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19411 4 -Q . 4 4 G. A. B. IVIEDIIIBIAL HIGH SCll00L WILKES-BABBE, PA. Alma Mater Where Jrhe rippling Susquehanna Genlly, slowly winds irs way, Slands our dear old Alma lvlarer Srands forever and for aye. Loyal sons and dauqhlers greell Greef Jrhee dear olcl G. A. R. When we sing our life's lasl mess Sweeiesl on our lips will be, Memories of our days in l School, Days +ha+ live so rich and free Loyal sons and daughfers p Thee, Praise +hee clear olcl G. A. R ,fix x X 1' ff. f .1 xf ' 'iirljif 1, ,El ,"!3w,f ' r i if-Q, .. ."1 , , A fy,-,, J rw, . HN Dedication . . . If is noir necessary ro exrol lhe virrues of an ideal Jreacher and friend, for in Mr. l-lerberl Lloyd we find Those qualifies Jrhal have caused him 'ro be admired and respecred by Jrhose wilrh whom he has come in conlacr. Because of his kindly aHi+ude 'foward us as siudenis, because of his wise philosophy and advice, because of his helping hand +o Jrhe cheerleaders and our school, and be- cause of his generous assisiance in our senior aciiviries, we The class of I94l rake pleasure in dedicaring 1'his volume of Jrhe Garchive lo Mr. l-lerberi Lloyd. on Parade EFT, righT, leTT, righT . . . Marching TeeT are echoing all over The world Today. BUT mosT irnporTanT are The marching TeeT oT our Tormer graduaTes inTo new Tields and new endeavors among which The mosT signiTicanT is The marching oT Trained American soldiers. We have chosen "On Parade" as our Theme because we are passing Tor review all The grandeur ThaT we knew, and all The glory ThaT we ToughT Tor. JusT whaT parT we played in The parade we show in This volume wiThin iTs picTorial record of our acTiviTies, but iusT whaT parT we shall play in The parade oT liTe no camera can phoTograph nor no liTerary genius can predicT. WhaTever be The Tasks ThaT conTronT us, whaTever inldings we have OT impending sTruggles and TribulaTions The experience OT our high school days shall remain deep-seaTed in our hearTs and uphold The Tirmness of our resoluTions To carry on. WiTh True American spiriT in The words oT EarnesT Henley: "We are The masTers oT our TaTe We are The capTains oT our soul." Contents Adminisfrafion - 9 Seniors - I3 Class Song - 37 Senior Index - 38 Underclassmen - A 49 Aihleics - 65 Acfivifies ---- 75 Sfudenf Governmenf - 76 Publicanons - - 82 Enferhainmenf 84 Clubs - 89 Calendar - - 'Ol dministration on ara B Miss Mc!-Xniff, aciiviiy ciireciory Mr. i-lemninq, prin- ciloaig Mr. Pelfori, direcior Junior High School: Miss Berger, office: Miss Mericle, office. Paqe Nine MR. S. R. HENNING, Principal MR. A. E. BACON, SuperinTendenT 66011 Paradev As we see The parade Torming in The disTance, we observe one group ThaT is considerably larger Than The oThers, and as They march by The reviewing sTands, we observe ThaT This is The Class oT l94I. NOT only doe iT excel in numbers, buT iT is also ouTsTanding in loyalTy, sporTsmanship cooperaTion, and accomplishmenTs. lT has always been loyal To The schoc and To iTs own high ideals. Good sporTsmanship has been one oT iTs con spicuous TraiTs. Willingness To cooperaTe has always been paramounT amonc iTs members. The largesT class ever To be graduaTed by G. A. R. has been very much inTeresTecl in all school acTiviTies during The pasT Tour years anc has helped To elevaTe Their school To a liTTle higher level scholasTically socially, and aThleTically. We sincerely hope and are sure There are many good Things in sTon Tor you in The TuTure. May success be yours in years To come as iT ha been during your high school days in G. A. R. S. R. T-TENNING. The Board of Education The adminisTraTion OT any organizaTion is iTs mosT imporTanT TuncTion. T School Board and SuperinTendenT Bacon parTicipaTe in The parade behi The scenes by The TuncTions oT Their individual oTTices. Through Their w survey oT The needs oT The TuTure ciTizens oT Willces-Barre They are aTTempTi To assure This communiTy Tor permanenT sTabiliTy. Through Their unsTinTi eTTorTs and eTTiciency They have been able To presenT This communiTy w a good policy Tor educaTion. For This and many oTher Things Too numerc To menTion They deserve a voTe oT Thanlcs. L......l nn SeaTed: Mr. David Thomas, M Thomas J. Collins, RresidenT, M l.uTher M. KniTTon, Vice-Presiden Mr. R. Ramsay Mebane. STanding Dr. William A. Weaver, Dr. Marci E. Miller, Mr. Fred J. Andes, M Thomas A. Maclcin, Mr. E. E. Ea wards. .....-1 m J- rpm. Q m x Q mi 2 , Q5 ,, J 3,3 Q: , mm, Q1 'ggi ff3Sf:?54?f ,gn 1 p 'ts I' Q - f wa ff V ,H 55 2 ,,f , , i 2 4 ,255 ' .fi3i'?5 A A V Q Q .. f f,.'.,w 4, ,gag Y .1 , asf. ., ,. it fn - easy. 3, ,gk f A-fy. ., flaw. , V - 3 wg, ,ww , K." - -9' .mf J gf 1' F 4' , .f,' U if Q -,Z :Xm- K, yi, X . Q fi, 'K :fa W .J mfg? W ' Q 419 ,- M2 f- , Bxiii ' :iff G Y f gfifiilsffg " .M,:1m:,ft ,fr ' 1afg,,5gg:w,.,h ,B ' Hriwiifki 1' i 1 s i 5 Eva 3 fx: L '? ' V W 5 A 1 M A , . in Mk A v A 5 gm W V, 4-1 . 14 552, 5? ff? ' A 6. Y, 3 h,m,: ,. , 'L ff 'W QQ' 6 kwx fb x K J, WW Seniors 011 arade G. Nackley, president J. Chiloro, vice-president M. Mishikifis, secre-+ary: L. Davies, Jrreasurer. aThi FLORENCE Al LEEN ADAMS Horses, horses, crazy over horses. Yes, "l:lossie" really is. Of course, she has ofher likes foo and dress designing is fops wifh her, "l3lossie" has been designing and making her own clofhes for somefime. She infends fo sfudy furfher in Ihaf line nexf year. MARJORIE AHLBRANDT "The ornamenls of a school are fhe pupils fhaf sfudy lheref' Don'f you agree fhaf "Midge" makes a very preffy ornamenf? Of course, she was more fhan fhaf, she was a real benefif fo our class doing all she could fo make our affairs more successful. MILDRED AHRENDTS "She's swell." is a phrase fhaf is offen used fo describe Mildred. She appears fo be shy and guief if you don'f know her buf off fhe record she's quife falkafive. She is a sporfs fan and would walk a mile fo see a good foof- ball game. DOROTHY MARGARET ALBRECHT "Dof" would fhoroughly enioy herself af a good skafing rink wifh a nice es- corf, and nice fo her means-a pleasing personalify and one who makes an af- fracfive appearance. To become a good manacurisf is her ambifion. ELEANOR ALLISON A newcomer, buf here long enough fo have made many friends. A rare hobby is hers, for she iusf loves fo painf. To become a scienfisf is her ufmosf ambifion. Among her likes you will find fhe piano. JULIA T. ANTHONY Courfly manners, snappy dark eyes. all sef off by one mass of ringlefs. Julia spends mosf of her fime reading, danc- ing, and affending sick people, which will all help her fo affain greaf heighfs in her chosen profession, nursing. MARY AUSTIN Are you looking for Mary? Then look for a crowd. "Ozzie", who is famous for her clever rendifion of "Knock The I.. Ouf of Kelly", would like fo be a child nurse. Mary's smile, sense of humor, and blue eyes have made and keep her ever popular. DAVID L. ACKERMAN If's easy enough fo be pleasanf, when life flows along like a song Buf 'fhe man worfh while is fhe man wifh a smile, When everyfhing goes dead wrong. "Dave" whose pef philosophy is "To be a friend is 'ro be a frue one", plans fo beiome a flying cadef. MELVIN ACKERMAN I-le observed, he fhoughf, and all This before he spoke. Melvin likes fo eaf buf dislikes dancing and sfudying English. I-Ie spends mosf of his fime parficipa- fing in sporfs. To sfudy aeronaufics is "Mel's" fufure plan. GEORGE ADOMITIS George leads a gay life-which is fhe reason, probably, why he is so sensible. lnle spends a good deal of his fime fak- ing parf in sporfs. Nexf year he would like fo gef a iob. Donlf we all. ARTHUR ALINKOFF The young man picfured here is ac- fually as fun-loving as he appears haughly. We've come fo fhe conclusion fhough fhaf under fhaf wavy, dark hair lays hidden a very good brain. I-Ie has a decided preference for blondes. PETER J. ANDREWS Occasionally fhere arises among a group, someone who has a nafural falenf for many fhings. Fefe is iusf fhaf sorf of a lad-adepf af anyfhing from sfudies fo baskefball. His skill af ping-pong will be "fearfully" verified by any of his would-be conguerors. FRANCIS E. ARMBRUSTER As a new sfreamline frain dashes by. we cafch a glimpse of fhe driver and fo our surprise we see "Francie". A member of fhe K. A. K., he proves him- self fo be quife an arfisf as well as driver. l-Iis only ambifion is To work on fhe railroad. ROBERT BALL The fop honor of fardiness goes fo "Doc" fhis year. Wifh a deaf ear furned foward fhe clock, "Doc" rushes in iusf in 'lime for his firsf class. Wifh hopes of becoming a fransporf pilof, he plans fo enfer fhe Navy Air Corps fhis year. JOHN BARBERIA This sprakling personaliTy has a mili- TarisTic sTreak in him. His plans include going To C. C. C. camp. He likes parTies besT in his own home and is usually hoping his Triends will drop in. ParTicipaTing in sporTs gives him his Thrill. JOSEPH JOHN BARGER "The only way To have a Triend is To be one." Who's more suiTed To This Than "BuTch"? His ambiTion is one which l am sure is, or aT IeasT was, aT some Time or anoTher, TirsT in The hearT oT every boy "To be a good ball player." GRANT BARRALL This genTlernan is one oT The Triendli- esT persons you are ever likely To meeT. He is compleTely naTural, compleTely un- aTTecTed, gay, and a Triend To all. His ambiTion is To be a success in liTe. NORMAN BAUM Don'T worry abouT your work: do whaT you can, leT The resT go, and smile all The Time. "Norm", whose peT philosophy is "I.iTe can be beauTiTuI", spends mosT oT his Time playing The piano. His plans Tor nexT year are To enTer Temple Uni- versiTy To sTudy medicine. HERMAN BAUMANN "Hermy" is a real guy. honesT and decenT and big-hearTed. He's a naive sorT wiTh wide eyes and drawling voice. He's so alive and Tull oT The sorT oT ioy ThaT any girI's ideal young man would possess. WILLIAM BEHM A Tarmer is a rugged man so Toward The soil Turns "Billy", buT noT To raising crops, he raises chickens. NexT To his chickens he likes Ann Sheridan besf. "Bill" expecTs To be a TirsT class car- penTer when he is Turned loose in The world. WILLIAM BEN EVITCH "Bill" is a shining example oT ThaT adage, "PracTice makes perTecT". CaTch- ing behind The baT or looping The ball Through The hoops shows his compeTence as a baseball or baskeTball player. "Hickory" hopes To make baseball his vocaTion and avocaTion. HELEN BABINSKI This enTicing and giTTed creaTure obviously musT be included as a per- sonaliTy who readily aTTracTs and holds your aTTenTion. AlThough she usually doesn'T sTress iT, Helen can look iusT as glamorous as she wishes. ALBENA BAIKAUSKAS Be "happy-go-lucky" and The world is wiTh you, worry and you're on your own. "Blondie's hobby is dancing wiTh The more handsome Tellows. To geT a good iob nexT year is "Binky's" plan, buT al' presenT har ambiTion is "noThing in par- Ticular". CARMILLA F. BARONE lnclined To be somewhaT persisTenT Carmilla can neverTheless be under- sTanding and sympaTheTic when circum- sTances demand iT. Her versaTile con- versaTional abiliTy makes her welcome aT any gaThering. She enjoys corresponding wiTh Toreigners and would like To be a courT reporTer. ADELLE MARION BERTULIS This wisTTul porTraiT oT "Dell" especial- ly sTresses her charming personaliTy. Her biggesT asseT is her naTural good humor. She's a collecTor Too. PicTures oT her Triends are The iTems. She reads a greaT deal buT would like To be a songsTress. MADELINE BIGOSKI Her inTeresT in TooTball and baseball is only because oT The "cenTer". "TooT- sie" eaTs To live and in The evenings enioys To lisTen To The radio "wiTh STeve, oT course". She plans To enTer college. STELLA BOLINE "Blonde hair, brown eyes, and dancing TeeT" could describe no one else buT STella. AlThough she spenT mosT oT her spare Time dancing, "Sis" plans To be- come a nurse. ATTenTion boys! Here are The qualiTies Tor STella's leading man-good dancer, heighT, personaliTy. and noT The mushy Type. MARY TH ERESA BOYLE "Ich Liebe Dich" and similar phrases have proved To be a Terrible headache To Mary buT should you menTion music, or singing in parTicular, you're righT up her alley. Mary inTends To enTer FaTher Baker's Training School Tor Child Nurses nexT Tall. D--- CZIL--- MARTIN I. BERGER I-lere's a lad who has a clever wil which he uses al opporlune and some- limes inopporlune momenls. "Marl" lives up lo his mollo, "be happy" and lherein lies lhe secrel lo lhe esleem which all his acquainlances hold lor him. GEORGE BERZINSKAS. JR. Allhough George has a greal admira- lion lor lhe movie slars, he probably doesn'l realize lhal he, himself. is slellar in more ways lhan one. A line combina- lion ol personalily, appearance, and in- lelliqence shall in lime make George lhe slellar doclor he desires lo become. WILLIAM EMAN UEL BONA "Every dark cloud has a silver lining" is lhe philosophy ol "Billy", and because malh is his lavorile subiecl we hope lhal his lile may be like arilhmelic-ioys added, sorrows sublracled. lriends mul- liplied, no love undivided. M ELVIN BU LICK A lavor becomes doubly valuable when cheerlully granled. "Scrubby", whose pel philosophy is "Opporlunily knocks bul once." spends mosl ol his lime dancing. To ioin lhe marines and lake up llying are his plans lor lhe coming year. FRED CHARLES Silence is rare bul golden. Fred, a lulure naval ollicer believes in hard work and lair play. Among his pleasanl experiences in school, reading "A Tale ol Two Ciliesf' was lhe besl. ALEXANDER A. CHIARUCCI Here's a slick. inlormal shol ol lhis ralher shy person, which al limes .makes him shine, as he is a rare sludenl. His ambilion is lo be an airplane mechanic and inlends lo lollow lhis up in an advanced school ol learning. JOSEPH W. CHILORO The honor ol being Vice-Presidenl ol his class goes lo Joseph lhis year. and well indeed he deserves il. A L'il Abner and Melvin Douglas lan, Joseph hopes someday lo become an engineer. I-Ie delighled in laking a parl in lhe dra- malical produclions al school. BETTY JANE BRAUCH You know "All good lhings come in small packages" and "Janie" is aboul lhe besl you'll ever lind. Belly Jane knows how lo gel her man, and once she gels him. well-you know lhe resl. To be a good surgical nurse is Belly Jane's ulmosl ambilion. BETTY BARBARA BRISKIN Clolhes- Clolhes- Clolhes- "Bel's" Iile sure does deal wilh clolhes, lor- her hobby is clolhes-she spends mosl ol her lime buying clolhes-and in lhe opposile sex she admires mosl ol all one who dresses well. bul delinilelyl I-lei plans are as yel unsellled. CATHERINE R. BUTRUCE A smile so small as mine rnighl be precisely lheir necessily. "Killy" spendf mosl ol her lime lislening lo lhe radio I-ler hobby is reading, her ambilion lc become a slenographer. She has likec besl aboul school assembly program: and pep meelings. IREN E ESTELLE BUZI UK She's lols ol lun. Bul lhe lhing lhal': grand aboul her is lhal she is so real so down-lo-earlh. There's absolulely nc sham aboul her. She has inlelligence and underslanding loo-nol only lhal she is much admired lor her charm anc lacl. VERNA CAPRIOTTI She's ingenuous, bul she's no rapif cllolhes horse. She loves lo lisler doesn'l gush answers direclly. She love lo dance, she'll fell you, inslead ol lry ing lo have you lhink she would reai Shakespeare every minule ol lhe day. REGINA DOLORES CARR Chic, lull ol airs and graces-lhal "Jeanne." I'Ier silky brown hair is one 4 her besl assels. She keeps il beaulilull groomed and luslrous looking. l'If charm is wholly dependenl on her an malion and vilalily. Pel enlhusiasms ai reading and horseback riding. MARY F. CECERE The dark-haired beauly's poul w. prellier lhan many a maiden's smil Chemislry is Mary's lavorile subiecl ar she is going lo enler lhe procession i while uniforms al Mercy I-lospilf "Mere" delighls in dancing and rea ing books ol which "Escape" is h lavorile. DOROTHY CHUKONIS Perhaps The reason "DoTTy's" favoriTe acfress is BeTTe Davis is Tl'1aT in many ways They are alike. Besides being well remembered for her superb acfing in The ChrisTmas play and singing in The Musical Comedy, her ideals of good sporfsmanship will always sef a shining example To ofhers. MARGARET G. CON ETY Have you heard The laTesT wise-crack, ioke or whaT's iT? MargareT's brighf smile, sunny disposiTion, and inevifable gum is guife a combinafion. The friend- liness of her classmaTes and friends is her main reason for enioying her high school days. REGINA ANNE CONNOR "Jean" wifh her own reddish hair, green eyes. and spaTTering of freckles is as beguiling a colleen as ever was. Her plans for nexT year are indefinife buf she is considering nursing as her fuTure work. CLAIRE CONSIDINE To be a nurse in The WaI+er Reed HospiTal is Claire's chief ambiTion. Claire spends mosf of her Time dancing and wishing, buT her hobby is ice skaf- ing. During her school career Claire made a number of friends because of her sincerify and friendliness. LILLIAN CORBETT Lillian, a BeTTe Davis fan, admires nosT The friends and companions she has made while aT G. A. R. Her am- :iTion is To become eifher a maThame- 'ics or nursing insTrucTor, and wiTh solid geomeTry as her favoriTe subiecf, how :ould she fail? MARY COURY "Noise is noT her specialfy, buT wis- Iom her delighT." Her favorife pasfime s collecfing posfal cards and reading 'Gone WiTh The Wind." She plans To aecome a sTenographer or privafe sec- efary. 'HERESA RITA DAL SANTO AT close range "Tess" is nofhing like ou'd imagine she would be. Shes noT ard or sophisTicaTed buf eleganf and aTural. Talking To her she appears de- Ture. Her hobby, she claims, is "Travel- 1g" and her favorife pasfime is reading. WALTER K. CHM IOLA He's Too regular and Too human To ever apear, or even be in himself, sfuck- up. He's a loT of fun To have around. He likes sporTs and hiking and plans To ioin The aviaTion corps in The near fuTure. NORMAN R. COLE This Tall, well-sef up young fellow should insure ThaT smile! As a gloom chaser, iT's worTh a million. He would like To become an elecfrical engineer, and he inTends To go To college To follow up This vocafion. WILLIAM JOSEPH CRAWLEY lreland's gifT To G. A. R. is none ofher Than William l"Willie" To usl Joseph Crawley. "Willie," who really was born in Ireland, found Acfivify Period To be The Thing he liked besT abouT school. However, his keen personaliTy, and Irish wiT, has won him a score of friends Throughouf The building. JOHN CZAJKOWSKI Never having known "Chick" some persons mighT dislike him "on principle" failing To see The sfreak of pure gold in him. He plans To enfer a prep school To become a lawyer. Liars and hand- shakers are unpopular wifh him. LEO DALLA VERDE "Lee's" smile is one of his mosT aT- Tracfive feaTures. A gay sense of humor and a Toleranf aTTiTude Toward everyone are his chief characferisfics. Everyone admires him for his sincerify and shy charm. His ambiTion lies in The field of aeronaufics. UDDONE DAL SANTO Always and always "Louie" Talks abouT mechanics. And why nof? His ambifion is To be a mechanic: mosT of his Time is spenT working on cars and nexT year he plans To work in a garage. Pep meeT- ings receive his nofe of enfhusiasm buf lady drivers do noT. ALBERT THEODORE DALTON Seeds of friendship were sown by him, and Truly scores of friends came To him. His True friend never woke him early especially aT camp. Foofball and ofher sporTs Take up "Al's" Time and he would like To sTudy To become a physical Train- ing direcfor. IRENE KATH RYN DENNIS Her greaTesT source of pleasure is varieTy. Irene Tollowed The commercial course as she would like To become a bookkeeper. Roller skaTing, ice skaTing, and waTching baskeTbaIl games help keep her mind occupied. "Icky" wanTs her men Tall. dark, and handsome. IRENE H. DEUTSCH 6. A. R. will suTTer a greaT loss when "Reeny" leaves. buT The nursing pro- Tession will gain a mosT worThy addiTion when she enTers iT. During her sTay wiTh us she has made a hosT of Triends wiTh her charming personaliTy and her ThoughTTulness oT oThers. JOSEPHINE N. DOLINSKI "Jo" is a social-minded girl who likes To go To parTies occasionally and gab. and laugh. and have a loT of Tun. She loves To misbehave. Who knows buT ThaT some day she will aTTain her ambiTion To be a swiTchboard operaTor. IDA DOWEY To know her is To like her. Horseback riding, reading, and IisTening To The radio Till her aTTer school hours. Ida will enTer The nursing profession in The Tall. Superman and The Redbook make her enioyable reading ma+eriaI. LEOCADIA DZIEDZIC "A piece oT simple goodness and unTiring sweeTness oT human naTure." "Honey" hopes To become a sTeno- grapher while she isn'T spending her dime over aT Davis' Roller SkaTing Rink. She Thoroughly admires a poliTe and well dressed genTleman and by The looks of Things, she's noT doing so badly. CARRIE EICKE "Ike's" greaT personaliTy and under- sTanding naTure make her a 'friend To everyone. When she is noT helping oThers or adding new friends To her enormous lisT she is eiTher roller skaTing or reading one OT The laTesT books. MARGARET EIGENBROD A laughing Tace. a corny ioke, a pair OT dancing TeeT, and yep iT's "Chicken." I'ler inspiring personaliTy has won more Triends Than any one. Her philosophy, "Life is shorT and sweeT, so make The besT oT IT," describes her besT. M. LLOYD DAVI ES Make The mosT oT yourself Tor ThaT is all There is oT you. "Nay" is anoTher prooT ThaT big Things come in small packages. His ambiTion is To become a mechanical engineer. Lloyd's plan Tor The coming year is To enTer Lehigh UniversiTy. JOSEPH DeFILIPPI One oT "Joe's" claims To populariTy is his grand sense oT humor which should carry him Tar, His one ambiTion is To be a machinisT. He inTends To go To ConnecTicuT To look Tor a iob aTTer leaving school. AUGUSTINO DI GIAMMARINO Being a model airplane enThusiasT, AugusTino plans To make This branch oT The service his career. He likes To Travel, camp, and hike ouTside of school. "Spinucci" wroTe. "I iusT can'T under- sTand The girls," and we can'T imagine why. MICHAEL DOBISH He's Tull ol energy and ambiTion and likes To learn someThing new all The Time. His TalenT. eTTorT, and energies are devoTed To mechanics. His one ambiTion in IiTe is To be a good machinisT. BERNARD R. DRAKE He has a suppressed desire To be a band leader. Musically speaking, he likes boTh The classics and iazz. A Tavor- iTe subiecT wiTh him is science and plans Tor nexT year include an exTension oT This science course. EDGAR DRESSEL QuieT someTimes buT mosTly having a good Time aT everyThing. "Iggy" spends a loT oT Time dancing and going To The movies and believes "VarieTy is The spice oT liTe." To be an airplane mechanic is his ambiTion, buT nexT year he plans "jusT To Take iT easy." THOMAS DREWICZ A handsome Tellow will geT along, buT This man is inTeIligenT also, Therefore he may go Tar. "Tommy" speaks and every- one will lisTen as his cheerTulness is caTching. WiTh his pleasanT personaliTy lyou can ask any of The girlsl he should go Tar in his chosen Tield of medicine. 4 . GENE EDWARDS "You don'f know how much you know unless you know how liffle you know" finds a sfaunch believer in "Red" Cooking class flavored wifh fhe "corny" iokes of our renowned hisfory feacher were "Fafman's" delighfs. To be an officer in fhe marines is fhis man's aim in life. CHARLES A. ELDRIDGE Discovering America was a pain in fhe neck for "Charley", buf discovering "Tommy" Dorsey, well, fhaf was almosf fhe impossible. His favorife hobby and pasfime is dancing which explains fhe above, and his favorife dislike is iusf school! CHARLES EVANS "lsn'f he swell," is a phrase everyone uses fo express his opinion of fhis be- guiling Dersonalify. Rudeness is a fhing he will nof folerafe being well-mannered himself. His plans for nexf year are fo ioin fhe Navy leading fo fhe affainmenf of his ambifion fo become a sailor. JAMES LEO FARRELL A liffle nonsense now and fhen is relished by fhe wisesf men. "Jimmy" likes fo ski, buf spends mosf of his fime reading. To become an airplane me- chanic is "l-leinie's" ambifion fherefore he plans fo enroll in fhe U. S. Air Force. SYDNEY FIERMAN Away up fhere is "Shorfy" who some- day plans fo be way up fhere in fhe seaf of a cerfified public accounfanf. When you're in fhe mood "Syd" would be glad fo have you lisfen fo his collec- fion of popular records. He is always ready for a pep meefing. EDWARD JAM ES GALLAGH ER A man who has friends, musf show himself friendly. "Ed" spends mosf of his fime in fhe movies. l-lis plans for nexf year are fo ioin fhe air corps: his arnbifion, fo become a pilof. Swimming is his hobby. JEROME J. GALLUN Mosf of fhose who know "Jerry" fhink of him as an ardenf sfudenf and fhis is frue, buf number one on his school pro- gram is fhe sporf acfivifies. Baskefball, swimming, and bowling are among his favorife pasfirnes and his plans for fhe fufure lean foward fhe medical side. ELIZABETH A. ELIAS The ever-inferesfing "Lizzy" obliges us wifh a sfriking pose which enhances her popularify. She is always cheerful and friendly wifh French franslafion, her only worry. She hopes fo be able fo gef a good iob affer leaving school. DOROTHY H. ERICKSON Whaf 'er you do, whaf 'er you say. is done in fhe pleasanf, sweefesf way. Reading, foofball games, and dancing help pass Dorofhy's spare momenfs which are few, as she is inferesfed in Girl Reserve acfivifies. Alfhough "Doi" followed a commercial course, she plans fo be a beaufician. GERTRUDE ANNE ESSER This spirifed girl is so nafural herself, everybody who is ever wifh her can feel nafural. She's a good sporf and lofs of fun. She is nofhing shorf of a champion swimmer and is going in fraining fo be- come a hygiene insirucfor. DOROTHY JEAN EVANS A daughfer of fhe gods, divinely fall and fair. Roller skafing, reading. affend- ing pep meefings, and baskefball games make up her mosf pleasanf hours. "Dof" wanfs fo be a sfenographer and would like fo affend business college. IRENE FENDLER Eeney, meeney, miney, moe is fhe way we fhink "Fendy" decides whaf fo do nexf. Alfhough fhis lover of chocolafe ice cream sodas has so many dufies fo perform af fhe same firne, all are com- plefed on fhe dof. Some day she'll be ihe efficienf secrefary of her dreams. And guess whaf she dislikes-wafere iT'I6lOfil MYRTLE FINK "Laugh and 'rhe world laughs wifh you, cry and you cry alone." "Snooks," a born nurse, infends fo go in fraining in fhe very near fufure. By fhe way fellows, here's a hinf, "Snooks" loves iifferbugging. ANNA LEE FLAKES Trim and slim, "Lee" sfill looks cufe in pinafores, buf clon'f imagine for a minufe fhaf she hasn'f a mafure mind. She's noi a bif shy despife her appear- ance, and seems af home wherever she happens fo be. Page Ninefeen El gn is 3 - ,AA A s.. FQ, if .391 Qw- P T nnflrxl JOHN GARTNER Place-home room 4l3. Time-8:40 A. M., Miss Ulz is checking lhe roll. John is nol here. 8:50 comes around and John comes slrolling in. Miss Ulz: "ls lhis going lo happen everyday?" John: "Sul loday, Miss Ulz, I have an excuse." John hopes lo loin lhe Navy. RALPH GEORGE Jack Benny had beller slarl worrying when Ralph comes slrolling around lor he believes in "Having a good lime no maller where you are." His lavorile subiecl is French lHeaven knows whyl, and his lavorile hale is lo lalk lo a quiel person. SAMUEL A. GEORGE He's happy, heallhy, and even hilari- ous. He's a lunny sorl ol a guy, wilh a grand sense ol humor, always looking on lhe lighl side. He is unusually slraighl-lorward and honesl in his opin- ions. He plans lo do some lraveling nexl year. HARRY R. GILLMAN "Wiggy" has a quiel, gallanl sorl ol charm lhal is sure lire. More non- challanl lhan words can express he deli- nilely believes in laking lile easy. He would like lo become a C. P. A. HYMAN S. GOLDSTEIN Ah! lo be a vagabond, wilh all my cares sel lree. ll I could only leave lhis lown how happy I would be. To many. "Irish", who expecls lo lend his lalenls lo lhe public in lhe lorm ol a public speaker, says be happy! JACK STERLING GOOD Your wil makes olhers willy. Jack, who has a special adaplalion lor lhe gill ol "gab", surely can use il lo ad- vanlage, as he plans lo be a salesman. Bul do beware when "Goody" lakes you riding in his car. He posilively doesn'l believe in signs!! SAULBERT GOTTESMAN Allhough "Sol" is below average in heighl, he is lar above average in every- lhing he underlakes. His inleresl in his sludies is somelhing lo be admired, bul lowering even above lhal is his con- slanl cheerlulness and his abilily lo cheer up olhers. JEANNE MARGARET FLANNERY If you have knowledge lel olhers Iighl lheir candles by il. Jeanne's knowledge goes larlher lhan lhal ol school--il goes on lo lhal somelhing which exalls lile- Music. Her plans lor nexl year are lo enler college lo sludy lo become a successful music leacher. RUTH R. FREED Charm was lruly a beaulilul blossom ol lhis woman. Rulh loved lo ice skale bul spenl mosl of her lime dancing and allending lhe movies. Planning lo lollow up beauly cullure, she will allend beauly college. ERN ESTINE LOUISE GEN ERALS No secrel yearnings. no romanlic phil- osophizing, nol even crilical commenls upon persons and places are heard com- ing lrom "Sporly". She has a lalenl lol lap dancing and would like lo be a dancing inslruclor. She is going lc Wilberlorce Universily nexl year. DOLORES GILLESPIE Dainly and delighllul, "Dorrie" is e slip ol a girl. She has grave blue-gray eyes and beaulilul blonde hair. Will her delighllul performances ol acrobalim dancing, she looks lorward lo a caree on lhe slage as a dancer. FLORENCE GODLESKI "Flossie" is lhe humane lype ol per son, always careful ol olher people' needs and desires. She is inleresled i becoming a dress-designer. Don'l lry ll blull her as she delesls lhal lype o lhe species. MARION GRIESMAN She is really. as lhe Park Avenue se mighl say, "delovely," nol iusl seemingl so. "Delovely," moreover, in besl of lr: dilion wilh her black hair, wide brow eyes, her carefree laugh, lhe readine: and resllessness ol her speech. He plans lor nexl year include going l college. LAURA M. GRIFFITH Soll brown hair, lovely brown eye and who have you--yes. il's Laura. Li lening lo lhe radio and reading laks up mosl her lime. Among her lavorill are Belle Davis and James Cagney. I-ln grealest desire in lile is lo become child's nurse. LOIS JUNE GRIFFITHS Lois lilces besl lo dance wilh a cerlain someone who fills lhe following qualifi- calions: I, laller lhan herself: 2, brown hair: 3, blue eyes: 4, nice personalily: 5, dresses well: 6, big "nanie of oops"l Almosl lel il slip. Her ambilion is lo become a beaulician. ELIZABETH GUARNACCIA Born lo love and be loved, "Bells" has become lhe Brenda Frazier of lhe Senior Class. Her besl lilies are ealing and laughing, even in lhe deepesl mo- menl of despair. ln lime "Bells" in- lends lo become a war nurse, bul unlil lhen she's willing lo sil and wail for lhe "War" lo come. HELEN GUTTERMAN Laugh and everyone laughed wilh you. "Culie" spenl mosl of her lime al "The Hiqh School Campus" and lhe lillle re- mainder lisleninq lo lhe radio. Helen iusl hales washing dishes and doing home worlc, so she plans lo go lo New Yorlc and enler a business college. Needs lwo cenls. ALICE MAE GWYNN "G-wynny," a popularily among lhe he-men, lefl school early in lhe year. Her ambilion lo be a beaulician came from improving her own personal ap- oearance. "Gwynn" has no place in her 1earl for ignoranl and sarcaslic people. BRONISLA BARBARA HAHULA Drinking, ealing, and being merry nalce life a bowl of cherries. Bronisla spends mosl of her lime dancing and islening lo lhe modern orcheslras, swing sands preferably. "Brownie" expecls lo znler lhe business world, bul wishes lo :eep her plans for nexl year a secrel. MARY CONLAN HALLIDAY Loolc al lhal fine and slalely horse- voman. Many envy lhe ease wilh which vlary canlers over lhe counlryside on an ileqanl sleed. She dislilces spaghelli vhich accounls for her principle-"Be vare of enlhangling alliances." ELIZABETH HARKINS Nimble feel were her's lo behold. :lizabelh enioyed music and a good lancing parlner. Here is an oddilv. his- ory is her favorile subiecl. "Belly" ilans lo enroll in a beauly cullure :ourse nexl year, as hairdressing is in ine wilh her ambilion. KENNETH GRAY No queslion is ever sellled. unlil il is ssllled righl-Kennelh spends mosl of his lime debaling wilh anyone who has palience. He has liked besl aboul school lhe classes in which you can hear general discussion. His plans for nexl year are lo allend Eclcels College of Embalming. VINCENT GUOGAS A follower of lhe lzaalc Wallon slcill, Vincenl believes "he who hesilales is losl." This quiel genlleman lilces well- mannered girls besl ol all. "Jackson" plans lo become an elficienl machinisl and hopes lo sludy in lhis line nexl year. JOHN W. HARKINS When you meel him you lhinlc, "Thal's a slrange fellow." You say lo yourself, "Will I lilce him? Or won'l I?" Bul, definilely, you lallc lo yourself inlensely inleresled. John has prospecls of ioin- ing lhe Merchanl Marines. HARRY JEROME HECK "Hecl4y" is a clean cul, pleasanl chap wilh an ingralialing personalily, Under lhal frivolous play-boy fronl he is merrily covering up for a sincere and universal ambilion. One of his pel aversions is sluclc-up girls. JACK HEIM Handsome by loolcs and generous by nalure, lhis Senior's pel philosophy, "Never venlure, never gain" shows us why he is one of lhe mosl lilcely lo suc- ceed in his class. His ambilion is lo become an eleclrical engineer. RAYMOND HENDRICKS "He's a flash." Flashing smile, flash- ing leelh, and flashing personalily, all of which he possesses. He models air- planes in his spare lime and plans lo be a machinisl. His pel lilies are ice skaling, dancing, and slrawberry shorl calce. HAROLD HENSON He usually wears sporl clolhes, be- coming lo his lype. He is posilively in- defaligable, menlally and physically, and can give orders wilh lhe air of a generalissimo. His dancing abilily has been commenled upon more lhan once. RUTH JANE HARTMAN Timef TuTure. Place- schoolroom. Teacher!RuTh HarTman. Yes, "RuThie" desires mosT in IiTe To becomea "school- marm." She believes "ThaT The prooT ol: The pudding is in The eaTing." Her plan Tor nexT Tall is To enTer college. BARBARA ANN HASHEM "Bobby" is a cuTe IiTTIe bruneTTe wiTh a genius Tor geTTing on wiTh everyone. She makes a good companion, I-Ier one ambiTion is To be a TesT piIoT. Her leisure Time is spenT roller skaTing and ice skaTing, and she is iusT crazy abouT spagheTTi and meaT balls. GRACE T. HASHEM She's h3nesT, plain, TorThrighT, and al- TogeTher naTuraI. She is going To enTer business college nexT year. "Gay" spends mosT oT her Time wriTing poems and reading. There is noThing ThaT an- noys her more Than To have a girl wink aT her. GLORIA HAZEL HENSON From The TirsT glimpse oT her grace- Tul head, her greaT brown eyes, and The firsT sound OT her soTT low voice. you can readily undersTand why we call her irresisTabIe. I'Ier acTions are never Iess Than admirable. IRENE JEAN HERSTEK lnTroducingI Dame Fashion, who hopes To become a dress designer, who likes nice cIoThes, and who admires a neaTIy dressed boy. "Winkie" spends mosT oT her Time aT her hobbies, horseback rid- ing and dancing. She earnesTly believes ThaT Triends slowly won are long held. JEAN HOCHREITER The mosT TascinaTing Thing abouT her is her beauTiTuI, brown eyes. Tull oT in- TensiTy. She has an enchanTing smile and a charming personaliTy, She likes To spend her evenings in The TheaTre and enioys dancing. MARGARETTA HONEYWELL PorTraiT oT a smooTh, sophisTicaTed lass. She has a husky voice, a wavy mop oT brown hair, wiTh rebellious eyes, and a chin To back Them up. She enioys dancing and would like To be a dress designer. HARRY HOCHREITER A small man wiTh a greaT ambiTion oTTen goes a mighTy way. This honesT-To- goodness maThemaTician and a builder oT model airplanes doesn'T Take pleas- ure in The arT Tor nimble TeeT. Harry expecTs To become an aeronauTicaI en- gineer and will enTer aviaTion school. FRED HOMNICK The brain oT a masTer, a wiTTy reply. and 99 Times ouT oT a I00 a correcT answer. "EriTz," a brain child, whose inTeIIigence iT applied To school would have seT him high, plans To enTer avia- Tion. This TiTs in wiTh his philosophy, "He who hesiTaTes is lasT." ROGER HOWELL A man's power will show in his TaIenT. This sporTsman liked lunch periods besT in school as he wanTs Tood and more Tood. "Rog" expecTs To become a den- TisT and would like To aTTend NoTre Dame UniversiTy. BURTON JAMES Noah was six hundred years old be- Tore he knew how To build an ark-don'T lose your grip-"BurT's" ambiTion is To become a docTor. His hobby is sporTs and he spends mosT oT his Time sTudy- ing??? He has made no plans Tor The coming year. LEO M. JOHN Several years Trom now many oT us will be Tripping our way To "Syd's" prinT shop-iT he TuITiIIs his ambiTion. BuT Tor The presenT Leo loves To IisTen To sTories and To waTch TooTbaII games. In school he had mosT oT his Tun aT The pep meeT- ings. GEORGE W. JOHNSON His "giggle" or his "snore" would idenTiTy This man Tore-ver. "General" spends mosT oT his Time sleeping-raTher going wiTh a very cuTe blonde. George counTs on going To college To sTudy chemical engineering. RICHARD WILLIAM JONES "Di-:k's ambiTion is To become a good barber and There is no doubT in our minds Thai' This ambiTion will be TuITilIed. "Dick's" versaTiIiTy is shown by his in- TeresT in many diTTerenT Tields boTh in and ouTside school. ANTHONY JOSEPH When iT comes To populariTy "Tony" wins The loving-cup. He is a very inde- pendenT young man. Also very versaTile. He parTicipaTes in sporTs and inTends To enTer Business College in The Tall OT nexT year. EDWARD JOSEPH Whenever a crowd of girls collecT To view The masculine sex, There's also "Amo." Ed's good Times in school held his inTeresT There, and love oT Tishing draws him, To The wide open spaces. "LoTs oT money" is iusT his screwy philosophy. WILLIAM JOSEPH "Tabby" is a safe and sane person noT given To idle dreams-noT only ThaT, he's reliable and TrusTworThy. Being re- sourceTul he leTs noThing hinder him. If hard worlc is any criTerion, "Bill" will cerTainly become an accounTanT. RICHARD LAWRENCE KAISER Merry as The day is long. "Muzzy" plans To enTer The prinTing Trade. Doing new Things and meeTing new people hold his special inTeresT in school. "Diclcy- Boy" spends mosT of his Time making a round oT The iiTTerbug places as he lilces sweeT and swing. FRANK KALUSAVAGE Frank is cleTiniTely noT among Those sTudenTs whose nemesis is chemisTry. He apparenTly has even derived his ouT- sTanding characTerisTics Trom a chemical elemenT, Tor he is like radium-silenT, buT acTive and Tull of energy. GEORGE KAMINSKAS "SwiTTy" has a divine, humorous, and comple+ely original slanT on people and goings on. He TighTs Tor whaT he wanTs and will win. Anybody wiTh such abili- Ties, such originaliTy oT personaliTy can'T help buT be on The Top some day. JOHN KANE Every man sTamps his own value upon himself, and we are greaT or Ii++le ac- cording To our own will, "Jaclc's" peT philosophy is "IT you cannoT parTicipaTe in sporTs, Be One!" His ambiTion is To become a boolclceeper or a reporTer. HELEN BARBARA HROMEK "Babs" is noT merely eye-Tilling, buT inTelligenT. She has a Tranlc, ingenuous way oT expressing herselT. IT is This ThaT is her mosT compelling charm. Her ideal young man has To have person- aliTy and be The happy-go-lucky Type. SELMA ROSE JACOBSON Maybe iusT aT TirsT you didn'T recog- nize This liTTle lady. She wanTs To be an opTomeTrisT and has decided ThaT noThing will sTop her Trom aTTaining ThaT goal. She is going To enTer The Phila- delphia School oT OpTomeTry To Tollow up her career. BETTY JANE JONES This sweeT undersTandable personaliTy is worfh her weighT in gold. Her voice is as sweeT as honey and her hair is The color ThaT men rave abouT-blonde. Her achievemenTs in school have been many and her populariTy unquesTionable. KATHERINE JONES lrresisTible! "KiTTy" poses wiTh a sTim- ulaTing and sunny smile To ma+ch her usually merry mood. She expecirs To go in Training To become a nurse. As a member oT The cheer leaders' squad, one could always counT on her beguiling smile when Things seemed dull. KATHLEEN ANN KELLY lT's The song you sing, and The smile you bear, ThaT's a-malcing The sun shine everywhere. ThaT "Irish smile" and Those "Irish eyes" are cerTainly Tound in "KiTTy" Kelly. To TulTill her ambiTion by going in Training is her plan Tor nexT year. MARTHA M. KELLY Believe iT or noT buT "lvy's" name is MarTha-This goes along wiTh her philos- ophy "Believe none of whaT you hear and halT oT whaT you see." She is plan- ning To carry ouT her ambiTion by en- Tering The Bellevue HospiTal. SOPHIE J. KENSKI No, There's never a dull momenT when "Cookie's" around. MosT of her clown- ing is oT The pracTical iolce varieTy. buT never leT iT be said ThaT her pals didn'T Take iT in a sporTing manner. WILLIAM G. KAPSIANOS The besf fhings usually come in small packages and "Tarzan" is no excepfion. Alfhough small in size he is greaf in ambifion. He is planning on becoming one of our fufure radio announcers, and perhaps some day he may be infroduc- ing your favorife programs over fhe air. LEONARD M. KARALI UNAS "Droop" is fall and lean wifh blonde hair and brown eyes. nof a collar ad, nor a roughneck, buf one hundred per cenf masculine buf genfle and firm. He's nof a lady killer. buf every girl -fakes a second look. LEONARD KARP "Lenny" is essenfially modesf?? His affifude, his manner, his clofhes-all reflecf modesfy and conservafism. His hobby is enferfaining females. His four- word formula for happiness: flowers, frees, people, and lasf buf nof leasf, progress. He is looking forward fo go- ing info business on his own. DANIEL KATU LKA "Dan" may make a good husband some day especially wifh his knowledge of shorf order cooking. His presenf avocafion of "ierkin" sodas may become his vocafion. Have you noficed 'rhaf he's everywhere af once wifh fhe pref- fiesf girls? HARRY KATZ A good friend fo all fhaf know him, fhoughfful of ofhers. and always seeing fhe brighfer side of life, are only a few of Harry's endless virfues. Harry spends mosf of his spare fime down af fhe Y. lvl. C. A., where he beafs some of fhe besf checker players in fhe cify. RAYMOND KAU FER Maferially speaking, nofhing seems fo maffer a greaf deal fo "Ray." He plans fo fake up chemisfry and engineering affer leaving fhe alma rnafer. as he looks forward fo becoming a govern- menf chemisf. He is quife a foofball enfhusiasf. JAMES ANTHONY KEATI NG Pleased? Likewise pleasing is "Jim" whose affracfive smile and courfly man- ner has won him a hosf of admirers. He is an all round afhlefe and plans 'Io ioin fhe Unifed Sfafes Marines somefime in fhe near fufure. NORMA JUNE LA ROSE A fair exferior is a silenf recommenda- fion. Wafching sporf games, dancing. and drawing make up fhis young lady's pasfimes. "Norm's" ambifion is fo be- come a fypisf lor maybe a fie-pesfl. One can never fell. can one? HELEN CELI NE LESKAUSKAS If is nof easy fo imagine a more charming girl fhan blue-eyed Helen whose beaufy shown againsf a baskef of blooms would make fhe flowers look fo fheir laurels. Helen enioys reading good books and hopes fo become a sfenographer. MAE LEWIS Her hair is a soff brown. Her hazel eyes are far foo honesf fo be called mysferious. She mighf easily be called a fypical, unspoiled, American girl. Her one ambifion is fo be a governess. VIRGINIA LOUISE LEWIS A member of fhe famous Commercial course, "Ginger" expecfs fo enfer some office in fhe near fufure. Wifh fyping as her favorife subiecf, she in- fends fo furfher her career unfil she becomes a famous business woman. EVELYN LEVY Lovely fo look af, delighfful fo see- is "Evy." She has a piquanf personalify -a charm and grace all her own. She dislikes greedy people, being a very generous "gal" herself. She is going fo Balfimore, Maryland, affer graduafing. IDA PEARL LIEB This young lady is inferesfing fo know, Going fo fhe fheafre. lisfening 'Io fhe radio, and reading fake up a lol' of her spare fime. She has hopes of becoming a librarian. Her hobby is sporfs. CHARLOTTE RITA LI NKIEWIEZ Loveliness personified-is "Blondie," wifh her wealfh of blonde hair and sparkling personalify. Her favorife pase fime is dancing. She plans fo do office work. CORA WATSON LITTLETON A sweeT face. a sweeT smile, a sweeT manner describes Cora. Her only ambi- Tion is To become a career woman, buT she finds Time To pracfice her dancing. ThaT along wiTh reading Tillie The Toiler, is her favoriTe pasTime. ROSE CLAIRE LITTLETON "Do unTo oThers as you would have Them do unTo you" is faiThfully carried ouT by "ShorTy," one of The LiTTleTon Twins. WiTh The idea of becoming a business woman, "ShorTy" may go To school To finish a commercial course. RITA McGINTY LOFTUS I do noT know of any way so sure of making oThers happy as being so one- self. "McGinT's" hobby is having Tun and she spends mosT oT her Time wish- ing. IT is her mosT earnesT desire To become a surgical nurse or docTor. ANITA CARMELLA MARSICANO She's a perfecT example of inTelligenT domesTiciTy. There is scarcely a Thing she cannoT do around The house, Her sarTorial dieT consisfs of sweafers and skirTs. She has a TalenT for doing almosT anyThing wiTh her hands. Her ambiTion is vesTed in bookkeeping. ANNA BLANCHE MARTIN Anna who iusT loves To ice skate be- lieves To "Do unTo oThers as you would have Them do unTo you." She plans To Tulfill her ambiTion by preparing for secreTarial work in The coming year. SUSAN MARTINO "Sue," a Typing fan, plans To conTinue her business career as soon as iT is possible To do so. She Thoroughly dis- likes a nagging person and claims ThaT a smile can win anybody. By waTching her sTruT around in gym, she's a regular iiTTerbug. ANNETTE McGLYNN "Ann" of medium heighT is an eye- compelling bruneTTe. Kind and generous To a faulT she dislikes anyThing smacking of unpleasanTness. She has a keen mind and wide knowledge. EDWARD KELLER "RighT dress." "Forward march," "LeTT about" echo in "Speck's" ears. The NaTional Guard gulped in "Eddie" in February and he has been away from school life oT which he enioyed dancing and 3:l5. Girls' knee sTockings are his peT peeve. SYLVESTER KERLAVAGE A man wiTh many names-among Them are "Sye," "Sly Fox" and "Hairless Joe." His plans are To ioin The Navy and become a very fine sailor. His philosophy is "You don'T know how much you know, unless you know how IiT+Ie you know." FRANCIS KLEPASKI He's a mosi imaginaTive and spon- Taneous characTer. You could pay him complimenTs in any language and he'd appreciaTe Them. He loves navy blue, buT he plans To become an army oTfi- cer. HARRY KROCKMAN Those OT The Timid hearf had beTTer Think Twice before riding in a car wiTh Harry because "Mercury" is his god, and he has no piTy aT all Tor The gas peddle. Pafhos plays no parT in his characTer, and good books Till mosT of his leisure Time. EDWARD KUTN EY When The Teacher isn'T looking--and someTimes even Then-"Two Ton" holds The class' aTTenTion wiTh his pranks and wiTTy remarks. Good dancers and sporTs affairs rafe wiTh him. He especially likes To hear Mickey Rooney and Fanny Brice. STEVEN KUTNEY "PracTice makes perfecT" quoTes "Badger," and he cerTainly means iT. One oT l94O's besT fooTball players, he inTends some day To become a physical direcTor, and aT Gr. A. R.: no more nor less. WA LTER F. KYVAK There's only one person in G. A. R. who could have shorfhand and Typing as his TavoriTe subiecTs, "Of Mice and Men" as his favoriTe book, and reading as' his hobby. By now you've probably recognized "Skipper," The guiding sTar of The senior class. FRANCES KATHLEEN M EIGHAN CloThes make The woman is The Tirm belieT oT "Irish" whose ambiTion is To become a good designer. Her TavoriTe movie would be one sTarring Ann SoTh- ern and Henry Fonda. The philosophy oT Frances is "Never say die." DORIS ANNE MELAN BreaTh-Takingly lovely To look aT, "Der" is noT willing To Trade upon iT, and ThaT's a rare TraiT, indeed. She haTes having a Tuss made over her buT likes To make a Tuss over oTher people. She is To go in Training To become a nurse. MADELINE CATHERINE MIKE "Madge" is liTTle, angelic, and sweeT. She's a sTarTingly cuTe bruneTTe. Her movie idol is RoberT Taylor. She's The kind oT Tan who comes ouT OT The Thea- Tre spell-bound and reTuses To Talk To people unTil The spell wears oTT. ANNA MILASIUS Don'T leT The angelic expression on "Ann's" Tace Tool you, Tor she hasn'T gone sissy by any means. She's mis- chievous buT very charming in her own liTTle way. She may go To Business Col- lege To laTer become an expecT ac- counTanT. MARTHA MISHIKITIS "I'II be seeing you," ThaT's "Mish" Tor you. Her inTeresTs in dancing and swim- ming are widely known. MarTha's ambie Tion To be a sTenographer probably comes Trom remaining aT home and lis- Tening To orchesTras, Alone, "Mish"?? SHIRLEY YETTA MITCHNECK For any inTormaTion abouT new hair sTyles, iusT call up Shirley. While in school, her TavoriTe subiecT was Typing, buT she Thoroughly disliked shorThand. Her one and only ambiTion is To become a beauTician. RUTH ANN MONTO She's been looking aT The sky so long her eyes have sTars in Them. This lucky girl likes To spend her leisure Time en- ioying The beauTy oT naTure. Her ambi- Tion is wrapT up in being a clerk, al- Though her plans Tor nexT year are in- deTiniTe. CHARLES LABODA "Charley" knows ThaT charm and good grooming invariably go hand-in-hand. He's noT only pleasanT buT Triendly To- ward everyone. And ThaT in iTselT is a qualiTy To be admired Tremendously. SporTs Take up a good deal OT his leisure Time. JESSE LANG Love all-TrusT a Tew-do wrong To none. Besides being acTive as sTudenT council presidenT, This man loves To eaT. Jesse's TavoriTe subiecT was English, and he dislikes ignoranT people. ln The Tall To go To college To become a music insTrucTor is "YeTz's" ambiTion. GERALD L. LAUFER The genTle mind by genTle ways is known. SkaTing. especially ice skaTing, is This man's hobby. "Jerry" believes where There's a will There's a way. and wanTs To go To college. He aspires To have a miliTary career. DONALD LAYDEN GaTher ye rosebuds while ye may For Time is sTill a-Tleeing. Don, voTed The wiTTyisT boy in The Senior class, has Truly made oThers happy by This giTT. He enioys dancing and dis- likes girls wearing low heeled shoes. "Shock" plans To Take up elecTrical en- gineering in college nexT year. EDWARD LENAHAN Smile and be happy and liTe will ale ways be gay. "Eddie" spenT mosT oT his Time lisTening To The radio and aTTend- ing ST. PaTrick's dances. This "son oT Erin" enioyed sociology class besT in school work and dancing club besT in acTiviTies. He hopes To secure work nexT year. MICHAEL A. LIPKO "Duck's" Tremendous energy Tinds re- lease in numerous hobbies, including swimming. He's an average young man OT medium heighT, well-made, good To look aT, wiTh no parTicular ambiTion. His "sweeTy" will have To be inTelligenT as well as aTTracTive. LEONARD WILLIAM LOCH lT is no use To grumble and complain. lT's iusT as cheap and easy To reioice. "Beaner's" plan Tor nexT year is To sTudy mechanical drawing which has been his TavoriTe subiecT. His peT like is ice cream and his hobby is dancing. ALBERT DAVID LOENTHAL Oh, Oh, waTch ouTl Here comes "Al" -Thaf romanTic, smarf buf noT pedanTic young man whose hobby is To dance away The hearfs of young ladies. His colorful cloThes and wavy hair are im- porfanf accomplices in This deed. STEVE J. LOVENDUSKY "Lovey" has an infecfuous sense of humor and mirThful brown eyes. His good looks and viTal personalify aTTracT affenfion. He is a sporT enfhusiasf and is indeed a real afhlefe. He likes To do some phofographing now and Then. SOLOMON LUBIN Jusf as The name Shakespeare is linked wiTh poefry, so do we associafe ideal friendship and infelligence wiTh "Sol", ThroughouT The years he has been a source of cheer and a helping hand To Those who are noT as well gifTed as he. EDWARD H. MALTA The gleam in "Turk's" eyes is a dead giveaway. This usually noT-very-loquaci- ous. quief person Turned info a Tree and easy communicafive fellow over nighf. He would like To be a mechanic and plans To ioin The U. S. lvlarines. RAYMOND LAIRD MANN To be polife is To do and say The kindes+ Things in The kindesl' way. MosT of ".loe's" Time is spenf dancing. To gef a good iob and any kind of a car is his ambifion. His plans for nexT year, which are noT definiTe, may include college. IRVIN MARGOLIS "Odie" is a Tall, Thin, dark, and sfrikingly handsome person wiTh perfecf manners and a nafural gifT of geffing on wiTh people, He likes boxing and is going To ioin The Navy nexf year. JOHN MARTINEZ Loyalfy is a qualify he demands in his friends. He never holds a grudge because he believes in gracious living and The arT of apology. He likes To Travel, and his peT pasTime is skafing. SADIE M. MORREN lf you're aT all impressed wiTh This likeable person consider, please, Thai she loves Things Thaf are on simple lines yef well made. Her idea of good acfing is represenfed in The person of Mickey Rooney. ELEANOR MARTHA NOVACK Trusf This girl-she can hold her own in any league. To look aT her you'd never suspecT such vivacify and sparkle could enTerTain a serious Thoughf. BuT underneaTh Eleanor is sensible, acfually serious. ELEANOR O'MALLEY A nice dresser, lofs of fun, and a member of The iiTTerbugs is Eleanor. The dancing class and pep meeTings made school a more pleasanf place for her. Eleanor wanTs To be a child nurse and plans To enfer Fafher Baker's Home in Buffalo To fill This ambifion. SOPHIE MARGARET ONACKI "Tiny", Tall and sfafuesque, holds her- self erecf and sTraighT. She's noT of The glamor school: she's way ahead of iT, someThing "Zippy," gay, and differ- enT. She Took The commercial course and has inTenTions of going To Business College. EMILY PADUCK "Men love To be near The girl who is sweeT." Anyone who is as sweeT as "Em" will be sure To receive many com- plimenfs and admiring glances. Her cloThes cleave To The simple side, and her hair is The besT gold of all. ANNA L. PASKEVICH This appealing and Talenfed young lady porfrays The perfecl' picfure of an adepf secreTary. She enioys reading good books and plans To eifher enTer college or go To Chicago. One may Think she is quieT. buT one need only be wiTh her' a liTTle while To appreciafe her sunny disposiTion. MILDRED PETCHUK Everyone feels warmly disposed To- ward This brown-eyed, casual-mannered young lady. She's noT only nice looking buT sweeT and kind. She may aTTend STaTe College nexT year To follow up commercial arfisfry. She expresses a deTiniTe dislike Tor Talkafive people. Pace TwenTv-seven MANUEL MARTINEZ He's a man of rare gills, courage, and magnelism. His guizzical eyes and laughing moulh leads one lo realize his grand wil and sense of humor. He is going lo ioin lhe Army-lhe avialion corps lo be sure. JAMES MAYOCK Dark wavy hair, snappy eyes, a cheer- ful smile, and freckles all belong lo +his one man. "Jimmy" was an eager par- licipalor in sporls unlil a broken arm handicapped him. To become a denlisl is "Hawkeye's" ambilion, and sporls pholography, his hobby. THOMAS J. McANDREW Allenlion, girls who do nol lalk loo much, have personalily, and a good lasle for dressing. The way lo "Mac's" hearl is lhrough his slomach. Dancing. ealing, and parlicipaling in some sporl fill up his lime. His ambilion is lo be a iour- nalisl. AL McCLOSKY "Mac" is as real, as human, and as down lo Earlh as any American boy seeking an educalion. His plans for nexl year are indefinile. bul he has high hopes of becoming an accounlanl. ROBERT McDERMOTT Roberl is inleresled in chemislry. He is more or less as you would expecl, a modern guy wilh enlhusiasm, punch, and whal we call "wham." Nor does he pre- lend lhal he's somelhing he isn'l. His plans for nexl year include going lo college. THOMAS McHUGH "Mac" is human, underslanding, and sympalhelic. and if you don'l lhink he gels fun oul of life, you oughl lo see lhe lwinkle in his eyes and hear him chuckle. The golden rule expresses defi- nilely his mollo in life. For him il is lhe sensible life. ALBERT MINETOLA One shall know him by his lalk of nonsense and his grin from ear lo ear. "Al" enjoyed sporls, swimming prefer- ably, and dancing. Enlering lhe lrucking induslry wilh his brolhers for a year and lhen enler Penn Slale lo sludy denlal surgery will fill his ambilion. JEAN PETERS Where did you gel your -eyes so blue? Dancing and roller skaling are lhis lady's hobbies, bul olhers really do like lo hear her sing. Jean does a large amounl of choir work bul hopes lo gel a iob as a lypisl in an office. MARTHA PODKUL Marlha's individualislic. She doesn'l mince words nor honey and dear people all over lhe place. as some are prone lo do. She has delinile likes and dis- likes coupled wilh an ambilion and de- lerminalion lhal is lerrific. HARRIET ELLEN PONTING The old adage "Laugh and lhe world laughs wilh you, cry and you cry alone," is Harriel's mollo. However the lasl parl isn'l al all necessary. for she is never wilhoul a cheery word or smile for anyone. Harriel wanls lo lake a course in lailoring nexl year. ALICE JANE POWELL A prelly face and a pleasanl smile makes life worlh-while. Alice spends mosl of her lime roller skaling. Book- keeping being her favorile subiecl. she plans lo do office work. Alice likes lo eal ice cream and cake. bul ask her aboul sludying for lesls. CATHERINE ANNE PUGH lsn'l lhis a lovely piclure of lovable "Kay"? She keeps smiling and never complains under any circumslance. She has unbelievable courage. Il' is only proper lhal her philosophy should be "Smile and lhe world smiles wilh you, weep and you weep alone." MARION G. REMPHREY This young lady wilh her brown eyes and usually merry smile is as full of mischief as she appears lo be. She spends lols of her leisure lime horse- back riding. "Rem" lruly enioyed her weekly "gab" sessions al "Bing's". SARALOUISE RICHARDS When "Sal" visils you-beware--for her hobby is collecling souvenirs. and she iusl loves lo lalk. To succeed in lhe business world is her goal. In school she liked lo be wilh her friends. Nexl year she plans lo be wilh lhem al Wyo- ming Seminary. IVA RUTH RIGGIO ll in i950 your hear ol lhe new sen- salional aclress, il will probably be "Rig", Allhough she inlends lo go inlo lraining, "Rig" believes in lhe old say- ing, "ll lhere's a will, lhere's a way"I MARGARET THERESA RILEY She is vilal and magnelic, endowed wilh a wide variely ol inleresls. Her inlegrily and honesly are ungueslion- able. "Peggy" has hopes ol becoming a slenographer. She loves sweels and indulges in lhem wilhoul gaining an ounce. How does she do il? SELMA SHIRLEY RINGEL This charming young lady has every- lhing one's besl girl should have-looks. sweelness. charm, piquancy, personalily, and lhal isn'l all. Her chosen prolession is nursing. and lhal lakes lalenl and brains. DOROTHY ANN RIPKIN "Dolly" is a lillle lhing wilh a voice ol warm honey. She's a popular gal because she lislens well and knows how lo prolil by oll'ier's mislakes. She is going in lraining in New York aller leaving school. DORIS ROHME Frankness, coupled wilh a pleasanl simplicily, conslilule lwo ol her oul- slanding characlerislics. Dependable. consislenl in anylhing she allempls-she has a "lerrilic" personalily. Collecling slamps gives her a big lhrill. She has a special lalenl lor inlerior decoraling. CARMELINE ROMAN Praise loudly-blame sollly.-"Carm", whose pel philosophy is "He builds loo low who builds benealh lhe slars." spends mosl ol her lime collecling beau- lilul piclures. She has liked besl aboul school lhe educalion and lun in English class. Her hobby is reading good books, HELEN B. ROVINSKI She has beauly, inlelliqence, and serenily. logelher wilh somelhing much more compelling-an indescribable inner gualily. She enjoys swimming and plans lo do exlra curricular work aller leaving school. EDWARD MORAN Slriclly speaking, "Eddie" is a rnan's man. He may seem a lillle shy, bul if you have lhe chance lo lalk lo him. you'll discover he's an inlelligenl con- versalionalisl. He never gossips aboul anyone and believes in lhe mollo "live and lel live." ANTHONY PETE MOSES "Mose" is a person who has our sin- cere admiralion. ln olher words he's "swell." He knows when lo pul in a diplomalic word al lhe righl lime. He's delinilely a baseball lan and would like Lo pilch lor lhe New York Yankees some ay. EDWARD P. MUSHINSKI "Ed" is casual and amusing and a lol ol lun. He is very long on good sense loo. He looks lorward lo gelling a iob as a pholographer, or he may even do some lype ol police work. GEORGE J. NACKLEY His loolball career has in a shorl lime reached a high plane, and every- one likes him. He lakes success modesl- ly being a mosl unassuming person. Il circumslances permil. he plans lo go lo college. LUCAS NARDONE A lriend in need: a lriend indeed. "Ly", a lulure avialor, prelers swimming and dancing lo sludying. His ideal eve- ning would be spenl in dancing lo lhe music ol Glenn Miller. as his black wavy hair and pleasanl smile would snalch many a maiden's hearl. IGNATIUS NAVITSKI "Iggy", lhe big lillle boy who be- lieves nolhing ol whal he hears and hall ol whal he sees. changed his mind when he saw Belly Grable. Since lhen his pel likes are girls, baskelball, and swimming, while he lhoroughly dislikes girls who iusl "love lo lalk." RAYMOND J. NOVACK Here's one ol lhe nicesl porlrails we've come across. "Ray" has brighl blue eyes lhal shine wilh exlraordinary candor. His plan lor nexl year is lo become a salesman lor a good lirm. Wilh lhe senior name cards he prac- liced salesmanship on us. Page Twenly-nine MIRIAM SARE "Toni," a Lil' Abner fan, ediTor-in- chieT of The "Blue and Gray." and, fu- Ture correspondenT of The New York Times claims ThaT, "WiTh The help of her excellenT abiliTy To iiTTerbugging and her sparkling personaliTy she geTs 'em Tall. dark. and you knowI"' DORIS A. SCUREMAN There can be deTecTed in "Do Do's" personaliTy a wholesome buoyanT spiriT of a girl eager for life and deTermined To gef The mosT ouT of iT. She afTecTs The kind of hair bob one sees on debs in The roTogravure. JEANNE K. SEIGER Everybody's Triend in need, every- body's friend indeed. Jeanne. one of The ouTsTanding roller skafinq champs in G. A. R., is really inTeresTed in becom- ing a child's nurse. OuTside of roller skaTing "Jeanie's" favorife pasTime would be reading "Smiling Jack," or "LiTTle Women." MARION N. SHINER Day dreams are sweeT dreams as lv1arion's dreamy eyes reveal. She's as versaTiIe as she looks. lsn'T This The perfecT pose of The sophisTicaTe? YeT acfually, she is one of The "sweller" scoufs-no "hokum" nor fuss. ISABELLE SIM MON ETTE Isabelle is bo+h cheerful and acTive. a pleasanT combinaTion. She professes a liking Tor swimming and roller skaTing. She spends much of her spare Time reading or parTicipaTing in church ac- TiviTies. Her ambiTion is To be a good sTenographer. and she plans To geT a iob wiTh a reliable firm. LOUISE C. SIMONCAVAGE Louise's naTuralIy cheerTuI disposifion never seems To be ruffled. and she has a keen and delighTful sense of humor. To know her is To like her: To make a friend of her is To have one forever. MARION SINCAVAGE A delecTable vision of delighT, if l ever saw one. She is differenT-noT only honesT and down-To-earTh. She is Tun-loving and full of mischief. WiTh her around There are always plenfy of laughs. Page ThirTy EDWARD G. OBERAITIS "Eddie" has a charm ThaT draws you To him. so companionable and under- sTanding. He disregards personal ap- pearance and personal habiTs, and iT doesn'T obliviaTe his individualism in The leasT. He's iusT a "he man" wiTh a re- markable genius for mechanics. BERNARD STANLEY OLDSEY Handsome is ThaT handsome does. "Bernie" spenT mosT of his Time dancing and parTicipaTing in sporTs, especially foofball. His favorife Tunny is "Joe Palookaf' "Flash" plans To go away To school To become a Teacher and an aThleTic coach. LAU RENCE OLIVER Time-FuTure. Place-STaTe Highway. Sound affecT--Trooper's whisTle. Cause -Traffic violaTion. STaTe Trooper- l..aurence Oliver. Be carefull don'T break highway rules or you will be The person To whom "Larry" is giving The red TickeT, for he will be ThaT kind of a highwayman. CHARLES OLSON "Chuck" is a naTural for Top consider- aTion in any compeTiTion where person- alify and manner are The requisiTes. Hels IoTs of fun buT noT boisTerous. He would like To be an elecTrician and is going To ioin The Navy. JOSEPH OLSZEWSKI He is easy To like. Always ready To smile and cheer you up. Deanna Durbin will geT his voTe any day Tor a nice girl. His one and only will have To have oodles of personaliTy. JAMES JOSEPH O'MELIA A True Irish smile wiTh a melodic voice of "Old Killarney" really are This man's asseTs. "OaTs" aspires To be The owner of a group of chain sfores and really admires brains in The opposiTe sex. Possibly employmenT or enlisTmenT in The NaTional Guard is James's plan. THOMAS C. O'ROURKE ' His pleasanT, modesT personaliTy makes him one of The easiesT-To-be-wiTh persons. AlThough he may seem To be a somber sorT, he really is delighTfully gay and amusing. He plans To enfer The Unifed STaTes Air Corps Technical School nexf year. DAVID JAMES OWENS An all around lellow-is "Dave." The ambilion ol lhis young man is lo be a lirsl class cabinel maker. Firsl ol all he likes sporls, and lhis is how mosl ol his lime is spenl. I-lis lirm beliel is lhal "They also serve who sland and wail." VICTOR A. PATOSKI Il is well for one lo know more lhan he says. As lhe cymbal player ol our band. he cerlainly made himsell heard. "Vick" likes girls who are blonde and beaulilul, bul nol loo dumb. I-lis am- bilion is lo become a navigalion experl. SILVIUS PERRELLA "I-Iold il, Therel no, a Iillle lo lhe lell, O. K., one, lwo, alrighl sign your names on lhe paper." Yes. il's "Lile Can Be Beaulilul 'Sil"', whose ambilion lo be a movie lechnician slarled when he was acling as pholographic edilor ol lhe "Garchive". MICHAEL JOSEPH PETYAK "Mickey" is posilively original. I-le may nol look il, bul he's iusl one bundle ol mischief. Quick ol wil, he's always ready lo play a prank. I-le has every inlenlion ol being a machinisl, or per- haps a sailor. WILLIAM S. PHILLIPS Don'l wail lor exlraordinary opporlu- nilies. Seize common occasions and make lhem greal.-"Billy", who spends mosl ol his lime working, would like lo become an aeronaulical engineer. l-Ie probably will lrain in lhe coming year. The hobby ol lhis young man is dancing. CATALDA CHARLES PICCARRETA "Tolly's" a young man wilh ideas and somelimes lhey're good ideas. He likes lo fool around wilh chemicals-experh menls. I-lis one and only ambilion is lo be a physical inslruclor. There's no sporl lo equal baseball in his opinion. ANTHONY JOHN PISANO "Tony" makes il a habil, lhough il may be an unconscious one, lo know whal his lriends like and acl according- ly. Il pleases lhem lo no end and en- riches his popularily. I-le likes lo read and wrile lellers and plans lo become a loresl ranger. MARIE R. SPERDUTO Modern in every respecl, wilh deep reverence lor lhe pasl, she knows lhal progress is invesled in lomorrow. Gene- ology is her greal hobby. She can keep you enlhralled lor hours wilh her lounl ol inlormalion and amusing slories. Her lame as a good dancer has won her high honors. DOROTHY STAEDELE An oulslanding personalily--is Doro- lhy. Smouldering eyes in her prelly lace bely her appearance ol coolness. She is lull ol precious lemale wisdom and plans lo gel a iob as a slenographer aller she leaves lhe old alma maler. MIRIAM STEIN ll is probably surprising lo see "Mimi" looking so glamorous as she has always been one lo hide her charms. Lel's hope she'll conlinue lo be less dillidenl. She is planning lo go in lraining lo become an air slewardess. GENEVIEVE STENCAVAGE "Gen" has learned lhe secrel lhal lo have a lriend you musl be one. Any- way, if anyone does her a wrong, she's willing lo lel by-gones be by-gones and never holds a grudge. Whelher she knows il or nol she has a way wilh her. ELIZABETH ANN STEVENS Laugh and lhe world laughs wilh you, weep and you weep alone. Even while roller skaling and dancing she looks lor a sense ol humor in everyone. "Ever- giggling Annie" aspires lo be a slene ographer bul spends her lime singing and doing church work. TH ERESA M. STILP She has charm, grace. beauly, inlelli- gence-and courage. She is impish and quile clever. There is always an aura ol brighl, persuasive freshness aboul her. She has lhe perleclion ol a well groom- ed young lady. MARION STOLTZ Someone inlelligenl, willy, and con- siderale would be lvlarion's ideal! Her perlecl evening would be spenl al a movie slarring Belle Davis and Spencer Tracy. Her philosophy is "Tomorrow is anolher day"q lo become a secrelary is her ambilion. pane TI'iirI'u.nnn lx HARRY THOMSON PONTING Three cheers lor "Beed" who plans lo conlinue his sludies nexl year. He es- pecially likes lo walch a movie slarring Gene Aulry or Olivia De Haviland bul hales lo gel up early. ll he conlinues lo follow lhe Golden Rule and his hobby ol woodwork, we're sure he'll succeed as an archilecl. RAYMOND M. RAYKOVITZ When he slepped in sighl all lhe leminine hearls did lluller. "Ray's" leisure lime aclivilies included baskel- ball, baseball, and dancing. Joining lhe Navy would lill his ambiliong spaghelli and mealballs, and women are his pel likes. STANLEY REVITT "Join lhe Navy lo see lhe world" linds a lellower in Slanley. Al any baskelball game lhis man could be seen rooling lor lhe home leam. He enioyed dancing and playing baskelball, bul also spenl much lime reading. JACK CARL RINKER "Bud" is a lypical American lellow, wilh his gay challer combined wilh ex- uberance and lighlness of manner. You iusl can'l imagine lhal he would pul on an acl lor anyone. His "ideal" is kind- hearled and can sland on her own. CLIFFORD EARL ROBBINS We may easily call him lhe perlecl young man, lhe beginning and end ol all lhings. Likes lo spend his lime mix- ing sodas, even lhough he looks lorward lo enlisling in lhe Uniled Slales Air Corps. TU DOR ROBERTS "Tul" mighl be called lhe nalional dream man, a maslerpiece ol nalure who haunls lhe sleep ol ninely-live per cenl ol lhe while collar girls, wilh lhe slray percenlage being wasled on nighl- mares ol "Popeye," Tudor plans lo be a mechanic. JAMES W. RODERICK Walch oul Marines, here comes a "regular," Wilh baskelball as his hobby, "Jimmy" hasn'l missed a game in lour years. The nexl besl place lo locale him would be in lhe movies walching Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. MARY ANN SUTKUS Lile can be whal il may, lor Mary's neilher laking il nor herself loo seri- ously. Her chosen profession is beauly cullure, and she is planning lo enler a beauly college lo lollow il up. LEONARDINE TERASCAVAGE "Terry," lor shorl, has been in and seen aboul almosl everylhing. A malhe- malical genius, superb in horsemanship, and roller skaling shine oul in her amusemenls. Her ambilion lo succeed in everylhing she does begins when she enlers college in lhe lall. MARTHA ELIZABETH THOMAS Marlha has always plucked a lhislle and planled a llower where she lhoughl a llower would grow. We have seen lhe llower ol music grow sleadily. ln lhe lulure she hopes nol only lo conlinue lo cullivale her music bul also lo planl a new seed in commercial work. MELBA J. THOMAS ll is hard lo lind a girl wilh a sweeler lace or personalily lhan lhal which "Mel" possesses. She would like lo be a swilchboard operalor or be able lo do olher ollice work. Her beaulilul wavy auburn hair has been lhe envy ol many a girl. NANCY JANE THOMAS The lillle cares lhal lrelled me l losl lhem yeslerday. "Happy-go-lucky' Thomas whose pel philosophy is "Per- sislenl planning resulls in absolule dis- appoinlmenlm spends mosl ol her lime ealing. Nancy's plans are nol delinile bul she would like lo prepare lo dc medical secrelary work. BETTY MAY TIPPETT To love and be loved is "oh" sucl bliss. Pep meelings, chapel, and luncl conslilule Belly's londesl memories o lhe school day. Reading, especially lhe Sue Barlon nursing books, is her hobby True lo Florence Nighlingale, Belly de sires lo go in lraining. STELLA TOMALENAS To lravel lar and wide over lhe globf oullines her ambilions. "Dimples" relur lo school broughl lavorable replies lror lhe opposile sex. Her hobby, colleclini piclures ol friends. is a large one du lo her many acquainlances. THERESSE DANIELLO UHLAR A cerfain dignify of manners is abso- ufely necessary fo make even The mosf faluable characfer eifher respecfable or 'especfed in fhe world. Theresse has iked mosf abouf school fhe idea of Tieefing many differenf people. She so far is undecided in her plans for nexf fear. RUTH VALENTA The mildesf of manners and fhe gen- 'Iesf af hearf. "Rufhie," a member of 'he roller skafing club. infends fo go in 'raining fhis fall. She spenf several veeks reading "Gone Wifh The Wind," Juf sfill fhinks if's "fops." IEAN MARIE WALKER "Dixie" is fhe fheme song of many I fellow's hearf. Buf alas! mosf of her ime is spenf sewing, reading. horseback iding, or ice skafing. She favors friend- y girls. In fhe fall she will enfer a wusiness college affer which she desires o become an efficienf sfenographer. IELEN WALTER "Build for characfer. nof for fame," ras I-lelen's frue aim. Wifh bookkeep- wg "Buffer's" favorife subiecf. she ilans fo become a secrefary and enfer lusiness College fhis fall. Helen enioyed kafing and dancing af Falls, Pa. Helen. ou are keeping secrefs from us? -IAZEL R. WALTERS If she walks af all. if rnusl' be wifh desfinafion in mind. Being definife 1 mosf of her views, she doesn'f easily hange her mind, once if's made up. Dld friends mean much fo her. She en- Dys dancing as well as reading and ioes in for roller skafing and swimming. AILDRED GERTRUDE WILLIAMS There's breeding and refinemenf in he way "Millie" holds her sleek. brown ead. She is rafher quief buf very -racfical. She enioys dancing and likes porfs. Her ambifion is fo be a beau- ician. HELMA JEAN WILLIAMS Thelma doesn'f claim fo be a Garbo uf she does like fo be alone. Taking er all in all. she's a "swell" sporf. She nioys skafing, reading, and dancing, nd looks forward fo becoming an ex- erf ice skafer. WILLIAM ROMANASKAS As an afhlefe rare he will be remem- bered. "Big Bill," shy lhough he seem- ed, would always say, "Don'f mess around." Foofball and camping are his pef hobbies. "Bill" wanfs fo go away fo college and lafer ioin an air force. LAWRENCE H. RUSS Sailing! Sailing! Over fhe bounding main! For many a sformy wind shall blow eler "Larry" will come again! "Larry" plans fo ioin fhe Navy fhaf he may fulfill his ambifion of becoming a sailor. Af presenf he likes fo eaf or fo wafch Beffe Davis or James Sfewarf in a movie. JOHN OWEN RYMAN Nofhing ever annoys fhis happy-go- lucky person. Nof even homework. He likes playing fhe harmonica and dancing besf. Mild mannered and rafher nice, he's always frying fo help a pal. Shops proved inferesfing fo him and his plans move along fhese lines, in facf, he is fo become a finsmifh. WALTER J. SALUSKI He dresses quiefly and simply. There is no flashiness abouf him. As you can well imagine. "Sim" abhors fhe bizarre or conspicuousness of any kind. He is mechanically inclined, in facf, his am- bifion is in fhe field of mechanics. FRANCIS SAVITSKI He never does anyfhing on schedule because he loves spur-of-'Ihe-momenf ac- fivlfies. He is inferesfed in world affairs and believes fhaf anyone can educafe himself by reading currenf evenfs. His favorife sporf is foofball, and he fools around wifh cars some. PETER A. SCAFFIDO If you are looking for a loyal friend and faifhful companion whose fhoughf- fulness fo his friends is only surpassed by his kindness and generosify, 'then look for Pefer, fhe finesf and fruesf friend anyone could ever ask for. MARVIN SCHOENBRUN Among fhe numerous followers of fhe Muse ferpischore some sfand ouf above fhe resf. Marvin frankly admifs fhaf he will gef ouf of life whaf he pufs info if, and if fhaf is fha case, he need fear nofhing excepf fhe monofony of happi- ness. ELEANOR WILLIAMSON This beauTiful lassie, gifTed wiTh golden blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, combined wiTh a pleasanT and pleasing personaliTy, has made more masculine hearTs fluTTer Than Hedy La- marr. Her spare Time is divided beTween reading good books and advancing her- self in her arT abiliTies. IRENE VIRGINIA YAPSUGA She is one of The ToremosT and love- liesT personages. She is earnesT, sincere, and serious minded, bul-delightful and gay Too. Her ambifion lies in secre- Tarial work. Her favoriTe pasTimes are dancing and reading good books. WANDA LORETTA YURAK "Windy" cerTainly lives up To her peT philosophy-"VarieTy is The spice of life." ln school, aT home, and in sociefy she is pleased. Pen pals are her hobby, iifferbugging her favorife pasTime. The innermosT desire of This danseuse is To Travel from coasT To coasT in a Trailer. ANN C. ZACARAVICH Ann is one of Those girls who does big Things. Her ambiTion To become a nurse should call for all +ha+ Ann has, buf we are sure +ha+ she will be Tri- umphanT in her long road To success. FRANCES ZAIKOSKI She is generous, unique, and ener- gefic. She mighT be called an all round sporTswoman, since she spends a greaf deal of her Time parTicipaTing in sporTs. She inTends To Take up beaufy culfure. She is also a collecTor of posT cards. GERTRUDE IRENE ZAREMBO "GerTie" could brighTen any gaTher- ing if she'd sTay There long enough To do The iob. Everyone likes her and she doesn'T have To merely dream aboul being popular. She is quiTe a swimmer. She looks forward To going in Training To be a nurse. BEN SKU RKIS They grow 'em handsome in G. A. R. iudging from This porTraiT of Ben. He would like To be a mechanical drafTsman and is planning To enTer a vocafional school. His hobby is swimming, and he especially enioys geTTing TogeTher wiTh a crowd of friends. CLAYTON SCHOOLEY "Red" has a bunch of wavy hair Thaf girls envy. Fishing is his hobby. To be- come an engineer is his ambifion. Schooley's sTick-To-iT-iveness will Take him Through The Marines wiTh flying colors nexT year. lncidenTally, you should see whaT he can do wiTh painT and brush. GERALD BENJAMIN SEEHERMAN "Jerry" is slender, broad shouldered, and quiTe handsome. He has crisp, black hair, eyes ThaT laugh aT you, and a dimple in his chin. He wanTs To sTrive To make a success of life and may ioin The Army nexT year. JOHN SHASKAS, JR. He's iusT himself, pleasanT and nice To everyone-"man or beasT"-and he makes people feel comforTable when They are wilh him, and how could They help buT feel +ha+ way? He is serious abouT making aviaTion his career. WILLIAM SHOPLICK "Bill" has a Tendency To dream. While iT works somefimes, he musT confess ThaT iT can resulT in lack of proper concen- TraTion on such Things as sfudies or someThing. He indulges in a homey pasTime, reading To be specific. CHARLES SILVICK "Charlie" Thoroughly believes in The saying, "EaT, drink and be merry," and he cerTainly lives up To iT. His favoriTe dislike is homework. He is noT worried abouT The fufure as he believes iT will Take care of iTself. ANDREW SKAWSKI "Andy," a famous "killer-diller" who looks as hard as nails and as Tough as shoe leafher, seems To have a very sen- siTive side iudging by his occasional re- marks. He expecTs To loin The Navy and perhaps be an admiral some day. HAROLD D. SMITH ThroughouT The year we have been amazed by The correcT predicTions of song hiTs of The fufure in "SnuTfy's" Music Column. ln music, wriTing, and as a friend he raTes "Tops," Our "hiT of The fuTure" is "Snuffy" himself for somehow, someday, he'll be someone To look up To. JOSEPH SMITH "Joe" sings a liTTle biT ofT key, buT he dances wiTh The grace oT a gazelle and The conTrol oT an experT. QuieT abouT himselT, you can'T siop him Talk- ing dancing words-he loves iT. His plans Tor nexT year are indeTiniTe. ERSKINE L. SOLOMON "STreTch," who would like To become a navigaTor, spends mosT oT his Time dancing. The resulTs are proof enough ThaT There is plenTy oT TruTh in The old saying, "PracTice makes perTecT." His guiding principle is "To do whaT you wanT To do and noT leT anyone change your mind." VINCENT J. STANKEVICH Pushing The oTher Tellows back was The iob oT "Sully," and well indeed did he Till iT. Following in his broTher's TooTsTeps, Sullv's only hobby is par- TicipaTing in all sporTs, buT lon The sidel. l Think he likes To read "Mickey Finn," iusT as well. VICTOR ALBERT SUPPLEE This dispuTable personaliTy has a sense oT iusiice in him as well as en- Thusiasm and humor. His Tame as a Tisherman has won him high laurels, and we'd say he's a No. I exponenT oT The sporT of lzaak WalTon. WALTER THIEMAN "WalT" is a Top TavoriTe who always remains in circulaTion. Pseudo-sophisTi- caTion and exhibiTionism are qualiTies ThaT will noT be Tound in any girl who miqhT seriously inTeresT him. Being a piloT is his chosen profession. LIVIO JOHN TRAPANESE "One should never quiT unTil he has whaT he mosT desires" is "Trapp's" peT philosophy. "Trapp," who would like To be an airplane mechanic, played on The varsiTv TooTball Team. Building airplane models Takes up mosT oT his Time. LEO U M LAH A small coupe, soTT, romanTic music, an usher in The Torm of "Fudd," Ho Huml Girls you won'T geT a chance aT These dreams iT you haven'T a nice per- sonaliTy or a "giTT of gab." "Pudd" would like To be a movie operaTor. THOMAS J. SOBERS This personable young Tellow has Thick, wavy hair and dark eyes, so sombre in repose and so gay when he is gay. BuT There is plenTy more To him Than ThaT. He has a head on his shoulders and keeps his TeeT on The ground. He has deTiniTe ideas abouT girls. JOSEPH SOWAKINAS Tall and execuTive looking, "Joe's" plans TiT righT in wiTh his characTer. As a maTTer of TacT, his ambiTion is To be- come an Army capTain. He's The Type ThaT brooks no inTerTerence wiTh his plans or his desires. HENRY E. SUPINSKI Never idle a momenT buT ThriTTy and ThoughTTul of oThers. This maThema- Tician plans To conTinue his sTudies in order To become a phoTographer. He likes To dance and play TooTball. "Hank's" unusual hobby is Training Canaries. THOMAS TERESINSKI "Terry", whose inTeresT lies wholly in maThemaTics, proves iT in his grades in solid and Trig. MosT oT his Time is spenT in his hobby of model airplane building or narTicipaTing in The sporTs oT baskeTball, ice hockey, or swimming. Along wiTh a Triend, "Tom" hopes To enTer a wesTern aviaTion school. DAVID JAMES THOMAS "Happy-go-lucky 'Dave' " cerTainly goes along wiTh his belief "live and leT live." His hobby is arT, and his ambi- Tion, To become a success in whaTever he underTakes. To enlisT in The Navy is his plan Tor nexT year. KENNETH R. TYRRELL "Kenny" likes To puTTer and Tuss. He is invenTive by naTure, and confining hobbies give him loTs oT pleasure. He is especially eager To Take a course in welding. He enjoys bowling and does guiTe a biT OT phoTographing. CLARENCE URBAN "Clem" is Tall and moves wiTh a slow deliberaTeness. He uses TacT and pa- Tience in all problems ThaT conTronT him, and he usually succeeds in solving Them. He spends mosT oi his Time Tishing, and swimming, and enioys good Tood. Page ThirTv--Fivn Tlnh-+l HARRY WEINSTOCK He's suave. he's gay, and he's personable. He is so normal and "regu- lar" lhal his skill goes unsung. He is definilely a loolball enlhusiasl and hopes lo become a greal loolball player some day. CHESTER WIERZBICKI "Chel" is nol only amusing bul clever. He's everyone's pal. He represenls lhe usual run of lhe mill allracliveness. a sense ol humor, and slraighl-lorwardness and honesly. There's nolhing as inleresl- ing as chemislry lo him. ROBERT WILLIAMS "Bob's" eyes are bluish and grayish and even kind of rainbow, and yep, lhere's a pol ol gold hidden under lhal curly hair of his. His besl girl would have lo be inlelligenl as well as allrac- live. LAWRENCE WILSON "Larry" has lhe abilily lo make you feel lhal your laulls are allraclive. There can be nolhing more delighllul lhan lhal. He has as eloquenl a personalily wilhoul words as wilh lhern. He would like lo lake up sleel conslruclion or ioin lhe Army. JOSEPH ZATAVEKAS NATHAN M. WEISS Undernealh lhe blazing headlines is a piclure slory of lhe greal evenls pholographed by lorly-one's own "Son- ny." Praclically any evening now you can find him al lhe Y. M. H. A. Nexl year following lhe philosophy-"Deleals are only inslallmenls ol viclory"-he plans lo sludy pholography. EDWARD WILLIAMS Willing and able lo liqhl his way inlo lhe hearls ol his classmales, "Dulce" has become lhe 'friend ol lhe whole class. His only ambilion is lo fighl and Ialer gel married. WILLIAM WILLIAMS ' "Sam" is dark and arislocralic look- ing. He has such ideals, such a poinl ol view on lhings. He's far above some ol lhe boys you meel loday. lhere is no comparison. He's also a regular sporls- Elan, allhough baseball ranks lirsl wilh nm. HARRY WILLIAM WOM ELSDORF Down in lhe meadow in an "iddy billy brook" you're apl lo see "Pooler" fishing or swimming. ll he gels his appoinlmenl lo Annapolis-and we-hope he does- his ambilion ol allaining rank in lhe Navy will be fulfilled. Bon voyage!!! "Zall" is a quiel calm sorl who never bolhers anyone. He dislikes crowds, bul parlicularly enioys having his friends aboul him. He's addicled lo laking on new companions. He gels his big lhrill oul ol boxing and baseball. Class Song of 1941 Tune: "Apple Blossom Time" Oh, dear Alma Maier we're grareful, We, 'rhe Seniors, of our high school. For our work now is done: A new lile's begun: We musl face a new world ol our own. As welparl we leave all our wishes: We hope you'll remember each face. And we wish all luck in The world To Seniors who slep in our place. CHORUS We have ended our pleasanl high school days We're now going our individual ways: This day in June We'll sing lhis +une: l-lappy lhe hours Thar have ended 'foo soon. Whar a wonderful memory if will be, We will hold il lhrough all elernilryg Now Thar we're Through We say lo you: Goodbye now, G. A. R. Pefer A. Scalficlo Joseph DeFilippi Senior Boys' Index 4+ 9 DAVID LEONARD ACKERMAN-Academic Represenlalive IO: Bank Cashier IO, II: Assislanl Bank Cashier I2: Wreslling Club IO: Glee Club IO, II, I2: Dancing II, I2: Marionelle Club IO: Skaling Club I2: Dramalic II: "Blue 8: Gray" Slaff IO, II, I2: Musical Comedy, IO. II, I2. MELVIN ACKERMAN-Technical Baseball I2: Ouling Commillee I2. GEORGE ADOMITIS-Technical Malh Club I2: Junior Usher II: "Blue 81 Gray" Prinling Slall II, I2: lnvilalion Commillee I2. ARTHUR ALINIKOFF-Commercial Assembly Squad IO: Dancing Club I2. PETER ANDREWS-Academic Bank Cashier IO, II, I2: Ping Pong Club II, presidenI I2: Class Day Commillee I2. FRANCIS ARMBRUSTER-Technical Represenlalive I2: Glee Club II, presidenl I2: De- baling Club I2: Swimming Club I2: K. A. K. I2: Ari Edilor "Blue 8: Gray" I2: Senior Play: Musical Comedy I2: Class Token Commillee I2. ROBERT H. BALL-Technical Cheerleader IO, head cheerleader Il, I2: Assembly Squad IO, II, I2: Skaling Club I2: Le'I'Iermen's Club I2: Track IO, II, co-caplain I2: Class Ouling Commillee I2. JOHN BARBERIA-Technical Dancing Club I2. JOSEPH BARGER-Technical Assislanl Represenlalive Club I2. I2: Secrelary II: Dancing GRANT BARRALL-Academic Represenlalive II, I2: Malh Club I2: Class Token Commillee I2. NORMAN BAUM--Academic Represenlalive IO, II: Dramalic Club II, I2: Ping Pong Club II, I2: Dancing I2: Class Token Commillee I2. HERMAN BAUMANN-Technical WILLIAM BEHM-Technical WILLIAM BENEVITCH-Technical Assembly Squad IO: Le+Iermen's Club I2: Baseball IO, II, caplain I2: Baskelball IO, II, caplain I2: Class Ouling Commillee I2. MARTIN BERGER-Academic Ping Pong Club II, I2: Dancing I2: French Club Il: Glee Club IO, II, I2: Musical Comedy IO, II, I2. GEORGE BERZINSKAS-Academic Malh Club I2: Junior Usher II: "Garchive" Business Slalf I2: "Garchive" Dance Commiffee I2. WILLIAM BONA-Technical Assislanl Represenlalive II: Assembly Squad IO: Malh Club IO: Homeroom Baskelball Champs I2. MELVIN BULICK-Technical Represenlalive IO: Assembly Squad II: LeIIermen's Club I2: Baskelball Class Nighl' Commillee I2. II: Bank Cashier I2: Baseball I2: FRED CHARLES-Technical ALEX CHIARUCCI-Academic Malh Club I2: Junior Usher Il: Glee Comedy I2. Club I2: Musical JOSEPH CHILORO-Academic Vice-Presidenl of Senior Class: Malh Club I2: Dramalic Club IO, II, I2: Dancing Club I2: Junior Usher II: II, I2: "Garchive" Business Slafl: "Garchive" Dance Commillee I2. Club I2: Skaling Physics Club I2: Library Slall IO, Senior Play I2: WALTER CHMIOLA-Technical NORMAN COLE-Technical Represenlalive IO: Swimming Club I2: Dancing Club I2: Glee Club IO, II, I2: Musical Comedy I2. WILLIAM CRAWLEY-Technical K. A. K. Club I2: Swimming Club I2. JOHN CZAJKOWSKI--Technical LEO DALLA VERDE-Technical Bank Cashier IO, II: Swimming Club I2. UDDONE DAL SANTO-Technical Swimming Club I2: Malh Club I2. ALBERT DALTON-Technical LeIIermen's Club I2: Swimming Club I2: Foolball IO, II, I2: Track Squad I2: Class Token Commillee I2. LLOYD DAVIES-Academic Bank Cashier IO: Treasurer ol Senior Class: Swimming Club I2: Malh Club I2: Dramalic Club IO: Pholograph Eclilor ol "Garchive": Band IO, II: Chairman of "Garchive" Dance Commillee I2. JOSEPH DE FILIPPI-Academic Represenlalive I2: Malh Club I2: Arl Club I2: "BIue 8: Gray" IO: Class Day Commillee I2. AUGUSTINO DI GIAMMARINO-Technical Bank Cashier I2: Malh Club I2: Wreslling Club IO. MICHAEL DOBISH-Technical Bank Cashier II: Malh Club I2. BERNARD DRAKE-Technical Slage Crew IO, II. EDGAR DRESSEL-Technical K. A. K. II: Dancing Club I2: Class Day Commillee I2. THOMAS DREWICZ-Academic Glee Club IO, II, I2: Swimming Club I2: Ping Pong Club II. I2: Musical Comedy IO, ll, I2: Class Night Commillee I2. GENE EDWARDS-Technical Senior Boysg Inelex CHARLES A. ELDRIDGE-Commercial Secrelary IO: Library Club IO, II, IZ: Glee Club IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy IO, II: Senior Orcheslra II, presideni' IZ: Band II, IZ. CHARLES W. EVANS-Technical Dancing Club IZ. JAMES FARRELL-Technical Represenlalive IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. SYD FIERMAN-Commercial Glee Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Nighl Com- millee IZ. EDWARD GALLAGHER-Technical Swimming Club IZ: Track Squad IZ: Class Token Com- millee IZ. JEROME GALLUN-Technical Swimming Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ. JOHN GARTNER-Technical Treasurer IO, Il: Dancing Club II, IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. RALPH GEORGE'-Academic Represenlalive IO: K. A. K. Club IZ: Junior Usher II: Ma'Ih Club IZ: Chairman of Class Token Commillee IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. SAMUEL GEORGE-Technical Represenfafive II: Dancing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. HARRY GILLMAN-Commercial Represenfalive IO: Wreslling Club IO: K. A. K. Club IZ. HYMAN GOLDSTEIN-Technical JACK GOOD-Commercial Assislanl Represenlalive IZ: Class Ouling Commil- Iee IZ. SAU LBERT GOTTESMAN-Commercial Secrelarial Club IZ. KENNETH T. GRAY-Technical Dramalic Club IO, II, vice-presidenl IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Chrislmas Play IO, II, IZ: Armislice Day Program IO, II, IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. VINCENT J. GUOGAS-Technical Bank Cashier IO: Slage Crew IO. JOHN HARKINS-Technical Secrelary Il: Table Palrol IO: Malh Club IO. HARRY HECK-Technical Bank Cashier IZ: Chess Club IZ. JACK P. HEIM-Academic Represenlafive IO, II: Assembly Squad IO: Physics Club IZ: Debaling Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Class Nighl Commillee IZ. 4,0 RAYMOND HENDRICKS--Technical Dancing Club IZ. HAROLD HENSON-Technical Track Squad IZ. HARRY HOCHREITER-Academic Mafh Club IZ. FRED HOMNICK-Technical Represenlafive IO: Bank Cashier II: Class Day Com- millee IZ. ROGER HOWELL-Academic LeI+ermen's Club IZ: Foolball IO, II, IZ: Baskefball II, IZ: Class Day Commiflee IZ. BURTON JAMES-Technical Glee Club IO, II, IZ: Debaling Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Musical Comedy IO, II, IZ. LEO JOHN-Technical Assislanl Bank Cashier IZ: Track Manager IZ: "Blue 3: Gray" Prinling Slaff IO, II: Class Night Commillee IZ. GEORGE JOHNSON-Technical Caleferia Pafrol IO: Table Palrol IO: Dancing Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ. RICHARD JONES-Technical Represenlafive IO, II: Assislanl' Represenlalive IZ: Glee Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Senior Play IZ: Musical Comedy IZ. ANTHONY JOSEPH-Commercial Secrela rial Club I Z. EDWARD JOSEPH-Technical Table Palrol IO: Dancing Club IZ: Class Nighf Com- miH'ee IZ, WILLIAM JOSEPH-Commercial Secrelarial Club IZ: Invilalion Commillee IZ. RICHARD L. KAISER-Technical Glee Club II, IZ: Dancing IZ: Musical Comedy II, IZ: - Class Day Commiliee IZ. FRANK KU LUSAVAGE-Technical GEORGE KAMINSKAS-Academic Malh Club IZ: Junior Usher II. ANTHONY JOHN KANE-Commercial K. A. K. IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Class Token Com- millee IZ. WILLIAM KAPSIANOS-Technical Assislanl Represenlalive II: Library Sfalf IO, II, IZ: Manager ol Wreslling Club IO: Malh Club IZ: Danc- ing Club IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. LEONARD KARALUNAS-Technical Dancing Club II, IZ: K. A. K. IO, II, IZ: Class Song Commilfee IZ. Page Thirfy-nine Senior Boys' Index LEONARD KARP-Academic Swimming Club II, IZ: Debaling Club IZ: Glee Club IO: Senior Token Commilfee IZ: Senior Play IZ. DAN KATU LKA--Technical HARRY KATZ-Academic French Club II: Ping Pong Club Il, IZ: "Garchive" Ecliforial Slalf IZ: "Garchive" Dance Commillee. RAY KAU FER-Technical JAMES KEATING-Technical LeIIermen's Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Track IO, II, IZ: Foolball IO, II, IZ: Class Token Commiliee IZ. EDWARD KELLER-Technical SYLVESTER KERLAVAGE-Technical Secrelary IO: Bank Cashier II. FRANCIS KLEPASKI-Technical HARRY KROCKMAN-Technical French Club II. EDWARD KUTNEY-Technical Represenlalive IO, IZ: LeI+ermen's Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Senior Manager of Foolball. STEVEN KUTNEY-Technical Represenlalive IO: Assembly Squad IO. II: Le'H'ermen's Club IZ: Baseball Squad Il, IZ: Foolball IO, II, IZ. WALTER KYVAK-Commercial Represenlalive IO: Assislanl Secrelary IZ. CHARLES LABODA--Technical Maih Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ. JESSE LANG-Academic Presidenl of Sludenl Council IZ: Dramalic Club IZ: Honorary Member of Lel'lermen's Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Debaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Invilalion Commillee IZ. IGERALD LAUFER-Academic Secrelary IO: II: Malh Club IZ: Debaling Club IZ: Head Usher IZ: Class Nighl Commiflee IZ. DONALD PATRICK LAYDEN Represenlalive IO, IZ: Glee Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. EDWARD N. LENAHAN-Technical Represenlalive IO: Bank Cashier IZ: French Club II: Dancing Club IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. MICHAEL LIPKO-Technical Swimming Club IZ: Class Ouling Commiflee IZ. LEONARD LOCH-Technical Malh Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Class Day Com- miiiee IZ. Page Forfy 4+ 4 AL LOENTHAL-Technical Dancing Club IZ. STEVE LOVENDUSKY-Technical Assembly Squad IZ: Dancing Club IZ: LeHermen's Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Foolball IZ: Track Squad IZ. SOL LUBIN-Academic Bank Cashier IO, II, IZ: French Club II: Glee Club II, IZ: Ping Pong Club II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Invilalion Commilfee IZ. EDWARD MALTA-Technical Secrelary IO, II: Assembly Squad IZ: Malh Club IO: Track Squad II, IZ: Prinling Slaff of "Blue Sc Gray" IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. RAYMOND MANN-Commercial Library Club IO, II, presidenl IZ: Musical Comedy II: Class Token Commiilee IZ. IRVING MARGOLIS-Academic Represenlalive IZ. JOHN MARTINEZ-Technical Assislanl Represenlafive IO: Swimming Club IZ. MANUEL MARTINEZ-Technical JAMES MAYOCK-Academic Bank Cashier II: Swimming Club IZ: Ping Pong Club I, IZ: Dramalic Club IO, II, IZ: Senior Play. TOM McANDREW-Technical Secrelary IO, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Chairman of Class Day Commiifee IZ. AL MCCLOSKEY-Commercial Ping Pong Club Il, IZ: Secreiarial Club IZ. ROBERT MCDERMOTT-Academic Ping Pong II, IZ: Chess Club IZ. TOM McHUGH-Academic Algebra Club IO: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. ALBERT MINETOLA-Technical Represenlalive II: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Class Night Commiifee IZ. EDWARD MORAN-Technical ANTHONY MOSES-Technical Represenlalive IO: Baseball Squad IZ: Dancing Club IZ. EDWARD MUSHINSKI-Academic Ping Pong II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. GEORGE NACKLEY-Academic Represenlalive IO, II: Presidenl of Senior Class: Lel- +ermen's Club, presidenl IZ: Debaling Club IZ: Foolball 9, IO, II, IZ: Chairman of LeHermen's Viciory Dance IZ: Tickel Commillee for HaIIowe'en Dance IZ. Senior Boys' Index LUCAS NARDONE-Academic Dancing Club IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. IGNATIUS NAVITSKI-Technical LeI"Iermen's Club IZ: Foolball IO, II, IZ. RAYMOND NOVACK-Technical Dancing Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Track Squad IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: "Garchive" Dance Commillee IZ. EDWARD OBERAITIS-Technical Swimming Club IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. BERNARD OLDSEY-Academic Secrelary II: Chemislry Club IZ: LeI'Iermen's Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Foolball II, IZ: Track Squad IO, II, co-caplain IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. LAWRENCE OLIVER-Commercial Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Class Nighl' Commillee IZ. CHARLES OLSON-Technical Secrela ry I I. JOSEPH OLSZEWSKI-Technical Malh Club IZ: Class Ouiing Commillee IZ. JAMES O'MELIA-Technical Glee Club II, IZ: Dramalic Club II: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy II, IZ. THOMAS O'ROURKE-Technical Swimming Club IZ: Wreslling Club 9, IO: LeIIermen's Club: Track II, IZ: Foolball IZ. DAVID JAMES OWENS-Technical Assembly Squad IO, II: LeI'rermen's Club IZ: Wood- workers' Club IO: Baseball Manager I0, II, IZ: Home- room Baskelball Champs IZ. VICTOR PATOSKI-Academic Junior Ushers II: Ping Pong Club Il, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Band IO, II, IZ. SILVIUS PERRELLA-Academic French Club II: Debaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: "Garchive" Pholo Edilor. MICHAEL PETYAK-Technical Baseball Squad II, IZ. WILLIAM PHILLIPS-Academic Represenlalive IO, IZ: Dramalic Club IO, II: Library Club IZ: Dancing IZ: "Blue X1 Gray" IO, II, IZ: "Gar- chive" Edilorial Slaff IZ: Musical Comedy II: Chair- man of Class Nighf Commillee IZ. CATALDO PICCARRETA-Technical LeII'ermen's Club IZ: Track Squad II, IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. ANTHONY J. PISANO-Technical HARRY PONTING-Technical Assislanl Represenlalive IO: Malh Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Track Squad II, IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. 4+ + RAY RAYKOVITZ-Academic Represenlalive IO, IZ: LeI'fermen's Club IZ: Baseball Squad IO, II, IZ: Class Nighl Commillee IZ. STANLEY REVITT-Academic Bank Cashier II: Malh Club IZ: Junior Usher II: lnvilalion Commiflee IZ. JACK RINKER-Technical ' K. A. K. Club, vice-presidenl IZ: Track Squad IZ. CLIFFORD ROBBINS-Technical Bank Cashier IZ: Assislanl Represenlalive II: Assem- bly Squad IO, IZ: SI'amp Club IO. TUDOR ROBERTS-Technical Assislanl' Represenialive IO: Senior Play IZ: "Garchive" Dance Commillee IZ. JAMES RODERICK-Technical Bank Cashier II: Assembly Squad IO, II, IZ: Safely Palrol IO: Dancing Club IZ: LeIIermen's Club IZ: Bas- kelball Manager IO, II, IZ: Class Nighl Commiffee IZ: Homeroom Baskelball Champs IZ. WILLIAM ROMANASKAS-Technical Le'IIermen's Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Foolball IO, II, IZ: Track Squad II, IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. LAWRENCE RUSS-Technical Secrelary IO: K. A. K. Club IZ. JOHN O. RYMAN-Technical Glee Club II, IZ: Variely Club II: Musical Comedy II, IZ: Represenlalive IO. WALTER SALUSKI--Technical Bank Cashier IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ. FRANCIS SAVITSKI-Technical "6archive" Dance Commillee IZ. PETER A. SCAFFIDO-Academic Bank Cashier IO: Assislanf Bank Cashier II: Dramalic Club IO, II, IZ. MARVIN SCHOENBRUN-Technical Dramalic I0, Glee Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ. CLAYTON SCHOOLEY-Academic Bank Cashier IO, II: Assembly Squad II, IZ: K. A. K. Club IO, II, presidenl IZ: LeIIermen's Club IZ: Fool- ball IO, II, IZ: "Garchive" Arl Edilor IZ: Junior Usher GERALD BENJAMIN SEEHERMAN-Technical Dancing Club IZ: Class Night Commillee IZ. JOHN A. SHASKAS-Technical Represenlaiive II: Assislanl Represenlalive IZ: Table Palrol IO: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ. WILLIAM SHOPLICK-Technical Dancing Club IZ: Prinling Slalf of "Blue 81 Gray" IZ. CHARLES SILVICK-Commercial Page Forly-one Senior Boys' Index ANDREW SKAWSKI-Technical Assislanl Represenlalive IO: Assembly Squad I2: De- baling Club I2: Swimming Club I2: Dancing Club I2: Baseball Squad I2: Class Ouiing Commillee I2. BEN SKURKIS-Technical Secrelary IO: Table Palrol IO: Dancing Club I2: WresI'- ling Club IO: Slamp Club IO: Swimming Club I2. HAROLD D. SMITH-Academic Assislanl Bank Cashier I2: Assembly Squad IO: Ping Pong Club II: French Club II: 'Glee Club IO, II, I2: "Blue X1 Gray" II, I2: "Garchive" Edilorial Slalli I2: Musical Comedy IO, II, I2: Class Song Commillee I2: JOSEPH SMITH-Academic Malh Club I2: Swimming Club I2: Algebra Club IO. THOMAS SOBERS-Technical Bank Cashier IO, II: Wreslling Team IO: Track Squad I2: Foolball Manager I2. Perfecl allendance for 'lwelve years. ERSKINE L. SOLOMON-Academic Represenlalive IO: Swimming Club I2: Dancing Club I2: "Blue 8: Gray" Slalf I2. JOSEPH SOWAKINAS-Commercial VINCENT J. STANKEVICH-Technical Represenlalive IO, II: Assembly Squad IO, II, I2: Safely Palrol IO: LeHermen's Club, secrelary I2: Fool- ball IO, II, I2: Track Squad IO, II, I2: Chairman of Class Ouling Commillee I2. HENRY E. SUPINSKI-Technical Lellermen's Club I2: Dancing Club I2: Swimming Club I2: Foolball II, I2: Track Squad I2: Class Token Com- millee I2. VICTOR A. SUPPLEE-Technical I-lomeroom Secrelary IO: Represenlalive II, I2: K. A. K. Club I2: Dancing Club I2: Senior Play I2: Orches- 'Ira IO. THOMAS TERESINSKI-Academic Represenlalive IO: Secrelary II: Malh Club I2: Library Club I2: Invilalion Commilfea I2: Decoraling Com- millee of Chrisimas Dance I2. WALTER THIEMAN-Technical Chapel Librarian IO, II, I2. Page Forfy-Iwo 4+ 4 DAVID THOMAS-Technical Homeroom Secrelary IO, II: Junior Arl Club IO, II: Dancing Club I2. LIVIO JOHN TRAPANESE-Technical Bank Cashier IO, II: LeIlermen's Club I2: Swimming Club I2: Foolball IO. II, I2: Class Token Commillee I2. KENNETH TYRRELL-Technical LEO W. UMLAH-Academic Represenlalive IO: Dancing Club I2. CLARENCE URBAN-Technical Swimming Club, presiclenl' I2: Dancing Club I2: Track Squad II, I2. HARRY WEINSTOCK-Academic Represenlalive I2: Le'I'Iermen's Club I2: Foolball IO. II, I2: Chairman of Class Gill Commillee I2. NATHAN WEISS-Academic Dancing Club I2. CHESTER WIERZBICKI-Technical Secrelary IO: Malh Club I2: Dancing Club I2. ROBERT WILLIAMS-Academic LeHermen's Club I2: Track Squad II, I2. EDWARD WILLIAMS-Technical WILLIAM WILLIAMS-Technical Represenlalive IO: Bank Cashier II, I2: LeH'ermen's Club I2: Baskelball II, I2: Baseball Squad II. I2: "Blue 81 Gray" Prinling Slalf II: Class Ouling Com- millee I2. HARRY W. WOMELSDORF, JR.-Technical Represenlalive IO: Malch Club I2: Senior Glee Club I2: Dancing Club I2: Musical Comedy I2: Class Day Commillee I2. JOSEPH J. ZATAVEKAS-Technical Assislanl Bank Cashier IO: Assembly Squad IO, II: Dancing Club I2. Senior Girls' Index FLORENCE ADAMS-Technical ' Caleleria Palrol IO: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Twenly Grand Equeslrian Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. MARJORIE AHLBRANDT-Academic Secrelary IZ: Assislanf Represenlalive IO: Safely Coun- cil IO: Lunch Permil Checker IO: Assembly Squad IO, II: Fancy Work Club IO: Dancing Club IO, II, IZ: K. A. K. Club IZ: Equeslrian Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Class Nighl' Commillee IZ: Decoraling Commillee ol Chrislmas Dance IZ. MILDRED AHRENDTS-Commercial Glee Club II, IZ: Fancy Work Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Nighl Commillee IZ. DOROTHY MARGARET ALBRECHT-Technical Assislanl Represenlalive IO: Senior Tea Commillee IZ. ELEANOR ALLISON-Academic Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ. JULIA TERESA ANTHONY-Technical Caleleria Palrol IO, II, IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Danc- ing Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Class Nighl Commillee IZ. MARY AUSTIN-Academic Secrelary IO: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: French Club II: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. HELEN BABINSKI-Commercial Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Fancy Work Club II: Secrelarial Club IZ: Garscribes IZ: Typisl on "Garchive" Slall IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ: "Garchive" Dance Com- millee IZ. ALBENA BAIKAUSKAS-Technical Dancing Club IZ: K. A. K. Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ. CARMILLA F. BARONE-Commercial Represenlalive IO: Caleleria IO, caplain Il, presidenl IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Cosmopolilan II, IZ: Junior Usher II: Garscribes IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: "Gar- chive" Business Slalf IZ: Invilalion Commillee IZ. ADELLE BERTULIS--Commercial Fancy Work Club IO: Cosmopolilan Club II, IZ. MADELINE BIGOSKI-Technical Represenlalive IO: Secrelary IZ: Bank Cashier II: Lunch Permil Checker IO: Caleleria Palrol Il, IZ: Girl Reserves II: French Club II: Sub-Deb Club II: Glee Club II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Cheerleader II, I2: Musical Comedy IO, II, IZ. STELLA BOLINE-Commercial Equeslrian Club Il, IZ: Glee Club IO, II: Ping Pong Club II: Girl Reserves IO, II: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club II, IZ: Musical Comedy II. MARY BOYLE-Academic Assislanl Secrelary IO: Glee Club II, IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ: Senior Tea Com- millee IZ. 0 BETTY JANE BRAUCH-Academic Assislanl' Represenlalive IO: Bank Cashier II, IZ: Hall Palrol IO, ll: Library Sludenl Slalf IO, Il, IZ: Eques- lrian Club IO, II, IZ: Glee Club IO, Il, IZ: Dramalic Club IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IO, Il, IZ: Malh Club IZ: Debaling Club I2: Ping Pong Club Il: "BIue 8: Gray" Slall IO, II, IZ: "Garchive" Edilorial Slafl IZ: Senior Play IZ: Musical Comedy II: Class Token Com- millee IZ: Chrislmas Play IZ: Armislice Day Program IZ. BETTY BRISKIN-Commercial Secrelary IO: Hall Palrol IO, Il, IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Slamp Club IO: Girl Re- serves IO: Senior Token Commillee IZ. CATHERINE BUTRUCE-Commercial Bank Cashier IO: Malh Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Secrelarial IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. IRENE BUZIUK-Commercial Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO, Il, IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ. VERNA CAPRIOTTI-Technical Caleleria Palrol: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Hy-Speed Long- hand Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ. JEANNE CARR-Technical Sub-Deb Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Twenly Grand Equeslrian Club IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. MARY CECERE-Technical Caleferia Palrol IO, II, IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Hy- Speed Longhand Club'IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Fancy Work Club II: Class Nighl Commillee IZ. DOROTHY CHUKONIS-Commercial Secrelary IO: Bank Cashier ll.: Dramalic Club IO, ll, IZ: Glee Club IZ: Secreiarial Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Senior Play IZ: Musical Comedy IZ. MARGARET CONETY-Technical Assislanl Represenlalive IO: Assembly Squad II: Fancy Work Club IO: Skaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ. REGINA CONNOR-Technical Caleleria Palrol IO, II: Girl Reserve IO, II, IZ: Invi- Ialion Commillee IZ. CLAIRE CONSIDINE-Academic Girl Reserves IO, II: Glee Club II, IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Ping Pong Club II: Musical Comedy II, IZ. LILLIAN CORBETT-Academic Assislanl Represenlalive IO, IZ: Hall Palrol IO, Il: Assembly Squad IO, ll: Library Club IO, II, IZ: De- baling Club IZ: French Club presidenl II: Malh Club IZ: Girl Reserves IZ: Edilor-in-Chief of "Garchive" IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ: Class Gill Commillee IZ. MARY COURY-Commercial Cafeleria and Hall Palrol IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Girl Reserves IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. THERESA DAL SANTO-Technical Assembly Squad IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Invilalion Commillee IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ. Page Forfy-'Ih ree Senior Girls' Index IRENE DENNIS-Commercial Bank Cashier IO, II, IZ: Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Table Palrol IO: Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Roller Skaling Club, presidenl IZ: lnviralion Commillee IZ. IRENE H. DEUTSCH-Commercial Represenlalive IO: Hall Palrol IO, Il, IZ: Girl Re- serves IO: Senior Dramalic Club II, IZ: Equeslrian Club ll, IZ: K. A. K. Club IZ: Senior Dancing Club IZ: Chairman of Cosfume Commirlee for Senior Play IZ. JOSEPHINE N. DOLINSKI-Commercial Hall Palrol, co-presidenl IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Glee Club II, IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Garscribes IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy II, IZ: Class Day Com- miffee IZ. IDA MAY DOWEY-Academic Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Equeslrian Club IO, II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO, Il: Algebra IO: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Danc- ing Club IZ: Class Nighl' Commillee IZ. LEOCADIA A. DZIEDZIC--Commercial Assembly Squad II: Hall Palrol IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Garscribes IZ: Secretarial Club IZ: Ping Pong Club II. CARRIE EICKE-Commercial Represenialive IO, II: Lunch Checker IO, ll: Presidenl of Assembly Squad IO, II. IZ: K. A. K. Club II, IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: French Club IO: Slarnp Club IO: "Garchive" Edilorial Slaff IZ: Class Token Commiflee IZ. MARGARET EIGENBROD-Academic Secrelary II: Dancing Club IZ: Junior Usher II: Class Token Commillee IZ. ELIZABETH ELIAS-Commercial Bank Cashier IO: Assislanl Bank Cashier Il: Lunch Checker ll: Assembly Squad IO: Fancy Work Club IO: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Garscribes IZ: Secreiarial Club IZ: Senior Tea Commilrlee IZ: lnvilalion Commillee IZ. DOROTHY H. ERICKSON-Commercial Hall Palrol IO, Il: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Girl Reserves, IO, presidenl II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Class Nighl Commilfee IZ. GERTRUDE ESSER-Technical Secreiary IZ: Twenly Grand Equesirian Club IZ: Sub- Deb Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Baskelball IO, ll, IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. DOROTHY JEAN EVANS-Commercial Bank Cashier IO, II: Assembly Squad IO: Glee Club Il, IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Cos- mopolilan Club II: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. IRENE FENDLER-Commercial Hall Palrol Il. IZ: Ping Pong Club Il: Secrelarial Club IZ: Pholograph Edilor for "Garchive": Typisl for "Blue and Gray": lnviialion Commillee IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ. Page Forty--Four 4+ + MYRTLE FINK-Academic Assislam' Represenlalive IZ: Cafeleria Palrol IO, II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Malh Club IZ: Firsl Aid Club IO: Class Day Commiflee IZ. ANNA LEE FLAKES-Academic French Club II: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ. JEANNE FLANNERY-Academic Assislanl Bank Cashier IZ: Assembly Squad IO: Junior Usher II: Equeslrian Club Il, IZ: Variely Club II: Debaling Club IZ: Accompanisl' for Glee Club IZ: "Garchive" Business Slafli IZ: Accompanisl 'For Musical Comedy IZ: Senior Orchesrra ll, IZ: Chairman of Class Song Commillee IZ. RUTH FREED-Commercial Fancy Work Club IO: Swimming Club II: Fancy Work Club II: Swimming Club IZ: Skaling Club IZ: Sub- Deb Club IZ: Class Ouling Commilree IZ. ERN ESTI N E GEN ERALS-Technical DOLORES GILLESPIE-Commercial Assembly Squad IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Class Nighf Commillee IZ. FLORENCE GODLESKI-Academic Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: French Club ll: Skaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ. MARION GREISMAN-Technical Bank Cashier IO: Hall Palrol IO, II: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. LAURA GRIFFITH-Technical Class Token Commiflee IZ. LOIS GRIFFITHS-Technical Cafereria IO: Assembly Squad IO: Firsl Aid Club IO: Dancing Club IZ: 'Girl Reserves IO: Class Token Com miflee IZ. BETTY GUARNACCIA-Academic Hall Palrol IO: Equesirian Club II, IZ: Debaiing Club IZ: Ping Pong Club II: K. A. K. Club IO, II, IZ: "Blue 8: Gray" Associale Edilor IO, II, IZ: "Garchive" Busi- ness Manager ll, IZ: Class Token Commiilee IZ. HELEN GUTTERMAN-Commercial Secrelary Il, IZ: Assembly Squad IZ: Firsl' Aid Club IO: Fancy Work Club IO: Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Baskerball Timekeeper II, IZ: Volleyball Timekeeper II, IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. ALICE GWYNN-Technical BRONISLA HAH ULA-Commercial Represenlalive IO: Hall PaI'rol II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO, Il, vice-presidenl IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Volley Ball IZ: lnvilalion Commillee IZ. Senior Girls! Index 4 MARY C. HOLLIDAY-Academic Lunch PaI'roI Checker IO, II, IZ: Usher Squad II: Equeslrian Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: "Garchive" Busi- ness Slaff: Tickef Commillee "Garchive" Dance IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. ELIZABETH HARKINS-Commercial I Firsl' Aid Club IO: Dancing Club IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Girl Reserves II: Dancing Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club. secrelary IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. RUTH HARTMAN-Academic Cafeleria Palrol IO: Hall Palrol II, IZ: Cosmopolilan Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Algebra Club IO: French Club II: Girl Reserves IO: "Garchive" Business Sfaff IZ. BARBARA ANNE HASHEM-Commercial Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Skaling Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Senior Dance Commillee IZ. GRACE F. HASHEM-Commercial Hall Palrol IO, cap'I'ain II, caplain IZ: Library Club IO. II, IZ: Glee Club II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: "Garchive" Business Slali IZ: Musical Com- edy II, IZ: Relreshmenls Commillee for Senior Tea IZ. GLORIA HENSON-Technical Fancy Work Club IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ. IRENE JEAN HERSTEK-Academic Represenlalive IO: Secrelary II: Library Sludenl Slalif IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Assembly Squad IO: Senior Play IZ: Class Nighf Com- miflee IZ: Chairman of Girl Reserves Sporl Dance IZ. JEAN HOCHREITER-Commercial Swimming Club IZ. PEGGY HONEYWELL-Technical Bank Cashier IO, II: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ. HELEN H ROM EK-Technical SELMA JACOBSON-Academic Cafeleria Palrol IO: Dancing Club IZ: Cosmopolilan Club IZ: Mafh Club IZ: Glee Club IO: Senior Tea Commi+'ree IZ. BETTY JANE JONES--Academic Secrefary II: Junior Usher II, Head Usher IZ: Assem- bly Squad IO: Dramalic Club IO, II: Glee Club II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Business Slaff of "Garchive" IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Song Com- millee IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ. KATHERINE JONES-Technical Glee Club IO, II: Equeslrian Club IO, II. IZ: Swim- ming Club IZ: Dancing Club Il, IZ: Girl Reserves IO. II: Cheerleader IO, II, IZ: Musical Comedy II. IVY KELLY-Academic Hall Palrol II, IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Dancing Club II, IZ: Hv-Soeed Longhand Club IZ: Cosmopolilan Club II, IZ: Senior Oufing Commillee IZ. KATHLEEN KELLY-Academic Dramaiic Club IO: Egueslrian IO, II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Cosmopolilan Club II: Swimming Club IZ: Senior Play IZ: Class Nighl Commillee IZ. SOPHIE J. KENSKI-Commercial Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Ping Pong Club II: Garscribes IZ: Girl Reserves IO. II: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. NORMA LA ROSE-Commercial Hall Palrol IO: Assembly Squad IO, II: K. A. K. Club IZ: Girl Reserves IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. HELEN LESKAUSKAS-Commercial Hall Palrol IO. II, IZ: Fancy Work Club II: Secre- Iarial Club IZ: Garscribes IZ. EVELYN LEVY-Commercial Hall Palrol II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Fancy Work Club IO, II: Dancing Club IZ: Sfamp Club IO. MAE LEWIS-Technical Secrelary IO: Table PaI'rol IZ: Fancy Work Club IO. II: Swimming Club IZ: Skaling Club IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. VIRGINIA LOUISE LEWIS-Commercial Assislanl Bank Cashier II: Dancing Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Firsl Aid Club II: "Garchive" Business Slaff: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Nighl Com- miI'Iee IZ. IDA P. LIEB-Commercial Hall Palrol IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ. CHARLOTTE R. LINKIEWICZ-Commercial Secrelary IO: Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Secrefarial Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Skaling Club IZ: InviI'a'Iion CommiI"I'ee IZ. CORA WATSON LITTLETON-Technical Assembly Squad II, IZ: Cafeleria Palrol, assisI'an'r cap- 'Iain IO and II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Hy-Speed Long- hand Club IZ: Class Day CommiI'I'ee IZ. ROSE CLAIRE LITTLETON-Technical Cafeleria Palrol IO, II. IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Class Ouling CommiH'ee IZ. RITA McGINTY LOFTUS-Academic Secrelary IO. II, IZ: Hall Palrol IO: Equeslrian Club Il, IZ: Firs'r Aid Club IO: Malh Club IZ: Debaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Cosmopolilan Club II: Fancy Work Club IO: "Blue 81 Gray" SI'aii II: Asso- ciale Edilor "Garchive" IZ: Senior Tea CommiI"I'ee IZ: Class Ouling CommiI'I'ee IZ. ANITA MARSICANO-Commercial ANNA MARTIN-Commercial Secrelary IO: Secrelarial Club IZ: Garscribes IZ. SUSAN MARTINO-Technical Assembly Sguad IZ: French Club II: Senior Tea Com- miflee IZ: Properly Commillee of Senior Play IZ. ANNETTE McGLYNN-Commercial Dancing Club IZ: Glee Club II, IZ: Skaling Club IZ: Girl Reserves IO, II: Swimming Club IZ: Musical Com- edy II, IZ. D CLP Senior Girls, Index FRANCES MEIGHAN-Commercial Secrelary IO: Caieleria Palrol IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Danc- ing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Class Ouling Com- miiiee IZ. DORIS MELAN-Academic Lunch Pairol Checker IO, II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Egueslrian Club IZ: Class Day Commiliee IZ. MADELINE C. MIKE-Commercial Caieleria Pairol IZ: Cosmopolilan Il, IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Dancing IZ. ANNA MILASUIS-Commercial Bank Cashier IO, II, IZ: Hall Pairol IZ: Secreiarial Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Junior Usher Il: Prop- erly Commillee oi Senior Play IZ. MARTHA E. MISHIKITIS-Commercial Bank Cashier IO: Secreiarv II: Secreiary oi Senior Class: Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Glee Club II, IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Dancing Club II: Girl Reserves II, secrelary IZ: Girls' Baskeiball Team IO, Il: Phoioqraph Edilor of "Garchive" IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Nighi Commillee IZ. SHIRLEY MITCHNECK-Commercial Hall Pairol IO, ll, IZ: Garscribes IZ. RUTH ANN MONTO-Commercial Caieleria Pairol IO, II, vice-presideni' IZ: Garscribes IZ: "Garchive" Business Slaii IZ: Class Ouiing Com- millee IZ. SADIE MORREN-Technical Firsl Aid Club IO: Dancing Club IZ. ELEANOR NOVACK-Commercial Firsl Aid Club IO: Dancing Club IZ. ELEANOR O'MALLEY--Technical Represenialive IO: Fancy Work Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy II. SOPHIE ONACKI-Commercial Glee Club IZ: Junior Usher IZ: Roller Skaiing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Girl Reserves II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Senior Play Commiliee IZ. EMILY PADUCK-Technical Caieieria Palrol IO: Dancing Club IZ: Hy-Speed Long- hand Club IZ: Girl Reserves IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Class Nighi Commiilee IZ. ANNE PASKEVICH-Commercial Lunch Permil Checker IO, Il, IZ: Garscribes IZ: Sec- relarial Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO, II: Junior Usher II: Ping Pong Club II: Senior Tea Commiilee IZ. MILDRED A. PETCHUK--Commercial Cosmopoliian Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO, II: Senior Play Commiliee IZ. JEAN PETERS-Commercial Secreiary IZ: Hall Pairol IO, Il, IZ: Glee Club Il, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Variely Club II: Girl Reserves IZ: "Garchive" Business Slaif IZ: Musical Comedy II, IZ: Class Day Commiliee IZ. MARTHA B. PODKUL-Academic Dramaiic Club IO, II, IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Skaling Club IZ: Senior Play IZ. HARRIET PONTING-Technical Table Pairol IO: Swimming Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Hy-Speed Longhand Club IZ: Volley Ball II, IZ: Class Ouiing Commillee IZ. ALICA POWELL-Commercial Assisiani Represeniaiive IO: Bank Cashier II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Junior Usher II: Secreiarial Club IZ: Senior Tea Commiilee IZ: Senior Play Commillee IZ. CATHERINE PUGH-Commercial Secreiary IO, Il: Lunch Permii Checker IO, II, IZ: Slamp Club IO: Fancy Work Club I0, ll: Garscribes IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Class Token Commiilee IZ. MARION REMPHREY-Academic Bank Cashier IO: Girl Reserves IO, Il: Dancing Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Inviialion Commiliee IZ. SARALOUISE RICHARDS-Academic Bank Cashier IO: Secrelary II: Hall Pairol IO. II, IZ: Drarnalic Club IO, II: Equeslrian Club ll, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Malh Club IZ: "Garchive" Business Siafi IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ: Class Nighl Commiliee IZ. IVA RUTH RIGGIO-Commercial Girl Reserves II, IZ: Glee Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Roller Skalinq Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Firsl Aid Club IO: Musical Comedy IZ: Class Ouiing Commiiiee IZ. MARGARET RILEY-Commercial Garscribes IZ: French Club II: "Garchive" Business Siaff IZ: Class Token Commiliee IZ. SELMA RINGEL-Commercial Assisianl Represenlalive IO: Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: French Club ll: Secreiarial Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: "Garchive" Typisi IZ: Publicily Commillee of "Gar- chive" Dance IZ: Senior Token Commiliee IZ. DOROTHY RIPKIN-Commercial Bank Cashier IO: Hall Pairol II, IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Cosmopoliian Club II: Secreiarial Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: "Garchive" Typisl IZ: Publicily Com- miilee of "Garchive" Dance IZ. DORIS ROHME-Technical Dancing Club IZ: Firsi Aid Club IO: Fancy Work Club IO. CARMELINE ROMAN-Commercial Secreiary IO: Assembly Squad IO: Secrelarial Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Associaie Ediior "Garchive" IZ. HELEN ROVINSKI-Commercial Garscribes IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Skaiing Club IZ: Fancy Work Club II. MIRIAM SARE-Academic Hall Pairol IO, II: Ping Pong Club Il: Roller Skaiing Club IZ: Debaiing Club IZ: "Blue 8: Gray" IO, Edilor- in-Chief IZ: Class Token Commiilee IZ. DORIS SCUREMAN-Technical Fancy Work Club IO, II: Class Ouiing Commiilee IZ. Senior Girls' Index JEAN SEIGER-Technical Roller Skaling Club IZ: Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Danc- ing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Glee Club IO: Sub- Deb Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Baskelball II, IZ: Class Nighl Commillee IZ. MARION SHINER-Commercial Table Palrol IO: Secreiarial Club IZ: Garscribes IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Girl Reserves IO: "Garchive" Typ- isl IZ: Decoraling Commillee of "Garchive" Dance IZ. ISABELLE SIMMONETTEE-Commercial Properlies Commillee 'for Senior Play. LOUISE SIMONCAVAGE-Commercial Bank Cashier IO, IZ: Fancy Work Club IO, II: Secre- Iarial Club IZ: Garscribes IZ: Class Nighl' Commiliee IZ. MARIAN SINCAVAGE-Commercial Senior Orcheslra IZ. MARIE SPERDUTO-Commercial Fancy Work Club IO: Girl Reserves IO, II: Glee Club IO, II, IZ: Musical Comedy IO, II, IZ: Class Day Commiliee IZ. DOROTHY STAEDELE-Commercial Secrelarial Club IZ: Senior Play Commillee IZ. MIRIAM STEIN-Commercial Hall Palrol II, IZ: Slamp Club IO: Fancy Work Club IO: Dramaiic Club II, IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Class Ouling Commi'H'ee IZ. GENEVIEVE STENCAVAGE-Technical Fancy Work Club IO: II. BETTY STEVENS-Commercial Hall Palrol IO, II, IZ: Junior Usher II: Glee Club II, IZ: Girl Reserves IZ: Dancing Club IZ: "Garchive" Business Slaii IZ: Musical Comedy IZ: Decoraiing Com- millee "Garchive" Dance IZ. THERESA STILP-Commercial Garscribes IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Fancy Work Club II: "Garchive" Business Slaif IZ: Class Token Commillee IZ. MARION STOLTZ-Commercial Hall Pairol IO, II, IZ: Glee Club II, IZ: Secreiarial Club IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Senior Girl OcI'e'r II, IZ: Chapel Palrol II: "Blue 8: Gray" IO, II: Musical Comedy II, IZ. MARY ANN SUTKUS-Technical Fancy Work Club IO, II: Dancing Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Baskelball IO, II, IZ: Class Day Commillee IZ. LEONARDINE TERASCAVAGE-Academic Assislanl' Head Bank Cashier II: Head Bank Cashier IZ: Hall Palrol IO: Assembly Squad IO: Dancing Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Equeslrian Club IO, II, IZ: Ping Pong Club II: Debaling Club IZ: Roller Skaling Club IZ: "Blue 8: Gray" Slaif IO, II: Associale Edilor of "Blue 81 Gray" IZ: "Garchive" Edilorial Slaif IZ: Chairman of "Garchive" Dance Commillee. + MARTHA ELIZABETH THOMAS-Commercial Bank Cashier IO, IZ: Junior Usher ll: Senior Glee Club IO, II, IZ: Senior Girls' Ociel II, IZ: Secrelarial Club IZ: Fancy Work Club IO, II: Musical Comedy IO, IZ: Senior Orcheslra Pianisi II, IZ: Class Song Commillee IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ. MELBA THOMAS-Commercial Hall Pairol II: French Club II: Fancy Work Club IO, II: Garscribes IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Invilalion Com- millee IZ: Senior Tea Commillee IZ. NANCY THOMAS-Academic Bank Cashier IO, II, IZ: Hall Palrol II: Cosmopolilan Club II: Equeslrian Club IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Girl Reserves IO, II: Dancing Club IZ: Senior Token Com- millee IZ. BETTY MAY TIPPET-Technical Dancing Club IZ: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Class Nighl Com- miI'I'ee IZ. STELLA TOMALENAS-Technical Fancy Work Club IO, vice-presidenl II, IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ. THERESSE D. UHLAR-Academic Represenialive IO: Vice-Presidenl of Sludenl Council IZ: Dramalic Club IO, II, IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Junior Usher II: "Blue 81 Gray" IO: Senior Play IZ: Class Token Commiilee IZ, RUTH VALENTA-Academic Dancing Club IZ: Senior Tea Commiilee IZ. JEANNE WALKER--Commercial Secrelary IZ: Garscribes Club IZ: Glee Club IO, II. IZ: Girl Reserves IO: Equeslrian Club IZ: Dancing Clulw II: Musical Comedy IO, II. HELEN WALTER-Commercial Hall Palrol II, IZ: Cosmopoliian Club II. IZ: Secre- 'rarial Club IZ: Garscribes Club IZ: Senior Ouling Commiliee IZ. HAZEL WALTERS-Technical Lunch Checker IO: Caleleria Palrol II, IZ: Fancy Work Club IO: Sub-Deb Club IZ: Senior Ouling Commii- Iee IZ. MILDRED WILLIAMS-Technical Girl Reserves IO, II, IZ: Swimming Club IZ: Class Ouling Commillee IZ. THELMA WILLIAMS-Commercial Roller Skaiing Club IZ: Girl Reserves IZ: Slamp Club IO. ELEANOR WILLIAMSON-Academic Secrelary IO: Caleleria Palrol IO, II, IZ: Cosmopoli- Ian Club IZ: Maih Club IZ: Glee Club IZ: Dancing Club IZ: Algebra Club IZ: French Club II: Junior Ari' Ecililor of "Blue 8: Gray" II: Musical Comedy IO, II, I . Page Forfv-seven Senior Girls' Index IRENE YAPSUGA-Commercial Lunch Checker I0 Girl Reserves IO II I2 ub I . . IS 4Deb Club I2: Cosmopolilan Club II: Secrelarial Club I2: KniH'ing Club IO. WANDA YURAK-Commercial Assisianl Represenlaiive I2: Cosmopolilan Club I2. ANN ZACARAVICH-Technical Ivlalh Club I2. P I: rI'v-nir1I'1'I' 0+ 4 FRANCES ZAIKOSKI-Commercial Assislanf Represenlafive IO: Hall Palrol IO, Il, I2: Slamp Club IO: Girl Reserves IO: Fancy Work Club IO: Ping Pong Club II: Garscribes Club I2: Dancing I2: Volley Ball I2: Baslcefball I2: Class Ouiing Commif- 'Iee I2. GERTRUDE ZAREMBO-Commercial I-Iall Palrol Il, I2: Girl Reserves IO: French Club II: Secrelarial Club I2: Sub-Deb Club l2: Senior Tea Commiflee I2. Untlerclassmen Parade B. Larwerman, J. Bemplcins, E. Price, G. Mcfxvoy, F. Smifh. r-n Miss E. Williams-306 Miss Leonard-3 I 0 Firsl Row: H. Kowalec, R. Habib, M. Barrell, S. Slein, M. Simon Fifsi ROW? F- Wilson. E- MOV55l4Y- R- Cowes- J- Gulicki E- Moore, J. Venchell, B. High, A. Auslin, S. Rosllcowslci, D. Planlarich. " Joseph' O' Nardone' A' Tlmmas' M' Gamey' Second Row: M. Umlah, T. DeRocco, A. Marlin, J. Conwell, L Second Row: R. Hughes, S. Budzyn, M. Michalow, R. Lloyd, A. Newgi-+I M. L.Tay1Or' J. Nevifskyv A. Lisccslqy. 'emma' B' Isaac' M' Laws' Third Row: D. DeFilippi, P. Weinsloclc, J. Krislianson, T. Hughes, P -Third Row: A. Pelrella, R. Anlhony, E. Marlino, G. Anlhony, L. Ellis' W- Lloyd' E. Mccloskey' Omalmas' J' F'aSCk" S' Birnbaum' Fourih Row: R. Hummel, J. Charles, T. W. Kyelc, T. Valailca, F Fourfh Row: B. Hess, C. Tucker, F. Juzwialc, M. Marino, S. Malagara. Peiruzzgnfl F. Maskgnasl Miss Dem bifz-3 I4 Firsl Row: C. Diaco, D. Richardson, F. Suikus, A. Kyvalc, M. Decker, . Miller, A. McHugh, K. McCarlhy, M. Medon. Second Row: M. Appel, B. Hoyl, M. Thomas, L. Wallers, L. Smulo- iz, A. Caffrey, M. Spilgys. Third Row: A. Capriolli, D. Karp, R. Deulsch, B. Guliclc, J. Mc- ireevy, J. Vincenl. Fourfh Row: W. Coales, P. Hosage, H. Gulierman, J. Flynn, J. aslcoslcy, F. Declfer. Miss Knighf-404 Firsl Row: R. Smilh, R. Gawlas, S. Wierzloiclci, L. Will, E. lvanoslci, . E. Crawley, D. Kralz, F. Kornaclci, M. Gruver. Second Row: O. Williams, B. Lanlerman, E. Machonis, V. McEvoy, . Mishlcel, F. Ford, A. Griswold, B. Shimcoll. Third Row: D. Marlin, A, Nardone, G. Brody, W. Schmidt J. hullz, J. Macho, M. Bobich. Fourlh Row: J. Giampelro, M. A. Guller, W. Lynn, L. Kaida, B. as, J. Dubinsky. l The camera calches diliqenl Workersw i.. v T I The volume varies inverselY wilh The Pressure. Of does ' Mr. Whi+ney-407 Firsf Row: l. Burnelslci, C. Colonna, D. Brewer, A. Oslrowslci, C Decker, l. Woiiclc, E. Cardinali, B. Lorusso, S. Griffilh. Second Row: C. Zampelli, K. Snyder, L. Allison, H. Vilchus, R Tischler, H. Paniczlco, A. Mangano, D. Mulvey. Third Row: R. Cera, H. Kemmerer, T. Sliney, A. Ballrus, J. Poalaiiis Fourfh Row: M. De Cinii, J. Ciavarella, R. Shiner, J. Basqier, Mr B. Whilney. Fiffh Row: R. Phillips, G. Wyda, J. Tailciewicz, F. P. Bigoslci. Mr. Chesney-408 Firsi' Row: D. Nardone, R. Beyer. R. Farrell, M. A. Lahr. C. Esseff M. George, V. Wade, N. Loflus. Second Row: 6. Lolcushelc, S. Simon, D. Cochrane, E. Dombroski E. Fioli, R. Morgan, E. Evans. Third Row: D. Albrechl, L. Kennedy, J. Milchell, S. Sei:-aslian, J Slelonelli, L. Troy. Fourlh Row: E. Godleslci, M. Ras, J. McHale, C. Torello, B. Moscow. Mr. Ruddy-409 Firsi Row: F. Reno, D. Weidner, R. Urnlah, B. Salmon, M. Albrechi, M. Abod. Second Row: M. Jackson, S. Krisper, S. Davidoff, M. Fischer, l. Yuscavaqe, R. O'Rourke. Third Row: T. Lucidi, C. Barone. J. Hersiek, J. Dell'AqIio, G. Kupris, L. Kwaslavich. Fourih Row: Mr. J. J. Ruddy, A. Jacobs, C. Gales, J. Menqah, W. Johns, L. Kubik. Mr. Sieinhauer-4I0 Firsf Row: J. Yurelani, M. Naum, C. Casrriqnano, M. Chiloro, E. Bokar, J. Griswold, E. Collins, B. Garlner, l. Rohme, Y. Palladino. Second Row: S. Halas, J. Cosles, E. Levey, S. Cohen, J. Creliand, F. R. Propker, L. Zirnenoii, A. Richards, J. Parker. Third Row: E. Clocker, S. Worley, C. Siorz, Mr. J. Sieinhauer, M. Saniewan, J. Doyle, T. Kane. Fourfh Row: W. Harrily, E. Menqak, E. Berger, T. Slich, P. Richards, F. Blar, J. Johns. .....q l ' I . - mefd 10056: Are Jfhey really working, or is 1+ a ca Miss Mileham-204 Firsf Row: G. Turoff, D. Connell, E. Naum, R. George, E. Blocker H. George, C. Flora, P. Carlin, A. Zakarauskas, M. Aposlol. Second Row: J. Lynch, L. Kaminskos, P. Connell, D. Pylell, A. Umlah C. Morgandollar, P. Hromek, G. Filippine, Miss Mileham. Third Row: H. Sienkiewicz, M. Scoll, W. Simmers, l. Finkelslein, J Prieslash, F. Pellinqer, B. Supplee. Fourih Row: G. Bennell, B. Gilberl. L. Finnegan, L. Smilh, B. Old- ziewski, J. Basler. Fiffh Row: P. Slesney, E. Ras, G. Alberl, J. Audi, C. Eckardl, A. Zakaraskas. 411: Eg" . - ia r may Parlez-vous francais anCl l-1TTle A ne Miss Henry-4l2 Firsi' Row: M. Duffy, F. Loiius, J. Cohan, A. Joseph, K. Mace, J Hakim, B. Allen. E. Pierce, C. Cipriani. Second Row: A. Romanaskas, A. Karaliunas, M. O'Connell, L. Leno viiz, A. Decker, R. Zampelli, Cv. Schiller. Third Row: N. Clemenle, T. Rayeski, J. Clarke, G. Rizk, L. Auszura T. Joseph, J. MacKenzie. Fourih Row: W. Lloyd, E. Powell, C. Halas, A. Decker, N. Cross. Fiffh Row: B. Kisller, B. Howell, E. Tarlowski, W. Hughes, K. Per schan. Miss E. O'Donnell-202 Firsf Row: F. Yanchunas, W. Dziedziak, F. Paskonis, H. Lock, G Brewer, J. Jackson, S. Rashewsky, L. Torreaance, H. Tolon. Second Row: M. Keen, S. Burgos, F. Grande, J. Sirnrnonelie. I Miielski, J. Davis, P. Scureman, J. Opalka. Third Row: J. Bergsfrasser, J. Lofius, J. Siein, H. Evans, L. Sloibe J. Angelo, B. Perhick. ......Fourfh Row: B. Sievens, E. Serhan, L. Andes, B. Sranziale, H. Schull A. lorio. Fiffh Row: P. Margo, T. Riley, A. Hodick, B. Ungar. J. Brennan. Miss Siegal-208 Firsf Row: D. Shaskas, J. Mariino, M. Tripp, M. Edwards, J. Vande mark, E. Hawk, C. Joseph, Y. Charles, B. Norkus. Second Row: F. Zielazienski, M. Thomas, J. Halko, D. Jozapaife B. Evans, C. McDade, F. Mowery, F. Solomon. Third Row: H. Flowers, T. James, B. Oslroski, V. Brandolino, h Kagan, M. Padock. Fourih Row: D. Cuscela, T. Chmiola, J. George, R. Coger, V George. Fifih Row: J. Baih, H. Talarsky, E. Roebuck, T. Thompson, FE. Blasc Pace Fiffv- H1 ren Miss O'ConneII-2 I 0 Mr. Herman-30I FirsI Row: C. Ellis, H. Kaiser, H. Davidson, G. Herman, M. Falkow- ski, P. Braber, A. Terasavage, T. WieIgosz. FirsI Row: A. Beirle, D. Pesavenio, H. Griswold, R. Zobel, G. Hawk, Second Row: M. Roih, I. Paicko, C. DiSanIo, J. Griaziana, P. Gili E. McDonough, M. Hay. I. Jarna, M. KindIer, H. Snyder, E. Elias, S. AIIaviIIo. Second Row: D. Roberis, J. KosIeInick, E. Harry, W. Merczak, F. Third Row: A. GeIb, G. Brandi, D. Arirnoni, F. Judge, J. O'ConneII Evans, R. Owens, B. OIConnor, Miss OIConneII. T. WahI, W. Maiihes. Third Row: A. Parry, S. Davis, F. Fiynn, F. Fried, I. Lang, I. GoId- Fourih Row: D. AIIaviIIa, O. Murphy, C. Fedonczak, L. Ashoff, D sfein. Mr. Owens-302 Firsf Row: S. DeIia, G. Kraiz, A. Simrners, M. Gaies, S. Gizzo, R Rowan, C. Durnbie, M. Finnegan, I-I. SideInick. Second Row: Mr. J. M. Owen, B. GiIIrnan, F. Yurqaiiis, C. Siaedeie Ax, SCOII, M. Cera, I'I. Dudek, R. TaIkiewicz, T. GIII, M, Kusrnan. Third Row: L. Jacobson, S. Morgan, D. Verdi, G. Richardson, A Freed S. Hughes, J. Caiina, R. R. Rovinsky. Fourfh Row: B. Abraham, B. Jones, A. Mariin, R. Mooney, INI. Saba I. Lenoviiz, H. YoueIIs. Fiffh Row: J. Benneiio, J. Behrn, S. Brown, D. Griiiiihs, F. UzdiIIa I. Maiinowski, S. Prirnaiic. Mr. W. Jones-303 Firsf Row: J. PavIoski, B. Fuiver, F. Jones, A. Kerlavage, B. Lukesh -I. Woods, G. Musser, D. Owens, F. Fvans. Second Row: Mr. W. D. Jones, L. Buickus, N. AI+aviIIa, M. SIoane -I. Serqi, B. Sfanch, E. Luif, C. George, A. Silvick, J. Dubinsky. Third Row: B. Novick, J. Kraft B. Hendi, V. DeLuca, J. Cairino -Iopkins, J. ConneIIy. Fourfh Row: P, Gaies, F, Grieshaber, J. VoIIey, W. ZawiIski, A Decker, J. Kerins, R. CeIIer, G. SeiqeI, Fif+h Row: J. Lyons, W. Mason, J. Gudaiiis, J. Wende, J. Monick, f. RhiIIips, V, Ruzgiiis. L...- I T In or noi To be QOOCI SeCreTaTIeS O e ,J. Andes, L. Kraiz, R. Carpisi. Fiffh Row: F. Kalaiui, B. Yencharas, E. Hall, S. Siberski, F. Kimble W. Rudy, J. Woychick. 4l I Worksheeis in English Mr. ScI1mid+-304 Firsf Row: F. FuIIer, F. Wunner, D. Moses, L. Poqraniczny, R. Bass- Ier, F. Cruser, N. Bernsiein, S. FinkeIrnan, O. Karam, L. OIeniak. Second Row: Mr. J. I-I. Schmidt L. M. Giiiens, G. Mariin, J. Hause, M. Assid, R. Siroia, T. Haslinsky, M. Mushinski, F. T. Suikus, R. Peirick. Third Row: R. Gawlas, A. Miieika, S. Daley, J. Frankowiak, J. Mes- ser, J. Yashkus, R, Baur. Fourfh Row: J. Morosky, W. Anner, T. Tronovich, B. Finnegan. B. Tippeii, P. CrawIey. Fiffh Row: F. Kirkuiis, E. Buziuk, J. Bernpkins, L. Davis, J. Heberling. Miss G. Williams-308 Firs+ Row: G. SoI:oIoski, C. Won'1eIsdorf, F. GIadnick, G. Hooper, J. Bandi, P. Davis, M. Chulvick. Second Row: B. Pasonick, F. WaIIers, H. Pawlawski, M. Oberaiiis, C. Ney, G. M. Sinkiewiz, J. J. Sahd. Third Row: D. Bergsirasser, W. Ausiin, R. Garney, N. GoIdIoerg, S. J. Michaei, A, LanqIey, D. Moody. Pa me Fiiiv-five I Miss Laidler-309 Firsf Row: H. Buller, S. Slarlc, E. M. Rolhslein, H. Nardone, G. Hannaman, L. Hill, M. Burlce, B. Opel, Y. Slanziale, A. Cvrumbling. Second Row: Miss Laidler, N. Slencavaqe, A. Guogas, M. Klein, A. Herslelc, G. Davis, B. Kupris, B. Abraham. Third Row: G. Ellis, B. Lyons, N. Davis, D. Macri, E. Joseph, W. Joseph, J. Gillman, W. Davis. Fourfh Row: A. Slfobodzinslci, P. Kreichmer, E. Orloslsi, V. Maqdelin- slcas, S. Nowinslci, G. Evanoslcy. Miss Rosser-3 I 3 Firsl Row: A. Yuslca, C. Slern, E. Pelrella, A. Warner, R. Handin, H. Mayerholer, D, Joseph, E. Newman, C. Lasman. Second Row: Miss Rosser, L. Orlando, H. Coury, M. McGowan, H. Kesler, A. Yaslcas, P. Beclcwilh, P. Delia, V. Uhlar. Third Row: R. Yulcnavage, W. Langan, J. Taylor, T. Swoboda, A. Pelers, J. Gerchalc. Fourih Row: R, Novalcoslci, M. Cailrey, P. Davis, R. Doranq, P. Bullcus. Mr. E. Roberfs-I I6 Firsl Row: S. Kanner, M. Lloyd, M. Oliver, F. Terasavaqe, R. Ciavar- ella, M. Pepperling, M. Weloer, l. Riley, C. Hassiclc. Second Row: Mr. E. Roberls, T. Auslin, S. Smulovilz, B. J. Jones, V. Braclcna, M. Slelmaclc, F. Olszewslci, R. Swarlwood, H. Rein. Third Row: G. Andi, 6. Mozur, C. Rayeslci, J. Grohol, T. Jones, S. Dubinslci, J, Barberio, J. De Rocco. Fourlh Row: J. O'Rourlce, T. Buller, S. Paduclc, G. Shock, B. Evans. C. Grosspiisch. Fif+h Row: B. Thomas, J. Jones, T. Carlin, A. Zimenoli, M. Lewis. Miss M. Henry-I I8 Firsi Row: B. Price, L. Olex, M. Kerins, B. J. Dinan, C. De Luca, M. Konsavaqe, B. Slilp, H. Sudol, E, Soholelc, E. Ruikoslci. Second Row: Miss M. Henry, V. Talarczilc, R. Clocker, W. Poplaslci. J. Nardone, J. Bauer, B. Kosb, M. Surnoslfi. R. Peiroslci, E. Duilinqer. Third Row: A. Gross, V. Haynoslci, T. Oldziewslci, C. Saba, F. Hen dricks, B. Winlon, G. De Giacomo, Four+h Row: J. Bieleslri, F. Hydenslci, R. Medley, M. Cochrane, F. Valenla. Fifih Row: C. Williams, V. Flalces, E. Poqraniczny. Pace Piilv-six ....-1 I "" sfriciceii The hunQfY mo b became camera Mr. Maguire-I I0 Firsf Row: F. Parrish, R. Marino, J. Burqinia, R. Simon, S. Tripp, J. Robson, G. Milne, K. Duffy, L. Marlin. Second Row: J. George, C. Smiih, P. Kambies, D. Ferry, B. Corbell E. Klapol, D. Linlcer, J. Peloso. Third Row: Mr. Maguire, T. Hoffman, B. James, C. Moyles, B. Tarulis, J. Miller, S. Simoncavaqe. Fourih R'ow: B. Schwarlz, C. Gelslachier, L. Barashulcis, R. Walsh M. McEneny. ,li 3-1-- - law Q, IheY Cl1a"lW'I'I vm' La, la,Ia.h1Ql1 C Of Miss Palmer-I I8 Firs'l' Row: Y. Burginia, C. Marlino, M. Morio, P. Davies, M. Harris A. Marino, F. Olcosinslci, R. Maclc, S. Huiiord, P. Llewellyn. Second Row: N. Brennan, F. Mossulo, L. Baralla, H. Joseph, T Thomas, H. Schrade, M. Bohan, L. Davis. Third Row: R. M. Balisfa, D. Ferris, L. Shiner, M. Kasper, F. Miller C. Casirignano, M. Evans, Miss Palmer. Fourlh Row: E. Sebaslian, J. Loflus, D. Maiilces, B. Campanella, R Bozzey. Fiflh Row: B. Jones, R. Godleslci, T. Kesler, A. Solcolic. ,... Page Fiffy-seven Miss Sfemples-203 Firs'I' Row: M. George, J. Slneras, C. McGowan, J. Gillespie, E. Sina- 'age, Y. Gazey, L. Wesl, C. Riggio. T. Mascilalc. Second Row: I-I. Kepp, A. Alberl, E. Golhier, C. Jones, M. Slep- xiewslci, J. Godleslci, O. DeCinIi, C. Turcan, Miss Slernples. Third Row: J. Brislin, F. Kyvalc, R. Ashofl, J. Slernpin, P. Williams, I. Miller, G. Kaschenbach, J. Mulreany. Fourlh Row: J. Dombroslci, W. I'Ieberling, L. Roper, A. McCarlhy, I. Woychiclc, F. Caslrignano, J. Glasser. Fiffh Row: M. Choolc, L. Kanner, J. Moresco, L. Fischer, E. Love, 5. Habib. Miss Lord-2 I 2 Firsl Row: B. Thomas, M. Mulreany, G. Finlc, M. Leo, D. Wollslceil, I. Swanlelc, M. Opel, B. Herslelc, V. Konsavage. Second Row: S. Dolinslci, M. Fosler, N. Declcer, V. Dornbroslci, J. Dslrowslci, C. Devaney, M. Reisser, M. I-Iandza, Charles Adams, Miss .ord. Third Row: C. Carler, L. Rolh, A. Orekinlo, R. Kocher, F. Jozapai- 'is, F. Joseph, L. Kraclcenlels. Fourih Row: J. Marlin, W. Yurak, N. Gullo, J. Ivanoslni, M. Dualla. S. Musial. Fif+h Row: C. Prolowslci, C. Swenski, E. Black, P. Bowles, J. Novals, XI. Freeman. Miss Malinowski-2 I 3 Firsf Row: B. Moran, C. Raczlcowslci, A. Ryan, B. Joseph, M. O'Don- well, I. Kowalec, F. Lucarino, R. Slcobodzinslci, D. Kairailis. Second Row: B. Jones, R. Gorham, R. Daywood, S. Collins, L. Dnaclci, R. Poperowifch, D. Robinson, R. Lopallo, Miss E. Malinowslci. Third Row: E. Yapsuga, J. Emanslci, M. DeII'Aglio, A. Peiyalc, T. Cennedy, B. Label, A. Allan, E. Kolenda. Fourih Row: J. Magera, E. Klepaslci, M. Teich, G. McEneny, T. Culney. T. Mooney, B. Gullerman. Fifth Row: J. Wallos, A. Magli, E. Koury, A. Pilch, E. Smilh, J. Eallagher, J. Llewellyn. .......-an "7 A e ones The slars bul nOI mov' Learning aboul I Mr. Dobb-205 Firs+ Row: R. Feisl, P. Snarslci, M. Sincavage, E. Cecere, L. Zalcara- sleas, G. Morrissey, E. Carler, E. Price, A. Piellulciewicz. Second Row: Mr. V. E. Dobb, L. Nardone, D. M. Flynn, E. Balulis, I. E. Rodgers, T. I-I. Krombel, M. Macho, J. Berger, T. O'DonneIl. Third Row: C. Budzyn, L. Slein, G. Slorz, F. I-Iaedl, A. Gullo, O. Owens, C. Schwarlz, L. I-lannye, Jr., S. Kornaclcie. Fourfh Row: I. Kaplan, G. Fischer, L. Kanner, J. Woronlca, R. Ziegler, W. Owens, W. Sine. Fiffh Row: M. Davis, C. Maclciewiz, L. Kalaful, J. Wallers, I-'I. Or- ganelc, P. Andrews. ...-nd are on The leli and IcnowS are When unlicjrfvlhe riqhl, il should Work Miss Regan-2 I 4 Firsl Row: R. Evans, L. Pelriclc, B. Sahd, L. Krause, E. Oleria, J. Paniczlco, J. Pelro, I'I. Bohan, G. I-Iyder. Second Row: J. Shairnan, A. Ciavarella, E. Dennis, D. Olinslci, M. Owens, L. Miall, A. Slanziale, A. Pelroslci, Miss R. Regan. Third Row: P. Mengalc, L. Gallagher, R. Nolan, P. Blaum, B. Redick, A. Miller, D. Gilberl, R. Philpolls, E. I-Iughes. Four+h Row: B. Riley, L. Wagner, B. Godleski, A. Eigenbrod, H Snyder, P. Palladino, J. McLarney, L. I-Ioyl. Fif+h Row: L. Bieleslci, F. Wierzbiclci, J. Salwoslci, L. Beierle, F Kleem, B. Thomas. Miss Phillips-2 I 6 Firsi Row: G. Abod, F. Kemmerer, C. Davis, A. Bailcauslras, C Tallciewicz, F. Kevachlca, E. M. Clayworlh, S. Curry, D. Capriolli. Second Row: B. Jones, I-I. Pomianelc, F. Woiiclc, C. Schmid, E. Jos eph, I. Malilconis, J. Grzywacz, A. T. Kelly, M. Margo. Third Row: B. Zailcoslci, J. I-Iarrily, R. Marlin, J. Greever. F. Bau man, T. Villani, A. Cecere. Fourfh Row: S. Kauczlca, J. Shiner, T. Zavela, J. Juzwialc, D. Savina Fiffh Row: I-I. Weinberg, A. Levy, I-I. Mallcemes, J. Lowery, J Morio. Page Fifly-nine Ll-an -'Y ' I h a dozen oi my V ---- hers is worl One word Oi Miss G. Silvius-I I I Firsl Row: T. Frankowiak, O. Gulick, F. Mainolli, R. Perlman, J. Thomas, W, Kelly, V. Maminski, T. Williams, H. Favinski. Second Row: R. M. Salvage, M. Rose, T. Charles, B. Pallerson, A. Rallanavich, J. Charnik, B. Slesney, M. Grohowski, I. Ziqmanl, M. Jacobson. Third Row: B. Trolla, H. Vande-rrnark, R, Di Sanlo, J. Lyons, J. O'MaIley, L. Weinslock, A, Angelo, R. M. McCabe. Fourlh Row: Miss G. M. Silvius, I. Hughes, R. Bassler, J. Pelrella, E. Sholkauskas, C. Slesney. Fillh Row: G. McCacarni, S. Sabilsky, L. Pasquini, E. S. Vievdi, J. Feisl, N. Helviq, J. Pawlowski. l "' 9 arlisrs Painls, brushes. and lalenl make lulur Miss Bauer-207 Firsl Row: E. Albrechl, S. Ellis, T. Johns, R. Sividerski, V. Moharler, P. Auslin, J. Coury, F. Lagonegro, M. R. Bradshaw. Second Row: Miss Bauer, J. Achery, C. Zampelli, P. Rayeski, V. Oliver, E. Joseph, D. Speer, N. Dupack, S. Pelrosky, M. Verdi. Third Row: A. Alberl, R. Jones, H. Koch, J. Elias, E. Boqumil, G Hakim, L. George. B. Morgan. Fourlh Row: T. S. Pylell, C. Slorm, R. Marinelli, A. Manuchio, B. Melan, E. Sarham. Fiflh Row: C. Lahr, R. Romiski, J. Rzanca, F. Gabel, B. Decker, F. Ford. Paqe Sixlv Mr. Warden-2 I 8 Firsl Row: M. Ruddy, M. Belchunes, J. Langley, E. Speer, E. Echmid K. Birk, R. Johnson, B. Harlzel, K. M. Greever. Second Row: Mr. S. R. Warden, A. Shinder, F. I-lavlerevich, I-I Fierman, H. Cecere, H. McCloskey, S. Savilz, D. Neckrich, L. Klimek J. Sakel. Third Rowg J. Skawski, R. Roblins, D. Langan, V. Saracino, J. Klein F. Galamo. Fourlh Row: J. Washnis, T. Ellis, J. Chulvick, J. Evans, F. Holzman J. Snee. Fiflh Row: W. Jackson, W. Hughes, J. Williamson, R. Mace, S Derelo, H. McDonald, S. Urban. Miss Ruddy-20I Firsl Row: R. Pasone, E. Bronchik, T. Swarlwood, S. Tolon, D. Lavelle T. Decker, R. Barberia, J. Slencavage, R. Williams, M. Conner, G Williams. Second Row: M. Elias, G. Barnes, A. Oleniak, D. Herskowilz, A Ellis, R. Walsh, A. Lynn, N. Pilch, D, Derlevich, L. Granda. Third Row: J. Hassy, E. Fial, T. Slelonelli, A. Marlinez, R. Owens, E. Rills, A. Cardinali, R. Barker. Fourlh Row: Miss M. T. Ruddy, F. Slaley, G. Yazeck, P. Thomas S. Bozenka, A. Scureman, I. Sloodley. Fillh Row: J. Ruddy, E. Minnich, E, Jimisone, D. Rinker, E. Cohen Miss M. Silvius-206 Firsl Row: M. Gallagher, W. Macorkel, F. Yanushonis, R. Marlin D. Cera, M. Hollman, L. Marlin, A. Palazzari, K. Phillips, J. Owen. Second Row: M. Wilson, A. Monlo, B. Hargreave, J. Brown, M Green, P. Corrigan, G. Pensak, D. Davis, U. Lules, J. Boyle. Third Row: Miss M. G. Silvius, R. Marlin, R. Complon, E. Worley M. McGinley, S. Dziedziak, L. Maiikas, J. Lovendusky, E. Krombel M. Budzyn. Fourlh Row: J. Lenahan, J. Schmid, J. Oslroski, W. Zekas, J Schmid, B. Berger, W. Breese. Fillh Row: A. Daley, R. Pellon, J. Gresh, D. Evans, W. Jones, P Corbell. Miss Slark-209 Firsl Row: M. Simakaski, H. Orowicz, G. McAvoy, M. Lyons, H Okroqli, C. Monlro, C. Conner, S. Cuscela, S. Malinowski, F. Macie- rowski, L. DeBiasi. Second Row: J. Monle, L. Melluzzo, M. J. Marlin, R. Isaac, I. Trin- ney, J. Ward, C. Garlner, A. Pelruzzine, A. Collins, Miss Slark, VV Garrell. Third Row: W. McGlynn, D. Jones, J. Cecere, A. Smilh, V. Marich G. Boline, J. Colanna. Fourlh Row: M. Horlone, J. Assid, NN. Remphrey, E. Perillo, W Glawe, R. Woronko, C. Cumpbel' Fillh Row: J. Klimak, P. Fiascki. J. Mohan, J. Cease, E. Lidz, M Wallers. pnnn q:v+u.nnn Pane Slxfv-Two Miss Hari'-2I I Firsl Row: M. Naurn, L, Slollz, A. Waller, R. Thorpe, E. Kusman . Savage, F. Chipeleuski, T. George, J. McGralh, T. Moses. Second Row: Miss Harl, A. Harrily, R. M. Cross, M. Nallen, J. ane, D. Balleck, E. Davis, M. Ahlbrandl, L. Tippell, D. Ahlbrandl. Third Row: B. McDade, F. Helleran, J. Ulqherail, F. Cawley, H, 'ucker, E. Milelski, F. Talabil, B. Gruver. Fourlh Row: L. Pudirn, J. Riley, F. MacFadden, G. Aposlol, J. Sher- an, S. Dudik, N. Jones, C. Tusinski. Fiflh Row: R, Taylor, J. Planlarich, A. Jozapailis, R. Joseph, T. ardone, E. Gudailis, B. Fckoll. Miss Hahn-I I2 Firsl Row: G. Remphrey, M. Pelers, H. Gill, D, Rayeski, M. Kelly. . Marlin, H. Suchouiecki, C. Marsicano, F. Smalls. Second Row: Miss M. M. Hahn, W. Rensak, M. C. Jones, D. Orlo- i, G. Chiloro, M. Correll, R. Devlin, J. Cummiskey, R. Klein. Third Row: B. Morris, J. Flannery, D. Fuller, C. Thomas, J. Hellrick, Ferruci, A. Magera. J. Dully. Fourlh Row: F. Smilh, R. Fosler, B. Cook, J. Ballrus, J. Downie, S. ampbell, A. Pelrello, J. Kowalec, V. Macri. Fiflh Row: R, Carey, K. Hughes, J. Mascilak, J. Hollman, J. Rod- ers, J. McCabe. Mrs. Klein-I I3 Firsf Row: I. Pinchock, J. Sleigo, W. Sevilski, M. Vv'aller, C. Monlo, . Hughes, C. Slesney, F. Oslrowski, C. Saracino, L. Joseph, B. J. allaqher, M. Slark. Second Row: A. Chiarucci, E. Yalko, E. Rarniski, L. Larili, P. Kesler, Lowe, F. Paulanka, D. M. Davis, I. Zobel, D. Przybeck. Third Row: J. Kelly, E. Gulkowski, R. Konsavaqe, P. Brislol, J, Car- l, R. Mosl, D, Kerins. Fourlh Row: R. Milasius, H. Kambles, A. DeLuca, J. Marich, V. 2Lida, A. Kaida, R. Hannye. Fiflh Row: E. Tarlowski, J. Swiderski, E. Brislol, V. Slaqloll, E. De ichell. ...- I I When in doubl searCl1 Them OUT Miss Hoary-2 I 5 Firsl Row: L. Decker, G. Lipkan, A. Cuscela, G. Barheria, E. Mislak D. McHenry, G. Roberls, B. M. Shiber, C. Yorio. Second Row: Miss K. Hoary, B. Slankiewicz, A. Davis, C. Pelcaugh M. Schullz, J. Owens, M. Anlhony, I. Slankiewiz, L. Michael. Third Row: R. Krall, W. Nardone, E. Beecham, P. Nardone, W Gillens, R. Nesbill. Fourlh Row: W. Evans, A. Angelo, C. Meighan, F. Dwyer, E Mailander. Fifih Row: J. McCabe, C. Trolla, K. Kocher, L. Thiel. L i -Tv One ol lhose rare sludy periods Miss Moyer-I I4 Firsl Row: P. Balisla, B. Gdovin, A. Monle, P. Mosl, R. Zarnpelli, L. Novak, L. Marlin, F. Malla, J. Capriolli, T. Konecka, A. Orlando, S. Minnick. Second Row: Miss C. M. Moyer, M. Mike, M. Erlle, H. Slernpin, B. Schwarlz, J. Sudol, L, Wade, T. Pelruzzini, R. M. Perrella, J. Pylell. Third Row: D. Miller, R. Palsko, J. Thomas, M. Swylch, B. Chernyl, G, Marlin, G. I-Iandzo, R. Williams. Fourlh Row: J. Fedonizak, A. Krokoski, J. Kleern, F. Bradshaw, S. Pawlowski, A. Nicholas, E. Wyda, S. Zacararvich, J. Chmiel, Fiflh Row: B. Dullinqer, R. Ruddy, J. Cross, A. Pauskonis, C. Rolh, C. Kishick. Mr. Collini-I I5 Firsl Row: M. Paduck, F. Teresinski, A. Davis, M. McGreery, D. Konecka, T. Mike, A. Gross, D. Wood, M. Williams. Second Row: A. Flynn, I. Dolny, F. Rzonca, F. Dolny, D. Zavislak, E, M. Walker, E. Peeropan. Third Row: C. Jenkins, A. Swylch, G. Glaser, N. Perkino, R. Long, E. Keller, B. Wornelsdorl, J. Anlhony, J. Cook, A. Dal Sanlo, B. Pelro- sky. Fourlh Row: Mr. C. J. Collini, H. I-Iannanan, R. Gilberl, F. Lovell, J. Gilberl, W. Dombroski, P. George, S. Ras. Fiffh Row: W. Blocker, F. Palsey, F. Chmiel, D. Phillips, B. Hollrnan R. Wade. Paqe Sixlv-lhree Athletics Parade Americanism as a parf of Hwe sporfs progra Fonthall NexT in The parade comes The gallanT warrior of The sporT Teams, FirsT in This baTTalion is The TooTball Team coached by Harold "DuTch" WermuTh, assisTed by "Grim" Collini. As They march by wiTh Their banners waving, The recollecTions oT Their Triumps and deTeaTs appear in our minds, FirsT: SepTember 2 I-Tie G. A. R. "Grenadiers" clashed againsT iTs TradiTional opener, NanTicolce, and puT up a Tierce baTTle amidsT The heavy downpour oT rain. BoTh Teams Tinished The game wiTh 0's To show Tor The day's worlc. Second: SepTember 28-Tie Boy, whaT a game! Luzerne and G. A. R. Final score oT 2020 doesn'T accounT Tor The brillianT baTTle puT up by The "Soldiers" To win a moral vicTory. In The TirsT halT Dyalco- vich and Yursrashes oT The "Lions" crossed The goal, and The Tormer converTed. LaTer "Bob" Howell, Tor The "HillTopers," plunged across The line To malce The score I4-6. Early in The Third period iT was Luzerne again wiTh Dyalcovich scoring on a wide sweep around end. The lciclc Tailed, lT was Then ThaT The G. A. R. boys exploded inTo a bolTing, pushing squad oT Touchdown demons. "Rog" and "Bob" were The main reasons Tor Tying The score, TirsT on a pass Trom "Bob", and Then an endfromp. Roger Tallied Twice. WeinsTocl4 Tied The score wiTh conversions on boTh occasions. Third: OcTober 5-Defeai' For The Third successive Time Cv. A. R. bowed To The 'TGree Raiders" OT Larlrsville I2-7. Romanowslqi and Lamparslci ce ried The pigslcin across The lasT whiTe line Tor Their alma maTe while "Bernie" Oldsey made a specTacular run oT 55 yards score, aTTer a IO-yard heave Trom "Reg" Howell. WeinsTo prompTly and surely converTed. The "Soldiers" Tried aga To score buT Tailed on The 40-yard line. FourTh: OcTober I 2-VicTory Yeh! We won. We beaT The "Red Raiders" oT Plains, ar Howell again paces The Team To vicTory. His pass To "Ea Ras in The end zone counTed Tor The TirsT six poinTs, and The lasT Tive minuTes a shorT heave over The goal To Oldsf did The Triclc. Balas oT Plains did a Tine iob, and Payahani scored on a Tlulce pass. Final score G. A. R. IZ, Plains 6. FiTTh: OcTober I9-VicTory lT's geTTing To be a habiT now. Paced by The Two K KeaTing and Kennedy, G. A. R. "Blue and Grayersu Toppls a hard-TighTing Township Team Trom Hanover 7-0. The sco came in The lasT guarTer, when The ball was broughT up To Tl 3-yard line by Kennedy. On The lasT down "Ed" Ras on reverse Trom "Rog" plunged across The line. "FaiThTul Zelci senT The ball midway beTween The uprighTs. Firsf Row: S. KuTney, V, STanl4evich, L. Trapanese, A. DalTon, W. Lloyd, G. Naclcley, J. Tallciewicz. Second Row: AssisTanT Coach Collini, C. Schooley, W. Romanaslcas, B. Howell, R. Howell, Coach WermuTh. Third Row: G. Evanoski, E. Torrella, E. Ras, E. Godleslci, H. WeinsToclc, H. GuTTerrnan, A. Slcobodzinslci, H. Supinslci, L. Troy, L. Kennedy, B, Oldsey. FourTh Row: M. Ras, N. Cross, G. Kupris, F. Juswialc, B, Moscow, L. Auzura, C. Tucker, F. KarkuTis, J. Moniclc, J. KeaTing, E. Roebuclc, A. Lucidi, T. Valailca, S. Lovenduslcy. u I Coach Collini: Romanaskas and Howell giving pep Talks: Our cheerleaders in acTion and aT resTg The band warming up: Coach WermuThq Our cheerleaders: Girls. C. SchwarTz, M. Bigoski, K. Jones, B. GarTner, D. Weidner: Boys, R. Ball, E. Clocker. R. Richardson, H. PonTing: Gur drum maior and maioreTTes: R. Zobel, J. Bempkins, D. Richardson. Th: OcTober 26--DeTeaT knew iT was Too good To be True: "Shawnee againsT The rld" and They sure meanT iT. G. A. R. Taced The besT squad boys ThaT ever came ouT oT PlymouTh and losT bravely. Tes Tallied The TirsT score, and Then The Touchdown Twins, dek and 'lNo Man", Tinished up. Final score 20-O. fenTh: November II-VicTory See, half-way Through To ciTy championship. So as noT To geT lasT year's conTesT, Coughlin meT The "Grenadiers" in 'yers sTadium wiTh rain and high spiriTs. IT was "Big Bill" hanaskas ThaT sparked The Team, and he Tinally scored, buT Nas up To WeinsTock's educaTed Toe To booT The exTra nT and overshadow lier in The game by The six poinTs ThaT Coughlin gained a pass. hTh: November I 6-DeTeaT always a sTumbling block in iTs paTh, The "Maroon and Gray" oT KingsTon handed G. A. R. iTs Third loss OT The sea- son 33-3. 'lzekel' WeinsTock accounTed Tor The 3 poinTs by a Tield goal Trom The I8-yard sTripe. Marcenko, Margavage and Fahey carried The bacon Tor KingfsTon. NinTh: November 28-VicTory The TenTh annual Thanksgiving day classic came To a close wiTh The I4 Seniors playing Their hearTs ouT Tor The lasT Time and winning I3-O over Meyers. The Tield was a mass OT snow and ice. In The Third quarTer "Big Bill" Romanaskas plunged over Trom The 20-yard line. Talcavage Tallied TirsT Tor The "HillToppers" by recovering a Tumble behind Meyers' goal. Kennedy plunged over Tor The exTra poinT. We saluTe The boys ThaT played Their lasT game, HaTs OTT To "Rog" Howell, "Bill" Romanskas, Harry WeinsTock, "Red" Schooley, 'lJim" KeaTing, 'lHank" Supinski, "Bernie" Oldsey, George Nackley, "Iggy" NeviTski, "AV DalTon, "Levy" Trapaneze, 'lSully" STancavage, 'lSTeve" KuTney, and "STeve" Loven- dusky. Again we saluTe The CiTy "Champs" D C vft' In 5: 41 : S ' gn W ' L- . r A i. . .V S, 1, . 'UU ' I . L if , f vi V , , . , f 4.1 ,-4 , ,J ' H c 5 K " 'G X' 3, v 5, , ,Q fn 2 ,L QIA 'hx iilyf ge 1 fi A ,v,A f, L2 4 Yi Basketball As lhe parade progresses, lhe lamiliar sounds ol swishing els, bouncing balls, and cries ol players running back and :rlh reach our ears. Under lhe sharp eyes and coaching ol 3ob" Thomas and "Bill" Jones, lhe I94l baskelball squad soved lo be anolher winner by laking lhe cily championship ld parlicipaling in lhe second hall playolls wilh Kingslon. Wilh only lwo oul ol six regulars back Coach "Tommy" ad lo build a new squad. The lirsl lour league games were sl lo Kingslon, Berwick, Newporl. and Plymoulh respec- rely. - Aboul lhe lime lhal Roger Howell reioined lhe lineup lhe -am really began lo shape inlo a winning live combinalion. ie mainslays proved lo be I-lowell, Johns, Benevilch, Evan- aki, and Kisller, wilh Williams and Bulick as reserves. They wenl lo Nanlicoke lor lhe lirsl win: Coughlin was de- aled 36-307 and lhe lirsl hall ended by downing lhe sisler hool, Meyers. The beginning ol lhe second hall was a lasl and lurious lair. The squad look lhe leams in lheir order and broke em one by one. Firsl lhey won 49-29 over lhe "Maroon and ray" ol Kingslon: nexl, a 25-24 viclory al lhe expense ol srwick. Kisller's one poinl in lhe lasl lew seconds accounled r lhis win. Wilh Johns collecling eleven lallies lhe lirsl hall fhampsf' lhe "Shawnees," were lrampled under. Going :ang in lorillianl slyle, Newporl was mel and delealed due lo enevilch's and Bulick's super playing. Again Bulick gol lol" and his eleven poinls helped lo push Coughlin oul ol e way. Aller eighl decisive wins il came-lhe invincible anlicoke leam on lheir home lloor, 'won over lhe "Grena- er" 40-37. The boys weren'l licked, lor lhey wenl lhrough .win lhe Cily Championship by handing Meyers a 32-3I ss. . In lhe second hall playolls wilh Kingslon, belore a crowd 700 lans al Meyers sladium, G. A. R., cily champs ol 4I, losl lhe lasl game ol lhe season lo Kingslon, who wenl and delealed Plymoulh lor lhe IGGQWIS championship. To gel a lew ideas ol lhe year's resulls is lhe lollowing alislics ol lhe players and leam as a whole: HOME GAMES Dale School G. A. R. January I0 Kingslon 34 January I7 Plymoulh 24 January 24 Coughlin 36 January 3I Nanlicoke 43 February I4 Berwick 25 February 2I Newporl 36 March '4 Meyers 32 AWAY GAMES Dale School G. A. R. January I4 Berwick 27 January 2l Newporl 26 February 4 Meyers 30 February I2 Kingslon 49 February I8 Plymoulh 46 February 25 Coughlin 40 February 28 Nanlicoke 37 NON-LEAGUE GAMES Dale School G. A. R. December 6 Wilkes-Barre Twp. 35 December I3 Slroudsburg 8 December I7 Alumni 35 January 7 Qxshley 24 March 8 Kingslon lPlayollsl 39 Manager and limekeeper-Jim Roderick. Scorer-Earl I-Ialner. INDIVIDUAL SCORES Players Field Goals Free Goals Benevilch 49 28 Evanoski 38 I4 Kisller 33 I7 Johns 30 I4 "Reg" I-lowell I6 I3 Bulick I4 6 Williams 3 I Roebuck 3 O Juzwiaic I 2 "Bob" I-lowell I I Talkiewicz I I Opp. I9 27 30 36 24 29 3I Opp. 37 29 26 29 39 3I 40 Opp. I7 25 33 23 48 Pls. I26 90 83 74 37 34 7 6 4 3 3 Firsl Row: G. Evanoski, W, Johns. R. l-lowell, W. Benevilch, M. Bulick, W. Kisller. Second Row: J. Audi. B. l-lowell, E. Roebuck, J. Roderick, Manager: S. Williams, F. Juzwiak, J. Talkiewicz. Page Sixl V-nlnn , ?Qg?x5 wiv in ,gg Q, -"' ,, i k,., H ' -ffff'fQ, V, .ji-11:2--'M - T 5, f 5 , ' lk ? 2 Azzu 5 , . , : TK V ...,V., K , , ' "iii: Q 'QA Q - Y V ix 2 ,,-- 51... ' til Q 5 Q , .:...,,. , A,A,4,,,2 m 5 W , M f s 1 MSE ZW' 2553 is 1 5 f . ,f-: f F EMS A 5 'Q , mins sf 12- 2 ,f 1 vwa-,wk ,W W V- A ,rn tg' E 5 was X Q? 1 3' , n A A 5 i YY 551'-3 ilifyikfv V, M. ezziggg Q Y Ba? if W M X ,.,, I E " LKA' fs .iffy 35M ,45- + K was f 4 m z W - ig-:-,:.:,, '- ' A W f-12 ' W Tai gi, , . , - , Lx 5 . Li A ' , T! X., 4 55' 371 I .. vi fi af 5 Baseball WiTh The crack oT The baT, The swish oT The Tlying ball rough The air, and spikes digging up The dirT we nod when e baseball Team in Tull regalia passes in review. Coached f Mr. KenneTh SmiTh, The "champs" of I94O again show eir sTuTT by winning Their TirsT Three games in excellenT rm. Travelling To ExeTer Tor iTs opener, The Team, wiTh "Mel" :kerman on The mound, swamped The ExeTer nine I9-I. iTTing honors wenT To "Bobby" Howell, who had a Triple, uuble, and a single ouT of Tour Trips To The plaTe, and Tammy" Williams Tor his "homer," and Two singles, making Three Tor Tive. NexT, iT was The "Nans" who Tell beTore The "Garmen" in a Thrilling game ThaT ended 8-7 Tor anoTher win Tor Ackerman and The Team. CapTain "Curly" BeneviTch and "STeve" KuTney Took TirsT places Tor baTTing. WiTh Monick "shooing" The "horse-hide" across The plaTe anoTher vicTory was chalked up Tor The "Grenadiers" as Coughlin bowed 3-O. Again iT was "Sammy" Williams, The slugging TirsT baseman, ThaT TeaTured Tor The day wiTh Two hiTs. The TourTh game oT The TirsT half is yeT To be played aT Meyers and Then a repeaT oT Tour games To be played before a successTul year can be reached. l-lere's cannon's Tull oT baseball luck Tor The remainder oT The season. Evanoski geTs a hiT: Williams saTe aT TirsTg Bulick slides in: PeTyak swings hard: l-lowell rounds Third: RaykowiTz hiTs and an reaches TirsT: Williams goes aTTer a good one: BeneviTch. sTar caTcher, and Ackerman, sTar piTcher. FirsT Row: KuTney, Williams, Ackerman, BeneviTch, capTain, Tucker, RaykoviTz, Bulick. Second Row: Cecere, Auzura, Moses, PeTyak, Johns, Monick. Finnegan, Franks. Third Row: Delzilippi, Evanoski, KisTler, Juzwiak, Audi, Moraski, VVyda, Moresco, Owens, senior manager. FourTl1 Row: Mr. Myerly. TaculTy manaager: Mr. SmiTh, coach: WomelsdorT, Meniak, Skawski, Howell, Ras. Page SevenTv-one Track lNloThing is more specTacular in The realms OT sporT Than The ancienT games oT The Greeks. To see The running Tig- ures, The soaring iavelin, we Take noTice OT The Track Team coached loy "Vic" Baiz as iT sTrikes our eyes when The parade moves on. The TirsT meeT held aT Meyers on April 30 saw lasT year's winning Team comTorTably deTeaT Meyers 68-45. Co-capTains Ball and Cldsey paced Their Team To vicTory. ln Their second encounTer The "HillToppers" Toppled KingsTon 59454 on May 4 wiTh The relay deciding The day. Hughes, Ellis, Kennedy, and Ball Took parT in The Tinal evenT. Ball won The 440-yard dash in 53,6 seconds, clipping Toi. TenThs OT a second OTT The record. Oldsey, who was co-hold oT The 220-yard low hurdles record, seT a new mark oT 24 seconds, Two-TenThs oT a second under The old one. KeaTir sTarred in boTh meeTs by Taking The 880 and also placir TirsT in The iavelin aT Meyers. The Team has PlymouTh, P. l. A. A., Coughlin, and The Ci MeeT wiTh which To compeTe. As This arTicle goes To pre we exTend our 'wishes To The squad Tor as successTul a seas: as lasT year's championship Team. KeaTing crossing The lineg The nexT evenT-7 Ball Tinishes TirsT3 PonTing leaps highg Oldsey over The Top: Supinv ski clears iT easilyg Clocker is ahead: Tarlosky swings high. Q Firsf Row: Clocker, Lovendusky, Ellis, AnThony, KeaTing, Kennedy, Ball, co-capTain: Qldsey, co-capTainq Dumble, Piccar- rella, Henson, O'Rourke. Second Row: Romanaskas, Dubinski, Basler, Berger, Noyack, Lloyd, Hughes, RoTh, Thomson, STorT7, Vandermark, Talkiewicz, Williams. Third Row: Mr. Wood, assisTanT coach: Dorang. Urban, Karp, Woranka, Wallers. Moyles, Zakaraskas, Caruso, Solomon, KraTZ, Kerins, BenneTTo, Uzdilla, Cronauer. FourTh Row: Mr. Myerly, TaculTy manager, Skobodzinski, Tripp, Kubick, Berger, Magdelinskas, Brennan, Ungar, Joseph, Marino, Sowakinas, Teich, McEneny. FifTh Row: Mr. Bail, coachp Solomon, Jones, STankevich, DalTon. Sobers. Cross, Lucidi, KirkuTis, PonTing, Michaels, Phillips, John, senior manager. Pano Qr:vonTv-Twn Girl g Volleyball-Basketball The band plays on, and as The parade progresses, The irls' Honor Volley Ball Team, under The excellenT coaching l Mrs. Helen Brennan Jones, comes inTo view. For The Third ansecuTive Time, The "Gargirls" copped The ciTy champion- ip by winning boTh oT iTs conTesTs played againsT Meyers. The TirsT game was held aT Meyers on March 2l wiTh The . A. R. Team coming ouT on Top oT a 37-ll score. ln The cond encounTer, played aT G. A. R., The Honor Volley Ball am deTeaTed The SouTh Willces-Barre sexTeT 26-I7. The Team was composed oT girls selecTed Trom a group oT Tramural Teams, among whom were only Two Seniors, Fran- is Zailcoslci and Sophie Kenslci. The inTramural Teams played iminaTion maTches aTTer school under The careTul eye oT rs. Jones. Marching in sTep, parade The parTicipanTs oT The Girls' xslceTball Club consisTing oT abouT TwenTy-Tiye members, rs'l' Row: E. NNalTers, J. Bielsle, v1eTelslci, L. Pograniczny, K. Chi- wslci, R. Tallcewicz, J. Hause, H. la, R. Gadleski, R. Gorham, F. aslci, S. Kenslci, T. Haslinslci, L. iinskas, M. Ruddy. Second Row: GuTTerman, E. Cruser, H. Mila- J. Solcoloslci, A. Keralavage, M. hinslci, H. B. Jones, coach: W. olaski, D. JosapaiTis, F. Olzewslci, avolaslci, C. STaedle, H. PonTing. 'rsT Row: L. Pograwiczuy, T. Has- y, R. Gocham, R. Godliclci, A. ella, M. Lewis, M. SuTlcus, R. iewicz, H. Kalda, J. Honse, E. ser. Second Row: S. Tomalinas, Medon, J. CosTes, C. STaedele. Milasius. J. Seiger, D. JozapaiTis. Esser, B. Garfner, R. Farrell, E. Ters, B. Moran, H. GuTTerman. coached by Miss Mary Henry. Teams were organized ac- cording To grades, including 9Th Through I2Th. The lOTh grade Team emerged vicTorious in The inTramural games held aTTer school, wiTh The I lTh grade Team running second. Two games were played, boTh wiTh Meyers as The opponenT. The l lTh grade Team ThaT opposed Meyers consisTed also of Two Seniors, because iT was Their lasT opporTuniTy To show Their abiliTy Tor Their Alma MaTer. The Tollowing players made up The Teams: RuTh Farrell, C5erTrude Esser, Julia CosTes. MarTha Medon, Jean Seiger, BeTTy GarTner, Doris Mulvey, Ann PeTrella, Jane Hause, HenrieTTa Kajda, Elma Cruser, DoroThy JozapaiTis, l.oTTie Pograniczky, Rosemary Tallciewicz, Theresa Haslinslcy, and CaTherine STaedele. Timelceeper: Helen GuTTerman. Scorekeeper: Helen Milasius. The TirsT game held aT Meyers on March I2 ended in a vicTory Tor Meyers 29-2, and Two days laTer came anoTher deTeaT Tor The "HillToppers" on Their own Tloor 203. Page SevenTy-Th ree rganizations 011 aralle Iv1.S+ein, R. Mann, M. Sare, J. Lang, L. Terascavage F. Armbrusfer, L. Corbeff. Paqe Se em'y Fve Senior Student Council The nucleus oT liTe in G. A. R. is The Senior STudenT Coun- . Each homeroom is represenTed in This council by a meroom presidenT who is elecTed by a popular voTe. lT The duTy of This represenTaTive To express The ideas and :ws oT his room. The Senior STudenT Council meeTs once a monTh under Miss McAniTT's direcTion To discuss currenT school problems and plan TuTure social acTiviTies Tor The sTu- denTs. By knowing The opinions oT a large maioriTy oT The sTudenTs They are able To plan an acTive and more compleTe reperToire oT programs, assemblies, and dances. FirsT Row: R. RaykoviTz, E. KuTney, l. Margolis, J. De Filippi, T. Uhlar, Vice-PresidenT: J. Lang, PresidenT: J. Farrell, D. Layden, H. WeinsTock. Second Row: B. LanTerrnan, R. Farrell, K. McCarThy, L. Terascavage, P. Davis, B. OpeT, B. Keipres, M. Tripp, H. Davidson, J. Brannon. Third Row: F. Gueshaber, W. CoaTs, T, Hughes, J. Shaskas, J. Basgier, P. Davis, J. Good. FourTh Row: D. De Filippi, W. Phillips, M. RoTh, M. SaviTz, B. Jones, L. Finnegan, D. MarTin. Home Boom No club nor organizaTion is compleTe 'wiThouT a secreTary Take down The minuTes oT iTs meeTing. Homeroom meeT- gs are no excepTions To This, and in order ThaT The sTudenTs ry know whaT has Taken place This eTTicienT group oT secre- 'ies are The recorders OT homeroom opinions, and Thereby Secretaries They are a viTal TacTor in sTudenT governmenT. Miss McAniTT. acTiviTy direcTor, meeTs wiTh This group Trom Time To Time, and They are advised in The proper procedure and Technique OT noTe-Taking. Their experience may serve Them in good sTead as They parade along The acTiviTies OT liTe. FirsT Row: P. Carlin, C. Joseph, E. Bronchik, J. PyTell, C. MonTo, L. Joseph, R, Devlin, M. Handza, E. Clayworih, N. Bern- sTein, C. STern. Second Row: J. Owens, A. Senula, M. AposTol, M. Finnegan, J. Jackson, B. HarTzel, L. TippeTT, R. M. LOTTUS. J. PeTers. Third Row: M. Fischer, M. AhlbrandT, M. Pepperling. E. GoThies, H. GuTTerman. FourTh Row: W. Blocher, G. Hakim, P. Fiascki, J. CaTrino, B. Ferrchoros, R. Phillips, P. Andrews, T. McAndrew, G. Edwards, E. Kelley, L. Beurle. Bank Cashiers This huge organizaTion under Mr. WhiTney has one head shier and a hundred homeroom represenTaTives. These JresenTaTives are chosen by an elecTion in each homeroom. is Their duTy To encourage ThriTTiness in saving money. ey receive The money and see ThaT iT is properly recorded in Their bank books. The room wiTh The greaTesT number oT bankers each week is presenTed wiTh a beauTiTul banking ban- ner which is a symbol oT Their ThriTT. The basic purposes oi This organizaTion is To Teach ThriTT To The sTudenTs and seT The principles oT sysTemaTic savings To be used in TuTure Times. FirsT Row: J. De Rocco, T. STeToneTTi, W. Glawe, J. Gresh, R. MarTin, G. MarTin, A. Dol SanTo, V. Macri, R. Marinelli, B. Gillman, J. Klein. M. Dell'Aglio, L. MarTin. Second Row: B. J. Gallagher, A. Davis, J. Flannery, A. MiTelski, A. Moyles, L. Michael, M. Assid, T. Krombel, R. BaTisTa, E. Machonis, AssisTanT Head Cashier: L. Terascavage, Head Cashier: F. Reno, E. FioTi, I. Rohme, D. Derlevich, G. Davis, G. Tius, T. Fhankowiak, C. Decker, Mr. B. WhiTney. Third Row: A. Gross, H. Sidelnick, P. Gill, F. Paulanka, J. Kane, A. Ryan, R. Ceavauilla, M. George, J. Gulick, R. Perrella, A. SmiTh. F. De Geairno, M. Lewis, D. Richardson, E. Pierce, Y. Charles. FourTh Row: S. GriTTeTh, G. Sakalaski, P. BeckwiTh, B. PaTTerson, M. Thomas, L. Buickus, J. House, E. Davis, L. Simoncavage, A. Milasius, A. Powell, I. Dennis, G. Lokushek, D. MarTin, FiTTh Row: B. J, Brauch, L. RoTh, F. Hornnick, E. O'Donnell, B. Thomas, J. Audi, H. GuTTerman, P. Andrew, J. Cobbinski, H. SmiTh, S. Lubin, W. Saluski, E. Lenahan, J. Ayock. SixTh Row: A. PeTers. A. McCarThy, A. Levy, K. DuTTy, T. Zavela, H. McDonald, J. Gillman, A. Gelb, L. John, H. Snyder, A. Digiammarino, J. Sahd, J. Berger. Junior Student Council One oT The mosT imporTanT acTiviTies oT G. A. R. is iTs denT governmenTs. Such a group is The Junior STudenT uncil which serves as a guiding lighT Tor The sTudenTs. The 1ior STudenT Council is similar in sTrucTure To The Senior uncil. The members are The represenTaTives oT The vari- ous homerooms oT Junior High and The presidenTs oT The diTTerenT squads. They convene once a monTh wiTh Their capable and Triendly advisor, Miss McAniTT, To discuss cur- renT school problems and To aid in The planning oT suiTable school acTiviTies and social aTTairs Tor Junior High. FirsT Row: F. Hendricks, P. Davies, M. AhlbrandT, M. STack, P. BaTisTa, M. SchulTz, L. Granda, H. Fierman. Second Row: F. Macierowski, B. Evans, J. Ruddy, C. Adams, E. SmiTh, P. Bowles. T. O'Donnell, C. Tusinski, F. Dennis, Third Row: R. MosT. F. SmiTh, R. GilberT, R. KraiT, A. AlberT, M. HorTon. Pace Seveniv-seven FirsT Row: T. Nardono, R. Bassler, J. Gresh, J. Clarke, E. Lynn J, Marich, T. Wahl, J. Levendusky, J. Woronka. Second Row: G. Hawk, Y. Burgenio, J. ReTro, D. Gillespie, M George, A. Ciavarella, C. Eicke, PresidenTt A. Guoqus, H. Mayer holer, M. Tripp, L. TippoTT, E. RuTkoski Third Row: Z. Perlman, R. M, BaTisTa, A. Chiariucce, H, GuTTer- rnan. R. LoTTus, M. Figenbrod, C. Considine, J. House, C. Saba, T. Old7iewskl, A. Yaskas. FourTh Row: T. Haslinsky, C. Schooley, G, McEneny, J. CarTer, l Volley T Hughes R H ll J .. , . ' , , owe, , Rosenbaum, P. KuTchmer, L. SrnuloviT7. FiTTh Row: T. Thompson. T. Lucidi, A, Skowski, J. Mason, R. RaykoviT7, T. McAndrew, T. Valaika, S. William, S. KuTney, D. Flynn. SixTh Row: V. STankivich, T. Sobers L J Trapanese J W Roderick, R. Ball, D. Moody, H. Heck,IV.'Halile, C. RoBerTs, NT Weiss, W. Johns. As embly Squad l UZ WiThouT The splendid work oT The Assembly S uad our ' C1 audiToriurn would look guiTe disagreeable buT due To h T e eTTicienT and Thoroughness oT The squad iT is kepT neaT as a pin. IT is The iob oT each member To collecT and dis- pb Jr . . . ri u e song books Tor boTh Senior and Junior High. Each homeroom selecTs Two persons as represenTaTives oT Their individual rooms. IT is Their duTy To supply The necessary books and collecT Them, This year The Assembly Squad is under Th ' ' ' e managernenT oT Miss Hahn, who is ably assisTed by Their presidenT, Carrie Eicke. rs 1- . -1. FirsT Row: Marion STolTz, B. Hahula, M. MishikiTis, C. Cunne' F. Zaikoski, S. Kenski, L. Dziedzic, D. Brewer, B. Evans. Second Row: F. SuTkus, M. Fischer, E. Dombroski, M. Abod, lv Naum, PresidenTq M. STein, CapTain: J. N. Dolinski, CapTaing DeuTsch, CapTain: G. Hashem, CapTainq L. SmuloviTz, B. Hasherr J. Urnlah, T. Haslinsky. Third Row: Miss M. McAniTT, C. Linkiewicz, J. PeTro, E. Fog niczny, M. Thomas, G. Zarernbo, l. Fendler, H. Leskauskas, h Babinski, A. Milasius, L. Oleniak, L. Pograniczny, A. Mi lski P CaTTrey, l. Dennis. re Te ', FourTh Row: A. L. Johnson, F. Jones, Y, Burginia S , . Ringel, L Rlpkin, B. Briskin, J. PeTers, E. Cardinal, H. Coury, J. Hakim, l- MayerhoTer, N. BernsTein, R. Habib. Fiffh Row: A. Ciavarella, C. Schmid, R. Ciavarilla, C. McGawar E, Levy, E. FioTi, M. Lewis, M. AposTol, B. STevens, 6. TuroTT, T' Davidson, R. SeroTa. SixTh Row: S. MiTchneck, S. Finkelrnan, R. HarTman, D. Plar Tarich, C. Decker, M. Decker, A. Decker, M. Thomas, S. Richard J. Jackson, L. Sn'iiTh, M. Tripp. SevenTh Row: S. Rashesky, F. Godleski, E. Levey, H. ViTchuf . B iuk. Hall Patrnl The Hall PaTrol is "GAR's" own personal TraTTic Torce TT are The cheerTul paTrolmen ThaT are seen conducTing T huge crowds saTely Through The halls when periods are inT h d c ange . Girls, who have good scholasTic sTandings a know how To be orderly, are chosen as members. AT T TirsT bell Th b e mem ers Take up a cerTain sTaTion which assigned To Them and remain There unTil The halls are agl clear. The Hall PaTrol is rnasTerTully direcTed by Miss lv AniTT, who is assisTed by capTains elecTed Tor each Tloor. FirsT Row' G D . . avis, S, Cross, M. Gruver, B. Lowe, M. Gallagher, M. Huges, C. MwnTo, S. ToTon, M. Conner, M. Jones, D. Konecka, R. Monlo, Vice-PresidenT, Second Row: E. Perillo, C. Lasman, A. MonTo, M. Sirnakaski, V. Varich, L. STolTz, E, YaTko, D, Balleck, D. Lavelle, P. BrisTol, A. Collins, VV. Macorkel, F. Cummiskey, Mr. L. A. PelTon, Third Row: C. Barone, PresidenT: A. Silvick, D. Olinski, K, Buik, T. Oldziewski, U. LuTTes, P. Scureman, A. C.: H. ToTon, R, George, B. OpeT, B. Kosb, E. Piervpan. Fourfh Row: D. Jones, K. Jones, B. Jones, D. Owens, M. Kindler, ll. Mawery, P. Conwell, B. Kupris, P. Evans, M. C. Pepperling, J. XAcCabe. Fif+h Row: J. Opalka, CapTain: M. Klein, L. Kaminskos, H. Dudek, R. Rischler, H. WalTer, N. AlTavilla, E. Williamson, M. Appel, M. Fink. Cafeteria Patrol hroughouT The h year T ere has been very saTisTacTory order he caTeTeria as a resulT oT The masTerTul guidance oT The ieTeria PaTrol. The very compeTenT Mr. PelTon is aT The d oT This grouio, whose chieT duTy is seeing +ha+ The 2Teria is well regulaTed and ThaT The sTudenT body co- raTes in Their movemenT To keep The caTeTeria orderly. high looinT and only reward oT Those in This body oT TenTs is aT The end of Their Senior year when each receives wield, a symbol oT Tour years' oT worThy service To The Dol. Firsf Row: L. Granda, l. Zobel, J. Sleigo, D. Derlevich C Barone, Pre-sidenT' R MonT V' , . o, Ice-Rresidenlq V, Qliver, F. Laglone gro, R. ZampeTTi, J. Coury, M, Verdi, A. Orlando. Second Row: C, ZampeTTi, R. Barberia, E. Naum, R. Godleski, C. Pugh, D. Melan, J. Simmon-aTTe, J. Hause, H. Kaida, R. Talkie- wicz, H. Dudek, L. Kaminskus. Third Row: Mr. L, A. PelTon. M. OberaiTis, A. Sinkiewicz, M. Naum, M. Cecere, P. MosT, T. Moses, C. Womelsdorf, B. Campan- eila, R. Bozzey, M. Simon. FourTh Row: A. Paskevich, D. Moses, B. Swenski, V. CaprioTTi, J, AnThony, R. LiTTleTon, C, LiTTleTon, M. Bigoski, R. O'Rourke, CapTain7 M. Naum. FiTTh Row: M. McGowan, CapTain: E. Ford, J. Opalka, M. Halliday, L. Orlando, E. Conrad, H. WalTers. Lunch Checkers nly naTural ThaT in a school oT This size There are many sTudenTs who Tind iT convenienT To go home Tor lunch and Thereby creaTe The need oT a sysTem of keeping an ac- counT oT Those who leave The building. This Task has Tallen inTo The very gualiTied hands oT The Lunch Checkers, direcTed by Mr. PelTon, and Their success has been Tar above average. Nor can we overlook The praisevvorThy spiriT in which They go abouT Their Task, knowing ThaT Their only reward shall b cerTiTicaTe or h' ld e a s ie aT The end of The year. IT iso Pace Savanfivmin Library Student Staff The Library STuclenT STaTT is perhaps one oT The mosT in- rucTive and helpTul clubs in G. A. R. Since iTs organizaTion The second year OT our school, under The capable guidance T Miss Brooks, iT has been TaiThTul in carrying ouT The diTTi- ilT Tasks oT charging and discharging books, preparing new Joks Tor The shelves, arranging bulleTin boards and exhibiTs. All members musT be honor sTudenTs and keenly inTeresTed in This Type oT work. lT is also desirable To keep a balance oT boys and girls, academic and commercial sTudenTs. As a reward Tor Three or more years oT saTisTacTory service They are presenTed wiTh a pin aT The end oT Their Senior year. FirsT Row: W. Kapsianos, T. Teresinski, M. Dell'Aglio, F. SmiTh, L. MarTin, R. LopaTTi, T. BuTler. Second Row: G. Hashem, J. Jackson, H. Coury, B. GarTner, l. Woiick, M. Chiloro, H. Davidson, A. MiTelski, M. Handza, l. HersTek, M. Kelly. Third Row: L. CorbeTT. A. Miller. E. Price, B. WinTon, B. J. Brauch, J. Boyle, M. Tripp, B. LanTerman, O. Williams, J. Parker, L. Bayer. Fourfh Row: J. Chiloro, J. Doyle, Treasurer: T. Hughes, Vice-PresidenT7 R. Mann, PresidenT: J. Bempkins, SecreTary: W. Phillips, W. CoaTs, C. Eldridridge, Miss F. Brooks. FiTTh Row: H. SchulTz, A. Gelb, P. CorbeTT, R. PelTon, D. MarTin, A. Hodick. Junior Glee Club IT you have ever been near The viciniTy oT TourTh Tloor :ring AcTiviTy period, Thursday, and have heard some sweeT irmony TloaTing Through The air, you would have Tound, ion close invesTigaTion, The Junior Glee Club, under The pervision oT Miss Pugh, pracTicing Their "do, re me's." The quiremenTs Tor membership in This club are To possess a voice which blends wiTh oThers, and willingness To cooperaTe and Tollow The direcTor. During The year They have obTained a varied repeToire of songs and They have gained a more Thorough undersTanding of voice placemenT and good Tone gualiTy. FirsT Row: A. Orlando, M. WalTer, I. Frinney, A. Davis, P. BaTisTa, M. STark, Librarian: A. SmiTh, Treasurer, J. C. Owen. PresidenT: J. Brown, SecreTary: R. Perrella, Librarian: M. Gallagher, A. Kenney, F. MainolTi, F. Smalls, R. Devlin. Second Row: Miss Pugh, Sponsor: T. PeTruzzini, S. Rayeski, L. Melliczo, A. PeTruzzini, L. De Biasi, S. Cuscela, C. Saracino, S. Dziedziak, M. E. Jones, M. ErTle, B. Hargreave, K. Phillips, D. Balleck, C. GarTner. Third Row: L. LoreTi, B. J. Gallagher, M. McGinley, G. Pensak, P. J. HoTTman, U. LuTes, W. Macarkel, J. Boyle, D. Davis, D. MarTin, R. MarTin, M. Correll. FourTh Row: P. KesTer, P. Corrigan, G. Williams, V. MoharTer, J. PyTell, B. Gdovin, F. Yanushonis, V. Marich, M. Hughes, W. Pensak. D. Rayeski. Ushers' Squad Those sTunning Clark Gables and beauTiTul Hedy Lamarrs aT we see during evening enTerTainmenTs and dances are 2 brighT and happy members oT The Usher Squad. High 1olasTic sTanding, The abiliTy oT geTTing along wiTh people, d a member oT The Junior class are The requiremenTs Tor ambership. Under Mr. HighriTer's superinTendence, and The managemenT oT Head Ushers, Gerald LauTer and BeTTy Jane Jones, The members are TaughT correcT meThods of social conducT. IT is a disTincT honor To belong To This club and The members Try, To The besT oT Their abiliTy, To mainTain The sTandards leTT Them by preceding ushers. FirsT Row: G. LauTer, B. J. Jones, Mr. HighriTer, adviser. Second R-ow: J. Cohan, R. Tischler, B. LanTerman, A. CaTTrey, J. Parker, l. Woiick, J. Gulick. Third Row: D. MarTin, E. Uhlar, R. Farrell, M. BarreTT, B. GarTner, J. Charles, Fourfh Row: M. SanTewan, R. DeuTsch, T. Valaika, W. CoaTs, R. Phillips, R. Cera. FifTh Row: W. Johns, P. WeinsTock, W. KisTler, J. Doyle, L. Kennedy. Junior High Reporter The preparaTory school Tor our TuTure "Blue 31 Gray's" mas- s is our TalenTed group oT Junior High ReporTers. Under e beneficial guidance oT Miss Moyer reporTers learn how prepare and ediT arTicles Tor a newspaper. FirsT hand aerience is oTTered To each individual. They are held re- sponsible Tor The Junior HighlighTs in The "Blue 8: Gray." The members work in a group oT Two, who are selecTed each week To 'wriTe The arTicle. We have liTTle Tear ThaT The TuTure "Blue 81 Gray" issues won'T measure up To The fine sTandards ThaT iT has always aTTained. FirsT Row: M. Handza, R. FeisT, C. Raczhonski, G. Chiloro, J. BalTrus, R. Mack, L. SmiTh. Second Row: Miss Moyer, L. Bayer, M. Kerins, J. UlgheraiT, M. HorTon, W. Rensak. Page EiqhTv-one Garchive Ediforial STaTT SeaT d - e : C. Schooley, arT: R. LoTTus, associaTe ediTorq L. CorbeTT, ediTor-in-chieTg C. Roman, associaTe ediTory Phillips, sporTs, Sfandingz H. KaTz, B. J. Brauch, C. Eike, L. Teroscavage, H. SmiTh, Mr. Baiz, adviser. Garchive TypisTs and Phofo Edifors--SiTTing: D. Ripkin, TypisT: M. Shiner, TypisTq S. Rerella, PhoTo EdiTor: H. Babinski, Typislq S. Ringel, Typ STanding: l. Fendler, PhoTo EdiTor: L. Davies, RhoTo EdiTor7 M. MishikiTis, PhoTo EdiTor. Garchive Business STGTT-Firsf Row: C. Barone, G. LauTer, B. Guarnaccia, STudenT Business Manager: Mr. L. A. PelTon, FaculTy Adviser: Tischler, Junior STudenT Business Manager: G. Berzinskas, A. Miller, G. Hashem. Second Row: B. STevens, V. Lewis. I. Yuscavage, B. J. Jones, J. C loro, M. Halliday, S. Richards, R. MonTo, J. PeTers, T. STilp. Third Row: M. Riley. E. Machonis, R. HarTman, J. Flannery. O G a r c h lv e EdiTorial STaTT Business STaTT The EdiTorial STaTT, under Mr. Baiz's direcTion, presenTs a hQrCT1idS+O MT- PGTTOH ahgd hT5MGaTChTVe'lyl BUSTTWSSVSTGTT record oT The acTiviTies and enioyable Times spenT aT G. A. R. T elr .grealr Success 'TT malqmg. T 'S year S Garghlve .One , h it f . .d . Jr d d Jr , Th. d. The TinesT books yeT. BeneTiTing by Mr. PelTons varied e TTT T 9 OTTT' O VW' plc Urfgs an WOT S Orles' 'S Tefor mg wide experience The Business STaTT has builT up and execu' 'S 50 devised ThaT Whehi Th TUTUT6' Years' we Open Th'5 GBT' a successTul adverTising and subscripTion campaign. IT chive, we may hear and see The replaying oT The evenTs and collecTed all money Tor subscripTions and has given recei happenings oT our high school days. lT will bring back beau- T? SQKTTTGZ DUTWTQ She Year-The STGTT F5Te5eTTTf9CT The'T Q TiTul and priceless memories. The EdiTorial STaTT have dressed We ?lTlT..TmdeT T e dlredlorl OT MTSS MCATTTTT' The am ,th + . H1 . y. + .Ik d y d h . d Garchive dance was a Tremendous success. The only ese even 5 'TT ew 'nes . S' an GCG ave lmpresse ward Tor The TaiThTul services oT The members is The saTisT Them 'TT The Pmade OT Th'5 book 55 5 l'V'hQ Symbol OT The Tion oT producing a good book and knowing ThaT Their vv days 'we have spenT aT our dear old Alma MaTer. has been well done. Page IighTy-Two A Tale l:diTor' M Sare, EdiTor-in-ChieT, . kl TT F'rsT Row' B J Brauch, Exchange EdiTor: l.. Terascavage, Senior ssoci - , . C W GaTes J ArmbrusTer, J. Parker, l.. l.enoviTz, E. Machonis, l. Wolic Blue and Gray EdiTorial STa -- I . . . Guarnaccia, Senior AssociaTe EdiTor' I. Fendler, TypisT. Second Row: . . , . Ackerman, Sporls EdiTor, W. Phillips, SporTs EdiTor. Blue and Gray PrinT STaTT-FirsT Row: W. Shoplick, T. STich, A, Pisano, H. WomelsdorT, R, Hummel, G. AdomiTis. Second Row: J. Bempkins, Perschau, M. Ras. E. MalTa, Blue and Gray Senior ReporTers-Firs+ Row: G. Richardson, H. SrniTh, l. Yuscavage, A. Miller, I.. SmuloviTz, S. Birnbaum, K. Shea. Second wwf J. I.oTTus, B. STanziale. B. LanTerrnan. P. Conwell, H. Snyder. Mr. SchapperT, H. Loch, J. Brannan, G. Schiller. The Blue and Gray The llBlue 84 Gray" sTaTT is composed oT a group oT sTu- and Tuesday. Tuesday nighT The ediTorfin-chieT makes up The enTs ranging Trom TenTh To TwelTTh grade. There is also a dummy, and on Wednesday iT is given To PrinTer Romig paraTe uniT under The direcTorship oT Miss Moyer Taking who by The end oT The day has a prooT oT The paper. Again ire oT all Junior l-ligh School news, gossip, and social acTivi- iT is rechecked Tor errors and reTurned To The prinT shop The es. Tollowing day. To The press iT Tinally goes, and on Friday aT The duTies oT The sTaTT include many various Tasks. IT is lioo anolflqer 'ssue has been Clqallqed OH The Schedule' elr lgb +0 pl-egenl lo llqe public all The G, A, R, newgl The sTudenTs receive on an average oT TwenTy-six copies 3511 preggnll and 'fUTUre, me-W5 mugl- be- precise and 6 yedf. l:OI'l'l'1eSe The I'1OI'T1lf1GlSUFl'1 oT 'l',l'Tl'y CENTS is No :curaTe according To The bee loumalisnc enwics. Tao, +he edverfisemefns are used Te make up The Tinences. The paper aTT is delegaTed To wriTe up odd incidenTs in The TeaTure- d9F3ef1d5 WllOllY UPON llle Tfillh OT The Swdefll body- ory manner, cover all sporTs evenTs, inTerview classemaTes Mr. SchapperT is The advisor oT The sTaTT and Miss McAniTT To Their opinions on cerTain guesTions, inTroduce new ideas iTs business manager. As a resulT oT Their labor on The paper The reading public, and Try To please everyone and any- The sTaTT is rewarded by an excellenT Training in iournalism ie aT The same Time. and associaTe branches. The prinTing sTaTT also geTs a Thor- lssuing The "Blue 81 Grayw every week is a very hard ano 0U9l'lT edweeien in The alll OT PVTVTHVTQT 5 lmOWleClQe VQVY Use' dious iob. The reporTers receive Their assignmenTs on Mon- Tul 'fl lefer l'Te- iy which are due on Friday oT The same week. CorrecTing The "Blue 8: Gray" sTaTT is very proud oT The cooperaTion copy and rewriTing are done in a very hecTic Two hours oTTered iT by The TaculTy and sTudenTs ThroughouT The year. Til by deadline aT 3:l5 everyThing is seT and ready To be They have been mosT helpTul in aiding The sTaTT To geT The oTyped. The maTerial is Then Taken To The linoTyper, who paper ouT on Time and To Turnish many inTeresTing arTicles ' T ooT-reading on Monday Tor iT. Page EighTv-Three Ts up The copy in preparahon or pr '59-Q ,. 1' g iibzygi si V2 1 Q 2, 's K K S . . E S ' My M ,xg gif S if. A 2 . 5 A 5 f .1 ,f km V K ef! QW ,all Senior This year's Senior Band, besides being The besT in Wyoming alley, had one OT The busiesT years oT any oTher band in e valley. IT soon disTinguished iTselT during The TooTball ason by iTs superb playing and picTuresque TormaTions. The 'roducTion oT The Drum MaioreTTes has also made a decided ' wiTh The many Tollowers oT The band. Since The beginning Band oT The year iT has made personal appearances aT The Capi+ol TheaTre and Teachers' ConvenTion. ln addiTion To parades, iT has played Tor PaTrons' Day audiences and Tor our Pep MeeTings. These are only a Tew oT The inTeresTing highlighTs oT This super-musical organizaTion. FirsT Row: J. Robson, W. Glawe, P. Fiasclci, J. Woychiclc, L. Gallagher, D. Macri, A. Kaiola, T. Ellis, R. Cera, L. Jacob- son.Second Row: R. Zobel, drum maioreTTe: H. Kemmerer, L. Finnegan, S. Paduclc, G. Milce, R. AnThony. W. Morrissey, M. Dell'Aglio, J. Messer, J. CaTino, D. Evans, D. Richardson, drum maioreTTeg Richard R. Ayre. direcTor. Third Row: L. Kubilc, H. SchulTz, L. Wagner, E. Joseph, S. Morgan, D. Karp. A. TippeTT, J. Peloso, C. Campbell, W. Jones, W. Riley, J. WalTos, J. Basgier, M. ScoTT. FourTh Row: J. Bemplcins, drum maiory D. Moody, M. Paduclc, C. EclcardT, T. Swaboda, G. BrandT, A. Levey, B. CorbeTT, R. Jones, P. CorbeTT, C. SmiTh, V. PaToslci, R. Daley. FiTTh Row: W. Lynn, J. Woychiclc, J. Grieshaber, S. Hughes, W. SchwarTz, L. SmiTh, R. Novalcowski, L. Davis, C. Eldridge, F. Bigoslci. SixTh Row: J. Johns, C. Fedonczalc, R. Dorang, S. Nowinslci, W. Pasoniclc, J. KirsTianson. T. Sliney, T. Hughes. Senior llrehestra The Senior OrchesTra, under The personal direcTion OT Mr. ire, is one oT The mosT helpful and enTerTaining oT all The ganizaTions in G. A. R. lTs ordinary worlc consisTs of playing ' Senior High chapel meeTings, plays, and commencemenT arcises. ln addiTion To handling These assignmenTs wiTh marvelous precision iT should be commended Tor The noble and splendid assisTance iT gave To our musical comedy, "The SunbonneT Girl." AT The end oT The year a pin is awarded To each graduaTing senior who has had Two years or more service wiTh The orchesTra. FirsT Row: O. Williams, E. Dombroslci, M. Thomas, J. Flannery, B. STanziale. G. Schiller, R. Shiner, STudenT Leader: Mr. Ayre, DirecTor, absenT when picTure was Taken, J. Johns. Second Row: B. Kupris, M. Sincavage, J. BenneTTo, A. BalTrus, L. Jacob- son, B. Jones, L. SmiTh, P. Fiasclci, V. Brundolino. B. Orlando, L. LenoviTZ, R. Handen. Third Row: W. Lynn, M. ScoTT, C. Eld- ridge, J. Woychiclc, J. Basgier, C. SmiTh, H. Kemmerer, M. Paduclc, B. TippeTT, F. Bigoslci, B. AnThony. Junior llrchestra Those musical rendiTions heard Twice a weelc when Junior gh chapel is in session may noT be a beauTiTul symphony :hesTra or one oT our Tamous dance bands playing buT iT our greaT liTTle Junior OrchesTra upholding all oT iTs Tine diTions in giving ouT wiTh some excellenT music. Under The rThy leadership oT Miss Pugh This organizaTion's goal is To oTTer music Tor Junior High School and assisT in Assembly programs. The members oT The orchesTra have many Tine accomplishmenTs To Their crediT. They have acquired The abiliTy To play music as a uniT and To inTelligenTly inTerpreT excerpTs Trom classical music. FirsT Row: Miss Pugh, B. Jones, A. Collins, H. Joseph, M. Sincavage. Second Row: A. Miller, B. GuTTerman, S. Paduclc, A. Levy, C. Campbell, P. Fiasclci, J. Robson, S. Tripp, F. SrniTh. Third Row: S. Campbell, J. Pelon, J. Woychick, L. SmiTh, C. SmiTh, B. SchwarTz, L. OsTroslre. Junior Une oT The greaTesT reasons oT The especially Tine sTand- T oT our presenT Senior Band is due in many respecTs To wonderTul Training and preparaTion which many oT These fs received in The Junior Band. The band oTTers a splendid sical educaTion To boys in The sevenTh and eighTh grades. Band These boys, iT They have passed a musical apTiTude TesT, are given Tree insTrucTion in insTrumenTal playing. The mosT im- porTanT accomplishmenT oT This club is The Training, Tree of charge, of boys who would oTherwise Tind iT impossible To sTudy music and receive a Tine musical educaTion. Firsf Row: S. Campbell, D. Fuller, R. FosTer, J. BalTrus, E. Worley, R. Morris, J. Downie, J. Flannery, J. Kowalec. Second Row: F. SmiTh, R. Carey, J. Hoffman, J. Gresh, A. Daley, R. PelTon. V. Macri, C. Thomas, A. PeTrillo, W. Coolc. Third Row: Mr. Ayre. DirecTor: R. Berger, D. Evans, R. CompTon, E. Krombel, J. Schmid, J. Schmid, W. Schrode, G. Michael. D l'1,L1. I'., Gilune Madg' Top fo boHom. Left She slabbed him wilh her wi+g She defies him +o "licker"g Armisilice Day: The Chrislmas Play: The Chrislmas Tableauxg Righfz Kelly loolcing na+ural: Forfy-one love: The caslr posed lhis one: "KiH'y" playing peelc-a-boo, and ai her age foo. Senior Dramatic Club The obiecT oT The Senior DramaTic Club is To sTimulaTe and aTer inTeresT in The sTage and TheaTre. By developing The enT oT sTudenTs showing dramaTic abiliTy Through correcT nciples OT sTage Technique, we are insuring ourselves more ThaT enioyable enTerTainmenT oTTered by This Tine club. 2 deeply graTeTul Tor The excellenT guidance and assisTance ui-.... FirsT Row: M. STein, l. DeuTsch, T. J. Brauch, SecreTary: M. Tripp. . Jackson, N. Baum, B. GarTner, I. Voiiclc, Treasurer: R. Habib, E. Aoraslcy, M. Naum. Second Row: i. Uhlar, E. Pierce. M. Podlcul, O. faram, B. l-ligh, M. Fallcowslci, D. Ionnell, E. Machonis, l. Yuscavage, . Birnbaum, A. CaTTrev, D. Richard- on. Third Row: A. Miller, E. FioTi, . Cardinal, J. Brannan, G. Richard- on, M. AposTol, R. SiroTa, T. Has- nslcy, O. Williams, L. LenoviTz. 'ourTh Row: J. Mayoclc, P, ScaTTido, . Fiasclci, A, Barone, D. Macri, I. ang. Fif+h Row: J, PovilaiTis, R. AcDermoTT, K. Gray lVice-PresidenT: K Margo, J. Chilora, PresidenT. FirsT Row: D. Layden, J. Lang, R. ones, J. Ryman, R. Kaiser, D. Ack- rman, H. WomelsdorT, A. Chiarucci, , Drewicz, S. George. Second Row: . DavidoTT, E. Williamson. S. Ona- lci, M. Jaclcson, A. Bailcauslcas, M. AishilciTis, Treasurer: F. ArmbrusTer, iresidenT: N. Cole, secreTary2 B. J. ones, vice-presidenTg M, Thomas, A. fliller, M. Lewis, D. Evans, J. Flan- ery, accompanisT. Third Row: l. igqio, B. STevens, M. SperduTo, R. ischler, L. LenoviTz, L. Allison, E. ierce. M. STolTz, M. Boyle, M. Aus- ln, D. Richardson, V. Lewis, D. Chu- onis, J. Dolinslci, Mr. Ayre, adviser. 'ourTh Row: B. Allen, D. Weidner, . WalTers, J. Gelifand, C. Declcer, . Collins. M, Naum, R. Beyer, M. ihrendTs, J. PeTers, S. Birnbaum, A, flcGlynn, M. Bigoslci, R. Zobel, G. Tashem. FifTh Row: M. Schoenbrun, 4. Berger, H, SmiTh, l-l. RoTh, G. ohnson, S. Fierrnan, J. Gallun, T. Tuqhes, J. AusTin, S. Lubin, J. D'Melia. oT Miss Edwards, who has given her hearT and soul, as iTs direcTor, To The advancemenT oT The club. This year's club achievemenTs are many. They have pre- senTed an ArmisTic Day Play and a ChrisTmas PageanT, as- sisTed wiTh The direcTion oT The Musical Comedy, and scored an overwhelming success in Their Senior Play, "June Mad." ' Senior Glee Club loTh The members oT The Senior Glee Club and Mr. Ayre uld be highly congraTulaTed Tor Their splendid conTribuTion The school. This year's Glee Club goT oTT To a Tine sTarT 1 some excellenT carol singing in The lobby during The 'isTmas season which was enioyed by everyone. The one greaT goal which all Glee Club members sTrive Tor is The presenTaTion oT Their annual musical comedy. This year's comedy, enTiTled "The SunbonneT Girl," proved To be a mosT delighTTul evening's enTerTainmenT, and iT seT a new high record Tor aTTendance in The hisTory oT The school. Page EighTy-snven The Garseribes h are received The Garscribes, supervised by Miss RiTchie, is composed members work Tor cerTiTicaTes and pins whic TWeVITY 5er1iOrS STVTVIVIQ T0 lmpfoxfe WfiTinQ TSCTIVIICIUG and upon recommendaTion oT experTness in abiliTy To wriTe, lcnowl- red In STIOTTITMICI' Meehng every TTTUTSCIGV' SIXTTI perlod' edge oT Theory, and abiliTy To Transcribe aT leasT eighT words s group oT willing Seniors spend Their Time Taking dicTaTion . . . . . . . per minuTe. Three members To daTe have received pins as T Transcribing Their noTes. The only reguiremenT Tor mem- ' h Thand class. The rewards' 'ship is To be a member oT The Senior s or L. Dziedzic, J. Wallcer, A. Paslce- ich, S. Kenslci, H. Babinslci, F. Zai- oski, R. MonTo, C. Pugh, H. Les- auslcas, S. MiTchneclc, E. Elias, ,M iley, A. MarTin, H. Rovinslci, C arone, J. Dolinslci, L. Simoncavage, T. Shiner, M. Thomas, Seafed: D, Riplcin, C. Pugh, C. inkiewicz, A. Milasius, A. MarTin, I. endler. G. Zarembo, M. STOITZ, A. IcCloslcey, W. Joseph, E. Elias, l. apsuga, T. STilp, J. Kane, H. Las- auslias, H. Babinski, A. Paslceviih, C. aman, A. Powell, H. GuTTerman, M. hiner, L, Simoncavage. Sfanding: . Dziedzic, D. STaedle, M. Thomas, I. Rovinslce, A. Joseph, S. GoTTes- ian, C. BuTruce. H. WalTers, M ioury, S. Ringel, Mr. WaTTs, ad ser: C. Barone. Secretarial sorship oT Mr WaTTs, 'he SecreTarial Club, under The spon . lcs To prepare The sTudenT Tor worlc in The business world. Their course oT Training They are TaughT everyThing ThaT be oT use To The modern oTTice worlcer. During The meeT- 'ls run mimeographs, use add- They learn how To cuT sTenci , Club bTain slcill in The correcT meThods oT ing machines and also o Tiling. Alfhough There are no maTerial rewards Tor Their worlc, They are rewarded wiTh The saTisTacTion oT lcnowing ThaT ' I T meeTing all The requiremenTs oT a They will be capabe o good secreTary. Page EifnhTv-nine K. A. K. Probably lhe oldesr organized club in G. A. R. is lhe Klever Arlisls' Klub, of whom Mr. Alexander Murray is lhe sponsor. The meeling day is every Monday, Aclivily Period, and if consisls of Twenly members, bofh boys and girls. The purpose of lhis club is +o decorare hall cases, painl scenery for Jrhe various enlerrainmenls, and also To make painlingsf enlering conlesls. All members are aclive and They deser' a vole of gralilude for lhe line work lhey have done adorning our building and for Jrhe marvelous scenery whii lhey have furnished for Jrhe school performances. ,...1n I v 1 i i -f Firs+ Row: N. LaRose, A. Bailcau- slcas, M. Ahlbrandl, A. Pelrilla, l. Lenovilz, Second Row: C, Eike, B. Guarnaccia, J. Kane, W, Crawley. Third Row: L. Karalunas, L. Russ, V. Supple-e, J. Rinler. Slanding: Mr. Murray, Advisor, C. Schooley, F. Armbrusler. l Firsf Row: J. Slempin, J. Lena- han, J, Mascilalc, R. Marlin. Second Row: H. Gill, F. Yamishonis, E. Price. J, Thomas. Third Row: T. Charles, B. Pallerson, M. Green, P. Davies. Fourih Row: R. Marlin, B. Marlin, B. Harqreave, F. Chernin, F, Malia, J, Paviczki. Fiffh Row: R. Pellon, L. Rolh, A. Pilch, A. Mc- Carlhy. Absenfz C. Rayeslri, P. Menialc, R. Bozzey, I, Rodgers. Junior High Art Club Wilhoul a doubl, everyone has seen fhe magnificenr handi- worlc of The Junior l-ligh Ari Club which has been displayed in our building lhroughoul Jrhe year. The aclivilies of lhis club vary from original arf and adverlisemenls of school pro- grams fo work for lhe Red Cross and blind children. Miss Pano Ninniv l-lourigan, Jrheir direcior, has been fully iusrified in her choir of lhose who have an exceplional lalenl for arf because ll year has seen very oulslanding worlq produced by Jrhe cli members and beaurilul posrers which would do credil To fi older ariisis. Co mopolitan Club Iforld condiTions in These days have made iT evidenT ThaT 'e is a need Tor beTTer undersTanding among The naTions he earTh. IT is Tor This purpose ThaT, Tive years ago, Miss 1biTz esTabIished The CosmopoIiTan Club To do iTs parT in ngThening The Triendship oT The worId's youTh. The mem- bers oT This club consTanTIy show Their Iceen abiIiTy To wriTe Through The IeTTers which They send To Their correspondence Triends and There is no beTTer prooT oT The meriTorious resuIT Than The large number oT IeTTers which They have received Trom all parTs oT The globe. FirsT Row: A. BerTuIis, W. Yuralc, WalTer, C. Barone, PresidenTt M, ilce, Vice-PresidenT: R. Lloyd, aasurerq J. Conwell, SecreTary. cond Row: E. Williamson. S. Jac- ison. I. Kelly, S. Cross, M. Gruver, McI'Iugh, M. Lewis, E. Levey. ird Row: B. I-IoyT, R. I-IarTman, . PeTchuIc, K, Mace, K. McCarThy, Gawlas. FirsT Row: I. Dennis, M, Halliday. Linlciewicz, I. Riggio, I-I. PonTing, esidenT, J. Dolinslni, E. Elias. F. eehan. Second Row: I-I. WaITers, Erickson, S. Richards, E, T'IarIcinS. Godleslci, M. Remphrey, I. Yap- ga, B. Hashern, G. Hashem. Third vw: I. Buziulc, B. TippeTT, B. J. nes, M. AusTin, G. Esser, J. Sei- ir, T-I. GuTTerman, R. Freed, G. rembo. FourTh Row: M. Cecere, AnThony, D. Melon, M. Bigoslci, Adams, V. CaprioTTi. ? Sub Dells xIThough This is only iTs second year in exisTence in A. R. This fashionable club is Tirmly pIanTed in The hearTs all. To be eligible Tor membership one musT be a Temale nber of The Senior class. Under The arTTuI direcTion oT s Mulhern These preTTy young Emily PosTs are insTrucTed in The correcT meThods of social conducT. During The course oT one oT Their meeTings They discuss and dramaTize sIQiTs To help Them aTTain a beTTer knowledge oT social grace, good manners, and correcT usage oT speech. The club held iTs annual luncheon aT The Spa on February I2. Pane NineTv-one Mathematics Club All The wise men oT Today agree ThaT The Tield oT maThe- maTics is rapidly increasing and They predicT ThaT, in Time To come, There shall be a greaTer need Tor men who are adepT in The numerous phases oT maThemaTics. For This rea- son Mr. Tope conducTs The MaThemaTics Club, in order ThaT E l T The sTudenT may go over The "maTh" which will be necess Tor a TuTure vocaTion along This line. Their meeTings are h every Thursday, during which They bring up and discuss c maTerial in which They are inTeresTed ThaT perTains To ' maThemaTical Tield. 4l FirsT Row: C. Considine, D. Mela R. LoTTus, B. J. Brauch, R. Jone Vice-PresidenTg T. Teresinski, Pres denT, G. AdomiTis, SecreTary4Trea urer: M. AusTin, M. Rernphrey, C BuTruce, Mr. Tope, Second Row: C LauTer, S. Richards, R. l-larTman, Williamson, L. CorbeTT, A. Zacari vich, M. Fink, S. Jacobson, J. OI zewski. Third Row: G. Berzinska l-l, HochreiTer, A. Chiarucci, Vl Kapsionos, L. Davies. G. Kaminska W. DalSanTo. FourTh Row: I' WomelsdorT, M. Dobish, A. DiGian marino, J. SmiTh, W. Phillips, l Loch. Fifth Row: C. Weisbicki, C y Laboda, A. MineTola, G. Barrall, l Charles, J. Chiloro, J. Heim. FirsT Row: D. Ackerman, B. Gua naccia, L. Terascavaqe, M. Sare, l CorbeTT, B. J. Brauch, J. Flanner' R. lvl. LoTTus. Second Row: G LauTer, L. Karp, A. Skawski, B. Jame Mr. H. Lloyd, F. ArmbrusTer, S. Pe rella, J. l-leim, G. Nackley, J. Lane Debating Club Why, who, when, and where, are The TreguenT inquiries made by The alerT members oT The DebaTing Club, as They are parTicipaTing in one oT Their inTeresTing debaTes. Mr. Lloyd, Their TacTTul advisor, endeavors To Teach his cohorTs The correcT maniTesTaTions oT debaTing. During The course Page Ninefv-Two oT Their meeTings, which are held every Tuesday and Frid oT alTernaTe weeks, The members are adapTing Their TaciliT Tor alerT and acTive debaTing. Those who wish To gain use knowledge and masTer new meThods oT debaTing are assur ThaT Their eTTorTs will be amply awarded. Boys' Swimming Club Besides being one oT The mosT popular oT all The clubs in A. R., The Boys' Swimming Club, under The sponsorship Mr. Chesney, is one oT The mosT helpTul. The purpose oT ganizing This club was Tor Three eloguenT reasons. FirsT, iT s organized chiefly Tor recreaTion and The greaT enioymenT rived Trom swimming, second, iT provided a way Tor Those Q-.m Firsf Row: T. Drewicz, D. Layden, l. Thomas, D. Delzilippi, C. Halas, L. Dliver, W. Crawley. Second Row: 2. OberaiTis, J, SmiTh, E. 6a'lagher, l. Shaslcas, C, Urban. president E. iolomon, J. Charles, N. Cole, A. JalTon, secreTary: T. Rayeslci. Third low: M. Liplco, B. Skurlcis, E. God- eslmi, F. ArrnbrusTer, R. Novaclc, A. J1ineTola, B. James, N. Cross, Mr. Ihesney, adviser. FourTh Row: M. Aarino, L. Trapanese, F. Homniglc, . Dell'Aglio, E. O'Donnell, 6. Kup- is. B. Moslcow, C. Cronauer, D. Ack- irman, FirsT Row: J. Carr, F. Meighan, T. PonTing, S. Tornalenas, K. Kelly. iecond Row: I. Dawey, M. All- irandT, H. Hromelc, l. Riggio, J. eiger, M. Remphrey, N. Thomas, T. STilp, S. Onaclci, M. Shiner, D. vans, J. HochreiTer. Third Row: M. uTlcus, H. Rovinslci, H, GuTTerman, 7. Melan, C. BuTruce, R. Freed, C. ,oman, I. Dennis, D. Erickson. who weren'T so adepT in The arT oT swimming To become beT- Ter swimmers, and Third, iT TaughT Those who couldn'T swim To swim. Their presidenT, Clarence Urban, should be com- mended Tor his greaT success in Teaching The members The masTerTul Technique OT diving. -....,.,,, Girl ' Swimming Club XII oT These baThing beauTies belong To The Swimming b. The club has been in exisTence Tor Two years, under The dance oT Miss Mary Henry. lT consisTs oT TorTy members, oT whom musT be members oT The Senior class. The main pose oT The club is To learn swimming, diving, and waTer aTy. Each girl is expecTed To show some improvemenT during The year. Non-swimmers are expecTed To learn To swimg beginners To progress To inTermediaTes: inTermediaTes To advanced. Experienced swimmers are expecTed To make an eTTorT To improve Themselves by learing diving and waTer saTeTy. Page NineTy-Th ree Boys' Ping Pong Club There surely is no club in G. A. R. more Tilled wiTh enioy- menT and Tun Than The Ping Pong Club. Junior and Senior LaTin sTudenTs are The only ones eligible Tor This club, buT while iT is in session The only reminders oT LaTin class are lvlr, lvlilleris iolqes. Much keen buT Triendly compeTiTion is seen, especially in The doubles maTches where one musT le To worlc well and in coordinaTion wiTh a parTner. The ple ures derived Trom This club is a pleasanT resT beTween sTuc and iTs clevelopmenT OT The abiliTy To worlc TogeTher shall a greaT use in laTer liTe. 4.-1 i --Y Stage and LighTs! Cameras! AcTion! The STage and LighT Crew are on The iob. This compacT group oT eager workers, willingly cooperaTe wiTh lvliss Edwards To malce proper adiusTmenTs OT sTage maTerials. The members receive pracTical insTrucTion in correcT meThods oT consTrucTing and manipulaTing scenery, Page NineTy-Tour FirsT Row: J. lvlayoclc, Treasur P. Andrews, President N. Bau Vice-President E. lvlushinski, Sec Tary. Second Row: L. Kennedy, lVliTchell, N. ClemenTe, J. Clarlce, Cera, V, PaToslci, R. Shiner, S. Lub Third Row: lvl. Berger, E. Clock A. Mccloskey, l-l. KaTz, J, Doyle, McDermoTT, T. Dreivicz, lvlr. Mill Adviser. FirsT Row: R. Rovinslcy, D, And E. Keller, l.. Andes, J. Gerch Second Row: E. Uzdilla, E, O'Di nell, T. Kane, D. GriTTiThs, F. Ha P, T-losaqe. l Light Crew lighTing, and properTies. They are on The iob any Time Tl is any acTiviTy produced on The sTage, showing Their ak in proper sTage seTTing and displaying Their TalenTs in i dling sTage equipmenT. We exTend our proTound congraT Tions To Them Tor TulTilling Their duTies so admirably. Fancy Work Club Dorneslic arl lakes ils bow al G. A. R. by means of The icy Work Club. Miss Malinowslci deserves recognilion for exceedingly Tine program which she has arranged Tor se ambilious sludenls, included in which are crocheling, ling, weaving, and embroidering. When nol busy al Their f . i,,..,...u.. Firsi Row: R, Feisl, C. DiSanlo, J. 'elro, Secrelaryq E. Golhier, Treas- rer: E. Malinowslci, Advisor: L. fliall, Presidenlq Y. Gazey, M. Tllonnell, K. Birk. Second Row: E. .uft J. Gillespie, C. McGowan, E. A. Clayworlh, A. Ciavarella, B. lampanella, G. Musser, W, Dzied- ialc, L. Pograniezny, L. Olenialc, V. Qonsavage. Third Row: M. Reisser, x. Slanziale, B. Sadd, L. Shiner, L. Jombroslci, D. Kairailis, L. Onaclci, 'l. Tolon, R, Roman, J. Swanlek. ourfh Row: D. Wollslceil, A. Alberl, x. Moyles, P. Snaislci. R. Gorbarni, 4. Lloyd, E. Balulis, T. Krombel, R, V, Bodleski. Firsf Row: C. Lilllelon, R. Lillle- yn, P. Honeywell, Miss Malinowslci dviser: V. Capriolli, F. Godleslci, E ,lIison. Second Row: J. Anlhony, 1. Cecere, E. Paduclc, l. Kelly, G. sser, M, Podlrul, 6. Henson, U. ohnson. numerous proiecls 'rhey malce lours lo various induslrial planls and business eslablishmenls. The worlc which Jrhis club does is of a Jrype which we are nol always aware of, buf on Palrons Day no one can Tail lo nolrice lhal Their display case is a cenler of allraclion. lly-Speed Longhanll Club Une of The newly organized clubs ol This year, ils purpose o provide an exlremely rapid and praclical melhod of e-raking Thar is easily learned, easily wrillen, and easily d. The club, besides ils social worlc, has a very praclical ecl. H' offers a melhod of abbrevialed wriling wilh The i- ordinary alphabel lhal provides enough speed for business or personal slenographic use in Tar less lime lhan required for ordinary shorlhand. This purposeful club of I4 members meels every Thursday aclivily. Page Ninely-five l Senior Boller Skating Club Through The soTT sTrains oT The SkaTers' WaITz one can see The happy Taces oT The members OT The Senior I-Iigh School SkaTing Club cuTTing Tancy Tigures and capers on The shining Tloor. This novel club was creaTed Tor many eIeganT reasons. IT oTTers a means oT supplying a heaIThTuI source oT recrea- I '? Tion Tor sTudenTs and iT adds greaTIy To The developmen- grace and poise Through beTTer muscular coordinaTion body and mind. The club meeTs aT Davis' Roller SkaTing I Twice a monTh where high exciTemenT and pure wholesc Tun is derived Trom The beneTicial pasTime oT skaTing. .lgi Firsf Row: P. Honeywell, D. Cocl rane, M. Medon, I. Jama, S. Finkle man, C. Riggio, M. AIbrechT, P MarTin. I. Woicik, B. J. Brauch, lv Sare. Second Row: M, Umlah, I Zaikoski, F, Meighan, B. Salmon, Iv Abod, A. Decker, M. Decker, F Mcl-Iugh, A, Joseph, R. Freed, I I-lashem. Third Row: RiTa Rornar K. Mace, I. Dowey, M. Mike, F Lloyd, F, Mowery, L. Terescavage FourTh Row: S. Onacki, Mrs. Jonei Sponsor: Mr. Jones, Sponsor: E Evans, I. Dennis, I. Buziuck, I. Ric gio, C. Eicke, B. Guarnaccia. Fif+ Row: J. Roderick, J. Chiloro, Ii Hummel, B. Ball, J. Pleirn. J. Seigei J. LauTer. F, Bauman, M. I'Iandza, A. Vallain D. Rinker, J. Cease. B. Evans, I rxorb, R. Mack, J. Paniczo, A. Levi G. Glasser, C. Riggio, B. SchwarT E. Schmidt R. FeisT, Miss Palmer, . Shaiman, E. Pierapou, J. Cook, G Michael, A. Dal SanTo, B. Womel' dorT, F. Lerisiwski, R. Williams, . Thomas, E. Price, J. PeTro, R. Gra ham. C. Gruver, A. Mayles, S. Male vawske, M. Morio, D. Zawislok, I' Sudal, M. Kausavage, P. Snaiski, I Michael, B. Thomas, M. George, I TippeTT, J. Baur, N. Brennan, I I-larTzel, E. Cecere, I.. Granada, I Derlevich, F. Macierowski, H. Krc gle, B. Geockle, E Black, M. Peppe ling, E. Ruikawske, E. Dennis, I James, H. Snyder, J. LoTTus, C I Daves, C. DeLuca, R. STeinerT, lx Kasper. Junior Boller Skating Club As prooT To The ever-growing popuIariTy OT roller skaTing we oTTer our Junior I-Iigh SkaTing Club. There are abouT 75 members in The club and They meeT every Tuesday AcTiviTy wiTh Their sponsors, Mr. Collin? and Miss Palmer. The purpose in organizing This club was To provide The members oT Junior I-Iigh School wiTh an opporTuniTy To secure a heaIThTuI Torm oT Page NineTy-six recreaTion and To secure The beneTiTs oT social compar ship and good Triends. AIThough iT is The TirsT year o exisTence iT has esTabIished iTseIT as a seIT-perpeTuaTion due largely To The greaT enioymenT ThaT roller skaTing h Tor The average person. Lettermelfs Club During baske+baII season you can see your baskeTball hero The gymnasium, or in TooTbaIl season you can see your voriTe sTar on The TooTball Tield, and likewise baseball and ack. However, There is one place where all The aThIeTic ars meeT aT The same Time and ThaT is The LeTTermen's , sf.. fr FirsT Row: R. Howell, W. Bene- ch, G. Nackley, B. Oldsey, R. Ball. :ond Row: J. KeaTing, W. Ro- naskas, T. O'Rourke, C. Piccarre- C. Schooley, R, Williams. Third w: P. Ellis, V. STankevich, I. Na- ski, L. Kennedy, J. Talkiewicz, S. Tney. Fourfh Row: L. Trapanese, WeinsTock, J. Lang, R. RaykoviTz. DalTon, E. Hafner, L. John. Fiffh w: M. Bulick, A. Skornski, H. Gul'- man, W. Johns, H. Supinski, J. derick, E. KuTney, D. Owens. Th Row: S. Williams, E. Ras, R. wwell, Mr. WermuTh, adviser: W. ,Tler, S. Lovendusky, E. Tarlowski, Evanoski, E. Torella. FirsT Row: I. Dennis, S. Onacki, I. ggio, I. Budzin, Treasurer: D. alan, President M. MishikiTis, Sec- aryg B. Hahula, Vice'PresidenT7 E. :Ti, H. PonTing: L. CorbeTT. Sec- d Row: A, Miller, D. Weidner, GarTner, M. Bigoski, I. Yuscavage, Yapsuga, I. HersTek, I-I, GuTTer- in, J. PeTers, B. STevens, N. La se, J. Connor. Third Row: O. illiams, M. Lewis, T. Williams, D. ckson, L. Joseph, M. Williams, E. irdinal, J. Hakim, I. Woiick, A. rTTrey. T., mmm.. Club, "coached" and direcTed by Mr. WermuTh. Their weekly meeTings are spenT in The discussion oT various view poinTs concerning aThIeTic evenTs and They sTrive aT all Times To promoTe good sporTsmanship in all The aThleTic acTiviTies oT G. A. R. --A im Girl Reserves Any Junior or Senior girl, regardless oT posiTion in liTe, io wishes To pursue her ambiTions more Thoroughly and is 'eresTed in The Girl Reserves is qualiTied Tor membership. iririg The year They are well occupied in Their varied social '1cTions ThaT include scaveneger hunTs, Xmas Tormal, spring Tormal, and sporT dance. The Girl Reserves Teaches girls how To shoulder The responsibiIiTy oT carrying ouT various club ac- TiviTies. IT also gives The girls a chance To make new Triends and widen Their horizon oT inTeresT. In gaining These accom- plishmenTs The girls are well rewarded Tor Their eTTorTs. Page NineTy-seven Equestrian Club Whoa! Giddipl shouT The 30 members of The EquesTrian Club as They gallop abouT on Their nimble sTeeds. Under Mr. WermuTh's personal guidance The girls are TaughT The TundamenTals of good horsemanship. The requiremenTs Tor membership of This club is a popular voTe OT all The old l members. The main purpose of The club is The enioying The beneTiTs derived from horsebaclc riding. lT is noT he To undersfand why we reTer To horses as having good sen Especially 'when They have such a delighTTul iob oT carryi beauTiTul lassies on Their backs. , STanding: Mr. WermuTh, adviser, B. OpeT, M. Tripp, J. Conwell, E. Conrad, H. Davidson, I. Yuscavage. P. Conwell, J. Jackson. SeaTed: B. Guarnaccia, J. Walker, B. J. Brauch, L. WalTers, l. Dowey, C. SchwarTz, R. LoTTus, J. Parker, K. Kelly, l.. Teras- cavage, N. Thomas, K. Jones. FirsT R-ow: B. HoyT, D. Richard- son, E. High, P. Davis, G. Vander- mark, D. Connell, F. Granda, A. Mc- Hugh. Second Row: Mr. Maguire, adviser: V. McAvoy, R. O'Rourlce, R. Gawles, M. LivingsTon, B. Garf- ner, O. Williams, F. Maury. Third Row: G. Esser. H. PonTing, F Adams, D. Melan, J. Carr. Twenty Grand Club Hi-Ho Silver, A-way! WiTh The speed of Iighr and a hearTy Hi-Ho "TwenTy Grand", we see The "TwenTy grand" members prancing over The grassy Turn on Their whiTe charges. The TwenTy Grand club was Tormed by Mr. Ma- guire Tor The purpose oT insTrucTing vivacious Temales in The . Page Nineiy-eighT arT oT horseback riding. ln order To mainTain members in The club each one musT have aT leasT eighT riding hc To her crediT. The girls inviTe guesTs To share in.The derived Trom The various riding parTies which are T ThroughouT The year. 3 fir ff- ,ff ,H-f 3 F 2 ' i e W? ,L ' . " 2 f Q , x' if 'nf in J . I I 3 X ' 3 x e '55 4 ,ax 1 as Wg X11-,.1s -e ,k L, f 4 1 f z, mx. , "-- ww 4 ., 1 '.E2gigq1 W? ,W xi 4 , ag5wsLssef1, 1. f .1 Q Q L, i 4 J' f av' s kg! S School Calendar 4+ + aek of SepTember 3-"Gee"-here we are, back in achool again. Seniors, imagine! DigniTied Seniors, ha, 'haT's a laugh. By The noise made in The halls we cer- 'ainly proved ThaT we were anyThing buT. aek of SepTember 9-"Gosh!" second 'week oT school and 'Bobby" Ball isn'T saTisTied. He wanTs his homeroom :hanged Trom Miss UTz's room 'cause iT's on The TourTh iloor, and he can'T sneak in on second bell. Boy, Mar- golis musT be geTTing prosperous because Friday ll3Th no essl was "BeTTy" TippeTT's birThday, and he gave her a :henille robe. ' eek of SepTember I6-Hip, Hip, Hoo Ray! Pep meeTing, 9-ep meeTing, Pep meeTingsl Aren'T They Tun? AT leasT 'his week's was. "DuTch" WermuTh gave a "swell" Talk. 3uT oh! The game lor should we say The rainl: ask "BeTTy" Suarnacci. And we have The besT band in The land, Too! eek of SepTember 23--IT goes To prove Ackerman is all NeT liT he isn'Tl. He was aT The "Blue 81 Gray" weiner 'oasT when he Tell in The creek Trying To avoid Mr. Ma- guire's paddle. Mr. SchapperT, why don'T you go ouT Tor Track? You ran TasT enough To overTake Erskine wiTh The asT iug of cider. eek of SepTember 30-All The dirT oT The weiner roasT :ame This week in our TirsT issue oT The "Blue 8: Gray". Ackerman escorTed Miriam Sare. "Ray" Mann and BeTTy Jane Brauch, "Billy" Phillips and STella Boline. eek of OcTober 7-CongraTulaTions To lasT year's class. The recording machine was greaT. We used iT Tor The TirsT Time in dancing class on Tuesday. "Jerry" Laufer and BeTTy Jane Jones made a "swell" pair oT head Jshers. eek of OcTober I4-Charles Eldridge spenT The week-end in New Jersey and broughT Alice Gwynn home a sTun- 'ring CoTy's compacT. Wednesday we had a holiday buT only because iT was ConscripTion Day, and The men Teachers had To regisTer. lWhaT luck! WhaT do you say, Messrs. Chesney, Maguire, and SchapperT? Anyone look- ing Tor a wiTe?l eek of OcTober 2l-IT we Think lsurprisel Wilkes-Barre is on The map, we had beTTer Take anoTher look 'cause when The BenTley Musical Trio came, They landed in Old Forge and had To call The school Tor direcTions To our ciTy. Believe iT or noT. lDon'T Then, if you don'T wanT To.l Week of OcTober 28-I iusT love being on decoraTing com- miTTees, don'T you? Especially Tor Halloween dances. ThaT is, of course, when you can borrow Leo John's Truck To go To Mr. Warden's Tarm Tor decoraTions, aT leasl ThaT's The excuse ArmbrusTer, Mayock, and Phillips gave. Oh! by The way, The dance was a big success, Too. Week of November 4-We had a legal "Lil' Abner" day and dance This year, which was a greaT success all The way 'round. Dolores Gillespie and "Al" MineTola were The mosT Typical "Daisie Mae" and "Lil' Abner". David Thomas Took The cake as "Marryin' Sam", "Duke" lHair- less Joel Williams was cuTe, Too. Week of November Il-"Gee", iusT Think ArmisTice Day already. This year cerTainly is Tlying, or is iT me? The drum maioreTTes and drum major sTruTTed Their sTuTT aT The game Too. "Over There" cerTainly made a hiT wiTh The Tans. Week of November 25-Well The Thanksgiving Day game was scrumpTious so was The LeTTermen's Dance. Nackley and Julia AnThony, AlbrandT and "Joe" Meigo, "Eddie" Lenahan and CaTherine DehauT made Their appearance There. Week of December 2-Jeanne Flannery Tell again. l mean in love. "Fellas" whaT's wrong? You're slipping or some- Thing. A Bucknellian is The vicTor This Time. The picTure oT our TooTball Team, who, by Th-e way, won The ciTy championship, had Their picTure in The "Blue 8: Gray." Week of December 9-Aren'T The proofs iusT "ducky"? The boys' TlaTTer Them, and The girls' prooTs-well. "Ray" Mann was selecTed as chairman oT The ChrisTmas Dance. Week of December I6-Well, our baskeTball Team deTeaTed The alumni. Many oT The old sTars and sTudenTs were There including Mr. Chesney. Leo Schmidt Mary AusTin, Jean PeTers, Norma La Rose, and "BeTTy" STevens: our Seniors were There, Too. Oh! l can'T TorgeT "Jimmie" KeaTing who was The scorekeeper. I Think "Hawk Eye" Mayock and "Kenny" Gray were wonderTul in The ChrisTmas Play. Week of January 6-lT's cerTainly hard Trying To seTTle down To ThaT old rouTine aTTer The gorgeous Time we had during The ChrisTmas vacaTion. Everybody looked very "ChrisT- massy" all decked ouT in his new "Tinery". CongraTula- Tions Roger upon winning The Hub's Radio Quizz. Page One Hundred One School Calendar 4+ 0 Week ol January I3-Marjorie Albrandl and Jean Walker were laken inlo Mr. Wermulh's Equeslrian Club. Thal's "swell", The Twenly Grand Club made ils appearance lhis week, loo. Week -ol January 20-George Nackley has been elecled as presidenl ol our class by a greal maiorily. Joe Chiloro is vice-presidenl. "Nay" Davies and Marlha Mishikilis have been elecled lreasurer and secrelary respeclively. Congralulalions, you deserve il, each and everyone ol you. Week ol January 27-Thank heavens! Our exams are over. They 'were lerrilic. Some do-some never do-some over do-How do you do! IP. S. This is a nole on homework?l Week ol February 3-I heard loday lhal som-e Senior "lellas" have asked lheir lavorile girls lo classnighl. Ida Dowey and "Freddie" Homnick. Nancy Thomas and "Billie" Shoplick, Saralouise Richards and Harry Ponling are some ol lhe early couples. Week ol February I0-Leave il lo lhe "Blue 8: Gray" lo have somelhing dillerenlg l mean lheir old-lashioned sleigh ride. Leave il lo Belly Jane Brauch lo gel her leel lrosl billen. bul. ol course. she loved having Mr. Tope rubbing lhem lo bring back lhe circulalion. Week of February I7-The Sub-Debs had a parly al lhe Spa and exchanged small gills. They had a wonderlul lime. G. A. R. delealed Kingslon lasl week. Week of February 24-Dorolhy Chukonis and Belly Jane Jones were wonderlul in "The Sun Bonnel Girl." The orcheslra under lhe direclion ol Mr. Ayre, provided a charming background lor lhe musical comedy. "Jimmie" G'Melia. Burlon James, and "Dick" Jones were superb! Week ol March 4-Leonardine Terascavage has been laking lancy skaling lessons over al Davis'. Wonder il "Russ" is lhe reason. Her lriends seem lo lhink so. The Bank Cashiers had a very successlul parly lhere. loo. Week 'ol March II--The Senior poll has iusl been an- nounced. The mosl popular are: Myrlle Fink and Georg-e Nackley: mosl inlelligenl: Jerry Lauler and Lillian Cor- bell. The wils ol lhe Senior class are Esser and Layden. .Jesse Lang conlribuled mosl lo lhe school. Belly Jane Jones is lhe "prelliesl". and "Tommy" Drewicz, lhe hand- somesl. The Seniors slill preler "lunnies" as lheir lavorile newspaper lealure. Page One Hundred Two Week ol March I8-Harry-Weinslock and lrene Fenclli make a swell couple. The prize wise crack ol lhe wee goes lo "Dolly" Ripkin lor denying lhal she land abou len olhersl are horses so lhal lhere would be no need lc her lo sleal lumps ol sugar. Whal aboul il Dolly? Week ol March 25-I wonder where Erskine Solomon's dai good deed comes in? You know lhal he's a slar scou Gosh, I iusl realized how brillianl "Jerry" Lauler is. Ca rie Eicke's boy lriend is prelly nice, bul lhen so is she. Week ol April I-Topsy lurvey, crazy, prelly hard on ll ups and brain lil you have onel iusl aboul describes ll' April Fool "Blue 8: Gray" lo a lee. This week Roge Howell asked "Belly" Guarnaccia lo class nighl, ar likewise, "Bill" Romanaskas and Norma La Rose. Week ol April 8-Boy, was il lunny seeing Mary Auslin ar "Dol" Erickson lwhom "Sil" Perella has on lhe brainl ligh ing over who would walk home wilh "Bill" Benevilch. Ho did il lurn oul "Bill"? Week ol April I5-Marlha Thomas is a very good pianis She proved il by playing in chapel lhis morning. Seeir is believing bul you should have heard her. A perso alily plus "guy" cerlainly is "Bill" Phillips. Week 'ol April 22-ll's iusl loo. loo divine. Excuse me, mean lhe wealher. Hol enough lo go swimming. M Wermulh cerlainly can handle "Kale" lshe's a horse l: lhe wayl. The "Garchive" Dance was a greal succe even if lhe decoralions did lall down. Week of April 29-Horses, horses. and more horse Heavens! why is everyone so inleresled in lhis come sporl so suddenly. The resulls are lerrible, if you ce judge by lhe way people are walking lalely. Week ol May 4-Whal a week! Everyone yelling, "Gol nickel you can loan me?" Kelly's slunning red gown an superb acling, and Brauch's impishness is lhe lalk ol ll' school. The "Drall" Dance was some lun. l'm wild abou Jeanne Flannery's arrangemenl ol Slardusl. L'Envoi-Whal a year! Whal a class! The largesl ever l graduale. The peppiesl, elc., elc. Hope we make ll lisl, and if we do. no more sludying. Jusl lhe class oulin- class nighl. class day lsome classl. and gradualion lo loc lorward lo. Hope you Juniors have as much lun as vu did. Autographs Page One Hundred Three PHOTOGRAPHS Lazarus Phofographing Dept PRINTING The Collins Press D ENGRAVING Craffsmen Eng rave rs BINDING Wire-O- Binding-Pa+en+s Pending Na+ional Publishing Co. if ... 4. 'Ei iii? . f Cz 2 fs. 3:4 if HQ - .. WN .v:?.-J., A5174 ,.i.V!:,igH V . L -,,-,SQQQ1-gzggfi-:e-:gdziggy- .- Z-gas-L--Q 11-mans, gs L 411. .,- i nikki!! ,i .' '-Q. Q '5' -'k ia

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