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 - Class of 1935

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G A R Memorial High School - Garchive Yearbook (Wilkes Barre, PA) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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I ,, l x U A Au XX ll!! XXXXX iff! XXXXXX ffffff 1, 0! f,, X Qxsv ofa!! 'X S 3 2 2 Q S 2 4 EE 1 ' 22 S5 g Z2 . S S f Z S Q If ff X ff!! XX If ' xx NX fill!!! E XXNXN I Qub is re gr the ,Q . f 'E 7 'ff I ' Of E fjjffjlll fqllk Ala - P- ,' fQ KWWF3XEH!?,'ZY57W lf, XX 0 ,, Q xx 1 S QQ ,Q ff QX WKHUUW ,mmuuumm X Q X 5 S 1 f f f 3 7 0 0 f Q f ,ff N X 2ZZQL'ZfUHERQQx SEEQHQR Q32 SS G A R MEMORIAL HIGH SCHQQL W1lkCS B'1rre Pennsylvanm . ' V ' - . H X I Ai., . 1 A W w ' I 1 v N s 1 1 1 l 1 -1. k w i D A 5 I. I A 1,1-y ., F, , 1,-4 'f l -H' 5. '1"x'Qr, f GA RCH IVE fomfwofws E the class of 1935, are using for the theme of this exghth volume of the Garchwe the Cxvll War and xts veterans We feel that thxs xs flttxng smce our school IS named ln commemoratlon of the Grand Army of the Republxc as the Unxon army was called after: the war We have taken for our color Sfhelne our school Calofs blue 'ind gray and m so doing we honor agaxn as our school does the Confederate soldxers as well We take this humble means to honor those soldiers both North and South who fought for an Ideal We regret the difference xn vxews that made that war necessary Grateful for the preset vatlon of the unnty of thxs great country we dedx cate ourselves also to an xdeal, the contmuecl xdentxflcatlon of the well bemg of each sccnon of the country wnth that of the whole country and the welfare of our country wxth that of the world 1 1 EI syn. , vu , F I? 1 'i E L H .I -1 1 1 i 1 v ,1 I 1 .4 1 5 ? I 1 , H. i J f - - . . L ..,,, . L' H - H - L E ' 12 4 IJ 2 f my GABCHIVE .sa gg ' Y - ' xy Wtfcz W f 'Z3 TA If I I Q- 9 e acu ty STANIJQEY R, HENNING, Principal kr, 4: ' ' 9 A J MP' VICTOR E. BAIZ 'C P' I X ffgcHRISTINE MOYER-C N Ik VQLIZABETH BAuR'fQQF - ov MARY MULHERN f ,Lf CHARLES BIRTH f Q ALEXANDER MURRAX 1 N yY,g4L,V,m,qJ-IELEN BRENNAN " JAMES G. MEYERLY g-553 RANCES BROOKS 'Q CLIFFORD NELSON ' S5 , A ,IELIZABETHBROWN x HELEN O'CONNELL 1 MMO' g f 5 1 A RAYMOND CHESIEIIEY fR6SE O'DONNELL QAM I r gi HILDA COATES , Q QPQSYEJO A. PELTON . J . ' ALMA COTTON sk 'A I CATHERINE PHILLIPS .ji I K HARRIET DAVEY b, - 1fEL1ZABE'fH'PUGI:f' S X f ANNA DEMBITZ AJ 4 , MARY REEDY f , S A 5 HERMAN DIPPE V7 ,.. jc . A1 If RUTH REGAN X S: V 4? VICTOR DOBB 1+ MARGARET RITCHIE' I X KATHLEEN DOUGHERTY " SARA RITCHIE f I .. i 33 53 I- N CORA E. EDWARDS " SULLIANL-ROBERTS -f ? gi I' if M . ', FEORENCETEVANS " VV CHARI.Es.ROIvgG' I ' If 1 A f , , Rf? if . my xMILDRED GWILLIAM . MFIGM AIQQA ROSSER Q Q O Q -M MINNIE HAI-IN-'77Z4 M OHN J. RUDDY M R .R if ' I 'CLARISSAHART V I MAR,Y.RUDDY" TJ A I1'f.gA:" V ' .' .iw xi -my ANNA HENR':r,bw4- GILBERT SCH PER ff' 52 GREGORY HERMAN sf JOHN SCHMIDT f I Eg 4. ' 4 Q GORDON HIGHRITER - GERTRUDE SILVIUS f pal 1' KATHERINE HOARY -f MAEELLE SII.vIUS9f Ir! , J, FRED HOWELL A KENNETH SMITH Z' , Q ELIZABETH HUGHI?J:C I HP- -QILIARLQTTE-SIARk 1 Y , ALICE JONES 'viyy .. ! JOHN STEINHAUER , if If VTVVIEBIAMJONES ff K MILDRED STEMPLE 1 W j ' , IDA-KLEIN ff f 3 KEOBERT THOIRMS-K ' I. ' L ,E f, DOROTHY KNIGHTQPQ NG EYER TOPE If I I A KATHERINE LAIDLERJ fw.II.I.IAM TIiEfI'HAVz'AY If 7 ' Jggjfyi JOSEPHINE LEONARD -f !PAULINE uTz A . 9 If ' HERBERT LLOYD ' bxR,AYMOND,WA.RDEN-If ' ' 1 "XV Q L - CHARLOTTE LORD 1- A. J. WA'I'rS 1 ff . MARY MCANIEE ' l ANNA WEEKS I- 41 Mx ' ,' Q.-U.-N-9. ,MARIE MECARTHY 1 -ff-'RANK WENTZELV' ,Q , X MILDRED MILEHAM ' BERNARD WHITNEY' B ' 'N-NS - . RICHARD MILLER J EIRA WILLIAMS -f ' 4Wl.u.J-EDITH MOSES If GRACE WILLIAMS 1 N .IF I W fl f : 2 D- . SARAH HUGHES, Sammy PHILLIP NOGEE, Laborazory Assisranr l gg Q I. . : EP' I 4 X ONEIDA UTZ, Assistan:Secrctary J.5NETfROBERTS, Nurse ' I N' Q ' -' , gg x V HARRY REICHLEY, Custodian I v K 2- I ' ' . I I . if . If I .- , 7l1!Q1"TTf'I', II '---gg-E Q 2 s R5 L, ww 1 I I' AD I . A - rf . J- L , ...A-......,. -L Q m 10 7X 1 SIQENIMDMQS ,gi 6 f . 5. ,1 if ' .Vg , - ,fy ml :A , N S . , . ,J x V , X , .gag f W ' Qi eeiri if QQ c-ARCHIVE 2212 5556 a if f s .f 5251 3 g gi? 1 -Ml E F? ' ' F . ,ffm F ., if S 5 1 E K .-if ic-' Lai? ? 1 N V 4 l elf? ' ,. y 'lily l WI , we 'l 3 'G . ii N l it s X35 Q l SF' . Eel? 3" 0 j s ,Qlll!i'ce1's Qjfass lgfl'Sl'OIfQ' 'fi if l E seniors have now reached our as students, we must leave G..A. recall the six happy years we spent a ngain. We will remember- The day back in September were amazed by the magnitude of the building and the come when, when ull of us will over and over we entered G. A. R. and of studenls- how differ- ent it was from the grade schools we had just left. But soon we grew accustomed to our new life and became a familiar part of our school community. During our second year. eighth grade, we began to ft-el the school spirit. XVe commenced attending athletic matches, dramatic presentations and other school activities. XVe became in- terested in organizations and joined ti few of them, such as the Library Club. and the Junior Dramatic Club. ' Then cnme ninth grade, NVc were seniors of Junior High School. Wie guided the younger pupils to the best of our ability and wielded our authority for the good of all. We entered into tenth grade with a manifest feeling of pride. Hadn't we reached the object of our Junior High School ambitions-Senior High School? Now we really made our pres- ence felt. We joined Athletic teams, went to dances :md cooperated in all school undertakings. We now found ourselves nearing the top-we were juniors. More mature ideas entered our mirids. XVe more fully enjoyed the senior play, musical comedy, and athletic events, and reaped more benefits from our participation in extra curricular activities. We then discovered ourselves to be seniors - leaders of the school. How quickly the year sped by. Wie elected Sidney Payne, our class president. We attended all the dances. We saw "Peg O' My Heart", the senior play, "Oh Doctor", the musical comedy, and "A Pair of Sixes", the faculty play, acclaimed three of the finest productions ever staged at G. A. R. Many more clubs interested us and we actively took part in them. We greatly enjoyed Class Night, Class Day, and the Outing.-Wlhat a whirl of events- And now graduation night -the inevitable hour is upon us. We will soon be out in the world on our own. Fortified with the ideals of clean living, cooperation, honest effort, and integrity, which have been instilled in us at G, A. R. - wc me Cchhdcmi .ELM ll!, fn . , V -11115 7-53191 V gene 0 Tj' - L .tid my , s. 1 l -.aunlpm llllllw' 'X e if ir sf fa x . as EX N - 5 QI .. 4.1 N. li ? 25. X N4 r f VS 3 tl S t . N X xi Q f . I . l riis p ' 'S llxrf bl r r l if we t Agar ,tsl Q S5 xi N A i 3 ,XXV h tw' X ri. . We if . X , .f lv! Q x Ji X 5 X X 5 .1 w 1 Q i ., Q , XF 5 .ff , leak .f X Qs X' Q25 QP', ' '-1 1 David Altman " "Clark" A Dramatic Club Z: Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Gatscribes Club 4: Swimming Club 4: Wrestlitig Club 4: Basketball Manager 4: Truck 4: Bar Team Club 4: Let- termen's Club 4. To lin' nl vase. and nul lm bnuml In rhink. X' Ci, Philip Amos A-rli,." Stage Craft Club 4: Swimming Club 4: Class Night Committee 4. 1'n.- ,mm 1.11.-fl, lusr .if an rlnys. is llml in lrlzit-In ynu lum- nn! am-v Iuuglml. Marjorie Austin "Big Chic!" Dramatic Club Z, 3, 4: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Hall Patrol 2. 3, 4: Basketball Team 2, 3, 4: Pa- tron's Day Program Z: Blue and Gray Stal? 3, 4: Musical Com- edy 3, 4: Glce Club 3, 4: Bank Cashier 3, Usher squid 3, vic- tory Dance Committee 3: Class Night Committee 4. Thou hzrsl 1: lnngut- In 4-hnrm lln' frililrxl It-mp.-r, Louis Baldoni "Lim" Dancing Class 3, 4: Glce flub 4: Biology Club 4: K. A. . 4: Musical Comedy 4: Tr:tclaAs.. Sul his Iwnrl unfllle haul. .vw -:gf pi-af:-. Eleanor Johanna Balsavage X X. "Nell" Art Club 2: Dancing Club Z, 4: - Girl Reserves Z. 3, 4 lvice-presi- dentl: Victory Dance Commit- tee 3: Athletic Dance Commit- Kee 4: Senior Tea Committee 4: Announcement Committee 4: Senior Play Committee 4. Seek In Iii- good. aim nur ni bv great. t GAIQCHIV Elsie Jane Bauer 4 "Elsiv" Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Gar- scribes Club 3: Biology Club 4: Valley Ball Tcttm 4. A life iii east: is it plvnxunl purxml. Walter Karl Barrett "0r1t'-lourllf' Dramatic Club 2, 3. 4: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Cheer Leader Z, 3, 4: Bank Cashier 3, 4: Garchive Stal? 4: Senior Play 4: Musical Comedy 3, 4: Christmas Play 4: Thanks- giving Play 4: Track Manager Z, 3, 4: Victory Dnnce Commit- tee 3: Class Gift Committee 4 lCl1airmanl. Could l lnviv less, I should bt' happier muv. Zelda Loretta Beckus iikvllllh ' Dramatic Club 1: Dancing Club 2, 3: Glev Club 2: Parents Day Program Z, 3: Field Day Z: Sewing Club Z: Thanksgiving Plny 2: Needle Craft Gul: 2: K. A. K. 4: Outing Commit- tee 4. llt-r loneliness I never hmm' lfnril .the .tmilml on me. Thelma Berger , "Tabby" Glee Club Z, lSecretaryl 3, lsec- tetaryl 4, lVice-Presidentl: School Service Club 2: Christ- mas Play Z, 3, 4: Musical Com- edy 2. 3, 4: Associate Home Room Representative 2, 3: Danc- ing Club 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Uslwr Sqund 3, 4: Drama- tic Club 4: Thanksgiving Plny 4: H. R. Secretary 4: Garchive Staff 4: Senior Class Secretary 4. like n lovely In-e she gran' In irnmmzhuutl. Morris Berman tfpepi. Home Room Secretary Z: Dra- matic Club Z: Dancing Club Z, 3: Thanksgiving Play Z: Ping Pong Club 3, 4: Assistant Bank Cashier 3, 4: Swimming Club 4: Debating Club 4: Class Gift Committee 4. ' Lvl lllt' uylrlrl slirlc, lvl Ill: 'i wnrld gn A fig Inr rnrr. mul u fg for war. Chills 1 9 I 3,1 HI .f' Rifle 4 J David Joseph Bohm "Einstein" German Club 35 iPresiclentl Track 34 4BNYi'cltot5i ance Com- mittee 35 1 C 5 im- ming,Qluby IL' Dgncc mnwsee rj rage Crew 45 nlmencement Announcement Committee 4. llerp sigllml in inlelligcnct-x, Ideas, clams, influences. Ida Anna Borzone "HlIi1h" , Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Baskete I ball Team Z, 3, KCaptainb 45 Volleyball Team Z, 3, 45 Glce Club 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club Z, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 35 Home Room Secretary 35 Christmas Play 3, 45 Thanksgiving Play 45 Musi' cal Comedy 3, 4. She lrnmrs her man. Sylvia Shirley Briskin "Tools" Dancing Club z. 35 K. A. K. 2. ' 3, 45 Hall Patrol Z, 3, 45 Lunch -5 Checkers 2, 4 fCaptninl5 French 1-QQ Club 25 Blue and Gray Staff 3. I 5 45 Assistant Bank Gtshicr 35 R- Chess Club sq Patton's Day X Committee 3: Garscribes 45 Bi- 1 ology Club 41 Knitting Club 4 ' lPtesiclentj5 Senior Tea Com- mittee 45 Class Gift Commit- tee 4. .-in Acct-nl very low in blmulislvrrxcnl. 1 'Q i ' Anna Buck l ' "Alliv" Dancing Club 15 Assistant Bank Cashier 35 Dramatic Club 45 Garscribes Club 45 Class Gift Committee 4. Il lhere's pence la bc lnuntl in lhe world, A heart that wax humble rnighl hope for it here. ll L 0 fl UH " Inns" :tnlt s ier -5 Dancing Club 3, 45 Decorating Committee 4. Nalhing is more llxvlul than silence. as -- i CH' U for 9 , ft, Wanda Estelle nhlluk A I K akuss.. V . Bank Cashier.Z5 Dancing 2, 3, 4, Girl Reserves z, 1 2:- retaryl. 4 lPresidenti5 Hom Room Representative 35 Pi ate Home Room Representative 45 Usher Squad 35 Victory Dance Committee 35 Patron's Day Program 3: Glee Club 45 Musical Comedy 45 Athletic Dance Committee 45 Garchiye Staff 45 Math Club 45 Senior Tea Committee 45 Garchive Dance Committee 45 Class Nigh Committee 4. Refi-L-Itwl it-rural suilnrs ju In luurn Hun' ro urrt-pl Q bell in his lurn. ' kk ,Q 1 ' ' - Ruth Chernin. "Rulhie" Dramatic Club Z, 35 Hall Patrol 2, 3, 4 Wresidentjg Dancing Club 2: Assistant Bank Cashier 2, 45 Blue and Gray Staff 3, 4: Chess Club 3: Usher Squad 35 Victory Dance Committee 35 Garchive Staff iEditoriall 45 Garscribes 4 lPresidentl5 Knit- ting Club 45 Athletic Dance Committee 45 Halloween Dance Committee 4: Commencement Announcement Committee 45 Senior Tea Committee 4. Shu xmilt-x and Ihc zlvurlil is hers. X , V5 - x Ce cf we Ns X g Harold George Church "Churchie" Math Club 45 Decorating Com- mittee 4. Canslit' mul slmrhling it-as his n-il. Irene Anna Cieslalt "Renee" Dancing Club Z, 35 Glee Club 45 Musical Comedy 4. My lrlfnlvotlx joys lllvvll in I1 ness. f ' KV Leo Anthony Cronauer "Lee" Bank Cashier Z5 Home Room Representative 35 Secretarial Club 35 Usher Squad 35 Danc- ing Club 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4: Stage Crew 45 Swimming Club 45 Musical Comedy 3, 45 Gat- chive Staff lTypistJ 45 Decorat- ing Committee 4. I sec, but rnmml rt-nch lht' llflglll Tlml lies lun-wr in Ihr lighl. Wu 1 X 1 Morris Cutler "Mlm" Basketball team 2, 35 Football Z5 Library Club 2, 3, 4: Home Room Secretary 25 Track 35 Bank Cashier 35 .ilue and Gray Staff 3, 4 1Associate Eclitorlg Misi l Comedy 3, 49 Ping Po Club 3, 4 lVice-Presi- da 5 Glee Chl!-Iliff 45 German ,Nilub 3, gvib 'presidentli Swim- ing vb? 45 Dancing Club l, 3' Gar ive Staff lliditoriall 45 Slither Play 4, G. A. R. Public- ity, Agent 45 Debating Club 45 ' Class Day Committee 4 lchnir- mnnl. lx rlrix llml haughly, gnllnnl, gay Lnllmriu? Thomas John Daniels UD' I.. D cin l w , 35 Home Room Se 5 Debating Club 41 Swi ng Club 4. Tull wks lrum liillc at-urns gran. Martin M. Davidson "lllr1ixhie" Dramatic Club Z KPresi'en 5 Thanksgiving Play 25 Ass tate Home Room Repre nt1 vi: Z5 Ping Pong Club 3 sidentl 45 German Club 3 1 cretaryl5 Baseball Squad 3 45 Victory Dance Committep 5 Swimming Club 3' T asurerl5 Home Room e tative 35 Assem- bly Pif ommittee 35 Bas- ket 1 4 Athletic Dance Com- mit 45 lue and Gray Staff 4: Mat Club 45 Debating Club 45 G-archive Staff il-Editoriall 42 Senior Play 45 Senior Gift Com- mittee 4. A lriemi, in his creation, In himscll, Anrl may, will: fit mnbilinn. conceive The grelllcsl blessing, and llie lliglzvst llonnrs. . Arthur Gem-ge Dreistadx UAH., Q Class Day Committee 4. A jcsfs prusperity lies in ilu' car oj'him mlm: In-urs il. Frank Frederick Drexinger "Draw" ancing Club Z, 3, 45 German lub 35 Swimming Club 3, 45 if Debating Club 45 Math Club 45 rage Crew 45 Bowling Club 45 alloween Dance Committee 45 enior Play Committee 45 Blue and Gray Staff 45 Commence- ment Announcement Commit- WS tee 4. llllngle u lllllc fully with your wisdom. 1 gg, i X K . GAIQCH IV Mildred Mary Durlti . i - Dra at Clu 3 4' han vi g Danc 'lil l gi - 1 , g ' ' 23 3, 4, istmas Pla 5 Armis- tic ay Progra ,45 K. A. K. 45 Gar r' 45 Class Gift ominittee . ' A lnce with glnrlness orerspreml! Soft smilcx, lay human kimlni-xx bred! Wasil W. Evanchiclc. "Slln lr 1 , one ci z,s,-1, ingfilub 25 Tra k Z5 5' Club 35 Musica C 45' Dr atic Club 4, B ath ub , Swim- ming u "45 T 'vi Pl 4glogy cn 4fi6'ZE...i1 Club 45 Commencement An- nouncement Committee 4. Ht' is properly rx carnlluurul of lhe various good qunlilies lhnt embellish manlfiml. Mary Lois Evans "Luis" Orchestra 2 , 45 Dramatic Club Z, 3, 45 G rl Reserves Z, it 45 Library u 3, 45 Glee Clu 3, 45 Dan ing Club 25 Home Room Se retary 35 Secretary Club 35 Blue and Gr StaffA,2' 45 Se!-tim' Play 45 Musical Comedy 3, 45 Associate Home Room Representative 45 Christmas Play 3, 45 Athletic Dance Com- mittee 45'Senior Tea Commit- tee, 45 Class Night Committee 4. She was our queen our rose, nnr star, 5 'stant B k hier 25 Dm- m c Club Z5 IlTh?ksgiving Q:Play '25aBasketb l T am 2, 35 volley Ball Tea -2 3- Dancing Adella ting X mar" ..HD .- 0 A ll"Clubr12, 3, 4,4 Ushbr,Sqund 35 kGirl Resertes 45 Outing Com- mittee 4: As ure as a pearl, Ani ns perlecl: n noble nnrl ' innocent girl. Elmer Joseph Ferris ..Rapc.. Dancing Club Z, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Musi- cal Comedy 3, 45 Christmas Play 35 Ping Pong Club 35 Swim- ming Club 45 Biology Club 45 Baseball 45 Lettermen's Club 3. 45 Associate Home Room Repre- sentative Z, 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Bar Team 45 Foot- ball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 45 Track Z, 3, 45 Bowling Club 4. The lowering hope of eagle- eyerl mnbitirm. joseph J. Finltleman "loc" Dancing Club Z, 3, -15 Bank Cashier 35 Swimming Club 45 Debating Club 45 Class Gift Committee 4. .ily nnme is lllighllhavr- llcvng I mn also called No-more, Tem- lrlle, Farewell. U Alberta Forbes "lh'rliv" Dancing Class 2, 3, 45 Glue Club 3, 4, Musical Comedy 3, 45 Patron's Day Program 35 Class Gift Committee 4. They who nn: plrnxed lhrlnsvlrvs must nlzrnys plvnsv. Leonard Bernard Frank "Pr-ny" Dramatic Gub Z, 3. 45 Lunch Patrol Checker 25 Library Club , , 45 Assembly Squad Z, 45 Bio gy Club Z5 Bank Cashier Z: ome Room Representative 3' beer Leader 3, 45 Ping Pong ub 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 45 Musical Comedy 3, 4: Blue and Gray 35 Debating Club 4: Swim- ing Club 45 Wrestling Club 45 lath Club 45 Armistice Day Play 45 Thanksgiving Program 545 Outing Committee 4. Thr apparel nfl pmrrlnimx Ihr: I mall. james Francis Gallagher , ".linlnlit"' Stage Crew 45 Swimming Club 4. The cheerful nmn'x at king. Aaron Gelfand "14rkic" Assistant Bank Cashier Z5 Asl sismnt Head Bank Cashier 35 Head Bank Cashing: Blue and. Grny Circulation M nager 3, 45 Ping Pong Club 3, 45 Blue and Gray Printing Staff 3. 45 Math Club 45 Garchive Staff 45 De- bating Club 43 Class Gift Com- mittee 4. lfilh llxem lllz' .wwf ul n'i.t1lnm tliul I MMU. i ag, -x S-I Jezl' E I X " nrl1ly" Bank Cas , out all Z,3,4: fi d,,f4gSw.- ming Clu , 3: Lettcrmeni Club 2. 3, , Wrestling Club 4: Outing mittee 4. Every! ing he says ur :Ines is ncrompnniezl with n man- ner lllnl rlmlrs ilu' arlmim- lion and gomi will ol every bchnlder. Esther Tuba Grusltin l l "Essic" ancing Class Z, 3: Art Club 23 atron's Day Program Z: Knit- ing Club 4: Blue and Gray Staff 4: Biology Club 4: Decur- ating Committee 4. Slit- rrm be ri.: :rise as uw' .flml :visor when slit- wishes. Arline Rebecca Hartman It "Allie" ' Dramatic lbZg mc Club Z Patr und 5 lc Cztsli- i 2, sher rscribes 3: G'rl eserv s 3: uting Com' rni ee 4. Slit' is 41 wnmnn. llivrrlorc' In be mm. Marie Margaret Haanhem "Tiny" Dancing Clubx2, 3, 4: Patrol Squad 2, 3, 4 lCaptai l: Orcb- estra Z: Li ary Club , 4: Pa- tron's Day Okta 3: irl Re' serves 3. 4: B tvlo hi 4. .-l slrvvl rfmnclire' 'full 0 grnrr. 1, Gladys Virginia Hit 'Yilurlie-"l secretary 1, 4: Gleebdub 2, 3. 4: Dancing Clu gf 4gTGirl eserves 2, 3: icalComedy 7 3 4 Usher Parr 's 'ty Program 3 Surlt har i in spur: mul n lm! uliht it t I v man I an rl I i 1 f Leroy Grim EJ- 3 4 m , 1, ,. fwillintti A. Henman "Hill" Dancing Class 2: Banlt Cashier 33 Usher 3: Outing Commit- tee 4. llix years are yunng, lzul llix tnvpvrir-nec old: llix hem! unmellmt-ed, but his jmlgemenl ripe. A li Elva Hopkins "Angel" Secretary 2: Biology Club Z, 4: Girl Reserves 3: Math Club 4: Announcement Committee 4. .4 nimlvsly lhni nmiie her seem clit-ine. Margaret Wilhelntina Horst .tpcgfi Glec Club 4: Musical Comedy -in Class Gift Committee 4. lflvgvtnl in her simplicily. Rita Loretta Horton "Shun" Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: K. A. K. 3: Glee Club 4: Biology Club 4: Girl Reserves 4: Musical Com- edy 4: Announcement Commit- tee 4. Ou lrillt Ihr flant-cf Lvl fny be run-mifirfil. Earl Joseph Hotchltissyj "Tilllrt'r" I H. R. Represe uivep, 3, -I: Patrol Squad Dancing Club z, , 4, B Team 2. sz Tumblin Team , 3: Track Z: Football Q 4: Baseball 3: Swimming lub 3 4 Blue and Jr ting St-iff 4 Bowling Club 4 Clmss D1y Committee 4 Ili: limbs were mst an manly nmlrlx lnr lmnli tpurlv ur umlul bnltl GED ' R -, , 5 h lxa D. C 4 'i-3: h . L' - -' ' "I " lair shi- ru. 1 l i v Q9 QCD s . E, 0 Gertrude Theresa Hotlto ulierlitf' Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Gnrscribcs 45 Senior Tea Committee, 4: Decorating Committee 4. V 0l1. keep me inrmrrnl, mulri- olhers great! Bellman Houseniclt . "Tools" Dancing Club Z, 3, 4, Bar Team Z9 Blue arid Gray Printing Staff if 3, 49 Dramatic Club Z, 3, 4 Vice-Presidentlg Asst. Home - Boiim Representative Z5 Christ- RPL x'-N L51 mm Play 3, 4, Swimming Club 3, 4: Biology Club 4: Announce- :nent Committee 4. Oh. it is vxcellvnl In have u giunfx xlrengllr. t., john Henry Hunt "Su'cdit" Math Club 4. llix smile, il lrnx 4-liilrllikvxirgrl K- bland. ' Q.,-- Q s. G. Reese Jackson "Rr-rl" C. M. T. C. 2, 3, 4 lPresidentlt Dancing Club Z, 3, 45 Track 2 fAssistant Managerl, 3 lMana- gm, Football 3, Swimming Club 3, 4: Chess Club 3g Home Room Representative 3, 4: Bar Team 35 Letter-men's Club 3: Associate Home Room Repre- sentative 4: Garchive Staff 4: Debating Club 45 Bowling Club 4, Outing Committee 4 iChair- manl. Before men nlnili' us rilizrns grenl unlnrt' mmlr' ux men. Helen Louise Jacobs "Hnl:y" Home Room Secretary 23 Drab matic Club Z, 33 Dancing Club Z, 3, 43 Thanksgiving Play Zg Armistice Day Program 25 Art Club Z3 Usher Squad 3: Glee Club 3, 43 Musical Comedy 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3. 45 Christmas Play 3, Patron's Day Program 3: Senior Tea Committee 4: Outing Committee 4. Hun' llruldxunli' xlli' ix! lfllul iraqi' ln'sxi's.' Iflmi sn-ev! prrlurntxl CSAIQCHIVE Patil Edward Jzstreuisl-ti "Paul" Dancing Club 3. 4: Assembly Squad 4, Dramatic Club 4, Christmas Play 4, Harmonica Club 45Decnt'ating Committee 4. Hui u'lml'x llzr- mllls. surltmg as ynlfn' ll py. ffdfr' Ralph Josep Johnston "Ralph" Home Room Representative 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew 2, 45 Associate Home Room Representative 35 Victory Dance Committee 33 Ping Pong Club 3. 4: Usher Squad 35 Blue and Gray Staff 45 Dancing Club 43 Debating Club 4 fPrvsidentlg Swimming Club 4 lSecrt-taryll Athletic Dance Committee 43 Halloween Dance Committee 43 Announce- ment Committee 4 lChairmanl. Tin' mis:-.tl mm: is generally In' wlm lllinks lliluself Ihr: lens! su. 4 Elizabeth Mary joseph "Eliza" Dancing Club 4. lienllv uf Apr-iw-ln. lwnr-.61-it-nr nl minrl. i George james joseph "Charlet:-" Assembly Sq Z, 3 Track 2. 3, Pi g 4, Danc- ing b and Gray Printin a 4: tage Crew 4: Class Gi t Committee 4. lflml man' Illrm mirlll wrullil murlalx lrrrrr? Michael Joseph "l'nncllu" f Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 Dr matic Club 3, 4: Germ cfm 3: Swimming Club 3, asebell Team 3,. , lee Club 4, Musi- cal Comedy : Deliiting Club 4: smge cmw ,da M. T. c. 4: Class Day Co nmitice 4. Run' vu ponml nf vdilily, lmlir- uml jun, To ri-lixlr u fukin mul rvfnim' u pun. Dora S. Kaplan "Dany" Dancing Clula 2, 3, 45 Needle Craft Club Z5 Dramatic Club Z5 Patron's Day Program Z5 Woodcraft Clul: 25 Art Club 25 Garscribss. 95 Knitting Club 45 Biology Club 45 Class Gift Com- mittee 4. Her lmlurrll turn is grave aml :lam cslir. Rose Elaine Katz 'iKiny" Dancing Club 2, 35 Biology gulls 45 Garscribes 45 Knitting u 4. Hou' truly is a kind hear! a Ionamin of glndness making vt-erylhirig in ils riviuily freshen into smiles. fi! . ye L x C Karl Elton Keefer "Keel" Ping Pong Club 3, 45 Blue and Gray Staff 45 Class Day Com- mittee 4. What is rruc simplt' and sirlwrv is must vangrnial In marfs nalurr. Dorothy Ann Keller "Dal" Dancing Club Z, 3, 4- tron's Day Program Z5 Scho Service Club 2' s t,Bzu-ik ashier Z5 boclcrnftf uh 5 ome Ro m Secretary' 35 Dramatic C b 3, 4 Treas rerl5 Girl Re- se , rscribes 35 Christ- mas Play 5 K, A. K. 4 lSecre- taryJ5 Glee Club 45 Musical Comedy 45 Thanksgiving Play 45 Secretary Clul: 3. A blilhe heart ntakes ri Irlmmling Visage. Margaret Mary Kellie upeg.. Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 K.'A. K. 3, 45 Senior Ten Committee 4. Sirnplicily ol all lhings is lhe hardest tu ln' ropicrl. i 91,59 C5AF?CH IV Daniel John Kennedy "Dan," Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. Ifnrlc likr a man. bu! don'r ln' imrkcri In deallx. feel Leona Lois Kijck "Pnl" Dnncing Club Z, 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Musical Comedy 45 Class Day Committee 4. Han' preltv hcr blushing was, nnrl hon' she blushvil again. Selma Beverly Kline usvm.. Dancing Club Z, 35 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Thanksgiving Play 33 Knitting Club 45 Garscrilaes 45 Class Gift Committee 4. She pleased while distant, Im! when near she charmed. Cecelia Theresa Korp ' "Civil" Dancing Club Z, 3, 45 K. A. K. 45 Girl Reserves 4. Thi' laughlrr of girls is mul twlfvr lras. amung the llc'- lighllul snunrls ol carlh. Pauline Eleanor Kneidingcr "Paulie" Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 Girl Re- serves 3, 45 K. A. K. 3, 45 Sen- ior Tea Committee A5 Outing Committee 4. ,, Ilvr flu-vhs sn run' a msc was un. K il .6535 la-ee ll: Rita C. Kracltenfels "Kruclrit7" Lufnninnc Club z, 3, 4, Dancing Club Z, 3, 43 Assistant Bank Cashier Z3 Home Room Repre- sentative 33 Associate Home Room Representative 43 Glee Club 5, 43 Musical Comedy 3, 43 Garscribes 33 Christmas Play 3: Victory Dance Committee 33 Garchive Staff lTypistl 43 Girl Reserves 4: Thanksgiving Play 4: Commencement Announcee ment Committee 43 Senior Tea Committee 43 Senior Play Com- mittee 4. lirnlei-I in pi-rmrrrrgv: Cmuiui-I aml vquipagv. Lillian Krispcr "Lil" Hall Patrol Z. 3, 4 lCaptainl: Dancing Club Z3 Biology Club 43 Garscribcs 43 Knitting Club 4: Home Room Secretary 43 Class Day Committee 4. lllut' were her tives us Nw fairy flax. J il, ybfk W'illard F. Kroll "Oni--lliinI" Dancing Club 2, 3. 4: Biology Club Z3 Stage Crew Z, 33 Glue Club Z, 3, 43 Musical Comedy 2. 3, 43 Bar Team 3, 43 Football Tr.-am 3, 43 Baseball Team 3, 4: Lt-ttermen's Club 33 Associate Home Room Representative 3: Swimming Club 43 Bowling Club 4: Class Day Committee 4. r:.nl main all pli-n.turt's infnne.-nf. Eleanor Margaret Kultlis "Cunlriz"' Dramatic Club Z3 Dancing Club Z, 3, 43 School Service Club Z: l7atron's Day Program 23 Sew- ing Club 33 K. A. K. 33 Knit- ting Club 4. Slalvly mul fall xlu' lllurnt in Ilia hall. Henry Richard Kuniclti Hsqnim- Curnrrx' Track Z, 3, 43 Stage Crew 43 Swimming Club 4: Math Club 43 Gatchive Stall 43 Announce- ment Committee 4. llnlli llay luil ifvr lmulrs con- sum':l llu' llliillliglrl nil? CSA F?CIl-ll Hilda Margaret Lasntan ' C "1Inm'y" Dancinglfllub Z, 33 Sewing Club 23 Glee Club Z3 Usher Squad 33 Hull Patrol 43 Knitting Club 43 Biology Club 4. The eyes halfir nm: language t'rvryu'lu'rt', 1. Sidney Harold Levine 'iSi1l'l Assembly Squad Z, 33 Band 2. 33 Dancing Club Z3 Bank Caslx- ier Z3 Dramatic Club Z: Glee Club 3: German Club 33 Ping Pong Club 4: Swimming Club 4: blarh Club 4: Stage Crew 4: Debating Club 4: Wltestling Club 43 Announcement Com- mittee 4. Tlml Inuguugv by yuur skill mmlr nlianl Will lutml In mtery clicnl. . Harold N. Lipp ' "I.ippyi' Football z, 1. 43 Dancing Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Musical Comedy 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 33 Bowling Club 43 Stage Crew 4: Swimming Club 43 Outing Committee 4. llix bark wus u-ursi' lhun his lnilr. Raymond jacob Litzenbcrger "Muna" Home Room Representative 23 Dancing Club Z, 3, 43 Assembly Squad 23 Musical Comedy 3, 43 Glce Club 3, 43 Home Room Secretary 33 Dramatic Club 43 Bank Cashier 43 Swimming Club 43 Christmas Play 4. Ha is mmplala in feamw and in milul ll'ilh all gmail glare lu graft' n ,L't'nllvnmn. Hannah Lloyd "llunk" Home Room Secretary Z3 Hall Patrol Z, 3. 43 Girl Reserves Z, 3, 43 Dramatic Club Z, 43 Danc- ing Club 1. 3, 43 Associate Home Room Representative 2: Musical Comedy 43 K. A. K. 43 Glen Club 43 Commencement Announcement Committee 4. Ilappinusx is lmrn lrvius joseph Michael Laboda -flue., Garscribes Club 4: Decorating Committee 4. lily :urn llmughlx ale my rum- punirms. . Frank joseph Maltarnvnge "lilac" Foosball 2, 3, 4, Assembly Squad 3, 49 Lettermcnls Club 45 Track 45 Class Gift Commit- tee 4. :ill Ihc grvul mul xnlizl prllvv- limi.: ul lift' appear in lhv jinislzrzl gvnllr-nmn. William Joseph Malcelonis "Bill" Orchestra Z, 3, 45 Band Z, 3, 4, Assembly Squad 2: Dancing Club 2, 43 Swimming Club 3, 4: Class Day Committee 4. .-lx prom' lo mixrlaivl, as nhlc In perform il. joseph Anthony Malcski "Crandall" Band Z, 3, 4: Qrchcsrrn 2, 3, 4: Dancing Clubr 3: Swimming Club 4, Math Club 4. Thorn' is music in all things il mvn had ours. Elizabeth Mary Mann Dancing Club 3 4 Girl Re serves 4 Biology Club 4 Class D1y Committee 4 unblc hmr . . G "Liz" Crm rlnmi yall In luv lvilh 41 Q? N Lf CSAFCH IV Anna joan Matuzas an Girl R es , 3, 43 a , , o eyba , 3 Danc- Club , , Patton! y rogratf : Knit ng C , Dramatic Clu 4 ' e Day Program r T Com- mittee 'im nouncemen Com, mittee 4. Shi- :mx lull mul slle urns fair. .is hue n lplt'h1'r4'. -W D Emily arie voy "Sis" Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: K. A. K. 3, 45 Home Room Secretary 35 Senior Tea Committee 4, Class Gift Committee 4. Shi' :mx nlu-up-x merry, Tlu'rclurc very 14-isr. Genevieve Francella McCarthy "Quvt'nic" Dancing Club 2, 3, 43 Girl Re- serves 3, 4: Knitting Club 4. Sn snrrrl ilu: lzluxll uf baslllul- ness. Rosemary E. McGroarty "l'n5iu" Home Room Representative Z, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Dancing Club 2, 3, 4, K. A. K. z, 3, lPtc'sid4-ntl 4: lPresiden!l Wloodshop Club 2: Girl Reserves Z, 3, fTreasurerl 4: Blue and Gray Stal? 3, lArt Editor! 4: Usher Squad 33 Victory Dance Committee 3: Student Council 4 IVicc-Presidentlg Knitting Club 4: Christmas' Play 43 Senior Play 4: Garchive Staff 4, lArt Editorjg Senior Tea Commit- tee 4. Ht-rs wus Ihr .vulrllcsl spell lay far nl all lhal xels ymuig: hcnrls rnmuncing. Regina Ruth McHugh ".lc'nni1"' Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Glec Club Z, 3, 43 Bar Team 3: Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 4, Patron's Day Program 2, 3, 4g Girl Reserves 4: Associate Bank Cashier 4, Senior Tea Committee 4. She ilnnces like an angel. Agnes Eileen McMananian "Irish" Dramatic Club 42 Glcc Club 4: Dancing Club 4: Musical Com- edy 4. Slit' xmilvrl an many. juxl fur fun. Regina Elizabeth Melan "Ivan" Patron's Day Program 2: Dra- matic Club Z: Glee Club 2: Neecllecraft Club 2: Thanksgiv- ing Day Play 2: Garssnbcs 3: Cafeteria Patrol 3, 4: Dancing Club 3: Blue and Gray Staff 3, 4: Hall Patrol 4: Knitting Club 4: K. A. K. 4: Biology Club 4: Girl Reserves 4: Senior Play Committee 4: Decorating Com- mittee 4. .4 rriruiing smile is the fin! clu- menl ul sur:-rss. , William Owen Meredith "Duc" Football Custodian 3, 4: Dra- matic Club Z, 3, 4: Basketball Z, 3, 4 lCaprainl: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Bar Team 3, 4: Christmas Day Play 3: Armistice Day Program 3: Musical Comedy 3: Senior Play 4: Swimming Club 4: Stage Crew 3, 4: Bowling Club 4: Class Day Committee 4. The lufiglnl ul assurance. Mary Louise Milnamow "Lou" Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: K. A. K. Z, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2: Cvarscribes 3: Patron's Day Program 3: Senior Tea Committee 4: Biology Club 4: Commencement Committee 4. My rlnnrin,': ilnyx are zlont'?- liay, hare' begun. Peter Minctola "Pele" Track Team Z, 3, 4: Football Team Z: Dancing Club Z, 3: Bar Team 3, 4: Wrestling Team 4: swimming Club 4, Biology Club 4:Decoraring Committee 4. Thrrr urns manhood in his lnnk. ijt' 3 CSA PCH I James Patil Moliitt ulilu1uit"' Lunch Checker Z: Dramatic Club 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 3. 4 lSecretaryl: Musical Comedy 3, 4: Ping Pong Club 3, 4: Armis- tice Day Program 3: Christmas Day Play 3: Home Room Secre- tary 3: Athletic Dance Commit- tee 3: Debating Club 4: Thanks- giving Day Program 4: Math Club 4: Student Council Presi- dent 4: Swimming Club 4: Dancing Club 4: Class Night Committee 4. .slll lungucs speak of him. Leonard L. Moffirt "Len" Glee Club Z: Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Stage Crew 3, 4, Swim- ming Club 3, 4: Bowling Club 4: Biology Club 4: Outing Com- mittee 4. Anil, rurminly ht- wax 41 guml lvllmr. rl :V 1 V ,JAA .Marcella Louise Moresco "Marcy" Dancing Club Z, 3: Girl Re- serves 3, 4: Knitting Club 4. My langue lrilhin my lips I rein For irllu fallfx much must lullr in min. 7 , fl 7 f Mae Teresa Morrissey 1 alggy.. Dancing Class Z, 3, 4: Basket- ball 4: Decorating Committee 4. Slit' rm: mlk'lln' llllk of men. Christine Nnlrgaret Moses "SlIrimpy" Library Club Z, 3, lpresidentl 4: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Pa- tron's Day Committee 3: Decor- ating Committee 4. Those eyes could .swell la mgc. or lrinrllv sn I rl' irc. 'Eng , L fj ff, Xi 2 Y'-w A ,gf l..oui!d,fElcnnor Mowcry I Yyy 'Yiupprf' f - icing Clubf-Z 3 'Art Club Cirl Rose ' A Dramatic Club 4:, ' . K. 4,5 hanksgiv- ing fglaf 4: Bioib y Club 4: t ng Committee 4. V Um: mst subxlfmlinl smile. Philip Seymour Mushowitz "lnrhyi' Lunch Patrol Z, 3, 4: Dancing Club 3, 4: Ping Pong Club 3, 4: Blue and Gray Staff 3, 4, iEx- cbange Editorl Garchive Staff 4: Debating Club 43 Class Gift Committee 4. .4 :lry jexl, xir-I hart' lhvm nl my yingrfs full. v X CX Charles Nnrxavich "Rui" Dancing Club Z, 3: Usher Squad 3: Football 3: Bank Cash- ier 3: Math Club 4: Glee Club 4: Musical Comedy 4: Swim- ming Club 4: Decorating Com- mittee ICbairmanl 4. .-i mnn hc srvnlx Ill rllvvrlul vvxlenlnys mul rnnfdvnl lnntorrmrs. Isaclorc Irving Newsbnum "lu" Dramatic Club Z, 3, 4: Football 2: Home Room Representative 3: German Club 3: Swimming Club 3, 4: Biology Club 4: Dr baring Club 4: Garscribes Club 4: Blue and Gray Stall' 4: Gar- chive Staff 4: Lunch Patrol 4: Class Night Committee 4. He is an enzbmiird przrndox, n bundle al rnnrmilirrinn. Ann Lilliln Norltunls "Hnby" Patron's Day Program Z: Danc- ing Club 3. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Class Gift Committee 4. A grrnt flN'nlt'r nl Ihr Uusprl nf Ceiling on. Hall Patrol Z. Dancing Club 2. 3, 43 Bar Team 3, 4: Football Z, 3, 4: Swimming Club 3, 4: Basee ball 3 iAssistt-int Managerl 4 Iivlanagerlg Stage Crew 3. 4: Wrestling 4: Letrermen's Club 3, 4: Bowling Team 4: Home Room Representative 4: Math Club 4. r h1rn'1ml and fmlir glee uns CSAIQCH IV Anthony Richard Oberaitis "Tony" Football 2. 3, 4: Dancing Club Z: Baseball 3: Lettctmcn's Club 4: swimming Club 4, Baseball-1. A lrvsh, n lrvvfu lrit-ndly man. .Ewen Amcdco Frank Qbici "Only" 5 - C Dancing Club Zrfl 4: Stage cm, 3, 4: 'Bio ogy Club 4: Swimming Club'-1: Bowlidg Club 4: Debating Club 4: Class Night Commit eq 4. , livin- nul mppnm-. : i wg uxl 'X x Thomas james Olena " Tum my" Baseball 3, 4: Ping Pong Cub 4: Math Club 4: Swimming Club 4: Class Gift Committee 4. Sunil nf lihrv: hvnrl ol onli. joseph 0'R:witz aloft. Swimming Club 3, 4: Stage Crew 3, 4: Dancing Club 3: De- bating Club 4: Biology Club 4: Outing Committee 4. .-l rvllvge' joke' In run- Ihr' lliimpx. Robert John Owens "Halt" 32 lhvrv. Joann Elcanori' Patoski "Dimplu" Dancing Club Z, 3, 43 Parron's Day Program Z5 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Usher Squad 35 An- nouncement Commirtcc 4. III hvr it :ms natural lu plmxu. Alice Marie Patterson ..l,Mi, Basketball 2, 3, 4 fCnpminJg Bi- ology Club Z5 Heine Room Sec- retary 3, 4: Math Club 4. Salim-'x my wmpvn, hul I'm lim rlisrrvcl In run rlmuvlr mul lill nl all I mvvl. Sydney Davis Payne "lIix" Football Z, 3, 4, lCaprainl Bas- ketball Z, 3, 49 Baseball 3, 45 Traclr Z lMunagcrl 3, Dancing Club Z. 45 Stage Crew Z, 3, 4: Musical Comedy 3, 4, Letter- men's Club 3, 4, fVicc-Presi4 dentl Swimming Club 3, 4, Bar Team 3, 4, Blue and Gray Prinring Staff 3, 4, Home Room Secrerary 4, President of the Senior Class 4. I1'v plays life' ax 11 lnullmll game, hillius' the lim: hunl. Rose Anne Petrillo MRO., Dancing Club Z, 3. 4: Dramatic Club 2, 45 Secretarial Club 35 Lunch Patrol 3, 4, Girl Re- serves 45 Garcbive Staff 43 Gar- scribcs Club 4: Outing Commit- tee 4. Ilappium-xx lu-lung tu llmsc u'hu are crmlculezl. Cora Ruth Pickwcll "Half-l'inl" Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 Sewing Club Z3 Decorating Commirf ree 4. Oh, lhvrc tm- many things that mmzcn lcnuw. 1 i e-1 GAQCHI Hugh L. Pierce "King Fish" Dancing Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club 23 Math Club 4: Dramatic Club 4, Swimming Club 43 Biology Club 4. I han' fill nlysvll ul lhis passion of nmhillou. Janette Estelle Pikas "9 'hen Vollc all ,z, , 4 lcapmanxg Glec xb 2, , lPresiclcnzl5 Music y z, 3, 4, Pa- tron' a rogram 2, 3, Than lvi g Play Z, 43 Dra- matic ub . 43 Dancing Club Z, 35 food hop Z5 Secretarial Club 3, Af aim Day Pm. gram 4. Il these plvuxllrrfs thou vans! give .llirlh will: lhrz' I mean la lil-c. Sylvia Platsky "I'lfnl" Lunch Patrol Z. 3: Hall Patrol 45 Dancing Club Z3 Dramazic Club 3, Chess Club 33 Biology Club 4: Knitting Club 45 Senior Tea Cnmmittrc 4. Ilun' hur fiu,:'4'rs irrnl lrllrn lllcy rrmwrl hp' nnlu through Ihc' 1m'r1x1lri'x limi' -Mi Victor Theodore Potclunas "Vic" Dancing Club 2, 43 Swimming Club 4: Bowling Club 45 Biology Club 4, Glee Club 4. Did nolhing in parliculnr, mul dill il Very n-ell. Marjorie Lois Powell "1lInrjie" Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Art Club Z lTn:asurcrl: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 4. I slept, and zlrmnlszl lhul life' was Beauty: I u'nh'r. and luuntl that life :mx Ilnly. Anna Theresa Pretr- allcgsv. Dancing Club Z. 3, 45 Sewing Cl 5 Glee 3, 45 M sical Co tc y 5 r matic Clibo 45 Ch t Pl Se r' Tea itxee 4 s ay Com- ml ee 4. Czllmness is u gn-ul n rlmlagv, Allen Price Prodge ' "Allen" Dancing u , anvass Club 35 G1 C 45 Mus' Co 45 ebatin Clu 45 M. t 45 o oom Ban ' shier 4-'S ing Club 45 Bowling Cl 4' iology Club 45 Decoratin ofhtnittee 4. I jus! sul quivl und lunlr nnlirv. Warren Henry Puterbaugb "Pull4PuIl" Glue Club 3, 45 Musical Comedy 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Christ- mas Play 45 Thanksgiving Day Play 45 Senior Play5 Home Room Secretary 45 Debating Club 45 Swimming Club 45 Math Club 4: Dancing Class 45 Baseball 45 Stage Crew 45 Class Night Committee 4. Illvrrilyfmcrrily, slmll I lin- mme. Morris A. Reishtein "CIlinu'1'II" Bank Cashier 25 Dramatic Club z, 4, Dancing Club z, 3, 4, Blue and Gray 2, CExch:tnge Editor! 3, lAssociatc Eclitorl 45 German Club 35 lTrcasurerj Ping Pong Club 3, 45 Swim- ming Club 3, 45 G. A. R. Pub- licity Manager 45 Garchive Stall' lEditor-in-Chiefl 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Debating Club 45 Victory Dance Com- mittee 35 Class Day Commit- tne 4. lmlvpcmlvnrv mm-. mul indie pr'mIcm1' lnrz'l1'r. Nelson john Richards "Curly" pass:-:I rurlivr akithu Dancing Class Z5 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Ping Pong Club 3, 45 As- st-mbly Squad 35 Christmas Play 3, 4: Victory Dance Commit- tce 35 Glue Club 4 lPresiclenti5 Musical Comedy 45 Swimming Club 45 Debating Club 45 Out- ing Committee 4. Knnu'x'I mv nnl by my Inugh? ' , A f su, C4 Robert Francis Richards "Hub" Football 3, 45 Track 35 Swime ming Club 35 Bar Team 3, 45 Luttermr:n's Club 3, 45 Biology Club 45 Bowling Club' 45 Class Day Committee 4. Uh. lrlly. xImuI1I ull life, Iubur llc. Frances Marie Saburncy 4 "St'Izby" Glen Club 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club Z, 35 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 45 Christmas Play 35 Thanksgiving Day Play 45 Senior Tea Com' mittee 4, fiml givrllx xpvecli la allg xnng In IIN: low. john Hauze Saricks "lark" Blue and Gray lCirculation Manager-l Z, lAssociare Editor! 3, lEditor-in-Chiefl 45 Library Club ISecretaryj Z, lVicc-Presi- clenti 3, 4: Student Council 2, lSecretaryl 35 QPresiclentl 45 Ping Pong Club lTreasurerl 3, iTreasurerl 45 German Gul: 35 Baseball 3, 45 Cvarchive Staff 1Eclitorial StaFfi5 Class Day Committee 4. Ili- ix rl xurl nl menlal reservoir that may lmrst upon you uml nl'v1u'lu-Im you in u lIIlllIll'IYIi Arthur Savitz arhl-, Assembly Squad 35Math Club 4. Tln-re were lliings wliich he xlrvlrlml, Im! ,mainly In- lnlrl lhe lrulIl.' . 'l If!.,.,'4 . A l -JP C-. Samuel Savitz "Sam" Hall Patrol Z: Biology Club 2: Dancing Club Z: Bank Cashier 3: Track 3, 4: K. A. K. 3, lTreasurt-rj 4 lTreasurerl: Mu- sical Comedy 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Math Club 4: Garchive Staff iArt Editor! 4: Dramatic Club 4: Debating Club 4: Assistant Bank Cashier 4: Swimming Club 4: Class Day Committee 4. .-I llnllrring pninler trim mmlt' if his rim- m dum- turn as :hey aught In Ive. nal as they ure. August Anthony Schutz "Augit"' Orchestra Z, 3, 4: Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Biology Cub 2: Glec Club 3, 4: Musical Comedy 3, 4: Assistant Bank Cashier 3: Track 3: Usher Squad 3: Band 4: Stage Crew 4: Swimming Club 4: Bowling Club 4: Christmas Play 4: Debating Club 4: Class Night Committee 4. .4 fflillt-r um I, mul rmm-qtwnlly u rnguv. Helen Jacelyne Seigel "lrl.tiv" Hall Patrol 2, 3 4 lCaptainl, Dramatic Club 2: Basketball Z. 3: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Wood Shop Club Z: Sewing Club 2: Biology Club 4: Knitting Club 4 lhllreasurerl, Life it fn.. than 1... :filling 1tmit'lie'.t, Frances Tanya Seremak "Fran" Dancing Club Z, 3. 4: Dramatic Club Z, 3, 4: School Service Club Z: Patron's Day Program Z: Christmas Play 3: Garscribes 1, Thanksgiving may 4. l'i-ratlzsiu' xpwrli. mul mum' pf-rstutxim' vyvs. june Rose Shaeffer "Snuum'y" Dancing Club z, 1, 4: Bank Cashier 2: Girl Reserves 3, 4: K. A. K. 4 lvice-Presidentl: Bia ology Club 4. Mun has his trill, lull 14'nnmIl luis hw nvnz Celia Marte Shaker --Cnr' Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Gar- scribes 4. Nrm'he're heal.: the hear! its lrinrily. Elizabeth Ardath Sherry "lIrttrie"' Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club Z, 4: Art Club Z: Glee Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3, 4: Musical comedy 3, 4. Senior Play 4: Christmas Play 4: Thanksgiving Play 4: Debating Club 4: Biology Club 4: Home Room Secretary 4: Athletic Dance Committee 4: Halloween Dance Committee 4. Or liglll ur rlurk: ur slmrl or lull: Slut' .vrlx 11 .spring In snare lltrm all. Eleanor Simon "Chit-Irie" Assistant Bank Cashier Z, 3: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club Z, 3, 4: Basketball Z, 3, 4 lManagerl: Girl Reserves Z, 3, 4: Patrol Squad Z, 3, 4 lCap- tainl: Thanksgiving Play Z: K. A. K. 4: Garscrbies 4 lsecre- taryl: Hallowdn Dance Com- mittee 4: Christmas Play Com- mittee. I 1-annul lrll htm' Ihr lrnlh may be: I my Ihr lnlr- as l'u'n.t said lu me. Ruth Patricia Simons "Rufus" Dramatic Club Z, 3: Dancing Club 2: Lunch Patrol Z, 3 lCap' tainl 4, lPresidL-ntl: Thanks- giving Play Z: Library Club 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3: Patron's Day Program 3: Associate Home Room Representative 3: Christ- mas Play 3: Armistice Day Pro- gram 3: Blue and Gray Staff 4: Ciarchive Stall lliditoriall 4: Senior Play 4: Garscribes 4: Senior Tea Committee 4. 1Yf't'i'r itlle n nlumrnl llul lhrilly anal lhoughtlul ul nlhers. Henry Thomas Sirens "lleiluirh" Book Squad 2, 3, 4: Blue and Gray Printing Staff 2, 3. 4: Stage Crew Z, 3, 4: Dancing Club Z, 3, 4: Lunch Patrol 3: C. M. T. C. 4: Swimming Club 4: Biology Club 4: Class Night Committee 4. Hr' ix lt marhine in trhirlt we put irlurl ire cull load, and pm- tlnrr irhul :rr will thought, William Anthony Slturltis "Hill" Orchestra Z, 3, 43 Band Z, 3, 4: Biology Club 4: Swimming Club 4, Wlrestling Club 4: Bowling Club 45 Announcement Com- mittee 4. Music xlrevpx by mt' ax a mvx- svngrr Carrying ri nwxsagi' Ilml ix nnl for mr. joseph Godfrey Snee "lm" German Conversation Club 3: Swimming Club 3, 4, Ping Pong 3, Math Club 43 Debating Club 4. lli' vumml ln-lp feeling xuperiur. Margaret Brown Spare "Margie" Dramatic Club Zg Dancing Class Z, 3, 4, Girl Reserves Z, 3, 43 K. A. K. 2: Sewing Club Z: Pa- tron's Day Program Z: Biology Club 45 Garscribes 45 Knitting Club 4. Siu- says it lllfmmml pl:-nxnnl lllings. Leona Isabelle Stanltevich "Cleo" Dancing Club Z, 3, 4g Girl Re- serves 3, 45 Garscribes 4, Sen- ior Girl's Tea Committee. She was runlvnl lu In' lilllt' ltnnlcn, llnl lllnugllllul people un' nm-er alone. Harold Stivers "Sli1'y" Dancing Class Z, 3. 4: Bank Cashier Z: Stage Crew 3, 4, Swimming Club 4, Bowling Team 4. I um Ihr very slam- ul rirrum- slrulre mul ilnplllxr. CSAKFQCII-I IV Beatrice jacquelyn Stolfi "lic-als" . Dancing Class 2, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 2, Basketball 2: Wood- craft Club Z: K. A, K. 4, Bi' ology Club 4. Zunnllx! I lmre been fra ruinulrs lun lull' ull my lift'limt'. james Robert Stout "Jimmy" Banlt Cashier Z5 Dancing Class Z, 3: Stage Crew Z, Senior Glee Club 3, 4, Swimming Club 4: Musical Comedy 4, l'm juxl ax will ur 1 mn lu-, Sidney Lyle Sullum "Sill" Dancing Class 2, 3, -l: Basket- ball Z, 3, 43 Patrolman 25 Track Z, H. ll. Representative 31 Usher 3: Ping Pong 3, 4, Swim- ming Club 4: Debating Club 4: l.ettermen's Club 4: lsecretaryl 43 Senior Announcement Com- mittee 4. Tlw mn- ..f my nfl- is M mnlcr lnuxinvsx .llr plmsllre' null plelunrr my lmxinvxs. Viola Natalie Sutkus ,,Vi,. Dancing Club Z, Library Club 35 Girl Reserves 35 Lunch Pn- trol 4. lfvllcr lulr' llmn never. Mary Dolores Teberio "Dully" Dancing Club Z, 3, 43 Bank Cashier Z, Usher Squad 3, Glee Club 43 Biology Club 4, Musi- cal Comedy 4. A lwnnly like lhv rising ul her nu-n lluliun xuu, .-lln-nys vnrlmnling, nrvvr lhe SHIYIP. Use Esther Thomas "Tnninly" ' Dancing Class Z, 3, 45 Assembly Squad lSecretaryl 3, lPresi: dt-ntl 45 Hull Patrol 45 Gar- chive Staff 45 Senior Tea Com- mittee 45 Garscribes 4. Hi-r rirlnm me in many runl sn rurc. Harold Evans Thomas "l.rlly" Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Bar Team 2, 3, 4: Track 25 Tumbling Team Z5 Baseball 3, 45 Musical Comedy 35 Christmas Day Play Z5 Arm- istice Day Program 3, 45 Pa- tron's Day Program 35 Swim- ming Club 4: Announcement Committee 45 Lcttt-rmi:n's Club. lining good is only ri-rlnin happy nl 11 nmn's lili- Troy "Eplimim" Dancing Club Z, 35 Football 35 Swimming Club 4. The man n-hu hlnxhvs ix nnl quill' n hrniv. Ephraim F. Troy "l"imiir" Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track Z5 Dramatic Cla? 2, 35 Dancing Club Z, 3, 9 unch Permit Checker Z: Stucl Council Z5 Bank Cashier Ping Pong Cl 3, lPre :ntl 4: Musical C edy 3' lee Club 3, 5 Ap- ra u b 3 Stars nt 35 a 3. 5 Deb n Club ret - nsur 45 nth l 4 S in lub4 Bar ea '3, 4 e er mn's Cl 45 Senior A un emcnt Gam it- tcc 4. The lmliex rnll him xivvrl. Q? s Q... Rfjma osephine Tunaitis "Ginger" Girl Reserves Z, 3, 45 Art Club Z5 Dramatic Club Z5 Dancing Class 2, 3, 45 Associate H. R. Representative 25 Thanksgiving Day Program Z5 Library Club 35 Patrol Squad 3, 4: Knitting Club 45 Senior Tea Commit- tee 4. Never elnled while' mu' nmlfx nppresserl: ' Na'i'4'l llejevlvil while- nllvlhvfs hlf-sseil. .vc.J7-'01 CSAIQCHI Louix Ullman . "Cli'nrn'Piil" Assembly Squad Z, 35 Biology Club 25 Debating Club 45 Swim- ming Club 4. Sn plain n mnu nm l! Arwony ,lohn Viavi an -5, "li'ull"' Footballsm, 4l Basketball Z5 Araclci: , 5 Dancing Club Z, 5 encrmcn's Clu 3, 4 Y Yo 'denKl: Swimmmg'C?b,3. , ar Team 3, 4 IC. tain 5 H. . Repres ntaqivl: 45 Biology Club 4: Biglt 'Squad 4. Tlmngh htjrax rough, lu- irnx himlly. Frank William Vilen "rn" Dancing Gub Z, 35 Track 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Dramatic Club 45 Glee Club 45 Thanksgiving Play 4: Musical Comedy 45 Math Club 4. He urns Ihr milrlcsl nmnnerrrl znnn lhnl vi-er sculrlefl n Ahip. ,hz- .s:,g,,,.4z.6.,., Hurry Wasserstrom "Proj" Dancing Club 2, 35 Garchive Staff 4. I nm nal in lhi' rnll of rnnnnnn mnn. u Carl Weber "Webb" Dancing Club 2, 3. 45 Tumbling Team Z5 Football 3, 45 Track 35 Bast-ball 45 Bar Team 35 Stars Afloat 35 Swimming Club 45 Math Club 4. Nnrhing is more valuable tn rl num than Courlvsy :mil milrlnrss. Gertrude Knthryne Weiss 'iCt'rlic" Dancing Club Z. 35 Sewing Club Z5 Lunch Patrol 45 K. A. K. 45 Knitting Club 4 lSecretaryl5 Bi- ology Club 45 Garscribes 4 lVice-Presidentl. .4 lair mlrrinr is a silenl rrrannmcmlnliml. Mortimer E. Weiss 'irllnrli' Band Z, 3, 45 Orchestra Z, 3, 45 Biology Club 1, 45 Blue and Gray Staff 3, 45 German Club 35 Swimming Club 3, 45 Danc- ing Club 3, 45 Math Club 45 XVrestling Club 4, K. A. K. 45 Debating Club 45 Senior Play Committee 45 Garchive Staff lEditoriall 45 Class Day Com- mittee 4. Joy rulril lht' iluy. mul Lure ilu' uiglll. .7 J josiph,"Aloynius Williams .' "fue" Home' Room Secretary 2, 3: Glee Club Z, 3, 4, lVice'Presi- death Musical Comedy 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club 25 Ping Pong Club 3, 45 Home Room Repre- sentative 4: Dramatic Club 4 lPrcsidentl5 Swimming Club 4 lPresidentl5 Thanksgiving Play 45 Stage Crew 45 Bowling Club 4. .-l lillle llnllxvlzxt' now and lluvn I.: rulixhvrl by llu' u-isrxl men. Mildred Ann Williagns "Skipper" Dramatic Club 25 Dancing Club Z, 3, 45 Sewing Club 25 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 45 Home Room Sec- retary 35 Garsctibes 45 Senior Tea Committee 45 Biology Club 45 Blue and Gray Stall' 45 Class Night Committee 4. lfnml of rlresx mul rllrulgf' and praise. A gvnleel imnmn in Iwi ways. Blanche Osma Wright "Smmlzie" Dancing Club Z5 Basketball Z, 3: Wood Shop Club 25 Class Gift Committee 4. l nvrvr 11-ill: imlmrlnnl air In run:-ersulizm at-vrlzeur. Kathleen Glynn Youngblood "Knife" Dancing Club Z, 45 Art Club 25 Girl Reserves 35 Garscribes 35 Usher Squad 35 Associate Bank Cashier 35 Senior Tea Commit- tee 45 Announcement Commit- tee 4. Allis nm' In lmr-alznrt' llvr lan Sln"1l nmlri' xu't'4'l tfyvx ut Caliban. Blanche G. Yurltshitis "Mulch" Assistant Banlt Cashier Z5 Girl Reserves 2, 35 Dramatic Club Z, 3, 45 Dancing Club Z, 3, 45 Var- sity Baslzctball Z, 3, 45 Varsity Volleyball 2, 35 Christmas Play 3, 45 Victory Dance Committee 35 Home Room Secretary 35 As- sociate Home Room Representa- tive 35 Stars Alioat 35 Glee Club 45 Musical Comedy 45 Blue and Gray Stall' 45 Halloween Dance Committee 4. To be frank and sincere ix my ,trrrilrsl lulvnl nl all. ll Elizabeth Mary Yuscavagc HU:-, Lunch Checker Z, 3, 45 Girl Re' serves 3, 45 Banlt Cashier 3, 4, lAssistantl: Dancing Club 35 K. A. K. 45 Senior Play Com- mittee 45 Senior Tea Commit- tee 4, She ilarvs la laugh au! Iounl mul yn-.-. Ruth Zatcolf "Znnie" Lunch Patrol Z5 Hall Patrol 3, 45 Dramatic Club Z5 Assistant Bank Cashier Z5 Patron's Day Program 2: Biology Club 45 Garsctibes 45 Knitting Club 45 Class Night Cqgimitteeh. Tlmn lmH'lll't' .s1i'e4'It1slffilri' l furor lonkml un. Edward john Zurelt "Htl" Orchestra Z, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4: Swimming Club 45 Biology Club 45 Wrestling Club 45 Track 4: Commencement Announcement Committee 4. lalupzll, mul lm Ial sir! N..- if - QQ G-ARCHIVE Q09 Edmund Robert Zuh Charles Robert Payne "lub" "Chip" Dancing Class 3, 4. Foosball Z, 3, 43 Bar Team Z, 3, Ilnppy am lg from mr 'm lrw. 49 Twfk Zi SHIRE Crew Z1 3. 42 Why nren'l their 1 mnlrulwl I-PllfH'm9n'S Club 2' 3, 45 Dm' Iif, mf? mnnc Club 25 Lunch Pnu-ol Squad Z, Szudenr Council Z, 3, 4: Dancing Clnss 2, 3, 4g,Swim- ming Club 3, 45 Biology Club 4. Une lrllu m'rz'r ruined llix lmrlr, bill lllrlrchml bleuxl for lmrrl. , enior ulogmp zs ' TT 424:12 l G l , A ,' 4 'ii A ,f 0 ru- 1 ' h W I My X X :Ex ,I X Q 31.xFL,gIV,X:"4,,M Qwl . r wi g ',4- 4MKiQi,v,,w9',4,wl! W ' IP.. qw A, W K ' - G' I f N . .138 v 132 3 -Y Q mf mv -L 9' xg llUN1KD1KEliQ 4555 X wif 5- Q vo Q .P ,. .Nik 1 Q T: ?4Q: 'x M: Fwy, Q - 3 V, .. M fume- W A f' ' f 'O 'ff' P' , f ,-ug" f Y 3.3 bf i ii ' 01 fb . 1 iff!" HL .xx l, 1 ' ,'i"11-Mff"'f- f " if V , - 3 17-I If o N Q 0 vQ1 M11U11UMf14ES 9 A GYQCHIVE evenlfz Circle e IT is with ti great deal uf satisfaction and pride that we, the class of 1935, leave our vacant places to such a competent and aggressive a group as you. You are now on the threshold of your life-long ambition. You will not regret having so labored to attain this goalg it is one worth striving for. NVQ wish you all the success in the world, and hope that your year as seniors will be as joyful and eventful as ours has been. Our only advice to you is: talk with dignity, and conduct yourselves with dignity in all undertakings. XValk with dignity, ! 4' t ' , W ' Qi? ,',, 4 W ffl 'g il fl YWCINA Gi'GL G V YOU have now completed your first year as members of Senior High School. During the past year you have come into closer contact with student government and the student activi- ties of our school. You cooperated with the juniors and seniors and found your place among them eagerly and quickly. The loyalty and enthusiasm you manifested in all activities bodes well for a hright future, The class of 1935 wishes you success in all your future enterprises. "11..,.. -,E iv- we i n il g i Lk q u if : 4 .fb E "itll-NU wi 1 Wh ' ll'l 'WSH' Wllggl --lx im' lwvy, gm it yilw -X f f ll , 1 1 F - fi. W' " M 1 i Q ,fl l Q oesaa ., ll lt. :tmp it .J A Rcl-nvE Ai it w',,V.q. 'V -'.1 . .WI ss- - 1. V ' .1 ' 01' I - 1 2" , 1 " .2 V I I ',4- J . - v .' - ,, if 9 all Z s is .V-534 re: H '. N .ii 5 15' 9.5. Y. ,,43's1 u t ffl , 3 'i'9':T:!i ' V . 45 X .aa-. 4' 3315 I 5 X I G Q A i Q C ' x S i f ' U Q5 ,wt rv ' , " . ' 1 , , " . 2 4 f ' J gf s Q . . , N ' i ii -gi'-. ' if ' ' . N Q 4 A- X: at 1 Q JN xx ., VW . - bl ,o?'sQg,,,'gsgizg1,f,1 'H 's"': 56 i www- fs Sr was . sv i verb' 4 t .. H n , H ' 'Q 'wil' M V , s ' .:. M if 'QM 'ti' so i 4 . . it wfsgaigsl 1' fl , ' D ' 2' j si. YQ si H .. as ,sf-s alt .. '3 if... ' E ' I , 1 :N Ai I " . 1 Q 1 I 5- l I ' R D. r , 'Y x ' . ' SVU' , I., Y.. lwlinlll Qizilgjlugil ' You have linen the useniorsl' of Junior High School. You have set an enviable record as leaders of the younger members ot' our school. You are now about to enter into tenth grade and consequently into Senior High School. Adapt yourselves to your new positions and you will be as great an asset to this body as you were to junior High School. XVe. the class of 1935, leave with you our best wishes and the hope that you will attain the greatest heights and highest honors. 'sq . ti. V' ' H 'r , ' . A 'A i st azfwr- ' W" r" ,nj '51-,Sify -R' V I . ,lrivffs - Jstfgqs :,:.Q,di1g,, I 5. I. . A nm L. iris' b - g. ,.:'igJ. s--. .1 i 5 , l ' at . 2 . ' ,s L- flff 1. U, V , A- s - f " v is -Q :g - s. X u , 1 it U 'V l x :L "-.sv R- jf. n 'MJ '- Q 4 ., -.ia -su' . 'Y-ir ' -. J ds? - hz? -' s .iv-1.f2f,f 13 wmili rj ,1 pi-M ap' ga- i 9 . ' -S, A fly: ."5l"' ' can ,EiL,,4Lq.- .rt 'te -fro" '1 1 , t - 1, .e . ii ' gif.x,.W-' Q f 'lb ' . ,M if . fs L :Sf " .1.' , - - .01 ' Half" " Li H, ' , 1-al.. 0 13 1. 1. ,li fire' f' -afuw' ti ' QQ:-as-I I 7 A 1 V 'Au K' VSV? .. 1 1551.1 -p 532- ' J avi' Q -P V ' 'J' 1:2- . 0 J A gdf t, faq... X' VW ., 114 'l fi' P? Q . ' ' .,, , . - Gl'c7c G Fix You have just completed your seconcl year as members of G, A. R. It was, however, one of - 'i the most important, for you have chosen the course of study which you are to pursue during A , 4 the remainder of your years here. You have just begun to realize that you are an important JJ. part of our school -that the school needs you to support all its activities. ' ' . 'L' 4, Next year you are to he the leaders of Junior High Schoolg it will be your part to lead the 7 ' 5 t i-A I lower classes in all curricular and extra-curricular activities, and to set an example for those ' Y ,. '-X, F 'V incoming seventh graders, who will look up to you as their models. With this lair of advice the .4 -qu ' class of l935 bids you farewell and leaves with you its best wishes. 'Ft' i, . . +23 "lsr -5 ' ,., .. .--- -.1.s.p-t,..- ff. -. ---- -nsfrssia . ' ,H . ..i1.-.ga .1-N , ,..i..4 -if ,, me i::,v:w . me ...--- ' W. 1 A ,.-.-7-' -rr.-:ff-.-i J. .. .i . 1 ..-- f f- . .4 -0 . re .. . ' l ... -' -. 'ful ini Miufrgffyiiill :W "li 'llHI'hn,f'uyP'1'ollw1Ia ll' 'l Wi ,-VW "Til 5' ' gill " iw, .W Il" T5 'lf ii i- W' ' .. Q -SFT? 2T"f"1 I....f- 774 '3 ass.. ma y f1..Ig.e f. fli rt ti' :. F850 NSW? . .L . ,-,. ' 'Wi ' f . - aiu' :r sim .q, " "H - ' e' v ---v-st' ' , if V Y - GARCHIVE ge ' Pl Xi, 1 J c evenlh G1'a cfe AT the beginning of this year, when you came here, you were, as a class, timid and wide- eyed nt the immensiry of the building in which you were to embnrlt upon your high school career. Almost nll of you were strangers to one anotherg but within each was a heart. filled with ambition and joy. You had attained a goal -a desire ro be part of G. A. R, By now many of you have become inseparable compnnionsg you have learned what our school is, and what it stands for, nnd, above nll, you have become part of it. Next year, with the ease of familiarity, throw yourselves wholeheartedly into school activities. XVe, the class of 1935, wish you the greatest success in your career at G. A. R. in Memoriam :IIT is with the deepest sense of sadness and loss that we record the death of two of our most beloved teachers, Miss Marcia Foster and Miss Anna M. Groschl-re, both of whom died the same week in the month of November, 1934. Miss Foster and Miss Groschlce gave their whole lives in the interest of youth and education, and the recipients of their teachings reaped much fruit from their tireless efforts, ceased only by the hands of death. The class of 1935 joins with the rest of the student body and the members of the faculty in remembering with gratitude two women, L. not only the finest of teachers, but also the most sincere t and trusted of fricncls, who have set for us a fine ' W pattern for living. , ,N I ..,.: ,Iggy WCW -Q ,H ...- ...,,NZ2. .Z ,nw ,., ,LAW N' 1 i f I iiadianib-1l'liL.n rs :J 5'5" .- A i i i i' 'l .l m fi- i i -'m f y ,ik Atigggllmg ,Fm Qwiirtim-Q..hygiiuf ii iii, 51i:a.!.aXifigildkgufliR ,. 1-lg z1..le5g,ivy"ilLyLliwr, JI-1 1 i -1 . li' i . 9 QW fkiiv f' 'K vb. si! Jef levy Qs' X 1 2AMEZTP1lW1lHlV1KHlES f ,vi "" .flaw W Q MTL " '-3. X' .-'.?, 3, ,fl 1 49 K Q ? A vmuy mm' .B M.. .1 , J- mr ' 5? :va Q ,fp x f ' , ' X Q- 'W Wx " L wi Q . 5WhX, J,,Tv1y , .. ' -'-'- '-M .P m g a A is f i NJ-f ' V 19-'Ii ,vi W MIK x , :ff Q 1 11 . , ..' C'l'Qn-uv, U gh, 531.15 V A-D QR ,i i X X J ,Q FK- X -Y if , 4 GARCHIVE rmsr now U.,-n I.. irgmw: w:i1..f.i Gramm. nf-mu J...'u-im. R-,bm own. Ralph i..im......, Am.. ceinnii, Jimi, ilunm. 1.-im snail-. ix.-.m...y iafizf.-Mn. vm 1'm,.i-., rum. A..-is... x.-me i1fimn,ii..,1f.m im-, ix-.mt cmnihff, icuii. mamma... mum 'n..,....r. i...a. lixunx, Leo Srluniih. sizirurn now: L...-,.u. ii.lx:i..,.., si.-ii.. ni..-... xi..f,i.f.-i nf.-i.-, wa-iii. n..,s..u. us... xr..--uni-1,. c.m...1n Schn-il-er, i.un.i.. r:...im..1.t.iinmiiiiy u'c.,,m..f, nm iz.-many. in., 1.....s. s.i.-a-in in. 1-.-mm, .Awami ii.-ii.. r.-mir. ua.-r izfagiaias, iinfgim r.-sm, in-if rain,-pi-s. Sophie iv,-af.. i.....a..- rum. 1-..-mann immsnm, im... i-...igmki. infix.. xi-.....1. 1-:nn ii....-mas.. ii....aip sfimi.-r. .im-a iismy, i-ffm.. ingmki, Jam Maier, iima--fy, Laing... muff. lisny iizwm., Peggy Aixcgaf, mn.-,. l.yi.n. logins nu.:-it, ci...,i..u.- nun.. Nnnry iam, .imiffy Mlm. .nm i:n.,i.ap, miviwn now: i:.-gif... iiiishnn,-. mire nam, cmm ii.-...in-cup, rm-m nf-win. mm.. KM,-. cc.-.gc c-i.-umm, Amin-ly iinmxa, mink xml..-i, image vnmimnufi. Am. i'-Miviig.-. xmas .in.1m.m, crime.. i-symf, imanaa Rainy, ima.-N smm.. I-.mi rzfmgn. 1.-..-ph Jmpi., mimi. ,iii-mm. i:.iw.1 lx.-fwn. TIIHHD HOW: Frieiln jim-ph. lil-nlnn Dnrlaml, halhun .li-llersurl. llnnuhy William, Alben.: Snow. Williinn lauiglim-y, David llmlevirh. Kc-nmrtli llrulniiclil. Jaym- Ciilvnrelln, Lilm lluggvn-. julin Ynrio. John Sm-iinlck. Joseph Oliver, Avlnm .liirnzu 0'Cinumr, Gi-urge Clmrli-4. Fr:-nl Sir-mpel, l-'rml Knlil. lunvlle Pilnni. I'IF'l'll IIUW: .lwwpli Siilp, .-Xlmin Mums. Willvnr Tiny, Inu-pin Dinan, Inhn Finn. Willinn Lungiin. Gi-uipv Simrin-s, Irving Wuhl. liuilni-y Nogee, William lliuiiniui, Nirlinlnu liinvri, Chlrles Farrell, Unity Dziviilmii, Adeline Berger. Mnry lil.nun. .lnvk Mt-Iii-iilogiw, Paul Cimlinal. ' SIXTH RUN: L4-nn.mI Sniulci-ill. Fmnris L1-Crm-, Iimrl la-get. Jnmz-1 Pavlun. llnrry Saucrwvin, Tlinnins l'lrann:in. William Gillvnn. ln-ing Rnlxin, Daniel Dei-Li-r. Jim-pli Yanvrn, Fr-ink Dim--1, Clmili-1 lui-i-, .lurk Pnnnrnli. Jninr- Jnili. liul-rn Crolg--. John Ni:-nlclln. hnies Cooney, Waller Luhmla, Ili-n lnnli--Li, Gerard 0'Civnm'll, Anllmny Yiuwulzi. lxlnn-r Perrin, Alinnm Dwllhkglir, Melvin Svhall. Slmfelzl' Qiounci TUDENT Council is thc representative self-governing group of the student body. It is comprised of representatives elected by the students of their respective home-rooms, and its officers are elected each semester by a vote of the entire student body. The squad chairman and the head bank cashier, appointed by the Council oficers and zz faculty committee, are also members of this body. The meetings of the Student Council are held on the first Tuesday of each month. Reports are given by the squad chairman ancl the head bank cashier. Com- ing social events are announced. Questions arising in the different home-rooms are presented by the representatives from those rooms and are either answered by the president or are referred to a committee for investigation. 'The president pre- , sents the topic for the month, which will form the basis for the discussion in the ,T 4 Y home-room meetings the following week. These topics usually pertain to manners - I and behavior in school and outside. ' Q' '- f'4 Thus, through the Student Council the students have a part in the management '- if . of the school and are given a chance to institute desired changes. " "AA 1 ..., ..,... , -th- - , we img-wi ---- - "-. ..,y -, ...f.,.s.-- -v l V M4 glcgzxx ijgjg-.L' 'MQ' ,.,t,,LA' ITQffff "f:-- -...N 'wtfiff 1.4. li -.i I E. , ' ' I Q gi-ui illui-Feglli iili fi ilnifj fi l i ' 'Q , fs-g A ff is-l . ... tvs-Q. l ,. ITT' S i f 13 if-4 GARCHIVE rmsr Row mn in imma: Elmo, con.-mn, 1-mails nfcmu. E1m...r sa.....kt..ri, xmam. miie. nm. xx.-.u..y, n.,m.v nan, Jmpi. ifhippm. nf-...m wma.. 1.1-.-ps nc,-,-rf. iz-nm -rim..-., 1-mamm :imma n....n0, lh-ny N.-mn. n.-1.-my umm, uma umm,-. iiumu 1--.-. srzcnxn now: Lynx. nfcinn. mm cn.-. c.mmsn.- Yalrntn, nm. nf.-S..-1. G1-mu.h-I-lu-rlmn, rim.-muy srl.-mm, im, .ui..t-nl., im.: umm. rzlafiifn. slsmaiiska, lhny i:fn.ms. rm..-f. ximsny, smug 'rn..m,.,, 1'1m.-.-.. zsrk. Tunm now: n..1,m RWM.. mms.. K.-fp. nny n-mlm.. Nnnmm Sinn:-r. 1.-lm warm. mm, samm. 1'x..-nm, sim,-V.-fi. 1.f...m.i muh, cxmflf- 1-..ynr. Wm. xr.-rim... um nn-im. iilauiimb mu... wa1t.... sim.. Mu Kim. rouuru xow: rims, mcom-. :muy mfr..-ka. wma, xc--f,1.1m.-1.lc..pn... x..-.. .hawaii-. John imph. 1...f,.i. cainipx. mnk xt..km..vm, A..-muy vim-mn. num it-.gli-ii. mu.-fi, Cennihnr, mu mmm-, Jwph swim.-h. i:.iwm.1 num. rf,-.1 xmn, .tfnmf Anno.. rxrrn Row: sim.: L-1.-.-i. reams: nm.-...k. sim mm. iiM..x.1 swf. 1..,-fm, sa.-mm. .uw Jam. Alum xm-fi.. rm- sam.-k. m'il1im.. umm.-, 1.-nu mania. umm.: sankavwsi-1. 5.1,-.fa xifuniv. Trim.. mm.-1. 1....-,ni rwfranf. 1:.-M .m...1f., ,uhm xxcfw, 'r1m..m- um. L3'LSCll1IJ5'-SDQIICIL HE chief responsibility of the assembly squad is the care of the song books. The members of this group, under the direction of Miss Hahn, pass out thc song books before every regular chapel service and on every other occasion when they are needed. They must see that the books are evenly distributed, so that everyone will have the use of oneg and after the assembly they must collect the books and put them away in the closets, counting them each time to make sure that none has been mislaid. ' The assffnbly squad is lnade up of one representative fronl each hUlnC'rODlny i.4 ' who is appointed by the home-room teacher. He takes care of the books for his I 1' ' iiaivfmi special group. and in this way the handling of such a large number of books is " wb A' ifyx' greatly simplified. i G, X P.. S N '- ' gli . .jim A Pais ! 1.5.5. ,wt Tice . 4 2. - -11. . fs. 5 4 i if M X . ML wr., , yllxili in k llwlg :TN -t W 'li ,Alix QQ, J' 1 ii F'-IJ "B H ---- . . :::.:I, 5 --rs f A- .SLT-A . If W 21 if ' t New w: f 4""tn. i'-11T:x244, l K W X W x, - , GARCHIVE FIRST ROW' fl.eft to Rightlz Sydney Payne, Henry Kunicki, Xvillinm Meredith, Robert Owens, Charles Payne, Leonard Moffitt, Philip Nogee, Adviser: G. E. Highriter, Adviser, XY'illard E. Griffith, Ralph Jones, William Hartman, Joseph Evers. Anne Ritchie, Rose Aufiero, Rita Pellens, Marion Randall, SECONQ ROXV:.JosL-ph NVilliams, Elmer Ferris, Michael joseph, Harry Walker, Daniel Davis, Nick Macri, Francis Srulgaius, Frank Drexinger, August Schutz, Regina Mushaway, Clare Brent, jane Milewski, Toini Vilen, Ellen Evans, Victory Mason, THIRD ROXV: Sidney Levine, James O'Connor, Ralph Johnston, Joseph Oillavitz, John Kasper, Francis Panzarello, james Davin, Warren H. Puterhaugh, Phillip G. Amos, james P. Molhtt, George J. joseph, joseph Stxlp, Leo Cronauer, Adam Hughes. mlilage Drew uno! lsfzers GROUP that renders greatly appreciated service to the school and at the same time learns much practical knowledge is the stage crew. Whenever a play is produced, a musical program given, a demonstration presented-in short whenever the stage is used at all, these boys arc on hand, to draw the curtains, to arrange the sets, to take care of the lighting effects, to move furniture. Working with the teachers of art, woodworking. electricity, sheet metal work, they are gain- ing much information for which they find immediate use, and they learn to enjoy looking at-a play from the practical viewpoint of a stage hand. ' USHERS SQUAD To be an usher is one of the coveted honors of Junior year. Present at all evening performances at the school, at special afternoon programs when visitors ef l A are admitted, in charge of check rooms at all dances, and on duty all day on lu? Af lqx u Patrons' Day, to guide our guests in or about the building, the ushers, under the u , Z1 direction of Mr. Highriter, enjoy being the helpful and courteous hosts for the i 'l'1'fw'M 5 school. 'i "T.lN' i ' lf. ik, ,ff ,,fi,,,.iTg -...Q-1 me -' V f11W:2"' '1' H 'ig-jgv .,.,-,M sm vw, .Nt I by 3 i,,,.,hq 1 5 Q e f... A 4 - -'l i ' -. .,,,, A I: Ag., ll H ' 1. 1 , ml fm '-'aw-' li G 115 lr"'ll". i - - af., Tl"il,'---- . 4 .4 X as Q Q, 1 I ani., xs ig ilfml,. FgLv.i,l W i llllfww r , I f-- 4' 4. "N " I .. 7:'.-- f1.3.L. " H-. 'NTL raw- xi ' M' xi.: '- ma ffl 1 .1 in fe-si ,-- : , . ,-'ffffw-J lf' 1,45 GARCI-uve s Q55-iv lyk fnw2!"1"li"Y ' H FIRST ROW llrll in Righll: llrlly Xlanilunan. Angela llcGrr-arty. Lillian Sknrkin. Petr-r Di-rkrr. llenrv Lain-lla. Raimnml llnmil. llarry Walk:-r. A--isniiu ll:-all Cashier: Anmn Gellnnil. llc-ml Cnilii--ra Waller Bnrrru. Ihuh Chr-ruin. Willnnl Grlllnxll. ll.nuii-n-l l.ll1.z-nlimgn-r. lilizaln-Ili X'ii-rmuigi-. Pram-L-a Su-mpin. Susan Rn!-4-fi.. his In-.mi-. Sl-ICUYD ROW: l-Ili-aimr llanlin-ky, Hannah Silrvinirili. Lillian Knawinkrl. llumxliy llunslan. Fannie Si-igvl. ilarir Cain. l"l-in-in-v 114-iwn. lu-nnir 'l'Ill Mi-Cnwan. Vary Smith. .li-an Kl'llnnxu-ll. Sl:-lla lnllv, llvlrn Andes. Nam-3 llirluml-A. lsalu-lie Svlmi-lfvr, Anna llivniiy, Lui- Um:-n. Nlarir Xluuay llll ROW: Iffwlyn Kar-. Yi-ni llirlhlei. liila llnrnse, llnniel Winters. Duri4 Slrrle. Xlarilni Gillian. I'i-ggi' Kr-llv. llvur Innes. .luwpliinv 1 llri-kin. lla-ui I'i-lrrs. Ethel Nan-en, llr-My Srliulvr, lam- lit-am, Yulaniln I'.isquini, William Kelly. Xlnnis lluai-nhanm. livin-vi Ili-mpk na. llcnn- Knrknaki. F11-il W:-nili-I. l'lll'liTll ROW: llruv Sinraxnur. lhumlliy Wrisn, lli-gina M4-llugli. Iran Sisliall. Bianrirr- Xawi-n. Xlnrris Feinli--rg. l'alrirl: Kvafng. Xlari-in llarir-. lintli ll--Guwali. Durulhy Siinpunl. Phyllis Friel. Ruth llryrm-ls, Brmanl Sinlieuirr. llill Gilu-us. Phlmiiil Sli-lanarirh. Fri-il lla:-itil-r. lnnir. Xliall. Paul 0'liaxilz. Clmrlea Wnllr. Riu-rn l.aginu'gm. Grunge llc:-li-iz. Charles Kivkulial Xliinis .iltm.ni, I'll"lll ROW: lh-ny Wilkir. l-in-lyn Hnrmn. Slanlvx' Ziikaranlxkmi, Wilsun limi-llltiu. Z. ll. Kap:-u. Jusvpli Xliki-, C. Siplnu. all-liin Karp. ll,-ill N.-...am-. I.-ma ii.-aim. s:h..fup- izwn-1. sam- ima-f, limi.: azma.-ii. 1......4. ima.. fu.-X r.l..i..ni-, wn1i..... Ismail..-1. unify ivaai.. ian... xafi. ,uhm una-.. ilrm... slaiikuir. imp- u..i.m.-, 1...f,.i. iznmps. sau. i:f..,.. SIXTH IIUW: ,lack lliiir-1. llanihl Williams, W, llapxgicrty. ll. 'l'lmmus. Lrliny Grimes, Billy Williinua. Xi-min Ili-rman. William llurlnuan. Li-ununl Qfl gtg.-A X t fi I Nhiliiu. auf.. r....um.. .i..n....a- cali..-fi, wma... cumin.. n......1.i xiami, wana... n...i.-. im...-f ia...-.. -ing.-1., i:..f,.i-1, 1....f.-ii xsfm..-.-u. snfimi im.-.i,, ummni xi.c:f..,.n,. yJJ7L1l1L QEt7S!ll,Ql'S 5. NE of the most important groups at G. A, R. is tlmt of the bank cashiers. Witlx the head bank cashier and the advisers, Miss Pugh, and Miss Evans, as its leaders, it performs a duty second to none in importance, that of instilling the thrift habit in the students. Various incentives are used by the cashiers in their attempt to get pupils to laanlc regularly. Each week a banner is awarded to the home-room having the most bankers for that week. A humorous "Thrifty Angus" bulletin, distributed each month docs much to arouse interest in thrift among the students. Every year, a play with saving as its theme, is presented hy a cast of hanlc cashiers. ' Without a doubt the job of bank cashier is one of the most responsible oliices h K that can be entrusted to a student at G. A. R. . i . w-Esiz' H -,,., .gsggfszsg , - MN, EM, : ....: M- - .,,..rf . ul, . Q l f f l pf 1-QR lin ,U A. 5 , , N V I V N Q fzfi .1',Q'1ii.:. ff. 1 5: 1-V A it A i'l' l l N .A .ts .v ii-fi'-' 'iiffw me MM VXWWNW "sa vi PM ,ff .. n-Lffw.,-.assi t ' V.. 5 li " ,il iii'- N lx' tm l l X T.. 'gif i1 ,. .M beg, ' il ' ,J , 5 Z X, - ' f-1 - fl - GARCHIVE Y l-'IIlS'l' ROW iLcit In liiglillz Marion Rrvatl, Catherine Morgan. Rita Pelli-nw. llammrt-i llnglu--. ,lahn D.u-iw. Warren Putetlmueh. Siilnuy Paine, Yr-tn Tuiplo. l'vr-iilrnt: Nellie llrlvnn. Alirv Pullrnnn. Gladys llim, Lillian Kriqwr. Thr-linu lit-rrt-r. llelh Sli:-rn. Sl-ICUNIT ROW: Cnmlinv Thieninn. llarxlln Yinku. Fmin-rs Austin. Yrtivnim liualtomki, Rctly Lln-eh, Ruth l'nlilu-r, Xlatilila llivline. M. I.. Nlulliern. .Kilt-in-rp Marie 0'C-ninnr. llannah Silxrntein. Franre- Rnikaslti. Curnilnlyn llolierls. Str-lln Ulimn, Mari' Clarke. THIIID ROW: Viiicin Latnzlry. Ftnnrm Sinmnavilrh. lk-th' limes, Regina Dnclrk, lh-nlnh Drnil. lint:-in.ir5' Lultus. Irv Newlmirt, Then-+.i Ziinnu-ui. Marilyn Sinunen, Eli-aiior Sinmltanlti, Ann:-na llainer. Alberta Snnw, l't-pity Kc-llv. Ruth William-. Dori- llrhwwy. FOVRTH ROW: LI:-:mule Richard-, llimirt Winn-ts. l"lun-nrr l'nzik. Flun-ure Ui I,nli-. filiarlnih- Ihnif. l'risrilla Ili- Cinti, Lmiisr lane" llr-len Zaknraiki. Anthony lllasa. Jnrlt Innes, llarulil Ciivplarx. Eilwunl llen-ltirh, Ln-L I-Iilgnr. Jive Shniinln. l"ll"I'll RDW: Clnurli-4 lji,.y,..4 jm.,,i, 1,M.ub5- David I-MW' ig,.,,m,, 54-Mlun, Ilintitnli- William-. Salnuel Crass, Martin Blur.:-ilis, lalin Mi-h.nli'. Iawpli Kinnlvhu. linln-rl llnll. Liilhetl Walker. Gi-ne Antler, Saxnuvl llenry. J, P t ome Xoonz to CCl'GfClI'lCS N recent years, in order that they might learn how to perform their duties more effectively, the home-room secretaries have been organized into n study group, with the Senior secretary of Student Council as president, and Miss Mulhern as faculty adviser. , The home-room secretaries meet once a month to receive instructions on the correct method of recording minutes. Here they present their problems and learn the solution of their difficulties. After each home room meeting the secretaries are required to send a copy of the minutes of the meeting to the president of their organization, who reads the minutes, makes corrections, adds helpful suggestions, and returns them at the next meeting of the secretaries. A73 gr After this procedure, the secretaries take interest in revising their minutes, Q' ' J according to these directions, before reading them to their fellow classmates at the X "ff ' ' VITI I IV ' next home-room meeting. if , f 'W ' '-.-?fii.- , ' ' , ,, M .-.-- L me - ':"'2- "iv ---. ,. , -7: In AA.: H,:,1.:, fa, IIF. -N ,alma Vrvh M .M 5-.A .5 1 NI' l N wa.. ,mx 1 .rf - It l .. ,11 2 U- w- Q -si. .' - -- 5 M i tr Q if ii i t a in i-1.iieQii-.We i , -,, J. ii aic " ' f..',fHi 7f'T .-flil if 5- QQ" r1'jn7Qfh gm ail, 'il V' 9 7 "' 1" l leer. +e'--Mvee-H f -' , J 'xg wb' . GARCI-uve rnisr now qt..-rr ui :magma i-mm.: ii.-min.-in. il.-r-M.. mr.-. mms.-1 izinn.-,-. mn s.-K.-1. Wann... in-m-ii,-. vim:-ii.. mari.-. naman. lila amw, minus... Amma. r.-m.m.x.-1, c.,.n...: n.-mi.-r mn, .x-grim nm..-.,.., ii.-1.-.. s.m.1..m1. xnmm smm., um cnfr.-, rm...- Si-igol, l-'nmrf-1 l'lal-ky, Muty Lwck. Rlsiruarrl llatn-tl. srzcoxn now: L...-nl. m:f.4,....y, .i....-:ana n..i....-... 4:rm...1.n itwimfi. ,i....,zan.t i:l.,..1.a-. xi.-fgum 1-.-mf, an.man.- nw.. ni...-iam c....f,-, llrlfn M----mm--. xl.-'if cal.-. .umm Alam...-. ll.-lon 7.1k..msLis. i'u.-..i.-.- ie..-im.-ia. xury n'an.l.-, umlf.-.1 wpnlli.-k. um xlnxim. Tllllill RUW: Erin-sline Flakes. Peggv Kelly. ln-rplxine llti-kin, Marv Lrnalmn. l-Iililli ll.:-1-li. Kr-mirth Gray. lm-lr in-xrn-. llaviil l.ulvin, Munir Allman. Ftcnl llmthrrlun. .lulm Niall, Wallet l-'1-:Inns-:.ik. Chvsler Kult-ru. J-'lm Finn. llilwnnl llr-wvx'. !'lll'll'l'll now: xnfn.. vr.....i. naw nm. 1.....a-F xi.-i-i..-Ni... ii.-1... i:i...,.r... n..f..n.r- '1'.-f.--an-ri. xi.-.sim .i.m1.m.i.-f, ivan' s..i...a..if, rum...- c..n.-... nun. inyf.-ru. uimial ruvmaf. Joi... xml. r.....fa. sfimxff, n.-f....f.1 si-.ra.-ri.-., iz.-.-me n...-y. 1:.n.m ivfqlm. mzfmgc nncm-, John Ymiu, lluminie L:nn.ino, SIXTH ROW: lllnrgnrel D.u,i4. 'flu-re-n Zark. Sallie 'l'lmm.i-. lli-li-n llnl.u. Nrlly Wilki--. l.illi.lli Ynniwltn, lrnliiv Fmrulii-ki. llnll llivxlila-r. l'i-lvr ETX .fp A of 4 ': A la . lulm l-'luln'tly. luhu lluklm, Tnmluii- Davis. Zlvbfe Palm! I HIS active organization is composed of members of Junior High School who are scheduled in the cafeteria during First and second lunch periods. They are appointed by the home-room teachers, and there is one patrolman for each table. Their duty consists in assigning the pupils of their own respective home- room to tables and of checking on the cleanliness and orderliness of their tables. There are two captains for each lunch period, who check on the members of the patrol and support them in their work. Charts posted in the cafeteria indicate the condition of the tables as checked by Mr. Pelton, the sponsor and adviser of this squad. A bulletin board on which different questions and answers concerning etiquette are posted is another feature of the training sponsored by this group. G. A. R. is proud of the fact that the results of this training throughout the three years of Junior High School are such that further instruction during the Senior High School years is not necessary. Q N55 "" -' 'Eisffl fQff......sf5"gf.5Q..f,,' 1 " - ,...,, , ,--ff, ,,,. ,IQ W ..-r- w f X 1 . fo- ff ,.....f .f Ai" l 'yi1w: ilu .ng l!lQl ' lli sv- -f inlai d'-W1 l, . .lg lu i ." 1. , x ,K . X - f f : 2 as el mi' lx 'ul ix UW ' l i i of 4 7 l. Qi wmv X 1 lc- X I! lf X 1 'ur ,fi -N 1 r ll ll X QR , Xi is I -lf? GARCHIVE HlisT limi' quit rn liiglnl: lim--lil sp--1-r. Hu-lyn Kin-p. lI:ixin-fine Yuma: ' SICCUNII ROW: Fung Xlnsimliunzrx. Nathan Jril--num. Jziuws Denis, llnlwanl 'fllllilb RUW: ln-r-ph Kmnhlrul. lnlui Xlcllinlv. lack ll.u'iw. llr-ui' Mrnshxu l'Ul ll , crm.. .if..m.n. uma- iiimrii-. num.-Y ii..iii..wuy. raw.-...i..1i-.. I-..r.a.i.-ni. iiimf.-i i-.,...s..r. i,.-mi.. ii. 1.-ii.-Q, rm..-.wi xiii.-im.. Jimi. min.-f. Laiiim.-. lLnE1I izaiiim, u..i.m ximai, vim m.-iff. izrxi I-far.-. i:m.:.-ir, Aim small.. uni,-1. csmy, ivan.-is si...g.ii.iii, rii,.i.i.fii lhuln-nu. liulli Phillips. Sy-Pviu llli-skill. Xlurgnn-I limes. llulh Sfuiuns. l-'rain-ve rhntin. li-ml:-ltr J-im-4. Aliirimi Lvml, lililrilwili Yuarnmg:-. ll Ninn-v June-. Rulli l'.ililvr. ll:-If-u J.u-4-lu. Marin- Jerks-ll, .lusrpliinv oi..-ii-. In-----iliv slum-r. Shhlfv 12--mrs. n-nv llnmn. Nagiliilinv l'.u-ni-ky, Smlic llnwles. Al'rn llripuilis. nn. l Mi... n.-nn... iz-try.. si..ii....-1.-y. N.-ual ilrum, iznmi..-ii. i-min,-5, ivimai- ii.-t:.iwi... anim mmm. mir.. xxiwiiista, Airman sim, n.i..,n., ui., iziaiii-fm ur..-fa, mn. n-aim-, run. uni... izn.-.. rum. 'rn now: in.-ii...-1 c:f...., umm im,-1., ,im iii.-annie. aim... Tii....m,., Thin... Lf.-y. nun. irq,-.-.-r. xufjniaf imiff. rem nmr.-1. ia, Ali.-f c:..1.m.i.if,ky, rum iiugiifs, Jann xiaimki, iismiiiy ns, im Amin. i.,...ai-Q Jam, min. iam, Llailur-rinr Ynlriuai. Almlrliur Garry, llvgllm Sunnis. Elimln-Ili Slmlzins king-Al. Ilnsv Xl-anis. lh-rllm S4-lem, llnlililn 7..nLar:iski, Ursula Kupslui l'll-'Tll ROW: Philip Munlimviu. I-'allure Nr-ushalllu, lauuise Mrl'l1t-rsnn, Chnrluue Davis. Ci-rxrmle .lmw-. Belly Siiwmngr, Dimnliy Ulciss, Mililn-qi SIXTI 1 1 1-A F'-2 , 1 ,.,": we, -V ' fy! Siininnn. l-Irina Si-lir.nl--r. I-'iuiilu lim-pli. llulh Williauns. Siilxinn llurkrs, Yiukn. ll-uw Ili-au. Dnnuliv llarriiy, Fmlu-vs Annum, Margaret Dillon, lllauiu. lmrniiln- Ferry. I- ROW: llill llaxir-. I-'loyil Knit-r. Wnllrr 'l'incn, limi-uni Singlcn, .hm Lewis, Cailurrilie Rossi, Gluriu Gilbert. Fveiiln Curr-n-. Marllm Doris Stu-lu, Simi Srlminu, Mmia Anderson, Dnrnlhy Davis, Agnun Frzxuris llulsinxki. Tluunne Hrnnuzm. Frnnlt Spina-eu. lriqhn Si-vrvry, xi.-ini... -imiiii.-1.-. 'r-ii., ii..fzi..i.., mum film.-.i.-, rilifnimiii'iiimn... um-ic liiimem, Fir-mm ii..i.i.ik. nun. cimimfu, Eilucl :im-, Emily x'..t.-mg.-. ix.-ny im...-li. izni-.i ix'.-ina.-ai., u..,..ili,- ii.-riimm. i:.-m.i.li- iv.-ii-, Fl.-Y.-ii.-ii n..ir.-emi... imc.. ir..i.rm. CL7!CfiCl'l'G Pairof UNC! CAeCLel'S HIS group is the largest of all patrol squads, consisting of one hundred and two members, chosen from all grades of Junior and Senior High School. The organization is divided into two parts, the cafeteria patrol and the lunch checkers, The duty of the cafeteria patrolmen consists in keeping traflic moving inside the cafeteria, and in seeing that everything is kept clean and orderly in the cafeteria and around the building. During lunch periods, the lunch checkers twice inspect the cards of the students who go home to lunch, once when they leave the building, and again when they return. . To he a member of this squad is indeed an honor, for in order to be assigned ' . as a member, ri student must be approved by the squad adviser, Mr. Pelrnn, the If squad president, and division captains, who together supervise the work of this ' squad. , 4' in - 4 ff iq, .,,.::V11 are N 'iff "" Lit... ,QQ i , gg i .4 if -Q 54,18 lm 1 Q i l ' 'WL ,Mills --115 gliiiiilila i1iqii.U'Lii'1gWi:II? ylwl- 'vii illliiwg iUWyi 'iir' in-i i- ' .,,. ' '.. """ ' M. V - ---'- .. T . ' "wi ' ' 'i www. ii' ' ' f it ' i if f ' 9'-15f1i,"'-xi'-:1 H WNW : fu ' "EEA V' mm 'Um' ' all 'W'Y', "f1'Wf-f ' A -"M'h fi ' '63 ' L , I sk' GARCHIVE y iw, lf, X Y x L. gf ' ' J 'ar l nf ,.,.J:,:f,:""W-'it:,i.:' 1 M l W - - M N HL W will vi IIRXW -M U 'A N Liar? , at an I ETX Mary MacKenzie, Marion Randall. Phyllis Ackerman, Jayne Morrissey, Florence Alinlcoff, Palm! VERY hour approximately eighteen hundred people move through the halls of G. A. R. In order that the changing of classes may be accomplished quicl-tly and efficiently a system of trafiic rules has been devised, and it is the im- portant duty of the hall patrollto see that these rules are followed. At the end of each period, the patrolmen go to their assigned places, where 'usually by their presence or sometimes by a friendly and courteous suggestion they remind students and teachers to keep to the right and to walk quickly, in order that traffic will not be impeded. It is their duty also to turn on the hall lights when they are needed and to turn them off again when all students are again in the classrooms. The hall patrol squad is under the supervision of a squad president, who is assisted by one Floor captain for each of the four Floors. It is their duty to check on thc attendance and efliciency of the various patrolmen, and make regular reports to their faculty adviser, Miss ones. ...,.. t-A113555 -L.-,.-v j r mm, treks, qw- S .--'Nj 'jg .. A .,..-N , W ':23:'aN -f ,,.-.:f-- f::':f..t F55 A ..r.. 412 ll llllx 1" ' '- ' B 1' u Q ' ' ' . . -'. . ' Xl W rf.-:T --gg: H, Margaret Hughes, Phyllis Friel, Evelyn Karp, Marie Prcsidentg Helen Siegel, Captain: Lillian Krispcr, Frances Platslcy, Helen Hashem, Jule O'Lertn, n Betty Watt, Regina Zampetti, Harriet Claire Stella JafTe, Hilda Lasman, Victory Mason, Ruth Nelson, Jeanne Sittner, Ruth Zatcoff, Sylvia Briskin, Margaret Speer, Margaret Burns, Lorraine Fcrrey, Dorothy Shiber, Jeanne O'Donnell, lla' ll f " it ,Abi . l 'YI ,E Xl 4 . ,ig Q . sa ii X an 1 ,t r xv X, - Y A GARCHIVE FIRST ROXV lLeft to Rightl: Leo Schmidt, Philip Mushowitz, Rodney Nogee, Mortimer Weiss, Aaron Gelfand, Morris Rcislitein, Morris Cutler, john Saricks, Editor-in-Chief, Rosemary McGruarty, Ruth Simons, Ruth Chernin, Sylvia Brislcin, Janette Piltas, Marjorie Austin, Lois Evans. SECOND RONV: Nathan Jefferson, Isntlore Newsbaum,-Iames Stanley, XVilliam Pascoe, Phyllis Ackerman, Mary Dougherty, Margaret Jacobs, Martha Xvood, C. B. Romig, Adviserg Anna Weeks, Adviser, Charlotte Lord, Adviser, Alice R. jones, Adviser: Louise Cuscela, Nettie Urban, Rose Filippini, Sophie Xvyda, Louise Baker. THIRD ROXV: XVilliam Loughney, Esther Grusltin, Jayne Morrissy, Mildred Nvillisms, Jeanne Melan, Marion Randall, Marion Davies, Regina Miishaway, Frances Shugdinis, Irene Evans, Helen Coats, Harriet Winters, Mary Blnum. Rita Pellens, Loretta Long, Helen Golemheski. Edna Schrader. FOURTH ROXV: Morris Gevanthor,james Flanagan, Robert Bempkins, Charles Payne, Henry Sireno, Sam Cutler, Edward Narsavich, David Lubin, Stephen Tolozko, William Murphy. Frank Drexinger, XVillard Grifiith, Karl Keefcr, John Nicoletta, George Charles, Abe Mitchell, Osborne Wlright, Bellman Housenick, Earl Hotchkiss, Martin Davidson, Sidney Payne, Blanche Yurlcshitis. xsgflle CHIC Cl'L73' HE l934-35 Blue and Gray, with a capable editorial staff and a large, efficient group of reporters, enjoyed one of its most prosperous and successful years, The subscription campaign was very satisfactory, and more than eight hun- dred copies of the paper were distributed each week. The Blue and Gray contained, each week, news concerning athletic teams, the various clubs of the school, entertainments, social affairs, and other activities of G. A. R. The policy of its editorial page was both to reflect and to guide student opinion. A novel column, called "Know Your Schoolf, explained the facilities and the work of the shops and other special departments of the school. Feature columns, such as "About G. A. R." by Walter Chinwell, "Sport Notes," and "Exchange Extracts," were widely read. A Junior High School page published once each month, along with the regular issue, was naturally of great interest among the students of the lower grades. i Copies of the Blue and Gray were sent to many high schools and colleges A , throughout the country, and in return these schools sent copies of their papers to " the Blue and Gray exchange department. ' 2 The Blue and Gray offers to those who are actively engaged in its publication V ti l: y, , an interesting laboratory for developing skill in writing, and to those students who ' 'ff ,217 are interested in journalism as a possible life vocation, it gives :t fine opportunity i f Y , to gain some practical knowledge in that field. Q 4 E Q, f- H V-- , --1' :Q WN., , '--M reimyggifyr ""- 1'!,,1"F1'f""'g,f1:'-as-Q l gt N-1 5 '-'-- me ' ,L :L .l.,:., Y: 3 ...,. l h - 4 1... M 3 - .JQ , ..., ,, .. .. . A l l ,M K . rf. E - .f -:fi 'll--.. ' we -. r 'I--lv 'iv . f M 1' - Q-. wil 2 ' zllllwiwwk M1123 1' el nviiitwwn SIL'-f-fi 5' "Q iiiwgpwf ilwx Jw I I wa. x if -.... " 31 ' v' N' " -N... " f 1, .3-.W .3 y X' -- I ' 5--5-' trzgq , 1' .f f Wm ' 11'- V safffrfff tm-I A iff -I ,sim as W M if ,,, e AA Y-YY 'QP- 0 t Q .ft Y c-AncHlvE FRONT ROW lLeft to Rightl: Wfilliam Malcelonis, Harold Goldberg. Edward Zurelz, Mortimer XVeiss, Evelyn Karp. Lois Evans, Mr. Roberts, Dircctorg August Schutz, William Skurkis, Joseph Maleski. SECOND ROW: Leo Yapsuga, Sol Klein, George Charles, Maurice Levy, Harry Xvalkcr, John Micheletm cn ra Anthony Yashek, Albert Baker. ' I . arszly Ql'CTACSf'I'L7 NE of the most active and diligent organizations in G. A. R. is the Varsity Orchestra, made up of students in the Senior High School. Under the lead- ership of Mr. Roberts, this group, by continuous practice, has acquired and developed a fine sense of rhythm, so necessary in every musical unit. The Varsity Orchestra furnished music for our Senior High School chapel exercises, the musical comedy, the senior play, the faculty play, and on every other occasion when their service was needed. Through the training received as members of the Varsity Orchestra, these young people have acquired an excellent foundation for enjoyable and prolitablc use of this worthwhile activity. But whether they continue to play in an orchestra or not, they will have gained much from their experience hereg by learning to play an instrument, and lay becoming familiar with some of the classics of the great com- posers, they have acquired an appreciation of music that will be a source of pleasure to them always. R' , ,. .... .....,.,e . . ,,, . . . .. ' ,,. '- ..,f J il Q- taiv- ' .fy Zu ij .SE .3 ug., " ni i ,a Xiu i A iw" M 'N 'l l 2- I 'l 'i nn 'i - u ni. X l H is. l ' Il QP l. .H X. , wil vi jMv7,g,Ii ' 'lil vlawliiligvexllii It lylllh Xivyrypr ,it 'Q X ma 1 X ' wil w f ' il i ' tt ff if i' lf, gl Xila lx l mv- jf X f ,, fu wi , L B r ' N' ml A in t M , I Q R ' l K i- ve A V' 'WV limit liaddglilnti me A A GAncl-uvE I an r me , SEATED fLeft to Rightl: David B. Thomas, George Gutter-man, Anthony Mastronuzzi, Nancy Richards, Leah Gutterman, Miss Pugh, Directory Marion Lynn, Eleanor Cross Peggy' Allegar, Frank Maminslzi, Nicholas Ametrano, Charles Taylor. STANDING: Jack Reese, Eugcne Dirvine, Daniel Kaplan, Jack Davis, Delbert Wlorth, Robert Francis. qunior Sbckoof Qrckesfra ESPITE the fact that several of this group had never played in an orchestra until they came to G. A. R., the Junior High School Orchestra, under the direction of Miss Pugh, has been organized into a group which has given splendid service throughout the year. The Junior High School Orchestra provided music at regular junior High School chapel exercises, for assemblies, and other activities. Early in the year the members entertained their parents and other invited guests at a delightful musicale. l l w w -.J which was given in the school library. RT l The members of the Junior Orchestra are recruited entirely from seventh, ' l - l eighth, and ninth grades. Because of the excellent instruction and training which l 3 ' I 6 . they receive, they form a valuable nucleus for future Varsity Orchestras. 1 , 'Lu mb. -f Q' 1 . fri ll "' 3- 'JN " "'i1' flat:-W " M" "" r'-f' 'f..:fFW s:tH, . ' .ir q vii cz: .5 M m.. ,sae "iff T ' 1 X, lqg Iifwip plilkf N 5 ll' ilxumilill vgllgiiivll- il" I iw ii ,,, v 1 'Y px.-'K ii ""'- Y '7" '33 ' MTD: M .HM "" ',' , : N 'Q P . ..- fm-, .. .-. itwiiatawzmi . a.'1'M,.i. ,. 'ra-.' ms: .v Q "av-4. G-ARCHIVE L' FIRST ROW 1l.eft to Rightl: joseph Richards, William Mnlcelonis, Mortimer XVeiss, Harold Goldberg, Mr. Roberts, Dirt-ctorg Edward Zurelc, August Schutz, joseph Malcski, Herman Propper. SECOND ROXV: Fred Basgier, Daniel Kaplan. Charles Taylor, Charles Wolfe, David Thomas, Sam Hammerman, Maurice Levey, Albert Baker, Sidney Small, James Fonzo, Harry Wall-ter. THIRD ROVV: Robert Francis, David Phillips, Delbert XVorth, Jack Reese, Leo Ellis, Gilbert Seymour, Emest Appuni, Leo Ynpsuga, Jack Davies, Ralph Bam... y , TAG 50114. HO does not envy the band boys as he sees them marching to the football field on a fine October day? Attired in their smart new uniforms, the G. A. R. band helped make the gala day at Meyers, when G. A. R. played Nanticolce and Meyers played Coughlin, a never-to-be-forgotten occasion. Not only did these boys play spirited music at our own football games, but they also helped make the East-West charity game at Meyers stadium a huge success. Upon enrollment in the band, the members of this organization, comprised of boys of all classes ranging from seventh to twelfth, receive instruction from Mr. Roberts, faculty director. The musical training thus obtained is of great value to Evil them, in that they are given an excellent foundation for membership in this and other musical organizations. X 5 . 5 ',. , To these boys in blue and gray, who pave the way for future bands of G. A. ei X. , -, R -h E1 ' It ,,.vix. A A 4 . ats o . am.. X - n -' y , Q - li -1- Hung' rr-f' ' -4'-' '-gmgfsta: --'. ., ' H ,-ww Smit' , - -- l-7 'YI - 1 U31 fqvpgf.-v-' vi-M. ..-ff' 'L I-,.' ,. L me, '3J.'2:mIF- ,.,.:,:. s --:"1 in fi me ,,.. .. ...,...,, 1 t h u?-F Q W , if I C, N , g Till? fm -,li n,irJqQmW5iL.l1unl5 i. a n-, Swv Wig . . i 41.4 i J.. 1 M 'iii V " ti" i X 'X ' f-.-W lc- f f-'IT if "'lT'- i '-f Y ll ' 'W ,ET i. S X, 9 er GARCHIVE no it ffl XV .QCIIIIOV Cjirfs, Gfec Cfuh ,, ,.. 1 . . , v-1-1 FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl: Gladys Him, Lois Evans, Hannah Lloyd, Dorothy Keller, Anna Prem, Marjorie Austin, Rita Kmckenfels, Thelmn Berger, Janette Pilcns, Berry Sherry. . Frnncis Sabourney, Irene Cieslnlc, Alberta Forbes, XVanda Buzialr. 1 I SECOND ROXV: Sylvia Plntslcy, Kitty Durkin, Margnrer Hughes, Betty Sincnvnge, Gertrude l Richards, Adeline Berger, Aldonzi Lisowslci, Mary Tiberio, Blanche Yurkshitis, Rim l Horton, Mr. Roberts, Adviser, Idn Borzone, Helen Jacobs, Eillien lVlclVlnn:inx:m, Ann Yuscnvage, Hannah Gutter, Evelyn Gazey, Mnrgnrct Dean, Marjorie Moskowitz, Helen Roderick, Ruth Alinl:oFf. NS rg Serlior Boys' Clfee CRIIIA , , , , A ,, A 0 FIRST ROXV ll.eft to Rightl: William Meredith, James Stout, Frank Vilen, Charles Nnrsnvich, W l il, ieee l fn Raymond Litzenburger. Richard Richards, joseph Williams, James Mofliu, August fi QQ schuiz, Moms cu-lei, Lean.-ird Fri-nk, Michael Joseph. X X 4 l SECOND ROXV: David Parry, Marvin Margolis, Fred Stemples, Vlarren Puterhnugh, Joseph 4 ' f 1 Evers, Ephraim Troy, William Harfman, Elmer Ferris, Mr. Roberts, Adviser, Harold ,NJ h ' ' , Lipp, John Gittens, Adnm Hughes, Louis Bnlcloni, Nelson Richards, Joseph Stilp, KW", ll ' ,I Leo Cronnuer, Allen Prodgers. i f' lvl , . I Wifi, l M: ' l ,, , , ,,.,. vi.,-f am'-ir-f -W.. -1 i.r,-...- .-. ,, , ' , 2 V -,,,f,,,..?,'sA-.,,,,,'- 'wer 6 U ' "-' 4' .ff ""' f , N 1--'Z-,1' .--.gg-5 1 , kv -' .,,. 4 ,,,, - I l li l' l -1, I '-'QI Qyg hwle ..i ' gn-muQWn,a1awilxl1 wi ?ilIllaSWl ,il"ll'x l ,, 4, ul 'lilly 5 L U-":'l ' ' W lbs? X. fi' M i" "'f'-' ST E '-'if" i'-'lf Tv iuflvn Ip 'His .fsXN"l' ll'l gfiii- M95 X3 Q csARcHlvE ,- if :iff , A 'a 5. " Q42z3"'W 55 1 ff 'rn C',Ul1fOl' Glen? ULI6 Q- m-fu 'z I ?.'i'1'flFff?I. ?" a3'5'3a?fZ"75 55"f ""? ' 'M-wwf fi H ...N gm ail. M 1 X4 , ., i .'-?23i'l"5f' . ffi liir' 1 5 4 U 4.,5., H xi., r f 5 . N, -1ikl:'rQ 'X SZ Q! A i bl x Q 0, 2,2 L it 5 ea am' ,1 5 sf- , l x. 6, M - r, its ,gtk w . ,145 ,,, Q 5 I ' V 1 4' ' fx Q '92 '3' . "1 ' ,Wifi , Wx 1,1 ,ix xi' l .e,Q QV, ml Y 1. a fvfams,-5:2 if-bi -. firm. fs e eg 4' 4 I A f 4 tm N M 55, f ' 1 2,24 vi A gg if a If Hx Q by ,HS ff , 'll 'A w va. . S, x .Q - X, f Bra .i 1 Q V4 K gg I Sn' -g . Q K . X qs. K 1, K, Y an 1 Y j x 'cy s -K 3 11 5, 'Q X xl on I, Q " Q 1, N, l l , ' 4 A If 'FFL 2" , ,, vm '-L, 5 L ' -xx: V 11.-fl' wiv..-X -. - ." 4 Q fi. fi . W-' a:',,'1': '- 'F M- gh FIRST HOW flrlr In liiphriz Eleanor Hnzlinsky. Eris l'uirc, Claulys Innes, Rlnrgnrnl Tnnrvy. Flnrrnrr Crnrge. llnrilm Allvn Elf-xmnr Fullvr, Misa Pugh, Advise-rg Belly Sliibcr, Mary Innes. Florence Kr:-lrhlnx-r, llrx-nlrd Finn, Ilnmlhy llunl. Ann Lewis. SVCOND lifliiz Lrnh Klum-rnmn. Emily Diealrivk, Flurcnre llynlnlc, Alnlunn Rink:-lnnis, lsalvcl Slim-lh-r, Nnnry liirlnmls, Mnrgnn-I Millvr, Malvrl Owens. lla-len SLN-x-ns, Glnrin Gillmrl, Marinn Sclimirldln, Sliirlvy Coulee, Mxxrgzmzl Pnrlnr. Miriam Singlrv. Marilyn Simmn-rs, Clmrlnnc lknlll, llclcn lllaminski, Alice Alaml, Callmrinc Gould, ll.11.z-l Kesler. llurh Willinnn. Mnrinn Kelly. lilnrion Lynn. Tllllill NOW: Lnuisr Jones. Xlargnrcl Snvngr, lsnhellc Plenrhr-5, Ethel Eiclw. Jnunic Andenmn. Grrlrucla- Ever-luun.' Minh-linr l'm-nvnski, liwemlulyn liulue-ns, Marion Drc-in-l. Jenna Innes, Nancy Innes, Dnrnllry Williams, Lain Owen. lwnv Mun-lmnin, Lilliam Yann-ki, lhvlnrrm Crcm-nuulr, llnlli Pnhlcr, Viola Ccrs, llvlen Anil:-s. ' Jof v I1lCl'fCllll1Cl'S D I .V -' FIRST RUW fLull In lliglnl: Gwcnnlnlyn Rnlicrls, Eleanor lflsnlinsky, Erin Price, 'llclrn Amlew, Peggy Alli-gm, Shirley Cunlvsu, Nanny liiclznnls, Jane lllusial. Bcrnirc Finn, Anlvlin Silvick. Lyllin Du Cinli, Marv Clxrlsc, SECOND ROW: Kcnnnll-x Lirny, Jennie lint-lunr-lc, Lnuisn lnncw. 1lui'garqrnS.ivngl', linac- Dre-ssel, Durnrhy liingfl. Rlnriv Kurlzrr. Yvlnrgnrel While. liarriel lk-mpkirm. El:-unnr Cr0tQT'Arfnm Maskinns, Mary Lexmlinn. Hnlnn S1-hrnfnlrr, Dmothy Willimnn, Virginia Reilly, Eleznur Cnrlin. Rubrrl Bernpkins. Mins Ilmhly, Adviser. 'l'llIl'iD ROW: llnmlxl Crern, Darin McAvny, Mnrlnrie Miller. Callmrlnr Guulnl. In-ue Chunk, CQrin Cilln-rl, L1-uni Jones, Marin 0'Connnr, Nlurgnn-I llarrvu. .lvun Srnnisla, Lurcllu Cunningham, Murriw Rusvnluunln, llcnrv l.luJr21n,, . "" , .-Sli' "mimi :TIT - " Q. :fb-f'i' -- f ..., 1ir ,.,., n w w--A .A ' """ ,, NV nk " 5---" , .,.-,, 'fisli' ,,,,. , A- , M ..... , ,-if--X' 4 m r ,r Wm l ' 4 M 5' M Q ' ,, .. M' fi A A i I4 -M 3 N - r gg xx W-il, M -Y 1-' u1'wi . f1lfJ 5 H ' QW, " -ji g -f i is ' " ' qi... X mn! l X. W 'Q M l "Vw-fnfxlh' X 1 Nl Q, A, i x i m ,rr, K n Rig M ll? r X Nl .. N m 5 ca-ARCHIVE In if gy f . 7 A. 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H. uw... r:.1...f.x 1. zmk, ,Q . f 'J N 4' 1 t --'wmv 1-1 f. ----1 '-gmxzgnf , . 4 ,Nw J f-Nj'-up Iv "C ' ff'P:f:"' Q """Af n'f"'. " - "' SWS. Him- M ""QI'2ffi '535'.5,'f mek -, . 5l:1ffYy jim: J' H 1i,lM', .1 , 5 U15 ra -L ,Hills ,YG 71 , 5 A 2 "-gs, J" A -vw x 'u ' X HQQJ'-: M- ' 1 .. AL.-W T1 ,f' if v..fk,.-,gg up 4.1 X "-' '- kewl' "K a T Rav fb.. -'il-Q" K- f Q ir H i WJ N A Y W if - f . G-ARCHIVE la ' fel sq! g'Al'Ul'lV uh FIRST ROYV lLeft to Righty: lvlaurice Naveen, Rodney Nogoe, Mary Alan, Vera Trnplo, Margaret Moses, Miss Reedy, Adviserg Miss Brooks, Adviser, Margaret DiLotis, Anna Zuhres, Tillie Opeat, Morris Cutler, John Sariclts, SECOND ROXV: Rohert Bemplzins, Florence Pazilc, Margaret Partilla, Nettie Urban, Betty Henniges, Lucille XVieczkowski, Gwendolyn Roberts, Margaret Hughes, Ruth Owen, Marguerite Smith, Betty XVatt, Grace Henehan, Eleanor Gnttesman, Angela McGroarty, Lois Evans, Ruth Simons, Janette Pikns, Helen Coats, Harry Xvalkrr. THIRD ROW: Aclella Dziedzic, Loretta Lasuta, Ursula Kupsraitis, Matilda Zalraraslti, Theresa Zampetti, Ruth Fuller, Jane Miller, Evelyn Aronolf, Anita Siegel, Sophie XVyda, Marion Randall, Evelyn Karp, Marie Hashcm, Betty Gribble, Helen Pethick, Kenneth Bromficlcl. gvrscrihes Cfuh V FIRST ROW 1Left to Rightj: Rose Katz, Gertrude l-lotko, Ruth Zatcolf, Lillian Krisper, Eleanor Simon, Miss Ritchie, Adviserg Ruth Chernin, Gertrude Weiss, Florence N Gottesman, Sylvia Brisltin, Mildred Durlcin, Dora Kaplan. glsv SECOND ROW: Isadore yewsbaum, Joseph Lahocla, David Altman, Claire Seiger, Esther K. 'P . Thomas, Eleanor Stivers, Elizabeth Emmert, Ruth Nelson, Stelhe Kroliclt, Catherine ,'- , 5 Yarnot, Margaret Ponting, Ruth, Simons, Selma Kline, Rose Petrilla, Julia O'Lerta, 351, ' 4' Celia Shaker Alice Buck Leona Stankevich Peggy Spare. ww W ws, m .s , f Ji,v.,I'g,' ' ' ' -.., -. Q, , .,., ,. ,,,, ,N iff W m. , --- .,.,,,,,. , X -..,, M "ii w-1.-,F i, . " ' finilS 'i1i3mWlil Jimi Sli' 'iliiwulmm f W .i1f' ll" f in-fx "ii I li NW? l flfli' ZW , - 11 .531 A ...,. M' ,M we CH n I n, RE 4 7 ,, f 'M 4 i f' 1 X i g UW? if L , .QQ A Y fi,-41, G GARCH IVE lil' E E Nz I 4 rw sb' it Senior Iliff Club FIRST ROXV lLeft to Rightj: Eleanor Simon, Elizabeth Yuscavagc, Pauline Kncidinger, Louise Mowery, Sam Savitz, June Schaffer, Mr. Murray, Adviser, Rosemary McGrcarty, Dorothy Keller, Sylvia Brislcin, Regina Stanulis, Emily McAvoy, SECOND ROXV: Harold Goldberg, Mortimer Wleiss, Evelyn Karp, Cecelia Karp, Margaret Kellie, Beatrice Srolli, Gertrude XVv.-iss, Florence Gottnsman, Louise Milnanww, Verna Kovach, Jean Melan, Agnes Blaum. Mildred Durlrin, Zelda Bcckus, Hannah Lloyd, Louis Baldoni, Thomas Davis, jack Buckley, David Parry. H big" CI unior fir! fubfx l FIRST RQW ll..eft to Rightl: Nettie Urban, Elizabeth Phillips, Rose Filippine, Tillie Opcat, Carol Myers. Miss Evans, Adviser, Margaret Jacobs, Anna Richards, Matilda Boline, Margaret Partilla, Sophie NVyda.- Q U SECOND ROW: Theresa Zampetti, Robert Richardson, Bobby -Ball, Mary Lenahan, William i TFL' Murphy, Florence Pazik, Dorothy Dunstan,Mildrcd Olpinski, Ivy Newhart, Helen Urban. l, s , h yy vga qul, 439 ,W x' , i f Wm! if I -r"f'g,:s.-'F '--' 1 ---r vis,-'film ' ,., V --.qw ::--- R ,. F5 1 I75'Nl3f2"' "ii .N-H R J 'im' -"""f:Mi L'I'T0I-'-i 935' ll ..-- I '4't""' 'l l1P-- I 'Ml Gi ll - - ' ,Aix -. ME tlg wiflslilillg Sw ,H lllyllg Jw illilll xtwl 'Fil 5 r I R I. X - r-:iv ali' ., il 3 I"' AE , rr-'IT 'ffl' a Il'-5f"'J'. f iiil fih 'H-'l , rsAFxvs- X VI' Q31 f 'i '1'i " 1-'Mi , i X Z Y A 7 GARCHIVE fm xg, ' R Pl g'r'fs, ing P 0115 lLeft to Rightl: Mary MacKenzie, Vera Traplo, Victory Mason, Marion Randall, Esther Rosenbaum, Hanna Gutter, Catherine Morgan, Elizabeth Dougirt, Miss Mulhern, Adviser: vamp. Kama, Dorothy sham, Regina Mmhaway, Regina Mclctsky, Ruth Guzrcrman, Marion Broad, Helen Magdclinskas, Ann Ncgviislcy, ,HI dgolvsl ing Pong A lLet't to Rightl: John Saricks, joseph Williams. Aaron Gelfand, Richard Richards, Martin Davidson, Morris Berman, Morris Rcishtein, Leonard Frank, Mr. Miller, Adviser: Q Morris Cutler, Ephraim Troy. Thomas Olr.-rta, Karl Kccfer, Philip Mushowitz, George 3, 1 joseph, XViIliam Mehm, Ralph Johnston, James Moihu, Sidney Sullum. ..' 1 ' "M, 4 K.- Q . ,' i is uf llifiiifgqly A ,,.. as fm' 3 -T" , -"fi, 51? in IQ' . 'P lv in 1, 7, f JI'i',,,fg. ' IMS' lf, ff. M7-1-'Elf-A ' "" -in .f if m l"-0 .113-i" 35fi?i'4if . l 1' i I HT? . 'W B1 A Ulm li . .iilnvll :LIN l if 71 M if M X, RWM , W 'H ' v ggi , - ' is L1 al . "MG yi' G-ARCHIVE I - Y isa, LQCITIILWI' Ifnilling Cfulv FIRST ROW Seigel, fLeft to Righty: Sylvia Platslly, Ruth Zatcolf, Rose Katz, Selma Kline, Helen Sylvia Brisltin, Florence Gottesmnn, Gertrude Weiss, Hilda Laxman, Rosemary McGroarty. SECOND RO Dora K XV: Genevieve McCarthy, Marcella Morcsco, Eleanor Kitklis, Regina Tunitis, aplan, Lillian Krisper, Ruth Chemin, Esther Gruskin. fxleecffecrull Cwfula FIRST ROW! lLeft to Righty: Helen Milnamow, Louise Cuscela, Ida Ai-now, Regina Zampetti, 2,firadUngar, Miss Stemples, Adviserg Betty Miles, Helen Clncker, Celia Kagen, Martha F oo . ' H ig' STANDING: Rawleen Morrissey, Ellen Vifeinstein, Lillian Lielwman, Vernicc Wright, Virginia 1.3 ' I Crowder, Clare Geib, Ramona Balsavage, Ruth Davis, Louise Blank, Mary Prete, Anna ,, 1 -, , Euliresk-?etry NVatt, Jane Jones, Irene Unice, Frances Morasky, Dorothy Teresinslci, - . I 'f ve yn arron. " X RM if ' .l '. . T-fl v. I Ui' L' ,'.,l'if.1 ' at 1.--fs 1' ' - ""' "iii-51:11 I w ., f-gm' Emir ,J "fZ'.Q,,1' M, fy: ,f,'fgw' 1-,. mv-as MTV, I A ,m,,,1'BI, ,..,:,,.:x -.:.!.3-if i aaiasl i, it yy I, fy- Wa q I 4 -Wwi iixi u ii 4 'Q Q ww. I 1 I -, X -f-1 ' . " ff, ,,t,, rx, N ,,,..fl " ,P gn 5. -ly l ... 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Frank lin-xing:-r. lm-L Sinein-. lliimlil Nh-I-lln-np. llugh l'irn-1-. limlwrnh Zuluw, lnnwe Sn-nl. Nnrnmu Sinner, Alli-n l'nulgn're, ll.uirl Ihrluu. ll.irz-lil Slim-ni. 13 C i?clIernzcn Cfuh M JSR fli?w':3X ' f PM" -'JA-fl Juli' u..f:!?l2.' 1 I4 'Af mf , 1 fm- 4 Q V' FIRST ROW ll..efr or Righrl: Joe Anderofslcy, Charles Payne, Harold Thomas, Wlilliam Meredith, Anthony Olzeritus, Sidney Payne, Mr. Bail, Aclviserg Stanley Mnrtin, Sidney Sullum, Ephraim Troy, Earl Hotchkiss, Laurence Miller. SECOND ROXV: Harry Brown, Jerome Tomaliris. james O'Connor, Francis Srulgairus, Robert 1 Richards, Anthony Viavnda, Elmer Ferris, Joseph Sincavnge, Bernard Dennis, Frank ' Macaravage, Nelson Richards, Le-Roy Grimes. , l- x' ' L L t l""" ' :UB 2 ,M 5. , .. H ,Q :.,,:, ,Jn-r.--1 -N... "Mn -' A w A ' 41? M,A:.,l-1 lvhyl 4- 14,435 Li- was ,,,,,.h N-N V mqxrvif' ':.H Y fr J 1.,,L W rjfw. V 1 Q m.. ,M E , ..,. ,. l -1--- - - , ,N li . K ,qi gaming W wi llrngf-WWE ,- fx ., 1 ' ., 'mx X9s, ,Y7,gffN ,, ..,.. My I. .1 ,..,..., -- l V , ,N -r.,,,,,, M- N Y- ,, y If ,. l.., 3' X 'vzpwuj 5- ,V ,firm im ,,,,A AN., li"77f- :mf-': ui., ' ffl' If YARN: f--uf le '-- , - , L " I 'r l-Jiri -Iwixwf' . lfiii-:-77, 'T' l 'rl ni, V 61 6 H Cm FIRST Row 4Lefr to I FX X.. we Gs GARCHIVE no fresifing i f , . l4 sf Q4' Sheff: Abraham, Francis Buckley. Howard Burton, SECOND ROXVI Peter Anthony Pnvloski, THIRD ROXV: Mr. Whitney, Crawford, Tom Sclmppr-rr, James Nlurphy, Nlnrrinxcr Wleiss, Harron, Leonard Coach. C. JI. T 31,6 WW 6 FIRST ROXV CLL-fr ro Righrl: Anthony Konieski, John Giuens, Clyde Houck, John Kirk. Gomer Jackson, Mr. Herman, Adviser: George Charlos, Abe Nlitchell, Francis Brannan, Joseph Boyle. I SECOND ROXV: Edgar Chaney, Xvalter Taren, Stanley Ciszelc, Anthony Pavolski, Thomas Cooke Charles Uhlar John Rexsscr lemme Tonxalms Joseph Gmnghxy Francis P1nz1rcllo Edward McD1dc jenlxln lake I ,..... .. -3133, .r,- I MI ...w-- ' , I 4,-, 1 ,,,..L- g.,.,, ' '11, -,'FUJy k'i1Iii'g an 441:15-i ',.QW' fe Q ' y f ' - 4? W Zn- .. '....-' I IN f ,.,.. I3-I ,.,,,. I I -III AW v,...-. I I -, ----- F I .II I I II I I . ", -- . 5 m l frylf ,,.:: "y' ....-, 4 ,,, .CVQ I' l F1 I 'Q H x MIIII QEI .x HL V QV Y' 'Xli I l I 'W I l ul X Y ,H Q fx Q- .x l jwmq III 1' l lx l I ,U I I II XX f X.. .,,,. r - f f fr a Q I N lf: -alf- .X IW I xii 33 Y. xzq fq Xx :ANA P' M . 1' Qfjgii- i ., if 4 g zip H GARCHIVE 'V lusicuf Ciornctfv CH Doctor, a musical comedy, presented by the combined Senior Glee Club, pleased a large audience on February 20. Memories of the bright costumes, gay dances, and beautiful songs will remain with us for a long timc. Mr. Williaxxx Roberts and Miss Mary McAniE were the directors of this performance. i 'IAN' 1. K2 s, sllenior Ping' ONE of the finest senior plays ever given at G. A. R. was Peg O, My Heart, the presentation of the class of 1935. Long after the evening of March 27, praise i 'M . ' fm., .3 ..., ,. Y E, .U it up I 1 .- . M E I, .mall i Iwk ggljm ll 'lmilli 1- its .F I 1, 1 ' 'QW xjfigz' gif. T:-rx ' ..- N-I Vfiil ,:1q. 'W ,ijf ' i " Tg g iw-ae ewi vkfim " was still being showered on the members of the cast, :md on Miss Cora E. Eclwnrrls, . I who directed the play with her usual skill. 'fi f fi' -Q i . . U s ei GARCHIVE AQ an s Pnlrone Lucy MANY parents and friends of the students visited G. A. R. on lway 22, when our annual Patron's Day was held. The purpose of Pntron's Day is to offer parents an opportunity to see the students at their work, both curricular and extra- curricular. E fl J 5, el Facufly Pfay mfqfu GN May 8, a cast of faculty members, under the direction of Miss Charlotte X d Lord, presented the comedy, "A Pair of Sixesu, by Edward Peples. The student Qi- ' bo y is unanimous in thanking the faculty for the good will they displayed, and A I the whole-hearted effort they exerted in order to furnish an entertainment for thc 1 5 benefit of the students. 1 ,, . ,,...X. ,H -- , ,,.... ,....4 ,N-N.-t K 1-grgg-.,g.3... -- M .MW .ew ..... i -152-til -,N,s.g l,n.,,g,y,. t , f I .,,.... X. -gil.. M- My ,w ' pl n ,,,, Q ,W V M t X l. ...l ' iii im l lhmnl ,, ..,l limi l in.. l Vszi f ut-fe rr P-'fr IL ' N azis! Cx' sw. TW, J i. I . ,. , - :. mmm Q W, if A GARCHIVE A :V Xi, 'A g . i,,, V W' -,Stl . g0fCAl,l'6 Staff FIRST ROXV iLeft to Rightl: Editorial and Ar: Staff. Rosemary McGrnany, Martin Davidson, Mortimer VG'eiss, John Saricls, Morris Reishtein, Editor-in-Chief, Morris Cutler, Sam Savitz, Ruth Chemin. SECOND ROW: Business Staff. Lois Evans. Wanda Buziak, Assistant Photograph Editor, Thelma Berger, Harold Goldberg. Subscription Managers, Wlillard Griflith, Photograph Editorg Janette Pikas, Esther Thomas, Betty Gribble, THIRD ROXV: Typing and Canvassing Staff. Rose Petrillo, Philip Mushowitz, Isadorc Newsbaum, Harry Wasserstrom, Henry Kunicki, Aaron Gelfnnd, Leo Cronaur, Rita Krackenfels. The following members of the staff are absent from the picture: Ruth Simons, Walter Barrett, Gomer Jackson. lpprecio tion fag iv ,, 11 " i 4 , xi HE i935 Garchive as a book is finished. It would have been impossible, how- J ever, for the Garchive staff to have completed the task of editing a year book, had it not been for the people who so willingly gave their aid and cooperation. In payment for a debt of gratitude, we extend our sincere appreciation to Miss Jones, who, with her tireless efforts and patience, removed from us the bewilder- ment of publication, and guided us to the edition of a finished procluctg to Miss Weeks and Miss McAniH', who so generously aided with copyg to Mr. Pelton, who directed a very successful subscription campaign, and supervised the business staff in their work, to Mr. Henning, the faculty and the student body, who offered so 4 ' freely their much needed moral and actual support. H W, X . ,Ha Vs 1 THE 1935 GARCHIVE STAFF. w 3 . 2 W ,M 1 1 V- . ,... , ...R ,.,,-..f - -R- ,. W .F.m, ,.T: lhvl 4- me: 4,5 mm ' ,., ffm , D N' J ,.:.,,-,':' .,,?m2 ' ul . i, ,fwR, e l , im il i l -s-4 il S Q A ! !! X i , j -V, L 'nl 1 wg, , f 5-.1 al fv1l1!"""'!'fj1' , Liu 'V .wil 3317.1 wyvuw :ig,.',V I I li., :g,5p,k"! .W--,--V, Ir -I-. , , 1 g .,.. -'-, , ' ""'- 5 ' ' 1 ' Q l rw ' V ' lp 5f:y,g,a . .,,,f- ' ,S,..,4g4 , l -... '-,M A -7f"7..., f ha, X , --v s A-s .m -1 fp. .mils iqarakawiuh' . as wmni --f . ,Q J WWW! E 5, MIFW , ,Ai Q xiU X Z- ZANIHKHII 1lL1ET1F1MEZS 0 6 Q 1 'M avi? A l E gf A gil 9 3' WI I ff ., ,WZQE ,Q , M 5 f jg MAX 'A sy V, ' 4 5 L , I ' " 8- E V Ku 'W Y I 5.45.1 ' 5 2 'Ii-,gig V 'Q .. I if Qf F G I-9' 0' 1 ' iii ff J ii . if dl. W., r W . ul Ni 4 JA 2 FIRST fo E. Oliver, A. obemms, s. Mmm., s. Payne, c. L. Grimes, R. Richards, F. Smlgnitis, A. Vinvndn, J. J. Gassner. T Offmnn, W. Romanoskas, P. Shiner, S. Jones, J. Andemfsky, J. Knnpic, Q Xvcbcr, F. R. Andes, Grzylc, O. Davis, Mgr. N. Bcrrulis, R. George, G. Xvnlkcr, P. Brown, R. Martin, D. Scnliidu, E. GUIII J 'A J .4 Klcfr to Righrl: Sidney Payne, Rocco English, Lawrence Miller, joseph Anderofski, Maurice v Levy, Harold Thomas, Ephrinm Troy, Sidney Sullum, Wlillinm Morcdirh, Francis Stulgnitis, ,sq Bernard Dennis, James O'Cunnor, Elmer Fcrris. A.. F 'li 'fn '- we2im1g"---...."'iwmr,ai- -1. mf ' ' ' X? fE4.s1'1. ff'-1. ., :t :w?4 -- i ' W fi AQfkDE5f?f L5iE?.MQ?ugE5i:L: .,,, A ....... Ji5.T 2 H'++-Sv 'M, A - . r 1-H' '. i Xi! fl , , I iw J V iva . N ig I ' 4 P..-X-'isa-M77 V' f .iff ." PM -N ' Tw' ."" GARCHIVE S 'X -,L xr T'r41z'L Tecwliz A 2 lfz, .ff -X Q sg csAncHlvE N1 I of rmsr unw u...r. i.. lliglnj: 'l1.......l.i1 on......., nmy sm... um.: ix........, using w..m, 1:.,.l...y N...--. J......,. nm... w..1..-f T...-n, mnk vnu., 1...-1.1. be rm., sawn.: N...s...i.1., 1......-. emu... m.,...s 1'......1.n., u.....a.-. n......., szhsnf. rmen. sminmm nnw.x'a.....- mn...-...1... ns...-1 n..,1f, mm sms., 1'h.....m 1.....-.. nf.. rm...-a.., :v..f.m.. sa....... I.. un, cm...-.. warns... n..fl..-..., ns... 1-....y, cam...-f 1'..x.., n....y si...n....m..,u, xr..n...f u....ka..., vc..-. m......n., l1.,..'...l n......n. Alb.-fi nn... - 'rnmn now. xml... mmm, um., on.-H, smug. 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Unemployment, bring- ing with it uneasiness and doubt for any future stability, is a problem in every com- munity. Strife between similar organizations is not uncommon, and sometimes even extends into the ranks of our young people of school age. A disregard for law and order is very evident with certain groups of our younger generation. Unrest has reached its climax. You, the class of l935, have a responsibility and a wonderful opportunity to cope wifh and,help overcome this situation. It has been a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to me to note for the past few years the eagerness and versatility of your class. You have willingly and capably adjusted your activities during your school careers to meet these changing conditions. You have shown by your persistence and common sense that you can and will do your respective parts in restoring normalcy and safety to an awe- stricken world. With the cooperation of other classes graduating from our schools this year, you can establish an enviable place in the annals of history as conquerors of the greatest obstacles to the progress of civilization. May success crown your efforts! s'rANu5Y R. 1-IENNING. I 1 A ' Ll1'EWf:'- . ' HE passing of time is inevitable and with its passing must come, all tooisoon, graduation day, the end of our happy high school days. We, the class of l935, now must say farewell to the carefree days, beloved teachers, and faith- ful friendships of our high school years. But we console ourselves in the fact that the joyous memories of our youthful frivolities will make growing old a pleasant experience. It has been the purpose of C75 this Garchive to keep these memories from growing dim or hazy. If, in the years . ' a to come, this volume succeeds in making bright just one fond memory that has Q .g t g become a bit vague, any work that has gone into the preparation of'this volume ' 5 .Eg N" will be considered as nothing compared with the value of the result. it ' , Xe' XA 'Q i ifieiw iiifli 'Iii 'T ' QQ- ifl53-:Ti ki 4 -N 5-3 I MI :lf- mi ,..- W i .......,. E X 2 W ...X G3 1 Ph 4 I .... 4 k u I . 6 if 1.11, ,wig W.Xl"i,lq1E,l:hi QI., .IE !li:LLlQ!L,'vl.ri1, gfillulls ,pi .L gmail www- frwgi -i, ,iff lfllx fp Still: Iv , 'X , wk if N M , CW: if af- li L N , Y ..,.. . M I .g :E f s l 4 s . J I L l Nt 4 if ferr-ff i - i L - HM 4... ' -tml t' ' -as . la- .Rr-18.-nm?iim.i nm 'I 4- ff - 14W - f., x 5. 1 1 Q F H 2 " 5 , 6 1 g MM L R H ,M 43 5 IvE,' A A F Ofw3ff2f Q ,QD ,.Jf""yde6LJ . vv P15 fiL!,gQxfu Q9 ffwyyf -- jfs , 1 f 1.2.1 -- "" 4,,, , ' xyum, kk , A , I OS x.. 'QWW7 A QM A ' f X l X KWMQQN33 VJ! -jfw . , L gk, F ,P L'.,5.'J.,f .. 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