G A Wheable Secondary School - Memoriae Yearbook (London Ontario, Canada)

 - Class of 1985

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G A Wheable Secondary School - Memoriae Yearbook (London Ontario, Canada) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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memomm m A yearbook is something that Opens the doors of the past, And is a window frame For all the pictures you have Created in your memory. G.A.WHEABLE SECONDARY SCHOOL 70 JACQUELINE STREET LONDON ONTARIO Allen County Pubfic Ubrarv 900 Webster Street PO Box 2270 Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE Mr. J. A. Scott . . . Chief of the Warriors This school year has certainly been a very full and successful year for all of us at G.A. Wheable. The year got off to an excellent start with the involvement and support of the entire student body for the United Way and in winning the Gold award. The excitement and positive attitudes were main- tained though the Scrooge Campaign, the Blood donor clinic, and February Follies as well as the regular student dances and activities. I should like to thank and congratulate all of the hard working and committed students who made the 1984-85 school year such a success. I hope that those who graduate this year can look back through this yearbook with fond memories. You have been an integral part of the school year represented in this book and you are responsible for it. I wish you all the very best in your future plans. The yearbook editors and their helpers are certainly deserving of a special hearty vote of appreciation from all of us for the tireless hours they have spent on our behalf in order to produce this outstanding pictorial record of 1984-85. To all of you, thanks for a great year and may your future bring continued successes. . £: " .SSC. VICE-PRINCIPALS MESSAGE It is a pleasure to once again pen a few words for this year ' s edition of our school year book. In my third year, I continue to enjoy my work here atWheable. A yearbook reminds us that there is far more to school life than goes on in the classroom even though striving for academic excellence is obviously important. Those who became in- volved in the school in such activities as athletics music, dances, and the United Way Campaign are the Warriors who found school interesting, exciting and rewarding. May this yearbook help you remember the fun. I would be remiss if I did not comment on a renewed spirit and vitality during this school year. There are a number of reasons for this. One is the outstanding work of our student council. Congratulations to the yearbook staff on another tremendous effort. Good luck to all our graduates! P.B. Mackey My heartiest congratulations to the staff and students who volunteered many extra hours to prepare this snapshot of Wheable ' s 1984 - 1985 school year. A yearbook is an invaluable reminder of the joys, the laughs, the victories and the friends that we have at this fine school. This yearbook will stir warm memories for many years to come. The teachers involved in this book deserve our thanks for the insights and support they offered to the hardworking, en- thusiastic and creative students. D.H. Fairbairn YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK JANISKOYANAGI A yearbook takes a great amount of time, work and devotion. But the satisfaction of the end result makes the effort feel worthwhile. CATHY MCLEOD Memoirs are to be remembered and cherished. JENNY POIRIER " It ' s onto this our memories cling; The old time friends familiar things . . . " (G.A. Guest) EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK YEARBOOK ASHANA PRASHAD A unique experience by which I came to the realization of my true dexterity. LAURA VREE Are moments too brief to be held by the eye; . . . captured in thought and fragmented by time. The entire sky is a star, the twinklings you see are dreams come true. THE CLOWN Look across a desolate river, Search the contents of your heart. Solitude echoes in your chamber, Abandoned promise torn apart. Withdraw kaleidoscope illusions The sentry guards your mirrored wall. Candied image reflects emotion Embittered by a lonely call. Laughter fades like a tainted rainbow The brilliance of night will blind your eyes. Forgotten clouds will rain down memories. To obliterate your endless cries. Tattered remnants of a yesterday, Lost in the midst of a tarnished view. Subversive floods of stormy waters, Flow endlessly on ... so old, yet new. Whisper away em- broidered webs. From the obstructed attic of your mind. Collapsable feeling never are steady Just scattered pieces you will find. The wake of answers cease to arrive. In a barren desert free from rain. As a hunter with a bow and arrow, I implore you, why you cause such pain. By: Mirta Klaric EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS EDITORS A word of thanks must be given to the people who always were there when we were in need of help. It took the co-operation of many people to put a book like this together. The following people need to be mentioned as they contributed their time and efforts. The secretarial staff have been a tremendous help. A special word of thanks to Ms. Dawson, our photography advisor. There were many hours spent developing film in the darkroom. Last but definitely not least, Ms. Lamos our Staff advisor; there are no words that could express the thanks that we must convey. Also, thanks to Mr. Antartis ' 351 Marketing class, for putting forth a tremendous amount of effort, making this the BEST year of advertising ever. Hvah Gratzi Ohriqada GracUs herd Daj schim Ms. Lamos: Staff Advisor Ms. Dawson: Photography Grdiium staff: Mirta Klaric Rosemary Dean Leah Peterkin Glenna Burton Joette Burton Vic Banerjee Tom Vree Laura Gomez Typist: Nellie Soares Photography: Rob Newcombe Patty MacLean Accountant: Liliana Carlucci Sales: Harumi Asano Leanne Ford Michelle Bryant Mrs. Clarke for chocolate bar sales Mrs. Kuehr, Mrs. Bieman, Mrs. Walker-Finch, Mr. Antartis MEMORIAE TABLE OF CONTENTS TEACHERS 11 STUDENTS .s 17 LITERARY 42 GRADUATES 49 HONOUR GRADUATES .67 MUSIC 81 SPORTS .89 CLUBS 105 ADVERTISING Ill nr TT Lxt-t4 ._ S , d te o u m " f r l(g . --i| a i(f -— - - = WHEABLE TEACHERS TEACHERS dedication dedication edicatioi We proudly dedicate the 1984-85 edition of MEMORIAE to Mrs. Porter. Mrs. Porter has been a very valued member of the Business Department at G.A. Wheable for many years. She has been a friend to students and colleagues alike. She has contributed much to professional development of teachers throughout Ontario. During her varied career she has taught at Althouse Faculty of Education. Mrs. Porter has been active with the Ontario Business Educators Association and was honoured by them as one of the best Business educators in Ontario. The Match Box store has been one of many school activities on Mrs. P ' s list. Her classes have won many awards in shadow box displays. We know she will be happy in all her future adventures. Mrs. P— " You light up our lives " — 10 , N, D. Armstrong History D. Bullick Woodworking D. Cornelissen Family Studies J. Banting S.L.D. A. Clark Phys. Ed J. Douglas English 12 B. Kowaltschuk English P. Lawrence Art N. Ivanovich Drafting D. Jenkins Electricity R. Landon Family Studies J. Lodge Science K. MacDonald Science 13 J. MacMillan Guidance J. Mclnnes English C. Merklinger Welding W. McKenzie English M. McMurray Phys. Ed. B. Montgomery Geography W. Sheil Phys. Ed. J. Smythe Music 14 J. Sumner Geography R.Wale Business ■ 7 ' Pw 1 S. Walker-Finch Business K. West English D. Van Zander Machine Shop D. Woodbridge Electronics 15 s E S C T R A E F T F A R 1 A L (LEFT TO RIGHT); Mrs. Smale, Mrs. Eckmier, Ms. Crocker, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Monteith. FRONT ROW, (LEFT TO RIGHT): K. Purdon, L. Desousa, P. Fraser. MIDDLE ROW: L. Keats. BACK ROW: W. Waddell, P. Haines, W. Scriver, W. Fletcher, R. Franklin. We would like to thank the kind and caring ladies of the cafeteria staff. They prepare a wide variety of nutritious food for both students and teachers. When you talk of cafeteria food, it is usually unpleasant, but with the help of these wonderful ladies, cafeteria food can be similiar to that of Mom ' s. 16 rt r U c srs M STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Cathy Davidson, our Student Council President has helped everyone enjoy the school year w ih her great ability to motivate and lead the student body. She is well known for the unforgettable things she has done this year. Such as the backwards day message heard during February Follies, the wonderful performance she gave in leading the audience in the sing-a-long during the Christmas Concert, but most of all for her leadership and encouragement that led us in winning the Gold Award for United Way. Thanks to Cathy this year has been a great success. 18 JINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NIN[ Sultan Ahmed Sue Allewell Jean Appleton Nicola Arthur Shaun Atchison John Baker Penny Barker Charlotte Barlow John Bauman Elizabeth Bechtel Joyanne Beckett Richard Bellaire Andrew Biggs Bob Bjelis Geoff Boston Sean Boughner Chris Braun Fred Brewer Leonard Brown Tanya Bultje Donnia Burton Pat Cadue Katrina Callahan Shawn Campbell Jamie Carton Kavita Chanderdat Sherry Chapman Devin Clarkson Marc Cobb Joe Conway Jodi Cooney Matt Cooper Phyllis Croce Sean Cross Jody Dale Michelle Davidson Jackie Devost Ed Dixon Lynn Dockstader Karen Doskas Jo-dee Durrant Jeanette Durston 19 INE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINENINE NINE NINE NINE NIN Doug Bade Laura Eadie Raymond Eaton John Elliot Becky Fawcett Rictiard Finch Laurie Flannery Natalie Floro Joy Friesen Noel Gadbois Angela Gardiner Leigh Anne Gardner Stephen Gauthier Mike Gheller Mike Gibson Sasha Gorbasew Stephen Gray Wayne Gray Jolene Gregory Bob Gritfin Dawn Hackeson Andrea Hagan Bart Hardwick Bryanna Harrison Steve Hayward Veronica Haywood Derek Henson Richard Heuving Kim Hill Katie Hodgson Tammy Holden Jason Hooper 20 INE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINENINE NINE NINE NINE NIN Patty Hooper Dawn Houldey Jodi Ironside Howard Irwin Luc Jarry Bill Jeffery John Johnston Todd Johnston Brian Jones Gwyndar Jones Jeff Jongepier Jean Jordan Diana Keough Steve Kramer Trisha La! Brian Lampkin Paul Lapkowski Cari Latta David Lee Erin Lee Marion Lee Corinne Lewis Laurel Lockhart Steven Lord Darryl Lush Stewart MacAlister Deon Mackie Colin MacMillan Heather Mainland Derek Manicom Randy Manicom Bill Mann Gayle Marsh Andreas Mavrokefalos Jamie McAllister Mike McCollin Joanne McKaig Teri McLaughlin 21 ilNE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINENINE NINE NINE NINE NIN Diane Medeiros Bob Mellott John Mifkovic Shari Mills Michelle Misiuda Kathy Mohrhardt Nicola Morgan Charles Nadeau Bonnie Neilson Brian Newcombe Tim Newell Michelle Noble Cyndy Ong Laura Palanuk Susan Pancino Kim Papineau Denis Pare Mark Pare Sheena Penley Orlanda Pereira Leash ia Perry Kelly Pond Jamie Popham Garry Pridham Sharlene Procknow Doug Rayner Darren Reeves Joe Robinson Wendy Rose Michelle Rush Trisha Rusher David Salvador Carey Say Paul Schewftschenko Lori Schmidt Chantel Scott Mike Scott Loraine Scotto Deanna Shaxon Paul Skipper Shelley Smith Cassandra Smyth 22 INE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE Nlf Tom Spurgeon Kim Stafford Clarice Staring Darren Stark Steve Steen Sandra Stein Heatfi Stilson Tracy Stmchcombe Jackie Swam Jofin Tayl or Shannon Taylor Debbie Teather Teresa Tennant Shelley Thompson Shawn Thorne Tara Toth Sean Ulmer Penny Vamvakaris " Rob Van Elslander Randy Van Vliet Chris Vander Heide Steve Vickerage Becky Vint Carolyn Vowles Chris Watson John Watson Penny Watt Corby Webster Denise Welton Derek Welton Michelle West Darryl Wheatley John Wild Kevin Williams Christy Winter Pamela Woo Bill Yorke Curtis Young Tom Zagorodny 23 :n ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten m Pat Ahmed Kris Alcorn Sandy Alexander Paul Allen Brad Anderson Lisa Anderson William Anderson Mary Antille Sandra Arrand Mary Backes Richard Barker Len Barnhardt David Barnwell Val Beckles Sandra Beedle Rhonda Biggs Joanne Bigham Lesley Bishop Jim Bolduc Kathy Boxall Tiffany Boyd Grant Bridgewater Anna Brock Brian Brown Wendy Burns Lorn Cairns Mike Cameron Joe Camm Donna Cannon Don Carpenter Sandra Casburn Michael Cassar Mike Chapman Bill Clarkson Leroy Cornelius Heather Creasey Paul Crivea Jaymie Crook Sharon Cunningham Galen Curnoe Craig Currie Lynn Dallaire EN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEI Lisa Day Jamie DePotie Danny Deep Keith Desiardins Bruce Dierick Nicole Dierick Shawn Dixon Crystal Doiron Cindy Dolphin Hellen Dons Ted Downing Jeff Drysdale Antony Duckworth Cuong Duong Mike Eadle Bill Eggett Brian Elmer Fatlma Eleiel Katerma Elieff Zoranco Elieff Mike Ermschel David Evans Russ Farmer Nicole Farren Todd Felix Cassandra Finley Linda Firth Melinda Fisher Chad Flitton Lee Flynn Christine Forbes Bill Fralick Jim Eraser Randy Freethy Julie Freitas Rick Froese 25 EN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEI Rowena Fucile Dawn Fugina Stacey Funk Nancy Furtado Debbie Gabnelle Randy Garraway Michelle Gedalof Gus Gergely Peter Giannarapis Jan Giec Andrea Gilpin Victor Granger Doug Greven Paul Grunsell Andrea Halyk Tammy Harrison Debbie Hasler Traci Haslett Paul Hawkes Cecilia Haywood Karen Heffernan James Hobbs Tammy Holcombe Sophia Hooper Lisa Hubley Ivor Hughes Dwayne Hussey Shawn Hutton Terry-Lynn Ingram Lisa Janssen Dave Johnston 26 EN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEh Sandra Jones Rob Keillor Roger Keillor Barb Kirk Barbara Knell Greg Kyle Shawn Lackie Chris Lama Tom Lambe Brad Lampkin Rob Lancaster Tracy Larter Dave Leader Joe Lee Tracy Lillycrop Sandy Lovell Maureen MacCurtaIn Delene MacDonald Vanessa MacMillan Kan MacPherson Simeon Malik Shane Martin Rosanne Martin Darcy Matthews Veronica McEllister Tanya McGee Todd McGinnis Chris McKee Gary McManus Brenda McNaughton John Moore Ed Morash Rudy Mundt Jim Noble Patrick Noble Paul O ' Donnell Jennifer Overholt Deb Passmore James Pearce Rose-Ann Petracca Steve Phelps Heather Picton 27 EN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEI Debbie Pietsch Elmer Pitre Colleen Power Tong Pravong Van Rangnekar Larissa Rayew Mike Raid Shawn Rice Rob Robinson Todd Roffey Dawn Rose Joel Rubin Carolyn Rundle John Schidowka Michele Schoenleber Dayan Scott Derrick Seaman David Seeley Tina Siambanis Kim Simonse Papiya Sircar Larry Smith Tyson Snih Susie Scares Lisa Stringer Jackie Strong Lisa Stuart Dave Taggart Dwight Tapp Allyson Taylor Ron Teather Tammie Thelwell Tammy Thibault Nancy Thompkins Lisa Thompsett Brett Thompson Myron Tiahur Jennifer Tiesma 28 :N TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN TEN m Raffi Titizian Catherine Tsaklris Denise Turner Chris Tye Linda Vail Rob Van Enckevort Arlanne Van Mels Jackie Van Mels Yolanda VerBeek David Waller Shawn Walters Kandie Warren John Watson John Weber Clint Webster Todd Welch Tammy Wendover Michael Weryk Dale Whalls Daniel Wilcox Angela Wilson Lori Wilson Martyn Woods Sara Wright Cary Wylie Christine Zagorodny Bill Zagorodny Chalene Zavitz Rick Zavitz 29 LEVEN ELEVEM ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELE Clara Afonso Ebte Ahmed Kathy Amess Greg Andersen Chris Anthony Tracey Ball Michelle Baltare Vic Banerjee Donna Barfoot Wayne Barker Michele Barrow Brian Becker Christina Beggs Sherry Billard Ken Blackbird Dawn Blair Annette Booth Elly Branco Ted Buki Michelle Bultje Patty Burns Glenna Burton Leanne Callaghan Nicole Camara JC Campbell Rick Campbell Rob Carter Michelle Chiasson Wald Ciapka Fiona Clement Nancy Cogan Dave Collier Dave Confunus Paul Creasey Ron Crook Jenny Cucinelli Judy Cucinelli Mark Cunningham Rosemary Dean Frances De Benedictis Kelly DeBoer 30 EN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN Uuane Deinum Sandra DiCicco Centalyn Dimmel Karen Dornan Sandy Doyle Dan Duffin Paula Duggan Jim Evermgham Andrew Fluhrer Chnsteena Fraser Ian Frew Steve Gallaher Theressa Gallant Paul Gelinas Selina Gilders Laura Gomez Connie Gregg Mike Gregory Patti Gruber Gus Hagikiriakos Sheila Hames Dan Hania Jasen Harper Stephen Hawkes Ann Heffernan Terry Hendrix Dan Henebry Keitha Hill Sandy Hoelzl Diane Hopkins Jackie Hopper Dana-Marie Hudgins Gary Ingram Sharon Irwin Janet Jamieson Ron Jenkins 31 ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN EL Janice Jones Marlene Jongepier Dennis Joy Cheryl Keable Dan Kingswell Mirta Klanc Janis Koyanagi Jim Kramer Ed Krautner Brad Lavoie John Limberopoulos George Lockhart Brenda Logan Bob Lucas Dan Lumley Bev MacDonald Patty MacLean Indrani Mahadeo Julie Manuel Harold Marek Tracey McAulay Scott McCormick Greg Mclnnis Catherine McLeod Jeff Meathrel Kevin Mehlmann Kathy Milanovic Mary Milanovic Todd Mills Tammy Muill Kathy Murrell Karen Nancekievill Stacy Neave Adrian Neil Rob Newcombe Chris Newman 32 N ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN " Catherine Nutt Trena O ' Doherty Joan Osbourne Paul Peel Gisele Perron Leah Peterkin Jenny Poiner Ashana Prashad Kathy Reesor Mike Reuter Chris Rice Susan Ritchie Shaun Rivers John Robinson Brenda Roesner Michelle Rosborough Karen Schmidt Darrell Schram Joanne Senese Amanda Serumaga Cord Sims Tracy Sippel Christina Skipper Nellie Scares Robert Sonnenburg Wanda Squires Marcus Stevens Rich Stevenson Tracy Stringer Mike Thompson Sean Tierney Gerald Van Hooser Pete Van Rassel Karl Vincent Laura Vree Todd Ward 33 ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELEVEN ELE Cindy Webb Caroline Weiberg Denlse Weryk Donna Whitworth Chris Wiencken Dave Wilcox Scott Wilson Cheryl Winter Kathy Winter Rosie Woldenberg Brian Wright Janice Wylie Catherine Anne Young Wayne Young Carol Yull Angi Amos Bob Andersen Harumi Asano Linda Backes Pat Ball Sheila Barlow Cheryl Barnes Tim Beer Susan Bell Lee Blair Kelly Blake Helen BIyth Bill Bragg Brian Brennan Cindy Brettrager Ron Bridge Donna Brown Steve Brown T WEL V£S 34 rWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE 1 Michelle Bryant Diane Burchell Rick Burridge Leanne Burrows Kim Burrows Rob Campbell Gary Cannon Lucy Catolino Roopram Chanderdat Tina Clark Dan Congdon Paul Connor Jeff Conway Tim Cox Tracy Coyle Frances Croce Kevin Cross Diane Cucmelli Julie Cudo Debbie Cumpson Marcello D ' Ulisse Wendy Dale Scott Dart Cathy Davidson Fred Deep Pep DeSousa Michele DiCicco Denise Dixon Mike Dixon John Dragun Laura Drennan Steven Eimer Scott Erwin Cathy Fairbairn Antony Fediw Paul Fletcher Tammi Fletcher Leanne Ford 35 TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE Todd Foster Marion Funk Chris Gauthier Marg Gergely Alex Gorbasew Rob Gordon Derrick Gould Tim Goulden Annette Gregg Gary Grzywo Darcy Haggith Tracey Harper Sue Healey Chris Hebert Tina Henderson John Hewlett Tracey Hinton Stephanie Hobbs Laurie Holcombe Helena Hooper John Hooper Shawn Hotson Laura Howard Carrie Howell-Harnes John Hunter Teresa Hunter James Hutchison Laura Hutton Shannon Hutton Andy Ironside Veronica Irwin Gary Jene Denise Jette Alan Johnson 36 rWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE Lisa Johnson Jodie Johnston Norman Jordan Dean Kane Gary Kerr Rob Kerr Brian Kilty Kim King Carey Krowchuk Tammy LaBelle Mona Langlois Brenda Lavigne Vince Lee Bruce Lord John Lovelock Ken Manning TIzza Mantzas Mike Maranger 1 Denise March Michelle Martin 1 Ernie Matchett Rick Matchett James Matear Gord Matthews Tanya Matuschak Pat Maudsley Krista McAllister Barb McCormick Brad McFadyen Kim Mclnnis Alex McManus Dan Meyer Chris Mitchell Heather Mitchell Wendy Mitchell Blake Morley Rob Mullis Gord Mundy Kholi Ngcakani Rick Nichol Connie Nieuwenhuizen Erin O ' Brien 37 TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE Lorry Pace Michelle Pancino Isella Parisio Martina Pauli Paula Peckham Franco Pepe Barb Plank Pierre Popovic Steve Prior Fred Pritchard Louise Purcell Sandy Rangel-Bron Karl Raupp Chric Robbms James Robinson Mark Robitaille Mike Roi Jim Rosborough Jackie Ross Andy Schewtschenko George Schidowka Lisa Scotto Tom Senese Tom Serumaga Aggie Sierkowski Mike Silverthorn Shawn Sims Anna Soave Joe Sousa Derek Spence Dan Stevens Graham Stewart Carl Sweet Chris Tanglis 38 rWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE TWELVE Jhll n TEBNS Jim Turpm Beth Van Vrouwerff Anna Vecchio Tom Vree Tracy Wade Gerry Walker Rob Walker Blame Watkins Dawn Watson Kristen Wenige Becky Whaley John Wilson Elizabeth Witlox James Won Tammie Worton Brian Wright Michael Wright Rick Yardy Brad Alcox Stephen Alexander Shawn Andress Barry Ball Jan Benka Rita Briffa Catherine Brown Paula Brown Joette Burton Nigel Cadogan Tammy Cadue Lilana Carlucci 39 HIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THI Diane Coleman Karen Dart Anna Douranos Auville Duffus Carl Erwin Ron Farren Rob Fleming Michelle Flynn Debbie Gallant Lawrence Green Garry Greenwell Yvonne Guichelaar Dave Harvey Dave Hawlik Jerry Herny Wendy Howard Jay Ironside Kathy Janssen Steven Kavanagh Sarah Khan Gary Kirsch Richard Kuliu Andrew Kyle Glenn Lankin Michelle Le Frank Catherine Mann Peter Mclntyre Sherry McKee Gary Medeiros Derek Mohaupt Vuyo Ngcakani Beth Noens Stewart Petrie Scott Price 40 EN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN THIRTEEN Wanda Puffal Doug Reid Karl Robinson Anita Rodehuser Mike Sawatzky Rosemary Schindler Yvonne Simonse Trudi St. Marie Kevin Strain Gus Tanglis Owen Tanner Ken Taylor Wendy Topham Gaby Schart Chris Van Mels Annette Van Vliet Mary Veronese Carolynn Waller Andy Weatherhead Kathy Whelan Errol Whitfield Jeff Wilson 41 Anoiher )eQr Filed A way excK ' anq Me ;. , urvnorrf S Commence men f G.A. WHEABLE HOME AND SCHOOL This year marks the first official year for G.A. Wheable ' s Home and School Organization, an organization designed to improve the relationship between the school and the community it serves. Members of this year ' s executive include: President - Mrs. J. Dean Vice-President - Mrs. B. Wendover Treasurer- Mr. P. Wendover Secretary- MissC. Barnes Staff Liaison - Mr. D. Menard Principal- Mr. J. Scott It has been a busy year for the Home and School. In the fall it organized a panel discussion on Education in theSO ' s. During the winter it examined and provided input into establishing " A Code of Student Conduct " for the school. Its major activity this spring has been the organization of a Flea Market to raise funds for Home and School activities. The event, held on March 29 was a tremendous success raising over $1100. The success of the Flea Market would not have been possible without the help of a large group of people. Advertising: Mrs. M. Porter and students in BMK 341-01. Gus Hagikiriakos (Poster design) Publicity: Mr. G. Brown and members of The Warrior Club Cathy Davidson and the Student Council (Mr. Gauvin) General Organization: Mr. Mrs. Wendover Mrs. J. Dean Ms. Lamos, Mrs. Bieman, Mr Wale, Mr. Menard, Mr. Scott, C. Barnes Refreshments: Mrs. Mc Murray and the G.A.A. Children ' s Area: Mrs. Cornelissen and Mrs. Barker Baked Goods: Mrs. French and members of the Cheerleaders Cashier: Jim Rosborough Not to be overlooked are the many staff members, students, and parents whose contributions of time, labour and money are most responsible for this successful endeavour. With this kind of support The Home and School is well on the way to fulfilling its aims. BeaPart aftheAttian " WORDS OF WISDOM " The touch of sincere friendship And a smile along the way Gives a man the zest for living And the heart to face the day The unknown path before us V ill hold not a fear When a friend walks beside us With love and good cheer! ' 3 Trom early dawn To long days ' ends There is nothing worth winning But laughter and friends. Begin each new month With a song and a smile It will lift your heart For a long, long whilel ' p E N %i R L L THE CRYOGENICS EXPERIMENT On January 9, 1985, G.A. Wheable ' s science department arranged a special science auditorium dealing with " Cryogenics " . (Which deals with the peculiar behaviour of matter at extremely low tem- peratures.) Our speaker was Ellen Mortfield, from the Service Centre, and as many as twenty-five grade ten to thir- teen students were invited to put their hands into some liquid nitrogen. (Which was at - 196° • the boiling point of liquid nitrogen.) Wheable is planning to invite Ms. Mortfield back next fall for another program called " Fun with Physics " . 47 12 1 z Ebte Ahmed Best of luck in the future Ebte! Bob Andersen NN " Boob " PP Dapper Dan FS " Ha, Ha, Hey Rob! " FG Rush ACT Wheable hockey AIVIB To be Prime Minister Linda Backes Best of luck in the future! Pat Ball NN Red PP 400 pound running backs FS " Smell ya later. " FG Rush ACT football, baseball ATU " Switch schools! " AMB To be a nark. V 9 . ■l H H ' ' Sr I NN Blue, Molson. ' h B hh ' ' ' v bh PP Mrs. Monteith ' s English H 1 .M B 441 class. FS " Later " HH Pk JPV H ACT Football, hockey, k " Ji H badmin ton JH ft K L ATU Don ' t take Mrs. |B i Lmi I Monteith ' s 441 English H class! 1 oi l AMB To breakdance my way | ■1 1 into the Hall of Fame! J 50 WfWMt Susan Bell V ' jB M I NN Suey, Suzy-Q K ' j y H PP D.D. checkered shorts E ' ja " 1 FG Toronto Ra J|H ACT Cheerleading ATU Work hard and do your 9P f l best. " n ' iI I AMB Early childhood flfe . I H ; teacher H wy l 1 B l hhhhhhhhhb HHk l i Tania Blelski All the best Tania! A D 5 i 2 51 A D 5 1 z Kim Burrows NN Smiley PP Lunch FS " Leave me alone! " ACT Party AMB Nursery school teacher Rob Campbell NN Mommert PP Dapper Dan FS " White Dog " FG Culture Club ACT Wrestling Lucy Catolino Best wishes in the future Lucy! Leanne Burrows PP People that tease others just because they ' re dif- ferent. FS " I ' m impressed " FG David Bowie ATU Be yourself and do your best at everything you do J Jeff Conway Good luck in the future! 52 Frances Croce NN Frannle PP Girls smoking In the Hk " V 1 washrooms. ACT Track Field, Cross- country, Soccer and the G.A.A. ATU Stay In school even If It kills you! (And it probably will!) AMB Become a social worker and then marry someone Diane Cuclnelli May all of your dreams come true! Debbie Cumpson Hope you have a successful future. Wendy Dale NN Buckwheat PP Being thought that I am younger than what I am. Catherine Davidson May sunshine follow you Into the future! Kevin Cross NN Greaser, Kermie PP Ricklv whinmg when frustrated. FS " But it ' s true, Isn ' t it. " ACT Music ATU Eat food and grow up! AMB To beat my brother in wrestling. Julia Cudo Best of luck! Marcello D ' Ulisse NN Stick PP Dapper Dan FS " Get a job. " FG Rush ACT Soccer, Hockey AMB To become Prime Minister. 6 A 5 i z 53 1 z Laura Drennan PP People that never shut up. ATU Strive for success. AMB To become successful In whatever I choose to do. Cathy Fairbairn May everything you wish for come true! Paul Fletcher NN P.A.F. PP Preppies (snobs) FS " This ain ' t no Scooby Doo M.F. " FG Rolling Stones ACT Driving. ATU Don ' t come to school AMB To own my own field. Leanne Ford PP Mr. Abel FS " It ' s good for you. " ACT Music ATU Don ' t drink milk!!! AMB To be involved with Science Technology, 54 Christine Gauthier ■■ NN Goat p n 1 PP Being called goat. hK ■ ' ' 1 FS " lt ' s been real! " ! - 1 ATU Don ' t study. AMB To graduate this year. || y ii( JS| 1 ■ M H P ' .t l EH Marg Gergely aMT ' 1 NN Giggles wMm il FS " It ' s just peachie! " ACT G.A.A., Volleyball, B3B " HI B Modelling. lfv l ATU The last year is the l l best. Hy H AMB Fashion designer Ky9 . M1 - fr.?rf-i, ' .- HB Alex Gorbasew Good luck in the future Alex! " Tim Goulden I9H NN Shorty or Ugly Iht 1 PP People who walk slow in | h| " H the hall. ■■H I B ACT Eating, sleeping, and B| S» - j l baseball. K ' jSi l ATU Don ' t make the same 9 l mistake 1 did. Do your j H k L l l homework! It helps. HHJl k H AMB To make up my mind H l on a career. H Tina Henderson NN Morals, " M M ' s " PP Newton in math class. FS " Ooo scary! " ACT Volleyball, Cheer- leading, G.A.A. ATU Have fun cause high school is a once in a life time. AMB Legal secretary Derrick Gould PP Foreign languages such as Fortran. FS " Isen dat scaddy kids. " ACT Yes ATU Go for it! AMB Get out of school in one piece. Annette Gregg NN Drooler PP A lot of homework. AMB To weigh at least 120 pounds. A 5 2 Wl Darcy Haggith NN Dick PP John Dragun FS " Back off!. Play volleyball!. No eh! " FG School Choir, INXS ACT Sports of all kinds. ATU Grow up. AMB Doctor ll l Dl John Hewlett I HHt ' M PP French HB w -ji t FS " Potent " Hp — " j FG Queen i a l ACT None - H l ATU Suckers! 1 9 AMB Engineer 55 Tracey Hinton PP Larry FS " Take a hike! " FG Judas Priest ACT Partying ATU Go to a different school. AMB To go to college and marry Larry. 1 2 WM John Hooper B IHk - J k NN Hooper B HH — r- , 1 PP Preps B HBHi .- pHI I FS " Jew " S ■ 9 ' ' 1 ACT Partying at school. S ■Kf%A B| ATU Have a buzz at school. H k. H ' i l AMB To read a book. «■ Laura Howard NN Scary PP People who talk behind my back. FG Mini Pops ACT Go to White Oaks Mall ATU Try not to make enemies. AMB Marry Daryl Schramm Teresa Hunter May success follow your path. M ' wK M HHIf ' ' H I B MMMy -J, Carrie Howell-Harris WM NN Ho-Ho S m PP SPH 551 S 1 FS " Drop dead! " H l fl ACT Social Convenor jM ATU Don ' t take Physics H HlraS M Laura Hutton i B NN Red ' IH H FS " Sorry " - IS m ACT Volleyball, Marketing 1 ATU Stay in school! iS AMB Social Worker H W- HHHTT - «n | I H Shannon Hutton NN Smiles PP Saying thank-you for shopping at Woolco. FS " Hi chick! " ACT Volleyball, Modelling, G.A.A, AMB Dental Hygienist Im K jmmI H 56 Jodie Johnston NN Muff PP Laura Howard FS " Rarely " AMB To be on the football team and get my eyebrows shaved off. A H| j H ■Up. L J H Dean Kane Hr l NN Preppy P V ' 1 PP The rocker ' s at Wheable. ' ' 1 FS " What a Wolly " " J L FG Go Go ' s, Wham, Frankie ' W l ACT Matchbox and 4 I S H Loitering. Efll k. y l H AMB Commercial Artist KH NN Sally PP Physics ATU Good Luck and Finish High school AMB To pass grade 13 physics HHV 9 Tammy LaBelle NN Tamala PP Hazel FS " Come on Kids " : ATU Go for it! p I ' - H Ih h BR;-3 Brenda Lavigne May you be successful in life!! Lisa Johnson May you always be happy in life! H - 1 Gary Kerr NN Gage PP Male feminists (J.I.) FS " Q-Bert " FG Billy Idol ACT Sarah A 5 I z Carey Krowchuk May your unique spark follow you through life! HRPf - H Mona Langlois NN Moner PP Janice Jones ■H -wiK I FS Ah merde! ■jB ' ■ jl| FG Bon Jovi m g ij H AMB To run a mile before 1 BH , 9 H graduate. Hk ' IPS ■■1 Vince Lee HMBitb jJgK k NN Mellow, Vinny Ni(j ■HK ' ' " ' " y ' B PP John Dragun, blitzing ■ r Y 1 corners |K . " ' T w FS " Tell us James " Wt t ATU Stay away from Evil wkAX w volleyball players P Ai M AMB Charter Accountant, Stay yellow. 57 Bruce Lord Bi HHI NN Guido the Philosopher HEjhHI I PP Enemies of state that eat HhS I Hot Photon Martian Slime. pi j ' ' ' ' ' l FS Blest be the Zendorians H ATU Not to be overwhelmed by Duoanti Splokism. H AMB To slay all the purple _ J rodents on the planet VK • fl H Zendoria H « Mm m P.S. Mr. McKenzie and Mr. I IkSl h I Armstrong are aliens in H H I disguise. HHi Denise March NN Lips, Short PP Quiet people and Steve Desands. FS " Just never you mind, Squids. " ATU Go for it! Stamatia Mantzas May life bring you hap- piness! Michelle Martin Good Luck! Ernie Matchett iM NN Browner W M. 1 4 S M PP Homework up to my H BP . B armpits. w HH FS " Boy, I ' m massive! " ' Ti ACT Soccer, Music, Com- puter Programming m ATU Work Hard 4 . ' tJ I AMB Computer Engineer ■ H Rick Matchett B ' H NN Burt mm t PP Homework!, Homeworki, ' ' Ji l Homework! i i H ACT 1 like to play my guitar - hMm ATU Nothing in life comes . ' IH easy. k ■■ AMB To become a computer engineer via RMC. James Matear NN Yoe, Johnny Nuke, Chip PP John Dragun, Vince saying " Tell us James " FS " That ' s Evil, That ' s Best. " FG Wheable School Choir ATU Grow a Bit AMB Dental Surgeon Krista McAllister PP Not allowed to smoke in front of the school. ATU There are many am- phibians in this school. But some of them are pretty cool. AMB To graduate. Tanya Matuschak NNTan PP Late people and nosey people. FS " Hey Man! " FG Led Zeppelin ACT Partying, Having a good time. ATU Stay in school and try getting a bit taller. AMB Nursery school teacher. 58 Brad McFadyen PP Miners FS " You SOB " ACT Football, Wrest II n Rick Nichol M NN Boing, Being (don ' t ask) B " " ' P l PP Smart — niners K " Jft l FS " What the !? " k " nr ' jpP H FG Twilight 22 H ' r l ACT Hockey. Volleyball, H , 1 Track B r , 1 AMB Get out of school. M H H Kim Mclnnis Hope your future is suc- cessful! P l pp- iM H Dan Meyer NN Billy Idol PP Going to Wheable. FS " F.O. " ACT Rugby and Track ATU Be one of the few, the proud. AMB To go into the Marines. 3 A D 5 i 2 Connie Nieuwenhuizen PP Teachers FS " Boobs I ' m here " 59 Lorry Pace NN David (Lee Roth) PP People who hate Van Halen. FS " Van Halen is the best ' " FG Van Halen!!! ACT Talking about Van Halen, David Lee Roth ATU Believe in yourself and good things can happen AMB To meet or marry David Lee Roth. Michelle Pancino Hope success shines into your life! Sandy Rangel-Bron May your life be filled with joy! 60 Susan Ritchie Good Luck! Mark Robitaille Have a successful future! Toni Senese NN Whop PP Mr. Mackey FS " What do you want me to do about It? " FG Van Halen ACT Sleeping, soccer and parties. ATU Quit while you ' re ahead! AMB To marry someone filthy rich Mike Roi NN Newton PP SPAZ, Grade 12 math FS " No Problem! " ATU Never get Mr. Scollard for Math. AMB To pass English. Jackie Ross NN Jack FS " Get out of here! " ACT Party, work and relax ATU Get out as fast as you can. AMB To become rich. A 5 1 z Lisa Scotto Hope your life is a success! Tom Serumaga Have a happy and suc- cessful life! 61 Aggie Sierkowski i B NN Smiley fw jV BH I PP People that are nosey M ' ' tBiM and stare. sK - mH I FS " Miss P. " Bb " iB HH FG Van Halen - m ' ' ■ 9 ACT Lunch, cigs and party. I HV ' ' H B ATU Don ' t be a Jock. fis tesk - BB M AMB To graduate and see H Hh Toni marry a rich guy. WIBt Anna Soave NN Little Wop PP People who think that they are better than others. FS " No, only jokmg " ACT going out (Marconi Club) and having fun ATU Have fun in your last year, and party i 2 Derek Spence May all your wishes come true! Carl Sweet May your life be successful! WHW Dan Stevens mM |HBpi || PP Michael Jackson wM 1 iBbfc -rai FS " Eat the rod or don ' t be S iHK. S choosen. " |H 4 r lSt.. FG Judas Priest W if " . ikj ACT Going mental on my " W dirt bike. a JK .jI ATU Don ' t be afraid to skip. Kb SKt AMB To become a Customs jm g l " " ' ' i Bf " f i l Chris Tanglis i l NN Skinhead H Hi ' v- H PP Dapper Dan m Hkv jS M FS " Hey! Bob! " SH p Oi p H FG Madness!! MM HJ QL i I ACT Soccer, football H jS yO I ATU No B.B. B ■■h k H AMB To be a millionaire Wm B H beachbum. IB HHH M Elizabeth VanVrouwerff I S PP Al saying " What is the K H matter? " FS " 1 don ' t care " FG Air Supply 1 ACT Band, Choir, and Music - ' ..«w9i Council iflk l w k ATU Never go out with a k w H Music Council Executive HP H P f Gerry Walker NN Buford PP Dapper Dan FS " No way! Nash! " FG Rush ACT Play school hockey. ATU No B.B. AMB To be a millionaire Anna Vecchio NN Eddie PP People who cut up Van Halen. FG Van Halen!!! ACT Cheerleader and stare at VH posters ATU Graduating is not what its cracked up to be. AMB To get rid of VB and marry Eddie Van Halen 62 John Wilson NN Willy Jr. PPV.P. ' s FS " Don ' t hastle it ' " ACT Hockey and Parties ATU Stay out of the way of the V.P. ' s AMB To be a Narcotics Officer. Tammie Worton PP Music tests FS " Oh, no, not Rush again! " ACT Music ATU Get involved, and achieve all your goals! AMB Accountant Rick Yardy PH PP Business Teachers Hg -ss - f l FS " Who ' s idea w as this. Hbk -AH I anyway? hhb " ' I ACT Music . . . and more ■HH| p j 1 music. Also taming T.W, HJPI L " " B ATU Don ' t do your ■j H L Al Hhm homework until Grade 13. BB hI I AMB Unprintable Bl Cindy Webb May your future be as bright as the sunshine! Becky Whaley Best of luck, Becky! ifW Elizabeth Witlox % " 1 NN Liz m ' J H I PP Getting up at 5;30 am k vC B for Band and Choir. B FS " Back in a flash. " 1 1 ATU Best of luck in the yi i lj Bj B future. fl H H AMB Attend Fanshawe b H A 1) 5 2 2 Mike Wright NN Mikey PP Curfews FS " Ya know, really. " ATU Make your school years the best. AMB To see what the real world is like. Wonderful Warrior NN Sitting Bull PP Wheable Staff ACT Peace pipe smoking ATV Sitting Bull say, " Haste makes waste! " AMB To be Chief Warrior Man 63 64 65 13 C Brad Alcox May all your desires in life be fulfilled. ■PH Stephen Alexander JHI ■hhk H I NN None yet. ' :9H w 1 cd l FS " Way to go! " | Jk 1 ACT Football, Wrestling, andfl - j H Music. 1 ATU Stay in high school, it ' s " ' H H the best eight years of your M| !i 4tl | life. Hv l AMB To thrive in the music Ji BmI ,S " " WKM Shawn Andress Ji H NN Chon m " " « H PP J.H. % • " " 1 FS " Ya right! " V » ' ' ' $ . H ACT Unemployment, Sports ' j H ATU Fail Grade 13 early to g H avoid the rush! i M AMB To be a cheerleader at a London Knight ' s game. Rita Briffa May you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Paul Brown NN GUMBY PP Work. FS " Yea, sure. " ACT Partying, Sleeping, Drumming ATU Go for it. AMB To pass MAF 551 Tammy Cadue NN Munchkin PPK.K. FG Elton John ATU Stay in school, don ' t give it up it ' s worth it! Barry Ball PP Junior ' s table manners FS " Snafu, we ' re laughin ' . " ACT Censored! ATU Don ' t graduate, it ' s a jungle out there. Catherine Brown NN Waffy PP Homework, tests and exams. FS ' 1 don ' t know. " ATU Don ' t take Grade 13. AMB To become successful. Ni caaogan NN Snake PP People who aren ' t hoods. FS " Your Mama! " ACT Being a hood! ATU Keep on partying! AMB To be 1 hood. Liliana Carlucci NN Wilwy PP Homework FS " Get Real! " ACT Sketching and Reading ATU Try your best and you will never be disappointed AMB To be a Marketing Sales Representative 68 Boris Cicovacki HH NN Bo HE I FS " Okay " S pp , . . 1 FG Van Halen Ts " 1 ACT Football, Basketball, m ' i - M Golf ■ ' H ATU Study hard! _ .J AMB Go to California and ■ " k. mH become a class " B " beach , ' l I bum! Diane Coleman NN Willie, Annie PP English 551 FS " Take off " ACT Going to Port Elgin to see Steve! ATU Don ' t go to Grade 13! AMB To grow to 5 ' 3 " Anastasia Douranos May your life be successful Ron Farren NN Rockin ' , Golden Glove PP Karl and Harvey ' s FS " We ' re laghing! " ACT Everything (almost) ATU Drop out while you ' re still alive! AMB Life after grade 13! BiH Carl Erwin H| Pr|H[ H| H PP Baked Persons H|a 1 FS " Let ' s get maggoty! " k ' ' ' a l ACT Listening to tunes and B ' " JI H partying. ■IH i) JH ATU Get it over as fast as H B b. P l you can. K f Mf t AMB Restaurant or Bar g Management I ■ H Lawrence Green ■ 1 NN Bruise Wk ' jS I PP Getting up 7 00 am and v l coming to school! % ' i B FS " Be there! " " 3 9 1 ACT Sports and Girls. -• L fck. " B ATU Don ' t drink underage! " L fljMI I AMB Outside Linebacker for k ' l l Pittsburg Stealers V JRii l I L o H H Dave Hawlik NN Preppy PP " The Football Team " FS " Not bad! " FG Marvin Gay ACT Track, Football, Skiing ATU Play Football AMB D.B. for Florida State (Beach Bum) Rob Fleming PP D.D, FS " Just a whalin ' away! " FG Wheable Stage Band ACT Telling Jokes AMB To become a cheerleader at the London Knight ' s Games! A 5 I 5 Garry Greenwell NN Brothers PP Football Practice FG Duran Duran ACT Sports and Girls ATU Be yourself!! AMB Inside Linebacker for Pittsburg Stealers Jerry Henry All the best, Jerry! 69 Beth Noens NN Blondie PP Food thrown on the cafeteria floor. ACT Student Council ATU Don ' t give up on anything you try to do, stick with it! AMB To survive Functions and Calculus! Eventually UWO or Fanshawe. Sail HTasti NN Shorty PP Tall People FS " Good things come in small packages. " FG Air Supply ACT Dancing, Reading. ATU Don ' t take Calculus 551 AMB To be a lawyer (I think). B H pip H pH I Karl Robinson Bflr H NN Karl Buddy F N l PP Harvey ' s incident. FS " Get lost Ron, 1 don ' t Hk ..£ 1 have any money! " ' ' k ' ' tu H ACT Anything but Hb " t yf H homework. HBj W A 1 ATU Don ' t eat at Harvey ' s in H I H Toronto. AMB To become a Ricky B H Ranger. l l Anita Rodehuser P L I NN Road Runner E jH S jb PP Prejudice, smoking, rude wlpHHHiH inconsiderate people Hr ' H FS " Say What?! " IR 1 FG Duran Duran (who Ipi ' 1 else?!) Sk 1. ACT Defending Duran H 9 Duran, and being a bloody Ft mkI I brat. H l ATU Live and live. K J H AMB To be successful and Ps l rather wealthy. N BH Yvonne Simonse NN Mickey PP Quiche FS " Oh my " and " You ' re wild " ATU Get things done right away! Kevin Strain NN Strainer PP Mr Wale calling me Kevin Strange. FS " No way, come on " FG School Choir ACT B.A.A. Prez ATU Do your homework. AMB Go to University. Mike Sawatzky NN Toitsky PP Macho Doug and Jerry Henry ' s jokes. FS " Wake up and smell the coffee! " ACT Basketball, Football, Tennis, B.A.A. ATU Study hard but have fun! AMB Become an engineer. Rosemary Schindler NN Rosey PP Mr West ' s English class. FS " Ya Right! " ACT Soccer, Volleyball ATU Get out while you can! AMB To make it into College or University, A D 5 2 J Gus Tanglis PP Dapper Dan FG Police ACT School Soccer, and Football ATU No B.B. 71 Wendy Topham NN Wendails, Gazoo PP Whenever you want yoi locker to open, it doesn ' t! FG Anything and everythir ACT basketball, volleyball ATU Always look at your seat before sitting in the cafeteria! AMB To get all my Grade 13j credits in one year! Chris Van Mels I93H PP Trogladytes and sup- hB P I h porters of the Establish- RHET " tS M ment. FG Big Country, Icicle f ' H Works, and R.E.M. B " 7 -tT B ATU Don ' t forget the space- ' ' li " flfno time continuum may soon collapse, so don ' t over concern yourself. fl H AMB Astrophysicist or w Ib H maybe a rock star. mi g Mary Veronese HH H NN Mare H HHH H PP Mr. McDonald ' s " Have a I HHHfl H Horrible. " V - H FS " Yeah, yeah, yeah! " FG the Police u i B H ACT Watching Kathy fe K s, H standing around in the foyer B JPI H laughing at Mr. Lodge ' s S mH jokes. ATU Do it in the March l k H Break (in Florida) AMB To get Trudi to come ■ 9 to Florida with us. Annette Van Vliet NN Nettles FS " Oh ?© ! " FG Bryan Adams ATU Party now, there ' s no time in Grade 13! AMB To go to university! Caroiynn Waller NN Lou PP Listening to Nettles talk about her math marks FS " Help I can ' t do thisi " FG David Bowie AMB To be infinitley wealthy. Andy Weatherhead TH NN Freak, Anda Panda flVI «3| 9 PP People who won ' t shut s " BB up. ■1 1 FS " SayOK! " ttri L. ' Ji K ATU Stop, turn back, it ' s a trap! " AMB To go to California and H|| H 4fF | H a,. piS become a class " A " beach H m ' r J bum! Jeff Wison ■RH NN Willy, Junior P " ™ . " S Bj K PP Make playoffs in Hockey, Sb people who move my car. " _ tf Hj FG Police, Cars. f 9 ATU Quit while you ' re ' k Bl ahead. Don ' t take law. j l H AMB Architect, Bowling alley technician. BhH Wacky Warrior NN Weezle PP My Brother Wonderful! FS Kill! ATU Be good! 72 QKWHLAhLLcW UflRIETY SHO Wf PROGRAMME ACTl " Another Shade of Blue " Ensemble (Stephen Alexander, Harumi Asano, Barry Ball, Rob Carter, Mike Dixon, Derrick Gould, Rick Yardy) " Sounds of Silence " Vocal Solo Glenna Burton (Accompanist ■ Jams Koyanagi) " One " Vocal Duet Christine Elizabeth Markus (Accompanist - Harumi Asano) " Pachelbel ' s Canon in D " and " Ice Castles " Flute and Piano Duet Leanne Ford and Harumi Asano " Zorba " Greek Dance Anastasia Dourano, Stamatia Mantzas, Kim Mclnnis " Out Here On My Own " Vocal Solo Erin O ' Brien (Accompanist - Jams Koyanagi) " Fur Elise " (Beethoven) Piano Solo Janis Koyanagi " Never Enough " Vocal Solo Christine Markus (Accompanist - Harumi Asano) " Boats Against the Current " Vocal Solo Elizabeth Markus (Accompanist - Harumi Asano) " The Supreme Team Breakdancing Selina Gilders, Jackie Van Mels, Bernard Mitchell, Colin Thompson " Midnight Metal " Band Sean Fletcher, Dave Turner, DaveWyles " Winter Prelude " Piano Solo John Moore " Careless Whisper " and " The Chauffeur " Vocal Duet Mirta Klaric and Laure Vree (Accompanists - Glenna Joette Burton) " Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms " Duet Barry Ball (Saxophone) and Ms Laura Potter (Piano) " Screaming Under Tunnels " Band Jeff Ham, Carl Sweet, Pete Trybus Masters of Ceremony Jay Ironside Ashana Prashad Co-ordinator Mr. B. Kowaltschuk G.A. Wheable ' s 1985 Variety Show, was an event filled with pizzazz and talent. It was a spectacle that deserved the acclaim it received. Such talent was overwhelming. It was organized superbly: the smoothness of the show justifies that statement. The participants were chosen with care and good taste, as was the brilliant wardrobe worn by all of the cast. The director of the show, Mr. B. Kowaltschuk, had a strong, yet caring hand in putting the show together. His time and dedication to the entire project does not go unrecognized: it was a colourful and fascinating mosaic. He found the pieces of an undiscovered puzzle, and carefully placed them together with class and grace, presenting a picture more than pleasant to the eye. Those who missed it, missed something which is rarely seen in this day and age. It was truly a vision to behold. 75 SOMETHING TO Think Positive If you think you are beaten. you are. If you think you dare not. you don ' t. Success begins with your own will... It s all in your state of mind. Life ' s battles are not always won By those who are stronger or faster; Sooner or later the person who wins Is the person who thinks he can! The more you give, The more you get. The more you laugh, The less you fret; The more you do Unselfishly, The more you live. Abundantly. The more of everything You share. The more you ' ll always Have to spare. The more you love. The more you ' ll find That life is good And friends are kind. For only what We give away. Enriches us From day to day. o w : ' " ' 4 - . ' . ' 76 THINK ABOUT... 0ii kM To laugh is to risk appearing the fool To weep is to rusk appearing sentimental To reach out to another is to risk involvement To express feelings is to risk exposing your true self To place your ideas, your dreams before the crowd, is to risk their loss To love is to risk not being loved in return To li e is to risk dying To hope is to ri k despair To try is to risk failure But risks mu.s-t be taken: because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing The person who risks nothing, does nothing has nothing, and is nothing He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love, live Only a person who risks is free 77 YOUR EYES Your eyes sparkle like stars in a dark sky, like a raindrop falling into a pond, like light shining from within, like a glass of champagne just poured, like street lights in heaven, like the sun amongst darkness, like youth is preserved, like diamonds in a sandbox, like a teardrop rolling down my cheek, like solid gold links never ending. Like YOUR eyes, there are no others. j Leanne Ford if X •V s ll ? _ • ' ' - . ' Deceased March 17, 1985 Fondly remembered by students and statf of Wheable. 79 ROW ONE (FRONT): Tracy Stinchcombe, Carolyn Rundle, Jackie Strong, Dwight Tapp, Donnia Burton, Sue Allewell, Sandy Lovell, Nancy Fertato, Sheena Penley, Kim Papineau ROW TWO: Rose-ann Petracca, Jo-dee Durrant, Tammy Holcombe, Natalie Floro, Penny Vamvakaris, Christy Winter, Tammy Gilbert, Tammy Wendover, Sophie Hooper, Tracy Larter, Kathy Mohrhardt, ROW THREE: Mr. Abel, Tanya Bultje, Larissa Rayew, Tina Siambanis, Tanya McGee, Val Beckles, Tom Lambe, Jeff Jongepier, Bob Bjelis, Pat Cadue, Kim Stafford, Debbie Teather, Stacey Funk ROW FOUR: Russ Farmer. Todd Welch, Brian Jones, Ivor Hughes, Mike Gibson, Sasha Gorbasew, Paul Grunsell, Fred Brewer, Shawn Dixon, Mike McCollin, Randy Freethy. Geoff Boston Each year it is a privilege to conduct the newest talents here at Wheable in a group called the Intermediate Band. Though the size ot the band fluctuates from year to year, the vitality just seems to get better. This is shown in their rehearsal schedule (Wednes- day 7:25 AM - 8:25 AM), and in their per- formances at local public schools, at Wheable and on their annual trip. INTERMEDIATE BAND CHOIR It is wonderful to witness both the growth and improvement of this fine group of in- dividuals. Their service to school and community begins at 7:25 AM on Tuesdays and Fridays for hour long rehearsal and continues to concerts at Wheable, area schools, churches, senior citizens homes and the annual music trip. These are fine rep- resentatives of which Wheable can be very proud. ROW ONE: Ashana Prashad, Trena O ' Doherty, Stephen Alexander, Stacey Funk, Vuyo Ngcakani, Barry Ball, Ivor Hughes, Paul Grunsell. Ed Krautner, Paula Duggan, Donna Barfoot ROW TWO: Miss Potter, Harumi Asano, Leanne Ford, Kholi Ngcakani, Amanda Serumaga, Karen Nancekievill, Fiona Clement, Catherine Davidson, Cheryl Winter, ' , Tanya Bultje ROW TWO: Elizabeth Witlox, Jams Koyanagi, Michelle Bryant, Rosemary Dean, Leah Peterkin. Michelle Bultje, Beth Van Wrouwerff. Donnia Burton, Sophie Hooper, Tracey Larter, Gaby Schart, Michelle Flynn, Laura Vree ROW THREE: Joette Burton, Heather Picton, Val Beckles. Toni Lambe, Can Latta, Tina Siambanis, Tanya McGee, Glenna Burton, Mirta Klanc, Michele Barrow, Brenda McNaughton, Joan Osbourne, Mr. Abel This group rehearsed twice a week at 7:25 AM. They performed m our elementary feeder schools, participated in city-wide concerts and the Kiwanis Music Festival. They were involved in two music nights at the school and represented our school in a very positive way on their musical tour of American Communi- ties around Lake Erie in May. Everyone can be proud of the G.A. Wheable 1984-1985 Senior Concert Band. ROW ONE (FRONT): Janis Koyanagi, Helen BIyth, Diane Cucinelli. Michelle Bultje, Kevin Cross, Leah Peterkin, Donna Barfoot, Laura Vree, Leanne Ford, Elizabeth Witlox, Elizabeth VanVrouwerf, Debbie Cumpson, Glenna Burton ROW TWO: Rosemary Dean, Jenny Cucinelli, Chric Robbins, Connie Gregg, Barry Ball. Sharon Irwin, Stephen Alexander, Donna Whitworth, Bev McDonald, Kathy Winter, Judy Cucinelli, Cathy McLeod ROW THREE: Michelle Rosborough, Mirta Klaric, Paula Duggan, Mike Dixon, Todd Mills, Ron Farren, Cathy Davidson, Harumi Asano, Michelle Bryant, Rick Yardy, Joette Burton, Ian Frew. ROW FOUR: Michele Barrow, Cheryl Winter, Ed Krautner, Dave Collier, Derrick Gould, Fiona Clement, Rob Newcombe SENIOR BAND This year ' s Stage Band continues to be a successful outgrowth of our new Stage Band course. Like the Senior Band, they participated in many, varied musical performances through- out the school year including the first annual St. Thomas non- competitive Stage Band Festival. Each member of this group can be congratulated for the excellent effort put into attending both this ensemble arid the Senior Band through- out the entire year. ROW ONE: Harumi Asano, Stephen Alexander, Barry Ball, Sharon Irwin, Rob Newcombe, Kevin Cross ROW TWO: Ivor Hughes, Cheryl Winter, Mike Dixon, Paula Duggan, Todd Mills ROW THREE; Ed Krautner, Cric Robbins, Rick Yardy, Derrick Gould MR. SMYTHE STAGE BAND FORTE L :m p l m£ c i K 1 . -M ' J BhJli " 7 m ' v P p % i ( If " ' " ' _ .t 5 |g uk,. 1985 got started off with the Annual Music Council Picnic held in Springbank Park. This year the Music Council decided to invest in something new - A DUNK TANK -. This made the day even more enjoyable for the music students who participated. Next was Oranges and Grapefruits. What fun! The Music Dept. sold most of the fruit, what we didn ' t sell, we gave to the Salvation Army. Then before we knew it Soundathon was upon us. For the Music Council it wasn ' t just 25 hours, but about 30 hours. Then the time came for planning the MUSIC TRIP!!! This year the music trip is a tour around Lake Erie with stops in Windsor, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls. The Music Council also put on a dance in order to raise funds. There is our last event - Soundscope - and finally the Music Banquet. The Music Council is a very hard working group of students, who have spent the year working, and never running out of things to do. RICK YARDY ' S MESSAGE ROW 1 (FRONT): Tanya McGee, Mr. K. Able, Harumi Asano ROW 2: Stephen Alexander, Derrick Gould, Mike Dixon, Rick Yardy o Mi HI A ROW 1 (FRONT); Heather Picton, Marion Lee, Jody Dale, Brenda Lavigne, Cathy Falrbairn (president), Isella Parisio, Susan Pancino ROW 2: Tanya McGee, Sandy Doyle, Patti Gruber, Tina Henderson, Susan Bell, Frances Croce, Kathy Mllanovic, Sharon Irwin, Michelle BaltaKe, Tom Lambe ROW 3: Val Beckles, Shannon Hutton, Marg Gergely, Michelle Pancino, Barb McCormick, Connie Greg, Donna Whitworth, Bev MacDonald, Karen Schmidt 90 B.A.A. ROW 1 (FRONT): Jim Hutchison, Richard Stevenson, Kevin Strain (president), Gary McManus ROW 2: Gus Tanglis, Lawrence Green, Shawn Andress ROW 3: Stewart Petrie, Derek Mohaupt, Vince Lee ROW 4: Jerry Henry, Mike Sawatzky, Darcy Haggith 91 ROW 1 (FRONT): Jay Crook, Russ Far- mer, Sandy Lovell, Todd Welch ROW 2: Sandy Doyle, Doug Fade, Mike Gibson, Paul Lapkowski ROW 1 (FRONT): Rick Nichol, Darcy Haggith, Errol Whitfield (captain), Tong Pravong, John Moore ROW 2: Jocque, Kevin Strain, Richard Stevenson, Scott Dart, Roopram Chanderdat, Jasen Harper V SR L L B A L L 92 c R S C S u R ROW 1 (FRONT): Kathy Reesor, Frances Croce, Brenda Lavlgne, Joy Friesen, Linda Vail ROW 2: John Bauman, Garry Pridham, Derek Mohaupt, Jerry Henry. Chric Robblns, Mr. Menard B JR A S K E B A L ROW 1 (FRONT): Phyllis Croce, Heather Picton, Nancy Cogan. Toni Lambe, Susan Pancino, Fatima Elejel ROW 2: Mrs. Robinson, Marion Lee. Janet Jamleson, Tanya McGee, Val Beckles, Jody Dale, Michele Schoen leber, Auville Duffus 93 ROW 1 (FRONT): Andrea Halyk, Shane Martin, Mike Chapman, Rich Barker, Terry Hendrix, Ron Crook, Mike Reuter, Grant Bridgewater ROW 2: Cassie Finley, Keitha Hill, Myron Tiahur, Jim Fraser, Shawn Hutton, Joe Camm, Greg Mclnnis, ROW 3: Clint Webster, Dave Freeman, Adrian Neil, Shawn Rice, Ron Zavitz ROW 4: Bill Clarkson, Andreas Mavrokefalos, John Taylor, Doug Greven, Greg Andersen, Ron Teather ROW 5; Darcy Matthews, Derrick Seaman, Rich Heuving, Joe Robinson, Mike McCollin, Greg Kyle, Derrick Welton ABSENT; Mr, Shell, Mr. Antartis, Mr. Chapman BOYS JUNIOR FOOTBALL SR C H E L E E R A D E R S ROW 1 (FRONT AND CENTRE): Tina Henderson ROW 2: Patti Gruber, Selina Gilders, Laurie Holcombe (manager) ROW 3: Donna Barfoot, Kelly DeBoer, Sue Bell, Tammy Muill, Janice Jones, Patty Burns, Denise Weryk, Denise Dixon. Ann Hef- fernan, Cindy Brettrager ROW 4 (ON TOP): Centalyn Dimmel, Annette Booth. Cheryl Keable ROW 1 (FRONT AND CENTRE): Tammie Thelwell ROW 2: Katrina Elieff. Carolyn Rundle, Kathy Winter ROW 3: Debbie Passmore, Natalie Floro, Sandra Stem, Kim Stafford ROW 4 (ON TOP): Debbie Teather, Andrea Hagan, Angela Wilson STANDING: Laurie Holcombe (manager) R 95 Cd o Z oo LU -■jw-fl-a- -X ' " 2 J2 . o lii - if (£ " - 0) " = ai u £ ™ § E (U 0) i- O c 5 0) ro c nj E I— O 5roZ . u LU ™ CDC C 5 CO 2 c y " i § - £ ro ro i: roCJX o c j ' ' a ;- =. 1= u. a; v- ' 5 -H ™ C - c t; " D aJ 5P O S ra-l S CC CO O to -I 0F i as 35|55| " E B §0 ? I 251 35 55 %% K E 101 110 B ' fe- m t 03 s! : JE r: r! r r 3 ;3 1. t-— s :3s » s 3 J8 a S n; BOWLING ROW 1 (FRONT); Joyanne Beckett, Tom Lambe, Mr Scollard. Chris Gauthier, Paula Peckham. ROW 2: Becky Whalley, Phillip Cody, Tim Goulden, Steve Gauthier, Ann Heffernan. For the first time Wheable entered boy ' s and girls ' s bowling teams m the regional high school 5-in bowling championships on November 25th. The girls team consisted of Chris Cauthier, Paula Peckham, Tom Lambe, Joyanne Beckett, Becky Whalley, and Ann Hefferman. The boys team consisted of Paul Peel, Tim Goulden, Brett Hughes, Steven Gauthier, Mark Cun- ningham, and Phil Cody. At the regional tournament the girls did very well, placing 3rd among 8 teams, while the boys team did even better, winning the tournament. As a result of their victory in the regional tournament, the boys qualified for the all- Ontario High School Championships held in Oshawa on January 27th, Although the boys did not do well in the tournament, they did enjoy the experience and hope to be back again next year. rnsr as- 0 55 101 fe-t no ■t 30 n " E r ilS 2 5 55 S2, S " K 101 110 B go GIRLS CURLING ROW(l): Miss Dawson, Andrea Gilpin, Joyanne Beckett. Gary Wylie, Veronica McEllister. BOYS CURLING ROW (1): Rob Kerr, Steve Eimer, Brian Eimer, Mr Lodge ABSENT; Rudy Mundt, Curtis? For the first time in several years, Wheable had a girls ' curling team. The foursome far ex- ceeded coach Miss Dawson ' s hope for success. In the round-robin, they defeated Oakridge and Clarke Road, and played Lucas to a tie. This gave them a spot in the playoffs. After losing to South, and then to Laurier in a very close and exciting game, the Wheable team ended the season with a very respectable fourth place in the standing behind South, Clarke Road and Laurier. The 1984-85 boys ' curling season has been most suc- cessful! At the time of writing, the team has finished the regular season with a 7-win 1-loss record, and has reached the finals in the playoffs. One more win will clinch the " B " league championship. In addition the team enjoyed participating in the first Purple and White Curling Tournament at the University of Western Ontario. The team ' s success is even more gratifying in that three members are brand new curlers. With a slate of veterans returning for next season, they anticipate entering the " A " league, and should continue their winning ways. 98 HOCKEY ROW 1 (FRONT); Tracey Harper, Michele Dicicco, John Wilson, Clint Webster, Dave Freeman. Michelle Martin. ROW 2: Jim Freeman. Gerry Walker, Jetf Wilson. Pete Van Rassel, Greg Kyle, Bob Andersen. ROW 3: Roger Morden, Rich Nichol. Darcy Haggith. Wayne Young, Grant Bridge- water. Derek Spence. ROW 4: Mr. Sumner. Scott Price. Mike Reuter. Mr Douglas. THE SKI CLUB The Wheable Cross Country Ski Club begins its activities each year with the arrival of snow. The Club meets regularly once a week to plan " outings " which take place on Saturday mornings. Students in- terested in racing are expected to ski on their own time as often as possible to improve conditioning. Ski " Lop- pets " (Races) take place regularly with the final OFSAA Competition being held at the end of February. ROW 1 (FRONT): B ruce Die- rick, Paul Grunsell. Randy Freethy. Ivor Hughes. Patty Burns. JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL m :.a1 l z The Junior Girls Volleyball enjoyed an exciting season this year, with more wins than losses and such look forward to a spot in the London Conference Play- offs. ROW 1 (FRONT): Michele Schoenleber, Sandra Jones, Carolyn Rundle, Debbie Passmore. ROW 2: Andrea Hagan. Phyllis Croce, Janet Jamison, Patty McLean. Mrs. McMurray (coach). ROW 3: Tom Lambe, Lisa Janssen, Val Beckles, Nancy Cogan. Jodi Ironside. Tanya McGee. SENIOR VOLLEYBALL ROW 1 (FRONT): Kim Mclnnis, Tina Henderson, Bev MacDonald, Jody Taylor, Wendy Topham, Marg Gergely, Barb McCormick. ROW 2: Joan Osbourne, Paula Peck- ham, Cathy Fairbairn, Denise Dixon, Connie Gregg, Donna Whitworth, Tracey Sippel, Rosemary Schindler. ABSENT: Ms. Clark (coach) 100 SENIOR BOYS BASKETBALL ROW 1 (FRONT): Shane Martin, Dayan Scott, Roopram Chanderdat ROW 2: Joe Dammen, Raffi Titizian, James Pearce, Mike Chapman, Richard Barker, Mr. Sheil JUNIOR BOYS BASKETBALL ROW 1 (FRONT): Gary Kerr. Gus Hagikiriakos, Danny Deep, Errol Whitfield ROW 2: Auville Duffus, Andy Weatherhead, John McDonald, Mike Sawatzky, Derek Mohaupt, Shawn Andress ABSENT: Rob Walker MR. ARMSTRONG ROW 1 (FRONT): Lawrence Green, Brad McFadyen, Derek Manicom. ROW 2: Stewart Petrie, Harry Garris(coach), Rob Campbell. ABSENT: Rick Burriage, Todd Ward. ROW 1 (FRONT): Kathy Murrell, Kathy Milanovic (manager), Val Beckles. ROW 2: Patti Gruber, Jason Heffernan, Tong Pravong, Dan Meyer, Vince Lee, Kathy Reesor, Joy Friesen, ROW 3: Shawn Rice, Vuyo Ngcakani, James Matear, Derek Mohaupt, Tom Serumaga, Shawn Andress, Mr. Douglas (coach). HAPPY RETIREMENT YEARBOOK ADVERTISING ROW 1 (LEFT TO RIGHT): Glenna Burton, Terry-Lyn Gibbons, Sandy Rangel-Bron, Tracey Stringer, Paul Gelinas, Fred Deep, Brenda Roesner. ROW 2: Karl Raupp, Patti Gruber, Diane Hopkins, Todd Roffery, Mr. Antartis, Adrian Neil, Steve Desand. ABSENT: Sandra Doyle C M A N R T K E E S T A G T S ROW 1 (LEFT TO RIGHT): Paul Hawkes, Joanne Senese, Leah Peterkin, Cathy Tsakiris, Ann Heffernan, Dwayne MacDonald. ROW 2: Gus Hagikiriakos, Annette Booth, Christina Beggs, Kathy Milanovic, Donna Brown, Cathy Young. ROW 3: Mrs. Porter, Wayne Barker, Bill Whitcroft, John Robinson, Laurina Vree. 104 t - ' tv ROW 1 (FRONT); Carrie Howell-Harries, Dawn Watson, Catherine Davidson (president). Beth Noens ROW 2: Mr. Gauvin, Rick Yardy, Derek Mohaupt, Kevin Strain, Cathy Fair- bairn ROW 1 (FRONT): Leashia Perry, Mrs. Mon- telth, Karen Dornan, ROW 2; Tina Slambanis, Sharon Irwin, Karen Schmidt, Donna Whit- worth ROW 3; Chris Hebert, Bruce Lord, John Moore 106 THE WARRIOR CLUB The Warrior Club is a group of people that organize activities to assist the community. They help at public schools assisting in track and field, cross- country, and many field trips. They also work as volunteers with senior citizens and at the Crouch library. The most successful of their achieve- ments was the trip to the Red Cross to give blood. ROW 1: Debbie Gabnelle, Dennis Joy, Heather Picton, Kevin Melmen, Theressa Gallant, Mr Brown H M R E E F P S R ROW 1: Jackie Hopper, Carolyn Vowles, Natalie Floro, Tina Henderson, Tracey Har- per, Aggie Sierkowski ROW 2: Patti Gruber, Sharon Irwin, Diane Medeiros, Susan Healey, Susan Bell ROW 3: Debbie Gabnelle. Kandie Warren, Andrea Halyk, Delene MacDonald, Tara Toth ROW 4: Sandra Doyle. Rob Kerr, Tracey Ball, Tracy Larter, Sophia Hooper. Helena Hooper ROW 5; Jamie Pearce, Errol Whitfield, Andy Weatherhead, Rob Fleming, Mike Reuter, Dan Congdon 107 G R A D ROW 1 (FRONT); Wendy Topham, Kim Mclnnis, Anastasia Douranos, Kathy Whelan (pres.). Trudi St. Mane, Tizza Mantzas ROW 2: Marg Gergely, Shannon Hutton, Gary Kerr, Derek Mohaupt, Rob Fleming, Shawn Andress. Tina Henderson. c T T E E ROW 1 (FRONT): Indrani Mahadeo, Chris VanderHeide, Victor Granger ROW 2: Keith Desjardins, Jay Ironside, Steve Potters, Kevin Mehlmann ABSENT: Wanda Puffal ROW 1 (FRONT): Donnalee Munroe, Lisa Scotto, Helen BIyth, Denise March, Tom Senese, Tanya Matuschak, Tanya Bielsky ROW 2: Christine Markus, Aggie Sierkowski, Michelle Martin, Tracy Wad, Julie Cudo, Kristen Wenige, Pep Desousa, Lorry Pace ROW 3: Tracey St. Louis, Carrie Howell- Harrles, Tammy LaBelle, Linda Backes, Steve Smith, Diane Cucinelli ROW 4: Mrs. Porter, Connie Nieuwenhuizen, Mike Mastrangelo, Diane Burchell, Kholi Ngcakani, Rob Mullls, Tizza Mantzas, Debbie Cumpson ROW 5: James Won, Brian Brennan, Joel Taggart, Steve Prior, Jim Rosborough, John Hooper, John Wilson, Rob Flemming A U D V I S U A L ROW 1 (FRONT): Gary Jene ROW 2: Andy Mr. Jenkins, Dan Kingswell Fluhrer, Joe Zlvkovic ROW 3: Harold Marek, 109 Ron Crook works at a program in FORTRAN class. Project Ontario Educational Microcomputer ABOVE: Students were fortunate to have the use of 16 microcomputers from IBM. Pictured here are: Mr. Venhuizen, site person for IBM, Mr. Scott, and Ms. Lamos. Brenda McNaughton and Sandra Rangel-Bron get ready to work on the computer. Below: Dawn Rose plans on a medical career using com- puters. Miss Bodkin and Ms. Lamos observe period 5 students Harold Marek, Greg Mclnnis Jim Everingham. Dan Duffin (seated) debugs a problem while Kevin Cross looks on. BELOW: Greg Mclnnis (front) enjoys trying out the keyboard as Harold Marek puts final touches on his program. KM,:il, L.Da.i .iicl J. 1 ri:i. 1- LEimi th t MAcr es ■t MCun mi iigh MKau lb ach Ml sin 1 M e:i.si pa:li e 11 .(., PNei .1 •♦■ PFi-eet, hy KMfc LDaLLall-d LStuart H MBaekes - MEadiie MMa ' ..-(.-ur(,i MWeryk PCiDnncirl KNancekxev.i. 1 1 ( LBackeni -t Ldi ' ennan t LRayew F LI hDrnpsett + LUIJ. Ison + MBarfoDt. ( MChapman f MFi.ink + MGedalDf + MNewt.on 1- MSchoenXebei- Nrarrt n + NTompkins f PGiLannarapi ,s + P(:;.M.insel.1. + RAPeti-aeca (■ Q[BQB - ■ ' " ITS SMART TO GO FODMAL TH£ JOSIPH WAV GRADUATING? PUT ON THE RITZ FOR ONLY $40.00 The Student Formal Wear Centre 438-2955 194 Wellington St. London Videoflicks Take us home to the movies JANET RACK Monday to Friday 10:00-9:00 Saturday 10:00-8:00 941 Hamilton Road London. Ontario N5Z 1W5 (519)455-8400 junday 2:00-6:00 Para Paints Canada Inc. 270 Adelaide St. S. London, Ontario N5Z3L1 Tel: (519) 686-5773 Monday to Friday 7:30-5:30 Saturday 8:30-2:00 Henry Dryhout 111 ADVANCE ELECTRICAL CORP. Construction Plant Maintenance Fire Smoke Alarm Systems ' • Alterations Repairs • Design • Installation PIZZERIA RESTAURANT 397 THOMPSON ROAD (LICENSED UNDER L.L.B O.) 685-0740 Tim ' s Repairs Refinishing - Upholstery Open Daily 8 until 8 Phone 439-7040 112 Hamilton Rd., London, Ont. Tim Blanchard Venice haii design 3 GlENROY I D DEVERON LONDON, ONT NSZ AH2 Phone 681-3850 Prop. ANNA PETER BUSINESS EOUIPMENT INC. Sales, Service, Rental 429 K HAMILTON RD.. LONDON. ONT. N5Z 1S1 672-8208 GEO. H. PAYNE President 112 " The Chelsea Qteen SHORT CLASSY HAIR STYLES - EAR PIERCING - (519) 686-7540 1401 ERNEST AVE. (BRADLEY SHOPPING CENTRE) LONDON, ONTARIO If you ' ve earned it, it probably came from MOTHER ' S. m NOT HERS E= Quuord S identfiCQtion ltd. 323horton treet. london ontorio 066 IL5 519-432-4178 I-800-265-I554 113 114 HAMILTON RD . LONDON. ONT N5Z iT6 228 Dundas St. London 438-5131 SANDERS PRO WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Joe Worrall 317 Adelaide St. 1-519-686-6633 DOMENICK BARBERSHOP MEN ' S HAIRSTYLING 196 THOMPSON RD. AT ADELAIDE NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY 439-7260 OPENTUES. TOFRI.9-6 SAT. 8:30-5 CLOSED MON, 115 Phone 432-6333 O MclNNIS FLOWERS Floral Designs for All Occasions 861 Trafalgar St., LONDON, Ont. N5Z 1E6 ffj ' e UctiiMJ 1286 JALNA BLVD. 686-2991 HAIRSTYLING OPEN Mon. ■ Wed. 10 - 6 p.r Thurs. - Fri. 10 - 8 p.r Saturday 9 ■ 5 p.r HAIR FLAIRE Beauty Salon Unisex Halrstyliny Pond Mills Centre, 1200 Commissioners at Highbury London. Ont 1 6 Hairatyliat to S«rv« Yo«., 8 30 pm ►40N FRI 9 00 I SAT 8 00 a r 6 p r (519) 686-2753 ocv - S, 116 MATCHBOX — Open Lunch Hours Gifts School Supphes PATRONS Rowlands Insurance Limited ROBINSON BROS. OF LONDON ilMITIO SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS KIATINC ' AID CONDITIONING IIB CLIANING 686-8250 ISS THOMPSON BD. lONDON ONIARIO F1.0WER8 Video Gallery Robert Gordon Co. Carpet Warehouse Outlet Ltd. 117 TRaNS caNaoa credit© Elliot Display Cil Decorating Center Sue ' s Uniform Boutique Sterling Trust Corporation Trudy ' s Beauty Salon 118 PATRONS Danny ' s Hardware Gifts Fairmount Cleaners Margaret Jean Wedding Flowers European Beauty Salon Glen Cairn Variety ROMA ' S BEAUTY SALONS Four Locations to Serve You For Appointment Please Phone 84 Stanley Street 438-1022 196 Thompson Road 439-4742 157 Gladman Avenue 433-5751 541 Hamilton Road 433-8971 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. — 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday By Appointment Only CANADIAN LINEN SUPPLY Douglas Gould Sales Manager Phone 686-5000 tSS ADELAIDE BT. B. LONDON. ONTARIO N-SZ 3 Stiitcll ' SeiV FABRICS 318 Wellington Road London, Ontario Telephone 439-0777 ALOETTE COSMETICS Because your appearance says so much about you. 310 Wellington Rd. London, Ont. N6C 404 663-9022 119 STAFF Mr. Scott " Go Wheable Go " c Ir. Lewis Ir. Smythe Mrs. Rennie ir. Mcinnes ' on the go " Ir. Abel Mr. MacDonald Ir. Benbow Mrs. Bieman Ir. Brewer Staff Meeting 120 Published by: lOSTENS NATIONAL SCHOOL SERVICES LTD. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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