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G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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-+v', 95- .,-W 1 S hwsasnwl ,M ,M 4s....a.. EFA 4, gi? 2 g ggi, 2 5 gig! 7' -me T '21- 9, er. .Q .Mr .. . f .::4:a:, .... f ,.:.::.:,.::::: . -: 'wx' V. Y r 15 3 1 3 if w fr S Q T4 E S W' bm... Af wi Sv .Q i E vw Wf- .,v,4....,q., 4 fx iw. . .V., a A' W: 'x ,,ly.'T,f sxxk x 15 " 5?-2Wh'wYw x ? ff 'V' i X .. -.xx 1 X W X N. 5 QU' 3 J M QV W RJWXMG gxk-9" Y M A705065 ., 1498 5f05'Q'L.Q'e' XO W? yEKY55y My x X WM ggi fx3?1':f ,gi Qffw iff! 'W My WM 3 Q fix Q S N WJ QJZZZMJ EAQXNMYMY QL Av XM io WMM NN1955 QV QQ' GANBNI E mfg BNN.: iff? 46 G.A.R.HIGHSCHUUL ' ,N NILKES-BANNE, PENNSYLVANIA 1 :sy . lj n-13 wYQ.!f4Qfa av-'S3W',:,'-in -kt-:K J, Q K X, Q , W. H :v:: , In ik .:,.: 2 ,,:::,E '.:. , wxsw fy Wm New " 9? T5 4 A? QQKBWWY' , I Q KN, fr A- , L C L VK , . , Lffh IIUNTENTS CLASSES ACI IVITIES A1 HLFTICS lNDl:X CQ! v",., N 2? 4-..- WS ff X ' xfvxfxfamgg, r .lx www! M fm Wm-fwx ' LM' ' .SQA M Q RSA 1- M Nw W Qiiiiwmgi T-J' , x- . NWN Lk .MQNWK hqwmw W"lns-'MM Mil ,-mqs ww! .M H fx 4,1 K if , . W . 5 W 'W X Q55 1 K ' W ,fx :f X gig- - , S '9-. . w - U 'iw , - ww .gagging Akgw"'.-'QEY.. V , Y" x ff' ': K X,-A mi ke 1 f Q ,axylix - W5 ' J f ' X WW S.: ,Sm QL - -i ,W M . -ff. g f naw ,A -1 1 ff -NUM-13, . 3 A 1 .mfakzww 'fm E 3' 1 V vm, 5 Q aa '-- . Y X V - x3 -Q , Nr- x 3 , K - 'W - 96-,M f " A' -is: 'T' ,. N". :4 Xjmxwyaggt . A .W W fi' M 6:5 41 an x G Nw' V W wt 'W i'XNf.' f- kw,yQ"f , .iwf ' M 4' Ek! ,. - I ch , I v. , , qu., ff .gf x IQ: 'Qi 22-"'4'ff' ,Q .X . ww .f ix . 4 - ag in -, If M . if ' A 'xv -. gf auf X '35 My , M- f'xf,'1w ., X " wf -A w.g'f ' . I , as .N -V 1 ,di Q L ry K . - ,-"fi N Y in 4-'ff W. L'Z:,3 4 wg-i'.f,"?' 37415 5 ' K4 A .ah . Q. H Q' Jeff' 2173, Q s my A MW If XX I7 I xblgo Y YN I 1 . X, I I A fx fi 'IA NY X A f - ' ' - ,I , Ill , Y ix " ' ll .., ,I 3 'grlgxxs A 1 h "' W ' X NX I ' 3.5. X xil V, .d-- 1- I ,I Q Q if -L X 3 4 If f "jx If fi K If 9 'N , A 9 I AUMINISTRATIUN .. BOARD OF EDUCATION SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL OFFICF FORCE 5 DIVISION CHIEF The city of Wilkes-Barre extends a most cordial welcome to Dr. john Lumley, Superintendent of Schools. Thorough by training and background, competent by experience and study, Dr. Lumley brings a wealth of material to the school system. Under his guidance and direction progress continues to be made in a most effective manner. AIIMINISTRATIUN DR. JOHN M. LUMLEY Superintendent of Scboolx TRAFFIC CONTROL Providing the finest in trained personnel and equipment along with maintaining constant vigil- ance over the entire system is the responsibility of this highly esteemed group of public citizens. Hav- ing accepted the task of assuring the public the finest in education these individuals have devoted their time and effort to make academic achieve- ment a reality. SCHOOL BOARD SealedfDr. J. Valenti, R. Gloman, C. Smith, L. jones. Standinggj. Gallagher, B. Cohen, H. Gilman, M. Hughes, J. De Vizia. LINE SUPERVISOR The direct responsibility for the success of our Academic Special lies with Mr. Victor Baiz, princi- pal at G. A. R. High School. Competent by training and experience combined with expert handling of the many problems involved have made it possible for a most successful and pleasant trip. The passen- gers will long be indebted to him for a most re- warding journey. rim MR. WALTER WOOD Axxixlaut Principal l MR. VICTOR BAIZ Principal - Z y P . N IWW f T' e bes, records and schedules provide the basis for any smooth organization. Operation of the various networks would be impossible without the efficient and capable manner in which they are maintained. Traffic problems and individual needs are given prompt attention which assures delight- ful traveling in an air of Congeniality and friendship MABEL BRENNAN MALVA HOWE MARY MCANIFF Svuelary Secretary Direflnr of Artiritiv x . 'Bt 7 0 'Of' lrv 4 lg 6 ,rn.fJN'AZ MEN'S FACULTY Firxt Rau'-J. A. Igoe, R. Chesney, C. Wasilewski, G. Schappert, V. F. Baiz, W. C. Wood. J. W. Bartish, G. E. Highriter, W. D. Jones, V. E. Dobb. Second Rau'--R. Miller, R. Thomas, F. P. Wentzel, J. Steinhauer, J. Saricks, T. Park, R. Ayre, C. Romig. Third Rau'-H. Field, E. Cobleigh, W. Maguire, K. Smith. CUNDUETURS MEN 'S FACULTY Assuring the passengers of a successful academic trip as our train moves forward is the responsibility of this group of highly trained specialists. Their energetic approach to the many problems encount- ered and constant supervision of their passengers assures a most successful educational journey all those on the passenger list. 'W :HQ fs ww' ,gi 14: Qi 5 ws W ' A'e? if wg is mi , K 1 ki f if 353' if A wi , , N ' it 9? A V X yi Ni ,Ami S X . 5 v Y? 1 kk 5 Y 7 gg' if sm Ill ur -ur -.ax ,Q x K A pi ,W R. ,,,wiy ,hdk N Ykkgffv f' M A ' r OX lgbv 0 f- K X!! ELASSES.U SENIORS UNDE if WW 'c-rsi ,WW f Ju ANDIARIO This jovial senior who is pleasant, tall and we1l-groom- ed always has a smile for everyone. He enioys fishing, sports and spaghetti. Work- intg around cars takes up most o his time. His future plans are indefinite. 12 President RALPH F IN O ,lfiifyfmlffi , 4Sec YI -x My P G E V i 5 Tre urer ' ' . . we MA IN . QWQVW l- 1. , U' . u , N 4- X mx ' ' A N VA L .N- X ' - N ' x , .1 . .. .. 1 J twvs-bxjiM" . . ' X V ' fu - cg f X ft .fkffq ,l - X , Alma Maxler tr' t' - "if - 019-Avlis' , 1,2- A X - V X if WX r I N ,wr o PEGGY BARTNICK P sso ' Vw ' SU- QA. WA Mar 1 ' a s all i ' Peg is an attractive girl with dark hair and eyes Where the rippling Susquehanna, F green -eye e. He light brown hair and pretty des ibes Paul. Pau who N smile and - onal- blue eyes. She has fun wher- wa mber Color M ity are so e of r c racter- ever she is, especially when ard of our , . d . ' ' istics. Mar eni ing and she is swimming or farmer t n e n ' ca . is Ciefltly, slowly Wln S IIS Way C eating while e di ikes con- dancing. Her future plans in- su e a s ccess'm what- K reited penpl Aft r grnduu- clude working as a secretary. Q r e undertakes. "0" Ma' plans 'O become K' Stands our dear old Alma Mater, SCCFUUIFY. FRANK BAUER Frank, one of the tall quiet boys of the senior class has a good sense of humor. His likes are sport cars, hillbilly music and playing his guitar. He plans to join the Air Force. fA AMES BELARDINELLI Tal, good-looking and fun loving best describe Bardo. He enjoys hunting, fishing cowboy music. Bardo re- automobiles as a hobby. are he will become mechanic in the Stands forever and for aye. Loyal sons and daughters greet thee, Greet thee, dear old G.A.R. When we sing our lifes last message Sweetest on our lips will be, Memories of our days in high school, Days that live so rich and free. Loyal sons and daughters praise thee, Praise thee, dear old G.A.R. SENIUR ELASS 1956 GLORIA BOCKOXVSKI Short, grey eyes, and blonde hair is Dutch. She has a keen interest in skating and horses, while she abhores gossiping. As a hobby Dutch enjoys horseback - riding immensely. Her future career includes nursing. cAi1uso, ARMAND - carefree and gm of fun de- scribes this ,se ior. His witty remarks brighten the clas9- rooms that he is in. Among "the Bandits' likes are, Ital- iap food and good music: he dislikes c nceited eo le. Fu- 9 P .P ture plans includevrcollege. UPAS few Tall s e operator. MERLE COHEN Always ready with a joke is this carefree, senior. Merle'x fun loving personality and a- bility to get along with people made her a host of friends. We wish her luck in all she undertakes. J X. l Inj, xjwj HOWAXRD lCX5STERl.INE Frie wi,-jquiiet and I U onal ity, distgti very inte ested biles. We rgtsdr a great success in likegi, ith a wo T . es 3 e 'Bud BARBARA BRYCE red hair, with a everyone best de- Babr. Her charming personality and sense of hu- and will have won her many prove an as- making her career as secretary successful. MARY CATRINO ashmg Eyes a sparkling mile and a winning person- arty has made Mary a fav- orite among her classmates. ith her pleasant disposition and ability to make friends e is sure to be teacher 14 successful as S SENIOR CLASS 1956 TH ERESA CH IAVACCI Quiet, intelligent, and full of fun is Terry. Included in her many interests are dancing and sports. She makes a won- derful companion. Het favor- ite hobby is record collecting. She plans to become a book- keeper. U G.A.R. HIGH SEHUB vb! x 4 WIN NANCY LONAHAN A Cute girl with a friendly disposition best describes Nanfy. Pizza and movies rate especially high with this sen- ior. Her pleasing personality will be a great asset in her future plans to become a secretary. FDXVARD CUPINSKI My Wzirm iles ant ov A pleasing disposition and a lJl i I ' f - - ing sen. of humor ar char- acteristi nf llvinnie whose likes ar skating. dan ing and eating good food. Her friend- ly disposition and good looks will surely bring her success as u secretary. l l N U S an is ' u et! reserved gli N iss wit brt hair and U h own - 's. A ng her likes a ' I' ' g a L eatin while he ikes neude ceit- ed ple. S, e a e t e im wil u "e as a ret . friendly smile for everyone makes lid rate high amongx. his fellow students. He enioys sports and good food and also mingling with people. As to his future plans, he is undecided. MARIAM DECKER Here is another of our good- looking senior girls. Mnriam is nf medium height with iet black hair and hlue eyes. She loves dancing and going to parties. Her future includes going to college. Quitt onality He enjoys music. He membered his friendly his fellow ture plans are pers- best. MARIE ANN QEDATO Mhie, a, "Vaci sgfrl with dank luzirlgud tires. is ioyful at erll imesi A fewlgf her interests are,-daheingr ood and Math while shegen' s sports. ish a hobby, MarieA's future is undecigletk - t . , f ,-. 15 J l I JANICE COOK anice is another good-look- ng lass from G.A.R. Al- hough she is shy and quiet. she is liked b ever one She l ' Y Y - oves dancing and attending football games. We know S he'll be great in the busi- ness world. UL V 1 ak .. 1 - - ts , . S' I- K L ilsrvmzuj DEITllICK lie:-, stalls kgo -looking wi h ggowmlahr Zgfdne of thiti rts min ,edL girls at G. . . Y u'll always find lieu with Q sympathetic ear antlf shtadp smiles Her fu- ture! lansx lncliidfuxiqrsing. 7 . U ,V L V -1 JOSEPH COONEY Tall fun-loving and well- liked by everyone is joe. His likes include sports cars, pop- ular music and good food. 1oe's plans for the future in- clude ioining the Navy making jareer yt of it. f b N WJ for f i f X become a 47 Ng ANN DENNI I H Ann Nhas xhair, h l eyes and a sense of mor. She music d good food. of sp s has nyade 'Xthe girls' N, tc N i. L MX Xl MARTHA DUDLY Martha is full of vim, vigor and vitality. She likes all sports, but basketball and swimming are her favorites. She plans to further this in- terest by maioring in Phys- ical Education at E. Strouds- burg State Teachers,Colleg-6? 'N-zfl 'I U , bf' QV . J JU A. Tw blog ul'4 mir es ut pyeople. jul success in she u dertakes. EDITH DUNBAR Edie is one of our cute ma- jorettes although diminutive in size she's along with the best of them. Edie enjoys dancing and making friends. Her future plans are un- decided, Good luck in what- ever you decide. EYET I best can when, not JOHN DOUGHERTY F ibndly and fun-loving, jake Cin always provide humor in any situation. Always well- g omed jake has many in- ter sts but at the top are s rts and good hill-billy music. jake plans to be a IOI. u Friendly big smiles and a sense of humor have him pop- ular with everyone. john? good nature and his ability to get along with people will aid him much in his future at college. EDITH FARLEY KShort and sweet is an old phrase that can best be used to describe Edie. Her warm and pleasant personality has ular music. he Klans where he major teaching.. f l won her rnany life-long friends. She is bound to suc- ceed as a telephone operator. DOLORES DOURAND Attractive, friendly and a pleasing personality best de- scribes De, one of our pretty majorettes. De's hobbies are painting and dancing. With her desire to help others, we are sure she will succeed as a secretary. ERMISH ' Always laugxhingkand of fun describe Vin. S e likes swimming, football games and eating, but dis- likes conceited people. Viv is sure to make a very attrac- tive, neat and successful air- line hostess. SENIUR CLASS 1956 L AI. FENIMORE Tall, well-groomed, friendly describes this popular senior. Among 'Al's" likes are cars and girls. Al is liked by everyone. Upon graduation he plans to join the Air Force. JOSEPH GAGLIARDI Quiet, good looking, intelli- gent and a great personality describes Joe to a "T". He plans to become a profession- al baseball player. With his high scholastic record he will surely he a success in the future. G.A.R. HIGH SCHUUL JOAN FERRY Joan is an energetic girl with a terrific personality and a sense of humor to match. She enioys good food, skat- ing and driving a car. We're sure she will succeed in her career as a secretary. XV COITIC il RALPH FINO Energetic. jolly and industri- ous describes Ralph. His likes are playing his base, eating pizza and listening to music. He's full of fun and laughter. He has a good sense of humor. Ralph plans to attend col- lege. DELMORE GEORGE and loads of fun Delly to a include people, good and sports. After grad- Delly'x" plans in- Air Force, where study radio and tele- work. X E PEGGY FUGE "Pe'gKJ"'- of our very efficient maiorettes, is very and has beauti- ful brown Her person- ality is and she is well-liked classmates. '4Peg" to engage in work. ROBERT GIBBON Here is another of our tall, good-looking senior boys. "Bob", who you saw leading our band this year, enioys eating pizza and watching football games. Bob is sure to be a success in college. JOAN This gay-spirited, witty girl has a pleasing personality and a delightful sense of humor. "joanie" enjoys popular tunes and eating. After graduation 4'Joanie" plans to engage in secretarial work. MICHAEL GORHAM Tall, good-looking with fine athletic ability fits Big Mike to a Mike has been successful in sports and makes them his hobby. With his fine ability we are sure he will he successful in college. 17 MAS ' 'om", 1 EDWARD FURMAN A lover of wine, women and good music is who likes sports and the band. He can always be found among his many friends by his witty re- marks. Future plans include the Air Force. MAR L Qui and v y jg tha? a s ile fo y- cribes "M y. She a pleas' rsonality. m vo te past' are ing d a , 5 -4Mary"- plans to b e . beautician. . X352 ga . After gra ation BET Y GROHOWSKI Gay-spirited, very pretty and popular "Betty" possesses an attractive smile and a grand sense-of-humor. She lists dancing and eating as her favorite pastimes. With her friendliness she will become a successful wave. M tx, l X xl GUBITOSE with dark brown hair 'S our friend- boys. He all kinds entertain- re plans in- eyes 1 hough uiet-mannered, Shir- ey sses a sparkling sense Y .1 l Y JACKSON ofx r and a friendly 'ty. She is fond of dislike is conceited yf'p ple Shirley will become a eau ician. l . P S t dogs and music. 5 KH JL , 2153. WW , .LQ JANE HOCKE URY Petite, blonde and very cute, best describes this quiet-man- nered senior. "Hack" has a friendly disposition and sweet personality. Her likes include pizza, coke and popu- lar records. Jane plans to be- come a telephone operator. HEAND JOHNS Tall, poised, with black hair and brown eyes best describes this attractive senior. "He- and" not only possesses a good sense of humor but a pleasing personality as well. Her future plans include go- ing to college. 5 best. ROBERT JOLLY Full of fun and laughter de- scribes this carefree senior. "Slim" enjoys sports, food and good music. His favorite subject is chemistry. He plans to be a State Policeman after he returns from the Armed forces. 18 LIU., , vvwv- ufvvv- -D--Ulrvvv' muh RAYMOND HERSTEK Friendly, good-looking and well-liked, best describes "Ray". His likes are music, sports, and dramatics while conceited people do not rate with this senior. "Ray'r" plans for the future include becoming a journalist. Mba excels Her SENIUR CLASS 1956 , myj-4, S sEPi0-3' IE , " is a ,f' uckyf fel w H or iz any auto 1 . "Lopez" -xg ,-- good nse of humor lg. 1 '1 upon raduation he in ds to ioi the Army or ir Force. STEVE KAMINSKI That good-looking guy with the light brown hair, blue eyes, and stunning clothes is 4'Sle1fe", All sports rate high with Steve who also enjoys good food and fun. He plans to become a Merchant Mar- ine. G.A.R. HIGH CHUUL V WAYNE K NNAJY "l fnynen. a good-looking senior will always be re- membered for his excellent singing ability and wonder- ful personality. musif, all sports and pizza while cnnceited people rate law, llis fixture ambition is joining the Navy. lle likes lRlENli dis- very She music. good airline ag lm ROBERT KATYL Good-looking, with a pleasant smile and happy personality is Bob, one of our popular band members. "Ki!ler'x" hobbies are repairing tele- vision sets and tinkering with cars. His future, will tal-te in the engineering held at col- lege. f I ,6,nZAnD K LLY "Le ' I a goo king lad wi lgeiylzy , and short bro ill'. Playing pool brings him pleasure along with playing or watching sports. His liking of out- door life will help him in his chosen occupation of forestry. gig jx, gf MARY KENDRA Good things come in small packages best describes Mary. Whitt she lacks in stature she makes up for ability and ambition. Her future plans include nursing and we know she'll be a great success. FRA IS 'IW 01. M ie rv y ' ' l l ' ' e e l ' . l ' a ' p , . G l an u r mu I makes im ' py. w in ' - areot' ' K k , to a l- . HELEN PATSY KESSLIER Quiet nlannered petite and a very friendly smile for one best describes '4PuI'x" likes include food popular music and sports. She plans to the XVomen's Army Corps. M I 1 , poiset a o u ar 1 aa!-5 -- .Away - or eve ne. There IS HCVCI' ll ent W this fu seniorwi around. er in ' 's will prove n what- ever she u ra es MARY ANN KRUSHIN "Krusby" is a gay spirited gal with a grand sense of humor. Among her likes are pizza and cokes. With her sparkling personality, we are sure '4Krusby" will succeed in her future plans as a sec- retary. BERNARD LEHRMAN sn Tall, dark, and handsome bestZ describe Bernie better known as the "Czar.". He is well liked and admired by class- mates and friends. After graduation his plans for the future include the service. l9 fe tpevwak 7 i 0 7 T flfuf' -Q03 . 441645. Lam vp x,Bloride, Chee .f I EWIS Freddy is one of those happy go lucky chaps with hardly any cares in the world attractive nse of humor Glady. DONALD LOFTUS of our outstanding ath- Duke who possesses a reputation in sports en- He is tall good looking and to be with. good food and relaxa- always smiling He enloys sports and popular music. He plans to join the Navy. 0 head iiEl0l'l hostess ISK ou also TU IV 4, lf l. L af 5- X' .JV gf ' 'j X' JOAN MAL 0 SKI U 'and pleasirig oanie Am ' -to b with i . g pizz ot- her Ehies are ball. gamess, fr dly manner a d uick ile should a luable as t in furtlmfing er desire become a nurse. lf' I JOSEPH LYNCH deavors. X KQBERT MANGOLD EUGENE f our very After to be as his hobby. He plans to enter college where he will be a definite success. MAGDA good-looking, de- Gene is well- a member of the and has a a friend friendly senior likes sports, and his car. drum with are s. naut will all MAS Tall ood-lookin and cate i quiet- an IS i 8 8 ' free are adiectives that de- scribe one of the friendliest boys of the senior class. Bob who loves roller-skating, and all types of sports, is sure to succeed in the army. opular and Herb is a goo rtist and BE iixh i I .1 - ne i , . makes . ya nk company. ture plans rates hi among his fellow students. His likes are auto- mobiles and good food. Fu- include college. sure to suc- chosen field. ROBERT MARTIN Bob is another of our tall, smart, good-looking senior boys. Bob's favorite hobby is eating pizza and going to dances. His future plans in- clude college and we want to wish him the best of luck. 20 Tom will bered and remem- smile mong good music car. Air Force Tom a wel- come recruit he finishes school. 4 ALOYSIUS MALEE Al can be found in the midst of his many friends, spread- ing laughter and joy to every- one His likes include movies and Italian food. Al'.v future plans include some branch of the armed service. SENIUR CLASS 1956 JAMES MARYANSKI Tall, modest, well-groomed and good-looking describes jim. He is an outdoor fellow and his interests center round hunting and hshing lle enioys popular music and associating with people. He is undecided about his future plans. L ll' FL HIGH SCHUUL I0 GFORGF MATTA Blonde ood-lookin an - H H well-groomed best describes George. He is interested in all sports and is especially keen nn baseball. George's future plans include going in- to one of the branches of the Armed Forces. ll FC DOI 1'5" 1 very THOMAS MERLIE Tall, good-looking and well- dressed describes Tray. His carefree ways and athletic a- bilities have won him the admiration of many. 'Fray plans to further his football career at college where he surely will attain achieve- ment. LOIS MILLER lue eyes. blonde hair and personality des- good She is one of our pretty senior girls. Dane- and popular music are her likes while her RUTH ROBERT MORAN come a nurse ltion plans are to become a . ,il 3 .Jr f " 1 i Xi, A if in - 1 - ' ix tiff in efnmssi? 'trefrte full of fun and well ferry ' oiderful -guy La . ..' C . dressed describes Sid to a with n excell tlfnse of person. humo Sid enjoys riding in his car and flirting with girls. iii . and e euy Sezlilltg He is a very likeable his in ll ' hnce. Sid'x future plans are pergonal y he ea the Air Force. but succe'd in QIIICHIDISN 21 I .I Q I. ,ff .f MURRAY air, pretty and as as they come de- Elaine. Music and rate high on her list Her sincere person- and ability to get along people are admired by ANTOINETTE OLIVIERI Friendly smiles and words for made Anny Her happy attitude toward certain to help her to suc- ceed in career as an office worker. 3l'E con- and home him the best chosen field. KQV' . 1 ! ELORENQE NAVITSIQZY Tall: blonde with blue eyesi describes this g dd-looking lass from 40 Mae hasgkeb uniqjie abil' ,maki f er- manentdgnends. Alggough good-lp ing, sh '-is smart and we.k'ho e'll he a success in Coll . J H GERALD POPECK jerry is smiling, cheerful and full of fun. Playing a trump- et, is his main hobby. Among his likes are food, music and sports. After graduation he nlans to study engineering. We wish him great success. GERALDINE Gay and always ready with a smile, Gerry is one of our fun-loving girls. She likes sports of all types which made her a member of the Hockey team. Gerry plans to be an anesthetist. ACR JOHN OWENS ROSE OLDZIEJEWSKI Rosie, blonde and very cute with a friendly smile for everyone, is sure to go far. Her likes include dancing, swimming and good food. Rosielv intelligence and de- pendability will aid her in becoming an efficient book- keeper. THOMAS PARKER WS E N 1 n H CLASS was XT ,Jr Y , A nj , . .. -Y XJ X . Xt' 4. A x' l N I N N 3 K Q . i .N '4 'x 'X x ' '. . N! .X . W X , ' Y . ,g ' 5 ' ,1 BARBQRA PAYNH Although Ace is a quiet, good-natured type person, but he also pos- sesses a keen and witty sense of humor. A member of our football and wrestling teams, he will go far in his chosen Held. Baba is ,a petite, ener- getic gal with Blonde hair and hazel eyies.3She has fun anywhere: but especially when she is swimming, skat- ing, or dancing. Nursing will play an important part in her future. LOIS PRICE Small with a big heart is this curly haired lass who has a smile for everyone. Com- bine knowledge, ambition and charm with a sweet per- sonality and Lair is on her way to becoming the ideal secretary. tri. AGFSINO Tall, dark and btoad-should- ered, Agie is a friendly and quiet boy. His talent for mu- sic has made him a well known figure in the band and orchestra. Agie is un- decided as to the future. ATIC JANE PULIERI Black hair and sparkling blue eyes best describes this pretty and attractive senior. jane's winning personality and good sense of humor have won her ever lasting friends. Wfe are sure she will be a success- ful secretary. 22 Q. 'x ', G.A.R. HIGH SCHUUL ANTHONY RECUPFRO Refup is a tall, well-dressed, good-looking senior. He is well-known to ull by his good sense of humor und friendliness. Rerup likes cars, snorts and hillbilly music. lle plans to attend college. K ' WE lmbm . is xml he mov- future re V M K irl " Barnum " guy-spirited, boy. Witli his came gounted g y or any ufiioys snorts and plenty of good food. Butnrn plauds to enter col- pg Z' U 0Lk1.l5l0l'l. A ' I My pe MALCOLM SCHULFR Good-nutured and full of fun best describes 4'Mal". He can always be found working around Kurs. which consumes most of his time. Among his likes ure good food and music. llis future includes the Marines. GEORGE SCUTCH K I Tull, good-looking and il neat dresser, best describes "George", His chief hobby' is mechanics at which he is an bug. He enjoys food, popu- lur music and associating with people. His future plains ure not definite. 25 SFR , r f'lU , fl ISSLI iff' B SHOLTIS Friendly and eager to please are only a few scribing "Patsy", sweet -nature well- liked by smile will the future at ROBERT SOLOMON This good-looking lad was endowed with brown hair, brown eyes and a friendly disposition. Bob has shown his talents in sports. He enjoys good food and cars. Bob's future plans include college. MATHILDE SUNDAY "Millie", an attractive blonde has long hair and blue eyes. She has a terrific personality and she can get along with everyone. Millie intends to be an Air Hostess in which she will be a great success. ith row I f - t I ff 'OV' T A 'b I ' ' 'an, 1' ' ' 1' Q. H IS 'gi , ie a 4 if I.,---e la xc a dj ' .1 rate hig i h him. ' is ' nt e ' ' as- ministeri nel sure success. JOHN STELMACK A bright and pleasant smile and a witty remark are "jake'x" trademarks. Interest- ed in atheletics, Jake always excelled on our football team. He will surely be a great success in his career with the Air Force. mes ad TYMITZ quiet H 3 WMV- K ' .,e1,t,w ,Xifvl iff. X'-V KATHTQQJJ ruwixk Big brown 1 eyes and a pleasant smigg for everyone describes "D lly". She has a preference for dancing and good food along with roller skating. Dolly plans to en- gage in some kind of sec- retarial work. 24 IHOMAS VUFIHBRFCHT One of our tiller good look mg 'senior boys known lb lhe Ilnxx enpoys pl iymg the drums enting pun and driving e mrs 'Ihe Boss is sure to sueeeed working 'is 1 line mm for the Bell Telephone wifi W G.A.R. HIGH SCHUUL fIilgC. JALQUFLINF WHITT Sparkling brown eyes full of fun 'mel mischief is lackze jiekie is always pleasant eomp my and has a wonder ful sense of humor Jackie likes horseback riding and southern fried chicken She will min the Women s Marine Corps ROBERT WINT Tall, red-headed and full of fun tell the tale of "Bob" whose sense of humor has won him many friends. His chief hobby of swimming is sure to help him succeed in his career as frogman. THOMAS WORONKO XJ P' l 4 A X0-7' A LIEX ZDANUK Inte l iet-mannered Tall well-drcs- for every- ", a mem- girls and the U. S. team. He 's future and r dpfifpgkoxen. Rose h . a s e !'pe sonality and e abili y tb get along with eople. ose's likes include -playing the guitar and good food. She plans to enter the business world. I BRAKEMEN JUNIURS Room 409 MR. DOBB Fin! Rau'-G. Ulewicz, M. Harley, P. Oleniak, P. Grigaitis, J. Spaide, M. Harris, C. Jackson, J. Kennedy, M. Vincenti, L. Jenkins, A. Boylan, S. Weinstock. Second Rou'vS. Mainolh, W. Young, F. Sykniew- ski, J. Piccarreta, E. McGovern, J. Klein, P. Pic- carreta, E. Schwab, R. Highsmith, W. Brown. Third Row--J. Kutney, R. Eckert, R. Glowacki, G. Krizenoskas, R. Yamrus, J. Mehm, W. Grig- artis, C. Slease, A. Musial. Room 515 MR. COBLEIGH First Rowfj. Chere, T. Fanis, P. Grivner, N. Cunningham, V. Wynne, P. Bean, M. Gierak, M. Stankiewicz, B. Whitcavage, J. Nunes, F. Wilkins. Serond Rau'-R. Stravinski, M. Vesek, T. DiCinti, R. Hendler, J. O'Brien, A. Mickolichik, D. Diet- rick, IE. Weber. Room 506 MISS MILEHAM Firrl Rou'gP. Domer, F. Roulston, S. Jones, M. Betner, P. Lynn, I. Stelmack, J. Phillips, L. Ta- rutis, D. Sincavage, F. Barberio, V. Valerius. Second Rou'fC. Calabrese, J. Marshall, A. Karn- lus, W. Valentukonis, R. Mustick, E. Van XY'hy, A. Deeb, J. Yuska, E. Hopkins, E. Schmid. Third Rau'-W. Powell, F. Gribble, D. Gooding, J. Reilly, L. Oplinger, A. Michael, S. Cook, J. Needoff. Room 502 MISS 0'DONNELL Fin! Rou'iA. M. Tonrey, S. Krist, A. Shortz, J. Berrini, P. Skiptunas, T, Godish, F. Melf, L. Buss, L. Scott, S. Decker, I. Benish. Second Rau' M. Cywinski, R. Daniels, J. Koury, J. lorio. N. Jozapaitis, K. Stininger. P. McGlynn, R. Bedwick, J. Hadvance, S. Vasile. Third Rou'-F. Abend, R. Stucker, M. Bilski, F. Gronski, F. Letukas. Room 504 MISS SMITH First Rou'-D. McCaHcrty, R. Estock, D. Kratz, B. Eckert, B. Griffith, F. Havely, H. Joseph, S. Weber, H. George, B. Dotter, J.Humphrey, J.Fino. Second Rou'-S. Lesar, R. Bevan, M. Vilensky, A. Dedato, J. Graham, A. Draht, F. Toolc, N. Wrel- gosg, J. Danchek. Third Rou'7F. Long, M. Vino, T. Regula, J. Henry, B. Suda, A. Willionis, J. Bennick. Room 10" MISS UTZ Mrs! Run' A. Johnson, P. libert, lf. Hughey, J. llemmeak, ll. Plasllinski, P. Rosenbaum, A. Rell, li. Salvalerra, D. Quaier, fl. Wills, D. Ford, M. Gianuni. S4-fund Run' A. Parulis, G. Sisco. F. Gialanella, lf. Henry, J. liogumil, A. Parlika. A. Coopey, W. llosxage. FIREMEN ...... Rom 108 MR. CHFSNIEY lfirfl Rou' D. Snclol, J. Rinko, J. Gainard, C. lfranu, li. Paolinelli, J. A. Darby, B. Achuff, V. Rewluuia, l'. Nagle, V. Roberts, D. Wasilefski. .xl'l'IlIld Rnu' W. Dorko, G. Kaminski, J. Nar- done, J. Goditus, J. Grimes, F. Belardincll, S. Livingstone, J. llosage, R. MeNelis. 'Ihirrl Run' R. llumick, T. Finnegan, P. Henry, li. Yahlonski. Room HW MISS FORD l'ir-.il Run' ll. J. Thomas, R. Murphy, li. J. Cross, lt. Rum, l.. lialmer, J. Polifka, N. Atherholt, R. M. Pohuwki, Ci. Pereclnis, C. Urban, D. Korey. .Smnml Rau' J. Mulvey, li. Bonsall, J. O'Brien, A. Rinko, M. floughlin, l. Thonwas. S. J. Williams, l.. Greenberg, S. Weinstoik. 'l'I1irrl Run' W. Wliili-, 'l'. liasham, J. Meighan, R. Viglone, li. Mfllermolr, A. XVilkie, R. Haver- lmk, VU. llohhetl. Room KOH MRS. lf. Nl. l.ll'lliC l'iriI Run' M. l.. Pugliese, li. Sobeck, P. Sheehan, J. Mdfoc, S. Gonda, M. A. Abraham, D. Urban, l'. lilannery, ll. liromlie, D. Kurkoski, M. Lipka, C. Norton. .SUKIHIII Rnu' ff. Severn, V. Smith, XV. Cershi, C. lilliscn, R. Oldzieiewski. P. PCfSk'llilll. li. Stark, J. Wfilliams, A. Steinberg, C. llughes. 'l'lrirfl Run' C. Peterson, J. Piotroski, J. Ferro, R. f.urminp.:llam, K. Davii, lf. Kennesly, M. llall, fi. Ungar, A. Ileno. Room ,SUR MISS ll. O'CUNNlfl.l. 1 Iiril Ron' R. lallerxon, fi. lfyerman, M. Fried, A. Parry, V. Popko, J. Benson, J. llancley, C. Morrissey, li. Armbruater. J. Hergslrosser, l.. Kap- lan, S. Kane. M-1 mul Run' R. Dyanick, S. Sehoolcy, A. Bis- umou-, D. Gillis, J. lialnlis, J. Patsko, M. llimp- son, li. Pavilonix, R. Salvage, S. Deeb, R. Parker. 'lilvirrl Rau' lf. lilllly. J. Gariwon, ll. llarris, R. llynlynski. G. Nekrav, J. Morgan, N. Cronauer, 'lf Tllomas, lf. Giampietro, 'lf Pilcavage, R. Evans. SUPHUMURES Room 311 MISS J. M. OWENS Firxl Rou'-M. Elgonitis, E. Walp, D. Lynch, C. Kendra, M. Martin, J. Stankicwicz. M. Kracken- fels, G. Metague, N. Kuhl, E. Flowers, P. Mine- tola. Second Rou'fG. Steininger, W. Nesbitt, P. Poep- perling, S. Barone, J. Herron, C. Gustainus, M. Bernesky, A. Donnelly, A. Cibello, M. Solomon. Third Row-C. Nagle, W. Conyers, P. Tymitz, R. Oberdorf, P. Hoydt, I.. Ostrowski, R. Gattuso. Room 501 MISS RFGAN Firxl Rou'fE. Longfoot, A. Storm, R. Chapko, F. Yarrish, J. Hando, F. Gallagher, H. Roth, S. Jones, J. Crawford, M. A. Jasonis. Second Rou'-D. Nesrarick, E. Galden, P. Longh- lin, K. Hovey, R. Blasi, M. A. Latsko, F. Scarnulis, A. Roccagrande, I.. Ellis. Third Rau'-R.P:xul, L.Cordisco, J.Gist, Ii.Wilson. Room 310 MISS WEEKS Firxt Rou'-H. Zalora, R. Walsh, R. Umphred, E. Sutton, J. Kubicki, G. Jacobson, P. Charles, E. Aaron, P. Gwiazdowski, J. A. Perchuk, M, Masi, C. Corbett, J. Bertosh, Second Rau'-D. Kowaleski, M. Habib, D. Thie- man, F. Anderson, M. O'Day, M. A. Kochanski, J. Ansilio, D. Minnick, A. I.. Mark, D. Partilla, G. Saba. Third Rou'-L. Sheridan, B. Dougherty, E. White, W. Traynham, R. Casey, R. Kauffman, G. Roux, D. Meier, A, Mancini, R. Berditus. SIGNALMEN FRESHMEN Room 513 MR- FIELD First Rou'fB. Owens, M. Minetola, A. Sinavage, C. Bauman, E. Jackson, N. Yinger, C. Bonomo, S. Miller, I.. Cihon, M. Andes. Second Rou'fJ. Kemmcrcr, J. Pegg, C. Kirkutis, M. Gonzaley, V. Thomas, C. Rhines, J. Pisano, S. Martin, M. Stritzinger. Third Rau'-E. Reisser, J. Stritzinger, D. Evans, A. Linn, R. McGlynn, C. Bartlett, B. Walters. Room all-i MISS FRIEIINIJ I'iril Run' M. Ilammond, M. Snyder, P. Mis- tavage, J. Ilill. J. Balla, Ii. Bryce, C. Henry, P. Godish, S. I.eihman, M. Brennan, J. Walker. ,lvrrnld Run' V. Waskell, I.. Melf, S. Peters, M. Pugh, V. Mooney, If. Vasile, J. Moran, I.. Wysoeki, 'I'. flhipeleski, J. Magda, J. Gist. Third Run' D. Williams, 'I'. M1.'Glynn, S. Bon- omo, Ii. Watks, W. Brannigan, II. Mason, W. Lynn, J. Morgan, P. Iindler. Room 20,5 MISS HAIIN liircl Ron' M. Simakask, S. Sparde, G. Dudley, T. Steininger, A. Unite, M. F. Barone, D. Jayne, K. Iiyet, M. I.. Slinzer, Ii. Simon. .S'm'nud Ron' R. Gilroy, R. Lukasavage, J. Hock- enhury, II. Brown, G. I.ukas, J. Gaynor, R. Chupas, If. Oleviteh, J. McAdarro, D. Uynder. Third Ron' J. Fino, If. Austin, T. Iidmonds, II. Mffiloe, 'I'. McAfee, J. Whitt. Room 'I IZ MISS LENAHAN lfirxl Run' C. Bona, J. Karehin, P. O'I-Iara, M. Sllllfll, M. Pasealini, P. Rossi, J. Walter, J. Mayer, V. Sadowski, J. Christ, S. Davies, S. Davis, J. Aigeldinger. Sz-frnlrl Rua' Ii. Mitchell, A. Jantz, J. Donnini, G. Jones, R. Gomba, B. Sahon, R. Klasko, I.. J. Schwartz, 'I'. Klampisano, P. Gagliardi, J. Beclwick. 'I'lunl Run' J.Diamonds, R. Iiekenstein, J.Sehichl, II. Carina, J. Kraiewski, A. Tutella, S. Urban, J. Machey, Ii. Dapko, If. Iihert, W. Willizlms. Room 50,5 MISS LENAHAN l"ir.sl Ron' I.. Stanulis, 'I'. Lyons, M. Hauer, A. Kozup, C. Boston, N. Geiger. P. Stivers, K. Oravie, J. Ilill, M. Dougherty. .Seruml Rau' Ii. Petro, 'I'. Konopka, R. Donnelly, P. Witkavage, F. Grohowski, G. Albert, Ii. Reilly, G. Gazey, D. Burgit, IZ. Lee, G. Migatulski. 'Third Ron' J. Lewis, M. Michael, I.. Bradford, C. Medley. Room .ZUI MISS I'l'GH I"1r.il Rau' P. Brine, A. Wynn, J. Miller, B. Mezanko. J. Swohoda, M. Giovino, R. Kornlielcl, J. Alper, J. Ililhurt, P. Orelik, J. Melfloe, G. Gronski, J. Iiacluski. .Sexmnl Run' 'I'. Ilrynkiw, J. May, P. Walker, I.. Musial, A. Cole, M. KIIIIZIVIILTI, M. Marieh, I.. Wznskt-ll, A. Kaplan, D. Meinster, D. Schmidt. 'I him' Rua' J. Tretlinniek, S. Thomas. A. White- tavage, R. Iivans, R. 'I'aIaka, D. Challis, N. lima, A. Alhrerht. C. Sparks. Room 410 MR. STEINHAUER First Rou'-M. James, M. Bryce, M. Madden, C. Meighan, S. Leibman, M. Cronauer, A. Hando, J. Cunningham, A. Gagliardi, A. Krebs, J.Watkir1s. Second Rau'-R. Fugak, A. McCloe, D. Williams, P. Holmes, L. Achey, S. Miller, E. Smith, F. De- Cinti, J. Giampctro, B. Price. Third Row-B. While, W. Carter, J. Gillis, E. Swida, W. Casterline, H. Hannon. Room 316 MRS. BEIRNE Firxt Rou'fC. Betner, M. Koury, D. Shovlin, B. Tesar, S. Claiborne, A. Kuss, E. Pezerman, C. Rice, M. Dunkle, H. Decker, R. Kishick. Second Rouf-R. Stiger, T. Sadowski, F. Saporito, M. Hughes, M. A. Eddy, A. Morgan, M. Roberts, B. Hall, F. Gordon, R. Stanurski. Third Rou'fH. Meighan, H. Walters, W. Bren- nan, A. Michael, H. Kuhns, J. Blocker, G. Labecki. D GANG . EIBHTH GRADE Room 205 MISS AUFIERO Firxt Row-L. Tarutis, D. Wfashington, C. Giles, B. Serhan, N. Cook, T. Hondo, R. Martino, M, Fleming, M. Zinga, L. DeCinti, M. Krachenfels, D. Kumiega. Second RouffJ. Zeskc, J. Gills, R. Eichelberger, J. Dopko, M. Wasserstrom, J. Millen, B. Callahan, C. Stewart, P. Solomon, W. Bilski, M. Handzo. Third Rou'+R. Evans, C. Kruzel, J. Maslowski, R. Gardner, L. Zamperri, L. Gonzales, D. Pulieri, J. Reno, J. Yowrishen, R. Emish, F. Klapot. Room 207 MISS BAUR First Row-C. Tuzinski, T. Polny, J. Garruba, A. Berzinsky, B. Kordoski, I. Weinstock, T. Barone, R. Chiarucci, S. Wachs, B. Desmond, B. Brown, J. Viglone. Second Row-J. Gainard, H. Eddy, M. Alpcr, R. Talacka, C. Macri, J. Jackson, P. Miller, M. Cooper, D. Sparks. J. Quinlan, D. Tabir. Third Rou'fA. Novakowski, J. Hossage, P. Iorio, R. Mills, R. Albertson, F. Nesgota, R. Macurowski, D. Pugh, R. Derhammer, B. McGinley, N. Fe-dak, J. Jones. Room 202 MRS. JONES liz-if Rau' S. Holloway, M. Clemente. H. Rubin, M. Strohel, S. Rodgers, D. Sutla, D. Dyanick, C. Matierowski, Z. Dzury, N. Patsko, P. Wfampole, M, Zionee. .Sulnlrl Rau' J. Seitls, 'lf Jenkins, lf. Yankowski. J. lritlinick, ff. laltkasavage, li. Smith, ff. Dunkil. R. l:Htll70, lf. llolmes, M. Johnstone. 'Third Rau' J. Pilcavage, V. Gianuzzi, R. Regin- ski, l.. McDermott, S. Pohutski, R. Sieclel, C. llolovak, lf. l"L'IlllL'I1, J. Gontla, A. Macko, R. Kosek. Room 206 MRS. GRAY Iffrvl Rau' li. Kulyeshie, ll. Dyke. N. lickrote, R. 0'DouneII, C. Sheritlan, Cf. llowell, M. Nor- savage, N. Nekrasz, R. Thomas, li. Houston. A. lincller, J. Petrillo. .84-rand Rau' G. Dalessamlro, lf. Dressler, R. Keeley, C. Barnes, D. Mcfllow, C. Prete, J. Reemer, M. Rest-igh, D. Desmond, G. Martin, G. Mugtla, D. Oravir. Third Raul J. Kilgallon, J. Novak, W. Kerkns, A. lorio, lf. Foy, J. Lugiano, G. Schmid, J. Woods. J. Long, A. Rice, A. lihrist. R. lloekenbury. Room 2l'o MISS HUGHES l'irtl Rau' M. Kepp, M. Morris, D. Petfhuk, li. 'l4hieruan, M. Swetlitl, ff. Savage, M. llahn, R. Dominick, ll. llawley, J. Saporita, R. Diamonds, l'. Nowakowski, ll. Hellas, P. Spaitle. .Xerarul Rau' J. Auliero, J. Amalo, F. Hawley, fl, lk-nu, C. Zamhetti, B. Koshinski, Cf. Geskey, M. Alessi, l.. flhvotlkin, J. Nanorta, J. Tanesky. Tlrird Rau' l". Klein, li. Mitchell, J. Melluzzo. C. Jasouis, l.. Donaldson, M. l.itwak, li. Moyloom, R. Popetk, D. Aherant. Room Zfli MISS LERSCH lfirrl Rau' 'l'. Fuller, J. Antlneas, M. Carlo, F. llarris, R. Meflloe, M. Morris, M. A. Daywood, M. Gwyn, li. Teasar, N. Lane. .S'm'and Rau' J. Sherwood, J. Sahestinas, J. Klas- ko. A. llelchunis, C. Flowers, R. Darby, A. Martin, l., May. 'Third Raul J. Shimko, M. Sack, J. Gartliulis, D. Regan. Room 209 MISS MOYER Mm! Rau' l'. lfroncek, N. Smith, lf. J. George, J. lilorh, M. Maeri, li. Grula, ll. Dane, lf. Carlo, Cf. Nanlell, lf. Crawford, D. Dowey, M. Shimko. .Svfmul Rau' ll. liaver, C. Casey, R. Paolinelli, R. Sltllllillli, J. Matltlen, l.. liekenstein. li. Dudley, ll. Regula, R. l.uongo, J. Rinko, D. Joseph. 'l'lxir1l Ran' l'. Kaehinsk, Garuba, D. Jayne, lf. Makaravage, lf. Kirk, A. Cooper, 'lf Kauffman, J. Shiner, J. Shergalis. Room 216 MISS WATTIERS First Rou'-R. Wade, M. Lusti, E. Danchick, J. Plarsky, R. Boyer, B. Wielgosz, D. Morton, L. Nestorick, J. Gibbon, M. Allen, T. Bonk, M. Deeb, M. Champi. Second Rou'+G. Serhan, F. Egiclio, J. Rowlands, S. Wynder, P. Wildes, C. Berditus, T. Olcrta, A. Majikas, T. Zelinske, F. Hullihen, D. Jones. Third Row-R. McKeon, G. Butwin, J. Ewusko. E. Sincavage, T. Mooney, R. Klimek, J. Fiore, R. Hrynkiw, P. Herron. J. Gaughan. BAGBAGEMEN SEVENTH GRADE Room 113 MISS ADELSON Firrt Rou'+S. Berner, J. Perkosky, C. Vnuer, R. Davis, M. Ebert, J. Acerbi, B. Estock, B. Lipka, D. Wilson, B. Nareski, J. Klein. Second Rou'-R. Peters, H. Frey, A. Giovino, F. Esser, M. Davis, S. Daley, M. Haydt, J. Parry, F. Yencharis, G. Flora. Third Rou'gB. Davis, R. Lee, R. Zath, R. Macho, W. Coopey, J. Gumienny, J. Reilly, R. Tuzinski, D. Mello. Room 116 MISS BRISLIN First Rau'-L. Cole, A. Brennan, C. Walters, E. Morris, R. Nesbitt, W. Kane, C. Caruso, D. Roper, C. Disler. Second R0u'fR. Sickle. D. Price, H. Kepp, T. Valenti, L. Domimck, V. Godish, R. Blaine, A. Price, F. Hayle, J. Nesbirr. Third Rau'-T. Gwynn, P. Hogan, R. Monsuer, R. Kratz, F. Jacobs. Room 112 MISS DIERKES Firxl Rou'fL. Krause, F. Bleckcr, J. Geiger, P. Frank, J. Barnes, E. Benish, S. Oberdorf, C. Nor- kunas, P. Lukasavage, M. Fetchen, L. Jones. Second Rou'fW. Spaide, J. Osrroski, W. Kossu, J. Butco, A. Koury, B. Ahlbrandr, P. Fadusko, J. Gomba, J. Pikas, R. Marcincavage. Third Rouf7J. White, J. Williams, A. Yareskin, C. Brennan, L. Stempin, R. Yarnott, R. Witkavage, J. Novick, R. Dydynski, R. Powell, R. Gist. Room .ZIS MISS HARVEY l'ir.il Row M. Maghan, M. Ganlly, M. Gainnril, Ii. Bauman, Ii. Mdilou, I.. Oliver, F. Pulck, P. Pcoschau, Il. Parry, M. Giampiulro, S. Capozzi, I'. Clmipclcski. .Sfwlnld Ron' R. Rhoails, 'l'. linglish, J. Hammond, R. Karalus. M. Grohowski, I.. Nastanski, J. Ostro- ski, R. Baker, II. Willizinls. Tluird Run' G. Valcntukonis, J. Brunaca, A. Morgan, W. Ransom, W. Cicivinski, B. LIIILIZIIIIS, J. Moorc, J, Krull, ll, Mclam, A. Wiclgcmsz, W. Rohn-rls. Room IIS MRS. HILBURT lfirsl Ron' G. Gardon, ll, Gonzalcz, A. Davies, P, lakarauskas, R. Carr, J. Drcvcnak, M. Sovak, S, Rossi, A. Riwa, J. Peterson, C. Dcnamcck. ,Sl'l'0?Id Run' J. Krull, C. Rcicllingcr, F. Tonari. Ii. Wfooil, P. Peters, S. Rushkowski, J. Mlcczyn- ski, R. Longfoor, J. Okrasinski, J. Ilnisc, J. Kirk. Third Rou' M. Mdlarty, R. llankcy, B. Campi- sana. R. Matz, J. Masi, G. llaucr, T. Sinavagc, R. Paync, J. Valcnlukonis, B. Sauagu, J. Stanton, D. filauss. Room Il-I MR. JONES l'iril Run' I.. Langan, K. Winlcss, M. Jones, F. Iiarkitis, S. Gronski, R. Friedman, Slankowski, K. Shollis, M. Casusrlinc, J. Ilanclzo, B. Brclick, A. Iivans. .sfflllld Rau' Ii, Slinzcr, 'l'. Lions, 'I'. McGal1agan, J. Murphy, J. IDL-Wilt, li. Pralo, M. Miller, G. Slook, II. Mcicr, lf. Motoviillask, J. Meeker, A. Dull Aglio. Third Kon' R. Scliimlvy, P. Hank, J, Slailin, lf. Buss, A. Iissi-r, R. Dourand. G. Machcy, J. Sod, Z. RL-chuck, J. Kuhiuki, D. liv.'lm1, D, Karchin. Room Zll MISS MLKIEON l'1rcl Rim' K. Murphy, J. Mason, F. Wziskcll, li. Altman, ll. Davis, ll, Angovc, K. Davis, C. Ryan, S. Willizinis, M. Suskcwicz, P. Tcmpcranlz, Ii. Polill. .Svrrnlrl Run' KI. Iiisronlini, II. lilorkcr. P. Donna- haur, R. Iionomo, N. Artmonr, J. Ilamlul, 'l', Marino, A, GL-orgc, J, limmanski, D, Davis, T. Rogan. Third Rnu' R. Garton, T, Iivans, J. Donnini, M. liurns, 'l'. flolu, R. Chukonis, S, Day, K. Kucko- ski, 'I', Kiln-rnyl, D. Simahoski, J. Kumiega. 3 F W I NR NX Y AETIVITI Sealed-B. Salvaterra, J. McKeon. Slanding-R, Gibbon. STUDENT COUNCIL At the head of our train to success, we have the Student Council, which is a group selected by the students, representing each homeroom in the school. Students and teachers place their trust in the Council to see that the ideas and interests of the students are carried out. Being a member of the Council, gives the student the excellent experience of hav- ing a sense of responsibility, which is so vital in shaping his future. STUDENT COUNCIL Firsl Rou'-M. Meighan, J. Viglonc, F. Benish, F. Gallagher, R. Monsuer, A. Tonrey, H. Joseph, V. Valcrius, J. Demmeck Z. Dzury, G. Llewellyn, S. Rossi, A. Ritza, K. Murphy, P. Tema rantz. Second Rou'-D. Joseph, L. McDermoti, W. Kane, C. Zambetti R. Diamonds, P. Rossi, B. Flowers, B. Swida, H. Decker, M Barone. B. Salvatcrra, S. Deeb, M. Abraham, Gross, S. Living stone, J. Macri, J. Kubicki, A. Dell'aglio. Third Rou'-S. Bonomo, D, Challis, J. O'Brien, G. Albert, F Gribble, A. Martin, A. Coopcy, S. Jablowski, G. Krizenoskas G. Saba, E. Elonitis, J. McKeon, R. Gibbon, D. Jones, J. Yen charis. Fourth Rou'-F. Gubitose, R. Anstett, R. Fino, M. Gorham, D George, R. Klapot, A. Williams. RAILROAD DIRECTORS SENIOR ASSEMBLY SQUAD lfirxt Rau-f A. Dennis, A. Colonna, B. Swida, Ii. Miller, M. A. Mas- lowski, IE. Alessi, I.. Tarutis, B. Salvarerra, A. Reh. B. Eckert, C. Morrissey, M. Martin. Serrmd Run' I.. jenkins, F. Anderson, A Boylan, J. Chere, B. Wfhite- SENIOR ASSEMBLY SQUAD The Senior Assembly Squad, which is made up of students from grades l0, ll and 12, distribute the song books every Wednesday morning before chapel and collect them at the conclusion of the chapel exercise. They are representatives of each homeroom in Senior High School and are chosen by their class- mates. They perform their duties Very will and help to make chapel more enjoyable. JUNIOR ASSEMBLY SQUAD liirrt Rou' I'. Holmes, Ii. Eyerman, D. Jayne, J. Aigeldinger, J. Wzilter, M. Hammond, C. Bauman, S. Miller, A. Guzliardi, C. Meighan. Sewnd Ron'----A. Koury, J. Petrillo, M. Whsserstrom. j. Viglone. cavage, E. Aaron, V. Valerius, J. Chapko, I. Thomas, S. Gonda, VI. A. jasonis, B. Payne. Third Rou'fR. Zdzmuk, S. Aston, F. Melf, P. Sholtis, K. Hovey, E. Rossi, H. Bertosh. J. Humphrey, V. Restucciu, J. Gainard. M. ar ey. JUNIOR ASSEMBLY SQUAD The junior Assembly Squad is comprised of two members of each jr. High School homeroom. They perform their duties, which are the same as those of the Senior Assembly Squad, every Tuesday morn- ing at 8:30. These boys and girls carry out their duties to the best of their abilities and we sincerely appreciate the good work that they do. M. Fleming, M. Clemente, C. Mncierowski, M. Strobel, Z. Dzury M. Barone. Third R0u'fD. Burgit, L. Bradford, P. Iorio, R. Rhoads, D. Davis, R. Bonomo, J. Moore. IIAI.I. PATROL lfirrl Rau' M. Allen, P. Brice, B. Flowers. A. Wren. I. M. Wein- stock, J. Viglone, C. Macri, J. Bloch, P. Skiptunas, M. A. Zionce, lf. Macierowski, N. Smith, J. Petrillo, R. Rossi, S. Lipka, G. I.lewel- lyn, I.. Kaplan, D. Sava, B. Salvaterra, P. Kepp. Serrmd Ron'--D. Gillis, J. Hill, M. Hughes. J. Pulieri, L. Gagliardi. I.. Albert, R. Monsuer, P. Grigaitis, A. Tonrey, J. Hankey, J. Fino, M. Sunday, D. Ford, P. Holmes, M. Cohen J. Berrini, A, Ostrowski, J. Gonila, M. A. Stankiewicz, M. Aufiero, P. Bean. Third Ron' M.I..Pugliese, J.Gainard, M.Gillis, J.Alper, R.KornHeld, HALL PATROL Stationed at drinking fountains and classroom doors to see that traffic in the halls runs smoothly, are members of the Hall Patrol. These girls are a select group from grades eight to twelve, chosen because of their pleasing personalities and pleas- ant disposition, which enable them to do their job efhciently. DIQIIATING CI.IlB liirsl Run'--M. Decker, F. Havley, D. Ford, J. Kinney, V. Valerius, P. Kratz, H, Johns. J. Altman. J. Swoboda, L.Waskell, V. Restuccia, P. Gwiazdowski, C. Eyerman. I. Thomas, S. Gonda, D. Lynch, I.. Tarutis, I. Stelmack, J. Kennedy. G. Ulewiez, I.. Whitecavaige, M. Harley, A. McGlynn. Fourth Rau'---F. Gallagher, A. I.. Mark. F. J. Cross. K. Hovey, C. Gusyainus, H. Johns, R. Mitchell, M. Catrino, T. Barone, M. Barone, L. Nestorick, B. Desmond, Alessi, A. Colonna, M. Klein, J. Ferry. M. A. Rice, C. Dembowski, I.. Michael, J. Donnelly. I.. Buss, A. Cole. Fifth Rou'4D. Collins, T. Bonk, M. Deeb, P, Perschau, Shark, M. Martin. C. Morrissey. A. Rinko. DEBATING CLUB A new addition to club life here at G. A. R. is the Debating Club, supervised by Miss Mulhern. Its members, consisting of juniors and Seniors, have become Well versed in the principles of parliament- ary procedure, and formal argumentation. These achievements will prove themselves invaluable either at college or in the world of business. Second Ron'-J. McKeon, A. Caruso, J. Yuska. R. Martin, R. Thomas, R. Sttavinski, J. Neddolf. GARCHIVE STAFF Fin! Rou'+E. Aaron, C. Kendra. M. Lipka, B. Deitrick, C. Sei-han, P. Grigaitis, P. Skiptunas, C. A. Hughes, C. V. Carbett. G. Ulewicz, J. Kennedy, S. Weinstock. Serond Rau'-H. Joseph, M. A. Gianuzzi, L. Gagliardi, I. Stelmack. L. Albert L. Gagliardi W'ill F. Maguire C. Serhan D. Quater, R. Estock, P. Kratz, L. Albert, M. A. Rice, J. Pulieri, J. Demmeclz. Third Rau'--S. Weinstock, F. Gribble, R. Anstett, B. Mulvey, V. Cgloiisarn, G. Krizenoskas, F. J .Gubirose, J. Roth, W. Dorko, R. c e is. THE GARCHIVE The Garchive Special managed its intricate time- table and diversified activities through the depend- able efforts of the staff pictured here. With Mr. Maguire in the engineers seat the group combined efforts to make this pictorial review possible and afford an opportunity to ride along Memory Lane. The activities of the school have now been made a record for all to view in the years ahead. lfirsl Run' M. A. jnsnnis, D. j. Ford, A. M. Tonrey, P. Grigaitis, M A hiunxni ll osc h 9 Wtinstork Dcmmuk P Kratz V. . .'zn'.',, .jx-p,.. - ',j. - . , Zak, C. Dcmhuwski, I.. Michael, A. Ostrowski, J. Chapko. .Yrwrnlzl Run' R. Zdunuk, I.. Miller, S. Lipku, M. Gillis, F. Havley BLUE AND GRAY Of course we need a paper to know the latest happenings in our train of events. The Blue and Gray staff takes care of this very efficiently. The staff is pleased to do what they can for Mr. Schappert their very able supervisor, and the students enjoy the results of staff work in each issue. D. Muinolfl, A. Musiul, Schmidt. J. Thomas, M, Shergalis, J. Kennedy, I. Srelmack, M. Harley, A McGlynn, H. Koons, N. Connhan S. Aston, F. Gallagher. Third Rou'fC. Ellisen, A. Richards, A. Caruso. M. Thomas, B Wine, J. Iorio, C. Hill, B. Solomon, R. Fino, j. O'Bricn, R. Herstek J. Mr.-Keon, M. Krackenfels. Patsy Snarsku Editor 41 Mr. Schappert Adw isor S l AGI KREXV lrfl Run ll. Mulvcy, R. Anstctt, A. Cnr- J llms. Xunml Run 'l'. Saulowski, R. llcrditus, R. Slrnvlnski J. Kinney, J. Ncilcloff. un! Run' j. l.nhr-cki, C. Sparks. J. Tre- Illlli A. Albrecht, J. Gnrohn. HONOR SOCIETY l"irJl Rvu'fM. Shergalis, P. Snarski, H. Johns, F. Hogrebe, E. Wootis, R. Oldzieiewski, R. Mitchell, J. Thomas. HONOR SOCIETY Here we have the members of the G. A. R. honor society who have boarded the Intellectual Limited. Traveling Hrst class all the way and refusing to be side-tracked from their goals. Each passenger records a required total of 400 points, under the Society's head Mr. Baiz. Its members present outstanding showmanship in highest standing and of leadership in the school. Second Rau'-R. Katyl, A. Primatic, B. Deitrick, J. Davies. B. Williams, F. Navitsky, C. Hughes, 1. McKeon. J. Roth. STAGE CREW Under the capable supervision of Miss McAniFf, the Stage Crew goes about its business of serving the school. This group possesses the talents of know- ing how to operate lights and arrange scenery. Out- standing plays and programs on stage would not have been possible without this experienced crew. We have a secure feeling when we realize that there is a competent group back stage, seeing that every- thing goes well. LETTERMEN CLUB Firxt Rou'-1. Hosage, W. Dorko, T. Finnegan. Second Rau-iD. Loftus, W. Morgan, B. Solomon, R. Anstett, J. Kutney, C. Hill, A. Lovecchio. Third Rau'-T. Parker, P. Maffei, M. Gorham, J. Cooney, J. Stelmack, B. Suda. LETTERMAN'S CLUB There is honor and pride connected with this group of boys. They have attained the goal of wearing the G. A. R. shield. These boys display a wonderful exhibit of sportsmanship and integrity which brings out their terrific character as being a gentleman as well as a sport. Coach Richards explains the play 44 Iz's ours fellows LIBRARY CLUB Ifirsl Row M. Krafkenfels, M. Gainnrd, J. Handzo, C. Demmeck, S. Rossi, I.. Allen, I.. Greenberg, M. Barone, A. Tonrey, S. Miller, J. Dcmmeck, H. Joseph, B. Wfhitetavage P. Krutz. Svrmlu' Ron' P. Rossi, M. Champi, I.. Nestorick, D. Morton, E. Auron, J. Bloch, C. Custninus, R. Oldziejewski, K. Hovey. S. Decb, LIBRARY CLUB Many times this organization has proven itself invaluable to the student of G. A. R. Under the G. Jacobson, C. Ellisen, J. Gainard, S. Wcinstock, D. Ford, J. Young I.. Waskell, J. Hilburt, M. Jasonis. Third Rnwf-F. Havley, B. Estock, J. Pulieri, C. Wills, I. Stelmack F. Fbert, D. Challis, J. Roth, C. Sparks, M. Chiavacci, C. Hughes B. Williams, V. Sodowski, F. Gallagher, I.. Price, M. Aufiero. capable engineering of Mrs. Hayes, this energetic group has assisted many a student in finding infor- mation for his various assignments. The Library Club will continue to be regarded as a necessary part our streamliner in the future. I.. Allen, M. F. Barone. C. Hughes, M. Aufiero, B. XVilliamS. JUNIOR Y-TEENS First Rou'-J. Shiner, A. Boylan, P. Skiptunas, A. Tonrey, B. Sal- vaterra, D. Ford, M. Betner, J. Whitt, G. Ulewicz, F. Klosko, P. Oleniak, D. Saporito. JR. Y-TEENS Sociable, friendly and polite are only a few of the many adjectives you could use to describe this group of junior girls. XVith Mrs. Mabel Brennan as their advisor these Y-Teens have advanced both socially and civicly in the past year. Their many accomplishments as Y-Teens will be a solid founda- tion for these girls, the future wives and mothers of tomorrow. SENIOR Y-TEENS First RowvL. Gagliardi, J. Pulieri, W. Whitt, D. Collins, J. Whitt, M. Catrino, E. Alessi, M. Sunday, C. Serhan, E. Dunbar, M. Klein, Second Row-R. Zdanuk, M. Daigeaun, H. Johns, J. Thomas, E. Miller. S. Aston, E. Murray, A. Dotter, M. Kendra. Second Rau'-J. Demmeck, P. Grigaitis, D. Quater, B. Ptashinski, A. Shortz, I. Sfelmack, J. Fino, M. A, Gianuzzi, P. Kratz, li. Melf, C. Gugliotti, J. Spaide, A. Smalls. Third Rou'-B. Dotter, J. Chere, J. Phillips, R. Estock, W. Whitt, H. George, J. Kennedy, D. Sincavage, C. XVills, P. Ebert, P. Bean. SENIOR Y-TEENS No train trip is complete without our Senior Y- Teens. Under the supervision of Mrs. Mabel Bren- nan. They are taught how to take part in community affairs. They sponsor two proms a year which are always looked forward to and enjoyed by all who attend. It is a pleasure to see such a worthy group growing in respect, and admiration of both student and teacher. Third Rau'-R. Lamas, M. Shergalis, M. Krushin, D. Sava, B. Swida, V. Brodie, L. Albert, D. Chupas, L. Price, B. Schuler, M. Aufrero. Fourth Row-G. Novack, I. Kovaleski, W. Coulter, B. Behm, J. Ferry, C. Tutella, G. Llewellyn, N. Davis, P. Bartnick, P. Fuge. AIR. AND SR. CERAMIC CLUBS These eluhs under the capable direction of Miss limily Hourigan have established a very interesting, creative and skillful organization. This very talented group of artists puts forth much effort and skill into all their Creations. Combining their skill with their creative talent, this friendly group is bound to succeed in the unlimited Held of art. JUNIOR CERAMIC CLUB First Rou'--A. Andilrio A Bistomini J Bilutis O Driht Bernesky. Sernnd Rmrfj. Willixms P Fin rtlli J MLl1n M A Jlsonis E. Weber, Third Rau'-fR. Umphrul K Qltlt .Ah 441. SENIOR CERAMIC CLUB lfirrl Rau' J, Belardinelli, G. Bockowski, T. Weilmbretlmt, J. Stel- mark, I.. Stempin. R. Fino. .Xlrrlrld Run' R. Klapot, J. lfalkowski, 'l'. Long, R. Thomas, H. Mars, V. Brodie, IZ. Buratti. Tlvird Rau' W. Wllitt, B. Willizlms, H. Johns, J. Wliitt. F. Fyermun, S. Dmies, D. Evans. 'S V R P SENIOR ORCHESTRA First Row-S. Wynder, J. Fadusko, P. Brice, L. Nestorick, J. Alper, L. Waskell, J. Swoboda, J. Shiner, C. Wills, A. Collins. Second Row-T. Hrynkiw, C. Calabrese, J. Koury, D. Meinster, SR. ORCHESTRA This talented group needs no introduction it is our remarkable Senior Orchestra. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Ayre they learn what "funn in music means, and their beautiful music shows that they learned their lesson well. Our hats are OE to this group who are sometimes over looked, but who are always there ready, willing and able to perfom. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Fin! Rauf-E. Waskell, J. Fadusko, P. Brice, G. Gronski, B. Mezan- ko, J. A. Mason, K. Davis, B. Altman, M. Suskewicz, A. Wynne, R. Wade, S. Wynder. Second Rau'-L. Nestorick, R. Kornfield, J. McCloe, J. Alper, 1. P. Perschau, B. Williams, D. Sudol, J. Marshall, NI. Habib, R. Evans. Third Row-F. Gribble, G. Ungar, J. Hosage, D. Jones, A. Primatic, J. Rehn, R. Fino, J. Lynch, R. Ayre. JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Of course no trip at G. A. R. would be complete without the very capable jr. Orchestra under the direction of Mrs. Jennings. This orchestra gives many fine performances from the jr. High School students. Swoboda, J. A. Handel, K. Murphy, T. Bonk. M. Allen, L. Waskell, T. Zelinske. Third Row-J. Fiore, B. Bauer, D. Meinster, E. Sincavage, D. Jones, P. Witkavage, P. Francis, T. Hrynkiw, G. Latsko, R. Hrynkiw, G. Butwin. USHFRS lfirsl Row l.. Tarutis, S. jones, D. Sincavage, P. Grizaitis, M. A. Gianuzzi, Aaron, K. Hnvey, V. Valerius, F. Navitshy, D. Ford, 1. Dcmmcck, ll. joseph, P. Krall. .Yerrnlfl Rnu' ---- R. Dydynski, W. Dorko, R. McNelis. F. Havley, R. USHER SQUAD With a warm smile for all aboard these boys and girls are the trains ambassadors of good will. Mem- bers of the usher's squad are junior students who are chosen because of their high scholastic ratings. Under the excellent direction and guidance of Mr. Highwriter they perform the task of insuring com- fort to all our passengers. FRENCH CLUB lfint Ruu'7R. M. Blasi, M. A. Latsko, C.. Eyerman, S. Deeb, M. Abraham, C. Corbett, R. Patterson, G. Gustainus, M. Bernesky, E. J. Cross. Fstock, C. XVills. I. Stelmack, E. Grifhths, L. Scott, M. Betncr, B Whitecavage. Third Rau'-L. Greenberg, S. Weinstock, S. Livmgetone, G. Saba. j. Garrison, F. Tolle. F. Sypniewski, R. Syanick. G. Krizenoskas. R. Bedwick, C. Severn, D. Meier, D. Nowaleski, J. Yuska. FRENCH CLUB The French Club is a newcomer to our schoofl this year. The club is comprised of french students who have showed interest in foreign languages and have selected French as their favorite. The students enjoy learning more about this beautiful language and French culture. Sevond R0u'fD. Kurkoski, 1. Chapko, H. Brodie, P. Nagle. F. Aaron, K. Hovey, F. Ritza, P. Gwiazdowski, P. Charles. Third Rou'-XV. Dorko, R. Berditus, B. Mulvey, R. Casey, K. Davies. SENIOR GLEE CLUB First Rou'-D. Miller, W. Kennedy, C. Calabrese, C. Hughes, P. Kratz, S. Jones, M. Martin, M. L. Brown, R. A. Lamas, B. Williams, C. Corbett, A. Reh, J. Davies, M. Aufiero, J. Ferry, P. Bartnick, T. Griiiiths, M. Habib, J. Garrison, R. Fino. Second Rau'-A. Primatic. J. Iorio, B. Brown, D. George, J. Berg- strasser, D. Collins, V. Wynne, B. Eckert, N. Atherholt, C. Ellisen, P. Flannery, J. Patsko, P. Charles, C. Kendra, G. Llewelin, M. Thomas, A. Williams, C. Slease, G. Roux, Mr. Ayre. SENIOR GLEE CLUB The send olf music is supplied by our Senior Glee Club, under the supervision of Mr. Richard Ayre. This talented group has completed a very success- ful season. The members have been selected with great care and thorough screening, and have been chosen for both their ability and talent. We are indeed honored to have such a beautiful and un- forgetable farewell. Third Rou'fD. Dowaleski, S. Weinstock, R. Evans, R. McNelis, L. Tarutis, P. Fuge, A. Boylan, M. A. Gianuzzi, A. Collins, B. Salvaterra, I. Thomas, P. Grigaitis, J. Kubicki, C. Wills, C. Dem- bowski. C. Hughes, P. Petrillo, G. Saba, J. Morgan, J. Marshall. Fourth Rau'-G. Krizenoskas, G. Popeck, F. Gribble, G. Jacobson, D. Sudol, B. G. Williams, S. Weinstock, A. Mark, P. Skiptunas, P. Perschau, F. Gallagher, E. Hughey, B. Schuler, R. Evans, A. DeCinti, P. Basso, J. Rehn. FESTIVAL GROUP These are the people chosen by Mr. Ayre and teachers for their outstanding ability in their special fields. There are three groups which are sent from our school, the chorus, band and orchestra. After they are entered in district they are permitted to try out for State which is a very high honor. . il f wx,g4- - . FESTIVAL GROUP T. Hrynkiw. Rehn, M. Thomas. First RowfC. Hughes, J. Davies, J. Shintr D. Sudol, J. Alper, P. Bartnick, J. Ferry Second Rou'-J. Marshall, W. Kennedy G Popeck, M. Habib, J. Koury, D. Meinster Third Rou'fD. George, A. Primatic, J MUSICAL 'l'he annual concert presented by the Garchoir and Concert Band is the major event of the year. The theme this year was "Listening 'l'ime". A number of songs which are enjoyed through the ages were presented. Mr. Ayre is the leader of this program and under his supervision it has always been a success. SENIOR BA ND First Rau'-J. Rehn, E. Furman, R. Dyanick, P. Basso, D. Mc- Cafferty, S. Filippini, D. Dourand, J. Rinko, G. Llewellyn, R. Gib- bon, P. Fuge, B. Williams, P. Bassler, P. Charles, XV. Cerski, D. Meier, C. Slease, J. Lynch, T. Weihbrecht. Second Rou'-G. Ungar, G. Latsko, R. Tuzinski, F. Gribble, D. Miller, R. Katyl, J. Davis, A. Primatic. G. Popeck, R. Thomas, D. George, R. Evans, R. Fino, E. Elgonitis, R. Polinelli, R. Macko, T. Zelinski, J. Shergalis. Third Rau'-S. Weinstock, W. Dougert, J. Garuha, C. Calabrese, A. Parulis, G. Flora, R. Zath. G. Baran, V. Smith, M. Habib, G. SR. BAND The Sr. Band under the leadership of Mr. Richard Ayre will provide excellent entertainment for the passengers aboard our train. They are skilled musicians drilled, to the utmost precision. They have ranked as tops in their field for many a year and we at G. A. R. are very proud of our boys in blue. JUNIOR BAND Firsl Rou'-B. Davis, D. Melbo, R. Macko, R. Zath, R. Fuzinski, J. Shiner, G. Banks, J. Parry, W. Coopey, M. Michael. Roux, J. Dancheck, F. Esser, C. Bartlett, A. Giovino, R. Lee, B. Baur, D. Jones, D. Joseph. Fourlh Rau'-R. Ayre, W. Williams. J. Fiore, G. Migatulski, D. Meinster, J. Rinko, P. Kachinski, J. Marshall, D. Gooding, J. Gar- rison, J. Kory, E. Sincavage, J. Lugiano, R. Cunningham, J. Bedwick, J. Gumenny, R. Eckert, J. Gainard, T. Kauffman. Fifth Row-F. Catina, P. Henry, D. Jayne, J. May, M. Michael, J. Hosage, C. Casey, E. Swida, J. Gillis, F. Long, E. Lee, J. Ferro, J. Morgans, J. Reilly, W. Walters, R. Highsmith, L. Oplinger, W. Brown, J. Shiner. JUNIOR BAND The members of the Junior Band are trained to take the place of those who graduate. These mu- sicians, under the direction of Mr. Ayre, are given the necessary training and free use of instruments to achieve their ambition. The result is a fine group of young people who have provided us with ex- cellent entertainment. Second Rou'-R. Ayre, R. Peters, D. Joseph, J. Shergalis, C. Casey, B. Bauer, J. Flora, T. Giovino, P. Kachinski, J. Gumienny, J. Rinko. Third Rou'fJ. Garuba, T. Kawffman, D. Jayne, R. Poalinelli, J. Yencharis, F. Esser, G. Baran, G. Latsko. ,',, Mr at at. PU-KY 'HM MAJORETTES A great asset to our football games is the appearance of our praise-worthy majorettes. Through their integrity for twirling they have become experts in the art, and have gained the valley's admiration, as they perform spectacular drills on the field. They are chosen not only for their poise and skill, but for their genial character. 55 JUNIOR JOURNALISTS First Rou'-M. Strobel, B. Rubin, J. Viglone, S. Rossi, C. Demmc-ck, J. Bloch, Z. Dzury, D. Davis, K. Murphy. JR. JOURNALISTS Ready, willing, and able under the supervision of Miss Moyer, are the jr. journalists, Writing the "Highlights of jr. High" and learning about journ- alism is their job. With them at the throttle we are sure our paper will be outstanding for many years to come. Second Rou'gS. Davis, S. Davies, P. Holmes, H. Decker. M. Barone, P. Rossi, K. Oravic, M. Hammond, J. Hilburt. Third Rau'-F. Ebert, J. May, D. Challis, C. Sparks, T. Campisano, T. Sadowski, J. Gaughan. STUDENT DRIVING Expert driving is safe driving! Mr. James Brazell, the driving instructor, helps his students to correct their mistakes while they are learning. Proper driv- ing attitudes are stressed in class so as to produce drivers who will realize the principles of true sports- manlike driving. The students apply for their driv- ing licenses after they have completed the course. STUDENT DRIVING Mr. Brazell, joseph Bennick, Peggy Kratz. x,Qquum-,Saw-H CAIiIi'IiIiRIA PATROI, liirsl Ron' B. Mezanko, C. Meighan, D. XVhitt, D, Collins. F. Navitsky, li. Yarrish, Ii. Aaron, D. Kuikoski, M. I.iplfa, C. Iiyerman, D. Lynch, li, Alessi, R. Rossi. M. A. jasonis. C. Iillisen, M. A. l.alsko, J. Chapko, II. Payne. .Serrmd Run' J. liadusko, P. Kratz, G. Jacobson, II. joseph, J. Demmeck, Ii. Wfliitecavage, R. Zdannk, P. Sholtis, If. Miller, S. Gouda, S. A. Deeb, J. Bertosh, A. M1.'Glynn, M. Harley, B. Dotter. A. Smalls. S. l.eibman. 'Third Run' Il. Williams, K. Oravic, P. Rossi, C. Giles, M. Scorch, CA FIETERIA PATROL Ilelping to make our cafeteria a more pleasant and orderly place to dine are these members of our Cafeteria Patrol. Under the supervision Miss Mc- Aniff these pleasant girls can be found regulating traflic, insuring order and maintaining cleanliness. The competent members of this worth-while organi- zation deserve much credit for performing their numerous duties IYIOSI efficiently. MACHINE SHOP F. Havley, M. A. Gianuzzi, P. Charles, K. I-Iovey, R. Wiulslm, J. Gainard, I.. Balmer, P. Flannery, H. George, A. Kuss, A. Morgan, 1. Swohotla, C. Bauman. lionrlh Rowe fV. Brodie, B. Deitrick, A. Cole, A. Rinko, S. Spaisle, M. Simakaski, H. Ptashinski. C. Bona. F. Vasile, M. Barone, A. Gagliardi, I.. Wfaskell, J. Walter, A. Dennis, B. Serhan. V. Valerius. D. Sinczivage. Fifth Rau' I.. Stanulis, J. Hilburt, M. Ridinger, A. Shortz. P. Orelik, S. Cliebman, J. Miller, H. Bertosh, M. Wood, K. Iiyet M. Giovino, M. Hammond, Ii. Ritza, S. Davis, H. Decker, S. Davies. A. Wynne, J. Young. MACHINE SHOP The Machine Shop is under the expert direction of Mr. Fred McDaniels. This class is very practical for the ambitious boys who are learning the funda- mentals of blue-print reading, tool-making, and other phases concerning machinery. The skill which the boys develop now will prove invaluable in later years if they plan to become machinists of tomorrow. II. Harris, T. Parker, R. Kaufman, W. Young, N. Weilgoslm, P. Finarelli, J. Morgan. 4:1 THE SENIOR TEA On Wednestlay, December 14, was held one of GAR's finest social events of the year, the Senior Girls Tea. At this affair, the mothers of all the girls were honored as guests. Tea was poured by Mrs. Baiz and Mrs. Schappert. Before the serving of refreshments, a play demon- strating how Christmas is celebrated throughout the world and a program of Christmas music was pre- sented by the Senior girls and the Glee Club. This entertaining show was directed by Miss Lord and Mr. Richard Ayre. PATRON'S DAY On November ninth Patrons' Day was held at G. A. R. At this time parents and friends of our students are welcome to visit the school. The scholastic abilities of students of every grade are displayed in very attractive and interesting show- cases. The day was completed with a one-act play entitled, THIS OBSERVERS, prepared by the Senior Dramatic Club. Once again this annual event proved to he a great success. 59 wit WW., M Wm? aa453Ng,, TUX 'WK wiv' Top Run'-Ed Elgonitis, Joan Gonda, Nancy Davis. Center Rows Bernie Swida, joan Ferry, Frank Guhitrose, Tom Woronko, Marlene Autiero. Bottom Rou'-Dollie Tutella, Delmore George, Peggy Fuge, Lucille and joe Gagliardi. 60 Rm 'Hx' W av 1 USIODIANS llrsf Rnu' A. Dcmhowski, j. Conmy. Sunml Ron' S. Stcfunko, N. Conuboy, J. Hogrehe. CAFETERIA WOMEN A. jones, I. Burke, A. Steitlengcr. M. Seholka, M. Williams, G. Keefer, A. Pulaski, J. Smith, F. Evans R. Thomas. CAFETERIA WOMEN A train ride isn't complete without its good meals such as the ones prepared by our efhcient cafeteria women under the supervision of Miss jean Smith. The tempting, well-balanced menus are well liked by G. A. R. students. They should also be given a vote of praise for the fine job they have done in ns- sisting in G. A. R.'s social events. CUSTODIANS A train must be kept in good running condition, and this is sure to be accomplished by our efficient custodians headed by Mr. Stefanko. They can always be depended upon to keep our school warm, clean and comfortable. Their cheerfulness and cooperation help to make school work more pleasant and activ- ities more enjoyable for all. First Rane- D. Collins, C. Hughes, O. Drahr, S. Jones, S. XVeinstock, M. Cohen, V. Zak, I.. Albert, L. Gagliardi, L. Whitecavage, P. Kratz, J. Pulieri. Serrmd Row-D. Miller, R. Herstek, J. O'Brien, J. Owens, E. Weber, G. Novack, M. Harley, J. Davies, P. Bean, J. Roth, J. McKeon. Third RouffD. Gooding, M. Vilensky, W. Kennedy, R. Fino, J. Rehw IE. Basso, R. Martin, M. Thomas, J. Neddoli, R. Sravinski, A. i ie. DRAMATIC CLUB The Senoir Dramatic Club flourished once again at G.A.R. With a series of delightful presentations. Intensive tryouts were held which resulted in the finest talent possible being selected for the Club. Made up of both Seniors and Juniors the plan pro- vides a reservoir for future productions. - . r-W " fm I 5' , li- Q , Q33 .LJ . I f , G Jigs. 'Ag , 'mf x su 34 V U 4 K Mwiwli I fiwmn 01,25-1 Yrifevifwn .I , ,mp WW 4 y U. 1 2'- ik 'i l ., Figgfm-i' V .. Wiggwzk ails 5 5 vziziww Q . MW H , xQ5fv?'Z vamg w ii iikkvw 5 S21 , N V M, i.5'Lf5,.,"',ggw5 z, VfWM'wM,,,,tMMm A 5322 MW QA L-A 'Z - QF E A ?i'!-gi-'f.fi3c, A TS.. FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL WRESTLING TRACK GIRLS SPORTS CHEERLEADERS 65 CHEERLEADERS S. Lipka, R. Rossi, C. Demboski. A. Smalls, P. Skiptunas, A. Ostrowski, A. Reh, P. Bohm. CHEERLEADERS Flashing the green light and with a clear track ahead these enthusiastic girls keep our cheers mov- Leaders on the Held. ing at a fast pace. They keep the fans on their toes and behind their team every minute of the game. G. A. R.'s squad is kept modern at all times with the several new cheers they introduced this year during pep meetings. We want a touch down. 66 FOOTBALL Under the watchful eye of coach Luther Richards. the Grenadiers from the Heights captured their third Wyoming Valley Conference and third City Champion- ship in four years. Ably assisting Luther were Mr. Chester Wasilewski, Mr. james Igoe and Mr. Walter Wood. Opening the season before a full house at Wilkes- Barre Memorial Stadium the G. A. R. Grenadiers scored early and held off a late rally to defeat the Green Wave of Larksville 7-0. The Plymouth Shawnee Indians were massacred by G. A. R. the following week by the score of 54 to 0. Displaying their best form of the season the Gren- adiers pulverized Nanticoke -il to 0 before 6.000 at Memorial Stadium. Kingston Stadium was the scene of the game between Luzerne and G. A. R. The Luzerne boys hadn't beaten or even scored upon G. A. R. since I9-il but it was a different story this time as the Lions tied G. A. R. 7-7. The following week the boys from the Hill regained their Championship form to easily beat Hanover 21-7 at Hanover. lOO'I'liAl.l. lrrtl Ron' Anthony Paltzliocaa, Kenneth Stoodley, Joseph O'Brien, Pcur Piccarrela. Daniel Lynch, l.ee Richards, james Needoff, Robert Solomon, jerry Verry, Willialnt Gabello, Robert Anstett, john Brown, lrmcis. Guhitose, Mgr. Strand Run' joseph Gagliardi,Mgr., joseph lorio, Thomas Merlie, Donild Loftus. Gerald Bogumil, Eugene Maffei, Bernard Suda, Harry Cole around end GAR Q-'-' ' Coaches talk it over. llall, Michael Gorham, john Stelmack, Jerome Kutney, Michael Thomas, Albert Lovecchio. Thomas Woronko, Marvin Cole. Third Rau'-Head Coach Luther Richards, james O'Brien, Edwin Mc- Dermott, Richard Hutnick, George Saba, Vincent Nardone, Joseph Lockavich, Patrick Gavin, joseph Cooney, Albert NY'illiams, Allen Stein- berg, Francis Loughnane, Lewis Chiarucci, Stanley jablowski, Asst. Coath james lgoe, Asst Coach Chester 'xVasilewski. vmnamzn... . M-rn "1 at- wwe-x-smmMn': ls,piwQ,xw .. , . Again the boys relaxed as determined Newport team playing their hearts out managed to tie powerful G. A. R. 21-21. As the game ended G. A. R. was 10 yards from a touchdown. Luther Richards rearranged his line up in an effort to reenforce the team for the Plains game. The Hill- topers paced by Marvin Cole walloped Plains 34 to 7. They seem to have found themselves again as the team played as a unit with precise blocking and superb run- ning. In the following game G. A. R. literally walked all over its city brother Coughlin with reserves playing a large part of the game, the score was 26 to 6 favor of G. A. R. G. A. R. now had made it clear it was after another Championship. Kingston still bitter after the beating the Grenadiers handed them the previous year, almost upset the apple cart. But a powerful G. A. R. line spelled the dif- ference. The score G. A. R. 20 Kingston 15. G. A. R. and Meyers were to meet for the second time in as many years to decide the Conference and City Championship. The Wyoming Valley sports- writers picked Meyers as a two touchdown favorite. When Turkey day came G. A. R. got added gravy to the meat by beating Meyers 6 to 2. Mr. Richards and his assistants are to be compli- mented for the fine year they have established. In the last four years G. A. R. has lost just one game. G.A.R. Opp. 7 Larksville 0 54 Plymouth O 41 Nanticoke 0 7 Luzerne 7 21 Hanover 7 21 Newport 21 33 Plains 7 26 Coughlin 6 20 Kingston 1 3 6 Meyers 2 216 63 Another Score Their on their way Keep going fellows Ready for action 69 BASKETBALL TEAM First Rau'-D. Loftus, J. O'Brien, K. Studley, L. Greenberg, A. Steinburg, J. Mulvey. Second Rou'--M. Cole, T. Merlie, J. lorio, M. Gorham, A. Williams, R. Solomon, Mr. Vfasilewski. BASKETBALL With Mr. Wasilewski's guidance and instruction. the basketball team turned in a good performance to win the City Championship. Displaying an array of sports- manship, the team worked hard and made a good show- ing during the season. Upon the opening of the season, Newport made their appearance at G. A. R.g and our boys showed good style in walking off the court with a 61-53 victory. G. A. R. then traveled down to Plymouth where the Shawnees exhibited their talents with a 67-53 win. Returning to the home floor our boys gained a 62-47 victory over the team from Nanticoke. Going to Coughlin, the team put up a good battle which went an extra quarter, with Crusaders from Coughlin squeez- ing out a 58-56 win. Once again G. A. R. returned home to take a close game with Meyers, 48-47. The jinx as to losing away, continued when our boys played Hanover, with Hanover taking it 87-75. G. A. R. closed out the first half with a discomforting loss of 95-56 to Kingston. M Well, better news was yet to come as G. A. R. opened the second half. Our team with a fresh start. played at Newport and defeated them for the second time 65-56. But their second attempt to defeat Plymouth failed as the Indians took a close one, 58-52. G. A. R. then met Nanticoke on the latter's floor and lost to the improved team, 58-45. With Coughlin coming to G. A. R., our boys were determined to make amends for the close nrst half loss, and succeeded with a score of 7l-68. ln the second half of the doubleheader at Coughlin G. A. R. triumphed over Meyers, 72-651, thus taking the City Championship. G. A. R.'s third win in succession came over Hanover 64-51. But upon a trip to Kingston, another defeat was in store for our boys, that being 92-Lili and so, with exciting and interesting games having been recorded, we bring down the cur- tain on the 1956 basketball season. FIRST HALF G.A.R. 6l Newport 55 55 Plymouth 67 62 Nanticoke -17 56 Coughlin 58 -18 Meyers -57 75 Hanover 82 S6 Kingston 95 lt's up there fellows. G.A.R. 65 52 45 71 72 64 -H loftus reaches for one. Newport Plymouth Nanticoke Coughlin Meyers Hanover Kingston Two points for G. A WRESTLING Bollom Rou:-XV. Dorko, P. Piccarreta, C. Hill, W. Morgan, G. Second Rowgj. Piccarreta, T. Finnegan, J. Neddolf, H. Hall, B. Saba, T. Griliiths, J. Hosage. Suda, J. Kutney, L. Richards, L. Richards. Suda off the mat. Hosage has the advantage. WRESTLING The G. A. R. Wrestling team after placing third in league competition, without much trouble, re- gained the city championship, and had three grap- plers cop District 2 P. I. A. A. crowns. The superb wrestling ability of these matmen thrilled the fans throughout the season. Mr. Luther Richards has spent many hours developing these boys physically along with developing in them a sense of sports- manship and fair play which they displayed in every match. BASIEBALI. TEAM K I SI Q K . . :gm kfmfxf li. Mlozloom. A. Michael, R. Humifk, L. Ostrnwski, 4. Tf'XQi0If,gnc'f,f"R?"f,gg,n,n1'f""Sk" J' Swlmnck' M' Thomas' E' Bumn' Ki'm"'5k" J' rllcdmnnk' L' Greenberg' B' Shulu' h' Third R0u'fFi. Forman, R. Talacka. A. Steinburg. XfVilliams,.K l- B. , B. l , . A , , , . .Ycvrlrld Ron' li. Austin, D. Keyes, R. Strnvinski, J. Kutney, I.. Stood cy' Watkins Kapot B Mu-tm J Gaglmrd' K Smith BASEBALL Tuesday, April 17 .......... W-B. Twp. at G.A.R. l Thursday, April 19. . . Monday, April 25. . . Friday, April 20 . . Monday, April 30 . . Friday, May -1 .... Monday, May 7 ,..... Thursday, May l0. . . Monday, May I4 . . Thursday, May 17 ..... "Play ball", once again ipating a good season. promising new talent to will prove, once again . . . .Coughlin at G.A.R. . . .G.A.R. at Kingston . . .G.A.R. at Meyers . . .Hanover at G.A.R ..Kingston at G.A.R. . . .G.A.R. at Coughlin ...........Open date . . .Meyers at G.A.R. . . . . . . . .G.A.R. at Hanover our baseball team is antic- XVith a fast infield and back them upg l'm sure we to be outstanding. Coach Ken Smith has the ability to blend spirit, desire, along with his keen experience to a fine smooth winning team. Steinburg in the outneld Ready for the game. Mr. Smith talks it over 73 , gre, TUNA ERR .ggi F2 M ' , I w H H t 65331 32 203 Arif A fn TRACK First Ron'--R. Vigalone, P. Piccarreta, J. Henry, W. Dorko, J. Blocker, N. Smith, C. Sparks, A. Whitecavage, J. Ganer. Second Rouffli. Hopkins, D. Loftas, M. Cole, J. Dougherty, J. TRACK Wednesday, April 18. . . . . .Coughlin at G.A.R. Friday, April 25 .... ...Meyers at G.A.R. Wednesday, May 2. . . . . .G.A.R. at Plymouth Tuesday, May S . . . . .G.A.R. at Kingston Tuesday, May 15 . . .... Hanover at G.A.R. Wednesdayf, May 23 ..... .... C ity Meet at Meyers They're off the G.A.R. track team under the cap- able supervision of M. Robert Thomas has started its vigorous training. In the past the track team Morsey, J. Danchick, J. Neddoff, J. Verry, J. O'Brien, T. Grifiiths, W. Walters. Third Rouf-A. Lovecchio, E. Maffei, G. Kreznoskis, R. Casey, E. Kennedy, J. Popeck, W. Morgan, A. De Cinti, R. Berdizus, J. Cooney, C. Hill. has produced many great athletes and Mr. Thomas intends to build up a few veterans this year and take a few honors in the City and District Meets. We know the team will set new records, and they will be hard to beat. LESH MAN BASKETBALL reeling D, Challis, G. Price, Reisser, Many, 1. Dnnnini, znding G. Lukas, T. f:1lN'lPlS2lI'l0, J. nckenhury. J. Lahecki, j. Fino, H, Mason, Draht. 1 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The G.A.R. freshman basketball team had little difficulty downing Meyers freshman and Coughlin freshmen twice in a row to gain the city crown. This is the second consecutive year that they cap- tured this title. Donald Challis and Albert Draht paved the way for the four victories. Mr. Igoe's superb coaching and excellent management helped make this all possible. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL With an eye on future sign posts the importance of early training was illustrated by our seventh grade city basketball champions. If their type of play is any criteria for the future G.A.R.'s basket- ball prospects appear to have a clear track for a championship team. They were coached in their fine play by Mr. D. Smith, CITY BASKETBALL CHAMPS A. Esser. Kratz, B. Gudaitis, M. Burns. First Rou'-R. Chukonis, J, Sod 1- Yen charis, 1. Flora, A. Giovino, E Valertus Second Rou'fH. Blocker, R. Monscur R GIRLS BASKETBALL lfirxt Ron'--1. Hundn, H. Ptashiwski, R. Salvage, A. Sf'L'0?ld Rouhflf. Gallagher, A. Dennis, B. Derrick, Minnich, J. Crowford. V. Brodie. Shortz. M. Dudley, P. GIRLS' BASKETBALL These talented girls are certainly on the right truck when it comes to displaying their fine sense of sportsmanship. Directed by Miss june Owens, we are justly proud of these girls and wish them continued success in the future. Start oH the game. 77 Two points for us. Made it th r nt to these young la at dies Keeping in step TUMBLING TEAM Co-ordination and balance are a few fundamentals practiced by this selected group of girls. Under the guidance of Mrs. Boyle this lively and energetic group of tumblers have conquered many different gymnastic feats. Having practiced with hard and vigorous effort during the school term, we feel that this fine team of girls should be lauded. GIRLS' HOCKEY A, M, Dennis, V. Zak, M. Dudley, G. Novnck. B. Derrick, A. Osrrnski, A. Colonn, R. A. Rossi. L'S SPORTS. 79 'lopf-'Ready for action. lferllerm Vve got it. Hollow' Where's thu: bull? . g v if Top-Picarrerra in the open. Top-Cole around end. Center-fMr. Jones and Mr. Thomas. Center'-This fellow is rough Bolfom--Loftus with the ball. Bollom-Pardon my elbow. 80 SENIUR INDEX CAROL AIGELDINGER College Prep. Hall Patrol 11, 123 Class Gift Committee 123 Y-Teen II3 Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Girls Tea 1.2. LORRAIN E ALBERT Commercial Y-Teens 11, 123 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 123 Garchive Stall 11, 123 junior Dance 113 Dramatic Club 11, 123 jr. Sr. Prom 113 Class Song Committee 123 Bank Cashier 103 Sophomore Dance 103 Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Girls Club 12g Garchive Art Editor 123 Grenadier Gambol Il, 12. ELEANORE ALESSI Commercial Y-Teens 11, 123 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 123 Lunch Checkers 11, 123 Senior Assembly 10, 11, 12, fCapt. 12,3 Dramatic Club 113 Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Class Day Committee 123 jr.-Sr. Prom Committee llg Skating Parties ll, 12. JOSEPH ANDIARIO Academic General Track 123 Football IIQ Outing Committee 12. SHELBA ASTON Commercial Y-Teens 11, 123 Senior Girs Club 123 Blue and Gray 123 Announcement Committee 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Assembly 12. MARLENE AUFIERO Commercial Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Girls Luncheon fChair- manb 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Hall Patrol 10, ll, 12, CPresidentJ 123 Outing Committee 10, 11, 12g Sopho- more Dance 10g Sr. Y-Teens 123 Jr. Y-Teens 113 Home- room Secretary 103 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 113 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Usher Squad 103 Swimming Club 113 Senior Assembly 103 Junior Senior Basketball Game 113 junior Dance 113 Skating Party Committee 113 Library Club 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens Prom Committee 12. PEGGY BARTNICK Commercial Hall Patrol 10, 113 Y-Teens 11, 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Garchoir 10, 11, 12g Class Night Committee 123 jr. Sr. Prom 113 Swimming Club 113 Sophomore Dance 103 junior Dance 11. PAUL BASSO Academic General Marching Band 10, 11, 123 DramatickClub 123 Wrestl- ing 11, 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Gift Committee 12. FRANCIS BAUR Academic General Basketball 10, 113 Outing Committee 12. BETTY BEHM Commercial Ass't Bank Cashier 103 Y-Teens 11, 123 Bank Cashier 123 Secretary-Treasurer Senior Girls Club 123 Class Day Committee 123 Name Card Committee 123 Sham- rock Prom Chairman 12. HELEN BERTOSH College Prep. Senior Girls Club 12g Senior Girls Tea 123 Announce- ment Committee 123 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12, Cap- tain 103 Senior Assembly 10, 11, 12 Captain3 Swim- ming Club 113 Senior Girls Luncheon 12. GLORIA BOCKOWSKI C olle ge-Prep. Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Gift Committee 12? Senior Girls Tea 123 Decorating Committee fChristmasJ VIRGINIA BRODIE Connnercigl Sr. Girls Club 123 Sr. Girls Tea 12Q Sr. Girls Luncheon 123 Shamrock-Prom 123 Jr. Y-Teens 113 Sr. Y-Teens 123 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 123 Sr. Ceramic Club 123 Senior Assembly 113 Token Committee 123 Manager Girls Basketball 12g Skating Party 123 Jr. Outing 11. BARBARA BRYCE Commercial Token Committee 123 Senior Tea 12. EDWARD BURATTI Academic General Baseball 11, 123 Outing Committee 12. ARMAND CARUSO Academic General Stage Crew 10, 11, 123 Debating Club 123 Blue and Gray 123 Token Committee 12. HOWARD CASTERLINE College Prep. Bank Cashier 103 Hi-Y Club 11, 123 Token Com. 12. MARY CATRINO College Prep. Hall Patrol 11, 123 Y-Teens 11, 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Girls Luncheon 12g Gift Committee 123 Swimming Club 11. DOLORES CHUPAS Commercial Senior Girls Club 123 Decorating fSenior Girls Teal 123 Announcement Committee 123 Y-Teens 11, 125 Swimming Club 11. MERLE COHEN Commercial Hall Patrol 11, 123 Dramatic Club 11, 122 Y-Teens 11, 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Class Night Committee 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Swimming Club 11. MARVIN COLE Academic General Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Lettermen Club 10, 11, 123 Outing Committee 12. ANITA COLONNA Academic General Hall Patrol 10, 11, 123 Hockey 10, 11, 12g Y-Teens 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Girs Tea 12g Announce- ment Committee Chairman 123 Asst. Bank Cashier 123 Senior Assembly Squad 10, 11, 12. DORIS COLLINS Commercial Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 11, 123 Dramatic Club 11, 2g Entertainment Com- mittee CSenior Teal 23 Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Class Song Committee 123 Cafeteria Cashier 123 Bank Cashier 113 Senior Girls Club 12. SENIOR INDEX NANCY CONAHAN Commercial Blue and Gray 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Assembly 115 Lunch Checker 105 Senior Girls Tea 125 Announcement Committee 125 Jr. Sr. Prom 115 Basketball 105 Blue and Gray Dance 125 Volleyball 105 Skating Party 12. WALTER CONNOR Academic General Gift Committee 12. JANICE COOK Commercial Y-Teens 115 Swimming Club 115 Garchive 10, 11, 125 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 12. JOSEPH COONEY Academic General Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 115 Track 11, 125 Class Night Committee 125 Lettermenls Club 12. WINIFRED COULTER Commercial Basketball 105 Senior Assembly 105 Asst. H.R. Repres- entative 105 Ushers Squad 10, 115 Honor Society 105 115 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Token Committee 125 Y-Teens 11-12. EDWARD SUPINSKI Academic General Class Outing Committee 125 Hi-Y 105 Assistant H.R. Representative 10. MARY DAIGEAUN College Prep. Y-Teens 11, 125 Blue and Gray 125 Skating Party 125 Blue 81 Gray Dance 125 Junior Senior Prom 115 Caf- eteria Patrol 10, 115 Senior Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Class Day Com- mittee 12. JANICE DAVIES College Prep. Junior Dance 115 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Garchoir 125 Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Dramatic Club 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Ushers 115 Class Night Committee 125 Swimming Club 11. JOSEPH DAVIS Academic General Hi-Y Club 10, 115 Marching Band 11, 125 Class Night Committee 12. NANCY DAVIS Commercial Senior Girls Club 125 Blue and Gray 10, 115 Home Room Secretary 125 Sophomore Dance Committee 105 Swimming Club 115 Shamrock Prom 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Token Committee 125 Jr. Dance Committee 115 Skating Party 125 Sr. Y-Teens 125 Jr. Y-Teens 115 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 115 Jr. Dramatic Club 11. MIRIAM DECKER College Prep. Asst. Bank Cashier 105 Sr. Girls Club 125 Sr. Girls Luncheon 125 Class Day Committee 125 Debating Club 12. Commergigl Homeroom Representative 115 Y-Teens 115 Hockey 10, 11, 125 Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 125 Senior Assembly 10 115 Senior Tea 125 Shamrock Prom 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 115 Class Day Com- mittee 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Skating Party Chairman 125 Sophomore Dance 105 Junior Dance 115 Sophomore Outing 115 Basketball 10. BEVERLEY DEITRICK College Prep. Cafeteria Patrol 125 Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Usher Squad 115 Garchive Staff 10, 11, 125 Sr. Girls Club 125 Home Room Secretary 125 Announcement Committee 125 Sr. Girls Luncheon 125 Swimming Club 115 Y- Teens 115 Volleyball 115 Hockey 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 12. CONNIE DEMBOWSKI Commercial Cheerleader 10, 11, 125 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 125 Blue and Gray 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Jr. Sr. Prom Com- mittee 115 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Hockey 195 Senior Skating Party 125 Basketball 105 Bank Cashier 105 Sophomore Dance 105 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Class Night Com- mittee 125 Senior Assembly 115 Swimming Club 105 Name Card Committee 125 Jr. Sr. Basketball Game 11. ANN MARIE DENNIS Commercial Y-Teens 115 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Assembly 10, 11, 125 Shamrock Prom 125 Cafeteria Patrol 125 Hock- ey 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Swimming Club 115 Out- ing Committee 125 Assit Bank Cashier 125 Senior Girls Club 12 Volley Ball 10, 115 Skating Party 125 Sophomore Outing 10. JULIA DONNELLY Commercial Hall Patrol 11, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Announcement Committee 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 12. ANN DOTTER College Prep. Swimming Club 115 Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Class Night Committee 125 Bank Cashier 10. JOHN DOUGHERTY Academic General Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 11, 125 Class Day Com- mittee 125 Hi-Y 10. DOLORES DOURAND Commercial Y-Teens 11, 125 Hall Patrol 10, 115 Jr. Sr. Prom 115 Senior Girls Club 125 Majorette 125 Senior Girls Lun- cheon 125 Outing Committee 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Junior Dance 115 Sophomore Dance 105 Dramatic Club 11. MARTHA DUDLEY College Prep. Y-Teens 115 Hockey 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Tumbling 10, 115 Volleyball 115 Swimming 115 Out- ing Committee 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Club 12. SENIUR INDEX EDITH DUNBAR Commercial Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Announcement Committee 125 junior Dance 115 Sophomore Dance 105 Basketball 105 Volley- ball 105 Girls Swimming Club 115 Jr. Sr. Prom Com- mittee 115 Shamrock Prom Committee 125 Majorette 125 Y-Teens Prom Committee 125 Sophomore Outing Committee 105 Dramatic Club 115 junior Y-Teens 115 Senior Y-Teens 12. EDWARD ELGONITIS Commercial Garchive 105 Senior Band 10, 11, 125 Usher 105 Out- ing Committee 125 Vice-Pres. Homeroom 125 Sr. Con- cert Band 10,1 11, 12. JOHN ELIAS Commercial Swimming Club 105 Stage Crew 10, 11, 125 Class Day Committee 12. VIVIAN ERMISH Academic General Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Swimming Club 115 Senior Assembly 115 Outing Committee 125 Y-Teens '115 Sophomore Dance 10. RICHARD EVANS College Prep. Marching Band 10, 11, 125 Concert Band 10, 11, 125 Garchoir 125 Announcement Committee 125 Track 10, 115 Mens Chorus 12. HAROLD EYET Academic General Class Gift Committee 12. JOSEPH FALKOWSKI Academic General Class Day Committee 12. EDITH FARLEY Academic General Ceramic Club 115 Gift Committee 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Club 12. ALFRED FENIMORE Acddemif General Football 105 Class Song Committee 12. JQAN FERRY Commercial Social Reporter 11, 125 Hall Patrol 11, 125 jr. Y-Teens 115 Sr. Y-Teens 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Swimming Club 10, 115 Shamrock Prom Committee 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Class Song Committee 125 Sophomore Dance 105 Junior Dance Co-Chairman 115 Jr. Sr. Prom Com- mittee 1l5 Sophomore Outing 105 Junior Outing 113 Volleyball 105 Basketball 105 Y-Teens-Prom Com- mittee 125 jr. Sr. Basketball Game 11. RALPH FINO College PW. Bank Cashier 105 Home Room Representative 125 Senior Class President5 Sports Editor Blue 8: Gray 125 Senior Dramatic Club 125 Ceramic Club 10, 11, 125 Track 115 Senior Band 11, 125 Garchoir 11, 125 Senior Orchestra 10, 11, 125 jr.Sr. Prom Committee 115 Ticket Committee Sophomore Dance 105 Senior Concert Band 11-125 Senior Play 125 Jr. Sr. Basketball Game Com- mittee l15 Hi-Y 105 One Act Play 125 Blue 81 Gray 12. PEGGY FUGE Commercial Hall Patrol 10, 11, 125 Y-Tens 11, 12 President 12' Bank Cashier 10, 125 Asst. H. R. Representative 115 Majorette 115 Head Majorette 125 Class Night Com- mittee 125 Shamrock Prom 125 Library Club 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 junior Dance 115 Sophomore 10. Senior Girls Club 125 Class Secretary 125 jr. Sr. Basket- ball Game 115 jr. Sr. Prom Committee 11. JOSEPH GAGLIARDI Commercial Football Manager 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Home- room Representative 105 Announcement Committee 125 jr. Sr. Basketball Game 115 Sophomore Dance 105 Junior Dance 11. LUCILLE GAGLIARDI Commercial Sr. Y-Teens 11, 125 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 125 Garchive Staff 10, 11, 125 Grenadier Gambol 11,125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Garchive Editor 125 Business Manager Garchive 115 Sophomore Dance 105 Y-Teens Prom Committee 125 Dramatic Club 11, 125 Token Committee 125 jr. Dance 11. DELMORE GEORGE Commercial Garchoir 10, 11, 125 Marching 10, 11, 125 Concert Band 10, 11, 125 Class Night Committee 125 H.R. Represent- ative 125 District Chorus Festival 125 Mens Chorus 12. ROBERT GIBBON College Prep. Band 10, 11, 125 Concert Band 125 H. R. Representative 105 Class Song Committee 125 President Student Coun- cil 125 Home Room Secretary 11. MARY GILLIS Commercial Hall Patrol 11, 125 Blue and Gray 11, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Y-Teens Treasurer 115 Shamrock Prom 125 Bank Cashier 125 Honor Society 10: An- nouncement Committee 12. JOAN GONDA Commercial Basketball 105 jr. Sr. Prom 115 Hall Patrol 10, ll, 125 Tumbling 105 Sr. Girls Club 125 Sr. Girls Tea 125 Outing Committee 125 Sophomore Dance 105 Skating Party 125 Swimming Club 115 Shamrock Prom 125 Senior Assembly 105 Jr. Y-Teens 115 Sr. Y-Teens 125 Dramatic Club 115 jr. Sr. Basketball Game 115 Cafe- teria Patrol 105 Junior Dance 11. MICHAEL GORHAM College Prep. Football 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Track 10, 115 Lettermen's Club 10, 11, 125 President of Junior Class 115 Homeroom Representative 10, 11, 125 Vice- President Senior Class 125 Garchive Stall' 125 Chairman Grenadier Gambol 125 Chairman Jr. Sr. Prom 115 Jr. Sr. Basketball Game 115 Outing Committee 12. SENIUR THOMAS GRIFFITHS College Prep. Sr. Orchestra 10, 115 Garchoir ll, 125 Football 11, 125 Wrestling 11, 125 Track 11, 125 Lettermen's Club 125 Class Day Committee 125 Motto Committee 12. BETTY GROCHOWSKI Academic General Y-Teens 115 Senior Assembly 105 Senior Girls Club 125 Class Day Committee 125 Bank Cashier 10. FRANCIS GUBITOSE Commercial Football Manager 10, 11, 125 Wrestling Manager 10, 115 Garchive Staff 125 Gift Committee Chairman 125 Track Announcer 10, ll, 125 Home Room Repres. 12. HAROLD HALL College Prep. Football 10, 11, 125 Wrestling ll, 125 Baseball 10' Asst. Bank Cashier 10, 11, 125 Outing Committee 12l ROBERT HELFRICK Academic General Asst. Bank Cashier 105 Token Committee 12. RAYMOND HERSTEK College Prep. Wrestling 10, 11, 125 Wrestling Captain 125 Blue and Gray 11, 125 Art Editor Blue and Gray 125 Dramatic Club 125 President fDramatic Club! 125 Class Nite Committee 125 Art Club 10. Lettermen's Club 11, 125 Asst. Home Room Represent- ative 125 Junior Senior Prom 11. CARL HILL Academic Track 10, 11, 125 Wrestling 11, 125 Lettermen 11, 125 Swimming Club 105 Hi-Y 115 Print Staff 10, ll, 12 Blue and Gray 125 Class Day Committee 12. JANE HOCKENBURY Academic General Class Song Committee 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 12. FRANCES HOGREBE College Prep. Vice-President Library Club 115 Library Club 10, 11, 125 Ushers Squad 115 Head Usher 125 Garchive 115 Grenadier Gambol 125 Class Day Committee 125 Y- Teens 11, 125 National Honor Society 125 Home Room Representative 115 Sr. Girls Luncheon 125 Shamrock Prom 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Junior Prom 115 Presi- dent of Senior Girls Club 12. CHARLOTTE HUGHES College Prep. Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Library Club 10, 11, 125 Basket- ball 10, 115 Garchive Staff 10, 11, 125 Jr. Y-Teens 115 Sr. Y-Teens 125 National Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Ushers Squad 115 Dramatic Club 125 Sr. Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Gren- adier Gambol 125 Class Night Committee 125 Swim- ming Club ll. JOSEPH JACKIEL Academic General Wrestling 10, 115 Hi-Y 115 Outing Committee 12. INDEX SHIRLEY JACKSON Academic General Outing Committee 125 Basketball 105 Baseball 105 Senior Girls Club 12. HEAND JOHNS College Prep. Hall Patrol 10, 11, 125 Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Dra- matic Club 115 Debating Club 125 Sophomore Dance 105 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Y-Teens 125 Basketball 10, 115 Senior Girls Tea 125 Shamrock Prom 12 Jr. Sr. Prom. 115 Class Night Committee 125 Ceramic Club 125 Senior Girls Club 12. ROBERT JOLLEY Academic General Football 11, 125 Wrestling 115 Class Night 125 Letter- men's Club 12. BEVERLY JONES Commercial Y-Teens 11, 125 Cafeteria Patrol 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Announcement Com- mittee 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Skating Party 12. STEPHEN KAMINSKI Academic General Baseball 10, 11, 125 Asst. Homeroom Representative 115 Token Committee 12. ROBERT KATYL College Prep. Senior Band 10, 11, 125 Class Song Committee 125 Ushers 10, 115 Garchoir 10, 11. LEONARD KELLY Academic General Baseball 10, 11, 125 Song Committee 12. MARY KENDRA College Prep. Swimming Club 115 Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Tea Committee 125 Senior Luncheon 125 Class Day Committee 12. FIMNCIS KENNEDY College Prep. Glass Gift Committee 12. WAYNE KENNEDY Academic General Class Day Commitee 125 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Dra- matic Club 125 Wrestling 105 Football 105 District Chorus Festival 12. PATRICIA KESSLER Academic General Class Gift Committee 125 Senior Girls Club 12. ROBERT KLAPOT Academic General Baseball 10, 11, 125 Bank Cashier 10, 115 H. R. Rep- resentative 125 Class Night Committee 125 National Honor Society 105 Ushers 10, 11. MARION KLEIN C ommerrial Y-Teens 11, 125 Sr. Luncheon 125 Sr. Girls Tea 125 Sr. Girls Club 125 Luncheon Committee 12. IRENE KOVALESKI Commercial Swimming Club 115 Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Assembly 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Blue and Gray 125 Gift Committee 125 Senior Girls Tea 12. SENIOR INDEX MARY ANN KRUSHIN Commercial Outing Committee 123 Sr. Girls Luncheon 12g Sr. Girls Tea 123 Y-Teens 11, 123 Sr. Girls Club 123 Senior Assembly 10. RUTH ANN LA MAS Commercial Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Library Club 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 123 Lunch Checker 103 Class Song Committee 12. RONALD LIZAS College Prep. Stage Crew 10, 113 Class Day Committee 12. BERNARD LEHRMAN Academic General Hi-Y 103 Gift Committee 123 Band 10. FRED LEWIS Academic General Token Committee 123 Hi-Y 10, 11g Art Club 12. SANDRA LIPKA Commercial Cheerleader 10, 11, 123 Cafeteria Patrol 103 Hall Patrol 11, 123 Blue and Gray Staff 11, 123Y-Teens11,123 Sr. Girls Luncheon 123 Senior Girls Club 12g Outing Committee 12. GLADYS LLEWELLYN Commercial Swimming Club 113 Glee Club 10, 11, 123 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 123 Homeroom Representative 10, 115 Asst. Representative 23 Head Majorette 123 Majorette 11: Shamrock Prom 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Y-Teens 123 Sophomore Dance 103 Junior Dance 113 Sophomore Outing 103 Junior Outing 113 Jr. Sr. Basketball Game 113 Class Night Committee 123 Volleyball 103 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 113 Senior Girls Club 12. DONALD LOFTUS Academic General Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball ll, 123 Track 11, 123 Lettermen's Club 1, 123 Outing Committee 2. THOMAS LONG Academic General Football 10, 113 Basketball 103 Token Committee 123 Ticket Committee 12. ALBERT LOVECCHIO College Prep. Football 10, 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Outing Com- mittee 123 Lettermen's Club 11, 123 Sophomore Dance Chairman 103 Basketball Manager 103 Grenadier Gam- bol 113 Jr. Sr. Prom 11. JOSEPH LYNCH Commercial Band 10, 11, 123 Sr. Orchestra 103 Class Night Com- mittee 123 Sr. Concert Band 10, 11, 12. EUGENE MAFFEI College Prep. Football 10, ll, 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Outing Com- mittee l23 Lettermen's Club 11, 123 Wrestling 10, 113 Bank Cashier 12. NICHOLAS MAGDA Academic General Gift Committee 123 Art Club 10, 11. AL MAI-EE Commercial Hi-Y 103 Announcement Committee 12. JOAN MALINOWSKI College Prep. Library Club 10, 11, 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Class Night Committee 123 Senior Girls Club 12. ROBERT MANGOLD Academic General Football 103 Basketball 10, 113 H.R. Representative 113 Token Committee 123 Bank Cashier 103 Chairman fSenior Skating Party! 123 Hi-Y 10. HERBERT MARS Academic General Announcement Committee 123 Ceramic Club 10, 11, 123 Art Club 10, 11, 12. ROBERT MARTIN College Prep. Ushers 103 Hi-Y 10, 113 Garchive Staff 113 Baseball 11, 123 Dramatic Club 123 Debating Club 123 Class Night Committee 123 Senior Class Treasurer 123 Senior Play 12g Jr. Sr. Basketball Game 11. JAMES MARYANSKI Academic General Class Day Committee 12. MARY MASLOWSKI Commercial Chapel Librarian 123 Announcement Committee 12. GEORGE MATTA Academic General Hi-Y 10, Token Committee 12. JAMES MCKEON College Prep. Honor Society 10, ll, 123 Usher 10, ll, 123 Homeroom Representative 113 Homeroom Secretary 123 Debating Club 123 Vice-Pres. Student Council 123 Dramatic Club 123 Blue and Gray 123 Garchive ll, 123 Class Day Chairman 12 123 Big Nine 12. THOMAS MERLIE Academic General Football 10, 11, 123 Basketball 10, 11, 123 Baseball 10, 11, 123 Lettermen's Club 10, 11, 123 Homeroom Rep- resentative 103 Bank Cashier 123 Outing Committee 123 Sophomore Dance 103 Junior Dance 113 Jr. Sr. Prom 113 Jr. Sr. Basketball Game 11. LENA MICHAEL Commercial Blue and Gray 10, ll, 123 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12g Jr. Sr. Prom 113 Hockey 10, 123 Basketball 103 Tumbling Team 103 Y-Teens 11, 123 Sr. Girls Tea 122 Sr. Girls Club 123 Sophomore Dance 103 Bank Cashier 103 Out- ing Committee 12. JOAN MIGATULSKI Academic General Class Gift Committee 123 Y-Teens 113 Senior As- sembly 10. DONALD MILLER Commercial Senior Band 10, ll, 123 Concert Band ll, 123 Garchoir 123 Dramatic Club 123 Senior Play 123 Announcement Committee 12. SENIOR INDEX ESTHER MILLER Academic General Senior Assembly 11, 123 Y-Teens ll, 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Class Night Committee 123 Sr. Girls Lunch- eon 12? Cafeteria Patrol 12. LOIS MILLER College Prep. Blue and Gray 10, ll, 123 Y-Teens ll, 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Class Day Committee 12? Shamrock Prom 123 Senior Dance 123 Skating Parties 10, 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Girls Luncheon 12. Cgmmergigl Y-Teens ll, 123 Hall Patrol ll, 123 Swimming Club llg Honor Society 11, 123 Debating Club 12 CPresi- dentJ3 Senior Girls Club 123 Dramatic Club llg Sr. Girls Tea 123 Announcement Committee 12. ROBERT MORAN Academic General Representative 10, 113 Secretary 12g Basketball 10, ll, 12? Track 12. WILLIAM MORGAN College Prep. Marching Band 10, ll, 12Q Concert Band 10, 11, 123 Wrestling 10, ll, 12: Track 10, 11, 123 Class Night Committee 12. GERARD MORRISSEY Academic General Sophomore Dance 10g Jr. Sr. Prom 113 Jr. Sr. Basket- ball Game 115 Hi-Y 113 Bank Cashier 10 113 Secretary 12g Grenadier Gambol 113 Football 113 Wrestling 11 Track 10 123 Class Day Committee 12. ELAINE MURRAY Academic General Y-Tens ll, 123 Senior Girls Luncheon 122 Outing Com- mittee 123 Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Girls Tea 12. FLORENCE NAVITSKY College Prep. National Honor Society 10, ll, IZQ Basketball 10, ll, 12g Cafeteria Patrol 10, ll, 12 CPresidentD3 Ushers Squad 10, ll, 123 Big Nine 123 Hockey 11, 123 Gar- chive Staff 11, 123 Senior Y-Teens 12? Junior Y-Teens 113 Asst. Homeroom Representative llg Student Coun- cil 113 Outing Committee 10, 11, 123 Senior Girls Club 123Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Shamrock Prom 123 Grenadier Gambol 123 Skating Party ll, 123 Swim- ming Club 113 Volleyball 113 Jr. Dance 113 Jr. Sr. Basketball Game 113 Dramatic Club 113 Blue and Gray 103 Tumbling 103 Outing Committee 12. ROSE OLDZIEJEWSKI Commercial Class Night Committee 123 Sr. Girls Tea 123 Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Y-Teens 113 Library Club 10, 11, 123 Garchive 10, 113 Honor Society 123 Sr. Girls Club. ANTOINETTE OLIVIERI Commercial Basketball 10, Y-Teens 11, 123 Cafeteria Patrol 123 Senior Girls Club IZQ Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Class Day Committee 123 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 113 Senior Girls Tea 123 VolleyBall 10. AUDREY OSTROWSKI College Prep. Hall Patrol 10, ll, 123 Blue and Gray 10, 11, 123 Hockey 10, ll, 123 Cheerleader 10, ll, 12g Garchive Staff 10, Ili Tumbling Team 10, 113 Honor Society 10, 113 Ushers Squad 113 Y-Teens 113 Sr. Girls Tea 123 Sr. Girls Club 12g Shamrock Prom 12g Sr. Girls Lun- cheon 123 Token Committee 123 Senior Finance 123 Library 103 Grenadier Gambol 11. JOHN OWEN S Commercial Senior Dramatic Club 12g Wrestling 123 Class Night Committee 12. THOMAS PARKER Academic General Football 10, 113 Wrestling 10, 113 Lettermen's Club 123 Class Day Committee 12. ARTHUR PEGG Academic General Token Committee 12. GERALD POPECK College Prep. Band 10, ll, 123 Garchoir 11, 123 Concert Band 10, 11, 123 Class Song Committee 123 Track 10, 11, 12. LOIS PRICE Commercial Library Club 10, 11, 123 Y-Teens 11, 12g Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Tea 12g Class Night Committee 123 Swimming Club 11. JANE PULIERI Commercial Hall Patrol 10, 11, 123 Asst. Bank Cashier 103 Sopho- more Dance 103 Library Club 10, 11, 12g Y-Teens 11, 123 Garchive Staff 11, 123 Grenadier Gambol 11, 123 Jr. Sr. Prom 113 Sr. Dramatic Club 123 Sr. Play 12g Y-Teens Spring Prom Committee 123 Sr. Girls Club 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Announcement Committee 12. ANTHONY RECUPERO College Prep. Outing Committee 12. MARY ANN RICE Academic General Garchive Staif 10, 11, 123 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 123 Gren- adier Gambol 10, 11, 12g Senior Assembly 10, 113 Out- ing Committee 10, 113 Senior Girls Club 123 Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Girls Luncheon 123 Sophomore Dance 103 Jr. Sr. Prom 113 Jr. Sr. Basketball Game 113 Senior Y-Teens 123 Junior Y-Teens 113 Swimming Club 113 Class Night 113 Junior Dance 113 Skating Party 113 Volleyball 103 Dramatic Club 113 Usher 103 Cafeteria Patrol 10. JEROME ROTH College Prep. Home Room Representative 103 Bank Cashier 113 Gar- chive Stalf 10, 11, 123 Library Club 10, 11, 12Q Gift Committee 123 Honor Society 10, ll, 12g Dramatic Club 12. SENIOR INDEX LUCILLE SABESTINAS Commercial Asst. Representative 105 Lunch Checker 105 Chapel Li- brarian 105 Y-Teens 115 Token Committee 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Blue and Gray 12. DOLORES SAVA College Prep. Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Assembly 105 Hall Patrol 10, 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Class Night 125 Swimming Club 11. EMMANUEL SAVIGNANO Academic General Class Day Committee 12. BETTY SCHULER College Prep. Senior Girls Club 125 Y-Teens 11. 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Sophomore Dance 105 junior Dance 115 Bank Cashier 10, 11, 12, QI-lead Cashier, 1255 Student Council Secretary 125 jr. Sr. Prom 115 jr. Sr. Basketball Game ll5 Garchoir 10, 11, 125 Library Club 10, ll, 12 CSec. 10, Pres. 1255 Swim- ming Club 115 Skating Party 115 Garchive Staif 10, ll, 125 Grenadier Gambol 10, ll, 125 Usher 115 Na- tional Honor Society 10, 115 Class Day Committee 125 Dramatic Club 11, 125 Cafeteria Patrol 10. MALCOLM SCHULER Academic General Token Committee 12. GEORGE SCUTCH Academic General Class Day Committee 12. CHRISTINE SERHAN Commercial Senior Assembly 10, 115 Swimming Club 10. 115 Bank Cashier 105 Class Day 125 Chairman of History Com- mittee 125 Garchive Staff 10, 11, 12 Y-Teens 11, 125 Sr. Girls Club 125 jr. Sr. Basketball Game 115 jr. Sr. Prom 115 jr. Dance, 115 Sophomore Dance 105 Sr. Girls Luncheon 125 Basketball 105 Grenadier Gambol 10, 11, 125 junior Outing 115 Sophomore Outing 105 Y-Teens Prom Committee 115 Dramatic Club 115 Stall Typist 1GarchiveJ 125 Skating Party 12. MARIANN SHERGALIS Commercial Hall Patrol 105 Senior Orchestra 10, 115 Library Club 10, ll, 125 Token Committee 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Luncheon Committee 125 National Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Blue 8: Gray Staff 125 Y- Teens 12. PATSY SHOLTIS College Prep. Senior Assembly 11, 125 Class Night Committee 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Cafeteria Patrol 125 Y- Teens 11, 125 Sr. Girls Club 12. PATRICIA SNARSKI College Prep. Blue and Gray 10, 11, 12 fEditor 1215 Garchive Staff 115 Hall Patrol 11, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Debating Club 125 Sr. Girls Luncheon 125 Sr. Girls Tea 125 Shamrock Prom 125 Jr. Sr. Prom 115 junior Senior Basketball Game 115 Skating Party 125 Usher Squad 10, 115 Chair- man Token Committee 125 National Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Basketball 105 junior Outing 115 Sophomore Hop 105 Swimming Club 11. ROBERT SOLOMON Academic General Hi Y 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Blue and Gray 125 Lettermen 125 Outing Committee 12. JOHN STELMACK Academic General Bank Cashier 105 Baseball 10. 11, 125 Football 11, 125 Outing Committee 125 Ceramic Club 125 Lettermen Club 12. MILLIE SUNDAY Academic General Secretary 115 Hall Patrol 11, 125 Y-Teens ll, 125 Sham- rock Prom Committee 125 Gift Committee 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Skating Party 12. BERNADINE SWIDA Commercial Y-Teens 11, 125 Assembly Squad 125 H.R. Representa- tive 105 Hall Patrol 115 Asst. Representative 125 jr. Sr. Prom 115 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Class Day Committee 12. JOAN THOMAS Commercial Y-Teens 11, 125 Usher Squad 10, 115 Honor Society 10, ll, 125 Blue and Gray Stall 12, Class Day Committee 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Assembly 10. MICHAEL THOMAS Academic General H. R. Secretary 10, 115 Glee Club 10, 11, 125 Football 10, 11, 125 Baseball 125 Track Manager 10, 115 District Chorus Festival 125 Class Night Committee 125 Dram- atic Club 11, 125 Blue and Gray 11, 12 Jr. Sr. Prom Committee 11 junior Dance 115 Hi-Y 115 Lettermen's Club 11, 125 Junior Senior Basketball Game 11, 125 Outing 10, ll. REED THOMAS Academic General Gift Committee 125 Ceramic Club 125 Printing Staff 125 Wrestling 10. EDNA TROLLER Commercial Swimming Club 115 Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Class Night Committee 125 Senior Girls Tea 12. SENIOR INDEX CATHERINE TUTELLA Commercial Senior Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Sec- tetafy 105 Y-Teens 11, 125 Basketball 105 Sr. Girls Club 125 Senior Assembly 105 Gift Committee 125 Sophomore Dance 105 jr. Dance 115 Skating Party Committee 125 Volleyball 10, 115 Hockey 115 jr. Sr. Prom Committee 115 Dramatic Club 11. THOMAS WEIHBRECHT Academic General Band 1, 125 Concert Band ll, 125 Class Night Com. 125 Outing 10, 115 jr. Sr. Prom 115 jr. Sr. Basketball Game 11, 12. JACQUELYNNE WHITT Academic General Hockey 105 Baseball 105 Dramatic Club 11, 125 Y- Teens 11, 125 Swimming Club 115 Outing Committee 125 Sr. Girls Tea 125 Sr. Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Club 12. WILLA WHITT Commercial Senior Orchestra 10, 11, 125 Cafeteria Cashier 125 Swimming Club 115 Senior Girls Tea 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Dramatic Club 11, 12. BARBARA WILLIAMS Commercial Cafeteria Patrol 125 Ceramics Club 10, 125 Chapel Librarian 115 Class Night Committee 125 Jr. Sr. Prom Decoration Committee 115 Jr. Y-Teens 115 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Shamrock Prom 125 Skating Party 12. Brss WILLIAMS College Prep. H.R. Secretary 10, 115 Garchoir Accompanist 10, Il, 125 Sr. Orchestra 10, ll, 125 Majorette 125 Library Club 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 jr. Sr. Prom 115 Class Night Committee 125 Sr. Girls Tea 125 Shamrock Prom 125 National Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Swimming Club 115 Skating Party 115 Sophomore Dance 105 Junior Dance 115 Sophomore Outing 105 junior Outing 115 jr. Sr. Basketball Game 115 Blue and Gray Sta 105 Senior Girls Luncheon 12. is Y 3 assi BETTY GRACE WILLIAMS College Prep. Senior Orchestra 10, 115 Home Room Representative 115 Senior Girls Tea 125 Class Night Committee 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Garchoir 10, 11, 125 junior Prom 115 Library Club 10, 11, 12. ROBERT WINT College Prep. Hi-Y 10, 115 Blue and Gray 11, 125 Token Com. 12. MARJORIE WOOD Academic General Senior Girls Club 125 Cafeteria Patrol 125 Gift Com- mittee 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 12. EVELYN WOODS Commercial Bank Cashier 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior Girls Tea 125 Shamrock Prom 125 jr. Sr. Prom Committee 115 National Honor Society 125 Gift Committee 12. TOM WORONKO Academic General Football 10, 11, 125 Baseball 10, 11, 125 Lettermen's Club 11, 125 Outing Committee 125 Basketball 10. VIRGINIA ZAK College Prep. Blue and Gray Staff 10, 11, 125 Hockey Team 11, 125 Dramatic Club 125 Class Day Committee 125 Sham- rock Prom 125 Sr. Girls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 12 jr. Y-Teens 115 Sophomore Dance 105 Blue and Gray Dance 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Asst. Home- room Representative 12. ROSALLIE ZDAN UK Commercial Token Committee 125 Senior Assembly 125 Senior Girls Club 125 Senior irls Tea 125 Senior Girls Luncheon 125 Y-Tens , 125 Blue and Gray 125 Cafe- teria Patr 125 teria Cashier 12. NWI 88 A Alma Mater .......... Assembly Squad, Senior ..... Assembly Squad, Junior B Baby Pictures . . . Baiz, Victor ..... Band, Senior .... Band, Junior .... Bank Cashiers .... Baseball Team ...... Basketball Team .. . Basketball, Girls .... Blue and Gray ..... Board of Education . . . Brennan, Mabel .... C Cafeteria Patrol .... Cafeteria Women . . . Candids .......... Cast Call ........ Cheerleaders .... Class Song .... Contents . . . Custodians .... D Debating Club . . . Dramatic Club . . . E Eighth Grade ........ Elective Art Students . F Faculty, Men ..... Faculty, Women .... Festival Group . . . Football Team .... Forward ........ French Club ....... Freshman ............ Freshman Champions . G Garchive Staff .... Girl's Sports ..... Glee Club Senior ..... Grenadier Gambol .... H Hall Patrol .......... Hockey Squad, Girls . Honor Society ....... Howell, Mrs. ...... . INDEX 13 .. 37 .. 37 .. 60 .. 7 .. 54 .. 54 .. 38 .. 73 .. 70 .. 77 .. 41 .. 6 .. 7 57 61 48-71-80 63 .. 66 .. 12 .. 3 .. 61 .. 39 .. 62 .. 30 .. 47 8 9 52 . 67-69 2 .. 51 .. 28 .. 75 .. 40 . . 79 . . 52 42 39 .. 76 .. 43 .. 7 J Juniors ........... . . . 26 Junior journalists .. .. 56 L Lettermen ...... . . . 44 Library ........... . . . 45 Lumley, john Dr. .... . 6 M Machine Shop .... . . . 57 Maguire, Will ..... . . . 40 Majorettes ........ . . 55 McAniFf, Mary .... . 7 Musical ........ . 53 O Orchestra, Senior .... . . 50 Orchestra, junior .... . 50 P Patron's Day .... . . . 59 Printing Staff . . . . . . 41 R Richards, Luther .... . . . 67 S Schappert, Gilbert ...... .. . 41 Secretaries, Homeroom .... . . . 38 Seniors ................ . . . 12-25 Senior Index ......... . . . 81 Senior Ollicers .... .... 1 2-13 Senior Tea ............... . . . 58 Seventh Grade ............. . 32 Seventh Grade, Champions .... . 75 Shops ..................... . . . 49 Sophomores ..... . . . . . . 27 Stage Crew ....... . . . 43 Student Council . . . . . 36 T Track Team .... . . . 74 Tumbling Team . . . . 78 U Usher Squad .... . . 51 W Wrestling Team ..... . . 72 Wood, Walter ..... . . 7 Y Y-Teens . . . . . . 46 i Jw Qgjifggmyf fQHf,iTRAPHS.. sy had CQ jglamlf Q m1g f'2ffJEf3Qfv ' www Wfigdw 0 f7!4gfWWJW7hpJZw fgfvw WK fbflsavm, Zfwifywww MMV jwa , 4,-,Lf . f2wQWfWJfM 4 AUTOGRAPHS . 0X,,fb..AUTOGRAPHS,.' Riff F yi, J ,ff ' QW A W gfxwfgpg gf" My Q R MH M ij, , if IQY30 MP, M314 f if if X ,gf if V Q X X 506 fb ax W EEF? i,3E225f2E'3S77l , m.YoN's srunlo W , -if rv wi, f' '- 1 f1g2f1r'z ,,: 1' rv, ' 2, .' M11 4 L , ' 45L:fsZs1'X Fi, Qfdiw .' HY 1 :V 1, ,, ji: JV , N' f ,4 , - w., J' - .- ' w as ' A 'X . 499 fl jj V' V! 6 . . ' i J. ,vs 3 1 h -r.. ix A W ' I .fi 4 - X if . VL . 'ESA' W A -,Q 'xy . ,, 8 , I ff m ff' , Q. FL., .Q!'44s,: 'X -W l. K J ,Q ,IL 9' ' fi '- Q - 3 iff a, ' I 3 ' ' ' ' ! " W 1 5 - .Y 515537 h gf' ' A "Zi" -. l V . 0 1'-A his N x Q ' 1 ' J 'f -A . x ' 'Tix 55 f F 1' , I 'Q' , , as L W 3. I 'U S ,A I Alva, ,. K mg, 1 311 , .' If . 'f f m q i 'Q KQEWH smug, iw QQ I M a W' mm wwww' V f 1 ww. , N. ww an Q MT? 5 ff Q... J if Q v Q W ' n wi wmwkrfifwwg wrap,-. mia. A-iv' .. ,. ,, -,,,,,,, , , , ..- , . 1 f 1 1 -mf -,rw ,W ,....-..,.--..-..,.......- .MY --,V 1--. .--. 1 1-V5 ,lp s Aww 1 i N-, fi W? 'ami

Suggestions in the G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA) collection:

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