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Wayne Ham-Editor Alice Dean-Assistant Editor Paul Hutchinson —Business ManagerJames C. Furman Classroom Building THE NEW CAMPUS Administration Building Geer and Manly Dorms Joined by Earle LoungeAll-Weather Tennis Courts The Dining Hall THE UNIVERSITY James Buchanan Duke LibraryWest Dormitory ALMA MATER A mountain city is her home A mountain river laves her feet— And from far coasts her children come And crown her brow with flowers sweet, And neath her shade they rest secure, And drink from wisdom’s fountain pure,-And rally, loyal sons and true. Round our dear Alma Mater! A ship of royal make is she, And brings her treasures from afar. Her truth it is that makes us free, And shines her beacon like a star, Twas Furman's hand that laid her keel, And Judson set her ribs of steel; The Fathers, prayerful for our weal. Launched our dear Alma Mater. A mother gentle, fair, and wise, And grave with weight of storied lore. She greets us with love’s radiant eyes, And chains our hearts forevermore. Old Furman! grateful sons are we. Our love, our lives we give to thee; We'll keep faith's vow to serve but thee, Our own dear Alma Mater. —Dr. E. M. Poteat, —F. W. B. Barnes. 4Ramsay Fine Arts Auditorium Campus of the Women's College sDedication DR. DOROTHY RICHEY Admired by faculty, administrators, and students because she is a living symbol of the spirit of Furman University, this teacher lives what she believes. She has the ability to command respect and yet to be a companion. Her boundless energy is a source of constant amazement to those who work with her in her dramatic productions. Her amateur actors will never forget her favorite expressions "project” and “look interested”. Few others have the skill to place seventy-five singers on Furman's small stage and make them appear natural. As a teacher she improves the student’s ability to express himself. Her innate ability to conduct her classes on the highest academic standard is admired by her colleagues and students. Because we appreciate the contributions she makes to student life in and out of the classroom, because she strives to improve our appreciation of the finer things of life, and because she believes in us and our ability to succeed, the staff dedicates the 1959 BONHOMIE to Dr. Richey. 7In the fall of 1955 the Freshmen men of the dass of 1959 moved into Dormitory “C" to become the “pioneers' on the New Campus. With the graduation of this dass the dream of “A Greater Furman for a Greater Tomorrow" is nearing completion. Within the next two years the underdass vgnj n wil join the men and the senior women on the New Campus. In keeping with these changes the BONHOMIE staff has chosen to change the style of the yearbook into a more modem and attractive book. In years to come alumni will look on this change of campuses and this yearbook as history, but for the present both live in our minds. College is a time for laughter, hope, anxiety, frustration, disappointment, concentration, work, success, study, play, and love. To capture these in pictures would be an impossibility, for these must be recalled to mind in quiet moments of meditation when 1959 is far behind. To aid the memory and lighten the soul in times of recollection we present this book ... the 1959 BONHOMIE.Administration................................................ Classes............................................. . . . Seniors....................................... 20 Juniors........................................51 Sophomores.................................... 58 Freshmen...................................... 63 Activities.................................................... Student Government . 72 Honoraries.................................... 81 Organizations .............................. Publications................................. 104 Religion..................................... 113 Social....................................... 120 Features..................................... 137 R. O.T.C..................................... 152 10 18 70 Sports........................................... 160 Advertisements.............v......................188Dr. John Laney Plyler, BA, LL.B., LL.D., Litt.D. President This year marks the 20th anniversary of one who has worked tirelessly in the realization of the dream of "the Greater Furman." During the fall of 1958, the last phase of the transition from old to new was made. The patience, fortitude, and wisdom of our president have served to overcome many of the difficulties. The new campus is no longer a dream, but a magnificent reality. Students, faculty, and alumni can be proud of their university, which has progressed and will continue to do so under the able leadership of our president. Dr. Plyler, a Christian gentleman as well as a superior administrator. 12EXECUTIVES Left to riSht: ELDREDGE M. CASKEY, B.A., Business Manager and Treasurer; ALBERT E. TIBBS, Th.D., Dean of the University; GEORGE A. CHRISTENBERRY, Ph.D., Administrative Director. Left to right: FRANCIS W. BONNER, Ph.D., Dean of the Men's College; OLIVIA FUTCH, Ph.D., Dean of the Women's College; CHARLES W. BURTS, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School. Left to right: DUPRE RHAME, B.Mus., Director of the Division of Fine Arts; FRANCIS W. BONNER, Ph.D., Director of the Division of the Humanities; JOHN W. HOSKINS, Ph.D., Director of the Division of the Social Studies; JOHN A. SOUTHERN, Ph.D., Director of the Division of the Physical Sciences. 13arey 8A08 CAMPBELL CHILES DUKES FLANDERS LATHAM MASSEY PULLEY RASOR F A C I DEPARTMENT HEADS IRA LEE BAKER. M.A. Professor of Journalism REECE CROXTON BLACKWELL. Ph.D. Professor ol Mathematics FRANCIS WESLEY BONNER. Ph.D. Professor ol English JOSEPH CARLYLE ELLETT. Ph.D. Professor of Economics PAUL LEWIS FISHER. Ph.D. Professor of Geology HENRY JACKSON FLANDERS. JR.. Th.D. Professor of Religion DELBERT HAROLD GILPATRICK. Ph.D. Professor of History ERNEST EUGENE HARRILL. Ph.D. Professor of Politico! Science (Acting Head) LT. COLONEL GEORGE C. KIMMEL. B.A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics CARROLL HENRY LEEDS. Ph.D. Professor of Psychology SARA LOWREY. M.A. Professor of Speech ARTHUR HENRY MOEHLENBROCK. Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages DONALD WHEELER PACKARD. Ph.D. Professor of Music CHARLES STUART PATTERSON. Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry (Acting Head) JOHN ROLAND PATTY, Ph D. Professor of Physics DAVID CLARENCE PULLEY. Ph.D. Professor of Education CHARLES DAYTON RIDDLE. M.S. Professor of Biology JEFFERSON DAVIS SADLER. Ph.D. Professor of Classical Languages JOHN DOUGLAS SYKES. JR.. S.M. Professor of Engineering AL8ERT ELIAS TIBBS. Th.D. Professor of Philosophy (Not Pictured) CHARLES EDWARD BLACKWOOD. B.F.A. Professor of Art HUBERT RAY DOBSON. M.A. Professor of Health and Physical Education JOHN WILLARD HOSKINS. Ph.D. Professor of Sociology 14Faculty of Administration VIRGINIA MARSH AREy. B.A.. Acting Registrar. Women College WINSTON CHANDLER BABB. Ph.D.. Assistant to Dean ol Men' College MARLENE CAMPBELL. M.S-, Social Director of the Univertity MARGUERITE CHILES. M.A.. Director of Student Personnel. Women' College MORGAN DUKES. B.D.. Director of Religious Activities HENRy JACK FLANDERS. Th.D., Chaplain ol the University GEORGE WATKINS LATHEM, JR.. M.A., Director of Student Personnel, Men’s College DyRA EDWIN MASSEy, JR.. M.A., Director of Development and Public Relations DAVID CLARENCE PULLEy. Ph.D.. Director of Summer School CHARLES LEWIS RASOR, M.A., Registrar and Director of Admissions, Men’s College T Y LyLES ALLEy. M.A. Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education JIM MORRIS ASHCRAFT. Th.D. Associate Professor of Religion WINSTON CHANDLER BABB. Ph D. Associate Professor of History MART GELZER BALDWIN. JR.. M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry VIRGINIA RUTH BARNES. M.A. Assistant Professor of Home Economics ROBERT DUNCAN BASS. Ph.D. Professor of English EDWARD THOMAS BROWN. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education ROBERT L. BROWN. Ph.D. Associate Professor ol Psychology CLAUDE ELIZABETH BRISENDINE. M.A. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education CHARLES WATSON BURTS. Ph.D. Professor of Psychology CATHARINE BOyD CALHOUN. M.A. Assistant Professor of Art WILBUR L CARR. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education CLAUDE MITCHELL CARNELL. JR.. M.A. Instructor in Speech JOHN HENRy CRABTREE. JR.. M.A. Assistant Professor of English AILEEN COGGINS. M.A. Associate Professor of Modern Languages ROBERT WILSON CRAPPS. Th.D. Assistant Professor of Religion SARAH MITCHEL DAVENPORT. B.S. Instructor in Home Economics VICTOR MyERS DAy. M.S. Assistant Professor of Chemistry ELIZABETH DONNALD. M.A. Assistant Professor of English LAURA SMITH EBAUGH. M.A. Associate Prolessor of Sociology 15Faculty______________________________ DAN ATKINS ELLIS, M.Mus.Ed. Assistant Professor o! Music OLIVIA FUTCH, Ph.D. Professor of Education META E. GILPATRICK, M.A, Associate Professor of English NIELD P. GORDON, 8.A. Instructor in Health and Physical Education IRVING A. HAMILTON. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History CHARLIE SIMPSON HARRELSON. Captain Assistant Professor of MS T MARTHA HARRISON. M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Secretarial Science RAYMOND WILLIAM HEATWOLE. Ph.D. Professor of Economics JAMES E. HERRING. Ph.D. Professor of Modern Language FRANCES HUDGENS. M.A. Assistant Professor of Education JAMES WILLIAM JOHNSON. M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Business Admini.tratioi EDWARD B. JONES. M.A. Instructor in History JAMES HAWTHORNE KELLER. M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics SCHAEFFER KENDRICK. LL.B. Assistant Professor of Economies JOE MADISON KING. Th.D. Associate Professor of Religion SHIRLEY ANNE LEDFORD. B.A. Instructor in Music FRED C. MARTIN. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages NORA E. MULLENS. M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology EDWARD FRANCIS OLECHOVSKY. M A. Assistant Professor of Classical Languages HENRY GRADY OWENS. Ph.D. Professor of Education CARROLL L PELL. Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages ARNOLD EVERETTE PUTMAN. M.Mus. Associate Professor of Music CHARLES LEWIS RASOR. M.A. Assistant Professor of English ALFRED S. REID. Ph.D. Associate Professor of English ALICE RUTH REID. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Health and Physical Ed. DuPRE RHAME. B.Mus. Professor of Music DOROTHY RICHEY. Ph.D. Professor of Speech C. LELAND RODGERS. Ph.D. Professor of Biology CHARLES H. ROHE. M.A. Instructor of Health and Physical Education ROGERS D. RUSK. Ph.D. Visiting Professor of Physics ALBERT NEELY SANDERS. Ph.D. Associate Professor of History CHARLOTTE R. SMITH. M.A. Assistant Professor of Music W. LINDSAY SMITH. Doc.Sac.Mus. Associate Professor of Music JOHN ALBERT SOUTHERN. Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry JAMES T. STEWART. Ph.D. Associate Professor of English ROBERT WINSLOW TART. JR.. Captain, B.S. Assistant Professor of MSST WILLIAM H. THOMAS. M.A. Instructor in Music SAMUEL JESSE UNDERWOOD. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education EDWARD PINCKNEY VANDIVER. JR.. Ph.D. Professor of English JACK L WALKER. JR.. M.A. Assistant Professor of Political ScienceALICE 8ENSON ADAMS. M.S. . FLETCHER W. ALLEN. 8.A. . . . J. 8. BAGWELL.............. INEZ P. BURNS.............. GARLAND CARRIER. B.A. . . . JOHN THOMAS CHILES . . . ELEANOR GAIL COLEMAN . . OTTO FRANK EDWARDS . . . RALPH E. FLINT. B.A....... VIRGINIA W. GARRETT. B.A. . . DOROTHy JOHNSON GENTRy . ANN GODSHALL. B.A......... ROBERT BENNETT GONGOLA. B.A. PAUL CLIFTON GREER. B.A. . . JENNy P. HALLMAN........... VIRGINIA M. HAULBROOK . . . GENEVA E. HENDERSON. R.N. . DAVID MITCHELL HOWELL. B.S. BOB JENNINGS. B.A.......... LORENE D. JORDAN .... GAyLE M. KENNEDy. R.N. . . SHIRLEy FAyE KERNS .... ROBERT B. KING. B.A........ . . Assistant Librarian, F. U. . . Director oi New Service .....................Policeman . . . Switchboard Operator ..............Burtar. W.C. . . . . Building Supervisor . . Secretary, Library, W.C. ..................Policeman .......................Auditor Secretary, Development Office .................Postmistress . Assistant to Registrar, F. U. . . . Athletic Department . . Bookkeeper. Dining Hall . . . Secretary to Librarian . Secretary, Summer Session ..............Nurse, F. U. . . . Athletic Department . . . Athletic Department ....................Dietitian ...............Nurse. W.C. . . . Typist. Library, F. U. . . . Athletic Department Staff ZEDDIE BENJAMIN LATHEM . . ANN WOOD LAWTON .... ELIZA8ETH CRUDUP LEE ... . LUCILLE M. LEEDS............. RAMONA S. MANEy............. MABEL V. MARCHETTE........... MARTHA A. MARTIN. B.A. . . . RACHEL S. MARTIN. M.A........ VIRGINIA P. MEyER........... JESSIE E. MULKEy............ CLAUDE NELSON............... ANNA M. O'BRIEN.............. ELNEDA PADGETT. B.A.......... ELIZABETH R. PULLEy. B.S. . . . WILMA JACKIE SHELL. R.N. . . ETHEL CARLISLE SOUTHERN. 8.S. JULIA THOMPSON SPARKS . . ROBERT C. TUCKER, Ph.D. . . . WILLIAM PASCHAL WALKER. 8.A. MARy WARDLAW. B.S.......... MARGARET T. WEAVER. M.A. . . KATE HUTCHINSON WyATT . . SHIRLEy HEMBREE yOUNG . . . .....................Policeman ................... Bookkeeper . . Resident Counselor, W. C. . Secretary, Development Office . . Secretary, Business Office Resident Counselor, Manly Hall Secretary, Development Office . . . Assistant Librarian, F. U. . Secretary to Registrar, F. U. ............Assistant Dietitian .....................Policeman . Secretary. Dean of University . . Secretary, Dean ol Women . . . Secretary, Dean ol Men .................Nurse. W.C. .............Librarian. W.C. ........................Cashier ...............Librarian, F. U. .... Athletic Department . . . . Admissions Secretary ............Cataloger. Library . . Resident Counselor, W. C. . Secretary, Development Office Adams Allen Bagwell Burns Carrier Chiles Coleman Edwards Flint Garrett Gentry Godshall Gongola Greer Hallman Haulbrook Henderson Howell Jennings Jordan Kennedy Kerns King Lathem Lawton Lee Leeds Money Marchette Martin. M. Martin. R. Meyer Mulkcy Nelson O'Brien Padgett Pulley Shell Southern Sparks Tucker Walker Wardlaw Weaver Wyatt youngCAROLYN QUEEN and ERWIN HAMMETT. Secretaries LARRY BASS and PATSY KAY. Vice-Prewdents WILLIE CROMER and 8ENNETTA CLARY. Trcaiurert. TEO DAVIS and EVA LOU SHERROD. PretidenHMARY FRANCES ALLEN, Greenville 8.A. Physical Education . . . minor, Education . . . Kappa Delta Epiilon . . . Physical Education Majors' Club . . . Furman Singers . . . W. R. A. . . . Play Day ... to teach. WILLIAM ROY AXMANN, Anderson 8.A Business Administration . . . "Willie" . . . Rat Court ... 8. S. U. Greater Council . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . Block "F" Club . . . Blue Key President . . . Who's Who . . . Band . . . Junior Class President . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Varsity Track . . . Best All-Round Superlative. ROBERT CONWAy AYERS, Rock Hill B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . minor. History . . . "Bob" . . . Furman Singers . . . President's Cabinet . . . Social Board Chairman . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRED LAKE BAGWELL, Greenville B.A. Economics . . . minor, Political Science . . . Dean's List . . . Band . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . Hand and Torch. VIRGIL QUINLIN BARGIOL, Pendleton B.A. Speech . . . Junior Speech Medal . . . Alpha Psi Omega ... Phi Mu Alpha . . . Furman Singers . . . Anderson Junior College transfer. LARRY JOE BASS, Georgetown B.S. Biology . . . Rat Court . . . 8. S. U. Council . . . A. E. D. . . Captain Scabbard and Blade . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Senior Class Vice-President . . . Intramural Council President . . . B. S. U. Athletic Director . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Most Original Superlative . . . Elections Board . . . Dining Hall Committee . . . Freshman 8askctball. RUBY LEE BAYNE, Taylors 8.A. Economics . . . minor. Secretarial Science ... to do accounting. INDIA DAWN BEACHAM, Taylors B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Education . . . Sociology Club . . . attended North Greenville Junior College ... to teach or do graduate work. EARL EUGENE BEHR, Fairfax B.A. History . . . "Cub" . . . married . . . Ministerial Union . . . minor. Religion . . . College of Charleston transfer. STEPHEN NICHOLAS BENYA, Farrell, Pa. B.A. Business Administration . . . minor, Political Science . . . married . . . "Spike" . . , Varsity 8askctball.BARBARA ANNE BETHEA, Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Sociology ... to teach. ROBERT WILSON BIGGERSTAFF, Gastonia, N. C. B.A. Economic and Business Administration . . . minor, Journalism . . . "Hornet" Business Manager . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Varsity Football. HELEN ELIZABETH BISHOP, Summerville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . Betty . . . Furman Singers . . . May Court . . . Music Club . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest . . . Most Talented Superlative ... to teach. SIDNEY RODERICK BLAND, Caroleen, N. C. B.A. History . . . "Kidney Gland” . . . Student Legislature . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . President's Cabinet . . . Blue Key Secretary-Treasurer... Circle "K" President . . . Who’s Who . . . Furman Singers Business Manager . . . Phi Mu Alpha Vice-President . . . Kappa Phi Kappa Secretary-Treasurer . . . Junior Class Treasurer. ROBERT LAMAR BLEDSOE, McDonough, Ga. B.A. Spanish . . . Canterbury Club President . . . Cloister Secretary ... Phi Sigma lota Vice-President ... La Tertulia Etpanola . . . Kappa Phi Kappa . . . Le Salon Francois . . . BONHOMIE Literary Editor . . . "Echo" Assistant Editor . . . Social Board . . . Hand and Torch. CLYDE ODIS BOITER, Mauldin B.A. Religion . . . Psychology minor . . . married . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. DONALD FRANKLIN BOLT, Anderson B.A. Economics . . . minor. Psychology . . . "Thunder" . . . Student Legislature Vice-President . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Pershing Rifles . . . S. A. E. . . . Varsity Football. FREDDA WOOD BOROFF, Fountain Inn B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Physical Education . . . Day Students’ Association . . . plans to do social work. MARGARET IRENE BRELAND, Walterboro B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Sociology . . . Cheerleader . . . R. O. T. C. sponsor . . . Sociology Club . . . Pep Club Treasurer . . . Theatre Guild . . . B. S. U. . . . y. W. A. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Furman Singers . . . Music Club . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest... to teach. WILTON CORNELIUS BROOKS. Simpsonville B.A. Physical Education . . . Billy . . . minor. Education . . . Theta Chi . . . Block “F" Club . . . Varsity Baseball.JUAN A. BROWN, Greenville B.S. Biology . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Traci Team Captain . . . Block "P Club. MARy EARLE BROWN, Anderson B.A. English . . . minor. Secondary Education . . . "Merle" . . . Furman Singers . . . Follies . . . Social Standards 8oard . . . attended Winthrop College . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Section. SUSAN ANN BROWN, Greenville B.A. Piano Pedagogy . . . Music Club ... A Cappella Choir . . . "Sanna" . . . Secretary, Westminster Fellowship . . . Canterbury Club Vice-President. JOE DONALD BURCHFIELD, Charleston Heights B.S. Physics ... Chi Beta Phi . . . Inter-Fraternity Council . . . Theatre Guild . . . Social Board Treasurer . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . Treasurer. Tau Kappa Epsilon. JERRY WAYNE BURKETTE, Graniteville 8.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . "Bucket" . . . Dean's List . . . Furman Singers . . . Cosmopolitan Club . . . B. S. U. Secretary . . . Band . . . Intramural Tennis ... Phi Mu Alpha . . . T. K. E. BARBARA ANN BURRIS, Charleston B.A. History . . . Cheerleader . . . Who's Who . . . Friendliest Superlative . . . Senior Order . . . Vice-President Women's Student Body . . . W. R. A. Executive Council . . . Marshal . . . Faculty Editor, BONHOMIE . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . I. R.C. . . . Student Council. 23ALTON L. BURTON, Waterloo B.S. Biology . . . "Puffy” . . . minor. Math . . . Student Volunteer . . . Intramural . NANCY RUTH CALDWELL, Greenville 8.A. Elementary Education IRA J. CAREy, Nassau N. P. Bahamas B.A. History . . . minor, Journalism . . . Dean' Lilt . . Ministerial Union. BARBARA CARLISLE, Duncan B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Geology . . . Dean' List . . . French Club . . . plans to teach. PEGGy S. CARSON, Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Spanish . . . Day Students' Association . . . plans to teach. GERALD R. CARTER, Georgetown B.A. Church Music . . . Furman Music Club President . . . Furman Singers . . . Scabbard and Blade Secretary . . . R. O. T. C. Editor, BONHOMIE . . . Furman Follies . . . Houseboard . . . Junior-Senior Committee . . . Junior and Senior Voice Recital . . . Phi Mu Alpha. MARTHA FINNEGAN and BUDDY ROLLINS: Best Leaders 24GRACE E. CARSWELL, Savannah, Ga. 8.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Sociology . . . 6. S. U. Vice-President . . . y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . Furman Singcn . . . Freshman advisor . . . plans to do social work. FRED A. CASHION, Slater 8.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . married. RAY EDWARD CASON, Belton 8.A. Psychology. MARY BARR CAVE, Olar B.A. Sociology . . . minor. Elementary Education . . . Main Dorm President . . . Executive Council . . . W. R. A. Council . . . Marshal . . . B. S. U. . . . Sociology Club ... to do social work. NORMAN S. CHAMBERS, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . minor. Sociology . . . City College of New York transfer . . . Psychology Club . . . Sociology Club . . . ‘‘Echo" staff. DAINEE CHAMBLESS, Conway B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Psychology . . . Music Club . . . Houseboard . ... y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . plans to teach. JOE THURSTON CHANDLER, Piedmont B.S. Biology . . . minor, Chemistry . . . Band . . . Kappa Alpha. CHARLOTTE RAYE CHASTAIN, Taylors B.A Health and Physical Education . . . minor, Education . . . Vice-President, Physical Education Majors Club . . . W. R. A. Council . . . attended Berea College . . . plans to teach. RUDOLPH H. CHASTEEN, Piedmont B.A. Psychology . . . minor. History . . . Psychology Club . . . Ministerial Union . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. LINDA JO CHILDRESS, Fair Play B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor, Secretarial Science . . . A Cappelta Choir President . . . Music Club . . . Marshal . . . plans to teach. JAI H. CHOy, Seoul, Korea B.A. Mathematics. OSCAR EUGENE CHURCH, Taylors B.A. English . . . Gene . . . minor, Religion . . . Ministry . . . Clcmson transfer . . . married. GEORGE BAILEY CLARK, Waterloo B.A. Church Music . . . Music Club ... Phi Mu Alpha . . . Junior and Senior Organ Recital. BENNETTA ELAINE CLARy, Cameron B.A. History . . . minor, Political Science . . . Furman Singers . . . Freshman Class Treasurer . . . Senior Class Treasurer ... to teach. DORIS ANNETTE COLE, Winterville, N. C. B.A. English . . . Furman Singers . . . Mars Hill transfer ... B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Music minor . . . Hand and Torch. THOMAS HERBERT CONLEy, Columbia B.A. English . . . Tom ... B. S. U. Social Chairman . . . Student Volunteers Deputations Chairman . . . Circle "K" Club . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Furman Singers . . . Ministerial Union ... Phi Mu Alpha President . . . House Committee . . . Intramurals. CLARENCE THOMAS COOK, Lake City B.A. English . . . Tommy . . . President. Freshman and Sophomore Classes . . . Vice-President. Blue Key . . . President. Student Volunteers . . . Circle "K" Club . . . Ministerial Union . . . Intramurals . . . Psychology minor. CAROLyN LOUISE COOPER, Charleston B.A. French . . . Senior Order . . . Dean's List . . . Tau Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon ... Phi Sigma lota . . . Le Salon Francais . . . I. R. C. President . . . Debate Team . . . W. R. A. Council . . . y. W. A. Council . . . y. W. C. A. Cabinet Secretary . . . Forensic Forum . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Publications Board . . . "Hornet" . . . BONHOMIE Class Editor . . . Furman Follies Chairman . . . Junior-Senior Co-Chairman . . . Social Board . . . Who's Who . . . 8est Informed Superlative . . . "Hornet" Student of the Year. RACHAEL COUNTS, Prosperity B.A. Mathematics . . . Education minor . . . Student Council . . . Houscboard President . . . Dining Room Hostess . . . Social Standards Board . . . Senior Order . . . Dining Room Committee . . . Who's Who . . . plans to teach. JAMES O. COX, Greer B.A. Business Administration . . . married . . . History minor.MARTHA CRENSHAW COX, Cateechee B.A. Elementary Education . . . "Mot" . . . minor, Secretarial Science , . . attended North Greenville . . . plant to teach. RALPH EUGENE COX, JR., Greenville B.S. Biology ... Chi Beta Phi . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Intramurals . . . Chemistry minor. ALDEAN CRAIN, Landrum B.A. Sociology . . . Education minor . . . attended North Greenville . . . plans to teach. DONALD PRUE CRESSWELL, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . Don . . . Psychology minor . . . Furman Singers . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Intramurals . . . B. S. U. Executive Council. WILLIAM SANDEL CROMER, Westminster B.A. Psychology . . . Willie . . . Religion minor . . . Ministry . . . Treasurer Senior Class . . . B. S. U. . . . Intramural Football and Soltball. JACOB HARRY CROUT, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . History minor ... to be Lutheran Minister. 27JAMES HAROLD CROLIT, Greenville B.A. Political Science . . . minor, Economic . . . married . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon. L. REEVES DABNEY, Greenville 8.A. Business Administration . . . Biology minor . . . married . . . Vice President, T. K. E. METHA CLAIRE DANIELS, Lake City B.A. French . . . English minor . . . Senior Order . . . Student Body Treasurer . . . Third Vice-President. B. S. U. . . . Furman Singer . . . Joint Constitution Committee . . . Honor Committee . . . Who's Who . . . plans to do graduate work. HOWARD THEODORE DAVIS, Hendersonville, N. C. B.S. Chemistry . . . Ted . . . Dean’s List . . . General Motor Scholarship . . . Senior Class President . . . American Chemical Society President . . . President, Chi Beta Phi . . . Engineering Club Secretary-Treasurer . . , President’s Cabinet . . . Most Likely to Succeed Superlative . . . Hand and Torch. RODNEY EUGENE DAVIS, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . "Ell" . . . Pershing Rifle . . . Varsity Track . . . S. A. E. . . . Mathematics minor. WILLIAM B. DeBRUHL, Camden B.A. Religion . . . married . . . minor. Geology . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . minister. NORMA DICKSON, Greenville B.A. Economics . . . minor. Secretarial Science . . . Day Students’ Council... attended Queens College. JIMMY CARL DIXON, Greenville B.A. Economic . . . minor. Political Science . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. MARTHA ANN DOWIS, Ninety Si B.A. Elementary Education . . . Sociology minor . . . B. S. U. . . . Sociology Club . . . plans to teach . . . attended North Greenville. WILLIAM LUTHER DUNN, Greenville B.A. Political Science . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . minor, Economics.SARAH VIVIAN DYER, Blaisville, Ga. BA. Business Administration and Economics . . . minor. Secret "' ! Science . . . Furmjn Singers . . . B. S. U. . . . pl ns to teach . . . attended Truett-McConnell. MACK EDWARDS, Athens, Ga. B.A. Physical Education . . , Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . minor. Biology . . . Varsity Track and Football. JAMES FRANCIS EMERY, Cookeville, Tenn. B.A. Psychology . . . Jim ... Pi Kappa Phi . . . minor, Health and Physical Education . . . Tennessee Tech transfer. JOE WILLIAM FANNING, JR., Cameron BA. Business Administration . . . Circle "K" Club . . . Judicial Council . . . B. S. U. Executive Council . . . Psychology minor. NANCY KAY FANT, Winnsboro B.A. Psychology . . . Education minor . . . Extension Committee B. S. U. . . . attended Mart Hill and Greenville General Hospital School of Nursing . . . plans to teach social studies. MORGAN W. FAYSSOUX, Greenville BA. Business Administration . . . "Stick" . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Golf Team . . . Psychology minor. CELESTE HUNT FELDER, Westminster B.S. Mathematics . . . Education minor . . . BONHOMIE Organization Editor . . . Student Volunteers . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Y. W. A. . . . Dean's List . . . plans to teach math. MIMI GENE FINLEY, Greenville B.A. English . . . French minor . . . Dean's List . . . French Club . . . Philosophy Club . . . plans to do graduate work. MARTHA JEAN FINNEGAN, Silver Spring, Md. B.A. English . . . minor, Political Science . . . Student Body President . . . Social Standards Chairman . . . May Day Chairman . . . Student Council . . . Rat Court President . . . Houseboard . . . Senior Order . . . Furman Singers . . . May Day Script Committee . . . y. W. C. A. Council . . . Dining Room Committee . . . 8. S. U. Greater Council . . . Graduate School . . . Who's Who . . . Best Leader Superlative . . . Maid of Honor, May Court. LESLIE EDMOND FISHER, Hendersonville, N. C. BA. Biology . . . Tommy . . . married . . . Education minor . . . attended Brevard College.PATRICK NEAL FORBES, Charleston B.A. English . . . Pat . . . President. Ministerial Union . . . Vice-President. 8. S. U. . . . Captain, Pershing Rifles . . . R. O. T. C. Chicago Tribune Award . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Circle "K" Club. ROBERT FRANCIS FORD, Hendersonville, N. C. B.A. Sociology . . . married . . . minor, Political Science. CLAYTON RUDOLPH FOWLER, Anderson B.A. Sociology . . . "Rudy" . . . Sociology Club . . . Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. . . . minor. Religion . . . Anderson College transier. WALTER GENE FULLER, Greenville B.A. Religion . . . married . . . minor. Sociology . . . North Greenville transier . . . minister. DAVID BRUCE GALLEMORE, Greenville B.A. English . . . Furman Singers . . . Dave . . . Student Volunteers . . . Mars Hill transier . . . plans to be a minister. JODIE CHANDLER GALLOWAY, Trenton B.A. English . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Vice-President, Student Volunteers . . . Furman Singers . . . Intramural Football and Swimming . . . minor. History. RICHARD ALLISON GANTT, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . Dick . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Secretary. Psychology Club . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . Vice-President, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Student Legislature . . . Intramurals. WILLIAM ADOLPHUS GANTT, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . Bill . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . Scabbard and 8lade . . . Vice-President, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Intramurals . . . Psychology Club . . . Wesley Foundation. HAROLD E. GARBER, Greenville B.S. Biology . . . Alpha Delta Epsilon . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . American Chemical Society . . . International Relations Club . . . Secretary. Young Republican Club , . . Treasurer, Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Hand and Torch. WILLIAM FRANKLIN GIBSON, JR., Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . Bill . . . attended Mars Hill . . . minor. Political Science.RICHARD GIBSON, Varnville B.A. Religion. FRANCES REBEKAH GILLESPIE, Easley B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . attended Mars Hill . . . plans to teach. ROBERT D. GILSTRAP, Greenville B.A. Business Administration. WILLIAM JAMES GRAHAM, JR., Florence B.A. Organ . . . "Horse" ... Phi Mu Alpha . . . Music Club . . . Junior and Senior Organ Recitals. KENNETH MORRIS GREENE, Travelers Rest B.A. Economics and Business Administration. MARTHA B. GREENE, Anderson B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, French . . . Marshal . . . Lc Salon Francais . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . plans to teach. 31RICHARD WARREN GREENE, Lake City 8.A. Ptychology . . Dickie . . . Tju Kappa Epsilon . . . married . . . minor, Geology. JAMES EDWARD GROGAN, Mauldin 8.A. Physical Education , . . Jim . . , Kappa Alpha . . . Intramural . . . minor. Education. SALLY L. GROOME, Danville, Va. B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Geology . . . Wesley Foundation . . . Day Student ' A ociation . . . Sccrctary-Trcaiurcr, Physical Education Major Club . . . Day Student Executive Council. MARY ANNE GUNTER, Ninety Six 8.A. Mu ic Education . . . minor, French . . . Furman Singer Vice-President . . . Mu ic Club Vice-Pre ident . . . B. S. U. . . . plant to teach. MILTON HASTINGS HALLMAN, Columbia 8.A. Muiic . . . "Uncle Miltie" . . . Dean' List ... Phi Mu Alpha . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . minor. French . . . Mott Talented Superlative . . . Hand and Torch. CHARLES WAYNE HAM, Florence B.A. English . . . Alpha Phi Gamma . . . Publication Board . . . Ministerial Union . . . Secretary, Circle "K" Club . . . Junior-Senior Committee . . . Furman Singers . . . Editor ol 80NH0MIE . . . Editor, "Handbook" . . . "Echo" staff . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Frethman Advisory Board . . . Phi Mu Alpha. 32MICHAEL ERWIN HAMMETT, Columbia 8.S. Mathematics ... Chi Beta Phi . . . Secretary, Senior Claw . . . minor, Physics . . . Hand and Torch. JACK ALLEN HANBERRY, Denmark B.A. Sociology . . . Sociology Club . . . Ministerial Union . . . 8. S. U. Cosmopolitan Club . . . Varsity Football . . . minor, Speech. DOROTHY S. HARMON, Greenville B.A. English . . . Dot . . . married . . . minor. Education . . . Dean's List . . . Winthrop transfer. GLENN TERRY HARPER, Andalusia, Ala. B.A. History and English . . . "Happy" . . . Student Legislature President . . . Blue Key . . . Quaternion Club . . . Circle "K" Club . . . Who’s Who . . . Cloister President . . . Kappa Phi Kappa . . . Furman Singers . . . Junior Class Secretary . . . Publications Board . . . Elections Board . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Best Informed Superlative . . . Hand and Torch. GEORGE HARRY HARRISON, Phenix City, Ala. B.A. Business Administration . . . "Horse" . . . minor, Psychology . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Football. WILLIAM LaROCHE HART, JR., Johns Island B.S. Chemistry . . . Bill . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Cloister . . . Furman 8and . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Publications Board. PROCTOR BONHAM HAWKINS, JR., Honea Path 8.A. Music Education . . . Dean's List . . . President. Band ... Phi Mu Alpha Treasurer. BOBRY LOU HAYES, Central 8.A. Elementary Education . . . minor. Psychology . . . plans to teach. JANE ANN HEARSEY, Lake City B.A. English . . . minor, Sociology . . . Houseboard Vice-President . . . Le Salon Francais Secretary and Vice-President . . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . plans to do religious educational work . . . Hand and Torch. ROBERT H. HENDERSON, Six Mile B.A. Economics . . . "Si Mile" . . . Pep Club . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Kappa Phi Kappa . . . BONHOMIE staff.MARY HOOD HENDRICKS, Easley B.A. Elementary Education. ROLAND ANTHONY HESTER, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . Tony . . . Psychology minor. BARBARA LEE HIOTT, Piedmont B.A. Piano Pedagogy . . . French minor . . . Music Club . . . French Club . . . to teach. JAMES WARD HOLLAND, JR., Baltimore, Md. B.A. Sociology . . . History minor . . . Sociology Club . . . Ministerial Conlcrence . . . Intramurals . . . Mars Hill transfer. PATRICIA MARIE HOOD, Greenville B.A. Music Education . . . French minor . . . Furman Singers . . . plans to teach. WILLIAM BROWNING HOWES, Arlington, Va. B.A. Political Science . . . Economics minor . . . Bill . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Block "F" Club . . . Varsity Football and Baseball. JAMES WALLACE HUGHES, Easley 8.A. Psychology . . . English minor . . . House Committee . . . Ministerial Union . . . Psychology Club. JAMES RUSSELL HUMPHRIES, Lake City B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . Political Science minor . . . "Hump" . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. OLIVER LARRY HUNT, Easley B.S. Chemistry . , . Physics minor . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer. CARL M. HUST, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . Physical Education minor . . . Intramurals . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer.CLAIRE LOUISE JEFFERS, Jacksonville, Fla. B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . Secretarial Science minor . . . Pep Club . . . attended Emory University . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest. LOY yATES JOHNSON, JR., Union B-A. Psychology . . . Psychology Club . . . "Hornet" staff . . . Kappa Alpha . . . Intramurals . . . Business Administration minor. HENRy PASCHAL JONES, Greenville B.A. Political Science . . . History minor . . . married. LOUIS RALPH JONES, JR., West Columbia 8.A. Sociology . . . "Tiger" . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Student Council Secretary . . . President. Furman Singers . . . Sociology Club . . . Social 8oard . . . Elections Board. MARy JO JONES, North B.A. Elementary Education . . . Marshal . . . Executive Council . . . Pep Club Vice-President . . . y. W. A. Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . BONHOMIE staff ... B. S. U. Executive Council . . . W. R. A. Council . . . to teach . . . Psychology minor. MAXINE DENNIS JONES, Shreveport, La. 8.A. French . . . "Penny" . . . Elementary Education minor . . . French Club . . . Sophomore Class Treasurer . . . plans to teach . . . Swcctbriar Junior Year in France. 35FRANCES MERLE JORDAN, Conway B.A. Elementary Education . . . Psychology minor . . . Furman Singer . . . Music Club . . . plan to teach . . . Follies . . . Marshal. WILLIAM FURMAN JOY, Laurens B.A. History . . . Bill . . . English minor . . . plans to be minister . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . married. COREY DAN JOYNER, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . Men's Student Body President . . . Cheerleader . . . Who's Who . . . Rat Court . . . Friendliest Superlative . . . Student Legislature . . . President's Cabinet . . . Blue Key . . . Circle "K" Club Secretary . . . Pershing Rifles Executive Officer . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Chairman. Student-Faculty Committee . . . Quaternion . . . Pep Club . . . Intcrlraternity Council . . . S. A. E. Vice-President . . . "Hornet" Student of the Year. PATSY KAY, Greenville B.A. Elementary Education . . . Spanish minor . . . Freshman Class Secretary . . . plans to teach . . . Senior Class Vice-President . . . Pep Club . . . Day Student Council . . . Executive Council . . . Follies . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Section . . . May Court. THOMAS HAROLD KEATING, JR., Greenville B.S. Biology . . . Tommy . . . Alpha Epsilon Delta . . . Varsity Tennis . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Chemistry minor. JOYCE ANN KELLER, Richmond, Va. B.A. Home Economics . . . Biology minor . . . Home Economics Club President . . . 8. S. U. . . . Furman Singers . . . Y. W. A. . . . plans to be airline stewardess. PEGGY RAY KENNEY, Rembert B.A. Elementary Education . . . Psychology minor . . . Furman Singers . . . A Cappclla Choir . . . Music Club . . . plans to teach. JERRY KEESE, Anderson 8.A. History. ROBERT BURNS KING, Conway B.A. Music . . . "Geisha" . . . French minor . . . French Club . . . Phi Sigma lota. BETTY JOAN KINLAW, Nashville, Tenn. B.A. French . . . Spanish minor . . . Spanish Club . . . 8. S. U. Greater Council ... Phi Sigma lota . . . Y. W. A. . . . plans to teach . . . attended Mississippi College.JACK RICHARD KIRBY, Slater B.A. Physical Education . . . Physical Education Majors Club President . . . Intramurals . . . Education minor ... to be coach and Physical Education instructor. SARAH REAGAN KLINTWORTH, Greenville 8.A. Art . . . Education minor . . . Student Volunteers . . . Furman Singers . . . y. W. A. Council . . . attended Mars Hill. MARY BRAILSFORD LACEY, Pinopolis B.A. Psychology . . . French minor . . . Pep Club . . . Canterbury Club . . . I. R.C. . . . Psychology Club . . . BONHOMIE staff ... to be a medical secretary. MILTON H. LACKEY, JR., Greenville B.S. Physics . . . "Mutt" . . . Math minor . . . Dean's List . . . Intramural Basketball. GERALD ROSS LAWTON, Iva B.A. English . . . "Cux" . . . Circle "K" Club . . . Ministerial Union . . . Intramurals . . . Philosophy minor. INABELLE LAWTON, Batesburg BA. English . . . Education minor . . . Furman Singers . . . B. S. U. Treasurer . . . y. W. A. . . . Student Volunteers Secretary . . . Mars Hill Junior College transfer. JAMES W. LEAGUE, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . Jimmy . . . Psychology minor. CHARLES WESLEY LINDER, Macon, Ga. B.S. Biology . . . Charlie . . . Judicial Council . . . Freshman Advisor . . . Dean's List . . . A. E. D. President . . . Pershing Rifles . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Block "F" Club . . . S. A. E. . . . Varsity Football and Track . . . Best Looking Superlative. LINDA LINDSAY, Greenville 8.A. English . . . Dean's List . . . French minor . . . Freshman Class Vice-President . . . Social Standards Board . . . Election Board Committee . . . Follies . . . Dining Hall Committee . . . Who's Who . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Section . . . May Court. JOHN McMILLAN LONG, Conway B.A. English . . . Johnny . . . Cloister Secretary . . . Follies . . . Furman Singers . . . Speech minor . . . Theatre Guild.NANCY ANNE LOOPER, Gastonia, N. C. B.A. English . . . Education minor . . . 8. S. U. President... Head Mjrsh.il... Student Council . . . y. W. A. Secretary-Treasurer . . . W. R. A. Council... Senior Order . . . Furman Singers ... A Cappella Choir . . . Most Likely to Succeed Superlative . . . Hand and Torch. JANET LOWREy, Baltimore, Md. B.A. Sociology . . . Psychology minor . . . Sociology Club . . . Band . . . President, Social Service Federation of S. C. College Students . . . Attended Gettysburg College ... to do social work . . . Hand and Torch. JOE HENRy LUDLAM, Conway B.A. English . . . Education minor . . . plans to teach. MARVIN WOODROW LyNCH, Pamplico 8.A. Religion . . . History minor . . . Ministry . . . North Greenville transfer . . . married. WILLIAM LeROy McCAFFERTy, Alliance, Ohio B.A. Economics. OLIVER KERMIT McCARTER, JR., Atlanta, Ga. B.A. History . . . "Mac" ... La Tcrtulia Espanol . . . Young Republicans Club . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . T. K. E. . . . B. S. U. Greater Council. CAROLVN McELVEEN, Olanta B.A. History . . . Political Science minor . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon Treasurer . . . plans to teach. LEE EDWARD McGOWEN, JR., Greenville 8.A. History . . . Ed . . . Political Science minor . . . Religious Education . . . transfer from Mars Hill. JANICE LOUISE McKAy, Timmonsville B.A. English . . . Education minor . . . Dean's List . . . Advisory Board . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . Furman Singers . . . Social Standards Board . . . May Day Committee . . . plans to teach. DAVID WINTON McKINNON, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . Dave . . . Theta Chi . . . Psychology minor.MARTHA ANNE McMILLAN, Bamberg B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, English . . . Junior Claw Secretary . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Chairman of Social Standards Board . . . Vice-President. V W. A. . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Who's Who . . . May Court . . . plans to teach. DONALD R. MARKOFSKI, Collingdale, Pa. B.S. Biology . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Varsity Football . . . minor, Psychology. JOE HAROLD MARTIN, Ware Shoals 8.A. English . . . minor, Religion . . . B. S. U. . . . Ministerial Union . . . Intramurals. WILLIAM R. MATHIS, Greenville B.A. Physical Education . . . married . . . Theta Chi . . . Pcnland Junior College transfer . . . minor, Education . . . plans to teach. RUFUS S. MERRITT, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . minor. Political Science . . . North Greenville Junior College transfer . . . Intramurals . . . Kappa Alpha. RAYMOND MIZELL, St. George 8.A. Sociology . . . minor, History . . . Pep Club . . . B. S. U. Greater Council . . . Sociology Club. DAN JOYNER and BARBARA BURRIS: Friendliest SENIORS 19 5 9 ■ 39btlNIUKb 19 5 9 BILLY CARL MOODY, Greenville B.A. Business Administration . . . Bill . . . Theta Chi . . . minor, Psychology . . . Clemson transfer. CAROL MULLINS MOORE, Greenville B.A. Economics . . . minor. Education . . . plant to teach. CAROLYN MOORE, Spartanburg B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Sociology . . . y. W. A. . . . 8. S. li. . . . Furman Singers . . . Mars Hill transfer . . . plans to teach. MARTHA DEANE MOORE, Cowpens B.A. Elementary Education . . . Furman Singers . . . minor, Sociology . . . plans to teach. RACHEL MULLINS, Boone, N. C. B.A. French . . . minor. Spanish . . . "Rach" . . . Dean's List ... Phi Sigma lota . . . Spanish Club . . . Lc Salon Francait . . . plans to be a French interpreter. ORAN NABORS, Joanna B.A. Music Education . . . Pep Club . . . Pep Band Director . . . Secretary Phi Mu Alpha . . . Band Librarian . . . Greenville Symphony Orchestra. HEYWARD SULLIVAN and SYLVIA SMITH: Best Dressed •40ARCHIE COLEMAN NEAL, Kershaw 8.A. History . . . minor, Psychology . . . plant to be a minister. EOOIE SUE NEAL, Blacksburg 8.A. Psychology . . . minor, Education . . , Furman Singers . . . Gardner-Webb transfer . . . plans to teach. ROY E. NICKLES, Greenwood 8.S. Biology . . . Nick . . . minor. Chemistry . . . Oean's List . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Varsity Football and Track. RICHARD MACE NICHOLS, Attalla, Ala. 8.A. Political Science . . . Dick . . . Young Republican Club . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . minor, English . . . Greenville Symphony Orchestra. RICHARD DOWLING NIX, Garnett 8.A. Mathematics . . . Judicial Council Vice-President . . . President, Kappa Phi Kappa . . . Cadet Lt. Col. . . . Chairman Elections Board . . . Wesley Foundation Secretary-Treasurer . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Blue Key . . . Circle "K" Club . . . Who's Who . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Hand and Torch. ELMER RAY NOE, Corydon, Ind. B.A. Health and Physical Education. BARBARA JEAN NORRIS. Easley B.A. English . . . minor, Education . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Y. W. C. A. . . . Spartanburg Junior College transfer . . . plans to teach. NELLE FRANCES NYE, West Columbia B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Music . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . B. S. II. . . . Furman Singers Secretary . . . House-board . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Music Club . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . plans to teach. DAVID C. O'HAGAN, St. Simons Island, Ga. B.A. Piano . . . Furman Singers . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . "Echo" staff... Phi Mu Alpha . . . Music Club . . . Wesleyan College transfer. CAROL SMITH PAGE, Moncks Corner B.A. Elementary Education . . . minor, Speech . . . Homecoming attendant . . . Homecoming Queen . . . May Court attendant . . . Miss Football . . . Miss BONHOMIE______Cheerleader... Social Standards Board ... Y. W. C. A. Council . . . Pep Club . . . Furman Singers . . . I. R. C. . . . R. O. T. C. Sponsor . . . Honorary Cadet Colonel . . . Best Looking Superlative . . . May Queen . . . Sweetheart of Sports . . . plans to teach.GEORGE LEWIS PARSONS, Easley 8.A. Business Administration and Economic! . . . Dean's List . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Psychology minor. TRUETT CLIFTON PATTERSON, Greenville B.S. Chemistry . . . "Doc" . . . Physics minor . . . Dean's List . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . American Chemical Society Vice-President . . . Hand and Torch. TROy WAYNE PETTY, Spartanburg O.A. English . . . History minor ... Phi Mo Alpha . . . Furman Singers . . . Ministerial Union. CHARLES NOLAN PHILLIPS, Lyman 8.A. History. LEONARD BRUCE PHILLIPS, Toccoa.Ga. 8.A. English . . . minor, History . . . minister . . . attended Truett-McConncll Junior College. JEAN PICKELSIMER, Pisgah Forest, N. C. 8.A. Elementary Education . . . History minor . . . 8. S. U. . . . Y. W. A. . . . Student Volunteers . . . attended Mars Hill ... to teach. ELEANOR RUTH PIKE, Annapolis, Md. B.A. Elementary Education . . . Music minor ... A Cappella Choir . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . K. D. E. . . . Follies . . . plans to teach . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . Houseboard . . 8. S. U. . . . May Day Committee. WILLIAM H. PUCKETT, JR.. Greenwood 8.A. English . . . Bill . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Freshman Class Secretary . . . Junior Class Vice-President . . . Rat Court . . . Student Legislature . . . Elections 8oard . . . Freshman Advisory 8oard . . . S. A. E. CAROLYN ANN QUEEN, Salisbury, N. C. B.A. English . . . Speech minor . . . Day Students Association Vice-President . . . Student Council . . . Senior Class Secretary . . . BONHOMIE Feature Cd.tor . . . Freshman Advisor . . . May Day Committee . . . plans to teach. KATHY RASHLEY, Taylors B.A. Elementary Education . . . Hand and Torch.TED WARREN REED, East Flat Rode, N. C. 8.A. Religion . . . married . . . Sociology minor . . . Ministerial Association . . . Sociology Club . . . Young Republican Club. JOHN CALHOUN RHINE, Columbia 8.A. Economic . . . "J.C." . . . Sigma Alpha Eptilon . . . Varsity Basketball . . . History minor. MARY ALLEN and DICK WRIGHT: Most Athletic MAX E. ROBINSON, Slater 6.A. Business Administration and Economics. JASPER BROOKS ROLLINS, JR., Rock Hill 8.A. Business Administration . . . Buddy . . . Vice-President, Student Body . . . Student Legislature Secretary . . . Freshman and Sophomore Class Vice-President . . . Freshman Advisory Board Chairman . . . S. A. E. . . . Blue Key . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Quaternion Club . . . Publications Board Chairman . . . Who's Who . . . Best Leader Superlative. MIRIAM JONES ROSS, Cayce B.A. Music . . . Education ... A Cappclla Choir . . . plans to teach public school music. STEVE ROSS, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . married . . . Political Science minor . . . Varsity Basketball . . . S. A. E. 43JAYNE ROTH, Charleston B.A. History ... A Cappclla Choir . . . Senior Order . . . English minor . . . President. Woman's Recreation Association . . . President. Manly Hall . . . Student Social Board . . . Student Council . . . Executive Council . . . Dean's List . . . BONHOMIE staff . . . Wesley Foundation . . . plans to do Civil Service work . . . Who's Who. NATHAN JACK RUNNION, JR., Greenville B.A. Economics . . . "Chuck" . . . English minor . . . Varsity Golf Team . . . University of South Carolina transfer . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RONALD NORMAN SALYER, Jacksonville, Fla. B.A. Psychology . . . Ron . . . Theta Chi Historian and Treasurer . . . Intramurals . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Sociology minor. FRANKIE OLETA SANDERS, Liberty B.A. English . . . Education minor . . . Theater Guild . . . Baptist Student Union . . . Music Club . . . Furman Singers . . . plans to teach. JAMES SANSBURY, Timmonsville B.A. Psychology . . . Philosophy minor . . . Band . . . B. S. U. . . . Ministerial Union . . . Circle "K" Club . . . Psychology Club. JANE SATTERFIELD, Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . Secretarial Science minor . . . Day Students' Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Student Council . . . Executive Council . . . Social Standards 8oard . . . S. A. E. Sweetheart . . . Follies . . . plans to be a medical secretary. BOBBY G. SEXTON, Greenville 8.A. Physical Education . . . Bob . . . married. BETTY EZELL SHEFTALL, Greenville B.S. Chemistry . . . Biology minor . . . married . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . Limestone College transfer. MARY E. SHELTON, South Boston, Va. B.A. Elementary Education . . . Psychology minor . . . attended Mars Hill . . . plans to teach. MARY SHEPARD, Greenville B.A. English , . . Religion minor . . . Sociology Club Secretary-Treasurer . . . plans to do social work . . . Wesley Foundation.EVA LOU SHERROD, Charleston B.A. Phyiic.il Education . . . Education minor . . . Senior Order . . . Sportsmanship Award . . . Physical Education Majors President . . . President, S. C, Athletic and Recreation Federation lor College Women ... A Cappclla Choir . . . W. R.A. Vice-President . . . “Hornet" staff . . . Junior Class President . . . Senior Class President . . . Who's Who . . . Best All-Round Superlative. JAMES HAROLD SIGHTLER, Greenville B.S. Chemistry . . . Dean's List ... Chi Beta Phi . . . American Chemical Society . . . Biology minor . . . Hand and Torch. RAY WILLIAM SIMINSKI, Woodlyn, Pa. 8.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . "Si” . . . Theta Chi . . . Varsity Football and Track . . . Psychology minor. ROSE VALLETTE SIMS, Taylors 8.A. Psychology . . . Journalism minor . . . Psychology Club . . . Managing Editor, "Hornet" . . . attended North Greenville Junior College ... to do newspaper work . . . Alpha Phi Gamma. BARBARA ANNE SMITH, Greenville B.A. English . . . History minor . . . Dean's List . . . Young Republican Club President ... I. R. C. ... to teach . . . Hand and Torch. JAMES OLIVER SMITH, JR., Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economics . . . "Fudd" . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . 8loek "F" Club . . . Intramurals . . . Varsity Tennis , . . Dean's List. SYLVIA SMITH, Bush River B.A. Elementary Education . . . History minor . . . Rat Court . . . S. C. Student Christian Association President . . . Student Volunteers . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Pep Club ... A Cappclla Choir . . . 80NH0MIE Beauty Contest ... to teach . . . Best Dressed Superlative. ELIZABETH GERALDINE SPARKS, Charlotte, N. C. B.A. Home Economics . . . "Carry" . . . Secretarial Science minor . . . Home Economics Club Secretary . . . R.O. T. C. Sponsor. JAMES WILLIAM SPARKS, Greenville B.A. Political Science . . . Jimmy . . . Kappa Alpha . . . History minor. MARTHA ALVA STAGG, Lyman B.A. Speech . . . French minor . . . Y. W. A. ... to do library work . . . Theatre Guild.MARy-SCOTT LIVINGSTON STEGALL, Greenville 8.A. Home Economic . . . Education minor ... to teach ... Phi Sigma Iota . . . Future Tcachcrt of America . . . Dean's Litt . . . attended Salem College. JOYCE STEVENS, Union B.A. History . . . Englith minor . . . Dean' List . . . Prelude . . . Theatre Guild . . . I. R. C. Secretary . . . "Echo” Assistant Editor ... to teach . . . A Cappella Choir ... B. S. U. Council . . . Student Volunteer . RAYMOND TALLEY STONE, Greer B.S. Chemistry . . . Mathematic minor . . . "Chiggcr". OLIN T. STROM, JR., Greenville 8.A. Buiinc Adminijtration and Economic . . . married . . . Sociology minor. JEAN MARIE STROMAN, Orangeburg B.A. Elementary Education . . . Psychology minor . . . Furman Singer . . . to teach. HEYWARD M. SULLIVAN, Greenville B.A. Economic . . . Psychology minor . . . President, Judicial Council . . . President S. A. E. . . . President Inter-Fraternity Council . . . Blue Key . . . Quaternion Club . . . President's Cabinet . . . Scabbard and 8!ade . . . Block "F" Club . . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Who's Who . . . Varsity Golf . . . Best Dressed Superlative. LILLIAN SUNG, Keelung, Taiwan B.A. Mathematics . . . Chi Beta Phi . . . B. S. U. . . . attended National Taiwan University and Mar Hill . . . plans to teach . . . y. W. C. A. RONALD EARL SWAIN, Spartanburg B.A. French . . . Endel Speech Medal lor Sophomore Men . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . Theatre Guild President ... Phi Sigma lota . . . Cloister . . . Le Salon Francais ... La Tcrtulia Espanola . . . BONHOMIE Class Editor . . . “Echo" staff . . . Follies . . . Houscboatd. FRANK HAMBLEN TADLOCK, Greenville B.A, Political Science . . . "Tad" . . . I. R. C. . . . Oean's List . . . "Hornet" staff . . . Assistant Editor of '58 BONHOMIE . . . Alpha Phi Gamma President. JAMES HENRY TARRANT, Greenville B.A. Business Administration and Economic . . . "Hen" . . . Dean' List . . . married . . . Psychology minor . . . Ex-Marine.ZERELDA ANNETTA TAYLOR, Greenville 8.S. Chemistry . . . Mathematics minor . . . Dean's List . . . Chi 8eta Phi... American Chemical Society . . . Furman Singers . . . Follies . . . Freshman Advisor . . . Day Student Council . . . plans to do graduate work . . . Hand and Torch. ROBBIE NELL TAYLOR, Laurens B.A. Elementary Education . . . English minor . . . "Handbook" Editor . . . B. S. U. Council . . . Student Volunteers . . . Elections Board Chairman . . . Houseboard . . . y. W. A. . . . A Cappclla Choir . . . 80NH0MIE staff . . . Prelude . . . K. D. E. Vice-President . . . Who's Who . . . plans to teach. MALONE W. THOMASON, Toccoa, Ga. B.A. Psychology . . . Music minor . . . married . . . Furman Singers. CHARLES L. TIDWELL, JR., Greenville B.A. Psychology . . . Economics minor . . . Theta Chi. LUCY ANN VAUGHN, Greenville B.A. English . . . y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . y. W. A. . . . Education minor . . . Mars Hill transfer ... to teach ... B. S. U. WILLIAM HALE VICKERY, Greenville 8.A. Business Administration . . . Bill . . . History minor . . . Intramurals. 47MARILYN BLONDINE WALDHOUR, Rincon, Ga. B.A. Music Education . . . Education minor . . . Student Council . . . Social Board . . . Social Standards Board . . . Freshman Advisor . . . Y. W. C. A. Vice-President . . . Lutheran Student Association President... Vice-President, Music Club . . . Furman Singers . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Contest ... to teach. BETTY ANN WALDROP, Laurens B.A. French . . . Political Science minor . . . French Club Secretary . . . Pep Club . . . y. W. C. A. Cabinet . . . Music Club . . . Junior Class Treasurer . . . plans to teach. THOMAS AIKEN WALL, JR., Monclcs Corner B.A. Physical Education . . . Tommy . . . Rat Court . . . Intramural Council . . . Houseboard . . . Varsity Baseball . . . Intramural Basketball and Football. JAMES F. WALTON, Atlanta, Ga. B.A. Economics and Business Administration . . . married . . . Psychology minor . . . Captain, Football Team . . . "Buddy" . . . Varsity Track... K. A. SUZANNE HOUGH WATSON, Orangeburg B.A. Elementary Education . . . Psychology minor . . . May Day Committee . . . Pep Club . . . B. S. U. . . . Student Volunteers . . . Football Sponsor . . . R. O. T. C. Sponsor ... to teach. MARIAN E. WEBB, Barnwell B.S. Physics . . . married . . . Math minor. JANICE ROSALYN WHITLAW, North Augusta B.A. Biology . . . Chemistry minor . . . American Chemical Society . . . attended Augusta Junior College . . . plans to be a medical technologist . . . Chi Beta Phi. ASBURY HAMILTON WILLIAMS, Lake City B.S. Biology . . . Furman Band . . . Chemistry minor ... to study medicine. DAN WARREN WILSON, Greer B.A. Accounting . . . Political Science minor . . . Dean's List . . . married . . . Spartanburg Junior College transler. RUTH ANNE WILSON, Williamston B.A. Sociology . . . Secretarial Science minor . . . Sociology Club . . . Elections Board ... to do social work.JAMES WALLACE WISE, Vaudusc 8.A. Sociology . . . House Committee Chairman . . . Ministerial Union . . . B. S. U. President . . . Circle "K" Club . . . State B. S. U. Council . . . Sociology Club . . . Intramurals. JANELLE WISE, Batesburg 8.A. Music . . . Education minor . . . Furman Singers . . . B. S. U. Secretary . . . Marshal . . . Executive Council . . . Mars Hill Junior College transicr. JOHN MELVIN WOOD, Newberry B.A. Religion . . . Business Administration minor . . . married ... to be minister . . . Newberry College transicr. VIVIAN ELIZABETH WOOD, Simpsonville B.A. Elementaiy Education . . . Geology minor . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon President . . . plans to teach. CHARLOTTE LaRUE WRIGHT, Enlca,N.C. B.A. Speech . . . English minor . . . Dean's List . . . Theatre Guild . . . Forensic Forum . . . Social Board Secretary . . . Director ol Follies . . . Hand jnd Torch. CLYDE ELLIOTT WRIGHT, Greenville B.A. History . . . Religion minor . . . Minister . . . married. VERA IDA YELTON, Forest City, N. C. 8.A. Elementary Education . . . "Vicki" . . . Psychology minor ... A Cappclla Choir . . . plans to teach. CLARENCE JORDAN YOUNG, Asheville, N. C. B.A. Sociology . . . Psychology . . . Sociology Club President . . . Biltmorc Junior College transfer. FRANCES HAZEL YOUNG, Ware Shoals B.A. Church Music . . . Religion minor . . . Y. W. A. . . . B. S. U. Greater Council ... to be a minister of music . . . transfer from Mars Hill Junior College.A TRIBUTE TO THE PIONEERS Here arc the men who were thicker than thieves, closer than brothers, wittier than Bob Hope, and smart as Einstein. This may be slight hyperbole, but any group who survived the wilds of the New Campus in the year 1955 were a dauntless crew. The first men to live with the three main water lines, Paris Mountain, and the Blue Ridge mountains spent lonely afternoons and evenings setting fires in the trash room, throwing fire crackers, sun bathing, and playing bridge. No one was any prouder or could get madder with his “one big happy family” than Dean Bonner. Dr. Bonner and colleagues, Dr. Sadler, Dr. Reid, Dr. Stewart, Dr. King, and Dr. Sanders were the faculty members who “pioneered” with the Dormitory "C” boys. Many of the Pioneers did not stay long enough to taste the pleasure of Old Campus life. Some married, some quit, and some faltered, but most achieved their goal of graduating in 1959. Regardless of their present or future academic state, none will forget the pioneer days on our Furman’s New Campus. so RALPH JAMES «nd CLAIRE BIDDISON. Tfoiuferi; JOHN PLATT. Sc re»ary: ALICE DEAN and DOUG PASLEY, Vice-Pf«iid«nt : MARVA FOX. Scccct ry. B. K." MASSIE jnd SCOTT PYRON. PresidentsJUNIOR WILLIAM C. ADAMS. Greenville CAROLINE A. ALBRIGHT. Greenville JAMES E. ALLEN. SR.. Greer LOUISE ALLEN. Boiling Springs, N.C. FRANCES H. ANDERSON. Greenville MARJORIE ANDERSON. Anderson GAIL D. ANNAS. Rhodhiss. N. C. TONY ARRINGTON. Clemson DON R. ASBELL. Macon. Ga. J. THOMAS AVERY. America. Ga. FRED T. BADDERS. Greenville ROBERT A. BAGWELL. Greenville BILLY J. 8AKER, Rowville. Ga. VIRGINIA S. BALL. Taylor MARIA BARD. Gastonia. N. C. ALLEN E. BATES. Williston JOSEPH A. 8AWKUM. Pcher JOHN P. BEAN. Greenville DAVID B. BELL. Greenville JOYCE A. BENNETT. Asheville, N. C. CLAIRE E. BIDDISON. Baltimore. Md. GORDON L BLACKWELL. Greensboro. N. C. R. KENNETH BLACKWELL. Spartanburg LEO R. BLAND, Greenville G. STEPHEN BLANTON. Kings Mtn., N. C. GEORGE D. BOINEAU. Greenville JAMES W. BOROFF, Greenville ANN J. BRUCE. Greenville LINDA J. BOWEN. Iva DON E. BOWERS. Charlotte. N. C. PAUL G. BOWERS. Hendersonville. N. C. ELIZABETH BRADLEY. Williston T. WALTER BRASHIER. Laurens JULIA E. BRITTAIN. Spartanburg JACQUELINE S. 8ROWN. Aiken JERRY M. BROWN. Greenville Wait! We’ve got to get to the New Campus.CLASS KENNETH R. BROWN. Hillsboro, Texas RICHARD J. 8ROWN. JR.. Charleston DON M. BRYANT. Spartonburg WADE H. BRYANT, Greenville JOHN S. 8URWELL, Oxford. N.C. ANN BUSBY. Austell. Ga. JUDITH A. CALDWELL. Bristol. Tenn. CARROL J. CALVERT. Greenville HARLEY F. CANTRELL Hendersonville. N.C. R. VAN CAPPS. Lake Wales. Ha. CHARLES R. CARLISLE. Greenville JOHN E. CARROLL. Wilmington. N. C. C. FRANKLIN CARTER. Taylors ROBERT G. CARTER. Spartanburg SARAH R. CARTER. Pisgah Forest. N.C. RALPH B. CAUTHEN. Richmond. Va. JAMES R. CHANDLER. Pelzcr CLARENCE R. CHAPMAN. Taylors CARLE E. CHRISTIAN. Greenville JUDITH CLARDY. Piedmont MARTHA CLARY. Gaffney WILLIAM E. CLEMENTS, Camden BILLY R. COKER. Eldorado. III. THOMAS B. COOPER. JR., Clinton JANE COLLINS. St. George ANN N. CORDER. Atlanta. Ga. FRANCES L. CORN. Faith. N. C. JERRY L COULTER. Greenville CALVIN N. COX. Greenville T. EARL CRAPPS. Columbia MARTHA E. CRAWFORD. Camden THOMAS M. CREECH. Greenville BOBBY G. CROCKER. Greenville DON E. CURETON. Anderson JAMES R. DACUS. Easley ELIZABETH DALTON. Easley H. SMITH DANIELSON. Hayesville. N. C. DOROTHY DAVIDSON. Gainesville. Ga. FRANK P. DAVIS. Camden MICHAEL H. DAWSON. Columbus. Ga. ALICE E. DEAN. Macon. Ga. N. REECE DcBRUHL, Union CHARLOTTE L. DeVINNEY. Charleston.W.Va. KENNETH H. DOVER. Liberty MARTHA FRANCES DRUM MONO. Woodruff JOSIE P. DUN8AR, Spartanburg JACK G. DUNCAN. Marion JORETTA DURHAM. Greer JOANNE P. EDENS. Charleston CHARLES M. ELLIS, Spartanburg F. EDWIN ELLISON. JR.. Easley J. BARRY ELLISON. Clinton RAMON E. ERGLE, Tigerville RICHARD S. ESKEW. Spartanburg 53JUNIOR MACEL D. EZELL. Greenville PEGGy FANT. Winnsboro PHOEBE FARLEY. Myrtle Beach DAVID W. FERGUSON. Greenville MARyLyNN FERGUSON. Columbia HELEN D. FINCHER. Greenville E. SCOTT FLOUNDERS. Taylors BRENDA FOGLE. Cameron W. TOMMy FORREST. Greenville MARVA FOX. Walterboro CLARENCE L. FREEMAN. Pickens WILLIAM H. FRIDDLE. JR.. Greenville THEA FURMAN. Greenville D. LAMAR GAMBLE. Greenville JAMES G. GAMBRELL. Greenville PATRICIA GANTT. Greenville CHARLES B. GAy. JR.. College Park. Ga. BEVERLy GIBBS. Hickory. N.C. B. MICHAEL GIBSON. Greenville MARJORIE GLASS. Fingerville J. RAy GOLDEN. Ware Shoals RONALD K. GOODING. Greenville JAMES D. GOULD. Greenville JOE M. GREER. Belton EUGENE H. GRIFFITH. Savannah, Ga. JEROME GULLEDGE. Lancaster MARTHA HARTNESS. Greenville ANNIE MAE HAWTHORNE. Abbeville AMELIA HECKLE. Chester KENNETH L. HELLAMS. Lauren DIANE HENDERSON. Greenwood LUNELLA HENDERSON. Spartanburg JERRy y. HENDERSON. Central MARy JO HESTER. Greenville T. FURMAN HEWITT. Columbia CHARLES E. HEyWARD. Piedmont RICHARD R. HILTON. Conway SARA HODGES. Marion JANET HOOK. Manning LyNN HOPKINS. Charleston HICKEy HORTON. Blythe. Ga. THOMAS E. HOUSE. Greenville ANN HOWARD. North Charleston JOANNE HUBBARD. Branch. Ky. PERCy LEA HUGHES. Pinewood JANE HUNGERPILLER. Edgefield JOAN HUSKEy. Buffalo PAUL R. HUTCHINSON. JR.. 8eckl:y. W. Va. HERBERT L. HUTHMACHER. Greenville FRANCES IRVIN. Marietta DOUGLAS J. JONES. JR.. Shreveport. La. HENRy R. JONES. Greenville RONALD E. JORDAN. Greenville MARy ANN JONES. Greenville 54:lass J. RALPH JAMES, Greenville CHRIS J. KAPETANAKOS. Abbeville DOyLE W. KAY. Greenville LEON KEEFE, Greenville SyVONNE E. KEFFER, Camden, N. J. ELEANOR E. KELLEy. Greenville GAyLE M. KENNEDy, Spartanburg BONNIE L. KERR. Dillon WILLIAM E. KEy. Greenville JOLENE KING. Lyman JOHN W. KNOX. Greenville RONNIE D. LACKEy. Carroboro. N. C. LEON L. LANCASTER. Simpsonvillc JAMES R. LANIER. JR.. Gastonia. N. C. R. RUSSELL LEWIS. Conway GAIL LOLLIS. Gaffney JOyCE A. LORD, Greenville JOHN H. LUSK. Si Mile JOHN A. LyBRAND. Charleston JOHN P. McBENNETT, Fayetteville. N. C. JOE K. McCONNELL, Greenville MARTHA F. McCRAy. Monroe. N.C. GWEN W. McCUEN. Greenville CHARLOTTE A. McELVEEN, Lake C«ty DEANNA A. McGINNIS. Greenville MELVIN B. MeKEOWN. Chester DAVID E. McMANAWAy. Greenville THOMAS C. McMINN. Greenville JAMES R. MARTIN. JR., Crystal City. Texas JOyCE E. MARTIN. Clover ROGER A. MARTIN. Belton BETTy KAy MASSIE. Arlington. Va. JAMES N. MATTHEWS. Bartow. Fla. MARy LOU MAURER. Shreveport. La. C. WILTON MAXWELL, Taylors J. MIKE MEADORS. Greenville 5S Marylynn. tell us about your date lor Homecoming.JUNIOR Billy C. MILHOUSE. Orangeburg HUGH E. MIMS. JR.. Charleston J. KIRKLAND MIXSON. III. Orangeburg JOHN E. MOORE. Spartanburg SUE A. MOORE, Decatur. Ga. JUANITA E. MULIINAX. Greenville OLETA MURPHREE. Pickens MARY ANNE NEUWIRTH. Greenville JOHN F. NOLEN. Florence JANET M. O'DELL. Greenville CARL G. OLNEY. Greenville BARBARA L OWENS, Ow.ngs GAYLE M. PADGETT, Sullivans Island ROGER C. PADGETT. Greenville WILLIAM T. PAINTER. Greenville BEVERLY E. PARKER. Charleston MARIAN E. PARKER. Anderson DOUGLAS C. PASLEY. Atldnld. Gd. BYRON E. PINSON. Henderson. Ky. SARAH L. PITTMAN. Cdmpobello JAMES M. PITTS. Greenville JOHN V. PLATT. Denmark BOBBY D. POWELL. Greenville ANNELLE POWELL. Greenville TED L. PURCELL. Asheville. N. C. JAMES S. PUTNAM. Laurens R. scon PYRON. Greenville A. MAYO RA80N, Conway NANCY RABUN. Reidsville. Gd. ADRIAN O. RASHLEY. Taylors LANDRUM B. REECE. Greenville PIXIE RENFROE. Greenville THOS L. REYNOLDS. JR.. Clifton Forge. Vd. HARVARD K. RIDDLE. Greenville IDA B. RIGBY. Greenville C. RICHARD ROBERTS. Greenville JESSE D. ROBERTS. Si Mile THEO ROBERTS. Greenville VIRGINIA A. ROBINSON. MonongaHela. Pd. HELEN CLAIRE ROBINSON. Charleston T. JERRY ROGERS. Mullins EMILY W. ROMAN. Greenville L RODNEY RUCKER. Greenville ETTA F. RUSH. Troy J. MARTIN RYLE. North Augusta WESLEY P. SAYLORS. Easley LEON M. SCROGGS. Greenville ROBERT L. SCROGGS. Fountain Inn JAMES C. SETTLE. Charleston CHARLES T. SETTLEMYER, III. Greenv.lle RICHARD J. SHAKMAN. Greenville JACK B. SHAW. Greenville RICHARD C. SHAW. Greenville DAVID w. SHEPARD. Hileah, Fla. 56CLASS JAMES L SHERWOOD. Dillon WALTER D. SHERWOOD. Dillon WILLIAM R. SHIRAH, Greenville ANN SHIRLEY. Anderson WADE H. SMALL. Lancaster CLARENCE E. SMITH. Anderson RAYMOND D. SMITH. Liberty ROBERTA SMITH. Liberty RALPH O. SNIPES. Fountain Inn ELIZA8ETH SNYDER. Greenwood DIANE SOUTHERLIN. Greenville J. MARVIN STARR. Avondale Estates. Ga. JOHNNY D. SUTTON. Greenville KATHERINE SYMS. Easley MYRNA TAYLOR. Cayee JERRY P. TEAGUE. Pickens ALBERTA THOMPSON. Anderson R08ERT L. THOMPSON. JR.. N. Charleston MARIAN TOUCHBERRY. Summerton CHARLES B. TRIPP. Greenville G. KENNETH VARNER. Greenville CYNTHIA B. WALDROP. Greenville MARY WALL. Monels Corner DONALD E. WARD. Greenville LARRY E. WATTS. Pagcland JAMES H. WELBORN. Greenville JAMES 8. WELLS. Greenv.lle BARBARA WEST. Carrollton. Ga. JUDITH WESTMORELAND. Easley H. MICHAEL WHITE. Dillon DON C. WHITMIRE. Greer DAVID H. WILLIAMS. Greenville JOHN E. WILLIAMS. Inman HENRY L WILSON. Union ROBERT D. WILSON. Witliamston ROBERT H. WOOD. Pelier JIMMY O. WOODLE. Dillon JAMES O. WRIGHT. Taylors 57ROSEMARY FORT. Prerident; BILL HOOK and DIXIE LITTLEJOHN. V,c«Prciident»: RICHARD MUROOCK. Treasurer; TUni CARRIKER and GARY SMOAK. Secretaries MIRIAM TRUESDALE, Treasurer. Not Pictured: CONARD CHAMBERS. Pretident.ANNE ALLEN ROBERT M. ALLEN PATS ANDERS DANNy F. ANDERSON ELEANOR L. ANDERSON V. GLENN ARNETTE ARNOLD D. ARROWOOD CAMILLE AVANT CAROL R. AVERy LARRy T. AyERS MIRIAM E. BAlLEy VORN L. BAIREFOOT JUDy E. BARNETT MARVIN R. BEHLKE JOHN T. BELLAMy LyNDA L. BOLDT CLyDE A. BOLT. JR. JOHN A. BOUDOUCIES BARBARA J. BOWEN T. LEE BRADFORD THOMAS J. BRANNON HARRIET E. BROOM BARBARA N. BROWN SyLVIA M. BROWN ANNA C. BRUMFIELD R. STEWART BRyANT. JR. RAyBURN H. BUTLER HARVEy W. CAPPS. JR. MARTHA A. CARDELL WILLIAM B. CARMICHAEL ELLISON A. CARRIKER MARGO L CARTER CAROLyN CAUSEy CONRAD L. CHAMBERS JOE W. CLAPP MARy E. CLEMENT ROBERT L CLONINGER KATHRyN E. COGBURN ELEANOR CONNORS SANDRA L CORDER JIMMy RAy COUNTS NEVILLE 8. CRIBB THEMOS J. CRIBB CHARLES A. CUDD JAMES B. CURETON ROBERT M. DACUS DALE DAVIS RONALD C. DAVIS 59 All right, who stole the instruction book?SOPHOMORE WILLIAM R. DENDy NANCY DEW LAWTON J. DEWS PAUL M. DORMAN. JR. M. TOMMy DRAKE PENELOPE A. DUTCHER KAy J. EASTERLy RONNIE K. EDWARDS MARTHA L. ELMORE ANTHONy L ETNyRE HELEN V. EVANS JIM 8. EZELL THOMAS L. FA8ER WILLIAM A. FARRAR AUBREy 8. FLOyD JUNE FLOyD ROSEMARy FORT ANN FOWLKES HAROLD C. GALLOWAy LAURA L. GASKINS JODy GILLIAM CAROL A. GRAySON JOANNE E. GREENE MAX L. GREER suzy GROSS M. WALKER GUNN ANNABELLE HALL E. WAyNE HALL R. NICHOLAS HALLMAN JOHN D. HAMES SANDRA L. HAVELIN MARIAN V. HENDRIX 8. CLAXTON HERDON SARAH ALICE HERRING CHARLES W. HIGH WILLIAM HOOK JIMMy F. HORTON ROBERT A HORTON KENNETH E. HOUGH MAy M. HOURANI HERBERT H. HOWELL BARBARA E. HUDSON LESTER A. HUDSON ANN EIBS HUGHES NANCy JEAN HUGHES BETTy W. HyDRICK ANN E. INGLE JOHN P. JAMES 60:lass HOWARD R. JAY CHRISTINE JEFFORDS JOEL P. JENKINS JACK E. JERNIGAN ERNESTINE JOHNSTON EMILY A. JOHNSON BARBARA A. JONES ELAINE JONES T. CREIGHTON JONES ALBERT L JORDAN KITTY C. JORDAN LOUIS H. KATZ JOHN W. KEMP KITTY KENNEDY CHRISTY R. LANGSTON SUZANNE N. LAW PATRICIA L LAYMAN BENNIE LEE LEWIS GARY W. LEWIS T. DON LEWIS DIXIE W. LITTLEJOHN EDNA E. LIVINGSTON MICHAEL W. LONG TINA L LOOPER RICHARD H. LOWE BETTY ANN LUPBERGER JAMES V. LYDA TOMMY H. LYNCH MARY JANE McCOY NANCY L McCURLEY J. JAMES McELVEEN. JR. DAVID McMICHAEL FRANCES McNEELY THOMAS R. McTEER ROBERT E. MADDOX PHYLLIS C. MARLOWE JULIE ANNE MARTIN GAIL MARTIN MALINDA K. MAULDIN GEORGE S. MEEKS JO ANN MEREDITH COVERT E. MEYER A. DONALD MINCEY HUGH H. MORGAN PAT H. MORGAN CATHERINE H. MORRIS LOUISE MORRIS CHARLIE S. MOSS RICHARD E. MURDOCH J. DAVID NELSON. JR. SANDRA R. NOONAN BENNY R. ONLEY CELIA A. OWENS JOHN R. OWENS JERRY R. OWINGS BEVERLY J. PARK JIMMY C. PARKER ELIZABETH PELL CHARLIE F. PHILLIPS BOBBY PINSON MARTHA F. PONDER PHILLIP E. POSEY MARY ANN POWELL TRESSIE E. PRATT JAMES N. PURCELL. JR. CECIL L. QUATTLE8AUM 61SOPHOMORE! JAMES M. RAINWATER MARTHA JOAN REEDER SHIRLEY REEVES ETHEL M. ROWE DAVID L SANDERS MARIA SASSO SUSANNE P. salvo LARRy W. SAWyER CHARLES E. SCHAI8LE MAyNARD V. SCHAI8LE CECILE SEIGLER C. R08ERT SHARP JACKIE SHELL MICHAEL 8. SHEPPARD JACK W. SHIRLEy ALLAN R. SIMPSON JUNE L. SMITH RICHARD A. SMITH GARy A. SMOAK MARNA JANE SNOW FLETCHER S. STONE JOHN R. STRAWHORN MARGARET ANN STRINGER JOHN M. STRI8LING T. J. STyLES. JR. ANN STyLES HELEN TIMMERMAN LESLIE M. TIMMS MIRIAM TRUESDELL BOB J. VOGELS MARVIN E. WALLACE. JR. JAMES G. WATSON. JR. NEIDA E. WATTS JAMES F. WEEMS LINDA WEL80RN DENNySE E. WELLS WILLIAM O. WEST MARy ANN WHAM MARTHA D. WHITE BEVERLy M. WHITMIRE HARRIETTE L WHITWORTH KAy WILLIAMSON PHyLLIS W. WILLIAMS LYNN WILLIAMS CAROLYN SUE WILSON MICHAEL V. WOODALL MARVIN C. WOODSON. JR. C. TOMMY YATES 6? HOWARD E. YONALLY PATRICIA I. YOUNGLIBBY HARRILL President; NENA RICHARDSON. Secretary: TOMMy McKINNEY. President; TIPTON SNIPES. Secretary; FRANCES MONEY. Vice-President: DOUG McCALL. Treasurer; GAINES MASON. Vice-President; BROOKE BOROUGHS. Treasurer.FRESHMAN LARRY T. ABBOTT LyiA L. ADDIS KAy AMMONS EDWIN L ANDERSON ELAINE ANDERSON PAT ARNOLD EMMIE L. ATKINSON JERRy D. AUTRy 8RENDA C. AVERy DON C. AyERS PAT S. AYERS R. LEWELLyN AyERS PHyLLIS K. BAIRD ERROL H. BALL HAROLD M. BATSON THOMAS F. 8ATSON RICHARD W. BALLARD JIMMy K. BEAN ROBERT M. BELL WAyNE J. BELSKIS RICHARD W. BINNS NANCy R. 8LACKWELL GlNNy A. BLACKWOOD PAULA A. BLANTON CAROLyN J. BLyTHE BILL B. BONEy MILLS BONNETTE AUBREy G. BOONE BROOKE BOROUGHS JIMMy A. BOWERS. JR. DAN W. BRICKER LEE D. BROADHURST C. ALVIN 8ROWN DERRICK W. BROWN DONALD O. BROWN W. FRED BROWN J. DAVID BRyAN SARAH L. BRyANT BARBARA L. BURGESS DONALD E. BURNS MAXINE V. BURRISS JAMES D. 8USBEE W. GRIER CAMPBELL PAT A. CANTRELL W. 81 LLy CANTy TONy B. CARMIGNANI ANNE CARPENTER JIM G. CARPENTER DICK E. CARTER BILL L. CARTER MARGARET A. CHEEK PHILLIP M. CHEWNING MARy MARGARET CHILES C. ED CHRISTMAS D. LARRy CLANTON RAyE CLARK BEVERLy CLARKSON SAMUEL H. CLEM JUDy E. COOK LARRy H. COOKE GAIL CORLEy EDWIN M. COULTER ROWENA L COURSON MARGARET F. COX SUE E. COX EARL H. CRAIG 64CLASS JANET CRESSWEll F. ASHTON CRIBBS ANTHONy CHRISTOPHER C. JERRY CROULD EDyTHE A. CROUT CHARLES B. CULP MARy E. CUNNINGHAM CLyOE S. CURETON BARBARA R. DANIELS IRBy G. DARNELL B. KENNETH DAVIS JAy E. DAVIS JAyNE ELLEN DAVIS JOVCE DAVIS WILLIAM C. DAVIS WANDA L. DEARMAN eoBBy A. DILLON MyRNA L. DOVE GINGER C. DURHAM MARGE E. EDDy KARON EDWARDS KAy C. ELROD BILL EMERy ROBERT D. EVANS CHARLES C. FAySSOUX GINGER FORRESTER KEITH R. FOSTER WALTON N. FOSTER JOAN A. FOX NORMAN F. FOXWORTH RUTH FRADy CAROLyN A. FREEMAN BILL E. FREEMAN BILL P. FRITCHMAN ROBERT J. FUREy BOBBy L. GARRICK BRENDA J. GARRISON JAMES H. GILLESPIE BILL H. GILLIS. JR. S. ARLEN GLENN ALLAN M. GOODLETT JOHN G. GORE MIKE L. GRAy LI8By A. HARRILL M. STEVE HARRIS PATRICIA S. HARVEy FREDERICK HASHER. JR. BOB ALLAN HAVELKA Some people just can't resist showing off. 6SFRESHMAN JAMES R. HAyES ANN C. HELGERSON FRANCES L HELMS CLyDE 0. HENRy RICHARD F. HEWITT JOHN D. HILL LINDA D. HINSON PLEDGER HODGES JEAN A. HOPKINS MARy E. HOVAS CHARLES E. HOWARD CAROLyN M. HUDGENS CHARLES R. HUGHES CARNEGIE L HULSEy PRISCILLA J. HUNTER JANE HURD DIANNE K. HURST MELTON M. JACKS CAROLyN JAMES ERNEST L JENNINGS. JR. LARRy L. JEPSON JAMES K. JOHNSON JAMES L. JOHNSON B08By A. JONES PAUL W. JONES RICHARD L. JONES. JR. WILLIAM S. JONES. JR. RALPH D. JUMPER ANN KELLER LUBETH KELLEy EDWARD C. KENNEDy JOHN A. KENNEDy PAUL R. KENNEDy JACK W. KEOWN JIM M. KEOWN WILLIAM D. KEOWN R. LARRy LAMPLEy LINDA K. LANCASTER GEORGE P. LANGAN. JR. LU ANNE LEAGUE MARy LEE NORMA W. LEE CAROLE LeMASTER GARy D. LESLIE BABETTA K. LIDE C. STOKES LILES ROBERT M LLOyD MARy K. LOFTIS Hoil the mighty Sophomores!CLASS WOODROW W. LONG. JR. SUSAN LOVELACE FRAN LUTHER NANCy E. LYONS J. CARLISLE McALHANY DOUGLAS H. McCALL mike s. McCarthy james d. McCauley R. MICHAEL McCOLLOM JOHN B. McELHANEY. JR. judith a. McKinney tommy a. McKinney thomas d. McLaughlin CAROLYN A. MADDOX MICHAEL S. MARONEY GAINES H. MASON DONALD L. MAURO LARRY F. MAYFIELD CARL W. MERCKEL. JR. ANNIS METTS EDWARD H. MILLER. JR. JACK R. MILLER KENNETH J. MILLER RENEE M. MILLER HERBERT C. MILLIGAN. JR. EDWARD L MITCHELL. JR. FRANCES MAE MONEY BOB J. MONDO RICHIE W. MORGAN W. JOHN MOSELEY DICK L. MULL THOMAS L MYERS ANNE NALLEY CHESTER B. NATIONS JACK E. NEAL THOMAS A. NERY CARL R. NEWMAN JANE NICHOLSON JOE F. OLLIFF. JR. W. LARRY OWENS H. DUNCAN PADGETT REBECCA A. PATTERSON DON E. PHILLIPS LARRY C. PHILLIPS THOMAS A. PLAYER PATSY A. POE JOAN L POMEROY LARRY R. PORTERFIELD HARRIETT O. POSTON A. JENNINGS PRINCE ANNE PURVIS HALEY PYLE EMERSON W. RA80N. JR. RICHARD A. RANALLO R08ERT E. RASMUSSEN JAKE RASOR. JR.' ALICE E. RAWLINSON W. DAVID REDD JUDY L REESE GLORIA C. REIS W. GLENN REITZ. JR. BARBARA A. REPKO JAMES G. REVELS. JR. HENRY H. REYNOLDS. JR. NENA S. RICHARDSON WILLIAM D. RICHARDSON 67FRESHMAN 8O6BIE JEAN RIDDLE JERRY P. R08ERTS LOWELL T. ROBERTSON BARBARA 8. RODGERS SANDRA ROOF ROBERT P. ROPER JOHN M. RYAN RODNEY L SAMPSON KENNETH A. SARGENT PAUL C. SARTWELL ROYCE O. SAYER KENT A. SCHNEIOER NORMAN L. SCHU8ERT KARL L. SCOTT. Ill MILTON F. SCOn BRENDA R. SCRUGGS W. WAYNE SEAL CHUCK L SEELBACH. JR. EDWIN W. SELLARS DON W. SENTELL JACK M. SHARP. JR. STANLEY W. SHEFTALL RACHEL SHERWOOD KEMUEL W. SHIPP WILLIAM F. SHIVER RONALD D. SHOCKLEY BEVERLY F. SIMMONS NOLA JEAN SIMON HORACE B. SIMS. JR. ROBERT C. SIMS. JR. STUART B. SKADDEN YANCEY L. SKINNER GEORGE R. SMITH EMALINE SMITH STANLEY B. SMITH. JR. ELGENIA R. SNIPES R. TIPTON SNIPES P. DOUGLAS SOTZING JOEL A. SOUTHERLIN JANET C. SOUTHERN JOSEPH G. SPEAKS WAYNE A. STEVENS ROGER E. STEVENSON MARION J. STILL JANE C. STOUDENMIRE JOSEPH H. STOVER STEPHEN P. STYRON EVERETT T. SUMMERALL. JR. Big tough men??? 68CLASS BETTY TANNER PAUL W. TANNER CHARLES W. TAYLOR MARY J. TAYLOR SMILIE J. TAYLOR JOHN G. TEW. JR. MARTHA B. THOMASON HAROLD P. THRELKELD J. LYNN TOMPKINS LUTHER K. TOWNSEND P. ELISE TRAPP M. PEGGY TRAYNHAM CHARLES F. TURNER WILLIAM M. TURNER BARRY P. TURPIN PARMA W. TUTEN HUBERT C. WADE NANCY D. WALKER DONALD H. WALTER CECILIA W. WATSON GWENDOLYN G. WEBB JERRY G. WELMAKER MAE MARGARET WESNER JOHN 8. WHEELER. Ill EDDIE J. WHITE THOMAS D. WHITMIRE. Ill FRED S. WILLIAMS THOMAS L. WILLIS BOBBY J. WILSON CLARENCE A. WILSON HORACE T. WILSON JUDITH A. WILSON CHARLTON W. WINCHESTER. Ill ALICE L WITSELL ROBERT T. WOODHAM ALLEN C. WOODWARD T. RICHARD YOUNG V. JOSEPH ZECCOLA WILLIAM K. ZINKE Min Chiles, may I please have 12:00 permission? 69MARTHA FINNEGAN. President ol the Women's Council STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAN JOYNER. President ol the Men’s Student BodySTUDENT BODY OFFICERS LIB BRAOLEy, Secretary BARBARA BURRIS. V,ce-Pre»ident TINA LOOPER, Treasurer The officers of the Women's College Self Government Association are nominated by the various councils and voted on by the Student Body. The President presides over all meetings of Council and the Student Body, serves on House Board, and appoints committees. The orientation program is planned and supervised by the Vice-President. The Secretary handles the correspondence and keeps a record of all the proceedings. Handling the Student Body funds and presenting a financial report at the end of the semester are the duties of the Treasurer. Petitions furnish the means for nominating the candidates for the officers of the Men's Student Body. The officers are elected by the members of the Men's Student Body. The President calls and presides over all meetings of the Student Body. Management of freshman orientation and appointment of the freshman advisors are handled by the Vice-President. Records of the business meetings are kept by the Secretary. The Treasurer handles the funds belonging to the Men’s Student Body and is Chairman of the Student Finance Committee. 73 JACK NOLEN. Treasurer MELVIN McKEOWN. Secretary BUDDy ROLLINS. Vice-PresidentStated, left to fight: Martha Finnegan. President; Barbara Burris, Viee-President; Lib Bradley, Secretary: Tina Looper, Treasurer. Standing: ''8. K." Massie, Janet Lowrey, Ann McMillan, Marian Hendricks, Judy Clardy. Eva Lou Sherrod, Suxy Gross, Betty Snyder, Ann Shirley, Libby Harrill, Rachel Counts, Rosemary Fort, Marva Fox, Nancy Looper, Dottic Davidson. WOMEN'S COUNCIL The Women’s Council attempts to develop in women students an honorable code of living by making the honor system effective in every phase of college life. The council operates in a judicial and legislative capacity. It appoints Furman Follies, Christmas, Homecoming, and May Day chairmen. The Council plans the Spring Camp program and acts as a coordinator for the four classes and the major organizations by holding a student body meeting once a month to bring all current business to students’ attention. Class representatives and organization and class presidents compose this body. SENIOR WOMEN S COUNCIL (Governing Body ol the Women on the New Campus) Seated, left to right: Eva Lou Sherrod. President; Patsy Kay. Vice-President; Carolyn Queen. Secretary: Bennetta Clary, Treasurer; Marilyn Waldhour. Standing: Carolyn Cooper, Mary Barr Cave. Sanna Bryan, Mary Jo Jones. Jayne Roth. Janellc Wise. Jane Satterfield.Seated, left to right: H«y J, Sullivan, Preiident; Richard Nix. Vice-Preiident; Furman Hewitt, Sccrctory-Treajufcr; Ralph Jon . Standing: Joe Fanning, Le Hudion. Benny Onley. Randy Hilton. Jerry Roger , Jim Purcell, Chart' Linder. MEN'S COUNCIL “Each Furman student is a person of honor unless proved otherwise.” This is the opening sentence of the Furman Honor System and also the guiding thought behind the Men’s Judicial Council, whose job it is to uphold and strengthen the Honor System. This high tribunal of justice handles any breaches of the honor code. Their procedure is similar to that of any public court of law. At trials the president acts as a judge and the members as a jury. Testimony is given by the witnesses and the violater, and the Council determines the guilt or innocence of the accused and also the penalties if guilty. The aim of the Council is to be as fair and as objective as possible and to return a sound and proper verdict after due consideration of the testimony and evidence. Another duty of the Council is to decide on matters relating to the interpretation of the Men’s Constitution. During the year they handed down several important interpretations of questionable parts of the Constitution. The members of the Council are elected proportionately from the classes in the spring elections each year and serve until graduation. 75 HEYWARD SULLIVAN PcciidcntSTUDENT LEGISLATURE Student Legislature is the legislative branch of the Men's Student Government and has sole authority on all legislative matters pertaining to the Student Body. Members serve yearly terms and are nominated for election by petition. Elections are held in May with old members being eligible for re-election. Seven members are elected from the rising Senior class, six members from the rising Junior class, and five members from the rising Sophomore class. Each year members of Legislature aid the Orientation programs and administer Handbook tests to all freshmen and transfer students. They also re-charter yearly all campus departmental and divisional clubs. Early this year this branch of government began work on a revision of the Honor System. Later they adopted a proposal to increase the Student Body Fund and to reorganize the Finance committee. These last two measures were later aDDroved by the Student Body. It also proposed a revision of the Election Board. The Legislature worked with Women's Student Council in preparation for a joint Student Government for the future. TERRy HARPER President First row. left to right: Terry Harper President Oon Bolt Vice-President Doug Jones Secretary-Treasurer Richard Murdock Scrgcant-at-Arms Scott Pyron Second Row: Buddy Rollins Tony Arrington Sidney Bland James Sherwood Jack Nolan Melvin McKcown Third Row: Gary Smoak Lawton Dews Richard Gantt Bobby Ayers Jerry Owings 8.11 Puckett 76HOUSEBOARD This organization is concerned with all that is relative to dormitory life. It is the duty of this board to uphold dormitory regulations and to encourage the students to abide by the rules. Conducting fire drills each semester and reporting hall repairs on the various halls are the responsibilities of the proctor for each hall. Membership is composed of a president and vice-president, who are elected in the spring by the boarding students. The presidents of each dormitory arc chosen in dormitory elections. Proctors for each hall meet with Houseboard on Monday nights. At Christmas time Houseboard sponsors an old clothes drive for the underprivileged and the dorm party held during the week before Christmas holidays begin. Suppers on the hockey field in warm weather and the dorm parties at the beginning of school in the fall and between exams are planned by Houseboard. A booth was sponsored at the W. R. A. Halloween Carnival. Houseboard was responsible for decorating the "Zoo” for Homecoming and for keeping the student kitchen in good order. RACHEL COUNTS Pretident Seated, left to right: Rachel Count Pretident Jane Ann Heaney Vice-President Standing: Martha Elmore Jerome Gullcge Beverly Parker Laura Gaikint Judy Weitmoreland Marian Hendrick Jayne Roth Martha Finnegan 7 FRESHMAN ADVISORY BOARDS The purpose of the Freshman Advisory Boards is to aid in the orientation of new students to Furman. Members of the Women's Board are selected by the Executive Council of Student Council assisted by Miss Chiles. Those on the Men's Board are appointed by the Vice-President of the Men’s Student Body. Upon their arrival at Furman the freshmen and transfer students were helped by their advisors to get settled. Activities during these first few days included the President’s reception on the front lawn of the Women’s College, and group singing and a talent show given in Fine Arts Auditorium by the Pep Club and cheerleaders. Conferences were held with faculty advisors. For the women there was the trip to Paris Mountain when discussions were heard on the various aspects of college life. After supper with the men on the new campus, a lakeside service was held by the Senior women. During the week the members of the board did their part to acquaintthe newcomers with the traditions of Furman. Pint low, left to right: Judy Caldwell. Laura Gaskins. Ellison Anne Caroler. Barbara Burris. Chairman; Lib Bradley. Nancy Loopcr, Grace Carswell, Dottie Davidson. Second row: Amelia Heckle. Tina Looper, Marva Fox. Suxy Gross. Peggy Fant, Betty Snyder, Martha McCray. Rosemary Fort. Seated, left to right: 8uddy Rollins. Chairman; Joe Burchfield. Bob Thompson. Randy Holton. Bobby Ayers. Standing, first row: Melvin McKeown, Richard Nix, Heyward Sullivan, Ted Davis. Richard Murdock. Second row: Furman Hewitt. Doug Pasley, Larry Bass. Jack Nolan, Doug Jones. Tony Arrington. Third row: Sidney Bland, Willie Axmann, Paul Hutchinson. Terry Harper. Wayne Ham, Scott Pyron. 78SOCIAL STANDARDS BOARD Seated, left to fight: Anne MeMillian, Chairman; Claire Biddison, Rosemary Fort, Marian Hendrix. Standing, first row: Mary Earle 8rown, Janet Hook, Carolyn Freeman, Jane Satterfield, Mills Bonnettc, Ceil Watson, Alberta Thompson, Anne Purvis. Second row: Carol Page, Celia Owens, Linda Lindsay, Marilyn Waldhour, Judy Clardy, Phyllis Marlowe, Dixie Littlejohn, Nena Richardson. Joyce Bennett. The Social Standards Board helps to promote high standards of dress and conduct at the Women’s College. It also upholds the customs and traditions at the “Zoo” and now at Manly Hall on the New Campus. Fora number of years this board has sponsored the traditional after-dinner coffee on Sunday and has had charge of the President’s Tea at the orientation. The Board also presents a fashion show and social conduct skit during the first weeks of school. Throughout the year it sponsors drop-ins, teas, and monthly semi-formal dinners. Seated, left to fight: Nancy Looper, Chairman; Mary Lou Maurer, Nancy Rabun, Martha Ponder. Standing: Babt Jones, Fran Jordan, Clayton Herndon, Phyllis Marlowe. Linda Jo Childers. Phyllis Baird, Janet Southern. Judy Westmoreland, Carolyn Hudgens, Mary Barr Cave. Jancllc Wise, Martha Frances Drummond. Barbara Rodgers. MARSHALS Elected each year by the four classes, these seventeen young ladies are chosen on the basis of dignity, poise, and cordial personality. The purpose of the Marshals is to maintain order and dignity at chapel programs and other university functions. They also usher and assist guests at concerts, plays, operettas, May Day, and Class Day. On Graduation Day they lead the recessional. Installation of new members is held after spring elections. 79STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE Seated, left to risKt: Matva Fo . Dr. Dorothy Richey, Pally Kay. Anne McMillan. Standing: Bill Puckett. Di. E. E. Harrill, Dan Joyner. Chairman; Willie Aimann. The Student-Faculty Committee was organized to coordinate the activities of the students on both campuses and to bring about a closer relationship between the faculty and the students. It is composed of three members from the Women’s College, three from the Men's Campus, three from the faculty, and one member to serve as secretary. The new members are installed at the time of Student Body elections in the spring. The chief function of this organization is to bring about harmony in all activities of interest to both campuses. Acting as a guiding post for the student leaders on both campuses, it helps them work toward the same goals and standards. To promote better relationships between campuses, the Committee has tried to avoid conflicts in various activities. It worked on the exemption of seniors from final exams, and dealt with various other problems that arose throughout the year. DAY STUDENTS' COUNCIL Seated: P t Gantt. Chairman: Harriett Whitworth. Standing: Norma Dkkion. Pat Ayen. Sally Groom . Haley Pyle. Pat Griffin. Barbara Bowen. Joyce Lord. Peggy Canon. Diane Southcrlm. The Executive Council of the Women's Day Student Association was organized this year to promote unity and purposeful direction in the day students’ organization. The main purpose was to make plans to set up an adequate constitution and organization Heading the activities planned by their group are Pat Gantt, Chairman; and Harriette Whitworth, Co-Chairman. These non-resident students have many projects. During free time, the association maintains the facilities available in the Day Students lounge. A twelve-member council leads the day students, who hold a monthly meeting at the end of chapel. 80WHO'S Eleven women and eight men were named to Who's Who Among Student! in American College! and Universities. Thcic are iclected on a bam ol icholarihip. leadership, participation in itudent activities, service to school, and promise of future usefulness to society. WILLIAM ROy AXMANN Anderson, $. C. Junior Class President . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . President of Slue Key . . . Vanity Track . . . BONHOMIE Staff . , . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Best All-Round Superlative. EVA LOU SHERROD Charleston, S. C. Senior Class President . . . Junior Class President . . . Senior Order. . . Vice-President ol W. R. A. . . . President ol S. C. Athletic and Recreation Federation lor College Women . . 8est All-Round Superlative. GLENN TERRY HARPER Andalusia, Ala. President ol Student Legislature . . . Blue Key . . . Quaternion . . . Circle ’‘K" Club . . . Furman Singers . . . Secretary ol Junior Class . . . Publications Board . . . Elections Board . . Freshman Advisory Board . . . Best Informed Superlative . . . Hand and Torch. RACHEL COUNTS Prosperity, S. C. President of Houseboord . . . Student Council . . . Dining Room Hostess . . Senior Order . . . Social Standards Board . . . Dining Room Committee. JASPER 8ROOKS ROLLINS. JR. Rock Hill, S. C. Vice-President of the Men's Student Body . . . Secretary ol Student Legislature . . Vice-President of Freshman and Sophomore Classes . . . Blue Key . . . Quaternion . , . Scabbard and Blade . . . Chairman ol Publications Board . . . Freshman Advisory Board Chairman . . . Best Leader Superlative. CAROLyN COOPER Charleston, S. C. Senior Order . . . Tau Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon ... Phi Sigma lota . . . Le Salon Francais , . . President of International Relations Club . . W. R. A. Council . . . Publications Board . . . y. W. A. Council . . . Social Board . . . V. W. C. A. Council . . . BONHOMIE Class Editor . . . Debate Team . . . Best Informed Superlative. CAREy DAN JOyNER Greenville, S. C. President ol the Men's Student 8ody . . . Cheerleader . .. Student Legislature . . . Secretary ol Circle "K" Club . . . Blue Key . . . Quaternion . . . Chairman ol Student-Faculty Committee . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Pep Club . . . Interlraternity Council . . . Friendliest Superlative BARBARA ANN BURRIS Charleston, S. C. Cheerleader . Senior Order . . Vice-President ol Women's Student Body . . . W. R. A. Council . . . Marshal . . . Faculty Editor ol BONHOMIE . . . B. S. U. Eiecvtivc Council . . . I. R.C Student Council . . Friendliest Superlative. MARTHA ANN McMILLAN Bamberg, S. C. Junior Class Secretary . . . Student-Faculty Committee . . . Chairman ol Soeial Standards Board . y. W. A. Vice-President . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . May Court. LINDA LINDSAy Greenville, S. C. Vice-President ol Freshman Class . . . Soeial Standards Boaid . . . BONHOMIE Beauty Section . . . Elections Board . . . Dining Hall Committee . . . Most Original Superlative . . . May Court. 82WHO METHA CLAIRE DANIELS lake City, S.C. Senior Order . ■ . Treaiurer ol Womcn't Student Body .. . Viee-Pre ident ol B. S. U. . . . Furman Singer . . . Joint Comtitution Committee . . . Honor Committee. SIDNEy RODERICK BLAND Coroleen, N. C. Student Legitlature - . - Freihman Advitoiv 8oaid . . . ScereUry-Tteaiurer ol Blue Key . . . Preiident ol Circle "K” Club . . . Phi Mu Alpha Yiee-Preiident . . . Treaiurer ol Junior Clan . . . Secretary ol Kappa Phi Kappa . . . Butinen Manager ol Furman Singer . JAYNE ROTH Charleiton, S. C. President ol Women- Recreation Anociation . .. Preiident ol Manly Hall Senior Order . . . Social Board . . . Student Council . . Weiley Foundation . . . BONHOMIE Staff. RICHARD DOWLING NIX Garnett, S. C. Judicial Council Vice-Prendent . . - Preiident ol Kappa Phi Kappa . . . Cadet It. Col. . . . Chairman ol Election Board . . . We ley Foundation Secretary-Treaiurcr . . . Blue Key . . . Chi Bela Phi . . . Circle -'K'- . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Hand and Torch. MARTHA JEAN FINNEGAN Silver Spring . Md. Women- Student Body Prendent . . . Chairman ol Social Standard 8oard ... Rat Court Preiident . . . Houieboard . . Senior Order . . . Furman Singer . . . Oining Room Committee . , . YW.C.A. Council . . . Maid ol Honor, May Court . . . Beit Leader Superlative. CLARENCE THOMAS COOK Lake City, S. C. President of Freihman and Sophomore Oatte . . . Vice-Pretident ol Blue Key . . . Pre ident ol Student Volunteer . . . Circle ‘-K" Club . . . Miniiterial Union. NANCY ANNE LOOPER Gaitonia. N. C. Preiident ol Baptiit Student Union . . . Head Manhjl . . . Student Council . . . Senior Order . . . Secretary-Treaiurer of . W. A. . . . W. R. A. Council . . . Furman Singer . . Mo t Likely to Succeed Superlative ... Hand and Torch. ROBBIE NELL TAYLOR Lauren , S. C. Handbook Editor . . . Election Board Chairman . . . Houieboard . . . Y. W. A. . . Viee-Prendent ol Kappa Oelta Epiilon . . Prelude . . BONHOMIE Staff - . Student Volunteer . HEYWARD M. SULLIVAN (Not Pictured) Greenville, S. C. Preiident of Judicial Council . . . Preiident ol Sigma Alpha Epiilon . Preiident of Interlratemity Couneil . . . Blue K » . . Quaternion . . . Scabbard and Blode . . . Block "F" Club . . Freihman Advitory Board . . . Beit Drened Superlative. 83Firit fow: Ttuctt PjHcfion. Janet Lowery, Oori» Cole, Katherine Raihlcy. Second row: Nancy Loopcr, LaRue Wright, Mary Ann Jonct. Robert Blcdtoc. Third row: Ann Smith. Ann Taylor. Jane Ann Heartey, Ted Davit. Fourth row: James Sightler, Ervin Hammett. Richard Nil, Fred Bagwell. Fifth row: Harold Garber. Terry Harper, Milton Hallman. Hand and Torch honors those seniors who have achieved high scholastic standings at Furman. Nominations are made by the faculty at the end of the first semester. To be considered for membership, one must maintain an overall average of 2.5 (Magna cum laude) during his four years in college, and only ten per cent of the graduating class are eligible for membership. Seniors appointed this year were Robert Bledsoe, Spanish and French major, McDonough, Ga.; Erwin Hammett, Mathematics major, Columbia; Terry Harper, History and English major, Andalusia, Ala.; and Jane Ann Hearsey, French and English major. Lake City. Also named to Hand and Torch were Ann Taylor, Chemistry major, Greenville; Nancy Looper, ____ HAND AND TORCH English major, Gastonia, N. C.; J. H. Sightler, Chemistry major, Greenville; Doris Cole, English major, Winterville, N. C.; Ted Davis, Chemistry major, Hendersonville, N. C.; Mary Ann Jones, Elementary Education major, Greenville; Ann Smith, English major, Greenville; Milton Hallman, Piano major, Columbia; LaRue Wright, Speech major, Candler, N. C.; Mrs. Kathleen Rashley, Elementary Education major, Taylors; Harold Garber, Biology major, Greenville; Fred Bagwell, Economics and Business Administration major, Greenville; Truett Patterson, Chemistry major, Greenville; Janet Lowrey, Sociology major, Baltimore, Md.; and Richard Nix, Mathematics major, Garnett. 64Seated, left to right: Willie Aimann, President; Sidney Bland, Secretary; Richard Nif, Corresponding Secretary; Terry Harper. Alumni Secretary. Not pictured: Tommy Cook. Vice-President. Standing: Dan Joyner. 8uddy Rollins. Doug Pasley. Heyward Sullivan, Scott Pyron, Melvin McKeown. WILLIE AXMANN President BLUE KEY This national honorary leadership fraternity studies student problems, enriches student life, and promotes the best interest of the school. Members are chosen in November and April and tapped in chapel service on Leadership Recognition Day. Members are chosen on the basis of character, personality, scholarship, and leadership. SENIOR ORDER New members of Senior Order are tapped by the outgoing members in a surprise ceremony each spring. Membership, limited to 12% of the rising senior class, is based upon leadership, scholarship, character, and contributions to student life. Senior Order works behind the scenes to meet the needs of the student body and to build school spirit. Specific activities included the Pledge Service conducted for freshman women, Homecoming, and High School Weekend. Seated, left to right: Claire Daniel , Chairman; Barbara Burri . Jayne Roth. Martha Finnegan. Standing Carolyn Cooper. Nancy Looper, Rachel Count . Eva Lou Sherrod.QUARTERNION The Quaternion Club was organized in 1903. The club it composed of Furman seniors who during their first three years have shown outstanding leadership ability. Graduating seniors meet at the end of the school year to nominate the new members from the rising senior class. It is traditional that the initiates must white wash the "Old College," the oldest building on the old campus. An annual meeting of alumni members is held during graduation week-end. This year the "Old College," was transported from the old campus to the new campus in order that the long tradition of this honor society would not be lost in the move. It is now located on the far side of the lake near the site for the women's dormitories. The scarves which symbolize Quaternion are red bandanas which indicate humility in leadership. Left to right: Buddy Rollins. Chairman; Dan Joyner, Terry Harper, Heyward Sullivan. PHI MU ALPHA TOM CONLEY President Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is the honorary music fraternity on campus. Its purposes arc the advancement of interest in music in America and the development of trust and fraternal spirit among its members. Formal initiations are held twice a year. Members are selected according to academic standing, ability, and participation. First row. left to right: Mr. Rhamc, Sponsor; Tom Conley. President: Sidney Bland, Vice-President; Oran Nabors. Secretary: Proctor Hawkins. Treasurer. Second Row: Dean Eades. Jimmy Woodle. Ray Golden. Dan Ellis Joe Greer. Milton Hallman. David O'Hagan. George Gark, Melvin McKeown. Troy Petty. Jerry W. Burkcttc.Seated, left to right: Sidney Bland. President; Jack Nolen, Vice-President; Wayne Ham. Sccretary-Trcaiurer; Tom Conley, Dan Joyner, Wallace Wise. Standing, fiat row: Joe Panning, Richard Nix. 8enny Onley, Terry Harper, Don Bowers, Gerald Lawton. Pat Forbes. Tommy Cook. Second row: Jim Purcell, Richard Murdock, John Kemp. Larry Ayers, Melvin McKeown, Mike Dawson. James Sansbury. CIRCLE K As Key Club is the high school equivalent of the Kiwanis club, so Circle "K” is the service club on a college level. The club's main interest is to help others and to develop a spirit of service for the improvement of human relationship with God, country, community, and college. The club tries to inspire high ideals and promote good fellowship among college men. Its civic activities include giving an annual party for the children in the Shriner’s Hospital and distributing large baskets of food to needy families at Christmas. The club helped decorate the campus for Christmas. On campus the members are responsible for handing out hymn books at chapel services. They also sponsor a program each year to encourage the return of overdue books to the library. The club raised money for its projects by selling Christmas cards and rubber shower shoes and by managing a snack booth at the High School Science Fair sponsored by the University. Club members are selected at the first of each semester by nomination and vote of the old members. Character, high academic standards, and a willingness to work are a necessity for nomination. SIDNEy 8LAND. President 87CHI BETA PHI Seated, left to right: Dr. Patty, Spontor; Ted Davis. President; Jerry Brown, Vice-President; Anne Taylor. Secretary. Standing, first row; Joe Burchfield. Scott Pyron, Janice Whitlaw. Richard Nil. Erwin Hammett, Bili Hart. Doug Jones. Second row: Truett Patterson. Mike Gibson, Harold Garber. Jim Sightlcr. Johnny Sutton. TED DAVIS President This national scientific fraternity brings together Furman students whose interest lies in the field of science. A "B" average in twenty hours of natural science is required for membership. In order to broaden the members’ scope and keep them up to date with the latest scientific developments, the group meets monthly. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Seated, left to right: Mr. Patterson, Advisor; Charlie Linder, President; Tommy Keating, Vice-President; Jerry Brown, Secretary. Standing: Harold Garber, Larry Bass, Eddie Ellison, Ralph Cox. CHARLIE LINDER President Alpha Epsilon Delta encourages excellence in pre-dental scholarship and promotes cooperation between students and educators in developing an adequate educational program. Informative movies are shown monthly to club members. Members also have an opportunity to question various doctors, visit hospitals, and observe operations.KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Seated, left to right: Vivian Wood. President: Robbie Taylor, Vice-President: Carolyn McEIvcen, Treasurer; Carolyn Cooper, Historian. Standing, first row: Jean Picllesimer. Fran Jordon. Carol Page. Frances Gillespie. Bonny Kerr, Brenda Fogle, Annabellc Lawton, Amelia Heckle, Eleanor Kelley. Second Row: Barbara Norris. Mary Jo Jones. Ann McMillian. Nell Nye, Eleanor Pike. Sylvia Smith. Pat Griffin. Lib 8:adley. An honorary sorority organized to unite Women Education Majors, K. D. E. has as its purpose the upholding of the high ideals of the teaching profession. Membership is selected from women having a "B" average in education courses and an overall "C average Highlighting this year's activities, two delegates and the advisor were sent to the National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. KAPPA PHI KAPPA Seated, left to right: Dr. Owens, Richard Nix, President: Robert Henderson. Vice-President: Sidney 8land, Secre tary. Standing: Bob Bledsoe. Dr. Pulley, Terry Harper. Dr. Ed Brown. RICHARD NIX President Kappa Phi Kappa is the fraternity for professional educators among male students. It informs teachers, graduates, and undergraduate students of the current advancements and problems in the educational field. Invitations to outstanding speakers for the programs was one of the means used to cultivate an interest in all the phases of teaching. ALPHA PHI GAMMA Seated, left to right: Mr. 8aker, Sponsor; Frank Todlock, President; Lynn Williams. Vice-President; Rose Sims, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Paul Hutchinson. Richard Pollock. Jim McEIvccn, Wayne Ham. FRANK TADLOCK President Alpha Phi Sigma is the national journalism fraternity which was chartered last spring. To be eligible for membership wide experience in publication is required and members of this chapter must have held an editorship or subeditorship on a campus publication. Mr. Ira Lee Baker serves as advisor. PHI SIGMA IOTA Seated, left to right: Dr. Herring, Sponsor; Nancy Hughes. President: Bob Bledsoe, Vice-President; Clayton Herndon. Secretary; Martha Ponder. Standing: Pixie Renfroe. Bob King, Rachel Mullins, Ronnie Swain, Carolyn Cooper, Mrs. Mary Stegall. NANCy HUGHES President The Sigma Gamma chapter of Phi Sigma lota was installed at Furman in October. This honor society recognizes outstanding ability and attainment in Romance languages and literature, inspires advanced work and also promotes friendship between our nation and those speaking Romance languages.FURMAN Students are selected for Furman Singers by individual auditions. This group sang for the State Baptist Convention, which was held in Greenville. On December 7, they gave their annual presentation of Handel's "Messiah" with the choir of First Baptist Church and guest soloists. During Religious Focus Week, they sang each evening. In cooperation with the Speech Department, they presented Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "H. M. S. Pinafore." Singers toured South Carolina in April giving both sacred and secular concerts. They also gave programs at various luncheons and banquets in Greenville, and at Chapel services on campus. The group was most impressive at the Billy Graham service. A houseparty at Camp Mondamin was the year’s climax for the Singers. PERSONNEL SOPRANOS Anne Allen Louise Allen Betty Bishop Mary Earle Brown Anna Brumfield Mary Margaret Chiles Doris Cole Alice Dean Martha F. Drummond Ginger Durham June Floyd Ginger Forrester Mary Anne Gunter Annie Mae Hawthorne Jane Hungerpiller Christine Jeffords Elaine Jones Krtty Jordan Joyce Keller Suianne Law Fran Luther Julie Martin Malinda Mauldin Nancy McCurley Charlotte McElveen EVERETTE SUMMERALL and DAVID REDD. Accompanists. JOyCE BENNETT. Secretary: RALPH JONES. President: and GAyLE PADGETT, Treasurer. Not pictured: TOM STOGNER, Vice-President. SlDNEy BLAND. Bus.ness Manager; WAyNE HAM. Librarian. Not pictured: JERRy HENDERSON and JIMMy GRAHAM.SINGERS Catherine Morris Barbara Owr.ni Celia Owen Anne Purvis Ethel Mae Rowe Beverly Simmon Nola Jean Simon Anne Taylor Myrna Taylor Cynthia Waldrop Mary Wall ALTOS Eleanor Anderson Camille Avant Joyce Bennett Claire Bidditon Carolyn 8lythc Linda Bowen Irene Breland Harriet Broom Jackie Brown Rhuemma Carter Raye Clark Bcnnetta Clary Edythe Ann Crout 8arbara Daniel Nancy Dew Matylynn Ferguton Beverly Gibb Amelia Heckle Sara Alice Herring Mary Hova Joanne Hubbard Carolyn Hudgen Emily Johnion France Jordan Bonny Kerr Inabcllc Lawton Lu Anne League Mary Lee Bab Lidc Edna Livingston Tina Loopcr Nancy Lyon Mary Lou Maurer Annit Melt Fran Money Nelle Nyc Gayle Padgett Harriett Poston Nena Richardson Sutanne Salvo Kay Symt Smilic Taylor Martha Thomason Elite Trapp Marilyn Waldour Nancy Walker Gwendolyn Webb Janellc Wise TENORS Wayne Burkettc Don Creitwell Charles Culp Irby Darnell Jack Duncan Jimmy Graham Wayne Ham Jerry Hendenon Kenneth Hough John Long Troy Petty Jeste Robert Gary Smoak Joel Southerlin Everett Summerall John Williams Arch Wallace BASSES Don Atbell Richard Ballard Rick Binn Sidney Bland Dickie Brown Van Capps Larry Clanton Tom Conley Ralph Cauthen Earl Crapp Thoma Faber Jamct Greene Joe Greer Terry Harper Furman Hewitt Jimmy Horton Ralph Jones Jome Lyda Bob Maddox John McElhaney David McManaway Kirk Mixon Jerry Owing Duncan Padgett John Platt Jim Purcell Ted Purcell Cecil Quattlebaum Tom Reynold Jerry Rogers Gordon Schmidt Allan Simpson Wayne Steven Tom Stogner Howard Yonally DUPRE RHAME DirectorFURMAN UNI' DAN ELLIS. Director LUTHER TOWNSEND. Drum Major GAIL GULLEDGE. Mascot The sound of “The Star Spangled Banner” or of our “Alma Mater” being played by the Furman University Band at a football game does much toward upholding school spirit and student morale. Participation in local parades creates good public relations for the University. The band was under the excellent direction of Mr. Dan A. Ellis, and Luther Townsend served the group as a capable drum major. This organization is always searching for new talent in order to expand its force and increase the number of members. Auditions are held at the beginning of first semester for freshmen and transfer students. The band played at all home football games, giving excellent performances at half-time and attended two out-of-town games at Clemson and Charlotte. While in Charlotte, the bank took part in the Carrousel Parade in the morning before playing for the Furman-Davidson game that afternoon. The group plays annually in the Greenville Christmas Parade and added much to this year’s parade. Another annual event is the Spring Concert in Fine Arts. This year the concert was given on April 10th. The Concert Band plays for May Day, Class Day, and Commencement each year. The Spring Concert Tour offers band members an opportunity to travel out of state during spring holidays. This year they toured North and South Carolina from March 30th until April 3rd, performing in Asheville, Hendersonville, Kannapolis, Gaffney, and Mars Hill. Proctor Hawkins and Oran Nabors were the student conductors on the tour. Before they left, the band played at several local high schools. PERSONNEL Proctor Hawkins Melvin McKeown Ray Golden Fred Brown Billy Turner Mary Clement Jim Carpenter TROMBONES Bob Horton Martin Ryle Becky Patterson Anne Hunt Allen Woodward FLUTES Gail Annai Robert Bell OBOE Elite Horry CLARINETS Tommy Cooper Walker Gunn Weiley Saylors Richard Murdock Janet Lowery Oennyte Well Barbara Wett Luther Towntend ALTO SAXOPHONE Malcolm Striblinj Joan Huskey BARITONE SAXOPHONE Howard Jay BASS CLARINET Mary Ann Wham FRENCH HORN Sara Hodges Minam Truesdale Charles Sehaible TRUMPETS Asbury Williams BARITONE Bill Hart Keith Foster SOUSAPHONE Oran Nabors James McCauley PERCUSSION Billy Carmichael Dick Nichols M.ke Woodall Jake Raior 8ubbcr McAlhany 8ELLS Ann Corder Joan Fo« MELVIN McKEOWN. Publicity Chairman; PROCTOR HAWKINS. President; R08ERT HORTON, Social Co-Chairman; RAy GOLDEN. Vice-President: MACK STRI8LING. Social Co-Chairman. SARAH HODGES. Secretary (not pictured). 94RSITY BAND 95 . . IIn a scene from WINTERSET the Eidfji family. Garth (John Long), Mirianne (Sandra Cor-derj, and the father (Tommy Thompson), fearfully await the arrival of Trock, a professional gangster. In another scene from WINTERSET John Boland as Mio tells Mirianne, played by Sandra Corder, of his tragic attempt to prove his father's innocence. The lovers are united in the final scene of Shaw's ARMS AND THE MAN. From left to right are Miriam Truesdalc and Martin Ryle. Ronnie Swain and Josie Dunbar, Nancy Hughes and Virgil Bargiol, and Irby Darnell. 9oSeated, left to right: Dr. Richey. Spomor; Ronnie Swam. Pretident; Virgil Bargiol, Vice-Preiident: Martha Prance Drummond. Secretary; Elizabeth Pell, Trca urer. Standing: LaRue Wright. Nancy Hughe . Charlotte DeVinney, Olcta Sender . Tommy Cooper, Camile Avant, Irene Breland, Harriet Broom, Phillip Potey, Joe Burchfield, Martin Ryle. THEATRE GUILD To promote interest in college drama is the purpose of the Furman Theatre Guild. Membership is based on points obtained by participation in various phases of play production. New members, inducted semi-annually, are formally initiated at the annual spring party. After the last performance of a play, cast and Guild members strike the set and go to the shack, where refreshments and light entertainment climax another sixty hours of rehearsal. The first Guild production, Maxwell Anderson’s quasi-Shake-spearian poetic tragedy "Winterset,” starred John Boland as the son who tried to prove that his father had been wrongly executed. He found in a tenement district the disoriented judge (Ronnie Swain), the guilty gangster (Virgil Bargiol), a literary friend (Frank Tadlock), a peace-loving old man (Tommy Thompson), a silent witness (Johnny Long), and a star-crossed lover (Sandra Corder). George Bernard Shaw's witty satire on soldiering, 'Arms and the Man," was presented in December. In this play, upon which "The Chocolate Soldier" was based, Virgil Bargiol played the martial hero who was more fond of chocolates than war. Nancy Hughes portrayed his sweetheart, Ronnie Swain, her blustering father, Josie Dunbar her class-conscious mother, Martin Ryle her former suitor, and Marian Truesdell the maid. A dramatic type new to this generation of Furman theatregoers was Charles Hawtrey’s farce, “The Private Secretary," given in May. Not to be confused with Ann Southern, Hawtrey’s secretary became involved in a family mix-up; he was put behind curtains, in a trunk, under a table, and was even mistaken for a medium in this famous farce. Dr. Richey, director of dll the plays and operetta , hclpi Betty Bi hop with her role a the gypiy prince . 97PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Psychology Club provides an opportunity for students of psychology to get better acquainted with each other and the field of psychology. At monthly meetings many psychologists and psychiatrists brought to this group new ideas concerning modern psychological methods. Meetings also gave professional attention to problems the members will face in their future work, and provided students with a chance to broaden their knowledge of different fields, which can not be included in class lectures. The added benefits gained from the practical experiences of leaders of psychology have been profitable to the students in this study. Scotcd, left to right: Norman Chamber . President; James Sansbury, Vice-President: Rose Sims. Secretary: Sue Neal, Treasurer. Standing: Peggy Kenney, Nancy Pant, Harriet Broom. Yates Johnson. SOCIOLOGY CLUB The club strives to head members to a greater citizen participation after college and to give professional training for those who wish to enter the field of social work. It also attempts to arouse the interest of those not in the club through open meetings and participation in community activities for social betterment. This year the club’s activities included an October meeting at Miss Ebaugh’s cabin for the popular spaghetti supper. In November the annual Social Worker’s Tea was held in order that students and social workers might become better acquainted. In conjunction with the social functions, the members participated in group discussions in which experts from various fields were moderators. Seated, left to right: C. J. Young. President: Rudolph Fowler. Vice-President; Mary Shepard, Secretary. Standing: Janet Lowery, Jane Collins. Raymond Mixed, Helen Claire Robinson. Ann McLees, Ann Howard, Alberta Thompson. Jane Ann Hearscy. Etta Rush. Second row: Yates Johnson. Joanne Meredith, Juanita Mullinax, Martha McCray, Joe McConnell. Sue Moore, Ted Purcell, Annie Mae Hawthorne. Leon Keefe. MUSIC CLUB This Music Club is an organization interested in promoting music appreciation. At monthly meetings, concerts or informative talks are given. Richard Cass was one of the outstanding artists in the year’s programs. The Converse College Music Department, Women’s Chorus and the music faculty were other entertaining preformers. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Lee. Sponsor; Gerald Carter. President: Mary Ann Gunter, Vice-President; Marva Fox. Vice-President: Celia Owens, Secretary-Treasurer; Anne Allen, Publicity Chairman. Standing, first row: Joyce Bennett. Marilyn Waldhour. Barbara Hiott, Beverly Simmons, Mandy Mauldin. Amelia Heckle. Mary Cunningham. Jerome Gulledge, 8everly Parker. Nancy Walker. Second row: Milton Hallman. David O'Hagan, Sanna Bryan. Jimmy Woodle, Mary Wall, Nena Richardson, Howard Yonally, Emily Johnson, Eleanor Anderson.HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club stimulates interest in better understanding of the home, family, and community. All home economic majors and minors can become members of this organization. Club members engage in a number of activities: serving at faculty banquets, issuing newsletters, and aiding worthy students. At the monthly meetings programs are of specific value to future homemakers and home economists. They participated in state and national projects. Each May the outstanding senior member is awarded a medal and crowned "Miss Home Economics." Seated, left to right: Miss Barns, Sponsor; Joyce Keller, President; Alberto Thompson, Vice-President; Mortho Crawford, Secretory: Borboro Owens. Treasurer. Standing: Mary Scott Stegall, Jo Ann Edens. LA TERTULIA ESPANOLA Since the language department felt the need of a club for students of Spanish, La Tertulia Espanola was organized in the spring of the past year. The primary objective was to create an interest in the Spanisn language and Spanish and Hispanic literature. To increase the knowledge and understanding of the civilizations of Spain and Latin America, speakers who have traveled or resided in Spanish-speaking countries presented entertaining discussions. Last year Professor W. L. King spoke on life in Spain. Featured on a program this year was Dr. David Pulley of the Education Department, who has lectured in Chile. Spanish society has been shown with filmstrips. Dr. C. L. Pell is faculty advisor for this club. Seated, left to right: Bob Blcdioc, President; Rachel Mullins. Vice-President; Gail Padgett, Secretary-Treasurer. Standing: Joyce Lord, Mary Ann Wham, Richard Newman, Tipton Snipes, Harriette Whitworth, Ronnie Swain, Frances McNecly, Charles Hughes, Jimmy Horton, Charlotte DeVinney, Nancy Walker. LE SALON FRANCAIS Le Salon Francais stimulates interest in the French language, literature, and culture. Candidates for membership are recommended by the French professors and must give a reading to demonstrate their speaking ability. Students presented the programs in French. At the first meeting Penny Jones gave detailed accounts of her year in France. In November, Betty Waldrop showed slides of Quebec. Seated, left to right: Miss Coggins. Sponsor; Rachel Mullins. President; Jane Ann Hearsy, Vice-President: Betty Waldrop. Secretary. Standing: Anne Allen. Dottic Davidson. Ronnie Swain, Lynn Williams. Mary Jane McCoy, Bobby King, Rosemary Fort, Marian Hendrix, Bob Bledsoe, Eleanor Anderson.AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The American Chemical Society is a national organization composed of chemistry and chemical engineering majors. By exchanging information gained from individual projects, the members received interesting and helpful information. Assistance in locating jobs and acquiring scholarship for graduate school is a service extended to those belonging to the society. People already working in the field of science participated in the meetings, which provided a chance for students to have their professional questions answered. Seated, left to right: Ted Davit, President; Truett Patterton, Vice-President; Jenice Whitlaw, Secretary; Joe Burchfield. Standing: Scott Pyron. Anne Taylor. Jim Sightlcr. Doug Patley. Jerry Brown, Mike Gibson. Harold Garber. ENGINEERS CLUB In 1954 the Engineers Club was chartered to further public knowledge of the Furman Engineering Department. Students who demonstrate an interest in this vocation are eligible for membership. The various fields in engineering and the feats of this science are introduced to the members. Outstanding engineers in the different areas of work addressed the prospective engineers at their meetings. Tours of the Civic Auditorium and the buildings on the New Campus with the school engineers were planned to acquaint the members with actual engineering accomplishments. Social events were held in homes of the members or on the New Campus. Seated, left to right: Mr. J. D. Syket. Spontor; Jimmy Lanier, Prctident; Joe Burchfield. Vice-Preiident; Robert Floyd, Secretary. Standing: Ted Davit, Skip Winchester. Don Walter, 8ob Havclka, Steve Harris, Roycc Sayer. Richard Ranallo. YOUNG REPUBLICANS The Young Republican organization stimulates interest in the party and in good government. The meetings consist of discussions which help to guide students in politics. The club was founded in 1956 and has the distinction of being the first Young Republican Club in the state. Plans for the year included deputations from Clem-son and combined meetings of both groups, a trip to Columbia in the spring for the State convention, and a Christmas party. Dr. Hamilton serves as the club’s advisor. Seated, left to right: Ann Smith, Preiidcnt; Louit Katx, Vice-Pretident. Standing: Roberta Smith. Ken Blackwell, Kermit McCarter, Harold Garber.INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club is an organization designed to provoke interests in international and foreign affairs. In this way members are able better to understand and discuss more intelligently the contemporary conditions. The club attempts to promote a general feeling of good will between nations. For this reason I. R. C. merged with the Cosmopolitan Club. Dr. Harril, Dr. Sadler, and Mr. Walker serve as the club's advisors. This year Celia Owens spoke to the club about her summer in Sweden on an "Experiment in International Living." Discussion of the Formosa question constituted one program. Throughout the year discussion of current international events dominated many of the meetings. Seated, left to right: Carolyn Cooper, President: Steve Blan-ton, Vice-President. Standing: Dottic Davidson, Maty Hourani, Ann Smith. Harold Gather, Ketmit McCarter, Frank Tadlock. P. E. MAJORS CLUB The P. E. Majors Club was organized to promote an interest in the field of Physical Education and to provide an opportunity for those of similar interest to know each other. The club is affiliated with state and national professional organizations of P. E. majors. Representatives were sent to the State Health, Physical Education and Recreation Conferences in Columbia, the National Conventions in Asheville, N.C., and Louisville, Ky., and a state meeting in Rock Hill at Winthrop College. Seated, left to fight: Dr. W. L. Can. Sponsor; Jade Kirky and Mary Allen, Presidents: Jim Grogan, Vice-President: Eleanor Conners and Bobby Sexton. Secretary-Treasurers. Standing: Jimmy Settle, Hicly Horton, Mack Edwards, Betty Snyder, Eva Lou Sherrod, Bill Painter, Bill Mathis, and Smith Danielson. THE CLOISTER Founded in 1920 by Dr. R. N. Daniel, the Cloister is the oldest departmental club at Furman. This organization encourages students in creative writing such as that printed by “The Echo.” Each student is permitted to read his work before the other members, who have a chance to criticize. Faculty of the English Department recommended those entitled to membership. Selection is then based on an original composition submitted to those in charge. Critical discussions of Furman publications, lectures by English faculty, and evaluation of leading authors constitute the programs of Cloister. Seated, left to right: Jim Hord, President; Johnny Long, Secretary; Robert 8ledsoe, Bill Hart. Standing: Ronnie Swain, James Sherwood, Randy Hilton, Terry Harper, Bob Thompson.JACK DUNCAN President PEP CLUB The Pep Club was started in 1957 by those who saw a need for an active, working unit to carry out the work of many school functions and thus to boost school spirit. This organization plans all pep rallies and in cooperation with the Social Board gives some of the drop-ins after football games. It is in charge of decorating the stadium and gymnasium for games and providing ushers for them. The club advertises all college athletic events and aids in promoting good will between Furman and other schools. It planned trips to regional out-of-town games and sponsored the trip to the Furman-George Washington game in October. This year the club helped establish the freshman cheering squad and participated in all Homecoming activities. In addition to its interest and work in athletic events, the Pep Club helps with orientation and assists in planning and promoting student body picnics. The Club membership is composed of the cheerleaders and two percent of the student body. New members are selected at the end of each semester by application. Seated, left to right: Jack Duncan. President; Mary Jo Jones, Vice-President: Charlotte DeVinney, Secretary: Irene 8reland, Treasurer. Standing, first row: Edna Livingston, Barbara Burris. Babs Jones. Patsy Kay, Betty Waldrop. Gayle Padgett. Alice Dean, Carol Page, Sylvia Smith. Second row: Nancy Rabun, Raymond Mizell, Martha Crawford. Brailsford Lacey, Dixie Littlejohn, Suzanne Watson. Ellison Anne Carriker, Larry 8ass, Jack Nolen. Freddy Badders. John Platt. Third Row: Doug Pasley. Tony Arrington. Les Hudson. Robert Henderson, Tommy Cook. Melvin MeKeown. Tommy Cooper. Frank Tadlock, Oran Nabors. Furman Hewitt.WOMEN'S CHORUS The Women’s Chorus is composed of a group of women who sing for the pleasure of singing and who qualify for membership by individual auditions which are held each fall. This year they changed their name from A Cappella Choir to The Women’s Chorus. Barbara Hiott accompanied the chorus. They presented a Christmas program to the Music Club and at the Friday afternoon Recital Period. The program featured Miss Ledford as soloist. The choral group sang for the morning services of Religious Focus Week on both Furman campuses. They also presented a spring concert and sang at May Day. PERSONNEL FIRST SOPRANO Marjorie Anderson Linda Jo Childress Judy Cool Jerome Gulledge Ernestine Johnston Peggy Ray Kenney Jo Ann Meredith Beverly Parker 8renda Scruggs Beverly Simmons Sue Wilson Frances Young SECONO SOPRANO Linda Barlage Barbara Burgess Mary Cunningham Brenda Fogle Linda Hinson Eleanor Kelley 8etty Ann Lupberger Elizabeth Pell Tressie Pratt Alice Rawlmson Nola Jean Simon MISS SHIRLEY LEDFORD Director 103PUBLICATIONS BOARD BUDDy ROLLINS Chairman The Publications Board interviews and selects editors and business managers of student publications and has authority to coordinate student publication, advertisement and solicitation. The Board was organized in order to insure that student editors were elected on their ability rather than on their popularity with the students. Previously they were elected by the Student Body. Other duties include requiring that each publication annually submit a budget and regulating the compensation to be paid to the editor-in-chief, business manager, and other employees of each publication. It is also the Board's responsibility to provide and maintain suitable offices and necessary workshops for publications in one of the University buildings. This organization does not serve as a censor, but the editor of each publication is responsible for what is printed, and the Board serves as counsel on all controversial matters. It can remove any publications staff member from office for sufficient cause by a three-fourths vote. Membership is composed of President’s representative. Business Manager of the University, the Head of the Journalism Department, one faculty member, and five students appointed yearly by the President of the Women’s Student Body and the President of the Men’s Student Body. Editors and business managers of all publications have a vote in the election of their respective successors. First row. left to right: Buddy Rollins. Chairman; Carolyn Cooper. Bill Hart. Second row: Robbie Nell Taylor, Wayne Ham, Bill West. Third row: Paul Hutchinson, Bob Thompson. Prol. Ira Baker. Fourth row: Lawton Dews. Mary Ann Wham. Secretary. 105WAYNE HAM Editor Yearbooks are designed to stir the memory. Besides the activities and people of which this BONHOMIE recalls for us, a glance at it reminds us of the pleasures and pains of its production. Some things we can't forget: the constant inconsistency of policy which the various editors upheld, indecision over the beauties' proofs, every staff member’s dislike of typing the student directory, the friendly "Hi" and plodding footsteps of "Hornet” and "Echo” staff members as they trudged to their offices, Alice’s ability to flirt with the R. O. T. C. sergeants until she got the use of their typewriter for the afternoon, the constant complaints about inferior typewriters by typists who needed somewhere to place the blame, overdue sports copy, and endless hours in a subterranean publication’s office. But most of all—nothing will be like opening the "dummy" for the first time in August and closing it for the last time in February. The joy of seeing black, white, and RED combined with long straight lines in a masterpiece of design is the fulfilment of a dream conceived many years ago when college was yet to come. We hope everyone else likes it as much as we love it. • CAROLYN COOPER CUu Editor CAROLYN QUEEN Feature Editor BILL HOOK Social Activities Editor RONNIE SWAIN CUst Editor I0 • PAUL HUTCHINSON Butineu Manager tomie • CELESTE FELDER Organization Editor • BOB 8LEDSOE Literary Editor • BARBARA 8URRIS Faculty Adviior • GERALD CARTER R.O.T.C. Editor 107BONHOMIE STAFF FRANK TADIOCK Technical Advitor BILL KEY A» iit.»nt Claw Editor AUBREX FLOXD Assistant Organizations Editor JAMES McELVEEN Staff Photographer ELEANOR PIKE Assistant Class Editor WILLIE AXMANN Assistant Sports Editor Who can count the hours that the toiling staff devoted to the production of this yearbook? Who knows how many times the editors regretted, worried, and fretted over their decisions? How many times did they wish a picture could be retaken? When and where did the ideas for the layouts or pictures originate? How many times was copy corrected? How many times did the question of finances put a stop to brilliant ideas? Did the editor ever say to anyone, “I’m sorry! We can't cancel the picture. The photographer isn't coming again”? Every student knows the answer to the last question, but only the weary staff can answer the other questions. Credit should be given where credit is due. To Miss Donnald and Dr. Sanders we give our thanks for keeping our book of the high caliber it should be. Our three photographers deserve much credit, for only they know the anguish of getting ten people in a vertical picture. Neil Gillespie did all special photography; Harold Hudson conquered the massive groups, vain individuals, and New Campus landscapes; Jim McElveen gave on the spot coverage of campus activities. The staff will never know the appreciation of the editors for their willingness and constant good humor. Thanks to the "Hornet” for excellent coverage on all BONHOMIE activities. To the students and faculty we express gratitude for cooperation, interest, and loyalty. Anne Allen Fred Bagwell Mill Bonnctte Mary Margaret Chile Rowena Courton Martha Crawford Jack Duncan Robert Hendsrton Betty Ann Lupbcrger Charlotte McElveen Gail Martin Mary Lou Maurer Anne Purvis Nancy Rabun Alice Rawlmion Sandra Roof Parma Tuten Mae Margaret Wevner 108THE ECHO ROBERT ALLEN Editor BENNIE LEE LEWIS Assistant Editor The "Echo ’ a literary magazine, is the oldest publication at Furman. It is published semiannually during the school year. Publications Board elects the student who acts as editor. This person then selects an assistant, who must also meet with the approval of the Board. Dr. A. S. Reid served as faculty advisor. The new size adopted by last year’s "Echo” was repeated in this year’s edition with a change in the quality of paper and type. Furman students find in this magazine an opportunity to see their literary efforts in print. In order to stimulate more interest in writing, a contest was sponsored first semester by the staff. A cash prize was presented to Mimi Findley and Jerry Bellune who took top honors in the contest. 109 The editors and contributors look over the (all issue of the "Echo".THE HORNET__________________________________ The “Hornet’’ this year has continued in the fine tradition of past years, in providing thorough coverage of every campus event and maintaining high journalistic ideals. Under the editorship of Bob Thompson, the "Hornet” this year played a vital role in shaping constructive thought in connection with the move to the New Campus. The "Hornet” was one of two college newspapers in the state publishing a "Welcome Edition" on the first day of the fall term. Included in this and several following issues were stories, pictures, columns, and editorials aimed not only at freshmen but also at upperclassmen needing orientation on the New Campus. Despite the five-mile divide between the Men’s and Women’s Campuses, the "Hornet” kept up complete coverage on events at the Zoo and on events relating the two campuses. Editorial stands were taken on every vital issue, and many constructive ideas were propounded on the "Hornet’s" editorial page. Among the groups concerned were Elections Board and its methods; administrative officials and communication difficulties between them and the student body; Student Legislature and the Honor Code; fraternities, Social Board, and Furman social life in general; and student body finances. Once again the "Hornet" brought first-hand information about elections, voting, candidates, and platforms to its readers prior to and during the spring elections. A 12-page Homecoming issue, one of the largest such editions in several years, was published for the many visitors who took part in the first Homecoming at the New Campus. The "Hornet” provided its readers with a periodical magazine supplement for the first time. JIM McELVEEN Manning Editor MIKE MEADOWS Sports Editor808 8IGGERSTAFF Business Manager The more profitable financial scheme installed last year was continued by the "Hornet” this year, resulting in increased advertising, lower engraving costs, and higher bonuses for the staff members, in addition to outfitting the first private office in the "Hornet’s” modern history. Twenty-three issues were published during the course of the school year. Reinstated in the spring was the April Fool edition, a comic relief in the midst of helter-skelter spring activities. Columnists on the “Hornet” editorial page dwelt on student life and the many pitfalls therein, and also, in their own manner, offered criticism of inconveniences resulting from the switching of campus sites. It was learned during the year that the "Hornet” of last year had been named All-American in its class both semesters by the Associated Collegiate Press, making eight in a row for the "Hornet.” Professor Ira L. Baker of the Journalism Department is advisor to the "Hornet.” ROSE SIMS Awittant Managing Editor LYNN WILLIAMS Newt Editor KENNETH BLACKWELL Circulation Manager IIIHORNET STAFF Emmie Atkinson Vjn C-ippt William Farrar Nancy Blackwell Dale Davit Frank Tadlock Donald Brown Jayne Ellen Davit Letlie Timmt The editors of every publication cannot publish their book or paper without assistance. Tnc backbone of any good newspaper is its staff of reporters. These "Hornet” staff members were the people who performed the often thankless task of diligently covering every corner of trie campus, week after week, no matter how large or small the story. They sat through tedious meetings, stayed constantly on the go, and enjoyed every minute of it. To them goes the credit for the "Hornet's” continually high rating for campus news coverage. THE HANDBOOK The Handbook is the new Furman student's most valuable possession. Since last year the formerly separate editions for men and women have been printed jointly. The publication was edited this year by Bill West and Robbie Nell Taylor. The publication contained information about Furman history and traditions, pictures of administrative and campus leaders, constitutions of both student body governments, ru!cs concerning attendance, dormitory living and student life in general. Also included in the publication was information concerning extra-curricular activities, honorary and departmental organizations, athletic schedules, and student body cheers. The Student Handbook is the "text" for Freshman Orientation. Transfers and new students hear discussions by upperclassmen and faculty members and have sessions with their advisors to ask questions. All students are required to pass a test on the Handbook shortly after school begins. The book is mailed to all students before the fall term begins. BILL WEST ROBBIE NELL TAVLOR Men’s Editor Women's Editor 112 First cow, left to eight: Richard Eikcw, Dickie Brown, Mary Jo Hester, Wayne Burkette, Pat Arnold, Brenda Fogle, Jim McElveen, Dianne Southcrlin, Gene Wallace, Celctte Felder, Jane Collin . Kirk Mixson, Sarah Bryant, Billy Shirah. Second row: Van Capps, Celia Owens, Dons Cole, Alvin Brown, Sylvia Smith, Joe Fanning, Vivian Dyar, Robert Henderson, Ann Howard. Charles Howard, Grace Carswell, Mary Jo Jones. Anne McMillan. Third Row: James Sherwood. Jack Duncan, Barbara 8rown. Jonellc Wise. Bob Maddox, Troy Petty, Nancy Fant, Jean Pickelsimer John Platt, Inabclle Lawton, Beverly Gibbs, Bill Clements. Tommy Cook. Fourth row: Rev. Morgan Dukes, Wallace Wise, Gary Smoak, Melvin McKeown, Martha McCray. Gerald Lawton. Allen Bates. James Green, Ralph Cauthcn, Dcnnyse Wells. Claire Biddison, Sarah Alice Herring. Fifth row: Raymond Mizcllc, Hugh Mims, Jack Nolen, Freddie Badders, Emily Johnson, James Sansbury, Lewis Wilson, John Lybrand. Marie Shelton, Ronnie Lackey, Tom Conley. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION REV. MORGAN DUKES, Religious Activities Director; NANCy LOOPER, President of Women's Baptist Student Union; WALLACE WISE, President of Men's Baptist Student Union. The Furman students who are members of any organization in a Baptist Church compose the membership of the Baptist Student Union. This Baptist affiliated group forms the tie with local churches and the college campus. Activities on the B. S. U. calendar were planned by the Executive Council, assisted by the Greater Council. Pre-school plans were mapped out at a retreat at Camp Rawls. Monthly meetings on the first Tuesday night, get-acquainted party at the beginning of the year, the state convention in Columbia, a Christmas Caroling party, and installation of new officers were the highlights in the B. S. U. Once in each college generation, the B. S. U. in cooperation with the department of student work in Nashville plans for Religious Focus Week. This year "Real Living" was the theme around which the week's seminars, forums, and services revolved. Each night a different speaker was featured. Kearnie Keegan, Editor of "The Baptist Student," acted as coordinator for the week. Other guests were Dr. Payton Kolb, a psychiatrist; Dr. Charles Trentham, pastor of Knoxville's First Baptist Church; Mr. Dick Littlejohn, a Spartanburg businessman; Dr. Ralph Overman, a scientist from Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Miss Donnette Dunaway, youth worker at Stetson University; and Dr. Foy Valentine. The wide variety added greater appeal for Furman students. Personal devotions are encouraged and participation in "Morning Watch" and "Vespers" are emphasized in the program of B. S. U. Rev. Morgan Dukes, Director of Religious Activities, advised the student leaders in their campuswide projects. Nancy Looper and Wallace Wise were the presidents who led tne B. S. U. in its efforts to achieve a desirable religious atmosphere on the campus. 114Dr. Overman, scientist from Oak Ridge, was one of the favorite speakers during Religious Focus Week. Martha McCray. President of Y. W. A. and chairman of books sales for Religious Focus Week, and other students discuss the book edited by Dr, Foy Valentine. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL First row. left to right: Wallace Wise, Nancy Looper, Presidents; Inabelle Lawton. John Platt. Treasurers; Wayne Burkette. Janclle Wise. Secretaries; Tina Looper. Ronnie Lackey. Vice-Presidents. Second row; Rev. Morgan Dukes, Faculty Advisor; Grace Carswell. Joe Fanning. Ann Howard. Gerald Lawton. Doris Cole. Third row; Tom Conley. Celia Owens. Jim McElveen, Claire Biddison, Kirk Mixson. Fourth row; Mary Jo Jones. Mary Jo Hester, Martha McCray, James Sansbury, Harriet Broom. Richard Eskew. IISSTUDENT VOLUNTEERS Seated, left to right: Tommy Cool. Pretident; Ann Howard, Vice-Pretident; Inabelle Lawton, Secretary; Mike Dawton, Publicity Chairman; Judy Caldwell, Deputation Chairman; John Strawhom, Deputation Chairman; Linda Bowen. Social Chairman; Richard Etkew, Mu tic Chairman. Standing, fint row: Barbara Daniclt. Vivian Wood, Eleanor Kelley, Mary Hovat. Sarah Bryant, Jean Pickcltimer, Nancy Lyons, Harriet 8room, Laura Gatkint, Frances Gillespie, Brend Fogle, Amelia Heckle. Second row: Jane Ann Hcarsey, Jane Collins. Lu Anne League. Third row: Alice Rawlinson, Beverly Gibbs. Mary Jo Jones, Sylvia Smith. Celeste Felder. Martha McCray, Jackie 8town, Leila Mae Co . Mary Lee, Nancy Fant, Peggy Fant. Fourth row: Jack Duncan. Raymond Mizell. Bob Maddo , Jean Wallace. Joe Martin. Freddie Badders. James Sansbuty, Ted Purcell. John Platt. TOMMY COOK President Student Volunteers send deputations over the state to take charge of Sunday School and worship services at various churches. Students present the department programs, teach classes for all age groups, present special music in worship services, preach the morning message, and visit the members. MINISTERIAL UNION The Ministerial Union is an organization composed of religious vocational students who seek to bind those of similar interests in a closer tie of Christian fellowship and to promote Christian ideals on the campus. Ministerial Union sponsored jail services each week and supplied programs for the Rescue Mission. They cooperated with the y.W.A. in Work Week, mission projects, and in various social activities. Seated, left to right: Pat Forbet, Pretident: Jamct Santbury, Vice-Pretident; Lewit Wilton, Trcaturer; Gerald Lawton. Troy Petty. Standing, first row: Ted Kennedy. Tom Conley, Dickie Brown, Richard Etkew. Ruttel Lewit, John Platt. Mike Dawton, Tommy Cook. Don Mincey. Jerry Autry. Second row: Richard Murdock. John Straw, horn. John Lybrand, Aubrey Floyd. Gary Smoak. Jack Nolen, Frank Davit. Ronnie Edward, Jack McElhancy. Third row: David Galimore. Benny Onlcy, Ronnie Lackey, Larry Ayert. Bob Maddo . Gene Wallace. Arch Wallace. Ward Holland. Rudolph Fowler, Biily Shirah. Joe Martin. Willie Cromer. Allan Batct, Earl Craig. PAT FORBES PrctidcntY. W. A. The Young Women's Auxiliary gives the women an understanding of world missions and the part they play in world unity. All activities, including monthly meetings, parties with the Ministerial Union, Work Week, and Home Missions Week, are led by the council and circle chairmen. MARTHA McCRAy President Seated, left to right: Martha McCray. President; Marylynn Ferguson, Vice-President; Beverly Gibbs. Secretary. Treasurer. Standing: Eleanor Kelley, Janet Hook. Lib Bradley, Beverly Parker. Carolyn Queen, Jerome Gultcdgc. Charlotte DeVinney. Brenda Fogle, Eleanor Connors, Sarah Alice Herring. Smiley Taylor. Edna Livingston, Helen Claire Robinson, Nancy Dew, Kay Easterly, Margaret Cheek. Y. W. C. A. ANN SHIRLEy President Seated, left to right: Miss Chiles, Sponsor; Ann Shirley, President; Dottie Davidson. Vice-President; Peggy Fant, Secretary; Mary Wall, Treasurer. Standing: Barbara Daniels. Ann Allen, Ceil Sciglcr, Nancy Dew. Roberta Smith, Eleanor Connors, Sylvia Smith, Barbara Norris. Carolyn Queen. Ann Vaughn, Emalinc Smith, Fran Money. “We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God” is the motto of the Young Women's Christian Association. Such activities as deputations, conferences, the Servants' Party, Knights of the Round Table Ceremony, and Senior Bonfire kept members busy throughout the year. WESLEY FOUNDATION Seated, left to right: Randy Hilton. President: Jimmy Lanier, Vice-President: Sue Wilson, Secretary. Standing, first row: Pledger Holges. Wesley Saylors, Harriete Whitworth, Tressie Pratt. LaRuc Wright. Marge Eddy, Beverly Clarkson. Emaline Smith. Second Row: Mills 8onnette, Pat Gantt, Phyllis Baird. Haley Pyle, Jack Hale. Cecil Camlin, Director; Judy Clardy, Ginny Blackwood. Sally Groomc. Dottie Davidson. RANDY HILTON President Wesley Foundation encourages church attendance and Christian service on the campus. All Methodist students are eligible to become members. Wesley meets twice monthly, its activities include deputations to other schools, spring retreats, collecting and wrapping gifts for children at the Greenville Hospital, and sending conference delegates. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Seated, left to right: Arch Wallace, President: Jo Anne Hubbard. Vice-President: Elizabeth Pell. Secretary: Pat Hanscll. Treasurer. Standing: George Langan, Jane Nicholson, Walker Gunn, Margaret Co . Mary Cunningham, Joe Burchfield. ARCH WALLACE President Presbyterians make up the membership in the Westminster Fellowship. This church - affiliated group met on Sunday evenings at the First Presbyterian Church or in homes of members. Programs were varied by having students participate on panel discussions and inviting guest speakers to meetings. Visiting fellowships from other schools joined in the activities of the student organization.LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION Seated, left to right: Rev. G. Milton Frick, Adviior; Harry Crout, President; Joyce Lord. Standing: Manly Waldhour, Eddy Coulter, Rosemary Fort. n HARRy CROUT President The Lutheran Student Association was organized for the Lutheran students at Furman to promote response and faith in Christ through a life of consecration. Monthly meetings and parties fill the activity calendar for members. The spring picnic with the Clemson L. S. A. is now an annual affair. CANTERBURY CLUB r BOB BLEDSOE President Seated, left to right: Rev. Marshall O. James, Advisor; Bob Bledsoe, President; Phoebe Farley, Vice-President; Doug Pasley, Secretary. Standing: Mile McCollum, Sanna Bryan, Howard Jay, Barbara Rodgers. Gene Smith, Alice Witseil, Jimmy Horton. Canterbury has had its most successful year, increasing last year’s enrollment. The Club is under the direction of Christ Episcopal Church. Programs have consisted of lectures by the Rev. Marshall James of Greer on Church Doctrine and Ritual with group discussions. Dr. Irving A. Hamilton and Mrs. T. E. Shirley served as advisors.Scdtcd, left to eight: Bobby Ayert, Chairman; Carolyn Cooper. Vice-Chairman; LaRuc Wright. Secretary; Joe Burchfield. Treasurer. Standing: Ronald Jordan, Charlotte DeVinney. Marilyn Waldhour, Paul Hutchinson. Ralph Jjmes, Claire Biddison, Jayne Roth, Bob Bledsoe. BOBBY AYERS. Chairman Social life at Furman was at its peak this year due largely to the work and planning of the newly organized Social Board. The Social Board, founded in the Spring of 1958, was organized for the purpose of enhancing all modes of student social life and insuring the permanence of Furman University’s traditions. The board is composed of twelve members. Three men and three women are elected from the rising Junior and Senior classes each spring during general campus elections by their respective student bodies to hold office until graduation. The officers are Bobby Ayers, Chairman; Carolyn Cooper, Vice-Chairman; LaRue Wright, Secretary; Joe Burchfield, Treasurer; and Miss Marlene Campbell, Furman University Social Director. In September all the social functions were planned around the idea of introducing the new freshmen and transfer students to the student life at Furman. The Social Board started the ball rolling with an ice-breaker party, "A Preview of T. V.” 121 SOCIAL BOARDIrene Breland, in the French night club. La Couronne O'Or, sings "Cert si Bon" lor the Junior-Senior guests. SOCIAL Furman Hewitt. Head Cheerleader; Ray Siminsii. All-Southern End; Carol Page, Homecoming Queen; and Tony Arrington ring the Victory Bell after the Furman-Wofford game. "I'm sorry she isn't here, but I'll be off in five minutes." 122MISS MARLENE CAMPBELL Social Director lor the University LIFE AT F. U. During orientation the Woman's College planned the President's Reception in honor of the new freshmen, while the Junior Class sponsored a drop-in for the new transfer students. The Baptist Student Union’s "Howdy Pardner” western party, held in the New Campus dining hall, climaxed the September social calendar. October began with the first weekly campus movies promoted by the Social Board. An open house given by the Manly girls honored all men students. "Candyland" was the theme of the Little Sister party. The Sophomore Class had an ice-skating party, and the Senior Class was entertained at the Paris Mountain Country Club. The entire student body celebrated Halloween at the annual y. W. A. Halloween Carnival. Homecoming week-end highlighted the fall social season. At the New Campus fun and hard work went hand and hand on Homecoming Eve when the students labored energetically on the Homecoming exhibits. The Social Board party on Saturday night ended the 1958 Homecoming festivities. After all the other home games the Social Board sponsored drop-ins at the "Zoo". November ended with the trips to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina, and the Clemson Concert Series presenation of the "Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo”. “God rest ye mefry gentlemen, let nothing you diimay." 123 ’'Priests" Leon Button and Sonny Ellis preside ovet the funeral services of South Carolina's Gomecock in the festivities prior to the homecoming game. December began with the first Ring Banquet at Furman, when the Juniors received their class rings. The Social Board again sponsored a trip to the Clemson Concert Series, this time to hear the Melanchrino Strings. The Board directed the campus decorating culminating with the lighting of the campus Christmas tree by Lillian Sung, from Tiawan, the student living farthest from home. The Social Board hopes that this will become a Christmas tradition at Furman. The girls at the "Zoo" held a Christmas open-house, and the Singers had their annual Christmas party at the home of Mr. Rhame. At the beginning of second semester all the fraternities had successful Rush Weeks with their parties and closed night banquets. Campus organizations had their parties during the months of March and April. The Social Board sponsored another trip to the Clemson Concert Series to hear the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. The annual Junior-Senior banquet will never be forgotten. Attracting many students in March was the Furman University Singer’s presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pinafore". April was the month for mountain houseparties. All the fraternities and several other groups braved the still cool spring air for water-skiing and futile sunbathing. The Social Board’s final project was the All-University Picnic. The year 1958-1959 was climaxed by May Day, Class Day, and finally Graduation. For the first time on the New Campus the student body experienced an all-new social program. The 8ig Sisters hod just os much fun os the Little Sisters did dt their party. Everybody hod the Christmas spirit dt the drop-in dt Earl Lounge. I v'-' yffle ;-Freddie Badders, Lunclia Henderton. Ken Hough. and Celia Owen played the romantic lead in "Society Scandal ", an original mu i-cal comedy presented by the Women' College, directed by LaRuc Wright and written by Ronnie Swain. In January the Follie went to Clcmson and presented their entire production. Carol Page. Mi BONHOMIE ol 1958; and Dean Futch entertained Mr . Mary Porter Lewis, Mi BONHOMIE 1946; Mr . Carolyn Hendrick Furman, Mi BONHOMIE 1945: and Mr . Mary Griffin Gould. Mil BONHOMIE 1943: at a tea given by the 1959 BONHOMIE taff lor the lormcr Mi BONHOMIES and the 1959 contestant . Or. Bonner. Mr . Bonner. Or. Plyler. Dr. Bat . Mr . Bat . Dr. Chrittenberry. and Mr . Chrittenberry formed the receiving line at the tea in honor ol the publication of Or. Batt' new book, "Swamp Fox". 125KAPPA ALPHA JOHN 8EAN President SWONNE KEEPER K A. Sweetheart Beginning the year with many new plans. Kappa Alpha fraternity enjoyed one of its most successful years at Furman. Fall was the time of many K. A. parties, highlighted by the Christmas party at the Greenville Shriners’ Hospital. Actively participating in intramural sports, Kappa Alpha had three brothers named to the All-Star Intramural Football Team. The fraternity observed convivium, the celebration of the birthday of Robert E. Lee, spiritual founder of Kappa Alpha. Rush Week was one of the best ever. Syvonne Keffer was elected K. A. Sweetheart, and this year's K. A. Rose was Celia Owens. The fraternity was especially proud of rush girls Celia Owens and Nancy Hughes who were finalist in the Miss BONHOMIE contest. Loyal K. A. men attended "Old South” in Columbia. Most popular event of the year was the houseparty in the spring. 126 Don Aibcll Jamet Gambrel! Coco Meyer Tom Avery Bill Hart Charlie Mom Vorn 8a ire foot Jim Hord David NclionOFFICERS lota Chapter JOHN BEAN...........................Number I JIM SPARKS..........................Number II SONNy ELLIS.........................Number III BOB BI6GERSTAFF ....................Number IV DON ASBELL.................... .... Number V DICK POLLOCK........................Number VI BOB THOMPSON........................Number VII BILL PAINTER........................Number VIII ARCH WALLACE........................Number IX "Be patient Vom, there's some punch left. ’ This is three ol the "Four Freshmen". Marvin 8ehlkc James Johnson Bill Painter Bob 8iggerstaff yates Johnson James Sparks Furman Cantrell Toy Jones Marvin Starr Sonny Ellis Tommy Lynch 8ob Thompson Jim Ezell Rulus Merritt Arch Wallace 127 PI KAPPA PHI RONALO GOODING Atchoo CAROLYN COOPER Pi Kjp Sweetheart After two years of inactivity the Delta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, aided by alumni support, strong student interest, and I. F. C. backing, recorded 1958-1959 as one of its most successful years in recent fraternity history on the Furman campus. Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was founded on December 10, 1904 in Charleston, S. C.; the Furman chapter was established in 1909. The colors of the fraternity are gold and white, with royal blue as an auxiliary color when required. The fraternity flower is the red rose. Parties, Rush Week, an active pledge program, and a planned “Help” week rather than the usual less constructive pledge activities were the elements which gained renewed respect for and interest in the fraternity. Spring activities included informal lake parties climaxed by formal functions and the week-end houseparty. Robert Allen Bill FarrJf 128OFFICERS Delta Chapter RONALD GOODING.....................................Archon HOWARD JAY......................................Secretary R08ERT ALLEN.................................. Treasurer JERRy BELLUNE...................................Hiitorian BILL DENDy........................................Warden BILL FARRAR......................................Chaplain 129 William Dendy Howard Jay Jim Emery Wayne SealSIGMA ALPHA EPSILON HEYWARD SULLIVAN Preiident JANE SATTERFIELD S. A. E. Sweetheart During the past two semesters, South Carolina Phi chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon enjoyed another highly successful year which included parties for the rush girls, drop-ins after the ball games, and two week-end mountain parties—one in the fall and one in the spring. At the end of second semester last year. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was awarded the Mallory Reynolds Smith Award which is given each year to the fraternity showing highest achievement in fields of religion, scholarship, leadership, athletics, and general excellence. Sigma Alpha Epsilon showed its athletic ability by placing second only to the B. S. U. team in the intramural football standings. Walter Bull, Don Bolt, and Jimmy Smith were three S. A. E.s who were named to the All-Star Intramural Football Team. Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s homecoming display won second place in the judging this year. Bob Ayerj Charlie Gay Charlie Linder Buddy Rollint Don Bolt Milton Hallman Roy Niclle Steve Ro»i Jerry Brown George Harriton Joe Olliff Bob Schindcl 130OFFICERS S. C. Phi Chapter HEyWARD SULLIVAN..............................Archon DAN JOYNER.............................Deputy Archon JAMES HUMPHRIES............................Treasurer CLyE MyNATT.................................Recorder JERRY BROWN............................Correspondent EDDIE ELLISON..............................Chronider WOODY STEWART...............................Chaplain JIM SETTLE....................................Warden BYRON PINSON..................................Herald There's nothing like getting away Irom it all. They're all ready lor the hayride. Ken Brown Ken Hough Ray Noe Jim Settle Ralph Co Tommy Creech Bob Dacus Rodney Davis Morgan Fayssou Eddie House James Humphries Hicky Horton Doug Jones Ron Jordan Doug Pasley 8obby Pinson Byron Pinson Bill Puckett Jim Rainwater Jack Shaw Dave Shepard Jimmy Smith Fletcher Stone Johnny Sutton Jim Welborn Bill Friddlc Dan Joyner J. C. Rhine Mickey White 131TAU KAPPA EPSILON RANDy HILTON Pretident RAT GRIFFIN T. K. E. Swcethcort This year proved to be one of the most successful years in Tau Kappa Epsilon s history at Furman University. With the move to the New Campus marking a new trend in fraternity activity, the Tekes set out at the beginning of the year to develop new customs and traditions. In accordance with these new ideas, T. K. E. started out by donating a set of Religious Encyclopedias to the James Buchanan Duke Library as their project for first semester. One of the most prominent additions to the fraternity was a Hi-Fi set given by the Greenville Graduate Chapter. A most successful Rush Week was enjoyed when Tau Kappa Epsilon gained many new pledges. Contributing greatly to the success of Rush Week and making the year more pleasant for the pledges and brothers were the Rush Girls, headed by Janet Hook. Bob Bagwell Harold Crout Wayne High Tom McMinn Rick Binni Harry Crout Bill Hook Dick Nicholt Steve Blanton Reave Dabney Letter Hudton George Parson 132OFFICERS Gamma Mu Chapter RANOy HILTON . RICHARO GANTT . JOHN E. CARROLL HAROLD GARBER WILLIAM GANTT JIM LANIER . . WAYNE 8URKETTE LARRy WATTS . . , . . President . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . , Treasurer . . . Historian Sergcanl-at-Arms . . , Chaplain . Pledgemaitcr "Welcome to the pirates' den." "Are you ready to serenade the girls. Don?" Paul Bowers William Dunn Ralph James Cecil Quattlebaum Don 8ryant 8orry Ellison Johnny Knox Jerry Rogers Joe Burchfield Harold Gjlloway Dan Laird Wesley Saylors Wayne Burkctte Richard Gantt Jim Lanier Allan Simpson John Carroll W.lliam Gantt Mile Meadows Wade Small Tom Cooper Harold Garber John Mc8«nnett Bob Vogals Don Cresswell Mike Gibson Ke mit McCarter Lorry Watts 133THETA CHI PAT MORGAN President PATSY KAY Theta Chi Dream Girl Starting the year on the New Campus, the Theta Chi brothers enjoyed a party given for the rush girls at Caesar’s Head. Theta Chi participated in all intramural sports. Two brothers, Ron Salyer and Pat Morgan, represented Theta Chi on the All-Star Intramural Football Team, and to top it all Theta Chi won the All-Sports trophy. Serious thought and much planning added to the success of Rush Week and the addition of many new pledges. Patsy Kay was elected Theta Chi Dream Girl. No year would be complete without a houseparty, and the 1959 houseparty at Camp Arrowhead proved to be one of the best yet. Although Theta Chi had a very successful year on the New Campus, the Theta Chi house on the old campus was missed by all. Bill Brooks Joe Clapp Kenneth Miller Bill Moody 134OFFICERS Gamma Beta Chapter PAT MORGAN . JERRy COULTER BILL BROOKS . RON SALYER . JOE CLAPP . . RAY SIMINSKI . dave McKinnon JOE ROMAN . . . . . President . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer Assistant Treasurer . Pledge Marshal . . . Chaplain . . . Historian What's the occasion, boys? It's never too cold (or a mountain party. 135First row. left to fight: Randy Hilton. President; John Bean. Vf e-President: Pat Morgan. Secretary; James Humphries. Treasurer; Ronald Gooding. Second Row: Joe Burchfield, Heyward Sullivan, Bob Thompson, Howard Jay, Joe Clapp. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The purpose of the Interfraternity Council is to regulate and coordinate all fraternity activity, as well as to promote the improvement of the fraternity system. This year proved to be one of great success in the promotion of these purposes. The I. F. C. held weekly meetings this year at which plans were laid for the coordinating of Rush Week and several other Interfraternity activities that were a great success. This year the I. F. C. pledged its full support to the University and urged its members to do likewise. Advisors this year were Dr. Bonner and Mr. Olechoveky. Officers were Randy Hilton, President; John Bean, Vice-President; Pat Morgan, Secretary; James Humphries, Treasurer; and Howard Jay, Member-at-Large. The constitution of the Interfraternity Council states that the I. F. C. shall promote conduct consistent with good morals and taste, that the objectives and activities of the Council be in entire accordance with the aims and purposes of Furman University, that the Council create an atmosphere which will stimulate substantial intellectual progress and achievement, that the primary loyalty and responsibility of the Council be first to the Alma Mater and secondly to the fraternities, that the council provide a system of self-government and control on behalf of the member fraternities, and do all in its power to instill a high spirit of cooperation among its members. 136Because she is a former Grccnvillian and he is one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood, the editors asked Mr. and Mrs. Paul Newman to judge the beauty section. They chose a sophomore from Asheville, N. C who has lovely blonde hair and sparkling eyes. As Miss Woodward wrote on the back of the picture of their choice, "This is the one!” Selected by JOANNE WOODWARD and PAUL NEWMAN Miss Ann Ingle Jt. | Mens Junior ClassEarle Brown Women's Senior Class SENIOR—Anderson, S. C. A lovely being, scarcely formed or moulded, A rose with all its sweetest leaves yet folded." —Byron MOCelia Owens Kappa Alpha SOPHOMORE—Lenoir, N. C. "A lovely lady garmented in light from her own beauty." —Shelley 141Linda Lindsay Men's Senior Class SENIOR—Greenville, S. C. "Beauty is a part of the unfinished language by which goodness speaks." —Elliot 142Sandra Corder Blue Key SOPHOMORE—Cayce, S. C. "A beautiful woman is paradise for the eyes." —Chamfort 143Nancy Hughes Kappa Alpha SOPHOMORE—Old Fort, N. C. "She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies.' —Byron 144Mary Ann Powell Sigma Alpha Epsilon SOPHOMORE—Union, S. C. "Thou hast the fatal jift of beauty." KS —Byronmarietta martin, MAY QUEEN • marty barnes, maid of honorThe festivities of May Day 1958 were adopted from the May Day celebration presented by the Greenville Female Academy in 1837. Information found in the diary of Rev. E. T. Buist was used by the students of the Greenville Woman's College in 1933 when "traditional’' May Day was first observed. Queen Marietta Martin was crowned by Page The traditional May Pole dance. Jack Flanders, III. The front lawn of the Fine Arts Building came to life as the dancers paid tribute to the queen and her honored court. Dances of the Seasons—Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer— were performed as poetry was recited in the traditional manner. Miss Linda Lindsay presented a solo dance, "To the Joy of May." The “traditional" Young Ladies of the School presented a walti of spring before they wound the colorfully tapered May Pole. Miss Martha Finnegan served as student chairman of May Day 1958. Queen Marietta Martin receives homage from her beautiful attendants. The dancers perform a lovely waltz for the queen and her court. 147attendants CAROL PAGE junior JERRY ISENHOWER junior BETTY KAY AAASSIE sophomore HELEN DELOACH sophomore JOYCE BENNETT sophomore BETTY BISHOP junior SUZANNE LAW freshman NANCY HUGHES freshman MAMIE CATER senior EVELYN ELLISON senior PHYLLIS MARLOWE freshmanThe alumni of the classes of 1908 returned to the campus during The first prixe for Homecoming exhibits built around a theme of Homecoming to plant a tree in memory of their classmates. Furman's Parade of Progress was won by the Senior Class. HOMECOMING "Furman’s Parade of Prosress" was the theme of Homecoming which was held on November 8th. Many alumni returned to their Alma Mater to see the beautiful New Campus which was appropriately decorated by various exhibits that depicted Furman's future. The first-place exhibit was built by the Senior Class. Visiting alumni were made to feel at home as they viewed the new, but familiar Block "F" which was poured near the athletic fields and as they recalled by-gone days upon seeing the Doughboy that was transferred from the old Furman to a site near the lake on the New Campus. Miss Carol Page, lovely senior from Moncks Corner, reigned as Homecoming Queen during the activities of the day. She was attended by junior, Martha Frances Drummond; sophomore, Phyllis Marlowe; and freshman, Anne Purvis. Miss Page was crowned by Men's Student Body President Dan Joyner at the halftime ceremonies of the game between Furman and Carolina. The loss of the game was forgotten as Furman students enjoyed evening activities sponsored by Social Board. Dan Joyner, President of the Men's Student Body, presents Carol Page, senior from Monets Corner, Homecoming Queen. Her attendants arc Anne Purvis, Freshman; Phyllis Marlowe, Sophomore; and Martha Frances Drummond. Junior. 150CAROL PAGE Homecoming Queen MARTHA FRANCES DRUMMOND PHYLLIS MARLOWE Junior Attendant Sophomore Attendant ANNE PURVIS Freshman Attendant ISIR.O.T.C. SPONSORS MISS JANE SATTERFIELD "B” Company Sponsor MISS SUZANNE WATSON "C" Company Sponsor MISS NANCY HUGHES "A" Company Sponsor MISS CAROL PAGE Honorary Cadet Colonel MISS JERRY SPARKS Scabbard and Blade Sponsor MISS CELIA OWENS Pershins Rifles Sponsor MISS ANNE PURVIS Band Sponsor 153BATTLE GROUP STAFF The Battle Group Staff consisting of ten senior members of the Battle Group are chosen in accordance to their standing in the military department and summer camp ratings. Cadet Lt. Col. Richard Nix is the Battle Group commander with Cadet Major Charlie Linder as his second in command. The staff is broken up into four sections, each with a head and assistant. The sections are personnel, intelligence, operations, and logistics. There is also a Battle Group Chaplain. The staff consists of Lt. Col. Nix; first row, left to right: Major Linder, Executive Officer; Capt. Joyner, Si; Capt. Ayers. $2: Capt. Hammett, S3, second row: Capt. Gantt, S4; Lt. Crout, Assistant S3; Lt. Jones, Chaplain; Sgt. Carter, Sgt. Major. PERSHING RIFLES The Pershing Rifles is Company S of a national honorary organization. The unit at Furman is composed of freshman and sophomore drill participants with junior and senior officers. The unit has performed for various university functions such as football games, parades and drills. All of their practicing is done on each individuals' own time. This year the unit participated in the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans. Capt. Robert Tart is the cadre advisor. Cadet Capt. Forbes is the commander of the unit. Pictured front row, left to right are: Brown, Simpson, House, Sutton. Brown. Paisley. Jones. Forbes. Second row: Bry.tn, Smith, Reitz. Neal. White, Miller, Weems, Me-Elveen. Third row: Reynolds, Campbell. Crould, Fritchner, Bush, Brown. Schmidt. Carroll. Fourth row: Dorman, Howard, Clem, Winchester, Fury. Autry. Bryant, Vogels. Sixth row: Trakill, Southerlin, Freeman. Miller. Kennedy. Hill, Kennedy. Mc8ennett. SCABBARD AND BLADE The national honorary leadership military fraternity is Scabbard and Blade. This chapter is Company E of the 11th Regiment. Members of this society are chosen for membership in regards to their leadership ability, military interest, and scholastic standing. Eight new junior members and two senior members were initiated into the fraternity this year making a total of twenty selected members. Capt. Robert Tart is the cadre advisor. Pictured from left to right, first row are: Bass. Gantt. Markoski. Carter. Sullivan. Nix, Linder. Second row: Forbes. McBennett, Carroll, Jones, Mynatt, Asbell, Rawlings. Third row: Joyner, Gantt. Stewart, Pinson. House, Hilton. Paisley.COLOR GUARD f ffffflf The Color Guard has presented the national and school flags at all home Football and basketball games. Members of the color guard are chosen from the freshman and sophomore classes. This past year they have been under the direction of the Battle Group Chaplain, 1st Lt. Jones. Sgt. Lawton Dews has had charge of the colors this year in making plans to their public appearances. Member of the color guard arc. tint row. left to right: Simplon, Smoak, Hamel. Onley. Second row: Oewi. Hewitt, Garrick, Miller. R. O. T. C. BAND The R. O. T. C. Band, under the direction of Cadet 1st Lt. Proctor Hawkins has performed at many events this year. Cadet Luther Townsend, drum major, has led them in several parades in and around Greenville. The band is composed of members of the freshman and sophomore military classes. Mr. Dan Ellis, Director of the University Band, has acted as faculty advisor. Member! of the band are: Townsend, drum major; front row, left to right: Horton, Davit, Woodward. Greer. Second row: Stribling, Padgett. Bell, Jordan. Third row: Stribling, Padgett. Bell, Jordan. Third row: Jay, Summerall, Gunn. Fourth row: Murdock, Arrowood, McElhaney, Sellar . Fifth row: Quattlebaum. 8ation, Carmichael, McTeer. Sixth row: Brown. McGlothin, Owens, Sim . Seventh row: Carpenter. Dawton, Turner, Turner. Eighth row: Jones. Harris, Jones, McCauley. RIFLE TEAM The Rifle Team composed of students from each class of military represents the school and military department in many matches. Some of these matches are shoulder matches and some arc mail matches. In 1957-58, the rifle team won nine matches and lost only four. They were seventh in the national Hurst Trophy Contest. Some matches to be held this year are with such schools as P. C., Clemson, Wofford, University of Georgia, Washington and Lee, V. P. I., and University of Richmond. Some mail matches were with Notre Dame, Wake Forest, and Mississippi Southern. The rifle team has been coached by Sgt. Dewey Barton. Caot. Charlie Harrelson is the officer in charge. The team has been using a new rifle range located in the basement of the new gym. Member of the rifle team are, front row, left to right: Clanton, Hansel, Vogels, McBennett, Woodson. Second row: Sgt. Barton, Carroll, Forbes, Capt. Harrelson.LT. COL GEORGE C. KIMMEL Profeuor ol M. S. T. R. O. T. C. CADRE The R. O. T. C. program at Furman University consists of approximately three hundred and forty persons of the men’s student body. Since it was established on the Furman Campus in 1950, the unit has steadily grown and has commissioned officers with outstanding leadership and knowledge of military science and tactics. In accordance with the new pentomtic concept of Army organization, the R. O. T. C. unit at Furman has changed its status from a Battalion to a Battle Group. The cadre, with Lt. Col. George C. Kimmel as professor of Military Science and Tactics, has promoted good student-faculty-administration relations. Under his leadership, the R. O. T. C. unit at Furman has received the highest recognitions from Army I. G. Inspections. Seated: M SGT. GEODES M. COX. Stand.ng: SFC. MARVIN T. BRIDGES. SFC DEWEY L BARTON. and SFC. DILLARD W. BRAy. Cadre Sergeant . MRS. ANNE M. HENRy Secretary and Ajiiitant to tKe P.M.S.ST. MR. DAN M STOKELy Property CuttodianFirst row. left to right: Hudson, Forbes. Vickery, Sullivan, Brooks. Second row: Stand, Clark, Tadlock, Henderson, Crout, Hart. COMPANY A OFFICERS CADET CAPT. PATRICK FORBES Company Commander CADET 1ST IT. BILL VICKERY CADET 1ST LT. HEYWARD SULLIVAN Executive Officers CAOET 2ND LT. SIDNEY BLAND CADET 2ND LT. GEORGE CLARK CADET 2ND LT. FRANK TADLOCK CADET 2ND LT. ROBERT HENDERSON CADET 2ND LT. HARRY CROUT CADET 2ND LT. BILL HART Platoon Leaders CADET IST SGT. BILL BROOKS Company Ist Sgt. CADET SGT. LESTER HUDSON Guidon BearerCOMPANY First row. left to right: Taylor, Rhine. Harrclson, Smith, Walton, Second row: Edwards, Wall, Rollins, Lackey, Cresswell, Ham. OFFICERS CADET CART. J. C. RHINE Company Commander CADET 1ST LT. JIMMY SMITH CADET 1ST LT. GEORGE HARRISON Executive Officers CADET 2ND LT. MACK EDWARDS CADET 2ND LT. TOMMY WALL CAOET 2ND LT. BUDDY ROLLINS CADET 2ND LT. RONNIE LACKEY CADET 2ND LT. DON CRESSWELL CADET 2ND LT. WAYNE HAM Platoon Leaders CADET IST SGT. BUDDY WALTON Company lst $9t. CADET SGT. SAM TAYLOR Guidon Bearer COMPANY First row. left to right: Zcccola. Markoski, Moody. Howes, Siminiski. Second row: Runion, Gantt. Harper. Bagwell. Axman, Bats. OFFICERS CADET CAPT. DON MARKOSKI Company Commander CADET 1ST LT. BILL MOODY CADET 1ST LT. BILL HOWES Executive Officers CADET 2ND LT. JACK RUNION CADET 2ND LT. RICHARD GANTT CADET 2ND LT. TERRY HARPER CADET 2ND LT. FRED 8AGWELL CADET 2ND LT. WILLIAM AXMAN CADET 2ND LT. LARRY BASS Platoon Leaders CADET IST SGT. RAY SIMINISKI Company Ist Sgt. CADET SGT. VITO ZECCOLA Guidon Bearer 158CHEERLEADERS Carol Page, Alice Dean, Barbara Burris, Irene Breland, Lcs Hudson, Doug Paslcy, Furman Hewitt, Head CKecdcadcr; Bennic Onley, Tony Arrington....1958 A change in campus and a change in coaches came with 1958 for Furman University. An outstanding alumni of 1937, Bob King returned as head football coach at his Alma Mater. While at Furman he was captain of the football team, on Student Council, President of the Sophomore Class, and Vice-President of Quaternion. He was elected to All-State three years and his senior year he was named to All-Southern, All-South Atlantic, and Honorable Mention All-American. Coach King came to us from Illinois where he was assistant coach. Everyone expected Coach King to bring back in one year the glory that was here when he played on Furman’s great team called the "House of Magic.” Many failed to see why Furman had a losing team. Furman played some of the top teams in the nation, two of which were in the top twenty. The Purple Hurricanes had only twenty upper classmen returning from last year’s squad. MR. ROBERT KING Head Football Coach COACHING STAFF. Lclt to right: Vince Peroni, Dixie Howell, Chuck Roe. Bob King, Bob Jenningi, and 8ob Gongola. 162Football Season JIM WALTON C pUin ol the Puiple Hutritjnci The bulk of the team was composed of freshmen. Many of Furman's defeats came because of inexperience. At the season’s start many of Furman's outstanding players were injured and some promising freshmen were injured in the first few grueling weeks of practice. There were some bright spots in the '58 season. While the varsity was having an unfavorable season percentage wise, the freshmen were making history. The freshman team was the first undefeated team that has been at Furman in years. They defeated such teams as The Citadel Freshmen, Florida State Freshmen, and Stanton University. With such players as Bill Canty, Tony Camrignani, George Angelica, and Jack Sharpe, this powerhouse freshman team indicated what Furman could be like in the future. Even though Furman had a mediocre season, there were some outstanding players. Ray Siminski broke a Southern Conference Record. The record was the most passes caught and yards made in a season. He also made the All-Southern Conference team and the All-State team. Buddy Walton and Don Markofski made Honorable Mention All-Southern Conference. Bill Canty, playing both freshman and varsity showed great promise in the future as a great passing quarterback. In the last game of the season against Clemson, he led Furman to a great second half comeback with his passing arm. The upper classmen are not to be overlooked. The tremendous effort Hicky Horton played each game at fullback, the many times guards Jerry Ingrum, Marvin Beliki, and Harry Harrison stopped opposing team backs for short or no gains, Billy Baker’s passing ability, and Ray Nickles’ rushing accomplishments were important factors in every game. The football team, coaches, and new campus were not the only new thing at Furman. For the first time Furman had a symbol of victory. It was the ringing of the victory bell. Although it did not ring many times, it did ring loud. At the first home game of the year against Wofford the bell rang loudly on six different occasions. Individual statistics of interest were: Siminski received 35 times for 568 yards and five touchdowns; Gay punted 22 times for 673 yards with a 30.6 average; Baker made 68 attempts at passes and 35 were completed with 495 net yards; Horton rushed 381 yards and Nickles gained 288 yards on rushing; Gay returned seven kickoffs for 232 yards; Nickles scored six times and Siminski made five touchdowns. Team statistics were as follows: first downs rushing, 50; first downs passing, 49; rushing yards gained, 1,375; passes completed, 79; passing yards gained, 1,026; and seven scoring passes. The coaching staff was composed of Bob Jennings, center and guard coach; Dixie Howell, line coach; Bob Gongola, backfield coach; and Chuck Rohe, backfield coach. The schedule for the 1960 season includes five conference games: George Washington, Davidson, The Citadel, Richmond, and William and Mary. Other games are with South Carolina, Wofford, Chattanooga, P. C., and the Hurricane's traditional rival, Clemson, closes out the schedule. Home games, as usual, will be played in Sirrine Stadium. The class of 1959 graduated eight varsity players. They were Ray Siminski, end; Harry Harrison, guard; Roy Nickles, halfback; Mack Edwards, halfback; Charlie Linder, halfback; Don Markofski, tackle; Tom Avery, end; Buddy Walton, center. 163 ! -A Players First cow: Silly Baker Tommy Yates Sam Taylor Shelly Sutton Harry Harrison Roy Nicktes Buddy Walton Don Markofski Jim Boroff Leo Bland Ray Siminski Second row: Chuck Seelback Woody Stewart Charlie Gay Tom Nety Hicky Horton Mack Edwards Jack Sharp Joe OllifF Marvin Bchlke Robert Aiken Jerry Ingrum Tom Avery Third Row: Tim Young George Langan Richard Cassidy Tom Walters Wayne Belski Tom Heine Robert Sims Derrick Brown Gary Ralston Ned Arndt Tommy Player • Fourth row: Tommy McLaughlin Jerry Roberts Don Priybyla Larry Jepson Mike Gray Wayne Grove Tim Brown Eddie Scott Dick Jones Carnegie Hulsey Don Burns Richard Newman Filth row: Gary Olson John Jacobson Larry Mayfield Jim Cleminshaw Phil Chewning Jack Banes Buddy Revels Dan thicker 8ob Boling Gary Hancock Jerry Autry Sixth row: Steve Styron George Angellica Tommy Campbell Bill Newman Bob Mondo Bill Canty Bradley Fowler Tony Carmignani Ted Loth Bill Gillis Claude Davis John TewNicklet pickt up Furman first down in tecond quarter. Horton 3ctt Kit from behind and lotet hit patt. FURMAN 6 F. S. U. 42 Playing in extremely hot weather and against an extremely strong Florida State team, Furman with its team composed largely of freshmen in their first game suffered a striking defeat in the opening game. The game’s outstanding personality was Roy Nickles, speedster halfback. FURMAN 8 G. W. 11 A steady drizzle, penalties, and the fantastic luck of a George Washington sophomore, who had never attempted a field goal, combined to give Furman a heartbreaking defeat. Bright spot of the game was Furman's defense. Siminiki, Gay. and Walton gang-tackle Alabama back lor no gain. FURMAN 6 ALABAMA 29 The first three minutes of the game told the story in a hard-fought game against the Crimson Tide. They scored 20 points in that time. Furman's Roy Nickles scored its only TD in the first quarter. Furman rushed for 119 yards compared with 'Bama's 46 in the second half. 166The Hurricanes plough forward to add points to the mounting score against Wofford. FURMAN 40 WOFFORD 39 The Hurricanes, playing their first home game of the season, showed a tremendous offensive power. Highlights of the game were an 89-yard touchdown Icickoff return by Charlie Gay, Baker to Siminski passes which led to 12 Furman points, touchdown runs by Roy Nicklcs and Hicky Horton, and P. A. T. kicking by Shelly Sutton. A cadet mates a break for freedom with Charles Gay close behind him. The Hurricane failing to take advantage of numerous scoring opportunities lost to a fired-up Bulldog team by the score of 24 to 6. The Hurricane's only bright spot of the game came on a 70-yard pass play from Billy Baker to end Ray Siminski. 167 FURMAN 6 CITADEL 24Eddie Scott and Sam Taylor clo e in on Penn State halfback Dick Hoak. FURMAN 0 PENN STATE 36 The Furman University Purple Hurricane managed to stay with highly favored Penn State the entire first quarter but the "Nittany” Lions’ wrath of reserves took its toll on the Furman outfit as Penn State rolled up a 36-0 score. Hickey Horton, Tom Campbell, and Bill (lanty combined their efforts for 128 yards in a losing cause. Third down and 30a! to 90 for Carolina become fir»t down for Rirman. FURMAN 7 U. S. C. 32 In Furman’s Homecoming game, South Carolina's Gamecocks unleashed a bevy of swift, power running backs to sweep past Furman by a score of 32-7. Furman was led offensively by Bill Canty, Roy Nickles, and Ray Siminski. In the last half Furman outplayed the Gamecocks, holding them to six points while the Hurricane scored seven on a pass to Nickles. 168Tackle made by y te» to stop the forward move. FURMAN 22 DAVIDSON 20 The Furman University Purple Hurricane, playing in the first annual Carrousel Bowl, defeated Davidson in the final quarter by the score of 22-20. Nick'es scored two touchdowns. Hickey Horton and Ray Sinvnski spearheaded the Furman attack. From the T-formation Bil'y Baker passed to Charlie Gay for the all-important two points that proved to be the margin of victory. • - -— ■ " - Nidles look to Fowler lot ku.. . i . _ °«ing oi he garni yjrdt ogomit Furman t big rival. Clcmton. The Sugar Bowl bound Tigers played a tremendous first half against the Purple Hurricane only to see their efforts swept from under their feet by a freshman-filled team in the second half. Led by freshman quarterback Bill Canty and fullback Hickey Horton, the Hurricane played as if they were going to play in a bowl. Furman ended a losing season, but showed a promising future. FURMAN 19 CLEMSON 36 169LYLES ALLEY Head Basketball Coach and Athletic Director BASKETBALL 1 958 • 1959 Due to lack of practice as a team and with no gym on campus for practice, the Paladins began their season with losses. With newcomers Dag Wilson and Pete Carlisle, it took the Paladins a while to start clicking. Furman opened the season, and was the first attraction presented in Greenville Memorial Auditorium, against West Virginia only to lose in the losing minutes of the game. In its first road game of the season, Furman lost in the last 50 seconds when Pete Carlisle missed a desperate last-try jump shot. Furman returned to Greenville and completely outclassed Presbyterian College in the second half, scoring 55 points, after trailing at the end of the first half. In its return game with Presbyterian, Furman squeaked out a last-minute victory; however, Furman was hampered by P. C.’s Left to light: Steve Benyj, Pete Collide, Dave Shepard. Djg Wilton, Buddy Davidton. Steve Ron. Kem Shipp, Byron Pinion, Gordon Blackwell, Dick Wright. J. C. Rhine. 170small court. Next to fall in the path of the Paladins was Erslcine. Dag Wilson led the Paladins to an easy victory. In the return game Pete Carlisle led Furman to another easy victory over out-classed Erslcine. Georgia Tech defeated Furman on its home court when Furman missed its free throws consistently. Tech, led by Kasier, stayed just a few points ahead of Furman until Diclc Wright fowled out midway in the second half. Furman, crippled without its playmaker, fought hard only to fall a few points short. After the Tech game, Furman disbanded for the Christmas holidays. During this time Furman won an invitational tournament at Kingsport, Tennessee. Dag Wilson was elected the tournament's Most Valuable Player. In its first game after the holidays, Furman was sparked by Wilson in a victory over Davidson. This game proved to be an excellent one for Furman students who were eager to see a Southern Conference victory. The South Carolina Gamecocks came to Greenville next and fell hard. The Wright-led Furman men completely outclassed them. Wright scored 20 points in the first half and then served as decoy as Carlisle and Wilson did the remainder of the scoring. Furman journeyed to Clemson and defeated its arch rival. Senior Steve Ross probably played the best game of his career, and Dag Wilson completely controlled the backboards. This was a team victory as four of the starters hit in double figures. Furman, earning a tourney berth, defeated William and Mary in the last seconds of that game. Byron Pinson was the Paladin star. Furman won its other game in Greenville as it easily outclassed William and Mary with Wright displaying his usual superiority on the court. Furman lost both of its games to Richmond, but Pinson caught fire and played tremendous ball against the Spiders. (Continued on page 175) SENIOR PLAYERS Top to bottom: STEVE ROSS BUDDY DAVIDSON STEVE BENYA DICK WRIGHT i. C. RHINE Wright, oi uiudl. it dll up in the dir. Dick give out with one of hi fdmou drive ihot . "Wdteh thdt elbow, Pete!'Steve Rom putt hit advantageout height to work. "Kandt off.” tayt Dick, "thit it a valuable item." Byron thowt fine form in a Memorial Auditorium game. 173174Schedule Furman . . . 67 West Virginia .... 76 Furman . . . 82 Presbyterian . . . . 68 Furman . . . 72 Florida State .... 73 Furman . . . 75 Erskine 55 Furman . . . 78 Newberry 66 Furman . . . 77 Georgia Tech .... 82 Furman . . . 80 Virginia Tech . . . . 95 Furman . . . 83 Mississippi Southern . . 75 Furman . . . 89 Southwestern Louisiana . 74 Furman . . . 78 William and Mary . . 70 Furman . . . 66 West Virginia .... 100 Furman . . . 68 Davidson 64 Furman . . . 87 South Carolina . . . 63 Furman . . . 69 Clemson 48 Furman . . . 74 Richmond 88 Furman . . . 81 Wofford 75 Furman . . . 68 South Carolina . . . 78 Furman . . . 87 Presbyterian .... 86 Furman . . . 80 The Citadel .... 85 Furman . . . 79 Richmond 92 Furman . . . 71 William and Mary . . 70 Furman . . . 64 Clemson 73 Furman . . . 90 George Washington 89 Furman . . . 53 The Citadel .... 52 Furman . . . 59 Davidson 75 (Continued from page 171) As the season came to a close, Furman defeated George Washington by one point in the Paladins’ last home game of the season. Furman defeated The Citadel also by one point. The Paladins were the only team to defeat The Citadel in the armory this season. Shipp, playing for the first time for Furman, sparked Furman to the victory. In the last game of the season Davidson completely outclassed Furman as Dick Wright completed his last game for Furman after playing in 106 games for Furman. Individual honors went to Dick Wright, second team All Southern Conference; Dag Wilson, third team; and Pinson, honorable mention. Wright and Wilson were both named to the All-State first team. Furman ended its first winning season in many years with an overall record of 14-11. The Paladins were sixth in the conference standing. NIELD GORDON Frcjhmjn Basketball Coach TOMMY McKINNEY and WALTER FOSTER Managers 175Left to right: BUI Mcrcktl, Joe Speaks, John Wheeler. Chuck Scrlbach, Richard Hewitt, Herold Button, Cherlct Faynoui. Bobby Dillon. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL One of the least publicized teams at Furman is the Baby Paladins. These freshmen will be the Paladin stars of the future. They were coached by Neild Gordon, who was a Furman star during the Selvy era. The Baby Paladins had a winning season and showed much promise lor the future. Freshmen Ray Thompson and Bill Merchel were the most outstanding. Merchel, 6' 8" center, was most effective with his hook shots; Thompson, 6' 3" forward, was his best with an inside jump shot. Bill Zinke and Bob Rassmussen were effective defensive men, both holding the state’s freshmen scorers at bay. These freshmen not only played excellent games, but they showed that they were fighters. They lost games to Clemson, Carolina, North Greenville, and Spartanburg. However, they defeated Greenville High School, Erskine Junior Varsity, Biltmore Junior College, Gardner-Webb Junior College and others. The freshmen played their home games at 6:00 p. m. as a preliminary game to the varsity. All in all, Coach Gordon’s freshmen showed followers of Furman that the school had more good players for the future to carry on the tradition of Selvy, Floyd, and Wright. 176Pint row. left to right: Charlie Phillips. Vorn Bdirefoot, Juan Brown, Dick Tilschner. Second Row: Bob Hjvclko, Jim Mortin, Tommy Thompson, John S«ttcrlcc. Third Row: Bill Keel, Bob Lloyd, Clyde Curcton. CROSS COUNTRY Furman’s 1958 cross country team coached by Chuck Rohe and Bobby Jennings, finished the season with two wins, three losses, and came in second in two triangular meets. The team was hampered by lack of depth with five men composing the team. This resulted in the team’s losing some close meets even though it placed two or three men in the top five places in each meet. In the Southern Conference meet, Furman was the only team to place two men in the top four. Even so, they could only manage fourth place. The team was led by Captain Juan Brown, who finished second in both the Southern Conference and state meets. Others on the team were Charlie Phillips, who placed fourth in the Southern Conference and third in the state meet; and Jim Martin, who proved to be a strong runner throughout the season and finished fifteenth in the Southern Conference out of a field of fifty runners. John Boudoucies and Vorn Bairefoot rounded out the squad. The freshman cross country team won one dual meet, lost three, and finished second in one triangular meet. Winning the state meet ended the season. The top three men who turned in fine performances throughout the season were Clyde Cureton, Dick Tilschner, and Bob Lloyd. Other runners on the squad were Carl Scott, John Sat-terlee, Bill Kell, and Bob Havelka. 177BASEBALL_____________________ Furman's baseball team had a good season under Coach Dixie Howell. Rightfielder Larry Abbott was named First Team All-Southern Conference with a batting average of .413, which was second in the conference. Hiclcy Horton, who turned in many fine performances at 3rd, especially toward the end of the season, was named to the All-Southern Conference Second Team. Lack of depth was evident in the pitching with Charlie Moore, Jim Boroff, Coco Meyer, Sam Taylor, and Jerry Ingrum carrying most of the load. These men pitched a few four and five hitters only to find themselves on the short end of the score through errors or excellent pitching by the opponents. Furman had a strong infield with Tommy Wall, Billy Weir, Don Bryant, and Hicky Horton, backed by Jim Settle, Larry Abbott, and Bill Brooks roaming the outfield. Bill Howes and Shelley Sutton were the catchers. Billy Forrest, Bill Painter, Don Grantham, and Larry Ayers were also on the team. First row. left to right: Coach Howell. Ingram. Wall. Yate . Moore. Sutton. Taylor. Myer. Second Row: Abbott. Ayert, Painter. Bryant. Horton. Weir, Grantham Settle, Howe». BIT f 178CHARLIE MOORE Pitcher BILL HOWES Catcher Baseball Furman...............1 Furman...............1 Furman...............0 Furman...............3 Furman...............4 Furman...............3 Furman...............5 Furman...............4 Furman...............3 Furman...............5 Furman...............7 Furman...............7 Furman...............2 Furman...............6 Furman..............12 Furman...............6 Furman...............6 Furman...............0 Schedule Clenuon...........9 Presbyterian . . . .10 William and Mary . . 2 William and Mary . . 2 Erslcine..........0 Georgia Teachers . . 4 Paris Island .... 7 Georgia Teachers . .16 Newberry..........5 Wofford...........6 The Citadel .... 2 Presbyterian .... 2 Davidson..........3 The Citadel .... 8 Davidson..........6 Clemson...........1 Wofford..........11 Erslcine..........4 TOMMY WALL JIM SETTLE Pint Bojc Ccntcrficld 179GOLF Led throughout the season by Heyward Sullivan, the team’s number one man, Furman won the South Carolina Collegiate Golf Tournament. Although the team as a whole made a weak showing at the Southern Conference meet in Danville, Va., Sullivan finished second, only two strokes behind Davis of Davidson. Presbyterian College, University of South Carolina, and The Citadel were among those who fell to Furman’s greensmen. Walter King showed fine form as the team’s number two man. The Greenville Country Club was the home of Coach Neil Gordon’s golfers. Furman’s own nine-hole course which adjoins the campus provided the team with convenient practice grounds. Number one man wat Heyward Sullivan. Jack Rcnnion shows his form. TENNIS Furman's netters opened a 21 -game slate with a 9-0 decision over King College, Bristol, Tenn. Returning lettermen were Frank Haight, number one man and captain, Marion Hancock, Charles Cox, and Tommy Keating. Coach Wilbur Carr and his team had some of the best playing facilities in the South on their own home courts. All visiting teams were impressed with the fourteen all-weather courts. The season was not a successful one for Furman, but the team finished number five out of nine in the Southern Conference tournament due to the strong playing of Charlie Cox. Besides Keating, Jack Shaw and Jimmy Smith were expected to return for the 1959 season. Plans for a freshman team were made for the next season also. "Bald Iggle" Haight wa the top man. Charlie Cox wat Furman’ highlight in the S. C. tournament.Standing, left to right: King, Dacut, Smith, Runnion, Paget. Faysioux. Kneeling: Coach Gordon and Sullivan. Kneeling, left to right: Smith, Hancock. Co . Standing: Shaw, Haight. Mynatt, Weemt. Kneeling, left to light: Arnold. Brown. Nicklei. Boll. Davit. Boudouciet. Bonefoot. Standing: Gay. Schindel. Axmann, Edwardt, Stan, Garrett. Shepard, Pftefer, Phillipt, Hather. TRACK Shot-put: KEN GARRETT Furman had its first winning track season in a number of years under the guidance of first-year coach Chuck Rohe. The team compiled a record of seven wins and two losses in dual meets and finished second in a triangular meet. The team, although hampered by injuries much of the season, had many individual stars. Walter Bull led the team in scoring with 97l 2 points. Captain Juan Brown gave Furman its first Southern Conference champion in many years by winning the 880-yard run. He also won this event in the state meet. Sprinter Marvin Starr turned in some fine performances during the year, running the 100-yard in 9.8 and the 220 in 21.3 He won first place in the 100 in the state meet. Charlie Phillips set two new freshman records in the state in the mile and 880-yard run and also won second in the mile in the Southern Conference meet. The freshman team won their division of the Florida Relays while the varsity finished the season by winning fourth place in the state and third in the conference.Schedule Furman . . 82 2 3 E. Tennessee State . 50 1 3 Furman . . 82 1 2 Presbyterian . . . 48 1 2 Furman . . 35 Florida State . . .101 Furman . . 76 Miami . . ... 55 Furman . . 661 2 Davidson . . . 63 1 2 Furman . . 44 1 2 The Citadel . . . 861 2 Furman . . 78 Georgia Tech ... 49 Furman . . 62 Georgia Tech ... 59 Miami . . ... 41 Furman . . 471 2 Clemson . . . . . 801 2 Tennessee . ... 42 First in Furman Relays. Fourth in State Meet. Third in Southern Conference Meet. COACH CHUCK ROHE Hurdler: WILLIE AXMANN Relay: BOB SCHINDEL, MARVIN STARR 183INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL ALL-STARS. Kneeling, left to fight: 8ill Clements and Ed Kennedy. McGlothlin; Jimmy Smith, Waller 8ull. Richard Ranallo. and John Furey. S. A. E. Standing: Yates Johnson and Charles Turner, K. A.; Pat Morgan. Theta Chi; Don Bolt, S. A. E.: Ronnie Salger. Theta Chi: and Paul Tanner, K. A. INTRA The Intramural season opened with football. The football scene was dominated by the powerful B. S. U. “Tigers”, who went undefeated in the regular season. In the post-season game B. S. U. lost to the All-Stars by the score of 26-25. B. S. U. was led by Tommy Wall, Willie Cromer, Tommy Cook, and Larry Joe Bass; however, the B. S. U. team was able to field almost two teams of equal strength. A well-balanced All-Star team spelled their first defeat. As the winter rolled around, intramural basketball took the place of football. Basketball had a late start due to the completion of the intramural gym. Coach Dobson, Intramural Director, sinks a short putt on the Furman golf course.INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Seated, left to right: Larry Ban. Present: Don Bolt. V.ce-Preudcnt: Leon Burton. Secretary; Harold Galloway. First row: Chet Nation . Glenn Roiti. Dan Joyner. Bob Thompion. Ed Kennedy. Second row; Ronnie Lackey. Tommy Wall Bobby Ayer . Jimmy Lamer. Willie Cromer. Fred William . Third row: Ward Holland. John Bean. Sonny Ell.t, Game Ma on. MURALS Furman has a well-balanced intramural program because of the tireless efforts of Coach Dobson. Intramurals not only have football, basketball, and softball, but also swimming, ping-pong, volleyball, tennis, golf, badminton, and track. The Intramural league is composed of eight teams—Baptist Student Union, Ministerial Union, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Alpha, Theta Chi, Poteat Hall, and McGlothlin Hall. The aim of the entire intramural program is designed to interest students in team and individual sports. Winners are qiven trophies, and the team with the best over-all record for the year is declared Intramural Champs. P t ond the boy practice in the newWOMEN'S RECREATION An organization which seems to have talent in almost every field is the Woman’s Recreation Association, better known as W. R. A. W. R. A. has a two fold purpose. Promoting a high standard of sportsmanship in activities of the college, and stimulating and maintaining an interest in athletics and recreation. Development of skill and form in sports has a definite carry over value in other campus organizations which also stress the highest standards of the college. Membership in this organization is open to any girl who wishes to join. The twenty-two member council guides the various activities which W. R. A. sponsors. The president is elected by the women’s student body. In May the new council is elected by the old council with the exception of the freshmen who are elected in the fall. In September W. R. A. welcomed the freshman class and honored them with a Play Day. Throughout the whole school year W. R. A. sponsored various tournaments lor the women. Included in these tournaments was volleyball, tennis, softball, horseshoes, table tennis and other sports. On October 31, W. R. A. gave everyone a chance to put on their false face at the Halloween Carnival. Classes and other organizations sponsored an exhibit to make money and add to the entertainment. In order to help make Homecoming a success W. R. A. did its share to add to the festive occasion through lull And away we Sol Thc oddl ,c ou Uo 186Seated. left to right: Df. Reid. Sponior; Betty Snyder. Preiident; Eleanor Connon, Viee-Preiident; Mary Jane McCoy. Secretary; Nancy Hughes Standing: Carolyn Cauicy, Carolyn Queen, Nancy Dew, Mary Anne Wham. Edna Livingiton, Mary Barr Cave, Shirley Reevet, Helen Ramiay, Mary Jo Jonci. June Smith, Judy Wcitmorcland, Martha Crawford. Brenda Fogle, Betty Ann Lupberger. ASSOCIATION President ol W. R. A . Betty Snyder, center; with Or. Reid and Min Bnsendine, jdv.sots; was responsible lor this ycai't ct«vitiei. cooperation with the steering committee. This year the group planned the half time entertainment, as well as furnished the flowers worn by the sponsors and attendants to the Queen. At the annual spring banquet, W. R. A. presents awards to winners of individual tournaments, and the participation trophy is presented to the class with the most people participating in the activities. Dr. Ruth Reid and Miss Elizabeth Brisendine arc advisors of this organization which seeks to make as many sports as possible co-recreational in order to provide a wholesome social life on our campus. Mary Margaret, your racket has a hole in it. 187h ifflmnriam HUBERT RAY DOBSON, M.A. Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education 1900-1959 "Builder of Men" 188RANDELLE, INC 149 CHURCH STREET NEW YORK 7. N. Y. Formerly CHIDNOFF-BLOCK, INC. Official Photographers for the BONHOMIE Negatives are on file CREATORS OF DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHS FOR YEARBOOKS 190h. neil gillespie photography____ 2227 augusta road special photography for the Bonhomie B « C CLEANERS THE PLACE OF GREATER CARF. 317 X. Main Stukrt Dial CK 2-2491 POINSETTIA DRIVE-IN CE 9-7331 61 Bi'ncomk STONE BROTHERS Best Wishes Grrkxvii.ij:, S. WESC THE GEER DRUG COMPANY GREENVILLE SPARTA N 111’ RG — CHARLESTON SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. +00 S. Stone Avk. Phone 3-6251 191HEYWARD MAHON COMPLIMENTS OF COMPANY GREENVILLE'S STYLE CENTER FOR YOUNG MEN + + + IT' KM A N 1I KADQl J A RTKRS “OVER TOWN” GREENVILLE, S. C. DELANY'S SPOUTING GOODS BUSINESS EQUIPMENT CO. The Hrtl in Sport —For the Sportsman 719 B. Stone Ave. Ext. Greenville, S. C. Dial 0 0118 21 Coi.i.tor. Street Greenville. S. C. OFFICE MACHINES, SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT J. J. BOWL-A-RAMA LEAGUE'S, INC. Close to iViw Campus 043 N. Main H08 Hi-tiiereord Rd. CE 5-9926 INSTRUCTION B(K)KS SHEET MUSIC me e»s |amold KEYS PRINTING COMPANY Established 1SG9 Gkkknvii.i.k, S. C.DURE POWER COMPANY tfu, j bdAnariti Cmax okcu. FLOWERS CLYDE SATTERFIELD FLORAL COMPANY. INC. 2301 Ai’Oi'rrA Sr. CE 5-9671 CAROLINA BOWL Sanction by AHC 2238 Avoivta St. CK 9-1963 COMPLIMENTS OF PLAZA PHARMACY. INC. STEWART-MERRITT Lewi Plaza “Reliable Prescription Druggists" PEARCE-YOUNG-ANGEL COMPANY WHOLESALE FOODS F resh—F rozen—Canned—Dried “Service Wholesalers” GREENVILLE, SOUTH C AROLINA 193HARDWARE AND PAINT HEADQUARTERS CHEATHAM-GREENVILLE HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. FREE CUSTOMER PARKING Two Convenient Locations 201 BUNCOMBE ST. GREENVILLE, S. C. PITTS' STEAK HOUSE Compliments op Serving Over Two Thousand Steaks Per Week SITTON BUICK COMPANY They Must lie Oood OreenvUU’t Only Buick and Opel-MQA Dealer You A nr. Cordially Invited 38 Wutpikld St. CE 2-5961 HILL TOP SUPPER CLUB Poinsett Highway CK 5-9t24 Telephone for It nervations SAMMONS MOTEL Opposite Winx-Dixie Stow:—U. S. Highway 29, North (4V4 Milh hiom Downtown) CE 2-4228 Gmxvirn:, S. C. McCALL BUICK CO. + + + 114 WEST MAIN ST. TELEPHONE 8521 EASLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA 194THE POINSETT HOTEL THACKSTON Completely Air Conditioned TV and Radio in Every Room CHEVROLET COMPANY ‘ ‘ Carollmis' Finest College Street CE 2-4451 Director- J. Mason Alexander Greenville. S. ( GREENVILLE BOWLING CENTER 17 Auoi'sta Stxekt "The IIoutt of Champion '’ POINSETT BARBER SHOP I.v Tiir Poinmctt Horn. THE BOUQUET SHOP •123 CoiXMit: Stbeet CK 9-727+ HALE'S JEWELERS Since I8M Quality Flower for alt deration by Hill Howard “Official Jewelers for Class Rings” DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT CARRY THIS LABEL... ARE GRADE "A”- ALL THE WAY! COMPARE PET DAIRY PRODUCTS WITH ANY OTHERS' i sA lie ays a Friend of Furman HIOTT PRESS 621 E. McBek Ave. Greenville, S. C. I). W. HIOTT B1LI. HIOTT BO HIOTT FINEST IN FASHIONS FOR STUDENTS Sullivan Hardware Company Distributors of Hardware — Sporting Goods Plumbing and Heating and Air Conditioning Supplies Lighting and Electrical Supplies Floor Covering and Industrial Supplies Serving the Piedmont Section Since 1886 Anderson, S. C. • Greenville, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. • Greer, S. C. Rei.ton, S. C. • Asheville, N. C. J. E. SIRRINE COMPANY ENGINEERS + + + GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 196l eAtaurantd No. 1—111 West Washington No. 2—3505 Augusta Rd. (private parties) No. 3—15 Augusta No. 4—500 East Stone Ave. LINDSEY'S COMPLIMENTS OK BARBER SHOP CLAUSSEN BAKERY, INC. 29 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greenville, S. C. Town Country LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS "Just one mile from the new campus' POINSETT HIGHWAY PHONE CE 3-1668 197W. A. Davis Phillips 66 Service Station 2517 POINSETT HIGHWAY Free road service to campus "Trade with Dave and save" PHONE CE 5-9418 SHIRBY- VOGUE 225 N'obtii Main Sthket SMART READY-TO-WEAR FOR THE COLLEGE MISS I 198Student Directory CLASS NAME 3 Abernathy. Frank I Abbott. Larry T. Sp. Adair. Mary Keith 3 Adam . William C. Sp. Addi . Jen L. 1 Addi . Lyla Loyic 2 Aiken. Robert C. . 3 Albright. Caroline 3 Alexander. Floyd E. 3 Alexander. Mildred Electa Sp. Allen, Betty Ann 2 Allen, France Anne 3 Allen. Jame E.. Sr. 3 Allen, Louite 4 Allen. Mary France 2 Allen. Robert M. 1 Ammon . Marcia Kay 2 Ander . Patricia Ann 2 Ander on. Danny F.— Rt. 7. Mountain I Andcrton. Edwin L. 1 Andcrton, Elaine 2 Andcrton. Eleanor 3 Anderton, France 3 Andcrton. Frankie Marjorie I Angelica. George J. I Anna . Gail Dean I Anthony. William T. I Arndt. Ned Ray I Arnette, Vernal G. Sp. Arnold. Howard H. I Arnold. Mary Patricia 3 Arrington. Charlet T., Jr. I Arrowood. Arnold D. 3 Atbell. Donald R. Sp. Atbury. Benton F. Sp. Athley. Rebecca Leona I Atkinton, Emmie Louite 1 Autry. Jerry D. 2 Avant, Camille 4 Avant. Glen Reed (Mr .) 3 Avant. W. Ray 1 Avery. Brenda Carpenter 2 Avery. Carole 3 Avery. John T. 4 Axmann. William R. 1 Ayer . Donald C. 2 Ayer . Larry T. . . I Ayer . Patricia Sue I Ayer . Richard L .. 4 Ayer . Robert A. I Ayer . Willie E. ADDRESS IS Mallard St.. Greenville. S. C. Renfrew Blchry., Traveler Rett. S. C. 108 S. Holland. Clinton. S. C. 6 Perry Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 208 W. Main. Walhalla. S.C. Rt. 7. Greenville. S. C. 1338 Clairmont Rd.. Decatur. Ga. 223 Camille Ave.. Greenville. S. C. IIS Edwardt. Simptonville. S.C. Six Mile. S.C. 206 N. Miller St.. Greer. S.C. 458 Warley St.. Florence, S. C. Rt. 6. Greer. S.C. 8ox 125, Boiling Springt. N.C. Hale Dr.. Taylor . S.C. 3512 Woodmont Blvd., Nathvillc, Tenn. 203 Elixabeth St., Marion, S.C. Rt. I. Burton. S. C. View Mobile Home Pk., Greenville. S. C. Lamar St.. Latta. S. C. 1702 Caroline Ave., Hartiville. S. C. . 316 W. Pine St.. Florence. S. C. 327 W. Earle St.. Greenville. S. C. 927 E. Whitner St.. Anderton. S. C. 181 Lewit St.. Paterion, N. J. Rhodhitt. N. C. 504 E. Washington, Greenville. S. C. Ulrich St., Royalton. Pa. 522 S. Dargan. Florence. S. C. 132 Griffcth. Woodruff. S. C. 2804 Augutta Rd., Greenville, S. C. 244 Riggt Or.. Clemton. S. C. Hart. Box 54. Traveler Rett. S.C. P. O. Box 77. Macon. Ga. I0A Amhertt Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2. Box 259. Honea Path. S.C. Rt. 3. Bithopville. S. C. Rt. 2. Dunn. N.C. P.O. Box 475. Walterboro. S. C. D-8. Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. D-8, Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. 111 Concttee Ave., Greenville. S. C. 111 Concttee Ave., Greenville. S. C. 23A Mitchel, Americut. Ga. Wett Market. Anderton. S. C. G-7 Clautton St.. Greenville. S. C. 702 Atheville Hwy.. Spartanburg, S. C. 3 Harriton St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. Taylort. S. C. 2012 Lynn St.. Rock Hill. S. C. II Pari View Dr., Greenville. S. C. CLASS NAME ADDRESS 3 Baddert, Fred T. 4 Bagwell, Fred L 3 Bagwell. Robert A. 3 Bailey, Catherine Sp. Bailey. Mary Sue 2 Bailey. Miriam 1 Baird. Phyllit Kay 2 Baircloot. Votn L 3 Baker. B.lly J. Sp. Baker. Nancy Carolyn I Ball. Errol H. 3 Ball. Virginia Sue I Ballard. Richard W. 4 Ballengcr, William L I Banot. John W.. Ill 3 Bard. Maria 4 Bargiol, Virgil Q. 1 Barlage. Linda Dougla (Mr .) 2 Barnett. Judy Sp. Barnhill. Haxel Elixabeth 4 Barrow, Callic Fortner (Mr .) 4 Bat . Larry J. 3 8atet, Allen E. I Batton, Harold M. I Batton, Thomat F. 3 Bawkum. Jotcph A. 3 Bayne, Ruby Lee 4 Beacham. India Sp. Bean. Jamct K. 3 8ean, John P. 404 Jonet Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 114 McPherton Ln.. Greenville. S. C. 106 Oakland Dr., Greenville. S. C. 1100 W. Poinictt Dr.. Greer. S. C. Rt. 5. Franklin. N. C. 2138 Broad St.. Augutta. Ga. 100 Melville Ave., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 5. Darlington, S. C. Rt. I. Rottville. Ga. Ill Momingtide Dr.. Brevard. N. C. 122 W. Farit Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 3. Taylor . S. C. 400 Wintton St.. Florence. S. C. 8 Ponce de Leon. Greenville, S. C. 100 Twining Rd.. Orcland, Pa. 113 N. Patrick St.. Gattonia. N. C. Rt. I. Pendleton. S. C. 2248 Augutta Rd., Greenville. S. C. Rt. I, Hcndcrton. Ky. Rt. I. Aynor, S. C. 182 Fortner Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 4. Box 197, Georgetown. S. C. Rt. I. Willitton.S.C. Rt. 3. Batton Dr., Greenville. S. C. Piney Mt. Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 15 Square St.. Pelxer. S. C. Rt. 3. Taylor . S. C. Rt. I. Taylor . S.C. 105 Gallivan St., 6reenville. S. C. 105 Gallivan St., Greenville. S. C. 8carden. Archie D.. Jr. Behr. Earl E. Bchlke. Marvin R. Bell, David B. Bell. Robert M. Bellamy, John T. 8cluc. William C. Bcilunc, Jerry O. 8eltki . Wayne J. Bennett. Alan L. Bennett, Joyce Ann Benya, Stephen N. Berry. Edna Joy 3 4 2 3 1 2 4 2 I 1 2 3 Sp. 4 Bethea, Barbara Anne Sp. Betti . Ann Harding (Mrt.) 3 Bidditon, Claire 3 I 4 Sp. Sp. 3 1 2 I 3 4 3 I 4 1 3 4 2 2 I I 4 Biggcrttaff. Robert W Binnt. Richard W. Bithop. Helen Elixabeth Black. William C. Blackwell. Conya Johnton (Mrt.) 204 E. Farit Rd., Greenville, S. C. P.O. Box 182, Fairfax. S.C. 932 N. "8" St.. Lake Worth. Ha. Apt. D-6. Graham Field, Greenville, S. C. 6 Fe-ell Ave.. Weldon. N. C. Carnctville. Ga. Rt. 2. Greer, S.C. 19 Timbcrlakc Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 8026 S. Troy St.. Chicaqo. Ill, 904 E. Ettabrook Dr.. Annandale. Va. 253 8revard Rd.. W. Atheville. N. C. 403 Tampa St., Greenville. S. C. 4-A Pointctt Apt .. Summit Dr.. Greenvill;, S. C. 2026 E. North St.. Greenville. S. C, 207 Broughton Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 3906 Groveland Ave., Baltimore 15. Md, Blackwell. Gordon L. Blackwell. Nancy Rote Blackwell. Robert K. Blackwood. Virginia Anne Bland. Leo R. Bland. Sidney R. Blanton. George S. Blanton, Paula Ann 8ledioe. Robert L. 8lythe, Carolyn Jo 8oineau. George D. Boiter. Odit C. Boland, John C. Boldt, Lynda Lee Boling. Robert 8. Bolt. Clyde A.. Jr. Bolt. Donald F. Boney. William 8. Bonnctte. Mabel Mill Boone. Aubrey G. Boroff. Fredda Wood 40-C Woodlark St.. Greenville. S. C. 832 Rutledge Ave.. Charletton. S. C. Box 91, Summerville, S. C. 213 McDaniel Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Tigetville. S. C, (Mr .) 3 Boroff. Jamet W. 1 Borough . Bonnie Brook 2 Boudouciet. John A. 2 Bowen, Barbara Sp. 8owcn, Judith Ann 3 Bowen. Linda Jane 4 Bower . Donald E. Sp. Bower . Harriette Allen 1 Bower . Jamct A., Jr. 3 Bower . Paul G. 2 Bradford. Thomat L. 3 Bradley, Ann Elixabeth 2 Brannon, Thomat J. 3 Brathicr, Thomat W. 6r. Brank, Leonard C. 4 Breland, Margaret Irene I Brickcr. Daniel W. 3 Bndgeman, Bobby R. 3 Brittain. Julia Elixabeth 1 Broadhurtt. Lee D. 4 Brook . Wilton C. 3 Brookthire. Henry S. Sp. Brookthire. Iva Lee 2 Broom. Harriet 2 Brown, Barbara I Brown, Clarence A. I Brown. Derrick W. I Brown. Donald O. 3 Brown. Jacqueline 3 Brown, Jerry M. 1 Brown. Jette T. 2 Brown, Jimmie A. 4 Brown. Juan A. 2 Brown. Kenneth R. 4 Brown, Mary Earle 3 Brown, Richard J.. Jr. 2 Brown, Sylvia Sp. Brown. Thomat M. I Brown, William F. 1102 Spring Garden St.. Greentboro. N. C. I Clarendon Ave., Greenville. S. C. 190 S. Park Dr., Spartanburg, S. C. 2245 Briarwood Rd.. Charlotte. N.C. 43-B Woodland Hornet. Greenville. S. C. Carolecn, N. C. 207 Brice St., King Mountain. N. C. 207 Brice St., King Mountain. N. C. (y.W.C.A., Greenville. S.C ) 237 Bryan t., McDonough. Ga. Etowah. N. C. Mt. View Mobile Home Park. Greenville. S. C. 8ox 91. Mauldin, S.C. 97 Darmouth Ave., Avondale Ettate. Ga. Rt. 7. Box 370. Greenville. S. C. Box 321, Gtcnwood. III. 504 E. Franklin St., Anderton. S. C. 2003 Edgewood Ave.. Anderton. S. C. 128 Crotby Cir.. Greenville. S. C. 1114 "L" Ave.. Cayce.S.C. Box 121. Ninety Six. S. C. Fountain Inn. S.C. (26 N. Park Dr., Greenville. S. C.) 26 N. Park Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 216 Oak Ave.. North Charletton, S. C. 308 W. Crolt St.. Greenville. S. C. 31 Rivertide Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 200 Liberty Dr.. Eatlcy. S. C. Rt. 2. Iva. S.C. 3135 Kirkland Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. 819 Lexington Ave., Cayce.S.C. Rt. 4. Chinquapen. Greenwood. S. C. 624 Athe St.. Hendertonville. N. C. 102 McCall St.. Greenville. S. C. 401 Grand Ave., Willitton.S.C. Rt. 3. Inman. S.C. Rt. 3. Lauren . S.C. Wetleyan Methodut College. Central. S. C. 240 N. Jefferiet 8lvd.. Walterboro. S. C. 309 N. Perry St.. St. Mary . Ohio 40-D Woodlark St., Greenville. S. C. 319 Francn Marion Dr., Spartanburg. S. C. 506 Maple Ave., Marietta. Ga. Box 212. Simptonville. S. C. Haywood Rd.. Hendertonville. N. C. Rt. I. Franklin. N. C. 1714 Central Ave., Sullivan' Itland. S. C. Box 114, Port Royal. S.C. Tenth Ave.. Port Royal. S.C. Box 404. Warrington. Pa. 1512 Lyttlcton St.. Camden, S.C. Rt 5. Box 54. Aiken, S.C. 31 Lullwater Rd.. Greenville. S. C. Woodland Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 127 Parit Mt. Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 312 W. Earle St . Greenville. S. C. 712 Park Dr.. Hilltboro, Tcxat 826 Burt Ct.. Andcrton. S. C. 771 Rutledge Ave.. Charletton. S. C. 472 Samcht Rd., Cincinnati 38, Ohio Rt. 3. Greer. S. C. Box 57, Martin, Ga. 199STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued CLASS NAME ADDRESS 1 3 2 1 4 3 2 I 3 3 4 3 I 4 I 4 1 3 2 3 I 3 1 2 8'owning, Charles W. 8ru«e, Ann Brumfield, Anna Bryan. John D. Bryan, Suian Ann Bryant, Donald M. Bryant, Ryland S„ Jr. Bryant, Sarah Louise Bryant, Wade H. Bull. Walter A. Burchfield, Joe D. Burdette, Arthur Burgess, Barabara Lane Burkette, Jerry W. Burns, Donald E. Burris, 8arbara Ann Burriss, Maxine Burton. Alton L Burton. William K. Burwell, John S. Busbcc, James D........... Busby. Frances Ann Bush. John C. Butler, Rayburn H. 614 Perry Rd., Greenville, S. C. 10 Augusta Ct.. Greenville, S. C. 357 Creek Bed Rd., Mountainside, N. J. 6 Russell Ave., Greenville, S. C. 106 Atwood St., Greenville, S. C. 346 St. Andrews St„ Spartanburg, S. C. 202 Wilden Dr„ Towson 4. Md. 1340 Rhodes St., Columbus, Ga. 18 W. Avondale Dr., Greenville, S. C. 8ox 239, Greenville. S. C. 78 Cambridge Ave., Charleston Hgts., S. C. Rt. No. 8. Greenville, S. C. Cornell Arms Apts. 6-G. Columbia, S. C. 306 Eargle St., Graniteville, S. C. 64 Ross Ave., Metuchcn, N. J. 318 Holmes Ave., North Charleston, S. C. 25 W. Welborn. Greenville, S. C. 20 Howe St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. No. 2, Greer, S. C. 403 High St„ Oxford. N.C. 8 Broad Vista 8lvd„ Rt. No. 4. Taylors, S. C. Rt. 2. Austell, Ga. 45 8cverly Rd., Summit, N.J. 109 Briggs Ave., Greenville. S. C. 3 Caldwell, Judith Ann 4 Caldwell, Nancy 3 Calvert, Carrol J. Sp. Camp. Joseph E. Sp. Campbell, Allen M. I Campbell, Thomas H. . 1 Campbell. Winton G. . 2 Cantrell, Harley F. I Cantrell. Patricia Ann Gr. Cantrell. William J. 1 Canty. William R. 2 Capps. Harvey W.. Jr. 3 Capps. Robert V. 2 Cardcll, Martha Ann 4 Carey, Ira J. ...... Apt. 4 Carlisle, Barbara............ 3 Carlisle, Charles R. . I Carmichael. William B. I Carmignani. Anthony B. . . I Carpenter, Anne 1 Carpenter, James G. Sp. Carpenter, Robert C. Sp. Carpenter, William McN. 2 Carriker. Ellison Ann 3 Carroll. John E. 3920 4 Carson, Peggy Sue 4 Carswell, E. Grace 3 Carter, Charles F. .. . North 4 Carter, Gerald R....... 2 Carter, Margo I Carter, Richard E. .......... 3 Carter, Rhuemma 3 Carter, Robert G. ... I Carter, William L . ... 4 Cashion, Fred A............ 3 Cason, Ray E. 1 Cassady. John R. Gr. Cassell, James J......... 2 Causey, Carolyn ......... 3 Cauthen, Ralph B......... 4 Cave. Mary Barr 2 Chambers, Conatd L. 4 Chambers, Norman S. 3 Chandler, James R. 4 Chandler, Joe T. 4 Chambless, Daincc........... I Chapin, James C. 3 Chapman, Myra (Mrs.). 3 Chapman, Clarence R. 4 Chastain. Charlotte 4 Chasteen, Rudolph H. I Cheek, Margaret Ann I Chewning, Phillip M. 4 Childress. Linda Jo ... . Sp. Childs, Mary Patricia I Chiles, Mary Margaret 4 Choy, Jai Hang 300 3 Christian, Carle E........... 324 Sunset Dr., Bristol, Tenn. 802 E. North St.. Greenville. S. C. 29 Thurston St.. Greenville. S. C. 5 Keowee Ave., Greenville. S. C. Rt. No. I, Bo I90A, Owings. S. C. 1 Plymouth Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 4711 Crescent St.. Jacksonville. Fla. 448 Hebron St., Hendersonville, N. C. 313 McDonald Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. No. I, Inman, S. C. 534 Joe St., Pascagoula, Miss. Rt. No. I, Cordova, S. C. 415 E. Park. Lake Wales. Ha. Rt. I, Mableton. Ga. t. 107 Sherwood St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. I, Mableton. Ga. F-6 Claussen St.. Greenville, S. C. 808 Jefferson St.. Dillon. S. C. 63 Waverly, Clarendon Mills. III. 420 E. Paris Rd., Greenville, S. C. Box 49, Batesburg. S. C. Rt. No. 3. Taylors. S. C. 809 McDaniel Ave., Greenville. S. C. 931 "N" Ave„ Cayce.S.C. Wrightsville Ave.. Wilmington. N. C. 5 Lester Ave., Greenville. S. C. 212 Sawton Ave„ Savannah, Ga. Greenville Jr. College, Tigerville. S. C. 210 Cannon St., Georgetown, S. C. 1021 Albany St.. Brunswick, Ga. 1103 S. Anderson St., Urbana. III. 8ox 113. Pisgah Forest. N. C. 151 Swanee St„ Spartanburg. S. C. 852 Baduly St., Waynesboro. Ga. F-2 Claussen St„ Greenville. S. C. ................. Box 35. Belton, S. C. 30 Patrick Cir., Melbourne, Ha. 209 McDowell St., Greenville. S. C. Cleveland. S. C. 4009 Cutshaw Ave., Richmond 21. Va. ....................Box 165, Olar.S.C. 810 N. Cory St., Findlay, Ohio 119 Keith Dr., Greenville, S. C. Rt. No. 2. Pelxer.S.C. ........................ Piedmont. S. C. 1600 McKeithan St.. Conway. S. C. 5506 Western Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. Rt. No. 2. Inman, S. C. ............... Rt. No. 2, Inman, S. C. Rt. I, Taylors. S. C. Rt. No. 3, Piedmont, S. C. Rt. No. 3. Honca Path, S. C. 200 College St.. Bishopville, S. C. .......... ............ Fair Play, S. C. 29 Farmington Rd., Greenville, S. C. Rt. No. 3. Cliff side, Kingsport. Tenn. g Am Tong, Sun Buck Ku, Seoul, Korea ...BI6 Graham Field, Greenville, S. C. CLASS NAME I Christmas. Clarence E. I Christopher, Anthony 8. 4 Church. Oscar E. Sp. Cikanek. Benjamin W., Jr. ADDRESS Kennedy Dr., Camden. S. C. SOI Easley Br. Rd., Greenville. S. C. Rt. No. 2. Taylors. S.C. 630 Installation Sq.. Donaldson AFB. S. C. 311 McAlway Rd.. Charlotte. N. C. Rt. No. 2, Piedmont. S. C. Duke St., Georgetown, S. C. Waterloo. S. C. 23 Crystal Ave., Greenville. S. C. 2021 Harrington St., Newberry, S. C. Cameron. S.C. Box 532. Gaffney. S.C. 126 Williams St., Staunton, Va. 513 Cedar Rock. Pickens. S.C. 1617 Lee St„ Camden, S.C. 28 Great Oak Dr.. Short Hills, N. J. Rt. 5. Greer, S. C. 4 Beatrice St.. Greenville, S. C. 224 Jackson Ave., Greenwood, S. C. 2813 W. Locust St., Eldorado, III. Box 105, Winterville. N. C. 8ox 233, St. George. S. C. 7240 N. W. 2nd Ter., Miami 44. Ha. 3426 Wheat St.. Columbia. S. C. 108 E. Burlington, Westmont, III. 507 Lucas St., Spartanburg, S. C. Rt. No. 8. Box 321, Greenville. S. C. 103 First Ave., Lake City. S.C. Box 4. Owings, S. C. 3-C, Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. 118 East Ave., Greenville. S. C. 114 Morrow St., Greer. S. C. Clanton, Daniel L. Clardy, Judith Clapp. Joseph W. Clark, George B. Clark, Marilyn Raye Clarkson, Beverly Clary. 8conctta Elaine Clary, Martha Clem, Samuel H. Clement, Mary Elisabeth Clements, William E. Cleminshaw, James B. Cline. William G. Cloningcr, Robert L Cogburn, Kathryn Coker. Billy R. Cole. Doris ............... Collins, Mary Jane Conard, Thomas M„ Jr. . Conley, Thomas H.......... Connit, Thomas A.......... Connors. Eleanor Conwell. William S. Cook. Clarence T. . . Cook, Judy Elaine Cook, Michael 8. Cooke. Larry H. ... Cooley, John R. Cooper, Carolyn Louise— 2 Accabce Rd.. Dorchester Ter., Charleston Heights. S.C. Apt. 3 Cooper, Thomas B. 3 Corder, Ann Nash ................ 2 Corder, Sandra ................ I Corley. Helen Gail . . 3 Corn, Frances 1 Coulter, Edwin M................ 2 Coulter. Jerry D. ............. Sp. Counts. Frances Donna 2 Counts, Jimmy R. Counts. Rachel ............. Courson, Rowena Eloise Cox. Calvin N.................. Cox, James O....... Cox, Leila Mae................ Cox, Margaret Fay............. Cox, Martha Crenshaw (Mrs.) Cox. Ralph E.. Jr. . Cox, Sue Elisabeth . ....... Sp. Craft, Eula Pearl ............. I Craig, Earl H. . . . ........ Crain. Aldean........ ......... Crapps, Talbert E. Crawford. Martha Elizabeth Creamer, Joe H................. Creech, Thomas M.............. Crcsswell, Donald P. Crcsswcll, Dorothy Janet Cribb. Neville B............... Cribb. Themos J. 201 S. Holland. Clinton. S. C. 803 Brookdale, S. W., Atlanta 15. Ga. 803 "K” Ave., Caycc. S. C. 3201 Beltlinc Blvd., Columbia. S. C. Box 48. Faith. N. C. 18 Watson Ave., Greenville. S. C. 18 Watson Ave., Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. Box 307, Newberry, S. C. Rt. I, Prosperity, S. C. .......Rt. I, Prosperity. S. C. Five Points, Fernandina Beach, Ha. II2A Rogers Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Center St.. Rt. 2. Greer, S. C. .......... Rt I. Marietta, S.C. 1114 Briardiff Rd„ Greensboro. N. C. II2-A Rogers Ave., Greenville. S.C. 1711 N. Main St., Greenville. S. C. 20 Ladsen St., Greenville. S. C. 2220 Plata Dr., Wilmington. N. C. 808 Queen St.. Columbia, S. C. Rt. 2, Landrum, S. C. 732 Shull St.. West Columbia. S. C. ....... Edgewood, Camden. S. C. 108 Eisenhower Ave., Greenville. S. C. 16 Broughton Dr., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 8. Greenville, S. C. . .. .......... Rt. 8. Greenville. S. C. .............Rt. 3. Hemingway, S. C. 3, Hemingway. S. C. I Cribb. Themos J................................. Rt. I Cribbs, Floyd A. ... .............................Lynchburg, S.C. 3 Crocker. Bobby G. Apt. A-5, Graham Field, Greenville, S. C. Sp. Crocker. Charles F.................401 State Park Rd., Greenville. S. C. 4 Cromer. Willie S., Jr. ............. 310 Retreat St.. Westminster. S. C. I Crould, Charles J.................................... Rt. 2. Cheraw, S. C. 1 Crout, Edythe Anee .................. S. Weston St.. Fountain Inn, S. C. 4 Crout, Jacob H.......................... 117 Augusta Ct., Greenville. S. C. 4 Crout, James H.........................E-2 Graham Held, Greenville, S. C. 2 Cudd. Charles A. .......... .401 E. Woodland Homes, Greenville, S. C. I Culp. Charles B.................................... Rt. 4. Lancaster, S. C. I Cunningham, Mary Elizabeth ............................Rt. I, Clinton. S. C. I Cureton, Clyde $., Jr......................2 Hillside Dr., Greenville. S. C. 3 Cureton, Don E..................% First Baptist Church, Anderson, S. C. I Cureton, James B................................... Rt. 3, Greenville, S. C. 3 Dabney. L Reeves .................Apt. E-3. Graham Field, Greenville. S. C. 3 Dacus, James R.............................305 E. "A" Ave., Easley, S.C. 2 Dacus. Robert M., Ill ....................107 Mclver St.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Dalton, Cora Elizabeth (Beth).......................... Rt. 2. Easley, S.C. I Daniels, Barbara Rae..................2110 19th St., West, Bradenton, Fla. 200STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued CLASS NAME AODRESS CLASS NAME ADDRESS 4 Daniels. Martha Claire .... 3 Danielson. Herbert S. I Darnell. Irby G. I Davenport, Mack J.. Jr. Sp. Davidson, Prances Elisabeth 3 Davidson, Ivy Dorothy . 3 Davidson, William E. 1 Davis, Boyce K. 2 Davis, Dale 3 Davis, Frank Potter 3 Davis, Gary W. I Davis, Harold E. 4 Davis. Howard T. I Davis, Jay E. I Davis, Jayne Ellen 3 Davis, Rodney E. I Davis, Ronald C. I Davis, Wanda Joyce . ... I Davis, William C. 3 Dawson, Michael H. ............ 3 Dean, Alice Estelle I Dearman, Wanda Lou 1 DeBruhl. Norman R. 4 Dcbruhl. W.lliam 8. 2 Dendy. W.ll.am R. 3 DeVinney. Charlotte Lee 2 Dew, Nancy 2 Dews. Lawton J................ 4 Dkkson. Norma Elizabeth Sp. Dill, Charlotte Maxine 1 Dillion, Robert A. 2 Dixon, Carol Lynne S. (Mrs.) 4 Dixon, Jimmy G. Gr. Dodson, Clilton L. 2 Dorman, Paul M............... Sp. Dove, June Juanita I Dove, Myrna Lee ............... Sp. Dover, Barbara Jean .......... 3 Dover. Kenneth H. 4 Dowis, Martha Ann ... I Drake. Millard T.............. Sp. Drinnon, Mary Deleda......... 3 Drummond. Martha Frances Sp. Dulin, Joan Alene 3 Dunbar. Josie Pressly 3 Duncan, Jack G............. 4 Dunn, William L 1 Durham, Ginger Cornelia 3 Durham. Joretta Annie.. Gr. Duryee, Lee V................ 2 Dutcher, Penelope.......... 3 Dyer, Vivian 120 Thomas St.. Lake City. S.C. Rt. 3. Hayesville. N. C. Rt. 2. Saluda. S.C. 8 Profitt Cir., Greenville, S. C. Box 321, Grady Ave.. Tryon. N. C. Brenau College. Gainesville, Ga. 208 E. Paris Rd., Greenville, S. C. 222 Skipper Ave„ Fort Mill, S.C. 147 Augusta Ct., Greenville. S. C. Rt. I, Box 79. Camden. S.C. 37 Seyle St.. Greenville. S. C. 6612 Houston St.. Buena Park. Calil. Rt. I, Hendersonville. N. C. 1255-A Lenox Ave.. Miami Beach, Fla. 149 W. End. Chester. S.C. 214 W. Stone Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 103 Brookside Ave., Greenville. S. C. 6238 Mercado Dr.. Jacksonville 10. Fla. Rt. I, Box 33. Ridgeland, S. C. 1004 Fletcher Ave.. Columbus. Ga. 1227 Pio Nono Ave., Macon, Ga. 21 Alton. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 4. Union. S.C. 21 Thurston St.. Greenville. S. C. 407 Aberdeen Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 705 Bona Vista PI.. Charleston. W. Va. 123 Williams St.. Lake City. S. C. West Johnson St.. Forsyth. Ga. 27 Byrd Blvd.. Greenville. S. C. ............ Rt. I. Taylors. $. C. Glenwild Lake. Bloomingdale. N. J. 108 Momosa Dr., Greer, S. C. 2 Allen St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I, Piedmont. S. C. ...... Fairlorest. S. C. .. .. 402 Draper, Greenwood, S. C. 615 E. Cambridge St., Greenwood, S.C. ..................... Rt. 2. Taylors. S. C. P. O. Box 484, Liberty, S. C. 98 Kitscn St,. Ninety Six. S.C. .......... Hwy. 25, Travelers Rest. S. C. .....................Rt. 3. Franklin. N. C. 227 Stone St . Woodruff. S. C. 106 Lakcvicw Hgts., Union, S.C. 1801 Hillview St., Spartanburg, S. C. 316 Jones Ave.. Marion. S.C. 103 Memorial Dr., Greer, S. C. 15 Ben St., Greenville. S. C. 3 Victor Ave., Greer. S.C. Stonewall St., Clinton, S. C. ....................Rt. I. Massena. N.y. .................... Rt. 2, Blairsvillc. Ga. 3 Eades. Harold D. .. 2 Easterly, Kay I Ebert. Robert E.. Jr. . . I Eddy. Margaret Evelyn 3 Edens, Joanne Patti . 1 Edwards, Mason K. . . 2 Edwards, Ronald K. ... 4 Edwards. William M. 3 Ellis. Charles M. . 3 Ellison, Floyd E.. Jr. .. 2 Ellison, James B........... 2 Elmore. Martha Sp. Elrod. Charlotte Ann I Elrod. Kay C.............. 4 Emery. James F........... 1 Emery, William N. 3 Etglc, Ramon E. ..... . 2 Eskew, Richard S. 1 Etnyre. Anthony L ... . 2 Evans. Helen. 1 Evans. Robert D., Jr. . 2 Ezell, Jimmy B.......... 3 Ezell. Macel D........ . .......... 13 Hawthorne Ln., Greenville, S. C. ...... 328 Amherst Dr.. Spartanburg, S. C. 103 Memorial Dr.. Greer, S. C. 200 Shirley St.. S. W.. Atlanta. Ga. ...................... Six Mile. S. C. 103 Memorial Dr.. Greer, S. C. 114 Memorial Dr.. Greer, S. C. ...... 515 Franklin St.. Athens. Ga. .... 647 Poplar St.. Spartanburg. S. C. ........... 400 North A St.. Easley, S. C. 104 N. Holland St.. Clinton. S.C. 37 Wedge Park Ave., Charleston 40. S. C. 2103 Woodside Ave., Anderson. S. C. Rt. 8. Greenville. S. C. .. 706 N. Jefferson St.. Cookeville. Tenn. 706 N. Jefferson St.. Cookeville. Tenn. North Greenville Jr. College, Tigerville. S. C. ........... 511 Irwin Ave., Spartanburg, S. C. 1521 Highland. Wilmette.il!. 203 Chesterfield Ave., Lancaster, S. C. ... 321 Country Club Dr.. Rock Hill. S.C. .115 Escambia Ave.. Gaffney, S. C. .13 Thurston St.. Greenville. S. C. 2 Faber, Thomas L 414 Mixon Ave., North Charleston. S. C. 4 Fanning, Joe W................ Sp. Fant, Janice Louise 3 Fant. Margaret Annetta (Peggy). 4 Fant. Nancy Kay ................... 3 Farley. Phoebe Downs ............... Rt. 2, Cameron, S.C. 101 Curcton St., Greenville. S. C. Box 293. Winnsboro. S. C. P. O. Box 293. Winnsboro. S. C. 208 46th Ave.. Myrtle Beach. S. C. Farrar, William A.. Jr. Fayssoux. Charles C. Fayssoux. Morgan W. Felder. Celeste Hunt Ferguson, David W. Ferguson. Marylynn Kay Feuer, Sondra Fincher, Helen Deloach (Mrs.) Finley, Mimi Gene Finnegan. Martha Jean Fisher, Leslie E. Flounders. Ernest S. Floyd. Ernest June Floyd. Aubrey 8. Fogle. Brenda Elaine Forbes. Patrick N. Ford. Robert F. Forrest, William T. . Forrester, Virginia Susan Fort. Rosemary Foster. Keith R. Foster. Walter N. 105 Summer St.. Greenville. S. C. 110 Mills Ave., Greenville. S. C. 110 Merminger St.. Greenville. S. C. 205 Walhalla St.. Westminster. S. C. 30 Sulphur Springs Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 900 Mohawk Dr.. West Columbia, S. C. 103 Lake Fairfield Dr., Greenville, S. C. 503 Howard St.. Columbia, S. C. (1425 Augusta St.. Greenville, S.C.) 114 Dellwood Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 904 Malcolm Dr., Silver Spring. Md. Rt. 3, Hendersonville, N. C. Main St., Taylors. S.C. 528 W. Tugalo St.. Toccoa, Ga. 305 12th Ave.. Conway. S.C. Cameron. S. C. 22 Hester St.. Charleston. S. C. 518 Oak Hill Ct.. Hendersonville. N.C. Rt. 7, Hall Rd., Greenville. S. C. Box 14, Mauldin. S.C. 1811 lindale Rd.. Anderson. S. C. 461 Johnson Ferry Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. 610 Carolina Ave., Isle of Palms, S.C. Fowler, Mary Ann Gillespie (Mrs.), 102 Lakeland Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Fowler, Rudolph C. Fowler. James B. Fowlkes. Anita Ann Fowlkes. Roy M. Fox. Joan Annette Fox. Marva Jean Foxworth. Norman F. Frady. Audrey Ruth Fraley, Fred R. Freeman. Carolyn Ann Freeman, Clarence L.......... Freeman, William E. Friddle, William H.. Sr. Fritchman, William P. Fuller, Howard C. Fuller. Walter G. Furey, Tobert J. Furman, Dorothea Consuclo 109 Beulah Dr., Anderson. S. C. 202 Davis Ave., Greenwood. S. C. 210 Rock Creek Dr., Greenville. S. C. 210 Rock Creek Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Osborn, S.C. 503 Jefferies Bl»d., Walterboro, S. C. Rt. I. Marion, S.C. Rt. I. Townville. S.C. Inman, S. C. College St.. Westminster, S. C. Rt. I. Pickens. S.C. Rt. 5. Easley. S.C. 12 Prevost Apts., Greenville, S. C. 8-C Poinsett Apts.. Greenville, S. C. 930 E. Main St.. Seneca. S.C. Rt. I. Taylors. S.C. Bear Creek Rd.. Asheville. N. C. 226 Riverside Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 3 Gaines. Jimmy C. 3 Gallcmore, David B. 2 Galloway. Harold C. 4 Galloway. Jodie C. 3 Gamble. D. Lamar 2 Gambrel), James G. 3 Gantt, Alice Patricia 4 Gantt. Richard A. 4 Gantt, William A. 4 Garber. Harold E. I Garner, Gary McK. 3 Garrett. Lowell K. I Garrick. 8obby L. 1 Garrison, Brenda Joyce 2 Gaskins. Laura Lee 3 Gay. Charles B.. Jr. 3 Gibbs. Beverly 3 Gibson, 8enton M. 4 Gibson, William F., Jr. 3 Gibson, William R. 4 Gillespie, Frances 1 Gillespie, James H. 2 Gilliam, Joann I Gillis. William H.. Jr. 4 Gilstrap, Robert D. 3 Glass, Marjorie Jane Sp. Gleen. Spencer A. 3 Golden, James R. Gr. Golding, Eugene M. 3 Gooding, Ronald K. I Goodlct, Allan M. , 1 Gore. John G. Sp. Gosnell, Patricia Irene 3 Gould, James D. 2 Graham, James D. 4 Graham. William J., Jr. I Granadc, Hugh R. 1 Gray, Richard L . 2 Grayson, Carol ......... 3 Greene. James F. Rt. I. Williamston.S.C. 143 Keith Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Langley. S. C. Box 1318. Trenton, S.C. 26 Howe St., Greenville. S. C. 23 Sturtevant St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 8. Box 171, Greenville, S. C. Rt. 8. Box 171. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 8. 8ox 171, Greenville, S. C. 106 Prescott St.. Greenville. S. C. Box 451. 4 Forest St., Joncsvillc, S. C. 602 Southway. Easley, S. C. 1215 Eutaw Ave., Orangeburg, S. C. 312 Haviland Ave., Greenville, S. C. 2133 Weaver Ave., Charleston, S. C. 504 First Ave., College Park, Ga. 259 10th Ave.. S. E.. Hickory. N.C. Rt. No. 3. Box 277. Greenville, S. C. 11-A Elmwood Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 6 Merrilat Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 3. Box 10. Easley, S.C. 5 "A" St., Woodside. Greenville. S.C. Rt. 3. Asheville. N. C. 6716 Mopsy Ln., Jacksonville. Fla. Rt. 5. Greenville. S. C. Fingerville, S. C. 17 Duke St.. Greenville, S. C. 52 Smith St.. Ware Shoals. S. C. IS Wolshire Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 2-Q Plaza Apts.. Greenville, S. C. 45 Trails End. Greenville. S. C. .. 702 Main $t„ Conway, S. C. 31 Robins St., Barnwell. S. C. 103 Dykeson Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Gillsbrook Rd., Lancaster, S. C. 451 $. McQueen St., Florence. S. C. Fleming Dr., Greer. S. C. Armed Fores Staff College, Norfolk. Va. 119 Vanncy St., Greenville. S. C. II First St.. W.lliamston. S.C. 201STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued CLASS NAME 2 Greene, Joanne 3 Greene, Kenneth M. 4 Greene, Martha Bouchillon 3 3 2 3 3 4 3 2 1 3 2 4 1 Gr. 2 2 4 2 4 2 4 3 I 3 3 1 4 4 2 1 Sp. 4 2 4 2 I 1 2 1 2 4 3 Sp. 4 4 3 I I 3 1 3 3 3 4 4 Sp. 2 1 2 2 3 4 1 3 3 2 I Sp. 4 3 I 3 Sp. 4 Sp. 4 Greene. Richard W. Greer, Joe M. Greer, M«i L Griffin, Patricia Lee Griffith, Eugene H. Grogan. Jamet E. Groomc. Sally Gross, Betty Sue Grove, Wayne M. Gulledge, Jerome Gunn, M. Walker Gunter, Mary Anne ADDRESS Rt. 3. Greenville. S.C. Rt. No. 4. Travelers Rest, S. C. (Mr .) 802 Elizabeth St.. Andcrton, S. C. (Apt. G-8. Clautten St., Greenville. S. C.) Apt. G-8. Clautten St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. No. 4. Belton, S. C. I Wilton St., Greenville. S. C. Bo 300 Traveler! Rett. S. C. 828 E. Duffy. Savannah. Ga. Apt. C-2. Graham Field, Greenville, S. C. 207 Princeton Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 219 Sloan St.. Columbia. S. C. 440 Granville, Billwood. III. Rt. S, Lancaster, S. C. 1200 Mott Ave.. Orangeburg, S. C. 110 Pinehaven Dr„ Ninety Si . S. C. Hagan, Leland M. Hale, Jack M. Hall, Annabelle ....... Hall. Everett W............... Hallman, Milton H. ........... Hallman. Roy N. Ham, Charles Wayne Hames, John D. Hammett. Michael E. Hanberry, Jack Allen Hancock. Geary W. Hancock. James B. Hannon, Ralph M................ Han tell, William P. Harmon. Dorothy Stone (Mrs.) Harper, Glenn T. ...... Harrill, Elizabeth Anne Harris, Martin S. Harris. Shirley Jane Harrison, George H. Hart. David A. Hart. William L, Jr. Hartnett, Martha Joan Hasher. Frdcrick W . Jr. Harvey, Patricia Sue ........ Havelin, Sandra Lee Havclka. Robert A. Hawkins, Alvin H. Hawkins. Proctor B., Jr. Hawthorne. Annie Mae Hayden. James H. Hayes, 8obry Lou Hayes, James R. Hearsey, Jane Ann Heckle. Amelia Heine, Thomas E. Helgcrson, Ann Carlton Hellams, Kenneth L ... Helms. Frances Loretta Henderson, Diane Henderson, Elizabeth Lunclia Henderson, Jerry Y. Henderson, Robert H. Hendricks. Mary Hood (Mr .) Hendri . Linda Lou Hendrix, Marian Henry. Clyde D.......... . . . Herndon, Beverly Clayton Herring, Sarah Alice Hester. Mary Jo ............. Hester. R. Anthony Hewitt. Richard F. Hewitt, Thomas F. Heyward, Charlet E. . ... High. Charles W........ Hill, John D. Hiller. Leland R. Hinson. Linda Delores Hiott, Barbara Lee Hilton, Richard R. Hodge . Caroline Pledger Hodges. Sara Edith Hogan. Shirley Ruth Holland. Jamet W.. Jr. . . Honeycutt, Claudette Hood. Patricia Marie . . Bo 154. Brewster, Fla. 1519 E. North St.. Greenville, S. C. 402 W. Main St.. W.lliston, S. C. 11 Tanglewood Dr., Greenville, S. C. 3304 Makeway Dr., Columbia. S. C. 30 Ashley Ave., Greenville, S. C. 109 N. Gucrry, Florence, S. C. Clarketvillc. Ga. 1212 Hyatt St.. Columbia. S. C. Rt. I. Box 25-A. Denmark, S.C. Larry St.. North Charleston. S. C. 2224 N.W. 81st St.. Miami. Fla. Star Rt.. Rotman, N.C. 1950 Maryland Ave.. Charlotte. N. C. I N. Franklin Rd., Greenville. S. C. 504 Church St.. Andalusia, Ala. 909 E. Frederick St., Gaffney. S. C. 118 Asbury Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Utah St.. Forest City. N. C. Rt. 2. Bo 451-A. Pheni City. Ala. Rt. 2. Bo 383. Johnston. S. C. Rt. 3. John Island. S. C. 104 W. Earle St.. Greenville. S. C. 509 Lakeview Ave., Pitman. N. J. 112 Haviland Ave., Greenville, S. C. 741 Longleal Dr.. N. E., Atlanta 5. Ga. Bluff St., Eldred. III. 910 Shadow Dr.. Aiken, S. C. Honea Path, S. C. Rt. 4. Box 23. Abbeville. S.C. 63 Ab. Gp.. DAFB.S.C. Rt. I. Central, S.C. Rt. I. Woodruff. S. C. 113 Danting St., Lake City. S.C. 109 Hillcrest Dr.. Chester, S.C. 45-D Woodland Hm., Greenville, S. C. Pelham Rd., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2. Box 45A, Laurens, S.C. Rt. 2. Albemarle. N. C. 130 Lander St.. Greenwood, S. C. 1245 Partridge Rd., Spartanburg. S. C. Rt. 4. Greer. S. C. Rt. 2. Central. S. C. Rt. 2. Bo 389G. Easley. S. C. 107 English Ave., Chickamauga. Ga. Rt. 5. Spartanburg, S. C. ................... Rt. 4, Lancaster. S. C. 208 Moore St.. Greenwood. S. C. 27 Tindal Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 2409 Buncombe Rd,. Greenville. S. C. 7 Sulphur Springs Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 2836 Stratford Rd., Columbia. S. C. 2836 Stratford Rd.. Columbia, S. C. Rt. I, Piedmont. S. C. Rt. I, Inman, S.C. Rt. I. White Horse Rd., Greenville. S. C. 4 Long Hill St., Greenville. S. C. 1010 Chesterfield Ave., Lancaster. S. C. 3 Underwood Ave.. Piedmont. S. C. 906 Hart St., Conway. S. C. 2809 Hermance Dr., Atlanta 19. Ga. 501 Dunlap St., Marion, S.C. 405 Saco St., Greenwood. S. C. 6215 Northwood Dr., Baltimore 12. Md. Relief. N.C. 41 Club Dr.. Greenville, S. C. CLASS NAME 2 Hook. Fred W. 3 Hook, Janet Barbara 3 Hopkins, Carolyn I Hopkins. Jean Adalyn 3 Hord. James H. 1 Horry, Mary Elite 2 Horton. Jimmy F. 2 Horton. Robert A. 3 Horton. William H. 2 Hough. Kenneth E. 2 Hourani, May 3 House, Thomas E. I Hovas. Mary Ethel 3 Howard. Betty Ann 204 1 Howard. Charles E. 204 2 Howell. Herbert H. 3 Howe . William B. 2 Hubalck. William A. 3 Hubbard. JoAnnc Elixabeth 4 Huckaby, Ted L. 1 Hudgens, Carolyn Moore 2 Hudson. Barbara 2 Hudson, Lester A. 3 Huffman, Evelyn 2 Hughes. Ann-Elbt 1 Hughes. Charles R. 4 Hughes. James W. 2 Hughes, Nancy Jean 3 Hughes, Percy Lea 1 Hulsey, Carnegie L. 4 Humphries, James R. 3 Hungerpiller. Lcla Jane 2 Hunnicutt. Thomas C., Jr. . 4 Hunt. Oliver L Sp. Hunter, Martha Janet I Hunter, Pricilla Jo I Hurd. Maratha Jane 1 Hurst. Katie DiAnne 3 Huskey. Joan Antoinette 3 Hust. Carl M. 3 Hutchinson. Paul R. 3 Huthmacher. Herbert L. 2 Hydrick. Betty Welborn (Mrs. 2 Ingle. Ann ............. 2 Ingrum, Jerry G. 3 Irvin, Mary Frances ADDRESS Meadow Dr.. Manning. S. C. Meadow Dr., Manning. S.C. 330 President St.. Charleston, S. C. 330 President St., Charleston, S. C. 1040 S.W. Ter.. Gainesville. Fla. Rt. I, Bo 18. Ridgeland. S.C. Rt. 2. Ridgeland. S. C. 600 E. Ferguson St., Clinton, S. C. Bo 84. Blythe, Ga. 100 Barksdale Cir., Laurens. S. C. Merjayaun, Lebanon 1004 N. Main St.. Greenville. S. C. 903 Valley View St.. Aiken. S. C. Chesterfield Rd., North Charleston, S. C. Chesterfield Rd., North Charleston. S. C. 2189 Fairburn Rd.. Atlanta. Ga. 601 N. Dinwiddie St.. Arlington. Va. Artillery Rd., Taylors, S.C. 8ear Branch, Ky. 12 Givens St., Fountain Inn, S.C. 1007 S. Harper St.. Laurens, S. C. 11 Perry St.. Charleston, S. C. Bo 713, Hampton, S.C. 1610 Boundary St., Newberry. S. C. .... N. Main St., Fountain Inn, S. C. 113 Du Pont Dr., Greenville. S. C. 302 S. 5th St.. Easley, S. C. Maple St.. Old Fort. N.C. Bo 83. Pinewood, S. C. .................... Rt. I, Toccoa. Ga. 112 Thomas St., Lake City, S.C. 200 Gary St., Edgefield. S. C. Rt. 3. Belton, S. C. 105 Glazncr St., Easley. S. C. Rt. 2. Pickens. S. C. Rt. 2. Easley. S.C. 241 Eighth Ave., Cramerton. N. C. 207 Smith St.. Newport. Tenn. 26 Main St., Buffalo. S. C. 23 Idlewood Dr., Greenville, S. C. 114 W. 4th St.. Beckley.W.Va. G-l Clautten St., Greenville. S. C. ) 9 Otis St., Greenville, S. C. 82 Herron Ave., Asheville. N. C. Rt. 4. Bo 272, Opelika. Ala. irwo y L:il..l a... u ft. I Jacks, Melton M. . .. . I Jacobson, John L. 1 James, Alice Carolyn 2 James, John P. 3 Jamet. Joseph R. 1 Jay. Howard R. 4 Jeffers, Claire 2 Jeffords, Christine 2 Jenkins. Joel P. I Jennings, Ernest L, Jr. 1 Jepton, Laurence L 2 Jemigan, Jack E. . 2 Johnson, Emily I Johnson, James K. 1 Johnson, James L. 3 Johnson. Loy Yates 2 Johnson, William S. 2 Johnston, Ernestine 2 Jones. Barbara Ann 1 Jones. Bobby A. Sp. Jones. Damie Bonta 3 Jones. Douglas J., Jr. 2 Jones, Elaine 4 Jones, Henry P. 3 Jones. Henry R. 4 Jones. Louis R., Jr. . 3 Jones. Mary Ann 4 Jones. Mary Jo 4 Jones. Ma ine (Penny) I Jones. Paul W. I Jones, Toy C., Jr. I Jones, Richard L 1 Jones, William S.. Jr. 2 Jordan. Albert L 4 Jordan, Frances ... 23 Wallace St.. Greenville. S. C. 127 Harrison Ave., N. W.. Canton. Ohio 1320 Washington Ln., Kannapolis. N. C. 7 Bryson St., Greenville. S. C. D-3 Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. 517 Osage St., Mobile, Ala. 1210 Cherry St.. Jacksonville, Fla. Bo 45, Germanton. N. C. Rt. 3, Piedmont. S. C. 211 Cornelia St., Greenville. S. C. 1705 East 51 St.. Ashtabula. Ohio 322 Congdon St., Germantown. S. C. Rt. I, Eastanollee, Ga. Rt. I, Warrenton, Ga. 6-B Elsie Ave., Greenville. S. C. Catherine St., Union, S. C. 1710th Hosp.. DAFB.S.C. P.O. Bo 113. Reevesville. S.C. 1466 Canterbury Ct., S. E.. Aiken. S. C. 110 Bclvue Rd., Greenville. S. C. U. S. 20. Piedmont. S. C. 636 East Kings Hwy.. Shreveport. La. N. Main St., Fountain Inn, S. C. Rt. 3. Lake View Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Apt. 8-3. Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. 1700 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, S. C. Rt. 4. Greer, S. C. North, S.C. 636 E. Kings Hwy., Shreveport, La. P.O. 8o 553. Ridgeland. S.C. 100 W. Circle Dr., Greenville. S. C. Piping Rock Rd.. Locust Valley. N. Y. 128 East Ave., Greenville. S. C. 4611 Reamer Ave., Columbia, S. C. 1009 Elm St., 8ox 37, Conway, S. C. 202STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued CLASS NAME 2 Jordan, Kitty 3 Jordan, Ronald E. 4 Joy. William F. 4 Joyner, Carey D. I Jumper, Ralph D, Sp. Justus. Sarah Jane ADDRESS Boi 906. Columbia, S. C. 714 Augusta St., Greenville. S. C. Apt. D-4. Thurston St.. Greenville, S. C. 103 W. Tallulah Dr.. Greenville. S. C. P. O. Box 261, Hampton. S. C. 404 French Broad, Brevard. N. C. 3 Kapetanatoi. Chris J. 2 Kate, Louis H. Sp. Kay, Carolyn Annette 3 Kay. Doyle W. 4 Kay. Patsy 4 Keating, Tommy H„ Jr. I Keel. William G. 3 Keefe. Leon 4 Keese. Jerry W. 3 Keffer, Elizabeth Syvonne 3 Keller. Joyce Ann I Keller, Margaret Ann 3 Kelley, Eleanor Elizabeth 1 Kelley. Lubeth 2 Kemp. John W. Gr. Kendall. Forest H. Kennedy. Edward C. Kennedy. Gaye Kennedy. John A. Kennedy, Kathryn Kennedy, Paul R. Kennedy. Peggy Ray Kennington, Rickey R. Keown. Jack W. Kcown, Jim M. Keown, William D. Kcrby. Robert Y. Kerr. Bonny Lee Sp. Kershaw, Adcle Ann 3 Key. William E. I Kilpatrick. Jcnnus King, Hazel Jolenc King, Robert E. Kinlaw. Betty Joan Kirby. Jack R. Klintworth, Saiah Reagan (Mrs.) 2 1 2 I 3 Sp. I I I 4 3 48 Washington St.. Abbeville. S. C. 53 Alfred St.. Passaic. N. J. 114 Jackson St.. Anderson. S. C. 14 Bryson St.. Greenville. S. C. 222 Tindal Ave., Greenville. S. C. 119 W. Mt. View Ave., Greenville, S. C. 416 W. Hickory St.. Hindale. III. C-5 Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. 306 E. Franklin St., Anderson. S. C. 141 N. 33rd Ave.. Camden. N. J. 3308 3rd Ave., Highland Park, Richmond. Va. 4230 Kilbourne Rd.. Columbia. S. C. Broadmore Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 1202 Park Ave., Hartsville. S. C. 523 Penn St.. Edgefield. S. C. 11 Cammcr Ave., Greenville. S. C. 3431 Wheat St.. Columbia. S. C. 7229 8urnctt St.. Spartanburg. S. C. Meechaway Trail. Medford Lakes. N. J. 124 Bradley 8ivd.. Greenville, S. C. 312 Perry Ave., Greenville. S. C. Rembert, S. C. 110 Elford St.. Greenville. $. C. McCormick. S. C. P.O. Box 127. McCormick. S. C. Box 354. McCormick. S. C. G-4 Clausscn St.. Greenville. S. C. 104 3rd Ave.. Dillon. S. C. 302 Grove Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 22 Lanncau Dr., Greenville. S. C. 307 Florida Ave.. Lynn Haven. Fla. 99 Ridge Rd., Lyman, S. C. Rt. 2. Conway. S. C. 4309 Westlawn Dr.. Nashville. Tenn. F-5 Claussen St.. Greenville. S. C. 42 Harris Ave.. W. Asheville. N. C. Sp. 3 (4 Sims Apts.. Greenville. S. C.) Knight, Pauline Elizabeth (Mrs.) 108 Azalea Ct., Greenville. S. C. Knox. John W. 8-S Calhoun Towers. Greenville. S. C. 4 4 3 Sp. Sp. I 3 I I Sp. 1 2 3 2 4 4 2 3 I I I I 1 2 Sp. 2 3 2 I 1 4 4 2 2 I I Lacey, Mary 8railsford Lackey. Milton H.. Jr. Lackey. Ronnie D. Lail, Mary C. Laird, Daniel F. Lampley, Robert L Lancaster. Leon L. Lancaster, Linda Kay Lancaster. Maynard D. Landers. Shelby Jean Langan, George P.. Jr. Langston, Christy R. Lanier, James R.. Jr. Law. Suzanne Lawton, Gerald R. Lawton, Inabcllc Layman, Patricia League, James W. League, Lu Anne Lee, Miriam Mary Moncks Corner. S. C. 220 Beatrice St.. Greenville. S. C. 403 S. Greensboro St.. Carrboro. N. C. 23-8 Easley St., Greenville. S. C. 420 Kenilworth PI.. Lakeland. Fla. 111 Eastwood Cr., Spartanburg, S. C. Rt. I, Simpsonville, S. C. 321 Vernon St.. Gaffney. S. C. 16 E. Decatur St., Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. Mount Airy. Ga. 1919 Elm St.. Cairo. III. 320 Hampton Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Spencer Mt. Rd.. Gastonia. N. C. Moncks Corner, S. C. Box 204. Iva, S. C. Rt. 3. Batesburg. S. C. 140 Lullwater Rd., Greenville, S. C. 104 Douthit St., Greenville, S. C. 16 Wilton St.. Greenville, S. C. Landrum, S. C. Lee. Norma 107 Thomson Rd., 2nd FI.. Wanchai. Hong Kong LeMastcr, Mary Carole Rt. 2. Gaffney, S. C. Leslie, Gary D. Rf- I. Pickens, S.C. Lewis. Bennie Sinclair (Mrs.). 9 Montgomery St.. Rt. 5. Greenville. S.C. Lewis. 8i!lie Raye (Mrs.) 6 Worley Rd.. Greenville. S.C. Lewis. Gary W. Olanta. S.C. Lewis. Robert R. Rt. 5. Box 194. Conway. S.C. Lewis. Thomas D. 9 Montgomery St.. Rt. 5. Greenville. S. C. Box 398. Perry. Fla. Lide, Babetta Koller Liles. Stokes C. Linder, Charles W. Lindsay. Linda Littlejohn. Dixie Livingston. Edna Lloyd. Robert M. Loftis, Mary Kathon 404 2nd Ave.. Opelika. Ala. 836 Lackey St., Macon. Ga. 117 Williams St.. Greenville. S. C. 315 Glcndalyn PI., Spartanburg, S. C. Box 123. North. S.C. M3 S. 21st St.. Ft. P.erce. Fla. 17 Underwood Ave., Greenville. S. C. CLASS NAME 2 Lollis. Linda Gail 4 Long, John Me. 2 Long. Michael W. 1 Long, Woodrow W., Jr. 2 Looper. Christina Lee 4 Looper. Nancy Anne 2 Lord. Joyce I Loth. Harold T. Sp. Lothery. Barbara Sue I Lovelace, 8emice Susan 1 Lowe. Richard H. 4 Lowery. Janet Helen Sp. Lowery. Jean Ann 3 Ludlam. Joe H. 2 Lupberger, Betty Ann 3 Lusk, John H. I Luther, Rosetta Frances 3 Lybrand. John A. 1 Lyda. James V. 3 Lynch. Marvin W. 2 Lynch. Thomas H. I Lyons. Nancy Emily ADDRESS 701 S. Limestone St., Gaffney. S. C. 606 Burroughs St.. Conway. S. C. 915 E. Maple Ave., Gastonia. N. C. Rt. I. Conway. S.C. 403 Oakhurst Ave.. Gastonia. N. C. 403 Oakhurst Ave.. Gastonia. N. C. 25 Skyland Dr., Greenville. S. C. 109 Mian St.. Milburn. N. J. 33 Turnpike Rd., Brevard, N. C. Rt. I. Townville. S. C. Rt. I. Box 442, Aiken. S.C. 1539 Sherwood Ave.. Baltimore 12. Md. 212 Fairview Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 806 Tenth Ave., Conway, S. C. 1729 Sylvan Rd.. S. W.. Atlanta 10. Ga. Six Mile. S.C. 1914 Croylane. Chattanooga. Tenn. 28 Carolina St.. Charleston. S. C. 235 E. Cambridge Ave., Greenwood. S. C. A-1 Graham Field, Greenville. S. C. Box 62. North. S.C. Rt. 4. Walterboro. S. C. Sp. McAfee. Patricia Catherine I McAlhaney. Joseph C.. Jr. 3 Mc8ennett. John P. 4 MeCafferty. William L I McCall. Douglas H. 4 McCarter. O. Kermit, Jr. I McCarthy. Michael S. I McCauley. James D. 1 McCollum. Robert M. 3 McConnell. Joe 2 McCoy. Mary Jane 3 McCravy. Albert E. 3 McCraw. Joseph W. 3 McCray. Martha Frances 3 McCuen. Gwen Walters (Mrs.) 2 McCurley. Nancy Lee I McDonald, Edward T. 1 McElhaney. John B. 4 McElveen. Carolyn 3 McElveen. Charlotte Anne 2 McElveen, Joseph J.. Jr. 3 McGill. Ansel R. 3 McGinnis, Deanna Allen (Mrs Sp. McGinnis. Margaret Euzell 4 McGowan. Lee E.. Jr. 4 McKay. Janice Louise 3 McKeown. Melvin B. I McKinney, Judith Annette I McKinney, Thomas A. 4 McKinnon. David W. 1 McLaughlin. Thomas D. 2 McLees, Alice Ann 3 MeManaway. David E. 1 McMichael, David 4 McMillan. Martha Anne 3 McMinn. Thomas C. 2 McNeeley. Frances Gr. McNeill. Neal A. 2 McTeer, Thomas R. Arlington St.. Forest Crtv. N. C. Reevesville. S. C. 1607 Westlawn Ave., Fayetteville. N. C. 25 Eastview Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 1042 Alta Vista Rd.. Louisville. Ky. 4391 Treehaven Dr.. Atlanta. Ga. 37 Chestnut St.. Abbeville. S. C. 24 Mellow St.. Slater. S.C. E. Bayberry Rd.. Islip. N. Y. 8 Crestview Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 230 McDonald Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 24 E. Faris Rd , Greenville, S. C. 2 Hellams St.. Fountain Inn. S. C. Rt. 4. Monroe. N.C. . 405 N. Buncombe Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 4006 S. Main St.. Anderson. S. C. 215 Marlboro St.. McCall. S. C. 405 Springs St., Fort Mill. S.C. Rt. I. Lake City. S.C. Rt. I. Lake City. S. C. 4612 Lanier Dr., Savannah. Ga. 69 Crestview Apts.. Greenville, S. C. 112 Oregon St.. Greenville. S. C. 122 Mallard St., Greenville. S. C. 5 Watts Ct.. Greenville. S. C. Timmonsville. S. C. York St.. Chester, S. C. Rt. 3. Duncan Rd., Greenville. S. C. P.O. Box 386. Alcolu.S.C. 110 Montana Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Butler St.. St. Matthews. S. C. Rt. 3. Anderson. S. C. 17 Douglass Dr.. Greenville. S. C. B-4 Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I, Box 44. Ehrhardt. S. C. 16 Perry Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 114 Burgess Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Pacolct. S. C. 419 N. Ott St. Branchville. S. C. Sp. Madden, Margaret Ruth I Maddox. Carolyn Ann I Maddox. Robert E. 1 Maiscy, Harold 8. 4 Markofski. Don R. 2 Marlowe. Phyllis 1 Maroncy. Mike S. 2 Martin, Gail 2 Martin. James R.. Jr. 3 Martin. Joe H. . 3 Martin. Joyce 2 Martin. Julie 3 Martin. Roger A. 1 Mason. Gaines H., Jr. 3 Massie. 8etty Kay 3 Mathews. James N. Sp. Mathis. Helen Kathleen 4 Mathis. William R. 4 Mauldin, James D. 2 Mauldin. Malinda Rt. I. Central, S. C. 1424 Richland Rd.. S. W.. Atlanta. Ga. 409 E. 54th St.. Savannah. Ga. 4376 West 66th St.. Cleveland. Ohio 436 Riveley Ave.. Collingdale, Pa. 1127 O'Burne St., Henderson, Ky. 13 E. Fairview Ave.. Greenville. $. C. Rt. I. Pelzer. S. C. Box 204. Crystal City. Texas Box 417. Ware Shoals. S. C. Rt. 2. Clover. S.C. 5 E. Charlotte Ave.. Sumter, S. C. 123 Mahaffey St.. Belton. S.C. Swansea. S. C. 1211 N. Harrison St.. Arlington 5. Va. 1125 E. Church St.. Bartow. Fla. Rt. I. Box 119, Killeen. Texas 24 Hale St.. Greenville. S. C. 315 N. Main St.. Greenville. S. C. 109 Folger St., Clemson. S. C. 203STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued 1 Sp. 2 2 I 1 2 ADDRESS 840 Monrovia. Shreveport. La. 21 Oak Crest Rd.. West Orange, N. J. Rt. 3. Taylors, S. C. Box 291. Sullivans Island. S.C. 13 Augusta Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 164 Ondcrdonk Ave., Manhasset. N. y. 8-C Terrace Apts.. Greenville. S. C. 2034 Crown Ave., Norwood, Ohio 2S05 W. Whitner St.. Anderson. S. C. 13 Washington Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 4. Box 285, Easley. S. C. 1156 Ellis Ave., N. E.. Orangeburg, S. C. Box 25. St. George. S. C. ...... Rt. 2. Newland. N.C. Rt. 3. Box 429, Orangeburg, S. C. Rt. 5. Paris Mt. State Pk.. Greenville. S. C. 108 Ethclridgc Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 473 Laurel Lane, Smoke Rise, Butler. N. J. 473 Laurel Lane. Smoke Rise, Butler, N. J. 8 8lake St.. Ballour, N. C. Box 1612, Loris. S.C. 111 Woodland Shore. Charleston. S. C. Rt. 2. Nichols. S.C. 1101 Wells St.. Bennettsvill«.S.C. Rt. I. Taylors, S.C. Rt. 3, Box 156-A, Orangeburg. S. C. St. George. S. C. 306 Home St.. Oak Park. III. Marion Hwy., Florence. S. C. ..... 4 Artillery Rd., Rt. 4. Taylors. S. C. Pickens, S. C. Moore. Carol Phyllis Mullins (Mrs.). 18-B Augusta Ct.. Greenville. S. C. CLASS NAME 3 Maurer, Mary Lou I Mauro, Donald L 3 Maxwell. C. W.Kon 1 Mayfield. Larry F. 3 Meadors. John M. 2 Meeks. George S. Sp. Melton. Terrissa Webber (Mrs.)x 1 Mcrckel. Carl W. 2 Meredith. Jo Ann 4 Merritt. Rufus S. I Merritt. Willard W. I Metts. Annis I Meyer. Covert E. Sp. Meyers. Annamerle 3 Milhousc. Billy C. I Miller. Edward H, Jr. .. I Miller. Jack R............. I Miller, Kenneth J. I Miller. Renee Madeleine Sp. Miller, Sybil Jean 1 Milligan, Herbert C.. Jr. 3 Mims. Hugh E.. Jr. 2 Minccy, Alonzo D. . I Mitchell, Edward L. Jr. . 4 Mitchell, Ruth (Mrs.) 3 Mixson. James K.. Ill 4 Mixcll. Raymond W. I Mondo. Robert J. I Money. Frances Mae 4 Moody. Billy C............ Sp. Moon, Judy Marie 4 4 2 4 Sp. 3 3 Moore, Carolyn Moore. John E. Moore. Martha Moore, Miriam Colvin Moore, Sue ......... Moore, Thomas E........ Sp. Morgan, Annie Sue 2 Morgan, Hugh H. Sp. Morgan. Mary Catherine 2 Morgan, Patrick H. Morgan, Richie Morris. Barbara Ann Morris, Catherine Morris. Louise Morrison, Gary H....... Moseley, William J...... Moss. Charlie S. Sp. Mowery. Peggy June I Mull. Dick L........... Mullinax. Juanita Elaine Mullins. Rachel Virginia Murdoch. Richard E. Murphree, Oleta Myers, Thomas L. Mynatt, Clyde H., Jr. 786 Howard St., Spartanburg. S. C. . . .................. Rt. 3, Spartanburg. S. C. Main St.. Cowpens. S. C. (Mrs.) Jonesville Dr., Simpsonville. S. C. .................... 819 Kirk Rd.. Decatur, Ga. .....................Rt. 2. Travelers Rest. S.C. ........................... Rt. 2. Central. S.C. 115 Briggs Ave., Greenville. S. C. Bee Tree Rd.. Swannanoa, N. C. Box 539. Ware Shoals. S. C. 382 9th St.. Brooklyn. N. y. 4942 Citadel Ave.. Columbia. S. C. 2008 Ellis St.. Augusta, Ga. ... 224 E. 50lh St., Savannah, Ga. 76 S. Dudley St.. Camden. N.J. Rt. I, Eastanollee, Ga. 307 McDaniel Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. Greenville. S. C. 5 Paladin St., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 6. Parkins Mill Rd., Greenville, S. C. ............................ Boone. N. C. Rt. I, Abbeville, S. C. Rt. 2. Pickens. S.C. Rt. 2. Camden. S. C. 2193 Willow Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 4 Nabors. Oran R. I Nalley, Sara Anne I Nations. Chester 8., Jr. 4 Neal. Archie C. 1 Neal. Jack E. Sp. Neal. Marilyn Ann 4 Neal. Sue 2 Nelson. Julius D.. Jr..... I Nery, Thomas A. 3 Neuwirth, Mary Ann Sp. New. Alice Harper I Newman. Carl R. I Newman. William S. 3 Nichols, Richard M. 1 Nicholson, Elizabeth Jane 4 Nickles. Roy E. 4 Nix. Richard D. 4 Noe, Elmer R. ............ 3 Nolen, John F. 2 Noonan. Sandra 4 Norris. Barbara Sp. Norris. Bonnie Sybil. Sp. Noseworthy. Donald O. I Nunnally, Sue Ellen 4 Nye. Nelle Frances........ Calhoun St., Joanna. S. C. 10 Jefferson Cir., Greenville, S. C. 163 South St.. Morristown, N.J. Matson St., Kershaw, S. C. 1610 8riggs-Chaney Rd.. Silver Springs. Md. 67 Oakdale St.. Brevard. N.C. ............. Rt. I, Grover, N. C. 601 North St.. Anderson. S. C. 1410 Beech St.. Cheswick. Pa. 18 Crescent Ave., Greenville, S. C. 21 Croft St., Greenville. S. C. 17 E. Laurel Ave.. Rome. Ga. 4379 Elston, Chicago. III. Rt. 2. Attalla. Ala. 55 Fountain Park. Buffalo 23. N. y. 213 Hampton St., Greenwood. S. C. ...........................Garnett. S. C. .................. Rt. I, Corydon. Ind. 655 King Ave., Florence. S. C. 623 Maupas Ave., Savannah. Ga. 4 Rice St., Easley. S. C. 4 Rice St.. Easley. S. C. 15 Briggs Ave.. Greenville. S. C. . 1818 Charles St., Fredericksburg. Va. ...709 "CM Ave., West Columbia. S.C. CLASS NAME 3 O'Dell. Janet Marie 4 O'Hagen. David G.. Jr. I Olliff, Joe F., Jr........ 3 Olney. Carl G. . 1 Olsen, Gary A............ 2 Onley. Benny R. . .. 1 Osteen, Gene E. 3 Owens. Barbara Louise 2 Owens. Celia............ 2 Owens. John R............. 1 Owens. W. Larry 2 Owings. Jerry R. Sp. Owings. Margaret Ruth 3 Padgett. Gayle Meacham I Padgett. Hansford D.... Sp. Padgett, Nora Dean .... 3 Padgett. Roger C.......... Page. 8etty F. .......... Page, Carol Painter. William T........ Paris. Paul D............ Park. Beverly Johnson (Mrs.) 3 4 2 3 2 3 2 3 4 3 1 3 2 2 3 4 2 4 I I 4 4 4 3 I 3 Sp. 3 3 I I Sp. 1 2 1 2 1 2 3 2 2 Gr. I 1 4 2 3 I I 3 1 3 2 4 3 1 3 2 1 2 I 3 4 ADDRESS 80 Woodvalc Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Box 19. St. Simons Island. Ga. Carmel Dr., Statesboro. Ga. ....... 28 Claussen St.. Greenville, S. C. 8212 N. Oketo St.. Miles. III. M06 Laurel St., Conway, S.C. ............ 9 Adele St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. Owings. S.C. ...... 219 Highland Ave., Lenoir, N.C. ...107 Perry Ave., Greenville. S. C. ..................... Rt. 6. Greer. S. C. ............... Box 219. Gray Court. S. C. ....... 116 Buist Ave., Greenville. S. C. ......... Box 566. Sullivans Island. S. C. Box 566, Sullivans Island. S. C. 2611 Whitehall Ave., Anderson. S. C. Apt. E-5. Graham Field. Greenville, S. C. .. 1317 E. North St.. Greenville. S. C. ...................... Moncks Corner. S.C. Rt. 2. Greenville. S. C. Apt. D-5. Graham Reid, Greenville. S. C. 111 Williams St.. Greenville, S. C. Parker. Beverly Elizabeth. 1123 Northbridge Dr., Rt. 8. Charleston. S. C. Parker, James C. Parker, Marian Ethel Parsons, George L Paslcy, Douglas C., Jr. Patterson. Rebecca Ann Patterson, Truett C. Peace. Jones C.. Ill......... Pell. Elizabeth Perry, William G. Petty. Troy W. ............. Phillips, Charles F......... Phillips. Charles N. Phillips, Don E. ............ Phillips. Larry C............ Phillips, Leonard B. Pickelsimer, Jean ...... Pike. Eleanor Ruth .......... Pinson, Bryon E. Pinson. Robert V............. Pittman. Sarah Pitts. Beulah Belle Pitts. James M. ............. Platt. John V. Player. Thomas A.. Jr. Poe, Patsy Ann Pollock. Richard S. .. Pomeroy. Joan Lcwington Ponder, Martha Porterfield. Laurence R. Posey. Phillip E. Poston, Harriet Oralee 61 Smythe Ave., Greenville. S. C. 2701 E. North Ave.. Anderson. S. C. 103 South 1st St.. Easley. S.C. 3227 West Shadowlawn Ave., Atlanta. Ga. 240 E. Earle St., Greenville. S. C. Rt. 8. Box 240. Greenville. S. C. ,.. 28 Mt. Vista Ave., Greenville, S. C. 210 E. Earle St.. Greenville. S. C. .. 15 Phillips Lane. Greenville. S. C. ................. Rt. 6. Spartanburg. S. C. ..... 22 lola St.. Greenville. S. C. ........................Rt. I, Lyman. S.C. ..................... Rt. I. Lyman. S.C. ................... Box 35. Wellford. S. C. 8-B Christopher St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. I. Pisgah Forest. N. C. ................16 Hill St.. Annapolis. Md. . 228 Sixth St.. Henderson, Ky. ..228 Sixth St.. Henderson, Ky. .. . ..............Rt. 2, Campobelle. S. C. ..........................Mount Airy, Ga. Apt. 12, Calhoun Towers. Greenville, S. C. ................... Rt. 2, Denmark, S.C. . 235 Adden St., Orangeburg. S. C. ..................... Rt. 2. Bristol. Tenn. 222 Screven St.. Georgetown. S. C. 709 Tam O'Shanter Dr., Orlando. Fla. ..... 1134 Honeysuckle St., Cayce. S. C. 7603 Maryknoll Ave., Bethesda, Md. 129 Ware St.. Greenville. S. C. .... 1302 Saville Rd.. Georgetown. S. C. Powell. Annclle ........... .. 8 Tommassee Ave., Greenville. S. C. Powell, Bobby D................... 421 S. Franklin St.. Greenville, S. C. Powell, Mary Anne ................................... Rt. 3. Union. S.C. Pratt, Tressie 312 N. Church St., Charlotte. N. C. Pridmore. Harold L ... ..............% H. E. Hipp. Rt. 3. Inman. S.C. Prince. A. Jennings ________ . . 17 Westview Ave., Greenville. S. C. Przybyla, Daniel J....................... 130 Norbert St.. Hinsdale, HI. Puckett. William H.. Jr. . 31 Univ. Ridge Apt., 6reenville. S. C. Purcell. James N.. Jr. 2220 S. W. 46 Terrace St.. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Purcell, Ted Lee ........................... 30 Clay St.. Asheville. N. C. Purvis. Mary Anne ............................... Rt. 3. Florence. S. C. Purvis. Donald C. Putman, James S............. Pyle. Haley ................... Pyron, R. Scott ........ Quattlebaum, Cecil L.. Jr. Queen, Carolyn Ann ............ Rabon, Archie M................ Rabon, Emerson W............... Rabun, Nancy Ansley Rainwater, James M.. Jr. Ralston, Gary 8. ......... Ramsey, Helen Gillett ......... Ranallo, Richard A............. Rashley, Adrian O. Rashlcy. Kathleen Whiten (Mrs. 5 N. Florida Ave.. Greenville, S. C. 220 Irby Ave.. Laurens, S. C. 152 Augusta Ct.. Greenville. S. C. 8-5 Graham Field. Greenville. S. C. 505 W. Chevcs St.. Florence. S. C. Rt. 4. Box 464. Salisbury. N. C. .. Rt. I. Box 180. Conway. S.C. 30 Darlington Ave., Charleston. S. C. ....... . Reidsville. Ga. 702 Fairway Dr.. Florence. S. C. 556 Broad St., Conneaut. Ohio Box 126. Hazard. Ky. 3995 Meadowbrook, Brentwood. Pa. ...................Rt. 2. Taylors. S. C. |. Rt. 2. Taylors. S.C. 204STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued CLASS NAME ADDRESS CLASS NAME ADDRESS 1 Rasmussen, Robert E. 320 Elmwood Rd.. Champaign. III. 1 1 Rasor, Andy B 212 W. Hillcrest Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 1 1 Rasor, Jake. Jr. Cross Hill. S. C. 1 1 Rawlinson. Alice Everette 1011 Ferndale Dr.. High Point. N.C. 1 1 Redd. William D. 8 Elmwood Ave., Charleston, S. C. 1 3 Recce. Landrum B. 1507 Easley Bridge Rd., Greenville. S. C. 1 Reed. Ruth Lois 825 Forrest St.. Hendersonville, N. C. 3 3 Reed. Ted W. East Flat Rock. N.C. 3 2 Reeder, Martha Joan 300 Bailey St.. Clinton. S. C. 1 1 Reese. Judy Louise 120 S. Main. Weaverville. N.C. 1 2 Reeves. Shirley Rt. 1, Starr. S.C. 1 Gr. Reid. John M. 7319 Lone Oak St.. Spartanburg. S. C. 2 1 Reis. Gloria Clariece 1 1389 N. E. 8th Ave., Miami 38. Fla. 1 1 Reitz. Warren G. 230 Frederick St., Johnstown. Pa. 1 3 Renfroe. Nita Van (Pixie) 312 Aberdeen Dr., Greenville. S. C. 3 1 Repko. Barbara Ann 122 W. Circle Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 3 1 Revels. James G., Jr. 445 West 4th St.. Hattiesburg. Miss. 4 3 Revis. Jerry A. Rt. 5. Greenville, S. C. 3 3 Revis. John W. Landrum. S. C. 1 1 Reynolds. Henry H. 345 McAlway Rd., Charlotte, N. C. 1 Reynolds. Martha Jane Box 566, Chesnee. S. C. 3 3 Reynolds. Thomas L. 314 Jefferson St., Clifton Forge, Va. 3 4 Rhine. John C., Jr. 2928 Prentice Ave., Columbia. S. C. 3 1 Richardson. Nena Sue Rt. 1. Pendleton. S. C. 1 1 Richardson. William D. 14 Pleasant Ridge Ave., Greenville, S. C. 2 1 Riddle. Bobbie Jean 203 Lavinia Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 3 3 Riddle. Harvard K. Brewster Dr., Taylors. S.C. 3 3 Ridings. Kenneth W Rt. 4. Gaffney, S. C. 4 3 Rigby, Ida Buist 333 Jones Ave., Greenville, S. C. 2 Sp. Robbins. Norma Glenda Box 565, Chesnee. S.C. 4 Gr. Robbins. Otis A. 7-B Lewis Village. Greenville. S. C. 3 3 Robert:, Charles R. Ill W. Park Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 1 1 Roberts, Jerry P. 1400 Concart St., Hattiesburg, Miss. 3 3 Roberts. Jesse D. . Rt. 1. Six Mile. S.C. Sp. 3 Roberts. Theo 110 Brantford Rd., Greenville. S. C. 3 1 Robertson. Lowell T. Rt. 1. Lyman. S.C. 3 3 Robinson. Helen Claire 320 Grove St.. Charleston. S. C. 2 4 Robinson. Max E. Box 168, Slater, S.C. 1 3 Robinson, Virginia 522 Fourth St.. Monongahela. Pa. 1 1 Rodgers. Barbara Bryan 125 King St., Columbia, S. C. 4 4 Rodgers, Jean H. (Mrs.) Rt. 1. Hilltop Dr.. Travelers Rest. S.C. 4 Sp. Rodgers. Lillie Patricia 310 Gracemont Dr.. Greenwood, S. C. 1 2 Rogers. Benjamin F. Rt. 5, State Park Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 1 3 Rogers. Thomas J. . 212 Academy St.. Mullins,S.C. 2 4 Rollins. Jasper 8., Jr. 609 Third St.. Rock H,II. S.C. 3 3 Roman. Emily Whitaker (M rs.) C-6 Graham Field, Greenville. $. C. 4 3 Roman, Joe C-6 Graham Field. Greenville, S. C. 1 1 Roof, Sandra Kay 3211 Platt Springs Rd,, West Columbia, S. C. 1 Sp. Roper, Betty Jo Rt. 4. 8ox 47, Easley, S.C. 2 1 Roper. Robert P 15 Ashford Ave., Greenville, S. C. Sp. Sp. Ross. Patricia Ann 3810 Hearn Dr.. Columbia, S. C. 1 4 Ross. Miriam Jones (Mrs.) Rt. 3, Duncan Rd.. Greenville, S. C. 1 4 Ross. Steve B. Rt. 3, Duncan Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 3 4 Roth. Elizabeth Jayne 150 Island Dr., Edgewater Pk.. Charleston. S. C. 2 1 Rowe. Ethel Mae 54 Marion St., Joanna. S. C. 3 4 Rowley. Phyllis Carolyn Rt. 1, 8ox 1695, Port Orange, Fla. 3 (115 Briggs Ave.. Greenville, S. C.) 4 3 Rucker, Leecle R. 16 W. Marion Rd., Greenville. S. C. 3 4 Runnion, Nathan J., Jr. 13 Augusta St., Greenville. S. C. 3 3 Rush, Etta Floy Troy. S. C. 1 1 Ryan. John M. P. O. Box 67. Ridgeland, S. C. 2 3 Ryle. James M. 316 W. Pine Grove. North Augusta. S.C. 3 2 Salvo. Susanne 134 Savannah Hwy.. Moreland, Charleston, S. C. 3 3 Salyer, Ronnie N. 3537 Morrow St., Jacksonville, Fla. 2 1 Sampson. Rodney L. Rt. 1. Covington. Ohio 1 2 Sanders. Bertha Lewis (Mrs, .) 20 Club Dr., Greenville, S. C. 3 2 Sanders. David C. 131 Davis St.. Williamston. S. C. 1 4 Sanders. Frankie Oleta Liberty. S. C. 3 Sp. Sanders. Joan Gail Rt. 2. Pelzer. S.C. 1 4 Sansbury. James B. Rt. 2. Timmonsville. S. C. 4 1 Sargent, Kenneth A. 130 Lullwater Rd., Greenville. S. C. 2 1 Sartwcll. Paul C DAF8. S. C. 1 Sp. Sarvis, Sam Lloyd ....... Apt. F-3. Claussen St.. Greenville, S. C. 3 2 Sasso. Maria 1271 E. North St.. Greenville. S. C. 1 4 Satterfield, Jane 204 Augusta Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 2 1 Sattcrlee. John S. 154 S. Oak Park, Oak Park. III. 3 2 Sawyer, Larry W. 119 8roadus Ave.. Greenville. S. C. sp. 1 Saycr. Roycc O. Box 64. Monetta, S. C. 1 2 Saylors. Wesley P. Cedar Rock Rd.. Easley. S. C. 3 2 Schaible, Charles E. 409 S. Blvd North Charleston, S-C. 1 1 Schaible. Maynard V. Crescent Dr., Laurens. S.C. 1 Sp. Schindcl. Robert J 463 Hinman St.. Aurora. III. 4 Schmidt. Gordon A.. Jr. Schneider, Kent A. Schubert. Norman L Scott. Karl L. Ill Scott. Milton F. Scott. Raymond E. Scroggs. Leon M. Scroggs. Robert L. Scruggs. 8rcnda Ruth Seal. Walter W. Scelbach, Charles L. Seigler, Cccile Sellars, Edwin W. Sentcli, Don W. Settle. James G. Settlemyer, Chat. T., Ill Sexton, Bobby G. Shakman, Richard J. Sharp, Charles R. Sharp. James M. Shaw. Jack B.............. Shaw, Richard C. Sheftall. Betty Ezell (Mrs. Shcftall. Stanley W. Shell. Wilma Jackie Shelton. Marye Shepard. David W. Shepard. Mary Edna Sheppard. Michael B. Sherrod. Eva Lou Sherwood. James L Sherwood. Rachel Sherwood. Walter D. Shipp. Kemucl W. Shirah, William R. Shirley. Patricia Ann Shirley. John W. Shiver. William F.. Jr. Shockley. Ronald D. Sightlcr. James H. 7 Godfrey Pk.. Charleston, S. C. Skippack Creek Rd.. Rt. I. Collcgcville, Pa, P. O. Bo 608. New Brunswick, N. J. 553 Margaret Ave.. Johnstown, Pa. 510 W. Peachtree. Woodruff. S. C. Rt. 3. Bo 499, Travelers Rest. S.C. 308 Rogers Ave., Greenville. $. C. Rt. I, Fountain Inn, S. C. Rt. 3, Gaffney. $. C. Rock. Kan. Homeward Lane, Weston. Conn. 1142 Dibble Rd.. A.ken, S.C. Roebuck, S. C. Camp Highland Rd.. Rt. 2. Smyrna, Ga. 2320 Sunnyside Ave., Charleston, S. C. 117 W. Park Ave.. Greenville. S. C. F-7 Claussen St„ Greenville, S. C. Rt. 82, Redwood Dr., Greenville. S. C. 4677 Dudley Ln.. Atlanta, Ga. 4677 Dudley Ln., Atlanta, Ga. I Alpine Way. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 5, Greenville. S. C. 3 Boyce Ave., Greenville. S. C. 3 8oyce Ave., Greenville. S. C. ........................ Rt. 3, Gaffney, S. C. Rt. 2. 8ox 78. S. Boston, Va. 475 E. 24th St.. Hialeah. Fla. Rt. 7, Bo 489. Poinsett Hwy., Greenville. S. C. 705 Carolina Ave.. Orangeburg, S. C. 75 Avondale Ave.. Charleston. S. C. Rt. I. Dillon. S.C. Rt. I. D.lion. S.C. Rt. I. Dillon. S.C. .............. Rt. 2, Kennesaw. Ga. 4012 Ridgewood Ave., Columbia, S. C. Rt. I, Anderson. S. C. Staunton Br. Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 109 Capcn St.. Dorchester. Mass. 18 Old Augusta Rd.. Greenville, S. C. P. O. Box 4. East Lee Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Siminiski, Ray W. 242 Crum Creek Dr., Derwood Pk., Woodlyn. Pa. Simmons. Beverly Frances Simon. Nola Jean Simpson. Allen R. Sims, Charles F. Sims. Rose Sims. Horace 8.. Jr. Sims. Robert C.. Jr. . Singleton, Charles N. Singleton. Priscilla Irene Skadden, Stuart 8. Skinner, Yancy L. Slagle, Joe L Slaton, James W. Sloan, Quinn R. Small. Wade H. Smith, Barbara Anne Smith, Clarence E. Smith, Floree Sutton (Mrs.) Smith, George R. Smith. Harold D. Smith. Hollis E. Smith. James O.. Jr. Smith. John M. Smith. June 121 Skinner Rd.. Augusta, Ga. 1487 N.W. 27th St.. Miami. Fla. 112 Ingersoll Loop. Ft. Benning. Ga. 20 Edisto St.. Greenville. S. C. Bo 573, Taylors. S. C. 1102 Woodside Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 2. Lafayette. Ala. 115 Anderson St.. Greenville. S. C. Hendersonville, N. C. Ill Park Ave., Manhassett. N. . Rt. 2. Woodruff. S. C. 37 N. Estate Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 1611 E. Washington St., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Greer, S. C. Rt. 2, Lancaster. S. C. 605 Perry Rd., Greenville, S. C. 212 Sumter St., Anderson, S. C. ..............................Wellford. S. C. 104 Carmel St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. Box 25. Hodges. S.C. 3 Main, Arkwright, Spartanburg, S. C. 309 E. Hillcrest Dr., Greenville. S. C. Box 505. Taylors. S. C. Smith, Mary Emaline Smith. Raymond D. Smith, Richard A. Smith. Roberta Ellen Smith, Stanley B. Smith, Sylvia Smoak. Gary A. Snipes. Elgenia Ruth Snipes. Ralph O. . Snipes. Roberts T. Snow. Mama Wood (Mrs.) Snyder, Catherine Elizabeth Solesbec. Maggie Sue Sotzing. Paul D. Southcrlin, Esther Diane Southcrlin, Joel A. Southern, Janet Carlisle Sparks, Elizabeth Geraldine Connie Maxwell Children's Home. Greenwood, S. C. 810 Greenville St., Pendleton. S. C. 11 S. Peachtree St.. Liberty. S. C. 20 Piney Wood Ln.. Greenville, S. C. 605 Mills Ave.. Liberty, S. C. 5 Latimer St.. Greenville. S. C. Kmards, S. C. 250 Carolina Ave., Orangeburg, S.C. 242 Grandview Dr., Concord, N. C. 8ox 305. Fountain Inn. S. C. 4703 Astral Ave.. Jacksonville, Fla. Box 254, Rt. I, Simptonville, S. C. 1139 S. Main St., Greenwood. S. C. Rt. 3. Franklin. N. C. 20 South Wall St.. Covington. Ky. 21 High Hill St.. Greenville. S. C. 3204 Buncombe Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 14 Watson Ave., Greenville. S. C. 2630 Buckncll Ave., Charlotte. N. C. 205STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued CLASS NAME 3 Spirit, James W. I Speaks, Joseph G. 4 Stagg, Martha Alva 3 Staff. James M. . . Gf. Staton. Fred G. 4 Stegall. Mary Livingston (MfS.) Sp. Stcnhouse. Louise 4 Stevens, Joyce Ann I Stevens, Wayne A. I Stevenson, Roger E. Sp. Stewart, Oolorcs Annette 3 Stewart. W. Woodrow I Still, Marion J. Sp. Stone, Carolyn Allene 3 Siogncr, Francis T. Stone. Fletcher S. Stone. Raymond T. Stoudenmirc, Jane Carolyn 2 4 I 1 Sp. 2 2 1 3 4 2 I I 4 Gr. I 1 4 3 2 4 3 Stover. Joseph H. Stowe. Stella Pauline (Mrs.) Strawhorn, John R.. Jr. Stringer, Margaret Stribling, John M. Strom, Olin T., Jr. Stroman. Jean Marie Styles, Ann Styles. Tench J., Jr. Styron, Shephcn P. Sullivan, Heyward M. Sullivan. Robert G. Summcrall, Everett T„ Jr. Sumner. Gary O.......... Sung, Lillian Sutton, Johnny P. Sutton. Shelly H., Jr. Swain, Ronald E. Syms, Olive Katherine ADDRESS 5 Woodside Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Box 432, Camden. S. C. Rt. I, Lyman. S. C. 76 Clarendon Ave.. Avondale Estates. Ga. Rt. 80. Box 87, Greenville. S. C. 417 Cary St.. Greenville. S. C. 208 Whitsett St., Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2. Union. S. C. 1210 W. Main St.. Union. S. C. 42 Ranger St.. Charleston Heights. S. C. 104 S. Sixth St.. Seneca. S. C. Rt. 3. Jefferson. Ga. Rt. I, Barnwell. S. C Rt. 2. Peher.S.C. Apt. 4-C, Poinsett Apts., Greenville. S. C. 35 Woodvalc St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 3. Greer, S. C. 213 Hampton Ave., Honea Path, S. C. CLASS NAME 41-E Woodland Homes. Greenville. S. C. 206 Hermitage Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 318 King St.. Mt. Pleasant. S. C. Rt. 2. Greer. S. C. 102 Lowell St.. Ninety Six. S. C. Box 148, Batcsburg, S. C. Rt. 4. Box 52, Orangeburg, S. C. Rt. I, Travelers Rest. S. C. Box 109. Travelers Rest. S. C. 710 Longwood Dr.. Atlanta, Ga. 19 W. Prentiss Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 312 University Ridge, Greenville. S. C. 1055 Whiskey Rd.. Aiken. S. C. 1819 N. Main. Greenville. S. C. I Shui-Tao Lane. Keclung, Taiwan 101 W. Tallulah. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. Fort Mill. S. C. 667 S. Converse St.. Spartanburg. S. C. Box 323. Greenville Hwy., Easley. S. C. 4 Tadlock, Frank H. I Tanner, Betty Lou I Tanner, Paul W. I Tarrant, James H. 4 Taylor. Anne I Taylor, Betty C. (Mrs.) I Taylor. Charles W. I Taylor. Mary Jane 3 Taylor, Myrna Anne 4 Taylor, Robbie Nell I Taylor. Sam W. Sp. Taylor. Shirley Ann Taylor. Smilic Jean Teague. Jerry P. Tew. John G., Jr. Thomason. Malone W., Jr. Thomason. Martha 8elote Thompson. Alice Alberta Thompson, Ray L Thompson, Raymond S. Thompson. Robert L, Jr. Thompson, Shirley Lane Thompson. Thomas R. Threlkcld. Harold P. Tidwell. Charles L. Tilley, Emma Louise Tilschncr. Richard Timmerman. Helen Timms. Leslie M„ Jr. Townsend, Luther K. Tompkins. Judith Lynne Touchberry. Marian Elizabeth Trapp, Patsy Elise ............ Traynham, Margaret Ruth Treadway. Charles R. Tripp. Charles B. ........... Trotter. Lloyd C. Trotter. Linda Lu Trucsdcll, Miriam Sp. Turbeville. Lena Eugenia I Turner, Charles F. 3 Turner. John H. I Turner, William M. I Turpin, Barry P. I Tuten, Parma Westbury 3 I 3 I 3 I 1 3 Sp. 2 I 4 Sp. 1 2 2 I I 3 I 1 2 2 2 Sp. 2 311 Belmont Ave.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 4. Box IIS-A. Hemingway. S. C. 1460 Belvedere St.. Jacksonville. Fla. 811-B N. Franklin Rd.. Greenville. S. C. 1156 Pendleton St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3. Piedmont, S. C. 20 Mallory St.. Greenville. S. C. 121 W. Augusta PI.. Greenville. S. C. 1419 Axtel Dr.. Cayce. S. C. 613 Church St.. Laurens, S. C. 2527 Blackmon Dr.. Decatur. Ga. ..... Rt. 4. Box 350. Newberry, S. C. 715 Dargan St., Florence, S. C. Baker St., Pickens, S. C. ........ 21 Nastursium St., Sebring. Fla. 6-A Bentwood St.. Greenville, S. C. 518 Woodland Way. Greenv.lle, S. C. 2614 E. North Ave.. Anderson, S. C. 1710 Secrest Rd.. Monroe, N. C. Apt. C-l. Graham Field. Greenville, S. C. 5S16 N. Rhett Ave., N. Charleston. S. C. 618 Summit Ave.. Anderson, S. C. 409 Concord Rd.. Anderson. S. C. Rt. I. Iva. S.C. 18 E. Tallulah Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 307 Broad St.. Anderson. S. C. 243 Devon Ave., Park Ridge, III. 519 Columbia St.. Edgefield, S. C. 202 W. Mt. View Ave., Greenville. S. C. 902 W. Main. Dillon. S.C. 15 Farr Ave., Andrews. S. C. Box 368. Summerton. S. C. 4303 Ridgewood. Columbia, S. C. 112 E. Tallulah Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 1111 Glenwood Ave.. Nashville. Tenn. Apt. G-3, Clausscn St.. Greenville, S. C. 123 John St., Pickens. S.C. 114 E. Fourth St.. Roanoke Rapids. N. C. 19-F Hillside Rd.. Greenbelt, Md. Rt. I, Salem, S.C. St. Stephen. S.C. 309 Potomac Ave.. Greenville. S. C. 706 E. Godbold St.. Marion, S.C. 3rd Ave.. Ridgcland. S. C. .........................Jacksonboro, S. C. 4 Gr. 3 Sp. 4 2 Sp. I Sp. Sp. 4 4 3 1 3 3 3 2 I 1 3 3 2 1 2 3 1 2 I 4 Sp. 1 2 2 Sp. 2 3 3 I 3 I 4 I 3 1 2 I Sp. 1 2 3 3 2 3 1 2 3 I 4 3 1 3 2 3 1 3 2 1 2 4 3 2 I Sp. 3 3 4 I 4 4 Vaughn, Ann ........ Vaughan. Luther L Varner. George K. Vickery. Larrion L Vickery. William H. Vogels. Bob J. VonEdwins. Joy Anne Wade. Hubert C. Wade. William F. Walden. Harriet Louise Waldhour. Marilyn Waldrop. Betty Ann Waldrop. Cynthia .... Walker, Nancy Deanna Wall, Mary Kathleen Wall, Thomas A., Jr. . Wallace. Arch Wallace, Marvin E., Jr. Walter. Donald H. . Walter. Howard T. Walton. James F. Ward. Donald E. Warrell, James E. Watson, Cecilia Wilhite Watson, James G.. Jr. Watson. Suzanne Hough Watts. Larry E. Watts. Oneida Webb. Gwendolyn Gay Webb. Marion E. Webb. Robert L............ Weems. James B. Welborn, James H. Welborn. Linda Wells. 8everly Jean Wells. Dennyse Wells, James B. Wells. John L Wesner, Mae Margaret West. Barbara Lucille West. Julian E............ West. Robert E. West. William O. Westmoreland. Judith Anne Welmaker. Jerry G. Wham. Mary Ann Wheeler. John W. White. Alice Irene White, Eddie J. White. Martha White. Haynes M. Whrtlaw, Janice Whitmire. Beverly Whitmire. Don C. Whitmire. Thomas D.. Ill Whitworth. Harrictte Wilhite. Jerry L Wilkins, Betty Sumerlin (Mrs.) Williams, Asbury H. Williams, David H. Williams, Fred S. Williams. John E. Williams. Lynn Williams. Perry J. Williams. Phyllis Williams, Sara Antoinette Williamson, Kay Wilson. Bobby J. Wilson. Carolyn Sue Wilson. Clarence A. Wilson. Dan W. Wilson. Henry L Wilson, Horace T. Wilson. James L Wilson. Judith Ann Wilson. Leighton M. Wilson. Lyman............ Wilson. Robert D. Wilson. Ruth Anne Winchester, CharKon W. Wise, Janellc .............. Wise, James W. .............. ADDRESS 1807 N. Main St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 5. Box 8. Gaffney. S. C. 309 W. Stone Ave.. Greenville. S. C. Box 173. Rt. 3. Greenville. S. C. 27 Duke St.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 2, Box 471, Wilmington. N. C. 9 Hayward Ave., Colchester, Conn. Rt. 6, Greer, S. C. Rt. 6, Greer. S. C. 111 Baldwin St.. Greenwood, S. C. .................................... Ricon, Ga. Rt. 2, Box 48. Laurens. S. C. 409 Summit Dr., Greenville, S. C. 15 Carolina Ave., Greenville, S. C. Box 95. Moncks Corner. S. C. McGlothlin-Main St.. Moncks Corner, S. C. 108 Alpine Way, Greenville. S. C. Old Norcross Rd., Tucker, Ga. 50 Tindale Dr., Rochester, N. y. 752 Main St., Conncaut. Ohio Apt. 41-E Woodland Homes. Greenville. S. C. 31 Circle Dr., Greenville. S. C. P. O. Box 262. Greenville, S. C. 2845 Novus St.. Sarasota. Fla. Brock St.. Pelzer. S. C. 1257 Stewart Ave., Orangeburg, S. C. McGreagcr St., Pageland, S. C. .............. Box 218, Muld raugh. Ky. Main St.. Ridge Spring. S.C. G-5 Clausscn St., Greenville. S. C. 63rd Installation Sqdn., DAF8. S. C. Box 364, W. Columbia. Texas 34 University Ridge. Greenville, S. C. Rt. I. Pendleton. S. C. 111 Fairmont. Greenville. S. C. 3 Sylvania Ave.. Greenville, S. C. E-7 Graham Reid, Greenville. S. C. % C. P. Holcombe. Rt. I. Taylors. S. C. P. O. Box 264. Cameron. S.C. 219 Clifton Ter., Carrollton. Ga. 25 Pinehurst Dr., Greenville, S. C. 12 Byrd Blvd.. Greenville. S. C. 361 Church St.. Woodruff. S. C. Rt. 3. Box 222. Easley. S. C. 127 South 2nd St.. Easley. S.C. 44 Secession Ave.. Abbeville. S. C. Rt. 3, Easley. S. C. Rt. I, Smyrna, S.C. 1438 Oakland Dr.. Atlanta. Ga. Box 72. Piedmont, S. C. 204 N. 4th St.. Dillon. S.C. 526 Buena Vista Ave.. North Augusta, S- C. 311 Buncombe St.. Greenville. S. C. 104 Littlefield St.. Greer. S. C. 31 W. Hillcrcst. Greenville. S. C. 13 Linnet Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 2 Woodville Ave., Greenville. S. C. 130 Augusta Ct.. Greenville. S. C. Blanding St., Lake City. S. C. 36 Allen St.. Greenville. S. C. ........... Springfield. S. C. . . Rt. 3. Inman. S. C. 512 Amherst Ave., Columb-a, S. C. 125 Atwood St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I. GreOiam. S. C. 506 Linden Ave., K aston, N. C. Senate St.. Columbia. S. C. 402 North "A" Cz., Easley. S. C. 609 3rd Ave.. Kingstree. S. C. .126 Corrine Dr., Greenville. S-C. 6-7th St.. Greer. S. C. . II Fant Ave.. Union, S. C. 1105 Marlboro Ave., Barnwell, S. C. Easley Hwy. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I, Box 308. Greenville, S. C. 13 Edgewood Dr.. Greenville. S. C. 122 Broughton Dr.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. I, Williamston. S. C. 500 William St.. Williamston. S. C. 109 E. Belvedere Rd.. Greenville, S. C. Rt. 3. Batcsburg. S. C. ................... Vaueluse, S. C. 206STUDENT DIRECTORY—Continued CLASS NAME ADDRESS CLASS NAME ADDRESS 1 Witsell. Alice Louise Sp. Wood. Edna Dale 4 Wood. John M. 3 Wood. Robert H. 4 Wood. Vivian Elizabeth 2 Woodall. Michael V. 1 Woodham. Robert T. ... 3 Woodle. Jimmy O. Sp. Wood . Emmie Linda 2 Woodton. Marvin C., Jr. I Woodward. Allen C. 4 Wright. Clyde E. 3 Wright. Jamet O. 4 Wright. La Rue........ 1633 Carolina. Kingtport. Tcnn. 314 Melville Ave., Greenville. S. C. 6 Elm St.. Greenville. S. C. Rt. 3. 8ox II, Pelzcr, S. C. 203 E. Curti St.. Simpjonville, S. C. 11 Vanney St., Greenville. S. C. 307 N. Dennis Ave.. Biihopville. S. C. Box 54 7. Dillon. S. C. 104 Monte Video St.. Seneca. S. C. Rt. 3. Belton. $. C. Box 132, Fairforest. S. C. F-4 Clautscn St.. Greenville. S. C. .. Rt. 4. Taylor . S. C. ................. Rt. 2. Candler. N. C. 4 Wright. Richard M. 3 Wynn. Robert L. 106-8 Long Fore t Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 106 DuPont Dr.. Greenville, S. C. 2 4 2 4 4 Sp. 2 I Yatet. Charles T. Yelton. Vicki Yonally, Howard E. Young, Clarence J. Young. France Young. Mildred Crymcs Young, Patty Young, Timothy R. Tellord St.. Alcoa, Tenn. 717 Georgia Ave.. Fore t City. N. C. 1019 E. Comanche Ave., Tampa, Fla. Apt. B-l. Graham Field. Greenville, S. C. 13 Cobb St.. Ware Shoals, S. C. (Mr .) Rt. 2. Congaree Rd„ Greenville, S. C. 230 Grace Ter.. Greenwood. S. C. 108 S. 7th Ave., Wett Reading, Pa. I Zeccoia. Vito J. I Zinke, William K. 3425 Westfield Ave., Camden. N. J. 400 N. E. 5th Ave.. Pompano Beach. Fla. 207Activities Division . Administration Division . Administrative Staff Advertisements Alpha Epsilon Delta . Alpha Phi Gamma American Chemical Society Baptist Student Union Band...................... Baseball.................. Basketball................. Blue Key.................. BONHOMIE Beauties BONHOMIE Staff . . Canterbury Club . Cheerleaders .... Chi Beta Phi .... Circle "K" .... Class Division .... Cloister................... Contents................... Cross Country .... Day Students Council . Dedication .... Department Heads "Echo".................... Engineers Club Executives . . . Faculty................... Features .... Football .... Foreword .... Freshman Advisory Boards Freshman Basketball . Freshman Class Freshman Class Officers Furman Singers Golf................... Hand and Torch , "Handbook" . Homecoming . Home Economics Club Honorarics .... "Hornet" .... Houscboard . International Relations Club Interfratcrnrty Council . Intramurals Junior Class ... Junior Class Officers . Kappa Alpha .... Kappa Delta Epsilon . Kappa Phi Kappa Index 70 10 17 188 88 90 100 114 94 178 170 85 140 106 119 161 88 87 18 101 9 177 80 6 14 109 100 13 15 137 162 8 78 176 64 63 92 180 84 112 150 99 81 NO 77 101 136 184 52 51 126 89 89 La Tertulia Espanola.......................... Le Salon Frangais......................... Lutheran Student Association .... Marshals.................................. May Day................................... Men's Judicial Council.................... Ministerial Union......................... Miss BONHOMIE............................. Music Club................................ Organizations............................. Pep Club ................................. Phi Mu Alpha.............................. Phi Sigma lota............................ Physical Education Majors Club Pi Kappa Phi.............................. President of the University .... Psychology Club........................... Publications.............................. Publications Board........................ Quarternion............................... Religion Division......................... R.O.T.C................................... R. O. T.C. Sponsors....................... Senor Class............................... Senior Class Officers..................... Senior Order.............................. Sigma Alpha Epsilon....................... Social Board.............................. Social Division........................... Social Standards Board.................... Sociology Club............................ Sophomore Class .......................... Sophomore Class Officers.................. Sports.................................... Student Body Officers..................... Student-Faculty Committee .... Student Government........................ Student Legislature....................... Student Volunteers........................ Tau Kappa Epsilon......................... Tennis.................................... Theater Guild............................. Theta Chi................................. Track..................................... Wesley Foundation......................... Westminster Fellowship.................... Who's Who................................. Women's Chorus............................ Women’s Recreation Association . Women's Student Council................... young Republicans......................... Young Women's Auxiliary .... Young Women's Christian Association 99 99 119 79 147 75 116 138 98 91 102 86 90 101 128 12 98 104 105 86 113 152 153 21 20 85 130 121 120 79 98 59 58 160 73 80 72 76 116 132 180 97 140 182 118 118 82 103 186 74 100 117 117 208

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