G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA)

 - Class of 1944

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G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1944 volume:

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"L 1'w3'..S1i,4' ,M .1 . 5 Hi ifix Eihrin 9 Ks ? 5' Q5 P, E Ei 31 P N Ei 1 ii! 1 Q iv! fi if in' 1 R! ir Sf: . is , , , gf. E E I! 5,5 5 3 1 2 '4 5 gg si ' -4 fe as F lif vglx C1354 Z T "-514 JSE lkliriliiii-1:91 ARCHIVE RRE RIAL HIGH SCHOOL l , PENNA Om ,-4Zma M450 msc pwadiq We 714660 "So proudly we hail" those students of G. A. R. Memorial High School contributing their all in winning the war. Whether in prison camps, in battle, in training or on the assembly line, and We have them everywhere, we honor their efforts in our country's crisis. We award them the ribbon of the legion of courageous Gar-men and Gar-women. "So proudly we hail" the students who are now attending their Alma Mater. Their contributions as Hghters behind the scenes are equally important in winning the war. Their various collections of tin, fats, etc., their purchases of stamps and war bonds, their assistance in Civilian Defense and their desire to complete an education are essen- tials behind the line. As there will be no place for ignorance in a post-war world, we award all students who complete their edu- cation the ribbon of loyalty and intelligence. Five 'Ir We, the Senior Class of G. A. R. Memorial Hi School, take this opportunity to express our since appreciation for the impartiality, guidance, and frier ship of the man to whom this book is dedicated, ll James Myerly. Mr. Myerly graduated from Coughlin High Sch' and Bucknell University. At the latter place he ceived a degree in Electrical Engineering. He la' took graduate Work in New York State and Penns ia State College. His teaching started at Coughl and when G. A. R. was opened he was transferi here where he became head of the Math. Departme Eight years ago he Was appointed Faculty Manag of Athletics. He also has been teaching for Penns vania State College at night in their Engineering p gram. To Mr. Myerly, the Senior Class of G. A. R. Me orial High School takes great pleasure in dedicati this 17th volume of the Garchive. , A-x 2 5 3 x I I 1 i 1 I Seven Eight aww My Greetings this year to the graduating: class are most adeptly ex pressed by a short poem written by Owen Seaman, entitled 'tBetween Mid night and Morning." You that have faith to look with fearless eyes Upon the tragedy of a world at strife, And know, that out of night and death shall rise The dawn of' ampler life: Rejoice! whatever anguish rend your heart, That God hath given you this priceless flower, To live in these great times and have your part In l"reedom's crowning hourg That you may tell your sons, who see the light High in the heavens, their heritage to take:--W "I saw the powers of darkness put to flight! I saw the morning break!" S. R. HENNING Rear: Mi: Hrobst. Mix Fry. Miz Smith. Mr. May, Di: Weaver. President. Absent: M11 Collins. SCHOOL HUAHD Front: Mi: Shergrzilis, Mr. Smziiles. Mr. Tite. Sl I'ICHX'lSUHS Seated: Miss Phillips. Miss Wentzvl, Miss Sturdevunt. Standing: Mi: Hummer, Mix Dixon. Mr. Rradley, Mr, Ruddy, Mr. Gullivcr. A. E. BACON Superintendent N inc FAU U LT H Tenth Grade-Sealed: Miss O,flIlllllQll, Miss Milohur Top Lef't- Standing: Mr. Pavlischak, Mrs. Liepsic, Miss Sten' Eighth Grade-Seated: Miss Baur, Miss Hart. Miss ples, Miss Phillips Mr. Dohh ' Auflem' - . . . . Center Right btandmg: Miss l-loary, Miss Ruddy, Miss Silvius. TOP EMM- N . U Standing: Mr. Roberts. M1-. Um, M1-. l'lCl'l112il'l. fnevcnth Grade-heated: Miss Hahn, Miss Lcnzxhon. Standing: Mrs. Klein, Miss Moyer. Botmmf gcmel. Left, Eleventh Grade-Seated: Miss M. Ritchie, Miss Hem' Ninth G,-ade,Seated: Miss E. OfD0m1CN' MVS. Lough, Standing: Mi: Steinhauer. Miss Lconzird, Miss Dei' ran, Miss Ford, Miss Regan. bitz, Mr. Whitncy. Trix my-sim. W,.,,. N.. . 'op Left- v , , FAIIII, J IW Vviitoi- Rights'- 'I'weIfth Grade-Sealed: Miss Iftz. Miss Mulliorii. Seated: Mrs. Hays, Miss Ccmttoii. Standing: Mrs. I-Izirrisim. Mr, IIRIIXO. Miss WL-cks. Slilntdilli-FZ MISS S- Kiivlliv. MVS- PIUIWS- MISS DOUIIII' 01' y. UI, fflfhlsf I A I Iifxttom Loft-- Sfaffdi MISS. MCAINIT' M185 Brooks' , Svzilccl: Mr. IR-Itmi. MV. Lloyd, MV, IIig'Iii'iIc-1: Standirlsiz Miss Pugh. Miss Iiclwzxrfls. Miss O'IJmmvII. Standing: M,-. Ruiz. M,-D Milk,-. Ml, jy1y0,.1y. enter Leftf- Sealed: M12 Tivthziwziy. Mr. Iioniig. Mr. I'3Q1'th. Standing: Mr. Hmm-II, Mr. Smith, Mi: Wcntze Bottom Iiightw - Scaled: MV. Watts, M1-. Iliu ic. I I I Sizindingz Mr. Ayrc, Mr. Koons. ICIIVI-ii Sw 'lr CTime: Silver Wings In The Moonlightj Verse We're the class of '44 with faith and courage true Our years spent here have gone too fast and they were far too few Now starts a new life different from the past Thoughts will all stay with us to the last. Chorus There were classrooms and teachers, Fellow classmates and friends, And we'll e'er keep these mem'ries Though such happiness ends. Now our school days are over, But we've had loads of fun, We must face what's before us, Life has only begun. And though we're leaving today What can we say, it just has to be, We soon will enter the fray, Striving for peace and our liberty. Now farewell Alma Mater, We must travel afar, But We're sorry we're leaving, Leaving you, G. A. R. Dolores Kclirolitis ,Jill Michael Margo 244 wdddea Seam Uffdcme J. MORESCO B. GUTTERMAN J. JONES R. MACK President Vice President Treasurer Secretary ir THE SENIOR CLASS This, the Senior Class of 1944, needs not doff the symbolic hat to any other class that has left these halls. We admit that we cannot boast as be- ing the largest class that graduated, nor are we the smallest, we probably do not have the highest scholastic rating, nor do we have the lowestg and our sports record hasn't been the best, nor has it been the Worst. To all appearances We are just an average class. However, our batting average soars high when We consider "Spirit" Whether in competition with other schools or Working together with them, we have given an excellent account of ourselves. We are living in a war-torn and mixed-up World. With these pre- railing conditions most normal functions have been in some manner af- fected. Schools have been no exception. Activities and regular functions have either been revised or utterly abolished. There have been many changes in schedules. The young men from our class are being called into the service of our nation. Through all these abnormal experiences the "Spirit" of our class has never fallen. We believe it is this "Spirit" which eventually will make progressive and intelligent citizens. Because loyalty and cooperation are necessary to good citizenship, We, the class of 1944, though average in many things, feel that We will never sink into the sea of oblivion because of our "Spirit" Loretta Baratta Charles Adams Still Waters "Silence is golden" is "La's" pet philos- ophy and can well be applied to this quiet miss. Nothing is mo1'e pleasant to "La" than Algebra or the movies, and she -ad- mires tall, da1'k, men with a sense of humor. Joan Bauer Today Is the Day "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do todayi' is "Lambie's" pet philos- ophy. She enjoys skating and admires people who are neat .and ambitious. With her quialities and philosophy we know Lambie will make a good beautician in the future. Florence Blachorsky Musical Fingers Music, reading, and singing rare "Fagie's" hobbies, and most of her time is taken up with them. She dislikes peoples who are arrogant .and conceited. If you are a gentleman, considerate of others, and in- telligent, you cn get along very well with her. Rita J. Bozzey Practice Makes Perfect To become .an interior decorator is "Rita's" ambition. As her pet likes are milk shakes and hamburgers, she rather enjoys tiaking care of her own interior. After gradua- tion she will be New Jersey bound. Veronica Brackna Time Will Tell A quiet evening listening to the radio or perhaps a movie pleases "Veron" very much. At present her future is undecided, nevertheless time will tell. To become ia lgood singer would be quite satisfactory to er. Yolanda L. Burginia Future Stewardess "Honesty is the best policy' 'is "Lon's" pet philosophy. People, well mannered, and neat, win her friendship. Sihe spends most of her time reading, listening to the radio, .and going to the movies. She plans to become a stewardess. Betty Campanella Few Dislikes Betty. better known to her friends as "Campie", is another one of those girls who plan on joining the Nurse Cadet Corps. She likes everything, that is every- thing except history and studying. Book Collector "Ace" a football star, thoroughly enjoys himself playing good sports. His leisure time is spent in collecting novel books rand going to the theater. He dislikes chem- istry but history and girls with nice per- sonality rate A-1 with him. Paul John Andrews On the Rise "You can't keep a good man down," says Paul. This is proved by the fact that he not only is a good student but head of the Garchive. Milk played a very im- portant part in his baby days, for now he prefers to be milk analyst above all. Raymond John Aschoff Chef De-Luxe "Rye" likes to eat we see, as he likes to be where there is going to be food. In his Plans for the future, food enters into the picture, too, as his ambition is to be a chef. None other than a cook book sat- isfies him. George Audi Aloof This unassuming lad has that very rare combination of looks plus brains. In his quiet HJ manner he has "fought" off the attention of the opposite sex. "June" en- joys dancing, shows, and all sports, and his ambition is to see America. Joseph Barberio Philosopher "Jo-Jo" makes up in intelligence what he lacks in stature. He enjoys history and sports of .all kinds and dislikes conceited girls. "Joe" has a very beautiful philos- ophy, "To know happiness, you must first know sadness." Howeve1', we hope "Joe's" life will be wholly on the bright side. Arthur Joseph Berger Ten O'c1ock Scholar "Joe" is a very active boy when he isn't late, and he spends much of his spare time collecting bills and playing basketball at the "Y," Girls who smoke just don't get long with "Joe," but he does admire those with brains and beauty. His ambition is to study law. Edward R. Black Air Engineer To join the Army Air Forces or become an aeronautical engineer is "Eddie's" am- bition. A girl who is lots of fun and full of pep and is not conceited will get .along wonderfully with "Eddie." its '15 336 ss:-,,-,,. -, .' :swf-, i f 1 '1ss.:'.g.. M szfis- 1: ifir f l .. . . H .5l?fi5EQr sf, gg -ass i w x.-,1. rv -'k' . ff " M- . . fs' 3 1 W' ' ' ie 1i .'1 ' - ' '1 ' f?sf13 . lf7- . as Fifteen Sixteen Paul Joseph Bowles Ethel L. Caiter Fate Decides Future Where you find sports or dances, you will find Paul also. Meeting new people is among his pet likes. He thinks funny books help his sense of humor. Although Paul has a yearning to be a machinist, he is leaving: his fate to the future. John Gerald Brislin Take It Easy "Brass" enjoys gym and the days oil, and his hope is finding an easy job. He would like to be a Navy radio man, but his lik- ing for bowling may put him rolling ash- cans on enemy submarines. Thomas Butler Food and Books Imagine a comfortable chair, a good book, and .a "Dagwood" sandwich. Yes, that's how "Tom" likes to spend his spare time. Although he doesn't like to get up in the morning, either the Army or his ambition to be an electric engineer will change that. Charles Carter Dancing Feet The right Lfirl and music put "Charley" in the "groove but solid." Right now "Nick" spends most of his time workimr. By the way, he likes his women hard to get. Anthony R. Cecere He-Man "Shine," a typical outdoor specimen, en- joys camping and hiking along: with swim- ming: and baseball. He has a yen for auto mechanics and "Mickey Finn," but chemistry is definitely oil' his list. Mitchell C. Davis Sky Pilot To become a successful minister is "Mick- ie's" ambition. He will probably make it, for he is a devout church member. He will make a good man about the house be- cause his hobby is interior decorating. J itterbug Specialist - Chemistry, movies. and dancing agree with this tive foot jitterbuiz who kept the peo- ple on the edee of their seats during the minstrel. By following the Golden Rule we know Ethel will make ixood in the nursing profession. Carolyn Castrignano Enjoys Social Life When "Carille" isn't enjoying herself dancing. you'll find her at the movies, eating, or reading a good book. Social affairs and associations with her classmates rate high with this tall, dark girl. She has no particular ambition for her future. Elizabeth Barbara Cecere Gay Manner "Libby's" philosophy is a reflection of her personality. She has made many friends because of her gay manner and her win- ning smile. Her friendliness and neatness will bring: success in her ambition to be- come a secretary. Florence D. Chernin Pianist DeLuxe To become a Cadet Nurse is "Flossie's" ambition. She spends much of her time at the "Y" and in the movies. Her hobby is along musical lines. She dislikes con- ceited people but likes those who show consideration and have a sense of humor. Antoinette Ciavarella Picture Collector "Tonie" hopes to speed victory by work- im: in a war plant when she leaves school. Her hobby is collecting: pictures of boys in the service, to whom she probably writes many letters. At least she spends much of her spare time writing. Sayde Betrice Collins Energetic Bunny "Bunny" has distinguished herself by her energetic work in the Glee Club. Her love of chemistry and her sincere manner should carry her far in her progress in the Field of nursing. She plans to enter Friedman's College for nursing. Stanley H. Davis Corrine Davis Silence Is Golden Tiue to the Navy His words are few but when he does You rant escape experience says Corline. speak, he speaks words of wisdom. "Red" She likes to meet nice people and would would like to get ia war job preferably like a job where she could. But of course welding. Then in his spare time he will no matter whom she meets in the oppo- probahly write letters. site sex there will .always be her sailor. Mario S. Dell'Agli0 Radio Fan "Dell's" favorite subject is radio, and he spends his time bowling or listening to the radio. As captain of the band he has completed a very successful senior year. His future should be just as successful. John DeRocco Forever Smiling Training and working to be ia great ma- chinist is "Johnny's" ambition. He in- tends to continue his training in the Navy. There is no connection, but besides enjoy- ing mechanical things, he goes for beau- tiful women. John J. Dombroski Engineer "Flash" admires blue-eyed blondes. He enjoys movies and dancing, but the third year vocational course especially appealed to him. He enjoys chemistry and would like to make engineering his life work. He hopes to enter the Army Tank Corps. Frank Donnelly Cinema Addict To enter the armed forces is "Hanks" plan for the future. Most of his time is spent in the movies. Oddly enough his pet likes are sports and music. Personal- ity and looks are what he likes most in girls. Steve Dubinsky Up in the Air "Fib" is much interested in the sky. He spends his time making model .airplanes and studying to be a pilot. He enjoys life in general, but English remains the fly in the ointment. Kenneth Duffy Paradox The great l"!J "Duff" is contradictory in his likes and aspirations. He says that gambling is his hobby: he likes eating and sleeping best: and he wants to be a mining engineer! Tut, Tut, "Duff," am- bition should be made of sterner stuff. Tudor Ellis Opportunits "Reading brings understanding, but only silence makes genius," describes "Tut" perfectly. His ambition is to make the most of life's opportunities. He spends much of his time .at his hobby construct- ing model airplanes. Rachel A. Daywood Debits and Credits There is nothing "Ray" would like better than to become .a bookkeeper and there is no doubt about it that she will be a good one. Reading books does not relax nor intrigue her, whereas, bicycle riding, which is her hobby, does. ' Nellie Decker Enjoyable Person "Nell" is .a delight to all. She has made many a dark cloud bright with her witti- cisms and pranks. Giggler, gum-chewer, and an .ardent movie fan are all combined in this lovable personality. Carmela DeLuca Traveler "Car" spends many a night writing letters or using the telephone. She is happy reading a good book and eating potato chips. To become a successful bookkeeper and to travel are her chief ambitions. Eleanor Dennis Personality Plus Combine a good sport with big brown eyes, add ia dash of vigor and pleasant- ness and you have perpetually smiling Eleanor. Although her future plans are indefinite, her personality will surely bring her a life of success. Vera Dombroski Intelligent Vera is that quite, intelligent, girl with wonderful commercial ability. Reading and collecting postal cards are the favorite pastimes of Vera. She dotes on ice cream and cherry pie, and she hopes to do much traveling in the future if conditions are permissable. Ruth Evans Seamstress This dark-haired girl spends most of her time reading and sewing. Pep Meetings are one of "Skippy's" chief likes in school She is a firm believer in the golden rule. She hopes to go in training sometime in the future. ' Rosemary Ann Feist Neat Example A pair of smiling Irish eyes, raven locks, and a lovely personality and what have you? Why, "Feisty," of course, our neat little example of that old adage, "Good things come in small packages." Seventeen Eighteen Gloria Fink John Emanski Sunny Disposition A firm believer in the Golden Rule, "Finkie" is well known for her sunny dis- position. If you're not two-faced you can get along with her. Her spare time is taken up by her hobby which is dancing. Maryan Louise Foster Letter Writer This future nurse hopes to enter Fried- man's Hospital in Washington in the near future. She spends much of her time writing letters and playing the piano. Although her dislikes .are slightly unusual, solid geometry and snakes, her likes are not. They are potato chips and pepsi-cola. Yvonne C. Gazey Collector "Chris" has the unusual hobby of col- lecting lipsticks. She is the possessor of big brown eyes and a delightful giggle and has high hopes of becoming a secre- tary. A pleasing personality 1'ates first with "Chris" in both sexes. Marion E. George Spice of Life This attractive girl's philosophy is that "variety is the spice of life". Most of her spare time is spent .at the "Wheel". Mar- ion has a sincere desire to become a cadet nurse. Rita Margaret Godleski Enjoyed Activities Rita will have cause to remember her high-school days. For the past two years she has been collecting a wealth of ma- terial from the various school activities for her scrapbook. She is looking forward to becoming a Cadet Nurse. Rosemary Gorham Active Activities rate with "Rosie" more than anything else. Clubs and pep meetings are her specialties. She is doing her bit by writing letters to service men, and when she finds the time, the movies make dividends on her. Evelyn C. Gothier Lucky Lady To travel for and wide, and enjry life wh'l ou ma are the 'o s of "Evi " 19 Y Y- J Y P. She likes to eat, drink, .and sleep, in fact anything but getting up in the morning and going to history class. Sign Poster This happy fellow plans to be a sign painter. "Emo" spends his leisure time fishing, painting, and drawing. His prac- tice will make him perfect for his ambi- tion. Vaudeville and hamburgers are on the top of his list. James J. Evanoski Radio Receiver Bashful, tall, and da1'k are the character- istics that mark this lad. "Iggy" spends most of his time at a radio shop fixing radios or repairing automobiles. In the very near future he plans to enter the Marine Corps. Donald Flynn Seeks New Pasture "Flynnie" keeps in trim by bowling and not missing much news. He'd like to be- come a news reporter in the future. Be- ware of his dust folks, he plans to leave town as soon as possible. He'll probably be looking for a brunette with blue eyes. William Galey J ovial Youth "Bill" is a. very jovial fellow. He loves to read ,and see good movies. Soon we will see him in Philadelphia as a hard worker. This may surely hppen ,as he likes shop work. James Gallagher Future Medico "Open wide please. H'm. Now say Ah." Yes, it's Dr. Gallagher, if he has any- thing to say about the future. Right now he is catching up on sleep for all he is going to lose when he starts at medical school. Leo Gallagher Deals in Figures To be an accountant, is "Lce's" ambition, and a very good one he should be! In- dustrious .and intelligent, he usually suc- ceeds in all his undertakings. "Lee" en- joys "Joe Palcoka" and Gary Cooper and spends much of his time swimming. .I oseph George Swoon Crooner "Joe," who is ,air-minded, enjoys reading books on military and naval matters. He also likes dancing .and singing, which ac- counts for his being our number one home- room crooner this year. Who knows, he may be another "Swoonatra." 4 William Frederick Goeckel Plays Shuffleboard Although "Buck" spends most of his time in school and at work in a defense plant, he still finds time to indulge in a good game of shuffleboard. He plans next year to enter the Navy. Maurice Gralla Prefers Ping Pong Ping pong rates with this cheerful little lad who plans to go to Penn State. "Moe's" ambition is to be an accountant. His happy disposition is sure to win him many friends when he gets out into the world. Joseph J. Grohol Woman Hater "Joe" says he doesn't .admire women. It is probable that his emotions belie his words, for with his looks and brains he hasn't a chance of escaping. He is air- minded and he likes good food and good movies. lWho doesn't'ZJ Bernard Gutterman Flies High One thing "Bernie" is "up in the air" about is aeronautics. From flying pigeons and model airplanes to actual flying is .a short step for this ambitious person. He comes down to earth long enough to en- joy ping pong. Leo Hannye Debator Don't get into an argument with "Lee" -he loves it, and he can more than hold his own. "Lee" uses his head too. for he believes in the philosophy, "Even a pin uses its head." After the war he plans on a career in Alaska. Fred J. Hoedl Seeks Pot of Gold Naturally everyone will remember "Fritz" because he is one of those unfoi ettable A - 'S' characters. He thinks he will become ia gravel grinder in the Army, but he'd like to be rich along with it. John P. Jones Ambition "Johnny" lets no grass grow under his feet. He's just full of ambition lout of schooll, and he is very easy to get along with. Johnny will never forget the elev- enth grade vocational class. Kathryn Gruver Beautifier This future beautician loves to skate and bowl. "Kitty's" pet likes are celery and crew haircuts. She hopes to have a beauty shop of her own when she leaves school. Pretty "Kitty" hopes to make others pret- ty too. Mildred Handza Journalism Preferred "Millie" is determined to achieve her am- bition to become a journalist. She has a good start in her articles for the school paper. Her pet like is red hair and green eyes. So any male that fits, take heed. Betty Jane Hartzel Never Too Late This energetic girl spends much time roll- er skating. "Never too late to try again" is Betty's slogan. With this outlook on life she should go far in the world of success. Florence Hendricks Sociallte This friendly blonde plans to get a de- fense job in the future. Writing letters and dancing take up most of "Flossie's" leisure time. Soci.al affairs and dancing class made her enjoy school. "Boogie Woogie" music rates high on her list. Bette Herstek Dramatic Queen Bette is a gold-haired, blue-eyed lass with a lovely personality and dramatic ability. She has enjoyed being .an active partici- pant in school activities. Her future, rtain, will be just as successful. Gwendolyn Hyder Rooter This friendly miss with a lovely personal- ity answers to the name of "Gwen." She spends her time writing letters and danc- ing to the music of Harry James. She displayed her enthusiasm rooting at every football game and enjoying the band. Regina Johnson War Worker "Jeanne" hopes to become a war worker in the near future. She believes that "Variety is the Spice of Life," therefore her pet likes are spaghetti and lemon pie. Since she spends gnuch of her time danc- ing, she will probably enjoy some of those swing-shift dances sponsored by war plants all over the country. William G. Jones Betty Jean Jones Unassuming "Bill" is that Tommy Ilorscy lad with the sweet trombone. His unassuming manner has brought him m.any admirers-especiab ly in the opposite sex. You have to pos- sess a nice personality, girls. to win "Bill's" attention. Leo Kalafut Heart Breaker "Kal" has matic many a feminine heart flutter with his performances on the foot- ball tield and the baseball diamond. Hds that "Pistol-packin" gentleman with the delightful Southern drawl. "Kal" enjoys a good orchestra and dancing and dislikes conccited girls. Paul Richard Kambies Future Undecided To become an aviator is "Postulate's" am- bition, but his immediate future will hc decided by Uncle Sam. Paul's hobby is an unusual one. It is looking up new and interesting people. He has liked ma- chine shop above all things in school. Leonard Kanner Photographer Photography is "Lenny's" hobby. Noth- ing pleases him more than steak and po- tatoes and music furnished. "When a man is needed, be then a man," is the wise philosophy of this fun-loving person. Florian S. Kiwak Art Lover "Flory," a lover of art, dislikes history and catty people. To be liked by him you have to be neat, sociable, .and quiet. He plans to enter the Navy and see the world. Ferris Kleem ' Medicine Man Ferris is strong but detinitely not silent. He seems to have an answer for every- thing. To go to college to take up medi- cine or into the medical divisions of either the Army or Navy are his plans for ncxt year. Stanley Kornacki Friendly Fellow Football and swimming are "Staush's" pet likes, and he believes in making the best of what he has. The study of .avi- tion occupies most of "Staush's" time. and he enjoys making new acquaintances. Friendliness is the quality he looks for in the opposite sex. Carefree "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die," is the philosophy of Betty. She enjoys writing letters, eating chicken, and Tommy Dorsey's music. Her likes, how- ever, in the opposite sex are a sturdy built, G. l. haircut. and the rest is cen- sored. ' Beverly June Joseph Skater to Secretary A lover of ice-skating, bike-riding, and bookkeeping, "Bevan likes to live ia life of variety. Well-dressed boys with nice personalities rate high with her. "Bcve" plans to secure a secretarial position. Helen Joseph Artist and Day Dreamer Do day dreaming and art go together? Well, ask Helen. She thinks so. Besides those hobbies. she spends most of her time writing letters or eating cherry pie and ice cream. Delores M. Kairaitis Giver of Smiles One-o'clock lunch period and you will find her at the shop door handing out smiles. "Del" desires friends with good manners, a sense of humor, and a nice personality. She will surely have a bright future. Marie L. Kasper Air Stewardess This trim little miss plans to become .an air stewardess, and we don't think she'll have any trouble filling the qualifications. "Kasper" enjoys mathematics but she dis- likes French. "Boogie Woogie" and Msolid trumpet" are definitely "tops" with QV. Ann Theresa Kelly Smooth "Kelly" has a personality as smooth as her skating, at which she spends most of her time. A sunny disposition and a strong desire to become a cadet nurse are found in this petite miss whose smile will cure anyoni-'s ailments. Mary C. Kerins Seeks Bright Side Mary believes "Every dark cloud has a silver lining," and she always looks on the bright side of any dark situation. .She enjoys reading. dancing, and ice skating and she plans to become ia stenographer in Philadelphia next year. 5 biyi v sg . , A 6 fl- ,nug- Mildred May Lloyd John Kostrab Swing-Shifter Yes! This is "Millie," She spends much of her time roller skating. A person with a good sense of humor is the one for "Millie," but carrots and Mr. Watt's swing-shift after 3:15 are her dislikes. Jane Loftus Sense of Humor "Janie" believes "Variety is the spice of life" and plans her life accordingly. Chewing gum, dancing, and writing letters take up much of her time, .and she owes her popularity to her wonderful sense of humor and her sparkling personality. Marie A. Macho Movie Fan Seeing a good movie and collecting movie star's photos are the hobbies of "Mach," She likes Latin and recordings of Fred Waring's orchestra. To become a nurse is her plan for the future. Regina T. Mack xxvoguevv VVhenever or wherever you see "Mack," she is sure to look as though she has just stepped out of "Vogue," Also do not overlook her unforgettable personality, her dancing feet, and sweet voice. Dolores Majikes Raring to Go To work intensely and diligently is the plan of "Majike." Eating and humorous people .are her likes, along with an oc- casional movie or dance. In school she enjoys most of all lunch period. Collect- ing souvenirs is also among her hobbies.- Amelia Florence Marino An Onion a Day If possible to be a nurse is the plan of "Ophelia," Her likes are movies, dancing, and onion sandwiches. She enjoys her fellow-classmates and especially any of the opposite sex who is five feet two with eyes of blue. Irene Matikonis Prefers Cowboy Music Letters to the boys in the service is this friendly girl's hobby. She likes cowboy music, the Navy, and sport clothes. "Mat- ty" hopes to be .a singer in the future. Her many friends make school a joy for her. Detests Dancing "Jack" would much rather cavort on the football field than on the dancing floor. This big, silent type, with a cute smile, prefers blondes who do not dance. If he gets in the Navy he may be doing a jig. Edmond Koury Machinist To become a machinist is "Ed's" ambiiion. He has taken two years of vocational training to prepare himself. His ideal girl must have personality and appearance. His time is taken up playing ball and listening to the radio. Leonard V. Krackenfels Always a Friend "Knockers" is everyone's friend and pro- fesses that once you have a friend, he is yours forever. Besides sports he likes to tinker. Both will help him to fulfill his only ambition, to join the Navy and see the world. Abe Fred Levy Plays Sax "Abie" spends most of his time sleeping, and he is never on time. However, he has many good points, such as his ambi- tion to become a doctor and also that sweet sax playing for which he has be- come so popular. Pretty girls and food are his pet likes. Marvin Lewis Corny Joker "Lew" is one of those fellows who have a joke for every occasion. There's never a dull moment when he is around. He also keeps a baseball scrapbook and hopes to become a sports reporter. Donald Linker Dancer Loves Companions A hearty laugh. a wit, blonde hair, and a boogie woogie dancer describes "Don," He dislikes English but Betty Grable, dancing, chocolate cake, and females with person- ality rate with him. He plans to enter the Army and make use of his typing. Michael Margo Graphic Diary An unusual hobby is collecting items for a life scrap-book. "Mickey" does just this. He likes to dance, and besides football games, treading the light fantastic at school, has made him enjoy his school days. Q Twenty-One Twentv-Two Clara Ellen McGowan Lewis Maitln Full of Mischief Fun-loving and full of mischie' describes "McGurk," one of our cavorting cheer- leaders. She spends most of her time eating spaghetti. dancing, and going to the movies. With her good humor we know she'll succeed as a nurse. Worker Enjoys History Personality, history. chocolate cakes, and activities are "Mangler's" pet likes. If he isn't swimming, you find him busily going to work. His one ambition is to join the Army Air Force. Florence Miller Richard Martin Office Minded Any type of commercial work will please this young lady. "Flossy" plans to work in an office next year. Her most pleasing school moments were spent at dancing club and pep meetings, and her pet likes are C. M. P.'s and dancing. Josephine N ardone Jolly This young lady's philosophy is "Laugh and the world laughs with you, Weep and you weep alone." Her only dislike in school is history. She enjoys movies, dancing, and ice cream. Her future hope is to become a bookkeepcr. Frances Okrasinski Collects Photographs If you don't find "Franny" writing letters or collecting photographs. you will find her at the movies. With her nice personality and sweet disposition we know she will be successful in her nursing career. Louise Olex Saves Time Louise believes in saving time to lengthen life. She plans on becoming a typist. Most of her time is spent in shows, espec- ially when George Montgomery stars. She likes ice-skating and picnics. Hrr ideal man must be mannerly and a good con- verstionalist. Mary Oliver Private Secretary Mary plans to work in an otlice as a sten- ographer. She is a fervent admirer of Notre Dame. Her dislikes include conceited people ,and school. She spends most of her time reading and dancing. Marie Opet Variety To go to a beautician's school is "Red's" plan for next year. She believes, "Variety is the spice of' life." She likes vanilla ice-cream sodas and sociology. Her ideal date must like to dance, be full of fun, and be mannerly. Reading Specialist Take it as it comes is the motto of "Dick," His favorite way of spending extra time is reading "Mickey Finn" in the funnies. To be a great air cadet is his plan for the future. Arthur McCarthy Cartoonist When you mention women. "Bud" says "Phooey." He has no time for them, as he is devoted to his hobby, drawing. lf ever a talented cartoonist walked the halls. it is McCarthy. Watch out comics! Here he comes. Harold McDonald Seeks Tiny Mate Beneath a happy-go-lucky appearance, "Hap" has brains and initiative. Work- ing after school sometimes catches up with him, but it never throws him. School in general appeals. especially if' she is trim. neat, and tiny 7 7 Gerald J. McEneny Outstanding Sportsman This fine chap has the ambition of bc- coming a three-letter man. Where there is fun and laughter he's sure to be found. In school his pet like is the sound of the bell at 3:15. Well. perhaps he can't wait until he perfeets at some sport. Of course, this is "Mac." Peter Mengak Hunter and Fisherman This tall, blonde male has only one am- bition, and that is to pass chemistry. "Pete" spends most of his time in the forest and on the streams hunting rabbits and fishing. He is happiest when he hears that 3:15 bell. Allen Miller Brainy Nothing is too ditlicult for "Miller," He likes all his subjects and dislikes none. Attending sport contests is definitely "up his alley" and he is sure to give them a good write up. With his brains "Miller" will undoubtedly become a wonderful en- giueer. John J. Miller Miriam Ruth Owens Hut, Two, Three, Four To the Army for this lad whose smiles receive a welcome response. Swimming, movies, and dancing are on the top of his list. Tall girls don't rate with "Dusty," He favors those who are about five, five. Joseph Moresco Popular Athlete This tall, friendly chap has distinguished himself by his very active participation in sports, especially on the grid-iron. "Jezzie" has been interested in .all school affairs, besides certain blondes. His friend- ly manner and his assidious work will take him far in all his future activities. Raymond Nolan Irish Wit Ray's hobby is collecting records, and most of his time is spent dancing. His "corny" jokes and Irish humor account for his popularity. "Ray" enjoyed "Lil Abner's Day" best of all the school activities he participated in. Thomas J. O'Donnell Steps High This pleasant mannered Irish lad has en- joyed the dances and the dancing class better than anything at school. His step- ping may come in handy if he reaches his goal-the Marine Corps. Auto me- chanics is his favorite subject. Joseph O'Rourke Future Cadet 'Z To be an aviation cadet is the ambition of "Orkey," but he may choose an easy job instead. In school he enjoys every- thing in general but English. His time is spent dancing, eating, drinking, or reading history. Owen H. Owens A Global Traveler To travel to the beat of martial music and to join the forces of the U. S. Army are the ambitions of "Hughie." His likes are those of an average senior, but he dislikes wise-guys, raisins, and lemon pie. Stephen Paduck Math Shark "Steve" is a sports fan with a liking for math. He spends most of his time at the cinema and has enjoyed movies and plays best of the school ctivities. He 'has been successful in school because of his ability to make many friends, Live and Learn "Live and learn" is "Binky's" philosophy. Her writing letters to those in the armed forces is certainly good for morale. You would agree if you knew this friendly. lovable girl. Marion K. Pepperling Snappy Pep Collecting records, the movies, and danc- ing take up much of "Pep's" time. She has distinguished herself by her great school spirit. Walking in the rain is something she "dotes" on. Her future may be involved with beauty parlors. Regina Petro Active Girl "Jeanne" is a very active girl and likes to skate, dance, and bowl. Because of this desire to skate, she spends much of her time at Davis' Skating Rink. Another of her likes is the activity periods spent in 402. fWe wonder why those activity periods were so enjoyable?J Ethel C. Price Latin and Hats? To go in training after graduation is the plan of Ethel. In school, she enjoys most of all the movies, but she dislikes Latin and hats. However, in the opposite sex she goes for fellows who are tall and have a good sense of humor. Caroline J. Raczkowski Church Worker This fun-loving, brown-eyed brunette has made many friends since entering G. A. R. If "Carol's" not working at the Church you will find her reading, or working on her scrap-book. Her ambition is to be- come a successful typist in the commercial field. Marjorie Ransom All Out for Defense To move out of town and get a defense job is all "Marge" asks. It must be that she collects pictures of her friends to take with her, because that is her hobby. Margaret Reisser Saves on Shoeleather "Marge" spends most of her time making music with the wheels on roller-skates. She is also a good office worker in the making, or perhaps someone else will make her change her plans to a homemaker. Charles F. Rayeski Shirley May Richards Ai-time Ability When you see this cheerful fellow, you will see him with a smile on his face. "Rye" spends his spare time oil painting and singing in his quartet. He .aims to be an a1'tist. From the examples so far he is well on the way. ' Harold E. Rein Finds Friends This very happy fellow found himself quite a few friends through his sociable manner which will help in the future. "Heshy" plans to enlist in the Air Ca- dets. The minstrel was tops for him in the school term. Luther H. Roth Likes C. M. Pls. "Lew's" pet. likes include C-. M. P.'s and "gals" with the feminine touch. His am- bition is to become a radio operator in the Navy. Because he is a boy with in- itiative who tries hard to get ahead, we believe he has a great chance of achiev- ing this ambition. Albert A. Sakey "For Goodness Sake" "Sake" is always willing to lend a helping hand. A person who can take .a joke will find "Sake" his friend. He hopes to center his future activities around aero- nautics. John Salwoski, Jr. Forester "Sal" has great hopes of becoming a for- ester and plans on going to Penn Slate Forestry school. He spends most of his time during hunting season in the woods, tracking down game. The rest of his time he is ardently at work at the Com- munity House in Georgetown. Sidney Savitz Happy-go-lucky This happy-go-lucky fellow is always ready with a. smile. His vigor and his personal- ity should go far in helping him succeed. He is also a great committeeman. "Shy" hopes to secure a commission in the Air Corps. Joseph D. Shiner Machinist With "Joe" the eleventh grade vocational course ranks high among the things he has liked about school. He hopes to become a machinist when he leaves school, and ne has worked hard in the school machine shop to prepare himself for such a job. Dances and Dresses "Shriv" would like to shake the dust of this city from her shoes and head for New York to study nursing. She is ultimately feminine in her likes for a good dance or a new dress. Bew.are ye who are short, dark, and handsome. ' Rosalie Roman No Riveter "Rosie" plans on becoming a Nurse Cad't .along with a number of other G. A. R. girls. Her ideal fellow would be one who is not conceited, not too "corny," but "corny" enough. In other words, he must be an all-around fellow. Marie Ruddy Never Worries Marie's future plan is to become a cadet nurse. She spends much time skating at the Armory. She doesn't believe in worry- ing about tomorrow. Her perfect date would be spent eating hot dogs and choco- late cake with someone who is a lot of fun. Connie Saba Hides Light Connie is one of those uuiet, intelligent girls who hide their light under a bushel. She plans to be a "Hello" girl, but the bet is she gets a good office job. Her hobby is playing the piano, but she also likes to eat. Mary A. Sarnoski Future Instructor Mary intends to become a teache1', and we know she has the ability, Never for- ward nor talkative has she been, but an intelligent, understanding person who has won the admiration of all her classmates. Carmela Schmid Seamstress llancing, skating, reading, and writing to service men take up most of "Mel's" time. But she still finds opportunities for her hobby, sewing. Activities during and after school are what she likes best. Esther Schmid Variety of Likes Dancing and singing .are the likes of "Sc'hmitty." She intends to get a job when graduated. To be a stenographer is her desire. In school she enjoys typing but dislikes conccited people and history. Writing letters to our boys in the service are pleasures to her. swf 'fthe I was t .. XR . ' H.. .. - i ff , V1 4 'L' 1 zlz I V f Helen Schrode Bernard Shucktes Situation in Hand "Tootie" hasn't quite decided what she'd like to be. It's either to be or not to be a nurse or a Marine. But she could com- bine them .and be a nurse for the Marines. Confidentially boys, she's easy on the eyes and likes her men tall, dark, and truthful. Lorraine A. Shiner Epicure Lorraine's pct philosophy is "Eat, drink. and be merry," and it is well suited to this jovial miss. Her time is spent skat- ing when she isn't too busy eating, and she h.asn't any definite plans for the fu- ture. Madeleine Virginia Sincavage Musical Delight Singing and playing in the orchestra takes up most of "Madge's" time. She enjoys a movie only when Clark Gable and Lana Turner are acting. She likes them tall, dark, and handsome. Jule Skeras Many Ambitions This girl enjoys a great variety of things. For example, collecting post cards and keeping a scrap book are on the conserva- tive side. However, she also enjoys lis- tening to the radio, seeing .a good movie, and walking. Well fellows ! ! You don't even need any gas. Phyllis Marie Slusser Equestrienne "Rusty" spends her time horseback riding. She is undecided about the future but waits for time to tell. Listening to the radio or going to the movies occupy her during the evenings. Doris H. Smith Missionary Our vote for the ideal girl goes to "Dor- rie." Charming. well-mannered, and friendly, she plans to become a mission- ary, an ideal vocation for this wonderful musician. We're sure she will bring hap- piness to everyone she encounters in her work. Anita Julia Stanziale Morale Builder During a war the morale of our armed forces must be kept high. "Needy" does her share by writing to the sailors. Eat- ing peanuts and seeing Judy Garland is what she does with her spare time. Model Builder Model building and listening to the radio fill in "Bernie's" spare time. This happy lad plans to get in the Air Corps. Aero- nautics. clubs, and activities made school pleasant for him. Swimming, dancing, and a good movie rate with him. Raymond Simon Beats Time Beating out time to any "jive" number is "Ray's" pastime. He also enjoys mov- ies in his spare moments. Hamburgs are one of "Ray's" pet likes, but chemistry does not rate with him. He admires a nice personality in the opposite sex. John Skawski Sports vs. Women This sport enthusiast and participant may star in athletics, but he blows hot and cold when it comes to the opposite sex. His pet like is women: his pet hate is women. One consolation. girls. he may be intriguing. Edwin Smith Super-Energetic "Smitty" has distinguished himself by his super-energetic work on the cheerleading squad. Drumming .and dancing take up much of "Smitty's" time. His ability to make friends and his willingness to co- operate will surely take him through a successful, happy life Harold D. Snyder Carefree A "Jack of all trades" describes "Snitz," Being a smooth dancer he naturally en- joys the sweet music of Tommy Dorsey. "Snitz" believes in forgetting the past and letting the future take care of itself, which may account for his carefree man- HEY. Joseph E. Speicher Variety "Spike" is decidely not particular, as he likes, blondes, brunettes, and red heads. And he doesn't believe in making plans although aviation is one of his iambitions. He is gym-minded and therefore detests English. Gerald F. Storz Limousine Life To have a good time in life, or to cat, drink, .and be merry is his aim. "Gerry" is very cool and collected at all times- not the fiery red-head you'd think he was. He likes to go riding and dreams of a limousine. Twenty-Five Twenty-Six Ruth Steinert Samuel Tripp Hits the Rollers "Ruthie" spends a lot of her spare time roller skating. There would be no better time for her than when she could skate with a sailor, as navy uniforms have a special attraction. Her future will be along commercial lines. Elizabeth M. Stilp Outdoor Girl Blonde, brown eyed, graceful, and intelli- gent describe none other than "Kathy." She possesses a liking for ice skating. swimming, and long hikes. Her ambition is to become a good typist, and she plans to get a job with -a large firm. Jean Swantek Navy Bound To be a Wave in her ambition, but she will settle for a Nurse Aid in Brooklyn. "Swanny" loves to dance and hike but hates to get up in the morning. Who doesn't? Betty J. Thomas Sports Lover Betty is known as "Shorty" to those who know her well enough. She spends much of her time watching football games, "gabbing," letter writing, .and dancing. Because of her love of sports her ideal fellow must be a sportsman, or at least .a lover of sports. Thelma Bernadine Thomas Socially Minded Social activities appeal to "'l'hel" around school. If football were year .around she would continue to cheer lustily. In her spare time she writes letters, reads, and listens to dance music. Florence Valenta Southward Bound "Flosye" spends most of her time writing: letters and dancing. Her pet philosophy, "Life is short .and sweet, so make the best of it," may be the reason she has de- cided to spend her future time in Florida. Marian Weber Looks to Future Live the days as they come is Marion's chief philosophy. Witty people and chili- con-carne are among her pet likes. Trav- eling or working: at an interesting! job would fill her future with happiness. Burns Bridges This glamour hoy's philosophy pays him dividends. He is good at shuffleboard or darts, .and his future air activities may depend on his accuracy in hitting the tar- get dead center. Leo J. Wagner Persistent Trier His belief in the adage of "If .at first you don't succeed try, try, again" will help him in his career of a Navy flier. His time is taken up with his stamp collection and dancing at "Nick's". Jack Walters Admired "Jack" is that quiet, nice-looking: chap with the many feminine admirers. How- ever, Jack's only interest is in mechanics. He spends his time working jig-saw puz- zles. "Commando training" and basket- ball are his favorite school activities. John B. Waltos Tries Again Participating in many social activities is one of the reasons "Yosh" has been so popular. He enjoys good music nd sports, and his philosophy will certainly help him in his future plans for entering the Air Corps. Leon Wolfe Super Salesman To become a salesman is "Lable's" great- est ambition. This sports-minded young: man spends most of his time playing: basketball at the "Y", His perfect date must have a good personality. Joseph Woronka Sailor "Joe" left for the Navy and put in his boot training. Uncle Sam didn't think he was old enough to fight, so back to school, John Michael Woychick sky Bird "Jack" believes one should take it as it comes. He is undecided upon his plans for the future. However, he likes to find an easy job, or join the Army Air Corps. Beauty and symmetry in the opposite sex attract him. l Car Experiments "Yap" enjoys auto mechanics and spends most of his time txperimentinir on cars. He likes bowling and movies and would be complettly satisned with a five foot two intelligent brunette, but he definitely dislikes conceited girls. ' Bernard H. Zobel Sur-minded Boy This air-minded, mechanically-inclined fel- low is always ready with a joke. Chile- con-carne and ice cream are among his best liked food. Between shop work and out- side work, he is kept busy. "Bernie" hopes to become a pilot some day. U tx 11 L, E Qiln Jficrnuriznn Tlezmur Zzxlunis But 0 for the touch of a vanish'd hand, And the sound of a voice that is still." tl il ' l ll Edward Yapsuga Lois West Hello Girl Number please! We imagine "Les" will tie up many lines when her male callers hear her soft, sweet voice. And we might add a mighty pretty switchboard operator she'll be. In the opposite sex, she ad- mires neatness and a sense of humor. Catherine Williams Wave and Manicure C.atherine's ambition is to become a beau- tician, and she will more than likely achieve it. She likes to listen to the radio and watch football and basket ball Jzames. She is quiet but well liked. Betty Winton Camera Devotee "Betty" is doing her share in this fight by writing letters to our soldiers. Be- sides writing letters she likes seeing Hum- phrey Bogart. Her hobby, taking snap- shots, takes up some of her time. Florence Wojick Plans Novel Novel As editor-in-chief of "Blue ,and Gray" this gay miss has become well known. "Flossie" dotes on dancing and skatinix. She aims to write a novel than can be published. Her practice as editor of the school paper will surely help her. Eleanor Zalonis Westward Bound "Puirs" ambition will yzet her places in the future. Commercially, she possibly may achieve distinction being personal sec- retary to some movie executive: or does she have a Hollywood cinema career in mind? At any rate, "California, Here She Comes." Rosemarie Zampetti Charming Dancer Dancing is tops for this charming miss, who plans to become an Army nurse. "Rosie's" friendly ways acknowledge fu- ture happiness in the profession. Hand- shakers do not rate with this bright girl Twenty-Eight Snwlons IN SERVICE Top: F. Bauman, W. Evans, F. Holzman, B. Corbett. Faculty Called to Service. Bottom: W. Jackson, T. Kennedy, E. Klepaski. Lieut John Owen Chaplain Seniors Called to Service During the Second Semester C. Adams, J. O,ROU1'k9, J. Kostrab, R. Simon. Frank Koons, Army. W E 35 at E EE 5 5 l 5 S X SENIOR 1 DEX - - - BOYS CHARLES T. ADAMS Technical Assembly Squad 10: Hi-Y 11, 12: Letterman's Club 12: Football 11. 12. PAUL ANDREWS Academic Student Council 10, 11: Assembly Squad 10, 11: Ping Pong Club 11, 12: Dancing Club 11, 12: Musical Comedy 10: Dr.amatic Club 10, 11: Garchive Editorial Stad' 11: Editor-in-Chief 12: Victory Air Corps 12. RAY J. ASCHOFF Technical H. R. Secretary 11: Bank Cashier 10: Assembly Squad 10, 11, 12: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Blue and Gray Printing Staff 11, 12: Ga1'chive Business Staff 12: Senior Class Day Committee 12: Victory Land Corps 11, 12. GEORGE A UDI Technical Student Council 10: Bank Cashier 11, ,12: Assembly Squad 11: Hi-Y 12: Victory Sea Corps. - JOSEPH BARBERIO Technical Victory Sea Corps 11, 12. ARTHUR JOSEPH BERGER Academic Student Council 10: Blue and Gray 10, 11, 12: Senior Class Day Committee 12: Swimming Club 10. EDWARD R. BLACK Academic Band 10, 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Track Squad 11: Senior Token Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 12: Navigation Club 11. PAUL BOWLES Vocational Hi-Y Club 11, Vice President, 12: Letterman's Club 12: Dancing Slub 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel Specialty 12: Stage Crew 11, 12: Football Squad 10: Asst. Manager 11: Manager 12: Senior Christ- nas Dance Chairman 12: Victory Production Corps 12. IOHN BRISLIN Technical Senior Tokens Committee 12: Victo1'y Corps 12. rHoMAs BUTLER ' Academic Student Council 10: Ping Pong Club 11: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 2: Senior Class Day Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. IHARLES CARTER Technical lancing Club 12: Glee Club 11: Track 11: Senior Outing Commit- ce 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. ANTHONY CECERE Technical 'ictory Sea Corps 12. IITCHELL DAVIS Technical ltudent Council 11: Drum Major 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: lramatic Club 11: Senior Gift Committee 12: Victory Community Iervice Corps 12. PTANLEY DAVIS Technical lancing Club 12: Victory Land Corps 11, 12: Swimming Club 12. MARIO S. DELL'AGLIO Commercial Bank Cashier 10, 11: Ushers' Squad 11: Library Club 10, 11, 12 Pres.: Ping Pong Club 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Band 10, 11, 12 Capt.: Orchestra 12: Senior Class Day Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. JOHN DE ROCCO Vocational Band 10, 11: Victory Sea Corps 12: Decoration Committee Christ- mas Dance 12. JOHN DOMBROSKI Vocational Victory Production Corps 11, 12. FRANK DONNELLY Technical Basketball 12: Baseball 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 12. STEVE DUBINSKY Technical Hi-Y Club 11: Dancing Club 10, 11. KENNETH J. DUFFY Academic Student Council 10, 12: Ping Pong Club 11, 12: Dancing Club 10. 11: Blue and Gray 10: Senior Class Night Committee 12: TUDOR ELLIS Academic Band 10, 11: 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Senior Invitation Com- mittee 12: Victory Air Corps 12. JOHN EMANSKI Academic K. A. K. 11 Sec: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. JAMES EVANOSKI Voqgtignal Dancing Club 12: Football Squad 10: Victory Sea Corps 12. DONALD FLYNN ' Technical Ranfgng Club 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps WILLIAM GALEY Technical Blue and Gray Printing Staff 12. JAMES GALLAGHER Technical H. R. Secretary 11: Bank Cashier 12: Ping Pong Club 12: Victory Sea Corps 11, 12. LEO GALLAGHER Technical Band 10, 11: Glee Club 12: Track Squad 11, 12: Senior Gift Committee 12: Minstrel 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. JOSEPH GEORGE Academic Ping Pong Club 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Victory Air Corps 12. WILLIAM GOECKEL Technical Senior Outing Committee 12. Twenty-Nine Senior Index Boys - - Continued MAURICE GRALLA Academic Ping Pong Club 11, 123 Dancing Club 113 Class Day Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 12. JOSEPH GROHOL Technical Student Council IOQ Bank Cashier 11, 123 Garchive Editorial Staff 11, 123 Class Day Committee 123 Victory Air Corps 123 M.ap Read- ing 11. BERNARD GUTTERMAN Vocational Student Council 103 Bank Cashier 113 KAK 113 Ping Pong Club 11, 123 Dancing Club 11, 123 Glee Club 12: Minstrel 123 Football 10, 113 Track 103 Victory Air Corps 123 Vice Pres. Senior Class. LEO HANNYE Technical Student Council 10, 113 Assembly 101 Ushers Squad IIQ Library Club 10, 11, 12Q Secretarial Club 123 Dancing Club IIQ Blue and Gi-.ay 123 Senior Gift Committee 12. FRED HOEDL Technical Dancing Club 123 Victory Land Corps 11, 12. JOHN P. JONES Technical H. R. Secretary 113 Bank Cashier 123 Hi-Y Club 11, 123 Dancing Club 121 Glee Club 123 Minstrel 123 Stage Crew 11: Blue and Gray 123 Baseball 11, 123 Victory Sea Corps 123 Senior Class '1 reasurer. WILLIAM JON ES Academic Student Council 103 Assembly Squad 113 Band 10, 11, 123 Or- chestra 11, 123 Minstrel 123 Gift Committee 12: Senior Cl.ass Song Committee 123 Victory Air Corps 12. LEO KALAFUT Vocational Student Council 123 Hi-Y Club 11, 121 Letterman's Club 121 Foot- ball Squad 10, 11, 123 Basketball 123 Baseball 10, 11, 123 Clans Day Committee 123 Victory Sea Corps 11, 12. PAUL R KAMBIES Vocational Hi-Y Club 11, 123 Dancing Club 123 Glee Club 123 Minstrel 123 'victory Aix' Corps 12. LEONARD KANNER Technical FLORIAN KIWAK Commercial Secretarial Club 123 Senior Invitation Committee 12. FERRIS A. KLEEM Academic Bank Cashier 103 Ushers Squad 113 Ping Pong Club 10, 11, 123 Dancing Club 123 Glee Club 10, 11, 12: Minstrel 123 Dramatic Club 103 Senior Invitation Committee 123 Senior Tokens Commit- tee 123 Victory Sea Corps 11, 12. STANLEY KORNACKI Technical Hi-Y Club 113 Victory Sea Corps 12. JOHN KOSTRAB Technical U. S. Navy. EDMOND KOURY Vocational Dancing Club 123 Victory Air Corps 12. Thirty LEONARD J. KRACKENFELS Technica Letter-man's Club 121 Dance Club 123 Basketball 9, Manager, 10, 11, 12. ABE LEVY Academii H. R. Secretary 103 Bank Cashier 113 Dancing Club 113 Band 10 11, 123 Orchestra 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 11, 12, Minstrel 123 Senio class Song Committee 12. MARVIN IRVING LEWIS Technica Dancing Club 11, 123 Track Squad 11, 123 Senior Tokens Coma mittee 123 Victory Land Corps 12. DONALD LINKER Commercia Bank Cashier 103 Dancing Club 10, 11, 123 Glee Club 123 Minstrf 123 Garchive Business Staff 123 Class Day Committee IZQ Short hand Artist Club 103 Victory Community Corps 12. MICHAEL MARGO Academi Ushers' Squad 113 Dancing Club 11, 123 Glee Club 11, 123 Mir strel 11, 12: Senior Gift Committee 123 Victory Air Corps 11, 12 Navigation Club 113 Map Reading Club 11. LEWIS MARTIN Technic: Bank Cashier 103 Assembly Squad 10, 11: Library Club 10, 11, 12 Ping Pong Club 11. RICHARD MARTIN Academ B-ank Cashier 103 Assembly Squad 11, 123 Dancing Club 11, 15 Senior Invitation Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 11, 12. ARTHUR McCARTHY Technic Student Council 12: Bank Cashier 103 I-Ii-Y Club 123 Blue al Gray 11, 12, Assistant Art Editor: Tokens Committee 123 Victo: bca Corps 12. HAROLD McDONALD Technic Stage Crew 11, Stage Crew Pres. 123 Garchive Editorial Staff 1 123 Senior Class Day Committee 123 Victory Air Corps 12. GERALD McENENY Acaden Student Council 10, President 123 Bank Cashier 11, 123 Assemk Squad 103 I-Ii-Y Club 11, 12: Lettermans' Club 11, 123 Dancii Club 123 Glee Club 123 Minstrel 123 Football 10, 11, 12: Basketb: 10, 123 Baseball 123 Track 10, 11, 123 Victory Sea Corps Div. 12 PETE MENGAK Technic Ushers' Squad 113 Victory Sea Corps 11. 12. ALLEN MILLER Acaden Ushers' Squad 11: KAK 10, 113 Dancing Club 11, 123 Victory 1 Corps 11, 123 Map Reading Club 113 Blue and Gray 10, 11, 12 JOHN MILLER Techni Victory Land Corps 12. JOSEPH MORESCO Techni Student Council 10, 11, 12: Ping Pong 113 Lettermans' Club 11. Dancing Club 11, 123 Football 10, 11, Co-captain 123 Basketball 11, 12g Baseball 10 11, 123 Victory Sea Corps 12. Senior Cl President. Senior Index Boys - - Continued RAY NOLAN Technical Student Council 11, 12: Assembly Squad 10, 11, 12: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Stage Crew 11, 12: Senior Tokens Committee, Chairman 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. TOM 0'DONNELL Technical Student Council 10, 12: I-Ii-Y Club 12: Dancing Club 12: Football ll, 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 12. JOSEPH O'ROURKE Technical U. S. Navy. OWEN OWENS Technical Student Council 10: Assembly Squad 11, 12: Dancing Club 12: Senior Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. lTEPHEN PADUCK Technical Band 10, 11: Victory Land Corps 12. ZHARLES RAYESKI Technical KAK 11: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Blue and Gray 11, 12: Senior lift Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. IAROLD E. REIN Academic KAK 10, 11: Dancing Club 11. 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 2: Victory Air Corps 12: Map Reading Club 11. .UTHER ROTH Academic ltudent Council 11: Ushers' Squad 11: Ping Pong 11, Vice-Presi- dent 12: Band 10, 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Blass Night Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. ALBERT SAKEY Technical 'shers' Squad 11: KAK 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 12: ienior Gift Committee 12: Victory Navy Corps 12: Navigation llub 11. ACK SALWOSKI Technical enior Outing Committee 12: Victory Production Corps 12. IDNEY SAVITZ Academic tudent Council 10, 11: Ushers' Squad 11: Hi-Y Club 10, 11: Ping 'ong Club 11, 12: Igttermans' Club 11, 12: Dancing Club 10. 11, 2: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Basketball 10, 11: Senior Class light Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 12: I-Iay Ride Committee 12. OSEPH SHINER Vocational lee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Victory Air Corps 12., ERNARD SHUCKTES Academic ank Cashier 12: Assembly Squad 11: K A K 11: Hi-Y Club 11: ancing Club 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Stage Crew 11, 12: ictory Air Corps 12: Map Reading 11. AYMOND SIMON Vocational ictory Production Corps 11, 12. JOHN SKAWSKI Academic Student Council 10, 11, 12: Hi-Y Club 12: Ping Pong Club 11: Lettermans' Club 11, 12: Dancing Club 12: Band 10: Football 11, 12: Basketball 10, 11, 12: Baseball 10, 11, 12: Senior Outing Com- mittee 12: Victory Corps 12. EDWIN SMITH Academic Student Council 10, 11, Vice-President 12: Ushers' Squad 11: Dancing Club 11: Glee Club 12: Garchive Editorial Staff 11, 12: Cheerleader 10: Head Cheerleader 11, 12: Senior Class Day Com- mittee 12: Victory Air Corps 11, 12: Map Reading Club 11. - HAROLD SNYDER Teechnical Bank Cashier 10, 11: Bowling Club 10: Dancing Club 10, 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Stage Crew 10, 11, 12: Cheerleader 11, 12: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Senior Tokens Committee 12. JOE SPEICHER Academic Victory Air Corps 12. GERRY STORZ Academic Dancing Club 12: Victory Land Corps 11, 12. SAM TRIPP - Academic Bowling Club 10: Ping Pong Club 11: Lettermans' Club 12: Danc- ing Club ll, 12: Band 10, 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Track Mgr. 10, 11, 12: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 12. LEO WAGNER Technical Student Council 10: H. R. Secretary 11: Bowling Club 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Band 10, 11. 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Victory Air Corps 12: Navigation Club 11. JACK WALTERS Vocational Bank Cashier 10, 11: Assembly Squad 10, 11: Hi-Y Club 11, 12: Football 10, 11: Track 10: Victory P1'oduction Corps 12. JOHN WALTOS A Academic H. R. Secretary 10: Bank Cashier 10: Assembly Squad 11, 12: Ushers' Squad 11: Dancing Club 10, 11, 12: Band 10: Glee Club 12: Cheerleader 11, 12: Senior Class Song Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 11, 12: Minstrel 12. LEON WOLFE Vocational Bank Cashier 10, 11: Hi-Y Club 12: Dancing Club 12: Basketball 10: Victory Air Corps 12. JOSEPH WORONKA Vocational JOHN WOYCHICK Bank Cashier 10: Band 10, 11, 12: Orchestra 10, 11, 12: Senior Class Song Committee 12: Victory Air Corps 12. Commercial EDWARD YAPS UGA Technical Assembly Squad 10, 11: Hi-Y 11: Dancing Club 11: Victory Air Corps 12. BERNARD H. ZOBEL Vocational Hi-Y Club 11: Glee Club 12: Minst1'e1 12: Baseball 10, 11, 12: Victory Air Corps 11: Navigation Club 11. Thirty-One SENIOR I DEX - - - GIRL LORETTA BARATTA Technical Girl Reserves 123 Senior Class Day Committee 123 Home Nursing 123 Community Corps 11, 12. JOAN BAUER Technical Bowling Club 11: Girl Reserves 123 Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 123 Minstrel 122 Senior Tokens Committee 12: Victory Corps Div. 12. FLORENCE BLACHORSKY Academic Glee Club 11, 123 Girls Basketball 123 Community Corps 11, 12. RITA BOZZEY ' C0mmel'Cial Bank Cashier 10, 11, 12: Lunch Checker 10, 11, 121 Secretarial Club 123 Dancing Club 12: Garchive Business Staff 12: Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Invitation Committee 123 Red Cross Staff Assistant 113 Victory Community Corps 12. VERONICA BRACKNA Technical Cafeteria Patrol 12: Shorthnd Club 10: Red Cross Staff Assistant 111 Victory Community Corps 12. YOLANDA BURGINIA Technical Bank Cashier 11: Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12: Assembly Squad 10: Dancing Club 11, 12: Swimming Club 11: Dramatic Club 103 Senior Girls Tea 123 Community Corps 11, 12. BETTY CAMPAN ELLA Commercial H. R. Secretary 12: Bank Cashier 10: Lunch Checkers 10: Assem- bly Squad 113 Capt. 12: Fancy Work Club 10: Dancing Club 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 123 Blue .and Gray 11, 123 Swimming Club 11: Community Corps 11, 12. ETHEL CARTER Academic Girl Reserves 11, 12: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Min- strel 11, 12: Senior Girls Tea 123 Sea Corps 12. CAROLYN CASTRIGNANO Technical Bank Cashier 10: Assembly Squad 10, 11, 12: Girl Reserves 10, 11: Dancing Club 11, 123 Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Senior Class Night 12: Community Corps 12. ELIZABETH CECERE Technical Library Club 10, ll, 12: Girl Reserves 11, 121 Dancing Club 11, 12: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Community Corps 12. FLORENCE T. CHERNIN Technical Bank Cashier 10: K A K Club 10, 111 Bowling Club 11: Girl Re- serves 10. 11: Dancing 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 123 Minstrel 11, 12: Dramatic Club 10, 11: Girls Basketball 12: Victory Corps Div. 11, 12. ANTOINETTE CIAVARELLA Technical Hall Patrol 10: Assembly Squad 10, 11: Eancy Work Club 10: Dancing Club 12: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Class Night 12: Victory Corps Div. 12. SAYDE COLLINS Technical Lunch Checkers 10: Fancy Work Club 10: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, l2Q Minstrel 11, 123 Girls Volleyball 10: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Victory Corps Div. 12. CORRINE DAVIS Technical Student Council 11: Dancing 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 123 Dramatic Club 10, 113 Garchive Business Staff 11, 12: Senior Tokens Committee 12: Land Corps 11, 12. RACH.EL DAYWOOD Commercial Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12: Secretarial Club 122 Shorthand Artists Club 103 Girls Basketball 12: Community Corps 11, 12. NELLIE DECKER Technical H. R. Secretary 111 Bank Cashier 103 Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 11, 123 Senior Class Night Committee 12: Red Cross Stall' Assistant ll: Production Corps 12. Thirty-TWO CARMELA DELUCA Commerci: Secretarial Club 12: Shorthand Artists Club 103 Dancing Club 11 Red Cross Stae Assistant 11: Community Sea Corps 12. ELEANOR DENNIS Technica H. R. Secretary 10: Hall Patrol 10: Ushers' Squad 11, Library Clu 10, 11, Vice President 123 Girl Reserves 11: Treasurer 12: Pres dent: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11,'12: Blu and,Gray 11, 12: Girls Basketball 12: Senior Class Night Comrni tee 123 Red Cross Staff Assistant 11: Community Corps 11. VERA DOMBROSKI Commerci Student Council 103 Lunch Checkers 12: Secretarial 12: Garchi' Business Staff 12: Senior Girls Tea 123 Senior Invitation Commi tee 12: Red Cross Staff Assistant 11: Community Corps 12. RUTH EVANS Technic Hall Patrol ll: Shorthand Artists Club 103 Victory Communi Corps 12. ROSEMARY FEIST Technic Assembly Squad 10, 11: Fancy Work Club 10: Girl Reserves 11, 1' Dancing Club 11 12: Blue and Gnay 11: Cir. Mgr. 12: Victoi Corps Div. 12. GLORIA FINK Technic Minstrel 11, 121 Senior Outing Committee 12: Community Corps 1 Lunch Checkers 12: Fancy Work 105 Dancing 12: Glee Club 11, 1 MARYAN FOSTER Acaderr Girl Reserves 123 Dancing Club 123 Glee Club 11, 12Q Minstrel 1 123 Garchive Business Staff 123 Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Cla Night Committee 12: Victory Corps Div. 12. YVONNE GAZEY Commerci Fancy Work Club 10: Dancing Club 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 1 Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Land Cor ll, 12. MARION GEORGE Techni: H. R. Secretary 10: Bank Cashier 11: Hall Patrol 10, 11, 1 Twenty Grand 101 Girl Reserves 12: Shorthand Artists 10: D1 matic Club 10, 11: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Tokens Comm tee 12. RITA GODLESKI Acaden Cafeteria Patrol 10, 11, 12: Ushers' Squad 11: K A K 10. Pres. 123 Fancy VVork 10: Dramatic Club 10, 11: Blue nd Gr 11, 123 Girls Basketball 10: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Invi1 tion Committee 123 Victory Community Corps 11, 12. ROSEMARY GORI-IAM Commere Cafeteria Patrol 11, 12: Fancy Work Club 111 Girls Basketball l Girls Volleyball 10: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Class Night Co: mittee 12. EVE LYN GOTHIER Techni Hall Patrol 11: Assembly Squad 10: Fancy Work Club 10: C Reserves 103 Dancing Club 11, 12: Victory Community Corps 1 KATHRYN GRUVER Technii Bowling Club 11: Girl Reserves 123 Dancing Club 12: Glee C 12: Senior Gift Committee 12: Victory Community Corps 12. MILDRED HANDZA Techni H. R. Secretary 10, 11: Bank Cashier 121 Ushers' Squad 11: brary Club 10, 11 Sec. 123 Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, Minstrel 11, 12: Blue and Gray 10, 11, 12 Associate Editor: Sen Class Day Committee 12: Victory Community Corps 12. BETTY HART ZEL Acadel Hall Piatrol 11, 12: Girl Reserves 12: Dancing Club 11: Garch Business Staff 11 Asst. Manager, 12 Business Manager: Twe Gr.and Club 10: Skating Club 10, 11: Victory Community Corps Senior Index Girls - - Continued FLORENCE HENDRICKS Technical H. R. Secretary 12: Bank Cashier 11: Assembly Squad 12: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 10, 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Blue .and Gray 10: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Shorthand Artists 10: Victory Community Corps 12. BETTE HERSTEK Commercial H. R. Secretary 10: Secretarial Club 12: Bowling Club 10: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Dramatic Club 10, 11: Senior Tokens Committee 12: Staff Assistance 11: Victory Production Corps 12. GWEN I-IYDER , Technical Fancy Work 10: Dancing 10, 11, 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. REGINA JOHNSON Academic Dancing Club 11: Victory Community Corps 12: Nutrition 11: Home Nursing 12. BETTY JEAN JONES Academic Cafeteria Patrol Captain 10, 11, 12: Fancy Work Club 11: Bowl- ing Club 11: Dancing Club 11: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Victory Community Corps 12: Home Nursing 12. BEVERLY JOSEPH Commercial Lunch Checkers 12: Fancy Work Club 10: Girl Reserves 12: Danc- ing Club 12: Girls Basketball 10: Girls Volleyball 10: Shorthand Artists 10: Swimming Club 10, 11: Victory Community Corps 11, 12. HELEN JOSEPH Commercial H. R. Secretary 11: K A K 10, 11: Secretarial 12: Fancy Work Club 10: Bowling Club 11: Dancing Club 12: Orchestna 10: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Senior Girls Tea Committee 12: Senior Gift Committee 12:. Victory Community Corps 11, 12. DOLORES KAIRAITES ACB-demic Cafeteria Patrol 12 Pres.: Lunch Checkers 10. 11, 12 Pres.: Ush- ers' Squad 11: Fancy Work Club 10: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Blue and Gray 11 Circulation Manager: Garchive Business Staff 12: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Victory Community Corps 12. MARIE KASPER Acdemic H. R. Secretary 10: Fancy Work Club 11: Dancing Club 11: Gar- chive Business Staff 12: Senior Girls Tea Committee 12: Nutrition 11: Victory Production Corps 12: Home Nursing 12. ANN THERESA KELLY Academic Hall Patrol 11, 12: Dancing Club 12. MARY KERINS' Commercial H. R. Secretary 12: Hall Patrol 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Gar- chive Business Staff 12: Senior Girls Tea Committee 12 Chairman: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Shorthand Artists 10: Staff As- sistance 11: Victory Community Corps 11, 12. MILDRED LLOYD Commercial Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12: Fancy Work Club 10: Bowling Club 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Senior Gift Committee 12: Shorthand Artist 10: Nutrition 11, Victory Corps 11, 12. JANE LOFTUS Technical Student Council 11: Girl Reserves 11, 12 Treas.: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Community Corps 12. MARIE MACHO Academic Bank Cashier 12 Associate: Assembly Squad 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Senior Gift Committee 12: Home Nursing 12: Victory Corps 11. 12. REGINA MACK Technical K. A. K. 11, 12: Bowling Club 10, 11: Girl Reserves 10, 11: Danc- ing Club 10, 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 10, 11, 12: Girls Basketball 12: Victory Air Corps 11, 12. DOLO RES MAJIKES Technical Lunch Checkers 10: Dancing Club 11: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel ll, 12: Girls Basketball 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. AMELIA MARINO Technical Hall Patrol 10: Dancing Club 12: Girls Volleyball 10: Victory Corps 11. IRENE I. MATIKONIS ' Commercial Shorthand Club 10: Garchive Typist 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. CLARA E. McGOWAN Commercial Hall Ratrol 10, 11, Pres. 12: Assembly Squad 10: Fancy Work Club 10: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 10, 11, 12: Dramatic Club 10, 11: Garchive Business Staff 12: Girls Volleyball 10, 11, Capt. 12: Cheerleader 11, 12: Class Token Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 12. FLORENCE MILLER Commercial Home Room Secretary 10: Secretarial Club 12: Dancing Club 11 12: Garchive Business Staff 12: Senior Girls Tea 12: Class Gift Committee 12: Victory Community Service 12: Staff Assistance 11. JOSEPHINE NARDONE Commercial Lunch Checker 12: Assembly Squad 10: Secretarial Club 12: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Victory Production Corps 12: Shorthand Artist Club 10. FRANCIS OKRASINSKI Technical Victory Sea Service 12. LOUISE OLEX Cqmmercial Lunch Checker 12: Assembly Squad 12: Girl Reserves 12: Short- hand Artist Club 10: Garchive Business Staff 11, 12: Swimming Club 11: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps 11, 12: Staff Assistance 11. MARY OLIVER Commercial Lunch Checker 10, 11, 12: Swimming 10: Senior Outing Committee- 12: Victory Community Corps 12: Garchive Typist 1.2. MARIE OPET Technical Hall Patrol 12: Asseembly Squad 12: Swimming Club 10, 11: Girl Reserves 11: Vice Pres Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Girls Basketball 12: Class Token Committee 12: Victo1'y Community Corps 11, 12. MARIAM owaivs Techy-iiCg1 Hall Patrol 10, 11: Fancy Work Club 10, 11: Bowling Club 11: Gi1'l Reserves 10, 12: Dancing Club ll, 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Senior Girls Tea. 12: Senior Class Night Committee 12: Short- hand Artist 10: Victory Air Corps 11, 12. MARIAN PEPPERLING Teechnicai Home Room Secretary 10: Hall Patrol 10, 11: Assembly Squad 10: Dancing Club 12: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Senior Girls Tea 12: Class Day Committee 12. REGINA rarao Technical Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12: Assembly Squad 10, 11: Fancy Work Club 10: Bowling Club 11: Girl Reserves 12: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 10, 11, 12: Dnamatic Club 10: Senior Girls Tea 12: Class Song Committee 12: Victory Community Division 12. ETHEL PRICE Academic Student Council 12: Ushers' Squad 11: Library Club 10, 11, 12: Bowling Club 11: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 1, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Dramatic Club 11: Garchive Editorial Staff 11, 12: Cheerleader 10, 11, 12: Class Song Committee 12: Victory Community Division 11, 12: Head Usher 12. Thirty-Three Senior Index Girls - - Continued CAROLINE RACZKOWSKI Commercial Lunch Checker 10, 11, 12: Ushers' Squad 11: Girl Reserves 12: Shorthand Artist Club 10: Swimming Club 10: Dramatic Club 10, 11: Blue and Gnay 10, 11: Garchive Editorial Staff 11, 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps Div. 12: Victory Com- munity Corps Div. 11: Stalf Assistance 11. MARJORIE RANSOM Academic Fancy Work 11: Girl Reserves 12: Dancing Club 12: Glee Club 10. 12: Minstrel 12: Victory Community Corps Div. 11, 12. MARGARET REISSER Commercial Fancy Work Club 10: Girl Reserves 12: Dancing Club 12: Short- hand Artist Club 10: Victory Community Corps Division 11, 12. SHIRLEY RICHARDS Academic Home Room Secretary 10: Assembly Squad 11: K. A. K. 10, 11: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 11: Glee Club 12: Minstrel 12: Garchive Business Staff 11, 12: Class Day Committee 12: Victory Community Corps Division 11, 12. ROSALIE ROMAN Academic Assembly Squad President 10, 11, 12: Dancing Club 12: Class Day Committee 12: Victory Community Corps Division 12. MARIE RUDDY Technical Bank Cashier 10, 12: Hall Patrol 10. 11, 12: Assembly Squad 11: Dancing Club 10, 11, 12: Victory Community Corps Division 12. CONNIE SABA Commercial Home Room Secretary 11: Assembly Squad 10, 11: Ushers' Squad 11: Shorthand Artist Club 10: Hy Speed Longhand Club 11: Danc- ing Club 12: Garchive Editorial Staff 11, 12: Class Night Commit- tee 12: Victory Production Corps Division 11, 12. MARY A. SARNOSKI Technical Class Night Committee 12: Victory Community Corps Division 12. CARMELA SCHMID Commercial Student Kbuncil 11: Hall Patrol 10. 11, 12: Girl Reserves 10: Dancing Club 11: Shorthand Artist Club 10: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Girls Volleyball 10: Senior Girls Tea 12: Victory Community Corps Div 11, 12: Staff Assistance 11. ESTH ER SCHMID Technical Hall Patrol 10, 11, 12: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Garchive Business Stad' 12: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Pro- duction Corps Division 11: Staff Assistance 11. HELEN SCH RODE Technical Twenty Grand Club 10: Dancing Club 11, 12: Shorthand Artist Club 10: Senior Girls Tea 12: Class Night Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps Division 12: Stali' Assistance 11. LORRAINE SHIN ER Technical Fancy Work Club 10: Dancing Club 11: Senior Girls Tea 12: Staff Assistance 11. MADELEINE SINCAVAGE Technical Dancing Club 12: Orchestra 10, 11: Glee Club 11: Dramatic Club 11: Girls Basketball 12: Victory Community Corps Div. 11, 12: Octet 11. JULE SKERAS Academic Bank Cashier 10: Ushers' Squad 11: Garchive Hiitorial Staff 11, 12: Senior Gift Committee 12: Victory Community Corps Div. 12. PHYLLIS SLUSSER Academic Cafeteria Patrol 12: Dancing Club 11: Glee Club 12: Invitation Committee 12: Victory Community Corps Div. 11. 12. ThirtyFour DORIS SMITH Academic Bank Cashier 12: Orchestra 11, 12, pianist: Glee Club 12, accom- panist: Minstrel 12, accompanist: Senior Song Committee 12. ANITA STANZIALE Technical Fancy Wox'k Club 10, 11: Girl Reserves 12: Victory Community Corps Div. 11: Home Nursing 12: Shorthand Club 10. RUTH STEINERT Commercial Ushers' Squad 11: Secretarial Club 12: Girl Reserves 12: Dancing Club 11, 12: Musical Comedy 10: Garchive Business Staff 12: Senior Girls' Tea 12: Class Night Committee 12: Victory Commun- ity Corps Div. 12: Garchive Typist. BETTY STI LP Commercial Bank Cashier 10, 11: Lunch Checker 12: Secretarial Club 123 Shorthand Artist's Club 10: Swimming Club 11: Garchive Business Staff 11. 12: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Outing 12: Victory Com- munity Corps Div. 11: Staff Assistance 11: Victory Sea Corps 12, JEAN SWANTEK Technical Girls Basketball 12: Senior Outing 12: Victory Sea Corps Div. 12. BETTY THOMAS Commercial Cafeteria Patrol 10: Ushers' Squad 11: Secretarial Club 12: Girl Reserves 11, 12: Dancing Club 12: Shorthand Artists' Club 10 Glee Club 11, 12: Staff Assistance 11: Minstrel 11: Garchive Typist 12: Invitation Committee 12: Victory Community Corps Div. 11. 12, TH ELMA THOMAS Commercia Student Council 10: Assembly Squad 10, 11: Girl Reserves 11 Dancing Club 11, 12: Senior Outing Committee 12: Victory Com- munity Corps Div. 12: Staff Assistance 11: Shorthand Artists 10, 11 FLORENCE VALENTA Commercia Cafeteria Patrol 10: Lunch Checkers 12: Assembly Squad 10 Dancing Club 12: Girls Volleyball 11. MARIAN WEBER Commerciia Student Council 10: Assembly Squad 11: Ushers' Squad 11: Secre tarial Club 12: Bowling Club 12: Girl Reserves 11: Dancing Clu! 11, 12: Glee Club 12: Senior Girls' Tea 12: Class Night Committei 12: Staff Assistance ll. LOIS WEST Technica Bank Cashier 10: Girl Reserves 12: Dancing Club 12: Victorg Community Corps Div. 12. CATHERINE WILLIAMS Technica Cafeteria Patrol 12: Basketball 12: Victory Sea Corps Div. 12. BETTY WINTON Commercis H. R. Secretry 12: Hall Patrol 10: Ushers' Squad 11: Library Clu 10, 11, 12: Girl Reserves 11, 12: Dancing Club 11, 12: Glee Clu 11, 12: Dramatic Club 10: Senior Girls Tea 12: Senior Token Committee 2. FLORENCE WOJICK Aoadem H. R. Secretary 11: Assembly Squad 11: Ushers' Squad 11: K. I K. 11: Bowling Club 11: Girl Reserves 10, 11: Dancing Club 1 2: Glee Club 11, 12: Minstrel 11, 12: Dramatic Club 12: Blue ar Gray 10, 11, Asst. Editor, 12, Editor in Chief: Garchive Busine Staff 11, 12: Class Day Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps Div. 1 ELEANOR ZALONIS Technic: Victory Sea Corps Div. 12. ROSEMARIE ZAMPETTI Academ Cafeteria Patrol 10: Lunch Checkers 11: Girl Reserves 11: Senii Girs Tea 12: Invitation Committee 12: Victory Sea Corps Div. 1 1 HOME ROOMS 310, 314, 315 First Row: G. Sine, K. Phillips, S. Toton, M. Bud zyn, M. Naum, U. Lutes, M. Jacobson, T. Charles, J. Owen, E. Joseph, T. Frankowiak, F. Mainolfi, L. Davis, J. Silnerson, R. Ma1'tin, M. Dyke, R. Perlman, G. Ryan, G. McAvoy, M. Semakaski, A. Harrity. Second Row: M. McGinley, G. Davis, H. Judge, D. Eddy, T. Decker, D. Cera, M. Sims, J. Kazimer, D. Jen kins, C. Zampetti, S. Rayeski, M. Casterline, P. Gelb B. Flannery, L. Davis, M. J. Martin, A. Monto, R. Med- ley, J. Brown. Third Row: J. Bokor, B. Andreas, B. Berger, M Bradshaw, W. Kelly, J. Cecere, R. M. Cross, T. George 7 F'. Lagonegro, J. Thomas, M. Golightly, L. Michael, M Ahlbrandt, B. Patterson, L. Dlugaszewski, A. Mullen M. Paskevich, H. Orowicz, R. Isaac. Fourth Row: W. McGlynn, E. Tabbit, A. Manochio J. Schmid, L. Pudim, J. Ostroski, F. McFaddcJ2- J. Pugh T. Dougherty, E. Krombel, G. Carroll, D. Coates, R. Bassler, R. McDonald, J. Burnetski, E. Ritts, J. Monte R. Davis. Fifth Row: F. Hefferan, T. Stefonetti, R. Joseph, F. Loftus, M. Delcman, F. Thornton, R. Janoski, T. Nar- done, J. Schmid, V. Povilaitis, G. Finn, C. Chmiola, R. Woronko, F. Honeywell, J. Yensavage, P. Dombroski R. Pelton, J. Ruddy. Thirty-I:'iVc a v n r HOME ROOMS 303, 409, 410 First Row: M. Nallen, L. Martin, A. Oleniak, A Collins, L. Stoltz, G. Lemski, E. Kaufman, J. Sten- cavage, D. Davis, J. Kane, T. Pensak, F. Macierowski H. Savage, J. Boyle, A. Leskosky, E. Davis, M. Green W. Macorkey, A. Esseff, I. Evanitsly, M. Ackerman. Second Row: S. Dudek, G. Malscarne, T. Stucker J. Elias, B. Jones, T. Majikes, E. Lidz, P. Mulcahy, J Gresh, R. Volley, H. Aqua, J. Hirnelstein, A. Hafetz D. Evans, M. Rose, S. Cuscela, T. Moses, D. Pierce, R Storz, C. Castellino. Third Row: J. Weiss, J. McGrath, M. L. Everett, l x v a V. Oliver, M. Senese, E. Kotlinski, A. Smith,NJ. Sebas tian, R. Kane, R. Martin, A. Albert, R. Albrecht, B Morgan, J. Lenahan, F. Fasulka, C. Kaminski, E. Jim- ison, E. Salkoskar, E. Cohen, S. Fendler. Fourth Row: L. Lynch, L. Melluzzo, I. Reynolds S. Dziedziak, L. Tippett, H. Vasquez, H. O'Krog'ly, R Levy, L. DeBiasi, H. Ahrendts, E. Wicks, J. Coury, M Dluguszewski, D. Smith, D. Hughes, L. Pasquini, V Lorusso, B. Eckoff. Fifth Row: S. Karp, D. Heck, R. Owens, J. Klein B. Zekas, W. Glawe, J. Mohan, P. Corbett, B. Snee. S34 aff if HOME ROOMS 304, 308, 3313 First Row: C. Rodda, H. Connor, R. Rohde, D. Rashesky, B. Kasper, A. Jennings, R. Peloso, E. Hers- kowitz, S. Klepadlo. F. Rice, T. Bargrer, M. Parrish, M. Thomas, M. Kelly, T. Petruzzini, E. Yatki, R. Stilp. Second Row: M. Audi, J. Katulka, M. Aschoff, J. Carlin, M. Stark, P. Bristol, M. Jones, V. Stankieurcz, M. Peters, L. Novak, F. Zakaraski, E. Valenta, I. Skur- kis, M, DeMasi, S. Bromfield. Third Row: J. Baratta, H. Kaplan, L. Wade, B. Yurko. C. Brody, A. Martinez, D. Decker, W. Zavislak A. Petruzzini, A. Orlando, B. Gdoirn, F. Dyke, R. Joffe A. Kupris, C. Monto, R. Fidrocki. Fourth Row: G. Martin, V. Delida, J. Smith, J Mejiekas, B. Cook, A. DeLuea, F. Malacheski, P. Glass- er, E. Keller, J. Hogan, J. Marieh, P. Villarosa, R. Mil- asius, P. Thomas, J. Mascilak, E. Demichele, B. Garrett Fifth Row: P. G. George, G. Kairaitis, A. Phil- potts, S. Greenberg, F. Rizek, B. Bedwick, P. McGov- in, E. Wyda, E. Tarlowski, C. Rudy, J. Elick, D. Phil- lips, A. Daley, J. Friedman. 'I'hil'ty-S:'x'cn HOME ROOMS 204, 301, 309 First Row: J. Lyons, G. Handza, C. Thomas, G Michael, J. Thomas, H. Kambies, R. Patsko, D. Kerins J. Devitt, D. Fuller, J. Kelly. Second Row: R. Johnson, A. Lucarino, C. Fuuer E. Chernyl, F. Ostrowski, D. Wielgosz, L. Granda, I Zobel, E. Albrecht, B. Shiber, R. Zakaraski, A. Zubris G. Barnes, B. Ralston, D. Charles, M. Olshefski. Third Row: R. Konsavage, T. Opet, R. Pucylowski B. Jones, D. Mills, J. Rosenthal, F. Zavilla, B. Charles, D. Karam, L. Moran, A. Monte, B. Goldberg, R. Novick A. Rauscher, D. Davis, B. Flaherty, D. Dorko, A. Trayn- ham. Fourth Row: L. Joseph, B. Gallagher, F. Tere- Thirty-Eigllt sinski, D. Cross, M. Goichman, M. Jones, J. Yazloeck F. Matta, S. Williams, B. Casterline, A. Davis, C. Stor- ber, A. Allen, B. Lowe, T. Mike, M. Mike, H. Stempin R. Skawski, P. Williams, M. Houck. Fifth Rowg A. Simmers, W. Rehn, W. Schrode, J Zakarauskos, H. Simmson, A. Savignano, J. Duiy, E Shaskas, R. Quinn, B. Loftus, R. Woods, T. Petrillo, T Colonna, D. Magli, B. Hofman, A. Krokoski, J. Mc- Cabe, T. Brom field. Sixth Row: B. Morris, J. Brazinski, V. Maori, G John, R. Amann, E. Bristol, J. Herstek, G. Caffrey, J Mulvcy, P. Blackorsky, W. Cotter, F. Smith, J. Ash- itian, D. Gassner, B. Drum, P. Shertz, R. Decker, F Chmiel. i. ,-.........,-...MY . 1 HOME ROOMS 302, 306, 312 First Row: F. Williams, R. Foster, A. Stern, W. Dombrowski, J. Laboda, W. Scott, D. Miller, P. Wein stein, P. Podkul, L. Harron, C. Stortz, F. Behrn, H. Hill, R. Tobin, J. Helfrick. Second Row: L. Martin, C. Marsicano, S. Hoskins VI. Hughes, J. Pytell, M. Casterline, H. Gill F. Medon A. Kenney, V. Bentile, D. Passeri, E. Gribble, H. Such- mwiecki, S. Morrissey, A. Pantoloni, D. Carr, G. Chiloro, 2. Klein, D. Martin, E. Bokar, G. Winton, B. Simonson. Third Row: L. Edwards, M. Conrad, C. Clocker, V. xlardone, H. Worth, T. Macho, M. Paduck, D. James, 3. Deutsch, H. Scott, M. A. Cross, R. Coffey, E. Weiss, fl. Broznay, D. Rayeski, M. Salvi, P. Shea, M. Mc- lreeny, M. L. Hassenplug, D. Orloski, E. Sloane, M. Jitchneck, J. Flannery. v Fourth Row: A. Chiarueci, L. Kubik, M. Mushin ski, J. Rodgers, A. Dugan, E. Cooney, R. Laboda, S Raykovitz, S. Zacarovick, A. Ruzgis, E. Fleisher, C Kostelnick, C. Roth, J. O'Ravitz, G. Kutney, G. Fischer K. Hughes, F. Bradshaw. Fifth Row: Sam Korey, H. Supplu, L. Simoncav- age, H. Pavenski, H. Vandermark, M. Stein, B. Cook, B . George, G. Palladino, B. Jones, J. Lubin, J. Assid J. Baltrus, J. Harrity, P. Kassab, R. Corey, J. Fetsko F. Patsey. Sixth Row: M. Saba, I. Kaufer, R. Hockenbury R. Hannye, A. Magera, B. Rubin, J. Kleem, I. Hughes, T. Emanski, R. Heffernan, 0. Buck, B. Lewis, T. Carr, J. Fedonczak, E. Katuna, R. Charles, D. McDade, F. Gabel. 'l'hil'ty-Nine' a v r l E Q ri i HOME ROOMS 116, 203, 214 First Row: J. Isaac, L. Delia, J. Germann, A. Osterman, R. Musto, J. Hill, E. Cutler, H. Budzyn, H. Cowell, T. Ruddy, J. Nolan, B. Stoiber, J. Kostrab, E. Mengak, H. Mintz, N. Owens, N. Cardinali, H. Phoenix, B. Perez, G. Cecere. Second Row: A. Decker, M. Lutes, B. Munley, F. Brolley, I. Kanner, D. Brown, G. Lehrman. E. Molla- han, J. Farrell, J. Gonczkowski, L. Smith, E. Loch, J. Crawley, J. George, J. Diaco, S. Habib, L. Brandi, R Carter. Third Row: G. Maslowski, T. Fornett, A. Cerski, A. Yeoger, D. Stinert, D. Zdanuk, G. Stencovage, S. Forty Olshefski, B. Novick, L. Cohan, J. Dziedzic, D. J. Hart mann, N, Hoskins, D. Pugh, M. Walsh, E. George, M Collins, A. Nardone. Fourth Row: E. Tarutis, M. Bartnick, B. Kristian sen, M. Storm, M. Yencharas, A. Gevanthor, M. Kir kutis, G. Deniels, R. Bray, A. Shalkauskas, C. Bian chino, C, Perugino, H. Harron, A. Gentile, W. Day wood, S. Goldstein, H. Gabriel, F. Everhart. Fifth Row: G. Thomas, T. Price, W. Lewis, I Krombel, E. Lewis, L. Popcrowitz, B. Richardson, C Mastronuzzi, J. Kotlinski, J, McHugh, H. Allan, I- Hontz, R. Charles, D. Sincauage, VV. Bogumil. i HOME HOOMS 202, 212, 216, 213 First Row: G. Glasseer, M. Castrignano, F. Koziel- ski, J. Kulesza, J. Joseph, D. Hontz, R. Stahley, J. Reh, A, Bonomo, G. Webby. Second Row: I. Spaide, M. Evans, C. Barrone, 0 Briggs, T. Curry, M. Serhan, S. Hopewell, M. Williams S. Mittleman, E. Reese, T. McEneny, R. Perlman, G Cook, G, Gerchak, H. Williams, H. Martin, B. Phillips R. Troy, M. Bevan, G. Cralick, D. Kretchmer. Third Row: R. Stark, R. Masters, E. Decker, J Bradshaw, E. Orowicz, H. Yankoski, E. Simon, D. Povi- liatus, D, Matta, B. J. Owens, B. Oliver, M. Kelly, T. Pasukonis, R. Kwastavich, D. Zampetti, R. Charnitski, F. Kuderski, G. Chunkonis, M. Llewellyn. Fourth Row: A. Levy, J. Schmidt, R. McConlog'ue W. Lewis, E. Mooney, J. Eddy, E, Fischer, J. Talarczyk A. Joseph, J. George, G. Shields, J. Sielicki, B. Shiner D. Glasser, T. John, B. Luft, E. Krantz, E. Korey, Fifth Row: G. Morris, F. Panek, G. Nixon, J Naum, J. Rohart, J. Novak, L. Polinski, J. Ciavarella E, McEneny, B. Roderick, E. Nedakosky, F. Appel, G Decker, H. Hockenbury, M. Schiller, J. Okrasinski, R Ahlbrandt. Sixth Row: E. M. Piwinski, S. Sinavage, A. Hassy G. Dougherty, E. Simon, J. Harrick, D. Pieropan, Di Loftus, G. Siberski, R. Shiner, R. Anthony, W. Williams, R. Sincavage, J. Spinsa, E. Leskauskas, E. Jones, R. J ackson, I"orty-0m- HOME ROOMS 110, 210. 205 First Row: C. Rehn, G. Liplan, B. Hyder, J. Hut- nick, L. Joseph, L. Mikula, D. Gdovin, F. Stevens, R Mitelsky, M. Dziadosz, C. Shaffer, C. Morrissey, C Homnick, D, Bevan, S. Owens, Second Row: C. Jasonis, N. Charles, E. Stoltz, E. Pugh, M. Sergi, M. Walison, E. Pytell, M. Jasonis, M. Zoeller, L. Carroll, A. Zukowski, J. Davidoff, R. Jachim iak, R, Schmid, M. E. McCalee, A. Reisser, M. Gel sleichter. Third Row: F. Evanitsky, W. Evans, H. Lahr, W Fenner, D. Saracino, R. Swartwood, B. Sauino, E. Kosh- lfo rt y-TWO nick, B. Downie, E. VVoronka, J. Coifey, M. Thomas, L Moresco, M. Lovendusky, M. Decker, J. Walton. Fourth Row: L. Bozzey, M. Martino, G. Cilkin, S Moven, C. Bergstrasser, T, Littleton, A. Campanella W. Egleberger, V. Rozeen, R. Blaker, C. Loftus, B. Mc Fadden, H. Lancster, A. Nachlis, J. Sincavage, A. Kalda Fifth Row: L. Jones, G. Kutzer, W, Leo, D. Brandt C. Golightly, B. Dehaut, J. Coloney, W. Barnes, A. Mel luzzo, W. Miller, D. Howard, L. Pisano, R. McKay, F Fassett, C. Hahula, E, Thieman, VV. Macierowski, J Oldsey. S S ,-...,..--Q.. HOME RUOMS 206, 209, 215 First Row: .L. Evans, A. Schmid, J. Rovinsky, M. Aruck, O. Ahlbrandt, M. A. Mainolfi, S. Ivanoski, M. Vliller, C. Walton, R. M, Williams, D. Novakowski, P. Eruver, D. DeLuca, M. DeMichele, T. Corey, J. Brown, VI. Miozza, G. Davis. Second Row: A Chipelewski E McGlinn C P . , . , . y- ell, E. Zavislak, L, George, M. L. Levine, N. Traplo, I. Cera, A. Zaikoski, L. Monte, J. Corcoran, E. Mal- anewicz, F. Wilson, J. Oliver, A. Egidio, S. Romas- iewitz. Third Row: W. Purzes, S. Metzger, R, Joseph, J. lhapko, W. Parilonis, J. Morris, N. L. Carey, H. Wo- onko, R. Paduck, L. Mathins, D. Searfoss, M. Michael, M. T. McGavin, M, Fiore, L. Kulak, D. Lipkan, D, Na veen, D. Klein, M. Hennighan, J. Garrison, J. Kellie. Fourth Row: J. Toraitis, R. Blaker, R. Jeckell, B Macyanski, A. Smith, D. Dzury, J, Keller, G. Korey D. Oleniak, A. Semakoski, L. Mascelak, G. Monto, J Dudek, L. Zacarorick, D. Yencha, JL Sura, D. Hughes E. Moyles, P. Stepniewski, C, Halos, B. Winton. Fifth Row: J. Jones, H. McHale, P. Peters E Helfrick, T. Morgan, M. Koury, A. Malacarne Greenberg, P. Compisano, C. Chiloro, W. Korth, D, Kornacki, R. Garrett, J. Flora, R. Radaszewski, J. Ott, P. Davidson, W. Valaika, G. Petrillo. Forty-Three FHJNHE FHJOAJS 111, First Row: H. Wilkie, G. Cross, G, Halib, H. Mutch- ler, G. Morren, D. Miller, J. Smith, L. Marsicano, G. Abraham, C. Hurst, E. Audi, E. Messemer. Second Row: M. Phillips, B. Hughes, T. Helfrick, R. Oliver, E. Decker, B. Kane, J. Amann, J. Tarutis, L. Gog-umil, A. Albert, J. Saba, V. Lumbis, A. Mish- kil, L. McGlynn, F. Weale, F. Priestash, J. Flaherty, B. Mozuraitis, C. Belun, T. Hochreiter. Third Row: P. Casterline, E. Fendler, F. Magli E. Thiel, C. Aston, C. Passeri, A. Bedwick, H. Zampetti N. McGrath, M. Joseph, A. Hyder, D. Schwartz, R. Sura. E. Seger, L. Swartwood, M. Rohart, M. Morrissey, H Jimison, G. Heller, J. Betzler, M. Saba, J. McGrath Fo rt y- Foul' 201, 207, 211 Fourth Row: L. Elias, N. Saba, M. McCabe, . Saba, R. Morio, J. Saba, M. Thomas, M. Colonna, Lewin, A. Ruzgis, C. Joseph, E. Gretz, M. Thomas, ll Scott, G. Mowery, R. Villarosa, C. Conahan, B. Behr J. Winner. Fifth Row: E. Kobeski, A. Catina, D. Fornett, D Jackson, M. Kozielski, J. Austin, A. Balutis, J. Georg D. Medley, D. Thornton, D. Kobeski, L. OlDonnell, l Elias, K. Decker, A. DiSanto, M. Montoro, H. Lew: M. Meighan, D. Golden, R. George, S. Jones. Sixth Row: A. Freed, H. Sherman, R. Pappi: M. Sakey, C. Majikes, A. Ellis, G. Barker, A. Elias, Mullen, A. Shiner, E. Barger, P. Rayeski, J. Krokos R. Hughes, R. Messimer, B. Jennings, S. Gronda, S:xbiLski, J. Baur, J. Smith. 5 we HOME ROOMS 112, 113, 114, 115 First Row: A. Gugliotti, L. Swida, E. Sherman, D. Jones, M. Perlman, C. Reynolds, J. Gicanuzzi, F Hockenbury, S. Herskowitz. Second Row: M. Joseph, A. Chernyl, R. O'Hara I. George, M. Bragg, E. Vaver, R. Decker, M. Dolny A. Blocker, H. Edgar, A. Altavilla, D. Marx, L. Bonomo J. Swiontek, M. Jackson, A. Dziadosz, B. Keatley, S. Adolph, G. Seess, I. Lovendusky, A. Morrissey. Third Row: J. Capriatti, E. Spinosa, S. Kacher, S. Finnegan, S. Bland, J. Carter, D. Monto, E. Mihalko, C. Charles, D. Higgins, S. McBride, R. Mushinski, A. Visentin, I. Matta, M. Gillman, J. Schrode, J. Kittrick, J. Tomasko, J. Pilch, J. Snyder, J. Cunningham, J. Mackin. Fourth Row: Geraldine Copchunis, D. Patsko, S. v Okrasinski, F. Walukones, J. Decker, A. Staharek, E Freas, D. Koch, E. Vinscavage, C. Hallman, V. Wade R. Miller, J. Sack, L. Manocchio, C. Erdman, R. Cata- logna, C. Sabulski, S. Jacobson, J. Limberis, J. Oeller T. Lee. Fifth Row: J. Frame, J. Mainolfi, A. Paskey, J Sauerwein, W. Lehman, J. Tuzinski, R. Derylick, D Kuehn, A. VVoronko, C. Maori, S. Bonomo, W. Rossi J. Cavanaugh, F. Nekarasz, T. Anthony, W. Nordell R. Novack, J. Kornacki, A. Sadowski, G. Donnelly, Mengak. Sixth Row: A. Cook, R. Decker, R. Dante, R. Gay- nor, K. Wallace, A. Stencavage, J. Mishikitis, W. Har- ring, A. Curry, T. Anthony, J. Torreance, M. Hocken- bury, E. Reynolds, E. Romiski, E. Ciszek, W. Jozapatis, B. Legigeri, W. Dolny, E. Jones, F. Iorio. Fo1'ty-I"iw'1- 1 rty-Qiv Top: It looks like Killum-quick. The girls go fm the less strenuous volley-ball. Bottom: Both look like two-pointers for G. A. R M I I Mmm First Row: W. Jones, G. McEneny, L. Kalafut, E. Klepaski, J. Rob- M Adams F Patse P Dombroski J Kostrab J Ostroski J Cross, Manager. W. ', . , Kutney, E. Casey, Coach. Mr. Casey Third Row: G. Shields, C. Chomola, J. Baltrus, J. Brennan, R.. Hock- writer, J. Fetsko, J. Duffy, J. Baron, W. Davis, F. Bradshaw, G. Palla- dino, W. Cook, E. McEneny, A. Petrillo, A. Joseph, J. Isaac. Fourth Row: P. Bowles, Sr., Managerg O. Buck, J. Freedman, J. ' Crawley, B. Shiner, J. Kline, G. Shaskas, J. Rowheart. erts,C. , . y, . , . , . , . . W. Zekas, F. McFadden, T. Bromfield, W. Scott, Manager, R. Kane, Q vi Segond Row: K. Koons, Asst. Coach, B. McHugh, E. Mollahan, J. Lenahan, W. Jackson, B. Hoffman, T. Dombroski, J. Skawski, V. Luroso, 2. Blocker W Conwell W. Keating, J. Yensavage, A. Yahemiak, A. . Capt. Moresco FOOTBALL With Mr. Casey as coach and Mr. Koons as assistant the football team started on what they hoped would be a successful season. They started out by defeating their first op- ponents, Larksville, 6-0. The next week they Went down fighting to Nanticoke who defeated them by a score of 13 to 6. A strong Hanover team gave the Garmen their second defeat on a very sloppy field, 20 to 0. The following Saturday, with every break fa- voring the opponents, G. A. R. lost to Plymouth 29 to 6. One of the most interesting and exciting games of the season was played when our city rivals, Coughlin, won by the score of 14 to 6. Neither team scored until the second half, and what might have been a tie turned out to be a victory for Coughlin. Forty-Eight Against Plains our team looked as if the would the second time hit the win column. W scored once in the first half and kept Plains froi crossing the last marker. But in the second hai they grew stronger and pushed over two toucl downs, winning 12 to 7. The Kingston team was especially strong, an they ran roughshod over our boys to the tune c 41 to 0. On Thanksgiving a large crowd turned 01 for the Turkey Day classic between the city rival G. A. R. vs. Myers. The Mohawks displayed the ability as the champions they were, and they ke breaking away for long runs. Our boys ke battling every moment, but it was of no ava Meyers 34, G. A. R. 0. Top: Looks like an end run, but I bet it turns into a pass. Center: No question about this being a line buck we have to stop. Bottom: A short side buck or reverse, and it looks like a good gain. gn CH lsr: H 1.1+3ADlf3 ns First Row: li. Price, C. McGowan, M. Kelly, G. Davis. Second Row: J. VValtos, H. Snyder, E. Smith, head cheei leaderg F. Bauman, L. Edwards. fAbsent, J. Herstekj Ax , K 'X W., L ......- - I lforty-Nin hr-Q Mr. Smith J. Skawski Coach Captain 'A' VARSITY TEAM First Row: W. Zekas, E. Cohen, J. Skawski, W. Jackson, G. Mc- Eneny. Second Row: L. Krackenfels, J. Lenahan, L. Kalafut, Mr. Smith, Coach, W. Jones, W. Morgan, B. Berger. J UNIOR VARSITY First Row: E. Fleisher, J. Lubin, F. Patsey, E. Shaskas, W. Conwell. Second Row: N. Doderick, W. Maeierowski, E. Paladino, R. Hef- ernan, T. Bromfield, F. Appel, J. Oldsey, A. Petrillo, R. Morris. ir .BASKETB A Ll. This year the coaching of the G. A. R. quintet was plaiel un fer thc supervision of Kenneth Smith. Under his able d h ' 'n the face of keen opposition. The spectators were always ofiered a thril direction the team made a gran s owing' 1 packed contest when the team went into action. 1 1 ,. HOME SCORES AWAY SCORES G. A. R. ......,................. Newport 35 G. A. R. 24 ........ ...,........ B e1'WiCk G. A. R. . . ..... ......... P lymouth 30 G. A. R. .10 . . .............. .Kingston G. A. R. Coughlin 37 G. A. R. 29 Nanticoke G. A. R. Hanover 23 G. A. R. 42 Meyers G, A, R, Berwick 58 G. A. R. 48 Newport G. A. R. Kingston 43 G. A. R. 42 Plymouth G. A. R. Nanticoke 38 G. A. R. 32 Coughlin G. A. R. Meyers 26 G. A. R. 47 Hanover G F Pts. G F Skawski . . . 78 34 188 Donnelly . . 2 1 Jackson . . . 66 37 167 Fleishcr . . 2 0 MCEHQIW 44 18 106 lvioi-gan , . 2 0 Cohen .. . 35 17 87 4 zekas .. . 8 12 28 Jimi Q 1 0 Lenahan . fs 2 14 SHHSSHS - A 1 0 Kalafut . 2 2 G Patsey 1 O Fi ft y TRACK SQUAD First Row: Siberski, Tobin, Thomas, Johns, Blaum, Golightly, Kane, Price, Behrn Duffy, Karp. Second Row: Thornton, Miller, Cross, O'Ravitz, Berger, Ostroski, Stucker, Buck Blocker, Bradshaw, Shertz, Smith. Third Row: Flannery, Kline, Tripp, Gallagher, Keating, Conwell, McGavin, Lo- russo, Gutterman Mollahan, Elick Bo umil B lt P k ' , , g , a rus, as onls, Evans, Friedman, Jano- ski, Austin. if BASEBALL SQUAD First Row: Ray Laboda, Jones, Zekas, Morgans, Brennan, Roberts, Mack, Cook, Jhimola, Woods, Hockenbury, Shaskas. Second Row: Moss, Jones, McEneny, Paladino, Lenahan, Skawski, Moresco, Dom- nroski, Laboda, Martin, Donnelly, Kalafut, Raykovitz. Fifty-One 3 S? if B? QT E! is we 3? ...S M Sli Q if X 3 Ii sl if 5. '55 s GIRLS BASKETBALL First Row: K. Williams, M. Sincavage, J. Kazimir, Rowlands. R.Mk,M.Ot,J.S tk. , . ac pe Wan e Third Row: R. Perlman, M. Dzladosz, C. Sha Second Row: L. Povilaitis, J. Bradshaw, B. Kasper, L- Joseph, R. Masters. M. Goichman, R. Novak, D. Rowland, C. Weinstein, E. 'lr GI RLS VOLLR Y HAL L S nd Row: B. Hyder, F. Zakarasky, S. Brom First Row: A. Nardone, V. Nardone, I. Skurkis, C. eco McGowan, R. Skaw Fifryrrwo ski, T. Williams. R. Valenta, R. Novack, L. Michaels. 1 wah and Ozgaacymficma G. McEneny First Row: J. Kleem, K. Duffy, R. Nolan, J. Grohol, J. Riley, G. Finn, J. Lenahan, R. Bassler, A. Smith, Secre- Vice-Presidentg A. McCarthy, E. Wo- ronka, P. Andrews, L. Kalafut, B. Jack- taryg G. McEneny, Presidentg E. Smith son, B. Snee, M. Davis. Second Row: J. Brown, J. Owen M. Green, D. Searfoss, B. Gdovin, H Gill, A. Gentile, R. Villarosa, D. J Hartmann, B. J. Luft,, J. Hutnick, E Chernyl, D. Wielgosz, M. Mike, G. Chi loro, V. Stankievcz, M. Kelly, A. Kupris, L. Kubik, E. Price. i' Third Row: D. Dzury, J. Mishikitis, G. Copchunis, M. Joseph, J. Schrode, M. Bragg, R. M. Williams, L. Bonomo F. Lewis, J. George, S. Mittleman, G Cook, M. Kirkutis, M. E. McCabe, M Decker, L. Moresco, J. Brown, P. Cas- terline, G. Chukonis. Fourth Row: J. Lyons, F. Remphrey B. Maryanski, E. Decker, M. Sakey, E Loch, J. Snyder, G. Webby, B. D. Mor- ris, B. McFadden, B. George, F. Weale J. Reh, J. Cross, B. Loftus, J. O'Ravitz D. Steincrt, G. Pctrello. S'l'UDl+IN'l' GUllNCll. 1 The student council is composed of one home- room representative from each homeroom. It is divided into two divisions, the Junior High School student council and the Senior High School stu- dent council. Each division takes up matters con- cerning its speciiic contacts in the school. Al- though the junior division has its own oilicers for separate meetings, they come under the jurisdic- tion of the senior officers at combined meetings. The oilicez'-s who are under the guidance of Miss McAniff are Gerald McEneny, president, Fifty-l"our Edwin Smith, vice-president, and Anna Smith secretary. This oiganization is the governing body o the school. lt takes up school matters in a par liamentary procedure. lt tries to better the schoo by discussing and sponsoring extra activities sucl as dances, assemblies, and special programs. The ideas of the pupils are expressed at th homeroom meetings and then introduced to th council by the homeroom representative. In thi way each student is given a say in the goverii ment of his school. First Row: S. Okrasinski, B. Kas- Fornett, L. Matkins, E. Reese, A. Ba- per, H. Stempin, S. Morrissey, L. Tip- lutisl pett, W. Macorkel, M. L. Hassenplug, S. Hoskins, L- Joseph, R. Bray- Third Row: B. Savino, B. Shiner, R. Second Row: S. McBride, N. Troplo, Aschoffi V- L01'uSS0f R- Most, E E. Pugh, E. Pytell, D. J. Hartmann, D. Decker, L. Cohan, B. Joseph, A. Smith 'Ir HOMEHOUM SlCCHFl'l'AHIES A seemingly unimportant job is that of the iomeroom secretary. However, the members of ,his organization a1'e taught many valuable com- nercial traits. Under the advisorship of Miss WcAniff, each member records the minutes of a iomeroom meeting and is taught the perfect us- age of grammar and punctuation. The minutes of each homeroom meeting are corrected by the advisor and commented on. The training and knowledge these students receive will be of ines timable value to them when they become the fu ture secretaries of the business World. Fifty-1' Marian Weber First Row: R. M. Cross, M. Golightly, A. Smith, H. O'Krogly, D. Jenkins, T. Moses, E. Sloane, D. Naveen, Assistant Cashier, R. l Perlman, Head Cashier, M. Handza, R. Bozzey, W. Macorkel, G. McAvoy, D. Smith, F. Dyke, D. Martin. Second Row: L. Frankowick, A. Visentin, R. Sura, S. Adolph, A. DiSanto, J. Betzler, N. McGrath, L. Elias, C. Saba, D. Rashesky M. Paduck, P. Batista, P. Bristol. Third Row: T. Curry, M. Montoro, M. Downie, B. Oliver, M. Colonna, J. Oliver, G. Egidio, A. Gevanthor, M. Lutes, L. Joseph C. Morrissey, H. Williams, B. Phillips, R. Masters, E. Decker, M Jackson. Fourth Row: M. Perlman, B. Kane, B. Winton, A. Malacarne, F. Everhart, A. Melluzzo, V. Macri, L. Pisano, J. Isaac, H. Allen B. Conwell, B. Andreas, R. Woods, G. McEneny, L. Smith, P. Gel: sheicter, E. Klepaski, J. Jones, B. Shucktes, D. McDade. 'A' BAN K CASHI EHS v v Rose Perlman lt is the duty of this organization to promote and encourage thrift. Representatives are chosen to this office by regular homeroom elections. They see that the banking money is properly recorded in the respective bank books. A banking banner is presented as an honor to the homeroom that obtains the greatest number of bankers. Thus the interest in thrift and systematic saving is kept alert by competition, with the hope of win- ning this banner, symbolic of thrift. Ruth Perl- man is the head bank cashier, and she is ably as- sisted by Dorothy Naveen. Fifty-Six ln addition to banking, the sale of war bond and stamps is an important job for the cashiers Homerooms that have purchased enough bond for a jeep have the privilege of naming it. Manj rooms have received letters from the crew oper ating the vehicle. These letters are valued grea1 ly by the students. You can rest assured that this group is doin a wonderful job, and they are certainly doin their share for the advancement of the War e' fort. Mr. Dippe is responsible for the stamp an bond sale in the school, and Marian Weber is h' capable assistant. f I Rirst Row: A. T. Kelly, Y. Burginia, M. Opet, M. George, M. Lloyd, M. Golightly, A H V, Capt., M. Ruddy, Capt., C. McGowan, Pres., R. Daywood, Capt., C. Schmid, Capt., E H A 'TW K Schmid, B. Hartzel, T. Franks, G. McAvoy, H. Savage. Second Row: L. Joseph, B. Casterline, S. Hoskins, P. Bristol, S. Dziedziak, M. Sims D. Cera, K. Phillips, T. George, G. Davis, D. Rowlands, M. Ahlbrandt, A. Davis, M. P Goichman, B. Goldberg, M. Peters, M. Mushinski. Third Row: J. McGrath, E. Scott, P. Batista, F. Teresinski, D. Rashesky, B. Peloso B. Deutsch, B. Kristiansen, S. Morrissey, L. Moran, D. James, M. Jones, M. White, F Dyke, E. Albricht. Fourth Row: E. Seger, N. McGrath, C. Aston, L. Kulak, D. Searfoss, L. Matkins, H. Woronko, JL Thomas, S. Owens, D. Pugh, C. Morrissey, H. Williams, M. Zoeller, G. Cook, D. Zampetti, R. Perlman, F. Stevens. C. McGowan HALL PATROL The Hall Patrol has the distinction of being n the group of organizations first established in he G. A. R. High School. This organization is omposed of girls chosen for their dependability .nd scholastic standing and the ability to main- ain this standard. The Patrol, under the faculty supervision of fliss McAniff, also has student supervision. llara McGowan, as president, has full charge of he captains and members of the Patrol. The aptains are usually seniors, and each is in charge f a floor. Their duty is to see that all patrol- ien are at their posts at the time of the second bell and that each girl fulfills her assignment. The captain on first floor is Marion Golightlyg on second, Carmela Schmidtg balcony, Ethel Price, third floor, Rachel Daywoodg and on fourth, Marie Ruddy. Each girl of the Patrol is placed at a certain post with a particular job to do. But in general they maintain order and discipline in the halls. At the end of their senior year the girls are awarded pins. To receive such an award she must have served faithfully for at least two years, one year being a senior. Fifty-Seven ski, M. Houck. D. Kairaitis First Row: M. Nallen, L. Martin M. Sims, L. Michael, J. Kane, U. Lutes, A. C., A. Essetf, VV. Macorkel, Asst. Gen. Capt.g D. Kairaitis, Pres.g B. Jones, Capt., R. Gorham, C Williams, M Jones, Gen Capt., D. Davis, Capt., R. Zakara- Second Row: C. Charles, C. Rehm, M. Collins, M. Evans, C. Lipkan, M. Bevan, M. Beaber, Asst. Capt., G. Gerchak, G. Crolick, I. Kanner, E. Weiss, B. Kasper, M. Dziadosz, D. Brown, S. McBride, L. Matkins. Third Row: A. Woronko, J. Tuzinski, W. Lehman, G. Donnelly, J. Capriotti, L. Frankowiak, E. Spinosa, R. Suxa, D. Schwartz, R. George, S. Jones, D. Lipkan, L. Kulak, M. Joseph, E. Vimcavage, J. Oliver, A. Egidio, H. Woronko, N. L. Cary. CAFETEHIA PATROL Here credit is given to those deserving, the members of the Cafeteria Patrol. This organiza- tion is made up of a group of capable girls who have good scholastic standing and satisfactory conduct and Who will obey rules. The members of this organization have many duties, such as keeping the students from roam- ing the halls, regulating traffic during lunch peri- ods, seeing that the tables and cafeteria are kept clean, and that no food is taken into the audi- torium. These patrolmen can be recognized by the blue arm bands with C. P. in white letters, Fifty-Eight and their favorite slogan, HOutside or in th Cafeteria." The squad has several captains, who repoi to the three general captains, of which one is al pointed for each lunch period. Lucille Matkin Martha Jones, and Wiriifred Macorkelg they i turn report to their President, Dolores Kairaiti who receives her orders from Mr. Pelton, supe' visor of this organization. The reward for this service is a pin, or ce tificate, which is received in the senior year, afte completing two years of service. First Row: C. Raczkowski, B. Stilp, L. Olex, R. Jaffe, Capt., V. Stankieurcz, Gen. A. C., M. Jones, Gen. Capt., D. Kairaitis, Pres., C. Zampetti, Capt., L. Mat- kins, Gen. Capt., W. Macorkel, Asst. Gen. Capt., R Bozzey, B. Joseph. Second Row: D. Karam, M. Serhan, G. Fink, F' Zakarski, S. Williams, M. Nallen, M. Naum, V. Oliver 7 T. Moses, J. Kane, R. M. Slusser, J. Andreas, C. Hom- nick, C. Orowicz. Third Row: R. Novack, E. Ciszek, E. Jones, J. Flora, E. Spinosa, L. Frankowiak, J. Capriotti, C. Charles, M. McGoVin, M. Jackson, A. Egidio, J. Austin, E. Rizik, E. Messiner, W. Pavilonis, M. Hockenbury, R. Donte. LUNCH PATROL CHECKEBS Everyone has at some time or another seen e lunch checkers at work. At every lunch pe- Jd you find them at their post with pencil and ,per and a smile on their face as they keep an count of those students who go home for lunch .d see that no one leaves the building without rmission. The students are chosen on the basis of good hool work, attendance, and satisfactory con- ct. They have to be alert and on the job at times. The checkers are posted at every entrance. Several captains and assistant captains are in charge of every lunch period, and they report to one of three General Captains: Lucille Matkins, Martha Jones, Winifred Macorkel, who are ap- pointed to each lunch period. The general cap- tains report to the president, Dolores Kairaitis and she in turn reports to the advisor, Mr. Pelton ! The reward for this service is a pin, or certifi- cate, which is received in the senior year after completing two years of service. Fifty-Nine l l 4 First Row: B. Charles, L. Joseph, J. McGrath, L. Olex, M. Sims, C. Zampetti, F. ' Mainolfi, L. DeBiasi, H. O'Krogly, R. Roman, Pres., F. Hendricks, B. Campanella, R. Perlman, C. Castrignano, W. Macorkel, A. Esseff, M. L. Hassenplug, T. Moses. Second Row: D. Patsko, M. DeMichelc, R. Williams, S. Jones, M. Joseph, E. Fend- ler, A. Nardone, D. Matta, C. Barone, N. Cardinali, R. Kivastavich, L. Moresco, P. Bristol, A. Martinez, E. Weiss, B. Peloso, M. Peters, G. Fink, M. Macho. Third Row: G. Habib, J. Mainolfi, L. Brandi, E. Sherman, A. Paskey, A. Levy, J. Amann, R. McConlogue, L. Jones, T. Morgan, S. Habib, J. Kittrick, D. Oleniak, A. Del- Santo, S. Granda, F. Appel, J. Duflcy, R. Nolan. 5 Fourth Row: G Glasser, H. Gabriel, A. Sadowski, M. Mengak, T. Bozenko, J. R. Roman Dudek, J. Ott, G. John, R. Joseph, T. Stefonetti, R. Aschoff, J. Mulvey, J. Harrity, J. Baltrus, G. Shields, P. Andrews, J. Waltos. .ASSEMBLY SQL All The work of this squad deserves all the praise that you can give it. They are very efficient in distributing and collecting the song books at chapel exercises and at other times when they are needed. ln addition to this, it is their respon- sibility to see that no books are lost or damaged. At the end of each chapel exercise the books are counted and put away in the closets outside the auditorium. If any books are lost, it is the duty of the president and her assistants to look through the auditorium for them. Sixty Rosalie Roman is the president, she is assis by three girls: Marie Kasper, Marie Macho, 2 Betty Campenella. Rosalie has been the pr' dent of this large group for four years. E: homeroom is represented by two students, Cho by their homeroom teachers. lt is their resp sibility to see that their homeroom is provi with books. This large group is under the sul vision of Miss McAniff. First Row: D. Naveen, A. Gentile, F. Teresinski, E. Cecere, N. Troplo, J. Hutnick, B. Phillips, M. P. Goichman, F. Smith, M. De1l'Aglio, R. M. Cross ,E. Price A. Smith M, Handza, E. Dennis, B. Winton, G. Winton, M. E. McCabe. A Second Row: H. Mutchler, C. Macri, C. Chiloro, A. Silkin, J. Snyder, J. Helfrick 1 W -f L. Cohan, M. Stark, A. Gevanthor, L. Moresco, G. Chiloro, D. Martin, H. Budzyn, M " gi kelly, F. Macierowski, G. McAvoy, N. L. Cary. Third Row: L. Martin, G. NVebby, E. Loch, T. Dougherty, J. Mackin, B. Cook, B McFadden, B. Morris, R. Hannye, L. Hannye, B. Corbett, D. McDade, P. Corbett, J Baltrus, A. Ruzgis, R. Pelton. ' ts!" Y M. Dell'Aglio LIBRARY CLUB The Library Student Staff is made up of ap- vroximately sixty members. These members are hosen according to their scholastic standing, per- onality, and their ability to fulfill the obligations f the organization. The staf, under the super- ision of Miss Brooks, has the work of charging nd discharging books, preparing new books, and epairing old books. They keep the shelves in rder by checking and shelving the books in their roper places. This work is done during a sched- led period and also before and after school. At the end of three years of service, one year being the Senior year, the members are given pins. The staff has student officers, who are Mario Dell'Aglio, President, Rose Marie Cross, Vice President. During the year the members have several social gatherings, the most important of these being the Hallovve'en initiative party, at which time the new members are brought into the organization. A busy year is brought to a close by an outing. Sixty-One Top: J. Grohol, E. Price, J. Skeras, E. Smith. Bottom: C. Raczwoksi, H. McDonald, C. Saba, P. Andrews, editoi in ch GARGHI VE Sixty-T V. F. BAIZ, Advisor ir EDITORIAL STAFF To the Garchive editors and typists, under the supervision of Mr. Baiz, there has been en- trusted the special task of presenting by words and pictures the activities of all members of the school. The editorial staff First discusses the pur- pose and general theme. Planning the layout, the art work, the photography, and the style are next in order. Then the taking of the pictures, the writing of copy, the rewriting, the typing, and the proofreading must be done before the book is complete. To the Business Staff, under the supervision of Mr. Pelton, goes the honor of having a suc- cessful campaign for subscriptions. His group has the task of collecting the money after the campaign is over. To Miss lVlcAnitf goes the honor of present- ing the Garchive Skit which launches the sub- scription campaign. To the student body and faculty and to all those who wholeheartedly cooperated to make this book a success goes the heartfelt thanks of the entire staff. First Row: C. Davis, M. Kerons, C. McGowan, L. Tippett, B. zel, Manager, D. Kairaitis, F. Wojick, F. Miller, L. Olex. Hart- Second Row: B. Stiip, K. Phillips, M. Kasper, H. Ahrendts, R. Aschoff, L. Pudim, D. Linker, M. Ackerman, M. Foster, J. Owen. ir rg? ,f GAIHJHIVIQ BUSINESS STAFF First Row: Betty Thomas, Mary Oliver. A Second Row: Ruth Steinert, Irene Matikonis, Vera I ombroski. GARCHIVE TYPISTS I R. HARTZEL Business Manager L. A. PELTON Business Advisor Sixty-Three Topz... R. Feist, A. Miller, F. Wojick, Editor-in-Chief Bottom: M. Handza, J. Berger E Dennis Sixty-Four 'k BLUE AND GRAY EDITORIAL STAFF The Blue and Gray Staff is an organization whose work consists of, seeking out school news, writing editorials and poetry, editing, proof reading, printing, and every other bit of work which goes with putting out our fine weekly news- paper. This staff is supervised by Miss Rose O'Donnell, and is composed of students who possess an ability to write and seek out news, but who at the same time must be dependable and up in their school work. The Staff is also composed of other members, who have done the wonderful job of setting up important headlines and printing the paper. This group is the printing staff under the direction of Mr. Romig. There is also a third important division of this organ- ization which consists of Junior High School members with Miss Moyer as their supervisor. They have a small section of the paper dedicated to Junior High School news, and they form a nucleus for future staffs. To make the staff complete the hard working typists and artists must be mentioned. These two groups do all the typing and art work in the paper. SR. HIGH SCHOOL REPORTERS First Row: M. McGinley, K. Phillips, M. Second Row: B. Rubin, H. Ahrendts, J. Owen, Golightly, L. Stoltz, M. A. Cross, V. Gentile, H. E. Weiss, M. Kelly, M. Ackerman, P. Gelb, B. Gill, M. Goichman, S. Hoskins. S. Goldberg, H. Orowicz, A. Collins, P. Shortz. ir BLUE AND GRAY PRINTERS B. Shiner, G. Shields, W. Galey, Mr. Romig, Advisor, R. Woods, A. Joseph, H. Nachlis, W. Keating, J. Jones, E. Cohen. JR. HIGH SCHOOL REPORTERS First Row: H. Budzyn, S. Mittleman, L. Mat- kins, D. J. Hartmann, A. Gentile, D. Naveen, M. E. McCabe, E. Cutler, A. Gevanthor. Second Row: A. Malacarne, C. Golightly, C. Nixon, E. Fendler, I. Kanner, P. Davidson, T. Littleton, H. Noble, Miss Moyer, Junior High School advisor. TY PISTS AND ARTISTS Seated: B. Campanello, E. Schmid. Standing: C. Rayeski, A. McCarthy, L. Hannye. X Sixty-Five First Row: I. Zobel, C. Macri, R. Blaker, J. Tairaitis, T. Hunt, L. Bozzey, J. Jones, H. McHale, T. Morgan, D. Brandt, P. Campisano, P. Peters, S. Goldstein, M. Greenburg, V V I A. Silkin, R. Stanley, J. Coloney, W. Schrode, M. L. Hassenplug. D Second Row: M. Davis, G. Michaels, G. Webbcy, J. Kelly, J. Flannery, H. Lahr, V ..,,. C. Thomas, J. Flora, F. Radezewski, W. Eglebergcr, VV. Richardson, R. McKay, R. Shiner, R. Morris, J. German, D. Suller, M. Dell'Aglio, R. R. Ayre. 'i f zzi N . , L j lqvqlv ' lhlrd Row: J. Woychick, D. McDade, J. Ott, R. Foster, E. Krombel, G. Mast1'o- ':"A i Vuu' nuzzi, W. Cook, H. Stucker, J. Bokar, T. Ellis, A Kayda, L. Wagner, C. Smith, A. ,V ' "": Z ' Yeager, G. Petrillo, J. Chimille, D. Evans. '-,-'i' A Fourth Row: L. Gallagher, W. Glawe, L. Roth, D. Hughes, E. Cooney, J. Downey, J. Gresh, S. Tripp, E. Black, W. Jones, E. M. Davis A.Dl ,R.Plt . Drum Major a ey e on G. A. The band is composed of approximately eighty-five instrumentalists, two majorettes, and a drum major, all under the able direction of Mr. R. Ayre. This year, although less experienced players were available, the band turned out to be one of the best. This organization has done much toward the building of our school's reputation. The band added much color to our football games. Besides playing an assortment of good music, it never failed to put on some entertaining drill at half time. No gridiron classic would have seemed complete without the band. Besides doing a fine job at the games, the band furthered its reputa- tion and the reputation of our school by partici- Sixty-Six Ritz, P. Corbett, F. Honeywell, B. Corbett, -9: R. BAN D pating in parades, honor roll dedications, 2 other community activities. Any honor received by the band is well served. Hours of long rehearsals as a unit 2 constant, assiduous practice by the individ are necessary to reach the degree of perfect which our band has attained. To the drum ma falls the responsibility for the bands' march appearance. The two majorettes have addef great deal to the band's appearance by their st formidable marching and their fine coordina mastering of the baton. Because of these displays it is no won that our band has been recognized by leading thorities as the "All Scholastic Band." r First Row, Right to Left: D. Passeri, M. DeMasi, G. Webby, G. Kairaitis, D. Smith, G. Davis. Second Row: M. Dell'Aglio, C. Thomas, J. Okrasinski, F. Smith, F. Honeywell, D. Fuller, A. Levy, G. Santewan, Mr. Ayre, advisor. Third Row: J. Bokar, W. Jones, P. Corbett, D. McDade, R, Pelton, D. Evans, W. Glawe, J. Gresh, J. Woychick. SENIOR ORCHESTRA The Senior Orchestra, under the able baton f Mr. Ayre, provides the music for the various .ctivities in the auditorium. During the senior hapel exercises the music of this group not only upplements the echoing feet of the upper three 'rades as they End their seats, but also accom- anies the sacred and secular singing. Perhaps their most important function is to articipate as the musical background for the linstrel show and the Commencement exercises. In the former, much of the success of putting a song or dance across is due mainly to the vigor of the orchestra. In the latter, the solemnity of the procession and the recession and the inspir- ing singing by the seniors is in part dependent on the senior orchestra. Graduating members who have played in the orchestra for two or more years, are awarded a pin. Sixty-Seven R E R is . S . . 5 1 5 1 Z 2 E 5 iii' Uk Q 5 55 ie K1 SA 2? fe ii is I E? ROYS JUNIOR GLEE CLUR First Row: E. Rynolds, R. Novack, T. Anthony, S. Second Row: F. Remphrey, A. Cook, H. L. Wilk Herskowitz, R. Jeckett, J. Tomasko, D. Dzwny, A. Sten- L. J. Swida, C. S. Reynolds, J. S. Gianuzzi, Jr., C. Han cavage. First Row: C. Passeri, E. G. Copchunis, M. Zamites, L. McGrath. Second Row: A. Dziados M. Perlman, R. Gaynor, A. Gugliott. if GIRLS JUNIOR GLEIC CLIER Seger, D. Patsko, R. O'Hara, M. Joseph, R. Melan, Miss Pugh, advisor. F'k 'k,M.J h,N. , , , Ian owla Osep Third Row: S. Finnegan, A. Ruzgis, M. A. Kozuls P. Casterline, E. Fendler, L. Matkins, R. Paduck, D. Se. Z' B' Keatley' I' Lovendusky' foss, J. Branch, M. Downie, S. Kocher. M. Scott, A. Zaikoski, F. Magrh, C. Aston, M. Colonna, ir JUNIOR ORCHESTRA First Row: Right to Left: W. Lehman, L. Bozzey, C. Kanner, A. DiSanto, B. Richardson, Miss Pugh, advisc Maori, T. Hunt, S. Bonomo, J. Toraitis, J. Garrison, D. Third Row: H. Lam, H. Nacmis P. Davidson Dzury' Yeager, J. Downie, J. Okrasinski, G. Mastronuzzi, Second Row: J. Germann, G. Webby, M. Saba, I. Chiloro. Sixty-Eight JUNIORJBAND First Row: W. Lehman, S. Bonomo, J. Toraitis, P. Richardson, H. Lahr, A. Silkin, C. Chiloro, J. Jones, D 5ampisano, J. Coloney, J. Flora, M. Greenberg, M. Koury, Brandt, C. Macri, W. Rossi. r- B1ake1UL-B0ZZeY- Third Row: K, Williams, P. Peters, R. Stahley, J. Second Row: H. McHa1e, T. Morgan, T. Hunt, H. Ott, R. Shiner, W. Egleberger, G. Petrillo, J. Reh, J. Ger- Vachlis, F. Radaszewski, A. Yeager, G. Mastronuzzi, B. mann, R. McKay, G. Webby, Mr. Ayre, advisor. 'A' USHERS SQUAD First Row: H. Ahrendts, M. Golightly, T. George, R. J. Owen, F. Maceirowski, M. Green, H. Savage, J. Brown, . Cross, J. Thomas, J. Grohol, head usher, E. Price, L. Davis, W. Macorkel, H. Orowicz, D. Heck, M. Deleman. ead usher, M. Sims, M. Budzyny K. phillips, D' Cara' Third Row: T. Dougherty, E. Jimison, R. Janoski, G. Finn, S. Dudek, S. Fendler, R. Volley, J. Brennan, B. Second Row: Mr. Highriter, R. Martin, L. Martin. Zekas, P. Mulcahy. Sixty-Nine First Row: E. Krombel, M. Macho, C. Castrignano, A. Harrity, E. Davis, F. Wojick, M. J. Martin, B, Jones, F. Blackorsky, M. Pepperling, A. Esseif, A. Rauscher, L. Kubik, M. Owens, R. Medley, B. Winton, B. Herstek, D. Smith, C. McGowan, E. Price, R. Kane. Second Row: A. Sakey, B. Jones, G. Pensak, B .Kas- per, J. Weiss, A. Smith, S. Rayeski, M. Casterline, C. Schmid, D. Orloski, B. Campanella, H. Joseph, G. Fink, J. Owen, K. Phillips, W. Macorkel, J. Bauer, K. Gruver, C. Clocker, B. Patterson, H. Ahrendts, S. Collins, A. Col- lins, E. Carter, T. Ellis, J. Shiner, Mr. R. Ayre. s Third Row: R. Aschoff, S. Karp, D. Rowlands, l Kairaitis, Y. Gazey, F. Hendricks, M. Weber, M. L. Eve ett, T. Charles, E. Schmid, G. Winton, M. Opet, M. Bu zyn, D. Davis, M. Ransom, M. P. Goichman, C. Davis, l Golightly, E. Gribble, D. Majikes, M. Handza, P. Slusse S. Richards, M. Foster, E. Dennis, R. Nolan, J. George. Fourth Row: G. McEneny, L. Gallagher, E. Smit R. McDonald, E. Black, H. Aqua, D. Hughes, H. Snydf C. Rayeski, B. Ritts, B. Zobel, F. Kleem, B. Gutterma S. Savitz, M. Davis, J. Waltos, T. Butler, P. Kambies, Roth, B. Shucktes, D. Linker, S. Tripp, H. Rein, J. Ostr ski, M. Margo. SEN IGH GLEE CLU I3 This organization under the supervision of Mr. Ayre is perhaps one of the largest groups in the records of the history of the school. It has been composed of members of the junior and senior classes, but this year sophomore girls were permitted to become members. Each member must have an individual voice test before he is admitted, and he must have a liking for music. Every year before Christmas vacation the girls sing carols in the main hall. The loud speak- er conveys the sweet voices to all recesses in the building, and the words and music truly bring the spirit of Christmas to the students of the high school. This year as last the Glee Club departed Seventy from the musical comedy field and entertained sell-out audience to a side-splitting minstrel 6 titled "Way Out West." The antics of Mess Nolan, Snyder, Rein, Ostroski, Jones, and Voll convulsed the audience, the tap dancing of Fre Joseph, Florence Teresinsky, and Theresa Macl and the soft-shoe dancing of John Mackin we greatly appreciated, and the solos of Regi Mack, Gladys Winton, Esther Schmid, Evel Gribble, and Ethel Price were highly acclaimea As a reward for active participation 1 members wound up their successes by having party. They relaxed from the strenuous acti ties and enjoyed themselves fully knowing tl have done their job well. 'A' THE MINSTRELS Top Left: The Ranch Boys and City Slickers har- n1onize. ir Pop Right: School in session and Marian gives "An Apple for the Teacher." ul' econdz The End Men and Chorus. if hird: The End Men stop for lunch. ir Seventy-One First Row: V. Macri, G. Johns, A. DeLuca, R. Kane, J. Sebastian, V. DeLida, H. Stucker, J. Zaka- rauskas, B. Cook, R. Tobin. Second Row: J. Jones, F. Bradshaw, J. Duffy A. Philpotts, A. Dal Santo, B. Keating, Secretaryi D Evans, President, J. Cross, Vice Presidentg B Conwell, Chaplain, R. Hefferan, P. George, H. Kam- bies. Third Row: E. D. Casey, E. Bristol, P. Mulcahy, THE HLY CLUB The Hi-Y club sponsored by Mr. Casey is open to boys in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. The purpose of this organization is to teach the members how to conduct meetings and how to become acquainted with other Hi-Y members all over the Valley. Their meetings are held regularly at the Y. M. C. A. where they hear lectures on civic and current events by prominent speakers. ln the Hi-Y basketball tournament this year the G. A. R. club cap- tured the winning trophy. Seventy-Two B. Morgan, J. O'Ravitz, R. Labode, B. Jones, G. Mc- Eneny, P. McGovin, S. Zacaravfch, L. McFadden, L. Kaminski, J. N. Roberts, J. Brennan, J. Baltrus, B. Zekas, J. Reh, G. Caffrey. Fourth Row. G. Michael, F. Flannery, N. Austin, J. Walters, L. Wolfe, C. Chmiola, V. Lorusso, P. Corbett, P. Thomas, J. Ruddy, B. Snee, F. Patsey, E. Mollahan, L. Kalafut, P. Kambies, S. Raykovitz, J. Fetsko, P. Bowles, B. Morris. GIRL RESERVES Any senior high school girl who wishe to be trainegl the ideal of personal and soci: living can qualify for membership with tl Girl Reserves. The club is composed of ai proximately fifty girls, who meet twice month, with their president, Eleanore Denni and their advisor, Miss Lenahan. The meetir time is spent discussing social service woi and club problems. Among the activities 1 this year are a winter carnival, which consis of various social affairs once a week, tl Christmas and Spring formals, scavengl hunts, and skits. First Row: M. MeGinli B. Thomas, L. Olex, Thomas, M. Ahlbrandt, Vii Presidentg E. Dennis, Pre dent, R. M. Cross, Secreta' J. Loftus, Treasurerg J. l tro, R. Feist, D. Davis. Second Row: L. Tippt L. West, B. Joseph, C. Ra kowski, M. Simakaski, Owens, L. Baratta, J. Bro' E. Gothier, J. Bauer, K. G ver, A. Stanziale, M. Si M. Budzyn. Third Row: G. Pensak, Lemke, R. Steinert, E. Da W. Macorkel, M. Reisser, Hartzel, B. Winton, B. I terson, S. Collins, M. Fos J. Owen, M. Ransom. l i First Row: D. James, D Rashesky, M. McGinley, M tam, S. Dziedziak, B. Kasper kins, F. Teresinski, A. Smith Second Row: Miss Ford M. Casterline, M. Gigantelli G. Ryan, Captain, P. Wil- liams, A. Kupris, Captain, E. Sloane, I. Evanitsky, H. Savage, L. Kubik, S. Brom- Held, R. Novick, F. Dyke, F. Macierowski. Third Row: P. Bristol, G. Pensak, J. Owen, L. De Biasi, D. Martin, L. Novak, T. Diamond, M. Jones, H O'Krogly, L. Michael, T Charles, Captain. First Row: R. Troy, M. Atherholt, M. Bealeer, treas- urer, S. Mittleman, secre- tary, M. C. McCabe, presi- dent, S. Owens, vice-presi- dent, R. Stark, C. Barone, C. Lipkan. Second Row: Miss Ford, M. Zaeller, G. Lihrman, C. Shaifer, M. Gelsleichter, I. Kanner, J. Hill, M. Dziadosz, R. Charnetski. Third Row: D. Pugh, E. Cutler, H. Mintz, E. Pugh, R. Jachimial, E. Kratz, L. Joseph, E. Korey, O. Briggs. GIRLS BOWLING CLUB VICTORY CLUB This club under the supervision of Miss Ford is one of the more recent clubs of the chool. The members are girls from the tenth nd eleventh grades. They meet once a week t the Holy Trinity Recreation Center. The irls are divided into six teams, with each 2am having a captain and each Week the teams ave contests among themselves. There are lree junior captains and three sophomore cap- tins. This club gives the girls an opportunity 1 become good bowlers. The members of the Victory Club under the able supervision of Miss Ford are doing more than their part in the vital role of pro- viding entertainment for service men overseas. They have received many of their assignments from the Junior Red Cross, such as collecting cross-Word puzzles and making Red Cross post- ers. They also have completed an afghan and twenty scrap books which include a collection of cartoons. These articles have been sent to all parts of the World. Many letters of thanks were received from service men urging them to continue their Work. Seventy-Three Golightly, H. Ahrendts, Cap- Captaing M. Peters, S. Has: 1 9 LETTEHNHNWW CLUB As times flies and the seasons change so do the sports. But the place where the stars of all sports can be seen at one time is the Lettermens Club. They meet every week under the able supervision of Mr. Smith. The meet- ings are spent discussing various viewpoints concerning athletic events. They also strive to promote good sportsmanship at all times. Seventy-Fou r First Row: J. Skawski, J, Moresco, Mr. Smith, sponsorg E. Klepaski, president, W. Zekas, W. Jackson, G. Mc- Eneny. Second Row: J. Cross, P Bowles, W. Conwell, W Keating, L. Kalafut, C. Ad ams, T. Bromfield, J. Rob erts. Third Row: L. Krachen fels, S. Savitz, T. Dombro ski, F. Patsey, E. Cohen, V Larusso, W. Jones. l lHNGePONG CLUB Ping Pong is a sport that calls for split second alertness, and a certain amount of cc ordination between the player's mind and pac dle. This year, due to the wide spread interef of ping pong, Mr. Richard Miller, the sponso has allowed students to join along with his reg ular junior and senior male Latin student The members play each other at least twit during the year. The four players with tl highest averages then compete for the char pionship. Thus by a series of elimination tl champion is chosen. ' SEs ' First Row: Right to Le J. George, presidentg L. Rc vice-president, B. Simons T. Harron, M. Gralla, D. P ler, P. Podkul, J. Kelly, George, Mr. R. E. Miller, visor, S. Savitz, treasui K. Duffy, secretary. Second Row: B. Lewis Shertz, H. Simms, B. Lof F. Smith, Jr., F. Kleem Andrews, J. Harrity, Q. tuna, E. Fleisher, A. Ruz First Row: B. Herstek, R. M. Cross. Second Row: V. Dombros- ki, R. Bozzey, R. Daywood, M. Senese. Third Row: C. Saba, F.. Kiwak, L. Hannye, F. Miller. Fourth Row: H. Orowicz M. Jacobson, B. Thomas, J. Nardone, H. Joseph, L. Tip- pett. Fifth Row: H. Judge, M Paskevich, T. Dougherty, T George. Sixth Row: R. Storz, H. Savage, M. Weber, B. Stilp R. Steinert, C. DeLuca. Standing: Mr. A. J. Watts, G. Finn, W. Glawe, K. Phil- lips, E. Lidz, R. Martin. v 1 First Row: J Schrode, S. Adolph, C. Hurst, E. Mc- Glinn, J. Kellie. Second Row: D. Oleniak, J. Garrison, P. Stepneski, J. Pilch, A. Visentin, D. Kuehn, G. Cook, president. . Third Row: W. Nardell, J. Chapko, treasurer, G. Lutes, M. Hennighan, C. Orowicz, D. Gdovin, secretary. Fourth Row: F. Prientash, M. Gelsleichter, G. Chukonis, H. Hockenbury, B. McFad- den. SECRETABIAL CLUB This organization of commercial students is under the supervision of Mr. Watts. Each 'nember is given instructions and practice in stencil, mimeograph, and corrective work. Phrough these practices a student receives a nore thorough knowledge of actual office re- iuirements. It is considered an honor to be :hosen as a member of this organization, for nnly the highest ranking typists are selected .nd given this advanced form of typing. JUNIOR ART CLUB This progressive group under the direc- tion ot Miss Hourigan is composed of seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students who have spe- cial interest and talent in art. The group ap- plies its talent so as to be very helpful to the school and the community. They make posters for school activities. They also made writing portfolios and attractive Easter favors for the service men in the Army and Navy base hos- pitals. This year the club elected G. Cooke presidentg J. Chapko, treasurer, and D. Galo- vin, secretary. ! Seventy-Five i l G HOP I N CLUB A piano club, called the Chopin Club, the iirst of its kind to be fcrmed in G. A. R., has been organized by Miss Pugh. The club discusses the lives of great pian- ists and composers, listens to selections from their compositions, and records in a scrap book, clippings and pictures that concern them and their works. The club is open to boys and girls of jun- ior high school who have had two years or more training in piano music. Each member must play a selection at every meeting of the club, once in the music class, and once on a chapel program. Seated: S. Mittleman, I Dzury, I. Spaide, M. Sabi J. Garrison, R. Paduck. Standing: M. Dziadosz, . Hill, E. Fendler, D. Naveei R. Troy. STAGE CREW Ready to cooperate with the cast of ar production the stage crew is always on the jo They receive instruction in the correct methoc of setting up scenery, manipulating lights, all pulling curtains. We extend to this compa group of workers our congratulations to the for fulfilling their job so admirably. Seventy-Six Left to Right: P. Bow R. Kane, R. Bassler, Nolan, B. Shucktes, H. S der, L. Majikas, H. Hock bury, M. Horton, A. Joss H. McDonald. Top: Miss Dougherty and her crew preparing lunchg Paul Podkul-tin can collector supreme, and a four star Q'ene1'ul. Venter: Miss Holaolts' Home Nursing' Classy the Homeroom basketball champs. Bottom: Two numy cools 7 7? Nl '. W ts l 1 cntzel's woodworking' class doin f' a 1' l ' b f 55 goot .10 or our wounded sltlicrs. SL-vcnty-Sc-v4'n wr. -L .... Top: Figures don't lie in My Myerly's Math class. Second: Miss Muihern gives the Pariez-vous-ers a chance to write. Third: History in the making' in Mr. Lloyd's class. Fourth: Future stenos are being checked by Mr. Watts. Fifth: Mr. Dobb's radio class practicing at sending and receiving' the code Svvviify-Eight Top: Mrs. Klein pouring' 211. the Senior Girls' Teug The Christmas Dance. Center: Mr. Henning' greets the mothers at the Senior Girls' Tea. Bottom: The Christmas play. Sr-vc-my-Niii Eighty op: Timm mul in Alg'vl11'zx to look stumlious fm' thc p1wl0Q'x'zxplwa'. Second: l'n111p1'c'11L-Z vous lv l'xl'llIll'iL'S'? ,Io vcux je fussv ax 1:1 NIUIl12lj.'flll Third: Vcwts 1111- lmrn not lmulv. Fourth: How 4li1Tc-rent will gglolml g'cog'l'z1phy be when thvy gfrow up! Top Left: Looks as if the IJh0t0Q,'l'11lJh0l' printed this hzzll scene hzxekwurrls. Right: Miss .lout-s, tilliuililiii oi' 0 cient otiice force. gives hex' Ipzmzx smile. Venter Left: Miss Brooks checks some stumlious VU pupilsg right: Some of the flown-eellzu' folks, with the in L timuhle Vat missing: liottum: The uther half of the office t'm'ee, Miss 'l'l1on1z1s. Eighty-Om hty-TWU Top Left: Mr, T0pc's Aevonautics clussg right. Cleaning' up in C'h01nist1'y. Center Left: Art fm' arts' sukvg right. Mr. R0lmc1't's c'ul1'4-nt vvcnts group Bottom: Mr. Smith's auto mechanics class pose with "Otto Nog'w." y- F1 Top Left: Fhrisumxs Sccneg right, Jack Flannery at the Xylophone. Fonlcr: At the Christmas dance. Bottom Left: McDonald and Grohol posed this one: rigghtg Dum-ers dz-luxe THE CALENDAR Week of September 13 . . . Week of October 11 . . . What's ho! Many rumblings in the halls! Scuffling of books, plenty of excitement. Can it be that school has commenced? Yes Sir. Week of September 20 . . . Classes are well underway-a lull C?J in the school atmosphere, as the teachers apply the pressure in class. The football team starts the season with a bang by de- feating Larksville 6-0. Week of September 27 . . . Lots of noise and cheers at the first pep meeting. The auditorium has vacant seats this year, because some fellow Gar- men have joined the service. "Blue fi Gray" subscriptions begin with a flour- ish. Florence Wojick is elected editor of the "Blue and Gray." Week of October 4 . . . The Garchive Staff begins working with great interest. Senior boys begin having their pictures taken. Look out cameras! Holzman plays his last game before leav- ing for the service. Mr. Baiz and his staff promise la good yearbook. Report Cards are out. Seniors, are those A's or E's you are worried about? Guess. The winning football song is written by Betty Jane Jones. Rosalie Roman is head of Assembly Squad. Week of November 1 . . Heads up and keep smiling. The Garchive camera man is on the job. Hold it-flash -another group, another arrangement. Well-all in a day's work. Week of November 8 . . . Armistice Day is observed with an im- pressive program. The following had parts. Paul Andrew, Ethel Price, Miriam Golightly, and Lenore Davis. The Gar- men drop a hard fought battle to Kings- ton. Week of November 15 . . . Patrons' Day is held at G. A. R. A short program was offered to the parents and friends of G. A. R. The food was really good at the cafeteria. Navigation club is organized. An educational movie was shown to the student body for the first time this year. It showed a woman's tal- ent in sailing a ship. Eighty-Fiv THE CALENDAR - - Continued Week of November 22 ' ' ' Week of December 20 . . . Gerald McEneny was elected student coun- cil president. Everyone is looking forward to the week-end for much needed rest and a good Thanksgiving dinner. Many UD new clubs organized this year. All senior boys learn to swim at Meyers' pool. Week of November 29 . . . Senior girls hold annual tea. The collec- tion of tin cans is tremendous. Good pa- triotism on the home front will lick the Axis on the battlefront. Stamp and Bond sales show good results. Week of December 6 . . . The coach of the 1943-44 Basketball team is Mr. Kenneth Smith. He promises as good a team as previous years. Seniors pick Jane Loftus as pin-up girl and John Kostrab as favorite furlough date. Week of December 13 . . . Packing of books, and getting ready for Christmas vacation, makes everyone hap- py. The Christmas Dance with music of El Terry and his orchestra was a great success. The girls' gym was decorated with trees and the lights gave a certain soft and mysterious glow. E ghty-Si No school until next year. Are We happy? Not much snow for a sleigh ride, but Santa will find a way. We hope! Week of January 17 . . . This week starts off with a bang. Paul Andrews was elected editor in chief of the Garchive. Week of January 24 . . .n Class officers are elected by the senior class. Joseph Moresco, presidentg Ber- nard Gutterman, vice presidentg John Jones, treasurer, and Regina Mack, secre- tary. Week of January 31 . . . Basketball team defeats Coughlin but bows to Meyers. Bill Jackson, a Garman high scorer, leaves for the service. Stu- dents Stamps and Bond sales increase to Stamps 352,171.45 and Bonds 355,320.00 Our slogan is Buy Buy Bonds-Bye Bye J aps. Week of February 7 . . . Mr. Pelton, one of twelve educators of the Middle States Association, is invited to aid in the evaluation of the school. G. A. R. is expected to rate high. Why not? Good school, good teachers, good students, and good year book, we hope. THE CALENDAR - - Continued Week of February 14 . . . Week of March 13 . . . Lincoln Kennedy, president of the class of "42," now a second lieutenant in the U. S. Marine Air Corps, gave an informal talk to Mr. Tope's Aeronautic class. Vital tactics and exalting adventures on Naval Aviation were heard by all who were in- terested. Week of February 21 . . . , Mr. Henning congratulates General Paul Podkul for collecting twenty-one thousand tin cans. Whitey Jackson, Edward Kle- paski, and Bernard Corbett leave school to help U. S. Good luck, boys. Week of February 28 . . . The editorial and business staff take part in the Garchive skit. Experiments in Chemistry. What smells! What yells! and what sulphuric acid tells, when we see holes in students' clothes. Leap year so an extra day this month to make up E's ? ? Week of March 6 . . . Many senior boys take their place in U. S. fighting ranks. Glee Club present a Min- strel entitled "Way Out West." Mr. Ayre's group sold all the seats in the auditorium. G. A. R. Band welcomes Lord Halifax to the United States. Lord Halifax visited Wilkes-Barre on March second. Senior boys take Army and Navy tests. Those passing the Navy V12 or the Army A.ST.P. are qualified for entering colleges all over the country. The main purpose is to build officers for the future. All the training is at government expense. Week of April 3 . . . Warm weather slows things up. Spring fever has started romance. Ask any sen- ior. Vacant seats show many more boys have joined up. Teachers remind us to make up work. Week of April 10 . . . The Garchive staff hold a Cabaret Dance in the girls' gym. What a crowd! Beau- tiful scenery and nice soothing music. It was lots of fun. The staff is still work- ing hard to complete the Garchive. Week of April 24 . . . Coach Smith selects hfs baseball team, while the track season opens with a meet at Kingston. Now the printer is calling for a copy, and you anxiously await your copy, so ye editors without further to do hope you like the book. Eighty-Sevent i D A Es A wa u 'Y 21 I u'U2VY.i4TA'x'!ili5H5Zx ' ' ' MKEEMEJMWTWREQQFLEMWIMZ mi w i .m"'l I' EJi'HtB,!' ' IWAJLEKQ " ' a E K 5 2 2 E 1-8 5 E 3 E15 S 2 2 5 2 5 S 2 5 L 'ff g 'V f f' ,, 9 , -K ., ... . K AM- ,,.,, , .1 3, 1 51. V I 'V VA .w f: , ',' , 4 HJ ' y ,, ., , M.: 1 ,.,, ,, .e, ff, ' ,- " , .. I ,,n:i.fwg. ff' . ... x -Q ,. IJ. ,M .gif ww., r- -3 Y- , ': ' V' , I M-. -- W-' hh-U A '1 ,. .gf gf, 3 . ,mg s- f-ga ,. -A . - '- -' , ,. . . . , , . mf, ,. ,V . ., I I , , . -.. , .. rw" "K " ' '-' N1 ' 'i.., Z-, Y wb. .. 11: ., I in WL in i .I . V ,, K , ,qv I .K , ,,.', xi 3,75 '- 4 Jia.,- 1,,',, , ,. 1' -- . Af, 4 f , A - .5 , , . , . I , A g f, . f H 1 - , , ,. ,Y Y f , , 'f A 'vw fad' ,, -' -- . L, .1 VN pn ' .,, 2 - J j ' ' , -',,1. 'K -.5 'Y 1. - . -,,yf.- . .. A . .V A A. , Q , 1 .4 ",E A. 1 .- Y' Q, H ','- V' 4' ff, W N'-K w,. A - Q 1, U 'A , ..' ' ' 1 ' ' H1-'V . ' ' - ' 3.6-5 A -. -,V ,. ',, K ,,' V Ly k-T., ,. , , ,- ..k , 'gf' 'Af 7: 2 . ' 1. , ,A W, - , ..',A,-5 . , -,- " f- l ,N ,, ', 1-, . -,. mf., - , ,A , ,,'- ., ,,, ,, .v 1 1- f, in 1'-' A -' , ' -'-5 1 ,R ' f .,-: ,. Af - V 5 ' H .M 1 ,TT " hx F ' .I -vw 1..,w .Lex 14 ' ',,-' ' N A - V' V .,. H g 1, . M. . vi f , 4 4 . . A fn . '5,1-Jw , 1 , gg- G., VM, , .,,.L',M I ,XL . 4 Y f ,nf si-' ' ff A -315 --X. ,. 1 Y vf if ' ' ' ' ,RYA 'f',. .. -." H1 ,I-" .. - ',.. 1, 1. .af -. - th., W .. Z1 . A T ,"-. '12 , Q :,' . A. ' '. Q- " 1. -

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