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Eddie West Business ManagerHr ieftrat? thr 1957 'feUmk lo the Memory of Dr. Robert N. Daniel I o I he unforgettable memory of Or. Robert Norman Daniel. we. the staff, dedicate this 1957 issue of the BONHOMIE. On September 20. 1956. the entire University family was shoclu-d to learn of the death of Dean Daniel. With his passing was lost an excellent teacher, an outstanding dean, a sincere friend, and a Christian gentleman. After twenty-five years as Dean of Furman I niversitv. Dr. Daniel retired in June. 19 IS. to become Dean Emeritus and continue his teac hing duties as I lead ol the Department of English. As a teacher. Dr. Daniel was sincere in his duties; .is a dean, he was unswerving in his devotion lo the I niversitv; as a friend his passing was a personal loss to many; and as a C hristian gentleman his faith in both God and man was of a high degree of serenity and tranquility. 2 I)k Dam it. (center) conferred will. I «. S It. losTS (left) .in.l Mb. Rom hi Tickir (litflil) OH |il.in« tor •lie Southern Ho|itlst I n. y. Ju|»e.ti.«.Dr. Robert Norman Daniel 1888-1956 3 Ml e of the 1957 BONHOMIE stai ie seasons-FALL,WINTE we dan instill in your memory tf ike to remeVnber. We cannot thir Furman, an the new Furmi Tomorrow,” nev« successive experiencr exan Furmi: p- - • -if' ! nppwnil yrvi iresent to you a picture or Furman SPRING, SUMMER-with the hope that things about Furman which you would most llfof Furman in these times without ore specifically of the new Furman si xists in our hopes for "A Greater Furman ir- neless, the "Old Furman" is for most of us eirom registration, through cjasses, get-togethers, nd graduation. As each season comes and ai s depicted in the 1957 BONHOMIE. : - • ' " TTrr '-sS Fine Arl Auditorium At night i» the rile ©I many actlvilU — opnclla. concert . piny , and mu ic pmclice. Furman—the name means soinetliint! different lo many people. I or some I lie name may refer lo a small denominational college in Soulli C arolina. or il may lie user! when one says lhal lie possesses a Bachelor of rls degree from Furman. a highly accredited institution recognized for its outstanding faculty and prominent graduates. I hen to a freshman, il means the beginning of a new experience: for the senior, the name I'urman calls to mind the memory of a happy, hard hut eventful lour years. Besides all this, however— i'urman is the physical Furman: the actual campus—buildings and walks, classrooms and dormitories. Il is the- "Zoo" and the "hill and the new I'tirman campus. Furman s history dales back to lf 26. hut in ISM the college on its present site began operations. I he oldest building, with the exception of a small frame structure known as the “old College.’ is llu Infirmary on the Men Campus, formerly the Administration Building. The Old Main Bell Tower, one of the most familiar symbols of I'urman I ’diversity, consists of tlu- lower atop Old Main building, officially Richard Furman llall. Ollier buildings inc hide the James C. I'urman I fall of Science, the Andrew Carnegie Library Building, the Webb Memorial Administration I hill, and Fletcher Hall, now housing the Art Department. ludson Alumni Hall, better known to students as the chapel, houses a small auditorium, the band room, the radio studio, and offices. Other facilities on the Men’s Campus are the dining hall and the dormitories. ( »eer. North. Me ( »ee. and Montague where gills are now housed. The gymnasium provides facilities used by the athletic department. This is the Furman Campus. A 1. r—a f— x— - « - - •» J”“““ Ul ""« “ new compel .StuilenK ko friend , vitilOM mul faculty -.ill have taken the familiar walk up to the main entrance at tl.r Zoo" in tlir (xinctime. lire Janie C. I'urmnn Hall of Science lildcr tcicnce ttudcnlc bmily working in afternoon lain. at the "Zoo”,on the “Hill”, I all «end» brightly eolorecl leave fluttceiot! to the ground urrounding the library, nlwayt a popular meeting pot for tmlent».The Woman's Campus, located approximately one mile across town from the Men's Campus, includes dormitories, a dining room, classrooms, and the Fine Arts Auditorium. Main. Townes. Fast (Gurdner). West, North, and Rosemary are the residence halls for women. The Mary C. Judson Library is located on the Woman’s Campus as are also the I hcatre Scene Shop. Faculty Apartment House, and the Shack. The new Furman campus, which includes over 1.200 acres of laud off 1 lighway No. 25. five miles north of Greenville, was begun in October. 1954. When completed it will consist of more than twenty major buildings. At the present, four buildings arc completed or are nearing completion. A dormitory for men and classroom building were occupied by the freshmen men during 1955-56. I he administration building, completed in the spring ol 195;. and the library are two of the latest buildings being constructed. Flans call for the beginning of construction of the remainder of the men’s dormitories and the refectory late in the spring or summer of 195. . tennis courts, a baseball field, a track, and a nine-hole golf course are already in use on the new campus. In tin lilrak of winter our World War I doutfli -boy rarely iI.hhIi williout o new oat of [Mint and on the new Campus W v .ImiMxty U . sklent ni«uml Uie men s dormitory on llic iicas c.imptK wliidi Win Occupied I - fredmun last year. Contents Book 1 - Fall Administration and Faculty 14 Student Government 24 Organizations 32 Football 44 Freshman Class 56 Book 2 - Winter Religious Organizations 68 Publications 78 Fraternities 84 Basketball 96 Sophomore Class 104 Book 3 - Spring May Day 116 BONHOMIE Beauties 120 Music Organizations 128 R.O.T.C. 134 Spring Sports 140 Junior Class 148 Book 4 - Summer Senior Honorary Organizations 160 Senior Superlatives 164 Senior Class 166 Advertisements 196A First Art iiCtiM in Ironl ol Bruno' find n uioup ol lioyt and ( irl« |x-«fotming lor the Furman lolllc audience. Students Greet Furman in the Fall Every student greets Furman in the f«» 11 with new ideas and expectancies. I l»e Freshmen meet the Administration and Faculty for the first time and are introduced to new friends and college courses. Upperclassmen begin finishing their basic courses and preparing for tbeir respective vocations by working in their major and minor fields. The beginning of a school year docs not bring with it all studying, however: for no sooner has the weather first begun to change than the Purple I lurricane lakes the field. Freshmen wear their rat caps to lire games and hope for a victory so they can cease being identified as a sea of purple. Pep rallies and the All University picnic provide opportunities to build school spirit and to have I lie .colics meet the men on the hill. Many choices face new students, and upperclassmen as well, when they have an opportunity to join Various organizations, honorary and departmental. Student Oovernment begins its year of jurisdiction, and all Furmanites must learn the rules and regulations. From the first weeks in September organizations begin scouting around to find lovelies to represent them in the annual BONHOMIE beauty contest. Another important event in the fall is the barman Pollies. Religious organizations are introduced to the new students to become a link between them and the local church. The fall BSU party is always a big allair. Work Week, in its second year, is carried on through the work of the VWA. as many students volunteer their services for washing windows or raking leaves. Fall is just the beginning, and lor this reason this season probably belongs primarily to the Freshmen. For all its vitality and renewed spirit it is only a start— a start into a year at Furman. Reyitlrallon lines are lone and Icdiout Kul nrce» ary for entrance to Bonhomie B«ullw-t» l to Right: Carol howler, Whitney Borne . Martha Gray. Peggy While. Carol Page, Patsy Young, nnd Lib Lipscomb have no (rouble uniting for (he camera. Isft (o Right: Marry hjeew. Harold Tlirefill. Wnnda Weaver. Nancy l-oofx-r. nnd Sylvia Smith do all sort of odd jobs for Wodc Week fund,.Dr. John I-anry Plylek. I.I..B.. LI..IX, I.itt.D. President of I’urnxan University Dr. John Laney Plylcr President From a dignified I University president presiding over an importuni conference to a tireless, energetic man throwing out (lie hall in the lir l hasehall game on the new campus—this is l)r. John Dmey Plylcr. President of Furman University. Since January. 19 JO. I )r. Plylcr has served his University well. I le has seen the idea ol a plan for a new university grow into a reality, now evidenced hy new dormitories, classrooms, administration building. and a new library. I)r. Plylers name will go down in Furmans history as one who guided the Furman ship through many difficult and troubled waters to make possible a Greater I'urman.Br.tnyoti Brownlrf Cody ( Vowilll Cuny n.mki Dew nil. I'tiinum Hamrick 1 .itllr|nlin MbImmi MrMillai. Mood- 0«r Odwrni- Owens 1‘ill limn Pill 1’roc lor Rkc River Ku«tdl Soirborousii Turner Five Join Board of Trustees in 1957 Miss' I.ois Cody. Greenville.....................1956 (). II. loom:,;Greenwood........................1950 R. U, Pitts. Carfiden............................1956 Julian H. Scarborough. Greenville .... 1956 Henry Bran yon. Greenville....................1957 IamEsOiav. Ocean Drive...........................1957 Roy R. Cowan. Greenville.........................1957 W. H. Grr. Inman.................................1957 On IN I. Owens. Greenville.......................1957 li. M. Edwards. Columbia.........................1958 R. Arciiii: Li.i.is, Columbia....................1958 I). M. Rivers. Greenville........................1958 I. Calvin Rivp.rs. Chesterfield..................1958 (». Hlyard Maiion. Jr.. Greenville...............1958 Mrs. .1. S. CorPENInc. Lancasler..............1959 I). H. Daniel. Belton.........................1959 A LESTER C». Furman, Ir.. Greenville .... 1959 Millard Osborne. Orangeburg...................1959 C. Frank Pittman. Greenville..................1959 .1. L. Browm.ee. Laurens......................1960 Broadus Littlejohn, Spartanburg...............I960 Eugene Proctor. Conway........................1960 Fari.e Rick. Anderson.......................1960 Chester I . Russell. No. Charleston .... 1960 Boykin Curry, Jr.. Greenwood..................1961 John A. Hamrick. Charleston...................1961 Mrs. Flora B. McMillan. Laurens .... 1961 Boyd A. Turner. Greenville....................1961 David J. Wells. I Inrlsville..................1961 ISExecutives Set University Policies Olivia Rjtch. Pii.D. Dean. Woman's CoUtfioCharms I .cm Rami. M.A. Prgiit or arul Director of AamUdon Mm Colleg ’ In a Barton. M.A. Rrfjillw iiikI )in- lor of Admission W oman s College I ti.KiiM.i Mom.i.y Caskey, B.A. Ttea turn I'lHRLIS W'aTJON III KTS. PlI.D. Director of (inklualf Simile Hl.viv GraDY OwtNS. I'll.!) i.Wilc of Summer Scolon |li» I 1 MN MaSSI.Y. Ir. M A. OlmCur of Drivlopmeht anal PuMie Rrloliom Faculties of Administration and Departments Guide Students in Academic Pursuits I_a vmin i Henry Bow in. PhD. I’fo fWOf of Miil irinnfic Dd’it Riu'ii. BS.. B.Mus. Professor of Music Di immi Haroih ( ii.i’.mrick. Pii.D. Professor of History Charles Dayton Riddle. M S. Protestor of lilology Reece (ronton Biackweli. Pii.D. Ptofetyor of Mallirrmitic Charles Watson Birts. Pii.D. Professor of Psychology loll.N Rll H ARD SaMEIY. .III.. PlI.D. Professor of Chemistry VVimh i i Keenly Professor of Mlisle Olivia I I TCII. Put). Professor of luliicatiori Iom i n Cariyii It.i,itt, Pii.D. Professor of litottornUs Paul I.iwis I isiii ii. Ph.I). Professor of Biology nnd Gco o«y IIinrv Grady Owins. Pii.D. Professor of lirlucutlon I It hi i Reed Watters. MS Professor of Home Economics Ioii.n Rot.and Patty. PhD. Professor of Phytic Carhoi.i. Henry Leeds. Pii.D. Professor of Psychology Charles Kuoene Iookr. Pii.D. Professor of Political Science Modi 11 n! IKK Ik Wood ( ovv'uu I Ir.ilwole ItU.. Ilonoer I'lnniUi UiaoI M. E. Gilp..t(i l I JU l»y Alley IVilJt I loJilm I leriinit Putnam Dolxon Low fey Vandiver IMI KoJgm IJ»ofli M. H. Keeney lUwLwiml Williami Faculty Arthur IIinky Moi iil i n brock. Pii.I).— I'ro rww o Modern l«iiu|uui|(i Amiirt Ellas Tibbs. Tii.D.. Ijtt.I). . . Professor of PhdosofJ,y I banco Wish V Bon SIR. PhD..........................Professor of p.nglid, John Willard Hoskins, I'h.D......................Professor of Sociology Sara I j« »• r, MA..................................Professor of Speech IWaKD pLNCKNl.T VaNPIVIR. Jr.. Pll D. . . . Professor of Pnglish Ul-'RRILL I.I.yHA Wood. Jr-. Pil l)...............Professor of Chemistry IIinrv Jackson I'lanihks. Jr.. Th.IX— Professor of Religion oral Choi Jain ClIAHLLY Grant. A IV . Profe;or of Military Science an 1 Tactic James E. I llRRINO. Pil.D................Professor of Modern Linguttyc Carroll L. I’ul. Ph D....................Professor of Modern languages C. I .ELAND KodcCRS. Pii.D...........................Professor of Biology Alt l IN CoCOINS. M A. . . Awodole Professor of Modern languages Ml TA limn GlLPATRICK. MA . . Associate Professor of Engib i I.INNti: I.tSBY..........................A «ooafr Professor of Music Arnold I viRirtt Putnam. M.MuSL . Astoriole Professor of Music IaITA Smith EftAUCM. M A. • . . . Associate Professor of Sociology Mona How ard KliM-Y......................Anorialr Professor of Music Raymond William IIiatwoli. PhD.— Associate Professor of P.tonomlcs Lyles Alley. M.A.— Associate Professor of Health oral Physical liducalion Winston Ciiampi ir Babb. PhD. . . Anodale Professor of 11,shay IIubirt Rat Dobson. M A - AkHxinl.- Professor of Health and P ivhYiJ lidiuuUon Chari ly Itiwamh Blackwood. B.I’.A . . Anoiialr Professor „f Ail I XH.'IS GrcSSLTT Wll I.IAMS. Pill). . . Auedltr Professor of Biology 18Sadler WI.Jw.ll. link Molloo Brlwndinc C K S-Mlh I Inrrill I. K. Piiiidion E. T. Brown ( «rr R. RriJ Doim.dd ( allxiun Krndrkk Raior I ludjont Kirk |. Baiter Gray J. T. Stfwmi Burin-tic I-.. K. l o|M r Snider. Faculty Dorothy Riciiiy. PhD................... limdalr f ,of Speech limid-son Davis Swim. PhD.— Auodofi' IVi n w of ('IcutiaJ Language Jam is Kiip Pattm»on. Ph D. . . . duodalo Profector of Phytics fowARO I'homas Brows. PhD. . dnurialr I’wffHor of FJtualion Wiidik L Carr. M.A.— Avaxiulr Viiffwor of Health anil Rliydcal I'jluralian Jam IS T. Sn.WART. I’ll.D..............Aaociale I’ro fow of linglich Wai.tir Ijndxaa Smiiii. Doc.Sac.Mi v . «o«uir Pw nwi of CuiVC V. I Ik m. 1 11,1). . . . .A mm luh- Profruni of Sociology Kt III Kim. PlI.D.— AiMNiulr Piofrswr of Health on.1 Pliysiial Lfnculiori Euzarctii Donnai.h. M A .... disblanl Professor of liuglith I.Mill DIM Boyp ('almoin, M A , . .AtMifmil Prof turn of Art V’kra Elvira Bl-rnittf. M A. . . «u»ian| Prof of Home ErononiJf Nora I’mily Min i Ns. M.A. . . . Awlilanl Professor of lUaloiiy Claude Ijjzamih Brisinoini. M A. dolihiiil Professor of ffrollli anil Phytical I:clm niton SciiAi-.iriM Kr.NORicK. IJ-.B . . »»i i iiii Projector of Fnmwiio ('harms l.r.WH RasOR. M.A.......................Awbianl Projector of I'.ngllJi I'RANCrS I ((.WI NS, MA.................Auillanl Projector of luIncaUnn I rma Rim.ins IjOOPI K. B A. IN Mumc . .-toiilant Profrstor of Muik CiiARLom Rim Smith. M.A . - . Assisioni PnfnMr of MumV IvrNIAI liuotNI HaRRILL. M.A.. . »U I«|»|| Pm f.wi of Political Science Daniel I jmiin.h Kirk. M.A. .... Wilanl PrafoKu of Ihologv Ira I II B.AKIR, M.A . A»k»l««u Profeccor of founialitm uiul ,.) « . OtllA Lamar Gray, M.S. . . . Awirfnnl Pro ruar of luonomla Ai.RIrt Neely Sanihrs. Ph D. . . . duJilaiil Pmfeuor of Hidoty 19 Arnold K. 1- Hio % ii 1 limlinmi Kintf ". S Patterson 1 Lmilllon 1 larriton Kii|«-r Myer A. S. Rrkl Sykc« Bolter Rrynori Muitln C .ill.iluiin Eaton Jonce Kunkel MarDougnl] White Chile Hrmli'iion Tucker Ailn me Faculty Sam 11. Amnold. M.Mus.Fjb...............Professor of Music Rom ur I. Brown. M.A....................-W.la .l Professor of Psychology Mahii Smith Hindman. M.S. . Assistant Professor of Home liconomic Jot Madison Kino. Tii.D..................Aoblani Professor of Religion CllANLrs Stuart Path kso.N. Ph D. . Assistant Professor of Chemistry Irving A. Hamilton. Pii.D.............Aufrbmt Professor of Hltlory Mawiiia I). I Ian u Ison. M.Eo.. »lilanl Pro «M«r of Secretarial Science Harry Sri want Kuplr. M.S. . . Am(«I« iI Pro ruor of CKrmlitry Dtwirr I- Myths. B.D.................................Pra ruor of Religion Al l HID S. Rl III. Ph D...........................I rofcssor of llnghtlt Ions' I ) »•: -1 vs SvKIS, Jn.. M.S. . AiHilanl Profrstor of linglncerincj Rita Mai: Baker, M.Mu ................................Intrude In Music I ji.lian Jran Hi:Ynon................................Intrude In Music I'MiiiivK'H ( aklyi.i Martin, M.A. . fnitmdor in Modem Ijanquacics Mita I . CaLLAHAM. H.A..................Instructor In Secretarial Science Emouy I-.ATON. M.A...................Instructor in Classical Eorifjimg. Edward B. Ion is. M.A...............................Instructor In History Kant ur R. Kunkll, M.S..............................Instructor In Speeds Ellis Mai I)o« i.ai.l, M.A..........................Instructor In Sociology Ralph l.ll WlllTI. MA. ........................ Inst rude In Sociology Margui urn; Chills. M.A.— Director of Student Personnel. oinan i Cuf cfte Ia.mtn I . I!t'Koauo.Y, B.A.— Director of Student Personnel, glen’s College Poni HI O.NNAMOND TuCKKR. M.A.....................................librarian Alice Benson Adams. M.S..............................Assistant Ubrarian 20Staff Assists Administration and Faculty Km B. i Mrll Catron Kins' Quiet lines Jordan Wyatt Quern 1 unset Weaver Atey ( Mrrett 1 Inullstook Jenkins K.srsl M Martin Pad Kell SJsejsatd ( arrlcr Clopp l f Douglas Alive ood Justice Bi.simIi Crocker Galloway Kmdridc 1 aw ton l.red» Sparks Word lav Walter IWii Kikk.................................................Athletic Staff Wu.llAM K BW.will..........................Director of iVeu-s Serrice S » Ijiiv Swamn ('.mhos ... Associate in Public Relation Ions M Kim.................................................. Accountant CarrilR...........................Burtar. Woman's College Ksovsmi Cl vrr .... . . Baptist Student Union Secretary I il AM TIl 1 l.n Residence ( acinsefor, Woman's College I I iium vs Chills Snp» inlwnlwil of Buildings arul (irountli Isi Ijmx............................................- » l)bnl Dietitian loHIM I). Jordan ....................................' nltlanl Dietitian K » WvATT HoiifM um lloiiw Director, Woman s (’ollegr liwll DoUUA)..................................»Vnt%e, HU Infirmary BctTY Mn U R Anwooo . . . . library. Circulation Auiilanl N SI ItSIKTI . library Staff NIasiJI C. Ql’UX ... Catalogue leftist. library (-■IMA W. Tt»M ............................................library Staff MUKXARIT I WlAVIR............................. (ataloquer. library VlKJMI Marsh A«IV Secretary to Registrar. Woman's College Patricia Branch ...... Secretary to Dean of Uni terrify I .OITM Crocklr . . Secretary. Sew Bureau Sara Calloway.....................Secretary to Deon of Men's College Virginia W. Carritt...................Secretary. Office of Development Virginia Hait.BROOK . . 5ffn'la v lo Director of Summer Session Mary S. it skins..................Secretary to Registrar. Men's College Caroi.INi Karm ...................Secretary lo Administrative Director MaRGARIT Ki niiRICK ............................Secretary lo President Anns. I_aw to.n...............................Bookkeeper. Men’s College IxTItl.t l.fIM........................Secretary. Office of Development Ramona Sanih rs Manly...........................Secretary to Treasurer AoNLS Martin......................Secretary to Director of Development KlNIT’A I AIK.ITT . . . Secretary lo Dean of Woman s College Mary Edna Shepard . . . Sritrlwy to Bursar. Woman s College Julia T. Sparks..................................Cashier. Men's Cam xis Mary C . Wardi.aw...............................Secretary of Admissions Virginia S. Wattlrs.............................Assistant Co Registrar 21Quulf, Melvin loliluon— I’m all alone and blue or "I ain't got nobody.” The Rats are Shown Full at Furman brought ll»c- "rat ." invading the campus Tor their first taste of college life, Beginning on September 10 freshmen arrived at the "Zoo" and the "hill." Serving ns a springboard for the plunge into the activities of I'urmnn life, orientation introduced the new students, freshmen and transfers, to the campus and brought new life to the old student body. I he orientation program this year was led by Susan Clary. Vice-President of the Women Student Body and I lenry Bair. Vice-President of the Men’s Student Body. I hese two campus leaders together with the help of the advisory boards loci the freshmen and transfers through various events, including explanations concerning the handlwok. honor system, student government, extra-curricular activities and campus life in general. Advising Ilif freshmen and transfer were. Sealed. Ia’( to Riqht Sylvia MfKmrir. Roberta Karri . Heather Ann Niltrrflold. Kvrlyn Hluon, Sandra McGee, Margaret McCray. Jackie I'reemnn. Janice Moore. Gail Sloan. Stonduui Margaret Walton, Claudia G«rrl«on Maddox. Pat Thomas. Marietta Martin, love Smith. Robbie Inylor. Stl»nn Clary. Betty I lugbfi, Carey Jo McConnell. Dec LnCoste, ( atolvn I Jtllrjobn. Anne Norlord. Mlml Devine.the Ropes I In- theme of the orientation program at the Woman's ( nmpus was the Turman Cirrus.’ and for the first nielil S program the freshmen and transfers were divided Into three groups, white horses, elephants, and hippos. Iliese groups participated in the training ground and visiter! the animal parade, side shows, and special talent features. I uesday of orientation was spent at Paris Mountain where the girls were joined by the new men students for supper and social activities. After all the Inn frcslimen were required to lake various tests. More lun was in store, however, as Social Standards Board presented .1 special skit, and I louseboard gave a party in the (lining room. Ihrmighotil the orientation program the advisors on the Men’s and Women's Advisory hoards met with llirir advisees to help them learn the material in the h.tndhook. All new students are tested on this information after they have been at Furman for a week or so. Members of the Advisory hoards, assisting with Orientation were: Rosemary Bridwcll, Barbara ('ole-man. Patsy ( 00k. Mimi Devine. Kvelyn Fllison. Jackie Freeman. Barahara ( •oldsmilh, Roberta Harris. Belly Hughes. Marietta Martin. Dee D ( oste. Carole Littlefield. Carolyn Littlejohn. Claudia Maddox. Carey lo McConnell. Margaret McCray. Mary Jane McCuen. ( •ail Sloan. Sandra Mc( »ce. Sylvia McKenzie. Janic e Moore. Anne N’orford, Heather Ann Satterfield. Jove Smith Anne I aylor. Rohhie I aylor. Margaret Moss Watson, and Brownie Bradley. Warner Burke. Boh Compton. Paul Craven. Aubrey Daniels. Don Gant. Andv Harper. Frank Hawkins. John Johnson. Al M Neely. Dvvain Blnckston. Sam Blanton. Walker Breland. Charles Cannon. Heyward Cooke. David Daniel. Jerry Davis, lim Plyler. Bubba Platt. Roger Poore. Tommy Cook, Tom I-Her. Raymond Lewis. Bill Puckett, and Buddy Rollins. A ini uni R«l Day «t the Zoo wai held in the line Art Aud.torium basement. I’oot Rat. »|H-«a many hour, tilting llUming lo t|wrehe nl Pari Mountain. M.n aJviwo include. First Ron-. 1 11 to Riqhl: Dill Pur hell. Buddy R«l|in . Sam Blanton. Bnmnir Bradley. Don Gant. Warner Burke. Snond Rote lino liair. Tool I’Jler. Jerry Davit, tolin John ton. Bolt Compton. I htnl Roar Raymond Paul Craven. Frank I ln»linv Fourrfi Roar Walker Breland. RuMm Malt. ( liarlie C annonStuden Men’s Council Tries Cases President of llio Nudent Body. Mac Mmm, inn I conccntrnle for looking al die cnrocra. All judicial matters pertaining lo llic Men’s Student Body government arc taken care of by the Student Council. I his twelve-member body is composed of students elected by secret ballot during sprint! elections who serve until graduation. The main duties of lire Men’s Student Council are to bold elections, bring about a higher respect of the honor system, and bold trials involving the Honor System. I be Council is also called u| on to decide any matters relating to the interpretation of the Men s Constitution. Don Gant serves as President of the Men's Student Council. Phil McKinney is Vice-President. Dwnin Blackston bolds the office of Secretary-’! reasurer. Other members arc Henry Bair. David Brown. Clyde Nunn. Haskell Brown. Bill Fallaw, Roger Poore, loin Eller, Ralph Jones, and I leyward Sullivan. Slaiulmq Don Gunl Flni How. Seated Plill M Kinney. Dwnin Bliwkston, Ton Filer. Hntkrll Blown. I Irnry Rnlpli lonrt, David Brown Stnndiiitf. Ileysvard Sullivnn, Bill Follow. Roger Poore.Government Women’s Council Guides Zoo Activities Clnlii' Dnnlcl. I iwiuirr: l)cf l.nCo le, SrvreWy: unj Suun Clory. Vke-Prc-tldcril ol Women ‘ Student Body, lookeJ up |u l in time. I Itc Women s Self •Government Association him lions in .1 legislative and judicial manner and coordinates campus activities. Meeting every Monday night, the Women’s Student Council is headed by Emma Jeon Walter, President: Susan Clary. Vice-President: Flora Mae l aCoste. Secretary: and Claire Daniels. Treasurer. Other members of tbe council include class presidents, major organization presidents, representatives form each class, tlic day students, and tbe religious groups. While the council has as one of its duties the enforcing ol college regulations it seeks in a positive way to develop in students an honorable code of living by making I lie honor system effective in every phase of college life." Besides the executive officers the members of council are Carole I .itllefield. Jackie Freeman. Chnrteo Muckcnfuss. losie Dunbar. Betty Ann Green. Betty Hugbcs. Shirley I .ee. Patsy Cook. Rosemary Bridwell. Mary lane McCuen, Marietta Martin. Evelyn Ellison. Claudia Garrison Maddox. Roberta Harris. Peggy Padgett. and Kay Syms. President of Women's Student Body, linnnn Jeon Walker. flashe n imial anile for ike pkotocrnpkrr.The Student Legislature Passes Laws Member of Studcnl 1-rgUlatufc me. Sealed. Left to Right: Buddy Rollins. Jim Plyl«. Rny AuUin. loe Cooper. Charles Cannon, Paul Craven. Standing: I'd Hendricks. Heyward Cooke. Walker Breland, Algie Brown. Frank Hawkins. Bill Puckett. Terry Harper. Raymond Lc-wi . Aubrey Daniels, Gene (mdliald, Gerald Seller . ()bie Dycbev 1956-57 President ol Student legislature is Ray Austin. 'rill Student Legislature led l v President Ray Austin began the year with the usual job of administering tlic handbook tests to freshmen and transfers. It is ibe task of the Student Legislature to re-charter all campus organizations. I bis branch of the men’s government lias sole authority on all legislative matters pertaining to the student hotly. T be Student I .egislature discussed the organization of a Pep Club ibis year and in the second semester the group was formed. Members of the Student Legislature are elected in March and arc nominated lor election by | ctition. At ibis lime, seven members from the rising Senior class, six members from the rising Junior class and five members from the rising Sophomore class are elected. Making up the membership of Student Legislature arc: Ray Austin. President: Joe C ooper. icc-Presidcnt: Jim Plyler. Secretary: Charles Cannon. Seargcant-at Arms; Paul Craven. Aubrey Daniels. Frank Hawkins. Ld Hendricks. Obie Dyches, Walker Breland. Algie Brown. I leyward Cooke. Gene Godbold. 1 erry I iarper. Raymond Lewis. Bill Puckett. Buddy Rollins, and Gerald Sellers.I Iousehoard is a practical organization with its chief purpose being to beep the dormitories in healthy and pleasant living conditions. In order to live up to the high traditions set by preceding I iousebonrds. this year's group sponsored several dorm parties, decorated the Woman s C ollege for I lomecoming and planned the C hrislmas program for the Women’s Student Body. In addition to these activities I iousehoard placer! student visiting at Furman for High School Weekend. I he responsibilities ol Houscboard included punishments for infractions of dormitory rules, fire drills, upkeep of the student kitchen, and support of the GUI Clothes Drive for the underprivileged. I he group meets every Monday to discuss problems of dormitory life and to try to make the "Zoo” a home away from home. Betty Ann Green served as President and Fdith Evan as Vice-President. Dormitory presidents are: Margaret McCray. East: Betty Reeves. Main: Joyc Me,ires. North: Mary Lou Walsh and Ruth Herman. Townes: Helen Stewart. West: Bobbie Oxford. Rosemary and Shirley I luhhard, Montague. Dr. Olivia Fulfil and Miss Marguerite Chiles are faculty advisors. Emma Jean Walker, Student Body President, is also a member of I Iousehoard. Belly Ann Green. Houreboord Present. ditCUttes mailer with Mitt ("bile before ihe meeting. Dormitory Rules are Set by Houseboard SrakJ. Itfl to Riftli(; Stifles I lnl i .,r,l. Rclitb f'von . Belly Ann Green. Bobbie Oxford Standing: love Moore . Helen Stewart. Margaret McCray. I mnu Jean Wnlker. Mnry I -0,1 Wnluii, and Kulh HermanM«ry lltnc M ( urn. Rnrenmry Brid- Mi'll. Or Kutll Kr«l. I.mr Sill.'flirl.l. willed. left lo right. nml I’nl llioni.it. Anno I nylor. M.nlLi Leallier . [)«di Ann Bowen, H.iikir.. ('.. 1.1.mill., I Iriillirf Ann Sftlleflleld And PnUy Kny. flooding. moke up llio Women Dny .Slu lrnl ('annul Students have Two Councils I lie I Jay Students participation in campus life was lliis year expanded to include tIso Men s Day Students Association which was organized this year under the leadership of Al M Neely. President. I he Women’s Day Students Association continuer! to function under President Rosemary Bridwell and the Women’s Day Student Council. Ml non-resident students of Furman University make up the Day Students Association. Men and women students each have a council. I he purpose of the association is to unify day students and to bring the day and boarding students closer together through the activities of the two councils and hv participation in exlra-currir ular activities. Assisting Rosemary Bridwell as President of the Women’s Council are Mary Jane McCuen. Vice-President: Jane Satterfield, Secretary ’! reastirer and Hilda Wilson. Martha leathers. Pat 1 homas. Barbara Goldsmith. Heather Ann Satterfield. Doris Ann Bowen. Anne Taylor. Mary Allen and Patsy Kay. The President of the Council is a representative of the Women’s Student Government Council. Jimmy Pitts. Dan Joyner. Buck Bishop. Al George. Billy Joe Bridwell. and Jeff Willis assist President Al McNeely on the Men’s Day Students Council Included among the council s activities were a drop-in for lire freshmen in September and the entering ol an exhibit in the annual Homecoming festivities. Sealed. fo Jeff Willi . Al Mr.Neely. Al GeofBC. m Dan Copped Standing Billv toe Bridwell. Bu J. BilKop, and Dan Joyner.Corutitutfon Committee member nr . l.efI to Uitihl Annr B.il.Uviii N'orford. Tvm I'lllrr. Carolyn Ijtllv( !m. | «ul Craven. JanJer Moor . Claire Daniel . Mac Mean- . Standing Roger Poore. Dee |j»Co»«e. Roy Austin. Susan Clary. Aubrey Daniel . O'uilre Muclcenfim. nnd dene GodboM Constitution Committee Plans a Constitution for Men and Women During llic school year 1953-3-I llie firs! moves were made lo consolidate tlie constitutions of the men's and womens student bodies. A constitution committee was appointed by the president of the two student l odie$. and work was begun on a joint constitution with the goal in mind of a joint student body on tlie new campus. I bis year the committee is composed of seventeen members appointed by Mac Meares and Emma Jean Walker. Under tlie chairmanship of Paul Craven the committee meets each Friday night to formulate tin-new constitution. I he group has been in the process of studying constitutions from other co-educational institutions and has used all good ideas and principles which they found and embodied them into the best type constitution for the coed student body at Furman University. Tlie Joint Constitution Committee itself is divided up into various subcommittees which were assigned a particular topic. 1 be subcommittees reported in turn to the whole committee .uid llicir findings were deliberated upon. The Joint Constitution is virtually completed. After deciding whether to incorporate the new constitution while the campuses are still separate or wait until the student bodies are boused on one campus. the committee will submit the- constitution to the Women's Student Council and the Men's Student I.egislature. The committee is composed of Paul Craven. Chairman: Carolyn Littlejohn. Secretary: and Henry Bair. Don Gant. Roger Poore. Gene God bo Id. Aubrey Daniels, l oin Eller. Ray Austin. Mac Mcarcs. Anne Norford. Emma Jean Walker. Dee LaCoste. Susan Clary. Claire Daniels. Chartee Muckenfuss. and Janice Moore. Mr. Ernest E. Harrill is the faculty advisor. 29Student Faculty Committee Coordinates Campus Life I lie problem of finding parking places on (lie Men s campus was one of llio many activities of tlic Student-Faculty Cooperative Committee, which is composed ol a group of faculty members and students elected from the two campuses. 1 lie committee also investigated improvements in the examination schedule, in the relationship of fraternities to the school, and in the possibilities of instituting a system of pre-registration. The aim of the Student-Faculty Committee is to foster improved relations between tbe two campuses and among tlic faculty, administration, and tbe students. Tbe members are elected by the student body after nomination by class and student body members. Members of tbe committee arc: Henry Bair. Chairman: Mrs. Virginia Arey. Secretary: Dr. Irving A. Hamilton. Mrs. Charlotte R. Smith. Mr. Dyar Massey. Carolyn Littlejohn. Heather Ann Satterfield, Fatsy Cook. Jim Plyler. Algie Brown. Isfl lit liujhl: I (retry Ikslr. I)i. Hamilton. Adeitor: Carol 1 Jlllr|olin. Headier Ann SattcffidJ. Mr . Iffilnla Arry. Pnliy Cook. Inn Ptyler. Alk’ir r "n 30Marshals Usher at Zoo Functions .e l fo Right: Wanda Krkltie. Gayle Ann Cox. Bonnie Kerr. Beth I app. fvdilli I'.vnn . I’lorence Cuter. Marcia Avant. Helm Stewart. Whitney Barite . Stuart Harbin "I lie Marshals, elected by the four classes during spring elections, are chosen on the basis of their general appearance, dignity, poise, personality, and charm. The Marshals usher at plays, concerts. 0| ercttns. and chapel programs. T hev also usher at May Day. Class Day. and Graduation. I he Marshal Board carries out its tasks by maintaining quiet and assisting guests in the auditorium. Becky I app is I lead Marshal. Social Standards Board I ndcr the chairmanship of Marietta Martin the Social Standards Board helps to promote the high standards of social life found at the Woman’s C ollege. I he purpose of this organization is to set the standards of dress and conduct on and off the campus. The customs, traditions, and rules of conduct at the “Zoo’ Sets Zoo Society Trends were sent to the Freshmen before the opening of school in the form of a phainphlct. "Miss Su .y Zoo". Social Standards Board sponsors semi formal dinners once a month, and it assists in the traditional after-dinner coffees each Sunday. SroW: Marietta Martin. (luutnxi i Slant ling. Isft to Right: Carey Jo Greene. I trim Ddjoache. Sylvia MrKrmie. Sandy Cook. Iditli Kv.il .-. liilnrv Ikima. K.kIk-I Count . IjnaU lindtay. Roltrrla I l.irrit. it o I e n Stewart, Carole Ijitlefidd. Anne O'Neal. Claudia (Sm von Maddox. Joye Mearr . Sumn Clary. BennHI.i Clary. Betty Kay Maitey, Judy Molinnroli.Siudrnt cuinpiisint! lire Anwricon Clirmicnl Society ore. I'lnt Row. heft to Rifiht I .even Dyeliex. Anno Clyde I raker, Sybil Joluiroii. Sylvia Crowley, Mniyk Will i.nm. Oa ni Kwo. Anne lay lor Setonil Row: Mr Horry Ku|«-t, Dr. Burrell Woorl. Wayne Count . Harold Garber. Woodrow Moore, and Joiner Brown ACS Taps Chemists Students majoring in chemistry or chemical engineering compose the I unman chapter of tire American Chemical Society. Meetings are held monthly in the Science building and feature speakers who talk on subjects pertaining to students interests. Many students are aided in obtaining jobs in industry and acquiring scholarships to graduate schools. I he organization is affiliated with the national society. Officers are: Margie Williams. President: Sybil Johnson. Vice-President: L evon Dvches. Secretary; and Sylvia Crawley. I reasurer. Other mem hers include: Anna Clyde Frakcr. Sylvia Crawley. I David Kwo. Anne I aylor. Wayne Counts. 1 larold (Jarber. Woodrow Moore, and James Brown. Business Club is in Second Year The Business Club was organized in 195') to acquaint Furman students who are taking business or economics courses with the importance of business in the world today. The club bolds regular monthly meetings and has outstanding businessmen as speakers. I be ad visors for the group are Dr. J. C. Ellett and Dr. Raymond Hcalwole. The officers of A. C. S. ore rbomas Dixon. President: Betty Ann Green. Vice-President: Ernestine While. Secretary; and Joanne Hubbard. T reasurer. 11 Budno Club member . Seated. Ij-Ii to Right: Peggy Kay Kenney. Ernestine White. Joanne Hublxird. Ann Miller. Dr. Raymond Hcalwole, Nell Hill. Catherine Holer. Standing: DiinIi Klintwortli. Mary Gladys Had. Robert Ixt. Barbara Goodman. J.inke Campbell. Alva C ireftory. Dori Ann Bowen, Thomo Dixon. I.eon layondty. Ruby Barfield. Linda Jo Children. und David Brown 32K ily Kutsorko. Fwikc Thoma . Mr« I). H. Gllpstrick. Clulro Flank lin. calrtl. left to fifth I, and Sylvia MfKmiic, Kny Syim. Mortlm Bril Ion. I'.v.i l»u Sherrod. Joyce Slrvfin, Mbnl I inlry. KntiLlr Nrll I allot. Ann Notford, Carolyn Cooper. Jcnl- ir I Iruron. «f irullttq. left to rlg il, ore the member u( Prelude. Prelude, llie woman s literary club. encourages ere alive writing among the women students of Furman. The new members, elected through their submission ol orginul writing, are installed in the fall. I he meetings are centered around a discussion of the written compositions of the members. I his year, under the leadership of Frances Thomas. President: Pat Williams. V ice-President: Claire Franklin. Secretary: anti Mrs. D. II. Gilpatrick. S| onsor: the club members were active contributors to the Helm. Prelude and Cloister are Literary Clubs 1 lie Cloister was founded in 1920 by Dr. R. N. Daniel and has provided an opportunity for those who arc seriously interested in creative writing to express themselves. Critical discussions of i'urman publications. lectures by the Fnglish department faculty, and discussion of the works of leading authors dominate the programs of the club. Officers for the year are: Jeff Willis. President: Fmest Bolt. Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Ulmer and John Johnson. Program Chairmen. I)r. II. P. Vandiver is the advisor. t . (Wrt inetnltef are. Seateil. Left to kitf it: John kJmion. Brsmnie Bradley. Jeff Willis. Rkksrd 11mr». I .rne»t Roll. M. Y. Qio. Boh Thompson. .Standing: Boh Bledsoe. Usury Bair. Odell Diilier, I rank llnw-tint. Terry I larper. Ray Austin. Mat Mrwrr». and Bill Hurl.Foreign Students loin Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan Cltih encourages association with cosmopolitan people from various countries. Foreign students at Furman comprise a large number of the members of the organization but many other students who arc interested become members of the club and participate in the club’s activities, which include informal discussions centering around customs in different countries, such as Christmas, love, courtship, marriage, festivals, etc. Meeting monthly, the Cosmopolitan Club this year has fifteen members, and Miss Sara Lowrey and l)r. J. I). Sadler are the advisors. The members of the club are: Ruth Littleton. I occoa. On., C hairman: C harlcs Busha. Liberty. S. C.: M. V. Cho. Soonohum. Korea: ( uirtnil limit h. Calcutta. India: Mimi Finley. Nancy Fonvood. Greenville. S. C.: Jack 11.mberry. Denmark. S. C.: May I laurani. Lebanon: Helen Hsu. Taipei. Formosa: Ann Johnson. Walhulla. S. C.: John Kang. China: Koty Katsarka. I hessa-lonica. Greece: Helen lx e. San Juan. Ri .al. "I he Philippines: Ruth Riveros. Santiago. Chili: and Judy Westmoreland. Easley. S. C. SrolfJ. Ijrft to Right Mi»» Sara Lowry. Kuth Rivcro». Dr. J. L). Suilrr. I trim I l»u. Cenuit Brnkii. Standing: M V Clio. I trim Ijpc. May I laUfnni. Katy KdlurL. Jack Hanbcrty, Judy WcrliiKircIand. Kulti I itllrlon, Nancy l oroood. • Engineers Plan for Future Careers K I he purpose of the Lnginecrs Club is to further public knowledge of the Engineering School of Furman I uversily and to further the student s knowledge of the various firlds of engineering. Speakers are invited for the regular meetings, and several informal meetings of an organizational anti informational nature are held. I he club was organized in 195 1 and invites any Furman s Indent who is prc-cnrolled in engineering to become a member of this I'urman departmental organization. Officers for the Engineers Club are: Rodney Davis. President: Dick Coulter. Vice-President: and led Davis. Secretary. J. D. Sykes is advisor for the group. Other members include: J. A. Boudou-cies. H. A. (lillam, R. II. Griffity, Charles Moore. J. G. Powers. M. Smith. B. R. Sutton. C. L. 1 hompson. R. C. Padgett. E. L. Todd, F. M. Pritchman, D. E. I hompson. and J. B. Wilson. Staled: Rodnry D.ivif. Janx-t Dill Stantling Jim Pate. I’. M. Creech, Mr. Sytce . J. C. Stratfell. John livuilowict. Jimmy William . Lmett "I odd. Hojrt I’iiiljfll. Ted Davit. |.rui lliumpxxi. Di k Coulter. 34Home Economics Club Bakes the Cake IritRt IjtfI Id Kigfcl. Mr Elhd W»llef . B.irhnrn WtnUrad, HJtth Fvnn . Mtal Wm Bumm-IIc-. I'rreman. Ml . Marti I limliiutii SrconJ Row: Mr . Mary B.itn. Joanne I Aw. Anne Royer . June Collin . I’d I Rrudngton. I'hlrJ Him;: Gnvle I ludton. Mr . Ijoi HlurLw.ll. («e l»n Cm . AllvtU Ihompwm. Brrtt Donovan. Ann Merlin. Mono Quiixnan. Belly I xni Me IkwuU. PiI Dun.mkl. Joyce Sondmrv. ioniiti Row: Rndir! Both. Met I lie raw ford. Junniln Hod. Cum Spoil . Imi Brown, Ijnily Sillierlnnci, Mery France Brinson. I lie purpose of the Home Economics Club is to create interest in mid an understanding of the borne, family, and community. Membership is composed of those majoring or minoring in borne economics. I lie members ol (be club engage in i variety of activities, such as serving at the faculty banquets, issuing newsletters. and aiding worthy students. This year the group sold Christmas cards for the Barbara l.oyless Foundation l und. At the monthly meetings, programs ol specifii interest to home economics students Jire featured. I here is participation by the membership in slate and national projects. Each year in May tbe dub awards a medal to the outstanding senior member, giving her the title Miss I lomc Economics. The officers of the dub are: Edith Evans. President: Mary Lena Califf. Vice-President: Shirley Freeman. Secretary; l.iskn Humphries. I reusurer: Barbara Winstead. Reporter. Miss Vera Burnette is the advisor to the group. IRC Discusses World Problems ' ■» %( 1,11 is Rj(d,i M. Y. Q»o, Wilbur Taylor. Mary Wood. Rodney Foreman. Angelo Brown, '■i W.tln. hjiy-u B,|||. Skuubng: Mr. I .rnrut Hiinill, I ranee llioini . hlvin Moon. Finimn Jeon N Mr lid Jonr . Hrlen North. RiJmrd Amlnnder. BaiLi r. Burri . ( Iv.illo Ruth.i. Joy. e Harold Cutlmr. Jiwlir Rkhnrdton. [)r. l.oojK-f, Margie Ro . 35 Ail organization on the campus which strives to he wide awake to contemporary conditions nn l to understand and discuss them intelligently is the International Relations Club. It is organized to promote u general feeling of good will between nations by better understanding of problems in international relations. This year’s leaders are: Rodney Foreman. President: Jeff Willis. Vice-President: Angela Brown. Secretary; Ernie Bolt and Ann Shirley. Publicity Chairmen. I lie faculty advisors ol the club are l)r. C. E. Ixioper. Mr. Ernie I larrill. and Mr. Ed Jones. A person desiring to join may do so at any time, as installation services are held on any desired occasion. Some of the activities of the club this year were programs and movies on foreign countries, student re|Kirts. visiting speakers. discussions, a I lungorian Relief Campaign. and visits to and from other schools which have International Relation Clubs.Le Salon Francais Is For French Scholars Stlilii' in |jong Pallor. llic member ol Lc Salon I rarxui arc. Sealed, Jxft to Kiflfil: Mat) WooJ. Oiailolli? OrninA. JenlyJe Heaton. Mite Ailcen ( oein«. .Standing: Ann Godtiiuil. Mary Margaret Cibb . l rniK - 11iom|non. Minil I'inley. Joan Grtflin. Frank TadtocJc, Gail Sloan, Kaye M([)u(lir, M.irtlia Boilikillnn. and Juanita Floyd. An organization composed ol French majors or minors who have hern recommended by the French department is Le Salon Troncais. Mary Margaret I ibbs and Frances I hompson. who spent their junior year in France, showed color slides of France at one of the monthly meetings. and other meetings dealt with the life and customs of France. Each spring the club elects officers for the coming year and initiates new members. Ibis year Charlotte Orman is President. Jeff Willis is Vice-President, and Jentzie I learon has the offic e of Secretary-I reasurcr. Miss Ailecn Coggins served .is the advisor. I.e Salon Francais members are: Whitney Barnes. Diane Bost. Martha Bom billon. Claire Daniels. Mimi Finely. Juanita Floyd. Ann ('•odshall. Joan Griffin. Jentzie I learon. Jane Ann Hearsay. Barbara 1 liott. Harry Jones. Penny Jones. Carolyn Littlejohn. Marietta Martin. Kaye McDuffie. Lou Patty. Charlotte Orman. Mary Seawell. Ronnie Swain. Trank Tad lock Mary Margaret Tibbs, Frances I hompson, Beverly Ward. Mary Wood, and Jeff Willis. Music Lovers Enjoy Monthly Programs Mu«ir Club is compo e l of. I'lrtl Row. Isft to Rifi if Belly Knight. Mary l»u Walib, Kulli Herman, Bennie Hughey. Srconl Rou-- Miuy |.ou Srrnwhome. Peggy R«y Kenney. Betty liiJiop. Rutb lame . Ijnda CTilKIrew. Olein Sanders. Sue James. BnrUita I lioll, Joye Smith Tbird Ro«e: Rochelle Hall. Man.1 Fox. Jane i lunger| illar. Marcia Avanl. Motjorle Andcnon, Myrnu I avlor. Diane Willi . Nancy Andmon. 1'ainlti Row: If him -- Iordan. Jean Wall, loyxo Bennett, loylyn Jones. Anne I aylor, Nell Nye. Maiy Ann (uinler. I.ind.i Boling I'tflh Row. Gail Snyder, Marilyn Waldliour. Susan Bryan. France Booker, Judy ('lardy, Ann Hawthorne. Amelia Hcskle. Sylvia Oaten. Sixth Roc ': Jimmy Woodall. Bill Coker. Mahon Bidiop. Ait organization which invites those students who arc interested in hearing good musical programs is the Music Club at Furman. The group has ns its purpose the broadening of the musical interests of the members and giving them an opportunity to become hctic-r acquainted with each other. I his year the club’s first program featured students in renditions of Negro spirituals. A Turman favorite son. Richard Cass, presented a special program in Greenville for the Furman Music Club. Other events enjoyed by the music lovers included Christmas music by the Sinfonians. a program centering around the Three B s—Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, compositions by Turman music students, and folk music. Betty Knight is President of the Turman Music Club. Other officers arc : Mary l»u Walsh. Program Chairman: Ruth Herman. Publicity Chairman; Bennie I lughry. Secretary and I reasurer. Walker Breland is now President of the Student Division ol the Stale Music Clubs.Philosophy Club Is Organized In December The Philosophy Club was organized in I he first semester, and the first meeting of the group was held in December. ’I he club was formed m n result of student interest in the field of philosophy. Programs are planned on all types of philosophy as well as literary, social and political implications of the study of philosophy. I he Philosophy Club has been active at I'urman in the past and was reactivated ibis year with Mr. O. K. Webb as advisor. Mr. Frederick Marlin, instructor in Modern l.anguugr . spoke to the club at the first meeting OH the philosophical implications of the Divine Comedy by Dante. Following the talk the members of the group engaged in a disunion of the work contributing ideas and critical comments. Members of the Philosophy ( lub arc Jimmy Seay. Charles Hamlin. Ray Austin. Marvin Aycock. William Conwell. Tommy Conley. Lynn Barnett. Ernie Bolt. Mimi Finley, Margaret McCray. Gail Sloan. Ruth James, Dovlc Burgets. and Kenneth Glenn. Casing for the BONHOMIE photographer in the Shark arc the Philosophy Club member . Iirtl Kiw. I ft to Rnjhl Kenneth (ilrnn. Mimi Finley. Bill IJoiune. Margaret M«( ray. ( mil Sloan. Ruth Janie . Doyle Uutgevt. Secoruf Row: Mr. O. K. Webb. Jimmy Seay. Chnrle Hamlin. Ray Amlin. Marvin Aycodc. William Conwell. Tommy Conley. Lynn Barnett. Ernie Bolt. Press Club Members Study Journalism Organized six years ago. the Press Club is limited to memltersltip of those students minor-Ing in journalism. The club has $|M nsorcd several projects in the past, includi ng the annual Press Club banquet, the purpose of which was to honor students working on campus publications. This year a number of programs was held featuring off-campus specialists in various phases of mass communications. Following the lectures, speakers submitted to press-conference type interviews. The club hopes eventually to become affiliated with one of the national journalism fraternities. Highlight of the year was the final social meeting at which time the advisor. Mr. Ira Baler entertained the club. Officers for the club arc: Charles Buslut. President: Mary Ijouise Eastcrby. Vice-Prcsi dent: Barbara Sammons. Secretary-1 rcasurer: and Bob I hompson. Historian. Eva Lou Sherrod. Rolsert Lee. O'Neal Weeks. Claire Franklin, Bill Simpson. Boh Holmes. Ed Smith. Bill Frazier. Caroline Albright. Jack I ianberry. Jimmy Smith, and Keith Shelton make up the other members of the Press Club. Pirtt (’fub i otuiMi.nl of. First Rote. I.f l In Right; Eva I .on Shrrrorl, R 4m M E. lx -. O'Neil Weeks. Claire Franklin. Bill Stmpmn. Bob Thompson. Second Row: Bob Holmes, Bar I tarn Snninion . Mary Ivmterhy, I 1 Smith. Bill Fimirr. Third Rote Caroline Albright, lark I lanL-rry. lintiny Smith, Tot,tilt Row: Keilb Shelton. Mr. Ira Baker. turn mmSocial Workers Speak to Sociology Club Srtilvtl. I UsI Row. Ixll to Rlfl il. Martha Ann Smith. Jrntilc Hceron, France StconA How: Ann Miller. Mi t Klwuigli. Clyde Nunn. Mr White. Catherine I |r»trr. Shimlmy: Rodney Foreman. Patty Cook. Chariot I lutihin . Margaret Mf.Crny, Tom Turner. Opportunities lor training in their professional field are available to all Sociology majors and minors at tl»e monthly meeting of the Sociology Club. With social workers as .featured speakers, professional attention may he given to the problems the members will be facing in the future. I o promote a friendly atmosphere the club sponsored a spaghetti supper in the mountains during October and a tea in Novcm her. A Social Workers Conference was held in C o I u in b i a. S. C. in November. 1 be aim of the club is to broaden the knowledge of Sociology students, leading to a greater citizen participation after college and professional training. I be officers of the club are: C lyde Nunn. President: Margaret McCray. Vice-President; Palsy Cook. Secretary Treasurer: Miss l .baugh serves as faculty advisor. Pre-Medical Students are Tapped by AED Pre dental and pre-medical students make up the Beta chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta at Furman. I his active campus organization, which is a national honorary fraternity was re-established at Furman in 1937. I he purpose of the organization is to coordinate pre-medical and future medical work, and through it students are given numerous opportunities to make contacts with the medical profession and are motivated for greater pre-medical scholarship. Bill Bourne let! the A. F.l). through the year as President. .1. P. Matthews. Vice President; Sylvia Crawley. Secretary: I homas Jenkins. I reasurer: and l.evon Dyches. Historian, held the other leadership roles. Richard L liner. Charlie Goodson. Mac Meares, Don McCarter and Bud Morgan, are the other members. Pledges are: Harold Bullew. Maxic McCoy. James Moss. Sam Blanton. Cur-mit Brairh. Steve Hartsell. Jerry Owens. Dwnin Blackston. Hoskol Brown and Ed Goss. First How. IJrft to Right; terry Owen . Bill Bourne. Ohir Dyehe . Sylvia CV.twIry, I P. Mnlllirw . Charlie (wxxlson. M.ic Mrnre . SeconJ How: I honin' Jrfdint. Rkhnrd Ulmer, Cuumil Bf.udi. Dwnin Blachilon. Mnxlc MiCaulev. Jimmy Mow. I Intkel Brown. Bui! Morgen. 38Forensic Forum Has Debating Team The Forensic Forum gives students opportunities to participate in oratory, impromlu speaking, extemporary speak Ing. interpretative reading and debate. Interested students who meet the requirements inay join this speech department organization. Programs are varied and include debating, rending, •peaking by m embers and outside iprakers. Robert Kunkel is advisor and •meet the activities of the organization. The Forensic Forum meets on I ues-davi in the Radio Studio at Furman. The debating team is one of the product of the Furman Forensic Forum. Trip are made to other colleges and universities for debating meets. I he organization is headed by Roger Poore. President. Other Forum leaders ore Carole Littlefield. Vice-President; and Charles lenkins. Secretary. Members other than the officers are; Jim Sparks. Carolwi Cooper. Josie Dunbar, Ann Parker, Harold Owens. Bill Cave, and O’Dell Disher. f-e l lo Rifjht; Roger Poore. Carole l.ittlofirld. Frank TndlocL, Carolyn Cooper. Billy Cave. Jo»ie Dunbar. Chi Beta Phi Members go to Labs Ml lo KiqJiI Kartell Brown. Uwm D lir . Janke Moore. Dr. William . Stoking 1Koom Jrnkin.. Anna Clyde I'raker. Brownie Bradley, Dee l_ Cot|e. Oailr Cannon. Margie William . Algie Brown, The National Scientific Fraternity on the campus. C’hi Beta Phi. under the leadership of Haskell Brown. President, promotes scientific interest on the Furman Campus. I his organization was founded in 1928. To become a member a person must have at least a "B" average in twenty hours of science and or the natural sciences. Monthly meetings are held and programs are planned to stimulate and interest students’ scientific thinking. Officers of the fraternity are; I iaskell Brown. President and Vice-President ol Region II; Levon Dyches. Vice-President; Janice Moore. Secretary: Dr. Louise G. Williams is advisor. Other members include: Dee LaCostc. Margie Williams. Anna Frakcr. Eileen Muckenfuss. Wood-row Moore. Margaret Watson. I bomas Jenkins. Algie Brown. Charlie Cannon. Brownie Bradley. Susan Clary. James Brown. Wavne Counts. Dick Crooks. F’dgar Horgcr. Harold Garber. James Sightlcr. Sylvia Crawley. Lou Patty, and Raymond 1 .ewis. 39Theatre GulM rrwmberi are. Seated. Ixft lo Right: Angela Brown. Carole I .itllrfcrld. Dr. Dorotliy Kir Key. Anne Norford. I'tanee I lioroa . Shake Hofood. Standing Owen Clary, Jo Ann Andrnon. Andy Bt». Klainc KoRer. Ktehord Antlandri, Anil.i Handler. ayne Cooper. Sally i lorrU. Rodney Foreman. , Theatre Guild Members Dramatic activities on campus enjoyed a full year with (lie presentation of ihree plays and the events sponsored by the two dramatic clubs, I beatre Guild and Alpha Psi Omega. I beatre C mild is composed of students who have been active in play presentation either in the cast or working behind the stage. After obtaining a certain number of points Furman students are initialed into I he Take Parts In Three Plays society and meet with the group on the third I hursdays of each month. Theatre (mild participated in the Homecoming festivities by building an exhibit entitled "Moments to Remember." Parties after the plays were sponsored bv I heal re Guild after all the club members helped strike, that is lake down I be scenery and clear the stage. Mr. Robert Kunkel s|M ke at the February meeting of the group, and other programs were planned for the spring. Bi l» I Inline , ploying ll»« »lcrn I utlirr Barrett. I domineering toward Nancy I'orweod. Shake ll.igood, Kntliy Smllli and Tom Cooper. VYVndrll 1‘opo, Anil.i Cliandlrr. Kiik Mix«on. Olein Sander . Owen Jury. B«l. Stew ml .hhI S ll I Nr on crowd mound tin- l e»J of Fjlulxlli. played by Shake Hrtgood in the play. ’ Hie Battcll ol 'lni| ole Street." 40AI M Neely comfort Ki»ty Katsarjm i» « wene from "The Winfile ictory . Theatre Guild is led l»y President Anne Norford and (lie other officers: Starke I lagood. Vice-President: Carole l.ittlefield. Secretary: and Frances Ihomas. Treasurer. Other members are: Jo Ann Anderson. Richard Auslander. I.ynn Barnett, Andy Bass. l.ouise Brigham. Angela Brown. Anita Chandler. Owen Clary. Wayne Cooper. Rodney Foreman. Boh Holmes. Elaine Kogcr. Bud Morgan, Sally Morris, Al McNecly. and Jim Plylcr. Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic group with members. Frances Thomas. Sally Morris. Starke I lagood. Al McNecly. and Carole Littlefield. Iheatre Guild carried on its twenty-second season with three performances. "The Wingless Victory." The Barretts of Wimpole Street."' and “Site Stoops to Conquer. Al McNecly and Kntv Katsarka played Kilty Kolmrk.i. Al Mr Neely. Umc Brigham, and Boh Compton mr wen in n «rnc from "Hie Wlnglrn Victory . the starring roles in the first presentation. In I hr Barrets of Wimpole Street." Starke I lagood played Elizabeth anti Andy Bass took the part of Robert Browning. Father Barrett was played by Bob Holmes. $rok i Right: France Thom .. Solly Morris. Al MrNeely, and Sterltc 11;.good .or the member of All Psi Omega.Circle K Club Sponsors Service Projects Member ol Circle "K" Club «»e. Sealed. L»fl lo Klfjkl Gene Godbold. Frank MiCrmy. Rotfer Poole. Heywntd Cooke. Waller Brrlond. Lynn Ibirnctt. Bobba Platt. Sftoiul Roil’: Rnymond Ixwit., Dwnin BUikUon. Obie DycliW. td »' I lorcer. David Daniel. L'uii lolliwn. Womrt Burke. Carroll lone . David rrnon. Robert Stewart. David Blown. Pal I'oibe . Andy Bum. Service is flic llicine of the C ircle K C lul of Furman. The dub was organized in 1956 and. on the college level, is similar lo the Kiwanix Club. Its main interest is lo be ol service lo others, to promote good fellowship. In develop a spiril of service for improvement of human relationship with ( »od. country, community. and college, and lo inspire high ideals in college men. Activities for the firsl year included a Iwn-quet at the Poinscll Hold, a Halloween parly for the C hildren’s Home in Greenville, and helping ihc needy at Christmas. Advisor for the group is Dvar Massey. Members include: Heyward Cooke. President; Roger Poore. Vice-President: Walker Breland. Secretary-1 rensurer: Wilfred Platt, Gene God-bold. Prank McCravy. Lynn Barnett. Andy Bass. Dwain Blackston. Brent Blake. David Brown. Warner Burke. David Daniel. Obie Dyclirs. Pal Forbes. Edgar I huger. Charles I lutchins. Carroll Jones. Raymond Lewis. Robert Stewart. Daniel Vernon. Lewis 'I olli-son. Bill Bates. Sam Blanton. Ernie Bolt. Tom Conley. Iom Eller. Marion Lark, and Jackie Powers. IVitifu lor llrrlr picture in Mr Kluuiir Studio are. .Voted Beverly Ward. .Standlnp, I fll In Rifj a Kkhard Ulmer, ( horlie Clanton. Paiiley Jackson, Kenneili Brannon. Mr. Wrndcll Kemey. Mr. DuPro Klinnir. VVtiyur Cooper. Mr. Sam Arnold. Andy I larper. Brownie Bradley. Kirk Lawton. Horry I'jkcw. tind Bonnie Hughey. Men’s Music Group Is Phi Mu Alpha During the second year of llic I"unman Sin-foninns. many services were rendered for the community and Furman. Among these wet a reception for new music students and an American and Christmas program for the Music Club. Sinfonians served as ushers a! Community Concerts. Phi Mu Alpha is a professional honorary music fraternity and lias as its purpose lo ad vance the interest of music in America, to fo lw the mutual welfare and brotherhood of student of music, lo develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyally to Alma Mater. Gamma Eta Chapter officers are: Beverk Ward. President; Frank McCravy. ire-Prrti-dent; Charles Clanton. Secretary: Kirk Dtwlon. I reasurer: Walker Breland. Program Chairman: Mr. Wendell Keeney. Executive Alumni Secretary: Kenneth Brannon. I listorian: Paisley Jackson. Warden; and Mr. DuPre Rhame, Advisor. 42Kii|)|m Della Epsilon is the national honorary sorority at Furman for students interested in professional education. lo further the cause of education, to promote scholastic achievement •ml effective leadership among members, and to seek a spirit of mutual helpfulness are the purposes of Kappa Delta Epsilon. Twenty eight members, elected by secret ballot. are chosen liecause of their outstanding •hdily in the educational field. The object of (lie monthly programs is to encourage and to help the members become better teachers. 08km for this year are: Cecile Vaughan. President: Betty Knight. Vice President: Jo nn nderson. Secretary: and Doris Phillips. Treasurer. Miss Prances Hudgens is faculty •dsisor for the sorority. Other members of the tluh are pictured at right. On f ii- Fir I Row. l fI lo Right. Air Doris Phillipi. Betty Knight. Shirlei I luhLird. (ecile Vaughan Srcond Row: lo Ann Anderson. Wanda Ketchi-. Third Row: Jo I'JIrn Bradley. Sumo H.wlxn. Ann Godsball Fourth Row: Sira Marlin. Bobbie Oxford. Dun Boil. I'Jiirua Jean Walker. Fifth Row Barbara Chiton. Carey Jo McConnell. Geraldine Durham, l.itla Anne I lick . Sixth Row Nell Hill. Mary Lena Colill. Irno 'lutnblin. Srrrnth Row: Joan Griffin. Kay McDuffie. Betty Hughes, and Mary Fleming—nil member ol Kappa Delta lipsilon. Kappa Delta Epsilon and Kappa Phi Kappa Honor Future Teachers Kappa Phi Kappa. professionnl education litttrrnity. was established at Furman in 1951 IKimnrily for graduate students who hold outstanding positions in the education field. A Urge mimlx'r of undergraduates, however, have heroine members of the Beta Mu ( bapter at Furman The purpose of the organization is lo inform prospective teacher and graduate Irarhers of the current advancements and problems of our erlurational system and to cultivate hi Interest in nil phases of teaching. Meetings of Kappa Phi Kappa included saried Activities, such as initiation of new members. talks hv prominent members of the education field, and the installation of officers. The organization sent a representative lo the National Convention in Columbus. Ohio in the fall. Sriive campus members are FJvin Moon. President: Billy Joe Bridweil. Vice-President: James Mahaffey, Secretary and I rcasurer: Liurke DeFoor. Expansion Secretary; Dr. Paul T. Fisher, Dr. Charles Burts. Dr. Carroll Feeds. ( liflon Alexander. William Pedcn. Bill Kerr. Tim Brown. Jerry Harper. Robert Bledsoe and Sam Horton. Advisors arc Dr. Henry Grady Owens and Dr. Edward T. Brown. Kappa Mu Kappa member are. Sratrd. lx-ft to Right: Rudolph Stoddard. Juniti P. Wfiglit. Maurke Del'oor. i'.lvin Mooo, lames Mah.xffey. Dr. Paul I'tdirr. Standing: Inmei V. ('rocker. Curlis l‘ William . Dr Henry Grady Owen . Harley Bondi. Harvey Ijince. W illiam Peden. Dr. Ldward T. Brown. 43Young Hurricar '-■v -sS ilic Hurricane lokc llic field. I he 1956 Purple Hurricane football season was evidence that Furman may yet regain the gridiron heights it occupied at one time as Coach Homer Hobbs. In his second year as head coach, saw his inexperienced team play inspired ball in the second half of the season after a dismal first half to post a 2-8 record. Dominated by underclassmen and led by All-State center Bobby Jennings, the Hurricane lost on successive weekends to George Washington. Auburn. Wofford, and Newberry before defeating T he Citadel Bulldogs 7-0 in Sirrine Stadium. That night. October 27. was u turning point. Led by the linebacking of Jennings, the running of halfback Jerry Penland. and Billy Baker’s quarterbacking, for the remainder of the season the I iurricanc showed promise of greater things in store for the future as they dropped a 7-0 heartbreaker to West Virginia, the Southern Conference champion: lost 13-6 to South Carolina, smashed Davidson, and showed Hashes of brilliance against the Orange Bowl Clcmson Tigers. Frank Sinkwioi Back fir Id Coach V) x x Wwtu. Ijnv CoachShows Bright Promise Alter trying several early season combinations. Conch Hobbs finally found bis most effective backfield in Quarter bail; Baker. Halfbacks Jerry Pcnlaud and Jackie Powers, and l ullb.nk Jimmy Grant. Bilker won the job over Charlie Moore and Charley Linder in bis first varsity game. Penlund wo a leading contender for the conference rushing title until an injury forced him to miss playing time in the latter half of the season. Powers was especially outstanding against Davidson, and Grant lived up to a fine sophomore record h making the needed power plays. Outstanding linemen were Center Jennings. Guards Ronnie Brown. Homer Brinson. George Harrison. Gene Head, and Waller Laves: I ackles Don Markofski. Hinton Davis and Mike Schill: Lnds John hdge. Ray Siminski. Dick Pfeilrr. Mack Edwards, and I om Avery. Siminski and Pfeifer were lost in midseason through injuries. Reserve barkficld men were Roy Nichols. Jim Jennings, Pete Cox. and Dick Shaw. In addition to Hobbs the coaching staff was composed of line coach Dixie Howell, hackfield coach Frank Sinkwich. atmtant coach Jim Boyle and freshman coach Bill Henderson. Jennings was given (i first team berth on the UP All-State •quad while Penland was on the second team and Grant and Markofski on the third. Jen Bout AmIiUiiI CmcA 1 loinrf Holilx directed tlir Hurricane. Bobby Jennings All-StaleHnllbark Jerry IVnlnnd Hying over lh head ©I a Woliord lineman. Outlook is Dark in George Washington's Colonials, who later received a post- season bowl bid. scored early and late to drop the i lurricane 10 0 in the season opener in Sirrinc Stadium. GW scored a touchdown in the First three minutes and n field goal in the last three for enough to win but had to fight for their lives in between those points as Furman drove to the visitors' goal line three times only to stall within the five-yard line each time. This lark of a sustained offense was to plague the Purples during much of the season until the right back- field combination was found. Furman showed surprising strength in the freshman-laden line as GW runners, touted for their power plays, were forced to skirt the ends. End Kay Siminski made the l est showing of the night. Jt«RY Pr_NLA.No. Halfback Mack ElMAtM, Knd Dos Markoiski. Tatklc Jim Grant. FullbackFirst Three Defeats IVnlond » •«•» n broken field nffllml Auburn. Auburn was a rude host the following weekend as the Hurricane look a 41-0 beating. 1 lie Furman attack got going only once, that in the third quarter when u blocked punt set up a drive to the Plainsmen's four-yard line. But then a fourth down pass from Baker to Siminski didn't click and the Hurricane was still looking for its first touchdown of 1956. That first touchdown was finally scored against Wofford the following weekend but the Terriers got three to win 186 in Sirrino Stadium. Furman got 301 yards rushing but couldn't move at crucial times. Two Purple touchdowns "ere called back by penalties. Hinton Davis (juci J CumiT IjmiLEI. fkl. t Ray Siminski. End Tom Avery, EndMike Schiu TocU Walt Eaves Tackle Rosme Brown Cnianl Emil Reucni r Tackle Citadel Win is Turning Point October starlet! ominously for llie Hurricane as I Key suffered tlicir fourtli straight defeat, this time at the hands of Newberry. I he following week, however, turned out to be a definite turning point. Frank Sinksvich joined tlie team os a backfield coach and the results were immediate as I'urman upset The C itadel 7-0. Jerry Penland carried the load for the offense and spearheaded a 52-yard scoring march in the first quarter to put the Hurricane out in front of an op|K nent for the first time. I hey stayed out in front and were seriously threatened only once in the second half when the Bulldogs drove to the three and then fumbled into the end zone where Siminski fell on the bull. Possession-type offense payer! off for the Purples as they controlled the ball and got off 20 more plays than the Bulldogs. It was later learned that injuries suffered in the game had sidelined Ray Simiuski for the remainder of the year. I he University of South Carolina's big Gamecocks, having been beaten only by Miami and Clemson. came roaring into Greenville the next week hoping to spoil Furman s I lome-coming celebration with a lopsided win. Instead, after scoring two quick touchdowns in the opening minutes due to defense lapses, they had to hang on for their lives to get a 13-6 win over an obviously lired up I lurricauc. R«v Simimk) Liltf-s n |w« ocn ml Newberry.George Harrison Guo III P wm »pnnl nvirty fioni Ganircodu. Gene Head (maul John Ijx.i Center Jim Borom CenterHurricane Scares U£ -jUCCc-s-' Homrtoming Queen irankie Norris idem. Homecoming Day. 1956. was packed with the customary festivities which tradition accords it. I'or the second year various organizations on the campus worked on exhibits with prizes going to the three best. Theta Chi got first prize with S. A. h. second and the Junior Class third. Frankie Norris, a dark haired senior from l .asley. was elected Homecoming Queen and was crowned at a halftime ceremony in the afternoon football feature attraction between Furman and the University of South Carolina. in Homecoming Thriller Attending Miss Norris were Junior Marietta Martin. Sophomore Carol Page, and Freshman Carey Jo Green. Other features of the day were a joint student body supper. a pep meeting, a hand concert, various drop-ins. and guided tours of the new campus for the almost 1.000 I 'iirtnan alumni who returned to the campus. A special halftime feature was the tumbling performance given by tire Athletic Department starring Billy and Bobby ( iaines under the direction of 11. R. Dobson. Tumbler Billy Gnino provides wiif liollUmc enlrclftlninenl. Bii.i. Baki.k Bart Isour Powrus liuih on (lie tliumla. "Hie Junior CIam Kii tli lliirtl prize winner exhibit medmnixeti.November Brings Burst 1 he I lurricane only played one ball game in the month ol December, but lo the opposition, it was an extremely crucial one. The Clemson I igers. having rolled through ACC opponents undefeated to win the conference championship, still found themselves being doubted by the powers-lhnt-be as worthy of an Orange Bowl bid to meet Colorado. I he situation boiled down lo the fact that the Tigers would have to make a superior showing against the Hurricane to clinch the bid. F or one. anti for only one. quarter it looked as though the Tigers were going to be watching television on New Year's Day. After a quick opening Clemson touchdown on a 158-yard drive. Furman supporters began to suspect that the best pre-game football school spirit seen here in years was going to be to no avail after all. Then the Purples caught fire and went 72 yards in 17 plays to tic it up. Jerry Penland. who entered the game needing only 45 yards to cop the Southern Conference rushing crown, spearheaded the drive but was bottled up the rest of the afternoon. A few minutes later when the 1 igers had the ball first down at the Furman four, the Hurricane line held lor four straight smashes, and it looked as though a miracle might be in the offing. The Tigers then took charge, however, and showed the power they later used against Colorado in a Bowl thriller, trimming the still-fighting Hurricane 28-7. Immediately after the game. Clemson got its well-earned bid. Powers drives for yardage against Davidson. Ilic (cam behind the team whoops it up. Coach Hobbs gets a ride after Davidson victory. Homer Brinson Guard Jim Jennings Dad, David Hill Guardof Brilliance, 2nd Win I.osl to tin I lurricane for llic 1957 campaign through graduation was All-State Bobl»y Jennings. I'.nd John Kdge. Guards Dave Mill and llomcr Brinson, and Halfback Jackie Powers. Named o-cnptnins were Jerry Pciiland and Dick Pfeifer. In spring drills it became obvious that the five-year rebuilding job taken on by C oach I lobbs might be finished in three, although .« rough schedule would probably keep the 1 lurricane around or under the .500 mark. A welcome addition was l.eo Bland, a 250 pound-plus tackle who was expected to take up much of the slack left by Jennings, who was drafted by llic Washington Redskins. I lie end position was expected to he the team’s strongest with Dick Pleifer and Ray Siminski. both of whom sat out the late stages of the 1956 season, being backed up by Tom Avery and a few freshman prospects. Power Kore ngnlntl Clenuon nllrr Baker' pitrhout. Some members of llie Block ”1 Club goto! lor the pbotogrnpber Roy N'ktklks Bocl Pick Prcireit End CiiAui.it Moore BackThe 1936 Purple Hurricane fmidicd rtrong—good ncw» (or 3". Cheerleaders, Managers Boost Team Iho I lurriV.nni'' chief booster were. Left to Right: Cheerleaders Keeping the Purple fil were. Le l to Right: Head Manager Ship limmy Pole. Sandra McGee. Bill Fallow. Marietta Marlin. Irene Lindlcr. Trainer Lewis Martin, and Manager Bill MilliWJC, Breland. Billy R«B» y. Mary Seowcll. and Sam Blanlvn. Jim I’lyltf i not pictured. 54Day Students, Ministers Share Titles A powerful (cam of Day Students came on late in the season to finisli strong and upset an unbeaten Ministers team, wlio Imd finished scheduled play on top. and lake the playoff crown in tone'll loothall to open always rabid intramural activity for the year. Entering teams in competition. in order of their regular season finish, were the Ministers. S. A. I'... I heta Chi. Day Students. 1. K. E„ B. S. U.. K. A., and Pi Kap. In a post-season exhibition, the All-Stars trimmed the Day Students 25-0. Ilic Intramural Football Champion Day Student . Intramural All-Slur were. I'font R oce: Sunnily Morton, l.n Bcmi. Oi;ir|p Murtin, Walter Bull. John IoIiiimmi. Ralxii IhIiumhi Both Ron1: loiiiiny Cook, Jim Stanton. Inn MrGuill, Bill lluu»e. Bill I'nllnw, Junior Cromer, Warner Burke. Fnrl action on tlic inlt.uniir.il field I lie Intramural Council was composed of. Is 11 to Right. Rear: Tommy Wood. I. 1 Mfttlicw . Wally C.nc. Burk Birliop. Bob lainincu. Keith Sliclton. Riley Cotiiran, Sam I lotion. Dirk Flower , and David Brown. I "font. NlniYin FaViMlu. Robert Broek, Lnrrv Bn «. loo ( ooper. 1 oby Canon. Don I'one ter. nnd Roller t Lee.H«r I'lfJinun Claw OHkcn late tkrlr plico an die oinipui. Here they ore—willioul ihelr "tol" ««p Isft to Right. IJizaliedi Bradley. Ann Howard, Doin' Jones. Billy Baket. Ja k Nolan. Josic Dunlwir, Judy Clardv. Melvin MiKeown. Freshmen Start Off On Clean Slate X The Freshmen, firs! known on the campus as "rats" ami identified by their purple raps and lost looks, were introdiucd to all phases of University life at Orientation. I he mighty sophomores welcomed them to Furman hv "ratting them, while the other upperclassmen were sympathetic and helpful. The women and men chose their leaders, losie Dunbar and Bill Baker, in late fall elections. T he first joint project of the class was the building of a I lomecoming exhibit with "After the Ball" ns the theme. The class contributed to their social life by having a drop in at the "Zoo during exam week first semester and a class party on the new campus in February. While many of the Freshmen boys were participating in athletics and other activities the girls were helping a needy family at Christmas and conducting a very successful polio drive. ’I he class of 1960 was a very active Freshman class and has been commended for participation in the life of the university. OFFICERS WOMEN Josn Dcniimi ... .... (Ynldmt l.i i .wti i it Braiii i v.....................VicvVrvuAeiil Jutnr ClAROY...................................... Secretary Ann Howard..........................................Trrosurrr MEN Bill. Bvkik...............................................PrttuUnt Jack Nocan...............................................Secretory Ml ivin McKiown......................... . .... Secretary Dow Jon is...............................................Treasurer 66Freshmen Rokrtl (linndler Aiken l.itJc I'.ufirnc Alley Mary Edna Amc wn Molly Anri Amkaugli I rankir Marjorie Anderxm Call Dean Anna Ouirlr A. Arrington, Jr. Donald Roger Adwll Marcia Anne Avon! Irrddie i. Baddei Bilk lack Bagwell Miriam Elvetine Bailey Billy Jot Baker Virginia Sue Ball Marla Bard Jotepli A Bass bum Ruliy I.re Bayne Un I . Bean Joyce Arm Bennett (•erdon I. Ularkwell llioninr Homer Blnlr Ivor (kill Blanton Rokerl R. Blanton I'dwnrd H. Bokkitl Orb C Boiter Tula 1«. Boldine Jamra William IkiroiT Mr A. Bottdourir Ijml.i Jane Bowen Donald T Bowerv Paul Grndy Bower Ann Efrxakclli Bradley llionift W. Bradiier I-ilium la ui e Brooklmiik Eunice Rekeccn Brown lerry M. Brown Kenneth R. Blown Dili I If alxtli Brown Hyland S. Bryant France Ann Budiy Rarkel Ruth Budi Ruky I ronccv C'nbani 57Freshman Judith Ann Caldwell Paul I- Campbell Mary Cogswell Cannon lia Jolin Carey Carolyn Ldwenia Carrawoy John E Carroll Kenneth D. Case Phyllis Ann Co toe Ininrt Roy ClianJlcr Laura Earle Christopher Otxar E (liurrli Joe Warren Clapp Indith C 'lardy William l Clements Robert L Clonningcr Mary Alice Cloyd Nancy’ Mw« Cole Mary Jone Collins Sandra Jane Cook lliomas B. Cooper, Jr. Ann Nash ( order Gerald V. Crawford Martha LIi abelli Crawford lliomn M. ('teeth Alvin Dean Crocker Maty Dale Culpepper Florence I'.llen Cunningham James K. Darut Ivy Dorothy Davidson Gary Wendell Davis Muriel J. Davis Michael 11. Dawson Alice Lxlrlle Dean Barlkira Ann Dearman I lelrn Ceclle Del .mu h Charlotte Ivee DeVinney Brt 1.i Ann Donovan Josie Presslv Dunbar J. G. Duncan lorella Annie Durham Hubert Alton Laker Joanne Patti LdcnsClass Owle M FJIi Fshvard li. Ltimnurl Richard S. I'.iLrw lu«ly Lynn liwliig Margaret Annelln Fnnl Plioebc Dow m I arlcy John S. Farrell Marylynn Kay I rtguwn I’.iln.ia Ann I'tTgiiwn GmiIm Leon Floyd Brenda Maim- Fogle Robert A. Fogle Willi..Ill I . Forred Nancy Ann Fomood Blanche (mol Fowler Mnrvo Jean Fox Wlltbun II. Fnddle. Jr. Frank M. Iritchmon Dorothea C omurlo Fuiniiin Patricio Anne Gainey Alice Patricia Gantt (dial I m IV Gay. Ir. Benton N1. ( ib»on William FI. Giles llugli Allen Gillnui Rolietl D. GiLtnip Mariorie Jane Glass lames Ray Cioldrn Ronald K Gooding Jainra Dale Gould Don A. Grantham Carey Jo (Ireene Joe Marlon Greer Patricia Ijee iriffm Martha Jerome Gulledge (icorge I'al FJnnson Janie Milton Hardy Lely l.indn Hardy Roliert Dale I l.irj. r David Albert Had Kinsclr S. I laiilliroak Annie Mac Hawthorne 59Freshman Btalrlcr AiiirlIn H«lilr Kenneth 1. Helium I loyt A. I lemhree Diane I lendrrson Flirobeth Lunelin Henderson Jerry V. I lenderson Maty Jo I Irstcr T. Furman Hewitt Richard R. Milton Mary Kvclyn 1 liolt Sara IStlitl. Hodges Jnnrl Barham Hook Carolyn Hopkins Nancy Louise Hopkins Jain? H Hord. Jr. William II. Horton ITionim I’.. Home Betty Ann Howard I Irrherl II. Howell Jonnne Fli abelli Hubbard Percy Lea Hughe Ijrlrt Jane I lungeiplller loan Antoinette Huskey Marvin R. Ingram Joseph R. James 1.01 Alrtn Irnkins James Fnimelt Jennings Douglas J. Jones. Jr. Ronald L Jordan Fdword FI. Joyner Juanita Diane Julian Flimheth Syvonne Keller IJemXM I li .il rtli Kelley Nancy Oliver Kendrick Bonnie Lee Kerr William FL Key Carole Virginia Kmc Howl Jolenr King John William Knox I’d ward Don I -aifd Barbara Gall Lamb James R. I anicr. Jr. 60Class Barham .Iran Uwi«K« Janie M. 1 Jr. Clnr.i Uubr l Dimoni Margaret I'Ji obetli I.r eiiuirin Kohc-it K. I.nvii Naomi Kuril I.itlletou Ijnda Gail l»lli« S. Iran I.U1111 Ann l.rwit M.iliin Belly Kuy Minnie John I’. MiBrnnrll Murilut I-ranee McCray Belly I .on McDonald Jeannette Mooir McF.lravy Charlotte Anne McElveeii Mrlvin B. McKeown Jolm Michael Meadors Mury P.itinia Medford Billy C. MiUiouw Kolirrl J. Minim linin' K. Mix on Judith Marianna Moliiuuoli Janie M. Moon Jiuiiiiln I I,iinr Mtilliniix Clyde H. Mynall Marvin 1£. Nnllry lolm I'lnnli N’olrn llailxira I iiui.w Owens Nancy LouUe Pack Gaylr Mi'uclnnn PiiJtfotl Sot.i Charlotte Page William r. Painter Arinc Davi Purter Beverly hlimhetli Parker Marian Kllicl P.irkrr Dotiglnv Pndry Billy J. Pallerwvn Bnthara Ann Pk kleclincr Byron R. Pinion Jolm Vnrnon Plntt Kallivrine 1 .utile Poole Wendell B Po, - 61Freshman Ijwlo Llewellyn Potent James El Pound Clyde Roy Powell James Gary Potent Raymond S, Pyron Archie Mayo Knl ton Nancy Anslcy Kabun Glenn ISakoiii Rail Niln Voit Renfroe Miriam Jacqueline Richardson John W Ridgeway Ir.ie I). RoImiI. I lelen Clulre Rvkimon Ihoinas I. Rogers Shelhlr Jeon koml.i Myi.t lo Roctet E.lln Elov Rush Wedey P. Saylors James C. Settle Richard J, Shakman I )nvid W. Shepard Gayle Ijtvone Sharp James L Sherwood Waller IX Sherwood P.ttiii in Ann Shirley Donald (7. Simpson Marcos ft. Sinclair Barbara Anne Sniitli Martin I.e»oy Sniitli Raymond I). Sniitli Roberta I'Jlen Sniitli Catherine Flizabcth Snyder Dorothy ( JA ll Snyder E.stbcr Diane Sotilhrrlln Sylvia Sparks lames F. Spllleri James Marvin Stnrr Robert C. Stewart Wilrnon W. Stewart John S. Stone Marian Dee Stovall Johnny P. Sutton a:Class Jordon Sol Olive Katherine $ym Myrn.r Anne I ayloi Nonaid F_ Tceple Allx'iln Alice HioniiMoii Charles Lewi Hio.,,,™ Morion I'.li olx-tli I un hlieriy N.illinn B. .indiver Noherl J. Veal Rauliii N. Vonne lll Mary Kathleen Wall Siira Jean Wall Arcli Wallftie Nay Bartley Wall, Anne Irvlno Walter Owen Carol Walter Billy Joe Wollci... Maxwell Jerry WaUori Clmrle N. Welilier Barlwim laicille We«l Judith Anno Westmoreland I jnily Morcnre Whitaker I laynei M. White Ma tea ret Anno White Bewrly Jeanne William David H. William5 So rail Anntoinctle William l‘ranee Diane Willi l.iines Letter Wilton lames W. Wise N J cr1 11. Wood Jimmy O. Woodfe Oiorlotte La Rue Wrichl James OdlH Wright Clmrle liiorua Yates Berdye Patricia Young 63Gail Slonn. Editor l iKr BON HO Mil'.. and Billy Rnimcy, A» Utant Editor ol llie BONHOMIE. make Inti-mlnutc d»e k on picture identification before ilieir I'rbnuuy I1) deadline. The Days Grew Cold in Winter Billy I’allaw. Sue .lame4. Dr. Huilton. ond Mr . .1. O. William talk over omc of the ltook« tbut ore on display during Religion EmptiOM Week.Our hopes for snow lliis winter were in vain. Everyone expected a slight snowfall to grace the examination «lays, hut f'reddie Furman (we made this up) and "Susie Zoo" made it through anyway, hut not before some exciting things had happened in December. It seems lh.it college students always have at least two Christmas seasons, one at school and one at home. The big tree was decorated in front of the Zoo again, and the parlors were all green with garlands and gaily decorated trees. I lie Servants’ Christmas Party and Knights of the Pound I able are two old traditions at the Zoo while all kinds of organizations celebrates the season with one kind of party or another. Winter is the season of Furman which brings with it one of the most popular athletic seasons—basketball, and the famous Frank Selvvs and Darrell Floyds. I he Zoo is always a busy place on basketball nights, groups of girls rushing away after supper to get good scats and Zooties waiting anxiously on their dates. I wo of the biggest weeks of the Furman year take place in February—Religious Emphasis Week and Kush W eek. I he B. S. U. in cooperation with the other campus religious organizations coordinate R. t. Week activities led by visiting ministers and prominent religious leaders. I'urmnn's five social fraternities have their own rush girls and sponsor various social events at which the brothers invite freshmen, transfers, and any others interested in joining fraternities to become a part of their fraternity life. It seems that Sophomores belong especially to the Winter season. Graduation looks far away, and the days grow cold. Spring is right around the corner, even if it is a year away. Bitdcellwdl garlic during lire winter Wi 0a tiring Undents flo. king lo Textile Mall to »ee llir Pnlndiiu In action. But There was No Snow llie I'orensk I'orum Delinlor . Mr Kunkcl. advisor. Harold Owen . Billy Cave. Cnrolyn Goojxf and Roger Poore prepare for tlirir trip to Florida.R. E. Week is Highlight of Religious Activities The highlight of the religious year at Furman University is Religious Emphasis Week, sponsored annually by the university, this year held from February 4 through February 7. Dr. I )fton Hudson, of Kansas City. Mo.: Dr. R. Jack Robinson of Augusta. Ga.: Mrs. James L.. White III, Union. S. C.; and Mrs. J. O. Williams of Nashville. Tennessee were featured speakers for one week. Dr. Basil Manly IV and Dr. David Watson both of Greenville were also s| ecial guests of Furman for R. E. Week. "Religion is Reality" was the overall theme during the week, and the speakers led seminars, afternoon forums and informal discussion groups as well as speaking at chapel and evening services. The steering committee for Religious Emphasis Week was composer! of Frank I iawkins. Patsy Cook, and Mac Mearcs. while Dr. Jack I'landers chairmaned the faculty committee. Other committees and chairmen were: Arrangements. Margaret Moss Watson: Printed Program. Roberta I larris: Seminars. Aubrey Daniels: Classroom Visitation. Warner Burke and Susan Clary; Spiritual Preparations. Bob Halford: Music. Marion Larkc: Hospitality. Margaret McCray: Publicity. Ray Austin: Dormitory Visitation. Harold I lirentt: Iniormal Discussions. Richard Ulmer; Books and Literature. Sue James: and Evaluation. Nathan Brooks. Mutniri McOoy. Margaret Mo Walton. Jack Hanbcrry. Dr. Lofton I ludton. Katy Katsurku and Mae Meare talk over the aUivitic of Religion L nphau Week at ike reception in Long Parlor following llie Monday night wrvke.Student Volunteers Travel Over State I In Student Volunteers of Furman nre well-known all over tlie slate for tlieir inspirational programs given in a great many South Carolina Churches. I his hand of Christian students make regular trips to any church in the slate that makes a request for their services. A volunteer deputation is one experience of a Furman student that is not easily forgotten. I his organization is not limited to those training for religious professions hut for any student who wishes to join. Regular monthly meetings are held and programs are planned to inspire the student to further volunteer work. Officers for the Student Volunteers are: Rodolph Dixon. President: Ruhv Barfield. Secretary: Barbara Coleman and Roger Poore, Vice-Presidents; Byron Hancock and Kay McDuffie. Publicity Chairmen: Joanne Singletary. Clifton Alexander. Beverly Graham. Deputation Chairmen; Bill Graham and Robbie Nell I avlor. Music Chairmen: Mimi Divine and Clyde Nunn. Social Chairmen: and the faculty advisors are Dr. Paul Fisher and Dr. B. I.. Wood. Student Volunteers sponsor monthly meetings at whir h lime programs are centered around inspirations and fellowship. I he meetings are held also for the purpose of coordinating volunteer activities. Council Member ol SiiiJffll Volunleer nre. Scaled: Rodolph Dixon, Joanne Singletary. Standing: Clifton Alexander. Bvron Hancock. Barbara Coleman. Beverly Grnbam. Kay McDuffie, Robbie Nell Taylor. Ruby Barfield. Pictured nre Volunteer Nancy Pack, C bnrlollr McFJveen. Mary Lou Straw borne. Juanita I'loyd, Annie Sue I .nwrimoie. Wanda Weaver. Jane Ann llrarwiv. Robbie Nell Tnylor. Barbara Coleman. Ruby Barfield. Innnnc Singletary. Boerly Gr.iliam, Mimi Drvine. Kav McDuffie. Betty Hall. Hwon Hancock. Janet I look. Sandra Cook. Jean I -mid. Jane llungcrpillar. Gayle Padgett. Second Row: Gail Snyder. Cclc le Felder. Pnt y Cook. Sic lame . Batbara Burri . Churn Clnrv. larkie Privctle. Rutli Jnmc . B.irLita Owen . Mary Barr Cave. Olet.i Sander . Marion Ii'iKliIxtry. Ijrulu Bowen. Third Ron Tim Brown. Bill Slioud. Rachael Count . Carolyn Adam . Nancy Ration. Martha Crawford, lab Bradley. Martha Dolnon. Jo lie Dimlv.r. Ann Howard, loan Hubbard. Barbara Ve»t, Margaret Mon Wat on. Silly Reagan. Dorl Plilllipc, Vetn Megg . I.ilccn Mlltkenliu . (lalre Daniel . Anne M Millnn. Dale C ulpepper Fourth Ron : Harold Treat!. Dr Burrell Wood. Dr. Paul I'ldier. Mnrllm McCray. Judy ('lardy, Mary Lynn Ferguson. Jerry lieribower. John Benton. Margie Ro . Wendell Po| e. David Willi . Rndolpli Dixon, Alic - Dean. Sibil lobn»on. Sue Spenrmaii Fifth Ron I'r.ink Diet . Mary Medlord. John Plait. Joyce Bi-nnet. lean Wall. I aria Ann Hick . Jackie Fireman. David Sherwood, Martha Barnett. Dora Ann f'rrernan. Nelle Nye. Sylvia Smith. Dickie Mower . Riley Cothran Sixth Row Clarice Wi e. Iinuny Vick. laiuit Vehaun. Michael Dawmii. Robert Lee, bred Varcl, Warner Burke. Richard I kew. (hoiiins McManu . Don M Mmn. Wally Kilpalikk, G.ul Motil. and Harry Poovcy. i»T .Pint Row. Ij'fl to Rinht: B. Burrif. K. Jamct, I-. Bfodlry. J. Smith. J. H Bradley. B. Gltlmm, V Mi-RR». M. I- Strawhonir. J Il. »r ey. Second Ron-.- A O’Neal, S. Spearman, I. Bullincton. K. Kattarka, C. Wutms, R. Ilartii. B. K. Matxy, Third Row: P Cook. R. Herman. N. Nye. J. Hunger pillar. J. Singletary. I). Pklllip . I . Braslngton. S. Smith, f ourth Row: S. Ontcii. S. Jarnev M. Walsh. R. Taylor. M WaUon. C. Adam . I'lfth Row i l lliton. B, Tapi . M. Met "ray. P. Ilioma . S. McKnuir. P. Fant. Sixth Rou-: C. Clanton, A. Ban. H. Cooke. A. McMillan. J. Iwnhower. K. Glenn. SoivrUh Row: F. Haw-kin . R. Austin. M Adam . I'. Lowe. C. Alexander. R. Stewart. T. Cooke. Ijghth Row: II. Thirall. N. Brook . T. Wall. .Vlrtlh Ron-: B. Compton. I. Benton. B. S. U. is Largest Campus Religious Group As a link between the college student and the local church. 1110 Baptist Student Union seeks to achieve a unity of spirit and of Baptist activities on campus. The B. S. U. provides an adequate religious program to meet student needs, emphasizing daily devotions. Bible study and prayer and active participation in local church organizations with the desire that students’ campus life may be centered around the C hristian faith. A pre-school relre.it at C amp Rawls launched the B. S. U- program for this year, which was followed by the State B. S. U. Convention in Greenwood, the caroling party, the spring retreat and the installation banquet. The highlight of the entire year was Religious Emphasis Week when the coordinated efforts of the B. S. U. and the other campus religious organizations provided a week of spiritual uplifting. Mr. ( l.ipp. list Director. fior» over the plan wl ill Patty, Frank and Rnlx-rta. Pal»y Cook and Frank Hawkin., president of BSl ’. make Rood ate of the flic .i'urm mi »tu Jrt l . Irfl to right I nrman Hr-witl. John lokllton, Koly Kntuiika. I'jiuna Waller. Jo Ann Anrlerton and IJdly Ann Gl«n ntlpy wodi ut (lie teteplion during R. E. W«L By joining a local Baptist Church. a Sunday school class, a I raining I nion. a . W. A.. or any oilier Baptist organization membership in B. S. U. is acquired. I he (.''renter Council, composed of the entire B. S. LJ. membership meets with the Executive Council on the first Tuesday night of each month to present interesting and informative programs. leading the Executive Council were Presidents Patsy Cook and Frank Hawkins. Other members of the Council were Roberta Harris and Heyward Cooke. Pat I homas and Jackie Powers. Evelyn Ellison and Harold Threatt. Susan Harbin and Frank l jwr. Vera Meggs and John Benton. Beverly Craham and Gene Godbold. Ruth Herman and Billy Fallow, Mary I.ou Walsh and Dick Flowers. Jane Ann Hearsey and Ray Austin. Jerry Isenhower and Clyde Nunn. Jackie Privette and Charles Clanton. Mary Allen and Robert Stewart. Margaret Watson and Ernie Bolt. Margaret McC ray and I ommy Bolt. Serving ns B. S. U. Director was Mrs. Joseph Clapp. Faculty advisors were Mr. Ernest Harrill. Men’s Council: Mr. Dc Witt Myers. Woman's Council. Pastor advisor was Dr. Ollin J. Owens. ( il ( nvt it libiinc Iwlilrul llir mask nt llic t ail BSt.’ PUH). Seoled, L l lo Riflh I IrttolJ IJiir.ill. l-vclvn llluon. Frank llawkiru, Patsy Cook. Roixtln Hnrti . I trywiint Cooke. l ift! Rou Stalling: Moiy Alien. Pal Tliomat. Vera Mcjjc». Mary Ijnti VVaUi. Kulli Herman. Margaret Walton. Jane I Irartey. Bescrly (traliam. Joyc Srnilli. tommy Cook. Seeorwi Roic RiJffl Slewatl. Jarkie I’rivetle. Joltn Bmlon, Nathan Brook . Bak Complart. Margaret M ( ray. Jetry Itenliower, Charlie Clanton. R»V Amlin. Kaiy Katwtrka. I rank Lowe.Meeting monthly at Buncombe Street Methodltt Church, the member of W’erley Foundation are. Pint Row. Txft to Rlflht: Elaine L.mlo«l. Judy ('lately. Ellen Cunningham. Mary Wood. Rota Jane Wtlw n. Claire franklin. Gene Razor. Kaye McDuffie. Bill (unit, Emmn Gray Bloom. Jeff Willi . Second Row: Edna Bell, Randy Hilton, Pal Gantt, limmy Moon. Betty Ann Green, Richard Nix. France Booker. George (.'lark. Third Row: Owen Gary. Thomn Jenkins. Dick Crook . Jimmy Lanier, lommy ( ree h. Bohhy King, Mary Wnrdlaw, Bill Wnrdlnw, Clintlolle Ormnnn, (ilenn Kelley, Dr. Bryce Herbert, Jayne Roth. Methodists Join Wesley Foundation, Meet at Buncombe Street Church Wesley Foundation, the second largest religious group on the Furman University campus, is composed of over 160 members. All Methodist students as well as any other interested students are invited to become members of the organization. This year Wesley Foundation was led by Kaye McDuffie. President. I he organization meets on the first I uesday night of each month at the Buncombe Street Methodist Church. On the third Tuesday of each month Wesley Foundation members get together for u social. The Wesley Foundation has as its purpose Christian fellowship and recreation, increasing knowledge of the Methodist church, encouraging of church attendance, and Christian service while on the campus. As a project the group sponsors Meals for Millions and a subscription drive for Motive magazine. At the Wesley Foundation monthly meetings various programs were planned which included a get-acquainted supper. I lallo-ween party. I hanksgiving program, und a deputation from Clemson. I he fellowship meetings included tacky party and patriotic party. Officers of Wesley Foundation are Kaye McDuffie. President; Gene Razor. Vice-President; Rosa Jane Wilson. Secretary and I rcasurer: C laire Franklin anti Glenn Kelley. Co-Publicity Chairmen; Mary Wood. Deputation Chairman; Jeff Willis. World Community Chairman: Ellen Cunningham. Recreation Chairman. Advisors arc Dr. R. Bryce Herbert, Dr. Jack Flanders, and Mrs. Betty Ivey. 72Westminster Fellowship Meets Weekly at Presbyterian Church A group of Presbyterian students form tbe Westminster Fellowship. I liis organization of Furman students meets at tire First Presbyterian Church every Sunday night for programs usually centered around inspiration and fellowship. Several outstanding speakers and a number of panel discussions have comprised a number of meetings. I he Westminster Fellowship also contributes time to work at the Parker I leights Missions. 'I he members of the organization look foward to deputations to and from other colleges during the year. James Vick serves as President of the Presbyterian student organization. Other officers are Carey Jo McConnell. Vice-President: Thomas Heyward. Treasurer; and Anna Clyde Frakcr. Secretary. Mr. Thomas l egan. Mr. Dewitt Myers, and Mr. Marvin Cannon .ire advisors for Westminster Fellowship. The members of Westminster Fellowship besides the officers are: Ann Shirley, Karolvn Kendrick. Joe Burchfield. Sue Melton. Angela Brown. Tom Lcgon. Hagan Joyner. Bill Rogers. Laura Farle Christopher and Sannn Bryan. Ve»lniin»lrr Pellow-dtlr. meml eri are. Seoled. 1 11 lo Ruthl Ann Sfurley. KnroKn Krndrlek. Anna CKdr Prater. Smled .Second Rou : Joe Burrhflold. Sue Mellon. Carey Jo McConnell, limrny Wk. Angela Brown. Slarulinrj. torn I.egon. I lagan Joyner. Bill Roger . I aura Fade Christopher, Sannn Boon. Mr Dfwill Myer». Mr Marvin Cannon. 73Sealed. left In Rajhi Jrtfirt McCray. Uwt Tollivon. Marihn Wnldhour. l.oi Blown. Statitllrtg Rr I Milton I'filk. IVgity Ijetanan. I i k Coulter. L. S. U. is a Lutheran Group Fellowship, combined with study in doctrines and beliefs of the Lutheran faith com | wise the programs of the I .utheran Students Union. Since 1930. when the Union was organized, the Lutheran Students I nion has been promoting closer ties between the church and the students. This opportunity for better understanding on the part of Lutheran students comes every second Tuesday. I lie meetings are held at Trinity Lutheran Church with .1. Milton Frick as advisor. I his year s I . S. U. has had programs centered around world happenings and their relation to the Lutheran student. Officers for the year of the Lutheran Students Union are: Marilyn Waldhour. President: Dick Coulter. Vice-President: and Lewis Tollison. Secretary and Prens urer. Other members are: Janet McCray. Lois Brown, and Peggy Leisman. Park Place Mission is Main Canterbury Club Project Since 1930 the Canterbury Club has been more closely binding the Kpiscopal students of I'urman to the local church. Meetings feature a series of lectures by the Rector of Christ Episcopal Church and a discussion of college level issues that arise in the minds of ( nnlerbury Club members. I bese problems and issues of students are solver! under the direr lion of Ralph Bailey, Jr.. Mrs. LA. Shirley and Dr. Irving A. Hamilton, advisors for the lull. I oni Willis was President of Canterbury Club during the first semester and Bob Shirley is serving during the present semester. Ollier members of the group include: Bcacliv I nylor, I .ouise Larle. Nancy Sterling. Ann Godsholl. John Johnson. Carroll Gibson. Jeanne Gibson. Butch Thompson, and Patricia Jones. ('antrrhury Cluh mrmbefs are. Sealed. Left to Riifhl: Brathy Taylor. IjOuIk Fnrie. Naaqr Sterling. loni Willi . Ann OocMioll. Sltuulhty: R«l|ili Bailey. Boh Shirley. John lohn«c , Carroll C»ib or». Jrwinr Gihton. Butch lhomj M n. Balticia .loop . 74Future Preachers Form Ministerial Union ’I lie Ministerial Union is a group of students most of whom are preparing to heroine ministers or workers in full time Christian service. I he programs of the group center around different phases of problems which will face members in the future, such as: music, community responsibility as a citizen and Christian leader, and inspirational leadership. I he members of the organization work at the city jail and have a missions service. The purposes of the Ministerial Union are to provide inspiration through outstanding Christian speakers, to promote a bond of fellowship, and to be ol service in all religious aspects on and off the Furman campus. I he Ministerial Union meets monthly, usually in the Men’s Chapel, and provides opportunities for students who are preparing for Christian vocational service with more experience for their future jobs. The officers for this year are: Fob Compton. President; Kirk I .awton. Vice-President; Obic Dyches. Secretary: Wilfred Platt. Treasurer: I ed Miller. I'.ulistment Vied-President: I leyward Cooke. Fxtension Vice-President: Bill Stroud. Jail Service Chairman: Don McMinn. Missions Chairman: Ray Austin. Social Chairman: Billy Fallaw, Intramural Director. Dr. Jack Handers and Dr. Joseph Clapp are advisors for the Union. !• »( -», nilirrti at the Mmlilin.il Union ore. If ft lo Kuril I Kirk 1.1« Ion. Vice-Pmiilml: Bob Com pi on. President; BuUw Mutt, linuuirr. MmiiIht of Minitteriol Union ore. Flitl Row, If ft lo Rlfiht Toro Connolly, L-wn Vehaun. Charlrt Clanton. IVd Miller. Don McMinn. Marion Luke. ( lyde Runion. Bill Stroud, Bob Compton. Bill Ktlliiw, Kirk UwtM. Ohio Dytbe . I ommy McManu Srconil Note Wallv Kilpatin k. Coil Moul. I lorry Ivikew. Ririioid lulirw, Dick N'kliol . I.dw.ml Joyner. Robert Monroe. Ceroid IiiHton. Harrs' Poovey, Dirk I'lnwrft. Wallace Hughe I bird Row: Morion Adam . Jaine Snnthuiy. Rnlpli Joiner. Joe Morlin. Dan Wilton. John 1 1011. Jimmy Pill . Don Lunl. ervlell Pope. W.illocr lavlor, Wayne ll.mi. Rnhnl Clonincer ’oiirl i Row: lio Corey. Ceroid Seller , lody Calloway, Joe Cteer, lerry Oven . Dtrkir Irottell. I'mrnon IIn ill, Riley Ihickiihy. I'ifth Row: ( lm McElrovy. Natbon Brook . Marvin Aycock. Billy Milhouse. Wallace Wine. Odell I)Ulier. Billy (11.111001. troy Prily. Clillon Alrxonder. Ronold Cook, P.iuf Craven. Mike Dow on. ('bailie Marlin. Fred Badder . Bill PihI II. Joik Nolan. R. l|Ji Jone . Meredith I lrnder on. 75I mi dr "t .'Urjuri McCray qulun Syl -ia Oulcn. Secretary. and Joanne Niitllcl.uy. V ( P f ,r,idmt on tlir inrantni; of tin- iinlilein. Y. W. A. Sponsors Work Week Striving toward on iclenl of a World C hristian Community, flu- Young Woman’s Auxilary endeavors lo create among the students a dee| er understanding of and reverence for tlie |woples of llte earfli. llieir ways of living, llieir religious faith and their culture. 1 lie organization is guided l v a council which coordinates such activities as I'oreign Missions Week of Prayer. Y. V. A. Focus Week, monthly general and circle meetings, and Student Work Week. I he work is carried on through the council members and students who show an interest in world problems and want to become members of Y. W. A. Heading the circle chairmen selected from eac h dormitory are the officers of the Y. W. A.: Margaret McCray. President; Joanne Singletary. Vice-President; and Sylvia Outen. Secretary '! reosurcr. Mrs. Joseph Clapp. Mrs. Dan Williams and Mrs. William Richey served as advisors. SralcJ. Ml to Rlfl if: Ann McMillan. Sue Mellon. Sunk Keeler. Ijnda Bulllnaton. Rokkle Nell Taylor. Sylvia Smllk. Judy Clardv. Mary Do! lonrt. Slomlliu) Nancy Park. Ann Howard. M.rlli.i Barite . Marika Dobson. Barkan Hk.ll. Jerome Gullrdce. Betty Kay Mawey. Betty Knickt. Helen Il u. Marika McOny. OiccfWJe DeVInnev. Ann Sander . Albert I ke.mp.on. R.ikrrla Harri . W Keller. IVrtty Kinatd. Jackie Prtvettc. vlvin McKenzie. Janet Hook. Sandra k. Jc. ie Dunbar. Rutl, Janie., Anne O'Neal. Bennett. Clary. Helen I .re. nn y 1 x.per, Carolyn McHvrrn, Mmy Ann Mnninft. Martha Britton. IVnny Jonc». 76•Scaled, . • 1 to Might: Sylvia McKenzie. Ur. Dorothy Richey. Belly Hughe . Miw Luuru UkuiuIi. Sue Sprarrimii. Slandiri ; Korolyn Kendrick. Carolyn Coo| er. Ann GocUhnll. Janice Moore. Helen H»u, Dee InCoile. Belly Knight, Marilyn W'ahlhour. Mnrthn Button. Gail Sloan. Y. W. C. A. is Non - Denominational I lie Young Women's Christian Association is a religious organization at Furman which invites girls ol all denominations to participate in its activities. I lie "Y does not condct with other religious groups hut seeks to move toward a goal ol commitment to Christ and Mis way of life. I he Y.W. C. A. is headed hy Betty Hughes. President and includes lour commissions and their heads: Social Responsibility. Sandra McGee; Christian Faith and Heritage. Betty Knight: World Relatedness. Ann Godshall: and Campus and Personal Affairs. Carolyn Cooper. All the girls who join Y belong to one ol the commissions. I he cabinet composed of Janice Moore. Helen Hsu. Dee I .aCostc, Karolyn Kendrick. Barbara Clifton. Marilyn Yaldhour. Martha Britton, and Gail Sloan and the commission chairman and the officers make up the Y. W. C. A. cabinet which leads the program of the organization during the year. "Y” engaged in many activities during the year, letters of welcome and a church directory were given to freshmen. I he November Presidential election was preceded by Political Parties' held in the shack. At International Coffee I lour the Y. W. C. A. entertains foreign students. Each month the organization was responsible for the distribution of calendars to all women students. Other activities include a redecora-tion of the candy kitchen, the Knights of the Round I able, the World University Service Fund drive, and the Senior Bonfire. Belly Hughe . Proldenl; Sylvia McKenzie. 1 reuuircr: Sue Sjxsir-nian, Vke-President: Margaret VVnluon. Secretory; »lrik-r .1 fortiml pore. 7719 6-57 BONHOMIE STAFF Gail Si.oan.......................................luhu BlLLV RaMSI i........................A»4 t(anl (iilitor Im h VVkst ............ fituiiwM Mamu)iir Carroll Johnson. Wanda Kitchik. Kathy Smith.................. ) rjcmi:ui om ■( » Kirn Iawton..............................Class Editor Al McNilly..............................Sports Editor John Johnson........................I' atenUty Editor Kin Chrlitzbi mi., Frank Tadlock ... Military Edltor» Gian Cwkkik...............................Hiotogra ihcr Gall Sloan, Editor. checks ovm the Inst pliolofirnplu. The 1957 BONHOMIE . . Another year—another hook—for the Freshmen it a their first BONHOMIE. '1 o the Sophomores it has a deeper meaning of mellowed friendships. I o the Juniors, it’s a realization that their college days are drawing to a close. I o the Seniors, it’s the end and the beginning—the end of one long season which holds many dear memories and the beginning of another which will carry them through the years to come. lo the staff, the BONHOMIE is now the finished product of your lives as you have lived them on this IMdie Woi. Business campus of Furman University. The BONHOMIE bus M.inncrr. |Kr| .»ro lo meant work in an office without any heat . . . lists that lull ihr advertisers. ’11m BONIIOMII! staff ! ■ «• in fionl oi llirir "second liome.ft All’s Well That Ends” somehow gol misplaced . . . one write-up that we brooded over for liour.s and then all at once, success . . . the noise of typewriters all pecking away (and not in unison) . . . outside line, please . . . slacks of old BON-HOMIES crowding the already well-filled shelves . . . the months of January and February when it rained nearly every day and we trudged faithfully to the office . . . proofs coining hack . . . eyes gazing at them in awe and criticism ... a hook which began to shape and unfold its treasury of memories ... a hook which we now present to you for your approval, criticism, and remembrance. lo Miss Elizabeth Donnnld and l)r. Albert Sanders, our advisors, we offer our sincere thanks. We are deeply indebted to Mr. Price Coursey of Charlotte Engraving Company and Mr. Ed OCain of I he U. I .. Bryan C ompany who virtually made our book possible. H. Neil Gillespie did all the special photography for the BONHOMIE. Dean Crocker, the staff photographer produced top notch photographs while Mr. Bill Bagwell assisted the staff on many occasions. To the students we present this 1957 BONHOMIE. As you turn its pages may it bring thoughts to your mind of fall, winter, spring, and summer at Furman. inly Rnmity. Aubbint Editor, look al nn old BONHOMIE lor tonic klr.u. ovn dummy" ami m k«' ntUgnmertb lo ti»r . .I. editor . Sir Mellon. Jolm lolim-on. Frutuc Booker, and Celctle I-elder congregate under llte ptrlrme o( doing umir work. IV |)tr|MlrHornet FJitor. Jerry Devin. prelend Kc’» reading Mime old Imum, but i« (Molulily llilnkilif «ImuI till week paper. Keith Shelton, Managing lUitor (ir l femrvter. Inok up from llie lypr writer long enougli to liave lit pkture made. The Furman 'Hornet” Covers Campus Activities While trying to maintain tlic news coverage standard of past Hornets, the staff of tlie 1956-57 publication placed a heavy emphasis on features about campus activities and traditions. One of the best of these developed from the initiation of a poll of student opinion on certain campus issues. I'.ditoriidiy. the Hornet strived to present student opinion wherever possible and to bring all issues into the open. The subjects were confined strictly to the University and matters related to the student body. Hornet editorials suggested the formation of a Pep Club, a later curfew at the Woman’s College on football Saturdays, an extra day between the end of the school year and exams, a more active cafeteria committee. attention to the parking problem, formation of a student social committee, and more open political campaigns. I'ming a rekly deadline were the llornel U ff nirmlirri, hint Kou-. Ijeft to Right: Bill Kl rr, Clifton Alexander. Carolyn Cooper. Mary Seawell. ( l.iire Franklin. (»wi Valter I. Jerry Davit. Second Row: Mary l.oui r Foilerbv. Keith Shelton. Al Kirmetl. Brownie Bradley. Third Row: Boh Holme . Bnrluirn Simmon . Bob lliompton. Robert Ia'r. Fourl i Row: Evn lam Slimixl. Harold Outlier.(liirr Iranklin. truli d. u InuLing at tlelt to rifflit) l‘rank I i llock. Bob Thompson, and Charles Buthn. in News and Features I lie Hornol was published almost every week In I lie mIiooI year with the exception of vacation and examination | eriods. Hiott Press printed the campus newspaper. and Mr. Ira Baker advised the staff. I his year the Homol staff received notification that the 195 ) )( publication had received an All-American ratine from the Associated Collegiate Press. 1956-57 HORNET STAR' Jebby I)av» . . Kuril Sill I TON ClIABLES Bl. MIA . Babamia Sam HON Hva I All Shihroo ........................Ii «utiro Director . Ju»«i |.m i u ilor. Srcontl Seta tier , .Mu Ki jln ) litli tor. Flrtf Semester ............................NrtPI Editor .................Alililanl .Wui Editor Bon Thompson...................................Spcrti Editor Cl Aim. i'KANM.is.............................. Feature Editor CuriON Al l XANDEB .........Rrllglout Sew Editor Bkownii Bn ADI I v.................................Music iVeu-l Editor Bon Holm is...................................Butinru Monojiri Cwrs Walter . Mary Ia i isi Iastebby. Maby Scawell. Room I'uoki. IIinby Baib. Carolyn Ijttlejoiin. Cabolyn Coopib....................................Columnith Business Manager. IUj t lolnie . dorm I look worried over who's ifoinfi to pay tlir lull . left to Right ikoi Thompson. Charles Bodia. and Jerry DwU air getting their hand dirty down nt Hiott Press. Columnists. Sealed. J-r l to Right: Gwen Walters. Mary Seawrlj. Stanrling: Al Kinnett. Carolyn (’oo| rr. Brownie Bradley loon solemnly at the ramrra. 81Echo Publishes Twice A bi-yearly publication, the Echo, is Il»c chiel vehicle of expression for writing by gifted Furman writers. The Echo offers an opportunity for publication of the literary endeavors of writers interested in creative writing. John Johnson edited the Echo this year and Kaly Katsarka served as assistant editor. Sally Reagan did art work for the publication. Contributors to the December issue of the Echo were Robert I hompson. Katy Katsarka. [Jill I lart. Rat Gantt. N'limi Finley. Bob Shirley. Pat Williams. Al George. Frances T homos. I larold Garber. Odell Disber. Ray Cason, and T. B. Harper. "I he works which were published included poetry, prose, and short stories. Dr. A. S. Reid and Mr. E. E. ilarrill advised the Echo. T he editor of the Echo is elected by the Publications Board with the assistant editor being appointed by the editor with the approval of the board. Handbook Lays Down the Law One of the most useful publications published at Furman University is the "Handbook . edited this year by Frances I homas for the Woman’s C ampus and Dwain Blur kston for the Men s Campus. The "Handbook is particularly valuable to the freshmen und new students. Ix th groups receiving a copy ol the book during the summer before their entrance to Furman. Besides featuring pictures ol the administration and campus leaders, the "I landbook gives a view of f urman history and traditions. Attendance regulations and dormitory rules as well as the constitutions for both men and women’s student bodies are listed. I here is also information concerning extra-curricular activities—honorary and departmental organizations, athletic schedules and student body cheers. I lie student Handbook" was published this year in two books, one for the men's college and one for the woman’s college. During the year 1946-5 . however, the book will be joined, and the joint "Handbook" will be edited by Sandra McGee and Wayne Ham. elected by the Publications Board in the winter of this year. Frances Thomas I Women' "Hondbook “ lull lor. i' iilintf the "Handbook for men t Ow.tin Blnriaton.Publications Board Sets Important Standards One of the more recent student committees on the campus is the Publications Board organized to govern publication activities. Members are appointed by tbr president of the Women’s Student body and the president of the Men's Student body with the approval of the Women's Council and the Men's Legislature. 1 lie editors and business managers of all publications are also members. I be Board was organized last year and began functioning in the Spring of 1956. The Board, along with University representatives determine qualifications of the editors and business managers for I Incoming year, and elect them in the spring. ( andidates for offices submit applications and are interviewed by the board. T lie duties of the board are to coordinate publications activities in advertisement solicitation, to investigate publication contracts, ami to serve as a mediator in publications disputes. Members of the Publications Board are: Dr. A. E. 1 ibbs. Dean of the University: Mr. Eldredge M. Caskey. I reasurcr of the University: Mr. Ira Baker. I lead of the Journalism Department: Dr. A. S. Reid, (‘acuity Representative: Henry Bair. Chairman of the Board; Claudia Garrison Maddox. Secretary: Janice Moore. Al McNccly. Gene Godbold. Dwain Blackston. John Johnson. Gail Sloan. I'.ddie West. Jerry Davis. Bob Holmes, and Frances I homas. Chairman Henry Bair pmidei over one ol llir long meeting . 1'itti Rot -. Ml to Right: John Johtuon. Mr. tin linker. Claudia Gniilion Maddox. Henry Bair. Dwnln Blndoton. Second Row: Gwr Godhold, Al McNVely. Frame Miottm . Janice Moore. Jerry Dnvlt. 7 fiUtl Row: (-ail Slonn, Ur. A. 1_ I ihhr. Mr Fldredge ( a»key. 83Frats are Active in Furman Social Life 1 liis year the five Furman fraternities enjoyed a banner year. All fraternities devoted much time ami emphasis to the supi ort of Furman functions. Men ol the Furman fraternities lead the campus in every area of endeavor. Each fraternity enlaced in several service projects during the year. Not only did the Furman fraternities participate in Greek Week, a week of service to the University; hut each individual group s| onsored special activities of a philanthropic nature for the community as a whole. Kush Week was one of the high points of the year with all the fraternities sharing in a good crop of freshman pledges. A variety of rush functions provided a week that was thoroughly enjoyed by rushes and brother alike. All five fraternities directed considerable effort toward improving the houses. S. A. E. added an additional house and put in much new furniture. Pi Kappa Phi moved into their new house and did a great deal ol painting and fixing up. while Kappa Alpha redecorated its new house on University Ridge. Both T. K. I£. and 1 beta Chi completely redecorated their chapter rooms. In retrospect the Greeks of Furman L niversity t an point with pride to a successful year. Fraternities and fraternity men have done mucb to show their worth to Furman University."1 ins year Intrrfratcrnity Council sought lo regulate and coordinate all fraternity activity. It server! as a consolidating agency that sought to work for the mutual good of all fraternities and the school and student hodv in general. 1 he semi-weekly I. F. C. meetings served to direct the scheduling of social events, to air minor grievances. and to plan service projects and other joint ventures by fraternities. Ihe Interfraternity Council has as its pur| ose the furthering of the worthwhile fraternity system and in keeping with its high purpose, it regulates all fraternal activity and relates it to general campus lile. Great strides were made under its President Bud Morgan. Other officers were: Mac Mearcs. Vice-President: Warner Burke. Secretary: John Johnson. Treasurer: and loby Carson. Member at-lairge. One junior member from each fraternity completed the council's personnel. Dean Bonner served as faculty advisor. Harmony was the keynote of a successful year for the Intcrfraternitv Council. Interfraternity Council Promotes Unity Tin- mnnUt of llic Intcrfrnlornlty Council me. Seated. Is ft to Right: John Johnson. Ctene Godhold. Bud Morgan. W»inn Builr. Toby Cotton. Shuttling: Rif haul Audnndrr. Bill Howes. Bill Thompton. Jhtirm MfGtrirt. Mdton Senboin 8SKappa Alpha Actives KiiIiiihI Awlnndrt Stiii Blanton I loiltcr Biiroon lanie» Brown Joe QuinJIcr David I )nnicl Cecil Hickman Boh Jrimlntf John Johnson W. K Johnson Dun McCmlfi Boh Moorer Ben Page) Keith Shelton Carllc Smith James Stewart I’tutcrs Ronnie Blown Jake Cherry Kcnn Clirtet»J r B Joe Dewy Bill I lail Bill Irvin Cliarle I »»i».inl IJoyd Kelly I'rank McCravy linimy Spark John Stone Boh I lunn| u n Byron Walk rt Jnmr Walton 1 itn Wfllwn 86KAs Move to University Ridge OFFICERS ItMIN JoHNJON.......................... Cabi.ii. Smith.................. . . . Mo'll U I tins SON..................... Kuril Sun ton.......................... Bob Moohiii............................ Kiciiabii Aumamh ...................... W. It. Johnson......................... Don MKabt.b............................ D.wmi Danim. .......................... .Number One Xumtor Tiiv umber I brre Number lour Number l ire Number Si Number Seven Number Eight Number Nine I his year started willi a general feeling of optimism as tlie K. . moved to llicir new house on University Ridge. All the brothers and pledges spent the opening weeks of school redecorating the new house and refurnishing the chapter room. The homecoming festivities and several informal parties highlighted the fall: with Convivium. the annual celebration of Robert h. I.ees birthday, was the most significant event in January. I he annual C. hristmas party for the children at the Shriner’s hospital and the city-wide Muscular I dystrophy canvass were the most important philanthropic endeavors of lota chapter. After a successful rush week, attention was focused on the "Old South in Columbia. The spring parties and the house party ended the year in a whirl of social activity. Kappa Alpha has as its colors, crimson and old gold and as itv Dowers, the Magnolia and the crimson rose. Robert L. Ixt. Kappa Alphas spiritual founder, provides the inspiration and ideals on which Kappa Alpha stands. I he year was a very gratifying one in every respect and the knights of Kappa Alpha Order can look back on a year of rich achievement. PrrrtJml—John Jolimon KA Ko'r-Htlllr Carol Davl Ilir officer of Knpfm Alpha for ihit )tor were Jofin Johnson, Nunilxsr One: Cailic Smith. Nunilxt I wo: Homer Brinson. Number three: Ksitli Shs-ltsm. Nuili-hrr I Viur: D.ivnl D.mi' l. Number lnc; Don M ( nr-Irr. Number I f. R. Jolin«in. Niirntur Sovsrt; Ki’liiiid Autljimirr, Numlicr Six: Bs l Miwrr, Niiinlx-r Five. I lir K. A. » Iniiilliniirs' Vi nir IliJim with llirir fraternity U»l Moorcr, liin Hurst. Don Atbi'll. John Itrnn. Clin tie Style . Don McCnrts-r Isk-1: over tin-frnlcrnity war-irinr. New K A. pls-tlgc im lints- Cliorh-. Mootc. ("Imrlc Style . John Ih-nn. Betnic Branch. Chnrlo I'.lli . Don Sim|»«on. I tuirli (till.trn, James I lord. Arch Wallace, loin Avery. Chnrle Moore. Don A bdl. 87■■■ Pi Kappa Phi Actives Wallace M. Carton P. Terry Roper Millon R. SeaBoin Pi.ei ocs I-. II. BirKop Jim Emery Rol erl I lolmet Roller! Nolly Ionics I-.. Palmer I loroM Parker Jerry Williilc 88■in Pi Kappa Phi Gets New House OJTICERS Wallace Carson....................................RmsJfni Tkmv Rotes......................................Sterttary Mii.tos R. Seaborn.................................Tmuunr I lie local Pi Kappa Phi chapter was established in 1909. just five years after its founding at College of Charleston. I he fraternity colors are blue, white and gold and the flower is the red rose. After several years of the Lodge the Pi Kaps started off the year in the new house. The first few weeks were spent getting it into a home-like condition. Push girls came in handy with paint brushes as well as being decoration themselves. Pall came with its usual series of drop-ins. rush girl parties, weiner roasts, parties alter football games, and other get-togethers which help one to appreciate that a Greek letter fraternities' purpose is not only scholarship and brotherhood, hut also social contact. I he death of Delta's most respected alumnus. Dr. Robert Norman Daniel. Dean hmeritus of the University and Chairman of the llnglish Department, was a loss that was greatly felt by Pi Kappa Phi. Winter came on and the girls directed the hoys in aiding a needy family at Christmas, working for the Muscular Dystrophy campaign, the Red Cross, and the March ol I )imcs. Pi Kap was enthusiastically active in intramurals, hut failed to bring home any laurels. Push season was a real success and the spring brought new life and enthusiasm to Pi Kappa Phi. Ht«- Pi K.i( |xi till olFiters lor the year wrtci Millon Seaborn. Treasurer; Toliy Carson. President; and terry Rojxt. Ssatelary. New Pj Kap pled if e» this semester were, 1 r l to Kitjfil l.eotmr.1 Owens, lames Palmer, Joe l.udlnm. Preside nt—l obby Carson Pi Kap Sweetheart—Mary Williams $9Sigma Alpha Epsilon R C Ayr,. I F. H..c».l| I I'.. Camp II. I . CW I. I-. Coo|«e, it. 11 Crodc, R. K. Dtvh J. S. Fxlfic C. I rtrman (». (nmIIioIiI M I lollnuin A H. Hancock M D. Hancock W. I I li.nL . Fv O. I loifirf W. II I Imre I K I lutupSrir-. C. D. Joyner T 11 Keatint! F. M UnJIer S. J. Mmlilox I P. Matthew. P. E. McKinney I. M. Mwin K !•: N’kldc J A. Pole I I). PlvIre VV II Puckett R. IWt J. C. Rhine I. Rollin. I P. Sn.nl. H M Sulliv.in I- VV Tr.lli.on L J. Baw D. F. Boh VV Bull W. M r.l«;,r,l. I’. I Inigl.l (•. H. I luritMici K I ). I Icrrcitl I). J. Mill H. Uwi. W. IJmlr, B Roc. C Wei, F_ Wert 90SAE’ s arc Active in Many Areas OITKT.RS I.IWIS TOUBON.......................... IK VI NO B.VCWTU .... .... IIl YWAUO Sl’UIVAX . .............. Dan ImMi............................... l iX.AR I IoRCMI....................... IaMIS I ll Ml-IIRII N.................. (•I NI ('.odium n ..................... Don Bolt............................... I’»ANK I IaH.II I ..................... . . .WflMM Dcjmly An linn . . Rffotilrr . 'I'rronuer ( 'n n liintul. nl . (' invilifi'f . . I If mill Waiilrii . . ( htiplol n During I lie past two semesters South Carolina Phi Chapter of Sigma Alpha Kpsilon experienced another highly success f»l year of wholesome activities for its members. In addition to having a well-rounded program of social events, the fraternity throughout the year many special projects whereby it rendered service both to f'urman and to the Greenville community. At the end ol second semester last year the Sons of Minerva took great pride in ranking first among all the fraternities on campus in scholastic standing and in finishing first among the Standings in campus intramural sports to win the All-Sporls I rophv. At the beginning of first semester this South Carolina Phi Chapter became perhaps the only fraternity in the country to occupy two fraternity houses when 120 University Ridge was converted into the S. A. 1 1 I louse Number I wo. Brothers and pledges enthusiastically gave the adjacent house a "face lifting": with the aid of several gallons of paint, new drapes, rugs, and furniture, the Sons of Minerva successfully transformed their two houses into a comfortable home away from home. During the past year the S. A. E. social calendar included a wide variety of wholesome activities. I he fraternity enjoyed several week-end mountain parties, rush girl parties, special informal drop-ins. S. A. E. was especially proud this year ol their campus I fomecoming display which was awarded the second prize by the judges. Service was emphasized in making things brighter for an impovershied family at Christmas and in helping in the city I leart Fund Drive . I’lrudml—Mm Mmim SAM Sw - -tlir.«il—Ballrotine Ihr ilf.1 MiarUer oHkoi. of S A I!. wr,r Korn D.itfvvrll. Sf«trl«ry; Lrv U I ulliton. Tir»»urrt; Mac Mctft . Pr« klmt: an«l Jim llylet. (ltronklrr. Il i» Monday nigiit end tii«- Rung galiim for il weekly meeting. Hie » « S.A F_ pledge „,r. I rfl In Right: M o«C Jone . l di i Sutton. Ken Brown. Doug Padcv. Woody Sifwnll, tom Bunion, (wry I'owrn, Jcrtv Brown. 91Tau Kappa Epsilon J. A. Bau I D. Burchfield . W. W. Burke K. J. Brannon W. E. Cue I. K. I.)aUry N. F. (i.lll rf K. K. Gay S. M, 1 lotion 'I P lenkin. e. o n«. I). W. Coope, I H I I.UK oik G. O Kelley C . I Goodun R W. (•frenr R. I'. Johnson R. M tVkholi I- L I'.-irncll I). W. K vo J. B. McGnirl Al Me Neely W. 11 Mrldium F. 11. Tftdlork 92Growth Marks TKE Group OFFICERS Warner Bum................................................ 'rvfanu Jimmy Watts............................................Cpiprytuni Jamis Vick...............................................Oromnwifm Kinmtii It an non.....................................CryM phyfo Awv Bavi ...............................................Hypophefe Thomas Jenkins . Motor Walut Case....................................................P)W« Sam Morton.................................................Hr rmon l ItiRRtLL Wood and Dr. Ed Biown.......................... Wrbon I .iu Knppa Epsilon was founded January 10. 1899. at Illinois Wesleyan University by five students for the purpose of developing its members intellectually, morally, and socially and to promote true fraternal brotherhood. During the fall T . K. I ., undertook as their first project— remodeling the living room. Since the house looked so well, it was put to good use as a site for several rush girl parties, drop-ins and initiations. Homecoming found the Gamecocks "Chicken Prying in the Pan. Dot's Music to Me" as their homecoming exhibit. I he Christmas project was sending a CARE package to Hungary. Erecting u llagpole was the pledge’s main project for the year. Second semester started with a bang because of a successful Rush Week. The house parly was the best ever because the T. K. E. chapters from Georgia Tech and Auburn joined them. I he house party was combined with the District Leadership Conference. Spring was the best season and a full slate of parties and initiations were greatly enjoyed. T. K. E.'s colors are cherry and gray, the (lower is the red carnation, the jewel is the pearl. Our fraternity patron is Appollo and this year our Sweetheart was Grace Ann Barbour. I lie school year was completed with a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I’lrtklfnl—Wwnrf Burke I HI . Swo'tlitnil-CiiiM'r Ann BnlliuUl IV officer of T. K. E. arc. Left to Right Kenneth hr,onion. Treasurer: S»n» Morion. PWjr I miner; Warner Burke. Pretident: Andy Blue Chaplain Second Rou : Jim Vkk. Seetrlnry: lorn lonkim, Hl»-lotinn: Jimmy Wall . Vlcr-Praiuml; nnd Wally Cnw. Sergeant-at-Annr. Dorb Ann Bowen doe •one ruthinR for I fie Teko . I lie rudtee ore Billy Key. Robert f'ogle, and Mike Gllxon. Hie new IK I. pledge are, Srnlnl, Ij-ft Uni fit: Mike ( .ilium. Dirk Gantt. Bill Gantt. Randy Hooper. Sliin.hr,• Ralph Mint. Wedey Savior . Clayton Nunn, nnd Charlie Crook, Other pledge not pktured are Marion Boling. Phillip Young. Harry Croat, and Harold Croat 93Theta Chi Acnvts Klimlin BatMMi Bill Block Robed Block Roy lloll I linih lluwkins CmM Jobnron Dkk Kolnni "Bod Moegon Robed I'ollcruoii l£mil Rucitoer lb non Sniilli Jnnirx Slnnlon Wlllliun Tboin[Mon Pi. touts I £0 Bnnie Grolfir l .limlc Jim Grant Don Morkobkl lorry Pcnlund Ray Siminrki Nick Tromclrkn 94 Dirk Wright I )«ve YoungTheta Chi Wins Homecoming Prize Jxmis Stanton lit i Morgan . But Bi.trK . I'MIL kutGNIK I )l K Kot-WS . BttL THOMPSON on ichrs , . Pwiid.'iil Vice Piriidrnt . . Si-wtoy . . Treasurer . , (7 uifJojn Hedge .'‘lartha! I lie men of Gamma Bela Chapter resumed the role ol students this fall with enthusiasm and renewed energy. 1 here were the greetings to In exchanged and the happy hilarity of returning to friends and brothers. W ith registration and matriculation, however the members settled into the well-worn saddle and began another year. During the first semester, more emphasis was placed on scholastic and religious achievements with I beta ( hi rising in campus scholarship and taking an active part in Religious kmpliasis Week. Gamma Beta held the Annual Kill Kicully drop-in at the house during the first month of school which was well attended as usual and was enjoyed by all. I he most successful social event of the first semester was the Christmas Party given in honor of the rush girls: James Stanton, prexy. being host to Miss Mavis Nesbitt, the Dream Girl. I lie second semester began like a whirlwind with rush week adding many new faces to the men of I lieta Chi. I lie parties throw n by I beta C hi inc reased in number as the semester progressed and included the Senior Stag Supper in honor of those men to be graduated, the spring get-together with the members of the I.unity ami the administration, winding up the year with a successful bouse party. With Theta Chi as President of the I. F. C. this year her members and representatives came into closer contact with the ladies and gentlemen of the administrative office, thereby utilizing the opportunity to fulfill our motto: Alma Mater first. I beta Chi for Alma Mater. I hrtii ( In officer lor llic you wrrr. Sealed Bud Morgan. Vice-President: Janies Stanton. President: Bill Klnrli. S«Mlily. Sfondinfl Dnk Kolun . (Imp- Inin: I’jtiil Ringnot. Iinuuirr: Bill Iliomp on. Pledge Marshal, Kush Wirl hai a very hu y wii-k lor the Thel. (’hi . Kolon and l1iornp nn »e«-rti to Ik- doing oine nuhlng. but their don I look mud like mJtee . The new IhcTa Chi ru.hrr were. Kneeling: Joe Clapp nod John MiBrnnrll SlanJing W ill Brook . Dick Heller, George Bryan. 95I.yi.es Alley Athlnlii: Dircitar I trail liastrriball ( ixith The Competition As Paladins Post For the first time in five years, the Furman Furplc Paladins were not letl onto the court l»y a national scoring champion. I he Selvv-Flovd All-America era was over, and a still rebuilding job face«l I lead Coach I .vies Alley, whose duties were further increased in January when lie succeeded to the athletic directorship. From this rebuilding program came n 10-17 overall record, an 8-5 Southern Conference record, and a promising freshman-sophomore crop. So intense was the battle for first-string positions that no player, with the exception o! All-Southern Dick Wright, had a stranglehold on his position for even- game ol the season. Wright, the tricky sophomore playmaker. took charge after a promising freshman debut and was in contention for the conference scoring crown for most of the season, finishing with a 20.2 average, third best in the league. 11 is mate at guard was Bill Gaines wlio came off the bench in bis senior year to provide defensive help along with accurate outside shooting. Brother Bohhy Gaines was hampered in the season's last hall hut came through with the needed scoring punch. Alternating with him nl forward was Jimmy I lerring. whose chief asset was rebounding strength. I lie 10 0 r 7 I'uiptc P.il.nhn. MW, Front Ron . .eft In Kcfllil Lm ftetni. Byron Pinson, loin Conrad. Slr-ve Ross. Bill I tanks, Jimmy Herrin . Ronnie Silyer. I Mill McKinney, finch Rout Uiek Wtiglil. I l.uv.ird Riddle. Steyr Benya, Joe Cooper. Boldiy Gninrt. Bill Gain? . J. C. Rhine.Gets Tougher 10-17 Record At I lie oilier forward position was a bright Freshman prospect. Byron Pinson, whose poise, scoring touch, anti rebounding drew marked comments Iroin Paladin opponents. Il was Pinson who almost single-handedly kepi I he Purples alive in a hid lo upset conference champion West Virginia nt Charlotte when the Mountaineers won 80-72 after an injury forced Pinson Irom the game for vital minutes. The center position was lilletl by sophomore Steve Ross and senior Bill I lanks. Ross, who finished the 1935 10 season as first-stringer, showed an amazing scoring touch with hooks and jump shots and was an impressive rebounder at times. Hanks finest bour came in February when his last-second field goal heat Richmond in a double-overtime Textile I lall thriller; Other varsity men rounding out the squad were Phil McKinney, loe Cooper, lorn Conard, Steve Benya. Ronnie Salver. J. C. Rhine, and Harvard Riddle. Al Hancock was manager. Bonnv Gaines I'WUWli YVdfilil Jllvn in IVlMCMreMud !«• u li.okrtl.mil luMirmrutli llirre somewhere. Sttvt Ross. Center 1956-57 Results Furman 106 1 enncsscc . Ill Furman 66 North Carolina . 94 Furman 74 Georgia Tech 93 Furman 69 William Mary 66 Furman 75 Davidson . . . 61 Furman 91 Virginia 1 e h 8S Furman 73 Centenary . . . 83 Furman 81 Y M. 1. . . . 79 Furman 80 Louisiana 1 ech . 72 Furman 56 Spring 1 fill . . 67 Furman 96 Florida Slate . 108 Furman 95 West Virginia . 110 Furman 85 Virginia 1 cell 81 Furman 101 Davidson . . . 85 Furman 76 1 lie Citadel Furman Clemson 80 Furman 82 West Virginia . 90 Furman 89 Wofford 74 Furman 98 South Carolina . 103 Furman 80 William f- Mary 78 Furman 73 Richmond . . . 80 Furman 99 Richmond . 97 Furman 79 1 hr Citadel . 85 Furman 77 South Carolina . 85 Furman 79 Clemson . . 91 Furman 69 Presbyterian . . 92 Furman 71 Richmond . 90SfiONMi III im lion III llir Cli.idolto Coliseum. Ix-il to Riijhl. Air Lli yd S.'i.ur.u and Kod llundlcN ol VV.«t Virginia. .nul Hill Hank . Jim Herring, and Dick VVright of Furman. Wright. Hundley, and Sfinrrar were rfio cn All-Southern.Stkvk lir.NVA. Guard Jot CoOriR. Guard Phil McKinniy. GuardBlIX I1.ANIW. Center 6' 9" Siwc KftU ftixl liic 1'olnC tough. Point So. Ary. 54S 20.2 57 1 13.9 279 10.3 273 10.1 255 10.2 216 10.3 89 1.2 82 •1.3 32 2.5 30 2 3 15 3.0 8 1.3 2 1.0 0 0 2.200 81.5 2.323 86.0 I'tefd (jooli l:rer I hrouv Krkxiruk PLy.r So. (itirarv Pet. Pel. No, A eg. Wright ... 27 36.5 60 2 109 4.0 Butuin . ... 27 138 69.2 182 6.7 ( i.i inn. ... 27 125 77.6 119 4.1 Kom . . ... 27 III 66.4 269 10.0 1 Iming . ... 25 150 59.5 230 9.2 Gnine . R. ... 21 102 70.0 101 3.0 MtKmwy ... 21 105 39.5 17 2.2 1 l.inli . ... 19 48.0 10.0 87 10 Cooper . ... 13 41.7 50.0 it .8 CoiMdl . ... 13 31 3 42.9 35 2.7 Bi nVi . ... 5 28.6 12.9 6 1.2 Rliinr ... 6 33 3 50.0 2 .3 SJ « . ... 2 33.3 0 Bn» . . 2 1.0 Riddle . ... 1 0 Own Irani Total . 27 K).8 63.1 1.233 46.1 Opp Total 132 68.1 1.275 47.2 IWn I'Uiiu- llu- kill down Jim IIlkkim. lorurgrjTom Conard Inkc n lmi in Imkmnn (AOir, Freshmen Stars Indicate Varsity Future Bright Although no! up lo the par set by other freshman teams in rer ent years under C oath Bill Kerr, the Baby Paladins probably bad more fight and determination this year than in most others. Record-wise, the frosli had a -I II mark which was not indicative of some fine play in the latter part of the season against ( lemson and Carolina. I he frosli were led by Center lorn Conard who first saw action in several varsity games and then was transferred to the Little Paladins for experience. Conard averaged 20 points per game and led the squad in rebounds. Versatile Dave Sheppard played at center, guard, and forward during the course of the season and was given a good chance lo bid for n varsity berth next year. Rounding out the team were llddie I louse. .Mickey While. Jack Nolen. Bill h riddle. (Jordon Blackwell, lune Raines. Clyde Mynalt. hurman I lewitt, and Jim Settle. 'Hip Lillie PaMini were. Front Row. left to Right: Bill Friddle. Gordon Blarkwell. lunr Koine . (’I ile Mvnall. I'urmnn Hrwlll. Ilm Settle Haiti Row: Dove Siitp|Kird, l.ildir I louse, I 011 (oiurd, Mickey While, lock Nolen, and Condi Bill Keif. 102S. A. E. Takes ’Mural Title in Basketball Highlight of llie winter season in intramural play w.is the race lor llic basketball crown. S. A. 11. finally wound up on top with K. A. second, 1$. S. U. third, and Pi Kap lourth. In an exhibition game after the regular season, a team of all-stars was selected by the intramural council to meet the S. V IE. champions. Named All-Stars were Edd Selvy anil Kay Siminski of I beta Chi. Jim Mi Quirt ol T. K. I'... Bill Fallow of the Ministers. Jerry Rogers of B. S. U.. Johnny I aylor of Pi Kap. and Bobby Jennings of K. A., who was voted the league s most valuable player. On the champion S. A. IE. squad were Bill Weir. John Edge. Walter Bull. Mack (Edwards. Micky Morton. Dan Joyner, and Frank Haight. I he All-Stars won 9-17 as Edd Selvy poured in 2J points. Intramural action firl» lint and heavy. S. l lrilr.in.iii.il Ihokcth.ill ( wrrr, 'rorit Rou1. I.eft lo Right: Hill Wrir. tin V..-y I Imton. Dan loyiKt. Rodney I )uvl». limit Ron1: Waller Bull. I.Jiii I dge. Mark Edward . Bill House. Bohhv Ayer . and Cow CodhoJ.1 Ilii- All-Star leant was composed of. I’ront Row. .«’ 1 In Right' Jim McGulil. Bill Follow, Johnny Taylor, Edd Selvy. Bod Row: Riley Cothran. Ray Siminski. Bobby Jennings, and Jerry Rogers. 103I1»U W not n tiM-rtiii)! of tlio rat court , fait all thr SopKomorr ( la» offucit ore here—Jerry Iwnliower, Kenneth Glenn. IVnny .tone . Budiy Kollint, Sylvia McKenzie. Tommy Cook. Charter Muclienfu . Raymond Ijrwiv Sophomores get Revenge on 'Rats’ I lie women and men of I he Sopliomore Class worked very linrd at tlic beginning of llie school year carrying mil I he Iradilions of "railing" llie freshmen. The sage sophomores sold I he underclassmen their beloved hean-ies and supervised ihc wearing of them. Ral Court was held on a Saturday afternoon for the women lo punish "had rats", hut it ended with a surprise hury-lhe-hutchet party lo show that all was done in fun. I he freshmen hoys were called lo Rat C'ourl by I he sophomore men several limes. "Carolina in I he Mournin' was ihc I heme of llie class' Homecoming exhibit. I lie traditional sophomore-senior breakfast and llie Daisy Chain on Class l)«y were the big projects ol Ihc women sophomores honoring ihcir big sisters I he seniors. I he sophomore men were very active in student government, athletics, fraternity life, publications, and other activities. Churtee Muckenfuss and I ointny Cook are llie presidents of ihc Class of 1959. WO.MI Charter Mccki.sm.-ss.................................Prrgdcnl Sylvia McKenzie..................................Vk Prc ld nt Penny Jones.........................................Setrttory Jlrrv UlNIKWER........................................Tnwiutr MKN Tommy Cook...........................................PrttiJtml Honor Roluns............................................ WPwlU Kenneth Glenn.........................................SrtrrUry Kay.mono Lewis........................................Trnuurtt OFFICERS IC-4Sophomores Carolyn Elli Adams. Columbia Caiobnc Adams Albright, Greenville Mary I'raiwn Allen. Greenville Nitnty Pearl Anderson, Anderson Giro Re d Avnnl, (mmvlllr William Ray Avnnl, Greenville Win 'lliotnas Averv, Amnicvs. C'rn. William Roy A.xmnnn. Anderson Marvin B. Aycock, Greenville Robert Calvin Ayer . Rock 1 till I'lcd l.skr Bagwell. Greenville Wlillney Ann Barnes, Ansirtnon Rhtmiu Hill Bar row. Greenville I jury Joe Boss, Georgetown I htgh Bridweil Batson. Greenville I.so Alveil Brrni. Miami, Fin. Barbara Ann Bethea, Greenville Henry T. Bingham, Greenvillr Helen I'.li abelli Uitliu|i, Summerville l.ot« I'urnef Bhiikwcll, Duncan Sidney R. Bland. Cnroleen. N C. Robert I. Bledsoe. McDonough, Gn. Ixinui Gray Bloom, Greenville Donald l r.ml.lm Boll. Anderson Martini Catherine Bouchlllon. Anderson Bernard II. Brandi, Gastonia. N. C. Margaret Irene Breland. Wnllerboto Mary France Brinson, Greenwood Mntllm Alice Britton. Washington. D. C I lays! Thurman Brock. Nashville. Tenn. Wilton C. Brooks, Slmpsonvllle Juan Anthony Brown. Greenville Mary liarle Brown. Anderson Rirli.ird .1. Brown. Charleston Ronnie Nathan Brown. Atlanta. Ga. Snvan Ann Bryan. Greenville Walter Alliert Bull, Greenville Jw I). Burrhheld. Comvny Jerry W Bmkelle, Cr.initevllle Barbara Ann Burris, N. CharlestonSophomore Peggy Sue Canon, Greenville Gerald R. Carter, Georgetown Florence Evelyn Carter. Greenville Ray Edward Cason. Briton Billy Furman Cave. Walter boro Mary Barr Cave. Olar Boldly D, (liamblrtt. oimnv Dnlltte Ctmmbles . Conway Joe T. Oinrullcr. Piedmont Jacob R Clierry. Wllllston Ijnda Jo Childress. Fair Play George Bailey Clark. Waterloo Brnnrltn Elaine Clary. Cameron Billy R. Coker. Eldorado. III. Jolin Barry Collins. Ridgeway 'llionuts I lerbrrt Conley. Columbia C. Thomas Cook. I-akr City Carolyn Louire Cooper. Charleston llrtfli! Homer I . Coulter. Greenville Rarhrl Counts. Property RaljJi FI Cox. Greenville Dorutid P CreMwell. Greenville Willie Cromer, Westminster Ricbard II. Crooks. Greenville Jacob Harry Croat. Greenville James I larold Croul. Greenville Ijrcian Reeves Dabney. Greesrville Howard I. Davis. Hendersonville. N C Rodney E. Davis. Greenville Margarct lone Denise. Knoxville. I era Norma Elizabeth Dickson. Greenville Aiidry Evans Dill. Union I larold Dean Earle . Greenville C barlolte F.lizahelli EclJes, Athens. Cvs James A. Edward . Grree William M lulwards, Athens, Cm George F.liades, Odcnton. Md. Tliomns J Eller, Easley James F. Emery. C ookeviilc. 1 rnn. Joseph W. Fanning. CameronClass OdeMe I (tint I cUcr, Wretmlnfter Mimi Gitc Finley. Greenville Marllut Imii Finnegan, Silver Sjwintf. Mil. liiinn Rk fiord I'lowof, ( li.irlriton IX-oold I) Forrester, Mauldin M Cliiire Franklin. Gnffney Jodie (’, Galloway. I renton Richard A Gantt. Greenville Willinni A. Gontl. Greenville llnrold F. Garber. Greenville Will mm Gibson. Greenville Omrle Kennrtli Glenn. Carlton. Go, Willinm .1 Croltmn. Florence Mildred Rachel Grant. Greenville Martha Willis Gray. Oklahoma City. Okln Richard W. Greene. 1 -like City Janie Fdward Gtognn, Mauldin Solly Lurynlhin Groome. Greenville Mary Anne Gunler. Ninely Six Charles Wayne Horn, Florence Michael Ivnvin I l.iniincll, Columbia (ilcriri I my I Inrjx-c. Andalusia. Ain. Gcotfir II Harrison, Phoenix City. Ain. Howard I amor Harmon, liberty Clurle. Wilkie Hurl. 'I rnvelet Rest W iltiani I I Inti. Inline Island Orn Cnrnle Harter. N’. Charleston IVkIoi IV Hassklns. I loneis Pnlli Jane Ann I horsey. I_ahr City Robert 11 I lender son. ( Vntral H.rs Hood Hendrkl.. Ihdey riioiiun I Icyssnrd. Aiken ( arniyn Mode Hindman. I nylon Boelmir. Ixe i llotl. Piedmont I’itrtcln Muir I loud, Greenville l dj;or O. Ilorgcr. Greenville May Mnnsotir I lomnnl. Mrrjaynun. Lebanon MxriJfttet llo s. Blncksilh- India Mnr|ofic Hossaid. Greenville William B. Howe . Arlington. Vu. 107Sophomore Ted L. I luckoby. Greenwood Knndoipli I I ItiIT. Pirelinont James W. I lughfS. Ctlnduy James R, Humphries, 1-nke Cily Gemlene Isemhower, Isinenslcr Mmy Rulli fames, GcoiReiown Claire Louire Jolfers, Jacksonville. FI Janie C. Johnson. Greenville l.oy Y. Johnson. Union Ann Johnson. Wnllialln Columbus L Johnelou. Gre-envllle I lenry I , .loner. Greenville Joylyn liliwibelli Jones. Greenville Mary Dorolliy Jones. Tlmmonsvllle Mary Jo Jones. Nortli Maxine Dennis Jones. Shrevcjxul. la Miriam Louise Jones. Coyer Louis R lone . V Columbia I'rnnce Merle Jordon, Conway Carry Dan Joyner, Greenville Doyle YVesley Day. I jlxtly I’ « • I’air i ia Kay. Greenville Tommy II. Kratlne. Greenville loyre Ann Keller. Kinystiee Glenn Oli» Kelley. Greenville Prfftfy Ray Kenney. Rembert Cliurlrs R Killinffiwotlli, AufmU Roberi IV Kins. ( 'on way Albert I), Kinnell. Ibirlintflon. N C. David Wei Kvvo. Taipei. (Irina Mary Brniltloid Dicey, Monets Ctfi-r Mdlon II lackey. Girrnvillr Gerald Reis I aw Ion. Iv.v Cliarlc 1 Leopard. I jlxrly Mary Ruin Le e«nc. Cirrenvillc Ray monel H l cwie. Greenville Cbarlee W Ijndrr. Macon. On IJndn I jnebny. Greenville John MrMillnn l»ni'. ( ofiway Nancy Anne Looper. Gastofth. N- C 138Class Janet Helen Lowify, Baltimore. Mil Grace OtmcHf l.urni. Belton Don R. Markobki, Collingdnle. Penn lor I l.imlil Martin. Ware Shoal Oliver Kermlt McCorler, Cbatlintn, N. J. Carolyn Mi F3vrm. Like City Juntcr I jMinr McKay. I lnimon»villc Sylvia I .outre McKenzie. I jikc City David W. McKinnon. (Jreenvllle Martha Ani c McMillan. I Jxlwtftll Ihoinna C. McMinn. Greenville Raymond W Mi rll. Si George Rolierl R, Monroe. Clearwater Holly C.iil Moody. ( iirenvlllr C l.-irle Moore. Latin Charles Henry Moore. Savannah, Go. Sarah Eunice Moore. Greenville Charlotte Muckenluvc, Aiken Carol Phylli Mullin . Greenville Oran Roger Nahor . Joanna Robert Dai u Nolly. Greenville Rkiinld Mace Nkhol . Atlcdlo. Ala Roy Everellc Nicklr . Greenwood Rkhaul D. Nix. Garnett Donald B. Nomwn; Greenville Helen Mlnabfth North. Atlanta. Gn. Clayton C. Nunn. Oak Ridge. ’I rnn. Neflel ranee Nye. W. Columbia Him Anne O’Neal. Columbia Guard K Owen . Greenville Peggy A. Padgett. Wnllerlioriv Roger Padgett. Sjkmf.de. N. C. Carol Page. M«mk Coiner Devone Parker. Chnrlorton Ely in Eugene Parnell, I ininiomville Truell C. Palter«on. Greenville Troy W. Prlly. Spartanburg Choir N l blllip . I. mnn FJninor Rntli Pike. Annapoli . Mil. )»» -. M. Pill . Greenville 109Sophomore I'.von Arnold Rowell. Swannonon. N ( VVilli.ini H Hwkrll. CrwnwMil Carolyn Ann (Jurrn, Spencer. N. C. Kvdyn Penelope Knv. Greenville Sarah I lawl Reagan, AJirvlIlr. N (. led VVurrtti Reed. L a«t Hal RwL N. C John Calhoun Rhine. ColuniliM Calvin T, Rite. I'ounloin Inn Nordia Anne Ridgeway. Greenville Max I'- Robinson. Slater Waller Buddy Roger’. Aiken l;n|K'f Buddy Kt.llim, Roils Hill Joe Roman. Greenville Steven U Ro» . laylor F'Ji nlx-lh Jayne Rolh. Clinileilon Nallisn J. Runrtion, Greenville Ronnie N. Salyer, I’olutko. Ida. Irnnklc Olein Sanders. Liberty Jame it. SanJiury, I inimontvillr Jane Satterfield. Greenville John Howard Saylors. I'.adcy Mary Dunlap Scawell. Anderson Ger.dd S. Seller . Ml. Croghan Jolin B. Sheppard. Orangeburg Boli Garland Siiermon. Greenville f vn I-ou SliCirod. J horle lon Ray W Simlnrki. Woodlyn. Penn. illinui M. Simmon. WiJltilnw Shelby lean Souther. ( iimpohello Hollis h. Smith. S(xntanl urc lame O. Smith. Greenville Mnrllin Anne Smith. B.illenlinc Sylvia Smith. Klnnid Olin T. Straw, Botcdrurg I'Ji .il»rlh Geraldine Spark . ( harldle. X (. Margaret Sue Sjienrmon. Colon J«a Marihn Alva Stngg. I.ym.ui Joyrr Ann Steven . I'nlon Milly 1'mnce.t Strickland. Bamberg Joan Marie Slromnn. Orangeburg 110Class licyvvatd M. Sullivan. Greenville Lmily Sutherland, Belton Ronald I'. Svvnin. Spartanburg I'font II T'odlotk. Greenville limit H "Iarrant, Crwnvlllt Barbara Ann I aylor. Oitotrt Robbie Nell 'I aylor. I .aurero I'atrkia Anne Tedder. CMcfttown Mildred Harriet IJitunpton. Sumter MnloiW' W. I liom.iion. Greenville Robrrt Thompson. N. Charleston I met! Lee Todd. Greenville William II, Vitleery. Greenville Marilyn Blondinc Wnliihow, Rincon. Gi». Betty Ann Waldrop, Lnureiu I liornai Aiken Wall, Months Corner Ralph I'. Wall . Ml. Vernon. Ind. James I-. Walton. Atlanta. Ga. Jestc Lee Ward. Greenville Suzanne I lough Watson. Orangeburg Lmy IJlioltr Watts. Pngrhtnd W'nndn Nell Weaver, Moultrie. Ga. Adam II. Williams, Lake City Jimmy V. William , Greenville Dan Warren Wilson, Greer Ruth Anne Wilurn. Williamston Barham Jean Winstead. Myrtle Beat li Sandra Ann White. Saluda I ttdtla Dean Wood. I ounlain Inn Vivian I l. al.elh Wood, Shnpsonville III era Ida Vrlton. I'orest City. N (Jar cnee J. Young. Adievllle. N. I .Lnrjji- nowiln were | r ienl (or ll»c comcrutonr laying of llir new library on l!»o new carnpsu. Wlicn i young man's fancy turns—il s spring. they say. It s time for baseball season, spring sports, and afternoon trips to the mountains at any rale. Spring brings with it. too. the first sunbathers out on North roof and brave boys in their bermuda shorts. I'm manites brighten up their classrooms, girls in their starched cottons and boys in their bright plaid sport shirts. Spring brings beauty to the campus. Miss BONHOMIE is introduced to the student body in the 1957 BONHOMIE along with the other six BONHOMIE beauties. Another popular campus beauty is the 1957 May Queen ruling over the annual May Day festivities. Furman Singers are happy to present another opera to the Furman and Greenville audiences. "Robin I loot! under the direction of Mr. Rhanie and Dr. Richey was presenter! this year. Not long after the opera the Singers take off lor n spring tour, this year in the stale of South Carolina. 1 l«e Furman University Band plays a Greenville concert and also tours tin state during the spring holidays. Spring Camp is held after spring elections and provides an opportunity for campus officers and student leaders-elcct to discuss plans lor the coming year. I he ROIC Recognition Day is the climax of military events of the year when sponsors are on hand for the presentation of awards to outstanding military students. The warm days find the tennis courts filled with sports enthusiasts on the "hill and out on the new campus. 1 rack, baseball, and golf fill up the crowded spring sports schedule. Juniors have a claim on springtime. March winds and April showers are only a prelude to oilier seasons to come, and Juniors have only one more year of college seasons to look forward to. When A Young Man s Fancy Turns, It’s Spring!ROTC sponsor and tlir dntinsuUhed mililnry students were honored at ROTC Recognition Day. Bermuda short nlv uy accompany springtime; Joe Cooper and Billy ( e are nnianc llir first. Il M4« rainlne outside w sprint i .snipers met inside »o hear reports and ditcu scions led l»y student leaders.Quern Bronn Faye. Iict court nnd tlieif cjcoiti receive vixitor on the lawn at the Women' minpU WO • . £ Tp 95 • spirit ot Turman is Theme of May Day Down tl.e stops of 11.0 Kino Arts Auditorium, xvf.cro iho si.ip tl.c "Spirit of Furman l.a l docked, descended the captain. "Welcome. Ladies nnd Gentlemen." lie said: "Welcome aboard the ‘Spirit of Furman .” "Our ship is lovely, of a royal make, and it sails in the gladness of springtime. With this joyous note began the May Day celebration of 1956 will, tl.e Queen of May. Krona Lave Moorefield. as the honored guest. Willi |Ik- Greek dancers loruilno tl.e foreground, llic May Court «en in llic dliluntt.Elected !» ■ • student I«hK' impiilnr vote. Brona I'nyc Mootefield reigned it tlie 1936 Queen of May, Sam Lou I .ever attended Itie Queen a Maid of HonorJl AN ClLKIiATtl Class Lovelies Attend Queen Brona Faye , group of laughing t ir!s and boys rushed in to toll of their long voyage aboard tl»e "Spirit of Furman. Tbey bad visited many lands and enthusiastically they brought with them the beauty of lands that are old. The captain ashed the youths to tell of their travels. "Come. I will take you to Spain, one of the girls replied. I he scene was in Spain and a Spanish maiden with black hair and a rich voice sang an aria from "Carmen." Following the enchantment of Spain one of the hoys took the visitors to Scotland. Up in the I lighlands, with bagpipes and plaid skirts, danced the girls in the rhythm of the highland (ling. I he mist of Scotland was followed by the romantic softness of the Venetian moonlight. Ballet dancers slipped quietly into the gondolas, arrived at the opera bouse, and danced in their ethereal beauty. I lie passion of the Spanish, the laughter ol the Scots, and llu romance of Venice was followed by the stateliness and metrical beauty of Greece. On top of the Acropolis, from the Ercctbeum. appeared the ( arvntids—the loveliest of statues that ever supported a temple. I bey danced the dance of beauty and slowly returned to the temple. I-i IZMlim l.irscosm lovi Mr Mil s Katv Katsakka ___- -I Marietta Martin Roberta Harris Mary Vann Mitihes I lie scenes lo foreign lands were followed by a reception given by llu "Spirit of I'urman' in honor ol the Queen of May and her attendants. T be students who made the voyage possible were led bv Jeanne Saunders. General Chairman of May Day. Hob I lolmcs was the captain. Script committee members were Jo Ann McNalt. Man1 Scawell. and Kalv Katsarha. while the directors of the dances were Linda l.indsnv. Mary Seawell. Hetty Bishop, and Katy Kat.sarlca. I he scenery was planned and made by Jo Ann McKinnon. Roberta Lvans. Whitney Barnes, and Jo Ann Anderson. Music was provided by the I'urman University Band and the A Coppell a Choir. n«v! l I l.irnll nin.l Jock llumlm, III aren't liolding llu If .tin ery lltflil »y llu y flare up nt llu Quwn. Wnn s»:v Barnes Syi.via McKi.nzii Asm: O'NYai. V. Presenting... for nineteen hundred and fifty-seven Miss Patsy Young Selected by Marian McKnight Miss America of 1957 120Miss Patsy Young .. • Orangeburg. S. C. . . . sponsored by 1 beta Clii . . . raven, blnrl hair . . . lithesome . . . smoldering beauty . . . winning Miss BONHOMIE honors as a freshman. 121Miss Whitney Barnes . . . Anderson. S. C. . . . sponsored l»y Kappa Alpha . . . petite brunette . . . a smile lor everyone . . . dnint. and soil sjKiken . . . quiet hut imienetic personnlitv. 122Miss Carol Fowler . . . Greenville. S. C. . . . sponsored bv I beta Chi . . . blue- eyed blonde freshman . . . dimples and a broad grin . . . happy-go-lucky . . . photogenic.Miss Martha Gray . . . Oklahoma ( ilv. Okla. . . . sponsored by Men s Junior Class . . . fatal combination of blue eyes and brown hair . . . "peaches and cream" complexion . . . dimples that «o in to "there . I2 Miss Elizabeth Lipscomb • • • Greenville. S. C. . . . sponsored l v Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . May Day attendant Junior year and 193b BONHOMIE beauty . . . poised and pretty . . . friendly to all . . . vivacious.Miss Carol Page . . . Monies Corner. S. C. . . sponsored by Kappa Alpha . . . '.olden blonde witb radiant personality . . . short and sweet ... of Miss Circcnville renown . . 1950 BONHOMIE beauty. 12©Miss Peggy White . . . North Augusta, S. C. . . . sponsored by Sigma Alpha Rpsiion . . . blonde, blue cvcd and bewitching . . . a ray of sunshine on .1 rainy day . . . hometown queen.Singers Take Large Number on State Tour Walker Bfrlnnd. ac«on.| «nl t. it ready if everyone elte It. Ac.dy I l.iffM-r. Businrw Manager: Kkfiard t liner. I'rrtidenl; Mitnl Devine, Secretory: ami Brownie Br.nlley. VVep. •Irlke .1 nole lo liuw wlml good olfkert lliey are. One and l«o und iKree and lonr and ifiey re off: wilfi Mr. klinnie leading. Sinu do—sing rc— now mi—old melodics—new songs—nervous tension—all- these words spell iiudition for tlie Furman Singers, one of Furman s most prominent organization . After l eing successfully auditioned, lire new members iind their pb ires among obi members to begin hard work preparing music lo present during the coming year. Rehearsals every Monday, Wednesday ami Thursday afternoons, plus some extra practices, were held w ith Mr. DuPre Rliame. the three tor of the l''tirmau Singers. The lirst major activity of the group consisted of the trip to Columbia to sing at the State Con ventiou of the Baptist Denomination in South Carolina. I lie presentation of I lantlcl s Messiah was the next highlight of the year. I lie Singers performed the work with the f'irst Baptist C lioir lor the thirty-third time, this year with the addi lion of an orchestra. After C hristmas vacation and exams had passed, the Singers began hard and concentrated work on the music lor opera and spring tour. Robin I food, a comic opera by I )cKovcn, was presented on Mart’ll I I and I in the I'ine Arts Auditorium with Brownie Bradley. Belly Bishop. Jove Smith. Becky I app. I lenry Bair. Richard Ulmer. Wayne Cooper. Andy Harper. Charlie Clanton, taking the leading roles. Soon after the performance of Robin I food, the Furman Singers went on their annual lour, this year in the state of South Carolina. As a climax lo a full year of singing, the Furman Singers plan lo sing .it graduation in textile I fall on June 2. 28.o|X«n»i to begin tinging SoPKANOS Mity Ammon Grace Ann Barbour Belly Bishop Claire Daniels Beverly Graham Belly Ann Greene Mary Arm Gtinler Ann Hawthorne Bally I lood Belly Hughes Karolyn Kendrick Jane I Itingrrpillnr Wile Nyc Nancy Pack Bille Marie Peek Margie Ross Mary Seowell Gail Moan Joye Smith Ann Taylor Myrna I uylor Margate! Mon Wal on Mary Wood Gall Snyder Silly Reagan Juno Collin Alice Dran Mlnil Devine Slurlry Hulilmrd Hester i toward |j ka I lumphrle I 'egfiy Ray Ki-nny Sue lainet Gayle Shaip Mary I»u Straw home Catherine Hester Mary Wall iVfgy While Becky Howard Carol Hawthorne Altos Carolyn Adam Murcia Avnnl Jo FJIen Bradley Martha Brillon Phyllit Co toe Benetia Clary Sandy Cook Pal ) Cook Martha Dobton Claire Franklin l.iinrha I lervdervm Bonny Kerr Belly Knight Margaret McCray Joanne Singletary Helen Slcwatl Jean Si roman Becky I npp I'meclinr While Mitrlha Barnes Joyce Bennel Irene Breland Mary I-efio C aliH Carey Jo Greene Suuin Hurhin Roberta Marti France Jordan Joylyn Jones Personnel Nancy 1 jooprr Sylvia McKenzie Ann Millrr Gay-le Padgctl Bohhre Redick Myra Rucker Jean W JI Suuin Clary Tckoks Marion Boling Brownie Bradley Kennelh Brannon T. J. Cole Don Crevwcll Ramona Grant Wayne Hcun Jerry Henderson Bennie I lughry Marion O StlieM Jecve Robert Harry Poovev Rkhard L'lluer Warner Burke Gerald Carter Jack Duncan Richard Fskew Dick Mower David Hurl Sam Motion Johnny Ijkic Rol erl Slew at! Riddick Irowoll Arch Wallace Bwests Henry Bair Fred Batlder Bill Bale Don Bowers Charlie ( lantern Dran Fade Chutlrc ( ».ill.may Hugh Gillum Janie Horde Ralph Jone Gail Moul Dean Owen John Mali Billy Ramsey Jerry Roger Malone llioniavon Troy Petty Jimmy Woodle Miilip Young Stew Bryant Cliflon Allexnnder Ray Austin Virgil Bargiol I-in Barnett Andy Bn Sidney Blund Bill Coker Boh Compton Wayne Cooper Riley Cothran Aubrey Daniel Andy Harper Kirk I .aw Ion Kirk Micon Marvin Nnlley Martu Sinclair Frank ludlock Dickie BrownNLuliins lltmJ practice on Manly I idd. Band Plays Throughout Year, From Football to Graduation Music for Furman activities is furnished l y tbc Furman University Band directed by Sam 11. Arnold. I lie Band furnishes music for school affairs, parades, athletic events, and concerts. I his I'urman organization has as its aim to play the best in band music with the best possible balance and instrumentation. I be Band is one of the greatest forces in upholding school spirit. I heir performances are spurred on by the spirited leadership of David Daniel, drum major. During football season the band played and | erformed at the home football games and attended some out-of-town games. A spring Concert was held in I'ine Arts and the Band did its usual good job. I he Spring Concert tour, held during spring vacation, took the hand to out-of-state cities this year. I he band wins high appraisal for fine performances in concerts as well as local performances. Flaying for commencement ends the years activities for the band. Mr. Sam Arnold. Director. lal n hit I.,.ton lo Ix-yin another hour ol Imrd work. 130 David Daniel, Dram Ma|or. practice In ttrut.Officers of the Band are: Paisley Jackson. President: Wilfred Plait. Vice-President: Mary Dot Jones. Secretary: David Daniel. Social Chair man: and Prank McCravy. Publicity. Frank. Paidey. Mary Dot. David, and BuUw pul tbeir born down lone enough to My "dime". Personnel Flute Cobnits Gail Anna George Clark Oboe Jim Rnmpey Proctor Haw-kin Mary France Steadman Nat Vandiver ClABIMTS John Bean Melvin McKeown l oin my Cooper Don McMinn Mike Gibson Ray Golden 1 orn Jenkint Marlon lank Wetley Saylor Finda Poteat Nell Hill Mike Meador Wayne Burkelte Tim Brown Barbara V'e»t Phoebe I'nrley Babitoms Anne Martin Bril Hart Janet Lowery Don Io«ird But) I’ujlr I KOMIM»SI Sola I Iwlgri Buddy Roger Tom Filer Billy Bagwell Jim Lee SwomoNU Randall Howard Bill Aamnnn Mary Dol Jonr I)«vkl Daniel Joe Greer Mary Medford Bass Clabiket Cecil Cove Basvoon Boi Mooter Pr.RCt USroNS Frank MtCrovy Cliorlrt I eoinnn Fat Griffin Riiliord Xklioll Rnmly Hilton Dabcs Oran Nobor Wilfred Plot! Jim Sandiury Hobns Fairley J nekton Ivor Blanton Cliarle Howell Concert Bond it caught iu»« before performance. 131A Cappella Choir Presents Christmas and Spring Program Tlic A Cappella Choir is a mtisir organization composed of about fifty-eight women students who sing for the pleasure of singing and being together. The girls are under the direction of Mrs. Charlotte Reed Smith. Members of the choir are chosen in the fall after individual auditions. I he major presentations of the group for the year have been special programs at Thanksgiving. Christmas. Easier, and a concert of secular music-presented in the spring. The choir sang at the morning services during Religious Emphasis Week and made several trips to sing at various events at Clemson. A Cappella Choir also sings for the annual May Hay at Furman. An added activity of this year’s group was the presentation of Christmas music on a television program of WFBC-'I V in December. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday and I hursday afternoons in the theory room of the Fine Arts Auditorium building. Sibyl Dowsey 'I homos accompanied the group this year. Officers of A Cappella Choir are: Frances Booker. President: Rosa Jane Wilson. Secretary: Mary Lou Walsh. Social Chairman: Claudia Garrison Maddox. Publicity Chairman. 132 Diirtline llir Kolr it Mr». Ouillotlr Hrrti Si» hHigh School Seniors Visit Furman for the Weekend High School Weekend was held this year during llic weekend of February 11-17. and though the editors slipped this event in the spring section the pre-freshmen and high school students may have fell a little out ol place any way so perhaps they won t mind being in the BONllOMIF. in the spring book. After omitting a High School Weekend last year the University decided this year to invite high school student' who are interested in coming to Furman to come up to visit for the weekend. A busy schedule was planned for the students. Registration began at 2 p. m. on Friday, and following dinner, vespers were held on the Men's Campus and the Women s Campus. I he Friday night program featured a concert hv the Singers and Band after which the I ligh School Weekend ers were entertained at a reception at the Zoo . I he Scholastic Aptitude I ests were given lor all students who wanted to take the test on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon .1 lour of the new campus and panel discussions led by campus leaders were listed on the Schedule. Furman versus Citadel at Textile Hall was the featured event for Saturday evening. Mi»» F!«l,i li.nlon dtow tin- way lo llic zoo. Ki-L'i-ti.illon in Iron! oF ( nt look crowded. 133 Andy l impet, rifihl, steels • prospective FutmanUc.Nation’s Military Aims Reflected ROIC at I'urman lias taken great strides since its initial steps in 1930. Lt. Col. Cluirics C- Grant lias had a great part in making the ROIC Cadet Corps one of the most outstanding groups I'urman has produced. As P. M. S. T. he has sought to ac hieve the worthy goal of the Reserve Officers 1 raining Corps. I hat goal is the successful training of young men who will he worthy to assume leadership and responsibility as officers in the United States Army. I he Military Department provides classroom instruction for members of the basic and advanced courses, supervises Monday afternoon drill, and sponsors many ol the organizations connected with ROT C. All male students are required to complete the first two years of training. I his basic course is given to freshmen and sophomores who arc physically qualified to take it. Mint Mnry 1 .run Cnliff w»« elected Honorary Owlet Colonel. Hie Bnttalion Si.id. composed of lolni lulgo. David Brown, Andy I l.itiwr, Rhod.’in Batson, Henry Buir, Beverly Word, Al I luncocfc, Bill I’cden. Kennclli Briinnon. t»nd» nt attention n llie cnmetiimn |U c«ec try. 1.1. Col Ctinrle C»tonl besin nnollirr Lucy dny.in ROTC on Campus If student s who complete the basic course desire to continue, they may enter the advanced course which covers the period of the junior and senior years in college. However, they must meet specified standards and requirements before entering the advanced classes. I.t. Col. Grant is assisted by a staff of six in the capacity of instructors and advisors for advanced courses. In addition to their duties ns instruc tors, ( apt. I larrelson acts as advisor to freshmen and juniors, and Cnpt. fart advises the senior military students. Master Sergeant an I .ecuwen is lirst Sergeant and also acts as a mapreading instructor and sophomore military advisor. Rifle team coach is Sgl. Barton who also is individual weapons instructor and Company B advisor. Sgl. Mattox is instructor of crew-served weapons, administrative N. C. O.. and advisor to Company C. Sgt. Bray is supply and armor N. C. O.. assistant instructor of crew-served weapons, and ( ompany A advisor. Mrs. Anne Moss Henry assists the military department as secretary to Ll. Col. Grant. She also assists the staff in much of its work. Coptaln llani'lfoii, standing. udviirc (re»hmcn and junior while Le t to Right: Sergeant Von Lkuwcd, Barton. Motion and Bruy Captain Hart, tented. mIvIhi teniorv net « InUruetor tor military student . Jm Min Whitney Borne sponsors the ROTC Bnnd. 135Ilttl Row. Isfl I« R'llhti Smith. iNcwift, l)ovrr. 1 . 11.« 11.. (lum, Cnw. I’. I’.ill.r.nri Srtorul Row. Goodton. SfMirkt, i ■nlfiii. Miin». B. Pnllfftjn. Normaii. I hlnl Row TzouvcMem. Cook, I’jcker. lovnct. Crout. Chandler. |ji r f mirth Row: Hfywaiil. I llifincy. Ilrllunir. I hoinpton. Key, Shetlrv. Hammett. Pocfpn. Burchfield. Bryant, (»ilr . Button. Sherwood. Sixth Row McKinnon. Moody, IXxwton. Dovl . Sindnlr. Cox. I hi mock Servnlh Row Hill, GodbolJ. Nicklr . Sullivan. Muntoe. Shctoci. YY'iluwv lilglilh Row: Powell. Knimnmiel. Settle, Rli . Ward. Jacob Cnwt. .N'lnt i Row: IJndrr. Kinff. Hunt, Ro»t. Hnnuin. Tolllton. Ci.rn| .«ny elected Mim Groce Ann Boiliour to ipoiuor them. "A" Company officer are, i .l Row. fe l to R« |ht Wamrf Burke. Bobby Jennmfi . Aubrey IXmirl . Bob Dnvi. Second Ron-: Rkbunl Nix. I‘.d Hendrick . Jim Boyle. Everything Is Spit and Polish 1 he Color Guard ads In a representative capacity for F'urman and for I lie military department in parades and other activities such as presenting the colors at the opening of athletic events. The military marc hing hand also acts as representative in parades. I lie hand perforins for Battalion Parades on the military parade grounds and for the annual I bird Army 1.0. Inspection. Both the Color Guard and hand marched in the Greenville Christmas Parade this year and performed at some football games. I he Pershing Rifles is a national honorary military' society com posed essentially of students enrolled in the basic military course who have shown superior qualities in character and leadership. Company S was organized on the Furman campus in the Fall of 1953.I'tnl Rail', l-ejI lo Rifihi ( Johnson. Il.mi.wh, R Davi . FayxMUX. Walso«. Wallace, I. I jong. Sr «ml Rnu". Cannon. I . Bowel , Vonnrfful. ? p l|rf«. |). William . J Wllghl I htnl Row: C II. Moorr, Lukry, D. I laiprr, I haimlcr . Knox. kkcry. II Bn.wn, iourth Raw: J. O. Smith. Blark lon. lulwanl . Baker. Stnrnun. J. William . D Bnwm. I'tflh Row: I lawk.n.. IIxisKo . (. Dr.vi , I Hcfwirf»on. Simjwon. Alklnwn. Sixth Ran R I Irndwion. Kakon. Miller. I le tef. Sightlrf. leeplr, Poore. Srrrnl i Row: Mailin, Mom. Brook . Dear. Blackwell, K. Janie . Wall lUffhth Row: Herron, Could. Roman, Po|w. Rl.inr, I i.iiulil. Monday Afternoons Scuhhnrd and Blade Is a national military fraternity for advanced military students. It was organized here in 1954. Company f . of the I III Regiment had a first semester membership of fifteen men. During first semester it tapped five juniors and five seniors. It conducted another lapping ceremony in the spring. Members are chosen on the basis of character, leadership ability, and progress in ROIC. All members must he approved by National I leadquarters of Scabbard and Blade. Some of its purfioses arc to leach members responsibility as citizens in military service, to unite in closer relationship the military depart inents of universities and college in America, lo develop essential qualities of good and efficient officers. Ml Carol Png «pon«oe» ' B Company. "B” Company « tf i i» are. lift Rom. Isft to ktflht Jotin Johnaoo. I I’. Matthew . Sidney Moddoa. B-'ht.v (mIik Srton.1 Roir: Dan Joyner. Bill Mrl.lrum. I’inlcy JmIum.First Row. y l to Ritihl: MarkoLki. Style . D. Jooc . (• t.intlium. Ingram. Linker. Rollint. Second Row: Owen . iVoii'loui le . I.. Sfnllli. Ridgeway. H Gantt. I Inin. I hlrtl Roue Trow cl I. 1‘iickrlt. W. Stewart. Sutton. Nolan. Creech. II Pint!. Fourth Row: Avery. Putter, llof.l. I lower, Morton. Bland. Ayer . Fifth Ron• Wall. Moon. Frtddic. Hart. Cromer. W. Gantt, BoylMon Sixth Roue Ruegner. I Intilhrook. Aiken. Jenning . Starr. I larrlion Sett-nth Row: Ikui. Yrotnnn. lidwarrl . Bndder . I 1iuoo. ( lireildmrg. MiIIioumv Eighth Row: Bretan l. Power . Heironicmu. Hou e, Forrester. Lewi . Cox iVinl i Row: Mooter. Boll. I .ensue. Sheppard, Lanier. I Iris yenr Scahhnrd and Blade coordinated willi the ROIC C adcl C liaplain in I lie Christmas needy-family drive. It was also in charge of the military departments part in high school weekend. It entered the National Scahhard and Blade Rille Match which is an annual event held between February I! and ''larch 15 each year. I he Rifle I cam has completed its most successful year. I lie team was organized at Furman in the school year 1952-1953. This year the Rifle leant participated in several matches ranging in scope from state and district matches to national matches. 1 lie team took part in the state match held in Charleston at I he Citadel, in whit''ll ten teams participated. Our Rifle leant was also among those competing in the Southern Conference Match held in Lexington. irginia. I en of the men on the team participated in the National I bird Army , District Match. C C oni|Niny voted Mi Marietta Martin Aft )M flftOr. "C " Company officer are, First Row. left to Rlrjit Phil McKinney. Riley Cothran. Joe Cooper. BoJ Dellinger Second Row Mcil Dnvi . Jimmy Herrins. Bill C .»in «Top Military Students Belong to Four Groups I here were a lotal of fourteen shoulder mat lies this year. I here arc ten men on the first team, six of whom are eligible to participate in all events. learns which competed in shoulder matches with Furman this year were: Davidson. Wofford. Presbyterian College. University of Georgia. and Clemson. I here were three rifle team scholarships given this year by the University. The ROTC Drill Platoon is a representative of the ROTC Department at Furman. I his year the Drill Platoon has shown marked improvement. It performed at half-time at football games. It also participated in the Greenville Christmas Parade. 1 he Drill Platoon is composed of thirty-three members, eighteen of whom have had previous mili tary and drilling experience. The Platoon performs precision drill and rite movements. Its rillc movements include the sixteen-count manual of arms, the thirteen-count manual. ki k-right-shouhler arms, and several in-series movements. In the top pHturr are shown member i Sealthnrd and Blade, national honorary niilitftry fr.it. inity for advanced military rtudrnt . llif Rifle team U pMlured lx-tow. thirty three inllitaly -Indent ion)pose tin- Drill Platoon whirl. |ierforni drill and rifle movement Shown in formation hr low. the croup it led by Omrle Clanton A ii.ilion.il honorary liiililaiy toelrty i.Mii|Ki ed of tluderilt rti rolled in Itttic military rourtet I llir Perdilnfl Rifle . p. tun.I I relow.Don Moikol'ki gels p| lor a iltuut throw. John lidgo clrat« the Ixir Frosh Lead Track Team to 2-3 Season I he Furman University track team’, coached hy Hilly I lenderson and bolstered by a sterling array of litst-year men, won two meets and lost three lor another year just below an elusive .500 mark, but there was plenty of evidence that brighter things were in store. Furman trimmed East I ennesscc Stale 69-61 and blasted Wolford 86-45 for its two wins, relying heavily on [‘reshmen Juan Hrown. Waller Bull. Roy ickles. Ray Siminski. Rodney Davis, and Mack Edwards along with Dick Pfeifer. Jim Edge, and others, bosses were to Davidson and Williams College in a triangular meet. Presbyterian, and I he Citadel. A notable victory for the freshmen squad was a 68-49 shellacking of the powerful U. S. C. frosh. S|MVfl«lrr Roy Xicklc . right, m.ikc it n photo fiimh in n iimuIi with IrnnrMee Slotr nl the new rtinpar trmk.Tennis Takes Share of Spotlight Tlic I'urmun I Diversity tennis team. playing on the New Campus courts for the lirst time, posted a I-"-1) record for the spring of 1956—four wins, seven losses, and five big matches that were rained out in one of the wettest seasons in years. I ed l»y Captain Bill Price, the Purple netinen look wins from Clcmson. Wofford. Krskinc ami I hr C itadel, while losing to I )avidson. ( leinson. Nil'll Point. Presbyterian. Wolford, and twice to the College of Charleston. In South Carolina I ournamenl play at P. ( .. Prank Haight and C arroll Clevenger won their o|K'iiing round matches against stilf competition hut were eliminated in the second round. Other team members were Riley Cothran. Phil McKinney. Marion Hancock, and Ronnie Neal. Tennis coach was Bill Delaney. Coach Delaney »n l Captain Ronnie Neal talk it over. I Iniglil follow lliroiicli mm Krlurnintf from InM tpfintf i 4i r . Ijril to Riqlil: Riley ( oliifon. Ronnie Neal. Milton Hnneork. ..n.l I'rank I Iniglil. 141Pojmoii take a cut Di. Plylcf warm up llic arm Hornets Get Power, is Nemesis in A solid lulling and defensive display was saddled with inconsistent pitching success as the baseball Hornets played brilliant ball at times to post an overall nine won. eleven lost record. leading the Hornet attack at the plate was Second Baseman Joe Cooper, twice a second team All-Southern, and I bird Baseman Bobby Dellinger. twice a lirst team selection. First Baseman I omniv Wall and Shortstop Bill Weir rounded out what many authorities thought to be the best infield in the conference. In the outfield Jerry Pcnland. Bill Gaines, and Jackie Powers supplied additional speed and power, while John Popson was one of the state’s better receivers. Ace of the pitching stall was Charlie Moore, a workhorse freshman who appeared in more than half the Hornets games, winning eight and losing four. His best efforts were a 1-0 whitewashing of William and Mary and a 3-2 decision over a strong Krskinc team. I be Hornets also got good pitching from Charlie Smith. A1 Kyhcr. Jim McQuirt. and others. Bill Guinea gel another round-tripper aguimt Kndtlnr. 142Defense, but Pitching 9-11 Record for 56 Furman . 1 Florida State . 6 Furman . 0 Florida State . 20 Furman . 5 ’1 ennessee . . . . 8 Furman . 6 Presbyterian . . A Furman . 8 Catawba College . 4 Furman . 5 Clem son . . . . 3 Furman . 3 Newberry . . 5 Furman . 10 Presbyterian . . 9 Furman . 7 Wofford . . . 9 Furman . 5 Newberry . . . . 15 Furman . 12 1 )avi«lson . . 10 Furman . 8 1 be Citadel . . 7 Furman . 6 Erskine .... Furman . . 1 William Mary . 0 Furman . 0 William F Mary . 3 Furman . 2 Clcmson . . . . A Furman . 3 I be Citadel . . . 10 Furman . 4 Davidson . . . 3 Furman . 0 Wofford . . . . 7 Furman . 3 Erskine .... . 2 JOK CoOPlK Shortstop The I (ornrt Ix-nrli Inlcen il m»y belwMn inning . 143Golfers Have Great Year in Winning Eleven Straight CmkIi Mine . Tommy Keyword. »nd Heyward Sullivan look over lire n«W (flinpui |aiiwn)j. A surprising crop of liriiliant underclassmen gave Furman its best golf loam since World War II as the golfers topped all other sports with a 12-2 record. Led by Captain Jack Buice and Freshman Heyward Sullivan, they won eleven matches in a row Indore losing to the University of South Carolina and Clem-son late in April. Prior to those defeats. Furman had dropped I he Citadel. Presbyterian. Davidson. Wofford. Duke. V. M. I.. William and Mary, and Richmond at least once and later got revenge on the Gamecocks in a Greenville match. In tournament play, the greensmen finished second in the Southern Conference tourney at Danville. a., behind classy Virginia Tech, with whom an earlier scheduled match had l»een cancelled: and third in the South Carolina Intercollegiate event at Hampton. I he team was composed of Buice. Sullivan. Walter King. Tommy Heyward. Bill Irvin, and Ben Paget, ol whom all returned this spring except Buice. Bentley I lines was coach. VVotdiintf i|ir coiwli' | n li-»»ion.il toocli me. Le t to Heyward Sullk.in. Ben P «eC Tom Heyward. Bill Irvin. and Ja lc Buke.Minor Sports Draw Same ’Mural Interest After touch football and basketball bad been dis-|K scd of. next on ( oach I I. R. Dobson s intramural program was swimming. I beta Chi took the crown while S. A. I'., was runner-up although competition was fierce among eight entries. Volleyball, a standard part of University gvm class activity, was also a part of the intramural program. S. A. I-., finished first, follower! by the Day Students. K. A., and Theta Chi. As spring blew onto the campus laic in the year, softball season bad just gotten underway with I beta Chi. the Ministers, and P. K. I ., showing early signs of a bid for tbe championship. Track and tennis meets, as well as tournaments for the minor sports of badminton and ping-pong were held also in the spring. Finishing on top of the overall intramural standings was S. A. F. Glenn Kelley walls to volley the hall. Miter Rodney Davis Bet nn intramural track award from Coach Billy Henderson.W. A. A. Plans Athletic Events For Women livery member of the Woman’s College Student Body is a member of the Women s Athletic Association. The W. A. A. sponsors various athletic events and awards Bloch 'FV' to those students who amass a certain number of points which arc given for participation in sports activities. 1 he sports sponsored by the W. A. A. this year include volleyball, tennis, tumbling, softball, basketball, swimming, ping-pong, horseshoes, and hockey. Activities for the year were planned by the W. A. A. Council at a fall retreat held in the mountains in September. I ournaments in these sports were carried on through class, individual, and dormitory competition. In the fall W. A. A. sponsored a tennis Flay Day at the new campus and invited Converse. Limestone. Lander, and Erskinc to take part. Another fall event was the Halloween Carnival. l he highlight of the year for the W. A. A. is the annual spring banquet at which time trophies for winners in tournaments and a sportsmanship trophy are presented. At the banquet new council members are installed. l ti icol Education Major Clul member , poring in Alumni Parlor arc. Sr a led, t f I lo Right: loin Adi more. Mary Jo Joncr. Shirley l v. Eva Lou 5-hclfod. Dr. Ruth RriJ. Fir I Rotv. Standinfl: Rochelle Hull, Carol King. Fredda Dean Wood. Carol Halter, Chorlyenc Jurtil. Nancy Cole. Second Row: Betty Snyder. Kay Symr. Emma Gray Bloom. 146Women’s Athletic Association officers for the year 1956-57 arc: Shirley I.ec. President: Eva Lou Sherrod, Vice-President: Betty Alverson. Secretary: and Sylvia Crawley. Treasurer. Dr. Ruth Reid and Miss Elizabeth Brisendinr advise the W. A. A. Council. Claire Franklin. Barbara Burris. Mary Allen. Dec UCo le. Wanda Ketchie, Nancy I .ooper. Janice Moore. Whitney Barnes, l ain Ashmore. Milly Strickland. Pcfltfy Denise. Carol McCombs. Kay Syms. Jayne Roth and Charlyene Justis serve on council. Besides controlling all athletic activities at the Zoo. the W. A. A. strives to promote a high standard of sportsmanship, maintain the interest of the whole rather than a few. encourage leadership, foster a spirit of play for play s sake, and develop skill and form in those sports that will have a definite carry-over value. Another aspect of the women s athletic life at f'urman is the Physical I''ducat ion Majors Club which is composed of oil those girls who are majoring or minoring in physical education. I he club offers increased op| or (unities for professional growth and leadership. Meeting on the third I hursday of each month, the club has programs which generally feature a speaker from the professional physical education field. Lor the first time a Physical Education Bulletin was published which included the agenda for tire coming meeting and also news of Furman. South Carolina, and the nation concerning physical education. I fie main project of lire club was raising money to buy a canoe. I o raise funds the P. E. Majors offered students an op| ortunity to buy a Furman blazer. In April the club planned an overnight ramp-out. Stated. Mi to Right Mis Elizabeth BrUrndinr-. Eva Lou Retrod. Shirlry Ixr. Dr Rulli Reid. Standing Jayne Roth. Challyenc Juilis. R y Syou. IVUfly Drnltr, Barbara Burra. Wanda Kckhie, Sylvia Crawley. and Milly Strickland make up the W. A. A. Council.'| ir Junior Clou rlcclrtl llir following olflr«» (or tkr 1956 57 year. Remling Ml lo Right. they arc. Fir ! Row: HcywiuJ Coolie. Mnigarrl Mom Watoon, Heolhrr Ann SollcrficM. Carey Jo MtConnrll. Jackie Freeman. SecorvJ Row Jerry Davit. Walker HrelanJ, Stun Blanton. Juniors Plan Fete for Seniors Members of (lie Junior Class began working early toward the Women’s Junior-Senior by making and selling pom-poms during football season. I he Juniors were rewarded for their hard work on their 1 lomecoin-ing exhibit by winning third prize. I he Mens and Women’s Classes worked jointly on this project. I he most exciting event for the jolly Juniors was the arrival of their Furman rings which they now wear with great pride and anticipation of next year and graduation. 1 he Junior women, who are "big sisters" to the freshmen, gave their "little sisters’ a party after second semester registration. I he "big-little sister" tradition is one which the women's classes have carried on for many years. Led by Jackie Freeman and Heyward Cooke, the presidents of the Junior ('lass, the members of the class put months of planning into their successful Junior-Seniors which were the climax and end of their activities for the yeur. OFFICERS WOMEN Jackie Freeman........................................PrrdJent Margaret Moss Watson............................Vice President I It Alim Ann Sattkmteld.............................Secretary Caret Jo McConnell.......................................fmoww MEN Heyward Cooke.........................................Pmi,Loi Walker Brm.ano.........................................PrrtULnl Jerry Davis...........................................Setrttary Sam Blanton...........................................Trtaturtr 148Juniors Riiilstiii Joan Aliernntliy. Burlington. N. (' Wallet Malian AiLuni. Columbia Rafael Jo Annin. Belvedere Myra Ann Armillcad. I.mlcy HkUid ( Andander, Giernville Margie Amlin. Mon k» omrr Irvin I’’. Biigwoll, Mimlott Miriam Elvrene Bailey, Aliguilli. (in. Grace Ann Barlmur. Greenville Rah) D.ijJin.- Barfield. I.ugoff Mnrllin Alice IWiw . CainJen Y'erlin E Burnell. Ir.. Ridgeway Mnilli.i Ellon Barnelle. Greer Mary Baker Bale . Traveler Re i Edn Joan Boll, (iioonvillo Earl K. Be nllry. Clroonvillr Win Koliett Benton. Millville, (in, Eugene 11 Bultop. Jr., (iioonvillo Wiliam E. BiJi«( . Clioclor Kon.il. I Dwoln Blockvion, Seneca Mfliy Blank . l.i Grange. (in Rolxrl I.. Blank . III. C’lio lo» Sam Clmrlo Blanton, Summerville George I). Boinrnn. Yonge Man. I RmIi.iiJ Mnlion Boling. Rook Hill Dorn Ann Bowen. Greenville (•lave I.. BoyleUon. (iioonvillo Jo Ellon Bradley. Greenville (iiliniil S. Broil'll, ('"oli nilii. India Walker I re Biolnnd. ’.illoilv m I fomcr II. Brimon, I.yon . On. N’atlian ('. Blank . IVru.vola. Fla. Alsie C. Blown. Gfcenville Angela S. Brown. Oiarlutle. N. C. laino I la‘kol Brown. Wllli.initton Jamrx l‘ Brown, Saluda. N. C. William I Brown. Mullinc Sr.mlry II BukaUki. CIikoro. III. Fill da Bullington. I aitirrm Oovlo Burge , (ireenville H9Junior Tommy I-.. Buigot. Greenville Wdla Dfan litifli.n, (.W (liiulft H. But (in, I .ilirrly Wnller II Calculi, P.mtplko H. Comp, (ireenville Allen 11. Campbell. I rtivclcrs Rc l Omilc G. Cannon. North Wallit M Csrwfi, Giffnvillr Wnllnce (' Cote. I lendertonville. N, C I"fed A Cothran, Giccnvillc l.ucy Carolyn Caw. Greenville Muyme Claire Color. I;«»lcy Anita Love Chandler. Aiken Kennedy Oircitsberjf, AimImwii I lorry K Gnrli, Greenville H Owen Clary, Granite illo Barlvirn lean Clifton. Cluirlnton I liom.it J. Cole. Greenville Keyword F. ( ooke. Darlington Donald W Coppedge. Greenville David H. Cothran. Wlllinnitlon W'ayne Boyd Count . Protporlly Charlie I) Cox. Spartanburg Jordon Cox. Albany, Ga Jnlne Rudolph C ox, I ravelrrt Rett Allen Barry Craven. Chaffee. Mo. Inn Sylvia CtnW lev. Ruby Ri.li.ird II. ( took . Greenville David F Daniel. Gaffney Chndrt VV. Davenport. Greenville Bdlie Carol Davit, Chester Gwendolyn DeBerry. Sumter Samuel J. Deery. lutill Manure F. Del'oor, Greenville William I-’. Dritz, Clinton William 11. Denton, Greenville Martini Jane Dobton. Fuitforest lame' I'. DtilAn. N. Cluirletton Georgia Kay Dominirk, Nesvlieny Wilma Geraldine Durham. Greenville ISO ) CZ5 a u X J ,.1 . £ 1 I 4 3 i 5 1-3 ' i ill 4 5 I - a: 3;j i 'J ---- C .2 £ c • 2 j s ' ill § t r£ | J c i i x - 111J1 1 A S s =- s -5 1 C TT c 3 13 j £ f — 1 | “ -i , 2 -i 2 d i{jii 31J J J o Z J: fJ e 1 I I V £ = ' c | j 1 J i i = J 3 - .5 -. - -= f — Wii JlilJ152 Junior J unc« F‘ Hnwwjr, (.lircavlllr Olfolc l_ Hawthorne. Alilicvillr C. Virginia I IrAion. BiJiopvillc Krnnrlli I). I'lrffttn, Lasliinclle. G.v Ijllrt Anno Midi . Gaffney ( li»l« I'rnnrrv Mill, (nrfi NVIlc Maye I till, I inimonsville Robert ( I lolcomlio. Norri Well l . HolUrl. Greenville Reli««ca Mmlolyn I lownril, I •! »»• Riley N. I linkiiliv, (iiwn»o«l Gnvle i ItnKnn. Greer Bennie M. I luRbry. Clinton Wayne I I'liinuetplllcr. Girenvill. Willrom II. Irvin. (Jiroivllle l.li alx-tli Reeve Key, Roelnn l C. I’niilcy Jftckson. Dillon Leon losve laditon, Splnd.ile, N. ( Joe I'.ilwin lamo , I’icrliuonl Sue Jitinp . Martinsville. n. Futrnc Gernlrl loltnuon. nllialln Menry A. lolmron. Inman Robert I.C. Joluuon, I i« William R. Johnson. I lonalrfsom ill, . I. C nrroll C. lone . Greenville I). Charlycne Justice, Gicencvlllr. Inm William I " lustiYe. Spartanburg Sara Anne Keeler, Chattanooga. Inn Karolyn Kendrirk. Greet W'.-itxlii K-l I'ie. Sperrcer. N. C. (irniCr W. KilpatmL. Atlanlu. G.i Ltlnu Carolyn King. Greenville Ridinlil A Kohin . Rariton. I Mom M ic I nCovlP. Bi-ho(ivil|. Joseph M. latncc, Gastonia. V C. Marvin D Girl;. Ware Shooh Annie Sue I .nwrimorp. I lenuncxvr.y Morton l nrl l.re. Cireenville Iv..1 H’ft Lrhvnrtl I at. Lamlrum Slilrlev Vlolcttc Iat. I IcndrfKmvillc. N LClass Carolyn Ijlltejolm. S|Mrl.uil urt I irv 1 I.i nj! fioro. Newberry 1$ I tiinklin I.owe. Rorfe Hill IV Uy Frame Ijjwr. Inman )oe Henry 1 ju llon». Conway John Morgan l.viicli, Clictnce Charlie J Martin. Bla.Uille lii'jK’i R. Marlin, Greenville Marirltu Martin. AnJmon Cany Jo Mi Connell. Ridrbmirc l»i « larro) Mr( irnii li, Greenville Roy Maxine McCoy, hnrley Hi'ciMi S. M ( rnney. Greenville Iranh I McCravy. Grcenville Maiy lane McCuen. Greenville Kathryn L Mi Diidir, l loicrwe Hlrnm I.. MiQiulli, SfMilnnlmrij ! u Jta Jean MtCrr, Greenville lame II. McGuirl. ( itoilrn Don Jail.ton MrMlnn, loetoa. G.i, Dow Sue Mellon, I IrnJerron, Ky Alfreel l.ec Miller. Wooilmff Benjamin S. Moore. Greenville Kcrnx-lli V. Moore. Greenville Polrieia Alin Moore. R.ilcigli. N G. Ilmmii I'.ill Moore. Greenville Robert I Moorer. CliiirfeMon hnl K Morri . Slmptonvllle l.vmr l .lcar Mu-w. G.ilfne I jleerr MlxkrniiM . Summerville Jan'' II, Xelton, Irnvelcr Real Mavii NeJilll. Ailieville, N, C. Jo ep|i R, Nkbolron. Pirkem Alvin B. O’Sblebl . Fvr %ley Charles I, Owen . Ker»lin v Dr an lub ardi 0«rm, Barms ell lliiinlil M. Owen . Greer Ben L Poccl. Greet Paul Duane Pari . Greer Jun e A. Putc. Columbia 153Junior Robert D. I'alldun. IlniilrtMuivlIlc, N. C. M.iilliii l.ou Pally. Greenville Nancy Stic Pally. Greenville (icomc D. Pc.vcb. Krnlmw Joe Walter I'olrii, Pel er Jerry L). IVnland. (irecr James I). Perry. Greenville Rxliani P. Pliellcr. Ilodiioucfc HsU., J Calvin l_ Phillips. (ireenville M. I Iruner l JilIlip . Greenville Ann Mnylui||ll Pillmon. Six Mile Wilfred C Plall. Yonge Itl.nul Janie Dennis Plvler. Greenville Roger S. Poore. Joanna llorrv I. Poovey. Charlotte. N C. diaries I.. Prince. Ocean Drive Bondi Jackie Privelle. Darlinglon Jerry A. Privelle. Greenwood llieodore Randv Punter. Oielterficld Jiimes H. Rampcy. Greenville I'.ugene I.. Rotor, (ireenville I rnnret Klotse Re.line . Johnston BoW.v Sue Reddick, (ireenville Belly J. Reeves. I'_ndey Harvard K Riddle. Greenville William E. Robimon. Greenville Billy R Roller , (ireenville Margie I'Jronot Ron, Bloney Emil Howard Ruegner, I ‘nk n. N. J. I.uln I'JrrnJirth Salmon. Gaffney B.irbvrn Sammons. I aylort Annie Belle Sanders. I.xesville ( nrolyn Joyce Salisbury, diatleslon lleallier Anne Snllerfirld. Greenville Kcilli A SJiellon. Alton. Va. Icuniiiv Arlluir Siaclios. Greenville diaries I". Sims. Columbio Jlieodore A. Sinn. Barnwell lotmne Sngletary. Morence Janie R. Skinner, Woodruli 154Class Joe I. SWr. Bakemille. C. ( j»rl« Sunlit. Hi«im.i vllle. N C Clarence I.. Smilli. Piedmont Win Milton Sinilli, Taylor Kathleen '. Smilli. Lauren Marti Ann Smith, (Jrrroville Mary GurnJolyn Smilli. Greenville Willi.un I-. Simili. rmnvllle Roherl Southerland. Pelzer Mary I'rone e Steadman. Greenville l.imn G. Stewart, Ander on Robert ( Stow.nl. Greenville Miry I-on Straw liornr. Ware Shoal S.vniud StriIJintf. Ninety Six Oi.irlr I’ Style . ’I raveler R«l Paul M Sullivan. Greenville Carol Ann Sullmlaml. Piedmont MarJaret Kill. Taylor. Greenville Spartan N '. I ay lor . Greer Oxide M llimna . Greenville Billy I . I1iotii|»on. Greenville Harold l_ 11irn.ll. Kendiavv Joe A 1 imriiennan. Greenville Ir«) YV Iallium. Greenville R ldt. h ( I rowell. .illerlwro I Jii.uiurl I' ouxeleku . Greenville Lewis I’. eli.nin, Spattanhori! IKoinai '. Y'ehom, Greenville J»e Kikhen Verdin. Greenville IXuiiel 11 ernon. Greenville tori Stanley 'iik. John Island lame Brute Walker. Piedmont Melvin O Neal Week . Denmark William ( . »irt Colurnliiu Mnrv Ixe Welbom. Greenville Lynwood N. William . Greenville I’alrki.! Ann illiain . Lauren lame P, Willi . Greenville Row Jane Wilion. Kmj . ltee Clarke Jolinwin i-e. Trenton Morgan I _ Worthy. Greenville Oiarlr G. Yeoman. I llaville. Ga. Iliilip M. Young. Taylor mm June 2 mean erodtmllon lor ovrr two hundred Senior at Textile Hall PiurnU. friend , nncl vinlor are nl When Summer Comes Seniors are Looking Forward to Many Seasons to Come Summer defies description. The days drag slowly and lazily l»y at times, while for the Senior the two clays of June slip away carrying a college career with them. Summer holds promise for many years of seasons to come, and the Senior year is only a preamble to all of them. Seniors belong particularly to all the seasons but most especially to summer. September was for llicm a month of leadership, leading themselves and new students. Seniors occupy most of the hey positions on campus, presidencies, chairmanships, editorships, and many others. Mar Moore . Men' Student Body Pinulrnt. ploy hi par In loyina •he lorner nlane for llie new library. Adding a uonuo tourl a llir inmrt»lonr Invmtf on !■•• nevr aunpst Aft I tiuiui jmn Walter. I'cr» dent of llu- Women Sudrrl liodv isen.c GraJunlc K«otd I'juun lni'iifilil linfd limo Itir Senior .ilriictfliiic llirough nil llio r question . For personal goals they must lead themselves through tied sions . . . about whether to finish their major in a given subject or change it at this late date . . . whether steady hoy friend can afford to give his girl friend a diamond . . . how many organizations you can join and still keep that all important "C" average. Many other experiences crowd the senior's experiences . . . what fun to have three nights out . . . interview, interviews over at the Administration Building . . . Sophomores feting Senior women with tin- traditional daisy chain . . . Senior Order and Blue Key publishing the first Student Directory . . . struggling through the Graduate Record I'.xam in December and March . . . to be or not to be a graduate student . . . losing a few members of tfie class who are January graduates . . . the election of class lovelies as Homecoming and May Queens . . . the "mostest" in Senior personalities. Senior Superlatives . . . that long awaited Senior privilege of exempting second semester exams with ;» ' B ' average . . . dressed up practice teachers tripping on the sidewalks in their high heels . . . and finally the procession in long black robes at Textile Hall contrasted with the white parchments soon to be presented to each Senior by Dr. John l-aney Plvler. S-nlor Kuvorilo l'»olc» o» mr, . • I lo Ulqhl Dr. I uk Hniwlcn, Dr Wlmlon iintt Dr. D. H. GilpntrkkW. C. Leaders Compose Senior Order Senior Order. an Honorary organization for Senior women. is 111i year composed of seven members, rapped last spring by the 1955-56 Senior Order sisters, t lie group meets weeldy on Monday nights and discusses campus activities. Senior Order works behind the scenes and also participates actively in various university events, such as Homecoming and high sc -bool weekend. Senior Order conducted the- pledge service for Freshmen in the fall and plans a Senior Order banquet for Woman's College alumnae who were members ol the organization. Palsy Cook. Hetty Ann Green. Hetty Hughes. Mar garet McCray. Janice Moore, and Gail Sloan elected Anne Haldwin Norford as c hairman. I lie organization is made up of no more than twelve |M r cent ol thr rising senior c lass. . Vaf»-« . Ijcjt lo Riy if: Palsy ( ook, Ann - ll.iKium N'orfonl, ticily I luatic . C iiil Sloan. Margaret McCray. Junkr Moore, lirliy Ann (irem. •Spain . I.eft to Rli)ht. Itmry Bail. Ed llm •trick.. Acdifpy l).intpl«. I)r I’rnnci V Bonder. Suirullna: Jim Plylcr. RuL.i.l timer. J«o l)»vi‘. Roger Piwir. Ray Aci.lin, Civil.- Nunn. ndy llai|»rr. Oi.ulir Clnnlan, ItrywnCil (.Vokr. I i.ink U.iwkint. Blue Key Integrates Men’s Activities I lie Hlue Kc y. national honor fraternity, is composed of the students of I'urman who exhibit qualities ol leadership and scholarship. I his chapter was founded in 1918 and has contributed outstanding services to the University in religious, scholastic, soc ial, and journalistic fields. This year, together with the Senior Order, the Hlue Key published a University Directory. I his honorary campus organization lead, in securing belter relations with other colleges. Hlue Key men ushered at all home football games. Aubrey Daniels served as President of Blue Key this year. Other offic ers arc: Al Me Neely. Vice-President: Ed Hendricks. Recording Secretary: Henry Bair, Cor rescinding Secretary: and Dr. I . W. Bonner serves as Advisor. Blue Key initiates new members during each semester. Other Blue Key members include lim Plyler. Richard Ulmer. Jerry Davis. Roger Poore. Charlie Clanton. Heyward Cooke. Andy Harper. Ray Austin. Prank Hawkins. Mac Mcares. Clyde Nunn. IMHand and Torch Members Have 2.5 Average Since 1927. Il»c I land and Torch has hern in exist ence us an honorary scholarship society for men and women at Furman. Membership is based on scholarship and character. I he purpose is to honor those who have achieved high scholastic standing and to encourage the development of scholarship. Only seniors are eligible for membership and only the top 10 |icrccnt are allowed to l ecome members. Klection is by the faculty, recorn mended by the hu idly committee. Members for the lirsl semester are: Janice Moore. Anne Baldwin Norford. Ilenrv Bair. Mac Mearcs. Jell Willis, I ranees I hoinas. (mil Sloan. Ray Austin. I'ranicx I hompson. and l".d Hendricks. Pat I homas. John Johnson. Belly Knight, and Mora Mae I jiC osle were selected for membership second semester. Quaternion Whitewashes Old College Building The Quaternion Club was organized in 1903 and is composed of Furman Seniors with outstanding leadership abilities. I he club meets at least once a year to nominate new members, anil as tradition goes, these new members must whitewash the "Old College" where the annual meeting is belli during graduation weekend. I he initiates of the Quaternion arc Henry Bair. Mac Mearcs. and Ray Austin. 161 lo Right Henry Ittir, Mm Mnn. and Kay AmlinP.ach year Furman University selects a small number of prominent students to be listed in Who's Who Among Students in American I 'diversities and Colleges. I be students selected this year, ten men and ten women, are: Ray Austin. President of Student l.rgisla-lure: Henry Bair. Vice-President of the Mens Student Body; Charles Clanton. President of the Men's Senior ('lass; Patsy ( ook. President of the Baptist Student Union: Paul Craven. Chairman of the Joint Constitution Committee: Aubrey Daniels. President of Blue Key; Don Gant. President ol Student Council; Betty Ann Circen. President of I louseboard; Prank I lawkins. President of the Baptist Stu dent I nion; Betty Hughes. President ol the Yount Women’s Christian Association; John Johnson. P.dilor of the I'.cho; Katy Katsarka. State President of the 'fount Womens Auxiliary: Margaret McCray. President of the Yount Women $ Auxiliary: l M« Neely. 1955-56 P.dilor of the llornol; Mac Mean's. President of the Men’s Student Body; Janice Moore, C bairman of the Flections Board; Anne Bald win Norford, Chairman of Senior Order; Gail Sloan. Plditor ol the BONIIOMIIl; Frances I honuis. P.dilor of the I landbook; and Panina Jean Walker, President of the Women’s Stu dent Body. J be twenty Furman I niversitv students selected for membership in Who's Who were ciletl for their outstanding qualities of leadership. character, and scholarship during their college careers, as well as for showing promise of future usefulness to business and society. I be students to be listed in the 1956-57 edition of Who Who s filled out forms which required information concerning their general opinion about modern society: other forms listed their college honors and achievements. Who’s Who selection entitles members to a Student Placement Service designed to help college students secure jobs in the future. S. ! xlcd l»f Win » W’lm IM'-iiiIh r -! 11• .if -, First More. I.rfI to Might: »il Slonii. I’ttlty Cook. In nice Moore. Anne HiMwin NorforJ. I f.fiKi- Ili'»iin . Katv K.ilMifa. Mnr Mfiiia. SeiunJ Muir: ( Imflr- Clnnton, Belly Ann (ireen. Kny Amlin. Rmnui Itmi Wolker, Bclfv I liiglio . Mnrtforrt Mr.C’rny. I lenry Bair. I'hitil Muir Vukrey Danirh. I'f.tnk I lol n Jolimon. I )« n (mnl. I’aiiI ( iiivni. At MrNVely. Twenty Seniors Are Listed In Who’s Who Among Students In 162Vf American Universities and Colleges 163Ilnl'linsf lop "|M»U III lllP Senior C I(|»» Iilr, .SlHlIni, l.oll fo Rlfl lf: OimltH CLuillXI, Cilioll l.illli firlil. Suuulitifj: Blownli Bradley, lj L IluiHplirif. Clifton Alrwildlf, Mlml D«lnt, Bill Bourne, Sliitlry I liil.l ,inl Seniors Will Graduate June 2 • 111 only i few short months Id I in their college years, in September tlie members of the ( lass of 1957 IwciiDK’ llit leaders in campus life. I lie class was represented in every school activity, and tlie Seniors, serious and friendly, served as an inspiration to all tlie underclassmen throughout the year. ( a role Littlefield and Charles Clanton, presidents of the class, led the Seniors through nine very busy months. Lle lions were numerous—W ho » Who. Super Inlives. I laud and I orcli, I lonm oming and May Queen and many others. Graduation seemed very near as caps and gowns and invitations were ordered in the spring ol 1957. Class Day. the day before graduation, when the mil standing members of the class are recognized, comes in less than a month, and then on Sunday afternoon. June 2. at Textile I loll the Seniors will proudly accept the parchments declaring them graduate of Lunnan I diversity. WOMEN Caroi.k Iji iiiiii i i»...... lass IIimmimis............. Mimi Diaim.................... Shim ».v I li nn awi ........ OITICERS . . PfnlJmt Vlcr I'rrsuJrul . . Setrrlruy . . Twwnwr ( 'llARI is Clanton . • Bill ItoCHNI .... Cunrow Ai ixandcm . • BroWMI Bm Mil l I . . • Ml N . . IVriiJnil Vie PrttlJtfil . . .Wflarv , . 7 rraxim 164Seniors James Martin Adams. O.ik Ridge. Tcnn. H.A, CirtvL , . . Wooily’ . . . track . . . lo In- n niiniater . . . lavorrte |«role »ot u.u l)». Saallor. (-LiEton Dillard Alexander. Six Mile B A i . . . Poo Poo . . K. | |hi l t»i Knppn . . . Turman Nntfru . . . fornol religion. new ralilor . . SnicUi)' of Senior Llo . . , l)c|Mit.itiiM C lu.iniKiii ol Stualent Volunteer . . . BOMIOMII S«.,II Hi tty Jean Ai.vi rson. Ininun H.A, I’lvalioluoy ... IV J ... Doin’, lj.1 . , . Sn irlnry of W . A. A. . . . Mo»l Atlilrtia Supcrlalive . . Montague Couiuclof. Josephine Annette Andi rson. Bradenton, Fin. H-A. HiyitJi , . lo Ann" . . . Sa-araiarv of K.D. I:'. . . . ITientte (.inl.l . . . nuUlanl director ol |‘)V) I'nllie. . . . B. S. I . I re.liman iMiit.il . . . iniiHifi'.l In «|imli orxl raliuotion . . . cnfn ril lo I ).m . . . Dim- |j»l. Monroe M. Asiii.ey. Greenville H.A. I'nfilltli . . . |J.,n. lo Ik- 4 mini.trr . . • twnilrnnl Imm (Vinllnn . , . favorite |Ho|i»Mir. Dr. C'ul| nlrKk . . . "• » a IM .,r.Iir,n I11 I 11I . . . won often will, ’Bertie’. Tamara Ashmori , Charleston. W. Ya. IV-A PfiV'icul fuiio'nlion . . . ”1.1111 . . . I . E. ( l«l» . . ■ NV. A. A. . . . work ail at Bell Telephone Co. . . . lo Ik- 1 |J,y»le-al lliernpi.l. Much Purcell Atkins. I nylors B.A I’.yafiofojjv . . . Ir.m.frireal from North ( reenvtl!e . . . married . . . will li, religion. education work . . . Invorilc (Hofruot wot Dr. l cdt. Walter Ray i stin. Mount Pleasant H.A I «,jfi li . . . Ray’ . . . Quaternion (’lull . • . t loiJer . . . Il« li , . . I cum.11, Singer . Blue Key . . W 1 0 Who . . , I lam I anal Total, . . . prevalent ol Student Ujlilalura. 165Senior IXOYD I.EE AvaNT. Kannapolis. . C. BA. History . . . “Jug" . . liMulrimi (n in Mar Mill . . . day t Indent . . . ntinorrtl in philosophy anti religion Henry Martin Bair. Orantfelntru B.A. History . . . Hell . . Blur Key . . . ( hmter . . . 11,uni and Torch . . . ornrI .Indent of ll»r year . Quaternion luh . . . l udiinii Singer . . . C Itiiimuin of Publication Board . . . Wlio't Who . , . Veep l Student Body . . . Ok Ir K . James Randall Baker. Rock Mill li.A History . . . Ly Student , . unnoted in I iiglidi . . . liked Dr, Olliulriik . . . want to Ik- a mlnitlrr , . . tran.ltned from North Greenville. James Anderson Bass. Roek Hill B.A. F.ngllJi . . "Digger'’ . . . Tnu Kappa Kptiion . . Inrmnn Singer . . Theatre Guild . . . Circle K" . . . B. S. I Count ■ I . . . Home Committee . . portrayed Robert Browning in Guild production. Billy Preston Bates. NlaricUn B.A PtpAofogy . . . ‘'Bill" . . . Putman Singer . . ha attended the U. S Naval Academy favorite prolcMor «.»i l)r, Brown... Circle "K ’ . . "»ltong man" in opera . . . Dogberry in "Much Ado About Nothing". Donald R. Batson, Greenville BA. Economic and Business Administration . . . Dun . . . Dean’ lj t . married . . liked Dr l-ooper . . |»Jiti..d icirnte minor. Billy O. Beaver, Greenville B.A, Rrllfllnn . . . matrird . . . trandffied frotn North (nermdb . . •lutlrnl |Ki tof . . . minoretl in MClology Dan Mahon Bishop. Greenville B.A ( hurt'll Music . . . "Mahon" . . . Mu»i t hih . . . ha I" own ihurth petition , . . tlniihh- minor In I nglidi ond Krligion . excellrnl vocal ubihly. 166Class IJuCKNI II. BlSUOr. Ik.. Greenville If A. litisine t AdmtnhUallon . . . "Buck" . . . I'i Kappa Mil . . . Bu«ine Cllili . . . Day SlUlIcnl AmoTihIIoA Coimdl . . . pJ.'»n« lo •Jo retailing. iluiii K'i I. . Bishop. Belton If.A Sociology . . . married and Iiu llitee children . . . Iriiiulnm) Ironi X.irlli (iicnivlllc . . . liked Mr. I l.irrill. Ci.m.i»i I.. Black. Springfield. Pa. B. . !:• uiwjinic . . . "Bill’ . . . Riuiiini (.lull . . . WiJoy I •nuidalinn . . wfclniy ol I licla ( li!. Bki-m Ralston Blaki:. Greenville If A I:roinuwo . . . Circle K . . . married . u summer graduate . . . liked I )r. I'JIcil. Francls R. Book i k. Clemson If. A. Mioic Education . . "|jl Boo" . . Wesley l oumlotkiu... president ol A Cap| ell.i Imir . . Music ( lull . . . BONMOMU'. rlalf . . . I.mu.iry graduate. I )l n Bosr. I litkorv. N. C. If.A. Ail . . I'remit (lull . . . K. I). If ... Mar Mill luuior College transfer . , . o MonhifiM' (fill . . . MiniiV roommate. William I . Boi'rnl. Comvny U S Kioloiry . Bill . . |Me«i leut ol VI .. I ). . . . American ( lieilikrtl SrCiolv . . . I rack . . Intramural Sports Council . . . Senior ( 'lass Seep . . . Mouse (.oniiiiitleo, representative liom Infirmary. Ciiaki.il M. Bowln. Travelers Resl If.A. I’.'ydiolofly . . . worried . . . Ministerial I ’tiiiin . . . plane for (lime li music • ■ . favorite professor %v.»« Dr, l.rtdi. 167Senior Jambs A. Boyle. Ik.. Florence B.A. Economic . . . "J ho" . . . tnxli ••‘J AI|J».» . . . iniirriol to Betty J«-.m . . Woil I' Oul» . . « ( (lie I com. . . K.1|«|M . iiMiiMtiy Bii.i.y Job Brii» vi:u.. Greenville li A. Rrhgioti . . innrrietl . . . KnpfM liii K.ipjvi . . Mmutrfi.il I n«Ki . . . I)Ay Stuilrnt ( oulH il . . . ininofctl ill l’»ycilology . . . Dr. I litlit—favorite piof.-nof. George Brownik Bradley. Oranjcburtf ns. HiJoiiv . . . "IWnic'' . . . I rrJ.mon Ailvi-iry Bond . . 0.1 Beta llil . . Cloister . . 1 1., Ml. Al|Jl • • • I'ulin.ii. Nnfirt . . . ffornrt Staff oporclf.i lr.nl Kosf.mary Bridwell. Greenville B.A. Bujlnnu Administration . . |Hr»i«l«til ul D.iv Student Ajaociation . . . Slmlrnl Count'll ... Korie . . . minoird in Secretarial Srienre . . . future in M-tfetarlal work. Kenneth Joi Brannon. Great Foils B.A. Bu (ne » Afiminlttralion . . . mgatfed lo Joyr . . . Mil Mu Al|Ji i . . . r’uinwin Sinen . . . BONHOMIE ••■•H . . . ll'r Mclodinn . . . Mull, dull . . Tnu Kappa I .ptilon. Iah.isi; W. Brigham. Grec nville If.A S| rr« | , . . clay »luJrnl . . . McMillan Of.ilof) Mrtl.il . . . attended Trinity Collrgc . . . inlnond in French . . . (Mil In "Wingltw Victory . Patricia I.. Bkasington. Lancaster H.S. Unnir fi iwiurnirt . . "Pal" . . engaged . . , I Ionic I jonomict Club . IV S I . Y.W A. . . attended Mar, Mill . . . plant lo teach . . . Ininored in I'.ilut.ilitm. Robert Olin Brock. Sencra B.A Bniiru-ii Adminutrillion . minontl in I’ulitn.il Sirtirr . . . "Bob" . . . llirta Oil . . . plated nil intramural ipwlj . . . rcpr -ienlntivc on liitr.mnir.il Council. 168Class David ( ». Brown, Norlli Charleston IS Iminr.. Adminlilrolton National Qtialteiinailer Acndemli A. Iilrsi-menl Award . , Student Cnumil . . ■ ( ,rc' ' K . . . I. R. C. • . . ScalJvird .111.1 BUIr ... B. S. U. . . • "I-Mile Colonel . Jovci: Watkins Burger. Piedmont II A f emenlary f duration . . . "lo " . . . married . . . will le.«l . . . liked Ml » f lv.ii.-li , . minuted in Sociology. Jams Bt'Riss. Krdliry, Iml. II. A I ’kino . . Millie ( lull . . . Protlor . . 1'lrd Mr. Keeney . . . |Jn « piano very well . . . rnpiyed World Serin during ! •• Wyatt Warner Burke. K. Godson. Ain. I A. ’iwWofl) . . I'll udml of 1 0.1 K.«p|M I p-ilon . I'redi. Adviioty Ikoanl . Orel,- "K" . S.dJwid and Blade . . . lurninn Sincere . . Ilir Mrlndi.su , . UUlinguidicd Military Student . . . Intramural. ... I. F. C . Komi A. Byers. (Ireenvlllo H A l.leiiwnlnry luliidiHon . . Idle . . plan to do cr.idu.itr work . . Irnndrrrrd from Winding. . . . enjoyed Mr. el.l» • (elision «!.»»« . . . minorrd in IN hology, Mary Lena Cai.iit. Norlli Charleston B.A. linqllth . . Imlr" - . . pla n» to tr.nli , . . Merit Srliolatdi . , KI).E . . ■ vlcr-president llorne l onomkl Cl all , . . Coppell.. Choir . . . Furman Singer. . . teen willi And) Janice E. ( ampri i e. Gastonia. C. If-A. Duitnm AJmMtlntUott . . Ruilnni (lull . . . Y. V. A Student Volunteer ... A Capprlla . . . Mime Cluli enjoyrd »ports . . . plan, to marry jerry ... will Iracli. George I . Case. Greer H A Religion . . C.ec d" married . . attended Clmu. .'"•I {§........ "■»" « •.... Boding llaplnl ( lam li . I ft lopp lasor.tr min.I,.,1 Sh i«l„cy. 169 Senior David W. Catron, Johnson City. Ky. H.A !' •«lnJofiy . . intramural . . . transferred froni I 'nivrr ily ,,| Kentucky . intm-ilnl in Munwling . . . mauled . . . wncd (or L'ikIo Sam. Cecil R- Cave, Jr.. Orangeburg li.A Sodolcay . . . I nun.in Bind . . Minblninl I 'ninn . . B. S I . . . 'Big CT«c" . . . future iii llir ministry . . . Dr. Hoskins and Dr 1 i(J» nmoni; ( •» Invoriln . . Student Volunteer . Martha A. Chapman. Inman H.S. lotnc licononUn . . . Social Standards Board . . . "Marl" . I Ionic I'.cotKMiiir ( lull . minoted in I .duration . . . urn with Dkk . . BONHOMIf Ircuuly i«nlc t. Mona I’rieman Chapman. Greenville U S I omi' : -ononii minuted In F luuillon . . . married Hurry . . . I lomr I'xomnnlrs (.'lull . Duv Student Association. .. plans to pul training inlo practice. Myunckoon V. Clio. Soonchun. Korea It. A Poliliial Science . . . minoted In I'ro'nomli • . . I. K. ( . , . . Cosmopolitan Cluli . . Cloister . . liked . 11 .Wrriotn Prols. . . 10 «lu International pence work . . will »tudy nl I nivcftilv of Pari . Charles T. Clanton, Charlotte. N. C. It. A. Spmfi . . Senior (Inn President . . . ( I . . • Snrrtory nl lunior ( lass . . Scabbard and Blade CoiiiuuiiHln , . . Alumni Sr« trlmy ol Blur Key . . . 1 1 1 Mu Alplu . . Ihinn-comlng ( nnmiittre . . . lulm ' minister . . . Who's ho. Susan Clary. Cameron li.A Mriiirntury 1,1 million . Simi.iI Standard |W ,ml . . ( onsliluiion.il ( onunittn . . . I urin.m Singer . . handled money lor Fredunan ( lass and Student Body . . . Vice-President l Sludetil Body . . . Clii Bela I lit . . . Chairman o( 7 I'urman I'ollie . Bobby Dale Compton. Hazelwood. . C. li A. r.nqlifh . . Bol.’ Dean's |j»l . Dorm Manager. .. President Ministerial I 'nlon I'urnuin Singer ... B. S t_. (Executive ( ouncil . Kit hard roommate. 170Class Bakiiaka Ann Coi.kman. Spnrlanlturtf Its IllotuQy . . minotrd In Psychology . ■ • Sludeml Volunteer rp . . . IV hIi iii pi I foliiintii ( !.» • . . , plan »o «o tuition wonc. Juni Collins. Orangeburg It S. IIdm ' mu»iW « . I'urmon Snflrr . . A (appflln 1» |r . . W. A. A. Connell . . minoced in I Juaillon . . . IlmM lu' Club . . . pinned lo Rudy . . I rirndlle l Supfllolhf . . . will leaeh. Mi n jam in Ronald Cook. Ware Shoals It.A Sodolooy . . . "Ronnie" S. I inlr.iniiii.il foolh.dl , . tllrrul.-ii North Greenville Junior College . . plan lor llio rnini.lry . . . liked I )f. Rlilirv . . . i-nifoitcd lo Mary Ann. I ’atricia K. Cook, Kershaw II.A Smiolopy . . . ’’Cookie" . . . Senior Oreler . . . Doin' I j l Student Countil - . I'nrin.in Stojttt . Student 1'nculty Committee . . Who’ Who . . . I’rnhltiil ol Women's II. S. U. Douglas Wayne Cooper. Greenville Voice "Doop" . . . I hl Mn Alpha . . . attended Mar Hill Iloino Committee . . Ilu-oirr Guild . . . t'lumaii Sinner . . . Tun Kappa Epiilon. Joe Edward Cooper. Gaffney II.A Ituiincn Atlmlnltlrnlion Scum Al|llin I'.psilon President lnlrornur.il Couruil . . Ilminr Club . . . Block I' Cluh . . . SliMimt I •e-fiid.it urc Veep . . . varsity baseball and haikclhatl. Riley Cotiihan. Willlamslon ll .'l. Piydioloflv . . . Kill- " . . . Irnni Irani . . inlniniuml S.il.lmr.l nml Blade liked Dr. I l .kin. . I'urnun Seificr . .. irlrtiilly personality. Ann Cox. Mellon IS. A. Ilniinrn Adminietnrlinei . . . I.itimer . , I iirni.ui Snpn W A A I noncil . . . intramural . . . Social Sandnrd Board . . . Bu.iiie , Cluh . , . M.irdi.d, 171Senior Paul J. Craven. Jr.. Charleston It A. Ili'liKv . . Chairman Constitution ( oromillrc . . . Mmutrri.il l 'n»n . vanity loolliall " l and " " . . Who Who . . . President Sopliomoce CIxm . . . Slu lci l l viilnluir . . . I'rcJiman Advisor . . . Mlniitni.il Student. Aubrey C. Daniels, Lake City It A. Psychology . . . IViidml «l Blue Key . . . Se.ddinid nml Blade . . . Veep ol Sophomore Cln» . . . President ol Junior C1«u . . . Studrnt I.rijiilntuni . . . "Best lasokinit" . . . I'tmnnn Sineers . . . Who’s Who . . . Becky's beau. John Robert Davis, Greenville BA Pndiolofiy . . . "Boh'' . . . married . . . BONHOMIE Stall . . . admired Dr. I'lander . . . inline minuter . . . bus driver. Meta Ciiristini Devine. Bessemer City. N. C. It A. History . . . ‘Mlmi‘‘ . . . Secretary-Treasurer Furman Sinner . . . Secretary Senior ( lav . . . B. S. U. neater Council . . . attended Mai I Ml . . . Freshman Advisory Board. Ellis Odell Disiier. Greenville BA lllrtory . . . "Del" . . . married . . . Forensic Form....... Cloister . . . attended 'icoipt.i Inh . . . plans lor miniilry , . . liked Dr. Gilpotrick. John Rodolph Dixon. Greenville B.A CbjIiJi . . Furman Band . . . President Student Volunteer . . . B. S. U. Council , . . transfer liom Mur Hill . . . day student. Thomas Dean Dixon. Greenville B.A. Economics . . . President Bovine Club . . . inlramuralt sophomore year . . . married lo Dinner . . . future in business. Patricia Dominick. Laurens B.S. Home Economies . . . ."Pat" . . . K D.R. . . , Wesley I oundalion . . . “pinned” . . . attended Winthrop . . . minoted in Education. 172 Class Okie I). Dyches. Blackvillc It. A. SnticJofly . . . 'Bill' . . . Doin' I.UI . . . Clide "K" . , , Student l inlalorr . . Secretary-'I rcouirrr Ministerial Union . , . lutur.i tnlnla.r . . . worked in lire AdininUtrutton Building. John Simpson Fi oi:. Amoricus. Ou. It.A. Sortoloyy "Stick" . . . Di'lingmdied Milll.iry Student . t.ioilv 1.1.ill.,ill and lr.uk . . . Sigma Alpl in l p'ili n . . . ntli-ndrj Georgia Sliliinry College. Fjhtii Kvans. Cameron It.S Home r.cotiomU' . . Mnrdial . . . I’rr»idenl Monte Re Club . . . Soiial S(.I.id.Hill Board . . . Vkol’widml ol Home Board... I I.. .Hirer Y. W. (' A . . . lire Cliiel BONI lOMII'. Beauty Contest. Nancy Lvans, Andrews It.A. Art . . . "Notidce' . . . Art Club . . . niiitrlrd on | eb. 2 . . . Student Member Greenville Art Association . . . lu nwm Band . . . lonelier. James Leon Fayonsky. Wulhnlla H.A flurfivn AtlmlnlftraUon . . . "I'lonnkie" . . . minor.. I in Miyiital I'.ducatron . . . Business Club . . Sesrotory lnlr.imur.il Countil . . . Homecoming Coniriillter . graduated in January. Mary Ann Fi.emino. Ware Shoals It. A. ■. rmerilii y lulliioNoli . . . "Mrin . . . Y. W, A ( .un il . .. K. 1)1' . . plan to tend..........ng.ig.-d to Komdd . . . liked Dr. Babb . . . lb roe-year graduate. Rodney M. Foreman. Sarasota. Fla. It.A Sortoloay . . Rod" . . Iltcnlrr Guild . . . Sociology Club . . President I. II. C. . . . plans to work vvitll Jusrnile correction . . . singe ligbliug technician. Anna Ci.YDE Fraker. ('•rccneville,Tenn. It.S. Chemistry . "A. C." . . . Student Council . Oil Beta 1 111 . . . InlratnuiaU . . . B( ). IK)MII-. Stall ... A Cnppella Oiolr . . Y. W. C.A_________Westminster I'rllowdtip. 173Senior Jean I'rancis I'underburk, I’atfrland H.A. lingll,!, . . . "I un.lv" . . - intramural . . . T»U K .pp«» l |»ilo» , . «„c k... in "Mrlwli.m " . . I un.wn Nn er. . . . platM future in CflUrtb Mode. Hoiihy Ci.ay Gaines. Madison. I run. H A lludwtl Ailminutriitiori ... ( « • • • v.»r»ily ki krlk.ll . . . Ijxi|xf «nd 11,ifnll . . . our .if the Nona S ro«-i k y ... Killy’ twin lirollicr. Ansei. Key Ga.mmrku.. Travelers Rest H.A llittofv . . . trnrufer from North Greenville Junior ( ollrge • •• |il.iii» lo Ik- n niiniilrr . , . married . , . liked I )r. Hamlet . Don Lei: Gant. Sxvannunoa. . C. H A. Speech Mkljrl . . Rat ( ouri . . . Ke l Drwwd . . • Who Wk. BtuhttM Nimea BONHOMIE. 56 ■ I r|iiilnlkiii Clinmuan Student Volunteer . . . I'lirnmn Singer . . . i ornet Stuff . . . Student ('(Hituil Krcuidcttl . . . Miniileri.il l ’niott Secretary. I-awkinci II. (rARRETT. Greenville' H.A. Krliqivn . . , attended North Greenville Junior ( ollc-ge . . . Irked Dr. ( 1.11if . . . married . , . luture niirii lrr. Robert Kenneth Gay. Greenville H.A. Piythology . . . Sociology Club . . Intcm.ilwool Relation Cluli . . . utterxled Soulli ('nrwliwi . . . married . . . plan •« "" graduate work. John D. Gileespik. Greenville B.A HiJitlml Science . . . K.i|.j . Ilii Knp|M . . . I«II IV.un . attended l r»kme College . . . future uliool Im.lier. Ann E. Godshai.i.. Union HA. Prrnth . . . K. I). I'.. . . . I'rnnli C’luli . . . Bonne . Chib . . . Canterbury (lull ... A ( i| |iella Cboir IVrtirleol . . Y. W. C. A . . . roornrrl Willi Hankie. 174Class Baroara Goodman. Lynchburg If.A Bu.irie drniuJ..tr jlion , . . A C»|)| elln Choir . . I Jeon’ 1-i‘t . fiivorilo ProIrMor, I)r. I'.llell I 'liMil- r Richard Goss. Greenville IIS llioloiiy . . . "lid" . A.f-D. . . married . . luturr inrlnde mrdlml . ..Ilryr liked Mi IJliukwood . . . mlnored in Oinnltlry. Bi tty Ann Green. Lynchburg If A Hiniriri AilminblmUoft oiul iionomli . . . Doin' 1.1 1 .. S nlor Order . Pmldrtil I lotncixMird . . . Who Who . . Prokl.nl I ...I Dorm . Bu inr Cluh . . . K. D. li. . . . lurmnn Sinif r I rriwh Ctllli . . BON IfONllli Dimly ronte l. Onn 1.1.1 ( iri oory. Winston-Salem. N. C. If. A P.yWioDiy . , . married . . . nllended GniJntr-WrMi Junior C olleye . . . MiniilrftJil Union . . . pl.mv for Mtnin.iry. Robert Y. I Iai.iord, Columbia If.A. Iiiuthih . . . "Boh" . . . Miui.terial Union . • • Student Volunteer. . . . B. S. I '. Oteolrr CoiUKil . . foolhiill fnluir minUter . mittoted in ptydiology. Alexander Hancock. Oxford. N. C. If.A Ifurine.. Ailmlruilralttin . . . “Al" . . manager of Iwirkelhall team . . . Sifinui Al| lio l'!|»il.ui , . . liked Mr. Krndrtik . . . “ Non Steel hoy. William I ’. I Ianks. Statesville, N. C. li.A. Ifmlnn Vifminnlrulion . . . "Bill” . . . Sigma Alpli.i I'.pdlon . . . ■ ngoged to Belli . . . Vocp of Blo k "I- ( lull . . . Vanity li.i.k.-lli.-ill , . . future In hu.lne . will, (oilier. Andrew II. Harper, Jr.. Charlotte. N. C. If.A. Millie . . . "Andy" . . . Dean’ Liil . . . Chi«jgo Triluinr Award . . . Mil Mu AI|J|.1 . . Blur Kry . . . S«d.l.ord ond Blodo . . . Bu.ine . Manager I urrnon Sneer. . . . Cmtrl Colonel ROIC. 175Senior Hover E. I Iarrison. Enorfr J{.,- FjuJiJ . . . '‘Joe' . . . DKUTlnl . - attended tlollin' Bihlr ('ollrg.' , ■ . Ilian l« In- « Miinlnlef . . . liked Df. Reid. Caroline I . Harrison. Greer B. V lUtnirntary id.i.ofion . . . I'uinmn Baml . . . A ( opprll.i Choir niinMfil in Biology . . . Iik«- l Mr. I lnrrill . . . W. ( , Bridge Cltili. Hetty IIai.i. Harvin. Monclla II.A {fifj iWi . . I'utman Band , . sllitNleJ Amlrt "" Junior College . . Montague Ch-niM.n Inn . Sep . . . lo lta li . . . married .luring 'Ihnnk.givlng holiday . I'rank i in Delano Hawkins. Kocl Hill H.A. Illttory . . . ’Trank'’ . . . President II. S. I' . . . Blur Key . . . CiniiMi . . Student I .egid.iture , . . Mini.lrri.il Union . ._. Trmlc Irani . . lilwd Dr. DaMi . . . luturr in niliiltliy . . . Who Who. Carl J. Hedrick. Jr.. I ligli Point. N.C. B. V (firrh . . Joy’’ . . . lromfrirr.l Irani Mar Mill . . liked Dr Sadler . . . plans h r ministry. Miriditii II. Henderson. Marlniry. Md. H.A I ui lhh . . Cinr.lnrr Webb Junior College . . llaii.Jrr m holnrdiip . . Ministerial Union . . . married . . luluir ptfad r. James Edwin Hendricks. Jr.. Pickens H.A Hu lory . . . “Ed Pkken ’’ . . . Blue Key . . . Hand and Torch . Student LeabUtaK I R ... BONHOMU Staff . . . lilu-d Dr Babb. Rutii E. Herman. Greenwood B.A. Organ . . . Student Volunlcrr . . . Mu».i ( tub . . . «p Junior Clou . . . Furman Band ...At nfipella ( lioir . . . I loutr-honr.l . . . BONHOMIE Staff • . . (o-Presidenl low nr Dorm. 176Class James A. Herring. Moultrie, Ca. BA Spf« i . . , "Jimmie , . . S.dJiniJ anil Blade . . . Block I' ( lull . . . It.uk . . , forward on I’.ilndin Irani . . . Riley» foixiiin..l.- . . . minoirl In l irn.li nn.I Rrli||ion . . . liked Mr. I Inrrill. Catherine A. Hester. Luke Park. Fla. BA lliMiiuitt Adniini.trutiofi ... A Cnppeila Choir . . . Furman Singer . . . Bii'.n... ( lul . . . Sociology (.lull . . , Junior On Secretory . . . Y W C'ouncil . . loiuMity graduate. Samuel Cecil Hickman. Greenville H A MiytitxiI KJucoUon . . "C«” . . Kappa Alpha . . • Inlriuniiral Council . . North Greenville Junior College Irnnalc . . . plan to («a(Ii. David Justine Hii.i.. Savannah. (»«. H A Sociology . . . Dave . Sigma Al|Ji.» I |«doo • • • V’. I,J’ IooIImII . . . li.in»lrt Iroin Soulli (irorgio Junior ( ollege • • "I”" ( lul. . . . Mould like to coach. Charles E. I Iolliday. Easley Ii.A. lirllfltou , . "Charley . . . day »tudrn! . . . plan lor mini.try . . . minoied in liUlocy. Samuel M. Horton. Pnoeland B A. Fngiidi . . . "Sam . . . I. I . (........Veep nl Junior Cine . . . I mm.in Sngrr. . . . Molodtim . . . Intriiiainr.il» Council... Tim K.ipjM IvpiiMn pledge matter . . . Sludenl Volunteer . Helen Hsu. Taipei, Taiwan. China M A lulttntlion . . . C'o mO|M lilou ('lull , . inti.in.in.iU . , . Y W. C. A. . . . Attended la in on Provincial Teurher I 'nivroity . . . Y. W. A. ... graduate student. Shirley K. Hubraru. Florence H A. Klnwnlary lilmulion . . , "Sfiirl" . . . I loaitehoard . . . President of Monlnjur Dmiii ... 'I reosuref ol Senior (Ino . . I uunan Singer . . . K. I). I . . . . Wr.tniin.lrr Fellow diip Veep. 177Senior Betty Hughes. Orangeburg II. A. lingliiA . . . Senior Order . . Dean’ l.itl . . . Y W. C. A. I’rcoidcnt . . . Furman Singer . . . Oinlrman of 1936 Follie . . , Woman Count il . , . 1$. S. U. Council. I .inka Humphries, Bcllcglatlc. Ma. B.S. lion liconomlc . . . Furman Singer . . . Veep of Senior Clou . . . Iren Mirer of Home Ft Cluli . . . Monlngue girl. WlEl.lA.M OEl.AND Huneycutt, Mayo II.A Kellgion . . . married lo Sfliiley . . . transfer from Gardner-WelJi . . . Iia a tliurili in M»)« . . . mlnored in Sociology. Leaii G. Hunter, Butler. Ala. B.A. Art . . . ‘'Hunter" . . . Atl (lull . . . liked Mr. Bintkwood . . . from Day Sliid.nl lo Monlngue girl . . . Day Student Count il R -| re mtntivc. Chari.lis A. Hutchins. Greenville B.A. Sociology . . "Oinrlic" . . . married . . . Minitlerinl I nion . . . Wesley I'oundnlion . . . Circle "K" . . . Sociology ( lul» . . . admired Dr. I lick . Forrest W. Jackson. Wagcner B.A. fltlory . .. Minitlerinl Colon ... Intramural ... attended Berry College in Rome. (»«. . . favorite prolrttor wo Dr. C il|Mlritk. Chaki.es F. Jenkins, North Charleston B.A. Ilfrtory . . . num.'ll . . . attended Mar llill lunlor College . . . Forentic I’orum ... I R. C. . . . plan lo IcMtli. Thomas E. Jenkins. Newberry B.S. Biology . . . "lom . . . Furman Band . . . U() Ho iii.' Staff . . (ill Bela lili ... I reatuter ol A. I'. D. . . T t-F|»il«n Hitlorian . . . Wedey Foundation . . . I id go fntl 1| |M 178Class Francis Bon by Jennings. Jr.. Columbia { .A. P iv icni Education . . . Kappn Alpli.i . . . President oi Block I' l d . . . Cnpl.iln of l‘ 6 f oollkill Team . . . Track . . . BacketUI and I rack Irriliimui year . . on All-Sale Team. Carroll I). Johnson. Nesmith B .A Soctofoqy Sociology Cluli . . Organisation Editor of BONI lOMIK , . . Kirt roommate . . . liked Nibs I'.L.ugli . . tlc.uiy w llli Sir . . . woltnl nl U. S. O. John Romig Johnson. Jr.. Atlanta. C.a. B.A. ffl.iliwv . . • "Jolirmy’ . . . (loMer . . . 11 .ml and Torrfi... IVrdiing Rifle. . BONHOMIE Snff fraternity editor . . . I'ditor of l: lto . . . S»l lo«»d and Blade . . . Wlio’ Wlio . . . Kappa Alplil. 1’re.ident . . . foollxdl and intramural . Sybil Johnson. I ravelers Rest li S. liloloiiy ...AC. S. Si friary . . . attended New l erry College ... to be a Minimal trchnologi.1 ... a Montague girl. Tommy E. Jones, l .nslry B.A. ItnglitJi . . . minor ed in llutorv , . . transferred from Mar Hill . . . plan to l»e In minUlry . . , day student. Katherine Katsarka. Thcssnlonica. Greece B A 1 . . . "K«ly" . . . Prelude . . . CwmopolMon ( ' ‘ Furman Singer . . . ( r»-Editor of I'.ctto May Day and lloaie coming attendant . . lead in "Winglecc Viitory . . • B S. U. Executive Council. Betty Eugenia Kinard. Waltr-rboro B.A Psychology . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . Student Volunteer. ... Y. W. C. A ... plan, lo work in religiou. eduiation . Montague girl . . . trandrrred from North Greenville Junior (College. Edward U. Klintworth. Charleston H A Bu ine » Ailmirutiralioti . . . Dot. I. ' . . . Buwne Club.. . liked Dr. Gilpolrkk . . . would like lo do personnel management. 179Senior Betty I.etitia Knight. Chesterfield B.A Muilr luliuallun . . . I’rc-cidrnt of Muik C-luli . . . Vice-IVniilml of K. IX E. . . . Hand and Torch . . . Y. W. A. Council . . . I urnu ii Snwii . . . Y. W. ( A. Council . . plans to touch Elaine K. Roger. Johns Island If A. Fngfji i . . . "Lillie" . . . member Greenville Ijtlle Thwlie . . . load in "VVlinl Every YVomnn Know ... A Cappelln Oioif . . . llwiUc Guild. Elaine Lankoro. Woodruff If.A. filamentary u uculion . . . BONHOMIE Slnll . . . Wedey Foundation . . engaged to Alton. James Kirk Lwvton. King$trc If.A. l.nflluh . . . ’’Kirk . . . Vlcp -President of Miniitrrinl I 'nlon . . . Cbairmnn of Moure Committee . BONHOMIE Staff Furman Band . . . Funaan Sinner . . , I’rr.nurrr of Phi Mu Alpha- Martha Ellen Leathers. Pclzcr If.A. Sociology . . . Day Student Council . . . (uvorile profewor was Ml«» IJiaugli . . . plane to lx- a religiout education director Helen M. Lee. Son Juan. kizul. Philippines If.A I'jluttilion . . . " Little’’ . . . attended Cimrrut) ol tflP Eul In Manila . . . u Montague girl . . . min. .rod in Psychology. Robert Earle Lei:. Landrum If.A BucJneM Acfrnini.ctruMon uric lltonomir . . . Bonilw . . . Businrc dull . . . Intr.iniur.il Council . . . won poUcniunduj lro|Jiy in Junior year . . . lulurr in accounting. Francis M. Linoler. Savannah. Ga. B A. P it ocopby . . . '’Skip'" . . . Sigma Alpha FpciUi loolLdl lor two year . . . manager during junior and tenior yearc . . . married lo Ruth . . . future coach. ISOClass Ki.izaki.tii I.. Lipscomb. Greenville It. S. . . . "Ijl." . BONHOMIF. Beauty in % and »7 . . attended QlKfiu College . . . l)r. Bonner . . . «een around CirniMMi. Caroi.i I jttlefihlo. Spartanburg BA Speech Alpha P i Omega S-rrelary oi llifalir Guild . . . Wr Prrudrnl «.l Fornulc Forum . . . I’rwkfcnl of Sflior C1a» ... will l o married in lunr Prances Ijoftis. Greenville It A So «Jo |y . . . S«Xloloffy Clul . . A Coppella Cliolr . . . cfiurdi oloi t . . . Mar Hill Ttnnifn ... a Keeney admirer. Ci.auiha Garrison Maddox. Nashville. Inin. BA l rmfnlwv luliKalinn . Student ( aimed . . . Social Standard Committee . . Mnr hul BONHOMIF. Stoll . . . A Cnppella ( lion . , SmrlMy of Publication Board . , . married Sidney. Sidney .1. Maddox. I jiGt.indc. Ga. It.A : onomJ » . . . "Sidll oo’” . . . Sterna Alpha I | »ilon . . . fiM.ili.ill , lenni . . . Student Council . . . minor oil in Psychology . . . on admirer ol Dr I'.. Brown . . . married Claudia. James P. Mahaffey. Simpsonville It.A l.nythli ..." lim ... plan to leath . . . Dean » l-i»t . . . (•oology lali .Hint.ml . . . Kappa Phi K. | |m . . . Day Student. Joan Ijpscomb Marr. Greenville BA. Fnafl A . . . new editor, feature editor of Hornet . . . HandliooL editor . . Prelude . . Y W. C. A. ... A Capnella Chair . . . Y. YV. A. . . . Pre» Cluh . . . plan to work In Journalimi. Sara Prances Martin. Anderson It A I'ltylltli . . . Minor, d In I llttory . . . K. D. E. . . . Furman Soger . . . piano to teach . . an admirer ol Bonner arid Bflhk 181Senior John P. Matthews. Jr.. Lake Cily 11.S. liiclogy ■ ■ . IVli- . . . ininnrrd in Clinniilfy ... A I- I), veep . . . BIcxl I Club . . . Vice President of Sigma Alpha lipsiloa . . . b.wball. Marjorie May held. (irerr B.A f'.lemrntary luliicatton . . , "Biddy" . , . pinned to Jim . . . plan to tench ... A Cappclln Choir . . . favorite ixofrssor v .« Dr. Stewart. Choici McC'oin. Greenville BA. History . . . "Cbooslc" . . . We.Jry Foundation . . . worked with I United f und . . , Day Student . . . plans a levelling career . . . Irked Mrs Gillie. Caroi. McCombs. Belton B A History . . . Dean’s Lj l ... A Cap|H-lla Clioir . . . K. D. E. . . . W.A.A. Council ... will leach. Margaret McCray, Monroe. N. C . BA. Sociology . . . "Margo . . . Senior Order . . . President of | j« t Dorm . . . Sociology Cluh . . . President of Y. W, A, . . . I urn) an Singers . . . Fresh man Advisory Board . . . Who's Who . . . pinned to Jim. Putt. E. McKinney. Kirkland. Ind. B A I conomJrs . . . k - Pti-odrnl of Sudml Council . . Sign .l Alpha f .rnilon veep . . . Block "T Club . . . Business Cluh . . . basketball . . . tennis. John E. McMaNAWAY. III. Greenville B A. iu'onorniCS and Business Administration . . . married . . . ■innorrd in Political Science . . . favorite professor was Mr. Harrill Thomas McManus. Jr.. Lancaster B A. Sociology , . . "Big Tom" . . . I au Kappa I puinn . . . B. U. Council . . . Ministerial Union . . House Committee . . . Student Volunteer . 182Class Tommy I). McManus, Lancaster B.A Sociology . . . Runl . . . Spercli minor . . . B. S U. 1'jm.ulivc Council . . . MiimUri.il Union . . . I urin.m Sn?er . . . All KII R. McNei I.Y, ( rrccnvilli lh . I i iliJi , . . "Al ... Edilor of llixncl, 1955-56 . . . I’rrdclrol of Mon » Day Student AtMcLillon , . . Mio i Wlm , . . Bio Key . . . Spoil Editor of BOM lOMIE , . . Ilintlrr Guild . . T. K I'.. . . . Aljifia Brt Omrtfn . . . Ereduuan nnd Sofiiioniorc Speech Medal . Edwin Mac Mi:arf.$, Greenville BS lUoloqy . . . "Mot" . . . IVtidmt of Sfodrnl Body . . . I BmI «nl lonfi . . Blue Key . . Quaternion ( lul . . (loulrr A. ED. . . . A CS. . . . Sport. Editor of BONHOMIE . . YW» Who . . . plan lo B‘» to medical whool. Joyi MtARBS, Wart Shoals B S Beo oqv . . . lo teach . . . W. A. A. Council . Sociolofjv (1«J». M., Court . . . hUI Dr. William . . . BONHOMIE rtaff . . . mj.»ccil lo Paul. Vera Meggs. Florence ft. A. Ulcnu'nUuy Education . . . minor ed m Religion ... It. S U Executive Council , . . lr,w frr from , orth Greenville . . . liLcil MnnJer. . . . engaged lo L R. WlLMAM II. Mei.DRL'M. Jr., ( irccnvillc It. A hi in AdminhUoUon . . . Bill ... lou Kappa l'.[ nlon . . . pinned lo Jenl Je . . . Reporter. Sport Editor lor nrnW . . . plan lo f e n certified puhln accountant. Ted Maurice Mii.ler, Union ft. A. Political Science . , . I nlirtmenl ke f,re i«lenl of Minirteriul Union . . . tumbling team . . . rilfr team ... I. R. C. Virginia Ann Miller. Spartanburg B.A. Sociolofiy . . . Blur Moon Miller ' . . . Sociology dull . . . Btt inr»» (dull . . Soldi• I for llie Singer . . . BONHOMIE Beauty contort , . . Be l f )rr ril . . . engaged lo Hill, 183Senior 1-i.viN Dean Moon. Landrum B.S. Bio oftv . , Hn.i . . President of kappa Hit K»i| p.i . . . I. R. C. . . . Inlr.wmir.iU . . . I rn infer from North GrMnvillc . . . worked in (Wogy I.il Janice Moore. Kinestree ft A Molfcwnolli % " l.in . . Senior Order . . I land .uni I ol K . . . Oik Beta Hit ... A Capped (ln.tr . . . President of Junior Clatt . . Student ( ounol . . PuhllcaliOfi Boon! . . . Con tituU»n Comm liter . . . Who't M«o. Hiram li. Morgan. Jr.. Ware Shoals IIS. Jio ogy . . . "Bull" . . ,M|J|.» I’.i Omega . . AI|Jin Ip.ilon Della . . . President ol lliela Oik . . . Berthing Rifle . . . Theatre Guild . . . Mniinl Career . . . Pinidml ol 1.1'. C. Sally Morris. Murphy. N. C. H.A. Sp tth . . . Ihr.ilrr Guild . . Alpha P«i Omega . . . Furman Sinfirr . . . Frethmnn Miirdud . . . attended Carton Newman College . . . lulurr tperch thrrnpbt. Gail Allan Moul. West Columbia It.A. Sociology . . . "MufiB . . Sludcnl Volunteer . . . Ministerial I nion . . I'lim.iin Sinner . . B. S. I. I xec.ulive Council . . . lilted Mr. M er . . . I’oo’t roomie. Ronnie Smith Neal. Spartanburg H.A. Butineit AitmlnitlraUon . . . Block "F ( lul. . . . vanity tmni» . . . intramural. . . attended Wofford College . . . Furman Band . . , law iulure. Evangeline Finley Nelson. Greer H.A. ffuuriro AtlnuntitraUon , . "Vangir ... married . . . attended North Greenville lunior College . . . plated piano ami organ. Anne Baldwin Norkord. New Cumberland. Pa. H.A llltlwy . . . Chairman ol Senior Order . . . Hand and Tordl . . . htrdiman and Sophomore Clan President . . . ( on.titntion Comm 11 Ire . . . Theatre Guihl . . IVelude . . Kappa Della Fpiilon . . . married lo Mel . . . Vh©'» Who . . . Sludcnl Council 184Class Frankie Norris. Easley It,A. Sptth . . Y.W.C A. . . BONHOMIE Bmuiy Cornel . . . Ilomeeoming Qiimh . . . intramural . , . liked Or. I.00 per . . . minorrd in Englliii • C'l.YDf Zirkle Nunn. Oak Ridge. 1 onn. B A. P»vthulogv ’ ilk ... President of the Snriologt ( lul . . Blur Key • • Rack leant . . ■ Sophomore Cl am Secretary . . . Student Council . . Co f-dMor StoJml Dhwtoly. Charlotte Orman. Livingston Manor. N. Y. II.A I'tenth . . . Dean’ lj t . . . Pfaudcnt I'reneli Club . . . Club . . . World Oirlditn Conumutily Chairman, Wedey Foundation . Furman l$.md ... IKI SwHlir.nl. .. BONHOMIE Beauty Conleml. Sylvia Outen. Pageland B A Churth Mu ic . Mu»i ( lul SnHMyTmuim Y W. A. ... A Capprlla Cboir Furman Singer . . . Iik xl Mi. Keeney . . . minorrd in religion. Lewis V. Owens, Greenville B.A Bu iru » Ailmlit ilmlnm , Lou" married . . . attended Norik Greenville lllllk.r illej e , . intramural . , . (Uplillll !• ) student team . . . January graduate Bobbie Oxford. Kings Mounloin. N. C. B.A English , . . "Robert" . . President Roannaty Dorm . • • K. D. L . , . I Ioum-IkmkI . . . attended (Gardner Webh lunior College. Iames L. Palmer, Crreenvlllr B.A. Physical luhuatior, . . . "Jim” . Pi Kap|M IHii . . intramural . . . nuninl . attended Norik Greenville Junior College . . . will Icaek, Harold YV. Parker. Pickens It A. P.vrhofogv . . . ’Talkie" . . . Pi Kappa llti . . . Brevard College . . . will do |vrw nnel work . . . working man 185Senior William Scippio Peoen. Jk., Pelzcr H.S. Otology . . . "Sip'- . . . Kappa Pbt Koppo ... I" Kappa (p»iIon . . . day tludenl . . . liked Dr. William . Billie Marii; Peek. Bcnneltsvflle It.A. lilentertiary I' lurnlioii . . . "A pwiIkr tr.irlirr . . Irani-lotted from Mar Hill Junior College . . . Furman Singer . . . Montague girl. Iimily Peira.no. Greenville It.A. lUrnwnhuy I tlutoUon . . . I'jii . . . rudird lor S. A. h. . . . will lentil . . favorite pro|r «or Dr. Brown. Harold P. Perky, Greenville It, A Sociology . • "I'nl” • . Inmiferred from Norlli Greenville Junior College . . . plan lor lire ministry . . . day iluJrnl. Doris Phillips, Joanna B A. . rmentary Education . . . K. I). K. Irenturer . . . Student olunleer.t . . . Y W. A. . . . attended (i»rdnrt- Ycl»b Junior College. Jack Arnold Powers. Mullins It. A. Hit lory . vanity looiludl. track . . . Irantfcrrrd from Mar Hill Junior College . . . Block T" Ouli , . . B. S. U. Council... "Irirndlieil" superlative. Bii.i.y IIlywakd Ramsey. Rock Mill B.A. Bniinei Administration and Economic . . . attended Norlli Greenville . . liuiinru Clul» cheerleader . . Furman Singer . . Auiitont Editor ol BONHOMIE! . . . lurinnn l ollie . . . Tan Ka| |xi l!p»tlon . . plain a lulure in accounting. Ooera McGee Rei d, IConley It A. Six mingy . . married , . plant lo do MM inl work . . favorite |«tde»vor Ml » IJxtugli . . . mirrored in Ixluralion. 186Class C LVDI Kin ni.tii Robertson. Greer It S. l hytln . . . "Ken" . . . iky • Indent . . . minor rd In Malir . , . attended North (•r vn illr Junior Collrjje. Ann Rogers. Sumter li A I Ionic '(OnrwnJr Iranderred from I’. S. (’. . . . minorrd in rdutalion , . . plant lo Intrli . . . Montagur Bill Rutii Riveros Olivares. Santiago. Chile W I R C Y.W.A .|«,hi..r, ( Ini. A- NV.C A . Spanidi lUlminB room . . . attended Teacher College. I nivrrtily ol Chile. Ci.yi e I- Runion. Greenville B.A SotkJogy . . . "Courtn" . . . married man . . . |„|„ir a» minbtef - • . liked Dr. Hick . . . minorrd in P»)tliology. William II. Saunders. North Augusta B.S CkmWry . . . "Red” . , . attrndrd Junior College of North Aujuila . . . liked Dr. I'.itlrrwMi . . . I ..( Pprtlon. Milton R. Seaborn, Greenville li.A FxonomU Pi K.ippi llii intramural . , . minorrtl in I littory . . plan lo le an accountant . . . favorite profettor. Dr. Babb. Margaret Gaii. Si.oan. Aiken B.A. f fitlnrv . , . Senior Order . . . I land ami lorth . . . Who I... I .1..., . I fu » l l »N||| (WJ| On ... Putman Sintfet . . . Publication Board . . . Prr»i«tenl P tench Club . . . Prelude . . . Mvl( Club. Gary E. Smith, Aiken B.A. Iliilcrr . . . "Colton" . . . married . . . debate team . . . attended North Greenville Junior College . . . liked Dr. Gilpnlrkk. 187Senior Month Joyi Smith. Spartanburg If.A. Voire . . . B.S.U. Moak Chairman . . . Stale II. U. Oiolr l)ii«li i . . . Mu tie (,1ul . . . I'urman Sintfrrt . , . I iiinum BmmI . . Student VnlunlfWl . . . engaged to Kenneth . . . (««t Senior Miil.il. Jo Ann Souther, Cainpobello If A. lulitraHoit . . . ininoirJ in llitlory . . , |Jam lo lentil . . . tiny tlutinil. Jam i s H. Stanton. Greenville If.A. ftu.ineti Athnlnitltnllon anti I'.tonomit "Jim’' . . . 'inrn.tr.I in I'ulilii.tl S lener . Pmidml ol Urdu Oil . . . inlr.i mural t . . , liked |)r l mnrr . . plant to ‘tuJv law . . . engagt-d lo Millie. Helen Stewart. Pickens If.A. Mluie ihitnlian . . Student ( otimil . . . W. A. A Council Wrtl Dtuin Prrtidml Sot i.il Standard Board . . . Mu tic Club . . . Manlial . . . B. S. U, Greater Council. William A. Stroud. Cliesler If A Religion . . . Hill , . . Minitlt'ii.tl Union . . . attended North Greenville . Slutlrnl VoluntroM . tail Srctite O tollman . . . futun- in minitlry Rebecca Tape. Greer If A. Voter . . . ’Becky" . . . B. S. U. Greater ( ouixtl . . . Furman Singert . . . Meuiali wJoltl . . . Folltrt wiloiit . . . May Court... I lead Mnttlial. Wilbur E. T aylor. I larlcyvllle If A. Poliliial Science . . . Pee Wee . . . intramural . . . hlx.uy tlutlrnl attitianl . . . |»lilital wiener nttitlanl . . . plant Itilntr In Bovrrntnrnl or liutinrtt nianacrtnrnl. Frances Thomas, Ensley If.A Spanish . . . Tonilte" . I liralre Guild President . . . Prrludr Prrtidml I land and I’orrli . . . Alplin P i Omen . . K. D. F . . . I ICC ... Hotnrl r i Pciilor . . . Handbook I ditor . . . Who Who. 188Class Patricia A. Thomas. ICusloy B S llomr i.ionomitt . . . 'Pal" . . . Home p]c (lull . . . Snood Vkc-Proldml ol B. S. I' . . Hand and lorcfi . . . Day Sludrnl Council . . . Iredunan Ailvnorv Boaid . . . (run.(erred Irani Mart Mill. Sibyl Dawsly T iiomas. Greenville B.A. I'unu . . Mutir ( lull . . . married i« Hill . . . n4ir«ri.il •eoomjKinial for A Cnpfiella CTioir . . . luiuor mid Senior Reilt.d . . . liked Mr. Keeney-. I'kances I- ’I HOMPSON. Greenville H.A I iuiLJ, . . . I'ramoiw . . . Hand ami I on li , . . Meyer I nv'liili Medal . . . I remit Club . . . altrmled I'nivenily of I’nri . . . want In lr.itli in a uniienity. Mary Margaret I ibbs. Greenville B A Art . . . Nl. M. . . . Doin' I .ill . . IVeiidenl of Art (lult . . . I'remit Cluli . . , iitninirr idiool nl Art Inalilule of ( lifcngu . . . went to Prance for Junior year. Nkli.ii: Ward I kaixor. Greenville It.A. PlyrUogy . . . married . . . plan to lie a piycliologiit . . . Itni allendrd I nivrmty of Alaiko and (ardin.il Strilcli College. Imo Tumbun. Laurens B.A hJutation . , . H S. I ... Itnmferred from North Greenville . . . K. I). E... tiiinored in Mnllietiinlici . . . kept Monlai’tir girl itrniglil Thomas J. Turner. Greenville B.A. Sociology . . . "lom . . . married . . . inlrarniirali . . . Miniilen.il I moil . . . Sociology . . . | re li minor . . . like.I l)r. Hick . Riciiaro IlmvARi) Ulmer. Hartsville BA MuuV . . . "Ricli . , , Blur Key . . . Cloiiler... Singer ... Benin.-n Manager n| IJdiu . . . "iiope-m' die" . . . future In medicine . . . i omit lead in Hollered Bride . 189Senior James I). Vick. Johns Island B.A. Music . . . "Jim" . . . Phi Mu Alpha . . . Musk Club President of Wolmlnilcr IrJIowdilp . . . Secretary ol Tnu K.tpp, Epsilon. Jimmie Lee Garrett Walters. Orangeburg li.A. Bti»ine » AilmliU UalU i‘ . . . I'limum Singers . . , Student Volunteer. . . . married lo I Iowan! . . . B. S. I Ormln Council . . . liked Mr. Morrill. Augustus Byron Walker. North Augusta B.A At I ... I rraiurrr ol Irodi (.loss . . . Vicc-Prwldcnl of Junior (loss . . . K; | |ki Alplio . . . Candy keeper . . . lived ol Nana Street . . . liked l)r. Bold . Beverly A. Ward. Andrews B.A. Qtgan . . . "Brv" . . . Prftidenl of 1 111 Mu Alplio . . . French Club . , . Mutlc Quit . . . Chaplain of ROIC . . . B.vdi Choir . . . church organic!. Hmma Jean Walker. Ninety Six B.A. Hutory . . . Prcddml of Women' Student Body . . . Intramural ... A Cappella Cfioit . . . K. D. E. . • _• Constitution (’omnilllrc . . . Treasurer of r'rr«lim.ut (Iww . . . Who» Who... Secretary-Tre.nurrr Studrnt Ikxly. Jimmy Bailf.y Watts. Pagclnnd li.A. Economic . . . "Jim" . . . Tnu Kappa F|wilon Vke-Preddent . . . Junior Clo I renmirer . . . Sociology ( lull . . . intromur.il . . . married to Betty . . . Eurman Singer for two ye«r . Mary Lou Walsh. Summerville B.A. Church Music . Iloucrfxwi td . . . Y. W. A. Council . . - B.S.U. Council A Coppell., Choir . . Mu.ic Out Vlce- Prwidenl . . . Co Preddent ol l ow nr. Dorr......U, n Recital. Robert Eddie West. Woodruff li.A. Psychology . . . "Trainer" . . . BuMncu Manager ol BONHOMIE . Syn.o Alpha Epdlon . . . Hornet Suff . . . attended Mar Mill . . . M»U «• Committee . . . Nona Strrel 190Class Ernestine White. Greenville IS.A Mariner AtlnJnhlration . , . "lirnif . . . Bnririr Club... Imntfcrred from Quc-cm College . . . Furman Singer . . . liked MU Cofltflm. Barbara Wigcins. Greenville IS.A. I'iofionticn uruf Mruim-v Administration . . . Hunky . . . Iiu ine » Club . - - Hornet Staff . . . Pie Club . . . Day Student Council. Jimmy N. Williams, Jr.. Mullins IS.A History . . . Irannfericd from Noitb Crrenvlllr Junior College . . . n future rninUtci . , , working mui. Maroarkt I.. Williams. Smyrna.Gn. IS S. Ckrmiitrv . . . "Margie” . . . Pre iderit of A. C. S. . . . | lani lo lw n medical tcclinologi ! ... a Montagu - Niidrnl. Jeffry Robert Willis, Greenville IS A irtoev anti I’olituol Science . . . "Jeff" . . Hand anil lord . . . CloUter . . . President of Wwlry Poundalion . . . Veep of I'fcmli ( lul . . . I. R. C. . . . day rtudenl. Marion Hilda Wilson. Greenville IS A. Business Administration ami luonomitt . . . "Hilda" . . . member of Woman’s Day Student ' Council . . . Secretary-Treasurer of Day Student ' Anod»llwi . . . minored In Secretarial Science . . . Dr. l.oopcr war lav..rile ptofeMor. Shirley Edens Wilson. Greenville B.S. llonu- Htnnomici . . . Home I'x Club . . . Day Studcnl ’ A o ration . . . ntarried lo Clrm on graduate . . . Dean |j l . . . plan to learli. William Tom Wilson. Greenville IS A. Pbyrical i'.ilnnitron . . 'lorn . . . married . . . Kappa Mil Kappvt . . . intramural for K, A. , . . plnnr to roncii . . . January' graduate. 191Seniors Mary Wood, I Icmlcrsonville. N. C. fi.A. French . . . "I Jlllc Mnry" . . . Musk Club . . . Deputation Cluilrman ol Wislcy Foundation . . . FwkIi Club . . . I. K. C. . . . I'mmmi Singer . Faye Wright, Greenville If.A. Piano . . . Junior recital . . . Jay student . . . pupil ol Mr. Kerney . . . liked Mr . Gilpntrick . . . plans to tatitli. Frederick Revere Yazel, Rock I iill It.A. Psychology . . . "Sli.nl" . . Ilornrl sports writer . . . intramural . . . Iiilure work in religious education . . . nltended Nortli Greenville. David Kay Young. Asheville. N. C. II. V. F.coiuuntcs , . . "Dftve" . . . vanity loolball . . . mo t valuable player in ")6 . . . Ir.uk manager . . . Dicta Cbi . . . minorrd tn Ptiyuknl Fducolion. 192In Ufonutriam Marion Hilda Wilson October 5. 1936 — January 25. 1957 193Campu linden Kninui Jean Walker and Carole Littlefield prill .1 Muni on Warner Hud Mac Mmrr keep up with everything by both Mod Original She giving him a hot I oil Itvuliiig tlir bulletin Ixard, Seniors Choose Elected u tho»e with Personality Plui ore Margaret McCray and Sammy Horton. Tlie Be t I .ooling. Aubrey Daniel and Wonder if Janice Moore and Henry Bair. Mai r rankle Norri . |x«e in Monlagur for the Intellectual, are really going to read all tho e bockv BONHOMIE photographerSuperlatives Best All Hound l iisv ("volt and Charlie Clanton look happy Irating Old Main. I' riendliest Jackie Powers and lone Collins were elected by c Inumalcs. Most Talented Brownie Bradley and Becky Tupp pose In front of the piano in Montague. Ue«t Dressed Don Gant and Ann Miller got all "spruced up" for their picture for the BONHOMIE Most Athletic Bohby Jennings and Betty A Iverson decide on pennants in the FU canteen.SMITH STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR The 1957 BONHOMIE 12 EAST IIARGKTT ST. RALEIGH, X. C. 197SHIRBY'S FOlt JUNIOR APPAREL 224 n. Main- business EQUIPMENT CO. 719 K. Stosk Avk. I‘-xt. Gseenvhjx, S. (’. OFFICE MACH INKS. SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT CLEAN CLEANERS CLEAN CLOTHES CLEAN 89 A rc.r T. Stxkkt Phone 5-1698 LEAGUE'S. INC. 820 n. Main-instruction ROOKS • SHEET MUSIC Com pi.imkxts of BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY THACKSTON CHEVROLET COMPANY "lfrc Give S II Green Stamps” 104 CoLI.KGK STRF.KT 198J. E. SIRRINE COMPANY ENGINEERS + + + GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA meyers Jarnold SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 400 E. Stone Avk. Phone 3-6251 THOMASSON BROTHERS Always a Friend of Furman CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY HIOTT PRESS 621 E. McBkk Avk. Greenville, S. C. 101 Augl $ta Street Telephone 8-8635 I). W. HIOTT Greenville. S. C. BILL HIOTT BO HIOTT 199HARDWARE AND PAINT HEADQUARTERS CHEATHAM - GREENVLLE HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. FREE CUSTOMER PARKING Trco Convenient Locations 201 BUNCOMBE ST. 048 SOUTH MAIN ST. DELANY'S SPORTING GOODS Thr But in Sporti For thi Sportsman Dial 5-0115 24 CoixnoK St. OmtHTiui. S. C. J. H, COTHRAN l-iloNC S-OI9.' COTHRAN'S RADIO—TELEVISION Soln mid Service 21 Couaot St. Cbkknviut, S. C. PLAZA PHARMACY. INC. ONEAL - WILLIAMS CO. Lewis Plaza SPORTING GOODS "Reliable Prescription Druggists" 241 N. Main St. Gikznvilijc, S. C. THE POINSETT HOTEL ”Carolinas' Finest” J. Mason Alexander Penneys ALWAYS FIRST O.UAUJT,! 200Ji sr ACROSS THE STREET- AT THE ZOO THE DAISY CHAIN SODA SHOP CAROLINA CENTER Featuring: FROZEX CREAMETTES SKYLAND DRIVE-IN When you think you’re point; Crazy— .lust drop in at the Daisy-Where nil the Jills and Jacks Meet for in-between snacks. Greenville's Lending Theatres 42. $ College Street h. neil gillespie photography 3 2227 augusta road special photography s i for the I 11 Bonhomie KEYS PRINTING COMPANY THE GEER DRUG COMPANY Established 1809 GREENVILLE Greenville, S. C. SPARTANMUG • CHARLESTON 201“WE BELIEVE IN ICE CREAM and MILK COMPARE PET WITH ANY OTHER HEYWARD MAHON COMPANY PEARCE-YOUNG-ANGEL COMPANY WHOLESALE FOODS GREENVILLE'S STYLE CENTER FOR YOUNG MEN F resh—F rozen—Canned—Dried FI' RMA X H EA DQUARTERS “Service Wholesalers” “OVER TOWN” GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 202HALE'S JEWELERS 12 S. Main St. (irkknvii.ix, S. C. STONE BROTHERS (iRKBNVIlJJS) S. ('. First in FASHION Finest in 01'AI AT V Prttt of THE R. Ii. BRYAN COMPANY COLUMBIA, S. C.Student Index Abernathy. B. J. . Blanton. I G. ... . . . 57 Cnni|J»ell, P . F_ . . . . . . 55 Crass lev. 1. S . . . ... 150 Adams. C. li . . . . 103 Blanton. It It ... . . . 57 ("annon. C. (3. . . . 150 Creed,. T. M . . . Adams, 1 M. . . 103 Blanton, S. C. . . . . 149 Cannon, M. C. ... 58 Crowell. I). P. . . Adam . VV. M. . . . no Bledsoe. It I. . . . 105 Carey. 1. A Cromer. V . . . 106 Aiken. ItC. . . . . 57 Cnitoway. Cl;.. . ... 8 Crooks. It H. . . . . 130 Albright, C. A . . 103 Bobbitt, li II . . . 57 Carroll. J. li . . . 5$ Crooks, li II. . . . ... 106 Alexander, ( . 1) . . 163 Boineau. G. 1). . . . . 149 Carson. P. S. . . . . . 106 Croat. I II . . 106 Allen. M. F. . . . . . 103 Boldini!. F„ J , . . . . 57 Carson. VV M . . . 150 Grout, 1. A . . 106 Alley. J. K. . . . . . 57 Boling. It. M. ... . . . 149 Carter. F. F- .... . . . 106 Alverson. U. J. . . 165 Boll. D. F 105 Carter, G. It . . . . . . 106 ( unningham, |- li. . ... 38 Amerjoru M. 1'. . Booker. F. It Case. G. 1 . . . If ) Anishaugh. M. A. . . 57 Boron. 1 VV. . . . Case. K 1) . ... 58 Dabnrv. 1. It. . . . 106 Anderson, I". M . . 57 Boil. 1) Case. VV. F. . . . 150 ... 58 Anderson. 1. A. . . 163 Bo ns billon. M. c: . . . . . 105 Cashion. F. A. . . . . . 150 Daniel. I), li ... 130 AndeWon. N. I . Boudosiric, 1. A, . . . . . 57 Casing. It 1 ... . . . 106 Daniels, A. C. , ... 172 Annas. G. 1). . . 57 Bourne, VV. F. . . . . . . 167 Cato. 1C ... 150 1 )nvmport. C. W. . . . . 150 Bowen. C. M. ... . . . 167 Cater. M. C ... 150 ... 58 Armlslead. M A. . 149 Bowen. 1). A. . . . 149 Cato. P. A ... 58 Davis. B. C . . . 130 Arrington. C. A. . . . . 37 Bowen. I.. J . . . 57 Catron. 1) VV. . . . . . . 170 Davis. G VV. . . Aslell. D. ft. . . . . . 57 Bowers, P E. ... . . . 57 Cave. B F . . . 106 Davis. II T . . . 106 Ashley. M. M. . Bowers. !’. G. ... . . . 57 Cave. C. R ... 170 D.»vb. J. R Ashmore. T. . . . . 165 Boyle. 1. A Cave. M B . . . . 106 Davta. M. J Atkin . III'.. . . . . 163 Bovleston. G. I.. . . . . . 149 Chumblest. B D. . . . 106 Davit, ft. E. . . . . ... 106 Auslnnder, It. C. . 149 Bradley. A. E. . . . . . . 37 Cham! dess. D ... . . . 106 DawMm.MII . . . Amlin. M. . . . . . . 119 Bradley. G. B. . . . I6S Chandler. A. L. . . . . 150 Dean. A. E . . . 5S Amlin. VV. It. . . 165 Bradley. J. K. . . . . 119 Chandler, 1. It. ... 58 Peatman, ft. A- . . ... 58 Avon). G. It . . . 103 Broicb. G. S. ... . . 119 Chandler, J 1. . . . . . HXi Avon!. I.. 1 . . 166 Brannon. K. J. . . . . . . 168 Chapman. M. A. . . Defy. S. J Avnnt. M. A. . . 57 Brashier. T. VV. . . . . . 57 Chapman. M. I-. ... 170 Pel-ore, M. F. . . . Avnnt. VV. It. . . 105 Brasington. P. 1 I6S (berry. 1 It Deilr. W. F . . . 150 Avery. 1 T. . . . . 103 Breland. M 1 Childress. 1. 1. . . . 106 Pd-oadr. II C. . . ... 58 Axninnn, W. It. . . . 103 Brrl.uvd. VV. 1. . . . 119 (V M Y Denise. M 1 Ayroeh. M. B. . . . . 103 Bridwell. B J . . . . . 168 Chreiixberg. K 130 Denton. VV. If . . . . . . 150 Ayers. It. C. . . . . . 103 Bridwell. It . . . I6S Christopher. IF... ... 58 Devins-. M. C. . . Brimon. II. H. . . . . . . 1 19 Churrh. O. E. . - . . . 5S Devlnncy, C. 1. ... 5$ Boddcrt. F. T. . . . . 37 Brinson. M. 1. . . . . 103 Dickson. ME... . . . 106 Bagwell. B. J. . . 57 Brigham. I_ VV. . . . . . I6S Clapp. J. VV . . . 3fi Dill. A li . . . . ... 106 Bagwell. li li . . 149 Britton. M. A. . . . . . . 105 Clardy. 1 ... 58 1)1,her, li. O. . . ... 172 Bagwell. I'. |. . . 105 Brock. F. T . . . 105 Clark. U K . . . . ... 150 DixOn, J R Bailey. M. E. . . . . 57 Brock. It. O . . . . 16s Clark. G. 1). . . . . . 106 Dixon. T. D Bair. II M. . . . Rrookhank . I_ I.. . . . . . 57 Clary. 1). li . . . 106 Dobson. M. J. . . Baker. B J. , . . . . 57 Brooks. N. C. ... 149 Clary. 11 O ... 130 Doffin. J. E . . . 150 Baker. J. It . Brooks. VV. C. . . . . . . 105 Clary. S ... 170 Dominlek. G. K. . . ... 130 Ball. V. S. . . . . . 57 Brown, A. C . . . 149 Clement . V. . . . . . . 5S Dominick, P. . ... 172 Barbour, G. A. . . 119 Brown. A. S . . . 149 Clifton. B. 1 . . . 130 Donlvan. B. A. . ... 8 Belli. M Brown. D. G . . . 169 Clonningci. ft. 1 . . ... 38 Dunbar. I P Barnes. M A. . . . 119 Brown. FL It . . . 57 Cloyd. M. A ... 38 Duncan. S. A. Barnes, W. A. . . 103 Brown. J. A . . 105 Coker. B It ... 106 Durhism. J. 11. ... 58 Barfield. R. D. . . 119 Brown. J. li . . . 149 Cole. N. M Durban. V. G. . . . . . 150 Barnette, V. li . . . . 119 Brown. J. 1 1 . . . 149 Cole. T. I Dyilies. O P. ... 173 . . 103 Brown. .1. M . . . 57 Coleman. B. A. . . . ... 171 Dvehes. O.l ... 151 Bast, L .1. . . 103 Brown, K. It . . . 57 Collins. M. .1. . . . Dyer. C. t . . . 151 Bass, J. A. . . . . . 166 Brown. L. E . . . 57 Collin.. 1 Bites. B. P. . . . . . 166 Brown. M. li. .... . . . 105 Collins, J. B . . . 106 Eodes. II P ... 106 Bates. M. B Brown. It. J . . . 105 Compton. B. I.). . . . . . . 170 Enhrr. H. A ... 38 Batioii. II B . . . . 103 Brown. It. N . . . 105 Conley. T. II ... ... 106 Edle . C. E. . . . . . . . 106 Buss hum. J. A. Brown. VV. T. . . . . 149 Cook. B. It ... . ... 171 Edens, 1 P ... 58 Bayne. It. 1. . . 57 Bryan. S. A. . . . . 105 Cook. C.T. ... . . . . 106 Edens. N. J ... 131 Bean. J. I . . . . . . 57 Bryant. It. S. . . . . . . . 57 Cool. P. E. .... ... 171 Edge. J S . . . 173 . 166 Buknlskl. S. II. . . . . . . 149 Cook, S. J . Edmonds, O. It. . . . . 151 Bell. E. J . . 119 Bull. VV. A . . . . . . 105 Cooke. III .. . . . ... 130 Edwards. J. A. . . . ... 106 Bennett. .1. A. . . 37 Bulllngton. L . . . . . . . 119 Cooper, C. 1 . . . UK, Edward . VV. M . . . 106 Bentley. E. K . . 119 Burchfield. II).. . . . 105 Cooper. 1) VV. . - . 1 diodes. G ... 106 Benton. .1 It. . 119 Burress, I . . 169 Coops . J. E . . 171 FJIer, T. 1 ... 106 Bern!, 1.. A. . . . . 103 Burger. J. VV . . . 169 Cooper. 1.1$. . . . mil , c. m ... 59 Bethea, B. A. . . 105 Burgess. G . . . 149 Coppcslge, I). VV. . . . . . 150 Ellison. SI .... . . . 151 Bingham, II. 'I. . . . 105 Burgess. I. E. ... . . . 130 Confer, A. N. . . . . . . 5sS Emanuel. I-., li ... 59 Bishop. I . M. . . . 166 Burke. W. W. . . . . . . 169 Cothran. 1). L ... . . . 150 . . . 106 Ridiop, li. II. . 167 Burkett. 1 VV. . . . . 103 Cothran. It .... liskew, 11. 1 . . 151 Bishop. liugene . . . 119 Burris. B. A . . 105 Coulter. H P. ... . . . 106 Eskrw. R. S . . . 59 Bishop, II. L. . . . 167 Burton. VV. f). . . . . . . 150 Counts, It .... . . . 106 Evan , li ... 173 Bishop, 1 leien . 105 Butbee. I-. A. . . . . . . 57 Counts. VV. IV... livnns. M ... 173 Bishop. W. F". . . . 119 Bush. It It . . . 57 Cox. A . . . 171 Ewing. J. 1. . . ... 39 Blade. C. L . . . 167 Bush . C.H.. . . . 150 Cox. C. I) . . . 150 Blnekstone, It. D. . 119 Bvers. E. A . . . 169 Cox. J . . . 150 Falle. VV. I. ... 151 Blackwell, G. 1. . . 37 Cox. 1 It Blaskwell, 1. T. . . . 105 GJcott VV. If . . . 150 Cox. It F . . 106 Fnnning. J. '. . Blake. B It . . . . 167 Caldwell. .1 A. . . . . 38 Craven. A. B. ... 130 Ennl. M A . . . 59 Blair. T. II . . . . 57 Colli. M l . . . 169 Craven. P. J. ... ... 172 I n,ley. P D ... 59 Bland. S R. . . . . 103 Comp. .1. K . . 150 Crawford. A. 1). . . . ... 58 Fniedl. J. S Blanks. M. . . . Campbell. A. 1 1. . . . . 150 Crawford. B VV. . . ... 58 Earrs-tt. C. 1" ... 131 Blank . R. L . . . . 119 Cnmpbell, J. li. . , . . . . 169 Crawford. M. li. . . . . . 5S I'nyonshy. J. 1.. . .t . ... 173 2048 s s 11! s i'iiir yrl J j s • - Lirs-vx 5 = 233422. •PilftiF , x» i ?. s’ ? 3 2:ii S 1 x -TSg£25g$?,$2 C 2X ?. RRi 1! U-r,XS 21 2122- - - -'- ?li- c c c - !g - S-=,X JR =5 3 s'R "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfrrrrr “ii- min • ■ r. = P p F L p -i= -=. 5 ?-2 X X 2-i L? : f‘ O V X -r?- 2 o 2 2 i — 2'0-iw -i® BOQff»i-i -1 y CffCi'is o w» - w x -i wi -- wi u» -i '; o.i ; x •-« y -1 wi c --i wi i m -1 wi - -j ui x. x »-i «. sisSisisssiiS S38SS8iiiiSsi8sSi335s3iS53s5SsSs2isaSSS siSs asassisiissIisSisSsSRSsR rr“r 1! H 1 rsfet 3C : 8-3 . . -— yj? " Q ‘ ” • 0 !“■ X k. n n n i 1 - o - Z SSggg222222SaSS22S2222 S£2S53£S3$£2£S£288S£882$£i3}3gf32§SS8tf 2J3SSf33SS8S 8£$SS28g$£S£S2S;2 Student Index—ContinuedStudent Index—Continued McCormick. J. L MiC'oy. R. M. . McCravey, T. S. . McCravey. I-. I-McCmy. M. . . McCray. M. . . McCurn. M J. . McDiil e. K. E. . McWi.it.. H. L . M«Elv«n. C. . . McGee. S. L . . McGutrt. J B. . McKay. J. L . . McKnalf, S. L. . McKenney. P. . McKinnon, I). W. McManaway. J. E. McManus. I. . . MiM. n„». T. I). McMillan. M A. McMinn, I). J. . McMinn, T. C. . M. .. I . A K. . Menre . E. M. Mcmm. J. . . . Megs . V. . . . Mrl,lrun,. W. H. Milton. D. S. . . Miller. A. L. . . Millff. T. M. . . Miller. V. A. . . Mixrll. R W. . Monroe, R. R. Moody. B. C . Moon. E. I). . . Moore. It. S. . . Moore. C. . . . Moore. C. H. . . Moore. J. . . . Moore. K. W. . Moore. P. A. . . Moore. S. E. . . Moore. I. K. . . Moorer. R. I. . . Morgan. H. B. MorrU. F. K . . Motrin. S. . . . Mom. J. E. . . Maul. Cl. A. . . Muckenfus . C. . Mu kcn(u «. F. Mullim. C. P. . N«U . O. R. N’nlley. M E. Nolly. R. D. . Neal. R S. . NVI.on, E. F. . Nelcon, J. H . NeJ.UI. M. . Nktiol . R M Nicholson. J. R. Ni,tier. R. E. . Nix. R D. . Nolen. J. F. . Norford. A. It. Norman. D. B Norrir. F. . . North. H E. . f- Nunn. C. C. . Nunn. C 7L . Nye. N. F. . O'Neal, li A Onnnn. C. . . Oulen, S. . Owen . It. I,. . Owen . I). E. . Owen . H M Owen . J. C . Owen . L E. . 153 Owen . 1. YV. . . . . . . 185 153 Oxford. B 185 153 153 P«h. N. 1 . . 61 184 Padgett, G. M . . 61 61 Padgett, PA. ... . 109 153 Padgett, R. 109 153 Page. C . 109 153 Page. S C . .61 109 Paget, 13 L . . . . 153 109 Fainter. YV. T. . . . . . . 61 153 Palmer. I E . 185 109 Pari.. P I) 153 109 Parker. A. 1). . . . 61 182 Parker. B. T_ . 61 109 Parker. D. . . . 109 182 Parker. II YV 185 182 Parker. M E. . . . 61 183 Parley. D. C . . . 61 109 Parnell. E. C. . . . 109 153 Pate. 1 A 153 109 Patterson. 13. T. . . . 61 183 Patterson. K. D. . . . . 154 183 Patterson. T. (".... . IO) 183 Patty. Ml . . . 154 183 Patty. M S 154 183 Peach. G. D 154 153 Peden. 1 YV 151 153 Peden. YY' . . . 186 183 Peck. B M . 183 IVirono. fu . . 186 10) Per,land. 1.1). . . . 154 109 Perry. H P 109 Perry. II) 154 181 Petty. T. YYf 104 153 Pfeifer. R 1 . . . . . . . 151 109 Miillip . C 1. . . . 154 109 14,1111,1 . 1). . . . P8 184 I1,illlp.. M. H. . . . . . . 154 153 Pickleilrner. 13. A. . . . 61 153 Pinson. 13. E . . . 61 10) Pittman. A. M, . 153 Platt. J. V . 61 153 Matt. YV. c 154 184 Plyler. IF) . . 154 153 IW. R. S . . 154 181 Poovey. IF. E.. . . . . . . 154 153 YY' 1$ . . . 61 181 Potent, 1... L-. . . . . . . . 62 109 Pound. J. E . . . 62 153 Powell. C R . . 62 109 Powers. J. G . . . 62 Power . J. A 186 109 61 109 184 181 Prlnre. C K. . . . . Privrtte. 1 Privelte. J. A 154 IWr. T. R . . . 154 Pyran. R, S . . . 62 153 153 Queen. C. A . . . . . . . 110 109 153 Rabon. A. M . . . 62 109 R.ilxm. N. A 109 Rampey. J. H. ... 151 61 Ramsey. B. II . . . . 1S6 184 Rasor. E. L . . . 154 109 Rasl. II. 62 185 Ray. E. P no IO) Reagan, S. II. ... . no lOJ Reamei. T. E. . . . 154 185 Reddick. II. S. . . . . 151 104 Reed. O. M .... . . . 186 Reed. I YV . . . 110 109 Reeves, 13. J. . 154 Renfroe. N II . . . 183 Rhine. J. C . . Ill) 185 Rke. C. T . . no 01 153 Rkldle. H K 154 153 Rnlgeway. 1 YY’. . . . . . 62 153 Ridgeway. N A, . 110 109 Rivero . R . . . 187 Robert . J. I).......................62 Robertson. (.'. K...................187 Robin,on. II. C......................62 Robin un, M. E. ....................110 Robinton, W. E......................154 Roger . A...........................187 Roger . It. R.......................154 Roger.. J. B........................110 Roger . T. J.........................62 Roger . W. It........................no Rollln . J. B.......................110 Roman, J..........................110 Row. s. it...........................no Rood.,. S. J.........................62 Rucgner, E. I I.....................154 Runion. C. I_.......................|S7 Rumor,. N. J. ...... 110 Ruj,. E. F...........................62 Sander . A. It......................154 Sander . F. 0.......................110 Salmon. I.. F_......................154 Salyer. R. N........................110 Summon . It.........................134 Satterfield. H. A...................154 Satterfield. 1....................110 Sounder . W. II.....................187 Saylor . J. A.......................110 Savior . W. P........................62 Seaborn. M R........................187 Scaweli. M. I)......................110 Seller . G. .......................110 Settle. J. C.........................62 Shakmuii. R. .1......................62 SFinrp. G. I.........................62 Sbclton. K. A.......................134 Siiepard. D. W.......................62 SliepjKird. J. It...................110 Sherman. B. G.......................110 Sherrod. E. I -.....................110 Sherwood, J. L.......................62 Sherwood, W. D.......................62 Shirley, I . A.......................62 Siaclio . T. A. ...... 151 Sin.in.ti. R. W....................110 SlrnpwHi. I). C....................62 Simpson. W. M....................110 Sinclair. MB.........................62 Sim . C. F.......................154 Sim . T. A.......................154 Singletary. J.......................154 Skinner, J, R.......................154 Slagle. J. 1........................135 Sloan. M. C.........................187 Smith. B A...........................62 Smith. C............................155 Smith. Cl...........................155 Smith. G. E.........................187 Smith. M E........................110 Smith. M. J.........................188 Smith. .1.0.........................110 Smith. K V..........................155 Smith. M. A.........................155 Smith. M. A.........................Ill Smith. M. G.........................155 Smith. M. J.........................188 Smith. M 1.......................... 62 Smith. R. D..........................62 Smith. R. E..........................62 Smith. S............................Ill Smith. W. E.........................155 Snyder. C. E.........................62 Snyder. D. G.........................62 Souther. J..........................188 Souther. S. J.......................Ill Southerland; R......................153 Soullierlin. E. F)...................62 Spark . E. G........................Ill Spoilt . S........................6 2 Spearman. M S.......................Ill Splller . J. F.......................62 Stogg. M R..........................Ill Stanton, J. H. Starr. J. M Steadman. M. I' Steven . J, A. . Stewart, 11. Stewart. J. G. Stewart, R C. Stewart, R C Stewart. YV. V Stone. J. S. Stovall. M. I) Straw home. M. Strihling, S. . Strickland. M. I Strom, O. T. . Stroman. I. M. Stroud. V. A. Style . C F. . Sullivan, FI M. Sullivan. I . M Sutherland. C. . Sutherland. E. Sutton. J. F . Sut . J. . . . Swain. R. Iv. . Syru . O. K. . I .idiotk. F. II Tapp. R. . . Tarrant. J. II. Taylor. B. A. . Taylor. M. A. . Taylor. M, K. . Taylor. R N . Taylor. YV E. Taylor . S. ;. Tedder. P. A. . Teeple. R E. . Iliomni, C. M. Tliomas, I". 1 lioinat, F . A. ’nioniai. S. D. Iliomaton. M. lliompion. A. A lliompion. B. F . I liompion. C. J-Thompion. F. L lliompion. M. II. lliompion. R. . . Ureal. II. L . . Tihh . M M. . . Timmerman. J. A. Todd. E. I_ . . Tolliton. L W. . Tourhlierry. M. li 'I miner. N. W. . Trow ell. R. C. . Tiimhlin, I. . . Turn . I. .1. . . Txouvcleku . Fi. . Ulmer, R. II . . Vandiver, N. B. Veal. R. J. . . Y'ehaun. I _ I . Y'eliorn. T. YV. . Verdin. IK.. Vernon. 11. II. VVk. c. s. . . Vkit. J. I). . . Y’ickery. YY'. H . Yonnegut. R. N. . YY’oldhour. M B. YVoldrop. B. A . YYalker. A. B. . YVnlker. E. J. . Walker. J. B. . YVall. M. K. . . Wall. S. J. . . Wall. T. A. . . 188 62 155 III 188 155 162 155 62 62 62 155 155 III III III 188 155 III 155 155 III 62 63 III 63 III 188 III 111 63 153 III 188 155 III 63 153 188 189 189 III 63 155 63 189 III III 155 189 155 III 155 63 189 155 189 189 155 189 63 63 155 155 155 155 ' - 155 190 III 6} III III 190 190 135 63 63 III 2 OiStudent Index—( ontinued Wallace. A ... 63 Wcels. M ) . . 155 William . M. L . . . ... 191 Wood. M Wall . KB.... ... 63 Weir. W C . . 155 William . 1 A. . . . 155 Wood. R II ... 6) Walk R F. . . Ill WrIUn. M 1. . . 155 illiam . S. A. . ... 63 Wood. V. 11 ... . . Ill WJA. M L ... . . . 190 West. B L . . 63 Wiiii,. r. i) . ... 83 Woodlr. J O . . . . 61 Waller . VI ... 63 Well. R i; . . 190 Willi . J. P . . . 155 Worthy. M 1 ... 155 Wallet . O. C. . . . ... 63 Westmoreland. J. A. . . 63 Willi . 1. R. . . . . 191 Wright. Cl Wright. F . . . . 63 Wallet , 1 1 . 190 Wliilnlrr. 11 1 . 63 Wil on. I) W. . . . . Ill 192 Walton. I I ... Ill Wlille. H . . l')| Wilson. II . . 191 Wright. JO ... 63 Ward. BA..... . 190 White. II M. Wilson. I I . . . 63 Wan). 1. 1. . . . . III White. S. A . . Ill Wilson. R A. . . . III Yates. C. T. . . . . 63 WmU . IV j ... 61 Wiggins. B. . . 191 Wilson. R 1 . 155 Yawl. F. R . . ... 192 Walton. Ml . . 63 William . A H. . . . . Ill Wilson. S. 11 . . . . I«»l Yelton. V. 1. . . Ill Walton, S. II . Ill William . B. 1 Wilson, W. 1 . . . . I9| 5roman. (..( . . . 155 Wall . IB . . 190 William . Dll . . 61 Winstead. 11 1 111 Young, B I’ Wall . 1.. E III William . 1 N . . . 191 Wi e. C. 1 . . . 155 Young. ( . J. . . ... Ill Weaver. W III William . J. V. . III Wise. 1. W . . . 61 Young. D. R. . . . 192 WcMirr. C. R. . . . ... 63 William . L N Wood. 11 l III 5oung. P. M. . . . . 207Index A C ppcila Choir . . Administration . . . Administrative Staff . Advertisements , , . Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha P»l Omega . American Chemical Society Baptist Student Union . IIaIhI . a a • ■ Baseball . . • • Basketball .... Blue Key .... BONHOMIE Staff . . BONHOMIE Beauties. Hiuinru Club . Cantrdiuiy Club . Cheerleader (1.1 Bela 11,1 . . . (jrde 'K" .... Cloister............... Constitution Committee . Cosmopolitan Club . . Day Students Council . Dedication .... Echo ..... Engineers C’lul. . . I.ucilly .... loutlhill .... I'occnsk I'anin. I oreword .... I (.'diinan Advisory Board Eredirtian (lata 1'rrshman (las Offkcf Golf................... I land and I oil'll , . I latisllioob .... II iuli Sl.ool Weekend . Homecoming ... I lonie Economies dull . Hornet................. Houteboord ... 132 16 2 1% 38 •41 32 70 130 112 96 160 78 122 32 74 54 39 42 33 29 34 28 2 82 31 17 41 39 I 22 57 56 111 161 82 133 SO r, 79 27 Kapjsi Aljd.a .... Kappa Della Epsilon . Kap|M Mil Kapjsa . I. e Salon I'raneal Lutheran Student Association Marshals ..... Mav Day.................... Men’s Student Couneil . Ministerial Union . Miss BONHOMIE . . Muuc (lid, .... l1iiloui|div ( lull , II, i Mu Alpim . . . Physical Education Mo|or» Clu Pi Koppi 11,1 .... Prelude.................... President................... Press (1..I. .... PuIJicutions !3oaul . . . Quaternion................. Religious limphosi Week . R.O.T.C.................... Senior ('lass .... Senior (las Officers . . Senior Older .... Senior Superlatives Sigma Alplia Epsilon . . Social Standards Board Sociology Club . . . Sophomore Cla « . Sophomore ( la»» Officers . Student I'amlty Committee . Student legislature Sltidenl Volunteer , . . Tens Kapjsa Epsilon Tennis.......................... I lieatrc Guild................ ’ll,eta Chi..................... Track.......................... Trustees........................ 86 13 •13 36 71 31 116 24 75 120 36 37 12 116 88 33 H 37 83 161 6S 131 165 l« 160 194 190 31 38 105 101 30 26 69 92 III 40 91 no 4 International Relations Club................................................35 Inlrflrnternity Council.....................................................83 Intramurals. Baseball......................................................145 Intramural.. Bad..!ImII....................................................103 Introniumls, EooiImII ......................................................5j Wesley Foundation.................................................7 2 Westminster I’ellowslilj.......................................... 3 Who’s YUo.........................................................162 Women’ Atbletlc Association.....................................1 K» Women’s Student Council...........................................25 Junior Class .............................................................TI9 Junior Class Officers.....................................................148 Young Woman’ Auxiliary............................................. Young Woman's Cbrislian Association....................................”• 208

Suggestions in the Furman University - Bonhomie Yearbook (Greenville, SC) collection:

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