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 kSmfeS - m.' »T e.'.i. THE 1 lished by dent bodv FURMAN EW ERS Greeny Editor Assistant__ Business Manlger, JVfickey White jy A-vv l |SLuu.u EKuU-U Hluiufci.As a living symbol of Furman and its objectives, Dr. and Mrs. Gilpatrick have the respect and admiration of all. Their contributions to life at Furman have been numerous. been demonstrated by their constant striving for a better Furman. Their service has been in upholding high academic standards which demand the ' best efforts of an individual. Their influence has been felt in many areas of campus life. Better known to us as “the Gillies”, | we find that they are not only outstand- i ing teachers, but sincere friends. “Because of their interest in the individual, their understanding of .student prob- . lems, and their ... wealth of knowledge, £‘| they have come to typify Furman at its best.” (BONHOMIE 1942)Panoramic View of Furman University The Dining Hall The Science Building The Gymnasium 6Ramsey Fine Arts Auditorium Entrance to the Womans College Spring at the Woman’s College This hook hopes to keep that which is good of the past and to help establish what is of value for the future. The recollections of the clays on the Old Campus begin to blur as the New Campus becomes the center of activity. Only this generation of transition has the opportunity to have the new flavored by the memories of the old. However, this change does nothing to hinder the growth of the spirit of Furman because this spirit resides in the hearts of those who know and love Furman for what she has been and is. The Furman spirit does not change. Only the people who carry the spirit change. Freshmen find that they have many things to learn as they gain insight into what college is and means to them. Sophomores have learned some of the solutions, hut not all. Juniors have better means of expression as they begin to take the roles of leadership. Seniors can only hope that their attempts have in some way been successful and have contributed something to those who follow them. Facli student chooses a certain group to find various means of self-expression. Academic and extracurricular pursuits are significant for different reasons, but whatever the reason all these activities are woven into college life. In order that time will not erase all the memories of the spirit of Furman, the staff presents the 1960 BONHOMIE.Events--------------------------------------12 Campus Life__________________________14 Features_____________________________20 Miss BONHOMIE________________________22 Activities----------------------------------34 Government___________________________36 Honoraries___________________________45 Organizations________________________54 Publications_________________________67 Religion.____________________________75 Social_______________________________82 R. 0. T. C__________________________________94 Sports-------------------------------------102 Administration-----------------------------132 Classes------------------------------------140 Senior______________________________142 Junior------------------------------168 Sophomore___________________________174 Freshman____________________________180 Advertisements-----------------------------186 Epilogue-----------------------------------20612NEW year, NEW faces • • « September 6th . . . another college career logins. A rainy day, gray skies . . . freshmen arrive excited and fearful . . . confident upperclassmen offer advice . . . cheery "hellos” from everyone . . . a few sad "goodbyes” .. . roommates that don’t look like their pictures . . . tiny rooms and closets crammed . . . freshmen Ixns learn to make beds . . . “Handlxjoks” become first textbooks . . . bull sessions everywhere ... more rainy days and cancelled picnics . . . registration lines . . . revised schedules . . . cats cry “cheer up rats, the worst is yet to come” . . . and then rat court . . . bumpy bus rides and interminable waiting . . . “Brown Eyes” finds its place in the hearts of freshmen . . . Sophomores remember this is the year for English Lit... Juniors think about the major-minor blank and the Junior English exam ... practice teaching ... Junior-Senior banquet. .. engagement rings .. . Senior Sneak . . . Class Day . . . and finally Graduation . . . poised seniors realize this is "their year” . . . and the personality of Furman is shaped for 1959-60. The “Zoo" family grows as freshmen arrive. New arrivals are orientated to the facilities in the library. 14Rain . . . Rain . . . Rain. "Hey, Lightnin', gimme the same.” There were squeals of welcome and handshaking as the upperclassmen returned. OLD, familiar faces, too . . . 15Gail Lollis Homecoming Queen ---------------------HOMECOMING Visiting hands spell FURMAN during half-time at a rainy Homecoming. On a rainy Tuesday night, prior to the big event, students began work on the Homecoming exhibits, and then, on the night before the game, spirit soared at the pep rally, fireworks exhibit, and Social Board drop-in. Adding charm to the Homecoming Parade were Miss South Carolina Universe, Mary Ann Powell, and Miss South Carolina, “Tootsie" Dennis, of Columbia College, who also served as a judge of the exhibits. During half-time ceremonies the Homecoming queen, Gail Lollis, was crowned by Jack Nolen, Men’s Student Body president. Despite torrents of rain, Furman students and alumni cheered as the Purple Hurricane defeated the George Washington Colonials 24-0. i 16Hard work and fun go hand in hand on “work night." The victory bell rings as Furman scores again. The Day Students exhibit, a replica of the Bell Tower; the Freshman Class exhibit, second place; SAEs exhibit; and the judges Mr. Buck Marshall. Alumni President, and “Tootsie” Dennis, Miss South Carolina. »» • :un « t Ml AC ) ii' rv- ! nc« nHICOMrt oil re u v "m» • jve t rut ‘ 14 A JTA1J 1,11 «l W TmUM I HIT, AfltlfA 1715T FUN NEVER ENDS “Happy Birthday, Hugh!'' B-E-A-T, Beat G. W." Time out for pranks . . . “throw him in the shower” . . . ball games, week-end dates, and parties . . . hoarse voices after the games . . . pizza at Capri’s .. . wasting free periods in the canteen . . . decorating the campus for Homecoming and Christmas in the rain . . . serenading the girls who get “pinned" . . . pep rallies, bonfires, and fireworks . . . “cook-outs” at Paris Mountain . . . always time for swimming, golf, tennis, and horseback riding . . . "YVomanlcss Wedding” at Fraternity Skit Night . . . bull sessions for night owls . . . sailing on (or falling in) the lake ... crowds of confused students in long lines during registration . . . Clemson raids on the “Fort Furman” . . . study breaks and breaks for study . . . fun will be remembered when hard work is forgotten. Christmas at Furman.::: I;:!;::::::::: ..............n: mu urn iMiutiini ittajnmuinmai« whw mmmw m Haggard judges . . . excited girls . . . smiling friends . . . relief. Even the contestants don't miss the show. Last-minute instructions. The seven finalists, left to right: Tania Leon. Martha Belle Brunson, Bonnie Williams, Gail Lollis, Sarah Alice Herring. Carol Avery, Patsy Anders.PRESENTING MISS BONHOMIE 1960 22BONNIE WILLIAMS SPONSORED BY KAPPA ALPHA 238ARAII ALICE HERRING SPONSORED BY I NI-: BAPTIST STUDEN T UNION 24SPONSORED BY WOMENS JUNIOR CLASS CAROL AVERYGAIL LOLL IS smssuKi I) wdmkn's m: ioh classTANIA SPONSORED BY DAY •STUDENTS SSOCIATlON _ _,x__ LEON 27MARTHA BELLE BRUNSON SPONSORED BY TU KAPPA EPSILON ?8SPONSORED BV Tl IETA Cl 11 PATSY ANDERSMAY DAY Out of the magical mists of Wonderland stepped lovely Queen Carol Page, and May Day 1959, had begun. Beautiful girls in dresses as gay as the springtime flowers made a colorful picture as the Queen was crowned by the Maid of Honor, Martha Finnegan. Amid the laughter and songs of nonsensical characters, “Alice in Wonderland was led a merry chase by a singing dormouse, a smoking caterpillar, and a Cheshire cat. A mad tea party, complete with the March Hare and the Mad Hatter, added to the confusion. Music by the Women's Chorus and the Furman Band and dances by the Flowers and the Card Guard added to the festivities. A reception on the lawn honored the Queen and her Court and brought to an end a lovely May Day—all in a Golden Afternoon. Alice Dean served as general chairman of the activities, assisted by Joyce Bennett, director of the playlet. Nancy Lyons as “Alice” pauses with her sister, Nlarva Fox, just before entering The Queen and her court watch as “Alice" finds Wonderland. herself in the scramble of the “Unbirthday Party.' The lawn at the Woman’s College provides a perfect setting for the tea honoring the Queen and attendants.Senior Attendants: Linda Lindsay Haight, Ann McMillan and Patsy Kay Salyer. Junior Attendants: Claire Biddison, Sue Moore Laiju and Betty Kay Massie.Sophomore Attendants: Celia Owens Meyer, Phyllis Marlowe Pinson and Suzanne Law. Freshman Attendants: Anne Purvis PowklL. Ceil Watson and Carolyn Freeman.::: ::r ?■ • ••STUDENT BODY LEADERS The responsibility for seeing that the student government functions smoothly falls on the president of each student body. The groundwork for the year ahead is laid at Spring Camp, the retreat which the leaders plan themselves. It was there that the go-ahead sign was made to formulate a joint student body government to he elected in 1960. The presidents working together more than ever before brought to life the dream begun years ago. These officers are elected each spring after nomination, either by petition (men) or by Student Council (women). As a group they find solutions to student problems and they work between administration and students. Presiding over the Cabinet and the Student Council, the presidents are able to carry out their duties. The vice-presidents head the highly organized orientation programs. In addition, the men’s vice-president is president pro-tan of the Freshman Class until it elects its own officers, and the women's vice-president is in charge of all student body meetings. The secretaries and treasurers perform their jobs in the Cabinet and Council, as well as in the student body. J| Lin Bhadlky, President of Women's Student Body: Jack Nolen, President of Men's Student Body. Mary Lou Maurer, Vice-President; Tina I ooper, Secretary; I.ihby Harrili, Treasurer; Melvin McKeown, Vice-President; Richard Murdoch, Secretary; Cordon Blackwell, Treasurer.Seated, Left to Right: Lib Bradley, President; Mary Lou Maurer, Vice-President: Tina 1.00 per. Secretary; Libby liarrill. Treasurer. Standing, First Row: Elgenia Snipes, Carol Grayson. Beverly Parker. Joyce Bennett, Julie Martin, Laura Gaskins. Jackie Cooper, Harrictte Whitworth. Anna Bmmficld. Second Row: Edna Livingston, Marge Eddy, Mary Margaret Chiles. Sarah Alice Herring, Betty Snyder, Phyllis Baird, Judy Herring. Joan Pomeroy. WOMEN’S COUNCIL Striving to serve in the best interests of the women students, this group performs the executive, legislative, and judicial duties of Women’s College government. The council, composed of representatives from various campus organizations, is elected by the student body from the nominations of each group. The activities of this council included the institution of a new honor system, representation at the Southern Association of Student Government Convention, purchase of a gift in honor of Miss Barton, retired registrar, and advancement toward a joint legislature. Thorough evaluation of campus activities, including ratting and orientation, was undertaken. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. (Governing Body of the Women in Manly Dormitory). Seated, lA-ft to Right: Ann Shirley, President: Dottic Davidson, Vice-President; Martha Crawford, Secretary; Mary Wall, Treasurer. Standing, First Row: Tressie Pratt. Betty Kay Mos.de, Betty Ann Lupberger. Alice Dean, Marian Hendrix. Second Row: Charlotte Nabors, Gail Lollis, Martha McCray, Marva Fox, Rosemary Fort. Not Pictured: Beverly Gibbs.MEN’S JUDICIAL COUNCIL This twelve-member body is composed of students elected by their respective classes to serve until graduation. The Honor Code, found in the Mens Constitution, states the various breaches which require action by this group. The council’s primary duty is the upholding and strengthening of the Honor System at Furman. The council decides also upon matters pertaining to the interpretation of the Men’s Constitution. It holds trials and investigations in order that justice may prevail on the campus. These trials resemble those of a public court of law with the president acting as the judge and the other members as the jury. Jerry Rogers President Seated, Left to Right: Jerry Rogers, President; Furman Hewitt, Vice-President; Jim Purcell. Secretary. Standing: Buddy Revels, Jack Jemigan. Randy Hilton, Byron Pinson, Jerry Rol erts.Seated, I-eft to Right: Tony Arrington. President; James Sherwood, Vice-President: Richard Hewitt, Secretary-Treasurer; Tom Player. Scrgcant-ct-Arms. Standing: Douglas McCall. Caines Mason. Melvin McKeown, Bill Hook, Scott Pyron. STUDENT LEGISLATURE This branch of the Men’s Student Government has the sole authority on all legislative matters pertaining to the Men’s Student Body. Members serve yearly terms and are nominated by petition for elections which are held in the spring. Old members are eligible for re-election. Members include seven men from the rising Senior Class, six from the rising Junior Class, and five from the rising Sophomore Class. Each year members of the Legislature aid in the Orientation program and administer “Handbook” tests to all freshmen and transfer students. They also re-charter all campus departmental and divisional clubs. Early this year, the group adopted a budget for the school year 1959-60. which included several necessary increases in appropriations to Blue Key, the Band. Pep Club, and the cheerleaders. A proposal was adopted for amending the Constitution to eliminate unnecessary restrictions placed on the Election Board. The major concern of the year was preparing for the combining of the two campuses by forming a joint Legislature and a joint Student Government. In order to be fair about representation, officials of the Legislature met with representatives from the Women’s Student Government to work on proposed changes. Tony Arrincton PresidentHOUSEBOARD Seated. I ft to Right: Beverly Parker, President: Joan Huskey, Vice-President; Lib Bradley. Etta Hush. Marian Touchherry. Standing: Emmie Atkinson. Barbara Brown, Martha Joan Reeder. Janet Southern, Ann Keller, Lu Anne League, Kathryn Cogburn. Led this year by President Beverly Parker and Vice-President Joan Huskey, Houseboard is an organization formed at the “Zoo” to insure the best possible student living and to set the rules of the dormitory, and to enforce them with the proctor system. Major achievements this year were the institution of monitors at the telephones and the campaign for “quiet hours.” Members of Houseboard are the dorm presidents, elected by the boarding student body, and the hall proctors, who are chosen each quarter. Dorm parties, the Christmas door decoration contest, and fire drills are their activities. DAY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Seated. Left to Right: Har-riettO Whitworth ami Ralph James. Presidents; Carol Grayson and Ron Jordon. Vice-Presidents; Mary Jane Taylor, Secretary-Tremurer; Boh Finley, Treasurcr. Stalling, First Row: Mary Jo Hester. Joyce I-ord, Barbara Stone, Gena Bean, Diane Southerlin. Brenda Avery, Voncie Jordan. Second Row: Kathryn Eskcw, Haley Pyle, Phyllis Baird. Gwen Corl ctt. John Stoudenmirc. Working to create a closer relationship among the day students and to deepen their loyalty to Furman, these councils meet monthly to plan activities and projects for the students they serve. The men s council, formed this year, cooperated with the womens council for a Bohemian party, Christmas family project, and a party for the children’s ward at the Greenville General Hospital. The day students hope to make their spring houseparty an annual affair.FRESHMAN ADVISORY BOARDS One of the most important groups on campus, these girls officially introduced Furman to the new students. Through an extensive program planned bv the Orientation Chairman, the advisers aided freshmen and transfer in any way possible, attempting to help them become adjusted to college life. The advisers were selected from applications made the preceding spring. The first students to arrive at school in September, these l oard members were on hand to meet each advisee as she came. Their major job was to hold a series of meetings to teach the advisees the intricacies of Zoo life as defined in the Handbook. Twenty-four men can mean the success or failure for incoming freshmen by their activi- ties during the first week of school. This lx ard was formed to help bridge the jump from high school to college by orienting the newcomers. Their job is one of the most responsible among the students at Furman—that of creating within the new students a desire to be a part of their school. The advisers introduced the freshmen to their faculty advisers attended the President’s reception with the freshmen, and administered Handbook tests to the newcomers. The culmination of their main duties was reached when the freshmen had registered for their courses, but the advisers remained available for counseling throughout the year whenever the new students needed help. Scatrd. Left to Right: Mary Lou Maurer, Chairman; Marylynn Ferguson, Carolyn Maddox, Ceil Watson. Brooke Boroughs, Beverly Simmons. Standing, First How: Joyce Bennett, Marge Eddy, Edna Livingston. Julie Martin. loan Fox. Harriette Whitworth, B irb.ira Rodgers. Banna Tuten, Richie Morgan, Emmie Atkinson. Second How: Tina Loopor. Phyllis Baird. Haley Pyle. Barbara Rcpko, Libby Harrill, Joan Pomeroy. Alice Rawlinson, Barbara Brown, Martha Thompson. Seated, lA'ft to Hight: Melvin McKcown. Chairman; Tommy McKinney, Assistant Chairman; Jack Nolen, Jack Duncan. Standing. First How: Bill Hook. Mike Dawson. John Platt. Tony Arrington. Dick Brown. Scott Pyron, Gaines Mason. Torn Drake. Second How: Furman Hewitt. Jim Purcell, Ronnie Lackey, Freddie Badders, Handy Hilton. Byron Pinson. Jerry Rogers. Crier Campbell, Richard Hewitt. Doug Pas Icy, Ray Colden.MARSHALS This group, under the leadership of a head marshal elected by the student body, serves as official ushers for Fine Arts auditorium, and is composed of four meml crs elected from each class. Dressed alike in either black or white with a purple and white ribbon they collect tickets, give out programs, watch the entrances, and in general take care of guests who have come to University events. At chapel they are responsible for keeping the doors closed and for leading the faculty and students out in an orderly manner. Events at which they have served are Commencement, Class Day, May Day, Scholarship Recognition Day, Follies, music department events, such as Operetta, student, faculty, and guest artist recitals, university lectures, and Theatre Guild plays. This group is a valuable asset in keeping uniformity and order in the auditorium. Left Column: Sandra Hoof, Amelia Heckle, June Smith. Olcta Murphrec. Betty Kinghom, Gail Lollis. Right Column: Julie Martin. Chairman; Joan Fox, Kathryn Cogburn, Brenda Scruggs, Rita Oswald, Ellen Hayne. SOCIAL STANDARDS BOARD The traditional Sunday after-dinner coffee in Long Parlor and Earle Lounge was a major function of this board, which promotes high standards of dress and conduct among Furman’s women students. Elected by the women’s student body, the 22 members were headed by Chairman Joyce Bennett and at Manly by the Co-Chairman Gail Lollis. Other duties included taking charge of the receptions for orientation and May Day, sponsoring drop-ins, teas, and semi-formal dinners, and presenting a fashion show and social conduct skit for the new women students. Fir ft Row, Left to Rigjit: Joyce Bennett, Chairman; Alberta Thompson. Jan Powell, Carolyn Maddox, Dena Batton, Marge Eddy. Julia Meeks. Nancy Dew. Second Row: Gail Lollis, Co-Chairman; Mnrylynn Ferguson, Klgcnia Snipes, Ceil Watson. Mary Elizabeth Mason, Patricia Pcannan, Ncna Richardson.E cj u a 11 y representing the faculty and the student bodv, this committees chief responsibility is to bring harmony to campus interests by fostering a closer relationship between the two groups and by serving as a guiding post to the combined student leaders in working toward the same goals and standards. Some achievements are the formation of traffic court and placement of bulletin boards outside the canteen. The committee worked also on a better coordination of the honor system between students and faculty and a more convenient day students lounge on the new campus. Seated. Left to Right: Betty Kay Mawic. Chairman; Martha Crawford. Mary Jo Hester. Standing: Scott Pyron, Paul Hutchinson, Or. Carr, Larry Ayers. STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE hint Rote. Left to Right: Doug Pa ley, Chairman; Mike Sheppard, Secretary; Bubbu McAlhany, Bill Friddle. Second Row: Stan Slieftall, Paul Bowers, Otto Edwards, Captain Richardson. TRAFFIC BOARD Now on the Furman campus is a student-sponsored traffic regulatory hoard. Although the Student Traffic Board is not exactly a police force, it does have full control of all student parking problems. Because of its close contact with the student lx)dy, the Board can use understanding in establishing regulations, and in hearing appeals brought before them. Doug Paslcy, Chairman of the Board, has led this new group during its first year of existence. This new responsibility, which the administration turned over to the students, has done much to create l etter relations between the student body and the administration. ■44WHO’S WHO in Jack Duncan. Elizabeth Bradley, Bob Thompson, Melvin McKeown, Alice Dean. Dorothy Davidson. Dove Pasley, Judy Clahdy Franzen, Ann Shirley, Jack Nolen, Martha McCray. Sot Pictured: Billy Baker.Tony Arrincton, Randy Hilton, Joyce Bennett, Mary Lou Maurer, Jerry Rogers. American Universities and Colleges Scott Pyron, Jane Hunckkpillkr. Beverly Parker, Betty Kay Massif., Furman Hewitt.Seated, Left to Right: Sara Hodges, Robcrlu Smith, Mary Ann Fowler, Joyce Bennett, Mary Jo Hester. Standing: Scot Pyron, Tony Arrington. Kandy Hilton, James Wells. HAND AND TORCH The highest scholarship honor one can attain at Furman is election to this society which was established in 1927 to encourage the development of scholarship and to recognize outstanding scholastic achievements. The membership is based on a 2.5 grade point average with character taken into consideration. This grade point ratio indicates graduation Magna Cum Lauae. Members are elected by the entire faculty from the eligible top 10% of the graduation class upon the recommendation of a faculty committee. They were officially presented to the student l ody at Scholarship Recognition Day on March 17. Members elected from the graduation class of 1960 are: Raymond Scott Pyron, Chemistry major; Charles Anthony Arrington, Chemistry major; Roberta Ellen Smith, English major; Sara Edith Hodges, Music Education major; Joyce Ann Bennett, Voice major; Richard Randolph Hilton, Business Administration and Economics major; Mary Jo Hester, Biology major; Raymond Dewitt Smith, Business Administration and Economics major; James Benjamin Wells, Greek major; and Mary Ann Gillespie Fowler, Mathematics major. 48BLUE KEY In November and May, new members are tapped for this national honorary fraternity on the basis of their leadership, service, and high standards of scholarship. Founded in 1948, Blue Key has conducted High School Weekend and published a student directory. This year the starting of an annual Parents’ Day was one of the highlights of blue Key’s activities. After the spring tapping, a banquet was held for the members, the faculty adviser and guests. Seated. Left to Right: Scott Pyron, President; Doug Paslcy. Vice-President; Tony Arrington, Recording Secretary; Furman Hewitt, Corresponding Secretary; Melvin McKeown, Alumni Secretary. Standing, First Row: Bill Hook, Larry Ayers, Billy Baker, Jim Purcell, Jack Duncan. Second Row: Jerry Rogers. Randy Hilton, Jack Nolen. SENIOR ORDER Standing, Left to Right: Alice Dean. Betty Kay Massie, Charlotte DeVinney al)ors. Martha McCray, Betty Snyder, Judy Clardy Franzcn, Joyce Bennett, Chairman; Marv.i Fox, Co-Chairman; Mary' Lou Maurer, Lib Bradley. Dottie Davidson. Senior Order is an honorary organization which recognizes those women who are outstanding in leadership, scholarship, character and contributions to student life. Membership is limited to 12% of the rising Senior Class. New members are tapped by the out-going members in a surprise ceremony each spring. Senior Order’s primary duties are to meet the needs of the student Ixxly. They conducted the Pledge Service for freshmen and transfers, helped with Homecoming and High School Weekend. 49QUATERNION lA-ft to Right: Melvin McKcown, Undergraduate Chairman; Tony Arrington, Jack Nolen. Organized in 1903, members of the Quaternion Club gather each graduation weekend to honor a select number of rising or graduating seniors for leadership ability, promise of future usefulness, and scholarship. Only some three hundred students have gained the coveted membership in this organization during the history of Furman University. As tradition goes, the new initiates have to whitewash the "Old College,” where the annual meeting is held. This building is the oldest structure on the campus and is located at the far end of the lake near the site of the women s dormitories. The red bandanas that the new initiates wear represent humility in leadership. PRESIDENT’S CABINET Scaled, Left to Right: Jack Nolen, Jerry Rogers. Melvin McKcown, Doug P.islcy, Ramly Milton. Standing: Tommy McKinney, Bob Thompson, Bill Hook, Billy Baker, Tony Arrington, Scott Pyron, Tom Drake. This thirteen-member committee is an airing lx ard for student problems and considered innovations. This group, appointed by the president of the Men’s Student Body, served in an advisory capacity to the student Ixxly officers. One of the initial projects of the group was conducting surveys to see how the students reacted to conditions existing on the campus. Those surveys were one of many means of recording student sentiment. The cabinet meets regularly to discuss problems and decide the course of action to take. 50CHI BETA PHI A “B" average in twenty hours of natural science is required for membership in this national scientific fraternity. In the interest of intensifying scientific thinking on campus, the new chapter assisted in the Western Carolina Science Fair for high school students. At this fair, the group had a concession stand, funds from which were used to add needed equipment to the Science Department. Among the lectures that the club sponsored, one featured a representative from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This spring the group was host to the national Chi Beta Phi convention. Heated: Scott Pyrun, President; Carolyn Causey, Vice-President; Mary Ann Fowler, Sccnlary-Treasurer; Beverly Gibbs, Mike Gibson. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Seated. Left to Right: Jerry Brown, Vice-President; Bob Dacus. Standing: Fred Williams, Jack Neal, Danny Anderson. Not Pictured: Eddie Ellison, President. Just as doctors are united in their interests, so are pre-medical and pre-dental students united in the realms of this national honorary fraternity. The Beta chapter at Furman maintained this unity by encouraging scholarship and providing opportunities for the members to meet and question doctors and professors on matters pertaining to the medical field. Programs consisting of informative movies, lectures by doctors, and visits to hospitals, helped to broaden the members' outlook into the type of work they will do in the future. SiKAPPA DELTA EPSILON Seated, Left to Right: Amelia Heckle, President; Pat Griffin, Vice-President; Charlotte McElvecn, Secretary; Bonnie Kerr, Treasurer. Standing, First Rote: Diane Southcrlin. Joyce Lord. Joretta Durham, Joyce Martin, Judy Caldwell, Mary Ann Wham, Janet Hook, Lib Bradley. Second Row: Jackie Brown. Claire Biddison. Mary Lou Maurer. Sue Laird. Helen Claire Robinson, Nancy Rabun. Third Row: Gail Lollis, Judy Westmoreland, Betty Snyder, Peggy Kant, Ann Shirley. An honorary sorority organized to unite education majors, this club upholds high standards and ideals in the teaching profession. With an installation beginning each semester, it limits member-ship to those women having a high average in education courses. Meeting the third Thursday each month, activities of the club included desert parties, decoration of the library for Homecoming, a banquet for alumnae and the present members, and attendance of the president at the S. C. E. A. Convention in Columbia and Regional meeting of K. D. E. at the University of South Carolina. KAPPA PHI KAPPA Beta Mu Chapter, established at Furman in 1951, admits male students interested in teaching. Today membership in the professional education fraternity is primarily for graduates and graduate students who hold prominent positions in the education field, although undergraduates are members. The members are usually admitted at the beginning of each semester. Dr. Edward Brown acted as adviser for the group while Kirk Mixson served as president. T Seated, lArft to Right: Dr. David C. Pulley, Kirk Mixson, Dr. Ed Brown. 52 ALPHA PHI GAMMA I Seated, lA'jt to Right; Jim McElveen, President; Paul Hutchinson, Vice-President; Lynn Williams, Secretanj-Treasurer; Ira Baker, Adviser. Standinn: Van Capps. Bennie Lee Lewis, Boh Thompson, Bill Hook, Jayne Ellen Davis, Mickey White. Membership in this fraternity is based on journalistic achievements and scholarship. Members must have served in an editorial or business capacity on one of the campus publications for at least one semester preceding their election to membership and must be in the upper two-thirds of their class. This year Beta Psi Chapter of Alpha Psi Gamma sponsored a publications banquet and made plans for an annual journalism workshop for high school students. PHI MU ALPHA Those who maintain a good academic standing in music and who manifest musical ability by participation in musical organizations on campus are among the select few initiated into the Gamma Eta Chapter of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America. The “paddle holders” or pledges are initiated twice each year. This year the members formed a chonis and a brass ensemble in addition to sponsoring a Homecoming float. The annual banquet, at which time awards were presented, was field in the spring. Mr. DuPre Rhame is adviser for the group. Seated, Left to Right: Melvin McKeown. President; Joe Greer. Vice-President: Ray Golden. Secretary. Standing, First Row: Albert Jordan, Tom Reynolds, Billy Carmichael. Second Row: Mr. Dan Ellis, Bob Horton. Jimmy Woodlc, Kirk Mixson. 53PEP CLUB As every living thing must have a nucleus, so must a student body have an organization to carry out this function. The Pep Club was organized in 1957 for the purpose of enlivening school life and carrying out many activities. It is made up of two per cent of the student body plus the cheerleaders. New members are chosen at the end of each semester by application. This active group did its part to keep enthusiasm high during the ball games by planning pep rallies and decorating the stadium. For the first time the students, under the guidance of the Pep Club, planned and carried out a successful Homecoming Weekend with a downtown parade and exhibits on the campus. The members of this club were kept busy making posters, selling socks and cowbells, and planning trips to out-of-town events. In any area in which help was needed to further school spirit, this organization did its part. Jack Duncan President Seated, Left to Right: Jack Duncan, President; John Platt, Vice-President; Nancy Rabun, Secretary; Gayle Padgett. Treasurer. Standing, First Row: Mac Margaret Wesner, Alice Dean. Elgcnia Snipes, Miriam Trucsdale, Marge Eddy, Ceil Watson, Richard Eskcw. Secorul Row: Melvin MeKeown, Martha Frances Drummond, Charlotte Nabors, Edna Livingston, Rowena Courson. Martha Crawford, Libby Harrill. Dixie Littlejohn, Martha Thomason. Third Row: Thomas Cooper, Keith Foster, Freddie Radders. Doug Pasley, Jack Nolen. Tony Arrington. Ray Golden, Bob Evans.THEATRE GUILD Seated. lA'ft to Right: Dr. Dorothy Richey. Adviser; Harriet Broom. President; Kirk Mixson, Vice-Presulcnt; Camille Avant, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Miriam Truesdell. Charlotte Nabors, Martha Frances Drummond, Joe Crcer, Martin Ryle, Josic Dunbar, Dottic Davidson. Dr. Dorothy Richey, director of all the plays, gives suggestions to a student actor. Under the leadership and direction of Dr. Dorothy Richey this organization sponsored three plays. On October 15 and 16 Life With Father, a dramatization by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse was given. Joe Greer as Father, Elaine Jones as Vinnie, and Irby Darnell as Clarence characterized life in the Day household. The Lady’s Not For Burning, a romantic comedy by Christopher Fry, was presented next. In a sixteenth century English town the play pictured a young maiden (Josie Dunbar) condemned as a witch who met a soldier (James Warrell) who voluntarily came to be hanged to escape from life. The spring play was I Remember Mama by Van Druten. Mama and Poppa Hansen, who have come to America from Norway, and their three children found themselves with many of the same problems of their neighbors giving rise to numerous heartwarming incidents. First records of Theatre Guild date to 1945-46. Meeting once a month its purpose is to promote interest and enthusiasm in play production and other dramatic activities. After each play, it sponsored a cast party and helpedClarence (Irby Darnell) and Vinnie (Elaine Jones) wait patiently for the ermption of a “damn” from Father (Joe Greer) in "Life with Father.” the production staff to “strike the acts.” New members were invited to join when they had achieved the necessary number of points based on their play participation. After a period of initiation which required members to wear unusual costumes to classes, they were formally inducted. In ‘The Lady's Not for Burning,” Richard (Irby Darnell) and Allison (Bennie Lee Lewis) prepare to run away together. The scene where the set designers work long hours in preparation for the plays. The family minister (Jim Warrcll) eyes the young lovers (Irby Darnell and Rue Carter) with disapproval in "Life with Father.” 57M PSYCHOLOGY CLUB All psychology majors and minors arc entitled to join this organization, which stimulates interest and furthers acquaintance with various fields of psychology. In dealing with the clinical, experimental, business, and personality aspects of psychology, the club used facilities ot the University experimental laboratory, the Speech and Hearing Clinic, and the Mental Hygiene Clinic. One activity was the contribution of papers for judging at the S. C. Psychological Association spring meeting. Each year, delegates attend the S. C. Association of Psychology Students. Seated, I a'ft to Right: Kay Syms, President; Thom Laiming, Secretary-Treasurer; John Lybraml. Program Chairman. Standing: Charlie Ammon, Bill Hartin, Hugh Mims, Mickey Beckham. SOCIOLOGY CLUB Under the leadership of Ann Howard, this club has worked to accelerate an interest in and a ln-tter understanding of active citizenship. All members are either majors or minors in sociology. Because the club tried to stimulate appreciation in social work as a profession, members were interested in today’s social problems and planned their monthly meetings around such topics. Their programs included discussions by foreign students concerning their home lands and particular social problems there. Norma and Nancy Lee of Hong Kong and May Hourani of Lebanon were the speakers. Also, a spaghetti supper and a tea for social workers were on the club's agenda. Seated, Left to Right: Ann Howard, President; Etta Hush, Vice-President; Annie Mac Hawthorne, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing. First Rote: Elaine Jones, Jane Collins, Juno Smith, Ann-Eibs Hughes. Shirley Reeves, May Hourani, Mary Helen Putman. Second Row: Arch Wallace, Martha Frances Drummond, Martha McCray, Barbara Owcas, John I-usk. ARGONAUTS In the spring of 1959 the Circle “K" Club felt the need of a competent upperclassman to help freshmen through the first few months of their college career. As a result, the Argonauts was organized with many campus leaders as charter members of the group. Instead of serving as dorm managers, they lived with the freshmen, ready to help at all times. This contact was valuable because the many problems which arose were lessened as the new students talked to their upperclass friends. The Argonauts, in turn, made suggestions to the administration. Dorm parties were also held for the freshmen. Seated. I a-ft to Right: Billy Baker. President; Ronnie Lackey, Vice-President; Jim Purcell, Secretary. Standing, First Row: Douglas McCall. Howard Yonully. Dick Brown, Larry Ayers, Ralph Cauthen. John Platt. Second Row: Buddy Revels. Jack Nolen, Freddie Baddcrs, Jerry Roberts, Donald Brown.INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB To study and learn more about international affairs and to promote a general feeling of good will between nations are the purposes of this club. At the monthly meetings, programs, conducted bv guests or members, featured topics concerned with the international scene. Slides on Russia, a debate, a talk on the Berlin crisis, and a movie on U. S. I. A. were among the programs given this year. Although membership is open to all interested students, special invitations are issued to Furman's foreign students. Advisers were Professors Drake and Harrill. Seated, Left to Right: Trcssic Pratt, President: Martin Kyle, Vice-President; Nawnl Nnmik, Secretary-Treasurer; Rainer Cross. Standing: May Hourani, Judy Brittain. Sylvia Brown. Ann Cordcr, Dot tie Davidson, Nonna I-cc. LE SALON FRANCAIS Organized to give students interested in French an opportunity to gain proficiency in the language and to stimulate interest in French literature and culture, this club met alternately on both campuses. Candidates for membership tried out by presenting a short play or skit in French. New members were selected at the April meeting and were honored at the first fall meeting. The meetings offered meals on the new campus, with French used exclusively, and programs by members and faculty including Nancy Dew's account of her experiences as a missionary in Louisiana to the French speaking people and Dr. Koch-er's talk on his year in France as a Fulbright scholar. Memlx-rs of the modern language faculty were guests at the meetings. Seated. Left to Right: Lynn Williams. President: Eleanor Anderson. Vice-President; Marian Hendrix. Secretary-Treasurer; Miss Coggins, Adviser. Standing. First Row: Barbara Rodgers. Linda Barlage, Dottic Davidson. Anne Allen, Wesley Saylors. Second Row: Alice Rawlinson, Haley Pyle. Barbara Repko, Rosemary Fort. ALPHA PHI OMEGA A group of students formerly connected with Scouting organized a service fraternity on the campus this year. They comprise a chapter of the only Creek-letter fraternity devoted solely to service projects. Now, with a large group of charter members, the fraternity is becoming an integral part of activities at Furman. Tlie service projects covered a wide area and demonstrated the ideals ujx n which the first chapter was founded in 1926: leadership. friendship, and service. Dr. Bonner served as adviser of this group in its endeavor to help where it was needed. Seated, Left to Right: Donald Brown, President; lim Carpenter, Vice-President; lim Kcown. Recording Secretary; Everett Snmmerall, Corresponding Secretary; Bobby Carrick, Treasurer. Standing: Jeff Hill. Conollv Burgess. Pat Wylie. Henry King, Keith Walker. Secotul Rote: Joe Speaks, Dewey Smith, Furman Cantrell, Jake Rasor, Fred Brown.SADDLE SOAP CLUB Organized at Furman in 1959, this club was formed to enable its members to become informed about horses as well as to the pleasure of riding. Limited to nomination by students in the riding classes, new members were installed in the spring. Activities of the club have been a Gymkana, horse show, and supper rides. Officers were Dixie Littlejohn, President; Sandra Noonan, Vice-President; Suzy Cross. Secretary-Treasurer. Adviser is W. Russell Walthcr, Jr. Seated, Left to Right: Dixie Littlejohn, President: Samira Noonan. Vice-President: Suzy Gross, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing, First Row: Dianne Hurst, Ellison Anne Carrikor. Betty Kinghorn. Barbara Stone, Irene Smith. Second Row: Martha Holland. Patsy Aiken, Ann Ingle, Aleta Holbrooks. P. E. MAJORS CLUB Companionship through shared interests and similar ideals is typified in the Physical Education Majors Club. Planning careers as coaches, teachers, physical therapists, or directors of church recreation, the members study together problems and techniques relevant to the field of recreation. At one meeting Bob Boyd, Recreational Consultant for the Southern Baptist Convention, spoke to the group on the need for directors of education in churches today. A clinic on the treatment of athletic injuries was held, and in December a demonstration of the proper forms of tramiwlining was given. Under the sponsorship of Dr. Ruth Reid, the memlx'rs planned several nights of fun and fellowship tor the entire student body. Seated, l eft to Right: Jimmy Settle. President; Hiekv Horton. Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Jim Prcsnell, Eleanor Connors, Betty Snyder, Smith Danielson. MUSIC CLUB The Furman University Music Club, organized for those students interested in the promotion of good music, has been active on the campus for many years and has fostered an intelligent appreciation of music. Programs included performances by great artists, faculty members, outstanding Furman music students, and students from other colleges. The Music Club is active in the state organization and in an exchange program with students from other colleges. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Lee, Adviser; Tom Reynolds. President; Kathryn Cogbum, Vice-President; Beverly Simmons, Secretary: Joan Fox, Publicity Chairman. Standing. First R nc: Linda Lee. Joyce Bennett. Beverly Parker, Kitty Kennedy, Nancy Walker, Marianne Outlaw, Jan Powell. Second Row: Marva Fox. Nancy Campbell, Melissa Yolton, Mary Cunningham. Mary Wall. Jane Hungerpiller. Sara Hodges, Billy Carmichael. Third Row: Nenn Richardson. Aleta Holbrooks. Luther Townsend, Joe Greer. Jake Rasor, Jimmy Woodle, Ray Golden, Joel Harris.BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Seated, .eft to Unfit: Mike Dawson, Jim Purcell, Richard Murdoch, John Kemp. Standing: Larry Ayers. Jack Duncan, Melvin McKeown. There’s at least one happy boy in the world today because of this group of Furman men who adopted him to help meet his need for clothing, food, and other essentials. This act of kindness on the part of Circle “K" was just one means of carrying out their desire to help individuals in need as well as to improve living conditions for all. Founded for the purpose of being of service on the campus and in the community, Circle “K” has gained its place of merit at Furman since its beginning in 1956. Membership in the club is comparable to that of its older counterpart, Kiwanis International, which exhibits leadership and a willingness to lend a helping hand when needed. Under the leadership of Larry Ayers, the group had other activities in addition to the adoption of the needy boy. At Homecoming they cooperated with the Pep Club in a fireworks exhibit at the Pep Rally. An annual duty of the Circle “K'’ is that of helping the local Kiwanis Club sponsor the High School Coif Tournament on the campus golf course. The sale of Christmas cards was an effort to raise funds to finance other worthy endeavors. CIRCLE K Seated, I Ait to Unlit: Larry Ayers. President; Mike Dawson, Vice-President; John Kemp, Secretary-Treasurer; lienrianne Connor, Sweetheart. Staiu inn, First How: Melvin McKeown. Caines Mason. Tom Player, Norm in Koxwortli, John Platt, Jack Duncan, Richard Eskew, Donald Mineey. Second Row: Jerry Rogers, Buddy Revels, Jim Bowers. Billy Baker. Jerry Roberts, Woody Long, Jim Purcell, Aubrey Floyd. Third Row: Jack McElhancy. Freddie Badders, Jack Nolen, Randy Hilton, Mike Sncppard, Cary Smoak. 61David Redd is the accompanist. DcPbe Rhamk Director FURMAN SINGERS Tlic officers arc: Gayle Pad gett. Vice- President, Mary Wall, Secretory Julie Martin, Treasurer Joe Greer, President. Fifi (lanet McGee) and the chorus of salesgirls rehearse the hat shop scene from “Madamoiselle Modiste.” In their fourteenth year. Singers has played a valuable role in making friends for Furman. Its members arc selected from all interested students by an audition with the director. This past fall the Singers sang for the Kiwanis Memorial Service and at the convention banquet, and in Columbia at several services of the State Baptist Convention. Radio and television programs were “Furman Presents” and Monitor s Thanksgiving program. Other performances were the Messiah, the operetta “Mademoiselle Modiste” by Victor Herbert, and spring tour. The year's activities were concluded by singing for Commencement Exercises. SOPRANO Allen. A rate Allen. Louise Andmon, Floride Boswell, Nancy Bowen. Linda Bowling, Jymmie Nell Bradley. Carry Brock, Dixie Cartrr, Jo Anne Chiles. Mary Margaret Cunningham, Mary Curler. Mary Dean. Alice Dean, Helen Floyd. June Cordon. Sandy Hawthorne. Annie Mae Hungerpiller. Jane lohmon. Nina Lynn Jones. Elaine Jones. Susan Iordan. Kitty King. Jolene I-cc, Linda McCee. Janet Martin, Julie Matthews. Anne Morris. Catherine Owens. Linda Poston. Nancy Reeves, Shirley Scarborough. Robin Scruggs, Brenda Simmons. Beverly Stark. Carolyn Tallon. Sarah Ann Waldrop. Cynthia Wall. Mao-Williams. Bonny Williams. Jerry ALTO , Hudgens. Carol™ Anderson. Eleanor Dew, Hrfey Dnimmontl. Mirth France PERSONNEL League, Lu Ann Logan. Catherine Lyons. Nancy Maurer. Nancy Meeks, Julia Outlaw. Marianne Brnuett, Joyce Biddison. Claire Bragg. Madelyn Broom. Harriot Brown, Jackie Carter. Hhuemma Cleveland. Alice Cochran, Marilyn Cooper. Jackie Dew. Nancy Famham, Luneill Ferguson. Marylynn Oibbs. Beverly Heckle, Amelia Herring. Sarah Alice Hovos, Mary Huhhard, Joanne lohnson. Emily Iordan. Janice Iordan, Mary Kelley. Beth Kerr. Bonny Lancaster. Emily Padgett, Cayle Primm, Jean Salvo. Susanne Sizemore, Maxine Smith. Anna Beth Smith. Linda Stroman, Dorothy Suinmcy, Frances Teal. Edith TlKKnason. Martha Watkins. Linda Willis. Virginia TENOR Adams. Larry Beavers. Marcus Darnell. Irby Dobson. Tom Duncan. Jack Ktkrw, Richard Graham, Jimmy Hough. Ken Hughes. John Pack. Tommy Roberts. Dple Rolserts. Jesse Skinner. Yancy Summcrall. Everett Williams, John BASS Ballard. Richard Burgess. Connolly Capps. Van Clanton. Larry Cooley. Michael Cosby. David. Jr. Crapps. Earl Faber. Tom Crrcr. Joe Crier. Mike Hewitt. Furman Lancaster, Jim McEllianry. Jack McManaway. David McTeer, Tom Maddox. Boli Miner, Wade Mixson. Kirk Mushegon, Dan Padgett, Duncan Pinson. loo Platt, lohn Purcell. Jim Purcell. Ted Ouattlebaum. Cecil Robey. John Rogers. Jerry Schmidt. Cordon Simpson, Allan Stevens, Wayne Stogner. Tom Yonally. Howard 63FURMAN UNIVERSITY BAND By participating in parades and hall games and by conducting an annual spring concert tour, the instrumental musicians of Furman did much to uphold school spirit, as well as create good public relations for the University. Under the direction of Dan A. Ellis, the Furman University Band has been steadily developing into a precision marching unit and a well-balanced concert group. The spring tour, which this year included Georgia as well as South Carolina, was directed by a student. Ray Golden. The Concert Band presented, in addition to its tour, winter and spring concerts at Fine Arts Auditorium and also performed for May Day, Class Day, and Commencement. This year the Band appeared on the local radio and T. V. program “Furman University Presents." In addition, it was host to the six visiting bands which participated in a mass performance at Homecoming. o» OFFICERS Ray Golden'...................................................... President Billy Cakmiciiaki.............................................Vice-President Mahy Ann Wham......................................................Secretary Cail Annas, Melvin McKkown...............................Publicity Chairmen Joan Huskey, Littiiek Townsend..............................Social Chairmen Dan Ellis Director THE CONCERT BANDTHE MARCHING BAND Joel Harris, Drum Major Gail Gulledce, Mascot PERSONNEL Flutes Gail Annas Betty Ann Lupberger Robert Bell Jimmy Horton Nolan Nixon Clarinets Walker Gunn Thomas Cooper Wesley Saylors Richard Murdoch Barlrara West Luther Townsend Mary Ann Wham Nancy Campbell Joan Fox Aleta Holbrook Claudia Phillips Oboe Dale Roberts Evcrcttc Summerall Alto Saxophone Joel Harris Kenneth Deur Joan Huskey Tenor Saxophone Charles Graham Fre l Free Baritone Saxophone Randall Howard Bass Clarinet Keith Walker French Horns Rav Hartjen Billy Cherry Bassons Kenneth Fallien Betsy Lee Trumpets Melvin McKeown Ray Golden Rolsert Westmoreland Billy Turner Rol ert I.ipp Jim Carpenter Charles Schaihle Fre l Brown Trom hones Bob Horton Sara Hodges Martin Ryle Baritone Keith Foster Ellen Pusser Pat Wylie Sousa phone B m.ild Trotmnn Percussion Billy Carmichael Jake Baser Mike Woodall David Watson Bells Carolyn McttsThomas Rbdcay Director CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir, completing its first year on the Furman Campus, has made a valuable contribution to the program of musical activities. Membership in the choir was drawn from students majoring in music, those appointed by the chairman of the Music Department, and other qualified students who audition with the director in the fall. These members were installed at the beginning of the first semester. This new organization had its inception as a result of the desire to perform chiefly “a capella" music written from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. The group has made several appearances this year. They were featured on radio and television on "Furman Presents” and have presented several chapel programs. The Concert Choir gave a Christmas Concert at the Greenville Art Museum and a Spring Concert in Fine Arts Auditorium. First Rote, Left to Ri ht: Fran Money. Jan Powell. Nancy Walker. Ginger Forrester. Sinilie Tavlor, Melissa Yelton. Marjorie Anderson. Babs Lido. Joyce Thompson. Second Row: Marva Fox, Linda Bnrlage. Joyce Bennett, Kathryn Cogburn. Marshall Hunt. Jerry Jones. Paul Bowen, Ronald Shockley, Elina Jane Meeks. Myrna Taylor. Suzanne Law. Third Row: Barbara Voss, Have Clark, Marilyn Mclnturff, N'ena Richardson, Albert Jordan. Tom Reynolds. Jimmie Woodlc. Ralph Cautben. Bill Kicker, Camille Martin. Brenda Hetrick, Kitty Kennedy. 66From the thousands of ideas jotted down on scrap paper and in the margin of class notes, and from the numberless hours of searching, the I960 BONHOMIE became an experiment in color and design. This marked the beginning of a lw ok which became a part of each person who helped make its publication possible. There was a moment of anxiety because of the lack of an idea, and then there was great joy when a staff member provided a solution by saying “just the right thing.” Amid the glitter of the beauty contest, Bill will remember the insistence of an editor to have streamers and balloons on the dining hall ceiling. Beverly had to take care of everything from clowns to BONHOMIE beauties. Aijce Dean Editor Mickey White Business Managerktty Ann Lupbercea Aubrey Floyd Beverly Gibus Furman Hewitt Dottik Davidson Organization Editor faculty Editor Feature Editor li. O. T. C. Editor James Sherwood Copy Editors There was nothing like the first meeting with Priee to make the bright lights fade. He demanded the impossible and got it (sometimes). No one but the staff can recall the things that took place in Storage 2 (alias BONHOMIE office). Every picture reminds us of the problems and predicaments we encountered during production. However, without a persistent staff, the job could have never been completed. They braved “the elements” to face stacks of copy, typewriters that do not spell, and the eternal process of alphabetizing, counting, and proofreading. Our gratitude extends to Miss Elizabeth Donnald and Mr. Luther Smith, who guided us in editorial policy. Price Coursey and Ed O’Cain (more commonly known as “Price an’ Ed”), without whom we just could not get along, never failed to help out when the going got rough. The staff is also indebted to Neil Gillespie who handled all the special photography. The combined efforts and talents of editors, staff, photographers, and friends brought to completion the dream in color and design—the I960 BONHOMIE. Gail Martin Tom Drake Jack Duncan James McElvkes Auce Rawukson Bill Key Social Editor Class Editors Photographer Woman’s College Editor Cover Designer 69STAFF Patsy Aiken Milk Bonnettc Linda Bowen Donald Brown ConoUy Burgess Rowena Courson Irby Darnell Richard Eskew Annie Mac Hawthorne Judy Herring Richard Hewitt Jane Hungcrpillar Joan Huskey Elaine Jones Henry King Tania Leon Martha McCray Carolyn Maddox Barbara Owens Tish Pcarman Cecil Quattlcbaum Barbara Rodgers Sandra Roof Robin Scarborough Anna Beth Smith Frances Summey Marian Touchberry Parma Tuten Mac Margaret Wesner Robert Wood ham David Zipperer 70Mary Lou Maurer, Biij. Hook Editors THE HANDBOOK The Handbook is the new Furman student’s most valuable possession. In it he may find information about Furman’s history and traditions, pictures of the administration and campus leaders, constitutions of both student body governments, rules concerning class attendance, dormitory living, and student life in general. The student Handl ook was the text for Freshman Orientation. Besides the listing and explanation of rules and regulations, it also contained information concerning extra-curricular activities, honorary and departmental organizations, athletic schedules, and pictures of both campuses. The Handbook was edited this year by Bill Hook and Mary Lou Maurer. All new students were required to pass a test on the Handbook shortly after school began, and copies of the book were mailed to them during the summer. THE ECHO As the campus literary magazine and Furman’s oldest publication, the Echo serves as an outlet for the literary and artistic creations of the student body. All forms of poetry, prose, and art work by students are eligible for possible publication in the magazine. This year the magazine underwent several significant changes. The size was increased to include more of the long prose works submitted. The front inside cover was designated for editorial space, and the back inside cover was dedicated to short biographies of the published authors. Highlights of the winter issue were works of fiction and poetry. An art spread depicted three interpretations in oils of the same model. STAFF Bennie Sinclair Lewis...........................Editor Carol Ann Lawton.....................Assistant Editor Dn. Alfred S. Reid...................Faculty Advisor Marshall Frady..........................Fiction Editor Don Lewis.....................Assistant Fiction Editor Mary Jane Taylor....................Non-Fiction Editor Jesse Roberts.............Assistant Non-Fiction Editor Rachel Sherwood..........................Poetry Editor Maxine Sizemore, Emmett Deitz, Bu.l Farrar, Assistants Robert Woodham.............................Copy Editor Jimmy Cureton...............................Art Editor Gwen McCuen......................Assistant Art Editor Bennie Sinclair Lewis, Carol Ann Lawton Editor and Assistant Editor 71 HORNET The Hornet was published by and for the Furman student Ixxlv “almost weekly. ’ It is one of the oldest college newspapers in South Carolina, having been published without interruption since 1916. For the third straight term, the Hornet this year was published in the compact tabloid form. Bob Thompson was editor of the Hornet for the second straight year, and Don Asbell served as business manager. These two positions are filled by vote of the Publications Board, and the remainder of the staff was picked by the editor and business manager. The Hornet continued this year its profitable association with Associated Collegiate Press, a nationwide service and critical organization, and for the first time was also affiliated with the Columbia Scholastic Press, another national group. Bob Thompson Editor Lynn Williams Managing Editor Jayne Ellen Davis Newt Editor Mine Mbadors Sports EditorNews stories, editorials, and columns touched on most items of campus significance, and for the first full year the Hornet had its own cartoonist. “Cartoons by Cassady” was one of the most awaited portions of the paper on Saturday. The Hornet published special news, feature, and pictorial coverage of Homecoming, and provided its readers with on-the-spot coverage of the 1959 South Carolina Baptist Convention. In continuing a now five-year-old tradition, the Hornet in January honored Dr. I). II. Gil-patrick, retiring department of history head, as “Professor of the Year,” and Handy Milton and Alice Dean as “Students of the Year.” The fraternity issue was rated at the head of the “Top 10 Stories.” A large and faithful staff, along with students in the department of journalism, provided thorough coverage of events large and small on both campuses. The Hornet was again printed by Hiott Press of Greenville. Dos Asbkll Business Manager Ellen Ainslie Miriam Bailey Jimmy Ballard Conolly Burgess Van Capps Richard Cassady Skeeter Curry Marshall Frady Dallas Glenn Lynn Hopkins Charles Howard Tish Pcarman Beverly Simmons Glenda Simonds Frances Summey Parma Tutcn Kai Williamson 73Seated. I eft to Right: Bonnie Lee Lewis. Bill Hook, Jim McElveen. Alice Dean. Jim Purcell, Chairman; Janet Southern, Mr. Ira L. Baker, Lynn Hopkins, Dr. James T. Stewart, Mary Lou Maurer, Crier Campbell. PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Publications Board has become a vital part of the literary phase of student activity at Furman. Editors and business managers of student publications arc selected by the Board on the basis of qualifications and personal interviews. This selection maintains a more consistent quality than was possible under the former method of election by the student body. Each publication submitted a proposed budget, which was reviewed by the Board. At this time the compensation given to the staff members was also regulated. Working not as a censor but as a counselor, the Board served in an advisory capacity to arbitrate controversial matters. Each publication was responsible for its own content. Unsatisfactory staff members may be removed by a three-fourths vote of the Board. The editors of each student publication, five students appointed by the president of the Women’s Student Body and president of the Men’s Student Body, the University president’s representative, the business manager of the University, a faculty adviser, and the head of the Journalism Department composed the Board’s membership. Jim Purcell. Chairman 74!Sarah Alice Herring, Ronnie Lackey. Presidents; Rev. Morgan Dukes, Religions Activities Director. Building upon the fundamental idea that the college years, which provide intense mental growth, should also bring significant religious progress, the Baptist Student Union provides the link between the student and the church. When a student joins a local Baptist church or any of the Baptist sponsored organizations on the campus, he automatically becomes a member of the Baptist Student Union. All Baptist activities at Furman arc unified through the Student Union program. Each summer interested students attend B.S. U. week at Ridgecrest. Then pre-school retreats are held at Camp Rawls and Camp Buck-horn, where ideas are discussed and plans are made. The Executive Council holds regular meetings at which plans are definitely formulated. These plans are then carried out with the assistance of the Greater Council. At the beginning of the school year a welcoming party for the student body was held. This program was built around the theme “From Adam to Atom.” Seated. I ft to Right: Mr. Morgan Dukes, Adviser; Bobby Garrett, Vice-President; Sarah Alice Herring, President: Bonnie Lackey. President: Lmra Gaskins, Vice-President: Mr. White, Adviser. Standing. First Rote: Mike Dawson. I'ran Money, Hugh Kirby, Marylynn Ferguson. Ed Christmas. David Sherwood, Alvin Brown. Second Row: Marva Fox. Smllic Taylor. AnnalH-llc Hall. Tina Ixxiper, Tommy Reynolds. Nancy Dew. Jackie Brown, Beverly Gibbs. Third Row: Buddy Revels. John Strawborn. Betty Snyder. Stanley Smith, Freddie Badders, Woody Long, Ted Purcell. 76BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Bible study, prayer, and Christian fellowship on campus were encouraged through the presentation of morning watch and vespers. A prayer garden on the far side of the lake was built. Other activities for this year were the spring banquet and installation of new officers at the evening service of North-gate Baptist Church. Always a high point in the year is the state B. S. U. Convention, which was held this year in Charleston. Furman students contributed much to the program there. During Religious Emphasis Week in February, Dr. Carlyle Niamey, pastor of Meyers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, was the keynote speaker. This years presidents, Sarah Alice Herring and Ronnie Lackey, worked long and efficiently to insure the smooth operation of the organization and of the projects. Serving as faculty advisers were Miss Sara Lowery and Mr. Vernon White. Rev. Morgan Dukes, Director of Religious Activities for the University, also served in an advisory capacity. Rev. Jason Ross was the pastor adviser. Dr. Carlyle Niamey gave answers to student questions in his seminar during Religious Emphasis Week. Hugh Kirby, Beverly Gibbs, Sarah Alice Herring, Ronnie Lackey, and Laura Gaskins prepared an area for private meditation on the new campus. Seated. Left to Right: Rev. Morgan Dukes, Adviser; Bobby Garrick. Vice-President; Sarah Alice Herring, Ronnie Lackey, Presidents; Laura Caskins, Vice-President; Mr. White, Adviser. Standing. First Row: Nancy Lyons, Emmie Atkinson. Rachel Sherwood, Etta Rush, Doug McCall, Sylvia Morris. Fran Money, Rachel Carson, Mary Hovas. Carolyn Maddox. Nancy Dew, Brooke Boroughs. Jim Prcsncll. lorry Autry. Second Row: Tommy Pack, Wayne Smith. Don Mincey, Joan Fox. Joan Huskey, Gloria Reis. Jackie Cooper. Annabelle Hall. Hugh Kirby. Nlarva Fox. Marylynn Ferguson. Jackie Brown. Ann Keller. John Platt. Alvin Brown. Jack Duncan, Dick Brown. Ed Christinas. Third Row: Louise Allen. Jean Primm. Brenda Scruggs, Richard Eskew, Henriannc Connor. Leila Mae Cox. Carolyn Stark, Patti Gilbert. Mary Lee, Smilie Taylor. June Floyd. Tina Looper. Jane Lawrence, Tom Reynolds, Beverly Cibhs. Don Brown. Vernon Alexander, Bob Maddox, Jack McElhaney, David Sherwood. Fourth Row: Aubrey Floyd, Buddy Rcvcls. John Strawhom, Eleanor Connors, Pat Arnold, Maxine Sizemore, judy Herring. Catherine Logan. Betty Snyder. Stanley Smith. Freddie Baddcrs. Don Davis, Lloyd Sarvis. Ted Purcell. David Zippercr, Ken Iaiwson.STUDENT VOLUNTEERS Heated, Left to Right: Mike Dawson, President; John Str.nvhom ami Ann Howard. Vice-Presidents; Larry Ayers and Ann Corder, Secretaries; Jack Duncan ami Kachel Sherwood, Treasurers. Standing, First Row: Smilic Taylor. Frances Com. Maxine Sizemore, Jolenc King, Tommy Pack. Wayne Smith. Sylvia Morris. Mary Hovas. Laura Gaskins, Richard Eskew, Jim Purcell. Second Rote: Jackie Brown, Leila Mae Cox. Jerry Autry. Pat Arnold, John Platt, Mary Lee. Hugh Kirby, Beverly Gibbs. Bob Maddox, Joe McAlister. Third Row: Buddy Revels. Martin Ryle, Susan Jones, Judy Herring, Jane Lawrence, Jack McElhanoy. Ronnie Lackey, Freddie Baddcrs, Ken Lawson, Ted Purcell, Tout Reynolds. The members of this organization make trips to churches all over the state to take complete charge of the church service when requested. These students, representing all denominations. did any work that a church needed—teaching. preaching, singing, and helping in other phases of church activity. This was helpful to members in gaining experience prior to service in a religious vocation. Student Volunteers’ aim of helping people and providing cheer was particularly pursued in the annual Christmas party at the Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children. By all these activities they represented Furman's Christian ideals throughout the state. MINISTERIAL UNION This organization includes students who are preparing for some type of religious service. The Union's aim is to create a bond of Christian fellowship and to promote Christian ideals on the campus. The Union sponsored weekly services at the jail and at the Rescue Mission. It cooperated with the Y. W. A. in Work Week, mission projects, and socials. During the year the members heard such outstanding speakers as John Tierney, Dr. Earl Paulk. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Barrows, Cliff Brannon. Seated. I-eft to Right: Dick Brown, President; Ronnie Edwards, Gene Wallace, Bob Maddox, John Halt, Jerry Autry, Aubrey Floyd. Staiuling, First Rote: Joe McAlister, Tommy Pack, Gerald Roper, Don Minccy, Allen Bates, Larry Porterfield, Daniel Musheg an. Larry Avers, Ru hard Eskew. Hugh Kirby, Jimmy Farmer, Wayne Smith. Second Boa; Jim Bowers, Lloyd Sarvis, Ted Purcell, Roger Crook, Bobby Harrison, Billy Baker. John Owens, Woody Ding, Jack Chalmers, Ronnie Dickey, John Strawhorn. Freddie Baddcrs. Third Row: Stanley Smith, Jack McElhaney, Hugh Morgan, Mark Anderson. Jack Nolen, Edwin Dacus, Lewis Wilson. Don Davis, Guy Lawson, Allan Simpson, Ken Lawson. 78Y. W. A. This group, which is named for .Ann Hasseltine, the first .American woman foreign missionary. is open to girls of all denominations with a chal-lenge for genuine interest in mission study and personal growth and development. It tried to create in students a deeper understanding of all peoples, thus coming closer to a world Christian community. To carry out this purpose it had monthly general meetings and circle meetings. Activities for this year were an officers’ retreat, joint meetings and parties with the Ministerial Union, prayer and work week, and a study course. Seated, Left to Right: Marylynn Ferguson, President. Emmie Atkinson, Vice-President; Beverly Gibbs, Second Vice-President; Fran Money, Jolcnc King. Secretaries; Martha McCray, State President; Gloria Reis. Standing, First Row: Elaine Jones, Julie Martin, lvhu Carter, Mary Hovas, Fat Arnold, Jackie Cooper, Joan Fox, Barbara Brown, Anne Allen. Second Row: Louise Allen, Ellen Ainslic, Parma Tuten, Linda Reeves, Brenda Scruggs, Nancy Dew. Betty Ann Lupbergcr. Third Row: Ann Corder, Alcta Holbrook, Eleanor Anderson. Emily Johnson. Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Lee, Jymmie Nell Bowling, Martha Thomason. Y. W. C. A. As the first college group i S. C., this "Y” was founded ii 1906 "to realize full and ere a five life through a growing knowledge of Co l.” Headed by a Cabinet of the officers and four representatives elected by each class, the organization in-chides all the women students. Those from each class com-jx)se a set of officers which plans certain activities. This year included a fall retreat, the Student Christian Association Conference at Camp Long, imputations to other colleges, nights of the Hound Table, mints' Party at Christmas, ret sister program for for-n students , radio parties, devotions, and the Senior fire. Sealed, Left to Right: Miss Chiles, Adviser; Edna Livingston, President; lan Powell, Vice-President; Sylvia Morris, Treasurer; Joleno King. Standing, First Row: Etta Hush, Dottle Davidson. Parma Tuten. Mary Lee, Emmie Atkinson, Fran Money. Second Row: Jackie Brown, Eleanor Connors, Shirley Reeves, Pat Arnold, Barbara Brown. 79WESLEY FOUNDATION Meeting the first Tuesday for supper and a piogram and the third Wednesday for a social, this club encouraged Christian service on the campus. Sponsored by Buncombe Street Methodist Church, all Methodist students arc automatic members. Activities of this year included having a drop-in for new members, sending deputations to other schools, holding a spring retreat, collecting and wrapping gifts for children at Greenville General Hospital, and sending delegates to the Methodist Student Movement Conference at Wofford College in Spartanburg. Heated, I a:ft to Right: Sue Wilson, President; Wesley Saylor. Vice-President; Haley Pyle, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing, First Row: Anne Mathews. Nancy Poston, Marj{e Eddy, Mary Curlcc. Mary Helen Putnam. Second Row: Henry King, Molly Sutherland, Tressie Pratt. Phyllis Baird, Harriette Whitworth, Hobcrt Woodham. Third Row: Gary Crenshaw, Handy Hilton. John Core. Mike Sisk, Bill Ogbom. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Open to any Presbyterian student, this organization installs its new members at the beginning of the school year. The club is affiliated with Greenville's First Presbyterian Church and meets regularly on Sunday night either there or at homes of church members. To provide spiritual and social growth for young people of this denomination is the purpose of Westminster Fellowship. In furthering this aim, the club sponsored varied projects and parties. Seated. Left to Right: JoAnnc Hubbard. President; Arch Wallace. Vice-President; Syvonne Kcffor, Secretary. Standing: Paige Thibodeau, Jane Nicholson. Mary Cunningham. Patsy Harvey. 80CANTERBURY CLUB This Episcopal students’ club meets three times monthly to further its aim of being a “Church in Action on the College Campus." Two meetings were held on campus and the other at Christ Episcopal Church. This year the club, led by Mrs. T. A. Shirley, had programs including discussions by members and lectures by prominent speakers. Also, socials were sponsored and the funds raised by these socials were delegated to assist students who are preparing for the Episcopal ministry. Seated, I.eft to Right: Mrs. T. A. Shirley, Sponsor; Jimmy Horton, President; Marshall Frady, Vice-President; Barbara Rodgers, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing, First Row: Ellen Haync, Kay Ambrose, Bette Davis. Alice Witsell. Irene Smith, Elizabeth Parker. Second Row: Mr. Tom Drake, Kay llartjcn. Claude Davis, Mr. Myron Kocher. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION L. S. A. is organized to promote closer ties between the students and the Lutheran church and to encourage spiritual growth through faith and response in Christ. L. S.A. met on the first Tuesday of each month in the Day Students’ Lounge to hear planned programs which encourage student participation. An annual event was the joint meeting with the Clemson L. S. A., and contacts with other groups were made at the Florida, South Carolina, Georgia Conference. The Rev. J. Milton Frick is the adviser for the group, and officers are Joyce Lord, Sandra Roof and Rosemary Fort. Seated. lA-ft to Right: Joyce Lord. President; Sandra Roof, Vice-President; Rosemary Fort, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: J. Milton Frick. Adviser; Tonic Stuvcn, Polly McTeer, Carolyn Stark. 81 The juniors made getting their rings a special occasion. The Four Freshmen, famed Capitol Records stars, created quite a sensation when they appeared on our campus. Nobody ever likes to get back to studying after a Social Board study break. Our sophisticated seniors hop a freight. Iii the hurry of the college year there are numerous activities to crowd the busy schedule. One of the phases of college life at Furman is that of social life. By participating in the varied social activities, Furman students are able to gain a well-balanced education. Through the media one may bind close ties of friendship and find a relaxing retreat from classwork and studying. Students long remember this enjoyable side of college. “The Day Students were real hep—1 mean like at the Beatnik Party.”Charlotte DeVinney N'auohs and Tom Drake, Chairmen; Miss Marlene Camrdell, Social Director for the University. The Social Board, conceived in 1957, began functioning in the fall of 1958 with a group composed of twelve men and women from the Junior and Senior classes. Each year, three men and three women are elected from the Junior Class to serve a two-year term. The task of this group has been to evaluate social activities and to supplement the campus social life with a program designed to appeal to the diverse interests found within a student Ixidy such as Furman’s. All during the year, the Social Board lias lieen busy planning to meet the students’ need for relaxation and entertainment. It has sponsored drop-ins after ball games, study breaks, Sunday afternoon coffee hours, and tickets and transportation to both the Greenville and the Clemson Concert Series. Special events were the All-University Picnics in the fall and the spring, drop-ins, the student decorations on the New Campus for Christmas, and the four Freshman Concerts in March. SOCIAL BOARD If ft to Right: Martha McCray, Vice-Chairman; Tom Drake, Sccorul Semester Chairman; Les Hudson, Cluulottc DeVinney Nabors, First Semester Chairman; Gene Wallace, Mary Ann Wham, Secretary; Ralph James, Treasurer; Claire Biddison, Paul Hutchinson] Marian Hendrix, Ron Jordun. 84Seated. Left to Right: Robert Evans (S. A. E.), Ken Brown (S. A. E.), Secretary; Everett Summerall (T. K.E.), Tom Drake (T. K. E.). Treasurer; Charles Turner (K.A.), John Bean (K. A.), President; Pat Morgan (Theta Chi), Vice-President; Richard Ranallo (Theta Chi). INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The purpose of the I. F.C. is to regulate and coordinate all fraternity activity as well as to promote the improvement of the fraternity system. At the weekly I. F.C. meetings, discussions were held on fraternity policies, attitudes, and cooperation with the school. Definite plans were made in these meetings for such I. F.C. projects as Greek Week, Clean-Up Campaigns, and Fraternity Spring Weekends. Rush Week each year was under the strict supervision of the I. F. C., which drew up schedules and regulations for the annual rushing period. This fall’s Greek Week was the first full-scale activity of its kind on campus for several years. It featured a successful Skit Night and the choosing of an I. F. C. Sweetheart, Miss Carol Avery. A campus-wide “Litter-hug” campaign was instituted in conjunction with the Greek Week activities. Advisers to the I. F.C. in 1959-1960 were Dr. Francis Bonner and Mr. Edward I?. Olechovskv. Officers were John Bean, President; Pat Morgan, Vice-President; Ken Brown, Secretary; Tom Drake, Treasurer; and Ronald Gooding, Member-at-Large. Other members were Buddy Turner, Richard Ranallo, Robert Evans, Everette Summerall, and Bill Farrar. Caroi. Avkky and John Bean, I. •’. C. Sweetheart and President of Intcrfratemity Council. 85John- Bean President Danny Anderson Don Asbcll Clyde Bolt Crier Campbell Furman Cantrell Hichard Cassady Sam Clem Sonny Ellis Cary Cambrell Hugh Cranadc Tommy Lynch Coco Meyer Eddie Miller David Nelson Bill Painter E. W. Habon Hank Reynolds George Smith Marvin Starr Paul Tanner John Tew Bob Thompson Charles Tumor Arch Wallace Pledges Geary Hancock Larry Lampley Harohl ThrelkeldIota Chapter Under the capable leadership of President John Bean, K. A. was active in such projects as Greek Week and the "clean-up” campaign sponsored by all fraternities. They presented to the school a bulletin board to be placed in the dining hall. The fraternity was active in intramural play, ending the football season in a tie for second place. In January the fraternity was invited by the Wofford chapter to observe convivium, the celebration of the birthday of Robert E. Lee, spiritual founder of the order. Second semester found K. A. gaining a good group of new and valuable pledges. In March many of the K. A. men went to the always popular "Old South” in Columbia. Miss Carol Avery was elected 1959-1960 Kappa Alpha Sweetheart and I.F. C. Sweetheart of Furman. OFFICERS John Bkax .................... Rohkkt L. Thompson............ J. Cahy Cambkeu............... Danny Andkhson................ Tommy Lynch................... Furman Cantreli............... Don Amiki.i................... Sonny Elms ................... Arch Wallace.................. J. Munday Crews............... Number I Number II Number III Number IV Number V Number VI Number VII Number VIII Number IX Alumni Adviser K. A. Rose Carol Avery Annual Christmas party delights Shrincrs' Hospital kids. 87Byhon Pinson President Chuck Bearden Cordon Blackwell Jerry Brown Ken Brown Bill Carter Earl Craig Tommy Creech Ashton Cribbs Bob Dacus Lawton Dews Eddie Ellison Tony Etnyre Bob Evans Keith Foster Bill Friddle Charlie Cay Jimmy Graham Steve Harris Hichard Hewitt Hicky Horton Ken Hough Eddie House Doug Jones Ed Kennedy George I ingan Robert Lloyd Gaines Mason J. C. McAlhany Doug McCall Clyde Mynatt Chet Nations Joe Olliff Doug Pasley Tom Player Jim Rainwater Glenn Reitz Ken Sargent Royce Sayer Jim Settle Dave Shepard Ron Shockley Woody Stewart Fletcher Stone Steve Styron Shelly Sutton Leslie Timms Mickey White Thomas Whitmire Pledges John Boudoucies Fred Brown Bill Canty Jim Cluipin E 1 Christmas Bobby Garrick Stanley Sheftall Roger Stevenson Billy Turner Fred Williams Dag Wilson 88S. C. Phi Chapter The Phi chapter won the John O. Mosley Fraternity Zeal Award as the outstanding S. A. E. chapter in the nation during 1958-1959. Byron Pinson, Doug Pasley, and Ken Brown received the award at the National Convention in Evanston, Illinois; it was later presented to the whole chapter by I Ioward Falls, national president of the order. The chapter established a blood bank at Greenville General Hospital and aided in the Greenville Muscular Dystrophy drive. A hayride and various parties highlighted the social activities. S.A. E. showed its athletic ability by winning the intramural football championship and by taking all five places in cross country. Pledging second semester brought in a fine group of new lx vs. Miss Betty Kay Massie is this year s S. A.E. Sweetheart. OFFICERS Byron E. Pinson................. Douci-as C. Pasley............... Kenneth R. Brown................ Tom Creech...................... Jim Settee...................... Eddie House...................... Woody Stewart.................... Hicky Horton..................... Shelly Sutton................... Mr. E. F. Olkchovsky............ . . . Eminent Archon Eminent Deputy Archon . . Eminent Treasurer . . Eminent Recorder ............Chronicler . . . . Corresiwndent ...............Chaplain .................Warden ................Herald ................Adviser S. A. E. Sweetheart Betty Kay Massie Brothers and dates crowd front row at Wofford game. Recipients of the John L. Mosley award for the nation's "So 1 say to him, 'Listen, prof. . . .' outstanding S. A. E. chapter. 89Arnold Arrmvood Haul Bowers Jim Carpenter Bill Con well Thomas Cooper Tom Drake Barry EUison Mike Gibson Handy Hilton Floyd Lee Mike Maroney Mike Meadors Billy Ogbom Cecil ( nattlebaum Jerry Rogers Wesley Saylors Allan Simpson Yancy Skinner Gary Sinoak Everett Summcrall Marvin Woodson Howard Yonally I’ledcks John Gore Ralph James Jerry Welmakcr 90Gamma Mu Chapter At the end of second semester last year the Gamma Mu chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was awarded the Mallory Reynolds Smith Trophy for their outstanding achievement in the fields of religion, scholarship, leadership, athletics, and general excellence. After placing third in the Homecoming displays, the Tekes received further honors when sweetheart Sue Moore Laird was named "Miss December” on their national calendar, and when rush girl Martha Belle Brunson was a finalist in the BONHOMIE Beauty Contest. Highlighting the year’s social scene were a variety of parties including a formal drop-in honoring National T. K. E. President, Donald Kaser, and a banquet for Tckc recording artists, the Four Freshmen. Climaxing the active season was the annual houscparty held in the mountains of North Carolina. OFFICERS Lkstkr Hudson................... Tom Drake....................... Michael Gibson.................. Barmy Ellison................... Paul Bowers..................... Allan Simpson................... Mike Meadors.................... Harold Galloway................. Dr. Ed Brown.................... Bill Rogers..................... . . Prytanis . EpIpryUtnit . Crammatcus . Crysophylos . . Ilcganum . llypophctcs . . . Uistor . . Pylortis Faculty Adviser Alumni Adviser T. K. E. Sweetheart Sue Moore Laird Les congratulates Martha Belle Brunson, Tekes’ Miss Bonhomie finalist. “That’s what we like—ambitious pledges.” Nature lovers seek the sun at the house party. 91Pat Morgan President Tony Carmignani Tom Conrad Jerry Coulter Robert Hnvclka Ken Miller Bill Newman 92 Hie hard Kanallo Nonnnn SchubertGamma Beta Chapter Under the leadership of President Pat Morgan, Gamma Beta chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity enjoyed another active and successful year at Furman. Their social calendar was filled with a wide variety of activities, including a number of parties and skillful participation in intramural sports. The hard work of both Pledges and Brothers on a unique Homecoming display resulted in a third place winner in the annual contest. A Homecoming Party completed the “big” weekend. To further brighten the social functions Miss Patsy Anders, Theta Chi Dream Girl, was selected as one of the finalists in the BONHOMIE Beauty Contest. Rush Week added new members to the Pledge Class. The climax of the season was the Spring House Party. OFFICERS Pat Morgan...................... Jerry Coulter................... Norman Schubert................. George Meeks.................... Tom Conrad...................... Tony Cahmicnani................. Richard Ranallo................. Robert Havelka . . .... Bile Thompson................... . . . President . . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Pledge Marshal Assistant Treasurer . . . Clwplain . . . Historian . Alumni Adviser Theta Chi Dream Girl Patsy Anders "A fraternity man is always Five brand new Theta Chi brothers. “Is he going to snap our pictures?" prompt—Meeks?" 93R. 0. T. C. SPONSORS Miss Phyllis Baird Honorary Cadet Colonel Miss Elaine Anderson “A" Company Sponsor Miss Betty Kay Massik "B" Comjtany Sponsor Miss Julia Meeks “C Company Sponsor Miss Alberta Thompson Pershing liifles Sjtonsor Miss Barbara Hudson Scabbard and Blade Sjtonsor Miss Claudia Phillips Band Sjtonsor Honorary Cadet Colonel Phyllis Baiiio and Cadet Lt. Col. Randy Hilton. Left to Right: Claudia Phillip . Alberta Thompson. Julia Meeks, Elaine Anderson. Barbara Hudson. Betty Kay Massif. 95 ■■BATTLE GROUP STAFF The Battle Group Staff consisted of eight senior members of the Battle Group who were chosen in accordance with their academic and summer camp ratings. The commander was Cadet Lt. Col. Randy Hilton with Cadet Major Woody Stewart as second in command. The four sections were personnel, intelligence, operations and training, and logistics with a Battle Group Chaplain and a junior Sgt. Major. The staff consists of Lt. Col. Milton. First Row, Left to Right: Capt. Mynatt, SI; Capt. Nolan. S2: Major Stewart. Executive Officer; Capt. Pasley, S3. Second Row: Lt. Asholl, Assistant SI; Capt. Jones, S4; Capt Hewitt, Chaplain; Sgt. Slicppard, Sgt. Motor. PERSHING RIFLES The Pershing RiHes is a national honorary military organization for basic cadets. Company “S" at Furman has a drill team composed of freshman and sophomore cadets, with juniors and seniors serving as officers. The unit performs for such university functions as football games and parades. The drill team made a name for itself by attending the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans and the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D. C. Cadet Capt. Jerry Brown was commander of the unit. Capt. Ronald Richardson was the cadre adviser. First Row, Left to Right: Brown. J., Pasley, Cambell, House, McBennctt, Carrol. McEiveen, Capt. Richardson. Second Row: Denton. King, Clem. Workman, Jones. Screws, Bush. Third Row: Hill. Taylor, Vogals. Fritchman, Aiken. Forrester, Taylor. R. Fourth Roto: Miner, Beavers, Long, Hartjcn, Osteen, Taylor Rent .. Fifth Row: Dunlop, Cooley, Howard, Brown, F., Whiting, Nye, Reed. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary leadership fraternity for advanced military students. Furman's chapter is Company “E" of the 11th Regiment. Members who are tapped each year must show the highest of leadership ability, military interest, and scholastic standing. This year there were eighteen members of Scabbard and Blade. Cadet Capt. Douglas Jones was student commander. Captain David Ferebee was the cadre adviser. First Row, Left to Right: Asbell. Pasley, Jones, Capt. Ferebee. Second Row: Stewart, Mynatt, Wallace, Sutton. Vogals. Mc-Bcnnctt, Carroll. Third Row: Sheppard, Hewitt, Cay. House. Brown. Hilton, Nolan.COLOR GUARD The Color Guard had the responsibility of presenting the national and school flags at all home football and basketball games. They also marched in parades in and around Greenville. This year the Color Guard was under the direction of the Battle Group Chaplain, Capt. Furman Hewitt. The sergeant in charge of drill and ceremonies was Sgt. Richard F. Hewitt. Members of the Color Guard were chosen from the freshman and sophomore classes. Members of the Color Guard are Sgt. Hewitt. First Rote. Left to Right: Cooley. Garrick, Key, Howard. Second Row: Kvans. Johnson. Pike, Christinas. R.O.T.C. BAND The R. C). T. C. Band, under the supervision of Cadet 1st Lt. Freddie Badders, provides music for Monday drill and also marches in parades in the Greenville area. The drum major. Cadet Sgt. Luther Townsend, led the band in such events as the Christmas and Veterans' Parades. The band, composed of freshmen and sophomores, was directed by Mr. Dan Ellis, the director of the University Band. Members of the Band arc Lt. Badders. Townsend, Drum Major. First File. Front to Rear: Davis. Cherry, Summerall. Follicn, Burgess. Hartjen, Lapp, Jones. Second File: Coshy, Harris, Free, Back. McLaughlin, Walker. Young. Third File: Cherry, Watson, Westmoreland. Hines. Mushegan. Bell, Car-pentcr. Fourth File: Wylie, Furr. Bennett, McElhancy, Sims. Turner, Alexander. RIFLE TEAM The Rifle Team, composed of students of each military class, represented the school in competition within the Southern Conference and in competition with other R. O. T. C. units. The team, coached for the fifth year hy Sgt. Dewey Barton, fired regular shoulder matches and also carried on mail matches. Shoulder matches were with such schools as Clemson, P. C., The Citadel, Davidson. East Tennessee State. Wofford, and V. P. I. Cadet John E. Carroll was the captain of the team and also its top firer. Bill Martin was the only member of the team who was not in H. O. T. C. Capt. Ronald Richardson was the officer in charge of the team. Matches were held on the rifle range in the basement of the gym. Front Row, I A’ft to Right: Cassady, Carrol. Bush, Vogels. McBennet. Second Row: Capt. Richardson, Hartin. Altman, Reed, Sgt Barton.Lt. Coi.. George C. Kim.mkl Professor of Si. S. O T. Mh. Dan M. Stokkly Property Custodian Captain David V. Fkrkiirkk and Captain Ronald R. Richardson. Assistant Professors of Military Science and Tactics. CADRE Since it was established on the Furman campus in 1950, the R. O. T. C. unit has grown until it now includes over three hundred of the men students. Under the leadership of Lt. Col. George C. Kimmel, P. M.S. T., the cadre promoted leadership and sound military learning. The Furman R. O.T. C. received the highest ratings in Army I.G. Inspections. The Furman unit continues to commission officers who rank with the best in leadership, knowledge, and character. Left to Riftht: SFC Dewey L. Barton. SFC J. T. Britt, M Sgt. G. M. Cox. SFC J. B. Cantrell. 98---COMPANY A OFFICERS Cadet Capt. John E. Carroll Comjxnuj Commatuler Cadet 1st Lt. Paul G. Bowers Executive Officer Cadet 2nd Lt. John A. Boudoucies Platoon teatler i Cadet 2nd Lt. James D. Could Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Jerry Y. Henderson Platoon Leader Cadet Ist Sct. Lester A. Hudson Company lst Sgt. Cadet Sct. Thomas A. Player Guulon Bearer Left to Right: Player, Could, Carrol, Boudoucies. Bowers. Hudson. Henderson.COMPANY B Left to Hi(tht: Kennedy, Sherwood, MeBennett, Sutton, Settle. OFFICERS Cadet Cart. John P. McBennett Company Commander Cadet 1st Lt. Byron E. Pinson Executive Officer Cadet 2nd Lt. James C. Settle Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Walter D. Sherwood Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. James M. Starr Platoon Leader Cadet Ist Sct. Shelly IT. Sutton ComjHiny lst Sgt. Cadet Sot. Edward C. Kennedy Guidon Bearer 100OFFICERS Cadet Capt. Charles B. Gav Comjxmy Commander Cadet 1st Lt. Thomas E. House Executive Officer Cadet 2nd Lt. Jerry M. Brown Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Arch Wallace Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. David H. Williams Platoon Leader Cadet Ist Sct. Robert V. Pinson Company Ist Sgt. Cadet Sct. Cary H. Morrison Guidon Hearer lA’ft to Right: Morrison, Williams, Gay, Wallace, House, Stone, Brown. COMPANY C 101102 Bob King, Furman alumnus of 1937, completed his second year as head football coach at Furman University with a record of three wins and seven losses. Coach King led the Purple Hurricane to climax the 1959 season as the top defensive team in the Southern Conference. The squad defeated three Conference teams—William and Mary, George Washington, and Davidson. The team was composed mostly of sophomores who had only one previous year experience of college football. Twenty-nine sophomores, five juniors, and eight seniors made up the forty-two man squad. Furmans loss of eight men will he felt next year. Versatile Hicky Ilorton, captain, will l e difficult to replace as will he the passing ability of Baker, the tackles of Boroff, the left end ability of Stewart, the receiving ability and swiftness of Gay, and the constant support of Aiken, Bland, and Yates. Individual statistics of interest were as follows: Horton punted 1,048 yards in 28 attempts for an average of 37.4; Gay punted 694 yards in 19 attempts for an average of 36.5; Angelica rushed a total of 453 yards while Campbell rushed 50 times for a 5.2 average; Baker passed a total of 525 yards on 43 of 89 attempts; Horton received 14 passes for 193 yards and Kemp received 9 passes for 123 yards; Gay made 9 kickoff returns for 246 yards. Bob Kinc Head Football Coach ______________________M59 Furman spectators crowd the field after the game is over.The coaching staff was composed of Dixie Howell, line coach; Boh Gongola, backfield coach; Vince Pcronc, line coach; Boh Jennings, center and guard coach; Chuck Rohe, defensive backfield coach; Bill Walker, trainer. Freshman Boh Glass filled the position of head manager. Furman’s freshman team defeated Middle Georgia College 20-7, Gordon Military Academy 34-0, The Citadel Frosh 14-0. and Stanton Military College 16-0 and lost to the powerful Florida State freshmen 29-0. This blight in the 4-1 won-lost record was the only defeat for the Baby Hurricane in two full seasons of play. Led by Coach Bob Jennings, the squad was composed of fifty freshmen. Among those giving outstanding performances during the season were Elton Brunty and ferry Thomas in the backfield, Ed Rock, Benny Bien-kowski. Lew Castle, Al Martin and Olin Hill on the line, and Roger Senter with his fine punting. The main rough spot for the freshmen was in their offense, as they spent most of their time running plays against the varsity. These men will l e heavily counted on for the 1960 football season. Another year has passed in Furman’s rebuilding football program. With more experience in the returning players and another strong freshman squad. Coach King and his staff will give Furman good football in 1960. The Sports Editor thanks Louis Burress, William D. Cromer, Bennie J. Granger and James G. Wilson, photographers for the News-Piedmont, for many of the pictures used throughout the section. Micky Horton Captain FRESHMAN TEAM, 1959. First Row, Left to Rinht: Richardson, Senior, Davenport. Hollins. Alien, Ogbum, Sheffield, McCafforty, Hill, Castle, Crenshaw. Sccorul Row: Bicnkowski. Kennedy, J. Cherry. Davis. Debra, Sumner, Knight, Rock. Third Row: H. Cherry, Rice, J. Waters, Posquale, Veal, W. Cherry, Furr, Alexander, Hartley, Long. Fourth Row: Hapinchuk. Newman, Xast, Morris, Alrercromhie. Davis, Nivens, Clack, TramwcH. Williams. Milner. Fifth Row: Wright, Archibald, Flynn, Crockett, Vaughn, Thomas, McLaurcn. W. Waters. Pirtlc, Lynch, Cooper. •irv( Boa, l.cjt to Hi fill t: Tom Campbell, Hilly Baker, llicky Horton, Woody Stewart, Jim Borofl, Bobby Aiken. Charles Gay. Bradley Fowler. Jcpson. I hint Hoit: led Arndt, Buddy Bevels. George Angelica, Ted Loth. Wayne Bolskis, Geary Hancock, Phil Ch owning, Tony Carmignuni. Newman. Couclui: Bob Jennings, Bob Gongola, Bob King. Chuck Holve, Dixie Howell. 106 Second How: Don Kemp, Jerry Roberts, Bill Canty, Shelly Sutton, Claude Davis. Tom Walter, Jack Sharp. Marvin Behlke, Joe Ojliff, Larry George Langan, Tommy Yates. Fourth How: Tommy Flayer, Sam Taylor, John Tew, Mike Gray, Jim Chapin. Dan Brieker, Steve Styron. Bill 107HURRICANE ROUND-UP 59 Seaton Season Record . . . Won . 3 I-ost 7 Conference Record . . 3 2 TEAM STATISTICS Furman Opponents 89 First Downs, Rush 87 37 First Downs, Pass 44 6 First Downs, Pen. 5 132 Total First Downs 136 1692 Yards Rushing 1507 879 Yards Passing 953 2571 Total Offense 2469 163 Passes Attempted 143 69 Passes Completed 71 15 Passes had Intercepted 10 48-1747 No. of Punts, Yds. 49-1683 36.3 Punting Average 34.3 33 Penalties Against 50 433 Penalty Y'ardagc 470 24 Fumbles 15 12 Fumbles Lost 8 SCORING STATISTICS Campbell.......................24 Angelica.......................18 Sutton.........................18 Taylor ........................13 Ix th..........................12 Horton.........................10 Kemp............................6 Newman..........................0 Carmignani......................6 Fowler..........................6 Cay.............................6 Baker...........................6 Total Furman Points...........131 Total Opponents Points .... 216 End Horton makes a flying tackle while Sutton checks to make sure he goes down. FURMAN 23 P. C. 24 Beating the Presbyterian College Blue Hose in every statistic except the final score, the Furman Hurricane suffered a heartbreaking defeat in their season’s opener, losing by only one point. Furman’s George Angelica sparkled in the "thrill show” by gaining 119 yards in 21 carries and scoring two of the three touchdowns for his purple-clad team. Furman gained 18 first downs to P. C.’s 6, 213 yards in rushing to P. C.’s 90, and 123 yards in passing to P. C.’s 76. Stretching to get the ball is fullback Angelica as Gamecocks look on. FURMAN 0 S. C. 30 The power and might of South Carolina’s Gamecocks hammered out a 30-0 victory over the undermanned Furman Hurricane. Quarterbacks Billy Baker and Billy Cantey tried in vain to get a scoring surge from their aerials, but the Furman drives l ogged down when the Carolina goal was in sight. George Angelica played a tremendous linebacking assignment and was the leading Purple gainer in carrying 10 times for 35 yards. iosFURMAN 7 CHATTANOOGA 20 The scrappy and strong University of Chattanooga Moccasins gave the determined Furman Hurricane their third defeat of the season hv a score of 20-7. Quarterback Buddy Revels climaxed a fourth-quarter drive with a successful pass to halfback Don Kemp for Furmans only TD in the game. Another Furman halfback. Tommy Yates, kept the Hurricane humming with his driving runs on the hot and humid Tennessee field. Making a tremendous comeback in the final minutes of the game, the Hurricane captured their first victory of the season by defeating the favored William and Mary Indians 8-7. The decisive play came late in the last quarter when quarterback, Billy Baker completed two successful passes to end Hickey Horton for the touchdown and extra points. Cary Morrison’s outstanding runs sparked the purple-clad team, who overcame lightning, wind, rain, and the favored Indians. FURMAN 8 WILLIAM AND MARY 7 Baker holds pigskin with lx th hands as Olliff (72) comes to his rescue. 109 Kemp zig-zags by two William and Mary men for a big gain.The Hurricane scores again as Chapin (62) steps over opponents to score. Coach King is riding high after a gala Homecoming victory. FURMAN 24 G. W. 0 The Purple Hurricane roared with devastation in a Homecoming triumph over George Washington 24-0. George Angelica started things off for Furman as he scored the first TD after the team advanced from the 49-yard line. Then Tom Campbell burst through the GW line, making a beautiful 50-yard run for the second score. Baker tallied the third touchdown followed by Taylor who punched over the fourth. Standouts in this convincing victory were tackles Jim Boroff and Bobby Aiken, guards John Tew, Claude Davis, Jim Chapin, and center Larry Jepson. FURMAN 14 CITADEL 18 Halfback Gay (22) rushes through Bulldog line as Newman (83) successfully blocks for him. In spite of a spectacular running attack and a defiant defensive line, Furman’s Hurricane lost its first Southern Conference game of the season to The Citadel Bulldogs in an 18-14 thriller. Sophomore fullback, Tom Campbell stood out for Furman with his determined drives through the Cadets, scoring both touchdowns for the Purples. On three occasions the Hurricane had the ball on the eleven, the ten, and one-yard lines, but failed to score. Shelly Sutton made both of his conversion efforts good. noTwo Wofford players bring Angelica down. FURMAN 3 WOFFORD 6 Except for a first quarter field goal by Shelly Sutton, the Furman Purple Hurricanes were unable to dent the Wofford goaf line and the game ended with a 6-3 victory for the Terriers. Furman racked up 202 yards in rushing, however, for eleven first downs against the 100 yards Wofford gained in rushing. Angelica, Fowler, and Kemp all made impressive gains for the Purples. Furman's Hurricane strike on defense as Joe Campbell (34) rushes on foe who tries to sidestep Joe Olliff (72). Richmond’s passing attack proved fatal to Coach Bob King’s Hurricane as the Virginia team defeated Furman 48-14. The Purple’s scoring came in the final period. Canty’s passing and Horton’s receiving set up a draw play for Loth who ran 33 yards for the first TD. An intercepted pass set up the final Furman score as Gay made it from the five. Canty stood out for Furman hitting on 10 passes in 30 attempts and 87 yards, while Loth sparked the ground game with 61 yards in nine carries. The Hurricane totaled 256 yards, most of which came in the second half. FURMAN 14 RICHMOND 48 inTom Campbell sidesteps (23) for a touchdown in the first quarter of the Davidson game. Furman captured her third Southern Conference win of the season as the 1 iurricane blanketed Davidson 35-7. Bill Canty’s unit ground out yardage while Bill Bakers unit showed a fine aerial offense to gain a total of 370 yards. Scoring touchdowns for the Purples were Campbell, Fowler, Taylor, Newman, and Carmignani; Sutton converted four times. Captain Horton excited the spectators when he intercepted a Davidson pass and raced 48 yards. Coach King seemed to find his l)cst combination as the Purple Hurricanes gained their biggest margin in six years. Sutton (41) races opponent across field for the ball. FURMAN 35 DAVIDSON 7 FURMAN 3 CLEMSON 56 Bowl-hungry Clemson romped over Furman 56-3, l cfore the largest crowd of the year at Sirrine Stadium. The Hurricane got off to a tremendous l cginning and led the game during the first minutes of play. Shelly Sutton punted the pigskin 30 yards for a field goal and Furman’s only score in the game after Joe Oliff recovered a Clemson fumble on the Tiger 31-yard line. The Tiger passing exhibition hurt King’s men severely as Clemson completed 14 of 30 attempts. Shelley Sutton kicks a successful field goal for Furman making the score 3 for Furman and 0 for Clemson at the beginning of the game.Jjcn Sur" 'n! Alice Dean, l.es Hudson, Head Cheerleader; Dixie Littlejohn, Secretary; Hewitt, Ceil NVatson, Freddie Bndders. Martha Frances Drummond, Thom Cooper. CHEERLEADERSBASKETBALL Furman completed a twenty-five game schedule with a 9-16 record after having high anticipations for a more successful season back in November. After the loss of several players due to injuries and dropping-out of school, Coach Lyles Alley was faced with only an eight-man squad to complete one of the heaviest schedules in Furman’s basketball history. The loss of Dave Shepard was greatly felt by the Paladins when he was injured in warm-ups for the season’s opening game. With Byron Pinson and Tom Conard at forward, Pete Carlisle and Bobby Pinson at guard, and Dag Wilson at center. Coach Alley had a good first team, but the squad lacked depth with only three—Kim Shipp, Cordon Blackwell, Tony Etnyre—on the bench. However, these l oys worked hard and fought continuously to win. The Student Body gave the Paladins their full support and was proud of the performances they made. Lyi.es Alley Head Biukctall Coach 114 Furman opened the season with a slow start losing to Louisville twice, Georgia Tech, and West Virginia. The Paladins were out for a victory in their fifth game and defeated Richmond by a 15-point margin. After overcoming George Washington, Furman edged by Davidson by only two points to complete the pre-Christmas season. Coach Alley and his team played host to teams from Harvard, Citadel and Bucknell during the Poinscttia Invitational Basketball Tournament. In the play-offs Furman outranked Harvard 87-69, but fell to The Citadel by a four-point margin. The Paladins traveled to Clemson and completely outclassed the Tigers 80-69, but in a return match on the Purples own court, Clemson pulled by Furman in a double-overtime thriller, 85-87. Furman’s small but determined team also split a pair of games with the Gamecocks of South Carolina. The William and Mary quintet defeated Furman 33 points in their first contest; however, the Paladins came back to beat the Virginia team 92-73 in a return meet. In conference play-offs William and Marv overcame Furman to knock them out of conference competition. Furman won its ninth berth in the Southern Conference Tournament and finished sixth in conference standing. Coach Alley gives team instructions before final buzzer sounds. Dag Wilson aims despite Tech's attempt to block.Etnyre stands alert over Citadel's player. This is how the student section sees it. Pete Carlisle is a valuable asset to Paladins with his ability to handle the ball and shoot. 117“Watch that foul, Tony!" Coach Alley tells wife good-bye as the Paladins Ixiard airplane. Tom Conard takes the jump from opponent. 113N«ld Cordon Freshman Basketball Coach Harry Stephens Manager, Vanity Team SCHEDULE Furman . . . 68 Furman . . . 63 Furman . . 63 Furman . . . 61 Furman . . 83 Furman . . . 76 Furman . . . 62 Furman . . . 87 Furman . . . 73 Furman . . . 79 Furman . . . 80 Furman . . . 64 Furman . . . 55 Furman . . . 85 Furman . . . 69 Furman . . . 77 Furman . . . 81 Furman . . . 93 Furman . . . 68 Furman . . . 81 Furman . . . 96 Furman . . . 98 Furman . . . 92 Furman . . . 87 Furman . . . 74 I XMiisville .... . 87 Georgia Tech . . . 91 West Virginia . . . 96 Louisville .... . 77 Richmond .... . 68 George Washington . 69 Davidson .... . 60 Harvard .... . 69 The Citadel . . . . 77 West Virginia . . . 95 Clemson .... . 69 Davidson .... . 59 The Citadel . . . . 59 Clemson .... . 87 Wofford .... . 70 V. P. I . 107 South Carolina . . . 91 Richmond .... . 73 William and Mary . . 101 The Citadel . . . . 84 South Carolina . . . 85 Florida State . . . . 105 William and Mar)' . . 73 V. P. I . 100 William and Mar)' . . 82 Bobby Pinson goes for another lay up against Richmond.lerrv fakes as opponent goes up and down again on his foot. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The Furman freshman basketball team, coached by Nield Gordon, completed a 22-game schedule with a 16-6 won-loss record. The squad proved to be one of the most talented frosh teams in several seasons with several highly promising performers on the team. Jerry Smith paced the team at his forward position with a 27.0 game average. Following closely was Gerald Glur, a 6' 5" forward, with a 20.0 average. Randy Blackwell, guard; John Vickers, center; and Charles Jennings, guard; completed the first string of the team. Adding much depth and support to the Frosh were Steve Woolley, guard; Bennett Glass, guard; John Block, guard; Billy Turrentine, forward; Roy Johnson, forward; and Dan Pike, guard. The baby Paladins compiled their most impressive record with a schedule including freshman teams from Clemson, South Carolina, Citadel, Georgia Tech, and Davidson; Cardner-Webb, North Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg Colleges; and Parker and Greenville High Schools. Furman’s Frosh also participated in the Greer tournament which they won. Game time for the freshmen was 6:00 p.m., a preliminary to the varsity game. The increasingly large group of spectators at these games evidenced the ability of this team—the Furman Paladins of tomorrow. First How, lA-jt to Rigftt: Handy Blackwell, Gerald Glur. Billy Turrentine. StaiuliiiR: John Block. Bennett Class, Jerry .Smith, John Vickers, Danny Pike, Charles Jennings, David Edwards, Manager. 120Left to Right: Hich.inl Castillo, Jim Martin, Thad Talley. Charlie Phillips, Bobby Lloyd. CROSS COUNTRY ClIAHMK PlIll.UPS Captain Furmans Cross Country team, coached by Chuck Rohe, climaxed a most successful season by taking the state championship title after defeating every team in the state in dual meets. During the regular season, the Harriers won five, placed second in two, and lost one meet. In the Southern Conference meet, the team finished in fifth place. Thad Talley of Furman finished second in the state by completing the four-mile run in 21:42 minutes, followed by Charlie Phillips whose time was 22:13. Talley also placed tenth in the conference meet. This was the first year in history that the Harriers beat the Clemson cross-country team over their 2.9 mile course. In Furmans meet with The Citadel, Coach Rohe’s squad captured the first four places in the contest; the winners were Jim Martin, Bobby Lloyd, Phillips, and Talley. Rounding out the 1959 team was Richard Castillo, who helped add depth to the squad. The freshman team finished third in the state, after winning one meet and losing two. Dan Pike, Don Armstrong, and Jim Johnson tied in points for the top man. Ed Hart, Mike Sisk and Gerald Clur added strength to the squad.Djxjk Howell Baseball Coach BASEBALL SCHEDULE Furman . . . 1 Pembroke . . . . 0 Furman . 2 Massachusetts . . 7 Furman . . . 1 West Virginia . . 7 Furman . . . 1 West Virginia . . 6 Furman . . . 10 Virginia Tech . . 12 Furman . 2 Virginia Tech . . 11 Furman . . . 4 Clemson . . . . 6 Furman . . . 4 Wofford . . . . 9 Furman . . . 7 VMI .... . 5 Furman . . . 8 VMI .... . 7 Furman . . . 7 Georgia Teachers . 4 Furman . . . 1 Georgia Teachers . 20 Furman . . . 2 Wofford . . . . 3 Furman . . . 1 Davidson . . . . 0 Furman . . . 2 Citadel .... . 13 Furman . . . 10 Citadel .... . 4 Furman . . . 1 Pembroke . . . . 2 Furman . . . 1 Clemson . . . . 10 Furman . . . 9 Georgia Teachers . 3 Furman . . . 3 Georgia Teachers 2 •n n man KUHNIAN HORNETS, 1959. Kneeling, lu-ft to Bight: Danielson, Abbott, Sutton, Meyer. Yates, Harmcs. Standing: Coach Howell, Wall, Horton. Brooks. Howes, Settle. Ingnim, B.irofT. Horton races to first base for a well-earned hit Wall eyes the ball and decides to wait for another one.Anxious Ilornet spectators watch as pitcher Coco Meyer winds up for the pitch . . . another strike! The Furman nine, under the direction of Coach Dixie Howell, completed their 1959 season with a 8-12 won-lost record. Big guns for the Hornets included junior Hickey Horton, a three-year letterman who was selected for the All-Southern Conference second string, and Coco Meyer whose pitching record of six wins and six losses led the team. Highest batting average for the diamondmen was Horton s .302. Captain Tommy Wall, first baseman, proved to be the most valuable infielder. Other assets to the team were Sam Taylor, pitcher; Larry Ayers, first baseman; and Larry Abbott, Jim Settle, Shelly Sutton and Tom Yates, outfielders. The return of seven lettermen to the Hornet squad for the 1960 season should be the spark that may well prove Furman to be a top contender in the Southern Conference. 123First Row. [a-ft to Rifiht: Hancock. Canty. Fausso.x. Jones, Foxworth, Hewitt. Second Row: Padgett. Mason, Chewning, Newman. Rasmussen, Walters, Loth. FRESHMAN BASEBALL Furman’s freshman baseball team, led by Coach Bob Jennings, completed a fourteen-game season with six wins and eight losses. The Frosh defeated Anderson Junior College and Parker High twice each and split games with Spartanburg Junior College and Greenville High; they lost games with Clemson’s freshman team and North Greenville. Bob Rasmussen paced the squad with his high batting average and saw much of the heavy pitching duties along with Dan Walters. Furman’s infield was strong with Phil Chewning at first, Dick Jones and Richard Newman at second, Gaines Mason at shortstop and Bill Canty at third. Tony Carmignani and Geary Hancock handled the catching duties. In the outfield were Norman Foxworth, left; Ted Loth, center; and Duncan Padgett, right. These men were backed up by Charles Faussoux, Richard Hewitt, and Bill Newman. Bite or Bat? Coach Boh Jennings warms up the team before the Clemson game. Pitcher Boh Rasmussen eyes first base before delivering the pitch. 124TENNIS Furman’s tennis team opened a heavy 17-game slate with only three lettermen. Tommy Keating, Clyde Mvnatt, and Jack Shaw, returning from the previous season. Keating played as the team’s ace man, holding down first position, while Mvnatt and Shaw tied in the number of individual wins for high man on the squad. Yates Johnson, Jim Smith, and Bobby Bridgeman rounded out the team. The Frosh netters completed a successful season with seven wins against six losses. The squad defeated the Clem-son freshmen in two matches. Stewart Skadden led the team as number one man, followed by Ed Christmas, number two. Other team members were Robert Woodham, Mike McCollum, Larry Lampley, Tip Snipes, and Don Sentell. Left Photograph: Coach Wilbur Carr. Yates Johnson and Clyde Mvnatt (background) await return from "Fudd" Smith and Jack Shaw. Left to Rifiht: Keating. Mynatt, Shaw, Smith, Johnson.Chuck Rohe Track Coach TRACK Under the able guidance of second-year coach Chuck Rohe, Furman’s 1959 track team compiled an impressive record by placing second in the Southern Conference Meet and fourth in the State Track Meet. Led by Captain Juan Brown, the team showed vast improvement over the 1958 season when they finished ninth in the Conference standings. In the Conference Meet, Furmans cindermen won four events, and set four school records, including a new conference mark. Charlie Phillips won the mile event in 4:20, Brown set a new school record when he won the two mile in 9:48, Jim Martin captured the 880 crown while setting another school record, and ace shot putter, Ken Garrett broke Conference records by heaving the 16-pound shot putt 52 feet, 2% inches. The mile relay team and Garrett on the discus throw established two other school records. Willie Axmann, Juan Brown, Walter Bull, Mack Edwards, and Roy Nichols completed their fourth season of track with fine performances, while Marvin Starr, Bob Schindel, and Roy Nichols formed the best sprint trio in school history. Garrett was selected the Most Valuable Member of the team, and Bull compiled 115 points to be high man on the squad. The Purple Runners also placed second in the News-Piedmont Relays, trailing powerful Florida State. TRACK TEAM, 1959. First Row: Bull, Nichols, Martin. Second Row: White, Wilson. Garrett. Third Row: Boudoucies, Brown. Phillips. Edwards. Fourth Row: Lybrand. Galloway. Sharpe, Keel.Biu. Kkki. Pole Vaulter John Boudouciks, Ciiaiu.ik Piiii.i.ips. Distance Runners 127GOLF The Furman Golf team, coached by Nield Gordon, finished their 1959 season with a brilliant 10-3 won-lost record. Heyward Sullivan paced the team throughout the season in his number one position and climaxed the year by winning the Southern Conference Individual Championship. The entire squad placed fifth in the Conference tournament. Furman was unable to defend its South Carolina Collegiate Golf Championship because of examinations, but The Citadel, Presbyterian College, Wofford, the University of South Carolina, and Davidson fell victim to the Purple Linksmen. Charles Bushce and Ralph Snipes competed for the team’s second position with Wesley Saylors, Morgan Fayssoux, Bob Dacus, and Glenn Reitz following closely. The golfers enjoyed the new facilities of the Green Valley Country Club for all of their home matches. Team captain and number one man . . . Heyward Sullivan. Charles Busbee, second on team, tees off as Ralph Snipes looks for ball. I.rft to Right: Bushev. Rcite. Snipes. Saylors. Sullivan.Kneeling. Left to flight: Tom Conard, President: Cecil Quattlebaum, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Pat Morgan, Buddy Bevels, Arch Wallace. Jerry Rogers, Aubrey Floyd. INTRAMURALS The Intramural sports program opened the football season with a league of ten teams: B. S. U., the Ministerial Union, McGlothlin, Poteat Hall, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Alpha, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Theta Chi, Day Students, and the Pershing Rifles. S. A. E. dominated the football scene by defeating all opponents for an 8-0 won-lost record during the regular season. In post-season play, S. A. E. also defeated the All-Stars 14-0. Basketball followed close on the heels of football with the leagues being formed. Kappa Alpha defeated Tau Kappa Epsilon for the White League, while Sigma Alpha Epsilon led in the Purple League. In addition to football and basketball, Furman’s well-balanced intramural program under the direction of Coach Walter Cottingham includes rifling, softball, cross country runs, swimming, boating, volleyball, track, tennis, ping-pong, badminton, horseshoes, archery, and golf. The entire intramural program is designed to interest students in team and individual sports. Winners are given trophies, and the team with the best over-all record for the year is declared Intramural Champions. As the New Campus facilities improve, more and varied activities will be offered. 129 1959 ALL STARS. First Row, I eft to Right: Reynolds, Clements, Ellis, McGlothcrin, Nations, Blanton, Furcy, Captain. Second Row: Gore, Turner, Tanner, Zinkc, Furr, Williams. S.A.E. INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS. First Row, l ft to Right: Sheftall. Sentell, Carter. Kennedy, Newman. Settle, Bearden. McAlhany, Ne.il. Second Row: Rainwater, Reitz, G. Jones, Friddle, Pasley, Mason, Urman, Stone, White, Foster, Captain. Norman Schubert throws oars over-board and gunnels canoe to shore . . . real Indian style!It’s up, but will it “swish"? WOMEN’S RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION The Women’s Recreation Association under the guidance of its capable president, Mary Margaret Chiles, and a council of twenty-three members accomplished a great deal this year in furthering sports and spirit among the women students of Furman. Through its varied program, W. R. A. was able to offer a varied program of entertainment and recreation. On Halloween night everyone enjoyed the carnival featuring a haunted house, a fortune teller, and the "Mona Lisa," a pie-throwing contest. The W. R. A. was responsible for the organization of the "Powder Bowl” at the university picnic, which may prove to be an annual event. They also sponsored a blazer sale, which proved to be a big success and is expected to become a tradition. The sponsor of the W. R. A. is Miss Elizabeth Brisendine, who has been a great help to the organization this year. Seated. Left to Right: Mary Margaret Chiles, President; Betty Snyder, Vice-President; Ann Keller, Treasurer. Staiufing, First Rote: Nawal iN'amik, Carolyn Causey. Jayne Ellen Davis, Mary Ann Wham, Barbara Rodgers, Joan Huskey, Mac Margaret Wesner. Second Row: Eleanor Connors, Oil Watson. Howena Courson, Judy Cook, Betty Ann Lupberger. 131 . ttitHiftt  133Dr. John Laney Plyler B.A., LLB., LLD., Litt.D. Dr. Plyler is known as a man of integrity and charm—a fearless leader—an able educator. His fellow administrators, the faculty and staff, the students, the alumni, and the friends of Furman University recognize him as a man who has .accomplished much during the years in which the dream of a “Greater Furman” has Income a reality. Ever looking forward, Dr. Plyler strives to plan and work for the best interests of the University as a whole, while maintaining his Christian regard for and interest in individuals who contribute to this whole. EXECUTIVES Left to Right: George A. Christenberry, Ph.D., Administrative Director; Eldrkdce M. Caskey, B.A., Business Manager and T reasurer; Albert E. Tibbs, Th.D., Dean of the University. Left to Right: Olivia Futch, Ph.D., Dean of Womens College; Charles W. Burts, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Studies; Francis W. Bonner, Ph.D., Dean of Mens College. Left to Right: John W. Hoskins, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Social Studies; Francis W. Bonner, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Humanities: John A. Southern, Ph.D., Director of the Division of Physical Sciences; DuPre Rhamk, B.Mus., Director of the Division of Fine Arts. I3SFACULTY OF ADMINISTRATION Allen Arey Campbell Carrier Chiles Dukes Flanders Flint Heatwolc Lathem Pulley Kasor Smith Sykes Department Chairmen Lyles Alley, M.A. Athletic Director Reece Blackwell, Ph.D. Profettor of Mathematict Francis Wesley Bonner, Ph.D. Profettor of English Wilbur Carr, Ph.D. Associate Profettor of Health and Physical Education Josefeii Carlyle Ellett, Ph.D. Professor of Economics Paul Lewis Fisher, Ph.D. Profettor of Geology Henry Jackson Flanders, Tii.D. Profettor of Religion Thomas E. Flowers, A.M. Aiiislanl Protestor of Art Delbert Haroij Cii.i-atrick, Ph.D, Profettor of History Ernest Eocene Harhill, Ph.D. Auociate Profettor of Political Science (Acting Head) John Willard Hoskins, Ph.D. Profettor of Sociology Lt. Colonel Ceorck C. Kimmel. B.A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics Carroll Henry Leeds, Ph.D. Protestor of Psychology Saha Lowrky, M.A. Profettor of Speech Arthur Henry Moeiilenhrock, Ph.D. Profettor of Modem Languages Donald W. Packard, Ph.D. Profettor of Music Charles S. Patterson. Ph.D. Attoctofc Profettor of Chemistry Jons Boland Patty, Ph.D. Profettor of Physics David Clarence Pulley, Ph.D. Profettor of Education Charles D. Riddle, M.S. Professor of Biology Jefferson Davis Sadler, Ph.D. Profettor of Clauical languages Albert Elias Tibbs, Tii.D. Professor of Philosophy 136FACULTY OF ADMINISTRATION Fletcher Allen. B.A. Director of Snot Service Ralph E. Flint, B.A. Auditor Vine in ia Marsh Arky, B.A. Raymond V. Heatwole. Pii.D. Acting Rcaitltor, Woman t College Director of Community College Marlene Campbell, M.S. Georck II. Latiiem, M.A. Social Director of the University Assistant to the Director of AdmUrions and Registrar, Mens' College Garland Carrier, B.A. Bursar, Woman's College David C. Pulley, Pii.D. Director of Summer School Marguerite Chiles. M.A. Charles L. Rasok, M.A. Director of Student Personnel. Woman's College Registrar and Director of Admissions. Men's College Victor Morgan Dukes. B.D. Director of Religious Activities Luther Smith, M.A. Director of Development and Public Relations Henry Jackson Flanders, Th.D. John Douglas Sykes, S.M. Chaplain of the University Assistant to Dean of Men's College FACULTY Alice B. Adams Assistant Librarian. Furman University Winston Chandler Barr, Pii.D. Associate Professor of History Ira Lee Baker Assistant Professor of Journalism and English Wade Waddy Banks. M.A. Instructor in Speech James J. Barber, M.M. Assistant Professor of Music Virginia Ruth Barnes, M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Robert Duncan Bass. Pii.D. Professor of English James Branham, A.B. Instructor in History Elizabeth Brisendine, M.A. Assistant Profrssor of Hralth and Physical Education Edward T. Brown, Pii.D. Associate Profettor of Education Charles Watson Burts, Pii.D. Professor of Psychology Catherine Boyd Calhoun, M.A. Attitfnnl Professor of Art Ruth F. Campbell, Pii.D. Associate Profrssor of Modem Languages Aileen Coggins, M.A. Associate Professor of Moslem languages Walter Coitincham, M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education John Henry Crabtree, Pii.D. Assistant Professor of Englith Robert Wilson Crapps, Th.D. Assistant Professor of Religion Julian Darijngton, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Sabah Mitchell Davenport, B.S. Instructor Os Home Economies Victor Myers Day, M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry 137FACULTY Ei.i .ahetii Donnald. M.A. Ani’Mnl Profettor of Englith Thomas Drake, A.M. Attitlanl Profettor id Political Science Shirley Ledford Di xc'ax, B.A. Inrtruclor in Sin lie [.Aim Smith Kmauoh. M.A. Auociah Pro c nor of Sociology Dan Atkins Ellis. M.Mus.Ed. Antrtnnl P niff nor of Sluiie David W. Perfree, Jr., Captain, B.S. Amilonr Profe nor of Military Swntr anil Taclirt Oi.ivia Fitch. Ph.D. Profci’or of Education Mcta Cl I.PATRICK, M.A. Anociatc Profc nor of Engliih Horn n r Concoi.a, B.S. Aniitrint football Coach Nkiu Gordon, B.A. Auiiliinl h : t thall Coach, Golf Coach Martha Haiihison. M.Ed. Attitlrint Profettor of Secretarial Science David Howell, B.S. Head Haicball Coach Frances Hux.ens, M.A. Aniitant Profettor of Education Francis Brown Jenninos, Jii.. B.A. Football Coach Janiks Wii.i.iam Johnson. M.B.A. Anirtant ftofetmr of Budneu Adminiitratum Nkwton B. Jones, Ph.D. Attoefafr Profettor of Hit lory James II. Keller, M.A. AoiiKml Profettor of Slnthcmatici Schaefer Kendrick, LL.1 . Atritlanl Profettor of Economic Joe Madison Kino. Tii.D. Atweiate Profettor of Religion Robert B. Kino. B.A. Head Football Coach Myron Kocheh, A.M. Aiiurnnl Profettor of Modern l nguagei Fred C. Martin, Ph.D. A»{ r int Profettor of Modern Language! Nora E. Mlt.i.kns, M.A. Atritfanf Profettor of biology Edward Francis Oi.kchovskv. M.A. An{«r iiii Profettor Glatticed l.anguage • Henry Grady Owens, Ph.D. Profettor of Education Arnold E. Putman, M.Mus. Atioeiate Profettor of Mu lie Alfred S. Beid, Ph.D. Anociale Profettor of Engltih Alice Ruth Beid, Ph.D. Attoeialc Profettor of Health and Phytlcal Education Di'Pre Hiiamk, B.Mt's. Profettor of Mu tie Charles Rome. M.A. Atthiant football Coach. Track Coach Ronald Richardson. Captain, B.S. Auiitanr Profettor of Military Science and Taflier Dorothy Rk iiey. Ph.D. Profettor of SiHech C. 1.ELAND BoiX.ERS, M.A. Profettor of biology Alrert Neely Sanders. Ph.D. Atweiate Profettor of llntory Charlotte B. Smith. M.A. Anufntif Profettor of SI uric W. Lindsey Smith, Doc.Sac.Mus. Anorwfi- Profettor of Sluiie Ethel Southern, B.1..S. Attiitant l.ibrarian John A. Southern, Ph.D. Profettor of Chemirtry James T. Stewart, Pii.D. Atweiate Profettor of Englith Wesley O. True. M.M. Attixtaiil Profettor of Slutic Bohkht Tucker, Pii.D. l.ibrarian Edward Pinckney Vandiver, Jr.. Pii.D. Ptofetwr of English William Walker. B.A. Inilmetor of Health and Fhytical Education Maim;aret Weaver, B.A. Cataloguer, l.ibram Vernon White. M.A. Auiifanl Prvfinor of SociologySTAFF Administrative Frkdoa Borofk Secretary. Athletic Department Inez Burns Switchboard Operator, Furman University Elizabeth Christian, B.A. Receptionist Dorothy Johnson Gentry Postmistress Jenny Porter Hallman Secretary, Library Virginia Haulbroox Secretary, Office of Development Jane Ann Hkarsky, B.A. Secretary and Assistant to Admissions Sectetaiy. Woman t College Shirley Kerns Typist, Library Ann Lawton Bookkeeper Elizabeth Lee llerident Counts'tor. Woman'i College Martha Anne McMillan, B.A. Secretary to Bursar, H'oman'i College Gail Maiiapfey Circulation Assistant, Woman'• College Mabel Marchettk Resident Counselor. Manly Hall Martha A. Martin, B.A. Secretary. Development Office Virginia Meyer Secretary to Registrar. Furman University Anna O'Brien Secretary, Dean of the University Elizabeth B. Pulley. B.S. Secretary, Dean of Men’s College Julia Starks Cashier Mary Wahdlaw, B.S. Admissions Secretary Rosie Jean Wynn Catalogue Typist Shirley Young Secretary to Dean, Woman’ College Services John Thomas Chiles Budding Supervisor Dewey Darnell Policeman Otto Edwards Policeman Geneva Henderson, H.N. Nurse, Furman University Loranne Jordan Assistant Dietitian, Furman University Gayle Kennedy Nurse, Woman’ College Zeddie Latham Policeman Jessie Mulkey Assistant Dietitian. Woman’ College Claude Nelson Policeman James Owens Poftcrman Jackie Shell Nurse. Woman’ College Kate Wyatt llortess and Director of Housing, Woman’ College Not Pictured: Sarah Bellue Manager of University Service Ixiuise Morrow Assistant Manager of University Srrviee 139 ;u:::nnu :ti Hi : : •••••••« ISSMntapsS nus “i ••••Ann Shirley and Billy Baker, Presidents; Many Wall, Treasurer; Dorm; Davidson, Vice-President; Maxima Crawford, Secretary; Jack Duncan, Vice-President; Paul Bowers, Treasurer; John Platt, Secretary. Lyda Louise Allen, Boiling Springs, N. C. B.A. History . . . minor. Education and Political Science . . . B. S. U. Creator Council . . . Y. W. A. . . . Furman Singers . . . Cardner-Webb Junior College transfer ... to teach. Patricia Ann Andkrs, Burton B.A. English . . . minor. Education . . . Patsy . . . Theatre Cuild . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Section . . . Theta Chi Dream Girl ... to teach. Danny Fuss ell Anderson, Americus, Ga. B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Biology . . . Kappa Alpha . . . attended Tusculum College. McNeese State, and Wofford College. Frances Hayne Anderson, Greenville B.A. Business Administration anti Economics . . . minor, Spanish . . . Dean’s List. Frankie Marjorie Anderson, Anderson B.A. Public School Music . . . minor. Education . . . Women's Chorus . . . Concert Choir Vice-President ... to teach. Gail Dean Annas, Rhodhiss, N. C. B.A. Music Education . . . minor. Education . . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. . . . Band . . . Music Club . . . Young Republicans Club . . . Greenville Symphony ... to leach. Charles Anthony Arrington, Jr., Clcmson B.S. Chemistry . . . minor, Physics . . . Blue Key Secretary . . . Legislature President . . . Cheerleader . . . Pep Club . . . Quaternion . . . American Chemical Society . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Best Informed Superlative . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Hand and Torch . . . Who’s Who. Donald Rogers As bell, Macon, Ga. B.A. Spanish . . . minor. Education . . . Spanish Club . . . Phi Sigma Iota . . . Business Manager of Hornet . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Scabbard and Blade Secretary . . . Furman Singers . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Intramurals . . . Most Outstanding Cadet . . . to teach. Fred T. Badders, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Religion . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Ministerial Union . . . Student Volunteers . . . R. O. T. C. Band . . . Circle ’'K” . . . Argonauts . . . Pep Club President . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Intramurals . . . Follies . . . Election Board . . . Cheerleader . . . Dining Hall Committee. Billy J. Baker, Rossville, Ga. B.A. History . . . minor, English . . . Student Volunteers Vice-President . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Blue Key . . . Circle ‘‘K’’ . . . Argonauts President . . . President. Freshman, Sophomore and Senior Class . . . Varsity Football . . . Best All-Round Superlative . . . Who’s Who. 143Virginia Sue Ball, Taylors B.A. Ilomc Economics . . . minor. English and Psychology . . , Home Economics Club . . , Dean’s last ... to be interior decorator. Maria Bard. Gastonia, N. C. B.A. Psychology and English . . . minor. Political Science and French ... to work abroad. Allen Eugene Bates, Williston B.A. Sociolgy . . . minor, Religion . . . Sociology Club . . . Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. Creator Council . . . Intramurals . . . North Greenville junior College transfer. John Phillips Bean, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . minor Psychology . . . President, Kappa Alpha . . . Intorfratemity Council President . . . Band . . . Intramurals. Archie Dewitt Bearden, Greenville B.A. Political Science . . . minor. Economics . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . "Chuck" . . . Varsity Baseball . . . In tram units. Joyce Ann Bennett, Asheville, N. C. B.A. Voice . . . minor. English . . . Y. W. A. Program Chairman . . . Senior Order Chairman . . . Furman Singers Secretary . . . Chairman of Social Standards Board . . . Student Council . . . May Court, 1958 . . . Chairman of 1959 May Day Script Committee . . . Chairman of 1958 Homecoming . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Dean's List . . . Hand and Torch . . . Who's Who. Claire Ensor Biddison, Baltimore. Md. B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . 1959 May Day Attendant _. . . Dean's List . . . Home Economics Club . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . Social Standards Board . . . Furman Singers . . . Social Board . . . University of Delaware transfer. Corix n Lyles Black well, Greensboro, N. C. B.A. Business Administration . . . minor. History . . . Men's Student Body Treasurer . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Cloister . . . 1a- Salon Franca is . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Most Likely to Succeed Superlative. Leo R. Bland, Akron, Ohio B.A. Economics . . . minor. Political Science . . . "Moose” ... Varsity Football . . . Varsity Track . . . Akron University transfer. Melba Sauvjs Blanton. Nichols B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Biology . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . B. S. U. . . . Limestone College transfer ... to teach or do research. 144SENIORS Bii.i.y Baker and Ann Shirley Best All-Round Lynda Lef. Boldt, Greenville B.A. Spanish . . . minor. Education .. . Day Students’ Council . . . Dean’s List . . . Spanish Club ... to teach. James William Boroff, Lima. Ohio B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology .. . Jim . . . Varsity Football . . . Varsity Basketball. John Andrew Boudoucies, Greenville B.A Business Administration and Economics . . . minor, Mathematics . . . Day Student . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Track . . . Block ”F" Club . . . Engineer Club . . . Intramurals. Linda Jane Bowen, Iva B.A. Public School Music . . . minor. Education . . . Student Volunteers . . . B. S. U. . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Furman Singers . . . Music Club . . . Women's Chorus ... to teach public school music. Donald E. Bowers, Charlotte, N. C. BS. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry and English . . . Circle ’’K” . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Furman Singers. Paul Grady Bowers, Hendersonville, N. C. B.A. Business Administration ami Economics . . . minor. English . . . Senior Class Treasurer . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon ... Pep Club ... Traffic Board . . . Intramurals. Ann Elizabeth Bradij-ty, Williston B.A. History . . . minor. Political Science . . . Freshman Class Vice-President . . . Student Body Secretary . . . President of Women's Student Body . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Senior Order . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . Who’s Who. Thomas J. Brannon. Inman B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Journalism . . . Tom . . . Day Student . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. USSENIORS Butty Kay Massik aiu, Jack NoutN Best Leaders Julia Elizabeth Brittain, Brevard, N. C. B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. History . . . Judy . . . International Relations Club . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to teach. Ann Busby Brooks, Mablcton, Ga. B.A. English . . . minor, Political Science . . . to teach. Jacqueline Sue Brown, Aiken B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Religion . . . Jackie . . . Secretary. B. S. U. . . . Y. V. C. A. Cabinet . . . Publications Board . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Furman Singers . . . Student Volunteers . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer . . . to teach. Jerry Milford Brown, Greenville B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Chi Beta Phi Vice-President and Regional President. .. Secretary-Treasurer, Alpha Epsilon Della . . . Captain, Pershing Rifles . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Pershing Rifle Cold Medal . . . Student Legislature . . . Scabbard and Blade. Kenneth Reginald Brown, Columbus, Ga. B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . Pershing Rifles- . . . Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Interfraternity Council . . . Intramurals. Richard Julius Brown, Charleston B.A. Psychology . . . minor, English . . . Dick . . . President. Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. (heater Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . Religious Council . . . Argonauts . . . Furman Singers . . . Intramurals . . . Freshman Advisory Board. Ann Jacks Bruce, Greenville B.A. History . . . minor, English . . . Student Council . . . University of Georgia transfer ... to do foreign service work. Don Melvin Bryant. Spartanburg B.A. Business Administration and Economies . . . minor. Psychology . . . Dean's List . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. 146Arthur Burdette, Greenville B.A. Religion . . . minor, English . , . North Creenville Junior College transfer. John Spoitswood Burwell, Oxford, N. C. B.A. Business Administration . . . minor, Psychology . . . Student Volunteers . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. Judith Ann Caldwell, Bristol, Tenn. B.A. English . . . minor. French . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers ... to teach. Robert Van Buren Capps, Lake Wales, Fla. B.A. Sociolgy . . . minor. Greek . . . Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. . . . Sociology Club . . . Hornet Staff . . . Furman Singers . . . Dean’s List . . . Student Volunteers . . . Emory University transfer. John Ethridce Carroll, Wilmington, N. C. B.A. Business Administration and Economics . , . minor, Psychology . . . Scabbard anti Blade . . . Secretary-Treasurer, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Captain of Rifle Team. Sarah Riiuemma Carter, Pisgah Forest. N. C. B.A. English . . . minor. Speech . . . Theatre Guild . . . Y. V. A. Council . . . Furman Singers . . . Furman Follies . . . Mars Hill transfer ... to teach. Ralph Baker Cauthkn, Richmond, Va. B.A. History . . . minor. English . . . B. S. U. . . . Ministerial Union . . . Secretary, Student Volunteers . . . Furman Singers . . . Concert Choir . . . Argonauts . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. James Roy Chandler, Pelzer B.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Jim . . . American Chemical Society . . . House Committee. Carle E. Christian. Perry, Ohio B.A. History . . . minor. Psychology . . . Day Student . . . Member of Kappa Kappa Psi (Honorary Band Fraternity) at Boston Green State University . . . Marching and Concert Band Member . . . attended Alaska University . . . Missions Volunteer. William Earle Clements, Camden B.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Physics . . . Bill . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Intramurals. 147Robert L. Cloningkr, Dallas. N. C. B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . Bob . . . Concert Choir. Nancy Mark a Cole, North Charleston B.A. Business Administration ami Economics . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Business Club . . . V. R. A. Council. .. B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . University of S. C. transfer . . . to teach. Mart Jane Coujns, St. George B.A. Sociology . . . minor, Education . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Freshman Advisory Hoard ... to teach. William Eugene Conwkll. Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Political Science . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. Thomas Bobo Cooper, Jr., Clinton B.A. English . . . minor. French . . . Thom . . . Phi Mu Alpha . . . Pep Club . . . Theatre Guild . . . Band . . . Cheerleader . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon. Ann Nash Cordkr, Atlanta, Ga. B.A. History . . . minor, English and Education . . . Dean’s l-ist . . . Y. W. A. . . . Student Volunteers, Vice-President . . . B. S. U. . . . International Relations Chib . . . Band ... to teach. Frances Lea Corn, Faith, N. C. B.A. Religion . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Junior-Senior Steering Committee . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to In church secretary. Jerry Lance Coulter, Greenville B.A. Art . . . minor. Psychology . . . Vice-President, Theta Chi . . . Intramurals. Calvin Nicoll Cox, Marietta B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Political Science . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. Leila Mae Cox, Marietta B.A. Religion . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Y. V. A. . . . Student Volunteers . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to be church secretary. 148Charles A. Cuod, Spartanburg B.A. Sociology . . . minor. History . . . Spartanburg Junior College transfer. Talbert Earl Crajpps, West Columbia B.A. History . . . minor. Education . . . Ministerial Union... Furman Singers . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. Martha Elizabeth Crawford, Camden B.S. Home Economics . . . minor, English and Education... Senior Class Secretary . . . Executive Council Secretary . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Dean’s List . . . Home Economics Club Secretary . . . 8. S. U. Greater Council . . . Y.W.A. Council . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Pep Club . . . W. R. A. Council ... to teach. Joe Harry Creamer, Greenville B.A. Education . . . minor. Church Music ... to be minister of Music and Education. Thomas Marion Creech. Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor, Political Science . . . Tom . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Don Elbert Cureton. Anderson B.A. Psychology . . . minor, Religion . . . Day Student . . . Sayre Junior College transfer ... to be minister. James Rocers Dacus, F.asley B.A. Sociology . . . minor, English and Religion . . . Clemson College transfer. Cora Elizabeth Dalton, Easley B.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Education . . . Beth . . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. . . . Anderson Junior College transfer . . . to teach. Herbert Smith Danielson, Hayesville, N. C. B.A. Physical Educalum . . . minor. Education . . . Physical Education Club . . . lntramurals . . . Mars Hill transfer. Ivy Dorothy Davidson, Gainesville. Ga. B.A. History . . . minor. Political Science and French . . . Dottie . . . Women's Student Council . . . Executive Council . . . Senior Class. Vice-President . . . International Relations Club . . . Wesley Foundation Council . . . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . Copy Editor of BONHOMIE Staff . . . Senior Order . . . Marshal Board . . . Most Likely to Succeed Superlative . . . 1959 Furman Follies Chairman . . . Who’s Who. 149 yMichael H. Dawson. Columbus, Ga. B.A. English . . . minor, Religion . . . Mike . . . Student Volunteers President . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . , Ministerial Union , . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Circle ■'K" Vice-President . . . Friendliest Superlative. Alice Estelle Dean, Macon. Ca. B.A. English . . . minor, French . . . Junior Class Vice-President . . . Editor of BONHOMIE . . . Senior Order . . . 1959 Homecoming Committee . . . V. R. A. Council . . . Y. W. A. Executive Council . . . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . Publications Board . . . Furman Singers . . . Chairman of 1959 May Day . . . Cheerleader . . . Pep Club . . . Friendliest Superlative . . . Executive Council . . . Hornet Student of the Year . . . Who's Who. Carol Lynne Dixon, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor, English and History . . . Syracuse University transfer ... to do psychological testing. Kenneth Harold Dover, Liberty B.A. History . . . minor. Philosophy ... to be a minister. Martha Frances Drummond. Woodruff B.A. Speech and English . . . minor. Sociology . . . Theatre Guild Secretary . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Pep Club . . . Marshal . . . Cheerleader . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . Junior Class Homecoming Attendant . . . Furman Singers . . . Director of Furman Follies . . . Blue Mountain College transfer ... to do graduate work or to teach. Josie Pressly Dunhar, Spartanburg B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Biology . . . Jo . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Freshman and Sophomore Class President . . . Psychology-Social work. Jack Cenair Duncan, Marion B.A. English . . . minor. Mathematics . . . B. S. U. Creator Council . . . Student Volunteers Executive Council . . . BONHOMIE Class Editor . . . Blue Key . . . Furman Singers . . . Circle "K” Board of Directors . . . Pep Chib President . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Senior Class Vice-President . . . Chairman of Homecoming ‘59 . . . Junior-Senior Committee . . . Elections Board ... to study law . . . Who’s Who. Johetta Annie Durham, Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. English . . . Dean’s List . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon ... to teach. Joanne Patti Edens, Six Mile B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Home Economics . . . Y. W. A. . . . Elections Board . . . Home Economics Club ... to Ik an accountant. Charles Meyer Ellis, Spartanburg B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Sonny . . . Pep Club . . . Secretary, Kappa Alpha . . . Freshman Football. 150SENIORS Gordon Blackwell and Dorm: Davidson Most l.ikcly to Succeed Floyd Edwin Ellison, Jil, Easley B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Eddie . . . Dean’s List . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta President . . . American Chemical Society . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Duke University transfer ... to Ik? a medical doctor. James Barry Ellison, Clinton B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor, History . . . Treasurer, Tnu Kappa Epsilon. Ramon Eugene Krclk, Taylors B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Education . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. Kiciiakd Samuel Eskkw, Spartanburg B.A. Sociology . . . minor. History . . . House Board . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . Ministerial Union . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Furman Singers . . . Pep Club . . . Circle "K” . . . Intramurals. Mackl D. Ezell, Morganton, N. C. B.A. Iliitonj . . . minor, English . . . married . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. Margaret An nett a Kant, Wirmsl oro B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Geology and Geography . . . Y. V. C. A. Secretary . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Freshman Advisory Board ... to teach. Marylynn Kay Ferguson, West Columbia B.A. Music Education . . . minor. Education . . . Y. W. A. President . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Religious Council Secretary . . . Furman Singers . . . Freshman Advisors- Board . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . Marshal Board . . . Social Standards Board ... to teach. Ernest Scott Flounders, Charleston B.A. History . . . minor. English . . . married. 151 Betty Snyder and Micky Horton Most Athletic William Thomas Forrest, Greenville H.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Political Science . . . Varsity Football . . . Varsity Baseball . . . married. Mary Ann Fowler, Greenville B.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Biology . . . Chi Beta Phi, Secretary-Treasurer . . . Deans List . . . Winthrop College transfer . . . Hand and Torch ... to teach. Marva Jean Fox, Waltcrboro H.A. Piano Pedagogy . . . minor. Theory and Knglish . . . B. S. U. Treasurer ... V. V. A. . . . Co-Chairman of Senior Order . . . Music Club Vice-President . . . Marshal . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Freshman Advisors- Board . . . Junior Representative to Student Council . . . Junior Class Secretary . . . Executive Council ... to teach piano. Judith Clardy Franzen, Piedmont B.A. English . . . minor, French and Education . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Y. W. A. . . . Senior Order . . . Women’s Chonis . . . Freshman Class Secretary . . . Student Council . . . Social Standards Board ... to teach. William Haskell Friddle, Greenville B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Bill . . . Traffic Court . . . Intramural Council . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Freshman Basketball . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Varsity Track . . . Best Dressed Superlative. Dorothea Consuklo Furman. Greenville B.A. Art and Sjmnish . . . minor. English . . . Furman Follies . . . Dean’s List. James Gerald Gambrell, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . Gerry . . . Kappa Alpha . . . University of Colorado transfer ... to work in sales and management. Alice Patricia Gantt, Greenville B.A. English . . . minor, Education . . . Wesley Foundation . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Student Council . . . President. Day Students' Council . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . Dean’s List ... to do Civil Sen-ice work. SENIORS 152Charles Bateman Gay, Jr.. College Park, Ga. B.A. Business Administration atui Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . Varsity Football . . . Varsity Track . . . Intramural Swimming . . . Block "F" Club . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Georgia State College of Business Administration transfer . . . Scabbard and Blade ... to lx: U. S. Army Aviator. Beverly Ann Gibbs, Hickory, N. C. B.A. Mathematics . . . minor, English . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Y. V. A. Vice-President . . . Student Volunteers Executive Council . . . Feature Editor of BONHOMIE . . . Furman Singers . . . 19(50 May Day Chairman . . . Dean’s List . . . Executive Council . . . Mars Hill transfer ... to do religious education work. Benton Michael Gibson, Greenville B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Mathematics . . . Mike . . . American Chemical Society . . . Dean's List . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Band . . . Secretary, Tan Kappa Epsilon . . . to do graduate work. Marjorie Jane Glass, Fingerville B.A. History . . . minor, Education . . . B. S. U. . . . Women's Chorus . . . Publicity Chairman of Follies ... to teach. James Ray Golden, Ware Shoals B.A. Music . . . minor. Education . . . Band President . . . Student Director of Band . . . Director of Pep Band . . . Pep Club . . . Phi Mu Alpha Secretary ... to lx: a band director. Ronald K. Gooding, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology ... Pi Kappa Phi ... to be n Certified Public Accountant. James D. Gould, Greenville B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Jimmy . . . Intramurals . . . to be a dentist. Joe Marion Greer, Belton B.A. Church Music . . . minor, Music Theory . . . Phi Mu Alpha Vice-President . . . Furman Singers President . . . Band . . . Music Club . . . Theatre Guild . . . Deans List . . . Most Talented Superlative ... to Ik- a minister of music. Patricia Lee Griffin, Travelers Rest B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. English . . . Pat . . . Wesley Foundation . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . Vice-President, Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Secretary-Treasurer, Day Students’ Council ... to teach. Eugene Havalogk Griffith, Savannah, Ga. B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Physics . . . American Chemical Society . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to teach. 153Ralph M. Hannon. Travelers Rest B.A. Psychology . . . minor. History . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to be a minister. Annie Mae Hawthorne, Abbeville B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Psychology . . . Secretary-Treasurer, Sociology Club ... B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Y. W. A. . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Furman Singers . . . Marshal. Beatrice Amelia Heckle, Chester B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Music . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon President . . . Y. W. A. . . . Y. W. C. A. . . • B. S. U. . . . Music Club . . . Furman Singers . . . Marshal... Freshman Advisory Board ... to teach. Kenneth Lamar Hellams, Laurens B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . American Chemical Society . . . Dean’s List ... to be a doctor. Diane Henderson, Greenwood B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Secretarial Science and Psychology . . . Spanish Club . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Y. W. A. . . . to do government work. Mary Jo Hester, Greenville B.S. Biology . . . minor. Psychology and English . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Hand and Torch ... to teach. Thomas Furman Hewitt, Columbia B.A. English . . . minor, History . . . Theatre Guild . . . Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. . . . R. O. T. C. Editor of BONHOMIE . . . Blue Key Secretary . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Furman Singers . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Cheerleader . . . Judicial Council Vice-President . . . Chairman of Elections Board . . . Dean's List . . . Freshman Speech Medal . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Who’s Who. Richard Randolph Hilton. Conway B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . Blue Key . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon President... Interfraternity Council President . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Intramurals . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Judicial Council . . . Cadet Lieutenant Colonel . . . Wesley Foundation President . . . Band . . . Ilornct Student of the Year . . . Hand and 'Porch . . . Who’s Who. Sara Edith Hodges, Marion B.A. Music Education . . . minor, English ... Band Secretary-Treasurer . . . Dean's List . . . President. Rat Court . . . Best Informed Superlative . . . Hand and Torch ... to be a band director. Janet Barbara Hook, Manning B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Religion . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . B. S. U. Creator Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . Social Standards Board . . . Marshal . . . Rat Court ... to teach. 154Carolyn Hopkins, Charleston BA. Psychology . . . minor. Philosophy . . . Lynn . . . Psychology Club . . . Hornet Staff . . . Follies Script Author . . . Most Original Superlative . . . Social Board. William Hickson Horton, San Antonio, Texas BA. Health and Physical Education . . . minor. Education . . . Micky . . . Physical Education Majors Cluh . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Football Captain . . . Varsity Baseball Captain . . . Most Athletic Superlative ... to coach. Thomas Edward House, Greenville fl.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry, . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Pershing Bides . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Basketball . . . Baseball . . . Deans List ... to attend medical school. Betty Ann Howard. North Charleston BA. Sociology . . . minor. History . . . President, Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . Freshman Class Treasurer ... to teach. Joanne Elizabeth Hubbard, Bear Branch, Ky. BA. Business Administration . . . minor, Secretarial Science . . . Westminster Fellowship President . . . Student Council... Furman Singers ... to teach. Lkla Jane Huxcerpiller, Edgefield BA. Music Education . . . minor, English, . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Furman Singers . . . W. R. A. Council . . . Dean’s List . . . Most Talented Superlative ... to teach . . . Who’s Who. Joan Antoinette Huskey, Buffalo BA. Elementary Education . . . minor. Music . . . House-board Vice-President . . . W. R. A. Council . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Social Board . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Band . . . Music Club ... to teach. Paul Randall Hutchinson, Jr., Bleckley, W. Va. BA. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor, Philosophy and Political Science . . . Circle "K” . . . Business Manager of 1959 BONHOMIE . . . International Relations Club . . . Alpha Phi Gamma . . . Social Board . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Best Looking Superlative . . . Hampton-Sydncy College transfer . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Mary Frances Irvin, Marietta, Ga. BA. English . . . minor, Spanish . . . La Tcrtulia Espanola . . . Emory University transfer ... to do graduate work. Joseph Ralph James, Marion BA. Histonj . . . minor. Political Science . . . Student Volunteers ... B. S. U. Council . . . Social Board Treasurer . . . Sophomore and lunior Class Treasurer . . . Day Students’ Association President ... to teach. 155Douclas Jerome Jones, Jr., Shreveport, La. B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Dean's List . . . Freshman Class Treasurer . . . Student Legislature Secretary . . . Scabbard and Blade Captain . . . Pershing Rifles Treasurer . . . Freshman Advisory Board ... to attend medical school. Henry R. Jones, Greenville B.A. Sociology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married ... to lx a minister. Ronald E. Jordan, Timmonsvillc B.A. Business Ailministration ami Economics . . . minor. History . . . Social Board . . . Intramurals . . . Dean's List . . . Day Students' Association Vice-President ... to do accounting work. Leon Keefe, Pamplico B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to lx a minister. Elizabeth Syvonne Keefer, Camden, N. J. B.A. History . . . minor. Education and French . . . Secretary. Westminster Fellowship . . . Kappa Alpha Sweetheart ... to teach. John Washington Kemp, Jr., Edgefield B.A. English . . . minor. History . . . B. S. U. . . . Circle "K” Secretary . . . Intramurals . . . Dean’s List . . . Citadel transfer. Gayle Marie Kennedy, Spartanburg B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Biology . . . Sociology Club . . . attended Greenville General Hospital School of Nursing ... to b© a medical missionary. Bonny Lee Kerr, Dillon B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Treasurer, Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Marshal . . . Y. W. A. . . . W. R. A. Treasurer . . . Furman Singers . . . Follies . . . Dean's List. Wiujam Edwin Key, Greenville B.A. Art . . . minor. Psychology and Education . . . Westminster Fellowship . . . Art Editor of Itandlwok . . . Art Editor of BONHOMIE . . . Deans List ... to go to graduate school. Hazel Jolene King, Lyman B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Y. W. A. . . . Follies Music Chairman ... to be secretary. 156SENIORS Alberta Thompson and Bill Fridiuj: Best Dressed Ronnie Dean Lackey. Carrboro, N. C. B.A. Psychology . . . minor. History’ . . . B. S. U. President, Vice-President . . . Ministerial Union . . . Religious Council . . . Vice-President. Argonauts . . . Intraniurals . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. Susan Moore Laird, Decatur, Ga. B.A. Sociology . . . minor, Psychology . . . B. S. U. Creator Council . . . Y. W. A. . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Tan Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . 1959 May Day Attendant . . . Sociology Club . . . Emory University transfer ... to teach. Dewey Layne Lemons, Easley B.A. English . . . minor. Education . . . Clcmson College transfer ... to teach. Robert Russell Lewis. Ocean Drive B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Ministerial Union Pianist . . . Band. Gail Loij.is, Gaffney B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Political Science . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Homecoming Queen . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Section . . . Social Standards Board Chairman . . . Marshal . . . Executive Council . . . Dining Hall Committee . . . 1960 May Queen . . . Best Looking Superlative... to teach. Joyce Ann Lord. Greenville B.A. Elementary Educatitm . . . minor, English . . . Spanish Club . . . President. Lutheran Student Association . . . Day Students Council ... to teach. John Haskel Lusk. Six Mile B.A. History . . . minor. Sociology . . . Sociology Club . . . Dean's List . . . North Crccnvfllc Junior College transfer . . . to teach secondary education. John Allen Lybrand, Charleston B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Sociology . . . Sociology Club... Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Intramurals. 157SENIORS Lynn Hopkins and Boi Thompson Must Original John Patrick McBennett, Fayetteville, N. C. B.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Psychology . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Scabbard ami Blade . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Rifle Team. Joe Kenneth McConnell, Greenville B.A. Sociology . . . minor, Political Science . . . Sociology Club . . . married . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. Martha Frances McCray, Monroe, N. C. B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . Sociology Club . . . Student Volunteers . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Chairman of Religious Council . . . President, Y. W. A. . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Senior Order . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Executive Council . . . Social Board . . . Who’s Who. Gwen Walters McCuen, Greenville B.A. Art . . . minor. Education . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Hornet Staff . . . Pep Club . . . Furman Singers ... to teach. Charlotte Anne McElveen, Olanta B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon Secretary . . . B. S. U. . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Furman Singers ... to teach. 1 r.i.viN Brice McKeown, Chester B.A. English . . . minor. History . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Quaternion Undergraduate Chairman . . . Blue Key . . . Secretary and Vice-President, Student Body . . . Secretary, Freshman Class . . . Rat Court . . . Pep Club . . . Student Legislature . . . President. Phi Mu Alpha . . . Circle “K” . . . Publicity Chairman, Band . . . Who's Who. David Edward McManaway, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Political Science . . . Furman Singers . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. Joyce Martin, Clover B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to teach. 158Roger A. Martin, Belton B.A. History . . . minor. Religion ... to be a minister . . . married. Betty Kay Massif, Arlington, Va. B.A. Home Economics . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . “B. K." . . . Senior Order . . . Treasurer, Women's Student Body 1959 May Day Attendant . . . Chairman of Student-Faculty Committee . . . Student Council . . . Executive Council . . . Best Leader Superlative . . . 1960 Maid of Honor in May Court . . . Who's Who. A Mary Lou Maurer, Shreveport, La. B.A. Elementary Education and English . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Editor of Handbook . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Senior Order . . . Furman Singers . . . Vice-President, Women’s Student Body . . . Who’s Who. John Michael Meadors, Greenville B.A. Economics . . . minor. Journalism . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Sports Editor of Hornet . . . Furman Baud . . . Historian, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Intramural Council . . . Alpha Phi Gamma . . . Press Club. Hugh Everett Mims, Jr., Charleston B.A. Psychology . . . minor, Sociology . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Spartanburg Junior College transfer. James Kirkland Mixson, III, Norway B.A. Psychology . . . minor, English . . . Theatre Guild . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . President, Kappa Phi Kappa ... Phi Mu Alpha . . . Furman Singers Business Manager. Hugh Holmes Morgan, Birmingham, Ala. B.A. Psychology . . . minor, Speccn . . . Ministerial Union . . . Intramurals . . . Asbury College transfer . . . to bo a chaplain. Juanita Elaine Mullinax, Greenville B.A. Sociology . . . minor, English . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. . . . to teach or do social work. Mary Olrta Murphree, Pickens B.A. English . . . minor, Spanish . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to teach. Clyde Howard Mynatt, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. B.A. Economics . . . minor. History . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Vice-President and Recorder . . . Freshman Basketball . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Varsity Tennis . . . Rifle Team. 159 Charlotte DeVinney Nabors. Charleston, W. Va. B.A. Religion . . . minor, Spanish . . . La Tertulia Espanola . . . Theatre Cuikl . . . Senior Order . . . Follies Chairman 1958 . . . Social Board Chairman . . . Pep Club . . . Executive Council . . . Vice-President. Sophomore Class ... to do religious work. Mary Anne Neuwtrth, Greenville B.A. Sociology . . . minor, English . . . American Red Cross . . . Sociology Club . . . Stratford College transfer ... to do social work. John Frank Nolen, Jr., Florence B.A. English . . . minor. Speech . . . Jack . . . President. Men’s Student Body . . . Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. . . . Blue Kcv . . . Quaternion . . . Vice-President, Circle "K" . . . Pep Club . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Argonauts . . . Freshman Basketball . . . Freshman Tennis . . . Intramurals . . . Freshman and Sophomore Class Vice-President . . . Student Legislature . . . Student Body Treasurer . . . Rat Court . . . Best Leader Superlative . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Who's Who. Carl Gallant Olnky, Rock Hill B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Religion . . . Mars Hill transfer . . . to be a minister of religious education . . . married. Alvin B. O’Shields, Easley B.A. Sociology . . . minor, Greek . . . Sociology Club . . . Ministerial Union ... to be a minister. Barbara Louise Owens, Owings B.S. Home Economics . . . minor. Sociology ... BONHOMIE Staff . . . Treasurer, Home Economics Club . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Y. W. A. . . . Funnan Singers . . . Women’s Chorus ... to be a home decorator. Gaylf. Meacham Padgett, Sullivan’s Island B.A. English ... minor. Psychology .. . l.a Tertulia Espanola, Secretary-Treasurer . . . Y. W. A. . . . Student Volunteers . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Furman Singers Treasurer and Vice-President . . . Pep Club Treasurer . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . to teach secondary education. Percy Lea Painter, Pinewood B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . married. Wiluam T. Painter, Greenville B.A. Physical Education . . . minor. Education . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Freslunan Football . . . Freshman Basketball . . . Varsity Basebnll . . . Intramurals. Beverly Elizabeth Parker. Charleston B.A. Church Music . . . minor. Religion . . . Student Council . . . Housel oard President . . . Y. W. A. Executive Council . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. C. A. . . . Dining Room Committee . . . Women’s Chorus . . . to do church work . . . Who’s Who. 160Marian Ethel Parker, Anderson B.A. Businas Administration and Economics . . . minor. Secretarial Science ami Political Science . . . Womens Chorus . . . to be a secretary. Douglas Cottincham Pasley, Jr., Atlanta, Ga. B.S. Biology . . . minor, Chemistry and English . . . American Chemical Society . . . Canterbury Club President . . . Blue Key Vice-President . . . Scabbard and Blade Treasurer . . . Pep Club . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon President and Vice-President . . . I. F. C. . . . Pershing Rifles Executive Officer . . . Intra-murals . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Sophomore Class Secretary . . . Traffic Court Judge . . . Hat Court . . . Junior Class Vice-President . . . Chicago Tribune Award . . . Academic Achievement Award . . . Who’s Who. David Peach, Kershaw B.A. English . , . minor, History ... to be a minister. Byron Eugene Pinson, Henderson, Ky. B.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Economics . . . Scabbard and Blade Executive Officer . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Circle "K" . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon President . . . Judicial Council . . . Varsity Track . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Southern Conference Honorable Mention . . . Outstanding Player in the State, 1958. Sarah Lavkrne Pittman, Campobello B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Mathematics ... to lx- a chemist. John Vernon Platt, Denmark B.A. Sociology . . . minor. History . . . "Pinky" . . . B. S. U. Treasurer . . . Ministerial Union Treasurer . . . Student Volunteers . . . Pep Club Vice-President . . . Circle "K" . . . Furman Singers . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . .Argonauts . . . Junior and Senior Class Secretary. Marvin L. Porter, Hendersonville, N. C. B.A. Business Administration ami Economics . . . minor. Mathematics . . . "Mary" . . . married . . . University of North Carolina transfer ... to be a C. P. A. or an internal auditor. Bobby Dean Powell, Gaffney B.A. Business Administration atul Economics . . . minor. Political Science . . . married. Ted Lee Purcell, Asheville, N. C. B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Psychology . . . Sociology Club... Secretary, B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Ministerial Union . . . Furman Singers . . . Judicial Council . . . Elections Board . . . Dean's List . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. Raymond Scorr Pyron, Taylors B.S. Chemistry . . . minor. Mathematics . . . Chi Beta Phi President . . . American Chemical Society . . . B. S. U. . . . Blue Key President . . . Student Legislature . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Rat Court . . . Junior Class President . . . Dean’s List . . . Hand and Torch . . . Who’s Who. 161Archie Mayo Rabon, Conway B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry and English. Nancy Ansley Rabun, Reids ville, Ga. BA. English . . . minor. Speech and Education . . . BONHOMIE Staff . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Secretary, Pep Club . . . Marshal . . . B. S. U. Nita Van Rknfroe, Greenville BA. French . . . minors. English and Psychology . . . "Pixie” . . . Lc Salon Francais . . . Phi Sigma Iota . . . Follies. John Wayne Rkvis, Cateechee BA. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to be a minister . . . married. Thomas LeRoy Reynolds, Clifton Forge, Va. BA. Church Music . . . minor. Music Theory . . . B. S. U., Music Director ... Phi Mu Alpha . . . President, Music Club . . . Furman Singers . . . Concert Choir . . . Dean’s List . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. Kenneth Wayne Ridings, Fingcrville BA. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to be a minister . . . married. Ida Buist Rigby, Greenville BA. Elementary Education . . . minor. Spanish . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Furman Follies . . . Pep Club . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . Woman's College of U. N. C. transfer . . . to teach second grade. Theo Roberts, Greenville BA. Business Administration . . . minor, Political Science ... married. Helen Claire Robinson, Charleston BA. Elementary Education . . . minor. Sociology . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Sociology Club . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. Council. . . Student Volunteers. Thomas Jerry Rogers, Mullins BA. History . . . minor, Political Science . . . B.S. U. Executive Council . . . Blue Key . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Dean's List . . . Rat Court . . . Furman Singers . . . Phi Mu Alpha . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Intramurals . . . Intramural Council . . . Judicial Council President . . . Who’s Who. 162Axjck Dean aiul Muck Dawson Friendliest Emily Whitaker Homan, Greenville B.A. Badness Administration and Economics . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Le Salon Francais. Phyijjs Carolyn Rowley, Port Orange, Fla. B.A. English . . . minor. Education . . . “Phyl” . . . attended Florida State University ... to teach. Etta Floy Rush, Troy B.A. Sociology . . . minor, French and Education . . . Vice-President, Sociology Club . . . President, Townes Dorm . . . Elections Board . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Y. YV. C. A. Cabinet . . . Y. YV. A. . . . Women’s Chorus ... to do social work. J. Martin Ryle, Wilson, Okla. B.A. History . . . minor. English . . . Theatre Cuild . . . B. S. U. . . . Ministerial Union . . . Student Y'olunteers . . . Furman Band . . . Pep Band ... to be history teacher. Leon Moody Scroccs, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married. Charles T. Settlemyer, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . Intramural . . . married. Richard John Siiakman, Greenville B.A. History . . . minor. Political Science ... to enter business . . . married. Richard C. Shaw. Greenville B.A. Accounting . . . minor. Health and Physical Education . . . Varsity Football . . . to be accountant . . . married. David Wayne Shepard, Hialeah, Fla. B.A. Mathematics and Business Administration . . . minor. Spanish . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Basketball. James Lecettk Sherwood, Dillon B.A. History . . . minor, English . . . Dean's List . . . Pep Club . . . Cloister . . . La Tertulia Espanola . . . Student Y’olunteers . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Copy Editor of BONHOMIE . . . Student Legislature Y’ice-President. 163SENIORS Joe Cheek and Jane Honcekpiu-eh Most Talented Walter David Sherwood, Dillon It.A. English . . . minor. Mathematics . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Pep Club . . . Head Bus Driver. William Robert Shirah, Columbia B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Philosophy . . . Ministerial Union . . . Student Volunteers . . . married . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to enter ministry. Patricia Ann Shirley, Anderson B.A. Art and Elementary Education . . . minor, French . . . Senior Class President . . . Y. W. C. A. President . . . Executive Council President . . . Treasurer, Sophomore Class . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Best All Around Superlative . . . Vice-President. Westminster Fellowship . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Who’s Who. Clarence Edward Smith, Anderson B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . Pete . . . Anderson Junior College transfer . . . married ... to lw a minister. Florkk Sutton Smith, Wellford B.A. History . . . minor, education. Raymond Dewitt Smith, Liberty B.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Psychology . . . Hand and Torch. Thomas Franklin Shirley, Belton B.A. History . . . minor, English . . . Erskine College transfer . . . married ... to he a minister. John Shirley, Taylors B.A. Mathematics . . . minor. Education . . . married . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer ... to teach. 164Roberta Ellen Smith, Liberty B.A. English . . . minor. Speech, Psychology and Education . . . Berta . . . Women’s Chorus . . . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . to teach . . . Hand and 'Porch. Ralph Odell Snipes, Chester B.A. Physical Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . B. S. U. . . . Physical Education Majors Club . . . Intramurals . . . Varsity Coif . . . North Crecnvillc Junior College transfer. Catherine Elizabeth Snyder, Greenwood B.A. Physical Education . . . minor. Education . . . W. R. A. President. Vice-President . . . Senior Order . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Most Athletic Superlative . . . Dean’s List . . . Executive Council Coordinator . . . Student Council . . . Y. W. A. Circle Chairman . . . Physical Education Majors Club . . . B. S. U. . . . to teach. Esther Diane Souther un, Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Day Students Council . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . Women’s Chorus ... to teach. James Marvin Starr, Atlanta. Ga. B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Education . . . married . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Varsity Football . . . Varsity Track. Wii.mon Woodrow Stewart, Jefferson, Ga. B.A. Political Science . . . minor. Education . . . Woody . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Football . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Varsity Coif. Olive Katherine Syms, Easley B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Biology . . . Student Council... Secretary, W. R. A. . . . Y. W. C. A. . . . President, Psychology Club . . . Student Volunteers . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Y. W. A. . . . Furman Singers ... to do physiotherapy work. Myrna Anne Taylor. Cayce B.A. Public School Music . . . minor. Education . . . Music Club . . . B. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Furman Singers . . , Concert Choir ... to teach. Alice Alhkrta Thompson, Anderson B.S. Home Economics . . . minor. Sociology and French . . . Dean's List . . . Best Dressed Superlative . . . Vice-President, Home Economics Club . . . Social Standards Board . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Sociology Club . . . Y. W. A. ... to teach or do social work. Robert Ludlow Thompson, Jr.. Charleston B.A. Political Science . . . minor. Journalism . . . Boh . . . Editor of the Hornet . . . Press Club . . . Vice-President, Kappa Alpha . . . Interfratemity Council . . . Vice-President. South Carolina Collegiate Press Association . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Presidents Cabinet . . . Most Original Superlative . . . Who’s Who. 165Marian Elizabeth Touchbebry, Summerton B.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Education . . . Townes Dorm President . . . Elections Board Chairman . . . B. S. U. Treasurer . . . Y. W. A. . . . Women’s Chorus ... to teach or to do office work. Charles B. Tripp, Greenville B.A. Administration . . . minor. Psychology . . . Clem.son College transfer . . . married. John H. Turner, Greenville R.A. Sociology . . . minor. Religion . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married. Mary Kathleen Wall, Moncks Comer B.A. Church Music . . . minor, Religion . . . Senior Class Treasurer . . . Y. W. C. A. Treasurer . . . Secretary, Furman Singers . . . Music Club ... to l e a minister of music. Gyntiua Waijdrop, Greenville B.A. Church Music . . . minor, French . . . Furman Singers . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer ... to be a choir director. Arch Wallace, III. Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Sociology . . . President, Westminster Fellowship . . . Religious Council . . . Ministerial Union . . . Sociology Club . . . Furman Singers . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Interfraternity Council . . . Intramural Council . . . Dean’s List . . . Scabbard and Blade. Donald Earle Ward, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Business Administration . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married. Phoebe Farley Warr, Myrtle Beach B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Political Science . . . Vice-President, Canterbury Club . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . to teach. James Hill Welborn, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Political Science . . . Jim . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . University of South Carolina transfer . . . married. Barbara Lucille West, Carrollton, Ga. B.A. English . . . minor. Education . . . “Barb” . . . Furman Band . . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. . . . Follies Committee . . . to teach. 166Cail Lolus and Paul Hutchinson Best Looking Saha Houcks and Tony Arhington Best Informed Judith Annk Westmoreland, Easley BA. English . . . minor, Education . . . Executive Council . . . Houschoard . . . Marshal . . . W. R. A. Council . . . Y. W. A. Council ... to teach. Haynes Michael White, Dillon BA. Business Administration ami Economies . . . minor. Psychology . . . Mickey . . . Business Manager of BONHOMIE . . . Penning Rifles . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Varsity Track. Haiuukttk Loyd Whitworth, Greenville BA. Mathematics . . . minor. Education . . . President, Day Students' Association . . . Student Council . . . La Tertulia Kspanola . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Co-Chairman, Day Students’ Association ... to teach. David Herbert Williams, Greenville BA. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . Dean’s List. Henry Lewis Wilson, Union BA. Religion . . . minor, English and Creek . . . Treasurer, Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Summer Missionary . . . Columbia Bible College transfer. Robert Durward Wilson. Williamston BA. Health and Physical Education . . . minor. History’ . . . "Dag” . . . Student Legislature . . . State H. P. E. R. Association President . . . Houscboard . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Varsity Track . . . All-State Basketball . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . North Crccnville Junior College transfer. Jimmy Oun Woodlk, Dillon B.A. Piano . . . Phi Mu Alpha . . , Concert Choir . . . Music Club . . . Junior and Senior Piano Recitals. Robert L. Wynn. Jr., Greenville B.A. Business Administration ami Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . married.aim: Bin. Hook and Anna BrcmfikU), Presidents: Larry Ayers. Vice-President; Marion HgNDRix, and Jimmy Horton. Secretaries; Ei.kanor Connors and Tom Drake, Treasurers. Sot Pictured; Nancy Dkw. Vice-President. ::::: I I -iiiii! I !!!:••; until- : :::Hr I ; tMtSt JAMES W. ADAMS Cfrcf LARRY ADAMS Crrtnvillr FLOYD ALEXANDER Simptonville JOSEPH CHARLES ALLARD Greenville ANNE ALLEN Florence ELEANOR ANDERSON Florence ARNOLD D. ARHOWOOD Traveler Bnl CAMILLE AVANT Walterboio CAROL AVERY Greenville LARRY T. AYERS Spartanburg LAWRENCE BARB Curt MIRIAM BAILEY Augutta. Ga. WAYNE baii :y Charlotte. N. C. RF.BA BAKER Rowville, On. DONALD H. BATSON Tmvrlco Rot MICKEY BECKHAM Rode llill JOHN THOMAS BELLAMY Camcvvillo. Ga. JANET BENNETT Greenville GENE BISHOP Greenville CLYDE A. BOLT Anderson BARBARA JEAN BOWEN Green ville T. LEE BRADFORD Greenville MADELINE BHAGG Kannapolis. N. C. CAROL JOI.ENE BROAD Tigervtlle ROBERT BROOKS T a lor HARIETT BROOM Sullivan's Island BARBARA N. BROWN Port Royal ANNA BRUMFIELD Mountainside. N. J. II. FURMAN CANTRELL Hendersonville. N. C. HARVEY W. CAPPS. JR. Cordova MARTHA CARDELL Malileton. Ga. WILLIAM B. CARMICHAEL Dillon ELLISON ANNE CARRIKEH Cayce CHARLES F. CARTER T igcrville MARGO CARTER Bnintwicic. C». CAROLYN CAUSEY Cleveland JACK E. CHALMERS Greenville CONARD L. CHAMBERS Findlay. Ohio REGINALD M. CHRISTOPHER Greenville GRADY CLINE Gray Court CHARI.ES F. COBB Andenon JERRY E, COBB Andenon ALTA COCHRAN Eta ley E. KATHRYN GOGBURN Greenwood HAHVEY COLE Greenville MAHVETTE COI.SON John’ Island TOM CONARD Miami, Fla. IIENRIANNE CONNOR Barnwell ELEANOR CONNORS Spartanburg GWEN CORBETT Greenville SANDRA LEIGH CORDER Cayce JIMMY RAY COUNTS Prosperity KENNETH L. CROOK Greer ROBERT M. DACUS Greenville 169DONALD 1’Al'l. DAVIS (TUmler EMMETT EDWIN DK1T7. A»heviltc. N.C. SAHAII LEE DAVIS llods NANCY DEW Lake City LAWTON DEWS Kor»yth. Ga BARBARA DILL Greenville TOM DRAKE Tnivflcis l ni PENELOPE DU rCUER Mawra, N. Y. RONNIE EDWARDS Gfvrr MARTHA ELMORE Charle»ttMi CATHERINE ESKEW (IrmivlUi1 THOMAS L. FABER North Churlnlon MARTHA L. FARNIIAM Tsivlor BILL FARRAR (Irmivillf AUBREY B. FLOYD Conway JUNE FLOYD Tocooa, Go. ROY O. FORREST Taylnrv ROSEMARY FORT Antlrrvon MARTA JEAN FREDY Florence ANN FUNK Crimnra. Vo. HILL FURR CdBoMi N- f.'. LAURA LEE GASKINS (Suilnlon DOLLY BETH GEORGE Beauloit EDWARD M GOODSON Greenville JIMMY GRAHAM I tncaylcr CAROL GRAYSON Greenville JOANNE GREENE Greenville MAX L. GREER Greenville SUZY GROSS Columbia ANNABELLE HALL Willuton ROY NICHOLAS HALLMAN Gnrnville PAULJ HENDERSON Morsanton. N. C. MARIAN HENDRIX Sii.irl.inboit; BEVERLY C. HERNDON Own wood BUDDY HERRING Greenville SARAH ALICE HERRING Greenville RILL HOOK Maniiine MAY HOURANI Greenville JIMMY F HORTON RidCclatuI ROBERT A. HORTON CRnloii KENNETH E. HOUGH Laurem JUDITH ANN HOWARD Greenville RANDALL B. HOWARD Greenville BARBARA HUDSON Charleston CLAUDE PINSON HUDSON StniUw LESTER A. HUDSON Hamilton AN.N-EIBS HUGHES Fountain Inn BETTY' WEI.BORN HYDHICK Greenville ANN INGLE Avhcvillr. N. C. BOBBY DEAN JACKSON Inman JOEL 1’. JENKINS Pinlmmil JACK K. JERNIGAN Georgetown EMILY At.YCE JOHNSON Ea tanallee. Ga. ELAINE JONES Fountain InnJUNIOR CLASS “Hugh, are you sure you were a Boy Scout?” JERRY JONES Greer ALBERT JORDAN Columbia KITTY C. JORDAN Columbia JAMES E. KELLY Anderson KATHRYN E. KENNEDY Greenville HUGH KIRBY Drayton JOHN WILLIAM KNOX Ci«mvfll( ELTON A. LANE Ctrtr CHRISTY R. LANGSTO.V Lamar THOMAS R. CANNING Canton, N. C. SUZANNE LAW M one Its Comer CUY II. LAWSON. JR. Inman CAROL ANN LAWTON Greenville PATRICIA LAYMAN Greenville JOHN LENNINC Greenville BENNIE SINCLAIR LEWIS Compobello DIXIE UTTLBJOHN S| artantmri! EDNA LIVINGSTON North ANN FLEMING LOFT IS Piedmont CATHERINE ROSE LOGAN Asheville. N. C. CHRISTINA LOO PER Cmtonla. N. C. BETTY ANN LUPBERGER Atlanta, Ga. TOMMY LYNCH North HAROLD D. McABEE Greenville MICHAEL H. McCALLISTEH Greer john McClellan Bailey JAMES McELVEEN. JR. Savannah. Ca. ALICE ANN McLEES Anderson THOMAS R. McTEER Branchville ROBERT E. MADDOX Savannah, Ga. GAIL MARTIN Pelzer JAMES H MARTIN. JR. Crystal City. Texas JULIE MARTIN Sumter C. WILTON MAXWELL Taylors JO ANN MEREDITH Anderson SAM METCALF Forest City. N. C. 171JUNIOR CLASS . . . and next a diploma. COCO MEYER Greenville DONAI.I) MINCEY N'khoii RUDDY V. MOORE Traveler Roi PAT II. MORGAN Ware Shoalt CATHY MORRIS AueiiiU, Cl. RICHARD MURIXXMI Abbeville J. DAVID NELSON Amli'non NOLAN II. NIXON. JR. Ctvmvlllr JOE OLI.IFF Statesboro, Ga. JOHN RICHARD OWENS Greenville JERRY OWINCS Giay Court JIMMY C. PARKER Greenville RAY PAITERSON LaFrance CHARLIE I'HII.I.IPS Greenville rillLLIP E. POSEY Greenville WILLIAM EUGENE POTEAT Gnrr JAN 1 0 WELL A|x x. N. C. MARY ANN POWELL Union TRESS IE EDWARDS PRATT Chirlullo. N. C. JIM S. PRES NELL Nurtli AuBH'ta LAMAR RRENDEL PRIDGEN Hiiriraw. N. C. JEAN PRIMM Durham, N. C. GARNER R. PRUITT Staler JAMES N. PURCELL Fort Lauderdale, Fla. WILMA JEANNE PUTMAN Greer CECIL L. OUATTLEBAUM. JR. RotOM JIM RAINWATER Florence JOHN MARION HECTOR Greenville LANDRUM HEECE Crrem ille MARTHA JOAN REEDER Clinton SHIRLEY REEVES Starr PEGGY RINEHART Greenville JACK C. ROBERTSON Greenville GERALD LEWIS ROPER Andenou SUSANNE SALVO Clmrlevton LARRY W. SAWYER Georgetown 172WESLEY POLLARD SAYLORS Camp Twin. Calif. CHARLES E. SCHAIBLE North Cbarlmton WAYNE SKAl. Greenville CEIL SKIGLKK Aiken JAMES C. SETTLE Charlerton JANETTE S. SEXTON WoodruH FRANKLIN HAY SHAW T a vlort STANLEY W. SIIEFTALL Greenville JACKIE SHELL KlluMlilon. Tenn. ALLAN H. SIMPSON Ft. Bennlng, Ca. DOROTHY LOUISE SIMPSON Greenville ELLISON LEON SMITH Belton HAROLD B. SMITH. JR. Williarmton JUNE SMITH Greenwood CARY SMOAK OraiiKelnirR MAHNA JANE SNOW Simp on ville betty sue spii.lkhs Clinton CARROLL SPIREY Greenville FLETCHER J. STONE. JH. Gre nville JOHN H. STRAWHORN Mt. PlcsKant ANN STYLES Traveler! Rest T. J. STYLES. JR. Traveler Re t RODNEY SUTHERLAND Anderwm SHELLY II. SUTTON. JR. Fort Mill JOHNNY TALLENT Hoek lllll B. J. TAYLOR Andenon JANICE I. TAYLOR Warrenv ille MARY JANE TAYLOR Greenville EDGAR L. TERRY Greer JACKIE R. TIMMS Greenville LESLIE M. TIMMS Greenville LOTTIE TRAIL Spartanburg VIRGIL RONALD TROTMAN Tocoon. Ga. MIRIAM TRUESDEI.L Hyatt ville. Md. KENNETH VARNER Greenville E. LA MONT VAUGHN Greenville BOB I. VOGELS Wilmington. N. C. HUBERT CLAUDE WADE Greer GENE WALLACE Tucker. Ga. MARY ANN WHAM Abbeville NANCY WHITE Saluda DON C. WHITMIRE Greenville JOHN EARL WILLIAMS Inman SAHA LYNN WILLIAMS Col urn Ilia KAI WILLIAMSON Columbia CAROLYN SUE WILSON Ktngitrce JAMES L. WILSON Greenville MARVIN C. WOODSON. JR. Belton CHARLES T. YATES Alcoa. Tenn. MELISSA YKl.TON Hickory. N. C. HOWARD E. YONALLY Tampa. Fla. PATRICIA I. YOUNG Grrrawood 173  intKH misai liilini Joan Pomkhoy and Tommy McKinney, Presidents; Janct Southkhn and Hvcii Ghanade, Vice-Presidents; Richard Hewitt and Carolyn Hudgens, Secretaries; Richard Cassady and Marc.k Eddy, Treasurers.LARRY ABBOTT. Traveler Rest LYLA ADDIS, Creenville KAY AMMON'S, Marion EDWIN L. ANDERSON. Latt ELAINE ANDERSON. Hartivlllr CHARLES F. AKISMAN. Greenville RAT ARNOLD. Greenville EMMIE ATKINSON. Bbbopvflle JERRY AUTRY. Dunn. N. C. BRENDA AVERY. Greenville DONALD C. AYERS. Greenville PHYLLIS K. BAIRD. Greenville RICHARD W. BALLARD. Florence HAROLD BATSON, Greenville TOMMY BATSON. Greenville ROBERT MARTIN BELL. Weldon. N. C. WAYNE J. BBLSKIS. Chicaso. III. LEE BENNETT. Armadale. Vn. NANCY BLACKWELL. Greenville CINNY BLACKWOOD. Charlotte, N. C. CAROLYN JO BLYTHE. Etowah. N. C. MILLS BONNETTE. Cayce DAVID C. BOOKTER. Columbia BROOKE BOROUGHS. North Charleston BILLY S. BOSTIC. Andenon JIM BOWERS. Greenwood DANIEL W. BRICKER. St. Mary . Ohio BRENDA CAROL BROOKS. Traveler Rett ALVIN BROWN. Port Royal DONALD O'NEAL BROWN. Camden W. FRED BROWN. Martin. Ca. MAXINE BUHRISS. Greenville JOHN K. BUSH. Greenville WINTON G. CAMPBELL. JR.. Jacksonville. Fla. WILLIAM R. CA.VTY. Patcajfoula, Mitt. TONY CARMICNANL Clarendon Hill . 111. ANNE CARPENTER. Greenville JIM CARPENTER. Batetlmr BILL L. CARTER. Wuynctboro. Ca. J. RICHARD CASSADY. Mellrounie. Fla. NANCY CAUSEY. Greenville JIM CHAPIN. Clievcy Chase, Md. MARY MARGARET CHILES. Kinjctport. Tenn. EDWARD CHRISTMAS, Camden TONY CHRISTOPHER. Creerrville l-ARRY CLANTON. Charlotte. N. C. RAYE CLARK. Greenville SAMUEL H. CLEM. Staunton. Vo. JUDY COOK. Owinct MICHAEL B. COOK. Creenville JOHN R. COOLEY. Creer EDWIN MARTIN COULTER. Greenville KOWENA COURSON. Feniandina Bench. Fla. SUE COX. Creenville EARL H. CRAIG. Colunrhia ASHTON CRIBBS. Lynchlmru EDYTHE CROUT, Fountain Inn CHARLES 8. CULP. Lancaster MARY CUNNINGHAM. Clinton IRBY C. DARNELL. Saluda 175SOPHOMORE CLASS BETTE JO DAVIS. AahrviUc. N. C. ED DAVIS. Burnu Park. Calif. JAYNE ELLEN DAVIS. Cliotrr JOYCE DAVIS. Jacksonville. Ha. MYKNA LEE DOVE. Greenwood LOIS ANN DUNCAN. Greenville MAKGB EDDY. Atlanta. Ca. DOUGLAS ItAY EMOKY. Greenville TONY L. ETNYBE. Wilmette. III. KOBEKT EVANS. Rock Hill CHARLES FAYSSOl X. Greenville GINGER FORRESTER. Mauldin KEITH H. FOSTER. Atlanta. Cm. WALTER FOSTER. Houston. Texas JOAN FOX. Ox bom NORMAN F. FOXWORTH. Marion CAROLYN FREEMAN. Westminster WILLIAM K. FREEMAN. Easley HILL FHITCHMAN. Greenville JOHNNY FUREY. Asheville. N. C. r. m. Garrett, Spartanburg HOBBY I. GARRICK. Orangeburg JAMES II. GILLESPIE. Greenville ALLAN COOOLBTT. JH.. Greenville JOHN G. CORE. Conway HUGH CRANADK. Creer MIKE GRAY. Fall Church. Va. LELAND IIAGAN. Brewster. Fla. GEARY HANCOCK. North Charleston LIBBY HARKII.L. Caffney STEVE HARRIS. Greenville WILLIAM K. HART1N. Columbia PATSY HARVEY, Greenville ROBERT A. HAVELKA. Eldred. III. DAVID C. HENRY. Lancaster BRENDA E. HETRICK. Greenville RICHARD FURMAN HEWITT. Columbia JOHN DILLOW HILL. Greenville MARTHA HOLLAND. Greenville JEAN HOPKINS. Charleston MARY IIOVAS. Aiken CHARLES E. HOWARD. North Charleston CAROLYN HUDGENS. Ijurern CHARLES HUGHES. Greenville MARSHALL D. HUNT. Elbrrton. Ga. PRISCILLA JO HUNTER, Easley MEKITIIA JANE HURD. Cramerton. N. C. DIANNE HURST. Newport,T«na. 176ELIZABETH STEPHENS JACK. Duncan MELTON JACKS. Greenville CAROLYN JAMES. KonnapoH . N. C. ERNEST L. JENNINGS. JH., Greenville JAMES LANDRUM JOHNSON. Greenville BOBBY A. JONES. CrecnvUlc DENNIS JUMPER. Hampton BETH KELLEY. Hartaville EDWARD C. KENNEDY. Columbia JIM M. KEOWN. McCormick WILLIAM DALE KEOWN, McCormick ROBERT L. LAMPLEY. Spartanburg GEORGE LANCLAN, Cairo. III. LU ANNE LEAGUE. Greenville FLOYD LEE. Borton. Mam. MARY LEE. Landrum NORMA LEE. Hong Kong, China GARY WATSON LEWIS. Olonta BABETTA LIDE. Perry. Fla. FLORA JEAN LITTLETON. Earley ROBERT M. LLOYD. Ft. Pierce. Fla. ANN LOCHRIDGE. Pwcagoula, Mbs. MARY LOFTIS. Greenville WOODY LONG. Conway Sl'SAN LOVELACE. Townvillc NANCY LYONS. Walterhoro J. C. McALHANY, JR.. Reevctvillc IX UGLAS H. McCALL. LouisvlBe. Ky. H. MICHAEL McCOLLOM. Iilip, N. Y. JACK B. McELIIANEY. JR.. Fort Mill MARILYN MclNTURFF. Mitchell . Va. JUDITH A. McKlNNBY, Greenville TOMMY A. McKINNEY. AIcoIu THOMAS D. McLAUGHLIN, St. Matthew WILLIAM McMANUS. Greenville DAVID McMICHAEL. Greenville CAROLYN MADDOX. Atlanta. Ca. PEGGY MAGEE. Atlantic City. N. J. MARI MALTBY. Taylor MIKE MARONEY. Greenville CAMILLE MARTIN. CrcetiviUe GAINES H. MASON. Swansea AN NTS METTS. Orangeburg EDDIE MILLER. JR.. Greenville KENNETH J, MILLER. Butler. N. J. RENEE M. MILLER. Butler, N. J. EDWARD L. MITCHELL. JR.. BennetUville FRED AR'IIIUR MOEHLENBROCK. Greenville KHAN MONEY. Florence RICHIE MORGAN. Brooklyn. N. Y. SYLVIA MORRIS. Spartnnlmrg DORIS MORRISON, Traveler R«t DICK L. MULL. Greenville CAROL MUTIMER. Augu.ia.Ca. THOMAS L. MYERS, Camden CHESTER B. NATIONS. Barking Ridge. N. J. JIMMY NEAL, Greenville JANE NICHOLSON. Butfalo. N. Y. WILLIAM NOONAN. Silver Spring , Md. BILLY OCBORN. Miller City. III. 177H. DUNCAN PADCETT. Sullivan' blond BILLY PATTERSON. Greenville GAIL PEARSON. Duncan TOM PLAYER, Orangeburg PATSY POE. Bristol. Trnn. JOAN POMEROY. Lockhart. Ho. LAWRENCE R. PORTERFIELD, Bethesda. Md. DONALD C. PURVIS. Darlington MARY HELEN PUTMAN. Greenville HALEY PYLE. Creenville EMERSON W. RABON. JR.. Charleston C. BRIEN RALSTON. Conacaut. Ohio RICHARD HANALLO. Pittsburgh. Pa. JAKE HASOH. JH.. Cro » Hill ALICE RAWUNSON. High Point. N. C. DAVID REDD. Charleston GLORIA REIS. Miami. Ha. W. GLENN REITZ. Johnstown. Pa. BARBARA ANN REPKO. Greenvillr JAMES G. REVELS, Hattie burg. Min. HANK REYNOLDS. Charlotte. N. C. CHARLES A. RHODES. Greenville NENA RICHARDSON. Pendleton JERRY PAUL ROBERTS. Hattiesburg, Mis . BARBARA RODGERS, Columbia SANDRA ROOK. West Columbia ROBERT ROPER. Greenville MARCUS B. SANDERS. Walhalla KENNETH A. SARGENT. Greenville PAUL C. SARTWELL, Greenville ROYCE SAYER. Monctta CORDON AUGUST SCHMIDT. JR.. Charleston NORMAN SCHUBERT. Ness Brunswick. N. J. BRENDA SCRUGGS. Gaffney MARY ANN SENDLER, Ocean Drive Beach DON V. SENTELL. Smyrna. Ga. JAMES MITCHELL SHARP. Atlanta. Ca. RACHEL SHERWOOD. Dillon KENUEL SHIPP. Krnnrsaw. Ca. HON D. SHOCKLEY. Creenville BEVERLY SIMMONS. Augusta. Ga. HORACE BRYANT SIMS. JH., Greenville YANCY LAMAR SKINNER. Woodruff GEORGE RANDY SMITH. Crrenville IRENE SMITH. Bellaire. Texas STANLEY B. SMITH. JH.. Greenville ELCENIA SNIPES, Concord, N. C. JANET CARLISLE SOUTHERN. Creenvillc “Who said machines are supposed to make things easier!' SOPHOMORE CLASSIIA HUY STEPHENS. Atlanta, Ga. WAYNE A. STEVENS. Union ROC EH E. STEVENSON. Cbarlnton Hrighti JANE STOUDENMIRE. Hone Path STEPHEN PADGETT STYRON. Greenville EVERETT T. SUMMERALL. JR.. Aiken PHYLLIS ANNE SUTHERLAND. Aiulmoti ROBERT TIIAD TALLEY. Canton. Mi . BETTY TANNER. I!irmingway PAUL TANNER. Jacktonvllle. Fla. SMILIB TAYLOR. Florence JOHN TEW. Sebring. Fla. MARTHA THOMASON. Greenville HAROLD P. TIIKELKELD. Iva LYNNE TOMPKINS. Amirov. LUTHER K. TOWNSEND, Dillon EUSE TRAPP. Columbia BILLY TURNER. Marion CHARLES E. TURNER. St. Stephen DOUGLAS TURNER, Greenville PARMA TUTEN. Jmcktonboro NANCY WALKER, Greenville II. THOMAS WALTER. Bellevue. Ohio CEIL WATSON. Sara tot a. Fla. GWENDOLYN WEBB. Ridge Spring JERRY C. WELMAKER. Easley MAE MARGARET WESNER. Cameron JOHN W. WHEELER. Eatley THOMAS I). WHITMIRE. III. Greenville BUNNY WILLIAMS. Traveler Real FRED SHULER WILLIAMS. Springfield TOMMY WILLIS. Fountain Inn BOBBY WILSON. Eatley JUDITH A. WILSON, Greenville ALICE WITS ELL, King. port. Term. ROBERT WOODHAM. Blthopville PAUL YES BECK. Greenville And now to drown at least one rat! RAT COURTS “Cheer up, rats—the worst is yet to come!' 179FRESHMEN mm m IIand Bi-w kwi i.i. anil Jaocik Ox)PHt, rn'swftiiv; dim. ... Jimmy Laxcavtkm atuf MtniK Tovcmmchmy. Secrtiariet; Treasurers, IBIlll'lllllllllllWMilWDAVID NICK ABERCROMBIE. Atlanta. Ca. JAMES B. AIKEN. Pbinvirw. N. Y. PATSY AIKEN. Irmo ELLEN AINSt.lK. Kingtport, Tenn. JOHN VEHN’EK ALEXANDER. Jackson. Miu. CHARLES F. ALLEN. JR.. Daytona Beach. Fla. J. MILTON ALLEN. Taylor JANE ALTMAN. Greenville FLORIDE ANDERSON. Florence MARCUS E. ANDERSON. Atlanta, Ga. DON ARMSTRONG, Miami. Flo. RICHARD AVERY. Atlanta. Go. H. LEW ELLYN AYERS. Taylor JAMES EDWARD BALLARD, JR.. Hartvvillc JOANN BALLARD. HeiulorM.nv.lle. N. C. WILLIAM E. BANNISTER. Greenville SUE BARKER. Clemton DAVE BARRY. Long Beach. N. Y. DEN A BATTON. Griffin. Ga. CAROLE BEAM. Greenville GENA BEAN. Greenville LANCE BIENKOWSKI, Somerville. N. J. RANDOLPH W. BLACKWELL. Crecmboro. N. C. JOHN M. BLOCK. Sieger. III. NANCY BOSWELL. Cynthiana. Ky. PAUL T. BOWEN, Atlanta. Ga. JYMMIE NELL BOWLING. Laurrm ROY J. BRADFORD. Greenville CAREY BRADLEY. Orangeburg EVELYN RUTH BRADLEY. Greenville WILMA BRANHAM. Columbia LINDA BRIDGES. Clinton A. B. BRIGHAM. Greenville DICKSIE BROCK. Seneca BARBARA BROWN, Charimton MARTHA BELLE BRUNSON. Sumter CO NOLLY BURGESS. Greenwood DARLENE BURGESS. Simjwonville JAMES W. BURNS. Woodruff NANCY CAMPBELL. Am tenon W. II. CARPENTER. El lor re RACHEL C. CARSON. St. Simon bland. Ga JO ANN CARTER. Ilonea Path LEW CASTLE. Miami. Fla. PEGGY CIIAMRLKSS. Dudley. Ga. ROGERS CHASE. Kingiport. Trnn. GEORGE WILLIAM CHERRY. Columbia ROBERT B. CHERRY. Columbia PIPPA CLARKE. Aihevflle. N. C. GAIL CLARKSTON. Cushing. Okln M. W. CLARY. Greenville ALICE CLEVELAND. Seneca MARILYN COCHRAN. Andenon JEFFRY D. COLET. Iva JACK COOPER. Piedmont JACKIE COOPER. Lauren DAVID II. COSBY, JR.. Lake Toxaway. N. C. JAMES DOUGINS COX. Greer GARY O. CRENSHAW. Conway JOHN B. CRITCHFIELD. Atlanta. Ca. 181FRESHMAN DAVID CHAS. CROCKETT. St. Petersburg. Fla. WILBUR S. CROUCH. Johnston WILLIAM CHYMES. Greenville CAROL CULVER. Ck-mson MARY LEILA CURLKE, Orangeburg RAVENEL CURRY, Greenville BRAX CUTCHIN. Easley R KENNETH DAVIS. Fort Mill HELEN DEAN. College Park.Ga. WALLACE E. DERRICK. Greenville BETSY DEW. I.ake City MARION DILL, Spartanburg ANDHA DIXON. Callney THOMAS B. DOBSON. Fairforeit JAMES F. DUNLOP. HI. Silver Spring . Mil. DAVE EDWARDS. Villa Park. III. JAMES E. EMORY. Greenville JIMMIE II. FARMER. Pauline WILLIAM A. PICKER. Hendersonville, N. C. ROSALIE AMELIA FINDLEY. Honra Path ROBERT FINLEY, Greenville SUE ANN FLINT, Anderson JESSE C. FLOYD. Florence JAMES W. FORRESTER. Greenville KOCCO FORTE, Raritan, N. J. HAROLD FOSTER. Greenville MARSHALL B. FHADY. Anderson FRED W. FREE. Bamberg PAT FREEMAN, Earley ROBERT P. FREEMAN. Kingsport, Term. EDWARD KIM FURR. Concord. N. C. JANICE CARRETT. Winter Haven. Fla. MARY CATHERINE CKORCE, Greenville PATTI GILBERT. Conway C. JERRY GILSTRAP, Coml Gables, Fla. BOB C1.ASS. Greenville JOEL BENNETT CLASS. Greemboro. N. C. DALLAS GLENN. Greenwood GERALD RAY CLUR, Louisville, Ky. CAROLYN JEAN CODSEY. Greenville SANDY GORDON. Dttatur. Ga. CHUCK GRAHAM. Akron. Ohio JACK GREGORY, Ijuicaster JOE GUCGINO, Valdosta, Ga. SANDRA HALL. Greenville DAVID S. HARDIN, East Orange. X. J. PEGGY HELEN IIAHLING, Atlanta. Ca. VICKI HARI.l.EE. Florence EDWARD A. HART. Elizabethton.Tenn. RAYMOND C. HARTJEN. JR.. Central Stj.. N. Y. CARROLL II. HARTLEY. Davisboro. Ga. ELLEN F. HAYNE. Congarec MARION HAYNES. Decatur. Ca. JUDITH HERRING, North Augusta JUDITH M. HERRING. Conway JEFFREY STEVEN HILL. Atlanta, Ca. WILLIAM R. HINES. JR.. Greenville AI-ETA HOLBROOKS. Greenwood PATTI HOLCOMBE. Decatur. Ca. WENDY HORTON, Ridgeland 18?CLASS JUDY HRDLICKA. Winter Haven, Fla. JOHN E. HUGHES, Hone rath ANGIE HUTTO. Charleston EDDY HUTTO. Branchvillc JANICE LYNN JACOBS. Baltimore. Md. CHAHI.ES JENNINGS. Columbia NORMA SANDRA JINKS. Griffin. Ca. PAT JOHNS, Beaufort JIM JOHNSON. Lockland. Ohio NINA LYNN JOHNSON. Glenude.Pa. JAN JOLLY. Decatur, Ca. SUSAN JONES, Florence WEBSTER JONES. Greenville JACK JORDAN, Greenville JANICE JORDAN. Florence MARY ANN ETTA JORDAN Charleston Height. VON'CIE JORDAN, Greenville EVELYN KELLETT, Greenville CINGER KELLEY. Austin, Tea. SHERRILL KELSO. Greenville CATHERINE KING. Greenville HENRY SPENCER KING. Charlotte. N. C. BETTY KINCHORN. Beaufort KAY KIRBY. Newton. N. C. ELMER KNIGHT. Meridian. Mm. GORDON KNIGHT. Cieer EMILY LANCASTER. Beaufort JIMMY LANCASTER. Charlotte. N. C. JANE LAWRENCE, Union KENNETH D. LAWSON. Inman CHARI.ES II. LAWTON, Greenville BETSEY HOPE LEE. Shelby. N. C. LINDA LEE. Lawndale. N. C. NANCY LEE, Hong Kong, China SPENCER LEGRAND. Columbia TANIA LEON, Greenville ROBERT D. LEWIS, Mauapcqua. N. Y. GLORIA LINDLER. Leetville HARRIETT LIPSCOMB, Greenville GRADY LONG. Charlotte. N. C. CONNIE McABEE. McCormick joe a. McAlister. Ea iey JAMES CHARLES McFALL. Creemboro. N. C. JANET McCEE. Atlanta. Ca. JOHNNY McKKOWN. Chnt.r KEN McLAUHIN. Cheaterficld POLLY McTEER. Clemton johnny McWilliams. Greer ALBERT MARTIN. Raritan. N. J. JOHNNY MARTIN. Andenon MARY ELIZABETH MASON. Swamea ANNE MATHEWS. Clermon NANCY MAURER. Shreveport. La. RUTH MAXWELL. Greenwood RUTH ELAINE MEDLIN. Greenville ELMA JANE MEEKS. Nkholls. Ca. JULIA MEEKS. Andenon CAROLE METCALF. New York. N. Y. CAROLYN MBITS. Hodfcs GAIL MILLER, St. Matthew 183FRESHMAN DAVE MILNER. Grove City. I'a. WADE MINER. Lnutw MYRA JOYCE MOODY. Traveler Rr t C. TUCKER MOORE. Harrodiburg. Ky. GEORGE W. MOORE. Winnetka. III. MARGARET ANNE MORRELL. Spartanburg ALICE FAYE MURNER. Marietta. Ca. DANIEL A. MUSHEGAN. Che ter ELIZABETH ANNA MYERS. Greenville ROBERT C. NAST. Miami. Fla. RICHARD NELMS. Wajhlngton. Ga. BILL NEWMAN. Chicago, III. DON NIVENS. Pompano Beach. Ha. FAYE NORWOOD. Greenville CAROLE NOTTINGHAM. Alexandria. Va. DOUG NYE. Wmt Columbia FRANK BERNARD OSTEEN. Greenville RITA OSWALD. Allendale MARIANNE OUTLAW. Greenville LARRY OWENS. Greer LINDA OWENS. Lenoir, N. C. TOMMY PACK. St. Stephen EDITH PARKER. Andercon ELIZABETH PARKER. York ERMA PATTERSON. Greenville TISH PEAHMAN. Andenon CLAUDIA PHILLIPS. Heath Spring PAT PHILLIPS. Crrvniboro. N. C. JOSEPH NEWTON PINSON, JR., Hone Path JERRY L. PIRTLE. Benton. III. NANCY POSTON. High Point. N. C. ELLEN VIRGINIA PUSSER. Chexterfield LOUISE OUIU.IAM. Greenville GEORGE RAPINCIIIK. Chicago. III. GEORGE BYRON REED. Creenvllle LINDA REEVES. Spartanburg JIM RENT . Woodruff JIMMY REYNOLDS. Greenville BETTY JEAN RHYMER. Greenville JAMES K. RICE. Lakeland, Ha. HORACE E. RICHARDSON. JR.. Covington, Ca. DERRII.L VON RISER. Joanna HOLLY HITTER. Suflidd, Conn. JOHN ROBEY. Bethexdn, Md. PEN Y ROCHESTER. Clem ion ESTON L. RODGERS. JR.. Greenville LINDA ROGERS. Eaxley WAYNE ROLLINGS. Elloree LINDA ROPER. Fountain Inn EMMETT LEE SAUNDERS. Holland. Va. ROBIN SCARBOROUGH. Lamar WILLIAM TED SCREWS. Greenwood SUZANNE SEWELL. Atlanta. Ca. NORRIS SHOCKLEY. Greenville GLENDA SIMONDS. Kingxport, Trnn. MICHAEL A. SISK. Seneca STUART BURTON SKADDEN. Maahanet. N. Y. ANNA BETH SMITH. Greenville ANNETTA SMITH. Greenville JERRY K. SMITH, Corbin. Ky. 184CLASS LINDA SMITH. Kinard. NANCY SMITH. Andenon DEWEY SMITH. Matthew . N. C. MELVIN WAYNE SMITH. Townviltc KOCF.H C. SMOAK. JR.. Cotdova LARKY Sl’EICHER. Bmwrtl. fa. CAROLYN STARK. Myrtle Bench BARBARA STONE. Greenville DOROTHY McCANTS STROM AN. Orangeburg TON IK STUVEN. Camden FRANCES SUMMEY. Andervm JIM G. SUMNER. Tampa. Ha. MOLLY SUTHERLAND. Clem ton SARA ANN TALI.ON. I mar ELIZABETH T. TAYLOR. Greenville FRED E. TAYLOR. JR.. Woodruff JIM TAYLOR, Ware Shoal JO ELLEN TAYLOR. HarUville ROBERT W. TAYLOR. Greer EDITH TEAL. Greenville PAIGE THIBODEAU. Greenville JOYCE THOMPSON. Greer ALLEN THORNTON, laurel Bay MITZIE TOUCH BERRY. Summerton JAMES A. TRAMMELL. Taylor. ALICE TRUESDEI.L. HyaK.vill . Md. PAUL USHER. Black Mountain. N. C. RONNIE VAUGHN. SheJhy, N. C. GEO. II. VAN WICKLKN. III. Look Wand. N. Y. BUD VERDIN. Mauldin JOHN L. VICKERS. III. Frankfort. Ky. DAVID JACKSON VICKERY. Creenville BARBARA VOSS. Atlanta. Ga. MICKEY WALDREP. Greenville WALTER KEITH WALKER. I.aurmt OUN R. WARREN. Audubon, N. J. LINDA WATKINS. Knoxville. Tcnn. ROBERT T. WESTMOREI.AND. Griffin. Ga. HIXLEH WHITING. Mobile. Ala. BEVERLY WILLIAMS. Marion BONNIE ELLEN WILLIAMS. Colombia GERRY WILLIAMS. Avondale Extatr .Ga. GLENN A. WILLIAMS. Shrlhy. N. C. RAY WILLIAMS, JR.. Greenville TECORA WILLIAMS. Greenville THOMAS H. WILLIAMS. Port Monmouth. N. J. VIRGINIA WILLIS. Greenville JAMES EDWARD WRIGHT, Mauldin JEFF MORGAN WRIGHT. JR.. Johmlon W. PATRICK WYLIE. Picker.• RICHARD ZEPP. Greenville DAVID ZIPPBRER. North Charleston 185RANDELLE, INC. 149 CHURCH STREET NEW YORK 7, N. Y. Formerly CHIDNOFF-BLOCK, INC. Official Photographers for the BONHOMIE Negatives are on file CREATORS OF DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHS FOR YEARBOOKS 187J. E. Sirrine Company Irnqineers ( y Since 1902 Greenville. South Carolina Joujn Laundry and Cleaners Quality First — Satisfaction Always Drive-In Plant Conveniently Near New Campus POINSETT HIGHWAY PRONE CE 3-1663 C ountr y 188WE SPECIALIZE IN ORDERS TO TAKE OUT Telephone CE 9-1659 RAINBOW DRIVE-IN CO. The Place for Furman Students to Eat Greenville’s Finest Curb Service and Inside 1218 NEW BUNCOMBE RD. GREENVILLE, S. C. HALE'S JEWELERS Sixce 1856 “Official Jevelers for Class Rings" STONE BROTHERS ClUNTILU, S. C. KEYS PRINTING COMPANY Established 1869 Greknvili.r, S. C. 189HARDWARE AND PAINT HEADQUARTERS C H E ATH A M- GREENVILLE HARDWARE COMPANY. INC. FREE CUSTOMER PARKING Everything In Paint and Hardware 201 BUNCOMBE ST. GREENVILLE, S. C. h. neil gillespie photography 2227 augusta road special photography for the Bonhomie Always a Friend of Furman HIOTT PRESS 621 K. McBkk Avk. Grkkxvii.lk, S. C. I). W. HIOTT BILL HIOTT BO HIOTT NEW CHINA GROCERY AND NEW CHINA RESTAURANT Two Mii.i: K,v t or Nkw C'ajiit on Poinsett IIioiiway PITTS' STEAK HOUSE Congratulations to my food friends the Furman students YOU AUK CORDIALLY IXVITBD 190DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL.. ARE GRADE "A”— ALL THE WAY! Compare Pet Dairy Products With Any Others! PEARCE - YOUNG- ANGEL COMPANY JJeyu arcl l ]ahon (Company WHOLESALE FOODS F r esh—F r ozen—Canned—Dried GREENVILLE'S STYLE CENTER FOR YOUNG MEN “Service Wholesalers” FURMAN IIEADQUARTERS GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA “OVER TOWN” 191HINTON'S RESTAURANT POINSETTIA DRIVE-IN AND CATERING SERVICE Congratulation to Clare of 'GO Phone CK 8-9672 Phone CK 9-7:«l 611 Buncombe C'oxruMExn ok SITTON BUICK COMPANY Dealer in liuick. Oprl, MO anti .1 mtin-llmiry Motor Carr 88 WntrmiJ) St. Phone CK 2-8961 O'NEAL-WILLIAMS, INC. SPORTING GOODS 2H X. Main St. Gbeenyille, S. C. DONALD'S AMOCO 291 Bv Hass rick-up Service Phone CK 5-9519 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CORP. DELANY'S SPORTING GOODS The Best in Sports—For the Sportsman Gekenviixk, S. C. Dial CK 5-0115 2 Collcok St. Geebnyille, S. C. A ttaway-Easterlin Pontiac. Inc. Sales — PONTIAC — Service PHOXK CK 2-1808-OK 2-1809 40 RrTHKRKORl) ROAD GRKKNVII.LK. S. 0. FINEST FASHIONS for FURMAN STUDENTS POINSETT BARBER SHOP In The Poinuctt Horn. J. J. BOWL-A-RAMA ('lute to iXrxc Cam pur 808 l{ctiiemiohii Hi . Phone CK 5-9926 192PLAZA BARBER SHOP l.rww Plaxa SnorriKO Center RUSH WILSON LTD. 224 N. Main St. Greentiiae. S. C. "Specialist In Traditional Natural Fitting Clothing" THE POINSETT HOTEL Completely Air Conditioned TV and Radio in Every Room " Caroli nas Finest ROAST BEEF CORNED BEEF PASTRAMI Vince Perone's Delicatessen and Sandwich Shop KOSHER DILL PICKLES Italian Submarines 25 SOUTH PI.EASANTBURG DR. PHONE CE 3-9854 Greenville 3-Minute Car Wash (Your car washed and cleaned in 3 minutes) LAURENS ROAD PHONE CE 2-8470 (Opposite South Carolina Highway Department) Vince Pkrone, Manager 193BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO. 71! K. Stoni: Avr. Ext. Oreexviujc, S. C. OFFICE MACHINES. SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT COMPLIMENTS OF STEWART - MERRITT SHIRBY-VOGUE 225 North Main- Street SMART READY-TO-WEAR FOR THE COLLEGE MISS ROPER DRUGS 2616 PoiX'KTT ] lion WAY FOUNTAIN AND PRESCRIPTIONS THE GEER DRUG COMPANY GREENVILLE SPARTANBURG CHARLESTON THACKSTON CHEVROLET COMPANY College Street Phone CE 2-4+51 Greenville, S. C. Phone CE .3-9418 W. A. Davis Sinclair Service Center 2.317 PoiNSK'lT 111011 WAV Greenville. South Carolina REPAIR WORK —ROAD SERVICE BRAKE SERVICE Trade With DAVE and SAVE 194COMPLIMENTS OF ran LEAGUE'S INC. 243 North Main PIANOS INSTRUCTION HOOKS SHEET MUSIC Penney’s A I WAYS FlftStio.U A UT Y « Shop Penney's . . . you'll live better, you'll save! Press of THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY COI.UMHIA. S. C.STUDENT DIRECTORY !—Freshman Class 2—Sophomore Class 3— Junior Class 4— Senior Class Sp.—Special Student Class 2 1 3 3 3 2 T i 3 1 Sp. 3 1 4 1 3 1 3 3 1 4 2 T 1 2 4 1 3 1 2 3 4 4 1 2 4 1 Sp. 2 1 2 2 4 2 4 Namk Address Ahlx tt, Larry T. Renfrew Bleacher)-, Travelers Rest, S. C. Abercrombie, David N. Alx-mathy, Frank, Jr. Adams, James W. Adams. Thomas L. Addis. Lyla Loyic Aiken, Claudia Patricia Aiken. James B.. ill Aiken, Roljcrt C. Ainslie. Ellen Jean Aldrcd, Nancy Anne Alexander, Floyd E. Alexander, John V. 1059 State St.. Atlanta. Ga. 12 Ruby Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 6. Greer. S. C. 1321 Ellison Rd., Columbia, S. C. Rt. 7, Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1. Box 180-A. Irmo, S. C. 12 Ardis Ln.. Plainview, N. Y. 1338 Clairmont Rd.. Decatur. Ga. 569 Jackson St.. Kinsport, Tcnn. Lyncourt Dr., Tryon, N. C. 115 Edwards St., Simpsonville, S. C. 5577 Gueen Mary Ln., Jackson, Miss. Alexander. Mildred Electa Six Mile, S. C. Alfred, Joseph W. 5711 White Axe., Baltimore 6. Md. Allard, Joseph C.. Palm Apts., 200 Poinsett llwy.,Greenville, S. C. Allen, Charles F.. Jr. 1114 Volusia Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. Allen, Frances Anne Allen. James E.. Sr. Allen. J. Milton Allen, Lyda Louise Alley. Jable E. Altman, Elizabeth Jane Altman. Frank 11. Ammons. Marcia Kay Anders, Patricia Ann Anderson. Anna Floride Anderson. Danny F. Anderson, Edwin L. Anderson. Elaine 158 Warley St., Florence. S. C. Rt. 3. Spartanburg, S. C. Gale Dr.. Rt. 3. Taylors. S. C. Box 215. Boiling Springs, S. C. 308 Anderson St., Greenville, S. C. Calhoun Towers. 50, Greenville, S. C. 350 Callney St., W. Columbia, S. C. 208 Elizabeth St.. Marion, S. C. Rt. I. Burton, S. C. 316 W. Pine St., Florence, S. C. Rt. 7. Mt. View Tr. Pk.. Greenville, S. C. Lamar St., Latta. S. C. 1702 Carolina Ave., Ilartsville, S. C. Anderson, Eleanor Ixmise 316 W. Pine St., Florence, S. C. Anderson. Frances Hayne 327 W. Earle St., Greenville. S. C. Anderson, Frankie Marjorie. 927 E. Whitnor St.. Anderson, S. C. 3 2 1 3 2 3 1 1 4 Sp. 3 3 2 4 3 2 4 1 1 2 Sp. 1 Sp. 4 2 1 Sp. 2 3 1 Anderson. Marcus E„ Jr. Angelica, George J. Annas, Gail Dean Archibald, Clifford G. Argo. Joyce Brenda Arisman, Charles F. Armstrong, Donald C. Arndt, Ne l R. Arnold, Mary Patricia Arrington. Charles A. Arroxvood, Arnold D. Asbell, Donald R. Atkinson, Emmie Louise Autry, Jerry D. Avant, Maxes- Camille Avery, Brenda Carpenter Avery, C. Richard Avery, Carol Ray Ayers, Donald C. Ayers. 1-arry 'I'. Ayers. Richard L. 1749 Watkins St.. Augusta. Ga. Rt. 3. Duncan Rd., Greenville. S. C. Rhodhiss. N. C. 37 North Dean St., Englewood, N. J. Rt. 1, Berea Lane. Greenville, S. C. 100 Belmont Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1051 N. W. 135 St.. Miami. Fla. Ulrich St., Royalton, Pa. 2801 Augusta Rd., Greenville, S. C. 2-14 Riggs Dr.. Clemson, S. C. Box 5-1. Travelers Rest, S. C. P. O. Box 77, Macon, Ga. Rt. 3. Bishopx'ille, S. C. Rt. 1. Dunn. N. C. 1 . O. Box 475, Wnltcrboro, S. C. 111 Conestee Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1691 S. Alvarado Ter., Greenville. S. C. 111 Conestee Ave., Greenville, S. C. 7 Montague Vil.. Greenville, S. C. 702 Asheville Hwy.. Spartanburg, S. C. Rt. 1. Taylors. S. C. Babb. Lawrence R. Baddcrs. Fred T. Bailey, Dorothy Rayc Bailey. Lloyd W. Bailey, Miriam Elverne Baird, Phyllis Kay Baker, Billy J. Baker, Reba Joyce Ball. Errol II. Ball. Virginia Sue Ballard. James E. Ballard, JoAnn Ballard, Richard W. Bannister, Nancy Irene Bannister. William E. Burlier. Phyllis Diane Bard. Maria Barker. Fletcher C. Barker. Susunnc Rebecca Barkvl.de. George M. Rt. 3. Greer. S.C. 10 Cromwell Ave., Greenville, S. C. Box 625. Greer. S. C. Rt. 1. Charlotte. N. C. 2135 Broad St., Augusta, Ga. 219 Blue Ridge Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 1. Rossville, Ga. Rt. I. Rossville, Ga. 122 Paris Rd., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4. Taylors. S. C. 2011 Carolina Ave., Ilartsville. S. C. Rt. 1. Box 168, Hendersonville. N. C. 400 Winston St.. Florence, S. C. IU. 1. Iva.S.C. 20 McCall St., Greenville, S. C. 38-15 Ravine St.. Montague, Mich. 113 N. Patrick St., Gastonia, N. C. 201 Cleveland St.. Greenville. S. C. 112 Strode Cr., Clemson, S. C. Ct-ASS 3 Sp. 3 Na.mk Aodrkss 610 Crescent Ave., Greenville, S. C. Barl.ige. Linda Douglas (Mrs.), 2520 Kenmore Dr.. Raleigh, N. C. Barnhill, Francis C. Box 12. Tigerville, S. C. Barry. David A., Jr. 736 W. Bay Dr.. Long Beach. N. Y. 4 Sp. 2 3 2 2 3 4 I Sp. 4 1 3 Sp. Sp. 4 2 T 3 4 4 Sp. 1 2 4 Sp. 4 2 3 2 2 4 2 2 1 4 3 4 1 4 1 4 1 1 Sp. 1 3 4 1 1 3 1 4 Sp. Sp. 2 3 I 3 1 Bates, Allen E. Bates, Margaret (Mrs.), Batson. Donald 11. Batson. Harold M., Jr. Batson, James R. Batson. Thomas F. Batton, Dona Elaine Beam, Carole Ruth Bean. John P. Bean. Lucy Eugenia Bearden, Archie DeWitt Beavers. Marcus L. Beckham. Milton C. Bchlke, Man-in R. Bell, David B. ........ Bell. Elmer Lee Bell, Rolx-rt M. Bellamy, John T. Belskis, Wayne J. Bennett, Alan I.. Bennett. Janet Carpenter Dennett. Joyce Ann Rt. 1, Williston, S. C. 335 Howard Aden Apts., Spar'burg, S. C. Rt. 4. Travele rs Rest, S. C. 13 W. Marion Rd., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 4. Travelers Rest, S. C. 233 Pincy Mt.. Greenville, S. C. 54 Terracedalc Ct.. Griffin, Ga. 135 Mt. Vista Ave., Greenville, S. C. 105 Gallivan St., Greenville. S. C. 105 Gallivan St.. Greenville, S. C. 204 E. Faris Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 1300 Peachtree Battle Ave., Atlanta. Ga. 739 E. Main St.. Rock Hill. S. C. 932 N. "B" St.. Lake Worth, Fla. Rt. 6. Greenville, S. C. 300 Berkeley Ave.. Greenx-ille, S. C. 6 Fcxvell Ave., Weldon. N. C. Box 277, Camesx'ille, Ga. 8026 S. Troy St., Chicago. III. 90-1 E. Eastbrook Dr., Annaudale. Va. 1129 Pendleton St.. Greenville. S. C. 253 Brevard Rd.. W. Asheville. N. C. Berryhill. Edwin L. Apt. 4. Montague Vil., Greenville. S. C. Bettis. Ann Harding (Mrs.), 207 Broughton Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Biddison, Claire Ensor 3906 Groxeland Ave., Baltimore, Md. Bienkowski, Faustyn J. Orchard St.. Somerville, N. J. Bislmp. James E. 23 Smythe St.. Greenville, S. C. Black. Dina Kaye 50 2nd St.. Woodside., Greenville, S. C. Black. William C. 213 McDaniel Axe., Greenville, S. C. Blackwell, Gordon L. 1102 Spring Card. St.. Grccnslmro, N. C. Blackwell, Nancy Rose 1 Clarendon Ave., Greenville, S. C. Blackwell. Randolph W.— 1102 Spring Gardens St.. Greensboro, N. C. Blackwood. Virginia Ann 2245 Briarxvood Rd.. Charlotte, N. C. Bland, Leo R. Apt. 43B, Woodland Homes. Greenx-ille. S. C. Blanton. George S. Blanton. Melba Sam's (Mrs.) Blanton. Sarah Walker Block. John M. Blythe. Carolyn Jo Boineau, George D.— Mount Vicxv Mobile Home Pk.. Greenville, S. C 8 Badger St., Greenville, S. C. 1st South St.. Easley, S. C. Rt. 2. Gaffney. S. C. 3228 Peona St.. Steger. III. Etowah. N. C. Boiler. Brenda Ann Boldt, Lynda Lee Bolt, Clyde A.. Jr. Boncy, William B. Bonncttc. Mabel Mills Booktcr, David C. Boroif, James W. Boroughs. Bonnie Brooke Bostic. Billy S. Boswell, Nancy Wheeler Boudoucies. John A. Bowen, Barbara Jean Bowen, Linda Jane Bowen. Paul T. Bowers, Don E. . Boxvers, James A., Jr. Bowers. Paul G. Boxx-ling. Jymmic Nell Bosx-man, Baird Boyette. Anna Geraldine Bradford. Roy J. Bradford. T. Lee Bradley. Ann Eliza! cth Bradley, Carey Miller Bradley. Evelyn Ruth Bragg. Madeline Branham. Wilma Elaine Brannon, Thomas J. Brazil), George D. Breazeale, Sara Marie Bricker. Daniel W. Bridgcman. Bob Ray Bridges. Linda Leigh Rt. 1. Moore. S. C. Rt. 7, Box 370, Greenville, S. C. 504 E. Franklin St., Anderson. S. C. 33 Heard Dr., Greenville, S. C. 1114 “L" Ave., Caycc, S. C. 745 S. Beltline Blvd., Columbia. S. C. 22 N. Park Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 216 Oak Ave., N. Charleston, S. C. 211 Vandiver St.. Anderson. S. C. 110 Pine St., Cynthiana, Ky. 308 Croft St., Greenville, S. C. 31 Riverside Dr., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Iva.S.C. 20-19 Ridgedale Rd.. N. E.. Atlanta. Ga. 3135 Kirkland Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Rt. 4. Cinquapcn, Grcenxvood, S. C. 624 Ashe St., Hendersonville, N. C. Lake St., Laurens, S. C. 109 Brookxvood. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1, Box 317, Sebring, Fla. Rt. 4. Box 380. Rock Hill.S.C. 4 Easley Branch Rd., Greenville, S. C. 401 Grand Axe., Williston. S. C. 1076 Columbia Rd., Orangeburg, S. C. 110 Colonial Ave., Greenville, S. C. 910 Grace Ave., Kannapolis, N. C. 6616 E. Brook Rd.. Columbia. S. C. Rt. 3, Inman, S. C. General Delivery, Joanna, S. C. Rt. 4. Easley. S. C. 309 N. Perry St., St. Marys. Ohio Apt. 3. Montague Vil., Greenville. S. C. 202 S. Holland St.. Clinton. S. C. Bridges. Hugh Elizabeth (Mrs.)— 6 Crest field Rd., Greenx-ille, S. C. Brigham. Arthur B., Jr. 717 Augusta St., Greenville, S. C. 196STUDENT DIRECTORY—Con inwed Class Namk 4 Brittain. Julia Elizabeth 3 Broad, Boyd V. 2 Broad. Carol Jo 1 Brock. Dicksie Jane 4 Brooks, Ann Busby (Mrs.) 1 Brooks, Brenda Carol 3 Brooks, James D. 2 Brooks, Robert G. 3 Broom, Harriet Elaine 1 Brown, Barbara Helen 3 Brown, Barbara Normand 2 Brown, Clarence A. 1 Brown, Derrick W. . 2 Brown, Donald O. 4 Brown, Jacqueline Sue 4 Brown, Jerry M. 3 Brown. Kenneth R. Address 505 Probart St., Brevard, N. C. Box 26. Tigervillc, S. C. Rt. 2, Box 115, Orangeburg, S. C. E. South Second St.. Seneca. S. C. 121 Susan Dr.. Barnlcton. Ga. Rt. 4. Box 30-1, Travelers Rest, S. C. 512 Perry Ave., Greenville. S. C. ............... Rt. 1. Taylors. S. C. Box 284, Sullivan’s Island. S. C. 771 Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S. C. Box 114, Port Royal, S. C. Tenth Ave., Port Royal, S. C. 1263 School Ln., Warrington. Pa. 1512 Lyttleton St., Camden, S. C. Rt. 5, Box 54, Aiken, S. C. 31 Lullwater Rd., Crcenville, S. C. 5009 Rosemont Dr., Columbus. Ga. Class Namk Address 3 Brown, Richard J., Jr. 771 Rutledge Ave., Charleston. S. C. 3 Brown, Sylvia Mae 472 Samohy Ridge. Cincinnati 38, Ohio 2 Brown, William F. Box 57, Martin. Ga. 4 Bruce. Ann Jacks 10 August Ct.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Brumfield, Anna Claire 357 Ck. Bed Rd., Mountainside, N. J. 1 Brunson. Martha Isabel Rt. 1. Box 216, Sumter, S. C. I Brunty, Elton D. Hardy, Ky. 4 Bryant. Donald M. 346 St. Andrews St., Spartanburg, S. C. Sp. Bryant, Ruth Staton (Mrs.) Rt. 2, Travelers Rest, S. C. 3 Bryant, Wade H. 18 W. Avondale Dr., Greenville, S. C. 4 Bull, Walter A. Box 239, Greenville, S. C. 4 Burdette, Arthur Rt. 8. White Horse Rd.. Greenville, S. C. 1 Burgess, Paul C. 200 Boythe Ave., Greenwood, S. C. 1 Burgess. Shirley Darlene P. O. Box 74, Simpsonville. S. C. 1 Bums, James W. Rt. 2. Woodruff, S. C. 2 Burriss, Maxine Violet. 25 W. Wclbom Ave., Greenville, S. C. Sp. Burton, Alton L. 20 Howe St.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Burton, William K. Rt. 2. Greer, S. C. 3 Burwcll, John S...................... 103 High St., Oxford, N. C. 3 Busbce, Charles F. 8 $| eed St., Greenville, S. C. 2 Bush. John C. . 45 Beverly Rd.. Summit, N. J. 2 Bush. John R. . 2704 Old Easley Br. Rd., Greenville, S. C. 1 Bush, Larry G. 4 Sunnydale Dr., Greenville, S. C. 3 Butler. Maty C. (Mrs.) 513 Cedar Rock St., Pickens, S. C. 3 Butler. Rayburn H. 9-1 Crestvicw Apts., Greenville, S. C. 1 Byers, Lee A. 1103 Greenacres. Anderson. S. C. 4 Caldwell. Judith Ann 32-1 Sunset Dr.. Bristol, Tcnn. Sp. Campbell, A. Manley Rt. 1. Owings, S. C. 1 Campbell. Nancy Beth Rt. 6, Anderson. S. C. 1 Campbell, Thos. II., 430 Plymouth Rd., Plymouth Meeting. Pa. 2 Campbell. Winton G., Jr.. 4711 Crescent St., Jacksonville, Fla. 3 Cantrell. Harley F. 448 Hebron St., Hendersonville. N. C. 2 Canty, William R. 53-1 Joe St., Pascagoula, Miss. 2 Capps, Harvey W. . Rt. 1. Cordova. S. C. 4 Capps. Robert V............412 E. Park Ave., Lake Wales, Fla. 3 Caraell. Martha Ann Rt. 1. Mabelton, Ga. 4 Carlisle. Charles R. 302 Cornelia St.. Greenville, S. C. 2 Carmichael, William B., Ill 806 Jefferson St., Dillon. S. C. 2 Carmignani. Anthony B. .63 Waverly St.. Clarendon Hills. III. 2 Carpenter, Anne. 42 E. Faris Rd., Greenville, S. C. 1 Carpenter, James G. Box 49, Batesburg, S. C. 1 Carpenter, William H. Rt. 2, Box 8-A, Ellorce, S. C. 3 Carriker, Ellison Anne 931 "N” Ave.. Cayce, S. C. 4 Carroll, John E. 114 Bryan Ave., Wilmington, N. C. Sp. Carson, Amelia Jane 610 Branilett Rd., Greenville. S. C. Sp. Carson, Donnie Lou 8 Brooks Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1 Carson. Rachel Gudger 11th St., St. Simons Island. Ga. Sp. Cartee, Mary Frances. Rt. 4, Seneca, S. C. 3 Carter. Charles F. No. Greenville Jr. Col., Tigervillc, S. C. 3 Carter. Margaret Lillian 1021 Albany St.. Brunswick, Ga. 1 Carter. Mary JoAnn 316 E. Crocr St.. Honea Path. S. C. 4 Carter, Sarah Rhuemma Box 113, Pisgah Forest, N. C. 2 Carter, William L. 852 Baduly St., Waynesljoro. Ga. 1 Casey, Frances Powell (Mrs.) 301 Col. St., Greenville, S. C. 1 Case) , Joseph K. . 301 College St., Greenville, S. C. 2 Cassady, J. Richard 30 Patrick Cr., Melbourne. Fla. 2 Castillo. Richard S. 833 Rossi St., Corpus Christi. Texas 1 Castle, Lqvd L. 3300 S. W. 24th Ter.. Miami, Fla. Sp. Cathcart. Robert D. 14 Charlotte St., Greenville, S. C. Sp. Cathey, Estelle M. (Mrs.) 223 N. Main St., Simpsonville, S. C. 3 Causey, Carolyn Cleveland, S. C. 2 Causey, Nancy Jane Rt. 5, Paris Ml.. Greenville, S. C. 4 Cauthcn, Ralph B. . 4009 Cotshaw Ave.. Richmond 30. Va. 3 Chalmers, Jack E. 204 Brockman Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Chambers. Conard L. 810 N. Cory St., Findlay, Ohio 1 Chambless. Peggy Linnell Box 125, Dudley, Ga. 4 Chandler. James R. Rt. 2, Box 78, Pclzer. S. C. 2 Chapin, James Chris 5506 Western Ave., Chcvcy Chase, Md. Sp. Chappell, Naomi Yvonne Rt. 4, Box 448, Columbia, S. C. Sp. Charping, Betty LaMarr 221 Morrow St.. Greer, S. C. I Chase, Rogers L. 3269 Ashley Ave., Kingsport, Tenn. 1 Chcros. John G. 16 Rose Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1 Cherry, George W. 3451 Coleman St.. Columbia, S. C. 1 Cherry, John P. 132 Maryland Ave., Paterson, N. 1. 1 CherTy, Robert B. 3451 Coleman St., Columbia, S. C. 1 Chcwning, Phillip M. 200 College St., Bishopville. S. C. 2 Chiles, Mary' Margaret Rt. 3, Cliffside, Kingsport, Tenn. 1 Christian, Carle E. Rt. 3. Taylors, S. C. 2 Christmas, C. Edward, Jr. Kennedy Dr., Camden, S. C. 2 Christopher. Anthony B. 501 Easley Br. Rd.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Christopher. Reginald M., 501 Easley Br. Rd., Greenville. S. C. 1 Clack, Eddie H. 323 Stovall St., Atlanta, Ga. 1 Clanton, Daniel L. 311 McAlway Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 2 Clark, Marilyn Rayc 23 Crystal Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1 Clarke, Carita Georgianna 11 Arborvale Rd., Asheville, N. C. 1 Clarkston, Myrtle Cail 1034 E. Main St.. Cushing. Okla. 1 Clary, Matthew W. 112 Country Club Dr., Greenville, S. C. 1 Clem, Samuel H. 126 Williams St.. Staunton. Va. 3 Clements. William E. 1607 Lee St., Camden, S. C. 1 Cleveland. Alice Lee 505 S. Townville St., Seneca, S. C. 2 Clevenger. James C. 100 Elm St., Crcenville, S. C. 3 Cline, William G. Rt. 2, Gray Court, S. C. 3 Cloninger, Robert L. 4 Beatrice St.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Cobb, Charles F. Rt. 2, Anderson, S. C. 3 Cobb. Jerry E. 208 Gossett St., Anderson. S. C. 1 Cochran, Marilyn Magill, 2005 Edgewood Ave., Anderson, S. C. 3 Cochran, Mary Alta 106 Ellison Cr., Easley, S. C. 3 Cogbum, Edith Kathryn 224 Jackson Ave., Crccnwood, S. C. 4 Coker, Billy R. Rt. 1. Easley, S. C. 3 Carle, Harvey W. 100 Dukeland Dr., Greenville, S. C. 4 Cole, Nancy Marea 103 Pine St.. North Charleston, S. C. 1 Colet, Jeffry D. Box 23 A. Rt. 1. Iva, S. C. 4 Collins, Mary Jane St. Ceorge. S. C. 2 Colson. Marvctte Barbara Rt. 1, Box 16, John’s Island, S. C. 3 Conard, Thomas M., Jr. 501 S. W. 63rd Ave.. Miami, Fla. 3 Connor, Henrianne Connor Rd., Barnwell, S. C. 3 Connors, Doris Eleanor 507 Lucas St., Spartanburg, S. C. 4 Conwell, William E. Rt. 8, Box 321, Greenville. S. C. 2 Cook, Judy Elaine Box 4. Owings. S. C. 2 Cook. Michael B. 622 Perry Rd.. Crcenville, S. C. 2 Cooley, John R. 114 Morrow St., Creer, S. C. 1 Cooley, N. Michael 1900 Alsace Rd.. Reading. Pa. 1 Cooper, Herbert P., Jr. Cherry Rd., Clemson. S. C. 1 Cooper, Jackie B. ...........................Rt. 1. Piedmont. S. C. 1 Cooper. Jacqueline Margaret 121 Church St.. Laurens, S. C. 3 Coopper, Thomas B., Jr. 201 S. Holland St., Clinton, S. C. Sp. Copeland, Elinor Clam 309 Morrow St., Creer, S. C. 3 Corbett, Helen Gwendolyn 216 Cleveland St., Greenville, S. C. 4 Corder, Ann Nash 803 Brookdale Ave. S. W., Atlanta 15, Ga. 3 Corder. Sandra Leigh 803 “K” Ave., Cayce, S. C. 4 Com. Frances Lea P. O. Box 48. Faith, N. C. 1 Cosby, David H., Jr. P. O. Box 3, Lake Toxaway, N. C. 2 Coulter, Edwin M. .18 Watson Ave., Greenville, S. C. 3 Coulter, Jerry L. 18 Watson Ave., Crcenville, S. C. 2 Courson, Rowena Eloisc Five Points, Femandina Beach. Fla. 3 Counts. Jimmy R. Rt. 1, Prosperity. S. C. 4 Cox. Calvin N. 112-A Rogers Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1 Cox, James D. 10-1 Bennett St., Greer, S. C. 3 Cox, Leila Mae Rt. 1, Marietta, S. C. Sp. Cox, Margaret Elizabeth, 270 Woodlawn Ave., Spart’burg, S. C. Sp. Cov, Peggy Carson Greenwood Ave., Greenville, S. C. 2 Cox, Sue Elizabeth 20 Ladson St., Greenville, S. C. 2 Craig. Earl H. 808 Queen St., Columbia, S. C. 3 Crapps, T. Earl 732 Shull St.. West Columbia, S. C. 4 Crawford, Martha Elizalrcth Edgewood. Camden, S. C. 3 Creamer, Joe H. . 108 Eisenhower St., Greenville. S. C. 3 Creech, Thomas M. 16 Broughton Dr., Greenville, S. C. 1 Crensaw, Gary O. 1003 Winding Rd.. Conway, S. C. 1 Crensaw. Thomas F. 105 N. Market St., Lancaster, S. C. 1 Cribb. Bullock L. 5 Acorn Ct., Greenville, S. C. 2 Cribbs, R. Ashton Lynchburg, S. C. 1 Critchfield, John B. 825 Peyton Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. 1 Crockett. David C. 2-120 8th A. No.. St. Petersburg. Fla. 3 Crook, Kenneth L. 108 Arlington Rd., Greer, S. C. 1 Crook. William R. Rt. 1. St. George, S. C. 1 Crouch. Wilbur S. 112 Calhoun St.. Johnston, S. C. 2 Grout, Edythe Ann S. Western St., Fountain Inn, S. C. 1 Crymes. William B. Rt. 2. Congarce Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Sp. Cubitt. Barlwra Dare .Cedar Spg. Rd., Rt. 5. Spart'burg, S. C. 4 Cudd, Charles A. 521 N. Center St., Spartanburg, S. C. 197STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued Class Name Culp, Charles B........... Culver, Carol Cunningham. Mary Elizabeth Curcton, Don E. Cu ret on, Janies B. CurJce, Mary Leila Sp. Cushman, Dorothy Lee 1 Cutchin, Braxton M. 4 Curtis, Al L. Address Rt. 4. Lancaster. S. C. 241 Riggs Dr., Clemson, S. C. Rt. 1, Clinton, S. C. S06 E. River St.. Anderson, S. C. Rt. 3, Greenville, S. C. 1097 Riverside Dr., Orangeburg, S. C. 526 N. E. 97 St.. Miami, Fla. Pope Field Rd.. Easley, S. C. S. Limestone St.. Gaffney, S. C. 3 4 2 4 2 4 0 1 1 4 3 2 1 2 3 2 2 1 1 Sp. 3 1 1 4 4 3 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 1 1 1 4 2 1 Sp. 2 4 3 4 4 4 2 Sp. 1 4 Sp. 3 2 4 3 1 1 3 3 3 4 4 3 3 1 2 1 Sp. 4 Dacus, Edwin C. Dacus, Janies R. Dacus. Roliert Nf. Dalton, Cora Elizabeth Daniel. Rodney E. Danielson, Herbert S. Darnell, Irby C. Davenport, Clarence E., Jr. Davenport, Mack J., Jr. Davidson. Ivy Dorothy Davidson, William E. Davis. Bette Jo Davis, Boyce K. Davis, Bruce E. Davis, Donald P. Davis. Harold E. Davis, Javne Ellen Davis, John II. Davis, Ronald C. Davis, Ruth deLorme Davis, Sarah Leo Davis, Wanda Joyce Davis, William C. Dawson, Michael H. Dean, Alice Estelle Dean, Allen C. Dean, Helen Christine Dear, Kenneth C. DcBra. Judson N. Dcitz, Emmett E. Dempsey. Jackson E., Jr. Denton, Charles R. Derrick. Wallace E. Dew, Blanche Elizabeth Dew. Marian Nancy Dews, Lawton J. Dill, Barliara Jane Dill. Frances Marion Dillon, Roliert A. Dixon, Andra Kaye 308 W. Arlington Avc„ Greer, S. C. Rt. 2, Easley, S. C. 107 Mclver St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Easley. S. C. 291 College Avc., Elbcrtoti, Ga. ........... Rt. 3, Haycsvillc. N. C. Rt. 2. Saluda. S. C. 679 Cascade Dr.. Marietta. Ga. 8 Proffitt Cr„ Greenville, S. C. Brcnau College, Gainesville, Ga. 208 E. Faris Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 128 Beverly Rd., Asheville, N. C. 222 Skipper Ave., Fort Mill. S. C. Rt. 4, Box 16, Lancaster, S. C. Rt. 3, Chester, S. C. 509 Charles St., Beaufort, S. C. West End. Chester, S. C. Rt. 4, Box 16. Lancaster. S. C. Brooksidc Ave., Greenville. S. C. 318 Lyles Ave.. Cayce, S. C. Rt. 2, Hodges. S. C. 6238 Mercado Dr.. Jacksonville, Fla. Rt. 1. Box 33. Ridgeland, S. C. 101 Fletcher Ave.. Columbus, Ga. 1227 Pin Nono Ave., Macon. Ga. Rt. 7, Greenville. S. C. 716 W. Walker. College Park.Ga. 1013 Rutherford Rd., Greenville, S. C. 920 E. Hamilton Ave., Tampa, Fla. 61 Brownwood St., Asheville, N. C. 308 Beatrice- St., Greenville, S. C. P. O. Box 186. Lockhart. S. C. 32 Douglass Dr., Greenville, S. C. 123 Williams St., Lake City. S. C. 123 Williams St.. Lake City. S. C. ohnson St., Forsyth, Ga. 345 W. Jo 111 Mills Ave.. Greenville,S. C. 122 Tanglcwylde I r.. Spartanburg. S. C. Glen wild Lake, Bloomingdalc, N. J. P. O. Box 494. Gaffney. S. C. Dixon, ('arid Lynne (Mrs.) 309 W. Stone Ave., Greenville. S. C. Dixon, James D. P. O. Box 587, Crecr, S. C. Dobson. Thomas B. Fairforest, S. C. Donnan, Olive Patricia 14 Beattie St.. Laurens, S. C. Dove, Myma I .«-c 615 E. Cambridge St., Greenwood, S. C. Dover, Kenneth H. Box 48-1, Liberty, S. C. Drake. Tom M. Box 44, Travelers Rest, S. C. Drummond. Martha Frances 227 Stone St., Woodruff, S. C. Dunbar, Josie Prcssly 1801 Hillview St., Spartanburg, S. C. Duncan. Jack G. 316 Jones Avc., Marion, S. C. Ducan, Lois Ann 133 W. Mt. View Ave., Greenville. S. C. 302 N. Main St., Greer, S. C. 8808 Colesville Rd., Silver Springs. Nld. 3 Victor Ave., Greer, S. C. 107 Mary St., Greenville, S. C. Box 145, Massena, N. Y. Duncan, Sara Janice Dunlop. James F.. Ill Durham, Jorctta Annie Durham. Nancy Gail Dutchcr, Penelope Ann Eddy. Margaret Evelyn Ellens. Joanne Patti Edmonds, H. David Edwards. David S. Edwards, Mason Karon Edwards, Ronald K. .. Ellcnbcrg, James E. Ellis, Charles M. Ellison, Floyd E.. Jr. Ellison, James B. Elmore, Charles A.. Jr. Elmore. Martha Lillie Emery, William N. Emory, Douglas R. Emory, James E. Emory, Mary Jean (Mrs. Ergle, Ramon E. ..... 2000 Shirley Ave., S. W., Atlanta, Ga. Six Mile, S. C. 315 E. Franklin St., Anderson. S. C. 313 School St.. Villa Park. Ill 103 Memorial Dr., Greer. S. C. 114 Memorial Dr.. Greer, S. C. 109 James Ave., Easley. S. C. 6-17 Poplar St.. Spartanburg, S. C. 400 . "A” St.. Easley, S. C. Pinewood Ave.. Clinton, S. C. 37 Wedge Pk. Ave., Charleston, S. C. 37 Wedge Pk. Ave., Charleston. S. C. 16th St.. Cookeville, Tcnn. 5 Verdun Avc., Greenville, S. C. 8 Bentwood Ave., Greenville, S. C. ) 8 Bentwood Avc., Greenville, S. C. ................Rt. 1, Taylors. S. C. Cl-ASS 3 3 2 2 3 4 3 4 1 o Sp. 3 4 1 1 1 Sp. Sp. 1 1 4 3 3 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 1 2 2 1 4 2 4 1 4 3 1 2 3 1 1 9. Sp. 3 1 4 1 2 Sp. 3 4 4 3 Sp. 1 1 4 2 2 3 4 2 3 1 4 4 Sp. 1 1 Name Address Eskew, Catherine Smith 11 E. Tallulah Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Eskew, Richard S. 511 Irwin Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. Etnyrc, Anthony L. 1521 Highland St.. Wilmette, 111. Evans, Rnl ert D., Jr. 321 Country Club Dr., Rock Hill, S. C. Ezell, Jim B. 5 Cannil Ct.. Southland Avc., Greenville, S. C. Ezell. Macel D. 13 Thurston St., Greenville, S. C. Falser, Thomas L. 414 Mixon Ave.. North Charleston, S. C. Fant, Margaret Annetta Winnsboro, S. C. Farmer. Jimmie H. Rt. 1, Pauline, S. C. Farrar, William A.. Jr. 105 Sumner St., Greenville, S. C. Famham, Martha Luneill Rt. 1, Taylors, S. C. Fayssoux, Charles C. 110 Mills Avc., Greenville, S. C. Fayssoux. Mary Jo 110 Mcmminger St., Greenville. S. C. Felkcr. Martha Scasc 1416 Main St., Newberry, S. C. Ferguson. David W. 30 Sulphur Spgs. Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Ferguson, Marylynn Kay, 900 Mohawk Dr.. W. Columbia, S. C. Ficker, William A. Rt. 3, Box 289, Hendersonville, N. C. Findley, Rosalie Amelia 323 N. Main St., Honca Path, S. C. Finley,’ Robert L. 11 Willow Spring Dr., Greenville, S. C. Fix, Julia Sue Rt. 5. Box 45-1, Easley, S. C. Flanagan. William T. 20 Clarcmonc Avc., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2, Taylors, S. C. 1321 Boulevard, Anderson, S. C. .................. Main St.. Taylors. S. C. 305 12th Ave., Conway, S. C. 528 W. Tugalo St., Toccoa, Ga. Box 8069, Furman Univ., Greenville, S. C. 245 Main St., Millburn, N. J. Fleming, Jesse H. Flint, Sue Ann Flounders, Ernest S. Floyd. Aubrey B. Floyd, Ernest June Floyd. Jesse C. Flynn, Edward J. .. Fogle, Harry W.. 8 Christopher St., Sans Souci. Greenville. S. C. Follicn. Kenneth J. Ford, Peggy Jeanne Forrest, Roy O. Forrest. William T. Forrester, James W. Forrester, Virginia Susan Fort, Rosemary . ........ Forte. Roeco Foster, Harold L. Foster, Keith R......... Foster, Walter '. Fowler, James B. Fowler, Mary Ann (Mrs.) Fox, Joan Annette........ Fox, Marva Jean 200 Spring Dr., Falls Church, Va. 17 Club Dr., Crccnvillc, S. C. Rt. 2. Taylors, S. C. Rt. 7, Hall Rd., Greenville, S. C. 209 Cumberland Avc., Greenville, S. C. Box 14, Mauldin, S. C. 1811 Lindalc Rd.. Anderson, S. C. 409 Sherman Avc., Raritan, N. J. e. S. C. 23 Jedwood Dr., Greenville. 461 Johnson Ferry, Atlanta 19. Ca. 10026 Hinds St.. Houston. Texas 612 Calhoun Avc., Greenwood, S .C. 102 Dukeland Dr., Greenville, S. C. Osborn, S. C. 503 Jeffries Blvd., Walterboro, S. C. Frady, Marshall B. 501 Buena Vista Ave., Anderson, S. C. Franzen, Judith Clardy (Mrs.) Spring St.. Piedmont, S. C. Freily, Marta Jean Free, Frederick W. Freeman, Carolyn Anne Freeman, Clarence L. Freeman, Patricia Ann Freeman, Robert P. F'reeman. William E. Friddle, William II. Fritchinan, William P. Frost, Patricia Gaile Funk. Anna Virginia Furcy, Robert J. 418 S. Dargan St.. Florence, S. C. Dcnamcrk Rd.. Bamberg, S. C. College St., Westminster, S. C. ........... Rt. 1, Six Mile, S. C. Rt. 2. Easley, S. C. 1421 Fairidge Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. . . . . ........ Rt. 5, Easley, S. C. 12 Prcvost Apts.. Greenville, S. C. 8-C Poinsett Apts., Greenville, S. C. 22 Parkside Dr., Greenville, S. C. ...... Crimora, Va. 1496 S. Bear Creek Rd., Asheville. N. C. Furman. Dorothea Consuela, 226 Riverside Dr., Grcem-ille, S. C. Furr, Edward K. . 5 Office St., Concord. N. C. Furr, William J. 123 North Dr.. Concord, N. C. Gaddy. Jacqueline M.. 566S-B Twining Ave.. Otis A.F.B.. Mass. Galloway. Harold C. Langley, S. C. Cambrell, James B. 23 Sturtevant St., Greenville, S. C. Gantt, Alice Patricia Rt. 8, Box 171, Greenville, S. C. Gantt, Martha P. (Mrs.) 1134 Honeysuckle St., Cayce, S. C. Gannett, Judith Lewis (Mrs.), 11 Sir Abbot St.. Greenville.S.C. Garrett, Billy A. Garrett, Janice Ann Garrett, Lowell K. Garrett, Robert M. Garrick, Bobby L. Gaskins, Laura Lee Gay, Charles B., Jr. Geddis, James L. George. Dolly Beth George. Mary Catherine Gibbs, Beverly Ann Gibson. Benton M. Gillx-rt, Linda Lee Gilbert. Patricia Fay Gillespie, James H. 27 Melon St., Slater. S. C. 801 Avc. M.S.E., Winter Haven. Fla. 602 Southway. Easley, S. C. 528 Irwin Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. 1215 Eutaw Ave., Orangeburg. S. C. 2133 Weaver Ave., Charleston. S. C. 504 First Ave., College Park.Ga. Rt. 3. Inman, S. C. 301 Royal Rd.. Beaufort, S. C. 400 Stewart St.. Greenville, S. C. 259 10th Ave., S. E.. Hickory, N. C. Rt. 3. Box 277, Creenville, S. C. Box 308, Travelers Rest. S. C. 1501 Main St.. Conway, S. C. 5 "A” St., Woodsidc, Greenville, S. C. 198STUDENT DIRECTORY—Confined Cl.ASS Namk 1 Sp. 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 3 1 2 3 1 1 2 Sp. Sp. 1 3 3 2 2 3 3 •1 2 Sp. 1 1 4 4 3 Sp. 1 3 Sp. 1 Sp. 3 1 3 2 Sp. 3 Sp. 1 1 1 3 2 1 2 1 1 Sp. 1 1 2 1 2 Sp. Sp. 4 1 1 1 1 4 2 4 4 3 4 3 2 3 2 1 1 3 4 Cillis, William II., Jr. Cilreath, Dana W. (Mrs.) GiLstrap, Claud J., Jr. Glass, Joel B. ........... Glass. Marjorie Jane Class, Robert Q. Glenn. James D. Glur, Gerald R. . Godsey, Carolyn Jean Golden, James R. Gooding, Ronald K. Goodlctt, Allan M. Goodson, Edward M. Goodwin. Ronald E. Gordon. Sandy Louise Gore, John G. Address Forest Rd., Athens. Ga. 1 Wildwood Rd., Greenville, S. C. 3285 Riviera Dr., Coral Gables, Fla. 306 S. Elam Ave., Greensboro, N. C. Fingcrville, S. C. 20 Rowley St., Greenville, S. C. 109 E. Durst Ave., Greenwood, S. C. 3200 Behannon. Louisville, Ky. 5 Sunshine Ave., Greenville, S. C. 52 Smith St., Ware Shoals, S. C. 2-L Plaza Apts., Greenville, S. C. 45 Trails End, Greenville, S. C. Box 183, Ocean Drive, S. C. Rt. 2. Woodruff, S. C. 750 S. McDonough Ave., Decatur. Ga. 702 Main St.. Conway, S. C. Ciass Namk Addhkss Gossett, Fanona K. (Mrs.). 1724 N. Main St., Greenville, S. C. Grady. Jack W., Ill Graham, Charles D. Craham, Hoyt............ Graham, James D. Granade, Hugh R. Cray, Richard I......... Grayson, Carol Alexander Greene. Joanne Elizabeth Greer, Joe M. Greer, Max Lee Gregory, Frances Eugenia Gregory. Howell J. Crier, Phillip M. Griffin, Patricia Lee Griffith, Eugene H. Cross, Betty Sue 307 Trails End, Greenville, S. C. 113 Flowcrdalc Dr.. Akron 19, Ohio . 21-C Poe Mill, Greenville, S. C. . .Gills Brook Rd.. Lancaster, S. C. Fleming Dr., Greer. S. C. 1111 Kennedy St., Falls Church. Va. 119 Vannoy St., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3, Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4, Belton, S. C. 1 Wilson St., Greenville. S. C. 111 Coleman Ct., Greenville, S. C. 409 Chesterfield Ave., Lancaster, S. C. Rt. 3. Box 88, Greenville, S. C. Box 300, Travelers Rest, S. C. 5715 Skidaway Rd., Savannah, Ga. 219 Sloan St., Columbia, S. C. Gross, Rainer U.— Lcttow Vorbeck Str. 30. Nlonchengladbach, Germany Guggino, Joseph A. .. . 207 Riggs Dr., Clcmvon, S. C. Gunn. Walker 1200 Moss Ave., Orangeburg, S. C. Guyton, Janet Lee Hagan, Leland M....... Hagood, Mary Jane Hall, Annabelle Hall, Sandra Hallman, Roy N. Hancock, Gary W. Hannah, Marian Eleanor Hannon, Ralph M. Harber, Nancy- Louise Hardin, David S. Hurling, Peggy Helen Harilce, Victoria Elizabeth Harper, Wayne F. Harrill, EUabeth Anne Harris, Joel W.......... Harris, Martin S. Harrison. Robert B. Hart, Edward A. .... . Martin, William E. Hartjcn, Raymond C. Hartley, Carroll H. .. Harvey, Patricia Sue Haulbrook, Kinch S. Havelka. Rolieit A. ... Havird, Willie Allinc Hawkins, Priscilla Jean Hawthorne, Annie Mae Hayes, James R. ________ Hayne, Ellen Frost 270 Jackson St., Gaffney, S. C. ............... Box 15-1, Brewster, Fla. Rt. 1, Calhoun Falls, S. C. 402 W. Main St.. Williston. S. C. 1 Seminole Dr., Greenville, S. C. 30 Ashley Ave., Greenville, S. C. 1516 Larry St., N. Charleston, S. C. 200 W. Arlington Ave.. Greer, S. C. Box 49, Travelers Rest, S. C. Christopher St., Duncan, S. C. 189 Glenwood Ave., East Orange, N. J. 868 Artwood Rd.. N. E., Atlanta. Ca. Rt. 1, Florence, S. C. Box 623, Pickens. S. C. 901 E. Frederick St., Gaffney, S. C. . . . 1242 Woodland Ave., Atlanta. Ga. 118 Asbury Ave., Greenville, S. C. 10-1 Rembcrt Martin Forest. Cob.. S. C. 403 Holly I ane, Elizabethton, Tenn. 4520 Colonial Dr., Columbia, S. C. ....... Rt. 2, Central Square, N. Y. . . Davisboro. Ga. 112 Haviland Ave., Greenville, S. C. 114 Argonnc Dr., Greenville, S. C. Bluff St.. Eldred. III. 128 S. Cambridge St., Ninety Six, S. C. 9 Traction St., Greenville, S. C. . . . Rt. 4. Box 23, Abbeville. S. C. ................. Rt. 1. Woodruff, S.C. Rt. 1, Eastover, S. C. Haynes. Marion W. 706 W. Ponce dc Leon Ave., Decatur, Ca. Haynesworth, Harry J., IV 215 McDaniel Ave., Gr’nville, S. C. Heckle, Beatrice Amelia .. 109 Hillcrcst I r.. Chester, S. C. Helgerson, Ami Carlton...... Pelham Rd., Greenville, S. C. Heliums. Kenneth L.............Rt. 2, Box 45-A. Laurens, S. C. Henderson, Diane ........... 130 Lander St.. Greenwood, S. C. Henderson, James P. Box 8009, Furman Uni., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4, Greer, S. C. Rt. 5, Spartanburg, S. C. Rt. 4. Lancaster, S. C. 208 Moore St., Greenwood, S. C. 435 N. Main St.. Greenville, S. C. Herring. Judith 1726 Georgia Ave., North Augusta, S. C. Herring, Judith Marion 714 15th Ave., Greenville, S. C. Herring, Sarah Alice 27 Tindal Ave., Greenville, S. C. Hester, Mary Jo............ 2409 Buncombe Rd., Greenville, S. C. Henderson, jerry- Y. Hendrix. Marian Virginia Henry. Clyde D. . Herndon, Beverly Clayton Herring, Buddy C. 2 2 4 3 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 4 1 1 2 1 3 4 4 2 3 3 1 3 3 4 2 4 2 3 2 1 3 4 2 3 3 3 3 2 1 4 2 o 0 2 4 4 3 1 1 3 Sp. 3 2 4 2 2 3 1 2 3 4 3 1 2 3 2 3 1 1 3 Sp. 1 Sp. 1 1 Sp. 1 2 4 1 let rick, Brenda E. (Mrs.), 403-B W. Croft St., Greenville, S. C. lewilt. Richard F. Icvvitt, Thomas F. . ligh, Charles W. . I ilk man. Alfred F. . fill. Edwin C. . . (ill. I. Olin, Jr. lill. Jeffrey S. . iill. John D. hltnn, Richard R. lines, William E.. Jr. lodges, Sara Edith lolbrooks, Margaret A. lolcombe, Patricia Viola lolder, Lucia Ann lolland. Martha Effie look, Fred W. look, Janet Barbara .. lopkins. Carolyn ...... lopkins. Jean Adalyn lorton, Jimmy ........... lorton, Robert A ..... . lorton, Wendell A. lough, Kenneth E. lournni. May Mansour louse, Thomas E. ... lovas, Mary Ethel lovvard, Betty Ann toward. Charles E. lovvard. Judith Ann toward, Randall B. Irdlicka, Judith Ann luhalck. William A. 2836 Stratford Rd., Columbia, S. C. 2836 Stratford Rd., Columbia, S. C. Rt. 1. Inman, S. C. 725 Downing St., Traneck, N. J. 215 Pear St., Chester,S.C. 219 W. Olive St., Lakeland, Fla. 4723 Jett Rd., N. W.. Atlanta 5. Ga. Rt. 1, White Horse Rd.. Greenville, S. C. 906 Hart St.. Conway, S. C. 503 Summit Dr., Greenville, S. C. 501 Dunlap St., Marion, S. C. 336 New Market St., Greenwood, S. C. 437 Avery St., Decatur. Ca. 7 Forest Circle Dr., Greenville, S. C. liillandale Cr., Greenville, S. C. Meadow Dr., Manning, S. C. Meadow Dr., Manning, S. C. 330 President St., Charleston, S. C. 330 President St., Charleston. S. C. Rt. 1, Ridgcland, S. C. 600 E. Ferguson St., Clinton, S. C. Rt. 1, Ridgebnd, S. C. 100 Barksdale Cr., Laurens, S. C. .......... Mcrjayaun. Lebanon 100-1 N. Main St.. Crecnville, S. C. 903 Valley View St., Aiken, S. C. 20-1 Chesterfield St., N. Charleston, S. C. 204 Chesterfield St.. N. Charleston, S. C. 107 Arrington Ave., Creenville, S. C. .. .. 105 Central Ct., Greenville, S. C. .. 401 Ave. F.S.E., Winter Haven, Fb. Furman University. Greenville. S. C. y. ludgens, Carolyn Moore 1007 S. Harper St.. Laurens, S. C. ludson, Barbara Estelle 11 Perry St., Charleston, S. C. ludson, Claude P. Apt. 9, Montague Village. Greenville, S. C. ludson, Lester A., Jr. lughes, Ann-Eibs . lughes, Charles R. . lughes. John E.......... lungerpiller, Leb Jane lunt, Marshall D. ... lunter, Priscilla Jo lurd, Meritha Jane ... lurst, Katie DiAnne . . luskey, Joan Antoinette lutchinson, Paul R. . .. luthmacher, Herbert L. lutto. Angie Ruth........ lutto, Walter E. .Box 713, Hampton, S. C. N. Main St.. Fountain Inn, S. C. 113 Du Pont Dr.. Greenville, S. C. .... .. Rt. 1. Honca Path, S. C. 200 Cary St.. Edgefield, S. C. .... 340 Church St., Elberton, Ca. Rt. 2, Easley, S. C. 241 Eighth Ave., Cramerton, N. C. ... 207 Smith St., Newport, Tenn. 26 Main St., Buffalo, S. C. 114 W. 4th St.. Bccklcy.W.Va. C-l Cbussen St., Greenville, S. C. 28 Lyttleton Ave., Charleston, S. C. .20 North St., Branchville, S. C. lydriek, Betty Wclbom (Mrs.) 9 Otis St., Creenville,S.C. uahinct, Linda Hutton nglc, Ann Elizabeth... rby. Ora Florence rvin, Mary Frances .. 2670 Ia eds Ave., Charleston, S. C. 82 Herron Ave., Asheville, N. C. R.F.D. 2. Box 265, Hurt. Va. 1008 Whitlock Ave., Marietta. Ga. ack, Elizabeth Stephens (Mrs.) Box 291. Duncan, S. C. acks, Melton M........... ... 23 Wallace St.. Greenville, S. C. 29 S. Howard St., Inman, S. C. 3115 Whiteway Rd., Baltimore 19. Md. 1320 Washington Ln., Kannapolis, N. C. 205 Green Ave., Creenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Holland Apts., Creenville, S. C. ....... Rt. 3, Piedmont, S. C. 222 S. Bull St.. Columbia. S. C. 211 Cornelia St., Greenville, S. C. ackson, Bobby D. acobs, Janice Lynn ames, Alice Carolyn aincs, John Paul... ames, J. Ralph . .. enkins, Joel P. ennings, Charles R. ennings. Ernest L.. Jr. ennings. Nancy Hughes (Mrs.) cpson, Laurence L. emigan. Jack E. ... inks, Nonna Sandra ohns, Patricia Anne ohnson, Emily Alycc ohnson, Gwendolyn Faye Old Fort, N. C. ohnson, James L. ohnson, Martha Emily ohnson, Nina Lynn ohnson, Roy ohnson, William S. oily, Relx-ccu Jan ones, Bobby A. . ones, Douglas J., Jr. . ones, E. Eugene .... 1705 E. 51 St.. Ashtabula, Ohio 322 Congdon St., Georgetown, S. C. P.O. Box 241, Griffin. Ca. .2415 Allison Rd.. Beaufort. S. C. East o no lice, Ca. Rt. 2, Box 263-B, Crcenwood, S. C. 645 Arlington Ave., Lockland 15. Ohio 516 {logins St.. Rock Hill. S. C. 538 Abington Ave., Glenside, Pa. Rt. 1. Portal. Ga. . . 12 Eastvicw I r„ Creenville, S. C. 250 Inman Dr., Decatur. Ga. 110 Belvuc Rd., Greenville, S. C. 145 Hampton St., Walter boro, S. C. 636 E. King’s Hwy., Shreveport, La. 199STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued Cl-ASS Name •1 Jones. Henry R. 3 Jones, Jerry A. 3 Jones. Lilia Klainc Sp. Jones. Miriam Dale 1 Jones. Nancy Jo 1 Jones, Susan Isaln'l 1 Jones, Webster S. 3 Jordan, Albert L. 1 Jordan. Jack G. 1 Jordan, Janice Ezma 3 Jordan, Kitty Carroll 1 Jordan, Mary A. •I Jordan. Ronald E. Sp. Jordan, Sandra Janice 1 Jordan. Voncic lax-o 2 Jumper, Ralph I). Address No. 3 Furman Faculty Apts., Greenville, S. C. 118 Park Avc., Greer. S. C. Main St.. Fountain Inn. S. C. Rt. 1. Campobcllo, S. C. Rt. 6. Woodruff Rd., Greenville. S. C. 101 S. Franklin St.. Florence, S. C. 9 Simmons Ct., Greenville, S. C. 4611 Reamer Ave., Columbia. S. C. 1015 N. Main St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 3, Florence, S. C. Box 906, Columbia, S. C. 2001 Leland St.. Charleston Heights, S. C. No. 7, Holland Apts., Greenville, S. C. 11 Ehaugh Ave., Greenville, S. C. 30 Scarlett St., Greenville, S. C. S. C. 4 4 0 1 1 2 3 1 3 4 3 1 3 3 Sp. 2 2 4 4 1 4 1 4 1 1 2 1 1 1 Sp. 1 $ 4 4 3 1 1 2 Sp. sp. 3 1 3 3 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 3 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 4 3 3 Box 261. Hampton, Landrum, 141 N. 35th St.. Camden 4230 Kilhoume Rd., Columbia, 2500 Laurens Rd., Greenville, General Delivery, Highlands, Coker College, Hartsvillc, Rt. 2. Anderson, 813 N. Main St.. Greenville, 110-A Whitehall. Greenville, 523 Penn St.. Edgefield, 110-A Whitehall, Greenville, 3431 Wheat St., Columbia, 7229 Bumctt St.. Spartanburg, 124 Bradley Blvd., Greenville, 22 Gallivan St., Greenville, P. O. Box 127, McCormick, Box 354, McCormick, G-2 Claussen St., Greenville, Third Ave., Dillon, 322 E. Paris Rd.. Greenville, 22 I-anncau Dr.. Greenville, 22 Sir Abbot St.. Greenville, 99 Ridge Rd.. Lyman, 915 Fugate Ave., Charlotte, 312 Federal St.. Beaufort, 33 Millikan Ave., Dravton, Rt. 2. Box 140-B. Newton, Keefe, Loon Keffer, Elizabeth Syvonne Keller, Margaret Ann Kellett, Evelyn Sue Kelley, Ginger Kelley, Lubeth Kelly, James E. Kelso, Patricia Sherrill Kemp, Donald E. Kemp, John W. . Kemp, Peggv E. (Mrs.) Kennedy, Edward C. Kennedy, Gayle Marie Kennedy, Kathryn Klainc Kennedy, Tom H. Kcown, Jim M. Keown. William I). Kerby, Robert Y. Kerr, Bonny Lee Key, William E. Key, William E. King, Catherine Louise King. Hazel Jolenc King. Henry S. Kinghorn. Elizabeth Bigland Kirby, Franklin H. Kirby, Kay Frances Kirkpatrick. Roger M.— Apt. 6, 200 Poinsett Hwy„ Greenville, Knight, Elmer L. 2671 45th St., Meridian, Knight, Pauline Allen (Mrs.) 108 Azalea Ct.. Greenville, Knight, W. Gordon Rt. 6. Greer, Knoerr. Adita Louise 626 S. Pine St., Seneca, Knox, John W. 8-P Calhoun Towers, Greenville, S. C. N. J. S. C. s. c. N.C. S. C. S. C. S. C. s.c. s. c. s.c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s.c. s.c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s. c. s.c. s.c. N. C. s. c. s. c. N.C. s. c. Miss. S.C. s.c. s. c. s. c. Lackey, Ronnie D. Laird. Sue Moore (Mrs.) Lampley, Robert L. Lancaster, Emily Holley I-ancastcr, James L. Lancaster, Maynard D. Landreth, Ray E. Landrum. Lucie Joan Lane, Elton A. Langan, George P. Kingston. Christy R. 4 Lanning, Thomas R. I-aw, Suzanne Neville Lawrence. Jane Preslar Lawson, Guy M., Jr. I-awson. Kenneth D. Lawton, Carol Ann I-aw-ton, Charles H. Layman, Patricia Lorraine League, Lu Anne I-edlK-tter, Harold E. I-ee, Betsey Hope l-ee. Floyd K. . Lee, Linda Elizabeth Lee, Miriam Mary Carrboro, N. C. 810 Kirk Rd.. Decatur. Ga. 111 Eastwood Cr.. Spartanburg, S. C. Box 581, Beaufort, S. C. 5748 Wedgcwood Dr.. Charlotte, N. C. 16 E. Decatur St., Greenville, S. C. 507 Hampton Ave., Greenville, S. C. 211 Colonial Ave., Greenville. S. C. .......... 103 King St.. Greer, S. C. 2910 Elm St.. Cairo. III. Lee Court Apts. Rt. 3. Taylors, S. C. Rt. 2. Canton. N. C. Moncks Corner. S. C. 411 E. Main St.. Union. S. C. ... Rt. 3, Inman. S. C. Rt. 3. Inman, S. C. 28 Oak View Dr.. Creenville. S. C. 28 Oak View Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 140 Lullwater Rd., Creenville, S. C. 16 Wilton St.. Greenville. S. C. Box 506, Thomasville, Ala. Rt. 4. Shelby, N. C. 104 Tyler. Boston, Mass. Rt. 1, Lawndale, N. C. Rt. 1. Landrum,S.C. 18 Kennedy Ter., Hong Kong. China Lee. Nancy Agatha Lee, Norma Woon-Ling- 107 Thomson Rd.. 2nd FI., Hong Kong, China LeCrand. Thomas S. 906 Craven St., Columbia, S. C. Lemons. Dewey L. 605 W. Main St., Easley, S. C. Lenning, John O. Melody Ln„ Carrier 53. Greenville, S. C. Leon, Tania Love Brewster Dr., Rt. 3, Taylors,S.C. Cuss 1 2 3 Sp. 2 1 4 3 2 1 Sp. 1 I Sp. 3 1 Name AdIMU-SS Leonard. Guy C. 322 Wyndmoorc Rd.. Springfield. Pa. Lcwallen. William E., Jr. 27 Rock Ck. Dr.. Creenville. S. C. Lewis, Bennie Sinclair (Mrs.) Rt. 2. Campobcllo. S. C. Lewis, Coy A. Ix’wis. Gary W. Lewis, Roln-rt D. Lewis. R. Russell Lewis, Thomas D. Lide. Barbetta Keller Lindler, Gloria Jean Lineberger. Dorcas Eileen Lipp, Roln-rt E. Lipscomb. Harriett Ann Littell. Barbara Noel Littlejohn, Dixie West Littleton. Mora Jean Sp. Littleton, Mary Ellen 3 o 28 Brookview Cr.. Greenville, S. C. Olanta. S. C. 110 Lagoon Blvd.. Massapequa, N. Y. Rt. 1, Ocean Drive Beach,S.C. Rt. 2. Campobcllo, S. C. Box 398. Perry. Fla. Rt. 4. Lccsville, S. C. 1407 Lilac Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. 222 Lawrence Dr., Falls Church, Va. 111 Carolina Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 102 N. Market St., Staunton. Va. 315 Glcndalyn Pi., Spartanburg, S. C. 109 Park St., Easley, S. C. Rt. 2. Easley. S. C. Livingston. Edna Elizabeth North. S. C. Lloyd. Robert H. 113 S. 21st St., Ft. Pierce-. Fla. Lochridgc, Elizabeth Ann 369 Sarrazin Ave.. Pascagoula, Miss. Loftis, Ann Fleming 3 Church St.. Piedmont, S. C. Loftis, Mary Kathon 17 Underwood Avc.. Greenwood. S. C. Logan. Catherine Rose 81 Logan Ave., Asheville, N. C. 701 S. Limestone St.. Gaffney. S. C. 3108 Moores Lake. Charlotte. N. C. Rt. 1. Conway. S.C. Sp. Longncckcr, Bobbie J. (Mrs.), Lingcrlong Apt.. Creenville, S. C. Sp. I-ongshore. Carrie I-ee . Rt. 1, Kinards, S. C. I-ooner. Christina Lee 403 Oakhurst Ave., Gastonia. N. C. Lord. Joyce Anne 25 Skyland Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Loth. II. Ted 109 Main St.. Milhurn, N. J. Lovelace. Bernice Susan Townvillc, S. C. Lowe, Richard H., Montague Vil., Furman Uni., Crc’ville, S. C. Lollis. Linda Gail Long. C. Grady I-ong. Woodrow W. 3 4 1 2 3 4 3 4 4 1 3 2 1 3 2 T 4 1 2 3 3 2 3 Sp. 3 4 4 Sp. 2 4 3 1 1 2 Sp. 1 4 2 2 2 T 1 3 Sp. 4 2 2 1 3 1 Sp. 2 3 2 Ludlam. Joe H. Lupberger, Betty Ann Lusk, J. Haskell Lybrand, John A. Lynch. Alien J. ... Lynch, Thomas H. Lyons, Nancy Emily 806 10th Ave., Conway. S. C. 1729 Sylvan Rd., Atlanta 10, Ga. Rt. 1. Central. S.C. 28 Carolina St.. Charleston. S. C. 12 Kent Lane, Charleston, S. C. Box 62. North. S. C. Rt. 4. Walterboro. S. C. McAbee, Connie Dorn McAbee, Harold D. MeAlhany, Joseph C., Jr. McAlister, Joe A. Rt. 4. Walterboro, S. C. 3 Paladin St., Greenville. S. C. Reevcsville. S. C. East 1st Ave., Easley. S. C. McBcnnett, John P. 1607 Westlawn Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. McCaffcrty, Richard P. 5757 N. Oketo St.. Chicago. 111. 10 12 Alta Vista. Louisville. Ky. 105 Sumter St.. Greer, S. C. 105 Seventh Ave., Easley, S. C. E. Bax-bcrry Rd.. Islip. N. Y. 8 Crcstvicw Dr., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1, Franklin. N. C. McCall, Douglas II. McCallister, Michael II. McClellan, John M. McCollom. R. Michael McConnell. Joe Kenneth McCracken. Roberta Jewell McCravy, Albert E., Branwood Sta.. Box 7138. Greenville. S. C. McCray, Martha Frances McCucn, Gwen W. (Mrs.) McDaniel. Linda Rose McElhaney, Jack B. McEIvcen, Charlotte Anne McElveen, Joseph J.. Jr. . McFall. James C. McGee, Janet Louise Mclnturff, Marilyn Jane McKenzie. Joyce Elaine McKcown, John H. McKcown. Melvin B. McKinney, John R. Rt. 4. Monroe, N. C. 6 Aniwetauk St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1. Pickens. S. C. 403 Springs St.. Fort Mill. S. C. Rt. 1. Lake City. S. C. 4612 Lanier Dr., Savannah. Ga. 804 Arlington St., Greensboro. N. C. 906 Crccnwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. Mitchells, Va. 806 E. Day St.. Florence. S. C. Rt. 4. Box 2. Chester, S. C. York Rd., Chester. S. C. 25 Underwood Ave., Greenville, S. C. McKinney, Judith Annette, Duncan Rd.. Rt. 3. Greenville. S. C. McKinney, Tommy A. McLaughlin. Thomas D. McLnurin, Daniel K. McLces, Alice Ann McMahan, Linda Carol McManaway. David E. McManus. William G., Jr. McMichael. David— No. 2. Faculty Apts.. Augusta St., Greenville. S. C. McTeer, Pauline Cornelia 103 Dogwood Dr.. Clemson, S. C. P. O. Box 386. Alcolu, S. C. Butler St., St. Matthews. S. C. Rt. 1. Box 417. Cheraw, S. C. Rt. 3, Anderson, S. C. Rt. 2. Laurens, S. C. 17 Douglas Dr., Greenville. S. C. 32 Lanncau Dr., Greenville. S. C. McTeer, Thomas R. McWilliams. John M. Mack. Brenda Joyce Maddox, Carolyn Anne Maddox, Rolx-rt E. Magee, Margaret P. Ott Dr.. Branehvillc. S. C. Rt. 6. Greer. S. C. St. Matthews. S. C. 1424 Richland Rd., Atlanta 10, Ga. 409 E. 54th St., Savannah. Ga. 2611 Monterey Ave, Atlantic City, N. J. 200STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued Ci.avs Name Address Sp. Major, Carrol Anne P. O. Box 6-4. Ycmassec. S. C. 2 MaJtby, Mari Margaret Rt. 4, Taylors. S. C. Sp. Manly, Sarah Gillespie (Mrs.) 327 Jones Ave., Greenville. S. C. 2 Maroney, Michael S. 13 E. Fairviow Avc., Greenville, S. C. 1 Martin, Albert W. ......... 74 Quick Ave., Raritan. N.J. 2 Martin, Anna Camille 24 Wedgewood Dr., Greenville, S. C. Sp. Martin, Cora Kellner (Mrs.) 512 Summit Dr., Greenville. S. C. 3 Martin, James R. . Box 204, Crystal City, Texas 4 Martin, Joyce Eugenia Rt. 2, Clover. S. C. 3 Martin, Julie Anne . . 5 E. Charlotte Ave.. Sumter, S. C. 1 Martin, J. Watson, Jr........... 1722 N. Main, Anderson, S. C. 3 Martin, Norma Gail Rt. 1, Pel er, S. C. 4 Martin, Roger A. 17-A Harrington Ave., Creenvillc, S. C. 2 Mason. Gaines II. . Swansea, S. C. 1 Mason, Mary Elizabeth Swansea, S. C. 4 Massie, Betty Kay 1211 N. Harrison St., Arlington. Va. 1 Mathews, Elizabeth Anne 113 Riggs Dr.. Clemson, S. C. 4 Mathews. James N. 1125 E. Church St., Bartow, Fla. 4 Maurer, Mary Lou 840 Monrovia St., Shreveport, La. 1 Maurer. Nancy Ruth 840 Monrovia St., Shreveport. La. 4 Maxwell. C. Wilton Rt. 4, Taylors. S. C. 1 Maxwell, Ruth Sullivan 432 Cothran Ave., Greenwood, S. C. 3 Meadors, J. Michael 13 Augusta Dr., Greenville. S. C. 1 Medlin, Ruth Elaine 6 Albain Cr., Greenville. S. C. 1 Meeks, Elrna Jane Nicholls, Ga. 3 Meeks, George S. 164 Ondcrdonk Ave.. Manhasset, N'. Y. 1 Meeks. Julia Tinsley 307 Moultrie Sq., Anderson, S. C. 1 Merckol, Carl W., Jr. 136 116th Ave., N., Indian Rocks, Fla. 3 Meredith, Jo Ann 2505 W. Whitncr St., Anderson, S. C. 1 Metcalfe, Carole Lee % Lt. Col. W. L. Metcalfe, 768 Medical Detachment, D. S.. APO 28. New York. N. Y. 3 Metcalf, John S. 307 White Oak Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 2 Mctts. Annie Srnoak 1156 Ellis Ave., N. E., Orangeburg. S. C. 1 Mctts, Carolyn Claudia Rt. 1. Ware Shoals, S. C. 2 Meyer. Covert E. No. 2 Carmil Ct. Apts., Greenville, S. C. 1 Miller, IXuts Gail 307 Butler St.. St. Matthews, S. C. 2 Miller, Edward 11., Jr. Paris Mt. State Pk., Greenville, S. C. Sp. Miller, Glenn W. 11 Inglewood Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 2 Miller, Kenneth J. 473 Laurel Ln., Smoke Rise, Butler, N. J. 1 Milner, David H. 333 E. Pine St., Grove City, Pa. 1 Mims, Fred L. 18 E. Lanneau Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Mims, Hugh E., Jr. Ill Woodland Shores Rd., Charl’ton,S.C. 3 Mincey, A. Donald Rt. 2, Nichols, S. C. 1 Miner, E. Wade 102 Apex St., Laurens, S. C. 2 Mitchell. Edward L., Jr. 1101 Wells St.. Bcnnettsvillc, S. C. 1 Mitchell, Henry, Jr. Rt. 2, Cray Court, S. C. 4 Mixson, J. Kirkland. Ill Rt. 3, Box 156-A, Orangeburg, S. C. Sp. Modica, Filomena Carmen 40 Wilmont Ln., Greenville, S. C. 2 Mochlenbrock, Fred A.— Rt. 3, IXmcan Chapel Rd., Greenville. S. C. 1 Money, Frances Mac Marion Hwy., Florence. S. C. 1 Monti, Joseph J. 554 N. Del. Ave., Minersville. Pa. 1 Moody, Myra Joyce Rt. 4. Box 740, Travelers Rest, S. C. 3 Moore. Buddy W. P. O. Box 412. Travelers Rest, S. C. I Moore. Charles T. 817 Chestnut St.. Winnrtha. III. 1 Moore, George W. Rt. 1, Box 39, Effingham. S. C. Sp. Morgan, JoAnn 163 Louisiana Ave., Asheville, N. C. 4 Morgan, Hugh H. 115 Briggs Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Morgan, Pat. H. Box 539. Ware Shoals, S. C. 2 Morgan. Richie . 382 9th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 Morrell, Margaret Ann 552 Boyd St., Spartanburg, S. C. 3 Morris. Catherine Harper 200S Ellis St., Augusta, Ga. 1 Morris, Charles T. 2718 Eastern Pkwy., Orlanda. Fla. 2 Morris, Sylvia Elizabeth 709 Maple St.. Spartanburg, S. C. 1 Morrison, Doris Irene Box 675, Rt. 2, Travelers Rest, S. C. 2 Morrison. Gary H. 76 S. Dudley St., Camden, N. J. 1 Moss, Judith Gordon Rt. 3. Forest City. N. C. (129 Mallard St.. Greenville) Sp. Moyer. Ellen Agnes Rt. 83 White Horse Rd., Crcenville, S. C. 2 Mull, IXck L......... ......... 5 Paladin. Greenville. S. C. 4 Mullinnx, Juanita E. Rt. 6, Parkins Mill Rd., Greenville, S. C. 3 Murdoch. Richard E. Rt. 1, Abbeville, S. C. Sp. Murdoch. Lorraine Edna 1037 Cherokee Ave., Rock Hill, S. C. 1 Mumer, Alice Faye 103 Chester St.. Marietta. Ga. 4 Murphree. Mary Olcta Rt. 2, Pickens, S. C. 1 Mushegan, Daniel A. 217 Saluda St.. Box 89. Chester. S. C. 1 Mutimer. Carol Rt. 1, Box 507, Augusta, Ga. 2 Myers, Elizabeth A. 102 Ponce de Leon Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 1 Myers, Thomas L.. Jr. Rt. 2. Camden, S. C. 4 Mynatt, Clyde II. 2193 Willow Ave., Atlanta. Ga. Cuss Name Addhess 40 Nassau Dr., New Hyde Park, N. Y. Box 58. Basking Ridge, N. J. 124 Cambridge Ave., Decatur, Ga. 1610 Bnggs Chancy, Silver Springs. Md. 301 Brookwood Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 10 Julian Ave., Greenville, S. C. 312 Springdale Rd., Washington. Ga. 601 North St.. Anderson, S. C. 18 Crescent Ave., Creenvillc, S. C. 21 Croft St.. Greenville, S. C. 17 E. Laurel Ave., Rome, Ga. 4379 N. Elston St.. Chicago. 111. Nicholson. Elizabeth Jane— 10724 Western Reserve Rd., North Benton, Ohio Nivens, Donald R. 1042 S. W. 4th Ave., Pompano Beach. Fla. Nixon, Nolan H.. Jr. 1313-A E. Washington St., Cr’nville, S. C. Nclcn, John F., Jr. 655 King Ave., Florence. S. C. Noonan, Samira Ruth 623 Maupas Ave., Savannah. Ga. Noonan, William T. 9314 Colesville Rd., Silver Springs. Md. Norvell, Barbara C. (Mrs.), 1C Pk. lights. Apts.. Gr'nville, S. C. Norwood. Ethel Faye 10 Ross St., Crcenville. S. C. Norwood, Gladys Carolyn, 412 Bonner St., Hendersonville, N. C. Noseworthy, C. Donald 15 Briggs Avc., Greenville, S. C. Nottingham. Carole Elaine 3 Clitton Dr.. Alexandria. Va. 709 C Avc., West Columbia, S. C. Nast, Robert C. Nations, Chester B. Navarre. Robert A. Neal. Jack Earl Neal. James F., Jr. Ncasc, James C. Nelms, Richard B. Nelson, Julian D.. Jr. Neuwirth. Mary Anne New, Alice Harper Newman. Carl R. Newman, William S. Nye, Douglas E. Ogbom, Billy L. Ofliff, Joe F. Olncy, Carl G. Onley, Benny R. O'Shields. Alvin B. Osteen. Frank B. Oswald, Rita Cooper Outlaw. Leila Marianne Owens, Barbara Louise Owens, John R. Owens. Lenard E. Owens, Linda Martin Owens, Wallace L. Owings, Jerry R. Owings, SuzAnne (Mrs.) Miller City. III. 510 Wilton St., Greenville. S. C. 858 Furr St.. Rock Hill.S.C. 16-1 Sherwood Ave., Conway, S. C. Rt. 2. Box 159. Laurens. S. C. Ill Brockman Avc., Greenville, S. C. Box 584, Allendale, S. C. 220 Riverside Dr., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1. Owings. S. C. 107 Perry Ave., Creenvillc, S. C. 8 Gridlcy St., Greenville, S. C. 219 Highland Avc., Lenoir, N. C. Rt. 1, Greer, S. C. Box 219, Gray Court, S. C. Rt. 1, Box 68. Greenville, S. C. Nabors, Charlotte DeVinney Numik, Navval 217 Jones St.. Laurens. S. C. Mosul, Iraq 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 3 3 Sp. 2 1 2 1 3 4 3 1 4 1 Sp. Sp. 1 1 1 3 4 2 4 1 1 1 4 3 3 1 1 3 Sp. Sp. Pace, Patricia Pace 508 1st Ave., W., Hendersonville. N. C. 1 Pack, John T. Box 427. St. Stephen. S. C. 4 Padgett, Gayle Mcacham Box 566, Sullivan s Island, S. C. 2 Padgett, H. Duncan Box 566, Sullivan's Island. S. C. Sp. Painter, Gilford N. 7 Adcle St.. Greenville, S. C. 4 Painter, Percy Hughes (Mrs.) 4B Donnybrook, Cr’nville. S. C. 3 Painter, William T. 4B Donnybrook, Greenville, S. C. Sp. Palmer. Ona Louise 34 Club Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 4 Parker. Beverly E. 1123 Northbridge Dr., Charleston, S. C. 1 Parker, Edith Bessie 2701 E. North Ave., Anderson, S. C. 1 Parker. Elizabeth Raby Episcopal Church Home. York, S. C. 3 Parker, James C. 227 Scarlett St., Greenville, S. C. Sp. Parker, Marian Ann Lynn, N. C. 4 Parker. Marian Ethel 2701 E. North Ave., Anderson, S. C. Sp. Parker, Susan Craig 70 Ridge Rd., Lyman, S. C. 3 Parker, Willie F. Rt. 5, Greenville, S. C. 4 Paslcy, Douglas C.— 3227 W. Shadowlawn Ave., N. E., Atlanta. Ga. 2 Patterson, Alton M. .9 Arrington Ave., Greenville, S. C. 2 Patterson. Billy J. 233 Moore St., Greenville, S. C. 1 Patterson. Erma Ethelyn Rt. 8. Box 240. Crcenville, S. C. Sp. Patterson, Miriam Lorainc 612 Shands St., Clinton, S. C. 3 Patterson. Willie R. 20 Circle St., LaFrance, S. C. 3 Peach, G. David Rt. 1. Kershaw, S. C. I Peatman, Patricia Bryant, Pcarman's Dairy Rd., Anderson, S. C. 1 Pearson. Linda Gail East Main St.. Duncan, S. C. 1 Pfaff, Charles F. Medford Pines, Medford, N. J, Sp. Phillips, Bernice Rt- 1. Franklin, N. C. 3 Phillips, Charles F. 22 Iola St.. Greenville. S. C. 1 Phillips. Claudia Ann Rt. 2. Heath Springs, S. C. 1 Phillips. Don E. Rt. 1, Lyman, S. C. 1 Phillips. Patricia Ann 2205 Rolling Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. 1 Pike. Dan L. Wayne Avc., Woodlawn 15. Ohio 4 Pinson, Byron E. Rt. 3, Duncan Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 1 Pinson. Joseph N., Jr. 28 Newman St., Honea Path, S. C. 2 Pinson. Robert V. 228 Sixth St.. Henderson, Ky. 1 Pirtle, Jerry L. Rt. 2. Benton. Ill, 4 Pittman, Sarah Laveme Rt. 2. Campobello, S. C. 3 Pitts, James M. Calhoun Towers. Greenville. S. C. 4 Platt. John V. Rt. 2, Denmark, S. C. 2 Player, Thomas A. 235 Adden, N. E., Orangeburg, S. C. 201STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued Cuu Name Address Class Name Sp. 2 2 Sp. sp. 3 2 3 1 3 4 3 3 3 2 3 2 3 3 3 3 4 2 1 2 Sp. 2 4 Pleinmons, Shirley Ann Rt. 3. Box 650. Waynesville. N. C. Poe. Patsy Anno ’ RFD 2. Bristol. Tenn. Pomeroy, loan Lewington Box 576. Rt. 1. Lockhart. Ha. Pope, Bobby R. % M J Finance Corp- Greenville. S. C. Pojh . Jean Marie 154 W. Wood St.. Spartanburg, S. C. Porter. Marvin L.— 2035 Old Spartanburg Rd.. Hendersonville, N. C. Porterfield, Lawrence R. 7603 Maryknoll Ave., Bethesda, Md. 129 Ware St.. Greenville, S. C. 706 Rockford Rd.. High Point, N. C. 113 Wood Ave., Greer, S. C. 206 W. Karl St.. Greenville. S. C. Box 206. Apex, N. C. Rt. 3, Union, S. C. 312 N. Church St., Charlotte. N. C. 1252 Forest Glen, N- Winnetka, III. 1009 Weston St.. North Augusta, S. C. Box 333, Burgaw, N. C. 3115 Guess Rd.. Durham, N. J. 24 Ridgeway l)r., Greenville, S. C. Box 94. Slater. S. C. Posey. Phillip E. Poston, Nancy Potcat. William E. Powell. Bobby D. . Powell. Janet Bee Powell. Mary Ann Pratt. Tressie Edwards Prentice. Bryant H.. Ill Presnell, James S. Pridgen. Lamar B. Prlmm, Walda Jean Pritchard. James A. Pniitt, Gamer R. Purcell, James N„ Jr.. 1.531 N. W. 13th St.. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Purcell. Ted Lee Purvis, Donald C. Pusser, Ellen Virginia Putman. Mary Helen Putnam, Wilma Jeanne Pyle. Eugenia Haley Pyron. R. Scott 3 Quattlcbaum, Cecil L. 1 Quilliam, Louise Marjorie 4 2 4 3 2 3 3 1 1 2 1 2 3 2 3 4 3 1 3 1 3 2 2 4 1 2 2 3 3 1 4 1 1 1 1 2 Sp. 1 4 4 3 1 1 4 1 2 4 4 30 Clay St., Asheville, N. C. Box 8526. F. U.. Greenville, S. C. dicstcrficld, S. C. 112 Argonne Dr., Greenville, S. C. 111S. Second St., Seneca, S. C. 152 Augusta Ct., Greenville, S. C. 18-B Alx-lia Dr., Greenville. S. C. 565 W. Chcvcs St.. Florence, S. C. 20 Atwood St., Creenvillc. S. C. Rt. 1, Box 180, Conway, S. C. 30 Darlington Ave., Charleston. S. C. Rcidsvillc. Ca. 702 Fairway I r., Florence, S. C. 281 King St., Conneaut. Ohio 116 Anderson St.. Creenville. S. C. Skyline Dr.. Hazard, Ky. 3945 Meadowbrook, Pittsburgh. Pa. 5150 S. Parkside, Chicago, III. 320 Elmwood St., Champaign. III. . Cross Hill S. C. Rawlinson. Alice Evorette. 1011 Ferndale Dr., High Point. N. C. Raison, A. Mayo Rabon, Emerson W. Rabun. Nancy Anslcy Rainwater, James Nl. Ralston. G. Brien Rami cy. Robert E. Ramsay, Helen Gillctt Ranallo, Richard A. Rapinchuck, George Rasmussen, Robert E. Rasor, Jake, Jr. Rector, John M. Redd. William D. Redfcm. William E., Jr. Redick. Robbie Sue Recce. Landrum B. Reed. George B. Reeder, Martha Joan 12 Rogers Ave., Greenville, S. C. 8 Elmwood Ave., Charleston. S. C. W. Main St., diesterfiehl. S. C. 22 Glenn St., Greenville, S. C. 9 Elmwood Ave., Greenville. S. C. 5 Claremorc Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 300 Bailey St., Clinton, S. C. Reeves. Mary Lucinda. 18-10 Mary land Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. Reeves. Shirley Reis, Gloria Clariccc Reitz, Warren G.. Jr. Renfroe, Nita Van Rentz, James N. Repko, Barbara Ann Revele, James G.. Jr. Revis. John W. Reynolds, Henry H., Jr. Reynolds. James C........ Reynolds. Thomas L. Rliodex. Charles A. . . Rhymer, Betty Jean Rice. James II., Jr. Richardson. Horace E.. Jr. Richardson. Nona Sue Ridgeway, Ina C. (Mrs.) Ridgill. Roltert A., Ill Ridings. Kenneth W. Rigby, Ida Buist Rt. 1, Starr. S. C. 11389 N. E. 8 Ave.. Miami. Fla. 230 Frederick St.. Johnstown. Pa. 312 Aberdeen I r., Greenville, S. C. E. Hayne St- Woodruff. S. C. 122 W. Circle Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 445 W. 4th St.. Hattiesburg. Miss. Rt. 2, Landrum. S. C. 345 McAlay Rd.. CharUtc. N. C. 40 Douglass Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 314 Jefferson St- Clifton Forge. Va. 25 E. Fairfield Rd- Greenville, S. C. 12-12 N. Main St- Greenville. S. C. 1043 Woodland Ave., lakeland, Fla. 1351 Floyd St- Covington. Ga. Rt. 1. Pendleton, S. C. Rt. 1, Berea Dr., Greenville. S. C. 27 Ruist Ave- Greenville. S. C. Rt. 4. Gaffney, S. C. 333 Jones Ave- Greenville. S. C. Rinehart. Peggy Lanier (Mrs.)— Henry's Trailer Ct- N. Estate Dr- Greenville, S. C. Riser. Derrill V. Ritter. Holly Rolx-rts. Charles R. Rolx rts, Dale A. Roberts, Jerry P. Roberts, Jesse D. Roberts, Thco .. 405 Hampton St- Joanna. S. C. Rt. 1. West Suffield, Conn. 302 Stone Ave- Anderson, S. C. 76 Cedar St- Asheville. N. C. 1400 Cone-art St- Hattiesburg, Miss. Alexander St- Liberty, S. C. . 7 Pine Creek Dr- Greenville, S. C. Sp. 3 1 1 4 4 1 1 2 1 1 4 1 4 2 3 1 2 Sp. Sp. 4 3 4 4 4 Sp. 3 2 2 2 Sp. 1 3 2 3 1 3 1 1 2 1 4 3 2 3 3 1 3 1 2 2 1 3 4 1 3 3 2 3 4 Sp. 1 Sp. 2 3 3 4 3 Sp. 4 2 4 2 4 3 4 4 4 Sp. 1 Robertson. Helen Boyd Robertson, Jack C. Robertson, Lowell T. Robey, John S. Robinson. Helen Claire Robinson. Virginia Anne Rochester. Penelope Sue R xk. Ed R. Rodgers, Barbar Bryan Rodgers. Eston L.. Jr. Rogers, Linda Lois Rogers, Thomas J. Rollings, Wayne E. Roman. Emily Whitaker Roof. Sandra Kay 3211 Roper, Gerald L. Roper, Linda Mae Roper, Robert P. Ross. Jane Nesbitt Rowell, Barbara Jean Rowley, Phyllis Carolyn Rucker. Leccle R. Rush. Etta Floy Rutledge. Otis W. Ryle. James M. Address 1933 Johnstone St- Newberry, S. C. 401% Mills Ave- Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1. Lyman. S. C. 4900 Battery Lane. Bethesda. Md. 320 Grove St- Charleston. S. C. 522 F«Hirth St- Monongahela. Pa. 116 Folger St- Clemson, S. C. Rainbow Trailer Pk- Taylors, S. C. 125 King St- Columbia, S. C. 233 McDaniel Ave- Greenville, S. C. 133 Cumberland Ave- Easley. S. C. 212 Academy St- Mullins, S. C. Box 163. Elloree, S. C. ( Mrs.), 102 Grace St- Greenville. S. C. Platt Springs Rd- W. Columbia, S. C. 110 W. Higland Ave- Anderson, S. C. S. Main St- Fountain Inn, S. C. 15 Ashford Ave- Greenville, S. C. 1009 W. Parker Rd- Creenville. S. C. Hcrlong Ave., St. Matthews, S. C. Rt. 1, Box 1545, Port Orange, Fla. 88 Crcstview Apts., Greenville, S. C. Troy, S. C. 21 Druid St- Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Box 171. Wilson. Okla. Sain. Janice Alice Salvo, Susnnnc Postcll Sanders, Marcus B. Sargent. Kenneth A. Sartwell, Paul C. Sarvis, Sam Lloyd Sanders, Emmett L. Sawyer. Larry NV. Saycr, Roycc O. Saylors. Wesley P. Scarborough. Robin LaVeme Schaihlc, Charles E. Schmidt, Cordon A., Jr. Schneider. Kent A. Schubert. Norman L. Screws, Ted W. Scroggs. Leon W. Scroggs, Robert L. Scruggs. Breiula Ruth Seal, W. Wayne Seay, Joseph D. Seelbaeh, Charles L- Jr. Seigh-r, Cecile Sellers, David R. Sendler, Mary Ann Scntell. Don W. Senter, Roger F. Settle. James C. Box 613, Columbus. Ga. 661 Savannah Hwy.. Charleston, S. C. 14 Lucas St- Walhalla, S. C. 130 Lullwater Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Donaldson A.F.B.. D.A.F.B.. S. C. Rt. 1. Box 234, Tabor City. N. C. P. O. Box 67, Holland. Va. 5 East Ave- Greenville, S. C. ................. Box 64. Nlonetta, S. C. Cedar Rock Rd- Easley, S. C. "The Slopes." Lamar, S. C. 409 S. Blvd- North Charleston, S. C. 511 Godfrey Pk., Charleston. S. C. Skippack (’reek Rd- Colleges-ille. Pa. Box 60S. New Bninssvick, N. J. Box 106D, Greenwood, S. C. 368 Rogers Ave- Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1. Fountain Inn, S. C. Rt. 3, Gaffney, S. C. 5A Biltmore Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3. Greenville, S. C. Homeward Lane. Weston, Conn. 1142 Dibble Rd- Aiken. S. C. 18-B Croft St- Creenville, S. C. Box 236 Ocean Drive Beach. S. C. Camp Highland Rd- Smyrna, Ga. 511 Cascade Dr., Marietta, Ca. 2320 Sunnyside Ave- Charleston. S. C. Scttlemeyer, Charles T- III 117 W. Pk. Ase.. Creenvillc, S. C. Sewell. Suzanne Dodson 751 Kcnnolia Dr.. S. W- Atlanta, Ca. 429 Woodruff St.. Woodruff. S. C. Redwood Dr., Creenville, S. C. 4677 Dudley Lane, Atlanta, Ga. ...... Rt. 1, Taylors. S. C. . Rt. 5, Greenville. S. C. .... Rt. 1, Newberry, S. C. ... 316 West Dr- Dublin. Ca. Sheffield, Pickney Cravatt (Mrs.)— Sexton. Janette S. (Mrs.) Shakmau. Richard J. . . Sharp. James M. Shaw, Franklin H. Shaw. Richard C. Shcaley, Mabel Elizabeth Sheffield. Henry C. Shcftall, Stanley W. Shell, Wilma Jackie Shelton. Hubert O. . . Shepard. David W. Sheppard, Michael B. Sheriff, Betty Ruth Sherwood. James L. Shcrw« od. Rachel Sherwood, W. David Shipp, Kemucl W. Shirah, William R. Shirley, Donald K. Shirley. John W. Shirley, Patricia Ann Shirley, Thomas F. . Shivers. William J. . Shockley, Paul N- Jr. 247 Brookdale Ave- Greenville, S. C. 3 Boyce Ave., Greenville, S. C. ...... Rt. 3, Klizabethton, Tenn. 24 Fcmwood Ln., Greenville, S. C. 475 E. 24th St- Hialeah, Fla. 705 Carolina. Orangeburg, S. C. Rt. 1. Lvman, S. C. ................... Rt. 1, Dillon. S.C. ................... Rt. 1. Dillon. S.C. Rt. 1, Dillon.S.C. Rt. 2, Kenncsaw, Ga. 4012 Ridgewood Ave- Columbia, S. C. Box 26, Travelers Rest, S. C. Rt. 2. Taylors. S. C. Rt. 1. Anderson, S. C. Box 192. Belton. S. C. Rt. 1, North, S.C. 312 E. Hillcrcst Dr- Creenvillc, S. C.STUDENT DIRECTORY—Confirmed Class Namk Address 2 S,2 2 1 3 3 1 1 2 1 0 — 4 1 1 3 3 4 2 3 1 2 T Sp. 3 1 1 1 1 4 4 2 3 1 2 3 3 4 4 2 1 1 3 3 Sp. 2 1 Sp. 4 4 3 1 3 3 Sp. 2 1 Sp. 3 1 1 2 3 2 2 2 1 1 3 1 2 3 4 Shockley, Ronald S. 18 Old Augusta Rd., Greenville, S. C. Short. Norma Kathryn 9 Elm St.. Great Falls, S. C. Sides, Dennis D. 33 North Haven Dr., Greenville, S. C. Simmons, Beverly Frances. 121 Skinner Rd., Augusta, Ga. Simonds, Glenda Sue 2301 Alameda Pi., Kingsport, Tcnn. Simpson, Allan R. 112 Ingersoll Loop, Ft. Benning, Ga. Simpson, Dorothy Louise Rt. 8, Box 161, Greenville, S. C. Sims, Horace B., Jr. 1102 Woodside Avc., Greenville, S. C. Sisk, Michael A. South Fourth St., Woodruff, S. C. Sizemore. Fiona Maxine, 3003 S. Church Ext., Spart'burg, S. C. Skaddcn, Stuart B. . .......... Ill Park Avc., Manhasset. N. Y. Skinner, Yancy L......................... Rt. 2, Woodruff, S. C. Small, Wade H............................ Rt. 2, Lancaster, S. C. Smith, Anna Beth 400 Cary St., Greenville, S. C. Smith, Annctta Foreman 309 E. Hillcrcst Dr., Greenville, S. C. Smith. Clarence E. Smith. Ellison L. . ...... Smith. Floree Sutton (Mrs.) Smith, George R. Smith, Harold B., Jr. Smith, Herman A. Smith, Irene Graham Smith, Jerry K. Smith, Judith Elaine Smith. June Love— Connie Maxwell Children's Home, Greenwood, S. C. Smith. Linda ......................... Box 19, Kinards, S. C. Smith, Louis F...........................Rt. 1, Mathews, N. C. Smith, M. Wayne ...... Rt. 1, Townville, S. C. Smith, Nancy Ellen........ Concord Rd., Anderson, S. C. Smith, Raymond D.......... 11 S. Peachtree St., Liberty, S. C. Smith, Roberta Ellen.......... . .605 MilLs Avc., Liberty, S. C. 212 Sumter St.. Anderson, S. C. ... 607 River St., Belton, S. C. ............... Wcllford, S. C. 104 Carmel St., Greenville, S. C. 513 Williams St., Williamston, S. C. 15 Mills Avc., Greenville. S. C. 503 Bolivar, Bcllaire, Texas 407 Fourth St., Corbin, Ky. Box 334, Great Falls. S. C. Smith, Stanley B., Jr. Smoak, Gary A....... Smoak, Roger G., Jr. Snipes, Elgcnia Ruth Snipes. Ralph O. 5 Latimer St„ Greenville, S. C. 250 Carolina Ave., Orangeburg, S. C. Cordova, S. C. ..242 Grandview Dr., Concord, N. C. .... 23 Smythc St., Greenville, S. C. Snow, Mama Wood (Mrs.) Box 254, Rt. 1. Simnsonville,S.C. Snyder, Catherine Elizabeth, 1139 S. Main St., Gr’nwood, S. C. Southerlin, Ester Diane 21 High Hill St., Greenville, S. C. Southern, Janet C. 106 Duncan Chapel Rd., Greenville, S. C. .................. Box 432, Camden, S. C. .....................Rt. 1, Boswell, Fla. 700 Sloan St., Clinton, S. C. 800 N. Franklin Rd.. Creenvillc, S. C. ............Rt. 1, Westminster, S. C. 1 Westbrook Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Speaks, Joseph G. Speichcr, Larry S. Spillcrs, Betty Sue Spivey. James C. Stancil. Virginia Frances Stanfield, James D. . Stark, Carolyn Kay % S Sgt. C. E. Stark, AF37768896. Hq., Lackland Military Training Center, Lackland AFB, San Antonio. Texas Starr. James M. Apt. 7, Montague Vil.. F. U., Greenville, S. C. Stephens, Harry P. ... 1605 Linda Way, Atlanta, Ga. Stevens, Danna Dale.........................Box 134, Eden, Ala. Stevens, Wayne A. 1210 W. Main St., Union, S. C. Stevenson. Roger E. 42 Ranger Dr. Charleston Heights., S. C. Stewart. W. Woodrow Stogner, Francis T. Stokes, John J. ... Stone, Barbara Jane Stone, Fletcher S., Jr. Stone, Kathryn Kerhulas (Mrs.) Stone. Linda Carolyn Rt. 3, Jefferson, Ga. 4-C Poinsett Apts., Greenville, S. C. 299 S. Watkins, Memphis, Tcnn. 35 Woodvalc Avc., Greenville, S. C. 35 Woodvalc Ave., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2, Marietta, S. C. Rt. 2. Greenville. S. C. Stoudenmire. Jane C. 213 Hampton Ave., Honca Path, S. C. Stover, Joseph H. 41-E Woodland Homes, Greenville, S. C. Stowe, Stella P. (Mrs.) 206 Hermitage Rd., Greenville, S. C. Strawhom. John R. Stroman, Dorothy McCants Stuven, Thomasia Elaine.. Styles, Tench J.f Jr. Styles, Texie Ann ...... . Styron, Steve P....... Summcrall, Everett T., Jr. Sumner, Gary O........... Sumner, Jim G.......... Summcy. Frances Sutherland, Harold R..... Sutherland. Molly Marie Sutherland Phyllis Anne Sutton, Shelly H., Jr. Syms, Olive Katherine 318 King St., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. ... Box 217, Orangeburg, S. C. . .. 1717 Forest Dr., Camden, S. C. Box 109, Travelers Rest, S. C. Rt. 4, Travelers Rest, S. C. 1 Meyers Dr., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 5. Box 31 -B, Aiken, S. C. 1819 N. Main St., Greenville, S. C. 3712 33rd. Tampa, Fla. 705 Lafayette Ave., Anderson, S. C. 118 Cochran Block, Anderson, S. C. 113 Strode Circle, Clemson, S. C. 118 Cochran Block, Anderson, S. C. .............Rt. 1, Fort Mill, S. C. Box 323. Easley, S. C. 3 Tallent, Johnny L. Rt. 4. Box 454, Rock Hill. S. C. Class Name 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 Sp. 1 3 1 3 4 1 2 Sp. 2 1 3 1 1 1 3 2 4 1 1 4 3 1 1 Sp. Sp. Sp. 3 3 2 2 4 1 1 1 1 0 3 3 2 1 3 2 2 4 1 1 2 Address ...... 21 Lincoln St., Canton, Miss. Rt. 2, Lamar. S. C. Rt. 4, Box 115-A. Hemingway. S. C. 1460 Belvedere St., Jacksonville, Fla. Box 189. Rt. 2. Travelers Rest, S. C. 705 North St.. Anderson, S. C. 4205 Old Buncombe Rd., Gr’nville, S. C. 545 Anderson I r., Woodruff, S. C. Talley, R. Thad .... Tallon, Sara Ann Tanner, Betty Ixm Tanner, Paul W. Tate, Jachin L. Taylor, Billy J. Taylor, Elizabeth T. Taylor, Fred E....... Taylor, Geraldine Bernice. .211 Brooks Ave., Greenville, S. C. Taylor, James N.. Jr. . 47 Smith St., Ware Shoals, S. C. Taylor, Janice Isabelle 66 McCampbcll St., Warrenville, S. C. Taylor, Jo Ellen Taylor, Mary Jane Taylor, Myma Anne Taylor, Robert W. Taylor, Sam W. . . Taylor, Sara Anne Taylor, Smilie Jean Teal, Edith Terry, Edgar L. Tew, John G., Jr. Thibodeau, Paige Thomas, Jerry R. Thompson, Thomas R. Thornton, John A., Jr. Threikeld, Harold P. . Thrift, Pauline J. (Mrs.) Tilley, Mary Elizabeth Timmerman, Raymond L. 2713 W. Carolina Ave., Hartsvillc, S. C. 121 W. Augusta PI.. Greenville, S. C. 1419 Axtel Dr.. Cayce. S. C. Rt. 6. Greer, S. C. 2527 Blackmon Dr., Decatur. Ga. ...... Rt. 1. Box 194, Laurens, S. C. .... 715 S. Dargan St., Florence,S.C. Rt. 5. Box 368, Charleston, S. C. .................... Rt. 6, Greer, S. C. 21 Nasturtium St., Sebrin, Fla. 35th Ave., N., Myrtle Beach, S. C. 11-1 48th St., W., Birmingham, Ala. Thomason, Malone W., Jr., Rt. 3. Cedar Ln Dr., Gr’nville, S. C. Thomason, Martha Belote, 518 Woodland Way, Greenville. S. C. Thompson, Alice Alberta 2614 E. North Avc., Anderson, S. C. Thompson, Eleanor Joyce 230 Pine St Ext., Greer, S. C. Thompson, Mason E. 2300 E. North St., Greenville, S. C. Thompson, Robert L. 5516 N. Rhett Ave., N. Charleston. S. C. 807 Elizabeth St.. Anderson, S. C. 1285 Dove Ln., Laurel Bay, S. C. RFD 1, Iva.S.C. 304 Duckett St., Whitmire, S. C. 307 Broad St., Anderson, S. C. 12 I-owndes Ave., Creenvillc, S. C. Timms, Jacqueline R. (Mrs.), 610-A Bennett St., Gr’nville, S. C. Timms, Leslie M.. Jr. . 610-A Bennet St., Greenville, S. C. Tompkins, Judith Lynne Townsend. Luther K. Touchberry, Marian Elizabeth Touchberry, Mildred Ann Trail. Lottie Amelia........ Trammell, James A. Trammell, Kenneth A. Trapp, Patsy Elisc Tripp, Charles B. Trotman, V. Ronald.. Trotter. Loyd C......... Truesdell, Alice Eleanor Truesdell. Miriam Barton Turner, Charles F....... Turner, Douglas L. . Turner. John H. ...... Turner. William M. Turrcntinc, William N. Tuten, Parma Westbury 15 Farr Ave., Andrews, S. C. 902 W. Main St.. Dillon. S. C. Box 368, Summerton, $. C. Box 368, Summerton, S. C. .....Rt. 3, Spartanburg, S. C. .... Rt. 4, Taylors, S. C. 256 Elm St.. Clinton, S. C. ... 4303 Ridgewood, Columbia, S. C. Apt. G-3 Claussen St., Greenville, S. C. ...... Big A Rd., Toccoa, Ga. 123 John St., Pickens, S. C. 6425 85th PI.. Hyattsville, Md. . . 6425 85th PI., Hyattsville. Md. St. Stephen, S. C. A-l Berkley Ave., Creenvillc, S. C. 309 Potomac Ave., Greenville, S. C. 706 E. Godbold St.. Marion, S. C. 9 W. Tallulah Dr., Greenville, S. C. ............. . Jacksonboro, S. C. 1 Urmann, Frank S. Sp. Uscilowicz. Eugene E. 1 Usher, Paul D..........132 1 Van Wicklen, Ceorgc H., 3 Varner. George K....... Sp. Vassy, Rion D. 3 Vaughn, E. Lamont. ______ 1 Vaughn, Ronnie D......... 1 Veal. Willie N............ 1 Verdin. Thomas M., Ill 1 Vickers, John L........... 1 Vickery, David J......... 3 Vogels, Bob J........... 1 Voss, Barbara Corlyn 1259 2 Wade, Hubert C......... Sp. Wade, William F. 1 Waikart, Harry T........ 1 Waldrep, Mickey Jane 4 Waldrop. Cynthia Brock 2 Walker, Nancy Deanna 1 Walker, Walter K. 4 Wall, Mary Kathleen 4 Wallace, Arch. Ill...... 3 Wallace, M. Eugene 2 Walter. Howard T. ... .....5801 84th Ave., Carrollton, Md. 329 W. Cherry St., Shenandoah, Pa. Montreat Rd., Black Mountain, N. C. HI Northern Blvd., Brookville, N. Y. 204 Brockman Ave., Greenville, S. C. 34 Byrd Blvd., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 5, Creenvillc, S. C. Rt. 2. Shelby. N. C. ................ Canal Point. Fla. Mauldin, S. C. ... 128 Lyons Dr.. Frankfort, Ky. 27 I uke St., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2, Box 471, Wilmington, N. C. Brookforcst Dr., N. E.. Atlanta, Ga. ...... Rt. 6, Greer, S. C. ....... Rt. 6, Greer, S. C. S. Fairplay St., Seneca, S. C. 19 Tomassee Ave., Greenville, S. C. 409 Summit Dr., Greenville, S. C. 15 Carolina Ave., Creenvillc, S. C. 121 Irby Ave., Laurens, S. C. . Box 95. Moncks Comer. S. C. 108 Alpine Way, Creenvillc, S. C. .. Rt. 1. Box 210, Tucker,Ga. 1018 E. Main St., Bellevue, Ohio 203STUDENT DIRECTORY—Confirmed Class Namk Aoohkss 1 4 3 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 4 1 2 2 4 2 Sp. 4 1 3 1 4 3 1 3 2 4 1 1 1 4 2 1 3 2 1 4 1 3 Ward. Donald E. Wait, Phoebe K. (Mrs.) Warrell. James E. Warren. Olin R„ Jr. Waters, Charles W. Waters, John V. Watkins, Linda Lou Watson, Cecilia Wilhite Watson, Davit! L. Webb, Gwendolyn Gay Wellxim, James II. Wells, lames B. WelmaKer, Jerry G. Werner. Mac Margaret West. Barbara Lucille West, Julian E........... West, Margie Alfreda Westmoreland, Judith Anne Westmoreland. Robert T. . . Wham, Mary Ann Wheeler. John W„ III White, II. Michael White, Nancy Lynne Whiting. II. Bixler Whitmire. Don C. Whitmire, Thomas D. Whitmire, liarriettc Loyd 31 Circle Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 208 40th Ave.. Myrtle Beach, S. C. 4503 Longfellow Ave., Tampa, Fla. 222 W. Atlantic Ave.. Audubon, N. J. 500 Masonic St.. Milieu, Ga. 210 Water St., Washington, Ga. Rt. 20, Knoxville 21, Tenn. 2845 Novus St., Sarasota, Fla. Rt. 3, Taylors, S. C. Ridge Spring. S. C. 5 Montague Vil., Greenville, S. C. E-7 Graham Field Apts., Greenville, S. C. 127 South 2nd St.. Easley, S. C. Box 264, Cameron, S. C. Rt. 5. Carrollton. Ga. 25 Pinehurst Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4, Spartanburg, S. C. Box 222, Rt. 3. Easley, S. C. 60 Terra codale. Girffin, Ga. 44 Secession A e., Abbeville, S. C. Rt. 3. Easley. S. C. 20-1 N. 4th Ave.. Dillon, S. C. Box 31, Saluda, S. C. 2300 Burgett Rd.. Mobile. Ala. 140 Bradley Blvd., Greenville, S. C. 31 W. Hi Merest Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 13 Linnet Dr.. Greenville, S. C. Williams. Beverly Prickett 817 Evans Rd., Marion, S. C. Williams. Bonnie Ellen 1619 Winyah Dr., Columbia, S. C. Williams, Claudia Gerry, 3181 Wynn Dr., Avondale Estates. Ga. 36 Allen St., Greenville, S. C. Springfield. S. C. 801 Gardner St., Shelby, N. C. Rt. 3. Inman. S. C. Box 338. T'revelers Rest. S. C. 110 Vannoy St., Greenville. S. C. 506 Linden Ave., Greenville. S. C. Williams, Sarah T. (Mrs.), 1620 E. North St., Greenville. S. C. Williams, Sara Lynn 512 Amherst Ave., Columbia, S. C. Williams, David II. Williams, Fred S. Williams, Glenn A. Williams, John E. Williams, Marie Elizabeth Williams, Ray R., Jr. Williams, Sarah Antoinette Class Name Address 1 1 3 2 1 2 3 Sp. 4 3 2 Sp. 4 2 3 3 2 4 3 1 1 3 1 1 1 4 1 2 3 2 3 3 1 2 1 1 1 Williams, Thomas II. 100 Wilson Ave.. Port Manmouth, N. J. Williams. William P. Emma St.. Rt. 5, Greenville. S. C. Williamson. Beverly Kay 1621 Gervais St., Columbia, S. C. Willis, Thomas L. Willis. Virginia Lee Wilson, Bobby J. Wilson. Carolyn Sue Wilson. Eunice Mavis Wilson, Henry L. . Wilson, James L. Wilson. Judith Ann Wilson, Leighton M. Wilson, Robert D. Witsell, Alice Louise Wood, Mary Hunter (Mrs.) Woodall. Michael V. Woodham, Robert T. Woodle, Jimmy O. Woodson. Marvin C. Woolley, Steven R. Work ham. James VV. Rt. 1. Fountain Inn, S. C. 5 Timber Ln„ Rt. 5. Greenville. S. C. 402 North "A” St.. Easley, S. C. 609 Third Ave., Kingstroe. S. C. Rt. 2. Pickens. S. C. 11 Fant Ave., Union, S. C. Easley Hwy., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1. Box 308. Greenville, S. C. 4605 Lowell Ave.. Tampa, Fla. Rt. 1, Williamston. S. C. 1635 Carolina Ave., Kingsport, Tenn. Rt. 6. Greenville, S. C. 11 Vannoy St., Greenville, S. C. 307 N. Dennis Ave.. Bishopville, S. C. Box .5-19, Dillon. S. C. Rt. 3. Belton. S. C. 2315 S. Halifax St., Daytona Beach, Fla. P. O. Box 163. Union, S. C. Wright. James O. 2-107 Wade Hampton Blvd., Gr’nville, S. C. Wright, Jefferson M. Wright, Jimmy E. Wylie, William P. Wynn, Robert L. Yates, Charles T. . Yates, Dewey J. Yelton. Melissa Yesbeck, Paul J. Yonally. Howard E. Young, Patricia Inez Young, T. Corbin, III Zeccola, Vito I. Zepp. Richard G. Zincke, William K. Zippcrer, David B. Rt. 1, Johnston. S. C. Box 265, Mauldin, S. C. 109 Glassy Mt. St., Pickens, S. C. 10 Beech wood Ave., Greenville. S. C. Telford St., Alcoa, Tenn. 5 S. Florida Ave., Greenville, S. C. 12th St. Dr., N. W„ Hickory. N. C. 1002 N. Main St.. Greenville. S. C. 1019 E. Comanche Ave., Tampa. Fla. 230 Grace Ter., Greenwood, S. C. 208 Stewart St., Greenville, S. C. 3-125 Westfield Ave., Camden, N. J. 126 Seminole I r.. Greenville, S. C. 400 N. E. 5th Ave., Pompano Beach, Fla. 312 Churchill Rd.. N. Charleston. S. C. GRADUATE STUDENTS Armstrong, Robert P. I lonea Path. S. C. Hubbard, William B. 613 College Heights, Anderson, S. C. Rt. 1. Box 202, Pelzer, S. C. North Greenville Jr. College. Tigerville, S. C. 207 Princeton Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 1, Simpsonville, S. C. Rt. 3. Sutton Dr.. Taylors, S. C. Wesleyan College, Central. S. C. 1 S. Texas Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 108 Seminole Dr., Greenville. S. C. 109 Sewanee Ave., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 1. Box 243. Seneca. S. C. Rt. 1. Clinton, S. C. 7521 Valley Falls Rd.. Spartanburg, S. C. 11 Maryland Apts., Greenville, S. C. 2509 Poinsett Hwy., Greenville, S. C. Queens Ct.. Pickens. S. C. Ballard. Mildred Wall Barnes, Mrs. Betty Jo Bishop, Miss Margaret C. Bradley, Margaret Bramlctt. Jeff A., Jr. Brank, Leonard C. Bryant, Mrs. Lillian Gibson Bodkin, Mrs. Berdis-Ella Christian, Miss Elizabeth Cross, Golden II., Jr. Dailey, George W. Davis. Joseph W. Dom. Miss Etta Moseley Donovan, Mrs. Ruth R. Durham. Bill Gravely Ezell, Mrs. Loretta Dtckworth Flowers, Mrs. Shirley K. Furr, Mrs. Alene W. Fuseler, Mrs. Helen R. Cable, Paul K. Gaffney, Clyde M., Ill Gray, Mrs. Eunice R. 313 W. Prentiss, Greenville, S. C. 108 Grove Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Box 1117. Tryon. N.C. 30 Burgundy Dr., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4. Belton. S. C. 101 Lullwater Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Box 175, Williamston, S. C. luiird. Daniel F. 3 Bear Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Lloyd. Mrs. Francis Rt. 5. Box 417. Rock Hill. S. C. Martin, Mrs. Elizabeth D. Moody, William R. Morgan, Miss Ethel E. 48 Coventry Lane. Greenville. S. C. Box 131. Simpsonville, S. C. 32 Warner St., Greenville, S. C. Palmer, Mrs. Bettic J. Rt. 2, Pelham Rd., Greenville, S. C. Robinson, Jack A. 303 Old Liberty Rd.. Easley. S. C. Roper, Mrs. Carey J. McC. 43 S. Main St., Fountain Inn. S. C. Smith, Mrs. Evaline N. 1201 Augusta St., Greens-ille, S. C. Stepp, Mrs. Patricia Wolfe 207-A Churchill Ct., Greenville, S. C. Thomas, Harry L. Thomas, Miss Sara E. Thornton, Miss L. Lucille Tripp. Mrs. Elizabeth M. 7 Church St.. Liberty, S. C. Rt. 3, Box 143, Greenville, S. C. 1402 E. North St., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2, Piedmont, S. C. Walker, William P. Watson, Mrs. Leona V. White. John D. Williams. Miss Ruth M. Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth S. 130 Duncan Chapel Rd., Grecnsille, S. C. Rt. 7, Greenville, S. C. 28 Buena Vista, Greenville, S. C. 1772 Ebcnezer ltd.. Rock Hill, S. C-311 Perry Ave., Greenville, S. C. 204INDEX Activities Division.................................... 34 Administration Division..............................132 Administrative Staff....................................139 Advertisements..........................................186 Alpha Epsilon Delta......................................51 Alpha Phi Camma..........................................53 Alpha Phi Omega..........................................59 Argonauts................................................58 Band.....................................................34 Baptist Student Union....................................76 Baseball................................................122 Basketball..............................................114 Battle Group Staff.......................................96 Blue Key.................................................49 BONHOMIE Beauties.......................................2 1 BONHOMIE Staff...........................................68 Canterbury Club..........................................81 Cheerleaders............................................113 Chi Beta Phi.............................................51 Circle "K"...........................................61 Class Division.......................................140 Color Guard..........................................97 Concert Choir............................................66 Contents................................................ II Cross Country...........................................121 Day Students Association.................................41 Dedication............................................... 4 Department Chairmen.....................................136 Echo.....................................................71 Epilogue................................................206 Events Division......................................... 12 Executives..............................................135 Faculty.................................................137 Features.................................................20 Football................................................104 Foreword................................................ 16 Freshman Advisory Boards.................................42 Freshman Baseball.......................................124 Freshman Basketball.....................................120 Freshman Class.........................................181 Freshman Class Officers.................................ISO Furman Singers...........................................62 Coif....................................................128 Hand and Torch...........................................48 Handbook.................................................71 Homecoming.............................................. 16 Honoraries...............................................45 Hornet...................................................72 Houseboard...............................................41 Interfratemity Council...................................85 International Relations Club.............................59 Intramurals.............................................129 Junior Class............................................169 Junior Class Officers...................................168 Kappa Alpha..............................................86 Kappa Delta Epsilon......................................52 Kappa Phi Kappa..........................................52 Lc Salon Francois.........................................59 Lutheran Student Association..............................81 Marshals..................................................43 May Day...................................................30 Men’s Judicial Council....................................39 Ministerial Union.........................................78 Miss BONHOMIE.............................................22 Music Club................................................60 Organizations.............................................54 Pep Club..................................................55 Pershing Rifles...........................................96 Phi Mu Alpha..............................................53 Physical Education Majors Club............................60 President of the University..............................134 President’s Cabinet.......................................50 Psychology Club...........................................58 Publications..............................................67 Publications Board........................................74 Quaternion................................................50 Religion Division.........................................75 Rifle Team................................................97 R. O. T. C................................................94 R.O.T.C. Band.............................................97 R. O. T. C. Sixmsors......................................95 Saddle Soap Club..........................................60 Scabbard and Blade........................................96 Senior Class.............................................143 Senior Class Officers....................................142 Senior Order..............................................49 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.......................................88 Social Board.............................................8 1 Social Division...........................................82 Social Standards Board....................................43 Sociology Club............................................58 Sophomore Class..........................................175 Sophomore Class Officers.................................174 Sports Division..........................................102 Student Body Officers.....................................37 Student-Faculty Committee.................................44 Student Government........................................36 Student Legislature.......................................40 Student Volunteers........................................78 Tau Kappa Epsilon.........................................90 Tennis...................................................125 Theater Guild.............................................56 Theta Chi.................................................92 Track....................................................126 Traffic Board.............................................44 Wesley Foundation.........................................80 Westminster Fellowship....................................80 Who's Who.................................................46 Women's Recreation Association...........................131 Women’s Student Council...................................38 Young Women’s Auxiliary...................................79 Young Women’s Christian Association.......................79 205By Jim McElvkkn Transition—Darkness Into Light . . . Lengthening shadows creep slowly along; glorious sunset hues stain the earth; flickering lights twinkle on the far horizon; then the converging shadows form one dark canopy—NIGHT. Campus scenes at this time of day impress themselves indelibly upon the memory of each one who passes the fleeting moments of life in the college environment. The sounds, feelings, voices—the very moods of nightfall— induce reverie. The failures and successes, sorrows and joys—all the mental, spiritual, and physical experiences of life—become associated with places like these on campus. Light and darkness contrast in much the same way as do encounters day by day. It is what one does with these forces that determines his relative value to society. Thus, experiences of the past blend into one marvelous memory. One phase of life ends; another begins. The future holds untold secrets which only time will release. However, transition brings with it a hope which gleams more brightly after the darkness is gone.Experiences of the past blend into one marvelous memory." “A hope gleams after darkness is gone." 3

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