miracle to have the captain " Mrs. Jones " , advise you to drop the subject. 39 Our most outstanding team members during this year were Mack Timberlake, Ronald Harding, Helen Green, e Cheryl Thomas, and Linda Scott. Helen Greene, was honored as Homecoming Queen and Juanita Braswell as Miss Hawley High. This was our best year but we would not have survived had it not been for our Senior Advisors, Mrs. V. F. Brooks and Miss M. C. Chavis. Our destiny, the fountain of Great Wisdom has not been reached, but each day of our lives we will continue to strive to reach it for our rewards there will indeed be great. CLASS COLOR CLASS FLOWER Fink Green White Carnation CLASS MOTTO " The future is a world limited only by ourselves " . POEM We started out with willing minds Although the Work was hard We struggled hard to pass the test We vowed we ' d do our part. We did our best in all our work Our tasks both great and small We toiled and toiled for higher goals Success? We want it all. Our teachers guided our best feet and minds They did their very best To them we give our heart of thanks We ' re prepared to stand the test. With struggles, toils and tasks so great A greater success we seek With lots of knowledge we ' ll graduate Our goal we ' re bound to reach. Alice Burwell Agnes Burwell Lorraine YoUng 40 1 1 g I ■igd ' S ' S 1 2 g JUNIORS UNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 42 T. Moore S, Mcghee B. Paschal! L. Du list on L, Man gam L. Allen L« Moore M. Allen J. Allen B. Cozart M. Alston J. Green O. Daniel P. Moore W. Woodard A. Hicks R. Morton M, Owens E. Allen A. Washington D. Curtis S, Harris J. Braswell L. Cozart 43 a k J. Crowell P. Winston E. Hunt W, Eaton V. Lyons j. Estes Y« Landis H Johnson Wright E, Hands M. Young J. Harris J. Tharriagton M, Dargan J. Rowell C. Morgan. P. Clifton C, Cozart 44 SOPHOMORES OPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 46 O, Rogers F, Ellison C. Chavis R, Thomas M. Harris R» Saiterwhke D, Jenkins N. Davis M. Holloway R, Moore G, Washington W , Walker 47 M. Barnes 10th L. Green R, B. Bradford E. Cozart J. Wilkerson J. Jones P. Byrd G. Johnson C. Evans R. Crews L. Bass C, Bridges B. Hicks L. Johnson A. Moss M ■ Lyons T. Vines J. Allen -18 Sccrelars 50 9TH L. Bass R. Green W. Braswell L. Hunt M. Henderson I, White B. Bullock T. Cooper S. Terry j. Davis C. Green L, Laws J, Brisco S. Hunt Q. Gooch J. Tanner C. Wright T. Green L, Daniel M. Harding E. Webb Tharrington Bullock Gregory R. Johnson % P. Allen 52 N. Wilkersor M. Allen C. Larence Y. Allen B. Edgerton E. Williaxps C, Hicks A. Harris B, Green V. Bumpass H. Bradford V. Hunter S. Morton F. Perry M. Timberlake A. Tanner D. Allen J. Streeter O. Cozart S, Williams W ? . Rodgers H. Royster M. Wilder son B. Cooper P. Tanner I. Cook C. Jones L. Cheatham j. Rodwell B. Faulcon P. Michall P, Sandford C. Mangum B- Meadow B, Sattiwhite B. Hicks A. Perry J. Walker T, Cooper E, Oliver O. Daye J, A. Pull tan D, Evans C, Green 0. Wilkersoxi ]. Crews B, Byrd S, Burt T, Pierce J. Wade J, Cozart D. Bullock H. Thorrington j, Winston H. Lyons L. Hunt J. Cogewell H. Ellison O. Hart R, Sattiwhite R. Bailey Wallace Lyons V. Rodgers P, Cooper T. Rodgers R. Johnson J. Bowden D. Williams T. T aimer F. Wyche V. Danniels J S. Sneed L. Mangum B. Parker A, Young T. Bobbitt R. Owens C. Stubb H. Johnson L. Rodgers T. Hobbit B. Henderson M. Bullock T. Rodewell G. Walker D. Estes M. Bridges K. Washington j. Lyons T. Williams A. Royster B. Person R- Rodgers N. Harris T. Laws D. Jeffers W, Moore J» Morgan D. Esthers j, Johnson L. James G. Pegram J. Morgan T. Hester 38 C. Chavis V. Thorpe g, Bailey D. Winston W. Walker N. Burt C. Jenkins P. Cozart M. Lyons D. Allen D. Bailey E. Marrow O. Medline C. Downey R. Winston J. Holloway O, Wiikerson D. Kimball M. Mangum E. Hicks Phyliss A. Holloway W. Moore M, Hunt J. Grissom G, A 11 ex White M. Tanner C. Evans E. Harris V. Thorpe B. Bailey D. Winston W. Walker C. Chavis N. Burt J. Holloway O, W ilk arson D. Kimbell C. Jenkins P. Cozart M, Lyons O. Medline C. Downey R. Winston D. Allen D. Bailey a vl 3 3TT OW E. Hicks Phyliss A. Holloway W. Moore M. Hunt M. Mrmguzn J. Grissom G. Allen B. White M. Tanner C. Evans E. Harris M. Roecher T. Cozart C. Brodie F. Hart G. Lyons D. Daniels B. Rogers P. Jenkins J. Ceantel J. Moore E. Laws J, Curtis E, Royester W » Cozart J. Sandford John Gooch R. Wilkerson G. Alston D, Johnson R. Perry D. Webb j, Landis C. Rodgers A. Person F. Washington D. Thorpe S. Hicks D. Holding B. Williams Mrs. Pearson Miss Miller Mrs. Greene 60 B. Richerson j. Bullock R. Morgan B. White S, Bullock Q. Chavis B. Johnson D. Cooper W. Y oung G. Moore G. Bridges R. Sneed W. Robertson C. Chambers D. Hester 61 — - D. Cooper K. Moore G. Bullock I , Burt j. Thorpe M. Owens S . Lyons H, Johnson J. Ragland T. Smith Z, Moore D, Harris K. Crews L. Harding C. Williams A. Ragland C. Wilke rson D, Bailey I . FauJcon W. Crews M. Jackson F. Speed 62 4TH H. Hester A. Morton D. Evans D. Bullock M. Allen B. Parker B. Hicks J. Macks j, Alston C, Culdwell C. Hayes C. Daye C. Smith R . Lyons J, Anderson W . Moore Y. Davis M. Brasswell S , Bum pass j. Cooper T. Pierce A. Braswell L. Lyons B. Tanner S, Green S, Downey H. Rodwell F. Walker J . Pe rry T. Thorpe j. Tanner W. Winston B. Jenkins D. Burnett M. Perse.. 4sr WWW , M. Bass L. Tinwood A. Parker C. Gooch S. Marrov S, Parker L. Grant Thrope R. Bullock T. Winston D, Fuller R. Estes G. Williams L. Jenkins is. r iSidn. L, Royster J, Tilly j. Dobaly j, Burnett F. Perry ' J, Bobbitt J. Chavis D. Bagby Ragland L. A He r A. Moore J. Green C. Person J , Perry 1 P. Person Mr. Pettiford Mrs. S adford Mrs. Montaque Mrs. Davis L. Holloway M. Eater C. Greets 64 3RD i C, Allen R. Bullock D, Chavis D. Daniel W. Webb D. Moss i. Wilde rson E. Burrns K, Gooch W. Bowden C. Mitchell R; Rogers W, Harding L, Hockaday T. Green B. Crews C. Smith R. Harris H. Bullock Y, Brodie D. Horton D. Harris M. Daniel D. Vines M. Burt L, Brown M, Chavis F. Bobbitt R. Green L, Hunt D. Cearnel S. Perry D. Parrish D. Thorpe S. Keith C. Dave D. Bailey H. Bradford F. Harris S. Harris J. Evans J. Webb R. Walters L» Pegram T. Harris H. Bailey L. Bridgen C, Evans l 6 ORGANIZATIONS CHOIR BAND 68 FFA 69 STUDENT COUNCIL 70 MOST INTELLIGENT ALICE BUR WELL 6 OWEN BRADFORD MOST LADY- LIKE £ MOST GENTLE LIKE DORINE ALLEN £- MACK TLMBERLAKE FRIENDLIEST MARY GREEN JAMES JONES MOST DEPENDABLE ANNIE WATKINS 0 WALLACE DAVIS 74 V MOST ATTRACTIVE AND MOST HANDSOME JOSEPHINE OWENS AND JOHNNIE MORTON 75 i: SHORTEST EVELYN MORTON AND JAMES DANIEL 1 MOST TALKATIVE ELLA JOHNSON G DURAL HARRIS MOST CAREFREE ELIA JOHNSON ODIE SNEED WITTIEST ANNIE PASC HALL JAMES JONES QUIETEST ETHEL HARRIS AND ELLIS WINSTON MISS HAWLEY HIGH Esther Juanita Braswell, the daughter of Mr. i- Mrs. Ernest Braswell reigns as Miss Hawley High for the School School vear 1966- 1967. This charming young lady plans to attend Winston Salem Teacher ' s College, Winston Salem, North Carolina Ns If 79 MISS HAWLEY HIGH’S 80 MISS HOMECOMING 81 MISS HOMECOMING’S ATTENDANTS 02 MISS GRAMMAR GRADE Mary Louise Allen, the daughter of Mr. € Mrs. Alfred Allen of Stem, N. C. was crowned Miss Grammar Grade for the school year 1966-1967. MISS PRIMARY Michelle Braswell, the charming little daughter of Mr, €- Mrs. Daniel Bras- well of Butner, N. C. was crowned Miss Primary for the school year 1966-1967. flf MISS YEARBOOK HATS OFF— Miss Linda Ann Jones, the daughter of Mr. Mrs. Richard L. Jones Sr. , Oxford. N. C. won the title Miss Yearbook 1966- 196? for die interest and hard work she manifested in cam- paigning so diligently. We are grateful to Miss Jones for her un- tiring efforts. 85 MISS JABBERWOCK Annie Mae Watkins represented her school in the Annual Jabbervvock, presented by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Miss Watkins is a very active young lady ' ' in her school and community. She enjoys working with people. Annie is planning a career in the field of Business Education. 87 MISS DEBUTANTE Jacqueline Arm Smith the daughter of Mr, Z Mrs. Clyde Smith, Creedmoor, N, c had the honor of representing her school at the Annual Debutante Ball held at Pine key Street School. Henderson, N. C, for the school term 1966-67. i | I BY OF THE YEAR AND RUNNERS-UP 89 BABIES 90 MISS ALUMNI 91 BEAUTY OF THE YEAR 92 A TH LET ICS GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM 94 VARSITY basketball team 96 JUNIOR VARSITY 97 RECORD GEMS Good to Me . . _ . . , . it tears me up . _ . . .. It takes two ... _ , , T _. . Got to make a corned l Education and Diploma Holly cow . . meback If we don ' t make it Knock on wood ! ' ' £ ' s ° r claSS l 11 t6ars • • • • Graduation Night So fine 1 C 1 ls ' • • That the 67 Seniors are great Said I wasn ' t Goima " ten ' u n ,, , , I know that I ' m Ztll ° bod y I hat y ou lunked Stay in school . S t0 lose y ou ffV? Hawle y P p p C °™p S °f a Broken Hearted? If he doesn ' t make it ril be U SadS ° n §) We are leaving Just the one I ' U been ' V nT Hymn No. 5 . . 6en look g for Diploma , ' • • Graduation Song T ,. , a ma es a 111311 feel good? When he hears he ' s going to graduate. M your puppet . . . s Seniors tQ aw f ey swear y stars above That I ' M gonna study. Place m the Sun Cafeteria I got my baby . . . Rin d ° a blt better In my subjects A little misunderstanding In French On my way home r? v 7 7 , c • • From the prom ou got me umming Says the Choir members to Mr. Riddick Keeps me hanging on Graduation Fees Baby 1 !ove you . Lunch hour a s w at I g°t to know How to work That s enough - Homework Am t to proud to beg For more food t ln e wind . Answers to Adv. Math problems I beheve that I ' M going to make it On exams Share what you got . . S . Lunch money r ., s ,° ver , • • Days at Hawley Oh how happy you have ma de me Bell at 3:15 98 IMAGINE Ollie Roberts Odie Sneed Mack Timberlake. Elliott Winston Dorine Allen . Esther Barnes Juanita Braswell Agnes Burwell Alice Burwell Minnie Cash Linda Ceamel Barbara Cozart Lois Daniels Gloria Dunst n Ruby Evans Emily Fuller . Helen Green . Mary Green Rebecca Green • . Ethel Harris . . • Jacqueline Harris . Edith Harris . . • Lena Jackson . . . Ella Johnson . . . Dorothy Johnson Linda Jones . . • Evelyn Morton . • Josephine Owens . Annie Paschall . . Linda Scott • . . Jacqueline Smith . Vereatha Streeter . Cheryl Thomas . • Mary Thornton • • Florine Thorpe . . Annie Watkins • • Geraldine Weaver. Alice White . . . Julia Williams • • Lorraine Young Willie Bass • • • Owen Bradford • ■- Larry Bridges • • • Harry Cearnel . . - Thomas Cozart • Jessie Byrd James Daniels Wallace Davis Floyd Eaton Douglas Faulcon Johnny Fuller Andrew Hester Dural Harris Linwood Holden James Jones Otis Landis Johnny Morton Ellis Winston Estoria Winston Not talking about Ruby Staying at home the week-end Exspelling Mr. Leatherberry Not being cute With short hair Without scratching Kervy Not being in the bathroom Not in the Choir Playing pool on Saturday night Not chewing Without hips Not doing home work Not being with Thomas Taking over the class With small legs Being skinny Fighting over Earl Not coming home at night Not talking Fighting over a boy! Going to summer school Not staying at home Not being in Franklinton Talking politics combing her hair in class Being one of the Supremes Arguing with Mrs. Jones Being a go-go girl Being quiet in class With a sun tan Not being a lady Not marrying James Not talking about Lynwood Walking straight With a Beatle haircut Without someone ' s rings With notty hair Without glasses Without dandruff Without any hair to comb With a mustach Without driving a bus Being 4 ft. 2 in. Saying " I love you " Without a penny Being skinny Not with Vertie Being a playboy Hating girls Being ugly Being a wrestler With long hair using time wisely With a perfect attendance Not showing his gold tooth Not being a gentlemen Being married Being talkative With glasses £ 99 100 102 102 eStem ASSOCIATE STORE DON ' S DEN lilfl 137 Hillsboro St. Box 57 1 njlltO Oxford ’ N c Creedmoor, North Carolina Congratulations From: HALL ' S DRUG STORE BERGEN ' S Established 1879-1967 Shoes Clothing Oxford, N . C . P .O. Box 701 Oxford, North Carolina WILLIAMS DRUG CO. Fountain Delicacies Cigars and Tobacco Prescriptions Carefully- Compounded ARNOLD ' S GULF SERVICE STATION Free Delivery Central Avenue 101 College St . Butner, North Carolina Oxford, North Carolina PH. -693-7181 WILLIAMS- BREEDLOVE SHEPARD FUNERAL HOME .COMPANY, INC. Oxford, North Carolina " Where quality Outlives Prices " Henderson, North Carolina Dry Goods -- Clothing Our 44th Year of Service Oxford, North Carolina 104 " Charm in all its beauty " WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE BEAUTRAM BEAUTY SHOP STORE Mrs. Nellie B. Landis " Your Home Owned Family Store " Mrs. Leonia P. Moss Miss Judie Davis Freezers Tires Refrigerators Batteries 317 Hernden Ave . Oxford, N. C. DIAMOND CENTER Televisions Chain Saws 1 37 Hillsboro St . Oxford, N . C . Four Miles South of Oxford Phone -69 3-6176 Delicious Sandwich HALL ' S DRUG STORE TESTEE - Freeze " Our congratulations to graduates " College Street, Oxford, N. C. Oxford, North Carolina A FRIENDLY SHOE STORE " For the whole family " HILLTOP STABLES Franklinton, N. C. Complete Line of Boots and Tack DUNSTON BARBERSHOP 44Z S. Hillsboro Street and Registered Quarter Horses Franklinton, N. C. Phone -49 4 -839 4 Rt . 1 Franklinton N. C. " The best in barbering service " MITCHELL ' S SUPER MARKET Gas Groceries General Merchandise Route 1, Franklinton, N. C. Prescription Specialists Drug s - Sundries Cosmetic s - Magazines No . Z S . Main St . W. A. JENKINS GROC. SERVICE Route 1 Franklinton, N. C. Wilton Creedmoor, N. C. 105 FOX ' S DEPARTMENT STORE INC. Oxford, N . C . E JE ' NITA’S DRESS SHOP Louisburg, N. C. Box 666 MITCHELL EVANS SUPER MARKET Creedmoor, N. C. Route 1 Franklinton, N. C. 27 5Z5 Phone-992-5142 ROGERS DRY GOODS STORE CREEDMOOR DRY CLEANERS c LAUNDERETTE Quality Merchandise P . O . Box 8 Creedmoor, N. C. Creedmoor, N. C. CREEDMOOR DRUG CO., INC. WESTERN AUTO Associate Store Creedmoor, N. C. Mitchell J . Allen, Prop . Main St . Creedmoor, N. C. LEGGETTS DEPARTMENT STORE Compliments Of THE " The Home Of Better Values " GRANVILLE FURNITURE COMPANY Oxford, N . C . Main Street i Oxford, N. C. 37616 106 GOOCH GROCERIES SERVICE STATION Highway 5 6 Franklinton, North Carolina CENTRAL CAROLINA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS Creedmoor, North Carolina Mr. C. R. Stanback 107 PATRONS DORINE ALLEN MISS CATHERINE AMOS ESTHER BARNES MISS ERNESTINE BARNES MISS MARY BARNES MRS. MARY D. BARNES MISS BARBARA BULLOCK MRS. JENNIE DALE MRS. MATTIE DALE MR. MRS. WILISON GREEN MRS. EFFIE HUNT MRS. PAULINE LYONS MR. JETHRA MANGUM MRS. LINDA MITCHINER MR. KERVY ROD WELL MRS. MAGALINE RODWELL MR. HENERY LEE SATTERWHITE MISS BERNICE THROPE MISS EMMA THROPE MR. NED WILKERSON MISS SHIRLEY WILKERSON MR. MRS. WALLACE WILKERSON MISS LINDA WILKERSON OWEN BRADFORD MISS INELL BRADFORD MR. HEROLD BRADFORD MR. HEROLD LYON BRADFORD MR. R. B. BRADFORD MRS. IREN BRADFORD MR. HEIGH LEE BRADFORD MR. WILLIAM BRADFORD MR. DARRYL BRADFORD MISS CHRISTOPHER BRADFORD MR. MRS. JAMES PETTDFORD MRS. RUTH ROGERS JUANITA BRASWELL MR. JOHN THOMAS ALLEN MRS. DOTTIEB. BRANCH MR. DENNIS BRASWELL MR. MRS. EARNEST BRASWELL MR. JESSIE BRASWELL MR. WENFORD BRASWELL MR. MRS. JOHN BRASWELL MRS. THELMA GILLS MR. MRS. HOWARD GREEN MR. HORETTA GREEN MR. JOHN D. HOWARD MR. MRS. CAM HICKS MISS BEULLAH HOLLOWAY MRS. JO ANN HOLDING MRS. MARY B. LEWIS MR. WILLIAM PEICE MRS. JO ANNE PEICE MR. WILLIAM PLACE MRS. CARRIE PLACE MR. O. J. OWENS LARRY BRIDGES MR. MRS. JOHN BRANCH MR. MRS. WILLIAM LEWIS MRS. ELIZABETH R. ROBERTS AGNES BUR WELL MISS AGNES BURWELL MR. WILBUR BURWELL MISS MARY BURWELL MR. THOMAS BURWELL MRS. VITA B ROD IE MR. MRS. BOBBY EATON MISS HELEN GREEN MR. LOUIS HARRIS MR. DAVIS HARRIS MISS ALICE HARRIS MR. JOESHP KEARNEY MISS MARY KEARNEY MISS LOLA MASS MISS EVELYN MORTON MISS IDA PERRY MR. MRS. LEANARD PERRY JR. MR. LENARD PERRY MR. MRS. DANNY WILDER REV. S. WILLIAM MRS. MERTHA YOUNG ALICE BURWELL MRS. VIRGINIA BANKS MR. MRS. JUNIOUS BURWELL MR. MRS. WILBERY BURWELL MR. WILLIE COOPER MR. MRS. DAVID HARRIS MR. MRS. JOESPH KEARNEY MR. MRS. WILBERT MOORE MR. MRS. DANNY WILDER 108 -j jr ? jE JESSIE BYRD MR. MRS. EURAL BARDFORD MR. JUDGE BOBBITT DR. MRS. E. C. BOYETTE MR. FRANK BURNETTE MR. MRS. CHARLES BURT MISS ESTHER BYRD MR. MRS. JESSIE BYRD SR. REV. MRS. HARLEY CECIL DR. MRS. JAMES ELLIOT MR. MRS. JOHN R. GARNER MRS. ENNETT GUPTON MISS DORTHY HART MRS. GRACE HART DR. MRS. ALFRED M. HICKS MR. W. T. JOHNSON DR. MRS. EARL D. KAY MR. MRS. WILLE MOORE MR. JOSEPH A. MORRIS MRS. INEZ MANN NEAL MR. MRS. JOHN OKLEY DR. MRS. BOBBY TATE MR. JOHNNIE THARRINGTON MR. MRS. JOHN THARRINGTON MR. MRS. JOHN E. THOMAS MINNIE CASH MR. JOE W. CASH MISS LUCY CASH MR. MELVIN CAS H MRS. NANCY CASH MR. ROBERY L. CASH MR. ROY L. CASH MR. THERMAN CASH MR. MRS. WALLACE CASH MR. WILLE L. CASH MISS GLINDA CHAMBERS MR. MRS. LARRY COMER MR. SYLVESTER DANIEL MR. EDDIE DAYE MR. JOE DAYE MR. BUD GREEN MR. PL A. JONES MRS. ANNIE FRANCIS PARKER MRS. ALLIE J. ROYSTER MR. FESSIE ROYSTER MR. EARL THORPE LINDA CEARNEL MR. WILLIAM ALLEN MR. AUTHUR BOBBIT MRS. OMELIA BRADFORD MR. JOE BULLOCK MR. MRS. ROY BULLOCK MRS. DORTHY CEARNEL MR. WILLE CRARNEL MR. MRS. LUCILLE COZART MR. MRS. CHARLIE T. DANIEL MR. MRS. CHARLIE DANIEL MR. MRS. JESSIE DANIEL JR. MR. EARL ESTES MRS. NELLIE FLEMMING MR. FRED FLEMMING MR. MRS. HENRY JOHNSON MR. MRS. LEWIS JENKINS MR. CHARLIE PARKER MISS GLORIA TILLEY MR. BUDDY WINSTON BARBARA COZART MR. DAVID ALLEN MR. JOE LEE ALLEN MR. JOSEPH ALLEN MRS. LAURA MAE ALLEN MR. WILLIAM ALLEN MR. MRS. EDWARD BAILEY MRS. BESSIE BRIDGES MRS. RUTH CONYERS MRS. LILLIAN COZART MR. MRS. ROY DANIEL MR. LONNIE FLEMMING MR. MRS. ROBERT LEE HAWKINS MR. W. A. MARROW MR. HUBERT PEARSON MRS. LILLIAN PERSON MR. ROBERT ROBERTSON MR. MRS. DOTSON TILLY MR. WILLIE WILLIAMS JAMES DANIEL MR. MRS. BULLOCK MR. MRS. COZART MR. MRS. CURTIS MRS. ALEASE DANIEL MR. WILLIAM DANIEL MRS. MARY E. DANIEL MRS. NELLIE R. DANIEL LOIS DANIEL MR. EUGENE CHAVIS MR. McCOY DANIEL JR. MR. ERVIN DANIEL MR. LEHMAN DANIEL MR. JESSIE DANIEL 109 I MR. McCOY DANIEL SR. MR. NELSON DANIEL MR. MRS. ROY DANIEL MR. MRS. JOSEPH DANIEL MR. MRS. CHESTER DANIEL MRS. ALEASEJ. DANIEL MR. MRS. EDWARD DANIEL MRS. KITTY GREEN MR. THOMAS HARRIS GLORIA DUNSTON MR. MRS. WILLIAM ALLEN MISS PATRICIA BASS MISS FRANCIS BOBBITT MR. JUDFE BOBBITT MR. MRS. ROBERT BOBBITT MR. MRS. IRA BURT MRS. BERTHENIA CROWELL MR. MRS. JOUNIOR DOUGLAS MR. ROBERT HICKS JR. MR. LEROY LYONS MR. MRS. WILLIAM MOORE MISS LORRAINE PERRY MR. MRS. JAMES PETTIWAY MISS GERTRUDE ROGERS MRS. MOZELLE ROYSTER MR. MRS. BENNIE SATTERWHITE MR. MRS. JOW LOUIS TANNER MRS. KATE TANNER MR. MRS. JAMES WORLEY JR. FLOYD EATON MR. MRS. CHARLIE EATON REV. MRS. FLOYD EATON MR. MRS. HARVEY GREEN MR. MRS. NAPOLEAN GREEN MR. MRS. WILLIAM GREEN MRS. OLA JONES MR. MRS. CHARLIE MOSS JR. MR. MRS. CHARLIE MOSS SR. RUBY EVANS MR. MRS. HERBERT EVANS MR. MRS. J. L. EVANS MISS EVELYN GREEN MR. MRS. GUFFEE GREEN JR. MR. MRS. PRESTON GREEN MR. MRS. GUFFEE GREEN SR. MR. MRS. WILLIE GREEN MR. MRS. ROBERT LANDIS MAJ. MRS. LEO OXLEY HARVEY FAULCONN MR. JOHN H. BRASWELL MR. RANDOLPH FAULCON MR. JUSTIC FAULCON MR. MRS. JACK FAULCON EMILY FULLER MR. WILLIE DAVIS MR. DOCK FULLER JACQUELINE FULLER MRS. LOUISE FULLER MR. MRS. ULYSUS FULLER , MR. LEN GREEN MISS NINA HART MR. DORSEY HENDERSON I MR. MRS. JOSEPHINE PERRY MAT TILE W GOOCH JR. MISS ESTHER BYRD MRS. FANNIE EATON MRS. ELNORA GOOCH MRS. WILLIE ADE GOOCH MRS. HARRIET GREEN MR. G MRS. JOHNNIE JOHNSON MRS. GENNIE THOMPSON ( HELEN GREEN ERNESTINE ALLEN MR. JOHN THOMAS ALLEN MR. JOHN H. BRASWELL MRS. BEULAH BRANCH MRS. DOTTIE BRANCH MISS PHYLLIS ANN BRANCH MR. JAMES DAVIS MR. TINYDAYE MRS. MARIE EATON MR. HAROLD EATON MRS. DOTHY ELLISON ' FRANK ELLISON WILLIAM ELLISON ALBERT EVANS MRS. VIRGINIA GREEN MR. JAMES HOWARD MR. LENNON HUNT MR. McCOY LAWERENCE MRS. WILLIE MAE LAWERENCE MRS. SERENA MOORE ALFONSO WASHINGTON MR. WILLIAM WHITE I MARY GREEN MRS. MAE BELLE ALLEN MR. ELLIS ALLEN 110 ■ MISS PHYLLIS ANN BRANCH MRS. DOTTIE BRANCH MR. JOHN H. BRASWELL JR. MR. CLYDE CHEATHAM MR. JAMES COOPER REV. P. G. DAVIS MR. HAROLD EATON MRS. URA EATON MR. BOBBIE EATON MR. WILLIAM ELLISON MISS DORTHY ELLISON MR. FRANK ELLISON MRS. BESSIE MAE GREEN MRS. BIRGINIA GREEN MR. THESSALONIA GREEN MR. JAMES HALLOWAY MR. WILLIAM HALLOWAY MR. JAMES HOWARD MRS. WILLIE MAE LAWERENCE MRS. SERREANWE MOORE MR. MELVIN THORPE MR. KENNETH WASHINGTON REBECCA GREEM MRS. LILA BOOTH MR. MRS. JASPER CURTIS MISS ANNIE GREEN MISS FRANCES GREEN MISS ANNIE GREEN MISS FRANCES GREEN BENJAMIN LEE HARRIS MR. JAMES HARRIS MR. JAMES HARRIS JR. MRS. EFFIE HARRIS MISS SUSIE MAE YANCY MR. BILL YANCY MRS. AMELIA GOHNSON MRS. PERL GREEN MR. ROBERT DARGAN MISS JOESPHINE OWENS MARY ALICE DARGAN MISS ELLA JOHNSON MR. TOM HARRIS MRS. JONAH HARRIS MISS LUCY SATTERFIELD MR. EUGENE HARRIS MRS. ELSA HARRIS MRS. NANNIE HARRIS MISS GRACE HARRIS MRS. MARY STREETER MR. CEPHUS STREETER ETHEL HARRIS MR. NAKE CHAVIS MR. JAMES DAVIS MR. MRS. JAMES HARRIS MRS. JANICE HARRIS MRS. PATTIE LOU HARRIS MR. J. R. HARRIS MR. CHESTER HAWKINS JR. MR. GEORGE HENDERSON MRS. IOLA L. JEFFERSON MR. JOSEPH JEFFERSON MR. BENNY McCLEMENS MR. MELVIN McCLEMENS MR. NATHAN McCLEMENS MR. JOE McCLEMENS MR. BARRY LEEE PERRY MR. JAMES WILMORE PERR Y MR. MRS. LEWIS SATTON MISS ANN TERRY MR. NATHANE THARRINGTON JACQUELINE HARRIS MRS., DORIS ALLEN MRS_ LILAH BRADFORD MR. DENNIS BRASWELL MRS. MAGGIE BRATWILE MISS PRISICILLIA BUGESS MR. HAYWARD CHEATHAM MRS. LAURA CHEATHAM MR. MOSES CHEATHAM ROY CHEATHAM MR. THURMAN CHEATHAM MRS. REBECCA COOPER MR. CLEVELAND CRAWFORD MRS. EDITH CRAWFORD MRS. RUTH GOOCH MR. WILSON HARRIS MR. WILLIS HESTER MRS. HAZEL RAGGLAND MRS. LUCY TAYLOR MRS. ALMA WYCHE ANDREW HESTER MR. JAMES BRIDGES MISS MARGARET BRIDGES MR. MRS. ROBERT L. BRIDBES MRS. A. M. CHEATHEM MR. MRS. JAMES COOPER MR. MRS. BOBBY EATON MR. MRS. MELVIN HESTER MR. MRS. OSCAR HUNT MRS. MARY LEWIS 111 ■ ' MR. MRS. LYNWOOD SMITH MR. MRS. CLEAWARD WILLIAMS LINWOOD HOLDING MRS. LUCY HOLDING MR. W. PL HOLDING MRS. PEARL HOLDING MR. FRED HOLDING MR. EMMETT MANGUM DOROTITY JOHNSON ELSIE EMOCY MRS. MARY GOOCH MISS JAUNITA KEITH VANILLA KING BERNICE JOHNSON MR. FRANK JOHNSON DORTHY WILKERSON EDITH HARRIS MRS. C. H. ALLEN MRS. L. M. ALLEN MR. U. E. ATKINS MRS. BELUAH BAILEY MISS EDNA BRADON MRS. ROENA BRADON MISS V. F. BROOKS MRS. LORNIE CHAVIS MISS JANICE CROWELL MRS. COZART MR. B. B. GILLIAM MRS. J. HARRIS MR. MRS. D. O. LEATHERBERRY MR. DAVE LYONS MISS A. M. MARABLE MRS. E. S. MARROW MRS. HATTIE RODGERS MRS. TYLER MISS W. A. SHAW MR. A. WILLIAMS JR. MRS. M. M. YOUNG ELLA JOHNSON MRS. BESSIE DAYE MR. HENRY DAYE MR. GARLAND. FOSTER MR. JOHNNIE j-NKINS MRS. MARIE JENKINS MISS BARBARA JOHNSON MISS BETTIE JOHNSON MRS. ELIZA JOHNSON MR. JAMES JOHNSON MISS JENIFER JOHNSON MR. THOMAS JOHNSON MRS. ROSELINE JOFINSON P. V. T. SAM JOHNSON MR. WILLIE JOHNSON MR. COY PARKER MRS. MARZIE PARKER MR. CLAUDE PEAKS MR. MRS. PEAKS MR. IRIS PEAKS MR. WILSON ROYSTER JAMES JONES MR. FRANK BENNETTE MR. WAYNE BRACHEL MR. LECY COZART MR. HAMP DAVIS MRS. LUCY DAVIS MRS. DENA HARRIS MR. MRS. MORRIS JOHNSON MR. MORRIS JOHNSON JR. MR. DOCK JONES MRS. GLADYS JONES MR. W. A. JONES MRS. ROXIE PETTIFORD MR. GRAHAM RODGERS MR. SHERMAN ROGERS MRS. FR ANCAIS SMITH MR. JONUS WALKER MRS. JULIUS WALKER MR. PAUL WALKER MR. SILAS WALKER MR. MRS. ERNEST WILDER LINDA ANN JONES MRS. I. D. ALLEN MRS. MINNIE G. ALLEN MR. MRS. ROBERT L. ASHE MISS DELORIS BAGLEY MRS. B. G. BROWN MR. MRS. JAMES BULLOCK MR. MRS. JOHNNIE BULLOCK MR. P. E. BULLOCK MRS. CALLIE COTTEN MRS. PEARL CURTIS MR. NELSON DANIEL MR. MRS. BERT GLOVER MR. GEORGE GOOCH MR. MRS. HERMAN GOOCH MR. MRS. HUBERT GOOCH JR. MR. MRS. HUBERT GOOCH SR. MR. MRS. JOESPH GOOCH 112 . : -X MR. MRS. LERMON GOOCK JR. MISS LOIS GOOCH REV. MRS. LERMON GOOCH SR. MR. MRS. PAUL GOOCK MR. MRS. ROBERT L. GOOCH MRS. GENNIE J. GREEN MR. MRS. ROBERT GREEN MR. J. T. HARRIS MR. GEORGE HILL REV. MRS. CLYDE JOHNSON MR. DAMON JOHNSON MR. L. M. JOHNSON MRS. ESTELLE GO. JONES MR. RICHARD L. JONES JR. MR. RICHARD L. JONES SR. MR. MRS. A. L. LANDIS MRS. S. P. LEMAY MRS. B. J. MAYES REV. MRS. A. H. PARKER MR. MRS. L. N. PETTIFORD MR. MRS. RENWOOD PULLEY MR. MRS. JAMES RAGLAND MR. SAM ROBERTS MR. JOHN SMITH MR. MRS. MACIE SMITH MR. L. SPELLS MR. MRS. ROBERT WILKE RS ON OTIS LANDIS MISS LINDA BULLOCK MISS WILLIE BELLE JENNINGS MR. MRS. JOHN HENRY LANDIS MISS YVONNE LANDIS EVELYN MORTON MR. EARNEST BRASWELL MR. JOHN H. BRASWELL MR. RONNIE BRASWELL MISS WANDA BRASWELL MR WTLBUR BURWELL MRS. LUCILLE FAULCON MR. JOHN HOWARD JR. MR. JOHN HOWARD SR. MRS. CHRISTINE MORTON MR. CLARENCE MORTON MR. FLOYD MORTON MR. JOHN MORTON MR. JUDGE MORTON JR. MR. JUDGE MORTON SR. MR. LEROY MORTON MR. JAMES OWENS MRS. BEULAH SMITH MRS. CORA SMITH MR. MRS. JAMES T. SMITH MR. WALTER WORTHAN JOHNNIE MORTON MR. CLAYTON BASS MR. JAMES LYONS MR. MRS. JOHNNIE MORTON JOSEPHINE OWENS MR. JAMES OWENS MR. JOHNNIE OWENS MISS ELIZABETH OWENS MISS JOESPHINE OWENS ANNIE PASCHALL MRS. CARRIE ALSTON MR. CHARLIE BLACKMEN MR. DONALD BULLOCK MISS FRANCIS BULLOCK MR. KENNETH M. BURNETTE MR. JIRE DANIEL MR. MRS. JAMES GREEN MRS. LAVONDA GREEN MR. MRS. BOISEY JENKINS MR. MRS. COLEY JENKINS MR. MRS. ELIJAH JENKINS MR. ERNEST KEITH MR. MRS. EUGENE LYONS MR. MRS. MARVIN LYONS MR. MRS. O. G. MANGUM MR. MRS. LONNIE MOSS MRS. LENORA PERKINS MRS. EDITH RAY MR. MRS. JAMES EARL THORPE MR. HENRY THORPE LINDA SCOTT MR. BULLOCK MR. MRS. WILLIAM CATES MR. J. C. COLEY MR. JUNE DOUGLAS MR. ALVIN HAYES MR. FLOYDE HAYES MISS HATTIE HAYES MRS. GRACE HAYES MR. PANE MRS. MAGDELINE ROD EWELL MISS GRETUDE RODGER MR. EARL SCOTT MR. MRS. OLLIE SCOTT MRS. ETHEL WILKE RS ON ■ - so; RICHARD SKINNER MRS. GOLA ALLEN MRS. DAISEY ALLEN MISS JEANNETTE ALLEN MRS. JENNIE ALLEN MISS LINDA ALLEN MISS LUCILLE ALLEN MISS PEARLIE ALLEN MR. CHARLIE BELL MRS. JANIE BELL MR. SYLVESTER BRASWELL MRS. LENORA BULLOCK MR. McCOY BURNETTE MR. JOHN GREEN MR. JACOB McMILLIAN MR. FREEMAN MITCHELL MR. OTIS MITCHELL MRS. ESTELL PERGRAM MRS. CORINE SKINNER MR. JOHN H. SKINNER MR. THOMAS SKINNER OTIS SNEED. MRS. COLETTIE DANIEL MR. BEN GRISSOM MRS. ELORIA GRISSOM MRS. VIOLA JOHNSON MR. MRS. EDWARD JENKINS VEREATHA STREETER MISS MARY ALICE DARGAN MISS MARION GREEN MR. JAMES T. HAWKINS MRS. WILLIE L. MORGAN MISS ALFRED A PEACE MRS. CATHERINE PEACE MISS CATHY R. PEACE MR. EARNEST PEACE MR. FLEM D. PEACE MRS. LUCY PEACE MR. RICKEY PEACE MR. ROBERT PEACE JR. MISS ROSETTA PEACE MRS. RUGH PEACE MR. CEPHUS STREETER MR. EDWARD STREETER MR. JOHN STREETER MRS. MARY STREETER MISS VEREATHA STREETER MRS. ESTHER WILSON CHERYL THOMAS MR. MRS. EDWARD BAILEY JR. MISS ADA O ' NEAL BRASWELL MR. G MRS. J. C. COLEY MRS. LESSIE COLEY MRS. CATHERINE GREENE MRS. MARY JONES MISS ONNIE LUONS MR. JUNIOUS OLIVER MR. MRS. JOHN E. THOMAS MR. MRS. W. L. YOUNG MRS. DOROTHY THOMAS FLORINE THORPE MR. MRS. O. B. ALLEN JR. MR. TERRY W. ALLEN MR. CLEVELAND COOPER MRS. SUSIE COOPER MR. SIDNEY SANDFORD MRS. LESSIE THORPE MISS FLORINE THORPE MR. WILLIE THORPE MRS. WILLIE THORPE MR. ALEXANDER THORPE MRS. DOROTHY R. L. THORPE MISS DARLENE THORPE HARVEY TILLEY MR. MRS. JAMES HARRIS MR. MRS. JAMES ALLOY MR. MRS. GARLAND TILLEY MR. MRS. GOERGE TILLEY MACK TIMBE LAKE JR. MR. BENOIS BRASWELL MR. LEVI COZART MRS. MARY GARNER MR. WILLIAM HARRIS MR. LEROY KATE MISS EVA LYONS MR. MRS. MACK TIMBERLAKE SR, MRS. VIRGINIA TIMBERLAKE ANNIE M. WATKINS MR. MARSHALL ALLEN RECORD BAR MISS JACQUELINE BULLOCK MR. MRS. WILLIE BULLOCK MR. GEORGE BURWELL MR. DAVID DAYE MR. MRS. AUTHER HARRIS MR. MRS. JAMES HARRIS MR. MRS. DAVE (ONES 11 + MR. EDWARD JONES JR. MR. MRS. OSCAR KITTRELL MR. ED LEWIS MR. JETHRO MANGUM MR. NICK MANGUMN MR. WILLIE MITCHELL MISS EMMA WATKINS MR. MRS. GEORGE W r ATKINS MR. MRS. JOHN WATKINS MR. MRS. WILLIAM WATKINS MISS BETTY WRIGHT ALICE WHITE MR. MRS. BEN ALSTON MR. MRS. JOHNNIE FULLER MR. JOHN T. GREEN MRS. AMANDA KENYON MRS. MATTIE McGHEE MR. JOHN PASCHALL MISS GERALDINE RODGE MR. ISIAH TABORN MR. JOHN ED TABORN MR. MRS. ISIAH WHITE MISS QUEEN WHITE MISS ROSIE WHITE HERMAN WILLIAMS MR. DORIS FIELDS MR. MRS. NICK PARKER MR. MRS. ALEXANDER WILLIAMS MR. MRS. CHARLES WILLIAMS JULIA WILLIAMS MR. TOM JUNIOR BOONE MR. McCOY BURNETTE MR. JOHNNY ESTES MR. STEWART EVANS MR. MRS. ROBERT HAWLEY MR. MRS. JOE HORTON MRS. ALTER LAWS MR. JAMES LAWS MISS JOYCE MONTAGUE MR. KATTIE PEARSON MR. BENNIE ROBERTS MRS. B. W. ROBERTS MR. MRS. JOHNNY ROBERTSON MR. MRS. RAY SLEPSON MR. AUTHUR WILLIAMS LANY WILLIAMS MISS LOUISE WILLIAMS MISS REBECCA WILLIAMS MR. MRS. WILLIE E. WILLIAMS ELLIS WINSTON MRS. BONNIE G. BROWN MRS. ADLINE GOOCH MR. HERMAN GOOCH EUGENE LAWERENCE LUCILLE LAWERENCE MR. THOMAS E. LAWERENCE MR. DOCK WINSTON MRS. ESTELLE WINSTON MR. JOHN WINSTON ELLIOT WINSTON MRS. BOMNIE G. BROWN MR. HERMAN GOOCH MR. THOMAS E. LAWERENCE MR. DOCK WINSTON MRS. ESTELLE WINSTON MR. JOHN WINSTON LORRAINE YOUNG MRS. LINDA ALSTON MR. MRS. IRA CHEEK MRS. ULA GRISSOM MR. MRS. GUS HARRISON MRS. MARIE HAWKINS MR. CONELL HUNT MRS. LUNDY HUNT MR. ALEXANDER HUNTER MR. MORRIS JONES MR. MRS. SAMMEUL THORPE ANTHINY YOUNG MR. MRS. ROOSEVELT YOUNG MR. PERCY WINSTON MISS LONNIE MAE DANIEL MR. MRS. WILLIE LEE BASS MISS LINDA ANN BASS MISS EVELYN BASS MISS GLORIS JEAN BASS MR. MRS. A. L. BULLOCK MRS. NONNIE MAE SATTERWHITE MR. MRS. OTIS DANIEL MR. MRS. L. P. WORTHMAN MR. SAMUEL BULLOCK MR. MRS. ANDREW BULLOCK MR. MRS. J. T. BASS MR. MRS. LEONARD BAILEY MR. MRS. BRUCE MURPHY MR. MRS. CLYDE SMITH MRS. CARRIE SUITT MR. MRS. EUGENE SUITT MR. MRS. BOSSIE JENKINS MRS. JULIA ALLEN MR. MRS. WALTER SMITH, JR. MRS. J. R. WOODY MR. JESSIE TIMBERLAKE MR. HAROLD TIMBERLAKE MR. EDWARD TIMBERLAKE BULBA TIMBERLAKE SUSIE HARRIS MR. LABORN BANKS PATRICIA WINSTON MR. MRS. DAVID HARRIS MR. ROBERT LEE HARDING MRS. MARIE HARDING MR. MRS. ROBERT LEE HARDINGS, JR. MR. MRS. GEORGE S. HARDING MISS VIVIAN HARDING MR. MRS. JAMES A. COOPER MR. CLYDE W. HARDING MR. JAMES M. HARDING MISS ROSA MARIE HARDING MR. MRS. WILLIAM WASHINGTON MR. MRS. JOSEPH HARDING MR. MRS. LISTON LONG MISS RUTH PETTIFORD MR. E. N. RIDDICK MISS JOYCE ANN DAYE MR. MARK JONES MISS PRISCILLIA ALLEN MR. GEORGE WEAVER MR. JOHNNY MARTIN MR. MRS. JAMES LEO OWENS MR. MRS. ROBERT LEE OWENS MRS. LUCILLE FAULCON MR. MRS. WILMORE HENDERSON JR. MR. GADDIS FAULCON MRS. KITTIE GREEN MRS. MABLE GREEN MR. MELVIN GREEN JR. MR. MELVIN GREEN, SR. MISS REBECCA GREEN MR. NICHOLAS PARKER MRS. ARTELIA PITTS MR. JAMES STRATER MRS. BERTHA TERRY MR. CHANDLER WILSON MR. JAMES YOUNG MRS. JESSIE YOUNG 116 Dorine Allen Route 2, Box 125 Creedmoor, N. C. Nickname: Ambition: Disc Jockey Esyher Barnes Route 1, Box 157- A Franklinton, N. C. Nickname: Princess Ambition: Registered Nurse Willie Bass Route 1 , Box 99 Stem, N. C. Nickname: Red Ambition: Barber Owen Bradford Route 2, Box 165-B Oxford, N. C. Nickname: Professor Ambition: History Teacher Juanita Braswell Route 1, Box 291 Kittrell, N. C. Nickname: Roadrunner Ambition: Registered Nurse Larry Bridges Route 2, Box 154 Oxford, N. C. Nickname: Slime Ambition: Barber Alice Burwell Route 1 , Box 115 Franklinton, N. C. Nickname: Faye Ambition: Private Secretary Agnes Burwell Route 1 , Box 115 Franklinton, N. C. Nickname: Mae .Ambition: Private Secretary Jessie Byrd Route 1 , Box 177 Franklinton, N. C. Nickname: Bird Dog Ambition: Minnie Cash Route 1 , Box 39 Stem, N. C. Nickname: Penny Ambition: Telephone Linda Cearnel Route 2, Box 16 Creedmoor, N. C. Nickname: Stickesy Ambition: Social Worker Thomas Cozart Route 3, Box 195-H Oxford, N. C. Ambition: Math Nickname: Joe Barbara Cozart Route 2, Box 16 Creedmoor, North Carolina Ambition: IBM Nickname: Babie James E. Daniel Route 2, Box 181 Oxford, N. C. Nickname: Heavy Ambition: Mechanic Lops M. Daniel Route 2, Box 181 Oxford , N. Ck - Nickname: ymny Ambition: Registered Nurse Wallace Davis Route 1 , Box 136 Franklinton, N. C. Nickname: Perry Ambition: Soil Conservative Gloria Dunston P. O. Box 572 Butner, N. C. Nickname: Roadrunner Ambition: Registered Nurse 117 Floyd Eaton P.O. Box 316 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Frog Ambition: Mechanic Engineer Ruby Evans P. O . Box 563 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Fox Ambition: Jazz Singer Harvey D. Faulcon Rte 1, Box 285 Kittrell, N.C. Nickname: Douf Ambition: Commercial Artist Emily Fuller Rte 1, Box 131 Franklinton, N.C. Nickname: Penny Ambition: Social Worker John Ruller Rte 1, Box 279 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Dude Ambition: Architect Matthew Gooch Jr. Rte 1, Box 67 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: June Ambition: Undertaker Helen Greene Rte 2, Box 133 Oxford, North Carolina Nickname: Bay Ambition: Switchboard Operator Mary Greene Rte 2, Box 133 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Teaky Ambition: Secretary Rebecca Greene Rte 2, Box 213 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Bett Ambition: French Instructor Ronald Harding Rte 1, Box 181 Stem, N.C. Nickname: Necoe Ambition: Mathematician Benjamin Harris Rte 2, Box 248 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Bennie Ambition: Tile Layer Dural Harris Rte Wake Forest, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Edith Harris P. O. Box 645 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Jacqueline Harris Rte 2, Box 285 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Lazy Ambition: P. E. Teacher Andrew Hester Rte 2, Box 155 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Head Ambition: Social Worker Linwood Holding Rte 1, Box 129 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Len Ambition: Mechanic 118 Lena Jackson Rte 1, Box 207- A Franklinton, N. C. Nickname: Len Ambition: Telephone Operator Dorothy Johnson Rte 1, Box 125 -A Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Ethel Harris Rte 1, Box 181 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Easy Ambition: Social Worker Ella Johnson Rte 1, Box 11 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Lou Ambition: Artist James Jones Rte 2, Box 64 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Linda Jones Rte 2, Box 269 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Firebug Ambition: Practical Nurse Otis Landis Rte 1, Box 138 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Poor Boy Ambition: Barber Evelyn Morton Rte 1, Box 298 Kittrell, N.C. Nickname: Shorty Ambition: Secretary Johnnie Morton Rte 2, Box 285 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Mofield Ambition: Biochemist Joesphine Owens Rte 1 , Box 294 Kittrell, N.C. Nickname: Lois Ambition: Secretary Annie Paschall General Delivery Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Skinny Ambition: Airline Stewardress Ollie Roberts Rte 2, Box 222-H Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Linda Scott Rte 2, Box 182 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Ratsqueezer Ambition: Social Worker Richard Skinner Rte 2, Box 240 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Ricky Ambition: Doctor ' s Aid Jacqueline Smith P.O. Box 37 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Jackie Ambition: Sociology Majoi Otis Sneed Rte 1, Box 171 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: is 119 Vereatha Streeter Rte 2, Box 267 Oxford, N. C. Nickname: Sis Ambition: Private Secretary Robert T easley Rte 2 Franklinton, N.C. Nickname: Potterrack Ambition: Cheryl Thomas P.O. Box 281 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Peanut Ambition: Business Administration Mary Thornton Rte 1, Box 34 Stem, North Carolina Nickname: Fannie Ambition: Private Secretary Florine Thorpe Rte 1, Box 144 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Harvey Tilley Rte 1, Box 229-B Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Snowball Ambition: Mechanic Mack Timberlake Jr. P.O. Box 56 Northside, N.C. Nickname: Big Brucer Ambition: Business Accountance Charlie Walker Jr. Rte 2, Box 163 Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Pinny Ambition: Mechanic Annie Watkins Rte 2, Box 47 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Nunnie Ambition: Private Secretary Geraldine Weaver Rte 1, Box 194 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Cake Ambition: Beautician Alice White Rte 1, Box 281 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: A1 Ambition: Registered Nurse Herman Williams Ray Street Oxford, N.C. Nickname: Therm Ambition: Barber Julia Williams Rte 2, Box 224 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Ellis Winston Rte 2, Box 37 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Phil Ambition: Elliot Winston Rte 2, Box 37 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickname: Ambition: Barber Estoria Winston Rte 1, Box 329 Creedmoor, N.C. Nickrame: Jack Ambition: Dancer 120 280B111 TOHl 05 13 13 167341 « Granville County Public Library For Reference Not to be taken from this library Gnnvlte County Library Syetem P.0. Box 338 Oxford, NC 27565 Mot REFERENCE M : - Library

Suggestions in the G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) collection:

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 37

1967, pg 37

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 47

1967, pg 47

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 65

1967, pg 65

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 81

1967, pg 81

G C Hawley High School - Hornet Yearbook (Creedmoor, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 256

1967, pg 256

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