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G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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. . . .W 1 A W rx , mu 41 ' nf' ' "P . 5. I 'Ju x If H Y . t 41 n I 1 -BIHSHYII-Il rf- V " ff ,. 'J 1,1 6 .,,:,gy,.,,x xv :fm f' 1 "J : fH"95'. 'i?1QQQf:'1'537'L'2 -Qfgfewrfff ?j5f1fifg2igwfi f Agia- 'L -gi Qjljfaff 1255? 1 'ff 'N 5 ' 4 . '-A A f J 1 - ff' 554 ,Mb 1' .fl Vw. .' 'f if f ' ' r Vw ,pg 5 4' ' I ' X Sag' Q , 11 ,lf f 5 F"o!Q:'- -'L f ,N ,. N5 1 H3111 xl I-' if 'E up--3 'J X Fig AH L iv 5 na Q x xi. ri r nj! 4' 'gvjbigw " x, fi. of 3 7 A J ad 5' ,fi 1 XX J . .4 , IN, v' '- f Y' F A V' A' I f V Q 5 J '1 'J I Q.: v 7.1 5 J' , V gm , ' 'sjj-14 '11 -QL - sammy 'ZW V W, ' , f "5 ,M M. W ' f ff' M f A V ' My-f" www' -'nf D, ,, t 1 Fwy W A A M-ww.v-' Q. ZW, Mm Stands our dear oltl Alma Mater, Stzmtls forever and for aye, lnyul sons and tluuglwters greet t Greet thee, dear oltl tl. N. R." I hee iris! "iGfF5"1vn.f.',l1' , -, , -r I . ,if lbi.mllT" WM it ,,. ,V U fin. rigs flflfozflf of UOHZOZTOIAI. . El-EE BH What does the World of Tomorrow hold in store for those who leave their school careers? This question is uppermost in the minds of many thousands of high school graduates and parents of those graduates. The answer is vague, but gradually there is taking shape in this chaotic transititional period the beginnings of a new era. Mankind has yet to go far in new fields of endeavor. Research has shown that there are possibilities opening up in many lines which had here-to-for scratched the surface. The necessities, and comforts, and luxuries of today are not those of tomorrow, because these very research laboratories are creating such things as will bring new demands on manufacturers. What does this mean to us? It means that the traditions of our alma mater will better fit us to participate in these up and coming activities. Not that we will be skilled technicians, but that the train- ing, the contacts, and the mental stimulants are de- cidedly a part of the discipline whereby one can govern his own life in a much better way. As we go out into the World of Tomorrow we must hold our heads up, we must keep our eyes ever forward, and we must hold to that optimism so ably expressed in the line, " Hope springs eternal in the human breast." fr -L ' nfs ' I . l 5 Un Loan flflfo-Je! . . tri m Page Administration . 5 Seniors. . . 8 Underclasses. 29 Activities ..,...... . 39 Student Government Organizations. 40 Publications . . .,.. . 46 Entertainment . 48 Clubs . . 54 Athletics. 65 Boys . . 66 Girls. . 73 The Calendar . . 76 Thref Eacllczctflorz. - - .ff The realm of sports has long held a popular and important place in high school. Mr. Robert Thomas, our basketball coach, has been untiring in his ejorts to keep G. A. R. High School in the front ranks of the athletics of our community. Not only has he been successful in coaching the basketball teams, but he has also been unstinting in his eforts to encourage young men to strive for higher aims in the World of Tomorrow. He has also instilled, in both classroom and gymnasium, the facts that the healthy way of life is the happiest way of life, and that good sportsmanship in games is conducive of good sportsmanship in life. To Mr. Thomas, we, the class of 1940, take pleasure in dedicating this volume of the Garchive. ww! 5. 9 F A Kuff -f',,A,fa , If 11" sis, L xi, ik-ki, A ' .S l, flip . vs uwy mu .,'A Wifi? ,?"-,fufigifgf W.-I M '3L?+Yfi."?,1b'?'1 iff-MJ. -f fair, N I 4 , if All qv 1 ,,,',M Q43 1 1 f Iwly. K' UW WZ' , NS' 1 1 P, , iffp'3m-.fy fd' Qgfndi mfg fyg h' wx . Q BGARD OF EDUCATION. Iluhmd thu xylwulx ol progrux muxt he thoxc mum who BUARD UP EDUCATION Seated: Ur, XX celycr, NIV lzow. Nh' Nlzaclulw. Xlr. Nlchmu. Standing: NIV. Knillm. Dr Xlillul' 'XIV Clollim, TXIV, Xmlus X112 llhomlx E I s 5 s I lwlluyu in prnogruw Il IN lor N111 Bacon amd thu mcnwhcrx 5 ol thc lyrozllll ol IQLILICJIIIUH Io LfLl'II'IITIL'L' to thc luturc citizcns ol thnx community zz comlmxznncu oi' thc progrcwlyc spirit in I ity ULILICQIIIUIIQII Pl'Ug,Il'2llN xyhiuh hm huh xo chumclcrislic ol llh' Dzlxl Mr. Stanleq Il. Henning IIIIIVIPLII vf Cf A. R llzgh orllnul Mr. Allen E. Bacon .Yzlfwrfrm'nllw1l lj! ollloulx C-ARCHIVE GREETINGS. , . .Ks you look around and rczllizc what JI Cl'I2l47IlC condition uynxlx IIN mzmy ordmurily puucullul countries. you xhould ccrluinly mulyc xyisc amd udcqunrc plzmx lor' your luturc :md lor thu luturc ol the country in which you shall contimlc lo liyc 'llhc thcmc ol' thc l'l4llClL1rfl11'1'u lx 'Vlhu XX orlnl ol' 'llomorrowf' XYhut I"IL'VIL'lIlf'N thls has in store for you will dcpcml wry largely on how wull prcpznrud you ,111- to dcriyc thosc hcuulltx from it, .XITIIWIIIIYII IIWfL'QI'IIj'. hugh ijuulx. amd hrolhcrly loyc will stzmd you in good stuzxd, Sec thingy my Khcy :irc in thc light ol' xyhul Ihmy haw hccn. amd what they may hu. nml youll not hge mmf thc yiclim ol ix Nurpril-u attack in Hlhc World ol' ll-IlI1I'lI'I'UXN H Uructingx amd hwr xxlxlww Io I-.rch Ill'1kl mcry nu'mhcr ol lhu flux oll IWW S. Il IIHWNIXU 'rx gk, xi.. u ,N , -f' 4, L' l "J -1 ' f A . ' f slag- 1' bf' , "' -.iam cqnfiaifzafing fffa Clflforcfcf of ljomomow l-El:JElBElBHEl-El The Class of 1940 is about to leave the halls of this, their alma mater. If these very halls could speak there would be some- thing like this in their echo. Let us suspend time for a few moments and hearken. "I watched all of you enter in the various stages of your career, as l have watched others. You have entered in various classes, and many have dropped by the wayside unable to cope with the situations as they presented themselves. Those of you that stayed had your fun. Your laughter, quips, and wanton wiles resounded through the halls. You enjoyed the contacts and the friendships which will probably endure forever. Your joys far exceeded the disappointments because you stayed to the end. "ln your thoughts you will give proper consideration to those influences in guidance, both in administration and faculty, not only for the knowledge but for whatever attempts' were made to help you become better citizens and better fitted for this life you are to live. "You will also appreciate the attempts made in the progress of the curriculm in having included mechanical arts and skills as well as those extra-curricular activities which have such an important place. "All this has been a definite part of the heritage of the past which in its own little way may fit you for the future. Scientists, writers, dramatists, all other noted people were probably none other than the products of such a school as this. In this World of Tomorrow who knows but that some member of the graduating class of 1940 may write his name in the hall of fame of future generations." ,fi ATC, V Vg ,A -, 1, Q L5 '.,f,Q1 .T W1f.l,TER KOBESKI .... . . . .Presidrnt ROBERT SWOBGDA ..... . . .Vice-President JOSEPHINE CROSSICK , . . .... Secretary KENNETH BROIVIFIELD . , . ..... Treasurer Eight , TI 1 1 fly, 5'4'YJ'f-'aiu' ' AN ' - M ug: WQAGLEQI, - : gf, 2 ' 91 10 "1 . f Pf,z1y.,,, fi si . 1-Q if - f' , , Nl 5, E 32 A w 3,2 qv grx vx fl I , ,, 1 A. x I 9 -,. N- f .. V .,. M' 'f,i'f' 4 " V 5' Q 1 H 'fflmrx-If ' -' gp ! f ' ,'. t WJ? gp 5 v'e?fk? lr flu ' 11 QW: s 5 1 I if ' rg' J 1 N3 JA W ,s ,IV 41 1+ .Q F ., ' w i A f ' fa' M5 211 ,ef --if '. .5 f 1 - if .' ' 1 -in ,gf 1 ' .w ,iw G' v w '-7 -1 ,N -' 1'5" WJ 11. ff f.."?y.'. 'f -' H4 4 ?5 -4 L? , J Az 1-if J ' A 3 I ' Ag A. 1 ,3,Lf . V A . . A 'W ..'. V ,www A ,v,.f,i5?w .Q , 1931? -, 1 4, 1'?, , ,g2, .g,fr:4y,grg,v,Q51554?',+zig:1,.?i' -, X . , .- f ,. 1:1 - ,11 0 A w 5 , t lg. XI, ix, J., J , . 'I' 1g2'w2Qk15ffa'Mm1:e"w' 1 f Q ' " ff ' -' A ff' filvr' fi +'ifbHW. " . ' 'L -5514.5-Q, ,,, A: Mig , ' - r5,,f,,,f.,3442'Zf,:.f..',,.'l'g"f1 -I W, - :gif 5 Y' Pj . ,f '-1 1 V'-:5mw,,f."?"'9 .-ff, W .qw , v-' JJ 2523 .1 Wzifffl ' -iv Im' H g figf- . 1f4f f- -FE ,V I . .-1, 4'g,:, xl 'j'f2fwW,,, ,wh . lm V ' V, , -- - 4' Af V., g,,g,wji+.,g?yy5ig,! is , x, ff" ,wlfqviiw ' J Q5-aevsfzv fd in ff 31: fiiffw L f ' Ag? 2' 3, .muff A f V 'QJEE Q ' K S Q11 'fi X -g,5.w .., 5 4 x i n 5 f " - 47" '- if f ' :4- fg ' H' ' -f'!r- ' . 993' I' ' 35 we we 1. 1 ,wi An y, fi if, ' 31 ' P., . 9 1' - . 111 1 'Ay -1-2" -. ',f"' WN x R - , . - J - '47 0 17' ,I , , . . . ., L war' ui f Pgfprh J ""' M. .au ,.f'zgfi.3,qJ, 1 H , 4 Z ff, f,.g, T.. "-C-',ff1'a-ff i' ' 613 .-I - . , .' 14 - , ,v f 1, George Andresky Tec-lm ical Wholmofvs Mat new discoveries the future will hold, when George begins to put his scientific genius to practice? He may even do such a great service as inventing a vanishing cream to apply to nightwork. , 1 I , Eleanor Ahreridts Academic , This future nurse will have her patients doubled up, not -with pain, but with laughter. Her ready smile and never- failing good humor will always be her greatest assets. Carl Ashoff Commercial There'll be order in the court, when Carl, that quiet C73 and methodical young man becomes a court clerk. Most of us hope, that we will never run into him, when hes on the job. Margot Allegar Academic i'She knows her man", may be truth- fully said of "Peggy", who since her years in school. has made many a mans heart beat faster. She was quite "chic" as a cheerleader and what's more a sweet morsel for anyone, William Baubcnis Technical 'iBill's"one of these big, quiet fellows that girls go for. His hobby is wood- shop work, and he's tops as an athlete. Careful, girls. dont rush him -he's basful! .r W Helen Ande 'Rx x Algmic Imp or an el 1 ' '. 't is t qu io Helen goes blissfull ough mad deningly unware ofqt oc creat b her naive and innoc burst. coque . A gamin of a girl- po to r. Robert Bempkins 'l'uclmicul From Soup to Nuts! "Cross" this country and that, Bob gains all scholastic fame with his unusual ability and stick- to-it-ness. Be seein' you in headlines some day, Bob. 'fel i X if . k I-nu-I - r ,vc Alice Abod Comme rcial Raven hair, not a care- - 'Large eyes, plenty of guys. Even though one is always aware of her presence, she is always quiet and subdued. Cr is she just daydreaming? Edward Angelus Technical Eds irissing school was of little handi- cap to kim, as his desire to get ahead was greater than the lingering behind. He wants to go to school in the West where men are men. Martha Alan Academic Martha Alan is the half-pint of the senior class but contains a full gallon of personality and fun when she doesn't hide her light behind a bushel. sr ' id 'lcchnic-ul ntroducin' t e "Ace" he senior ass "King" o ' " ' all r es. Steve may-' heard cheering t -s rts ent victory. Lest w forget ' so - is share of playing on the . I . IV, ,Ng , , ., -' , if-.M Q . Pleleii Ametlaho 1 Commercial Flash! thelyear l9ffli--summert,ime7- afid beautif l car. Helen will sgill go tQve ing, per apsinot wit her parents but .traveling ifieverthebks J slightly changed in locks but stil Q33 same quiet, sincerefgirlgwe know now? ' I A- ,. if Gwily Belton Technical The onlyf ing ad tur high sea did to Ggym w el irpgiiieup his mind to a me - r o the Highway Patrol. He decided he would rather ride a sputtering Lmotorcycle than a salty X, wave. I , f . l u 'X r 1 is . If Marie sler ,L J ,,fUdmnicrcial gflbl Aft" A' ' ect face, a sweet smile, a sweet manner, describes Marion. She definitely should be called "Sugar" instead of "Chris". "Stay as sweet as you are", is our advice to her. ,gov Helen Bauman Technical When chem formulas get me down, "I concentrate on you," says blonde and beautiful Helen. "You" being -john, of course. , X -ff.-1' l " I f 4. . 'I Frank Breslin Commercial Notice that sauve looking chap and how nicely he sings. In "The Cld Fashioned Charm" Frank portrayed the perfect boyfriend and in real life he doesnt have to act. Harriet Bempkins Academic A pencil. a paper. a sudden inspiration and presto- -she has a poem. That's just about how long it takes Harriet to write one4that is, when she isn't too busy giving her dog a bath or taking him for a stroll. Kenneth Bromfield Acatlem i e Dear Diary: lvlet the niftiest guy last night and oh-7-what brains! Kenny's not only a modern Edison but a Pathe News as well and as an actor-wh. gee-Ahels swell. rances i Commer i ' and a bro ' n cord 's Frances' ontinuous ba le a ' ety. Variety. being e spice o l e, anyone can see that h mere pr nee adds flavor to all oc sion i ny differ if af 'fi rj! fl . WL. if , t, Henry Buclzyn xileclinica ,Watch the birdie! "jim" likes photog- raphy, and he would like to be a doctor. Who knows, but he may combine therry and be an X-Ray specialist. K f TZ me . ,X X Frances Bro n Ctminiert-ial Fran is, what wed call, into every- thing, She travels around with crowds just as full of fun as she is. She especially favors those that go to school in the vicinity of Penn State. t Robert Bohm Academic Those who know him not, no words can paint, but those that know him, know all words are faint. Unless you know Bob, you can never guess that underneath his Dashfulness are a brain and character that are bound to succeed. Sadie Bedwick Commercial S is for her pleasant .smilel A is for the admiration she deservesg D is for her plentiful dates: l is for her interest in others: E is for thc energy she shows. All together they make a lovely girl. james Brislin 'I'eelinit-al To prove that our habits, ambitions, minds, etc., work hand in hand, we point to the fact that "Bris" wants to be a dairy manufacturer, and he saves milk bottle tops. Proof to an expert's theory. f' ff I ,f T! "T1,e,1"V ' -'AJ 1 1. wx Benevxtch , , . . . My, my, ow s y! Anr'11" seems to avoid crowds though everyo e welcomes her not-too-often presence. But then we must remembelyt t ' s which are most scarce are most value . T , . ,ff '7' - ' ' -ff Bernard Buckley Academic 'Bucku is.i3ot only versatile in his activities but also in his menfal gym- nastics. His ambition is a higher educa- tion-his forte-hard work. Juanita Bowers Aeatlufnie Effervesence personified, brown-eyed Juanita simply bubbles over with mirth and love of living. The blackest gloom succumbs to her wonderful, throaty giggle. Chester Bunsick 'letlinii al The out-doors appeals to this uhe-man" and nothing suits him better than a tramp through the woods even at the cost of studying. Eleven A Y I Q' Wpkb el' 'I-Ctfflfll l ntertaincr de uv ' song dei and a guitar, that all e asks. s Some day when is a e. em blazoned in lights, ' remember his performances in our good old alma-mate . qw 6- Louise Cecere Cilll 2 A . . : , a . e, li 'se E to G, A. R. stage f' m s been eor . l Do you need personality? Lessons given regularly by Louise, our "Person- ality Plus girl'. with two capital Ps. Even if you dont want the lessons, you can depend on her to talk you i to A.. ,-l A-Lf: 'lt' ' Charles Charley Technical We have a tailor among us! Not Robert Taylor, but "Ditto," whose future will be tailor-made if he manages it as well as he did the football team. ' - P ' ' K A fix! . ' 'ci K ,lu I Irene Chook Technical Hearts beat faster, eye-brows rise. and lvliss Chook glides into the spotlight of Billy Roses Aquacade, wearing a beautiful and fantastic outfit. matched by her unique hair-do. How parallel to the present i'Chookey." -ff-aefw' .f Af'-4.44 - Jogeph cis f ffra-hnimz f t' on e gridiron ll carr, th oug i. 'Ed-'Zs'lest.with t sagify wav s or floods, as his greatest kffglesire i' eing a mcyber ol' the Coast Q4-4ams.1ay'c 77 7 ' ' Shirley Coates Academic Of Shirley 'it is often said she is simply swellegant. Some may have beauty, some intelligence, and some may have personality, but Shirley has the undeniable possession of them all. Harold Coplan 'feclinieal lo many, an adding machine would be just the thing but to "Coplan", it would be just "trash". The power ol' inertia except when he is dancing or driving his jaloppe is personined by this Hlooker- forward" to june. 'fu 'ulvc Sylvia Brown Academic One of 40's striking beauties is Sylvia Brown. Although always appearing calm and cool, that mysterious something is hidden beneath that Hedy l,amarr look. I y4,NA.Jry cf JMV' Q X X ' N-J sa LK 'J sl Mlchael Carpist ,ommercial ulwlickeys' broad grin and affable manner give him a political atmosphere. Hes a straight-shooter. however, with his gun, his camera, his athletics, or his personality. ,.x,'.' ' x 'Viola Cera Acatiernic I jlfst picturd Kar the future this trim, dar '-fhaired, little , nurse with warm, sympathetic hands. Sh ' sq lbves to swim, and her favorie clzobby is corres- ponding with peoplc in other countries. Joe Chmiola 'I'et-hnit-ul joe walks around with that quiet, nonehalant air that we all admire. Out- side of school, you can Gnd him at the 100th artillery or hiking in the woods in preparation for his career as a forester. , , I a y Clark! Academic 3 Quantity -a zygi A 3 maximum. Vv'it y, i. ', an misch' vous is "CIlarkie". Figurativ-ly speaki g, she has her finger in every'pie -- ' d con- Gdentially -- does much to i rove its taste. Elmo Clemente Academic Basketball, baseball or love, Elmo takes them all in his gigantic stride. Nothing more can be said. le or oss Amtleniie ho's at very e.' raordinary Juliet? 'I' ' Ju t at re' y has a Romeo! 'fhe a gr. Elea r, an exceedingly armin vt n indeed who, like ova u gets her man and N h' le ' , c " A o ' . i X hggmor pc nt, keeps him. Josephine Crossick Commercial A cameo loveliness is jo's. Her demure blushes very effectively disguise the mischievous gleam in her grey-green eyes. Walter Daniels ' Technical Whos this "glamor" boy of G. A. RJ lt's Walter, alias the "Deacon" He con- tends that he has not yet found the girl with enough "oomph," to be worthy of his attentions. Q . ' Betty Davis idl The lands of vagcs e ting L and more remote, but there is still x of room for real m' ionar w etty would be right at home wit her ability in making over those that needed it. William Davies Technical lf "Bill" hears the birdies sing it will be for one of two reasons. lf he takes up aviation that will be one way, and if he continues boxing, that will be the other. 1 ' ' 1 'lui . ,a 1 s u . ,V X' s b. Irehh Divine T", fn Q ix . fvcofqgimercml ' 4 1 "Leapi5iSg Leah" cz-gilt s4i.t'still for one minute. he is inquisitive, but-not too, affectionate., but' not .toof intelligent, but not too. This frolicsome, jovial, trim little humorist we call "Bazooka" James Davis Technical "jim, jam, jumpin', jive". All you alligators get hipped while "jim" our diety hide beater beats it out accompanied by his boogie-Woogie pals. And his gal-friend "Dot" is a hip-chick of a canary. Dorothy Doyle Academic "je ne sais what to do," has frequently puzzled Dorothy, for she always has innumberable places to go and so much to do. We suggest a telephone, private secretary, or better still a type-itself- writer. ' Edward Curry Technical Butch is faithful to everyone, especially his hill-billy banjo. l-'le loves to dance, crack jokes, and argue, but hates to study. The underelassman will probably approve of the latter, for who could object to being amused by Curry for a couple years more. , Q 1 R . Loretta Cum 1 mmerci lt ma Irish i er, ut if you delight nowing the . est qu' s. cranks, an nton wiles be re 1 X meet th ssi g wih flaming ' fdxhiair, tionfQM'the name" e au. K Jnfh fu' H.- 4 .' 4.----'iff C Mark l?vidoi?-' A-1 it-W ncgFAcaiIemic ,Mark s'l'EJuld someday be famous! He already resembles two prominent persons, Professor Quiz and Artie Shaw, The explahation is, his 'mania for asking queftio , I-and, hisfproficient clarinet playin. I-' Q- ff - - 1 Angeline De Luca Academic Efficient. intelligent, and completely lovable, "Angie" is the embodiment of all that is sweet and unassuming as she goes quietly about her work, winning the admiration and respect of all who know er. If .- ' Garfield Davis Technical ,4"We hear littlimam "Carl", but we V 7 ., ,ff hear a lot about him. A true example of the strong silent 'typo Hell. look cap- tivating in the glistening white of a male nurses uniform. 'l ele o ' , Commercial amost anyway, en "ain't no such thing". S is one of these down to earth pcop who do the things that simply dont get a second curtain call. e name snobish, or Peter Decker Commercial When gabbing doesn't take up all of Pete's time, he may get around to studying -occasionally doing a little French. You know, he's no exception to the ever-so- seldom occurring brainstorms. Thirteen X Felix Delia Technical By fits and starts "Phil" soujourns his way through school. When he wants to -he works. When he wants to-he doesnt work. What to do? What to do? Manola Duallo Commercial With a pretty face, and the desire to to make others beautiful, lvlonola, started on her career long before leaving school. A good future is in store for her, for more and more people desire to be glamor- ous. Frank Diaco 'fuclmical By liking. . . mathematician, by ability . . atheletc. . . by ambition. . . Blue and Gray printer, by habit . . , newspaper clipper, by luck. , . handsome, by nature . . .handshakcrg by nickname . . . "Chick", by hospital. . . appendix. 9 . Qifgxgxgnan 'Afiyixmmertfial Mary is an ?rdant reader as well as ' inedcbnerhagshell get inspiration some day and write her own books instead of reading -what thers I ll ' 1 .J,JL'-1s.xIlrxh ' . . ...K 045-A, Mfg Lkil Dx 'Ik D-K VJVA ' 1 UXM A . urwood Evans Technical Although not having been with us very long, Durwood is one of the new faces that will never die down. The cream of the cup and good enough even for the "Governors" coffee. Pola Filippini Technical "Giggles" is going to have thc time of her life "making over" faces. Facials, hair-waves, permanents, anything, it will all be the same to this future beauty technician. Iseli- ' if V EXGIQP1, ix'l'ct'hnical :ww J X hat a picture! lhere ist ' redfllibt- hn sna ping the'xl.atest picture news bebrfit h cus He likes o .'?Qt'3EjP"L' ,LX ZF ab R h V ' 1' . ' J 1 N L f' X ' f 1 t g- Ax ra hy and hop I to come fa Vfews . g I 1 X N Fourteen . cl NI-, A X X X wig-if-4:..c..w,. A ' ' 1,4 ik: Mariyx Dfeite liommerciql A whiz--whether she's attacking a book of Virgil or clicking away at her typewriter. As a stenographer, Marian will be a joy to the most exacting employer 7,1M..-g4,'fb Ma .J M' fr is .,.. fe David Derlevieh Academic Calling all fans! Beware! "Yorker," young man, clever on basketball court, quick on the trigger" on the diamond, andlldangerous to femine hearts. That is a . R fi Dudek f' Cumn cial 1 I7 ' F1 U . Cf 3 ' o n's, y wouldn't k she ' 3 of ' Y r of M ff s more relres ing than the USU w- . : 1- H ook, Irvin Erickson 'lkghnigal Lief Erickson came to America in the early year of 1000. We would really call him quite brilliant. And our Lief is no "dummy" though he's worked plenty with them in the print shop. Minnie Evans Commercial Minnie has the rare ability of making even the ordinary things of life seem beautiful in her paintings. Shes one of the few we can't do without, and more power to her. John Evans Acadeniic 'Stretch likes to warble with the masses as is evidenced by his faithfulness in musical comedy choruses. He is also an outdoors man, as he is equally at home with rod or gun. Bernice Finn Academic "A tisket, a tasket, just watch her make that basket", thus "Finnie," the last of the sports-loving Finns carries on in true family style. l l 4: Sallyan Frank The choice of the oys, the the girls-and did you ever see such black curls? "Sassy" just smashes old "beauty and brains don't theory to atoms. Elmer Fisher Technical He plays "to beat the band". Keeping time on the drums is childs play to "Duke". Its the Finding time to put on his studies that bothers him. Eleanor Fuller Technical Vifho else but "G " could be as pop r with the he en of the senior cla ithou 'thgai of a make-upibox? Bu en, w i a cut 7 . ' ' f I f - Edward Flanaga 'M Technieal A ' - build, a Clark Gable profi , jimmy St wart personality, and a joe Palook h r t, "Harp" interests the oy d fasci tes the girls. Also elect d st king fellow. "The line form he le t, 'rlsf' X Florence George 'Technical "Flora" has a flair for fixing her hair She personifies the outdoor girl in her liking for horseback riding, bowling, and swimming. Irving Freed Technical "Irv" has his eye to the future in his desire to study television. Hes glad, however there isn't a set at school to check on his being la e quite frequently. . fel, ,I 1. 1.1 . , i,-Xjxii ' .N tif ' K -I .X fi. Nb .J .ji i X ,l 1" P X loria Q-lliert . Commercial 'Ns , . Ax f' weel ni uw su trrrrilling' x X A s usin ese e lyitic words in t sica come ,Fone has them posted , r i osx , she doesn t mean maybe, r. Q Wilf- Walter Fedonczak Academic "Its a sailor boy for me," sings every sweet young thing. Walter, being a very personable fellow, should then have a smooth-sailing, romatic future, with "gobs of girls in every port." If U AJ . l I i W t 3 ffgff . M' f Katherine Freund Academic Wanted-a senior girl, sweet, quiet, very intelligent, and just a little shy. Found--an applicant to fulfill these qualitiesgliathcrine Freund. john Flaherty Technical Rips here! Hes equally skillful in baseball or hobbling on the old dance Hoor. May he have as much success in the clouds as hes ad here in the ground fe-MJ , GJ 1 Lzvf-J . 399, Thelma Gassner Commercgal Permanent? Fingerwave? Marcel? Some first-class face lifting perhaps? All of these are expertly given in Thels beauty shop, if the service is as reliable as its very pleasant proprietress. 4 Thomas Flannery Technical "Timmy". a quiet member of the senior class ffor a changej intends to be an electrical engineer. His hobby is sports. Catherine Gerchak 'Technical If you prefer the lovely "blondes" with peaches and cream complexion and all that, just get in touch with Catherine. She surely has the golden locks, and in red-Oh, gee! Donald Garrison Commercial Great Day! Heres that man with the fascinating eyes again. "Donny" thinks he'd like to bc a moving picture technician, but he may be seen in quite a different capacity, hmmm, girls? Fifteen Paul George T echnical lf you hear a rumpus in the hall, its a sure sign that Paul is nmonkcying around." When he isn't doing this par- ticular "monkey business," he does a "Sherlock Holmes," and trails some girl. Lena Goldstein Commercial Lena says shes always busy at night. How much studying she docs we will not guarantee, but according to the time she spends at home-4Well-l-l. We think it s only waiting for that certain guy to call. l Henfy G0 1 - Z Technical carts fi ter, fp ' .s ki Hank: Y a K' v a a R y . . C t 1, y- rie d mut He 'aff other tea . ' , T" u. have b e ritten by rudder". Stella Grieshaber Academic Stella has' a duel personality! To her' fehoolrnaies, she is a very likeable and apparently quiet young, lady, but we hear thaf' up at 'Falls every fella falls for Stella. I Eu3f'weiiAeq'b7a Earl ner nice! With a beaming sm'i'l " runs a mile--knocks a ball-and sincerely hopes to become, some day, an athletic instructor. Leah Gutterman Academic Friendliness, intelligence, and talent make l.eah's personality as pleasing as the beautiful music which she plays so skill- fully. lf music hath charm to sooth the savage beast, what chance has anyone in l-eah's presence? Raymond Hand Technical A rollicking funster is "Foot" Hand. l s m g ifi nt physique points out his l Q c osen re Jtofdirept at etics. Marie Glasser Commercial A tall person with tall ideas, and like the sun-flower, with dignity, bearing, and solemnity, she turns her face to a son Cextremely tall preferredj. She dis- proves the adage that women is the weaker sex. Olgert Gillis Technical ln the spring this young man's fancy turns to thoughts of baseball. Answering to the nickname of 'iOscar" doesn't detract from his ability in managing the baseball team, Ethel Gribble Technical -And the big white "Bunny" with pink ears was all dressed up in a nurse's uniform when she saw a handsome man. She came, she smiled, she conquered, and they lived happily ever after. Frank Hadle Technical "Bozart," "Dutch", or "l-lumphu Ctake your choiceb is like little Sir Echo, he never speaks unless he's spoken to. We wonder what he's thinking about all the time. And guess what? He blushes too. Margaret Grohol Commercial Margaret Grohol, full of fun and mis- chief, livcns up many dull days of school, especially i'l-ittle Abner Day" when 'ilVlargie" won Hrst prize as Daisy lvlae. "fc l"""l IJ' :+L ""'ff 'f V. ' i, sift?-'-5141, , 1 1 -S-I f1'- i . WLMMA 4 .VH-il, LLAN if'JKH'f. ,b.sL:t-I in f L ,i L A ULAL Edward l-lal s tm rd ,Technical lf "Silence is golden," "Halas" might be a millionaire. However ow that we're off the gold standard, this olotype of "Red" Grang uld e use his gridiron talent ofessi a . i W ary H if erc 'es4r' Q nd re ' g. Des' e trix. Pl nsfwork. Abilitygpl ty gy 0 ' ' Ac ies--' yt ing 'th l' n in it. i a o ir - - ay 3 Qx 1 Q - x V x ., ' f -Q ' 2 Sev nleen xg Q W t as Y 1 A is bg., c Evelyn Hannye Commercial Treading the light, fantastic is the very special hobby of "Evie." lf -she achieves her desire of working in an office her Fingers will have to dancefover the keys of a typewriter. Daniel Hinerfeld Technical Do you see a crowd around? No, its no fire, just "I-liney" with his smooth. new auto. Happy-go-lucky, he doesrft care what you say about him, but oh, please spare the car. Eva Himmelstein Commercial "Beauty is only skin deep" but Eva makes it go further, even though you will always find her with mirror and make-up in hand,talking a mile a minute. i' , f d. Mr' 3.8 sl 'iq Isaac ISQIQRC IJ med ic ls anyone looking for a well-mannered, and all around regular fellow? "Iggy" qualines. Even if his pers litvifygho not remain eonsi isgim wi Rl I 5 .1 Dorothea XX Commercial 'She is only a bird in axgilded cage," but my how this bird can sing. A sweet girl with a sweet voice and a sweet personality. Yhum, yhum, saeehorine. john Johns Commercial john needs no other introduction than the famous quotation, "Apparel oft pro- claims the man." In the future we'll be looking forward to seeing you in "Esquire" showing what the best dressed man should wear. io i . . . X Gwladys jones Tech' ical t i N Vv'ith a heart of pure 'nd as ig as she is tiny, "Pete's" for l'u1"'i:hara'q:er ji is second in fame only to er great Hill 'asa an atlete. 'ljler ree alty toqh r 3 tradition. sr., A 'R XKX3 2' "lg Ns'N.X.Q..Qa -VX Williand Henry if If by xzizieaflimic I fs and od iituation, when a boy w' , sv l ,wejgi auburn hair i. not ca edf d". t of course " ill" h' . so y other distinguishing qualities t at jfhis one physical characteristic goes n ticed. Eleanor Haslinsky Academic What fairy-like song steals over the sea, entraneing our senses with charmed melody? The answer would probably turn out to be our singing star, Eleanor Haslinsky, William Homnick Technical Bill has 'Ahigh-fallutinn ideas, and when you see him with that queer gleam in his eye, hes probably sitting on some cloud watching himself speed by in his high-powered plane. yWj7aM,iWp rf Anne Hiznay Academic Sweet, pert and dainty. Annes smile could capture any fellows heart. If we collected them all, wed have enough to sell for St. Valentines Day. Take your time, fellows! Charles Jaffe Commercial Charlies philosophy must bc, a "smile goes a long way in making life worth- while," for wherever he is, a "ray of sunshine" always beams. Helen Jacobs Commercial Her dark quiet beauty in itself is thrilling, but when she really looks at you with those unbelievably deep, dark eyes and smiles blushingly-oh-oh--there goes your heart again. George P. Joseph 'Technical Anything from a light delivery to a bulldog Mack truck will suit "Hurricane" as long as he is behind the wheel. A bus drivers uniform however, has the greatest appeal. Rev' ble kai. ,lgfv Jgvb, gi., N ,B i George T. joseph l Commercial "jo-Jo" figures that figures willdfigure in his life. No, he's not going to be an artist, as he thinks bookkeeping is his best bet. Mary jones Commercial Mary, one of those jones girls. may have a common surname but, by no means, is she rated among the masses, for her silence is like radium, very rare and unseen. l Ed un nacki Academic is one of the o r cluster O und n tein s .. X 4 5 , ' l. of relati 'ty. ps some o could sh he ' " - or if we a brain , Freda Joseph Commercial "Curley" has a really "permanent" wave! Her long, black tresses could "stand in" anytime for Dorothy Lamours much publicized glory, Her raven locks and other accomplishments will bring her admiration if not fame and publicity. Andrew Kazimer Technical If you hear someone pretty noisy. or if he's a very talkative person, 'you can be sure it detinetly is not "Andy . I 1 .ta I r, . Nellie Kackauski , Commercial 'N slicntific anagysis of her -personality woulfle show ap. ennite negative, -her masculine drawing appeal4a definite positive. , A mystery? But then has Nellie ever been anythigg but a fascinating rnystery? just a pretty paradox. 1 , l Q0nalillKgtler V 5- Curnniercyl? flial :7drIOus, 'isltjrctchu Kistlcgrffhas l on ome cal nking about 's future. c ans to t e accounting a Finance. a finall t become' a ban inspector. ' ke heed, fellows! ,erj an alert c ap. Eighteen Leona Jones Academic Tireless and faithful in her duties on the Garchive staff and the patrol squad is this auburn-haired member of the class. She loves work, but she'd take take recreation anytime. just like a woman, isn't it??? lfifcld-J-5954959 ff A Edva M j Technical I Patien . die: agnosis by Doctor Loveg l. -- ra ' g heart - fluttering, face Hushe 5 ur -- risingg blo u igh, ri' 1 Class Nightg Re overy: Graduationg se: Margaret. Meow Nan Jones Commercial Nancy is one of those people who laugh at your joke and then ask you to please repeat it. A loveable angel with spitfire eyes. Oh, by the way, shes also quite a dramatists. iaffffms I '- V -ccfL42JQ'w f,Jffe02f' Michael Kastelnick , T Technical The urge to wander fsthgsd' ed" at frequent intervals. Who lin ws ut that this young man might be t w ld's number one globe-trotter. A I ia Q Helen Joseph Technical "Hello! Hello! This is the operator speaking. Do l like to go to the movies? Why certainly! When? Yes, l'm free tonight." As you can see Helen dotes on movies and she would like to be a telephone operator. William Kelly Academic Kelly is one of our amateur comedians who, when he's not snoozing or eating his lunch in class, is cracking some of his original jokes, many of which he never got credit for, and many he was never req N l l shot for. K ..-- A. 0 Q71 M746 5f6 7 I Syriana Kapsianos Cammer ial Extraordinary in name and persona ity! Possibly her name may easily be forgotten, but her "regular" qualities will linger on. She's a "Toni-boy," who tops the glamour girls in popularity. . , ,f , 'ff 4 ' 1 1 7 -' 1'1" , ,t,- 4. ,l fl' . -. , X if q -..'v'f'l.7-1 .' ff' F ' .liek-Q .u.fobQ'ALJ-'UQ' 14 . fi J", l JJ l wJ'-flu ..vff'.f'J-ffx f Berfha Kashenbaeh Technical "Betty's" many boy frie dfarciifil ek! Her favorite subject, bgys, hstj 0 this, 'is cookin We o rse dontk guifqhtee is ' estibigy, but so wha therfs alw ys biearbon te. X' i Rocco Lagonegro Academic When you see everyone laughing, whether it be in a play, musical, or class room, one person's face will be like a pie- pan. This expressionless face will always belong to one who is noted for his inno- cent, super-colossal questions. f , f , f J ,I , 0 :J , . ' revs! Zim-,f 'X' Af! V . . if 'I fi X, . Louise Kenskl r Commercial Louises pleasant manner along with her willingness to please and try hard will collect for her a host of admirers and friends. , A ,flvyff l - 'Jw . VV J Louis Lenovitz Technical "A step in time saves nine", and Louis believes in taking the first one, too. We can easily understand his initiative for he is usually the leader in his groups as well as in school affairs. Betty Kovach Commercial Artist, stenographer, or sports specialist -quite a wide range, true-but Betty can take her choice, for she exeells equally in all. Leon Levy Academic lf clothes make the man "l,ee' is a superbly Finished product, probably im- ported from Paris. His head is doffed by a Stetson and his feet shod with Bostonians. Hilda Kramer Commercial Be on your "guard," boys! Here comes Hilda, that very much alive, example of the adage: "Good things come in small packages".We repeat boys, "Be on your guard." Walter Kobeski Commercial A great dramatist, and assuredly not the ham from Hamlet, Walter glistens in the spotlight. Not only on our thespian's pedestal but also as an oh so handsome cheerleader on the football Held. MCG tc,,f,,eL' ea 1" ,V . Marian Kellie fr'aJVL 'l'ecl1nical ,f.. We dream of Marian with the light blond hair. Although she has solemnly portrayed angels in plays, this likeable, good-natured girl has laughingly portrayed her role as a student. .f f f c f. f f KI, vyfdw U 1 V --fyivgc -4 K v - if a A. . I L., -Z' f- M' V 9' lx Edward Lenahan Academic "Eddie" aims to be a test pilot of the future. Well, girls, what say you? What has Gable got that Eddie hasn't-besides ears? I I A f Lodi K Y A Pi - X Jennie 1 . Commercial A cute 0 atehed by a cute figure, "Blondie" is . . for the perfect pro- fessional m .1 'A And for some- one with h at is giving her plenty of e. ll a 'F lJ'VX5L..i LSJ44, eq. eyfaj Leonard Leslie 'Technical Hear ye, hear ye- -Leonard--tall, dark and handsome. with the skin you love to touch and clothes you love to have, is sure to be a very interesting engineer. ', .' ,I .1 f- - Florentine Kowalac i- Cbmmercial .,. ,. - - We know why' she was voted most bashful senior girl. Really, a very sweet and smart "petite Elle," she is most friendly but decidedly not very talkative C? Edward Littleton Cuz ze ial Mr. 'iColumbus" Littleton has plans for next yearfto go to Niagara Falls. With whom else we wonder? ln his more serious moments he dwells on the possibilitities of his becoming an ae- eountant Aj S N ineleen Bernard Long Technical The current member of the Long family. "Bernie", is bound to make good. He is already bitten with the wanderlust "bug" and with a desire to be an engineer. They go well together. .1 ,s,1,vi.. 'M ' 'TJ .- ar, ' "'w1 Theresa Kratz Commercial "Tessic", a disciple of Florence Night- ingale, will be one registered nurse who will "register" with her patients! Shell cure them of all their ills except their incurable liking for her. Paul Luty N, Academic Do you see tha s ' the hall, that's l-uty. Hes as foggy as London in a daydream. r where, he got the name of 'A t brai But oh, he's nice to know. M' Helen Kuligoski Commercial Hail to G. A. Rfs fashion plate! Ad- vance styles are modeled by mannequin Helen every day in person. What does "Columbus" think of her costumes? Hmm -they're snazzy. Nat Mason Academic "NVhen your hair has turned to silver" Nat will still be going around trying to Find out what work has to be done and then trying to End a way of getting out o it. Eunice Lemke Technical Food for the 'itummyu or food for spiritiual consumption is the plan of this "Garctte". With either one shes bound to say it with her exotic eyes. joseph McGlynn 'Technical Shame, shame. imagine an orchestra leader bidding hearts trumps. But "Zip" leads and takes in hearts in more than one game. And hc displays them all on his sleeves. Twenty .ff" Adeline Kratz ' 'Commercial "Sweet Adeline!" The favorite song of the barber shop quartet and the favorite girl of much more than a quartet of admirers. They'll probably always be singing her praises, because she's that kind of a girl. William Loughney Academic Do you know the latest Confucius says, what Winehell had in his column, Benny Goodmans top song, or who's who in the lglafional league 7 lf not why not ask i 7 Marie Kuchonis Commercial Take a cup of charm, add a tablespoon of smiles, a teaspoon of pep, and a dash of glamour, season well with the sparkle from her eyes, and you will have "Dimples." Patsy Martino 'Technical "Pat" is one of those people who always try hard at anything they do. This is the kind of stuff that wins out in the long run. Keep it up, Pat. ,LLM ff" "Sweets to the sweet." Mary is that way. A pleasing smile, a pleasant manner and a good mixture of common sense and intellect. William McGeever Technical Now thar, "McGee", you wouldn't go and tell us nothin' but the truth, would you? And don't forget the honor of the navy. Anchors away, boys, for McGee of the Navy. ' 0 n Ann Lewis . Academic Everybodys girl "Friday" is Ann. Acclaimed the most popular girl in the graduating class, she reaches all heights with her winning smile and vivacious personality. We bet shes got what it takes! J if Z ' in , y V f ' ' A l ,- 5 1 . I -1,1 ' ,A i 1 Academic I 1 ' v-. sketball manager Fr has -' or the games. Sh f '! tility by i erous 0 t vities i hool 1 Z 1' f V Donald Melan Technical No contest is worth while unless it has its spectators. "Barney" is one of the habitual attendants that cheers his team on through victory or defeat. Naomi Mapp Technical If you place all the beauty specialists arms length apart, you'll find there should be enough to improve all women, facially speaking. Naomi expects to do her part in the general improvement of women-kind. lies. yy-pn,--y 1-Ulla., 1 5,-i - -- Michael Michael Technical The business man of the class! Mike should be able to "produce" the goods. He has all of the capabilities for success: even his football-player build qualifies hiry'for a job as a "bouncer '. f 1' 1 A 1 .,.-. 4'-be fx," . jf- , -ff. ',, Rose Marino Commercial "Rose," by any other name would be just as sweet. Although Shakespeare said it differently, perhaps even he would approve of our version if he had known the Rose of whom we write. I Charles Nardell fl Technical ie ' i t em up! s a future wes cerely hope that he can plgpf If ' ll an .uce 's. 9 Mary Martino Commercial "Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone." Mary follows this motto so closely. that she will never be lacking in friends or companions. W, M, S, if Y Samuel McHenry Technical Printer or Pugilist? He has "imprinted" himself on the school with his chosen vocation. His avoeation he practices on the resined Hoof. Sammy is quite the success at both Geraldine Loftus Commercial This little half-pint of pulehritude is a very versatile person! During her senior year, she has emerged from her shell of quiet and reserve, to become a social butterfly and still remains one of our favorite persons. john Miall 'Technical 'APat's" a fellow with a highly-devel- oped feeling for finer things, Helen included. He would like to be an artist and we have a hunch he's a future "first". ,fl,l,w'ff Helen Ma, ' Technical ' I' T 'rdalm of art ha ' pcal to Hel n, No words e int a ict V than th ' ure f this la with ' sh and a tt er T Ji, Ll H Lee Miller Academic Calling Doctor Miller! Calling Doctor Miller! This call will be some day addressed to Lee, who will undoubtedly become another Lister, or Ehrlich our liv s in yo Study hard Lee! Som elll be pl eing s f ,fjpff S W B ty Mgn e cial The "Ayes" have it. Ni amcd 'A es" by her closest friends, Betty with charm- ing personality, intelligence, and nice looks has our personal nomination for the ideal girl! Who knows, you might be president, someday, Betty! Felix Nedakoski Technical "Phil" may pull a-smart one and get to be an electrical engineer by joining up in that branch of the service in the navy. He likes to ice skate but there wont be much chance on the ubrinyu deep. Twenty-one Amil Neuman Technical "Ame" is a willing worker, and he'll tackle anything. Automobile motors have a peculiar fascination for him, and hc's right at home tinkering around a car. p,..,J xv---Ate Doris McAvoy 6-4, Commercial "Mac," thc inevitable i'Effie Mae," first gained the spotlight by her genuine attribute to boys' clothes and manners, but now is known by her swellegant participancc in all girls' sports. Thaddeus Nowinski Academic "Be silent and safe4silence never betrays you" to which Thaddeus evidently approves. Although shy and quiet, we could always depend on him as a true friend and fellow student. Margaret Miller Commercial Her smile is a great indication as to what "Margie" is like and, were sure glad to know her. She possess a disposition that is priceless and a determination as strong as the "Rock of Gibralter." I I r Spartaco lPalazgari Academic ' Where thcre's smoke theres fire andk where there's fire theres an incentive such as a "sparkl'. And the brand new incentive of. the seniors is "'Sparky". My how the popularity of this current flame has spread. Angela Moreseo Commercial Arc you interested in a girl like the one who married dear old Dad with no frills and fancy trimmings? Well, meet "Angie," whose genuine simplicity has made her so worth-while. Samuel Park Technical US. O. S. Sparks" whose witty quips come back as fast as his nickname implies. intends to be an aeroplane mechanic. Heres hoping you'll get off the ground too. 'l'wen1y-Iwo Ruth Matikonis Commercial Ruth is another of those tall, blonde girls whose affable smile and quiet manner- gives that "old-fashioned girl" impression. Edward Novick Technical Ed is another devotee of the great outdoors. Whether in athletics, camping, or fishing, he feels right at home. He much prefers a fishing rod to a book in his hand. nu 0- A'N'V'3-NJ' QKL-4-L ' 'XXV-9--F-SQPQX' Helen Mikula Technical For a newcomer, Helen certainly has been successful. We hear she's also succeeded in shaking Nelson Eddy's hand. Step lively girls, "hand shaker's union" forms in the rear! joseph Oliver Technical Ten-shun! Captain Oliver will now inspect the troops. "Joes" liking or a military career will probably--get, m places. Hell see. Amerir-Ezirst. ,awp f wwf Mary ler Commercial With her amatic ability Mary is sure to have , m in headlights a couple feet hig . ' 0 er talents she won't need an age . d we'll take 'care of her publicity, so le ' go. W John Paniczko Technical john belies the expression "l didn't raise my boy to be a soldier." Whether the man makes the uniform or the uni- form the man, remains to be seen. er ce orris Commercial "B r ' ' has the right idea in her d' ' ' to continue ying, but more so i loo 'n o .ocial work as her career, will be a willing worker in the . ff B atrice Moskow Academic , If think you know Beatrice Mos- kow"s personality, you've got another guess coming. She is, proverbially speak- ing, another example of, "Still water runs deep." f V V ' 1 .ff f 1 f , David Phillips Theres syn to write about Wil t know w t gin. e did Find a begi e wouldn't ow wher to sto . why bother? A! Jane Musial Commercial Beware of a girl with a sparkling smile, a twinkle in her eyes and a gay, gloom-chasing personality. Added to these attributes is still another, which "janey" uses to the fullest extent-the gift of gab. J ack Reese Technical To minister to poor souls by eloquent words will be .Iack's future occupation. Now he soothes all wrath with his master- ful trumpet playing, which, by the way, is just second nature to him. Helen Nowinski Academic "Winnie" will prove a winner in all her contacts with people! She has shown herself to be interested in their welfare, not only by instructing Polish girl scouts but in all her "everyday" deeds. james Roberts Technical jimmy may be small in stature, but his interests tower aloft. He's an active athlete, singer, amateur biologist, and- isn't that enough??? Frances Olszewski Commercial Writing letters is the unusual hobby of "Fanny." Belonging to the Cosmo- politan and Secretarial clubs, this pleasant miss gets plenty of practice. Maybe she'll write a book some day. justin Patsey Technical There is no use in getting up in the air unless you can get back to earth. iYust" has a yen for "Yaviation," but he wants to start from the ground up. Dorothy Mushaway Commercial Shes gay one minute, pensive the next, and so on. No matter in what mood you Gnd her, "Mush" is a great friend to have. Her circle of friends surely shows it. Walter Povlick Technical "Dodge" likes to skate but not on thin ice. lf he sticks to wood work he may carve for himself a niche in the world of fame. Alberta Nevitsky Technical A "Madamoiselle," "Harpers Bazaar", and "Vogue" all in one, Alberta is the perfect mannequin in her "chic" and smart attire. She can take her place among the best of them. 'la ,'- M- W1 H -1 ' , 4 ,yn Arthur ,Reshke " '-ffdqdemic "Ail,tl'gugh cfll' ctmg coins is somethingg we all lea'st't?h5l , it is lg especial pastime with Artli . - .y ollection of coins be rare i value, but enormous in quantity. Stella Olson Tuclmical Like the Canadian mounties who always "get their man", Stella has been heard many times boasting of her newest "flame". Some call that still unde- scribable something, "it", others, "oomph" and still others, "glamor". What do you call it, Stella? I ri 1 df- t M7295 'fe f- AW 'C -- My 3 ' bgwncd, 'AKi Jitterbugf' "lvl ry" su y earns his ime from his ant' 5 on t 'dance flo d abilift not to sit Htheftlass ion hasn't yet beeniipstalled in the atin cfsafsf--. F' if if 4. if f'I'wenly-three V ' l' Kilim, . ..,, c i. K "in ,,.l', -t oi . Wig ,fw- Elmer 'Salmon -' Technical "Fish", a good-natured guy,has hopes of being and aviator, so it cant be said that he hasn't high ambitions, l-lere's hoping that all his take-offs end in happy landings. f 0-f ' f 01-0 Pascoe Com ercial ' ot" should ma quite an interior ecorztor E he, as a riend, is as valuable as an ' ue, maintains a life of harmony wi t a color chart and adds to the de ation, wherever she is present. joseph Savitz Academic For scandal theres that famous Win- chell, for the headlines of the day, Lowell Thomas, and for the highlights and by- lights in Sports that imperturbable, in- comprehensible joe, the eminent editor of our own "Sport Special". I 1. 'lf V ilflhpf Y'ettaax?jrf ey P3 V Technical etta pr bably has all her plans mapped . alreavcgfill-fgr'what, who can tell? Beingfa p e speciman of domesticity, we hope' doesnt waste her time on a career. ' Taffe Simon Technical lf you see a crowd and hear a lot of noise, you can rest assured that in their midst will be Taffe Simon, so be prepared for some of the original Simon jokes. Heh, heh! Lormy Platt Technical Lonny will probaly live to be a hundred. Why not?-she never exerts or rushes herself. Maybe it is true that she was synchronized by a slow-motion camcra?7 Michael Slater Technical Heinz's fifty seven varities wouldnt be a great enough assortment for "Mickey" whose philosophy is "Variety is the spice of life". Will he ever settle down to anything but playing superb basketball? Twenty-jour ary Pa anav' Commercial Wante ' nother char ing miss, and good lete with pea personality, blonde hair, and blue ey s, who can propel a typewriter as fast as light can travel and pass a basketball as skillful as Mary. Alfred Savitz Technical Our skilled artist certainly has made a name for himself in the art field. Not only did Al draw our never-to-be-forgotten football posters, but he was also art editor of the Garchive. Frances Petrella Academic Always at your beck and call, Frances believes that to lend a helping hand to one in need is all important. Keep it up, Frances, thats how Carnegie got his start. . Paul Scott Academic Pauls pet likes are hiking and fishing and evidently his pet aversions are school books. You really have to look for him, otherwise you wouldn't know he was around. f. j Q? Z Mary Pisano Technical Always in a kind and ge tle humor, Mary speaks when spoken t Although her name is not unusual, one needs only to know her to "taste the difference." Jacob Sirotkin Academic A cigarette burning in the dark will probably find jake at the other end. That is-when homework C71 isn't taking up too much of his time. v- it -, Y' lle Prograniczny Commercial ere's a girl who really has ambition! Sh actually intends to go to night college ' work during the day. Knowing her racter, we're inclined to believe that 'll succeed. I .Rr , J Y. X toin 1 ercial "Toni" poss est qualities of her ragatsake arie Antoinette," and ome others, ich t tter lacked. rtai l , " rie" w !ncyr6re'skilled t "Toni" i . Harold Slomovitz Technical Those dark eyes, his light curly hair, and that contented look-just look at his picture, isn't he handsome? Harry's just as nice as he looks, too. Eris Price Academic Few people are versatile enough to sing charmingly. act like Katherine Cornell, mix social life with studies, and make a success of everything they under- take,Hbut Eris surely has proved she can do a . John Stevens Technical "Hickory, dickory dock, 'Squeakys running down the clock. he breaks the tapes, his smile escapes, hickory, dickory dock." Eek! Was that "Squeaky" or was it a mouse? I . N c Ki f cademzs! Calling D. il el youA1!:d'V" e urse to aid in' e ical reseax h? We have st the e o fn ll sci ' rimehefh' i m ici operations. fi- Daniel Thomas Technical Presenting and exposing Dan, who hides an intelligent and alert mind under his quiet and unassuming modesty. But cheer up, Dan, for you havent fooled any of us for a minute. Phyllis Roberts ,Lv Technical .5 x, . is is fix- ' P' ALqqibk'Hl't515':f!1B'an every ready shiile Mill' identify this senior lass. All in all, 'we think she's doing pretty well--and were not refering to schoolwork either! Perhaps it is that certain guy?f'? JN 'Al lg 4-' Ant. 'fi .V .Y , , Y I ' V X J u K l i AXE Thomas Sloane Academic Tom is one of these tall people who suffer because when they want to sit down it's such a long way down. But Tom has solved the problem. When he once gets down he stays put. EMM We C C 1 ommercial Fl 's i ry ' ' , ec . in her . rk c gra ati '. a loss to the schodf a er ain to the business , ff NL, MI, Q V VJ 1 -A!.fUVV,l- 'k"""L" ' I , 1, A C ff-i1,-.CN Wllllam Staedele ' Commercial - , 'aged Question: What young fellow, with an exceptional, secretarial ability and personality, is interested in a position with an attractive, young, lady business executive? Answer: "Bill", especially if the young lady is attractive. Clara Jane Richards Commercial Clara jane is one of the chief sources of cinema information, for movies is her very special hobby. lf Gable, or Green, or Flynn heard about it they might send a special message to a movie booster. Robert Swoboda Technical Hes tops! Bob, an athlete of highest calibre, plays this thing called life like a football game, "hitting the line hard." Those who don't know him think he's very quiet and those who do- -welll? E V CH 4' , .iv i , A i l V ' fi " x- ' l W . f' - ' f lf . , Gwendolyn Roberts Academic With the subtle humor of a true Roberts, "Ciwennie" seems to capture her friends by the throngs. When she says so you go into your song and dance. What a captivating per onality' 6 eyfv' frfff Cz fwyf 4 yiemembef Lvadf Gi Lodi Harold Thomas cademic Who is the teachers pride and joy? Harold Thomas. O yes, Harold is a nice, quiet little boy, but he did an excellent job as policeman during musical comedy rehearsals when he kept the auditorium clear of outsiders. Twenty-five JSA-me , i:,,,.fJ+' ff " W UW f-A Ms. - 1 1 . f' .fl 1,1 , K - I , Leo Thomas , . Technical Every class hasx its"ehigma, and we might place Leo in that category. What- ever desires or ambitions hc may have he won't tell. Maybe the world will be surprised someday. K , fr' . . , I , i Y ' Q f M' X' Dorothy Rubin Technical "To be simple is to be great", so Dorothy simple and demure is like "dotted" Swiss and "The Old Fashioned Minuetu combined. Benjamin Usas 'I lvchnicul Benny is billiantly buggy about bugs, as his favorite subject is biology. Not very loquacious and chock full of mas- culinity, he is not the type to run around with a buttcrHy net. .'. l A 'fs f- . ' W M' ' 1' v j +1 .4 I i if ,- - i ' A119115 S rlder L Academic I 'U Bles, with an incessant giggle, a marvelous humor, beautiful hair, Ccurly tooj a gorgeous smile, and a provoking nature, "Curly" has a close but not closed circle of friends. Frederick Wendel Academic Rah! Rah! Rah! Heres three cheers for Fred's future! May he continue to be a leader in all his undertakings, receive more ,cheers than jeers, and always re- member how to spell "Memorial", Ella Scureman Technical Beneath the exterior semblance of the quintessence of quietness of Ella is the desire to be a nurse. She was a chorine in the musical comedy and did her bit in making the show a success. Herman Yatko 'llcchnicul By dancing all the time,"llermie",has become very well talented in the terpsi- ehorean art, but he still has time to desire to be a good business man, Il 'vnfy .su Charlotte Roth Technical Charlotte appeals to the eye and with it. A tall, slender, lithe, beautiful blonde who is most apt at winking. She claims it is easier to flutter an eyelid than to say hello. H 'VJ vw. T i Robert Troy Technical l First Bell. . . Second bell. The door is closed. Third bell. . . Here comes Bobbie! We hope our dark-eyed, curly- haired Romeo uses a different clock when he goes out on dates. Ann Swantewan Commercial 'Cigglesuis exactly as her name impliesg always smiling and cheerful, she turns every "Gloomy Sunday" into a bright and colorful Easter. ln her company one can't help but be infected with her cheer. f Edward Wasilewski 'lecl-inical Everybodys friend in need, every- body's friend indeed. We've found the reason for his success, he can take the good with the bad and still smile. "Waz" there ever ' fellow like "Waz"? ,ti Nl, law If ef Ili, ' N . June artz Co ercial gy! ellie MM i Q ll Who wouldn't dream of ujuny ' as she Hits gracefully from one heart to another on her tiny, dancing feet. Of course there is one heart that really beats in tune with her. Howard Worley 'E V Technical "Blow, blow ye 'wild westiwindu. Oh how you howl little man! Though he is slight in stature he has big ideas and plans to join the army. Gloria Shiner Commercial The "Shining Glory" of the Com- mercial classes, Gloria is at the top of the ladder in our opinions, as well as in scholastic ability. Her ambitions are as high as the starry heavens. wx' Marilyn Simmers Commercial Hairdressers delight is Marilyn-with never a hair out of place. Her orginal coiffures, alert - looking features, self- assured, yet completely unself-conscious manner all contribute to her success story. Anthony Zabroski 'Technical Girls! Here's a commercial-have your wedding anouncements printed at "Zeke's". His sideline is sports but his main object is to make a success of a print shop of his own. If he is as great a success in his main objective as in his "sideline" he'll be the worlds Finest printer. 1 . V 1 g , 4. ' 'f i .-gi.-4 "' ' . , Heleh Skeras , l ,Acade is "Amor vi'ncit omnid ,"'k h rned Helen throug many ttyirig school days and willbcont ue to be gr aid in the l futureiyears. Likey, 9' ans, surely knows er Lgziln. f f Sty 'M vi- M garet Smi M Commerciolkol "Marg" has one ambition and that is to work, and work hard. If she was bitten by a bug you can bet your boots and saddles that we're going to be inoculated. Dorothy Thorpe Technical You may know her as "Blondie" but without Dagwood and his "Specials" she's just plain"Dottie." Although not six foot two, she manages to be an energetic member of many organizations. Rachel Ullman Academic Let's all shout, "Hoo-ray for 'Rae' H! A girl of her type, who possess the char- acteristics of an engaging manner and gentle spir , should be a success in her chosen p fession of nursing. ' r ule Tech sal Xan o rich w a t be. As an . Q nt the m a f ca -A ria ll a d one ore - .o her stud own X I? Si e "J a pre 'bus an e our ldst, how cry Dominick Yanchunis Commercial Here he comes, there he goes. "Yan" came in from Georgetown but didn't stay long enough to let us know him. Guess he wanted to get back for the school Gre?? Miriam Singley Commercial lf, on first acquaintance, Miriam seems a bit aloof and retiring-try again, for beneath that passive exterior lies true charm and a delightful, twinkling sense of humor. Ethel Smith Academic The twinkle in her eye contradicts the sign, "Red hair! Beware!" lf you can catch this twinkle, you will come in contact with the subtle good humor which is so characteristic of her. J il-vtl45i5 cv, fffljfi Ma on Tarlowski Commercial Whether "Trudy" is a career woman or settles down remains to be seen, She would like a career, but if she goes South to Florida for it, anyhing can happen. Margaret Tonrey Commercial "Peg", a petite colleen, has more than a bit of the wit and carefree nature of the inhabitants of Erin. It has always given us pleasure to hear her "lilt of Irish laughter" ringing through the halls. I i" ' f - I . l , . . Louise Vapdermark . i Iechnical I Louise is a gopd scout in more ways than one. She has received her Golden Eagl t in Scouting, and in high school shc lmas a,lwa s been a pleasant, co- operativeusmilllng lass. . . I Betty Ward Cfornniurrial Bonny Bettys arrival created much stir among the masculine and feminine contingents lfor different reasons, of coursej culminating in the complete conquest of one "Johnnic".'AOh,Johnnie", ah love, oh! 'I-IA.'t'lIlvN'SL'UUII fi M , Mary en rademic .lth "N ndyu m 'e been ather win at t we have all enjoy he hatter. e are hoping that he futu will be as utterly calm and ilgon ned as her manner. ' -i U A K ' ' , I '5 . " , , nv., -V , , j X , I I 5 lv . Ann Yonuska ' : 'Commercial as - h - X. The l?lSU'WUT'd in c Jmmerciag students. Ann is not only an "A" stu ent' but a- ncute nurnbern as well. Shes iust the deal bosss seeretaryf Laura Zampetti Commurtlul Sh-sh. Dont disturb. l-aura's ap- parently two interests in life are studying and seeing how quiet she can be. At least one employer won't get a too talkative secretary. X. W jf ill i W f Q 'Twenty-eight Josephine Yanulevius Commercial Tall and dignified, great in grandeur, "jo" is quiet in a stately manner. Her sedate way is envied by all, for don't we l know that it is much better to be a good listener. Theresa Zack Commercial What would school be like without Theresa? She has proved to many of us by her witty remarks and original pranks that "every dark cloud has a silver lining." Keep your sunny side up for- ever, Theresa. f-'srateQ 'and , agdmi-l,.,,,,, Renie rea es ll hei ts with personality . . . e,9jagns a Shi? she n is to ,be alone, but we ff!!-15431-'?fWf'2f--f+2,4-251.54-fQ.4wIf4f..Wm . , , ,,, ,, -' M- 4 - 4 1.. yy g f 4 ., 1-.4 wr, , 1 ,1 Y' 'VL 1 V13 ,5tgg,pq'gf.w-I,.mm.. ,,H, lu. V ,Nl mr H I f ' ' ' A " ' ff'f"4"f' ' ff'f?'4'f" g5r'Y?'i 13?57f?7l7fT1lY5?'Vf'4rW"'Tii-"' ffavwf-f7'v .4 -f,. ' - - +I ,gig---1 44 fn 'L--sw-A if 4.1 ,QW Mu .Smead Erin .zz ds? .iz -- -4, f M- 57 wp W S' . 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Zmd Row: ci IDL-clwr. w, lx-CIM. xx csum-I-, II III-ck I l5:1v'ucr,Ii lm.. .ful Row: Il Uxxwwx, I XIcilu'u'xx I" Iilgguxlxl, In Iluglnw. I' .Inwcph vcnru, -I IXfIm'llnu:, ,I iP.nIIun, 3 ilu-yur, X" Nlpplu I I-'IIIIHI I I"I'III"- 5 NIIII'II'I"I I' IIIIHIIIN .ard Row: I7 IIwx1.1-N, If wrxul., fl lz.,nwux.m, .1 ci:I.ilX..wlI. .IIII Illlh lirudc--IX'Ir. llcrnmn. . .502 Illth Grade--Mr. Owcw. . . I-l Row: X Ii nmlluu xx If I.lxwN I' I7In11ImINlxI 'XI I.1lvlxIvx N XX'lu" IMIXI 5 Iimlixlx I, Imm-xll: IXII' Ilunmm I XXUIIQIX. .X Iiyxzalx 'X SIIWIIXH, Ist ROW: Il II'IluL1lIw XI N,xum I llmlvxvl Ii II:xIwlIw I7 Iluulurm I1 IIIQLII Il 'XI.ul11m- I7 Ifmnjlvxulxwc. Ix'1n:uxkx. KI Nullxlxxy Ci Z,xl11Ix'l1l, 'X IX1:1mgz1l1-I, IXI IXIIIIIIH 2nd Row: Ci II1 n11gwm11. I, 'I'mn,1Iun.1x, Ii Kflrvulxur, II I7umIwIu, I5 IYIRII1- II NIIXIIIIW' In I'I'III'ICfI'II Iwi, I. Ii-lIkI,x. I' II'I1rlmL'II, ll I'I11IIlpN If Iluxu-II, Il TXICCRMIULQLIQ I' I-,llu Zrnd Row: Il Ilummul. II XII1-X. 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Scrgi. 306 10th Grade--Miss O'C0nnell. . . lst Row: I.. Alliwn, I I. Vilchug A, Pclrella. D. Planlarich, CI. Castrigminu I.. Jmcph. J, Clrslwn. R Roman, D. Brewer, IT, Wilxan I Yuscavagc, B. Shimcoll G. Schillcr. Znd Row: S Zdun, II. Lucarinu, J. Charles, Davis, A. lvlillcr. K Snyxlcr. IXI Pcxtlngur. D Weidner. I.. NValLcrs, Ii. lfricd, C, Cnmaucr P. lliclmnlx, IXIIK IYfQunm'lI. .Brd Row: I.. Iimwmmlv, XV. I,luyml, G. Lulxushclx, D, Ivlurlin, W. llurrily I. Ilulwimlw, I. lflmclxr. W. I.xnn. L'On the way to the next class." 304 10th Grade--Mr. Schmidt. . . lst Row: A, 'I'l1omm, D. I'csux'uv1l-I, IXI. lkclxur, N. l.uIIL1N. V. NIc'Xvm' ' ' l l IXI. Spilgys, J. Clulnck, A. Uxlruxx xlxi. A. I.iscuxlxy, If. l icrcu, lf. I.I1lz1r, Y. XVuv.Ic IQ. lVIcDunoup,:I1, 2nd Row: lXfIr. Schmidt, A. Jaculws, VV. Dcflinli, I5. l.uwull, INI. Slmlunczx D. Nlulvcy, J. VL-nchcll, NI. Jackson, NI. Suntcxxun, D. Iiulu-rms, J Dwylc, J. I Illl 3rd Row: N Crow. I7. Suvilxlxi, J. CI1ilI1lDL'lI'U. I". lluinmwlxi, D. Karp XV. lluzxlw, lf. Uogllcslsi, IVILICIMI, l7.,lxxmi.1l4, NV. Iimlur. 309 10th Grade--Miss Laidler. . . lst Row: R. Clmxlus, S. llulus, IS. I-urL1w1, 'lf Iluliuccu, If. lh-ml, li, jfylwgl R. lfarrcll, K. IX4acc, lf. lford, I", Puslxcy, 5, Duvidull, V. Brill. Znd Row: S. Sulwuxlizln. fI,Sul1Il, ll. I Icw, J. lflynn. lX'I. 'l'uylur, A. CfuIl'rcv lvlisx Luidlcr. A. lX1clIup,gI1, IS. Allcn, J. l':z1wgiur, I.. liXXilSI2lYICl1, CI, I.2I!1,L'1lCY, li Shincr. 3rd Row: A. Duclxcr, I. SIICIT, W, Vaxmlcmmrlx, XV. I,lIIyd, l. l.ImpL. .513 10th Grade--Miss Rosser. . . lst Row: NI. Ifiwchcr. NI. Lcwix, ll I,luyIl, IXI. Alluucln, I.. Nuxxitt, .X I'ml4ur'. Il. Moruslxy, Ii. Bukur I. Ruhmc, li. Sullxus, NI. llruvur. Znd Row: J, 'I'-lmrmxs, J. lVIi1cl1cll. IXI. lXfIurixw. IXI. Nnum, I". liUl'I12lClil lvliss Russcr, IMI. Dully, J. lluliim, P. Wcinstuclx, Il. Kummvr, 3. Simun. 3rd Row: J. Jrvlmg A. Bzlllrus, J. Cfsunlri, J. CfiI1vz1x'cllz1, ll. lwlcfilcuslwy K. Pcrxchau. 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Jsxurnalists--Miss Moyer. . . ,tm rd e MSS Wlllldmg Ist Row: X' I'I,1IXw. I7 N11-NLNI' K.1n1xxuII. -I IMUX, I5 I.x.mN IXI II.lxu Ist Row: II I.z1cIx Ii kjmmw Cf Iiuczlmxx NIX1. 'XI Iivrlm. 'X :umm-II, ll NIILINIQL If Sturm. li Iur:lI'1, K. 'Iuwmlxngr IXI Slfmlu' TNI. ijuglmrurmu. 3 J I.-rtlux I'.1uImLix XI ISucIXxxllI1 Il Ilmxun Znd Row: NI Wzlwn, I5 XIurg.1n, Il Snxdcr, KI. Uxxuu. XI Ilumlzu. I' Zrxd ROW: S INIHXKIIINIQI, If Kxrlxulxx, Y I':mmIuIlnn S I7:1IL'x'. ,I Iivrlu Iilulw. I3 S1m1:1z1Iu If llrzxmlax, N 5z1Iw:x,I, I7uL:I1ul, ,N IXIcI,zzug,1I1Iln, N1 Il1l1Iwl, NIIXX XX'lII1zIm 3rd Row: IXIINN XI-nur LS I"lllpp1l1c,,I Illzummm 3rd Row: I' Clluyxxurlln ,I Xnllvx. I' Iir'L'lcI1m'v'. 'l'!m1y-jm' - - Q5 gzcufa - - lll Sth Grade--Miss G.XSilvus.-.'. 201 81th Grade--Miss Ruddy. . . lst Row: Xllv Nlxuw, NI, Ilu.ml'gL', .X, IXI11rmu, 'X, I'.lg,gL'11Iw1'-ml IQ U'l.L'v'ls1. lst Row: In f1'cux'u 5 Clu1'l'N. .I Nllgaxlulxlxl I. IXIIQIII I Ilmlpgux ll I'x liullx. 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Silvius. . . 207 Sth Grade--Miss Baur. . . lst Row: IL. lizxlullx, R, Zumpclti. l. blxlncr, C lluwlcly Ii l,I'ICL' ,I lst Row: l. :LlIiilI'2lNIxI, ,I llzlrrilx. .'X. 'XIIwrl, II IXl11IIxc1n11x, If, Npccl Knllwpnu R IX-ixl, l5.5ul1d,li SCI1I11ILI.II ScI1rmIc..'X Ryan. IX1. l.ImmI, I.. Ch-lI1lul'. I. l3z1r'z1xI1L1xI41x. I I Sclwlulngcr, NI. U'l3unnulI. I5 Iulxmxslxi, S ll-mln, KI I.l1npgIq XI. Nvmxlvxxxlxl, I' Ulwzxxinxlxl. X' Kunszlxalggp' Znd Row: If Yupxlxuu, I. cl1llI2lLLIWL'l'.S Ilulluck, ll. Ivlilxu, R l.:mz1llu, ,I. Znd Row: AI. Ivzxmlxld, C1 !XLlumx li jmwcx lf. XX'1lIiumN, R lil-rImn1 XXHXQIHCIX. IXI l3uII"XgIlu, XX. l.mvc,,I Iilcllwflk lflllx, XX".,Iul1cx.lI.SmilI1, R ,Imnxcx Nl I,cppcrIing, I7. fl:1xll'1gn:1l1u. lf, Klalpul, B. 'l'I1nluux IU. l.z1np.1l1 IX1. IXIm'ggu .lrd Row: ,I UL-Ruccu. ,X, Zlmcnull. Ii. liluclx. I, lklrmxxxlxx, Cl Mclznvm. IX'l1w Iizlur. In Sylmxnxrtg IS. Iulwul, li. Cluuglxul. -I. Rulwsun. IS. Sclmurwz, IS, lfurlwcll IXfI. Srd ROW: I' Zzxvllal, R Umllcxki, KI. XX'ullnw, I, ff.1rIxn, .'X. filzxxzllullll Xlclturux IS. Ilarllwll, I". Dcclwx' 5. lXluRizxI. IX1. I'.Ii:1x I". Iilccm. Zola Sth Grade--Miss Stark. . . Zlll 8th Grade--Miss Mullen. . . Ist Row: If lkumix I. Iiuwuluc, R. fXIzn'lm, R Iiuclwr IXI. Iiurlm. I7, lst Row: Il. Kula-mln. 'I'. lluilmzm. I. Iixxlyclx. Il l'm-n.umI, .X. Lluul I Ixmm. Xl Uxxnxwx, ll Nlcllmxun. fX. l-z1c:cIX KI XX'uxIXn1x I'. l lumlxlclw. IXI. I lzxmlzzx, KI. l3urpyiv1izx. l l I5urucI'l. R. RHIHIWIIIN. R, Klurincw, I.. Ixmuw, If XXlIIl:ll11x X'.5z1rz1c1l1 I' lui. Nz :lux IXI lix' ,gun Ii. IQHLIFBH 2:13 Row: I' lIlIlvlc1'cvicI1, I, LIL-xx ullyn. IRI. l7nmxlL'r. lj. Iizl111Iwxu. li. XX"imcn1, Znd Row: Nhw yxqullgnv If Szllvulxki, 3 luk.l'.UNkX,v 5' Sulwilxlxil R1 5lL.Im.K.Ix I5 ,Iwwx ,I All-rwcu. I.. Davis, I, Hmxlw If l52lUI1l2lI1I'1 Il IX'IcCIIuxI4cX'. I. llnyl. 5.1. pUgmmC:m.- GA Mmd D Vvfnlmxilll 'VI Mmcilulxv li Smhllv A 'I mI,.,m.NL, .Srd Row: I XX'm'c-nmlxu. Cl. liurnzsclxl, S liuyuxlxi. N l3rl'nn:m. R Cllucllcri, 3 d R . g f.. ' 51 N1 MN. VX Ixlxrx I 1 H K, qvlt R B U I V illxlllumllw. l'.m.:Iv1', I Gluxwr, .'X. Wlcllzirllwx. R IXIACQ, N1 XX'L'Iwr, C1 ll. EJWKI' -lf"'RN'LX' ' LII' ' ' 9' 'MDI' 'Kult' ' I""k"II Ii.nI1u11lu1cIx. ' 'Nab' " ImL X' 'I fur ly-XL! EIL gfg mu giffillfg gm si - - Zll 8th Grade--Miss Hart. . . 215 8th Grade--Miss lfloary. . . lst Row: CI fXIarl1n:v.kI I':z1L1cr, IQ flr'Lnux', I, VIILWI, N1 RlxLILIN'. II. Knwrlf, lst Row: I' I,uIIz1LImu, If. IIQIINIIW. Il XYr1gI1I X Iizxln A XY.lIIImx, NI Il Iiulmu. IXIiwNIIz1rl, Y I3Lu'gLinm, I7 Xlzxjxlxw, Il, -IuI111xI1n, MX. Duvlx KI, Nmxlunc Ullxcxi Ci IIyLIcr. IXI I.cu. I7. I.L'l'rcN, V, I Islxluwlxl. In kllmph I, Ilnmllu II fIUllI'I'II'- R 5W?lVIW"'IkI 2nd ROW: QI, I3url'wcriu. -I Klc4ur'pLu. NI I5z1l'Iwx'ln CI IX1u:urmIlx, 'I ,Iumw Znd Row: -I l.:1ydQn,l" Slulcx CZ Nudl. JX, Allzm, CI Gruvcr, 'I' Iivsnmmlyh, U Uxxcns NI. Nuxxlwnc. I. 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R Kim-I.,,, by UMW lj llcrxlqlinwltli- U-. Uflm- xv. czluwf. V, xf1..,-sch. J. cum, R, 1-pcm-I, li sw.-alum. ,J sclmmll. IJ xvmu. IL. Ixusnulfl. 'X Ulunmk. I3 ,IUIWQX Il, IN1zlrIxn, I I, Orcmlcz. N4 f.m'rlp.wl1. Ip. Shllkf Nil., Klum zllhlxznl I' I.ulcx, XI. XX'lIwn. If, XYIQIA, H . .I I K. - ,l U , N V 3rd Row: .I I3rmxn,IIi. Pcllrwn. W, Zclxm. XI Clrccn, ,I Grcxh, C2 I'cnxuI4, l. Ngri VRQVIIS INifI.'nRIIjU1lvI'i'k'I5Lu,I 'Gf'A'5'0HlUM.1i l'Xm'kI-in IXIfDUm"II' R Igcrgcrh xv Bmuw. N1 Gullughcrv 1. , C Xuy. Idacxl, . . L rLl-..1I1l, , dlrull, 5. Uhlll. . UHIL. 114 7th Grade--Miss Moyer. . . ll5 7th Grade--Mr. Collini. . . lst Row! I, Zlllmwnx, XI 'I'I1Iu11,xN.I3 Numcy, II Iilxxlnslxl. I. N'ICll.LI12ll1. Ii lst Row: CZ. Mfrlu, If. I3runcIuII, IS Irwllu. I.41xwm,S Imvlull. .X I Iuwdn, I'u1'Ix11un, Ii. Ilullczxuxw. I3 Rulwinvm, Y IX1:m1inNIIi. N1 Juculwxulw, Vw' Iicllv, ,I I,lNccI1rrclu. NI Ciunnur, I, Rodda. li Dzxxlxb, I5 Slunlxlcxxicz, IXI, 5CI1LIIlZ, sl 'I'I1rwmzIs, 'II CfImrIuy I., IX'IicI'mL'I, I 3lm1kxcxxlc:. Znd ROW! .X .-Xngclf-. .I IDLNIIM XIII. I4 WIClV1NIUCI4-I I'IUll'UIIL1.,I.CiupriuII1 2nd Row: IVIV. Clwllmi, KI ,lcnlunx D Ixupcrmxllz. Il, Il:-nmixkl, R. NYQIJQ, ,I Iiwylc, L. I5uy'ur,,I CfI1.u'nllI, .-X I'f1Ilum1x1cIu, 'I' Ifrunlxmxlulx. O. Clulnclx, INIIXN W, Nurklum-. D .XhlIwrz1nIIt, Cl IXfIzxIm::Irm'. KI Slnvrnmnn. I, l.x'ncI1, -X .'XngL-lu, IXInycl'. I, Ndrdunc. Il, Iirull 3rd Row: R Iiuvlur, I..I,zInlulnl, Cf I71rwrucI1, li IUISJIHII1, I. Iie1w:I1cI1Iv41cI1. Srd Row: XY Vlcncy, I. Anllwny, ID Illv1IIcr, ,X Ilolwlxc, I. IXICCIQIIJQ, -I I.yunx II Yqmlurnmrlxh Ii, Dullu Verde, I SCIIINILI, Ci Slcsncy, S Sulmsl-qy, j Iiuchcr, If. Ium. KI. 'IkrulLzx, If. IgCL'CIAIdIW1, D. Clrccmvzxll. W. Ifx.nIs. I. Hughes, J. OIN'IaIIC5', N. Hclvig. 'l'l1ll v In fl - it gout fgs .gwcfzoo Upper Left: Posing in the huleonieg. Center Left: 'l'he kitchen Qlilrlb. Lower Left: 'l'he hungry mah. Upper Right: Lunch pgrizigl ix mer, Center Right: its so hurel to decide Lower Right: Waiting iur the bell. ev ?wfw::,w' f ,Wf w': V34-12 ,H . , ,Xu K. wx 'x A K , Q, 5 1 f. p X. - 1 4 id',4'lLiH am: WH I N E x A ' A ' L: .A .x -4 tl I Student Government SENIOR lllGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL. . . lst Row: Y. Staitlxeviclr kl. Slinlxzts, R. Cliiwlas, lf. D1 ie 1, R. t1'14i111-ite R. Stxxih 1.I1 Nl. Cllarlse. ljV't'Sli1L'IllQ T. llugl1es1 'l. l l1l:11' .N'.'i'1i'li11x'. ,l. l,t1111L R. l3e111plx111s K. C1'11'd1n1li. N. l3.1L1t11. 2nd Row: I-1.t1o11r11d. K,lX1cIi1rthx. NY.lieipsiini-,Cf.Ri1hh1ns. Nl. lfisch.-1312. Schtx ll'lZ, A. tlilfrex, 'X. l.1sc11sl4y. li.l'irom1it-ld. X ll IE. fXli11't111. -l.,Iol1n, 1. 51' :. A 5rd Row: ii. S :loin 111. CQ. 15 11'1'.1ll, l'1.1seX1, lf. U D vnnell T. ,l.1 ll ff. Iiiekt R.,Jo11es. l.. l,e11ox'1l:, l,. 'l'e1'ascz1vage,T.l lughcs, XY. Coates, Ci. Nacldey. Senior High School Student Council. . Junior High School Student Council. , Organized in N25 the Senior Student Council has always hcen the nucleus oil scholastic aetixities except those sponsored hy the senior class. The memhers, who are the representatives of each home room and the presidents ol' the various squads. meet once a month xxith their ad'-.isor, lX.iss Ut: The worls of the Stu- dent Council is to hear reports on the '-.arious squads and improi e their efliciency. discuss important matters that hawc arisen in the homerooms, and plan lor the many social allairs. Student goiernment in Ci. A. R. has always heen emphasized as a "2ilLli1lWlC part of the education offered hy the school. The junior high school like the senior high school also has their governing hodv. The mem- hcrs ol' the council are elected hy the various home- rooms. Vvith lX'.iss Ut: as their advisor the council meets ahout once a month to discuss the many proh- lems that arise and to plan the social affairs of junior high school. JUNIOR IIIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL. . . lst Row: li. lX'li11'1,ta11, ll, Nnxder, li. Ciccere, R, li-1::ex'. li, XN'111ti1n,tS't't1eIu1'v. ll. tfomxell. f31'1'.x11iu11l D, Xlorttzins, Ci. l.os111an, X. l l1l 11' li, Rohinsoii ID. liairziliis. lnd Row: Ii.Cl1ll. 5. Mieliat-I, Ki. .fXtld1. ,l. XYi1ltos, XY. Lotte, lx. Dennis. l l. Scl1lt's1111.:c1' Il, jones l l, ll1o1n.1s. l'1tt-l'ret1tl.'f1,l li. t'o1'he1l lf. ll1ll11Vc1'de, R. Simon. loiix X 's Ar. 1 "'1 . 5 - I . HOME ROOM SECRETARIES. . . Student Government lst Row: Il. Gartner. I. Parlxer. D. Weidner. fi. Dnmhroslxi. I. Lynch, I.. Dlliiasi. Cuticle IE. I largreave, JN. Iiralz, C. Shiner, R. Iixans, Y. Iiurginia. R. Davxxood. P. Gill. M. Mcfialwe. I.. Miall. Znd Row: I7. lIen.iricI4s, N. Decker. II. Cfeeerc. M. Alan, NI. Iiigenlwroel. S. Richards. Pa. jones. I. Zaxxilski. I. Ilcrsiek, IVI. Ivlishilxiiis II. Guiierman. C. Pugh, R. Beyer. R. Ilalih. M. Glasser. R. Smith. 3rd Row: S, Assid, G. Rlozur, I. Schultz. W. Simmers, N. Ivlason, Ii. Cfurrv. S. Paroxxn, ilk. Cfarlin, YXI. Rinker, VV. Thomas, I.. Kashcnhach. IX1. DeIIQXgIio, 'I'. Teresinslxi. J. Thomas. Home Room Secretaries. . Under the ad-xisorship of Miss Utz, these students learn to correctly talte down and revise the record of homeroom act'vities. Their duty is to hand their corrected notes in on time. 'Ihis eluh has a great deal of value to recommend it to students. It is an ideal place for would-he secretaries to learn correct ways of writing and the perfect use of grammar. Home Room Bank Cashiers. . This huge organization, consisting ol, one hundred students, elected hy their respective homcrooms, is under the efhcient administration oi' IN4iss Utz. It actually has the appearance of a large stail' of account- ants and cashiers of a bank, husy paying out money, taking in money, and keeping records of the assets of the t'rm. Iiaeh memher of this organization repres- ents his homeroom, and he takes care of the banking oi' his homeroom, and turns the money he receives from the depositors to the Head Cashier. HOME ROOM BANK CAHIERS. . . lst ROW: lf. Zielazienslei, JN. Peters, Schmidt. Iloyehiclx. R. I.-rprliii, Al. Iierns, .X. IXIcCfi1rihx, II. Salmon, XV. Zelxas. Mcflxox, Ii. Clemente. II. Cliiplan, M. Slater. H Znd Row: R. iiarvarella, I'mwers. NI. Iiiguslxi. A. iwlilasius, N. IXlcIfi1env. Y. Ci.1:ex'. I7. Ifx.ins, I7. Cfliulxuiiish I.. I'L'l':rsezix'agf, lm! lleinl C't1.tl1it'f'. R. I3cmpI4ms, llcii-lCi1.iliie1'. IS, Iirauch, fl. Pont-II, R. TXICI'-ilLlklL'Il. IJ. Illlnslxi, ."X. Xliielsltl, IXI. ffinmer, I. Iuirldixx iali. 3rd Rowr IXf1.I.cxxis.I". Lewis, Ii. Price. If. Ifioii, Ii. Smith, I. Cizrlhier, A. Senuto, NX. Dectser, IXI.ShaIane.1.IXf1.l1roI1oI, I7. Pascoe, I.. Uleniak, M. Dohish. Ii. Iiatner. I.. Miclwael. 4th Row: 5. Ivlaehoms, M. Kaiser. Iirann ln, rl. I5.xusIer Ci. Ifiilppine, I". Reno, I. Kriwnthel. Pa. Smith, N. Iltiimas, NI. Savili, I.. Ncxxitl. A. Ivlariinx R. Iallaiewicz. IX4. Nlichael. M. Assid. P. Andrew. 5th Row: A. Skaxvski, Nl. 'I homtis, Ii. 'I'I1om.1s, I-. 'I'r.ip.1nese. hl. Glriner. P. Kelly, I. Dennis. IMI. Iieeluxilh. I7. IXIarl.in. R. Shiner. H. Clmxry. P. Seafiido. 6th ROW: If.Solon1on.NI..Walters.I..I3allaVerde, R. Ilummel, N. firm. M. Ciarpisl. R. Iland, -I. Reese. S. Luhin, ,I BL'll'lPlxIl1s, O. jol1nwn. CQ. Schooley, Wh Soluslii, B. Kovach. IIAIIYFV-JIIL' .X fl' .xx I ASSEMBLY SQUAD. . . Student Government V lst Row: I I. HXIIVN. ll. I.:iL1Ici' ,l. Iicutllng, Cf. Scliotrlcx' X1.G.tssner,D. Iilllljllikl, I.. h"IilI'lII1 Y. Stlriieinn, Il. I'lIIer, rl. Wnslliils I. X.iI.ilIx.1. N K Znd Row: Il. Smith 4.. I.i1tlt'ion. sl. Ciuliclt II. l..1ct-lx. .fX. l.uhr, A. joseph, li. Cluui'micci.1. CI. Iilclxc, N. Inillnsc, I.. ilorlwcli, 5. llroxxix .X. Ncxitsl-.x I. Zzxelx If. Cflcmenle. I3. Iicrlcxich, I. Ciltoolx, IJ. Io x . I r l Jrd Row: IXI. Xllwrzincli I.. Sniulovir: ,l. Ilirriix' CI. lfsscr. K. Kelly. B. slones. II. Xf1tix'ei'lmlei', NI. fxleiioxxun Ii. I.uIt, ,I. Iilaiyi, D 7 I X. I.exxis, I". Ilztlncr XX. I lnnlxt-X, I . Kliles I . Cieorgge. I . Roherls, AI. Vilchus. i 4th Row: II. Iyinlciinin XI. flxrllclx ID. Ifricts.+n. Il. jones, VI. Doronka. P. Iilaum, A. Klttixillti. R. fioixner. lf. Sullxus, NI. ltlfoniiell Il. Iidtlslzt Il. Iimsslct' I7. lirecnxxdll. I.. iiltlcns IS. NIz1rl1n, kIohns. il. Gllhcrl. 5th Row: Nl. Sltttlzinea, if. Sclixxnrlz. Il. Phillips. RI. Iloderielx, I5. I less, B. -Innes, IH. Kupsmnos, D. lXI.1rtin. I1. Iizts.',Vx. Xlnsoii, IU. lillxlxcr. 5. Pziulzislxls rl. ffitixiiiwllti, Y. Supplcc Y. Sltinlxevich S. Kutncy. 6tl1 Row: In Sviloinon, IXI. VI'-homus Ii. Ilummel, A. Skuxxwltl, 'I'. Inrripson. NV. Ihicmzln, IXI. KIZIVPINI. I5. Illtlsexfll txt-Ilcx. ki. sl-ilxnsnn Il. I,es.ix'cnlc, if. .fXdzitns. I. xfllotlrlxc. Ci. Iidxxards. IS. Zuhel. W. Rotnanuskzis. Assembly Squad. . . Did xou cx'cr thinlx hoxx our auditorium xxould loolt il' our chapel hoolxs xxerc Iclit xxhere xxe put them? Ihe fxsscmhlx' Squad xx as the ansxxcr to this prohlem. xlne hundred hoxs and girls distrihute and eolleet our chapel hoolxs xx hcnexcr they are used These students xxith the ezipuhle advice ol' fxliss Utz, have learned to do this -ioh ctipnhlx und ciuiclxlx. The Hall Patrol. . . 'Io control the hundreds ol' students passing through the halls hetxxeen classes is the dutx' ol the Hall Patrol. one of the most important serxice groups in the school. These patrolmen report to their post at the end ol' each class and remain on duty until the corridors are cleared, The memhership is hused on conduct. schol- arship, und efficient xxorls. lfor each floor there is ti captain. i IIALL PATROL. . . Ist Row: I7. I'l.in1.tx'ieli .X.Ilcrs1cL Ii. Snyder. I7. Insscs, A. Ioseplt D. Iircxvcr. I I. I7itcl1us lijziiltt-slti,S.lit-wld,fi.Imv1pt-ln. Znd Row: X. Ninltxxmi VXI. 'I'I1rnnus. N. Kuelxuuslxi S. Ciieisltulwer. Vnjvl-1111. nl Iilnist Chiwlturii IXI. Nnum llzpltrtrt. I ,lotus I'ft'xi.lu1il li. I I.ishcni Kltlwmirt. I. Deutsch. Chpltztrl. II. Slxcrns. Cl. Shiner, IXI. lxlisltilxilis. IXI. Stein, 5. Illnuel. .Ird Row: IQ. Ilitrec. I'. Ciudlcslu, Il. Ilarlmtm. IVI. Sure. Ixlusml -I. rlaclxson. IMI. IX'IilIer, I.. Zziinpelll, LI. Ijclers, Il. I.l:ixd Il. Ncxciis Ii. Iimuclt IU. fXIush'txxnx' K. IIl:nz1x. K -Ith Row: I'. xlwod If. Nix IVIZ, I. Uoxx ex, D. Vxfeidner. IVI. C.ruxxlcx', N. Illxomzis, ID. I'.riel4son. I. :.ixx'1lsI4i. Il. lX'lz1rlin. S. Ifraiixlt X. fun IE. Iiiisldn. I.. l.cxx. I. I tndlct, I.. Dzledzic. Sth Row: TNI. Ilxomiis, I.. Clorhclt. S. Ilicharcls. Ii. ffurdinanl, I. Iiuzielx. .N Jnlmson, l.,C1tmniniLh.im. A. lX1orcscn. il. Innlxicxxici. N. Illeliznds Il. Iliplxiix Ci. Iztrelnlio, S. hlilchneek. hth Row: Nl. Iwsclicr S. Ilirnlwilum, A. Iiunllulmts. A. Decker. II. Cioxxrx. I. Dennis, IS. blxinxuvll, II. I.L'sIxa1usId1s. X. I,t'xxi II. l':.iIxn1slxi II. Ifmn, II. .'XncIes, If. Cross, Nl. Stoltz. lwvfx Inu Student Government CAFETERIA PATROL. . . lst Row: R. l':u::cx' .'X. iirixxxolel ll. liuprix li, Dnliilvinxlti. lkl. Ciecere lX'l. ltigiwlei, Il. XX'z1llerx ,l. ffroxlwx, X. Kilumlrllng I Xhllllm .1 D Uncut lj Xl lem R lliilti I1 in llillfel n ko , 's, . firm y , , wi, ., , wr. Zvid Row: ll. Slunilile, Ci. llivix, Xl. Rutltly, R. lX'lcl"tielelen, li. llvel Y. C1120 li. once. lt. Lilll. ll. Rorx X. 1 ,J 1 litllx li. H dIILlNl1:rl1Ix lg. Roihxleln, ll. SIklCll1ICl!, fi.Cnuglioi1l,,l. Nurtlone l.. kloxeph. XX'. New enx. 3rd Row: R. Shiner lb. Sculrlniin. ll llllnxlxi, N. lirunxieln. Cf. l.uxin,1u lXl. llrfnnele C.. lierclmlt ll. lXllltulzi, Xl. l"x'xmN Nl. Xl ui Xl ljuillv Ii. liirone llifvltlzri, Ci. luroll, l'. linux lXl. fXltu'lino. 4th Row: ll Nlooelx. Nl. XiX'PLlNlUl. R. flRourlxe, C.. Xlonio R. Qieorge. lxl. 'Xllvrecltl xl. lflunntin l'. Sullxux Clzfwltziri, ll. Sehltxinger ll, l.zich R. llughex lXl, lXliItc R. lXlonlo. ll. XX.1lter xl. Xlllljllklx lf. Peliineer. 5th Row: li ,liillwerl l'. tionxxell. N. .'Xllzix'ill.x, lXl. Cflilrlxe, 'X. :.1lxzil'.1Lhlulx Xl. Snulh R. lixchler ll. Noxxlnxlti, li. Nxxenxlxl, Il llllnin Nl Riioh l ll litl iNl lxl XY! l Xl Kell' lXl llulln hth Row: li. Sclwzxeler. l'rt'xitl-'nh xl, Upzillxil Clzfvluili. ff. lfwell, l.. Nexxlll fi. liilte, ll. Kfzixxlonexlei. lXl. fXlt'lioxx.n1, if-rhlizift X. Xw1el l.fii xiel 'Xl lli Ltl l Sunil X Uluc lXl Y Cafeteria Patrol. . .oxx 1 . 'el L.. I 1 . U. HI, '. liveryone has seen some courteous ntemhcr ot the Cizilieteritx Patrol lxeepineg oreler tluring lunch perioel .'Xll these capuhle leziclers ure "tops" in zittcnelixnce. Schoolxxorlt. einel coneluet. so youill tlo well to ohey their rules 'lihese people ure capuhly' uelvisetl hy Xlr, Pelton .XS ai rexxtirel for their xxorli in helping to run their school. they receive ta ccrtilicutc lor eueh semester and Ll shieltl in their senior year il' certuin l'CLlLllI'ClUClWlS kill' llllfl, 1' iw . ligixl '. UMC. . 'lL', '. aw N. lxuchonix ff. Roth. R. Nltirliio, l. lioelgerx, Lunch Permit Checkers. . . 'lihe lunch permit checlqcrs, ti hrainch ol' the euleteriu patrol. are another group ol lirienelly anel cupuhle people we ull l4noxx'. 'lihe lility-six inemhers ure chosen on the hzisis ol' ggooel xxtorlt, uttenelzincc. Zlllel szxtisliuctory conduct lhese Mpetticozitu policemen sec that no one leaves the school eluringg lunch perioel without il lunch pcrinit, 'lihcy must leurn to he iinpurtiul, sell' controlleel, unel to ohcy tinel execute orelers, LUNCII PERMIT CHECKERS. . . lst Row: K.. lizieflonwlo R. Xl.iele, X. fXlllrlxltl Xl. Cizsllzigglver l7. Xlulllxux lt. Rnlwuwin li. Rolxllx Clzfwluuz l'. Ntlivritlvl. L' Xlllkll l Nullu Vzjluri IB l'1l1tix n ll lit 1 L l XX lXl Xl: I l fl liullel i.ii' xx im . " in . wtrg' . Llurielj . 1 ww cv .i X, Znd Row: 'l . Cilizirlex Xl. Xl.uI1n Xl. l l Amex. -l. l luuxe Xl. Ufionnell. lx. l'ortl ll XXluIe li. .Xllelr li. Klxice Xl, fXlcCioxx.lu Clzpmin ,l. 'lihoun ix. 3rd Row: ll Nloxex l .Ynuni ll. Duelele lX'l.Ytiuvn, Ix'1.I't-umger f1.Roil1 ll.NluxX1lWxlxI,li.5NNL'l1NlU, R, l llmun X. l3el.uc.l li, lwllippine. 4th Row: ll. l'.ixxl-,xx Nlti X. l'.1Nltex'lch lj. Seurein in li. lXlcf1urll1x. l l. litilipgiwlei nl. Cirovlclx, Nl. Dyellel, l l. kl.1ei the Xl. Suxigltx, Il limli R KYR uilt . 1. x , ti x'. 5th Row: Xl llziltern Xl ll.illlel.ix ,l lirlnlmllml.l'..l'ili21N if lzlelxe, yl Cinmxell, R. Smuloxlli. Cf Selnuirlz, R :.inipeili. I7 'Xll ll ltulltl fi ltu h l l lltr . cull, '. ., g. ', 'u l'uf1v'llzf.'-' Student Government TABLE PATROL. . . lst Row: ii. liexsiney Xl, l,loy tl. ,l. Gillespie. Txl. Schultz. lXl.1mll1slx1, li. glories .fX,l7.1xis Xl. K llixei ll. C lloeltei' li. Xlulwissex. M. .X wosiul. xl, lirnnnun. ll. l.ueh. l 2nd ROW: lxl. flullo lf. Stilnulslsi. vli. Nluscllulx. N. Decker, R. liotlleslti. lf. Sulleus tlljwltzirz. l l. heheltsmger. X.ul.l'r1pltrili, l'. Kelly. xl, Woronl4u. U. Kzirzint, ,-X. Ulenmlt, gl. Klein. R. Bussler, -3rd ROW? R- ,lf"1CN lg- Zfvlwl. l'. SCLIVCINLIH, ll. U'llourlte. li. Ultlsey. Xpzxllei, Cllllmift. li- ,llvliiisini ll. l'.ixxloxx slti Xx.vl.x1ul1l Clipltzin, lf U'Rourlxe 'lf lliompson. Table Patrol. . .Xre your tahles eleun untl ortlerly7 Yotrll euteh it lrom the Tuhle Patrol il' they arent Their loree is small. hut they elo et line sioli ol' lseeping our ealeteria looking spielt untl spun, They have the same olhccrs, zietivities. untl requirements as the Cfaleteria Patrol heetiuse they strc L1 hruneh ol' it. These eheeker- uppers ure chosen hy the homeroom teachers on the htisis ol gootl school worlt, uttentltinee, untl eontluet. , 1 ,l . Stage and Light Crew. . This small hut elheien' Ol'QQtIlTlIIlIlOl'l is untler the sponsorship ol' lX'liss lltlxvnnls, lt receives instruction for practical stage xxorlt. eonstruetion atntl manipulation of scenery, lighting. untl properties. .Xny time there is any uet,ix'ity protlueetl on the stzige this group ol' willing worlcers show their tthility in setting the stage for its proper seene. I'-ui 15'-jutlr STAGE And LIGHT CREW. . . lst Row: li Nil 'ivvininj li liuclxltw, l litilu lls l Kierziglil x Znd Row: li ,l.1I11t's. L. Xiitlrt-xlq, ll llzxntl 1' Q vi .S't'cf'i'li1r v. Il llcmpltins l'ru.ridt'nl. 1 ,- if X Student Government fy f ' lrlr -9' '7"k' ll 4 '-g,fL,k,4.'Qjf- 1.445-1'l.if f' 1 '12, i I usHERs SQUADi-Q High im. . . , M V if lv ' , X rf 1 v ' ,. . lst Row:T,B. Sicvcnsilgx, I-cwi-4, Hail Fvliwgiyl jones, lvl. Th inns, A. P.is!4cx'icl1. S. On clqi, ,"X. fVlll,lsius, C. Barone. ,I. l:lrinncry, Xlr. l xghrulcr, -Jax L ', 2nd Row: 'lf Tcresmslti, T,l,lhl1r. Nl. llallidf -PL-Howell, Ci. Romm. YX4. lfigenbrcnl. - Srd Row: VI. Delhli i, J. ilhilorz-rffi. Kgiminskas, G. lvadicr. 4th Row: S. Rcvir?,G, Berzinsltasf ll. Geoygc, Ci. Schoolcff' , I 5th Row: li. Malia, XLQ-Patoski, li. liroinfjghfl, Hein! lJ.sl1ci'f'6:'-zylviiiiilis, f:l'XlLll'UCCl. . ' 54' -I Y' ... -fi, . .1 j f "'-gl ' I B ., .- 1 ' a s x I s Q, om., .L v4 I X-I 3 A "' - S , ff . U h --W! Q g x ' ' . f , U ,, S CYS- - t V y The Library Stgdent Staff. ,. ,f 0'-Nl! V' J' . ,f 1 .J Those glorious. grand creatures that- showed you eourteously to your seat at the Musical Comedy were rcally fellow-students. Under lylr, Highritens excellent guidance these ushers polished their technique to its present brilliancy. The twenty-eight members usher at assembly programs, motion pictures, and cycning entertainments in the auditorium, they check wraps at school dances, and act as ofhcial guides of the school on Patrons Day. n ek J""'d' ,-1.-vp-.J f" APQQIJ a.......J LIBRARY STUDENT STAFF. . . Miss Brooks, Advisor. lst Row: N1 Nauzn. l. Ciuiicrin in .'X I ll:n'ix li l.t:nicrmlm. li livirl nur. XX" llhlllips X in' f'rr'.xi-lelil, I' l lugbus, ll Nlalin. 'lic,1.ri11crg D Dt-rlexieli, XX". liclly. KI licinplsins. ll Schull: l.. lX1ariin 2nd Row: .X Nllllcr. IN1 fllwilorrm. O XX'llli,in1s, ,I l7iirl4ci', l. Cforbcll, li Dennis, lf Price l. llcrslclx, htifs llanmiilgs, lX'l .ol ii Cl, llashem. Cv. 1 Rolwcris. lf lricc, li lirauch, lb. Doyle, l'. Cfcccrt' Srd ROW: KI Ifhiniivl 1, KI fihiliiriu XX' l,uugl1m'X. XX Clinllts Ii I I N Innes, I7 Xlzirlln. C' l.l.lritlgL', VX1 llcll 'Xgli-I, Ii lmywillii l 'lcrcsinsltr xy IQ., N . .., y .iy f The Library Student Staff, in exist i second year of the school, is one of the most interesting and helpful clubs here. Its purpose is to teach the young would-be librarians of the future how to con- duct a library and to assist in the routine tasks. The forty-six members aid lvliss Brooks, their capable and friendly advisor, in different periods according to schedule. Anyone who is high in schoolwork and suitable in personality may join if their schedule can be arranged accomodate a library period. ae fr,-vc, Q.-1,215 0 r f 'lor ly-j im' BLUE AND GRAY EDITORIAL STAFF--Mr. Schappert. . . Publications Sitting: li. li-nach, W. Kelly, S. lfrank, ll Doxle, lfililurg D. Ackerman, xl. Sayilz, S,'mfI.x I-ftlilm. lXl. llosenlwauiu, lfulmrigi If-lilnrg N. -lones, 'liyf1i.x!. Standing: l.. lliCl'il8C2lYill.EL' Nlr. Scliappcrl, li. lluarnaceia, lX'l. Sure, A. Savit:, W. Phillips. The Blue and Gray. . Who, what, why, when, where-the live wis f the hasis ol every good news storye-and consequently, the theme song ol' the memhers ol' the Blue and Gray stall, whose responsihility it is to prepare twenty- seyen issues each school ol U. A. Rfs three-column, lour-page newspaper, the Blue and Gray. lhe editorial stall, under the direction ol lNlr. Schappert, write, edit, and prepare the dummy. A junior high school stall, directed hy IXliss lvloyer, each L weeli, prepare the column. klunior Hi-lights, containing news of persons and events in xlunior High School. The printing stall, whose advisor is lX'lr. Romig, set up the type and print the paper. Each ol these units, working asone, aims to produce a paper which. coyqring all phases ol school activities. is a cross-seetio oif our school to other schools as well as a means ol elnteixtaining. lnlorilwing, and guiding the the opinion pflC, A. Rfs student kuody. ll I l B l , N, Nil 1 - I' 1 ,f' lx, 1 'S l N I I l . r ff ,l ., ' IMJXI lil N I x ,V BLUE AND GRAY PRINTING STAFF--Mr. Romig. . . lst Row: lf. lflanagan, -I. lflaheriv, D. 'I'hom'1s, H. Williams. Znd Row: l. lirielison, lXlr. Romig, ll. W'omelstlorl', 'l'. Stieh, li. l lummel. l'.. ixlzlllll lvfiy xii Publications GARCIIIVE EDITORIAL STAFF--Mr. Baiz. Advisor. Sitting: l.. Ciullerm in, vtlilivr 3 li, l'ii'eLin.l imlilor Ci. Shiner lvfilyl. N. I oiiusltzi. lypial. 5. l'r:inlv. iulilolfui-iliii'! l'. liroyyii, iuiilur. Ind ROW: N. lliclrirtls. etliloi 1 IJ. Doyle, iftlilivi , l I. liempltlns, utliloli l.. Qloiies. jvliolivuriilili uililui , Nl. l7rt'iIrI lvjmyl. IS, Xlaiiiri Iylviyl ll, Slwrtis f7l1t7ll'lUtlf7ll iwliluf. .Std Row: Standing: lyl. Klarpisi, lvliulnefiipli uililivig fyl. Dayitloll. uilzroi, ij. Sami: .vjmrls vililur, Qi. Xiitlrt-sltv' plyrilrriliiipfr etlzliv. .X. paxil: url rililur, l.. Xliller. eilzlur, Mr. Hai: tul1'l.mr', 'I he Garchive. . Alter a numlwer ol years ol exeellent and laithlul perlormanee Xliss Weeks resigned her tluties as atl- visor to the elass year lwoolt lfor the class ol' 1040 lXlr. Bai: has talten over the eluties. The purpose ol the lwoolt is to have a pietorial anel yyortl memory ol' those enjoyahle tlays spent in high sehool. The stall has matle every ellort yyithin their means to present to their lelloyv-stuelents a hoolt, yvhieh they yvill, lrom time to time as the years pass hy, pielt up. go over the COl'iKL'l'Il5, antl relive the sehool elays over again. Xo year hoolt ean he sueeesslul unless there is a husiness stall to atlvertise. eampaigggn. antl sell to the stutlent hotly something they shoultl have, Xlr. Peltons cohorts eontrol the sale. Year alter year they put on a eampaign, anti year alter year they malte their sueeesslul returns. ln the Worltl ol' 'llomorroyy many stuelents yvill he glad that these eampaigners urgetl them to purehase the hoolt vvhieh is to heeome a vital part ol' their lihrary. To Xliss Xle,fXnill' lalls the tluty ol' putting on the Liarehive sltit. This sueeesslul heginning ol the eampaign is also instrumental in intlueing the large sale yvhieh lolloyvs. GARCI-IIVE BUSINESS STAFF--Mr. Pelton, Advisor. . . 1 i f a Sitting: l Qayvilslti Nl. Paliariay meh, li. Cjuarnaeeia, fylr. Pt-lion, titlziyoi, lp. Price, lril,yirii'.x.y nitiriugeir CI. Uereliale Nl, Glasser l. Cirossielv, X. l3el.ue.i, X. lliziiriy. R Standing: XX. Kiilwtsla ll. l'r-ry X. liifil: lf. Cross ll. .Xritles li, lfiiiii, Ci, Rrulyerts, livlv'fyt'1tii ilzicolwin li Ciuliclx. I Sloane,.S'1u.lun1 li'-iifwi' ,I llccse, ll illasgier, C1 Iildridge, kl. lirisiiiinson. I3 Orlando, A. Ig2IllI'US, I - - fizfazfairzmisizzf - - SENIOR ORCHESTRA. . . Mr. Ayres. Advisor Ist Row: I5 liisiler, R Shiner, 13. limes. I, Smith Nl. l3ax'idol'l, I, Znd Row: A Kiallrey, R. llandin, I, LiIlllk'I'IN2lII. ll l'anic:l4o.kIl Kem- iiicrti. nl ,loliny XX' Lynn, I'. liigoslxi, ll Xnlliony. I Ilorion, li Iiellon, l. I.cii-ixili. 3rd Row: Nl 'l'hom,is.O Williams l l,ul1IlWI'imlsI.,l Illvis Senior Orchestra . . One ol' the most active organizations. the Senior Orchestra, directed hy Nlr. Ayrc, proved its worth and ahility at many school lunctions during the present school year, Providing music lor almost every oc- casion the renditions ol these line musicians never llailcd to find new favor and praise. Participation in the Musical Comedy and Commencement Program were hut two ol' the many highlights ol' the present season. ly-iw, Junior Orchestra. . . This orchestra, under the haton ol lX'liss Pugh, and composed of musicians of junior High School, pro- vided music lor junior High School chapel and assemlwly programs. Today, they are hoys and girls, about tomorrow' In the future these young will form a nuclei ol' our Senior Orchestra their footsteps forever still our halls, we the pleasant satisfaction ol knowing that carry an unexcclled appreciation ol' music world. Miss Pugh, Advisor Orlando f.UlllI1S, II lyrics, Nliuigtiii. li Dans, . lvl Paduelx. Miss Pugh. l hut what musicians and alter will have they will into the JUNIOR ORCHESTRA. . . lst Row: ll llandcn. N Cfliarles li kloscph. I' I7iasclxi. fi Izclsardl, -I f.aii'lno, J, Iicniiell, I5 Sliinimle, Ii 2nd Row: I5 Iiupris, I' Dax is, .X ' ' ' ' Ii ll I' icl ll :min '4, lippell. I3 Nfiacri I7 liriliiilix, S K I I ii , acolwi 3rd Row: Cf Cfiimplwell, ll Ililm, I7 liriesliilwer I7 kiootlyml XY.-yeliiele, E 'J -P'-V Clzfafcfczifzlrzalzf - - K+ QT li Vlxr' l li ,T Ll, . I , f K' 4V ll G. A. R. High School Band. . Under the competent leadership of Mr. Richard Ayre, successor to Mr. William O. Roberts, the Cl. A. R. High School Band held the rare distinction of being one of the hest high school hands in Wyoming Valley during the present season. The high-iight of every pep meeting was the ap- pearance of this imposing hand with its stirring marches and lively school songs. Their work in playing and marching soon hrought them puhlie commendation and praise. VARIETY CLUB. . . Mr. Ruddy, Advisor ll Schrole. rl Gillespie, Ci Scliniil R lluntlen, li fVlorrissex, l lflinnery, fmzziixlp l7 Vv'unner, ll Si.lelnicl4, li Collins. A Collins. B Allen. A Lois Johnson, A Nleielslti, Nl Konsavage, ll Kajtla. lf Ann Biker. lf fvlorisky. B Hargreixe, W Girrell, Nl Naum B High. S liirrihium D Chuclioms, P llorieywell. Ci lfsseilf P. Bowles. P lfiiscki, Cf kixniowll, R Anth,xny. li. Mcf1l.isl4ey, H Ciulicx. .l Kri-ii nson, D Weidner. .l l3is+.5ie" li Fisher. R ll:m.l. l Reese, il Flunc. suirelmvi lf Breslin, inc jiiewitluiil. .N Klurelm' li. jveviileiii, Ci CirLii1ilvlin1.E.l5 Drike ll lzieltwn. S Cohen. l U Rxniin. 'N lXleC .l -slxev, sl -lolins .X Rzillzi. li Moriwssev. l' lluglics, Nl -lov Fvlarlin, l'. Slusser. l l NfCf.l iskey, lXflr Rutltly BAND. . . Q lst Row: R lllCI11Pl4lf1S.kl7'llV1lHIIIAH' lt Grieshalwer. il Wojchick R. Daley J. Basgier, L Davis. W, hlones. il Krislianson. Mr Richard R. Ayre conductor Znd Row: CI, lildridge, ,l, Rohson G Brandt. H Schultz. W, lvlorrisey M Dell'Aglio, M Scott. 3rd Row: R Anthony, YN Clulick, D Nlacri, L. Kuhik, C Camplwell,J Catrinoul Nlesser 4th Row: R jones, VI. Clillman, 3. lvlorgan. lvl Davieloilf U. Siegel. Ci. lfeclonczak, L, Smith 5th Row: L. Davies, li joseph. W, Lynn. D Tvlootly. R. Tippel, 5. Hughes, P. Richards. 6th Row: R. Ccra. W, iiillimin, C. liekardl. T. Sliney, 'lf lillis, T. Hughes. 7th Row: R. Phillips. V. Paioslxi, ll. Kemmerer, l. Finnegan. li lfislier, il. Davis, R. Swalwoda. Sth Row: R Doranpyj.llor1on.l7, Kisllcr. J. NVojchicl4. ,l, johns, If l'aigoski,kl Reese p 'Ihe Variety Club. . The Variety Club, one of the largest and most popular clubs, meets every Tuesday in the fourth floor music room. From there you can hear snatehes of music, taps, and weird instruments but they all mean one thing, namely, that G. A, R. young people are developing their latent musical talent under lwlr. john Ruddy, their genial advisor. This two-year old clulw is very popular with our neophyte prima donnas, musicians, and musically-inclined students. i lim ly-uint - - Enfa'zfai12m.fsnf - - Senior Girls' and Boys' Glee Club. . Tra-la-la-la. . . the sweet tones ol' the combined boys' and Girls' Glee Club are gently waited through the air. This year under the direction of Mr. Richard Ayre, the club is attaining new heights. Already our versatile prima donnas and Carusos have participated at the Senior Girls' Tea, carol singing at Christmas, and have presented as their annual musical, 'iAn Old lfashioncd Charm." The cast vvorlted hard rehearsing during activity periods, alter school, and even came baclt in the evenings, and their efforts were vvell rewarded by a complete sell-out. JUNIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB. . . Nliss Pugh, Advisor. lst Row: Cf Schmid, lf, Schmid, Il Sclirode. li llionias, C. Conner, lvl. Conner. lXl lilias, lxl llandza, lvliss Pugh, l'. Davis. ll. Schlesinger, R, Uodleslti, Ll. Cecere, A. Smith, A. l,Cll'L1ZZl!1l, Znd Row: A Collins, lvl llccltman, li. Pattersoii, l., lfichtner, B Robinson, R. lvlarlin, R, Macle, Y, Gazev, S Cus- eela, 3rd Row: l,. lvlelluzo, D llersh- l4oxxit:, B, llargreave. C Yorio, Uxxen, lf, Dennis, Ci Pensak, D Nlajiltes, lr't't1.mrt'r3 lvl lXflCflIl1lCY. V lXlaricl1. D, Davis, lvl. Wilson, li Wicks 4th Row: Cf XlcUoxxal1.lVl Corrigan L' l,ules, I liroxxn. lf. Yanuslionis, A Xllieri, N1 Ulixer. lx Price, lXl Joy' Xlarlin, li, Winton. l'. l.lexvelly'n, R l'operoxvit:. l, Davis. I3 Slhllll. l.. lxliall, l. ljtlglilkl fflfly SENIOR GLEE CLUB. , , Mr. Ayres, Advisor. lst Row: lf l3rt'slin,j Vutchus, D llorsl, l. Vandernrirk, lvl Berger, R. Kaiser. lvl lligoski, D livans, H. lvloskovv, G. Gilbert. D. Ackerman G l-lashem, lVl. Ahrendts, C. jones. y Znd Row: S. l.ubin, lf Bigoski. A Santevvan. Al, llvans. .wr -lioyx, A. Hi:- nav. lrvtis -girls: li Roberts, vita' .I7I'l'N - girlxg lf, Cross, print -,girlxg A Cartlinali, fvrex -lioyxg lf. Brovvn, .var -,uirlsg xl lvliall, Il't't1x-luvyrg R, Hempkins, vim' ,hf'z'.v- lwov-rl lvl Nlishikiiis, lvl. Simmcrs, Nl. limanslqi, A Savitz. R Troy. 3rd Row: l., Divine, B lvlarlin, ,I Dolinski, Ci. Jones, lvl. Sperduio, li. Williamson. D lhorpc, ll Noxvinski. R lvlarino. Nl Kellie. lX4 klones. l,. Uutlerman, J. Bowers. B Brauch, L. jones 4th Row: Nl Carpist, lvl Kuchonis G Shiner. C Roth, ll Kuligoslti, D Rubin, Y Pinslsey. lvl Thomas, S. Coates. A. Nlclilynn, lvl lonrcv, C. Considine. lvl Stoltz. S, Proline, NV. lQ11besl4r.li Davis 5th Row: il I:lahcrtv.N Richiirds, N jones. l' Allegar. lvl. lVliIler, IS. Stevens. ,I Peters, lf. lfullcr. lf. Scure- man, lX4 Boyle. IS. jones. li. Price. li. llaslinskv. l, l'l xtt, lVlr. Ayres. tztltiixtv' , 6th Row: lf, lladle. xl, Savitz, D. Garrison, ll. Slomovilz, xl, Roberts, C, Aslioff. J. UilVlelia, 'l'. james, 'lf Drewicz. Al. Ryman, ll Keller. ll. Thomas, S Park, N. Cole. junior High School Glee Club. . This club, one ofthe oldest in C. A. R. High School, is under the direction ol Miss Elizabeth Pugh. Un- ceasingly, she has xvorlted to bring finer and better music to junior High School by building up this organization of young musicians. lts primary purpose is to develop an appreciation of good music. Require- ments lor membership in this organization are the ability to read music, a pleasing voice, and a desire to sing, - - flzfatfainmzznf - - Senior Dramatic Club. . . This club, under the sponsorship of Miss Cora li, Edwards, has rendered invaluable service to the school and has given much pleasure and enjoyment to the students who participate in its activities. lts most important aim is the training of students in all phases of the dramatic art which includes stage tech- nique, theories of acting, and make-up. Students work on experimental plays and those qualified, appear in major stage productions under the direction of Miss Edwards. ln the course of this training, stress is put on voice, diction, and poise. lncluded among its numerous activities were the annual Armistice Day Program, Christmas Pageant, Senior Play, and many Assembly Programs. This club has been in existence for twelve years and this year it has a membership of fifty-live students. SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB. . . lst Row: l Ciotlilcr, lf lllilir, Il llalwlli, li. Fimi, Z llerlmfi, If Lisscs. T Uhlir. xecreliiryi K l5romlicl.l. hrxx- idenlg L. Lenrxvilz, lreu.izu'u1'3 W Kola- cski, vice-,hre.iii1vnI: I Wujicla, li Gartner. A lVliller,J Griswold. Znd Row: IX4 Alan, P Sccilitlo X' Povilaitis. xl Fiascki, 'I' Lynn. xl lvlaycock, ll, Lagonegrn. 3rd ROW! ll. lVlorasliy, D Ricliartl- son. S Hirnhaum, l. Cfecere. N1 lvlurt- inn, Bowers, B Hi rh. L Verne Wcllers. M lvlillcr, li Algncs Innes, S Richards. N4 Naum, G Uillwerx, lf Lewis 4th Row: li Price. N jones. N Bum. D Thorpe, D iiliuckimls, Nl Stein, l Deutsch. I. flhilimrn, l Yu-tc lx'- age, S MHChKlDlQ,-A Calfrey. K Crux' lvl. Podkul, B. Brauch. "When the Chimes Rang" "The Christmas Tableau' fly-In U - - C5155 - - . zfsgig f U1 Y K. A. K.--Mr. Murray, advisor, . lst Row: li Cjuirn icem, C1 lfilve. li lford, TVI livans, :X Savill hru.vL len! Znd Row: lvl Sin1i1'1ers,li Shim! emi. lvl Wende, Mr lklurrsv -X lvlorcsco, l, Vai1deri11arl4. ll lit-l1erls. li. Dressel 3rd Row: R l'rov, l. l,en11il7 .I Savitz. lwa.niref'1lQ Scl1rider ul llinlter. l.. liL12llLlFZlN, C' Selmolev ,vutri'I.ri1 Il Shiner. XV. llenry. K, A, K, , junior High Art Club. . 'lihe li. A. li. Cluh is one ol' the oldest in the school, and their accomplishments are many. Besides sign painting, the eluh specializes in pastel yvorlt, oil paint- ings, and vvater colors. Their school vvorlt consists in malting posters to advertise plays, athletic contests, campaigns, and also decorating the gymnasium for social allairs. 'llhese 'ilileyer Artists" should really ltnovv their "stul'l"' after leaving their alma mater heeause their tutor lvlr, lX1urray is really a master in his line. Under the direction ol' hliss limily lrlourigan, the most talented artists ol' junior High School are using their sltill to produce many examples ol line artistry To hecome a mernher oi' this cluh a student must he ahle to do superior vvorlt in art classes and must have an interest in art. The school is very proud and grateful to this organization lor they have helped immensely in designing costumes and making access- ories for the school plays and for the painting ol' the posters vvhich advertise the social allairs ol' the school. JUNIOR ll. S, ART CLUB. . Miss llourigan, Advisor. Ist Row: ll l'ellor1, l,, llolli. 3 lDi-rlwiiislti, l' Nleliialv. ll Price, 'lf liliirlrv li Wn1loi1,,l, 'lAl'lllI1HlS, R, l7or.ll1g jvuxz-l1'r1l 2nd Row: VX1 Vveher, V llhl xr, lf, lltndriclvs. lvl Green .lrd Row: ll Nlaelv, R liazzey. ,l Xl.iilil1ii ,l Vanderi11:1rlv. -I lX'lessL'l1 X llileli C1 llielviwian P Nlargo. li l'.iili'i-N111 'J Wiillers, Ci llayeslvi, Il Xlzirliiw X lX'ltiielva, .X lXlcC1arll1y lilli livin - - CMZQ - - COSMOPOLITAN CLUB. . . Miss Dembitz, Advisor. Sitting: CI. Barone, ll. Ahrendts, JN, Lewis, Nl, Glasser, .-N. Del,uCg. .wt'mlt1fy, Xl, filurlxe. hrtfutlurili Ci. Sliiiier. lite-fvt'i1ilt'rtl1 Xl. lXli1rIlno, N. Siniewtiii l. Yzlpsutitii Nl. Drciiel. Standirrg: Y. Kfertt. N. 'l'hom,is, li. liellx' ll llipltin, ll, XYz1lter. lxl. llilt D lixin l' UI tixli X ts- . :wx '. sT's4 '. litneyilcli, l. liixiljik li.. lfreund. li. l llmln. ll lhorpc, 5. liiitslrilwt-i', l,. ttinninggli im .X. Nloiesen. Cosmopolitan Club. . Hands across the ocean! lQxotic lurlts, sturdy Swedes. and courteous linglishmen are all laniiliztr and dear lriends ol our thirty cosmopolitans. 'lihey correspond with foreign countries lor pleasure and the knowledge that it brings to them. Any Wednesday ulternoon you can see lyliss Demhitz, their ltind tidyisor, listening to their eager accounts ol' loreiggn letters received and sent. Any good student that lilies to write may join this interesting eluh. Le Cercle Francais. . Anyone who wants to get an inside View ol lfrtznee, its customs, its langtiage, and its people. would do well to .join "Le Cfercle lfittncuisi which is LlI"ILlCI' the supervision ol Miss lNlary lN'lc1Xnill'. The primary purposes ol this cultural organization tire, to lettrn to spetilt lfrench more fluently, and to understand its civilization, peop'e, and culture. An intimate ltnowl- edge of lfrtinee is assured to any student who is really interested in this worlt. FRENCH CLUB. . . Miss lVlacAniff, Advisor, Sitting: ll. liroclonsin, Xl. litruel. S. Ringlc lvl. lligoslxii .wrrvltzrv-lfmrx., l.. fiorhell, jvt'.ritlt'ri!, VXI. Riley Nl. Austin, 5. l,t'i'i'ellt1, 5. l.ulnin. Zncl Row: liriineli. S. 'Xlzirluinv lwl. llionris. "X, l'l.iltt-s, lx. l.t'ii iliem. l l, ' l ful s Smiih. ', -tlt' ld, ll. ll.1rln1in. Xl. Sure, lX'iiss lXlue"XlilIl. l'tflx"f1i't' glticohs. li. llannyt- ,Nl liuchonis, R. - - Ufugi - -- CARSCRIBES. . . Miss Ritchie, Advisor. Sitting: Xl. lfyans, Nl. l'.1llai1avich N. liaclyauslgl, l. :axxllslyil p1'e.tiilL'ril2 A. Pi'ograiiic:nt'y. lvl. Cilasser. ll. Xlatiloinis ll. lxuligoslqi, A. Krall. .wi Wim v. X. San! cw an. Standing: ,l. Klaja. l.. Kenski, l.. tiiilslcm Nl. l.a:ur, ll. Kramer, lIeu.r.l 5. lledwicly. lf, klniscph, ll. Dohisli, WI. llaslei' ll llorsl, ll. !XmcIrano. lvl. l'.li1.insltl l.. Dixirie, lX1, SIININLTS. Garscribes. . Clliding smoothly across the page the pencils ol' these students toolt down the words ol the dictator almost helore they were spoken. Proteges ol' lyliss Ritchie, the group improved their shorthand and transerihed their notes in the typing room. Speed in taking notes was gradually increased hy taking die- tation from victrola recordings at yarious rates. The purpose ol' the organization is to gain a lanow ledge ol' modern husiness practice, and this is done hy talting shorthand theory tests. l'klflX'-.ill Mathematics Club. . These senior mathematicians meet eyery Thursday activity period in room 402. The memhcrs ol' the cluh are seniors talting solid geometry and trigonometry At these meetings the students, among whom may he a luttxrc liinstein, reyiew algehra and other hranches of mathematics necessary to progress. Mathematic puzzles and prohlems hrought in hy the memhcrs are solved. lvlr. lope, the advisor, also points out during the discussions, the close relationship mathematics has with the modern inycntions, and eycry day lille. MATH CLUB. . . Mr. Tope, Advisor. lst Row: K. l"rt'L1iid, li. llnuclylcy. li. lvloskoxy. hl. init: .N l3cl.uct1. lf. illenienlc, i'it't'fjve.mlt'fiI ll. Kfuplan. jirt'x1tlc'l1I1 Ylr. lime, tliliiixm. XY, lit-Ily. ll Derleyicli. l1'eti.yi4f'i'f', R. liohiii i .yt't'1t'1tUy" l". Dian: , lXl. lXf'llcl1.icl. Znd Row: Nl. Klan, l". l'eirt'll.i l". W'endcl. V. Cfcra. FX1. D.iy'itlo1'f. S. Ui'icshahei', rl. lfvans, l.. Nliller. I.. Ciutlt'rm.m, il. Kiitlrcslty. 3. lfranly, N. Ricliarcls, l.. l.t'x'y, lj. ltlinilims. Srd Row: ,l. liis:i-lt, l'. Nluciidls. K. lJ:ron1llt'ld. ll. lleiiiplyiiis l'. Schrader, 'lf llames, ll. Sloane S Coates. I. lsazic. ll, l.t1ly, l'. Nmxlnslti, VV. Loughncy. lX'1. Rosenhatun. - - CLA - - Sub-Debs. . lXlany congratulations to this unique new clulv, the Senior Suh-Dehs! Although it is very new, many girls would he willing to swell its quota past the limit ol thirty. These senior girls learn manners, how to get up and speak, and many other requisites of a motlern girl. Perhaps you have seen some of these girls with huge pink antl hlue hows adorning their hair. Since the cluh colors are pink and hlue, this was a part ol' t.heir initiation. SECRETARIAL CLUB. . . Mr. Watts, Advisor. lst Row: H. Kovacli, IX1. Miller. lf Kim alqc. Znd Row: .X. liralz, Kapsianos, ll. liulagiiski, l-'. Brown, D. Kisilcr. 3rd Row: N. Kackiuski, l. :aiml- ski, rl, liliji. -X. Pop.:ranie:n3. M. Ciroh. .l. 4th Row: lXl. Cjlisser, C, Shiner. l . .li1v11pL'ill, l7. lilszewslki, iXl. lX1lllL'r. Sth Row: li. lmivwcll, N Xlwotl, lX1. l7iiHm'l 5. llhlxxielx. Il. liraixicr hthl Row: XY. li-ilwslu, rut' fmhxiilmil. XY. 51 it-.lt-ln. K. Prilinskl, fvvriilwill Nlr. Wltills tiiluxm, .X. Nrvnuska, R. lDu.lck. SUB DEB CLUB. . . Miss Mulhern, Advisor. lst Row: L. Loclcau, il. Schwartz, vice ,hrexiilenlg ll. Bauman, lf'm1.mfw'3 A. lvloresco, .wrreti1ry. T. Zack, fvrexiilml 2nd Row: ll. Skcrus, l l. hlaculws, N, Richards, S. lfrank, S. Urcishalwr, lf. Ahrenclts, D. lvlushaway, Nl. Clarke, Nl. jones. 3rd Row: B. lvlnskow, Y. Pinsky. D. Rulwin, L. Kcnski, lvl Smith, H. Mmvrris, lX4. llakim, li. Schrader, I". joseph, lvl. XN't'ml4'. The Secretarial Club. . The Secretarial Club, supervised by Mr. Watts, is composed of thirty-four seniors striving to hecome better trained to enter the business world. Meeting every Tuesday, sixth period, this group spencls their time to advantage doing many of the cluties that a well-trained secretary must dogproofreaeling, cutting stencils, mimeographing, mimeoseoping, cleaning and oiling typewriters, and out-of class typing are hut a few ol' their cluties. lfijly-.wi 1 11 y 1 C is 53515 --cf..5. -- Fancy Work Club. . . 'l'hc Ifancv Work Club composecl ol' eleventh gratle pupils onlv, uneler the guiclance ol' Miss Iiva Malinoski, is trulv an organization that merits attention. Signi- Iving exactly xvhat its name implies, these girls meet every Monelav to enjoy themselves in their favorite lqintl ol' ncecllexvorlq. Although this group is com- paratively small, its achievements are many' -knitting, erocheting, cmlhroielering, tatting, anel vveaving are some ol' their accomplishments, Social activities consist in parties. Held trips, an-gl hiking. GIRLS' SWIMMING CLUB. . . Nliss IIenry, Advisor. Seated: KI. lixans, J. Schvxarlz, l,. Kiulleriimn, VXI. Kllegar, IXI. Smith, ll. liramer, II. lxflilxulq, IRI. illarlqe, I.. Kiuiinlngli im, Znd Row: IXI. ljalianxvieh, N. hlapp, I. limlz. IXI. liroliul, ll. lXfIar- ini, rl lloxxers, IU. iX'lCKvirv, fvrr'.m1z'nIZ I.. Y.imlrrn1'il'ls, I". l'cIrelIa, V. Kiera. xl. lXlLisi..l, Ki. lisser, I.. -Innes. .Ird Row: li. "Xl'II'l'lItll1: IS. Davis, ,l. I ri-ssielc YXI. Du-utvl, l. Laxxilslei, II. l7iilwisli, X.l'nlll1slxi, lx. SIUIIII. l'i!l vfriiglil FANCY WORK CLUB. . . Miss Malinowski, Advisor. Sittiwfg: M. Sperelulo, 5. lklnielti. Il. Iialfinslxi .wrrelixrxx Nl. Sullxux Ireuxiuei, I. Napsugi, R. l'ree.I, lp. Levy. Standing: Cl. Sienc imge, I I. Rm- inslxi, S. 'liom leu as. I7. Scurem in, IXI. Pelchiclc, ,N Ilislrevieh, ,l. Seiger. I', I.eslx1xusix.is, NI. ililiunliw, II, Pugh, I -Slilp. Swimming Club. . The mermaitls of C, A. R. have supcrsetlctl the mere-men. Under the sponsorship ol' lXIiss Marv Henry, these female aquatic performers are having their fun in the lvlevers pool. Water games anti actual practice ldv the various members ol swimming anti diving technique are participated in, lhcy are becoming so expert in the vvater that they are almost "pool-proof." fvf'e.siiIeril1 Miss NI. linmi sltl, IVI.'Il1ivmls fu? K'-'F' -'fzclugix - - Mm ' - ,,- .f f- -v. f GIRLS' PING PONG. . Mr. Miller, Advisor. Kneeling: Ni. 'l".irloxvslti, A. Lewis, Ci, Richnils, Nl. Grohml, lf. Zallxuski, Nl. Sire, I.. l'cr,iscivage,Cf, Kionsidinc, S, liulinc. A. lli:n3y, ,'1r'u.tii1enl1 If. liclrcllix. Standing: lXl.NX'cn.lc lQ.Schradcr, I. lfcnller, S. Frink, ll. Andes, Il. Ahrcndts, S. Greish ilwer, ll. Bcmpkins, V. Clem. IT. George, lX1r. Niillcr, S. licnslai. li. Cluarnaccia. Pm. Brauch, .ww'i'li1r'yf1retrxzuei, l-. Dzicdzic, li. Smith. .'X. P.1sl4ex'leh. Girls' Ping Pong Club. . One ofthe most popular clubs for girls in G. A. R. is the girls Ping Pong Club. Organized in l932, the club has steadily grown in membership until it now boasts of twenty-eight members. The members of the club are selected from the Latin students of the higher grades. The girls meet every Wednesday during activity period in 403 with the advisor lvlr. Miller, for the purpose of adding recreation to the routine of school life. Boys Ping Pong Club. . One of the most popular of thc clubs organized lor boys in G. A. R. is the Ping Pong Club. Only junior and senior boys taking Latin are eligible for member- ship.. Under the supervision of lvlr. lvliller the club meets every Thursday activity period and there is much enthusiasm shown as the boys compete to become champion. lt is considered a great accomplish- ment by the members if they defeat Mr. Miller. The club aims to teach good sportsmanship which will always be valuable in thc future. BOYS' PING PONC. . Mr. Miller, Advisor. Around Table: P. Amlrcxxs, T. Sloane vici' hVe.tiili'r1lL lt. filcmcnlc li'uu.ri1r'i'r'g R, I.iigonegro. .tui'ri'1iiiy. Standing in Rear: S. Lubin, NI. Berger. N. Baum, lf. Niushinslti, I'. Smith. XV. ljauloslxi, A. lX"lcC loslty, hiv. Nlillcr, li. lX'lcI7ermoli, 'I'. l7rexxxc:. ,l. Nltlywelx. l"i.ll,v-Milli --.....-.ifrlirWf I' , ' ,141 ' 21 ,,!'iff"'DjL JD JT. rw MJT.: EQUESTRIAN CLUB. . . lst Row: ll lfmn. xl lflannery, 5 Rnchii-ds N Thomas li Kelly S liolinc li Uuai'n11eeizi, Ci Schwartz. li Cfruss Znd Row: I. 'l'erescavage, I5 Kov- acli. ,I Sclixxaru. I5 liraueh, l. Dovvcx ,I lI.1rlycr, lXli' XYcrmull'i. ll Andes, D XX cidncr, Nl l.t-xvis. N Richards Equestrian Club. . .X group ol' senior high school girls interested in hecoming sltillful equestriennes lreciuently meet at Xloxvers Riding Academy. There, the neyv memhers ol the Cl. A. R. liquestrian Cluh practice thc luncla- mentals ol' horsemanship. under the xvatchful eye ol their instructor, lvlr, Wvermuth, while the more ex- perienced horseyvomen enjoy to its fullness the fact that they have hecome practiced riders. These girls are prohahly forerunners ol' a future course in horscmanship as a part of a school curriculum. Surly , 'f- Senior Girl Reserves. . ln the Viforld ol' Tomorroyv there xvill alxvays he an entrance for girls trained to he good xvorlters and efhcient xvomen, Our Senior Ciirl Reserve Cluh models ideal yvomen in good citizenship, lair play, and co- operation The Cluh is composed ol' ahout thirty senior girls who meet twice a month, on Thursday evening, with lvlrs. Steinhauer, their advisor. During this year they held scavenger hunts, parties. lectures. dances, and various other social activities. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES. . . Mrs. Steinhauer, Advisor. lst Row: K. Sanicvxan, lX1.'I1-nrcy. U. Loftus, I.. Cfecurc, Cl. Roili, .Yiuiiil ilitiirnicirii Il. liuligoslxi, vice fvf'c.tnlt'nl. I I. Kramer. Heti.tiU't'r', .X. l.exx lx piusiiluril. lvl. lXlarlino, .vi't'ii'lrii,v. ll. Thorpe, lnler Club Clviiiirzl rc,'v'u.vwiltif ll'l'A'.NfI.SI11lll1.l,3.ITII1I1,.I.IzlUXXL'l's. Znd Row: D. fvlusliayy .ix ,l. Xlusml ll. l-cmlxt', lvl. W'cndc, lf. Seliratlcr, Xl. Ilalvim. lf. hliiscpli lvl. lflarLe. l.. Kiunningham. M. Glasser. fi. Nliinciy lvl. lunanski, I.. Uix inc. 3rd Row: ,l. lilaia, lXl. l'.il1.ii1.ix reli, lvl. Tarloyxslti. ll. ,'Xnclcs, N. Riclmitls. N. yluncs, 5. l"ranl4, .N Xlclilxnn, ll. Dolwish. N. Kaelyauslyi, I. Zaxxilslvi. lf. Pcirellzi, K. lfrcund. - - Q gout fge Acgoof- Upper Left: I I 1 cil'll'lNllTli1N tlucmuxllzwm mclutlmg lilly' amd XX ullvr' Center Left: lfluzxnwr singx ut thc wcmirmr girl! tczn. Lower Left: Office furcc -Nliws Muriclc zmtl Miw I5 Upper Right: 'Ihr' Lii1FCi'liYC vlufl' prcsunts in xlxit. Center Right: The scmizwr girlx Qt-rw ut thu tw Lower Right: The School ntuw: Nliw Rnhcrix r tl E E ! - - Qcafzolzi Buy - - Upper Left: Senior girls lend Q1 hzmcli Center Left: Nluthurf cnjny Npuciul lunchunrm Lower Left: Lluniur I Iigh pruwnlx "I il2lXN'illi12l.. cqml nl 1 Upper Right: iXiOIi'lL'l'5 chat in main hull, Center Right: Purcnrx are wrxud in lil'vmr'y. Lower Right: Dancers pm nn u Show for purunu VYQX. ?' 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' '-13' W 5-"' -'ff 224' -'- .', Q- ",f:'5"'ri. ' -2. , ld , W , . -- f - :Af .4-, f , - - F--. I . N , , . I . , ,, . x . 1 .. ...L -, - 4 f- -1 t" .. , .Q ,.-gp -.N .U .- vw 5 ,V --. ., pg, -,,.x.,5. -fn, mf ,,a 42,,n1.,,H, '71- k ,L 2-1'-Yr., ,,,. , yfggaf m f - . ,131 ,jf ff f N br., Sf. ww ' 1 Vll ev igg H igilgwp 4 4. ,Lg '. 1-gf,--pw f J- 'f '1 wi gl ',. ' v " 'fig lilg yy .fnzvuv cfestfisctr of if-roofffafff 550.1012 . . As we enter the Sports Arena of thc Worlds liair, wc look around in awe as we perceive the names and pictures of great immortal sports heroes that bedeck the arena. The large trophies and prizes which encircle these great names also make us wonder at the feats these men have performed. Looking first at the athletes who have gained their fame on the gridiron, we can't help recalling memories of the football team that played for G. A. R. during the year of 1939 under the tutelage of Head Coach Harold "Dutch" Wermuth and Assistant Coach Ray Chesney. We recall. . . . . . Ci. A. R. opening its 1939 football season against a highly-touted Nanticoke team, and avenging last years defeat by drubbing their opposition, 19-0. . . Bob Swoboda, G. A. Rs sterling half-back, making the first touchdown of the seaon on a sweeping end run late in the first half with the Grenadiers scoring again in the 3rd quarter when Halas crossed the goal, the extra point being added by Zabroskis plunge. . . A pass from Flanagan to Howell on a trick play during the final quarter, thus making the score 19-0 in favor of the Hilltoppers. . . the Carmen looking promising in their first game, offensively and defensively. . . a different story, however, in their exhibition of the following week. . . . A powerful Larksville team completely baffling the young soldiers with their off-tackle plays and passing attacks, enough to hand them their first set- back of the season, Zo-0. . . The Carmen in their first home game, again meeting defeat by the Luzerne Lions, 19-12. . . the main features of the game being Howells ground gaining and Swobodas scoring. . . . Then, in a non-league encounter, the Wermuth- men running wild over a baffled Old Forge team, 3-1-0. . . high scorers being Swoboda and Carpist with 2 touchdowns each and Harry Weinstocks one touch- down and three conversions. . . . The G. A. R. Gridders downed by a superior husky Kingston squad, 32-0. . . the gallant Soldiers' efforts to stop the Huskies proving futile although the G. A. R, machine came close to scoring at times. . . . A real thriller, in which the Grenadiers lost a "tough" one to Plymouth, 25-l-1. . . we recall how Witkowski of Plymouth crossed the goal twice after two runs, one being 100 yds., the other, 50 yds. . . how C. A. R. took the the lead in the 3rd quarter after the "spectacular" 50 yard and 80 yd. runs by Howell, who scored twice. . . how Weinstock converted twice. . . then finally the two touchdowns of the Shawnees-the margin of victory. Slironski. 'lf Valaika. Nl. Carpist, lvl. Michaels. R.,QFii-ssrify. ' 'f-F, ' n , YA'ZZ. 4th Row: B.Phi1lips, li. Roebuck, N. Cross, W. Lloyd, H. Supir1ski,wss,!A. 1 A. uses, M. Rinkio, li. Ras,-1. livanoski 5th Row: G.Kupris,S.Zdun,A.Ro11o,,J.'l'ore111,Pricc,-1.Keating.S. ki,j,ARl1a1e,J.Godlcski,L. Troy, A. Lucida, C. Langley, WI lliomas, nl. Gartner, C. Collini. -' --I "Lu, ' .SU15-.tix 1. 1 Who wouldnt cheer with this handsome group' Gracefulness at its best Hes over I . Getting away around end . . . The Carmen losing to Coughlin Zl-b and how they missed the services of Swoboda lor the rest ol' the season on account of an appendectomy. . . Stevens scoring for C. A. R. on a long pass over the goal giving the Crenadiers the honor of being one ofthe few teams to score on the Crusaders all season. . . . A hard fought contest, in which the Carmen battled Hanover to a scoreless tie and which was followed by a setback by the speedy Plains team, 20-0. . . . The Annual Thanksgiving Day Classic which saw two city rivals battle to a 6-tn tie. . . both C. A. R. and Meyers playing a cautious game until Halas made C. A. Rfs hrst touchdown on a left end run behind fine interference. . . Early in the last quarter, Myers of Meyers crossing the goal all alone to tie the score. . . both teams missing the kick for extra points which, if made, would have spelled victory for either one. The C. A. R. Scrub team, coached by Ray Chesney accomplished a nice little record for themselves in piling up 6 victories against 2 losses. The Une showing of Roebuck, Rasz, Bobby Howell, Cross, and Lipinski in the backfield, and Dalton, Rollo, livanoski, Tra- paneze, Cutterman, and Torello on the line made the scrub team one of the best in the conference, a Hrst down not being made against. them in three successive games. Thus one can readily sec the type of teams that will result, taking well into consideration the fact that the scrub team is composed ol' only freshmen and sophmores. Su ly-S."1:c PlL1r1gung mfr QIU unch. Llill l1lhLlNi2lHlU. UU ummm I'lwc lxlclli IN blwclxul Xn ilNlWUNll1j,f xigwt uh .-1 :lvl Stwppcd without gum .X crws sccxiun ol' Lhc cruwd Boyz I Baagafgaffl . . Strolling along further through the Arena of Sports, our eye is caught by the handsome trophies of sleck figures about to take a set-shot at some nearby basket and again we are reminded of some team of C. A. R.- that of the l940 basketball squad that performed so brilliantly under the expert supervision of Coach Robert j.'Thomas during his l3th year as basketball director and Assistant Coach William "Bill" jones. We recollect. . . A fast, well-trained Grenadier team trouncing their Hrst three opponents in quick succession to gain first place in the Wyoming Valley Basketball League--C. A. Rfs first defeat of the season by the Newport League leaders before the largest crowd of the season-The Car-cagers hitting the comeback trail by edging out their Coughlin rivals in the most exciting game of the court yeare Slateris goal in the last two seconds of play in this game, giving the Tommies the necessary margin for victoryw-The slump the Grena-cagers fell in, and then the old comeback-again in toppling the Meyers ive to pile up the highest score of the year up till then4Derlevich, Clemente, Stevens, and Benevitch accounting for 53 of the teams points in this contest- The Kingston squad upsetting the Grenadiers to win by one point-and then the powerhouse victory of the Tommies in defeating Plymouth, while at the same time, running up the 2nd highest scoring record C605 of the season in the Wyoming Valley Leaguee Derlevich, Stevens, Benevitch, Slater, and Howell scoring all the points in this record-breaking en- counter-The Carmen throwing a scare to the league- leading Nutcrackcrs, but faltering in the closing minutes of play to lose the game-The Crenadiers being set back by the Coughlin team in their second encounter-But finishing the season strong as Derle- vich and Clemente, paced their team to victories against Nanticoke and lvleyers to give G. A. R. un- disputed possession of 3rd place in the Wyoming Valley League-and a tie for the City Championship with Coughlin: holders of second place in the league. The formidable record of the C. A, R. Scrubs coached by "Bill" jones in winning ten out of their fourteen league contestsflloebuck, Bulick, Evanoski, Audi, and juzwiak, were mainstays for the scrubs in their Gne seasons record. League Home Games Berwick ..... Friday, Jan. 12. .... ... Newport. .... Friday, jan. l9. .... . . . 35 44 Meyers ....,. Tuesday, Feb. 6 .... . . . 59 30 Kingston .... Friday, Feb. 9. . . . . . 38 39 Plymouth .... Friday, Feb. 16 .... . . . 60 39 Coughlin .... Friday, Feb. 23 ........ 27 44 Nanticoke. Tuesday, Feb. 27 ..,.... 51 44 Away Games GAR. Opp Kingston. .. .Friday, jan. 5. ........ . 42 30 Plymouth.. . .Tuesday, jan. 16 ....... 42 33 Berwick ..... Tuesday, Jan. 23 ....... 36 43 Coughlin ..,. Friday, jan. 26. .... . . . 49 48 Nanticoke. . .Friday, Feb. 2 ......... 22 57 Newport. .... Tuesday, Feb. 20 ....... 29 35 Meyers ...... Friday, March l. ,...,.. 46 41 Individual Scoring Goals Fouls 'Total Derlevich ... ........., 6l 35 l57 Benevitch.. 4l 3l l I3 Stevens.. . . 4l 26 l08 Slater ..... 34 6 74 Clemente .... . 27 l l 65 Howell ...... . 22 l3 57 Stepniewski .... 3 0 6 Kistler .... l l 3 Williams.. . 0 2 2 Evanoski . . I 0 2 johns ..... 0 0 0 Talkiewicz ..... 0 0 0 BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM. . Mr. Thomas, Coach. lst Row: E. Clemen e, . levich, W. Benevitc , J. . evens, Slater, R. Howell. B. Kistler, . a iewicz. .-incav Sixty- G.A.R. Opp. 52 30 r D D h Sr M ITI Jrik is g 2nd Row: J. Roderick, munag W. johns, R. Stepniewski, B. Willia a f 'ZCIC C . Sleclt, heautiful forms of tracla athletes in action was prohahly the most interesting sight at the Sports . Arena. This country was noted for its superb traela team in the Olympics ancl its great stars, most of them, if not all, getting their start in traclt at high- school. We wontleretl if there were such great future tracla athletes performing on U. A. R. lf?-10 tracla team antl we get a reminiscence ahout: Coach William "Bill" jones' antl Assistant Coach R. I. Thomas' traels: team winning their first traclt ff ... meet. The fine form, the roolsie team, consisting of only three lettermen, Ball, Zahrosliy, and Olclsey, tlisplayecl in running away with Nleyers squacl in the first meet of the season. 7-l lftw to 38 ifo point victory. The Gai'-traclicrs taking 0 first places out ol' the l3 events in this meeting. "l5ohlJy" Ball winning the 220 ytl. anti -l-lfl ycl. clashes. Anti Oltlsey antl Salmon talting the hurdles ancl mile respectively wliile at the same time tying for the pole-vault to he the high-scorers of the meet. Sully placing first in the shot-put antl Zahrosky taking first in the viavelin were also chief point getters. As this article goes to press the tracla team has yet to complete its season The class of lil-lfl extentls their hopes ancl wishes for success, ,I .ff 'f f- i .f . W t' I Q- I ' I- ' .7 I 'T A 1 I , I. ,,. 4' J l 04 in X J, u- and Sr - ff 5- 'fi -if YN ...Q TRACK--Mr. W. Jones, Coach. . . lst Row: f.. L rlun, I-.,losepl1, lp. lailnw sli, l.Ulliiurltc,l1.5iln1ul l.. Suliuilioiw, l ,loscpli yl. l lvrslclx, S. fxsslxl, l l. l7ixmIili Ind Row: lf. Ciloclycr, XV. Vauelcrnilrly, G,loscpl1. l'a. fii.lsey4 IX. llwll I, l,. licnnccly, VV. Cirawlcy, ll. XX-Illltllils -I. lsullxcx, 'Xl lltis. li. Hall. hl. Slcxcns. 3rd Row: l Giiltlslcin -1. llinkcr, Xl. Schlom, FI. 5lL'lil!1Ulli, XY. N itnleic, ll. Supinslsi, XY. Kolwcslxi, MX. Pclws. 3. Xlicliiicl, l. John kliuiim fmiriilsur. 4th Row: CQ. l..iuIcr, fX'lcl lale, XY. l.liuytl, Dulwinslq. lf. Nlzislxin is, li. llstls lf. licrgcr. ll. llenson, ii. lfiuprus, ll. l.Ioytl vl. 'l'.ill4icwic:. l'. Nlariino. 5th Row: Y. Slanlxcxich. l. lsaiic, Ci. .'Xnlhin1y, lvl. lXf'Iicl1.1cl, XV. llinnanaslxus, l'. fllmrles, .X, lX'1inciolu, l'. ljeclycr. N, Dzillim J. L,iarli1ci'. l5. Nlosciixx, L. Troy , Sqwalslnus, D. lvluotly, R, Phillips, niillnigwg B. jones, niumlgwy. . ui Top: Flanagan practices sliding. Center: Our star bacltstop. wr .-, Q3 1-.M f 1 -'UN-uw? 'frai- f -A10 A Bldiigdff . We notice that most of the space in the Arena ol' Sports is devoted to the great immortals who made their name in Baseball, the national sport of our country. When we notice such names as Tv Cobb. Walter johnson. Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Lou Ciehrig, and innumerable ball-heroes, and the great baseball teams which have made a prodigious number of records, ive sort of remember another ball team which might, for all we know. produce great stars also. We remember. . . , , Cl. A. Rs baseball team coached by lXlr. Kenneth Smith opening their season with three straight victories-- thc Cirenadiers in their pre-season en- counter walloping the Alumni team 5-2. . . Flanagan and Clemente giving stellar pitching performances in this game. . . The "Smitties" claing out a close win over a strong Exeter team 3-2 as Flanagan featured on the mound and Slater and Carpist at bat as the latter sent in the winning run with a slashing single-- the boy-baseballers trimming Nanticoke, 1939 Champs. 5-2 as Halas pitched excellent ball and Williams and johns excelled at the plate. The remainder of the seasons schedule is yet to bc played, but il the beginning is any criterion, the Hllarnine will lead the league. 3 A rrsuga-J :.t,f.!.,"nv li' b- - lv,-J Q .4JQ"'Xf'5Hl Q: ff " , 3 Adm, fu. nJJn fl BASEBALL--Mr. Smith, Coach. . . lst Row: -I. liuiiiei, Ll. lixaiioskv, D. Dt-rlex ich, xl. johns, li. Clemente. M, Carpisi, W. Bent-vich, li,-l lfilncii niruuxgvr. Znd Row: I1 lielfilippi, li. XVilliams, lxl. Huliclx, lf. lflariagan. C, 'luel4er. Nl. Pelyalg, nl. ljaisey. l'..xl"hillips. 3rd Row: l.. Smith ll llwelis lf. Iloubuclx, li. l lzil.1s, ll. Slepniuwski. ll. Raykovilz. l'. -luzwialg. U. Ciillis, .vltltlvnl umm: tr lXll'.5i71Ill1, uuucli. Xlr. lkilyerly, jufully lmlliugzvx il l. Gullerman, Jlyloizoz l E,cU72i 1 1 Girls Volley Ball. . . Started as a new system last year, the Hliargirlsm Honor Volley Ball team under the excellent coaching of Mrs. Helen Brennan ylones, ended a successful season hy winning the City Championship for the second successive year. From the enthusiasm ex- hihited hy the students during the season, and the exciting intramural games played as a preliminary to the choosing ol an,'AHonor" team, the new system is no longer anfexperiment hut an enormous success. Six team competed in an elimination tournament. The games were a climax to an enjoyahle season marked hy Very lxeen rivalry among the girls. The lntra Mu 31lVolley Ball League was composed of six teams. li' h 'team played every other team at least once during the season. The losers dropped out alter eaqh round. The winning team was composed ol: hlule' Vitchus. Anne, Lewis, wlune Hause, Dorothy ylosawnis, Bronisla Hahula. and Anna Milasius. "N vi A .! ,' S. Girls Basketball. . . Six teams playing after school every Tuesday and Thursday eomposed the Girls' Intramural Baslqethall League. lfrom these intramural teams. a varsity hasltethall squad was selected. The Varsity team was composed of the following players: lforwardsi Betty Kovach, captain, Doris lXflcAvoy. Xlary Pal- tanavich, Clwladys jones, Martha Medon, l7ay Lisses, Doris Nlulyey. Guards: Martha Mishiltitis, Antoin- ette Polinslcy, ljdna Schraeder, Josephine Yanulevius, Jean Seiger, Gertrude llsser, Mary Lewis. Time- lteepersi Helen Outterman, lfrances Petrellag Score- laeeper, Anne Lewis. The varsity hasliethall team played Meyers at CI. A. R. on March l-l and lost 30-20. In their second encounter, the girl-eagers lost at fyleyers on Nlarch I0 hy the score of 3-l-l7. The two winning teams in the intramural league played the two top-notch teams of Meyers and hrolae even. GIRLS' HONOR VOLLEY BALL S ow l Yulgiilis ti X ltcl r timers ll in eated: LI ' -- i-111. . GIRLS' HONOR BASKETBALL. . - lst Row: l'. Lissese Li. lzsscr. Nl. l3Ull21IlllVlCl'1, li. Kuvalih, D. lXlC!Xvov, Nl, lvlishiliitis, A. Polinslxi. 2nd Row: lf. Petrllla, Nl. Lexvisi Cl. Innes, li. Schrader, KI. Sieger, M. lXledon Sem-rily-llll cu - eflliouf LL55 gcgevof il Upper Left: When dz: we cur? Center Left: lhe fire drill ix mer' Lower Left: Keeping lit with gym. Upper Right: Learning to make zi elrevx. Center Right: Seniiir ulliee holders. Lower Right: 'l'he art ol' playing hull, faffoof QQKEHJQT E E Week of September 7--Buzz-buzz-so much to talk about now that schools "in" again! Not much change in faculty, but Miss Moses, who taught many of us how to read in eighth grade, has retired from active teaching, and the Misses Lord and Williams have entered into higher realms of learning. Was introduced to the new members of the faculty Mr. Loughney, Bill's big brother, Mr. Collini and Miss Mullen. Gee, theyre swell! Miss Mericle took Miss Utz's place in the office and shes grand! Schedules are floating around-back to the grind soon. Week of September 11--Regular Classes! Ho! Hum! This is getting tiresome already. Week of September 18--Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. jones. Mrs. jones, the former Miss Helen Brennan., and "Bill" jones of the Gym department were joined in happy wedlock during the summer, Week of September 25--Anne Hiznay is prettier than ever-Cause?-that new song, "Oh johnny Oh." Week of October 2--l wish to goodness those Blue and Gray canvassers would go away and let me work but they do inspire some corny wise cracks-not that I really want to work, and Dot Doyle surely demonstrated her ability as a public speaker when she addressed the student body during the campaign, W'eek of October 9--Best wishes for an early recovery from his operation to Ujitterbug' Rosenbaum. Gee, these new faculty members keep my eyes busy- how about you? Week of October 16--l'm very much occupied following Bill "Zane Grey" jones' continued "wester- nerf' Saw a football game. So - so! Going on a hike someday soon-anything to get away from work or teachers. Week of October 23--Another "big" game-Say, Helen Andes is a swell dame-Holloween dance set for the 30th. . . Wonder how it will turn out? Week of October 30--It didn't-or rather l couldnt push through the record crowd of thirty-five-majority were chaperones. My marks are doing flip flops- mostly flops. Did you notice joe Savitz' sport special column and Al Savitz' new streamline drawing in the Blue and Gray? Pretty swell aren't they? The Literary Genii held a Weiner Roast and everyone had so much fun and so much to eat. Sui enly-six Week of November 6--Mr. Roberts accepts position as Supervisor of Music. . . Hats off and the greatest of success and good wishes to you! Mr. Ayre assumes job as maestro.-just can't get over seeing Gwilym Belton in school again but his name in Garsnoops helped a lot. Everything is peace around this time, How can we have peace though when all they do is teach. Scoop! They announced the 1940 Garchive staff. . . Pretty brilliant gang! Week of November 13--One of our Senior "Gables" is sporting his current junior heart throb to wit. . . Dave and Betty, Betty Ward just became a member of our famous class. . . Make way, boys. Week of November 20--The Turkey Day Classic was too thrilling, the game was so exciting from beginning to end, Hnal score being 6-o. Missed Bob Swoboda in this game, who has been out of action for quite a few weeks, while recuperating from an appendectomy. . . He was sure to be present, though, cheering on the sidelines. Week of November 27--Mickey Slater has another one of his "deep" loves. This time its a Meyerite, Ruthie Thomas. Reserve football squad ends with a successful season. . . Luck to you in the future, boys. The Garchive staff started to take pictures of home- rooms and clubs. Now the photographers begin to slave. Week of December 4--Girls are talking, writing, dreaming clothes-result of the fashion show given here this week. I hope they take it to heart! ln- cidentally, the Blue and Gray contained a few char- acter studies of the Class of 1940. Not bad! Week of December 11--Say did you see Sylvia Browns diamond wrist watch? With those looks she could wear diamonds sprinkled all over her or look well without them, Must go now, Christmas presents are such a bother and now only two more weeks left to shop. Week of December 18--I'm absolutely stuffed! the Senior Tea went over with a bang and I made a big haul of delicious cookies and sandwiches, Mother thought it was swell too. Everybody wants something exotic or extra-special for Christmas! Bill Loughriey will settle for Hedy Lamarr. Nancy jones wants a passing mark in typing and all the girls will be satisfied if their proofs turn out as handsome as some of our glamor boys. l-. Week of December 25--Turkey, hxin's and all, I got swell things-clothes, books, gadgets-oh, there's the kids. I never had such a delightful vacation in all my life. Seniors do get around. Kearney's is so crowded every night. Week of january 8--A treat is in promise for us all -some of the mightier sex have announced their private resolutions, for instance, Kelly is going to take those nasty, little, red marks off his report card, and Yorker is settling down to one or two girl friends instead of his usual number of twelve or thirteen. Here's hoping our basketball team has made some well meaning self promises. Week of January 15--We elected senior officers today, but there was thing missing-these seniors, as yet haven't found the knack of spreading the entire thing over a larger period of time. However, the Class picked out a nifty group of officers, Saw "Mississippi" with Bing Crosby and joan Bennett on the new sound projector. Pretty swell, although Bing's voice and actions didn't co-incide. Week of January 22--The time has come for all to start cramming and since I'm no exception-make way. Still have time though for the fatal hour doesn't come until Tuesday at 8:45. Mr. Ayre just announced the cast of the Musical Comedy, "The Old Fashioned Charm." The play is sure to be good with such ravishing talent. The 'Fternally Yours" just passed -who else but Eleanor Cross and Bobby Bempkins? Week of January 29--Oodles of our intelligentia signed up for the Bucknell quizz. I've just about decided that Tom Sloane is seriously 'insane' about Helen Andes. Perhaps it's the influence of having seen "Cone with the Wind". It was the best picture the school kids ever saw while playing hookcy. Boy, were certain Senior teachers furious! Wonder if the truant officer gets paid for working overtime? Week of February 5--I'm quite relaxed-might just as well be philosophical and enjoy my Es. Heard that some of the Senior boys have asked their favorite gals to Class Night-McC1eever-Finn, Rosenbaum- Martin, Miall-Bauman, Swoboda-Lewis, and Coplan- Schwartz are some of the early couples. Week of February 12--Whatta life! Imagine having a day off. The snow was knee-deep and boy, what fun! After the radio had announced dozens of times that school will be closed the following day, Mr. Steinhauer, braved all storms-and walked to school, arriving here early only to discover-much to his surprise-no students and believe it or not! no teachers. Miss Mulhern's class became original and received comic Valentines from sources unknown. Week of February 19--After being postponed for one week because of high snow, the Musical Comedy was oh-such a success and can Eris sing! The dancers in their short skirts made every one take notice, even the more bashful boys sat up in their seats. Nancy jones put on a grand performance with her henpecked husband, Walter Kobeski. Week of February 26--Must confess that the Blue and Cray is improving weekly. I haven't yet seen a more competent editor than Dot Doyle, and with Mr. Schappert, as adviser, what could one expect, The paper featured the student comics and I surely agree that Frank Hadle is one grand Mortimer Mum. Week of March 4--Tough luck, the Basketball team lost to league leaders, putting them in third place in the Wyoming Valley Conference, Neverthe- less, the boys did such fine playing that they tied for the City Championship along with Coughlin, ending up our basketball season in grand style. Flash!! The Garchive staff presents skit before junior and and Senior High School chapel. joe Savitz was a ducky baby and Carpist will never be forgotten for his wailings-wonder what would happen if Harriet Bempkins and Bernice Finn wheeled them into the orchestra pit or into your lap. I bet some of the girls up front wouldn't mind. Miss McAniff deserved great praise for her Hne coaching and directing. just heard that the Sub- Deb Luncheon was a success and they held it at the Spa no less-well, we Cargirls are stylish people. Yeh, man I'm on the nicest committee! Guess which? --I know some people are having fits-can't please everybody forever-not even seniors. Week of March 11--Senior Poll has just been announced. What a perverted sense of humor some people have! Their favorite book is Bank Bookg favorite actor, Pluto the Pup, most original girl, Scarlet O'Hara. Heres a few of the real results: prettiest girl, Sylvia Brown, handsomest boy, Ed Flanagan and after all, what is interesting after that? However, if you are interested, some of the other first placers are favorite subject, mathematics, best all around Senior and best athlete, Bob Swabodag most intelligent, most likely to succeed, and most talented boy, Kenny Bromfieldg most popular, most friendly, and contributed most to school, Walter Kobeskig most talented and most likely to succeed, Eris Price, most original, Mary Clark, who also tied with Theresa Zack for wittiest girl, the most popular and most friendly senior girl, Ann Lewis, the girl who contributed most to the school, Dot Doyle, most intelligent girl, Katherine Freund, best dancers, Harold Coplan and june Sch- Seventy-seven ,rv ., wg Haw, 'I' .. . vi. ,jg wartzg best girl athlete, Doris McAvoyg most original boy, William Kelly, wittiest boy, Edward Curry, best dressed, john johns and Helen Kuligoskig and most bashful, Robert Bohm and Florentine Kowalec. The seniors also prefer love to money or fame. Week of March 18--I know Spring is just around the corner. Everything is brighter. Mary Clarke's finger- nails have been in dazzling colors all year so that's no indication. just saw Kenny Bromfield and Laverne Walters. Dear me, why must the seniors go with underclassmen? That means Charlotte Roth and Billy johns too. Miss Reedy's proteges finally con- quered Miss Mulhern's homeroom boys in a tooth and eye basketball contest. Nice work, boys! The com- petition this year between homerooms was quite keen. Week of March 25--Romance and rug cutting go together, don't they? Some of our feminine students prefere roller skating though. Don't you, Stella? I just love these Senior Snapshots! ,lust think what people find out about other people' through these- and some answers-oh, so surprising. Senior Girl Reserves held Boy and Girl Party and did Hank Golem- besky look a scream dancing with all the short girls. Week of April 1--Rain, rain! Why won't it clear up? Gee, these April showers are maddening. The grand old Susquehanna once again overflowed its banks, and our dear Alma Mater came to the rescue as formerly. Spring vacation. What luck! The dikes are grand places to see who goes with whom. Everyone was garbed in his best finery and you should have seen Nancy Richards stuck in the mud. She didn't know what to do so, she just cried for help while everyone stood around laughing. What a scream! Week of April 8--Returned to school to discover that the stork had made a permanent roost at G. AL R. He bestowed a baby daughter apiece on Messrs. Baiz and Wermuth. You should see the proud papas pushing the perambulators. Alliteration, my dear. We had the most handsome demonstrator from General Motors. All the girls claim the program was most interesting but I have an idea they found Mr. Hughes the interest. Even Harriet Bempkins sighed, "Ah, my ideal!" Tsk, Tsk! Harriet. Week of April 15--Congratulations to Mr. Ayres who was married to the former Miss Ellen Evans during Spring vacation! Noticed that quite a few seniors have made the honor roll but many more E's are continuously Howing in. Gee, why wasn't I born smart? The teachers are beginning their annual Seventy-eight refrain "Go back and make up E's or when the list appears you'll be sorry." A word to the wise is sufficient, but not many of us are wise. Week of April 22--At last it's here-what?-The rip roaring senior play, "A Full House" has finally been announced for that night of nights, May l5. Some of our old favorites to be seen are Kenny Brom- field, Gloria Gilbert, and Eris Price, but there are many new actors and actresses for that night. Who knows maybe we have a Hedy Lamarr and Clark Gable right in our midst. Week of April 29--The momentous problem of the week is--l-Iarrison Park or Hershey Park or the Worlds Fair for the senior outing? I guess it'll be good ole' Harrison s after all is said and done. Well, who wants to be different anyway? Hurrah! The bun because of Spinil Meningitis was finally lifted on assembly programs. Maybe now we'l1 see more- of :he auditorium, Fred Wendell had his picture in the Blue and Gray. This regular honor was given him because he was installed as Master Counsellor of the De Malay. More congrats. Week of May 6--Peg Allegar, who has been ill for quite some time is slowly recovering. Good luck, Peggy, were all pulling for you. Annual Spring Patrons' Day was swell, but why must my mother come just when I haven't time to think up a good alibi for not removing those nasty old E's. Double trouble started unknown in Chemis- try and I just can't make out what mine is. Some people are so brilliant though. Betty Kovach got four in one day. Rubinoff and his famous violin entertained us and boy, can he make that Stradivarius talk. Saw him after school at Meyers and think he's wonderful. Week of May 13--The last week before the School Board approves the graduating list. There are so many things I want to do. The senior play, and Kearneys, and oh, maybe I had better do some studying. Noticed that james Roberts is starting to come to school on time-at least three out of five days. Week of May 20--My name was on the list. Hurray! That means I can quit work now. All I have to anticipate are a few track meets, baseball games, the outing at Harrisons, Class Night at the Irem Temple Country Club, and last but not least graduation. Heres hoping that I don't shed any tears and that I meet my friends of the Class of 1940 often. ! u U xrwuqqpaqwfwqygy' awww., lv ' ' 3 ' ', pg'-,:, 1,f ' 54 N ww ' 'wx ":w1-M .5 ywfza' W Q1-ww" vm' 4 ' p . . Ng sw H wwmpw , I Wh, , WNV, 1 XV"-+1-,' " . 1 , ' X , , W- un, N 1 W ' 5 Q ff - 7 W ,Ax .W - 4, ,,,, 2 '-1 1 4 WML! F, - - cqufog 'zaflgavil I iw: W' f Qmfifvi ff vM,4 fiffwf W2 ZMQQ-vw 'E MW ii3KQ31f, , 0' M5 X-53910 mfg ,,, XXX ,.,wfLI.1 4, XLQW WN? ,JL , , N-1' M M1 M R My ,M W2 1 JW WM W4 3 MW M, ,Jw W Q, 20 if - 6' QW? at fx: E A 4 uf ' QF QW 5 Wccng, ZH! Q N J V ML f0fwf'V44.Q5 wf ff I 5w3mfmf+f ,W Q 2 f' 4 Mk xvfx M17 ' 3 Qffyxxj wj'f"5QQ1MfW" . ,Q D X if I 1 F' f Es Mm-, 0.1" E, LM 1 , 4 L fu WMWWW ,ami Lf VQ Q,-A. K - ,- Mlyjjf

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