G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA)

 - Class of 1937

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G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Hw130f UACLH SiG0aD. X7LEh1fh Si Mfljl'fE.f'K,cjR17E PA. ,Xiu . ffgggfwnwuvf awk cf E.A.R.MEMURIAL HIGH HEHUUL VVILKESOHARRE 0 PENNA Q37 QAQ AUTUMN R PARADE MARSHALS Gifmfnfifraffon THE MARCH, division one Ufa fasi THE MARCH, division two Activities THE MARCH, division three c4ffZl':fm AT EASE ggafuigi As we think hack over our school days at G. A. R., we review in our mind a long chain of events that seem in retrospect the divisions of a long parade. And then we see an endless line of students marching through the school. The school is the reviewing stand-a very long one: there we can distinguish individualshsee color, movement, catch sounds. The events center around them. Before the column reaches the reviewing stand we see only various lines converg- ing into a moving mass, and as the marchers disappear we hear only the dying footsteps as the individuals scatter in the distance. The march of the classes is an endless one, broken only by the short periods of vacation. As one class leaves the school, another one comes up to take its placeg younger students fill up the rear ranksg and so the reviewing stand sees a continuous line of march. ,-.4..- Qf W X V M , QTY-,xi lf E A if A J il- ,f 'Ql'l5'7"' WINTER O gf THE MARCH RESUMEH Oqcfiffifi-Si The time that it takes for one group to pass the stand of inspection represents the six years in the school life of an individual at G. A. R. l-lere we have been a part of the parade. We have been doing, learning, playing-growing up. We have made the events. lt is only now, as we approach graduation, that we look back upon all the activities of our school life as an unbroken march of events. Many pictures crowd into our memory-of classmates, of teachers, of classes, of clubs, school service organizations, athletic contests. lt is with the purpose of keeping alive these memories of our school days at G. A. R. that we publish this 1937 Garchive. We present in words and pictures the line of march for 1936-1937. THE MARCH, division live o4f5f-ffm AT S-fvzafufzaa sir . 4. - v2 d " 'ref 3 . 5, gi Qefcfilr N, ' i:":lh.5f3sL- "W U 1,41 WsfI72an.,1GQg ,v sf? :ag ,zvfqgs-f. ,gigkifygg-af " fzfpff Us il- -- ,gigs 55992 2. . f2i,,,9,5k3f,M bk, aan., THE MARCH RESUMED 5-ww THE MARCH, division seven dcfivifisa THE MARCH, division eight cdfffif-ities AT gaafutai ..5- Mr. William U. Roberts X x JPN- K if lm' y x f - llg Q 'Sf 1 6 51 ,fl sl., E int 15 X ,,,l-t i f 'QLEYNN fy 5. W fp i ,t ' UV. 7i,4lf"n"y,iaf' A With pleasurable remembrance of the orchestra music of our chapel days, of the stirring marches and songs at the football games, played by the band he so faithfully conducted, of the carefree days we had, preparing with him our songs for commencement, and especially of a friendship that we Value highly, We, the class of 1937, dedicate this volume of the Garchive to Mr. William O. Roberts -6- mmm? A U T H M N O QW 1, f',?,f...,,b WM, ,fx ln ol. , . fs, fri'-rq . Q L if," iv ,,-,f?' Tiacuilq. . . Sittin9,: Bliss Cilmrlotte Lord, Miss Anna XVeelcs, Miss Cora Eclwarcls. Standing: Mr. Ricliurcl Miller, Mr. Gor- don Higliriter, Mr. lln-rhurt Lloyd, Miss Helen O'Connt-ll, Mr. Philip Nogvc-. Sitting: Miss Alum Cotton, Miss Sarah Ritchie. Standing: Mr. Frzinl: XY:-ntzel, hir. Ken- llCtl1S1HlLll,B1I'. lfrerl Howell, Mr. C. B, Romig, Mr. XVilliznn T11-llizxwziy, Mr. Charles Birth. fcjux Sitting: Mr. llermzui Dippe, Mr. James Myerly, Mr. VVilliam Roberts, Miss Florence Evans, Miss Mary Henry. Standing Mr. Robert Tlioinas, Mr. A. J. VVatts. Sitting: Bliss Thelma lic-rgzer, lvliss Alice Jones, Miss Mary Mcihiiff. Standing: Miss Oneida Utz, Miss Eliza- beth Pugh, Mr. L. A. Pelton, Miss Frances Brooks, Miss Janet Roberts. l lfft ,f I i . 1 ,fg'.'f,- ff' s ' fa X I l-I ,xi Vh .-v 'lf AJ H fi X - Ki ,Db 4 au- , tml, 'Hilti' H J L s yi J , , ,f L f , 1 fax , Y X ' .f, , fx A 'Mx' V l' y..f.A'crJ r - Q ,J ' S. J- .W ' Q 4 4 ,vfuu-1,, ff Q1 fl? A l ,tbl if igpluyf The trumpets blow. . . the band strikes up a tune. . . the marchers fall in. . . and the parade begins. , . As they move by-all in review-we see first the parade marshals -the Faculty, to be more specific-leading the march, . . , As true leaders they. . . guide. , . teach. . , help in all dimculties. . . and, above all, hold us as their friends. i .15 ,J I . 7' . if 5 .L i'l' F 4,r'4, I 1 "Ci A 1 px ' F.3- Mr. Stanleg R. Henning Hnmerunm Teachers. . . Seventh Grade Sitting: Mrs. Ida Klein, Miss Elizabeth Brown, Miss Christine Moyer. Standing: Miss Mary Ruddy, Miss Kathryn Phillips, Mr. Will F. Maguire, Miss Gertrude Silviusb Miss Minnie Hahn. fo - f- ' Eighth Grade Sitting: Miss Edith Moses, Miss Clarissa Hart, Miss Elizabeth Baur, Miss Katherine Hoary. Standing: Miss Charlotte Stark, Miss Ruth Regan, Miss Marie McCarthy, Miss Mildred Stemples, Miss Esther O'Donnell, Miss Mabelle Silvius. fi f "r " ' f - :fe we ,Q 4' " 1 S ' ' fp V- " I i ' A L v,,, t..,yMYr1,4.., , , f I' f st . , A f H, 71, C' . ll J ' N inth Grade Sitting: Miss Mildred Mileham, Miss Anna Henry, Miss Dorothy Knight, Miss Eva Malinowski. Standing: Mr. Victor Dobb, Miss Katherine Laidler, Mr. S. Ray Warden, Miss Eira Williams, Mr. Gregory Herman. la f I ' ,,feL,w-feng rf ' ' J we tf g,gMQ",lli1' , Q.. fff, 'fg4L,4,,,,.efe.a.Wt,t, ' ,591 ':!fL"'V V x f 'Et-a, M- Txi 'yeh' 4 . 4' I Qt-r . fafjrku.-aff4'.f r fi" ' ' Tenth Grade Sitting: Miss Miriam Siegel, Miss Ida Rosser, Miss Gertrude Cohen. Standing : Mr. Harold Wermuth, Miss Josephine Leonard, Miss Anna Dembitz, Mr. John Sch ' t, Miss Hilda Coates, Mr. Vililliam Jones . - ' el ke: 'Y f i, x xl I ' Q P 3 Q4 wwe.-.4,,, 1, f I 'xr .ff., ' at . gg iii' I3 1 3. L. 5 'g M 'Q 1f,,, 'Q' 'Y ,.,,,,,.:'..s.f-1..-- .pf s I 1 6' ,3 . N it XY Q . , .JAX 5. W , ,r M9- I, , v 1 . Jbgfxf., ggi Eleventh Grade Mr. John SteiMr5he,:Mr. Gilbert Sehappert, Mr. John J., Ruddy, Mr. Raymond Chesney, Mr. Bernard Whitney, Miss Mary Reedy, Miss Rose Q'Don ll. MQ W 24i:'K".L We ACPW K. Twelfth Grade Sitting: Miss Pauline Utz, Miss Margaret Ritchie. Standing: Mr. Myer Tope, Miss Mary Mulhern, Mr. Victor Baiz. -Q-1 410, 412 and 13 from 404 Eleventh Grade lst Row: P. Friel, G. Jackson, J. Miller, R. Hartman, L. Podgorski, M. Moran, F. Peters, M. Evans, M. Mariet, F. Sabatinzx, E. Yokimaitis, L. Wieczkowski, M. Wood , M. Puterbaugh, C. Davis, T. Levy, S. Sendziek. -2nd Row: A. Allen. A. McGraw, lvl. Weiss, A. Bauman, M, Marino, D. Church, D. Linker, T. Morgan, V. Hirthler, I. Horan L. Leibman, P. DeCinti, B. Peters, M. Beretsky. 3rd Row: VV. Allen, M. Gaynor, A. Oliver, E. Anstett, H. Searfoss, J. Evans, C. Myers, B. Coplan, Y, Seeherinan, M. Sheridan E. Ketchko, V. Nugar,4W. Hannye, J. Haslinski, V. Minctola, J. Smulovitz. 4tl1. Row: J. M1'tehell, S. Abraham, N. Jefferson, W. Silveck, M. Naveen, J. Sowokinos, E. Carey, F. Basgier, F. Pacluek, J. Gelb J. Aclonntis, J. Revitt, D. Davis, C. Roman. 5th Row: J. Jones, J. Beckus, M. 315, 409 and 7 from 404 Lang, F. Liliental, I. Rubin, V. Sledz, J. Buziuk, A. Snipas, C. Simpson, H. Coates. First Rows V. O'Beraitis, R. Armbnster, M. Thomas, E. Thomas, A. Mularczyk, M. Povilaitis, R. Heycock, R. Ullman, E Naveen, A. Grigaitis, F. Agurkis, D. Teresinski, J. Rohme, D. Gribble, L. McPherson. .2nd Rowzl M. Jones, C. Drexinger, B. Higgins, R. Davis, L. Gutterman, A. DeLida, L. Shalanea, M. Roberts, R. Deane, E Sl2ll1ZlH10, H- NCV1tSky, M. Geraghty, M. Melan, R. Loftus, M. Smith, H. Silverstein. 3rd Row: L. Adomitis, H. Speer, T. Podknl, L. Skurkis, B. Gibbon, T. Zampetti, C. Zampetti, A. Skohoclzinski, G. Platsky, B Bosch, H. Pethick, E. Gottesman, U 4th Row: T. Pogianiczny, F. Buckley, D. McDade, G. Everhart, R. Thomas. M. Edwards, T. Davis, D. Murray, R. Ruddy A. Lisses, F. Broghamer, N. Bertulis, S. Small, E. Dowey. . 5th Row: H. Burton, L. Smulovitz, H. VVorth, R. Francis, A. Mozuraitis, B. Delernan, XV. Gates, J. Opet, M. Gevanthor, R English, B. Dennis, F. Romanick, T. Brannan, J. Kornblatt, M. Parlin. 6th Row: G. Bnickus, B. Martin, A. Norkunas. 407, 408 and 16 from 404 lst Row: M. Beretsky, H. Chapko , M. Jacobs, Y. Pasquini, M. Lack, J. Petrick, E. Morasky, I. Newhart, A. Richards, R. Jones I.. Snow, I-I. Searfoss, C. Smith, B. Sehuler, L. Gribble, D. Griffith, M. Narclone. 2nd Row: S. Roberts, C. Damitski F.Aust1n, D. Nicholson, R. O'Conner. . 3rd Row: M. Foster, E. Flakes, A Lubin, J. Davitt, J. McDade. 4th Row: J. Murphy, J. Goldberg , H. Kuchta, J. Talkiewicz, L. Llewellyn, A. Skeras, V. Ungar, G. Jones, I. Arnow, C. McHugh . Monto, E. Hons, A. Catalogna, F. Cohen, R. Petro, l.. Dugan, N. Shaiman, L. Kogan, D. B. Blaum, S. Mintzer, F. Zubris, J. Rien, H. Brown, G. Matonis, A. Stein, VV. Martin, S, Ch?1'C, W- MUYIJIIY. V. Paggiossi, J. Cecere. i 5th Row: E. Krisch, M. Joseph, E. L. Skowronsk1, A. Wasilewski. 6th R0 Stelmack, J. Styklunas, D. Parry, J. Kuchta, J. Padluek, J. Cooney, E. Williams, M. Altman. W: J. Katz, C. Wolfe, I. Ripkin, J. Revitt, C. Liscosky. I A I5 UU EIUU l Tenlh Grade 302, 304, 305. lst Row: M. Hogan, J. Shiner, G. Lasrnan, D. Thomas, L. Jones, D. Black, L. Baker, F. Gibson, R. Guar- naeeia, R. Bozenko, T. Skoborlzinski, B. Philpotts, J. Brislin, D. Harty, V. Langley, V. Reilly, R. O'Donnell, E. Phillips, 2nd Row: R. MeI.arney, F. Seigel, R. Rein, R. Filippine, T. O'Connell, L. Conner, P. Powell, M. Chulvick, M. Lynn, R. Keating, M. Rester, M. Searfoss, V. Iorio, R. Phillips, R. Smith. F. Wilealis, N. Costes. 3rd Row: H. Goldstein, D. Kap- lan, G. Gutterman, D. Fink, I.. Shai- man, A. Chepulis, S. Simon, C. Valenta, M. Herring, V. Hyder, R. Andes, L. Mosuta, C. Sheporaitis, L. Matkins. 4th Row: A. Papotopoli, C. SiDer R. Rowan, J. Magdellinskas, J. Simp- son, R. Ley, M. Flaherty, S. Hahula, N. Ametrano. K. Robbins, H. Yatko. D. Blauni, S. Corbett, J. Sidor. 5th Row: E. Schmidt, T. Cross, J. Finn, R. High, J. Jacobs, E, Swo- boda, G. Guogas, J. Mozuraitis, T. Delida, E. Divine, J. Leo, E. Hafner, F. Spinosa, A. Pcintek, F. Hadle, F. Kalusavage. 6th Row: J. Davis, J. Jeckell, E. Rumage, G. Powell, E. Hotko, P. Menjak, P. Cunningham, J. Petyak, F. Kane, F. Brotherton, R. Chukonis, B. Kemmerer, J. Reese, J. Kasper, C. Wasilewski. 306,311,312 J it 5 1, Row: C. Morrissey, D. Ringel, S. Gottesman S Horowitz M Balmer J Thomas N Urban L nuska S-Shapiofv. T 2nd Row: M. Savage, R. Keating, L. Sprake M Blecher E Baumann M Bohne M Partilla S mda LSHHHZHJR-EICKE Row: F. Stempin, D. Harrity, A. Lobada V Ostroski V Cross P Sear'oss M Murray J McGowan B416 F Chhrles L. Kaswinkel, E. Sehoepke, J. Oliver, R Walsh L Cuscela W Y, Row: J. Decker, C. Newman, R. Atherholt E Wilson C Smith J Schappert P Lahr M Karp C Gribble A JR?antz J. Toth, F. Ferris, E. Davis. M-f Row: R. Barome, D. Thomas, F. Heppding J Gallun J Senese R Mosuta H Stein D Tedesco D Decker A oraskl Row: J. Yanvia, A. Pateko, F. Laboda J Lewis A DellAgl1o J Hill H Shap11'o H Ahnkoff A Cardmali L Ellis Row: E. Bosch, A. Engler, S. Hosage, M Barrett M OConnor K Gould M Jeckell M Lacek M Wieczkowski F Sim Row: F, P1atsky,M. Roberts, G. Nardell M Hummer I Freed F Heyduk F Simonavitch D Usas A Snow F Rutkaski Row: R. Mace, G. Zarzecki, V. Frankosky J Wemstock M Petruzzini E Jones L Shukms J OConnell F Gerchak Row: J. Uhlar, F. Weaver, J. Roberts E Hirthler B Grifnths G Seymour J New1tt E Jama G Seiger R Gill C Row: C. Taylor, A. Maskinas, T. Considine L Monto T Dougherty F Castrignano D Lauzario R Richardson E Berrett lst Kovalec, M. Anthony, J. Dagis, E. Kwastavich, E Kintzer N Snipas D Horton A Spino M. Bennetto, G. Shreiber, A. Tryka, C. Supinski, A Zaleski L Hoffman L Ciavarella 3rd D. Thorpe, 4th J. Kanner, 5th A. Broadley, W. Hughes, C. Evans, E. Hendricks 6th 310, 313, 314 lst akaski, I. Machonis, L. Schrader, P. McHenry, B. Dugan F Cecere M Davis B Robson 2nd M. Owens, A. Kaminskas, S. Petruzzini, R. Dressel E Jones A Silvick S Hassy 3rd M. Pacovsky, C. Miller, C. Kimble, R. Phillips, P. Kelly A Dougherty E Thomas M Putrueh 4th Simonson, J. Johns, J. Jackles, P. George, B. Hofitz J Simaltaski 5th P. Mollahan, J. Kenney, M. O'Connell, W. George E Owens P Liatt J Mallahan 6th Row: D. Worth, M. Petrillo, F. Martinez J Malta T Simon H Cherkis C Zubres J Neursavitch A Terosavage -11- 303, 308, 309, and SHOP LECTURE ROOM. 1st Row: R. Ullman, B. Finn, M. Martino, A. Abod, G. Loftus, M. Crouglm, A. Pograniczny, I.. Jones, M. Kuchonis, L. Zampetti, G. Gilbert, E. Bernstein, B. Martin, M. Dreitel, H. Joseph, S. Swantek, A. Maskinas, M. Smith, G. Jones. 2nd Row: B. Kovach, R. Pahler, J. Roebuck, S. Olsen, L. Cunningham, M. Jones, C. Richards, H. Dohish, J. Schwartz, G. Jones, J. Vitchus, A. Falco, H. Kuligoski, D. Mushaway, B. Davis, E. Haslinsky, N. Jones. 3rd Row: M. Duallo, L. Wojcik, E. Mushowitz, M. Emanski, B. Shiber, F. Lewis, L. Kenski, D. Horst, A. Yuska, L. McCloe, A. Yonuska, F. Brown, S. Frank, V. Cera, S. Yazbeck, M. Messer, M. Glasser, D. Williams, E. Thomas. 4th Row: F. Delia, S. Karnosky, T. Nowinski, H. Bauman, M. Mengak, L. Goldstein, E. Himelstein, C. Gerchak, M. Evans, M. Wcnde, L. Gutterman, F. Joseph, E. Schrader, S. Hessney, F. Bellas, L. Levy, P. Lach, A. Reshke. 5th Row: R. Troy, F. W'endel, F. Diaco, D. Kistler, M. Slater, E. Lenahan, D. Miller, B. Long, C. Nardell, L. Thomas, M. Elias, G. Davis, W. Sawa, VV. Povlick, W. Daniels, A. Moore, J. McGlynn, T. Flannery. 6th Row: A. Charnik, D. Phillips, W. Wasilefski, R. Wright, A. Elias, W. Decker, M. Rosenbaum, P. Lufy, R. Lagonegro, S. Babinski, J. Grieble, D. Hinerfeld, J. Livingston, P. Decker, H. Rohme, R. Bohm, R. McGinnis. 7th Row: J. Roslyn, F. Kovitz, B. McGeever, J. Stevens, A. Zabroski, M. Carpist, T. Balutis, S. Plassick, G. Abod, I. Erickson, G. Popatol, C. Heim, L. Liscosky, I. Weinstock, O. Gillis, P. Mariano. 204, 205, 212. 1st Row: M. Shiner, A. Nevitsky, E. Yenchis, E. Scureman, A. Santewan, J. Sicnkiewicz, M. Sincavage, M. Mackenzie, S. Coates, T. Kratz, A. Kratz, N. Sledz, B. Kaschenbach, H. Stilp, D. McAvoy, H. Kramer, S. Bedwick, H. Skeras. 2nd Row: L. Divine, A. Moresco, M. Miller, Y. Pinskey, D. Rubin, B. Morris, H. Sheporaitis, F. Olszewski, A. Marchiak, M. Lazur, F. Petrella, R. Macri, G. Davis, M. Basler, T. Gassner, F. Powell. 3rd Row: A. Jackson, S. Boules, A. DeLuca, A. Charley, H. Urban, M. Dugan, R. Schwartz, I. Chook, M. Allegar, M. Simmers, T. Zack, R. Greenwalt, R. Amann, E. Giaziano, L, Griffith, L. Hydinski. 4th Row: G. Carlin, M. White, B. Dean, F. Bigoski, H. Kester, R. Matikonis, K. Freund, J. Musial, L. Jones, H. Dziedzic, E. Sendzick, J. Olszewski, F. Kowalec, E. Hannye, E. Cross, V. Jones. 5th Row: L. Swithers, T. Sloane, G. Joseph, F. Kaczmarek, C. Jaffe, A. Blaso, E. Applinc, L. Lenovitz, W. Loughney, D. Der- levich, R. Bempkins, H. Coplan, E. Lebowitz, W. Henry, W. Homnick, D. Gittens, B. Owens. 6th Row: J. Davis, M. Evans, J. Plassick, M. Stanko, H. Sinkiewicz, J. Brislin, C. Ashoff, E. Kane, M. Chermin, C. Davis, J. Savitz, A. Savitz, E. Flanagan, M. Davidoff, J. Patsey, W. Lilental, E. Halas, J. Thomas. 7th Row: D. Thomas, M. Pugh, E. Savino, J. Godlewski, B. Novak, A. Kazimer, J. Koterba, F. Berry, R. Silvick, J. Barton, T. Vincent, J. Paniczko, F. Nedakosky, J. Bayer, P. Martino, F. Breslin, E. Wasileski, H. Slomovitz. if iiflfff' 'G . ,Q . ,ip H n , 4 I ., I W A , I ., AE . N mth Grade 213, 216 and 301. lst Row: S. George, S. Kapsianos, H. Marcincarge, M. Savitsky, S. Johns, E. O'Malley, M. Finn, J. Bowere, L. Vandermark, P. Filippine, H. Jacobs, M. Sinley, M. Paltanavich, M. Alan, P. Marcheski, H. Hotluck, D. Charles, T, Tonrey. 2nd Row: G. Roberts, E. Price, A. Ahrendts, J. Walker, M. Pisano, L. Conrad, J. Crossick, H. Nowinski, T. Wieczkowski, E. Gribble, F. Joseph, A. Hogan, E. Baker, A. Benevitch, N. George. 3rd Row: M. Clarke, E. Bistrick, R. Ducek, M. Tarlowski, H. Loboda, M. Kellie, E. Fuller, L. Cecere, R. Marino, S. Grieshober, G. Shiner, S. Brown, D. Tershak, L. Barone, H. Benoski, J. Yencharas, J. Kraichmer. 4th Row: M. Grohol, H. Bempkins M. Hakim, A. Stevens, N. Kackauski, E. Smith, A. Lewis, A. Hiznay, D. Doyle, M. Iorio, D. Mushaway, N. Richards, H. Andes, J. Klata, D. Pascoe E. Lemke, I. Schaeffer, E. Kalafut. 5th Row: L. Leslie, B. Usas, D. Melan, M. Owens, W. Baubonis, C. Medon, S. Park, E. Zakaraskas, J. Griswild, G. Belton, J. Dougherty, W. Fedonczak, J. Ciszek, H. Worley, N. Cole, E. Kornacki, E. Novick, C. Falchick, W. Hojnowski. 6th Row: S. Assid, E. Littleton. M. Kastelnick, S. Miall, C. Charles. I. Isaac, W. Kobeski, K. Bromtield, Thomas, D. Garrison, J. Jones, Carsman, L. Wade, V. Mandrillo, . Clemente, N. Mason, J. Evans, Owens, T. Litzenberger. WWF? 7th Row: J. Groh, M. Priestash, L. Hale, B. Davies, G. Seminario, A, Gilbert, M. Michael, J. Joseph, T. James, E. Jarnot, J. Flaherty, S, McHenry, B. Abend, V. Tarutis, W. Staedele, B. Buckley, G. Andresky, E. Stanley, F. Geraghty, L. Miller, I. Freed, E. Salmon. Eighth Grade 202, 208, 215, and 14 from 211 lst Row: S. Morren, E. Norkus, E. Novack, J. Anthony, M. Cecere, M Burginia, R. Littleton, J. Sleigo, H Dimaggio, B. Hasem, D. Melan, J Flannery, M. Puterbaugh, E. Harkins M. Lewis, G. Hashem, E. Mason, M Sinavage. 2nd Row: M. Speece, E. Coceo, M Shiner, I. Flakes, D. Moharter, S Tomalenas G. Rostkowski D. Sour . . e- man, M. Cooke, I. Dowey, D. Sabitski, M. Mishikitis, A. Milasius, G. Sten- cavage, E. Mejieka, M. Coury. 3rd Row: J. Griswold, C. Roman V. Thomas, A. Paskevich, M. Halliday M. Foy, L. Dziedzic, M. Eigenbrod R. Hartman, H. Loeffler, M. Savino, S Martino, N. LaRose, J. Mleczynski A. Martin, B. Stevens, M. Mohan. 4th Row: WV. Cichy, E. Olbinski J. Kane, E. Mushinski, C. Evans, M Dobish, S. Gottesman, C. Urban. S Lubin, H. DeBoo, J. Kaschenbach, J: Defilippi, I. Margolis, B. Skurkis, J Zatavekas, J. Rinker, T. Hughes. 5th Row: H. Ponting, R. Ray- kovitz, E. Joseph, E. Malta, W. Chmiola. S. George, C. Robbins, R. Mann, K. Gray, H. Gillman, J. Good, J. Helm, E. Lenahan, R. George, L. Defalco . Har reave, R. Reed, S. ' . J- LZ Rostkowski. 6th Row: A. Chiarucci, A. Him- mel, S. Berzinskas, S. Kerlavage, . Kutney, W. Bona, B. Drake, . Keller, G. Decker, J. Ryman, . Umm DEQ? 55.3.53 .Us 7152? 55' no 2- -1 gf ' pf W m Fl- WO W0 pg' H. 2 :"'- Og-:Lj W OSOCL4 if 53209 E. Wrxfegr' 5 ea' 1 5 W ' mmf' 5 Fifi' ' ' S 595510 4 nmiogg E 53553 W P'9Per 2 30 Owens, T. O'Rourke, T. Sobers, Fierman, V. Stankevieh, J. Roderick, B. Shoplick, C. Olson. Y Y Y 203, 207, 209, and 12 from 211 lst Row: F. Godlewski, F. Haskcll, B. Glycenfer, A. Gwynn, M. Ahlbrandt, C. Pugh, C. Butruce, E. Levy, A. McGlynn, G. Penson, M. Priestash, S. Kenski, L. Ceceion, K. Kelly, C. Considine, B. Branch, M. Podkul, S. Paulka. 2nd Row: T. Uhlar, E. Williamson, G. Hawk, V. Urban, L. Gritiith, H. Gutterman, I Yapsuga, R. Valenta, J. Peters, R. Monto, C. Barone, L. Simoncavage, A. Ellis, C. Boyle, F. Zaikoski, C. Jones. 3rd Row: R. Connor, E. Krantz, A. Ostrowski, M. Sura, J. Carr, S. Batista, E. Catalogna, A. Williams, C. Eicke, M. Monte, S. Hassick, A. Zacaravich, M. Sincavage. M. Kraft, M. Riley, E. Anthony, M. Bigoski. 4th Row: A. Pavilonis, P. Patcko, C. Laboda, T. Nardone, D. Messmer, E. Lewis, M. Morgan, I, Drenenak, S. Kobeski, M. Mike, M. Ahrendts, F. Adams, I. Herstek, D. Albrecht, E. Pytell, E. EVilliams, L. Davies. 5th Row: M. Martinez. D. Katulka, R. NVilliams, E. Oliver, R. Pierce, L. John, VV. Joseph, H, Lucarino, A. Spino, M. Petyak, L. Kornacky, C. Jones, W. VVilliams, G. Johnson, C. Piccarreta, WV. Gulick. 6th Row: A. Dalton, R. Ball, F. Charles, A. Bennick, P. George, N. Weiss, J. Barberia, S. Marinelli, J. Castrignano, V. Supplee J. Giampetro, J. Williams, G. Nackley, M. Lipko, P. Albert, H. Weiner, L. VVilson. 7th Row: D. Gittens, D. Albrecht, J. McPeek, A. Pisano, C. Baranowski, S. Mossuto, R. Novack, D. Williams, T. Roberts L. George. L. Meck, J. Avona, A. Moses, L. Nardone, F. Weber, W. Romanaskas, L. Organek, L. Russ. 206, 210, 214, and 16 from 211 lst Row: M. Flynn, R. Freed, I. Kelly, M. Simon, M. O'Connell, M. Ruddy, E. Paduck, D. Gillespie, D. Evans, E. Elias, D Erickson D. Cease, A. Flakes, M. Branch, I. Petrosky, M. Mosuta, D. Capriotti, D. Miller. V. Capriotti, S. Jacobson. 2nd Row: B. Elias, M. Williams, J. Seiger, M. Boyle, M. NVeber, M. Dotter, S. Stefonetti, E. Generals, M. Jackson, M. Ushinsky H. Leskauskas, M. Halas, C. Gillespie, R. Bogumil, S. Mitchneck, P. Honeywell, M. Griesman, M. Thomas, D. Rohme. 3rd Row: M. Snyder, M. Schmiddle, L. Williams, F. Kratchmer, B. Tippett, H. Ponting, V. Leggere, E. Vitkoski, M. Sutkus, M Thomas, N. Thomas, B. Jones, M. Austin, H. VValter, N. Seminario, L. Corbett, B. Guarnaccia, D. Ripkin, S. Ringel, M. Sperduto. 4th Row: C. Cooper, B. Durand, W. Phillips, G. Barrall, J. Sowakinas, F. Mooney, K. Dean, I. Navitski, D. Ackerman, M. Acker- man, F. Homnick, J. Farrell, J. Chiloro, C. Eldridge, K. Bath, E. Edwards. 5th Row: H. Henson, R. Jennings, P. Scaffido, J. Bergstrasser, L. Dalla Verde, C. Schooley, J. Shaskas, H. Womelsdorf, J Harkins, J. Harty, W. Kyvak, M. Berger, J. Sidelnick, G. Seeherman, E. Gallagher, W. Wint, T. McAndrcw. 6th Row: V. Guogas, W. Thieman, R. Hendricks, G. George, L. Trappy, A. Washington, W. Joseph, H. Loeffler, L. Petrillo R. McCon1ogue, L. Karaliunas, M. Ciavarella, A. McCloskey, VV. Kapsianos. 7th Row: L. Karp, S. Lovendusky, P. Davis, B. Becker, A. Lermbis, G. Decker, B. Lovendusky, W. Sceligo, V. Cecere, R Kambies, R. Howell, G. Adomitis, S. Perrella, W. Benevitch, F. Savitski. -13- Y 7,777 MM... 115, 201, and 21 from 113. lst Row: A. Joseph, M. George, J. Gulick, M. Albrecht, S. Cross, A. Kyvak, A. McHugh, H. Kovalec, J. Cohan, D. Plantarich A. Baker, A. Richards, A. Lahr, V. Brill, M. Naum, J. Nevitskey. E. Ivanoski, E. Uhlar. 2nd Row: T. Rouke, R. Hughes, M. Spinosa, H. Lacek, B. Lanterman, R. Smith, D. Mulvey, T. DeRocco, M. Pascoe, I. Yus- cavage, D. Morgandoller, B. Schimcott, E. Pierce, B. VonBusch, M. Thomas, J. Hakim. 3rd Row: D. Richardson, J. Nelson, N. Yurgatis, C. Zampeui, H. Lack, A. Shalkowskas, F. Tedonczak, S. Machonis, T. Harry, E. Lane, D. Dimagio, M. Abod, N. Artmont, M. Koyske, B. Isaac, C. DiSanto, M. Decker. 4th Row: R. Cera, C. Altavilla, N. Cross, D. Rossetti, G. Brody, H. Dumble, F. Petruzzini, J. Fiascki, E. Rudnitskas, W. Johns, G. Anthony, H. Russ, T. Lucidi, R. Stepniewski, J. MacKenzie, E. Martino, A. Conrad. 5th Row: J. Walters, P. Hosage, J. De'll'Ag1io, C. Langley, W. Thomas, E. Pepperling, J. Donnelly, J. Owens, J. Ciavarella, J, Herstek, V. Deluca, W. Jones, R. Oliver, D. Slutter, A. McLaughlin, F. Evans, T. Joseph. 6th Row: J. Kipp, M. Rinker, J. Basgier, L. Tomalenas, L. Auzura, TJ Sliney,' E. Tarlowski, F. Kalafut, J. Etzle, G. Flaherty, L. Kajda, F. Hognowski, W. Austin, J. Decker, J. Swantek, J. Swiderski, C. Baratta. 110, 112, 116. lst Row: E. Collins, Y. Palladino, I. Rohme, M. Elias, R. Coates, L. Joseph, S. Budzyn, C. Ryan, Z. Perlman, J. Joseph, R Zobel, K. George, F. Davis, V. Lanza, D. Supplee, M. Pettinger, M. Naum. 2nd Row: G. Mishkel, A. Sokoloski, C. Nelson, A. Assid, N. Koch, M. Haggens, M. Chiloro, I. Hay, P. Tate, F. Barcsak, D Cecere, A. Warner, E. Thiner, T. Grosspietsch, R. Gullo, P. Saracino. 3rd Row: R. Roman, A. Miller, D. Koons, R. Lloyd, M. Lewis, R. Raykovitz, D. Kaualick, F. Reno, A. Senuta, M. Duffy. S. Zavislak, D. Thieman, A. Pincus, D. Cochrane, K. Mace, R. Farrell, A. Griswold, K. McCarthy. I D 4th Row: J. Hill, J. McAvoy, L. Kwastavich, E. Warden, W. Coats, J. Clarke, P. Weintsock, R. Owens, A. Jacob, A. Stepniewsl-xi E. Roebuck, A. Rassi, T. Valaika, F. Flynn, E. Fried. 5th Row: J. Talkiewicz, J. Catina, I. Zeek, F. Hughes, E. Riedlinger, A. Zubres, J. Senuta, E. Kilemek, C. Talarczyk, W. Vandermark, V. Yuska, G. Sahd, A. Nardone, C. Halas. , , , 6th Row: NV. Lawall, E. Evans, R. Morgan, E. McCloskey, P. Ellis, S. Simon, J. Johns, J. Bozenko, J. Sevitski, C. Romiski A. Cuscelo, T. Artmont, P. Lanza, E. Phillips, A. Rallo, P. Pulieri, J. Dubinsky. , , 7th Row: G- Wyda, D. Martin, J. Yanushonis, J. Stefonetti, B. Usas, D. DeFilippi, P. Papatopoli, J- GrzYb0WSkl, A- S3-hUlSk1 M. Ras, J. Grzyb, J. Lonick. , -14- Seventh Grade 111, 114, and 22 from 113. lst Row: A. Liscosky, D. Nardone L. Walters, M. Daley, G. G11gll0lCl1 A. Ostrowski, A. Romanaskas, I Gothier, D. Weidner, S. Schwartz J. Parker, C. Colonna, R. Mariano L. Newitt, M. Thomas, E. Conrad, M Barrett. 2nd Row: F. Konnacki, B. Swen- ski, R. Habib, M. Paulanka, S. Tal- arczyk. K. Snyder, C. Decker, L Rapapore, V. McEvoy, J. Costes, M Shalanca, B. Decker, B- Allen. A- Afi- mont, M. Spilgys,' R. Tischler, C Esseff, H. Zukowski, A. Decker. 3rd Row: J. Thomas, H. Ellis C. Tucker, H. Roth, H. Romiski. C Klimek, A. Krantz, N. Spaflgenbefll H. Tate, J. Vinchell, F. Pahler, J Kalo, M. Parchinski, E. Saracino, C Knoss, A. Parry, A. Park, J. Lavelle A. Cappriotti. 4th Row: M. Marino, J- Charles D. Martin, W. Elias, W. Eckenrobe I. Goldstein, A. Oeller, R. HOYHOSIC1 E. Sarnoski, G. Lokushek, S. Altavilla C. Shelley, O. Isaac, E. Decker, Decker W. Petcavage, T. GrzYb0WSkl J. vafko. 5th Row: B. O'Connor, I. Rock- more, T. Hughes, T. Kijek, LODBUO T. Rayeski, K. Perschau, J. Curry M. Everhart, E. Berger. Gill. F Worly, E. Thorpe. B. TIDDSUL, E Mengak, R. Wright, O. Murphy. .T McGreevy, R. Hummel, F. Maskmas E. Clocker. v v v v . , , 1.. . . i ' QJIFN 'I ' ' Wx. '- I J wt Mlm AWE-sr.i.+ivi. For government purposes - we should say student government - the student body is represented in Student Council. . . There are two groups, one for junior and one for senior high school. . . each has its own officers, . . Membership consists of one representative from each home- room. . . elections held semi-annually. Meetings. Time -senior high school-first Tuesday of every month. . . . junior high schoolwfirst Wednes- day of the month. . . Regular business -discussion of school events. . . reports of squad presidents on progress in their groups. Purposes-to. . . increase in students a sense of duty to the school and to their fellow students. . . give them an opportunity to express ideas concerning improvements. Student Council sponsors .... series of eight assembly programs .... school dances and other social affairs. .V X xx M f ,IT x fi :VS S ,f A' ll' q 1 5 , , i. E ,5 X ' ,fl f i , AJVNN d i i k. g J A Q X F' N., rx ., if v" T' - 1 .--1 Senior High School Student Council First Row: M. Murray, F. Seigel, F. Cecere, M. O'Connor, S. Hosage, A. Berger, Miss Jones, adviser, M. Smith, A. Snow, P. Powell, H. Chapko, R. O'Counor, G Shrieber. Second Row: H. Goldstein, J. Jones, R. Rowan, W. Murphy, R. Nogee, J. Finn W. Taren, T. Worth, J. McCon1ogue. Third Row: V. Paggiossi, H. Alinkoff, N. Jefferson, R. Atherholt, G. Jacobs, A Andrew, D. Murray, F. Romanick, M. Petrillo, A. Karp, M. Karp. Junior High School Student Council First Row: R. Raykovitz, C. Altavilla H. Ellis, VV. Phillips, R. Cera, H. Gillman J. Goode, J. Clarke, E. VVilliams. Second Row: M. Pettinger, B. VonBusclx T. Wieczkowski, J. Crossick, T. Uhlar, E Price, M. Clarke, J. Flannery, C. Eicke B. Stevens, M. Morgan, L. Williams. Third Row: J. Ryman, O. Murphy, G Benzimkas, G. Everhart, M. Thomas, E Schrader, I. Choak, T. Hughes, J. Walters R. McConlogue, J. Bayer. Fourth Row: J. Oliver, V. Stankevicli W. Loughney, P. Decker, D. Kistler, J. Savitz V. Cecere, G. Nackley, D. Gittins, E. Appline F. Diaco, M. Carpist. 0 0 O Ushers First Row: L. Snow, P. Friel, G. Jackson, B. Davidson, lmml usher, V. Monto, head usher, R. English, D. Davis, S. Mintzer. Second Row: F. Austin, M. Smith, C. McHugh, B. Davis, R. O'Connor, H. Pethick, E. Stanziale, H. Silverstein, M. VVood. Third Row: C. Simpson, S. Chere, J. McDade, M. Gevanthor, J. Buziuk, T. Davis, C. Roman, Mr. Highwriter, adviser. Stage Crew I First Row: J. Lake, S. Ciszek, J. Knopic, F. Braunan, P. Keating, F. Ford, B. Gaynor, J. Gittens. Second Row: A. Kijek, E. Podgorski, G. Leskauskas, C. Skurkis, J. Davitr, E. Dowey, P. Nogee, adviser. Third Row: J. Joseph, T. Davis, A. Kirkutis, J. Elias, D. Dizlco. Back stage with paint and brush. Homeroom Secretaries lst Row: A. Joseph, M. Thomas, J. Anthony, I. Yapsuga, M. Alan, B. Stevens, M. Mohan, T. Uhlar, M. Smith, C. Jones, D. Albrecht, M. Evans, I.. Leibman, B. Peters, B. Dean, D. Williams, A. Moresco, M. Flynn. 2nd Row: C. Decker, S. Wyda, M. Boline, L. Venchell, L. Zampetti, N. Kackawski, N. Richards, M. Pacovsky, M. Chulvick, F. Austin, H. Silverstein, R. Lynch, S. Olsen, I. Drevenak, L. Schrader, E. Schrader, E. Simakaski, D. Harrity, R. Smith. 3rd Row: R. Bempkins, C. Gribble, C. Blaum, M. Hales, R. Zampettie, B. Morgan, M. Alan, R. Maori, A. Kratz, M. Tonrey, I. Evans, E. Armbruster, M. Boyle, D. Linker, I. Newharr, J. Cooney, W. Allen, J. Lopatto. 4th Row: L. Organek, J. Etzle, R. McCoulogue, W. Joseph, G. Wyda, W. Johns, E. Decker, W. Fedonczak, H. Golembesky, M. Edwards, S. Mintzer, C. Wolfe, E. Swoboda, C. Sheporaitis, E. Schmidt, D. Thomas, C. Taylor, W. Austin, G. Lokuskek. 'iThe secretary will now read the minutes of the previous meeting"-These are familiar words to the Homeroom Secretaries. , . Elected by students in their respective homerooms. . . Purpose-to train members in taking minutes. . . Meet once a month-the Friday before each homeroom meeting. . . . Dutieseto keep minutes of the homeroom meetings. "This way please"-and you become ac- quainted with a member of the Usher Squad, which is composed of twenty-two juniors and two senior head ushers. . , They usher at all entertain- ments. , . check wraps at dances. . . and conduct visitors through the school, particularly on Patrons' day. . . To be appointed an usher is the wish of many a junior. Quite unusual are the requirements for member- ship on the Stage Crew--stout hearts, strong backs, and hard heads--and verily so. . . The crew sets up stage scenery for plays, musical comedies, and assembly programs. . . Has been in operation since the school opened. Keating and Leskauskas 'n' the spotlight. Bank Cashiers lst Row: C. Ryan, H. Lacek, A. McHugh, S. Holine, l S. Kobeski, I. Drevenak, S. Cross, D. Morgandoller, L. Simon- cavage, R. Monto, H. Coats, head cashier, M. Naveen. assi. cashier, E. Pierce, S. Machonls, J. Flannery, IVI. Clarke. M. Mishikitis, T. Gassner, T. Kratz. J. Parker, K. McCarthy. F. Davis. 2nd Row: B. Kovach, E. Bethstein, E. Ahrendts, A. Spino, M. Pacovsky, M. Balmer, J. McGowan, J. Evans. D. Thomas, L. Gutterman, E. Haslinsky, M. Miller, D. Pascoe, A. Engler, J. Shiner, E. Elias, E. Gerehak, L. Kenski, I. Gothier, D. Cecere, D. Thorpe, M. Searfoss. 3rd Row: I. Petroski, M. Mosuta, J. Peters, I.. Corbett, M. Finn, J. Bowers, R. Harfman, B. Sehuler, M. McAvoy, R. Keating, Y. Seeherman, E. Eieke, Y. Pasquini, M. Haizgens, B. Sincavage, M. Petruzzini, F. Rutkoski, E. Stanziale, A. Hafner, T. Levy. 4th Row: S. Assid, J. Kuchta, F. Chalres, N. Cross, P. Hosage, A. Blaso, J. Griswold, F. Worley, L. Davies, K. Dean, l. Goldstein, W. Kyvak, P. Scafiido, W. Engler, P. Andrews, S. Kerlavage, G. Atlomitis, C. Silviek, T. Brannan, E. Barrett, 5th Row H Colan K Br mfield F Wn l : . p , . 0 , . e de. M. Michael, W. Koheski, M. Most, L. Thomas, C. Neuman, H, Yatke, A. Tryka, R. Thomas, M. Joseph, E. Williams, M, Flaherty, C. Schooley, A. Krantz, T. Delida, H. Speer, R. Ruddy. 6th Row: J. Davis, D. Ackerman, D. Blaum, C. Simonson P. Keating, F. Delia, S. Hammerman, M. Brown, R. McCon- logue, J. Opel, H. Slomovitz, V. Monto. "Five - ten - Fifteen - twenty" - It's the Bank Cashiers of G. A. R., counting the money the students bank, . . Every homeroom has one, who keeps records for each week. . . Three hundred dollars a week deposited. , . From one to forty bankers in each room. . . Banners given for highest numbers of bankers in junior and senior high school. . . Head cashiers keep records of number present. . . number banking. . . percentage banking. . . . amount banked. "Keep to the right. Don't push"-the favorite words of the Hall Patrol Squad. , . Composed of seventy-Hve girls. . . on duty at the end of every period, every day. . . Purpose-to prevent conges- tion in the halls. . . Resultsgsaves time for all. . . . gives students training in assuming responsibility by giving them authority to direct traffic in the halls during changing of classes. . . Reward- shield for six semesters of service. Hall Patrol lst Row: P. Powell, E. Housenick, M. Moran, C. Drexinger, E. Gottesman, P. Ackerman president, D. Weiss, B. Watt, M. Bempkins, A. Siegel, F. Alinkoff, captains, E. Naveen, G. Jackson P. Friel, M. Weiss, H. Pethick, L. Vandermark. 2nd Row: B. Kovach, D. Mushaway, J. Schwartz, B. Sehuler, L. Snow, A. Snow, L Hoffman, F. Morasky, I. Unice, E, Basch, F. Seigel, A. Gwynn, R. Lynch, M. Lenahan, L. Baker I. Choak, R. Scwartz, S. Olson. 3rd Row: S. Frank, E. Cross, L. Cunningham, H. Dobish, L. Gutterman, R. Keating M. Searfoss, M. Murray, D. Thorpe, E. Jones, B. Sincavage, C. Davis, S. Gottesman, G. Lasman S. Roberts, A. DeLida, F. George. 4th Row: E. Uhlar, A. Daniels, H. Winters, M. Jacobs, F. Peters, B. Peters, R. Dean A. Defilippi, C. McHugh, M. Smith, F. Austin, G. Jones, I. Arnow, R. Burns, R. Zampetti, J Cooney, C. Roughsedge, J. Morrissey, M. Pacovsky. Well, another day gone by. Senior high school on their way to chapel. After lunch-back to class. Table Patrol First Row: C. Urban, A. McLaughlin, R. Silvick, T. Vincent, T. Valaika, J. VVilliams, J. Jones, H. Thomas, VV. Johns, B. Skurkis. Second Row: S. Cross, E. Bernstein, I-I. Ametrano, A. Assid, D. Melan, M. Mohan, M. Smith, assi. capl., B. Finn, assi. capt., M. Kellie, asst. capl., N. Rose, H. Ponting, M. Kuchonis, A. Maskinas. Third Row: F. George, M. Riley, R. O'Rourke, E. Williamson, E. Paduck, H. Sheporaitis, I. Choak, T. Zack, M. Simmers, H. Joseph, K. Snyder, I. Drcvenak, D. Messmcr, T. Gassner, R. Bogumil. Fourth Row: P. Andrew, J. Shaskas, A. Moses, G. Jones, E. Norkus, F. Davis, R. Mariano, C. Esseff, M. Snyder, R. Gawlas, F. Reno, C. Zampetti, M. Evans, D. Rosette, P. Pulieri. Lunch Permit Checkers First Row: M. Clark, F. Joseph, G. Stanziale, J. Crossick, M. Dreitel, M. Miller, assi. capl., M. Smith, sec., G. Roberts, rapt., C. Eicke, rapt., M. Ahlhrandt, C. Jones, M. Bigoski, C. Pugh. Second Row: F. Kester, J. Senese, H. Singley, E. Price, A. Miller, R. Zampetti, M. Pettinger, C. Ryan. I. Yapsuga, R. Smith, sec., R. Tisckler, N. Ametrano, J- Edgar. Third Row: R. Ullman, D. Thomas, V. Giampietro, S. Schwartz, M. Speer, A. Wyda, A. Grigaitis, B. Guant- accia, M. Halliday, M. Sura, J. Carr, E. Eicke, H. Nowinski, M. Naum. Who has not at some time in the school year come in contact duties are to . . . check up on patrolmen. . . settle difhculties. . . with the stcrn eye of a member of the Cafeteria, Table, or Lunch report developments on duty. . . To become a member of the squad Patrol Squads?. . . for their duties are to. . . keep the cafeteria one must show. . . satisfactory academic standing. . . good conduct clean. . . keep order during lunch hours. . . regulate student traffic . . . leadership ability. . . Rewards are given in the form of. . . . from . . . to. . . and in school during the three lunch periods. . . 'certificates at the end of each year. . . shields in senior year to those One president superintends all three squads. . . Each is headed who have completed six terms on patrol. by a captain, who is responsible to the president. , . Captains Cafeteria Patrol lst Row: A. Shalkouskas, H. Lacek, B. Lanterman, A. McHugh, M. Mohan, assi. capl., M. Kellie, B. Tunn, M. Smith, L. Jones, M. Lynn, M. Jeckell, secrelary, M. Jones, president, E. Schrader, R. Smith, R. Monto, E. Anthony, M. Thomas, M. Naum, M. Burginia, M. Cecere, A. Jackson. 2nd Row: A. Assid, A. Spino, R. Hughes, A. Lahr, M. Martino, S. Yazbeck, M. Chulvick, F. Cecere, A. Marsicauo, H. Jacobs, M. Singley, E. Cocco, J. Anthony, M. O'Connor, M. Barrett, L. Simoncavage, C. Barone, F. Adams, G. Hashem, A. XVilliams, C. Butruce, T. DeRocco. 3rd Row: S. XVyda, N. Urban, M. Partilla, E. Phillips, A. Engler. K. Gould, L. Conner, V. Hyder, L. Schrader, M. Pacovsky, R. Keating, V. lorio, H. Kuligoski, J. McGowan, L. Venchell, V. Capriotti, L. McPherson, M. Simpson, S. Boules, M. Pisano, A. lvlaskinas, BI. Kuchonis, C. Schwartz, B. Allen, - 4th Row: Mr. Peltori, L. Newitt, L. Jones, M. Sava we, R. Filippine, M. Boline, R. Smith, D. Thomas, M. Simmers, E. Gerchak, D. Albrecht,D. Gittens, T. James, G. Johnson, R. Thomas, R. Heycock, T. Levy, M. Thomas, H. Chapko, A. Skeras, L. Leibman, E. Weinstein, B. Marshman, M. Wood. -18- Blue and Gray Editorial Staj Seated: R. Nogee, assoc. editor, M. Jacobs, assoc. editor, P. Ackerman, editor-in-chief, M. Gevanthor, assoc. editor, Miss VVQ-eks, adviser. Standing: N. Jefferson, circulation manager, M- Naveen, circulation manager, R. Alinikoff, assoc. edi!or, H. Coats, assoc. editor, Miss jones, adviser, I. Evans, exchange editor. Blue and Gray Senior High School Reporters First Row: F. Peters, E. Armbruster, L. Long, R. Zampetti, H. Silverstein, M. Wood, L. Leibmau. Second Row: I. Wohl, D. Lubin, J. Miller, H. Pethick V. lorio, N. Urban, R. Guarnaccia, M. Roberts, S. Wydaf Third Row: N. Bertulis, P. Lahr, A. Broadley, J. Gelb, C. Neuman, I. Kanner. Extra! Extra!-No, the Blue and Gray publishes no extras, but it does publish a four-page newspaper once a week throughout the school year . . Purposes-to publish the school news. . . to give publicity to school events. . to seek out and express student opinion. . . to provide training in news-gathering, news-writing, editing, make-up, and printing. Sixty-one workers divided into four groups-editorial staff. . . senior high school reporters, . . junior high school reporters. . . . printing staff. . . Editorial staff meet every day-to make assign- ments to senior reporters. . . read and correct copy. . . write. , . . proof read galley sheets. . . prepare uthe dummy". . . make assign- ments, etc., etc. . . junior staff-prepare two extra pages of strictly Juniorhligh School Blue and Gray Reporters First Row: V, Kapsianos, D. Doyle, M. Evans, N. Thomas, N. Richards, WV. Coats, W. Phillips. Second Row: Miss Lord, adviser, L. Lenovitz, A, Savitz, W. Kelly, B. Bernpkins, M. Rosenbaum, N. Jones, S. Frank. junior high school news, every sixth issue. , . Printing staff-set headlines. . . print the paper. Twenty-five canvassers solicted one thousand subscriptions- One thousand subscribers read news of G, A. R. plays, concerts, athletic contests. , . interviews. . . editorials. . . gossip. . . observa- tions, wise and otherwise. Membership in staff secured through try-outs. . . Requirements . , . ability to write. . . a "nose for news". . . dependability. Reward-pleasure. . . training in the fundamentals of journalism and a gold pin for faithful service. Blue and Gray Printers P. Butruce, O. Wright, I. Cooney, Mr. Romig, adviser, VV. George, F. Romanic, S. Cutler, J. Flanagan, C. Farrell, A. Snipas, G. Searfoss. Flo-- Top: They all scream for ice cream. Bottom: The girls are right when they say they're sweet sixteen. The duties of the Assembly Squad are to. . . distribute. . . collect. . . take care of chapel song books. . . lt would be a difhcult task indeed for any student to deface a book without being ap- Cgfggfgyfja Wgmgn prehended by one of these watchful patrolrnen, . . Squad has been in existence for ten years. . . Each homeroom contibutes two mem- Sitting: Mrs. Bachman, Miss Steidinger. . . bers, chosen for dependability by the homeroom teacher. . . In Standing: Miss Dougherty, dielilian, Mrs. A. Jones, Mrs. Richards, Mrs' J' JONES' addition to a faculty adviser, a student president is chosen by a , joint faculty and student council committee to check up on the Custodulns books. . . As a reward for faithful service on the squad, members Mr. Phillips, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Reieliley, Mr. Jones. receive certificates at the close of the school year. Assembly Squad lst Row? J. Vitchus, E. Bernstein, Gilbert, J. Miller, P. Friel, G. Jackson, L. Walters, C. Barone, M. Ahlbrandt, M. Weber. M. Snyder, F. Morasky, I. Umce, president, Miss Hahn, adviser, R. Davis, E. Jones, M. Moran, C. McHugh, D. Nicholson, J. Thomas, A. Snow, F. Rutkaski. 2nd Row: B. Kovach, S.-Olson, D. VVilliams, M. Dualla, M. Halas, B. Glycenfer, D, Gillespie, M. Kellie, E. Schrader, L. Shaiman, R. Smith, B. Lanterman, M. Speer, M. Bempkins, H. Chapko, J. Johns, E, Maori, E. Smith. E. Haslinsky, D. Thorpe, T. Lack. 3rd Rowi F. Petrnazini, W. Vandermark. M. Most, S. Rostkowski, S. Marinelli, L. Podgorski, R. Armbruster, R. Harfman, V. Iorio, D. Thomas, P. Kelly, R. Wright, J. Livingston, R. Hoynoski, W. Martin, I. Navitski, J. Shaskas, W. Liliental, L. MeHale, C. Halas. 4th Row: S. Assid, J: Jeckell, XV. Allen, S. Abraham, H. VVorth, J. Hatlle, R. Bempkins, E. Lebowitz, D. Decker, M. Petrillo, C. Altavilla, L. Falco, C. Robbins, E. Kane, C. Davis, D. Hinerfield, T. Brennan, J. Katz, J. Galhim, S. Rubin, W. Taren, V. Monto. . 5th Row: J. Newitt, J. Kuehta, L. Koons, D. Derlevich, J. Edgar, L. Leslie, R. Rowan, R. Thomas, G, Seymour, V. Mandrillo, F. Charles, D. Gittens, N. Cole, R. Ball, G. Eve-rhart, C. Klimek, H. Shapiro, R. Ley, I. Margolis, M. Vukovich, R. Park, M. Brown, A. Tryka. F-201 MARCH THE Hume H C3 Q-1 CD O-1: 5 Oda gbigifcin ' Oman Reaching their highest peak since 1931, C. A. R. Football Team, coached for the first time by lV1r. Wermuth, succeeded in gaining fourth place in both the Wyoming Valley Conference and the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. The close of the 1936 season found the powerful C. A. R. team with the impressive record of eight victories and only two defeats. Largely responsible for this success was the fact that the team was so well balanced, having plenty of power in all departments. Behind a sturdy line, rated among the best in the state, functioned a hard running, shifty backfield, that used both power plays and clever deception to good advantage. Any of the backfield men could be relied upon to pass effectively. ln the kicking department Captain Anderofsky consistently out-punted all opponents. Cap- able reserve power, which is one of the most important factors to a team, was abundant. Mr. Wermuth was able to substitute abvifhole new team, and the difference in playing was scarcely notice- a e. Some of the many highlights of the season were Anderofsky's fifty-yard run that netted the only score in the Newport game, and Bernie Dennis' fine runs, paving the way for the two touchdowns against the "Red Wave" from Plains. Another fine play occurred in the Meyers game, when Dennis passed to Anderofsky, who lateraled to Cooney, who in turn tossed the ball to Flanagan, who dashed twenty more yards for the tally without a hand being laid on him. ln the opening game of the season, the only one played at the C. A. R. stadium, the Carmen met Kingston Township. lt soon became apparent that this was to be a big year in football for the I-lilltoppers. Introducing a bewildering line shift, which they were to use most of the season, the Carmen soon piled up a lead, and the second stringers saw action before the end of the first half. The second half was a repetition of the first, with C. A. .R increasing the lead to 27 to 0. Playing the next game under the arc lights at Forty Fort, C. A. R. trimmed the West-Siders, 19 to 0, showing a variable form of attack, ranging from line plunges to passes. The colorful appearance of the team in the new grid suits made a pleasing spec- tacle under the bright floodlights. These suits consisted of red paints, blue and white jerseys, white knee guards, and blue and white he mets. Although Newport put up the stiffest battle up to that time, they too were added to the victims of the victorious Carmen. The first quarter was a punting duel in which C. A. R. had a decided edge. ln the second period Newport punted to the mid-stripe, where Anderofsky received the ball and weaved his way along the sideline, to score the only touchdown of the game for either team. With many scoring chances in the second half, the Carmen were unable to score, as off-side penalties threw them back again and again. A surprisingly large crowd of C. A. R. followers traveled to Hazleton to see the soldiers add the fourth consecutive victory to their growing list, by the decisive score of 20 to 0. ln the opening minutes, the I-lilltoppers began a series of line plunges that carried the ball to the Mountain City goal line, where Brannon scored on a fake spinner. The Blue and Cray eleven scored again in the third quarter, and once more in the closing minutes on a blocked punt, the ball rolling -back over the goal line, where Cooney fell on it to complete the scoring of the day. Football Squad lst Row: Barret, Hahula, George, Hazlinsky, Johns, Welliver. 2nd Row: E. Flanagan, Roman, B. Blaum, Laboda, Burton, Zabrowski, Langon, Ferris, Michaels, Padden, Jackles, Wright, Wysocki, Worth, T. Wasilewski. - 3rd Row: Mr. Myerly, faculfy mgr., T. Black, student mgr., Oliver, Keating, J. Flanagan, Podgorski, J. Cooney, Diaco, Romanick, Stankewich, Offman, Anderofsky, Dennis, Mr. 4 Chesney, and Mr. Wermuth, coaches. 4th Row: Grzyb, Matonis, Mine- tola, Baker, C. Wasilewski, F. Brannari, T. Brannan, Katz, Murray, Kirkutis, Dewey, Farrell, student mgr. , f 1 ll 1 A tense momentgeven for the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders during the half: Aaron Lisses, Harry Rah! rah!-rah!-rah! Coats, Claire McHugh, Phyllis Friel, Ruth Alinikoff, Rose Dean,Marvin Edwards, jenkin Lake. The Carmen reached their top form in trouncing a highly rated Edwardsville team, 20 to O, in the first game of a double- header at the Meyers stadium before a capacity crowd. C. A. R. tallied in the first, third, and fourth quarters. Lipskis charges were unable to cope with a powerful C. A. R. running attack, nor could they successfully penetrate the C. A. R. line. This contest was marked by much pageantry and color, the four high school bands marching and playing together between games. The C. A. R.-Kingston was a "natural", Both teams were undefeated to date and an enormous crowd turned out, despite a chilly, drizzling rain, to watch the battle under the arc lights on the muddy Kingston field. Anderofskys long punts threw the West-Siders back on the two-yard line, where Bynons attempt to kick was blocked by Wright, with Katz falling on the ball over the goal line, but the touchdown was annulled when the play was called back and C. A. R. was penalized for being oh'-side. Neither team scored until the fourth quarter, when a C, A. R. punt was blocked, a Kingston man snatching up the ball, and carrying it over the goal line for the only score of the game. By the score of 19 to 7, a superior Heights aggregation defeated the Plymouth team, who were still seeking their first victory. The feature of the game was Wasilewskis long heave to D. Murray, who snagged it and galloped forty more yards to score standing up. The Shawneeites loosed a barrage of passes in the final quarter for their lone tally. Coach Wermuth alternated his first and second teams, using twenty-one men in all. After trailing as the result of an early C. A. R. score, a fighting Coughlin team recovered a Blue and Cray fumble on the one-yard line and pushed over the tying touchdown only after a stubborn stand by the Hilltoppers. In the second half, the highly favored C. A. R. outfit lost several scoring chances because of penalties. The Coughlin offensive suddenly came to life in the last quarter and brought the ball down to the C. A. R. five-yard line, where Cunningham passed to Toni for the deciding tally, By losing this game, the Carmen lost the opportunity of becoming sole possessors of the city championship. After having learned a costly lesson at the hands of Coughlin, the Carmen went out with grim determination to meet a highly favored Plains team. Anderofsky's high punts kept the "Red Wave" back until Dennis broke loose on a fake reverse to the three-yard line, where it was taken over by Cooney. In the second period the Heights outfit scored again and were content with holding their lead for the rest of the contest. ' This impressive victory again pu Foll t the Carmen among the leading teams in both conferences. owing their decisive victory over Plains, C. A. R. was a heavy favorite to defeat Meyers on Thanksgiving day and create a three-way tie for the city championship. After an evenly fought first quarter the Soldiers started a drive in the following period that res later in ulted in their first touchdown. A second one resulted the game from another power drive by the rampaging Hilltoppers. The third score came as a result of a pass to Anderofsky who late raled to Cooney, who in turn tossed the ball to "Steamer" Flanagan, who scampered the remaining twenty yards to the goal ' h line. T is was the first C. A. R. victory over the South-Siders since 1931. The SCOFCS I September 18-C. A. R. 27-Kingston Township 0. Septemb October October October October October Novemb Novemb Novemb er 25-C. A. R. 19a-Forty Fort 0 3-C. A. R. 6-Newport 0. l0-C. A. R. 20-Hazleton 0. 17-C. A. R. Z0-Edwardsville 0 Z3-C, A. R. O-Kingston 6. 31-C. A. R. 19-Plymouth 7. er 7AC, A. R. 7-Coughlin l4 er 14-C. A. R. l34Plains 0. er Z6-C. A. R. 18-Meyers O. QZ3... B and First Row: D. Kaplan, L. Yap- suga, T. Mastro, E. Amaitis, R. Wright. J. Basgier, N. Ametrano, L. Davies. Second Row: R, Ce-ra, V. Pfitoski. T. Hughes, R. Francis, D. Worth, C. Taylor, J. Davies, J. Reese, D, Phillips, E. Schmidt, Mr. Roberts. director. Third Row: F. Basgier, J. Beckus, J. Johns, R. Barone, E. Owens, D. Thomas, G. Seymour, R. Mosuta, D. Parry, E. Appline, E. Fisher. UAS BM! Qvfay. M The bright, sparkling airs played by the Band at pep meetings and football games helped to raise the enthusiasm of the G. A. R. followers. Dressed nattily in gay uniforms, consisting of blue trousers and caps trimmed in white, they did much to add color and cheer to the gridiron contests. Between halves they marched out on the field with the military precision acquired by many weary hours of marching practice on the streets near the school. Five new football songs were added to the band repertoire, making a total of fourteen. The band collaborated 'with the Garthespians in February in presenting an evening of "Words and Music." The concert given at this time was further evidence of the high quality of music that they are capable of playing. ' Six of the G. A. R. band members attended the Pennsylvania Band Festival held at Susquehanna University. There they had the honor, with representatives of thirty-eight other high school bands in Pennsylvania, of being a part of the state band conducted by Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman. Hats off! The Hags go passing by. cgaady ly-5-tb go! Once again, for the first time since 193 l, the G. A. R. Cheering Squad included girls as well as boys. Everyone was highly pleased with this arrangement, which may account for the noticeable increase in the volume of cheering this season. With an amazing amount of energy, these cheerleaders aroused enthusiasm at pep meetings and football games. Even on the coldest days, they would yell with such earnest vigor that the cold would be very soon forgotten. Several novelty songs, which brought much amusement to the student body as well as to the cheerleaders, were introduced. During basketball season, too, these boys and girls were called on to lead the student body in cheering the team on to victory. They were divided into groups, each group working at about three games. Much good-natured competition in yelling was exhibited by the G. A. R. followers and visiting rooters. The band pepping it up during a football game. AT EASE O J XJ Q J X N 1 1 XMLA l x X The thud of the pigskin is no longer heard. . . basketball becomes the main sport. . . Students are deep in their work. . . They relax in club activities. . . The long- awaited Christmas Vacation. . . school again before long. . . Semester examinations, and a half year gone by. . . . Studies. . . sports. . . plays. . . dances. . . The winter is almost over. r R at 5. V! N T E THE MAEUH QESUMEU One two, one two, one two. . . If you should enter the vacant auditorium some Wednesday afternoon and hear these words coming from down near the stage, be sure that it is not someone in G. A. R. just learning to count, but Mr. Roberts, director of the Senior Orchestra, leading the young musicians in the rehearsal of a new score. . . In order to join the orchestra, the twenty-two members must: first, be in senior high school, second, be reasonably proficient on an orchestral instrument. . . The purpose of this organization is to stimulate good instrumental music. . . Here are a few of the many important things they do. . . play for senior chapel and assemblies. . . play accompaniments for the operetta . . . and for commencement singing. . . give orchestral overtures before the senior play and other performances. . . entertain with Senior High School Orchestra First Row: G. Gutterman, T. Podkul F. Maminski, A. Yazbeck, A. Siegel, M. Jones E, Amaitis, N. Ametrano, J. Senese. Second Row: Mr. Roberts, direclor, D Thomas, J. Davies, E. Appline, D. Kaplan T. Mastro, G. Seymour, F. Basgier. Third Row: R. Francis, C. Taylor, D WVorth, L. Yapsuga. K Jimior High School Orchestra Gulick. Second Row: J. Basgier, D. Kistler, T. Sloane, L. Miller, N. Richards, L. Gutterman, E. Price, E. Fisher, E. Appline, V. Supple-e. selections for parents and friends in Patrons' day programs, . . . Seniors in good standing receive pins in recognition of their work. Dum, dum, dum,-Keep in step with the music. . . It's the Junior Orchestra, furnishing the music for junior high school chapel. . . To attain membership, one must have ability to read music at sight readily. . . Besides playing for chapel, these musi- cians furnish music for assembly programs. . . Experience in this organization trains students for the senior orchestra. . . The junior orchestra this year participated in the evening entertain- ment given by the various musical organizations of junior high school. egg.. First Row: R. Cera, F. Wendel, M. Rin- ker, M. Allegar, E. Cross, Miss Pugh, adviser, A. Williams, J. Flannery, D. Rosette, W. Senior Boys' Glee Club First Row: D. Parry, C. Abraham, L. Assid, J. Lake, treasurer, Mr. Roberts, adviser, D. Parry, president, R. Abrendts, C. WVeinstock. M. Moskow, I. Wohl, secretary. Second Row: D. Lubin, J. Kornblatt, W. Taren, G. Everhart, H. Spear, J. Lenahan, S. Abraham, R. Thomas, A. Tryka, H. Coates, G. Seymour, M. Perlman, G. Wolfe. Third Row: E. Williams, B. Grithths, A. Lissess, A. Broadley, J. Miall, J. Rein, A. An- drew, M. Naveen, E. Barrett, M. Gevanthor, J. McConlogue, I. Mitchell. Senior Girls' Glee Club First Row: E. Jones, L. Mosuta, R. Har- kins, C. Smith, secretary, M. Bempkins, presi- dent, B. Sincavage, B. Marshman, T. Opeat, H. Winters, F. Pazik, E. Armbruster. Second Row: D. Thomas, M. Prete, E. Haslinsky, B. Morgan, M. Moskowitz, A. Berger, R. Balsavage, M. Jacobs, C. McHugh, R. O'C0nnor, M. Wood. Third Row: B. Peters, A. Grigairis, M. Savage, M. Murray, R. Smith, V. Reilly, B. Watt. R. Alinikoff, I. Evans, .'Unice. L, f 4 s "l' ',7Lv"3l TV lb' r .MV ,..r" fi f JY' la5"V 'feff Junior Girls' Glee Club First Row: A. Ostrowski, A. Baker, C. Castrigano, D. Weidneo, J. Peters, E. Collins, B. Brauch, M. Spilgys, M. Koyske, S. Boline, L. Dziedzic. Second Row: S. Cross, L. Newitt, G. Stencavage, C. Ryan, E. Conrad, A. Marsicano, treasurer, M. Puterbaugh, L. Corbitt, president, M. Thomas, secretary, B. VonBusch, D. Nar- done, C. Jones, M. Bigoski, K. Kelly. Third Row: Miss Pugh, adviser, L. Wal- ters, R, Tischler, M. Ruddy, A. Romanaskas, N. Koch, E. Pierce, V. McEvoy, D. Melan, M. Ushinsky, B. Tippett, L. Williams, F. Kretchmer, A. Sokoboski, M. Naum, H. Lacek, L. Gutterman, accompanist, Fourth Row: C. Colonna, G. Wright, A. Miller, C. Schwartz, I. Drevenak. L. Rapaport, M. Ahrendts, E. Harkins, D. Richardson, N. Thomas, B. jones, I Yuscavage, S. Machonis C. Wolfskeil, R. Zampetti, B. Stevens. "lVIi-mi-mi" Don't be frightened. It's just the combined Senior Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs rehearsing. . . They have been selected from senior high students because they have good voices. . . Other requirements for membership-facility in reading music and intelligent interest in the work. . . Purposeeto stimulate good singing. . . Achievement of purpose was shown in glee clubs' participation in Christmas, Patrons' day, and Music Week programs. . . . Musical comedy Who Discovered America, proved one of most successful in years .... Seniors are awarded certificates. division four' A smaller "mi-mi" is the Junior Girls' Glee Club. . . One of the oldest clubs in school, members are chosen, as in any good glee club, for good tone quality and ability to read music readily. . . . Furnished music for assembly and Patrons' day programs. , . With other junior high school musical organizations, they presented for their parents in an evening entertainment, a pageant, The Child- hood of Hiawatha. o o o O --vo-, Senior Dramatic Club First Row: A. Lisses, J. Mitchell, S. Simon, J. Campi, I. Rubin, M. Gevanthor, J. Joseph. Second Row: C. McHugh, M. Smith, A. Daniels, B. Morgan, B. Miles, L. Keller, D. Parry, president, S. Abraham, serretury, P. Ackerman, D. Simpson, G. Jackson, I. Evans, E. Arznbruster. Third Row: B. Sincavage, T. Morgan, D. Teresinski, J. Miller, T. Zampetti, E. Weinstein, E. Gottesman, H. Chapko, M. Moskowitz, G. Krisper, A. McGroarty, R. Harkins, R. Alinikoif, F. Pazilc. Fourth Row: R. O'Connor, N. Jefferson, D. Lubin, J. Gelb, J. Rein, A. Andrew, J. McConlogue, G. Jacobs, F. Mitchneck, G. Everhart, E. Uhlar. "To learn to act by acting"-purpose enough for any Senior Dramatic Club. . . Members are chosen for their interest in dramatic art and their talent for acting. . . Are trained in stage technique, interpretation of roles, pantomime, voice, diction, and poise. . . They read and discuss classical and modern plays. . . This year they gave Armistice day and Christmas programs. "And once more the curtain comes down"-on another produc- tion of the Garthespians. . . who this year presented programs in observance of Thanksgiving day, Lincoln's birthday, and Patrons' day. . . and in collaboration with the band gave an evening entertain- ment of "Words and Music". . Garthespianspart ofthe programwas Garthespians First Row: J. Kanner, D. Garrison, J. Hill, E. Schmidt, W. Kelly, J. Simpson, E. Salmon, J. Chmiola, M. Rosenbaum. Second Row: M. Pacovsky, M. Chulvick, V. Iorio, F. Gibson, H. Andes, B. Griffiths, M. Roberts, president, S. Wyda, secretary, G. Shreiber, R. Phillips, F. Joseph, J. Bowers M. Lynn. Third Row: M. Martini, M. Clarke. G. Davis, J. Walker, S. Gottesman, N. Urban, M. Boline, M. Partilla, V. Cross, E. Thomas, N. Jones, Miss Lord, advisw. Fourth Row: A. Savitz, B. Bempkins, E. Lebowitz, E. Haslinsky, N. Richards, D. Doyle, S. Frank, G. Gilbert, M. Allegar, J. Schappert, C. Smith, T. Duffy, A. Blaso, D. Hineriield, L. Matkins, L. Mosuta. Jolly Entertainers First Row: T. Uhlar, president, I. Yapsuga, I. Gothier, M. Mishikitis, Z. Perlman, K. George, D. Morgancloller, D. Weidner, K. Kelly. Second Row: D. Cochrane, C. Zampetti, K. Mace, A. Miller, V. Urban, secretary, E. Generak, E. Uhlar, M. Naum, M. Thomas, M. Koepke, B. VonBuscl1, B. Hashem, C. Schooley. Third Row: E. Evans, F. Savitski, T. Valaika, R. Novack, E. Pepperling, R. Wright, K. Gray, J. Clarke, W. Kapsianos. a three-act play, entitled Digging Up the Dirt. . . Fifty-four members . . . meet Wednesdays, . . to study diction. . . body control, voice production, emotional release. . . Held several social affairs-dance, Christmas party, outing. Where, oh where are the Jolly Entertainers? Right on hand when it comes to entertaining, for as is shown in their name, member- ship in this dramatic club is acquired by ability to entertain. . . Enjoyable meetings bring forth a variety of talent. . . Programs consist of recitations, songs, and reading of short plays or excerpts from longer ones. . . These youngest actors in the school gave a fine performance in a Washingtons birthday play. W3 0- Library Student Szfaj First Row: W. Coats, H. Sinkiewitz, B. Lauterman, J. Roderick, Jr. H.S. secretary, E. Price, W. Kelly, Jr. H.S. pres., M. Benip- kins, Sr. H. S. pres., M. Smith, Sophie Wyda, Sr. H.S., sec., I. Herstek, D. Martin, T. Tere- sinski, VV. Kapsianas. Second Row: Miss Brooks, adviser, H. Coats, G. Roberts, H. Pethick, M. Beretsky E. Gottesman, A. McGroarty, J. Miller, A. Siegel, F. Pazik, T. Opeat, F. Peters, A. VVyda NI. Alan. Third Row: G. Hashem, M. Nauin, M. Alan, T. Zampetti, N. Urban, M. Partilla R. Nogee, M. Naveen, H. Chapko, B. XVatt, G. Jones, A. Miller, B. Brauch. Fourth Row: J. Chmiola, A. Dell'Aglio, A. Snipas, W. Loughney, R. Bempkins, J. Gelb, D. Davis, J. Chiloro, D. Dcrlevich. Girl Reserves First Row: G. Jones, M. Thomas, E. Stanziale, C. Smith, A. Daniels, M. Alan, J. Egidio, R. Dean, M. Dillon, president, R. Heycock, secretary, E. Jones, M. O'Connor. Second Row: H. Chapko, A. Snow, M. Speer, E. Housenick, E. Reed, N. Urban, D. Usas, V. Hirthler, S. Sendzick, D. Teresinski, J. Miller, M. Barrett. Third Row: M. Murray, D. Black, P. McHenry, F. Rutkoski, J. Charles, A. Silvick, F. Charles, C. Zampetti, M. Jeckell, C. Kimble, A. Spino, M. Geraghty. C. M. T. C. First Row: E. Divine, K. Robbins, F. Cosgrove, J. Lake, M. Brown, J. Troth, J. O'Hara, J. Kanner. Second Row: H. Savitz, J. Lenahan, T. Schappert, S. Ciszek, A. Kirkutis, seerelary, F. Brannan, Mr. Herman, adviser, E. Podgorski T. Cooke, treasurer, J. Murphy, F. Romanick. 1 Third Row: C. Yuknavage, E. Krisch, H Coates, W. Taren, C. Neuman, P. Lahr, E Davis, F. Ferris, A. Snipas, F. Paduck, W Silvick, C. Smith, M. Karp. ' Fourth Row: N. Ametrano, D. Kaplan J. Elias, A. Pointek, VV. Gates, S. Zekas G. Matonis, M. Chruney, P. Mollahan, F Kane, V. Sledz, T. Podkul. i , May I take out this book?-Let a member of the Library Student Staff charge it for you. . . This group performs many of the routine tasks of the library, charging and discharging books . . . typing cards. . . mending books. . . checking magazines and catalogues. . . Serves two purposes-provides training in many details of library work. . . makes possible a most efficient library service for students and teachers. Requirements for admission to the staffihigh scholarship, personality, resourcefulness, ability . . . At various intervals, club holds novel parties, and at the close of the school year has an outing. , . Pins are awarded for merit. A difficult name to pronounce, but nevertheless a most worthy club is the Wahwahtassee Girl Reserve Club. . . Its activities include. . , social service. . . education in etiquette, dress, etc. . . social activities. . , The adviser is Mrs. Herbert Lloyd. . . assistant, Miss Redington. . . The forty-eight girls meet in Y. W. C. A. on Thursday evenings at 7 :3O. . . During Christmas they distributed toys to children in hospitals. . . Social activities included. . . mothers tea .... scavenger hunt. . . bingo party. . . dances. Hip, hip! Cnot hurrahlj Columns right, march! Military drills, care of the rifle, and lectures on citizenship constitute the ordinary work of the C. M. T. C. Post. . . This club prepares boys for a summer camp conducted by the United States army, and helps them to obtain the appointment for camp. . . With similar clubs from neighboring schools, C. A. R. C. M. T. C. boys took part in a recent review. . . favorably impressed the reviewing colonel from headquarters with their ability to handle a rifle. M3111 K. A. K. stands for Klever Artists Klub. . , Members have proved they are clever by . . . designing stage sets. . . painting scenery. . . decorating gymnasium for all the dances. . . sketching charcoal portraits. . . Club composed of eighteen senior high school artists, . . Mr. Murray, adviser, organized K. A. K. twelve years ago. lf sixty members of junior high school wanted to join the Junior Art Club, it must be worth while. . . Thirty of the applicants were selected. . . Each one has special ability and interest in drawing. . . Members meet every Tuesday in activity period W32.. Klever Artists Klub First Row: H. Milnamow, E. Armbruster, T. Gpeat, president, T. Davis, secretary, G. Swisloski, A. Yankoski, I. Newliart. Second Row: J. Murphy, C. Myers, Y. Pasquini, G. Platsky, F. Platsky, L. Gutterman, Mr. Murray, adviser. Third Row: A. Kijek, C. Sidor. C. Wein- stock. Junior High School Art Club First Row: A. Liscosky, B. Swenski, S. Machonis, H. Ponting, E. Conrad, treasurer, Miss Evans, adviser, L, Dziedzic, president, M. Thomas, M. Flynn, secretary, J. Parker, B. Brauch, E. Harkins. Second Row: I. Margolis, J. Hargreave, E. Norkus, A. Marsicano, B. Tippett, L. Newett, C. Considine, S. Kenski, M. Vukovich, H. Ponting. Third Row: F. Maskinas, R. George, VV. Lippett, A. Spino, T. Kijek, J. Herstek, H. Ellis, H. Roth. s , V E , Marionette Club First Row: W. Henry, C:Heim, E. Zebo- witz, K. Bromfield, B. Bempkins, president, W. Kelly, treasurer, D. Garrison, secretary, E. Salmon, D. Phillips. Second Row: H. Sheporaitis, F. Olshifski, N. Richards, F. Joseph, F. Brown, H. Dobish, N. Sledz, L. Jones, Miss Evans, adviser. Third Row: E. Price, G. Gilbert, I. Zawilski, D. Teresinski, J. Klaja, E. Cross, D. Pascoe, H. Urban, E. Bistrick. to. . . do original work. . . increase skill in drawing. . . This year they have, . . worked in different media. . . done sketches. . . made posters to advertise school activities. If you like to do things with your hands as well as your minds, then you should be affiliated with the Marionette Club. . . for the members. . . make. . . fashion. . . design costumes for. . . and deftly manipulate marionettes. . . Unique among G. A. R. clubs, it lists thirty-two members. . . meets every Monday in activity period, has presented several programs. . . All have been well received. Biology Club First Row: B. Bosch, A. Grigaitis, J. Hiz- nay, treasurer, R. Nogee, J. Lake, presidenl, A. Dean, secrelary, E. Stanziale, M. Geraghty. Second Row: Mr. Steinhauer, adviser, F. Pazik, B. Watt, J. Jones, H. Pethick, H. Win- ters, L. Gutterman, E. Reed, Mr. Chesney, adviser. Third Row: W. Gates, W. Allen, J. Toth, S. Chere, T. Podkul, S. Ciszek, S. Mintzer. M athematlcs Club First Row: C. Farrell, L. Assid, C. Abra- ham, C. Weinstock, M. Brown, V. Monto, Mr. Tope, adviser, R. Ahrendts, R. Thomas, A. Tryka, T. Schappert, H. Savitz. Second Row: P. Yenchis, G. NVolfe, W. Troy, L. Keller, F. Alinkoff, M. McAvoy, A. Hafner, R. Zampetti, E. Reed, E. Oliver, A. Kirkutis, S. Ciszek, A. Yorchitis, J. Malta. Third Row: J. Morrissey, C. Uhlar, S. Cross, T. Cooke, F. Brannan, J. Cooney, J. Anderofsky, J. Umlah, R. Park, H. Schmidt, E. Podgorski, J. Hadle, P. Dnugard. Garscribes First Row: I. Evans, L. Long, T. Shukitis, A. Paniczko, pres., Miss Ritchie, D. Simpson, sec-treas., A. Mushaway, A. Wyda, E. Jones, M. Alan. Second Row: G. Swisloski, E. House-nick, G. Henahan, B. Watt, M. Remphrey, R. Petro, M. Dennis, M. Kearney, F. Kemmerer, V. Giampietro, C. Scialanca. S. S. S. Club First Row: B. Higgins, M. Marino, R Jones, B. Peters, L. Liebman, pres., M. Moran, secretary, M. Sheridan, P. Freil, D. Gribble. Second Row: D. Church, E. Morasky, B. Davis, J. Charles, L. Blank, A. Richards, F. Agurkis, Y. Seeherman, M. Simpson, C. Drexinger. Bugs! Not an expression of impatience, for it takes a great deal of patience to be a scientist, and that is what the biology club members call themselves. . . Biology Bugs. . . Club is composed of first-year biology students interested in biological research and in discussing new discoveries in biology. . . At meetings, members present papers on various topics, prepare experiments, and see novel and educational motion pictures. . . Among the clubs accom- plishments are a few preserved specimens. The square of the cotangent of an angle, increased by unity, equals the square of the cosecant. Greek club? No, this is the Mathematics Club. . . Began five years ago, to increase the know- ledge and use of mathematics among the members. . . Membership is open to any person taking solid geometry and trigonometry. . . Besides discussing interesting topics that pertain to the subject, students receive helpful review, and undertake advanced work in other branches of mathematics. Unable to show the excellence of their shorthand writing, all that we can do is to tell about the Garscribes. . . Senior shorthand students are elegible for membership. . . True to their purpose of improving their skill in shorthand, Garscribes spend time writing from dictation at gradually increasing speeds, and transcribing their notes. . . Something new this year was taking dictation from victrola recordings, . . Members received awards for proficiency. S. S. S.! This has nothing to do with ships or sailors, but girls from the seventh period, second-year shorthand class, who call themselves the Speedy Shorthand Stenographers . . New this year, the club was formed to increase the members' knowledge of short- hand technique and speed in its use. . . Members also discussed business and social requirements and learned how to make applica- tion for positions .... For diversion, club held two skating parties and a Christmas party. S O d1.1mrnortales!. . . This cry can be heard coming from members of the Girls Ping Pong Club. . . for they are all Latin students . . in eleventh- and twelfth grades. . . Third year for the club. . . The girls are said to play a mean game, though boy ping-pongists may tell you differently. . . The purpose of the club is to give members a chance to relax. . . Most members prefer playing ping-pong to translating Cicero and Virgil. . . They have an outing in June. Th0Ughx'Cl'1C Boys' Ping Pong Club members are very, very secretive, the following facts were finally discovered: That they meet for pleasure only, but the keen rivalry at times assumes tremcndouswproportions. . . that their adviser, Mr. Miller, is the champion ping-pongist. . . that there is a league to which certain faculty members and club members belong. . . that in order to be a member a boy must be a senior Latin student. . . that there are twelve members. . . and lastly that they meet on Thursday during activity period. Girls' Ping Pong Club G. Jones, F. Peters, A. Mularczyk, F. Alinkoff, A. Siegel, sec-lreax., M. Puterbaugh. A. Monto, A. Hafner, R. Zampctti, M. Jones, L. Llewellyn. Second Row: A. Skeras, F. Sabatina, E. Aronoff, M. Jacobs, M. Povilaitis, A. Yankoski, presidenl, M. Wood, I. Newhart. Boys' Ping Pong Club Robert Thomas, Andrew Tryka, John Zalesk, Morris Moskow. Morris Feinberg, Wilbur Troy, L. Yapsuga, R. Miller, adviser, Anthony Anrlrcw, Vito Monto. First Aid Club First Row: G. Pincus, S. Schwartz, S. Rutchuskasg A. Siegel, J. Egidio, secrelary, M. Alan, president, M. Dillon, treasurer, C. Einstein, F. Morasky. Second Row: B. Davidson, E. VVeinstein, D. Davis, T. Shukitis, A. Paniczko, C. Krysicki, M. Speer, E. Uhlar, F. Kemmerer, V. Giam- petro, M. Jones. Current Events Club First Row: C. NVeinstock, S. Cross, M. Brown, I. XVohl, G. Jacobs, president, R. Nogee, recrelary, J. Lake, J. Mitchell, S. Abraham. Second Row: J. Lacek, C. Uhlar, J. Skeras, J. Hiznay, J. Murphy, H. Savitz, A. Yorchitis, S. Simon. W. Troy, Mr. Lloyd, adviser. The First Aid Club is in its initial year. . . Members are all seniors. . . They are taught various phases of first aid, including bandaging and artificial respiration. . . Meetings are made more interesting by lectures given by members of local Red Cross organiza- tion . . . The twenty-two girls meet every Monday in activity period - . . senior class standing is a requisite. Do you want to learn what is going on in the world today?. . . lf so, consult the thinkers, the boys who keep up with world affairs- in other words the Current Events Club. . . The club is divided into groups, each of which has some particular phase of the news to take care of. . . local. . . state. . . national. . . or foreign news. . . There are eighteen members. . . from eleventh and twelfth grades. . - They meet every Tuesday in activity period. -3 4- First Row: E. Macri, F. Austin, I. Arnow, .., ,f. , .f.1"b, ',x"' K V Sim Tuuug Club Q, H -. First Row: L. Dziedzic, E. Harkitis, . Melan, J. Good, R. George, secretary, G. Hashem, president, M. Vukovich, B. Shopliek, J. Griswold, J. Flannery. Second Row: Miss Moses, adviser, M. Eigenbrod, M. Troy, R. Hartman, M. Halliday A. Paskevich, C. Roman, V. Thomas, A. Marsicano. Third Row: H. Gillman, H. DeBoo, J. DeFilippi, J. Heim, I. lwlargolis, M. Dobish T. Sorbers, S. Gottesman. v Odds and Ends Club First Row: B. Finn, E. Gribble, F. Powell, C. Richards, M. Grohol, L. Griffith, N. Jones, G. Jones. Second Row: M. Kellie, H. Andes, sec. K. Freund., D. Doyle, M. Paltanavich, M, Singley, R. Ullman, Miss Phillips, adviser. Third Row: J. Edgar, P. Lack, P. Deck- er, J. Evans, NV. Loughney, H. Thomas, C. Davis. Sump Club First Row: B. Brauch, M. Chiloro, M. Coury, M. Mohan, M. George, C. Eicke, presideril, W. Johns, J. Parker, see-treas., M. Thomas, L. Walters, F. Davis, R. Zobel, D. Nardone, G. Gugliotti P' Second Row: S. Kenski, E. Conrad, C. Considine, V. Lanza, R. Paptopoli, V. McEvoy, C. Pugh, D. Rohme, M. Thomas, D. Ripkin, S. Ringel, R. Farrell, M. Bigoski, M. Spirosa, Miss Regan, adviser. Third Row: L. Kwastavich, H. VVerner, V. Guogas, B. Drake, F. Hughes, F. Maskinas, E. Oberaitis, B. Skurkis, J. Herstek, M. Marino, W. Engler. Latin Club First Row: G. Stanziale, R. Macri, I. Choak, A. Nevitsky, E. Yenchis, F. Petrella, M. Finn, president, M. Clarke, J. Bowers, treasurer, E. Scureman, M. Simmers, E. Martin. Second Row: A. Blaso, E. Thomas, L. Zampetti, M. Allegar, G. Roberts, H. Skeras, L. Divine, A. Hiznay, A. Lewis, S. Coates, Ad Santewan, T. Sloan, setrelary, Miss Mileham, a riser. "Once upon a time"-. . . So starts the meeting of the Story Telling Club. . . every Thursday in room 208. . . Thirty members enrolled. . . They aim to acquire ability to express themselves with ease by , . . telling stories. . . memorizing apt quotations. . . Each meeting is in charge of a different chairman, different comittee. Collecting scrapbook material is the purpose of the Odds and Ends Club. . . Keeping their books, their ordinary work. . . Twenty-four, the number of members enrolled. . . Monday, their day of meeting. . . Supplying appropriate quotations for the hall bulletin board, one of their accomplishments. . . Two, the number of years in existence. Of course amateur philatelists may be found in G. A. R. . . The Stamp Club meets every Thursday in activity period. . . All the members have stamp collections . . They exchange stamps and discuss their histories at the meetings. . . The collectors held a party at the end of the year. . . there are forty-one members. A new club this year is the Latin Club. . . The membership consists of twenty-Seven boys and girls, all ninth grade Latin students. . . Their work includes conversing in Latin, reading Latin stories, and tracing the origin of English words. . . Slides depicting Roman life are shown at meetings. . . The members have made posters showing the value of Latin in every type of profession. . . . To these modern alert students, Latin is a living, not a dead language. -35.., Fi What a lovely sweater! You made itl Where did you learn? Knit Wits? Who are they? The answers, to wit: Knit Wits are a club of senior girls who knit. . . To belong, one must know how to knit, or else be eager to learn. . . Many busy seniors finished sweaters, pocketbooks, and other small articles. . . a few even completed suits. . . At close of the year, the girls held a theatre party. Les Tricoteurs. . . This is the French name of the group of eleventh grade girls who like to knit. . . also to crochet, tat, and embroider. . . At Christmas time the girls bought dolls and dressed them in knitted outfitsg then sent the dolls to the firemen to be given to needy children. . . On St. Patricks day, their adviser, lvliss Dembitz, gave the girls a surprise party. Knit-Wits Senior Knitting Clnb First Row: R. Zampetti, A. Hafner, A. koff, P. Ackerman, F. Morasky, M. Dillon. Second Row: G. Evans, C. Roughscdgc, E. Reed, A. Daniels, E. Uhlar, Miss Siegel, adviser. Third Row: S. Schwartz, C. Einstein, F. Alinkoff, J. Jones, J. Egirlio. Les Tricoteurs Eleventh Grade Knitting Club First Row: M. Thomas, H. Milnamow, H. Searfoss, G. Platsky, president, L. Snow, secretary, V. Hirthler, A. DeLida, Y. Pasquini. M. Lack. Second Row: R. Petro, B. Schuler, R. Harfman, C. Myers, F. Greisman, R. Ullman. V. Ungar. Garn its Tenth Grade Knitting C litb First Row: A. Spino, M. Jeckell, M. Pac- ovsky, M. Chulvick, F. Gibson, F. Siegel, .rec-treat., J. Weinstock, president, R. Rein, L. Shaiman, G. Slireiber, R. O'Donne1l, M. Harririg. Second Row: R. Guarnaccia, G. Lasman, J. Brislin, E. Bosch, M. Hogan, L. Shukitis, G. Nardell, S. Gottesman, D. Ringel, R. Polito, M. Calo, M. Hummer. Third Row: L. Baker, F. Cecere, F. Hejduk, F. Simonavitch, F. Stempiri, L. Con- ner, D. Horton. M. Lacek, J. McGowan, F. Platsky, P. Powell, S. Hosage, A. Dougherty. Knit and Rip Ninth Grade Knitting Clitb First Row: S. Johns, E. O'Malley, S. George, T. Kratz, M. Savitsky, M. Martino, M. Alan, A. Benevitch, L. Cunningham, Second Row: B. Moskow, S. Beclwiek, H. Kramer, M. Basler, T. Zack, treasurer, G. Everhart, M. Searfoss, D. Williams, pres. Knit, purl, knit, purl. . . this goes on and on at the meetings of the Garnits Club. . This knitting club is for tenth grade girls who wish either to learn this handicraft or to increase their skill. . . They strive to be more adept and confident in undertaking similar work outside the club. . . Sweaters were ordinary work, and each girl completed at least one small article. . . Socially, the girls had a Valentines day party. Ninth graders too, like to keep up with new-old styles. . . voila-the Knit and Rip Club . . Has twenty-two members. . . one-fourth were novices, who learned the fundamentals of knitting . . . the others were old hands. . . Articles in as many styles, colors, and sizes as members have been completedaamong them sweaters . . . dressesy. . scarfs. Siegel, sec-treas., B. Davidson, pres., R. Alini- Knick Knock Knitters Eighth Grade Knitting Club First Row: M. Podkul, S. Paulka, R. Freed, E. Levy. H. Gutterman, president, B. Jones, secretary, J. Seiger, treasurer, C. Barone M. Mosuta, E. Paduck. Second Row: M. Branch, A. Flakes, I. Petroski, A. Kirkutis, J. Carr, P. Honeywell, B. Guarnaccia, H. Leskauskas, Miss Hart, adviser. Third Row: G. VVright, A. McGlynn, M. Jackson, M. Boyle, I. Kelly, V. Lejgien, G. Rostkowski, R. Conner. C. E. C. Club Fir t Row: M. Pacovsky. F. Hejduk, M. Hassing, B. Schuler, treasurer, D. Black, president, M. Searfoss, G. Everhart, secretary, D. Thomas. Second Row: Miss Malinowski, adviser, D. Thorpe, C. Smith, A. Skeras, M. Chulvick, P. Moskury, R. Keating, M. Riester, V. Iorio. Eighth Grade N eedlecraft Club First Row: D. Messmer, H. Ponting, L. Corbitt, N. Thomas, M. Schmiddle, treasurer, M. Remphrey, president, M. Thomas, M. Sny- der, seeretary, M. Ahlbrandt, C. Jones, F- Adams. Second Row: Miss Hahn, adviser, M. Mike, A. Williams, F. Kretchmer, L. Williams, B. Lippett, S. Tomalinas, F. Zaikoski, M. Ahrendts. Third Row: L. Cecelon, N. Seminario, J. Sleigo, C. Butruce, M. Austin, H. Walter, E. Anthony, R. Monto, S. Boline, M. Flynn Seventh Grade Needleeraft Club First Row: R. Hughes, A. Lahr, A. Baker, L. Joseph, C. Ryan, secretary, R. Gawlas, president, D. Thieman, A. Liscosky, F. Reno, R. Tischler, A. McHugh. Second Row: R. Zampetti, 'M. Pettinger, T. Harry, S.Machonis, J. Conwell, L. Newitt, C. Esseff, B. Allen, A. Griswold, Miss Rosser, adviser. Third Row: E. Collins, A. Richards, R. Smith, R. Lloyd, R. O'Rourke, A. Sokoloski, N. Koch, M. Naum, E. Ivanaski, J. Nevitsky. Can you say "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers?" . . . If you can, you'll be able to pronounce Knick Knack Knitters, the alliterative title of the eighth grade knitting club. . . These girls meet every Thursday in activity period to knit and gossip. . . Many fashionable sweaters, hats, scarfs, and purses of various colors, shapes, and sizes, have been knitted. . . Twenty-eight girls wield the clicking needles. . . The club was a new one this year. Did you know that?. . . C. E. C. stands for the Crocheting and Embroidering Club. . . This is the Hrst year of its existence. . . There are twenty-two members. . . from tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades . . . they learn to crochet and to embroider beautiful things. . . They have held several roller-skating parties, to which other clubs were invited. New to Cv. A. R. this year is the Eighth Grade Needlecraft Club. . . The only requirement for membership is a desire to learn to do needle work. . . The members, knit, tat, crochet, and cm- broider. . . They have made many beautiful and useful articles. To learn the art accomplished by the different kind of needles is the purpose of the Seventh Grade Needlecraft Club. . . The time of meeting is Thursday, activity period. . . The membership consists of thirty-three girls. . . The club is a new one this year. 37- Directly above: The law steps in. Top left: The entire cast of the Garthespians, Play,Digging Up the Dirt. Top right: Backstage where all the fun takes place. Circle: lt's no use, Dorothea. Redman Berrlpkirms says, UNO." Right: Hold stillg the pictures coming. . . gee, l hope he caught us. Below: A bit of extra stepping at the Athletic Dance. vbYf'a::5w A X 7-X 0 X9 937 .IA N UARY 1937 EHL HUEWW I?-0 S., V CD -o Z Z :IP 4 CD O 0 E300 A 5 3 42' X 3 023 X X 4 59Z'9f1, f Ee. af , WYW, , -ll4. Boys' Basketball Squad 'fJoker" makes a long one First Row: B. Dennis, C. Wasilewski, R. English, J. Anderofsky, J. Cooney, B. Blaum. Second Row: J. Finn, J. Jones, D. Murray, J. Knopic, J. Gittens, L. Koons, W. Allen, F. Brannan. 5001515 of fge league With the fine record of nine wins and live losses in league competition, the G. A. R. Basketball Team finished the season in fourth place in the Wyoming Valley League, and also shared the city championship with Meyers. The Carmen showed strength in their non-league games by winning all six on the schedule. Outstanding this season was the scoring ability displayed by the Carmen. Smooth passing coupled with accurate shooting produced a surprisingly large total of points for the Grenadiers. In one of these hectic scoring sprees, the Heights boys set a league scoring record for the season by amassing a total of sixty points against Coughlin. Rocco English captured the individual high score title by garnering twenty-four points in a single game. The squad made a pleasing appearance in flashy new uniforms that made them one of the best dressed teams in the valley. Seating space was hard to find, as large crowds turned out for all the home games, and a huge mob was turned away at the Newport-G. A. R. game because of the lack of accommodations. Coming up strong after a slow start in the opening non-league tilt of the season, the Garmen overcame a fast Ashley quintet by the score of 36 to 26. Exeter and Stroudsburg in quick succession suffered crushing losses at the hands of the Grenadiers, the former by the score of 46 to 24, and the latter, 37 to 7. The Soldiers encountered stiff opposition in their second game with Ashley, eking out a 2l to 20 victory only after a hard-fought battle. The non-league season was successfully brought to a close with two successive victories over Forty Fort, both by decisive margins. Displaying mid-season form, the Grenadicrs opened the Wyo- ming Valley League season by easily downing Kingston and Plains. Following these victories, the Heights boys tasted defeat for the first time in losing to Nanticoke in a well played, hard-fought contest that finally ended 33 to 31 after much see-sawing. This was the first defeat for the Carmen in two years on our home court. Undaunted, the Soldiers traveled to Plymouth, where, after playing on even terms for three quarters, they downed the Shawnee- ites by the score of 44 to 32. The Garmen piled up an early lead and pulled steadilyvaway from Coughlin to trim them easily by the score of 40 to 25, in the first intra-city school clash for the Garmen. The state championship Newport team proved too strong for the Hilltoppers in a one-sided contest that ended 45 to 29. The Soldiers were unable to cope with the dazzling offensive displayed by the champions. A tremendous crowd witnessed this contest, the gymnasium being filled more than two hours before game time. It's a basket! The first team: R, English, J. Cooney, C. Was- Tough shot, Rocco. ilewski, J. Anderofsky, captain, B. Dennis, B. Blaum Ending the first half season, the Hilltoppers met Meyers in what proved to be a real thriller. After Meyers took the lead, the Carmen tied the count in the closing minutes, sending the game into an extra period. C. A. R. quickly took the lead, but were nosed out by the narrow margin of 47 to 46. At this point C. A. R. had four victories and three losses. The second encounter with Kingston was much more closely fought than the first, the Carmen being victorious, 48 to 38. Plains came back a much improved team to throw a scare into the I-Iilltoppers in a nip and tuck contest. The Soldiers fin- ally nosed out the "Red Wave", 36 to 32. Seeking revenge for an earlier defeat, the Crenadiers travelled to Nanticoke, only to find the Nans a still more improved outfit. As a result, the Carmen received a sound 42 to 26 drubbing, their fourth loss of the season. Following this defeat, the Heights boys vented their rage upon the Plymouth outfit, soundly whipping the Shawneeites by the score of 47 to 24. In a game that turned out to be a scoring holiday for the I-Iilltoppers, Coughlin went down to defeat by the score of 60 to 18. In this game the team scoring record for the season was broken by C. A. R. Rocco English, in scoring twenty-four points, won the individual scoring honors for a single game. A huge crowd was on hand to witness the last home game of the season, between C. A. R. and Newport. The Carmen fought gallantly and succeeded in holding the champions to even terms during most of the game. In the closing minutes, however, the Crenadiers fell behind, 39 to 34. This loss dropped the Heights boys to fourth place on the league standing. In the last game of the season, with Meyers, the seniors on the team,HCaptain Anderofsky, john Cooney, Francis Brannon and "Bill Knopic donned their uniforms for the last time for C. A. R, Displaying their best form, the I-Iilltoppers could not be denied and won, 40 to 33. This victory put C. A. R. into a tie with Meyers for the city championship. The Scores 5 Non-League Games December 4-C. A. R. 36-Ashley 26 December 84C. A. R. 46-Exeter 24 December ll- C. A. R. 37-Stroudsburg 7 December l54C. A. R. 21-Ashley 20 December 18-C. A. R. 444Forty Fort 14 December 224C. A. R. 37-Forty Fort 20 Wyoming Valley League Games -January 12-C. A. R. january 15-C. A. R. january l9iC. A. R. january 22-C. A. R. january 26-C. A. R. February 2-C. A. R. February 5-C. A. R. February 10-C. A. R February 13-C. A. R February l6AC. A. R February 19-C. A. R February 23-C. A. R February 26-C. A. R 454Kingston l3 5l-Plains 23 3l4Nanticoke 33 44-Plymouth 32 40-Coughlin 25 29-Newport 45 16-Meyers 47 . 48-Kingston 38 36-Plains 32 26-Nanticoke 42 47-Plymouth 24 oo -Coughlin 1 8 344--Newport 39 March 5-C. A. R. 40-Meyers 33 D41- O First Row: L. Cronziuer, E. Uhlar. A. Berger, capl., G. Swisloski, G. Jones. Second Row: C. McHugh, M. Jones, A. McGroarty, M. McAvov, B. Kovach, F. Austin. gifzf Baagafaafn Swish! Another goal to add to the score of the G. A. R. Girls' Varsity Basketball Team. With one of the most diflicult schedules in years, the girls managed to break even for the season, having three wins and three losses credited to them. They ran up a higher number of points than their rivals, however, having totaled 161 points to their oppon- ents' l57. The team, this year, was coached by Miss Mary Henry. The girls began the season by dropping their opener, on january lo, to the Kingston high school team on the latter's fioor. ln spite of the fine passing and shooting displayed by the local girls, Kingston had the better and more experienced team. The final score was 36 to 26. The reserve game also was won by King- ston, 8 to 4. . Onjanuary 20, rallying after defeat in their first game of the season, the G. A. R. girls downed the St. Nicholas high girls on the latter's home fioor. The game was close and hard fought throughout. The final score was 23 to 21. Because of the lack of time, the reserve teams did not play. Back for revenge for the loss of their first game of the season, the G. A. R. team was again checked by Kingston, February 4, on the former's home floor. The first half of the game was close, but in the second half the strong Kingston girls spurted ahead to win a six-point victory. The end of the game score was 31 to 25. The Kingston scrubs badly defeated the G. A. R. second team, lo to O. ln the closest game of the season, on February 26, G. A. R. defeated the powerful Meyers sextet by the score of 35 to 32. Hold- ing the low end of the score at the third quarter, the local girls nosed out the Meyers team in the final minutes of the contest by a spurt of fine passing and teamwork. The outstanding feat of the season was accomplished in this game, when Adelyn Berger, l G. A. R.'s time. This way, Edith. l-lurry up, Genevieve! Dont take too long, girls. One for G. A. R. Signals over L . O Pass it, Genevieve! Berger makes a basket! It's in. Nice try, Adelyn. captain of the varsity team, tallied 28 points, exceeding every other forward's high score. During the entire season, Adelyn averaged 21 points per game. The following week, March 4, G. A. R. swamped the St. lVIary's high school girls in the only one-sided tilt of the year, 20 to 6. The G. A. R. team pulled steadily ahead of their opponents, and at the half the score stood l7 to O in favor of the Grenadiers. In the second half, the visitors put on an extra burst of speed and garnered six points, but they were quickly checked, The G. A. R. scrubs also won their game. In the fastest and Final game of the year, March ll, in the G. A. R. girls' gymnasium, the G. A. R. girls' varsity basketball team was defeated by the Meyers sextet. Showing a burst of speed in the early minutes of the game, the Visitors held an eight- point lead over the Gargirls. The G. A. R. varsity, however, displayed fine teamwork and passing, and came within two points of the visitors at the half time score, l3 to ll. The Meyers team held a slight lead throughout the second half 3 and when the whistle blew, the score stood 29 to 20. Varsity members who graduate with the-class of 1937 are: Adeline Berger, captain and forwardg Genevieve Swisloski, guard 5 Edith Uhlar, guard 5 Louise Gronauer, center. The scores: january 15-G. A. R. 26-Kingston 36. january 20-G. A. R. 25 St. Nicholas 23. February 4--G. A. R. 25-Kingston 31. February 26-G. A. R. 35-Meyers 32. March 4-G. A. R. 30-St. lVIary's 6. March ll-G. A. R. 20-Meyers 29. Ready to hit it over. Volleyball in full swing. Waiting with open arms. 'E ' -43- 4.2. Swinnning Club First Row: G. Buickus, B. Deleman, J. Mitchell, S. Simon, C. Yuknavage, C. Gribblev J. Smulovitz, M. Long. Second Row: J. Kornblatt, O. Wright, T. Schappert, R. Ahrendts, A. Tryka, president Mr. Schappert, adviser, W. Troy, M. Moskow, T. Podkul, J. Campi, S. Small. Third Row: H. Savitz, L. Smulovitz, F. Zubris, W. Gates, J. Boyle, J. Knopie, S. Zekas A. Stein, G. Everhart, J. Beckus, A. Lisses. Fourth Row: D. Lubin, M. Gevanthor, M. Altman, J. Murphy, treasurer, J. Davitt' secretary, J. McDade, E. Dowey, R. Thomas, E. Krisch, J. Sowakinas, L. Kagan, B. Pavloski. Wrestling Cliib First Row: J. Schappert, J. Smulovitz, T. Schappert, Mr. Whitney, adviser, J. Campi, L. Kagan, T. Cross. Second Row: D. Blaum, J. Toth, E. Wilson, H. Worth, L. Smulovitz, J. Malta, D. Decker, M. Michael. Third Row: T. Sober, J. Jonet, T. O'Rourke, S. Mosuta, I. Margolis, J. Livingston. B. Skurkis, T. Sliney. The Bar Team in Action Almost every Thursday afternoon, the water at the Meyers pool was churned by the fifty mermcn of the Swimming Club. Organized for the purpose of increasing swimming skills and enjoying water sports, the mem- bers held water games and various other activities. A big accomplish- ment of the group was teaching the inexperienced members the art of swimming, while many of the old- timers were improving their strokes and learning new ones. Late in the year, the club held an outing at Lake Silkworth. Although quite new in the way of sports at G. A. R., the Wrestling Club is fast gaining in popularity. Twenty-five boys from ninth to twelfth grades compose this club. For the first time last year, com- petitive matches were held with other schools. This year, a more experienced squad engaged in more matches. By winning the majority of their bouts, the members proved that they are developing as time goes by, and with a veteran team for next year, the future looks bright. The only pyramid bar team in the city schools is the distinction held by the twenty-five boys who compose the C. A. R. Bar Team. One of the oldest groups in the school-twelve years in existence. The main purpose of the team is to develop the body. As the main feature of their work, the members gave an exhibition of skill on the bars for Patrons' day. f-44.. AT EASE and IN AUTIUN -451 Slim an 7 D' V' 453 '? Z i' f' M Ny fs-" Wfbglgf ?'r2 if 5 I7 ,Q f, Jisyghgg 55 rf ff! A Mm. V' Pgkull ' Q' V if f 45' 'L . 5 595, 4ff, -Y-14 Q' "'f-sim . ,I .t gi- 'rw' Q isis., -H. H-K" . :- "' ,Mi -fi-2 . ' 1"y','y . , ,.-.- " ' gi-3 1, iff, ' iz-WW" 9' 541 ,ff , A-1 -- "mag 1 ,if c W " my 1 pigrwyiaiii 12 ' J - ':"'?p,' '-"wr WN il ' EQ JWWX swat, Trees green. . . flowers blossom. . . spring arrives. Cvercoats are put away . . . the out-of-doors again becomes the favorite place for games. . . Spring vacation. . . trips through the woods. . . long automobile rides. . . Back to school with track and baseball. . . and pre- paring for final examinations .... Another commencement. . . and the parade halts for the long vacation. -46- 1 Il J Q I N E Sabah Left: Wimpys Garchive subscribers outnumber Popeye's Right: "Youre not really 'fired', Florence," says Morris. S enior S quad Presidents Sitting: Irene Uniee, assembly squad, Phyllis Ackerman, hall patrol squad, Margaret jones, cafeteria patrol squad. Standing: Maurice Naveen. assistant bank rashier, Helen Coats, head cashier, Betty Davidson, Vito Monto, head ushers. THE MNQUH Princribafs Message To the Class of l937: When we consider the changes in the individuals of your class during the past six years, then we must realize our opportunities and responsibilities as teachers have been reasonably well performed. From comparatively small boys and girls in seventh grade when you first enrolled in G. A. R. you have grown into young men and young women. At first you looked at the upper classmen representing your school in athletics with considerable awe and anticipation. You probably wondered how long before you could acquire the necessary skill and physique to gain berth on one of these teams. Today our outstanding teams Cand we have had several this yearj consist of many representatives of your class, who have given of their time and abilities to help make their contests so successful. At the beginning of your school career, you probably had difh- culty in Hnding your class rooms, in properly preparing the assign- ments for your teachers, and in fitting in to the general high school, environment, But soon, due to the versatility and determination of the class, you made your presence felt in scholarship as well as in the activities. Your records for the past six years compare very favorably with those of former classes. And now as you are being graduated we feel you are well prepared to leave your alma mater for still larger and more fertile fields of training and service. It has also been very gratifying to observe the progress made in the social relationship with your classmates and schoolmates. The timicliry with which you approached your first social functions in junior l-high School has been replaced with confidence and security. Although it has taken several years to perfect this accomplishment, it has been well Worth the effort. Your social enthusiasm and be- haviqr have helped to establish and enviable reputation for your class, We label you today young ladies and gentlemen. We have eagerly watched your development as time marched on from boys and girls to men and women, from elementary grades to the graduating class, and from timid adolescence to complete manhood and womanhood, and are satisfied that you are now ready to take your places as useful citizens in your respective communities. May the start you have made in G. A. R. be but the beginning of a successful and serviceable life. STANLEY R. HENNING. A busy moment for the entire cast of Orchids for You. "My, ain't love grand," says jenkin. -43- M W'-ff ft. ,im ails . O Z... L 2 O 1 o LD -1 Q i CD X 0 JOSEPH ANDEROFSKY JOHN GOONEY HARRIET WINTERS GEORGE JACOBS Pl'eSfdeflt ViC6-PfESfd6nf I. Segfgfary ff' -- - Treasurer A- 5 t,.,i?,re A W1 AWG. . . . an b fcvzzwsfi X, A42 smkjiw l"TJ ' G. A. R. Memoria igh School, September 9, 1931. The day is warm and the sun s ines brightly, as the students, dressed in their best clothes, flock from all points to begin another school year. Spirit runs high as old friends meet and exchange vacation experiences. Groups are scattered here and there in the halls and other meeting places, all busily talking. Among the crowd can be seen various groups of younger students wandering about with the air of strangers. These are part of the four hundred seventh graders who are to form the class of '37. One needs only to listen to us to learn how awed and impressed we are by the size of the building. November 26, Meyers stadium. The stadium is packed with wild, shouting rooters, all huddled together, protecting themselves from the cold bitting wind. Pennants wave, the bands play, and cheers go up every time a good run or play is made. What a thrill during the half! The bands march military-like up the field, there are card displays in the stands. ln it all we can be found yelling ourselves hoarse. We belong. june 17. More hustle and bustle, this time bidding goodbye for the summer. VV e are no longer new students, we await, somewhat impatiently, the return in the fall. The summer passes quickly. Fall comes and goes, as the classes reassemble and we, now familiar with things, enter whole- heartedly into activities. january 10, 1933. The scene is a well filled gymnasium. G. A. R. is playing Scranton Central. The crowd is on edge, and there we are, anxious, hoping for a basket to put us ahead. january 26. All classrooms are quiet. Students are busy over their papers on the desk. The semester examinations are on. Here and there we can be seen, wiping our brows, chewing our pencils, trying to concentrate and think of the answers. Passing means for us-Latin, French, German, and algebra, in other words, we grow up, in subject anyway. -And then exams are over, spring vacation passes and is forgotten, only a short time remains in this school year. Soon we shall enter high school. September 7, 1933. The boys' gymnasium, but not this time the scene of athletic contest. Everywhere are boys in their new long trousers, girls in their bright fall dresses, ninth grade teachers, busy with papers, listing the rooms we are to go to. All of us are anxious, for we are in high school now, and high school means new interest in activities. january 17. Again the boys' gymnasium is the setting. lt is four o'clock in the afternoon. The basketball team is practicing. Someone makes a shot for the basket, now one boy is dribbling down the HOOP, another is practicing fouls, everybody is doing something. A second glance shows some of us, members of '37, sweating, working with the rest of the team. We are taking part, instead of just watching. April 10. Student Council-an important debate. The members are very much excited, for important news is to be given out. The president calls for order, everything is quiet, and the news is announced. We have just won a victory. The privilege of going out-of-doors during lunch time is now ours, a privilege which formerly symbolized senior high school. September 20, 1934. The auditorium is still. Mr. Henning is speaking. ln the center section in the front sit the seniors, opposite them in both side sections are the juniors, and behind them we, sophomores, sit. l-low proud we feel, our first senior high school chapel! February 6, 1935. The soft, lilting strains of the orchestra echo through the gym. lt is the night of the athletic dance. The lights and walls are gaily decorated with blue and gray, and every- where are joyous couples gliding to the soft music. At last we have come into our own. We are now able to attend the affairs of the upper classmen. Aren't we in senior high school? September 5, 1935. Smell of burnt tar is in the air, and the roar of a flaming fire, the roof is being repaired as we return for our junior year. February 5, 1936. Activity period. The halls are filled with noisy students hurrying to different rooms for the meetings of the various clubs. Others are off to practice for plays or to work on the school paper. Amidst it all, we, too, hurry, for we share with the others a part in the different organizations. june 16. Class day. The seniors are on the stage. The auditorium is filled with balloons, red, white, blue. Streamers all around. . . Signs, papers. . . Students dressed in their class colors. And in the coveted seats in the center section, we now sit. We are the seniors. November 20, 1936. Classes are in session, all except our class, the senior class. A meeting is being held to select class officers. The large black board is in the front. The senior teachers are busy distributing, then collecting ballots. There is hurried figuring on the board, and then all is finished. The victors give their speeches, while the losers join in with their congratulations. june 14, 1937. Harrison Park, the outing. The homeroom teams are competing in baseball. Some merry-makers are swim- ming, others are roller-skating. . . The sun sets and the dancing starts. . . Eleven o'clock and the rushing for the buses, a cool ride home, and the day is ended. . . We, too, have enjoyed our outing. june 16 and class night at the country club. The girls in their pastel-colored gowns, the boys in their white Hannels and dark coats. . . A happy meal. . . gay music. . . fun dancing. . . And then the trip home. june 18. G. A. R., 8:00 p. m. The auditorium is dark. The seats are filled with happy, anxious parents and friends, Down the aisle, we, the class of 1937, march slowly up to the stage. The end of our high school days has come. The class songs. . . the class oration. . . the commencement address. . . finally diplomas . . And another class leaves G. A. R. The march is ended, and now we here must say farewell. afefgaj ..49-,, . i ,- - T 5 - f i- l . F , . V r t ya fjTj.,JjQ- fi K ljkj.. j A, LJ., . w .- i ' i fx I 1 7 4' , k 1 ' aff! M" L I .. ' 1 i f Ti.. L. ks f Hoping to travel, "Eaigie" gets plenty ofxpractice captaining the third floor patrolmen. Knits beautifully, beats lvlr. Wermuth at ping-pong, and knows her mathematics. Vvlas a credit to the Forty Fishes, because swimming is her hobby and chief outside activity. 0ur'iFaigie"? Florence Ann Alinkoff. Sister, Bessie, was in '28. Joseph Francis Anderofsky has been active in so many organizations it is impossible to list them all. Was a three-letter man and captain of three sports, football, basketball, and baseball. ln addition "joker" is a first honor roll student and president of senior class. Interested mainly in athletics outside. Plans to enter college in fall. To be a doctor is the main ambition of Anthony Joseph Andrew. Tony entered G. A. R. from Centennial in the seventh grade. Homeroom representative and active in clubs, belonging to the dramatic, ping-pong, and glee clubs. Enjoys most swimming, basketball, and ping-pong. Sister, lvlary, graduated in '34. Emilie Ruth Armbruster spends much leisure time drawing. Here only three years, but very active. First-rate typist-juniors pin of merit-select secretarial club-one of Garchive staff typists. Wrote good Blue and Gray articles. Active in glee and K. A. K. clubs. Hopes to be a secretary or an illustrator. 'T A it l YQ' Rx 'x J' l rf ' ,.f' . An academic student, Carl Thorn Abraham, entered G. A. R. in l93l from Centennial. Has been a member of the mathematics and glee clubs. Active in sports'-a member of the track team. Billiards is "Abe's" hobby. Spends much of his spare time at the Y. M. C. A. Plans to go to college and become a teacher. This tiny lady has been nimbling to patrol posts since eighth grade-patrol president, as senior. No wonder her hobby is hiking! junior usher and member of dramatic club. On Blue and Gray staff five years-merit pin as junior, chief editorship as senior. On Garchive editorial staff. Tiny as she is, Phyllis Ruth Ackerman does big things. .. ,D f . Hopi g to enter the business world, Mary Jacqueline Alan has taken the commercial course. Was homeroom secretary, Garscribes club member. Received a shorthand certihcate and library pin. Especially active in library club and Girl Reserves. President of first aid club. "Margo" loves to dance, to read, and to drive a car. The circus, not the big three-ring kind, but a model circus, is the unique hobby of Raymond Surre Ahrendts. Ray came to G. A. R. in the seventh grade from Vxfeaver. He was a member of the glee, mathematics, and swimming clubs. Chief interests out- side of schoolfthe Sir Galahad Organization of St. Stephens Church and basketball. Dear to his heart is the violin of Edward Joseph Amaitis. Plays the trombone, too. Entering Cv. A. R. from Dana in 1931, iiBoss" joined the junior orchestra. Since then has been a member of glee club, band. and senior orchestra. Hobby is collecting rare copies of music by noted composers. lntends to earn his living with his music. This smiling girl is Ruth Alinikoff, known to us through her comedy portrayals in the musical comedies and the senior play. Ruthie was an associate editor of the Blue and Gray, and received her pin. Helped edit the Garchive, too. Contributed her bit to a successful football season as a ehcerleadergher voice "led all the rest. ' WAI... - -50.. Wishing to be a stenographer, Ramona Marion Balsavage is naturally a commercial student. She was active in eleventh grade as treasurer of Girl Reserves and of glee club. Senior year found her on senior girls' tea and on invitations and name cards committees. Likes to read and to dance. Sister is Eleanor '35, Lucas J. Assid, better known as "Rookie," enrolled in G. A. R. in l93l from Hill Street school and took a technical course. Member of the mathematics and glee clubs. Helped plan the class day program. Interested in sports outside of school, especially baseball and football. A certified public accountant is what Thomas A. Black wants to be. Entered G. A. R. from St. Nicholas in ninth grade. Has belonged to C. M. T. C., swimming, and Garscribes clubs. As manager of football, Tom was awarded his letter. Dancing and traveling, chief interests outside of school. Hobby, athletics. "Bumps" received patrol captain and assembly squad awards. junior usher, and member of swimming and knitting clubs. As senior, president of library and glee clubs. Enjoys swimming. Outside of school, Mary Diane Bernpkins is engaged in church work and in basketball. Sister, Thelma, graduated in '34. One of the most athletically inclined senior girls, Adelyn Berger played varsity basketball three years, earning letter and holding captaincy. Homeroom representative three years-vice- president of student council. Glee clubs saw her three years in musicals. Was chairman of 1937 athletic dance. Loves dancing and all outdoor sports. Sister, Thelma, graduated in '35, Since accountancy is his main ambition, Joseph Vincent Boyle selected a commercial course. Entered G. A. R. from St. Mary's in ninth grade. Has been a member of the dancing class and of the swimming and C. M. T. C. clubs. joe likes all sports, but his favorite is swimming. v -I 7 K Y fl' . l V,.'w,lt-,lm J i W -7- - . af' ft jus , rancis Raymond Brannan plans to be an athletic directo Having entered G. A. R. in l933 from St. Marys, "Dutchy" as been active in athletics ever since, receiving his letter in ootball, basketball, and baseball. Has been a member of many clubs-president of C. M. T. C. club. Hopes to go to college in the fall. Louise Claire Blank entered G. A. R. from St. Nicholas high school in tenth grade and enrolled in the technical course. While here she joined the needlecraft, S. S. S., and dancing clubs. Was a member of the safety council in her senior year. Hobby is knitting. Her ambition is to be a stenographer. Mary Alexis Blaum has been homeroom representative or assistant since she came here from St. Boniface. Member of dramatic clubs. Glee club put her in operettas. Co-chairman of Christmas dance. Likes swimming, tennis, reading. Hopes to be a nurse or a stenographer. Mathematics, swimming, currents events, dramatic, are the clubs that Milton Brown joined. "Sir" came to G. A. R. in eighth grade from Grant Street school, took a technical course. Was a member of senior gift committee. Hobby, reading. To become an accountant is the ambition of Morris A. Brown, a commercial student, who came to G. A. R. in eighth grade from Grant Street school. "Morry" was a member of the C. M. T. G, dancing, bowling, and swimming clubs. Served as homeroom bank cashier and as member of the Garchive dance committee. Entering G. A. R. from St. Mary's, Rheta Susan Burns took an academic course. Was a patrolman for four years and bank cashier for three. Member of dramatic and dancing clubs. Next to swimming and dancing, "Burnsie" likes best to listen to the radio. Actively engaged in "Y" Work outside of school. "A fine way to keep going is by batting a tennis ball"-so thinks Verna Carr, a member of the glee, debating, knitting, and dancing clubs. Member of the operetta chorus in tenth grade. Hopes to be azs-gtenographer in the business world. Sister, Florence, graduated in . Peter Anthony Butruce came to G. A. R. in l93l from Dana Street school and enrolled in the technical course. Pete was a mem- ber of the mathematics club and of the class night committee. Likes reading, camping, and all outdoor sports. Plans to be a printer. l i Wrestling is the best sport, in the opinion of Joseph s Carnpi, a member ofqthe G. A. R. wrestling team, and ol" e wrestlingteamatthe"Y . "Kike"joinedtheG.M.'l'.C.,swimmi , gaiicing, and dramatic clubs. Also likes camping, boxing, and han S a . Y s X Jean Mary Charles, a commercial student, entered G. A. R. from Centennialf 'iSis" has been a member of the Girl Rese es, dancing class knittin and shorthand clubs Likes to dancelgsd Y ks N I N K x Y to play the piano. Would like to become a clerk. Brother, Georgefs graduated in 'Zo tu it X if mi'-' .Q X V"kfx.1x, 52 N X -X 'Q N 0 1 . V 1 a . Helen Beatrice Clocker came to G. A. R. from Meade Street school in seventh grade. joined junior glee club, needlecraft club, and Girl Reserves. Spends much time in working on her scrap book and in reading. Outside of school she is engaged in church and club work. "Sis" would like to be a nurse. Entering G. A. R. in l93l from Weaver school, Angelo Daniel Carpist pursued a technical course. "Ao" has served as homeroom secretary and bank cashier, and as a member of the class day com- mittee. Outside of school he plays baseball and basketball. Alphonso Carpist '34 is his brother. S. O. S., dancing, G. M. T. C., and secretarial clubs are some of the organizations to which Michael Chruney has' belonged since entering G. A. R. from Grant Street school. Mike was a Garchive typist, took part in the senior play, and served on the ticket committee. Interested in science, he spends much of his spare time tinkering with radio. Helen Ruth Coats was head bank cashier in her senior year, an associate editor of theBlue and Gray, and a member ofthe Garchive editorial staff. 'Peggyn was also a junior usher, and a member of the library club for four years. Received library pin and Blue and Gray pin. Plans to attend college in the fall to study library work. Brother, Norman, graduated in '30. gf I V i 1 -r flrffjw A" nf-A y J? 9 1 - Earning his letter in football, basketball, and baseball, john Joseph Cooney has become the third three-letter man in the senior class. johnny was vice-president of his class and co-chairman of the Garchive dance committee, in addition to being active in many clubs. Hobby is sports. Besides portraying the character of Lady Holland in the senior play, Ann Rose Daniels was an active member of Girls Reserves, dramatic, knitting, and biology clubs, and score-keeper at girls' basketball games. She received an award for service on the patrol squad. A prominent member of student council during six years at G. A. R., Betty Martha Davidson, a junior usher and later a co-head usher, still found time to be a member of the dramatic, knitting, first-aid, and French clubs. Gave good performance in senior play. Hopes to study advertising. Brother, Martin, graduated in '35. Francis John Cosgrove entered G. A. R. from Hazle Street school in 1931, Pursued an academic course. joined the C. lvl, T. C. and the senior dancing class. 'ACos" was also a member of the senior outing committee. Likes to spend leisure hours swimming and hiking. W' A popular member of the dancing class for two years, Regina Marie Cooney, better known as "Goldie", has been active for five years on the patrol squad and has received an award for this service. Dancing and radio broadcasting take up her spare moments outside of school. Another member of the class whose hobby is radio-Stanley Carl Ciszek. Entered G. A. R. from Dana Street school. Belonged to the S. O. S., biology, C. lvl, T. C., mathematics clubs, stage crew, and dancing class. "Corporal" hopes to enter the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and become a radio operator. To work for Uncle Sam in the forestry service is the goal set for himself by Howard Albert Clocker, an academic student, who is fond of outdoor life. Al has been a member of the band, the dancing class, and of the biology, swimming, and glee clubs. An accomplished dancer, Rebecca Philippe Coplan has belonged to dancing club since ninth grade. Danced in the musical comedy chorus and would like to be some day a member of a dancing chorus. Was a homeroom representative for two years. Besides dancing, Becky likes reading. Who portrayed the character of "Sitting Bull" in the senior tea pantomime? None other than Louise Augusta Cronauer, a member of Girl Reserves, dancing, knitting, and swimming clubs. lncidently, she is prominent in church dramatics. Louise played basketball in her senior year. Brother, Leo, graduated in '35. Thomas William Cooke is known for his love of the out-of- doors. Tom likes hiking, swimming, fishing, and hunting, and he wants to be an agriculturist. His hobby is guns. He was a member of the mathematics and C. lvl. T. C. clubs and outing committee. Ellen Cooke '34 is his sister. e X x .ly l'. ,J 7 L , ., kt F53- X L ds wi Q? Ti-.Xe it i 4 Dominic Paul Diaco was prominent in athletics while at G. A. R.-center on the varsity football team, and outfielder on the baseball team. The stage crew, lettermen's club, and the Garchive dance committee are some of the organizations of which "Boleyn was a member. Mary Ann Dennis was a member of the dancing class for three years, one of the Forty Fishes in eleventh grade, and a member of the Garscribes club in twelfth grade. Served on the senior stage and athletic dance committees. An ardent basketball fan. Would like to be a bookkeeper. Margaret Claire Dillon, prominent in Girl Reserves, was 'elected their president in her senior year. Peg has received an award for her service on the patrol squad, and was a member of the biology, swimming, knitting, debating, dancing, and first aid clubs. Her ambition is to be a nurse. Enrolled in a technical course, Peter Frank Dougard aims to become an electrical engineer. Pete ran the quarter mile on the track team, belonged to the mathematics club, and served on the senior outing committee. Reading and sports fill his leisure time. Until he came to G. A. R. in ninth grade, Jacob Thomas Elias attended St. Boniface parochial school. joined the C. M, T. C. and mathematics clubs. uShaker's" life ambition is to make good as an aeronautical engineer. Likes to spend much of his time in "the great outdoors," hunting, fishing, and trapping. Julia Ann Egidio, entered from Hazle Street school in 1931, and took an academic course. Was a member of Girl Reserves, biology, knitting, French, First aid, and dancing clubs. "Kid" is active in "Y" work. Roller skates in her spare time. Expects to go in training next year. After having received his elementary education at Centennial school, Samuel Cross came to G. A. R. and took an academic course. Became a member of the C. M. T. C., current events, mathematics, and swimming clubs. Sam spends much time at the Y. M. C. A. in winter and enjoys hiking during summer vacation. This future beautician, Dorothy Mary Davis, entered G. A. R. in seventh grade from Custer Street school. Dottie was a member of the Girl Reserves in tenth grade and of Hrst-aid club in her senior year, She enjoys reading and horseback riding. Brother, Luther, graduated in '33. A member of the biology and dancing clubs in twelfth grade, member of the operetta chorus for three years, Alyce joan Dean was also one of the four senior tea hostesses. Received an award for patrol service. Would like to be a nurse. Sister, Margaret, graduated in 'Bo Among the school organizations that benefited by having Samuel Cutler as a member, were the Blue and Gray printing staff, senior dancing class, and the safety council, of which he was secretary. Sams favorite diversion is dancing-attended most of the school dances. Brother, Morris, graduated from G. A. R. in 1935. Q -54.. pe" , , i ' an 5, C, t 1 . 4 V V 5 -Q, vk 'F fi - -' if P -0 H 4 H 0 , . I ...o A g W ,- , , .. . , . R , pf M. , . .. For service on the cafeteria patrol, Celia Dolores Einstein received a patrol award. "Ceil" was a member of the first aid, knitting, and dancing clubs, and served on the Garchive dance com- mittee. She is active at the "Y", likes to read, and wants to work in an office. Sister, julia, graduated in '33. Charles Willard Farrel was associated with numerous ac- tivities, some of which were track, football, mathematics club and the Blue and Gray printing staff. l-lomeroom representative in his senior year. "Grapie's" hobbies are reading and sports. Two sisters, Agnes '33 and Adele '35, have graduated from G. A. R. An academic student, Morris Feinberg came to G. A. R. from Hazle Street school. 'ilvlaishieu was homeroom bank cashier and belonged to the ping-pong club. Was basketball manager in ninth and tenth grades. lntends to take a course in window decorating in preparation for a business position. To be a nurse is the ambition of Gwen Evans. Entering G. A. R. from' Palmer in seventh grade, Cvwenie took an academic course. Participated in the biology and knitting clubs, and served on the senior play committee. 5 Q .32 ii Lx 'Q R Irene Evans, a member of the Garchive editorial staff, was exchange editor of Blue and Gray in her senior year and received her pin for three years' service. Received awards also for patrol service and for excellence in typing. Renee belonged to French, Garscribes, dramatic, glee, and secretarial clubs. Sister, Margaret, graduated in '33. el Ephraim Fink, a commercial student, came to G. A. R. fro Grant Street school in l932. Ephraim joined the swimming cl A and the senior dancing class. l-lis main ambition is to secure a good position in the commercial field. Likes to drive the family carion pleasure trips. A P . ti 'ix R After entering G. A. R. from St. Nicholas high school in tenth grade, James Paul Flanagan joined the bar team, Blue and Gray printing staff, dancing class, and swimming club. Earned his letter in football. After a summer of camping, "Steamer" expects to enter college to study chemical engineering. 5 N Marion Catherine Flynn, a commercial student, came to sg' Cv. A. R. in her junior year, and joined the dancing class, knitting Nj club, and basketball team. As a senior she sang in the glee club . B and in the choir of her church. Music and skating are her hobbies. 2. 3 ,Shed like to become a private secretary. Victoria Rose Giarnpietro has been a member of the knitting, Garscribes, and first aid clubs, of the lunch checkers patrol, and of the senior tea and invitations committees. "Honey" would like to be a private secretary. She is a sister ofjoseph '28, Patrick '32 and Lucy '34. An academic student, Frederick Lipp Ford plans to carry his studies further after graduation. Some of the numerous groups of which "Derf" was a member are swimming club, stage crew, and the mathematics club. l-leld office of homeroom representative. Participates in athletics outside of school. -5 5.. N s A Guns and farming seem a strange combination-but thev represent the hobby and life ambition respectively of John Logan Foster. Baron", who entered G. A. R. from Hill street school, was a member of the class day committee, swimming, biology, and mathematics clubs. Annetta Louise Hafner held several homeroom offices, was a member of Girl Reserves, ping-pong, knitting, mathematics, and swimming clubs. She enj oys the radio, likes to swim in summer, and collects pictures of movie stars. Her ambition is to become an air hostess. . A member of glee, dramatic, and dancing clubs, Ramona Mar Harklns, tookl part in the musical comedies and in the senio one-act play. 'lVIony" also held several homeroom ofnces, and served on the class night committee. She plays the piano and enjoys As a member of the Garchive canvassing staff, John W. Gittens helped sell this book. "Gin" entered G. A. R. from Dana and became active in sports, receiving his letter in football and being student manager of basketball. Was a member of the stage crew and fof the swimming, lettermen's and glee clubs. His hobby is sports. I fx 1, x L., r if 'f the radio. . , jl 5 ' 1 f N 1 J 5 Q, ,, . A Q I . IK A - " if -X39 I . fray .. J-,,... y A. technical student, Joseph Joh zyb came to G. A. R. from Grant Street school. "Gyp" e ed his letter in football as a senior. Plans to work in a clothing store, although he would rather take up the more exciting career of a state trooper. Finds athletics the best form of recreation. For five years' service on hall patrol, Evelyn Ann Harron, a commercial student, received an award. Evelyn was a member of the apparatus, junior art, needlecraft, debating, and dancing clubs. Athletic, she enjoys most hiking, ice-skating, and tennis. Sister of Hubert 36. A commercial student, a member of library club, Girl Reserves, dancing class, and Garscribes, Grace Mary Henehan hopes to continue toward her goal of becoming a stenographer by taking a postgraduate course in a business college. Outside of school, Gracie enjoys swimming and scout work. Since coming to G. A. R. from St. Boniface in his freshman year, John E. Hadle has held the homeroom offices of representative and bank cashier. Belonged to the mathematics club and saw service on the usher squad. Interested in church work outside of school. Hobby is swimming. N., ' - '. . l. . gk RRXM A familiar figure in many of the activities about school is Samuel Hammerman. "Rusty" was a member of the Blue and Gray staff, dramatic, bowling, swimming clubs, and the assembly squad. His hobby is camping and outdoor sportsg his ambition is to become a printer. Fannie Hammerman '34 is his sister. Erhrna Jean Housenick belonged to the dramatic, glee, and Garscribes clubs, dancing class, and Girl Reserves. Received X wards for serving five years on the hall patrol and for excellence in ing. Em is active in Y.W.G.A. work, loves to swim, and wants to be a private secretary. Sister of Bellman, '35, ' -56-- bs.. g Q f T 1 if J, Q , if 1 -f .- . X , 1-V , . . y . Z, 3 W kr I A If JK . f A "fi 5? .. jf- if ga 1 yi E ll 1 i V, . mx J! Elizabeth Jones was a member of the senior girls' tea and the card and invitations committees. Belonged to the Garscribes, swimming, knitting, and glee clubs. Took part in musical comedy and in Patrons' day program. Received shorthand award. Betty hopes-to become a nurse. A technical student, Thomas Jones came to G. A. R. from Grant in 1931. Member of the dancing class and of the glee, mathematics, and swimming clubs. Football, ping-pong, and punch ball are "Kids" chief outside interests. Sister Rachel, and brother, james, graduated in '30 and 32' respectively. Although his hobby is dancing, James Leo Joseph must also like to walk, as can be seen by his ambition to be a mailman. "Slick", a technical student, entered G. A. R. from Moyallen in 1931. Mem- ber of stage crew, dancing class, and dramatics, swimming, and C. M. T. C. clubs. Brother, Michael, graduated in '35. Knitting, needlecraft, dancing, and biology club member, Jane Jones entered G. A. R. from Custer school and enrolled in the commercial course. jane was a junior usher and a member of the class night committee. She hopes to become a secretary. Brother, William E. jones, graduated in '3o. "Miggs", formally known as Margaret Ann Jones, is an accomplished tap dancer and tumbler. l-las taken part in tumbling exhibitions and tap dances for the Patrons' day programs. Swim- ming is her hobbyg she was one of the Forty Fishes. Also a first aid and ping-pong club member. To be a printer is John Robert Joseph's ambition. Went to St. Mary's before coming to G. A. R. in 1931. Was a junior usher and member of assembly squad. Athletics, chief interest outside of school. Two brothers, Anthony and George, received their diplomas in '33 and '35 respectively. ,,..f1-' e.-mr Y 1 J lf her dreams come true, Josephine Catherine Johns will some day be a private secretary. Hill Street school sent her here, where she joined the dancing class, was a member of the assembly squad, and helped prepare the class day program. Next to typing, jo likes reading. Amateur radio and photography-these are the two .hobbies to which joseph Michael Hiznay devotes much of his time. joe enrolled in G. A. R. from St. Nicholas in the seventh grade. lnterested in clubs-treasurer of biology club, and member of SOS. and current events clubs. Also attended dancing class. The ambition of George Jacobs is to be a forest ranger. "Dyke came to G. A. R. from l-lazle in 1931. Had an important part in senior play and was treasurer of the class, member of the Garchzve editorial staff, president of current events club, and homeroom representative. Likes to swim and to play basketball at the Y. M. C. A. To be a nurse is the ambition of Eleanor Jones. Entering G. A. R. in seventh grade, she became a member of Girl Reserves, dramatic club, the assembly squad, and the girls' athletic association. "Y" work and sports take up her time outside of school. jack jones, brother of Eleanor, graduated in '33. ,.-57, X K A 1 x X fi S x Ni Q Joseph Anthony Karninskas, a technical student, came to G. A. R. in l93l from Meade Street school. joe is planning to join the United States Marines after graduation, and hopes someday to be an officer. His hobby is athletics. Entering G. A. R. in seventh grade, Celia Cynthia Kagan took a commercial course. Was a homeroom secretary for two years. In tenth grade was a member of Girl Reserves and knitting clubs. Dancing class for three years. Cele expects to go to New York to find employment. Sister of Samuel '32, Zacharia and Ashea '36. While in school Mary Claire Kearney has been a member of the swimming, ping-pong, debating, dancing and Garscribes clubs. Mary is the recipient of typing, shorthand, and patrol awards. Her favorite activity outside of school is dancing, though she also enjoys hiking, swimming, and reading. To be a typist is her ambition. Albert Karp, a commercial student, was a homeroom represent- ative in his senior year. "Ab" lists among his other activities, membership in the safety council and service on the Christmas dance committee. His ambition is accountancy. He finds recreation in bowling and pocket billiards. Brother of Ruth '3O. "A camping we will go" is the theme song for Patrick Joseph Keating during the summer. Pat entered G. A. R. in ninth grade JUN from St. Boniface. Interesifxedfi athletics, receiving a letter in football and track. Membelof 'gwimming and lettermen's clubs. Helped move scenery aswa meijfiber stage crew. Hobby is swimming. j A ij .nf of! senior dramatic club, Lilyan Evangeline ior play. ln addition, she belonged to the s the to the dancing class for several years. horses. Plans to attend New Rochelle a teaching career. Sister, Dorothy, was stewardess You'll be looking up to he some day to is her ambition. "Freddy" is he here from Meyers high school, j dancing class. Bicycling is her hobby er interest. Her name? Freda outside K. A. K., S. O. S., C. M. T. C. clubs, ushers dancing class, and stage crewvthese are the activities that Francis Kijek, who came to G. A. R. in 1931 from school, has been engaged in. Outside of school Al belongs to the Street 109th Field Artillery. He is a brother of Edward '30, Bertha '34, Leona '35. A junior usher, member of the stage crew, and secretary of the C. M. T. C. club, Andrew J. Kirkutis was also a letterman on the football team. Andy's elementary education was obtained at the Hazle Street school. Like most senior boys, he finds great enjoyment in athletics. A little bit independent in her walk and in her talk4that's Gertrude Krisper. Coming here from Grant Street school, Gert enrolled as a commercial student. Belonged to senior dramatic and dancing clubs. On committee for Christmas dance. Her hobby is horse-back riding. Sister, Lillian, graduated in '35, -1-58- i Loretta Lucille Long-junior usher, Blue and Gray reporter, homeroom secretary, bank cashier, member of Garscribes, dramatic club, and dancing class-has indeed been busy at G. A. R. The fourth of her family to graduate from G. A. R., she wants to follow in the footsteps of her brother, Clem '30, and become a teacher. Coming to G. A. R. in 1934 from lVliFHinville high school, Ray Edward Kitchen took a technical course. As a member of senior play publicity committee, A'Nick" helped advertise the play, Vanity. Although his hobby is hunting, athletics also Fill up much of his spare time outside of school. The "ace" of the typing class is the distinction Henry Martin Kiwak has won. Received typing award. l-lopes to secure a position as typist. "Fat" came to G. A. R. from Dana Street school in l93l. Was a member of the invitations and name cards committee. l-lobby, baseball. j ' A w 1 , 3 9. X' fi JVM! flflffvii -fx Margaret Mary McAvoy, an hon r student, was manager of the girls' basketball team, a bank cashie for two years, and a member of the Girl Reserves, ping-pong, dancing, and mathematic clubs. "lVIac" plans to become a school teacher, She is a sister of l-larold '34 and Emily '35. "lf her eyes are blue as skies", that's Angela Connole McGroarty. i'Chickie's" ambition is to be an actress, and she has had experience in a variety of plays. For four years she was a member of Girl Reserves, and oflibrary club. Received library pin. Senior basketball timekeeper. Hobbies are swimming, dancing, and amateur photography. Sister of joseph '33 and Rosemary '35. Awarded a letter in basketball and another for serving as baseball manager in his last two years, Joseph Michael Knopic also played football. Was a member of the stage crew, bar team, and the swimming club. Received his early education at Strauss school. Brother, George, graduated in '3Z. K 74' ....i. 5 ' 4 'i 'I T , i,1,.C'W Nj, .figggfy .-. - ,,.' f !"tM""'4' S . To be another jimmy'Cdllins, test pilot, is the ambition of Howard Linwood Krantzi ul-lowie" received his elementary schooling at Sterling and entered G. A. R. in l93l. Belonged to K. A. K. club and dancing class. Interested in various sports outside of school. Plans to study aviation at Lincoln, Nebraska. The fine needlework of Elizabeth Genevieve Macri is the envy of all her friends. Tatting is her hobby. This sister of Nicholas lvlacri '36 was a member of the table, cafeteria, assembly, and hall patrol squads. Liz also belonged to the ping-pong club. Interested particularly in the glee clubs, Betty Jane Miles took part in several musical programs. She participated in many other clubs, too-K. A. K., dramatic, marionette, debating, and dancing. Outside of school, Betty is active in Girl Scouting and church work. She hopes to secure a position in advertising. Joseph John Kuchta entered G. A. R. in l93l from Parrish Street school and enrolled in the technical course. joe was a member of the harmonica band for three years. l-lis hobby is building model airplanes, and some day he hopes to be an aviator. --I 1 3' -A 3- deff-59+ John Joseph Lacek, an academic student, entered Cv. A. R. in 1931 from 1-lazle Street school. johnny was a member of the football team in his last two years at school, of the current events and swimming clubs, and of the stage committee for commencement. Hobby is sports. For service on hall patrol and assembly squads, Frances Ann Morasky has earned awards. i'Cleo" belonged to Girl Reserves, dancing, First aid, knitting, and needleeraft clubs. A member of senior play committee. "Cleo" makes a hobby of designing and sewing. A bit of Old England herself, Betty Morgan admirably por- trayed an English girl in Vanity. Was a member of the glee, dramatic, and knitting clubs. To be a typist is her ambition, and perfecting her backhand in tennis, her hobby. She kept the minutes for room 401 this year. For tive years Jenkin Thomas W. Lake yelled himself hoarse as cheerleader at the C-. A. R. football games. Sang in two musical comedies. Was a prominent member of C. lvl. T. C., glee, and biology clubs-president of the last. Played the role of ofnce boy in a senior assembly program. James Augustine Lenahan, a technical student, came to Cv. A. R. in 1931 after spending his first six years at Dana. C. lvl. T. C. and senior boys' glee clubs are two of the organizations to which jim belonged. Interested in athletics and spends spare time at the Y. lvl. C. A. Plans to go to school in the fall. A member of the knitting, dancing, dramatic, and Hrst aid clubs, Jayne Toal Morrissey entered G. A. R. from St. Anne's Academy. l-las been associate representative of room 402, and a member of the hall patrol squad for five years. Next year janey plans to attend Bucknell junior College. 1 9 s X, . N 1 Xl Conducting her own orchestra takes up much of the time of Rawleen A. Morrissey, whose hobby is her music. Plays the piano, banjo, guitar, mandolin, saxophone, and clarinet---what need an orchestra! At C. A. R. she has been a member of the knitting and art clubs. She plans to go to NVyoming Seminary next year. 1? efficie me f Else sta c who entered G. A. R. in IQ 5' fronw - S s , rge oseph Leskauskas. 'Ci " 2 n r of the glee cl ,iychive dance committee and da 7 ng C13 M 0 v nv ' A ' , l'll 2'iIT1lJltlO1'1, to be Ei 1'1'1CCl'l31'l12. I 9 John Leo McCon1ogue, Jr. has been prominently connected with dramatics'at C. A. R.--portrayed jefferson Brown in the senior play, 'd also had a leading part in the 1937 musical comedy. Servedailn the qarchive staff as canvasser. jack was on almost all of'theldanceAc?mmittees during his last two years. J Q X remember her also in the musical comedies. She plans to become a secret ry, but prefers acting. 1-ler hobbies, which are playing the pian , singing, and acting, should help Marjorie Moskowitz We slxialy never forget her as Vanity in the senior play. We 'to enter the theatrical world. 1-ler sister, Ruth, graduated in '34. :QO- st x K J -f-H .. . 2. 55 A .1-3 X 1 J X . .Epi an N K. A -, 1? , INX x J Francis Mitchneck entered G, A. R. in eighth grade, took a commercial course, was a member of the dramatic clubs for four years, of the table patrol for two. Hobby is reading. Expects to work as an accountant. Two sisters have graduated from here, Rose '29 and Reva '32, Teckla Antoinette Opeat came here from the Cvirls' Com- mercial high school, in New York City. A member of the art clubs here for several years, and president of K. A. K., Tillie hopes to make art her vocation. Hgsikloeen active in library Qvib, having received her pin. ln her senior year Anna Mary Paniczko was a member of the Garchive canvassing staff, and president of the Garscribes. Throughout her high school career she was an honor student. Earned typing and shorthand awards. Belonged to knitting, secretarial, and first aid clubs. Anna wants to be a secretary. A photograph editor of Garchive, a head usher, president of ping-pong club, canvasser for Blue and Gray, chairman of ticket committee for commencement, homeroom bank cashier, and a member of assembly squad, mathematics club, and dancing class - Vito Clement Monto. His hobbies are swimming and camping. A k 5 X 9 ena Lawanna Mosuta has been a member of the dramatic b and the glee club, and took part in two of the school operettas. Linda" plans to study music and hopes to become a singer. Out- side of school she is active in church and "Y" work. A commercial student, Frank Carl Macierowski entered G. A. R. from Dana in 1931. "lVlack" was an active committee man, serving on the victory dance, the Halloween dance, and the class night committees. Did the banking in his homeroom. Member of dancing class. Hobbies are hiking and traveling. s.. M,-:J XJ N, X - JacobXPhi1ip Malta came to Cr. A. R. in 1931 from Centennial gggschool. Was a member of the swimming, mathematics, and C. Ml, T, C. clubs. Was manager of the wrestling club and served o class night committee. jake likes to spend his leisure time hiki in thg-woods. Plans to become an undertaker. F rom St. Nicholas parochial school Agnes Marie Mushaway came here as a commercial student in tenth grade. Earned certi- ficates in typing and shorthand. As a senior was a member of Garscribes and of Girl Reserves. Likes to play tennis. "Mushy" expects to enter a school of beauty culture next year. Sister, Regina, graduated in '36, Comparatively a newcomer in Cv. A. R., Mary Elizabeth O'Hara arrived here in eleventh grade from St. lVlary's parochial school and joined the dancing class, knitting club, and glee club. Outside of school, Mary is interested in the St. Patrick's glee club and choir. Skating is her hobby. Tinkering with small electrical appliances is one thing that interests Chester Joseph Mikielski outside of school. "Chet" came to G. A. R. in 1933 from St. lVIary's Polish school and took an academic course. Hobby is drawing. As yet, he has no definite plans for next year. SP fw""" ,. g J. I 1 J N: .Q 2 0 .3 .Aly Honor student, associate editor of Blue and Gray, editor of Garchive, student council president, member of current events, library, biology clubs is the history of Rodney Nogee since entering G. A. R. from Dana Street school in 1931. Received Blue and Gray and library pins. Rod hopes to become a chemical engineer. He is a brother of Esther '30 and Philip '34. Gertrude Pincus came to G. A. R. in tenth grade, from Seward Park high school, New York City. Studied a commercial course and belonged to the first aid club. Vwfas a member of the senior play committee. Gert likes all kinds of athletics, especially swimming. Wishing to become a secretary, Mary Dolores Prete took a commercial course. As hobbies "Babs" gives dancing, swimming, and tennis. At school her spare time was taken up largely by clubseneedlecraft, debating, glee, and knitting. A member of class night committee. Sister of Anna '35. Gerard William O'Connell, also known as jerry, took a commercial course when he came to G. A. R. from St. lV1ary's in 1934. Spent Tuesday activity period at dancing class. As assistant bank cashier he helped 401 in the banking. Worked with the outing committee. Playing ball is his hobby. played varsity end on the football team and ran the hurdles during track season. Member also of the wrestling team. Works on motors in spare time, intends to become an expert mechanic. Theophil Edward Offrnan, known to his friends as "Toby 1 O -4 X. As Hula Hula, "Frenchie" took part in the senior girls' tea 31 program. Ambition is to be a dietician. Archery, her hobby. 5. Chief outside interests, ice skating when possible, hiking when not. Girl Reserves, knitting, biology, and mathematics clubs are other activities of Eva Margaret Reed. She is a sister of Frances '31 x sf 955:14 Before entering G. A. R. as a freshman, joseph Bernard Morrissey, a technical student, attended St. 1V1ary's parochial school. joe's club activities included membership in the French and mathematics clubs. Served on the class day committee. Hopes to take a course in engineering. Sister, Mae, graduated in 1935. From New York came Florence S. Pazik to become a member of the library, dramatic, and glee clubs, chairman of the class night committee, and a photograph editor of the Garchive. She took part in library club plays, puppet show, musical comedy, and the senior one-act play. Florence received a pin for library work. A commercial student, Rose Mary Petro entered G. A. R. from Hill Street school. She was a member of the dancing class for two years and the Garscribes club in twelfth grade. Received a shorthand certificate, Served on the senior class gift committee. NVould like to be a private secretary. With traveling his hobby, it is little wonder that Morris Aaron Moskow is always on the go. "IV1aishy", came from Grant in 1931 and became interested in clubs. Member of the library, glee, swimming, and ping-pong clubs. Took part in the musical comedy. Enjoys bowling and ping-pong outside of school. and Spencer '33. s N . I :N . , sex 1 t 2, -62- 'N 1 J , 1 7m .1 6,00 s. A as ,ll if W i .fi I rf Q Q Coming here in eighth grade from Hanover, Marjorie Lorraine Remphrey enrolled as a commercial student. She was a member of the Carscribes club in her senior year and also helped make the seniors' class night a success. Outside of school, lvlar- jorie's chief activity is church work. The sixth member of his family to graduate from G. A. R., Elmer Oliver followed in the footsteps of his brothers by being a member of the football squad for three years, received his letter in his junior year. "Flumpy" was a member of C. lvl. T. C. club in his junior year and of mathematics club and class gift committee in senior year. A technical student, George Robert Park, entered G. A. R. from Hill Street school. Became a member of the assembly squad and the mathematics club. Helped to make the senior play a success by serving on the senior play publicity committee. Books and magazines furnish chief source of recreation. As a member of the hall patrol squad for five years, junior usher, book squad member, chairman of senior play committee, and a member of dramatic, debating, knitting, and swimming clubs, Claire Marie Roughsedge has been kept busy in school. "Lo1i2don" plans to attend Syracuse to prepare for social service wor . Stella Marie Rutchuskas attended Hazle Street school before entering C-. A. R., where she has taken the technical course. "Rutch" joined the first aid, dancing, and biology clubs, and like many another her hobby is dancing. Her ambition is to become a sewing instructor. Brother, joseph, graduated in '3o. David Parry received his letter for three years' service on the football team, and was a member also of the swimming and track teams. Active in athletics at his church, too. Portrayed a char- acter part in the operetta, and served on the senior class night committee. Brother, Robert, graduated in '34. Ambitious to become an undertaker is David William Parry. Remembered particularly for his acting, Dave had leading roles in variety plays, musical comedies, and the senior play. Drawing is his hobby-accomplished, too. As a senior, Dave was president of his homeroom, and of glee and dramatic clubs. Led the German band. Sara Schwartz was a member of Girl Reserves, first aid, knitting, and dancing clubs. Served three years on cafeteria patrol. Received typing award and expects to work as a typist or bookkeeper. Enjoys scouting and swimming. Brother, Samuel, graduated in '33, A member of the knitting, French and dancing clubs in eleventh grade, the Cvarscribes in twelfth, and Cvirl Reserves in eleventh and twelfth, Catherine Cora Scialanca was also on the senior tea committee. "Cutch" enjoys athletics and dancing. Would like to travel after graduation. Sister of Philip '32 and lvlichelina 34. One of the tackle positions on the all-scholastic football team was filled by Edward Podgorski. Member of track team too. Eddie came to C. A. R. in ninth grade from St. lVIary's school and enrolled in the technical course. Belonged to mathematics and C. lvl. T. C. clubs. -QQW 4 lg "Rube"-no, not a farmer, just the nickname of Samuel Rubin, who came to G, A. R. in eighth grade from Grant, and joined bowling and German clubs, dancing class and assembly squad. To succeed in business is his ambition. Electricity and radio are his hobbies. Likes basketball and baseball, too. Yetta Seeherman was a homeroom bank cashier for thc five years she was in G. A. R. Played volley ball in senior high school. Enjoyed her hobby of dancing for two years in the dancing class. Reads and dances outside land insidel of school, and plans to be a bookkeeper. Sister of Ruth '29, Pearl '32, and Gertrude '34. Teresa Delores Shukitis likes reading and going to the movies. A commercial student, she hopes to find employment as a steno- grapher. Received a merit certificate in shorthand. Belonged to the Garscribes, knitting, and first aid clubs. Vilas on the senior invitations committee. . Lord Gazalet, the rich young Englishman, was the part Savitz played in the senior play, Vanity. i'Heshy" was in clubs-member of G. lvl. T. G., current e clubs. Was chairman of class day committee. an archeologist. Hobbies-hiking and e" his brother. N w "Schmidty", or Harold Anthony Joseph Schmidt, if you want to be formal, came to G. A. R, from St. Boniface in 1933. Took a technical course. Belonged to biology, dancing, G. M. T. G., and mathematics clubs, as well as the class night committee. Hobby-ping-pong. Sole girl saxophonist in the varsity orchestra for five years, Anita Siegel has been active in library club also for five years and received her pin. Was hall patrol captain after five years on the squad. Has been an officer in the ping-pong, S. 0. S. and knitting clubs. An honor student, "Fifi" plans to enter Drexel Institute. She is a sister of Sarah '29 and Miriam '31, "Dottie"-Dorothy Louise Simpson-belies her nickname. Though small, she has held important positions-chairman of the Halloween dance committee, member of several others, Blue and Gray canvasser,Garchive business manager, several times a homeroom officer, dancing and dramatic clubs member, and participant in assembly programs. Hobbies are swimming and dancing. Her N ambition is to be an interior decorator. George E. Searfoss, a commercial student, entered G. A. R. from St. Nicholas. He has been a homeroom representative for three years, a junior usher, member of the current events club and swimming club. Was vice-president of the boys' glee club trj twelfth grade and sang in the school operettas. X fi 3 -X This commercial student, Samuel Ray Simon, entered G. WA. R. from Centennial school in 1931. Was active in dramatic, five. lvl. T. G., current events, and dancing clubs. Served on class outing committee. "Smooth" displayed his dramatic ability in xthe Christmas play, Armistice day program and the Garchive skit. xl Mildred Lovell Simpson hopes to become a dancing instructor. Q On cafeteria patrol five years, "lV1ickeyi' received a shield. Was a member of junior dramatic and dancing clubs Also belonged to S. S. S. club. Outside of school she gives dancing lessons, plays bQketball, and does church work. X1 y... . R ix Research work in tuberculosis is the admirable ambition of Genevieve A. Swisloski. As a member of the basketball team for three years she received her letter. Was vice-president of K. A. K., member of Garscribes, biology club, and dancing class. "jidge's" hobby is dancing. Charles Joseph Skurkis was a member of stage crew and C. M. T. C. for two years, of swimming and dancing classes for one year, and of wrestling, football, and basketball teams for one year. Charles served on the commencement committee. Likes to box at the Y. M. C. A. Brother, William, graduated in 35. Benjamin B. Tamovitz belonged to the secretarial and bowling clubs as a junior, served on the stage committee and par- ticipated in Patrons' day program as a senior. Ben spends much of his spare time playing basketball and baseball. Hopes to become an accountant. Sister, Goldie, graduated in '33. To become a beautician is the ambition of Ann Alice Tunaitis. A member of the glee club, Annie was in musical comedy choruses. Also belong:d to Girl Reserves, first aid, dancing, and needlecraft clubs. Likes horseback riding. Outside of school, she's busy with church and "Y" work. Sister of George '33 and Regina '35. To have received her letter as a member of the girls' varsity basketball team is a distinction of which Edith Ilona Uhlar is justly proud. "Dash" has also been a member of the Hrst aid club and of the knitting club. Edith, sister of Charles, '37, and Gabriel '34, recites clever monologues. Walter Taren-"Schnozz" to all his friends-has been active in many school organizations. Member of student council, safety council, cafeteria patrol, and assembly squad, also C. M. T. C. and glee clubs. Chairman ofGarchive dance committee. Chief interests outside of school are dancing and bowling. Brother, Sidney, graduated in '35. N, ..5 v Elizabeth incavage served as homeroom bank cashier for ix years as cafeteria patrolman for five, and hall patrolman for wo receiving awards for this service. She was a member of glee nd dramatic clubs, and took part in the operettas and assembly rograms. Betty expects to become a beautician. g I. s S a i a e should say that Howard Singley is air minded but his fondness f hiking shows that he still retains a love for mother earth Pickles has been a lunch checker for four years. Active in ?'udging by his plans to enter an 'aviation school -next year .1 - , 5 Soy Scouts. ohn J Skeras To get practice in his chosen trade as a pressman n a newspaper Scare Us worked on the Blue and Gray printing aff. Was a member of class gift committee. A movie-goer in is leisure hours. fd: C. M. T. C., current events, glee club, and dancing class claimed t , , . . . l " A 110 A patrolman for five years and a Girl Reserve for three years, flargaret Catherine Speer was also a member of the first aid, limiting, d needlecraft clubs. Hopes to become a private secretary. gEuye4v of forgetting school life according to Peggy .is to go l orseback iding. ' f K - Ifiiuifi 965- .b A I 'K , 1 ,,'..":f Joseph August Urnlah entered G. A. R. in ninth grade from St. Boniface school and enrolled in the technical course. joe belonged to the ushers and assembly squads in his junior year, and to the mathematics club, athletic dance committee, and class night committee in his senior year. His ambition is to be an engineer. Received letter for patrol service. Was secretary-treasurer of biology and ping-pong clubs as junior. Was senior member of first aid, dancing, and dramatic clubs. Helped select seniors' c ,ss gift. Enjoys hiking. One of the few girls who would like to e a scientist-Ellen Constance Weinstein, sister of David '33. I-I f U if 17 r I I 2 1' " J If I 4 I Grant Street was her school, "Dorey",is her iokiiame. Cefm- mercial,hercourseofstudy. Hallpatrol a' A incylgfamatic, iology, and dancing clubs membership, her acti ' es. gaming, obby. To be a secretary, her ambition. Doroth ,B die Wdids, the sub- ject of this biography. Sarah '31 and Geitfude '33,!her sisterifd 1 4 M . After coming to G. A. R. from Hazle Street school in seventh grade, Gilbert Edward Walker chose a commercial course. Served on the assembly squad in junior high school and on the class night committee during his last year. Hopes to secure a job in the newspaper business as a pressman. 4 Q A junior usher, a bank cashier for three years, and a member of the science, glee, mathematics, swimming, dancing, and ping- pong clubs was Robert Edward Thomas. Bob likes hunting and fishing. Expects to enter Vifestchester State Teachers College in preparation for a career as a science or mathematics teacher. President of the assembly squad, on which she served three years, Irene Matilda Unice took an active part also in the work of the glee club, Girl Reserves, dancing class, and needlecraft club. Received a typing award. Photography is her hobby. Awards for outstanding work seem to come naturally to Betty Watt, who has received a library pin, a patrol award, and a short- hand pin and certificate. She has been a member of the library club five years, the glee club two years, the Garscribes club, and the Garchive publicity staff. Wilbur Troy entered G. A. R. from Weaver school and took the academic course. 'iBebee" has been a member of the mathe- matics, swimming, ping-pong and current events clubs in twelfth grade. Served on the class day committee. Enjoys swimming. Plans to enter Pennsylvania State College in the fall. Brother, Sol, graduated in '32. To join the aviation corps is the desire of Andrew M. Tryka. The fifth Tryka brother to graduate from here, he was president of the swimming club in his senior year, and a member of the ping- pong, mathematics, and glee clubs. Bank cashier, too. Active in athletics outside of school. Charles Bela Uhlar, better known as "Choch", plans to enter college in the fall to prepare for a teaching career. Was a member of swimming, mathematics, and current events clubs, and of the class outing committee. Plays the piano. Likes skiing, baseball, and swimming. Brother of Gabriel '35 and Edith '37. l 1 ..66.. To be an electrical engineer is the ambition of Chester E. Weinstock. "Chet", a technical student, came from Meade. Active in many clubsaglce, current events, K. A. K., mathematics, and swimming. Served on assembly squad and safety council. Marvin, '34, is his brother. A member of the Garchive editorial staff, Irving Wohl helped to write this book. Honor student and member of the C. M. T. G, glee, and current events clubs, he reported for Blue and Gray, ran on the track team, was homeroom representative for six years, and headed the class gift committee. lrving enjoys hiking and the study of natural history. George Thurston Wolfe entered G. A. R. from Grant Street school. "XVolf" has been a member of the dancing class for two years and of the glee and mathematics clubs in twelfth grade. Served on the senior invitations committee. Sings in the church choir. His hobby is electricity. Brother of Fred '28 and Paul '30. A commercial student known as Betty Boop wants to become a school teacher. This is Gwennillian Williams, who likes to dance and skate and take part in Girl Scout activities. Gwennie was a member of the cafeteria patrol and assembly squad for two years each. Her brother john graduated in 1934. Besides being secretary of the senior class, Harriet Winters was a hall patrolman for Eve years, glee club member for three years, chairman of the senior tea, mimber of the Garchive canvass- ing staff, Girl Reserves, biology, knitting and dancing clubs. Brother, Al, graduated in '33. A homeroom representative in twelfth grade, Thomas K. Worth entered G. A. R. from Weaver Street school and took the technical course. Tom was on the track squad for three years. Likes to wrestle, to box, and to dance. Active in church work, and plays in an orchestra. r .- 'x . i R of ' With boxing as his hobby, "Ozzie" kept in shape for football and baseball, in both of which he earned letters as a junior, Member of swimming club two years, On Blue and Gray printing staff three years. lncidently, a printer is what Osborne Wright wants to .li v N J l 3fff'f"J w..i4..i As a member of the swimming club for two years and of the track team, in which he received his letter, William Alexander Wright has been active in athletics. Willy, brother of Usborne '37, and of Vernice '36, came here from Shenandoah and enrolled in the technical course. His hobby is boxing. x A 1 . . . Six years as saxophonist in band and orchestra is the record Received an award for this service. of Leo Michael Yapsuga. Plays in an orchestra outside of school, too. At. G. A. R. he was A member of the ping-pong, swimming, and glee clubs. "Yap" plans to become a druggist, Brother, joseph, graduated in '34, A commercial student, Ann Wyda received typing and short- hand awards. As a senior she belonged to Garscribes, library, and needlecraft clubs, and to cafeteria and assembly patrols. "Shorty" likes to take part in all sports. She hopes some day to be a child's nurse. Sister, Helen, graduated in '34. -67- 1 Art editor of the Garchive, hostess at the senior tea, and president of the ping-pong club-was Adeline Marion Yankoski in her senior year. She was active also in K. A. K. and Girl Reserves. Adeline expects to enter a hospital in New jersey to train for nursing. Joseph D. Yashkas, came to G. A. R. as a seventh grade student from Hazle Street school in 1931. Was active on the cafeteria patrol for three years, and was also a member of the senior committee for invitations and name cards. joe's hobbies are reading and athletics, Anthony John Yazbeck entered G. A. R. from St. Boniface in ninth grade and took a technical course. Played in the orchestra for four years, Member of C. M. T. C. club and safety council. Developing pictures is "lVIuzzy's" hobby, but athletics take up his spare time, too. lt is the ambition of Peter Paul Yenchis to become an elect- rical engineer. Peter entered G. A. R. in seventh grade from Meade Street school, and took the technical course. He was a member of the mathematics club and of the class gift committee. An academic student, Anthony Yorchitis entered C. A. R from Warrior Run high school, "Shorty" was a member of the mathematics and current events clubs. Chief interests outside of school are swimming, baseball, and basketball. Brother, Stanley, was in '33. Regina Estelle Zampetti seems to be about the only senior girl who has acquired the fine art of bowling. Likes hiking and skating, too. Was a hall patrolman, a member of the knitting, ping-pong, mathematics, and dancing clubs, a reporter on the Blue and Gray, and a member of the Carchive canvassing staff. Hopes to become a dietician. ,YR ' N ..f' X 'v' X if I ,X v- R fi. Q, rf K.: -4 , . John Francis Zalewski was secretary of studen c uncil in his junior year. Coming here as a freshman from St: ary's Polish school, i'Ken" took an academic course. As a senior he joined the ping-pong players. Helped on senior class night com- mittee. Sister, Phyllis, graduated in '29, M1 Vxforking crossword puzzles is the hobby of Stanley George Zekas, who entered C. A. R. from Palmer school in 1931. "Zeke" took the technical course and belonged to C. lvl. T. C. and swimming clubs. Athletics are his chief outside activities. Clee. swimming, mathematics-are the clubs to which Chester Joseph Zionce belonged in his junior and senior years. Received his letter in baseball and was football manager in his senior year. Served on class night committee. 'iChet" wants to be a sailor. M!,9M'ee Q68-... IN MEM URIAM Words can hardly express our grief as we record the death of Miss Mildred Gwilliam. Death came suddenly, soon after the school year had begun. But in the short time that we had known her as a senior teacher, we had come to realize her sincere interest in the students. We appreciated her fairness and her efforts to make our life in school both profitable and enjoyable. We knew that she was our friend, interested in our affairs, and, therefore, we realize the greatness of the loss that we have suffered. Miss Mildred Gwilliam l Mary Carey There comes a time in every persons life when sorrow creeps in and joy steps out. So it was with the senior class when they learned of the death of Mary Carey, one of their members. Always willing to lend a hand, never refusing support for anything, Mary had won for herself a great many friends, among underclassmen as well as among her classmates. Liked by all who knew her, and known as a real friend, she is missed by all. ?6Q.. Reading from top to bottom and from left to right: 'iDie Wurst Pumpernicklesf' or the German band if you wish, swinging it. The members are: Francis, Kaplan, Mastro, Bas- gier, and Parry. Come on girls, the bell has rung. Gittens and Cooney seem dressed for the cold. looo Cans, cans, everywhere-part of the food contributed by the students for the Hood refugees. Painting faces-on the paper, of course. l-low would you like the an- swers, boys? ---Q-o-Q- A moment of relaxation during activity period. Whats the joke, girls? "For the sake of art"-so Rocco, Phyllis, and Gwennie say, What! Some more artists! Brannan and Keating in char- acteristic poses. Seniors waiting patiently for the photographer. Gertie must be afraid of the camera. -.-.gv--. Time out for the fans during a basketball game, THE MARCH Garchive Editorial Staff I. Evans, I. VVoh1, R. Nogee, editor-in-chief, G. Jacobs, R. Almikoff P Ackerman Gcwfchive Business Szfaj Sitting: E. Armbruster, A. Berger, A. Siegel, B. Watt, A Yankoski D Simpson Standing: M. Chruney, V. Monto, F. Pazik. Garchifve Cfmfvasseifs First Row: F. Pazik, A. Berger, R, Zampetti, H. NVinters B Davidson M Blium A. Paniezko, D. Simpson. Second Row: V. Monro, J. Gittens, J. Cooney, S. Simon J Anderofsln ll Sa itz J. MeCon1ogue. Can there be any prouder moment in the school life of a senior than the clay he is appointed to a position on the Garchive Staff? -Not to any one of those to whom has been intrusted the pleasant task of planning and executing the 1937 yearbook-unless it be the day that he, with the rest of his fellow-workers, can say to his classmates, 'This is our book, the book of the class of 1937. We have made it for you, fellow classmates. May it serve to recall to you, through all succeeding years, the happy days you have had at G. A. R " division seven -71- O Top left: "Not even for me, jack?" asks Marjorie. Top right: A regular "pose" of the entire cast of the Senior Play, Vanity. Right: Ann Daniels expresses approval to Betty and Dave of Vanity's home, just above: Oh, l say, hold on there, George! Circle: Nobody loves poor Vanity. Bottom right: Mm, "For me?"-Moskowitz and Morgan in unison. Center: Whoops! Dorft make it too realistic. Top left: Where did Dave go? Top right: Dave rests the case for Cabot. just above: The girls try to cheer Esther with a song. Circle: The curtain comes down on the dress rehearsal. ' Right: Love Awakes with Spring, by Esther and the chorus. Left: Dont let the scenery make you dizzy, lvlr. Chairman, Bottom left: A happy ending, but who dis- covered America? Below: The cast and orchestra of the Musical Comedy, Who Discovered America? Above: The library becomes a dining-room on Patrons' Day. Top right: The art exhibit attracts attention. Next: Guests chat happily. Circle: Congregating in the center hall aftcr lunch. Extreme right: One of the younger visitors. Below: Everybody happy at the Garchive Dance. 'AQ , -1 - "4w..6..4. Qf, 7 Q , I' " u nj THE MNQUH dTvTsTUn eiqhjr 1937 AY 1937 2 13 ?39 555 1 We 15 sf! S 9 ' x6 Q A,1l1Sf2gim1 ZZZAQZZQ W f ...l-.ii- lst Row: A. Broadley, I. Wohl, P. Dougard, T. Offman, T. Cross, J. Cooney, P. Keating, D. Murray, I-I. Burton, J. Leo, C. Charles, J. Davis, S. Assid, J. Kennedy, A. Rollins. 2nd Row: J. Murphy, A. Patko, VV. Wright, M. Carpist, E. Popatopoli, R. Swoboda, A. Pointek, W. Gates, E. Zubroski, H. Worth, K. Robbins, E. Appline, L. Kagan, J. Scliappert, C. Abraham, C. Farrell. 3rd. Row: B. Blaum, E. Dowey, A. Wasilewski, E. Fisher, R. Wright, J. Buziuk, W. Kobeski, L. Lenowitz, E. Podgorski, B. Dennis, J. Stankevich, F. Romaniek, A. Savitz, D. Carsman, V. Minetola, T. Schappert, A. Baker, student manager. .gifzfif cgieaon 1 The C. A. R. Track Team showed exceptional strength in winning the first two dual meets on the schedule. The Carmen proved especially powerful in the field events, scoring the majority of their points in these events. The running department was at first very weak, but as the season progressed, this too showed definite improvement, with several new runners being developed to strengthen the team. Traveling to West Pittston for the initial meet, the Carmen chalked up their first victory of the season with the score of 54 to 41. The l-lilltoppers took first places in the 100, the 220, and the 440-yard clashes. In the field events they took the discus throw, shot put, javelin, and pole vault. Captain Pat Keating and Dave Murray were high scorers for the Carmen, with ten points each. Murphy scored a first and a second for a total of eight points. Top: On your mark, get set, go! Bottom: "A mighty man is he." ,763 Following this victory, the Hilltoppers met Meyers in an exciting meet and won by the score of 57 to 47. Meyers had the opportunity of tying the score by winning the relay, but lost out when the second Meyers man dropped the baton. Deeter, of Meyers, was the star of the meet, gaining three first places in the dash events. C. A. R. and Meyers split the twelve events, each winning six. Wasilewski was outstanding for C. A. R., with eleven points, and Keating was second, with nine. C. A. R. then traveled to the Kingston held, where they met the powerful West-Siders, and lost in a closely fought match, by the score of 57 to 47. This time the Hilltoppers could have tied the score by winning the relay, but lost out in this closing event. The surprise of the meet was Dowey, who scored victories in the javelin and 220 and placed second in the 100-yard dash. Wasilew- ski had nine points and Keating, who won his second straight vcitory in the hurdles, scored eight. The Carmen swept three places in the javelin throw and shot put. Wasilewski leaped twenty feet in the broad jump, the hrst Carman in several years to jump that distance. The scores: April 27-C. A. R. 544NVest Pittston 41. May ZAC. A. R. 57-Meyers 47. May 7--C. A. R. 47!Kingston 57. Pat literally taking the hurdle. He floats through the air. M , Balm 'Up The G. A. R. Baseball Team, coached by Mr. Smith, started the season with a large crop of veterans, lacking strength only on the mound. To overcome this failing, a number of hurlers were developed, the most successful of these being "Chet" Vllasilewski, Joseph, and Jama. After a shaky start in the first game, the G. A. R. infield became steadier and operated smoothly, double plays often occurring, thus pulling the pitcher out of many tough spots. The outfielders covered their territory speedily, snaring many long drives that would have been extra base blows. G. A. R. had a narrow escape in their opening game at Wilkes- Barre Township, winning 8 to 7 in an extra-inning tussle. Sloppy fielding by G. A. R. gave the home team six unearned runs out of a total of seven. Trailing in the first half of the seventh by two runs, the I-lilltoppers rallied to tie the score at six all. Township was unable to score in its half, and the game went into an extra inning. The Garmen scored two more in their half of the eighth, after which Georgetown managed to push only one run across to make the score 8 to 7, in favor of G. A. R. Joseph pitched a Hne game, until relieved in the sixth inning by Jama, striking out eleven men. Wasilewski relieved Jama in the last inning, after George- town had scored a run, and successfully retired the last batter. In their first home game, the Garmen met Meyers, with Wasil- ewski opposing Mahoney on the mound. After tallying twice in the first, the Garmen were unable to score again until the ninth, although they had runners on the base paths almost every inning. Going into extra innings, with both teams knotted at two apiece, Meyers scored one in the ninth. G. A. R. came back strong with two tallies to pull the game out of the Hre by the score of 4 to 3. Finding their batting eye, the Heights outfit crushed West Pittston, 13 to O, for the third consecutive G. A. R. victory. The Hilltoppers scored in every inning but the second and fourth, while piling up the huge margin. Joseph allowed but two hits in winning this shutout victory. Meeting Georgetown at Franklin field, the G. A. R. baseball team registered its fourth consecutive victory, by the score of 5 to 1, with Wasilewski doing the hurling for the l-lilltoppers. After Georgetown had tied the score at 1 to 1, the Garmen scored three times inthe fourth and once more in the sixth to put the game on ice. Wasilewski received fine support, the Garmen executing two timely double plays to cut down possible batting rallies. The scores 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 T. May 4-G. A. R. l l - l l 0 0 Z 2 8 4 O 2 0 0 0 O l 7 W. B. T. May 6-G. A. R. 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 O 2 4 Meyers 0 0 O l l 0 O 0 l 3 May IIHG. A. R. 4 0 l 0 1 4 3 13 W. Pittston 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 May 13-G. A, R. 0 0 l 3 0 l 0 5 W-B. T. 0 0 0 l 0 0 0 1 6 M W Baseball Team lst Row: D. Diaco, C. Zionce, J. Elias, J. Joseph, E. Jama, T. Brannan, J. Cooney H. Simpson, O. Wright. 2nd Row: N. Jefferson, C. Smith, mgrs., J. Knopic, senior manager, M. Carlin, D. Derlevich, P. Cunningham, J. Opet, E. Flan- agan, R. McConlogue, O. Gillis. 3rd Row: J. Anderofsky, capt., F. Bran- nan, R. English, Mr. Chesney, assi. coach, Mr. Smith, mach, Mr. Myerly, faculty dir- ector, J. Flanagan, C. Wasilewski, J. Finn. Reading from top to bottom and from left to right: Strolling back to class!-the pictures over, anyway. Three members of the faculty during an off moment: Mr. Schappert, Mr. Ruddy, and Mr, Highriter. 74.9.1- A group of junior high school students. The members of the Good Citizens club and their adviser, Miss Stemples. ---gal More junior high school stud- ents. Enjoying the sunshine on the roof, Heres proof that "Lefty" certainly gets up and over the bar. Watch your step! Masculine beauty at its best for worstj. just another proof of the law of gravity, ' Q 5 . . . Ggufogzafzfzi , Bb a fx 1 I E V " N, 3,. ,ff - Lf

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