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1978 Bonhomie Furman University Greenville, S.C. Volume 78 Lei Williams, Editor Alan Almand, Business Manager I 21 Opening Opening 3... Anticipation oj new classes ... Homecoming ... A pie in Dr. John ’s jace during halftime... Rain ... Surprise! Tall Tling! ... Semester System - yes or no, good or bad... Surprise! Tall Tling! - it really is this time isn't it?... Opening 5... 7 fter Christmc Worth oj classes, te into two months.. peanutbutter shake. 6 I Opening... Tlotiers blooming... Walks around the lake... blue shies...no rain... lunch by the lake... baseball games... gym shorts at dinner... good tans... halters... bare feet.. 10 OpeningOpening 11 •»-v ... Sunbathers on Poteat Field... Co — rec sojtball... wjluuu . . . . i ' Jrof house parties... Stereos blaring out oj open r J windows... tMurt test, let’s party... . ■ ; ' - f'K f v Summer job hunting... Furman night at the Warehouse... Finals :.r:; „ fV,.6uiuodQ 21Opening 13 CJable of Contents Furman Fife Academics Advertisements Organizations and Honoraries16 Opemr gLIFE AT FURMAN 17 (take two no-doze and turn to the next page)Oh God! it can't be eight o ‘clock - it just can't be eight o'clock... maybe D-dorm is on fire and it just seems like the sun is shining through the window ... schools just shouldn't offer Drama II at eight o'clock in the morning - it's an elective course... I wonder if that means I can elect not to go? probably not.. .if I can just make it to the sink I'll be fine-I can choose today's fashion ensemble on the way... there's a pair of jeans just past the chair -1 hope they're mine... yes, yes, that's a shirt tail caught in the refrigerator door - I'll look at the calendar and see if I need to change socks... mirrors should be outlawed before noon... if people ask why I didn't shave III say I'm trying to grow a beard-again... hmmmm, I look a little pale. I wonder if I should try to get a nutritious breakfast... no... I don’t have time to leave campus ... 18 I Furman Life8:20 - good I still can catch over half the class.. .I'll just quietly step in the back door and slip into a seat... almost there, he isn't looking, he still hasn't looked. I'm almost into my seat... yes sir, no sir, it won't happen again sir.. .Jack, hey Jack, Jack... I knew I should have brushed my teeth this morning... hey, Jack! did I miss anything? a pop test! -1 wonder if that's good or bad... I wonder if it s too late to transfer into music appreciation?... it s only November... then again, the thought of Kate Smith singing Wagnerian operas on old 45's just doesn't excite me - should have listened to my argonaut and transferred... I wonder how he likes it at Clemson?... I've got to remember to buy a notebook for this class - is that the bell or my hangover? I always regret the morning after a Furman night at the Warehouse... actually, I have no reason to be hungover -1 worked off any alcohol in my system just trying to get to the dance floor ... Furman Life 19Why does it always seem to rain just as I start to go to lunch? ... it's my own fault, the Greenville Weather Service said it would be sunny all day - that should have been my first clue ... I've got to keep my hands dry - if I don't I know I'll electricute myself on that stupid machine ... that would be too ironic - to have survived these meals for so long only to die at the hands of their computerized contraption ... excuse me. I see you've just gotten your tray, which line would you suggest? ... you're going to the trash cans? -I guess that's answer enough ... 20 Furman LifeThe James Buchanan Duke Library -isn't it ironic that this library was endowed by the nation's wealthiest tobacco family and there isn t even a smokers lounge?... typically Furman - a Baptist school without a chapel.. .of course the supreme irony is the function of this library. campus social center.. I wonder if it 's true that you can reserve dates at the front desk? -I've always wondered what goes on in those upstair cages... I've only been here fifteen minutes and I've already been asked to play tennis four times, basketball three times, and propositioned once - somebody should report that librarian to the psychology department... little wonder she's always at the "service" desk -she must be the one on overnight reserve... what the hell. I'll give in-not to the librarian, to studying - back to the dorms to relax and catch up on my reading ... I'm three months behind on Playboy ... Furman Life 21These walls are so condusive to studying - green cinder blocks.. .they must use lime favored jello mix as a paint base.. .no wonder the girls at this school have a better grade point average - their rooms are so much nicer.. .I've seen them once.. .but at least I'm alone with absolutely nothing to interfere with my studying.. .except the phone -hello?.. .no.. .no.. .no, thank you.. .really. I'm just not interested.. .no. I really don't have the patience to work with children.. .look, I'm really not interested.. .listen, maybe you're not familiar with me. but I'm the student out on parole for child molesting... you've got to be kidding.. .a coordinator?.. .no.. .nursing home?.. .no, I'm sorry, I believe in mandatory euthanasia.. .What? I'm perfect for what? - goodbye!.. .thank God I finally got rid of her.. .not again - hello?.. .yes.. .yes.. .yes, I'm sure.. .I'm absolutely sure... I care for you too.. .yes.. .yes.. .1 love Him too.. .yes.. .yes.. .you want the date?... well alright - on February 8, 1963,1 was saved from a burning car.. .what?.. .submerged?... yes.. .yes.. .they put it out with water - goodbye! 22 I Furman LifeFriday night - what's there to do?.. .without looking, I know there's nothing happening in Greenville.. .something happened two years ago and they're not due for another three... Let's see the television schedule: The Best of Hee Haw on CBS: Lawrence Welk salutes Lawrence Welk on ABC: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling reruns on NBC: an all night praise-a-thon on channel 16.. .great.. .if only I hadn't cut up that eventfilled Social Board calendar for coasters.. .1 guess III have to call the student center and see what’s going on.. .hello? could you tell me what activities are being provided for students tonight?.. .oh no.. .no, please, no, thank you, no. really.. .1 think we've already talked... oh. thank you, let me get a pencil.. .Conway Twitty in concert on video-tape.. .Praise-a-thon on projectavision.. .The Devil and Miss Jones as a Social Board movie.. .here? on campus?.. .really?.. .let me guess - audio visual set up hidden cameras in the passion pits? .. .oh, I see.. .the censored version.. .eight minutes and forty-three seconds.. .thanks anyway.. .goodbye.. .hello, Mom?.. .what are you and Dad doing tonight.. .oh.. .oh.. .1 see, I'm sorry - goodbye... Furman Life 23I'm depressed - life just isn't worth living anymore ... my academic record is a failure... I failed psychology... I failed English... I failed chemistry... I didn ’t make an A in political science.. .my social life is empty - even the live via satellite from Berea Praise-a-thon was cancelled because storm winds blew away the revival tent.. .my only decision left in life is how to end it.. .let's see... I've already missed dinner... there aren't any spaces left in a Brewer class... I know-I could drive in downtown Greenville rush hour traffic.. .no. that would mean waiting until Monday... there's only one alternative left.. .the bell tower... 248,249,250,251, no wonder no one has ever jumped from here before ... they dropped from exhaustion before getting to the top... I'm here, finally, at last.. .on the ledge.. .I'm leaning... I'm leaning farther... who, me?... who is that down there?... no... no, thank you... yes, I'm sure... no, I really don’t have the time to work with the emotionally disturbed -goodbye... what?... who's that now?.. .oh, Miss Chiles .. .nomam.no.. .I'msorry... I really don't feel like filling out an exit lorm.. .yes mam, I'm sure.. .thankyoutoo.. .if I wait any longer there won't be enough room left to jump... goodbye world.. .I'm in the air... this is it.. .oh my God! .. .I’m at the bottom of the bell tower... either I've failed even at suicide... or... I've died and been sent to... 24 Furman LifeFurman University FOUNDED late Greenville, South Carolina 29613 Please complete the following form so that we can better evaluate the faults of Furman which contribute to the growing attrition rate. Name(last first, middle last, first middle, preceeding last at the First with titles such as first): Where can you be contacted in the next year? Clemson Carolina Bellevue Clinic How did you find Furman’s social life? exhilirating outstanding too time consuming What statement best expresses your feelings about Furman’s academics? too enjoyable too liberal too easy How do you feel about Furman's rules concerning alcohol and heterosexually involved, highly intense, passionately intimate relationships (cohabitation)? I absolutely agree with the rules I completely agree with the rules the rules are too liberal Who was your favorite administrator? John E. Johns Dr. J.E. Johns President Johns What was your favorite general education requirement? Religion II Religion II Religion II What is your main reason for leaving Furman? my parents want me to find a more expensive school the nurses diagnosed my leukemia as a cold God told me to In the space below please mention any other reasons you may have for transferring. DO NOT write on the back of this page. Furman Ufa 25past 5 3 a '"??? fa fVQ3j5j, °(j; 'cXy c ' 5 £t J J Administration John E. Johns President Frands W. Bonner Vice President and Provost Marguerite M. Chiles Vice President for Studont Affairs Walter M. Kendrick Vice President for Development R. Wayne Weaver Vice President for Business Affairs 28 AcademicsBoard of Trustees Edwin F. Averyt Chairman Uoyd E. Batson Lester P. Branham Henry I Chonnautt Paul J. Craven James C. Dew John P. Fans Keith Dargan Rowres James W. Foley Allan E. Fulmer A)ester G. Furman, III George T. Gregory. Jr, James L. Hamrick R. E. Littlejohn S. George Lovell Anna W. Marshall Gaines Mason, Jr. Mrs. Otlin J. Owens Cooper Patrick Eugene H. Poole Eugene C. Proctor J. C. Rico Kathleen A. Riley William R. Timmons Mrs. Sidney Wilson Academics 29Administration Betty J. Alverson Paul Henry Anderson Margaret E. Abercrombie Barbara A. Berry Charles Edward Brock Edna M. Cartton Jane R. Cartee Dr. Donald Henry Clayton Dr. Carl Thomas Ooer. Jr. John S. Coiner Dr. Charles C. Cort 30 AcademicsDr. Judith T. Gatlin Dorothy Gentry John B. Dankle Robert Gray Dr. Hazel Harris Marguerite Hays Robert Eugene Hindman, Jr. Dr. Melvin Hipps Dr. L. D. Johnson John M. King Harold Page Dr. James M. Pitts Academics 31Administration James G. Revels Joe Andrew Roberts James Runde Tom Scott Harry B. Shucker Frances Saus Dr. Max G. Smith Robert Spinks James R. Stewart 32 Academics Imo TumMn Ann Todd Dr. Robert C. Tucker Benny H. Walker Artheba Warner John C. West Dr. Norman E. Whisnant Dr. Philip Connor Winstead Carolyn Worley Academics 33Department of Art 34 Academics Mr. Thomas E. Rowers Associate Professor Mr. Glen E. Howerton Assistant Professor Dr. Richard Oof Sorensen Acting ChairmanThe Art Department under the tutledge of Thomas Flowers, Glen Howerton, and Richard Sorensen is one of the most visible departments on campus. Through visiting artists, exhibits, lectures, and conventional teaching techniques. the department attempts to artistically enlighten themselves as well as the rest of the student body. The highlight of the year is the annual Art Exhibit by the art majors. The exhibit, made up of paintings, colloges. photographs and various other art mediums, is a product of the hard working art majors. Because the Art Department requires some inate ability from its members, it is one of the smaller departments at Furman, nevertheless it's accomplishments are great. Academics 35Department of Biology Dr. Gilbert W. Fairbanks Associate Professor Dr. Robert W. Kelly Chairman Dr. Rex E. Kerstetter Associate Professor Dr. C. Leland Rodgers ProfessorThis year saw several changes in the biology department. There was a new professor. Dr. Bill Teska. and remodeling resulted in improved facilities, including the addition of an audiovisual center and a new seminar room. As in years past, the biology department provided many opportunities for students to learn about the world we live in as they participated in research, in independent studies, as lab assistants, in caring for display cases, and in attending seminars presented by various speakers. Mr. William R. Teska Instructor Academics 37Department 30 AcademicsFurman Chemistry is problem sessions, long hours, filthy breakers, sophisticated machinery, dusty journals, and goggles. It is ACS picnics and the Christmas party, Nobel prize winners and receptions in Columbia, seminars at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, an ACS Regional meeting. Remember LEO-GER. cobalt complexes, the Schrodinger equation, and your first (and last) five-bonded carbon. For excitement add tears from bromine, shakey knees at your senior oral, yellow hands for two months, and nervous disorders from the occasional explosion. Tie the whole program up with summer research triumps, unstoppable professors, and weary but witty students and you have science at its best. Furman at its craziest. Dr. Lon B. Knight. Jr. Associate Professor Dr. Donald G. Kubler Professor Dr. Stuart Patterson Professor Dr. Charles A. Wilson Assistant Professor Academics 39Department of People think it's a big joke when you tell them you are a Greek major, and I suppose the same is true for Latin. "What can you do with that!?" exclaimed the ignorant. "I'm not quite sure," comes the reply. Teaching, seminary, or just plain interest are possibilities. Furman's classical languages department helps to keep the student-teacher ratio low, as a faithful (and often considered crazy) few pass beyond the basic and intermediate levels of the classics into the depths of Homer and Vergil. In the recent past, Furman has had national officers in the classical honor fraternity, Eta Sigma Phi, and Dr. Roy Lindahl was selected Furman's teachers of the year last year. This year, a certain camaraderie exists among those digging into the classics, as typefied by the creation of the Edgar V. McKnight Greek tee-shirt. Or there could be a day we all wear togas and tutos the frats in their Greek. Et tu. 40 AcademicsAcademics 41Department ofThe Computer Science Department is the newest department at Furman (established 1973). With the presence of this department came the newest language! For example. when one enters the department's facilities in the basement of the Science building, student panic is expressed in the unique terms: "My program's getting crunched!” "Who crashed the system this time?" "Somebody delete my SPOOFLE!” Deep within these basement headquarters, the Computer Science Department has been undergoing changes. Recently, with the assistance of the Mellon Foundation grant, three new terminals were purchased. In addition, the department recently hired a paraprofessional, Jimmy Chamberlain. Along with the expanded student aid program. these changes have enabled the department to meet the needs of rapidly increasing class enrollment. In the past, computer science has been a field for the scientist but with the recent addition of business oriented courses there has been an abundance of EBA majors taking computer science courses. Computer Science students have an opportunity to obtain experience and firsthand operating knowledge ol the new computer and have access to terminals in the student lab. Interested advanced students operate the computer center at night and aid one another in solving problems with assignments. Faculty members attempt to treat students as colleagues since both are involved in a continuous learning process. In short, the department is in a dynamic state of growth and development. Dr. Nanney and Dr. Ashy invite you over to "punch" their mechanical colleagues! Academics 43Department of Drama Mr. Rhett Bennett Bryson. Jr. Assistant Professor Dr. Phillip George Hill Associate Professor 44 AcademicsMr. James S. Slaughter Mrs. Judith T. Snider Chairman Assistant Professor After the arrival of Dr. Lane Bateman, the 1976 Bonhomie reported that the Furman Department of Drama "underwent staff changes for the seventh consecutive year". Maintaining its traditional "revolving door" for faculty, last year Judy Tucker Snider and Jim Slaughter replaced costumer Joy Breckenbridge and Department chairman Batemen respectively. New faces in the department helped make Rhett Bryson's production of James Thurber's The 13 Clocks a surprisingly successful season’s opener. In winter. Slaughters three-woman show, Vanities, proved to be one of the finest Furman productions in years. In the spring. A School For Wives and Two by Two were presented. With six declared majors, drama is one of Furman's smallest departments. However, with the aid of outside participation. the department consistantly presents some of the best drama in Greenville. Academics 45Department of Economics and Business Administration Remember when Economics and Business Administration was synonymous with boredom? Wake up! The Economics and Business Administration Department is ready for action. You will be challenged by a young, progressive department whose curriculum caters to the students’ needs. EBA offers you an opportunity to interact with both a knowledgable faculty and Greenville businesses. Case studies, computer simulations, group projects, and internships allow you to visualize the world outside Furman. The EBA department does not plan to stop here. More involvement with the business community, a lower student-faculty ratio, and better student-professor communication are some of the goals for developing an even stronger EBA program. So if you’re looking for a routine, mediocre, crip major, go somewhere else. We re different. 46 AcademicsDr. Charles Alford. Ill Chairman Or. Arthur F. Belote Professor Dr. Dixon Cunningham Associate Professor Mr. Jamos Johnson Assistant Professor ms Mr. Schaefer Kendrick Associate Professor Dr. Ray Roberts Professor Dr. David Roe Assistant Professor Mr Benton Sellers. Jr. Associate Professor Dr. Richard Stanford Associate Professor Dr. Perry Woodstde Assistant Professor Academics 47Deoartment of Education Mrs. Doris A. Blazer Instructor Ms. Judy Green Instructor Dr. Salhe J. Grant Associate Professor Dr. Melvm Hipps Chairman Dr. James P. Mahaffey Associate Professor Dr. L. Currie McArthur Professor Dr. Louis Phillips Associate Professor Dr. David Pulloy Professor 48 Academics"Where are you taking your kids on your field trip?" “Field trip? Good gosh. I haven't gotten to that yet! Before I start on that. I have to go observe at Armstrong. Arrington, and Alexander, visit the Northwest Office, the Southwest Office, and the Eastwest Office, figure out my philosophy of teaching, write objectives for my learning center, my art lesson plan, my unit, and clean a path through the art projects on my floor so that my roommate can get to her bed!" Yes, Furman education majors stay busy. In order to become teachers capable of meeting the demands of today's kids, education majors are constantly engaged in projects, observations, and other teaching experiences. Much more than just "kiddie" art and "kiddie" math, the courses taken by education majors prepare the perspective teachers for the frightening fiasco of winter term student teaching and. eventually, that day when the Furman graduate faces her own classroom of wiggling bodies. Whether working with the normal child or the exceptional child, the education major aims to share knowledge as well as help each child realize that he is important and cared for. The end result is something worth the long years of hard work. Dr. Garmon Smith Dr. Albert 8. Somers Dr. Lesley Wheatey Dr. F. Wayne Wheatley Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Academics 49Department of English Dr. Gilbert Allen Assistant Professor Dr. Rudolph D. Bates Associate Professor Dr. Malvern H. Brown Dr. Stanley J. H. Crowe Assistant Professor Assistant Professor ktf C- U Dr. Philip L. Elfcot Professor Mrs. Barbara L. Heusel Dr. William Duncan McArthur. Jr. Dr. Wiliam E. Rogers Instructor Assistant Professor Assistant ProfessorMrs. Ann W. Sharp Dr. James T. Stewart Instructor Acting Chairman The English Department is a vital part of the liberal arts education offered at Furman. The department strives to present a flexible program to the student by offering courses from the literature of the South to the works of Asia. Methods of instruction include discussions, lectures, seminars, team teachings, and the use of various electronic aids in teaching such as records, movies, tapes, film strips, and overhead projectors. One special feature of the English department is the optional Fall Term in England. Under the guidance of Furman English professors, students take courses in London focusing on Shakspearian writings and take travel-study tours of literary England. Scotland and Ireland. The faculty of the department is well-trained with eleven of its twelve members having earned doctoral degrees. Many of the members have published articles in their teaching fields. They are part of the small but progressive liberal arts program which is the English department. Academics 51Department of Geology Wallace C. Failaw Chairman Floyd N. Hodges Assistant Professor Alexander W. Ritchie Assistant Professor Kenneth A. Sargent Assistant Professor 52 1 AcademicsThe Geology Department offered excellent programs to students interested in many phases of earth science, including environmental studies, geochemistry, paleontology, and economic geology. Field trips to the Blue Ridge, the Great Smokies, and the South Carolina coastal plain are held in conjunction with most geology courses. The department offers valuable experience Through summer work programs, including contract geochemical exploration in the Southeast. Majors may do geology—related summer work in Washington state. Louisiana, and Maine. A wide range of faculty specialties gives the geology major a broad undergraduate background which is usually followed by specialized graduate study. The growing need for people in fields relating to natural resources insures geology majors on all graduate levels of many and diverse job and research opportunities. Academics 53Education and Physical Brenda McCutchen Instructor Chris A. Mtlests Assistant Professor Frank Powell Assistant Professor Ruth Reid ChairmanI . I i Eric Swan Instructor There's more to the P.E. department than the PAC building. Students may choose from a variety of courses featuring popular classes in racket sports, dance, and gymnastics. A course in first aid offers practical instruction. For P.E. majors, the department's curriculum is broadening to include a program for alternative careers to coaching and teaching. New ideas for sports related careers include sports and computer science for the aspiring statistician, sports and business for the future health club operator, or sports and religion for church oriented recreation. The P.E. department offers a wide selection of courses and opportunities for interested students at Furman. Carolyn D. Wallin Assistant Professor Susan Wolfe InstructorDepartment of History "Visit Paris July 14.1789. The day all hell broke loose. Take History 11 You can't miss that sign on the History Department's plate glass window. And let's face it. you have to take History 11 or its equivalent before you graduate. If you believe that the History Department's only job is to forcefeed the rudiments of Western Civilization to section after section of sleepy freshmen, you're mistaken. Travel studies, guest speakers, and a visiting professor filled the Department's calendar this year. Dr. James Leavell taught a course on the Crusades during the winter term Mideast trip. And for the first time ever, Furman offered a foreign study in Russia and Scan-denavia. Dr. William Lavery accompanied this tour during winter term. Using funds from the Mellon Grant. Dr. Newton Jones coordinated a lecture series, several well-known female historians spoke on topics ranging from the role of women in ancient Greece to job opportunities in history. Visiting Professor Laura Becker from Penn. State taught “The Negro in American History" during winter term. After serving two years as Assistant Academic Dean. Mr. James Smart returned to full-time teaching and in the era of the guted job market, the liberal arts won: the department boasted the largest number of majors ever — 37 seniors and 31 juniors. P.S. History 11 is a great course.Dr. John M. Block Associate Professor Dr Archie V. Huff Chairman Dr Edward B. Jones Professor Dr. Newton B. Jones Professor Dr. William J. lavery Dr. James B. Leavell, Jr. Dr. Albert N. Sanders Mr. James M. Smart Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor Associate Professor Academics 57Department of MathematicsAs society advances into the 1980’s the computer and mathematics increase their role in everyday lives. The need to provide each student with a basic understanding of math is essential. The Math Department answers this need by providing courses such as Algebra. Finite Math. Calculus. Geometry, and Matrices, not only for students who plan to use math in industry. Business, and scientific fields, but also for those students struggling to survive in the computerized world. Education majors and teachers from surrounding communities take advantage of courses offered in the evening division dealing with the elementary school child. Dr. Robert D. Fray Associate Professor Dr. Michael E. Hammett Associate Professor Dr. Douglas F. Rail Assistant Professor Dr. Wade Hampton Sherard Assistant Professor Academics 59Department of Military Science 60 AcademicsCPT John J. Luik CPT Michael J. Pasquarett Furman University's Military Science Department supports fully and participates in all activities of the Furman University community. Military Science participates in Scholars' Day, Parents' Day and May Day Play Day Activities. In addition to these functions, selected Furman ROTC cadets participate in two Field Training Exercises and Turkey Shoots in the Fall and Spring. The Furman ROTC Department also honors military veterans in Veterans Day ceremonies on campus and awards selected cadets during Awards Day presentations. The Spring term is highlighted by the annual Military Ball and senior advanced course cadets are commissioned on June graduation day. Academics 161Department of Modern Or. Jerry Lynn Cox Dr. Carey Shepard Crantford Dr. Ramon Fernandez-Rubio Dr. Myron Lon Kocher Assistant Professor Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor 62 AcademicsFirst impressions: "freshmen and transfer students must demonstrate proficiency through the 21 - level course in a given language": "you placed in 32 ... you’re sunk"; "they're talking too fast on the tape": "a;; tjree fpreogm stidoes actually went this year!" But there's more to the Department of Modern Foreign Languages. In addition to helping almost every Furman graduate gain some proficiency in French. German, or Spanish, members of the department worked to keep languages vital for all students. Everyone evaluated and re-structed his couse. as evidenced by the number of new textbooks adopted Fall term. A Media Center was created and remodeling of the Language Laboratory was begun. Moreover, the language faculty developed ways to help students meet career demands. Working under the Mellon Grant. Dr. David Parsell created and taught “French in the World of Work." The Mellon Grant also helped pay for the workshop on language career counseling for high school teachers held during Fall term. Ms. Marjorie Watson originated a course "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages" (TESOL) under the Kellogg Grant. Funded by the same grant. Dr. Beth Bjorklund studied the possibilities for a major in Comparative Literature and Dr. Myron Kocher worked on self-paced courses in Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. During May, the department held "International Careers," a conference for area high school students involving career simulation experiences. And all three foreign studies went. Ms. Sadie Franks took students to France: Dr. Beth Bjorklund accompanied a group to Vienna: Mr. Maurice Cherry directed the expedition to Spain. So Modern Foreign Languages is much, much more than making it through 21. Dr. William Francis Reagan Associate Professor Ms. Marjorie Watson Associate Professor Mr. Merle Curtis Kruger Instructor Dr. David Beatty Parsell Associate Professor Academics 63Department of Music The Department of Music presents in concert: Furman University Orchestra. Band. Concert Choir, and Furman Singers. Through participation in many ensembles, a wide variety of solo performances and concerts keep the musical atmosphere alive at Furman. Final successful achievements make the dreariness of hours of practicing, worrying about keyboard, sight-singing, and meeting recital requirements worthwhile. Every year, the vocal ensembles collaborate with the orchestra and present a Fall and Spring Concert. Recent years have seen the performance of “The Messiah" by Handel. "The Requiem" by Mozart. "Thodie” by Ralph Vaughn Williams, and "Elijah” by Mendelssohn. The Opera Workshop adds a theatrical touch to the year by presenting a seasonal opera. European tours also add excitement and enthusiasm to the academic careers of the students participating on the music program. Music is an integral part of the Furman community. What Follies Homecoming performance would be the same without the contribution of the Jazz Band and the Mosquitoes? What touchdown would be properly celebrated without the Paladin fighting song being trumpeted on the stands by the Furman band? Summers would be incomplete for many Greenville residents without the weekly concerts by the lake. Furman even has its very own T.V. celebraties on the specialized pop-vocal ensemble, the Troubadors. And finally, the stuffy J.C. Bach has been brought to life through the performance of PDQ Bach’s version of Classical Music by the Chamber Singers. The music department requires no less than one-hundred percent effort from students envolved in any one of the many major fields offered. But this one-hundred percent effort is returned many times over in the enrichment recovered by the experience that is uniquely — music at Furman. Mr. John Beckford Instructor Or. Daniel Boda Professor Dr. Robert Chesebro Associate Professor Mr. Dan Ellis Associate Professor 64 AcademicsDr. Milburn Price Associate Professor Dr. John Roberts Instructor Mr. Bruce Schoonmaker Instructor Dr. Richard Maag Associate Professor Mrs. Charlotte Smith Associate Professor Dr. W. Lindsay Smith Professor Mr. Richard Steffen Instructor Dr. Bingham Vick. Jr. Assistant Professor Academics 65Department of Dr. Thomas O. Buford Dr. Gerald W. Casonave Dr. James D. Edwards Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Dr. Douglas M. MacDonald Associate Professor Philosophy 66 AcademicsWhile the Philosophy Department is not among the largest that one might find, the faculty and students involved with this department are notable in a number of areas. The twenty or so philosophy majors and the group of students that we call our “fellow-travelers" benefit from a very close working relationship with each of the four professors. The intellectual and practical stimulation toward a greater quality of life is constantly renewed in our everyday activities with professors and students alike. Perhaps we are not so idealistic in our common expressions; still I sense in most philosophy department people a genuine striving toward the good, the fulfilling, and the lasting. A diversity of views is presented by the faculty, each of whom represent personally distinct modes of thought. This aspect of philosophy curriculum is particularly important with respect to introductory classes and even more significant in fostering the concept of a liberal arts education. The students and faculty come together in a variety of settings other than the classroom — including lectures and luncheons with well known and important scholars as well as playing softball with our own Philosophy Students Group, a.k.a. the "Athenian Midwives.” On the whole the Philosophy Department is one of the most enthusiastic, skilled, and well-rounded departments at Furman. __________________ Academics 67Department The major goal of the Physics Department is to give the student an opportunity to acquire a fundamental as well as specialized foundation in the physical sciences. Students with only a curious interest in the Physics Department may delve into such exotic courses as Astronomy, where only the basics are taught. For those with a more serious attitude, the Physics Department offers a vast amount of course selections to choose from. Employing the famous scientific principle, Furman physics students continually test scientific truth through experimentation. 68 AcademicsDr. William H. Brantley Dr. Ray N. Moses Dr. Ronald M. Mobil Dr. B. A. Soldano Chairman Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor Academics 69Department of Political Science Issues. Has the Supreme Court become the new national legislature? Can Rawle and Plato find happiness on the same book shelf? Has Sadat broken the Mideast stalemate? Unrelated as these questions might seem, they all deal with basic political alternatives, questions of who holds power, who dispenses justice, who formulates policy. The main goal of Furman’s Department of Political Science is to make students sensitive to these and other critical issues of politics, whether domestic, international or purely theoretical. No small task perhaps, but an essential one in a nation whose government purports to be one "of the people, by the people and for the people." The Department abjures dogmatism in its approach to the study of the science of politics. Innovative studies in behavo-rial analysis and quantative methods coexist, albeit warily, alongside traditional examinations of classical and modern political philosophy. Courses in such subjects as American constitutional law, the legislative process and the American Presidency direct majors and non-majors alike through the complex, often humorous, always fascinating world of American government. In 1977-78 the Department continued to provide aid and counseling to many of Furman's pre-law and urban studies majors. It also sponsored the Jefferson Society, a political discussion group that brought several speakers to campus from the business and academic community. As in the past students were encouraged to suppliment their classroom experience with attendance at sessions of Greenville courts and city government, independent research and involvement in campus affairs. In short, the Department of Political Science offered, and will continue to offer, a variety of ways for students to become both better scholars and better citizens. Dr. Donald P. Aiesi Associate ProfessorAcademics 71Department of Psychology New faculty members, a wide variety of research endeavors, and increasing social activities characterize the Psychology Department this year. Dr. Charles Hinderli-ter and Dr. Gilles Einstein joined the Psychology faculty this fall, and, along with Drs. Nocks. McCahan. and Brewer. are active in research in their particular fields of interest. Students are encouraged to gain valuable research experience also, through experiments of their own design as research assistants. To prepare students further, the Psychology Department also sponsored informational and professional seminars to help students plan their future in the field of psychology. Outside the classroom the Psychology Club and the Furman chapter of PsiChi are active, planning social activities and a trip to Atlanta for the Southeastern Psychological Association Convention. Dr. Charles L. Brewer Chairman Dr. Gilles Einstein Instructor 72 AcademicsAcademics 73 Dr. Charles Hinderliter Instructor Dr. Gerda P. McCahan Professor Dr. Elaine Nocks Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Religion The religion department offers a curriculum both to produce informed laymen for leadership in all denominations and to provide those interested in pursuing full-time church related vocations with a sound background for pre-professional training. The general Old Testament courses offered to freshmen enables all Furman students to determine how meaningful religion and Christian education may be. Major and minor courses study in more detail the teaching of Jesus, the life and letters of Paul, New Testament theology, Church history, American Christianity, Christian doctrine, psychology of Religion, the Bible and Religions of the World. Dr. Albert L. Blackwell Associate ProfessorDr. Edgar V. McKnight Professor Dr. Thoern D. Price Professor Dr. David A. Smith Professor Dr. Taylor C. Smith Chairman Academics 75Department of Sociology Eugene M. Johnson Associate Professor James Daniel Cover Acting Chairman John Hoskins Professor 76 AcademicsDavid Rodnick Visiting Professor Thomas Shey Associate Professor Sociology is a social science dealing with human social relationships and their outcome on society. The study of demography, human ecology, geriactics. concepts of culture, and the function of individuals are all part of the sociology department. Through sociology, a student is able to view society and see his place in making it better. Under the direction of Dr. James Cover. Dr. John Hoskins. Dr. Eugene Johnson, and Dr. Thomas Shey. the sociology department attempts to equip each student with knowledge that enables them to enter and better their prospective niche in the outside world. Academics I 77Foreign Studies Are you caught in the Furman trap? Is your grade point average too low to transfer and too high to flunk out? Does the thought of Greenville make you breakout? Do you get indigestion driving into the front gate? If so, there are several easy ways to solve your problems. This year, groups of Furman students packed up and traveled to England, Italy, France, Spain. Austria, Japan, Israel, and Russia. If you were to plan it right, and rob several banks, you could miss a total of five Furman terms and still graduate on time. However, the trips offer more than an opportunity to escape Greenville; they offer a great opportunity to expand and broaden you education. "Being an art history major, the Italy tour was like living in art — it was around me everywhere — castles, museums, and cathedrals. I saw it ail!" 78 AcademicsOur three months in England made me feel for the first time that I have received a liberal arts education in its fullest sense. All of our experiences — exploring medieval castles and Roman ruins, feeling the excitement of the London theatre district, visiting the world's great art galleries and museums, seeing the contrasts between life in London and life in Stratford — have changed me into a better-rounded individual. — Mike Guest England Academics 79c ycr A' 0 T AFS Bob LaGarde. President; Besty Nelson. Vice-President for Services; Mike Arrmnstead. Vice-President for Social Affairs; Priscilla Waters. Secretary. Carol Fiske. Treasurer; John Edmgton; Paul Huffman; Leigh Scott; Matt Elliott; Usa Uebtag; Dot Sharp; Dave Bnttain; Lizanne Thomas; Vicki Dover; Cynthia Lawrence 82 ' OrganisationsMike Armistead. Vice-President for Social Affairs Besty Nelson. Vice-President for Services Carol Flske, Treasurer Priscilla Waters. Secretary Organizations 83Student Arbitration Board Pat Dennis. Chairman; Brent Burry, Brigg Foster. Melinda Furcht. Tom Hoferor, Caroline Long. Paul Quiros. Missy Silver 84 OrganizationsElections Board Gndy Rash, Chairman; Jack Schwacke. Vice Chairman; Alzira Carvalho. Polls Coordinator; Nancy Dartnall, Usa Uebtag, Cynthia Lawrence. Richard Walters. Jim Alexander. Phil Cantrell. Barbie Hamilton. Betty Parker. Debbie Parsons. Karen Schmitt. Julie Cochran. Jeanne Brandes. Ann Warwick. Nancy Welch. Maureen O'Halla-ron. Stewart Barfield. Debbie Wein. Edie Moore. David Herder. Andy Kirk. Debbie Reid. Rob Suggs resident's Advisory Board Job LaGarde. Betsy Nelson. Mike Armistead. Priscilla Waters. Carol Fiske. Rob Suggs. Malcolm Trevillian. Ecke Moore. Dave Brittain. Lizanne Thomas, icki Dover. Richard Powell. Rick Vermillian. Bryan Wilhams. Pat Dennis. Gndy Rash, Lei Wiliams. Larry Hoffman. Beth Kelly, Blake Poole. Mabry Jmnicker. Julie Peeples. Kyle Anderson. Tom Dabbs. Carol Wayer. Tom Hoferer. Paul Huffman. Marguerite Chiles. Orgaruzations 85Furman Singers Amy Acree Greg Ford Kathy Mclnvaille Hal Southern Andy Kirk Sandra Aho Tim Fudge Craig McKinney Bonnie Burkette Catherine Maddox Tina Anacker Bruce Gentry Lynn McKnight David Castleberry Russell Mauldin Sheri Armitage Gayanne Geurin David McKown Nat Chandler Richard Mauney Mary Lynn Asbury Gene Golding Karen McKown Fred Childers David Mears Alisa Ayers Taryn Gordon Deborah McLendon Jim Church Anne Miller Helen Baden Lynn Grimsley Linda McRae Lynda Clark Kathi Mixson Leslee Bates Barry Hall Tara Mann Karla Cline Jeanie Moody Page Beall Greg Hare Wayne Price Candy Combs Tom Moore Mark Beasley Phillip Hare Gigi Pryles Thomas Cook Cindy Moorhead David Belcher Loretta Haskell Becky Purvis Carolyn Copeland Janet Moseley Lisa BeMlower David Herder Bonnie Rabon David Corbitt Stacy Nicholson Jill Bierwirth Emily Hester Neil Rabon Rebecca Corbitt Patty Parrish Butch Blume Janice Hines Alan Ray Cynthia Cothran Julie Peeples Charles Boyd Susan Holliday Brenda Redd Deborah Cowan Libby Powers Miriam Boyter Elizabeth Knox Jim Riley Janet Hood Sabrina Stevenson Willie Bradley Vivian Lacy Cathy Rish Cathy Homer Gayle Stringer Cheryl Branham John Landrum Lynn Robinson Teresa Huffman Larry Stone Sherrie Bridges Barb Lassiter Pat Rowell David Hulme Susan Talley Mary Jo Brockman Roberta Laughin Jean Sansone Teresa Hunt Martha Tinsley Karen Brown Edith Lovegren Ken Sattertield Mitch Hunter Marshall Thomason Julia Burke John Lovegren Heidi Schuster Cindy Jamieson Kathy Wall Cmdy Creech Lisa MacDonald Mark Shacklette Kerry Johnson Cyndy Ward Laquetta Dawson Pat McCormick Paul Sims Stu Johnston Priscilla Waters Claire DeFoor Kris McDermott Jeanine Skinner Juke Joiner Helen Watkins David DeFoor Vens McCoy Cindy Sloan Mark Jones Oan Williams Denise DeFoor Ann McFarland Tim Sloan Tommy Jordan Diane Williams Melissa DuPuy Shawn McGee Karen Smith Beth Joyner Peggy Wilson Alice Flynt Kitten McGregor Stephen Smith 86 OrganizationsChamber Singers Mary Lynn Asbury. David Belcher. David Castleberry. Nat Chandler. Rebecca Corbitt. Greg Ford. Barry Hall. Loretta Haskell. Theresa Huffmann. Carey Johnson. Julie Joiner. Liz Knox. Roberta Laughlin. Libby Powers. Jean Sansone. Paul Sims. Stephen Smith, Sabhna Stevenson. Dan Williams. Concert Choir Billy Allen, Lewis Arrington. Darta Bandy. Rick Baumgarner, Angela Bond. Lynn Brown. Carol Burch, Sue Ellen Cooper. Wendell Cothran. Pam Creasman, Kathenne DeVenny, Harriet Ling, Lynn McGarity. Kay McKenzie. Anita Megee. Kevin Miller. Laurie Moseley. Barry Neely. Judy Parter, Julie Perry. Robert Pendergrast, Burt Purdue. Curtis DuBose, Rhonda Edge. Tim Fitzgerald. Rob Flint. Druid Hamrick. Dave Holley. Jamie Howell. Robin Jarrett, Keith Jones. Tammy Jones. Belinda Reynolds. Von Reynolds. David Rice. Eric Roberta. Kim Stafford. David Stoner. Sandra Truitt. Don Williams. Kathy Williams. Organizations 87Marching Band Flutes Neil Keith Joni Canupp Steve Marks Nancy Dartnall Susan Peterman Bobby Given Louise Rogers Glenn Kapetansky Kevin Styles Judith Mclnnis Jody Tyree Luanne McIntyre J. R. Walters Sandra Nurnburg Scott Wennerholm Donald Palmer Edwina Manning Nancy Rivers Bianca Roberts Jim Pratt Jenny Thien Clarinets Angela Walker Marty Avant Jenny Sharpe Ruth Ann Blind Becky Bowers Oboes Deb Burr Terri Durden Jeannie Edwards Randle Reiss welinda Harp Nancy Finney Punkin Harvie Paulette Britt Cyndy Huggins Gina League Bassoons Keith Lockhart June Carland Jan Moody Stacy Schuman Trumpets Albson Tapp George Sulbvan Sue Watzin Keith Elbs Nancy Wisnewski Steve Adams Orzella Brandyburg Ellis Batson Danny Holiday Shelley Barday Bill Popper Kirby Burnett Danny Caddell Steve Carter Jimmy Haynes Mike Hurst Trida Toole Sax Horns Trombones Paul Huffman Cheryl Bland Ann Heatherington Jim Boyd Geg Duncan Ricky Evans Tommy Dabbs Leigh Fogle Lisa Parsons David Hamilton Chuck Murff Brent Sheppard Juanita Spears Bill Sutter Martina Taylor Tuba Teri Teat Carolos Ellis Sharon Blair Cecal Gaffney Cathy Hand Lisa Lawley Tim Dixon John Cureton Karen Henrungson John Cureton Bruce Havens John Raymer Don Harris Mike Seay Mark Scarbrough Scott Wessei Sean Miles Becky Longmo Percussion Jill Kirkpatrick Ward Keeney Bob Rook Dru Blair David Hiott Keith Barnes Wayne Bagwell David Smith Baritones Drum Major Hugh Pace John Garrett Bobby Duncan Anthony Cannon Jerome Thomas 88Orchestra VIOLIN: Lynn Nichol. Anna Barbrey. Allen Hendricks. Palmer Tumburke, Gwen Garrett. Cynthia A. Ling. Karen Gill. Dean Curry. Jennie Ruth Batson. Mary Cribb. Rosanne Batson. Marlena Davis. Sandra Miller. Margaret Lindahl. Alan Boda. VIOLA: Thomas A. Fisher. Patricia Batcher. Ruth Lindahl. Patricia Major. CELLO: Danny Baldwin. Mark Devon. Cindy Jones. Mark Bryan. Elaine Boda. Richard Maag. BASS: Bennett Crantlord. Kathy Nottorf. Jens Holley. FLUTE: Jenny Sharpe. Bobbi Givens. OBOE: Nancy Finney. Terri Durden. CLARINET: Becky Bowers. Jan Moody. BASSOON: June Cartand. David Smith. HORN: Clark Murff. Paul Huffman. TRUMPET: Steve Carter. Susan Peterman. TROMBONE: Jim Boyd. Leigh Fogle. Ricky Dale Evans, TIMPANI: Hugh Pace. Jazz Band SAXOPHONES: Carlos Ellis. Ten Teat. Marc Marc Scarbrough. Stacy Schuman. Mike Seay. TRUMPETS: J. R. Wallers. Keith Ellis, Ellis Batson. Jm Haynes. Kirby Burnett. TROMBONES: Jim Boyd. Bill Sutter. Leigh Fogle. Ricky Evans. Bruce Havens. RHYTHM: Freeman Carmack. Bianca Roberts. Scott Hottzdaw. Bob Rook, Hugh Pace. Bennett Crantford.CESC Co-Chairpersons: Julie Peeples Kyle Anderson Betty Atverson. Director Division Heads Tom Stephenson. Adult Programs Paul Marshall. Child Enrichment Keren Roper. Church Ministries Trio a Barnes. Community Concerns Glenn Mitchell. Exceptional Children Craig Du Bose. General Programs Cathy Haas. Mini Parks Jan Weatherly. Elementary Schools Cindy Creech. Middle Schools Cindy Watson. Special EducationOrganizations 91Cheerleaders Jeff Clark Ray Alexander Charles Boyd Dave Greinke Paul Valle Vens McCoy Kevin Clarkson Ann Lewis Kim McLeod Emily Schneider Amelia Simms Nancy JonesYoung Democrats Kevin Curry. George Singleton. Janet Duckett. Fotiru Karasiota. Athena Has-siotes, Joel WiiHams. Jane Britton. Nancy Grogan, Steve Turner. Wally Bullock. Rob Tester. Andy Nunnery. Thom Martin. Monte Dutton. Chelsea Shelgrove. David Mulins, Cecil Gaffney. Brig Foster. Jeanne Howard. Paul Huffman Young Republicans Marcia Gambrel. Kim McCahan, Gary Clonts. Larry Pittman. Ron Smith. Steve Pirn. Jefl Scruggs, Sandy Davis. Georgeanne Jones. Bill Truitt. Marie Fraley. Rusty Buford. Dennis McClellan. Danny Caddell 94 OrganizationsWDC Sherry Allen. Elizabeth Batcholler, Kim Beamer, Melanie Cash, Ellen Center. Cheryl Fudge. Karen Geyer. Nancy Kirk. Kindy Kirtland, Laura McCravy. Fiona Park. Carroll Peterson. Gigi Pryles. Nancy Shultz. Cynthia Lawrence. Kathy Aneregg, Evon Anders. Lynn Cox. Beth Davis. Katherine DeVenny. Dawn DuVall. Cheri Egger. Leslie Farrar. Carne Lord. Cam Rivers. Donna Smith. Shawndee Trinkle, Christy Williams. Janet Wingard, Allyson Sipple. President: Ruth Thiedke, Vice-President MDC Malcolm Trevil.an. President; John Jopling. Vice-President; Chuck Stowe. Secretary-Treasurer; Mark Gaby. AFS Representative Louis Bridges. David Cunningham. Gary Undquester. Bill Boytan. Clyde Beaugrand. Sam Tompleman. Don Hood. Bob Kerr. Alan Altman. Eddie Kennedy, G. Steve Wiliams. Tony Edwards. Richard Williams. Paul Huffman. Barry Morge. Tim Dickson. Eric Spitler. Kirby Burnett. Steve Cone. Thomas Fisher. Murry C app.e Organizations 95Argonauts Page Beall Cindy Berry Michelle Cooper Anne Corley Vicki Dover Barbara Griffin Druid Hamrick Julie Hunter Sue Johnson Kay Joyner Cindy Leu Jan Moody Edie Moore Nancy Olte Betsy Parsons Sybil Peters. Co-chairman Janene Rakes Cindy Stull Carol Wayer, Chairman Debbie Worn Fred Akel Eltis Batson Brent Burry A) Childers Tom Dabbs. Chairman Mike D'Adamo Gregg Darroch Pat Dennis Charlie Evans Dave File Rob Flint Bruce Hanlin Chuck Hardin Allen Hendricks Lee Hudson Lou Imbrogno Andy Ironside Ward Keeney Harvey Kilpatnck Bill Lee Cordell Maddox Bill McConnell Shawn McGee Glenn Newberry Bob Rook Martin Royaards Tully Studemayer Marshall Thomason J. R. Walters David West 96 OrganizationsResident Advisors Sheri Armitage. Steve Bennett. Marshall Blalock. Chris Borch. Mara Bradley. Dave Bnttain, Mary Brown. Cyndi Campson. Karen Chrisope. June Cothran. Faith Cox. Laurie Dellinger, Nell Dopson. Steve Dover. Vernon Duty. Nancy Hejl. Lee Heyward. Mickey Hodges. Tom Hoferer. Georgeanne Jones. Marc Knight. Merrie Koester. Bob Kerr. Bob LaRue. Charlotte Lassiter. Lisa Liebtag. Harriet Ling. Raymond MacKay. Dennis McClellan. Kathy Mclnvaille. Carl McNair. Linda McRae. David Mmgos. Cecily Nelms. Betsy Nelson. Adelyn Nichols. Dave Pate. Blake Poole. Helen Ruth Powell. Hunter Pugh, Paul Quiros. Belinda Reynolds. Ken Ries. Karen Roper. Tony Satvatore. Leigh Scott. Dot Sharp. Missy Silver, Brette Simmons. Allyson Sipple. Karen Smith. Tom Snader, Danny Stewart. Uzanne Thomas. Sally Truss. Pnsolla Waters. Cindy Watson. Susan Watt. Mike Williamson Organizations 97Paladettes Wanda Thomas. Co-Captain; Debbio Moody. Co-Captain; Sharon Williams. Shen Taylor. Edith Thiekhetd. Melanie Cash. Sherry Allen. Marie Fraley. Bame Burgisse. Kim Beamer. Cindy McLear. Susan Rivers. Albson HaBer. Julie Woods Majorettes Carolyn Peck. Vivian McLarty. Marybeth Bunting, Debbie Coggins 98 OrganizationsSailing Club Princess Peters. Commodore; Al Childers. Vice-Commodore; Jett Fish. Treasurer: Elaine Donnan. Secretary: David Hiott. Catherine Doscher. Evan Anders. Mitchell Shulman. Suzanne Phillips. Cindy Jones. Scott Lane. Anne Miller. Don Hood. Steve Bennett. Frank Currie. Cliff Hursey. Bill Reynolds. Kirby Burnett. Jon Hart. Leslie Barber. Robin Brown. Diana Curtis. Charles Curtis. David Staub, Tom Kepping. Elizabeth Batchel-ler. Deborah Weir. Carol Powell, Page Beall. Stacy Grenberry. Bruce Herard. Susan Troemmer. Alzira Caravalho. Robert Saleeby. Kathleen Sheehan. Vince Heyworth. Barby Richards. Mark Knight. David Miner. Pat Lambert. Ellen Atkinson. Cliff Pryor, Mark Scarbrough. Bill Truitt. Martha Davidson. Debbie Kyser, Betty Terry. Fred Akel. Ben Smith. Jimbo Simpkins. Scott Ellis. Diane Floyd, Anne Swenson. Leslie Branch. Outing Club Kathie Cain. Nancy Willetts. Shelfae Stallings. Jett Davis. Vice-President: Leigh Scott. Kim Fitzgerald. Ellen Atkinson. Julie Hunter. Joe Ashley. Allan Aksell. President; Joey Gillespie. Philip Crenshaw. Jim Bozard, Lindsey Bethel. Allison Williams. Barry Hall Organizations 99Social Board Mabry Binnicker, President; Bev Walker. Vice-President; Vicki Sorgini, Treasurer; Susan Watt. Secretary; Mary Dodd; Robert Key; Susan Bruce; Maria Walker: Howard Perry; Rob Armstrong; Jeanne Brandes; Dennis McClellan; Sharon Kruschwitz 100 OrganizationsSCPIRG Richard Ackerman. Chairman; Monte Dutton. Vice-Chairman; Chelsea Snel-grove. Secretary; Chet A Williamson. Treasurer; Pete Conroy. Manager. Alex Kuzma. Executive Director; David Sharpe. Karen Goodiet. Jeanne Brandes. Dana Phillips. Don Hood. Beth Hardin. David Roper. Kevin Curry. Bo Bradham. Patty Kellett, 81II Martin. Carol Wedemeyer, CArmen Young, George Singleton, Claudia Ericson. Gary Lewis. Debbie Hughes. Dewy Wise, Fandy Ivey. Andy Nunnery. James Vaught Inter-Fraternity Council Blake Poole. President; Alan Altman. Vice-President: Charlie Horton. Secretary; Dave Blakely. Treasurer: Mike Haygood, Tim Hayes. Brian Goerke Organizational 101SLBC Rickey Young, President; Debra Sommerville. Vice-President; Sharon Middleton, Treasurer; Marilyn Dickerson. Secretary; Ruthye Cure!on. Asst Secretary; Charles Boyd. Willie Bradley. Lethea Butler. Elaine Chiles, Bobby Church. Emma Cooke. David Cunningham. John Cureton, Stewart Cureton. Jackie Davis. Marlena Davis. Ronnie Dubose. Anthony Edwards. Carlos Elbs. Russell Gambrell. Karen Goodlett. Julius Goodmarw. ktchaol Glenn. Calvin Harkless. Gain Haynes. Jackie Jeter. Marshall Kithcart, Herman Mather son. Ansel Matthews, Angie McClendon. James McDonald. Karla McDonald. Kevin Morgan. Frank Moses. Jerry Scott. Prakash Sihra. Gwen Sims. Davida Schultz. Andrea Stackhouse. Patsy Turner. Venta Tyus. Angela Walker. Beverly Walker. Sara Watson. Kathryn Wnght 102 OrganizationsBoard of Student Communications Chelsea Snelgrove, Chairman Jim Ewd. Vice-Chairman Bonnie DeLong. Secretary Carmen Young Larry Hoffman Khalid Kiani Beth Kelly Lei Williams Ms. Marguerite Chiles Dr. AJbort Sanders Dr. Wade Sherard Mr. James Smart Women's Athletic Association Susan Pressly, Co-President Carol Furgeson, Co-President Mara Bradley. Vice-President Beth Daniel. Sec Tres. Karen Nolan, Historian Organizations 103Traffic Board Cart McNair. Chairman; Cathenne Clark; Ken P. Ries; Ganlou Page; Cathy Culp; Dixon Harnll; Meg Houlihan; Jody Wright; Nancy Cottingham; N»ck Montanez; Dr. Somers; Dr. Ashy; Dr. Kochen; Mr. Woodside. Bob King; Mr. Joe Roberts; Wayne Weavwer; John Dankel Pershing Rifles Pedro Guerrero. Head; Wade Lipsey; J. C. Bradshaw; Chuck Stowe; Sharon Middleton; Carla McDonald; Eddie Gwock; Mike Edwards; Sam Morris; Sharon Blair; Paul Darby. Greg Ford; Kathy Edwards. Sponsor 104 OrganizationsWFRN Beth KeNy. Manager Steve Williams. Program Director; Gary James, Co-Music Director; Dave Werrick. Co-Music Director; David Oakland. Business Director; George Boney. Chief Engineer; Ken Ries. News and Sports Director; Jon Rogers; Bo Bradham; Jim Pratt; Orzella Branyburg; Howard Perry; John Martini; Wally Bullock; Chuck Stowe; Steve Whitten; Tim Dixon; Lee Ashworth; Robert Gallen; Tim Berxfcn; Butch Martin; Buzz Howard: Rob Phibp; Ken Satterfield; Charlie Evans; Arthur Reese; Cindy Ciute; Man Williams; Andrea Stuckhouse; Edie Moore; Jim Church; Eric Santacroce; Mike Wind; Robert Sessions: Gary Namm; Man Hanson Organizations 105Bonhomie Lei Williams, Editor Alan AJmand, Business Manager Cordell Maddox, Copy Editor Margaret London. Academics Editor Kathy Black. Organizations Editor Kathleen Hoy. Classes Editor Tim Fraylick. Sports Editor Leigh Coulter. Photographer Ted Anders Rachel Johns Sarah Tumbhn Cathy Spence Mary Cozine Cathy Dilworth Gayle HoHmeyer Amelia Sims Margaret Wilson Robert Hancock 106 OrganizationsOrganizations 107Paladin Larry Hoffman, Editor Stewart Barfietd. Editonal Page Editor Rob Tester. News Editor Ken Ries. Sports Editor Edie Moore. Features Editor Leigh Coulter. Photography Editor Jack Bourgeois. Advertising Manager Lydia Lowe John Myers Paul Huffman Paul Deane Becky McKittrick Tim Dixon Victoria Jackson Mike Guest Paul Wessel Cindy Berry Gene Howe Kns McDermott Debra Brook Karen Kemp Liz Pierce Ernie Lombard Heidi Beitner Caroline Long Brian McGreevy Barbi Friend Usa Lawley Mabry Binnicker David Oakland Arthur Reese Marci Bardley John Cureton Rob Suggs Joe Bodmer Jackie Reid Dan Williams Jerome Thomas Anna Maria Sahba Julie Emanuel t 108 OrganizationsOrganizations 109NV Dance Club Stephanie Connor. Mina Dunnam. Ashley Edwards. Jeannie Munson. Susan Day. Amy Sander Debbie Jones. Carol Powell. Linda Powell. Anna Owens. Tara Mann. 110 OrganizationsFilm Arts Robert Hancock Wendy Tuttle Ted Anders Philip Emanuel Gary James Palmer Turnburko Edie Moore Mary Mallard Claudia Ford Lou Imbrogno Tony Moore Amy Sander Dr. Bill Lavery Dr. Albert Blackwell Dr. Doug McDonald Recreation Committee Jamie Lamer Mark Gaby Tony Salvatore Mark Hall Stewart Barfield Mary Anne Anderson Shirley Horman Amelia Sims Kim McLeod Edie Moore Organizations ill“ ■ o Rollin D. Hotchkiss Anthony Campofo Janice Siler 112 Organizations Mahan SilerMartha Rountree Josiah Bunting Organizations 113Religious Council Church Related Vocations 114 OrganizationsCampus Crusade BSU Organizations 115Canterbury Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 116 Organizations rrmLutheran Student Association Fellowship of Christian Athletes Organizations 117 aPlNewman Club 118 OrganizationsWestminster Fellowship Wesley Foundation Organizations 119Centaur Alan Altman, President Bill Butler, Vice-President Bngg Foster. Secretary Mark Taylor. Treasurer Steve Baker Guy Cochran Bill Conrad Hap Core Bill Cranford David Crosland Bob Chrushch Bnan Darby David Dickens Chuck Duggan David Elks Gordy Ford Lee Fowler Hank Glass Alex Green Jeff Hanauer Jace Hassett Tim Hayes Andy Hessen Jay Hill Tom Hoferer Rich Houghton Tony Hux Phillip Johnson Joe Judge Mark Laskowski Mark MacCoy Scott Mace Jim Maher Dan McDonald Chip Mcllvain Bob Mixson Kevin Moore John Pruitt Paul Quiros John Reilly Matt Reveille Chip Rimer Craig Ross Steve Salvatore Bill Schilling Jeff Shaner Paul Sullivan Bill Thompson Stephanie McLain, Sweetheart 120 OrganizationsThe Centaur Fraternity is a Brotherhood, a common bond among men that signifies harmony and good feeling. It is the sharing of ideas and ideals, joys and sorrows. Even more, it means being part of tradition that is sacred and good. This is a true fraternity: All brothers striving for one common denominator that will continually make the Centaur Fraternity the number one ranking brotherhood that it is and will always be. Organizations 121The Knights Eternal Bob LaRue. President Jack Jones. Vice-President Bob Jackson. Treasurer Hugh Jones. Secretary Dean Mitchell. Hegeman Larry Swanson. Social Chairman Neil Freeman, Rush Chairman Robert Key. Works Projects Chairman Charlie Rogers. Historian John Alford. Chaplain Paul Ryan. Athletic Chairman Jim Bigler Dave Blakely Larry Blood Don Lewis Ron Smith Phil Hammond Neil Hance Steve Perry John Alford Roger Aston Steve Botkin Tim Zetgler Tom Bossard Bill Boylan Steve Cheney Tim Fitzgerald Jay Flowers David Floyd Cedi Gaffney Ron Gilbert Joe Hodges Rick Lovett Langdon Brockmton Brian Goorke Walter Grace Keith Hellmer Brad Mitchum John White Dave Woods Cordell Maddox Rick McKinney John McTyre Von Reynolds George Murphy John Rogers Richard Walters Nancy Hejl. Sweetheart 122 Organizations The Knights Eternal is a diverse, yet united fraternity; extremely active in functions both on and off Furman’s campus. Though active in the fraternity, several members are RAs and Argonauts while others participate in CESC and Furman Athletics. TKEs are proud of their past — as they have always excelled athletidy. scholastically, and socially; and they continue to excell in these areas today. They are also proud of their successful hall-life, for Geer 100 is always full of activity, as members of the "2:00 club" will atest. The Knights Eternal is a successful fraternity. Activities such as intramural sports. Co-Rec activities with the rushgirls. parties, service projects, and sub sales keep all brothers busy while promoting friendship that will last a lifetime. Organizations 123R. E. L. Mike Haygood. President Vic Grout. Vice-President Forrest Sweat. Secretary Andy Lopez. Treasurer Andy Means, Historian Stan Howey. Special Chairman John Baker. Sergeant-at-Arms Oliver Cooper. Censor Ken Cadle Blake Poole Greg Furches DeForest Spencer Tom Boswell Mark Bowers Tommy Southard Jimmy Neal John Blue-Craig Steve Wilbams Steve Gavin Bill Lanford Dave Propper Jeff Beggs Richard Ingram Joe Holt Brian Hesseltine Dixon Harrill Greg Mascera Jett Bales Beach Foster Bill Freeman Leigh and Lou Greene. Sweethearts 124 OrganizationsThe Order of REL, a local chapter of the nationally known Kappa Alpha fraternity, is an organization which has great pride in its ability to take maximum advantage of all available resources. They are quite instrumental in using just what is necessary for a particular situation (organizing a party, putting together an intramural sports team. etc.). In essence, waste is never a problem for the REL club. The brothers of REL are commonly referred to as the "southern gentlemen" and we're sure most would agree the phrase fits the group rather well. The Order of REL participates in many activities and functions, on campus and in the community. The fraternity is quite active in intramural sports, especially football, basketball, and softball. Of course, when rush begins in the winter, the Order of REL, along with all the other fraternities, becomes quite active and involved to maintain the group they belong to. As far as community functions, the REL club holds an annual Christmas party at the Shriner's Hospital in Greenville. The rush girls and brothers visit the children to help brighten up their Christmas. The order of REL is basically just a relaxed group of guys who enjoy each other's company and strive to have a good time. In just about everything they do, quality is always stressed before quantity. This is a trademark that REL holds now and hopes to maintain in the future. Organizations 125Star and Lamp Charlie Horton. President Gary Clonts. Treasurer Thad Parker. Secretary Al Childers. Warden Dave UHman, Fund Raising Chip Buddin. Chaplin Jeff Gatter. Social Chairman Tully Stoudemayer. Histonan Larry Pittman Thomas Martin Bill Tuggle Ed Kennedy Jeff Clark Jay Leone John Green Jon Acker Ray Porter Kyle Anderson Bob Kerr Mac Mitchell Joel Williams Rick Henderson Richard Kline Steve Spence Dan Williamson Dave Greinke Jeff Davis Watt Cook Tom Lott Doug Roberts Frank Fischetti Faith Cox. Sweetheart 1261 OrganizationsThe Star and Lamp fraternity is not merely a social club, but adheres strongly to the concept of “brotherhood". The Brotherhood is involved in many activities at Furman, including student government, CESC, and intramurals. The fraternity also sponsors "Furman Night" at the Brickyard in Greenville. Organizations 127Phi Mu Alpha Jeff Wieler. President James Martin Bob Rook Keith Ellis J. R. Watters Jimmy McDonald Mark Devon Willie Bradley Gary Gray Chuck Murff Tom Moore Jody Tyree Jim Boyd Robert Sessions Steve Adams Chuck Boyd Ricky Evans Hal Southern John Edington Mike Seay John Van Swearingen David Smith Fred Childers Pat McCormick Carlos Ellis John Landrum Chuck BmderwakJ Larry Stone Steve Marks Keith Barnes Hugh Pace Marc Scarbrough Elks Bradley 128 OrganizationsMu Phi Epsilon Julia Burke, President Lynn Grimsley Shelley Barclay, Vice-President Punkin Harvey Sandra Aho Janet Hood Mary Lynn Asbury Kathy Mclnvaille Anna Barbrey Jo Beth Miller Ruth Ann Blind Pam Moss Becky Bowers Jan Moody Cheryl Branham Laurie Moseley Candy Combs Nancy Patterson Rhonda Edge Susan Peterman Judy Feasel Gigi Pryles Nancy Finney Bianca Roberts Leigh Fogle Louise Rogers Kathy Gieim Jenny Sharp Taryn Gordon Palmer Turnburke Organizations 129 .v o.Who's Who Mabry Bnniker Richard Ackerman Mike Armistead Steve Bennett Dave Brittain Mike D Adamo Beth Daniet Phil Barker Trio a BarnesCraig Du Bose Karen Goodlett Marc Knight Carl McNa:r Bob LaGarde Cathy Haas Merne Koester Caroline Long Organizations 131Blake Poole Betsy Nelson Shep Parsons Pam Pinkston Paul Marshall Rick Mosteller Keren Roper Any Sander Leigh ScottGrxfy Scott Vicki Sorgini Mana Walker Ron Smith Anna Thode Red Walters Brette Summons Tom Stephenson Jan Warwick Lei WilliamsQUATERNION Shep Parsons Mike D’Adamo Craig Du Bose Tom Stephenson Keren Roper SENIOR ORDER Nancy Patterson Patricia Barnes Pamela Pinkston Cathryn Haas Cynthia Scott Meridith Loester Teresa Teat Martha Larson Anna Thode Mary K. Lawrence Jan Warwick Elizabeth Nelson Diane Wedgeworth 134 OrganizationsSENIORS: Richard Ackermann Steven Bennett Ingrid Blackwelder Alfred Brannen David Brittain Debra Brook Deborah Burr Cynthia Campsen John Cole Melinda Conn Sharon Cornelius Brenda Crain Kathleen Flint Claudia Ford Karen Goodlett Cathryn Haas Frances Hale Thomas Harkins Emily Hester Meridith Koester Deborah Kyser D. H. Lineberger Nancy Nagele Lynn Nanney Carolyn Peck Robert Pendergrast Pamela Ramseur Hugh Robinson Cynthia Scott Leigh Scott Melissa Silver Mark Stone Carol Styles Rebecca Swain Anna Thode Michael Williamson JUNIORS: Chris Bennett Langdon Brockinton Michael Guest Jack Jones Robert Noble Russell WareALPHA EPSILON DELTA 1 Richard Ackermann Karen Goodlett Steve Bennett Joe Hames Lynn Brannen Malcolm Horry John Cole John Holcombe Pat Dennis Ed Lombard Carolyn Dodds Su Min Oon Kathy Flint Maria Walker AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Richard Ackermann Kathy Anderegg Chris Bennett Steve Bennett Pam Cochran Crystal Elder Denise Everett Thomas A. Fisher Linda Flewellan Brian Gill Karen Goodlett Jane Gretsch Mike Heath Herman Matherson Sandra Miller Elizabeth Misskelly Rebecca Monroe Mile Owens Clifton Pryor David Rice Teri Richardson Connie Ross David Sharpe Ramon Vargas Maria Walker Russell Ware Chet Williamson AIME David Strassner John Reed Robert Reed Betty Howard Bart Martin Carolyn Cunningham Terry Cunningham Patty Kellet Paula Yacullo Chris Bennett Lindsay Bethel Leigh Scott Jeff Davis Allan Aksell Mark Gaby Dave Jones Stewart Magenheimer 136 OrganizationsASPA a b M ART STUDENTS LEAGUE Jenny Pitts Pam Swiger Susie Caffey Michele Cassano Cecily Bradford Marisa Tomlins Corwyn Edwards Laura Wineland Stephanie McLain Elaine Donnan Miriam Mitchell Steve Blakeney Larke Driggers Roy Eubanks Susan Stainbeck Alex Roebuck Kathy McNeil Sally Taylor Cathy Casteel Gwen Johnston Jane Stouffer Clay King Judy Griffeths Tony Waters Ken Wise Genie Welch Anna Thode Tim Fraylick Heath Phillips Lethea Butler Sheri Taylor Jeff Fish Ann Greer Lisa Baroody Leslee Bates Steve Adams Shirley Horman Evon Anders Cliff Hursey Kim Beamer Mark Kaiser Clyde Beaugrand Cynthia Lawrence Debra Brook Mary Mallard Paul Marshall Lisa Parsons Laura McCree Larry Pittman Rebecca McKittrick Lynn Powers Gigi Mills Barbara Rickalds Tollie Mitchell Nancy Schultz Linda Buell Pam Seavy Melanie Cash Vicki Sorgini Diane Duda Jimbo Simpkins Lucy Dulaney Kathleen Sheehan Stacy Eikenbery Karen Spell Matt Elliot Pam Sprigte Carol Fiske Malcolm Trevillian Claudia Ford Susan Troemner Bobby Garren John Turner John Green Greg Veal Bruce Herald Organizations •»w-- im- ■ w.BETA CHI Lisa Cain Pam Conner Carolyn Dodds Nell Dopson Mary Held Gayle Hoffmeyer Martha Larson Kathie Flint Mary Katharine Lawrence Susan Lee Ed Lombard Lester Reynolds Coleman Robinson Diane Williams Chet Williamson Bill Lee Mac Mitchell Denise Everett Phyllis Brown Leslie Branch COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN Cindy Watson Myra Eason Debbie Camp Kay Leslie Johnnie Sue Dodenhoff Cindy Creech Jan Weatherly Jane Ashcraft Nelle Robison Barbara Burton Mary Brown Mary West Keren Roper Elizabeth Litzenberg Cindy Black Patricia Loon Susan Talley Maureen O'Hallaron Ellen Espy Carolyn Smith Patty Whelan Cindy Stull Cam Rivers Tom Hoferer Martha Davidson Dr. Leslee Wheatley. Advisor 138 OrganizationsKAPPA DELTA PI Cynthia L. Creech Marguerite M. Chiles Tara Jane Mann Thomas Cloer, Jr. Nancy Jane Patterson Charles C. Cort Paul H. Anderson Gilbert W. Fairbanks Francis W. Bonner Gary R. Harris Dan Atkins Ellis Glen E. Howerton Sallie J. Grant John E. Johns Hazel W. Harris Richard R. Maag G. Melvin Hipps C. Stuart Patterson L. Currie McArthur Ruth Reid David C. Pulley Wade H. Sherard. Ill Ann W. Sharp Garmon B. Smith Harry B. Shucker Albert B. Somers Philip C. Winstead Imo E. Tumblin Doris A. Blazer Carolyn Wallin GERMAN CLUB Martina Taylor Susan Kirby 1 Dot Sharp Stephanie Connor ! Angela Bond Allen Atkinson 1 Kris McDermott Martha Davidson Carole Cougill Steve Whitten Ed Baldwin Vicky Foyt I Jeff Hamic Anne Reynolds Tracy Eggleston Faith Cox Laura Canupp Leslie Branch Debbie Kayser Keith Lockart Nancy Dartnall Tim Maloney ' Amy Acree Organizations 139PSI CHI Melinda Davis Missy Silver Cathy Haas Karen Smith Ronald Vaughan Karen Patrick Jeff Gatter Winifred Peters Catherine Dilworth Nancy Dartnall James Ewel Cynthia Watson PI GAMMA MU Caroline Long Claudia Ford Cyndi Campson Don Lewis Alan Almand Kim Anderson James Berl Ingrid Blackwelder Chris Borch Carole Bridwell Debra Brook Gwendolyn Garrett Jacquelyn Gilreath Mike Guest Jo Anne Gutekunst Robert Hancock Carol Hayes Anita Megee Nancy Nagele Rena Lynn Neely Carolyn Peck Linda Pittman Pamela Ramseur Pam Seavy Vicky Sorgini Bob Steele Greg Veal 140 Organizations PHI SIGMA IOTA SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS 1 Faith Cox George C. Boney. Jr. Tomoyaki Satoh Jeryl Kendall Karen Patrick Allison Swain Glenn Kapetansky David B. Mears Jack Schwacke Organizations 141v Ar o ZAPS % r(XS - $?c5p to V CoJ o O VSr KftfFootball Furman's 4-5-2 football record this year was not a ning one. but in many respects it was a successful The Paladins were not expected to have an season after losing 25 seniors trom last year's team, but they were in the race for the Southern Conference championship until the final two weeks of the season. Losses to VMI (31-28) and The Citadel (10-3) knocked the Paladins from first place to fourth. Furman was a young, inexperienced team when it opened the season at Wake Forest and for the first three quarters of that game, it was even. Wake won the game. 24-13. as its superior depth was the deciding factor in the end. Furman bounced back with two consecutive wins — one of those a 17-7 victory over Tennessee - Chattanooga. The Paladins continued to win their conference games, jumping out to a 3-0-1 record, however, the Paladins were not able to win several non-conference games which they expected to win. Furman showed strength in the VMI game despite the loss. Down 24-0 midway through the third quarter, quarterback David Henderson threw a 75-yard touchdown pass to Tommy Southard for the first Furman touchdown. VMI scored another touchdown but again the Paladins came back with a touchdown of their own with two minutes left in the game. There was no time to score again but the Paladins had trimed the lead 24-21. Ironically, Furman would have had to defeat both VMI and the Citadel in order to win the Southern Conference championship. None of the current players had ever beaten either team, and the two military schools continued jinx they have over Furman. In the last five years. Furman has won only one of the 10 games played against the military schools. the Paladin football squad. Kent Woerner of Jonesboro. Ga.. led the team in rushing with 708 yards and he became the first fullback to lead the Paladins in rushing in Baker’s five years as head coach. Additionally. David Henderson took over at quarterback in the sixth game of the season and did an outstanding job. In his first start against Marshall he was named the Southern Conference offensive player of the week in a 42-24 win. The leading defensive player all year was senior nose guard Frank Moses of Sumter. S.C. Coach Baker called him "one of the outstanding nose guards in the country." Flanker Tommy Southard established a Furman career record for receiving in the VMI game. Tommy had eight pass receptions in to give him 101 for his career, breaking Byron Trotter record of 98 set in 1S68-70. 144 Sports  Soccer Furman’s 1977 soccer team went through a season of rebuilding and came out with a respectable 5-8-1 record. The team co-captains were Chip Mcllvain, Jim Maher, and Matt Reveille. The leading scorer was Randy Cullen. This year’s team saw one of the strongest groups of freshmen to ever play. Coach Scarpa recognized Tony Terardi. Bill Laise, Pat Nasrillah. John Tart, and Bill Steffen for their performances. The Paladins had a challenging schedule with only two of its opponents having losing records. The team played four of the top ten teams in the South: Clemson. Appalachian State, North Carolina, and The Citadel. Support for soccer at Furman is excellent thinks Coach Scarpa and he attributes this to the players themselves. As a team, they have the highest academic average among the other team sports at Furman. Defense will be the team's strong point next year due to the returning half-backs and full backs. Improvement is planned for the Paladins' offense. As well as this year or better is the lookout for the 78 season. FIELD HOCKEY 11 wins. 2 loses, and 1 tie — and that was only the beginning of the story. The women's freshmen recruits, a triangular system, and experienced returning upp combined for an improved team. Then, as a finale, th was victorious in the Deep South Tournament, and three players were chosen to compete in the Southeast Field Hockey Tournament at William and Mary College. Opening the season with a loss against Catawba was not indicative of the team's potential. In the next two played on the same day. the Lady Paladins began momentum. The fourth game ended in a 2-2 tie with lachian. However, for Furman it was a moral victory against a traditionally strong team This game seemed to push them on for a winning streak of six games. At Rockhill victories number live and six came at the Winthrop's Sport's Day Competition. The 4-1 wm scored against arch-rival Converse, who handed two losses to Furman last season, was a booster. In the ond game of the competition against Durham Club. Lord scored the only goal of the game off a corner six minutes left in the game. Freshmen standout praised coach Berry, stating that she was "able to together, so they played as a team, not as individuals.” Although the previous season's scores were usually 1 the coordinated group effort rallied for points In high s games such as those against Converse, and 8-4 win, against Clemson. a 6-0 win. all times Outstanding freshmen recruits included Lark Warrick. Nancy Taylor, and Anne Swenson. In the center halfback position Warrick proved to be invaluable to the Furman offense as a scoring goals and to move the ball made her one the top ranked players in the Deep South. Recruit Taylor was an extremely fast forward scoring 9 goals to second in individual scores, while Anne Swenson ranked third with 4 goals. Three other newcomers to the team were Nadine Flood. Mary Parker, and Diane Wedgeworth. Returning upperclassmen added much valuable experience to the team. Heath Phillips, a senior and Captain, was a stabilizing influence. Her knowledge of the game made her a strong overall player. Leslie Branch, as goalie, tallied some 75 individual saves. Susan Pressly. Carrie Lord. Jamie Carrey. Janet Cone, and Deidi White also returned with experience and some fine individual performance during the season. Three Lady Paladins. Lark Warrick. Nancy Taylor and Heath Phillips were chosen to play on one of the four Deep South teams that competed in Ihe Southeast Hockey Tournament al William and Mary College. In addition, these three, along with senior Susan Pressly, were named to the S. C. ali-Star squad. n 154: Sports —- Men’s Basketball Erratic. Exciting. Unpredictable Awsome. All of words describe a Furman Basketball team that season s major upset by defeating nationally ranked Carolina and N.C. State on consecutive nights and then lost four out of its next five games. A team that placed fourth in the regular season conference race and then won the tournament championship in totally dominating fashion. A team that seemingly got up for the big ones and then lost to the teams that were taken for granted. With the loss of center Jim Strickland, the Paladins went to a smaller, quicker lineup Utilization of the ‘ monster zone' helped to compensate for their lack of height as the squad simply out hustled most of their opponents. Led by seniors Ron Smith and Bruce Grimm, the Paladins captured many individual, as well as. team honors. Jonathan Moore was named an AP All American. Honorable Mention and joined teammates Grimm and Al Daniel as All Southern Conference selections. He was also named MVP of the conference tournament and was a member of the Poinse Classic all tournament team Al Daniel was named MVP of Poinsettia Classic Tournament and the NCAA Eastern glonal game against Indiana. Freshman Rodney Arnold the starters in free throw percentage on a team that was the nation's second best. Smith rounded out the starting lineup and the Paladins were aided by bench strength in Dale Crowe. Rick McKinney, and Dave Dredger. o'MillGymnastics The women's gymnastic team is coached for the first year by Nancy Bulloch. Ms. Bulloch is a graduate of Appalachian State University and is hersetf "a veteran gymnast." The 78 team is small in number compared to their opponents There are six girls on the team and Ms. Bulloch considers them to be "very dedicated.” The girls compete in four activities during each match. There is the balance beam, the uneven bars, the floor exercise, and the vault. Each routine is hypothetically worth 10 points by the judges' standards. The girls are judged on their form, the difficulty of the routine, the risk involved, falls (if any), and the general impression they convey to the judges. Gymnastics is growing in popularity and Coach Bulloch thinks this is partially due to the publicity the sport has received in the past Olympic games. "It's an exciting and beautiful sport and it can be enjoyed by people who don't know much about it." says Ms. Bulloch.Men’s Swimming The men's swim team faced a major rebuilding job this year with the departure of ten swimmers off of last year's squad. New Coach Peter Thompson greeted just eight swimmers last fall, but those eight quickly developed into a strong nucleus that enabled the Paladins to stay with most of their opponents. Led by captain Joe Judge and sophomores Robert Chruschand, Rich Dunham, the Paladins were individually as strong as any team in the conference. Additional standouts for the tankers included Bruce Bate. David Hyatt. Defo Spencer. Jack Hair, sophomore transfer Tate Maltheus. and Dwight Fuller. Although ineligible. Maltheus showed improvement all year and will help out next season. These swimmers began workouts in September and carried them all the way through the Championships at the end of February. The Dual meet season began in January with Davidson and Appalachian State and culminated with the Southern Conference Championships in February.r-r“ JUUJ,Mt man mini l() iil{rWomen’s Swimming The womens swim faced rebuilding after a 1977 team finished 23rd in the nation. Leading the way for the Lady Paladins were captain Laurie Johnson and sophomore Ann Bartlett Both were returning national qualifiers as was sophomore sprinter Connie Peterson. The women also counted heavily on Kathye McNeil and Felicia Farrell to try and duplicate last years success. In addition to this banner group. Furman added five freshmen to the squad this year including Barb Miller, Monan deBondt. Janice Sparacino. Lisa Lloyd, and Sharon Yost. Also returners Nancy Hejl and Nancy Bauchle contributed much to the success of the team. The women took on their most imposing schedule ever, facing top teams like Alabama and South Carolina as well as Clemson. South Florida, and Brenau. This year promised to be fruitful and with the tougher schedule it also promised a challenge.Wrestling The wrestling team under the direction of Jim Guth and M3rty Cook turned in a respectable season despite the many obstacles in their way. Despite the lack of proper practice facilities, little financial backing, and a lack of depth, the grappiers were always a team to be contended with on the mat. The young squad faced the continued delimma of wrestling against teams with superior mat experience. Opening the season with perennially strong Clemson. The grappiers next hosted Catawba and traveled to Georgia and South Carolina. Competing this year for Furman are Frank Moses and Jim Bostick, heavyweight; Jim Greene. 190 lbs.; Dave Greinke. 177 lbs.; Keith White, 158 lbs.: Walter Carpenter, 142 lbs.; Jim O’Neal. 126 lbs.; and rounding out the squad is four year starter Tim Stroud at 134 lbs.Track The Furman Track team, despite the loss of year's core, turned in a respectable 1977-1978 season. The hard work and shear determination of this years squad countered the problems that they encountered. as Middle Tennessee, the Citadel, and the annual Clemson dual meet. In every meet, the team was met with stiff competition and the lack of experience and depth hurt their overall performance. The highlight of the season had to be the capturing of the United States Track and Field National Medley Relay team championship. Dave Pate. Dave Carson. Wayne Coley, and David Branch all teamed up in a tremendous effort to win the grueling medley. All in all. the track team under the skilled coaching of Bill Keeslmg performed well and continued to improve as the season progressed. 19 . • - rfm rr. Baseball After an uneventful 1977. the 1978 baseball team promises an exciting year Even though six of last year's players are not returning, including Ron Smith and Randy Howell who have signed professional contracts, the team has nine players coming back for another season. In addition, there are almost a dozen new faces including football veterans Tommy Southard and Mark Whitehurst. After winning their first three preseason games against Erskine. North Greenville, and Spartanburg, hitting appears to be their strongest asset with Russell Lee providing power. Leading the Paladins into their hopefully successful season will be returning players Brad Mitchum at second base, Tim Lee at third. Bill Butler at shortstop, and Artie Dowd at the mound. "■jra I ■«s-—’Women’s Tennis After a year of vigorous practices and workouts, the women’s tennis team hopes to improve its record during the spnng season Scheduled opponents include tough competition such as Chapel Hill. Clem-son. Ohio State, Vanderbilt. Georgia, and College of Charleston. As a young team, the experience gained from the caliber of this competition should benefit them greatly; many expect the team to quickly develop into one of the state's finest. Coached by Dr. Mai Brown, players include returning sophomords Becky Cox and Abby Kennedy, and junior Sue Houck. Three freshmen. Kathy Moore. Kathleen Sheehan, and Siobhan Fitzgerald, complete the roster. Women s tennis will open its season at Furman on March 13 with Clemson opposing. Men’s Golf The Furman Men's Golf team got off to a slow start in their Fall season matches in the Memphis City Invitational in Memphis. Tennessee and the Cypress Garden Invitational at Cypress Gardens. Florida, however, the team anticipates an exciting spring season. The Furman men's team plays one of best schedules in the Southern Conference, trcipating in the Gator Invitational at Gain Florida, the Palmetto Tournament at Orangeburg South Carolina, the Furman Invitational Florida, and the State Invitational at I Carolina. The Furman men also southern Conference Tournament South Carolina, and the Southern I Athens. Georgia. Finishing off their season NCAA Tournament in Oregon This year's team includes seniors Scott port. Tom Sluiter, and Mark Haganback, Freeman, sophomores Paul Ryan. Keith Scott Campbell, and freshmen Jack Beach. Hubert Edenfield. Mike Powell.Women’s Golf One of Furman's outsianding women's sports teams is the Lady Paladin Golfers. The team has essentially two seasons, playing three tournaments in the fall and five in the spring. This Fall the Lady Paladins traveled to the Lady Tarheel Invitational at the University of North Carolina where they took first place. They took eighth place in the Golden Hurricane Invitational at Tulsa. Oklahoma and Fourteenth place at the University of Florida’s Lady Gator in Grenelefe. Florida. With spring came the main season with the Lady Paladins participating in the Betsy Rawles Invitational at Austin. Texas, our own Lady Paladin Invitational here at Furman, the Rollins Invitational at Win-terpark. Florida, and the Women s Southern Intercollegiate at Athens. Georgia The team would up their season with the AIAW Nationals in Grenelefe. Florida. The Lady Paladin s top scorer is team captain Beth Daniels, who the 1975 and 1977 U.S. Women's Amatuer title and who a runner up in the 1977 Women's Trans National Amatuer Tournament. Third year veteran Sherri Turner placed tenth among individuals in the 1977 AIAW Nationals The team is rounded out by outstanding Freshmen and SophomoresII I FU 13 42 17 24 7 42 28 13 13 28 3 Hold Hockey Opp. Catawba 4 Catawba 0 Tonnosseo 1 Appalachian 2 Converse 1 Durham 0 Converso 4 Oemson 0 C-iemson 1 Davidson 2 Wmthrop 6 Converso 0 Wake Forest 0 Pfojffor 1 FU 7 3 0 0 2 1 1 UNCC VMI V Ml Wosrorn CariRn.-. Opp. FU Opp. 0 Appalachian 5 2 Emory 3 2 Davidson 1 2 Georgia State 7 0 Clemson 7 2 Wolford 1 1 South Carolina 1 L i 10-12 Gator Invitational 10-12 Palmetto Invitational -25 Furman Invitational Intorcollogiate Sou thorn Conforonco - 27-29 Southom IntorcoilogiAio ; 3 10 N.C.A.A- ' i i ■ Baseball March 1-2 Mercer-AUanto 3-4 Augusta College 5-6 USC-Aikon 9-10 Madison 13 Newberry 14-15 Univ. of Virginia 18 Western Carolina (2) 20 UT-Chottanoogu (2) 24 Si John's 28.30 Stetson April 1 VMt (2) 3 Marshall (2) 6 Univ. of South Carolina 8 Mercer-Atlanta (2) 10 Tho Citadel 12-13 Wofford 15 Davidson (2) 17 Mercer-Macon 19 Newberry 20 Urw, of South Carolina 22 Appalachian Slate 26 Mercer con 29 The Citadel Men's Bosketboll FU Opp. 94 Presbyterian 65 121 Wotford 60 83 Cfomson 101 75 Appalachian 65 110 Western Caroftna 91 92 Georgia 83 95 Tonnessoe Tech 78 102 Marshall 77 82 Davidson 86 102 VMI 79 106 Citadel 77 86 UT-Chattanooga 82 92 Pennsylvania 99 SP Wosiorn Carokna 55 87 Oemson 68 60 Marshall 69 89 North Carolina 83 68 N.C. Slate 67 74 Appalachian 81 82 Citadel 85 81 South Carolina 74 77 Stetson 71 83 New Orleans 95 82 Davidson 69 70 South Carolma 76 Southern Conference Tournament 83 UT-Chatianooga 73 72 Appalachian 68 69 Marshall 53 NCAA Eastern Regional! 62 Indiana 63 i ■ Womens Tennis March 1-4 Lady Sommoie 13 Clemson 14 South Carolina 15 UNC 17-18 Vanderbilt. MUW 21 Converse 22 Ohio State 28 Clemson 29 Tennessee April 1 Duke 3 Davidson 6 South Carolina 7 College of Charleston 8 East Carolina 10 Converse 11 Georgia 13 Tennessee 14 College of Charleston 15 Converse Tennis Day 17 Davrdson IB Georgia FU Women’s Swimming Opp. 29 South Carolina 101 95 Appalachian 36 54 Clomson 75 75 Coifoge of Charleston 46 49 Alabama 81 53 Brenau 70 76 Georgia Southern 44 45 South Ftor-dn 76 I I Indoor Track January 13 C.Y.O. January 14 U N.C. January 28 M.T.S U. February 4 U.N.C February 11 N.G. Slate Invitational February 23-24 Southom Conforenco March 10-11 NCAA indoor Championships Outdoor Track March 16 The Gladel March 18 News-Piedmont Relays March 24-25 Florida Relays March 29 Clomson April 8 State CoOegrales Apnl 12 University of Georgia April 14-15 Dogwood Relays April 28-29 Southern Conforenco May 8 Towns Invitational May 19-20 Tom Black Classic May 26-27 National USTFF June t-3 NCAA FU Wrestling Opp. 6 Clemson •52 0 Georgia Tech 56 14 Catawba 33 3 South Carolina State 49 6 The Citadel 49 4 Appalachian Stato 49 0 The Gtodei 46 17 Davidson 28 Women’s Golf Fall Lady Tarheel Invitational 1st place Golden Hurricane invitational 8th place Lady Gator 14th place Spring March 17-19 Betsy Rawlos Invitational March 30-Aphl 1 Lady Paladin Apnl 10-12 RoWns Invitational April 28-30 Women's Southern intercollegiate Juno 14-17 AIAW Nationals Unrv ol F Rollins Cc Florida 7c Florida St Univ of Q Sw,irilimc Wilbam ar N.C. Stati UT-Chaw Umv ot V Urw. of A Mercer Wado Fo Ohio umv Carolina Univ. of M Duke Umv West Choj Harvaid II Harvard 1,1 Univ. of Tj Georgia Ti Univ. of T Western ( Clomson i UnN.olJ Presbyter Davidson The Citac vorsity h Carolina [College Appala FU Gymnastics Opp. 82.50 Georgia Coi‘-e{ 114 95 Tennessee Forfeit ] 92 05 Appalachian 118.95 94.35 Auburn 124.00 85.45 Wmthrop 52 55 97 65 Wilbam and Mar 99.95 Duke 110.60 96.25 MUW 120 75 Auburn 129 40 Alabama 121.60 8610 Jacksonville St 122 05 use 123.90 [ 110 70 East Carolina 102.75 FU Mon’s Swimming Opp. 66 S.C. Slate 51 50 Davidson 63 39 Appalachian 73 50 Georgia Southom 62 25 South Florida 76 62 Tampa 49 42 Wilbam and Mary 69 51 VMI 62 46 VCU 66 II Women’s Bosket FU Opp FU 69 Presbyterian 28 49 64 UNC-Asheville 77 64 54 Convorso 44 41 52 Davidson 67 62 63 Augusta 93 65 54 Brevard 72 49 66 Newberry 59 76 79 Georgia Tech 77 64 College mb»a Greenville rg Mothodist rtanborg hrop rs Hill D wdson Opp. 68 76 78 83 70 85 102 62  -6s O wii 6 z°0 0 A. CrS r If you had a chance to do it over again, would you come to Furman? Richard J. Ackermann. SoTtW Chemistry Steven Adam . Honea Par EBA Howard O. Addis. Easiey Ration Allan Cart AskeB. Orlando. Fla Gooiogy Alan Alrnand, JecksoovAe. Fla EBA Tad Andara. ABarta. Ga Psychology Sandra C. Anderson. Camdon EBA ! Account, Michael W. Armlsiaad. Atlanta. Ga. History Shari Lea A mitaga. Maneda. Ga Church fckiwc Jana 8. Ashcraft. Charlotte. N. C Spoool Edocaoon Shelly Barclay. Drflon Music Phil Barker. Vincennes. ind EBA Patricia Barnes. Charleston Psychology Edward Ford Baskin, Dacatu. Ga Chomstry Jennie Ruth Batson. Spartantxirg Music Educakon Rohan David Bahr, HoUy HB Porscai Soane Rohan S. Beifocd. GroenviSo Retgon C. Parry 8ang»ton. Wnchostec Canter. Ct MPE 194Sieve Bennett. Roeweu. Oa Oenrwtry Joey Berk owl tr. Groom-•« EBA Jamee F. Bed. Wibnngtoo. Dei Poi-cai Sconce Jamee L. Bigler, ElkTiart. Ind Bovnoes Admnttra on Ketherlne M. Black. Cotumbus. Ga Elementary Educason Sharon Blair, Travelers Rost MjS(C Susan P. Blair, Fort Mil EBA Oan G. Blakely. Greonwic EBA Oavld R. Blakely. W.nchoster, Maas Pc beat Sconce Oavld Blalock. GroenvOfe EJomontary Education Edward A. Boehmke. Greenville HPE Joyce S. Bolt. Travelers Rest Elementary Education Yes. I would return to Furman but not totally for the school's academic standards. The society at Furman gave me the opportunity to know and understand individuals with totally different personalities and backgrounds. Gwen Sims Seniors 195George C. Boney. Pickens Physwa Cynthia Booth, BftSfeog R dgo. N J. Sociology Chris Borch, Charlotte. N.C Economic John Oavid Branch, ill. Rock HA HPE Jeanne Marie Brendas. Cokunbus, Ohio German and History Orzelta Brandytxirg. Orangoburg Music A. Lynne Brannen, Marietta. Ga Chonvstry Oavld Brittain, largo. Fin PoWcal Soenco Susan Brock. Greorrrrlo Engtsh Debra Brook. Macon. Ga Poktcal Soonce Ed Brooks. Wnston-SaJcm. N.C. Computer Soonco Math James Bryan. Groerrt-oe Ikstory Unda Buell. St Petersburg. Fla E8A JuBa RHey Burke, Bristol. Tn Moth Bonnie Burkett GreonvJlo Computor Soence Math Usa Ann 8-rnett Greerrnile HPE Debbie Burr. AalMvflle, N C. Math Wyndle Jean Burris, Andorson BioJogy Lethea Buttor, Donalds Art Joni Canupp, lako Gty Music Education Scon C. Caraway, RichfleW. Ct E8A Dirk Thomas Carlson, Union Springs. A) dogy Cathy Castaal, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla Art David Castleberry. Charleston Music Martha Jane Cates, Keowsvfle. N.C Biology Donna Cathay. Anderson Art Madeline Chandler. Travelers Rest English Mary Beth Chandler, GreorvAo Bemoocary Education John Chapman. Greenville 6BA Bobby Earl Church. Chattanooga. To EDA 196Catherine Clark. Chananooga Tn Engl 5 1 Jaff Clark. Atlanta. Ga ESA Marlon Clark. Chartaston Franeh John Ro. Cola. Onoron. Otx Biology Wayne Coley. QfMmMo HPE Janet R. Cone. Summorvllo MPE Faya Conits. GroanviCo ESA Mcl.nda Jana Conn. Nashv.nc Tn Economics Urban Studo David Corbitt. CokimOa Church Music Sharon L Cornelius. Myrlla Bosch Engfeh Wendell W. Cothran. GroonviSo Church Mus c Carol Faith Cox. Spartanburg ICP Brenda M. Crain. Graomnlio Engfcah Cindy Creech, Barnwell Special Education Draw R. Crowell. Tampa. Fla E8A Yes, for a number of reasons. I like several of the professors here, and Furman is a very good liberal arts institution. The campus is nice, the sports program is quite good considering the size of the school, and the 3-2-3 system is excellent. Tom Harkins Seniors 197Randolph Fan loo CuUan, 8a mor«. Md Pokocal Soonco Ruthyc Coralon, Groomnl Economc Michael A. 0 A da mo. G»rd n Cry BttCh Account ng Seth A. Oeniel. OarteHon MPE OehMe Damei. Travelers Rest Special EtAKAhon Annette Carolyn Davie. GreonWio French Melinda Davie. Florence Psychology Susan Ehrabeth Day. Greenwood History Paul Deane Jr.. Easley Ptrioecphy Marilyn Renae Dickerson. Decatur. Ga Pofecai Soence Carolyn Dodds. Chartesion ftoiogy Johnnie Sue Oodenholl. CcAanba Special Education Douglas Allan Dodson, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla EGA Elaine Don nan. Charlotte. N.C. Art Susan Doyle. Greennee Retgran 196 Seniors Yes, I would. I probably could have chosen a school with a more extensive and varied curriculum in my major, but generally speaking, I don’t feel as if I’ve missed much by not going to a larger school. The facilities are wonderful and the majority of professors are helpful and accessible. I’ve met some wonderful people here and I've had some great experiences, and I’m glad I came. I just wish they had built the Visual Arts building while I was here. Sheri TaylorMm Dun mm, Atlanta. 0a Psychology John Chart Edtngton. Ur90. Fla E8A Michael Hyatt Edward . GreonvAa History J. Mark Elliott. Kingsport. Tn Psychology Craig F. Ehrington. lake Vow Poetical Soeoco Philip Emanual. Lancaster ICP Elten H. Espy. Macon. Ga Elementary Education Carol Clann Ferguson. Ro6w v Ga HPE Jaft Fish. Dorav.8 . Ga ftdogy Carol Fitka. Taytor E8A Kathleen P. Flint. East Pont. Ga Bology Thomas A. Fohner, Sumter French Claudia Devon Ford, Chattanooga. Tn ESA Brtgg Foster. Tampa. Fla P cancel Scone o Tim FrayUck. Coaurrpia ICP Chariana Frazier. Gray Court HrMOry Robert Edward Oarran. Groom .) EBA Brian E. Goarka. fbvorton. N J Poatcat Sconce Eugene Golding, Greonvito Bology Karan Goodlett. Moore Chorrwtry Taryn Gordon. MurraOs Intel •Ait»C LaIIa Granakar. Edge old Engath Victor K. Gout, loutvdte. Ky EBA Pedro L. Guerrero. Ro Ptedras. Ptterto Rico Polecat Sconce I EBA Jo Anna Gutakunst. Gwynedd. Pa. History Franca Elizabeth Hate. Stone Mountam. Ga Roagton Mark C. Hall. B the«M. Md French PoSscal Sconce Joaeph R. Hamea. Unton Engash Edward Harold Hammett, GroanvAa Rakgton Phil Hammond. Frodanck. Md EBA 199Jett Kimmi, AAantt, Oa EBA Haiti Hanc . Unon Drama Thoma Harkln . VMnMcrvSMam. N.C. Potncai Soane Ann Hariay. CotumtM Educaton Marti a Ann Hart. Charteda. N C ArtHittory Oaborah Hatchad. War Skoals Educal.cn Kathryn Jana Hatfield. Ft Laudordal . Fta Biology Dabble HawUn . Signal Mourta-.n. Tn. Educaton J. Randal Hawtdn . Hanahan MuftC Carol H. Hay . Tnytora rt tory! Sooal Stud os Nancy Mart H )i. Boca Raton. Fla HPE Ke.th Walt r H llm r, Myrtl 8oach EBA Tom H nry, Momsvae. Pa EBA Chart t. Hayward. Greccrvrflo EBA John Hiidroth. tas Vegas. Nevada tastory Tom V. Hoang, GraonvtUa EBA Mickey Ru» ll Hodge . CoBogo Park. Ga Greek John U Holcomb . Columbia Biology Donald E. Hood. Jr.. Severn . Pa PoMcal Soane Jan t Hood. Groerrvii Move Educaton Catherine Homer, Charlotte. N.C. Music Chart! Milton Horton, Greervne Botogy Kathleen Hoy. Mourt Pleasant Urban SkXteo Paul W. Huttman, Anderson Chomittry Janet L Hunt. Traveler Rati EBAAccounting Jan Jennings. GreermH Sociology Elian C. Jonae. Greenvd HPE Robert Jonae. Taytora Kstory Pottcal Sconce Mona Jower . Fo y Beach Psychology Rebecca Kaanxlg, Graar Accounting 200Ward Raymond Kaenay. Andoracn Po bcal Soeoco Jamas W. Koeter, Ga nsv.f . Ga Hisiory Bath KaMy. Cocos. Fta. Poitcal Source Charts Edward Kannady. Groerva Account ng Nancy Sua Klrfc. Cream Early Childhood Educator! G. Marcus Knight, Columbia Kttory Marris Koaatar. CoiumOa ftoiogy Sharon L. Kruschwttz, Tampa. Fta Urban SlixJM DaObta Kysar, Greemdle Gorman Oantall Stoka Landara, R.vcrdaio. Ga PoMcai Sconce Martin LaPrada, Jacteonv a . Fta Accountng Martha Larson, Knoxv.ae. Tn B-oioffy Charlotte Lasaitar, Chattanooga, Tn ICP Mary Katharlna Lawranca. Lookout Mountain. Tn Biology Bam LaCraw, Mania. Ga Physical Therapy I left sunny, flat Florida to come to rainy, mountainous Furman four years ago. After three years of complaining about the work the Southern Baptists, and the rain. I arrived at the absurd conclusion that I had grown to like this place. I can only attribute this transformation to the people I have met here. Ed Becht Seniors 201Susan LM. Atlanta. Ga otooy Art Leighton. Nethercombe. Ct E8A Margaret K. Leslie. CofcurrOa Speoal Educator Donald C. Lewi a. Jacfcscnwte, FU. Urban Sftides Edward Lombard. Ml Rest ftotogy Margaret London, Blacksburg ICP Caroline Long. S-mpsonvOo Sociology Carter H. Lynch. Jacksonville. Fla. Rok on Mark D. MacCoy. W »armbwg. Va. E8A Roma Maddox. Duncan Elementary Educated Mary Cornelia Mallard. Roswdi. Ga Accouotng Paul Rice Marshall. Bolton EBA Susan Mason. Chattanooga. Tn Computer Sconce t Business Mark Massey. Rock Hit B-oiogy Brian K. McGroevy. Charleston Urban Studios S History Kathryn Delores MclnvaiMe. Oisrioston Music Educat-on Keren Beverly McKown. Grow Mono Education Ooborah McLendon. Carrollton. Ga. Music Education Carl W. McNair. Jr„ Cdumbo Potbcai Soooco David 8. Meara, Florence ICP dames A. Merritt. Charleston H-story Anne M. Miller, Charlotte. N.C. EBA Tollle L. Mitchell. Charlotte. N.C EBA Weyne Bradley M.lchum. Manchoetor, Ga Poiecal Science John Mobley. Gaston . N.C Re gon Catherine Anne Modhng. East Pont. Ga English Jeannle Baltimore Mon son, Travelers Boot HPE Hazel P. Montolth. Mortnsv to, Vs Computer Soonce Ma i Jane Moore. GsmeeviAo. Ga. Computer Soonce Math Sheryl A. Moore. Mount Pleasant PoSbcai SoonceTarrl Morgan, tianahan Htfwy Janat A. Mosaly. Atlanta. Ga Mo C Rick Moitelicf. Chatjworth. Ga H s!ory Judy B. Nabors. GroaowHo EBA Cacily J. Nalma. Scmmoio. Fta EBA 8atay Nelson, Framdon. MicNgan ICP Adetyn Nichols, M« ory. N C. Elementary ErAicaton Thomas H. Notroll. Stmpscmv'ilo RliBgion David A. Nunnery. GtOOflv- 0 PoMioal Soonco EBA Suzanne E. O'Donnell. Greonv.fio Elementary Edoeason Catherine Ozmint. Dunwoody. Ga Educaton Betty Lenora Parker. SommotviSo Fronch Thomas Johnston Patrick Jr.. Wtvte Oak BWogy Nancy J. Patterson. Athens, Ga Elementary Education Leslie Anne Payne. Charlotte. N.C. French Margaret A. Payne. Ft Myers, Fla Po tica! Soer.ce Phil Payno. Ft Myors. Fla ICP Carolyn Peck. Pound. Oh«o Economics Robert A. Pendergrest. Asnnta. Ga Music Howard F. Perry Jr., North ICP Some of the rules and regulations at Furman are a bit strict for the average college student, but everyone knows that when they sign up to attend. My father and brother are alumni and this definitely influenced my decision to come here: however, what I really do like about Furman is its small size and strength in the academic disciplines. I have had an opportunity to do many things and would probably come back again if given the chance. 203 Neill Hance3‘•PtOuX URonald 0. Srmlh. Efthart. xJ Potecai So nco Staph an Smith. Greenvile Muse Tom mi • White Smith. Mon Rokgkn Thomaa R Snader, Barnostcmn. Md. Business Adrrwwtrat on H. leRoy Snaad. Camp Spnoga. Md. » W Chaltaa M. Snclgrove. iW5v « Philosophy Englon Deb;a C. Sommervlie, Joeksooniie. Fla PoktcsP Soenco Vicky SofQim. Lake Worth. Flo E8A Melania Anna Southard. Savannah. Ga Pf»k»cphy William G. Southern. III. Wnsloo-Salom. N C. EBA Robert Michael Steele. Spartanburg History Thomas A. Staphanaon. Chartotto. N.C. Chomistry Sabrina Stevenson. Greer Mus c EdxaSon Danny Stewart, Raloitfi. N.C. Psychology Ernest Charles Stines. Canton. N.C. HPE Carol S. Styles, Hickory. N.C ReGrjon Rob Suggs. Atlanta. Ga ICP Rebecca Alison Swan. Marietta. Ga. French Sally Taylor, Cnatiocesv.le. Va Art History Sheri Toytor. Tuckor. Ga. Art Tart Teat. Central Mjstc Ruth J. Thlodke. Johns island Poftecal So coco Wanda Thomas. Groerrv.fo HPE Sharon Marta Till, Saluda Elementary Education 206Martha Tinsley. Groenwood MirtJC Chip Tollaion. Cokjmbgi Cheromry Patricia Anita Toot . Lugori HPE Kathy Lynn Trout. Chesneo Psychology Sandra L. Truitt. K« cry. N C. Muuc Educate Stephen S. Turner. Rock H ( Urban Studes Wendy Tuttle. Main.. Fla Speoal Education Marie Vaughn. Greemnie Bemontary Educaton Kathy Elliott Wall. Korshaw Move Educaton Maria Latanya Walker, McCcrmck Chomcslry Jan Warwick. Greenville Bemeniary Educaton Jan Weatherly. H i Pool. N.C. Speoal Educaton (Kane Katherine Wedgeworth. Bote Glade. Fia HPE Patricia M. Whelan. Travelers Rest Speoal Educaton David Franklin While. HI. Pendleton Rekgion Dee Dee While. Travolere Resl HPE Jennller Lee White. Waro Shoal HPE Jetlrey Howard Wleler. Gfoorr.vie EBA Sharon Kay Wlgley, Tiger. ie Soodogy Bryan Crawford Wiltiam . Tayfors History Lei Wiliams. Greeovillo Psychology Politcal Soenee Chet A. Williamaon. Conway B.dogy Michael P. Williamson. A con PWoscphy Russell H. Wise. Groonv-te EBA Kenneth WrtghL Lyman PsychologyDo you think the liberal arts education you are receiving at Furman will adequately prepare you for your career? (0 L 0 c □ "D Jim Aterander. Seneca John Allorei. TaAahassee. Floods Amy Allen, Groonwlo Rhonda Allan. Cayco Alan Stacay Altman. Georgetown Tina Anackar, Greenv.le Katherine Ann Anderegg. Subvene bland Kyle Anderson, Spartanburg Mary Anne Anderaon. LeGrange. Ga Mary Lynn Atbury, Attanta. Ga Roger Aston. Efcerton. Ga Geoft Atkins, Greer Helen 8aden, Miami Shoros. Fla Marsha Lynn Baglay. Spartanburg Dianne Baker. New Zion Darla Bandy. Greenvike Anna Barbrey. Greem-ie Stewart B Barf.eid. Macon. Ga Usa Baroody. Florence Rick Baumgarner. West Union Kim Beamer. Atlanta. Ga David O. Belcher, Barnwell Christopher Barnes Bennett Valparaiso Tom 8ertrand, MtnUe. N.C. 2088l v« Biadenoy. Gttbnvda Marsh ll Blalock. Chortoitort R. W. Blumc. Jr.. Stt r Mary 8o»woll, Bothcsda. Md Staph an Botkina. Ft Loudordolo. Fla. Becky Bower , Columbia Michele Bowser. JaduonwM. Fla Jamas W. Boyd. AfliMa, Ga Jim Bozard, Jacfcsonv;io. Fla Bo Bradhan. Conway Brad Bradley, Union Ella Bradley, Piedmont J. C. Bradshaw, Lind . N C. John T. Brady, Landrum Leslie E. Branch. Docatw. Ga John 8rannan, Tampa. Flo Sherrie Bridge . Atlanta. Ga Jane Britton, Memng Karen Brown. G-'Oor Lynn Brown, Spartanburg I think Furman has prepared me adequately for my career because I came to Furman with no idea of what I might like to do with my future life. The liberal arts education at Furman has allowed me to be subjected to many subjects and areas of study that I would have normally never encountered and therefore it has definitely broadened my perspective as to possible careers. I am now an Economics - Business Administration major and I am quite satisfied with the education I am receiving at Furman University. Dave Pate Juniors 209Mary Brown. East Pom. Ga William M. Butler. Atlanta. Ga. Kan CantweB. Clermont, Fta H. J. Carr, Onton. N C. AUira Carvalho. R do Jnnoro. Brasil Pamela Catoa. IQngstreo Edio Cbombless, Hamilion. Ga Deborah Chamblec. GraartvAo Clayton Ch.Sder . Avondale Estates. Ga Elaina CMm, Piodmont Pamela Cirtot. Demand. Fla Gary Clonti. Chattanooga. Tn. Chariot A. Cobb. Spfmfele. N C. For atl Compton. Charleston Sua Ellen Cooper, East Point. Ga. Rebecca Corbitt. Cdumfra Philip Crabb. Romo. Italy Barbie Crompton. Miami, Fla. James E. Custor. Boca Raton. Fla Tom Oabbt. Sumtor Jattory A. Davit. ToyXxs Laurie OelHnfltf. Martortt. Ga Patrick H. Donnlt. Jr.. Charlc-.ton Mark Devon. A anta. Ga Cathy Dllworlh. Conccvd. Tn Carlyle Driver. Mart. Fla Lucy Dulaney, Atlanta, Ga Dawn DuVaM. Eason. Ga. Myra Kaye Eaton. Florenco Jeannia Edwards, Oovwater. Fla. Chari Egger, East Pont. Ga Tracy Lynn Eggleston. Rock H Stacy Elkanbarry. Gatnorsburg. Mo Matt Elliott. Choster David Russell Ellis. Columbia Jute E. Emanuel. Lancaster Ricky Dale Evans. Groemvood Las a Farrar, St. Petersburg, Fla. Leo Fowler, Virginia Beach. Vn Sharon Fox, Atlanta. Ga Kipp Frohllch, Troawr bland. Fla Richard Fulmer, GreenvAe 210 JuniorsNancy Gibbon . Tampa. Fla Brooks Gibson. GioenvKo Jacque Gilbreath. Traveler Rett John Groan. Rca4ng. Pa Lolgh Groan. Morvoo. Ga Lou Groan. Morvoo. Ga Jan E. Grotach, Columbia. Md Douglas Grtftith. Westport. Cl Lynn Gnmsloy, CoiumtM Cindy Groto. Margate. Fla Barry D. Hall. Wole Pork. Fla Barbi Hamilton. Co umba Mike Hammonds. Nobo. N C. Mary B. Hold. HartSvBo David Hordor. Florrsngton. N J Both Hick . MddMown, N J Michael Hilliard. Sumter Tom Hoforor. Flortwm Park. N J I feel that when I graduate from Furman in Accounting I will be adequately prepared but this is not due to all the general education courses I took. So many of the courses taken to fulfill the GER will have nothing to do with my career, and the time spent on these courses could have been better spent in more business courses. Between GERs and courses needed to graduate in accounting there was no chance for more business classes which would have better prepared me for my career. Terri Plair Juniors 211Shlrfay Homan. Ptanttfton. Fla Su« Houck. Lock Havon. p« Clay Hudson, Nownon. G Tarry Kay Huh man. DaovrSa. Ky. Mrtchall 0. Hunlar. loncostsr Jack Hurd. Wy .w Richard Ingram, Jeflsrson John JopHng. lav© Oty David M. Jonaa, Poughkaaps-o. N Y Oaorgaanna Maadan Jonaa. Groanvda Mark Kalaar, Tampa. Fla Laura Kandrtck, Rock Creak. Cl Kevin M. King. La Plata. Md Kindy KlrVand. Warn. Fla Laurel KnucUet, PtnanHa. Ky. John Landrum. Tryon. N C Jamaa A. Laniar, Wjm, Fla. Bob LaRua. Barrington, M Barbara Laaaitar. Cary. N.C. Cynthia Lawrenca. Spartanburg Shari Laonard. QtMfiv Angie Lathco. North Augusta. Ga Ann Lewis. New Orleans. La Usa Uebtag. Jacksonville. Fla I don’t think my education here at Furman does any more than give me a well-rounded background. It has a good basic program, but in my majors: History Political Science — there are not many specified programs which one can participate in. I don't think anyone comes here to be specifically trained for any certain career; they come here to get the basics so they can go on to a more specialized line of study or have enough background so they can go into several areas of work. Eydie Runnels 212 JuniOfSHarriot E. Ung, Moot Cornor Tom Lott. Macon. Ga Lydia Lowe. Morrow, Ga Scott Mac . Bethesdo. M3 Mary Kathryn Marsden. ASansa. Ga. Blake ft. Marshall, Bermuda Jamas N. Martin. Pondetcn Tony Ray Martin, Anderson Richard Steadman Mauney, Forest City. NC Mary Meybank. Charleston Nancy McAlpin. Stone Ml.. Ga S. Angola McClendon, Greonvu'e Anthony Wilton McOada, Ur 00 Carta D. McOonald. Atlanta, Ga Daniel J. McOonald. III. Atlanta. Ga James McDonald. Atlanta. Ga Maurlsa McOonald. Honea Path Craig T. McKinney. Patatka. Fla. Becky McKittrlck, S'mpsonvtfe David S. McKown. Greer Vivian McLarty. Docatur. Ga Robert McLaughlin. Loudv.te. Ky Undo M. McRae. Charlotte. N C Bruce C. Meyer. ComwaswxvHodson. N Y Sharon E. Middleton. Charleston L. Dean Mitchali. Jacksom ie. Fla Deborah Moody. Atlanta. Ga Edlo Moore. Chattanooga. Tn Tom Moore. Wiroton-Salom. N.C Clerk Wilson Murtt. III. Spartanburg Oele Nash. SimpsonviBo Glenn Newberry. Cdombus. Ga. Karen Nolan, Decatur. Ga H. Dewey Norton. Afianta. Ga Su Min Oon. Malaysia Lota Park. Columbia Fran Parker, Honea Path Debbie Par eons. McConnefts David Pal . St Petersburg. Fla Lynn Poareon, Orangeburg Julio Peeples. Charleston Richard Pendleton. Lkson triors 213EUzebeth A. Pierce. ftchmord Terri Plait, mi. Pleasant Raymond C. Portar. Fa Lawn. N J. Cynthia Power. Uurene Pa mala L. Powar. Mauidn Laura Prevoet. Greenville Garp Prica. Potomac. MO 8ecky Purvis. Ur»on Barbara M Putnay. Charleston Paul A. Oulroa. Atlanta. Ga Kathy Raachlotto. GraamnSa Cindy Raah. Borin. Germany Haile Robinson. Atlanta. Ga Charles G. Rogare. Atlanta. Ga Louiaa Roger . Columbia Craig A. Ro» . N Babykn N Y Eydia F. Runnel . Hobbs. N M Robert Saieaby, Taylors David Schultz. Chester Jeffrey A. Shaner. Easton. Pa Dot Sharp, Now Whtdand. Ind. Nancy Schultz. North Myrtle Beach Ally son Sipple. Hollywood. Fla Joy SCce. Oak ROgo. Toon Carl L. Smith. Greer Carolyn Smith, Pensacola. Fla Karan Smith. Augusta. Ga Cathy Spence, Jacksonville. Fla Chuck Stowe. Gastona. N C Kevin A. Strawn, St Petersburg. Fla Bob Stroad. Greer Janet Swartz. GreenvAe Forrest Sweat. Valdosta. Ga Suean Tallay. Greer Debra Taylor. Greeov Ue Betty Terry. Greenville Llzanne Thomas, Ocala. Fla Toni Thompson. East Pont. Ga Lynn Thornhill. BockJoy. WV Lucy TiNatt. GroenviHo Sally Truss. Brmmgham. Ala. Sherri Turner. Greenville 214 JuniorsMark O. Van Atta. Warm Shore . Flo J. Ramon Varga . GanoB Park. Mo Ronald O. Vaughan. Groonvitie Grog Vaal. Augusta. Ga Bey Waikar, Anderson J.R. Walter . McLean. Va Richard K. Walters. Chapot Ha. N C Nancy Langston Ward. CoAvntM Russell War . Ortando. Fla Priscilla Water . Charleston Ctndy Watson. Sa VW Sarah B. Watson. ColurrtM Susan Marie Watt. Fa Church Carol Wedemeyer, Bafeoa. Canal Zone Dave Wernick. Ooorr.i t) Thomas Wessel. GreomnBe Jewell Whit . Travelers Rost Daniel William . Orangeburg Donald Lynn Williams. GreenvAe Sharon William . Decatur. Ga Victor Wolf. Lomberton. N.C David R. Woods. West Bamngton. R.l Carmen Young. Hong Kong Paula Zedick. D» on As a Junior church music major who is already working part time in the area. I know from first hand experience that my liberal arts education at Furman is preparing me well for my career in church music. Rick Baumgarner Juniors 215If I had the opportunity to change one thing at Furman, what would it be? (0 0 L 0 a o CD Sandra Aho. OrsngeOurg Ann Alford, Lake Walos. FI B.lly Allan. W.oslon-Safcm N C. Oanny Baldwin. Taylors Ardan Alward Ball. Charleston Christy 8art ar. BufIMo. N Y Lash a Barb ar. Gomsvfle. Fla. David Barkar. Vincennes. in Ooug Barnatl. CoMntaa Ann Bartlett. 8rocmaH, Pa Elks Batson. P kom Nancy Bauchle. Ma-Sand. FI Cathy Baylats. St Peiersburg. FI Page Beall. Columbia Clyde Baaugrand. Tampa. FI Bill Becker. Water Park. FI Tim Bendin. Savannah. Ga Cindy Barry. Novman, Ga Chuck Bindeweld. East FtshMl. N Y Mital Blnnlcker. Norway Cindy Black. Cohrmous. Ga Christy Boeroig. Qnonnab. Ohio Cheryl Branham. Florence Marsha 8ranham. GreonviEe Jule Breland. Cokxntva William H. Bridges. Ill, Florence Mary Jo Brockman. Greer Pamela Brown, larchmont. N Y Richard O. Budakch, Fori Lauderdale. FI. Wally BuUock, Graenvtilo Danny Caddell. Greerr.Je Kathla Cain. Toccoa. Ga 216Uta Ann Cain. Fort MtKtnD. Ky. Naomi Elian Cain. Coitsnock. N J. Phil CantfoO, Spart rbofQ Jam! Caray, Lotfsv o. Ky. David Carson, Groo rvi a Malania Cash. Jackscnvino. FI Slavan Cassans. Fori Piarca. R Ellon Cantor. Fort Pjo c«. FI Dock Cheatham. Comoron Stephen Cheney. Thomesvilio. 6a Allred O. Childers. Mianv, FI Nancy Clements. Ccvai Gables. Fl Karla Cline. RulbortordWn, N C Debbie Cochran. IXsRon. 6a Julo Cochran. 6oco Raion. FI Debra L. Coggins. Greenville Candy Combs. FrarAin. N.C Carol Comstock. AttaiMa. Ga Pam Conner, Tampa. FI. W. Peter Conroy. Ashev.to. N.C. Michele Cooper. Writer Pork. R Carolyn Copeland. Greer Anne Corley. Marietta, Ga Cindy Cothran. W amsicn Becky Cox. Atiama. Ga Sharon Crawley. Coium a Pam Creaseman. Greenwie David 8. Cropland. Concord. N.C. I would change the open dorm hours, or rather extend them. There is now a need not being met here at Furman for a comfortable common for girls and guys to mix as they get to know each other. Without comfortable lounges in the dorms for students to relax, watch T.V., listen to music, and simply goof-off, the dorm hours need to be extended to make the dorm rooms themselves a place for students of both sexes to feel at home and get to know each other. This would not crush the essential distinction between the sexes, nor would not infringe on anyone's rights, nor break any morality codes. This would simply relax the tension associated with the social system of any college this size, while helping us to make Furman more of the liberal arts community it is designed to be. Hugh Jones Sophomores 217Kathy Culp. G eenvi» Stewart C- Curator. Grearm Brian P. Darby. Hunangton. N Y. Nancy OartnaU. Chartotto. N C. Bath Davit. Vvprsa Beach. Ve Deniee OeFoor. Ladeon Katharine DaVanny. Piedmont Wendy Dickinson. Ananko Boech. Fta Woody Dtxon. Camden Angela Dodd. West Cdumb Natl Oopton, Stone Mountain. Ga Vicki Dover. Alootown. Pa Larka Dogger I, Pisgah Forost NC Uta Drttcoil. Brevard. N.C. Curtis Oubosa. Mon Debbie Durant Otanta Monte Dutton. Onion Nancy Eatlay. GreenviOa Rhonda Edge. Greenville Ashley Edwards. Row . Ga. Crystal Eldar. CresJwood. Ky Rick Eliodas. Cheater. Vs Carlos Ellis. Charleston Dave Elks. GreenvtBo Keith Ellis. Anderson Claudia E tcson, Augusta. Ga Ron Eskew, Groenwiie Charles Evans. East Pont. Ga Keith Farmer. Anderson Felicia Farrell. Bndgewater. N J. Unde Fieweilen. Fort Lauderdale. Fta Rob Flint Pulaski. Va Call Fowter. Columbia Victoria Foyi. Coral GaNes. Fla Marta Fralay. Spartanburg Helen French. Atlanta. Ga Barbara Friend. Roswell Ga I would like to change the Furman Meal system. Alternate plans would allow the student to choose the meal program most suited to him and cut down on wasted food. Ron Gilbert 218 SophomoresHugh Jonea. Greensboro. N C. John Mark Jooaa. four Inn Nancy Jonaa. Atlanta. Oa Robert Jonaa. WtvlesbOfO. N Y Kaya Joyner. Florence Sam Joynaf. Greensboro. N.C. John Kaama. Tucker. Ga H. Naill Keith. Ormond Boach. Fla Karan Graca Kali. AOanta. Ga Paga Kannady. Danen. Conn Robert F. Kay. Charleston Lowe Kinman. Macon. Ga. Harvay Kirkpatrick. Nashv.no. Tonn Richard M. Kllna Jr.. Charleston Kart Knowles, Greenville Vivian Lacy, Morrow. Ga. Bill Larsen. Dubkn. Ga Roberta Laughlln. Hampton Bill Laa. Charleston Marcia A. Lawit. MaOson. N J Mary Cathartno Lawia. W. .amsborg Va Cynthia Ung. Spartanburg Elizabeth Utzonberg. Mjm. Fla Rich Longo. Fort Bragg. N.C. Jama Frederick Lovett Jr.. Raleigh. N C Jon Lucas, Winter Haven, Fla Lynn Madrazo, MaokJn Stewart Maganhaimar, Mam. Fla Stave Marita. Fort M.n John L Martin Jr.. Groenvrie Bruce W. Mat on, Spartanburg Nancy Maunder, CrOrton, Md Kim McCahan. Now Brockton. Al. Patrick McCormick. Columbia Vena McCoy. Honea Path Carol Anna McCroroy, Chester Ann Oanlae McFarland. Richmond. Va Shawn R. McGee, tva w.c. McRvain. III. Prospect. Ky Darryl McLeod. Jacksonville Fla Kim McLeod. Orlando. Fla. Oavld C. Hears. Florence Lyda Merkel. Chapel FM. N.C. David Martina. Greem e C. Kevin Milter, Gtaenvila Jo Bath Millar. Evans. Ga Gig! Mills. Fort Mil Tom Milton, Aberdoen. Md David Mingee. CoLmtKa 220 SophomoresRobert 0. Mtson, Coral Gables. Fla Elizabeth MisskeHy, Rock Mill William Glenn Mitchell. Orlando. Fla Rebecca Monroe, North Augusta Scott M. Montgomery. Thomson. Ga Jan Moody. Summerville Karen Mooney. Atlanta. Ga I feel that there is a separation between the students and the administration at Furman. The apparent apathy of some students, and the disrespect for student opinions that some of the administrators seem to have could be the cause of this separation. Both groups should work to bridge this gap. Mane Beverly Tony Moor . Senoca Ronald Morgan, Oak Rdgo. Torvv Pam Moss. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla Clark Wilson Murll. Spartanburg Gary Ns mm. Stony Brook. N Y. Sara Nichols. Clermont. Fla. Sandra Nurnburg, Atlanta. Ga Michael O'Brton. Sponcerport. N Y Taylor Odom. GroenviBo Nancy Olto, BcOear. Fla Jim O'Neal. AJfharotta. Ga Margaret Osborne. Eden. N.C Hugh Pace. Arcade, S.C. Robyn Pace, teeftofe Burt Pardue, Aiken Jack Parker. Euvtis. Fta Thaddeus C. Porker, Tampa. Fla Patty Parrish. Stone MognUun. Ga Charlotte E. Parsons, Orlando, Fla Rosemary Perm, Troesmo Island. Fla Juke Perry. Rockmart. Ga Sybil Potora, COkirrfcui Carroll Poterson. Charlotte. N.C. Dana Phillips. Grar tov, (e Rob Phllp, COa Ann Plonk. Charfor.o. N.C Carol Powell. Pmohurat. SC Libby Power . SrnpaonvJlo Jay Prince. Taylors Gigi Prytea, Atlanta. Ga. Jan Puckett. Ro-sJerstown. Md 221Bonn Rebon. Cdomtxa Jo Rain . Wnm. Fla Jan n Rakes, MunttvJSc. A) Nancy RamsdeR, f «mr. Fla. Calhy Ray, Coral Gable . FM John Road. Manv, Fla Arthur Roeso. Grooov o Kathy Reid. Stono Mountain. Go R. Matthew Reveille, Towtion. Md Chari Von Reynold , mpjc(wl Debbie Rice. Oak FLdgo, Toon Chip Rimer, Chognn Fan . Ofw Terrf Ring, Ft Lauderdale. Fla, Rachel Ritrenhaler, Groenvdo Cam Rivers, Union $u»an Rivers. Union Michael Robert , onv«« Jon Roger . JaeksonvrJo. FU Elliott Rosseiet. Ashev . N.C. Martin Eric Royaard . Spartanburg Patti RusseO, Acanta. Ga Steven O. Salvatore, Setaukei. N V Mark Scarbrough. Chanoston Karen Schmitt. Spartanburg Emily Schneider, Kingsport. Tew Chrtstei Scholly, Atlanta, Ga Stacy Schuman. ML Pleasant Robert T. Session . Marietta. Ga Jennifer Sharpe, Cayco John 0. Shine, Paramus. N.J Gary M. Shipman, Now Canaan. Conn Dean H. Short, Eusbs. Fla Robin Simpson. Cctumba Patricia Singeitary, FaypttovJSo, Ga Bob N. Smiley, Walortown. N.Y. Danny Smith. Augusta. Ga Oavtd Smith. GrcotMilo Donna Smith, Chsstanoogo. Toon Carroll Spigner. Columbia Kurt 8tephany, Ft Lauderdale. Fla. Oale Stewart. GroonvMJo Jimmy Stewart, Greensnle K llh Storms. N IrySoHanbc. Fla Jane Stoutler, Crwrrat. Ohio David Strassner, Charlotte. N.C Donna F. Stroud. Greenv.W Cindy Stull. Plamaaon. Fla. Richard Jeffrey Stull. Piartatlcn. Fla Colette Sugg. Morganfteid. Ky. 222 SophomoresJanet M. Swann. Richmond. Vn Sam Tampleman, Lend . N.C Rob Tester, Joooibo'o. Term. Marshall Thomason, Sptndalo. N.C. Bill Thompson. Matthews. N.C. Scott Thornton. Kingsport, Term. Jill Tillman. Pittsburgh. Pa Stephen R. Todd. Marion Susan Troemner, Strathmore. N.J William Truitt, Devwood. Md Sarah Tumblln. Stone Mountain. Ga. Lynn Tumlin, Simpscnwte John Turner. Mflburo. N.J. Patsy Oeiores Turner, Spartanburg I would like to see people change their negative attitudes to more positive tolerant ones and appreciate Furman's uniqueness. Karen Spell Jody Tyree. Camden David C. Ullman, Pompano Beach, Fta Jamie Verrver, Lakeiand. Fla. Holly Villareal. Tampa, Fla Thomas L. Waltt, Timmonsv-: t Bruce Wanamaker. Springfield. Vo Anne Warwick, GroenvsMe Fran Warwick. Groenv.ie Carol Wayer. Saginaw. M ch Lori Weber. St Petersburg. Fla Deborah Sharon Weln. Groenvfle Philip David Weiner, loonardtown, Md David W. West. Louttv.«e. Ky, Debbie Whited. Dunwoody. Ga Beverty Wiggins. Charleston Allison WiHlsms, Wnston-Saiem. N.C Christy Williams, Mandarin, Fla Olanc Williams. Evans. Gn Kathy Williams. Taylors Richard Williams. B-rmmgham. Al Stephen Williams. Beaufort Daniel Williamson, Basking R-dge. N J Margaret Wilson, Camden Ken Wise. GroonviSa Sophomores 223Freshmen Has Furman lived up to your expectations? Amy Acree. Greensboro. N.C Hope Annette Atoms. Greeowlle Sherry Allen, lavoma. Go Evon Anders. Hendorsomnto. N.C. Nancy Anthony, MaukJn Lyda Ann Ardtey. Prospect. Kentucky Lew's Arrington, Gamesvde. Georg Lee Ashworth, Stone Mountain. Georpa Ellen Atkinson. Kingsport. Temessee Marty AvanL Decatur. Ga Christie Baird. East Point. G Anne Baker. Plantaton, Fla Martha Ballentine, Cobmbia Stuart Barber. SrfnpsonvJe John Barlow, Lmngton. Ky. Benjamin Lewis 8arnett. III. CharloaosvAo. Va Jane Bartsch, Asnov.ne. N.C Elizabeth BatcheMer. Mans. Fla Rosanna Batson. Sparianburg Elain Bayless. Sabring. Fla Mark James Beasley. Charleston Heights Heidi Beitner. Ashovtile. N C Andrew Franklin Blair. Ill, Columbia Cheryl Bland. Jehnstoo Peul Blanton. Ur on Angela Bond. Saksbury. N.C. James 8ostfck. Greonvto Andy Botts. Greer Cynthia Bowen. M arr» Shores. Fla. Toni Bowick. EatJoy Allred Vlrglnlus Bowman. Bockloy. W Va Miriam Davis Boyter. Greenvde 224C CHy Bradford, Kendorsorrnllo. NC La Brofand. CoJumbn Louie Bridges, m. Atlanta. 6a Paulette Britt. EJjoOothtown. N.C Jack Brown. Sumter Phyllis Brown. Cofumfea Lynn Burbank, CXinwoody. 6a Barrts Burgess, Atlanta. 6a Carla Burgess. Beke 6'ixJo, FU David Burke. Alexandria. Va Warren Kirby Burnell. Palm Beach Gardens, Fta Bruce McKean Bute. Mi l auiex. N J Phytlia A. Caldwell. Hartsv.se Wayne Cannon. GreervnCe Laura Cenupp, Anderson Morgon Ray Caraway, RiChtoW. Ct. June Carland, Hendersonvde. N.C. Oennla Car re bine. Chicago Heights, is Steve Carter. Charlotte. N C. Becky Caruso, Fytfe. Ala Caroline Casey, Fountain Inn Michelle Casio no. VWingboro, N.J Beth Cauthen, Mt Pleasant Murray 0. Chappie. Flomngton. N.J. Yes. The sincerity and sense of Fellowship of the people here did not stop after the first few days. Also. I was very surprised to find myself actually looking forward to my classes each day. Amy Acree Freshmen 225Mditta Choyno, Ajlaota. Ga Butch Clark. Fcurdaift mo Cathertrvo Clark. Rdtey Park. Pa Lynda Gayla Clark. Bartow, Fla Robin Cecilia Clayton. Dorchester Cindy Chile, Rock Hi« Pam Cochran. Decatur. Ga Mary Ann Color. Palmetto. Fla David Cole. Martmav ®. V« Stove Cone. Charlotfcn Stephanie Connor. Senoca Tom Cook. Atnert . Ga Jean Cooke. Johnsonvdto. Fla Roy Cooper. Raleigh. N C. Deborah Cowan. Greenv •'« Carole CowgiK, Berwyn. Pa Lynn Cox. Spartanburg Mary Coxlne. Myrtle 8oa h Mark Craftord. Ft. Smith. Vau Mary Craft. SimpSOrtnlO Rex Crewa. Greer Richard Cundrey, Augusta. Ga John Cureton. Fountin Inr Chariot Curtis, Denmark Sherry Cuilck, Gloncoo. ■ Karen Cutler. Spartanburg Karen Dahlom, lOoJWJo, Ky Donna Daniel, Hiram. Ga. Leslie Ann OanOn. New Orleans. Ul Paul Darby, PtU John Steven Davenport. Argentina Martena Davis. CharteMon Melinda Davis. Jadaorrniio. Fla Randall Davit, Lantana. Fla Timothy Davis. Dover. Fla Laquotta Dawson, GroonviSo David DoFoor, Ladson Kevin Dewitt. Loww.He, Ky As a freshman, I’ve been here long enough to get a fairly good idea what Furman is like. Furman has met my expectations and has exceeded them in some respects. An education at Furman has to be worked for, but of course, so does everything worth having. 226 Mike RooseveltJudy Kop pang. Fort Lauderdaie. Fla Laura Kuhn. Tucket. Ga Clay KuhnafL Sussex. N J. Pat La mb rt. Columbia F. Curt) Landry, Punt Gordon. Fla. Scon Lana. Charleston Chrla Lauchnor. Bucks. England Yes. because the academics are very good, and I’m learning something. Also, the Christian atmosphere here is very strong and that is an important thing to me. Contrary to the Helmsman the social life is good! Deborah Cowan Frank Laa. Orlando. Fla Michalla LeForce. Charleston Leigh Lastar. Birmingham. Ala Andraw Kaith Lathco. North Augusta Pel Light. Atlanta. Ga Carol Undtay. Bahcn Gary Lindquastar. Summarvt«a Rick Lipscomb. Gtoonsboro. NC Usa Lloyd. Ponca Met. Fla. Kaith Lockhart. Poughkecpa . N Y Becky Longlno. Sarasota. Fla Patricia Loon, Was! iMp. N Y. Edith Lovagran, Now Ortaans. La John Lovagran. Now Ortaans. La. Usa MacOonald. Fort Laudardala. Fla Timothy Malonay. Hocfcaaam. Oat Edwins Manning. Lauren Bart Marin, Durham. N.C. Butch Marlin. Ajhavila. N C Malania Mason. Cartorsvilie. Ga Chary! Maetro. Bumsv 'o. N J Faith McCollum. Taylors Laura McCravy. Greenwood Rob McDonald. Lookout MourCem. Tsnn Path McGowan. Roebuck Catherine McGregor. Columbia Judrth Mclnnia. Cotumba Mark Mclnnis. R ds»«o Elisabeth McKay. NorVi Augusta Kay McKatula. Columbia Timmie McKnight. Myrtle Beach 229William Hunt Reynold . Wyomissing, Pa David Rice. Greenwood Barby Richard . Fort La odor dale. Fta Terl Richardson. GreemiOe Linda Ring, Itcfcory. N C Nancy River . Sarasota. Ft Eric Robert . Groew.ui donna Robert . Groenvoe Lynne Robinson, Greer Mike Roosevelt, Groom m David Roper. Son ca Connie Ro» . Gtoomde G. Gregory Rot , Cckimbui Barbie Rowan. Jacksonville. Fla I think Furman has fulfilled and even surpassed my expectations. It has a very complete and challenging academic program, and provides a variety of other activities. I think that many of these activities require the student to take the initiative, but are well worth the effort. Furman has certainly met my expectations and I look forward to a complete and rewarding education here. Peter Stangel Martha Royal Charlotto. N C. Mark Rysche, WAnmgton. Del Carol Rutherford. Newtcn. Pa Kon Satterfield, West Cokimba Doug Schaaf. Wtvppany. N J Craig Schoen. Maitland. Fla Lita Scholtr. Pepper P M . Ohio Held Schuster. West Cofumba Mark Shacklette. Anderson Kathleen Sheehan. Bnedo. N J Mitchell Shulman, Mans, Fla Shirley Simmons. Ocala. Fla Robert J. Simonson, Hootywood, Fla James A. Skufca. Jr.. Fort Laudordalo. Fla Kate Slaughter, Lakeland. Fia Bradley Smith. Augusta. Ga Karla Smith. Homewood. Flo Russell C. Smith. W.nd . Ga Beth Snowden. Jacksonvdo. Fla Robort J. Snyder. Jr., Mount Pleasant Geoff Southard. Charleston Freshmen 231Janice Sparecino. AOartia. Ga Paul C. SpMer, Greenwood Eric Jay Spitler. Dunwoody. Ga Sumo C. Steinbeck. AOanta. Ga Sri all Suiting . Tampa. Fto Polar W. Stengel. Rocfcport. Mane Jriobe Steadman. Florence Ball Steffen. Souti Glam FaB . N Y Haldl Slav ana on, Haleah. Fla. Susan Stewart, Oe ter. Va. Allison SDna. Orlando. Fla Osvtd Stoner. Greenville Ed Strickland. AbbevJe Gayle Stringer. Oun woody, Ga Sriigeml Suanaga. Hokoriama. Japan Oalo Sutton. Wolford Stephen A. Sweatman. SommervAe Ann Swenson, North Palm Beach. Fla Floyd Swilier, Summertcn JUI Tagudin, Titritwfle. Fla Don Tallay, Greer Jorin M. Tart. Criarioda. N.C. Joseph W. Tart. Cheriooe. N.C Martina Taylor. O orwater. Fte Nancy Allan Taylor. CherioOosvrlle. Va. Cathy Teague, Greorwie Jana Lynn Teague. Stmp»cnvi e Sam E. Teague. 111. Tallahassee. Fla Jennt Triian, Bndgewaler, N J. Joy Thompaon. G nesv oe. Ga Michael Timmerman. AAen Carol Tladala. Mount Pleasant Don Todd. Orlando. Fla. Marlaa Tomlin . Oerkston. Ga Alison Topp. Aiken Malinda Traweefc, Hanahan Jule Anna Trick. Miami. Fla. Shawndaa Trlnlda. Jacksonville. Fla Glnny Truitt. Derwood. Md Jama T. Trunk. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Crystal Tub be. TaOahauee. Fla Frederick Tucker. (Xmoan 232 FreshmenDonna Susan Tumor. Hanghan Venlta Yvette Tyua. Spartanburg Ben Underwood. Mount Pleasant Chris Upshaw, Greerwtile Donald N. Upton, Jr.. Ccfentoa Jake Van Wyk. Chapel Hd. N.C. Susan Waites. Cokjmtxa Angela Walker. McCormck Kim Wallace. Mount Pleasant Lark Warrick. Locwv.Ho. Ky. Tom Watkins. Florence Bob Watson. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. Sue Wabln, Spartanburg 8rod Wein. Plantation. Fla David Welts. Gtoenvtlto Scott Wennerholm, A".intn, Ga William Oerhardt Weyer. Jacksonville. Fla Jim Wheeler. Fort Laudordale. Fla Diane White. Cleveland. Term. Keith 8. White. Westmn.ster Allen Wlant, Shaker Heights. Otso Scott Reynolds Wllcher, Char lotto. N.C. Michael Wilkerson. Lancaster Nancy Willetts, Ramsey. N.J. Natalie Witsoo. Toledo. Ohio Michael Joseph Wind, Teytors Janet Wlngard. CoumtM Keith 8radley Wise. Taylors Noncy BUdbeth WlsneweU, North Augusa Bruce Woods, Greenwich, N Y Julie Woods. Tempo. Fla George Woodward. GreerrvUio Jody C. Wright. Chester Paula YocuDo. Ur»on. N J Ken Yarbrough, Alexandno. Va Sharon Yost. ChamWoe. Ga. Freshmen 233England Kim Anderson. EDA Robert Hancock, History Stephanie McLain. Ait Hmcry Mark Stone, PTsloiophy Anna Thode. I CP Came Watch, I CP Patty Bucy. Junor Leurta Cooty. Junior Nancy Cottingham. Xmor Marlin Foster, Junor Ann Green. Junor Mike Guest. Junor Sally McArthur. Junor George Murphy, Sophomore Paula Norton. Junor Jude Pulliam. Junor Kathy Sharp. Junior Tim Sloan, Junior Cindy Tyler. Junor Julia Williamson. Junor Peggy Wilson. Junor Susan Wolte, Junor France Artie Anderson, Psychology Jeryt Kendal, French Tim Fitzgerald. Sophomore Beth Hyde. Junor Cethlyn MartscotU, Junor Ellen Peters. Junior 234 Students AbroadAustria Jams Clanton, Junor Alice Flynt, Junior Janice Hinoa. Jumor Laurie Moseley. Junior Oallas Reeves. Junior Hal Southern. Jonor Japan Spain Karen Kent. Spanish Nancy Nagele. EBA Carter Wooten. EBA Edgar Forio III. Sophomore Jocklo Reid. Junor Pam Sharp. Junor Jim Smith. Sophomore Students Abroad 235MARTIN RDYAARQ5 DUMBO SHRIMP NOU? On Valentine's Day SENDM5niLE Order a CARNATION to be dowered - £ »»% »■»»•» rri " rw Compliments of ALMAND CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BUILDERS OF QUALITY HOMES IN THE JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA AREA FOR MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 19?8 238 AdvertisementsTHE POSSUMS The Possums are: Susan Pressly, Beth Daniel, Janet Cone, Ellen Jones, Darlene Pipkin, Karen Nolen, Sherry Moore, Susan Blair, Christyn Scott, Carrie Lord, Abby Kennedy, Sally Pielou, Laurie Johnson, Debbie "Ada" Durrant, Laurie "Nellie" Styer. 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Contact the Personnel Office of the Stevens plant most convenient for you We d like to get to know you a whole lot better. J. P Stevens Co., Inc. An Equal Opportunity Employer Advertising 241Alan Almand Richard Barr Lou Imbrogno Lynne Brannon Brad Tornwall Tom Harkins Drew Crowell Charlie Price Jim Berl John Kehoe Jane Moore Debbie Durant Johnny Patrick Mary Brown Tom Snader Pam Pinkston Steve Whitescarver Dirk Carlson Marc Denais Dave Pate Steve Dover Ken Ries Eddie Brooks Dawn Duvall Don Hood Jill Tillman Frank Elvington Tom Henry Bill Southern Jim Keeter Jane Stouffer Gary Namm Susan Mason Suzanne O’Donnell Debbie Erikson 242 Advertisements•r 21 Ways to Cure the Munchies 2901 Poinsett Hwy. — University Sq. 246-3765 — Open Til Midnight Every Night Someday you’re going to need abank! Wd like to be the one SOUTHERN RANK Advertisements 243BANK OF TRAVELERS REST Travelers Rest, South Carolina YOUR COMMUNITY BANK Member F.D.I.C. 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S. C. 248 AdvertisingCompliments of DAVIS ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTORS, INC. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS — INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL 429 North Main Street Greenville, S. C. Creating Jobs and Careers throughout the Country Other banks just aren't First B First National Bank Advertising 249tyife FIDELITY! FEDERAL SWINGS AND LOW ASSOC IATION HOME OFFICE: East Washington Street. Greenville (242-6920) Branches: Stone Avenue. Pleasantburg. Wade Hampton Berea. Greer. Mauldin. White Horse Road If it’s Borden, it’s got to be good. 711 West Washington Street Greenville, S. C. Phone 232-5291 Involvement If you like things mechanical, like to tinker with motors, and test your ingenuity and creativity by making or repairing things, you may have the makings of a good engineer. Sirrine is a firm of consulting engineers . . . men and women who have the capability and the training to design and make things happen. One of Sirrine’s biggest jobs is helping industry to better control water and air pollution. 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Sherry L 95. 98. 224 Alan, WUkam T. 87.216 Afsopp. James E Almond. Alan B. 106. 140. 194 Aleman. Alan S 95. 101. 121. 208 Anackor, Tna M 86. 206 Andoregg, Kahcrno A 95. 136. 208 Anders. Thelma E 95. 99. 137. 224 Anders. Theodor D 108. 111. 194 Anderson. Artior E , III Anderson. Henry K 90.208 Anderson. Kirrberty E 140 Anderson. Mary A . Ill 208 Anderson. Peggy K. Anderson. Sandra Oevis 194 Anhony. Nancy E 224 Arudut. Richard A . Jr A drey. Lyefca A 224 Armtstead. Mchaei W 82.83. 130. 194 Armrtagc. Shen L. 86. 97. 194 A mKrong, Frederick P . IV Armstrong. Rod 100 Arneae, Carte E Arnold. Rodney A Amngton. Aloe G Amngton. Lams R . Jr. 67. 224 AsOury. Mary L 86. 87. 129. 206 Ashcrafl. Jan Bracken 138. 194 Ashley, Joe 99 Ash worn. Robert L 224 Aspy. Grace Ruth Asson. Roger A 122.208 Alton . Geoffrey M 208 Alton . WAam R Atkinson. Ellen J 09. 139. 224 Avar . Manrra E 224 Ayer . Alia K 88 B Baden. Helen F. 86. 208 Begley. Marsha Lynn 208 Begwel. Wayne M Bard. Chris? L 224 Baker. Anne 224 Baker. My J Baker. (Xanne D 208 Baker. J rt y L Baker. John K Baker. Kimberly E. Baker. Patnoa L Baker. Steven F 121 Baker. Thomas D Baker. Arthur W . Jr. Baddmn. Dan el Frank 216 Beldam. Darlene Mann Bekhan. Edward K 139 Bales. Jeffrey M Bail. Arden A 216 Student Index BaJlenune. Martha W 224 Ballou. Pad C Bandy, da Alana 87. 208 Bar . John £.. Jr Barber. Cnsfy R 216 Barber. Los « A 99. 218 Barber. WAam S. 224 Barbrey. Anna C 129. 208 Barclay. SheBey M 129.194 BartekJ. Slewart B 111.208 Barker. David F 216 Barker. PhAp D 130 Barlow. John D 224 Barnes. Patnoa D 90.130. 134. 194 Barnes. Wallace Korn 128 Barnett. Benjamn L.. Ill 224 Barnett. John 0. 216 Baroody. L.-sa S 137. 208 Barr, Richard R. Bartlett. Arm M. 216 Barton. Donald J Bartsch. Jane E 224 Baskin, Edward F 194 Batch . Ekrabevi S 95, 99. 224 Bates. Las we L 86. 137 8atson. Jennie R 194.224 Batson. Lloyd E . Jr 96. 216 Batten. Sarah R Bauch'e. Nancy J . 216 Baumgarner. Richard 0. 87.208. 215 Ba ess. Catheme j 218 Baytew. F. Elgm. Ill 224 Beach. Edward A Bean. L ia P 86. 96.99.216 8earner. Kimberty B 95. 96. 137. 206 Baasloy. Mark J 85 Baogrand, Clyde J 95. 137. 216 Becht. Edward W 204 Becke . W«am G. 216 Beggs. Jeffrey Z. Benr. Robert D. 194 Minor. H I 224 Belcher. Oewd O 86. 87. 208 Bertowor. Akse S 86 Befford. Rober S. 194 Be , Brian K Bendn, Timothy H 216 Bengsion. Chamton P. 194 Bemeti. Christopher B 136. 208 Bennett. Steven R 97. 99. 130. 136. 195 Barton. Wendy G Berger. Leigh S. Berkowitr. Joseph L. 195 Ben. James F. 140. 195 Berman. Pb p M Berry, Cynth J E 96. 216 Berry. Gertrude J Bertrand. Thomas A 208 Bessac. Joy F Bethel. Lndsay A 99. 136 Beverly. C Mane 221 Bwtecfe. Thaddeu A Bwrwirei. J S 86 B-gtor. James L '22 195 Bndewaid. Chertes E 128.216 Snooker. Mabry L 100. 130 Bmrvcker. Mbi C 216 Bwhop. Steven w Stack. Cymru S. 138. 216 Bteck. Kahenn M 106. 139. 195 Black. Vvgvva L Backs ton. Ronald Steven BUckwetder. tngnd J 140 Biadeney. Steve 209 Blair. Andrew F.. Bl 224 Buk. Laun A Biev. Sharer E 195 Ble . Susan P 195 Blakely. Dan G . Jr. 195 Blakely. Daisd R 101. 122. 195 Bcakeney. Steven E 137 Blalock. David L 194 Biaioefc. Robert M 97. 209 Bland. Cheryl E 224 BUnkenship. Arthur E Blanlon. Paul D 224 Band. Ruh A 129 easan. Joseph A Blood. Laurence A. Jr 122 Blum . Roy W 86. 209 Bobbin. Davd H. Boehmke Edward Alan 194 Boe'Sig, CMMne A 216 Boggs. Robert S. Boland. Use M Boies. Paul Edgar Bolt. JoyoeS 194 Bcban. Pam M Bond. Angela L. 87. 139.224 Bcney. George C . Jr 141.196 8ockmen. Horace, Jr. Booth. Cynthia E 196 Bocch. Gordon K Borch, Christopher R 97. 140. 196 Howard. Thomas H 122 Bostck. James M 224 Boswea. Mery L 209 Boswofl, Thomas C BoOon. Robert S . Jr. 122 Sons. Heyne A 224 Bourgeois. John R Bowden. John B Bowen. Cynthia K 224 Bowers. Mark T. Bowers. Mary R 129 Bowers, Victor s Bowick. Tort M 224 Bowman. Ahrod V 224 Bowser. Michele M Boyd. James W 128 Boyd. W Charles. Jr 86. 92. 102. 128 Boylan. WVkam P. 95. 122 Boyter. Mnam D 86. 224 Borerd. James 0 . Jr 99 Bradford. Ceoly L 137.225 8ra«9iam, Bo 209 8radiam. Francis L Bradey. Brad 209 Bradey. James E 128 Bradey. James W. Jr 128 Bradey. Marcel A 97. 103 Bradley. W. l W 86. 102 Bradshaw. John C 209 Brady. John T 209 Braid. Susan M Branch. John D . Ill 196 Branch. Lest E 99. 138. 139. 209 Brand . Jeanne M 100. 101.196 Brandyturg. Elsie Orze a 196 Branham. Cheryl A 86.129. 216 Brarham. Marsha 216 Brarwan. John 8 209 Bra men. Alfred L. ■ 136. 196 Braschler. David W Breland. Juka L. 218. 225 8reland. Lee B Brewer. KeOy A Bridges. Loud E 95. 225 Bridges. Roswiha F Bodges Sheme L- 88. 209 Bndges. Wiliam M . HI 218 Bndwe . Carole S aon 140 Brinkman. Charles J Bnfl. Card P 225 Brittan. David R 82. 97. 130. 196 Bolton. Jane P 94. 209 Brock. Derma S 196 Brock. Robert D Brockinton. Langdon C. Brockman. Mary J. 86. 216 Brook. Oebra J 137. 140. 196 Brocks. Mokssa R Brook . R hard £ 196 Broomftetd. Rchard Brown. Darnel Barnes Brown. Debra 139 Brown. Jack N 225 Brown, Karen A 86. 209 Brown. Lynn M 87. 209 Brown. Mary K 97. 138. 139. 210 Brown. Pamela J. 216 Brown. Phy sL 138.225 Brown. Richard C Brown, Richard L Brown. Robn K. 99 Brown. Rodney M Bruce Oma 8 Bruce. Sa»y F Brooe. Susan 100 Bryan. James A 196 Bryant, Davd A Buchansn. WAam C. Buoy. Pamela A Buda»ch. R hard G. 216 Boddn, Norman P . Ill Buekor. Mary J Bus . Linda S 137. 141. 196 Buford. Russo W 94 Bullock. James W.. Ill 94 Buncng. Joshua 113 Buntng. Marybeh 98 Burbank. Lynn 225 8i ch. Cord L. 87 Burgess. Carta J 225 Burgess. Hden B 98. 225 Burke. David M 225 Burke. Juka R 86. 129. 96 Burkett. Bonr»e L 86. 196 8urneci. Lna A 196 Burned. Warren K 95. 99. 225 Burr. Deborah L. 196 Burras. Wynde J. 196 Burry. Brenton G 96 Burton. Barbara E 138. 139 Buie. Bruce M 225 Buder. Lethea 0 102. 137. 196 Buber. Russe R Butler. WAam A. in BuOer. WAam M 210 Burner. David G Buzby. Andrew K c Cabrera. Patnoa A Cadddt, Tiius 0 94. 216 Cede. Stacy Kenard. Jr Cafley. Marne S 137 Cam. Kafienno M 99. 216 Cam. Loa A 138.217 Cam. Naomi E 217 Caldwe . Pbyto A 225 Camp. Debra 8 138 Campbe . JchnS Cempdo. Arthony 112 Campeen. Cyrtha E 97.140 Cannon. Anhony W 225 Cartre . David Ray Centre . Ph p D 217 Cantwell. Ksnneh S 210 Canupp. Laura M 139.225 Canupp. Use J 139. 196 Caraway. Morgan R 225 Caraway. Seed C 196 Carey. Jem T 217 Cartand. June A 225 Cartoe. Helen S Cartson, OrkT. 196 Carmack. Frank F.. Jr. Carman. Dwta M Carpenter. Walter C Carr. Henry Jamas. Ill 210 Carrabme. Denna M 225 Carson. Carl E. la Carton. David H 217 Carter. Stevenson M Caruso. Rebecca L 225 254Carvamo. Atara A S 99. 210 Ca y. Edna C. 22$ Cash, Krrberty A Cash, Mdanw A 96. 90. 137. 217 Caskey. Roy E . Jr Cassano. Michele h 137.225 Cassern. Steven 0 217 Casteel. CaWeen L 137. 196 CasSebeny. Davrt H 86.07. 196 Cates. Marina J 196 Carey Donna G 196 Caioo. Pamela 210 Cauften. Bar A 225 Cent . Ekrabeth E 95.217 Cervera. James J. ChamWee. Deborah 210 ChamWess. Edth M 210 Chamiee. Deborah 8 Chanow. Madeline C. Chander. Marybeth 196 Chander. Thomas N 86. 87 Chapman, John E 196 Chappie. Murray 0 95. 225 Cheaiham. Deck C 217 Cheney. Siephen M 122, 217 Cheyne. Melissa A 226 OuSdors. AMroO G 86, 96. 99. 128. 217 Childers. Chafes F.. Jr Odd . Robed C 210 Oiidress. Michad Gary Odes. Carol Eia-oe 102. HI Chdes. Joyce M Chnsope. Karen J, 97 Christopher. McAdams. Ill Chodhch. Robert w 121 Church. Bobby E 102. 196 Church. James I. 86 Onot, Pamela Anne 210 Clanton. James H Clark. Catherine Clark. Canerne T. 197 Clark. Marry B 226 Clark, jedrey B 92. 197 Clark. Lynda G 86. 226 Clark. Manon 139. 197 Oarkson. Kevm E, 92 Dayton Rcton C 226 Oeary. John P Cleary. Mark M Clements. Nancy D 217 Cine. Karta M 86. 217 Oonts. Gary M 94. 210 Cluie. C-ndy J 226 Ctybcrne. Stephen F. Cobb. Charles A 210 Cochran. Debra M 217 Cochran, Guy S 121 Cochran. Juke A 217 Cochran. Pamela J. 136. 228 Coter. Mary A 226 Cogg« . Debra L. 96. 217 Cede. David P 226 Cde. John R 136. 197 Coley. Richard W 197 CoAne. Korn Robert Combs. Candace 86, 129. 217 Compton, Forres! W 210 Comstock. Carol F. 217 Cone. Janet R 139. 197 Cone . Stephen H 95.226 Coongrf. Carole A 139. 226 Coots. Faye Mary 197 Com, Metetda J. 197 Comer. Pamela S 138.217 Connor. Stephan L 110. 139. 226 Corvad. WAimM 121 Conroy . VWomP 101.217 Converse. RandaS E Cook. Thomas C . HI 86. 226 Cook. Waller 8 . Jr. Cooke. Emma J 102. 226 Cooley. launeL. Cooper. Mcheie A 96.217 Cooper. Over M . ill Cooper. Roy A 226 Cocper. Sue Ellen 87 Copeland. Cardyn S 86.217 Cortktl David M 86. 197 Cortrtl. Rebecca L. 87. 210 Core. George V. 121 Coney. Maryame S 96.217 Cornekus. Sharon L 197 Cornth. Timothy J Comwte John Maddow. Jr Cory. Jay A Cod'ran. Cynma L 86.217 Coeiran, Melissa J 97 Codtran. Wendev W 87. 196 Coongham. Nancy Coulter, Legh A 106 Cowan, Deborah R 86. 226. 229 Cav . Carole A 139.226 Cox. Anno Cox. Brenda M Cox. Carol Farth-97. 139. 196 Cox. James R Cox. Lynn 95. 226 Cox. Manan E Cox. Rebecca 8 217 Cox Ronald M Coine. Mary 8 106. 226 Cntbb Ph.ipS. 210 Oabtreo. Cynthia A Crafford. Mark 8 226 Crag. Johnny 8 Cran, Bronda M 196 Cram. Bruce L Crame. Mdooe A Crandai. Richard S. Cranford. B-U 121 Crantford. Leonard B Crapps. Pfr p A Crawley. Sharon E. 217 Creasmon, Pamela G 87.217 Creech. Cynm L 86. 90. 138. 139. 196 Crenshaw. Phiip w 99 Crews. Rex B 226 Cnbb, Mary L Crompton. Barbara M 210 Crosland. Dawd B 121.217 Crowe. Barry D Crowed, Andrew R 196 Crowe . David C CuHon. Randolph F 196 Culp. Mary K 218 Cuono, Christopher D Cundey. Richard D 226 Cunnngham. Carolyn Gamble 136 Cunningham. David E 95. 102 Cunnngham. Terry L 136 Curoton. John V 102. 226 Cureion. Ruth ye E 102. 198 Cureton. Stewart C 102,218 Curr . Frank J . Jr . 99 Curry. James D. Curry. Kevm S 94 Curvy Ahnn C Jr 99. 226 Curbs. D na L 99 Cusrck. Sharon L 226 Cosier, James E 210 Culler. Karen L 141. 226 D Dabbs. Thomas W 96. 210 Dadamo. Mchaet A 96. 130. 134. 198 Dahlem. Karen M 226 Dan . , Marc O Dane! Alfred L Darvd. Debb T Darnel. Donna M 226 Danel. Ek abe t A 103. 130. 196 Dansn, Leake A 226 Darby. BnanP 121.218 Darby. Paul S 226 Darr. Thomas G Darroah. Greg 96 Damai. Nancy A 139. 140. 218 Daum. Jore J. Oavenport. John 141. 226 Davenport. Seen O Davidson. Joel E Davidson. Martha L 99. 138. 139 Daws. Amer.e C. 196 Davts. Beverly J Daws. Darnel W Davis. Ehzabeh A Dave. Et abem J 141 Daw . Isaac E . in Oav«s. Japjjetne O 102 Oavo. Jeffery A 99. 136. 210 Daws. Martena H 102. 226 Davis. Meknda K Daws. Meknda M Daws. Randall G 226 Davis. Timothy C. 226 Dawson. Rosa L 86. 226 Day. Susan E 110.198 De Bondi, Manan no Deano. Paul Duane. Jr. 198 Deavor. Dorothy S Oeioor. Claire E 86. mi Oetoor. Demse C 86.218 Dea. Pamela J, Deisnger, Leune G 97. 210 Delong, Bonne J 103 Demonoo. Paul A Dooms. Patrick H 96. 136. 210 Devenny. Kaderne S. 87. 95. 218 Devon. Mark W 128. 210 Dewitt, Kevin L. 226 O Puma. Douglas A Dckens. E Oawd 121 Dickerson. Amd a K Dickerson. Marilyn Renao 102. '96 Defense . Wyodei G 218 Oifhoy. Mcnad B Diworth. Cathenn A 106. 140. 210 Dmar co. Thomas E 227 Dixon. James W . II 218 Oxon. Mark M Oixon. Timolhy D 95. 227 Oobbersten. Scott R Dodd. Angela C 218 Dodd. Mary 100 Dodds. Carolyn R 136. 138. 198 DodenhoH. Jchnn S. 138. 198 Dodson. DougOs Alan 198 Domngue . Joe Lws 141 Dorman. Elamo A 99. 137. 139. 198 Donovan. Thomas W . Jr Dopson Mary N 97. 138. 218 Dorn. Julia M 227 Doscher. Cafionne L 99 Dover. Estelle V. 82. 96. 218 Dover. Steepen J 97 Dowd. Artiur K.. Ill Doyle, Susan R 139. 196 Dredger. David J Dnggers. Lark 137. 218 Driscoh. Lisa 218 Dover. Cartyie 210 Dromgoole. Edward L Du Bose. Leighton C 90. 131. 134 Du Bose. Corns W 87. 218 Du Bose. Ronme A 102 Ojcketl. Janet 94 Dud Poggy D 137 Duggan. Charles A . Ill I2i Oulanoy. Lucy F 137. 138.210 Duncan. Bobby T Duncan, Gregory S 227 Duncan W am L Dunham. Rcha'd P. Oum, Robm V 227 Dumam. Mna 110. 199 Oupuy. Meassa A 86 (Xirant. Deborah A 218. 227 CXirant. Donna L Durden. Tern L Dution. Hudson M 94. 101. 218 Duty. Vernon A 97 Duvall. Oawn 95. 210 E Earle. Wiikam C Easley. Nancy M 218 Eason. Myra K 138.210 Ebener. Sam E Edenkdd. Hubert E 227 Edge. Rhonda J 87. 129. 218 Edngion. John C. 82. 128. 199 Edwards. Anthony J 95. 102 Edwards. Ashley D 110.218 Edwards. CaVumne D 227 Edwards. Chartos M 227 Edwards. Corwyn R 137 Edwards. Jeanne i. 210 Edwards. Kary L Edeards. Manetsa E 141 Edwards, Mchad Myall 199 Egger. Chen L 95.210 Eggloston. Tracy L 139. 210 Egtto. R« 227 Eikonbery. Stacy A 137.210 EVJol. GaryS Elder . Crystal R 136.218 Ehades, John F. 218 E ling ten. Dan O Eton. Evetynn H Etoll. Ftoyd M 82. 137 Eton. Jamos M 199.210 EU . Carlos L 102. 128. 218 Elts. Danny K 128. 218 Elks. David R 121.210 Efcs. Oevtd Scon 99 Elks. John S Ehington. Craig F 199 Ety. John W Emanuel. Ju e E 210 Emanuel. PhAp G 111.199 Enckson. Deborah J 227 Encson. Claud C 218 Eskew. Ronald Earl 218 Espy. Elen h 138. 199 Estes. Charles O. Eubanks. Jama N 227 Eubanks. Roy L . Jr. 137 Evans. Charles A 96. 218 Evans. Jeffrey A Evans. John W Evans. R«kyO 128.210 Evereo. Vman D 146. 138 Ewef. James D 103. 140 F Fanchor. Jeanne Farmer. David F Farmer. Robert K 218 Farrar. Card S 227 Farrar. LesieG 95.210 Farre . F oa 218 Feasd. Judh D 129 Ferguson. Carol G 199 F-onup. Lam L File. David M 96 Finney, Nancy E 129 Fischem. Frank F sh Jeffrey E 99. 137. 199 Fisher. Thomas A 95. 136. 227 Fisk . Carol A 82. 83. 137. 199 F.UgerakJ. Cheryl K. 99. 227 F.ugerakl. Stobhan E 227 FittgerakJ. Ttmoffty P 87. 122 Fienvng. Robn Lynn Fiewdten. Loda N 136, 218 Fknt, Kahloon P 136. 138. 199 Flnt. Robert Howard 9p87. 96. 210 Flood. Nadne L 227 Flowers. Jay 122 Flowers. Randal K 227 Floyd. DawdB 122 Floyd. Dan C 99. 227 Ftoyd. Kevm H Flynt. Abe Ann 06 Fog o. Mratm L 129 Fohner. Thomas A 199 Folds. Mary R Ford. Clauda D. 111. 137, 140. 199 Ford. Gregory B 86. 87 Ford. WrfiamG 121 255Fono. Edgar X. IB 141 Fort. George W Fotter, Bngdon K 94. 121. 199 Foster. John 8each 227 Foiler, John 0 FoUer. Marlm W, Fowler. Bmce A Fort . Gai C 218 Fowler. Lee V 21.210 For. John E. fee, Sharon Mary 210 Fojworth, Elixabeth L FoyL Victoria L 139. 141.218 Fraley. Mare Franc's 94. 98. 218 Fraley. Ren W Ff«n«. Warren W. Jr. Frayfck. Timoffiy D. 108. 137. 199 Frejcet. Oar lone 199 Freeman. Brent L Freeman, Wlftam C Freeman. WiBam N 122.218 Freeman. WAam T. Frsrtag, Dome A 227 France Helen McGowan 218 Frey. Robert M Fneno. Barbara E 218 Fn ». EkMbeth S Frohkch. Rchard K. 210 Fuchs. Su ome M Fudge. Chary A 95 Fudge. Timothy O 88. 227 Fuler. Dwight D 227 Fuler. Enca A 227 Fuler. Merck) J . Jr. Fulmar. R h rd P. 210 Fuches. R hard G. Furgeson, Carol 103 Fuson, James R 227 G Gaixeis. Cyntno G 219 Gaby. Mart. L. 95. Ill, 138 Gaddy. Ekrabeti A Gaft nay. Cool Brian 9 . 122. 219 Gagncn. George L. Jr. 227 Gather. Mcnaei B Gambrel. Maroa Susan 94. 219 Gambrea. Russal l 102 Garheid. Mchael W Garlorth. Jeanne W Ganmgton. Mchael E Garren. Robert E 137. 199 Garres. Gwendolyn K 140 Garrett. John E Garnngton. Patnaa L 227 Gar risen. Mart. S 227 Gaiter. JeMory E 140 Gavm. Simon R Gay. Roderick C Gentry. Darnet B 86 Geurm, Gayaone M 86. 227 Gayar. Karen L 95. 227 Gibers. Nancy W Gbson. C Brooks Gbson. David 8 211. 227 Giben. Ronald S 122. 218. 219 G«. Arfw 8 136 Gbas( e. Joseph E 99 Grtroa . Jaeguolyn A 140.211 Gnen. Roberta C 227 Gladden. Glenda R 219 Gadden. Jean C 219 Glass. Henry R . Ill 121 Gleason. Dane! F Geim. Kathy M 129 Glam. Mchael A 102 Glenn. Robert F Godmn. Dav«3 A 227 Goerke. 8nanE 101. 199 Gofcr i.EncF 219 Coking. Eugene M Jr 86. 199 GootSefl. Karan L. 101, 102. 131 136. 199 Gooden. Roberta Y 219 Goodman. AAus B 102 Gordon. Taryn E 86. 129. 199 Gourtey. Kevin A 219 Gower, S» i T 219 Grace. Wansr E . Ill Gat. W.'ii.tm P 227 Granger. Mark A Ganger. Charles F Gravely. Cyntva Lee 227 Gay. Gary 128 Gay. Lyvome C 227 Geen. Charles A 121 Green,Joan L 211 Gean. jonnS 137,211 Gean. June L. 211 G'eene. Dale M 219 Geene Debbie Greene, James L. Geer. Am B. 137 Gromko. David C 92, 219 Gcnberry. Stacy 99 Geneker. Lana L 199 Getsch. Jane E 136.211 Gnffn, Barbara L 96. 219 Grrffn. Ekxaboti I Grttn. George W 219 GnfVi. Janet L Grlftti. Wayne D 211 GnlWfis. Judy E 137 Gnmm. 8ruc Ned G ms ley. Ektabe i L 86. 129. 211 Gogan. Nancy 94 Grogan, Paul W 227 Groh. Nora F Gross. Cynffiva L 211 Goss.WAamO 227 Gout. Victor K 199 Guerrero. David P 141 Guerrero. Pedro I 141. 199 Guest. Michael E. 140 Gutefcunst. Jo A 140.199 Gwim. Victor I. Gwock. Edde J H Haas. Catwyn E 90.131. 134. 140 Hegenbach. Mark W Kale, Nancy G 219 Hare. Jack W . . Hale. Frances E 199 Hal. Barry D 86, 87. 99.211 Hall. MarkC. 111. 199 Haller. Louise A 98. 219 Hallman. Oend M Haflock. John S Hamas. Joseph R 131.138. 199 Mamc. Jeffrey C 139.219 Hamnon. BarbaraL21l H ami ton. David L HanWton. Thomas E Hammett. Edward H. 199 Hammond. Lnda A 227 Hammond. Ptvkp W 122. 199 Hammonds. Thomas M 211 Hamnck. Drud M 87. 96. 219 Hamnck. James L Hanauer. Jeffrey L 121.200 nance. Nell M 122.200.203 Hancock, Jukana Hancock. W am R. 106. 111.134. 140 Hand. Cory A 219 Han in. George H. 227 Han In. Robert B 96 Hannah. Nancy E 227 Hanson. Matrew S 227 Hardn, Charles R . Jr 96 Hardn. Ekxabeti A 101 Hare. Gegory W 86. 227 Hare. Phitp A. 86 Hortons. Thomas F , Jr 196.200 Harsjess. CaMn 102 Hartey. Marjorie A 200 Haring. W4.am R 219 Harlow. Stanley T 219 Harness. Richard W. Harp. Metnda M 219 Mama. Edward D. Jr Hamng. Donald M Herns. Dan J Harrs. Donald E Han. Jonaran B 99.227 Han. Maroa Am 200 Hama. Sarah A 129 Hamn. Rebecca I H ask el. Loretta I 86.87. 227 Hasson. James C 121.219 Hassetes. Arena 94 HataU. Tarrv L 227 Haiche . Oeborah A. 200 Hatched. Martha J 227 Ha held KaTryn J. Havens. Bruce A 228 Hawkins. Oeborah Ann 200 Hawkins. Janet L 141 Hawkm . John R 200 Hayes. Bruce Stewart Hayes. Card H 140. 200 Hayes. Timothy G 101.121.219 Haygood. Mchael L. 101 Haynes. Glam 0. 102.219 Haynes. James W. Hear. Mchael 0 136 Hearermgton. Am L. 219 Heevey. John W Memo. Rodney W. He . Nancy M 97. 200 Held. Mary 8 138.211 MeBer. LAane R Hebmer. Ker W 200 Henderson. Barbara E 228 Henderson. Dend M Henderson. Oeborah L Henderson. R hard D. 219 Henderson. Robm L Hendncks. Alen S 96. 219 Hennmgaon. Karen 0. 219 Henry. Thomas F 200 Horard. Bruce R 99. 137. 219 Herder, wd H 66. 211 Herring. George P 228 Hosseftme. Brian S Hessen. Andy 120.219 Hester. Emily A. 86 Hetfe. George A Heusei. He » L 219 Heyward. Charles L 97.200 HeyworT. Vmce 99 ticks. Ekzabett D 211 Kcfcs. Sandra L 228 Hggnbotiam. Ricky 0 Kghiower. Cynthia D. Mklreri. John B 200 HA. James D 228 HA. John S . Jr. 120.219 HA.Rana D 228 H4hard. Nam Oav ) Hikard. Mtchafi R 211 Knes. Jarnce L 86 M 4L Oavd W 99. 228 Hoang. Vu 200 Hodges. Joseph L. 133.219 Hodges. Margaret H. 228 Hodges. Mcfcey R 97. 200 Hderer. Thomas A 97.120. 138.211 Hoffman. P Lawrence 103 Hdtmeyer. Gayle E 108. 138. 219 Holcomb. John M Ho eorrbe. John L. 138. 200 HoHaday. Carol M 228 Holland. Wets D 228 Holland. Wiliam L„ Jr. Hotey. Davy) B 87. 228 Holley. Edward J 228 Holiday. Darnel K 219 Hobday. Linda Susan 86 Hotmgsworih, Martha 8 228 Hdta. James E . Jr. Hot. Joseph E Hood. Donald E 95. 99. 101. 200 Hood. Janet E 86. 129. 200 Hcpkmson. Barbara A 219 Herman. Janet L 228 Herman. Snney J ill. 137. 212 Homer. Cafttnno A. 88. 200 Horry. Makxkn H 136 Horton. Chart M 101.200 Hotchkiss. Ro«m B. 112 Houck. Sue K 212 Hough. Jchn F 228 Houghton. Richard H 120 Houiman. Margaret M 228 Houser. Brenda J. 228 Houston. Betty LuCAe Howard. Betty A 228 Howard. Clyde T.. Ill Howard. Euabeti J. 94. 136. 228 Howe. Barbara L Howe. Eugene H. Jr. 228 Howe . Debra K 219 Mowet. James S . Ml 87.228 Howes. Robert Paul Howoy. David S Howtand. Ketee M 228 Hoy. Mary K 108. 200 Hubbard. Saty A 219 Hudson. Frances C. 212 Hudson. Robert L. Jr. 96 Huffman. Paul W. 82. 94. 95. 200 Huffman. Teresa D. 86. 87. 228 Huffman. Terry K. 212 Huggms. Cyn ka E Huggms. Mary E Hughes. Debbe E. 219 Hughes. Pamela Dawn Hukne. David L 86. 219 Hummel. Kevm R 219 Himt. Cheryl S Hurt. Janet L 200 Hunt. Mchael K. Hunt. Toresa A. 86. 228 Hunter. JuVo P 96. 99 Hunter. Lawrence M . Jr. 219 Hunter. MKhet G 66.212 Munington. Ek abeth A Hurd. Frands J. 212 Hurley. Joseph B Hursoy. John C. 99. 137. 228 Hurst. Mchael W Mux. Wayne A 121 Hyatt. Oavd R 228 Hyde. Mary £ terard. Anthony M irrbrogno. Loud R 96.111 irrbus. Scon w Ingram. R hard H 212 ironsde. Andy 96. 219 Nay. Randal 0 J Jackson. Joel S . Jr. Jackson. Robert G . 122 Jackson. Thomas H Jackson. Victoria L 228 James. Gary R ill James. Leon G 228 Jameson. Cyrttua Lee 86 Jamrox. Steven T. Janfco, Jrnme R Janke, Steve 228 Jarman. Claude M Janet. Robn 87 Jaynes. Susan K 228 Jemng$, Mama J. 200 Jerret. Charles L Jesses. M Ekxabeti 219 Jeter. Jacquesne A 102. 228 Johns. Rachel L. 106. 228 Johnson. Bryan D. Johnson. Jean 6 Johnson. Kerry R 86. 87 Johnson. Laune J. 219 Johnson. Ptvttp A. 121 Johnson. Susan K 96,219 Johnson. Timoffiy A 228 Johnson. Wdam D Johnswn. Gwendolyn M 137 Johnston. Stdrt W 86. 228 Jomer. Juke A 86. 87. 219 Jonas. Andrew 0 Jones. Bonne Evans Jones. Carrot G Jcnos. C-ndy C 99 Jones. David J. Jones. David M 136.212 Jones. Deborrt L 110. 219 Jones. Douglas T. Jones. E enC 200 Jones. George Wesley Jones. Georgoarme M 94. 97. 139.2 Jones. Hugh N 122.217.220 Jones. Jchn M 86.220 Jones.John W Jones. Ker W 87 Jones. Metssa J. Jonas. Meredr K. 228 Jonas, Memem Rur Jones. Nancy L 92.220 Jones. Peter B 228 Jones. Ray G . I« Jones. Robert A Jones. Robert R Jones. Sccc E Jones. Tammy 87 Jop4n. John 0 95. 212 Jordan. Roxanne F. Jordan. Saffy M 228 Jordam, Tem Anne Jordan. Tommy W. 86 Jowers. Mona 200 Jowers. Inse R Joyner. Beth A 86 Joyner. Ek abeth K 96. 220.228 Joyner. Samuel 8. Jr. 220 Judd. Mekrvda A 228 Judge. Joseph 121 K Kaenx-g. Rebecca W 200 Kaiser. Mark A 137. 212 Kapetansky. Gem E. 141.228 Karas ota. Foarv 94 Kayser. Debb 139 Kearns, John G. 220 Keener. Manen M 228 Keeney. Ward R 96.201 Keeter. James W 201 Kchoe. John E Kem. Robert N 220 Keiehear. Dmght Z. Ke . Karen Gace 220 Ketett. Pan J. 136. 228 Katy. David R KeOy. Mary E 103.201 Kormck. WAam M Kemp. Karan S Kendal. Jeryl J Kandrvck. Laura A 139.212 Kennedy. Abby M. Kennedy, Charles E. Jr 95.201 Kennedy. Net F Kennedy. Page 220 Kent. Karen A. 141 Keeping. Thomas C. 99 Kerr. Bob 95. 97 Ketcfve. Bobbye A Key. Robert F 100. 122. 220 Kiam, Khafcd. N 103 Kincaid. Angela J. 228 K ng. Oayton W. 137 King, Kelly R King. Kevm M 212 King. Steven D. 228 King. Wifcam D. Kmmen, Edward L 220 Kuby. Susan C. 139. 141 Kirk. Andrew S 86. 228 256Kirk. Nancy S 95. 207 KrtW.JwM Kirkpatrick. Harvey T . Jr 96. 220 Kirkpatrick. J M 226 Kirkwood. Timothy J Kirtand. Krfidal L 95.212 Knor. James Noonan Kislel. Davd E Krthcart Marshal E 102 Win , aowd M 220 Koght. Art O. II Kr»ght. G Marcus 97. 99. 131. 201 Know! . Kan N 220 Knox. Ekzobefi W 86. 87. 228 Knock) , Laurol F. 212 Koch. Cher4yn 228 KoeMor. MenOti 97. 131. 134. 201 Kocpang. Joan Kcppang. Judy A 229 Kruschw.tx. Sharon I 100. 201 Ki n.UuraA 229 Kuhnort, Ctay 229 Kunz. Batty Jo Kyse . Oeborah L 99 L Lacy. Wary V. 86. 220 Laetich, Gregory F LaGarde. Robert Glenn 82. 131 L e. WWhamJ Lambert Palnca A 99. 229 Lammons. Thomas L Lancaster. Bruce E. Landery Dane S 201 Landes. Deborah Lynn Landrum. John G . Ill 86. 128. 212 Landry. Curts F. 229 Lane, Roden S 99. 229 Lanford. VMam M Lang. Kurt E Langford. Dons N Lunar, James A 111.214 Lar«us. PakKk H Laprade. Mann 220 Larson. MarYa A 134.138.204 Larue. John Roden 97.122.212 Laskowski. Mark M. 121 LassjJer. Barbara M 86. 212 Lass ter. Charlotte M 97.204 Lauchner. Christopher A 229 Laughin. Rodena J 86. 87. 220 Launtzen. Janet M Lavance. Thad Dean Lawtey, Usa K. Lawrence. Cynthe A 82. 95. 137.212 Lawrence. Mary K 134, 138. 204 Lawrence. Susan E Lax. Samuel P Layton. 8enjamtn W, League. Beverty R Lecraw. Eia.ne E 204 Lee. Dorceiy A Lee, Russel P. Lee. Susan F 138.202 Lee. TimoBiy R Lee. Wrf am F . Ill 229 Lee, W.fcamH .111 138 Letorce. Mchoite B 229 Leighton. George A 202 Leonard. Shen L 212 Leone. Joseph j. Last . Margaret K 138.202 Lester. Akce L. 229 Le»K». Andrew K 229 Levico. Angela 212 Leu. Cyntu O 96 Lewi . Gary W Lewis, Ann 92. 212 Lewis. Donald C 122. 138. 140. 202 Lewis, Maroa 220 Lews. Mary C 220 Liedtag. L«a J 82. 97. 2i2 Light. Pat 229 Lmdoy. Card R 229 LevKjuesier. Gary J. 96. 229 Unederger. Manon T 141 Urg, Cynthia A 220 Uig. Hemet E 87. 97. 213 Unk. David A Lpscomd. R hard J. 229 Lptey. Wade D usier. Orton M Litzeoderg. Ekzabeth W 138. 220 Livingston, John B Uewe yn. John P Lloyd. Johns R Lloyd. L«a C 229 Locke. Donam T. Lockhart, Ko.9i A 139. 229 Logan. Dan G Logan, Nancy C Lombard. Edward B 136. 138. 202 London, Margaret I 106.202 Long. Marjorie C 131. 140. 202 Longboeom. Loots E Long.no. Rebecca E 229 Longo. Richard C 220 Loon. Pamoa 138. 229 Looney. Elizabeth L Looper. Ann Stewart Lopez. John A Lord. Came E 95 Lord. Frodenc M Loti. Thomas L 213 Lott WAim J Lovogren, Edth S 86. 229 Lovegren, John K 86. 229 Lovett. James F. Jr. 220 Lovett. R k 122 Lowe. Lytka F. 213 Lucas. S mon R Ludwig. Penny V. Lutz. PfxfcpK Lyre. Oavd W Lynch. Carter M. 202 Lynch. Wi.im B Lynn. Bran W M MacCoy Mark D 121.202 MacOonaid. L«a 66. 229 Mace. Scon w 121.213 Mackay. Raymond E 97 Maddox. Catherine A 86 Maddox. Jesse C. 96.106 122 Maddox. Roma J. 139. 202 Madrazo. Lym 220 Magomamer. Stewart J. 136. 220 Maher. James E . Jr 121 MaUrd. Mary C. HI. 137.202 Maioy. Janet L Maonoy. Timothy B 139. 229 Mango. Lowen Mam, Tara J 86. 110. 139 Mamng. Margaret E 229 Mamng, Peter J Manscon. Cathtyn A Marks . Stephen X 128.220 Marsden. Mary K 213 Marshal. Paul R 90. 132, 137. 202 Marshall. Ralph B 213 Martin. Barton S. 136. 229 Martin. Butch 229 Martin. Harry N Martin. Jamos N. 128, 213 Martin. Thomas E 94 Mann. Tony R 213 Marsn. VYOam £ Marsni. Jchn L . 141.220 Martore. Susan M Mascara. Gregory Mason Bruce W. 220 Mason . MaryS 202 Mason. Melanie 229 Massey. Mark C. 202 Mastro. Cheryl L 229 Meforson. Herman A . 102.136 MaWiews. Ansel C . Jr 102 Mattiews. Tate H Mauldin. Russell B 86 Maunder. Nancy L 220 Mauney. Retard S. 86. 2t3 Maydank. Mary H 213 McApn. Nancy A 213 McArthur. Sara C McCahan. KimR 94.220 McCaia. Jane D McCauley. Kenneth M McChesney. James T lAcOenah. Denns K 94, 97. 100 McClendon. Sweiiyn A 102. 2«3 McCoOjm. Fait M 229 McCorary. Helen M McConnef WUUm R 96 McCorWc. James G . Jr McCcrmicfc. Ckfton H McCcmvck. Patrick J 86. 128. 220 McCoy. Frank V- 86. 92. 220 McCravy. Margaret L 95. 229 McCroe. Laura E 137 McCrorey, Carol A 220 McDade. Anthony W 213 McOermoti. Knsteo F. 86.139 McDcnad. Carta D 102 McOonaid. Dane! J. II 121. 213 McDonald. James R . Ill 102. 128. 213. 229 McOcnaid. Jchn R McOcnaU. Maunsa A 2i3 McOougaa. Stevon D McFarland. Am D. 86. 220 McGority. Nena L 87 McGee. Shawn Red 86. 96. 220 McGrft. Charles R McGednck. Mary 141 McGowan, Pam E 229 McGreevy, Brian K. 202 McGregor. Csrenne C. 86. 229 MdMn. Wiikam C.. Ill 121. 220 Mdrms. Judti L. 229 Me lews, Mark S 229 McIntyre. Luanne G Mdnvale. Karryn D, 97 129. 202 McKay, Donna E 229 McKenzie. Harriet K. 87. 229 McKinney. Crag T. 86. 213 McKinney. Rx y E McKifirck. Nancy R 137.213 McKm it. Deborah L 86 McKngpt. Tmme S 229 McKown. David S 66. 213 McKown. Karen Beverly 86. 202 Mctan. Stephan D 120. 137 McLaei. Thomas L 230 McCarty. Viv.an 98. 213 Mctaugnm. Roden M . 213 McLear. Cynra H 98 McLendon, Deborah A 86. 202 McLeod. Darryl L 220 McLeod. Kmderiy D 92. 111. 220 McNair. Cert W . Jr. 97. 131. 202 McNei. Katieme G 137 McRae. Lrfida M 86.97.213 McTyre. Jchn A 141 Means. Andrew W Mears. David 8 202. 220 Mears. and C. Megee. Anta R. 87. 140 Megno, Ronald A Merodth. April J 230 Merkel. Lyda M 220 Marine. Oavd A. Jr. 220 Memtt. James A 202 Metzler. Ronald R Meyer. Bruoe 213 Meal. L sa K. Mktfettn. David D 230 Mddeton. Snaron E 102.213 M4eo. Sean C uner. Anne M 86. 99. 202 M.n«r, Bartora J Miner. Cioyd Kevin 87. 220 MKer. Joanna E 129.220 Miter. Joshua S 230 Moer, Sandra K. 136. 230 Mler. Wcam B M»s. Bartora L k«s. Ggi 137.220 Mas. Thomas S Miner. Cnexa G Mrton. Tom 220 Mms. Jufca B, Meier. David 99 Mmge . David A 97.220 Mnges. David A 97. 220 Mnor. Rebecca L 230 Mson. Robort 0. 221 Misskedy. Elizabeth A 136.221 Msche . L Dean 122.213 Miche . Malcolm A 138 MlcheO. Mram U 137 MxheS. Tcfte 137. 202 Mschefl, Wiham G . Jr 90. 221 Mtchun. Wayne B 202 M«on. Kattv D 86 Mxson. Robert D 121 Medley. Jchn P. 202 Moca. Katienne V Motkng, Cathor.no A 202 Monroe. Deborah S 230 Monroe. Robecca G 136.221 Monroe. Theodore J Mcnson. Jeanne 8 202 Montanez. Nicholas. Jr Mcntoth. Hazel P. 137. 202 Montgomery. Soon M 221 Moody. Debbie 96. 213 Mcody. Janice R 96. 129. 221 Moody. Laws J. 86. 230 Moonoy. Karon Moore. Doma J 137.202 Moore. Edith L 96. 111. 141.213 Moore. Enc K Moore. Jonathan C Moore. Karen L Moore. Kanarme C Moore. Kewn D 121 Moore. Michael W Mocre. Sheryl Am 202 Moore. Tom 86. 128. 213 Moore. Tony L 111.221 Moorhead. Cyttffta L 86. 230 Morgan. Kevm E Morgan. Mchael K 102 Morgan. Ronald B. 221 Morgan. Tern L 203 Moms. Lone J Momsh. Thomas N 230 Morrison, Roden B Momson. Scott L Monge . Barry I 95 Moseley. Janet A 86.203 Moseley. Laura J. 87. 129 Moses. Frank E 102 Moses. Linda F Moss. Pamela L 129.221 Mosteter. Randy C 230 Mostotlor. Wikam R 132. 203 •Agnolo. W.ttam F 230 Mulholtand. John F . •Azkvs. Dawd 94 Joan Munson 110 •Arrdaugh. WJom 0 230 Murft. Clark W, IB 128. 213 221 Murphy. George L Murphy. Jane E Murray. Dawn D 230 Myers. John P Myers. Mark 0 My nek. Susan S N Naders. Judy Brockman 203 Nageie. Nancy J 140. 141 Namm. Gary M 221 Namey. Lynn E Nash. Gary Oaie 213 Nash. Lisa M 230 Nasranah. Victor N. Jr. 230 Noel. Marret L Neal. James 8 Nea). Pamela L Neely. Barry E. 87 Neely. Mary A 230 Neely. Rena Lynn 140 Neely. Roma 139 Ndms. Cocky J 97. 203 Nelson. Ekzabeth A Nelson. Phrtip L Newberry. Glenn C 98. 213 Newton. Ondy L N hOl. Lym E. Nicholas. Robert C Nichou. Adelyn A 97. t39. 203 Mono }. Sara L 221 Nicholson. Henry S 86. 230 Noble. Robert E Nolen. Karen c tC3. 213 Norfleet. Oanol F Norman, James F. 230 Nortoi. Thomas H 203 Noms. Mchaot A Norton. H. Dewey. Ill 213 Norton. Paua D Norton. Kathryn M 230 Nunnery. David Andrew. Jr. 94. 203 •kimperg. Sandra Lee 221 o Oakland. DavxJ M Obnen, M-chaoi Scott 221 Odom. Davd L 221 Odonne«. Suzanne E 139 203 0«». Nancy C 96. 221 Ohaltaron. Maureen A 138 O.0T, David A 230 Onoal. JmH„ 111221 Oney. Jay E. 134 Oon. Su Mn 136. 213 Otlon. Wendy R 230 Osbome. Margaret A 221 On, Debra S Owens. Ama K t to. 230 Owens. Doubtos C . Jr Owens. Michael S 136.230 Ownby. Akce K Ozrmrw. Catherine H 203 P Pace. Hugh David 128. 221 Pace. Robyn Akce 221 Pack. Donna L Padgett. Russell E 230 Page. GaNou Palermo. Andna E Palmer. Donald L PaztJuo. Burton 0 221 PanBo. Tern Par . Althea 0 230 Park. Fiona R 95. 230 Park. LOS M 213 Parker. BoryL 203 Parker. Claude J . Ill 221 Parker. MiuyF 213 Parker. Sue A 230 PA'kor. Tfuddous C. 221 Parser. JuOft E 67. 230 Parrish, Patrioa A 86. 221 Parsons. Charlotte E 221 Parsons. Deborah C 96. 213 Parsons, L a G 137 Parsons. Shaped A 132. 134 Pate. David S 97. 209. 213 PaftXk. Arthur B Patrick. Neva K. 140 Patrick. Sanaa Dover Patrick. Thomas J . Jr 203 Patserson. Nancy J 129. 134 139. 203 Patterson, Patrick C. 230 Payne. Donna K 230 Payne. Lesko A 203 257Payne. MA 203 Payne. PM« M . Ill 203 Pmimo. Ek aMfi L. 213 P ow Arrtom L. Pocht. Amy E 230 Pec . Cstotyn 96. 140. 203 Peeptee. At J 86. 90. 213 Pence. SaPye S Pendergrast. Robert A . Jr 87. 203 Pendleton. R y H 213 Penn. Kimberly S 230 PerW. ROMowy E. 221 Pertunt. Allred W. HI Perry. Catoy L Perry. Hewed, F . Jr 100. 204 Perry. JcMi fl perry. Jukarme 87. 221 Perry. Stephen M. 122 Peterman. Leete Sown 129 Peter . Syt A 96. 221 Pctor . Wlrvfred E. 140 Peterson. Constance M Peterson. Nancy C 95. 221 Pee as. Thomas C 204 Pfieger. Jean E PrwMps. Hear C. 137. 204 Ph p . Laura K Ph.Aps. Suzanne O 99. 101. 221. 230 PhrBps. Waster O. Plvtp. Robert 0. 221 P e»ou. Sarah Jean Pierce. Efcraben A 214 PArso. Paul D Pm on. Mary Sm«h Pmkston. Pamela 132. 134. 204 Pplun. Phyfcs D 204 Pert. Stophon M 94 Pittman, Larry James 94. 137. 204 Pittman, Linda P 140. 204 Pitts. Isaac P . Jr 204 Pitts. Jenny 137. 230 Pier. Teresa 8 211. 214 Plonk. Ann O 221 PlOtfan. MarJyn B piyier. James O Pc . Ann S Pod . Marcus C Pode. Wflam B 97. 101. 132. 204 Popper. W m Dews Porter. Jance S. Porter. Raymond C 214 Portorkeid. Robert M Pcrtocfc. Sanxoi W 205 Posey. James Robert Poets . Card A 99. 110. 221 Powa . Charles Alan Porte . Helen R 97. 205 Porte . Linda L 110.230 Porte . Marian 0 Potted Ralph A 205 Porte . Richard A 230 Power. Cyntho 0 214 Porter. Pamela L 214 Powers. Card L. 86. 87. 137. 205 Potters. David E 205 Porters. H ateh A 221 PoyTu«S. Jute L 230 Pratt. James F Pressry. Susan Courts 103. 205 Provost. Utura M 138. 214 Pnce. Charles M 205 Pnce Gerp 214 Pnce. Giem A Pnce. Joan 205 Pnce. Wayne A 88. 230 Pnce. WiIfcam E Ports. Robert W 230 Ponce. AJbart J . Jr 221 Propper. David S Props! Robert M . HI Prmd. Amy 230 Pnart. James M Pru.8. John B . ill 121. 205 Pryte . Mery V. 88. 95. 129. 221 Pryor. James C 99. 138. 230 Puck art. Janet K 221 Pochette. Jute G 230 Pugh. Hunter M 97. 205 PuBem. Jute F Puree . Edward T Purdue. Burt 87 Punts. Rebecca S. 86. 214 Putney. Barbara M 214 Q Ourroa. Pad A 97. 121. 214 R Radon. Bonne J. 86. 222 Robon.Joey L Ration. Not 86. 230 Robon. Roland O.. Jr. Rome. Joseph F. 222 Rakes. Jonsne S 96. 222 Romseur. Pamela H 140. 204 Ramsey. EddeE 204 Ranch. Christopher L Raschiorto. Kathleen L 214 Rash. CynTHa G 137.214 Rausch. Jonatoan F Ray. Caherme J 222 Ray. Dan A . 86 Ray. Sam L.. Ill Raymor. John H. 230 Reagan. Richard F. Redd. Brenda 86. 230 Reed. John K 136. 222 Reed. Robert T 204 Reese. Arthur M 222 Reeves. Dora A Reeves. Keh W 230 Red. Jaoquetyn A 141 Red. Kathy L 222 Re y. John M 121 Ress. Randan J. Revtte. Robert M 121.222 Revs. Juke Arm 204 Reynolds. Behnda J. 87. 97. 204 Reynolds. Charles V. 87. 222 Reynolds. Jeon A 139. 204 Reynolds. Lesler L- 138 Reynolds. WMm H 99. 231 f iett. Thomas B Rice. David G. 87. 138.231 R-ce Debra R 222 ace. Ek robon A Rce. Lyda M Rchords. Barbara J 99.231 achardson. John B ftchardson. Ten E 136.231 achaids. Barbara 137 addle. Card A a«s. Karmen P 97 aiey. James H 88 Rfey. John B amar. Charles J 121.222 RnQ. Linda A 231 Rng. Teresa M 222 ash. Cany L. 86 Rlrennaler. Rachel M 222 avers. Manan C 95. 138. 222 avers. Nancy R 231 R vars. Susan K. 96. 222 Robbme. Gary R Roberts. B«anca L 129 Roberts. Douglas L 138 Roberts. Enc L 67.231 Roberts. Jean E. Roberts. Jeffrey J. Roberts. Jonna L 231 Roberts. Mchad 222 Robinson. Hugh C 130 Rodnson. Manan L 88. 231 Rodnson. Thomas Canton Rodson. Ned M 138.214 Roe. Thomas A . ill Roebuck. Alexandra 137 Rogero-PiD. Madeline A Rogers. Chartea G 122. 214 Rogers. James J.. Jr. Rogers . JOnaman V 222 Rogers. Louse S 129. 214 Roans. John S Rook. Robert E 96. 128 Room. Douses F. Roosevee. Mcheel E 226. 231 Roper. OowJ J 231 Roper. Karen R 90. 97. 132. 134. 136 Ross. ConnwG 138.231 Ross. Craig A 121.2U Roes. Eh abem P. Row. George G 231 RosseieL Bson F 222 Rossiey. John M Roundsee. Martha 113 Rowan. Barbers A 231 Rowe . Patrick N 86 RoyaardS. Mann E 96. 222 Royal, Martha P 231 Runnels. Eyde Fiances 212 Rusche. Mon C 214 RusseU. PsSnoa A. 222 Rutoertord. Card M 231 Ryan. Paul T. 122 Rusche. Mark 231 s Saad. Z.ad F. Saleeby. Robert 99. 214 Safaba. Anna mane 139 Salmon. Bernard H Senator . Steven G 111. 121.222 Salvatore. Tony 97 Sander. Amy J 110. 132. 139 Sanders. Susan C 205 Sanders. WAun M Sanaone. Jean Mane 86. 87. 205 Santa croce. Enc D Satoh, Tomoyuki 141 Sanecketd. George K 88. 231 Satterfield. Shem L Saylors. Darmy B Scarbrough. Mark A 99. 128. 222 Schaaf. Douglas A 231 Schttmg. WlitmC 120 Schrrvtt. Karen 222 Schmitt. Robb W Schnatterty. Mchaei D Sdmwder. Emly A 92. 222 Schoen. Craven S 231 Schoty. Chnslna M 222 Sdiottz. L sa A 231 Schulman. Mtchee 99 Schultz. Oa-nda L. 102. 214 Schdtt. Nancy 95. 137 Schuman. Stacy E. 222 Schuster. Had A 86. 231 Schwacke. John H. Jr. 141 Schwartz. Janet 141 Soodo. Bruce S Soon. 8 Le$p 82. 97. 99. 132. 138. 205 Scon. Chnstyn A Scon. Cyn9na A 133. 134. 205 Scott. Jerry L 102 Scoa. Lawrence J. Scroggo. John B Scroggins. James M Scruby. Mark H Scruggs. Pad J 94 Seech. Mary B Seavy. Pamela M 137. 140. 205 Seay. Owed M 128.205 Seller. J. Mchaei Setters. Wihame S Ss i Mchaei G 205 Sessions. Robert T 128.222 Seward. Deborah L 206 Seymour. Rhonda Card Shabk . Susan W Shacfctene. Jeffrey M 66. 231 Shorter. David A Shane . Jettrey A 120. 214 Sharp. Doroeiy L 82. 97, 139. 214 Sharp. Pamela S- t«i Sharp. Sara K Sharpe. Oend L 101. 136 Sharpe. Jennifer D 129. 222 Sheehan. Katveen M 99. 137. 231 Sheehan. Mchaei S Sherburne. Steven R Sheppard. Burnt W Srwne. Jchn D 222 Shpman. Gary M 222 Short. Dean M 222 Shuknan. M ch O 231 Shu . Barbara Arm ShUtr. Nancy 214 Sgmund. Rebecca L smra. Prakash K 102. 205 S4er. Jance 112 S4er. Mahan 112 S4ver. IW.ua A 97. 140. 205 Smkms. Jamee M . Jr 99. 137. 205 Srrmon . Franc 8 97. 133 Smmons. James C Smmnons. Shrtey A 231 Smonson. Robert J 231 S-mpson. Furman D.. Jr Simpson. Robn M 222 Sens. Arneka F 92. 106.111.205 Sens. Gwendolyn L. 102. 194. 205 Srms.PodM 88.87 SmgeKary. Patna S 222 S ngiet»ry. Loretta A Sngleton. George W . Ill 9 Spde A yson L 95. 97. 2t4 Snero. Peter J Sites Kahieen 137. 205 Sfenner. Margaret J 88.205 Skdieid. Sonora Skdca. James A 231 Slaughter. Kale P. 231 S»ce. Joyce A 214 Sloan. Cynma R 86 Sloan. Joseph A Sloan. TenoTiy B 86 Skater. Thomas E Srrriey. Robert N 222 Smti. Ben W . Jr 208 Smr. Benyamn H. 205 Srrwti, Cad L 214 Smti. Carotyn P 138.214 Smti. Cydnay L Smrti. Deborah A Smti, Dorms M Smti, Donna M 95. 222 Snvti. Everette Ross Sn . J Bradley 231 Smti. James A. Ill Smti. James David. Jr 128 Smti. Joseph D 222 Smti. Karen A 86. 97. 140. 214 Srrvh. Karla A 231 Smti, KetvmL Smti, Mary Jo Smr. Ronald Bran 94. 122, 132. 206 Smith. Ronald C 94 Smr. Russet C 231 Smti. Stephen O 88. 87. 208 Smr. Tomme W 206 Snedor. Thomas R 97. 208 Snead. Hampton L 208 Sporaono. Jance A 232 Sparks. Joe D . Jr. Spearman. Jchn T Spears. Juanta M spaa. Karen M 137. 223 Spence. Caranne H 106.214 Spence. Stephen B Spencer. Deud D Spgner. Jukeoe O. 222 Speer. Pad C. 232 Speer. Enc J 95. 232 Spngte. Pamela S 137 Stackhouse. Andrea Y. 102 Stafford. K.rrt)«rty A 67 Stamback. Susan C 137. 232 Staengs. SheBe L 99.232 Stonge . Peter W 231. 232 Stanley. Rowe A . Jr. Stapleton. Russo K Statham. Thomas W Staton. Cool P .Jr. Staub. David E 99 Steadman, .robe 232 Steele. Robert M too. 206 Steffen. Wii.om J. 232 Stephany. Kurt E 222 Stephenson. Thomas A 90. 133. 134.208 Stevenson. Had J 232 Stevenson. Vivian S 88. 87 Stewart. Darvoi R 97.206.222 Stewart. Eleanor R Stewart. James R. IB 222 Stewart. Patna J Stewart. Susan E. 232 Swie. Martha A 232 Stnee. Ernest C. 206 Siombaugh. Jeffrey E Stone. Lawrence 8 . Jr. 86. 128 Slone. Mark Alan Stoner. Thomas D 87. 232 Storms. K r J 222 Stoudemayer. Tutou C. 96 Stouffer. Jane G 137.222 Stowe. Charles M . 95.214 Stowers. Mark W Strassner. David B 136.222 Sbawn, Kan A 214 StncMand. David E 232 Stnckland. Donald L Stockland, wit Him K Stmger, Gayle 86. 232 Stoud. Ooma 222 Stroud. Robert H 214 Stroud. Timodiy 8 stun. Cyny.1 K 96. 138. 222 StuU. Refund 222 Sfyer, Laune A Styt«s. Card Jane 206 Sh es, Kevm o Suenaga. Srvgem 232 Sugg. Cdeoe 222 Suggs. Robert Y 208 Suffrvan. George W Sdkvan. Pad Warren 120 Summey. Linda J. Suffer. WBam A Sutton. Robert 0 232 Swan. Rebecca A 141.206 Swann. Janet M 223 Swanson. Lawrence W 122 Swartz. Janet L 214 Sweat. Forrest W . Jr. 214 Swoaimen. Stephen A 232 Sweet. Jeff Rodger Swenson. Ekzaber A. 99.; Swezey. Ouncan F. Swtger, Pamda A 137 Swtger. Susan J Swliey. John F T Tagudn. J E 232 Tatos. Susan P Sndgrove. Chelsea H W. 101. 103. 206 Srvpes. David R Srxpes. Jeffery W Snowden. Ekzobeti A 231 Snydor. Bradley C Snyder. Robert J 231 Sommervttte. Debra C 102.206 Sorgan. Chr«Sne V 100. SoncAs. Pad H Sorretts. Timothy L Sosebee. Jerry K Sou Turd. Geoffrey L 231 SouTiard. Meiane A 206 SouTiard. Thomas K Soutoem. Kardd T. Jr. 86. 128 Soutvem. VWem G . ID 206 258TU y. Don W N TMWy. SuMfl R 06, 138. «3». ««. 232 Tart. John U 232 Tart. Joseph W 232 Tafcjfn. Susan C. Tauss-g. George W Taytor. Debra I 2t4 Taylor. Jack M Taylor. Jack M Taytor. KaNaen A Taytor, Mark E 121 Taylor. MarTna 139. 232 TayVX. Nancy A 232 Taylor. Rebecca J Taytor. Richard M Taylor. Rcben Mark Taylor. Sarah T 137. 206 Taylor. Shan I 96. 137. 196. 206 Teague. Jana L 232 Teague. Mokssa C 232 Taagua. Samuel E 232 Taai. Taraaa I 134.206 Tempieman San H . II 96. 223 Tami. Sooa E Tarry. Ekrabeb A 99. 214 Tattar. Robn E 94. 223 Thames. luonde L. Theike. RuTt J. 95. 206 Than, Jenrafer L 232 Thode. Anna C 133. 134. 137 Thoma . Jaroma 0. Jr. Thomas. Iiranna 82. 97. 214 Thomas. Wanda G 96. 206 Thomason. Marshal M 66. 96. 223 Thompson. Amy M Thompson. Joy L 232 Thompson. Robert R Thompson. Ton. P 214 Thompson. WAam M 120.223 ThornM. tyrwM 214 Thomson, Russafl S 223 Thorpa, Thomas E ThrefcekJ. Eon 0 96 T . Sharon M 206. 207 Tdal. Lucy 214 Taman. Jtf 0 Timmerman. M naa E 232 Tinsley. Marina F. 66. 207 TddaJa. Carol W 232 Todd. Donald K 232 Todd. Stephen R 223 Tobort. Joseph 0 Tofldson. George R . Jr 207 Tomfcns. Mansa A 137.232 Tools. Patnoa A. 207 Topp. Margaret A 232 Torrrwa . Gaorga 0 Trawaafc Meknde S 232 TrevAao. Malcolm M 95. 137 Tnck. Juke A 232 Tnnkie. Shawndee 95.232 Troamnar. Susan L 99. 137. 223 Troncone. Mark A Troeta. Regard F Trout. Kathy I 207 Trutt. 8a 94. 99. 223 Than. Sandra L 07. 207 Trutt. Vrgasa C 232 Trunk. Jamas T. 232 Tiuh. Saty 97.214 Tubbs Crystal A 232 Twckar. Frednek 232 Tuggle. WMam C Tumble. Sarah F 106. 141. 223 Tumn. Pahoi L Turnout . Ek abefh P 111. 129. 1 Tuner, Donna S 233 Tum$r. John A 137. 223 Tumor. Joyca E Tuner. Pafcy 0 102.223 Tuner. Sham E 214 Tumar. Siapham S 94.207 Tutt . Woody M 111.207 Tyler. OdyK Tyro . Joseph D 120.223 rm.VwUY 102.233 Uhar. Oan C USman, D«v. J C. 223 Undemood. Paul 0 . II 233 Uplha . Ovelopher L 233 Upton. Donald N 233 Vala. Paul W. 92 Van Ravtnswuy. Lna C 230 Van Swaanngsn. John W 128 Van Wy . Judson J. 233 Vanaiu Mark O 215 Vanhec, John C. Vanmeter. Charlaa W . Jr. Vargas. J. Ramon 136. 215 Vamar. Kenneth D Vaughan. Ronald D 140.215 Vaughn. Carolyn M 207 Ved. Grogory R 137.140.215 Vsrm«on, Rchard C Vamar, Jamas P 223 ViOaraal. Holy S 223 Voceie. Cynfua A Von Zharangordon. Windy N Wmmi. Thomas j 215 W«M. W4am P. Watt. Deod. W 96.223 WMI. Mary A 138 WesSake. Harry B Waysr. wa.am G. Jr 233 Whsaisr. Jamas J 233 Whelan. Pamoa M 136.207 WMe. David f .. II 207 YAvte Odors M 207 Wvte. Elea Ramaaur Whto. Jsnndar L 207 Wh4s. JaaaS 0 215 Wh s. JohnP Wh4s. Kahfyns D 233 Whie. Ka»i B 233 wrv». Paula J WMsd. Deborah L. 223 WMshurU. Chartss D Whitehurst. Gregory M Whitman. Georgs M Whtescerver. Stephen R Wh tmre, Maissa l Whiten. Stephan P 139 Ward. Ai'an K 233 Wieiar. Jetirey H 128.207 Y Yacuto. Pads 136. 233 Yaibrough. Keonefi C 233 Yott. Sharon I 141.233 Young. Carmen 103. 215 Young, ftekoy O 102 Young. Steven R Young. Susan J. Youngblood. Mnam Styles 207 Z Zechel. Margaret A Zedncfc. Paula 215 Z gler. Lufiar T . Ml 122 Zervos. Katiy M ZmoUak. Pair-©a A Wiggins. Bavarty A 223 W-gley. Sharon K. 207 Wibum. RogmakS wuchar. Scon R 233 WAerjon, Uchaal W 233 WAie. James 0 Wi fl . Nancy M 99.233 W4kams. Bryan C 207 WAams. Charles C WAams. Clyde M WAams. Dan M 66.67. 136. 215 Wasams. Diana 66. 223 Wagner. Mary C. Wales. Susan E 223 WarH. Thomas L 223 Waker. Angela I 102. 233 Waker. Bavsriy E 100.102. 215 Wakar. Mana L 100. 133. 134. 136.207 Wakar. Stephan R Wat. Kefiy EkOtt 66. 207 Walaca. Krrberiey J. 233 Walters. Charles F..N Walers. John R 96. 128. 215 Waitars. Rad 133 Waitars. Richard K 215 Wamp. Donald L Wane maker. Bruce W 223 Ward. Gndy 66 Ward. Nancy L 21S Ware. R us sad E 136.215 Warrick, l«a Lark 233 Warwick. France A. 223 Warw k, Jan 207 Warwick. Joyce A 133.134.223 Waters. Levi A Water . Proem E Waters, Tony 137 Watkins Helen L 86 WaHunj. Thomas J 233 Watson. Angela K Watson. CynVua Don 90 Watson. Robert A 233 Waftcn. Sarah B 102.215 Wan. Susan M 97.100.215 Watzm. Susan M 233 Way . Card L 96. 223 Wayne. Davd M WMfierty. Jan A 90. 136. 207 Weoar. ion A 223 w d may«r Card 0 215 W dgwort . Gana K 134.207 W n, Bradey D 233 Wpn. Deborah S 96.99.223 Wdnberg. Onetna N Wdner. PMp 0 223 Welch. Eugene F. 137 Wdch. Nancy A Weis. David A 233 Wendd. Kovm R Wennertiolm. Scotl E 233 Warrvck, Dewd W 215 Wihams Donak) Lynn 67 W4kams. Gaorga S 96 WAarns. Joel Fno 94 WAarns. La WAarns. Katwnne A 67. 223 WAarns. Richard W 95.223 WAams. R hard W 96. 223 WAams. Sharon 0 96. 139. 215 WAams. Stephan J 223 WAama. Thomas Uoyd WAams. Warns C 96. 223 wusamson. Chat A 101. 136. 136. 207 WiUamson. Dan B 223 Wittamson. Juka A WAamson. M chas( P. 97. 207 wasay. David F wason. Carer ne L wason. Margaret A Wason Margaret G wason. Natake C 233 wason. Tarrpra Lynne Wind. M had J 233 Wnaiand. Laura W 137 WWigard. Janet L 95. 233 Wise. Janet Karen Wrse. KoTi B. 233 W«$e. Kenneth R 137.223 W se. Marcus B Wee. Russel H 207 Wenewsfcj. Nancy E 233 Woemer. Kent A Wd». V or W . Jr. 215 Wd»e. Susan E n j-ti i. , « a wooo. Hicniro a Woods. Bruce A 233 Woodi. Divid R 215 Woods. JuSanne S 96 Woods. Robert 8 Woods. Stanley E Woodward. George R 233 Woolen. Deborah C 141 Wn it. Jody C 233 Wnght. Katharine F 102.141 Wright. Kermeti W 207 Wynn. James M 259Closing 261262 I ClosingClosing 263264 ClosingOosing 267The year in review? This has got to be one of the most difficult assignments. To begin with, by the time this book is printed and released some drastic and unforeseen event may have taken place and you'll scream with disbelief when you discover that we haven't mentioned the fire-bombing of the administration building by a leftist group within Concert Choir. Secondly, an event that seem important now may seem obscure and trite by May. Thirdly, this is absolutely our last chance to impress you with our journalistic ability and talent. Despite these many problems and in an attempt to prevent our editor from lapsing into total insanity, we have managed to draw a few conclusions from the past year. Surprisingly, events at Furman have been right in keeping with national events since last September. While the fear of a Russian flu epidemic swept the country, Furman Health Services first became aware of a problem when the bookstore reported a sudden shortage of Clearisil. Further investigation revealed that red measles had spread throughout the dorms and the dinic panicked when vaccine bagan to run short. However, the problem was soon solved when nurses reported "We expect a shipment of more Sucrets anyday now!" 268 ClosingAfter holding his title for over a decade, Muhammed Ali was finally defeated in February. A similar surprise came after Furman’s exciting victory at the North-South Double-Header. Unfortunately, the victory was followed by three defeats and student spirit once again fell to the semi-comatose state. Team problems were rumored to be related to the copyright struggle that prevented the pepband from playing at games. It seems that three team members had become conditioned to dribbling in beat with the theme from Shaft and the lack of music destroyed team coordination. The Carter administration ushered in a feeling of openness and down-home friendliness across the nation. Accordingly, the Furman administration reacted and in the second year of his reign, Dr. Johns was seen more often around campus talking to students and inquiring about student life: "Excuse me, do you know where the history department is?" The nation lost Roman Polanski. We lost Art Baker. Bert Lance resigned and left Washington. Southern Sims resigned and left Greenville. Muriel Humphrey was appointed to take her husband s senate post. Marguerite Chiles was appointed Vice-President of Student Affairs. The federal government announced that prison costs were soaring and that the costs would be felt by the taxpayer. Furman announced that education costs were soaring and that the costs would be felt by the student. The nation got better tax breaks. We got frozen yogurt. Unfortunately, it is too soon to tell the outcome of many current issues. Will Carter intervene with direct action in the coal miner's strike? Will Residential Living annex the Argonauts? Will Jim Slaughter's contract be renewed? However, there is no one point in time when there is not some unresolved ussue. We can only attempt to review a few events in hope that we ll jar your memory of this year in June. 1978, or June, 1998. . .■ Closing 269270 ClosingThe 1978 Bonhomie was composed by the Bonhomie staff of Furman University and was published by Furman University. The book was printed by Keys Printing Company, Greenville. South Carolina. The 272 pages of the book were printed on 80 pound paper. Body copy was Helvetica Roman and press run was 2000 copies. Class portraits were by Bridges Photography, Greenville. South Carolina. Furman University is an equal opportunity educational institution, and in keeping with this policy, makes no distinction in the admission of students or in any of its activities on the basis of race, color, sex. creed, age. or national origin. Photography contribution; Leigh Coulter. Jerry Bridges. Claudia Ford. Bill Henry. Eileen Hunter. Copy Contnbubon; Sandra Truitt. Larry Hoffman. Jim Bert. Edie Moore, Mickey Hodges, Art Black. Nancy Patterson. Peter Thompson. Dave Brittain. Jack Jones. Karan Nolan. Closing 271272 Closing

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