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Q. ,Q E fi I. V if E 5 i Qi 51 v J 4 , A Q F., Q ' '- "' J- 'wr--Yu-1 - ,W--v.. -.,,,, v , l 4 R. ,-. , . V 7 9: . Q . Xxx . ' Q ff4'f 3, EF.. N' x A. . x V . ' I - . 1. 1 I , l 1 ' . YN yff, V. . gif, 'iq fl Y! - X I N , , f, fr X V my , F I x .Of V , v it V ., , . ,X 'V W Q , . 4 l ' ,' - 1 ' "4 r f 1' -. 3 x ' ,W tff a' Q' ,Avi ' l IF!! 'I , x l A! x 1 4 4 1 I MV w X.. ' ' ' MI 5 ,145 -"' "" Q, . X I K ' X wx . A A I ' X w W 1 N If I si 4" 9 of X rl ' 1 4 t f Ulf, ,Mi , In u!! 1 I fd 'f ' Z F 4 ,f fl V1 nf J f -'U 4451, f " , ",f A X. AV J. , W ,, wa N N I 1, 351- X N 1.5 , - ' ,. X' 'A I' I . 'f'y E N, X ' H ,, fl . ,fbi ' . , fax -aw A f I K P an d .A 6 l A ,ix f Y Xl Q L' X :gk-FQ MX f ' V 'IP' l.A ' 'I 5 KX 5 -H 1 '. . , Xf. ' Jr X 141 V i 9 9 . . N it : V , M I, fu b , 1 ff? X ,f X- . -- - N ,f , - ' , ' i ., X . x , ! ff' , ff ,Q-K ' ' 1. X N w- XX-P -Y f'l l fig! ' " - 1? 2 X K g xg X fywziff 1 N? V-4227: x V f- Q ' Q wkq' ixlx.-,'yg'xW., J ' X' 7: ff 2 Ji Y , ,QSXN-Q X' :.,4f:ft:L?5l 1 1,36 ft 3 A - - .V - ' L 4 '- 'N."lf-4fZff'L'?.6im-E X' K 1 4 ' gf ':- f ,, , ,ff' I X, xii'-5' M A "1 , I A "R"-'N ff: V 4' A l fi -' q:.s"I' 1 XX' 5 T If - f ' W -1.5 f 4qxw, ,- . gg 'flu w' V .' f ' I - q,fA .A 2.1, -fp - .. L -, - i.: i 'Aff if Nix-1 ,VY K h'. ji AALQIP.-JJ1,, M ' E I ,L ,fawz mwywwe- M JJ ff X f 7 WWA ' WV Sf fzffj 19 S Q E . R. l-nel-I scl-looilyvwgg M WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA Qfvlk W 1 if I ffwewf 4' 1 X N fy ff X Si W Wfifg YNY? ?f? 'lE V35 AMfWW5?? C , O Ur 15 fs- 1 Q N70 Foreword The Class of 1957 started first grade in September 1945 after the Atom Bomb had burst on a startled world. We are gradu- ating from GAR High School in the year of our Lord 1957 when the possibilities of the atom for good or for ill are still not completely realized. There is no doubt that we are living in the Age of the Atom. Our vocabulary is peppered with the phrases "splitting the atom," "releasing energy," "radioactivity," "nuclear power," "neutrons and protons," and "fission and fusion." Indeed we now know that the atom is a little world in itself. ..... . o AN by uve X wa ,A -rm .rg r R V2 I we - 2 ,rf 'fc' ov 1 5 r f fvffg - K . y X 4, -1. , . rf. ...Before we go into the big world To realize our own power for good or for ill, let us look at The little world that is GAR and review ihe year 1956-1957 when a great deal of energy was released in "GARac'fivi1y." 3 ybwiwmf 1 v QQ I l 5 1 'D W CW C o n t e n 1: s K Administration and Staff . . . . . . 5 The Class of 1957 ..... . . . ll The Classes of the Future .......... . , . 27 Working Together at GAR - clubs ........ . . . 37 Memories Are Made of These - social events . . . . . . 53 GAR in Action - in the class room .... . . . 65 The World of Sports at GAR ..... . . . 71 Senior Index ............ . . . 86 Finis . . . . . 92 lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Sh W Nm 'S' WDA Qmmlm 2,035 9 X VREQTGGOW wx S ov I 7A 3 D". A37 - This GARCHIVE Xi , - belongs to . ir-'. - f-LT ' X Closs ofcG-QQLT 4 vis QA!! 0 BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated-Mr. H. Merritt Hughes, Dr. John T. Valenti, Mr. Robert Glomon, President, Mr. Clarence Smith. Standing-Mr. Joseph F. DeVizia, Mr. Harry R. Gillman, Mr. Raymond Tubridy, Mr. W, Craig Peters, Mr. Ben Cohen, absent. We Salute . . . A school system would be an uncontrolled series of chain reactions if it were not organized and admin- istered properly. We salute the men who have the responsibilities of organization and administration of our school. First, we pay tribute to the Directors whose duty it is to set up policies and to manage finances. We are grateful for the time and effort they expend, the interest and study they take, the discussions and de- cisions they make, all of which affect our school lives. The thought, work and decisions of the school board would be to no avail if they were not administered MR. A. E. BACON Superintendent effectively. We next salute and are grateful to Mr. Allen Bacon who came back to the Wilkes-Barre City Schools from retirement this year to help out in an emergency. The immediate administration of GAR is in the capable hands of Mr. Victor Baiz, principal. The Class of T957 affectionately salutes him as we leave. We know that sometimes he must have found us as ticklish as a load of "A" bombs. However, with his patience and guidance the Class of T957 is achiev- ing the goal of graduation, and we are now planning to ioin the loyal alumni of GAR. MR. V. F. BAIZ Principal MR. WALTER WOOD Assistant Principal The Class of 1957 salutes Mr. Walter Wood, assistant principal of GAR. His duties are many and varied. His good humor and wit are unfailing. He promotes the orderly chain reaction of constructive activity in GAR. He can and does exert effective deterrent and restrictive force whenever the chain reaction of GAR activity threatens to become non-constructive. We congratulate him as he "graduates" to his new posi- tion as Assistant Superintendent. MISS MARY McANlFF Director of Activities We gratefully salute Miss Mary McAniff, teacher of French and director of activities. Her loyalty to GAR is unsurpassed. In every task and every decision con- cerning school life her criterion has always been whatever is best for GAR. The Class of 1957 thanks her particularly for her help in all the activities of their Senior year. We also salute the office staff, Mrs. Melba Howe and Peggy Fuge. Their cheerfulness is a great asset to our school. Phone calls, statistics, school notices, visitors, inter- scholastic business, attendance reports, the mail, and all other hard iobs that come their way seem easier in the cheerful atmosphere they create in the GAR office. MRS. MELBA HOWE PEGGY FUGE Righffully proud of their work Ready for mass injections. ak r-sm -f-.. -.-3 mm .. 5 mm :un N. ww! g 7 Gerling acquainted. I Kalma Adelson Anna Aufiero Richard Ayre Joseph Bartish Elizabeth Baur James Brazell Anna Brislin Ray Chesney Edwin Cobleigh Leah Cutler Anne Dembitz Sabina Dierkes Victor Dobb Harold Field Mary Ford Katherine Freund See, here's how if works. Starting the day right The Facultq v. F. Baiz, Principal Margaret Gallagher Ellen Gray Minnie Hahn Frank Hanawalt Dorothy Hays Anne Henry Gordon Highriter Gladys Hilburt Emily Hourigan Fred Howell Mary Hughes James Igoe Helen Jones Robert Jones William Jones Therese Juzwiak A knofty problem made easy Machines, figures and pOll100l1S- Current events and history, too. W. C. Wood, Assistant Principal Mary Lenahan Albertine Lersch Eva Lipiec Mary McAniff Anna McKean Mildred Mileham Richard Miller Christina Moyer Mary Mulhern Helen O'Connell Esther O'DonnelI June Owens Thomas Park Ruth Regan Sara Ritchie Charles Romig Janet Roberts Masters of their domain. Gilbert Schappert Edna Smith Jean Smith Kenneth Smith John Steinhauer June Stevens Robert Thomas Meyer Tope Pauline Utz Chester Wasilewski Helen Watters Anna Weeks Gertrude Welker Frank Wentzel Ruth Wetzel Ruth Wivell Edward Zaboski Tracking down the apt word. That brave lady, Miss Regan Remembering with pride First Row-F. Evans, A. Jones, E. Vivian, A. Steidinger, L. Simenkewicz. Second Row-M. Williams, R. Thomas, J. Smith, Dietitian, I. Burke, A. Pulaski. Our thanks to the Cafeteria Staff. - - for the wonderful, well-balanced meals. - for service at lunch periods and other school activities. Our thanks to the Custodians - - for keeping the condition of the school up to par. - for help they've given in dances, plays, and other extracurricular activities. Our thanks to the Cleaning Women - - for making the halls and rooms so present- able for our entrance each morning. Thank you all for the pleasant atmosphere you have created in G. A. R. as a result of your particular work. Seated-J. Hogrebe, T. O'Donnell, S. Stefanko. Standing-A. Dombroski, N. Conaboy, J. Conmy 10 M f 1 f xp Q W '63 , X 2' S Wbjwwsw if 2 33 my QM ff '32 W MMM M A M' My ,ijgjilfww f9 aw My, ,W W p 24 wifi? I JW' fffffwd W W W 'ff WM W Qwjjygpyp VJWVMMWMW W The four J's in action. .. Joe Yuska, Vice-President: Jemiel Shiner, Secretary, Jae O'Brien, President, Class Song 1957 Tune: "Who Needs You" FRANK ABEND Tall and lanky is Frank. His good looks and ability en- ltance a very pleasing persons ality, Although his future plans are undecided we are sure he will prove to be a SUCCESS, Joe Bennick, Treasurer. In parting, we bid farewell to our school, We'll miss you dear G. A. R. Fond memories of moments we've spent with you, We'll carry no matter how far. To teachers who've helped us throughout our lives, To friends who have always been true, Best wishes, the class of '57 pays their tribute to you. As we part, the class of '57 Our tribute to thee we pay. We'll cherish forever in all our hearts Fond memories of the Blue and Gray. Dear teachers cmd friends, we thank you You've made all our wishes come true. And so now, dear G. A. R., we deport, And we bid thee adieu. so much, --Dolores Sincavage 'wg LARRY ALLEN An intelligent, blue-eyed, well-liked boy is Lar. His leisure time is taken up with drawing at the Blue and Gray office, After a taste of Army life Lar plans college. FLORENCE BARBERIO Collecting records and dance ing are tops on Flo's list, This brownrhaired, brown- eyed lass is friendly with everyone. Her interest in typing assures us that she will be a good gal in any office. PEGGY BASSLER Peg has brown hair and bln eyes. Peg gave an outstand- ing performance as head maiorette. A friendly dis- position and a sense of hu- mor will aid her greatly as an air line hostess. Z . ...at ci Senior meeting in the auditorium. Alma Mater PATRICIA BEAN Cheerleader Pot is short and dark and hos a terrific sense of humor. Dancing rates high on her list of preferred activities and she enioys playing the piano. Pat's future plans include mor- riage. Where the rippling Susquehanna Gently, slowly winds its way, Stands our dear old Alma Mater, Stands forever and for aye. Loyal sons and daughters greet thee, Greet thee, dear old G. A. R. When we sing our life's last message, Sweetest on our lips will be Memories of our days in high school, Days that live so rich and tree. Loyal sons and daughters praise thee, Praise thee, clear old G. A. R. RAYMQND pgdwiciqx Ray has Blqrli Mitt., ghd brown eyes. He is lgentllertan- ly -and sdholarlfLHis' lqlorbbies me isafseback fiazhgxygmq sports. Wifli' Ray'x yvpnder- ful'tpersonality,we pfe sure thatlhellwill be ofsuccess in lite. - l A " IRENE BENISH lrene is a very pretty and peppy girl with the unusual combination of blonde hair and brown eyes. She is se known for her friendliness s and her plans for the future are include secretarial work and marriage. hair. This in the 13 W trt A 43, JOAN BERRINI Neatly dressed Joanie with her witty remarks is the fun of any classroom. She dis- likes conceited people. She loves dancing, Upon gradua- tion Joanie is going to be a secretary for some lucky boss. MARY BETNER Tina is a friendly miss whose interests lie in the field of medical stenography. Al- though Tina is graduating from another high school we will always remember her as one of our own. ROBERT BEVAN Beaver is one of our good looking boys. He dislikes conceited people and enioys hunting and fishing. With his witty remarks Beaver is an asset to any classroom. He plans to ioin the Marines. The Class of '57 proudlq Toasts these whom we consider were the "most", MICHAEL BILSKI Hunting and fishing are the main interests in Mike's life iust now. We predict that he will be such a handsome sailor that he will have many other interests in the future. ANN BITTENBENDER Skating and listening to records rate high on the list of this fun-loving senior. Ann's sweet disposition has won her many friends at GAR. After graduation she plans to become a secretary. GERALD BOGUMIL Bogie, that handsome athlete, claims sports as his hobby. Although he is undecided about the future, we are sure that sports will prove to be an important factor in Bogie's life. ANN BOYLAN Annie is fashion wise, attrac- tive, friendly and has a great personality. Her likes are dancing, football games and singing. We are sure Annie will be successful in her am- bition to be a telephone operator. JOHN BROWN Brownie is a good-looking guy who is well liked by everyone. His many hobbies include sports, hunting, fish- ing and playing the har- monica. We are sure Brownie will be a success in what- ever he does. WILLIAM BROWN Tall, good-looking and popu- lar describe Brer. This brown- eyed lad enioys bowling and playing his drums which he does exceptionally well. Brer is thinking about college. LOIS BUSS Lo has a keen sense of hu- mor and loves to dance. She is one of the friendliest girls we know. We expect her to become the telephone's rank- ing girl with the friendly voice. CHARLES CALABRESE When not playing his trump-- et Chas enioys football. His friendly manner and neat at- tire make him liked by all his classmates. Upon gradua- tion Chas plans to loin the Navy. IA JUDITH CHERE Judie has sparkling brown eyes, shining brown hair and a wonderful sense of humor. Dancing and popular music are among her favorites. Judie has not yet made up her mind about the future. kj LOUIS Louie is a a good dis- one. He finds of sports enioy- dislikes conceited Upon graduation to enter college. STEPHEN COOK Steve is that brown-haired, blue-eyed, carefree boy who is very much interested in art. His wonderful sense of humor has won him many friends. After graduation ALLEN COOPEY Red's nickname is a natural, for he has red hair and green eyes. He plans to go to college and will probably land in the world of auto- dynamics. Red already is the 5 GERALDINE COULTER Geri, a comparative new- comer to our class, has red- dish blonde hair and blue eyes. She won many friends here, but along about Jan- uary she went back to her Steve's plans are to ioin the Navy. NANCY CUNNINGHAM Nan, a friendly girl with a wonderful sense of humor, loves skating and dancing. Brown hair, brown eyes and a radiant smile make up her good looks. Nan withdrew in January. 1957 authority on cars. W MICHAEL CYWINSKI A quiet, intelligent, friendly and ambitious senior is Mike. He likes fishing, sports and good music. Mike definitely does not like conceited people. He plans to enter college in the fall. first love, Pennsbury High School. JEROME Jerry, a and funvloving boy, enioys sports of all kinds. He is top man on the clarinet. After graduating .lerry plans to join the Marines where we know he will succeed. sociable Artists of great RONALD DANIELS Ron is tall, has brown hair, brown eyes and is well-man- nered. Among other things, he enioys fishing and read- ing. He plans to ioin the Air Force. We know Ron will suc- ceed in whatever he does. ANTHONY Ruben is tall, dork and hand- some. He has a sensational personality and is a gentle- man. Ruben likes all sports especially football. When he gets in the Marines the situa- tion will really be in hand. SALLY DECKER Fun plus brains plus a wonderful sense of humor equals Sal. This lass with brown hair and brown eyes claims dancing and reading as her hobbies. Sol hopes to become a secretary. and likes and plans to be- come a beautician and have her own shop. Mus ,DEEB Q There isfneverlldi dull, whery this 'biiiglyt-eyed fellow is aroundf Drdwirig. takes' up mon af y A-nis's fame. ,Arias hopes to be a cartoonistfand his excellent 'arf wdrk will definitely bring success. 15 and very at- with a sweet be remember- frhe for Joan s aim nurse. hat o lovely symp tic one she 'x PHYLLIS DOMER A quiet lass with brown eyes and brown hair, Phil has a friendly smile for everyone. This intelligent senior is sure to succeed in the field of medical technology. Besides that, Phil will look pretty in her white uniform. if STANLEY DONNELLY Stan is fond of fishing and hunting and meeting new people. His blonde hair and blue eyes match his spark- ling personality. Stan likes food and music. His plans for the future are to join the Marine Corps. 1 i. ' ROBERT ECKERT Ecky is one of the outdoor boys who enjoys fishing and hunting. He is a fine tuba player. We were sorry to lose Eclcy when he decided to leave school in February. Masters of uutomechanics BARBARA DOTTER Curly brown hair, green eyes and a radiant smile all be- long to Bobbie. This charm- ing miss lists skating as her favorite pastime. Bobbie's pleasing personality will aid her in her work as a tele- phone operator. BERNARD EICHORN Bernie, a handsome lad with green eyes and brown hair, is reserved in manner yet al- ways friendly and thought- ful. He enjoys hiking in the mountains. Bernie has not yet decided on a career. OLGA DRAHT Attractive and ready with a pleasing smile is Valerie. She has won many friends with her friendly manner. This carefree senior enjoys swim- ming as her hobby. Valerie is sure to succeed in what- ever she endeavors. LEO ELLIS .lun is a fun-loving lad who who has brown eyes and black hair, He likes to work with cars and enjoys riding in new cars. With his flair for adventure .lun is sure to be an outstanding paratrooper. PATRICIA EBERT Friendly with a radiant smile for everyone is Sparrow. This pretty miss with short red hair and green eyes enjoys sewing and reading very much, College is in store for Sparrow in the near future. BETTY ECKERT A sweet, brown-haired lass known to us as BJ is this charming and industrious girl. Among her many hobbies is reading. After graduation BJ's future will include marri- age. l . PETER FINARELLI Blue eyes and brown hair are features of this good- looking senior, Pete. He likes very much to pass his time working with cars, After graduation Pete looks for- ward to joining the Air Force. 16 THERESA FARRIS with her friendly man- rs liked by everyone. This senior enjoys swim- ming and horseback riding. She dislikes conceited people. ln the future Terry plans to become a beautician, JUDY FINO Hazel-eyed, with light brown hair, Judy is a fun-loving girl with o sweet disposition which makes her pleasant company. Her recreations in- clude dancing and listening to popular records. Judy will became a secretary. Doi, a eyes light If she her famou be found The Blue ed with her can uke. Gray editor. y '1 SALLY FRANKIE Known to all as Sallie Mae this lovely blonde deb en- ioys reading good books. Her future plans include business college. Sallie Mae should be a wonderful secretary with that sweet disposition she has. HELEN GEORGE A warm smile and a quick sense of humor are charac- terestic of Helen. We know that Helen will be such a noted beautician that all the girls of '57 will flock to her shop. JOHN FRANTZ Brown-eyed Ace who is quiet and sociable is an attractive lad and a hit with all the girls. Dancing rates tops on his list. Ace is undecided about the future. WILLIAM GABELLO This good-looking lad has blue eyes, blonde hair and ci friendly, fun-loving dis- position. Bill enjoys all sports but names skating as his special interest. Bill plans to become a state trooper. l t i Au.'l1oriJies on the atom FRANK GIALANELLA Frank is known as Curley and is always ready for fun or mischief. Loyalty to his friends is an outstanding characteristic of Curley and swimming is his favorite sport. Frank plans to enter the service. TERESA GODISH Golden brown hair, blue eyes and a smile all add up to .Terry. She excels in draw- ing as a hobby, and in the near future we hope that Terry will become a very successful fashion illusfrator, DAVID GOODING Lim:y rates high when it comes to fun and friends. He plays the clarinet in the band. Lirney spends most of his time fishing, skating and hunting. He is aiming for tho Air Force, then college. MARY ANN GIANUZZI On the diminutive side Mar is attractive, neat and very pleasant. She likes fashion- able clothes and is interested in music - especially popu- lar tunes. Dancing is her hobby. Mar hopes to become a secretary. FRED foot- After are ball and loin the where will be right bells. 17 MARIE GIERAK This pleasant girl whom we call Shorty genuinely likes people and is always good company. With her compet- ent manner, brown-eyed, brown-haired Shorty will cer- tainly make an excellent sec- retary or office manager. A iolly WI him far in Force. ELIZABETH GRIFFITHS !Skating in any size, shape or form has Beth completely un- der its spell. This pert Miss possesses both a winning smile and a proficiency in playing the piano. Beth's am- bition is to become a secre- tary. PATRICIA GRIGAITIS Pat is an intelligent, iun-lov- ing red-head with a terrific personality. Her willing co- operation in various activi- ties has benefited all con- cerned. After graduation Pat looks forward to a wonder- ful future at college. 59 PATRICIA GRIVNER Pat has blonde hair, blue eyes and a wonderful per- sonality. Swimming and dan- cing rate very high with her. Pat plans to be an air line hostess. She is sure to be one of the best. EDWARD GRONSKI Eddie is a carefree boy who finds a lot of pleasure in hunting and fishing. This good-looking fellow plans to enter the Marines upon grad- uation and with his friendly disposition Eddie should do well there. CONCETTA GUGLIOTTI Connie is a friendly girl with brown hair, brown eyes, and and with a lovely smile. Dancing singing are favorites Connie. We are sure she will be successful in whatever work she undertakes. JOHN HADVANCE This happy-go-lucky young fellow is known to all his friends as Flat Top. Among his likes can be 'found skat- ing, dancing and sports. He intends to ioin the Air Force after graduation. hair and working with she bound to suc- recepti ' t MARIE HARRIS Playing the piano and listen- ing to any kind of music are Marie's main interests. Be- cause of her ability to get thing done, Marie is sure to be a success in the hectic world of business. FRANCES HAVLEY A pleasant girl who genuine- ly likes people and is always good company. She is fond of music and dancing, and can be counted on to lend a hand when needed. Fran plans to do secretarial work. ROBERT HENDLER Brown-eyed Heny-Ben is char- acterized by his friendly na- ture. Boating and hiking rote highly with him. The future for Heny-Ben is a col- lege education and after that anything can happen. FRANK HENRY HEN who is tall and ener- getic likes hunting and fish- ing. He is a good companion in the woods because he has o great sense of humor and a store of iokes and stories. JAMES HENRY Jim is a blue-eyed blonde whose speed has made him a valuable asset to the track team. Jim enioys all types of sports and after graduating his immediate future is in the United States Army. Exemplary English students EDWARD HOPKINS Hoppy is a very nice boy who loves to drive. The locu- lar atmosphere which he creates brightens all dull moments. We bid Hoppy the best in his future with the Navy and in college. I8 WILLIAM HOSSAGE William, Hoss to his friends, is a well-mannered and well- liked senior. He makes a hobby of fixing guns. After graduation, Hoss plans to join either the Navy or Coast Guard. with hair and a pleasing personality. Her hobby is dancing and she is talented in playing the pi- ano. Elaine plans to become an air line hostess. eyes, and Because ,ff , f' . I P, J , ,- . . 4 J K ' , . - , 1 f-,- . l, I Y I fl Q i fjflfc fl gf., gn Cf Vi! ff H, - ,I JANICE HUMPHREY Janice is always prepared with a big hello for all. She finds a great deal af en- ioyment in sketching. ln the future this artistic girl hopes to become a designer in the field of fashion. JOSEPH IORIO Tall and handsome best de- scribes Joe, our popular senior quarterback, who will also be remembered for his singing. Joe puts sports first on his list of preferences. He hopes to become a lawyer. . 3 CORINE JACKSON Jaclrie's winning personality and friendliness have gained her everlasting friends. She is well on her way to becom- ing an expert in sewing. The future plans of this senior include ioining the Women's Marine Corps. Diese gufen Sch ulerinnen LOIS ANNE JENKINS Dubbsy's hobbies are swim- ming and dancing. Her never ending iokes and continuous laughter enlivened many a classroom. Dubbsy is sure to be a successful receptionist with those blue eyes and that pleasant personality. JANET KENNEDY Jan is tall and dark. She has brown hair, brown eyes and always a smile. Jan's favorite pastime is eating pizza and dancing. This hard working commercial student intends to became a private secretary. ALBERTA JOHNSON A sparkling smile and per- sonality to match are the characteristics of Berta. Her chief hobby is dancing. Being skillful with a needle Berta's future plans to be a seamstress are sure to work out right. sf. x A. SUSAN LEE JONES Sue is an attractive girl who is gifted in dramatics and singing. She plays the piano and clarinet equally well. Sue will furtheg develop her musical talents at college and perhaps become a musi: teacher. ' who en- loys food making great of humor Air Force. STUART ROSEN This friendly, witty senior possesses a keen sense of hu- mor. He is an avid reader, enioys popular music, plays the drums and has many other hobbies. Stuortfs future plans are undecided. 19 HARRIET JOSEPH Har, the charming president of the Senior Girls' Club, is full of fun and enioys eating, dancing" and Collecting rec Her witty remarks ords. brighten wherever she- hap- pens to be. Har's future plans include business college. i FLORENCE KLOSKO Flossy, a'very active girl, is fun to be with everywhere she goes. Dancing enraptures this brown-haired, green- eyed lass. We know Flossy will prove to be a success in the Waves. ALFRED KARALUS Al is quiet and friendly. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and lists hunting as his favorite pastime, but finds time for chemistry too. Al intends to join the Air Force soon after graduation. JAMES KOSTRAB a toll, good-looking wavy hair The out door give great After graduation intends to join the Navy and see the world. JOHN KOURY Johnny is fun-loving talented. He plays the clari- net, violin and guitar. He is practically a one-man band. Johnny also likes to hunt and fish. We are sure he will be a success in college. and FRANK - LETUKAS Things are never quiet when Fa Fa is around. He split his time this year between auto mechanics in Meyers and classes in GARL Auto mec- hanics he loves - classes he could do.without. MARGARET KRATZ Peggy, our editor, rates all the best odiectives. She is in- telligent, efficient, fun-loving, hcrd-working, mannerly, re- liable and friendly. The re- tail world which she plans to enter will be the better for Peggy and all her good qualities. JOSEPH Joe is has a rrific along with a umor He is a ro o football t and e o s pai a mo ' s. e pla o RX 9 o busi e s. Marvels at Mechanical Drawing SANDRA KRIST Sandy is a iolly girl. Rating high on her list of likes are skating and dancing. Al- though Sandy says she is not certain about her tuture we think she has a good idea but is just not telling us. FREDERICK LONG A friendly, fun-loving senior is Freddie, who enioys danc- ing and good food. His musical ability is demonstrat- ed on the saxophone. In the future Freddie intends to pur- sue a career in the Navy. FRANCIS LOUGHNANE Butch is a tall guy with a wonderful sense of humor and a disposition to match. He likes all kinds of sports and all kinds of food. Butch's plans tor the future are in- definite. JEROME KUTNEY I has black hair, brown eyes and a million dollar dis- position. He managed to be active in sports, the stage and debating and at same time was a fixture a second floor office. PATRICIA LYNN Patsy, the gal with long brown hair, is a friend to all. This senior is certain to greet everyone with a cheery hello. Patsy enioys skating and in the future plans to be a secretary. MARSHALL L maiorette, DO INICK M INOLFQI, Ma p is on of ogd loo s.' ' h his r fr nner h the a' p ovabof ny fr nds. a plf e 'oys w ing ' r und ca . pon gradua- tion he pl ns t begmmn apprentice IU 20 PGY attend radiant take Her sur: to hy 1+ ilf ls! ALICE MCQXLYNN and,Xc arming Al aub rtr hair and eyes dh s winning with her blue smile. She sp n s her leisure time i ness danclhg. l's friendli- will surely aid her in her future career as a re- ceptionist. -X PATRICK McGLYNN Pat is full of fun, pep and vitoliiy. His hair glistens and his blue eyes sparkle. Cars are his hobby. We can't wait to see what Pat will do and be in the big, wide world. EUGENE MCGOVERN Geno is another one of our happy-go-lucky lads who is full of fun and has many friends. One of his favorite outside activities is golfing. Gena plans to iain the Air Force. JOSEPH MEHM Joe has brown hair and hazle eyes. He is quiet and well-mannered and likes all sports, especially skating. Joe's future plans are to go into the Navy and later to go into a field of art. Jllon 0 el se surely pretti- in Wilkes-Barre. 'lil' :lj ANTHONY MICHAEL Tony is a tall, intelligent and with a good-looking boy quiet personality. He enjoys good food and likes dancing and girls. Tony's future plans are indefinite but we know he will be a success. . ROBERT Mustrcxft Bob is one of the quiet mem- bers ofsthe class. His Xbrown hair and sparkling blue eyes match his wonderful person- ality. Bob's likes are horse- back riding and dancing. He plans to enter the Air Force. VINCENT NARDONE Vince is a guy who enioys re- pairing and remodeling auto- mobiles, and sports and good food. His assets include a sense of humor and sparkling personality. Vince has no definite plans for the future. F it ' M JAMES Neuoorr Kibby is the all-round boy of 1957. He pops up everywhere in dramatic productions, on the stage crew, in debating, on the staff of the Blue 8- Gray, as a home room of- ficer and a winner at the Science Fair. 21 ALFRED MICKOLICHIK That warm, friendly smile be- longs to Mick, His winning ways have brought him the friendship of his fellow stu- dents. Mick's first love is the Marine Corps which he plans to enter as soon as he grad- uates. Efficiency experts ANTHONY MUSIAL A iovial and happy-go-lucky lad is Tony. Among his many hobbies Tony lists sleeping first ancl working second. His winning disposition a n d friendly smile will aid him in his future in the Air Force. JANET NUNES Bubbles is a very pretty girl with a special talent for col- She lecting lasting friends. is neat and well-dressed and fond of dancing. Bubbles future plans include both business college and mar- riage, JOSEPH O'BRIEN Always ready with a joke and a smile for everyone is Bobo, our class president. His outstanding athletic abil- ity has won him the admira- tion of many students, Bobo's keen sense of humor will be valuable at college. PHILOMENA OLENIAK Phil has a pleasing person- ality, friendly smile and is very attractive. Phil is noted for her ability to get along with everyone, a trait which will be an asset in her future work as a secretary. ANDREW PARTIKA Andy has brown hair and hazle eyes. His favorite read- ing is in Popular Mechanics. Andy has no definite plans for the future but we pre- dict that he will be an A-'l mechanic and inventor. ANTHONY PARULIS Tony is short in stature but long in personality. We'll re- member his brown hair, hazle eyes and gold saxophone. We hope they have lots of pizza for Tony to eat in the Air Force. PETER PICCARRETA Quiet, well-mannered and a friend to all is Pete, who will always be remembered for his great athletic ability and his winning persnoality. This red-haired, blue-eyed senior expects to attend college. RBARA PTASHINSKI Kno t her many as b i 'ss has a smile f on d Babs has bee o stan ng in xsports. Her ut w k be in e ifor on't e ok retty its JOAN PHILLIPS Black hair, brown eyes, tall and attractive characterize Joan. This easy-going lass names sewing and reading as her favorite pastimes. After graduation Joan will work toward her goal of being a beautician. JOHN P-cs. Full of fun and John. His quick wit and friendly ways have won him many friendsn College is in .lohn's fut eiplans and we wish him 'd of luck in his chosen a r. ll THOMAS REGULA Blonde hair and blue eyes Boss, one of the wittier in our class. Fishing and are his present hob- We're sure Boss will make a handsome Marine in the future. ANN REH This high-spirited girl can always be counted upon to add zest to an occasion. Ann considers dancing and cheer- leading pleasant pastimes. She will make a cute secre- tary with her brown hair and snappy, brown eyes. Superlatives in service s ' . 1 s -Q 2 I .fh.. t L U . JOSEPH Light brown hair and blue eyes belong to Joe who is a very popular fellow around the school. He likes sports. Joe's future plans are un- decided but he is sure to be a big success. REILLY 22 BETTY SALVATERRA Betsy is short, cheerful and pretty. Her future plans are to become a secretary. Betsy will be an asset to any office but we think she will not be a career girl very long. DlANE SAPORITO A petite, attractive, green- eyed lass with a sweet dis- position and a zest for fun, Sappy enjoys art, dancing and swimming. As she poss- esses great ability we are sure Sappy will succeed as an artist. ERNEST SCHMID Schmite is tall with black hair and brown eyes. High spirited and zestful, he likes good food and enjoys music. Schmite is especially inter- ested in cars and their prob- lems. He will be a restaura- teur after graduation. EDWARD SCHWAB This good-looking lad is en- dowed with brown hair, blue eyes and a friendly disposi- tion. Horse-back riding, danc- ing and playing baseball rate high with Ed, who plans to attend college in the fall. LORRAINE SCOTT Intelligent, quiet, and some- what reserved with a friendlv smile for everyone, that's our '-Q I ,f Q K lorry. Her favorite hobbies Beg, Q, ,he books are reading good books, dancing, and football games. We know Larry will be ci success as a secretary. .ff V JEMIEL SHINER .limmy has a terrific sense of humor and bubbles over with friendliness. She makes use of her spare time by danc- ing and playing the violin. This dark-haired lass wishes to enter the secretarial field. ANTOINETTE SHORTZ Hockey and basketball are two sports in which Toni ex- cels. She is petite and sweet, friendly and happy. With her blue eyes and curly hair Toni should make a darling nurse. to becorqgbd effagigfmdmeda. Ar YL! r-IL!! PlOI'l0.'y GEORGE SlSCO cars and fishing rate high with Zeb, a happy-go- lucky fellow, who has brown hair hazle eyes and a very striking appearance. Zeb's future plans include ioining the Navy Reserves. Girls, CHARLES SLEASE Chas is that tall blonde with the remarkable hair-cut. He has a marvelous voice. Be- sides that he is a good swim- mer and equestrian. We hear Chas plans to be an actor or skin diver. ANN SMALLS One of our vivacious cheer- leaders is Annie. This ever- smiling lass with brown hair and green eyes likes skating and dancing. Annie plans to become a telephone opera- tor, then she will become Annabell, JOAN SPAIDE .loanie is a petite, intelligent girl. ln her quiet manner .loanie has won the admira- tion of all her classmates. She enioys dancing but dis- likes ccnceited people and show-offs. Upon graduation, .loanie plans to enter college. 23 MARY ANN STANKIEWICZ Mary is pert and pretty, neat and well-dressed. This blue- eyed blonde loves to dance. Mary's pleasant voice and her desire to be helpful will make her a successful tele- phone operator. blue head cheer- winni r n- path ic m n- lead o and danci rate KATHERINE STEININGER Kathy is ci pretty, green-eyed lass who is quiet, friendly and fun-loving. She never minded living way out near Ashley because Kathy drove to school in style in her father's green Plymouth. IRENE STELMACK Don't let lrene's unassuming manner fool you. Her many friends recognize that she is a charming girl with an a- bundance of personality. lrene is talented in art. One of her many hobbies is pha- tography. LORETTA TARUTIS Larry is full of fun. She has a good sense of humor and plenty of personality. Lorry's sweet disposition has won her many friends at GAR and will surely be on aid in her future. ROBERT STRAVINSKI Starch odds to the fun with his quick wit and boundless humor. He has been serious- ly considering the study of law. We never knew how Starch could sing until the final pep meeting. b ue brown hair. IUYS ing to Special secretaries ROBERT STUCKER Bob is toll, dark, intelligent and well-mannered. His likes include hunting and working with automobiles, especially his black '47 Ford. Bo 5 friendliness will aid in his future with the Air Force. M ISC are oot- most. and future will waits FRED TOOLE That very capable manager of the football team is none other than our boy Gizzle. Under his shock of brown hair lies an inquisitive mind which Gizzle plans to put to good use at college. WILLIAM VALENTUKONIS Light brown hair, blue eyes and ready for fun is Bill. He likes sports, good music, and pizza. Bill, a future Navy man, will look good in the Navy blues or whites. 24 FRANK SYPNIEWSKI Tosh, thai' tall, handsome, brown-haired, hazel-eyed lad is a very brilliant student. He has a wonderful personality along with his brilliancy. Tosh lists sports as his hobby and plans to enter college. gift to VIRGINIA VALERIUS Ginny, whose smiling blue eyes ond friendly smile com- pliment her quiet and pleas- ant manner, enioys listening to popular records. Ginny's cheerful disposition will be on asset in her future teach- ing career. DOROTHY URBAN is a friendly, smiling girl who likes to give parties. She has short brown hair and hazel eyes. In the plans to be a beautician ond she is sure to succeed. EDWARD VAN WHY Ed is one of the best mon- nered and most reliable members of our senior class. His blonde hair and blue eyes match his sparkling per- sonality. Ed likes repairing automobiles. His future plans are undecided. L .'M ' I 'x I ,Lf SALVATORE VASILE Sal of medium height has black hair and brown eyes RRIS VILENSKY Blue eyes and light hair d scribe Moshe another friend His disposition is friendly carefree and mischievous His hobies include going to the Jukebox and eating Sal in tends to loin the Navy MARY TERESA VI NCENTI Full of fun and laughter plus plenty of personality, that's our Mary. This dark-haired loss enioys playing the piano. Her friendly disposition will undoubtedly aid her in her future nursing career. personality-plus girl of fun to be with. 3-m sic and hi hltdn v . f re xn- uds yi V. fl IEW I I L9 the C, SON DRA WEINSTOCK Charm, personality and beau- ty are just a few synonyms for Sandy. Her friendly dis- position has made her ex- ceedingly popular with her classmates. We know GAR's Miss Chrysanthemum will be an ideal college girl. ii. Wellgroomed with wit Moshe has ly senior a ready special interest in photogra phy and amateur radio H will attend Temple University d study pharmacy All scholastics NORMAN WASHICK Brown hair brown eyes and a will-groomed appearance are descriptive of Norm, who is a movie fan. He customizes cars as a hobby. We know will engcel in the WILLIAM WATKINS Bill enloys football, music and good food. His pleasing smile and manner are note- future plans but we ex- good reports n the future. worthy. pect EUGENE WEBER There's never a dull moment with Gene around. His lively imagination not only keeps everyone laughing but also his artistic shines through endeavors. Gene has plan CYBER 5 I to follow a c in art. are two the Barb has are a top Barb, a blue-eyed blonde, collects records for a hobby. 25 H ITECAVAGE g h adores ook k Ing o s ecret mbltion c me an o i e ess rk brown eyes R n anc k h Alt u s I b - e . , . . I o o Nvir l'n ho . er tr s with er light blonde ir. ding ' ti ,d - od sic hig X is a ,gl . it. X I I cars and collect- ing guns are two things which absolutely intrigue Norm. He possesses a wide grin with a pair of impish brown eyes. After completing college Norm plans to have an army Cufeef. ALBERT WILLIAMS Tall, handsome, with blue eyes and light brown hair describes Big Al. He enioys food, sports and playing the clarinet and sax. Big Al plans to teach physical education. He was our one b y on the All Star team tif beauty and brains is Bright Eyes. She enioys dancing and listening to popular records and is a very talented pian- ist. After graduation, Bright Eyes would like to do office work. VALAIDA WYNNE Cute, intelligent and poised Val has sparkling eyes and brown hair. Her favorite pas- times are listening to good records, eating and dancing. She hopes to go to college where she will take up com- mercial work. WALTER YOUNG One of our more quiet but friendly seniors is Walt. His desirable personality has made him well liked by all. Upon graduation, Walt in- tends to ioin the Air Force where we know he will be successful. t CAR WILLS b I Dear Parents, A perfect blend of both . v .fjilu l It doesn't seem possible that we are being graduated from high school, but we are, and we owe it all to you. You have given us in these happy years the op- portunity of making lasting friends and of obtaining an education. We shall cherish these experiences for the rest of our lives. We may have given you some difficult times, but you never stopped prodding us even though you must have felt like giving up and saying "What's the use?" Parents, there is nothing we can give you that could pos- sibly equol in value what you have given to us. The only thing we can say is, "Thank you." We hope you realize how much these years have meant to us. W' all our love, gy aaa Sand anal fbaaglfead. if tsyfwi if JO H US 3 e - ec i i was-D e bl is ie , 'Q l,-5 "', ell: ow Joe ish- l uul ar Q lnclud in is C AJ er unl ' l' ' f f a de ' ' . ' . h. is i .loe's ut ns d hi tremen o qua wi t ke him for ovor. a ta WI bue e b nde ose t d n g r n m an o e c er u I an I Ili SA Z A ur l I i l 'II I . . spre inte e l 1 fiel of re di ainti rs n ei . T h 2 g i pl t ce a l e pus ' h :L , . sie filaw Qiy 44i f 'W' OEQVQ Yip fkjv ' fw QP!! Z'OJfLg,wW ,gf 4 QV ffjlf, NfM6JL!M M ai' It 'mf 'Z " , 4 if J 2 2 Af f 12 'Q if f if fi 'gillff Qfjj ffA nj ffl? l'l MSN ivii o 26,05 fQi 2ii MISS MILEHAM 306 First Row-M. Berneslly, C. Corbett, B. Achuff, M. Simpson, M. Lipku, C. Urban, M. Fried, D. Wasilefslci, J. Darby, C. Morrissey. Second Row-J. Meighan, L. Tabit, E. Ritza, F. Gallagher, K. Hovey, M. Kochanski, P. Perschau, S. Weinstock, R. Dydynski. Third Row-G. Roux, J. Mulvey, D. Meier, W. Cerski, G. Saba, R. Hut- nick, L. Greenberg, G. Nekrasz, J. Grimes. The Ions MR. DOBB 409 First Row-J. Kubicki, N. Atherholt, J. Bergstrasser, C. Perkosky, P. Sheehan, D. Lynch, J. Zagropslci, S. Jones, C. Eyerman, J. Polifka, Second Row-D. Danchick, B. Yob- lonski, R. Olclzieiewslci, C. Ellisen, A. Rinko, J. Pefchuk, J. McCloe, P. Charles, P. DeCinti, E. Golden. Third Row-F. Belardinelli, R. Kauf- fman, T. Cecelon, D. Nestorick. MISS STEVENS 315 First Row-S. Deeb, C. Kendra, R. Murphy, V. Roberts, E. Yarrish, S Barone, D. Korey, M. Martin, C. Norton, M. L. Pugliese, B. Achuff. Second Row-A. Wren, A. Biscontini, M. Bernesky, M. Krackenfels, D. Gil- lis, E. Sobeck, G. Jacobson, M. Coughlin, H. Brodie, J. Ansilio, R. Pohutski, H. Roth. Third Row-C. Severn, E. Kennedy, L. Cordisco, R. Haverick, C. Nagle, H. Harris, A. Andiorio, W. Trayn- ham, A. Cibello, R. Viglone, T. El- lis, M. Habib. of 1958 MISS SMITH 304 First Row-L. Daniels, M. A. Latsko, R. M. Walsh, E. Sutton, R. Umphred, G. Perednis, R. A. Salvage, L. Bal' mer, B. Armbruster, J. Stankiewicz, C. Frantz, A. Ellis. Second Row-P. Petrillo, L. Kaplan, C. Gustainus, C. Gross, D. Minnich, H. Ptashinski, J. Herron, N. Be- kampis, J. Gainard, M. Abraham, K. Branigan, E. White. Third Row-K. Davies, L. Sheridan, A. Grande, R. Miller, A. Mancini, M. Huntzinger, R. Dyanick, R. Casey, D. Kowaleski, R. Paul, E. McDermott, G. Steininger. MRS. WIVELL 401 First Row-J. Chapko, A. L. Mark, G. Kingeter, A. Storm, E. Aaron, J. Balutis, H. Zalora, N. Kuhl, B. Flowers, B. Paolinelli, S. Kane. Second Row-E. Wilson, C. Hughes, J. Malacheski, W. Dorko, R. McNeIis, G. Kochanski, E. Stark, B. Pavilonis, J. Rinko, R. M. Blasi, P. Flannery. Third Row-A. Wilkie, R. Berditus, V. Smith, R. Parker, J. Garrison, J. Hosage, J. D. Partilla. J. Williams. MISS UTZ 407 First Row-J. Crawford, E. Anderson, D. Sudol, D. Kurkoski, E. Longfoot, S. Gouda, M. Brown, M. Elgonitis, M. Jasonis, P. Nagle, J. Patsko. Second Row-F, Scarnulis, S. Living- stone, T. Finnegan, S. Jabloski, T Pilcavclge, M. Solomon, R. Gattuso, W. Nesbitt, N. Cronauer, T. Olerta. MRS. LIPIEC 308 Firsf Row-M. Minetola, M. Gon- zalez, F. Eyerman, F. Vosile, V. Monney, J. Hill, P. Orlik, G. Gronski, J. Karchin, M. Pascolini, P. Brice. Second Row-J. Giampietro, J. Lewis, D. Schmidl, A. Kuss, M. Snyder, J. Allman, J. Aigeldinger, V. Scdowski, J. Waller, S. Claiborne, J. McCloe. Third Row-E. Austin, F. Grohowski, G. Kaminslzi, T. Bashnm, T. Campi- sano, R. Talacka, D. Pasquini, G. Casterline, C. Kirkufis, E. Lee, J. Tredinnick. The Atoms MISS FORD 309 First Row-F. Eberl, V. Waskell, J. Pisano, A. Hando, J. Cunningham, S. Leibman, L. Wysocki, G. Migalul- ski, J. Magda, B. Price. Second Row-K. Eyet, M. Chiavacci, L. Schwarlz, T. Lyons, B. Owens, J, Alper, K. Hartmann, M. F. Barone, M. F. Andes, M. A. Madden. Third Row-R. McGlynn, W. Hollo- way, N. Smith, G. Albert, G. Jones, A. Cole, R. Klosko, B. Hall, W. Dougerf, C. Sparks, J. Ferro, J. Fino. MISS O'CONNELL 307 Firsl Row-R. Sliger, P. Loughnane, D. Jayne, P. Dillman, E. Petermom, M. Brennan, E. Jackson, M. Hughes, J. Morgan, B. Dougherty. Second Row-R. Gomba, S. Leibman, B. Rodack, S. Miller, A. Unice, M. Giovino, A. M. Murphy, A. Morgan, L. Achey. Third Row-J. Lukas, W. Lynn, S. Bonomo, J. Kemmerer, H. Harris, C. Bartlefl, J. Stritzinger, J. Macri, C. Blocker, F. DeCinti. of 1959 MISS OWENS 311 Firsf Row-A. Gagliardi, B. Sobon, J. Miller, S. Davis, M. Ridinger, J. Hilburi, H. Decker, N. Yinger, M. Koury, C. Meighan. Second Row- E. Mitchell, C. M. Steininger, T. Michael. Third Row-S. A. Tufella, J. R. Chupas, S. L. Melf, D. Williams, Bauman, V. Resfuccia, D. Shovlin, D. Burgit, Mason, R. Ecltenstein, Diamonds, R. Klapnt, Kuhns, D. Donnini. MlSS WEEKS 310 Firsf Row-J. Balla, S. Jacobs, V. Popko, J. Mayer, J. Hill, M. Scufch, C. Rhines, G. Grodzki, D. Kleber, A. Wynne, R. Kornfeld. Second Row-J. May, J. Kraiewski, J. Christ, L. Sfanulis, M. Hauer, L. Waskell, C. Bona, C. Rice, M. Marich, S. Davies, J, Gaynor, D. Wynder. Third Row-R. Oberdorf, R. Evans, F. Cafina, P. Gagliardi, A. White- cavage, A. Albrechf, J. Schichl, T. Hrynkiw, A. Finn, D. Challis. MISS REGAN 301 Firsf Row-E. Reisser, J. Bedwick, B. Mezanko, L. Kepp, A. Sincovage, J. Fadusko, P. Rossi, G. Dudley, W. Williams, T. Chipelski. Second Row--S. Williams, J. Young, K. Oravic, P. Holmes, T. Steininger, J. Swoboda, P. Slivers, M. Cronauer, M. Simakaski. Third Row-R. Fugoli, B. Walkers, G. Gazey, W. Stefs, S. Thomas, T. Beck, D. Meinsier, P. Endler, A Kaplan. The Neutrons MR. COBLEIGH 316 Fif' Row-G. Godish, P. Gwynn, J. Quinlan, B. McGinley, B. Hockenbury, E. Fetchen, J. Zeslce, D. Oravic, N. Lane, P. Froncek. Second Row--J. Gonclo, J. Maslowski, A. Bel' chunes, D. Dewey, J. Madden, R. Martino, J. Millen, R. Stelmack, B. J. George, M. Macri, R. Nesbitt, M. Wosserstrom. Third Row-E. Harris, G. Snipas, C. Dunkle, P. lorio, P. Francis, B. Smith, F. Hullihen, B. Sickle, R. Franzo, C. Holovack. MR. FIELD 313 First Row-M. Cooper, B. Gruha, N. Eckrote, G. Butwin, G. Martin, J. Rinko, G. Magda, B. Kulyeshie, N, Smith, T. Fuller. Second Row-J. Jones, S. Pohutsky, J. Tredinnick. R. Hrynkiw, G. Serhan, A. Cooper, J. Aufiero, J. Hughes, L. Eckenstein, J. Moran, R. French. Third Row-R. Klimek, A. Rice, W. Carter, J. Rowlands, R. Seidel, A. Christ, D. Pugh, J. Gainarcl, A. Martin, A. Amato, MISS FREUND 404 First Row-J. Gibbon, C. Sheridan, J. Petrillo, B. Rubin, M, Clemente, P. Kachinslci, L. Gonzalez, B. McGlone, N. Cook, B. Bellas, M. Morris. Second Row-S. Rogers, M. Daywood, J. Schiel, M. Slivinski, N. Pofsko, M. Norsavage, T. Bonk, E, Danchick, C. Lulxasuvcxge, Z, Dzury, B. Wielgosz. Third Row-G. Dalessondro, W. Brennan, J. Long, J, Croncuer, M. Johnstone, E. Grivner, T. Brady, C. Berditis, D. Dyanick, M. Morris. MISS HAHN 203 First Row--L. Tarutis, T. Hondo, D, Kumiego, J. Garuba, L. Bradford, W. French, L. Zampetti, D. Joseph, C. Jasonis, D. Abercnt. Second Row-'--M. Strobel, M. Zinga, M. Zionce, B. Regulo, J. Yourishen, J. Gillis, R. Rodgers, C. Stewart, B. Smith, B. Siecko, D. Washington, M. Pugh. Third Row-J, Garuba, D. Pulieri, R. Luongo, J. Hogan, J. Yencharis, F. Mokorovoge, M. Handzo, M. Alper, J, Melluzzo, L. DeCin'fi, P. Wampole, of 1960 MR. R. JONES 412 First Row--S. Novakowski, P. Miller, D. McCloe, S. Holloway, F. Simon, K. Kishick, D. Reagan, J, Sheehan, Second Row-R. Borelc, C. Howeli, R. Dominick, C. Banomo, M. Malarlxey, J. Andreas, R. Ermish, B. Bauer, R. Darby. Third Row-S, Peters, M. Sack, F. Klein, J. Brader, C. Kruzel, J. Klasko, M. Litwak, L. Donaldson, W. Bilslci. MISS LENAHAN 303 First Row-B. Koshinski, C. Prete, M. Deeb, A. Berzinski, C. Benn, E. Houston, T. Olerto, C. Henry, B. Johnson, R. Thomas, T. Barone, J. Reemer, N, Nekrasz. Second Row--M. Champi, D. Suda, B. Thieman, P. Kepp, D. Morton, L. Nestorick, J. Saporito, J. Gagliardi, M. Allen, R. Boyer, C. Macierowski, A. Nallen, A. Endler. Third Row-F. Klapat, J. Pilcavuge, T. Jenkins, P. Paolinelli, B. Reh, J. Reno, B. Talacka, C. Casey, R. Stohurski, P. Solomon, F. Reginski. MISS MOYER 209 First Row--R. Mills, E. Mozloom, l.. McDermott, T. Zelinske, J. Gaughan, J. Lugiano, R. O'Donnell, H. Dyke, M. Swetlitz, P. Nowakowski, P. Spaidc, R. Diamonds, D. Desmond. Second Row-C. Foy, J. Fiore, V. Gianuzzi, N Krackenfels, C Savage, D. Petchuk, M. Hahn, P. Godish, R. Davis, D. McAfee, l.. Hoyt, C. Zambetti. Third Row-J. Taneslly, J. Nanorta, A. Macko, R. Albertson, B. White, E. Yankoslci, A. Mapikas, J. Seicla, J. Ewasko, R. Keeley, W. Kerlcos, J. Sherwood. MR. STEINHAUER 410 First Row-B. Desmond, B. Serhan, J. Whitecav age, S. Wachs, H. Hawley, T. Polny, C. Tuzinski, F. Carlo, F. Crawford, J. Viglone, Second Row- J. Kilgallon, J. Novak, F. Kirlc, J. Shiner, M. Fleming, M. Alessi, B. Kurdoski, C, Giles W. Stets, R, McKean, J. Shergalis. Third Row-E. Sincavage, F. Nesgoda, T. Kauff- man, D. Jones, R. Derhammcr, A. Nardone, E. Dressler, J. Hossage, N. Fedak, T. Mooney, J, Schmid. T e Drotons of 1961 MISS AUFIERO 205 First Row-P. Frank, J. Kumiega, T. McGal1agan, E, Slinzer, W. Kane, M. Casterline, J. Krull, B. Ransome, J. Stanton, R. Powell. Second row-L. Langan, P. Lukasavage, S. Evans, G. Gordon, B. Hannon, S. Rushkowski, J. Sito, B. Angove, K. Winters. Third Row--J. White, J. Okraslnski, J. Sod, F. Buss, F. Thieman, T. Ebert, J. Emanski, J. Wildes, J. Butco. MISS BAUER 207 First Row--C. Riedlinger, T. Lyons, A. Koury, J. Klein, A. Dell'Aglio, B. Savage, J. Valentukonis, D. Karchin, T. Sincavage, B., Politz, M. Meighan. Second Row-L. Nastanski, L. Brannigan, T. Mar- ino, E. Morris, E. Benisl1, J. Handzo, C. Demmeclt, C. Evans, J. Barnes, B. Gudaitis, L. Stempin Third Row--R. Monsuer, R. Rlwoads, H. Williams, L. Geiger, P. Banik, F. Yencharis, Z. Roebuck, N. Hawley, J. Ostroski. MRS. GRAY 206 First Row--A. Price, W. Coopey, T. Giovino, M. Michael, J. Reilly, B. Davis, R. Maclxo, R, Peters, R. Zath, D. Mello, R. Tuzinski, R. Lee. Second Row-B Estoclc, S. Gronski, A. George, J. Acerbi, J. Rhines, B. Shovlin, C. Ryan, K. Davis, M. Gandy, S. Rossi, L. Cole. Third Row--G. Flora, G. Baron, F. Esser, R. Sickle, J. Gumienny, J. Handel, M. Davis, B. Ahlbrandt, M. Jones, R. Friedman, S. Oberdorf. MRS. HILBURT 213 First Row-B. Horne, N. Davis, A.Davies, J.Mason, J. Murphy, H. Gonzalez, B. Breliclc, J. Pachick, J. Krull, K. Kuroski, T. Regan. Second Row-C. Meier, M. Burns, C. Brennan, E. Evans, M. Fetchen, P. Zakarauskas, T. Goldstein, B. Altman, E. Harris, S. Williams, T. Chernyl. Third Row-W. Kossa, R. Yarnott, F. Jacobs, T. Valenti, R. Shelly, R. Blaine, B. Campisano, W. Roberts, R. Dourand, J. Kubicki. MISS HUGHES 2l5 Firsf Row-J. Peterson, F. Backitis, D. Roper, J. Masi, G. McAdarra, P. Mehm, R. Payne, P. Chip- eleski, M. Giampietro, J. Brunacci, G. Vcalentu- konis. Second Row-M. Haydi, M. Gainard, K. Murphy, J. Drevnak M. Sovak, S. Copozzi, M. Miller, P. Perschau, M. Grohowski, G. Hauer, E. Valerius. Third Row-E. Frey, R. Bonomo, L. DeCinti, W. Cywinski, G. Ulish, F. Tonari, J. Dominick, J. Novick, M. McCarIy. MISS LERSCH 204 Firsf Row-D. Simakaski, C. Bisconfini, R. Hankey, B. Woode, R. Schooley, D. Behm, R. Gisi, M. Mofz, R. Dydynski, J. Donini, S. Day. Second Row-P. Fadusko, M. Jones, C. Sholtis, P. Pufek, A. Ritzo, A. Brennan, C. Newkirk, J. Thiele, M. Suskewicz, R. Davis. Third Row-J. Hammond, D. Davis, A. Esser, B. Bauman, S. Daley, R. Kcralus, P. Hogan, F. Molo- vidlall, D. Price. MISS WATTERS 216 Firsf Row-J. Nesbiti, R. Marcincavage, J. Sladin, H. Blocker, J. Moore, C. Vaver, P. Temaraniz, J. Kirk, B. Spaide, C. Dillman, V. Gobish, T. Cole. Second Row-P. Peiers, E. Waskell, C. Waliers, E. Paul, D. Wilson, P. Allabaugh, C. Norkunas, B. Dunkle, E. Blecher, E. Sfonkowslli, G. Siook. Third Row-T. Gwynn, T. English, R. Baker, H. Fargus, J. DeWi?'I, P. Donabauer, R. Whifkavage, J. Unice, A. Wielgosz, A. Yafeshin, J. Osirowski, J. Pikas. The Electrons of 1962 MISS ADELSON 113 Firsi Row-B. Dante, M. Davis, A. Savilsky, C. Whitt, A. Fuller, J. Kovaleski, S. McMullen, B, Calo, J. Lombardi, E. Gwynn. Second Row-J, Amafo, W. Jayne, L. Pasquini, E. Taruiis, S. Rapchinski, C. Lynn, A. Brislin, W. Mish- ikitis, G. Kozup, R. Krafz, B. Wysocki Third Row-T. Sarnoski, G. Bellas, T. Bernesky, J. Pelchar, C. Gagliarcli, C. Sliwinski, J. Basso, C. George, B. Albrecht, P. Romislzi, C. Jones, H. Dunkle. 3 35 MISS BRISLIN 116 First Row-A. Kendra, W. McCIoe, C. Viglone, C. Yuska, G. Roper, C. Koprowski, R. Migatulski, H. Butry, W. Gribble, Second Row-C. Lalooda, N. Moran, K. Miller, J. Nekrasz, L. Paolinelli, W. Johnson, J. Drevenik, E. Romanowski, T. Bevan, F. Lavin, R. Nowakowski. Third Row-A. Grohowslci, E. Stankiewicz, D. Miller, J. Madden, J. Zima, F. Yale, R. Portilla, R. Dalessandro, L. Garrison, R. Nesta, P. Paalinelli, J. Harris. MISS DIERKES 112 First Row-G. Schoolcy, H. Fuller, D. Kotch, E. Zenex, K. Drugan, E. Kishick, N. Hullihen, S. Ostrowslci, P. Cala, J. Passeri. Second Row-R. Connor, R. Piccarreta, D. Price, M. George, D. Horowitz, T. Petrillo, L. Millen, D. Waltos. Third Row-S. Ridinger, S. McCIoe, L. Lowe, E. Roberts, V. Harris, L. McTague, A. Marinelli, J. Ermish, N. Williams. MRS. W. JONES 202 First Row-G. Wilson, D. Ceccoli, J. Richards, J. Wallace, P. Miller, J. Scutch, H. Pucylowski, B. Barone, J. Dyclynski, R. May. Second Row-J. Challis, L. Natishan, J. Williams, J. Williams, M. Harlan, J. Ancavage, R. Savage, J. Yuska,.M. Friedman, J. Kostrab, J, Carichner. Third Row-S. Sudol, S. Mehm, A. Weber, A. Meier, S. Oeller, J. Strobel, T. Hasaka, J. Grendzinslci, B. Derr, J. O'DonneII, J. Williams. MR. W. JONES 114 First Row-W. Lloyd, R. Lugiano, L. Kershner, R. Bosher, C. Norton, R. Falensky, S. Reese, C. Gavis, S. Markowski, E. Tabit, D. Hilburt, J. Horan, C. Curry. Second Row-P. George, K. Pealer, D. Hill, A. Berneslcy, G. Ford, D. Reba, P. Montague, M. Corbett, B. Reel, D. McCarty, R. Whitt, Litzenberger. Third Row-R. Flora, R. Stuchkus, L. Romanauskas, A. Melnick, J. Talaclxa, K. Stewart, D. Opet, J. Michael, R. Draht, S. Howell, D. Eclcel. MISS MCKEON 211 First Row-E. Juckiel, B. Granick, V. Aleo, M. Honeywell, S. Miscavage, L. Konetski, B. Chimko, J. Kovaleslci, R. Alla'-Izough, M. Rodda. Second Row-E. Bellezza, S. Smith, P. Ciaverella, J. Honeywell, A. Donaldson, C. Jones, I. Nacliley. J. Wren, F. Raclsewitz, G. Serhan, P. Durland. Third Row--B. Boston, R. Honeywell J. Skiptunas, T. Clark, C. Askew, H. Wade, C. Hall, J. Saletin, R. Jones, G. Ford, M. Steinberg, D. Babuscak. Oigoyvfbv 1- v .. X XJ 'A' ,4 I Q. fw STUDENT COUNCIL.. . First Row-E. Waskell, L. Natishan, K. Murphy, C. Norkunas, H. Gonzalez B. Brelick, J. Skiptunas, P. Rossi, S. Rossi, H. Dyke, C. Jones, M. Corbett, S. Rapchinski, B. Barone, J. Kovaleski, C. Viglone, N. Hullihen, B. Nareski Second Row-S. Daley, D. Sincavage, P. Grigaitis, J. Chapko, P. Kratz J. Demmeck, R. Patterson, M. Abraham, J. Hilburt, A. Morgan, H. Decker M. Deeb, T. Bonk, C. Lukasavage, M. Zinga, S. Zupka. Third Row--W. Gabello, E. McDermott, D. Challis, R. Viglone, J. Sod, J. Macri, J. O'Brien, J. Pisano, A. Macko, E. Valerius, P. Piccarretta, W. Dorko, Sec., T. Chipelski, D. Hilburt. Fourth Row-R. Bedwick, T. Campisano, J. Neddoff, B. Suda, J. Mulvey, G. Krizenoskas, Pres., R. Talacka, J. Reno, R. Smith, G, Saba, M. Habib. PERMANENT MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY... D. Sincavage, S. Jones, V. Valerius, J. Bennick, G. Ulewicz, S. Zupka, P. Skiptunas, D. Quater, B. White- cavage, F. Havley, D. Ford, P. Kratz, J. Demmeck, E. Griffiths, I. Stelmack, H. Joseph, R. Bedwick, G. Krizenoskos, P. Grigaitis, J. Yuska, M. A. Gianuzzi, C. Wills, L. Tarutis. ACCEPTED MEMBERS OF THE G.A.R. HONOR SOCIETY... H. Ptashinski, R. Dyannick, K, Davies, C. Frantz, C. Gustainus, K. Hovey P. Perschau, C. Urban, G. Saba, F. Gallagher, R. Dydynski, M Habib, S. Weinstock, M. Krackenfels, C. Severn, M. Coughlin, M. Martin, W Dorko, J. Garrison, E. Aaron, H. Zalora, J. Hosage, R. McNelis, B Flowers, J. Chapko, J. Hando, M. A. Jasonis, D. Sudol, R. Evans, S. Schooley. PROBATIONARY MEMBERS OF THE G.A.R. HONOR SOCIETY... R. Gamba, A. M. Murphy, V. Sadowski, J. Altman, J. McCIoe, P. Brice, J. Hill, J. Karchin, D. Challis, L. Waskell, A. Albrecht, T. Hrynkiw, J, Balla, M. A. Hauer, J. May, A. Cole, A. Gagliarcli, J. Hilburt, S. Davis, H. Decker, J. Miller, J Swoboda, P. Rossi, J. Young, R. Fugok, J. Alper, D. Meinster, M. Barone, L. Schwartz, C. Sparks, S. Leibman, M. Chiavacci, V. Waskell, A. Hando. l Banking is a friendly business. That's how you spell "adjourned," BANK CASHIERS. .. Firsl Row-B. Angove, D. Kumiega, T. Polny, B. Serhan, B. Paolinelli, J Third Row-K. Oruvic, R. Korolus, D. Ford, F. Hullihen, R. Franzo, M. Drevenok, J. Jackson, J. Fino, J, Bonnick, vice-president, J. Berlosh, M. Mariah, R- GOTYUSO, D- JCIYH9, A. Gdglidfdi, D- Mlrlr1iCl'1, E. Sutton, E. Carlo, M. Grchowski, G. Ford, P. Montague, P. Durland, E, Tqrulig, J, Roberts, C. Henry, B. Johnson, N. Atherholt, J. Handzo, M. Bernesky. Kovuleski Fourth Row-R. Berditus, C. Nagle, D. Dcnchick, A. Albrecht, B. Mustick, G. Albert, F. Esser, G. Casterline, J. Ewasko, R. Ycrnott, T. Bernesky, I. Second Row-T. Giovino, C. Biscontini, B. Gudaitus, E. Reisser, H. Blocker, Stelmclck, R. Partilla, R. Gomba, V. Resfuccio, E. Rilza. T. Cole, M. Friedman, J. Kumiega, J. Pikus, M. Zionce, N. Kruckenfels, P- ZfJkUI'ClUSkG5r J- P9fl'ill0, J- Challis, J- McCl0e, A- TDHFSY, P. Ncgle. Filth Row--E. Kennedy, J. Fino, F. Toole, P, Picarretla, E. Schwab. SECRETARIESH- Second Row-R. Diamonds, L. DeCinti, H. Joseph, B. Sobon, P. Sheehan. First Row-G. smok, N. Davis, M. Allen, R. Kornlield, D. Hill, H. Dunkle, l- Kaplan. R- Murphy. Z. D1-Hy, E- Benish- I. Nolckley, P. Brice, P. Chipelski, R. Dclvis. Third Row--J. Bennick, J. Strobel, A. Williams, A. Kaplan. 39 l i HALL PATROL. .. First Row-C. Meighan, J. Viglone, D. Saporito, J. Gibbon, B. Flowers' J. Hankeyf' I. Stelrnack,"f D. Ford,' P. Grigaitis, president, B. Salvaterra, vice-president, A. Tonrey," L. Waskellf' S. Altman," R. Kornfield, P. Brice, R. Davis, M. Meighan. Second Row-J. Fino, M. Martin, C. Morrissey, J. Petrillo, C. Berditus, A. Rinko, L. Buss, L. Jenkins, H. Decker, S. Davies, N. Bekarnpis, E. Cross, T. Barone, D. Challis, C. Macierowski, M. Strobel, P. Bean. Third Row-E, Waskell, L. Nestorick, D. Morton, M. Hughes, L. Kaplan, B. Rubin, T. Bank, Z. Dzury, J. Platsky, S. Rossi, K. Davis, M. Barone, J. Chapko, S. Gonda, M. Pugliese, G. Gronski, D. Suda, M. Champi. Fourth Row-G. Ulewicz, S. Davis, P. Holmes, J. Hill, J. Hill, M. Deeb, M. Allen, K. Murphy, M. Jones, A. Ritza, B. Altman, C. Macri, H. Hawley, P. Skiptunas, J. Berrini, J. Stankiewicz, A. Mark, C. Perkosky, I. Thomas. Fifth Row-M. Zionce, J. Swoboda, P. Wampale, J. Gainarcl, P. Perschau, F. Gallagher, E. Stark, l. Weinstock, L. Tarutis, A. Evans, E. Evans, B. Desmond, A. Murphy, J. Hilburt, J. Alper, A. Wren. lf Captains The Seniors of the Hall Patrol get together on third floor. Ginny and her girls check the list of posts. CAFETERIA PATROL. . . First Row-J. Williams, J. Williams, S. Gronski, S. Rushkowski, L. Garrison, I. Nackley, S. Rapchinski, P. Orelik, P. Kratz, vice-president, V. Valerius, president, B. Estock, A. Kendra, E. Tarutis, P. Chipelski, K. Drugan, C, Yuska, J. Kovaleski. Second Row-M. Lipka, K. Hovey, G. Jacobson, C. Ellisen, M. Chiavacci, K. Eyet, J. Christ, C. Bauman, A. Morgan, M. Marich, B. Ptashinski, D. Sincavage, J. Young, L. Schwartz, D. Kurkoski, J. Demmeck. Third Row-A. Gagliarcli, M. Giovino, F. Vasile, L. Achey, F. Eyerman, M. Gonzalez, B. Serhan, M. Gainard, S. Oeller, A. Meier, J. Handzo, M. Sovak, C. Demmeck, S. Mehm, S. Evans, J. Walker. Fourth Row-A. McGIynn, M. Vincenti, L. Whitecavage, H. Pfashinski, M. Ridinger, P. Charles, H. Joseph, H. George, B. Mezanko, J. Fadusko, M. Jasonis, B. Whitecavage, F. Havley, M. Gianuzzi, J. Walter. SEN!OR CHAPEL LIBRARIANS. .. First Row-C. Morrissey, C. Corbett, A. McGlynn, M. Vincenti, V. Valerius, R. Pohutski, M. Abraham, B. Ptashinsld, S. Gonda, M. Giovino. president, J. Berrini, J. Bergstrasser, C. Gugliotti, S. Decker, E. Yarrish. 1h5,d Row-M. Lanka, E, Hughey, M. Harley, A. Finn, E. Ausginl ji Giam. Second Row-H. Roth, N. Bekampis, L. Kaplan, A. Gagliardi, V. Sadowski, pietra, B. Eckert, F. Melf, E. Griffiths. Freddy and George at the slides. Books today! JUNIOR CHAPEL LIBRARIANS. . . First Row-E. Tabit, R. Bosher, J. Barnes, S. Holloway, H, Hawley, F Hawley, L. Garrison, A. Kendra, L. Millen, D. Suda, M. George, G. Valentukonis. Second Row-P. Wampole, C. Sheridan, C, Stewart, A. Belchunes, B George, M. Davis, P. Lukesavage, A. Endler, S. Evans, E. Benish, B. Rubin, A. George. Third Row-F. Klein, R. Mills, R. Honeywell, R. Albertson, T. English, W. Kossa, J. DeWitt, D. Davis, C. Askew, C. Biscontini, C. Brennan, J. Gredzin- ski, B. Derr, E. Vulerius. GARCHIVE STAFF. .. Firsf Row-M. Lipka, D. Quofer, A. Biitenbender, S. Zupka, B. White cavage, lypisig P. Krofz, editor, P. Skipfunas, business manager, L. Taruiis, S. Jones, L. Whitecuvage, G. Ulewicz, M. Krackenfels. - K. Hovey, G. Jacobson, J. Balufis, C. Kendra, E. Aaron, H. Zalora, J. Young, J. Hiiburf, P. Rossi, J. Alper. Third Row-E. Weber, T. Hyrinkiw, B. Stucker, J. Yuska, B. Dorko, R. McNelis, S. Weinsfock. G. Krizenoskos, R. Dyanick, Second Row-M. Barone, H. Decker, D. Sudol, J. Swoboda, C. Corbett 1 ifl rvv la fo A A .,. .-.,. OI .rs 'JM DVM' V 1.3 " , , 4. J " c .V x Q' - . . wrfww -C 'I ...... -..- I9 - rw MAQ ,LM . . eq 44 The edifor surrounded by arf and arfisfs. On fhe campus of Columbia University. Seniors on the sfaff Nwifh the eager look." Miss Mulhern, advisor 42 L fi Bl-UE AND GRAYH- Piccareta, T. DeCin1i, J. Bennick, P, Rossi, M. Barone, M. Harley, J. Firsf Row-F. Havley, A. Tonrey, P. Grigaifis, V. Wynne, D. Ford, editor, Neddoff. H- -l05ePl"f J- Demmeckf D- Slncovagef J- Ke""edY1 A- MCGJYVWI M- Vincenll- Third Row-F. Gallagher, C. Ellisen, P. Flannery, M. Krackenfels, T. Campi- Second Row-B. Suda, M. Jasonis, B. Flowers, J. Gainard, L. Kaplan, P. sono, C. Sparks, D. Challis, J. Hilburf, J. Alper, P. Perschau. i Mr. Schupperf, advisor These are fhe boys who gef fhe paper ouf on lime. JUNIOR JOURNALISTS... J. Plafsky, B. Rubin, K. Murphy, J. Gaughan, M. Meighan, M. Alper, C. Demmeck, M. Strobel, E. Waskell, D. Hilburl. 43 SENIOR Y-TEENS. .. First Row-C. Gugliofti, H. George, B. Whiiecavage, F. Havley, J. Nunes, J. Darby, B. Flowers, vice-president: H. Joseph, freasurerk, B. Salvaferra, president, B. Achuff, A. Smalls, A. Reh, D. Korey, J. Spaide, M. A. Gianuzzi, P. Oleniak, A. Tonrey. Second Row-J. Pafsko, R. Oldzieiewski, N. Bekampis, S. Zupka, L. Buss, C. Gusiainus, A. Biscontini, L. Jenkins, J. Phillips, P. Lynn, P. Grivner, J. Shiner, P. Ebert, C. Corbeif, G. Ulewicz, D. Ford, R. Walsh. Swimming af ihe Y pool. Third Row-E. Su11on, J. Chere, B. Doiter, P. Grigoitis, P. Krafz, C. Perkosky, L. Kaplan, A. Wren, L. Whilecavage, R. Esiock, P. Skipfunas, A. Boylan, M. Fried, J. Hankey, C. Eyerman, S. Gonda, M. Pugliese, V. Resfuccia. Fourfh Row-R. Blusi, G. Kingefer, M. Abraham, J. Kubiclti, P. Nagle, S. Deeb, E. Ritza, M. Lipka, H. Zalora, R. Pohuislxi, J. Fino, C. Wills, J. Demmeck, D. Quaier, A. Biftenbender, D. Sincavnge, J. Humphrey, H. Roth, 5' Harrie? Joseph, Wyoming Valley Representative fo Regional Conference in Atlantic Cify. Mrs. Hilburf, advisor. JUNIOR Y-TEENS. . . First Row-M. Kaury, P. Rossi, M. Wassersfram, J. Whiiecavage, L. Nzsiorick, D. Marion, M. Clemente, treasurerg M. Deeb, vice-president, A. Kozup, presidenfp H. Decker, secretary, B. Thieman, P. Kepp, J. Karchin, D. Suda, M. Champi, P. Nowakowski, M. Morris. Second Row-L. Slanulis, K. Eyei, M. Chisivacci, L. Musial, C. Bauman, A. Morgan, L. DeCinfi, M. Zionce, J. Swoboda, P. Wampole, B. Rodack, K. Oravic, C. Lukasavage, T. Bonk, J. Miller, M. Ridinger. Third Row-B. Rubin, J. Gibbon, M. Allen, N. Nekrasz, B. Smith, J. Petrillo, L. Hoyt, C. Zambetti, M. Hughes, J. Hilburt, R. Mariino, J. Millen, R. Davis, M. Barone, S. Davies, F. Eyerman, M. Gonzalez. Fourih Row-M. Simakaski, V. Sadowski, A. Gagliardi, P. Holmes, S. Davis, B. Wielgosz, M. Sliwinski, J. Moyer, A. Murphy, J. Waller, M. Fleming, C. Sheridan, J. Hill, C. Rhines, V. Mooney. Fifih Row-M. Giovino, B. Owens, C. Bona, L. Schwartz, M. Marich, L. Achey. CERAMIC CLUB.. . First Row-A. Smalls, S. Cook, J. Nunes, M. Jasonis, A. Andiario, J. Darby, J Balutls A. Shorlz. N. Bekampus. CERAMIC CLUB The Ceramic Club is made up of students who are interested in creative work and who have ability and wish to put this talent into practice. The members make iewelry, ash trays, candy dishes, and figurines. Membership is limited to Art Students of l'Ith and 12th grades. They get great pleasure from their et- forts in this club under the help and guidance of Miss Emily Hourigan, Art lnstructor. Second Row-B. Dotter, J. Mehm, G. Ulewicz, J. Humphrey, I. E. Weber, D. Suporito, M. Berneslcy. Standing-J. Loclcavich, A. Biscontini, L. Buss, A. Deeb, L. Allen. THE DECORATORS The Decorators include pupils in the art classes of 404 whose big iob for the year is decorating the halls for Christmas. This year, under the direction of Mrs. Wetzel, they followed the G. A. R. tradition of transforming the entrance hall into a Christmas wonderland. THE DECORATORS. . . T. Lyons. Stelmack Sitting-D. Danchick, D. Pasquim D. Wynder, D. Korey, V. Sadowski S. Leibman, R. Gamba, K. Branegan Standing-G. Migatulski, J. Karchin E. Longfoot, M. Scutch, S. Williams M. Brennan, N. Geiger, M. Minetola Not Present-L. Wysoclci, L. Kepp J. Ansilio, J. Fino, J. Walker, P Finarelli, J. Altman, J. Tredinnick. A Salute . -to the Letterrnen ot our football team and basketball team: Mulvey, G. Saba, A. Steinberg, C. Sparks, who "carry our banner" high. A-to the Stage Crew J. Kutney. Garuba, A. Albrecht. Berditus, R. Fugok, who make magic with pulleys, switches, teasers and gelatines. -and to the Key Club who dressed and acted like gentlemen at their first luncheon. Sitting-A. DeCinti, J. Nardone, R. Dydynski, J. Garrison, J. Hosoge, A. R. Bedwick, J. Bennick, D. Kowaleski, R. McNelis, D, Challis, J. O'Brien. Karalus, S. Thomas, J. Pisono, T. Chipeleski, A. Albrecht, J. O'Brien, G. Standing-Mr. Baiz, Mr. Raymond Roushey, speaker, A. Williams, president, Albert, M. Habib, S. Weinstack, L. Greenberg, M. Vilensky, J. Bedwick, Mr. Wood, W. Dorko, treasurer, G. Saba, secretary, Mr. Cobleigh, advisor. 46 G. Bogumil, J. Brown, A. DeCinti, l.. Ellis, W. Gabello, J. Henry, E. Hopkins, J. lorio, D. Keyes, J. Kutney, J. Lockavitcth, D. Mainolfi, V. Nardone, B. Suda, J. Neddoff, J. O'Brien, J. Piccarreta, F. Toole, P, Piccarreta, F. Sypniewski, A. Williams, W. Dorko, J. First Row---P. Piccarreta, J. Neddoff, R. Strovinski, Second Row-N. Fedak, J. Tredinnick, T. Zelinski, J. Third Row--C. Sparks, R. Talocku, J. Mulvey, R. THE USHERS. . . J. Demmeclc, P. Grigaitis, J. Yuska, Head Ushers, S. Zupka, K. Davies, H, Ptashinslxi, C. Frantz, K, Hovey, C. Gustainus, C. Urban, F. Gallagher, R. Dydynski, G. Saba, S. Weinstoclr, M. Krackenfels, C. Severn, M. Martin, M. Coughlin, W. Darko, E. Aaron, H. Zalora, R. McNelis, B. Flowers, J. chqpko, J. Hondo, M. Jasonis, S. Schooley, J. Nardone, V. Saclowski, L. Greenberg, D. Challis, J. May, J. Hilburt, P. Rossi, J. Young, M. Barone, K. Hovey, T, Chipeleski, J. Blocker, R. Stiger, S. Thomas, J. Pisano. Beauty and the Brains. To my worthy opponents, I would say. . . THE DEBATING CLUB... Second Row-D. Minnich, F. Gallagher, D. Kurkoski, J. Kutney, H. Zaloro, First Row-J. Neddoff, lstandingjg J. Yuska, R. Stravinski, D. Ford, V. J- Homdof M' Habib' J' Garrison- Valerius, F. Havley. Third Row-P. Rossi, J. Hilbuvt, S. Davis, J, Walter, S. Davies, P. Holmes. 47 SENIOR ORCHESTRA... Firsf Row-J. Shiner, A. Collins, A. Wynne, J. McCloe, J. Fadusko, L. J. Handel, P. Perschou, T. Hrynkiw, R. Hrynkiw, J. Swobodo, S. Jones. Wczskell, L. Nestorick, B. Mezanko, J. Alper, M. Murich, P. Brice, D. Sudol. Third Row-C. Calabrese, P. Henry, D. Meinster, J. Hoscge, D. Jones, J. Second Row-Mr. R. Ayre, director, M. Habib, J. Koury, R. Evans, V. Smiih, Garrison, J. Marshall, A. Pcxrulis, J. Morgan. Music, Music, Music JUNIOR ORCHESTRA ..., Firsf Row-R. Hrynkiw, T. Bonk, B. Altman, J Mason, J. Skipfuncs, B. Angrove, K. Davis, K Murphy, P. Witkcvage, E. Rimcmowski,. Second Row-J. Lugiono, R. Peters, R. Zcxfh R. Tuzinslti. Third Row-J. Handel, E. Waskell, R. Siuchkus F. Esser, J. Gumienny, C. Foy, G. Baron, T Zelinski, J. Reilly, F. Floro. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB. .. Firsl Row-J. Pefrillo, R. O'Donnell, B. Rubin C. Zombefti, M. Clemente, J, Viglone, R, Zcfh R. Tuzinski, D Mello, R. Lee. Second Row-J. Handzo, A. Berzinski, C Demmeck, L. Hoyt, C. Lukusovcge, Z. Dzury E. Benish, K. Davis, K. Murphy, F. Bockilis M. Grohowski. Third Row-J. Reno, F. Esser, R. Hrynkiw, F Egidio, J. Ewusko, N. Feduk, A. Mcxcko. if 21" L 5' I A f A 1 ,1zS'Ef A- f- A -- rw fix' 'l"'r45a-755. P, x ' f 2 5? 'ffl' - .f51u'MK'-xx'--M Q- ' A E fn r-. r...-1 . -fy, J... W- A, 11 ,.,5 2- If 223: gi 3, , . V- -M -Ml x '71 Q fe' 1? th' f if ilu if ",'XV ,,, Qqbx. V as tg mu- ig M 510 ,SL fl 1, ,if WH' -'K-.. ,, Q,MW,f ff 57 f V is fx: fx rg, gif-I,A,9"g3: giillik , W ? fx 221-yea "' 3 DJ gjfrw' N 'sw-MQ zzz s 15 W M, M. -V N-3, fu.. -, W., ., ,f ,ff N' 1 Af V' W rx 19" fy, lg, W W t.4,,gg,, 'ffl flwf , s-M-A 515332 ,Wi 'fm-Z -V ., X 5 g-4, WW Q. J I M4 .FM Q, wf v w V IF Qpg,-553.1 ,M im A MM W, rm'-Mm, 1 ,Q .1 rl , qu V :A 2 , I jf S. , 4 5" F- 0 F'-.ff ia-, ,M .L A fi '47 an? x A1 3-A xg ,f 1 x , 53, ww 'M V., In-Jas W 'I Kew .gigs Q -:self Wgfif, M sw-...M f Sv Q7 .. 1 r, ,5-H , QV ,M 4 A K""" uiw'2?5'4 V wisizw ' ' 'wnmzm ,....,. r"" 'M as 54 f f .., m1mfpi'F A 43 l X mia 5 3 ,gf Q my S , 7 Q Q M Q. am 4 Q ww A 3 ? ' N ma, Rf Yi Y, NAM, Af gg 0,2 Y 5 RK H , X WM... .,,.: , N 'Q i 'T' f".fff-. Wig. -A wg , 'Q-i-?'g ,1 GARCHOIR. . . First Row-D. Meinstsr, J. Koury, S. Weinstcck, W. Darko, J Shiner, M. Martin, B. Salvaterra, M. F. Barone, S. Davies M. Habib, J. Macri, J. Morgan, C. Calabrese. Second Row--D. Kowalski, G. Albert, J. Marshall, R. McNelis M. A. Gianuzzi, D. Jayne, A. Wynne, L. Balmer, C. Kendra P. Charles, G. Saba, A. Mickolchick, J. Garrison, J. Kutneyi R. Dyannick. Third Row-J. lcrio, R. Stravinski, R. Evans, G. Kaminski, D Sincavage, N. Atherholt, A. Collins, I. Thomas, J. Kubicki, P Mr. Ayre reminds us of r:hears:rl. FESTIVAL GROUP . . . P. Pershau, D. Meinster, C. Calabrese, J. Koury, F. Gribble, C. Slease, B. Salvaterra, S .Jones, V. Smith, T. Hrynkiw, D. Sudol, J. Alper, M. Habib. 50 Skiptunas, P. Skiptunas, P. Grigaitis, R. Eckert, C. Hughes, A. DeCinti. Fourth Row-G. Krizenoskas, W. Brown, J. Hosage, F. Grib- ble, P. Kratz, J, Bergstrasser, L. Tarutis, M. March, A. Mark, C. Wills, P. Flannery, C. Bartlett, A. Williams, A. Wilkie, G. Roux. Fifth Row-V. Wynne, C. Bauman, D. Sudol, G. Jacobson, P. Perschau, F. Gallagher, C. Ellisen, S. Weinstock, J. Patsko. T. Hrynkiw, accompanist, M. R, Ayre, director. Dear Mr. Ayre, The Garchoir and Concert Band of 1957 wish to express our deepest thanks to you for all the effort you put forth to make our musical year a success. While you toiled and labored diligently to make us tops, we enioyed every minute of the time spent with you. We loved the heady feeling when we reached the peak of perfection under your splendid direction in "Musical Moods." We proudly attribute to you whatever praise and fame we brought to GAR this year. With deepest appreciation, The Garchoir and Concert Band First Row-M. Gainard, B. Brelick, M. Jasonis, C. Demmeck, S. Williams, S. Rossi, K. Davis, Z. Dzury, treasurer, D. Challis, secretary, L. Allen president, J. Drevenak, B. Altman, A. Tonrey, H. Dyke, A. Kendra, M Champi, P. Brice. Second Row-J. DeWitt, S. Deeb, C. Gustainus, K. Hovey, R. Oldziewski, R Gamba, D. Sudol, G. Jacobson, C. Ellisen, I. Stelmack, S. Zupka, M Krackenfels, J. Gainard, M Chiavacci, M. Strobel, F. Gallagher, P. Perschau Libraru Club One of the most important molecules in our "atom" is a group known as the Library Club. The members of this club, under the supervision of Mrs. Dorothy Hays, devote their free time to the routine of library work. . , reading shelves, working at the desk and checking and repairing books. As a reward for faithful performance the Library Club has a gala Christmas party each year. Mrs. Hays and her very capable assistants deserve a great deal of thanks for the splendid manner in which they serve the faculty and the student body during the school year. The Library is a busy place. Third Row-P. Kratz, B. Whitecavage, F. Havley, H. Joseph, J. Handzo, J. Mayer, J. Hilburt, C. Corbett, C. Macierowski, M. Barone, J. Chapko, P. Rossi, B. Rubin, D. Morton, L. Nestorick, L. Whitecavage, K. Murphy. Fourth Row-M, Alper, F. Ebert, J. Alper, L. Waskell, A. Murphy, J. Young, E. Waskell, V. Sadowski, B. Smith, J. Demmeck, R. Estoclm, S. Wein- stock, C. Wills, H. Zalora, D. Ford, C. Sparks. l l The Library Club officers and Mrs. Hays. "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested." - Francis Bacon The Q. A. R. Alumni GAR is fortunate in having a loyal, interested and alert Alumni Association. There are 636 active members and 19 honorary members. The routine business of the Associ- ation is carried on by an Executive Board with sub- committees on Athletics, Civic Welfare, Education, Finance, Membership, Program, Publicity and Social. The 1956-57 officers are W. Craig Peters, Marvin Jackson, Ernest Waskel, Elizabeth M. Stilp, Hannah Alper, Marie Giovino. The Activities of the year 1956-57 included: Alumni Night at the GAR-Hanover game, October 11, Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Homecoming Dance, November 23, Fourth Annual Athletic Banquet, May 6, Concert by the Stegmaier Gold Medal Band, January 23, Co-operation with the City Schools Television Program on Careers, Money donated for awards at the Science Fair, April 17, Fifty dollar a- wards ffor high averagesl to two members of the Class of 1957, Money raised by rummage sales and a card party, Seniors entertained at a Square Dance, January 14. iSee pictures abovel, Class Day reception for gradu- ating class, June 11. The Alumni is proud of the achievements of its members in so many fields of endeavor. This year the president of the Alumni, Mr. Craig Peters, was appointed to the Wilkes-Barre City School Board, the first alumnus to serve as school director. The chief goal of the Alumni Association is the formation of a scholarship fund to assist GAR graduates in securing a college education. Except for traditional awards to students at GAR all resources of the Association are direct- ed to this cause. The Class of 1957 will be happy to become a part of the GAR Alumni Association. J 1 ,J V .0 5 Wfw I u OID pa ,A fum M20 'qlvk AJ 'f' ' 1 . . , 1 ' M -au , WJ- ' .' 'Y 0 ' PJIOYJ5 W BK J. , gy Bw Ay f 7bwg3 Q5iiQ'?199LW fT 'ft Ei - V .. I . 3. .. G, If 'lr 7 5 - I 0 . . W Jwifh W3 - ' 1 To R ' W W,-ff . A, ll . I I3 X ' ,v . ,3 4 0. MV KN? W qw --e' J W U ', 6 V Jff ' U g 8-4' 'imfws W far M 0 5 X MV 18 1 ,Z?F2,5:g55, V Z6 U 'DEL ?p X vi! I 54' A ,V 74? a j!! j X ' I :Lx it al KX A M 5 ii VW' 14K Vfv j - l S q . '-.AVI f - 13 J f. WH Q g ' Lf' I .- 'H 1 J 2-0 2.1 Qi 5 A' H A J Q -- . R 7 s 50 ' ww Su vff w . p ig: Q ow Z W4 my ,saw . 3 ' 5 6 , A ' n ' 41, . Www Y , N X.11 we . ' 5 gb , , I L Q9 16 1 ' L K ., ,,' R I vp' Z, ' 5 V " n ,J W' M xv X111 8 fy' - 1,1 M H ." , , H1 6:0 1j6r ! 3555035 X' 4 W W I6 77 :QU no gy' 1 mf, W Br 2. HJ ' I ' 1 U yn .I v ,Ml . NJ! XUVK9 A j NOVEMBER 12th THE PATRONS CAME TO CALL Righf inside fl1e fron? door - The Phys. Ed Men are laying if on lhe Mr, Woorl and Mr. Boiz wifh fhe Barones line lor David and his mofher. Mr. Ayre in a serious mood buf Mrs. Lipiec fakes u look Miss Ufz and fhe Slciplunas family Richard is enjoying if. of lhe record. discussing flue ufom. l - f Thu' youzi ffcftrl in gufguhe Wann Mr. Tope never go! any fariher fhan ihe lronf hull fha? niglwi. 54 ON JANUARY 28th BEHOLD THE SNOW FLAKE BALL Breaking fhe ice of the Snow Flake Ball. Dig fhuf band.! Time out for conversafion. A dreamy dance and everyone in lhe mood 55 The coach's speech, always a feafure of lhe day. Collegiafe, collegiofe, yes we ure collegiafe -. Highlight NOVEMBER 24th FROM 8 TO 3 WAS LIL ABNER DAY fhe hillbilly band in ocfion. wwwwwlun 48' I Y X 56 Bennirlc in charge . . . everyfhing under confrol. Mr. Foofball and Gracie Miss Chrysanthemum and Alan. AND AFTER THE TURKEY DINNER THERE WAS THE GAMBOL GAY . . The happy commiffee Geffing fhe Gym ready was fun, foo. We were well chaperoned by all fhese, These are fhe "hilHoppers" of The faculfy 57 DECEMBER 11th SAW SUCH BEAUTY AT THE TEA . Above fhe free the choir boys sang. A delicious repusf offer c delighiful program. Thai beaufiful fea set is a giff of fhe Alumni of G.A.R The Food, Service, Program and Ar! commiffees are grafeful io fhese gracious ladies. Ann and Sally looking good enough fo eaf. 58 DECEMBER 'I4 - GATHERED A AROUND THE STMAS TREE QVX il 33 W W A W R J' EQ W ' A N bwefk' XO rm WW Y N W Dee and Ellie - fusf dreaming of all flue fhings ll1ey'd like lo do. Gloria in excelsis Deo! Parf ol The fun of being in a play direcfed lay Mr. Maguire. Chrisfmus on the bafllelield. 59 ON THE 27th OF FEBRUARY - LO, THE CURIOUS SAVAGE Wifhoui wood and elecfric shop, fhere would be no play. Mr. Maguire and fl1e cast are grateful fo you fellows. Kabovel Claire and Sondra are doubflul abou! Cl1ris1ine's url. KCenfer1 Susie simply ignores Alan Georgeen and Jim. Bill, Rich, Sondra, Belly and Susie listening in on G9orge's conversczfion. 63 Chrisfine likes Susie's bear. Directed by MR. RICHARD R. AYRE The GARChoir Sang "Musical Moods" Assisted by MISS MARY MCANIFF Wednesday, March 27, 1957 Hear! Hear! ............... . . .Waring Alleluia-"Exsultate, Jubilate" . . .... Mozart Life ls a Song - Betty Eckert , . . .. .Elliott Thine Alone - Susan Jones .... . . ,Herbert At Dawning - Male Chorus . . . ........ Cadman Dry Bones - Male Chorus . . . ...., Arr. Gearhart Joy ..................................... Caclman The Happy Wanderer - Charles Slease ........ Moller Ole Ark's A-Moverin' ................ .... S piritual You'll Never Walk Alone - Joseph lorio ...... Rodgers If I Loved You - Girls' Chorus ......... .,.Rodgers I'II See You in My Dreams - Girls' Chorus ........ Jones The Woodchuck Song ................... Arr. Simeone Beyond the Blue Horizon -- Susan Jones . . .Arr. Ringwald Thomas Hrynkiw, Accompanist The GAR Band Played El Capitan .... .... S ousa The Traveller .... ..... B uchtel Sandpaper Ballet ......................... Anderson A Trumpeter's Lullaby - Charles Calabrese .... Anderson The Pilgrim .................................. Lake The Bremen Town Musicians - Walted Cerski .... Foreman Waggery For Woodwinds ................... Walters Valse Lynnette - John Marshall .... . . .lillittle King Cotton . ............... , ..... Sousa A Melodic Caravan ,. ...Arr. Yoder In ? '?1'F g MARCH 13th . . . WE ANTICIPATED PADDY'S DAY Fran and Harrie! wafclw Harold crown Belly Dancing fo the dreamy music of Jack Melfon. The officers of flwe Senior Girls Club and their escorrs. How dillerenf 1l1e school loolcs lonighi! 62 AND ON MAY 9 - OUT DALLAS WAY The VlPs oi fhe lop fable back of the beauliful decoraflons Powers' models couldn'f have clone beffer, The vivacious enferfainmenl commiffee, My, l-now grown up we all look! 63 Boy! - did we have fun nt those Senior Skating Parties! MEMORANDA 'Twas in '57 When all through the school These fads and fancies Were almost a rule. Some kittens had black eyes With make-up galore And some looked a sight In the knee socks they wore A chignon here and A pony-tail there Made the girls doubtful What hair-do to wear. Under those car coats ' The girls could be seen, oh! In crinoline skirts Or tight, shiny chinos. The boys of our school Had fads this year, too For those funny haircuts This comment is due: Some fellows had short ones Because they were tall. Others had long hair. A few none at all. Some fellows looked Roman With curls on their forehead. Others wore flat tops Or sideburns quite horrid. The language one heard Was found in no book. Dig that cat-talk ! It had us all shook. Shorts from Bermuda, Music Calypso, Men's suits from Princeton, And Elvis's hips, oh! Tho time cures all things This item's quite clear, We ne'er shall forget The fads of this year. 64 More memorable music - this time by Junior H. S. with Mr. Zaboski -WW' l X745 V' L-1 An innovation this year at GAR is the Special Education Room in 115. Note the beautiful new furniture and the attractive posters and pictures in this room. Miss Gullagher's pupils master fractions. The year ot Salk Vaccine injections. The Senior girls who plan to be nurses were asked to help, and they still want to be nurses after this experience. The future nurses find out how io give and to take. Student Driving is not new to our school but it is new to each person who takes the 'WW course. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor cold keeps Mr. Brazell from instructing his assigned pupils. This could be an ad for tooth paste. 66 "When I was in England..." The people who took Public Speaking will never be at a loss for words when the neces- sity arises. In this class are the future leaders of our community. E' asdf jkl, asdf jkl, New to College Preparatory students is the course in Creative Writing. What stories - what essays - what soap operas from the pens of these embryo authors! Holly- wood and TV, here they come ! Lend me your ears! College professors will bless Miss Juzwiak and Miss Lenahan for teaching the C. P. students to type. At the beginning it was hard work but it wasn't long before they were typing 30 words per minute fwell, al- most 305. General Shop is iust that-a place where the younger boys get a general idea of all kinds of shop work. They also learn how to take care of tools. See that nicely ar- ranged tool board! Mr. Park and his boys. Auto Mechanics was offered this year in Meyers High School. Some GAR boys went there every morning. We predict that 'IO or 15 years from now they will be the big automobile men of the Valley. What makes the wheels gc 'rout-rd? Ask us. Machine Shop has always been offered at GAR, but just recently it has been changed to a vocational course and the boys spend 15 hours a week in Machine Shop to their future advantage. This is fhe wny to do it, fellows. 68 Prize winners at the Science Fair. A brand new feature this year was the Science Fair on April 17 prepared by the Science pupils under the guidance of their teachers and Mr. John J. Ruddy, Super- visor of Science. Mr. Bob Jones started a new trend in GAR by insisting that the boys in his English classes come dressed up on a set day. Strangely enough the boys themselves liked it, and everyone else liked seeing them. -' lci on pfirle francais. These handsome men are GAR Juniors. Voici le cercle francais de Mlle. McAnitf. Le cercle est petit mais tres bon. La maitresse vous dira que chaque eleve de ce groupe d'elite est un vertiable biiou. Getting sei for fhe world of business. Ugh! But fhese people seem fo like if 3 ,1 Troziring down Hue clam The basic idea in push buffons. Learning sewing know-how young. Such delighfful guesfs and such prefiy maids! 70 EQQ GA Q' ? U I X fa Q - Gff?N ,QW WEQL Vg' x XX xy X v I, ggx GMWQW ' ' RN N iggiiffl ' A i f A Dig? Ai Q x l is ' Lx-E2 Q Xgglx W 3 A f ' 1 x WA x xx 'V W ,n 5K 'XQ Q, T Z ff! , f ' XX M f .mwqpw X - g F 7 Y k , gs B E ?i v XX isvx' K L if f W 62 f V , S X , QL 2 ,je 1- , ' Sf? ' GSQEQ S5 I ,J 5 - i5 X X Q A Q 52555: ii X A . , 9 - ,- A x f ii i Lf xg. X 1 X A ff Z, Aefe az :G 17' Sz .WS K2 FOOT13 LL 19 SCORE CARD GAR 25 Larksville 7 6 Plymouth 12 12 Nanticoke O 25 Luzerne 13 19 Hanover O 31 Newport 0 6 Plains 18 6 Coughlin 26 14 Kingston 32 13 Meyers 12 GOOD GRID SEASON The Grenadiers opened the season with a display of power in defeating Larksville 25-7. . .against the Plymouth Indians the game ended with the score 12-6 in favor of the Indians. It was the first defeat for our team in three years. . .then the Grenadiers walked over Nanticoke to the tune of 12-0 continuing their winning ways they defeated Luzerne 25-13. . .playing at Hanover the Grenadiers blanked the Hawkeyes 19-0. , .they came out of the game with New- port with a 31-O victory. . .Plains handed GAR their second loss 18-6. Caught by surprise GAR was on the losing end when time ran out. . .following the pattern of the previous week our city rival Coughlin beat us 26-6 in a game that kept everyone at the edge of the seats until the close of the game. . .then Kingston, seeking revenge from the bitter defeats of other years, just squeaked past a victory over our boys 32-14. . .in the traditional Turkey Day game the Grenadiers reversed the trend and dumped the Mohawks 13-12. . .throughout the season the boys showed superb form and sportsmanship. Mr. Luther Richard's fine coaching with the aid of his assistants M. Chester Wasilewski, Mr. James lgoe and Mr. Walter Wood gave the boys the spirit to win. 79. 67 mild.. MR. RICHARDS MR. WASILEWSKI MR. IGOE MR, MILLER, Faculty Manager 72 Q KI, ff---K W? Q-. m u Q .1 " . 2 L Q i 1 in A , I JN f 2 . . 222' - f 'fE55'j:.!5':fE2f': QM 1-:.gf5fEJ-. 1- ., ' 4 .1 A . A-wf 4 Jem M f MW X 4 ,.,, , . X Q ,Q -ft . 'X hi H f wf, Ms gk f i?x"4 :ss . -x f ? " ,.::::aZ,Jf"!:5.2' IIZ - ..,f - IEEE' X. 2 1. Y A MX 1" A X H ' Lf ge 3 4 X" V X '- if ' V 'Q 5" + I ---- , .,,. . Y . J Y xi, x . A . win X44 Q 4 I 55' ' ' f X f 2 im., . W Q - wu- Q The Grcuclucztin' Grencadiers G. Bogumil J. Brown A. DeCinti 7 I 'QQ A s x S! 4 4 1 ',...,. 5. Lll, 5 4 Pg' Z4 MFA 49 f fi W J. Kufney J. Lockclvich A. Michoef J. O'Brien P. Picccrrefo R. Sirovinski D. Muinolfi J. Piccarreio F. Toole 75 W. Gabello J. Iorio V. Nurdone J. Neddoff B. Sudu A. Williams Qu.: 55" W rf' 'I W . 0 -, A Praise thee, dear old G. A. R." Cold, buf wha! a game! Af the Senior pep meefing. The Mcujorettes When the Saints come marching in, You'li wont to be in that number . . .led by our Majoreffes. P. L. C. A, J. L. P. D. Bassler, head Baumer Kendra Cole Rinko Schwartz Charles Mcfofferfy l The Cheerleaders ALL RIGHT GANG LET'S GO ...... the Cheerleaders will show the way Skipfunos, Reh Wosilefski Smalls Deeb Rlfzo Bean Eyerman Miss Ford, cdvlsar head cheer for fhe leum. A greuf bunch of girls. 77 IBASKETB LL 1957 SCORE CARD FIRST HALF GAR 50 Newport 37 49 Plymouth 73 35 Nanticoke 68 52 Coughlin 55 71 Meyers 58 64 Hanover 42 50 Kingston 68 SECOND HALF GAR 72 Newport 49 41 Plymouth 55 49 Nanticoke 72 58 Coughlin 55 53 Meyers 60 50 Hanover 52 49 Kingston 54 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM... First Row-J. O'Brien', F. Egidio, J. Mulvey', J. Iorio", F. Sypniewskif, A. Williamsf, A. Sfeinbergf. Second Row--F. Toole, Managery G. Albert, G. Lucas, A. Draht, L. Greenbergi D. Challis, Mr. Wasilewski, Coach. t' Lettermen. 78 JUNIOR VARSITY. . . First Row-J. Donnini, R. Evans, J. May, H. Mason, P. Iorio, Wm. Stets, Second Row-Mr. Palladino, Coach, J. Reno, T. Campisano, W. Stetz, F. Yencharis, Manager, C. Brennan Manager. It is always nice to look into the future especially when the prospects seem goocl. The Junior Varsity has shown great promise in their games this year, and we hope that they will continue the good work in the year ahead. The underclassmen have also shown excellent ability in intramural games. If these boys keep up the good work, GAR is sure to be high in the standings of the coming years. The sportsmanship put forth by these boys is more important than any high standing they may attain. Good luck to this swell group. Hearty congratulations also to Home Room 402 - Champions of Senior High intramurals. he boys of 402 - proud possessors of the Senior trophy. 7th and Sth grade home room champs 80 i l f WRESTLING... Sitting-T. Chipeleskif, A. Cibello', R. Solomon', C. Sparks, L. Ellis', Standing-Mr. Richards, Coachg P. Piccarreta', S. Jablowskif, J. Neddoff J. Fino? L. Tabit, J. Hosage', W. Dorkof. J. Bogumil", J. Kutney", J. Rowlandsf, J. Nardone, J. Piccarreta, U Lettermenl. Wrestling The Wrestling team under the coaching of Mr. Luther Richards has completed another successful season. This team won 9 out of ll meets, losing only to the two top teams of the Wyoming Valley Conference. Our team placed third in league competition scoring 325 points against their opponents 223. Three matmen from the squad capped City Championships. In the District 2 P.I.A.A. wrestling meet the squad produced one winner while two boys were runners up. Mr. Richards works hard with these boys to teach them wrestling and also sportsmanship and fair play. CITY CHAMPS-William Darko, Pete Piccarreta, Jim Neddofl. DISTRICT CHAMPS-Pete Piccarreta, Runners up Tom Chipele- ski, William Dorko. CTOPJ Pete Piccarreta practices with William Dorko ICENTERJ Bob Solomon on top. lBOTTOMl John Piccarreta hands out equipment. BASEBALL TEAM . . . First Row-S. Mcirkowski, mgr., L, Greenberg, A. Steinberg, F. Egiclio, A. Yankowski, A. Cibello, J. Nanorta, L. Zampetti. Williams, J. Kutney, S. Livingston, T. Finnigan, C. Curry, mgr. Second Row-J. Iorio, E. McDermott, J. Lucas, W. Stetz, D. Joseph Baseball 1957 The warm spring weather came and with it the popular GAR Baseball Team. The team had another wonderful season in compe- tition with Coughlin, Kingston, Meyers, Han- over and Wyoming Seminary. 1 Third Row-T. Michaels, S. Peters, J. Tredinnick, L. McDermott, W E. Ewasko, Mr. Smith, Coach. Mr. Smith briefs the battery. Al and Dibbie making like big leaguers. Coach Smith used to advantage his ex- perienced players along with some sur- prising newcomers to produce a smooth functioning ball club. 82 First row-P. Picccretta, W. Darko, J. Dancheck, J. Henry, A. DeCinti, J. Long, P. Petrillo, C. Sparks, A. Melnick, mgr. Second Row-R. Vigalone, mgr., F. Scarnulis, J. Rowlands, D. Challis, W. Tl1ey're off -- 5,279 feet to go. Spring brings Track Season too. Track is an individual sport, and each boy helps the team in doing his individual best. Mr. Thomas likes working with the boys and they enioy working under him. This combin- ation is vital to the strength of the team. Congratulations to the Track Team of 1957 for doing so well in their tough schedule. Walters, N. Smith, J. Blocker, J. Hosage, G. Alberts, A. Whitecavage. Third Row-T, Sadowski, mgr., R. Evans, J. Reno, G. Krizenoskas, F Sypniewski, A. Nardone, W.Cerski, E. Kennedy, R.Burditus, E. Hopkins, mgr Track 1957 Get set! Watch that gun, Mr. lgoe! GIRLS HOCKEY. ,. First Row-B. Ptashinski, L. Wuskell, F. Gallagher, E. Dudley, R. Gombu, Second Row-I. Thomas, E. Wuskell, M Davis, P. Perschuu, H. Ptushinski D. Minnich, M. Pugh, R. Salvage, A. Shortz. J. Hondo, D. Thiernun, C. Zambetti. X.. MIKKO- '- 'GMX Ap. , ,Lt X. RTE Girls' Hockeu The yeor's events on the Girls Hockey scene . . . the girls chose Bobs Ptoshinski and Toni Shortz cs co-captains, quite on honor . . . the team ployed its home gclmes in the "Dust Bowl" ot Miner Pork and also travelled widely - even os for os Clarks Summit . . . the seoson ended with o never-to-be-forgotten party ot the J.C.C., complete with swimming, compliments ol Miss Cutler. Miss Cutler, Coach, . me cs .ws , fm. M Florence to the rescue. Get fhqf lgqll, Toni 84. GIRLS BASKETBALL. . . First Row-H. Ptashinski, N. Patsko, M. Abraham, B. Ptashinski, Second Row-M. Hauer, D. Ford, R. Gamba, E. Harris, S. Zupka R. Salvage, F, Gallagher, R. Elgonitis, J. Hilburt. M. Latsko, E. Dudley, D Minnich, P. Perschau. Girls' Basketball The Girls' Basketball Team added St. Mary's to their former schedule of Meyers, Coughlin, Wyoming Seminary, Kingston and Clarks Summit . . . Dorothy, Bobs, Toni and Helen are taking lessons in hope of becoming referees . . . The season was climaxed by a first place team trophy in the annual foul shooting contest and a second place gold medal for Helen P. Please drop in! And away we go! Looking for a spot for their trophy. 85 SENIOR FRANK ABEND College Prep. Sr. Outing Committee. LARRY ALLEN College Prep. Class Night Committee, Blue 8. Gray 10, 11, 12, lArt Editor 121, Library 10, 11, 12, CPresident 121, Ceramic Club lPresi- dent 121, Student Council Nice-President 121, Usher 10, Snowflake Ball 12, Honor Society 10, Representative 10. FLORENCE BARBERIO Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Gift Committee, Shamrock Prom 12, Fancy Work Club 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. PEGGY BASSLER Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Outing, Bank Cashier 10, 11, Maiorette 10, 11, 12 lHead 121, Sr. Girls' Tea, Skating Party 11, 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 11, Jr. Outing, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Swimming Club 12. PATRICIA BEAN Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Homeroom Sec- retary 10, Representative 11, Cheerleader 10, 11, 12, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom 12, Sr. Skating Party, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Skating Party, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 10, Dramatic Club 11, 12, Fancywork Club 10, Cheerleaders' Dance 11, Sophomore Outing, Sophomore Skating Party, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. RAYMOND BEDWICK Commercial Announcement Committee, Representative 12, Usher 10, 11, Snowflake Ball, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Key Club 12, Student Council 12. IRENE BENISH Commercial Fancy Work Club 10, Y-Teens 11, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Sham- rock Prom 12, Jr. Outing, Class Song Committee, Bank Cashier 10, 11, Sr. Assembly Squad 11, Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JOSEPH BENNICK Commercial Homeroom Secretary 10, 12, Honor Society 12, Ushers 10, Key Club 12, Bank Cashier 11, Treasurer of Sr. Class, Blue 8- Gray 12, Finance Committee, Asst. Head Bank Cashier 12, Sr. Skating Party, Snowflake Ball 12. JOAN BERRINI Commercial Hall Patrol 11, 12, Chapel Librarian 10, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom, Skating Party 11, 12, Class Gift Com- mittee, Sophomore Hop, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. ROBERT BEVAN Academic General Hi-Y 10, Gift Comittee. MICHAEL BILSKI College Prep. Senior Outing Committee. 86 INDEX ANN BITTENBENDER Commercial Garchive 12, Gambol 12, Y-Teens 12, Announcement Com- mittee, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Swimming Club 12. GERALD BOGUMIL Vocational Senior Outing Committee, Representative 12, Lettermen's Club 11, 12, Wrestling 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Bank Cashier 11. ANN BOYLAN Academic General Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Chapel Librarian 10, Shamrock Prom, Sr. Girls' Tea, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Homeroom Secretary 10, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JOHN BROWN Vocational Senior Outing Committee, Football 10, 11, 12, Lettermen's Club 12. WILLIAM BROWN College Prep Sr. Band 10, 11, 12, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Bank Cashier 11, Key Club 12. LOIS BUSS Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Asst. Bank Cashier 10, Hall Patrol 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Outing, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 11, 12, Ceramic Club 12, Sophomore Hop, Swimming Club 12. CHARLES CALABRESE College Praia- Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Sr. Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Class Song Committee, Track 10, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Skating Party 11, 12, Brass Choir 10, 11, 12, Festivals 12, District Band and All Eastern United States Band 12. JUDY CHERE Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Sr. Assembly Squad 10, Shamrock Prom 12, Sr. Skating Party, Snowflake Ball, Jr. Skating Party, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. LOUIS CHIARUCCI Academic General Football 11, Outing Committee 12. STEPHEN cook Cammafalal Token Committee, Ceramic Club 10, 11, 12, Sr. Skating Party, Snowflake Ball 12, Football 10, 11, Track 10. ALLEN cooper Vacallaaal Senior Outing, Representative 11. MICHAEL CYWINSKI Outing Committee 12. JEROME DANCHECK Class Day Com., Sr. Band 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 12. RONALD DANIELS Sr. Outing Committee. Academic General College Prep. College Prep. SENIO ANTHONY DECINTI College Prep. Senior Band 10, 11, 127 Garchoir 10, 11, 127 Track 10, 11, 127 Football 11, 127 Blue 8. Gray 127 Home Room Secretary 127 Class Day Committee 112i Key Club 12. SALLY DECKER Commercial Class Night COmmll1eej Representative 107 Snowflake Ball 127 Shamrock Prom7 Sr. Girls' T667 Skating Party 11, 127 Chapel Librarian 10, 11, 127 Sophomore Hop7 Fancy Work Club 107 Sr. Girls' Club7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. ANTOINETTE DEDATO Academic General Sr. Girls' Club7 Class Song Committee7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Y-Teens 117 Fancywork Club 10. ANIS DEEB Commercial Key Club 127 Ceramic Club 127 Token Committee 12: Rep- resentative 107 Garchive 12. JOAN DEMMECK College Prep. Library 10, 11, 127 Garchive 10, 117 Blue 81 Gray 11, 127 Honor Society 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Club7 Class Day Com- mittee7 Jr. Sr. Prom 117 Representative 117 Asst. Represent- ative 127 Y-Teens 11, 127 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Gambol 117 Homeroom Secretary 107 Ushers 10, 11, 12 CHead 1217 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Swimming Club 12. PHYLLIS DOMER Academic General Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Sr. Girls' Club7 Gift Committee. STANLEY DONNELLY College Prep. Senior Outing Committee. BARBARA DOTTER Commercial Sr. Girls' Club7 Sr. Outing Committee7 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Skating Parties 11, 127 Snowflake Ball7 Jr. Outing7 Sopho- more HOP: Jr.-Sr. Prom7 Fancywork Club 127 Y-Teens 127 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Swimming Club 12. OLGA DRAHT Commercial Token Committee7 Snowflake Ball 127 Dramatic Club 11, 127 Ceramic Club 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Sr. Girls' Club7 Garchive 10, 117 Blue 81 Gray 10, 117 Gambol 10, 117 Shamrock Prom 12. PATRICIA EBERT Commercial Sr. Girls' Club7 Class Gift Committee7 Sr. Girls' Teal Sham- rock Prom 127 Y-Teens 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. BETTY ECKERT College Prep. Class Song Committee7 Sr. Chapel Librarian, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Garchoir 10, 11, 127 Fancywork Club 107 Sr. Girls' Teaf Sr. Girls' Club7 Swmming Club 12. BERNARD EICHORN Vocational Token Committee7 Bank Cashier 127 Garchive 12. LEO ELLIS Academic General Wrestling 121 Senior Outing. THEODORE ELLISON Vocational Outing Committee 12. 87 INDEX RUTH ESTOCK College Prep. Library 10, 11, 127 Y-Teens 11, 127 Announcement Com- mittee7 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Blue 81 Gray 107 Garchive 10, 11, 127 Ushers 117 Honor Society 10, 117 Sr. Chapel Librarian 107 Sr. Girls' Club. THERESA FARRIS Academic General Sr. Girls' Club7 Announcement Committee7 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Shamrock Prom 127 Fancy Work Club 107 Sr. Girls, Lunch- eon7 Skating Party 127 Swimming Club 12. PETER FINARELLI Academic General Token Committee7 Homeroom Secretary 107 Football 11. JUDY FINO Commercial Fancywork Club 107 Y-Teens 11, 127 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 127 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 117 Jr. Skating Party7 Bank Cashier 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Club7 Sr. Girls' Tea: Shamrock Prom7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Snowflake Ballf Class Night Committee. DOROTHY FORD Commercial Sr. Girls' Club7 Token Committee7 Homeroom Secretary 117 Homeroom Bank Cashier 127 Blue 81 Gray 10, 11, 12 CEditor 1217 Garchive 107 Gambol 107 Basketball 112i Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12 Nice President 1117 Ushers 10, 117 Library 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Snowflake Ball 127 Honor Society 10, 11, 127 Debating Club 11, 127 Y-Teens 10,11, 127 Sock Hop 117 Sr. Skating Party7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Yearbook Conference 12. SALLY MAY FRANKIE Academic General Chapel Librarian 10, 117 Sr. Girls' Club7 Class Gift Com- mittee7 Y-Teens 117 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JOHN FRANTZ Vocational Senior Outing Committee. WILLIAM GABELLO Academic General Bank Cashier 107 Football 10, 11, 127 Wrestling 10, 117 Track 107 Hi-Y 107 Homeroom Secretary 117 Lettermen's Club 11, 127 Outing Committee 11, 127 Representative 11. HELEN GEORGE Commercial Sr. Finance Committee7 Class Gift Committee7 Bank Cashier 10, 117 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 117 Sr. Girls Club7 Skating Party 11, 127 Snowflake Ball7 Sophomore Hop7 Y-Teens 117 Fancywork Club7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Swim- ming Club 12. FRANK GIALANELLA Vocational Senior Outing Committee. MARY ANN GIANUZZI Commercial Sr. Girls' Club7 Announcement Committee 127 Blue 81 Gray 10, 11, 127 Garchive 10, 117 Gambol 117 Ushers 10, 117 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 127 Garchoir 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Sr. Skating Party7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Honor Society 10, 11, 127 Y-Teens 11, 12f Sophomore Hop7 Junior-Senior Prom 117 Jr. Skating Party7 Senior Assembly 107 Lunch Checkers 11. SENIOR MARIE GIERACK Commercial Gift Committee, Bank Cashier 10, Shamrock Prom 12, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 11, Jr. Skating Party, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sr. Girls' Club. ROBERT GLOWACKI Commercial Gift Committee, Football 10, 11. TERESE GODISH Academic General Honor Society 10, Chapel Librarian 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Snowflake Ball, Class Gift Committee, Ceramic Club 12. DAVID GOODING College Prep. Token Committee, Marching Band 11, 12, Concert Band 11, 12, Dramatic Club 11, 12. FRED GRIBBLE College Prep. Token Committee, Ushers 10, Marching Band 10, 11, 12, Concert Band 10, 11, 12, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 10, Garchive 10, 11, Northeastern District Chorus Festival 12. ELIZABETH GRIFFITHS Commercial Class Night Committee, Ushers 11, Chapel Librarian 10, 12, Girls' Club, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Finance Committee, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. PATRICIA GRIGAITIS College Prep. Sr. Girls' Club, Token Committee, Assistant Representative 12, Representative 10, Blue 8. Gray 10, 11, 12, lFeature Editor 121, Garchive 10, 11, Grenadier Gambol 10, 11, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12, lPresident 121, Ushers 10, 11, 12, IHead Usher 121, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Sr. Assembly 10, Sophomore Hop, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. PATRICIA GRIVNER Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Girls' Tea, Y-Teens 11, 12, Fancy Work Club 10, Snowflake Ball 12, Class Night Committee, Skat- ing Party 11, 12, Shamrock Prom, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Chapel Librarian 11, Sophomore Hop, Swimming Club 12. EDWARD GRONSKI Academic General Hi-Y 10, Outing Committtee. CONCETTA GUGLIOTTI Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Announcement Committee, Chapel Librar- ian 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Swimming Club 12. JOHN HADVANCE Commercial Token Committee, Finance Committee, Representative 10, Skating Party 11, 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Outing, Sopho- more Hop. MARGARET HARLEY Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Sr. Assembly Squad 11, 12, Blue 81 Gray 11, 12, Hall Patrol 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Skating Party, Sr. Skating Party, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Fancywork Club 10, Dramatic Club 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. 88 INDEX MARIE HARRIS Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Song Committee, Sr. Girls' Tea, Fancywork Club 10, Basketball 10. FRANCES HAVLEY Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Token Committee, Shamrock Prom 12, Blue 81 Gray 10, 11, 12, Garchive 10, Ushers 10, 11, Library 10, 11, 12, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Debating Club 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Grenadier Gambol 10, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Swimming Club 12. ROBERT HENDLER College Prep. Key Club 12, Class Night Committee. FRANK HENRY Vocational Football 10, 11, Wrestling 10, Track 10, 11. JAMES HENRY College Prep. Track 10, 11, 12, Lettermen's Club 11, 12, Class Day Committee. EDWARD HOPKINS College Prep. Hi-Y 10, Class Night, Football Manager 10, 11, Track Manager 10, 11, Head Track Manager 12, Sr. Skating Party. WILLIAM HOSSAGE Vocational Announcement Committee 12. ELAINE HUGHEY Academic General Sr. Girls' Club, Class Song Committee, Sr. Assembly 10, 11, 12, Garchoir 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JANICE HUMPHREY Academic General Y-Teens 11, 12, Gift Committee, Shamrock Prom, Ceramic Club 12, Girls' Luncheon, Chapel Librarian 11. JOSEPH IORIO College Prep. Basketball 10, 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 12, Lettermen's Club 10, 11, 12, Homeroom Secretary 11, Class Night Committee, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Garchive 10, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Outing, Sophomore Hop, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Hi-Y 10. CORINE JACKSON Commercial Class Day Committee, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Club, Caf- eteria Cashier 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. LOIS ANNE JENKINS Commercial Sr. Girls' Club lVice-President1, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Class Night Committee, Skating Party 11, 12, Bank Cashier 11, Representative 10, Hall Patrol 11, 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Outing, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 11, 12, Fancy Work Club, Sophomore Hop, Shamrock Prom 12, Swimming Club 12. ALBERTA JOHNSON Academic General Class Night Committee, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Fancy Work Club 10, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Club. SENIOR INDEX SUSAN JONES College Prep. Garchive 12, Orchestra 12, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Sr. Dramatic Club 11, 12, Sr. Assembly 10, Sr. Finance Committee, Class Day Committee, Gambol 12, North East District Chorus Festival 12, Pa. All State Chorus 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls Luncheon, Ushers 11. HARRIET JOSEPH Commercial Sr. Girls' Club CPresident1, Class Night Committee, Home- room Secretary 10, 12, Asst. Representative 11, Blue 84 Gray 11, 12, Garchive 10, 11, Gambol 10, 11, Ushers 11, Library 10, 11, 12, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Skating Party 12, Sophomore Hop, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12. ALFRED KARALUS College Prep. Announcement Committee, Key Club 12. JANET KENNEDY Commercial Announcement Committee, Bank Cashier 10, 12, Senior Assembly 10, Blue 81 Gray 10, 11, 12, Garchive 10, 11, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sr. Girls' Club. RONALD KLAPOT Academic General Class Day Committee. FLORENCE KLOSKO Commercial Class Gift Committee, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom 12, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 11, Announcement Commit- tee, Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JAMES KOSTRAB Academic General Football 10, Gift Committee. JOHN KOURY College Prep. Class Song Committee, Sr. Band 10, 11, 12, Senior Or- chestra 10, 11, 12, Garchoir 12, Festivals 10, 11, 12. MARGARET KRATZ ' College Prep. Class Day Committee, Basketball 10, 11, Ushers 11, Library Club 10, 11, 12, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12 lVice-Presi- dent 121, Student Council 12, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Debating Club 11, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 11, 12, Blue 8x Gray 10, 11 Ur. Editor 111, Sock Hop 11, Garchive 10, 11, 12 lBusiness Manager 11, Editor 121, Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Girls' Tea, Y-Teen Summer Conference 10, Yearbook Conference 12, Swimming Club 12, Gambol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. SANDRA KRIST 1 Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Token Committee, Finance Committee, Bank Cashier 10, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Chapel Librarian 10, Sr. Girls' Tea, Skating Party 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Dramatic Club 11, Fancy Work 10, Swimming Club 12. GEORGE KRIZENOSKAS College Prep. Class Day Committee, Garchive 10, 11, 12, Gambol 10, 11, lChairman 121, Track 11, 12, Ushers 10, 11, Student Council CPresident 121, Garchoir 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Key Club 12, Dramatic Club 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Representative 11, Finance Committee. JEROME KUTNEY College Prep. Football 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Lettermen's Club 11, 12, Sr. Outing, Stage Crew 10, 11, 12, Finance Committee, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Skating Party 11, Debating Club 11, lPresident 111, Garchoir 12, Hi-Y 10. FRANK LETUKAS Vocational Outing Committee 12, Honor Society 10, Hi'Y 10. JOSEPH LOCKAVICH Academic General Class Night Committee, Football 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 11, Hi-Y 10, Track 10. FREDERICK LONG Academic General Class Song Committee, Sr. Band 10, 11, 12. FRANCIS LOUGHNANE Academic General Jr. Outing, Sr. Outing Committee, Skating Party 11, As- sistant Bank Cashier 11, Football 11, 12, Basketball 10, Jr. Sr. Prom 11. PATRICIA LYNN Commercial Announcement Committee, Sr. Skating Party, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Swimming Club 12. DOMINICK MAINOLFI Academic General Announcement Committee, Blue 8. Gray Printing Staff 10, 11, 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Baseball 11, 12. JOHN MARSHALL College Prep. Sr. Gift Committee, Asst. Representative 10, Wrestling 10, 11, Senior Band 10, 11, 12, Sr. Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Gar- choir 11, 12, Band Festival 11, 12. DOLORES McCAFFERTY College Prep. Maiorette 10, 11, 12, Token Committee, Sr. Girls' Club, Shamrock Prom, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sr. Girls' Tea, .lr-Sr. Prom 11, Skating Party 12. ALICE McGLYNN Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Sr. Assembly Squad 10, 12, Blue 81 Gray 11, 12, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Skating Party, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Skating Party, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Fancywork Club 10, Shamrock Prom 12, Blue 81 Gray Dance 11, Y-Teens 10, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. PATRICK McGLYNN Vocational Outing Committee 12, Hi-Y 10. SENIOR INDEX EUGENE MCGOVERN Academic General Outing Committee. JOSEPH MEHM Academic General Sr. Outing Committee7 Snowflake Ball 127 Ceramic Club 11, 12. FRANCIS MELF College Prep. Sr. Outing Committee7 Chapel Librarian 11, 127 Fancywork Club 107 Y-Teens 117 Sr. Girls' Club7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. ANTHONY MICHAEL Commercial Class Gift Committee7 Football 127 Wrestling 10, 11, 127 Track 10, 11, 127 Sr. Band 107 Skating Party 127 Snowflake Ball 12. ALFRED MICKOLICHIK Academic General Sr. Outing, Garchoir 12. ANTHONY MUSIAL Academic General Outing Committee. ROBERT MUSTICK Commercial Class Night Committee7 Bank Cashier 107 Basketball 107 Baseball 107 Skating Party 127 Snowflake Ball 12. VINCENT NARDONE Academic General Sr. Outing7 Football 10, 11, 127 Wrestling 117 Lettermen's Club 12. JAMES NEDDOFF College Prep. Class Night Committee7 Blue 81 Gray 127 Football 10, 11, 127 Wrestling 10, 11, 127 Track 10, 11, 127 Let'termen's Club 10, 11, 121 Stage Crew 10, 11, T21 Skating Party 11, 127 Snowflake Ball 127 Jr. Outing7 Debating Club 117 Key Club 127 Dramatic Club 11, 127 Hi-Y 10. JANET NUNES Commercial Y-Teens 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Club7 Class Gift Committee7 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Ceramic Club l2f Fancywork Club 107 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JOE O'BRIEN College Prep. Representative 10, 11, 127 Garchoir 127 Garchive 107 Snowflake Ball 127 Skating Party 11, 127 Finance Commit- tee7 Football 10, 11, 127 Basketball 10, 11, 127 Track 10, 11, 127 Lettermen's Club 11, 127 Jr. Outing7 Sophomore Hop7 Dramatic Club 117 Key Club 127 President of Senior Class7 Hi-Y 107 Jr.-Sr. Basketball 11. PHILOMENA OLENIAK Commercial Class Night Committee7 Homeroom Secretary 107 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Fancywork Club 107 Y-Teens 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Club7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Swimming Club 12. ANDREW PARTIKA Vocational Class Song Committee7 Hi-Y 10. ANTHONY PARULIS Vocational Announcement Committee T21 Sr. Band 10, 11, 112i Sr. Orchestra 10, 11, 12. JOAN PHILLIPS College Prep. Sr. Girls' Club7 Announcement Committee 127 Sr. Assembly 107 Sophomore Hop 107 Shamrock Prom 127 Y-Teens 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JOHN PICCARRETA Commercial Wrestling Manager 11, 127 Football Manager 127 Class Night Committee. PETER PICCARRETA College Prep. Class Night Committee7 Blue 81 Gray 127 Football 10, 11, 127 Wrestling 10,11, 127 Track 10, 11, 127 Lettermen's Club 10, 11, 127 Stage Crew 11, 121 Jr. Outing7 Assistant Bank Cashier 127 President Hi-Y 11. BARBARA PTASHINSKI College Prep. Y-Teens 117 Basketball 10, 11, 127 Sr. Assembly 10, 127 Hockey 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Club7 Announcement Com- mittee7 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 127 Shamrock Prom 127 Girls' Tea7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. DOROTHY QUATER Commercial Sr. Girls' Club7 Announcement Committee7 Homeroom Sec- retary 127 Garchive 10, 11, 127 Gambol 10, 11, 121 Ushers 117 Sr. Chapel Librarian 107 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Jr. Sr. Prom 117 Honor Society 10, 11, 127 Fancy Work Club 107 Y-Teens 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Luncheon. THOMAS REGULA Academic General Sr. Outing Committee. ANN REH Commercial Sr. Girls' Club7 Sr. Outing7 Chapel Librarian 117 Cheer- leader 10, 11, 127 Garchoir 10, 11, 127 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Skating Party 11, 127 Sophomore Hopp Y-Teens 127 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Swimming Club 12. JOSEPH REILLY College Prep. Football 117 Token Committee. BETTY SALVATERRA Commercial Hall Patrol 10, 11, 127 lVice-President 1217 Student Council 117 Garchoir 10, 11, T21 Festival 127 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Fancy- work Club 107 Y-Teens 10, 11, 127 lPresident 1217 Bank Cashier 117 Chapel Librarian 117 Class Night Committee7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Sr. Girls' Club7 Swimming Club 12. DIANE SAPORITO Commercial Class Day Committee 127 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 127 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 117 Snowflake Ball 127 Sr. Girls' Tea7 Ceramic Club 127 Skating Party 127 Girls' Club7 Sr. Girls' Luncheon7 Chapel Librarian 127 Fancywork Club 107 Shamrock Prom 12. ERNEST SCHMID Vocational Outing Committee 12. EDWARD SCHWAB College Prep. Honor Society 107 Wrestling 10, 117 Bank Cashier 11, 127 Class Night Committee. SENIOR LORRAINE SCOTT Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Token Committee, Ushers 11, Sr. Girls' Tea, Honor Society 10, 11, Fancywork Club 10, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. JEMIEL SHINER Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Hall Patrol 12, Garchoir 12, District Orches- tra 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Tea, Snowflake Ball 12, Sr. Skating Party, Sophomore Hop, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Secretary of Senior Class, Sr. Orchestra 10, 11, 12, Girls' Luncheon. ANTOINETTE SHORTZ College Prep. Blue 8- Gray 12, Sr. Girls' Club, Class Day Committee, Y-Teens 11, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, Hall Patrol 11, 12, Sr. Tea, Chapel Librarian 10, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Hockey 10, 11, 12, Ceramic Club 12, Shamrock Prom, Sr. Girls' Club, Swimming Club 12. DOLORES SINCAVAGE Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Representative 12, Assistant Bank Cashier 11, Bank Cashier 10, Blue 8x Gray 12, Ushers 10, 11, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. GEORGE SISCO Vocational Class Gift Committee. PATRICIA SKIPTUNAS College Prep. Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Usher 10, 11, Garchive 10, 11, 12 lBusiness Manager 121, Cheerleader 10, 11, 12 iHead 121, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Gambol 11, 12, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 11, 12, Hall Patrol 11, 12, Homeroom Secretary 10, Pep Hop 11, Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Class Day Committee, Sophomore Outing, Junior Outing, Skating Party 11, Basketball 10, Sophomore Hop, Yearbook Conference 12, Swimming Club 12. CHARLES SLEASE Academic General Class Song Committee, Band 10, 11, 12, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Festival 12, Dramatic Club 11. ANN SMALLS Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Representative 10, Hockey 10, Cheerleader 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom 12, Skating Party 11, 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Fancy- work Club 10, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 12, Ceramic Club 12, Girls' Luncheon, Swim- ming Club 12. JOAN SPAIDE College Prep. Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Shamrock Prom, Class Day Committee, Chapel Librarian 10, Sr. Girls' Club, Swimming Club 12. MARY ANN STANKIEWICZ Commercial Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Class Gift Committee, Sr. Girls' Club, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12, Fancywork Club 10, Skating Party 11, 12. INDEX KATHARINE STEININGER Academic General Sr. Girls' Club, Sr. Outing, Shamrock Prom, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. IRENE STELMACK Commercial Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sr. Girls' Club, Token Committee, As- sistant Bank Cashier 10, Bank Cashier 11, 12, Blue 81 Gray 10, 11, 12, Garchive 11, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12, Ushers 10, 11, Library 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 11, Ceramic Club 12, Basketball 10. ROBERT STRAVINSKI College Prep. Class Night Committee, Finance Committee, Representative 10, Football 12, Baseball 11, 12, Stage Crew 10, 11, 12, Garchoir 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Skating Party 11, Debating Club 11, Dramatic Club 11, 12. ROBERT STUCKER College Prep. Announcement Committee, Ushers 10, Garchive 12. BERNARD SUDA College Prep. Sr. Outing Committee, Blue 81 Gray 12, Football 10, 11, 12, Wrestling 10, 11, Track 10, Lettermans Club 10, 11, 12, Bank Cashier 11, Jr. Outing, Key Club 12, Representa- tive 12, Student Council 12. FRANK SYPNIEWSKI College Prep. Class Night Committee, Homeroom Secretary 10, 12, Basketball 10, 12, Wrestling 11, Usher 10, 11, Snowflake Boll 12, Honor Society 10, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Baseball 12. LORETTA TARUTIS College Prep. Sr. Girls' Club, Class Day Committee, Garchive 12, Grena- dier Gambol 12, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12, Ushers 11, Sr. Chapel Librarian 10, 11, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Shamrock Prom 12, Sophomore Hop, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Fancy- work Club 10, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. ANNMARIE TONREY Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Token Committee 12, Bank Cashier 10, 12, Representative 11, Blue 8g Gray 10, 11, 12, Garchive 10, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12 fCaptain 121, Library 10, 11, 12, Sr. Assembly 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Skating Party, Jr. Outing, Jr. Skating Party, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Blue 8t Gray Dance 11, Sophomore Dance, Fancywork Club 10, Gambol 10, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. FRED TOOLE College Prep. Class Day Committee, Assistant Bank Cashier 12, Football Manager 10, 11, 12, Basketball Manager 10, 11, 12, Ushers 10, 11, Honor Society 10, 11. GERALDINE ULEWICZ Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Token Committee, Sr. Girls' Tea, Ceramic Club 12, Garchive 10, 11, 12, Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12, Jr.- Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 11, 12, Gambol 10,11, 12, Honor Society 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. S E N I O R DOROTHY URBAN Academic General Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sr. Girls' Club, Gift Committee. WILLIAM VALENTUKONIS Academic General Senior Hi-Y 10. VIRGINIA VALERIUS College Prep. Sr. Girls' Club, Class Day Committee, Representative 11, Assistant Bank Cashier 10, Sr. Assembly Squad 10, 11, 12, Ushers 11, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Debating Club 11, 12. ' Academic General EDWARD VAN WHY Token Committee. SALVATORE VASILE Academic General Class Gift Committee, Assistant Bank Cashier 11, Skating Party 12, Track 12. MICHAEL VESEK Vocational Class Day Committee 12, Representative 10. MORRIS VILENSKY College Prep. Token Committee, Homeroom Secretary 11, Key Club 12, Dramatic Club 11, 12. MARY TERESA VINCENTI Academic General Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Sr. Assembly Squad 10, 11, 12, Blue 8K Gray 10, 11, 12 CCirculation Manager 121, Blue 81 Gray Dance 11, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom 12, Sr. Skating Party, Snow- flake Ball 12, Skating Party, Jr. Outing, Sophomore Hop, Jr.-Sr. Prom 11, Y-Teens 10, Girls' Luncheon. , MICHAEL VINO Academic General Sr. Outing Committee, Skating Party 11, 12, Jr. Outing Committee, Sophomore Outing, Sophomore Hop, Sadie Hawkin's Day Committee 12. NORMAN WASHICK Vocational Outing Committee 12. WILLIAM WATKINS Academic General Baseball 10, 11, 12, Assistant Representative 10, Senior Outing Committee. EUGENE WEBER Academic General Garchive 12, Grenadier Gambol 12, Ceramic Club 11, 12, Dramatic Club 11, Hi-Y 10. GRACE WEBER Commercial Class Night Committee, Shamrock Prom 12, Skating Party 11, Fancywork Club 10, Chapel Librarian 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sr. Girls' Club, Swimming Club 12. 92 INDEX SONDRA WEINSTOCK College Prep. Sr. Girls' Club, Class Night Committee, Library Club 10, 11, 12, Sr. Orchestra 10, Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Blue 84 Gray 10, 11, 12, Garchive 10, 11, Grenadier Gambol 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sophomore Hop, Dramatic Club 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. BARBARA WHITECAVAGE Commercial Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Club, Class Day Com- mittee, Bank Cashier 11, Garchive 12 IHead Typistj 12, Gambol 12, Ushers 11, Library Club 11, 12, Sr. Chapel Librarian 11, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Sophomore Outing, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sophomore Hop, Jr. Swing, Yearbook Con- ference 12, Swimming Club 12. LOIS WHITECAVAGE Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Day Committee, Garchive 12, Gambol 12, Library 11, 12, Sr. Skating Party 12, Fancywork Club 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Dramatic Club 11, 12, Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Sophomore Hop, Swim- ming Club 12. NORMAN WIELGOSZ Vocational Hi-Y 10, Bank Cashier 11, Token Committee 12. ALBERT WILLIAMS College Prep. Sr. Outing Committee, Representative 11, Homeroom Sec- retary 12, Gambol 11, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Football 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12, Lettermen's Club 12, Sr. Band 10, 11, 12, Snowflake Ball 12, Skating Party 11, Jr. Outing, Jr. Sr. Prom 11, Key Club 12, Garchoir 10, 11, 12. CAROL WILLS Commercial Sr. Girls' Club, Class Song Committee, Ushers 10, 11, Li- brary 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 11,Garchoir 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Tea, Shamrock Prom 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon. VALAIDA WYNNE Commercial Garchoir 10, 11, 12, Blue and Gray 12, Sr. Girls' Cub, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Class Night Committee. WALTER YOUNG Academic General Token Committee. JOSEPH YUSKA College Prep. Vice-President of Senior Class, Homeroom Secretary 11, Garchive 12, Gambol 12, Usher 10, 11, 12, Head Usher 12, Debating Club 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12. SALLY ZUPKA College Prep. Basketball 10, 11, 12, Hockey 10, Sr. Girls' Club, Class Day Committe, Assistant Representative 12, Garchive 12, Gambol 12, Yearbook Conference 12, Library Club 11, 12, Ushers 11, Sr. Girls' Tea, Sophomore Hop, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens 11, 12, Sr. Girls' Luncheon, Swimming Club 12. Ap! : .fv ,gf ' - ,fl-f K La l'V,.,a. H, ffl ' . . . , . ,nl lf' ,f AU15 , "L w? eW1J59+3Q-gkiaphs as A ggi? UU 5 , WJ QW my My Qliwgf YD ew jf' f i RWM? pkw fm! ' W- ' . ?g?,q.l 1 1 x. ' Qiiiifgfm 242102 ii , Pf , WW!! 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