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This is Furman . . . the Bostonian and the Charlestonian, the Methodist and the Moslem, the follower and the lender, the conventional and the non-conformist, the Ph.D. and the freshman who luis never heard of Aristotle ... a social, spiritual, and intellectual melting pot. This is Furman . . . over fourteen hundred students from many states and countries, each bringing a taste of individuality which blends to form the character of the university ... coming for academic study, social life, a well-rounded degree, or just coming ... a mixture of varied ambitions, aspirations, und ideals. This, too, is Furman . . . that fourth unexcused cut, the second cup of coffee, the empty mail box, the thrill of winning an overtime game ... a thousand meaningless, yet terribly important, everyday things. In the following pages the 1961 BONHOMIE Staff has presented the monumental and the minute. • homecoming sophomores 80 • freshmen 86 ° sports 158 • organizations r o t = 171 12 - may day 14 • 92 • religion 122 - 179 • honoraries 7social 18 • classes 36 • seniors 46 • juniors 74 administration 130 • publications 140 • miss bonhomie 151 student government 185 • advertisements 195 • 35Wh ere we worked and made and brokeI played, won and lost, tradition, at this . . .Qua, QJtvwx TKafoi A MOUNTAIN CITY IS HER HOME, • A MOUNTAIN RIVER LAVES HER FEET— • AND FROM FAR COASTS HER CHILDREN COME • AND CROWN HER BROW WITH FLOWERS SWEET, • AND ’NEATH HER SHADE THEY REST SECURE, • AND DRINK FROM WISDOM S FOUNTAIN PURE,— ° AND RALLY, LOYAL SONS AND TRUE, • ROUND OUR DEAR ALMA MATER! « A SHIP OF ROYAL MAKE IS SHE, • AND BRINGS HER TREASURES FROM AFAR, • HER TRUTH IT IS THAT MAKES US FREE, • AND SHINES HER BEACON LIKE A STAR, • 7WAS FURMAN S HAND THAT LAID HER KEEL. • AND JUDSON SET HER RIBS OF STEEL; • THE FATHERS, PRAYERFUL FOR OUR WEAL, • LAUNCHED OUR DEAR ALMA MATER. • A MOTHER GENTLE, FAIR, AND WISE, • AND GRAVE WITH WEIGHT OF STORIED LORE, • SHE GREETS US WITH LOVES RADIANT EYES, • AND CHAINS OUR HEARTS FOREVERMORE, • OLD FURMAN! GRATEFUL SONS ARE WE, • OUR LOVE, OUR LIVES WE GIVE TO THEE; • WE LL KEEP FAITHS VOW TO SERVE BUT THEE, « OUR OWN DEAR ALMA MATER. —DR. E. M. POTEAT • F. W. B. BARNES sen“tlaA l vu yiwViA James C. Furman Classroom Building Ramsey Fine Arts Auditorium The James Buchanan Duke Library 5 A View from the Balcony of Geer vti eA j£cu £ The Dining Hall as Seen from Across the Lake Mt Henkiaxxe Connor, Homecoming Queen, nets kiss from Student Body President Tom Player. awS, |oa Cdcuiti fot dUSiSM.Com, A lovely queen, an exciting game, colorful exhibits—this was Homecoming I960! Henrianne Connor was crowned Homecoming Queen by Men’s Student Body President Tom Player during halftime ceremonies in Sirrine Stadium. Billing with her were sponsors of the junior class, Jayne Ellen Davis; sophomore class, Robin Scarborough; and freshman class, Dclle Wilder. The 33-20 win over the Mississippi College Choctaws furnished a thrilling game for excited spectators and hard-working cheerleaders. Members of the sophomore class were rewarded for their efforts when their homecoming exhibit carrying out the overall theme of "Over the Rainbow” won first prize. Judged in second and third places respectively were the exhibits of the Band and the Day Students’ Association. Week-end events were rounded out by the Dave Gardner concert in Fine Arts Auditorium Saturday night. HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS. Left to Right: Jaym Im.ixn Davis. Junior Class Attendant; Robin Scarborough, Sophomore Class Attendant; Dkllk Wilder, I'reslunan Class Attendant. fell ft wov a 0KA Atm 4 cuyvd (%qwyl'$ i Aij w ua-dt lhwJViA. Auvmdt... As an unexpected tornado descended last spring upon the front lawn of the Woman’s College, temporarily converted into a barren Kansas plain, the I960 May Day celebration began. The capricious cyclone swept up Dorothy, portrayed by Robin Scarborough, and started her on an adventurous march to the magical land of Oz. Joining Dorothy in her search for the wizard who could direct her home again were a scarecrow, played by Beverly Simmons; a tin man, portrayed by Harriet Broome; and a Lion, represented by Betty Snyder. Adapted by Mary Wall from ‘The Wizard of Oz,” the skit was presented for Queen Gail Lollis and her lovely court. Jack Nolen, President of the Men's Student Body, crowned Gail 1960 May Queen. Beverly Gibbs served as May Day General Chairman. “My, Mike, what a strange voice you have!" Gail Lollis, 1960 May Queen Betty Kay Massie, Maid of Honor The characters in the “Wizard of Oz" perform before the May Court and their audience. People, people, everywhere . . .Attendants Front: Ellison Anne Cahiukkr. Seated. Left to Rigfit: Carol Avery, Dixie Littlejohn, Diane South khlin. Standing: Julia Meeks, Neka Richardson. Isrront: Betsy Dew Seated, Left to Rigjht: Pat Freeman. Jane Muncerwew ARCE Eddy- Stonrf ng: Camille Martin, Martha Frances Drummond. Attendants 17and 'neath her shade they rest secure ... Seated, lA-ft to liifiht: Miriam TruusdaU, Irby Darnell, Marge Eddy. Tom Drake, Chairman; lim Bowers, Jean Hopkins, Fred Brown, Barbara Rodgers, Mary Ann Wham. Standing: Gene Wallace, Don Brown, Marian Hendrix. Les Hudson. Social Board Works Well To Help Furman Students Play The Social Board works to plan campus events for the good of all the students but does not interfere with events planned by other groups on campus. The Social Board is headed by Miss Alice Holladay and is composed of twelve men and women from the Junior and the Senior classes. Each year, three men and three women are elected from the Junior class to serve a two-year term. All during the year, the Social Board has been busy planning to meet the students’ need for entertainment and relaxation. It has sponsored drop-ins after pep rallies and ball games, campus movies, and receptions for different groups. The Social Board has also sponsored several special events. Some of these were the All-University Picnics in the fall and the spring, the student decorating of the New Campus for Christmas, the reception held at the first of the year for the freshman men, and the concert given by the comedian Dave Gardner and singer Chris Conner. The primary task of this group has been to evaluate social activities and to supplement the campus social life with a program designed to appeal to the interests found within a student body such as Furman's. Tom Drake Chairman Miss Auck Hou-aday Social Director 19Mardi Gras in Heaven? In the 1960 Follies. "Anti the Saint Played Jazz." fun and frolic invade Heaven with miraculous results. "Brother Dave” Gardner highlights homecoming weekend with a few wise words to Furmanitos. Norman Cousins. Fditor of The Saturday Reolcw, presented a lecture February 21 in the Furman Fine Arts Series. 20FU Fine Arts Series Presents Concerts By Opera Stars And Symphony, Lecture, And Broadway Play This year marks the beginning of Furman's first Fine Arts Series. The five nrcscntations of this season were available to students, to the general public, and to patrons. The Metropolitan Opera singer Rise Stevens opened the series in McAlister Auditorium on November 4. Her appearance was the first event to take place in the new auditorium. Furman’s Fine Arts Series also included in January a concert by Brian Sullivan and Heidi Krall, Metropolitan Opera singers. In February, Norman Cousins, editor of the Saturday Review since 1940, presented a lecture. The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, which has been acclaimed both in the United States and abroad as one of the world’s great orchestras, performed on March 21. Concluding the presentations of this season was the Archibald MacLeish play, ‘J. B.” Heidi Krall and Brian Sullivan, Metropolitan Opera singers, pose after their concert January 19, the second presentation in the Furman Fine Arts Series. Rise Stevens, Metrooolitan Opera soprano, relaxes backstage after ner concert on November 4. The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, acclaimed as one of the great orchestras in the country, presented a concert March 21 as part of the Fine Arts Series. 21Apple blossoms, candle light, Mississippi medleys, southern atmosphere . . . the 1900 Junior-Senior Banquet. 22Tom and Margo leave for a Saturday afternoon mountain party. Students gather around the library for a twilight concert, a new Furman tradition. Intermission time at the Fine Arts Series. 23Students carol at the Social Board-sponsored Christmas party. The tree in the dining hall was one of the many colorful campus decorations seen during the Christmas season. The Bonhomie Beauties! 24Stated: I.t Hudson, Cairn's Mason, Bill Nvwinan. President; Mike McCollum, Tommy Lynch. Standing: Tom Drake . Boh Evans, Pat Morgan, Stuart Skaddrn. Furman Cantrell. I. F. C. Coordinates All Fraternity Activities Bill lUMAS President The purpose of the I.F.C. is to regulate and coordinate all fraternity activity as well as to promote the improvement of the fraternity system. At the I.F.C. meetings, discussions were held alx ut fraternity policies and problems. Also, plans were made for I. F.C. projects. One of these was the Furman Scholars Day. The I.F.C. organized the day and made arrangements for a drop-in and for the activities that the Scholars were to enjo while at Furman. Other projects of the I.F.C. were information booths at Homecoming and ushering for Religious Emphasis week. Rush week each year is under the direct supervision of the I.F.C., which draws up schedules and regulations for the annual rushing period. The I. F.C. is composed of two men from each fraternity. These men are chosen by their fraternitx to represent them at the meetings. The officers are Bill Newman. President; Bill Friddle, Vice-President; Mike McCollom Treasurer; and Everett Summerall. Secretary. Other members are Les Hudson, Jim Rainwater. Tommy Lynch, Tom Drake, Pat Morgan, Stuart Skadden. and Furman Cantrell. 25IFURkCREATW FI ; ;lv m »; OMORfOL hOL K. A.s Delight Children With Under the leadership of president Tommy Lynch, Kappa Alpha has participated in all phases of university life, proving particularly successful this year in the intramural league. The 'Stars and Bars'" waved proudly over the brothers of the Iota chapter at every home game during the football season, reaching an apex of pride at Clemson in the final encounter. The children of Shriners Hospital were once again delighted by K. A.s annual Christmas party. During the waning weeks of winter came Rush Week, which ended by adding to Iota a valuable asset—the new pledge class. The pledges proved very helpful in strengthening the chapter by participating with the brothers in many campus activities. Gena Bean reigned as Kappa Alpha Sweetheart throughout the year, and Jane Wilbanks, sponsored by K.A., was a finalist this year in the Miss Bonhomie beauty contest. K.A.’s observed Convivium, the annual celebration of the birthday of Robert E. Lee. the spiritual founder of the order. The officers of the fraternity are Tommy Lynch. Number I; Grier Campbell. Number II; J. Richard Cassady, Number III; E. W. Rabon, Number IV; David Nelson, Number V; Clyde Bolt. Number VI; John Tew, Number VII; Hugh Grenade, Number VIII; Hank Reynolds, Number IV. The Alumni Advisor for the chapter is Mr. J. Monday Crews. Two K. A.s make a last-minute inspection of their homecoming exhibit. “A Greater Furman For A Greater Tomorrow.” The K.A. officers for the 1960-61 school year. Tommy Lynch PmUlvntChristmas Party At Shriner's Hospital KAPPA ALPHA Clyde Bolt James Douglas Brooks Allen Byers Winton G. CuinplM'll. Jr. II. Furman Cantrell Hilliard Cassaday Rogers Lewis Chase Reginald M. Christopher Jeffry Dow Colet Gary Crenshaw LaRne Cribb Walter Foster Hugh Grenade Joe Cuggino Geary Hancock Robert L. Lamplcy Johnny Martin Eddie Miller C. Tucker Moore Tom Morris Julius David Nelson, Jr. Emerson Rabon Hank Reynolds Jimmy Reynolds Jack Sharp Dennis Sides Dewey Smith Paul Tanner John Tew, Jr. Harold Threlkeld 27 Charles F. Turner Steve WoolleyThe Pi Kaps entertain rush girls with a party at the “shack.” Charles seems to be a million miles away. Pi Kappa Phi Brothers And The year of 1960-1961 has been a very successful one for the men of Pi Kappa Phi. The fraternity has grown tremendously under the capable leadership of its president, Mike McCollom. The men of the Delta Chapter have been active in all phases of intramural sports. In December, the fratemitx celebrated its founder s day with a banquet for the members. Brenda Avery was selected Pi Kappa Phi Sweetheart for the year 1960-1961. The new pledges have done a great deal to build up the fraternity to its present standing. The annual houseparty climaxed the year. Officers of the fraternity are Mike McCollom. Archon; Bill Wheeler, Secretary: Allen Goodlet, Treasurer; Stuart Skadden, Historian; Bill Farrar, Warden; Milton Beckham. Chaplain; and Charles Fayssoux. Social Chairman. Pi Kappa Phi was founded in 1904 at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. Soon after that, a chapter was founded at Furman in 1908, the fourth chapter in the United States. Brenda Avery Pi Kappa Plii Siccethcart Mock McCollom Presidentp| kappa Pledges Celebrate Annual Founder's Day P H I Harold Batson Milton Bccklinin Wallace IX-rrick Bill Farrar Charles Fnyssoux Allan Goodlett Charles Hughes Stuart Skaddcn"Best wishes from the rush girls to outgoing K. A.,' Boh Dacus." Too many cooks sj oil the spaghetti! Sigma Alpha Epsilon Receives Sigma Alpha Epsilon, under the leadership of Bill Friddle, won the Mallory Smith Reynolds Award for the year 1959-1960. This award, based on scholarship, leadership, and intramural activity, is presented to the top fraternity on campus for that school year. Last year. Bill Friddle and Jim Rainwater represented the fraternity at the annual Leadership School in Evanston, Illinois. In October, the Phi chapter was host to the Wofford chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and defeated them in the annual intramural game. The S. A. E. football team came in second place in the intramural competition on campus. The chapter enjoyed a weekend party at Green Cove, North Carolina, in November. Sigma Alpha Epsilon maintained the highest scholastic average for the spring of I960. Miss Dixie Littlejohn was pinned as the S. A. E. sweetheart. Rush week featured closed night, an afternoon party, and a mountain party. This week brought in many new pledges which will add strength to the fraternity. The officers of the fraternity are William II. Friddle,President; Lawton J. Dews, Vice-President; Fletcher S. Stone, Secretary; and Tames M. Rainwater, Treasurer. Mr. James Branham is the faculty advisor. Dixik Ln n.i:ioiiN S. A Sweetheart Bii.i. Fhiddlk PresidentSIGMA ALPHA 1959-1960 Mallory Smith Reynolds Award EPSILON aiM James Aiken Richard Avery Fletcher Barker Marcus Beavers Handy Blackwell Jim Bowers Alvin Brown Fred Brown Billy Canty Bill Carter Jim Chapin John P. Cherry Ed Christmas Karl Craig Ashton Crihhs Huger Crook Havenel Curry Boh Dactis I.aw ton J. Dews nthony I.. Etnyre Boh Evans Keith Foster Norman Foxworth Marshall Frady Fred Free Kim Furr Boh L. Garrick Edward Gibson Jerry Gilstrap Joel Class Jim Graham Jack Gregory David S. Hardin M. Stephen Harris Hicham F. Hewitt Jeffrey S. Hill Bill Hines Jack Jordan Edward C. Kennedy Henry King Joseph McAlhany Johnny McWilliams Gaines Mason Robert Xast Chester B. Nations jack Neal William Noonan Torn Player Jim Rainwater Glenn Reitz, Jr. Kenneth A. Sargent Don W. Sentell Jim Settle Stan Slieftall Hon Shockley Harry Stephens Walton N. Smith Roger Stevenson Fletcher Stone Shelly Sutton Fred Taylor Bill Turner Tom Walter Fred Williams Hay Williams Thomas II. Williams Richard ZeppTekes Raise Funds For Guest The Gamma Mu chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was very successful in their Guest Student Program this year. The chapter raised enough money to sponsor a foreign student at Furman next year. The Tekes are very proud of their Sweetheart, Miss Diane Southerlin, who was named "Miss January" for their national calendar. Misses Belle Brunson and Eiva Garren, who were sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon, were selected as finalists in the Miss Bonhomie heautv contest last fall. Many social events were held throughout the year including a drop-in for the Befmont-Abby Tekes, the annual Pirates Party, the annual T. K. E. house-party, and an Alumni Buffet Supper during Homecoming. During Bush Week second semester, a fine group of new pledges was added to the fraternity. The officers of the fraternity are Lester Hudson, Prytanis; Tom Drake, Epiprytanis; Howard Yonally, Grammateus; Gars- Smoak. Hvpophetes; Yancy Skinner, Pylortes; and Marvin Woodson, Hegemon. Dr. E. T. Brown is the Faculty Adviser, and Mr. Bill B. Bogers is the Alumni Adviser. Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded in 1899 on the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University. The primarv purpose of the fraternity is: “to promote fraternal relationships among selected college men." These Ix'auties shown during one of (he many Teke parties are, left to right: Janet McGee, Diane Southerlin, Elva Garren, and Martha Belle Brunson. T. K. E. officers pause during annual Christmas party. DlAKB SoimiKRUN T. K. E. Sweetheart Lks Hudson PresidentTAU KAPPA Student Program At Furman Next Year EPSILON Jim Carpenter Tliotn Cooper Tom Drake Jim Dunlop Ken FolUen Harold Foster Ronald Goodwin Wayne High Jim Johnson Floyd Lee Rolnit Lipp Joe McAlister Hill Oglxim Byron Reed Norris Shockley Allan Simpson Yancy Shinner Cary Smoak Larry Speicltcr Itohert Taylor Jerry Welmaker Mike Woodall Marvin Woodson Par Wylie Howard YonallyTheta Chi Brothers Capture The school year for 1960-61 has been a successful one for the men of Gamma Beta chapter. Under the leadership of President Bill Newman, the membership of Theta Chi has doubled since the 1959-60 school year. Only three Theta Chi brothers are seniors this vear. They are Tom Conard, Sam Taylor, and Pat Morgan. This year Theta Chi has had many of its men participating in all varsity sports. In intramural sports they won first place in football and also in cross-country. Miss Margo Carter was elected as the Theta Chi Dream Girl at one of their social functions. Nationally speaking, the Gamma Beta chapter was ranked third by its national office in scholarship standing among 122 other chapters throughout the country. The Furman chapter was also recognized as the top fraternity among growing chapters of Theta Chi because of its fine rush week last year. During rush week. Theta Chi received many new pledges to help build the fraternity’s power. The officers of the fraternity are Bill Newman, President; Tom Conard. Vice-President; Charles Pfaff. Secretary; Tony Carmignani. Treasurer; Pat Morgan, Pledge Marshal; Norman Schubert, Historian; and Dave Edwards, Chaplain. Joe and Chuck straighten put the fraternity files.Intramural Football Championship Trophy THETA CHI David Alwrcromhic Wayne Bclskis Torn Connrd -p tW.ftti liill Crymes Holn-rl Dillon Edward Flynn Al Martin Dave Milner Fat Morgan 35 Charles PfalF Norman Schubertand drink from wisdom's fountain pure...Freshmen Eclipse All Previous Enrollment Records Freshmen soon find that orientation means Obviously these two Hats have it made ... at least until the first lines, lines, more lines ... a new face room inspection, means a line, too. 38September 11, 1960. 11:32 a. m. . . . the beginning of a new life for the Class of '( 4 . . . the period of transition from boyhood to manhood. September 11—our big day . . . believe it or not . . . were freshmen . . . orientation week . . . confusion, despair, bewilderment . . . new rooms, new friends, new experiences (to put it mildly) . . . registration . . . “F don’t care what I take! ... Hat Week, oops—Rat Month . . . our class fights united . . . pep rallies . . . football games .. . University' picnic ... Bonhomie Beauty Contest—two freshmen are finalists . . . everything new . . . homework . . . class elections—we choose our leaders . . . our first Furman Homecoming . . . “Brother Dave" Gardner inspires us . . . indomitable class spirit . . . Thanksgiving—blessed day of rest . . . the Clemson game . . . proud to be Furnianites . . . Furman Follies . . . freshman teams .. . basketball season . . . Christmas spirit . . . traditions at Furman, decorating the campuses . . . Zoo freshmen adopt a Christmas family . . . parties . . . vacation—thank goodness . . . Poinsettia Tournament—triumph for Furman . . . return to slavery . . . all-night cramming sessions . . . EXAMS—our first at Furman—What a shock! . . . Snow, rather sleet . . . suspense . . . the big letdown—grades . . . new semester, new beginning . . . pop tests . . . more sleet and cold weather—that New Campus wind is a blast straight from the North Pole . .. Religious Emphasis Week—inspiration, rededication . . . Band Concert . . . Rush Week—parties, rush girls, a choice to make . . . fraternity pledges . . . Fine Arts Series presentations . . . Concerts . . . drop-ins . . . basketball games . . . baseball games . . . Scholarship Recognition Day— maybe next year . . . Band and Singers tours, exciting experiences . . . houseparties . . . May Day ... second semester EXAMS, no comment needed . . . summer vacation . . . What a great year! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Seated. Left to Right: Sydney Visrix, President: Linda Bivown. Vice-President. Carol Nelson. Secretary; Lucy Bowkks, Treasurer. Standing: Joe Nai l, President. Richard Barrett, Vice-President; Sammy Pickens, Secretary, Jimmy Foiujiiam, Treasurer. 39Seasoned Sophomore Trap Ensnares Frightened Rats Finally on the road, getting into the thick of it . . . Discovering the thrill of being able to refer to a backlog of years (even if it’s only one) in enjoying the new era of pep rallies, football games, student citizenship . . . And somehow, it’s a little easier to slip into the Studying, too . . . Finally and solidly a college student, a part of Furman . . . From this new vantage point, watching across an incredible gulf the reflection of “you" last year in the new freshman class with a mixture of mild dismay, amusement, and sympathy . . . Meanwhile, the swift, silent, secret raids of Rat Court, not announced until its glum victims appear on the campus the next morning in paint and pajamas . . . The usual panoramic chaos of preparing the Homecoming exhibit, which alwavs turns out, for all the "carefullv laid plans," to be, for the most part, an off-the-cuff proposition . . . (But being a brand-new veteran of these Homecoming affairs, you accept the turmoil and series of little desperations happily—even a little smugly, especially after winning first place!) . . . Exams smite down, leaving heads a little bloody but. a little more firmly than last year, unbowed ... And the distinction of fairlv owning the basketball team, with its record making you proud of that fact . . . Beginning to revel quietly in the assurance that you’ll enjoy at least two years of a united campus .. . Exams come raging back again . . . Then, when it's over, realizing with a slight breathlessness— vou’ve suddenly and incredibly reached the half-way mark! Daily pilgrimage . . .SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Seated, Left to Right: Glenda Simonds, President; Sun Barker. Vice-President; Dkna Batton, Treasurer; Tisii Pkarman, Secretanj. Standing: Jim Akin, Treasurer; Randy Blackwell, President; Gary Crenshaw, Vice-President. Absent: Jerry Thomas, Secretary. Time out for a sail . . . never a calm moment on the New Campus. »Ve won!!! Sophomores smile over the first-place victory of heir homecoming exhibit—the old gate 1920 to the new gate OfiO.Junior Class Entertains Seniors At Junior-Senior JIMOK C.I.ASS OFFICERS. Scaled. Left I" Right I'.mmii Ai kin son. ice-Frcsidcnt; Howi.n a Cotuvis. Treasurer. I.uihv liAimii.t.. President; Bkii : Davis. Secretary. Standing: Everett Summeraix. Secretary; liven Grenade. Vice-President; Jack Nm., Treasurer; Jim Ciiai in. I'rcsulent. Jolly Juniors . . . plans and dreams for the new year . . . realizing that half of college is behind us . . . making this half the better . . . coeds beginning September with their special "little sisters’ in a shopping trip . . . kindly adjusting some freshman's rat hat as you introduce her to downtown Greenville . .. Walk . .. Don t walk ... a coffee for Junior transfers . . . new friends to replace classmates we lost . . . the Big-Little Sister Party ... a fanciful Disneyland . . . entertainment . . . getting to know you . . . Autumn, and time out for fun . . . mountain party at Table Hock . . . open fire . . . music . . . supper in the rough . . . hotdogs and more of the same. Jayne Ellen dispenses the daily “word" in the canteen. Judging by these reactions, this morning it was a good one.Receives Furman Rings At Third Annual Banquet Juniors bring Christmas tradition to McAlister. Selling Homecoming flowers ... game weekend ... working on the class exhibit... chicken wire ... a maze of Kleenex .. . muddy feet.. . "Goals Ring True” . . . Christmas . . . food and gifts to a needy family . . . February and a bowling party . . . This ball’s too heavy . . . A sunny afternoon means outdoor art lab for these two juniors. “We beat them 21 to 10." How do you score a spare? . . . drop-in afterwards in Earle Lounge . . . doughnut holes .. . Minds turned to Junior-Senior . . . new decisions . . . Junior girls vote to change their annual Ring Banquet . . . Spring . . . finance committee counting dollars . . . and days . . . selling doughnuts ... a worthy cause . .. coffee mugs . . . stationery . . . May, and the very special night from the far away . .. atmosphere, the finest in Furman food, entertainment ... a lovely way to spend an evening . . . year’s end . . . a time filled with memories for the class of ’62. 43The Class Of 1961 Is The Last To Leave The Old “The Swamp Rabbit" carries these seniors to fun and frolic . . . their last chance before graduation. Seniors . . . unfurrowed brow . . . gay laughter . . . then with spring, the stark realization of termination ... a jaunt on the "Swamp Rabbit" to a picnic . . . practice teachers . . . off to school each morning . . . back for college classes . . . those impossible children . . . "and I paid you to let me do this” . . . sun bathing in May . . . graduate record exam . . . second offering at half price . . . becoming a wise man . . . R. O. T. C. . . . Hey Bo Diddley . . . Summer Camp . . . all were drafted . . . Junior-Senior with a different twist . . . graduation announcements ... a hundred name cards! . . . who will the favored five be? . . . the two most honored benefactors . . . the destined spouse . . . graduation . . . the fluttering heart beat.. . the firm handshake . . . other warm hand clasps . . . wet cheeks . . . echoing goodbyes. 44 Excited seniors plan ahead as they order graduation invitations.Campus...The First To Graduate On The New Campus Tom Dkakk and 1U.8A Bakkk. Secretaries; Don Davis and Svr. Wilson. Treasurers. Summer Gamp. Fort Bi nning. Georgia . . . “land of sunshine, understanding counselors, home-cooked meals, pleasant living. and your very own sergeant to guide one through these delightful days of military life." Studying ... a necessity of life even at this stage of the game. 45 SLyw iA- • JAMES W. ADAMS, Edgefield R.A. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . Ministerial Union . . . Vice-President, Sociology Club ... to Ik- a minister. • THOMAS LAWRENCE ADAMS. Columbia B.A. Music Education . . . "Larry” . . . B. S. U, . . . Furman Sinners . . . ortl) Greenville Junior College transfer ... to Ik- a minister of music. •JOSEPH (.HAS. ALLARD, Wilmington. X. C. H Sociology . . minor. Religion . . . Mars Hill transfer . . . married ... to Ik- a minister. • FRANCES E ALLEN. Florence R.A. Public School Music . . . minor. English and French • • . May Ha Music Chairman . . . Publicity Chairman. Music Club ... la- Salon Franeais . Y V Council .. V. W. C. A. Council . . . BONHOMIE Stall . . K. D. E_ Furman Singers . . . Hand anti Torch. • JAMES EDWARD ALLEN. SR.. Spartanburg R.A. Religion . . . minor, English . . . "Jim" . . . Spartanburg Junior College transfer . . . married ... to Ik- a minister. • ELEANOR LOUISE ANDERSON. Florence R.A Religion . . . minor. French . .. . WevnT . • • Vice-President. Le Salon Franeais . . K. I). E. . . . I.W. A. Council . . . B. S. U. . . . Furman Singers . . . Music Clut . . . Elections Board . . . Dean's List. • MAXEY CAMILLE AVANT. Wnlterlmro R.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. Education . . . Treasurer, Freshman Class . . Treasurer, Theater Guild . . . B. S. U. . . . Follies Stage Manager . . . Furman Singers ... to Ik- a legal secretary. • LARRY TAYLOR AYERS, Spartanburg R.A. English . . . minor. French . . . Vice-President. Freshman and Junior Class . . . B. S. U. . .. Ministerial Union... Student Volunteers . . . Blue Key . . . Circle "K" . . . Argonauts . . . Student-Facility committee . . . Elections Board . . . Intramurals . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Freshman Advisory Board.11 1961 • LAWRENCE RECBEN BAHIi. C.rccr It.A. Economic and Business Administration . . . minor. Psychology , . . B. S. I'. . North Grrcnville junior College transfer ... to Ik- personnel director. • MIRIAM ELVERNE BAILEY, ugusta,Ga. It.A. English . . minor, Speech . . B. S. I’. . . Vice- President. Y. W. A. . . . Boniiomii: Stall . . . Hornet Stall . . . Ilnosclmard . . . I Van’s List ... to teach. • REBA JOYCE BAKER. Rossville. Gn. It.A. Elementary Education . . , minor, English . . . B. S. I’. Executive Council . . . V V A. . . . Social Standards Board . . . Marshal . . . Executive Council . . . Secretary. Senior Class . . . Belmont College transfer ... to In- teacher. • FLETCHER C. BARKER. Greenville It.S. Biology ■ . . minor. Chemistrs . . "Fly” . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . In attend medical school. • FRANCIS GILBERT BARNHILL.. Conway It. A. 11 (story . . . minor. English and Greek . . . State Treasurer of Social Service Federation of S. C. College Students . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married ... to be minister. • DONALD NOTSTON BATSON. Travelers Rest II.A. History minor. Education , . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to teach. • MILTON CLIFFORD BECKHAM. Greenville It A. Industrial Psychology . . . minor. Economic-, and Business Administration . . . Elections Board . . . Treasurer, Secretary, I’i Kappa Phi . Intramurals. • MARVIN ROBERT REHLKE. Lake Worth. Fla. B A. Economics and Business Administration ■ minor. Psychology . . Captain, Varsitx ImmiiImII team . . Kappa Alpha.• JOHN THOMAS BELLAMY. Curncsvillc, Go. B.A. Education . . . minor, . . . Join legislature . . . to teach. • JANET CARPENTER BENNETT, Greenville B.A. English niul History . . . minor. Education and Spanish . . Wesley Foundation . . . BONHOMIE Stall . . Deuns l.ist . . . Columbia College transfer. • CLYDE ALLISON BOLT. JR., Anderson B.A. Economics mul Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . Treasurer. Kappa Alpha . . . future in business. •THOMAS LEE BRADFORD. Greenville B.A. Sociology, Economics anil Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . Sociology Club . . . International Relations Club . . . B. S. U. . . . Intrumnrals . . . plans to Ik-Law Enforcement Officer. • M ADELINE BRAGG, Kannapolis. N. C. B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . Treasurer, B. S. U. Executive Council . Y. V. A. . . . Music Chairman, Student Volunteers . . Furman Singers . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. •JAMES DOUGLAS BROOKS. Greenville B.A. Sociology . , . minor. Psychology . . . "Doug" . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Dean's List . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. • ROBERT GREGORY BROOKS. Taylors B.A. Philotophy . . . minor. Sociology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . , married. • HARRIET ELAINE BROOM, Sullivans Island B.A English and Psychology . . . minor. Secretarial Science and Speech . . . President. Psychology Club . . . President, Theatre Guild . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Canterbury Club . . Furman Singers . . . V. It. A. Council . . . Hand and Torch.• BARBARA NORM AND BROWN, Port Royal B.S. Biology ■ . . minor. Chemistry . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Executive- Council . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . Vice-President, Y. V. C. A. . . . House -lx iir ! . . , Freshman Advisory Board ... to go into medical field. • SYI.VIA MAE BROWN. Cincinnati,Ohio B.A. Art......rirvor, Education . . . Vice-President. Inter- national Relations Club ... Secretary-Treasurer, Art Students la-ague . . BONHOMIE Stall . . . B.S. U____Dean's last . . . to go into art field. • ANNA C. BRUMFIELD, Mountainside, N. J. B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Phvsics, Math, ami French . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Freshman B. S. V. Council . . . B. S. l Greater Council . . . Furman Singers . . . Follies . . . President. Junior Class . . . Co-Chairman. Senior Order. • RUTH BURR ESS, Clcmson B.A. Sociology . . . minor, psychology . . . Sociology Club . . . Sigma Tan Epsilon . . . Clcmson College transfer . . . married. • HARLEY F. CANTRELL, Hendersonville. N. C. B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . "M" . . . Treasurer, Kappa Alpha . . . North Carolina State College transfer. • HARVEY WALTUS CAPPS, JR.. Cordova B.A. Economic and Business Administration . . . minor. Sociology. • CHARLES FRANKLIN CARTER. Tigcrville B. . Religion . . . minor. Sociology . . . married ... to Ik-n minister. • MARGARET CARTER. Brunswick, Ga. B.A. Sociology . . mirror. Psychology . . . “Margo . . . Sociology Club . . . Theta Chi "Dream Cirl . . . BONHOMIE Be.uity Contest ... to do social work.• RICHARD S. CASTILLO. Corpus Christi,Texas W.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Physics . . . Cross Country . . . Varsity Trade . . . Del Mur College transfer ... to do engineering work. • CAROLYN CAUSEY, Cleveland li.S. Chemistry . . . minor, Biolog)' and Matlwnutics . . . American Chemical Society . . . Vice-President. Chi Beta Phi ... W. R. A. Council.. . to Ik? a bio-chemist. •JACK EDWARD CHALMERS. Atlanta.Ga. BA. Sociology . . . minor. English... Sociology Club ... Track . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer . . to lx a minister. • REGINALD M. CHRISTOPHER. Greenville B.A. Economics anil Butinea Ai minitf rolion . . . minor Piycholosy . . . "Reggie" . Kappa Alpha . . North Ucenville Junior College transfer... to do personnel work. • j. CARROLL CLEVENGER, Greenville BA. Keonomirr aiul Buiinew Administration . . . minor. Sodolosy ... Dean’s List... married ... Stetson University transfer. • WILLIAM GRADY CLINE, Gray U ut BA. R.Itgion . . minor. History . . . btcejft j junior CoKfl tr»t 'ler... minted .. - to » wu" 'ctl • CHARLES FRANKLIN COBB, Amkm B,i Sociology... minor, Mm,,. Awtavm College transit .,, mm ...10 be a mM, • jl'JIHV EUGENE COBB, Anderson U. Ptj clialoM .. minor, Sociology,,, n s D Afiderson Junior College transfer,,. to W»niinisiti'• EDITH KATHRYN COGBURN, Greenwood {..A. Piano . . . minor. Psychology mid English . . . Vice-President, Music Club . . . President and Accompanist, Con-cert Choir . . . loint legislature . , . Marshal . , . Dean's List ... to touch music. • HARVEY W ILSON COLE, Greenville B.A. Psychology • ■ . minor. Economics and Business Administration . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. • MARVETTE BARBARA COLSON, Johns Island It.A. Psychology . . . minor. Education . . . "Marty" . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Band . . . Texas Woman's University transfer ... to do graduate work. • THOMAS MERCER CONARD, JR., Miami, Fla. BA. Economics ami Bushiest Administration . . . minor. Physical Education . . . President. Intramural Council . . . Vice-President, Theta Chi . . . Varsity Basketball. • HENRI ANNE CONNOR. Barnwell B.A. Sociology . . . minor. History . . . "Henri" . . . Student Council . . . Marshal . . . Social Standards Board . . . Young Republicans Club . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Y. V. G. A. Cabinet . . Dean’s List . . . Circle "K" Sweet- heart . . . Homecoming Queen. • DORIS ELEANOR CONNORS. Spartanburg B.A. Physical Education . . . minor. Education . . . Physical Education Majors Club . . . B. S. l Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . Girls’ Basketball and Tennis Teams . . . Treasurer. Junior Class . . . State President, Athletic Association . . . Vice-President, W. R. A. . . . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. • MICHAEL R. COOK. Greenville B.A. Economics aiul Business Administration . . . minor. Sociology . . . married ... to enter business world. • JOHN R. COOLEY, Greer B.A. Economics aiul Business Administration . . . minor, Psychology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer... married. • THOMAS BOBO COOPER. JR.. Clinton B.A. English . . . minor, Education and French . . . BONHOMIE St-iH Theatre Guild . Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . Cheerleader . . . to teach. • HELEN GWENDOLYN CORBETT. Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. History . . Vlec- iWsidcnt. Kappa Delta Epsilon . . International Relations Chib .. . Westminster Fellowship . BON MOM IF Stall . . . Dean's List . . . Representative, Day Students' Council . . • Ring Banquet Committee. • KENNETH LEGRAND CROOK. Greer BA. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. Psychology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married ... to l e a salesman. • EDYTHE NNE GROUT. Fountain Inn li.S. Mathematics . . . minor. English . . . "Crout" . . Furman Singers . . . Theatre Guild ... to teach • JAMES BOWEN Gl RETON. Greenville B.A. Art . . . minor. Journalism . . . Art Students' League . . . Press Club . . . Art Editor, Echo. • EDWIN CURTIS DACUS. Greer B.A. Speech . . . minor. Psychology . . . Ministerial Union . . . Chairman, B. S. V. Executive Council . . . Theatre Guild . . . to Ik- a minister. • ROBER’I M ARRY DACUS. III. Greenville li.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . "Bob” . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Golf Team . . . Dean’s List . . . President, Freshman and Senior Class, • DONALD PA I L DAVIS, Chester BA. Psychology . . . minor. Sociology . . Treasurer. Senior Class . . . President. Ministerial Uniat) . . B. S. I Greater Council and Executive Council . . . Intmmurals . . North Greenville Junior College transfer.1961 • HAROLD EDWARD DAVIS, Beaufort B.A. Classical Languages . . . minor. Religion . . . to bo n minister. • SARAH LEE DAVIS, Hodges B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Psychology . . . Sociology Club . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to be a social worker. • EMMETT EDWIN DEITZ, Asheville, N. C. II..A. English . . . minor. Journalism . . . University of South Carolina transfer. • BARBARA BOWEN DKNDY, Greenville II.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology’ . . . Representative, Day Students Council . . . married ... to teach. • MARION NANCY DEW, Lake City H.A. English and History . . . minor, French and Secondary Education . . . “Dew" . . . Lo Salon Francois . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Hornet Student of the Year . . . Y. V. A. Executive Council . . . Furman Singers . . . Dean's List . . . President. Women's Student Body . . . Who's Who . . . Hand and Torch. • LAWTON JAMES DEWS. Forsyth.Ga. II.A. Political Science . . . minor. English . . . “Bug" . . . Young Republicans Club . . . Publications Board . . . Pledge Trainer. Social Chairman. Eminent Herald, ami Vice-President. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Hand and Torch. ♦ BARBARA JANE DILL. Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to be a teacher. •THOMAS MILLARD DRAKE. Travelers Rest B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Economics ami Business Administration . . . Chairman, Social Board . . . President s Cabinet . . . Vice-President, Tan Kappa Epsilon . . - Inter-Fraternity Council . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Blue Key . . . Junior Class Treasurer . . . Senior Class Secretary . . . Hornet Student of the YearStnte’uL • RONNIE K. EDWARDS. Greer B.A. Sociology . . minor. Psychology . . . Sociology Club . . . Vice-President. Ministerial Union . . . B. S. l!. Greater Council . , . Emory University transfer ... to lx a minister. • CATHERINE SMITH ESKENV, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Knglish . . . Psychology Club . . . Day Students’ Council . . Columbia College transfer . . . to teach. • JIM B. EZELL. Greenville B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Mathematics and Biology . . . American Chemical Society . . . B. S.l'. . . Ilonut Stall . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Intramural ... to be a chemist. • THOMAS LEWIS FABER. North Charleston B.A. Church Music . . . minor. Voice . . . "Tom" . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Ministerial Union . . . Intramnrals . . . Furman Singers . . . Concert Choir . . . Follies ... to attend Southwestern Seminary. • MARTHA LUNEILL FARNHAM. Greenville B.A. Music . . . minor. Education . . . Furman Singers . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to teach. • MARY JO FAYSSOIX. Greenville B.A. History . . . minor, Education . . . Winthrop College transfer ... to teach. • AUBREY BENNIE FLOYD, Conway B.A. English . . . minor. History . . . Athletic Chairman. Ministerial Association .. .Faculty Editor, BONHOMIE... Secretary, Circle "K” . . . Intramural Council ... to bo a minister. • JUNE FLOYD. Toccoa.Ca. B.A. Elementary Education . minor, Speech . . International Relation dul» B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Furman Singers ... to teach.• PEGGY JEANNE FORD. Greenville H.S. Mathematics . . . minor. Physics . . . Agnes Scott College transfer ... to work with IBM. • HOY OTTO FORREST, Greenville B.A. English m 1 Creek . . . minor. Religion . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married ... to be a minister. • VIRGINIA SUSAN FORRESTER. Mauldin {.A. Music Education . . . minor. Education . . . "Ginger” . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Music Club . . . Furman Singers . . . Concert Choir . . . Deans List... to teach choral music. • MARTHA JEAN FREDY. Florence MS. Mathematics' . . . minor. Psychology . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Treasurer. Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Dean’s List . . . Marshal . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer . . . Elections Board. • JEANNE PUTNAM FUDGE. Greer B.A. Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . Spartanburg Junior College transfer . . . married. • ANNA VIRGINIA FUNK. Crimora B.S. Mathematics- . . . minor, Education . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to teach. • WILLIAM JACOB FURR. Concord. N. C. B.A. Religion . . . minor. Philosophy . . . "Bill” . . . Ministerial Association . . . Intramurals . . . Dean's List . . . Wingate Junior College transfer ... to lie a minister . . . married. • I.AURA LEE GASKINS. Charleston B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Social Studies and Education . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . State Officer. B. S. L . . . . Y. W. A. Couneil . . . Dormitory President . . . Student Council . . - President, Houselioard . . . W. B. A. . . . Summer Missionary . . . Who's Who.• DOLLY BETH GEORGE. Beaufort B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Mathematics . . . Chi Beta l Iii . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to teach. •JAMES DELESLIE GRAHAM. Lancaster B.A. Voice . . . minor. English . . . “Jim” . . Provident, Furman Singers . . . Operetta lead . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Follies lead . . . married. • CAROL ALEXANDER GRAYSON. Greenville BA. English . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Senior Order . . . Furman Singers . . . Vice-President and President, Day Students' Association . . Student Council. • ANNABELLE HALL, YVilliston BA. History . . . minor. Art . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Dorm President . . . Elections Board ... to teach art. • ROY NICHOLAS HALLMAN. Greenville BA. English . . . minor. Religion and Education . . . "Nick” . . . Dean’s List . . . married ... to teach. •JAS. PHILIP HENDERSON, Morganton, N. C. B.A. Economics ami Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science and Sociology . . . Mars Mill Junior College transfer . . . to be business manager. • MARIAN VIRGINIA HENDRIX, Spartanburg B.A. French . . . minor, English and Music . . . Secretary, la; Salon Francais . . . Senior Order . . . Student Council.. . Executive Council . . . Social Board . . . President. Senior Class . . . Social Standards Board . . . Secretary, Junior Claw . . . to teach school . . . Who’s Who. • BEVERLY CLAYTON HERNDON. Greenwood B.A. Sociidogy . . . minor. French . . . Sociology Cliih . . . B. S. U. . . . Circle Chairman, V. W. A. . . . President. Phi Sigma Iota . . . Dean’s last . . . Marshal . . to teach.1961 • SARAH ALICE HER 111NG, Greenville B.A. English . . . minor. Elementary Education • • • Kappa Della Epsilon . . . Religious Council . . . President. B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Y. V. C. A. . . . Chairman. Senior Order . . . Furman Singers . . Student Council . . . Elections Board . . BONHOMIE Beauty finalist ... to teach . . . Who's Who. • CHARLES WAYNE HIGH. Inman B.A. Political Science . . . minor. History . . . Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . Intramurals ... to do government work. • FREDERICK WILLIAM HOOK. JR.. Manning B.A. English . . . minor. Economics and Business Administration . . . 'Bill" . . Editor. BONHOMIE . . . Co-Editor llandbrtok . . . President, Blue Key . . . Publications Board . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Pershing Bifles . . . Vice-President. Alpha Phi Gamma . . President. Junior Class . . . Vice-President. Sophomore Class . . . Student legislature . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Bat Court . . . Secretary. Elections Board . . President's Cabinet . . . Who's W ho. •JAMES FRANK HORTON. Ridgcland B.A, Spanish . . . minor. English . . . President. Canterbury' Club . . Phi Sigma Iota . . . Band . . . Furman Singers . . . Secretary, Sophomore Class . . . President. Religious Council. • JUDITH ANN HOWARD. Greenville B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Psychology . . . Secretary-Treasurer. Sociology Club . . B. S. f. Executive Council . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. • LARRY LAMBRETH HOWARD. Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . minor. English . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer... to he business manager. • LESTER A. HUDSON. JR.. Hampton B.A. Economics anil Bushiest Administration . . . minor, Mathematics . . . Sports Editor. B.O. T. C. Editor. BONHOMIE . . . Circle "K“ . . . Scabbard and Blade . . I. F. C. . . . President. Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . Head Cheerleader . . . Blue Key . . . Vice-President. Judicial Council . . • Chairman, Elections Board ... Social Board . . Who's Who. • MARSHALL DENNY HUNT. Ellx-rton,Ga. li.A. Psychology . . . minor. French . . . President. Canterbury Club . . - Concert Choir . . . Brcwton-Parker College transfer.• BETTY WELBORN HYDRICK. Greenville B.S. liiatony . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Secretary"Treasurer. Alpha Epsilon Doha . . . Chi Bela Phi . . . American Chemical Society . . . Dean’s List ... to go into medical field. • ELIZABETH STEPHENS JACK. Duncan B.A. Psychology . minor. Sociology . . . Deans List . . Spartanburg Junior College transfer ... to teach nursing. • BOBBY DEAN JACKSON. Inman B.A. History . . . minor. Mathematic' . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to teach. • JACK ESTRIDGE JERNICAN. Georgetown B.A. Economics and B (trines Administration . . minor. Socioksy . . . B.S; t’. Greater Council . . . Judicial Council . . . Elections Board . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Intramural Council . . . North Carolina State transfer. •JAMES LANDRUM JOHNSON, Spartanburg B.A English . . . minor. Creek and Religion I’Diversity of South Carolina transfer . .. married ... to attend seminary. • LI I ,LA ELAINE JONES, Fountain Inn B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Speech ami Socf-ology . . Sociology Club . . . Vice-President. Theatre Guild . . . International Relations Club . . . Y. V, A. Executive Council . . . B. S. I . Class Editor. BONHOMIE . . Furman Singers . . . Follies . . . Dean’s List ... to teach. • ALBERT LEWIS JORDAN, Columbia B.A. Piano ■ . . Piano Quartet . . President. Concert Choir . . . Phi Mu Alpha . . to teach . . . Hand and Torch. • KITTY CARROLL JORDAN, Columbia B.A. Political Science ■ . minor, History . . . international Relations Club . . B.S.U. . . . BONHOMIE Staff . Furman Singers ... to teach. • PEGGY ELDRJDCE KEMP, Augusta,Ga. B.A. English . . . minor, Education . . . Presbyterian Collette transfer . , . married ... to teach. • KATHRYN ELAINE KENNEDY, Greenville B.A. Piano . . . minor. Theory and Psychology . . . President. Music Club . . . Day Students' Council . . . Secretary. Concert Choir . . . Dean’s List ... to teach. • CHRISTY REEDY LANGSTON. Umar B.A. Business Administration . . . minor, History . . . "Chris" . . . married. •THOMAS ROY L ANN INC, Canton, N. C. B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Sociology . . . Secretary-Treasurer, Psychology Club . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer . . . to be social worker. • SUZANNE NEVILLE LAW. Moncks Corner B.A. Music . . . minor. Education . . . Music Chib . . . Furman Singers . . . Concert Choir . . Social Standards Board . . . Pep Club . . . Cheerleader . . . May Court . . . Homecoming Attendant . . . Follies lead . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Finalist . . . Dean’s List. • GUY HUMPHRIES LAWSON. JR., Inman B.A. Political Science . . . minor, English . . . B. S. U. . . . Ministerial Union . . . Intramural-. . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to Ik a minister. • CAROL ANN LAWTON. Greenville B.A. Art . . . minor. English and Education . . . Art Students’ League . . . Day Students’ Council . . . Assistant Editor. Echo . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to teach. • FLOYD KING FOYE LEE. Boston, Mass. B.S. Physics . . . minor. Psychology and Mathematics . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Treasurer, Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . Intra-murals . . Rensselaer Polytcchnical Institution and Boston University transfer.• BENNIE LEE LEWIS, Campobello B.A. Enxlif.h . . . minor. Philosophy . . . Press Club . • . Editor, Echo . . . Hornet Staff , . . President. Alpha Phi Gamma . . . Publications Board . . . married. • THOMAS DONALD LEWIS. Campobello B.A. Art . . . minor. Philosophy . . married. • GARY WATSON LEWIS, Olanta B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor, Psychology ... to In- electronical engineer. • R. RUSSELL LEWIS. Ocean Drive Beach B.Si Biology . . . minor, Chemistry . . . Program Chairman. Ministerial Union . . . Band . . . Intrainnrals. • DIXIE WEST LITTLEJOHN, Spartanburg B.A. Elementary Education . minor. Psychology . Senior Order . K. 11; E. . . . Vice-President, Joint Legislature . . Vice-President. Sophomore Class . . Cheerleader . . . S. A. E. Sxvectlieart . . . Sweetheart of Sports . . Pep Club . . . President. Saddle Soap Club . . . May Queen . . . Social Standards Board . . Executive Council . . H.O.T.C. Sponsor . . . Who's Who. • EDNA ELIZABETH LIVINGSTON. North B.S. Physics . . . minor. Mathematics . . . Chi Beta Phi . . President. Y. W. C. A. . . . B. S. C Executive Council Publicity Chairman. Y. W. A. . . . Furman Singers . . - Set Director, Follies . . . Pep Club . . W. R. A. Council . . Senior Order ... to do graduate work in physics . . . Hand ami Torch. • ANN FLEMING LOETIS. Piedmont B.A. English . . . minor, Spanish . . . Mars Hdl Junior College transfer . . . Dean's List ... to teach. • IRENE DILL LOFTIS, Piedmont B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, English . . . married . . . to Ik- librarian in public schools.• CATHERINE HOSE LOGAN, Asheville, N. C. B.A. Music . . . minor, Education . . . B.S.U. (In .iter Council . . . Furman Singers . . Mars Mill Junior College transfer ... to lx- minister of music and education. •CHRISTINA LEE LOOPER Gastonia. N. C. B.A. English . . . minor. History and Education . . ‘Tina" . . . President, Vice-President, Devotional Chairman. B. S. U. . . . President. Freshman Council . . . Secretary, Treasurer, Women's Student Body ... Who's Who ... Hand and Torch. • RICHARD HENRY LOWE. Aiken B.A. History . . . minor. Political Science . . . "Dick" . . -University of Georgia transfer . . . married . . . to Ik minister. • 11 AW ELI. JOHANNA LUCAS, Lippstadt, Cer. BA. English . . . minor. French . . . attended college in Munich, Germany; Freiburg, Germany; and Paris, France . . . to teach. • BETTY ANN LUPBERCER. Atlanta, Ca. B.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Music ami Education . . . Organizations Editor, BONHOMIE . . Vice-President. Senior Class . . . Secretary, Executive Council . . . W. H. A. Executive Council . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Y. W. A. Executive Council ... V. W. C. A. Executive Council . . . Music Club... Band . . . Dean's List. • THOMAS HINTON LYNCH. North B.A. Economics ami Business Administration . . . minor, Psychology . . . 'Tommy” . . . President, Kappa Alpha . . . President, I. F. C. . . . Bat Court . . . Judicial Council . . . Elections Board . . . Freshman Advisory Board ... to Ik-personnel manager. • HAROLD DEAN McABEE. Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Sociology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married. • MICH AEL HENRY McCALEISTER. Greer B.S. Che mist nj . . . minor. Matln-matics . . golf team . . • North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . to he industrial chemist.• MARY JANE McGOY. Creenville B.A. Organ atul French . . . la- Salon Francats . . . Secretary. V. H. A. . . . B. S. I'. . . . Swot Briar Junior Year in France . . . Hand and Torch. • JOSEPH JAS. MeELVEEN. JR.. Savannah,Ga. B.A. English . . . minor. Journalism and Political Science.. "Jim" . . . Pershing Uillcs . . . Cosmopolitan Club . . Publicity Chairman, B. S. U. . . . President. Alpha Phi (•annua . . . Publications Board . . . Blue Key . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Dean's List . . . Managing Editor, News Editor. Photographer, Hornet . . . Photographer. BONHOMIE . . Who's Who. • JOHN RUFUS McKINNEY. Greenville B.A. Economics anti Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . Pershing Biiles . Citadel transfer. • ALICE ANN McLEES, Anderson B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Heligion . . . Sociologs- Club . B. S. U. . . . Anderson Junior College transfer. • WILLIAM GRIFFIS McMANUS, JR.. Columbia B.A. Psychology . . . minor, English . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to Ik- a minister. •THOMAS RANDOLPH McTEER, Branchvillc B.A. English . . . minor. Mathematics . . . 'Tommy" B. S. U. . . . Hornet Stall . . . Vice-Proident. Senior Class . . . Furman Singers . . . Ministerial Union . . . Elections Board . . . Vice-Chairman. Joint Legislature . . . Dean's List . . . Young Bepublicans Club . . . Dining iiall Committee . .. to do graduate work. • JAMES R. MARTIN, Crystal City,Texas B.S. Physks . . . minor. Mathematics . Captain, Track Team . . . Cross Country Team . . . Victoria Junior College transfer ... to do physio research. • JULIE ANN MARTIN. Sumter B.A. Music Education . . . minor. ............Social Chairman. Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Treasurer. Vice-President. Furman Singers . . . Chairman. Marshal Board . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Student Council . . Joint Legislator - . . . Dean's List . University of South Carolina transfer to teach. ;-3 • NORMA GAIL MARTIN. Pelzcr B.A. English . . . minor, French and Education . . . Senior Order . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Class Editor, UON-HOMIE . . . Marshal . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Furman Singers . . . Women’s Chorus ... to teach. • JOHN SAMUEL METCALF, Forest City, N. C. B.A. Economic); amt Busmen Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . "Sam" . . . University of Maryland transfer . . . married. • COVERT EARL MEYER, St. George B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor, Political Science . . . “Coco" . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Varsity Baseball . . . married. • GLENN WAMPLER MILLER, Kissimmee. Fla. B.A. Hittoru . . , minor. Political Science . . . International Relations Club . . . Wesley Foundation Council . . . Band . . . Young Republicans Club . . . Bridgewater College transfer. • HUGH EVERETT MIMS, JR.. Charleston B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Sociology- . . . "Holly” . . . Sociology Club . . . Vice-President. Psychology Club . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Follies . . . Spartanburg Junior College transfer. • DONALD A. M1NCEY. Nichols B.A. History . . . minor. English . . . Ministerial Union . . . Vice-President. Circle ”K" . . Scabbard and Blade . . Argonauts . . . Dean’s List ... to go to graduate school. • EDWARD L. MITCHELL, JR.. Bennettsville B.A. History . . . minor. Psychology . . . Wofford College transfer. • PATRICK HALLMAN MORGAN. Ware Shoals B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry ... I. F. C. . . . intramural Council . . . President. Pledge Marshal. Theta Chi. • RICHARD EARLE MURDOCH, Abbeville B.A. History . . minor. English . . . Blue Key . . . Quaternion . . Circle "K' . . . Band . . . President. Joint Legislature . . . Student Body Secretary . . . Treasurer. Freslini.ui and Sophomore Class . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Who’s Who . . . Hand and Torch. • NAWAL NAMIK. Mosul. Iraq B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Mathematics . President, International Relations Club . . . Chi Beta Phi . . American Chemical Society . . . Marshal . . . Beirut College transfer. •JAMES FURMAN NEAL. JR.. Greenville B.A. Economic am! Business Adrninistrutiort . . minor. Art . . . University of South Carolina transfer . . to work in advertising field . . . married. • JULIUS DAVID NELSON. JR.. Anderson B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Student Legislature . . . Historian. Kappa Alpha . . . Intr.nnurals • SANDRA RUTH NOONAN. Savannah, Ga. B.A. English and Art . , minor. Political Science . . . Secretary. Art Club . . Vice-President. Saddle Soap Club. • JOANN GILLIAM OLLUT. Asheville, N. C. B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Psychology . . “Jodi" Georgia Southern transfer ... to teach . . . married. •JOHN RICHARD OWENS. Augusta, Ga. B.A. History . . . minor, Beligon . . . Ministerial Union . . . married ... to In- religious education director. • JOE FORREST OLLUT, JR.. Statesboro,Ga. B A. Political Science . . . minor, F.conoulics and Business Administration . . . Young Democrats Club . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Co-Captain. Varsity l-'uotball Squad . . . married.• JIMMY CARLTON PARKER, Gri ivillc B.S. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . to go into banking. ° WILLIS FLOYD PARKER, Rockingham, N. C. B.A. English . . . minor. Sociology . . . Wingate Junior College transfer . . . married. • MARY FRANCES PEPPER, Greenville B.A. English . . . minor. Education . . . Dean’s List . . . Queen’s College transfer ... to teach. • CHARLES FRANKLIN PHILLIPS. Greenville B.A. Physical Education . . . minor, Education . . . "Charlie” . . . track . . . cross-country ... to coach. • PHILLIP E. POSEY, Greenville B.S. Mathematics . . . minor, Physics . . . Dean’s List . . . to work in audio-electronics. • JANET BEE POWELL, Apex.N.C. B.A. Music . . . minor. Education and Religion . . . "Jan” . . . Vice-President, Y. W. C. A. . . President. Executive Connell . . . Social Standards Board . . . Meredith College transfer ... to attend seminary . . . Who’s YVho. • TRESS IE EDWARDS PRATT, Charlotte, N. C. B.A Elementary Education . . . minor. History • • • President. International Relations Club . . . Y. W. A. . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Band ... A Capella Choir . . . Executive Council ... to teach. o ALDA JEAN PRIMM, Durham. N. C. B.A. English . . . minor. Education and Religion . - . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . B. S. U. . . . Singers . . . Vice-President, Women's Student Body . . . Meredith College transfer . . . Who’s Who. • GARNER R. PRUITT, Slater B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. Psychology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. • JAMES N. PURCELL, JR.. Ft. l uderdale, Fla. B.A. Political Science . . . minor. History . . . "Jim" . . . B. S. U. . . . Chairman. Publications Board . . . Quaternion . . . Blue Key . . . Circle "K" . . . Argonauts . . . Elections Board . . . President. Judicial Council . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Who's Who. • DONALD CHESTER PURVIS, Darlington B.A. Religion . . . minor. Education . . . “Don” . . . Carolina College transfer ... married ... to l»e a minister of education. • CECIL L. QUATTLEBAUM, JR.. Florence B.S'. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . B. S. U. . , . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . Furman Singers . . . Band . . . Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . I. I". C. . . . Secretary-Treasurer. Intramural Council . . . Judicial Council . . . Argonauts ... to study medicine. • JAMES MADISON RAINWATER, JR., Florence B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. History . . . “Chief” . . . Furman Singers . . . Young He-puhlic-ans Club . . . Bat Court . . . Assistant Warden, Treasurer. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . I. F. C.. . . Iiitramur.ds. • ROBERT EDWARD RAMPEY. Greenville B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Wesleyan Methodist College transfer ... to la- doctor . . . married. • LANDRUM BURTON REECE. Greenville B.A. Beligion . . . minor. Psychology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to Im- a minister . . . married. • MARTHA JOAN REEDER, Clinton B A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. Secretarial Science , . . Houscboard.• SHIRLEY REEVES. Anderson B.A. Sociology . . . minor, Secondary Education . . . Furman Singers . . . Y. V. C. A. Executive Council . . . W. It. A. Executive Council ... to teach. • CHARLES RICHARD ROBERTS, Anderson II.A. Religion . . . minor. Psychology . . . Anderson Junior College transfer ... to be a minister . . . married. • GERALD RICHARD ROPER. Anderson II.A. Sociology . . . minor. History . , . Psychology Club . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to enter ministry. • SUZANNE POSTELL SALVO. Charleston B.A. Music Education . . . minor, Education . . . Furman Singers . . . Music Club ... to teach. • CHAS. EDWARD SCHAIBLE, N. Charleston B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. English . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Furman Singers . . . Baud . . . Dining Hall Committee. • CECILE SE1GLER. Aiken B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . "Ceil" ... V. W. C. A. Cabinet ... to teach. • JAMES CLARENCE SETTLE. Charleston B.A. Physical Education . . . minor. Education . . . "Jim . . . Presklent, Physical Education Major Club . . . Warden and Chronicler, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Intramur.iL . . . to teach. • JANETTE SIMPSON SEXTON. Woodruff B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Physical Education . . . “Jan" . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . to teach . . . married. • FRANKLYN RAY SHAW. North Charleston B.A. Sociology . . minor. English . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . to niter ministry , . . married • STANLEY WARING SHEFTALL. Gaffney B.S'. Chemistry . . minor. Biology . . President, Alpha Epsilon Delta ... Vice-President. Amerie.m Chemical Society . . . President. Men’s I)flv Students' Association . . arsitv Golf . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Wofford College transfer . married ... to be a dentist. • MICHAEL BA .EL SHEPPARD, Orangeburg B.A. History . . . minor. Political Science . . . Commander. Scabbard and Blade . . . Circle "K" . Battle Croup Commander. 11.0. T. C. . . . Chairman. Board of Traffic (Control . . . Who’s Who . . . Hand and Torch. • ALLEN RAMSEY SIMPSON. Forest Park.Ca. B.A. Psychology . . . minor. History . . . Psychology Club . . . Ministerial Union . . . Student Volunteers . B. S. U. Freshman Council . . . Pershing Bifles . . . Scabbard and Blade ... Furman Singers .. . Joint Legislature .. , Chaplain. Sergeant-at-Arms. Tan Kappa Epsilon B. O. T. C. Achievement Award R. O. T. C. Distinguished Military Student. • DOROTHY LOUISE SIMPSON, Greenville B.A. history . . . minor. English . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . to teach. • ELLISON LEON SMITH. Belton BA. Sociology . . minor. Religion . . . Furman Singars . . Anderson Junior College transfer . . to In a minister of religious education. • HAROLD R. SMITH, JR.. Williamston B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Psychology . . North Greenville Junior College and Anderson Junior College transfer . . . married. • JUNE LOVE SMITH. Greenwood B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Psychology and English President, Sociology Cluh . Freshman H. S. 0. Council . . . V. W. A. Council . . . Vice-President. Feshmnn Class . . Furman Singers . . . Marshal . W. R. A. Council Representative.—196) • OAKY ALLEN SMOAK, Orangeburg B.A. History . . . minor. English . . . B. S. 0. . . . Ministerial Union . Student Volunteers . . . Furman Singers . . . Circle "K" . . . Chaplain, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Intrainuruls . . . Secretary, Sophomore Class . . . Student U'gislaliuc . . . It. (). T. C. C »l« r Guard. • BETTY SUE SPILLERS. Clinton B.. . Elementary Education . . . minor. Music . . . Mars Hill Junior College and North Greenville Junior College transfer . , . plans to teach. • JAMES DONALD STAN FI EL. Greenville It.A Psychology . . . minor. Sociology . . . Hand and Torch. • FLETCHER SEABORN STONE. JR.. Greenville II S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Scabbard and Blade . . . plans to go into medicine. • TEX IE ANN STYLES. Travelers Rest B.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Woman’s Charm ... to teach. • PHYLLIS ANNE SUTHERLAND. Anderson B A. Psychology . . . minor. English . . North Greenville Junior College and Anderson College transfer ... to go into foreign mission work. • SHELLY 111 MBIT SUTTON. JR.. Fort Mill B.A. Political Science . . . minor. Psychology . . . Herald. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Football and Baseball . . . Co-Captain. Football . . . Scabbard and Blade . . to be lawyer. • JOHNNY L.EFAY TALLENT. Greenville B.A. History . . minor English . . . Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. . . . Intramural Sports . . married to lx- a minister.i • J ANICE ISABELLE TAYLOR. Warronvillo H.A. History . . . minor, English . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. • MARY JANE TAYLOR. Greenville H.S. Chemistry . . . minor, Mathematics . . . Columbia College transfer . . . Hand and Torch. • SAM WARDLAW TAYLOR. Decatur. Ga. H.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . Theta Chi . . . Varsity Football and Baseball. • LOTTIE AMELIA TRAIL. Spartanburg B.A. Religion . . . minor. History . . . Publicity Chairman. Student Volunteers . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . to be minister of education. • VIRGIL RONALD TRCJTMAN, Toccoa,Ga. H A. History . . minor, Education . . . "Ron" . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Business Manager Hornet . . . Vice-President, Band . . . Argonauts . . . Joint Legislature . . . Tmett-McConnell Junior College transfer. • MIRIAM R. TRUESDELL, Hvattsville, Md. H.A. English . . . minor. Education . . . Theatre Guild . . . Girls' Buskcthall . . . Junior Representative, W. R. A. Council . . . Secretary. Freshman Class . . . Executive Council . . Social Board . . . Clieerleader . . . Treasurer. Sophomore Class . . . Pep Club. • DOUGLAS LANTON TURNER, Easley H.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . Varsity Baseball . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married. • JOANNE GREENE TURNER, Greenville H.A. Business Administration . minor. Education . . Women’s Chorus . . . married ... to teach.1961 ■■■ • EULA LA MONT VAUGHN, Greenville B.A. History . . . minor. Helicon . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to enter ministry . . . married. • BOB JACKSON VOGELS, Wilmington. N. C. B.A. Art . . . minor. Philosophy . . . Art League . . . Pershing Hides . . . Finance Officer. Scabbard and Blade . . . Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . Varsity and H. O. T. C. Hide Teams . . . Association of the Army Medal . . . married ... to teach art. • HUBERT CLAUDE WADE. Greer B.A. Business Administration . . . minor, Psychologs' ... to he C. P. A. Accountant. • NANCY DEANNA WALKER. Greenville B.A. Piano Pedagogy ■ . . minor. Spanish . . . Spanish Club . . . B. S. U. . . . V. W. A. . . . Music Club . . . Furman Singers . . . Concert Choir ... to teach piano. • MARVIN E. WALLACE. JR.. Tucker. Ca. B.A. Psychology . . . minor, Heligion . . . "Gene" . . . Vice-President, Ministerial Union . . . Intramurals . . . Georgia Trill transfer ... to In- a missionary. • JAMES E. WAHRELL. Tampa, Fla. B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Speech and Biologs' . . . President. Theatre Guild . .. Psychology Club ... Echo Staff . . . Guinn Speech Medal . . . Citadel transfer. • JULIAN EDDIE WEST, Greenville B.A. Economics . . . minor. History . . . "Eddie . B. S. U. . . . Dean's List . . . Intramurals . . . Brevard Junior College transfer ... to lx- Construction Engineer. • MARY ANN WHAM, Ablievillc B.A. English and Spanish . . . minor. Education . • .Spanish Club . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. V----Secretary. Publications Board . .. Copy Editor. BONHOMIE ... Phi Sigma lota ... Vice-President, Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Secretary, Furman Band . . . Senior Order . . . Joint Legislature . . Secretary, Social Board . . . Secretary. State College Recreation Association . . . Hand and Torch. • MARY ANN WHITE, Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . Band . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Content . . . Dean List-married ... to teach. • NANCY l.YNNE WHITE. Saluda B.A. Sociology . . . minor. History . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to Ik- social worker. • ANN LARSEN WILKES. Charleston B.A. Elementary Education . . minor. Psychology . . Lutheran Student Association . . . Methodist Student Assod-ation . . . Lander College transfer . . . married. • SARA LYNN W ILLIAMS, Columbia B.A. French . . . minor. English . . . President, la Salon FrancaLs . . . Editor, Hornet . . . Publications Board . Vice-President and Secretary, Alpha Phi Gamma . . Dean’s List . . . Who's Who. • BEVERLY KAY WILLIAMSON, Columbia B.A. English . . . minor. Political Science . . . B. S. 0. . . . Hornet Stall . . BON MOM IK Staff . . . Saddle Soap Club . . . Marshal ... to teach. • CAROLYN SUE WILSON, Kingstrec B.A. English . . . minor. Political Science and Education ... International Relations Club . . . South Carolina Mctltodist Movement Council . . . President, Wesley Foundation . . . Religious Council . . . Treasurer, Senior Class ... A Cape) la Choir . . . Concert Choir. 721961 • MICHAEL VANCE WOODALL, Greenville B.A. Music . . . minor, Education . . . Band . . , Young Democrats Club . . . Tin Kappa Epsilon . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to teach. • MARVIN CLARENCE WOODSON. JR.. Belton B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . American Chemical Society . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . Pledge Trainer. Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . Rifle Team. • MELISSA YELTON, Hickory. X. C. B.A. Church Music . . . minor. Religion ... . Y. W. A. Council . . . B. S. V. . . Music Club . . . Vice-President. Concert Choir . . . President. Freshman Dorm . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to enter church music. • HOWARD ELMER YON ALLY. Tampa. Fla. B.A. History . . . minor. English and Sociology . . . B. S. U. . . . Ministerial Union . . Music Chib . . Furman Singers . . . Crammatcus. Tail Kappa Epsilon ... to teach. • PATRICIA INEZ YOUNG, Greenwood B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . "Patsy" . . . Sociology Club . . . BONHOMIE Staff ... to Ik- a youth worker. 73I.ARRY ABBOTT. Tnvrim Rd LYLA ADDIS. CnwnvMr MARTY At.I.KN. 1-atta KAY AMMONS. Marion EDWIN L. ANDERSON. I »tta ELAINE ANDERSON. Hart.villr GEORGE J. ANGELICA. Grrcnvillr PAT ARNOLD. Grcrmlllo EMMIE ATKINSON. Bnhopvillo JERRY AUTHKY. Dunn.N.G. BRENDA AVERY. Crerovillr PHYLLIS K. BAIRD. Grrmvillo ANN BAKER. Eu.lev ANN BALLENTINR. Grornvkllr HAROLD BATSON. Grrcnvlll.- TOMMY BATSON. Crr.nvillr ROBERT MARTIN BELL. Weldon. N. C. WAYNE RKLSKI. Chicago. Ill LEE BENNKIT. North Charleston NANCY BLACKWELL. Grrmvill. BILLY BOLDING. Grtrr MILLS BONNETT. Cayw BROOK BOROUGHS. North Chailrttoa JIM BOWERS. Grew wood W WORTH BRIDGES, JR.. Traveler. Re t BOYD V. BHOAI). Grernvilt. BRENDA BROOKS. Traveler. H -v« ALVIN BROWN. Port Royal DERRICK BROWN. Warrington. I'a FRED BROWN. Martin. Ca. JOHN BOYD BURKS. Greenville MAXINE BURKKSS. Greenville RAYBURN Biril.EH. Greenville GRIER CAMPBELL. Jacksonville, Fin. BILLY CANTY. Pa.cag.Kila, Mm. WILLIAM CARMICHAEL, Dillon JAMES CARPENTER. Baieilmre IRA CARTEE, Augu.ta, Ga. BILL CARTER. Wayne. boro.Ca. RICHARD CASSIDY. Melbourne. Ha 74NANCY CAUSEY, Greenville JACK K. CHALMERS. Greenville JIM CHAPIN. Chevy Cli«.r, Md. KVBHETT CHAPMAN. Inman JIMMY CHESTNUT. Marion MARY MARGARET CHILES. KmR»port.Trnn. EDWARD CHRISTMAS. Camdrn ANTHONY CHRISTOPHER. Greenville RAY CLARK. Greenville DAVID COBB. Andrnon SIIAULT COKER. JH.. Canton. Ga. JUDY COOK, Owtnio KD COULTER. GrwnvUle HOWENA COUHSON. Fcrnandiue Beach. Flu SUE COX. Greenville EARLE CRAIG. Columbia FRANKIE ANNE CREAMER. Andcrton ASHTON CRIBBS. Lynchburg CHARLES CULP. Lanciuter MARY CUNNINGHAM. Clinton IRBY DARNELL. Saluda HETTY DAVIS. Avhevillr. N. C. BRUCE DAVIS. Lancatter JAYNE ELLEN DAVIS. Cheater JOYCE DAVIS. Jaduonvillr. Fla. KENNETH DAVIS. Fort Mill MYRNA DOVE. Creenwuod I.OIS DUNCAN. Greenville JOYCE DUNLAP. Greenville MARGE EDDY. Atlanta. Ga. TONY KTNYRE. Wilmette. Ill BOB EVANS. Rode Hill WILLIAM A. FARRAR. Grcenvdle CHAKLES FAYSSOUX. Greenville JESSE FLOYD, Florence BLISE FOSTER. Greenville KEITH FOSTER. Atlanta. Ga. WALTER FOSTER. Creenvlllr BRAD FOWLER. Greenwood JOAN FOX. Ovlxjni 75NORMAN FOXWORTH. Marton IIKRMV FRANKLIN, Andenon JERRY FREEMAN, Durham. N. C HII.I. FRITCHMAN. Greenville BOH GARRICK. Orangeburg MIRIAM GARRISON. Greenville JAMES GILLESPIE. Greenville MICIIABL C'.l.KEN. Greenville ALLEN COODLKT, Greenville CHARLES D CHAIIAM. Akroo. Ohio MUCH GRENADE. Greer SAMUEL GRIER. Greenville TROY GREGG. Greenville t.Kl.WD HAGAN. Btevnlrr. F1.i GARY HANCOCK. North Charleston WAYNE HARPER. Pirkrm LIBBY HARRII.I., Gaffney STEVEN HARRIS. Gr.n.ville WILLIAM HARTIN. Columbia PATSY HARVEY. Greenville FRED HASHER. Pitman, N. J. DAVID HENRY. Ijnc«t.r BRENDA HETRICK. Greenville MARJORIE HETRICK. Andenon RICHARD HEWITT, Columbia ZORA HILL. Greenville ROBERT IIQDGINS. Raleigh, N. C. LUCIA HOLDER. Greenville PAT HOU.IFIELD. Greer JEAN HOPKINS. Charlevtnn WILUUH MORTON. Houvton. Triav MARY IIOVAS. Aiken CAROLYN HUDGENS. Laurent CHARLES HUGHES. Greenville JANE IIURD. Cmmrrton. N. C. JACQUELYN HUTCHINGS. Union EDDIE HUTCHINS. Walh.lU CAROLYN JAMES. Kennai« i v N.C. JOHN JAMES. Greenville ERNEST JENNINGS. Greenville 76 BOBBY JONHS. Greenville GRADY JORDAN. Maytvillr. G». DENNIS JUMPER. Hampton BIU- KEEL. H imitate. III. ANN KKI.I.KH, Colon.I BETH KELLEY. Ilumvillc James khi.i.ey. Audrmm ED KENNEDY. Columbia JIM KKOWN. McCormick WILLIAM DALE KKOWN. MtCom.uk CARY KINO. Earley ELINOR KIRBY. S». Ccurse WILLIAM KHSKINE KIKKSKY. Crrcmillc ROBERT LARRY LAMPLEY. Greenville LU ANNE LEAGUE. Greenville MARY LEE. Landrum NORMA LEE. Ionic Kon . China JOHN LENNIKC. Greenville GARY LESLIE. Greenville BARS I.IDE. Perry, Fla. GLORIA LINDLEH. LcnvMIr ANN LOCHRIDGB. PMtaicoula, Ml». MARY LOFT1S. Greenville MIRIAM LOFT1S. Taylor PRISCILLA LOLIJS. Greenville WOODY LONG. Conway SUSAN LOVELACE. TowmWe TOM LUNDY. Policy NANCY LYONS. Walterhoro BUBBA Me ALII ANY. Reeve ville MICHAEL Mt COLLOM. blip. N. Y. JACK M KLIIANKY, Fort Mill JUDITH M KINNEY. Greenville DAVID M MICHAEL. Greenville SARA MABRY. WilUaimtnn CAROLYN MADDOX. Atlanta. Oa. W D. SI A NESS. Gr.rm.ll. l.ANSIE MANNING, Atlanta. Ca. HILLY MARTIN. Sptodalr. N. C CAMILLE MARTIN. Greenville 77CAINES MASON Swamri EDDIE MILUCIt Greenville FRED MOEIILRNBROCK Gmtivillr FRAN MONEY Florence SYLVIA MORRIS SpirtuilHini IM)HIS MORRISON Traveler Hot DICK MULL Greenville CAROL MUTLMKH Augnrta. Ga. CIIKT NATIONS Railing Ridge, N. J. JACK NEAI. Silver Spring. Md. JIMMY NEAL Greenville WILLIAM NOONAN Sliver Spring . Md. HILL (X'.BURN Miller City. III. DUNCAN PADGETT Sullivan l lnnd BILLY PATTERSON Greenville RAY PATTERSON Belton CHUCK PFAFF Medford Finer, N. J. TOM PLAYER Orangeburg PATSY TOE Brirtol. Tenn. LARRY PORTERFIELD Betheida, Md. HALEY PYI.E Greenville EMERSON RAYBURN Charleston BRYAN KALSTON Cvnnraut, Ohio ALICE RAWLINSON High Point. X. C. I.ARRY REED Hoclmart. Ga. ELSABA REESE tic. N. C. GLENN REITZ Johmtown, Pa. BARBARA REPKO Gteetivflle JAMES REVELS Hattie- hurt. Ml . KENNETH RHODEN Spartanburg SENA RICHARDSON Pendleton NANCY RIDGEWAY Columliiii JERRY ROBERTS Hattinburg. Mi . BARBARA HODCKKS Columbia SANDRA HOOF Wert Columhii KEN SARGENT Greenville PAUL SARTWELL Greenville NORMAN SCHUBERT Xrw Bnitnmd, N. J. BRENDA SCRUGGS GaHney MARY ANN SENDLKK IKeflii Drive Reach DON SKNTKLL Smyrna. ’• JACK SHARP Atlanta, Ga. RACHEL SHERWOOD Dillon RON SHOCKLEY Green itle DENNIS SIDES Greenville BEVERLY SIMMONS Auguita, G . STUART SKADDKN MinhauH. N. Y. YANCEY SKINNER Woodruff 78EMMY SMITH Pfiiilli'imi GEORGE SMITH Greenville IRENE SMITH Ontuvillo STANLEY SMITH Greenville EI.GENTA SNIPES Concord. N. C. JANET SOUTHERN Crcenvillo CARROLL SPIVEY Crmi»iiod HARRY STEVENS Amnia, Ga. WAYNE STEVENS U nun ROGER STEVENSON Chorlealon Height RALPH STONE Greer JANE STOUDENMIHK Hoorn Path JOSEPH STOVER Grremtlte DEWEY SYKES Iniuitlmri;. N. C. THAI) TALLEY Canton, Mio. JOSEPH TAYLOR Andmoo KENNETH TAYLOR Taylor SMILIE TAYLOR Klnmiw MARTHA TEACl'E Kemivillv. N. C. RUTH TEAGUE Man Hill, N. C. JOHN TEW SrliniiK, Ela. HERMAN THOMAS Greenville MARTHA THOMASON Greenville HAROLD THRELKKLD Iva LYNN THOMPKINS A«i lrw» LUTHER TOWNSEND Dillon JAMES A TRAMMELL Grrenvillr BILL TURNER Markon CHARLES TURNER Greenville PARMA TUTEN JnrVMMiboru GENE USCIUJWIC . Shenandoah. Pa, DUDLEY WALL Andrrioti TOM WALTER Bellevue, Ohio THOMAS L. WATKINS InMtlwille, Ga. GWEN WEBB Ridge Sprint; CATHERINE WELLING Bi M Kl n. N. Y. JERRY WELMAKKH Eailey mae Margaret wesner Cameron BOYCE D. WHITMAN Si Mile BUNNY WILLIAMS Traveler Re t FRED S. WILLIAMS Springfield TOMMY WILLIS Fountain Inn BOBBY JOE WILSON Greenville jac:k WILSON Greenville ROBERT WOODIIAM Bnlvopville BOBBY JO WINN Greenville First Bine: DAVID ABERCROMBIE. AtlanLi. Ga : JAMES AIKEN. Plainxn-w. V V PATSY AIKEN, lnn.». I.IXKN AINSI.il. KlnjM »rt. rum.; CHARLES F. M.t.KN Daytona Bvooh. I In.; FMANK II. ALTMAN, W.,t OolumbU. JANE AM MAN. TaVrma Pali. Md.; FLOHIDE ANDERSON. Horn...-, MAHCUS ANDERSON. Anemia. Cm.; HICIIAKD AVERY. Atlanta. Ga Si'i'ond Bote: JOHNNY VYCOCK. Cirritv illc; CAROLYN HAILES. CrrmviUr. JAMES E BALLARD. Ilnrt.v.ll.. SUE BARKER. Cb-imon; JIM BART I JOT. BricUcikirt. Va.. DAVID BARRY. Lrm« Brack. V . DKNA HATTON. GnIKn. Cn.; CAROLE REAM. Crrrnvtlk. GENA BEAN. Orrmv.llr. MAHCUS HEAVERS. Atlanta, (la i Opfovw iZd. i Third Bon : DONALD BISHOP. Ctr«nvillr. LINDA MARIE BISHOP. Orrrmill.. RANDY BLACKWELL TalLhaw . Ha.; JIM BLOCK. Stcurr. Ill . DONALD BLOUNT North CMntai NANCY BOSWELL. Cynlhuna. K . PAUL BOWEN. Atlanta. Ga.; JIMMIE NELL BOWLING, Lautrm. CAREY BRADLEY. Oraofteburt:; EVELYN BRADLEY. CrrrnviUc. Fourth Buie: WII.MA BRANHAM. Columlua JEAN BRAY. Lyman; LINDA BRIDGES. Clinton; DICKSIE RR X:k. Smrt j. AHAII BROWN. Grormillr. BARBARA BROWN. Chariot.,.; JOHN BRUBAKER. It L..v.nw Hh. Kan MARTHA BELLE BRUNSON. Suintrr. ELTON D HRUNTY. Hardy. K .; MARVIN I BUCHANAN. Tmv Wr» Heit. 80First Row: “™U;1 liUKGKSS. c:rr.ovwwlvSHIIILEY DARl.F.NK BURGESS. S.mpronv.lle; MIKK BUHNKTrE. Greenville; JIMMY BURNS. V J , A ',- ' RACHEL CARSON. Greenville; JO ANN CARTER. Hone Path: JOSEPH CASEY, C CHAMBLBSS. Ihnllcy. C . , Woovlmli, ALLEN Greenville; PEGGY Second Row: ROGERS CHASE. Kinwport. Tnm.; KOIl CHERRY, Columbia; GEORGE CHERRY. Columbia; JOHN I . CHERRY. Pattrrvon. N. J.. PIPPA CLARK. Avh.vlllo. N. c.i M w. CURL Greenville; ALICE CLEVELAND. Srneeai DOTT1K CLEVELAND. Hemlcnonv.Ue. N. C.; MICHAEL COOLEY. Kejtlinjc- Pa.; HERBERT COOPER, Clemvon. C xM. 41963 Third Row: JACKIE COOPER. Uumiv; RACHEL CRAWFORD. AvhcvilJe. X. C.; GARY CRENSHAW. Conway; TOMMY CRENSHAW. l_uwavtcr. R. I.ARUE CHIHB. Greenville. ROGER CROOK. St. George. MIKE CROUCH. Johnilon; JERRY CHOULD. Chcr.iw. BILL CRIMES. Greenville; MARY CURLER. Orangeburg. Fourth Row: RAVF.N A I. CURRY. Greenwood; JOHNNY DAVIS, I_uic.ivt.-r. HELEN DEAN, College Pur . Ca.: KENNETH DEAR. Greenville; JUDSON DiBHA. 1 iunp.i, Ha.; CHARLES DENTON, Union; WALLACE DERRICK. Greenville; BETSY DEW. lake City; MARION DILL, Sparunlmrg; H03E.YI DILLON. BloomingtDle. N. J. 81First Riw: TOM DOBSON; Fjdrfmi't. JAMBS IH'N’IX)!’. Silver FARMER. Pauline; GRAHAM F'EHREI.l.. AlHTtlrin Lon.; EDWARD FLYNN. Milllxun. N. J SnrinK. Md.; DAVID S. . N jksm: hkyw EDWARDS. VilJu Park, III.; DAVID EVANS. Evwnvfllc. Wyo.; JIMMY II. AHD FLEMING. Taytims SUK ANN FLINT. Andr-nun; CHARLES FLOYD. Second Unto: KENNETH FOI.LIEN. Fall. Church. Va.; IIAHOLD FOSTER. Cnwuvilfo; MARSH ALL Belle (JLiilr. FI i ; ROBERT FREEMAN. KinK»ix»n. Tom., h. KIM FI HR. Cmr.ord. GKOROE. Greenville; EDWARD V. GIBSON. Greenville. FRADY. AndriMiu FRED FREE. IFnnbcrK; JAY FREEMAN. N KI.VA GAHRKN. Greenville. MARY CATHERINE Third Row: c JERRY CILSTHAP Savannah, Ga.. JOEL BENNK1T GLASS, Crcciuboio. N. C.. BOBER I 0 GLASS. Greenville; GERALD RAY CLUB, Lmmvilte Ky- PAUL GOEBEL. Smith Church I (right . III.; RONALD GOODWIN. Wootlrufl; SANDY GOKDAN. Ihtat.ir. Ca.. JACK GREGORY. Unva.ter. EYERETTE WAYNE IIAl.L. Greenville. SANDRA HALL. Greenville. Fourth How: DAVID S HARDIN. Toledo. Ohm. PEGGY DARLING. Atlanta. Ca.; EDWARD A. HART El. ah- ithtim. Term DALE IjATlfAWAY. Bridgeport. W. Va:. ELLEN IIAYNL K MARION HAYNES Do itui «• ANN CARLTON HELGEHSON, Gmvvflki JIDIIII M HERRING. Dutt)0oii| JUDY HERRING. North AuKuda; EDWIN IIII.I. Mannms Fifth Hou-: JEFFERY STEVEN HILL Atlanta. C... Ol.IN HILL, lakeland. Fla.; BILL HINES. Greenville; A LEVA HOLBROOKS. Greenwood; PATH HOLCOMBE. Decatur. Ca.; GAIL HOLLINGSWORTH. C...nolle; WENDY HORTON. Cmckctville. JfDY HRDLICKA. Winter Haven. Kla.; JOHN HUGHES Ilmira Path; ANGIE HUTTO. CharlntonFir$t How: J,M J°llNSON'- l-ockland. Ohio. JAM JOLLY. Decatur. Ga.; NANCY JONHS. Greenville; Cr,.mdl!■ ‘ ANNK1 rB J°l »AN. Greenville; JACK C. JORDON, Greenville. VO.NCIE- LEE JORDAN. Greenville; EVELYN KBLLEIT. Second How: KInTon Cmn Re’ KAy1kW'ryCN C- » ITY KINGIIORN. Beiiufort: LOUISE KINGIIORN, Beaufort: DAYEY L. lol t..V' C.;JAN K I AW It ENOE.L'iiUin ‘ ; MAKV,N PRANK KIH HELL. Grrci. EMILY LANCASTER. Beaufort. JIM LANCASTER. Char- C lM. oft 963 Third Hoiv: NSER I-kORAND. Columbia. UEHTZING, Vineland. N. J.: Krir w". 1 nm nhkut • NANCY ACM HA LEE. Hoof K..n China; I. S PENS I )oE A'' h'AIJS . »S ; RICK IcCXiyivRTY! {lhSi(5u Vll.'" ’ "AHH,KTr UKCOMB' «"" • WA, TBH ° LUE Fourth Row: AUDREY NU' OV. N And •!von. JANET M«;.GKE. AlUt.t... Ga.; JOHNNY McKKOWX. Cbertcr; POLLY MeTKER. ....................... JOHNNY M, WILLIAMS. jTmKS ROBERT MASSEV Cn ivllle ‘ R MART,Nl N. J.; JOHN W. MARTIN. III . iid.-rM.n. MARY BETH MASON. Swam, a; Fifth How: tiAHKKK,1 La.. RUTH MAXWELL. Greenwood; RUTH ELAINE MEDLIN. Grernvdlr; JULIA :'lwVrj''oo u 1,'• Mh,( ALPE.. Autnuta, Ga.; CAROLYN METTS. 11 edge ; GAIL MILLER. St Matth.w.; JACK R. MILLER. Greenville. HhbhvX.A MIU.r.H, Ui'lBiOII First Rote: l)AVK MILNER. Grove City. Pa.. LANCE MIMS. Greenville. WADE MINER. Lauren.. HENRY MITCHELL. Gray Court. GEOKGE W. MOORE. Effingham. TOM MORRIS, Orlando. Fla.. DANIEL A. MUSIIECAN. Chr.tcr. ROBERT AST, Miami, Ha.; JIMMY NKASE. GrwnvRc: DOUG NYK. Wet Columbia. Second Row: RITA OSWALD. Allendale. LINDA OWENS. CaatonU. N. C.i TOMMY PACK. St. Strpix-n; EDITII PARKER. Aml.non: ELIZABETH RABY PARKER. York; ERMA PATTERSON. Greenville; [ISII PEAHMAN, Aadmon. CLAUDIA PHILLIPS. Heat). Spring.; IX)N E PHILLIPS. Lyman; DANNY PIKE, Woodiawn, Ohio. Third Row: JOE PINSON. JR., lion,.. Path; PAT POE. Greenville; NANCY POSTON. High Point. N. C.; ELLEN V. PUSSER. Chr.trHirtd; MARY HELEN PUTMAN. Greenville; l.OUISE QUILL1AM. Grwnvillr; GEORGE RAPINCHUK. Chicago. III.; BYRON REED. Grenville; LINDA REEVES. Spartan-bore. VON HISEH. Joanna. Fourth Row: HOLLY RITTER. Wet SufficM. Conn.; DALE ROBERTS. A.Keviltr. N. C.; PENNY ROCHESTER, Clonwoo: LINDA ROCERS. Entity; LINDA ROPER. Fountain Inn. EMMETT LEE SAUNDERS. Holland. V..; ROBIN SGARIMMtOUGII. l-amur. GORDON A. SCHMIDT. JR.. Chari, .ton; PRANK SCOTT. Wood rail; ROBERT S. SCOTT. Crwnvill.-. Fifth Row: NORRIS SlltX KI.KY. Greenville; GLENDA SIMONDS. Km ip port, Trim.; JOHN DANIEL SINGLETARY. Ilamlrt, N. C.; MIKE SISK. Seneca; ANNABBTII SMITH. Grenville; ANN ETTA SMITH. Greenville; DEWEY SMITH. Matthew . N. C.j LINDA SMITH. Newberry; NANCY SMITH. Andmon; WALTON N. SMIT H. Clark., ill. , T«nn.First Rote: Me CANTS STROM AN 0«ngrt«nf KRAST[I •'' BARBARA STONE. Crwn«llr. NICK STRANGE. llmdrramville. S'. C.; DOROTHY LLON?! cSSl£ AndrTVm; ,,M Sl'MSKH. 7amP.. Kl..; MOU.Y SUTHERLAND. CI™, SAHA ANN Second Row: FRED K. TAYLOR Reach HILLY • JOYCE ‘T1 lV) UN( N OrllV Toil'll J? KU EN TAYLOR. 11 am v. lie: HOBERT TAYLOR, Greer; PAIGE THIBODEAU. Myrtle i I'URRKVriNK, urw lUv ' " WOIBERRY. Summrtton; CLENNA TRAMMELL. Creeovllle; ALICE TRUESDELL Hyatuvdle. Md.. C xM, $ 96B Tliinl Rote: VOSS ' Lalm ' Hi 'V UCKKY,,' VAI miKpUI?« '‘ KRJ,,,N'JOHN L VICKERS. Richmond. Ky.; DAVID J. VICKERY. Crecnvfllc; BARBARA T«m. .: DAA7D LWATSOn' T» W KKP' Crwm,Ilr; CUHT,S WALKER. Greenville. KKITII WALKER, l-mrem. LINDA WATKINS. Knoxville. Fourth Rote: (viIJ ISV,C™ni;E?A%: “S' WILLIAMS. Marion. RAY WILLIAMS JERRy' YATES. Crc« , STEVB Wt °,,KY' »•»«— Grc«-n ill -; THOMAS 11. WILLIAMS. Hurt Monmoulh. N. I.. VIRGINIA Beach. FU.t JEFF WRIGHT. JR.. John. ton. W. I AT RICK WYLIE. Fifth Row: STEPHEN M. YOUNG. Greenville; TED YOUNG. Greenville. RICHARD ZEPP. Greenville. DAVID R. ZIPPEREH. North ChartotonBILL ABERNATHY. Atlanta, Ca. PACE ACBBK. Cwmlwio, N. C. HAKBAHA ADAMS. Greenville JUDY ALLEN. Suites BUSTER ALLEY. Grrrnvllli-KRAN ALLISON. Stnitc C-INCEK ALLISON. Charlotte. N. C. JIM ANDERSON. Greenville SANDRA ANDERSON. Charlotte. N. C. LINDA ANDREWS. Greenville ANN ANSHUS. Camden SYDNEY AUSTIN. Charlmton JOHN AVINGER. Conway BILL BAILEY. Greenville CAROLYN BAKER. Chcvter NANCY BARKER. Westminster ALMA BARNES. Candler, N C. RICH ARD BARRETT, Swantianoa. N. C. LOWELL THOMAS BARNETT. Greer KAYE BASS. Ceorsetown JUDY BATES, Clnulotte. N. C. JAMES BKH„ Seneca MARY ANN BELL. Greenwood SUZANNE BENNETT. Siinpv.nville MURRAY BERKOWi rZ. Greenville JACK BETHEA. Marion u ii B1CKBL. Webster Groves,Mo LAURA ANN BISHOP. Greenville ROBERT BISHOP. Traveler Rest RONNY BISHOP, Greenville ALAN RLACKMON. Greenville ANN BLAKE. Belton KIMBALL BOBBITT. Jacksonville, EL. CONNIE BOGGS. Duravillr. Ca. J. WILLIAM BOI.TAM. St. Matthew. JEAN BOLAND. Cfr. nville JANICE HOLEY. Grrcuvilh-HKNHY II. BONNET!'. Mynrtl. Beach LUCY BOWERS, Gre.-nwo.xl RICHARD BOWERS. MtU-an. Vo. EARLENE BOWLIN. Greenville JIMMY BOYKIN. CoKlmbm. Ca. JANE BRADEN, Rome. G . PAUL BRACAW. Hh.-rdal, Mil. BETSY BBIDCES. Rockville, Md. BUDDY BROCK. Ware Sho.il. LINDA BROTHERS, Lk.r. no-IX)UGLAS BROWN. Port Roy.il JAMES BROWN. Greenville LINDA BROWN. Uurent RICHARD BROWN. Ca.mlen STEVE BROWN. Clearwater, Fla. GLENN BROWNMILLKH. Arlinitton. Vo ELIZA BETH BRUNSON. Sumter ANN BURCKS, Charlnton DIANA BULLOCK. Wathlntfton. D. C. MITCHELL BYERS. Spart anion BETTY ANN RYRI). Al.l.eville JOHNNY CAMPBELL, Crncnvilte GABY CANT BEL!.. Travelers Rest 1 86HARHIETTE CANTRELL. Spartantnira CLHNNA CAM'S, Greenville ROGER CAPPS, Rcaufmt JOIIX CARDILLO. Fort Lce.N.J. DIANE CARPENTER. Chnrln'ton IIOII CARTER. Gm-ti villa ELLEN CXSSELS. Badry SUE KI.I.KN CATKH. Andmon ruth causey. i).«vi u..o, c. BOBBY CHANDLER. Greer ELEANOR CHAPMAN. Edgefield SANDY CHINN. Columbia MARIA ISABEL CHIHIROCA. Onto. Ecuador BECKY CHRISTEN BERRY, Greenville JACKIE CLARY. ChurloRe, N. C. KAY CLEMENT. Grenville BILL CLOPPER. llagcwtown. Md. JAMES COLEMAN. Winmboro KAREN COLEMAN. Greenwood ROY COLLIER. Toccoa. Oa. CHARLIE CONNELLY. Charlotte, N. C. AUSTIN CONNORS. SpartM.bi.fK JANE CONWAY. Atlanta, Ca. JOHN COOK. Florence NOEL COOPER. Jacksonville. Fla. DALE CRAIG. Columbia JUDY CRAWFORD. Naples, Italy LUTHER CKIBB. Saluda WALTER CROSBY. RJdKelsnd JOYCE CULBERTSON. North AujtoMa OWEN DANBY. Greenville J. 1). DAIGHTKRY, Miami. Fla. MARCIIANT DAVENI'ORT. Toceoa.Ca. PAT DENNY. Want GAIL DI GIACOMO. Oniniriit. N. Y. DANIEL DONOVAN. Earley BKTHUNE DOR Roll, Maeno.Ca. WILLIAM DVKC MC. Greenville JOHN EDWARDS. Charieitwi HritthU GORIX)N EISENMAN. Greenville LINDA ELLIS. Atlanta. Ga, BOB EPLING. Ilomeitead. Fla. JOAN ESKEW. Earley LINDA FAL1.AW. Belvedere BRENDA FALLS. Kkbmund. Va. FRANKLIN FEAGLE, Dundee. Fla. DANNY FERGUSON. Greenville PHILLIP J. FORBES, III, Bethel, Conn. JIMMY FORDIIAM. Griffin,Co. AUSTIN FI.OYD. Nicholi ALICE FRANKLIN. Callncy FRANK FREE!.. Anniston. Ala RONNY FKIDD1.K. Greenville GLADYS FUTRAL. Decatur. Ga. LINDA GAFFNEY. Anderson RACHEL GALLOWAY. Greenville MICKEY CAMRHELL. Earley ANN GASTON. Spartanburg MARGIE CAVER. Aiken JON GERLING. Rochester. N. Y. Chu.$7964 87MARY GtLREATH. Greenville POLLY COODNOUCH. .Simpsunvdle PAT COS NELL. Greenville JEAN GREBNWAY. Greenville CAMII.I.K GRIFFIN. Greer PATRICIA GRIFFITH, Sumter RANDY GRIFFITH. Saluda ROGER GROOM E. Staler VICKI GRUBBS. Amlt'iwn iviax HALL. Ware Shoal JO ANN II AM BRIGHT. Clover JIMMY RAY HAMMOND. Nichols CAROL I KAN HAMMONS. Doiatur.Ga. MARGARET CI.AIRK HAMRICK. Charleston JERRY HANBERHY. Denmark SALLY HARBIN. Westminster JUDY HARDING. Aiken SUSAN HARDY. Atlanta. Ga. ANN IIAHPF.K. Charleston LARRY HARPER. Hone Path JOHN II ARRILL, Anderson ANN HARTLEY. EdecS.I.I THOMAS IIARTNKSS. Greenville PATRICIA HATCHEI.L. Baltimore. Md. ALICE BETTY HAYES. Nichols LINDA IIAYES. Greenville MARVIN DOUGLAS IIAYES. Greer IIAYDBN HAYS. Hartwell. Ga. RALPH HEATON. JR.. Ande»oa Rll L HELTON. JR.. Taylors GARY HENDERSON. Chrsnex-TLNEKE HIETKAMP. Rotterdam. Holland RONNIE H. HIGHTOWER. Hateslmnr BOBBY HILL. Opelika. Ala DAVID HOBSON. New Brunswick. N. J. BOB HOLMS. Skippack. Pa. GAYLE HOWELL. N.-rlh Augusta JUDY 1IOWELL. Candler SUZANNE HOWZE, Wibntogh n.QMo VIRGINIA HUFF. Atlanta. Gn NANCY HUNT, Ijhrrty PAJL IKJUGLAS HUSS. Jacksonville. Fla LOUISE INGHAM. College Park. Ca. LYNX JACK. Greenville LINDA JENKINS. Atlanta. Ga. MARY JOHNS. Greenville MILLIE JOHNSTON. HortavOlr NINA LYNN JOHNSON. Cdemlde. Pa. -0 ft 2. 12 M P „ Ehi £ £ LS 2.1’, .1, Hi 22 1m Li IMl CINCIE JONES. Gr.enw.Knl MIKE JORDAN, Greenville-JANE JUMPER. Hampton EDWARD KAY. Ware Shoals PHILLIP KEEL. Hinsdale. Ill ELLIOTT KELLER. GUyton. Cu. 88lUCIIAHI) KOIIN . Greenville JEANETTE LAMAS, Savannah. Ca, BOBBY LANCASTER. Chert rr BRENDA I.AKK. Gaffney DEL LAWRENCE, Richmond, Va. JACKIE LA VRIMOHE. llcmmlugway JOHN LEMMOND. Maltlvcwr, N, C. JIMMY LEPPARD, Greenville BETTY JO LINC.KREKLT, Rural Hall, N. C. C. LANE LOOPEH. Greenwood JANE LOOPEH. Earley GEORGE P. LOTT. Allendale, N. J. FLEETWOOD I .Of ST A LOT, II at tier burg, Mi i. JON LOWERY. Atlanta, Ga. WILSON LUQUIHK, Greenwood JOHN W Me ALII ANA’. Reevetville LAMAR KEITH McCARRELL, Traveler Hr » WILLIAM FURMAN McCLAIN, Greenville HARRIETT McINTOSH, Sumter t RANGES Mt MM l W Lodge ANN McNEELY. Mouticrllo. Ky. JOHN McPIliBRSON. Greenville EVERETT Mc.TEER. Hamer City, Fla. GORDON W. MARIE, Atlanta. Ca. GEORGE MADDOX. Cate City. Va. EDDIE MALPHRUS. Ridgeliuid CHARLES I RED MANN. Moormvflk-. N. J. MARY MARCliBANKS. Greenville THOMAS L. MATTHEWS. Hampton, Va. BOH MAUM. Irvington, N. Y. NANCY MAYS. Seneca MARY ANNE MYERS. Miami. Fla. PATSY MIDDIJvTON, Eatley SARAH PATSY MILLER. Arlington. Va. LEIGH MILTON. Greenville SANDRA MIRENGIII. Greenville LEON MOODY. Greenville JOHN MORGAN. SUtoTViOc, N. C PATRICIA MORGAN. Wilmington. N. C. BOB MORRIS. Glaitoulmry,Conn. JIMMY MULLEN, Bridgeport, W. Va. JOHN P. MULLEN. Bridgeport, W. Va. PAT MURPHY. Traveler Rot JOE NALL, Atlanta. Ca. OA1I.E NASH. St. Sirnonr Idaud. Ga. ROBERT B. NATIONS, Baddog Ridge. N. J, CAROL LOIS NF.I.SON. Greenville WILLIE ALBERT NELSON. |R.. Greenville DUNCAN NESBITT. Onconta, N. Y. DIANE NETTLES. Savannah. Ga. NICK NEWBERRY. Charlotte. N. C. KAY NlDIFFER. Columbia TOM NOLAN. Florence CRYSTAL MARIE OLSON. Aiken NANCY LEE OWEN. Greenville LYNDA PADGETT. Waller boro SHEILA PAGE. Calhoun. Ga. OATHS PARKS. Grenville JAMES PEACOCK. Tbmnart.Mi.Ga. Lr:HOY W. PEACOCK. III. Maple Shade. N. J. (Xm. ag- 196 i 89ANN PEARCE. DMIon LOUISE PETER. Greenville LINDA PHILLIPS. Lyman JAMES PINSON. Ilnnr.i Path ANN Pl.AMONDON. Avheville. N. C. BETTY POLLARD. Blue Mountain. N;C. SHE1.BA POWELL, E.vvlcy EARLE PREVOST. Greenville DARDEN PYHON, Taylor DIANNE RAMEY. Atlanta. Ga MARTHA CAROLYN HANDAIX. Lancaster PAULA RAU. Wimton-Salem. N. C. SARA RAY. Clinton CARMAN RAYMKR. Greenville It AHOLD REED. Atlanta. Ca. VICKY RKTTEW. Greenville M. BIJ.IOTT RIVIERE. PitttburRh. Pa. JAMES A. ROBERTS. Pelham. N. Y OI.IN ROBERTSON. Cu . nvill.-ANN ROBINSON. Bin Spun . T. v;.» MARY ANN ROBINSON. Charleston MILFORD ROGERS. JR., Amlmmi GLORIA ROLLINS. Atlanta. Ga KITSY ROSE, Greenville JOHN E. ROUSE. Greenville JOHN RYAN. Woodside. N. Y. MARIE SADLER. Donald DONALD SANDERS. Hynilwillr. Md WESTIE SANDERS. Greenville CAROLYN SANDS. Taniawte CAROL JEAN SHAIBLE. North Oiarleston BILLY SCHOLT. London. Kv. BETTY SCOCIN. Avondale Kitatev. Ga. I.El.AND S. SCOTT, Greenville PIIYLISS SEIGLER, Walterbon DAVID SBLVY. Corbin. Ky. G. TRAVIS SHAMEL, Wintlon Salem. N. C JOY Me DOUG ALL SHIPLEY. Creenville IRENE SIGHTLER. CremviU. JAMES W. SIMMONS. Atlanta. Ga. CHARLES JAMES SIMS. JR.. Taylor BARBARA ANN SMITH. Abbeville CHAPMAN SMITH, Slartr DAN w. SMITH. North Mi,mi. Ilea. I,. Fla. PHILLIP CRAHAME SMITH. Wellford JANE SOUTHWELL. Milton. Fla. WILLIAM W. STEHNBERCH. Charlotte. N. NANCY STEVENS. Decatur, G . KIRK STEWART, Silver Spring, Md LOUISE STEWART. Greenville r;DLINDA STOREY, Morristown. T«mn. TOME IX NNK STROUD. Greenville MARIE R. STULTZ. Winston-Salem. N. C. THOMASIA STUVKN. Camden TIPTON’ SWEET. Falls Church. Va. CAROLYN LEE TALBERT. Baltimore. Md. LYNN TAYLOR. Greenville ROBERT TAYLOR. Greenville TONY R. TAYLOR. Black Mountain, N. C. DAVID THOMAS. Greenwood SALLY THOMAS. Johnson City. Tenn. DORIS THOMASON. Laurens PEGGY TOLLISON. Tavlorx ALBERT TIBBS. Greenville DAVE TILLMAN, North Miami Beach. Fla. DAVID TOMLINSON. CoUtmb .. LINDA TURNER, Picken. JANE UNDERWOOD. Picken L. I). VAN VALKENBURGH. Rye. N. Y. FRANCES K. VICKERY. Kins troe THOMAS L. WAGNER. JR.. Columbia KENNETH WALZ, Darien. Conn. EMILY WATERS. Alexandria. Va BEFIT WATKINS. Aujfu ta. Ca. S I EVE WATSON. Charlotte. N. C. CLYDE WATTS. Nlchot SANDHA K. WEBB. Great Full . Va. SANDY A. WEBB. Decatur.Ga. THOMAS W. WEEKS. Aiken MARY E. WELCH. W«t Kdmnton. N. Y. BOBEBT WELLONS. Tampa. Fla. EDWARD C WEST. JR.. Charlotte. N. C. ALICE WIIEBY. Beridey, W. Va. BURREL WHITLEY. Ooeanville. N. J. PAUL WHITMORE. Euu GaUie. Ha. BONNIE JEAN WHITSON. A»beviHe. N. C. MEREDITH WHirriNCHAM. Atlanta. Ca. JANE WILBANKS. New Albany. Miw. DELLE WILDER, Clinton ANITA WILLIAMS. Charlotte. N. C. BKKNDA WILLIAMS. Columbia F1TZHUCH WILLIAMS. Greenville PATTY WILLIAMS. Fairfax. Alu. BABHAKA WILLIAMSON. Atlanta. Ca. MARIE WILSON. Greenville ROBERT J. WILSON, Holly Hill CLAIRE WINKLER. Decatur. Ca. KENDALL WINSTON. Atlanta, Ca. HARRIETT WOODWARD, Smyrna, Ca. SUSAN YOUNG. Greenville VlAHHIr.1 I AMI , oin m , v»n. SUSAN YOUNG. Greenville 91and rally loyal sons and true • • •TEAM STATISTICS Furman Opp. no First Downs, Bush 91 42 First Downs, Pass 46 7 First Downs, Pen. 5 159 Total First Downs 142 1958 Yards Hushing 1S64 10S5 Yards Passing 1158 3043 Total Offense 3022 153 Passes Attempted 15S 80 Passes Completed 79 10 Passes had Intercepted 11 52 Number of Punts 54 IS69 Punting Yardage 1917 35.9 Punting Average 36.0 44 Penalties 61 433 Penalty Yardage 549 27 Fumbles 30 15 Fumbles I.ost 20 Bon Kim; I lend Coach SEASON RESULTS Won 5, Lost 4, Tied I Conference Won 2, Lost 2 Fowler SCORING TD Total 36 Carmignan .... 5 32 Campbell .... 5 30 Kemp . . .... 3 22 Canty . . .... 3 18 I.oth . . o 14 Scoter .... 2 12 Sutton .... 0 12 Walter . .... 1 6 Rapinchuk .... 1 6 Newman . .... 1 6 Sumner . 2 28 196 COACHING STAFF. Left to llifiht: Dixie Howell, Boh Jennings, Bob King, Mack Krwin, Bob Congola. Absent ultra picture teas taken: Vince PerOni. First Row. lA'ft to Rifiht: E 1 Flynn, John Tew. Jim Chapin, Jack Sharp. Jerry Roberts, Ken Trammell, Hill Ogborn, Bob Mondo, Larry Jcpson, John Davis, Tom Walters, Faustvn Bienlcowski, Bill Newman, Jmlson DeBr.i. Al Martin, Rodger Scntcr. Third Row: Bradley Fowler, Shelley Jerry Thomas. Fourth Row: Rol ert Wilson, Manager; Sam Taylor, Bill Canty, George Angelica, Herb Cooper, Buddy Revels, Bruce Davis, King's Football Building Program Progresses-Hurricane The Furman Purple Hurricane completed its 1960 season with a 5-4-1 record, the best since 19-53. Head coach Bob King in his third year at Furman, quite satisfied with the team, believes that his building plan is coming along at a fine pace. In this short span of years. King has turned the Purples from their doormat position in the conference into one of the top contenders in the Southern Conference. The schedule for the I960 season included four conference games: William and Mary, Citadel, Richmond, and Davidson. Other games were with Presbyterian, Tampa, W offord, Mississippi College, Alabama, and the traditional rival, Clcmson, closed out the season. The ’60 Canes at many times did the unbelievable and the unexpected, which at times spelled the difference between victory and defeat. Furman throughout the entire season was known as a fourth-quarter team, which with minutes left in a game could storm back full gale to upset the scoreboard. The Hurricanes were captained by their five graduating seniors: halfbacks Sam Taylor, Don Kemp, and Shelly Sutton; and tackles Joe Oliff and Marvin Behlke. The predominately junior-studded team finished first in rushing and total offense in the conference. There were individual standouts, such as junior fullback Tom Campbell, who was rated first in rushing and named to All-Conference, and quarterback Billy Canty, who finished third place in the conference passing department. The team’s 27 returning Iettermen and the additions of gridiron talent from this years freshman ranks should make the 1961 Canes a powerful foe in anyone’s l ooks. The coaching staff of the Canes is composed of Head Coach Bob King and assistant coaches Dixie Howell, Bob Gongola, Bob Jennings, 9 David Alxrcrombie. Claude Davis. Rich McCalFcrlv. Second How: Bob Cherry. Olin Mill. Carroll Hartley. Marvin Beiilkc. Joe Ollili, Sutton. Ted Loth. Elton Brunty. Tom Campln ll. Tony Ginnignani. Jim Snmner. George Bapinchuk, Ceary Hancock, John Cherry, Don Kemp. Bob Glass, Manager. Sam TaYLOW John Tkw Considered Best Since 1953 Senior—IIB—Co-Captain Tki I .on i Junior—IIB Junior—Guard Claude Davis Junior—Guard Mack Erwin, Vince Peroni, and trainer Dick Copas. Boh Glass in Ins second year as head manager was aided hv freshman Robert W ilson. The "Baby Canes," in the spirit of past years, had a winning season. The freshmen in five encounters defeated The Citadel. Davidson, and Gardner-Webb, and lost to Florida State and YPI. A large amount of rising talent should aid the varsity in ‘61. Among the outstanding performers for the freshman team were backs John Cook, Sam Pickens, Doug Watkins, Bill Chastain, and Don Hughes, and lineman George Hinds. Throughout the season the entire football program proved to be a most successful one and brought with it a promise of better things to come. The Sports Editor would like to acknowledge the aid of the Seics-Piedmont and the Furman News Bureau, without whose aid this section would have been impossible.Hurricanes rush P. C. back in gridiron opener. Furman 20 P. C. 12 Junior halfback Tony Cannignani and Furman s All-Southern fullback, Tom Campbell, led the Hurricane to a 20-12 win over P.C. in the curtain riser of the I960 football season. Furman drew first blood in the opening period when Billy Canty passed to Tom Walters on an 11-yard scoring strike. Sutton’s toe made it 7-0. The Blue Hose wasted little time, after recovering a Hurricane fumble in the second period, to cut the margin 7-6 at halftime. The Hurricane soared ahead 14-6 in the third period when Canty hit Carmignani for 20 yards and the second touchdown. But on the first play of the fourth period, P. C. once more cut the margin with another touchdown, 14-12. Then led by explosive runs of Tom Campbell, the Hurricanes put the game on ice in the fourth period, as Carmignani climaxed a 69-yard drive with a 12-yard scoring run. Bon Mosno Olan Him. Sophomore—Tackle Sophomore—Tackle Lahhy Jursos- Bill Newman Junior—Center Junior—End Furman 7 Tampa 7 The Purple Hurricane battled a stubborn Tampa football team to a 7-7 tie in their first road action of the 1960 season. The Spartans scored early in the first quarter giving them a 7-0 lead. In the second quarter Kemp and Campbell teamed up to shatter the Tampa defense. With 1:30 remaining in the half, Campbell on a play over left tackle angled for the end zone. Second half action proved fruitless for both teams. Drives lx)gged down as light rain blew across the field. Late in the game FU’s chances for victory faded on a fumble as Tampa took possession of the ball. Time ran out with the scoreboard reading Tampa 7; Visitors 7. 98 Cane defense downs Tampa ball carrier.Iii a rain-soaked Sirrine Stadium, the Hurricane blew away William and Mary’s chance for a conference victory. The running of fullback Tom Campbell and passing of quarterback Billy Canty proved to be the spark that fired the Canes to victory over the favored Indians. Canty completed 10 out of 15 passes for 09 yards, some on key plays. Campbell, the nation's fifth-ranked ground gainer going into the game, rushed for 97 yards in 23 carries. The Purples took the lead early in first-quarter action as the backfield teamed up to move the ball in combination passing and running attacks to the three-yard line. Canty hit Lott for a two-vard touchdown. W M later took to the warpath to tie the game. Second-quarter action was Furman all the way as they took a 10-point lead, highlighted by Shelly Sutton’s 35-yard field goal for the margin of victory. In the third quarter, the Indians moved ahead 21-18. Hurricane hopes looked dim as a bad snap to Roger Senter gave W M a two-point safety. The Hurricane soared back soon after as Sam Taylor intercepted a W M pass to move the Furman team ahead 25-23. Tom Camphki.i (34). Junior—Fullback—All Conference 'Canes Upset W M 25-23 In Conference Victory Campbell bombs through the left side of the William and Mary line for the T. L).Campbell chalks up yardage in wild fourth quarter. Furman Lashes Terriers In They say a game is never over until the final gun, and Furman s Purple Hurricane proved there was truth in this statement when they came from behind to trounce Wofford 41-26 in the fourth contest of the season. Playing listless ball throughout the first half. Furman found herself on the tailend of a 19-6 halftime score. But then a new Purple team came storming out for the second half and Wild Fourth Quarter completely slaughtered the hapless Terriers. With Bradley Fowler playing his final game, the Hurricane made mincemeat of the Wofford defense as they tallied 28 points in a wild fourth-quarter scoring orgy. After surging ahead 33-26 on a 10-yard run by Fowler, the Hurricane wrapped it up when Fowler once more raced toward pay dirt. Cadets apply pressure to Canty in Hurricane end zone. Bulldogs Nip 'Canes 7-6 In Season's First Defeat The first defeat was a bitter one, especially when it came at the hands of intra-state rival Citadel. lO.(KH) fans were on hand in Sirrine Stadium to see a tremendous defensive battle that The Citadel won 7-6 over Furman's never-sav-die Hurricane. A tension-packed first half saw The Citadel cough up the ball four times on fumbles at crucial points. With 1:30 left in the first half. Lady Luck finally proved it was playing no favorites. On this sunny afternoon a bad snap from center gave the ball to the Cadets on the Furman 12. From there the Cadets quickly pushed ahead 7-0. End Bill Cilgo kicked the all-important PAT which later proved the margin of victory. Showing they weren't going to roll over and play dead, Furman fought back and finally scored in the fourth period on a 10-vard pass from Canty to Senter. The attempt for two points after the TI) failed on the last scoring play of the game.Billy Canty. Junior—( J Joe Oi.likp, Sr.—Tackle—Co-Cant. Bradley Fowler, Junior—HU Jim Chapin, Junior—Guard Carroll Hartley, Soph.—Tackle Marvin Behlke, Sr.—T—Co-Capt. Homecoming Victory Drops Mississippi Baptists 32-20 Greenville, S. C., October 29. The Hurricanes salted away their fourth season victory in a game which uncovered some sophomore talent in the form of FB George Rapinclmk and I IB Jim Sumner. In exciting second and and third-quarter action the Purples hit the Mississippi Baptists with gale force to coast to a 33-20 victory. Quarterback Billy Canty clicked twice for the Furman I'D and Rapinchuk and Loth each pushed the score further up. The Choctaws’touchdowns were all the making of quarterback Alton Greenlia, former junior college All-American. Greenlia’s individual performance, however, made slight difference in the day that was Furman’s all-the-way. Furman rollouts over right side of Choctaws line to take lead.Crimson Tide Rolls Over Furman 51-0 The Hurricane’s worst defeat of the season was at the hands of top-ranked Alabama with a 51-0 score. The Hurricane, outmatched by the Crimson Tide, put up a struggle to the very end, but to no avail. The Purple forward wall should be singled out for its constantly hard knocking on both defensive and offensive playing. L J «, • t -. « Brunty moves ball as would-be tacklers litter field. 'Canes' Rally Stopped Short As Spiders Win 35-26 Toss-Up Once again Furmans gridiron warriors came up with a torrid fourth-quarter rally, but only to fall short of success. After spotting the Richmond Spiders a 27-0 lead, the Purple Hurricane l egan to flex its muscles. Led by Bradley Fowler’s spectacular overhead catch of a Billy Cantv pass for 50 yards, storm warnings were in the air. The desperate finish was only to result in a heartbreaking 35-26 defeat to the men from Virginia. Fowler drops Richmond tackier as Campbell rolls 34 yards. Roger Sentf.i» Sophomore—F. rid Sukixy SinrroN Senior—IIH—Co-Capt.Tom Walter Junior—End Ai. Martin Sophoi nor©—E nd John Dams Sophomore Ja k Sicahi- Junior—C Ckorok Rapinciivk Sophoinore—FB Ei.i on Brvnty Sophomore— Cumcr Angelica Junior—FB Furman Edges Wildcats 22-21 Davidson. N. C., November 19. The Wildcats of Davidson led the Hurricane almost the entire game until a Davidson fumble found sanctuary in the hands of Don Kemp. Three plays later, Kemp raced three yards for the touchdown to tie the game. Again Shelly Sutton’s toe hurled the gamewinning point. The Hurricane, in typical fashion, sent storm warnings flying in the fourth quarter to drop the Wildcats 22-21 in a close-fought tilt. The game marked Furman’s twelfth straight victory over Davidson in as many years. Kemp intercepts Davidson pass and moves to his own 10-vard line.Carmignani snags Canty’s pass for the first down deep in Tiger territory. Tiger Depth Stops Fighting Purples Clemson, S. C., November 26. "The best game of the season in Death Valiev ' is how Jim Anderson, Sports Editor, Greenville News, described the Tiger-Hurricane game. The Purple Hurricane kept a record crowd gasping and on the edge of their seats before submitting 42-14. For 50 minutes of playing time the Purple gave the men of Tiger Town a run for their money before the Clemson bench strength began to take its toll. The Hurricane, out to win, risked an onside kickoff with 10:27 left, as the Tigers came up with the ball. Clemson became the fourth-quarter team, scoring 28 points on the Hurricane. Many gridiron battles have individual standouts but the star of “Death Valley” was a purple jersied team that didn’t know "it couldn’t be done.” Tony Carmignani, Junior—IIB Bunny Biknkowski, Sophomore—End FRESHMAN TEAM. 1960. First Row, Left to Rigid: Bob Epling, Ccorge Hintls. Walter Crosby, Elliott Keller, Jimmy Fordhum, Ken Richey, Doug Dillard. Teddy Weeks, Donnie Highes, Doug Stacks. Second Row: Jim Norris. John Thurmond. Bill Chastain, Jim Coleman. Pete Laiongo, Sam Pickens, Whit Simnson. Doug Watkins, Jack Bethea. John Cook. Third Row: Al McAlister. Jack Nutter. Richard Kohn, Frank Feagle. Al Pope, ilavden Hayes. Doug Shaw. Danny Ferguson. Everett McTeer. Doug Bombay. l.YI.K-S Allky Head Ihnkcthall Coach Furman’s “splendid sophomores” aided the Paladins in this their best season since the days of All-Americans Frank Selvy and Darrel Flovd. Under the veteran coach Lyles Alley the Purples finished the season with a 15-10 record. Captained hy senior center Tom Conard, the baske-teers played above critics’ pre-season expectations. The lack of experienced varsity starters, other than Conard and senior guard Bobby Pinson, was more than compensated for by the team’s rapidly developed sophomores. The starting lineup for the Paladins throughout the entire season was 'Pom Conard, center; Bobby Pinson, guard; Bandy Blackwell, sophomore guard; Jerry Smith, sophomore forward; and Gerald Glur, sophomore forward. In quite a number of pinches, substitutes Charlie Jennings, Tony Etnvre, Bay Thompson, and Paul Goebel came through with flying colors. Paladin Sophomores Spark In Basketball Upswing First Row, Left to Rifilit: Coach Alloy. Charles Jenninns Bobby Pinson. Tom Conard. Jerry Smith, Gerald Glnr. Second Row: Harrs Stephens. Bryant Prentice, Tony Ktnyre. John Vickers. Randy Blackwell, Billy Tnnrentine. John Block.Glur dribbles into George Washington team. Furman Captures 2nd Annual Poinsettia Tournament Season Record: Won 15 Lost 10 Conference: Won 6 la»t 7 SEASON RESULTS Furman . . 58 Belmont Abbey . 54 Furman . . 54 Ca. Tech . . . 80 Furman . . 81 S. Carolina . . 63 Furman . . 89 Erskine .... 71 Furman . . 80 Wofford . . . 53 Furman . . 61 Davidson . . . 52 Furman . . 74 Richmond . . . 76 Furman . . 56 I.. S. U 55 Furman . . 62 The Citadel . . 56 Furman . . 78 Win. and Mary . 56 Furman . . 53 Clemson . . . 57 Furman . . 90 West Virginia . . 105 Furman . . 72 V. P. I 77 Furman . . 70 Clcmson . . . 61 Furman . . 92 The Citadel 81 Furman . . 84 Richmond . . . 81 Furman . . 87 West Virginia . . 96 Furman . . 57 Win. and Mary . 65 Furman . . 83 Oeo. Washington 74 Furman . . 66 The Citadel . . 78 Furman . . 93 S. Carolina . . 78 Furman . . 77 Wofford .... Furman . . 71 Davidson . . . 70 Furman . . 57 Florida State . . 99 Furman . . 81 V. P. I 103 The Paladins were characterized by a fast-breaking game with a never-say-die team. On the home court the Paladins lost only two our of fourteen, losing to West Virginia and V. P. I. On the road the team finished with a 3-8 record in regular season play. In two close encounters the Paladins captured the Second Annual Poinsettia Tournament with wins over L.S. U. (56-55) in a triple overtime and Citadel (62-56) in a double overtime. In the season's conference standings during regular play the team finished fifth, and in tournament play Furman lost its opener to the William and Mary Indians (86-84) in a triple overtime before -3.000 fans. Jerry Smith, the Corbin Comet II, led both the team and the conference in total scoring with 559 points for the season, for a 22.3 average. Conard followed with 456 points for a 19.0 average. Glur, the team's 6' 5" forward, was the man under the basket to lead the Purples in the rebound department. 107Goebel heads in as Spiders look on. Smith goes up as Tigers fail to block. Jerry Emitii, All-Conference Tom CoNahd. Team CaptainConard eyes GW defense as Paladins set up. CiiAnut; Jennings Cutird Cehai.i) Gi.ur Forward Bobby Pinson, Senior Guard Handy Buckwkll Guard John Viockhs Forward 109Smith drives through West Virginia Mountaineers.NlELD CORDON' Freshman Basketball Coach Baby Paladins Find Depth Big Problem The freshman basketeers, under the guidance of Freshman Coach Nield Gordon, turned in a very impressive season. The Baby Paladins, playing a mixture of junior colleges and freshmen teams, finished the year with 15 wins, 8 losses, and one tie. The losses included South Carolina Frosh, Davidson Frosh, Citadel Frosh, Georgia Tech Frosh, Gardner-Webb and Anderson Junior Colleges. Leading scorer for the Baby Paladins was guard LcRov Peacock who turned in a most promising season as a future addition to the varsity. The teams most improved player was Dave Selvy, brother of All-American Frank Seivv. Dave developed throughout the year and should also be in the thick of varsity action in coming years. Rounding out the first team were center John Lemmond, forward Bob Mill, and alternating guards Fred Mann and Buster Alley. Depth was the freshmen’s biggest problem, especially after the loss of four regulars at the beginning of second semester. Seated, Left to Ri ht: Kirk Stewart, John Lemmond. Bol Hill, Dave Selvy, Ix-s Heichcr. Standing: I-eRoy Peacock. 1-rcd Mann, Bill Schott. Bay Meredith, Del Lawrence. Buster Alley.Front How. Left to Hight: Von Bairefoot, Bobby Lloyd, Richard Castillo, John Boudoitdcs, Marvin Starr, Jim Martin. That! Talley. Second How: Coach Rohe. Jack Chalmers. Mickey White, Tony Etnyre, Jot- Monti, Paul Tanne r, Boh ilavclka. TRACKTony Etnyhk I tilth Jump Boiiiiy I.i.oyi , Mile llun Davk Skoal, 1960Olympic Bronze Medal Winner Furman's 1960 Thinclads Much Improved Team The 1900 Harriers, under the reign of track mentor Chuck Rohe, finished the season with a most successful showing. The Thinclads, fourth in the Southern Conference, placed second in the News-Piedmont Relays, and took third place in the State Meet. Regular season meets noted six wins and two losses. Wins were at the expense of Presbyterian, Stetson University, Georgia Tech, Davidson, Clemson. and the University of Tennessee. Losses were to Florida State and intra-state rival. The Citadel. Thad Tally, team captain, captured first place in the state 880 event and the ACC Indoor 880 race. Ken Garrett, considered the top weight man, took virtually every contest, including setting a new conference shot record. Other outstanding tracksters were Tony Etnyrc, high jump and broad jump; Richard Castillo, pole vault; Bobby Lloyd, 880 and mile; Charles Phillips, mile and two mile; Joe Monti, javelin and shot; and Gene Uscilowicz, shot and discus. Depth was a major problem for the team, and the addition in ’61 of sprinter Dave Segal, Eddie Hart in jumping events, and pole vaulter Bill Keel will aid greatly. This year’s Cross Country Team, with a great deal of distance talent, won the State Meet and placed third in the Conference Meet. Overall, the team finished with a 6-2 record. Top men for the Harriers were Thad Talley and Charles Phillips. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM. first How, lA-ft to Right: Dave Tyler. Danny Smith, Copplev Vickers. Eddie West. John Ryan. Otis Pcwett. Second How: Harry Miller, Jim Martin, Don Armstrong, Thad Talley. Charlie Phillips. Bobby Lloyd. Dixie Howell Baseball Coach Chewnings bat explodes against the Tiger nine. QaAa cxSJL SCHEDULE Furman . . 10 Pembroke State 15 Furman . . 4 Georgia Southern . 3 Furman . . 1 Miami (Fla.) . . . 2 Furman . . 3 Miami (Fla.) . . . 6 Furman . . 10 Wesleyan . . . 5 Furman . . 4 Hollins 13 Furman . . 5 Rollins 5 Furman . . 8 Stetson 6 Furman . . 6 Wofford .... Furman . . 11 Newberry .... 3 Furman . . 8 South Carolina . . 5 Furman . . 5 West Virginia . . 6 Furman . . 4 Newberry .... 5 Furman . . 7 Virginia Tech . . 3 Furman . . 4 Virginia Tech . . 1 Furman . . 5 Virginia Military . 4 Furman . . 10 Virginia Military . 8 Furman . . 18 Wofford .... 12 Furman . . 6 Davidson .... 1 Furman . . 0 William and Mary 3 Furman . . 9 William and Mary 4 Furman o The Citadel . . . 11 Furman . . 6 The Citadel . 11 Furman . . 6 Clcmson .... 4 Furman . . 4 Clemvon .... 3 Won 15 l.ost 9 Tied 1 Southern Conference: Won 6 Ia st -1 Shelly Sutton, veteran Meyer on the mound, outfielder. » 114First How. l cft to Hight: Newman, Meyer. Sutton. Turner, Settle, Carmignani, Loth. Chewning. Second How: Padgett, Abbott, Walters, Carter. Hancock. Hagen. Mason. Canty. Third How: Horton, Smith, Curtis, Howell, Foxworth, Shcftall. Taylor. Hornet Bats Prove Most Successful Season Led by the explosive bat of Phil Chewning and the steady mound performance of Doug Turner, the Furman Hornets turned in one of their most successful campaigns in years. With Coach Dixie Howell at the helm, the Purple and White charges of the diamond climaxed their season with a sweep of a two-game set over Clemson. Chewning topped the Hornet nine with a batting average of .419 and contributed 27 RBI. Following Phil at the plate was second baseman Norman Foxworth with a .330 BA. Then came Hicky Horton (.310) at third base and Shelly Sutton (.308) in the outfield. Turner’s earned-run average of 1.5 along with a 6-1 record led the Hornet pitching staff. Turner also proved to be a valuable asset at the plate with a .304 batting average. Sam Taylor (3-2) anti CoCo Meyer (3-3) also turned in notable exploits on the hill. 1961 should prove to be another victorious year in Furman Baseball for the entire bulk of the I960 team returns. Hicky Horton. Captain of the 1960 Hornet nine. IISFRESHMAN TEAM. Kneeling, lA-ft to Right: Roger Smoak. Jim Aiken. Ronnie Vauglm, Rocco Forte. (.Tiff Archibald, Charlie Jennings. Second Row: Johnny Davis. Robert Freeman, Faustyn Bienkowski, Jim Rent . Tom Williams. Dave Milner. Freshman Hornets' Record Hurt By Lack Of Depth Furman’s Freshman Baseball Team, under the steering of Coach Boh Jennings, completed its 1960 season with a 6-6 record. Wins were over Gardner-Webb Junior College, North Greenville Junior College. Parker High, Greenville High, and two wins over Anderson Junior College. The freshmen, paralysed by the lack of reserves, lost four games in as many encounters to the Tiger freshmen of Clemson College. Other losses were to Ridgcland High School and North Greenville Junior College. Tom Williams led the team’s hitting department with a .464 batting average, followed by Foustyn Bienkowski with a .446. Outstanding players in the field were centerfielder Ronnie Vaughn and shortstop Charlie Jennings. Some of the team’s main weaknesses were pitching depth and reserve strength. "Bienkowski. Jennings, and Davis should see varsity action in the future." predicted Coach Jennings. Others on the team were Roger Smoak, Jim Aiken, Ronny Vaughn, Rocco Forte, Robert Freeman, Jim Rent , Dave Milner, and Cliff Archibald. 116Sophomore Studded Netsmen Have Rough Road The Furman netters found a rough road in front of them as they trudged through a .schedule of 16 matches, capturing only two victories. These two wins came at the expense of Wofford College. The squad’s inexperience proved to be a big handicap throughout the entire season as the team was made up entirely of sophomores, except for one junior. Mike McCollom, native New Yorker, was the team’s one outstanding player. McCollom was backed by Ed Christmas, Larry Lampey, and Others. The 1961 team should show some improvement over last year's record with Stuart Skadden, Randy Blackwell, and Gerald Glur adding welcomed depth to the varsity. Coach Dick McGee, who completed his first year as coach, looks forward to the 1961 season. McCollom, number one man. Left to Right: Christmas. Lamplcy, McCollom, Skadden, Woodham, Hewitt.4 Craig tees off on the Furman links. Busbtr ami Prentice talk shop with golf mentor Cordon. Furman Linksmen Plagued By Inexperience Furman’s inexperienced golf team, under the direction of Coach Neild Gordon, finished with a 5-7 record. Highlights of the season were the team's trips to the State Tourney and the Conference Tournev in Mid Pines, . C. In both encounters the local linkers placed third. The key men of the team were Ralph Snipes and Charlie Busbee. Backing them up were senior Wesley Saylors, junior Mike McCallister, and sophomores Bryant Prentice and Earl Craig. The Linkers used the facilities of the Green Valley Country Club for their local matches. Left to Might: Coach Cordon. Craig. Snipes. Saylors. Prentice. Busbee, McCallister.Tom Player and Don Sentell, Head Cheerleader, rally the spirit of Hurricane fans. Gymnastic Feats Liven Cheerleader Routines The spirit that prevailed on campus this year was another part of the transition which is taking place as Furman enters a new era. The new era, in part, represents more unity plus better and more recognized interscholastic and intercollegiate activities. Playing a big role in this unified spirit were the Block “F” Cheerleaders composed of five boys and five girls. They were responsible for many successful pep rallies, new yells, and they entertained all the fans at the basketball contests. To spread their cause further, they appeared on television three times with various gymnastic stunts. After the siren was again allowed to be blown in Sirrine Stadium, this energetic group led the student body in full support of the Purple Hurricane. Donned in new uniforms, the squad was successful in spreading their enthusiasm. As they walked, talked . . . and worked for Furman spirit, they achieved respect and support from the entire student Ixxly. Kneeling, lu'ft to Right: Doji Scntcll, Head Cheerleader; Torn Player, Ken Sargent, Richard Hewitt. Bubba McAlhaney. Second Row: Dixie Littlejohn, Miriam Tniesdcll, Bremla Avery. Suzanne law. Top: Alice Tniesdcll. 119Seated, Left to Right: Don Scntcll. President. Jack Jcrnigan, Vice-President; Clurlw FayWilix, Secretary-Treasurer; Dave Milner. Reporter. Standing: Dave Barry, Coach Cottingham, Jim Dunlop, J k- Cuggino. Intramural Council Adds Don Skntkll President Bowling To FU Recreation The Intramural Council, with the cooperation of faculty director Walter Cottingham, directs and governs the various aspects of the intramural program. The Council's membership is made up of a representative from each campus organization sponsoring an athletic team. As facilities permit, more and more activities are offered. Gariy this spring, the Council added fowling to the growing list now consisting of volleyball, track, tennis, ping-pong, badminton, horseshoes, archery, golf, football, basketball, and softball. Each year at the All-University picnic, trophies are given to individual sports winners and individual players. In addition, the team with the best over-all record is declared Intramural champion. The purpose of the council is to create in all students an interest in athletic participation. 120WRA Sponsors Recreational Events For Furman Coeds Led by the executive council, Y. R. A. offers a varied program of activities to all women students of Furman. It sponsors intramural sports and tournaments in tennis, basketball, speed ball, softball, horseshoes, table tennis, and badminton. . R. A. recently began planning cook-outs, and it plays host to the other member schools of the South Carolina Athletic and Recreation Federation for College Women on special play days. The W. R. A. has realized success iu selling blazers at Furman and hopes the sale will become traditional. All activities planned by the recreational organization are in pursuit of its seven-fold purpose. The club was organized to guide all recreational activities of the woman s college, to promote a high standard of sportsmanship, to stimulate and maintain an interest in athletics and recreation, to encourage leadership, to give opportunities for the development of skill and form in sports, and to cooperate with other campus organizations in promoting and maintaining the highest standards of college life. All women are members of Y. R. A.; active membership is determined by the system which gives points for participation in sports. Y. R. A. officers are installed at the annual banquet in May. Judy Cook President Seated. Left to Right: Miss Martha Harrison. Advisor; Judy Conk. President; Mary- Beth Mason. Secretary; Jutlv Herring, Treasurer; Tish Penrman. Reporter. Standing: Mac Margaret Wosner, Nancy Lyons. Jan jolly, Bette Davis, Ann Lochridge, Linda Reeves, Joan Fox, Rowcna Courson. Judy Hrdlicka. Alice Truosdull. Joyce Davis. 121a ship of royal make is she, is her treasures from afar, her truth it is that makes us free, and shines her beacon like a star... The Religious Council of Furman has a twofold purpose. It discusses programs of the member organizations or any phase of religious life which is of interest to the student body. The Council is also responsible for planning and sponsoring religious activities of a campus-wide nature. Members of the Council are installed in April and include a representative from each religious organization, a member from Executive Council of Manly Hall, and a member of the Interfraternity Council. This year the members of the council were Dewey Smith. Chairman; Barbara Rodgers, Furman Cantrell. Sandra Roof. Hugh Kirby, Beth Kelly, Tina Looper, Paul Bragaw, Emmie Atkinson, Don Davis, and Mike Greer. Activities the Council participated in this year included Vespers and the religious discussion at Spring Camp. Religious Council also sponsored a dramatic presentation on international problems. The Religious Council has made a profound impression and will continue to influence religious activities on our campus. - Dr. Jack Fi.andp.rs University Chaplain Religious Organization Presidents Form Council Seated. Left to Right: Beth Kelley, Barium Rogers, Emmie Atkinson, Tina Looper. Standing: Marshall Hunt. Dewey Smith, Chairman: Furman Cantrell, Don Davis. Mr. Morgan Dukes. Advisor; Mike Greer. Hugh Kirhy.B. S. U. Programs For Spiritual Development The Baptist Student Union has become an integral part of life at Furman University. It strives to serve as a link between the college student and the local church. The B. S. V. centers its programs around the idea that college years are a time for religious development that will ultimately produce a well-founded belief in the spiritual realm of life. A student becomes a member of the Baptist Student Union when he joins a local Baptist church or any Baptist sponsored activity on the campus. With emphasis on daily devotions, Bible study, prayer, and active participation in local church organizations, the members of B.S. U. enjoy an active part in religious development. A feature of the B.S. U. which is certain to become a tradition is the welcoming party for freshmen at the beginning of the school year. At this party the freshmen have a chance to meet those students who have already been through the transition from high school to college. Religious Emphasis Week afforded a time when members of the B. S. U. could appear l)r. Townley Lord, visiting professor from England, was honorary guest speaker for Religious Emphasis Week. before the student lx)dv and introduce visiting speakers. The guest speakers for the week were Dr. Eric (diaries Rust, Professor of Christain Philosophy at the Southern Baptist Seminary; l)r. R. J. Robinson, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Augusta, and his wife; Dr. David Front is Watson, a Greenville doctor; Mr. Robert S. Denny. Associate General Secretary of the Baptist World Uliancc; and honorary guest. Dr. Townley Lord. This special week in the year at Furman offers all students an opportunity to learn from seminars, special chapel programs, evening services, and special conferences. Capable led by joint presidents Tina Loopcr and Hugh Kirby and Mr Morgan Dukes, Religions ctivities Director; the B.S.U. witnessed another successful year. Sftnulinn, First Row, I a-ft t Right: Thin I.ooper. President; Ilnsh Kirby, President: Jackie Coo| cr. Vice-President; Fran Monev, Sceretaru; Madeline Bragg Second Rote: Stanley Smith. Jane Lawrence. Judv Herring, Sarah Alice Herring, Neb i Baker. Third Rote: Charles Lawton, Jimmy laincaster. Laura Gaskins, Fmmic Atkinson. Joan Fox. Fourth Rote: Hubby Garrick. Alvin Brown, Gladys Futral. Jean Priinm. Fifth Row: Mr. Morgan Dukes. Ed l)acus, Hon i'rotman. Beth Kelly. Sixth Row: Jack Jernigam James Hevels. Judson Debra, Don Davis.Seated. Left to Right; Tina hooper. President; Hugh Kirby, President. Reba Baker. Jackie Cooper, Vice-President; Helen Dean, Linda Owens, 1-uura Gaskins, Jane Lawrence, Judy Herring, Madeline Bragg. Standing, First Row: Mary Ann Wham, Patsy Middle-ton, Pat Arnold. Carole Metcalfe. Frances Sumincy. Judith McKinney, Emily Lancaster. Betsy Dew, Joan Fox. Sue Ann Flint. Linda Smith. Sara Alice Herring, Belli Kelley. Second Row: Smiley Taylor. Jimmy Lancaster. Charles Iaiwton. John Hughes, Alvin Brown. Marie Wilson. Jane Looper, Peggy Hamrick, Emmy Atkinson. Fran Money. Gladys Futral. Sara Ann Tallon. Third Row: iudson DoBra, Stanley Smith. Buddy Revels, Ed Dncus, Jack Jcrnignn, John Singletary, Don Davis, Bobby Carriek, Mark Anderson, Idward Kay. B. S. U. Unifies Baptist Activities At Furman Hugh Kirby, Tina Looper Presidents Morgan Dukes Religious Activities Director 125Methodist Students Support Wesley Foundation Seated, lA.'jt to Right: Mike Crccr, President; Mike Crouch. Vice-President; Bill Osborn. Treasurer; Mary Helen Putman. Recreational Chairman; Glenn Miller. Publicity Chairman; Bonnie Wliitvm. Nancy Poston. Standing, Pint Rou Sue Wilson. Ginger Allison. Emmy Smith. Anne Matthews, Alice Franklin. Tressio Pratt, Marge Eddy, lane Wilbanks, Tonic Stroud. Second Rote: Jane Looper, Betsy Bridges, Gloria Lindler, Mike Sisk, Chapman Smith, Mills Bonnette. To provide a community in whicn students may explore the meaning of the Christian faith for their lives is the purpose of the Wesley Foundation on our campus. Methodist students come together with the belief that Christianity is relevant to all the problems of life and in the belief that this relevance can be known and understood. Wesley Foundation is sponsored by the Buncombe Street Methodist Church. Its doors are always open, and its facilities are available for students and faculty. Westminster Fellowship Maintains Dual Purpose Seated, Left to Right: Dewey Smith. President; Mary Cunningham, Vice-President; Marion Haynes, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing:: Jane Underwood, Jim Anderson, J. D. Daughtry, Gwen Corbett. Norris Shockley. Julia Meeks. This organization of Presbyterian students installs its new members at the beginning of the school year. In order to provide the spiritual and social growth which is the purpose of the organization, Westminster Fellowship held regular meetings in Greenville s First Presbyterian Church or in homes of church members each Sunday night. By membership in this club, Presbyterian students have the chance for full spiritual development in their college life. Varied projects are sponsored so that fellowship members may learn the importance of "leading by serving others.” 126Canterbury Club Has Largest Membership Ever The club for Episcopal students and those interested in this faith meets twice a month on campus to realize its aim of uniting students of the Episcopal faith and of combining religious activities with school curriculum. This year the Canterbury Club has set a new record for membership. The forty-four members, with two ministers as advisers, have planned religious discussions which were accompanied by movies. Guest speakers, outings, and church-centered activities complete the programs for this year. Seated. I a-ft tit Right Mursli.ill Hunt, President: Bette Davis Vice-President; Barbara Rodgers, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Kiegcl, Advisor, Nancy Causey. Standing. First Pine: Nina Lynn Johnson, Jayne Ellen Davis. Kitty Jordan. Jane Southwell. Elizabeth Parker. Jimmy Horton. Diana Bullock. Sandra Webb. Kay Ambrose. Second Row: Harriet Broom, Graham Farrell, Paul Brugaw, Bill Stcrnbergh, Meredith Whittingham. Earle Prevast, Dave Hobson. L. S. A. Plans Activities For Lutheran Students The Lutheran Student Association is that organization within the student congregation which strives toward a closer relationship with God through Christian fellowship, worship, service, and study. To deepen the spiritual and to enrich the temporal lives of its members, the Lutheran Association works throughout the year to plan a balanced program of religious, intellectual. and social activities. The Association met with the Clemson group this year. Pastor Milton Frick is adviser of the Lutheran Association. Left to Right: Sandra Roof. President: Toni Stuvcn. 127Y. W. A. Stirs Interest In Missions And Nations Membership in Y. V. A. is open to girls of all denominations who wish to know more about foreign mission work. During the monthly hall meeting, problems of foreign regions and their relationship to the world are studied by the members. Activities include monthly meetings, joint meetings, parties with the Ministerial Union. Work Week, and a study course in missions. Council and circle chairmen lead all activities. Seated. I a-ft to Hiuht: Beth Kelly, President; Frail Money. Vice-President. Rachel Sherwood. Vice-President; Nancy Lyons. Secretary; Barham Brown. Treasurer; Parma Tuten, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing. First How: Melissa Yolton, Elsa Carren, Rachel Carson, Betty Ann Lupbergcr, Sylvia Morris. Mary Hovas, Elaine tones, Emmie Atkinson. Second How: Jackie Cooper. Mary I ax-. Pat Arnold, Linda Bridges, Aleta Holbrooks, Beverly Simmons, Eleanor Anderson. A Growing Knowledge Of God-Aim Of Y.W.C.A. Seated, lA’ft to Hight: Emmie Atkinson. President. Sylvia Morris. Vice-President; Parma Tuten, Vice-President; Pot Arnold, Secretary-Treasurer; Anne Mathews, Secretary; Judy Herring. Treasurer. Standing: Alice Trnesdell. Floride Anderson, Rowena Courson. Sue Barker. Shirley Reeves. Kay Ammons, Patsy Aiken. Henrianne Connor. Betty Ann Lup-Iwrger, Mary Lee, Cail Miller, Fran Money. The women of Y. W. C. A. accept a four-fold commission and serve under one of the four: Social Responsibility, Christian Faith and 1 Icritage, World Relatedness, and Campus and Personal Affairs. All women of the Student Body are members of "Y Cabinet. Members are chosen from each class and installed in May. Founded in 1906, this Y.W.C.A. was the first college group in South Carolina, and members continue to work together under the original motto: "We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing Knowledge of Cod.” Activities of the ‘ Y include spring and fall retreats, and deputations to other colleges. 128Volunteers Represent Furman Ideals In Visits In order to represent Furman’s C Ii r i s t i a n ideals throughout the state, the members of Volunteers made trips to churches all over the state to take complete charge of the services. The Volunteers do their part in any phase of church work. By helping others, the Volunteers gain valuable experience in their chosen profession of religious service. The aim of Student Volunteers, to bring help and cheer to others, was given even broader meaning at the Christmas party at the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children. Seated, Left to Right: Jack McElhancy. President; Jane Lawrence, Madeline Bragg, James Revels, Tommy Pack, Fran Money, Laura Gaskins. Standing, First Row: Linda Owens, Frances Summcy. Pat Arnold. Judy Herring, John Hughes, Tommy Watkins. Johnny Singletary, Jimmie Farmer. Second Row: Mark Anderson, John Owens, Don Blount, Don Davis. Ed Dactis, Ira Cartee. Larry Porterfield, I. D. Lawson. Ministerial Union Creates Christian Bond Seated. Left to Right: Don Davis. President; Dave Evans, Vice-President; Jimmie Farmer, Jack McElhancy, Larry Porterfield, Ken Lawson. Johnny Singletary. Standing. First Row: Stanley Smith. Mark Anderson. Earle Craig, Tommy Watkins, Mickey Gamble, Aubrey Floyd. Roger Capps. Second Row: Don Blount, Buddy Revels, John Owens, Boh Hodgcns, Edward Dacus. Ira Cartee, Edward Kay, Tommy Pack. The Ministerial Union is composed of those students who arc preparing for some field of religious work. The aim of the Union is to create a IkiikI of Christian fellowship and to promote Christian ideals on the campus. It meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Members sponsor weekly services at the jail and cooperate with the Young Women’s Association in promoting socials and mission projects. At various times during the year outstanding speakers give messages designed to meet the needs of the ministerial students on campus. 129'twas Furman's hand that laid her keel and Judson set her ribs of steel... launched our dear alma mater...Plyler Completes Twenty-Second Year As President DR. JOHN LANEY PLYLER B.A., LLB., LLD., Litt.D. I)r. Plyler completes his twenty-second year as president of Furman University, and lie may proudly feel the spirit of a greater university; he may confidently walk in the theatre of his accomplishments. Never complacent, however, he continues to promote and encourage a sound educational philosophy which will lead steadily toward the liberating of minds in an environment that is beautiful, stimulating, and adequate. Furman students, faculty, and others admire him as an outstanding leader, friend, and Christian gentleman. 132Executives Set Academic Standards Left to Right: Aijbkrt E. Tinas, Th.D. Dean of the University Eldredce Nl. Caskey, B.A. Bus. Manager and Treasurer Geo. A. Christknberry Ph.D. Administrative Director Left to Right: Olivia Futcii, Ph.D. Dean of Women's College Charles W. Burts. Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Studies Francis VV. Bonner. Ph.D. Dean of Men's College Left to Right: DuPrk Rhame, B.Mus. Director of the Division of Fine Arts Albert E. Tibbs, Th.D. Director of the Division of llutnanities John A. Southern. Ph.D. Director of the Division of Physical Sciences Not Pictured: Joseph C. Ellett, Ph.D. Director of the Division of Social StudiesFaculty Of Administration And Department Heads In Their Academic Pursuits Fi .etcher Allen, B.A. Director of Sews Service Virginia Marsh Arey, B.A. Acting Registrar of Womans College Garland Carrier, B.A. Bursar, Womans College Marguerite Chiles, M.A. Director of Student Personnel, Woman's College Victor Morgan Dukes. B.D. Director of Religious Activities Henry Jackson Flanders, Tli.D. Chaplain of the University Ralph E. Flint, B.A. Auditor Raymond W. Heatwole, Ph.D. Director of Community College Alice Holi.aday, M.S. Social Director of the University George II. Latiikm, M. A. Assistant to the Director of Admissions and Registrar of the Men’s College David C. Pulley. Ph.D. Director of Summer School Charles L. Rasor, M.A. Registrar and Director of Admissions, Mens College Luther Smith. M.A. Director of Development and Public Relations Dorman Gladstone Stout, Jr., M.A. Director of Student Personnel. Men's College John Douglas Sykes. S.M. Assistant to Dean of Men’s College 134Supervise Students Lyles Alley, M.A. Athletic Director Reece Blackwell, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Francis Wesley Bonner, Ph.D. Professor of English Wilbur Carr, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Joseph Carlyle Ellkit, Ph.D. Professor of Economics Paul Lewis Fisher, Ph.D. Professor of Ccology Henry Jackson Flanders, TIi.D. Professor of Religion Thomas E. Flowers, A.M. Assistant Professor of Art Delbert Harold Gilpatrick, Ph.D. Professor of History Ernest Eugene Harrill. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science (Acting Head) Carroll Henry Leeds, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology Sara Lowrey, M.A. Professor of Speech Arthur Henry Moeiilenbrock, Ph.D. Professor of Modern languages Donald W. Packard, Ph.D. Professor of Music Charles S. Patterson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry John Poland Patty, Ph.D. Professor of Physics David Clarence Pulley, Ph.D. Professor of Education Charles D. Biddle, M.S. Professor of Biology Jefferson Davis Sadler, Ph.D. Professor of Classical languages ALBERT Elias Tibbs, Th.D. Professor of Philosophy Acting Professor of Sociology Lt. Colonel Dallas C. Wade Professor of Military Science and Tactics 135Over Forty-Five Per Cent Of The Furman Faculty Ann: It. Adams Assistant Librarian Winston C. Babb, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History I it a Lee Baker. M.A. Assistant Professor of journalism and ling list i J WIES J. Bahbkk. MAI. Assistant Professor of Music Virginia Hutu Barnes, M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economies Robert Di ( an Bass. Ph.D. Professor of English | mks Braniiam, A.B. Instructor in History Elizabeth Biusendink, M.A. Assistant Professor of Health ami Physical Education Edward T. Brown. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education Cn s. Watsox Burts. Pli.D. Professor of Psychology (Catherine B. Calhoun, M. . Assistant Professor of Art Ruth F. Campbell. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Moslem Languages Aim i n Cocoins. M.A. Associate Professor of Mtuh rn Languages Wai.tkr Gotti sch am. M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education John Henry Crabtree. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Hour. Wilson Crapes, Th.D. Assistant Professor of Religion Jui.i Dari.inuton. Ph.D. Professor of Biology Sarah VI. Davenport, B.S. Instructor in Home Economics Elizabeth Donn ij , M.A. Assistant Professor of English Thom s Dr ki . .M. Assistant Professor of PoPtical Science Shirley I.. Duncan. B.A. Instructor in Music Hugh B. Easier. M.A. Instructor in Mathematics I. i it v Smith Euaugii. M.A. Associate Professor of Sociology I) n . Ellis. M.Mns.Ed. Assistant Professor of Music 136Hold Doctorate Degrees From Ranking Universities Capt. D. W. Fkrehee, Jr., B.S. Assistant Professor of Military Science Olivia Kutcii, Ph.D. Professor of Education Mki a Gilpatrick, M.A. Associate Professor of English Robert Gongola. B.S. Assistant Eoothall Coach Nkiu Gordon, B.A. Assistant Basketball Coach ami Coif Coach Martha Harrison, M.Ecl. Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science David Howell, B.A. Head lintel tall Coach Francis B. Jennings, Jr.. B.A. Assistant Football Coach James Vm. Johnson, M.B.A. Assistant Professor of business Administration Allen Woodrow Jones, 1. . Associate Professor of History Schaefer Kendrick, LL.D. Assistant Professor of Economics Joe Madison King, Th.D. Associate Professor of Religion Robert B. King, B.A. Head Football Coach Myron Kocher. A.M. Assistant Professor of Modern l anguagct Martin M. I.eimsto, B.A. Instructor in SpCCi'h Wm. Francis Loccins, Ed.D. Professor of Education Nora Emily Mcllens, M.A. Assistant Professor of biology Thomas Ray N’anney, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Margaret E. New11 ri , Ph.D. Associate Professor of Modern languages Arnold E. Pi tman, M.Mus. Associate Professor of Music Capt. Philip N. Reed. B.S. Assistant Professor of Military Science Alfred S. Reid, Ph.D. AfsiK'iatr Professor of English Alice RcyH Reid. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education DuPri Rh MI . B.Mus. Professor of Music 137 safuFurman's Ideal Faculty-Student Ratio Provides Students With Increased Individual Attention Chaju.es Hour, M.A. Assistant FoothulI Coach ami Track Coach (’apt. R. Richardson, B.S. Assistant Professor of Military Science Dorothy Highly, Ph.D. Professor of Speech C. Lela.nd Rodgers. M.A. Professor of biology David W. Rogers, M.E 1. Assistant Professor of Education Albert Neely Sanders. Ph.D. Associate Professor of History Charlotte R. Smith. M.A. Assistant Professor of Music David A. Smith. Th.D. Assistant Professor of Religion W. L. Smith. Doc.Sac.Mus, Associate Professor of Music Ethel Southern. B.L.S. Assistant Librarian John A. Southern. Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry James T. Stewart. Ph.D. Associate Professor of English Wesley O. True, M.M. Assistant Professor of Music Robert Tucker. Ph.D. Librarian Edw rd P. Vandiver. Jr., Ph.D. Professor of English Wii.i.i m Walker. B.A. Instructor of Health and Physical Education M HC RET Weaver. B.A. Cataloguer. Library Vernon White, M.A. Assistant Professor of Sociology 138FU Staff Complements Administration And Faculty Saha Bki.uk Director. University Semitei Fredda Borokk _ Secretary, Athletic Department V'kha E. Bhockman Secretary. Adminidratiee Director Ink . I’. Burns Stvftchlxiortl ilperator J. T. Chh.es Superintendent of Ruildmgt and Transportation Ki.izaiii.im Christian, B.A. ftirtTjrtlonlrt Nelson Claud Policeman (). K. Edwards Policeman Maiuan P. Fahiiah Huriness Office Secretary Dorothy Johnson Gknthy Pottmlrtrc.U Jknnv Hallman Secretary, Library VIRGINIA HaUI.HROOK Secretary, Office of Development Jane Ann Hkahsev. B.A. Secretary and AttUtunt to Admiitiom. Woman's Collette Geneva Henderson. B.N. Nunc Lohanne Jordan Attittant Dietician, Furman University Shirley Kerns Typist. Library John M. King Auditor Zkdihe B. I.athem Policeman Ann W. Lawton llookkccper Gaii. .Mahafeey Circulation Atsixlant. Vm»j in‘i College Ramona Manky Secretant MahEL V. MaRCHETH' Itcrident Counselor. Manly Hall Agnes Martin Secretary, Development Office Ragheai, Martin Reference and Serial Librarian Virginia Meyer Secretary, Registrar Jessie E. Mllkky Anittrtnt Dietician, Woman's College All.KEN MUl.t.lNAX Sccretriro. Summer Senium Anna O’Brien Secretary, Dean of tin Vnirerdty Koiieht A. Pkdkn Policeman Mary Ann Korkins Secrrtan . Woman's Collette Julia Sharks Cashier I MO Tumhi.in Resident Counselor, Woman's College Mary Wahdlaw Admissions Secretary Helen Wood. R.V V me. W'om' n’t College Kate Wyatt Hottest and Director of Homing, Woman's College Rosie Jean Wynn Catalogue Typist Siiiri.ky Young Secretary to Dean, Woman College 139a mother gentle, fair, and wise and grave with weight of storied lore...Seated, First Rou. Ia’R to Right: Sue Ann Flint. Lynn Williams, Janet Southern. Bucliel Slarwood, Bennie Lee Lewis. Second Row: Jim McElvcvn, Bill lloek, Mr. Kranlumi, Advisor; Mr. Baker. Advisor; Marshall Frady, Buddy Bevels. Journalistic Standards Set By Publications Board Jim PuHCKIX Chairman The Publications Board plays a vital part in the literary activities at Furman. Student members besides chairman Jim Purcell are Janet Southern, Sue Ann Flint, Buddy Bevels, and Jim MeElveen. Faculty and administration members include Dr. John L. Plyler, Mr. Eldredge Caskey, Mr. James Branham, and Mr. Ira Lee Baker. Editors and business managers of all the publications completes the membership of the Publications Board. The editors and business managers have a vote only in the election of their respective successors. The members of the Board are installed at the end of each school year. Membership is by appointment except that of editors and business managers, who are elected. The Board was established for the following purpose: to provide a satisfactory way to select editors and business managers for the different publications, to adopt publications budgets, to coordinate advertisement solicitation, to determine publication scholarships, and to counsel on controversial matters. Each publication is responsible for its own content. The Board does not dictate the policy a publication shall follow. Any editor, business manager, or staff member who receives a scholarship may be removed from office for sufficient cause by a three-fourths vote of the Board. 141Lynn Williams Editor Ron Thotman Business Manager Hornet Has First Woman Editor In Furman HistorySPORTS STAFF. Left to Hint it: Jot Guggino, Dow Colot, Jolm Rouse, Dave Milner. FEATURES STAFF. Seated. Left to Right: Parma Tuten. Standing: Chuck Graham. Richard Cassady. Bennie L -c Lewis. Published weekly (with a few exceptions), the Hornet continued its forty-five year old tradition of bringing to the student body news of all phases of University life. Lynn Williams served as the first woman editor for the newspaper, while Ron Trotman was business manager. These positions are filled by Publications Board election, and other staff positions arc filled by appointment by the editor and business manager. The Hornet continued its membership in the Associated Collegiate Press and the Columbia Scholastic Press. Early this year, the Hornet was notified that it had earned an All-American rating from Associated Collegiate Press for the spring semester of 1959-60. Only four other college newspapers in the nation in the Hornet's category received the honor. This COLUMNISTS. Left to Right: Roger Steven son. Marshall Frady. Jim McElvecn. marked the ninth semester that the Hornet has been named All-American. One of the largest “working'’ staffs in recent years worked faithfully to bring the paper out each week, presently a balanced diet of news, features, columns, and editorials. I Iomecoming was spotlighted in a special, enlarged edition, and complete coverage was accorded each event in the University s Fine Arts Series. The Hornet again provided on-the-scene coverage of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Richard Cassady continued as Hornet cartoonist, and the addition to the staff of photographer George Lott made possible increased pictorial coverage of news and sports events. Dr. Alfred S. Reid was named “faculty member of the year" by the Hornet staff who also chose seniors Nancy Dew and Tom Drake as "students of the year." The fraternity issue was named top news story of I960. Students of the journalism department supplemented the efforts of the staff. Again published by Hiott Press of Greenville. the Hornet appeared in tabloid form for the fourth year.The Hornet Staff tabors as the Thursday night deadline draws near. Student Handbook Christened Helmsman In 1960 If not as immediately prominent as its sister publications, the Helmsman nevertheless is as vitally involved in student affairs. As its name implies, the Helmsman serves to steer students through the sometimes tricky matters of campus citizenship. Covering every detail of student life from what-to-wear-when to the football schedule, from student officers to campus clubs, from important phone numbers to the student government constitutions, the Helmsman has been fittingly called the "bible" of campus life. Like the Bonhomie, the Helmsman is a publication that makes but one appearance each year. Months of behind-the-scenes preparation, in which every point of information from last year’s ! ook must be re-checked and many sections completely overhauled, finally culminate in the Helmsmans single annual flowering at the beginning of the Universitvs session in the fall. But if the Helmsman buds but once, it quite actively lasts throughout the year. Its initial service comes late in the summer before school, when it is sent to the incoming freshman class as a first intimate introduction to the spirit and character and manner of Furman life. During orientation, freshmen are required to pass a test on its content before final official acceptance. The Helmsman is also distributed to all student leaders, who put it through what is probably its most strenuous and prominent performance at Spring Camp. Mahmiai.i. Fhaoy, Editor Kaciiaki. $iii:ii vool , Assistant Editor 144Bknnik I.kk Lewis Editor Marshai.i. Fiiaoy Assistant Editor Echo Captures State Trophy At 1960 SCSPA Meet The Echo, the campus literary magazine, functions as an outlet for student creative writing and art illustration. This years winter and spring issues introduced a new format and the use of illustrated stories. Edited by Bennie Lee Lewis with Marshall Frady serving as assistant editor, the Echo's faculty adviser was Dr. Alfred S. Reid. ECHO STAFF AND CONTRIBUTORS. Standing, Left to Riaht: Rachael Sherwood. Janet Southern. Chuck Graham. James Worrell, Jim MacEIvccn, Marshall Frady, Martha Holland. Ed Coulter. Seat I'd: Benny Lee Lewis.Ed Anderson Business Manager Henry Kino Spoils Editor Bonhomie Draws Record Crowd Alice Hawlinson Assistant Editor I'rances Summey Womens College EditorEiaixe Jokes, Gail Martin Class Editors Parma Tuten, Mima Boknette Feature Editors At '61 Campus Beauty Contest I.ks Hi'dson, H.O.T.C. Editor Cokally Buhcess, Social Editor BONHOMIE STAFF Seated. Left to Right: Elva Garren. Man Marchb.mks. Miriam Bailey, Samira Mirenghi. Nancy Ridgeway, Lu Anne League. Standing: Nancy Lee Owen. Barbara Rodgers. Norris Shock lev. Gwen Corlx-tt. Buddy Brock. Louise Kington). Harold Foster. Alice Cleveland. Lynn Jack. Sot Pictured: Dong N e, Sandra Roof. Toni Stroud. Brenda Williams.Mary Ann Wham. Ron Goodwin Copy Eddon Robin Scarborough Bktty Ann Lupbbucer Organization Editors Anna Betii Smith. Robert Woodham Faculty Editors May Margaret Wesnkh, Judy Cook Office Managers Twelve long months ago the members of the 1961 Bonhomie Staff shoved hopes of scholastic attainments aside for blunt pencils, stacks of copy, files of photographs, and a temporary office in a windowless storage room. The first rays of optimism were soon blighted when the cheerful little man from Randelle arrived on campus to photograph fourteen hundred students and threatened to quit after the first week. Gail and Elaine will never forget half the student body showing up on those last two days. Fast on the heels of class pictures came the Bonhomie Beauty Contest and the mad rush to make fans for the forty-seven contestants. Robin and Betty Ann scheduled organization pictures for three nights in Octol er, and three nights and four afternoons later we finished. Ron and Mary Ann experienced that desperate struggle of squeezing copy out of busy organizations. Those January and February deadlines—forty-eight characters per forty-four pica line, thirteen words per square inch, pictures missing, copy to be rewritten, waiting for Hand and Torch to l e announced, basketball pictures to be taken, general confusion—will never l e forgotten. Finally the fifteenth came, and the editor scrambled around to pull up a 1.3 average. The staff appreciates the encouragement from interested student l ody members; the support and invaluable aid of the administration; the patience of our advisers, Miss Elizabeth Donnald and Mr. Luther Smith; the untiring efforts of engraver Price Coursey and printer Ed O’Cain; and the combined photographic work of Neil Gillespie, Ken Walz, Bobby Scott, and Rawlins-Alien Studio. We have not l een able to please everyone, for this is impossible; but the staff hopes that the Bonhomie contains for you the best of Furman in 1960-61.She greets us with love's radiant eyes... 149That brief, critical moment ail alone out there in the spotlight . . . And then, to the next girl waiting off in the shadows, comes the whisper, “Get ready . . . ’ A galaxy of the fairest young ladies of Furman present themselves before the judges’ table. Forty-Seven Campus Coeds Vie For Beauty Title Now, the girls gather in the lobby outside before the contest, their lavish gowns rustling, a few voices murmuring. jewelry twinkling in the dim, and hushed excitement. Solemnly, quietly, the girls apply delicate, consummate finishing touches in the dressing room.Presenting MISS BONHOMIE 1961 Miss Martha Belle Brunson Sumter. South Carolina . . . sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon ... veteran beauty contestant... the eyes have it . . . always talking . . . captures Miss Bonhomie title as sophomore.Miss Nancy Causey Cheenvillk, South Carolina . . . sponsored by Canterbury Club . . . fashionable junior . . . sports enthusiast . . . dark eyes enhance olive complexion.Miss Robin Scarborough Lamak, Soihi Caboun v . . . sponsored by Furman Singers . . . Sophomore Homecoming Attendant . . . regal poise and quiet charm . . . fatal combination of beauty and brains. 153Miss Delle Wilder Gustos, South Carouna . . . sponsored by Women’s Freshman Class ... a smile for everyone . . . Home-coming Attendant . . . natural beauty within and without. Miss Suzanne Law Moncks Corner, South Carolina . . . sponsored bv Blue Key . . . vivacious cheerleader . . . golden hair and radiant smile . . . senior voice major.Miss Jane Wilbanks Nkw Albany, Mississippi . . . sponsored by Kappa Alpha . . . featured majorette with Furman band . . . smouldering eyes and raven hair . , . adds laurels to beauty fame as freshman Honmomik finalist.Miss Elva Garren Grkknvmj.k. South Carolina . . . sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . petite sophomore . . . often found in student publications oifice . . . clear blue eyes and silver blonde hair.and chains our hearts forever more...Caponsacchi Is First Guild Play In McAlister... The Pope (Judson DcBra) pronounces judgment on the treacherous Guido (Ed Dacus). The Guild, composed of students who have been active in play presentation, promotes interest in drama at Furman. Prospective members must acquire a certain number of points by working backstage and by being in the casts of plays. Under the direction of Dr. Richey of the speech department, the Guild presented three plays this year. The first production w as Quality Street by Sir J. M. Barrie on October 20 and 21 in the Fine Arts Auditorium of the Women’s College. History was made on the nights of December 2 and 3 when Caponsacchi was presented in the new McAlister Auditorium. The period of waiting was over and the dream of a great Furman had come true for the able director. Dr. Richey. The final production for the year was Beggar on Horseback by Kaufman and Conley on March 9 and 10. Ensign Blade gives Phoebe and Susan a big Ixnv in the Theatre Guild's first production for the year. Quality Street. 160Standing, First How, lA-ft to Right: James Warrcll, President; Elaine Jones. Vice-President: Nancy Maurer, Treasurer; Irby Darnell, Nina Lynn Johnson, Bennie Lee Lewis, Dr. Richey. Second Row: Paul Bragaw, Suzanne Sewell, Erlvvin Dacus, Harriet Broome, Harold Foster.Pep Club Members Enliven Furman School Spirit Formed in 1951 to provide a nucleus around which many activities could grow, the Pep Club has the distinct purpose of enlivening school life. The club is composed of two per cent of the student body plus the cheerleaders. Interested persons may apply for membership at the end of each semester. The club was active this year selling ribbons before each football game. The ribbons had such appropriate messages as "Hold The Citadel,’ "Hurricanes B-E-A-T Mississippi,” and “Wallop the Terriers.” The appearance of real school spirit this year was bailed as a great triumph. At football games it first became evident that Furman supporters had a team worthy of waves of cheers, and the students responded by following the cheerleaders. As the year passed, spirit gained momentum and occasionally there could be heard, “Rip ’em up, tear ’em up— Furman give ’em—.” That is now just part of a successful year that will be long remembered. Kuril Fostkh President Seated, l jt to Right: Keith Foster, President; Norman Schubert, Vice-President; Mac Margaret Wesner, Secretary; Bronchi Avery, Treasurer; Libby Harrill, Marge Eddy, Parma Tuten. Standing, First How: Jackie Cooper, Martha Thomason. Dixie Littlejohn. Carolyn Maddox, Sue Ann Flint, Suzanne Law, Alice Tniesclell. Carolyn Metis. Second How: Bob Evans. Jane Lawrence. Julia Meeks. Tommy Pack, Carolyn Hudgens. Rowena Courson, Tom Player. Chet Nations'. Boyce Saver. Third How: Alvin Brown. John Hughes, Henry King, Don Sente!!, Jim Bowers.Circle K Since its beginning on the Furman campus in 1956. Circle "K" has done much to realize the ideals of true "Furman Spirit." Exhibition of leadership and a willingness to serve others are the basis for membership in the service club sponsored by Kiwanis International. All members of the men’s student body are eligible to become a part of this organization. Striving to maintain the ideals of truth, honor, and love is the purpose of Circle "K". Seated, Left to Right: Aubrey Floyd, Vice-President; Jim Purcell. Tom Player, Larry Ayers. Standing: Norman Foxworth, Richard Murdoch, Cary Sinbuk, Jack Me Elhaney. Buddy Revels, Gaines Mason. Argonauts The stated purpose of the Argonauts is to live among the freshmen and serve them in the capacity of advisors. The Argonauts are most active during the first three months of the school year. Since the Argonauts live in the freshman dorm, they are always available to give advice on academic and personal matters. New members for Argonauts are nominated and voted on by the entire group of current members. The persons selected for membership in this service organization are installed during a chapel program in the spring. Seated, Left to Right: Richard Murdoch. Buddy Revels, President. Mike Sisk. Vice-President; Tommy Pack. Larry Ayers. Standing: John Hughes. Johnny McKeown, Aubrey Floyd. Ron Trotman, Judson DcBni, Cecil (,)uattlcl aum, Jim Purcell. James Lancaster. American Chemical Society The American Chemical Society chapter at Furman has been active in providing interesting movies and lectures to keep the members informed of contemporary developments in science. Members must have a high scholastic average; they must l o approved by the chemistry faculty and must be chemistry majors. New members are installed in February of each year. The movies shown in meetings are on now developments in the fields of chemical research and chemical engineering. The American Chemical Society members assisted in handling concessions at the high school science fair last year. The annual picnics are the highlights of each school year. Seated. Left to Right: Paul Sartwrll. President; Stan Sheftall. Vice-President; Marge Eddy. Secretary-Treasurer; N.iwal N.imik. Norma Lee, Betty Hydrick. Standing: Mary Jane Taylor. Ken Sargent. Nancy Blackwell. Marvin Woodson. Roger Stevenson. Hank Reynolds. E. W. Rayburn. Carolyn Causey.Psychology Club The Psychology Club, composed of psychology majors and minors, gives professional attention to problems the members may face in their future work and gives the students an opportunity to broaden their understanding and knowledge of the various fields of psychology. In monthly meetings. psychologists and psychiatrists bring to the club new methods and ideas in contemporary practice. Information gained in the club supplements that gained in class lectures. Seated. Ixff to Itiuht: Hugh Mims. Thom leaning, Harriet Broom. Kilty Jordan, I-con Smith, Gerald Roper. Sociology Club Monthly programs reflect the desire of the Sociology Club to provide members with a broader understanding of social problems and of fields of social work. The members, who are majors or minors in sociology and other interested persons, are given an opportunity to hear foreign students tell of social problems in their particular native countries and to talk with professional social workers as they describe methods in practice and openings for social workers in local communities or in larger world community. Programs of this year included the September panel discussion by summer workers in the New York Camp and the December tea for professional workers. Seated: June Smith. President; James Adams. Vice-President; Judith Howard, Secretani-Treasurer; Gloria Lindlcr. Publicity Chairman; Mary Helen Putnam, Clayton Herndon. Standing, First Row: Elaine Jones, Patsy Harvey, Sara Da sis, Gwen Webb, Rowcna Courson, Brenda Scruggs, Elva Garret). Second Rote: Jim Keown. Kay Ammons, Jane Stotidcnnirc, Judy Cook. Hugh Mims, Margo Carter. P. E. Majors Club Those persons who are majoring in any phase of physical education are eligible for membership in the Physical Education Majors Club. The aim of the club is to promote championship through shared interests. Members arc persons preparing for careers as coaches, teachers, physical therapists, and directors of church recreation. One activity of the club is to teach members proper procedure for treatment of injuries attained in athletic contests. Seated: Peggy McGee, Peggy Hurling. Dale Byrd. Joy McDoitgull Snipley. Standing: Don Seiitell. Harold Batson. Ginger Kelley, Dr. Reid. Advisor; Eddie Hutchins. Mr. Walker, Advisor.International Relations Club This club, wide awake to contemporary world problems, seeks to promote an interest in international affairs and to develop ability in discussing intelligently contemporary conditions and current events as they become of note. Because of its desire to stimulate a feeling of good will between nations, IRC has merged with the Cosmopolitan Club, and foreign students receive a special invitation to join and to exchange national ideas. Typical programs of this year have been movies on foreign countries, such as “A Tour in Europe." debates and open discussions on domestic or foreign political affairs, and talks by foreign students. Advisor of the group is Dr. Harriil. Seated: Nawal Namik, President: Sylvia Brown, Vice-President; K 1 Mitchell, Vice-President: Norma Lee Secretary-Treasurer; Glenn Miller, Publicity Chairman; Kitty Jordan. Standing, First Haw: Elaine Jones, Nancy Lee, Sue Wilson. Trcssie Pratt, Rowena Courson, Mary Jane Taylor. Jayne Ellen Davis, Myrna Dove. Second Row: I launch Lucas, David Zippcrcr, Tineke Hietkamp, Gwen Corbett. George Moore, Earl Craig. Le Salon Francais Le Salon Francais is composed of students recommended by the French professors and is organized to give members an opportunity to gain proficiency in the French language and interest in French literature and culture. Students present monthly programs in French and invite guests to tell of experiences with French-speaking peoples. Programs this year have featured Ilanncli Lucas speaking of the educational system of Germany and Mary Jane McCoy showing slides of France and speaking on her year’s study in France. Seated: Haley Pyle. President; Barbara Hedgers. Vice-President; Elizabeth Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Coggins. Advisor. Standing, First Row: Linda Barlngo, Anne Allen. LuAnne League, Nancy Smith, Parma Tutcn, Sue Ann Flint. Second Row: Robert Bell. Frances Snm-mey, Mary Jane McCoy. Barbara Repko. Eleanor Anderson. Nancy Jones. Music Club The Music Club of Furman is organized for students interested in promoting music appreciation. The Club offers members a chance to become familiar with a wide range of music. Programs during the year include guest performances by well-known artists, faculty members, and music students. Music groups from neighboring colleges perform at various times throughout the year. The Music Club at Furman has had a long and active history. Seated: Kitty Kennedy. President: Billy Carmichael. Vice-Prcsident; Mary Cunningham. Vice-President: Alcta Holbrooks. Secretary-Treasurer; Suzanne Law, Beverly Simmons. Kathryn Cogburn. Standing, First Row: Mr. True. Nancy Walker, Ginger Forrester. Sara Ann Tallon. Emily Lancaster. Louise Peter. Jam Fox, Smiley Taylor. Julie Martin. Ann Anshus. Second Row: Betty Ann Luplx-rger. Camille Criifin. Kay Nidiffer. Sarah Patsy Miller. Gwen Danby. Wayne Coojxt, Pat Wylie, Joel Harris. Luther Townsend.The Furman Singers Complete 16th Year The Furman University Singers, under the direction of Dupre Rhame, is the school's outstanding choral good-will ambassador. The Furman Singers is a sixteen-vear-old organization which is composed of selected Furman students by individual auditions. The auditions for hopeful members are held at the beginning of each school year. This year the Singers sang for the South Carolina State Baptist Convention in Charleston in November. The outstanding rendition of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” was a highlight of the convention. On December 6. I960 after a delay because of power failure, the Singers combined with the choir of the First Baptist Church and many Furman Singer graduates to sing its silver anniversary performance of Handel s “Messiah” in the new McAlister auditorium. The Singers once again played an important part in Religious Emphasis Week by presenting the special music each night. David Redd. Accompanist Jimmy Graham, President The Singers in action!UuPhk Hicamk Director This year the annual spring tour of the Fur-man Singers was to South Carolina towns and cities. Tours in the past have attracted many students to enter Furman and become members of this choral group. In cooperation with the Speech Department, this year the Singers presented the operetta “Sweethearts by Victor Herbert. The operetta each year proves to be the highlight of the year for the Furman University Singers. Personnel SOPH A NO Allen. Anno Anshu . Ann Beam, Carole Hon ling. Jytnmic Nell Brown. Arah Cantrell, Hairlcttv Guriev, Mary Dunby, Owen Dew, Betsy Oilman. Iasi Eskew, Joan Floyrl, June Gordon. Sandy Hamrick, Peggy Hartley, Ami Hull, Virginia foner, Elaine onion, Kitty inn|K-r, Jane linghoru, larune Kirby. Elinor Ude, Bab Martin. Jnlfe Mathews. Anne McJkv, Janet Miller. Becky Owens. Linda Page. Sheila Pmlon, Nancy Powell. Shell .- Reeve . Shirley Saudi, Carolyn Scarborough, Robin ScnjKg , Brenda Siogh-r. I hylli Sightlcr, Irene Simmon . Beverly Smith. Emmy Smith, lime Stull . Marie Tnllon, Sarah Ann Taylor, Lynn Williamson. Barbara ALTO AmmorW, Kay Andenon, Eleanor Austin. Sydney Buss, Fuvc Broom, Harriett Brumfield. Anna Chapman, Eleanor Fall . Brenda Famliam. Luneillo Criifin. Camille Harbin. Sally Hardy. Susan Haynes, Marion Hud)(en , Carolyn Kelly. Beth Lama . Jeanette Uiinnlir, Emily l.eaguo. Lu Ann laegun. Catherine Maurer, Nancy Nelson, Carol I»i» Have. Sara Hollins. Gloria Salvo, Su .iiinr Simpson, Emily Smith, Anna Beth Stoudenmire, June Siimmy, France Taylor. Smilie Teague, Martha Teague, Ruth Thomason, Martha Watkins. Linda Webb, Gwen Welch. Mary' Wheby, Alice Whitson, Bonnie Gene Willis. Virginia Wilton, Marie TENOR Adams. Lurry Beaver . Marcus Culp, Charles Daniel), Irby Graham, Jimmy Martin. Bill Hough. Ken Kirby. Mike Pack, Tommy Park . Wynn Reed. Larry Skinner, Ynncy Wright. Jell BASS Rnihakcr. John Brown, Eric Buckner, Tliomas Burgess, Conolly Coulter, Ed Grier. Mike Hanberry. Jerry Hightower, Ronnie Jolly. Jen banning. lorn Miner, John Massey. Hud McAlister, Joe McEIhunrv, Jack Padgett. Duncan Quattlobaum, Cecil Roper, Gerald Schmidt. Gordon Smith, Leon Steven . Wuvne Tomlinson. David Yon.dly, HowardThe Concert Bant! Band Follows Purple Hurricanes To Tampa Game ... Under the direction of Dan A. Ellis the Furman University Band has seen a large increase in personnel and instrumentation to insure good balance in ensemble playing. Sixty-one members auditioned for chairs at the beginning of the fall semester. The well-balanced concert group had an excellent tour this year, playing in many cities in South Carolina from April 3 through April 7. The marching band did an excellent job this year in building and upholding the good school spirit that was evident at school activities. The band participated in all of the home football games, giving excellent pre-game and half-time entertainment; also the band traveled to Tampa and Clemson for game performances. After a long absence, lovely majorettes added much to the precision marching group. Dan K 1.1.1$. Director Jokl Harris. Drum SiaiorPersonnel Fi.ims Betty Ann Luplicrgcr jimmy Horton Marsh Caver Umla Storey Ohok Daki Roberts Mitchell Byers Clarinets Walker Gunn James Bell Luther Townseml Aleta Holbrooks Sue Ellen Cater Sandy Scott Marty Allen Fran Money Joan Fox Linda Turner Lamar McCarrell Bassoon Ken Follicn Ai.to Saxophone Joel Harris Kenneth Dear Lynn Padgett Jim Bartlett Tenor Saxophone Fred Free Charles Graham Dale Hathaway Baritone Saxophone Everett Suminerall Bass Clarinet Bill Stemlxrgh Ai.to Clarinet Gary Cantrell French Horn Billy Cherry Bill Abernathy Darden Pyron Jim Carpenter Trumpets Bay Golden Hubert Westmoreland Billy Turner Hubert Lipp Jim Anderson Edward Kay Jolm Cardillo Bill Duncan Trommones Holrert Horton Wendy Horton Keith Foster Jch Pinson Pat Wylie Don Blount John Campbell Baritones Glenn Miller Tom Barnett Crystal Olsen Tom Wagner Bass Honald Trotman Hicliard Ward Hay Collier John Brubaker Percussion Billy Carmichael Jake Rasor Mike Woodall Majorettes Jane Underwood Jane Wilbanks Pianist Katherine Coglmrn Hon Trotman, Jimmy Horton, and Melvin McKeown load instruments before leaving for the band’s annual spring tour. The Marching Band provides halftime entertainment at Homecoming.hirst Rote, Left to Rinht: Frances McMillan, Sandy Anne Webb, Louise Peter, Kathryn Coffbum, Nancy Walker. Jan Powell. Mr. Jerrv Langcnkainp. Director. Second Row: Jane Southwell. Sara Mabry. Cinder Forrester, Suzanne Law. Third Row: Judy Crawford. Mary Jo Garrison, Sue Wilson, Melissa Yelton. Fourth Row: Mary Elizabeth Johns. Bethune Dorroh. Sarah Patsy Miller. Mar ' Cunningham. Fifth Rote: Tincke Hietkamp, Camille Martin, Kay Nidiffcr. Linda Barlage. Sixth Row: James Vick’. Wilson Lu |uire, Dave Tillman, Buddy Brock. Seventh Rote: Paul Bowen, Thomas Matthews, Hit-hard Bowers, Tom Faber. Furman Concert Choir Conducted By New Director Jkhhy Lanokmcamh Director The Concert Choir is a group organized in 1959 to perform music of the sixteenth century to the present. Members of the Choir are chosen from students majoring in music and by audition with the director, Mr. Langcnkainp. These members are installed at the beginning of fall semester. The group presents various special musical performances each year. The Choir presented a concert at the Greenville Art Museum in Deceml er. Other activities of December were the appearance on the W'FBC television program. 'Turman Presents:" and a chapel program in McAlister Auditorium. Each year Concert Choir presents a spring concert in May. The officers include Linda Barlage, President; Melissa Yelton, Vice-President; Sara Mabry, Secretary; Barbara Voss, Librarian; and Mary Cunningham, Accompanist. 170I.t. Col. Dallas C. Wade Assistant Professors of Military Science, Left to Rinht: Capt. David W. Professor of Military Science Febkbkk, Capt. Ronald R. Hit iiahdnon. and Capt. Piiiijp Reed. Under the leadership of Lt. Col. Dallas C. Wade. Professor of Military Science, the Furman University Military program continued to progress and to improve its high standards. The Furman cadre prepared officers for the United States Army who possessed leadership, character. and sound military knowledge. Since its organization in 1950, the Furman University Reserve Officer Training Corps has grown to include approximately 100 cadets. The Furman unit also has a cadre of four non-commissioned officers, and two civilian personnel. The R. O.T.C. cadre instructs all basic and advance cadets in Military Science, supervises weekly drill, and insures completion of the aims and goals of a R.O.T.C. unit. The cadre this year led the Battle Group to achieve highest ratings in its Army I. G. inspection. R. O. T. C. Cadre Instructs Cadets In Military ScienceSponsors Miss Julia Meeks Honorary Cadet Colonel MlSS Dixie Littlejohn "A" Company Sponsor Miss Rita Oswald “£T Company Sponsor Miss Ginckr Allison “C” Coriijfany Sponsor Mrs. Boh Vogels Scabbard and Blade Sponsor Miss Elva Garrex Pershing Rifles Sponsor Mbs. James Graham Band Sponsor Miss Bkity Watkins Color Guard Sponsor Honorary Cadet Colonel Julia Meeks and Cadet Colonel Mike Sheppard. Battle Group Sponsors Presented At Drill Parade Jjuft to Rigid: Julia Meeks, Ginger Allison, Dixie Littlejohn, Mary Vogels, Rita Oswald. Elva Garren. Betty Watkins.Battle Group Staff Cadet Col. Michael B. Sheppard. Battle Group Commander, header! the Battle Group Staff composed « l seven senior and two junior cadets. Cadet Lt. Gol. Allan B. Simpson was second in command with Cadet Majors Vogels. Hook. Stone, and Mincey heading the personnel, intelligence, operations, and logistics sections, respectively. Cadet Major Kichard Murdoch served as chaplain. The stall, which was chosen according to individual academic and summer camp ratings, had lull responsibility of the Battle Group including weekly drills, special functions, and publicity. Left to Might: l.t. Col. Simpson, Executive Officer; M.»i. Murdoch, Chajylain; Maj. Vogels. S . S«t. Anderson. Sgl. Major; Col. Sheppard, Hattie (iron ) Commander; Maj. I look. S2: Maj. Stone. S3. Sot Pictured: Maj. Mincvy. S7. Scabbard and Blade Membership into Scabbard and Blade. .National honorary leadership military fraternity, is restricted to advance military students who possess high qualities of leadership ability, military interest, and scholastic standing. Cadet Col. Michael B. Sheppard was commander of Furman’s unit. Company E of the 11th Regiment. The oranization tapped meml ers bi-annually during drill ceremonies and engaged in such service functions for the University and Military Department as ushering and training cadets in leadership reaction, (.'apt. David W. Ferebec of the University Military Cadre was chapter advisor. I eft Hlght: Sheppard, SiuipMin, Sutton, Player. Vogels. Stone, I'tuvon. Camplwll lnr lo -!». Slat m. Hudson, Turner. Mlmcy, Hook. Capt. I'etoliee, Pershing Rifles The precision drill team of the Battle Group, the Pershing Rifles, is a national honorary military organization for basic cadets. Company S, the Furman unit, this year represented South Carolina and the University in the Presidential Inaugural parade in Washington, D. C. Also, the Pershing Rifles return to Washington in the spring to partic ipate in the- Cherry Blossom parade and furthered the reputation oi the unit and the University by attending the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. The PBs supplemented their budget by working on suc h projects as directing traffic at football games and ushering at Memorial Auditorium. Cadet Capt. John Bush was commander of the unit while Cadet l.t. Bay Hartjcn served as drill instructor. Capt. David Forebee was the cadre advisor. Kneeling I.eft to Might: Screws. Altman, Denton, Fritchmaii, lliirtjen, Heed, Minor, Mines. Hirst Pile, Hark to l:rout: Ceding, Nesbitt, Harrier Maybee, Cardillo. Second t ile Shamble. Pinson, Collier, Gregory. Third Pile. Murray, Whitman-. Sweeney. Friddle, Follien. Fourth Pile: Nye. Patrick, Brock. Grout. Maxwell. Fifth Pile: Itiownmiller. Sanders, Davenport. King. Sixth Pile. Blunt, Furr, Dunlap, Winston, Nelson. Seventh Pile Nutter Osteen, Walz. Bush. Color Guard Outstanding cadets from the freshman and sophomore classes were selected for the Color Guard on the basis of their drill proficiency and military interest. Battle Group chaplain. Cadet Major Bichard Murdoch, commanded the unit which presented the national and school colors at parades, drill ceremonies, and athletic events. Cadet Sgt. Michael Cooley, tlrill master, led his unit to become proficient in special drill movements and presentations of the colors. Left to Right: Nyle. Hightower, Harrier, DeBr.t, Morgan, Cooper, Dillard, Nesbit. Cooley. R. O. T. C. Band The R. O. T. C. Band, under the command of Cadet Capt. James Graham, participated in all drill parades and ceremonies of the University Military Department and also marched in various civic parades in the Greenville vicinity. Cadet Sgt. Pat Wylie, drum major, led the band which is composed of cadets from the freshman and sophomore classes. The band also received instruction and practice in Army fundamentals as drill and manual of arms. The director of the University Band. Mr. Dan Ellis, also directed the R. O. T. 0. Band. Left to Right: Blunt, Wylie, McCarrell, Abcmnthi. Anderson. J Bell, Young, Barnett, Kay. Follien, It. Bell, Collier, Watson. McAl ec, Mushagcn. Knoll, Graham, Cantrell. Cardillo. Piron, Cainbrcll, Scott, McPherson. Duncan, Wagner, Pack, Westmoreland, McAlister, Lipp. Bishop, Brubaker. Rifle Team The rifle team, under the mentorship of Sgt. Dewey Barton, compiled an impressive record for the year in Southern Conference and R. O. T. C. competition. The Furman team fired against such teams as Wofford, Clcmson, Presbyterian College, Davidson, The Citadel and V. P. I. Furman also participated in the Southern Conference and N. B. A. Sectional match in Blacksburg. Virginia, and played host to the Little Western Carolina match in the spring. Outstanding firers for Furman were Byron Heed and James Peacock. Capt. Ronald Richardson was the officer in charge of the team. Kneeling, luft to Right Peacock. Heed, Follien. Altman. Standing: Sgt. Burton, llcywood, Capt. Richardson, Lott.A Company Initiates Vigorous Training Program OFFICERS Cadet Capt. Robkbt V. Pinson Company Commander Cadet First Lt. Joi. F. Oi.i.iff Executive Officer Cadet Second Lt. J vmes H. Cofnts Platoon Leader Cadkt M Sct. John R. Cassady Platoon Leader Cadki M Sct. Geary V. Hancock Platoon Leader Cadet M Sct. Stanley 1J. Smith Comjtany First Sergeant Cadkt Serr. C. Chary Long Guidon Hearer Lett to Right: Pinson. Counts Ollilf, Smith. Cuvsiily. Hancock. tong. 176■at. Cadet Captain Shelley Sutton Commands B Company OFFICERS Cadet Capt. Shelley H. Sutton, Jh. Com Mini Commander Cadet First Lt. David J. Nelson, Jr, Executive Officer Cadet Second Lt. James V. Slaton Platoon Leader C adet M Sgt. Robert D. Evans Platoon Leader Cadet M Scr. Edwin L. Anderson Platoon Leader Cadet M Sct. Jerry G. Wklmakeh Comfxmy First Sergeant Cadet SFC Henry S. King Guidon Hearer Left to Mula Sutton. Evan . Nelson. Welroaker. Slaton, Andciwn, King, • 77 Charlie Company Builds High Espirit de Corps Ixft to Right: Will, Hudson. Cfinniglutni, Rvit ., Buriclto, Yalts. Si-ntrr OFFICERS Cadet Cart. Luster . Hudson Comjtany Commander Cadet First Lt. Charles T. Yates Executive Officer Cadki M Sgt. Jac k E. Nkai. Platoon Leader Cadki I Scn. Glenn V. Reitz Platoon Leader Cadki M Sgt. I vmks Barleitk Platoon Leader Cadki M Sgt. Tony B. Caiimigiiant Company First Sergeant Cadki Sgt. Roger F. Si nter Guidon Hearer 178our love, our lives we give to thee...Who's Who AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES US! WHO'S WHO Nine women and ten men were named to Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. They were selected on a basis of scholarship, leadership, participation in student activities, service to school, and promise of future usefulness to society. MARIAN NANCY DEW RICHARD EARL MURDOCH LAURA LEE GASKINS ADDEN THOMAS PLAYER, JR. MARIAN VIRGINIA HENDRIX JANET B. POWELL SARA ALICE HERRING WALDA JEAN PRIMM FREDERICK WILLIAM HOOK. JR. JAMES N. PURCELL. JR. LESTER A. HUDSON, JR. DIXIE WEST LITTLEJOHN CHRISTINA LEE LOOPER GAINES H. MASON, JR. JAMES G. REVELS, JR. JERRY P. ROBERTS MICHAEL B. SHEPPARD SARA LYNN WILLIAMS JOSEPH JAMES McELVEEN, JR.HAND AND TORCH Membership in Hand and Torch is based on high scholastic attainment at Furman. Character is also considered when the faculty elects members from the eligible top ten per cent of the graduating class. A grade point average of 2.5 is necessary for eligibility. The society is formally presented on Scholarship Recognition Day in March. The members are listed below in order of academic standing. MEMBERS MICHAEL BAZEL SHEPPARD MARIAN NANCY DEW LAWTON JAMES DEWS FRANCES ANNE ALLEN ROBERT MITCHELL LLOYD MARY JANE McCOY HARRIET ELAINE BROOM MARY JANE TAYLOR JAMES DONALD STANFIEL EDNA ELIZABETH LIVINGSTON MARY ANN WHAM CHRISTINA LEE LOOPER ALBERT LEWIS JORDAN MARILYN RAYE CLARK RICHARD EARL MURDOCHBLUE KEY This national honorary fraternity tapped new members in November and May. Men are chosen on the basis of their leadership, service, and high standards of scholarship. Officers for this year were Bill Hook, President; Bichard Murdoch, Vice-President; Jim Purcell, Recording Secretary; Tom Drake, Alumni Secretary; and Jim McElveen, Corresponding Secretary. Under the leadership of these men. Blue Key assisted with the Scholars Day Program, held an Alumni Banquet in the spring, and again published the Student Directory. Dr. Francis VV. Bonner served as adviser of the group. LARRY T. AYERS THOMAS M. DRAKE FREDERICK W. HOOK, JR. LESTER A. HUDSON, JR. JOSEPH J. McELVEEN, JR. RICHARD E. MURDOCH MEMBERS A. THOMAS PLAYER, JR. JAMES N. PURCELL, JR. CAINES H. MASON, JR. JAMES G. REVELS, JR. JERRY P. ROBERTS MICHAEL B. SHEPPARD Established in 1937 by Miss Virginia Thomas, then Dean of the Womans College, Senior Order offers Opportunity for a community of those with an acute awareness of the result of contemporary trends in campus life. Each year since 1937, Senior Order members have kept the purpose of organization in mind as they selected members on the basis of character, insight and understanding, leadership, scholarship, and contribution to student life. ANNA BRUMFIELD (Co-Chairman) ROSEMARY FORT BAILES CAROL GRAYSON MARIAN HENDRIX SARAH ALICE HERRING (Chairman) MEMBERS DIXIE LITTLEJOHN EDNA LIVINGSTON TINA LOOPER GAIL MARTIN MARY ANN WHAM (Scribe) 182Quaternion Members White Wash Th W e Old College" Each year a limited number of senior men are chosen on graduation week-end to become members of the Quaternion Club. This club was founded in 1903 to honor campus leaders on the basis of ability, promise of future usefulness, and scholarship. The alumni meml crs take an active part in the organization, and meetings are held in the Quaternion house. This building, which is the oldest one on campus, is located at the far end of the lake. Richard Murdoch and Jim Purcell. Kappa Delta Epsilon Members Are Future Teachers Seated, Left to Right: Ann Keller. PresUicnt; Gwen Corbett. Vice-President: Kay Ammons, Secretary; Marta Freely, Treasurer; Miss Tumblin. Advisor. Standing. First How: Brenda Scruggs, Priscilla Lollis, Mills Bonnctte, Lu Anne League Gail Martin. Mary Ann Wham. Anne Allen. Second How: Haley Pyle. Martha Thomason. Beth Kelley. Sarah Alice Herring. Janet Southern. Eleanor Anderson. Jean Primm. KDE, tlienational honorary sorority at Furman, is for women students outstanding in the fields of professional education and it seeks to promote scholastic achievement and effective leadership among members. Monthly meetings are planned to help the members be-come successful teachers and to develop professional ideals and attitudes. KDE gives a tea for new rnemlxTS at the installation service and sponsors various projects for community improvement. Two delegates from the Furman chapter of KDE attended the National Convention in Philadelphia this year.Chi Beta Phi This scientific fraternity was founded for the purpose of encouraging superior scholarship and promoting scientific interest. A “B" average in at least twenty semester hours of natural science is a requirement for membership, and new members are inducted in the spring. This year saw a substantial increase in membership. Projects included purchasing journals for the various science departments, assisting the regional science fair, and having varied films and lectures on current scientific happenings at the business and social meetings. The group sent representatives to the national convention at Randolph-Macon College this year. Seated. Ix'ft to Right: Ken Sargent, President; Mary Jane Taylor, Vice-President; Nancy Blackwell. Xawal Xamik. Anna Brumfield. Standing. First Row: Marge- Eddy, Marta Fredy. Edna Livingston. Betty Hydrick, Carolyn Causey. Second Row: Floyd Lee, Paul Sartwcll, Boh Woodnam, Priscilla Lollis, Beth George, Betty Ann Lap larger. Alpha Epsilon Delta The object of Alpha Epsilon Delta is to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship, to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical education in the study of medicine, to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and pre-medical students and educators, and to bind together students with similar interests. The fraternity seeks to promote an adequate program of pre-medical education. Beta chapter held regular closed meetings in which reorganization and plans for advancement were discussed. Programs consisting of lectures and movies and visits to various medical foundations helped acquaint members with the profession they have chosen. Seated, Left to Right: Sfein Sheftall. President; Roger Stevenson. Vice-President: Betty Hydrick. Secretary-Treasurer; Fred Williams. Reporter. Standing: Norma Lee, Bill Oghurn, Cecil Quattlebaum. Historian; Marvin Woodsen. Ken Synder. Dr. Darlington. Advisor. Alpha Phi Gamma Alpha Pill Gamma is the national journalism fraternity and was chartered in the spring of 1958 as the Beta Psi Chapter at Furman. Membership consists of those who have had wide experience in publications and who have served in an editorial or business capacity on a campus publication. To be eligible for meml ership a candidate must be in the upper two-thirds of Ill's class. New members inducted in the fall were Ellen Ainslie, Richard Cassady. Marshall Frady. Parma Tuten, Alice Rawlinson. Chuck Graham, and Rachel Sherwood. Seated, Left to Right: Jayne Ellen Davis, President: Bill I look, Vice-President; Lynn Williams, Secretary; Mr. Baker. Advisor. Standing: Jim McElvcon, Rachel Sherwood, Alice Rawlinson, Tish Pcarman. Parma Tuten. Ellen Ainslie.well keep faith's vow to serve but thee, our own dear Alma Mater... Campus Leaders Work Toward Joint Student Government The student body officers bear responsibility for effective execution of legislated government policies. Their job is to unite the students in a strong framework of government. Throughout the year the presidents guide in carrying out plans made by student leaders at the Spring Camp retreat. Student officers are elected each spring from nominations or petitions. They are servants of the students in interpreting and correlating ideas which issue from administration and from student groups. Vice-presidents head the organization and administration of orientation programs. The secretaries and treasurers serve in the Cabinet and Council as well as in the student body meetings and activities. Tom Playkh .Men's Student Body President Nancy Dew Women's Student Body President Seated, l cft to Right: lean Priinm. Vice-President; Alda Holbrooks, Treasurer. Standing! Jerry Roberts. Treasurer; Buddy Revels, Secretary; Carolyn Maddox. Secretary; Gaines Mason. Vice-President.Legislature Is First Step For Joint Student Gov't The Student Legislature is the legislative branch of lx th mens and womens Student Bodies, and it has sole responsibility for all legislative matters pertaining to them. Mem-l crs serve yearly terms and are elected in May, with old members being eligible for re-election. Legislature is composed of thirty members, five senior men and five senior women, four junior men and four junior women, and three sophomore men and three sophomore women. The president and vice-president of legislature are elected by the respective student bodies. Legislature meets once monthly in addition to separate meeting of Men’s Legislature and Women s Legislature when the necessity arises. This is the first year that the University has had a joint Student Legislature. Its purpose has been to make plans for joint student government and to make constitutional changes necessary for this plan. Legislature has worked within committees to produce the format for a new joint constitution which is in part a merging of both men’s and women’s constitutions into one. This constitution will be used for the first time in the fall of 1961, when the student bodies are residing on one campus. This year Legislature was given the power to pass constitutional amendments with referendum power by the student body. It has also formed a Club Activities Council to coordinate clubs on campus. Kiciiahd Murdoch, President Dixie Littlejohn, Vice-President Seated, Left to Right: Toni Me-Teer, Richard Murdoch. President: Dixie Littlejohn. Vice-President: Richard Hewitt, Secretary-Treasurer; J.iiM-t Southern. Secretary; Winey Blackwell. Standing, first Ron : John Hughes, Julie Martin, Jackie Coo|x-r. Betsy Dew, Mary Beth Mason. Kathryn Cogburn. Julia Meeks. Joan Fox. Mary Ann Wham. Anna Brumfield. Klton Brunty. Second Rme: Kd Christmas, Rover Sayer. Irby Darnell. Ron Trotinan. John Bellamy. Marshall Frady, Alvin Brown.STl’DENT COUNCIL. Seated. Left to Right; Tim.i IaK i er, Nancy l)cw, President; Jean I’rimm. Vice-President; Carolyn Maddox. Seer, ton ; |ela Holbrooks. Treasurer, Laura Ca'kin . Sfunding: Emmie Atkinson. Limb Owens. M.iry Cunningham, Marian Hendrix. I’bvlliv Baird. Ann Keller. Ubby llarrill. Clenda Simonds. lienrianne Connors, Tisli Peamian. Judy Cook. Brenda Scruggs, Curol Grayson. Women's Councils Function The W omen’s Student Council performs the executive and judicial duties of Woman’s College government. This council, composed of representatives from the classes and from various campus organizations, is elected each year by the student body from nominations made by the group. The Executive Council serves as the governing body of Manly Hall. It has complete judicial power over cases involving Manly rcsi- As Governing Bodies dents, except in cases involving expulsion. In this instance, the case goes before Woman’s Council for retrial. During this year Executive Council has sponsored the first semi-formal supper on the New Campus in the dining hall and has helped other organizations in carrying out certain of their activities, such as study breaks. Executive Council also serves at Manly in the supervision of houseboard matters, including necessary repairs. MANLY COUNCIL Seated. !.ejt to Right Jan Powell, President; Brooke Boroughs. Vice-President; B »• 11 y Atm Lupberger, Secretary; Miriam Trnes-riell. Treasurer. Standing; Carolyn Hi id yens. ftow-ena Courson, Nona Richardson, Keha Baker. Barbara Rodger .Seated, Left to Right: Jim Purcell, President; Lvs Hudson, Vice-President; Buddy Revels. Secretary-Treasurer; Grit-r Campbell. Scrgcant-at-Arms. Standinn: Tommy Lynch, Skoctcr Curry, Mike Sisk, Jack McKIhuney, Jtidson DeBra, Cecil Qiiattlchauin, Jack Jernigan. Judicial Council Valuable To Student Government This twelve-member judicial Council is responsible for determining violations of the Honor Code of the Men’s Constitution. The Code embraces the following: lying in connection with matters pertaining to Student Government, cheating, stealing, and conduct unbecoming to Furman students. Under the leadership of President Jim Purcell, N ice- President Los Hudson, Secretary-Treasurer Buddy Revels and Grier Campbell, Sargcant-at-Arms, the Judicial Council tries to render decisions that are just and unbiased. Other members of the Council are Jack Jernigan, Tommy Lynch, Cecil Quattlebaum, Jerry Roberts, Jack Mc-Alhaney, Mike Sisk, Skeeter Curry, and Judson DeBra. These men are elected by the student body and are charged to be strict but not prejudiced. Elected memljers remain in office for the duration of their college career. At times during the school year it becomes necessary that the council meet to determine the fate of someone who has been charged with unbecoming conduct. As in our democratic society, the person is innocent until he is proven guilty. When the Council meets for a trial, the president acts as judge and the other members act as jury. As the trial proceeds, it resembles that of a public court of law. The president renders the jury’s decision at the end of the trial. Jamkn Pt'IICKM. President Upon occasions the Council has had to interpret the meaning of the constitution. After the interpretation, the Council is charged with enforcing the decision that has been reached. Judicial Council has tried to see that honor is upheld on campus. During this year the Council has tried to clarify appellate channels because it feels that the knowledge of means of appeal is important if justice is to l c assured. 189Houseboard Members Enforce Rules Of Dormitory Living Houseboard seeks to uphold rules of dormitory life and to maintain, in good condition, the dorms at the "Zoo." The rules of dormitory living are enforced through the proctor system, whereby a proctor, appointed by the board for each hall, reports infractions ol the rules and needed hall repairs. Officers consist of a president and a vice-president elected by all boarding students in tin-spring elections. The members of each dorm choose a president to serve on the Board. Proctors meet with Housclnxird each week. Some of the traditional activities are dorm parties, fire drills, and the Christmas door decoration contest. Seated. Left to Right: Laura Guskins, President; Beverly Simmons. Vice-President; Sue Barker. Rachel Sherwood. Standing: Melissa Yolton, Judith Herring. Evelyn Bradley, Marian Dill, Kay Kirby, Annnlx-llc llall. Nancy Dew. Furman Day Students Realize Better Organization The Day Students’ Association, composed of a mens and women’s council, works to improve the relationship among all day students and to bring the day students closer to the life and activity of the !)oarding students. The Women’s Association, formed in 1940, recently organized the Executive Council which now works in co- operation with the Men’s Council which was organized in 1959. The joint councils meet monthly to plan Homecoming exhibits, campus Christmas decorations, projects throughout the year, and joint parties. The Women s Council president represents her respective council on the Women s Student Government Association. Seated. Left to Ri ht: Carol Grayson, President; S t a n 1 v v Slirftull, President; Phyllis Baird. Vice-President; Jerry Welmakcr, Vice-President; Voncie Jordan. Scerdary-Treasurer; Charles PaytSOUX, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing, First Raw; J a n i c G Holey, B « c k y CliristonlxTry. Carole Kelley, Barbara Stone. Haley Pyle, Tania Leon. Brenda Avery, Mary Helen Putin in. Second Row: Catherine Kskew, Mickey Waldrop, Harold Bat-von. Bill Wheeler. Tonuny Bat-von, Cliarlev Liwtou.S voted. Left to Right: Tom Flayer, President; Gaines Mason, Vice-President; Buddy Revels. Secretory; Tom Drake. Standing: Hugh Kirby, John Hughes. Grier Campbell, Marshall Frady, Tony Carmignani. Cabinet Advises Men's Student Body President An advisory committee appointed by the president of the Men’s Student Body, this group of thirteen men keep the student body officers aware of existing needs and desires of the students. Regular meetings are held to discuss current problems. Board Sets Up Campus Polls ... Publishes Results Setting dates for elections and assuming responsibility for ballots, the placing of voting boxes, and seeing that the taxes are properly manned are the primary functions of Elections Board. This campus organization also announces the outcome of elections. Seated. I a-ft to Right: Sara Aliev Herring, Chairman; I.es Hudson. Chairman; Norris Shockley, Gars- Crenshaw. Standing: Delie Wilder. Eleanor Anderson, Eleanor Connors. Rogers Chase, Tommy Lynch. Henry King. Alvin B r » w it. Carolyn Melts. 191Advisers Guide Freshman Students In Life At FU September—that month of dull green or pale golden leaves and the suggestive nature of the tickle dry air arrives, and along with it a new group of eager Furman freshmen. When the loud shouts and lx istrous talk die down sufficiently. the group realizes that a small body of men and women are herding them around and being surprisingly talkative about the Furman way of life. The Women’s Adv isory Board realizes a particular significance in this September of 1960, for the plans of last spring and the past summer for orientation are about to be put to use. A lot of work is ahead, but you may look forward to a feeling of great satisfaction if the result of the work is a group of students who gain confidence that the spirit of Furman University is that one which will make a responsi- ble and sincere person, whether in college or in the outer college of life. In the visit to Paris Mountain, the advisers seek to crystalize the information given the freshman girls in order to give them something concrete to remember and to live by. Upon the shoulders of the twenty-four men of the advisory Ixxird rests the fates of all incoming freshmen and to the lesser extent the fate of the transfer students. The Ixxird of select advisers has the responsibiliy of teaching new students the "do s and “don’ts” of Furman life. This group was formed because it was felt that those who are familiar with problems confronted by college students could render invaluable aid to those who were about to set out on this new adventure. S rated. Left tv Right: Haley Pyle, Jane Lawrence. Linda Owens, Jean Primni, Chair-man; Emily Lancaster, Nancy Poston, M e 1 i s s a Yelton. Standing. First Row: Brenda Avery. Mary Cnrlce, Barbara Stone, Patty Holcombe, Jan Jolly, Jackie Cooper, Carol Lee Metcalfe, Julia Meeks, Sue Ann Flint, Tisli Pear-man. Barbara Brown. Second Row: Hita Oswald, Jury Herring. Linda Bridges, rlenri-anne Connor. Penny Rochester. Nancy Boswell. Seated. 1-eft to Right: Caines Mason, Chairman; Ed Kennedy. Tom Player. Larry Ayers. Hugh Kirby. Staluting: las Hudson, Bob Evans. Richard Murdoch. Tommy Williams. Richard Hewitt. Tommy Lynch. Jack Jerni-gan. Jim Purcell, Bill Hook. Tom Drake.■IHiHi Marshals, composed of four members elected from each class and led by a head marshal elected by the student body, serve as official ushers for McAlister and Fine Arts Auditoriums. They are chosen on the basis of poise, personality, charm, dignity, and general ap- Marshals Official Ushers For Fine Arts Series ... First How. Left to Right: Betsy Dew. Chairman; Ann Anshus, Haeliel Carson. Jane Loopor, Robin Scarborough. Second Row: Jan© Underwood. Carolyn Hudgens. Rcba Baker. Joan Fox. Third Row: Gail Martin, Marta Frcdy. Brenda Avery, Henri-anne Conner, Peggy Hamrick. pearance. Their purpose is to maintain order and dignity at chapel programs and other university functions. They also usher and assist guests at concerts, plays. May Day, Class Day, graduation, and chapel. Social Standards Board Decides Dress And Conduct To promote high standards of dress and conduct among the women students is the raison d'etre of Social Standards Board as its fifteen members work throughout the year. The Board aids in the orientation of freshmen by presenting a skit, a fashion show, and seminars on social standards. The group sponsors the traditional Sunday after-dinner coffee hour in Long Parlor and in Earle Lounge, semi-formal suppers, and various drop-ins and teas during the year. Standing, First Row, I a'ft to Right: NVn.i Richardson, Chairman: Julia Weeks. Co Chairman; Janet Southern, Secretary: Carolyn Maddox, Jan Powell. Betsy Dew. Rcba Baker. Second Row: Henri-anne Conner, Dixie Littlejohn. Carolyn Hudgens. Mills Bonnet!e. N a n c y Maurer, Mary Beth Mason. Jean Primm. 193Seated, Left to Right: Anna Brumfield, Barbara Rodgers. Standing: Tom Drake. Student-Faculty Committee Composed of a group of faculty members and students, this committee fosters improved relations among the faculty, the administration, and the students. The chief function of the group is to work toward harmony in all activities of interest to everyone related to Furman. Fosters Top Relations The committee acts as a guide post to enable other groups of students and of faculty to find a common ground for work toward similar goals and standards. Throughout the year the Student-Faculty Committee works to avoid conflicts in various activities. Traffic Board Handles Student Parking Problems The Board of Traffic Control was established by Constitutional Amendment in 1959. Now in the second year of operation, the Board under the direction of Michael Sheppard has done much to make students understand traffic regulations. The Board of Traffic Control is not intended to be a police force, but rather it serves to handle student parking problems. The Board has seven memlx rs who hear complaints about traffic tickets that are given during the year. Since the Administration has turned the responsibility of campus traffic regulations to the students, the Board works to establish a better relationship between the Administration and the student l ody by being just in its decisions. Standing: Otto Edwards, Jcrrv Wclinaker, M i k « Sluppanl, Chairman; Huhh.i McElnanvy, Prank Altman.WE SPECIALIZE IN ORDERS TO TAKE OUT Telephone CE 9-1659 RAINBOW DRIVE-IN CO. Tin- Thin- for Furman Students to Fat ( reenvitic's Finest Curb Service and Inside 1218 POINSETT IIIUIIWAY OR KEN VI LEE, S. C. 196RANDELLE, INC. 140 (III RCII STKKKT NEW YORK 7. X. V. Formerly CHIDNOFF-BLOCK, INC. Official Photographers for the BONHOMIE Negative arc on file CREATORS OF DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHS FOR YEARBOOKS 197SHIRBY- VOGUE 225 N'o«ni Main Sthekt SMART READY-TO-WEAR FOR THE COLLEGE MISS POINSETTIA DRIVE-IN Congratulation to ('In of ’G1 PtioKK CK 9-7331 «l» BoxcoMur HINTON'S RESTAURANT AND CATERING SERVICE Phonr CK 3-9072 MIKE PERSIA CHEVROLET 100 Block Coijjkie Sr. Gmcekctlle, S. C. 24-Hour Srrx'icr—Night and Dag, Weekday nrx oVtten. nmiDKKT DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE "A”— ALL THE WAY! Compare Pet Dairy Products With Any Other! 198Ahcai s a Friend of Furman HIOTT PRESS (5 21 K. M Bkk Avk. Greenville, S. ('. I). W. HIOTT BILL HIOTT BO HIOTT J. B. LACHER Ma nufact u ring .1excelcr 28 College St. Phone CEdar 2-7880 Greenville, S. C. J. E. Sirring Company Irnqineers ( f 7 Since 1902 Greenville, South Carolina 199Penney’s A I WAY $ FIRST O UAL IT Y ! Shop Penney's . . . you'll live better, you'll save! STONE BROTHERS (iHF.KNVII.LK, S. C. LEAGUE'S, INC. 2-M North Main PIANOS INSTRUCTION HOOKS - SHEET MUSIC DR. PEPPER BOTTUNG CORP. OKer.Nvii.ij;, S. C. JACK TAR POINSETT HOTEL Completely Air Conditioned TV and Radio in Every Room 1 ‘ ('aroli nus' jVi ncs I Frkk Inhi ii.imnc Parking THE GEER DRUG COMPANY GREENVILLE SPARTA N BURG Cl I A R LEST( N FINEST FASHIONS for FURMAN STUDENTS ?ooHEYWARD MAHON COMPANY PEL IRC :- YOUNG- ANGEL COMPANY WHOLESALE FOODS GREENVILLE'S STYLE CENTER FOR YOUNG MEN Fresh—Frozen—Canned—Dried FUR M AX 11EADQ1JARTKRS “Service Wholesalers” “OYER TOWN” GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA ITALIAN SUBMARINES • ROAST BEEF • CORN BEEF PASTRAMI Vince Perone's Delicatessen and Sandwich Shop KOSHER AND ITALIAN STYLE FOODS 25 SOUTH PLKASANTBURG OH. PHONE OK 3-9854 RUSH WILSON LTD. 22 N. Main St. Ciikksviujc. S. "Specialist in Traditional Natural Fitting Clothing" HALE'S JEWELERS Si s ot I8M “Official Jncelers for ('lass Rings' meyers arnold 201Attaway-Easterlin Pontiac, Inc. Sales — PONTIAC — Service PHONIC CK 2-1808 CE 2-1809 40 RITIIEKFOUD ROAD GREENVILLE, S. C. MAIN STREET PHARMACY 3 South Main- Street Greenvii.i.e, S. C. DELANY'S SPORTING GOODS The Hc.il in Sports—For the Sportsnuin Dial CK 5-0418 -I CoLlsok St. Gheekyiixe, S. C. COMPLIMENTS W SITTON BUICK COMPANY Urntrrt in II air k, Opt I, MO anil .1 uitin-ll ratty Motor (’art 38 Wurmio St. Phone CK 2-5961 a nt STfcKLING COCHRAN JEWELERS 211 NORTH MAIN GREENVILLE, S. C. 202HARDWARE AND PAINT HEADQUARTERS CHEATHAM-GREENVILLE HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. FREE CUSTOMER PARKING Everything In Paint and Hardware 201 BUNCOMBE ST. GREENVILLE, S. C. CLAUSSEN'S BAKERY DREAM HOUSE .2017 Aiwuta Hn. Cikeexviuje, S. C. MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE 203PRINTED AND BOUND BY THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY. COLUMBIA. SOUTH CAROLINAStudent Directory 1— Freshman Class 2— Sophomore- ('lass Sp.—Special Student 3— Junior Class 4— Senior Class Class 3 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 Sp. 2 0 2 4 2 4 4 1 3 1 1 1 2 2 3 2 3 3 4 1 2 1 1 3 1 3 2 3 3 3 1 3 4 3 o T Namk Aodxkvs Class Naml Addhkss Abbott. Larry T. Renfrew Hlcachery. Travelers Rest, S. C. Abercrombie, Barry S. Abercrombie. David N. Abernathy, William M. Acree, Blanche Page Adams, Barbara Ann Adams, James W. Adams. Thomas L. Addison, Linda Faye Aiken. Claudia Patricia Aiken, James Bowel, III Ainslie, Ellen J....... Allard, Joseph C. Allen, Charles K., Jr. . Allen, Frances Anne Allen, James E., Sr. Allen, Julia Rce Allen, Martha Lee Alley, Jesse Lyles, Jr. Allison. Frances Hazelc Rt. 3, Fountain Inn, S. C. 1059 State St., Atlanta, Ga. 1049 Moreland Ave.. Atlanta. Ca. 303 Bessemer Ave., Crccnsboro. N. C. Rt. 6. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 0. Fountain Inn, S. C. 1321 Ellison Rd„ Columbia, S. C. 3200 New Pond Rd„ Anderson. S. C. Rt. I, Box 180-A. Irmo. S. C. 12 Ardis Lane, Plainview, N. Y. 569 Jackson St., Kingsport. Tenn. 2-B Dukeland Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 1114 Volusia Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 458 Warlcy St.. Florence, S. C. Rt. 3, Buckeye Forest, S. C. 17 Walnut St.. Startex, S. C. 311 Richardson St.. Latta, S. C. 142 Lullwater Rd.. Greenville, S. C. 12 Main St., Startex, S. C. Allison, Virginia Wright, 2320 Queens Rd., E., Charlotte. N. C. Altman, Elizabeth Jane. 8008 Garland Ave.. Takoma Park. Md. Altman, Frank Howard 3S0 Calfney St.. W. Columbia, S. C. 208 Elizabeth St., Marion, S. C. .316 W. Pine St.. Florence, S. C. Box 41, Latta. S. C. 1702 Carolina Ave.. Hartsville, S. C. 316 W. Pine St., Florence, S. C. 1103 Augusta St.. Greenville. S. C. 1749 Watkins St.. Augusta, Ga. Ammons. Marcia Kay Anderson. Anna Floride Anderson, Edwin L. Anderson. Elaine Anderson. Eleanor Ixmisc Anderson, James B.. Jr. Anderson. Marcus E., Jr. Anderson. Sandra Eli alK-th, 1105) Ardsley Rd., Charlotte, N. C. Andrews, Mary Linda Angelica, John G. Anslms, Ann Louise Arisnian, Charles F. Armstrong, Donald C. I l l Bradley Blvd., Greenville, S. C. 106 Long l-orcst Dr., Greenville, S. C. Box 50. Boykin. S. C. 1 K) Belmont Ave.. Greenville. S. G. 1051 N.W. 131st St.. Miami. Fla. Armstrong, Joanne M. (Mrs.)— 1726 West Market St.. Anderson. S. C. Arnold, Mary Patricia 280-1 Augusta Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Atkinson. Emmie Louise Rt. 3. Bixhupville, S. C. Austin, Sydney Elaine— 1804 Dartmouth Cir., Rt. 8. Charleston, S. C. Autrey, Jerry Davis 8 Wall St.. Fountain Inn. S. C. Avant, Maxie Camille P. O. Box 475, Walterboro, S. C. Avery, Brenda Carpenter 111 Conestee Ave., Greenville, S. C. Avery. Charles H. 165)1 S. Alvarado Ter., Atlanta, Ga. Avinger. John J. 1204 Pickens St.. Conway, S. C. Aycock. John D. 308 Houston St.. Greenville. S. C. Ayers. Larry T. 702 Asheville Hxvy., Spartanburg, S. C. 3 Babb. Joe R. 4 Babb. 1-awrcnec R 2 Hailes, Carolyn Sut Sp. Bailes, Ernest W. I Bailey, Bill B. Rt. 1. Duncan. S. C Rt. 3. Greer. S. C 100 Bennett St., Greenville, S. C I Russell Ave., Greenville. S. C _____,, ........................ 31 Sunset Dr.. Greenville, S. C I Bailey, Gibson Codlk-y (Mrs.)— 28 Univ. Bulge Apts.. Greenville, S. C 9-C Poinsett Apts., Greenville, S. C 2135 Broad St., Augusta. Ga Reeves Ave.. Rt 5. Greenville, S. C 219 Blue Ridge Dr., Greenville. S. C 115 Nello St.. Chester, S. C 223 Grant St.. Easley, S. C 3 Bailey, Floyd W. •I Bailey. Miriam Elvernr 3 Bailey, William D. Baird, Phyllis Kay Baker, Carolyn Elizabeth Baker. Martha Ann Baker, Relxi Joyce Rt. 1. Rossville. Ga Ball. Errol Hugh 122 W. Paris Rd.. Greenville, S. C Ballard, James E. 2011 W. Carolina Avo., Hartsville, S. C Ballentine. Eleanor Ann Bannister. William K. Barker. Fletcher C. Barker. Nancy Grace Barker, Susanin- Rebecca Barnes. Alma Lucy Barnett. Lowell T. Barnhill. Frances G. Barrett, Richard J. Box 535. Greenville, S. C. 20 McCall St., Greenville. S. C. 201 Cleveland St., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3. Westminster. S. C. 112 Strode Cir., Clemson. S. C. Rt. 3. Cameron, N'. C. Rt. 3. Greer, S. C. Rt. 1. Taylors, S. C. Jims Br. Rd.. Swannanou, N. C. 4 4 1 1 3 4 3 3 4 Sp. 1 Sp. 1 1 Sp. 1 1 Sp. 2 I 1 1 1 1 3 I I Sp. I 3 I 4 Sp. 1 I 4 1 3 3 0 i- 3 1 1 1 o 0 1 Barry, David A„ Jr. 736 West Bay Dr.. Long Beach, N, Y. Hartlugc. Linda Douglas (Mrs.)— 2248 Augusta St.. Greenville, S. C. Bartlett. James T. 320 Front St.. Bridgeport, W. Vir. Barton. John B.— Mt. View Mobile Home Park, Rt. 7, Greenville. S. C. Bass, Faye O. Rt. -1. Box 197. Georgetown, S. C. Bates, Eugene A. Rt. 2, Ponder Rd., Greenville. S. C. Raters. Judith H. 841 Hempstead Pi.. Charlotte 7. N. C. Batson, Donald 11. . Bt. 4. Travelers Rest, S. C. Batson, Harold M.. Jr. 13 W. Marion Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 4. Travelers Rest. S. C. 233 Piney Mt.. Greenville, S. C. 54 Terrace-dale Ct., Griffin, Ca. 2408 Allison Rd.. Beaufort. S. C. 135 Mt. Vista Ave., Greenville, S. C. Bean. Lucy Eugenia Beavers, Marcus L. Beckham. Milton C. Bclhkc, Marvin B. Bell. James M. Bell. Mary Ann Bell. Kolu-rt M. Bellamy, John T. Belskis. Wayne J. Batson, James R. Batson, Thomas F. Hatton. Dona Elaine. Bazcmorc, Joseph II. Beam, Carole- R. Bean, Carole Avery (Mrs.) 403 Waccamaxv Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 105 Gallivan St.. Greenville, S. C. 1300 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta, Ca. 26 Otis St., Creonvillo, S. C. 932 N. “B” St.. Lakcworth. Fla. 110 S. 2nd St., Seneca, S. C. 612 Henrietta. Greenwood, S. C. 6 Fexvell Ave., Weldon, N, C. Box 277. Camcsx’ilio. Ga. 8026 S. Troy St., Chicago, III. Bennett. Alan I... 6105 Mcadowclifl Ave., N., Charleston. S. C. Bennett. Janet CarjH-nter. 1129 Pendleton St., Greenville. S. C. Bennett, Rosanclle Brevard College, Brevard, N. C. Bennett. Suzanne Wiliam Cir., Box 16-1. Sini|»onvillc. S. C. Bentley, Karl K. 4 Sitka St., Greenville, S. C. Berkowitz. Murray J. 20 Oak View, Greenville, S. G. Bethea, Jack N. Rt. 3. Marion. S. C. Be ttis, Ann Harding (Mrs.)— 207 Broughton Dr., Greenville, S. C. Biekel. John T. 325 Hawthorne St.. Webster Grove. Mo. Bicnkowski. Fuustyn J. 51 W. Orchard St., Somerville, N. j. Bigby. Both T. (Mrs.) 454 S. Church St.. Spartanburg, S. C. Bishop. Donald L. Rt. 7, Greenville. S. C. Bishop, I-aura A. 30 Wedgewood Dr., Greenville, S. C. Bishop. Linda M. 22 Hale St., Greenville. S. C. Bishop. Hubert I).. Jr., Bt. 4, Hilltop Dr., Travelers Rest, S. C. Bishop, Ronnie W. 104 Vanderbilt Cir., Greenville. S. C. Blackmon, Alan B. 304 Wilton St.. Greenville, S. C. Blackwell. Nancy Rose I Clarendon Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Blackwell, Handolph W„ 1030 W. Tennessee, Tallahassee, Fla. Blake, Ann Lewis 606 Brown Ave., Belton. S. C. Blink. John M. 3228 Peoria St., Steger, 111. Blount, Joseph D. 216 Marquis St.. N . Charleston. S. C. Bobbitt, Kimball B. 4217 Daviuci St., Jacksonville, Fla. Boggs, Constance Pinckney 3846 Chatham Dr.. Doraville. Ga. (7 Pinckney St., Greenville) Rt. 5. Seneca, S. G. 5 Welch St.. Greenville, S. C. KM W. Bearden St., Greer. S. C. 29 Hindman Dr., Greenville. S. C. 504 K. Franklin St.. Anderson, S. G. 17 Windsor Dr.. Greenville. S. G. 446 W. Bridge St., St. Matthews. S. C. 112 Sanford Ave., Emerson, N. J. 33 Heard Dr., Greenville. S. G. Bonnctte, Henry II., Jr., 700 48th Ave.. N , Myrtle Beach. S. C. Bonnctte, Mabel Mills 114 1-aFaycttc Ave., Caycc, S. C. Borouglis, Bonnie Brooks 216 Oak Ave., N. Charleston, S. C. Boswell, Nancy Wheller 110 Pine St., Cynthiana. Ky. Boswell, Carol F. (Mrs.) 25 Fairvicw Ave., Greenville. S. G. Bowen, Paul T. 2049 Ridgedah- Rd., N. K.. Atlanta 17. Ga. Boggs. Sandra Carolyn Boland, Frances Bolding. Billy T. Bolcv, Janice Sue Boll, Clyde A.. Jr. Bolt, Ernest C., Jr. Bolton. Joseph W., Jr. Boinlxty. Douglas O. Boncy. William B. Bowers, James A.. Jr. Bowers. Lucy Wynne Bowers, Richard L. Bowlin. Earlene Paige Bowling. Jymmie Nell Bowman, Baird Boykin, James C. Rt. -1. Greenwood, S. C. Rt. 4, Chinquapin, Greenwood, S. C. Rt. 2. Box 26.5. Mcla-un. Va. 2 River Oaks Dr., Greenville. S. C. Box 114. Laurens, S. C. 109 Brookxvood Dr., Greenville, S. C. 1S06 Stark Ave., Columbus, Ga. 205STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continual Class Namk Aijdiu-vs Class Name Adoribs 1 1 3 2 2 Sp. 3 2 3 4 2 T Sp. 3 4 4 4 1 1 2 4 3 2 3 I 1 1 Sp. I 1 4 3 1 0 4 1 2 2 Sp. 2 I 4 1 1 1 1 3 4 3 4 1 2 1 2 Sp. 1 Braden, Frances Jane 6 Eastridge Ct., Rome.Ga. Bradford. Roy J. 6 Montague Village. Greenville, S. C. Bradford. T. Lee 4 Easley Br. Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Bradley. Bovcc R. 102 Pleasant Ridge Ave., Greenville, S. C. Bradley. Carey Miller 1076 Columbia Rd., Orangeburg. S. C. Bradley. Evelyn Ruth NO Colonial Ave., Greenville, S. C. Bragaw, Paul II. 5400 Riverdale Rd., Rivcrdalc, Nld. Bragg. Madeline 910 Grace Ave., N. Charleston. S. C. Branham, Wilma Elaine, 0616 East Brook Rd.. Columbia, S. C. Bray. Mary jean 50 Spartanburg Rd.. Lyman. S. C. Bra iil. G. Dewey Pine Oak Trailer Ct.. Greenville. S. C. Bridges. Betsy 207 Upton St.. Rockville. Nld. Bridges, Linda Leigh 202 S. Holland St.. Clinton. S. C. Bridges, William V„ Jr. Rt. 4, Travelers Rest. S. C. Brigham. Bciers A. 717 Augusta St., Greenville. S. C. Broad, Boyd V. 1509 Easley Br. Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Broad. Carol Jo Rt. 2. Box 115. Orangeburg. S. C. Brock. Dieksic Jane Box 125. Seneca. S. C. Brock. William II. 21 Pearl St.. Ware Shoals, S. C. Brockman. Patricia Annette 6 Delhvood Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Brooks. Brenda Carol Rt. 4. Box 304. Travelers Rest. S. C. 512 Perry Ave., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 1. Taylors. S. C. Box 284. Sullivan's Island. S. C. 217 W. Pine St., Florence. S. C. 312 W. Earle St.. Greenville. S. C. 771 Rutledge Ave.. Charleston. S. C. Box 111. Port Royal. S. C. Brooks. James D. Brooks. Rolx-rt G. Broom. Harriett Elaine Brothers. Linda Ann Brown. Arab Nan Brown. Barbara Helen Brown. Barbara Nonnand Brown. Clarence A. Brown. Derrick W. Biown. Donald O N. Brown, Douglas G. Brown. James R. Brown. Linda Lee Brown. Martha Ruth Brown. Richard E. Brown. Stephen D. Brown. Sylvia Mae Brown. William F. Brownmiller. Glenn P. Brubaker. John W. Tenth Ave.. Port Royal. S. C. 1263 School Ln.. Warrington. Pa. 1512 Lyttleton St.. Camden. S. C. Box 114, Port Royal, S. C. Rt. 3, Hunts Br. Rd.. Greenville, S. C. 119 Irbv Ave., Laurens, S. C. 219 Wiley Ave., York. S. C. 515 Pine St.. Camden. S. C. 1452 Forest Rd.. Clearwater. Flu, 172 Samoht Ridge, Cincinnati 38. Ohio Box 57. Martin. Ga. 2011 N. Woodstock St.. Arlington. Va. (01 Sherman St., Ft Leavenworth. Kan. Brumfield. Anna Claire, 357 Creek Bed Rd.. Mountainside, N. J. Brunson. Mamie Elizabeth 1 Henderson St., Sumter. S. C. Brunson, Martha Isabel Bmnty. Elton 1). Bryant. Frankie Diane Buchanan, Marvin L. Buckner. Thomas L. Rt. I. Box 216. Sumter. S. C. Hardy. Ky. 15 Bidxvell Dr.. Rt. 3. Taylors. S. C. Rt. I Travelers Rest. S. C. lift! McDoxv Dr.. Rock Hill. S. C. Bullington. Carol Pickens (Mrs.)— 107 Dykeson Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Bulloch. Diana Carol— 3009 32nd St.. N. W„ Washington 8, D.C. Burges. Margaret Anne— 13 Archdale lit!.. The Crescent. Charleston. S. C. Burgess. Paul C. 200 Blvth Ave., Greenwood. S. C. Burgess. Shirley D. Box 74. N. Main St.. Simpsonville, S. C. Burnette, Michael I). 606 Perry Rd., Greenville, S. C. Burns. James W. Rt, 2, Woodruff. S. C. Burns. John B. 229 I’inev Mtn. Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 25 W. Welbom Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 8 S| ced St.. Greenville. S. C. 9 Montague Village. Greenville, S. C. 94 Crestview Apts.. Greenville, S. C. 247 Hydriek St.. Spartanburg. S. C, 1103 Greenacres, Anderson, S. C. 206 Magazine St., Ablieville. S. C. 128 W. Cambridge, Greenwood, S. C. Burriss. Maxine Violet Busboe, Charles F. Bush. John C. Butler, Rayburn H. Byers. Bobby M. Byers, Lee A. Byrd. Betty Anne Byrd. Virginia Dale Callahan. Patricia C.. W Campbell. John C. Camplx-U. Thomas H.— 430 Camplx-ll. Winton G. Cantrell. Gary E. Cantrell, Harley F. Cantrell. Harriett'' A. Canty. William R. Capps. Glenda J. Capps. Harvey W. Capps, Roger I . Cardilio, John P. Carmichael. William B., Carmignani. Anthony B. -5007 Hoffman Pi.. Spokane 14. Wash. 109 Merrilat Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Plymouth Rd.. Plymouth Meeting. Pa. 4711 Crescent St.. Jacksonville. Fla. Rt 4. Box 242. Travelers Rest, S. C. 148 Hebron St.. Hendersonville. N. C. Rt. 6. Spartanburg. S. C. 53-1 Joe St., Pascagoula, Miss 102 Cailivun St., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1, Cordova. S. C. 1303 New Castle St.. Beaufort. S. C. 2185 Jones Rd.. Fort Leo. N. J. HI Harrison St.. Dillon. S. C. 63 Waverly St.. Clarendon Hills. III. 4 3 2 1 3 1 2 3 4 1 4 Sp. I 4 1 3 0 1 3 1 3 Sp. Carpenter. Betty Diane. 437 Stono River Rd.. Charleston. S. C. Sp. 3 1 Sp. Sp. 1 3 3 3 3 4 4 3 I 4 3 4 4 4 Sp. 3 4 1 1 0 T 4 3 1 4 4 I 1 1 3 3 3 Box 49. Batesburg. S. C. 12 Wedge wood Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 1929 Fairway Dr.. Augusta, Ga. N. Greenville Jr. Col.. Tigcrville. S. C. 1021 Albany St., Brunswick, Ga. 316 E. Greer St.. Honeu Path. S. C. 18 Calm Dr., Taylors, S. C. 852 Badulcy St., Waynesboro, Ga. 410 Katherine St . Easley, S. C. 301 College St., Greenville, S. C. 30 Patrick Cir., Melbourne. Fla. 833 Rossi St., Corpus Christi, Texas 1303 S. Main St.. Anderson, S. C. L. (Carpenter. James G. Carson. Racin'1 G. Cartec, Ira O. Carter. Charles F. Carter, Margaret L. Carter. Mary Jo Ann Carter. Rolx-rt M. Carter. William L. Cassels. Susan E. Casey. Joseph K. Cassady. John R. Castillo. Richard S. Cater, Sue Ellen Catheart, Martha E. (Mrs,) 37 Wedge Park Ave.. Charleston, S. C. 14 Charlotte St.. Greenville, S. C. Cleveland, S. C. Rt. 5. Paris Mtn. Rd.. Greenville, S. C. College Dr., Davidson. N. C. 4114 Buncombe Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Box 125. Dudley, Ga. Rt. 6. Greer. S. C. 5506 Western Ave., Chevy Chase. Md. 216 W. Terrace. Edgefield. S. C. Rt. 2. Inman. S. C. 338 Boyd St.. Erwin. Tcnn. 3269 Ashley Ave., Kingsport. Tcnn. 116 Rose Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 3951 Coleman St.. Columbia, S. C. 132 Mar viand Ave.. Paterson. N. J. 3451 Coleman St., (ailmnhia, S. C. 411 W. Baptist St.. Marion, S. C. 200 College St.. Bishopville. S. C. 1001 W. Poinsett, Greer, S. C. Rt. 3. Cliffside. Kingsport, Tcnn. 5028 Oakhill. Columbia. S. C. Salazar 811, Quito, Ecuador 304 Whitehall Rd., Anderson. S. C. Christen I K-rry. Becky A., 226 McDonald Ave.. Crccnville. S. C. Christmas. Clarence E. 1715 Kennedy St.. Camden. S. C. Christopher, Anthony B. 501 Easley Br. Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Christopher. Reginald M.. 501 Easley Hr. Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Clark. Marilyn Rave 23 Crystal Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Clarke. Carita Georgianna II Arlxnv.de Rd., Asheville. N. C. Clary. Jackie Lee 3025 Attalx-rry Dr.. Charlotte, N. C. Clary, M. William. Jr. 40 Country Club Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 5. Paris Mtn. Rd., Greenville. S. C. 505 S. Toxvnville St.. Seneca, S. C, P.O. Box 1111, Hendersonville. N. C. 100 Elm St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2. Cray Court. S. C. 812 E. North St., Greenville, S. C. 954 Club Rd., Hagerstown. Md. 204 W. Highland Ave.. Anderson. S. C. 208 Gossett St.. Anderson, S. C. 208 Gossett St.. Anderson. S. 0. 106 Ellison Cir.. Easley. S. C. Box 1173. Greenwood. S. C. 140 Circular Ave.. Greenwood,.$. G. 688 Main St.. Canton. Ga. 100 Dukcland Dr., Greenville, S. C. 565 Oak St.. Winnsboro, S. C. 105 E. Cambridge. Greenwood, S. C. Box 22-C. Rt 1. Iva.S.C. Rt. 3. Toccoa, Ga. Rt. 1. Box 16. Johns Island. S. C. Catheart, Bolx-rt D. Causey, Carolyn Causey, Nancy Causey, Ruth M. Chalmers. Jack E. Chamblcss. Peggy Chandler. Bobby L. Chapin. James C. Chapman. Eleanor May Chapman, Everette II. Charles. Linda G. Chase. Rogers L. Cheros, John C. Cherry. George W. Cherry, John P. ('berry. Rolx-rt B. Chestnut. James A. Chew mug. Phillip M. Childers, Nancy Jo Chiles. Nlarv M. Chinn, Sandra lax-Chirilxiga. Maria Isabel Chrcitzberg, Alice A. Clement, Eugenia Kay Cleveland. Alice lax-Cleveland, Dorothy A. Clevenger. James C. Clint. William G. Cloninger, Rolx-rt L. Clopper, William D. Cobb. Charles E. Cobh, David I.. Cohli. Jerry E. Cochran. Mary A. (Mrs.) Coglmrn, Edith Kathryn Cogburn. Jacqueline A. Coker. Shault L., Jr. Cole, Harvey W. Coleman. James R. Coleman. Karen A. Colet. Jeffry D. Collier, Roy L. Colson. Marvette Barbara Conurd, Thomas M., Jr. 501 S. W. 63rd Ave.. Miami. Fla. Connelly. Charlie 3779 Wcndwood Ln.. Charlotte. N. C. Connor, I ienrianno Connor Rd.. Barnwell, S. C. Connors. Doris Eleanor 507 Lucas Ct.. Spartanburg. S. C. Connors. Manning A.. Jr. 507 Lucas Ct.. Spartanburg, S. C. Conway. Myrtle Jane. 563 Manford Rd.. S. W.. Atlanta 10. Ga. Cook. John E. Cook. Judy Elaine Cook, Michael B. Cooley, John B. Cooley, N. Michael Cooper, Ernest W. Cooper. Ilerlx-rt l , Cooper, Jackie B. Coojx-r, Jacqueline Jr. M. I Cooper, James W.. Jr. 104-B Kuker Ave., Florence. S. C. Box 4. Owing . S. C. 622 Perry Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 114 Morrow St.. Greer. S. C. 19(H) Abace Rd.. Reading. Pa. 392 Forest Ave.. Spartanburg, S. C. Cherry Rd., Clemson. S. C. Rt. 1. Piedmont. S. C. 121 Church St.. I .aureus. S. C. 4 Stevenson Ave.. Savannah. Ga.STUDENT DIRECTORY—Con iw erf Class 4 1 4 3 Sp. 3 I 3 1 Name Address Ci- ss Name Address 1 2 T 1 2 Sp. 4 1 Sp. 1 2 2 4 1 Sp. 3 3 2 2 4 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 s$- 2 3 4 3 3 2 3 4 2 2 2 Sp. Sp Cooper, Thomas B.. Jr. 24) 1 S. ! Iollaiisl St.. Clinton, S. C. Cooper. Thomas N. 3239 Riverside Avt;„ Jacksonville, Fla. Cornett. Helen Cwcndolyn, 216 Cleveland St., Greenville. S. C. Coulter, Edwin M. Counts. Florence Belle Counts, Jimmy R. Counts. Sheila Rae Courson. Rowcna Eloise Cox. Beverly Joan Cox, Sue Elizabeth Craig, Betty Dale Craig. Earl II.. Jr. Crawford, Judy Anne— Box 7. CINC South. Navy 510. FPO New York. N. Y. Crawford. Rachel Jeanne— Box 7. CINC South. Navy 510. FPO New York, N. Y Creamer. Frankie Anne 2003 N. Holly St.. Anderson. S. C. 1003 Winding Rcl„ Conway, S. C. 1511 East North St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 1, Box 307. Newberry. S. C. Rt. 1, Prosperity, S. C. 1 Valley View Lu.. Greenville. S. C. Five PlS., Fernamlina Beach, Fin. 1114 Buncombe St., Greenville. S. C. 20 Ladson St., Greenville. S. C. 4200 Woodleigh R 1., Columbia. S. C. 808 Queens St., Columbia. S. C. Crenshaw, Cary O. Crenshaw, Thomas F. Cribb, Bullock L Cribb. Luther G., Jr. Cribbs, Floyd A. Critchfield, John B. Cromer, Emily Louise Crook. Kenneth L. Crook. William R. Crosby, Jane Amanda Crosby. Walter T. Crouch, Wilbur S. Crould, Charles J. . Crout, Edythc Anne Culbertson. Laura Joyce Culver, Carol Cunningham. Mary Elizabeth Cureton, James B. 105 N. Market St.. Lancaster. S. C. 5 Acorn Ct., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4, Box 131. Saluda, S. C. Lynchburg. S. C. 825 Peyton Rd.. Atlanta. Ga. Rt. 1. Prosperity, S. C. Rt. 5. Greer. S. C. Rt. 1, St. George, S.C. Great Falls. S. C. Ridgeland. S. C. 112 Calhoun St., Johnston. S. C. Rt. 2. Box 78-1. Cheraxv. S. C. S. Weston St.. Fountain Inn. S. C. 313 E. Clifton. N. Augusta, S. C. 241 Riggs Dr., CIcmson, S. C. Rt. 1. Clinton. S. C. Rt. 3, Greenville, S. C. Curlce, Mary Leila Box 423. Orangeburg, S. C. Curry, Ravcnel B., Ill 607 Henrietta Ave., Greenwood. S. C. Dacus, Edwin C. Dacus. Robert M.. Ill Danby, Gwendolyn Eloise Danner, John E., Jr. Darnell, Irby C. Daughtry. James D. Davenport, Luther M. Davenport. Mack J.. Jr. Davidson, E. William Davis. Bette Jo Davis, Boyce K. Davis. Bruce E. Davis, Donald P. Davis, Harold E. Davis. Jayne Ellen Davis, John H. Davis. Ronald C. Davis, Sarah Lee Davis, Wanda Joyce Davis. William C.. Jr. 308 W. Arlington Ave., Greer, S. C. 107 Mclvcr St.. Greenville. S. C. 125 Duke Axe., Columbia, S. C. 6 Crestview Apts.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2, Saluda. S. G. 4201 Lake Rd., Miami, Fla. 121 Curtis St.. Toccoa.Ca. 6 Valoric Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 208 E. Paris Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 128 Beverly Rd.. Asheville. N. C. 222 Skipper Ave., Fort Mill, S. C. Rt. 4. Lancaster, S. C. Rt. 3. Chester, S. C. 509 Charles St.. Beaufort, S. C. 149 West End. Chester, S. C. Rt. 4. Lancaster, S. C. 103 Brooksidc Ave., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2, Hodges. S. C. 6238 Mercado Dr.. Jacksonville 10. Fla. Ridgeland. S. C. Dean, Helen Christine. 716 W. Walker Ave.. College Park. Ga. Dean, Martha Lois Dear. Kenneth C DcBra, David L. DcBra. Judson N. Dcitz. Emmett E. Dempsey, Jackson E. Dcndy. Barbara Bowen (Mr 110 Carolina Ave., Greenville. S. C. 1013 Rutherford Rd., Greenville. S. C. 516 Rainbow Dr., Hollywood, Fla. 920 E. Hamilton Ave., Tampa. Fla. 61 Hrookwood Ave.. Asheville. N. C. 308 Beatrice St.. Greenville. S. C. Denny. Catherine Patricia Denton. Charles R. Derrick. Wallace E. Dew. Blanco Kliza! oth Dew, Marian Nancy Dew. Paula (2nd scm. fr.) Dews, Lawton J. DiGiacomo. Gail Veronica Dill. Barbara Jane Dill. Frances Marion Dillard. Angela Carol Dillard, George D. Dillon. Robert A. Dobson. Thomas B. Donovan, Daniel F.. Jr. Dorron. Joanne Bethune 635 N. Main St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 1. Word. S. C. Rt. 5. Union. S. C. 32 Douglass Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 123 Williams St.. Lake City. S. C. 123 Williams St.. Lake City. S. C. Dew St.. I-atta. S. C West Johnson, Forsyth. Ca 137 State St., Ossining. N. Y. Ill Mills Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 122 Tanglewylde, Spartanburg. S. C. Rt. I. Greer. S.C. 152 Vidal Blvd.. Decatur. Ca. Glen wild Lake. Bloomingdale. N. J. Box 94. Fairforest. S. C 103 David St.. Easley, S. C. 875 Winchester Cir.. Macon, Ga. 3 Dove, Myrna Ixjc Sp. Dover, Mary Sp. Dowen. Evlyn 4 Drake. Thomas M. 1 Duncan. James M. 3 Duncan, Lois Ann I Duncan, William 1 Sp. 3 3 2 3 1 4 1 3 1 Sp. 1 4 4 1 3 2 3 3 3 1 1 Sp. 2 3 3 1 3 4 1 1 Sp. 1 4 1 4 4 2 3 3 3 2 3 Ss- 0 1 3 4 2 T 615 K. Cambridge, Greenwood. S. C. I lollywood, Gu. 12111 Coldxvatcr. Flushing, Mich. Box 44. Travelers Rest. S. C. Rt. 7. Greenville. S. C. 133 W. Ml. View Ave., Greenville. S. C. 15 S. Franklin Rd., Greenville, S. C. Dunlap. Joyce Caroline— P. O. Box 3261, St.i. A. Greenville, S. G. Dunlop, James F., Ill 8808 Colesvillc Rd., Silver Spring, Md. Eby. Dorothy C. Black (Mrs.) Eddy, Margaret Evelyn Edmonds. Henry D. Edxvards, David S. 13 B Mallard. Greenville. S. C. 2000 Shirley St.. Atlanta, Ga. 315 E. Franklin St,, Anderson, S. C. 313 School St.. Villa Park. III. Edwards, Grace Aline (Mrs.) Rt. 2. Landrum, S.C. Edwards, John P.. Jr. 55 Houston St.. Charleston llgts., S. C. Ill Memorial Dr.. Greer, S. C. 306 Brockman Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 109 Jones Ave., Easley, S. C. 1360 Faina Dr.. N. E., Atlanta. Ga. Rt. 4. Greer. S.C. 943 N. E. 2nd Ave., Homestead. Fla. 5 Vine St., Sans Sonci, Greenville, S. C. 11 E. Tallulah Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 700 South Fifth St.. Easley.S.C. Edwards, Ronald K. Eisenmaii. J. Cordon Ellenhurg, James E. Ellis. Linda Carol Ellison, Betty Jane F.pling, Robert L. Ergle, Ramon K. Eskexv, Catherine Smith Eskexv, Joan Elizabeth Etnyre, Anthony L. Evans, David N. Evans. Robert D. Ezell. Jim B. 1521 Highland. Wilmette. 111. Box 95. Evansville. Wy. 321 Country Club Dr., Rock Hill. S.C. 5 Carmil Cts.. Greenville, S. C. Faber, Thomas L. Fallaw, Linda Joline Falls, Brenda Marchia Kant. Carolyn Farmer, Jimmie H. Farnham, Martha Luncill Farrar, Wiliiam A., Jr. Farrell. Cecil G„ Jr. Faysoux, Charles C. Faysoux, Mary Jo Feaglc, Franklin H. D. Ferguson, Danny S. Finley, Judith Naomi Fleming, Jesse H. Flint. Sue Atm Floyd. Aubrey B. Floyd. Austin E. Floyd. Charles D. Floyd, Jesse C. Floyd, June Flynn, Edward J. Follien. Kenneth J. Forbes, Philip J. Ford. Peggy Jeanne Fordhum. Jimmy T. Forrest. Roy O. Forrester, Ginger S. Foster, Harold L. Foster, Keith R. Foster. Patsy E. (Mrs.) 914 Mixon Ave., N, Charleston. S. C. 201 Clearwater Rd., Belvedere. S. C. 14 Westham Pkxvy,, Richmond, Va. Silverstrect, S. C. Rt. 1. Pauline,S.C. Rt. I, Taylors.S.C. 713 Arlington Ave., Greenville, S. C. Box 343, Aberdeen, N. C. 110 Mills Ave., Greenville, S. C. 110 Mcmmingcr St.. Greenville, S. C. Box 71. Dundee, Fla. Greenville St., Pendleton. S. C. 11 S. Leach St., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Taylors. S. C. 1321 N. Boulevard St., Anderson, S. C. 305 12th Ave.. Conway, S. C. Rt. 2. Nichols. S.C. Rt. 1. Box 342. Loris. S.C. 121 Edge wood Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 528 W. Tug.do St.. Toccoa.Ca. 245 Main St., Millhnrn. N. J. 200 Spring l )r., Falls Church. Va. 22 Milwaukee Ave.. Bethel. Conn. 17 Club Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 624 E. McIntosh Rd.. Griffin. Ca. Rt. 2. Taylors. S. C. Box 14. Mauldin, S. C. 23 Jed wood Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 461 Johnson Ferry Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. 4303 Ridgewood Ave., Columbia, S. C. (Apt. 4. Montague Vll., Furman University. Greenville) Foster. Walter N . Jr. Apt. 4. Montague N il.. Greenville, S. C. Foxvler. James B. 612 Calhoun Ave., Greenwood. S. C. Fox, Joan Annette Osltom, S. C. Foxworth. Madonna Dessieree Rt. 4. Travelers Rest. S. C. Foxworth, Norman F. Rt. I. Marion,S.C. Frady. Marshall B. 105 S. Salem Ave., Sumter, S. C. Franklin. Alice Virginia 517 S. Limestone St.. Gaffney.S.C. 605 Gossett St.. Anderson. S. C. 418 S, Darg.m St.. Florence, S. C. Denmark Rd., Bamlierg. S. C. 1204 Forest Ln., Anniston. Ala. Box 304. Tuxedo. N. C. Box 269, Rt. 4. Durham. S.C. 1421 Fairridge Dr.. Kingsport, Tenn. 140.3 Buncombe Rd., Greenville, S. C. 12 Provost Apts.. Greenville, S. C. 5-C Poinsett Apts., Greenville, S. C. 109 Miller St.. Greer. S. C. Crimora. Va. Franklin. Edxvard 11. Fredy. Marta Jean Free. Fred W. Freel. Emmett F. Freeman, Jay E. Freeman. Jerry T. Freeman. Robert P. Frkldlc, Ronald C. Frkldlc. William H.. Jr. Fritchman. William P. Fudge. Jeanne Putnam (Mrs.) Funk. Anna Virginia Furr. Edward K. Futral. Dorothy Gladys 415 Townes St.. Greenville, S. C. 109-B Crescent Ct.. Decatur. Ca. 2fl7STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued Glass Name ! Gaffney. Linda Ola 4 Galloway. Harold C. Sp. Galloway, Jcwrl B. (Mrs.) 1 Galloway, Lam Rachel 1 Cambrcll. Warren G. 2 Carreri. Elva Annette Garrick. Bob L Address 2205 N. Main St., Anderson, S. C. 1307 N. Main St.. Greenville, S. C. 1307 N. Main St.. Greenville, S. C. 9 Webb St.. Greenville. S. G. Kt. 3. Bon 201. Easley, S. G. 2110 Anderson St.. Greenville, S. G. 1215 Kntaw Ave., Orangeburg, S. C. Glass 3 3 Namk Aodrkss 2 Garrison. Mary B. (Mrs.), 3-A Christopher St.. Greenville, S. C. 3 1 2 So. 3 I 3 1 3 2 0 •• 1 3 1 3 3 Sp. 4 Sp. 2 Sp. 1 3 3 Garrison. Miriam Louise Gaskins, l-aura Lee Gaston, Anne Wilson Gaver. Margie Lou George. Dolly Belli George, Mary Catherine Gerling. Jon S. Gibson. Edward W. Gillespie. Janies II. Kt. 8. Greenville, S. G. 2133 Weaver St.. Charleston, S. C. 1296 Brentwood, Spartanburg. S. G. 807 Park Ave.. S. E., Aiken. S. G. 301 Royal Rd.. Beaufort, S. G. •100 Stewart St., Greenville, S. C. 65 Hollywood Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 602 Summit Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 5 "A" St.. Woodside, Creenville. S. G. Gilreath. Mary Elizabeth. 16 W. Ilillcrest Dr.. Greenville. S. G. 725 E. 53 St.. Savannah. Ga. Rt. 1. Bo 142. Liberty, S. G. .106 S. Elam Ave.. Greensboro, N. G. 20 Rowley St.. Greenville, S. C. 36 Smythe Ave., Greenville. S. C. 3200 Bohannon Ave., Louisville, Kv. 5 Sunshine Ave., Creenville, S. C. 323.3 Enterprise, So. Chicago llgts.. III. 52 Smith St.. Ware Shoals. S. G. 503 Catawba St., Line-aster, S. C. 45 Trails End, Greenville. S. G. S. Main St.. Simpsonville. S. C. 307 W. Park Ave.. Greenville, S. C. Bt. 2. Woodruff. S. G. 750 S. McDonough St.. Decatur. Ga 116 Kuollwnod Ln.. Greenville, S. G. 113 Klowerdale Dr.. Akron, Ohio 21 “C" St.. Poe. Greenville. S. G. 8 Christopher St.. Greenville, S. C. Fleming Dr.. Greer, S. C. 1 AT Clay St.. Liberty, S. C. 119 Vannov St.. Greenville. S. C. 109 W. 1th St.. Seneca. S. G. Apt. 15, Montague Vil . Greenville, S. G. 5 Proffitt Cir„ Greenville, S. G. Greenway, Jean Eh alK-th 224 Dupont Dr., Greenville, S. C. Greer. Samuel A. 208 K. Stone Ave., Greenville. S. G. Gregg. Troy M. 8 Morris St.. Creenville, S. G Gregory. Howell J. 409 Chesterfield Ave., lamcaster. S. C. Grier. Phillip M. 6 Hathaway Cir., Greenville. S. G. Griffin, Elizabeth Camille 500 W. Poinsett St.. Greer, S. C. Griffith. Patricia Ann R. F. I). I. Box 343-A. Sumter, S. G. Griffith. Randy J. Rt. 2. Saluda, S. G. Croome. Roger G. Bon 132, Slater, S. G. Grubbs, Miriam Victoria. 422 Tangle wood Dr.. Anderson, S. G. Box 40. Moody AFB, Valdosta. Ga. 1200 Moss Ave., Orangeburg. S. ('. Cilstrap. Claude J. Gilstrap. Toni Louise Glass. Joel B. Glass. Roller t D. Glenn. Michael D. Glur. Gerald R. Codsey. Carolyn Jean Goelrel. Paul j). Golden, lames R. Goldsmith. Brooks P. Goodlctt. Allan M. Goodnough Polly Lone Good son. Edward M. Goodwin. Ronald E. Gordon. Sandy lamise Cosnell. Patricia Anne Graham. Charles D. Graham. Hoyt. Jr. Graham, James I). Cranadc, Hugh R. Gravitt. Mary Janice Grayson, Carol Ale.xander Green, Audrey Elizabeth Green. Charles F. Green, Roln-rt L. 2 Gnggino. Joseph A. 3 Gunn, M. Walker 2 Hagan, la-land M. 4 Hall. Annalx-llc 2 Hall. Everett W. 1 Hall. Vivian Lee I Hallman. Roy N. I H.imhright, Joanne 1 llammoml. Jimmy R. I Hammons. Carole Jean 1 Hamrick, Margaret Glare 1 Hanberry, Gerald G. 2 Hancock. Geary W. 1 liar bin. Sally Jane 2 Hardin, David S. I Harding. Judy Ann 1 Hardy. Susan 2 Darling, Peggy Helen 3 Harmon, Johnnie P. 1 Harper. Anne Hoyall I Harper. 1 -iwrvncv O. 3 Harper. Wayne F. I Harrier. Lunar C, 3 Harr ill. Eli alM-tb Anne I llarrill, John A. 1 Harris. Joel W. 12 3 Harris, Martin S. Sp. Harris, Wilma Jean 2 Hart, Edward A. Box 154, Brewster. Ha. 402 W. Main St.. Willlston. S. G. 203 Welcome Ave., Greenville. S. G. 28 West Main. Ware Shoals. S G 30 Ashley Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 20?) Pressly St., Clover, S. G. Rt. 2. Box 74. Nichols. S. C 1151 Vistavia Cir.. Decatur. Ga. Rt. 4. Box 400, Charleston. S. G. Denmark. S. C. 1516 latrry St., V Charleston. S. G. 815 Adams St.. Westminster. S. G. 3231 Wendover Dr., Toledo 6. Ohio Rt. 3. Box 202-A. Aiken. S. G. 2725 Knox St.. N. E.. Atlanta, Ga 868 Artwood ltd.. Atlanta 7. Ga. Bt. I. Brevard, N. G. Rt. 5, Box 33-1. Charleston, S. C. 110 Harper Ave.. Horn a P ith. S. G. Box 623. Pickens, S. C. 1724 Pinckney St„ Charleston, S. C. 909 E. Frederick St.. Galfnev, S. G. 117 Anderson Ave., Anderson, S. G. 42 Woodland Ave., S. E„ Atlanta. Ga. 118 Ashury Ave., Greenville, S. G. 240 Harris St.. Edwin, Tenn. 40.3 Holly Ln., Elizubcthtou, Tenn. 1 1 1 2 T I I 4 I 3 Sp. 4 3 4 3 3 I Sp. I 1 Sp. 3 Sp 3 Sp. 3 Sp. 4 3 4 3 2 .3 4 3 4 4 1 1 I llartin. William E. 4520 Colonial Dr.. Columbil, S. C. Hartjen. Irene Smith (Mrs.), Rt. 6. Salters Rd.. Greenville, S. C. llartM-n. Raymond C.. Jr. Rt. 2, Central Square. N. Y. Hartley. Carroll H. Davisboro. Ca. Hartley. Emily Ann Buncombe St.. Edgefield, $. C. Ilartncss. Patterson T. 10-1 Earle St.. Greenville, S. C. Harvey, Patricia Sue 112 llavilard Ave., Greenville, S. C. Hasher. Frederick. Rt. 3. Duncan Chapel Rd.. Greenville, S. G. Hate-hell. Patricia Lillian .567 E. Compass Rd.. Baltimore. Md. Hathaway. Dale L. 320 Johnson Ave., Bridgeport, W. Vu. Box 608, Nichols, S. G. 120 Knolhvood Ln.. Greenville, S. C. Arlington St.. Greer, S. C. Rt. 1. Congaree, Failover. S, C. 706 Ponce dc Leon Ave.. Decatur, Ga. Howell St.. Hartwell. Ga. 631 E. Orr St.. Anderson. S. C. 5615 Randolph St.. Ilyattsville. Md. Pelham Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Homestead Dr., Taylors, S. C. Rt. 2, Chesnec. S. G. 11 Montague Vil.. Greenville, S. G. Rt. 5. Spartanburg. S. G. 635 Branch St.. Woodruff, S. C. Rt. 4, Lancaster, S. C. 410 Kockmont Rd., Greenville. S. G. 11 ayes. Alice Betty Hayes. Linda Carolyn Hayes, Marvin D. Haync. Ellen Frost Haynes, Marion West Hays. Arthur II. Heaton. Ralph B. Ilcichcr. la-sin-llelgerson, Ann Carlton Helton. William L., Jr. Henderson. Gary L. Henderson. James P. Hendrix. Marian Virginia llennett. Ronald D. Henry. Clyde D. Henry. William F. Herndon. Beverly Clayton 208 Moore St.. Greenwood. S. G. Herring. Buddy G. 435 N. Main St., Creenville. S. C. Herring, Judith 1726 Georgia Ave., N. Augusta. S. G. Herring, Judith. Marion Bethea Baptist Home, Darlington. S. G. Herring, Sarah Alice 27 Tindal Ave., Creenville. S. G. Ilr-trick, Brenda Evans (Mrs.) 110 Norris St., Anderson. S. C. Hewitt, Bichard F. 28.36 Stratford Rd.. Colunibiu. S, C. Hcyxxood, Sam W. 113 Vannoy St.. Creenville. S. C. Ilietkamp, Christine, Adr. Mildcrsstra. 18. Rotterdam, Holland High. Charles W. Hightower, Ronnie Hill. Edwin G. Hill. Irie O. Hill. Jeffrey S. Hill. Robert L. Hill. Zora Frances llilley, William R. Hinds. George L.. Ill Hines, William B. Iliott. William E. Hobson. David H. Hodge. Sara (Mrs.) Hudgens, Hubert II. Bt. 1. Inman, S. C. Bermuda St.. Batc-sburg. S. G. Rt. 4, Bon 197, Manning, S. G. 219 W. Olive St.. Lakeland, Fla. 4723 Jett Hd., Atlanta. Ga. 2400-A lVpperell Pkwy.. Opelika, Ala. 14 Wiuka Ave., Greenville. S. C. 101 N. Prcvost St., Anderson. S. C. 7 Prospect St.. Madison, N. J. 203 Suminitt Dr., Greenville. S. C. 6434 Pineficld Rd„ Columbia, S. C. River Rd., Box 26, New Brunswick. N. J. Rt. 2. Pickens. S. C 510 Rose Ln., Raleigh. N. G. Holbrooks. Margaret Aleta— 336 New Market St.. Greenwood. S. C HoIcoiiiIm-, Patti Viola 437 Avery St.. Decatur, Ca. I (older. Lucia Ann 7 Forest Circle Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Holland, Martha Hillandale Cir., Creenville, S. C Holliday. Dorothy (Mrs.) 613 Dunbar St.. Greenville, S. G. llollifiefd. Patricia Layne 210 Pine St. Ext., Greer, S. C. Hollingsworth. Gail Elaine— 18 N. Florida Ave., Greenville. S. G. 408 Calphin Dr., Greenville, S. C. Old Evansburg. Skippack. Pa. 9 Plymouth Ave., Greenville. S. C. Meadow Dr.. Manning, S. C. 330 President St.. Charleston, S. C. Ridgcl.md. S. G. 600 Ferguson St.. Clinton, S. C. Rt. I. Ridgcl.md. S. C. Hollingsworth, Linda Kay Hohm-s. Roln-rt A. Holtzemlorff, Nell (Mrs.) Hook, Frederick V„ Jr. Hopkins, Jean Adalyn Horton. James K. Horton. Roln-rt A. Horton, Wendell Horton, Wilbur S.. Jr.. 758 Chaffee Rd., Ft. Sam Houston, Texas 102 Ml. Vista. Creenville, S. G. 903 Valley View, Aiken, S. C. 107 Arrington Ave.. Creenville. S. G. Hawthorne l)r., Simpsonville, S. G. Candler Heights. Candler, N. G. 1014 Georgia Ave.. N. Augusta. S. C. 873 Fife Ave., Wilmington, Ohio Hough, Kenneth E. Hovus. Mary Etlvel Howard. Judith Ann Howard, Lurry L. Howell. Judy lamise Howell, Iaila Gayle lloxvze, Frances Su anm I Irdlii ka, Judy Irene— 480 E. Lk. Martha Dr.. Winter Haven. Fla. Hudgens, Carolyn Moore 1007 S. Harper St.. Laurens, S. C. Hudson, la-stcr A.. Jr. P. O. Box 713, Hampton. S. C. Huff. Virginia Curtis 838 Bridgewater St.. Atlanta 10. Ga. Hughes. Charles R. 113 Dupont I r.. Greenville. S. C. Hughes, Donnie E. 510 W. Greer St., flonca Path, S. C. Hughes, John E. Rt. I. Honea Path, S. C. Hunt, Marshall D. Church St.. Elberton.Ca. 208STUDENT DIRECTOHV—Con intied Cuass I Name Aodhkss Sp. 1 3 3 3 2 4 4 1 I I 3 4 1 2 3 Sp. 3 1 2 3 4 3 I I o 1 1 2 Sp. 2 3 1 1 4 2 2 4 3 1 2 1 1 1 2 4 5 Sp. 3 Hunt. Nancy Cleon 15 ITit., Liberty, C. Hurd, Mcritha Jane 2-11 Stlt Ave.. Crumcrton. . C. Hurt. Winifred Ran Rt. 4, Saluda, S. C. Huns. Paul 1). 249 Woodrow St.. Jacksonville, Fla. liutehings, Jacquelyn Eveta Rt. 4. Union. S. C. Ilntcliins. George E. Rt. 2. Wallialla, S. C. Hutliinaclicr, Herbert L. I3-B Woodfin Ave., Greenville, S. C. Hutto. Angie llutli 28 Lyttleton Ave., Charleston] S. C. Hvdrick, Betty Wellrorn (Mrs.) 9 Otis St.. Greenville, S. C. Ingle, Ann Klizalx-th Ingrain, Carol Louise 82 Herron Ave., Asheville. N. C. 715 Harris Dr.. College Park. Ca. Jaek. Eli .dx-th Stephens (Mis.) Bov 291. Duncan. S.C. Jac k. Georgia Lynn 3 Nottingham Rd.. Greenville, S. C. 23 Wallace St.. Greenville, S. C. 29 S. Howard St.. Inman. S. C, Rt. 7. Greenville, S. C. 3115 Whiteway Rd,. Baltimore, Mil. 1320 W ashington Ln„ Kannapolis. N. C. 114 Madison St.. Greenwood, S. C. 97 Crcstvievv Apts.. Greenville, S. C. 361 Dec Ting Rd.. N. V„ Atlanta 9. Ga. 222 S. Bull St.. Columbia, S. C. 211 Cornelia St.. Greenville, S. C. Jacks. Melton M Jackson. Bobby Jackson. Ernest M. Jacobs. Janice Lynn James, Alice Carolyn James, Bandura Leo James, Jolm P. Jenkins, Linda Ann Jennings. Charles B. Jennings. Ernest L. Jennings, Nancy Hughes (Mrs.). Blue Ml Dr.. Greenville, S. 0. JepMin, Laurence L. Jemigan, Jack K. Johns. Mary Eli .ilK th Johns. Patricia Anne Johnson. James L. Johnson. James L. Johnson, Nina Lynn Johnston, Millie Elisc Jolley. Jerry F. Jolly. Daphne Muriel Jolly, Rebecca Jan Jones, Bobby A. Jones, Horace B. Jones. Lee Ora Jones, Lilia Elaine Jones. Nancy Jo Jones. Susan ls.dx-1 Jordan. Allx-rt L. Jordan, ('buries G. Jordan. Jack G. Jordan. Kilty Carroll Jordan. Mary Annette Jordan, Michael C. Jordan. Voncic Lee JuuijH-r. Jane Tate 170.5 E. .51 St.. Ashtabula. Ohio 322 Congdon St.. Georgetown, S. C. 2415 Allison ltd.. Beaufort, S. C. 2115 Allison Rd.. Beaufort, S. C. 6 B Elsie Ave . Greenville. S. C. 645 Arlington Ave.. Lockland. Ohio 538 Abington Ave.. Glenside. Pa. 1407 College- Ave., Hartsville, S. C. Church St.. Travelers Best. S. C. Bt. I. Black Mountain, N. C. 2-50 Inman Dr.. Decatur. Ca. 110 Belvue ltd.. Greenville. S. C. Box 193. Taylors. S. C. Greenville IIwv.. Greenwood, S. C. N. Main St.. Fountain Inn, S. C. Hi. 6. WoodroH ltd.. Greenville, S. C. 101 S. Franklin Dr.. Florence. S. C. 4611 Reamer St.. Columbia, S. C. Bov 499, Itt. 4, Travelers Rest, S. C. 1015 V Main St, Grecnvillo, S. C. 6323 Monticello ltd., Columbia. S. C. 1 N. Franklin Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Itt. 7. Gic-stview Dr.. Greenville. S. G. 30 Scarlett St.. Greenville, S. G. P. (). Bov 261. Hampton. S. C. Kay. Charles E. Bov 389, Ware Shoals. S. C. Keel. Phillip J. 416 W. Hickory St.. Hinsdale. 111. Keel, William G. 113 W. Hickory St.. Hinsdale, III. Keener. Frank O. 331 Vanderbilt Rd., Asheville, N. C. Keller. Elliott II. Clayton, Ca. Keller. Janice Earlcen Wt. Horse ltd.. Rt. I. Greenville,S.C. Keller. Margaret Ann 4230 Kilbouruc ltd., Columbia. S. C. Kellett. Evelyn Sue 2500 Laurens ltd.. Greenville. S. C. Kelley. Ginger Bnv 461, Highlands, N. C. Kelley, LuBeth Coker College, Hartsville. S. C. Kelly. James E. Rt. 2. Anderson. S. C. Kelly, Mary Carole 103 Whitehall St.. Greenville, S. C. Kemp. Donald E. Rt. 7, Choice Hill Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Kemp. Peggv Eldridge (Mrs.) 2391 Ix-slie Cir.. Augusta.Ga. (Rt. 7. Choice Hill ltd., Greenville) Kennedy. Carol Cole (Mrs.) 6 Dcllwood Dr.. Grircnville, S. C. Kennedy. Diane Kendall !8 W N. Flagler Dr., Apt. h-7. Garden Lane Apts.. West Palm Beach. Fla. Kennedy, Edward C. 3431 Wheat St., Columbia, S. C. Kennedy, Kathryn Elaine 121 Bradley Blvd., Greenville. S. C. 261 Lakewood Dr.. Woodrulf. S. G. Bov 127. McCormick, S. C. Bov 354. McCormick. S. G. 322 E. Paris ltd., Greenville, S. G. 6 Charleston St., Creenville. S. C. 302 Highland ltd.. Easley. S. C. 915 Fugate Ave., Charlotte. N. G. 210 Cleveland St.. Greenville. S. C. 312 Federal St.. Beaufort, S. C. Box 208. Beaufort. S. C. Kennedy. Linda Ann Keown, Jim M. Keown. William I). Key. William E. Kilpatrick. Joseph King. Gary It. King. Henry S. King. Walter G. Kinghorn. Betty B. Kinghorn. Lunin- Mill Cuss Name 2 Kirby. Kliuoi Sn .mm- 3 Kirby. Franklin 2 Kirby. Kay Frances 1 Kirby. Michael I. 1 Kirby. Thomas F. 3 Kirksev, W illiam E. 2 Kittr -l1. Marvin 1-'. Sp. Knight. Bertha Dianne 1 Knight. Lawton II I Kohn, Richard E. 2 Kinion. Davcy L. 1313-A K. Washington St.. Greenville, S. C. Sp. Sp. Sp. 3 I 3 3 3 4 1 4 1 2 T Sp. 3 3 3 2 3 So. 3 2 2 T 3 4 3 3 2 4 4 Sp. 3 3 1 2 2 4 I 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 Sp. I 1 I A T i 3 4 Sp. 1 Sp. Aim kk$s Bov 174. St. George, S. G. 33 Millikan Ave., Drayton, S. C. Rt. 2. Bov I40-B, Newton. N.C. 100 Tedder St.. Darlington, S. C. Bt. 2. Bov 140-B. Newton. VC. Harlxir Dr.. Bt. I. Greenville. S. C. 106 Woodrull ltd.. Greer, S. C. Bt. I. Waterloo, S. C. 21 Ben St., Greenville, S. C. 2 Jones Ave.. Greenville, S. C. laiil. Mary G. 705-A Arlington Ave., Greenville. S. C. Lamas, Jeanette Catherine 1123 E. 35th St., Savannah, Ga. Lamlx-rt. Peggy Sue Rt. I. Brevard. N. C. launbcrt. Sarah Kay lit. 1. Brevard, N. C. Lampley, Holx-rt I. 8-It Christopher St.. Greenville, S. C. l-ancastcr. Emily Holley Hundred Pines, Beaufort. S. C. Lancaster, James L. 5718 Wcdgewood Dr.. Charlotte. N. C. Itt. 1. Chester. S. C. •507 Hampton Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 3. Spartanburg. S. C. •I Lee Cl-. Taylors. S. C. Rt. 2. Canton. N. C. 71 » E. Frederick St.. Cuffney, S. C. Nloncks Corner, S. C. 23 W. Broad Rock ltd., Richmond. Va. Ill East Main St.. Union. S. C. Lancaster, Bolx-rt M. lamdrcth, Ray E. Lane, Elton A. Langston, Christy R. Lanning, Thomas R. Lark, Brenda Dale Law, Suzaimc laiwrence, Delmer L. Lawrence, Jane Pn-slar Lawrimore. Jartpialyn Elaine Lawson, Brenda Kayo Lawson, Guy II. Lawson, Kenneth D. laiwton, Carol Ann Lawton, Charles II League, Lai Anno La-e, Floyd K. F. Lee. Miriam Mary la-«-, Nancy Agatha Kt. 2. Hemingway, S. C. Bov 154. Pauline, S. C. Bt. 3. Inman, S. C. Itt. 3. Inman, S. C. 280 Oak View Dr.. Greenville, S. G. 28 Oak View Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 16 Wilton St., Greenville. S. C. 101 Tyler St.. Boston, Mass. Bt. I. Landrum, S. C. 18 Kennedy Ter.. Hong Kong. BCC Lee. Norma Woon Ying, 107 Thomson ltd.. 2nd l-'l.. Hong Kong Lee, Thclbcrt B. LcCrand, Thomas S. Lcmmond. John F. 1 anions. Jack W . I.• lining, John O. la-on, ‘Tania Love Leonard, Guy C. Leppard. Jimmy F. Leslie, Gary D. Lewis, Bennie Sinclair (Mrs.) Lewis. Gary W. Lewis. Robert D. Lewis. Rolx-rt D. la wis. R. Bussell Lewis, Thomas D. Libby, Paula Vaughan Lido, B.dx-tta Kollcr Lindlcr, Gloria Jean Lmgcrfelt. Betty Jo Lipp. ltolx-rt E. Lipscomb, Harriet Ann Littlejohn. Dixie West 17 N. Park Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 905 Craven St.. Columbia. S. C. Bt. 2. Matthews. N. C. 2013 E. North St.. Greenville, S. G. Melody Ln., Car. 53, Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3, Brewster Dr., Taylors. S. C. 322 Wyndmoor Rd.. Springfield. Pa. 123 Cairers St., Greenville, S. C. 1811 Poinsett Hwy., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Campolx'llo, S. C. Olanta, S. C. 20 Louise Ave.. Greenville, S. C. II laigoon Blvd.. Mussapequa, N. C. Itt. I, Ocean Drive Beach, S. C. Rt. 2, Cainpnbcllo. S. C. Corrine St.. Easley. S. C. Bov 398, Perry. Fla. Bt. 4, Ix-esville, S. C. Box 443. Rural llall.N.C. 222 Uiwrcnce Dr.. Falls Church. Va. III Carolina Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 315 Gh-ndalyii Pi., Spartanburg, S. C. Livingston. Edna Elizabeth North. S. C. Lloyd. Roller! M. Apt. 8. Montague Vil., Greenville, S. C. lax-bridge. Eli alx-th Ann, 369 Sarrazin Ave., Pascagoula, Miss. Loftis, Ann Flemming I Church St . Piedmont, S. C. Ixiftis, Mary Katlion 17 Underwood Ave., Greenville, S. C. Loftis, Miriam Louise Itt 4, Taylors, S. C. Ix gun. Gathering Rose SI Logan Ave.. Asheville, X. C. Lollis. Priscilla Hunter (Mrs.)— 107 Berkeley Ave., Greenville, S. C. 3108 Moore I-ike Dr.. Charlotte, N. G. Rt. 1. Conway. S. C. 107 Monteith Oir.. Greenville, S. C. •103 Oakhnrsl St.. Gastonia. N. C. Connie Maxwell, Greenwood, S. C. Bt. 1. Easley. S. G. 109 Main St., Millburn, N. J. 184 Myrtle Ave.. Allendale. N. J. 516 Columbia St.. Hattiesburg. Miss. Townville, S. C. 10 Montague Vil., Greenville, S. C. Lowrimore. Hazel Bemona Rt. I. Gresham, S. C. Lowry . Jon . 1660 Johnson Rd.. X. E., Atlanta, Ga. Lucas, Hanneli l.ippstadt. Luningstr. 45, Germany Long, Charles G. Ixing. Woodrow W. laiopcr, Brenda I Ida L«x per( Christina Lee Looper. Claude L. Loo|x-r. Melissa Jane Loth. Harold T. Lott. George P. Louslalot, Fleetwood V. Lovelace, Bernice Susan Lowe, Richard H 709STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued 3 1 J 3 1 Si . 4 Sp. S’ Sp. 1 I 3 3 3 3 3 1 I I 1 o 1 3 3 1 3 3 1 3 1 2 3 1 3 1 3 3 4 2 4 4 3 2 2 T Sp. i 1 2 T Sp. 1 2 2 Sp. 1 1 AlHHIKVi 132 W«xkI St.. Vineland. N. I. 127 W. Mulberry St.. Albion, Midi. 6th Fifth St.. Ea lcy, S. C. 50 Fairview Ave.. Tcancck, N. J. Ht. I. Box 46. Greenwood.S.C. 1729 Sylvan Rd.. Mlanta. Ca. Bov 62. North. S. C. Rt. I. Waltcrlxiro, S. C. 13 Reeves St.. Euoree. S. C. 3 Paladin St., Greenville. S. C. Rccvesvillc, S. C. Recvcsvillc, S. C. Fast 1st Avc., Kaslev, S. C. 2509 Illinois Ave., Orlando. Fla. lit. 4, Greenville, S. C. 3757 N. Oketo. Chicago. III. 103 Sumter St.. Greer. S. C. Ht. 6. Travelers Rest. S. C. 312 S. Welcome Rd., Greenville. S. C. 120 K. Hayl om Rd.. M,p. N. Y. 2l 2 Moultrie Sq.. Anderson, S. C. 17.30 E. North St.. Greenville. S. C. 220 McDonald St., Greenville. S. C. _______............................. Hi I. Hone Shoe, C McCutchcon. Lillian Delphia SIS Glenn St.. Newlierry. S. C. 103 Springs St.. Fort Mill, S. G. 4612 I-inier Dr., Savannah. Ga. 006 Crecnwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. SO Osncr Dr.. F., Atlanta 5. Ga. 127 llaynsworth St.. Sumter. S. C. Ht. I Box 2. Chester. S. C. 2.3 Underwood Ave., Greenville, S. C. McKinney. Judith Annette. Duncan Rd., Ht. 3, Greenville. S. C. McLees, Alice Ann Ht. 3, Anderson, S. C. McManus. William G. 13-B Hamilton ve., Greenville, S. C. Ci.ass Name 1 l.ucrtzing, Walter O. So. Lnndergan. Ruth Ann .» Lunds, Roy T. 1 Luongo. Peter A. 1 Liiguire. Wilson C. 4 Lupbergcr. Betty Ann 4 Lynch. Thomas II. 3 Lyons. Nancy Emily I McAliee. Charles W.. Jr. 4 McAbee. Harold D. 1 McAlltany. John W. 3 McAlhany, Joseph C.. Jr. 2 McAlister. Joseph A. I MacAllastcr. Alan C. Sp. McAllister. I.inda 1’.inline McCafferty. Richard P. McCasslistcr. Midi.ni II. McCarrell. Lamar K. McClain. William F. McCollum. Robert Nl. McCown. Susan Audrey McCoy. Fredda Lee McCoy. Mary Jane McCrary, Limta Jeanne Ci.ass 4 Nanik Address 307 W hite Oak Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Metcalf, John S. Metcalfe, Carole Ur 768 Medical Detach. D. S.. APO 2S. New York, X. Y. McElhaney. Jack B.. Jr. McElveen. Joseph J.. Jr McCce, Janet Louise McGee. Virginia Earle Melntosh. Harriett Eliza. MeKcown. John H. McKinney, John H. McMicbael, David McMillan. Marihn Frances McNeely. Ann Jordan McPherson, John R. McTecr. Everett E. MeTeer. Pauline Cornelia McTecr. Thomas H. McWilliams. John M. 2 Faculty Apts.. Greenville. S. C. Ht.. Box 60. Lodge. S.C. 201 Wayne St. Nlonticello. Kv. 122 Randall St.. Greenville, S. C. Ht. I. Box 316, Haines City, Fla. 103 Dogwood Gii., Clemson, S. C. Ott St . Brain hville, S. G. Ht. 6. Greer. S. C. 1140 Springdale. Atlanta, Ca. 217 Hamilton. Williamston, S. G. 1424 Ric hland. Atlanta. Ga. Ht. 2. Box 292. Gate City, Va. Mahie. Gordon W. Mabry, Sara Amanda Maddox, Carolyn Anne Maddox. Ceorgc C. Magee, Margaret Pauline— 2611 Monterey Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. Major. Betts Baker (Mrs.) 101 E. Main St.. Williamston, S. C. Malplirus. William K. Ht. 2. Hidgeland. S. Maness. William l ., Jr. 6.35 N. Main St.. Greenville. S. C. Mann. Charles F. 119 Erriekson Ave., Moorestown, N. J. Maun. James W 102 Fdsvards St., Greenville, S. C, Maiming. Lausie Ann 24 IS Rolling-Brook Dr.. Atlanta 11. Ca. Murchhauks, Mary Frances, 117 Sewanee ve.. Greenville, S. C. 13 K. Fairview Ave., Greenville. S. C. 74 Quick Ave., Raritan, N. J. 24 Wedge wood Dr.. Greenville. S. G. Poinsett Apts., 10 B. Greenville. S. C, Box 204, Crystal City. Texas 1722 N, Main St.. Anderson,S.C. 3 E. Charlotte Avc., Sumter, S. C. Ht. 1. Pclzer.S.C. Swansea, S. C. Swansea. S. G. 201 Dukcland Dr.. Gr enville. S. G. Fli alieth l)r.( Ht. I. Taylors. S. G. 113 Higgs Dr.. Clcinsmi. S. G. 321 N. Logan. Gaffney. S. C. 3824 She ll ltd,, Hampton. N’a. 35 S. Broadway, Irvington. N. Y. 640 Monrovia St.. Shrc-vctxnt. La. 2461 Luc ille Dr., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Codsliall Hill. Tryon.N.G. S. Poplar St., Seneca, S. G. 6 Allx-in Cir., Greenville. S. G. 307 Moultrie Sq.. Anderson. S. 332 I’ine Forest Hd., Atlanta 5. Ca. I . O. Box 262. Summerville. S. G. Beverly. Ky. Maroney, Mike S. Martin. Albert W. Martin, Anna Camille Martin. Billy D. Martin. James B. Martin. John W.. Jr. Martin, Julie Anne Martin. Norma Gail Mason, Gaines II.. Jr. Mason, Mary Fli alxth Massey, lames R. Massey, J. William S. Mathews. Kli alx th Anne Mathis. Linda Wade Matthews, Thomas L. Mamri. Kolxrt I). Maurer. Nancy Ruth Maxwell, Cecil L. ____ Maxwell. Peggy Bridges (Mrs.) Mays. Nancy l_mc Medlin. Ruth Elaine Mee ks. Julia Tinsley Meleher, Mary Katlileen McUicliamp, Elliott M., Jr. Meredith, Raymond N. 4 1 1 Grad Sp. 2 3 3 Sp. 4 3 1 Sp. 3 3 2 1 4 1 1 1 1 Sp. 3 3 Sp. 1 1 I Metis, Claudia Carolyn Meyer, Covert E. Meyers, Mary Anne Middleton. Patsy Amanda Miller, Boyce, jr. Miller, Brenda Sue Miller, Doris Gail Miller. Edward II.. Jr. Miller. Glenn W. Miller, Harry E. Miller. Jack Roland Miller, Kenneth J. Ht. I. Hodges. S. C. 311-B Wilton St.. Greenville, S. C. 2425 S. W. 22 Ave., Miami 43. Fla. 101 North B St.. Easley, S. G. Ht. I. Travelers Rest, S. 0, 527 llnlstnn Ave., Erwin.Term. 307 Butli-r St., St. Matthews, S. C. Paris Mtn. State Pk . Greenville, S. C. II Inglewood Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 3 East ’Third St.. Cumberland, Md. 108 Ethelridge Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Ht. 7, llill.mdulc Cir.. Greenville, S. C. Miller, Relx;cca Angeline Miller, Robert C. Miller, Sarah Patsy Milner. David II. Milton. Sidney L. Mims, Fred L. Mims, Hugh E., Jr.— 111 Wocxll.uid Shores Hd., Charleston. S. C. .’100 Pendleton St., Clemson, S. C. 14 Kim St.. Greenville. S. C. 3119 N. Harrison St., Arlington. Va. 907 S. Center St.. Grove City. l a. 200 Bradley Blvd., Greenville. S. C. IS E. Lunncau Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Box 75, Nichols. S. C. 102 Apex St.. Laurens. S. C. Bum. S. C. 17 Botany Rd., Crccnvillc, S. C. 1101 Wells St.. Bcnncttsvillc.S. C. Ht. 2. Cray Court, S. C. 103 Frames St., ndcrson, S. C. Minccy, Alonzo D. Miner. Earnest W. . Miner, John F. Mifciighi, Sandra Diane Mitchell, Edward L., Jr. Mitchell, Henry Mitcliiim, Cecil C. Mochlcubrock. Fred A.— Ht. 3. Duncan Ctiapel Hd.. Greenville, S. C. Moudo, Robert J. 5032 Washington St.. Chicago, HI. Money. Francis Mae Marion llwy., Florence, S. C. Monti, Joseph J. 554 N. Del. Avc., Minersvillc, Pa. Moody. Grover L. 604 Piedmont Pk. Rd., Greenville, S. C. Moore, Ruddy W. Fairmont, S. C. Moore, Charles T. 817 Chestnut St.. Sinnctka. 111. Moore, George W. Rt. 1, Box 39, Eiiingh.uu, S. C. Moore, Thomas F. 202 Bent Bridge Hd., Greenville, S. C. Morgan. John V 423 West Hi ll St,. Statesville,N.C. Morgan, Patricia Ann, 2721 Washington St.. Wilmington. N. C. Morgan, Patrick H. Box 5-39. Ware Shoals, S. C. Morris, Charles T. 271S Eastern Pkwy., Orlando. Fla. Morris, Hu! crt D. 386 Ncipsic Hd., Glastonbury, Conn. Morris, Sylvia Elizabeth 709 Maple St.. Spartanburg. S. C. Morrison, Doris Irene Ht. 2. ’Travelers Rest. S. C, Morrow, Calvin W.— 5 Pine St.. Woodvillc lights.. Greenville,S.C. Moss, Judith Gordon Mull. Dick L. Mullen. James W. Mullen. John P. Murdoch. Richard E. Murphy, Faye Ann Murphy, landu Patricia Murray, Goodwill S. Mushegati, Daniel A. Mutiiner, Sue Carol Nall. Joseph T. Nattiik. Naw.il Nash, Barbara Guile Nast, Holx rt C. Nations, Chester B.. Jr. Nations. Robert B. Neal. Barbara June Neal. Jack E. Neal, James F.. Jr. Nease, Jainc s C. Nelson, Carol laiis Nelson. Julius D.. Jr. Nelson, Willie A., Jr. Nesbitt, Duncan P. Nettles, Linda Diane Newberry. Nick T.. Jr. Ncwoonic, Patricia Ann Newman. Carl H. Newman. William S. Nichols, Carol Jean Nidificr. Sandra Kay Nole n. Thomas P. Noonan, Sandra Bull Ht. 3. Forest City, N. C. 5 Paladin St.. Greenville, S. C. 616 James St., Bridgeport, W. Va. 616 James St., Bridgeport, W. Vu. Ht. I, Abbeville, S. C. Ht. 2. Box 627. Travelers Rest. S. C. Ht. 2. Box 627. Travelers Rest, S. C. 4406 Sherwocxl Hd., Jacksonville, Fla. 217 Saluda St.. Chester, S. C. Ht. 1. Box 507. Augusta, Ga. 1359 Richland Hd.. Atlanta. Ga. Mosul. Iraq 113 Cater St.. St. Simons Island, Ga. 9021 S. W. 189th St.. Miami 57, Fla. Box 74. Basking Ridge. N. J. P. O. Box 74. Basking Ridge, N. J. 67 Oakdale St.. Brevard. N. C. 1610 Briggs Chancy, Silver Spring, Md. 2-A Lewis Vil. Apts., Greenville, S. C. 18 Eastwood Ct.. Greenville, S. C. 46 W. Avondale Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 601 North St.. Anderson. S. C. 11 Mason St.. Anderson. S. C. 432 Main St.. Onconta. N. Y. 1106 Camden Cir.. Savannah. Ga. Queens Hd. W., Charlotte. N. C. . 914 Robin llcxxl Dr.. Charleston. S. C. 17 E. lamrcl Ave.. Home. Ga. 4379 V Elston Ave.. Chicago. III. 1014 Pine Forest Dr.. Greenwood, S. C-525 N. Trenholin Hd., Columbia, S. C. ($55 King Ave.. Florence. S. C. 623 Maupax Ave., Savauiiuh, Ga. 710STUDKNT D VX:TOl -Continue(l Class AMI Al l llt' 2 Noonan, William T. 831 1 Colesvillc Hd., Silver Springs, Md. I Norris, Jim I’. II Church St., Ilogansvilte. Ga. 1 Xuttrr. Jack N. 513 Aliev St.. Bessemer. Ala. 2 Nyc, Douglas E. 709 "C” Avc., West Columbia. S. C. Ogborn. Billy L. Ollif. Joann C. (Mrs.) Olsen, Crystal Marie Onlcy. Benny R. Osteen. Frank B. Oswald, Rita C. Owens. Henry E., Jr. Owens, John R. Owens, Linda M. Sp. Owens, Melinda Joyce Miller City. 111. 510 Wilton St.. Greenville, S. C. 107 Barnard Avc.. Aiken. S. C. 104 Sherwood Dr.. Conway. S. C. 111 Hrochman Avc.. Greenville. S. C. Box 584. Allendale, S. C. 122 W. Stone Avc.. Greenville. S. C. 107 Perry Avc.. Greenville. S. C. 1121 K. Franklin Avc.. Gastonia, N. C. Rt. 1. Liberty Dr.. Kasley.S.C. Sp. O dowski. Kathleen Anne— Rt. 4. Huntington Woods, Spartanburg. S. C. 3 1 1 Sp. Sp. I Sp. Pack. John T. Padgett. II. Duncan Padgett, Lynda Dale Page. Bette Sheila Panncll, Shirley Vivian Parker. Beverly R. Parker. Edith B. Parker. Elizalx-th Rabv— Episcopal Church Home for Children. York. S. C Box 427. St. Stephen. S. C. Box 586. Sullivan's Island, S. C. Grecnridge Rd., Walterltoro. S. C. 110 iiclmont Dr., Calhoun. Ca. Rt. 8, Box 497. Greenville. S. C. 120 Harvard Dr.. Spartanburg. S. C. 2701 E. North Avc., Anderson, S. C. Parker. James C. Parker. Willis F. Parks. Oltis E.. Jr. Parris. Susan Craig Patterson. Billy J. Patterson. Erma E. Patterson. Willie R. Peacock. James W.. Jr. 2 McDonald St., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 5. Greenville, S. C. 203 Sherwood Ct.. Greenville, S. C. 70 Ridge Rd., Lyman, S. C. 283 Moore St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 8. Box 240. Greenville. S. C. 108 Myrtle Ave.. Belton. S. C. 707 W. Main St.. Tlmmaston. Ga. Peacock. I.eRoy V„ III. 740 Unwood Avc.. Maple Shade. . J. Pearce. Dorothy Ann 603 E. Cleveland, Dillon. S. C. Pearinan. Patricia Bryant. IVarman'x Dairy Rd.. Anderson. S. C. Pepper, Mary Frances Peter, W. Louise IVwett, Otis D. Pfaff. Charles A. Phillips. Charles F. Phillips. Claudia Ann Phillips. Don E. Pickens. Samuel S. Pickren. Mittie E. Pike. Daniel L. Pinson. James W. Pinson. Joseph N. Pinson. Rolx'rt V. Pirtle, Jerry L. Plamondon. Ann L. Player. A. Tomas. Jr. Plyler. R. Keith Poe. Patricia Ann Poe. Patsy Ann Pollard. Betty Poole. I’lvna Mae Pope, Alfred V. Porterfield. Lawrence Posey. Phillip E. Poston. Nancy Powell. Janet Bee Powell, Shclha Jean Pratt. Tressje E. Premerlani. Lawrence V. Prentice. Bryant Prevost. Earle G. Price. Jeff V Priimn. Wakla Jean Pruitt. Garner R. 710 Arlington Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 116 Oakland Dr., Greenville. S. C. 513 E. 40th St.. Hialeah. Fla. Big Look Trail. Medford Pines. X. J. 7 Montague Vi!., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2. Heath Springs, S. C. Rt. 1, Lyman, S. C. Rt. 4. Box 127-A. Greenwood. S. C. Rt. 1, Eastanollee. Ga. Wayne Ave., W'oodlawn. Pa. 28 Newman St.. Honva Path, S. C. 28 Newman St.. Honca Path. S. C. 228 Sixth St., Henderson. Ky. Rt. 2. Benton. III. 54 Herron Ave.. Asheville, X. C. 165 Club Acres. Orangeburg. S. C. Rt. 3. Roe Ford Rd., Greenville, S. C. 106 James St.. Greenville. S. C R. F. D. 2. Bristol. Term. 107 First St.. Black Mountain. N. C. Rt. 3. Greer. S. C. 1943 Riviera Dr.. Coral Gables. Fla. R., 7603 Marvknoll Ave.. Bcthesda, Md 129 Ware St.. Greenville. S. C. 706 Rockford Rd.. High Point, N C. West Chatham. Apex. N. C. 10 Hamilton. Ariail. Easley, S. C. 312 N. Church St.. Charlotte. N. C. 37 East St.. Great Barrington, Mass. 1252 Forest Glen N„ Winnotka. 111. 10 Brooksidc Way. Greenville. S. C. 204 Brockman Ave.. Greenville, S. C 1919 Club Blvd.. Durham. N O. B« x 94. Slater, S. C. Purcell. Janus N„ Jr.. 311 S. W.. 17th St.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Purvis. Donald C. 3 Montague Village. Greenville. S. C. Pusser, Ellen V. 113 Green St.. Chesterfield, S. C. Putnam. Marx Helen Rt- 7. Cltoicc Hill Rd., Greenville, S. G. Pyle. Eugenia Haley 152 Augusta Ct.. Greenville, S. C. Pyron. Darden A. Box 463. Taylors. S. C. Class 3 3 3 1 Sp. 3 1 3 •t AMI Ainnnss R.iImui. Emerson W.. Jr.. .30 Darlington Avc., Charleston. S. C. 4 QuattlclMiim, Cecil 2 Quilliam, Louise M. •50.5 Chews St.. Florence. S. C. 20 Atwood. Greenville, S. C. 1 3 1 1 3 3 4 2 1 3 4 3 2 I 3 0 3 1 3 3 2 Sp. 3 Ss- 1 Sp. 1 3 2 2 T 4 2 T 3 1 1 0 » 1 1 1 2 3 3 1 2 1 3 4 2 Sp. 1 sp. 1 I 4 3 1 I 1 3 3 Rainwater. James M. Ralston. C. Rrieu Ramey. Dianne Ranijx-y. Cary Mae Rampcy, Rolxrt E. Randall, Martha C. Rainy, Anita P. (Mrs.) Rapinchuk. George Rasmussen, Rolx-rt E.— Apt. 8-H. Calhoun Towers. Greenville. S. C. Rasor. Jake. Jr. Cross Hill. S. C. Ran, Paula Ruth 3366 Nottingham Rd.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 702 Fairway Dr.. Florence. S. C. 281 King St.. Conne.aut. Ohio 2090 Venetian Dr.. Atlanta, Ga. 1510 Camden Ave.. Portsmouth. Va. 115 Anderson St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 5. Lancaster, S. G. Rt. 2. Box 75. Marietta, S. G. 5150 South Parkside, Chicago. III. Rawiinson, Alice E. Bay, Sara Claxton Raymcr, Carmen L. Hector, John M. Redd. W. David Recce, Landrum R. Reed, George B., Jr. Reed, Harold T. Reed. Larry W. Reeder. Martha Joan Reese, Elsaba L I0|| Fcrnrlalc Dr.. High Point, N. C. 309 S. Woodrow St.. Clinton, S. C. 11 Ralentino Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 12 Rogers Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 8 Elmwood Ave., Charleston, S. C. 9 Elmwood Avc.. Greenville. S. C. 5 Claremore Ave., Crccnville, S. C. 728 Quaker St.. S. W.. Atlanta. Ga. 413 Smith St., Roekmart. Ga. 300 Bailey St.. Clinton. S. C. Rt. 7. Greenville, S. C. Reeves. Mary Lucinda, 1840 Maryland Ave.. Spartanburg, S. C. Reeves, Shirley Reitz, Warren G.. Jr. Rent , James X. Rrpko. Barbara Ann Rcttcw, Sarah Victoria Revels. James G.. Jr. Reynolds. Henry IL, Jr. Reynolds. James C. Rhoads. Terry Dianne Rliodeii. Kenneth L. Richardson. Evelyn M. Richardson. Xena Sue Richey, Kenneth L. Riddle. Brenda Fay Riddle, Harold L. Ridgeway. Nancy R. Riser, Derril! V. Ritter. I lolly Riviere. Monro E. Roberts. Charles R. Rolxats. Dale A. Holx-rts. James A, Rolx-rts. Jerry P. Rolx-rtson. James (). Rolx-rtson. Janus R. Rol)cy. John S. Robinson, A. Ann Robinson, Mary Ann Robinson. Philip C. Rochester. Penny Rodgers. Barbara Roger. Benjamin F.. Jr. Rogers. Clarence M.. Jr. Rogers, Linda L is Rollins. Gloria G. Roof. Sandra Kay Roper. Ccrald L. Roper. Linda Mae Rourkc. Beryl Ann House, John E.. Jr. Howell, Lee A. Ryan, John J. Rt. I. Starr, S. C. 230 Frederick St.. Johnstown, Pa. Woodruff, S. C. 122 W. Circle Ave., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 7. Davidson Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 445 West flh St.. Hattiesburg. Miss. 315 MeAlwav Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 40 Douglass Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 133 E. Wilburn St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 7. Spartanburg. S. C. Rt. 1. Gresham. S. C. Rt. I. Pendleton, S. C. 132 Morgan St.. Greenwood. S. C. 708 Grove Rd„ Greenville, S. C. 22 Canna St.. Barnwell. S. C. 401 Kindcrway, Columbia, S. G. 405 Hampton St„ Joanna. S. C. R. F. I). 1. W, Sudield. Conn. 6819 Reynolds St.. Pittsburgh, Pa, 302 Stone Dr., Anderson. S. C. 76 Cedar St.. Asheville. N. C. 5 Marquand Pi., Pelham, N. Y. 1400 Com art St.. Hattiesburg, Miss. 10-R Cry stal Ave., Greenville. S. G. 535 E, Faris Rd,, Greenville. S. O. 4900 Battery Ln„ Bcthesda. Md. 21 Selxvyn Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 320 Grove St., Charleston. S. C. 4 Jefferson Cir.. Greenville. S. G. 116 Folger St.. Glemson. S. C. 125 King St.. Columbia, S. C. 5-A Piedmont Ave., Greenville, S. C. 306 W. Frederick', Anderson. S. G. 133 Cumtx-rl.md Ave.. Easley, S. C. 545 Lynnhavcn Dr.. Atlanta. Ga. 3211 Platt Springs Rd., W. Columbia. S. G. 30 Gilmer Dr., Anderson. S. C. Rnner St., Fountain Inn. S. G. 914 Abney St.. Greenwood. S. G. 302 Boulevard St.. Anderson. S. G. Bt. 2. Easley. S. G. 4113 56th St.. Wnodside 77. N. Y. Sadler. Syhle Marie Salvo. Susanne Sammons. Joan Sanders. Donald G. Sanders. Wrstic B. Sands. Carolyn Virginia Sargent. Kenneth A Sartwcll. Paul Saunders, Emmett L. Saver. Boyce O. Scarborough, Robin Schaible, Carol Jean Schaihle. Edward C. Schmidt. Gordon A., Jr. Schneider. Kent A Donalds. S. C. 604 Savannah Hxvy., Charleston, S. C. Rt. 4, Taylors, S. G. 6917 23rd Place, Hyattevillc. Md. til lamgview Terr.. Greenville. S. G. D. A. R. School, Tainassce, S. C. 130 Lullwater Rd., Greenville, S. C. DAEB. S. C. Holland. Va. Box 61. Monetta, S. C. Lamar, S. G. 409 S. Boulevard. X. Charleston, S. G. 409 S. Boulevard. N. Charleston, S. C. 541 Godfrey Pk.. Charleston, $. C. Skjppack Creek Hd., Collogcvflle, Pa. 211STUDENT DIWECTOKY—Continued Cl.ASS Nam i: I 3 1 1 2 I I 3 3 3 Sp. s$- I 3 1 1 A o 3 2 4 0 4 Sp. 1 3 1 4 4 4 3 1 Sl 3 3 1 3 1 2 4 3 1 4 1 2 2 3 3 4 2 2 I Sp. 1 4 2 4 Sp. 1 3 3 2 Sp. 1 1 Schott. Billy Sclmbe-rt. Norman Scogin. Mamie E. Scott. Ia-lanel S. Scott. Milton K. Scott. Robert S. Screws. William T. Scruggs, Brenda Seal, W. Wayne Sears. Marilyn Rita Seay. Cordon 1). Seay. Janet Marie Seay. Joseph 1). Segal, David II. Seiner. Cecils Soigler. Mary Phyllis Sclvv. David Sendler. Mary Ann Sent el I, Don W. Senior, Rodger F. Settle. James C. Sewell. Su anne Sexton, Janette (Mrs.) Shackelford. William Shamel. Cone T. Sharp. James M. Shaw. Douglas D. Shaw, Franklin R. Sheftall, Stanley W. Sheppard. Michael B. Sherwood. Rachel Shipley, Joy N. (Mrs.) Shivers, William F. Shockley. Paul N. Shockley, Ronald I). Sides, Dennis I). Sightler, Irene M. Simmons. Beverly Simmons, James W. Simonds. Glenda Simpson. Allan R. Simpson. Dorothy L. Addrkss Rt. 2, London. Ky. Box 608, Now Brunswick. N. J. 19 Fairfield Dr.. Avondale Estates. Ga. 21 Clcmson Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 606 W. Georgia St.. Woodrulf. S. C. 103 Sweetbriar ltd.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3. Box 117, Greenwood, S. C. Rt. 3. Gaffney, S. C. 6-A Biltmore Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 39 Forest Ave., Paramos. N. J. 404 Piedmont Pk. ltd.. Greenville, S. (J. 525 N. Main St.. Woodruff, S. C. Rt. 3. Greenville, S. C. 5 Montague Village, Greenville. S. C. 1142 Dibble ltd.. Aiken. S. C. 210 Dowling Ave.. Wallerlroro. S. G. Steele St.. Corbin. Ky. Box 230. Ocean Drive Beach, S. C. Camp Highland ltd., Smyrna, Ga. 511 Cascade Dr.. Marietta. Ga. 701 E. MeBee Ave., Greenville. S. C. 751 Kcnnolia Dr.. S. W„ Atlanta 10. Ga. 429 Wexxlruff. Woodruff, S. C. Rt. 1. Piedmont. S. C. 300 Westvicw Dr.. Winston-Salem. N. C. 4077 Dudley St.. Atlanta. Ga. Rt. 3. Box 38-K. Winaslx ro. S. C. Rt. 1. Taylors, S. C. 3 Boyce Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 705 Carolina Ave.. Orangeburg. S. C. lit. 1. Dillon. S.C. 4137 McKibbcn St.. Fort Worth, Texas 1 Bud St.. Greenville. S. C. 312 E. 11 ill crest Dr.. Greenville, S. C. IS Old Augusta ltd.. Greenville. S. C. 33 N. Haven Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Perrin St.. Greenville, S. C. 121 Skinner ltd.. Augusta. Ca. 839 W. Wesley ltd., Atlanta, Ga. 2301 Alameda PI.. Kingsport. Tenn. 109-A Whitsilt St.. Greenville, S. C. ___, ........... „. Rt. 8, Bov 101, Greenville, S. C. Simpson. Edward W„ III. 117 Ft. Rutledge ltd.. Chanson.S.C. Simpson, Emily J. (Sirs.) 10?) Whitsilt St.. Greenville. S. C. Sims. James C.. Jr. Singletary. John 1). Sisk. Michael Skadden. Stuart B. Skinner. Yancy L. Slaton, James W. Smith. Annalxth Smith, Annetta F. Smith, Barbara Ann Smith, Barbara E. Smith. Daniel W. Smith, Ellison L. Smith. George R Box 573, Taylors, S. C. 028 Oak Ave.. Hamlet. X. C. 211 S. 4th St., Seneca, S. C. 111 Park Ave., Manhasset. N. Y. Woodruff, S. C. 1611 E. Washington St.. Greenville. S. C. 400 Cary St., Greenville, S. C. 309 E. Hillcrest Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 313 Church St., Ahlrevillc, S. C. 109 Whitehall St., Greenville. S. C. 1040 N. E. 108th St.. N. Miami Beach. Fla. 007 River St.. Belton, S. C. 104 Carmel St., Greenville, S. C. Smith, Harold B.. Jr. 42 Church St.. Williamston, S. C. Smith, Jean Audrey 17 Butternut Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Smith. Jerry K. 2004 Early St., Corbin. Ky. Smith. June Love Connie Maxwell Home. Cn-enwexxl, S. C. Kinards. S. C. Rt. I. Box 101. Matthews. N. C. 810 Greenville St., Pendleton, S. C. Concord Rd„ Anderson. S. C Rt. 7. Spartanburg, S. C. Box 110. Wellford, S. C. Smith, Linda Smith. Louis F. Smith, Mary Emaline Smith, Nancy Ellen Smith, Patricia M. Smith, Phillip G. Smith. Robert L.— Mt View Mobile Home Pk., Poinsett Hwy., Greenville. S. C. 5 laitimcr St., Greenville. S. C. Box 713. Clarksville, Tenn. 53 N. Main St., Startex, S. C. 250 Carolina Ave.. Orangeburg. S. C. Cordova, S. C. 242 Grandview Dr.. Omeord, N. C. 14 University Ridge. Greenville. S. C. Box 254. Rt. I, Simpsonville.S.C. Rt. 7. Box .308. Greenville. S. C. 106 Duncan Chapel Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Park Ave.. Milton. Fla. Rt. 1. Boswell, Fla. 72 Irving Ave., Livingston, N. J. 700 Sloan St„ Clinton, S. C. Smith, Stanley B., Jr. Smith. Walton N.. Jr. Smith. William C. Smoak. Gary A. Smoak, Roger G.. Jr. Snips. Elgenia Ruth Snipes, Ralph O. Snow, Marna W. (Mrs.) Snyder. Mac E. Southern, Janet Southwell, June Speieher. Larry R. Spicer, Jeffrey A. Spillers, Hetty Sue Class 3 I 3 Sp. 3 Sp. 1 1 3 I 3 1 1 3 2 4 3 I 3 Sp. ss. Sp. 2 2 1 2 4 I Sp. I I 3 Sp. I 4 3 1 1 3 2 0 T 1 3 1 1 Sp. Sp. Naxik Spivey, James C. Stacks. Franklin D. Stanfiel, James D. Steadman. Ethel A Stephens, Harrv P. Stepp. Alfred P. Sternlxrgh. William W. Stevens, Nancy Ann Stevens, Wayne A. Stevenson. Michael W. Stevenson. Roger E. Adorkss 39-A V Haven Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 2645 Kelly Lake Rd.. Decatur. Ga. I Westbrook Dr.. Greenville, S. G. 123 Cnnestee Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1605 Linda Way S. W.. Atlanta 10. Ga. Rt. 7, Pilot Rd., Greenville, S. C. 1217 Belgrave PI.. Charlotte. N. C. 12541 Carter Rd.. Decatur. Ga. 1210 W. Main St.. Union,S.C. 24 Tranquil Ave.. Greenville, S. G. 12 Ranger Dr.. Charleston Hgts., S. C. Stewart, Kirk K. 12207 Rrookhaven Dr.. Silver Springs. Md. Stewart, Linda Louise 110 DcOyley Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 299 S. Watkins St.. Memphis, Tenn. 35 Woodvale Ave., Greenville, S. C. 35 Woodvale Ave., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3. Greer. S.C. 425 N. Hill St.. Morristown. Term. 213 Hampton Ave., Honea Path. S. C. Stout. Betty E. (Mrs.). Box 28724. Furman U.. Greenville. S. C. Stover, Joseph H. 41-E Woodland Homes. Greenville. S. C. Stowe, Stella F. (Mrs.) 200 Hermitage Dr., Greenville, S. C. Strange, James A. 010 Third Ave., V.. Hendersonville, N. C. Stokes. John J. Stone. Barbara Stone. Fie teller Stone. William R. Storey, Linda Anne StotKlcnmiro, Jane Storman. Dorothy Stroud. Toni Donne Stoll , Marie Kowena Striven, Thomnsin Styles, Texie Ann Summerall, Evere-tt Summers, Mary Catherine Sumniey. Fraruvs Sumner. Gary Sumner, Jiin Sutherland. Mollv Marie Sutherland. Phyllis Sutton. Shelly II.. Jr. Sweatt, Gloria Roth Sweeney. Patrick H. Sweet, Tipton Y. Sykes. Clyde D. S endrey. Sandra (Mrs.) Box 217. Orangeburg. S. C. Box 091, Greenville, S. C. Rt. 7. Winston-Salem, N. C. 1717 Forest Dr.. Camden, S.C. Rt. 4. Travelers Rest. S. C. Rt. 5. Box 318. Aiken. S.C, Bt. I. Rutherfordton. N. C. 705 laifayette Ave.. Anderson. S. G. 1819 X. Main St.. Greenville, S. C. 3712 33rd St., Tampa, Fla 113 Strode Cir„ Clcmson, S. C. 118 Cochran Block. Anderson. S. C. Rt. 1. Fort Mill.S.C. 119 Chipley Ln.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 8. Joluc-on City. Tenn. 1020 Beacon l.n.. Falls Church. Va. Rt. 4. Louisburg, N. C. 28 Gilbert Cts,, Greenville, S. C. Talbott. Carolyn Tallent. Johnny L. Talley, Robert T. Tallon, Sara Ann Tanner, Paul W. Taylor. R. Joseph 4428 Bm-na ‘ista Ave.. Baltimore, Md. 9 Stratharn St.. Greenville, S. C. 21 Lincoln St.. Canton, Miss. Bt. 2. l-imar, S. C. 1400 Be lvedere St.. Jacksonville. Fla. . . . 705 North St., Anderson, S. C. Taylor, Kli alx-th Thackston— 1205 Old Bmuomlx- Rd.. Greenville, $. C. Taylor, Fred E. 545 Anderson Dr.. Wexxlruff, S. C. Taylor. James N. 47 Smith St.. Ware Shoals, S.C. Taylor, Janice Isalx-lle, 60 McCanipbell Dr.. Warrenville, S. C. Taylor, Jo Ellen Taylor. Kenneth E. Taylor. Lynn Taylor. Mary Jane Taylor. Rolx-rt G. Taylor, Rolx-rt W. Taylor, Sam W. Taylor, Smilcc Jean Taylor, Toni Reeves Teague, Martha Gail Teague. Roth Carolyn Terry, Edgar L. Terry. Joseph D. Tew, John G.. Jr. Thilxxleau, Paige Thomas, David C. Thomas, Herman I... Jr. Thomas, Jerry R. 2713 Carolina Ave.. Hartsville, S. C. Rt. 3, Wexxl Rd.. Taylors, S.C. 112 Capers St., Greenville, S. C. 121 W. Augusta Pi., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4. Fairfie-ld Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 0. Greer. S.C. 2527 Blackmon Dr.. Decatur. Ca. 715 S. Dargan St.. Florence, S. C. 110 Connally St.. Black Mountain, N. C.. Bt 1, Kernersville. N. C. Box 122-T. Mars Hill, N. C. Rt. 6. Greer, S. G. 200 N. Line St.. Greer, S. C. 21 Nasturtium St., Sehring, Fla. 35th Ave.. N., Myrtle Beach, S. C. 100 Hutson St.. Grecnwooei, S. C. Rt. 3. Gre-cnville, S. C. 14 Howe St.. Greenville, S. C. Thomas, Sallic Elizabeth. |(K) Hickory Ct.. Jolmson City, Tenn. Thomason. Doris Nellecn Rt. 3. Laurens, S. C. Thomason. Martha Belote 32 Melville- Ave ., Greenville, S. C. Thompson. Eleanor Joyce 230 Pine St. Ext., Gre er, S. C. Thompson. Mason E. 2300 E. North St.. Greenville, S. C. Thompson, Ray L. 3729 Delgany Dr.. Charlotte . N. C. Thompson. Thomas J. 1450 Venetian Wav. Winter Park. Fla. Rt. 1. Iva.S.C. 211 Missionary Dr.. Decatur.Ga. 15 Clarendon Ave., Greenville, S. C. Surf City, N. C. 307 Broad St.. Anderson. S. C. Threlkeld. Harold P. Thurmond. John W. Tibl s. AllH-rt E. Tide!. Bonnie Carol Tilley, Mary Eli alx-th 71?STUDIO NT DI R VX' YOIW-Continued Class Nash A mmkas Sp. 1 ■I 3 2 4 2 1 Sp. 3 3 4 I sr l 3 I 2 1 2 4 Sp. 2 3 4 3 1 1 4 1 2 T 1 2 T 1 3 1 Tillman. David il. 2100 X. E. 167th St.. North Miami, Fla Timms. Leslie M. Forestwood Dr., Rt. I. Taylors, S. C Tollison, Peggy Eugenia Ht. 4. Taylors, S. C Tomlinson, David O. 1015 Confederate Ave., Columbia, S. C Tompkins. Judith Lynne 15 Farr Ave.. Andrews, S. C Touiliberry, Mildred Ann I’. O. Ih x 368, Smnmerton, S. C Townsend, Luther K. 902 West Main St., Dillon, S. C Trail. Lottie Amclic Ht. 3. Spartanburg. S. C Trammell, Clenna Hazel— 201 Donnyhrook Rd., Greenville, S. C Trammell. James A.— 2720 Wade Hampton Blvd.. Greenville, S. C Trammell. Kenneth A. 255 Elm St.. Clinton. S. C Trammell, l’atsy Jean 1109 X. Franklin Rd., Greenville. S. C Trammell. William R. 709 X. Franklin Rd.. Greenville, S. C Trot man. Virgil R. Rip A Rd., Toccoa. Ca Trotter, Loyd C. 21 Carolina Ave., Greenville. S. C Truesdell. Alice Eleanor 6425 85th l’L. Hyattsville, Md Trm sdell. Miriam Barton 6425 85th PI., Hyattsville. Md Tucker, Charles J. 24 E. Fairvicw Ave., Greenville. S. C Tucker. Ted D. Midway Dr.. Marietta, S. C Turner. Carolina Moore 307 DuPont St., Greenville, S. C Turner. Charles F. Rt. 3, Greenville, S. C Turner, Douglas L. A-l, Berkley Ave., Greenville. S. C Turner, Joanne Greene (Mrs.) Rt. 3, Greenville, S. C Turner, Mary Malinda Turner. Sara Brenda Turner. William M. Turrcntinc. William N. Tuten. Parma West bury Tyler. David J. 107 W. Main St.. Pickens, S. C. Rt. 4. Bo IS. X wlierry, S. C. 706 E. Godbold St.. Marion. S. C. 9-W Tallulah Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Jacksonlioro, S. C. Lorraine Cir., I..ike Wales, Fla. 2 Usher. Paul D. 132 ? I Underwood. Jane Hunt 1 Van Valkenburgh . Lyle D. 1 Varn. Dewey J. Sp. Vassy. Rion 3 Vaughn. Eula L. 1 Vchom, Franklin I-:. 2 Verdin. Thomas M.. Ill 1 Vernon. Janies J.. Jr. 3 Vick, James D. 2315 1 2 Vickers. John L. T Vickers. Mitchell C. 2 Uscilowie , Eugene E. 324 W. Cherry St., Shenandoah, Pa. lonlreat Rd.. Black Mountain. X. C. 110 Cedar Rock St.. Pickens. S. C. 183 Grace Church St.. Rye, X. V. 2-B Wilson St.. Charleston, S. C. 31 Byrd Blvd., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 5. Greenville, S. C. Stale Rd., GheraW, S. C. Mauldin. S. C. Box 76. Travelers Rest, S. C. River St., Parkdalc, Charleston. S. C. 128 Lyons Dr.. Frankfort. Ky. 3915 Eldcrwood, Knoxville. Term. 27 Duke St.. Greenville, S. C. 406 Academy St.. Kingstrce, S. C. Brook Forest Dr., Anderson. S. C. Box 435. Travelers Rest, S. C. Miami. Fla. Rt. 6. Greer, S. C. 1527 Dahlia Rd.. Columbia, S. C. 209 S. Fairplny St., Seneca, S. C. 19 Tomassec Ave., Greenville, S. C. 409 Summit Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 232 Piney Mt. Rd.. Creenville, S. C. 15 Carolina Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 600 Norwood St., Spartanburg, S. C. 121 Irby Ave., Laurens, S. C. 113 Tangli-wood Dr.. Anderson, S. C. 1301 E. North St.. Greenville. S. C. 1018 E. Main St.. Bellevue. Ohio 4 Victory Dr.. Darien. Conn. 325 Michigan Ave., Decatur. Ga. 4516 Lumh Ave., Tampa. Fla. 453 Taylor St.. Augusta. Ga. Rt. 20. Knoxville. Term. 2743 Eastwood Dr.. Decatur, Ga. 915 Walnut St.. Louisville. Ga. Rt. 3. Taylors. S. C. 2739 Idk-wood Cir.. Charlotte. X. C. Rt. 4. Box 155. Xiehols.SC. Main St.. Ridge Spring. S. C 118 Merrill Ave., Decatur. Ga. Vickery. David J. Vickery, Frances Kay Vickery, Meredith D. Vogels, Bob J. Voss, Barbara Wade, Hubert Wagner. Thomas L., Jr. Waikcrt. G. Harry Waldrop, Mickey J. Waldrop. Eve Brmvn Walker, Grover G. Walker. Nancy Deanna Walker. Virginia Sue Walker. Walter K. Wall. Alvin 1)., Jr. Wallace. Marvin F... Jr. Walter. Howard '1'. Wal .. Kenneth G. Ward. Richard F. Warrell. James E. Watkins, Betts- Lueretia Watkins. Lind a Lou Watkins. Richard D. Watkins. Thomas L. Watson, David L. Watson. Wm. S.. Jr. Watts, Olen G. Webb, Gwendolyn Gnv Webb. Sandra Anne Class Naxik ! Webb. Sandra Kay 1 Weeks, Thomas W. Sp. Welborn. Anniee 1 Welch. Mary E. 3 Welling. Kathryn E. 1 Wcllons, Bohert L. 3 Welniaker, Jerry G. Sp. Welsh. Sandra 3 Wcsncr, Mac Margaret 1 West, Edward C., Jr.. 3 West, Julian E. 2 Westmoreland. Robert 4 Wham. Mary Ann 1 Whcby, Alice K. Wheeler, John W., Ill 4 4 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 2 T i 3 3 1 2 4 2 3 2 T sp. 4 3 s, 2 3 I AdihiK-ss Box 278. Bt. 1, Great Falls. S. G. Box 196. Aiken. S. C. 122 Cherry St., Pendleton, S. G. West Edmeston, N. Y. 4809 Ave. M.. Brooklyn. X. Y. 107 W. Giddens St., 'I'anipa. Fla. 2125 Sharon St.. Charlotte. X. C. 807 Clenwood Ave.. Anderson, S. C. Cameron. S. C. 2125 Sharon St.. Charlotte. X. C. 25 Pinehnrst Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 50 Tcrracedalc, Greenville. S. C. 306 Secession Ave., Abbeville. S. C. 207 Virginia St.. Berkley, W. Va. Bt. 3. Easley, S. C. White. Mary Ann (Mrs.), 6-B Christopher St.. Greenville. S. C. White, Nancy Lynm Whitley, Barrel W. Whitman, Boyce I). Whitmore. Franklin P. Whitson, Leonora K. Whittingham. Meredith Wilbanks, Jane Davis Wilder. Virginia Delle Wilkes, Ann L. (Mrs.) Williams. Anita Jean Williams, Beverly P. Williams. Brenda K Williams, Fitzhugh W. Williams, Fre l S. Williams, Marie Klizalieth Williams, Patricia Ruth Williams. Ray R.. Jr. Williams. Sara Lynn Williams, Thomas II. Williams. Walker O. Williams, William P. Banks St., Saluda. S. C. Ward. S. C. Rt. 1. Six Mile. S. C. 509 Stewart Rd.. Eau Gallic. Fla Rt. 6. Box 70. Asheville. N. C. 3328 Mathieson Dr.. Atlanta. Ga. Box 13, New Albany, Miss. 100 Woodrow Dr.. Clinton, S. C. Rt. 4. Box 267. Easley. S. C. 4726 Emory Ln.. Charlotte, N. C. 817 Evans Rd.. Marion. S. C. 1114 Olympia Ave.. Columbia. S. C. 115 Ridgcland Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Springfield. S. C. Box 338. Travelers Rest. S. C. 513 Denson St.. Fairfax. Ala. 110 Vannoy St., Greenville, S. G. 512 Amhurst St.. Columbia, S. C. 100 Wilson Ave.. Port Monmouth. X. J. Rt. 1, Campoltcllo, S. G, Emma St.. Rt. 5. Greenville. S. C. Williamson. Barium Ann— 1235 Sheridan Rd.. X. E.. Atlanta. Ga. Williamson. Plyllis (Mrs.) 226 McSwain Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Williamson. Willa M. (Mrs.I. 513 E. Far is Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Willis. Thomas L. Willis. Virginia Ia e Wilson. Bobby J. Wilson. Boyce E. Wilson. Carolyn Sue Wilson, J.uk X. Wilson. Judith Ann Wilson. Marie F.. Wilson. Robert J. Winkler. Claire Delle Winslow, Howard S. Winston. Fendall G. Wood. Mary Hunter (Mrs.) Woodall. Muliael V. Rt. 1. Fountain Inn, S. C. 5 Timber Ln.. Rt. 5. Greenville. S. C. 44 Douglass Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 211 Maple St.. Lyman. S. C. 609 Third Ave., Kingstrcc. S. C. 124 Kluugh Ave., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 1. Box 308, Greenville, S. C. 119 Lake Forest Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Dennis As,-.. Box 1.31. Holly Hill. S. C. 1300 Scott Blvd., Decatur. Ga. Ill Eisenhower Ave., Greenville.S.C. 1343 Batesview Dr.. Atlanta. Ga. lit. 6. Greenville. S. G. II Vannoy St., Greenville, S. C. Woodard. Emily Harriett 610 Forest Dr.. Smyrna. Ga. Wood ha m. Rolx-rt T. 307 X. Dennis Ave.. Bishopville. S. C. Woodson. Marvin C. Rt. 3. Belton. S. C. Woolley. Steve R 2315 Halifax St.. Daytona Ih-aeli, Fla. Workman. James Y . Jr. Box 168. Union. S. C. Worling. Eleanor May 161 West 74th St.. New York. X. Y. Wright. Jefferson M., Jr. Rt. |, Box 97. Johnston. S. C. Wylie. W Patrick 109 Glassy Mt. St.. Pickens. S. C. Wynn. Bobbie Jo 112 Bclvuc Rd., Greenville, S. C. Wynn, Jerry D. Rt. 3. Greenville. S. G. Yates. Charles T. Yates. D xvey J. Yelton. Melissa Yonallv. Howard E. Young. Patricia Inez Young. Stephen M. Young. Susan Allison 2 Zepp. Richard G 2 ZipjMTer. David B 13 KeiivsiKMl Ln.. Greenville. S. C. 5 S. Florida Ave., Greenville, S. C. 12th St. Dr.. Hickory. X. G. 1019 E. Comanche Ave., Tampa. Fla. 230 Grace Terr., Greenwood, S. G. 23 I•akecrest Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 12 Willow Spring Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 176 Seminole Dr., Greenville, S. C. 312 Churchill Rd.. X. Charleston. S. C. 213Graduate Students Ci ass Name Alford. Kay Patricia (Mrs.) Hailey. Naomi K. (Mrs.) Barber1. Eunice W. (Mrs.). Barnes. Pauline B. (Mrs.) Baumgardner. Charles II. Bennett. Clark K. John de Bozard. Ralph E. BrannrK'k. Juanita D. (Mrs.) Brauton, Grace W. (Mrs.) Bnfikiu. Berdie (Mrs.) AnimF.ss Windsor Apts.. Greenville. S. C. Marshall Re!.. Grwnwond. S. C. Box 1191. Spartanburg. S. C. Woodhill Dr.. Easley, S. C. IS I-aw ton Ave.. Greenville. S. C. la 11 owe School. McCormick. S. C. 108 Young Dr.. Clinton. S. C. 51 Kernwood Ln.. Greenville, S. C. AI Lobby. Polzer.S.C. 108 Seminole Dr.. Greenville. S. 0. Cantrell. Ida 1.. (Mrs.) Cordell. Martha Ann Christian. Lynn Cooper. Dorothy (Mrs.) Duarte. Gwendolyn (Mrs.) Duryea, Lee V. Ezell, Loretta (Mrs.) Fonehe, Clarence E. Friddlc, William J. Fraley. Fred B. Bt. 8. Stallings Hd., Greenville. S. C. Bt. 1. Mahlcton. Ga. 109 Sewanee, Greenville. S. C. Box 110. Bt. 1. Laurens. S. C. Box 25$. Tigerville, S. C. 203 S. Holland St.. Clinton. S. C. 313 W. Prentiss. Greenville. S. C 502 Jeb Stuart. Anderson. S. C. •10 Claremlon Ave.. Crcenvillc, S. C. Bt. 3, Inman. S. C. Grayson. Webster D. Grogan. James E. Apt. 7-A. Sav. Ter. Apts.. N. Augusta. S. C. •I Furman Fae. Apts.. Greenville, S. C. Harrison, Caroline P. 302 Church St.. Greer. S. C. Hellams, Henneth L. Bt. 3. lamrcns. S. C. Hinton. Joanne F. (Mrs.) 500 Overbrook, Greenville. S. C. Holtzcndorfl. Linton G. 9 Plymouth Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Hudson. Emma M. (Mrs.). 1605 Old Charlotte Bd.. Spartanburg. S. C. Hunt. Madeline G. (Mrs.) Rt. I. Box 712. Travelers Best. S. C. Inman. Ians M. (Mr.) 151 White Oak Bd.. Spartanburg.S.C. Johnson. Eugene C. Jones. Henry Z. Kec, Billy S. Keisler. Brodie E. Knight. Marilyn Ann 101 E. Main St.. Walhalla. S. C. Rt. 3, Greenville. S. C. 124 Pleasant Ridge Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Box 103. Bosnian. C. 2218 Augusta. Greenville. S. C. Class Name 1-cc. Sally I). (Mrs.) Michaud, Florence S. (Mrs.) Miller. Birdie J. (Mrs.) Miller, Lillian M. Miller. Boyce, |r. Mooncyham, Clco B. Mullikiu, Truman S. alley, Riley F. Oates. Mrs. Zclda G. O'Dell, Carolyn E. (Mrs.) Parker. Robert B. Payne. Ruth H. (Mrs.) Robinson. Jack A. Roc. Marti Elizabeth (Mrs.) Sanford. Grady E. Sanford. William E. Saxon. Sylvia Scawell. Mary D. (Mrs.) Shealy, Lutlier F. Smith. Marx B. (Mrs.) Spelts. Thelma S. (Mrs.) Stepp, Patricia W. (Mrs.) Stevenson. John A. Stewart. Jacob I.. Taylor. Houston D. Taylor. Mary Eleanor Tlromas. Harry L. Tickle. Phyllis A. (Mrs.) Tindall. Thomas E. Toolcy. Nancy C. (Mrs.) Townsend, Virginia T. (Mrs.) Watkins. Wendell K. Weeks. Belton E. Witherspoon. James H. Wright. Elizabeth S. (Mrs.) Address 122 DuPont Dr.. Greenville. S. C. lit Knox St., Greenville. S. C. 206 Randall. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 1. Travelers Rest. S. C. Rt. I. Travelers Rest. S. C. Spartanburg Jr. College. Spartanburg. S. C. 718 Arlington Ave., Greenville, S. C. Rt. I. Seneca. S. C. Due West. S. C. 914-B Carolina Cir.. Anderson. S. C. 11-18 India Hook Rd.. Rock Hill. S. C. 111 Broadus Ave., Greenville. S. C. 303 Old Liberty Rd.. Easley. S. C. 111 Finley Ave.. Greer. S. C. Box 5. Prosperity. S. C. 279 Lakewood Dr.. Woodruff. S. C. 24 Arbutus. Greenville. S. C. 308 W. Frederick. Anderson, S. C. 109 Lansdalc Dr.. Spartanburg, S. C. 1026 Dresden Dr.. Charlotte, N. C. Rt. 8. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 7. Pilot Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 3. Seneca. S. C. Cherokee Apts. 4-D. Gaffney, S. C. 77 Lucas Ave.. l.aurcns. S. C. Rt. 2. Enoree, S. C. 7 Church St., Liberty. S. C. 19 Libby St.. IVlzer. S. C. Rt. 5, Spartanburg, S. C. 315 Arlington Rd.. Greer. S. C. 746 W. Main St.. Famous. S. C. Windsor Apts., Greenville. S. C. Marshall Rd.. Greenwood. S. C. 121 Croft St.. Greenville, S. C. 311 Perry Ave.. Creenville. S. C. 214Index Administration Division..................................130 Administration Staff Advertisements . Alpha Epsilon Delta.......................... Alpha Phi Gamma American Chemical Society . . . lO Argonauts..................... • 103 Atldetics Division............ • • • .92 Hand.................................................. Baptist Student Union Baseball . m Basketball..............................................105 Battle Croup stall ... ................ "4 Blue Key................................................132 Bonhomie Beauties .............................. Bonhomie Staff .........................................1,6 Canterbury Club .... 12" Cheerleaders Chi Beta Phi.......................................... Circle •K"..............................................16 Class Division........................................... 2 Color Guard .................. ....................... Concert Choir.................................... .... 1 0 Contents................................................. - Cross Country...........................................1® Day Students Association........................... Department Chairmen.............................. .... 135 Echo ■ ■ ■ ir Elections Board.................................... Executives...............................................133 Faculty................................................... Fine Aits Series ........................................21 Football ............................................. Foreword................................................. " Freshman Advisory Boards . . ... 192 Freshman Baseball........................................113 Freshman Basketball HI Freshman ('lass . . ...... S6 Freshman Division Furman Singers ... 163 Golf.....................................................1»« Hand and Torch . 131 Helmsman................................................I'll Homecoming...............................................12 Honoraries............................................... '9 Hornet . 1'1“ Ifouselmard..............................................133 Interfraternity Council international Helations Club ... 165 Intramural Council.......................................1 3 Joint legislature Junior ('lavs Junior ('lass Division la- Salon Franyais . ... Lutheran Student Association . . .. 127 Manly Council . . . ... 188 Marshals . . .... . . . . 193 May Day . . 11 Men’s Judicial Council . . . ... I8y Ministerial Union ........ . . . . 129 Miss Bonhomie . . . . 151 Music Club . 165 Organizations ... ...... .... 158 I’ep Club .... 162 Pershing Rifles 174 Physical Education Majors Club . 164 Pi Kappa Phi .... 28 President of the University .... 132 Presidents Cabinet .... 191 Psychology Club ....... . . . . 164 PubliV.it ions . . 140 Publications Board . . . . Ml Quaternion . 183 Religion Division . .... .... 122 Religious Council ........ . . 123 Killo Team .... 175 It.O.T.C. Division ... ... . 17! R.O.T.C. Band . . 175 H.O.T.C. Cadre .... 172 It. ). T. C. Sponsors .... .... 173 Scabbard and Blade .... 174 Senior ('lass . . . . 46 Senior Class Division . ... .... 44 Senior Order .... 182 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 30 Social Board .... 19 Social Division IS Social Stand.irtis Board . . . 193 Sociology Chib .... 16-1 Sophomore Class ... 89 Sophomore Class Division 40 Student Body Officers .186 Student-Facility Committee .... . 191 Student Government . . . 185 Student Volunteer' .... 129 Tau Kappa Epsilon ...-•••• .... 32 Tennis Theatre Guilil .... 160 Theta Chi .... . . . 34 Track 112 Traffic Board 194 Wesley Foundation . . . 126 Westminster Fellowship . 126 Who’s Who 189 Women’s Recreation Association . . . 121 Women’s Student Council 188 215 Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Epsilon 26 . 163 Young Women’s Auxili.tr Young Women’s Christian ssocialion 128 128

Suggestions in the Furman University - Bonhomie Yearbook (Greenville, SC) collection:

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